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H H HB L Ml v osr W% ' -J . : ■ ' % u COPYRIGHT 1929 R. W. FOWLER W. B. DRIBBEN The BOBASHELA 1929 PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Volume XXIII Dedication ONE who has proved himself the highest type of scholar and gentleman; who in his unassuming manner has always done his work thoroughly and has accomplished much; whose attitude toward the students has ever been broadminded and impartial; one for whose influence and friendship we are indeed grateful — to this man, PROF. A. Q SANDERS with the greatest admiration and respect this volume of the Bobashela is dedicated. p HOREWORD Within these pages we have attempted to chronicle ac- curately and interestingly the year of ' 29 at Millsaps, en- deavored not only to give a mere record of events but to preserve something of the at- mosphere, traditions, and in- spirations of the Alma Mater. We have labored long and tediously and have given our best. But, if in future years, when our youth and laughter are of the past, a perusal of this volume should stir again the golden dust of cherished memories . . . then, it will have served its purpose well. CONTENTS Book One THE COLLEGE Book Two THE CLASSES Book Three ORGANIZATIONS Book Four ATHLETICS Book Five FEATURES Alma Mater Alma Mater, dear old Millsaps, Loyal sons are we; Our fond hearts are thine alone And evermore shall be. Proud art thou in classic beauty Of thy noble past. With thy watchword, Honor, Duty, Thy high fame shall last. Every student, man and maiden. Swell the glad refrain, ' Til the breezes, music laden. Waft it back again. Proud art thou in classic beauty Of thy noble past, With thy watchword, Honor, Duty, Thy high fame shall last. ©ook One GOLLEGE Dr. D. M. Key, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D. President ADMINISTRATION Dr. J. M. Sullivan, A.M., Ph.D. Senior Member of the Faculty Professor of Chemistry and Geology A.B., Central College; A.M., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Delta Tau Delta. Professor G. L. Harrell, B.S., M.S. Registrar of the College Professor of Pliysics and Astronomy B.S., Millsaps College; M.S. Millsaps Col- lege; Kappa Sigma. Faculty Professor J. Reese Lin t , B.A., M.A. Secretary of the College Professor of Philosophy and History A.B., Emory College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Epsi- lon. Dr. P. E. Mitchell, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of Men Professor of Mathematics A.B., Scarritt-Morrisville; A.M., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Columbia University; Alpha Tan Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor M. C. White, A.B., A.M. Professor of English A I!, Southern University; A.M., Harvard University; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Psi Omega. Professor A. G. Sanders., A.B., A.M. Professor of Romance Languages A.B.. Southwestern; A.B., Yale University; A.B., University of Oxford; A.M., Univer- sity of Oxford ; Sigma Upsilon ; Alpha Phi Epsilon. Dr. A. P. Hamilton-, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Ancient Languages A.B,, Southern University; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., University of Penn- sylvania; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa. Professor G. W. Huddleston, A.B., A.M., Litt.D. Associate Professor of Ancient Lanejuatjes A.B., Hiwassee College; A.M., Hiwassee College; Litt.D., Millsaps College. Faculty Professor C. F. Nesbitt, A. P., P. D. Professor of Religious Education A.H , Wofford College ; B.D., Emory University. Professor G. C. Hooker, A.B., B.E., A.M. Professor of Education A.B., University of Colorado; H.E., University of Colorado; A.M., University of Colorado. Professor R. H. Moore, A. P., A.M. Associate Professor of History A.B., Millsaps College; A.M., Millsaps College; Alpha Phi Epsilon ; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigm; Upsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa. Faculty Professor B. O. Van Hook, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics A.B., Millsaps College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Kappa Sigma. Professor T. K. MacDonell, B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Biology B.S ., Emory University; M.S., Emory University; Marine Biological Laboratory; Chi Phi. Professor H. C. Blackwell, B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Religious Education B.A., Emory University; M.A., Duke University; Candler School of Theology of Emory Uni- versity; Tau Kappa Alpha. 25 Miss Magnolia C. Simpson, A.B., A.M. Instructor in English and Latin A.B., Millsaps College; AM., University of Pennsylvania. Professor Grady Tarbutton, B.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College; University of Iowa. Mrs. W. O. Brumfield, A.B. Instructor in Spanish A.B., Cumberland University. Mrs. J. T. Calhoun, A.B., B.S. Assistant Professor of Education A B., Mississippi State College for Women; B.S., Columbia University. Facult y Mrs. L. B. Roberts, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor in English A.B., University of South Carolina ; A.M., University of South Carolina. Miss Elizabeth Craig, A.B. Dean of Women Instructor in French A.B., Barnard College; Columbia University. Professor N. C. Young, B.S. Assistant Professor in English B.S., Millsaps College; University of Wisconsin. Mrs. M. B. Clark, A.B. Librarian and Private Instructor A.B. Millsaps College; Phi Mil. Wheeless Ladner LOCKETT Gainey Harrell holloway Reid Kurts Finch Bettersworth Lyon Reves Calhoun Bishop Facultv Assistants George Reves L. L. Wheeless Mathematics W. E. Lyon W. O. Harrell Chemistry Nellie Gray Finch A. K. Doss H. W. Calhoun Religious Ed u cat ion AuniE Bishop History Education Ruth Gainey John K. Bettersworth Aetna Mills Hollow ay Geo. T. Kurts Biology Lee K Reid Library Irene Brei.ano Reaburn Casburn C. E. Lockett E. W. Haining Carlton Mounger Bursar ' s Office H. A. Ladner T. A. Gilbert Registrar ' s Office President ' s Office Sar-mi Shanks William E. Barksdale s8 © OOK CD WO Glasses •enior CI ass Leon L. Wheeless b.s. PORT GIBSON " , MISS. Freshman Debater; President G. L. S. (2, 3, 4); Inter-Collegiate Debater (2, 3, 4) ; House Govern- ing Board (2) ; Blue Ridge Delegate (3, 4) ; Vice President " Y " (3); President Sophomore Class; " Y " Cabinet (2) ; Student Assistant (3, 4) ; Stu- dent Executive Board (3. 4); President Student Body (4) ; President " Y " (4) ; President Omicron Delta Kappa (4) ; President Eta Sigma (4) ; Ath- letic Association Council (3); Secretary Debate Council (4) ; Editor Student Handbook (4) ; All- One Club; " Most Intellectual " (4); Alpha Phi Epsilon. Elizabeth Teat, K J B.S. JACKSON ' , MISS. Ole Miss (1); Freshman Commission (2). Woodson Kenneth Jones, K A " B.S. INDIANOLA, MISS. Buie Declamation (1) ; Freshman Debater; G. L. S. Josephine Crisler Wixgfield B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Freshman Commission; " Y " Cabinet (2); Student Assistant (4). Frederic McElroy Graham B.J. MERIDIAN, MISS. enior CI ass J. Sexton McManus, 77 K A B.S. HAZELHURST, MISS. Freshman Football; Football (2, 3, 4); Captain Football (4); Basketball (2, 3); Frashman Base- ball; President Junior Class; Y Cabinet (2, 3); Vice-President Athletic Association (3); President Athletic Association (4) ; Vice-President Student Body (3); Baseball Manager (2); Vice-President Sophomore Class; G. L. S.; Student Governing Board (3) ; All-State Center Football (3, 4) ; Chair- man Feild Co-Operative Association (2, 3, 4) ; Elizabeth Hilliard Parsons B..I. JACKSON, MISS. George Jhomas Kurts, © K N B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Captain Freshman Football; Baseball (2, 3); Var sity Football (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Band (3) Student Assistant (4) ; Manager Book Store (3 All-One Club; Honor Graduate. E. J. Lockhart, Jr B.S. JACKSON " , MISS. A. and M. (1, 2, 3) ; Band (1 Herbert Daniel Carmichael B.S. BRAXTON, MISS. G L. S. ; Student Executive Board (3) ; Band ( 3, 4); Band Manager (2); Band President (3 Band Secretary (4); Golf Club; Football (4 Track (2, 4). Senior CI ass George Everett Reves, f) K N B.S. MOOREHEAD, MISS. Freshman Basketball; G. L. Society; Secretary G. L. S. (2); Vice-President G. L. S. ; (2); President G. L. S. (3) ; All-One Club; " Y " Cabinet (2, 3, 4) ; Vice-President V. M. C. A. (4) ; Assistant Editor Student Handbook (4); Golf Club; Blue Ridge Delegate (3); State Y Council (4); Delegate In- ternational Missionary Conference (4); Student Assistant (4); Honor Graduate; Student Executive Board (4) ; Assistant Business Manager " Bobashe- la " (4) ; Omicron Delta Kappa. Olga La Braxche, J Z JACKSOX, MISS. Honor Council (1); Freshman Commission; Three Year Club; Chi Delta Phi; Eta Sigma; Student As- sistant (2, 3); Honor Graduate. Morris M. Caver, K — B.A. MERIDIAN ' , MISS. Freshman Football ; Freshman Baseball ; Football (2) ; Football Manager (4) ; Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; L. L. S. Catella Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4); Clee Club (3, 4); Business Manager Glee Club; Athletic Council (4) ; Cap and Gown Committee (4). Mary Flowers Jacksox, K J B.A. JACKSON, MISS. shman Commission; Y. Cabinet (3); All-One Club; Eta Sigma; Honor Graduate. Ira Travis, K A ' n.s. CANTON, MISS. Freshman Baseball; Band (4); L. L. S. ; A M. (2, 3) ; Golf Club. Senior Class James William O ' Briant b.A. JACKSON, MISS. D. A. R. Medal (3); Honor Graduate. Elizabeth Heidelberg, K A B.J. JACKSON " , MISS. Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; Football Sponsor (1); All-One Club; Eta Sigma; " Boba- shela " Staff (3, 4); " Most Representative Co-ed ' ' (4) ; Honor Graduate. Sidney Davis Selvidge, II K A B.l. JACKSON, MISS. L. L. S. ; Freshman Debater; All-One Club; Three Year Club; Assistant Business Manager " Purple and White " (3) ; Business Manager Millsaps Play- ers (3); Honor Graduate; Eta Sigma. Margaret Gladys Jones n.s. JACKSON " , MISS . Girls ' Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; Assistant Librarian (2) ; Business Manager Girls ' Glee Club (3); Girls ' Basketball (2, 3); " Y " Cabinet (3); Three Year Club; Science Club. William Osborne Harrell, J 2 ' 7 B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Student Assistant in Mechanical Drawing, Senior Class George Locklin Bounds, Jr. U.S. OVETT, MISS. L. L. S.; Treasurer L. L. S. (3) ; President L. L. S. (4); Freshman Football; Football (2, 3, 4); " Y " Cabinet (3); Honor Council (3); Chairman Honor Council (4) ; Secretary-Treasurer " Y " (4) ; De- baters Council (4) ; Life Service Band President (4) ; Chairman House Governing Board (4) ; Hon- or Student Willanna Craven Ruck, K J Ii.A. JACKSON ' , MISS. Freshman Commission; Baseball Sponsor (1); All- One Club; " V " Cabinet (3) ; Football Sponsor (2) ; Feature Section (3); " Purple and White " Staff (4); Eta Sigma; Chi Delta Phi. Eldon Chalmers Rouse, K — ii.S. LUMBERTON, MISS. Captain Freshman Football; Football (2, 3, 4); Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; Captain Baseball (4) ; Basket- ball (2, 3); Glee Club (4); Quartette (4). Sarah Catherine Hughes, M B.A. JACKSON , MISS. Three Year Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Alice Boyd Ridgeway, B — n.l. JACKSON, MISS. Freshman Commission; Girls ' Glee Club (2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic. Senior Class Willie Edward Lyon B.A. DURANT, MISS. All-One Club (z) ; Faculty Assistant (4) ; " V Cabinet (4). Alfred Moses Ellison B.A. JACKSON, MISS. William Maurice Price B.A. JACKSON, MISS. L. L. S.; Life Service Band (4) ; Honor Graduate. Charles Edward Lockett B.A. GRENADA, MISS. Band (2, 3, 4) ; Library Assistant (3, 4) ; L. L. S. Vice-President L. L. S. (4) ; " Y " Cabinet (3, 4). W. I. Peeler B.S. CENTER, MISS. Freshman Debater; President G. L. S. (3, 4); Commencement Debater (3); Winner Commence- ment Debaters Medal (3) ; Student Executive Board (4). 37 Senior Class Wayne Whitsox Floyd, f) K N B.S. SARDIS, MISS. rreshman Baseball; L. L. S. ; Band (i, 2, 3, 4); Catella Club; Golf Club; Intramural Athletic Council (4). Gladys Bond, A Z R.A. JACKSON, MISS. Three Year Club; Girls ' Glee Club (1. 2, 3); Honor Graduate; All-One Club; Pan-Hellenic Council (3). Harry Wilburn Phillips B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Eta Sigma ; Honor Graduate. Laura Day Stovall. K J R..1. JACKSON, MISS. Glee Club (1); Basketball Sponsor (1). Irene Breland B.S. LKAKESVILLE, MISS. President Philomathean Society (4) ; Library As- sistant (4); Science Club; Basketball (4). Senior CI ass Richard W. Fowler, K A BA. COLDWATER, MISS. Freshman Tennis; Varsity Tennis (2, 3, 4) ; Cap- tain and Manager of Tennis (3) ; " Purple and White " Staff (2, 3, 4); Athletic Association (3); " Bobashela " Staff (3); Student Executive Board (4) ; Intramural Athletic Council (4) ; Editor " Jazz Baby " (3) ; Sigma Upsilon ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Catella Club; Secretary Sigma Upsilon (4); Pres- ident Catella Club (4) ; Editor of " Bobashela " (4). Mary Frances Horne, K A B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Three Year Club; Honor Graduate; Eta Sigma; All-One Club (2, 3). Lester Phillip Stagg, 77 7v A BA. MORTON, MISS. G. L. S ; Alpha Psi Omega (4) ; Honor Graduate. Jane Power, fP M BA. JACKSON, MISS. Cilee Club (2, 3, 4); Freshman Commission (1); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (1); Eta Sigma; Honor Graduate; " Most Sophisticated " (4). Joseph Frank Ford, K A B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Tennis (1. 2, 3, 4) ; All-One Club; Cap and Gown Committee (4) ; Honor Graduate. % " K, 1 m 39 Senior Class John Miller Maclachlan B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Commencement Debate (i); Tennis Champion, Singles Intramural (i); Clark Essay Medal (i); M. I. P. A. Features Award (2) ; State Open Short Story Contest (2) ; I. C. Essay Contest (2) ; Pres- ident G. L. S. ; Associate Editor " Jazz Baby " (2); Feature Editor " Purple and White " (2) ; Spanish Instructor Summer Normal (2) ; Editor " Purple and White " (3); Third Prize National Editorial Contest (3) ; Feature Editor " Bobashela " (4) ; Sig- ma Cpsilon. Emily White Stevexs, A ' J B.A. JACKSON, MISS. M. S. C. W. (1) ; " Spectator " Staff (1) ; " Y " Cab- inet (3); Chi Delta Phi; President Chi Delta Phi (3) ; " Purple and White " Staff (3) ; Associate Ed- itor " Purple and White (4). Charles Wesley Baley, K N B.A. Chalybeate, miss. Freshman Basketball and Baseball ; Honor Grad- uate. Doris Draper, J Z B.A. WIXTERVILLE, MISS. Marguerite Rightor Crlll, K J B.A. GREENWOOD, MISS. Alph Psi Omega; Millsaps Players (2, 3). Senior Class Charles Delmas Coltharp, K N B.A. MYRTLE, MISS. Freshman Basketball; " Bobashela " Staff (4); Hon- or Graduate. Malcolm Toyvnsend Glaze B.S. LENA, MISS. G. L. S. ; House Governing Board (3, 4). Thomas Oswald Sessions B.S. WOODVILLE, MISS. Tennis (3, 4); Intramural Football Manager (4). Elvie Lee Gillis B.S. PHILADELPHIA, MISS. Philomathean Literary Society; Science Club. Charles Arthur Sullivan B.A. TVLERTOWN, MISS. L. L. S. ; Freshman Debater; Commencement De- bater (3); Inter-Collegiate Debater (3); Reserve Football (3) ; Three Year Club. 41 Senior CI ass Howard Wesley Calhoun B.S. JACKSOX, MISS. Science Club (2, 3, 4); Pre-Medical Club (4); G. L. S. ; Student Assistant (4). LlNNIE LlXGLE B.S. CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISS. Captain Girls ' Basketball Team (3); S cience Club (2. 3, 4) ; Pre-Medical Club (4) ; Philomathean Literary Society; President Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion (3). William Forrest Thompson B.A. GILBERT, ARK. Transylvania College (1); Ministerial League; President Galloway Literary Society; Honor Grad- ate. Myrtle Steen B.S. ABBEVILLE, LA. " Y " Cabinet (2, 3) ; Captain Girls ' Basketball Team (4) ; Secretary Philomathean Literary Society (4). C. E. Sills b.s. COLUMBIA. MISS. Millsaps Band. Senior Class Theodore Kermit Scott II.. 1. PICKENS, MISS. Three Year Club; Football (2, 3); Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Basketball (1) ; Vice-President G. L. S. (2, 3) ; President G. L. S. (3); " V " Cabinet (2, 3); As- sistant Editor " Purple and White " (3); " Bobashe- la " Staff (3). Willie Jefferson Sullivan, l M B.S. JACKSON 1 , MISS. Glee Club (3, 4); " V " Cabinet (3); Honor Stu- dent. Robert Hunter Holcombe, 17 K A li.s. FLORENCE, MISS. Football (1, 2, 3. 4); Secretary-Treasurer Athletic Association (4). Virginia Ruth Vance, K J B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Freshman Commission; " Y " Cabinet (3); Chi Del ta Phi; Eta Sigma; Pianist Girls ' Glee Club (4) Honor Graduate. William A. Bilbo, K — B.A. HATTIESBURG, MISS. 43 Senior CI ass •■-■ i - I KTT J Prentiss Patton Perritt B.A. WESSON " , MISS. G. L. S.; Freshman Debater; Inter-Collegiate De- bater (2, 3, 4); " Purple and White " Staff (2, 3); " Bobashela ' ' Staff (3); Student Golf Champion (3); Editor " Purple and White " (4); Literary Council (4) ; House Governing Board (4) ; De- bating Council (4); Millsaps Players (3, 4); Col- lege Press Correspondent (4); Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Upsilon ; Alpha Phi Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Secretary Alpha Psi Omega (4). Mary Ruth Gainey, K J B.A. JACKSON 1 , MISS. Freshman Commission; Eta Eigma ; Blue Ridge Delegate (3) ; Vice-President " Y " (2) ; President " Y " (3); Secretary Class (3, 4); Chi Delta Phi; Vice-President " Y " (4) ; Secretary-Treasurer Stu- dent Body (4) ; " Y " Delegate to Memphis (4) ; Glee Club (4); Faculty Assistant (4). John H. Blakemore, P J B.A. CORINTH, MISS. Emory University (1); Inter-Collegiate Debater (2, 3); President L. L. S. (3); Debate Council (3); Glee Club, Quartette (2, 3) ; ' Bobashela " Staff (3) ; " Purple and White " Staff (3) ; Catella Club; Cheer Leader (3). Mattie Mae Boswell B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Three Year Club. Harold Graves B.S. JACKSON, MISS. G. L. S.; Secretary G. L. S. (3); Science Club; " Roval Ramblers. " Cli lenior lass John Knox Bettersworth b.A. JACKSON, MISS. Bourgeois Medal (2) ; Faculty Assistant (2, 3) ; All-One Club; Three Year Club; Honor Graduate; Eta Sigma. Nellie Gray Finch B.S. EUPORA, MISS. Honor Graduate; All-One Club; Right Royal Ramblers; Secretary Science Club (4); Faculty As- sistant (4) ; Honor Council (4) ; " Y " Cabinet (4) ; Philomathean Literary Society. Heber Austin Ladner, K Z B.S. LUMBERTON, MISS. Freshman Football; L. L. S. ; Basketball (2, 3, 4) ; Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; Secretary Dormitory Governing Board (4) ; Honor Graduate. Verna Willena Shelton B.A. WINONA, MISS. Three Year Club; Honor Graduate. Galusha Clyde Stone B.S. SALTILLO, MISS. Science Club; House Governing Board (4). 45 . Senior CI ass William Barnett Dribben, K N RULEVILLE, MISS. Business Manager " Bobashela " (4) ; Vice-President Senior Class (4); Track Manager (1, 4); Foot- ball Manager (3); House Governing Board (2); Assistant Bursar (3); Pan-Hellenic (4); Omicron Delta Kappa; Catella Club; Dramatic Club; Busi- ness Manager Dramatic Clu (3) ; Alpha Psi Ome- ga ; V. M. C. A. Cabinet (3) ; L. L. S. ( 3, 4). Mary Elizabeth Oliphaxt, I M B.S. JACKSON, MISS. Glee Club (2, 3, 4). Philip M. Catching B.S. GEORGETOWN, MISS. " Purple and White " Staff (4). Sarah Suttle B.A. JACKSON, MISS. George Robert Armistead n.s. JACKSON, MISS. Senior CI ass Christian Hoover Carruth, K A B.S. MCCOMB, MISS. Basketball (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Vice President Junior Class; President Senior Class: Vice-President Athletic Association; Catella Club Omicron Delta Kappa; Pan-Hellenic Council (3 4) ; Honor Council (2, 3, 4,); Y. M. C. A. Cabi net (3, 4) ; Captain Basketball (4). Mary Louise Pearson B.S. JACKSON, MISS. All-One Club (3). Robert Campbell Embry, (•) K N B.A. BELZONI, MISS. Member Student Executive Board ; L. L. S. ; Fresh man Commencement Debater; Three Year Club All-One Club; Band (1, 3, 4) ; Pan-Hellenic Coun cil (3) ; Golf Club (1, 3, 4) ; Track (1 Aetna Mills Holloway B.A. JACKSON, MISS. Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3, 4 Faculty Assistant (3, 4); Philomathean Literar Society (4); Three Year Club; Honor Graduate Life Service Group. SENIORS JVith a steady swing and an open brow We have tramped the ways together, But we ' re clasping hands at the cross-roads now, In the Fiend ' s own night for weather; And whether we bleed or whether we smile In the leagues that lie before us, The ways of life are many a mile, And the dark of Fate is o ' er us. Here ' s luck! And a cheer for the dark before us! Richard Hovey Stj? UtobaBljtfla Junior Class J. W. Alford K A MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI Warren e Ramsey !■ M GALLMAN, MISSISSIPPI Clara Lee Hines M JACKSON " , MISSISSIPPI Ralph W. Campbell K A MACON, MISSISSIPPI F. L. Covert k A MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Mildred Nobles K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI W. P. Boswell 9 K X GRENADA, MISSISSIPPI Agnes Eubanks ■I ' M ALGIERS, LOUISIANA C. F. Lacey G K X KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI Catherine Ross I M WESSON, MISSISSIPPI ®lje Hobaaljela Junior Class Emmett Ward n k a JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Leola O ' Neal SAUCIER, MISSISSIPPI Christine Crawford JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Audie C. Bishop HARPERVILLE, MISSISSIPPI David C. Longinotti n k a DURANT, MISSISSIPPI Edwin T. Calhoun K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Esther Virginia Switzer MCHENRY, MISSISSIPPI J. M. Dorm an MYRTLE, MISSISSIPPI Gordon Wilson STEPHENSON, MISSISSIPPI Lois Mann MADISON, MISSISSIPPI ®lj? HSnbaaij? la Junior Class Joe R. Gouldman HAZELHURST, MISSISSIPPI Laura Bennett M MADISON ' , MISSISSIPPI Mary Lynn Gould M BOGALUSA, LOUISIANA C. C. HOLLOMAN K i ITTA BENA, MISSISSIPPI Roy Wolfe MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Dorothy Moore QUITMAN, MISSISSIPPI Helen Grace Welch BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI George W. Butler K X JONESTOWN, MISSISSIPPI H. C. Currie MT. OLIVE, MISSISSIPPI Carlton U. Mounger COLLINS, MISSISSIPPI ®ljp UnbaaljHa Junior Class Lee R. Reid K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI John W. Bealle n k a GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Marie Funk LEXINGTON, MISSISSIPPI William E. Barksdale e k n HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI John Stokes h K A GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI John Wesley Young SAUCIER, MISSISSIPPI Mary Lee Stone B 2 O JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI R. J. HlNSON CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI J. D. Dumas LENA, MISSISSIPPI A. E. GULLEY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 31jp IflhaHlj la Junior Class Hovle A. Byrd K A LUMBERTON, MISSISSIPPI Mary Ellexa Cltrer K A MAGNOLIA, MISSISSIPPI Mary Martha Miller HAZELHURST, MISSISSIPPI D. Gilmer McLaurin k 2 CANTON, MISSISSIPPI R. C. Embry e k x BELZON ' I, MISSISSIPPI Susie K. Woods K A JACKSON " , MISSISSIPPI Rosalie McKeithen B S JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI W. T. MOBLEY II K A MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Ralph N. Xai.l PETAL, MISSISSIPPI Mildred Williams JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Sty? HflktHljpla Junior Class Mary Hudson M SUMRALL, MISSISSIPPI E. T. Mangum MAGEE, MISSISSIPPI Jewel Picnic Williams MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI Margaret Bynum K A JACKSON ' , MISSISSIPPI Mary Eleanor Waits SUMRALL, MISSISSIPPI Brown Powlett SELMA, MISSISSIPPI R. S. Simpson ACKERMAX, MISSISSIPPI Margaret Whisenhunt PAWHUSKA, OKLAHOMA Carlisle Toichstone GEORGETOWN, MISSISSIPPI W. D. Carmichael UTICA, MISSISSIPPI uty? InbasJjtfla Good morning, Life — and all Things glad and beautiful. My pockets nothing hold, But he that owns the gold, The Sun, is my great friend — His spending has no end. Hail to you women fair, That make a show so rare In cloth as white as milk — Bet calico or silk ; Good morning, Life — and all Things glad and beautiful. William H. Davies t IntrasijHa Sophomore Class E. W. Haining SARTARTIA, MISSISSIPPI Fred Alma Hutchison A Z JACKSON " , MISSISSIPPI Garner Green K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Glenna Moore A Z JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Reynolds Cheney K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A. R. Harala n k a CREOLE, MISSISSIPPI P. T. FlTZHUGH K X JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Gordon Patton jackson, mississippi Anelle Jordan B £ O JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Frances King K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI George B. Pickett BONITA, LOUISIANA L. A. Wasson ETHEL, MISSISSIPPI R. C. Maynor e k n JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Elizabeth Dear JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Raymond A. Glaze LENA, MISSISSIPPI F. L. Looney COLLIERVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Harry C. Ash CENTREVILLE, MISSISSIPPI W. H. Hay PORT GIBSON, MISSISSIPPI Sty? Inha la Soph Cl ass pnomore F. M. Clark K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A. K. Doss K 2 LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA J. II. Lewis II K GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI C. W. Gary II K A EUPORA, MISSISSIPPI Laura Lightcap K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ]. Allan Fetterman K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI L. V. Johnston SHANNON, MISSISSIPPI Malcolm Galbreath K I HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Edward Lemastus e k n DREW, MISSISSIPPI Edwin B. Bell II K A GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI Elizabeth Harrell k A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI William J. McCluney K A CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI L. E. Martin CANTON, MISSISSIPPI L. P. B. Lipscomb e k n MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Paul Robertson JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI R. P. Neblitt e k n KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI W. Kenneth Bradley K A CANTON, MISSISSIPPI }. B. Logan e k n LUMBERTON, MISSISSIPPI f 1 Sty? IxrbaB la Soph pnomore CI ass Norton Miller K I HERMANVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Elizabeth Kxox l M JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Howard E. Boone II K A PONTOTOC, MISSISSIPPI Robert Eli Tatum K X HATTIESBURC, MISSISSIPPI J. V. Mills COURTLAND, MISSISSIPPI Buford Yerger K A JACKSON " , MISSISSIPPI John Clark K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Elma Clark ! M JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI William Caston K 2 MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI Phil Wilson K 2 jackson, mississippi Harry Woods e k x LOUISVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Malcolm Golden LENA, MISSISSIPPI C. H. Johnson VALLEY, MISSISSIPPI James A. Gunter JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Plez A. Price JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Charles H. Whatley JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Sarah Simmons M JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI E. H. Mounger, Jr. COLUMBIA, MISSISSIPPI R. J. Hassell MONROE, LOUISIANA P. N. Nowell JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Freshman Class Chas. LkDuke President Wip Robinson Vice-President I). V. DuBard Secretary-Treasurer Honor Council Representative W. K. Anderson ■ - ®lj? jBnhaaijHa Freshman Walter Perm enter . Alice Chilton .... Charles Galloway . . Lucy Murphy Mai.i.ico Luther Currie .... Benjamin Harrell . . Marguerite Deterly . Bob Lemi.y Hadenia Buck .... Hillary Whatley . . . William Shannon . . . C. L. Huff Joe Ware . . . CI ass Mildred Clark . . Jim Collins . Grace Brownlee . Sarah King . . ■ William Anderson Philip Kolb . . . David Livingston . Charles LeDuke . Mary Meek . . w. b. sowell . . , James McLeod . . Ellis Dickerson . . O. B. Loper . . . Sarah Stevens . . J. H. Noblin . . . Tutwiler, . Jackson, . Jackson, . Jackson, . Raleigh, . . Jackson, . Jackson, . Fondren, . Jackson, . Jackson, . . Ripley, . Lorman, . Jack:on, . Jackson, . Jackson, . Jackson, . Jackson, . Clarksdale, . Jackson, . Prentiss, . Grenada, . Jackson, . . Sanlis, . Jackson, . Ripley. Philadelphia, . . Jackson, Pelahatchie, Sty? Hflbaafj? la Freshman Class E. L. HoWREYj Jr Sardis, Miss. Margaret Alsobrook .... Bolton, Miss. Lee Travis Canton, Miss. C. W. Chalfant Augusta, Ark. H. G. Warren Benton, Miss. W. V. Lowe ....... Jackson, Miss. O. L. Hardin Deemer. Miss. Bill Jacobs Jackson, Miss. D. V. .... Hermanville, Miss. Stella Mai.lett Jackson, Mir-s. John Patterson Ebenezer, Miss. T. L. Roberts Doddsville, Miss. J. R. Priest Houston, Miss. T. A. Gilbert Meridian, Miss. Franklin Williams . . . Inverness, Miss. Emilio Romano .... New Orleans, La. E. E. Broadwater Bogalusa, Lr Charline Morgan Star, Misi Galloway Corley . . . Moss Point, Mis: G. A. Brown Hollandale, Mis David Y. DuBard .... Grenada, Mis; J. B. Furr Hermanville, Mis: T. E. Pegram, Jr Ripley, Misi G T. Blanton ...... Deemer, Mis J. F. Munstermann . . . Pelahatchie, Mis Sarah Smith Jackson, Miss. T. S. Greenlee .... Hermanville, Miss Claude W. Passo .... Moss Point, Miss i l ! Sty? InbaB la ±% S j} iJ Freshman Class Wip Robinson Wewoka, Okla. Letitia Allen ...... Jackson, Miss. Albert White Meridian, M Theresa McDill Jackson, M John Calhoun ..... Mt. Olive, M Martha Thompson .... Jackson, M Felix Underwood Jackson, M Robert Seawright Jackson, M Walter Bivens Meridian, M James Curcio .... Friar ' s Point, M Mary Velma Simpson . . . Pickens, M J. H. Finger Ripley, M Howard K. Wii.liford . . Carrolton, M Ruth Ridgeway Jackson, M Douclas Nash Jackson, M Billy Longgrear . . . Mendenhall, M W. C. DuBARD Carrolton, M Edith Enochs Jackson, M Neville Griffith Jackson, M Lorine Foster ...... Jackson, M W. J. CONNERLY .... Tylertown, M Leslie Ellis Jackson, M Stanley E. Byrd Bude, M R. S. Young Jackson, M L. C. Hutchines Carlton, M Rose Wells Jackson, M V. L. Owen ....... Fayette, M Mary Wacaster Jackson, M Sty? Hatmsipbt Freshman Class Kenneth Wills Jackson, Margaret Stovai.l .... Jackson, J. A. Booker Ripley, Aline Everett Jackson, Douglas Banks Fondren, W. L. Ervin Inverness, Howard McMillan .... McComb, Vernon H. Anderson . • Vicksburg, Harold Cashon Jackson, H. V. Sebron Georgetown, Caroline Campbeli Jackson, Allan Woodruff . . . Hattiesburg, Jack Riggin Jackson, Ruth Mann Madison, George Rembert Jackson, Troy Dillon Lorman, Martha Jane Hollowav . . Jackson, D. W. Corban Meadville, W. L. Brown Madison, GEORGE M. Cherry .... Louisville, GJtj? lobaH la Comrades, pour the wine tonight, For the parting is with dawn. Oh, the clink of cups together, With the daylight coming on! Greet the morn JFith a double horn, When strong men drink together! Richard Hovey ©ook C)hree . . Organizations 5ty? !nha0ijp la Bounds, Wheeless, McManus, Reves Embrv, Fowler, Moore, Peeler, Campbell Student Executive Board L. L. Wheeless President Student Body J. S. McManus ithletic Association George Reves Y. M. C. A. Dorothy Moore Y. If. C. A. W. I. Peeler Literary Societies R. W. Fowler Publications R. W. Campbell Glee Club R. C. Embry Band Audie Bishop Ministerial Association G. L. Bounds Honor Council Otye ItohaBljela Bounds, Wheeled, Perritt, Scott, White, Sanders, Blakemore Debating Council Professor M. C. White . . . Professor A. G. Sanders L. L. Wheeless . T. K. Scott . . P. P. Perritt . . J. H. Blakemore . J. W. Alford . . G. L. Bounds . . Faculty Representative . . . Faculty Representative Galloway Literary Galloway Literary S Galloway Literary S . Lamar Literary S . Lamar Literary S ociety octet y ociety ociety ociety Lamar Literary Society SIj? Hflbaaljpla Bounds, Finch, Carruth Nall, Flink, Lewis, Anderson Honor Council C. H. Carruth Student Body Representative Marie Flink Student Body Representative G. L. Bounds (Chairman) Senior Class Nellie Gray Finch . . Senior Class R. N. Nall Junior Class J. H. Lewis Sophomore Class W. K. Anderson ... Freshman Class ®fje UnhasIjHa Wheeless, Bounds, Reves Scott, Blakemore, Lockett, Carruth, McManus Campbell, Lyons, McLaurin, Alford, Bishop Miller, Byrd, Neblitt, Nall, Looney Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Officers L. L. Wheeless President G. E. Reves Vice-President G. L. Bounds Secretary-Treasurer Floyd Looney Program T. K. Scott Program A. C. Bishop Vesper Service Ralph Nai.i Vesper Service R. W. Campbeli Social Warren Black Social J. W. Finch . . ■ • . . Freshman Work K. W. Haining Freshman Work Norton Miller . • ■ Membership Committee Chairmen ]. W. Alford . W. E. Lyon . . . J. H. Blakemore . G. K.. Adair . . . R. P. Neblett, Jr. Hoyle Byrd . D. G. McLaurin . ( ' . H. Carruth . J. S. McMan us . . Church Work Church Work . Music . . . Music . Extension . . Extension . Extension . Employment . . .1 1 hi dies C. E. Lockett Publicity GMj? SnhaHljda Dorothy Moore, Gainey Nobles, Ridgeway, Jones, Finch Glenna Moore, Hollowav, Steen Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Officers Dorothy Moore President Ruth Gainey Vice-President Mildred Nobles Secretary Glenna Moore Treasurer Committe Chairmen Gladys Jones Social Service Aetna Mills Holloway Music Alice Ridgeway World Fellowship OuiDA Elzy Social Nellie Gray Finch Program Janie Watkins ... Finance Myrtle Steen Publicity Mildred Nobles Undergraduate Representative ®ljp InbaB la 8» " ■■ R. W. Fowler, Editor V. B, Dribben, Business Manager The 1929 Bobasriela The Staff T. K. Scott Organizations J. M. Maclachlax Features D. C. Longinotti Classes W. P. BOSWELI Sports C. D. CoLTHARP Assistant Business Manager Elizabeth Heidlebero Idvertisements J. H. BlakemORE ... Photographs George Reves Advertisements 74 ®fj? Ufabaaljpla P. P. Perritt Editor Emily White Stevens Emm kit Ward Associate Editor Business Manager The Purple and White The Staff T. K. Scott hsistant Editor Buford Verger News Editor B. C. Ricketts Managing Editor P. M. Catchings Sports Willanna Buck Society R. W. Fowler Columnist D. C. Longinotti Locals W. P. Boswell Features J. M. Maclachlan Columnist J. H. Blakemore Locals H. C. Ash News Assistant W. N. Miller News Assistant Billy Longgrear .... News Assistant Sidney Selvidge Assistant Business Manager F. L. Looney .... Circulation Manager ®lj£ ItoiraBljHa The Lamar Literary Society J. II. Blakemore Presidents J. W. Alford R. P. Neblett C. F. Lacf.v Vice-Presidents G. L. Bounds C. E. L.OCKETT Secretaries J. W. Alford C F. Lacey Treasurers C. E. Lockett W. M. Price R. B. Smith J. W. Alford Debating Council Representatives J. H. Blakemore G. L. Bounds Inter-Collegiate Debaters J. W. Alford L. P. B. Lipscomb B. C. Ricketts J. II. Blakemore J. W. Alford A. C. Bishop Howard Boone J. H. Blakemore Edwin Bell Kenneth Bradley w. p. boswell G. L. Bounds T. M. Brown R. D. Cashburn A. K. Doss Herbert Gillis Marion Hale C. E. Lockett C. F. Lacf.v L. P. B. Lipscomb Ed Lamastus Howard Lewis D. G. McLaurin Members William McCluney Ralph Nall R. P. Neblett W. M. Price B. C. Ricketts R. S. Simpson- Arthur Sullivan J. V. Wright II. A. Byrd R. B. Smith Warren Black Sidney Selvidge W. Leggett M. II. McCormack Albert White C. H. Gordon Edward Lindsey D. Y. DuBard W. D. Carmichael Bob Lemley Robert Young Plez Price Harry Woods Tick Logan Billy Longgrear Cal Hull Neville Griffith W. M. Anderson Jake Embry Heber Ladner Walter Bivens Lee Travis J. W. Young Kenneth Wills Philip Kolb M. M. Caver Emmett Ward Oty? Snba k Sullivan:, Lockett, Alford, Price, Nall Byrd, McLaurin, Blakemore, Bishop, Caver, Ladner Lacey, Simpson, Carmichael, Doss, Lewis Lipscomb, McCluney, Neblett, Price, Young B oone, Kolb, Lemly, Bivexs, Griffith, Pegram DuBard, Travis, Howrey, Young, White uty? labaa la The Galloway Literary Society Presidents L. L. Wheeless T. K. Scott W. I. Peeler W. F. Thompson ' T. K. Scott Vice-Presidents Norton Miller I-. L. Looney Secretaries E. T. Mangum W. E, Barksdale W. F. Thompson A. T. Woodruff Treasurers F. L. Looney P. P. Perritt Debating Council Representatives P. P. Perritt L. L. Wheeless T. K. Scott Intercollegiate Debaters L. L. Wheeless Buford Yerger F. L. Looney J. P. Patrick P. P. Perritt Members V. H. Anderson J. T. Barrett Carl Brumfield B. F. Cammack II D. Carmichael C. W. Chalfant Edward Coker James Curcio H. C. Currie Hal Dale B. ElCHLEBERGER A. M. Ellison J. W. Finch H. G. Flowers Malcolm Galbreath Spurgeon Gaskin Malcolm Glaze J. A. Gunter E. W. Haining Robert Hauberg W. H. Hay Charles E. Hopper Edgar Isabell C. H. Johnson W. K. Jones Edward Khayatt R. N. Kinnard Egbert Livingston F. L. Looney J. B. Love Charles C. LeDuke (). B. Loper Henry King Erby McManus Sexton McManus E. T. Mangum W. N. Miller Clark Morris F. H. Morris Wm. Thompson W. H. King G. A. MULLENDORE G. E. Murphy J. P. Patrick W. I. Peeler J. Patterson P. P. Perritt W. Piggott ' ardaman Owen- Carl Sills T. K. Scott I. G. Wilson I.. L. Wheeless R. R. Waugh A. T. Woodruff H. G. Warren J. M. Maclachlan GORDON Patton P. M. Catching B. E. Meigs G. E. Reves I.. A. Wasson Resa Wasson ( HAS. DlCKERSON Joe Booker Bernard Sowell J. D. Arrington CiEO. Pickett II. W. Calhoun A. E. Gulley W. E. Barksdale Sty? Inbastjftla Perritt, Reves, Wheeless, Thompson, Peeler Sills, Carmichael, Catching, Scott, Maclachlan, Calhoun Miller, Mangum, Barksdale, Currie, Ellison Looney, Pickett, Hay, Johnson, Gunter, Haining Brown, Dickerson, Patterson, Chalfant, Gulley, Owen Curcio, Woodruff, Sowell, LeDuke ®lj? latraaljpla Men ' s Glee Club Officers Dr. A. P. Hamilton Directc R. V. Campbell M. M. Caver Miss Magnolia Simpson . . President . Business Manager . Accompanist R. W. Campbell George Kurts David Longinotti w. t. mobley M. M. Caver Warren - Black Members First Tenor Elton Rouse Billy Longgrear Second Tenor Carl Brumfield John Culver Joe Ware First Bass J. H. Blakemore Robert Seawright George Rembert II. II. Ramsey James McLeod William Barksdale Charles LeDuke Edward Khayatt R. S. Simpson John Calhoun Second Bass David DuBard Quartettes Rouse, Caver, Blakemore, Vickery Kurts, McLeod, Calhoun, DuBard Hubert Vickery J. M. Collins Stye Itabaalj la Girl s Glee Club Officers Dr. B. E. Mitchell Director Alice Ridgeway President Gladys Jones Business Manager Virginia Vance . . . Accompanist Members Ruth Ridgeway Mary Oliphant Ruth Gainey - Ouida Elzy Margaret Whisenhunt Martha Jane Holloway ' Douglas Banks Mary Lynn Gould Rose Wells Willie Sullivan Mary Velma Simpson Mary Heald Melvin Simpson- Aetna M. Holloway Mildred Williams Gladys Bond Ruth Oliphant Jane Power Eleanor Waits Leola O ' Neal Blanche Nesbitt Sally Horne Edith M. Enochs Sty? Intrasljtfia First Row: Neblitt, Gilbert, Floyd, Kyle, Murphy ' , McLaurin Second Row: Calhoun, DuBard, Sills, Travis, Scott, Johnson Tlmd Row: Clark, Eichleberger, McCluney, Black, Carmichael, Looney Fourth Row: Lockett, Mobley, Embry. Seated: Hale. The Band Officers Prof. J. G Leonard Director Gilmer McLaurin Manager R. C. Embry S. E, B. Representative II. D. Carmichael . Librarian R. E. Tatum ... Drum Major Cornets Gilmer McLaurin Warren Black George Murphy Howard Kile II. D. Carmichael Virgil Johnston Floyd Looney Saxophones John Calhoun B. G. Eiciielberger D. V. DuBard W. J. McCluney Ralph Campbell Huron Hutcherson Trombones Wyatt Siiarpe Theo K. Scott Clarinets Howard McMullen D. A. Gilbert William Ffrris Baritones W. T. Mobley L. S. Kendrick Basses R. C. Embry Jack Rigcin Drums Carl Sills Ira Travis I.. H. Simmons, ]k. R. P. Neblett J. B. Clark Wayne Floyd Stye ItobaHljpla Ellison, Thompson, Blakemore, Nall, Wolfe Bishop, Currie Gulley, Wasson, Mounger, Looney, Young Ministerial Association Officers Roy Wolfe President F. L. Looney Vice-President Garnett Adair Secretary-Treasurer A. C. Bishop . . . Superintendent Service Department Ralph Nall Program Committee B. E. Meigs Program Committee J. T. Barrett H. C. Gordon E. A. Kelley E. H. Mounger W. F. Thompson R. E. Wasson Members H. C. Currie A. A. Gulley J. H. Blakemore W. H. McRaxey R. O. Walton R. Young T. R. Holt A. M. Ellison J. E. Isabel J. W. Leggett T. O. Prewitt L. A. Wasson M. H. McCormick Sty? Hfobaal la Caver, Dribblx, Carruth, Alford Ford, Bell, Barksdale, Bilbo Men s Pan-Hellenic Council Representatives Kappa Alpha Joe Ford J. YV. Alford Kappa Sigma M. M. Caver W. A. Bilbo Pi Kappa Alpha C. H. Carruth Edwin- Bell Thcta Kappa Nu W. B. Dribbex W. E. Barksdale uty? Inban la Ridgeway, Hughes, Bond, Gainey Nobles, Moore, Watkins, Jordan Women s Pan-Hellenic Council Representatives Phi Mu Sarah K. Hughes Jaxie Watkins Kappa Delta Ruth Gainey Mildred Nobles Beta Sigma O micron Alice Ridgeway Anelle Jordan Delta Zeta Gladys Bond Glenna Moore ®ij£ SntraBljHa Rkid, I. ingle, Calhoun, Lacey, Switzer, Touchstone Seawright, Travis, MacDonnel, Collins, Underwood Roberts, Currie, Alsobrook, Cashon, Priest, Calhoun Pre-Medical Club Officers Lee Reid President Linnie Lingle Vice-President B. F. Allen Secretary-Treasurer Members Margaret Alsobrook W. C. Black H. K. Cashon Howard Calhoun J. M. Collins J. M. Calhoun Luther Currii: T. C. Cotten A. K. Doss Wm. R. Farris Curtis Harrison Charles E. Hooper Frank Lacev Wm. McMurtray Geo. Mui.lendore J. R. Priest T. L. Roberts R. M. Seawright J. J. Stagg C. C. Sutton Virginia Switzer L. S. Travis C. S. Touchstone Felix Underwood M. E. Ward Helen Grace Welch I. G. Wilson GIlje lobaa la McManus, Carruth, Holcombe, Scott Caver, Bilbo, Dribben, Boswell Athletic Council Officers Sexton McManus President C. H. Carruth Vice-President Robert Holcombe Secretary Theo. K. Scott Student Manager M. M. Caver Football Manager W. A. Bilbo Basketball Manager John Bennett Baseball Manager W. B. Dribben Track Manage W. P. Boswell Tennis Manager Stye IBnhaBljpla £ 1 1 - Gk m. ' • . " i 5 AuL « «- ™ t Mr iiPn H • ' ' •.t A ' oit ' .- O ' Neal, Wells, Waites, Brei.and, Gillis, Hennington, Jones, Finch Second Roil-: Alice Ridgeway, Stone, Ruth Ridgeway, Shanks, Holloway, Flurry, Gainey, Deare, Stf.f.n, Williams, Moore, Holloway Philomathean Literary Society Officers Marie Flunk . President Alice Ridgeway rice-President Myrtle Steen Secretary Linnie Lingle Treasure? Members Irene Breland Elvie Lee Gillis Margaret Whisenhunt Virginia Switzer Aetna Mills Holloway Susie Newell Elizabeth Deare Edna Earle Hennington Mildred Williams Irene Flurry Mary Lee Stone Ruth Ridgeway Nellie Gray Finch Dorothy Moore Leola O ' Neal Martha Jane Holloway Edith Margaret Enochs Sratmtttips mxh § ataxxtWB uty? Intraaljda Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University in 18 5. Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Publication: " Kappa Alpha Journal " Alpha Mu Chapter Faculty Members J. Reese Lin A. P. Hamilton M. C. White Active Chapter Seniors Richard W. Fowler Joe F. Ford Juniors J. W. Alford Warren C. Black F. L. Covert Ralph W. Campbell Lee R. Reid Hovle A. Byrd ♦Edwin T. Calhoun Sophomores W. Kenneth Bradley Frank M. Clark Reynolds Cheney J. Allan Fettf.rman Garner W. Green Buford Yerger WlLLIAM J. McCLUNEY John Calhoun Wip Robinson Harold Casiion Freshmen Joe Ware Luther Currie Albert White John Clark eugene how ' rey Edward Lindsey Robert Seawright ®lj£ lobaaljpla Ford, Reid, Alford, Campbell, Fowler Calhoun - , Byrd, Covert, Verger Clark, Bradley, McCluney, Cheney, Green- Black, Seawright, Ware, Calhoun currie, lln ' dsey, howrey, white, cashon ©Ije Inhas la K appa Sig ma Founded at University of Bologna in 14.00 Founded at University of Virginia in iS6y Colors: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Floioer: Lilv of the Vallev Publications: " Caduceus " and " The Star and Crescent " Alpha Upsilon Chapter Faculty Members ;. L. Harrell V. B. Hathorn B. O. Van Hook Active Chapter Seniors William A. Heber A. Ladner Eldon C Rouse M. M. Caver Juniors George W. Butler C. C. Hollomax D. G. McLaurin Sophomores C. A. Brumfield A. K, Doss W. H. Selman J. M. Culver W. Norton Miller Robert E. Tatum Frank H. Lvell C. L. Paxton W. L. Caston P. T. Fitzhugh Freshmen Kenneth Wills Howard McMii.lax Bexjamix Harrell Hilery Whatley ' Charles Galloway Philip Kolb Galloway Corley Neville Griffith Malcome Galbreth W alter Permenter Philip B. Wilson T. A. Gilbert •Claude Passo James McLeod Ezekial Candler uty? Ufaba0l|£ la Caver, Rouse, Ladner Bilbo, Holloman, McLaurin, Butler, Selman Doss, Culver, Miller, Tatum, Fitzhugh Brumfielu, Lvell, Wilson, Galbreath, Corley McLeod, Wills, Kolb, Whatlev, Passo Harrell, Permenter, Griffith, Candler, McMillan uty? IBabaafpUt Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at University of Virginia in 1869. Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lilly of the Valley Alpha Iota Chapter C. H. Carruth, Jr. J. Sexton McManus Seniors Lester P. Stagg Sidney Selvidge J. J. Stagg Robert IIolco.YiBE Juniors David C. Longinotti M. Emmett Wakd Ralph P. Welsh John D. Stokes, Jr. Jons W. Bealle Wyatt Sharp " Sophomores Howard E. Boone Emmett Harala W. T. Mobley ROY DlXu.v Erby McManus Edwin " B. Bell, Jr. Coenus Gary Freshmen ■George Wclbrecht ' Huron Hutcherson Tom E. Pegram, Jr. " ' Clarence Chalfant ' John II. Finger ®tj? Stfh stjria Carruth, McManus, Selvidge Stagg, Stagg, Holcombe, Bealle Welch, Loxgixotti, Ward, McMaxus Bell, Mobley, Boone, Gary WOLBRFCHT, FlXGER, ChALFAXT Sty? Snbmsljria Tketa Kappa Nu Founded ;it Drury College in 1924. Colors: Black, Crimson and Silver Flower: American Beauty Rose Publication: " Theta News " Mississippi Alpha Chapter ( ' . W. Bailey G. T. KURTS R. C. Embry Y. E. Barksdale M. H. Hale H M Pointer R. P. Neblett William Anderson William Noiii.iv Walter Bivins ' Dunnica Ott Seniors W. B. Dribben I. S. Travis W. K. Jones Juniors W. P. Boswell Sophomores •Ed Lamastus L. P. B. Lipscomb J. H. Lewis ' Harry Woods Freshmen David DuBard J. R. Priest William Ervin Thomas Roberts W. W. Floyd C. D. COLTHARP G. E. Reves C. F. Lacey R. C. Maynor J. B. Logan -William McMurtray William Jacobs Lee Travis Charles LeDuke Felix Underwood ©tj? lobaaljrla Dribben, Bailey, Floyd, Kurts Travis, Coltharp, Emery, Jones, Reves Lacey, Boswell, Barksdale, Hale, Lipscomb Mayxor, Lfwis, Logan, Neblett, Lamastus Priest, Noblin, Jacobs, DuBard, Anderson- Travis, Ervin, LeDuke, Ott, Underwood ®tj? Sflbafitjda Pki Mu Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852. Colors: Rose and White Flovicr: Rose Carnation Publication: " Aglaia " Epsilon Chapter Willie Sullivan ' Sarah K. Hughes Seniors Mary Oliphant Jane Power Ruth Oliphant Juniors Clara Lee Hikes Mary Hudson Bessie George Donald Laura Bennett Evelyn Hogue Janif. Watkins Mary Lynn Gould Warrene Ramsey Katherine Ross Acnes Eubanks Sophomores Elizabeth Knox Lemma Gordon Elma Clark Jo Ellis Buie Sarah Simmons Mary Agnes Dobbyns Martha Louise Holliday Frances McWillie Pledges Freshmen " Lucy Murphy Mallico Martha Thompson SIj? Inbaaljda Power, Hughes, Ouphaxt Sullivan, Donald, Watkins, Gould, Hines Dobbyns, Clark, Hollidav, Gordon, Buie Knox, Bennett, Hogue, Ramsey, Eubanks Ross, McWillie, Hudson, Thompson ®tj? Inbasfj la Kappa Delta Founded at Virginia Stair Normal College in iSgy Colors: Olive Green and White Publication: " Ange ' .os " Mu Chapter Flower: White Rn e Laura Day Stovall Emily White Stevens Mary Flowers Jackson- Seniors Ruth Gainey Virginia Vance Mary Frances Horne Marguerite Cruel Elizabfth Heidelberg Willanna Buck Elizabeth Teat Juniors Margaret Bynum Leone Shotwell ' L ' Marie Goodwin Mildred Nobles Evelyn Ball ♦Maurine Smith Bessie CofiK Ellena Cutrer Susie K. Woods Sophomores Elizabeth Allen Laura Lightcap Annabel Robinson Elizabeth Harrell • ' Frances King Freshmen Letitia Allen ' Blanche Horne ' Rose Wells Lorene Foster Grace Brownlee Stella Mallett Mary Meek ' Hadenta Buck Sara Owen King ' Margaret Stovall Edith M. Enochs Theresa McDill Alice Chilton -Pledges Sty? Itobaaljda Heidelberg, Gainey, Teat, Jackson - , Buck Vance, Horne, Nobles, Stovall, Lightcap Harrell, Allen, Ball, Cutrer, Smith, King Stovall, Woods, Foster, Allen, King Mallett, Meek, Chilton, Wells, Brownlee ®lj£ latraaljria Beta Sigma Omicron Founded at the University of Missouri in 18S Colors: Rubv and Pink Flowers: Richmond and Killarney Ros Publication: " The CJrn " Alpha Zeta Chapter Senior Alice Ridgeway Juniors Annelle Jordan: Mary Lee Stone Rosalie McKeithen bRESHMEN Ruth Ridgeway Carolyn Campbell Sarah Smith Mildred Clark Ruth Mann Leslie Ellis Susie Newell Margaret Alsobrook Lois Mann ©lj? UnbaHljela Jordan, Ridgeway, Stone Campbell, Ridceway, Newell, Smith Ellis, Clark, Mann, Mann 103 utyp Inbaoljpla Delta Zeta Founded at Miami University in 1902. Colors: Nile Green and Killarney Rose. Publication: " The Lamp. Floivcr: Killarnev Rose Alpha Omkua Chapter Sexiors Gladys Bond Sidney Brame Elizabeth Brame Olga LaBranche Doris Draper Junior Corinne Kent Sophomores Fred Alma Hutchinson Glenna Moore Freshmen Martha Benton Ruth Foreman Aline Everitt Blanche Nesbitt Alice Everitt Mary Wacaster 104 Sty? lahaal la Bond, Brame, LaBranche, Draper Moore, Brame, Hutchinson Nesbitt, Everitt, Everitt, Kent 105 uty? SnbaBlj?la When I was a student, gay and free, And life was a constant Thrill I belonged to a swell Fraternitee — And, of course, I belong to it still. And I bought me a pin bejeweled and smart, And it cost me a lot of dough, And I -wore it constantly , next to my heart, Or only a bit below. The law ' s decree and its firm intent — Which Brothers were bound to obey — Proclaimed that a pin could only be lent To its owner ' s Fiancee. And I kept that law to the letter thereof, For mine was a loyal flame; That pin is held by a long-lost Love — wish I remembered her name! Ted Ro bix sox 106 HONORARY ®lj£ Intra la Sigma Upsilon (LITERARY) Founded at the University of the South Colors: Green and Gold Publication: " News Letter " Kit Rat Chapter M. C. White J. M. Maclachlan Faculty Members A. G. Sanders Student Members R. W. Fowler P. P. Perritt Chapter Roll R. H. Moore Emmett Ward SOPHERIM University of the South OSIRIS Randolph-Macon College CALUMET Vanderbilt University SENIOR ROUND TABLE University of Georgia ODD NUMBER University of North Carolina BOAR ' S HEAD Transylvania College SCRIBBLERS University of Mississippi KIT KAT Millsaps College COFFEE HOUSE Emory University FORTNIGHTLY Trinity College ATTIC University of Alabama GORDON HOPE William and Mary College GRUB STREET University of Washington BLUE PENCIL Davidson College YE TABARD IN., ' University of Oregon SPHINX Hampden-Sidney College UTAH SCRIBBLERS University of Utah ROTUNDA University of Virginia LANIER University of Tennessee SESAME Washington and Lee University STYLUS Southwestern University LANTHORNE University of Akron GAMMA PHI PSI University of Missouri WRITERS University of Richmond FLORIAN Washington University PELICAN QUILL Tulane University KAPPA LAMBDA ALPHA Iowa State College oMEOA KM ' SILon Qniversitj ol Imihu.Uk BETA PSI University of Illinois CANTERBURY Wofford College ISIS Presbyterian College of South Carolina ELZEVIRS Birmingham Southern University ALPHA GAMMA EPSiLON Howard Collegi GAMMA GAMMA SIGMA University of Louisville THE WOR1 iSMlTIIS University of Nebraska i S Stye VobaHtpla Fowler, Perritt, Maclachlan White Moore, Ward, Sanders 109 Sty? Itfbaafpla Omicron Delta Kappa (student leadership) Founded at Washington and Lee University in ; - Colors: Blue and White Publication; " The Circle ' Pi Circle A. P. Hamilton M. C. White L. L. Wheeless R. W. Fowler ( ' II. Carruth Faculty Members B. E. Mitchell Student Members Sexton McManus George Reves I. W. Ai.iord R. II. Moore D. M. Key I ' . ! . Pkrritt W. B. Dribben D. G. McLalrin Roll of Circles ALPHA Washington and Lee University BETA Johns Hopkins University GAMMA University of Pittsburg DELTA Davidson College EPSILON University of Richmond ZETA Centre College ETA William and Mary College Til ETA University of Akron IOTA University of Alabama KAPPA Birmingham Southern University LAMBDA Hampden-Sidney College MU Emory University NU University of Kentucky XI Lehigh University OMICRON University of Virginia PI Millsaps College RHO Duke University SIGMA University of Maryland TAUT Ohio Weslevan University UPSILON Dickinson College PI 1 1 Southwestern University CHI University of South Carolina PSI Allegheny College OMEGA Alabama Polytechnic Sty? latraatjda Wheeless, McManus, Perritt Fowler, Dribben, Carruth, Reves Alford, McLaurin 7 , White, Moore Hamilton, Kev, Mitchell (Bt}? BnhaBlfria Pi K Delt; appa ueixa. ( forensic) Publication: " The Forensic " Millsaps Petitioning Chapter Faculty Members Professor C. F. Nesbitt Professor M. C. White Student Members L. L. Wheeless J. H. Hlakemore P. P. Perritt Blford Yerger J. W. Alford Degrees Fraternity Ruby Eye in key Proficiency . . . Pearl Eye in key Honor Emerald Eye in key Special Distinction Diamond Eye in key Orders Oratory Ruby Circl Debate Pearl Circl Instruction Emerald Circl Honorary Saphire Circl Two Orders Turquoise Circlt Three Orders Diamond Circl Stye Hobaa la Perritt, Wheeless, Alford Blakf.more Yerger, Nesbitt, White Sty? Sabasljtfia Colors: Gold and Blue Alpha Psi Omega (dramatic) Founded at West Virginia State College Alpha Pi Cast Publication: The Plavhill ' Faculty Mem hers M. C. White R. H. Moore P. P. Perritt Marie Flink Marguerite Crui.i. V. B. Dribben Student Members R. P. Neblett Margaret Bynum Clara Lee Hixes Frances Kivn J. W. Alford Evelyn Ball Roll of Casts ALPHA Faiimount State College BETA Marshall College GAMMA Washington and Lee University DELTA Acadia University EPSILON Lynchburg College ZETA Western State College ETA The College of Idaho THETA Missouri Wesleyan College H TA University of Maryland KAPPA Texas State Tea. Tiers College LAMBDA Kentucky Wesleyan College MU University of Texas NLT Western LTnion College XI California State Teach, is College OMICRON Wilmington College PI Wofford College RHO Lincoln Memorial University SIGMA Linfield College TA U Washington State Teachers College UPSILON Kansas Wesleyan University I ' ll I Colorado Teachers College CHI Buena Vista College PSI Lindwood College ( MEGA Iowa Wesleyan I lollege ALPHA ALPHA Concordia College ALPHA BETA Coker College ALPHA GAMMA Morningside College ALPHA L1ELTA Tarkio College ALPHA EPS1 LON Westminister College ALPHA ZETA Central College ALPHA ETA Minnesota Teachers College ALPHA THETA McKen.lree College ALPHA IOTA Central Wesleyan College ALPHA KAPPA Washington University ALPHA LAMBDA Wisconsin Teachers College ALPHA MLT Emory and Henry College ALPHA NU Colgate University ALPHA XI Arkansas College ALPHA OMICRON Pennsylvania State Teachers College ALPHA Pi Millsaps College ALPHA RHO Wabash College ALPHA SIGMA Fresno State College ALPHA TALI University of Richmond ALPHA LTPSILON Cotner College alpha phi Taylor University ALPHA CHI Broaddus College ALPHA PSI Temple University ALPHA OMEGA Augustana College BETA ALPHA Dickinson College uty? UnhaBljHa Perritt, Bynum, Hines, Dribben Flikk, Alford, Crull White, Neblett, Kixg, Moore ®ij? Snbaaljrla Chi Delta Phi (literary) Founded at the University of Tennessee in igig Colors: Blue and Gold Publication: " Litterateur " Iota Chapter Emily White Stevens Virginia Vance Leone Shotwell Olga LaBranche Ruth Gainey Willana Buck Roll of Chapters Alpha University of Tennessee Beta Hamilton College Gamma University of Nebraska Delta University of Alabama Epsilon University of Utah Zeta Duke University Eta University of Georgia Theta William and Mary College Iota Millsaps College Kappa Vanderbilt University Lambda Georgetown College Mu Howard College Nu Akron University Xi u University of Kentucky micron Shorter College Pi Florida State College for Women Rho Oklahoma A. and M. Sigma ... Andrew College Tan University of North Carolina V psilon . University of Missouri Phi Oklahoma City University Wc t itoba la Labranche, Buck Stevens Vance, Gainey { t Inba la Eta Sigma (scholarship) Founded locally at Millsaps in 1923. Petitioning Phi Beta Kappa. Members Mary Flowers Jackson Ruth Gainey Elizabeth Heidelberg Virginia Vance Sarah Shanks John Bettersworth Leon L. Wheeless Willanna Buck Jane Power Sidney Selvidge Mary Frances Horne Harry Phillips Olga LaBranche 118 QJljp InbaBljria Gainey, Wheeless, Power, LaBranche Phillips, Buck, Heidelberg, Bettersworth Vance, Horne, Selvidge, Jackson Sty? Utatrasl la Comrades, gird your swords tonight, For the battle is with dawn. Oh, the clash of shields together, With the triumph coming on! Greet the foe And lay him low, When strong men fight together! Richard Hovey ©ook Hour . Qthletics utye SnbaH la Coach Hale Coach Young Coach Van Hook The Coaches A perfect football machine, full of dynamic energy, and an excellent strategist, is Edwin " Goat " Hale — the Majors ' head coach of football and baseball. As an athletic mentor his pur- pose has been to have winning teams, and he has taken pains to build them. To him is due the credit for lifting Millsaps ' football and baseball from the mediocrity of former years to the po- sition they now occupy — in a class with other good teams. And to him will He due the majority of credit for the future of the Majors in these two sports. His men admire him for his strong character and unquestioned ability, and because of the discipline that he has always demanded. The student body is behind him and gives its loyal support. " Goat " has just finished his second year at Millsaps and his first year as head coach. Benjamin Ormand Van Hook, who in the capacity of Athletic Director determines the who, when, where, and wherewithal of the Majors ' schedules, is perhaps the busiest man on the campus. He began his career as a Millsaps coach a few years back when he coached the Freshman teams. He was the favorite of each incoming class and his excellence won for him his present high po- sition. Besides his general athletic responsibilities he is head coach of basketball and assistant in football and baseball. To him also Millsaps ' Athletics are greatly indebted. " Coach ' s ' pop- ularity with his teams and the student body is well deserved. " A good scout, any way you take him " — may be said of the Freshman Mentor, " Slim " Young — whether he is ferreting out and diagnosing the plays of an opposing eleven or just " being him- self. " He came to us from a responsible position with Meridian High to guide the destinies of the Freshmen, and although this is but his first year he has won his place already. Other than first year sports, " Slim " coaches track, and, incidentally, he is quite a track man himself, holding the S. I. A. A. record for the pole vault. The sport here under his tutelage should flourish. He is an old Millsaps man of the time of " Tuck " Henley and " Pole " Webb. Sty? Inbaslpla THE FOOTBALL SQUAD R esume of S eason The victorious season of ' 28 was perhaps the best ever experienced by Major gridders in the history of Millsaps. Losing only tliree games out of nine played, and piling up 140 points to their opponents ' 86, they accomplished more than enough to be proud of. Meeting Clarke College in the initial clash of the season, the Major crew worked under a great handicap in being forced to cover up practically all of their better plays. Saving their best bets for the Choctaw contest they played straight, hard football to win, 7-0. The following week the team met their first defeat of the year at the hands of Birmingham- Southern, T2-o. However, they gave a good account of themselves, putting up a game fight against their heavier, more powerful opponents. A lack of reserve strength on the Major side- lines was a decisive factor in the defeat. Captain McManus and " Goat " Hale played exception- ally well. On October 13, playing a militant game, the Majors downed the Spring Hill Badgers at Mobile by the count of 6-0. Brainy, heads up football was responsible for the win. Unleashing an unexpected, powerful, running offensive, the Purple team mastered the situation at all times and, except for some bad breaks, would have rung up a higher score. " Goofy " Wright was right in this game. Friday of the Fair the game, scrapping Majors went up against the powerful Mississippi Col- lege Choctaws and overwhelming odds. Their newly-found fight and great football playing, however, evened things up and it ended in a 6-6 deadlock. The Purple defense against the far- famed Indian passes was impregnable and only an untimely break was responsible for the Choc- ' --1 ultj? Inhaaljda taw touchdown. The Majors made three drives during the (;amf which ended inside the Blue and Gold 5-yard stripe, while the Braves threatened only once — a loose ball recovered on Mill- saps ' 2-yard line. Bealle, Bell, Selman and McManus were outstanding. The next week an over-confident Purple team met Louisiana Normal at the stadium and in the early minutes of the first period found themselves trailing, 6-0. Realizing their position, they shoved over three quick touchdowns and from then on were never in danger. Before the final whistle the Majors crossed the Louisiana goal line five times for a total of 32 points. The Normal team in the last quarter scored twice more against the Major reserves, who finished the game. It was a sensational contest featured by many long runs and fast, open plays. For Millsaps Punch McDaniels, Cap ' n Mac and Charlie Strait were the stars. Final score, Majors, 32; Louisiana, 19. It was November 3rd that the Majors showed what a great little team they really were when they struck the Tulane Greenies at New Orleans. A gamer, scrappier eleven never set foot in the Tulane bowl. Against one of the greatest teams in Dixie the Purple crew went out to win. For the first two periods the great green wave was fought to a standstill. All the first half the ball was held in Tulane Territory with the Green eleven desperately holding off each Major thrust. Reserve strength told the tale. The Purple squad came on the field to start the second half with a battered line and a backfield that had shot its bolt. The Greenies came back fresh and untir- ing, and with a massive, charging line, the famous " Blondy Bill " Banker pounded through be- hind terrific interference to finally crush the weakened, but fighting Major team. The score was 27-0. After putting up such a great exhibition at New Orleans the squad met their next opponents, doped to win and overconfident. At Ruston, Louisiana, they suffered the only humiliating de- feat of the season. The L. P. I. Bulldogs caught the Purple off their guard and swept them back to a 15-7 loss. The Majors outplayed the Bulldogs, but were the victims of bad breaks through- out and failed to get their attack going. Jake Miller alone played in consistent form. Home-coming found the Majors facing the Southwestern Louisiana Wildcats on a muddy field. Stung by the defeat of the past week, and playing before the expectant home-coming crowd, the team played inspiring]) ' to win by a top-heavy score over the team that previously had licked L. P. L, 41-0. The Purple pushed over three quick touchdowns at the start and were never headed. Jake Miller ' s 76-yard run for touchdown, and " Goofy " Wright ' s 65-yard run to the goal featured the game. Jones, at tackle, played a great game, as did McManus and Bealle, linesmen. Final score, 31-7. It was on Thanksgiving that the Purple wave hit its true stride. With the Union Bulldogs opposing, Captain McManus, playing his. iast game as a Major, led an eleven into the Jackson stadium that was on that day invincible. The Majors were at the peak of their game and from the beginning the contest was a riot, a massacre. Scoring at will, twice in the first period, twice in the second, three times in the third, and once in the last, the Purple literally battered the bewildered Bulldogs down to the most crushi ng defeat ever administered by a Millsaps team. The final score was 51-0. Sweeping the ends, slashing off tackle, and plunging through the mid- dle of a charging, forward wall, the militant backs drove down the field for touchdowns time after time. McManus wore his purple jersey for the last time, and playing the game of his life, was an inspiration to his teammates throughout. The entire backfield was running on schedule with Jones and Selman playing stellar roles in the line. This game drew the curtain on the ' 2S schedule. Watch ' em go in ' 29! 125 jy n ni l f i f iHflMH MlUftll — ■ » » « i i LUE(% 9 . h w i m ii h .1 ii f m i ierving his second year on the varsity, plaved a hard, and had plenty of fight. Looking at you next BOSWELL— " Potts, " jam-up tackle, trainei year, son. MILLER — " Jake " was Millsaps ' sensational Sophomore half. Fast and shifty, he was always a threat on the offense and played a strong de- fensive game. New Orleans newspapers classed him as one of the best seen on the Tulane field in several years. Two years left. McMANLS — " Cap ' n Mac " drew the curtain on his career as a Major last season, having played the full period in every game for three years with the exception of three minutes. He was all-state center for two 3 ' ears and one of the best gridders Millsaps has ever produced. BILBO — " Gov " made up for his lack of weight with speed and a knowl- edge of the game. A good little quarter who will be missed next year. KELLY — " Kelly " at guard was one of the mainstays of the line. His ability and fight will make him still better next year. BEALLE — " Johnny " played an end and few plays went around him. He was in there smearing them all the time. Watch him next season. 0 0 BEALLE 4k " Ufa mjto t m Ny +f " Lajors JONES — " Jones " came to Millsaps from Clarke with a rep as :rack he was a thorn to every opposing eleven. Another good man who will In- back next year. COTTEN — " Cotten " had more drive ptr pound than any man on the squad. Small, but with lots of speed and grit. WRIGHT — " Goofy " deserved the confidence placed in him by his team- mates when they el ected him next year ' s captain. Heavy and fast on his feet, he hits the line and runs the ends equally well. A good passer and kicker, he is everything a fullback should be. WELSH — When " Kid " took quarter the team played real football. Fine on the defense with his hard tackling, he also was popular with the men. BELL — " Eboo " could snag passes from any position and at any angle. Light, but fast and nervy, he was a good end. Remember the Choctaw game ? MAYNOR — " Molly " took over a regular varsity tackle as soon as he graduated from the Frosh ranks. Lots of good gains went through holes that he opened. He has two more years to play. |WR»3HT , • • jA iy ' 1 I 1 :: I " I i 1 1 $p%r M - -- 1 • mi ■ «•« » qi AHAM kW M; lajors HOLCOMBE — " Robert " knew how to play guard and had the ability to do it better than most men. A broken arm in mid-season put him out of the game while he was at his best. He will be missed in the line next year. GRAHAM — " Fred " came to Millsaps his Freshman year as an all-South- ern High tackle and immediately fell into line as a reliable forward. He loved the game and gave his best always. STRAIT — " Charlie " played a good end until the team met Tulane. And then, lie starred. His pass receiving kept the " Greenies " in hot water the entire game. Another fleet, powerful Sophomore. McDANIELS — " Punch " carried 160 pounds of hard bone and muscle, and when he hit he jolted. A powerful, courageous back who has two more years of regular varsity ability. ROl ' SE — " Pat " was shifted last year from the backtield to the line and there found the position which he played best. A strong, rangy guard who was hard to take out of a play. BOUNDS — " George, " during his four years at Millsaps, showed real spirit. He came out and fought for a berth on the team and never let up. He deserved his letter. Good luck, George. ■ wiwi ii ■!■■ .nr tl» ■■ M »ffn ■ v i a STRAIT mfrfrpra— yu n j n t i n n— +m + ) HALE HAINING — " Haining " had a hard job in playing the same position that McManus played. A hard worker and a fighter who will take up where Cap ' n Mac left off. HALE — " Little Goat " comes from a family of football players and has played the game all his life. He made the Majors an excellent field gen- eral and kicker, besides being a good man at interference. Another Sopho- more who played regularly. HOLLOMAX — " Bo, " the lightest man on the squad, fai ' ed to get in many games, but when he did play, he did it well. CAMPBELL — " Ted " backed up the line with the best of them and his twisting runs have been good for some substantial gains. He plays full and half and has another year. SELMAN — " Kid " is another Soph who made a regular tackle and played it like a veteran. The Choctaw backs won ' t forget him. MAPP — " Mapp " could handle the offensive and defensive jobs at end equally well. A light but valuable man. M (Daniels Ripping Through the Bulldog Line for a 17-yard Gain. Union Gat Bell, Major End, Rolling Over Goal Line After Receiving Pass. Touchdown. Mississippi College Game. ■■■■■■■■■■■ Goofy Wright Breaking Away After an Off-tackle Play for First Down. Union Game. Millsaps Line Holding Choctaw Back for no Gain. Mississippi College Came. . . . Jake Miller Loose for a 50-yard Run and Touchdown. Union Came, Hittj Choctaw Captain, Attempting to Circle a Pocket of Millsaps Player. Mississippi College Came. ®ij? SnbasljHa First Row (sitting); Caver, assistant coach; R Ott, Gordon " , DunAway, Eubanks, D. Ott, LeDuke. Second Ro : Chalfant, Curcio, Isabel, Khayatt, Harrell, Permentter, Ro- mano. Third Row. Passo, Jacobs, Jones, Ervin, Norton, Robi nson, Skipper, Moon. Freshman Football Coach Young and Iris powerful group of Freshmen spent more time this season versing themselves in football fundamentals than in organizing too compactly into a team and playing a definite sched- ule; hut showed as the season progressed the fine potentialities of the men for the Varsity next year. It was the plan of the coach- ing staff that they not become too organized and develop peculiari- ties hard to eradicate in their varsity career. So blocking, tackling, kicking, passing, and scrimmaging the Varsity — with a number of well played games — comprised the Frosh routine for the past year. In scrimmages with the Varsity they gave, as well as obtained, much valuable experience. i 52 ®I|p Iflhaalj la Minor Eleven Ready for Action The games played were hard fought. Decatur was defeated by a close margin in the first game of the season. Clarke College, over whom the Varsity barely eked out a 6-0 victory, defeated the Minor gridsters by scoring late in a struggle that was " anybody ' s " game. Perkinston was played on the coast and tied. The Mississippi College Papooses, highly touted to win, were decisively beaten at Clinton. The last game of the season at Carthage resulted in a tie. " Slim " Young, the coach, was well liked by his men and received excellent co-operation. At the end of the season for the first time in the history of the institution Freshmen were invited to the varsity banquet and presented with sweaters. Results of the Season Fresh Opponents Place 6 Decatur o . . Campus 8 Clarke College 28 . Fairgrounds 13 Perkinston 13 ... . Coast 20 Papooses O . . . Clinton 7 Carthage 7 • • Carthage 54 Total 48 133 CAR.RUTH-G- WPIGHT Captain ■ ljf ( i MAPP -F» VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1929 Major basketball crew experienced a season only a little better than mediocre. This was in part due to the fact that there was only one regular letter man returned from the 1928 line-up, and partly due to the fact that Coach Van Hook found it a difficult job to assemble a combination that worked well together. The season ' s wins totaled 12 with nine losses. Captain " Goober " Carruth and Charlie Strait were the most consistent performers on the team. " Goober " was the left-over from the year before and Charlie, a sophomore, who filled the other guard vacancy very capably. These two men were highly instrumental in all the Purple wins. Jones, a transfer from Clarke, played forward ami possibly was the outstanding goal-tosser of the quint. A better de- fensive team would be hard to find in this section, but it was the lack of offensive strength which kept the Majors from producing an excellent array of cagers, and the same weakness was responsible for their early elimination from the S. I. A. A. tournament. Three other men played regu- larly besides those above. They were Wright, center. Mapp and Ladner, forwards. One of the high lights during the course of the season was the decisive drubbing handed the Mississippi Choctaws in the first game of a four-game series. The score was . 2-12 KS urw- c HARTlfl-F Results of the Season Millsaps Opponents 30 Vicksburg " Y " 18 51 Saint Stanislaus . . 21 30 Saint Stanislaus 18 30 Memphis " Y " 18 ii Southwestern (Memphis) 38 24 Southwestern (Memphis) 28 28 Union 41 31 Union 36 42 Bemis " Y " (Tenn.) 36 52 Centenary 25 36 . . . Centenary 27 32 Mississippi Colloge 12 24 Mississippi College 27 29 ..... . . Mississippi College 33 29 Mississippi College 32 35 L. P. 1 44 39 L. P. 1 46 52 Southwestern (Memphis) 29 H Southwestern (Memphis) 25 51 . . . . . Saint Stanislaus 28 56 Saint Stanislaus 38 Sty? Ifltraafytfia Morgax, Loftin. Rati. iff, Steen, Flurry, Linci.e, Coach Brumfiei.d Majorette Basketball Placing on the floor an excellent first-string six anil supporting them with a well-coached group of reserves, Mrs. Brumfield developed a co-ed basketball team the past season which ranked with the best of former Majorette machines. Due to the fact that only two of the 1927 regulars were back in the Line-up as a nucleus with which to work, the Coach is due a great deal of credit for the fine showing made by the sextette in their engagements over the state. Eleven victories to four losses was the record attained for the past year. Captain Myrtle Steen at center and Linnie Lingle at forward were the mainstays who formerly had played under Millsaps colors. The other four who played regularly. Flurry, forward; Ratlift, center; and Loflin and Morgan, guards, were all new but gave good accounts of themselves. A fast passing attack in the center court, accurate shooting by the forwards, and a pair of strong guards, all went to round out the team which fought valiantly at all times and served to keep the high record that the Millsaps Majorettes have ever maintained. uty? Snbaaljrla Hutchixson ' , Ball, Nesbitt, Banks, Lockhart, Woods, Ridgeway Majorettes 52 . . 49 37 3i 17 3i 33 33 35 30 33 36 47 35 52 Results 01 the Season Opponents . Hillman College 25 . Hillman College 29 . Vicksburg " Y. W. " 23 . Vicksburg " Y. W. " 22 Delta State Teachers 29 Delta State Teachers 35 Ole Miss Co-Eds 22 Ok Miss Co-Eds 30 . Womans College 38 . Womans College 33 . Copiah-Lincoln 31 . Grenada College 25 . Grenada College 4 . . Perkinston 14 . . Belhaven 22 137 Sty? Hfobasijtfla Jacobs, Jones, Nobliv, Passo Harrell, Greenlee, Anderson (mcr.), Moser, Permenter Hays, Heri.oxg, Dunawav, Hull Freshman Basketball The Frosh cagers of ' 29 were ably coached by " Slim " Young and toward the close of the season were showing form that within a year or two should place several of them on the Varsity. The inability to organize into a team and to develop a better brand of offensive handicapped them greatly early in the season. QJlje Unhaaljela First Row: Cammack, Flowers, Scott, Ford, Bilbo, Butler, Haixixg. Second Row: Shipman, McDaxiels, Hale, Hollomax, Ellisox, Rouse, Miller, Harala, Ladxer. Third Row: Coach Hale, Miller, Wright, Selmax, Caver, Carruth, " Podxuh Bex. " Varsity Baseball " Goat " Hale begins his second Spring as Major baseball mentor this year and from all indications will place on the field a team on a par with any in the state. " Goat " knows baseball and has formerly played in fast company, and with his men already disciplined and pos- sessing a knowledge of the game, his job will consist mainly in keeping them on their toes and keeping them fit. Only a few of last year ' s letter- men are missing and the squad does not lack plenty of reserve ability. The infielders are fast and can field and hit for themselves. And with a hard-hitting outfield, the team will not be weak at the slugging end of the game. The only probable weakness lies in the moundsmen. Six or eight men are cut for the jobs but none have done outstanding work in the past. However, with more experience and with the approach of warm weather, they are expected to come around with greater develop- ment and by the time the season gets under sail should compose a very capable box staff. 139 Sty? ItfbaBljtfla Seate d: Nall, Gouldman, Hassell, Arringtov, Bell, Galbreath, Looney. Standing: Coach Young, Barrett, Simpson, Hay, Gulley, Gunter, Ott, LeDuke. Varsity Track After " Slim " oung left Millsaps some years back, the Millsaps track team ceased to exist. Slim was a team in himself, capable of en- tering any of the track ' s events but specializing in jumping and the pole vault. He established several records in the South and in the S. I. A. A. in the latter branch. And now he comes back to his Alma Mater not as a team, but in the capacity of Coach. And under his tutelage the sport should flourish. A large number of men are turning out and keeping the cinder path warm with intensive training. Mill- saps ' track team has its future assured in that at its beginning it has a wealth of material and a jam-up Coach who can bring the material out. Meets are being arranged by the director of Athletics and by the time mid-season is here the men should be in good shape and ready for all comers. May the Purple ' s initial venture in the field of tracks and hurdles be a successful and victorious one. Sty? Unbaafyda Boswell, Fowler, Martin, Wilson, Sessions Varsity Tennis Millsaps tennis has always been a successful sport and in ' 28 ex- perienced one of its best years. The same four who made letters in that year are back in harness and ready for the schedule. Sessions, Fowler, Boswell, and Ford are the members of the team, Ford being lost to baseball this Spring. However, in Martin, Wilson, and Doss, Professor White, coach, has some good reserves who can easily take the places of any of the veterans after a little tournament experience. The College courts during the winter months have been recon- structed and are now in fine shape for the racquet wielders to begin their early practice sessions. Although faced by a difficult schedule, the men are anxious to begin the season and are preparing themselves for the tougher opposition which they will strike with the arrival of warm weather. ©Ijp Hflbaaljria There is always room for beauty: memory A myriad of lovely blossoms may enclose, But, whatsoe ' er hath been, there still must be Room for another rose. Florence Earle Coates ©OOK filVE . Heature Miss Will a n n a Buck Miss J axe Power Miss Elizabeth Knox Miss Martha Thompson i Miss Elizabeth Heidelberg Sty? Inbaglpla LINN IE LIN6LE °- fGA ES EUBfiNKS ®{jf IntraBljHa ■ Ytff dY HUOSON fW 5THfl LOUISE HOLL.IDBV «jHOfe H9 : .o. LET I Tift ftLLEN STBLLft MftLLETT vK§ Stye Inhaa la SEXTOM, EL.IZABBTH HEIDELBERG- REPRESENTATIVE GO-ED " ®lje itobaaijpla BLAKEMOREr " POPUL.AR- MAM " iRIE FL.INIC Popular, eo-e-D " LEO s» WHBELESS " XNTELtECTUAb " ciA ie POWER. PHlSTIOATED CO-ED Pi OP. MOOR.E- S ' VAM HOOJC SE5T LIK,ED PROFS " eJ.W. ALFORD SOPHISTICATED MAM " ell i s jmSSr - , ( , 8UCKWEI - L TEDCAMPBEU ZEKB CANOLE L B u i Br SNmmM " P , A p " T £ , CeOMPb I SHED " ' TUMBLE FI OSH " l OST STyuSH " V ' UUA,A1 SI)? Snbaaljpla Figures on the Polls Prettiest Co-ED — Willanna led the field by a good margin, being ahead of Jane, 175 votes to 137. Elizabeth Knox ran third with 103, and Martha Thompson close behind with 95. Elizabeth Heidelberg was fifth with So markers. Representative Co-ED — Elizabeth beat Marie Flink, her only rival, 49 to 28. Master Major — Mac got it, as expected, with 115 votes. Leon Wheelcss was next with 41 . Most Popular Co-ED — Marie walked off with it — 12s to Elizabeth Heidel- berg ' s iS. Most Stylish Co-ed — Jo Ellis beat Elizabeth Knox with 95 to 11. Most Sophisticated Co-ed — With what began as a close race, Jane took the laurels from Theresa McDill, 7s, and 32. Most Sophisticated Max — In one of the closest races. J. W. Alford won out over Morris Caver, 42 to 39. Most Intellectual Student — Wheeless won easily over Maclachlan by an 85 to 1 5 count. Most Accomplished Student — Campbell beat Wheeless and " Pinky " Blakemore with 37 votes. Leon polled 33 and " Pinky " id. Best LlKED Prof. — Van Hook and Puffesser Moore tied up, 50 all. Prof. White came next with 24. Faculty Villain — Prof. Blackwell took it from Prof. Lin with 43 votes to 28. The Turrible Frosh — Zeke Candler won over Whatley, 70 to 29. Frosh Byrd and Hooker also ran. Most Popi ear Mw — With an even tOO, " Pinky " Blakemore led an assorted field for this honor. (Hlje Hflbaatj la ' Goofy " Wright tackled by Union nun. Thanksgiving. Figures at the Turkey Day game. i55 ®tj? Hafraafpla What is to be. Science 1 1 all under construction Homecoming. Sty? IflbaBtjtfla Alma Mater ! The Fair Parade utyp VatatBlpfc The Years Calend ar SEPTEMBER -Frightened Frosh pour in. Cocky upper-classmen. -Freshmen register. Worried looks over Math and English. -Formal opening. Usual uninteresting blah-blah in the Chapel. -I pper-classmen registration. General mix-up and greetings. -Classes begin. College night. Shaven heads. -Interest in football. -Same old Sunday idleness. -Everything settling down. Rushing in full swing. -Fraternity smokers. The Frosh — King for a day. -Freshman eleven wins first game, 6-0. -Majors lick Clarke, 7-0. -The Kappa Deltas and Phi Mus are in love. OCTOBER 1 — " V " Party. New co-eds create sensation. 4. — Pep Meetings. 6 — A. and M. and Tulane at new stadium. Majors lose at Birmingham. 8-9 — Parties galore. Rush season closing. 11 — Pledge day. Much crying and wringing of hands among co-eds. Other frat, nonsensical fol-de-rol. 12 — Goating opens up. Sun sets on regime of the Frosh. 13 — Majors travel all the way to Mobile to beat Spring Hill. 15 — Fair begins. Everything points to Choctaw scrap. 19 — The Choctaw deadlock, 6-6. A great game. 20 — L. S. U. smothers A. and M. at stadium. 23 — Lethargy. The reactional let-down after Fair Week. 24 — Hen house weiner roast. Nonchalant peanuts. 26 — Things boresome. Little success in keeping this impersonal. 27 — Majors 32, Louisiana Normal 19. Punk game. Football interest waning. 29 — Chapel song approaches a chorus by faculty. 30 — Dean Mitchell pulls embarrassing bone in Chapel. The O. D. K. key. 31 — Hallowe ' en. Very little disorder. NOVEMBER 1 — Co-eds are sweet — but all wet. 2 — N ' awleens bound. 3 — Tulane wins, 27-0. 5-6 — The days after the week-end before. Hangovers the rage. 9 — Opening seems far away. Exams loom in the offing. 10 — Majors, 7; L. P. L, 15. Damn! 11 — Six-weeks tests and B. B. Jones ' apples. 12-13 — General student unrest. An under-current of excitement over nothing at all. 16 — Minors trounce Papooses, 20-0. Wow! 17 — Homecoming — Rain — New Bowl — Misery, 20-21 — Bores — foolish routines — " Thank You ' 22 — Practice on the play gets under way. 24 — Majors prep for Union. 26 — Initial intra-mural football game. Shades of the Inquisition. 29 — Thanksgiving. Dampness — Turkey — The Union Massacre, 5 30 — Daily News all-state team is a joke. S. L. I. falls, 33-7. jobs — and " Thanklcs Late hours — " Aw ! ' 5ty? Inhas la DECEMBER i — Faculty bans dancing. Suppressed smiles. 5 — Exams one week away. Boot-licking and studious attitudes. 6 — Basketball practice. 7 — Majorettes lick Hillman in the GYM ? 8 — Theta Kappa Nu ' s win campus football championship from Galloways, 8-6. io — Science Hall construction well under way. 12 — Exams begin. A fadeout. 19 — Exams end. Home to Christmas and the flu. JANUARY 1 — Students griped at necessity of returning on New Year ' s. 2 — Classes begin. Duties resumed resignedly. 5 — Frat pledges in throes of despair over term averages. 7 — The axe falls. Some bust out. Others extend consolations and congratulations. 10 — - " Stop Thief " and Glee Club plan trips. Practices monotonous. 14 — Special exams start. Seniors can ' t flunk a subject. " Oi, Oi. " 18 — Bobashela Popularity Contest. A noticeable lack of politicing. 21 — Basketball season swings into stride. Majors down Memphis " Y " . 25 — The usual, mid-winter, hum-drum existence. Even a drunk Prof, would alarm no one. 30 — A good basketball team. FEBRUARY 1 — Play, " Stop Thief " is presented. It ' s good. 5 — Intra-mural basketball. And rain, smoke, and mud. 11 — Mississippi College takes three out of four in series. Well. 13 — We ' ll get ' em in the tournament. 16 — Self-appointed auditors. Disgustingly selfish, childish antics by an authority. 17 — The Carnival Ball. A Millsaps co-ed honored. You don ' t shay. 20 — May the twentieth. That ' s our story and we ' ll stick to it. 24-25 — Grand Opera takes the city. Full dress and ushers and pretense. MARCH 1-2-4-5 — The S. A. I. I. Tournament. Choctaws come through. Well. 8 — Exams again draw near. 9 — Gallowaians cinch intra-mural basketball championship. 12 — Spring. Lazy days filled with sunshine — warm nights — Sheerest dresses. It ' s not so bad after all. 13 — Rain — Drearyness — Disillusionment. What ' s the use? 15 — Exams — Coffee — Light bills. 22 — Second term over. Third term seems short. Graduation plans. 24 — It will have been a great year. Bobashela goes to press. Gosh! 159 { t Inbaslj la i to tttye SxibaBtjpla ®Ije fStohaafjela The Millsaps Players STOP THIEF A farcical fact in three acts by Carlyee Moore The characters appear in the order in which they are named. THE CAST Joan Carr Margaret Bynum Mrs. Carr • Evelyx Ball Caroline Carr Marie Flixk. Madge Carr Clara Lee Hixes Nell Fraxces Kixg William Can- • • . . . .J. W. Alford James Cluney R. P. Neblett Mr. Jamison • ■ . W. B. Dribbex ) •. Willoughby Robert Seawright Rev. Mr. Spelain ... L. P. Stagg Jack Doogan . ■ P. P. Perritt Joe Thompson ... Howard Willi ford Sergeant of Police Billy Loxggrear Police Officer O ' Malley James McLeod Police Officer Clancy Ralph Campbell Police Officer O ' Brien • . . . • Floyd LoONEY A Chauffeur David Longinotti Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French of New York. t,i Sty? Itfbastj la Directory of Advertisers 1929 B ob ashela The Emporium John C. Carter Kennincton ' s Miss. School Supply Co. Heidelberg ' s Etheredge Cleaners Capital National Bank Jackson Shoe Hospital Downing Locke J. C. Hood Union Depot Service Station Jackson Fish Oyster Co. Edwards Hotel Acme Bakery Enochs Lumber Co. J. M. Black The Hub Royal Barber Shop McNair Ice Cream Co. Jackson Steam Laundry Capital Chevrolet Co. Sellers Motor Co. R. H. Green Watkins, Watkins Eager Reeves Dept. Store Taylor Furniture Co. Logan Phillips Scott Kelly Co. Mississippi Power and Light Co. North End Grocery Dixie Manufacturing Co. W. T. Nichols Co. Seale Lily Tucker Printing House Jackson Daily News Drs. Magee and Galloway Imperial Drug Co. Lake ' s Celery Sam Raines Ward Drug Co. J. L. Albritton Pig Stands Star Steam Laundry Bullard Fuel Supply Co. S. P. McRae Co. Jackson Baking Co. Millstein ' s North State Pharmacy A. G. Riddick, Inc. Better Printing Jackson Hardware Co. Hederman Brothers Echo of Sweets U-Drive-It Car Co. Mangel ' s Guion ' s Paris Dress Shop Star Engraving Co. Fields Women ' s Wear J. B. Unglaub The Vogue Belhaven Collece Ray Wright Millsaps College Johnson Cleaners Whitworth College R. E. Hines Alabama Engraving Co. Benson Printing Co. 5Hj jRoboafpla JACKSON ' S GREATEST STORE A Store That Fills Effectively and Continuously Every Qualification of the Modern and Ufi-to-Date Department Store If you are not familiar with the service that is being rendered day in and day out to the thousands of satisfied patrons in Jackson and surrounding vicinity by " JACKSON ' S GREATEST STORE, " you are missing one of the greatest services that Jackson has to offer. Equipped and managed to give you a modern day Department Store service that is second to none in the South. Sty? luba la .Jtit ' Miss7ss?ftft7 s Best Store " KENNINGTON ' S JACKSON Enjoying the Good Will and Patronage of Millsaps Students Because of Our High Standard of Quality, Moderate Prices and Authentic Styles 5ty? Sfltaljeia OVER 400 MILLSAPS STUDENTS OF TODAY ARE THE MEN AND WOMEN OF TOMORROW Many of the Present Student Body Will be the Householders a Year Hence! $250,000.00 Will Be Spent in 1929 For Furniture, Rugs, Radios, and General Household Equipment REMEMBER OUR NEW LOCATION HEIDELBERG ' S 1 Where Furniture is Sola for Less Amite Street Plenty of Parking Space — No Time Limit — Lorx Rent District FOURTEEN PERSONAL REASONS Besides Banking Service Thad B. Lampton W. M. Buie Jas. A. Alexander S. C. Hart E. W. Freeman Carl Faust J. H. Morris C. E. Klumb E. W. Gibbens DIRECTORS W. E. Guild T. M. Hederman Paul Chambers Frank T. Scott John W. Robinson CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK JACKSON, MISS. ■rr ®l|f Unhaafyela SERVICE TO YOU SERVICE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER The molto of this store during its reception and through its years of growth as well as now, has been " Service to Our Customers, " and this service of the highest order. At this store you will find at all times merchandise of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price, arranged for your convenient choosing. DOWNING LOCKE CO. " Jackson s Shoeing Center " M1CHEL1N TIRES AND RING TUBES UNION DEPOT SERVICE STATION CORNER MILL AND AMITE STREETS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI GAS, OILS, AND ACCESSORIES TELEPHONE 840 FREE ROAD SERVICE J. B. WALKER, Manager Sty? IBtfbasijtfla EDWARDS HOTEL 300 ROOMS 300 BATHS Rates: $2.50 to $4.50 JOHN L. WARE Ma nager Special Millwork HIGH GRADE Our specialty is manufactured millwork, to fit any architect ' s requirements in any wood desired. Veneered doors and all olher items of millwork manufactured in our own plant. A full mechanical equipment and experienced organization enables us to guarantee prompt service and accurate workmanship and material of good qual- ity. Send us plans for estimates. Enochs Lumber fe? Manufacturing Co. JACKSON, MISS. THE HUB HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN uty? Hobaaljrla PHONES 932 AND 97! 321 E. HAMILTON STREET MANUFACTURERS OF BULK, BRICK CREAM and all latest " ' ' " ' - DESIGNS OF ICE CREAMS JACKSON, MISS. CHEVROLET A Six Cylinder Car for 1929 in the Price Range of a Four CAPITAL CHEVROLET COMPANY, Inc. SOUTH AND S. PRESIDENT JACKSON PHONE 4900 Quality at Low Cost R. H. GREEN Wh olesale Grocer COLD STORAGE Fruits an d Vegetables Ph one 3290 606-61 5 South Gallatin Street Jack son, Miss. REEVES DEPT. STORE CLOTHES FOR THE YOUNG MAN Jackson, Miss. Sty? Hfobasljela HOME OF Hart Sckaffner G? Marx Clothes LOGAN PHILLIPS Hatters, Clothiers Furnishers Quality Since 1894 ' Sensible Habit KEEP A CAN IN YOUR CAR ELECtRIC AND SERVICE HELPING BUILD MOT " " PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS " Sty? lotefpla JACKSON DAILY NEWS Jackson, Miss. 65c Montk On Rural Routes, 50c Month SEVEN DAY PAPER GAYDEN ' S PHARMACY Walthall Hotel Is a Good Drug Store J. L. ALBRITTON The Jeweler S. P. McRae Co. 200-202 West Capital Street Phone 170-1267 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI For the Best to Keep You Warm FLORSHEIM SHOES STYLEPLUS CLOTHES SAM RAINES Butcher and Live Siocl( Dealer Cor. President and 143 Parish Street Pearl Sts. Phone 54 Climb. Phones Abattoir Climb. " )7 and 701 I ' ll one 317 (or. Capital and Gallatin Sts. Cunib. Phone 74! STAR STEAM LAUNDRY Phone 415 212 North Farish Street MILLSTEIN ' S Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Exclusive Styles Jackson, Miss. Gtyp Ktabaatjda GENERAL ©ELECTRIC Refrigerator A. G. RIDDICK, INC. Jackson Hardware Company INCORPORATED 513-514 East Pearl Street Phone 264 Jackson, Miss. COMPLIMENTS OF MANGEL S Smart A-frfcarel for the Smart Dresser " Prices That Mafye Friend ' s " Quality That Holds Them ' Fields Women ' s Wear 146 EAST CAPITAL The Echo of Sweets CONFECTIONERY Candy Made the Home-Made Way Also Our Famous French Ice Cream 138 E. Capital Street Tel. 3316 JACKSON. MISS. " A New Place for College Cirh " Jackson ' s Leading Dress Shop ans D ress Shop Ladies ' Wear and Millinery Opposite Edward ' s Hotel Next to Williams Drug Store Exclusive But Not Expensive 10 ' ' Discount to All College Students THE VOGUE Smart Ladies Snoft 1 50 West Capital Street JACKSON. MISS. Stye Vatatsfpla RAY WRIGHT SHEET METAL AND TILE WORKS ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS " Waterseal " Concrete Roofing Tile Weir Steel Furnaces 427-431 South West Street JACKSON, MISS. ' erformance, Life, Perfect Control Safe — Verily, Chryslers Are Different PUBLIC ENDORSEMENT IS PLACED ONLY WHERE MERIT REMAINS CONSTANT Ask Any Chrysler Owner Ketter Still, Get a Demonstration Sold and Serviced By R. E. Hines Motor Co. JACKSON, MISS. Mississippi School Supply Co. Serving Mississippi Schools SCHOOL FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT Jackson, Mississippi JACKSON SHOE HOSPITAL " Repair Shoes Better " Wm. Karow, Manager Phone 336 412 E. Capital St. 1804%StateSt CLEANERS DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED Phone 801 107 N. State St. Turner Etheredce, Prop. J. C. HOOD COMPANY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Phone 765 JACKSON, MISS. (Pj? Unhaaljela Jackson Fish and Oyster Company 237 N. Farish St. Phone 5122 Fresh Supplies Daily Fish Oysters Crabs Shrimp For Specially Prepared Food For Your Parties Phone 2500 And You Will Be Sure to Get What You Want J. M. BLACK GROCERY COMPANY Capitol at Lamar Street " When Clothes Are Dirty, Ring Seven Thirty " Laundering Dry Cleaning JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY Watkms, Watkms G? Eager ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW Watkins Easterling Building Jackson, Mississippi Eatmor Bread Eatmor Bread Served in Milhaps Dormitories ACME BAKERY COMPANY North Farish Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE ROYAL BARBER SHOP S. C. Lusco, Manager Manicuring Up-to-Date Barber Shop " Service Our Motto " Compliments of Sellers Motor Co., Inc. DISTRIBUTORS OF Cadillac : and LaSalle Taylor Furniture Company 109, III, 113 South State Street JACKSON, MISS. Furniture of a Better Grade Alex Gordon, Owner Sty? Intraatfda SCOTT-KELLY COMPANY FURNITURE Rugs and Draperies 222 North Farish St. W. T. NICHOLS CO., Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS, FRUITS AND PRODUCE Jackson, Miss. distributors of STATE HOUSE BRAND COFFEE D rs. Galloway and Magee PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS Lamar Life Building JACKSON, MISS. WARD DRUG CO. Corner Pearl and State Sts. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI For Anything in Groceries, Fresh Vegetables and Meats CALL Nortk End Grocery Phone 2870 1806 North State Street Member I. G. A. ENGRAVED WEDDING INVITATIONS TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON, MISS. DRINK LAKE ' S CELERY AND ORANGE CRUSH TRADE MARK Sandwiches at the PIG STANDS Are Better. They Are Different. Stand 78, West End; Phone 4696 Stand 79, Terry Road; Phone 9356 ullj? InhaH ltt BULLARD FUEL SUPPLY CO. Monument St. at A. V. R. R. " COAL THAT PLEASES " Phone 39 JACKSON. MISS. PROMPT DELIVERY Trade With Us or We Both Lose NORTH STATE PHARMACY 180H N State Street Phone o64( Jackson, Miss The Drug Store That Appreciates Your Patronage DO YOU KNOW— That when placing an order for printing, you are not making a purchase of mate- rial, but you are hiring a service. You are employing the printer and his equip- ment to the extent required tor the doing of a certain piece of work. For the past twenty years many of those who know have been buying their printing service from us. HEDERMAN BROTHERS PRINTERS, HLANK HOOK MAKERS STATIONERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS 329-31-35 East Pearl St. Jackson. .Mi U-Drive -It Car Co. Much Cheaper Than Owning One ROADSTERS OR SEDANS RENT-A-CAR CO. , INC. 124 S. Farish St. Phone 364 ASK FOR BARKER BREAD IT ' S BEST Your Local Grocer Sells It JACKSON BAKING CO. Mississippi s Largest Baking Business Better Printing PRINTERS PUBLISHERS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS " GUION ' S " Mississippi ' s Leading Confectionery FOR THE BEST CANDY, SODAS AND LUNCHES— TRY US A Good Place to Meet Your Friends Mail Orders Especially (Hij? InbasijHa THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1929 RECOMMENDS STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF RINGS, INVITATIONS, AND DIPLOMAS AND APPRECIATE THE COURTESIES EXTENDED BY MESSRS. W. H. SEARS AND B. V. WATKINS LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES THE UNGLAUB STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS OF Weddings Cirkut Pictures Home Portraiture School and College An- nual work Vieuj work Kodak Finishing High Grade Portraits Flashlight Photography 2010 CHERRY STREET VICKSBURG, MISS. " THE BEST EQUIPPED STUDIO IN MISSISSIPPI " ea e-u»Ui ICE CREAM CO. A HEALTH FOOD— ALWAYS IN SEASON utye Sohaaljrla BELHAVEN COLLEGE School of Character COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CONSEVATORY OF FINE ARTS A modern college for young women, which places emphasis upon the fundamentals rather than the fads in education, maintaining the highest scholastic standards, and yet which recognizes the cultural values in Music and other Fine Arts. COURSES LEADING TO A.B. AND B.S. DEGREES BELHAVEN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC With faculty of Artist teachers equal to any in the South, offering courses in Piano, Voice, Violin, Pipe Organ, and Public School Music leading to Bachelor of Music Degree. A Christian home atmosphere which safeguards the physical, social, and moral welfare of each student, and stimulates each to do her best. A Safe School for Mississippi Girls For Further Information Address G. T. GILLESPIE, President Jackson, Mississippi Sty Itotraoljela MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A College of Arts and Sciences. Founded in 1892. {Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States Association of American Colleges American Council on Education Owned and Controlled by the Mississippi and North Mississippi Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Total Endowment of More Than One Million Dollars. New Science Building Now Under Construction. New Library Bu ilding Erected in 1925. Offers to Young Men and Women of Character, Ambition, and Ability the Following Advantages 1 . Rigorous academic training and scholastic prestige. 2. Alert intellectual and cultural life of the student community expressed in literary, athletic, and religious organizations. 3. Moderate expense and excellent opportunity for loans and employment. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address D. M. KEY, President Jackson, Mississippi WHITWORTH COLLEGE Brookhaven, Mississippi A Standard Junior College for Young Women f Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern I States Member or American Association of Junior Colleges American Association of Women ' s Colleges An Integral Unit in the Millsaps College Curriculum. For Catalogue and Special Information, Address GEORGE F. WINFIELD, Associate President Brookhaven, Mississippi N ANNUAL SHOULD BE MORE THAN A MERE RECORD OF EVENTS K IT SHOULD PRESERVE THE ' ATMOSPHERE ' TRADITIONS AND INSPIRATION OF THAT PARTIC- ULAR SCHOOL YEAR, 10 THIS END WE HAVE ENDEAVORED TO COOPERATE WITH THE STAFF AND SCHOOL IN THE ILLUSTRATING OF THIS ANNUAL 7c Wk i 7 " In the fieart of the South " THE ALABAMA ENGWING GD ■ BIRMINGHAM ffl™ For a Quarter of a Century Illustrators oi Dist- m inclive College and High School Annuals ■n THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON w S . LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE T t COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS L__ uty? UnbasIjHa shall remember then When youth is done. With the dim years grown gray; And I shall wonder what it is that ends, And why they seem so very far away — Old dreams, old roses . . . and old friends. Thomas S. Jones, Jr. 4 •—3-.= ' — Bras mm $tg£ m w MHMH 11% ■W? bP - v v ; ;;•:■:

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