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% x » BOBASHELA VOLUME SIXTEEN PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE SENIOR CLASS MILLSAPS COLLEGE 1921-22 MR. W. S. F. TATUM irfktratuin BQ To W. S F. TATUM Whose generous spirit has brought us nearer to a realiza- tion of the Greater Millsaps for which we are working, this book is dedi- cated. Publishing this book has been a pleasant job for us, and we hope that it will give you pleasure to read it. Per- haps you will not get the most out of it at first; in fact, it is our earnest hope that the far- ther you get from your college days the more you will enjoy what you find herein. It is for this that we have worked, and we trust you will forgive us if we have failed. Bohashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two 15 sbS rf[mTTTT[TrrrTmrm7 ' n;;i,7fr, i As Drive Page seven Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Tzvo » " SH]= The Library Page eight Bobashela, Nineteen Tuuenty-Tivo W- ■ Hi.m,,,.., -,rnTrfTiiin»)mTTT The Rifle Pits Page nine Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two The Dormitories Page ten Bobashela, Nineteen Board of Trustees Officers Bishop W. B. Murrah . . President R. A. Meek, D.D Vice-President J. B. STREATER Secretary W. M. Buie Treasurer Memders W. W. Woollard Gienada, Mi: J. T. Calhoun ... Jackson, Mi W. B. KRETSCHMAR Greenville, Mi: M. L. BURTON Jackson, Mi; J. R. Countiss Grenada, Mi: W. M. BuiE Jackson, Mi: W. T. Rogers New Albany, Mi: M. M. Black Jackson, Mi: W. H. Watkins Jackson, Mi: T. L. Lamb Eupora, Mi: E. L. AlFORD Meridian, Mi: O. S, Lewis Laurel, Mi: L. B. WASSON Water Valley, Mi: R. A. Meek Sardis, Mi: T. B. Lampton Jackson, Mi J. B. Streater ... Black Hawk, Mi: Page eleven Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo r f J age tvntve Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo ■MH.i.Mi-tin»nninrniin7)J)Miii))iH»i)nmm ALEXANDER FARRAR WATKINS, D.D. President Page thirteen BobasheJa, Nineteen Twenty-Two -471= John Magruder Sullivan A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Geology A. B.. Centenary. 1S8T; A.M., University of Mississippi. 1890; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. 1900; Professor of Natural Science, Centenary College, 1SS9-92: Assistant in Astronomy. Van- derbilt University, 1SS6-S7; Graduate Student in Chemistry and Geology, University of Chi- cago, 1907. 1908, 1911; Member Chemical So- ciety; American Association for the Advance- ment of Science; Mississippi State Teachers ' Association; Audubon Society; National Geo- graphic Society; Methodist Historical Society of Mississippi; Delta Tau- Delta. George Lott Harrell B.S., M.S. Professor of Astronomy and Physics B.S., Millsaps College, 1S99; M.S.. 1901; Pro- fessor of Science, Whitworth College. 1899- 1900; Professor ol Physics and Chemistry. Hen- drix College, 1900-02; Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Centenary College, 1902-04; Profes- sor of Mathematics and Astronomy. Epworth University. 1904-08; Professor of Mathematics. Centenary College, 190S-09; President of Mans- field Female College, 1909-10; Professor of Science, Winfield High School, 1910-11; Profes- sor of Mathematics. I,. S. U., summer of 1911; Member of American Association for Advance- ment of Science; Member of American Astro- Mi Kapp: ui. Page fourteen Bohashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo i = H T n? " i li Bn7 T EL " I James Reese Lin A.B., A.M. Professor of Philosophy ami History A.B.. Emory College, Fellow in Vanderbilt Uni- versity, 1894-96; A.M.. Vand?rbilt University; Professor of Philosophy and Education, Centra] College, Mo., 1909-10; Sage Fel ' ow in Cornell University, 1910-12; Instructor in English Lit- erature and Philosophy. Tulane University, summer of 1909; summer terms, Columbia Uni- versity. 1908-10; Kappa A ' pha; Square and Compass. Benjamin Ernest Mitchell A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics A.B., Scarritt-Morrisville. Morrisville. Mo.. 1900; Scholastic Fellow, Vanderbilt University, 1906- 07; Teaching Fellow, 1907-OS; A.M., Vanderbilt, 190S; Ph.D.. Columbia University. 1916; Profes- sor of Mathematics, Scarritt-Morrisville College, 1908-12; Tutor in Mathematics in the College of the City of New York. 1912-13; Instructor. Co- lumbia Extension Teaching, 1913-14; Professor of Mathematics in Millsaps College since 1914; absent in Army Y. M. C. A. Work. Director of Athletics at Camp Oglethorpe, Ga., 1918; Alpha Tim Omega. Page fifteen Bobaahela, Nineteen T xventy-T vuo -■v?,- David Martin Key A.M., Ph.D. Frofcssor of Ancicni Languag cs A.B.. Central College, 18 " S; A.M., Vanderbilt University, 1906; Ph.D., University of Chicago. 1916; Professor of Ancient Languages. Pacific Methodist College, 1900-02; Professor of Ancient Languages. Morrisville College, 1903-05: Fellow and Assistant in Latin and Greek. Vanderbilt University, 11106-07; Graduate Student, Univer- sity of Chicago. 1913-14: Processor of Ancient Languages. Southern -University, 1907-15: Pro- fessor of Ancient Languages. Mil saps College, since 1915; Faculty Chiirman of Athletics; Librarian: Member Southern Commission on Higher Education; Vice-President Mississippi Association of Colleges. Stuart Grayson Noble A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Education and Social Science A.B. ersity of North Carolina. 1907; A.M.. University of Chicago, 1910; Graduate Scholar. Teachers ' College, Columbia University, 1914-15; Ph.D., Columbia University, 191S; Instructor, Millsaps Preparatory School. 190S-11; Head- master, Millsaps Preparatory School. 1911-16; Professor of Education. University of Missis- sippi, summer of 1917; Professor of Education, University of North Carolina, summers of 1919- 1920; Professor of Education. George Peabody College lor Teachers, summer of 1921; Profes- sor of Education in Millsaps College since 1916; Author, " A First Book in English. " " A Second Book in English, " " Civil Government of Missis- sippi, " " Forty Yeats of Public Schools in Mis- sissippi " ; Pi Kappa Alpha: Sigma Upsilon; Phi Delta Kappa. Page sixteen Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Two Alfred Porter Hamilton A.B., A.M. Professor of Creek ar d German A.B., Southern University, sity of Pennsylvania, 1911; Assistant Professo ol ' Ancient Languages. Southern University, 1908-09; Graduate Student. University of Leip- A.M., Univt ' ess rsity, Le Univ zig, 1909-10; Harrison Fellow in Lati... sity of Pennsylvania. 1910-11; Harrison fellow in Indo-European Comparative Philology. Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, 1911-12; Student in University of Chicago, summer of 1914; Profes- sor of Latin and German. Woman ' s College of Alabama, 1912-17; Professor of Greek and Ger- man in Millsaps College since 1917; Kappa Alpha. Albert Godfrey Sanders A.B., A.M. Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Southwestern, 1904; Yale, 1907; Lit. Hum., Oxford, 1910; Yale Graduate School. 1910-12; A.M., Oxford, 1914; Peacock School. Atlanta. Ga., 1905-06; Emory College. 1912-13; Emory and Henry, 1913-19; Professor of Romance Languages in Millsaps College since 1919. Page seventeen Robashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two m Milton Christian White A.B., A.M. Professor of English A.B., Southern University, 1910; A.M., Harvard. W14; Alabama Presbyterian College. 1915-1S; Austin College, 1918-20; Professor of English in Millsaps College since 1920; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Cpsilon. Cawthon Asburv Bowen A.B., A.M. Professor of Religious Education A.B., Emory College, 1906; A.M., Vanderbilt University, 1908; seven years in the pastorate of the M. E. Church, South. North Alabama Conference. 1907-14; Professor of Religious Ed- ucation, Woman ' s College of Alabama. 1914-21; Vice-President, Woman ' s College of Alabama. 1(121; Superintendent of Teacher Training. Ala- bama Conference. 1916-18; Approved Instructor Standard Training Schools. M. E. Church. South; Member Mississippi Annual Conference: Member Religious Education Association; Kap- pa Sigma; Square and Compass. Page eighteen Bobashela, N?neteen Tiuenty-Tivo In ii ■ i | jj.,iinMii..iiii.,,»,i ) i i)riiiii l iiiiiinii.i iM?iii i Mi iiii i i iii iiiiiiiii»nii» ..i i i iii ii m i ,, George Monroe Patch B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics B.S. 1920. U.S. 1921. John B. Stetson Univer sity; Phi Kappa Delta; Theta Alpha Phi; Al pha Phi Epsilon. Mrs. Olive Watkins Ferguson A.B., A.M. Instructor of French an J German A.B., Millsaps College; A.M.. Millsaps College. 1918; Teacher of English in South Park High School, Beaumont. Texas. 1918-19; Teacher of English in Lake Charles High School, Lake Charles. La.. 1919-20; Instructor of English in Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, spring term of 1921; Instructor of French and German in Millsaps College since 1921. Page nineteen Bohashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two - : vr Mrs. Mary Bowen Clark A.B. A.B.. Millsaps College; Assistant l.iliratiai Coaching Latin and Greek. Mrs. M. C Thompson b.s. Matron of Dormhory U.S.. Mississippi State College for Women. 191S; Columbia University, summer terms of 191S-20; Chair of Home Economics, Belhaven College. 191S-20; Matron of Dormitory. Millsaps College, since 1921. Page (D ' cnlU Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two ISP STUDENT ASSISTANTS F. J. Lotterhos, Teaching Fellow. Assistant in English; H. B. Collins. Assistant in English ; M. B. Swearingen, Assistant in Latin; J. B. Shearer, Assistant in Latin; F. L. Applewhite, Assistant in Greek; J. T. Coursey. Assistant in German; A. L. Joyner. Assistant in Chemistry and Mathematics; J. D. Musselwhite, Assistant in Athletics; C. C. Combs. Assistant in Athletics; M. M. JIcGowan. Academy Assistant in French and Science. Page twent )-one Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two m= kl Mill saps To thee, O great Alma Mater, We pledge allegiance true; Our hearts we offer at thy shrine Thy sacred fires to renew. That those who come in after years May feel the inspiring glow, And upward climb ambition ' s heights, Tho ' beset by fears and woe. The friendships that with thee we ' ve formed Are ties that now bind us fast. And round thy name cling memories That with thee shall ever last. Thou art to us a guiding star. An influence for the best. Shaping and moulding our beings To meet life ' s supreme test. A P Page ln enty-tT»o L SSE mm Bobashela, Nineteen Ttuenty-Tivo q fr W ' .iiil Hnni iiiiililliHiT iiiii i i ii hni iiii iiit i iTm TnnTB i ii i iii iin.u.iw h, I STNI0fi$ Senior Class Of ficers Walter Stokes President Daley Crawford Vice-Presidenl Grace McMullen Secretary- Treasurer Warren Ware Honor Council Henry Collins Honor Council Page tiventy-jrve BOBASHELA 1922 r- Senior Class ARMSTEAD W. BAILEY Coldwater, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS Overseas. ' IS; American Legion; President H. S. Club, ' 19- ' 20; Mid-Session De- bater, ' 21; Y. M. C. A.: Vice-President G. L. S.. ' 21- ' 22; Honor Council, ' 21- ' 22; President Preachers ' League, ' 22; President G. L. S., ' 22; Commencement Debater, ' 22; Student Governing Board, ' 22; Postmaster, ' 22. Quiet dignity and deep sincerity have gained for Walsh the unfailing respect and confidence of his associates. He is the kind of man who can pass through all sorts of enuronments and still remain the same — good and true. Nellie B. Clark, M Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS Tennis Club, ' IS and ' 19; V. V Cabinet, ' 21- ' 22; Manager Girls ' ' 21- ' 22; Pan-Hellenic, ' 21- ' 22. lis ' Basketball. ' 19- ' 20; Y. AY. C. A i, ' 21- ' 22; Club Editor of Bobashels Nellie is loyal ihrough and through to Millsaps and to her friends. She is defin : te in her opinions and ready to express them. Henry Bascomb Collins, Jr., n K A, 2 1 Y Omille, Louisiana BACHELOR OF ARTS L. L. S.; Purple and White Staff. ' IS, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Assistant Business Man- ager, ' 20- ' 211; Business Manager. ' 21- ' 22; Secretary L. L. S., ' 19- ' 20; Vice-President, ' 20- ' 21; President, ' 21- ' 22; Track, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Track Manager. ' 22; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 19- ' 20, ' 21- ' 22; Treasurer V. M. C. A.. ' 20- ' 21; Delegate to Blue Ridge, ' 20; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 20- ' 21; Secretary Athletic Council, ' 21- ' 22; Assist;, nt iii ICnglish, ' 21- ' 22: Associate Editor Bobashela, ' 21- ' 22; Fan-Hellenic i louncil, ' 21 - ' 22 ; Louisiana. ( ' lull. The many noteworthy things accomplished by Henry Collins in his four yeais here would ne er be known were his publicity dependent on his own words. He is not inclined to self-praise. Industry, dependability and sincerity are samples of his good qualities. He has achieved distinction as a hack man. THE BOBASHELA 19 2 ?. Senior Class Daley Crawford, K J Laurel, Mississippi BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Geiger Chemistry Medal, ' 20; Delegate to Bluta Ridge. ' 20; Pianist for Glee Club, ' 20; Vice-President Sophomore Class. ' 21; Vice-President Y. W. C. A.. ' 21; Purple and White Staff, ' 21- ' 22; President V. W. C. A., ' 22; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 22; Vice-President Senior Class, ' 22; Art Editor Bobashela, ' 22; All-One Club. Three years has been plenty of time for Daley to gain her degree. High grades and general efficiency ' are part of her record. Being a friend has gained numberless friends for her. MONTYE OUIDA CRAWFORD Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Librarian of Science Club ' Is- ' lli; Chairman of Religious Committee of Y. W. C. A.. ' lS- ' lt) ; Delegate to Blue Ridge, ' 1!); President Y. W. C. A., ' 19- ' 20; Chair- man Devotional Committee of Student Volunteer Band, ' 20- ' 21; Secretary Y. W. C. A., ' 20- ' 21; A Knutt. Ouida is capable, amiable and ccnscienlious. She is ready to help at any lime to make her associate happier and better. Charles Ethelbert Crisler, A © X Baton Rouge, Louisiana BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Assistant Business Manager Rcbashela, " 22; Tennis Cub; L. I. S. ; V. M C A: Ramblers ( tub; Louisiana Club. Bert ' s dry laugh and pleasant manner account in part for his mrny fiiends. He and his horn-rims are an inseparable pair about the campus, welcomed wherever they go. THE BOBASHELA 1922 ■fB ■■ ' -w Senior Class 7 i— r ' r 4 W Burton Clark Ford, A ' .4 Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Business Manager Bobashela, ' 22; I U S,; Basketball, ' 1S- ' 19; Baseball. ' 19. Always neal, always reserved. Burton is at ease in any situation. He has been able to save part of his rn time and attention for his social duties. Also, he has taken a part in alhletics. William Basil Fowler, K - Ennis, Texas BACHELOR OF ARTS Y. M. C. A.; G. L. S. ; American Legion; " M " Club; Vice-President Sophomore Class, ' 20; Vice-President G. L. S., ' 20; Secretary G. L. S., ' 21; Track. ' 19- ' 20; Basketball, ' 20; Baseball, ' 19, ' 20. ' 21; Manager Football. ' 21; Athletic Council. ' 22; Football. ' 20, ' 21, ' 22; Science Club. Fowler has participated at one time or another in every form of athletics at Millsaps. Nevertheless, his school work has not been neglected. He is conservative in disposition. GEORGE B. HuDDLESTON, K 2 Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS George left Millsaps at the outbreak of the war and gained the distinction of being ihe first Jackson man to enlist. He joined the Class of ' 22 in the senior year and has proved himself to be an earnest student. V. ?,■ ■■.:5u,m ' -i2L :v?r::l!n 1 [ t- fea t Q- THE BOBASHELA 19 2 2 ■ ; • ;.: . - , ■• . .,.,,. ■■ ' ■ ' ,.;.; : .:■.:. . • " - ..• •■•■ ,, ■ .-..■ ' .-. ' r ., , ..■ " .■ - Senior Class Isabel Johnston, I M Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS All-One Club; Y. W. C. A.; Co-Eds ' Basketball. ' 20- ' 21; Capital City Club; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 22; Tennis Club; Literary Editor of Bobashela, ' 22. Strict honest.y of purpose and action belong to Isabel. She is unafraid and able to stand alone. She has made high grades in the three years she has spent in the pursuit of her diploma. Frederick J. Lotterhos, K A, — Y Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF SCIENCE l r tj ' I All-One Club; L.. L. S. ; Y. M. ( ' . A.; President Freshman Class, ' 19; Triangular Debater. ' 19; Commencement Debate Medal, ' 19; Bourgeois Medal, ' 19; Honor Council, ' 20; Tennis Manager, ' 20; Glee Club; University Debater, ' 20; Tribbett Fellowship, ' 20- ' 21; Assistant in English, ' 21- ' 22; President Junior Class. ' 21; President L. L, S., ' 21; Emory Debater, ' 21; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 21; Editor Purple and White, ' 22; Class Editor of Bobashela. ' 22. Fred has taken an interest in a number of things about the campus. He is one of the most capable men that Millsaps has had in her thirty years as a college. With all this he is a good fellow. Martin Luther McCormick Summit, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS Orchestra. ' 16- ' 17. ' lT- ' lS; Glee Club. ' 16- ' 17; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 21- ' 22; Vice- President Athletic. Council, ' 21- ' 22: G. L. S. ; Preachers ' League; Vice-President G. L. S.. ' 20- ' 21; President G. U S., ' 21- ' 22; Member of Mississippi Annual Conference. Martin is a student who is a preacher and has been a preacher. Politeness mixed with firmness charac- terizes his actions. His friends place great confidence in his advice. E BOBASHELA 1922 Senior Class En Ada Josephine McDonnell, K A Jack;on, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS All-One Club; Secretary of Freshman Class. ' IS; Treasurer Fophomnre Class, ' 21): V. W. C. A.; Secretary Science Club. ' 20: Fraternity Editor of Bobashela, ' 22: S Sponsor for E ' ootball, ' 20; Girls ' Basketball; Pan-Hellenic Council. J Ada has successfully combined clo:e application (o study and to rlcasu e She has maintained a very _ high scholarship record through her course. Thrice was she elected n ost popular g rl. M. M. McGowan, A 6 X, 1 Y VosLu g, Mlssissirpi ■S BACHELOR OF ARTS F eshman Debater. ' 17; Fophornore Debater, ' IS; Emmy Debater. ' 2«: Secretary r quare and Compass; Instructor of French and Science. Millsaps Academy. ' 21; G. L. S. Mac ratne back to Millsaps in ihe fall of 20 after a period spent in the nav " and at the University of Virgin a. Though he is unassuming by nalure, !.e is well liked. Mac is a deep thinker and an invet- | erale organizer. i .- ANNE GRACE McMuLLEN Jackson. Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS V. W. C. A.; Al-One club; Tucker Essay Medal. ' 21; Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Cass, " 22. An excellence in scholastic work and a medesty of manner distinguish Grace. She has completed the degree course in three years. ' ViNc- ! n ■• v fcA .,. THE BOBASHELA 1922 Senior Class Mary HELEN McKean, K A Jackson, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS Henderson Scholarship Medal. Hendt rson-Brown College, ' Hi; Treasurer Freshman Class, ' 19; Bourgeois Scholarship Medal, ' I ' ll; All-One Club. Helen McKean is very quiet in manner. In fact, she has twice been elected most modest gill. Her high scholarship is attested by her winning of the Bourgeois Medal. EVELYN SCOTT Crystal Springs, Mississippi BACHELOR OF ARTS Interest in her work is the distinguishing mark of Evelyn. She is cheerful and friendly. Walter Elisha Stokes, Jr., K A, 1 Y Macon, Mississippi BACHELOR OF SCIENCE President L. L. S.. ' 21; President Senior Class, ' 22; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 21- ' 22; Tennis, ' HI. ' 20. ' 21; Winner in Doubles, ' 19, ' 20: Cheer Leader. ' 21. ' 22; College Publicity Agent, ' 21; Delegate to Blue Ridge, ' 2(1; Glee Club; Manager Baseball. ' 21; Advertising- Manager Football, ' 21; Commencement Debater, ' 21; Mid-Session Debater, ' 20; Pan-Hellenic Council; Athletic Council, ' 21; Purple and White Staff; Bobashela Staff, ' 22. Nearly every college activity has received a bit of Walters energy. He is essentially a leader. Though " ===r somewhat headstrong, he is well liked by the students. THE BOBASHELA 1922 Senior Class Mack Buckley Swearingen, K A, 2 Y Jackson, Mississippi _ — =E z . BACHELOR OF ARTS =r=7 " ' Editor ol ' Bobashela, ' 22; President L. L. S., ' 22; Purple and White Staff. ' 19. ' 20. - r ' 21, ' 22; All-One Club, ' 19; Mid-Session Debater, ' 21; " Ole Miss " Debater. ' 22; if . " Assistant in Latin, ' 22; President " 400 " Club. j Mack has been a faithful student all through school, and is the kind of man that always knows what is i the proper thing to be done. Friendship is a tie that binds him to every person that knows him well. KATHERINE TUCKER, 1 M Grenada, Mississippi — ■■ BACHELOR OF ARTS ( A.B., Grenada College, ' 21; Voice Degree, ' 20; President Senior Class. ' 21; Secre- fs tary Junior class, ' 20; V. W. C. A. Cabinet; Treasurer Cliftonian I.. S., ' 21. f Although Kathenne has spent only one year at Millsaps, her sunny disposition and ready smile have — — — { worked wonders. She is a singer with a voice. -0J -.- 1 WARREN N. Ware Montrose, Mississippi §| ' BACHELOR OF ARTS 4 tta ;. I . S. ; Commencement Debate Medal. ' 21; V. SI. C. A. Cabinet, ' 22; President -£ Masonic Club, ' 21, ' 22; Leader of Student Volunteer Band, ' 21. ' 22; Vice-President — N Preachers ' League, ' 21- ' 22; President G. L. S., ' 22; Birmingham-Southern Debater. -_. . ' 22; Member Mississippi Annual Conference. rEr ' ;7 N He is a hard worker and verily a brother. Warren would rather do anything almost than offend some- -i f body. He is one of our Benedicts. 1 3 3 tzZLZ— 1 rw. n r % r Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo in ' " ■ ' l 7HMi ' ... " .7 7 ninmffTT77CTgTnmm j)TJ i n r 7j i •. ' ' P tkBb ' . " .•• • V t.aru«M«R JUNIORS Junior Class Officers E. K. Windham President Gus Ford Vice-President Belle Lindsey Secretary- Treasurer M. H. McCall Honor Council Page thirty- three Bobaahela, N?neteen Ttventy-Tivo f Junior Class Joe B. Abney NEWTON, MISSISSIPPI Treasurer I.. I,. S.. ' 20- ' 21; Anniversary Orator. L. I.. P., ' 20- ' 21; Treasurer, ' 22. Mildred Elizabeth Brashear, X Q VICKSBURC, MISSISSIPPI Staff of College Paper, University of Chattanooga. •IS. ' 19, ' 20; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' IS. ' 19. ' 20; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 20; Secretary Girls ' L. S.. ' 19, ' 20; College Choir. ' 19, ' 20; P. W. Staff, ' 21- ' 22; Y. W. C. A.; Tennis Cub. ' 21- ' 22. Augustus Hammond Ford, K A COOP MAN, MISSISSIPPI A. E. V.. ' 17- ' 19; Vice-President Jul Elizabeth Gregg Crisler, 1 M BATON RCUCE, LOUISIANA ' 20- ' 21; Tennis Eldred Orenzer Baird HOUSTON, MISSISSIPPI Delegate to Blue Ridge, ' l:i- ' 2ii; President Student Volunteers, ' 20- ' 21; Whit worth Delegate; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 20- ' 21- ' 22; Vice-President G. L. S.. ' 21- ' 22; Honor Council, ' 20- ' 21. Page ihirlyfcur Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two E Tjjmrijniijjmmjm Junior Class Josephine Crisler JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI John Byars Shearer HOUSTON, MISSISSIPPI Freshman Debater. ' 20- ' 21; Assistant in Latin, ' 21- ' 22; American Legion; L. L. S. ; Preachers ' League; Vice-President L. L. S., ' 22; Mid-Session Debater. ' 22; Square and Compass. Austin Louis Joyner, K A RUSTON, LOUISIANA Y. M. C. A.; L. L. Secretary Rambler O. O. S. ary L. L. S.. ' 21- ' 22; Student Instructor; Simmons Lee Donald, K 2 GOODMAN, MISSISSIPPI Winner Tennis Singles, ' 18- ' 19; Doubles an gles, ' 20- ' 21; Baseball. ' lS- ' lrt; G. L. S. Charlie Lewis McCormick SUMMIT, MISSISSIPPI Glee Club. ' lfi- ' lT, ' 17- ' 1S; Orchestra. ' 1G- ' 17, ' 17- ' 1S; Varsity Baseball. ' 17- ' 1S, ' 20- ' 21; Manager Baseball, ' 21- ' 22; Varsity Football. ' 20- ' 21; Varsity Basketball, ' 17- ' 1S. ' 20-21; Track Team, ' 19- ' 20; . " .. L. S. Kathryn Howie, A ' I JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Page thirty-five Bobashela, Nineteen Tioenty-Tivo m Junior Class Gladys Cagle JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI James William Sells MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI P. V. Staff, ' 16- ' 17, ' lfl- ' L ' O, ' 21- ' 22; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 19- ' 20; Treasurer Y. M. C. A.. ' 21- ' 22.; G. L. S., ' lfi- ' lT. ' 19- ' 20. ' 21- ' 22: President G. L. S.. ' L ' l- 2; Triangular Debater, , 21- , 22; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 19: American Legion Delegate; Delegate to Des Moines, ' 19- ' 20; President State S. V. M.. ' 20- ' 21; Delegate to New York, ' 19- ' 2fl; American Legion, ' 19- ' 20; S. V. M., ' 19- ' 20, ' 21- ' 22; U. S. Navy, ' 17- ' 18- ' 19. Leigh Watkins, Jr., II K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI R. Carter O ' Ferrall, K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI L. L. S.; Basketball. ' 19- ' 20. F. L. Applewhite JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Short Story Medal, ' Ofi- ' OT; Preachers ' League; Y. M. C. A.; G. L. S.. Secretary-Treasurer ' OS. Farley McNeil JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI fagc thirt -slx Bohashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two Junior Class Minnie Lucile Nail JACXSON, MISSISSIPPI A Knutt; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 19- ' 20- ' 21 ; Secre- tary-Treasurer Studenl V. M.. ' 19- ' 20- ' 2:L; Jackson Club, ' 20- ' 21 ; Tennis. ' lnl , ' 21. George B. Watts, K A RULEVILLE, MSSISSIPP1 Varsity Baseball. ' 20- ' 21; P. V. Staff, ' 20: As- sistant Business Manager P. W.. ' 21- ' 22 ; Gbc Club, ' 19- ' 20; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 2 1- ' 22 ; Y. M. C. A. Horace L. Villee, K - JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI G. L. Preachers ' League; Y. M. C. A.; Ameri- can Legion; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 1N- ' 19; President Sophomore Class. ' 19- ' 20; Triangular Debater. ' 20; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 21- ' 22; Glee Club, ' 19- ' 20; Tennis Club. ' 19- ' 20; Varsity Foot- ball. ' 19- ' 20; Athletic Council. ' 19- ' 20; P. W. Staff. ' 21- ' 22; University of Mississippi Debater, ' 22. Robert E. Sylverstein, Jr., 77 A ' A TYLERTOWN, MISSISSIPPI L. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A. Esker Kearley Windham, K Z, - Y BOONEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI L. L. S. ; Commencement Debater, ' 20; President L. L. S.. ' 20- ' 21; Chairman House Government Board, ' 20- ' 21; President Sophomore Class, ' 20- ' 21; Varsity Football. ' 20- ' 21, ' 21- ' 22; Manager Football. ' 20; P. W. Staff. ' 20- ' 21- ' 22; Triangular Debater. ' 21; Delegate to Grand Conclave. Kappa Sigma Fra- ternity. Chicago, ' 21; President Junior Class. ' 21- ' 22; Captain Football. ' 21; Emory Debater, ' 22; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 21- ' 22; Athletic Council, ' 21- ' 22; Y. M. C. A. Marguerite Voight JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Page thirty-seven Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two SB- Junior Class Ann Stevens, X Q BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI Norman E. Applewhite, K A JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI etary Freshman Class Baseball, ' 19- ' 20- ' 21; .9- ' 20; Basketball, ' 19- r.. S. John Thomas Coursey, A X DECATUR, MISSISSIPPI G. L. S. ; Varsity Basketball, ' 20- ' 21; Manager Basketball. ' 21; Manager Tennis, ' 21; Captain Bas- ketball Team, ' 21; Winner Tennis Doubles. ' 21; Assistant Instructor in German; All-One Club; Student Manager Athletics. ' 21- ' 22; Athletic Coun- cil ' 20- ' 21- ' 22; Chairman House Government Board, ■21- ' 22; P. W. Staff. ' 21- ' 22; Y. M. C. A.; Mc- Swinney Club, ' 19- ' 20, ' 20- ' 21. Ross H. Moore JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Staff. ' 21- ' 22; Seashore Club; Laura Bell Lindsey JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI V. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 20- ' 21- ' 22; A Knutt; Tennis Club, ' 21: Secretary-Treasurer Y. V. C. A.. ' 21-22; Blue Ridge Delegate, ' 21; Undergraduate Repre- sentative of Y. Y. C. A.: Secretary-Treasurer Jun- ior Class. ' 21- ' 22. Page thirty-eight Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Tivo = m, SOIJBMOfltS Officers J. W. Campbell President Maxine Tull Vice-President Rivers Applewhite Secretary-Treasurer Eleanor Gene Sullivan Honor Council T. B. Abney W. E. Addkison Rivers Applewhite Sam Ball F. E. Ballard J. S. Barbour P. C. Blount R. B. Booth Mary Nell Boyd G. H. Brantley E. W. Brooks E. W. Brown M. L. Burks J. L. Burrow R. A. Bynum Eunice Campbell J. W. Campbell W. E. Campbell C. H. Carr Dorothy Carroll A. D. Cassity W. O. Chapman E. M. Chatoney Guy Clark W. W. Combs W. E. CORLEY B. F. Coursey F. M. Cross D. D. Culley Elise Davis W. S. Deterly Lloyd Griffis J. B. Harris Paul Hart Guy Hebert Mae Hester J. R. Hillman Mattye Hoberi W. B. Howell Caroline Howie J. H. Howie J. B. HUTTON A. C. Kennington John F. Hudson Carl Huber T. H. King H. H. Knoblock Members Ary Lotterhos J. T. Shultz C. E. Manning O. H. Scott J. L. Maske Cecil Scott Fl. H. Mellard L. M. Sharp J. D. Mullen H. M. Sharborouch J. V. Moore Delta Stevens Elizabeth Morrison Tressie Stewart J. C. Murra y H. A. Stovall M. H. McCall J. C. SlMMS Ruby McClellan J. W. Sistrunk F. W. McEwen Eleanor G. Sullivai C. B. Macgowan Alice Sutton W. E. McQuaic O. B. Triplett M. W. Noble Louisa Tucker Evelyn O ' Briant Maxine Tull W. S. Phillips J. E. Tumlin J. W. PlGOTT J. A. Vest Emily Plummer J F. Waits D. W. Poole J. F. Watson Evalyn Power J. M. Weems J. E. Ramsey Trunner Winstead T. J. Ray T. B. Winstead R. B. Reeves Cecil Walley Margaret Rowsey H. C. Young Pae thirty-nine Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two - 0= Page forty Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two la Officers Carre Galloway President Bethany Swearincen Vice-President Wallace Lester Secretary-Treasurer Harold Lewis Honor Council Members Thelma Alford O. L. Ellis Doris Lauchley G. W. Allretl Joella Evans J. E. Lee Walter Allred Mildred Fatheree W. W. Lester Mary Austin V. P. Finger H. S. Lewis R. C. Bailev J. G. Fitzhugh R. G. Lilly W. R. Bennet R. P. Fletcher G. A. Linton R. H. Bennet Evelyn Flowers Gladys Lowe Paul Biggs I. W. Flowers G. N. Lumpkin Madeline Bland E. E. Ford Ethel MarJey Shirley Bordeaux W. B. Fontaine F. L. Martin J. C. Bower A. N. French C. E. Middleton Bessie Bowling J. L. Galm v Mae Morehead Leroy Brooks W. M. Galloway Mary Morson Anne Broyles . ' . C. Gal Iowa v C. D. Mullican G. A. Brumfleld 1. C. Garber Ruth McClellan Alma Bufkin J. F. Garst Quinnie McCormi J. W. Burton Alice Gillevlen C. H. McKeithem B. M. Cagle G. H. Gunn Lorine McMullen F. A. Calhoun Norman Olllis S. S. McNair C. C. Campbell Theo. Granberry W. M. Nelson R. W. Campbell Bernice Harkey M. C. Overall W. L. Channell -I O. Harris Marion Phillips M. Chunn Louise Harris .James Plummer C. C. Combs M. S. Hester W. H. Phillips W. G. Cook C. B. Hilbun C. W. Pullen W. T. Cook Winnifred Hines Gwen Remfrev Jessie Craig Laura L. Holling sworth J. P. Richaidson A. F. Cranford Emma T. Hoskii s Graham Rogers Irene Crawford Hazel Johnson M. A. Panders F. W. Cunningham S. W. Johnson J. I.. San.llin Gladys Curtis G. H. Jones E. N. Saucier Mary Davenport Dorothy Jones J. W. Shanks T. M. Davenport J. P. Jones T.. V. Sharp Georgia Helen Denman L. P. Kane G. C. Sharp J. J. Dillard Alma Kersh J. H. Sharp Joe Evans P. J. Landis II. G. Simpson J. E. Ski ler J. D. Smith Laurine Smith Walter spiva F. A. Stuart Bethany Swearingen T. " . Swinson Featherston Tabb Carrie Talbert E. M. Tnte Alberta Taylor Lorraine Teat M. B. Thrash Cynthia Thompson Nettie Thompson E. L. Traylor J. S. Warren B. D. Watkins Lucie Watkins W. H. Watkins. M. S. Watson Marion Weeks Mae West W. T. Wilkins I. E. Williams 1 ' . E. Williams R. L. Williams Pauline Wills A. C. Wilson J. H. Witt J. W. Young L. J. Young N. C. Young Jr. Page forty-one Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-T vuo Page fortv-tTpo Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo p5m .ir.w,iin» rMif i i» MiniMMflHRIl [ ' age forly-thiee Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo m= Special Students Katherine Barbour G. F. Boyd G. H. Broyles M. L. " Bott Anna Belle Craft N. D. Guerry M. I. Honeycutt H. L. Jones Alee Pate Mrs. J. W. Sells Henrietta Skinner Mrs. J. H. Sharp F. A. Tucker Clara Wright Summary Millsaps has on its roll 21 seniors, 28 juniors, 95 sophomores, 145 freshmen, and 14 special students, making a total enrollment of 303, of which 92 are co-eds. Next year we expect to change the name of the Four Hundred Club to the Five Hundred Club, if the present rate of increase keeps up. The Greater Millsaps is near at hand. Page forty-four Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two IU., ' ,ili...liH»l, i l l ' l ' " ll» ' 7i i MII| in| llll|HII III HI I " l " ' " The Co-Eds " Roll Nellie Clark Daley Crawford Ouida Crawford Isabel Johnston Ada McDonnell Helen McKean Grace McMui len Evelyn Scott Katherine Tucker Ann Stevens Gladys Cacle Belle Lindsey Marguerite Voight Mildred Brashear Elizabeth Crisler Josephine Crisler Kathryn Howie Lucile Nail Rivers Applewhite Mary Nell Boyd Eunice Campbell Dorothy Carroll Elise Davis Mae Hester Mattye Hobert Caroline Howie Ary Lotterhos Elizabeth Morrison Ruby McClellan Evelyn O ' Briant Emily Plummer Evalyn Power Margaret Rowsey Delta Stevens Tressie Stewart Eleanor G. Sullivan Alice Sutton Louisa Tucker Maxine Tull Thelma Alford Mary Austin Madeline Bland Bessie Bowling Anne Broyles Alma Bufkin Jessie Craig Irene Crawford Gladys Curtis Mary Davenport Georgia H. Denman Joella Evans Mildred Fatheree Evelyn Flowers Alice Gilleylen Bernice Harkey Louise Harris Winnifred Hines Laura Hollingsworth Emma T. Hoskins Hazel Johnson Dorothy Jones Alma Kersh Doris Lauchley Gladys Lowe Ethel Marley Mae Morehead Mary Morson Ruth McClellan LORINE McMuLLEN Marion Phillips Gwen Remfrey Magnolia Simpson Maysie Simonton J. D. Smith Laurine Smith Bethany Swearincen Carrie Talbert Alberta Taylor Lorraine Teat Cynthia Thompson Nettie Thompson Lucie Watkins Marion Weeks Mae West Pauline Wills Katherine Barbour Anna Belle Craft Alee Pate Mrs. J. W. Sells Mrs. J. H. Sharp Henrietta Skinner Clara Wright Page forly-five Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two mr Page ' w(l) RTHLETICB Bobashela, Nineteen Ttventy-Tivo =fF p Ti ' " ' ,;,V ,r.r.iiiin,,;„,ii.iim, unmnnimir ■ ■II.IIIDI II I I I.MHIliimll H Athletic Council E. Y. FREELAND Director of Athletics D. M. Key Faculty Adviser M. C. White Faculty Adviser R. B. Reeves .... President Athletic Association M. L. McCoRMICK Vice-President Athletic Association H. B. Collins Secretary and Treasurer J. T. CoURSEY Student Manager of Athletics Assistant Managers W. B. Fowler Football Fred McEwen Basketball C. L. McCoRMICK Baseball H. B. Collins Track B. F. CoURSEY Tennis Page forty-nine Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo - r " M " Club E. K. Windham R. B. Reeves D. D. Culley S. L. Donald W. B. Fowler J. E. Ramsey C. H. Carr J. W. Campbell W. E. Stokes N. E. Applewhite Members O. H. Scott T. H. Kinc A. D. Cassity George Watts J. C. Galloway M. I. Honeycutt S. S. McNair LeRoy Brooks J. T. Coursey W. W. Combs J. B. Harris W. B. Howell C. H. McCormick F. W. McEwen M. C. Overall H. A. Stovall T. M. Davenport J. D. MUSSELWHITE J. W. Young R. C. O ' Ferrall Page fifty Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Tivo IPSE ' iiiutmui ' Minmnnii Dr. Key Dr. Key is the " Old Roman " of athletics at Millsaps. His jaw is set hard and his eyes flash when he talks of the " OBJECTIVES " he has in view for athletics. When athletics at Millsaps gains the great heights that he has set up as the goal, we shall not only have the best teams in the country, but will have the cleanest athletics and the most loyal student body in the world. Coach Freeland Coach Freeland is recognized not only by the team and student body as being one of the best coaches in the South, but has in the short time he has been here, in spite of many handicaps, shown to the college sporting world that he is the man with the goods. He has won a place in every student ' s heart, not only by his success as a coach, but as a man in every sense of the word. COURSEY Thomas Coursey, throughout the two years he has been at Millsaps, has proved that he is a man to be counted on, and the students did not fail to make a good selection when they elected him to the responsible position of student manager. He has proved worthy of their faith in every way. Pape fifly one Bobashela, N?neteen 7 xventy-I wo mr Athletics, 1921-22 Ht, season of 1921-22 will go down in the history of athletics at Millsaps as one full of impor;ant events, and as a season that placed athletics on the road to success. Possibly the greatest event was the coming of Coach Freeland. He came highly recommended as a coach and as a gentleman, and has lived up to his reputation in every possible way Closely follow- ing in importance the coming of the " Big ' Un " was the remodeling of the " gym. " It was Professor White ' s idea, and through his untiring efforts and the financial backing of the student body and faculty the " gym " was made over into the best basketball court in the state. These two additions, coupled with the fine spirit of support from the student body and the hard work of the teams, even if they failed to win many games, made this season a success. Millsaps did well in football. Yes, we did do well in football, when everything is taken into consideration. Coach Freeland was new to the men. The men were new to him and were green in spite of the attempt we made last year in the football world, Sev- eral regular players were always cut of the game on account of injuries. We won one game, that with the State Normal. We tied the Birmingham Panthers, who later defeated the Howard Collegians, who in turn had defeated us earlier in the season. The main thing is that the team made progress. The Thanksgiving game, in which we held the University of Tennessee doctors to the close score of 14-0, proved this to the sport- ing world. At the time of this writing the basketball team is not setting the world afire. Six games have been played, and the Majors have not put one in the bag yet. The lack of a court on which to practice dunng the first month of the season accounts for the pcor showing made by the team early in the season, but from now on the Purple and White passers are expected to hit their stride and play the same brand of basketball that last year ' s team played when they made such a wonderful showing in the S. I. A. A. tourna- ment held in Atlanta. The prospects for a fast baseball team are fine. Seven of last year ' s team are back, pnd there are several among the freshmen who have made good records in high school baseball. Tennis still continues to be a popular sport with many of the students, and if the interest increases with the coming of the spring more courts will have to be laid off. Page fifty- tvo Bobashela, Njneteen Tiventy-Tivo ii " Al . ! Page fifty- three Bobashela, Nineteen T vuenty-T wo Windham, " Ek " (Captain), Center " Ek " played his usual steady game this season. There is nothing flashy about " Ek ' s " playing, but he is always there when it comes to putting fight into the game ai.d playing steady football. He was mentioned for the All-State team. Fowler, " Dub, " Halfback During the first part of the season Fowler played a good game at half, but, owing to injuries, was kept out of the majority of the games. When it comes to natural football ability he is hard to beat. Reeves, " Breezie, " Fullback Reeves had the misfortune to have to undergo an operation early in the season that kept him out of all the games except the first game with Howard. He played a great game at full last year, and had he been able to play this year the team would have been stronger. Tage fifn t Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two mt - iiTnii, (l i,iMjnT7- ,1,-TTTTiiiii nir.-n,[; 1 Ni.n,n 1 .H. 11 ., J T7 Ji | : V Brooks, End Although new to the game of football, Brooks rapidly developed into a good tackier and has promise of making a great end. He is fast, gritty, and has a body that will meet the best of them. McNair, " Pat, " End This lanky gentleman, in spite of his youth, played a great game at end. Getting down under punts and snagging difficult passes were his specialties. Carr, " Red, " Halfback " Red ' s " work in the Normal College tilt showed that he had the ability to make a good broken-field runner. He suffered from an injured leg during the entire season and was never at his best. His work in the Birmingham-Southern game was excellent. Page fifty-five Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo Davenport, " Lightning, " Tackle Although the outlook for Davenport was not bright at first, he kept plugging away and managed to get into a number of games at tackle. His defensive work was always good, and although he is not as fast as his name indicates, he managed to get in front of the enemy ' s offensive, and when he does something breaks up. Scott, " Scotty, " Guard Scott will go down in history for his work in the University of Tennessee doctors ' tilt, for the way in which he played against " Jitney " Ford, the renowned Kentucky giant, who played the entire game for Centre last year when they made such a wonderful show- ing against the great Crimson marching of Harvard. ou would not have known Ford was in the game. McEwen, " Mack, " Tackle McFwen will always be remembered as the hero of the Panther game. He made the touchdown that tied the score with the Panthers. His work in the Mississippi game was good. It was in this game that he had the misfortune to break his leg. He was mentioned for the All-State eleven. Page fifty-six Bohashela, Nineteen 1 vuenty-I ivo g—aedgS gnjjggggg mmit.itii i . li HlJiOtiiin ii iii Campbell, " Jimmie, " End Jimmy has proven to be a utility player, having played every place on the line except center. His greatest asset is tackling and getting down under punts. The Panthers can testify to the fact. He plays hard and is game to the core. HONEYCUTT, " PARDNER, " Tacl(le " Honey " did not get much start, but when the big Louisiana boy did get to hitting them he made a big impression. His playing at tackle against the Panthers was one of the features of the game. MUSSELWHITE, " MUSSEL, " Fullback Although the backfield was new to " Mussel " (his home being at end), he rapidly developed into a good line-plunger, and his good tackling and backing the line saved the Majors ' goal many times. Page fifty-seven Bobashela, N?neteen Tiventy-Tivo Stovall, " Snow, " Tackle Stovall was the husky who made the first touchdown of tie season and, incidentally, won the hat offered by the Alumni Association when he snatched a pass and ran fifteen yards for a touchdown against the Normal College. His punting during the entire season was far above the average. Tackling and snatching passes is his " long suit. " Young, J. W., " Scrap Iron, " Halfback " Scrap Iron " proved his ability by sticking by the team throughout the season. He is light, fairly fast, and hard as nails. The scrubs were not his class, and he proved it by being shifted to the varsity in the last two games. CULLEY, " DUD, " Guard Culley received injuries in the Howard game that kept him out of the first games of the season. It was not until the Thanksgiving game that he was able to get back into the line. Culley ' s faithfulness and " bull dog " tenacity make him a valuable man. He ought to have a good year next season. ' age fiflxi-eight Bobashela, Nineteen TiventyTivo -f?F Galloway, " Ben, " Quarterback Galloway seems to have been the find of the season, for his passing in nearly all the games played was excellent and at times his broken-field running was flashy. " Ben ' s " 45-yard run against the University of Tennessee doctors was one of his best pieces of work during the season. Combs, Quarterback Although working mostly with the scrubs, Combs was of great value to the team. I lis faithfulness and willingness showed that in spite of his size some day he will make good. TATE, Quarterback Working under the handicap of being very light, Tate did not get to play in many games. However, in the games he played he showed promise of making a good quarter. Page fifiy-ntne Boaashela, Nineteen Twenty-Tivo m _ ■ ' f » . ! ;«. DEfe? ;p« flWafeA v FOOTBALL VIEWS Page sixty Bobashela, Nineteen Ttuenty-Tivo Last Years Season The basketball season of last year was something we should all be proud of, and we cannot help but mention the wonderful record tha; the team made. Besides defeating the strong team of our rivals, the Mississippi Collegians, we defeated the " Ole Miss " quintet for the first time in many years. The record that the Majors made in Atlanta will go down in the history of athletics as one of the best pieces of athletic work ever done by any Millsaps team. The basketball team, owing to handicaps early in the season this year, has not made much of a record thus far, but since the " gym " has been finished and the team has a regular place to practice, the remainder of the season ought to be very successful. Page sixty-one Bobashela, Nineteen Txventy-Txvo " ! P ...ihiiiiiiiiiii. m= Basketball Team Reeves (Captain) Guard Coursev, J. T Forward Ramsey Center McCormick, C. L Forward Brooks Guard Poole Center Corley Forward Young Guard Substitutes McCormick, Q. Hillman Coursey, B. F. Honeycutt l } age sixty-two Bobashela, Nineteen Tvuenty-Tvuo ane-up Applewhite Pitcher Rouse Pitcher Reeves First Base and Pitcher CassiTY Second Base McCoRMICK Shortstop Watts Third Base Culley Third Base MUSSELWH1TE Outfield Fowler Outfield Combs Outfield Miller Pitcher Page sixty-three . ' .. " ' .;. t i !a£V Bobashela, Nineteen Ttuenty-Tivo 5 " r MTJF f CTC . Lrttif •jL m -- Te ( ' BASEBALL TEAM. 1921 Page sixlJ)- our Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two tE ..ih t)»)))nni.iini ' »Jmiiji»i ' )iii " ■-u Track Ramsey, Burks, Overall, Collins (Captain) The only event in track that the Majors entered into this season was the Southern Methodist Road Race that was held in Atlanta this past December, in which practically all the Southern Methodist colleges were represented. The race was easily won by the team from Emory, Trinity and Millsaps making the next best scores. Page sixly-five Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two ■■ ' Co-Ed Basketball Team Cynthia Thompson Ada McDonnell Pauline Wills Madeline Biand Ruth McClellan Alice Sutton Lorraine Teat Alma Bufkin Mildred Fatherff Maxine Tull Page sixty -six Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two |u fcp " ' ' ' i» i 7iiii i n ) ii .)iHi i mi l MM» " m " ' i ' lnii l t umm nnTT Co-Ed Tennis Club Mildred Fatheree Nellie Clark Bethany Swearincen Ruth McClellan Ruby McClellan Alice Sutton Evelyn Flowers WlNNlFRED HlNES Page sixty-seven Bohashela, Nineteen Txventy-T vuo a® " Among the Great Our President ' s simply angelic! Dr. Walkins, whose first name is Alec, Is good to the boys, Increasing their joys, Though he looks for the world like a relic. We think that our college is lucky To boast of a man we call " Ducky. ' ' His real name is Lin, Many friends he doth win — He ' s not only witty but plucky. And then there ' s the one we call Prep " — Up at Millsaps he has quite a rep As prof or debater ; There ' s really none greater — With the first in the land he keeps step. Dr. Key from Missouri has come, But you ' d think he ' d been living in Rome. We feel mighty weak Reading Latin or Greek, And wish that we ' d never left home. M. B. Page sixty-eight Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Tivo =Tef TBfinMlTIEd 3 , 2D,J|lP ' - ' - £ t Page seveniy-one Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two sH= Kappa Alpha Founded al Washington and Lee Universily in 1865 Colors: Crimson and Gold Flomers : Magnolia and Red Rose Publication : " Kappa Alpha Journal " Alpha Mu Chapter Fratres in Facultate Milton C. White J. Re.ese Lin A. P. Hamilton Class of 1922 Walter E. Stokes, Jr. Burton C. Ford Fred J. Lotterhos, Jr. Mack B. Sweaiungen Class of 1923 R. Carter O ' Ferrall Austin L. Joyner Norman E. Applewhite Gus H. Ford Class of 1924 Charles H. Maccowan Charles H. Carr. Jr. Oliver B. Triplett Faul C. Blount Jeptha S. Barbour Allen D. Cassity James W. Campbell W. Edw. Campbell, Jr. Class of 1925 William B. Fontaine Sterling S. McNair Wm. H. Watkins, Jr. Walter M. Gallcway Eugene M. Tate J. Carre Callow a Frank. Stuart Page seventy- Ca o Bobashela, Nineteen Ttventy-Two | IT - , rl Page seventy-three Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two 2S= Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Bologna in 1400 Founded in America at the Uni ersity of Virginia in 1867 Colcrs: Scarlet, White and Emerald Flover : Lily-of-the-Valley Publications : " The Caduceus " and " The Star and Crescent " Active Chapters Active chapters are located in 91 colleges and uni versities in 46 states, with a living membership cf over 20,000 men. Alpha Upsilon Chapter Fratres in Facultate George Lott Harrell Cawthon A. Bowen J. L. Ferguson, Jr. William Basil Fowler Fratres in Collegio Class of 1922 John Davis Musselwhite George Beaman Huddleston Class of 1923 Esker Kearley Windham Horace Luther Villfe Clarence Eugene Manning Simmons Lee Donald Class of 1924 Russell Abney Bynum John Earle Ramsey M. Wirt Noble Dudley Deen Culle-i Rufus Bressie Reeves William Thomas Cooke James Jefferson Dillard Class of 1925 Floyd Wade Cunningham George Nelson Lumpkin Marion Alexander Sanders Robert Gill Lilly Page sevenlv-four Bobashela, Nineteen Ttventy-Tivo - m Page seventy-five Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two m Pi Kappa Alpha Colors: Garnet and Gold Founded at University of Virginia in 186S Publication : " The Shield and Diamond ' Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Stuart G. Noble Alpha Iota Chapter Fratres in Facultate Dewey S. Dearman Michel C. Huntlei Fratres in Collegio Class of 1922 Henry B. Collins, Jr. Class of 1923 John B. Harris R. E. Sylverstein. Jr H. H. Mellard Leigh Watkins George B. Watts Oliver H. Scott Sam J. Ball J. DeWitt Mullen- Class of 1924 T. 11. King J. A. Vest Loyd J. Griffis George H. Brantley Hermes H. Knoblock Guy K. Hebert J. C. Murray- Wallace Lester O. L. Ellis Class of 1925 George A. Brumfield Robert L. Williams Norman B. Gillis T. M. Davenport Page seveniy-su lobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two =©a T-f IS 1 Page sevenfy-sevifn Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two Pki Mu Colors : Rose and While Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Publication : " Aglaia " Flower: Rose Carnation Mis S Nellie Clark Epsilon Chapter Class of 1922 Miss Katherine Tucker Miss Isabel Johnston Class of 1923 Miss Margaret Rowsey Miss Elizabeth Crisler Miss Clara Wright Miss Katherine Barbour Miss Evelyn O ' Briant Miss Ary LoTTERHOS Class of 1924 Miss Alice Sutton Miss Rivers Applewhite Miss Eunice Campbell Miss Mary Nell Boyd Miss Eleanor Gene Sullivan Miss Elise Davis Class of 1925 Miss Gladys Curtis Miss Gwen Remfrey Miss Evelyn Flowers Miss Winnifred Hines Miss Ethel Marley Miss Bethany Swearincen Miss J. D. Smith Miss Lucie Watkins Page sevcnly-ei ' gril Bobashela, N?neteen Tiventy-Two I J age seventh-nine Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two Kappa Delta Founded at Viiginia Stale Normal College in 1897 Colors: Olive Green and While FloVer : White Rose Publication : " Angelos " Miss Ada McDonnell Mu Chapter Class of 1922 Miss Daley Crawford Miss Helen McKean Miss Katfirvn Howie. Class of 1923 Miss Anna Belle Craft Miss Henrietta Skinner Class of 1924 Miss Evalyn Power Miss Emily Plummer Miss Bernice Harkei Miss Maxine Tull Miss Louisa Tucker Miss Elizabeth Morrison Class of 1923 Miss Madeline Bland Miss Jessie CraKj Miss Maysie Simonton Miss Marion Weaks Miss Cynthia Thompson Miss Pauline Wills Miss Alma Bufkin Miss Alice Gilleylen Special Miss Alee Pate Pu$e ei%ht i Bobashela, N?neteen Tvuenty-Tivo Page eighly-one Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two m= Alpha Tketa Chi Founded al Millsaps College, February 17, 1921 PETITIONING The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Class of 1922 M. M. McGowan Charles E. Crisle Class of 1923 William W. Combs J. Thomas Courses Warren Addkison William O. Chapman Class of 1924 Ercell W. Brooks Henry A. Stovall Walter H. Weeks George A. Linton John C. Simms Ben Frank Coursey Arthur S. Kennington Class of 1925 Theodore Granberry E. Paul Williams I. C. Garber, Jr. LeRoy Brooks A. C. Wilson Alumni Walter A. ScOTT, Jr Student, University of Mississippi Osmund G. Dawkins Teacher, Anguilla, Miss. JOHN A. DeTERLY ..... Student, University of Oklahoma I n- 1 cighty-tWO Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two I ' agr eighty-lhree Bobashela, N?neteen Twenty-Two ■ n= Squ are an d Co mpass A National Fraternity of College Masons Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1916 Millsaps Square Members in the Faculty Dr. A. F. Watkins Prof. J. Reese Lin Prof. C. A. Bowen Prof. D. S. Dearman Members in College Warren N. Ware George B. FIuddleston G. C. Sharp O. H. Scott L. M. Sharp James Sharp E. L. Traylor F. J. Lotterhos M. M. McGowan George A. Linton J. F. Watson John R. Hillman T. M. Davenport J. B. Shearer Page eight)) four Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo ' " ' — |r j- ' i ' i» j » " Uillllliiil iiill llll l l l ll l l l l l llllMIIII ■■. ' ..! I I... H . ,,, Page eighty-five Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two -v-r k ' t m Sigma Upsilon Kit Kat Chapter F. J. L.otterhos, Secretary 1 1. B. Collins Mack Swearingen W. E. Stokes M. M. McGowan E. K. WlNDKAM Faculty Members M. C. White J. I.. Ferguson S. G. Noble M. C. Huntley Fraternity Roll Sopherim Sewanee Calumet Vanderbih Osiris Randolph-Macon Senior Round Table ...... .... University of Georgia Odd Number Club University of Norlh Carolina Boar ' s Head . Transylvania Scribblers University of Mississippi Kit Kai Millsaps Scarabs University of Texas Scribes , . . .... University of South Carolina Coffee House Emory University Fortnightly Trinity Attic .... University of Alabama Grub Street University of Washington Cordon-Hope William and Mary Blue Pencil Davidson College Sphinx Hampden Sidney Ye Tabard Inn .... University of Oregon Page eighty-six Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo (T- r 13 " Page eighth-seven Bobashela, Nineteen 7 vuenty-1 wo 7-: = ♦ I ' 0ffift- FRAT HOUSES Page eighty-eight Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Ti Page eighty-nine Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two m= The Bobashela Y ear-Book, of Millsaps College Published annually by the Senior Class Staff Fcr the Year 1922 MaCa SwEARINCEN ... . ... Editor -in-Chief Henry Collins Associate Editoi Burton Ford Business Manage ' C E Crisler Assistant Business Ma:,i £ Isabel Johnston Literary Editor Ada McDonnell Fraternity Editor Nellie Clark Club Editor Daley Crawford Art Editor Fred Lotterhos Class Edilor Walter Stokes Athletic Editor Warren Ware . . . Humor a;iJ Statistics Page ninety Bobashela, N?neteen Tiuenty-Tivo T3B Page ninety-one Bobashela, Nineteen Tvuenty-Two Wf Sty? |htrjrle an TOjtt? QUAE FIANT EX HOC. COGNOSCES Vol. XIV! MILLSAPS COLLEGE, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, KRTiIU ' . SEPT. 23, 1921 NoTl College Night Best in Years OF MILLSAPS COLLEGE faculty stunt popular-carr AND LOWE WIN APPLAUSE Judge Sydney Smith Deliv-! ■-.« »» imi »ty-r n « i i vr»r» ™££S to THE FIGHTING MAJORS NEW DEPARTMENT Alabamian to Fill the C ' air of Religious Ed- A " ucatior C COACH FREE ' lV iV?. yet- 1 ,-N jscnpi Si,v x Apply E AN g o- ■ ' ■• ■■ ■»t 9 »£ e ! KYtAYS-_ ' ' hi Mu Pledges 1 ° ' the Sluiien -J. NN . ed »» Junior CI SUBSCRIPTION I Ov Soi " " ' is Socond Class Matter, Januar; C - ? ' " I 1 " HBtcss. Mate], .1. 1S7S J 5 0 " ' " ' • nuimations $ " CN=»? •? juration must be In the Edl Entertain Chapt the inventi " L. nQ r «s%= applied. , -%V» % devlres of the Pdge ninc( j-iB»o Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two IJ " Mci!ii J ' ' ' tl ' ' j4 " j " ' ' " " ' ' , ' ' " " " " t ' ' ' l ' l " l) i ' Ml " " il)| ffJT The Purple and White f. j. lotterhos . . Walter Stokes . . Horace Villee . . . Miss Daley Crawford M. M. McGowan H. H. Knoblock W. S. Phillips W. M. Galloway a. l. joyner Leigh Watkins Staff Editor-in-Chief O. B. TRIPLETT Exchange Editor Athletic Editor J. W. Sells Associate Editor . Nervs Editor E. K. Windham Associate Editor . Co-Ed Editor Mack SwearINCEN .... Associate Editor Academy Editor J. B. Shearer Associate Editor Reporters J. T. Coursey T. J. Ray T. M. Davenport R. H. Moore J. D. Mullen Management D. F. McNeil J. S. Barbour Miss Mildred Brashear Miss Delta Stevens Miss Maxine Tull H. B. Collins George Watts G. K. Hebert Fred Lotterhos Walter Stokes Miss Daley Crawford The Literary Council J. W. Sells E. K. Windham Mack Swearincen H. H. Knoblock . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . Circulation Manager H. B. Collins George Watts J. T. Coursey Page ninety-three USCb , Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two --•; : = Lamar Literary Society Presidents W. E. Stokes Mack Swearingen H. B. Collins, Jr. E. K. Windham Vice-Presidents Mack Swearingen H. C. Young E. W. Brooks J. B. Shearer Speakers F. J. Lotterhos Anniversarian E. K. Windham .... ... .... Anniversary Orator C. H. CaRR Commencement Debater H. H. KNOBLOCK .... Commencement Debater J. B. Shearer .... Midsession Debater J. D. Mullen Midsession Debater E. K. Windham Emory Debater Mack Swearingen ... University Debater A. L. JoYNER Birmingham-Southern Debater J. F. Watson .... Triangular Debater H. C. Young Triangular Debater G. W. Allred Freshman Debater Ira W. Flowers Freshman Debater C. H. Gunn Freshman Debater BRELAND Watkins Freshman Debater Page ninety-four Bobashela, N?neteen T wenty-Tivo TcT23 I Galloway Literary Society Presidents J. W. Sells M. L. M Cormick A. W. Bailey W. N. Ware Vice-Presidents A. W. Bailey J. L. Maske H. L. VlLLEE E. O. Baird Speakers M. H. McCall Emory Debater W. N. Ware ... Birmingham-Southern Debater H. L. Villee University Debater J. W. SELLS ... Triangular Debater W. S. Phillips Triangular Debater A. W. BaILEY Commencement Debater I. D. MusSELWHITE Commencement Debat er E. W. Brown Midsession Debater Bressie Reeves Midsession Debater J. S. Warren . . Freshman Debater George Jones Freshman Debater I. E. Williams . . Freshman Debater J. M. Sharp Freshman Debater Page ninety-five Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two ■ IF Eta Sigma Scholarship Club Rivers Applewhite j. S. Barbour Mary Nell Boyd Dorothy Carroll J. T. Coursey Daley Crawford Isabel Johnston H. H. Knoblock f. j. lotterhos Ada McDonnell Helen McKean Evelyn Power Delta Stevens Mack Swearingen O. B. Triplett Alice Briscoe Mattye Bullard L. B. Hebert B. M. Hunt Leo Roberts Willie Spann Ruth Thompson Grace McMullen Page ninety-six Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two Student Volunteer Band Officers V. N. Ware Lca.h W. S. Phillips Devotional LeaJei LuciLE Nail .... Secretarv-Treasurci Members V. N. Ware J. W. Sells N. C. Young J. W. Shanks M. H. McCall D. W. Poole W. S. Phillips F. L. Martin Ouida Crawford Lucile Nail Irene Crawford Page ninety-seven Bobashela, Nineteen Txventy-Tivo -. ' = The Young Men s Christian Association Officers Jesse F. Watson President Fred McEwen Vice-President J. W. Sells Secretary and Treasurer Cabinet F. J. Lotterhos . Bible Study E. O. Baird Missions E. W. Brooks Social M. L. McCoRMICK Program W. E. Stokes Finance W. N. Ware Forum H. B. Collins Publicity Pag ' ninety-eight Bobashela, Nineteen T wenty-T ivo ■■m m Y. W. C. A. Officers Daley Crawford Anna Belle Craft Mary Nell Boyd President Vice-President Treasurer Bell Lindsey Secretary Nellie Clark ... Chairman of Religious Committee ELEANOR G. Sullivan . . ... Chairman of Publicity Committee Kathryn Howie Chairman of Social Service Dorothy Carroll Chairman of Program Committee LuciLE Nail Chairman of Housekeeping Committee Ruby McClellaN Chairman of Membership Committee Anna Belle Craft Chairman of Social Committee Alice Sutton .... Chairman of House Furnishing Bell LlNDSEY Undergraduate Representative Page ninety-nine Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two m= Preachers League A. W. Bailey .... W. N. Ware . . J. 11. Sharp Officers President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer F. L. Applewhite A. W. Bailey E. O. Baird F. A. Calhoun 1. V. Flowers C. H. Gunn N. D. GUERRY G. H. Boyles R. T. HOLLINCSWORTH S. W. Johnson Member.; F. L. Martin ML H. McCall M. L. McCormick W. N. Nelson W. S. Phillips T. J. Ray, Jr. J. L. Sandlin O. H. Scott J. W. Sells J. W. Shanks L. M. Sharp J. H. Sharp J. B. Shearer E. L. Traylor J. E. Tlmlin H. L. Villee W. N. Ware J. S. Warren J. F. Watson I. E. Williams Page one hundred Bohashela, Nineteen T wenty-Tivo Ll ' ■ • - sr r. j fmimTnjiT r uiuJifisnoruHUiuiUHHiuuirs 1 : . ■ inmmiifiiimiLiiLmiuj lUSIIItlEllllllIIIIIIIIiniBIIilllllll J age one hundred one Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tvuo : :-r Capital City Club Members w. e. a dkison Thelma Alford N. E. Applewhite Rivers Applewhite F. L. Applewhite Mary Austin Walter Allred Madeline Bland Bessie Bowling Mary Nell Boyd Anne Broyles Eunice Campbell Edward Cagle Gladys Cagle C. C. Campbell Nellie Clark Ouida Crawford Irene Crawford Josephine Crisler Anna Belle Craft Mary Davenport Will Deterly Joella Evans Evelyn Flowers Burton Ford J. L. Gainey I. C. Garber Alice Gilleylen Louise Harris John Harris Winnifred Hines Laurine Hollincsworth Caroli e Howie Edgar Howie J. B. Hutto-1 J. H. Howie Geo. Huddleston Kathryn Howie Isabel Johnston Dorothy Jones Louis Kane Arthur Kennington Alma Kersh Hermes Knoblock Belle Lindsey Wallace Lester Doris Lauchley F. J. Lotterhos Ary Lotterhos Gladys Lowe Gene Manning Ethel Marley Elizabeth Morrison- Mary Morson Ada McDonnell C. H. McGowan Helen McKean LORINE McMuLLEN Grace McMullen S. S. McNair D. F. McNeil G. H. McKeithem Lucile Nail Evelyn O ' Briant R. C. O ' Ferrali Emily Plummlr Evalyn Power Gwen Remfrey Mack Swearingen Bethany Swearingen Alice Sutton Eleanor Gene Sullivan Frank Stuart H. A. Stovall Cecil Scott Maysie Simonton Henrietta Skinner J. D. Smith Tressie Stuart Carrie Talbert Alberta Taylor Loraine Teat Nettie Thompson- Cynthia Thompson- Louisa Tucker Maxine Tull H. L. Villee Marguerite Voicht Cecil Walley Leigh Watkins Lucie Watkins W. H. Watkins. Jr. Marion Weaks Paul Williams Pauline Wills Clara Wright John Witt Page one hundred flvn Bobashela, Nineteen Txuenty-Txvo gj ■ ■ j gfg j ggB in. iiiiimu iimi iiiiiii i imiiiiiiirnni)in i iin ii " " i ' ii i ii ' iiiiiiiiii iiiii i i ii i i iiHii i iiii i iiii i uii i iiiJiiniW f The Honor Council A. W. Bailey .... College- at- Large M. M. McGoWAN .... College-ai-Large H. B. Collins Senior Class W. N. Ware Senior Ci Marcus McCall Junior Class Eleanor Gene Sullivan .... Sophomore Class Harold Lewis ... Freshman Class Page one hundred three Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo Science Club Officers F. J. LoTTERHOS President J. D. MusSELWHITE Vice-President Mildred Brashear Secretary Daley Crawford Treasurer H. B. Collins Historian Sam Ball George Brantley Mildred Brashear H. B. Collins J. T. Coursey B. F. Coursey Daley Crawford Ouida Crawford Elizabeth Crisler F. M. Cross W. B. Fowler M. I. Hon.eycutt Kathryn Howie Members Isabel Johnston A. L. Joyner Louis Kane Bell Lindsey F. J. Lotterhos C. E. Manning J. L. Maske Ross Moore j. d. musselwhite Helen McKean Joe Abney Paul Blount Prof. Patch Dr. Sullivan Prof. FIarrell W. E. Stokes H. L. Villee Lucile Nail Norman Applewhite Carter O ' Ferrall Evelyn Scott R. E. Sylverstein (Catherine Tucker Burton C. Ford Marguerite Yoicht G. B. Watts Gladys Cagle Page one hundred few Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two 19» f f== Orchestra A. P. PhILP, Director Dr. J. M. Sullivan Ba ™ Violin WlNNIFRED HlNES Fi™i Violin N. E. Applewhite First Violin Allen Cassity ... Firsl Violin Farley McNeil Second Violin E. W. Brooks Comet W. H. Weeks Cornel J. W. Shanks Conic J. L. Burroughs Comet Carre Sutton Drum Traps Professor Patch Baritone ETHEL MaRLEY . Accompanist Page one hundred five Bobashela, N?neteen Tiventy-Tivo 1 ' it ' ll m? Teachers Training Class Officers Walter M. Galloway President Robert Williams Secretary-Treasurer Ross Moore Reporter Prof. C. A. Bowen . Teacher Members Plummer Cook Ross Moore W. M. Galloway M. C. Young Skinner E. M. Saucier J. W. Young W. Graham Rogers M. S. Watson F. L. Martin W. M. Nelson Ellis Q. McCormick George Jones Robert Williams W. Poole Wilkins Carre Galloway I. E. Williams Richardson- Eugene Tate Phillips J. S. Warren Walter Allred C. H. Gunn J. P. Jones Page one hundred six Bobashela, Nineteen Txventy-Tvuo S BSBgl in..uhiifii» n ii i iri»i)ni ii )»)ihlimni» l " »i ' " " ' m " f Rivers Applewhite, Prettiest Girl Page one hundred nine Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two agr Ada McDonnell, Most Popular Ci Page one hundred ten Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two _— ■ gpES rtn .. ' .ii.i J .iiiinn» i tiHi. i ij iii »jm .7nB Elizabeth Morrison, Most Stylish Ctrl Page one hundred eleven Bobashela, Nineteen Txventy-Tivo : " " l ' JESSE ■ T VJ= Alee Pate, Best All- Around Girl Page one hundred twelve Bobashela, N?neteen Tiventy-Tivo Wanted: A Denouement ' HE white population of the island of Languria awoke with a start, as he heard a commotion in his culinary department. Languidly he got up and chased away the monkeys, which were the cur e of his South Sea home, and picked up the kitchen utensils they had knocked down. He ruefully surveyed the remains of his best gourd, the or.e used only on occasions of state, but now in fragments. J. Penfield Wellingsby shook his head with the sad air of a fish out of water. His well-formed physique, above middle height and with the muscles of a trained-down Hercules, suggested an athlete. But his bearing, dignified and erect, even after two years of eating the lotus of Languria, and his classical features, over which his inch of beard hung in a splendid tangle, would have given the impression of a hermit philosopher. A hermit he certainly was, but he had worn out philosophy, if he had ever used it at all. " Confound the beasts, they ' re getting too bold! Seem to know I ' m a lor.e bachelor without any visible means of support. I might even be driven to marrying that Muru girl, if she didn ' t dress her hair so low on her neck. " Lying down again, Wellingsby resumed his siesta, but his ears were soon outraged with an unusual sound. The soft, liquid atmosphere of the tropical spot was the medium which carried to his ears a sound unlike the shrill cries of the brilliant-plumaged didoes and flamingos or the dry crunching of the top-heavy waves on the sea sands. Rising up to a sitting position on his rustic cot in the open air, Wellingsby swept the matted forest with his eyes in an effort to locate the source of such a strange sound. He yawned leisurely. " Funny noise. Sounds like those savages ' war drums, but the lazy niggers wouldn ' t beat that fast. Anyhow, it sounds sort of like one of those airplanes they have in the comparatively enlightened countries. It ' s coming this way, and maybe I am doomed to entertain guests. But I ' m not going to hunt trouble; it will find a beaten path to my door. " On getting near the island, the popping engine stopped and the machine swooped down toward the ground. Just before striking it straightened up, turned and hit the smooth white sand of the level beach at a slight angle. The clean, sharp sand shrieked like a seafowl, the springs of the airplane squeaked, and it bounded a few feet up in the air, came down more gently, and sped along the narrow strip of beach between the Pacific ocean and the dense forest. Then it drew up painfully to a stop. A hooded figure in knickers stepped out upon the ground. After a careless look around, she reached back in the pilot ' s seat for a small leather bag, which opened with a little click. Taking off the all-enveloping hood, her face was shown as that of a girl somewhere under twenty; under the tropical sun her conveniently upturned nose became mere smooth and velvety in appearance, her narrow, curved eye- lashes grew darker, and her heavenly lips took on a new, inviting hue of crimson. Then J ' age one hundred thirteen Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo -i D= she carelessly tossed the vanity back in the seat. She walked along the beach toward the east, in the direction of a small clearing visible in the tangled forest, which began at the very edge of the naked, dazzling white beach. In the middle of the clearing she saw a rude hut of tar-paper, with a large open porch roofed with the same material. From a cot on this veranda arose a human figure, which advanced to meet her. Nell Blanton had not grown up a flapper among flappers for nothing. She would have undertaken to out-bleat or out-butt a billy goat. " You must be king of the Fijis, " she said. " No, madam, I am hardly ruler of myself. You have nothing to fear from any subject of mine. " " Don ' t worry! I don ' t need any protecting Sir Walter Raleigh to ward off the avenging Furies and fan mosquitoes. " From a pocket of her modish nding-breeches she swiftly extracted a pocket cannon, pearl-handled, but with no notches in evidence. " An admirer of William S. Hart, eh? I must say you are quick on the draw. " " Oh, yaas, I took drawing, music, aesthetic dancing, and Francais ai boarding school. That ' s why I ' m here now — got bored. And then it gave me such an ennui to have to go to some sticky little receptions every month. The l. ' ea of developing me by conversation with men! Why, I know the creatures so well that I skip the love scenes in a novel. " " What do you know about novels? Is it possible that you haven ' t been taught that it is unseemly for a young lady of looks to use her head for anything more than a rack for her bobbed hair? " " I see you ' re fond of flattering. Just cut the smooth and slippery line when addressing me. Tell someone she ' s ' got looks ' when she isn ' t sure she has. To appeal to a person of literary tastes, like me, you must discuss nature and politics and styles. " " Are you a literary person? Then welcome to our island! I ' ll attempt to do you the honors as best an humble author can. But my life has been full of inexperience, because I ' ve always been so busy writing about women that I haven ' t had time to learn anything about them. " Nell ' s face took on a new, interested expression. She even forgot to drawl. " Are you really an author? I ' ve met several, but the women were always ganging around so as to scare the poor creatures to death. I have always wanted to talk to one when he couldn ' t get away from me. What are you doing here? How large is this island? " Wellingsby smiled with some warmth, but still with dignity. In confidential tone he explained to her: " Yes, I belong to the genus author — or is it an order, or a clan, or a disease? Sometimes I think it is the last, for never has my talent attracted to me aught but pain. Formerly my suffering was acute, but in this peaceful — oh, I beg your pardon, I forgot you were here — in this remote spot, away from the turmoil of the world, my genius gives me only a dull ache. " " Poor dear! " Nell could not help sympathizing with unfortunate creatures. " But I ' m glad you got away from the noisy world — it ' s hard on one ' s nerves. And this island is just perfectly grand; it gives your big soul room to swell out and cover everything up. " Page one hur.Jred fourteen Bobashela, Nineteen Txventy-Tivo ( j I ■»■ ■-t- M cl U.inlllillimi liill.l.iil l hl l lll l iilili l llll ill lillilil llli ||l llll ' " " " " " li lliil liliini.iiniiu i ii " I enjoy the liberty, the sense of freedom, which I never found before coming to Languria. At times, however, I regret that I must ' blush unseen, ' and strut my hour upon the stage without applause. " " It is too bad for a sure-enough author to slush unseen, unread, unmoumed. Maybe sometimes your greatness gets tiresome, and you ' d like some ordinary person for company. Just think how romantic it would be if you had your soul-mate wilh you! Just you and her, and her and you. " The man ' s eyes grew sad and thoughtful. " Yes, it would be pleasant to have a companion, if she was a good cook and didn ' t talk too much. But as for a ' soul-mate, ' the laws against polygamy, which state that a man shall have a sole and only mate, are not in force here. Besides, there is no such thing as a soul-mate, except in cheap fiction by other authors of lower standards, and — " Nell interrupted with a sharp voice: " What! Aren ' t you a real author, after all? " " I guess not. " Wellingsby smiled a rueful smile. " Except when I first started, the publishers all said I wasn ' t. And because I followed conscience, instead of catering to the public taste, I failed to make a living. That is why I am engaged in the honest but not very lucrative profession of hermit. " Now deeply interested, and in amazement, Nell asked: " What ' s wrong with your line that kept it from making a hit? " " I ' ll tell you the trouble. I am true to life, too much so to be pleasant. I can ' t avoid letting my stories end as I think they would in reality. For instance, a story of adventure which I write doesn ' t end with the finding of the hidden treasure; it ends with a gallows scene. And a love story, instead of being finished to the sound of wedding bells, ends with either a funeral or a divorce. I had imagination, style, power, all the qualities desirable in an author, but could not end my stories in such a way as to please the reading public. When my first contract with the publishers expired, I failed to get another. Then I came here. " " About that writing, you surely do know your stuff. I feel the same way about that; it ' s my feeling about literature, and has been my actual experience. Years ago, when I was only sixteen, I got a crush on a man I ' d never seen. He was an author, and he wrote the way I liked, so I fell in love with him. I never did find out who he really was, and all at once I stopped seeing his things. The publishers said his stuff wasn ' t popular, and that when his contract was out he left the field of fiction-writing. I didn ' t pine away and die, but I went in for all sorts of dangerous sports. Just now I ' m on my way around the world in a monoplane. " Wellingsby moved a step closer to the girl, and said in a low voice: " I wrote under the pen-name of Balzac de Maupe. " For the first time in years Nell Blanton flushed. She hesitated a moment, then held out her arms in a mute appeal. Wellingsby started toward her, but she stepped back, impelled by maidenly shyness. Fortunately, she stepped upon a deadly nightshade, was bitten, and the story came to a fitting, funereal end. H. K. Page one hundred fifteen Bobushela, Nineteen Txuenty-Two mm = CAMPUS CHARACTERS Page one hundred sixteen Bohashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two JM0 m ■■ ■■ i rg ggl gg )) i n)i„„,ii l |) n)i.)i,; J )ii Mnui i ' ui) iii »)) ii )ii, ii j ,n nu T »„,„u.». ii ,nm,nim l n. l » ' n . j h i r j tttttttttttttt. ■ . j i 1 1 » i " ' — The Chosen Few Favoiile Professor White Wisest Professor Landslide for Ducky Most Dignified Professor Mitchell (Patch got a vote) Grouchiest Professor Ducky (another landslide) Ugliest Professor They all tied Favorite Study English ; History ranks second Prettiest Girl Rivers Applewhite Most Handsome Boy Burton Ford (bribery and corruption) Best Sport Villee Most Popular Girl Ada McDonnell Most Modest Girl Helen McKean Most Practical Man Lotterhos (Tumlin close behind) The Biggest Feet Bill Watkins (without opposition) Best Student Lotterhos Most Attractive Man . . Stokes beat Spiva by one vote Craziest Boy L J. Ray, Jr., the only candidate Sleepiest Student Leigh Watkins Most Bashful Student Triplett (Carr gets a large vote) Most Modest Boy Collins Most Musical Bill Combs Neatest Student Mildred Brashear Most Stylish Girl Elizabeth Morrison Wittiest Student Joyner and Moore tie Most Comical Shanks, undoubtedly Biggest Eater Silo Ramsey Busiest Man Collins Freshest Freshman ... Watson 185, Thrash 4 (no others in it) Best Athlete Reeves Who Has Done Most for Millsaps . Lotterhos Best Ail-Around Girl Alee Pate beats Daley Crawford by 1 vote Editor ' s NOTE — Modesty forbids us to print what place of honor we were elected to, but for the sake of truth let us say that we (editorially speaking) got one vote for every one of the above places, including the wisest professor and the best all-around girl. Page one hundred seventeen Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two min»itwipiniiffnn..iiti.m»nv7 2©= Senior Statistics The Name The Nickname Noted For 1 . Walsh Bailey .... Washstand Rapid speech 2. Nellie Clark .... Prep Nellie Being a baby 3. H. B. Collins . . . . H. B Grumbling 4. Daley Crawford . . . Shoestring Walking 5. Ouida Crawford . . . Theda Bobbed hair 6. Ethelbert Crisler . . . Bert Voice 7. Burton Ford .... Flivver Manly beauty 8. W. B. Fowler .... Dub Lethargy 9. George Huddleston . . General Arguing with Ducky 10. Isabel Johnston . . . (Afraid to print it) ... Sweetness 1 1 . Fred Lotterhos . . . Hoss Dependability 12. M. L. McCoi-mick . . Mac " Piety " 1 3. Ada McDonnell . . . Sugar Her line 14. M. M. McGowan . . Mac His pipe 15. Helen McKean . . . Little McKean Scholarship 16. Grace McMullen . . Mully Good humor 1 7. Evelyn Scott .... Blondy Sincerity 18. W. E. Stokes .... Sweaty Good manners (?) 19. M. B. Swearingen . . Duck His energy 20. Katherine Tucker . . Kat (not Cat) Giggling 2 1 . W. N. Ware .... Warren Industry Page one hundred eighteen Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Tivo =W- .•■ ;r,n,„,n-,iimh i,,,-.rrm:,H Senior Statistics Where He {or She) Shine:, Favorite Expression What They Ought to Be 1 . Everywhere visible . . Never speaks Waked up 2. In logic Please don ' t! Married 3. Public speaking . . . My goodness! Editor 4. In astronomy .... Oh, say! Fatter 5. Church work .... Good-night! Thinner 6. Collecting Good Lord! Educated 7. Shoes (Censored) A Mormon 8. Athletics Expressionless A banker 9. In a class room . . . Well, let ' s see Professor of logic 10. Soft answers .... Don ' t you know! .... Spanked 1 1 . In debate Impartial — uses all of ' em . Less frivolous 12. Where serge always shines Too good to have one (?) . Less hypocritical 13. Rushing freshmen . . I ' m so thrilled! Less fond of Ducky 14. Nowhere By George! Hurried up 15. Latin Do you reckon? Less studious 1 6. Winning medals ... I know I busted In Mack Sennett 17. Headdress Well! More playful 18. With the ladies . . . Well by ! Better looking 19. (Modesty forbids us) . Well, I don ' t know . . . Less critical 20. Her voice Oooo — o — o — oh! . . . An opera singer 21. In a pulpit By George! Bishop Page one hundred nineteen Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo :: y K appa AlpK pna K appa Sigi The royal road to Kappa Alpha is looffs — beauty of either a masculine or feminine type. This rule relative to hav- ing a handsome mug is religiously ob- served, though in a few notable cases it is honored in the breach. Strangely enough, though, the handicap of brains is some- times overlooked by this extraordinary aggregation. There is no Kappa Sigma type, be- cause they go in for variety. In this age of specialization the Sigs have athletes, students, social prodigies, and even some men who make a specialty of nothing. The brand of the Sigs is Quantity, spelled with a capital " K " — crimson letter on a field of white. Page one hundred Iwentv Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Ttuo cy J " " H ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " " ' " ' " | ' l|((l ' ' | ' ' 1| t ' ' ' Ji ' ' J ll ji»itniiiirTnHriiimifnijrrMfiTti; Pi K appa AlpK pna Phi Mu The Pi Kappa Alphas are noted for their attempts at heart-breaking and their successful busting in class work. Of course, some of the Pikes would no more think of breaking a heart than of busting in their work, but most of them think no more of busting in a subject than of break- ing a heart. That their lamp of knowl- edge flickers so low is to be credited to an excess of society, and to aquatic sports enjoyed at the Palace, Crescent, and Pastime; also to an inherent antipathy to things bookish. Oh, the darling little Phi Mus! They are quiet and innocent in the extreme, and so gentle of spirit that they don ' t hate themselves at all. The Phi Mus don ' t care anything about boys, but they just can ' t keep the boys from running after them. To do them justice, though, they are not so demure and innocent as they look. Page one hundred twenty-one Eobashela, Pimeteen Twenty-Two 3@F= A0X K appa Delt; Alpha Theta Chi The Kappa Deltas admit in a brazenly outspoken way that they do society. The K. D. ' s — we have it from a member of a rival organization — are not altogether lacking in speed. Also, the greedy things cop rather more than their share of honors in the class room. Alpha Theta Chi gains much of its prominence from bumping one of the " nationals " for two men. Nevertheless, it is too young to have distinguishing char- acteristics, or even a coat-of-arms. Some information as to the character of the or- ganization may, however, be gained from the fact that it is petitioning Lambda Chi Alpha. The other name for Alpha Theta Chi is " The Holy Order of the Friends of McGowan. " Page one hundred imeniy-fao Bobashela, N?neteen Twenty-Two n h a im ni a«i ii Hi n ) ii ii)i i i i ui iK i)i i iiiii iiii iiii iii ' iii in ii THE DARKER SIDE OF COLLEGE LIFE Page one hundred trvenly-lhree Bohashela, N?neteen Tvuenty-Txvo m= r Bunion f ' o i o fs Pt i the Wo ID )« t Al c J t i t TW ct - 3 „k Page one hundred twenty-four Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Tivo Wis BS L P«.af- a A M — Ja ten Stoles. Q lir st ftct - gill Wa.tkih.s He At est - MiUtiti R q as he jr. s . Page one hundred lr»enl )-five Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two Some More Great " Red " Harrell is next on the list; On precision he ' s known to insist. Simple motion and stars. Apparatus and Mars, Are subjects he cannot resist. We have a young teacher named Patch, Whom the co-eds consider a catch ; He ' s as neat as a pin, Bui is sallow and thin; Here ' s the reason: He ' s still an old " batch. A man whom we think is real bright Is our dearly beloved Prof. White. He knows English Lit., And has made quite a hit In building the gym overnight. Doc Mitchell, our leader of song. Works math problems all the day long. When freshies get gay We then hear him say, " Good gracious! This thing is all wrong. " There is Sully of chemical fame. Who has won for himself quite a name. He smells of the gases. Then takes off his glasses. Repeating his same old game. Our latest addition is Bowen; We see, him with countenance gl owing. When speeches he makes. His Bible he takes. Wherever he may be going. Page one hundred tn enl )-six Bobashela, Nineteen Ttuenty-Tivo A woman with " Olive " complexion Speaks German and French to perfection. Her pupils she busies With numbers of quizzes. And yet she retains their affection. Prof. Sanders, our famous Rhodes scholar. Is useful and bright as a dollar. His students doth drench With Spanish and French, But they always are able to follow. Coach Freeland, who ' s cheerful and fat, And skillful at handling the bat, Has helped our boys win — Always hopeful has been; To him Millsaps takes off her hat. M. E. Page one hundred irventy-seven iiiiO Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two 5f:l= DONT ' " 4 Bobashela, Nyneteen Tiventy-Tvuo STYLE THAT IS RECOGNIZED As it has been in the past, so it will be in the future, SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES will give the best there is in style, fit and service — at a price that is always low for the quality offered. CLAPP SHOES MANHATTAN SHIRTS STETSON HATS THE EMPORIUM Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo THE CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK JACKSON, MISS ' SSIPPI CAPITAL, $200,000.00 STOCKHOLDERS ' LIABILITIES, $200,000.00 SURPLUS EARNED, $225,000.00 Designated Depository of the United States, State of Mississippi and the City of Jackson OFFICERS THAD B. LAMPTON, President AMOS R. JOHNSTON, Vice-President W. M. BUIE, Vice-President EDWARD W. FREEMAN, Vice-President W. C. ALLEN, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS S. C. HART W. E. GUILD JAMES A. ALEXANDER T. M. HEDERMAN LOGAN PHILLIPS J. C. McGEE W. B. JONES W. M. BUIE THAD B. LAMPTON YOUR ACCOUNT SOLICITED DON ' T SAY DRUG STORE SAY Simmons McGee We would appreciate your patronage. See us for Fine Box Candy, Stationery, Cigars, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Pipes, Toilet Articles. Hot and Cold Drinks, Kodak Supplies. Prescription Work Our Specialty. We have filled prescriptions for Millsaps boys for thirty years. Have your physician leave your prescription with us. Simmons McGee (Successors to Hunter McGee) THE OLD RELIABLE PRE- SCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Phones Nos. 1498, 1490 THE REXALL STORE WE ELL ERVICEABLE ENSIBLE EASONABLE ELZ HOES OLID OLES TYLISH AND ATISFACTORY Give Us a Trial Before You Buy Bufkin Shoe Co. 172 East Capitol, Jackson, Miss. " Specializing in SELZ SHOES " Bobashela, N?neteen Ttuenty-Tivo In the policy which governs our relations with our customers, there are three principles which we believe are vital : PRICE The honest pricing of mer- chandise, to allow a fair profit, and no more ; QUALITY — Dependable goods, hacked by the responsibility of a national man- ufacturer. SERVICE — A sincere attention to the individual, which subordinates selling to service. In putting these principles above all others, we must depend for success on your appreciation of fair dealing:. Will you not frive us an opportunity to vin- dicate our policy? DUKE LASETER JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI DOBBS HATS HURLEY SHOES The Daniel Studio THE NEW DANIEL BUILDING Photographs LIFE IS SERVICE The One Who Progresses Is the One Who Gives His Fellow- Beings a Little More — -a Little Better Bobashela, N?neteen Txventy-Tvuo -f = MITCHELL-DICKSON The Millsaps Hang-Out One Block West of Campus Phone 1117 C. C. Mitchell, Manager Full Line of Fresh Cigars, Cakes, Fruits, Bottled Drinks and Cigarettes Our specialty is manufactured millwork to fit any architect ' s requirements in any wood de- sired. Veneered doors and all other items of millwork manufactured in our own plant. A full mechanical equipment and experienced or- ganization enables us to guarantee prompt serv- ice and accurate workmanship and material of good quality. Send us plans for estimate. ENOCHS LUMBER MFG. CO., Jackson, Miss. SPECIAL MILL WORK High Grade R. H. GREEN WHOLESALE GROCER , FEED MANUFACTURER COLD STORAGE Phones 236, 485, 51 605-613 South Gallatin Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI HOTEL THE EDWARDS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI JOHN L. WARE, Manager CAFE THE EDWARDS HOUSE CO., Proprietors Bobashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Tivo — gHHBBBHi nln»nn,jjmnmuimnimT?ifi irllllllllllllllirilMlclllllM. CHAMBERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. TWO STORES Jackson, Mississippi EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE State Agents Royal Standard Typewriter and Corona (six pound $50) Typewriter Everything Carried in a First-Class Book Store " ANYTHING IN FLOWERS " Decorating and Designing by Experts CAPITOL FLORAL CO. JACKSON, MISS. CUT FLOWERS, POT FLOWERS IN SEASON Out-of-Town Orders Specialized Texas Building Postoffice Box 313 Day Phone 511, Night Phone 287 PANTAZE CAFE JACKSON ' S PRIDE BEST IN THE CITY JOHN C. CARTER Jeweler Jackson, Miss. CRESCENT BILLIARD HALL CIGARS, TOBACCO AND SMOKING SUPPLIES SOFT DRINKS New Millsaps Bldg. Phone 391 Quality Accuracy Service French Dry Cleaning and Steam Pressing EXPERT LAUNDERING Wright ' s Laundry Phone 594 " Wright Treats Your Clothes White " BUY SEALE-LILY ICE CREAM " You Eeat With a Smile " SEALE-LILY ICE CREAM CO. JACKSON Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two -i - More than ninety universities, colleges and schools of the South favored us with their Annual printing contracts for the year 1 922. This phenomenal record is the natural result of the high quality of workmanship displayed in all our publications, coupled with the very complete service rendered the Staff. From the beginning to the end we are your counselor and adviser in the financing, collecting, and editing of your book. Surely if " Experience is the best teacher, " as an old maxim says, then our service must be supreme. Decide right now to know more about our work and service. Simply write for our proposition. " ' College Annual Headquarters " Bobashela, Nineteen T wenty-Ttvo I " ■■ ■ H -L j:„ 7rf llll„„|,|..,i„ i ll||llii U,||i|||)i l||||||||| | H|| | I IIIIIIIIIMHII|liill, ,„ll jJTJjjjjijj Ililllll.llll.ill STETSON HATS STACY-ADAMS SHOES EMERY SHIRTS FAULTLESS PAJAMAS B. KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES ARE SOLD EXCLUSIVELY IN JACKSON BY DOWNING-LOCKE COMPANY CAPITOL AT FARISH NECKWEAR UNDERWEAR GLOVES RALSTON SHOES A Thorough Course in Business Training Such as we offer, in addition to the literary education you already have, will give you a wonderful advantage in the " Game of Life, " regardless of tho voca- tion you choose. DRAUGHON ' S P B R ™ S L COLLEGE " Mississippi ' s Big School " JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI THE HOME OF " QUALITY ICE CREAM " MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Telephone 1043 South and I. C. R. R. Prompt and Courteous Attention Given to All Orders Bohashela, Nineteen Tiventy-Two --- 1 Baptist Book Store Books, Stationery, Office Supplies Corner President and Capitol Phone 2703 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI SEE THAT YOU GET BARKER BREAD AND J. B. PACKAGE CAKE Good to the Last Crumb Your Dealer Has Both or Ought To MADE BY JACKSON BAKING CO. LAUNDERS AND DRY CLEANERS STAR LAUNDRY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Clothes to Clean? Ring Four Fifteen Dr. L H. Galloway PRACTICE LIMITED TO SURGERY CENTURY BUILDING Telephones Office 597 Residence 628 DRINK CARBONATED COCA-COLA FIVE CENTS IN BOTTLES JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI EEAUTY AND VIEW SECTION IN THIS ANNUAL MADE BY HOLLENSBE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI All Kinds of Photographic Work Eatmor Bread Eatmor Bread ACME BAKERY COMPANY North Farish JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI WATKINS, WATKINS EAGER ATTORNEYS AND COUNSEL- ORS AT LAW Watkins-Easterling BIdg. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Bobashela, Nineteen Twenty-Two MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI MILLSAPS COLLEGE OFFERS COURSES LEADING TO TWO COLLEGIATE DEGREES A.B. AND B.S. Ample provision is made also for those who are not candidates for any degree. MILLSAPS ACADEMY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI An excellent Preparatory School, under separate man- agement, with strong faculty, prepares for entrance to any college. FOR CATALOG OR FURTHER INFORMATION, ADDRESS A. F. WATKINS, President Bobashela, Nineteen Tiuenty-Two m BOYS, PATRONIZE Millsaps Book Store Pennants, Stationery Cold Drinks, Cakes, Athletic Goods and Books WE SAVE YOU MONEY CLEANING PRESSING PHILP CO. FASHION TAILORS Phone 1257 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI REPAIRING ALTERING A CONGENIAL PLACE FOR CONGENIAL PEOPLE The Pastime Billiard Hall Cigars, Cigarettes, Soft Drinks Chocolates, Candy, Pool and Billiards Tucker Printing House JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ENGRAVERS OF WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS CRESTS, CARDS, ETC. Ford ' s Drug Store AND FOUNTAIN Complete Line of Cigars and Candies 465 — TELEPHONE — 465 TRULY DELICIOUS Macgowan ' s Best Coffee MACGOWAN COFFEE COMPANY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI H. T. Cottam Co. INCORPORATED Wholesale Grocers Fruits and Produce JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI TAYLOR FURNITURE CO. 109 South State Street JACKSON, MISS. Furniture of a Better Grade Bobashela, N?neteen Tiventy-Ttvo ' cf ' i " " ' ' i ' " ' J ' ' ' n J. T7TiTmTT7nTi l Ti i Tii TTi i)i rp n ri ff|M i Mj)i iit )n rTifTr,Tr.7 JACKSON COMPLETE HOUSE VICKSBURG FURNISHERS RICE FURNITURE COMPANY Your Credit Is Good If It ' s to be Found in a Drug Store WE HAVE IT! We Ward Your Business WILLIAMS DRUG STORE HARRINGTON ' S SODA FOUNT AT Simmons G McGee SANDWICHES, DRINKS Our Molto: " To Serve Quality in a Prompt and Courteous Manner. " PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS H 7his jVtuuidl Illustrated J bijthe Alabama Engraving Cp, BIRMINGHAM THE BO M C MILLANS OF THE COLLEGE ENGRAVING BUSINESS RED ROBERTS RUNNING INTERFERENCE FOR BO M C MILLAN

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