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MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39210 MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39210 FOREWORD IN THIS, THE 1919 BOBASHELA, WE ARE PRESENTING IN ADDITION TO THE REGULAR STUDENT LIFE A TOUCH OF THE LIFE WE LIVED WHILE IN 1 He U. S. ARMY. LIMITED TIME HAS PREVENTED US FROM GIVING AS FULL AN INTERPRETATION OF THE MILL- SAFS ' STUDENT LIFE AS WE WOULD WISH. OUR SINCERE DESIRE IS THAT THESE PAGES MAY SERVE TO KEEP BRIGHT IN YOUR MEM- ORY THE HAPPY AND PROFITABLE DAYS WE HAVE SPENT TOGETHER AS STUDENTS AND FRIENDS. i i SI i i i ffi i i i i i i I i i i Duke el decorum esl pro palria mori. To THE Memory of Dr. John Marvin Burton SCHOLAR. CHRISTIAN, GENTLE. MAN AND PATRIOT A MAN WHOM TO KNOW WAS TO LO ' E AND ADMIRE. In MEMORY OF HIM, OF HIS PA- TRIOTIC SPIRIT, AND OF THE SPIRIT OF THOSE BOYS OF OUR STUDENT BODY WHO LIKE HIM HAVE MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFACE, WE DEDICATE THIS, THE 1919 BOBASHELA i 81 i I i I I i I i i i i i i Dr. K. S. Ricketts 1)1. It. S. IJiclu ' tts had liofii a nieiiilxT of the taciiUy of Millsaps ( iill( ' ;; ' siiuf IS!(;{, and doiilillcss is known and loved liy more young iiK ' n who liave heen sliiilents here than any oilier man who has ever lieen (-onneded with the (■olle};c. So loiif as the college shall last tlie spirit of this gentle, lovalile, wise and Just man will live in its walls and liel]i to make U| the spiiitual in(inen e that identifies Millsaps Collejie. (Jod in his iirovidence has withdrawn from us the wisdom, love, cheer, .ind connsej of liis hodily presence witli us week hy week; we feel tliat in the loss of the eaitidy fellowsiiiii of Dr. I{icketts we and tlic school iieiierations yet to he are depi ived of a counsellor most wise, sympatheli - and aft ' ctionate; of an interpreter of life most gentle, faithful, true and tolerant, who diil not in harshness enforce the letter of the law, hut with charity exemplified the very spirit of Clnist. We trust that the earthly fellowship thus interpreted may he con- tinued in memories of his saintly life and niaj lie lenewed in some lietler future time. Dr. J. M. Burton i ' he tragedy of the war was hrought home to Millsaps t ' ollege very closely l , the death in Kran e of Dr. .1. .M. lUirton, Professor of K(miance Ijanguages. I ' rofessor Burton came to Iillsaps in l)»l(l. During the years spent lu-re he not only stam|)ed the imiiress of his strong jiersonality upon many individual students who had come to admire and love him hut also had given nitu h of his life to foiin the traditions and ideals of the institution. He W!is a man of character and principle. His life was con- sciously devoted to his work of interpreting French literature and civilization to America. His answer to the call of his country was in that same sjurit of fidelity to duty that amounted to a consecration. If he died for France — he had lived and had planned to live for France and for the promotion of nuitual understanding in the world ' s two great democracies. His star shines golden in our great service Hag. In unstinted measure Millsaps gave the best she had to the struggle for Liherty, and Fate took the best she gave. 15ut what Avas finest in that life she shall keep forever — a fine tradition of seivice and of Justice. Jud e Ed vard Mayes 111 tlie death of .ludge Kihvaid Mayes during tlie Suiiiiiier of l!)I7, the State of .Mississippi lost its most eniiiieiit jurist, Millsa|)s Collese its oldest and most loved law teacher. Judse Mayes took his first degi ' e« from the University of Mis- sissippi in 18( 8; liis Doctor of Laws from Mississippi Collese in 1882. He was professor of law at the University of Mississippi duriiif the years 1877-92; ( " hancellor at the same place, 188!)-!)2. He hecaine l eaii of the Millsaps Law Scliool at its foundins and served in this capacity until his death. .Iiidfie Mayes ' fame throughout tlie State was reverenced. He was especially known for his depth and hreadth of intellect. At the time of his death no man in Mississippi was hettcy versed in the profession for which he had so Ions heeii a leadiii " exponent. Now, he has departed from the p:ace which he filled so long, but heliind him he has left a nieiiiory that sliall ever be an adorn- ment to his name and to the State which he loved so long. Jiid e Albert Hall Whitfield Judge Whitfield ' s death in the Fall of 1918 has left a vacancy in the Millsaps ' Faculty which will be hard to fill. Of tlie type of old Southern gentlemen, he was versatile, friendly, kindly, learned. He took his literary degrees from the University of Mississippi in 1871-73, and his law degrees from the same school in 1874 and 189, " . At first he seemed tt have had no desire to practice law, but studied it for lireadth of culture. He served as Professor of (;reek at the University fiom 1871 to 1874. He was Chief Justice of tlie Supreme Court of Mississippi, wlii h place he filled with dignity and wisdom. The .Millsaps students ever took an interest and delight in Judge Whitfield ' s teaching. He was humorous, practical, and withal well versed in laws. His was a familiar and loved figure on the streets of Jackson. His wonderful faculties remained to liini till the last. The tribute of resiiect paid to him liy the Millsaps S. .A. T. C. at his funeral amply disiilayed the love and respect witli which the students Iiad ever regarded him. Vu. Board of Trustees Officers Bishop W. B. Murrah, D.D.. LL.D PresiJenl Rev. R. a. Meek, D.D Vice-PresiJent J. B. Streater Secrclan) W. M. BuiE Treasurer Term Expires in 1920 Rev. W. H. Huntley. D.D Shubula. Mhs. Rev. W. W. Woollard Oxford, Miss. Rev. M. L. Burton Porl Gibson. Miss. Rev. J. R. Countiss Grenada. Miss. J. L. Dantzler New Orleans, La. W. B. Kretschmar Creenville, Miss. W. M. BuiE Jackson, Miss. V. W. Macruder Slarkville. Miss. Term Expires in 1923 Rev. M. M. Black Jaclgson. Miss. Rev. T. B. Hol loman. D.D Phoenix, Miss. Rev. W. L. Duren Columbus. Miss. Rev. R. a. Meek, D.D SarJis. Miss. W. H. WaTKINS y „„ ; 3 T- L- Lamb £ p„ ; T. B. Lampton y „„ i i J. B. Streater B,„, ; (10) 7 MAIN BUILDING CHAPEL LIBRARY SCIENCE HALL FOUNDERS HALL DRIVEWAY i,!00 OBSERVATORY TELESCOPE BOOK I . ■£: OiU..Mr -_. 3 O D " Aleck " To reign. anS Jvagc immortal rear Tvilh jvil. ' Alexander Farrar Watkins A.B., D.D. Biblical Instruction A.B., Vandei ' bilt University. 1S83; D.D., Centen- ary College, 1900; Field Agent. Millsaps College. 1S!I0-!I2: President o£ " n ' hitworth College, 11)00- " -: Vice-President of Board of Trustees, Mill- .saps College, l«OU-il ' : a member of the Metho- dist Ecumenial Conference which met at Toronto, Canada. 1911; Member Mississippi Annual Conference; Seci-etary of General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, 1906-18; a member of the Commission on unification of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Method ' st Episcopal Church Si;uth; President of Millsaps College since June U 12; Phi Delta Theta. s- V (20) : : : John Magruder Sulli ' an A.M., Ph.D. Chemistrv and Geology A.B., Centenary. 1S 17; sissippi, 1S90; Ph.D., A. jr., University of Mis- ' Vanderbilt Uniyt-rsity. 1900; Professor of Natural Science. Centenaiy College, 1S89-92; Assistant in Astronomy, Van- derbilt. 1SS6-S7; Graduate Student in Chemistry and Geology. University of Chicago, 1907. 190S. 1911; Member American Chemical Society; American Association for the Advancement of Science; Mississippi State Teachers ' Association; Audubon Society; National Geographic Society; Methodist Historical Society of Mississippi; Delta Tau Delta. " Sully " O, if Faie Tvoulil but discover lo mc an urn of monev ! (21) m D D 3 (?• Alfred Allan Kern A.M., Ph.D. English A B.. Ralulolph-Macon Collfgp, 1S9S; A.M.. 1S99; Ti-aching Fellow. Vanderbllt, 1S99-1900: Fellow in English. Johns Hopkins, 1902-03; Fellow by I ' ouitesy, 1903-04, 1906-07; Ph.D., 1907; Author of " The Ancestry of Chaucel ' . " " Iiwin Russell, " in the Library of Southern Litei- ature, and " A First Book in English " : Professor of English Liteiature in Johns Hopkins Summer School, l:ilo-16; Professor of English in University of Texas. Summer Term, 191.S; Editor-in-Chief of Dm- Kai |.a Ati: ha Journal; Kappa Alpha; Sigma rp.silon; Phi Beta Kappa. i " Dippy " Too much learning has made ihec Jipp)). (22) _J George Lott Harrell B.S., M.S. Astronomy and Pbvsics B.S., Millsaps roU, ' se. ISUH; JI. s.. 11101; Profes- sor of Science, Whitwortli College, lSfl9-1900; Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Hendrix Colleg-e, 1900-02: Professor of Phj ' sics and Chemistry. Centenary College. 1902-04; Profes- sor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Epwortti Uniyersity, 1901-OS; Professor of Mathematics, Centenary College, 1908-09; President of Mans- field Female College, 1909-10; Professor of Sci- ence, Winfiekl High School. 1910-11; Professor of Mathematics. Louisiana State Uniyersity, Summer, 1911; Member of American Association for Ad- ' ancement of Science; Member of Ameri- can Astronomical Society; Kappa Sigma. m " Red " Without Science, life is little more than the re- flection of death. 3 ur- ' M - J. Reese Lin A.B., A. M. Philosophy and History A.B.. Emory College; Fellow in Vantlerbilt Uni- versity. 189-1-96: A.M.. Vantlerbilt University; Professor of Philosophy and Education. Central College. Mo.. 1909-10; Sage Fellow in Cornell University. 1910-12; Instructor in English Litera- ture and Psychology. Tulane University. Summer Term. 1909: Summer Terms. Columbia Univer- sity, 1908-10; Kappa Alpha. " Ducky " llluc, unJe aba, redeo. Sir, ihe sense o ihis Lalin is: Tailing up where 1 left off. (24) r i J ? , " fjUtJ- Benjamin Ernest Mitchell A.M., Ph.D. Maihemaiics A.B.. Scarritt-lIoirisviUe, JIo., 1900; Schnlastic Fellow. Vanderbilt. 1906-07; Teaching F« llo v. 1907-OS; A.M.. Vanderbilt, 190S; Ph.D.. Colum- bia University, 1916; Professor of Mathematics. Scarritt-Morrisville College, 190S-12; Tutoi- in Mathematics in College of City of New York, 1912-13; Instructor, Columbia Extension Teach- ing. 1913-14; Professor of Mathematics in Mill- saps College since 1914; Alpha Tau Omega. YA CA y " Broncho " ' Tjvas certain he could jvrile anJ cipher too. e -. CD D 3 o D 3 Ms (25) David Martin Key A.M.. Ph.D. Ancient Languages A.B., Central College. ISa.S; A.M.. Vanderbilt. IIIOS: Ph.D.. University of Chicago. 1916; Profes- sor of Ancient Languages. Pacific Methodist Col- lege. 1900-02: Professor of Ancient Languages. Morrisville College. 1903-05; Fellow and Assist- ant in Latin and Greek. Vanderbilt University. 1906-07; Graduate Student. University of Chica- go. 1913-14; Professor of Ancient Languages, irn University. 1907-15; Professor of Ancient L;ingLiages. Millsapc ; ' ollege. .since 1915. " Mercurious " A l) thoughts are with the DeaJ ; with them I hve in h ng-pasl }cars. i_±3 (26) M ' :..m Vuv---.,.- -- ' ' li Stuart Grayson Noble M.A.. Ph.D. Education A.B., Universitj- of North ' ;irnlina. 1;hj7: M.A.. University of Chicago, 1910 ; Graduate Scliolar. Teachers ' College, Columbia University, 1914-lo; Ph.D., Columbia University, 191 S ; Instructor, Millsaps Preparatory School, 190S-11; Headmas- ter, ibid., 1911-16; Professor of Education. Uni- versity of Mississippi, Summer, 1917 ; Professor of Education in Millsaps College since IHIR; Author of - ' A First Book in English, " " The Agricultural High School of tht- South. " " " Forty Years of the Public Schools in Mississippi " : Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Delta Kappa. ' Trep " IVhal ihou Tvouldsl highly, that woulJst ihou nohlv. (27) CicJ- ' - •■ D 3 3 IE IL Alfred Porter Hamilton A.B.. M.A. Creef and Cernian A.B.. Southern University, 190S; M.A., Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. 1911; Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages, Southern University. 1908- 09; Graduate Student, University of Leipzig. 1909-10; Harrison Fellow in Latin. University of Pennsylvania. 1910-11; Harrison Fellow in Indo- European Comparative Philology, University of Pennsylvania. 1911-12; Student in University of Chicago, Summer of 1914 ; Professor of Latin and German, Woman ' s College of Alabama, 1912-17; Professor in Millsaps since 1917; Kappa Alpha. " Ham " Philosophy 15 something, hut music is music Vt) [ (28) i M.D.. Vanderliilt Uni ' ersity. 1905; Instructor in Chemistry, Vanderbilt, 1903-05; Fort-ign Resi- dence and Travel. 1906-07; Head of Department of Modern Languages. JJeridian. IMiss. ; High Srhool. 1911-12; B.S.. il.A.. Vanderbilt. I!tl3; Graduate Student. Harvard. Summer. 1914; Head of Department of Modern Languages of Savannah. Ga.. High School, 1 913-1 S; Member of Modern Language Association ; Professor of Romance Languages. Millsaps College, 191S; Phi Beta Kappa, .. :: Lii.CJ " ' m.ri.f ' ' n CD D 3 m T - Faculty Assistants Miss Ruth E. Alford Assislanl in Latin Dewey S. Dearman Aaiiianl in Malhemalics and Chemiilr Frank K Mitchell Assistant in English Preparatory Assistants Frank K. Mitchell •. . Assistant in French anJ Chemistry Charles W. Wesley Assistant in History (30) ; [j: ' ' 4.; IZllJ, c m BOOK II f -f- . " TfT WWr 7T " ' % » i I _„. ».« , I t III I W_f % ' i 1 1 I V- I I I I i C ' OU-O ' ' ' ' m:r fi ' ' _L_3 senior Class Officers Frank K. Mitchell PraiJenl Clara Baur Johnston yice-PreslJenl Garner M. Lester Secretary-Treasurer Mae Allred Poet Richard A. J. Sessions Historian Ruth E. Alford Mae Allred Charles W. Brooks Dewey S. Dearman Members Hancy M. Johnson Clara Baur Johnston Garner M. Lester Richard A. McRee Frank K. Mitchell Clarence C. Norton Richard A. J. Sessions Selwyn W . Sharbrouch John B. Vesey (34) ,i f7 ' r ' - . ' ■ ■ .vwi,vAJ ' ' ' " lj:$ ' " ■ -_ ,- »is: Ruth Elizabeth Alford, B.A. Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Sludenl. DePau Uni- versity. 1915-16; Junior Class Poet; Purple and While Staff. 1918-19; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1919; Associate Editor Purple and While. 1919; Instructor in Latin. 1919; Club Editor Boba- shela. Charles W. M. Brooks B.S Dublin. Miss. Kappa Alpha; LL.S.; Varsity Football. 1916; Varsity Basketball. 1916-17-18-19; Varsity Baseball. 1916-17-18-19; Captain Baslcetbal Team. 1919; President, 1919; Anniversarian. 1919; Chairman " Y " Financial Campaign. 1919; Sophomore Debater. 1917; Commencement De- bater. 1918; Pan-Hellenic Council. 1919; Cap- tain Track Team. 1919; President Athletic As- sociation, 1919; S. A. T. C. Editor Bobashela; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1919; Vice-President L. L. S.. 1918. .-S V J I H — 1=0 . Mae Allred. B.A. Jackson, Miss. Clionian Literary Society; Y. W. C. A.; Sci- ence Club. 1918; Class Poet. 1917; Vice-Presi- dent Y. W. C. A.. 1919; Class Poet. 1919; Vice President All One Club. Dewey Stevens Dearman, B.S. New Augusta. Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A.; L.L. S.; Fresh- man Debater. 1916; Track Team. 1916; Gciger Chemistry Medal, 1917; Honor Council, 1917; Triangular Debater, 1918; Winner of Tribbelt Fellowship, 1918; Assistant Business Manager, Purple and White, 1918; Business Manager Pur- ple and White, 1919; University Debater. 1919; Assistant in Chemistry and Mathematics. 1 919; .Athletic Council. 1919; Literary Editor Boba- shela. Hancy McCollum Johnson, B.A. Jackson, Miss. Alpha Pi Sigma; G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Preachers ' League; President G. L. S.. 1918; Triangular Debater. 1918; President Preachers ' League. 1918; President G. L. S.. 1919; Stu- dent Representative. Fort Sheridan. III.. 1918; Commissioned Infantry of U. S. Army. Septem- ber. 1918: Commissioned in Officers ' Reserve. January. 1919; Associate Business Manager Bobashela. (36) ) - -M .V-. Clara Baur Johnston, B.A. Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Y. W. C. A.; Student at Centenary College; Meridian College. 1915-1918; Certifi- cate in Oroan. Meridian College Conservatory of Music. 1918; Vice-President Senior Class, 1919; Art Editor Bobashela. Garner McConnico Lester, B.S. Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; His- torian Sophomore Class; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 1918; Triangular Debater, 1918; Science Club. 1918; Vice-President. G. L. S., 1918; Drill Sergeant. 1918; President, G. L. S., 1918; First Sergeant. S. A. T. C. Unit. 1918; Secretary- Treasurer. Senior Class. 1919; Associate Busi- ness Manager Bobashela. Richard Alexander McRee. B.S. Grenada. Miss. Kappa Sigma; Y. M. C. A.; G. L. S.; Winner of Tennis Singles, 1917; Vice-President. Sopho- more Class. 1917; Manager Tennis Team, 1917- 18; Honor Council. 1918; N ' arsily Basketball. 1918-19; Varsity Baseball. 1918-19; Manager Basketball. 1919; Honor Council. 1919; Vice- President, Y. M. C. A., 1919; President. G. L. S., 1919; Pan-Hellenic Council, 1918-19; Glee Club. 1918-19; University Debater; Athletic Ed- itor Bobashela;. (37) ' h d3 D D 3 IE i=£] (S6=.- aJ ' - ■- - i-,h:J ' - ' j ' lr . Lu O Frank Kirby Mitchell, B.A. Sallis, Miss. Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon ; Y. M. C. A.; L. L. S.; Track Team. 1916; Treasurer L. L. S., 1918; President of Junior Class. 1918; Instructor In History, Preparatory School, I9I8; Student Representative, Fort Sheridan. III., Summer, 1918; President Senior Class, 1919; Manager Track Team, 1919; Assistant in English, 1919; Instructor in French and Chemistry, Preparatory School. 1919; Editor-in-Chief of the Purple and White, 1919; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1919; Asso- ciate Editor Bobashela. Clarence Clifford Norton, B.S. Meridian, Miss. Sigma Upsilon; Y. M. C. A.; G. L. S.; Car- toonist Bobashela, 1917; Delegate to Southern Student Conference, 1917; Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, 1918-19; President Preachers ' League, 1917-18; Vice-President. G. L. S.. 1918; Pres- ident, 1918; University Debater. 1918; Honor Council, 1919; Athletic Council, 1919; Wireless Operator, U. S. A., 1918; Editor-in-Chief of the Bobashela. Richard Andrew J. Sessions, B.A. WooDviLLE, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A.; L. L. S. ; Dele- gate to Southern Students ' Conference, 1918; Corresponding Secretary, L. L. S.. 1918; Sci- ence Club. 1918; President L. L. S., 1919; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 1919; Historian Senior Class, I9I9; Honor Council. 1919. (38) i " ? V , 3elwyn Wilbur Sharbrough, B.A. Port Gibson, Miss. L. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Sophomore Footba 1916; Corresponding Secretary. L. L. S., Critic 1918; Secretary. 1918; Vice-President, 1918; Statistics Editor of the Bobashela. John Barnett Vesey, B.S. Chicago, 111. Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Y. M. C. A.; L. L. S.; Student Earlham Collene, 1916-17; Basketball Team, 1918; Baseball Team, 1918- 19; Captain Baseball Team, 1919; Athletic Council, 1919; University Debater, 1918; Glee Club, 1918-19; Quartet, 1919; Pan-Hellenic Council, 1919; Student Representative, Fort Sheridan, 111., 1918; Instructor in S. A. T. C, 1918; Business Manager Bobashela. 11 m io 3 c v-.j. ' i (40) (B:n ■ -Ui-- - ' ' i A ■■ , - )4 f 5; S: =2 g g % %i 1 I I iIli ' :i ' ft.;«S;, .„„ - CD D 3 3 (41) - : ljLcj -UiUM- C ' m k V ' H ' jvjy Gladys Alford Jackson, Miss. I ' lii JIu; I " . I . S. ; V. V. C. A.: Vicp-Presitlent r lii Mu, l:U9; Hecrt ' tai-y and Treasurer Junior Class, John R. Bane EupoRA, Miss. Sigma Upsilon ; I . J,. S, : V. M. ( . A.; Fresli- nian DtLater. I ' .tlT; Purpie and White StalT. 1II17-1S Hugh H. Clegg Mathison. Miss. Kappa Alpha: Sigma Upsilon: L. L. S. : Y. M. C. A.: Historian Sophomoie Class, 191S: Vice- President L. L. S., 191S; Glee Club, 1917-18-19: Sranager Glee Club. 1919: Medal Winner Fresh- man Debate. 191 " : DeclaTuation. 1917: Sopho- more Debate, 191S, and Sophomore Oratorical Contest. 191S: Triangular Debater. 1918: Anni- versary Orator, Ij. L. S.. 1919. Kathryn Elizabeth Harris Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta: C. I,. S. : Y. W. C. A.: President V. W. C. A.. 1919. Lee B. Hebert Iberville, Miss L. L. S. : Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club, 1919; Varsity Basketball. 1919: Louisiana Club. 1919; All One Club. 1919: Triangular Debater, 1919. (42) SwEPsoN F. Harkey Terry, Miss. Kappa Sigma; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Preachtr League; All 1 Club. Carl G. Howorth Forrest, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; L. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.: Presi- ilent L. L. S., 1919; Varsity Basketball, 1916-17- IS; Varsity Baseball. 1916-17-lS; Honor Council 1918-19; Purple and White Staff, 191S-19; Man- ager Bas ball, 1918; Midsession Debater, 191S Vice-President . thletic Association, 1919; Vice- President .Junior Class, 1919. Peale H.armon VicKSBURC, Miss. Kappa Sigma; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A. ;_ Secretaiy G. L,. S.. 1918; Honor Council. 1918; Glee Club. 1917-18-19; President Glee Club, 1919; Vice- Pi-esident G. L. S., 1919. Robert T. Hollingsworth Houston, Miss. G. L. S.; Y.M. C. A.; Prcacher.s ' League. 1917- 18-19; Glee Culb. 1917-18-19; Honor Council, 1919; Vice-President G. L. S?., 1918; Treasurer G. L. S., 1919. BuRNHAM L. Kearney Flora, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; G. L. S. ; Y. SL C. A.; Millsaps Quartet, 1918-19; Glee Club, 1918-19; Treasurer Y. M. C. A., 1919; President O. L. .s;.. 1919. R. Bays Lamb. EupoRA, Miss. L. L. S. ; Y. Jt. ;■. A.: Secretai ' y L. L. S.. 1918; Vice-President L. L. S., 1919; Delegate Southern Students ' Conference, 1918; Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, 1919. - Henry Allen Norton LOGTOWN, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.: Sopho- more Debater, 1918; Secretary G. L. S., 1918; Assistant Business Manager Purple and White, 1919; President Junior Class, Thomas Gladstone Pears Water Vallev. Miss, Y. M, C, A.; Freshman, 1917; Sophomore, 191S; No Dad Gum Fraternity; Baseball Mascot. 1916- 17-lS; Second Assistant Chemist, 1918; Varsity Football. Emory University, 1918, Emmett J. Rutledge Jackson, Miss. G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A,: Orchestra, 1916; Secretary Preachers ' League, 1919. Leo B. Roberts Laurel, Miss, G, L, S,; r. M, C, A.; Geiger Chemistry Medal. 1918; Secretary G. L. S,, 1919. Robert E. Simpson Crystal Springs, Miss. G. L. S. ; Y. M. C, A.; Preachers ' League; Tri- angular Debater, 1919; Vice-President G, L, S., 1919. (44) r .f fl fl m " 7 -? 3 (45) iJ-JJ»i ,,:-: (? . ( " Hv. , ' nC (J V ' ' i - .V }= Sophomores Officers R. A. Harrell President E- A. King Vlce-PresiJcnl Mattee Bullard Secretar ,-Treasurer (46) h- mx ' A - ' - J , lomores Members R. P. Abney M. M. Black Mattel Bullard L. Calhoun Annie Crisler O. G. Dawkins W. L. Day E. M. Ervin T. A. Finch B. B. Graves R. F. Harrell L. B. Hebert R. E. HiNEs B. M. Hunt E. A. King C. L. LlNDSEY T. p. Pears E. L. Russell E. Willie Spann C. C. Sullivan C. W. Wesley J. E. Young C , ,- ' =::: ,,_( _ii.-_ ' - (48) )»Vi4 iVU c«3 %- II Jl I ' A Al llW? diUwi i:= ®ii (49) T ■rJ w- - ' ' M ' ' ' %k::;r- ' f ' l " " ' ' " ' - ' ' " -tp) ;- " rv c-p Freshman Class Officers F. J. LOTTERHOS PrciJeM H. L. ViLLEE Vicc-PrclJenl Ada McDonnell .• 5ecrc(ar]; - P- Stiles rrccsurer Clara Virginia Hartfield Po j F. G. Ralston f .Vonar, (50) rreshman L.lass Members A. W Bailey W. L. Ganonc S. E. Morse W. M . Berry Rose Giardina R. k. Nelson T. A. Brame H. G. Graves G. S. Patton H. H. BUFKIN J. O. Harrell Lurline Patton Nellie Clark J. B. Harris F. G. Ralston H. B. Collins C. V. Hartfield J.J. Rawls L. B. Cook W. H. Hatfield Emma Redfearn L. C. Corban R. B. Henderson McW. Robinson S. O. Craig A. M. Hinton W. A. Scott OUIDA Crawford V. W. HOLLEMON C. L. Smith L. M. Dixon Mabel Horne C. J. Stapp E. A. Eaton W. J. Jof ' nson E. P. Stiles B. C. Edwards J. B. jcJNES W . E . Stokes W. C Edwards W. L. Kellogg Mack Swearingen A. L, Farrar G. H. K ' rkland R. H. Thompson H. C. Felder R. L. Lewis H. L. ViLLEE W. B Fowler 1,. ' . Long F. J. Lotterhos E. Manning Ada McDonnell J. P. McMahon Clara McLeod O. W. Mitchell W. A. ' i ' ercer (51) m -U4 jjj-P- ' ' ■ lU -iJjAj -L4-- l ' Wi, : i 3 - S •■- - .-i i .- - . ■ ' T -- f J (7i iJ (52) BOOK III „ ! . ftr- f (55) n D 3 D D 3 ' u ClL- J pJ V w " " ' ■-. --tUiJ- ' - ' " (56) Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 Colors: Crimson and Old Gold. Flower: Magnolia and Red Rose. Publication: Kappa Alpha Journal. Alfred Allan Kern J. K. Vardaman, Jr. P. L. Clifton y. h. cufto j Wellin Cole r. s. dobyns E. J. Ellzev A. W. Fridge L. M. Caddis Curtis Green G. W. Green G. S. Hamilton Robert G. Kennisgton Chalmers Potter Stokes V. Robertson A. R. Peebles D. G. Phelps Fratres in Facultate J . Reese Lin Fratres in Urbe G. B. Powe:; R. W. Roberts J. W. ROBINSC.J C. T. Taylor S. J. Taylor S. S. Taylor F . N . Taylor g. c. swearincen Mayrant Adams I. B. Beard V. M. Buie I. C. Enochs, Jr. W. H. HlLZlM Luther Manship Dunlap Peebles F. L. Mayes G. H. Moore J. H. Penix J . P . Smith Nolan Stewart W. R. Smith Alfred Porter Hamilton C. 7. May 11. r.L Qui- . Jr. W. H. Potter, Jr. G. W. F. Remeert John W. Saunders L. L. Mayes J , M . Vardaman A. F. Watkins, Jr. H. V. Watkins W. H. Watkins G. Q. Whitfield S. R. Whitten, Jr. James A. Teat C. M. Williamson G. L. Teat W. B. Moore rs V (57) 7 =: ;,, _ 11 ' ' iiu aaiUM . " • Alpha Mu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Claii 0 1919 Charles Weathersby Brooks John Barnett X ' esey C a!,i of 1920 Hl ' gh H. Clecc Frank Kirby Mitchell Robert Edward Hines Clais of 1921 Leonard Calhoun Hiram C. Tye. Jr. Marvin M. Black Robert F. Harrell 35 Mack Swearlngen Burton C. Ford Lawrence W. Long Class of 1922 Gordon S. Patton Walter E. Stokes ' Stephen A. McNair Terrall a. Brame Robert B . Henderson Frederick j . Lotterhos McWillie M. Robinson Wirt A. Yercer ♦Pledged. (58) : (59) ■ " K 1 r - (60) Kappa Sigma Founded at University of Virginia in 1867 Colors: Scariel, White, and Emerald. . Flonier: Lily-of-lhe-Vallcy. Publications: " The Caduceus " and " The Star and Crescent. " Fratres in Facultate George Lott Harrell Robert T. Henry John S. Johnston C. A. Alexander " J. A. Alexander J. M. Alexander J. A. Baker Grady Butler -T. H. Bingham ' ' LONGSTREET CaVETT • W. T. Davis L. Evans George Lott Harrell ■ ' ■ E . H . Galloway Fratres in Urbe A. W. Garraway A. A. Green, Jr. W. M. Green E. H. Green f. e. gunter Edgar Gunning W. S. Hamilton J. G. Johnson H. G. Johnson Sam Johnson W. H. Lewis J. H. Morris Jerry Montgomery H. F. Magee Clyde McGee Eugene Morse J. N. McLean Jr. A. M. Nelson, Jr. A. M. Owen R. B. Ricketts J . B . Ricketts J. S. Rhodes ' Sidney Robinson J. T. Robinson Fulton Thompson J. M. Thornton N. B. Langford Donald Morse 11 D 3 3 M. en (61) -1 ■ : ' Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Sigma fl Class of 1918 Benjamin Ormon ' an Hook Class of 1919 Richard Alexander McRee, Jr. Class of 1920 Alexander Peale Harmon James R. Bryant, Jr. Stanford E. Morse Class of 1921 Robert Selbv, Jr. C. Caruthers Sullivan William B. Jones Jamls T. Peatross Joseph E. ' i ' oung LiNDSEY M. Dixon John B. Jones William H. Hatfield Bascom B. Graves ' George H. Kirkland Eddie L. McInnis Class of 1922 Robert C. Pitard Frank G. Ralston Paul S. Thompson WlLLIAM F. GrESHAM Vernon W . Hollemon Alexander M. Hinton Wilton J . Johnson Daniel R. Markham Eugene Manning James J. Rawls Edward P. Stiles Horace L. Villee Lesly B. Cook y - ' J »Pledned. (62) (ST ' iteStiiiffi ' .fcifcij iSj (63) :i i- i-, -ri ;-:.- ' --- ' •-n ' sr- -n iH3 3 c (64) N ' ' ' U}j :j: 0fm t_J.J -..X .-£« yTs— - Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at University of Virginia in 1868 Colors: Garnet and Gold. Flower: Lilvof-theValley. Puhlicalion: " The Shield and Diamond. " Frater in Faculate Stuart Grayson Noble Charles W. Crisler E. B. Cooper J. W. Crisler J. F. Flint Fratres in Urbe W. H. Hill Edwin Jones John Lyle C. H. Miller L. W. Reed Frank T. Scott O. B. Taylor (65) - rs V. ii ' IjUj MU: ■ - ' -:-k:X -- Alpha Iota Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha C ass 0 W]9 Dewey Stevens Dearman Richard Andrew J. Sessions Garner McConnico Lester BURNHAM LiNDSEV KeaRNEY Claii of 1920 Carl Glenn Howorth Henry Allen Norton William Leon Day Class of 1921 Edward Lee Russell Fred Miller McCorkle Henry Bascomb Collins " •John Galloway Calhoun Class of 1922 Emmett Allan Eaton Lawrence Cunningham Corbin JoHN Bledsoe Harris James Barrow Simmons Bettin Egelbert Stalling William Leonard Kellogg ' Pledged. (66) ■ , ' 11 (67) fl O " © S ? ; i ' i -■ j-- — . J K ' T KY oigma Upsil on Founded at the University of The South, October, 1906 Colors: Olive Green and Old Gold. Flon nquil Kit Kat Club Frank K. Mitchell John B. Vesey Clarence C. Norton Robert T. Henry Hugh H. Clegg John R. Bane Associate Members A. A. Kern S. G. Noble Chapters Sopherim: University of the South. Calumet: Vanderbilt University. OsiVis: Randolph-Macon College. Senior Round Table: University of Georgia. Odd Number Club: University of North Carolina. Boer ' s Head: Transylvania Universilj ' . Scribblers: University of Mississippi. Kil Kct: Millsaps College. Scarabs: University of Texas. Scribes: University of South Carolina. Coffee House: Emory University. Fortnighth: Trinity Collene. Allic: University of Alabama. Grub Street: University of Washington. Cordon-Hope: College of William and Mary. Blue Pencil: Davidson College. Sphinx: Hampden- Sidney College. Ye Tabard Inn: University of Oregon. Ye Mermaid Inn: University of Montana. (68) TET (Q) 113 -iSii ,■ - J— -i-Nj- Kappa Delta Founded al the Virginia Slate Normal College in 1897 Colors: Olive Green and While. Flower: White Rose. Publication: " Aglaia. " Mrs. Barrett Jones Mrs. Jack Greaves Mrs. Forrest Cooper Mrs. Harwell Davis Mrs. Herbert Owens Mrs. V. B. Hathorn Miss Ruth Reed Miss Mary Etta Cavett SORORES IN UrBE Miss Ella Lee Miss Lizzie Glick Miss Daisy Rogers Miss Ida Harris Miss Fannie Buck Miss Mattie Withers Miss Delia Greaves Miss Joy King Miss Otie Branstetter Miss Sarah Greaves Miss Elizabeth Manship Miss Jane Williams Miss Mary Shurlds Miss Josephine Lewis Miss Alice Lewis Class of 1920 Kathryn Harris Annie Crisler Class of 1921 Mattel Bullard Class of 1922 Ada McDonnell Julie Mae von Suettfr (70) Colors: Rose and White. es ' U - • PhiMu Founded at Wesleyan College, 1852. Puhlications " Aglaia. " Mollo: Les Soeurs Fijcles. Flo ' oyer: Enchantress Carnation. Mrs. Mary Bowen Cl.ark Miss Olive Watkins Miss Maude Wise Kennedy Mrs. Olga Powell Crisler SORORES IN UrBE Miss Marguerite Watki.ns Miss Pattie Sullivan Miss Sallie Belle Hartfield Miss Ione Green Miss Crawford Swearincen Miss Catherine Bailey Mrs. Sue Beth Riddell Miss Fannie Virden Miss Elsie Moore Epsilon Chapter C as5 of 1919 Ruth E. Alford Clara Baur Johnston Clasi of 1920 Gladys Alford cil- L Class of 1921 Willie Spann Class of 1922 Nellie Clark Clara Virginia Hartfield Lurline Patton Honorary Active Member Elizabeth H. Watkins, ' 17 (72) J-- — ' u ' .Hi,; " -LJ ■ ? " m- II { ' Jhr (73) %i A TT (74) (75) j-uy. fiiiyU ; ' ' ' " - ' - ' - ' ' % " Alpha Phi Epsilon Literary Society Galloway Chapter Firsl Term : R. A. McRee Officers Presidents ScconJ Term: -{. M. Johnson ■ Third Term : B. L. Kearney Speakers university debaters 1918 1915 C. C. Norton R. A. McRee TRIANGULAR DEBATERS H. M. Johnson G. M. Lester R. E. Simpson E. A. King A. P. Harmon W. H. Hatfield R. T. HOLLINCSWORTH H. M. Johnson E. A. King Members B. L. Kearney G. H. KiRKLAND G. M. Lester R. A. McRee S. E. Morse C. C. Norton H. A. Norton L. B. Roberts R. E. Simpson C. W Wesley E. P. Stiles Chapters Philomalic: University of Alabama. Wert: Auburn. Phi Comma: Emory University. Mu Sigma Rho: Richmond College. Stuart: Southwestern Presbyterian University. Hermei}ian: University of Mississippi. Franf lin: Howard College. Chi Delta: University of Tennessee. Varsit}} Club: Stetson University. (76) c - ' ■ i,; :.. . i ' ' :ii ' t;-. -1 -Vv,, fcite 5- ' - g r (77) c-p Lamar Literary Society Presidents Fhii Term: C. G. Howorth Second Term: C. W. Broohs Third Term: R. A. J. Sessions Speakers uni ' ersity of mississippi debaters 1918 J. B. Vesey 1919 D. S. Dearman H. H. Clecc TRIANGULAR DEBATERS F. J. LOTTERHOS D. S. Dearman L. B. Herbert f — COMMENCEMENT DEBATERS R. F. Harrell ' Leonard Calhoun R. P. Abney C. W. Brooks H. H. BUFKIN L Calhoun H. H. Clecc H . B . Collins L. C. Corban D. S. Dearman O. G. Dawkins E. M. Ervin M EMBERS B. c. Edwards H c. Feeder R. F. Harrell J. O. Harrell J. B. HARRrs L. B. Hebert R. E. HiNES C. G. Howorth B. M Hunt W . L Kellogg R. B. Lamb L. W . Long F. J. Lotterhos F. K. Mitchell J- P. McMahon R. K. Nelson E. L. Russell R. A. J. Sessions S. W. Sharbrouch c. L. Smith w . A. Scott J. B. Vesey (78) - ' y3: " ' H i :im " ' ' " n, ' W- D 3 D D 3 L , . I (79) u lLcM It C3 D 3 D D 3 ' --l: - ' ' Young Men ' s Chri ian Association Officers M. R. Heflin Genera Secre(ari) W L. Dav PraslJent R. A. McRee, Jr Vice-President F. K. Mitchell Secretar ) B. L. Kearney Treasurer Chairmen of Committees C. C. Norton Devotional Bays Lame Reception R. A. J. Sessions Bible SluJ F. J. LoTTERHOS Social Service C. W. Brooks Membership (80) r ' Vi , Jj Young Women ' s Chri ian Association Officers KATH.-iVN Harris PresiJcnt Mae Allred Vke-Prcsidenl Clara Virginia Hartfield Sccrdarv Mattee Bullard Treasurer Chairmen of Committees Mae Allred Alemherslup OuiDA Crawford Relioious LuRLINE PatTON Social Ruth Alford Current Evnt-i (81) d ,. -C f ; - •-t±: - • rRE:ACHCR5 ' • • f, • Officers ra C C Norton PresiJcn E A King Vice-PresiJent . Secrelaiy Members A. W. Bailey S. F. Harkey E. J . RUTLEDCE R. T. HOLLINCSWORTH H M. Johnson C. C. Norton R. T. Henry E. A. King w L. Day B. M. Hunt R. C. E. Simpson W. Wesley A. F. Watkins ■K (82) i . CD D 3 M, m TT . 11 CZ) D D D 3 Ms IL i cMJtri - - • Honor Council R. A. J. Sessions Senior CUss R. A. McRee, Jp. Senior Clas, R. T. HoLLiNGSWORtH Junior Class R. E. HlNES Sophomore Class J. B. Jones Freshman Class C. G. HowoRTH and C. C. Norton At Lame (84) . . 3 fe3 ' £ :- U-LJ-U AJA- ' l -V " - ' ' ™i .:.., y-n ' iu; ' ' THE PURPLE WHITE BASE BAL STAF y k Publlbhtd V..| " Students o |||Mt:: (■on.?se r Kouj " ' " " t i- Class i f M | be time Ora B- e students t P ji STAFK. ' f pijp out on t f f f-;. Mitchen. " 3V ' iy i:aitur .11 rK i tjractice. Mn A 5t Alford . B Vr " Trk -■» s " i ' ' » ' ' ' ' ■- ' Itf - pr ' ieu thai ti A " l orth - K. A . 1 M te r hl ' :n .J K ll k :H t at) A A A HHMHJ h Ha KJi i H atu B ' ' I Bi n i Ht HH BBBB . Aa o V - l ft J BHtti " B- ' B m r " IH V Bk -: The Purple and White Editorial Staff Frank K. Mitchell Editor-in-Chief Rlth E. Alford Associate Editor Carl G. Howorth Athletic Editor Reporters Robert F. Harrell Henrv B. Collins Mack C. Swearincen Business Management Dewev S. Dearman Business Manager Henry A. Norton Assistant Business Manager (86) ' ■a ; ' M w,v - AiJ- v;- i vuA v j i. Jy t (( A ■ ' A Bo ' oashela Staff C. C. No -TON EJilor-in-CI:ief F. K. Mitchell Associate Editor J. B. Vesey Business Manag:r G. M. Lester Assistant Business XIanager 11. M. Johnson Assistant Business Manager Miss CuRA Baur Johnston Art Editor D. S. Dearman Literary Editor C. W. Brcoks S. A. T. C. Editor R. A. McRee Jr Athletic Editor Miss Ruth E. ALForo Club Editor S. W. Sharbrouch Statistics Editor (88) i l-r--; " H 113 - (89) ' c::ik li,LJ ( © IL What Would It Be? And we sat us down and wondered What on earth that we would see. If together in one body Such as this should chance to be. Put tne intelligence of Ducky In a body long and thin. Similar to that of Alex, And give it Hammy ' s grin. Still further, let ' s appropriate The physiognomy of Prep. And let it amble on its way With Key ' s and Dippy ' s step. Let it have the eyes of Halley With their acrobatic stunts And if its mustache should be Sully ' s It would not be called a runt. Now to preserve its unity And that its head may not be bare. Let ' s finish up our image With Professor Harrell ' s hair. Do you blame us if we wonder What on earth that we would see If together in one body Such as this should chance to be? (90) :-W ]4 - - ' j|) ( iK - ' ::::::::ixi l !::r|::i::::?j:::-f::::ntti Hi::i::x?lllti::iTttilir: ttkltli:llTn + (91) ■- " -- »» ■ ( HI £ A- ffl N v.l--U-4 fl Glee Club Officers A. Peale Harmon President W. L. Day Secrelary-Treasurer Hugh H. Clecc Manager A. P. Hamilton Director First Tenors B. L. Kearney Second Tenors M. M. Black R. A. McRee W. E. Stokes W, L. Day J. J. Rawls W. A. Mercer First Bass A. P. Harmon R, T. Holllngsworth J. B. Vesey L. B. Hebert G. H. Kirkland Second Bass S. E. Morse H. H. Clegg Accompanist E. P. Stiles (92) f 7 Bonehead Club Motto: " I heard a hollow sound. Who rapped upon my head? " Yell From Millsaps College. We ' re some simps Books full of knowledge, Heads full of rocks Members Iv ory Dome Boh Thompson Density— O Little SuU ) Empty Belfry Hat Plum Nuts Jimmie Harrdl " Seek But You Seek in Vain " Stan Morse A Fool There Is MclVillii: Rohinson I Don ' t Know Nothin ' Ahnei) General Collection Senior Representative AH Appl ). Snool ums Chosen Junior Pope Leo Ties With Hiram Sophomore W Give Up! Freshman Horrors!!! (93) fl a CD D 3 - T : D 3 ' i:A., il 5 t i.. ,0 - Brotherhood of Lady Killers Drill Grounds: Wherever There Is a Skirt. Time: Any Time. Officers Horace Villee Commat Jer-in-Chief Hiram Tye Instructor-in-Arms D. S. Dearman Esq Expert In Artful Glances Sergeant Lester Cracl( Shot Machine Gun Corps Vesey Kearney Bascom Graves Young Stiles Dick McRee Patton Fatty Ford . . Sullivan Mitchell Henderson Awkward Squad Peale Preacher Johnson Cari Howorth Hinton Lotterhos Bro. Hollingsworth " Red " Norton " Snookums ' Hopeless Squad Pope Leo Sheepie Lamb Irishman (94) d V.i. Si erhood of Men Killers Moilo: " We Are Out to Kill. " Viclims: Just Guess! Weapons Eyes R. CarJen " Bird of Paradise " Pose A. Crisler Smiles C. B. Johnson " Quips and Cranks and Wanton Wiles " A. McDonnell Uncertain What C. Alford " Baby Stare in Her Mild Blue Eyes " Nellie Clark Her Wits C. V. HarifiM " Let ' s Play Like " Bill Spann (95) M I ! ■ Co ' fl D ) M Y hT JS c-n Ms w Jockey Club MoHo: Ride for Your Grade. Source of Supplies: Hinds and Noble. Time: All the Time. Hugh Clecc Ringmaster Bob Harrell, Stableman " Preacher " Johnson Pace Setter Ada McDonnell Chief Veterinarian JlMMlE Harrell Watchman Leo Roberts Ballier Chief Jockies Sullivan Kirkland Harmon Calhoun Spann Sessions Hatfield Hartfield Bullard Lamb Brame Rawls Judges D. M. Key ' " Red " Hamilton f, (96) S ■nI (4 ' . :v iVjV o ii-i::i,i ;y The Realm of Cajandom A Few More of the Famous Products Clara Baur Johnston PrcsiJcnl of the Frivolih, Danlf Robert Harrell Premier Cajan Reformer Beverly Hebert President of Creole Cumho Factory JiMMIE Harrell Superintendent of Shrimp Salad Factory) (jvith Maponnaise) R. K. Nelson President of Blind School for Homeless Ousters Henry Hatfield President of Alligator Race Tracif Association Henry ColUNS President of Salt, Sulfur. Oil, Cas, Chewing Cum Trust (97) .-5 ' -t - . ., . 3 m c-p Memory is a treasured gift that man doth hold, And now, since my locks are gray, not gold. There arises in my breast, ever and anon. A desire to visit the world of youthful fun. It ' s the spell of the past, of days gone by; My heart chords are touched. I breathe a sigh. And whene ' er to the past my thoughts do tend. I reach for the Bobashela, my faithful friend. The one, of all, by whose presence I ' m blest. All others, before me, have gone to their rest. I dry my eyes and tenderly open the old book; I put on my glasses that I may get a clear look. (98) f - ' ' t ij iw w . V -- ' ._t_l :- , y — ' .s I .■ I gaze on faces ihat to me are mosi dear; I knew them and loved them for a happy four year. There was one we loved for his whole-hearted n!ee. He was truly an optimist, dear old " Dick " McRee. " There ' s no joy in life. " Roberts used to say — I don ' t know why. unless he was just built that way. Well, there ' s " Pretty " Norton, filled with conceit. But. well, Holloman and Graves were hard to beat. Carl Howorth relieved us of our nickels and dimes. " Dick ' Sessions walked, just walked, no regard for time. There is Bays Lamb, typical of the student race. With him, " Irishman, " silent and solemn of face. Who was that who u ed lo bank away at " Smiles " ? Oh! It was that care-free, musical Stiles. I ' d like lo see old Charlie throw one more goal. And Leonard, one of hi5 learned (?) discourses hold. Or even see Morse come, amblinn up the hall. ' Twould bring a gladsome ray, ' twould help lo lift the pall. When it comes to writing gems of literature, Frank Mitchell wore a laurel, I am sure. Clara ' s fortune might have been her face, But we loved her more for her womanly grace. Don ' t you like a fellow who always does his share? Well, that ' s John Vesey, the best all-round fellow there. There wasn ' t a doubt m any one s mind That " Snook " Sharbrough was the best of his kind. He lied through habit, or was it a whim? Really, I don ' t think it was nature in him! Who is this? Oh! It ' s dear old Holloman again. Fate made him the laziest of men! Dear old book, you link me with the past. I close your pages. Of my friends, you ' re (he last. Your memory is unfailing. You bring to my eyes Pictures of other days, and happier days — O, how time flies! For your value there can be found no measure. Riches are mockery, you give real pleasure. E. L. R. 11. C — N ■UM : ' " " ' - £tJiJ- - All-One Club Officers R. A. McRee PresiJeni Mae Allred Vice-PreiiJenl Ruth E. Alford Secretar -Treaiurer C T? Members Mae Allred Ruth E. Alford C. M. Lester F. F. Harkey L. B. Hebert R. E. HiNEs Dewey S. Dearman H. M. Johnson F. J. Lotterhos R. A. McRe- F. K. Mitchell Willie Spann J. B. Vesey Mack Swearincen . B.M.Hunt (100) -1 .-lA-4.J4 L ,v; ___,. :n r r % BOOK IV -i,- -- ,--t kl jv , |j | ' Athletic Council C. W. Brooks President C. G. HOWORTH Vice-PrcMJcnt Dr. D. M. Key FacuU ) Director R. E. HiNES, Jr : . . . . Baseball Director R. A. McRee, Jr Basketball Manager F. K. Mitchell Track Manager C. C. Norton " ) J. B. VesEY !- Members D. S. Dearman .... I ) 11 11 1 O. Varsity Basketball R. A. McRee Manager C. W. Brooks Captain Boyd Pickens Forwari Terrell Brame Forward Burton Ford For-aard Richard McRee Center Charlie Brooks Guard Nesbit Grace Guard Arthur Rouse Guard James Rawls Substitute Beverly Hebert Substitute (104) - - V,. ' r P " ' ' ]: - 1V Varsity Baseball Officers Marshall Quin Coach Edward R. Hines Manager John B. Vesey , Capia ' m Team Robert B. Henderson R % 1 Field John B. Vesey Catcher Charlie W. Brooks Short Carl G. Howorth Left Field Richard A. McRee Third Base Beverly Hebert First Base James J . Rawls Second Base Edward R. Hines Center Field Hiram Tye Pitch er Regan Nelson Pitcher Luther Canong Left Field (105) IB 13 m 11 D 3 D D 3 YT Tennis Club R. A. McRee Manager Members C. W. Brooks H. H. Cleog W. L. Day E. A. Eaton J. B. Harris A. P. Harmon C. G. HOWORTH V. W. HOLLEMON R. B. Henderson B. L. Kearney F. J. LOTTERHOS R. A. McRee, Jr. S. E. Morse E. L. Russell Dr. S. G. Noble E. P. Stiles W. E. Stokes . J. B. Vesey W. A. Yercer J. E. Young Henry Collins Leonard Calhoun S. W. Sharbrough Marvin Black Robert Harrell Dick Sessions (106) ]4 V S. A. T. C LIEUT. GUELTIG MR. HEFLIN 51., (107) T ' ■ ' . Our Unit Officers Charles E. Gueltig, Firsl Lieulenanl , . . Commanding Edwin Didlake, SeconJ Lieutenant Adjutant Charles B. Millican, Second Lieutenant Quartermaster NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Garner M. Lester First Sergeant Richard A. McRee, Jr Acting First Sergeant Alexander M. Hinton Sergeant-Major H. Vauchan Black Company Clerii Burnam L. Kearney Drill Sergeant Frank K. Mitchell Drill Sergeant John B. Vesey Drill Sergeant Hugh H. Clegc Line Sergeant Charles W. Brooks Line Sergeant W. L. Day • Line Sergeant C. G. HOWORTH Line Sergeant Frank G. Ralston Line Sergeant H. A. Norton Line Sergeant G. S. Patton Line Sergeant J. C. Simmons Line Sergeant B. E. StallINGS Line Sergeant Carl G. Howorth Canteen Sergeant Carl D. Barnes , Quartermaster Sergeant B. Wilkes Henry Quartermaster Sergeant Leo B. Roberts Laundry Sergeant Robert Selby, Jr , Mess Sergeant Paul S. Thompson Mess Sergeant W. B. Gates Orderly Henry B. Collins Orderl); Edward P. Stiles Orderly Ike a. Oliver Orderly D. S. Dearman Ordeily C. E. Rhodes Orderl} C. C. Vaughan Orderl ) Daniel R. Markham Orderly (108) I - Preparatory Students Alton Barlow Hopewell John Carter Jackson Guy Clark . Leaksvllle J. M. Cole Waynesboro Mollis Crosby Picayune Perry Dorsey Jackson H. C. Fisher Cruger Joe Ford Jackson Robert Fornea Varnado, La. George Gandy Sanford Arthur Ganonc Jonestown John Nesbit Grace New Albany William Harrell Jackson Ellis Harris Jackson Tom Harwell Jackson W. F. Hill Laurel Ray HolcoMB Florence Edward Hooker Edwards Jake Hutchins Utica Earl Hutchinson Holcomb J. B. HuTTON. Jr Jackson Leland Johnson Canton Cecil Kaigler Bobo Marion Klinc Satatrtia Winston Long Dancy, Ala. Laverge Macee Jackson Eugene Middleton Pocahontas Telford Neely Jackson Chester Nelson Crenshaw Louis O ' Donnell Sanford R. B. Pickens New Albany Joe Roberts Houlka James Everett Rogers New Albany Arthur Rouse Lumberton Lew Smith Hatliesburg J. R. Sparkman, Jr Cooksville S. H. StockeTT Jackson James Sullivan Dublin Sedcie Summer Columbia W. H. Vesey Chicago. III. J. A. Vest Lake Cormorant Zack Wasson E ' hel Sherod Wesley Montrose G. A. Linton Fernwood (109) (: ■ P ,fl c-p Robert Timmons Henry, A.B. Headmaslcr of the Preparatory School A.B., Millsaps College, 1915; Assistant in Eng- lish, Millsaps College, 1918; Instructor Millsaps Preparatory School, 1915; Professor in Winona High School, 11 15-16; Graduate Student Candler School of Theology, Emory University. 1916-18; Head Master Millsaps Preparatory School. 191S; Kappa Sigma; Sigma Upsilon. George W. Huddleston, A.B., A.M. incie nt L ■anguages A.B.. Hiawasst-e College. 1S83; Professor of Greek, Hiawasste College, 1SS4-91; A. M., Hia- wassee College, 1SS6; Professor of Latin and Greek. Harperville College. 1891-93; President of State Beard of Teachers ' Examiners, (110) : ' --i4_iiai _ ;4Jii-J- ' !C- ' - ' i " ■ ' •m- ---A- |. V-VV .-.O.i-J- ii y. hrS John Siebe Johnston, A.B., A.M. Mathemalics A.B.. Centenary College. 1S90; A.M.. Vandeibilt Universltj-. 1895; Graduate Student. Vanderbilt. 1S92-96; Instructor of Mathematics, University School. Nashville. Tenn.. 1S94-94; Soloist. Van- derbilt Glee Club, 1S92-96, 1900-02; Vanderbilt Guitar Club, 1892-9H; Vanderbilt Football Team, 1900-01; Assistant In Mathematics, Vanderbilt, 1900-02; Dean of Faculty of Centenary College, 1910-15. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Joyce Ma Iron Seek to be good, l.iut aim not to Ije gi-eat; A woman ' s noblest station is Retreat; Her fairest -irtues My front public sight; Domestic worth — that shuns too strong a light. (Ill) V -k cr-p " K : ' l -ih 11 Senior Preparatory Students u „ s HoLLis Crosby Arthur Ganong Nesbit Grace Cecil Raicler George Linton Eugene Middleton R. B. Pickens James Everett Rogers Sedgie Summer William Vesev Sherod Wesley STUDENTS (112) ' .VjU l i-- , 1 ■ ; M •V vj I v . i viViWvii THE END (113) bJ ; ::::: Millsaps College JACKSON, MISS. Millsaps College offers courses leading to two collegiate degrees, A.B. and B.S. A well equipped law school offers courses leading to the professional degree of LL.B. Ample provision is also made for those who are not candidates for any degree. An excellent preparatory school, under sepa- rate management, with strong faculty, prepares for entrance to any college. FOR CATALOGUE OR FURTHER INFORMATION, ADDRESS A. F. WATKINS, President i P " ■St. orty-0 ne kX ' fl oUeffe .nnuals Representing Colleges in Seventeen States is Our Record for This Season 1 wmm Benson Printing Company is a printing plant specially equipped for every kind of school and college work. It is a complete organization with artists and designers and work- men whose thought and inspiration is concentrated in the production of College Annuals and School Literature. This -ear ive nrp i- rinting for siirh in=:titntinns as: Oonrgptnwn rnllppt-, Alabama Woman ' s College-, Millsaps Colltge. Woftoul College. Bienuu College, Mei-eer University. Judson College. Uni ersity of Alabama, Transylvania College. Kentucky College for Women, Tennessee College, Greensboro Woman ' s College. Trimble County High School, Sewanee University, Grt nville Woman ' s College, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Tulane University. Kentucky State University. Belhaven College. Se- wanee ] rilitary Academy. Dickinson Co ' lege. Blue Mountain College, Muskingum College. University of Jlississippi. Ouachita College. Furman University. Mississippi Woman ' s College. Hillman College. Branham and Hugh s Military Academy. Davidson College. Birmingham Southern College. The Citadel, Henderson-Brown College. Westhampton College, Trinity College. Central College. State Xormal School. Alabama Presbyte- rian College, Central High School. Vanderbilt University, Howard College. Samples and Prices Upon Request College Annual Experts ' Uhis Book is a Sample o Our Work issmi JACKSON MERCANTILE COMPANY GROCERIES Coca-Cola, Bottle Pop Cakes, Celery Tonic College Boys Patronize Us Because We Keep What College Boys Want Adelle and Grayson Sts. TELEPHONE 1117 Stetson Hats Stacy-Adams Shoes Emery Shirts Faultless Pajamas B. KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES Are Sold Exclusively in Jackson by DOWNING-LOCKE COMPANY CAPITOL at PARISH Neckwear Underwear Gloves Ralston Shoes WE WANT YOUR DRUG BUSINESS See Us For Kodak Supplies, Fountain Pens, Stationery, Cigars and Tobacco, Cigarettes, Pipes, Toilet Articles, Hot and Cold Drinks Phones 1498-1499 Prescription Work Our Specialty Bicycle Delivery to the Campus HUNTER AND McGEE The Old Reliable Druggists The Rexall Store CRESCENT BILLIARD HALL Cigars, Tobacco and Smoking Supplies Soft Drinks New MiLLSAPs Building • Telephone 39! D. F. FONDREN COMPANY Staple and Fancy Groceries CIGARS TOBACCO AND DRUG SUNDRIES Telephone 1327 CHAMBERS OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Jackson, Mississippi " EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE " exclusin ' e agency L. C. SMITH BROS. TYPEWRITER All makes machines bought, sold, rented or repaired. Any old machine taken in trade for L. C. Smith and Bros. Typewriter THE CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK Jackson, Mississippi Capital _ $200,000.00 Stockholders ' Liabilities 200,000.00 Surplus Earned 140,000.00 Total $540,000.00 Designated Depository of the United States and the City of Jackson OFFICERS Z. D. Da IS, President Thad B. Lampton, Vice-Presidenl W. M. BuiE, rice-President Amos R. Johnston, Cashier Edward W. Freeman, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS W. M. BuiE Ben Hart Jas. A. Alexander W. B. Jones Z. D. Da is T. B. Lampton Logan Phillips R. L. Saunders J. C. McGee PALACE BILLIARD HALL R. E. HARLAND, Proprietor LUNCHEONETTE Sanitary and Finest in the State CIGARS We Carry a Complete Line. Always Fresh TELEPHONE 1757 JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Daniel Studio COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY ALL PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK IN THIS ANNUAL DONE BY DANIEL STUDIO Expert Photographing for Halftones DANIEL STUDIO DANIEL BUILDING JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI This Annual Illustrated by The ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. of Birmingham Specializ ing in Historic College Annuals Fifteen Years ' Experience JACKSON ' S BEST STORE KENNINGTON ' S Not only every Jacksonian, but every Mississippian, points with pnde to Kennington ' s (the only complete department store in the State) as Jackson ' s and Mississippi ' s best store. Where every purchase is the symbol of real value. Our Free Delivery Mail Order Service is MOST EFFICIENT AND PROMPT BEST PICTURES BEST MUSIC MAJESTIC THEATRE The Temple of the Motion Picture and The Shrine of Music and Its Allied Arts PARAMOUNT-ARTCRAFT PICTURES THE MAJESTIC CONCERT ORCHESTRA THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THEATRE IN THE SOUTH OPERATED BY THE MAJESTIC THEATRE COMPANY R. E. Kennington, President Eatmor Bread Eatmor Bread ACME BAKERY COMPANY 230 NORTH PARISH ST. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A. H. Alvis S. J. Thigpen HOTEL ROYAL COMPANY CENTRALLY LOCATED BEST SERVICE 100 ROOMS 36 With Private Bath Hot and Cold Running Water THE EDWARDS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI John L. Ware, Manager THE EDWARDS HOUSE CO. PROPRIETORS Arabian N.ghls CORR-WILLIAMS 1 Aspec.o " ' ' ' ' " ° TOR A rrn osmundo Knowledge ' V V ,, n r La FruUa COMPANY ° ' ' ' ' Salome DISTRIBUTORS Ruy Lopez Seven Cent Cigars Jackson, Miss. Twelve Cent Cigars T. B. DOXEY Merchant Tailor Jackson, Miss. DRINK LAKE ' S CELERY Dr. E. H. Galloway Century Building Telephones Office, 61 Residence, 628 STANDARD ICE CREAM COMPANY 412-414 West Capitol St. Jackson, miss. " Make the Best Ice Cream In Mississippi " RAY WRIGHT Tin, Slate, Furnace and Plumbing Repairing in All Lines Cumberland Phone 1005 2 1 6-2 I 8 S. State Street Jackson, Miss. Dr. H. F. Vlagee PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Phones Office 378 Residence William Hemingway ATTORNEY Jackson, Miss. Watkins Watkins Attorneys and Counsellors At Law Watkins-Easterling Building ENGRAVING ANNOUNCEMENTS WEDDING INVITATIONS, CARDS Only Engraving Plant In Mississippi TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON, MISS. DRINK CARBONATED FIVE CENTS IN BOTTLES COCA-COLA JACKSON GOGA-GOLA BOTTLING GO. Jackson, Mississippi STATIONERY KODAKS JACOBS ' CANDIES WARD-GAYDEN DRUG COMPANY Sanitary Soda Fountain Prescriptions Filled By Men Who Know CIGARS DRUGS, TOILET GOODS SUNDRIES COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHINGS Write Or Come to See Us Taylor Furniture and Carpet Company 109-1 1 1 South State Street Jackson, Mississippi S. J. Johnson Company JACKSON ' S GREATEST STORE Make This Store Your Store We want you to feel at home. You will find high-class Standard Clothes and Furnishings. AGENTS FOR: Schloss Brothers and Society Brand Clothes Manhattan Shirts Edwin Clapp and Regal Shoes John B. Stetson Hats A Word About Society Brand Clothes Society Brand style, like a triangle, has three dependent sides; the first is attractive patterns woven into fine fabrics; the second is the smart design of the model; the third is the tailoring of the clothes. Each side is perfectly developed to meet the other two; that ' s why the effect is a finished whole — and the longer you wear a SOCIETY BRAND suit the belter you ' ll know it. S. J. JOHNSON COMPANY Jackson ' s Greatest Store We Carry Everything in Line of Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver- ware, Cut Glass, Clocks, Umbrellas, Etc. A. J. ORKIN Expe rt Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing Neiv Jewelry Made to Order Telephone 963 Jackson, Miss. PATRONIZE THE Royal Barber Shop THE ONLY SANITARY SHOP IN TOWN Ben S. Cawthon, Proprietor When Clothes are Dirty Ring Seven Thirty JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY French Dry Cleaning a Specialty Telephone 730 See Our Agent For Courteous Treatment and Sanitary Barber Work -isit DEAN ' S BARBER SHOP 522 East Capitol DR. HALL SAYS ISIT Ford ' s Drug Store and Fountain OPEN ALL NIGHT 465 — Telephone -465 Remember Your Friends With FLOWERS And Us When You Want Flowers J. U. McKAY FLORAL CO. DO YOUR BEST LET US DO THE REST Kodak Finishing and Photographic Work Hollensbe Co. 4231 2 East Capitol Street Jackson, Miss. John C. Carter JEWELER Capitol St., Majestic Arcade Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches AND Expert Watch Repairingi UNION DEPARTMENT STORE This Store is Ne er a Day Without Its Bargains WONDERFUL STORE OF WONDERFUL VALUES EVERYTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO WEAR Kirschbaum, All- Wool Clothes For Men and Young Men The Best of Everything Full Dress Suits for Rent Mail Orders Given Careful Alienlion Thad B. Lampton, President W. M. BuiE, Vice-President Z. D. Davis, Vice-President S. C. Hart, Cashier CITIZENS ' SAVINGS BANK AND TRUST CO. OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Capital $50,000.00 Stockholders ' Liabilities 50,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits..... 28,000.00 Total $128,000.00 Four Per Cent Paid on Deposits of $ 1 .00 Up. Interest Compounded Semi-Annually DIRECTORS Z. D. Davis, Ben Hart, Thad B. Lampton, W. M. Buie, Ed. W. Freeman Deposits Guaranteed Under Mississippi Guarantee Fund MAR 1973 i ' tJ

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