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MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39210 MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39210 j€X CI BRISK if tyx titb nt long, if Alumni anc iFrmtba. Jf in tijr para tn rnme iljis Innk mag bvvw to tep mure bngfjf tlje memory of iltllaapa % Ijrr Itfr " Ij?r pfrannalttg Ij?r tfoals tu? Ijau? labnrfi not tn tram jj jpWS-l 4p fk ©0 % flail QJlyttteO lortnr cf Haais taimnan, Ifurfot, m h iE urator; % best fmuh a latu siutont pun Ijao. Uttlf respwt ana aflmtrattmt but IjtH ranatant atatto for fyanontbl? anh manly iopala, uittlj aflfa Sum ann gonb rljwr, m? footraie iljta tiolum? (5) |3ht HUmartaml iKajnr ifliUaapa He was born in Copiah County, Mississippi, and was descended from ancestors who stood high in the early development of the Stale. At 17 he entered college in Indiana, grad- uating from DePauw University in 1854, and from Harvard Law School in 1858. His life was one of varied pursuits, including that of lawyer, soldier, business man, and philanthropist. In 1 891 he founded the college which bears his name, and which today stands as a monu- ment to his generosity. (7) Board of Trustees Officers Bishop W. B. Murrah, D.D., LL.D President Rev. R. A. Meek, D.D Vice-President J. B. Streater Secretary W. M. BuiE Treasurer Term Expires in 1917 Rev. M. M. Black Jackson W. H. WatkINS Jackson T. L. Lamb Eupora Rev. T. B. Hollcman Vicksburg Rev. W. L. Duren Columbus Rev. R. A. Meek New Orleans, La. Thad B. Lampton Jackson J. B. Streater Black Hawk Term Expires in 1920 Rev. W. H. Huntley, D.D Yazoo City Rev. W. W. Woollard, D.D Columbus J. L. Dantzler Moss Point W. P. Kretschmar Greenville Rev. M. L. Burton Cryslal Springs Rev. S. M. Thames Jackson W. M. Blue Jackson W. W. MAGRUDER Starkville (8) NEW MAIN BUILDING WHERE WE HAVE INTERVIEWS WITH MARS, SATURN, VENUS, ETC. MANY A VOLUME OF FORGOTTEN LORE WHERE BODIES BIG AND STRONG ARE BUILDED CRUCIBLES, RETORTS, AND SUNDRY THINGS THE MAJOR S TOMB HER HALLS WHERE OUR MEMORIES LINGER, THE FRIENDSHIPS THERE MADE LONG AGO. " THE THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLAR MILLSAPS BOY DAMON AND PYTHIAS CASTLE ' MEMORIAL OF THE CLASS OF SEVENTEEN UP THE WALK ALONG THE DRIVEWAY ' U ' HA Jk H ' % K3»£- W (vHi i S-A D S SPONSOR s F acuity Alexander Farrar Watkins, A.B., D.D President John Macruder Sullivan. A.M., Ph.D Vice-President-Treasurer J. Reese Lin, A.M Secretary Alfred Allan Kern, A.M., Ph.D Librarian Mrs. Mary Bowen Clark Assistant Librarian Judge Edward Mayes, A.M., L.L.B., LL.D Dean of Lam Department George W. Huddleston, A.M Head Master of Preparatory Department (17) Alexander Farrar Watkins A.B., D.D. Professor of Philosophy and Bibacal Instruction A.B.. Vanderbilt University. 1SS3; D.D.. Cen- tenary College, 1900: Field Agent, llillsaps Col- lege. 1S90-92; President of Whitworth College. 1900-02; Vice-President of Board of Trustees of Millsaps College, 1900-12; Member of Mississippi Conference; President of Millsaps College since June. 1912; Phi Dilta Theta. John Magruder Sullivan A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry an J Geology A.B.. Centenary, 1 s- S 7 : A.M., University of Mississippi, IS 90 ; A.M.. Vanderbilt University, ls:i7; Ph.D., Vanrlerbilt, 1900; Professor of Nat- ural Science. Centenary, 18S9-1902; Assistant in Astronomy, Vanderbilt, 1SR6-S7; Graduate Stu- dent in Chemistry and Geology, ' University of Chicago, 1907, 190S, 1911; Member American Chemical Society; American Association for tin- Advancement of Science; Mississippi State Teachers ' Association ; Audubon Society; Na- tional Geographic Society; Methodist Historical Society of Mississippi; Delta Tan Delta. (18) Alfred Allan Kern A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English A.B., Randolph-Macon College. 1S9S; A.M., 1S99; Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt, 1S99-00; Fellow in English. Johns Hopkins, 1902-03; Fellow by Courtesy. 1903-0-1; 1906-07; Ph.D., 1907; Asso- ciate Editor of " Kappa Alpha Journal " ; Au- thor of " The Ancestry of Chaucer. " " Irwin Rus- sell, " in the library of Southern Literature, and " A First Book in English " ; Professor of Eng- lish Literature in Johns Hopkins Summer School. 1915, 1916; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. George Lott Harrell B.S., M.S. Professor of Physics and Astronomy B.S., Millsaps College. 1S99; M.S., 1901; Profes- sor of Science, Whit worth College, 1S99-00; Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Hendrix College, 1900-02; Professor of Physics and Chem- istry, Centenary College, 19 02-04 ; Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Ep worth Univer- sity, 1904-08; Professor of Mathematics, Cente- nary College. 190S-09; President of Mansfield Female College, 1909-10 ; Professor of Science, Winnfield High School. 1910-11; Professor of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, Sum- mer, 1911 ; K. P. ; Kappa Sigma. (19) J. Reese Lin A.B., A.M. Professor of History and So ciul sciences A.B., Emory ( ' (.liege: Fellow in Vanderbilt Uni- versity, 1S94-96; A.M., Vanderbilt University; Professor of Philosophy and Education. Central College, Mo., 1909-10; Sage Fellow in Cornell University, 1910-12; Instructor in English Litera- ture and Psychology. Tulane University. Sum- mer Term. 1909; Summer Terms. Columbia Uni- versity. 1908-10; Kappa Alpha. Benjamin Ernest Mitchell A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics A.B.. Scarritt-Morrisville, Mo.. 1900; Scholastic Fellow, Vanderbilt. 1906-07; Teaching Fellow. 1907-OS; A.M., Vanderbilt, 190S; Ph.D., Colum- bia University. 1916; Professor of Mathematics, Scarritt-Morrisville College, 1908-12; Tutor in Mathematics in College of City of New York, 1912-13: Instructor. Columbia Extension Teach- ing. 1913-14; Professor of Mathematics in Mill- saps College since 1914; Alpha Tau Omega. (20) John Marvin Burton A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Modem Languages A.B., Randolph-Macon. 1909; A.M., 1910; Pro- fessor of Modern Languages, Millsaps College, 1910-13; Graduate Student, Columbia Univer- sity, Summer, 1913; Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University. 1913-16; Fellow, 1915-16; Ph.D., 191(5; Author of " Honore de Balzac anil His Figures of Speech " ; Member of Modern Language Association of America; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa. 1 I David Martin Key A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Latin and Greefy A.B., Central College, 1S9S; A.M., Vanderbilt, 1906; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1916; Pro- fessor of Ancient Languages. Pacific Methodist College, 1900-02; Professor of Ancient Langu- ages, Morrisville College, 19 03-05 ; Fellow and Assistant in Latin and Greek, Vanderbilt Uni- versity, 1906-07; Graduate Student. University of Chicago, 1913-14; Professor of Ancient Languages, Southern University, 1907-15 ; Pro- fessor of Ancient Languages, Millsaps College, since 1915. (21) Stuart Grayson Noble A.B., A.M. Professor of Education A.B., University of North Carolina, 1907; Grad- uate Student, University of Chicago, Summers 190S-14; A.M., Chicago, 1910; Graduate Scholar, Teachers ' College, Columbia University, 1914- 15; Instructor, Millsaps Preparatory School, 1908-11; Head Master of Millsaps Preparatory School, 1911-16; Contributor to Educational Journals; Author of " A First Book in Eng- lish " ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Delta Kappa. George W. Huddleston A.B., A.M. Head Master of Preparatory School nd Professor of Latin and G reefy A.B.. Hiwassee College, 1SS3; Professor of Greek. Hiwassee College, 188 4-91; A.M., Hi- wassee College, 1SS6 ; Professor of Latin and Greek, Harperville College, 1891-93; Professor of Latin and Greek, Millsaps Preparatory School since 1893 ; Head Master since 1916 ; President of State Board of Teachers ' Examiners. (22) Robert Scott Ricketts A.M. Professor of Mathematics A.M., Centenary College, 1870; President and Professor, Port Gibson Female College, 1867-73; Professor in Whitworth College, 1873-93; Head Master of Millsaps Preparatory School, 1893- 1911; Phi Kappa Sigma. Edward Mayes A.M., LL.D. Dean of Law Department A.B.. University of Mississippi, 1S6S; L.L.B., 1869; Professor of Law, 1877-92; Chairman of the Faculty, 1SS6-S9; Chancellor, 1889-Jariuary, 1S92; LL.D.. Mississippi College, 1882; Dean of Law Department of Millsaps College since the organization of the Law School. (23) Albert Hall Whitfield A.M., LL.D. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Equity and Equity Pleading, Law of Corpo- rations, Constitutional Law, and Prac- tice in Federal Courts A.B., University of Mississippi, 1871; A.M.. 1S73; LL.B., 1874; LL.D., 1S95; Adjunct Professor of Greek, University of Mississippi, 1S71-74; Pro- fessor of Law, University of Mississippi, 1S92- 94; Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sydney Smith LL.B. Law of Pleading and Practice, Personal Prop- erly, Real Property, Commercial Law, Con- tracts, Torts, Bankruptcy, Bills and Notes, Damages, and Statute Law LL.B., University of Mississippi. 1S93; Chief Jus- tice Supreme Court of Mississippi; Professor of Law in Millsaps College since 1915. (24) Faculty Assistants Miss Lcie Clontz Instructor in Latin E. H. Joyce Assistant in Mathematics Miss Elise H. Moore Instructor in German Miss Elizabeth H. Watkins Instructor in French H. M. Wells Assistant in Physics D. M. White Instructor in Latin and Creek and Assistant in English ami Chemistry Preparatory Assistants M. F. Clegg Instructor in Science and History N. GoLDING Instructor in English, Chemistry, and History Miss Olive Watkins Instructor in Latin and Mathematics (25) WAS PROF HARRELL SUNSTRUCK in HIS YOUTH? W u WHO -SAID §PEED-DEAI0 V3 (26) 811 fl] ■be »H V " : V. BOOK TWO I he Classes " 7351 (27) JlFT ■ y i |M pEjL_— j — ti ' ' lis.-J ' " " Senior Class Officers . President J. A. Wooton . Kate Lou Countiss . Prophet Otie Brans " Poet Roll Judson Moore Allred Katie Lou Countiss Lucille Stewart John Augustus Anderson Nathaniel Gclding Pattie Magruder Sullivan Herbert Robert Babincton Arthur Dixon Hutton Primrose Thompson Alfred Bending Frances Lucille Loeb Elizabeth Holmes Watkins Pauline Boatner Rufus Garrison Mcore James Goulding Watkins Otie Branstetter Claude A. Parks Henry Michael Wells Clarence Bullock Garland Howard Rankin Dan McKinnon White Clarence Crossly Case William Smylie Shipman John Aubrey Wooton Loie Cecile Clontz Mary Belle Shurlds Joseph Buyce Randolph (28) JUDSON MOORE ALLRED, B.S Jackson, Miss. G. L. S. ; President Junior Class, ' 16; Business Manager " Bobashela, " ' 17. JOHN AUGUSTUS ANDERSON, A.B Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; Science Club, ' 17. HERBERT ROBERT BABINGTON, A.B Franklinton, La. Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Honor Council, ' 16 ; " Purple and " White " Staff, ' 16; President Senior Class, ' 17; " Bobashela " Staff, ' 17. ALFRED BENDING. B.S Jackson, Miss. Orchestra, ' 14, " 15, ' 1$, and Business Manager Orchestra, " 17; Vice-President Class, ' 15 ; Science Club, ' 16, ' IT ; Tennis Club, ' 16 ; Runner-up Singles Tournament, ' 17 ; Art Editor " Bobashela. " ' IT. PAULINE BOATNER, B.S Jackson, Mi: Phi Mu; Pan Hellenic Council. ' HI, ' IT: Hist orian Senior Class, ' 17; " Commence- ment Courier " Start ' , ' 17. OTIE GRETCHEN BRANSTETTER. B.S Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta; Corresponding Secretary Clionian Literary Society, 1G; Senior Class Poet, ' IT; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 17; " Courier " Staff, ' IT. v. .» m CLARENCE BULLOCK, A.B Monterey, Miss. Alpha Pi Sigma; G. L. S. ; T. M. C. A.; Vice-President G. L. S., ' 16; Millsaps- University Debater, ' 16; Science Club, ' 16; President G. L. S., ' 17; Tennis Club, ' 16, ' 17; Honor Council, ' 17; " Bobashela " Staff, ' 17. CLARENCE CROSSLY CASE, A.B Brookhaven, Miss. L. Ii. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; University Debater, ' 16; Anniversary Orator L. L. S.. ' 16; Anniversarian L,. L. S., ' 17; President L. L,. S., ' 17; Business Manager " Courier, " ' 17; Honor Council, ' 17. LOIE CECILE CLONTZ, A.B Jackson, Miss. Poet Sophomore Class, ' 15; Science Club, ' 16; Secretary Junior Class, ' 16; Clionian Literary Society, ' 10; Assistant in Latin, ' 17; " Bobashela " Staff, ' 17. k? KATIE LOU COUNTISS, A.B Grenada, Miss. Phi Mu ; Secretary Senior Class, ' 17. NATHANIEL GOLDING, A.B Columbus, Mi: Pi Kappa Alpha; President Freshman Class, ' 14; Triangular Debater, ' 14 ; Class Football, ' 14, ' 15; " Varsity Football, ' 15; Moorhead Debater, ' 15; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 15, ' 17; Instructor M. P. S., ' 16, ' 17; Honor Council, ' 17. ARTHUR DIXON HUTTON, A.B Jackson, Miss. G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Vice-President G. L. S. Anniversary, ' 15; Secretary Junior Class, ' 15 ; Vice-President Class, ' 1G ; Science Club, ' 1(1. FRANCES LUCILLE LOEB, B.S Jacks Mil President Clionian Literary Society, -S enior Class, ' 17 ; " Courier " ' 16; Librarian Science Club, Staff, ' 17; " Bobashela " Staff, ' 16; ' 17. Prophet RUFUS GARRISON MOORE, A.B. Holly Springs, Miss. Kappa Sigma; G, L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Triangular Debater, G. L. S., ' 16; President G. L. S., ' 17; Secretary T. M. C. A., Team, ' 13, ' 14, ' 15; Literary Editor " Bobashela, " ' 17. ' 15; Vice-President ' 16; Varsity Track CLAUDE A. PARKS, A.B Water Valley, Miss. G. L. S. ; T. II. C. A.; President G. L. S. Anniversary, ' 16; President G. L. S., ' 16; Commencement Debater, ' 17; President Preachers ' League, ' 16; Honor Council, ' 17; Vice-President Y. M. C. A., ' 15; Delegate to Blue Ridge, ' 15; President Y. M. C. A., ' 17. GARLAND HOWARD RANKIN, JR.. A.B Columbia, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; Y. M: C. A.; " M " Wearer; Varsity Track Team, ' 15, ' 16; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 16, ' 17; Treasurer Senior Class, ' 17; Baseball Manager, ' 17. WILLIAM SMYLIE SHIPMAN, A.B Durant, Mi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Y. M. C. A.; Triangular Debater, ' 14; Vice-Presi- dent L. L. S.. ' 16; Class Football. ' 14, ' 15; Varsity Football. ' 15; President Glee Club, ' 16; Assistant Business Manager " Courier, " ' 17. MARY BELLE SHURLDS, A.B Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta; Poet Freshman Class, ' IS; Historian Sophomore Class, ' 14; Clark Essay Medal, ' 14; Sponsor Baseball Team. ' 11; Historian Junior Class, ' 16; Science Club, ' 16; Clionian Literary Society, ' 16; " Courier " Staff, ' 17. LUCILLE STEWART, A.B., B.S. Jackson, Miss. Clionian Literary Society, ' 16; Science Club, ' 16, ' 1 ; " Courier " Staff, ' 17. PATTIE MAGRUDER SULLIVAN, B.S Jackson, Miss. Phi llu; Poet Freshman Class, ' 14; Clionian Literary Society, ' 16; Science Club, ' 16, ' 17; " Courier " Staff, ' 17. PRIMROSE THOMPSON, A.B Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta; Secretary Sophomore Class, ' 15; Prize Poem Baseball Contest, ' 15; Pan-Hellenic, ' 15, ' 16; Clionian Literary Society, ' 16; " Purple and White " Staff ' 17; " Bobashela " Staff, ' 17. ELIZABETH HOLMES WATKINS, A.B Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Historian Fn-shman Class. ' 14; Sponsor Track Team. ' 15; Secretary Sopho- more Class. ' 15; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 15, ' 16; Pan-Hellenic, ' 15, ' 17; Poet Junior Class, ' Hi; Assistant in French, ' 16, ' 17; Science Club, If;, ' 17; " Bobashela " Staff. ' 17. JAMES GOULDING WATKINS. A.B Jackson. Miss. Kappa Alpha; L. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Football Team, ' 11. ' 12, ' 15; Art Editor " Bobashela, " ' 17. HENRY MICHAEL WELLS. A.B., A.M Smithdale, Miss. Alpha Pi Sigma; G. L. S. ; Y. 11. C. A.: President Alpha Pi Sigma, ' 16; President Sophomore Class, ' 15; Commencement Debater, ' 15; President G, L. S.. ' 16; Honor Council, ' 16; Varsity Track. ' 14, ' 15; Varsity Football, ' 16; Tennis Manager, ' 16; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 16, ' 17; Anniversarian G. L. S.. ' 17; President Science Club, ' 17; Business Manager " Bobashela, " ' 17. DAN McKINNON WHITE. A.B Rose Hill, Mis Alpha Pi Sigma; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Honor Council, ' 15: Geiger Chemistry Medal. ' 15; Fellow in Latin, Greek, and Chemistry, ' 16, ' 17; Associate Editor " Purple and White. " ' 16; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet and Delegate to Blue Ridge, N. C. ' 16; Clark Essay Medal, ' 16; Mid-Session Debater G. L. S., ' 15; Triangular Debater, ' 16; Commencement Debater. ' 17: President G. L. S., ' 17; Anniversan Orator, " 17; Editor-in-Chief " Bobashela, " ' 17. JOHN AUBREY WOOTON, A.B Barlow, Mi; Kappa Sigma; Sigma Upsilon; Honor Council, ' 14; Associate Editor " Purple and White, " ' 15 ; Chautauqua Orator, ' 1(5 ; " Courier " Staff, ' 17 ; President G. L. S., ' 17 ; Editor-in-Chief " Purple and " White, " ' 17. JOSEPH BUYCE RANDOLPH, A.B Jacks, Mi: A.B., Iuka Normal College; B.D., Vanderbilt; Member North Mississippi Confer- ence; Manager Methodist Orphanage. The Echo Volume 1 MILLSAPS, MISS., MAY 30, 1927 Number 1 AUTOMOBILE PROMINENT BANKER I LEGISLATURE COLLISION RECEIVES PROMOTION CONVENES ' EVERAl INJURED AND CARS HAZ ROX BABINGTON. OF FRANKLINTON. LA., HEADS THE " WRECKED IN ENDL RAN . E FEDERAL RESERVE BANK AT ATLANTA, GA. TEST IN CALIFORNIA. DESERVED RECOGNITION. Special to the Echo: Orange Gr,ovE, Cal., May 30. — Last nigSt al 11 :33, on the Shell Road, east of tcwn, the " Yellow Peril, " driven by A. D. Hut ' .on, struck a Packard touring car driven by Miss Frances Loeb. Mr. Hutton, the only occu- pant of his car, escaped in- jury, but Miss Loeb surfers from a broken collarbone and shoulder blade, while Dr. Pau- line Boatner, a well-known physician of Orange Grove, re- ceived several bruises and a sprained wrist. Mr. Hutton, in an inter- view with a reporter, said he was making a cross-country trip in order to test the en- durance of the Jag automobile. He was driving at a speed of one hundred and ten miles when the cars collided. Miss Loeb, of Bovina, Mon- tana, was visiting Dr. Boatner at the time of the accident. BENDING CHAMPION; DEFEATS SCHMIDT Short Beach, N. J., May 30. — The finah in the National Tennis Tournament were played to-day, when A. Bending, formerly of Mississippi, now of New York, took the first three sets from M. Schmidt. The vic- tory was quite a surprise, as Mr. Bending is a newcomer in tennis circles. However, he played the game like a veteran, and by his terrific drives van- quished his opponents in three sets, by a score of 6-2, 6-0, and 6-3. Associated Press Report Washington, D. C, May 30. — The Senate to-day con- firmed the nomination of H. R. Babington, of Franklinton, La., for President of the Federal Reserve Bank at Atlanta, Ga. The confirmation was no surprise to the public, as Mr. Babing- ton is recognized as one of the ablest financiers in the country. He is being congratulated by his host of friends. NOTED JOURNALIST TO LECTURE HERE Boston, Mass., May 30.— John Aubrey Wooton, the jour- nalist of world-wide fame, will deliver a lecture here to-night on " My Experiences in the World of Literature. " Mr. Wooton is a man of ex- ceptional li terary ability, hav- ing captured the world with his fluent and convincing style. He has contributed greatly lo the success of the " Mississippi Monthly. " A large crowd is expected to attend the lecture. Money to Lend At 100 Per Cent On Good Security W. S. Shipman Co. Capital Stock SIO.COO.OOO.OOO.OO Wall Street, N. Y. AMERICA ' S FOREMOST DANCER IN THE SOUTH G. H. RANKIN WILL APPEAR HERE NEXT WEEK-NEW STUNTS PROMISED. Atlanta, Ga., May 30.— The South is very fortunate to secure G. H. Rankin, the great- est and most popular dancer in America. Mr. Rankin has been on Broadway for three years and has been one of the most brilliant successes that New York has ever seen. Mr. Rankin is the inventor of several new dances. The " Lazy Twirl, " the " Kangaroo Walk, " and the " Ocean Wave " are among the best known. This wonderful dancer and his part- ner will make a short tour of the South and then return to New York and re-open tneir studio. Miss PRIMROSE THOMPSON CO. MAKERS OF Caps and Gowns MAY BE RENTED FOR COMMENCENENT OCCASIONS GOOD QUALITY AT CHEAP RATES 1532 MICHIGAN AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS WHITE ELECTED SPEAKER OF THE MISSISSIPPI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Jackson, Miss., May 30.— The special session of the Mississippi Legislature con- vened to-day. After a close and exciting race, D. M. White, one of Jackson ' s most popular and brilliant lawyers, and one of the state ' s ablest representa- tives, was elected Speaker of the House. The House, as well as Mr. White, is to be congratulated on the result of the election, as Mr. White is thoroughly quali- fied and well-fitted to fulfil the duties of the office. WANTED To Sell Interlinear Translations to Caesar, Virgil and Other Latin Classics These Books have been carefully edited by Loie Clontz, Ph.z., abc. of Eze Course University Endorsed by Prof. C. Bullock of University of Chicago and Others CATCHUM CHEATUM PUBLISHERS THE ECHO Amusements TODAY ' S PROGRAM AT THE rp Ileum THE RUM STARS FILM COMPANY PRESENTS MISS MARY SHURLDS IN THE a COMEBACK ' A story in which this accomplished little star pleases her audience Admission 10c and 5c SPECIAL MUSIC AUDITORIUM ATTRACTION SHAKESPEAREAN INTERPRE- TER APPEARS SOON AT LOCAL PLAYHOUSE. Manager J. M. Allied, of the Staleshows Lyceum Com- pany, was in town last evening acting as advance agent for the attraction to be given in this city on next Wednesday. The company will, at that time, pre- sent Miss Otie Gretchen Brans- tetter, the well-known Shake- spearean interpreter. Prices are reasonable. Secure your seats early. Orchestra $15.00 Balcony 10.00 Roost 5.00 DISTURBING THE PEACE HOLIDAY M. WELLS FINED IN CITY COURT- DOCKET VERY LIGHT. Special lo the Echo: Jackson, Miss., May 30.— Only three offenders faced Po- lice Justice C. C. Case when court convened here this morn- ing. Holiday M. Wells was heav- ily fined for disturbing the peace. Wells was arrested on an affidavit sworn out by John A. Anderson, yard-master of the Vinegar Bend and Jack Rabbit Railroad. Anderson ac- cused Wells of being responsi- ble for the walk-out of his em- ployees on City Election Day. The men asked for a holiday in order that they might vote. The masters refused, and the employees walked out after a speech by Wells. The offender was given a fine of five hun- dred dollars and cost of court. EX-STUDENT AT MILLSAPS RETURNS FROM ABROAD AND WILL GIVE FRENCH AND GERMAN LESSONS. CARD OF THANKS I take this method of thank- ing the loyal friends and sup- porters who stood by me in yes- terday ' s election. Although de- feated for re-election, I shall Jackson, Miss., May 30.— Miss Elizabeth H. Watkins has just returned from a three months ' trip to Paris and Ber- lin, where she took a special course in French and German. Miss Watkins will open a studio on the thirteenth story of the Flatiron Building, and will be pleased to see her friends. Class Price: $25.00. Private Lesson: $35.00 per hour. How to Finish Col- lege in Two Years A New Book by the Well-Known Author LUCILLE STEWART On Sale Here at $1.50 Crescent Book Store 1372 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. serve out my term with charity toward all and malice toward none. — Sincerely, C C Case. + In Society GOODLOOKS - COUNT1SS leu. m b Mrs. J. K (tottttas OF GRENADA, MISS. ANNOUNCE THE ENGAGEMENT AND APPROACHING MARRIAGE OF THEIR DAUGHTER, TO Mr. ($. II. toMonks of brown ' s crossing, miss. The Echo EJitress Class Prophet Reporters 1917 Seniors Price One Smile (In installments of Grins) Directory J. G. WATKINS Attorney-at-Law + Special attention to domestic affairs. See me before securing divorce. 1201 BODUNK BUILDING POSSUM HOLLOW, MISS ALUMNI BANQUET Last night at the Edwards Hotel was held the Tenth An- nual Banquet of the Class of " 17 of Millsaps College. Short speeches were made by several of the alumni. The history of this class is remarkable. They have kept up a close organiza- tion since leaving college, and every member comes back once a year to the Annual Banquet. APPLEWORTH ENTERTAINS LEAGUE HONORS DR. AND MRS. GOLDING-A VERY BRILLIANT AFFAIR. The members of the Apple- worth League of the Methodist Church entertained last eve- ning in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Golding, who have just returned from the Orient. The affair was quite a success. Rev. Rufus G. Moore, with his accustomed grace, presided as toastmaster and introduced the following: Dr. Golding, Mrs. Golding (nee Pattie Sulli- van), C. A. Parks, local Sec- retary of the Y. M. C. A., and others. Law Class Officers L. P. McHalffey President R. A. Thorn Vice-President D. M. White Secret ary-Treasurer H. C. Holden Sheriff BURBON HENRY EVANS, LL.B Lawrence, Miss. WAIGHTS GIBBS HENRY, LL.B Jackson, Miss. A.B., Southern University: A.M., University of Alabama; B.D., Vandcrbilt; Ph.D., Boston University ; Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM HARRINGTON HILZIM, LL.B Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha. HIRAM CASS1DY HOLDEN. LL.B Jackson, Miss. Delta Tau Delta. Washington anil Lee University. N. B. LANGFORD, JR., LL.B Ruleville. Miss. Student at Mississippi College, 1211-14 ; Kappa Sigma, LAWRENCE PINKARD McHALFFEY, LL.B Rienzi, Miss. Tennis Club, 15- ' 16 : Glee Club, ' 15- 16; Secretary of Galloway Literary Society, •15- ' 16; President Law Class; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A. I. LAGRONE TIGERT, LL.B Ripley, Miss. President Law Class. " 15- ' 16 : Track Team, Coach, and Manager, ' 15- ' 16- ' 17; Di- rector of Mississippi Inter-Scholastic Track Meet, 16- ' 17; Southern University De- bater, ' 17; L. L. g.; Y. M. C. A. RUFUS ALLEN THORN, LL.B Meridian, Miss. Vice-President Law Class, ' 17; Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHN JACKSON VALENTINE, LL.B West Point. Miss. Kappa Sigma. a ,;• COOPER FRANKLIN WELCH, LL.B Hazelhurst, Miss. Student at Valparaiso University, 1915- ' 1G; Sigma Delia Kappa Legal Fraternity; Kappa Sigma. HENRY MICHAEL WELLS, LL.B Smithdale, Mis A.B., A.M., Millsaps College, 1917; Vice-President Athletic Association; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Alpha Pi Sigma. DAN McKINNON WHITE, LL.B Laurel, Miss. A.B., Millsaps College. 1917; G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Secretary and Treasurer Law Class, ' 17. President Alpha Pi Sigma. Letters from Hiss Tonenne Millsaps College, 1 900 14 Edetcr Esq. Annual Yearly Magazine; dear edetor: I come to this school with great purpose; get eddication. They tell me I am a greenie. I do not know it beforehandly. This one strange place. Mostly everybody kind of people is here. They organize have a facultie. This Faculty Esq. might snuggest a museum zoo, having members. They named Ducky, Dippy, Mose, etc. One mem- ber. Tall John, depart away, and a Shaggy come to take his place. They is a crowd here they say they Sr. They high up. I negotiate they high up as airships. 6 weeks henceforth: Since last time I ellecute on paper with ink to you, I find out about Srs. They not highup, they lowdown. They just been here long time. Perhapsly when it been a longtime since I income in this locality, maybe I be Sr. too. 1 mo. again. Two (2) great deesasters befall since my last. I have been feeling too ' , 2 hearted to guggle forth happenings. Too many things happen at same time. Xzaminations in hill swing. Also mane building collapsed to zero by fire. Since collapse thusly I been alonesome and been movie Pictorial show, but I sorra. I guess I am homesickness. Later: Ball talk entirely okkupy me. I develop a ball fan. We downcrash our large and dangerous enemie, Mrs. Sippi Clollege. We make walkout by front door from Chapel Esq. to selebrate holladay over enemies downcrash. I come here to learn my poor ignorance. I succeed. Wishing you also success, Hiss Torienne. Same Place, 1900 15. Dear Edetor, Once again my pen and me retort to you. It been alongtime since I write. I been three (3) months recovery from learning poor ignorance. Learning poor ignorance force some greenies to retir e away forever. My brain stand up with alarm at departure of E.Y., a facultie. O! by the way, a Broncho income in our museum zoo. (3) mo. later. Excitement! We have new building no more holla " here " at chapel Esq. in jim. Thusly, more excitement! Ball talk muchly. This time Mrs. Sippi goes so down deep before us State makes us Champs. 8 mo. moreover. Mose outcome by the r.r to Ala. and make no feetsteps back. Wishing you like success. Hiss ToRIFNNE. (46) ' 1900 16. Dear Edetor, Oncely again I instruct you what do. Faculties say best fitters stay ontop. I assimi- late they meaning thusly. Jr. class return back scarcely 6c mostsurely get Mrs. Sippi ' s goat. Where hole made by departure away of Mose, Tibullus fit in zoo making joy. 6 wks. furthermore. Hardtime situation develop out of being Jr. All faculties ingrouch work muchly on Jrs. Of finally, I no emblify further, except basketball team make winless game trip. Wishing you success likewise, HlSS ToRIENNE. 1900 17. Dear Edetor, I commit nextly with sad sickness cause I soonly make away journey etc. Fine co. band Srs. go hitherway. Facultie zoo busy ! I negotiate they learn how to discover how to do minusly Srs. to zero. Faculty expanded out by Prep and Tall John. I peruse they comeback to wepe at Sr. outgo. 8 wks. hitherfrom. Once more again big Rouseup. Why eddicated facultie get upsir give damn- merits to holladay walkouts I no apprehend. Wilson not surely but almost elekted. Shakspeer says " to be or not to be, that ' s the question. " We say " elekted or not elekted, holladay is unquestion. " (3) three wks. plus (-(-). One half (! ?) Sr. class geologic to find pods (gastro to placy) thousand (1,000) yrs. old. Why they hunt such stale things, I snib. This O 2) one half comeback and join other ' 2 on hardwork expedition trip. I sorra I no write again. Annual Yearly Magazine closed shutup. Wishing you success thusly, HlSS ToRIENNE. With apologies to Wallace Irwin. (47) senior roem Ring out, sad bells, to the bright sky; The fleeting hours a sadness bring; The college bells a summons ring. The last to which we shall reply. Ring out the old, ring in the new, The life we fear to undertake; Yet for our Alma Mater ' s sake We ' ll strive to be faithful and true. Ring out the grief we feel to-day ; We leave these halls forevermore; Some ne ' er again this friendly door Shall enter, in some future May. Ring out the happy college days With " preps " and " profs " and classmates blithe, The happy rush «f student life; Ring in the life of antried ways. Ring in a life of usefulness, A zealous will to be the best. The courage to survive a test, Ring in us lives that men will bless. Ring in the well-loved name Millsaps, The name that stands for valiant men; Her noble precepts ring again. Ring in for years to come, Millsaps. Senior Poet. (48) tM i- gtj iiL ,, c. c. JNorto M - V J (49) Class of 1918 Roll Selwyn Boatner Jackson, Miss. Phi .Mil. Minor Lofton Bott Puckett, Miss. Certificate from Mississippi Normal College. William Ernest Bufkin Clancy, Miss. Sigma Upsilon: L,. I.,. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Mid-Session Debater. ' 16; Commencement Debater. ' 10: Vice-President Sophomore Class, " 16; Triangular Debater, ' 17; Anniversary Orator L. L. S.. ' 17; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 16, ' 17; President Junior Class, ' 17. Mary Etta Cavett Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta; Treasurer Freshman Class. ' 14; Librarian Science Club, ' 17; Secretary Junior Class. ' 17. Millard Fillmore Clegc Mathiston, Miss. Kappa Alpha; Freshman Medal, ' 14; Football. ' 14; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 14; Sec- retary and Treasurer L. L. S-, ' 14; President Sophomore Class, ' 16; Assistant Baseball Manager, ' 16; Vice-President L. L. S.. ' 16; Triangular Debater. ' 16; President L. L. S., ' 17; University of Mississippi Debater. ' 17; Instructor M. P. S.. ' 17. Oscar Weir Conner Seminary, Miss. Kappa Alpha; L. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Honor Council. ' 15; President Glee Club, ' 15, ' 17; Manam-i- i;le I ' iuii, i . Yarsiti Baseball, ' it;. Vice-P resident athletic A-ssociation, ' 16; Vice-President Y. M. C. A.. ' 16; Delegate to State Y. M. C. A. Convention. ' 16; Presi- dent L. L. S.. ' 16. Julian Beck Feibelman Jackson, Miss. Sigma Upsilon; G. L. S. ; Freshman Debater, ' 15; Vice-President Sophomore Class, ' 16; Clark Essay Medal, ' 15; Triangular Debater, ' 16; Sophomore Medal, ' 16; University of Mississippi Debater, ' 17; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 16; Science Club. ' 17. Lizzie Monta Click Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta; Sponsor Basketball Team, 17. Lloyd Hunter Gates Como, Miss Pi Kappa Alpha; L. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Football. ' 16; Moorhead Debater, ' 16; Man- ager Basketball Team. ' 16; Vice-President Science club, 17; Assistant Business Man- ager " Purple and White. " ' 17. William Bryan Gates D ' Lo, Miss. Secretary L. L. S.. " 16, ' 17; Treasurer Science Club. ' 17; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 17. Alfred Yarbrouch Harper Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Basketball, ' 15; Freshman Debater, ' 15; Geiger Chem- istry Medal. ' 16; Custodian Athletic Association. ' 17; Vice-President L. L. S-, ' 17. George B. Huddleston Jackson. Miss. Kappa Sigma. Michel Carter Huntley Yazoo City, Miss. L. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Football. ' 16; Glee Club. ' 16. 17; Triangular Debater, ' 17; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 17; Vice-President Glee Club, ' 17, (50) Edward Henry Joyce Jackson, Miss. L. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; " Purple and While " Staff. ' 14; Varsity Track. ' 15. ' 16, ' 17; Science Club. ' 16, ' 17; Secretary V. M, C. A„ ' 16; President L. L. S., ' 17: Historian Athletic Association. ' 17; Assistant in Mathematics. ' 17. Maude Wise Kennedy Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu. Marjorie Estelle Klein Jackson, Miss. Science Club. ' 17. John Littlepace Lancaster Lynwood, Va. Y. M. C. A.; Vice-President I,. L. S.. ' 16; Moorehead Debater. ' 16; Treasurer Sophomore Class. ' 16; Mid-Session Debater, ' 17; " Purple and White " Staff, ' 17. Elizabeth Theresa Manship Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta: Secretary Freshman Class, ' 14; Historian Sophomore Class, ' 15. Elise Hill Moore Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Glee Club, ' 15, ' 16, ' 17; Secretary Sophomore Class, ' 16; Secretary Clionian Literary Society. ' 16; Assistant in German, ' 16, ' 17; Historian Junior Class. ' 17. Howard Burgess McGehee Woodville, Miss. Kappa Sigma; G. L. S. ; Varsity Baseball. ' 16; Orchestra. " 16. Otto Porter Rose Hill, Miss. Alpha Pi Sigma; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club. ' 11; Vice-President G. L. S., ' 17; Mid-Session Debater, ' 17. Wade Henry Rhyne Carrolllon, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A.; Football, ' 1. ' ,; Glee Club, ' 15, ' 16, ' 17; Manager Glee Club, ' 17. James Shelby Shipman Ilia Bena, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; L. L. s. ; Y. M. C. A.; Football. ' 15. ' 16. ' 17; Track. ' 15. ' 16, ' 17; Basket- ball, ' 16; Tennis Club, ' 16, ' 17; Treasurer Y. M. C. A., ' 16; Vice-President Y. M. C. A., ' 17; Secretary L. L. S.. ' 16; Vice-President L. L. S., ' 17; Science Club, 17. Benjamin Ormond Van Hook Biloxi, Miss. Kappa Sigma; G. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; Secretary G. L. S., 16; Varsity Track, ' 16; Orchestra, ' 16; Football. ' 16; Manager Basketball. 17. Charles Galloway Ventress Woodville, Miss. Kappa Sigma; Freshman Debater. ' 15; Mid-Session Debater, ' 16; Honor Council, ' 17. Frances Harris Virden Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu. Olive Andrews Watkins Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Poet Freshman Class. ' 15; Orchestra. ' 15, ' 16, ' 17; Glee Club, ' 15, ' 16, ' 17; Secretary and Treasurer Orchestra, ' 17; Science Club, ' 17. (51) (52) maaB Junior Class Officers W. Ernest Bufkin President W. B. Gates Vice-President Mary Etta Cavett Secretary Fannie Virden Treasurer Elise Moor: Historian (53) e (54) Class of 1919 Officers John R. Goza President R. A. McRee Vice-President Le Nel Jones Secretary H. A. Harper Treasurer G. M. Lester Historian Mae Allred Poet Oscar Newton Liar Paul Bellenger Sport Roll Ruth Alford H. A. Harper Oscar Newton, Jr. Mae Allred R. A. Harris C. C. Norton 1. S. Ascher F. L. Ivy C. W. O ' Donnell S. E. Ashmore Le Nel Jones Kathryn Roland P. P. Bellenger J. H. Lanfair J. O. Rutledce A. J. Boyles G. M. Lester I. H. Sells C. W. Brooks A. L. Mars R. H. J. Sessions La Perle Dear R. A. McRee A. L. Shipman D. S. Dearman R. P. Mims H. K. Sledce Will Emma Ellis F. K. Mitchell S. C. Stirling L. W. Ely W. L. Mitchell N. H. Webb J. C. Fant A. M. Moore A. M. West J. L. Gates V. D. Myers Lewis Worthy J. R. Goza F. C. Yates (55) (56) (57) Class of 1920 Officers R. T. Keys President J. L. CoCKRUM Vice-President Jeanette Lovelace Secretary Crawford Swear] ncen Treasurer Sadye Feibelman Historian L. H. Bibby Poet Ted Rees Liar Leo Roberts Sport Roll Gladys Alford W. P. Bailey J. R. Bane L. H. Bibby C. A. Bostick V. E. Boykin C. S. Burt G. H. Butler H. A. Butler C. B. Carlisle H. Carroll H. H. Clecc J. L. CoCKRUM W. L. Cook R. W. Cooper R. B. Craig C. A. Ellis J. C. Ellis W. C. Ellis Sadye Feibelman Pocahontas Eskew Paul Gammill A. P. Harmon Katherine Harris Harold Hart Sallie B. Hartfield Sam Holladay R. T. Hollincsworth T. H. Hood Carl Howorth T. A. Huntington J. T. Jacobs B. L. Kearney R. T. Keys Bays Lamb H. H. Lansford Alice Lewis R. L. Lewis Jeanette Lovelace Talbot McCormick H. N. McDonald M. M. McGowan F. H. McLaurin Dan McLeod S. O. MlDDLETON H. L. Mitchell H. A. Norton J. W. Patton, Jr. G. Pears J. T. Peatross Ollie Pickens T. V. Rees L. B. Roberts H. P. Ricketts E. L. Russell J. W. Sells J. B. Shearer T. A. Shipman Henry Strauss J. M. Streater B. F. Suttle Crawford Swearingen E. L. Taliaferro Amelia Wilcox B. D. Windham J. D. Wise T. B. Wright Robert Yarbrough (58) (59) (60) Gladys Alford Ruth Elizabeth Alford Mae Allred Catherine Durham Bailey Pauline Boatner Selwyn Boatner Otie Gretchen Branstetter Mary Etta Cavett Mabel Estelle Cheatham Loie Cecile Clontz Katie Lou Countiss La Perle Dear Mary Easterling Will Emma Ellis Co-Ed Roll VlRClNIA EsKEW Sadye Frances Feibelman Lizzie Monta Click Kathryn Elizabeth Harris Sallie Belle Hartfield Le Nel Jones Maude Wise Kennedy Katye Maye Kidwell Marjorie Estelle Klein Alice Lewis Frances Lucille Loeb Jeanette Scott Lovelace Willie Baldwin Lloyd Elizabeth Manship Elise Hill Moore Helen Brodnax Nall Ollie Ruth Pickens Olga Lenore Powell Kathryn Irene Roland Mary Belle Shurlds Lucille Stewart Pattie Macruder Sullivan Mary Crawford Swearincen Primrose Thompson Fannie Harris Virden Elizabeth Holmes Watkins Olive Andrews Watkins Amelia Wilcox (61) Dr. Alex Walkins here we see. He ' s just as bright as bright can be. " Smart Aleck, " do you ask? Oh, never! His smartness is the kind called clever; His brain is filled with useless knowledge. And he ' s the head of our fair College. Sully gets sportier day by day — Now he ' s bought him a Chevrolet! And in that car he means to ride And look for specimens far and wide. He ' s lost all interest in his class. Just studies about the price of gas. This gentleman ' s name is Dippy Kern, He knows so much there ' s naught to learn; At English he ' s immense. And famous colleges afar Have tried to take from us this star, But only took offense. In old dead language he doth speak. He visits by its tomb ; His presence makes our hearts sink down And fills our minds with gloom. We call to him, " Stay, Dr. Key, " In accents mild and low. He answers " ' Tempus fugit ' fast; I cannot stay, I go. " Now here ' s Long John, our ladies ' man. He teaches French as best he can; But he ' s so fond of the fair sex Oftimes his wits he scarce collects. He blushes deep; we hear him say " Let ' s conjugate the verb, aimer. " (62) The night wind blows; but seek repose? Not he! He roosts upon his tower high and scans the peaceful, starry sky, Until the morn. And then goes down amid the masses And over the coals he rakes his classes. Till they ' re forlorn. Dr. Mitchell, known to fame As Broncho Billy, (his pet name), Comes now within our view. This gentleman is dignified. But liked by all both far and wide. With whom he has to do. This gentleman is Ducky Lin; He teaches History with a vim ; (We really think a lot of him). He tells us tales of bygone days, He sings us bits of ancient lays. And all we have for him is praise. » Prep Noble is this handsome man, His mustache makes him pale and wan, Though it ' s really growing as well as it can. And when he lectures in Education, The students sigh in lamentation And say he ' s just an inspiration! Do you want to see boys who are snappy? Just visit dear Daddy and Happy. They teach at the Prep, And they ' ve got quite a " rep " ; But some of their pupils are sappy. (63) RIGHT ROYAL RAMBLERS RAID REMOTE RAVINES (64) urn . Medals Awarded, 1916 Millsaps Declamation Medal C. W. Alford Sophomore Medal for Oratory J. B. Feibelman Geiger Chemistry Medal A. Y. Harper Carl J. von Seutter Medal for Oratory L. F. Hendrick Clark Essay Medal D. M. White Commencement Debater ' s Medal L. F. Hendrick Freshman Debater ' s Medal N. H. Parker Mid-Session Debater ' s Medal J. G. ByrD M. I. O. A. Orator L. F. Hendrick Chautauqua Orator J. A. WoOTON Inter-Collegiate Debaters, 1916 Millsaps vs. Mississippi A. M M. F. Clecc and D. M. White Millsaps vs. Mississippi College . . . . J. B. Feibelman and W. S. Henley Millsaps vs. University of Mississippi C. Bullock and C. C. Case M. I. O. A. Orator for 1917 J. A. WoOTON Chaulauqua Orator for 1917 J. B. Feibelman (65) It? ■■ ■ ' • ' X : Bobashela Staff Dan White Editor-in-Chief Miss Elizabeth Watkins Assistant Editor JuDSON M. Allred Business Manager H. Mike Wells Business Manager Miss Frances Loeb Club Editor Miss Primrose Thompson Literary Editor Rufus G. Moore .... Literary Editor Alfred Bending Art Ediloi James G. Watkins Art Editor G. Hilton Butler Art Editor Miss Loie Clontz Class Editor Herbert R. Babington Athletic Editor Clarence Bullock Statistics Editor C. C. Norton Cartoonist (67) John Aubrey Wooton W. Ernest Bufkin . Nathaniel Golding . The Purple and White Editorial Staff . Editor-in-Chief M. C. Huntley Associate Editor H. M. Wells . . Athletic Editor J. L. Lancaster Assistant Athletic Editor . Y. M. C. A. Editor Literary Society Editor Miss Primrose Thompson Society Editor Reporters Miss Otie Branstetter James W. Sells R. T. Keys Business Management G. H. Rankin, Jr. L. H. Gates . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager (68) Commencement Courier Pauline Boatner .... Editor-in-Chief Mary Shurlds Associate Editor Frances Loeb Social Editor Otie Branstetter Alumni Editor Lucille Stewart Local Editor Pattie Sullivan Local Editor J. A. Wooton Local Editor C. C. Case Business Manager W. S. SHIPMAN . Ass ' -stant Business Manager (69) The Student Leads a Jolly Life " ciim i 6 theWireIe " Oii top or Bie Nain ParbuhP Nine Year Ofcfs lr Fresh § trite Two (70) (71) Galloway Literary Society Officers FIRST TERM SECOND TERM THIRD TERM FOURTH TERM President . D. M. White . R. G. Moore C. Bullock . J. A. Wcoton Vice-President C. Bullock . . O. Porter H. A. Dawson . J. B. Feibelman Secretary . W. D. Myers . R. A. McRee J. R. Goza . . H. A. Harper Treasurer . A. M. Moore . A. M. Moore M. M. McGowan M. M. McGowa Speakers H. M. Wells Anniversarian D. M. White Anniversary Orator Debaters J. B. Feibelman University of Mississippi Debater Clarence Bullock and I. H. Sells Triangular Debaters M. M. McGowan and C. A. ELLIS Freshman Debaters Otto Porter and Lewis Worthy MiJ-Session Debaters C. A. Parks and D. M. White Commencement Debaters Members Robert Yarbrough C. W. Alford R. A. McRee J. M. Allred A. M. Moore T. M. Ainsworth F. H. McLaurin A. J. Boyles H. N. McDonald M. L. Bott M. M. McGowan C. Bullock D. M. White R. E. Simpson H. A. Butler J. D. Wise B. F. Suttle W. P. Bailey C. C. Norton J. L. Cockrum H. A. Norto n H. A. Dawson C. W. O ' Donnell C. A. Ellis C. A. Parks H. G. Cunningham Otto Porter G. P. Ritchey J. B. Feibelman L. B. Roberts Paul Gammill J. O. Rutledce John R. Goza I. H. Sells A. P. Harmon J. W. Sells H. A. Harper J. A. Wooton R. G. Moore J. T. Jacobs Lewis Worthy W. D. Myers H. M. Johnson J. S. Terry B. Kearney C. H. Ventress H. H. Lansford H. M. Wells R. L. Lewis A. M. West Carter Stirling (72) Lamar Literary Society Officers first term second term third term fourth term President . . . . C. C. Case . . E. H. Joyce . . W. E. Bufkin . . M. F. Clecg Vice-President . . A. Y. Harper . J. S. Shipman . F. W. Powell . . H. K. Sledge Secretary . . . J. L. Lancaster . F. K. Mitchell R. W. Cooper . . W. B. Gates Treasurer . . . W. E. Bufkin . W. E. Bufkin . C. W. Brooks . . C. W. Brooks Speakers C. C. Case Anniversarian W. E. Bufkin Anniversary Orator Debaters University of Mississippi Debater M. F. Clecg Triangular Debaters Freshman Debaters W. E. Bufkin M. C. Huntley J. R. Bane H. H. Clegc Mid-Session Debaters Commencement Debaters R. W. Cooper J. L. Lancaster R. T. Keys F. W. Powell Members J. S. E. ASHMORE P. P. Bellencer C. W. Brooks W. E. Bufkin C. S. Burt H. Carroll C. C. Case H. H. Clecg M. F. Clecg O. W. Conner, Jr. W. L. Cook R. V. Cooper R. B. Craig D. S. Dearman J. C. Ellis L. H. Gates W. B. Gates A. Y. Harper R. A. Harris T. B. Wright R. T. Hollincsworth R. Bane Carl Howorth Sam Holladay M. C. Huntley E. H. Joyce R. T. Keys J. L. Lancaster A. L. Mars T. McCormick D. L. McLeod S. O. MlDDLETON F. K. Mitchell W. L. Mitchell F. W. Powell E. L. Russell J. B. Shearer A. L. Shipman J. S. Shipman H. K. Sledge Meek Streater I. L. TlGERT T. A. Huntington (74) (75) ATRIP TO BLUE PIDGE " rnmu WML m $0! ■ " ■ po w 1 ? -™ 7 yoo$j (76) INTHE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA APiUVOE IH rHSPOOL Mjm ftrwffMW£ WMffrm CUMB N6 ™£ CHB, ftO ip A ffSf sTHfirt 00 " m yro m (77) Young Men ' s Christian Association Officers C. A. Parks President James S. Shipman Vice-President E. H. Joyce Secretary Dan White Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES R. G. Moore Devotional N. Golding Bible Stud)) H. M. Wells Mission Stud}) W. E. BuFKIN Membership C. C. Case Social Service C. W. ALFORD Reception (78) Honor Council Officers Nathaniel Golding Chairman Dewey S. Dearman Clerk Members Clarence Bullock College ai Large C. C. Case College at Large Nat Golding Senior Class G A. Parks Senior Class C G. Ventress Junior Class Dewey S. Dearman Sophomore Class R. B. Craig Freshman Class Dr. J. M. Burton Faculty Advisor (79) Who ' s Who at Millsaps Compiled by Statistics Editor From a Popular Vote of the Student Body The favorite study of Millsaps students seems to be English, with Mathe- matics second. Their chief amusements are the movies and flirting. Type of girl preferred — Brunette. Most Timid Girl— Will Emma Ellis. Most Bashful Man — Peale Harmon. Freshest Freshman — Bovvers won in a walk over Hood, Ricketts, and Jim Sells. Fattest Man — Pears. Lankiest Man — " Maggie " McGehee. Most Graceful Girl — Lizzie Glick. Most Awkward Man — Vote well scat- tered; Collye Alford and Millard Clegg favorites. Greenes of the Verdant — Hilton Butler wins over Ivy on toss-up. Biggest Bore — Dawson elected almost unanimously. Most Practical Man — Vote thrown out ; Mike Wells and " Big- ' un " Gates caught stuffing the ballot-box. Most Eccentric Man — Powell. Jolliest Girl — Jeanette Lovelace. Grouchiest Man — Jim Watkins. Brainiest Man — Feibelman wins over White by two votes. Most Popular Girl — Sadye Feibelman. Most Popular Man — Dan White. Most Conceited Man — Smylie Shipman wins over Dawson by close margin. Most Amiable Girl — Mary Shurlds. Biggest ' Baccer Bummer — Hotly con- tested; but Rees in the lead. Biggest Eater — Roberts seems to have won on face of returns, but Pi Kappa Alphas and Alpha Pi Sigmas have contested the election, the former back- ing Ashmore; the latter, Porter. Laziest Man — Joe Gates overwhelms all opposition. Busiest Man — Judson Allred. Best Student — A. Y. Harper. Best Athlete— " Red " Williams. Biggest Tightwad — " Doc " Tigert had a landslide. Prettiest Girl — Crawford Swearingen. Ugliest Man — " Senator " Keys and C. C. Norton in second race. Handsomest Man — " Sallie " Fant. Biggest Grafter — Book-store got every vote but one ; Sully got it. Biggest Lady Killer — Bott from Puckett is an easy winner, but Babington polls the Co-ed vote solidly. Student Who Has Done Most for Mill- saps — Editor refused to print after Statistics Editor had handed it in, be- cause it was such a lie. (80) Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flomer: Magnolia and Red Rose Publication : Kappa Alpha Journal Fratres in Facultate Alfred Allan Kern J. Reese Lin John M. Burton Fratres in Urbe J. K. Vardaman, Jr. P. L. Clifton Y. H. Clifton Wellin Cole R. S. Dobyns E. J. Ellzey A. W. Fridge L. M. Caddis Curtis Green G. W. Green G. S. Hamilton W. G. Henry Robert G. Kennington Chalmers Potter Nola Stokes V. Robertson J. H. McLain L. C. Nugent A. R. Peeples D. G. Phelps G. B. Power R. W. Roberts J. W. Robinson C. T. Taylor S. J. Taylor S. S. Taylor F. N. Taylor G. C. SWEARINGEN Mayrant Adams I. B. Beard W. M. Buie West Cole I. C. Enochs, Jr. W. H. Hilzim Luther Manship Dunlap Peeples F. L. Mayes G. H. Moore J. H. Penix J. P. Smith S. R. Whitten, Jr. n Stewart James A. Teat W. R. Smith C. M. Williamson C. W. May H. M.Quin, Jr. W. H. Potter, Jr. G. W. F. Rembert John W. Saunders L. L. Mayes J. M. Vardaman A. F. Watkins, Jr. H. V. Watkins W. H. Watkins G. Q. Whitfield (81) Alpha Mu Chapter Law Class Harrington Hilzim W. G. Henry Class of 1917 James G. Watkins Class of 1918 Oscar W. Conner, Jr. Millard F. Clegc Alfred Y. Harper Class of 1919 Robert A. Harris Oscar Newton, Jr. Percy Mims Fred C. Yates Class of 1920 Clarence S. Burt John W. Patton, Jr. Harry L. Mitchell Ted V. Rees (82) (83) (84) Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Virginia in 1867 Colors: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Flower: Lily of the Valley Publications : " The Caduceus, and " The Star and Crescent. " Frater in Facultate Gecrce Lott Harrell Fratres in Urbe C. A. Alexander A. M. Nelson, Jr. J. A. Alexander A. M. Owen J. M. Alexander R. B. Ricketts George Lott Harrell J. B. Ricketts J. A. Baker J. S. Rhodes John Ball Grady Butler T. H. Bingham Longstreet Cavett E. H. Green W. T. Davis F. E. Gunter L. Evans Edgar Gunning E. H. Galloway W. S. Hamilton A. W. Garraway J. G. Johnson A. A. Green, Jr. H. G. Johnson W. M. Green Sam Johnson W. H. Lewis J. H. Morris Jerry Montgomery Sidney Robinson H. F. Magee J. T. Robinson Clyde McGee Fulton Thompson Eugene Morse J. M. Thornton J. N. McLean (85) Alpha Upsilon Chapter Law Class J. J. Valentine N. B. Lancford, Jr. C. F. Welch Class of 1917 R. G. Moore J. A. Wooton Class of 1918 g. b. huddleston H. B. McGehee F. W. Powell C. G. Ventrees B. O. Van Hook Class of 1919 H. G. Cunningham E. R. Ratliff R. A. McRee Carter Stirlinc Class of 1 920 L. H. Bibby R. L. Bingham C A. Bostick H. A. Butler L. W. Ely A. P. Harmon H. P. RlCKETTS B. F Suttle, Jr. E. 1 Taliaferro •J. D. Wise C D. Williams, Jr. Pledged. (86) (87) (88) Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Publication : " The Shield and Diamond " Frater in Facultate Stuart Grayson Noble Fratres in Urbe Chas. W. Crisler E. B. Cooper J. W. Crisler J. F. Flint W. H. Hill Edwin Jones John Lyle C. H. Miller J. L. Neill L. W. Reed Frank T. Scott O. B. Taylor 89 Alpha Iota Chapter Law Class R. A. Thorn Class of 1917 J. A. Anderson Herbert R. Babington G. Howard Rankin Nathaniel Goldinc W. Smylie Shipman Class of 1918 Lloyd H. Gates w. H. Rhyne Class of James J 1919 i. Shipman Sam E. A: 5HMORE Paul P. Bellencer Charles M. Jaco J. Hubert Lanfair W. Lemuel Mitchell Austin L. Shipman Class of 1920 H. Carroll T. H. Hood J. C. Fant R. T. Keys Joe L. Gates M. B. Montgomery W , M. Harmon M. L. Potts Russell A. Harris Tom A. Shipman T. A. Huntinc ;ton I. Laci one Tigert Pledged. (90) (91) SOME OF OUR BELHAVEN FRIENDS (92) MILLSAPS WIT (93) Kappa Delta Sorority Founded at the Virginia State Normal Female College in 1897 Colors: Olive Green and White Flower: White Rose Publication : " The Angelos " SORORES IN URBE Miss Ruth Reed Miss Ella Lee Miss Daisy Rccers Miss Lena Vail Mrs. Basil Mayes Mu Chapter SORORES IN COLLEGIO Fannie Buck Delia Greaves Baldwyn Lloyd Marguerite Park K VTYE MaYE KlDWELL Class of 1917 Otie Branstetter Princrose Thompson M. ' RY Shurlds Class of 1918 Elizabeth Manship Mary Etta Cavett Lizzie Click Class of 1 920 Katherine Harris Alice Lewis (94) (95) Phi Mu Sorority Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Rose Carnation Publication: " Aglaia " SoRORES IN URBE Miss Sallie W. Baley Miss Bessie Javne Mrs. Mary Bowen Clark Miss Evelyn Spiokard Miss Ione Green Miss Sue Beth Sullivan Miss Aileen Harmon Miss Elizabeth M. Watkins Miss Annie Bessie Whitson Epsilon Chapter Pauline Boatner Class of ' 17 Kate Lou Countiss .... Class of ' 17 Pattie Magruder Sullivan Class of ' 17 Elizabeth Holmes Watkins Class of ' 17 Selwyn Boatner Class of ' 18 Maude Wise Kennedy Class of ' 18 Elise H. Moore Class of ' IS Fannie H. Virden Class of ' 18 Olive Andrews Watkins Class of ' IS Ruth Alford Class of ' 19 Catherine Bailey Class of ' 19 Olca Lenore Powell Class of ' 19 Kathryn Roland Class of ' 19 Gladys Alford Class of ' 20 Sallie Belle Hartfield Class of ' 20 Jeanette Lovelace Class of ' 20 Crawford Swearingen Class of ' 20 PIedged. (96) (97) K ' TK Sigma Upsilon Kit Kat Chapter A. Y. Harper W. S. Shipman J. B. Feibelman H. R. Babington W. E. Bufkin F. W. Powell J. A. Wooton Chapter Roll Sopherim — -Sewanee Calumet — Vanderbilt Osiris — Randolph- Macon College Senior Round Table — University of Georgia Odd Number Club— University of North Carolina Boar ' s Head — Transylvania University Scribblers — University of Mississippi Kit Kat— Millsaps College Scarabs — University of Texas Scribes — University of South Carolina Coffee House — Emory College Fortnightly — Trinity College Attic — University of Alabama Grub S tree —University of Washington Cordon-Hope — College of William and Blue Pencil— Davidson College Sphinx — Hampden- Sidney College Ye Tabard Inn— University of Oregon M ary (98) (99) Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter Clarence Bullock Class of ' 17 Clarence C. Case Class of ' 17 H. Mike Wells Class of ' 17 Dan M. White Class of ' 17 Otto Porter Class of ' 18 Hendrix A. Dawson . Class of ' 19 Dewey S. Dearman .... Class of ' 19 John R. Goza Class of ' 19 Herbert A. Harper .... Class of ' 19 A. M. Moore Class of ' 19 William D. Myers . Class of ' 19 Lewis Worthy Class of ' 19 W. C. Ellis, Jr . Class of ' 20 Paul Gammill Class of ' 20 F. Hughston McLaurin Class of ' 20 Joe S. Terry Class of ' 20 George P. Ritchey Law Class (100) (101) (102) Q CO i (103) Kience Club Officers 1 1. M. Wells President L. H. Gaies Vice-President Frances Loeb Secretary W. B. Gates Treasurer Mary Etta Cavett Librarian Roll Simon Ascher Mary Etta Cavett C. C. Case L. H. Gates W. B. Gates Marjorie Klein Frances Loeb Otto Porter W. H. Rhyne Lucille Stewart J. S. Shipman Olive Watkins Elizabeth Watkins H. M. Wells Honorary Members Dr. J. M. Sullivan Professor G L. Harrell (104) Preachers ' League Officers H. M. Johnson President C. W. Alford Vice-President J. L. Cockrum Secretary T. M. C. W E. M. S. E. W. P. A. W j. D. M. L. A. J. G. H AlNSWORTH Alford Allen Ashmore Bailey Bailey BoLAND BOTT BOYLES Butler Members R. B. Craig J. L. Cockrum J. C. Ellis L. H. Gates R. T. HOLLINCSWORTH F. L. Ivy H. M. Johnson E. A. King M. L. McCormick R. G. Moore C. C. Norton J. W. Parker C. A. Parks 0. Porter 1. H. Sells J. W. Sells J. B. Shearer R. E. Simpson J. S. Terry A. M. West (105) (106) Orchestra Officers Dr. J. M. Sullivan Faculty Manager U. F. Locue Director Hilton Butler President Alfred Bending Manager Olive Watkins Secretary and Treasurer Members U. F. Locue Violin Martin McCormick Violin Charlie McCormick Violin R. E. Simpson Trombone Dr. J. M. Sullivan Bass Violin Alfred Ben dinc First Cornel J. W. Parker Second Cornel J. C. Ellis First Cornet Caruthers Sullivan Clarionet Olive Watkins Piano Hilton Butler Drum and Traps (107) Glee Club Officers O. W. Conner President M. C. Huntley Vice-President H. A. Dawson Secretary and Treasurer H. H. Clecc Librarian W. H. Rhyne ' Manager Dr. B. E. Mitchell Director Members Lewis Wcrthy Charlie McCormick M. C. Huntley O. W. Conner W. H. Rhyne . . H. G. Cunningham W. S. Shipman A. P. Harmon First Tenor First Tenor First Tenor Second Tenor Second Tenor Second Tenor First Bass First Bass R. B. Craig First Bass H. A. Dawson First Bass H. H. Clegc Second Bass S. O. MlDDLETON . . ■ . Second Bass Martin McCormick . . . Second Bass Fred Yates Second Bass Elise Moore ... .... Soloist Olive Watkins Accompanist (108) (109) (110) Smasli an cl Bi4-a n " -vygj (HI) tvPWW Ct) Freaks Club MENTAL PHYSICAL Alfred Harper A. Adonis Kern Ruth Alfcrd Jauntily Made Burton Dewey Dearman Hungry Boy McGehee Estelle Cheatham Grow High Butler Dan White Fat Chile Yates Loie Clontz Jester Cat Fant Sallie Belle Hartfield Well Stumpt Shipman BOTH J. R. Lin Judson Allred J. S. Terry H. A. Dawson Crawford Swearingen Mary Etta Cavett J. M. Sullivan Percy Minis Elise Moore H. R. Babington (112) TAKTERS pi KuPPENHEIMER HOOD Hickey-Freeman Conner Arrow Goza Schloss Bros. Rankin Royal Tailor Wooton Knox Rees Manhattan Newton Styleplus White Stetson Mitchell Bon-ton Click Vogue Alford Delineator Cheatham butterick watkins " Gibson " Hartfield " Christy " Cavett Sears Roebuck Swearincen Bellas-Hess Lovelace New Idea Shurlds (113) S. Gritts Noble Zip Huntley Biscuits Conner Potato Porter Boiled Ham Suttle Cawn Bread Ritchey Onions Ratliff Smack Bull Moore Oysters Lin Bean Sledge Anithing Ashmore Gravy Dearman Hash Roberts Pie Shipman Turnip Greens Powell Chewing Gum Ventress Cotton Candy Case Sandwiches Yates (114) -j, ZATBF _ BORRDKEM50R5. (m) TRA9E0?BuRT0N©-LecTuRE-KeRN ® GrAMD 9?UU -IriP @ -F«R«S -Eon @AnffTEnR% (i)ConE %( ' K (f)V iuc Evia£-GOM u¥G ©EfWyAQfyrzA-SiOTZE @Mwstrei -Shiphan © Meuidrama-Weli ©Ballet- Gates All re J LmCair and Tigvit (115) (116) Since no$ nuTTAND his little Side Kick Jeff have attracted the Attention of the world, causing, MILLIONS To LAUGH, AMD NiNNINOv A GOOD n«NY HOftDRED THOUSAND Dollars for Bu Tuher.. If twio uneducated Nuts can oothis what could two educated GUMPS like them do? this question confronted the trustees of Millsaps Some time ago and the NEXT-PICTORE WAS THE RESULT- Thu is the latest photo of L0NG.T0HN and his little; side Kick Dippy- they were broug ht to Miusaps for the humorous d£ pt. a n d to attract the public ' s attention toward the COLLEGE. Since THEIR ARRIVAL THE ENROLLMEMT OF THE COLLEGE HA S DOUBLED— AND ALL HUMOROUS PUBLICATIONS HAUE BEEN FOUND UNNEC- ESSARY. Dr.T UCKY OF THE FOOLOSOPHY AND PROPHFCY DEPT.PROPHESlES THAT IF BudFisHER WOULD STOP DRAWING. HUTT ANOJCFF NOW.fllLLSAPS WOULD BE T»1E LARGEST COLLEGE |rt TNEWORLO. (117) Democratic Club Purpose: To teach the faculty and a few recalcitrant students the basic principles of Democracy. Practical Demonstration: Take a holiday every time a Demo- cratic President is elected. Slogan : Don ' t weaken. Fred Yates MEMBERS Lizzie Glick Dan White Jeanette Lovelace H. R. Babincton C. C. Case Shipman Brothers B. O. Van Hook W. D. Myers E. L. Russell H. G. Cunningham Millard Clecc H. M. Wells L. H. Gates — and about 90 r c of the rest of the student body J. L. Cockrum C C. Ndrton Otto Porter G. H. Rankin E. H. Joyce J. W. Patton. Jr. J. R. Goza C. G. Ventress wiiLsers owKir It Speaks Yes, C. Sweanngen, " Recollections of Personal Association with College Professors is a splendid title for your new book. I am sorry, Michel Huntley, but I cannot furnish a girl. Let me hear from you again. I can give no advice, Mr. J. S. Terry, to people who wish to appear brilliant without being so. " Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom. " Hiram Cunningham, I enjoy your visits to the Oracle. I am sorry our theories do not agree. When you can reconcile your motto, " The more, the merrier, " with mine, " Fidelity, " we shall get better results. As to the kinks in your disposition, J. G. Watkins, I know of only one kink remover— and that doesn ' t pertain to dispositions. Yes, Dr. Kern, the Lord ' s Prayer is already copyrighted — appropriation may lead to severe punishment. Elizabeth Manship, " Giggles, " is not listed in my handbook. The symptoms you mention sound dangerous. Consult a doctor. I hesitate, Miss Kennedy, to recommend hair dye, for I disapprove of young girls " doctoring " their hair. However, you can get a prescription from Miss Virden. She has used it successfully. (119) Skeeter Babington rrvatmar. Burt Jiajijiu Butler Bow-Wow Conner -3- Ja ia Jaco ' ChoMiy " Newton -P- Dauber Powell .%• Sjiecdy ' Remit in Hvnky " Sledge Hid Shil n an Aus " Shi]nnai« -W- Monkj) Ventrcss -tB- XjatWWootwi V-M- TaUs (120) (121) Athletic Council Dr. B. F_. Mitchell Faculty Director of Athletics Fred C. Yates President Athletic Association H. M. Wells Vice-President Athletic Association G. H. Rankin Baseball Manager B. O. Van Hook Basketball Manager I. L. TiCERT Track Coach and Manager R. A. McRee Tennis Manager E. H. Joyce Historian A. Y. Harper . . Custodian of Trophies (122) Wearers of the " M " CoNNE BASEBALL TRACK BASKETBALL L. H. Gates L. H. Gates cGehee Jaco A. L. Shipman Pearce Joyce J. S. Shipman Sweeney W. L. Mitchell Williams Williams Rankin TlGERT Van Hook Williams FOOTBALL Yates L. H. Gates Watkins Brooks Wells Golding Williams W. S. S HIPMAN Yates (123) (124) TRACK SPORTS . TlCERT Varsity Track Team Mitchell, F. K. Harmon, A. P. Mitchell, W. L. Joyce Van Hook Jaco Shipman, J. S. Taliaferro Rankin Sledge Harris (126) T ennis Club McRee Manager Bullock Wells Bending Russell Porter Mitchell White Goza Shipman (127) VOCT GFRT- track Dr. {Eft ) - FOOTBALL (128) (129) Baseball Team of 1916 Officers W. S. Henley Manager Marvin Summer Captain Bennie Mitchell Coach The Team Sweeney First Base McDonald Second Base Andrews Short Stop Summer Third Base PEARCE Catcher Williams Left Field Vick Center Field Conner Right Field Bellenger Utility Knight Pitcher Hallman Pitcher McGehee Pitcher Record of 1916 Majors Millsaps Opponents March 22.— L. I. I., at Ruston 4 8 March 23.— L. I. I., at Ruston 4 March 24. — La. State Univ.. at Baton Rouge 1 9 March 3 1 . — Mississippi April I . — Mississipp; April 5. — Mississipp April 6. — Mississipp April 7. — Mississipp Normal, at Ja:kson 13 2 Normal, at Jackson 3 1 College, at Clinton 4 6 College, at Clinton 5 8 College, at Clinton 7 5 April 14. — University of Mississippi, at Oxford 3 4 April 1 5. — University of Mississippi, at Oxford 3 2 April 17. — University of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa 1 5 April 18. — University of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa 5 2 April 27. — Mississippi College, at Jackson 3 4 April 28. — Mississippi College, at Jackson 7 3 April 29. — Mississippi College, at Jackson 5 3 May 1 . — Chamberlain-Hunt, at Jackson 5 1 May 8. — University of Mississippi, at Jackson 2 May II. — University of Mississippi, at Jackson 4 2 May 13. — ' Mississippi College, at Jackson 4 3 State Championship game. (130) MISSISSIPPI STATE CHAMPIONS, 1916 Resume of 1916 Baseball Team FROM a Purple and White point of view, the 1916 season was very successful. Millsaps met some of the best teams in the South, and, although defeated several times, she laid aside enough victories to give her the State Championship. The team was composed of as good an aggrega- tion of ball-tossers as the College has ever boasted. Each individual player could, without exaggera- tion, be classified as a star, and deserves special mention, but lack of space forbids. Among the S. I. A. A. teams met by the Majors during the season were Louisiana State University, University of Mississippi, Alabama University, Mississippi College, and others. For the most part, the local diamond was the scene of the above-mentioned hostilities. Only two road trips were taken. The first was the Louisiana trip, which was not successful, from the fact that it was prematurely taken. The coach was late in taking the team, and, in fact, had not selected it. The second was the invasion of the North and East, where Ole Miss, Alabama, and others were given drubbings in their own back yards. It is to be regretted that the Majors had no other chances to display their wares to non- residents of Mississippi. W. S. Henley and Dr. Mitchell are due much credit for the successful management of the team. Chief credit is, perhaps, due Coach Mitchell for molding the inexperienced individual men into an efficient, machine-like team. (131) STELLAR PERFORMERS LITERflRY flTHLEUC (132) (133) f B J5J®5 j£ » • ft jy? f l C.f s ; L THE NINETEEN SEVENTEEN BASEBALL SQUAD The Schedule for 1917 March 26, 27 — Mississippi State Normal, at Jackson. March 30, 31, April 2 — Mississippi College, at Clinton. April 5 — University of Illinois, at Jackcon. April 9, 10 — University of Mississippi, at Oxford. April 12. 13, 14 — Mississippi College, ai Jackson. April 20, 21 — University of Alabama, at Jackson. April 25, 26 — Louisiana Industrial Institute, at Ruston. April 27, 28 — -Louisiana Stats University, at Baton Rouge. May 3, 4 — Marion Institute, at Marion. May 5 — University of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa. May 8, 9 — University of Mississippi, at Jackson. May I 1, 12 — Mercer University, at Jackson. (134) Dr. B. E. Mitchell Faculty Director of Athletics Dr. Mitchell has been Fac- ulty Director of Athletics for two sessions now. He has taken a very keen interest in every form of athletics and has worked incessantly trying to increase the college spirit and lift athletics to a higher plane at Millsaps. His great popularity with the students is an indication of how well he has succeeded in this, and is also an expression of their ap- preciation of his services. Bennie Mitchell Baseball Coach This is Bennie Mitchell ' s third session as baseball coach at Millsaps. For the past two seasons he has trained winning te ms. Fach season he has put out a State championship team — and that out of raw mate- rial, for the most part, each time. The students and the players have the utmost confi- dence in his ability to coach a team to victory. They are looking forward this time to another successful season, and even though the team is slight- ly handicapped, we expect Bennie to pull them through to another championship. G. H. Rankin Baseball Manager Everybody knew when " Speedy " Rankin was elected baseball manager that we would have a good baseball schedule this season. If you didn ' t believe it then, just glance at the schedule of games on the opposite page. Rankin is a hard worker, and when he goes after a thing he generally gets it. His popu- larity is shown by the over- whelming vote he got when he was elected manager. (135) UJ CQ cq ■ t u i s% AFRICAN ATHLETICS (138) (139) Preparatory School Roll Avent, J. C Leaf, Miss. Avent, O. B Leaf, Miss. Bailey, A. W Coldwaler, Miss. Bethune, M. C Bond. Miss. Black, Annie . . Jackson, Miss. Black, M. M., Jr . . Jackson, Mis;. BOLAND, J. D Big Creek, Miss. Burton, J. W Alligator, Miss. GanONC, A. P Jonestown, Miss. GanONC, W. L Jonestown, Miss. Gates, P. H . . Puckett, Miss. ClLLELAND, S. N Kosciusko, Miss. Green, Rachel Jackson, Miss. Henry, B. W Pocahontas, Miss. HlNES, R. E Jackson, Miss. Hodces, G. P Batlson, Miss. HuTTON, Sam Jackson, Miss. Jcnes, W, B Tchula, Miss. King, E. A Summit, Miss. Lamb, Oscar Jackson, Miss. McCormick, C. L Summit, Miss. McCormick, M. L Summit, Miss. McNair, S. D Jackson, Miss. Newmaier, CD Glendora, Miss. Parker, J. W Lorena, Miss. Powell, Helen Jackson, Miss. Russell, F. C Jackson, Miss. Sarlls, T. W Jackson, Miss. Selby, Robert, Jr. Jackson, Miss. Simmons, J. C Picayune, Miss. Speed, Marion Hermanville, Miss. Sullivan, C. C Jackson, Miss. Thomas, A. G Maben, Miss. Thurman, R. F Jackson, Miss. Tumlin, J. E Bishop, Ala. Wilson, P. C Pontotoc, Miss. (140) (141) What ' s What at the Prep School Chosen profession — Farming leads ; hoboing next. Favorite study — Mathematics. Chief amusement — Picture shows. Type of girl — Brunette 8; blonde 6. Most bashful man — Bailey. Fattest man — Selby. Lankiest man — King. Most awkward man — " Daddy " Tumlin. Sportiest Sport — Henry. Greenest " Prep " — Charlie McCormick. Biggest bore — " Big Creek " Boland. Grouchiesi man — Simmons. Brainiest man — King. Hollowesl head — Hodges. Most popular girl — Helen Powell. Most popular man — Tumlin 6; Henry 5. Most conceited man — " Sis " Parker. Biggest ' baccer bummer — Sullivan wins over Sarlls on a toss-up. Biggest eater — Simmons wins unanimously. Laziest man — " Tubby " Newmaier. Busiest man — Hines. Best student — King has " Daddy " and " Happy " fooled the best. Best athlete — Bethune. Biggest tightwad — Speed got every vote. Man with best line of — iou fnon — Hines with the profs, and New- maier with the girls. Prettiest girl — Rachel Green. Ugliest man — Hard to tell ; Bethune led, with several close opponents. Handsomest man — Henry. Biggest grafter — Lamb. Biggest lady filler — " Daddy " Tumlin, because of association with Bott. (142) WHEN we SCOT THAT MEW GYn. s THE LATEST FA D. ¥,- A M 5)1 vf) , 15 RAHS FOR ft GREATER ' M iTlTaP « - - vLi . , IM NOT DEAD —JUST BEE N THE WAY FRESHMEN FEELun- HIBERNATING. PER DUGKEY ' s QUESTIONS. (143) Preparatory Senior Class B. Wilkes Henry Pocahontas, Miss. " The Class of fashion and the mold of form. " Prentiss Literary Society; Secretary and Treasurer Senior Class. R. E. Hines Jackson, Miss. " Nowhere so busy a man as he there was. " William Byrd Jones 1 chula, Miss. " Calm, whatsoever storms may shaf e the world. " Prentiss Literary Society ; Serge ant- at- Arms of Senior Class; President of Prentiss Literary Society. Enoch Alexander King Auburn, Miss. " He is one who has desires sublime and aspirations high. " Chaplain, Censor, and President of Prentiss Literary Society ; President Senior Class. Charles Orman Newmaier Glendora, Miss. " From him light labor spread her wholesome store. " Prep Varsity Baseball Team, 15. (144) Preparatory Senior Class Helen Arthemize Powell Jackson, Miss. " A mind at peace Tvith all below, A heart whose love is innocent. " Honorary Member of Prenliss Literary Society ; Class Poel, 17. - «i Tom Wilson Sarlls Jackson, Miss. " Had you with these but brought a mind. ' Robert Selbv, Jr. Jackson, Miss. " am sure care ' s an enemy to life. ' ' Vice-President of Class, ' 17; Secretary and Treasurer of Prentiss Literary Society. £% J. Claude Simmons Picayune, Miss. " Oh Tvad some power the giflie gie us, to see oursils as ithers see us. " ■ 1 Preparatory Senior Class Robert Marion Speed Hermanville, Miss. " Along the cool sequestered vale of life He fyept the noiseless tenor of his way. " Vice-President of Prentiss Literary Society. Caruthers Sullivan Jackson, Miss. " Seriousness never enters my mind " Prentiss Literary Society; won two Certificates of Praise in Junior Year. Robert Thurman Jackson, Miss. 7 am a part of all that I have met. ' James Eugene Tumlin Bishop, Ala. " You smile, why there ' s my picture ready made. " College Barber; Certificate of Praise in Junior Year; Critic and Vice- President of Prentiss Literary Society i n Senior Year. (146) HAL(.° TAME (147) Copyrighted 1916 ChaB. KaufuiaD Bros, CLOTHES FOR MEN WHO LIKE DISTINCTIVE STYLE (If Our garments are meant for men who are not satisfied with com- monplace clothes, and who demand distinction of style in the full de- gree. Our price is one ordinary feature. Fifteen to Forty Dollars STYLEPLUS CLOTHES H.-E. $2.00 Hats, Wilson Bros. Shirts Regal Stay-Smooth Neckwear HAYNE-ELLIOTT COMPANY Smart Men ' s Wear Eat, Drink an d Smoke With Us. Menu Changed Daily. SPECIAL LUNCH FROM 11:00 TO 2:00 EVERYTHING NEW AND SANITARY THE DEW DROP C. T. GRISSOM, Proprietor 502 E. Capitol St. Telephone 2581 ' -- ' : Crescent Billiard Hall Cigars, Tobacco, and Smoking Supplies Sojl Drinks New Mlllsaps Building TELEPHONE 391 Exclusive Agents fcr Jones Lease Leaf Binders and Supplies JONES PRINTING COMPANY Book and Commercial Work, Designing, Embossing and Engraving 109 North State Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Success Is Bui the Fruit of Opportunity Insure your S UCCESS by sending all your KODAK FINISHING AND PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK HOLLENSBE CO. 423 E. Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi INSURE YOUR SUCCESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLD BY LEARNING GREGG SHORTHAND THE SYSTEM THAT IS Learned Rapidly, Written Rapidly, and Read Accurately Used by the President ' s Official Reporter Taught in the Largest Universities The choice of sixty-seven per cent of all high schools teaching Shorthand, and of seventy-one per cent of the private commercial schools. We teach Gregg Shorthand, Rational Touch Typewriting, and Twentieth Century Bookkeeping and Account ing because we insist on our students having the best. CATALOGUE ON REQUEST Stanaland ' s Southern Business College Lamar Life Building Jackson, Mississippi S. J. JOHNSON CO. sfcs Standard of Quality-— Smart Style plus Sensible Price. Service has ever been our motto. See us for your next suit. ;!?! MEN ' S SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHES Our Sampeck, Schloss Bros., and Hickey-Freeman Clothes Are Designed by Experts — Fitted on Live Models — Made for Different Figures MADE ESPECIALLY FOR THE COLLEGE BOYS Their Rich, Elegant Appearance and Unusually Low Price, Quality Considered, Make Them Popular With Men in All Walks of Life. Prices Range as Follows: $12.50, $15.00, $17.50, $20.00 and Up Sp MEN ' S NEW ring Hats SMART NEW SHAPES They were created by the country ' s foremost designer. Quality con- sidered, our prices are the lowest. Prices: $2.00 $3.50 and up The College Man ' s Shoe We are showing the neatest Spring Styles, both in LOW CUTS AND HIGH SHOES Bought before the big advance in leather. For that reason we have priced them at $4.50 TO $6.50 A PAIR Come in and ask to be fitted. Ex- pert shoe fitters in attendance. MANHATTAN and JOHNSON SPECIAL Shirts for Men Great and Attractive Varieties, especially adapted to College Boys. Sizes 14 to I7i. Prices .00, $2.25 and up $1.75 illsaps College JACKSON, MISS. Millsaps College offers courses leading to two collegiate degrees, A.B. and B.S. A well equipped law school offers courses leading to the professional degree of LL.B. Ample provision is also made for those who are not candidates for any degree An excellent preparatory school, under •separate dormitory management, with strong faculty, prepares for entrance to any college FOR CATALOGUE OR FURTHER INFORMATION ADDRESS A. F. WATKINS, President DRINK M sJ SW ' M V FIVE CENTS CARBON, I II) f t S ff MDS 1 J IN BOTTLES JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Jackson, Mississippi Oldest Bank in the City THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK SiJSET Capital $100,000.00 Largest Surplus and Undivided Profits $160,840.00 OFFICERS J. B. STIRLING President O. J. Waite Vice-President R. F. Young Cashier STETSON HATS STACY-ADAMS SHOES EMERY SHIRTS FAULTLESS PAJAMAS B. KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES ARE SOLD EXCLUSIVELY IN JACKSON BY DOWNING-LOCKE COMPANY CAPITOL AT FARISH ST. NECKWEAR UNDERWEAR GLOVES RALSTON SHOES CORR-WILLIAMS TOBACCO CO. (Distributors) Smoke Arabian Nights La Fruta Salome FIVE CENT CIGARS Jackson, Mississippi WHEN CLOTHES ARE DIRTY RING SEVEN THIRTY JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY Fust Class Pressing A SPECIALTY Telephone 730 See Our Agent A. H FETTING Manufacturers of Greek Letter Fraternity Jewel ry 213 Vorth Liberty Street F ictory, 2 1 2 Little Sharp Street Baltimore, Maryland R. S. WARREN, Groceries Coca-Cola Celery Tonic Bottle Pop Cakes " Everybody Meets Here " North State Street Opposite Dormitory TELEPHONE 2 1 52 THE CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK Jackson, Mississippi Capital $200,000.00 Stockholders ' Liabilities 200,000.00 Surplus Earned 140,000.00 Total $540,000.00 DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE CITY OF JACKSON OFFICERS Z. D. Davis President THAD B. LAMPTON .. .Vice-President W. M. BuiE Vice-President Amos R. Johnson .. Cashier Edward W. Freeman.. - Assistant Cashier W. M. Buie W. B. Jones Logan Phillips DIRECTORS Ben Hart Eugene Simpson Z. D. Davis W. D. Hannah R. L. Saunders C. A. Alexander T. B. Lampton J. C. McGee BON-TON CAFE Newly Fitted Up With Marble Counters Ice Boxes and Tile Floor Sanitary in Every Respect CALL AND SEE US- same OLD STAND 2 1 3 W. Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi IT S NO DREAM, BUT AN UNDISPUTED FACT THE ROYAL CIGAR STAND Is popular because the stock is fresh, the service the best — a smile and courteous treatment to ev- eryone. Our business for 19 I 6 doubled 1915, and with your co-operation, we will make 1917 best of all. 813 TELEPHONE — 813 Prosperity and Education Go Hand in Hand Time was when both were clearly bought, but every young man and young woman of this age is blessed with an oppor- tunity to acquire THE VERY BEST OF TRAINING at a cost within the reach of all. It is a fatal error to start out in life without the mental equipment along practical lines, an assurance of success. DRAUGHON ' S PRACTICAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Is providing this important asset every day in the year to ambitious young men and young women from all parts of the South. We give thorough courses in Bookkeeping, Banking, Stenography, Telegraphy, Penmanship and all that go to properly equip one for a profitable and useful life. WE SECURE POSITIONS FOR OUR GRADUATES While in Jackson come and talk this matter over, or write for further information. H. S. ALFORD, Manager Jackson, Mississippi COLLEGE ENGRAVING EXPERTS THE BEST RESULTS AT LOWEST COST. WRITE US FOR PRICES AND SAMPLES o41abama Engraving Company « t Birmingham HUYLER S CANDY KODAKS STATIONERY MOORE CULLEY COMPANY SODA PRESCRIPTION WORK A SPECIALTY Telephone 1399 and 1507 DRUGS SUNDRIES TOILET GOODS CIGARS JACKSON MERCANTILE COMPANY GROCERIES COCA-COLA, BOTTLE POP CAKES, CELERY TONIC COLLEGE BOYS PATRONIZE US BECAUSE WE KEEP WHAT COLLEGE BOYS WANT Adelle and Grayson Streets Telephone 1117 STATIONERY KODAKS JACOBS ' CANDIES WARD-GAYDEN DRUG COMPANY Sanitary Soda Fountain PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED BY MEN WHO KNOW CIGARS DRUGS, TOILET GOODS SUNDRIES Established 1901 Climb. Telephone 1257 The two best things in town — Philp Fits and Philp Fabrics Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing, and Altering PHILP COMPANY FASHION TAILORS Near the Merchant ' s Bank 523 E. Capitol STREET Chambers Office Supply Co. jyp Jackson, Mississippi g ' - i: " EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE " Exclusive Agency L. C. Smith Typewriter All makes machines bought, sold, rented or repaired. Any old machine taken in trade for L . C. Smith Bros. Typewriter LCSmrtnStftiovl Ofe JACKSON FLORAL J. W. Moore, Manag. COMPANY ■r Cut Flowers, Wedding Bedding Plants, Shrubbery Telephone 1839 Bouquets, Floral Designs Palms, Decorations , Evergreens 1 1 3 West Capitol St. Complete House Furnishings WRITE OR COME TO SEE US Taylor Furniture and Carpet Co. 109-1 1 I SOUTH STATE ST. JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI UNION DEPARTMENT STORE WONDERFUL STORE OF WONDERFUL VALUES Everything for Men, Women and Children to Wear Kirschbaum, All-Wool Clothes FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN THE BEST OF EVERYTHING FULL DRESS SUITS FOR RENT Mail Orders Given Careful Attention THIS STORE IS NEVER A DAY WITHOUT ITS BARGAINS THAD B. LAMPTON, President Z D. DAVIS. Vice President W. M. BUIE. Vice President S. H. HART, Cashier Citizens ' Savings Bank and TrusT Company OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Capital $50,000.00 Stockholders ' Liabilities - - - - 50,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits - - 20,000.00 Total $120,000.00 Four Per Cent Paid on Deposits of $1.00 Up Interest Compounded Semi-Annually DIRECTORS Z. D. DAVIS, BEN HART. THAD B. LAMPTON, W. M. BUIE. ED. W. FREEMAN DEPOSITS GUARANTEED UNDER MISSISSIPPI GUARANTEE FUND o ggcgsggig aniel Studio COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY All Professional Photographic Work In This Annual Done by DANIEL STUDIO Expert Photographing for Halftones DANIEL STUDIO Daniel Building Jackson, Mississippi Di E. H. Galloway Seutter Building TELEPHONES: Office, 1316 Residence, 628 Watkins Watkins Attorneys and Counsellors at Law Watkins-Easterhng Building PANTAZE CAFE FRESH FISH AND OYSTERS RECEIVED DAILY M. Berbett, Sr. M. Berbett, Jr. ACME STEAM BAKERY COMPANY 1 19 South Farish Street 230 North Farish Street Both Phones 699 Jackson, - - - Mississippi w. c. WELLS Attorn ey and Counsellor AT Law Capital National Bank Bldg. Brannon Coal Company " A black bus ness, but we treat you white. " Telephone 1394 We Carry Everything in line of Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver- ware, Cut Glass, Clocks, Umbrellas, Etc. A. J. ORKIN Expert Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repairing New Jewelry Made To Order Telephone 963 Jackson, Miss. The Baptist Record Book Stove thanks the faculty and students of Millsaps College for a most liberal patronage during the year 1916-17, and wishes for them a pleasant va- cation and a quick return to Jackson. 2 50 M WE SPECIALIZE ON en s and Women ' s Shoes $4, $5 and $6 Styles OF HIGH QUALITY AT LOW PRICES 2 85 SESSUM ' S SAMPLE SHOE STORE] Majestic Theatre Building Special Attention Given Mail Orders. We Deliver Parcel Post to Your Door See Miss Bolsinger Harding Building FOR Millinery, Corsets and Handkerchiefs Four Doors from Century Theater Jackson, Mississippi Dr. Hall Says Visit Ford ' s Drug and Fountain Open All Night Store 465 - - TELEPHONE - - 465 DRINK Whol LAKE ' S CELERY esome and Refreshing Remember Your Friends with Flowers, and Us When You Want Flowers J. U. McKAY FLORAL COMPANY LOGAN PHILLIPS, 108 E. Capitol Street High-Class Shoes, Hats, and Furnishings HAVE YOU CHOSEN YOUR PROFESSION? I his is a question that confronts every college man. Too often final decision is deferred until you leave college. Then you awake to the fact that you are thrown upon the world without a profession. You begin to drift, waiting for something to " turn up. " Oftentimes you " drift " by the school-room and get stranded. If you are not born to teach, don ' t begin it; but if you have the " pep, " don ' t limit your earnings by accepting a salary. Get a renewal contract with the PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY and start you an income. BUFKIN McLEAN, General Agents JACKSON, - - MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE BOYS If it ' s anything new in Gent ' s Furnishings, we have it THE TOGGERY, Quality Haberdashers Royal Hotel Building Jackson, Mississippi MILLSAPS BOOK DEPOSITORY The College Supply Store We Supply Your Books, Stationery and all School Accessories. We also carry a complete line of Pennants and College Novelties. CAKES, CANDIES AND DRINKS Boys, Patronize the Book Store JT y JACKSON ' S BEST STORE • " IXENNINGTON ' O Not only every Jacksonian, but every Missis- sippian, points with pride to Kennington ' s (the only complete department store in the State) as Jackson ' s and Mississippi ' s best store. Where every purchase is the symbol of real value. OUR DELIVERY MAIL ORDER SERVICE MOST EFFICIENT AND PROMPT BEST PICTURES BEST MUSIC M KENNINGTON ' S S " A J E S T I ( THEATRE The Temple of the Motion Picture The Sh rine of Music and Its Allied Arts TRIANGLE PICTURES THE MAJESTIC ARTCRAFT ORCHESTRA PICTURES The Most Beautiful Theatre in the South OPERATED BY THE MAJESTIC THEATRE COMPANY R. E. KENNINGTON, President UlisliiKtetflfcnEa.lK msmwmmgmm BENSON PRINTING CO. College Annual Experts ' ll ' ' VLi ■ ■•.■. ' . " ' o! 7 " h ' s Season We Are Printing 30 College Annuals for Schools and Universities in 15 States CI The Benson Printing Co. is a printing plant specially equipped for every kind of school and college work. It is a complete organization with artists and designers and work- men whose thought and inspiration is concentrated in the production of College Annuals and School Literature. flj[ Each year annuals are printed for such institutions as Vanderbilt, Tulane, Ala- - bama, Sewanee, Cumberland, Trinity College, Mississippi A. M., Louisiana State University, Kentucky State, Transylvania, Marietta College, Louisiana State Normal, Hanover College, Roanoke College, Tusculum College, Richmond College, Southern College, Hollins College, Hendrix College, Austin College, Meridian College, Tennessee College, Martin College, Centre College, Ouachita College, Asbury College, Millsaps College, Belhaven College, Maryville College, Kentucky College for Women, Mississippi College, and Logan College. Samples and Prices Cheerfully Furnished Any College or University Upon Request THIS BOOK IS A SAMPLE OF OUR WORK I

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