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5 MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39210 K MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39210 Acknowledgments The editors wish to thank the following most sincerely for their ar- tistic and literary contributions to the present volume. Without their generous aid it would have been impossible to publish the " Bobashela. " Miss Olga Lenore Powell Mr. Ramsey Roberts Professor J. Reese Lin Mr. Julian Beck Feibelman Mr. E. H. Joyce Miss Theresa Holder Mr. James Watkins Mr. S. B. Vick Miss Alice James Volume XI, 1916 Dr. A. F. Watkins N the polity of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, four years is the limit of a pastor ' s service in one charge. At the end of his quadrennium it may be definitely determined whether or not his work in that charge bids fair to endure. Also, in American col- leges four years is a student ' s generation. Therefore it is fitting that this Annual of 1916 should be dedicated to the president of Millsaps College, Doctor Alexander Farrar Watkins. The first college generation that has come under his shaping hand now goes out, their academic work ended. He has wrought long enough as the head of Millsaps College for an estimate to be placed upon h is work. It is the opinion of those that are in a position to judge that he has decidedly " made good, " Two of the four chief buildings of the college have been rebuilt during his four-year term. The material facilities of the college are far superior to those he found when he began his present work, and his plans, as ijublicly announced, include the two buildings, a dormitory and a gymnasium, which the college urgently needs. Over half of the present faculty has been chosen on his recommendation. The salaries of the professors have been increased, the curriculum has been revised, and the attendance in the college proper has passed the previous high water mark. The college is coming, under his guidance, to the celebration of its quarter-centennial with assured position and great prospects. In his ad- ministration it has become a member of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the South, a recognition accorded to only one other institution in Mississippi. He has grown steadily with the faculty and students during his four years in his present office, and the dedication of this year ' s " Bobashela " is a token of the confidence and appreciation of the whole academic body of Millsaps College. OFFICERS Bishop W. B. Murrah. D. D., LL. D President Rev. R. a. Meek, D. D Vice-President J. B. Streater Secretarij Maj. R. W. Millsaps Treasurer Term Expires in 1917 Rev. M. M. Black Canton W. H. Watkins Jackson T. L. Lamb Eupora Rev. T. B. Holloman, D. D Vicksburg Rev. H. S. Spragins Greenville Rev. R. A. Meek, D. D New Orleans, La. Maj. R. W. Millsaps Jackson J. B. Streater Black Hawk Term Expires in 1920 Rev. W. H. Huntlev, D. D Gulfport Rev. W. W. Woollard, D. D Columbus J. L. Dantzler Moss Point J. D. Barbee Greenville Rev. M. L. Burton Crystal Springs Rev. S. M. Thames . . . .Jackson W. M. Buie Jackson W. W. Magruder Starkville ggflHB O OK ■ I H 1 ollege T Major R. W. Millsaps THE FA CULT Y OFFICERS Alexander Farrar Watkins, B. A., D. D President John Magruder Sullivan, A. M., Ph. D Vice- President-Treasurer J. Reese Lin, M. A Secretary Judge Sydney Smith. LL. B Dean of the Law Department Stuart Grayson Noble, B. A.. A. M., Head Master of Preparatory Department Alfred Allan Kern, A. M., Ph. D Librarian Mrs. Mary Bowen Clark Assistant Librarian Alexander Farrar Watkins, A.B., D.D. President Mental and Moral Sciences A.B., Vanderbilt, 1883; D.D., Centenary College, Jackson, La., 1900; Field Agent, Millsaps College, 1890-92; President of Whitworth College, 1900-02; Vice-President of Board of Trustees of Millsaps College, 1900-12; Member of Mississippi Confer- ence; Phi Delta Theta. John Magrudeu Sullivan. A. M.. Ph. D. Vice-President Professor of Chemistry and Geology A.B., Centenary, 1887; A.M., University of Mississippi, 1890; Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 1900; Professor of Natural Science, Centen- ary, 1889-1902; Assistant in Astronomy, Vanderbilt 1886-87; Member American Chemical Society; American Society for the Advancement of Science; Mississippi State Teachers ' Association; Audubon Society; Central Association of Science and Mathe- matics; National Geographic Society; Methodist Historical Society of Mississippi; Educational Extension Federation of M. E. Church South; Delta Tau Delta. Alfred Allan Kern. A. M.. Ph. D. Librarian Professor of English A.B., Randolph Macon College, 1898; A. M., 1899; Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt, 1899- 00; Fellow in English, John Hopkins, 1902- 03; Fellow by Courtesy, 1903-04; 1906-07; Ph.D., 1907; Member of Modern Language Association of America; Secretary for Mississippi of Southern Sociological Con- gress; Associate Editor of " Kappa Alpha Journal " ; Author of " The Ancestry of Chaucer, " " Irwin Russell, " in the library of Southern Literature, and " A First Book in English " ; Professor of English Literature in the Johns Hopkins Summer School, 1915, 1916; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa. George Lott Harrell, B. S.. M. S. Professor of Physics and Astronomy B.S., Millsaps College, 1899; M.S., 1901; Professor of Science, Whitworth College, 1899, 1900; Professor of Phvsics, Hendrix College, 1902, 1904; Professor of Phvsics, Centenary College, 1902, 1904; Professor of Mathematics, Epworth University. 1904, 1908; Professor of Mathematics, Centenarv College, 1908, 1909; President of Mansfield College, 1909, 1910; Professor of Mathe- matics, Louisiana State University, Sum- mer, 1911; K. P.; Kappa Sigma. 10 J. Reese Lin, A. B., M. A. Professor of History A.B., Emory ColleKe; Fellow in Vander- bilt University, 1894-96; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Professor of Philosophy and Education, Central Collefje (Mo.), 1909-10; Sage Fellow in Cornell University, 1910-12; Instructor in English Literature and Pschol- ogy, Tulane University, Summer term, 1909; Summer teims, Columbia University, 1908- 10; Kappa Alpha. Benjamin Ernest Mitchell, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Mathematics A.B., Scafritt-Morrisville, Missouri, 1900; Scholastic Fellow, Vandei-bilt, 1906-1907; Teaching Fellow, 1907-1908; M.A., Vander- bilt, 1908; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1916; Professor of Mathematics, Scarritt- Morrisville College, 190.3-1906; Instructor at Vanderbilt, 1908-1912; Tutor in Mathe- matics in College of City of New York, 1912-191.3; Instructor, Columbia Extension Teaching, 1913-1914; Professor of Mathe- matics in Millsaps College since 1914. Alfred Miles Withers. M. A.. Professor of Modern Languages B.A., Washington and Lee, 1906; M.A., Johns Hopkins, 1916; Student in summer schools of Grenoble and Chicago, 1914-1915; Professor of Modern Languages at Millsaps College since 1913; Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Upsilon. 11 -, llipiMfi David M. Key. M. A. Professor of Latin and Greek A.B., Central College, 1898; A.M., Van- derbilt, 1906; Professor of Ancient Lan- guages, Pacific Methodist College, 1900- 1902; Professor of Ancient Languages, Morrisville College, 1903-1905; Fellow and Assistant in Latin and Greek, Vanderbilt, 1906-1907; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 1913-1914; Professor of Ancient Languages, Southern University, 1907-1915; Professor of Ancient Languages, Millsaps College, 1915-. Stuart Grayson Noble, A. B.. A. M. Hcadmnstcr of the Preparatory School A.B., University of North Carolina, 1907; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Summers, 1908-14; A.M., Chicago, 1910; Graduate Scholar, Teachers ' College, Colum- bia University, 1914-15; Instructor, Horner Military School, 1907-08; Instructor, Mill- saps Preparatory School, 1908-11; Head Master, Millsaps " Preparatory School, 1911 to present; Contributor to Educational Journals; Author of " A First Book in Eng- lish " ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon 12 Robert Scott Ricketts, A. M. Malhematic! A.M., Centenary College, 1870; President and Professor, Port Gibson Female College, 1867-73; Professor in Whitworth College, 1873-93; Head Master Millsaps Preparatory School, 1893-1911; Phi Kappa Sigma. George W. Huddleston, A. B., M. A. Assistant Master Preparatory School Latin and Greek A.B., Hiawassee College, 1883; Professor of Greek, Hiawassee College, 1884-91; A.M., Hiawassee College, 1886; Professor of Latin and Greek, Harperville College, 1891- 93; President of State Board of Teachers ' Examiners. 13 Albert Hall Whitfield, A. M.. LL. D. Criminal Law. Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Law of Corporations, Law of Real Estate, Constitutional Law, Law and Practice in Federal Courts. University of Mississippi, A.B., 1871; A.M., 1873; LL.B., 1874; LL.D., 1895; Ad- junct Professor of Greek, University of Mis- sissippi, 1871-74; Professor of Law, Uni- versity of Mississippi, 1892-94; Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Mississippi; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sydney Smith, LL. B. LL.B., University Mississippi, 1893; Chief Justice Supreme Court of Mississippi; Contracts, Bills, Notes, Pleading and Prac- tice at Law, Torts, Damages, Personal and Real Property. 14 Faculty Assistants Miss Frieda McNiel Assistant iii Latin W. S. Henley Assistayit i t Mathematics G. W. Harrison Assistant in Mathematics and Chemistry W. M. O ' DoNNELL Assistant in English Miss Elise Moore Assistant in German Miss Elizabeth H. Watkins Assistant in French D. M. White Assistant in Chemistry. Latin and Greek PREPARATORY ASSISTANTS N. GoLDiNG Assistant in Science W. M. O ' DoNNELL Assistant in History and English 15 TBOBm to BLUiM WNiFfV " 16 if ■ riniw BOOK 2 t Senior Officers L. F. Hendrick ■ President A. D. HuTTON Vice-President Alice James Secretary Mary McAlpin Treasurer A. W. Garraway Histormyi Alice James Prophet Henrietta Lowther Poet 17 Fanmie Buck. A. B.. Jackson, Miss. Dear were thy charms to me. Dearer thy laughter free. DeareM thy constancy. Kappa Delta; Class Sec- retary, 1912-13; Class Treasurer, 1913-14; Class Prophet, 1915-16; Spon- sor, M. I. 0. A., 1913-14; Sponsor, Track Team, 1912-1.3; Social Editor " Purple and White, " 1914- 1.5; Club Editor, " Boba- shela, " 1915-16. D. Ross Capps. a. B.. Monticello, Miss. Lusty of lung, a jolly good fellow. Head full of sense, a heart big and mellow. Kappa Alpha; L. L. S. ; Y. M. C. A.; President, L. L. S., 1914-15; Anniver- sarian, 1915-16; Pan Hel- lenic Council, 1914-15; Varsity Track Team, 1914- 15-16; Instructor Athlet- ics. Millsaps Preparatory School, 1914-15; Business Manager, " Bobashe la, " 1915-16. Thomas Luther Carra WAY Bassfield, Miss. And thus he bore without abuse The grand old name of " Gentleman. " Kappa Sigma; G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Class Presi- dent, 1912-13; Mid-session Debate, G. L. S., 1912-13; Triangular Debate. 1914-15; Vice-President, G. L. S., 1914-15; Annual Orator, G. L. S., 1914-15; Presi- dent, G. L. S., 1912-13; Chairman Honor Council, 1914-15; Business Mana- ger, " Com m e ncement Courier, " 1915-16; Asso- ciate Editor, " Bobashela, " 1915-16. 18 James Dtnton Crisler. B. S. Hattiesburg. Miss. Roll on old world, and I ' ll roll with thee. I prefer cheerfulness, care is not for me. L. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Assistant Business Mana- ger, ' Commencement Cou- rier, 1915-1(3. AuRELius West Garraway A. B. Basstield. Miss. Formed on the good old plan. A true and good and down right honest man. Kappa Sigma; Phi Del- ta; G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; President, Science Club, 1915-16; Class Historian, 1915 - 16; Anniversarian, G. L. S., 1915-16; Presi- dent, G. L. S., 1914-15-16; Winner Commencement Debate, 1914-15; Millsaps ' I ' riangular Debate, 1911- 12; Vice-President Class, 1911-12; Manager, Found- ers Home Club, 1911-12; President, Honor Council, 1915-16; Assistant Busi- ness Manager, " Purple and White, " 1911-12. Granville Walter Harrison, B. S.. Lodi. Miss. Profound in mathematical lore, wise in science Believes in study and self- reliance. L. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Class Vice-President, 1911- 12; Secretary, L. L. S., 1911-12; Vice-President, L. L. S., 1913-14; Midsession Debate, 1913-14; Com- mencement Debate, 1914- 15; Anniversary Orator, 1914-15; President, L. L. S., 1915-16; Assistant in Mathematics, 1914-15-16; Assistant in Chemistry, 1915-16; Assistant Busi- ness Manager, " Bobash- ela, " 1915-16. 19 Leon Frost Hendrick, A. B. Jackson. Miss. Of soul sincere. In action faithful, honor clear. and in Kappa Sigma; G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Class Presi- dent, 1914-16; Triangular Debate, 1914-15; Com- mencement Debate, 1915- K;; Secretary, G. L. S., 1912-1:]; President, G. L. S., 1915-1(3; Varsity Foot- tall, 191-2-13; Glee Club, 1914-15-16; Associate Edi- tor, " C o m m e n c ement Courier, " 1915-16. Alice May J.ames, A. B.. Jackson, Miss. If they were all like you. Wise, gentle, kind, and true Class Poet, 1913-14; Class Secretary, 1915-16; Sponsor, M. I. O. A., 1914- 15; Local Editor, " Purple and White, " 1915- 1( ; Lo- cal Editor Commencement Courier, 1915-16; Literary Editor, ' Bobashela. " 1915- 16. Annie Wallace Lester. A. B. And those about her From her shall learn the way of perfect honor. Class Poet, 1914-15; Class Editor, ' Bobashela, " 1915-16. 20 Henrietta Lowther, A.B. Jackson. Miss. Lovely she in form and feature, Lovely as the day. Kappa Delta; Class Treasurer, 1912-1.3; Class Secretary, 191.3-14; Class Historian, 1914-15; Class Poet, 1915-16; Pan Hellen- ic, 1914-15; Sponsor at Chautauqua, 1912-13; Sponsor, Track Tea m, 1913-14; Social Editor, " Commencement Courier, " 1915-16. William Campbell McLean, Jr., B. S. Grenada. Miss. Well read, tvell bred and full of wit. With a welcominq grin and a hearty grip. Pi Kappa Alpha; L. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Vice-Pres- ident, L. L. S., 1914-15; President, L. L. S., 1915- 16; Varsity Football, 1912- 13; Football Manager, 1914-15; Class Football, 1912-13; Football, 1915-16; Assistant Business Man- ager, ' Purple and White, " 1914-15; Art Editor, " Bob- ashela, " 1915-16; Editor- in-Chief, " Commencement Courier, " 1915-16. Mary McAlpin. A. B.. Jackson, Miss. For if she ivill, she ivill. you may depend on ' t. And if . " he won ' t, she won ' t. and there ' fi an end on ' t. Class Treasurer, 1915- 16; Local Editor, " Com- mencement Courier, " 1915- 16. W ' " ' 21 Frieda McNeil, A. B.. Jackson. Miss. And still the wonder grew. How one small head could carry all she knew. Class Secretary, 1914- 15; Assistant in Latin, 1915-16; Assistant Art Editor, " Bobashela, " 1915- 1(5. WILLI.4M Black Moore, B. S. Oakland, Miss, Handsome. se7isihle. popular — " He was a man Take him for all in all. we shall not look upon his like again. " Kappa Alpha; Sigma IJpsilon; L. L. S.; Y. M, C, A,; President, Pan Hel- lenic Council, 1914-1(3; Chairman, Y. M. C, A. Re- ception Committee, 1915- 1916; Member, Honor Council, 1915-16; Athletic Editor, " Purple and White, " 1914-15; Alumni Editor, " Commencement Courier, " 1915-16; Editor- i n - C h i e f , " Bobashela, " 1915-16, Vm. McGhee O ' Donnell. A, B, Sanford, Miss, Most wise, most learned, most just, A Christian man. G. L, S.; Y. M. C. A.; President, G. L. S., 1914- 15; Commencement De- bate, 1915-16; President, Y. M. C. A., 1915-16; Class Football, 1911-12-13-14-15- 16; Varsity Track Team, 1914-15-16; Varsity Bas- ket Ball, 1914-15-16; Y. M. C. A. Editor, " Purple and White, " 1918-14; Athletic Editor, " Bobashela, " 1915- 16; Fellow in Greek and ( hemistrv, 1914-15; As- sistant in Eng-lish, 1915- K;; Hall Master, M. P. S„ 1915-16; Geiger Chemistry Medal, 1913-14. 22 Valentine H. Sessions, A. B. Crystal Springs. Miss. He ' s honorable. And doubling that. mo.s7 holy. Y. M. C. A.; President, Right Royal Ramblers Club, 1913-14; President, Preacher ' s League, 1914- 15; Vice-President Preach- er ' s League, 191.5-1( ; Hon- or Council, 1915-16; Sta- tistics Editor, " B o b a - shela. " 1915-16. 23 Class Prophecy (Ten Years Hence) ' Tis the midnight hour that holds mystical lore When witches and elves may the future explore. O at the midnig-ht hour I stole softly into the glen, where the elves and other woodland sprites dwell. For I had sore need of magical arts and mystical lore, as my classmates, curious and impatient of time, wanted to know what life had in store for them. As I walked I heard little murmurs and low whispers, and finally I called softly to the voices. The Queen of the Wood- and Sprites answered my call and asked what I desired. Bowing low, I told her. She laughed a low silvery laugh that seemd to flow out and join the soft moonlight lying on the ferns and leafy trees. " That is easy, for I have my casket that contains voices of the future, and see, I will open it for you. " As she softly raised the lid a small sweet voice began to tell of a pretty, cheerful home of a Little Minister and his wife. " I am the honeysuckle, " it said, " and I grow all over the small white porch where the minister ' s wife, whom he calls ' Fannie, ' sits and sews. " I smiled for I could see Fannie Buck sitting on the porch and I could guess why she had planted honeysuckle. And then came the sweet-scented voice of the rose. " I can tell you of Henrietta. She is very happy and her home as sweet as ' ha(w)thorn ' buds that ope in the month of May, for her life as College Professor ' s wife is a round of receptions and teas. " " Cock-a-doo, " and the clarion call of a rooster burst loudly from the casket. " I must tell you of my master. He is very fat and bald and jolly; he laughs and jokes all the time. He is a happy married man. Whenever he passes folks all say ' There goes Ross Capps, the happiest and most prosperous farmer in the country ' . " There was a slight rustling sound, and then, " I-ah-ah have a few words to say, " slowly drawled a calm, deliberate voice, " ah- concerning A. W. Garraway. The long- winded arguments of his literary society especially fitted him for an impressive, con- vincing, successful insurance man. He has a large office of his own where he is boss and a nice big home where ah- some one else is Boss. " " Well, is everybody married? " I inciuired aloud. " Oh, no, " laughed a dandy old dandelion ' s voice, " there ' s a good looking and dig- nified bachelor in our town. He is a successful lawyer and is much angled for, every girl that meets him is simply ' Carraway ' -ed with him. " " Gracious, I wouldn ' t have thought that T. Luther would be a bachelor; now if he had said " " Whoo! whoo! " moaned the voice of an Owl. " Why I would not have been so surprised if he had said Bill O ' Donnell, " I stam- mered. " Bill O ' Donnell? Do you mean Dr. William McGehee O ' Donnell, A.B., D.D., Ph. D., President of Millsaps College? He is a very proper and dignified man, I assure you, as wise as myself, but he is not married — he still has that moustache you see and ■ — but there I must tell of Dr. Harrison. He is well initiated in matrimony for he has been married for years and years — but he still flirts on the sly. He is head of the mathe- matical department of a girls ' college. " I started to laugh at a funny thought I had just then, but was gently rebuked by a most dignified voice telline ' of Annie Lester, Dean of a great Woman ' s College and an example of goodness and honor to hundreds of girls. " I always knew Annie would do something big, " I mused. " Well, " said a saucy little voice, " I can tell of her who was Mary JIcAlpin. She married an artist, I will not say what kind of an artist, but you have heard of the art of cutting hair I ' m sure. She still has her own way and intends to have it first, last, and forevermore. " " Mary, Mary, quite contrary, " I hummed, " Mary and Frieda " " Frieda? " questioned a sweet fresh voice, " why Frieda married a skillful, cele- brated Doctor. She is a perfect beauty and as sensible and level headed as ever. Then " Chirp, chirp, " and a little sparrow voice .sang, " chirp chee, Fm going to tell 24 you something- you couldn ' t g ' uess, chee hee! Tliere ' s a little country storekeeper, happy as the Miller Dee. He whistles and sing- and feeds me cracker crumbs, chee hee! And his sign cut in front reads J. D. Crisler (A.B.). " Slo-wly there arose from the casket a rushing and whirling of great waters, telling of magnificent bridges, great canals and beautiful road ways, the works of W. B. Moore, who was fast becoming- one of the world ' s leading civil engineers. Then in a softer, happier tone I could hear them singing of a lovely lady and a pretty bungalow that were the chief joy and delight of this rising young man. A loud voice then boomed forth, demanding attention, " Ahem, " then in a most impressive manner it began, " among the most influential men in the United States Senate are the ' Two Senators from Mississippi, ' L. F. Hendrick looming tall in all Washington politics and society, and the Hon. W. C. McLean occupying the largest seat in the Senatorial Chamber; and it will not be long before the Presidential bee in his bonnet will openly begin to buzz. " " Gracious, " I sighed, " everybody seems to be accomplishing so much, I wish I could hear about me. " " So you shall, " came from the casket. " Far out " " Pax vobiscum, " interrupted a monstrous I ' tM " voice, " the midnight hour is almost gone, there is only a second or ' Iwo to say that Bishop Sessions is extremely busy, and getting along finely. He and Mrs. Bishop are doing a great work. Pax vobiscum. " And the midnight hour with its mystical lore Closed tight the casket and passed on before. A. J.. ' 16 25 26 I A V Kltr GEOLOGY CUSS DISCOVERS FLORA © BRONCHO BILL MAKES AN ADDITION TO HIS. FflMlty A WALKOVER FOR THE S0PH5 27 Law Class A. M. Andrews Canton R. C. Berry Prentiss F. Y. Dabney Vicksburg D. P. Davis DeKalb W. L. Dickens Beaumont, Texas A. B. Holder Jackson J. G. Johnson Jackson M. L. Mansell Camden P. A. Matthews Hazelhurst F. L. Morris Hattiesburg W. W. Pierce Sebastopol M. A. Pilgrim Phi ladelphia E. J. Riley Columbia J. F. Rhinehart Scooba W. L. Smith Jackson A. A. Tubb Amory M. J. Thonpson Garden City I. L. Tigert Riplev J. C. Wasson Ethel 29 Bobashela Faculty Contest Why guess in class? Guess here and win enough to pay your book store bill. Each of the following pictures represents a member of our honored faculty. It is possible by hard and unremitting labor and the use of a lively imagination to guess most of them. Five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) will be distributed among the winners. In case of a tie the money will be divided between the Editor and Business Manager of the " Bobashela. " See coupon in the advertising section. (Continued on Page 46) 30 Junior Officers JUDSON Allred President Dan M. White Vice- President Oscar Conner Secretary LoiE Clontz Treasurer Mary Shurlds Historian Poet 31 n J unior Class Roll Allred, Judson M Jackson, Miss. President Junior Class Anderson, John . Jackson, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha Babington, Herbert Franklinton, La. Pi Kappa Alpha ; Sigma Upsilon ; Y. M. C. A. ; Honor Council ; Assistant Manager, " Purple and White. " Bending, Alfred Jackson, Miss. Vice-President Sophomore Class ; Orchestra Boatner, Miss Pauline Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu ; Pan Hellenic Council Branstetter, Miss Otie Gretchen Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta ; Science Club Bullock, Clarence Monterey, Miss. Y. M. C. A. ; G. L. S. ; University-Milsaps Debater Case, C. C Jackson, Miss. Y. M. C. A. ; L. L. S ; University Debate ; Anniversary Orator Clontz, Miss Loie Jackson, Miss. Poet, Sophomore Class ; Secretary, Junior Class Conner, Oscar Weir Seminai y, Miss. Kappa Alpha ; President. L. L. S. ; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A. ; Glee Club ; Vice-President Athletic Association ; Honor Council ; Treasurer, Junior Class. Golding, Nathaniel Columbus, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha ; L. L. S. ; President, Freshman Class ; Local Edi- tor, " Purple and White " ; Class Football ; Varsity Football ; Triangular Debater; Moorehead Debater; Commencement De- bater. Henley, William S Prairie, Miss. President, L. L. S. ; Triangular Debater ; Assistant Instructor in Mathematics ; Varsity Track Team ; Baseball Manager. Loeb, Miss Frances Jackson. Miss. McDowell, William Mills Jackson, Miss. Kappa Sigma; Varsity Basket Ball Moore, Rufus G Holly Springs, Miss. Kappa Sigma ; Y. M. C. A. ; Science Club ; Secretary L. L. S. ; Vice-President, G. L. S. ; Triangular Debater ; Varsity Track I QQ TV) Parks, Claude A Water Vallev, Miss. Y. M. C. A., President; G. L. S. ; Delegate to Southern Students ' Conference. Powell, Francis W Sherman. Texas Kappa Sigma; Sigma Upsilon ; Y. M. C. A. ; Vice-President, Ram- blers Club; Science Club. Rankin, G. Howard, Jr Columbus, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha ; Varsity Track Team ; Business Manager, " Purple and White " ; " M " Wearer. 32 Rutledge, Emmett J Vaughan, Miss. Y. M. C. A. ; G. L. S. ; Orchestra Shipman, William Smylie Durant, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha ; Sigma Upsilon ; L. L. S. ; Triangular Debater ; Treasurer, Y. M. C. A. ; Class Football ; Varsity Football ; Presi- dent Glee Club ; Vice-President, L. L. S. Shurlds, Miss Mary Jackson,. Miss. Kappa Delta ; Poet, Freshman Class ; Historian, Sophomore Class ; Historian, Junior Class ; Clark Essay Medal ; Sponsor M. I. 0. A. Sullivan, Miss Pattie Magruder Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu ; Freshman Poet ; Science Club ; Tied for Geiger Chem- istry Medal. Thompson, Miss Primrose Jackson, Miss. Kappa Delta ; Secretary, Sophomore Class ; Prize Poem in Baseball Contest. Watkins, Miss Elizabeth Holmes Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu ; Freshmen Historian ; Sophomore Historian ; Exchange Editor, " Purple and White " ; Social Editor, " Purple and White " ; Junior Poet ; Science Club ; Sponsor for Track Team. Watkins, James G Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha ; Y. M. C. A. ; L. L. S. ; Freshman Football ; Sopho- more Football ; Varsity Football. Wells, Henry Michael Smithdale, Miss. Glee Club ; President, G. L. S. ; Varsity Track Team ; Commence- ment Debater ; President, Sophomore Class ; Varsity Football ; Assistant Business Manager, " Bobashela " ; Honor Council ; Anni- versary Orator. White, Dan M Rose Hill, Miss. Y. M. S. A. Cabinet; Honor Council; Geiger Chemistry Medal; Winner of Fellowship ; Vice-President, Junior Class ; Midsession Debater; Triangular Debater; Associate Editor, " Purple and White. " Wooten, John Aubrey Barlow, Miss. Kappa Sigma ; Sigma Upsilon ; Honor Council ; Y. M. C. A. ; G. L. S. ; Associate Editor, " Purple and White. " 33 34 Juniors 35 (§opM° J °QE3 Sophomore Officers M. F. Clegg President W. Ernest Bufkin Vice-President Elise Moore Secretary J. L. Lancaster Treasurer Fannie Virden Historian J L. Longinotti Poet 36 First Row — Lancaster, Watkins, Berry, Moore, Kennedy, Boatner, Powell, Virden Lowther, Stewart, Gates Second Row — Edmonds, Ramsay, Everett, Green, Van Hook. Bailey, Joyce. McDonald Third Row — Bufkin, Gates, Rhyne. Vick. Summer, Birmingham. Alford, McGehee Fourth Row — Huntley. Sparks. Sharborough. Shipman, Ventress. Feibelman. Myers. Carr Fifth Row — Harper. Longinotti. Scott, Ratliff, Clegg 37 38 NOVEMBER flBLINb lNST ITOTE| E as S E-r - How DO YOU 007 M MUNGtfl, eves ONTHt RADIftTOR f = CHas tj W-eU. FRESHM VN DEFEAT SOPHOMORES. 39 F R E S H M E N Fresh man Officers Hiram Cunningham Presiden t R. A. Harris. " . ' . ' . ' .V. ' .Yice-Presidmt Elizabeth M. Watkins Secretaru Austin Shipman Treasurer May IsoM Whitten ' ..... ' . ' . ' . ' .Historian . E. Ratliff p f 40 First Row — Cunningham, Enochs. Edmonds, Brewer. Watkins, Whitten, Newton Second Row — McFarland, McGowan, Sullivan. Ratliff. Lanfair, Jaco. Applewhite Third Row — Goza, Williams. McRee. Martin. Hallman. Knight, Harman Fourth Row — Sharp. Turner. Moore. Harper. Ascher. Byrd First Row — Moore. Jones, Ellis, Hollinsworth, Munn, Dearman. Stirling. Allred. Leggett. Dear, Parker Second Row — Lester, Whitaker, Goar, McHalffey, Carlisle, Rutledge Weathersbv, Norman, Webb, Martin, Mitchell Third Row — W ' eldy, Garner, Wilson, West, Sweeney, Sessions Fourth Row — Curry, Roberts, Stubblefield, Sledge, Yates, Mims. Bellenger. Pearce. Brooks, Mitchell Fifth Row — Harris, Egger, Sharp, O ' Donnell, Harris, Mars, Johnson, Shipman 41 ■Si? ' L. COGOS Co-Ed Roll Mae Allred Christine Berry Selwyn Boatner Pauline Boatner Otie Branstetter Minnie Brewer Fannie Buck Loie Clontz La Perle Dear Will Emma Ellis Mary Lee Hardin Alice James Le Nel Jones Maud Wise Kennedy Maggie Leggett Annie Lester Baldwin Lloyd Lucille Smith Mrs. Tom Bingham Henrietta Lowther Mary McAlpin Frieda McNeil Ernesteen Moore Elise Moore Olga Powell Dorothy Power Primrose Thompson Fannie Virden Elizabeth H. Watkin? Elizabeth M. Watkint Olive Watkins Mary ShurldS Lucille Stewart Patt- ' e Sullivan May Isom Whitten Frances Loeb 42 43 Morn Look, now the mist fades into light, The darkness, shade by shade, has gone. The birds begin to take their flight, And greet the day with song. The sun peeps o ' er the mountain ; The rays fall here and there. The dew from Nature ' s fountain Glistens everywhere. The trees bow with a gentle breeze. Bend gently forth and back again, , And thus give tidings to the world Of the first warm day of Spring. Julian Beck Feibelman, ' 18 44 LITERARY 45 His a sUrJ Vo ce ( Concluded on page 130 46 Bobashela Staff W. B. Moore Editor-iu-Chief T. L. Carraway Assistant Editor D. R. Capps Business Manager G. W. Harrison Assistant Business Manager W. C. McLean Art Editor Miss Frieda McNeil Assistant Art Editor Miss Alice James Literary Editor W. M. O ' DONNELL Athletic Editor Miss Fannie Buck Club Editor Miss Annie Lester Class Editor V. H. Sessions Statistics Editor 47 (Sl t Purpb mi Mlttt? QUA£ FIANT EX HOC COGNOSCES JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1916 ». ' FADDISTS- ,„ NO. 13 ■ vv l IflWereArt-iserlr ' " ' - Galloways Discuss theP Jo. ' " Ks Influence of Women i!J xSr-- " FIRST LYCEUM. NUMBERS and Money; l lso ; Refofmatofv f I , % .. storyoSCl DEBATES TEAM WINS ONE AND LOSES TWO Base Ball Pfospacts ITnp Made Without Williams and " " " " r i " LC ' " " " Martin. 48 Purple and White Staff Julian B. Feibelman Editor-in- ChieJ D. M. White Associate Editcr W. M. O ' DONNELL Athletic Editcr Miss Alice James Local Editor H. M. Wells Local Editor W. Ernest Bufkin Y. M. C. A. Editor Miss Elizabeth Watkins Social Editor G. H. Rankin Business Manager H. R. Babington Assistant Business Manager 49 50 51 Medals Awarded, 1914 Millsaps De-lamation Medal Millard Clegg Sophomore Medal for Oratory W. E. Hobbs Carl J. von Seutter Medal for Oratory N. B. Harmon, Jr. Clark Essay Medal Miss Mary S. Shurlds Geiger Chemistry Medal W. M. O ' Donnell Mortimer Law Medal W. G. McLean. Jr. M. L 0. A. Orator W. M. Colmer Medals Awarded, 1915 Millsaps Declamation Medal B. B. IMcClendon Sophomore Medal for Oratory VV. K. Williams Geiger Chemistry Medal D. M. White Carl J. von Seutter Medal for Oratory E. L. Hillman Clark Essay Medal J. L. Feibelman Mortimer Law Medal W. E. Hobbs Commencement Debater ' s Medal A. W. Garraway M. I. 0. A. Orator K. M. Broom M. L 0. A. Orator, 1916 L. F. Hendrick 52 ± Commencement Courier Staff W. C. McLean Editor-in-Chief L. F. Hendrick Associate Editor T. L. Carraway Biisitiess Manager J. D. Crisler Assistant Business Manager Miss Mary McAlpin Local Editor Miss Alice James Local Editor Miss Henrietta Lowther Social Editor W. B. Moore Alnnnii Editor 53 President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Galloway Literary Society OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term T. L. Carraway. L. F. Hendrick, C. A. Parks. Fourth Term H. M. Wells C. Bullock, H. A. Dawson, W. B. Myers, R. G. Moore, J. B. Feibelman, a. W. Garraway, L. P. McHalffey. J. R. GozA. O. Van Hook, D. M. White. D. M. White, D. M. White. SPEAKERS Dan M. White C. G. Ventress Leon F. Hendrick A. M. Moore Triangular Debate Julian B. Feibelman Mid-Session Debate J. G. Byrd Commencement Debaters William M. O ' Donnell Freshman Deoate N. H. Parker Anniversarian A. W. Garraway Anniversary Orator H. M. Wells C. W. Alford L. F. Hendrick N. H. Parker K. F. Blue S. P. Johnson C. A. Parks J. G. Byrd E. D. Martin E. J. Rutledge T. L. Carraway Waites McFarland J. E. Rutledge H. G. Cunningham H. B. McGehee M. R. Sharp H. A. Dawson L. P. McHalflFey Carter Sterling W. C. Ellis R. A. McRee 0. N. Van Hook J. R. Enochs A. M. Moore C. G. Ventress J. B. Feibelman R. G. Moore J. C. Wasson A. W. Garraway V. E. Munn H. M. Wells G. C. Goar W. B. Myers A. M. West J. R. Goza C. W. O ' Donnell D. M. White H. A. Harper W. M. O ' Donnell . 54 First Row — Moore, Ventress, O ' Donnell, Bullock Second Row — White, Byrd, Feibelman, Parker, Garraway Third Row — Carraway, Parks, Wells, Hendrick 55 Lamar Literary Society OFFICERS Presidents First Term. G. W. Harrison M. F. Clegg James Shipman W. Second Term. C. McClean. Jr. Third Term. 0. W. Conner W. S. Henley V. E. Bufkin J. L. Longinotti D. S. Dearman Capps, Ross Cooper, Robt. Craig, R. B. Dickens, W. T. Dearman, D. S. Everett, C. H. Edmonds, E. Vice-Presidents L. Lancaster E. H. Joyce Secretaries H. Gates W. B. Gates Speakers President of Anniversary J. S. Shipman Anniversary Orator Ross Capps Anniversarian C. C. Case Triangular Debaters Mid-Term Debaters Commencement Debaters Freshman Debaters MEMBERS. Edmonds, W. J. Gates, W. B. Huntley, M. C. Harper, A. Y. Hollingsworth, I. T. Ramsey, G. B. Lancaster, J. L. Turner, Leroy 56 Fourth Til m W. S. Henley W. E. BUFKIN G. E. Ramsey M. F. Clegg C. H. Everett Nat Golding R. P. MiMS Mitchell. F. K. Mitchell, W. L. Sharbrough. S. W. Sullivan, William Watkins, Jas. Shipman, W. S. Brooks, C. W. First Row — Bufkin, Capps, Everett Second Row — McLean, Dearman. Mims. Conner Third Row — Clegg, Henley, Longinotti. Case 57 58 bXAhS- •Mid THEN TEAPnS SIGHS othe ' rwise , PHOMORt POI- T JANUARY MARRIED ' 59 Wm W J i VI Bg , m ' ' i ' ., 11 ■ w p . Wm " ' W ' £mi:- u. A p » - i r 1 1 r K 1 " ■ ■ ' ■: • :t w ' ■:. : Young Men ' s Christian Association OFFICERS William O ' Donnell President 0. W. Conner ] ' ice- President R. G. Moore Secretary Jas. S. Shipman .... Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES C. A. Parks Devotional W. B. Moore Reception E. H. Joyce Bible Study D. M. White . " Social Service W. S. Henley Membership W. P. Bailey Mission Study 60 Honor Council OFFICERS A. W. Garraway Chairman H. M. Wells Secretary C. M. Jaco CZerfc MEMBERS Val H. Sessions Senior Class A. W. Garraway Senior Class H. R. Babington Junior Class Waldo Bailey Sophomore Class C M Jaco Freshman Class H. M. Wells and W. B. Moore At Large 61 Statistics Age, average — 19 years, 7 months, 7 days. Height — 5 feet, 9 inches. Weight — 140 pounds; Sessions weighs 208; Emmett Rutledge, 75 pounds. Size of Shoe — 7, with the exception of Tumlin and he wears a 9 2- Size of Belt — 32, with exception of Ware, and his is 45. Watch — Ingersoll leads. Chosen Professions — Law leads; Farming next. The majority do not use a " pony, " but D. M. White says the only reason he doesn ' t is because he can ' t get one. The majority drink all coca colas they can get, with the exception of J. D. Crisler, who drinks whenever somebody buys one for him. Jitneys are preferred for speed. Brunette is the favorite type of girl. Miss Fannie Buck is the most popular co-ed. Fattest Man — " Bishop " Sessions and " Ducky " Lin ran a close race, but " Ducky " beat Sessions a " neck. " Windiest Man — John Green. Biggest Sport — " Snookums " Sharbrough. Best Student D. M. White. Laziest Man — Marvin Summer. Master Class Cutter — Hendricks Dawson. Biggest Loafer — W. S. Shipman. Favorite Picture Show — Majestic. Favorite Piece of Music — " Home, Sweet Home. " Most Egotistical Man — " Red " Golding. Handsomest Man — W. B. Moore. The majority do not use tobacco. Biggest Dead Beat — J. D. Crisler. Jolliest Man — John Curry. College ' s Greatest Need — Dormitory. Wittiest Man— Prof. Lin. Brainiest Man — M. F. Clegg. ib Most Bashful Man— H. M. Wells. " V Most Solemn Man — Prof. A. M. Withers. Most of them get up at 7 o ' clock, but Bullock gets up 15 minutes before the first class. Annual Expenditure — $302.15. Favorite Occupations are courting, eating, and sleeping. 62 FRATERNITIES Kappa Alpha FRATRES IN FACULTY Alfred Allan Kern J. Reese Lin Mavrant Adams L B. Beard W. M. Buie P. L. Clifton Y. H. Clifton Wellin Cole Sam C. Cook, Jr. T. M. Cooper West Cole H. M. Quin, Jr. A. C. Crowder R. S. Dobyns E. J. Ellzev L C. Enochs, Jr. A. W. Fridge L. M. Caddis Curtis Green G. W. Green G. S. Hamilton FRATRES IN URBE W. G. Henrv W. H. Hilzin Luther Manship G. W. Mav F. L. Mayes Morgan Stevens Stokes V. Robertso n L. L. Mayes G. H. Moore L. C. Nugent J. H. Penix A. R. Peeples D. Peeples D. G. Phelps Chalmers Potter G. B. Power G. W. F. Rembert R. W. Roberts J. H. McLain J. W. Robinson J. E. Sample John W. Saunders J. D. Smith W. R. Smith Nolan Stewart G. C. Swearingen C. T. Taylor F. N. Taylor S. J. Taylor S. S. Taylor J. M. Vardaman J. K. Vardaman A. F. Watkins, Jr. H. V. Watkins W. H. Watkins G. Q. Whitfield S. R. Whitten, Jr. C. M. Williamson J. A. Teat 63 Alpha Mu Chapter of Kappa Alpha LAW CLASS Roscoe Berry William Black Moore Oscar W. Conner, Jr. John E. Carr Millard F. Clegg Alfred Y. Harper Carl C. McDonald Darrington Phillips William P. Scott William J. Edmonds Robert A. Harris Oscar Newton, Jr. James C. Riddell John P. Stubblefield W. Leon Smith CLASS 1916 Douglass Ross Capps CLASS 1917 James Watkins CLASS 1918 Holcomb D. Chaney Eben T. Edmonds. Jr. J. Louis Longinotti Chatham H. Phillips George B. Ramsey, Jr. Thomas P. Sparks R. G. Kennington CLASS 1919 Sam H. Garner R. Percy Mims, Jr. Henry C. Roberts, Jr. R. Donald Sharp Walter W. Weldy Fred C. Yates Pledged. 64 65 66 W. Mercer Green C. A. Alexander E. H. Galloway A. M. Nelson, Jr. G. W. Huddleston Longstreet Cavett J. T. Robinson J. G. Johnson J. A. Alexander W. T. Davis J. H. Morris Kappa Sigma FRATER IN FACULTATE George Lott Harrell FRATRES IN URBE F. E. Gunter R. B. Ricketts J. B. Ricketts J. M. Thornton J. S. Rhodes E. H. Green Fulton Thompson Sam Johnson H. G. Johnson L. Evans J. A. Baker A. A. Green, Jr. J. M. Alexander Clyde McGee E. E. Henry Sidney Robinson W. H. Lewis Edgar Gunning Archie M. Owen J. N. McLean John Ball W. S. Hamilton 67 Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Sigma A. M. Andrews T. L. Carraway J. A. Wooten F. W. Powell T. H. Bingham D. D. Birmingham H. B. McGehee B. 0. VanHook ' W. 0. Bingham H. G. Cunningham R. L. Durr Pledged. LAW CLASS A. B. Holder A. Y. Dabney CLASS 1916 L. F. Hendrick A. W. Garraway CLASS 1917 W. M. McDowell R. G. Moore CLASS 1918 C. G. Ventress W. B. Alford E. R. Ratliff W. E. Bailey CLASS 1919 C. Stirling H. L. Harris C. D. Williams 68 First Row — Powell. Ventress, Wooten. Hendrick, McGehee. Carraway Second Row— Van Hook, Cunningham, McDowell. Holder. Stirling. Birmingham Third Row — Garraway. Harris. Andrews. Bailey 69 " ALABMA BOmO BUT THE T :s AR lli HIS TRACKS 70 0. B. Taylor J. F. Flint Edwin Jones C. H. Miller W. H. Hill E. B. Cooper Pi Kappa Alpha FRATER IN FACULTATE Stuart Grayson Noble FRATRES IN URBE L. W. R eed J. W. Crisler, Jr. John Lyle F. T. Scott J. L. Neil 71 Alpha Iota Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha LAW CLASS L Lagrone Tigert CLASS 1916 William Campbell McLean, Jr. CLASS 1917 Herbert Robert Babington Garland Howard Rankin, Jr. Enoch Marvin Summer Nathaniel Golding William Smylie Shipman John Augustus Anderson CLASS 1918 Buford Arwed Summer Wade Henry Rhyne James Shelby Shipman Jesse Hubert Lanfair Henry Mounger, Jr. William Lemuel Mitchell Austin Lucky Shipman Pledged. Samuel Bruce Vick Lloyd Hunter Gates John Lazarus Green CLASS 1919 Warren Ellzey Ratliff Charles Maples Jaco William Simmons Sullivan Paul Prevost Bellenger 72 73 1 74 75 Kappa Delta Sorority Mu Chapter CLASS 1916 Henrietta Lowther Primrose Thompson i annie Buck CLASS 1917 Mary B. Shurlds Otie G. Branstetter CLASS 1918 Eugene Lowther SPECIAL Baldwin Lloyd SORORES IN URBE Ruth Reed Ella B. Lee Delia F. Greaves Daisy L. Rogers Elizabeth Manship Mary Etta Cavett Lena C. Vail Elizabeth Huddleston Katye Maye Kidwell Mrs. Basil Maves 76 O X r 5 5 Phi Mu Sorority Epsilon Chapter CLASS 1917 Pauline Boatner Pattie Magruder Sullivan Maude Wise Kennedy Elizabeth H. Watkins CLASS 1918 Christine Berry Fannie H. Virden Selwyn Boatner Olive A. Watkins Elise Hill Moore CLASS 1919 ' ' Olga Lenore Powell Elizabeth M. Watkins SORORES IN URBE Sallie Whitfield Baley Evelyn Spickard Mrs. Mary B. Clark Ella Kate Steen Sarah Aline Harmon Birdie Grey Steen Bessie Jayne Annie Bessie Whitson Pledged. 78 K ' T K T Sigma Upsilon Kit Kat Chapter W. B. Moore W. S. Shipman J. A. Wooten A. Y. Harper J. B. Feibelman F. W. Powell H. R. Babington CHAPTER ROLL Sopherim — Sewanee Calumet — Vanderbilt Osiris — Randolph Macon College Senior Round Table — University of Georgia Odd Number Club — University of North Carolina Boar ' s Head — Transylvania University Scribblers — Universitv of Mississippi Kit Kat — Millsaps College Scarabs — University of Texas Scribes — University of South Carolina Coffee House — Emory College Fortnightly — Trinity College Attic — University of Alabama Grub Street — University of Washington Gordon-Hope — College of William and Mary Blue Pencil — Davidson College Sphinx — Hampden-Sidney College Ye Tabard Inn — University of Oregon 80 81 Fraternal Orders Dr. a. F. Watkins Master Mason Prof. J. Reese Lin Master Mason and K. P. J. F. Rhinehart Royal Arch Mason and W. 0. W. V. E. MuNN Royal Arch Mason and W. 0. W. D. M. White W. 0. W. L. P. McHalffey W. 0. W. A. M. West W. O. W. C. W. Alford Columbia Woodman Val. H. Sessions K. P. James Watkins Master Mason 82 ■■■■ H C5 83 I Athletic Council S. B. ViCK President 0. W. Conner I ' ke-Presidejii B. W. Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer W. S. Henley Baseball Manager M. F. Clegg Assistant Baseball Manager L. H. Gates Basketball Manager E. H. Joyce Track Manager J. E. Carr Football Manager 1. L. Tigert Track Coach 84 " M " Wearers BASEBALL Smith Summer, E. M. Vick Williams Henley BASKETBALL Williams Sparks O ' Donnell, W. M. Gates, L. H. TRACK O ' Donnell, W. M. Capps Henley Rankin Vick Joyce FOOTBALL Knight Brooks Yates Wells Gates, L. H. Vick Holder Bailey Edmonds, E. T. Watkins Williams Summer, B. A. Capps Shipman, W. S. McLean Hendricks Golding Donnell, W. M. 85 86 Freshman Football Team ilnight, center Johnson, right guard Mars, right guard Mitchell, left guard Bellenger, left guard Brooks, left tackle Yates, right tackle Edmonds, W. J. left end Shipman, A. L., right end Jaco, quarter back Pearce, Rex, right half Holder, left half Williams, full back 87 Sophomore Football Team Summer, B. A., center McLean, rig:ht guard Van Hook, left guard Wells, left tackle Sparks, right tackle Carr, right end Watkins, left end Shipman, J. S., ri5;l " .t end Edmonds, Ehen, quarter back Gates, L. H., full back Vick, left half Bailey, right half O ' Donnell, right half Huntley, left guard McHalffey, right guard 88 1 Varsity Football Team 89 90 g% BASE B LL AARCH B Ad s m Sp£C lL EXAMS STflEET ConnlE RS A 4 T( h T lA CT K _. 91 Varsity Basket Ball Hallman, center Sparks, center Knight, guard Yates, guard Johnson, guard Vick, guard Williams, forward Martin, forward Shipman, A., forward Shipman, J., forward SUBSTITUTES Sullivan Jaco O ' Donnell, W. M Moore O ' Donnell, " Hooks " Brooks 92 BASEBALL 93 1915 Baseball Champions RECORD AGAINST S. I. A. A. TEAMS Millsaps Smith, catcher Owens, catcher Pearman, first base Crisler, second base Summer, E. M., third base Quin, shortstop Jaclvson, right field (captain) Williams, left field Vick, center field Conner, substitute outfielder Taylor, pitcher Ward, pitcher Brown, pitcher Allred, substitute Goza, substitute Mississippi College 1 Mississippi College 3 Mississippi College 5 Mississippi College 2 Mississippi College 2 Mississippi College 5 University of Mississippi. . University of Mississippi. . 1 University of Mississippi. . 2 University of Mississippi. . 7 University of Mississippi.. 4 University of Mississippi. . .3 Louisiana State Univ 1 University of Alabama.... 6 University of Alabama.... 3 1 12 6 12 3 4 3 4 NOTES ON THE TEAM Vick was easily the star of the team last year. His fielding record was perfect and his batting average was over 500. Williams, also, had a perfect fielding record, and his batting was always opportune. Many games were won by a timely hit from the big left fielder. His batting average was 357. Summer batted 333, while Smith ' s average was 289. All four of these men are with us this year as the nucleus for another championship team. Every man on the team last year worked hard and consistently; Smith ' s catching and the steady pitching of Taylor and Ward were especially commendable. Vick and Ward were selected for the all-Southern college team. 94 95 TME:Tl ACt : O ' Donnell, W. M. Harman Van Hook Tigert Mitchell, W. L. Edmonds, E. Joyce, E. H., Manager Bailey Jaco Garner Williams Dearman Gates, L. H. Sledge Shipman, J. S. Henley Capps 96 Tennis Club Shipman. White. Longinotti. Conner. Harrison. McRee. Wells. McHalffey. Goar, Babington. Goza 97 The Majors Pearce, c. Hallman, p. Knight, p. McGehee, p. Smith, c. Andrews, s. s. Bellenger, s. s. Sweeney, 1 b. McDonald, 2b. Sumner, 3 b. Williams, 1. f. Vick, c. f. Connor, r. f. Mitchell, B., Coach Mitchell, Dr. B. E., Faculty Mgr. Henley, W. E., Mgr. Clegg, M. F., Asst.Mgr. 9,S The Staff offers two bits and a jit for the best title to this picture. Address all answers to Contest Editor of " Bobashela. ' " See coupon in the advertising section. 99 Applied Quotations Like a river, biggest at the mouth. — John Green. Greater men than I may have lived, but I do not believe it. — Oscar Newton. " Up, Up, my friend, and quit your books, or surely you ' ll grow double. Up. Up, my friend, and clear your looks, Why all this toil and trouble. " — Hendricks Dawson. " A soft embalmer of the midnight. " — Glee Club. " Congeniality has become personified in us. " — Parks Moore. " A man cannot cultivate his talent and his mustache impartiallv. " — Bill O ' Donnell. " He has a smile that won ' t come off. " — Prof. Key. " The proper study of mankind is man. " — Miss Powell. " ' Tis impious in a good man to be sad. " — Wooten. " A ' Ford! ' A ' Ford! ' My Kingdom for a Ford! ' ' " — Freshman Class. " ' Tis an old tale and often told. " — Prof ' s joke. " I heard a hollow sound — Who rapped my skull ? — O. Newton. " Oh. that my tongue were in the thunder ' s mouth, then in my pas- sion would I fight the world. " — Bilbo Harrison. " The scholastic month is up. " — Dr. Sullivan. " Eternal smiles his emptiness betrays. " — Cunningham. " God bless our fat baby. " — Ross Capps. " But the jingling of the guineas helps the hurt that honor feels. " — Millsaps Book Store. " Where I am, I know there is learning. " — Hendrick. " It is a great pity to have neither brains enough to talk with nor sense enough to keep quiet. " — John Green. " I do frankly profess I have a very great respect for myself. " — Bilbo Harrison. " And ever seemed busier than he was. " — Alford C. " As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. " — Ratliff. " The course of true love never did run smooth. " — Miss Buck. " Then he will talk — ye gods, how he will talk! " — Parker. " Man delights not me; no, nor woman either. " — A. M. Withers. " I ' ll preach ; though hell itself should gape and bid me hold mv peace, I ' ll preach. " — D. M. White, When is a joke not a joke? When you tell it to — Bilbo Harrison. " Now this is what the book says. " — Dr. Lin. " I am broke. " — J. D. Crisler. " Even though vanquished he would argue still. " — E. Rutledge. 100 Club! 101 Glee Club OFFICERS W. S. Shipman President H. A. Dawson Vice-President J. E. Carr Treasurer 0. W. Conner Manager B. E. Mitchell Director FIRST TENORS J. E. Carr M. C. Huntlev N. Golding N. H. Parker SECOND TENORS 0. W. Conner H. G. Cunningham W. H. Rhyne W. J. Edmonds Adam Mars FIRST BASS H. A. Dawson W. S. Shipman SECOND BASS Leon Hendrick L. P. McHalffey Fred Yates SOPRANO PIANO Elise Moore , Olive Watkins CONCERTS March 13 — Durant April 27 — Collins March 14 — Canton April 28 — Forest March 16 — McComb City April 29 — Morton March 17 — Whitworth College May 5 — Jackson 102 1U3 ORCHESTRA n.E.h ' . ' 16. 104 Orchestra MEMBERS W. B. Alford Director Olive Watkins Piano E. T. Edmonds Bass Violin E. J. RuTLEDGE Violin W. B. Alford Violin A. Bending First Cornet W. H. Rhyne Second Cornet H. B. McGehee Flute Caruthers Sullivan Clarionet 105 106 %f y s ' B G G K vn e - F QwglS 107 ■- ■■■■.■ .■ ■ ■• vv " - ' V ' ' ' ' ' .- •■v;.-.!;-: ;■::■;■■ -%:f • ■ ' . " ' ■■vV ' ■-1.V. )cience Club OFFICERS A. W. Garraway President D. M. White Vice-President Miss Lowther Secretary W. S. Henley Treasurer Frances Loeb Librarian Miss Lester, D. M. White and Miss Watkins Program Committee A. Bending Frances Loeb Otie Branstetter J. Allred W. S. Henley Elizabeth Watkins H. M. Wells D. M. White D. R. Capps Mary Shurlds C. Bullock A. D. Hutton Loie Clontz A. W. Garraway L. F. Hendrick G. W. Harrison Alice James W. M. O ' Donnell W. B. Moore W. C. McLean Henrietta Lowther Fannie Buck Annie Lester Mary McAlpin Frieda McNeil J. D. Crisler T. L. Carrawav E. M. Summer R. G. Moore J. O. Ware Dr. J. M. Sullivan Prof. G. L. Harrell 108 Preachers ' League C. M. Parks President Val H. Sessions Vice-President L. H Gates Secretary MEMBERS J. 0. Ware R. G. Moore Emmett Rutledge T. E. Tumlin N. B. Gelding A. M. West C. Alford R. B. Craig Ted HoUingsworth 109 - , 6 - A-- Ramblers Motto: To keep up with " Sully " and get a pass OFFICERS A. D. HuTTON : . . . President C. A. Parks Secretary Miss Buck Treasurer MEMBERS A. W. Garraway L. F. Hendrick Alice James W. M. O ' Donnell G. W. Harrison Henrietta Lowther D. R. Capps Fannie Buck W. B. Moore T. L. Garraway W. G. McLean Annie Lester A. D. Hutton Frieda McNeil Mary McAlpin J. D. Crisler R. G. Moore E. M. Summer Dr. J. M. Sullivan no Co-Ed Club Motto: " 0 wad the power the giftie gie us To see ourselves as ithers see us. " Colors Pink and White Password Powder Rag Place of Meeting Anywhere there is a mirror Time of Meeting Before and after every class OFFICERS Selwyn Boatner Chief Primper Fannie Virden Hair Dresser Eugene Lowther Critic MEMBERS Maude Wise Kennedy Le Nel Jones Fannie Buck . Henrietta Lowther Alice James Selwyn Boatner Ernesteen Moore La Perle Dear Olga L. Powell Fannie Virden Eugene Lowther Olive Watkins 111 BACHELOR Bachelor Club Motto: " It is better to bear the ills we have than fly to those we know not of. " Flower: Bachelor Button OFFICERS Mr. W. M. O ' Donnell President Prof. A. M. Withers Secretary MEMBERS Dr. A. A. Kern W. M. O ' Donnell Prof. J. Reese Lin Francis W. Powell Prof. A. M. Withers V. E. Munn 112 Shack Club First Row— McHalffey. Bufkin. Wells, Bullock Second Row — Parker, Alford. West, Dawson. Moore Third Row — Rutledge, J; Rutledge, E.; Goza, Henley, White 113 PoPULM PEARL RlvtR. 114 — 115 " SHmmArnRHi ' i first an ohdr BULLim c=. LOOKS UKf mKS FHL. 116 Century Club Motto: Give me opera glasses and an income at 11:45 ]). m. OFFICERS Tom Bingham Chief Onlooker John Green Recorder of Slang Bill Moore Critic Fat McLean Roll Caller MEMBERS John Carr W. D. Meyers D. D. Birminghan R. E. Kennington, Jr. L. H. Gates W. L. Turner G. H. Rankin E. M. Summer D. R. Capps Judson Allred John Green B. A. Summer T. H. Bingham W. E. Bufkin W. C. McLean C. C. Case 117 Shakespearian Club OFFICERS W. C. McLean President Miss Lester Secretary Dr. Kern Critic MEMBERS " For always I am Caesar. " — L. F. Hendrick. " 0, whither hast thou led me, Egypt? " — T. L. Carraway. " Age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite variety. " — Bald- win Lloyd. " Oh heaven, were man But constant, he were perfect. " — Smylie Shipman. " I have no other but a woman ' s reason. I think him so, because I think so. " — Mary McAlpin. " Every why hath a wherefore. " — Prof. Lin. " He reads much. He is a great observer. " — Julian Feibleman. Romeo and Juliet, Pattie and Nat Gene and Tom Mob. Freshman Class Honorary Members, Senior English Class 118 119 120 PREPS 121 Preparatory School Roll Anthony, Jack Williams Vaughan Bailey, Wm. Pierce Coldwater Bane, John Roy Vaiden Boland, Jesse David Big Creek Bostick, Cornelius Adams Benoit Burt, Albert Kerr Oakland Case, Francis Marion Jackson Cecil. Paul Gayden Jackson, La. Clark. Burton Bryant Canton Cockrum, James Lafayette Pontotoc Gandy, Walter Sylvester Sanford Green, Rachel Elmore Jackson Henry, Benjamin Wilkins Pocahontas Hines, Robert Edward Jackson Hodges, George Price, Jr Madison Hutton, Sam Donald Gwin Jackson Keys, Robt. Taylor Sardis Lamb, Oscar, Jr Jackson Montgomery, Marion Blaine Potts Camp Moss, Cameron Gray Myrtle Newmaire, Chas. Orman Glendora O ' Donnell. Waldrop Levert Sanford Parker, James William Larena Peebles. Sterling Wilkins Jackson Pope, Henry David New Albany Powell. Helen Arthiniez Jackson Rickets. Harry Perkins Memphis, Tenn. Russell, Edwin Lee Jackson Sarlls, Thomas Wilson Jackson Simmons, Claude Picayune Small, William Liddell Winona Stevens, Charles Zollicoffer Hattiesburg Sullivan, Caruthers Jackson Tallif erro, Edwin Loving Enid Thomas, David Harrison Sturgis Tumlin, James Eugene Bishop, La. Turner, Harry Sabine Jackson Ward, Roy Flemming Jackson Webster, David Luke Winona 122 123 Statistics Age— 17. Height- — 5 feet, 9 inches. Weight— 138. Size of Shoe— 7. Church — 18 Methodists, 3 Baptists, 3 Presbyterians, 1 Episcopalian. Chosen Profession — Majority have not chosen their profession. Do you use a pony? — 14 told the truth. Do you prefer a street car or jitney? — Street car leads. What type of girl do you prefer? — Blonde. Most popular co-ed — Helen Powell. Fattest man — Jack Montgomery. Windiest man — Jack Anthony. . Biggest liar — " Big Creek " Boland wins over twelve opponents. Biggest Sport — Talliferro. Best student — " Sister " Bane. Master social stunter — Cecil won by over-whelming majority. Laziest man — Montgomery and Newmaire tie. Master class cutter — Lamb by large majority. Biggest loafer — Boland. Favorite author — Edgar Allan Poe. Most egotistical man — Gandy. Handsomest man — Henry well in lead. Do you use tobacco? — Most do. Biggest dead beat — " Big Creek " Boland and " Tubby " Newmaire. College ' s greatest need — New Dormitory. Jolliest man — Red Small won on flip up. Brainiest man — Keys. Most bashful man — Hodges. 124 SENIOR PREPS 125 SENIOR PREPS P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Jack Williams Anthony, Vaughan, Miss. " Seriousness never enters my mind. " William Pierce Bailey, Coldwater, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Varsity Basket Ball, 191.3-14, 1914-15, 1915-16; Varsity Baseball, 1914-15; Var- sity football, 1914-15; President, P. L. S., 1914-15, 1915-16; Treasurer, P. L. S., 1914-15; President Athletic Association, 1914-15, 1915-16; Chairman Mission Study Class, Y. M. C. A., 1915-16. " A true and steady man. " John Roy Baxe, Vaiden, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Varsity Basket Ball, 1915-16: President, P. L. S., 1915-lG; Secretary, P. L. S., 1915-16; Winner Rickets Declamation Medal, 1915-16; Millsaps-Chamberlain Hunt Debate, 1915-16; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, 1915-16; Prep. Editor, " Purple and White, " 1915-16; Prep. Editor, " Bobashela " ; Chamberlain Hunt Debater, 1914-15. " Little, loud, scholarly and proud. " P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Vice-President, P, L. S. Cornelius Adams Bostick, Benoit, Miss. 1915-16. " In my work and in my fun I look out for number one. " Albert Kerr Burt. Oakland, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Varsity Baseball, 1914-15; Varsity Basket Ball, 1914-15, 1915-16; Secretary, S., 1915-16; Manager Basket Ball, 1915-16; Manager Base Ball, 1915-16. " His head aglow, his heart I know Has long been wrapped in calico. " P. L. James Lafayette Cockrum, Pontotoc. Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Secretary, P. L. S., 1915-16; Treasurer, P. L. S., 1915-16. " He hath the joints of eyerything but everything is out of joint. " Walter Sylvester Gandy. Sanford, Miss, P L S Y, M, C A President, P. L. S.; Secretary, P. L. S., 1915-16; Varsity Basket Ball, Captain, Basket Ball, 1915-16; Varsity Baseball, 1914-15; Class Poet. 1915-16; Camp Debater, 1918-14; Millsaps-Chamberlain Hunt Debater. 1915-16. " By nature honest, by experience wise. Healthy by temperament and exercise. " 1915-16; French 126 Robert Taylor Keys, Sardis. Miss. P. L. S. " I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none. " Cameron Gray Moss, Myrtle, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Varsity Football, 1914-1.5; President, P. L. S., 1915-16; Vice-President, P. L. S., 1915-16. " Make not too rash a trial of him, for he ' s gentle and not fearful. " Henry David Pope, New Albany. Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President, Senior Class, 1915-16; Varsity Baseball, 1914-15; Varsity Basket Ball, 1915-16. " I profess not talking; only this — let each man do his best. " Henry Perkins Ricketts, Memphis, Tenn. P. L. S. " Lean of statue, long of frame, ■: ' ,:■ • . A genuine bachelor with a holy name. " •■•■•: Edwin Lee Russell, Jackson, Miss. . P. L. S., Y ' . M. C. A. Vice-President, Senior Class; French Camp Debater, 1915-16. " Whence is thy learning? Hast not thy toil O ' er books consumed the midnight oil? " William Liddell Small, Winona. Miss. P. L. s., y. m. c. a. Varsity Baseball, 1914-15; Prep. Business Manager, " Bobashela. " " A war between will and will not. " Charles Zolli coffer Stevens, Hattiesburg. Miss. " Let the world slide, let the world go, A fig for care and fig for woe " Edwin Loving Talliferro. Enid, Miss. P. L. s., y. m. c. .a. Varsity Baseball, 1914-15; Varsity Basket Ball, 1915-16; Secretary- Treasurer, Athletic Association, 1915-16; French Camp Debater, 1914-15; French Camp Debater, 1915-16. " He ' s a paralyzer of the female heart. " 127 Prep. Athletic Association President Athletic Association W. P. Bailey Secretary and Treasurer Athletic Association E. L. Talliferro Manager Basketball Team A. K. BuRT Captain Basketball Team W. S. Gandy Manager Baseball Team A. H. Bert Manaqer Football Team C. S. IMoss 128 Preparatory Basket Ball Team Pope Right Guard Bailey Left Guard Burt Center Cecil Right Forward Gandy Left Forward SUBS Bane O ' Donnell Talliferro 129 130 ADVISE TO SENIORS JUNE DE C LA IM 1 NG iq-aTPoweJl. COHMENce ENTV.s.TORS H.LLSA TeTERNAL? TENNI5 YETl 131 Prentiss Literary Society , ■ OFFICERS w First Term . P. Bailey W Presidents Second Term Third Term . S. Gandy J. R. Bane Fourth Term C. G. Moss c. G. Moss C. A. Vice-Presidents Bostwick J. E. Turner W. L. O ' Donnell A. K. Burt J. R. Bane E. L. Talliferro J. R. Secretaries Bane J. C. Cockrum Treasurer — J. C. Cockrum SPEAKERS Triangular Debaters Millsaps-Chamberlain Hunt Team Millsaps-French Camp Team MEMBERS R. J. Keys W. S. Gandy E. L. Russell J. W. Anthony W. P. Bailey J. R. Bane J. D. Boland C. A. Bostwick A. K. Burt P. S. Cecil B. B. Clark J. L. Cockrum W. S. Gandy W. B. Henrv G. P. Hodges R. K. Keys M. B. Montgomery C. G. Moss C. 0. Newmaire W. L. O ' Donnell H. D. Pope H. E. C. W C. E. J. Q. P. Rickets L. Russell Simmons . L. Small C. Sullivan L. Talliferro E. Tumlin T. Webster 132 133 S. J. JOHNSON CO. The business policy upon which Johnson ' s was founded sixteen years ago, and upon which it is being conducted today is Complete Satisfaction to Our Customers = == = COMPRISING - A High Standard of Quality in Every Department Comprehensive Assortments of Merchandise at Prices as Good as Qualit}; will permit. The Very Latest Fashions as Soon as They are Introduced. From Time to Time, Special Sales Below Cur- rent Prices. Your patronage is highly valued by us, and we therefore particularly request you to advise us if our merchandise or ser- vice disappoints you in any particular. Equally, ' we shall be glad to receive any suggestion tending to the improvement of our merchandise or service. 134 CLOTHES FOR MEN WHO LIKE DISTINCTIVE STYLE UR garments are meant for men who are not satisfied with commonplace clothes, and who demand distinction of style m the full degree. Our price is one ordinary feature, FIFTEEN to FORTY DOLLARS, to your measure. H-E $2.00 HATS WILSON BROS. SHIR 1 S REGAL STAY-SMOOTH NECKWEAR Hayne - Elliott Co " SMART MEN ' S WEAR " 135 DANIEL STUDIO COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY If you have beauty we tal e it, If you Want beauty we mal e it. Expert Photographing for Half-tones DANIEL STUDIO :: Daniel Building 136 Palace Billiard Hall Largest of its kind in the state All College Boys know Harland and the Palace Palace Billiard Hall R. E. Harland, Proprietor 137 Stetson Hats Emer Shirts Stacy- Adams Shoes Faultless T ajamas B. Kuppenheimer Clothes Jlre Sold Exclusively in Jackson at Downing-Locke Company Capitol at Parish Street Neckwear Gloves Underwear Ralston Shoes Capital National Bank JACKSON. MISS. Capital - - - $200,000.00 Stockholders ' Liabilities - 200.000.00 Surplus Earned - - 140.000.00 Total - - - $540,000.00 Designated Depository of the United States and City of Jackson OFFICERS Z. D. Davis. President; Thad B. Lampton. Vice President; R. W. Millsaps, Vice President; Amos R. Johnson, Cashier; W. N. Cheney, Teller. DIRECTORS R. W. Millsaps. W. B. Jones. Logan Phillips. Ben Hart. Z. D. Davis. R. L. Saunders. Eugene Simpson. W. D. Hannah, C. A. Alexnnder. Thad B. Lampton, J. C. MbGee 138 MILLSAPS COLLEGE Jacl son, Miss, Millsaps College offers courses leading to two collegiate degrees, B. A. and B. S. A well equipped law school offers courses leading to the professional degree oi LL. B. Ample provision is also made for those who are not candidates for any degree. An excellent preparatory school, under sep- arate dormitory management, with strong faculty, prepares for entrance into any college. « «««««««««« FOR CATALOGUE OR FURTHER INFORMATION ADDRESS = A. F. WATKINS, Pres. 139 BON-TON CAFE NEWLY FITTED UP WITH Marble Counters and Ice Boxes Tile Floor SANITARY IN EVERY RESPECT Call anJ See Us — Same Old Stand 213 W. CAPITOL STREET JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI When You Want Books Write to us for Catalog and price list We Carry Constantly tKe books of all leading publishers, and we can lurnisb at short notice. Any Book You Want at lowest prices. li k V send your orders to distant stores when our stores are right in your own section of country? We Put Them There to Serve You Send your order to us at the store nearest to your home. It will be promptly filled, and W€ shall appreciate your business. SMITH LAMAR Nashville, Tenn. Dallas, Tex. Richmond, Va. MAJESTIC THEATRE 124 EAST CAPITOL STREET R. E. KENNINGTON, Owner The Biggest and Best Theatre in the State " College Boys ' Play House " A. H. PETTING Manufacturer of Greek Letter FRATERNITY JEWELRY 213 NortK Liberty Street Factory. 212 Little Sharp St. Baltimore, Md. 140 HUYLER ' S CANDY KODAKS STATIONERY MOORE CULLEY COMPANY SODA AND LUNCHES PRESCRIPTION WORK A SPECIALTY DRUGS SUNDRIES TOILET GOODS CIGARS JACKSON MERCANTILE CO. GROCERIES COCA COLA. CELERY TONIC, BOTTLE POP. CAKES Everybouy Meets Here ADELLE GRAYSON ST. PHONE 1117 " WHEN CLOTHES ARE DIRTY RING SEVEN THIRTY " JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY PHONE 730 SEE OUR AGENT HOLLENSBE CO. (Successors to Robb Co.) PHOTOGRAPHERS HIGH GRADE PHOTOS 20 Years ' Success Back of Our Process Expert Kodak Printing m our Amateur Department 141 PROSPERITY AND EDUCATION GO HAND IN HAND Time was when both were dearly bought but every young man and young woman of this age is blessed with an opportunity to acquire THE VERY BEST OF TRAINING at a cost within the reach of all. It is a fatal error to start out in life without the mental equipment along practical lines, an assurance of success. DRAUGHON ' S PRACTICAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Is providing this important asset every day in the year to ambitious young men and young women from all parts of the South. We give thorough courses in BOOKKEEPING, BANKING, STENOGRAPHY, TELEGRAPHY, PENMANSHIP and all that go to properly prepare one for a profitable and useful life. We Secure Positions for our Graduates While in Jackson come and talk this matter over, or write for further information. H. S. ALFORD, Manager JACKSON, MISS. 142 THAD. B. LAMPTON, President R. W. MILLSAPS, Vice President Z. D. DAVIS, Vice President W. M. BUIE, Vice President S. H. HART, Cashier Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Co. of Jackson, Miss. CAPITAL Stockholders Liability Surplus and Undivided Profits TOTAL . - - - $ 50,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $ 20,000.00 $1 10,000.00 4 per cent, paid on deposits of $ 1 .00 up Interest compounded semi-annually Directors: R. W. Millsaps, Z. D. Davis, Ben Hart, Thad ' B. Lampton. W. M. Buie Deposits Guaranteed under Miss. Guarantee Fund " Good Shoes are an Economy " Tatom Shoe Co. Mississippi ' s Biggest and Best Shoe Store COLLEGE BOYS! We have what you want and we want your trade The Toggery ROYAL HOTEL BLDG. 143 WATKINS WATKINS Attorneys and Counselors at Law WATKINS-EASTERLING BUILDING JACKSON. MISS. Vardaman Of Vardaman Attorneys and Counselors at Law « MERCHANTS BANK BUILDING JACKSON, MICH. A. F. Watkins, Jr. ATTORNEY AT LAW JACKSON, MISS. E. K. GREEN Attorney at Law JACKSON, MISS. DRINK CARNONATED IN BOTTLES, 5 CENTS JACKSON COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY JACKSON. MRISISSIPPI CENTURY THEATRE STRICTLY HIGH CLASS PRODUCTIONS H. A. CARLTON, Manager PHONE 16 CENTURY THEATRE BUILDING 144

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