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MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKSON " ' ■ 10 MILLSAPS-WILSON LIBRARY MILLSAPS COLLEGE JACKS ' ' ■■ " ----■ D| 39210 BOBASHELA VOLUME X, 1914 HE CHAMPLIN PRES COUUMBU6, OmIO y iFnrnimrb To the public- we extend, in tlie name of the 1914 Eol)ashehi, greetings. Of its ])raisewortliy features we need not speak, for tliey stand as tributes to themselves. Tlie things that our publication lacks Ave pass over in silence, trusting that they may escape yoiu ' eye. Our only regret, in looking over the pages, is the fact that it fails to reveal the spirit behind the classes and organizations wliicli we here portray. It has been with us a labor of love, and if you. the friends and students of the institution, find in these pages not only a portion of merit but of pleasure we shall be satisfied. To Professor E. Y. Burton The student ' s truest friend and adviser, whose name stands for college spirit, and whose untiring energy and enthusiasm is ever active in aiding JNIillsaps, we dedicate this tenth volume of the BOBASHELA. mm mm mm iC 2. i BOB ISHELi @ „z. Board of trustees OFFICERS Bishop W. B. Murrah, D.D., LL.D President Rev. R. a. Meek, D.D Vice-President J. B. Streater Secretary Maj. R. W. Millsaps Treasurer Term expiring in 19 H J. L. Dantzler Moss Point J. R. Bingham Carrollton W. M. BuiE Jackson Rev. W. H. Huntley Gulfport Rev. W. W. Woollard Columbus J. D. Barbee Greenville Rev. S. M. Thames Pickens Rev. M. L. Burton Gulfport Term expiring 1917 Rev. M. M. Black Laurel W. H. Watkins : Jackson J. H. Ledyard Macon Rev. T. B. Holloman Port Gibson Rev. H. S. Spragins Greenville Rev. R. a. Meek New Orleans, La. Maj. R. W. Millsaps Jackson J. B. Streater Black Hawk . i md9i am j ais£!eiana«aaB« «ii3 iKtsa0Ba i. ' m !ts BOB lJHELl: (Sh .. j ttiBQiffi OEisiaatJea i»tiitssfiiB®9st» ' tt)eeiess;»aEinBs OFFICERS Alkxaxdkh Farhai! Watkins, B.A., D.D. President John Ma(;i{ui)i;h Sn.i.ivAN. A.M., Ph.D. Vice President E. YouMi Blrtox, A.B. Secretary JMiFFi.ix WvATT Savaktz. A.M., Pli.D. Ti ' ea.surer En VAi!i) Mayks, Til .D. Dean of I aw Department Stuart ( raysox Noule, B.A., A.M. Head Master of Pre])ai-atoi-y DejjartiHent Alfred Allan Kekn, A.]M.. Ph.D. Librarian Mrs. Maky Boavex Clark Assistant Librarian v § © Alexander Farkar Watkins, A.B., D.D. President Mental and Moral Sciences A.B., Vanderbilt, 1883; D.D., Cen- tenary College, Jackson, La., 1900; Field Agent, Millsaps College. 1890- 92; President of Whitworth College 1900-02; Vice-President of Board of Trustees of Millsaps College, 1900-12; Member of Mississippi Conference; Phi Delta Theta. John Macruder Sui,i,ivan, A.M., Ph.D. Vice-President Professor of Chemistry and Geology A.B., Centenary, 1887; A.M., Uni- versity of Mississippi, 1890; Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 1900; Professor of Nat- ural Sciences, Centenary, 1889-1902- Assistant in Astronomy, Vanderbilt 1886-87; Member of American Chem- ical Society; American Society for the Advancement of Science; Mississippi State Teachers ' Association; Audubon Society; Central Association of Sci ence and Mathematics ; National Geo- graphic Society; Methodist Historical Society of Mississippi; Educationa ' Extension Federation of M. E. Church South; Delta Tau Delta. cC. 7HB ). ' J J Mifflin Wyatt Swartz, A.M., Ph.D Treasurer Professor of Latin and Greek A.B., University of Virginia, 1897; The Mason Fellow, 1899-1900; M.A.. 1900; Professor of Greek and Latin Fort Worth University, 1900-03 ; Vice- President for Mississippi of the Clas- sical Association of the Middle-West and South, 1908-09; 1909-10; Presi- dent of the Classical Association of Mississippi, 1908-10; Author of " A Topical Analysis of the Latin Verb, ' ' a dissertation on " The Personal Char- acteristics of the Old in the Dramas of Euripides, " a " Symposium on thr study of Latin and Greek, " Ph.D., Uni- versity of Virginia 1910; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa. Alfred Allan Kern, A.M., Ph.D. Librarian Professor of English A.B., Randolph-Macon, 1898; A.M. 1899; Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt 1899-1900; Fellow in English, Johnr Hopkins, 1902-0.3; Ph.D., Johns Hop- kins, 1907; Member of Modern Lan- guage Association of America; Miss- issippi Library Association; Associatt Editor of Kappa Alpha Journal ' President of Sigma Upsilon; Author of " The Ancestry of Chaucer, " anc ' " Irwin Russell in the Library of Southern Literature " ; Kappa Alpha; Sigma Upsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa. 10 .Q Md9i4:m £ j E. Young Burton, A.B. Secretary Professor of Mathematics B.A., University of Virginia, 1902; Principal of Howell Institute, 1902-03; Professor of Mathematics in St. Charles Military College, 1903-05; State Normal, Kirksville, Missouri, 1905-07; Superintendent of St. Charles Military College, 1907-08; Assistant in Mathematics, University of Vir- ginia, 1908 09; Commissioned Colonel, M. N. G., by Joseph W. Folk; Member of Philosophical Society; University of Virginia; Phi Sigma Kappa. George Lott Harrell, B.S., M.S. Professor of Physics and Astronomy B.S., Millsaps College, 1899; M.S. Ibid. 1901; Professor of Science, Whit- worth College, 1889-1900; Professor of Physics, Hendrix College, 1902 ■ Professor of Physics, Centenary Col- lege, 1902-04 ; Professor of Mathemat- ics, Epworth University, 1904-08 Professor of Mathematics, Centenary College, 1908-09; President of Mans field College, 1909-10; Professor o Mathematics, Louisiana State Univer- sity, Summer, 1911; K.P., Kappa Sigma. 11 o?.. ?iV l 5.J J. Reese Lin, A.B., M.A. Professoi ' of History A.B., Emory College; Fellow in Vanderbilt University, 1894-96; M.A.. Vanderbilt University; Professor ol Philosophy and Education, Central College, (Mo.), 1909-10; Sage Fellow in Cornell University, 1910-12; In- structor in English Literature and Psychologv, Tulane University, Sum mer term, 1909 ; Summer terms, Co lunibia University, 1908-10; Kappa Alpha. Alfred Miles Withers, M.A. Professor of Modern Languages B.A., Washington and Lee; Assist ant Principal, Abingdon (Va.) Malr Academy, 1906-7; Instructor in Eng- lish and French, Augusta Military- Academy, 1908-10; Instructor in Mathematics, Georgia School of Tech- nology, 1910-11; Graduate Student of Romance Languages, Johns Hopkins University, 1911-191.3; Delta Tau Del- ta ; Sigma Upsilon. 12 vQ-S © vtCS :;! J . ]?. Cain Assistant in Greek D. W. Howe Assistant in C ' licniistry . K. HoLLOMAN ill Matiirinatics W. W. Moore Assistant in Latin R. E. Selby Assistant in Matliim.itics D. J. Savage Assistant in Latin, (irta ' ii. and English J. W. Ward Assistant in Mathematics preparatory school W. M. Colmer Hall .NLister. Assistant in English and History VV. (). Brumfield Assistant in English and History D. J. Savage Hall Master 13 .! i BOB SHELiM§ ' ..:ij Stuart Grayson Noble, A.B., M.A. Headmaster Preparatory Department A.B., University of North Carolina 1907; A.M., University of Chicago 1910; Instructor in English and His- tory, Horner Military Academy, 1907- 08; Member of Mississippi Teachers ' As.sociation; Classical Association of Middle West and South; National Ed- ucational Association; Author of a se ries of articles on the " ARricultura ' High School of the South " ; Pi Kappr Alpha; Sigma Upsilon. Geokge W. Huddleston, A.B., M.A. Assistant Master Preparatory Schoo ' Latin and Greek A.B., Hiawassee College, 1883; Pro- fessor of Greek, Hiawassee College 1884-91; A.M., Hiawassee College, 1886; Professor of Latin and Greek Harperville College, 1891-93; Presi- dent of State Board of Teachers ' Ex aminers. U vC:£S © ! Robert Scott Ricketts, A.M. Mathematics A.M., Centenary College, 1870; President and Professor. Port Gilison Female College, 1867-7.S; Professor in Wliitworth College, 187, ' 5-93; Head Master Millsaps Preparatory School, 1893-1911 ; Phi Kappa Sigma. Lm Dcparttnent Albkkt Hall Whitfield, A.M., LL.D. Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Law of Corporations, Law of Real Estate, Constitutional Law. Law and Practice in Feder.d Courts. University of Mississippi, A.B.. 1871; A.M. 1873; LL.B. 1871; LL.D. 1895; Ad- junct Professor of Greek, Univer.sity of ] Iis- sissi))])i, 1871-71 ' : Professor of Law, Uni- versity of Mississippi, ISO -gi; Ex-Chief Justice of Su|)reme Court of Mississipi)i ; Delta Kappa Epsilon. 15 aest HtsQ essesefisnsoeBetaoBtseassBBa vC. GJi " iii i j.: • BaaaBBBBBsaBttBsaaaeBeBaaiCSBasnsBS Richard Forman Reed Real .ind Personal Property, Bills and Notes Contracts, Torts, Negligence, Coinmoi Law Pleading. Student University of Mississippi ; Law student ' ,inderbilt L ' niversit_v ; State Senator li»II-l ' 2: Appointed Justice of Supreme Court I9C2: Member of Mississippi His- torical Sociity, Mississippi Bar Association, and Y. M. C. A., Delta Psi. Garland Q. ' niTriELn, Ph.B.. LL.B. Criminal L.iw. the Law of Evidence and the Mississippi Code of 1906. Ph.B.. University of Chicago, 1902: I.L.H., L iiiversity of Mississippi, 1905; Spe- Law Course in the Northwestern Llni- versity Law School. Chicago, 111.. 1 905-06; .luniiir uieuiher of the Law Firm of ' lut field Whitfield, Jackson, Mississijjpi ; Kappa Alpha. 16 BOOK 2 .ii A» f Senior eid$$ Colors : Purple and White Motto : My kingdom for a diploma Officers J. W. Ward President J. W. Chisholm Vice President T. M. CoopEK Secretary J. F. Phillips Treasurer Miss Stella McGehee Poet Miss Birdie Grey Steen Historian H. M. Bell Prophet J. B. Cain Sport W. W. Moore Liar md9i ' ' i;m j Henry Marvin Bell, A.B. Braxton, Miss. G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Varsity Basket Ball 1911-12, 1912-13; Honor Coun- cil 1913-14; Junior-Senior Football Team 1913-14; President G. L. S., 1913-14; Associate Editor Com- mencement Courier 1914. " Along- the cool sequestered vale of life He kept the noiseless tenor of his way. " William Ottis Brumfield, A.B. Tylertown, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Upsilon, G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Secretary G. L. S., 1911-12; Captain and Manager Track Team 1913-14; Varsity Track 1911-12; Vice- President G. L. S., 1912-13; Secretary Y. M. C. A., 1913-14; Secretary and Treasurer " Thirteen Club " 1912-13; President G. L. S., Anniversary 1912-13; Jun- ior-Senior Football, 1913-14; Sophomore Oratorical Medal 1912-13; Associate Editor Purple White 1913- 14; Literary Editor Bobashela, 1913-14; Instructor in History and English in Millsaps Preparatory School, 1913-14; Member College Glee Club, 1913-14. " One who never turned his back. But marched breast forward. " John Buford Cain, A.S. Dead Lake, Miss. G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Class Ba.sket Ball, 1910-11; Junior-Senior Football, 1913-14; Assistant in Latin, 1912-13; Assistant in Greek, 1913-14; Chairman Bible Study Committee Y. M. C. A., 1913-14; Y. M. C. A. Editor Purple White 1912-13; President G. L. S., 1913-14; Winner Clarke Essay Medal 1911-12; Editor in Chief Bobashela, 1913- 14. " He never knew when he was beaten. " 17 ■ n«ni«sftKa vC. tCr 7i l.JJ John Wright Chisholm, A.B. Meridian, Miss. G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Vice-Pi ' esident Preachers ' League, 1912-13; Mid- Session Debater, 1912-13; President Coni ' nencement Debate, 1912-13; President Preachers ' League, 1913- 14; Vice-President Senior Class; Commencement De- bater, 1913-14; Editor-in-Chief Commencement Cour- ier, 1914. " He is brave whose tongue is silent of the trophies of his sword. He is great whose quiet bearing marks his greatness well assured. " Thomas Melvin Cooper, B.S. Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha, Gamma Delta Epsilon, L. L. S., Y M. C. A. Geiger Chemistry Medal, 1911-12; Fool ball Man- ager, 1913-14; President L. L. S., 1913-14; Club Edi- tor Bobashela, 1913-14. " For I have that within that passeth shovv. " Servetus Love Crockett, B.S. Tyro, Miss. G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President Freshman Class, 1910-11; Wir.nor Fresh- man Medal; Winner Sophomore Medal; Winner A. M.-Millsaps Sophomore Debate Medal, 1911-12; Local Editor Purple White, 1912-13; Statistic Editor Bobashela, 1912-13: " Anniversary Orator G. L. S., 1912-13; Anniversarian G. L. S., 1913-14; Business Manager Bobashela, 1913-14; Member of Honor Council, 1912-13; President A. P. S., 1913-14. " He chose friends rather than honors. " 18 Nolan Bailey Harmon, A.B. Yazoo City, Miss. Kappa Sijjma, Sigma Upsilon, G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Captain Track Team, 1910-11-12; Holder State Pole Vault Record, 1910-11; Commencement Debater, G. L. S., 1911-12; Y. M. C. A. Editor Purple While, .111-12; President G. L. S., 1911-12; President Sophc- more Class, 1911-12; Varsity Basketball 1911-12-13; Triangular Debater, 1912-13; Track Manager 1912-13; President " Thirteen Club " 1912-13; Vice-President Y. M. C. A., 1913-14; Winner Clarke Essay M.-dal, 191.2- 13; Winner D. A. R. Historical Medal, 1912-13; Editor in Chief Purple White, 1913-14. " And still they gaze, and still the wonder grows. That one small head can carry all he kno vs. " Vernon Burkett Hathorn, B S. Bassfield, Miss. Kappa Sigma, G. L. S.. Y. M. C. A. Treasurer G. L. S., 1912-13; Class Baseball, 1909- 10; Class Football, 1909-10-11-12-13-14; Varsity Foot- ball, 1912-13; Varsity Baseball, 1912-13-14; Member Board of Business Managers Bobashela, 191.?-14; Pres- ident G. L. S., 1913-14. " Nowhere so busy a man as he there was. " Donald Witter Howe, B.S. Biloxi, Miss. G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Class Football, 1911-12-13-14; Varsity Track 1909- 10-11-12-13-14; Assistant in Chemistry, 1913-14- Senior Representative on Honor Council, 1913-14. " Unpracticed he to fawn or seek for power, By doctrines fashioned to the varying hour. " 19 Sl,.ii J ■ ■•VS»Bnil«« »««BB««K«ll«IIB VaBfiKBBa 7il9v ij.D Stella Galloway McGehee, A.B. Woodville, Miss. Phi Mu, G. L. S., Y. W. C. A. Class Historian, 1910-11; Sponsor to M. I. O. A., 1910-11; Class Historian, 1911-12; Dramatic Club; Sponsor for Track Team, 1911-12; Sponsor Millsaps Baseball Team, 1911-12; Class Historian, 1912-13 Social Editor Purple White, 1912-13; Authors ' Club Class Poet, 1913-14; Class Editor Bobashela, 1913-14 Science Club; Social Editor Commencement Courier, 1914. " All beauty compassed in a woman ' s form. " John Hendrix Mitchell, A.B. Corinth, Miss. G. L. S. Class Baseball, 1908-09-10-11; Varsity Track, 1910- 11; Class Football, 1908-09-10-11-13-14; Vice-Presi- dent G. L. S. ; Glee Club; Assistant Manag ' er Com- mencement Courier, 1914. " He only in a general honest thought And common K ' ood to all, made one of them. " WALno WiGHTMAN MOORE, A.B. Pascagoula, Miss. G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Winner Commencement Debaters Medal, 1913; As- sistant Business Manager Purple White 1912-13; Assistant in Greek, 1912-13; Assistant in Latin, 1913- 14; Millsaps-Hendrix College Debater, 1913-14; Junior- Senior Football, 1913; Member " Thirteen Club " ; Sta- tistic Editor Bobashela, 1914; Special Repoj-ter Com- mencement Courier, 1914. " He is one who has desires sublime and aspirations high. " 20 . Mid9I4 j B «si John Fryer Phillips. B.S. Belle Prairie, Miss. Kappa Alpha, L. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Local Editor Purple White, 1913-14; Vice-Presi dent Science Club, 191.3-14; Vice-President Lamar Lit- erary Society, 1913-14; President Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, 1913-14; Assistant Manag:er Commencement Courier, 1914. " Calm, whatsoever storms may shake th world. " David Jackson Savage, A.B. Mathiston , Miss. Gamma Delta Epsilon, G. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Vice-Pre.sident G. L. S., 1911-12; Mid-Session De- bater G. L. S., 1911-12; President Y. M. C. A., 1912-13; Class President, 1912-13; President G. L. S., 1912-13: Assistant Business Manager Purple White, 1911-12; Assistant Master Founders ' Hall, 1911-12; Hall Mas- ter, 1912-13-14; Instructor in Preparatory Latin and History, 1912-13; Assistant in College Emilish, 1912- ]. ' 1-14; Member " Thirteen Club " ; Masonic Club: Science Club; Preachers ' League; Fellow in Latin and Greek, 1913-14; Business Manager Commencement Courier, 1914. " Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous. " Birdie Grey Steen, A.B. Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu. Sponsor for Track Team, 1910-11; Sponsor M. C. A., 1910-11; Class Secretary, 1911-12; Authors ' Club; Class Poet, 1912-13; Social Editor Purple . Whittv 1913-14; Science Club; Class Historian, 1913-14; So- cial Editor Commencement Courier, 1914. " Thy greeting smile was pledge and prelude " Of generous deeds and kindly words. " 21 ammti m sama fiX99 WBOB SHELfMS . , BttMBtt naaan Robert Elvin Selby, A.B. Russellville, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha, L. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President Mid-Session Debate, 1911-12; Secretary Honor Council, 1911-12; A. M. Debater, 1912-13; Assistant Business Manager Bobashela, 1912-13; Pres- ident Y. M. C. A., 1913-14; President Athle+ic Associa- tion, 1913-14; President L. L. S., 1913-14; Anniversary Orator, 1913-14; Treasurer Science Club, 1913-14; Delegate to Y. M. C. A. Convention, Starkville, Miss., 1913; Class Football, 1913-14; Assistant in Mathemat- ics, 1913-14. " We know not what his greatness is For that, for all, we love him more. " James Walter Ward, A.B. Edwards, Miss. Kappa Sigma, Y. M. C. A. President Senior Class; President Science Club, 1913-14; Athletic Editor Bobashela, 1913-14; Varsity Baseball, 1910-11-12-13-14; Captain Varsity Baseball, 1913-14; Assistant in Mathematics, 1912-13-14; Special Reporter Commencement Courier, 1914. " And ever honored for his worthiness. " 22 Senior Prophecy Secretnri of Mill. saps Colletje, Jacksun, Miss. June 5, 1924. Dkar Sir : I received your letter asking for inforniation of my class — tliat of 191 i. I must confess that it was hard to find out much about the class. I searched in the New York World, the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the Jackson Daily News — but in vain. I have sought diligently in all the cross-road papers, and by various other means J Iiave ascertained the salient facts of their haunts, liabitats, and occupations. Some of the records were somewhat surprising, but most of them have continued, more or less, in the habits and characterist ics they displayed at college. Brumfield, it seems, is establishing a very fine record in law. He is getting along very well in almost every resjject, even financially, in spite of the fact that he has been married some two or three years. Presumably Ott can out-argue his wife. A very interesting career is that of J. B. Cain, formerlv recognized at Millsaps as " some " social-stunter. He is known very widely as the autlior of " Social-.Stunting and How To Do It. " In the preface to the book, he states that he regrets tliat he ever iield that there w;is no sucli thing as love. Kid is fast catching on and has almost learned Iiow to take a hint. ,Iolin ' right Chisholm is an evangelist in the country-districts. Bearing a ))onderous dignity, he is making a great success. They say that money can ' t help but come his way, and some of his collections would make Billy Sunday look like tiiirty cents. Eventually, I think he will succeed in bringing cosmos out of chaos. T. jM. Cooper has made tours all over the known world in quest of geological specimens. On one trip he went into the Crater of Vesuvius. Wliile there, an eruption started in the Archeozoic region and came up through the Proterozoic, P.ileozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoie. S])ri)ut blown two miles, six hundred seventy-two feet, four and five-sevenths inches above liase level. He insists, how- ever, that he has not yet experienced anything hotter than the fire at the Main Building in 1911. S. L. Crockett has recently been exiielled from the Senate Chamber in Wash- ington for hollering and disturbing the peace on Pennsylvania Avenue at night. He is back home now. making n hot race for Notary Public, with the aid of his wife and all the other suflragettes. We feel sure that etc will eome out victorious in this, so great a race. Nolan Harmon has charge of a work in Louisiana. The people on his charge seem to like him well, having all faith in everything he says, and believing that he knows everything. From this blindness may they be speedily delivered. Hathorn is pros])ering as a lawyer in Wanilla. He has succeeded in running almost all the other cheap lawyers out of bis conununity. Perhaps it is his senti- mentality that enables him to clear negroes, as fast as they steal, for half tlie sum of what they steal. Donald Howe, better known as Doc, has discovered some important steps in connection with wireless telegraphy and telephony. We were sorry to learn that he accidentally killed his wife by the explosion of chemicals in his laboratory, which was directly underneath the kitchen. After having buried all of her that he could find, Old Frau is doing his best to overcome the catastrophe. 23 »«aasBB»HttNtt»stt»Btta«B«ttft«ll»ttSBaBBBa Miss Stella !McGehee lias already been recognized as a poetic genius b_v the literary public. Her best poem is " Working the Faculty for a Pass, " a sociological poiiii in blank verse. Her only trouble is a prosaic husband who doesn ' t know an lanil ic meter from a meter-stick. Mitchell has sprung into prominence since the publication of his treatise " A Svni))osium on the Study of Greek and Latin at Millsa))s College. ' The central tluiuglit of his very wordy theme seems to be Pass or J3ust. It is affectionately dtdicated. of course, to Dr. Swartz. Waldo W. ]Moore, Jr., practiced law a few years at Bay Springs, after leaving college. His social stunting ceased when he eloped with a Xorth Jackson girl and settled down in lexico. Here ' s hoping that the revolutionists won ' t be any rougher than the shack fellows were. John Phillijis has done more or less resting since he finished school. He has followed astronomical work and has succeeded in establishing wireless couununi- eatiou witli Mars. Among other things, lie reports that the boll weevil has struck there and that just now politics are hot. So far he hasn ' t learned their latest dances nor how the girls wear their hair. D. J. Savage is the teacher of a little country school and a candidate for beat ciinstalile. He has been turned out of Church twice — once for telling the things that he did in chemical laboratory, and the otlier time for trying to elect delegates to District Conference by secret caucus. Duroc Jersey always would politic. I{. K. Selby is, of course, making good in his work. He expects soon to be ad anced to an eight hundred dollar work and, besides, not to have more than eight cluirclies in his charge. Miss Steen went as a missionary to China. There she was very popular — so miuli so that she became attached to the Chinese Ciovernment. Since then, liowever, she has been dismissed for asking so many (]uestions. Strange how habits will stick to a person ! ,1. . ' ard is a jiitcher in one of the minor leagues. Once in his life he has a te im that will suijjiort him. Once on a recent tri]) to Africa with his team he knocked several natives senseless with his fast spit ball, and struck out the umjiire and three bystanders. Ploughboy always was some pitcher. I am sorry to inform you that as yet I have done nothing worthy of mention. True, I have gotten some literary ability through writing twenty page letters to the girls, hut if my present plans are successful I shall soon cease even from that, for my wife will com]iel me to do so. Trusting that I have given you the desired information, I desire to subscribe myself Once the Prophet of the Future But Now the Historian of the Past. 24 t d91 ' ' Oi® . Main Building ann0«i iittBBB«««tia s«9aBss»nii aa«sBs Bi$lorv of Cbe Senior Class It was in the fall of ]91() wlit-n this hand of .students, sixty in number, assembled to have their names enrolled upon that great hook so earefuUy guarded and pre- served by our secretary. After being duly initiated into the mystic rites of college life by those who thought themselves wiser than we, we astonished the professors with our brilliant answers in class, and after our first exam, on account of there being so few failures, it was decided at a special call of the faculty meeting to dis- pense entirely with the extra fee for exams. It was our class who brought the faculty to a realiz.ition that the first of April was and has to be a National Holiday. Not only did we win honors in the class rooms, but we made ourselves felt as a mighty force on the athletic field and in the society halls. There was little wonder that we excelled all preceding classes in Bible Study, for we had right in our midst a Cain and a Daniel, who were both quite Able men. We all agreed that Math was a " sop " and never dreamed of going to class without the most careful prep- aration. After a sununer of recreation we returned, rejoicing in the fact that we were no longer to be styled " green little freshies. " We profited by our past experiences and found the way much easier. W ' e had long since learned better than to call our English Professor " Ir. Kern, " and we re no longer afraid he would expel us from school for laughing in the library. We failed to make many new discoveries in the chemical laboratory, but we tried mighty hard to memorize the text. Many of our men est;ihlished for themselves a reputation on the athletic field which will not be forgotten in years to come. " Plow Boy, " spurning all offers of the national league teams, won for himself great fame as a pitcher on our baseball team. By the time we had reached the Junior Class our ranks had become much thinned. How near, yet how far we seemed from that much-covettd Senior Section. And now at last that we have come to the final year of college life we have a mingled thought of joy and sadness. By an accident of fire we have been de])rived of our main building, made sacred to each of us because of happy associations with it. We will have the privilege — for we truly count it thus — of graduating in the " Prep " Hall. Truly, not all our eft ' orts have been crowned with success, but we have learned to make our failures " Stepping stones to higher things. " And now, as we go forth, realizing fully the responsibilities of our positions, let us ever be mindful of the noble and lofty ideal which our j)rofessors have endeavored so faithfully to set before us. No longer will tlie difficulties be smoothed by the kind words and aid of our class mates; but memories of their friendships will be lasting. As we each one take up the duties of life, let tliis thought be par.imount in our minds: " True worth is in being, not seeming; In doing, each day that goes by. Some little good, not in dreaming Of great things to do by and by. For whatever men say in their blindness. And spite of the fancies of youth. There ' s nothing so kindly as kindness. And nothing so royal as truth. " B. G. S., Historian. 26 «!3s i ma9i4: ® j . Dw €la$$ BoswELL, Hahhv Harman, Sfcrct.iry .uid ' I ' l-cisurir Kosciusko, Miss. Catchings, ,Fosi:i ii B Gtorgetown. Miss. Child, Earl Jackson. Miss. (risler, C ' liARLKs W Jacksoii, Miss. Croc KKTT, Sehvktus L . . . Tyro. Miss. Coulter, Bavahd Lamar Collins. Miss. Greaves, , ac k Madison .lackson. Miss. Harvey, Brownlee Quitman. Miss. HiDDLESTON, George H Jackson, Miss. Lee, Homer Clifford Louisville, Miss. Lee, W. B Jackson, Miss. EsTES, John Lester Louisville. Mi Mc Lain, William Ctohpon Gloster, Mi Miller, Howard I Quitman, Mi L l owELL, Cii SHi.Es N Jacksoi!. Mi S(()TT, I ' RANK ' I Poplarville, Mi Siioe.makeh, Ahthih Hhv, President Ricliton, ]Mi ss. s.s. ss. ss. ss. ss. DO. 1 27 asattsssi DSB vC.- ' ?i i .:3 junior €la$$ Colors: Red aiul Miitr Motto: Hitcli your wagon to a star Oijicers V. B. Hathorn President K. M. Broom Vice-President J. D. Crisler Secretary H. jNIitchell Treasurer Miss Ione Green Historian W. W. Moore Liar R. H. Harmon Sport 28 junior eia$$ Roll Baley, Miss Sallie Whiti-ield Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Secretary of Ramblers Club. Broom, Knox McLeod Daisy, Miss. G. L. S. ; Science Club; Commencement Debater; Vice-President of the Junior class; President of G. L. S. Anniversary Honor Council; President of the G. L. S. ; Alternate to the Chautauqua. Cassibry, Napoleon Lepoint Gulf port. Miss. Kappa Sigma ; Varsitj ' Baseball ; Junior-Senior Football. CoLMER, William Meyers Gulfport, Miss. Baseball Manager; Anniversarian I . L. S. ; Representative to M. I. O. A.; Assistant in English and History, Millsaps Preparatory School. Clark, Clyde Columbus Hattiesburg. Miss. G. L. S.; Science Club; Vice-President of G. L. S.; Chairman of Mission Study Committee Y. M. C. A.; Delegate to State Y. M. C. A. Conference; Board of Business Managers of Bobashela ; Delegate to Students ' Volunteer Convention. Kansas City, Mo. Gathings, Joseph Roylston Parchman, Miss. L. L. S. ; Kappa Sigma; Thirteen Club; Honor Council; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Science Club. Green, ] Iiss Ione Jackson, Miss. Phi Mu; Local Editor of Purple and White. Harm an, Robert Howe Yazoo City, Miss. Kappa Sigma; ' arsity Basketball (captain) ; Track Team; Class Football; Glee Club; Quartet. Haris, George Vernon Vicksburg. Miss. Preachers ' League. Henry, Robert Timmons Winona, Miss. G. L. S. ; Kappa Sigma ; Honor Council : Anniversary Orator, G. L. S. Jackson, Lester H Carrollton, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha; L. L. S.; Junior-Senior Football; Anniversary President, L. L. S. Keister, McFaelton Pinola, Miss. G. L. S. ; Mid-Session Orator ; Science Club ; Art Editor of Bobashela ; Vice-President of G. L. S. Roberts, Ramsay Wharton Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha; Art Editor of Bobashela. Rogers, Marvin Lagrone Sallis, Miss. Kappa Alpha; L. L. S. Crisler, James Dunton Hattiesburg, Miss. L. L, S.; Secretary of Junior Class; Science Club. aBne!a»iatBBae«eflKfiii9 f!!»sei ia«ie»n»nBa cC.« ?lC WBOBASHEMimm .. j «tiliaBBB«attlili)lltt«aBa«Kvn(i8l»B«BBnsB« Junior Class s 914 ' v ? Sophomore £la$$ Colors: Orange and Gold Motto: " Sc-niordom — So near and j ' t ' t so far " Officers Leon Hendrick President P " . M. Tatum Vice-President Miss Henrietta Lowtiieh Secretary ' Miss Fannie Buck Treasnrer Miss Alice James Poet Miss Mary Shurlds Historian H. J. Patterson Sport 32 Sophomore €la$$ Backstrom, Hal Water Valley, Miss. Kapjja Aljiha. Barrett, W. D Decatur, Miss. Brown, Colon S Columbia, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpiia; ' ice-Presi(itiit of I.. L. S. ; xVssistaut Business Manager of Boliashela. BrRHoriiHs, Roy S Jackson, Miss. Br K, ] liss I ' annie Jackson, Miss. K;i])))a Mu; Treasurer of Soi)iiouiore Class. Carraway, Thomas Litiiek Bassfield, Miss. Kap])a Sigma: G. 1.. .S. ; Triangular Debater; Mid-.Session Debater. Capps, Ross !Monticello, Miss. Ka])pa Alpha: Track Team: . ' ecret;iry L. L. .S. Cook, I.. H Crystal Springs. ]Miss. Pi Kappa Al] li.i: I.. L. S. ; Varsity Basket Ball: Basket Ball Manager. Crisler, R. M Jackson, Miss. EnMoXDs, Miss Kvelyx .lackson. Miss. Edwards, R. C Glancy, Miss. Triangular Deb.iter: CI. L. S. Pant, G. P Columbus, Miss. S)ieci;il Reporter of Purple .-md ' llite: Authors ' Club: Glee Club. Hardin, .Miss P Rv Lee Jackson, Miss, Phi Mu. Henry, Elbert Edward Winona, Miss. K;i|i]i.i .Sigma; G. L. S. Hendrick, Leon Frost .lackson. Miss. Ka])pa Sigma: G. L. S. : President Sophomore Class. HiLLMAN, Edgar I L?nion, Miss. Chairman Devotional Committee of Y. L C. A.; Quartet: I . L. S.; Commencement Debater; Honor Council. HiLziM, Harrington Jackson, Miss. Kap]3a Alpha. HoBBS, W. E Jackson. Miss. Third Term President L. I . S. ; Couuncncement Debater; Vice-President of Athletic Association. Hi ' TToN, Arthur Di.xon Jackson. Miss. G. L. S.; Vice-President of Anniversary. Johnson, William Wiley, Jr lontgomery, l Iiss. .loHNsoN, Mellville Ripley, Miss. Pi Kappa Alplia; G. L. .S. ; foorhcad Debater: Athletic Editor of Purple and White; Triangular Debater: Vice-President of Preachers ' League. James, Mlss Alice Jackson, Miss. Klein, Miss L r,torie Jackson, Miss. Lester, Miss Annie Wallace Jackson, Miss. LowTHER, ] Iiss Henrietta Jackson, Miss. Kappa Mu ; Secretary of Sophomore Class. Lee, Miss Ella Bass Jackson, Miss. LusK, Simon Thomas Lodi, Miss. Mid-Session Debater; ice-President L. L. S. McAlpin, Miss Mary Jackson, Miss. McClure, James Fayette, Miss. L. L. S. ; Kappa Alpha ; Assistant Baseball Manager ; Assistant Business Manager of Purple and White; Hendrix Debater; Moorhead Debater. McCluer, Leon Jackson, Miss. L. L. S. McNeil, Miss Frieda Jackson, jNIiss. McLean, William C Grenada, Miss. L. L. S.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Moore, William Black Oakland, Miss. Kappa Alpha ; L. L. S. Moore, Rufus G Holly Springs, Miss. Kappa Sigma; Secretary G. L. S. Morgan, Duane B Canton, Miss. Kappa Sigma. O ' Donnell, William ISIcGhee Sanford, IMiss. G. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Editor of Purple and White; Varsity Basket Ball; Track Team. Parks, C. A Water Valley, Miss. G. L. S. ; Delegate to State Conference from Y. ] L C. A. Page, D. T Sardis, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha ; L. L. S. Patterson, Hiram .Terome !Monticello, Miss. Mid-Session Debater; President L. L. S. Perry, Wendell Holmes Sluiqualak, Miss. Kappa Alpha; L. L. S.; Orchestra. Regan, Cleveland McComb City, Miss. RiDGWAY, James Jackson, Miss. Vice-President of L. L. S. Sessions, V. H Jackson, Miss. Science Club. Shurlds, Miss Mary Jackson, Miss. Kappa Mu ; Historian Sophomore Class. Sylverstein, T. B Columbia, Miss. Tatum, Frank M Hattiesburg, Miss. Kappa Sigma ; G. L. S. Tatum, W. S Hattiesburg, Miss. Kappa Sigma ; G. L. S. Watkins, a. F. ,Ir -. Jackson, Miss. Kappa Alpha; L. L. S.; President Glee Club; Manager of Orchestra. s! M 9i4;m , " • Sophomore Class |tt!!£@e»i3 ea»i«ssn ;aa»Bn» W30B£S f£MMSh . j auaBBBttiaairitattviisa Tresbman Class Colors: Yellow and Green Motto: Omnia Fraeiiii;i sine labora O III errs Nathaniel Goldixg President A. I.. Bennett Vice-President Miss Elizabeth Manship Secretary Miss Mahy Etta Cavett Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Watkins Poet ISIiss Pattie Sullivan Historian H. S. Wheeler Liar M. F. Clegg Sport 36 f resbman €la$$ Allred, Ji ' Dsox Jackson, .Miss. Anderson, John — Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Babington, Herbert Robert — I ' i Kappa Alpha Franklinton, La. Bending, Alfred Jackson, M Bennett, Albert Luther — L. L. S Louisville, jNI Case, J. W Jackson, M Cavett, Miss Marv Etta — Kajjjia Mu Jackson, M Campbell, August R. — Kappa Sigma; G. L. S Suiurall, M Churchwell, Samuel B Leaksville, M Clontz, Miss Loie Jackson, M Clegg, Millard P ' ilmore — Ka))pa Alpha ] Iatliiston, M Conner, Oscar Weiu — Ka))p.i . li)ha; L. L. S Seminary, M Coker, Thomas Jefferson Auburn, M Davis, John Dan — L. L. S Dakville, M Elder, L. AL — Kai i)a Sigma Coldwater, M Ford, T. B.— Pi Kappa Ali)]i.i Columbia, M Ford, N Taylorsville, M Garraway, Isam Andrew — K.ippa .Sigma; (i. 1.. S Bassfield, M Gilbert, Clarence Albert — I,. I,. . Crystal S])rings, M GoLDiNG, Nathaniel — Pi K.i))]!.! Alpha : L. L. S Columbus, M Greenway, Paul I Ridgeland, M Henley, William Sam Prairie, M Hill, B. C Houston, M HoLCOMB, R. W. L. L. S lackson, M HoLLOWAY, Lairin Leon Carson, M Holt, B. F. — Pi Kappa Alpha Crystal Springs, M Joyce, Henry — L. L. S Jackson, M KiDWELL, ;Miss Katye Laye — Kajipa Mu Jackson, M Laird, Charles Galloway Carson, ]M Loeb, Miss Frances Jackson, M Manship, Iiss Elizabeth — K.ippa Mu Jackson, ]M Massey, Clarence A. — L. L. S Houston, M McDowell, William W. — Kappa Sigma Jackson, M Murray, Buford A.— G. L. S Star, M Pearman, Weldon Shipman Cleveland, M Porter, Otto— L. L. S Rose Hill, M QuiN, Hillery M., Jr. — Kappa Alpha lackson, M Shipman, W. S. — Pi Kappa Ali)ha Durant, M Smith, Waldo Edward — Kappa Sigma Okolona, M ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. ss. 37 Summer, E. M. — Pi Kapisa Alpha Columbia, Miss. Sullivan, Pattie Magruder — Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Taqgart, Archer W Moorhead, Miss. Taylor, Robert B. — L. L. S Crystal Springs, Miss. Thompson, Miss Primrose — Kappa Mu Jackson, Miss. Varner, Earl Overton — Kappa Alpha Senatobia, Miss. Watkins, Miss Elizabeth — Phi Mu Jackson, Miss. Waller, George P. — Kappa Alpha Crawford, Miss. Wells, Henry Mitchell — G. L. S Smithdale, Miss. Wells, William Calvin — Kappa Sigma Wilmington, N. C. Weldy, C. M. — Kappa Alpha McLain, Miss. White, D. M.— L. L. S Rose Hill, Miss. Wheeler, Harry Stone — Kappa Sigma Love Station, Miss. Whitson, E. P Jackson, Miss. Williams, Miss Mary Lucy — Kappa Mu Jackson, Miss. Williams, Keith Wilson — Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson, Miss. Wooten, John Aubrey — Kappa Sigma Barlow, Miss. Worthy, I ewis — G. L. S Mt. Olive, Miss. Woollard, Walter F Columbus, Miss. SPECIAL STUDENTS Holloman, W. Emory Alexandria, La. Varsity Baseball: Varsity Track; Assistant in Mathematics; Head of Graft Depart- ment (;f Book Store. Wilson, Miss Rosa Jackson, Miss. Ford, Roy D Taylorsville, Miss. President of " Sullivan ' s Hollow " Club. Ricketts, Bertha Louise .Tackson, Miss. M.A. ; Columbia. VAAUrUAAAAMAAXx AAAAAAAr xAATTAAm ' 38 Freshman Class J M. !ifc »rB ■■ a6Gi«sioeasafiS88seasaaBaBBR«aB«a«B iC iCr. ■ •«ttSMBflKi)RiesaBeeaaa»«»9SSstiS88BasH i i.:2 Sallie Bailey Fannie Buck Mary Etta Cavett Lois Clontz Evelyn Edmonds loNE Green Mary Lee Hardin Ella Lee Francis Loeb Alice James Olive Watkins Rosa Wilson Marjorie Klein Ann IE I ester Daisy Lester Henrietta Lowther AL RY McAlpin Stella McGehee Frieda ] IcNeal Mary Shurlds Birdie Grey Steen PaTTIE L GRUDER SllLLIVAN Sue Elisabeth Sullivan Elisabeth Watkins EsMA McRee ■s md9i :m . Co-eds j3S@@aiS!SS!a@stes@@f ii 3 90aa»SB«ffi»3!»e»a -. ' m BOn£SHEM S .. j Bobasbela Staff John Buford Cain Editor-in-Chief WiLLLiAM Ottis Brumfield Literary Editor Stella Galloway McGehee Class Editor Thomas Melvin Cooper Club Editor McFaelton Keister , t ,. ' Art Editors Ramsay Wharton Roberts Waldo Wightman jNIoore Statistics Editor James Walter Ward Athletic Editor ; Iarion Ely Preparatory Editor Board of Business Managers Servetus Love Crockett, Chairman Vernon Burkitt Hathorn Colon Stephens Brown Clyde Columbus Clark Claude Douglas Williams J. W. Chisholm , 42 md9m:mi? j BOBASHELA STAFF WBOB ISHEM-MS .. , Purpk and Olbite Staff Nolan Bailey Harmon Jr Editor-in-Chief William Ottis Brumfield Associate Editor Melville Johnson Athletic Editor Miss Birdie Grey Stekn Social Editor William McGehee O ' Donnell Y. M. C. A. Editor John Fryer Phillips t i t. i - Local Editors Henry Joyce Gordon Preston Fant Special Reporter William ] Iyers Colmer Business Manager M. F. Clegg | James JNIcClure ' Assistant Managers W. K. W ' illiams J • K. I. Blue Preparatory Editor J. C. Riddell Preparatory Manager 44 Mkf9I4Jm j -TomaLM PURPLE WHITE Purple and White Staff sis. ' I ' 9 ' !s mfsss s@S!ZK9f!D SB ««■••• Swess iSOS . aelBBBBBlBimSBBB BISBS sasaB Commencement €onrier Iwuiiided by tlu- Senior Class, 1911 Published Daily during Commencement J. W. Chisholm Editor-in-Chief H. M. Bell Associate Editor Miss Birdie Grey Steen i g . . ] Iiss Stella McGehee J. W. Ward , gp ; Reporters W. W. MoORE D. J. Savage Business Manager J. H. MiTciiFLL Assistants J. ¥. Phillips 46 m ' .: ,y xm%m Representatives to m, L 0, J Crystal Spr ' nujs, 1S96 J. W. Canada — " Israel Among the Nations. " R. L. Cannon — Subject Unknown. Meridian, 1897 C. G. Andrews — " The United States and the Na- tional University. " G. B. Power — " Poetry in Its Ennobling Influence on Man. ' Jackson, 1898 H. B. Watkins — " I Seek a man. " H. B. Locke — " The Negro and Southern Education. " Natchez, 1899 T. M. Lemly — " Citizenship. " ,1. T. Lewis— " The Philosophy of Life. " J ' icksburg. 1900 T. M. Holloman— " The Superiority of Mind. " .I. B. 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" First Honor fSecond Honor ' ' dBlM :;, ' siGiSfirssssfflcevVfl vff ■ .! m i BOB SHELt (S ..:i, ttavBSBaaaK«a« medals Jfwarded mi Carl J. Von Seutter Medal for Oratory ' illiam Eugene lorse Kearney Andrews Medal for Oratory William Ottis Brumfield Clarke Essay Medal Nolan Bailey Harmon D.A.R. Historical ledal Xolan Bailey Harmon Geiger Chemistry ] Iedal McFaelton Keister Galloway-Lamar ]SIid-Session Debaters ' Medal Knox Icl.eod Broom Millsaps Declamation INIedal Melville Johnson (ialJoway-Lamar Commencement Debaters ' Medal Waldo Wightman Moore Mortimer IMedal Ullem Francis Logue M.I.O.A. Medal Harrv Harman Bos well 48 Cbe God$ Are Kind The grey towers of Fairmont College rose shadowy and ghost-like in the thiekly gathering mist of a Xovemher evening. The elaiig of the hell aniiomieed the hour of five to the line of waiting girls in the hig hall. " Down the Avenue, this evening, girls, " directed Miss .Mel.eod. taking her place and leading the line out across the cami)us. The girls giggled ex])eetaiitlv as they followed the Lady Principal. " And remember, jjlease, " she finished, " that perfect order must he maintained. " The Avenue led past the Baylor School of Technology, and the sturdy Techs were very open in their admiration of Fairmont. Admiration that often took a violent form in the most ardent but oftentimes ill-fated love missives; and persistent hanging out on every corner and street that the Fairmont girls frequente d. Espe- cially would they turn out on the evenings the girls invaded the Avenue. On tjiese occasions the stern, erect figure of INIiss MeLeod would be seen leading the line — stern and uncom])romising, looking straight ahead yet seeing on all sides and men- tally marking the names of many fresh young fellows from her list of eligibles to the informal receptions at Fairmont that were so eagerly looked forward to by the Tech boys. The Lady Prineijial used this prerogative with an impartial hand, striking terror to the hearts of niaiiy |i(ior youtJis, who never seemed to have this in mind until their more fortunate companions received little square envelopes with the crest of Fairmont College on the flap. Then their thonglits would reluctantly Hy back to various evenings on the Avenue, when fearlessly they had called to the Fairmont girls, and in the eyis of Miss MeLeod, scandalously flirted with them — who, if we must have the truth, were eager enough to flirt back, if it were not for the unrelenting figure at their head. So once a week the girls giggled ex))ectantly as the Lady Principal ln-rself took her ))laci- at the head of the line and led tliem out down the Avenui ' , not daring to entrust to one of her teachers this iui])ortant place, and ever admonishing her girls to keep perfect order. On this particular evening .lack Reilly, the sturdy fullback of the Tech In- vincibles, was on the Avenue. .Tack h;ul no time for girls — and all the adoring glances he received on the field from the young Ladies in the grand-stand underneath Baylor ' s gold and crimson had no effect on Jack. Down the Avenue he came with a crowd of swaggering young fellows. " Hey, the old duemia is with them this evening. " sjioke u|) a c ' ha)i in a loud voice. " Nothing strange ' bout that. " answered Red Hoskins. " And so nnieh the better! We ' ll worry the old lady. Come on, fellows. Let ' s let them know we are around here, " jjut in a third. " Perfect order, girls, " connn.inded Miss MeLeod in an undertone, meeting the boys with a cold, staring eye. Hut the e.irs of l ' " airmont were elsewhere. " Hey, there, girlies ! " " Three cheers for Fairmont ! " " Hello, little blondie! " " You look good to father! " And many other similar exjiressions as the line iiassed, besides many stage whispers thrown out for the benefit of the Lady Principal. Jack Reilly ])assed the line with an amused smile jilaying on his good-natured face. He idly wondered what pleasure this gave his fellow Techs. Suddenly he 49 looked around as one will when feeling a presence — looked around into two brown eyes, dark, liquid, talking eyes that looked out from a face of equal attractiveness, framed in a mass of raven black hair. Jack was startled. Never before had he realized the beauty that a pair of brown eyes could give to a girl and certainly never before had lie seen such eyes with such a setting. F.-iirmont passed on, safe under the capable leadership of their Lady Principal, amid the farewells yelled back bv the Techs. And through it all Jack walked as in a dream, hearing nothing about liim, but with the picture of two brown eyes still before him — liquid, roguish eves that put a fellow on his mettle. Impressed. ' ' Why, Jack had an insane desire to follow tile Girl; all memory of Miss McLeod and her charge having left liim. Should he ask the fellows who she was? Did anyone else get his vision? Did lie want the fellows to know how he was struck? These questions rapidly passed through his mind. " .lack, old kid, what did you think of them? " spoke uj) the loud oiced ciiaj). " Who was the girl witli the blue dress on? " ventured Reilly. " The girl witli the l)lue dress on! Listen to our ladies ' man. .Mr. .lack Reilly, " yelled a fellow. " The girl with the blue dress on! " took up the crowd. " Joke! Joke! " Reilly was dazed and a little sore that bi.s question should be treated so liilari- ously, until tlie surprising information dropped out that all the girls were in blue — Fairmont ' s uniform. Poor Jack! His sight liad been somewhat limited. But the Girl stayed witli him. Two talking brown eyes looked out at him. sometimes smiling, sometimes with a roguish twinkle — and then best of all, in an appealing sort of way. He must meet the (iirl. And it was his secret. His fellow Techs must never know — or he would never hear the last of it. Over and over he repented for h.ning indifferently tossed aside his invitation to Fairmont ' s first reception a few weeks back. When would he have another chance, and would the Girl know him from the other Techs? Jack was constantly asking himself such questions, and all the while m.iking ' every effort to find out more about the Girl, Again and again he was on the Avenue as the line in blue was marshalled past. The Girl was always in her place, with eyes sometimes roguish, sometimes a])))ealing, but always straight ahead, or so far beyond Jack that the poor fellow would walk off crestfallen. But one evening the Girl failed to apjicir in the line. Reilly looked frantically for her, but he saw nothing but a blurred line of blue. And ,ill the next week he was grouchy. He lagged at practice on tlie field — something tli.-it the full-back had never done before. " Hey. Reilly, " growled the coach. " Get 3 ' our pep ! Get your pep ! What ' s the matter with you? " But the girl appeared with the line next week, and Jack found his pep accordingly. On Thanksgiving Baylor ' s last football game was to be fought out with the State University. This was the big game of the season and the coach was putting his Invincibles through a week of hard practice. School after school had gone down before the gold .md crimson team this season, but they had tackled no foe measured u|) to the State University ' s team. Fairmont occupied reserved boxes in the grand-stand. As the Invincibles trotted out on the field. Reilly felt a thrill througli and through as he saw Baylor ' s gold and crimson entwined with the white and blue of Fairmont. Never before had Baylor ' s grand-stand witnessed such a 50 s sm (i9i :m . struggle. Long and hard did the Teclis struggle, but it was a struggle with giants. Six to six stood the score at the end of the third quarter. " Fellows, I ' m betting on you, " called the coach from the side line. The band struck up Baylor ' s " Rah, Rah, " song, and Fairmont waved frantically as the Tech eleven trotted back for the last quarter. Jack Reilly felt new blood in his veins. He also felt the presence of two liquid brown eyes — expectant eyes now. He felt that his chance had come, and a few minutes later, seizing the ball, the sturdy full-back rushed down the field for a touchdown. Tile grand-stand, the bleachers, and the side lines arose with one mighty shout. Yell after yell went up for Reilly. Never before liad Baylor such a hero. Was it fancy or reality that Jack saw, amid the waving streamers of gold and crimson, two brown eyes smiling down on him from the grand-stand as he was borne trium]jliantlv from the field ? Anyway, two days later the Ciirl smiled at him on the Avenue, smiled gloriously, and iier eyes seemed to have a wishful longing in them, just as if they would love 1:o know Baylor ' s hero. Or so it seemed to Jack. Soon after, the news went over the campus that Fairmont would be at home to the Tech boj ' s the next week. Never before had Jack iiad such thrills. At last he would meet the Girl! But if he could only manage beforehand to let her know how eager he was to meet her, and what it would mean to him! Could he write a note? He remembered that several fellows iiad secret correspondents at Fairmont. But would he be able to get the note to tile (rirl. Again he remembered that the girls were on their campus on Sundays without the oversigiit of teachers, and in this way many friendships had been formed between the two schools. Jack decided to try this method of reaching the Girl. Sunday evening found him a piker around Fairmont. Groups of girls here and there noticed a young Tech hanging around, but Jack ' s eyes were busy looking for the Girl. Nowhere was she to be seen. However, two sharp eyes from an upper window did see Reilly waiting on the cam))us steps and a few moments later Miss McLeod was down tiie stairs sailing .-icross the cami)us. ' ith a short whistle to himself Jack watched the I.ady Principal a])proach, knowing well what the interview would mean. " Young man, did you wish to see someone? " " Beg pardon, Nladani? " asked Jack, fighting for time. " You know full well that this is positively against our rules. You probably don ' t realize that you are compromising our girls — something that we cannot allow, " j Iiss ; IcLeod hurried on, waxing eloquent. " You wouldn ' t think of iianging around a i)rivate home like this — and just make a comparison. Hasn ' t Fairmont the same right to jirotection? Our girls are sent here for jirotection, as well as for work. And you know full well that no intercourse is allowed between the two schools, except on occasions for that ])uri)ose. And certainly no young man who gives us trouble will be permitted to attend our receptions. " Jack ' s heart sank. " Very well. Madam, " he answered as Miss McLeod paused. " You will not have any more trouble from me. " He turned to go. cursing himself over and over for this boneliead stunt. " And will you jjlease give me your name? " finished the Lady Princil)al. " Reilly, M-idam. Jack Reilly. " Well, it was all up with Jack. His dreams of meeting the Girl were all gone. This interview meant that he was black-listed for the rest of the year. Never before had the fellow exijerieneed such disa])i)ointuient. H he had not acted such a fool in hanging around Fairmont! If some one would only kick him as soundly as he deserved ! 51 It was a sick Jack that saw the little square envelopes with Fairmont ' s crest passed about to the eligible Techs a few days later. Over and over to himself he swore that never again would he have time to notice girls — even girls with liquid brown eyes. But tliis was tlie night of the reception! The niglit tliat could have meant so much to Jack. A few daj ' s later he jjassed the line of blue, but not with sufficient nerve to keep his eyes ahead, and once again the Girl suiilcd .-it him, smiled gloriously. And Reilly smiled back. Poor Reilly ! Weeks passed. The Techs were at hard work, preparing for examinations. They were less and less often on tlie Avenue now. One raw December evening Jack was coming out from the city. The car was croM-ded with early Christmas shoppers, and he was lucky to find a place on the back platform. With a jerk that sent the standing passengers falling over eacli other, the car stopped at Fairmont Avenue, and in alighting a lady stumbled from the car and fell on the sli])pery ))avement. Jumping (juickly from the car, Reilly assisted the lady to rise. Witli a start lie recognized Miss McLeod, who from her movements was evidently hurt. " Are you hurt. Madam. ' ' " solicitously questioned Jack. " My foot — it must be sprained ! Oh, what a pain ! " Fairmont was a mile down the Avenue, and night was quickly gathering. " If you will let me lul]) you to the house right here at tlie corner, I ' ll call a t cab, " suggested Reilly. Tlie offer was gratefully aecejited, for the sprain was a bad one, and Miss MeLeod was evidently suffering. A lialf hour later a cab stop])ed at Fairmont, and ,Iaek carried tile Lady Principal up the steps into the big hall. " 1 shall not forget this, Mr, Reilly, " she gratefully murimired. " F hardly know what I would have done without you. " " 1 .1111 very glad I happened along. Miss MeLeod, and I trust tliat the sprain will not give you trouble. " Reilly turned to go. Outside in tlie cold, bracing air he suddenly realized the situation. He had aetuallv invaded the sacred precincts of Fairmont ! Exams had come and gone. Baylor Tech was eagerly looking forward to the approaching holidays. And once again the little square envelopes with the blue and white crest found their way to the campus. Was it possible that Jack found one in his box! Could it be a mistake? With trembling hands he took out the card, the usual invitation to Fairmont ' s Christmas reception, -ccith the personal signature of Miss M (I, coil, Ladfi Principal! Small wonder that Jack saw visions that night, and all through the next day — visions of brown eyes, liquid, expectant eves. ' itli ;i fast beating lieart he ))resented himself at Fairmont on the eventful night. Miss MeLeod was receiving the guests from her chair. " Mr. Reilly, " she beamed, cordially extending her hand; and Jack suddenly noticed tliat her face was sweet and gentle in sjiite of her sharp eyes. " So glad to have you here. I am anxious to know which of our girls yon desire to meet. " Jack smiled and looked around. The gods were kind. There stood tlie Girl framed in a nearby doorway. " Could I meet the young lady in the door. ' ' " he asked treimilouslv. Miss MeLeod smiled, for this was by no means an infrequent request. " Certainly. Margaret, dear, " called the Lady Principal. At last! The eyes were approaching. " Miss I-eteher, may I introduce Mr. Reilly? " Jack was looking into two liquid brown eyes. And they were happy, satisfied eyes now, as he dreaminglv led lier away. Marvin L. grone Rogers, ' 15 52 mdQi am . my Zoological flame Dear girl, I wish I kjuw her well, And yet I dare not call. For spiders ' webs and mud wasps ' nests. And ugly things that crawl. Cocoons and hugs and toads adorn Her desk and stand and wall. Sweet girl. I ' d love witli her to walk. If only I could stop her. When she ])icks up, uj)on the spot. An iiniocent grasshopper. And tells his wjiole anatomy, I do not think it ' s proper! Bright girl, I ' d like to chat with her Rut she speaks of Hymenoptera, Of the stages of the Blastula, And the various Ortho])tera, Of segments, somites, symmetry, And of the Coleoptera. Fair girl. I ' d like to he her friend, But may tlie gods protect me! Perhaps she ' d give me some such name. Or else perchance dissect me. Examine, analyze, and draw, And never again collect me. Edn. E. Linsley Mount HoJi oke 54 Our Gym KBQ!S weea sJ.,i i l !?iVilv ij.3 Dttiar Citerary Society Officers PRESIDENTS I ' irst Term Second Term Tliiril Tcriii I ' oiirtli Term T. L Cooper R. E. Selby . K. Hobbs H. J. Patterson VICE-PRKSIDE.NTS C S. 15nowN .1. K. HiiuavAY E. I,. J. F. Phillips SECRETARIES n. R. Capps D. M. White M. F. Ciamu O. Pouter TREASURERS First Half Second Half M. F. Clegc; a. L. Bennett Speakers . ,M. C ' oLMER M.I.O.A. Representative W. M . CoLMER Anniversarian R. E. Selbv Anniversary Orator James M (lire Hendrix College Debater Patterson and Lusk Mid-Session Debaters HoBBS AND Hillman Coinineiiceinent Debaters Goi.DiNG AND Shipman Triangular Debaters Members Bennett. A. L. White. D. .M. Sliiimiaii. W. S. Brown. C. S. Massey, C. A. Johnson. M. Capps. D. R. Hillman, E. L. jMcClure, James Clegg. M. 1 " . Hobbs, W. E. McCluer, Leon Conner. (). W. Patterson. H. J. Shumaker Cohiur, y. M. ' Lusk, S. L. Gathings, J. R. CoojxT, ' I ' . ! L Henley, ' . S. Williams. K. Boswell, H. H. Perry, W. H. Miller Scott. F. T. Moore,, W. B. Summer, E. M. Phillips, J. F, Rogers, M. L. Gilbert, C, A. Porter, Otto Golding, N. Cook, L. H. 56 s trndQi cm . LRMRR SPCRKCR S(1l»eRSnftttBSB«eS»St«««H«BS»« S»BSB Galloway Clterary Society Officers PRESIDENTS First Term Stcoiid Ttrni Third Term Fourtli Term ,1. B. Cain • V. B. Hathorne H. M. Bell K. M. Broom VICE-PRESIDENTS ( ' . C. Clark J. H. Mitchell M. F. Keister T. L. Carraway secretaries II. M. ' ELLs R. G. jNIoore L. F. Hendrick J. A. Wooten treasurers C. C. Clark C. C. Clark ' . M. O ' Donnell W. M. O ' Donnell SPEAKERtI S. L. Crockett Anniversarian R. T. Henry Anniversary Orator y. W. Moore ' Millsaps-Hcndrix Debater T. L. Carraway t- • i i u „ _, „ i rianeular Debaters R. C. Ldwards T. L. Carraway . t , , M id-session Debaters W. D. Barrett K. M. Broom , t u C onimencement Debaters J. A ' . CllISIIOLM K. M Broom Rcjiresentative to Crystal Springs Chautauqua Me7nbers Barrett F.dwards Murray Bell Ciarraway O ' Donnell Broom Hathorne Regan Brumfield Hendrick Silverstein Carraway Henry, R. T. Tatum, F. M. Cain Henry, E. E. Tatmn, W. S. Chisholm Hutton Wells, H. M. Crockett Keister Wells, W. C. Clark Moore, R. G. Worthy Cassibry Moore. W. W. Wooten Campbell Mitchell Ford 58 .Q M BI s , sGtsK Qis asastseattiaeQEs Voung men ' s ebristian Jlssocidtion Officers R. E. Selby . President X. H. Harmon Vice-President W. (). Brumfield Secretary W. S. ShipMjVN Treasurer Chairmen of Committees E. L. HiLLMAN Devotional R. C. Edwards Membership J. B. Cain Bible Study C. C. Clark Mission Study D. J. Savage Reception C. A. Parks Social Service 60 ■md9i4:m £ j iG!8i9Qn! raraBa«eaea SQ :£ a ffiiSg QtBa m sos£Sff£M m ..:ij • •aasBttttttiiittaa)B(iBBB«eB»ttaastDaSBBaBa Preachers ' Ccague Officers J. W. C ' hisholm . . Melville Johnson C. A. (ilLUEHT . . . . D. .1. Savage President , ' icL ' -President Secretary Treasurer C. W. Alford VV. P. Bailey C. D. Allen W. B. Adkinson J. B. Cain (). A. (lark R. B. Craig Members ,1. W. Cliisliolin R. C. Edwards C. A. Gilbert N. B. Harmon R. T. Henry E. I.. Hillnian M. Johnson C. A. Massev R. G. Moore C. A. Parks O. Porter C. T. Moss D. J. Savage R. E. Selby V. H. Sessions 62 vQ 9 4 ?®i Preachers ' League WBOB ISHEMM ..z, ssBa«BBiBB iasaiiBBBB«c«»asBS9eaBnas9 Statistics Age — Average 20 years, 2 months. .5 days. Height — Average. 5 feet, 9 inches. Weight — Average. 145 pounds. Vete Crockett and ,1. U. Hutton weigh ninety- five ponnds each. Color of eyes — Blue, 60; Brown, 30; Black, 15. Color of hair — Most Millsaps students are tow-headed. Chosen Profession — Ministry, 27; Law, -10; Medicine, 15; remainder scat- tering. Average yearh ' expense — $325. Church — The majority are Methodists; Edgar Hillnian is a Hardshell and Frau Howe a Mormon. College ' s greatest need — Majority vottd for a Dormitory. Val .Sessions voted for a new faculty and Ducky for more " specific instances. " Prettiest Co-ed — Miss .lames leads; Miss McGehee second. ]Most popular Co-cd — Miss McNeill first; liss Buck and Miss Lowther ti. for second. Handsomest man — Carraway. Brainiest man — ote well scattered. D. J. Savage and ' illiam Ciuy in the lead. Jolliest man — Crockett first; James McClure second. Laziest man — Vote scattered; Backstrom and Varner favorites. Nerviest man — iSIorgan beat Waller three votes. Most popular man — Bell leads; Jim McClure ne.xt. Most iiifluential iii;in — .Silby first; Harmon second. Best all-round athlete — Cassibry. ISIost conceited man — ShiiJman first; Ciolding second. Most likelv Bachelor — " Kid " Cain leads and " Biz " Clark second. Biggest Liar — Keith Williams elected b_v one vote, witli ' ald() Moore and Bill ' Wheeler tied for second ])lace. Master Politician — Jim McClure. Best class-cutter — Quin. Best Social stunter — " Kid " Cain leads; " Frogs " Henry second. Best all-round man — Selby leads; Brumfield and Howe tied for second place. Best Student — White. 64 mdQi nm . HOnOR coun iL I Ronor eouncil J. R. (Iatiiings C ' hainnaii 1 ' .. L. PI11.1..MAN Secretary I). V. IIowK Clerk }ilcinbcrs H. M. H.ll Senior Class I). W . Howe Juiiii)r Class .1. R. Gathings S..|)lioinore Class E. L. Hilliiiaii I ' reshinaii Class - A. Wooten K. M. Broom Representatives at large , Henry 65 ■ e«iiisi«se:efflffis@t9gai!S6e9saae»ft«ae«nB Q.,: m OB lSHEM.Pm IT 5.J • ■aBSBBanattetBoaeaaaeQeaeeassaasBaBa Sunday School Young Men ' s Open- Air Class Dr. J. M. Sullivan Teacher N. B. Harmon Jr President C. C. Clark First Vice-President W. O. Brumfield Second Vice-President R. G. Moore Secretary S. T. LusK Treasurer 66 v 2i i 0 ®: Kappa Jllpba Alfred Allan Kern George W. Power Allen Thompson A. C. Cromder I ' . Z. Clifton Y. H. Clifton Robert ' iiitfield L. M. Manship Jr. L. M. CiADDIS A. W . I ' RIDfiE G. W. GUNN G. W. Green H. Ci. Thompson G. W. May Nolan Stewart A. Peeples D. Peeples Fratren in Facilitate Fratres in- Urhe I,. ( ' . XrOENT .1. H. Penix G. C. SwE RIN(iEN V. H. Watkins H. ' . Watkins ,1. W. Saunders C. M. Williamson M. Black S. W. Davis ] I. Adams G. W. Rembert S. ,1. Taylor S. J. Taylor ,Ir. J. D. Phelps I.. L. Mayes George Hamilton P. M. Harper .1. Reese Lin W. R. Smith ,(. I). Smith V. W. Cole Wellin Cole E. J. Ellcey ' J. M. Vardaman J. K. ' ari)aman Jr. C. Potter ■John Robinson I. C. Enochs Jr. R. X. Eagan R. .M. 1)()I!VN. V. O. Robertson W. M. BiiE S. R. Whitten C. N. Lanier 67 £i:;at Qs fi««9ii)a9e9BaasB«iftiiia»Bes s.. m BOB SHEL pm .. j Jllpba mu Chapter of m flipba Lc tc Class JtIaurv Haujiox Boswell. Havauii I. amah Coulter, Wm. Gordon McLain (7,(.v.v I ' JU Thomas Melvin Cooper, John Fryer Phillh ' s Class 1915 Ramsey ' ii. hton RoBf:RTs Class 1016 DouGi-AS R. Cai ' I ' s Marvin L. Rogers Wendell H. Perry James McCli ' re ViLLL M R. MooHE Ransom H. Backstrom HVHRINGTON HrLZI.M ALEXANDER F. WaTKINS Jr. Class 1017 Millard V. Clegg , Oscar V. Conner IMarshall QriN Clarence M. Weldy CJEOR(iE F. ALLEH 68 mdQi cm . KRPPf ALPHA a«aa ttjiaK «tt««iBfla«ai««flBBjiesBBnaKB Pan=Rellenic €ouncll Officers . M. ( ' (ii.MKH Prt ' sident J. 1 ' . Pun. I. IPS ' ice-Presideiit Jamks .M Cuke Secretary Mi ' Dihcrs Kappa Al|ilia J. F. I ' nii.i.ii ' s James McCu ' re Ka])])a Sinnia V. H. IIatiiorne J. R. Gathings I ' i Kap|)a Aljilia W. M. CoLMEH MkLVIHE JoHNSON 70 s 9lH Ak9 Kappa Sidtna Fratrfs in Fucultate George Lott Harhkl Fratres in i ' rbe ( ' . A. Alexander ,1. A. Alexander S. Rhodes A. L. Htrnell J. E. Wells I ' ,. H. (Jheex C. V. Campbell H. I.. Clark Filton ' I ' ho.mpson K. H. CJallowav T. Davis Sam Johnson A. M. Nelson Jr. J. H. Mukhls L. Evans J. B. HlDDLESTON V. E. GlNTER J JJuvER LONGSTHKET CaVETT ' • ' Rl ' KETTS QrEEN Jr. J. T. R.)BINSON ■ ' • H. RUKETTS J [ ALEXANDER J Q Johnson • ' • • ' ' Thohnton I). V. HriKiN 71 aiiDt!if3tliB ftffiS!ffie0e9ltiJ!9aeaB»@e»eea»aaB c.: ms OB SHELfim ..:i, Jllpba Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Signta L«ic ' Class tiF.OlUiF, BeAMAN Hl ' DDLESTON JosEl ' H ElAIR CaTCHINOS James ' alter Ward, Nolan Baii.ev Harmon, Verxon Birkett Hathorn Class I HI 5 Napoleon L. C ' assibrv Rodert T. Henry Joseph R. (iATiiiNGS Robert H. Harmon Class I ' JIG Tno rAs L. C ' rra vay Franklin M. Tatum T.EON F. Hicnj)ru K A ' iLL S. Tatum Elbert E. Henry Duane B. Iorgan Class 19 17 ' . Harry S. Wukeler John A. Wooten August R. Campbell M ' illl m McDowell W. Calvin Wells Isom A. Garraway Walter E. Smith T. F. Bingham Pledged 72 m tffSlf0 ' tiiS3i ' 9 ® , K .t iQ. i BdBAsHE:L4 ' m .. j att«as«Baiaaettiiii«itvasBeB»e»SB«s»aB«iBsa ' GETTHE raCTS " ' " WHENIWHbHT COHA ELL " ' BE 5PKCiriC!! " " nE Rm Jin hill---- " X)TE m instance: " " when r was uferinte vz e vt- ' md9i i;m j PI Kappa Jllpba Fraires in Facnltaie Mifflin Wvatt Swartz Sti ' art Grayson Xoble Ficitres in Urhe . B. . ruRRAH C. H. Miller G. W. Reed J. T. Fi.YNT V. H. Hill J. W. Crisler Edwin Jones O. B. Taylor John Tyle J. T. luRRAH John Vettle 75 «:!Sfi!S!SlSSffifflS!@« 0@@t2«i@ffi»Sffisa£S!sC1%iSQPSS flipba Tota Chapter of Pi Happa flipba Charles W. Crisler WiLLiAir Ottis Brumfield William Meyers Colmer Dewitt Talmage Page William C. ]Mf Clean, Jr. Keith Williams A ' illiam Shipman Herbert R. Babington Benjamin V. Holt Pledged Lav. ' Class Frank T. Scott Homer C. Lee Class IBlJf Class 1915 Class 1916 Class 1917 Robert Ernest Selby Lester Harmon Jackson Colon Stevens Brown Melville Johnson Eugene AL Summer Nathaniel Golding Lewis H. Cook John A. Anderson 76 X •i M Q J f i j PI KRPPft ftLPHft ' jjS ' miiiisSMmin ' H.i ' m a asss BteBssa«e(IDe9«08BssKiaeae«B«s ••vaa«BaBtt«B«aes«aBSftSB8B8 Bi Bnsss Kappa mu Sorority Founded at Millsaps College. 1907 Patron Soror in Collegia Dr. J. E. Walmsley Miss Bertha Ricketts Class of 1916 Miss Fannie Buck Miss Mary Shurlds Miss Ella Lee ' iss Henrietta Lomther Class of 1917 Miss Mary Etta Cavett Miss Katye Maye Kidwell Miss Elizabeth Manship Miss Mary Licy Williams Miss Primrose Thompson 78 v ii ' imii9i €mf j M " - ' - KftPPR MU B03 SffEMM§h . j BSSBBaBaHiiii««sttHaaB»»««a«s «a«B«KBa • Pledged Pbi mu Sorority EPSILOX CHAPTER Colors; Old Rose and NA ' liitc Patroness Mrs. Em.mettk Yoing Birton Soror ill Collecjio Mrs. Marv Bowkn Clark Class (if ItlL ' i Stella (rALi.cnvAv McCjkhee Birdie Cjrev Steex Class of 1015 ' iirn-iEi.i) ]5ai.ev Eva Ione (jreen Class of 1017 Elizabeth Watkixs Pattie Sillivan Class of WIS Si-E Beth Sullivan OlIVE ' ATKINS 80 914 , I a8«naii!)i Bsae»E!s;s;e3e0a a@aefiaa»e«B WBOS SHEM. m .. j a«BttBaaaK«awiia»aBa9atfttSttB«aaaBiiBss Sigma Upsilon LITERARY Founded at the University of the South, Octouki!, 1!)()6 Colors: Olive Green and Old (iold Flower: Jonquil KIT KAT CLUB Founded December, 19(19 Alfred Allan Kern Harry Harman Boswell Ai,FRED Miles Withers William Ottis Brumfield Stuart CJrayson Xoble Nolan B. Harmon Frank Tomkeys Scott Chapters Soplicrini University of the Soutli Calumet Vanderbilt University Osiris Randolp]l- Lacon College Senior Round Table University of Georgia Boar ' s Head Transylvania University Scribblers University of Mississippi Kit Kat Millsaps College Odd Number LTniversity of North Carolina English Club University of Texas The Scribes University of South Carolina The Attic University of Alabama Fortnightly Trinity College Coffee House Emory College 82 .ih 4 9l4M) j SI Mft upsiLon JTpplied Quotations " Holv, fair, and wise is she. " liss McNeil. " As slie goes, all hearts do duty unto her beauty. " .Miss James. " She excels each mortal thing. " Miss I owther. " Oh! How I long to travel back, and tread ag.iiu that ancient track. " Senior, " Beware of all. but most beware of man. " Coeds. " Thev, like larks at break of day .arising from sullen earth. Sing hymns at Heaven ' s gates. " (Quartette. " All men wish them wiser, graver, older. " Preps. " I have labored somewhat in mv time and have been ]iaid )irofusely. " " Biz ' Clark. " Years steal fire from the mind, and vigour from the limbs. " Sessions. " (), how feeble is man ' s ])ower. " .S;i age. " He is an evening revi ' Uer who sings his fill. " Robert Harmon. " Good thoughts his friends His wealth a well-s))ent age. " Professor Ricketts. " This man is free from servile bands Of hope to rise or fear to fall. " R. E. .Selby. " The world is at our feet. " Faculty. " For them honest labor bears not a lovely f.aee. " Riders ' Club. " That is a famous stone That turneth all to gold. " Bookstore. " The ovcrcurious are never the overwise. " Bennett. " Like Angels ' visits, short and bright. " " Yearling " White. " The Lion is not as fierce as painted. " Dr. Watkins. " Thinks to o little and talks too much. " Keith Williams. " The Devil hath power to .assume a pleasing shape. " Hal Backstrom. " H I were paid I am worth. I ' d have a mortgage on the earth. " .Smylie Shipman. " Why then do vou walk as if vou had swallowed a r.amrod? " Henlev. 84 ' 91 {) - mustache Club ■4 . I w A. F. Watkins Jr President Melville Johnson Vice-President W. M. O ' DoNNELL Secretary and Treasurer ilemhers ; j I. " V. Swartz S. L. Crockett J. B. Cain J. R. Lin J. M. Sullivan V. B. Hathorne W. W. Moore N. L. Cassibry Melville Johnson W M. Colmer 86 md9i4;m j e:ff the; i ' s of mill saps are upon you " R»isasa»«Be 2., mi- 303£Sff£MJm ■VJ.V..V:.!!- ' ■ ■ ' OlJiccrs ,) . W. . Ki President ,1. I ' . Phillips ' ice-PresicleiiL T. M . Cooper Secretary J. R. (i THiNGs Recording Secretary R. K. Sklby Treasurer Miss Stella McGehee Librarian Mcniticrs Bell. H. M. C: ilhinfi-s. J. R. McGehee. Miss Stella 15n.oni. K. M. Ilatlmrne. W ]!. Phillii)s. J. F. Pniniii.ld, V. O. Ward, J. W. Roberts, R. W. Cain, ,T. ]5. HarnKHL, X. B. Savage, D. J. Crisler, J. D. Howe. D. W. Selby. R. E. C ' liisliolni. J. W. Keister, I. F. Sessions, V, H. Cooper, T. M. Steen, Miss Birdie Grey 88 sJ2i ' md9m:m j Science Club s(nras!flnetsaBe9e3!ZS9e»sast znffi3ewaBa cC.. ■i% ) j B««B8nBaaa«BiEiSia«tiisasee»ees»asa RSBB RTTI Colors: Red. White and Blue Motto: In the pale moonshine our hearts entwined, Where 3-011 got yours and I got mine Officers K. M. Brown President H. M. Wells Vice-President Otto Porter Secretary and Treasurer R. C. Edwards Clerk S. B. Churchwell Chief Paddler N. Ford Assistant Paddler Dan White Chief Counter Lewis Worthy ] I. A. Garroway V Catchers E. L. HiLLMAN ) C. C. Clark j Leon McCluer V Stretchers Roy Guyton j Members: All Shack Men Time of Meeting: Never known till on Fratres in Subfacultate: D. W. Howe, W. W. Moore, J. B. Cain 90 Alpha Fi Sigma BACHELOR Bachelors Club Professor J. R. Lin President Dr. a. a. Kern Chief Advisci Motto: " ' Tis better to 1( ar tliose ills we li.ur. tli.iii fly to others that we know not of " Members S. G. Noble J. R. Lin A. M. Withers D. J. Savage C. C. Clark A. A. Kern 92 Orchestra A. r. " ATKIXs Jr. ( Mannger) Mandolin C. A. M AssEY Violin G. P. 1- ' ant Trombone D. R. Capps • Cornet W. H. Perhv Violin Miss Evalyn Edmonds Violin Mi-is Birdie Grey Steen Piano Miss Sue Beth Sullivan Violin L. L. HoLLowAY Cornet E. T. EdmoxNds Jr Bass Violin ii3 t « Gfi! EfQssJS@@ffia«s9!SSSt3i»sffitB«BeBata»aea WAS fEMMSh .. , W. B. Moore President D. T. Page Roll-Caller Motto: " No roost too high for us " M. L. Rogers O. W. Conner Marion Summers . James McClure W. W. Moore S. L. Crockett Members George Waller Lewis Worthy Hal Backstrom " Doctor " Cook W. S. Pearman T. M. Cooper E. O. Varner W. H. Perry D. R. Capps H. R. Babington " Mike " Mitchell J. D. Crisler 94 v S 5 © J " Nk Glee eiub A. F. Watkins Jr President Melville Johnson V ice-President W. O. Brumfielo Secretary and Treasurer R. H. Harmon Manager A. G. Berghauser Director A. M. Withers Faculty Manager Members " O. W. Conner W. M. O ' Donnell Otto Porter Hendrix Mitcliell G. P. Fant W. K. Williams Smiley Sliipman T. L. Carraway Roy Guyton H. M. Wells C. G. Laird Leon Hendrick Lews Worthy L. L. Holloway Edgar Hillman 95 Belbaoen Club ' Ji J Officers W. H. Perry Commander-in-Cliief M. L. Rogers First Lieutenant D. T. Page Second Lieutenant O. W. Conner Cliief Serenader R. W. Harmon Spy Motto: " If the lieart of a man is depressed with cares The mist is dis])elled wlien a woman a])|)ears. " Members D. R. Capps Marion Summers J. R. Gathings Bill Wheeler X. B. Harmon E. E. Henry T. L. Carraway A. F. Watkins Jr. F. C. McLean R. T. Henry J. B. Cain C. S. Brown R. G. Moore D. W. Howe W. O. Brumfield C. M. Weldy H. M. Bell R. H. Backstrom 96 tKutr. ICS » »• 3 RCHLCCK courz iL fltbletic Council R. E. Selby President W. E. HoBBS Vice-President Prop. E. Y. Burton Secretary and Treasurer W. M. CoLMER Baseball Manager L. H. Cook Basketball Manager T. M. Cooper Football Manager W. O. Brumf.eld Track Manager 97 SKe2C:!ilSiS«lCi!Bn»«PW3t!!«I !!«SK ' S»a«3«l9 n iS!SWB»e kS !. msSOBjfS £MJmh .. j »m9 miauiknum«.mti ' !3i9amsi ' ai(iia«e!Si» »sa Bmm 3unlor=$enicr football Ceam Center W. . Moore Right Guard R. E. Sklbv, ' . (). Hhumfield Left (iuaril J. R. Gathings Higlit Tackle I. H. I IiT( uioi.i,, 1). W. Howe Left Taekle ' S. H. Frazier, IL M . Bell Right End N. B. Harmon Left End R. H. Harmon, J. B. Cain (Quarter Back N. L. Cassibry (Captain) Right Half W. M. Colmer Left ILalf V. B. Hathorn Full Back L. H. Jackson 98 Tresbtnan football Ceatti Center McDowell Right Guard H. M. Wells, Bennett Left Guard Whitson Right Tackle Cook Left Tackle I avis Right End Pearman Left End Golding Quarter Back Qi ' iN (Captain), Woollahd Right Half Clegg Left Half Taggart Full Back Shipman 99 ■naansavvavasBBBttssBB Crack Ceaiti Edmonds HoLLOMAN, B. WniTsoN Moore, R. G. Tatum, W. S. Wells, C. Capps Johnson, J. H. Wells, H. M Williams Henley Harris Harmon, R. Holt Howe Harmon, N. O ' Donnell Brumfield 100 vV=ii imd9i4:m . Uarsitv Basket Ball team R. H. Harmon, L.F. (Captain) B. F. Holt, R.F R. B. Taylor, C. L. H. Cook. R.G. (Manager) E. P. WiiiTsoN, L.G. Snhs P. T. Greenway W. M. McDowell H. S. Wheeler W. M. O ' DONNELL 101 sa«IIIIMeiS9S «a«H«««98iBWeaBi«lll|««|BB Wearers of Cbe m Baseball X. I,. C ' assibry J. D. Davis C. S. Brown V. B. Hathorn W. E. HOLLOMAN L. H Jackson W. S. Pearman H. M. Qi ' iN R. B. Taylor G. P. Waller J. W. Ward Basket Ball U. M. Bell L. H. Cook I ' , r. CiREENWAY N. B. Harmon R. H. Harmon R. T. Henry B. F. Holt W. M. McDowell W. M. O ' DONNELL R. B. Taylor H. S. Wheeler R. P. Whitson W. O. Bri ' Mfield N. B. Harmon Track D. W. Howe R. H. Harmon W. E. Holloman 1U2 vi - Csii J- iA j ' -- - - - - . ... . . .... , Uarsifv Baseball Ccam Cassibry Catcher Ward (Captain) Pitcher Taylor Pitcher Short-stop Pearman First Base Qi ' iN Second Base HoLi.oMAN Second Base Summer Third Base Jackson Left Field Hatmorn Center Field Davis Right Field McDowell Substitute HoLCOMB Substitute CoLMER Manager Peaster Coach 103 4 KC. iQE ' iSU£f iJfJ£.L ' ' : j • « ■ ■ nffRiiiii«ii«v«atta«ft« tBl«iiaiB»B B Ulitb a Golfers Hpolcgics to Cennyson Blank, blank, blank — As I toj) till ' ball on tbe tee. And I would that mv tongue dare utter The thoughts that arise in me ! Oh. well for my partner good That he isn ' t watching the pla_v. Oh. well for the caddie-lad. That he ' s deaf as a post today. And my partner ' s ball sails on . .... . To the last hole over the hill. But oh. for the stroke of some fairy ' s wand To hasten my ball which lies still! Blank, blank, bl.-ink — As I top the ball on the tee, But another chance for the game that is lost Will never come back to me. Punch Bowl. 104 v 2 6 0 Preps CO .. mt BOB SHEM.M§h ' .. j BSBS%aaaa«es8lieBBeeeaa«8e99SSBiiBaB Preparatory Staiistics Prettiest Co-ed — Sue Beth Sullivan, lost ])o]iular Co-ed — Olive ' atki .s. Handsomest man — Riddell. Brainiest man — Harper. JoUiest man — C. E. Pant. Laziest man — CJreer. Nerviest man — Greer. Most popular man — Ely. Most influential man — Alford. Best all-round athlete — Williams. Most conceited man — Birmingham. Most likely Bachelor — Craig. Biggest Liar — Green. Master politician — Blue. Master class-cutter — Edwards. Best social stuntcr — Riddell. Best all-round man — Ely. Best student — Harper. 106 Preparatory Department $ ummf 9SU! ' SvnsasixsKi»fS ' . ' Am s WBOBASHEMM •i s 5 % Senior ' Treps. " COLLYE WELLMAN AlFORD Mag-nolia, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Prep. Manager Bobashela, 1912-13; President P. L. S., 1913-14; Vice-President Athletic Association, 1913-14; Member Student Council, 191S-U; Dele- gate to Y. M. C. A. Conference, Starkville, Miss., 1913-14; Secretary Senior Class. " His strength is as the strength of ten Because his heart is pure. " Walter Bailey Atkinson Holcomb, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President P. L. S., 1913-14; Secretary Y- M. C. A. 1913-14; Member Student Council. " Pains of love be sweeter far Than all the other pleasui ' es are ' ' Drue Dunlap Birmingham Olive Branch, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President Senior Class; Vice-President P. L. S., 1913-14; Chairman Student Council, 1913-14; Prep. Editor Purple and White. " The glass of fashion and the mold of form. " Marion Ely Winona, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President Athletic Association, 1913-14; Basket Ball Manager, 1913-14; Football Manager, 1913-14; ' Varsity Football, 1912-14; ' Varsity Basket Ball, 1912-14; Member Student Council; Chairman Y. M. C. A. Devotional Committee, 1913-14; Piep. Editor Bobashela, 1913-14. " For thou art strong and goodly therewithal. " 108 ki£ sA . Charles Edward Fant Coahoma, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Varsity Football team, 1913-14. " I am sure care ' s an enemy to life. ' John Lazarus Green Asylum, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. ' Varsity Football team, 1912-14. " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lineers. " Roy A. Guyton Columbus, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. College Glee Club, 1913-14. " I attend to other men ' s business, neglecting my own. " Alfred Yarbrough Harper Jackson, Miss. P. L. S. President P. L. S., 191.3-14; Treasurer Senior Class; Varsity Basket Ball, 1913-14. " Ancient founts of inspiration well through all my fancy yet. " 109 !itmsi Sis ' S£ s w it S9Sssstt m»s »a m tCi f-te m sff£M mh :.oj • svassBSiUtiibaeQaaaaceeeevaaaasaBnxsa Barrett White Hollo man Philadelphia, Miss. Y. M. C. A. Treasurer Y. M. C. A., 1913-14; Member Student Council, 1913-14; ' Varsity Football team, 1913-14. " Would I were steadfast as thou art. " Robert George Kennington Jackson, Miss. P. L. S. Secretary P. L. S., 1913-14. " Knowledge, a rude unprofitable mass. " J. Harvey Johnson Woodville, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. " Life piled on life were all too little. " BuRWELL Beeman McLendon Jackson, Miss. P. L. S. Triangular Debater, 1913-14. " You smile, why there ' s my picture ready made. ' Howard Burgess McGehee Woodville, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. ' Varsity Basket Ball team, 1913-14. " Your eyes smile peace. " v S2- C3 5. James Sullivan Porter Oakland, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Secretary P. L. S., 1913-14. " Such ways, such arts, such looks had tnou. William Walter Quinn Nicholasville, Ky. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Former Student Prep. School of Transylvania University; Member Student Council, 1913-14; Tri- angular Debater, 1913-14. " And I shall thereupon take rest, ere I be gone. " K William Preston Perkins Senatobia, Miss. P. L. S. Vice-President P. L. S., 1913-14; Stud ?nt Coun- cil, 1913-14. " Had you with these but brought a mind. " . James Clyde Riddell Drue, Miss, P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Vice-President Senior Class; Secretary P. L. S., 1913-14; Delegate to Student Volunteer Convention at Kansas City, Mo., 1913-14; Chairma: ' ' Member- ship Committee Y. M. C. A., 1913-14; Prep. Busi- ness Manager Purple and White, 1913-14. " What knowest thou of love or love song? " ' «y «: James Shelby Shipman Durant, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Member Student Council, 1913-14; Vice-President P. L. S., 1913-14; ' Varsity Football Team, 1913-14. " Why cared I for wind or weather When Youth and I lived togethe;- ? " BuFORD Arwed Summer Foxworth, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. President P. L. S., 1913-14; Member Student Council, 1913-14; ' Varsity Football Team. 1913-14. " We find in thee a bulwark for the cause of men. " Charles Galloway Ventress Woodville, Miss. P. L. S. " His fame shall be an echo and a light unto eternity. " ,«4- ' Olive Andrews Watkins Jackson, Miss. Honorary Member P. L. S. " A mind at peace with all below. A heart whose love is innocent. " 112 ' S£y»i s@ S 4i Sfe Claude Davis Williams Hernando, Miss. P. L. S. ' Varsity Football Team, 1 J1:J-14; ' Varsity Basket Ball Team, 1913-14; Prep. Business Manager Bo- bashela, 1913-14. " Oh, it is e.xcellent to have a giant ' s strength. " ' Lewis Edward Whitson Jackson, Miss. P. L. S. Track Manager, 1913-14; ' Varsity Football Team, 1913-14; ' Varsity Ba.sket Ball Team, 1913-14. " For him light labor spread her wholesome store. " Lynwood B. Whitaker Meridian, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. " I am a part of all that I have met. " . »• John Ellis Carr Natchez, Miss. P. L. S., Y. M. C. A. " The eleventh hour man gets as much as any. " ml 113 z. ' m SOB Sff£MMSh .. j Preparatory School Roll Alford, Collye Wellman Magnolia, M Allen, James Monroe Sidon, M Allen, Alonzo Dunvard Mineral Wells, M Adkinson, Walter Bailey Holcomb, M Barr, Vincie Wilson Holmesville, M Barr, Wesley Wallace Holmesville, M Bailey, Willman Pierce Coldwater, M Bellenger, Paul Jackson, M Birmingham, Drue Dinlai- Olive Branch, M Blue, K. T Jackson, M Brock, Charles Franklin Mathiston, M BuFKiN, Ernest William Glancy, M Burt, Albert Oakland, M Byrd, Albert Sidney Viniville, M Carr, John Ellis Natchez, M Carlisle, Coleman Booker Cjiintown, !M Clement, Ima Jackson, M Clark, Ovid Allen Kedding, M Craig, Robert Burdette Houston, M Craig, Hugh Alexander New Albany, M Cheney, Holcomb D Rosedale, M Eaton, Vernon L Columbia, M Ely, Marion Winona, M Edmonds, Eben Thomas ,Tackson, M Edmonds, William J ,Tackson, M Edwards, Lucius Evan Cleveland, M Fant, Frank Holmes Coahoma, M Fant, Charles Edward Coahoma. M Floyd, N. L. H Cleveland, M Fryant, Varien Edward Jackson, M Fewell, Charles Craig Jackson, M Frazier, Felix Mitchell Hollywood, M Freeman, James Z Shaw, M FoNDREN, Edward Douglas .Ir Asylum, M Gandy, Vester Sanford, M Green, John Lazarus Asylum, M Green, Russel Donovan Itta Bena, M GuYTON, Roy A Columbus, M Harris, Hubert .Ih .lackson, M Harper. Alfred Yarborough Jackson, M 114 5@ S -«-?®i Hays, George Franklix Jr Philadelphia, Miss. Henry, Beny Williams Pocahontas, Miss. HoLLOMAN, White Barrett Philadelphia. Miss. Pierce, Frank Jackson, Miss. Holliday, Henry Gradv Raymond, Miss. Johnson, R. R Jackson, Miss. Johnson, Harvey J Woodville, Miss. Kennington, RoBi ' HT George Jackson. liss. Lancaster, John J.ittle Page Jackson, Miss. Lamb, Oscar Jackson, Miss. Lester, Kitrell Ptrc eli Isola, Miss. M axey, Naplulus Myrtle, Miss, McCuLLouGii, O. M Ruleville, Miss. McRee, Esma, IMiss Jackson, Miss. McClendon. Bckwei.l Beemon Jackson, Miss. McGehee, Howahii IUrgess Woodville, Miss. Mo. ' is. Cameron Tko Myrtle, Miss. O ' Donnell, Claide ' MNvniGHT Sanford, Miss. Pearman, Ben.ia.min .M( (i Cleveland, Miss. Perkins, William Preston Senatobia, Miss. I ' orter. .James Sullivan Oakland, Miss. { ' otter, Wylie Harris Jackson. Miss. Riddell, James Clyde Ruleville, Miss. Rissell, Edward Lee Tackson, Miss. QriNN, William Walter Nicholasville, Ky. Sawyer, James Floyd Pocahontas, Miss. .Shepherd, Robert F Inverness, Miss. .Shipman, .Tames Shelley Dnrant, Miss. SiiiPMAN, AisTiN Lucky Diirant. IMiss. .Sparks, Thomas Jackson, Miss. .Sullivan, William ' ALLACE Webb, Miss. .Summers, Buford Arwed Foxworth, Miss. .Sullivan, .Sue Beth, Miss .Tackson, Miss. Todd, Eugene Anton Asylum, Miss. Trawick. .Tames .Steen .Tackson. Mis= Vaiden, ,Tohn Leonard Hernando. Miss uGHT, .Tesse Robert Fernwood, Miss ' entress. Charles Galloway Woodville, Miss. ' iLLEE, Ralph K .Tackson, ] Iiss ' ARE, Robert Lowery Mt. Olive. Miss. Watkins. Miss Olive .Tackson, Miss. Wn.KiNsoN, Edward T Hernando, Miss. ' IlLIAMs, Charles Davis Hernando, Miss. Wilson, .Tames ] Iarion Jackson, Miss. WiiiTsoN. Lewis Edw rd .Tackson, Miss. Whitaker, W. B Meridian, Miss. sj .t iQ, )iSOB£S f£M. • •«aSBBKSS«ttBDSVasaeB«»BS8S98 Bn2SS Prentiss Citerary Society First Term C. W. Alford M. Ely D. U. Birmingham W. W. Barr Alford, C. W. Atkinson, W. B. Allen, J. M. Allen, P. D. Barr, W. W. Bailey, W. P. Officers PRESIDENTS Second Term Third Term B. A. Summer W. B. Atkinson VICE-PRESIDENTS W. p. Perkins James Shipman SECRETARIES J. S. Porter J. C. Riddell TREASURERS W. W. Barr W. W. Barr Mevihers Craig, R. B. Moss, C. Cheney, H. D. Perkins, W. P. McClendon, B. F. Elv, INIarion Fourth Term A. Y. Harper D. Birmingham R. G. Kennington W. W. Barr Shipman, A. Summers, B. A. Ventress, C. G. Gandy, Vester Fant, C. E. Porter, J. S. Pearman, B. M. Vaught, Jesse O ' Donnell, C. W. Williams. C. D. Quinn. W. W. Whitson, Lewis Birmingham, D. D. McGehee, H. B. Blue, K. I. Clark, O. A. Henry, B. W. Lester, K. P. Whitaker. S. B. Riddell, J. C. Shipman, J. Edmonds, W. J. Edmons, Eben Harper, A. Y. Kennington. Robt. Triangular Debaters K. I. Blue W. W. Quinn R. A. Guyton B. B. McClendon D. U. Birmingham President C. W. Alford Vice-President K. I. Blue Clerk Marion Ely Marshal C. W. Alford W. B. Atkinson D. D. Birmingham MEMBERS K. T. Blue Marion Ely B. W. Hollonian W. W. Quinn B. A. Summer J. S. Sliipman W. P. Perkins Jr. 117 «■« H» Bttfisa aaaefflB Siiaiiiisaee«seaaffi®fi i»s i£eS£osKHnBa« OFFICERS Robert Burdett Craig President Ovid A. Clark Vice-President Walter B. Adkinson Secretary- Barrett W. Holloman Treasurer D. D. Birmingham Chairman of Menihtrsliip Committee J. C. RiDDELL Cliairman of Social Committee Marion Ely Chairman of Devotional Committee Albert S. Byrd Chairman of Music Committee Roy a. Guyton Chairman of Bible Studj Committee 118 Preparatory Jftbletic Jfssociation . [. Hi(). Ki.Y Prtsidfiit C. W. Ai.FORi) Vice-President W. ,M. CoLMEH Secretary . M. C ' oLMKR Treasurer .Marion Ely Football Manager Marion Ei,v Basket Ball Manager B. M. Peauman Baseball Manager Lewis Whitson Track Manager 119 aBai3es%e!SBB«ea»fieeE»aBs«8oettiftvBas iC 2.. m BosASff£M mh ..oj aSBB»Batlltt«BBIIIieB«aSB0VaBBIBttaBBBBB Prep. Tooiball Ceam Center Sullivan Right Guard Summer Left Guard Fant Riglit Tackle Pearman Left Tackle Ely (Manager), Lester Right End Sparks, Green Left End Whitson, Shipman Right Half Holloman Left Half Byrd Quarter Back Edmonds (Captain) Full Back Williams 120 Preparatory Baseball Ceatti FoNDREN Pitcher Sparks Left Field BiHU F ' irst Base Freeman Pitcher Williams Catcher McGekfe Right Field Whitaker First Base Pearman Second Base, Manager HoLLOMAN Pitcher Fraser Center Field Carr Third Base Bellenger Short-stop Green Left F " ield Colmer Facult}- Manager 121 eflanBBHaBtt« ««a«esaee«a8tti«B taaaa« S9PP ' ' i- ' - " 1 " T - " i ' i f- " - V ■■ III ' ' ' lf l ' ' t ' % fa Preparatory Basket Ball Ceatn Right Forward Byrd, Harper Left Forward Pearman Center Williams, McGehee Right Guard Mgr. Ely, Whitson Left Guard Bailey, Sparks 122 s ki 9 ' w m SEND US YOUR ORDERS AND WE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY We Will Furnish Any Bock You Want at Lowest Prices Gift Books Books of Art Music Poetry Travel Fiction Literature Architecture Devotional Books Bibles Prayer, Etc. Hymn Books, Cards and Booklets Engraved Cards Fountain Pens Writing Paper Largest Bookstores in the South. Entire stock new and fresh. We can furnish any thing you wish in the vay of books and stationery, pictures, etc. Courteous treatment. Prompt service. Write for catalog. Methodist Publishing House Smith Lamar, Agents, Nashville, Tenn. Dallas, Texas Richmond, Virginia Capital National Bank JACKSON, MISS. Capital Stockholders ' Liabilities Surplus Earned Total $200,000.00 200,000.00 140,000.00 $540,000.00 Designated Depository of the United States and City of Jackson OFFICERS Z. D. Davis, President; Thad. B. Lampton, Vice President; R. W. Millsaps. V. Pres. Amos R. Johnson, Cashier; W. N. Cheny, Teller. DIRECTORS R. W. MilUaps, F. E. Gunter, W. B. Jones, L. B. Mosley, Logan Phillips, Ben Hart A. A. Green, W. C. Ellis, W. J. Davis, Z. D. Davis, R. L. Saunders, Eugene Simpson W. D. Hannah, C. A. Alexander, Thad. B. Lampton. 124 Quality Service Values JACKSON ' S GRE. TEST STORE S. J. JOHNSON CO. JACKSON, MISS. We always like to do business with the people who carry the best line of goods. Our stock is acknowledged to be the highest class in the state. Come, or write us your wants. We will take the greatest pleasure in serving and pleasing you. THE CLOTHES BEAUTIFUL SCHLOSS BROTHERS SUITS FOR MEN. SHOES FOR WOMEN, the best. Sorosis, Zeigler, Wickert and Gardner. SHOES FOR MEN, the best, Regal, Edwin Clapp. Here you will nnd that you can supply all your wants. Have your son come to Johnson s to get his suits, ties, and in fact anything that he may need. You can come here too, for what is good for him is good for you as well. We handle everything: READY-TO-WEAR, CARPETS. NOTIONS GENTLEMEN ' S CLOTHING, SHOES Here you get better goods for the same money, or the same goods for less money. We solicit your mail order business. Give us a trial and we will always be friends, for we guarantee satisfaction. 125 Complete House Furnishings Send for our new catalogue Taylor Furniture Carpet Co. JACKSON, MISS. OLDEST BANK IN THE CITY The FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSON, MISS. Capital ...... Largest surplus and undivided profiits J. B. Stirling, President S. L. Bui well. Vice President OFFICERS $100,000.00 148.579.02 O. J. Waite, Vice President R. F. Young, Cashier The Safety, Economy and Comfort of the school, office, church, and home are best attained by having us do your plumbing, heating ana electric work. We also carry in stock a lull and complete stock of Bath Tubs, Lavatories, Closets, Sinks and Electric Supplies and Fixtures. I am agent for Jackson for Edison Mazda Lamps and Remy Magnetas for autos. LUDERBACH PLUMBING CO. 201 East Capitol Street Phone 557 JACKSON STEAM LAUNDRY 1. LEHMAN, Manager We have good agents on the campus and guarantee good work. We have the only French dry cleaning and dyeing establishment in Jackson Phone 730 126 THE DANIEL STUDIO CAPITOL STREET JACKSON, MISS. Photograplis Portraits Views Circuit Pictures EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHING FOR HALFTONES New Studio College Work a Specialty i 7 MILLSAPS COLLEGE Jackson, Miss. Millsaps College offers courses leading to two collegiate degrees, B. A. and B. S. A well equipped law school offers courses leading to the professional degree of LL. B. Ample provision is also made for those who are not candidates for any degree. An excellent preparatory school, under sep- arate dormitory management, with strong faculty, prepares for entrance into any college. FOR CATALOGUE OR FURTHER INFORMATION, ADDRESS :: A. F. WATKINS, Pres. 128 BON TON CAFE Newly f itted up with marble counters and ice boxes Tile floor. Call and see us. Same old stand 213 West Capitol Street JACKSON, MISS. THE HOWARD- FOSTER SHOE for young men has no equal. It has more style, more wear and more fit than any other shoe for the price in the world. $4.00 $4.50 $5.00 TATOM SHOE CO. 415 East Capitol Street Exclusive Agents The Tucker Printing House JACKSON, MISS. We are well equipped for College Annual Printing, operating our own engraving plant. The reputation of this large printing plant is well known in Mississippi as the leader in printing circles. Let us talk " Annual " with you. rJ pournn, FIJlT01J " [fK ' l J- -S!S0IW«BSOBB r H ' 129 THAD. B. I.AMPTON, President R. W. MIl.LSAPS, Vice President Z. D. DAVIS, Vice President W. M. BUIE, Vice President S. H. HART, Cashier Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Co. ot Jackson, Miss. CAPITAL Stockholders Liability Surplus and Undivided Profits TOTAL $ 50,000.00 $ 50,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $110,000.00 4 per cent, paid on deposits of $1.00 up. Interest compounded semi-annually Directors: R. W. Millsaps, A. A. Creen, Z. D. Davis, Ben Hart Thad B. Lampton, W. M. Buie Drink Carbonated COCA-COLA IN BOTTLES, 5 CENTS Jackson Coca-Cola Bottlins Co. Jackson, Miss. L. G. BALFOUR CO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. Manufacturers of Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry Special designs furnished on application for class and school emblems, trophies, badges and medals. Official jewelers to the leading college fraternities and sororities IN THE HUB OF THE JEWELRY WORLD 130 A. H. PETTING JOHN B. RICKETTS Attorney and Counsellor MANUFACTURER OF Kress BuiMing Greek Letter Fraternity Jewelry JACKSON - - - MISSISSIPPI Fred M. Bush G. Edward Williams V WILLIAMS BUSH Attorneys- at- Law 213 North Liberty St. New Millsap. Bldg. Factory: 212 Little Sharp St. JACKSON - - - MISSISSIPPI Baltimore, Md. Offices: Jackson. Miss— New Hebron. Miss. S. p. McRAE WATKINS WATKINS Dry Goods Notions Clothing Hosiery Attorneys-at-Law Shoes a Specialty Special Prices to College Boys 214 W. Capitol St . Jackson, Miss. JACKSON - MISSISSIPPI Auto Supply Co. Steinway Knabe Apollo Largest Supply House AND ALL THE BEST PIANOS AND PLAYERS in the State 167-169 East Capitol Street L. GRUNEWALD CO. Limitea Jackson, Miss. 240 Capitol St. Jackson, Miss. 131 RELIABLE DRUGS AND COURTEOUS TREATMENT It has been the method of our business to treat every customer that enters our door with courteous treatment. Our prescription department cannot be equalled for its reliability as every prescription is care- fully checked, and with our complete stock of pure drugs w hich w e always keep fresh, and our excellent service all these requirements have established our prescription department as being reliable. Send us your prescription. Make our store your headquarters. HUNTER McGEE Phone 109 State and Capitol St. :: Jackson, Miss. Quick delivery to every part of the city Also let Mangum take care of your receptions for you. He knows hovv and w ill furnish every thing complete, and serve it for you at a nominal cost. Our stock of candies most complete in the city. Special agents for Nunnally ' s, Whitman ' s, Allegretti ' s and the famous Modjeska Caramel. J. S. MANGUM At Hunter McGee ' s 132 U. F. LOGUE A. H. Whltfieia G. Q. Whltfieia Whitfield Whitfield Attorney-at-Law Attorneys-at- Law Rooms 9- 10 Krfss BIdg. Merchants Bank BIdg. JACKSON. MISS. Jackson - - Mississippi EUGENE PALMER A. H Longino Robtrt B. Rickttts Attorney and Counsellor at Law LONGINO RICKETTS 1 2 Harding Bldg. LAWYERS Jackson - - Mississippi JACKSON - MISSISSIPPI DR. E. H. GALLOWAY Stutter Building JACKSON - MISSISSIPPI Love L nun? Cose I Jo. Then pop little lip up and buss Roll Films I too. Six exposures, any size, devel- oped for 10c or 12 for 20c. Small brownie prints 5c. 6 for 20c. Other sizes, including 3A and Post Cards 5c each, or 6 for 25c. Write your name on package. EYRICH CO. Jackson, Mississipp. 133 :S , 1

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