Millsap High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Millsap, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Millsap High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Millsap, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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-1.-.,-, ..w -'.,m. f ...K .V ..,,,..,...., ...,,.,.,,.,, ,-,-,,,..... .,,,,,,., ,,,,,. me Buffy 19569 Presented by THE ANNUAL STAFF of MILLSAP HIGH SCHOOL Mlllsap, Texas fha Cv' P. S on ,Hs 41,4 A 'I ,Qhlln ,mlp v X Qual., 1,4 ' 2.59 W K i 'JPN .X Y A w f M: ' -- ' 5 g ,g--' N I , 759 Q-71212uafQSfM . dedlcates the 58 Bulldog to the Mlllsap High School faculty 1n apprec1at1on of the1r smcere and fnendly co oper ation through the years Finn uaf CSXJ ANNUAL STAFF Asslstant Business Manager SHIRLEY GHOLSON Asslstant Szapshot Edna' IERREL RUTLEDGE Buslness Manager TOMMIE SAWYER Sports Edna TOMMY ROTHROCK Asslstant Edltor ELDON CLARY Snapshot Ed1t0I MAC COALSON Edltct RUSSELL COALSON Advisor ----'-' " ' ' ' ' ' MISS SUE GILLILAND c l1fJQlll?fQl?f en! MR I O PHILLIPS Learmng rs a fundamental process of lrfe Everyrndrvidual learns and through learnrng he develops the modes of be havlor by whrch he lrves All human act1v1t1es and acluevements manrfest the results of learnlng Whether we re gard lrfe rn terms of the race of the commumty or of the 1nd1v1dua1 we suasrve effects of learrung Through the centunes each generatron has been able to profit by learnrng from the experr ences and drscoverres of the generatrons that have preceded II and in turn has added ILS contrlbutlon to the ever growrng fund of human knowledge and skrlls customs loves languages and socral mstltutrons have been developed and marntained as a result of man s abrlrty to learn are confronted on every side by the per- fg aff?" ' CSC600 yjrzhcwa MR. JAMES T. BARNETT Congratulations to the annual staff and sponsor for a job well done upon completion of the 1957-1958 Bulldog. As you take your place in the world, re- member that the most vital component part of democracy rs human relations respectmg the dlgmty and rntegrity of the lndrvrdual and the group May your futme be so planned and man aged that the rmportant experiences of your life will br1ng you both honor and satisfac uon 86122 ezzfary J rzn Clpd MR C W CROSSLIN The minds of Amerrca in 1957 1958 are concerned about space With ennuty and Jealousy between natxons and the elements above us an open hrghway for the ever in creasmg powerful Jet planes misslles and man made satellites this should be true However 1n all this turmoxl we should thrnk more of the fact that man made 1m plements of war alone could not have won the vrctorres for the Hebrews at Jericho and other places We therefore as indivrduals and asa nation should center our thoughts on the source of all power the eternal God He w1l1 guide us 1n all our undertakmgs to con quer space and our common enermes He will also guide us to peace comfort and happrness NN sa-X anis"--0-oi" ,X O fj . . l 1 , , ! . . i v , A - g N I I I N .,. W ' . "N, 5 O W Jlry Uenfs 0 19571955 AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVE MBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARC H APRIL MAY Reglstratton Classes began Annual Staff elected Frrst F F A and F H A meetmg F H A Beau elected Semors recerved rmgs F H A Party Party at Weatherford Lake Annual sales began Sweetheart elected F F A Imtlatxon F F A Party Class offtcers elected Donkey ball game Ptctures for annual made State Fair of Texas F F A and F H A Meeung F F A andF H A Haynde 150 annuals sold Ftrst gtrls basketball game F H A tr1p to Fort Worth Fxrst Grade School basketball game Frrst boys basketball game F F A and F H A Meetrng Senlors selected graduatlon cards Thanksgivmg Holxdays F F A and F H A Meetmg Weatherford College Tournament Chrtstmas Holidays F F A and F FLA Meetmg Magazme sales began Mld Term exanunauons TCU Conference and Career Day Fat Stock Show and Rodeo F F A and F H A Meettng Junlor Play Semor Play Easter Holldays F F A and F H A Meettng F F A andF H A Meeting Grade School Graduauon Baccalaureate High School Graduatron School closed Semor tnp . I f H 29 ' ' 3 3 9 . . . 19 . . . 19 . . . 21 '23 23 26 . . . ' ' ' 30 . . . 1 . 1 2 . 1 5 7 . . . . . . ' 11 . . . . . . ' 14 15 ' ' ' 16 . . . ' 24 ' 1 ' ' 1, 6 School closed - flu epidemic 8 . . 28 . . 4 20 ' 6 . . . . . ' 8 . 15 . - . . 24 : 25 7 . 28 ' 4-7 ' 5 . . . . . . ' 23 - ' 25 26 - ' 26 A 'Q MRS D L BAKER Th1rd Grade T W 'Q Nb' MISS BETTY BALDRIDGE Homemakmg , N T MRS NORMA BARNES Lxbrauan MR. JAMES T BARNETT Guls Coach Duvet Educat1on B B A , M Ed N T S C MR. E L BEDIFORD Soc1a1 SCICHCC B S M E T W MR. HUBERT BENNETT Math N T M Ed T C U MR. C W CROSSLIN Grade School Pr1nc1pa1 Engllsh Plane Geometry B S , T W C MR. D L ELLIS Soc1a1 Studles Hlstory Slxth Grade N T MISS ROSA GAMMILL Flfth Grade B S M E , N MRS. HUBERT BENNETT Fourth Grade N. T. S.C. . T.C. U. i :QW MISS SUE GILLILAND Enghsh T C U M Unxverslty of Texas MRS I E GRANSTAFF V1s1t1ng Teacher T S C MR. ROBERT HALL S1XIh Grade M Texas A851 MRS NELLE KELL Second Grade B S T W MRS RAY LAMKIN Muslc Teacher MRS HAZEL MCDERMOTT Fxrst Grade B A , Un1vers1ty of Indlana MRS LAFREDA MOCK Substltute Teacher MR. SAM RECTOR Agnculture B S Texas A8LM M , N T C MRS OLETA WARD Busmess M E T W C MR. B. E. MCCLINTOCK General Science Boys' Coach B. S. . T. C. U. 'Y' ff 'lag 'T -gi'-Q COOKS Mr Ruth Gamer Mr Lovell Mooty Mr Mae Wrlght Lunchroom SUPSIVISOI E. A eniors QIZIOI' CLSS OfHCQZ'5 Pres1dent ELDON CLARY Treasurer SHIRLEY GHOLSON Parl1amentar1ar1 EDREY CHIPMAN Secretary RUSSELL COALSON VICE Pres1dent TOMMIE SA WYER JOYCE AMES Iumor Play Basketball 1 2 3-4 FHA Officer FHA 1 2 3-4 Class Favonte 4 CAROL ANN BABB Class Favonte 1 Jumor Play Class Presldent 3 FHA Off1cer 3 4 FHA 1 2 3 4 . 4 . WALTER BAGLEY FFA 1-2-3 Basketball 1-2-4 Volleyball 2-3-4 Softball 1-3 EDREY CHIIPMAN Junior Play FHA Play FHA Officer 4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 4 LOWELL BYRD FFA 1-2-3-4 Basketball 3 Lone Star Farmer 3 Baseball 3 ELDON CLARY Annual staff 4 Basketball 2-3-4 FFA Officer 3-4 Junior Play Class Officer 1-2-4 TIMMY CLARY Basketball 3 FFA Offlcer 4 Iunxor Play Volleyball 2 FFA 1 2 3 4 MAC COALSON FFA Off1cer 3-4 Basketball 2 3 4 Ml. High School 3 Best All-Round 3-4 Friendliest and Most Courteous 3 RAY CLEPPER FFA 3 4 RUSSELL COALSON Basketball 2 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Class Favorite 2-4 Baseball 3-4 FFA Officer 3-4 PAUL COLLINS Class Favorite 1 FFA 3 Basketball 2-3-4 Softball 3-2 Baseball 3-4 PATSY ECKLES FHA 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 3 Class Favorite 3 Junior Play FHA Officer 4 ERMA JEAN DATER Class Favorite 2 FHA Officer 4 Baseball 3 Junior Play FHA 1-2-3-4 C. P. FLOYD FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Chaplain 4 Track 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2 DOYE FRAZIER FFA 1 2 3 4 Jumor Play Class Favonte 3 LEONARD LEATHERMAN FFA 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Track 1-2-3-4 Softball 1-2 FFA Officer 4 SHIRLEY GHOLSON Class Offlcer 3 4 FHA Offlcer 4 Annual staff Basketball 1 2 3 4 Jumor Play TOMMY ROTHROCK FFA 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3-4 Baseball 3 Volleyball 2-3 Annual staff IERREL RUTLEDGE FFA Offlcer Iumor Play FHA Play FF 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff CARL STOUT FFA 1 2 3 4 FHA Play Iumor Play Declamauon 2 3 4 Pubhc Speakmg 2 3-4 TOMMIE SAWYER FHA Off1cer 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 1 2 3 Class Off1cer 1 3 4 Annual Staff JOHN URIBE FFA Off1cer 4 Jumor Play Basketball 1 2 4 A X Q4 Nl L M - -Whiz 4 I O 'vs xv I A Q Q ...s ,,f O r ' c 3 I o 0 4 5 5 o 1 A. O '3 AV! I I U 4 ,v ' ff 5 . I 4: . . I ii , pf 'N 'Quik gn, N4 . i 5,1 1 1 if 'A is Y ,, Q ,Q fl , K 5 I Q l .. . . A ' 4. A K .-,gf-4 uniors UIZIOI' 6635 OKCQFS Treasurer WILLIAM YOUNG V1ce Presldent SCCFBUIY ELSIE YOUNGBLOOD Parhamentarlan Presldent WILMA MARTIN 'T' P"""!5 IAC K NATIONS BILLY LOC KE DARREL ASHLEY BETTYE ATTEBERRY DELL BANDY GILLIS BROWN ROBERT BUTLER BERNICE DATER JOE GUAIARDO BEN HOBSON IAC IGE IAC KSON Piduro Avmlabls X DON KUBOSH BILLY LOC KE AURORA MADRIGAL BILL MANTZKE WILMA MARTIN ET? 4 'ff MYRNA MCKELVY IAC K NATIONS JOHNNY PATTERSON VERNON PEIPELMAN NANCY PENHORWOOD My Y I J.: hen Il N DONNELLY RICE BILLY WRIGHT IOHN ROBINSON WILLIAM YOUNG TOMMY TOMERLIN ELSIE YOUNGBLOOD i u l I 4 , i s .,p-vi" if H? J, 1-v" lllll IB xi HOMEMAKING BUILDING AGRICULTURE BUILDING fr 4 ff? N 4. ,, . -v.., - s O ' - Q :??471 " w M1 1 ,F-'N ., 'F ' " W f In vig' Anhui, 'Q W ,ii ophomores IU OIZQOFQ C635 OHCQFS V1ce Presxdent DOUGLAS BABB Secretary ELIZABETH MCPHERSON Pres1dent CAROLYN MARTIN Par11arnentar1an JOE MADDUX 'Treasurer LINDA COALSON f Jerry Ames Douglas Babb EH-I1 3311011 -1 Hazel Bettrs Charles Burkes Lmda Coalson Pat Collms Shuley Cowley Mygreet Gary Lynne House O Charlie Hull Jerry Key Jim Leach Joe Maddux 4' Carolyn Martin Elizabeth McPherson Mary Medina Marie Morgan ChaI16S Norman Ann Price Ilmmy Rothrock Betty Thomas Sherry Vaughn Sandra Watkins Linda Wilson I., 1 y . I r 'I if 'fx 4 'R eg" sb' 'J Sophomore Favoutes MYGREET GARY DOUGLAS BABB if If -lr- g, 4 J a 'DQ Lg! 'ID HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING IUNIOR HIGH BUILDING reshmen F93 122612 GQJJ OXFCQFS Secretary Treasurer BARBARA ESTES Vrce Presrdent JERRY CLEPPER P1'6S1dCHt BILLY MCDONALD Parhamentanan BARBARA MCDONALD I ar! Elame Adams Paul Adams IOYCC Allen Earlene Ausun Barbara Barton Ruth Brown Rooney Butler A '- I in ,a- v ' 'A '55 A ,M ggi A 11 1 3 +,- A. iv with , 0 I fl' Carl Chaney Donna Jean Crawford ICSS16 Dater Wmrfred Duggan Jamle Kay Flelds Mary Guajardo Jerry Clepper Jannett Cr1bbs Carolyn Day Barbara Estes Curtrs Goen T1m House Q' 4 in f' 6- Li 9 -Y Reuben Hull Pat Jones Wanda Langford Ronald Leatherman Mane May Bllly McDon ald Martha Iobe Sherry Lack Earnest Leatherman Sally Madugal Barbara McDonald Joe Ort1z Wanda Presnall Cindy Reasoner Hoyte Rothrock Gale Waller Tommye Walters Gary Wllkerson Richard Ray Joey Roberts Rex Walters John Webster Nancy Walker S... If 'Q-7 MN Ni'-. f ' rg x fix!'VmJ"77 Freshman Favontes CURTIS GOEN JOEY ROBERTS unior hi Judy Armstrong E1s1e Mea Axtell Jerry Baker Albert Brogdon Sh1r1ey Burkes I0 Ann Chlpman Barbara Clary Bobby Clary Sus1e Garrett Hope Guajardo Doyle Hemgan Marrlyn Howard Joe Jackson Ronald Jones Davrd Kubosh i X Y' I vim 'ry lf' 'il YAIA QIUOQ v-Y" Mfr 19 S .1- I .4- .- J 'J J" -x , f f I o gal James Lack Russell Lack Donald Leatherman Eugene Mantzke Hxlda Medma Walter Morgan Josephme Guz Steve Ortlz Kenneth Rlce Edna Robmson Robbre Robmson Monte Roy Thomas T1erce Robert Vaughn Alfred Waters Ronme Wrlkerson Leo Ames Mollie Argumaniz Jack Armstrong Doris Ashley Patsy Ashley Ruth Austrn Nathan Bagley lack Bettls R1chard Bod1ford Llnda Boyd Joann Burkes Cecrl Butler Lester Colley Shrrley Estes Larry F1ShCI C4 Q 90912115 9r'a0Q R B 1011 S Q 1'-- n 4, 1 A 1'-4, O, H51-g. James Floyd Ianet Floyd Howard Ford Loye Frazler Bobby Goen Ray Harrah Wayne Hunter Alvm Kubosh Steve Leatherman Royce L1tt1ef1e1d Darvm McAuley Tony OTIIZ Lloyd Porter Charles Simmons Ronald Struck Kay wilson Andrew Young Glenda Youngblood Yi Tl wa- in 1 Davrd Brogdon James Brogdon Gary Butler Eddre Carnley Sharon Clary Rrchard Cr1bbs Arnold Garrett Lo1s Garrett Carolyn Gary Tommy Guajardo Glorla Guzman Patr1c1a Hall Charles Hearne Mlke Henlgan Norma Hull Anna Ienkrns 619515 graof Nancy Jones Roger Lack Mary Madrlgal Ray Madrlgal John McAuley Bernardo Oruz John Ort1z Ha.rr1son Plumlee Sandra Roberts Ray Ross Sue Rutledge Sandra Sanders Van S1mmons Patrlcla Vaughn Eldona Wnght Llnda Sue Yates 0 ' u V Q --Qc O' Duane Adams Lmda Allen Kay Lynn Barnes Pamela Bodrford Pat Chaves James Cnbbs Becky Eubanks Stanley Gamer Jesse GuaJardo V1ck1e Guess George Guzman Drmda Henderson Robbre Kampman Slocum Katrycz Doyle Kubosh Henry Madngal Manlyn Mock Pauhne Morgan Lmda Ortlz B1ll1e Patterson Janre Ph1111ps Joe Bob Plumlee Beverly Redell Anthony Rrce Elton Robmson Henry Sanders Geraldme Thomas Karen Wrggms Davxd Yates 5275 some 0111715 QIUOQ Alllllli About H0070 NUT AVAIIAII -'Y 4 I lid H1010 NOT AVAIAII I 'KN Sharon Armstrong Dell Austm Patsy Boyd Lrnda Brogdon Jewel Casler Steve Frnger Bobby Ford Ronald Hearne Lynn Henderson Mack Huddleston Garl Hull Ronrue Hull Don Ingram Tollre Katrycz Larry Lack Barbara McCarthy Sally Medma Lrnda Mooty Arturp Ort1z Bernardo OIIIZ Barbara Porter Rrcky Pugh Leonard Ross Pete Sanchez Tommre Sanchez Lucas Slmmons Glynn Thomas Sally Vaughn Robert Waterhouse Gall Youngblood P01070 N01 AVAIAICI U Judy McAu1ey Wayne McBr1de Rlchard McDonald Buddy McPherson Lmda Mock Randy Norman Delores Ort1z Mrchael Pett1t Rrcky Phrllrps Lmda Plumlee Lmda Plunkett Sammye Reddell Peggy Sanders V1Ck1C Savell Peggy Suuck Cralg Thomas Sandra Thompson Johnny Waller Johnme Waterhouse Sharon Youngblood via I iii 5 75 Jgfof hack 'fi ad 'N .4 - f ' 'Y' .QL l Davrd Ashley Lmda Brown Edward Burkes Reba Jean Byrd Carol Clary Ray DeLara Martha Dodson Kenneth F1nger Jrmmy Garner Orv111e Garrett Manuel Guzman Roger Huddleston Bobby Kampman Joe Madrlgal Davrd MBSSIC -rx 5 W -nf 'Z at , . S W' Q 3 in . ff ,iw y , - t fi , eg 1 ' I Wea S y Jah . . R-ly .-ff A zi' Q 15' V. l J .A 124 a Q . func .2 "Ii ggi ' P H Q --11. Z ,Q ta 'ax f -X , . Eddle Baker Davrd Burkes Davld Glbson Aurora Gua1ardo Elsle Guayardo Tony Guess Yolanda Guzman Wanda Harwell Conme Sue Huse Martha Ingram Davrd Lack Gary Leach Jesse Madrxgal Phyllrs McCarthy Joe Medma No hob AYIILIIII i 1,57- NU .4 x I QCQUJQMOQ fi , lsvyi W I 9:6 151 Nrcolosa Ortrz Guadalupe Ornz Judy Patterson .Toe Plunkett Bobby Reddell Donna Robinson Loretta Ross Reynold Sanchez Kathey Sanders Jerry Srmmons James Smrth Otrs Tomerlln Freddre Waterhouse Janna Wllkerson Carolyn Yates Ronda Young gk Kathle Allen Kay Allen Mehnda Ames Fernando Argumanrz Carolyn Boyd Sylvra Brown Delbert Camley Kenney Carnle Cassre C asler Ramon De Leon Elrzabeth Delgado Claudell Eubanks Ronme Fxsher Paulette Gentry Susan Golden Hrlana Guzman Dranne Hams Becky Harwell Jane Henderson James Huddleston Juduh Ann Hull Brenda Kampman Kerth Krng Bxlly Ray Leatherwood Mana Lombrano I1mm1e Kay McAuley Randy Lee McBnde Mary Jane McDonald Tommre Ortrz Brll Patterson Debra Sue Pemnger Susan Porter Della Ramez Jerry Ramez Larry Rlce Vonda Savell Suzanne Thomas Tommy Wrlson Jerry Youngblood auorites 1 Y I 2' ,L in Af' 'I J' Mr and Mlss Hlgh School BETTYE ATTEBERRY and BILLY WRIGHT 5. mu ' ' f - tff., ' Xtra' if ' QV? ' Y' 4 Q f , t ' " 5 l V, 1 ' , -' ' W .' L . -V , , , sig? , . , Y f G 4 f . ' A L- fl 5 N - ig? W Q ? . . 34 L 'M' I , F -V i , , ' X!i"",..v Q -X--fm, it -P ' 04, JN" Nir and virs Grade School HOW XRD FORD SHIRLEY ESTES o'l F H A Beau BILL WRIGHT F. F. A. Sweetheart BARBARA MCDONALD Basketball Sweetheart TOMMIE JANE SAWYER Basketball Beau IAC KIE IAC KSON Wim-ww 9 Annual Queen TOMMIE SAWYH2 LATE COMERS TEACHER S PET 'ir Cathy Phrlhps F1rst row R. Ford A Chllders J Thunder burg I Tlerce A Mendoza I Thunder burg Second row R DeLara J Tlerce S Ford A Pryor T Comer J Tierce P Pryor R Comer Test-7 Title? Author? I . ff 5 5 -, A- . Q 'ks V X ? : , . ' , . - ! 0 I ' I ' - . : , . ' , . . . , - , - , - , . . Best Groomed Girls ELSIE YOUNGBLOOD BARBARA MCDONALD TOMMIE SAWYER Best Groomed Boys DOUGLAS BABB MAC COALSON BILLY WRIGHT Best A 11 -round TOMMIE SAWYER MAC COA LSON Most Talented PA TSY ECK LES RUSS ELL COA LSON ft Q15 Most Likely to Succeed TOMMIE SAWYER ELDON CLARY se hu' n . 1 il. QA N-, W IIIICSI CAROLYN MARTIN ELDON CLARY Most Athletic in High School TOMMIE SA WYER MAC COALSON -C Q: IS 1C if if QQ '-H if Q i Most Popular Teachers MISS BALDRIDGE MR BARNETT X- ""s...... Most Athletic in Grade School JOEY JACKSON SUSIE GARRETT Most Bashful PATSY ECKLES DON KUBOSH 5 'Bm F1ve Most Beauufu1G1.r1s LINDA COALSON JOEY ROBERTS ELSIE YOUNGBLOOD TOMMIE SAWYER BARBARA MCDONALD TD ja 9541 A Flve Handsome Boys TIM HOUSE CURTIS GOEN BILLY WRIGHT MAC COA LSON RUSSELL COA LSON V ' ' ' ff f fr' grgggf'-M4 , ,,,N 1 , i " ' f 'z fi Q 5 5 " 1 ' lf 3 3 L fs ? ' 2 L L if 4 ' 747' 1 , 5 Q f I ' ? I 4 if 5 P I i 3 1 i ' 2 5 t f f I ' 1 ' - f 1 X 25 ' Q . 54 3 ,Lg V , ' fy Z, '14 , J A 'K 4 I ,Q .K V' Q 5,f:l ' ,L,, i- FARMERS Most Actwe 1n FFA and FHA TOMMIE SAWYER MAC COALSON cfr W W v US CATS X WANT YEAQBOOKS 4:3 GUYS Ill l Flrst and Last Buyers of the 58 Bulldog MAC COALSON JOYCE AMES thletics enzor jlgyf Qfrf Zasfefgaf eam Left to rrght Pat Colhns Sally Madngal Elsre Youngblood Bettye Atteberry Tommre Sawyer Sherry Lack Sh1r1eyGholson Pat Jones Barbara McDonald Ann Pr1ce Joyce ELSIE YOUNGBLOOD MR JAMES BARNETT BETTYE ATTEBERRY No 22 Glrls Coach No 23 Forward Captam Guard Captam . . . 7 D I . D I I I I Ames, Barbara Estes. Standing: Mr. Bamett, Coach. TOMMIE SAWYER SHIRLEY GHOLSON IOYCE AMES No 15 No 14 No 12 Forward Guard Guard SHERRY LACK SALLY MADRIGAL ANN PRICE No 25 No 13 No 24 Guard Forward Guard 'W PAT JONES BARBARA ESTES BARBARA MCDONALD No 28 No 11 No 29 Guard Guard Forward enzor jfyf J oys J asfefgaf yeam Left to rrght Butch Collrns Brlly McDonald Jackre Jackson Russell Coalson Mac Coalson Robert Butler Tommy Rothrock John Unbe Walter Bagley Brlly Wrrght Eldon Clary Jrmmy Rothrock Tommy Tomerlrn Standrng Brlly Locke Manager Mr McCl1ntock Coach. WALTER BAGLEY MR B E MCCLINTOCK BILLY WRIGHT No 12 Boys Coach No 22 Guard Captarn Forward Captarn JOHN URIBE BUTCH COLLINS ELDON CLARY N0 21 No 17 No 14 F0l'WaId Guard Forward RUSSELL COALSON BILLY LOCKE MAC COALSON No 20 Manager No 15 Guard Guard TOMMY TOMERLIN TOMMY ROTHROCK JACKIE JACKSON No. 13 No 24 N0 10 Guard Forward Guard w V Aww 42? unzor jfyg gzrf Zasfefgaf 790122 Left to nght Suste Garrett Patsy Ashley Hope GuaJardo Edna Robmson Judy Armstrong Janet Floyd Barbara Clary Lrnda Boyd Shtrley Estes Martlyn Howard Standmg M R T H ll Coach fi ,ZIIZIO 1' Zjoys' 739a.9fef6af 790122 Fust row, left to rlght. Andrew Young, Steve Oruz, Joe Jackson, Howard Ford, Leo Ames, Wayne Hunter, Royce Lxttlefreld, Standtng Mr. Hall, Coach, Kent Morgan, Darvrn McAuley, Ronald Jones, Jerry Baker, Tony Ortrz, Carl Ltght, Davrd Kubosh, ctiuities OFFICERS SHIRLEY GHOLSON ELIZABETH MCPHERSON LINDA COA LSON EDREY CHIPMAN PATSY ECKLES Beau CAROL ANN BABB MYRNA MCKELVY TOMMIE SAWYER JOYCE AMES ERMA DATER ufure omemcz ers 0 Jqmerzca WILLIAM YOUNG MR SAM RECTOR JOHN URIBE MAC COALSON BEN HOBSON ufure arm ers 0 'nerzca awww 8 1. f rzuer 806100111012 Joyce Ames Edrey Chxpman Shuley Gholson Tommle Sawyer Erma Jean Dater Dell Bandy Leonard Leatherman Doye Fraxzer J1mmy Mack Clary Mr Barnett 76121, 19,1013 Frrst row J Leach I Clary I Stuard C Burkes B Mantzke C Hull L Byrd Second row J Robxnson B Locke W Young I Nauons Thud row D Ashley J Ames D Kubosh V Pelpelman I Maddux D Babb B Hobson Mr Ellrs D Frazler LQ 1 y I it ,f . I , 'Y r Nfl Cn Cnp'q .JMVIYS i nh,w,.iMl M V , V. 'mf W L 75, n 4,4115 rf 1, , 'J , Q' -'Wi fi J' , , . , ff f 4 . W -fv. 4 -f .1 ' Ya, . ' Y' , . ws 4, l.' " Q j 1. - ' ... , .- 1' , flf a' ' I "' A , ,1f,f- -!'i-1-'QQT ' ' , 4? 50.14 6 'ml' Q w 4 , 1-Q In gif' Mx ,, 99' 41gd,'2L 'N , ,A,, I, X ' ' NX " - Z! f 1, ,rf w ' ' 'Z " 'r ' Hx. .1 -w . " A rv, , M My C It ' 1 'J' - ' m 4 1 A ' 4: A' v ' Ml -Xcno ' 1 A: ' 5 -P75 , 'rl P-"TEL-4 D igb A T 5 W' -asf ' - ff 1- ,5515 1 E' A 3- 'f if .ggz :Ay V-W? mil. ' ' Al' h ,N X W... ,. MW + 'A Q EQ I jsagg 1 V411 f1f,l?Y'ff? -..,- w w-Q ligfiiq ' 4,4 iqg i-lb . 7 az: ni itun- v -A -.-. lui A- . -:-- f:- 1 . I I Q 5:24 '-'- ni :iii 4 hung?"- n1uliu:: l 3 hlwlqqg I , gg . V4 liI- 1 ' ex' W L Pu'-I :- 3 ,j A nal ' 1: ,4 , lil at , . x Pl: xvt 1-I A 1 U22 1 'I 6: - wx Ii N S -Y ' 1 5 1 'wif 'mln 5 - my I a s f 7v11'.' . 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V ,K ' .,.-l14.- ,',r"'.'. .Q -fs - ' V fw2',n1w,- ..s.T3'f" ' l - O . 0 ,Q - . 2-111: ej- Z Ffa -Q... '- - A - .-. V l V ,.-. .-xl . - ' , 4 s s - 1 s . . 7 9 3 . . s 9 - . - VV D NEWBETQTQY Insurance Protectlon for People of Parker County for 40 Years 112 North Maln Street Weatherford Texas GO? The Agency That Service Built Tl-P: 1-ll-QS-J I NATIONAL BANK Weatherford Texas The Old Rellable 1S the fourth oldest natlonal bank ln the state of Texas w1th more than seventy elght years ofbanklng experlence avall able to you We would Welcome YOU as one of our many customers 37 Interest Pald on All Savmgs Accounts The First National Bank in Weatherford 0 . Tl-H: LH IL?-:NES NATIONAL.. BANK Cap1tal S150 OOO 00 Surplus S175 OOO O0 Slnce 1868 Member Federal DEPOSII Insurance Corporatlon Off1CeIS and DITSCIIOIS Offlcer s I S CAMPBELL .T W BEARD .TR COUTS HOLLAND WM F SMITH Executw I W FORD THELMA IVEY WILL BARNETT I C THOIVLAS D1rectors I W BEARD IR .T S CAMPBELL COND HARTNETT .T B W B HOBSON Presldent Pres 1dent Pr e s ldent e V1ce V1ce Pr es 1dent V1ce Asst Cash1er Asst Cash1er Asst Casluer .TACK PIC KARD BERT RAW LINS WITHERSPOON A E Z ELLERS A V Y I C C I I ' 7 ' I D , C 111111t1 . ' l . . --------- - - - ------- Cashier . . , . 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COMP LIMENTS CTQAZY VVATETQ P-ICD-VE l. Mmeral Wells Texas WZQZEQQ BEAUTY SHOP Mlllsap Texas Reglstered Hampshues See or Call JCDI-NNI LJTQIEE MU Z 3460 Pr omotlng Me at Hogs . l Phone 55 S . , I- I i J . 1 ' N I 1 1' DUNLOP TIRE STORE co: ,.f':f7'0s gf Quahy co Two Stores Servlng the Mlllsap Area for 20 Years " ear Wheel Balanclng Road Serv1ce T1res Are Our Bus1ness Phone 33 or 2330 Mlneral Wells Phone LY 4 2612 or LY 4 7442 Weatherford, Texas JONES THEATRES Weatherford JONES DRIVE IN THEATRE PALACE THEATRE PLAZA THEATRE ff-YE fo: c:fJ..z 3, fm Ye-SQ fl! Z 1:1 Q 'IQCDTI-ITQOC K IMPLEMENT CO 1105 Ranger Hwy Ferguson Tractors Sales and Servlce Weatherford, Texas Phone LY4 3372 INAATQSDE NS SHOE STORE Sports Equlpment Ivhneral Wells Texas . I O I ". I - U h 'nf' NDAHE OWNED B '- ' n . . - - - E -Y--- .LY X A Y I 5' 1 . " El -1114 5 -:af 5 317' : , . 4 M , 0 0 5 . .' f-. A ggi. vw--gg.. 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' - if BRALQDS TQIVEIQ GAS CORPORATION GAS Makes Your Home as Modern as Tomorrow M1neral Wells Texas COO KS GRO MKT Complete Founta1n Serv1ce M1neral Wells, Texas Smce 1904 DCDSTCDN DRY GOODS M1nera1 Wells, Texas VVHITES FUNERA L HOME Insurance From S100 00 to 1 000 00 for the Fam11y Oxygen Equlpped Ambulance Phone LY 4 3811 Weatherford Texas HAINA I L.'l'CDIXl ROOFING COMPANY "Roofs That Last 910 Palo Pmto Street Weatherford Texas Phone LY 4 2237 7fZg4ff5Z6'Z9 CAPE 110 West Hubbard Mmeral Wells, Texas Qsfzfa CAPE Located on U S 80 at Brazos Rwer Br1dge KE N NEDY LUIVIBER COMPANY Call the Number LY 4 2788 1234 Fort Worth I-llghway Weatherford Texas fP1CtUTC Frammgj I O , l ' I 95 , - ' The Store With the Goods Ail'-C0I1difi0f1ed and , I ll , I VVQENS DRUG STORE Phone 4 2734 Phone LY 4 2734 N S1de Square Weatherford Texas There s a Ford 1n Your Future 'FU R D. Fl I S3195 Servlce BEN MCADAMS Weatherford Texas S8:S IEWELERS Offrce Phone 252 FA 5 3701 EUGENE D SMITH JESS E SHATTLES 414 North Oak Mrneral Wells Texas Elgln Bulova Longrnes Wrttnauer and Wyler Watches Expert Watch and Jewelry Repalrmg Lovebnght Dramonds Rogers and Communrty Srlver ECDTKINS JEWELRY Cert1f1ed Watchmaker All Work Guaranteed 204 N Oak Mmeral Wells Texas ED LEE MOTOR CO 510 East Hubbard Mlneral Wells Texas Your Frlendly Chevrolet Dealer ws-1 l'l'E'S AUTO STORE 210 North Oak Ph FA 5 4511 M1neral Wells Texas Home of Greater Values Compllments of BALJNA 'Ze CATQLOCIQ AMBULANCE SERVICE M1neral Wells, Texas Ph FA 5 4422 Congratulatlons , Sen1or s From Your WEATHERFORD SAFEWAY STORE "We GIVE SCOTTIE Stamps" I as 5 , 11 f , ' 1 ,ix- 1 '7. 1, - ?. ' . - 1 x S , 4 x 5 1 I I Q - I - I 1 I Y . , . 4. - . s 9 CL ' QI Open Year Round PP KING S ROLLER RINK Spr1ngtoWn Hwy Clean Fun Healthful Wholesome Open Every N1ght Except Sunday Thursdays Reserved for Partles Phone LY 4 6770 EYED IXAETQTQ VI' T INC Pur1na Chows Feed and Seed Phone LY 4 4852 133 E Sprlng St Weatherford Texas CE C 1 L.. HAYES GROCERY 8: STATION Cool Texas SARA ECDYD THE SPECIALTY SHOP M1neral Wells Texas VVHVTE AUTO STORE 210 N Oak M1neral Wells Texas Phone FA5 4511 Home of Greater Values NACQGAN Xe VVA L. KE? M1neral Wells Texas SINCLAIR PRODUCTS 500 East Hubbard L.CYD VVALKET2 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY M1neral Wells Texas PETE MCCLESKEY S HOTEL REXALL DRUG STORES Hotel Drug No l Crazy Water Hotel Bldg Phone FA 5 2555 Hotel Drug No 2 Baker Hotel Bldg Phone FA 5 3351 M1neral Wells Texas We G1ve S 8: H Green Stamps Groceries - Meats - Vegetables "Outfitters to Gentlewornen" 1-ICDF-1: IXAANS DEPARTMENT STORE Mineral Wells Texas Phone FA 5 4252 Value Courtesy Service We Give S Sz H Green Stamps WAT E125 SUPER MARKET Weatherford Texas RANKIN C LEANERS Z9 LAUNDR Y 1107 South Main St Dial LY4 3102 Weatherford Texas Mothpr oofing and Sanitoning 1-CDS I ER SUPPLY CO .T W FOSTER .TR Owner Seeds Fertilizers and Insecticides Behind Post Office Weatherford Texas CRANFORD S CLEANERS PERRY L ALLGOOD Mineral Wells Texas WASHERBURN GRO We Sell Conoco Gas and Give Green Stamps Cool Texas PIONEER OIL CO 516 Palo Pinto Phone LY 4 9123 Weatherford Texas KZEE Voice of Parker County Weatherford Texas HEIVIPHILL GROGAIN MOTOR CO New and Used Cars 311 North Main St Phone LY 4 4761 Weatherford Texas LONG S BEAUTY SHOP First Place Trophy in Hair Cutting Parker Hotel Weatherford Texas Phone LY 4 4114 I - l Q I , n, Pick Up and Delivery Irrigation Equipment HAROLD CONEY INSURANCE F1re Auto Bonds Burglary L1ab1l1ty Weatherford Texas Phone LY 4 3877 120 Houston COTTEN BRATTON FURNITURE COMPANY Funeral D1rectors Weatherford Texas Phone LY 4 2711 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE So S1de Square Weatherford Texas LINDSAY MOTOR COMPANY 427 Palo P1HtO Street Weatherford LY 4 2728 PHARO 8: JAMES GROCERY 8: MARKET 113 North Maln Weatherford Texas PIGGLY WIGG LY M1neral Wells Texas Congratulat1ons Senlors WEATHERFORD TRANSFER CO Agent for AlI1ed Van Llnes Pack1ng 107 South Ma1n Weatherford Phone LY 4 2723 WALKER NASH COMPANY 2767 North Oak Avenue Mlneral Wells Texas Phone FA 5 2811 MURRAY OIL COMPANY Ph1ll1pS 66 D1str1butor Weatherford Texas NORMAN JEWELRY Guaranteed Watch Repalr Watches D1amonds Jewelry Sllver Ch1na 124 North Maln Weatherford Tex PATTERSON S GROCERY 1800 East Hubbard The Place for Fresh Fru1ts and Vegetables W E BECK SERVICE STATION 421 Palo P1nto Street Mechanlc on Duty' Phone LY 4 9126 Flrestone T1res and Tubes . 7 I 3 3 3 , - - I 7 Y Moving - Storage - Crating - 3 , . . , . Y C5 ' Y GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE So Slde Square Weatherford Texas WELLS SHAW MOTORS DeSoto Plymouth M1neral Wells Texas DARBY WHOLESALE SERVICE D1str1butors of Nat1onally Advert1sed Merchand1se Weatherford Texas THE HUB Nat1onally Advert1sed Brands Are Your Assurance of Quallty Weatherford Texas Compl1ments I I WALKER HUGHC WALKER FA 5 5055 614 S E 6th Ave Mmeral Wells Texas For a Frosty Treat Get a Tasty Sweet at the DAIRY MART Weatherford Texas The Gang W1ll Be There MONTGOMERY WARD Phone LY4 2777 Weatherford Texas JACOBS JEWELRY 81 MUSIC Watches Store F1ne D1amonds Mus1c Lessons N1ghtly Weatherford Texas ANDERSON S STATION 8: GRO Ph1ll1ps 66 Gasohne 9 M1les West on Hlghway 80 Brock Junct1on BUTLER GROCERY at MARKET 922 Palo P1nto St Weatherford Texas Phone LY 4 2852 Good Thmgs to Eat Compllments MR AND MRS MARVIN RUTLEDGE DAIRYMEN'S FEED STORE HOCKADAY FEED 8: SEED 505 South Oak Phone FA 5 3500 M1r1eralWel1s Texas Everythlng 1n Feed and Seed Purlna Chows GRDER OFFICE Longines - Wittnauer A AND B CAFE MR AND MRS A E WILLIAMS Mlllsap Texas SPARKS GULF' STATION 1219 S E 6th Ave M1neral Wells Texas Ph Fa 5 9010 CLARK S STATION Gasollne GIOCGIICS Mlllsap Texas JACK O LANTERN Open 24 Hours South of Crazy Mlneral Wells Texas ROQUEMORE S STATION Ph 29173 Gas Welchng Blacksmlth Mlllsap Texas HARRINGTON DRESS SHOP Where Your Buslness Is Appreclated 108 N E lst LUNDAY MEAT C OMPAN Y Lockers for Rent Ph Fa 5 6601 815 N Oak M1neral Wells Texas N S NEW CITY BAKERY M1neral Wells Texas ARMSTRONG S BARBER SHOPPE Mlneral Wells Texas S 8: S WASHATERIA Phone FA 5 4525 701 South East Slxth Ave Mlneral Wells Texas BLUE S GROCERY Qulck Check Seven Eleven Mmeral Wells, Texas MOORE S EVERGREEN FEED STORE More Quahty for Less Cost More Productlon for Less Feed Phone LY 4 7569 204 206 Ft Worth Street Weatherford Texas . . , 1 . ' O D 3 3 1 ' , 1 1 Mineral Wells, Texas s . , 3 I . , ' ! I O . as - , It ' i BQDCDSQ M 8: W Varlety G1lbert Sz Roquemore Statlon Mlneral Wells Plpe and Supply Carter Ivy Dalton s Tackle Shop Par Oaks Golf Course Tommy McFarland Edward EZ Ford D Ienkms T P Everett Vlctor Scherer Hardware Open House Avalon Studlo Mack s S1ncla1r Stat1on Mr and Mrs C Ray Herrlng Keeney s Offlce Supplles Southslde Super Market Duke Sz Ayres Brooksh1re Furnlture Bartlett Furnlture Nook Cafe Odom s Barber Shop Mode O Day Perry I.. Allgood Whaley s Cleaners M1neral Wells Mmeral Wells Mmeral Wells Weatherford M1neral Wells Weatherford Weatherford Ivhneral Wells Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Mlneral Wells Weatherford M1neral Wells M1neral Wells Mlneral Wells Mmeral Wells Mlneral Wells M1neral Wells M1neral Wells M1neral Wells Mlneral Wells Mlneral Wells Weatherford A , ,Q p p p ncaa City Pharmacy Weatherford K if R PUBLISHING co Xgfv V 5 WWW 1 N Qykrx 7 - ,..1 -"'A"' f 1 .. Y -' f----q-- ---' , ff - ' 1 'KL' 'ii

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