Millsap High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Millsap, TX)

 - Class of 1957

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Millsap High School - Bulldog Yearbook (Millsap, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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de? 7257 published by THE ANNUAL STAFF OF MILLSAP HIGH SCHOOL Millsa p, Texas FN og 27 Vw... To our librarian and friend who has helped us so much: Because she is loved by all who know her, Because she is interested in helping teachers find just the right book or article with which to enrich their teachings, Because she creates and maintains a pleasant cooperative spirit during study hall period, We wish to dedicate this annual to Mrs. Norma Jean Barnes, Millsap School Librarian. T 14 Smgf PEGGY RAY - - - - - -Business Manager LARRY GOEN - - - - - - Sports Editor SUE PARKER - - - - - Assistant Editor NORMA SAWYER - - - - Snapshot Editor TERECIA FRISBIE - - ----- Editor BETTY FORD - - - - - - Assistant Business Manager MISS SUE GILLILAND ------------ SPOHSOI' BUSTER NATIONS ----- Assistant Snapshot Editor Superintendent MR. J. O, PHILLIPS The chief purpose of education is to help individuals become increasingly self- directive and capable of creative and purposeful living. The human personality is not fixed at birth by inflexible factors of heredity: rather, it grows and develops as the in- dividual lives in interaction with his environment. Heredity does set some limits to this growth, of course, but within these limits the possibilities are varied and rich. Every individual should be helped to study and under- stand himself as a unique personality, growing, changing, and developing in constant response to the pressures and stimuli of the time and place in which he lives. Knowledge of self can help him become increasingly confident, resourceful, and capable of planning for himself and taking the initiative in adjusting to his environment so as to make his life more satisfactory. Some individuals are handicapped, it is true, by physical or mental deficiencies which restrict their progress in maturing into able, serene adults: but these cases are exceptions. Modern psychologists hold that the vast majority of people are capable of growing and of adjusting, at their own level of adaptability, to the demands and opportunities which surround them. The seniors have worked hard and have made this yearbook possible for this school. They are finishing one step in their career and are adjusting to future needs. We wish for them a satisfactory life. gs l s l 1 F About one hundred years ago John Soule said, "Go West, Young Man. " Horace Gree- ley elaborated this quotation, which was good advice to those hardy pioneering young people of the mid-nineteenth century. Pioneering then had its geographical lim- its. Those limits have been reached. I believe that if either of those great men lived today his advice would be, "Go to school, young people." There still remains even greater opportu- nities today in pioneering, not in lands, but in science, sociology, and government. The world needs young men and women to meet this great pioneering challenge. My message, then, is very simple, "Be prepared. " High School Principal ff A X P MR, JAMES T, BARNETT The BULLDOG comes to you again with a pictorial history of the current school year. It is a record of work well done. It is also a challenge to keep alive in memory the activities of the year that shall be a part of our lives in the days that lie ahead--all to the end that each may do well the job he may undertake in the future. Ishould like to congratulate the student body for supporting sucha worthy cause and the staff and sponsor for sucha fine product. Elementary Principal MR, C. W, CROSSLIN AU GU ST SEPTEMBER OC TOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 13 JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY 30 4 5 6 12 12 17 24 27 27 28 1 2 2-4-5 6 9 10-11 16 18 23 26 29 1 2 5 14 15 17 19 22-23 29-30 3 6-7-8 14-15 18 22-31 1 17-18 25 4 14 4 8 29 1 19 6 17 19 20 ,lm 7?56-7957 Registration Classes began Seniors received rings Class officers elected FHA and FFA Meeting Christmas card project started FFA Initiation Faculty and trustee party FHA Beau elected FHA Initiation FFA Sweetheart election Sophomore Party FHA and FFA Meeting Boys' Intramural Tournament State Fair of Texas High-School Favorites and Who's Wh First Six Weeks' Tests First basketball game School pictures made Grade School Favorites elected Halloween Carnival FHA Party Junior Party Visit to X-ray Unit FHA and FFA Meeting FHA Field Trip Shower in Mrs. Rector's honor Area V FFA Contest Freshman Party Second Six Weeks' Tests Thanksgiving Holidays FHA and FFA Meeting Weatherford Basketball Tournament Gordon Basketball Tournament First Conference Game Christmas Holidays New Year's Day Mid-Term Tests Senior Day at T, C.U. FHA and FFA Meeting Valentine Party FHA and FFA Meeting Junior Play Senior Play FHA and FFA Meeting Easter Holidays FHA and FFA Meeting Grade-School Graduation Baccalaureate High-School Graduation o elected I- fclcu MR. BILL ANDERS Boys' Coach Math B.S., N.T.S.C. MRS. RUTH BAKER Third Grade B.s., T.w.c. MRS. NORMA JEAN BARNES Librarian MR. J. T. BARNETT Girls' Coach Driver Education Weatherford College B.B.A., M.Ed., N.T.S.C. MRS. I. T, BARNETT Homemaking B.S.. N.T.S.C. MR, E, L, BEDFORD Social Science B.S.. M.Ed.. T.W,C, MRS, HUBERT BENNETT Fourth Grade N. T. S.C.. T.C.U. MR. HUBERT BENNETT Math B. S. . N. T. S.C. M. Ed. , T.C. U. MR. C. W. CROSSLIN Grade School Principal English B.S., T.W.C. MR. D. L. ELLIS Social Studies B.A., N.T.S.C. MISS ROSA GAMMILL Fifth Grade B.S., M.Ed., N.T.S.C. MISS SUE GILLILAND English B.A,., T.C.U. M.A., University of Texas MRS. J. E, GRANSTAFF Visiting Teacher B. 5. . T. S. C. W. MR. R. J. HALL Sixth Grade B, A, , M,A, , Texas A8c1 MRS, NELLE KELL Second Grade B. S. . T. W. C. MRS, JEWEL LACK Substitute Teacher N, T, S, C, MRS, SAM D. RECTOR Homemaking B, S, , N. T, S, C. MRS, OLETA WARD Business Biology B.S,, M.Ed., T.W.C. MRS. RAY LAMKIN Music MRS, HAZEL MCDERMOTT First Grade B, A, , University of Indiana MR, SAM D. RECTOR Agriculture B.S., Texas A8LM LUNCHROOM WORKERS Mrs. Ruth Garner, Mrs. Mae Wright, Mrs. Lovell Mooty. i' E MAINTENANCE MEN . Luke Armstrong, Mr. Grady Cornelius, Mr. John McAuley. High-School Building Gymnasium N4 hi asf 5 gms? IEJTLQ " 6 QW Q ' Aw l0l'S m Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS NORMA SAWYER - - ---- Treasurer MARTHA HAYES ---- Parlramentarran GENE HILLIARD - - - - Vice President PEGGY RAY -------- Secretary PHILIP HOBSON - - ---- President MISS SUE GILLILAND - - Sponsor Class Favorites PEGGY RAY GENE HILLIARD MELVIN ARMSTRONG Junior Play Senior Play Basketball 4 FFA 1-2-3-4 CURTIS BUTLER FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Reporter 1 Junior Play Senior Play Class Secretary 3 TEX CAMPBELL FFA 1-2-3-4 Junior Play Senior Play FFA Vice President 3 Candidate - King 3 SUE CHANDLER Basketball 1-2-3 Captain 3 FHA Song Leader 3 FHA Vice President 4 Class Treasurer 2 Volleyball 1-2-3 Junior Play Senior Play FHA 1-2-3-4 Queen Candidate 1 BETTY FORD Class Officer 1-2-3 FHA Secretary 2-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Softball 1-2-3 Volleyball 3 Basketball Sweetheart 3 Junior Play Senior Play Annual staff Most Scholarly 4 TERECIA FRISBIE Basketball 2 Volleyball 2-3-4 Senior Play Junior Play Class Treasurer 3 FHA 1-2-3-4 Annual staff FHA Treasurer 4 LARRY GOEN FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Senior Play FHA Beau 3 Annual Staff Class Favorite 3 King Candidate 4 Basketball Manager 3 MARTHA HAYES FFA Sweetheart 2 Basketball Manager FHA Officer 2-3-4 Miss High School 4 All-round Girl 4 Most Courteous 4 Class Officer 2-4 Junior Play Senior Play 3 Most Beautiful Girl 4 GENE HILLIARD Class Favorite 4 Senior Play 4 Vice President - Class 4 Handsomest Boy 4 PHILIP HOBSON FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Judging 2 FFA Officer 1-4 Junior Play Senior Play FHA Play 3 Class President 4 MARILYN JACKSON Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 1-2-3-4 Class Favorite 2 FHA Officer 2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 FFA Sweetheart 4 Most Beautiful Girl 4 Volleyball 1-2-3-4 Junior Play Senior Play ROYCE LAMKIN FHA 1-2-3-4 FHA Play 3 Junior Play Senior Play Class Favorite 3 FHA Officer 3 Interscholastic League 2-3-4 i JIMMY McKENZIE Junior Play Volleyball 3 Senior Play Interscholastic League 3-4 BUSTER NATIONS FFA 1-2 Class President 1-2 FFA Play 3 Senior Play Junior Play Basketball 3 FFA Vice President FFA Historian 4 Annual Staff SUE PARKER Basketball 2-3-4 Senior Play Class Officer 3 Softball 2-3-4 Volleyball 2-3-4 Annual Staff FHA Parliamentarian 4 Most Active in Sports 4 Queen Candidate 4 Basketball Sweetheart 4 PEGGY RAY FHA Historian 4 Class Favorite 4 Junior Play Senior Play Class Officer 4 Annual Staff 4 Volleyball 3-4 Softball 3-4 Cheerleader 4 Centennial Queen 4 NORMA SAWYER Basketball 1-2-3-4 Captain 3 Junior Play Senior Play Class Favorite 1 Class Treasurer 4 Volleyball 1-2-3 -4 Annual Staff Most Beautiful FHA Officer 2-3-4 NANCY THREATT FHA 1-2-3-4 Basketball 2 Junior Play Senior Play FHA Play Queen Candidate 3 JOHN EARL TOMERLIN Class Favorite 2 Senior Play Junior Play FFA 1-2 -3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Softball 2-3 Handsomest Boy 4 FFA Reporter 2-3 JAMES WATKINS Junior Play Senior Play Interscholastic League 2 3 4 h t1me. Rest time! YET '2f,"'k?"QY l"f3T'f3SlE Music class! Twachers??? 1 N 1 W df+Qr: 5 Favor4te1 Schcol sang comprsed Cgtgbgyslc ihymviami Leach, La! Q if kg 3 gi w I n Halloween practice! ge rnvm 5 4 f , TW Y vga, 9 nf Ducnews A hurry AK u C Jxl7aw Nniwv We E w Sf' ing? Lg F lging and Queen .,,,,,,,.....-.ff-M EL wx! Grady! Mffiii "m'?M .?.2?G3 ff AQQQLAA OTS JUNIOR CLA SS OFFICERS MAC COALSON - - - - Parliamentarian PATSY ECKLES - - - - - Vice President CAROL BABB ----- ---- Pr esident TOMMYE SAWYER - - ---- Treasurer SHIRLEY GHOLSON - - - - - Secretary MR, BILL ANDERS - - ---- Sponsor Class Favorites PATSY ECKLES DOYE FRAZIER JOYCE AMES CAROLINE ASHLEY CAROL ANN BABB WALTER BAGLEY Picfure Noi Availabk DAVID BENNETT I. A. BROGDON LOWELL BYRD EDREY CHIPMAN ELD ON CLARY ,TIM MY CLARY RAY CLEPPER MAC COALSON RUSSELL COALSON PAUL COLLINS ERMA DATER PATSY EC KLES L .Hn- N C. P. FLOYD DOYE FRAZIER SHIRLEY GHOLSON JERRY DON LEATHERMAN LEONARD LEATHERMAN LINNESS MCDONALD XM-R rf CARL MOORE TOMMY ROTHROCK JERREL RUTLEDGE TOMMIE SAWYER SHIRLEY TAYLOR CARL STOUT JOHN URBIE MONTY WIGGINS S0 YES SOPHOMORE CLA SS OFFICERS DARRELL ASHLEY - - - Parliamentarian BILL WRIGHT ---- - President JACKIE JACKSON - - -- - - Secretary BETTYE ATTEBERRY - - - - - Treasurer MRS, OLETA WARD - - ---- Sponsor WILLIAM YOUNG - - - - Vice President ge Class Favorites BILL WRIGHT LUCILLE GATLIN If VI'mWIM" 'K 2 T""'7 ' 'K K 5 . A , ' xl A S U 4.5 . -. 'Q .'L3':o':s' 4 -'.-1.-'. .. . " Q' Q" g f i an 1 f., v',p' ' . . gp .0 X, 4 -, .f.:,, ,-0 Q , 'o, . Q , ,Q - , . af n 1 :GPS '25 Ur' v' of " 71 ami" if W 11 Derrel Ashley Bettye I erry Gillis Atteberry Bagley Brown Wi! lar' hm-of Robert Bernice Lucille Joe Butler Dater Gatlin Gua jardo xi 3 ,""' B B KQLX :Qt Ben jackie Don Glynda Hobson Jackson Kubosh Littlefield Billy Joyce Aurora Wilma Locke Loveless Madrigal Martin Dolores Myrna Jack IOUIIHY McKelvy McKelvy Nations PHTFCTSOU Vernon John 1 Jerry Eamest Peipelman Robinson Stuard T ay lor Tommy Billy William Elsie Tomerlin Wright Young Youngblood 'Q 5, ,jffil P A H'-xg? .,-r sv. '73 ,gran 7, Z L 8 M ,K - ,x...,,.- ,W A A, - V ----'-f- 'ig L1 Q-xi, ,wugfamgqg mfg: me 7? V ' -Hn pw --iww 1 M Y w M fuedf we-'H 'H-new x fs, , 'iii Wasil' 7' -Q. 1 few? gm 4 -we was fm- ? 3 e Lwliix. X. ,ns , E? 5 H, Eg? Tyan E H mf? X , 1? - , 1. ' A 1 ff grw Y AF Qu , , f f if fl 'G E g fm 'L 2 f ,awww rig: il' , E A5 " ,Lag i ,X 5 ,Q E - 3 ,: f 2 g' af' A , , ,NM F x' 1 W , 1. ' 221' Z ...,,, 2 iii, it Wifi' rm ,X , I. . W- ' - ifaff. L 'yffgfflf-JEL "-' AfQMQF?M.?QffTW , ifwW3iW?H H' '3MM4??HL?uh 553535, ' fi ? 4967? Y f 1 - '.,.,.. M - rf '51, vw , A xl 'W elf ni51 feta Q ' ' L' Q 44 :sf 1. .F fm f W ' ' " QA if M N I Initatimnymw ww, 5-,. xiii, if . W ,-.., nw 1. Q-my , 5 .N sift "1 2 wvwy 3 ,s K -Q if vw 'W 2? . A H ' f ' " 55? New mx , v ag"'w-. . ?" V Hia . my .fri U wax I iw . 'WS -my ' L 'a K J gi ' ' 5 'sw 5 V 1 gf .W tus., ff 555 n, U F-. www : y 2-3"'2.L ' S ,. A "' ' 541'-wb' 1 ' A A4 3agg ' W M-f?'- - f' -u 1 v ,.. X A iii 2 . y IQ 4 .E A A Nm, 2 gp 2 , Z 'mf -.vw 1 ....X...... bi. 5- S, 'Fai -k 3 ,, X niwrs :I i 55 s Li 'ada-1 freshmen "ZW" FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DOUGLAS BABB - - ---- Treasurer FRANK PATINO - - - - Vice President MARY MEDINA - - - - - Parliamentarian LINDA COALSON - - - - President MR, DARWIN ELLIS - - - - Sponsor JIM LEACH ----- - - Secretary ' . r ji 'Q Z2 12 vw I Class Favorites A g ANN PRICE , ,Q 1 JIM LEACH s -E 15 is ,. ,L 2 Jerry Ames Douglas Babb Fred Bannowsky Earl Barton Linda Coalson Pat Collins Shirley Cowley Mygreet Gary Jerry Key Annelle Lack R vx Jim Leach Joe Maddux Carolyn Martin Bill McBee Elizabeth McPherson Mary Medina Marie Morgan Charles Norman Larry M. Odom Beatrice Ortiz rim. Linda Ortiz Frank Patino Ann Price Jimmy Rothrock Carolyn Struck Betty Thomas Sherry Vaughn Sandra Watkins Linda Wilson .vw-4" Delores McKelvy, Bernice Dater, Peggy Ray, Otis Tomerlin, Myrna McKelvy, Mygreet Gary, Mrs. Oleta Ward, Sponsor. SCHOOL SONG There is a school in Texas , A wonderful place to be: It stands for truth and loyalty And love beyond degree: We love everything it stands for, The goodness and the graceg And altogether we'll make our school A kind and happy place. Millsap, Millsap, Wherever we may roam, Millsap High School Forever will be our home. We go forth always with hope in our eyes: We love to shout our own victory criesg We love you dear Millsaps God grant that we Be loyal and faithful, Our school to thee. School Song Composer ROYCE ELAINE LAMKLN 'Rl 49414 Earlene Austin Barbara Barton Ruth Brown Rooney Butler Carl Chaney Winifred Duggan Barbara Estes Curtis Goen Mary Guajardo Patsy Jones Sherry Lack Joyce Leatherman Ronald Leatherman Royce Leatherman Helen McBee Barbara McDonald Joe Ortiz Fernando Patino Richard Ray Cindy Reasoner Joey Roberts Hoyte Rothrock Gale Waller Ray Gene White Judy Armstrong Jerry Baker Albert Brogdon Io Ann Chipman Barbara Clary Bobby Clary Sue Flowers Susie Garrett Hope Guajardo Doyle Henigan Marilyn Howard Joe Jackson Ronald Jones David Kubosh James Lack Russell Lack Donald Leatherman Carl Light Hilda Medina Kent Morgan John Ortiz Josephine Ortiz Steve Ortiz Edna Robinson Robbie Robinson Monte Roy Sandra Sipes Tom Tierce Robert Vaughn Alfred Waters Leo Ames Mollie Argumaniz Jack Armstrong Doris Ashley Patsy Ashley Ruth Austin Nathan Bagley Richard Bodiford Linda Boyd Cecil Butler Lester Colley Shirley Estes James Floyd Janet Floyd Howard Ford Loye Frazier Henry Gann Bobby Goen Ora Jane Graves Horace Hull Alvin Kubosh Steve Leatherman Royce Littlefield Darvin McAuley Randy Odom Antony Ortiz Lloyd Porter Glenda Wilson Andrew Young Glenda Youngblood Barbara Ann Bagley David Brogdon James Ray Brogdon Gary Butler Eddie Carnley Sharon Clary Amold Garrett Lois Garrett Carolyn Gary Tommy Guajardo Gloria Guzman Patricia Hall Charles Heame Mike Henigan Anna Jenkins Nancy Jones Roger Lack Mary Madrigal Ray Madrigal John Mc Auley Bernardo Ortiz John Ortiz Harrison Plumlee Sandra Roberts Ray Ross Tommy Rushing Sue Rutledge Sandra Sanders Helen Taylor Patty Vaughn Sammy White- Eldonna Wright Linda Sue Yates Marilyn Mock Pauline Morgan Elvira Ortiz Linda Ortiz Oswaldo Patino Billie Patterson Janie Phillips Harry Pierce Ioe Bob Plumlee Willie Rather Beverly Reddell Elton Robinson Leonard Ross Henry Sanders Linda Struck Geraldine Thomas Patty Lou Wallace Robert Waterhouse Karen Wiggins David Yates 7414154 Lawrence Bannowsky Kay Lynn Bames Pamela Bodiford Linda Brogdon Theresa Bruton Jim Edgin Sharon Ford Earvin Gann Stanley Garner Jesse Guajardo Vickie Guess George Guzman Drenda Henderson Linda Hull Robbie Kampman Slocum Katrycz Doyle Kubosh Joyce Light Henry Madrigal Linda McBee Sharon Armstrong Mary Dell Austin lla Bagley Patsy Boyd Jewell Casler Reaves Edgin Kathleen Fincher Steve Finger Bobby Ford Henrietta Garza Manuel Garza Ronald Hearne Lynn Henderson Mary Holloway Mack Huddleston Ronnie Hull Anatol Katrycz Larry Lack 74:Jui?za-de W? Barbara McCarthy Sally Medina Linda Mooty Arturo Ortiz Bernardo Ortiz Delores Ortiz Leanor Ortiz Lupe Patino Barbara Porter Charles Prather Ricky Pugh Glen Thomas Stevens Von Sternberg Johnny Waterhouse Gayle Youngblood Roger Huddleston Bobby Kampman Calvin Light Joe Madrigal Judy McAuley Wayne McBride Buddy McPherson Linda Mock Randy Norman Michael Pettit Ricky Phillips Linda Plumlee Sammie Reddell Loretta Ross Peggy Sanders Vickie Savell Craig Thomas Sandra Thompson John Waller Sharon Youngblood ecoowl David Ashley Alfred Bagley Linda Brown Reba Byrd Carol Clary Ray DeLara Kenneth Finger Melvin Gann Jimmy Garner Orville Garrett Manuel Guzman Bennie Holloway and Eddie Lynn Baker Darrell Boatman Kenny Carnley John Edgin Linda Gann Gilbert Garza David Gibson Aurora Guajardo Elsie Guajardo Tony Guess Yolarda Guzman Wanda Harwell Shirleen Hull Connie Sue Huse David Lack dw! Gary Leach Jesse Madrigal Joe Medina Phyllis McCarthy Sherry Odom Guadalupe Ortiz Nicolosa Ortiz Judy Patterson William Patterson Susan Porter Delia Ramos Bobby Reddell Donna Robinson Cathey Sanders James Smith Otis W. Tomerlin Freddie Waterhouse Carolyn Yates Ronda Young ,A Q , , if . - if .LW 'Z' m"2:,:a: 'fs-mfg, ., NSN iies AW?-Vw X ww, ,M ,, 5 1 X Mr. High School MAC COALSON Miss High School MARTHA HELEN HAYES BEST ALL-ROUND BOY Mac Coalson WA BEST ALL ROUND GIRL Martha Hayes - F, F, A. BEAU Mac.Coalson F. H. A, SWEETHEA RT Marilyn Jackson BASKETBALL SWEETHEART Sue Parker BASKETBALL BEAU Bin wright 'H u,..,,,s'b YY FIVE HANDSOMEST BOYS Billy Wright - Russell Coalson John Earl Tomerlin - Mac Coalson - Gene Hilliard IYM"x fi Lv! Mv- .we SM 1Q"""9- WV' 'Safe' f""17" FIVE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS Marilyn Jackson - Linda Coalson Martha Hayes - Norma Sawyer - Elsie Youngblood 'Q-l-ef 70443 7044 MOST POPULAR TEACHERS MOST ACTIVE IN F. H. A, AND F. F, A Mrs. Ward - Mr. Ellis Martha Hayes - Mac Coalson MOST SCHOLARLY MOST COURTEOUS Betty Ford - Eldon Clary Mac Coalson - Martha Hayes 70 4 0 f MOST BASHFUL 4 Jerry Bagley - Patsy Eckles -4O. , , ,,, 9 FRIENDLIEST Martha Hayes - Mac Coalson MOST ACTIVE IN SPORTS IN MOST ACTIVE IN SPORTS IN HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH Sue Parker - Monty Wiggins Barbara McDonald - Curtis Goen '1""" HALLOWEEN QUEEN HALLOWEEN KING Tommye Sawyer Mac Coalson EEL HALLOWEEN DUCHESS HALLOWEEN DUKE Joey Roberts Winifred Duggan L f , N ,f L A Gg x, ,, .:55:.ff 5 314? -Sw. .. 4, 5, if viz -,5.. .y11,- 555.151 1 4' W, .fm V L . il ,Wi at ' l Q Ngff ics .., n 7 enc2va"? 7eam Pat Collins, Elsie Youngblood, Bettye Atteberry, Norma Sawyer, Sue Parker, Marilyn Jackson, Joyce Ames, Shirley Gholson, Tommye Sawyer, Lucille Gatlin, Co-Managerg Mr. James Barnett, Coach: Martha Hayes, Manager. TOMMYE SAWYER MR. JAMES BARNETT CAROLINE ASHLEY NO. 15 Coach No. 11 Forward-Guard Guard Calnain Captain NORMA SAWYER SHIRLEY GHOLSON SUE PARKER No. 28 No. 14 No. 29 Forward Guard Forward-Guard Euan ELSIE YOUNGBLOOD BILL WRIGHT MARILYN JACKSON No. 22 Basketball Beau NO. 21 Forw ard-Guard Forward-Guard .tr 1 .'Z. ff J Y 2 ,,BBa Q ,L N2 BETTYE ATTEBERRY PAT COLLINS JOYCE AMES No, 23 No. 20 No. 25 Guard Forward Forward-Guard 4 ' J eawfzocfa mm Paul Collins, Lowell Byrd, John Tomerlin, Russell Coalson, Mac Coalson, Tommy Rotluock, Melvin Armstrong, Jimmy Clary, Bill Wright, Eldon Clary, Tommy Tomer- lin, Jackie Jackson, Mr. Bill Anders, Coach. Coach - MR, BILL ANDERS JOHN TOMERLIN, Co-Captain MAC COALSON, Co-Captain im: , v ig. V, ,. BILL WRIGHT MELVIN ARMSTRONG RUSSELL COALSON NO- 19 No. 17 No. 23 F01'W31'd Center Guard Nat, 'CQ 5 TOMMY ROTHROCK SUE PARKER PAUL COLLINS No. 16 Basketball No. 11 Center Sweetheart Guard JIMMY CLARY JACKIE JACKSON ELDON CLARY NO- 21 No. 10 No. 13 Camel' Guard Forward . ' . W. G. Waller, H. McBee, H. Guajardo, S. Sipes, C. Reasoner, B. McDonald, J. Leather man, P. Jones, S. Lack, B. Estes, J. Roberts, B. Clary. J. Armstrong, R. Brown, Mr. R. J. Hall, Coach: M. Howard, J. Chipman. 7 0 Zaye mean if Z' 'kdm D. Leatherman, R. Butler, J. Baker, C. Light, J. Ortiz, R. Leatherman, fC. Goen, F. Patino. J. Jackson, A. Brogden, H. Rothrock, Mr. R. J. Hall, Coach. ct ES anne? df 14 MRS, BARNETT MARTHA HAYES MARGARET CHANDLER A dvisor President Vice President BETTY FORD Secretary TERECIA FRISBIE NORMA SAWYER PEGGY RAY SUE PARKER Treasurer Reporter Historian Parhamentarian TOMMYE SAWYER MARILYN JACKSON Sergeant-at-Arms Song Leader CAROL BABB Pianist MR, SAM RECTOR MAC COALSON PHILIP HOBSON Advisor President Vice President JOHN URIBE WILLIAN YOUNG ELDON CLARY PAUL COLLINS BUSTER NATIONS Second Vice Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian President RUSSELL COALSON IERREL RUTLEDGE CARL STOUT Sentinel Song Leader Parliamentarian . I Royce Lamkin, Betty Ford, Nancy Threatt, Terecia Frisbie, Peggy Ray, Sue Parker, Marilyn Jackson, Shirley Taylor, Mr. James Barnett, John Tomerlin, Tex Campbell Curtis Butler, Larry Goen, Gene Hilliard. Q W NP Ji E 1 ,fm E 1 gifwilv Ain't Qhe cute? The line up heesel ted ou Snow Pleased Fair 5E?f ? fgkmi wif 135,447 Little do iford Cool YU Q., Co ll ted IQMQSFWEQX "'?,,..-w1l'2'm" .all M. A1'eU5t EheY 'WW Wedding ,,.--4.4. U'0 Ggngngzt Terecia,Wshut h Q mGHt 1?'fQAiw Pty Two of a kind Q I' Ok Larp,k lc Arenft thwy crazy? ive brati i.. mf Q55 Married!! y azy glr Going re? Trouble-makers Audie A L ' Gene Little Isn vin she ute? r and w GoiQgME3Q3dY need Nr. F211is's friend f.,.f K F0!1yfi 3 -ne 5 BeautiPQ ilu fl? I!! when Mix, Fiirtsl wg W- 'f Pl 1 5 mn' Q, 4 'Q,3:93115f , Q 1D Iwkmnmg Editprx Come lin Elvis. ily ,L,l K , mE l5 lzzhn Qg,E gif Eg?? ,,,. ?f lgE3 dffC.w fl ' ,-. Ad f w.,li9Wv3 s, e wNif.e Lazy cP 3,.SP 2P , ,, ' Flo-gb Y9iX ,, Q31S X, ar Ex Pra ice ma es pewfe I :sz :ss U3 S A Uwcle TQW Qwgame warm up SQL! vertisers gy wwf J-I E N D E T2 S G N WZZMWZQZZ Qmfyfmy Millsap, Texas Phone 73 Hardware, App s Feeds and Seeds Qmgfmdldawam 'Me SENICDRS MILLSAP SUPPLY COMPANY HOMER YOUNGBLOOD - NOAH CARTER, Owner Box 366 Telephone 8 Millsap, Texas P r I T- ,i:,9fT:t - Headquarter s for Bargains When you need hardware, lumber, electric appliances, paints, and notions, see us. Trade at the store where prices are low and quality is high. Our greatest remuneration for our service is the in- ward satisfaction of a job well done, for people worth doing it for. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS You are to be commended because of your achievement in attaining a higher education. To be equipped with knowledge is the best way to live a successful, happy and prof- itable life. You are the hope of today and the leaders of tomorrow. The First National Bank is inter- ested in your personal progress and also in the progress of the Millsap Community. We FIRST NATIONAL Chartered 1880 Capital 55200, 000. 00 Surplus 5250, 000. 00 "The Old Reliable" Weatherford, Texas Member F. D. I. C. -I'l-IE PIIQS-I' NATICDIXIAL. EAN I4 1906 Flfty one Years of Serv1ce 1957 Mineral Wells, Texas VV. D. NEVVBEQQY The Agency That Service Built Insurance Protection for People of Parker County for 39 Years 110 North Main Street Weatherford, Texas COG is CITIZEN? NATIONAL MW Capital 35150, OOO. OO Surplus 5175, 000. OO Since 1868 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Officers and Director s Officers - President FRED SMITH --------------- J. S. CAMPBELL J, w, BEARD, JR. - COUTS HOLLAND WM. F. SMITH - - - J. W. FORD--- Executive Vice President Asst. THELMA IVEY ------------ WILL BARNETT - I. C, THOMAS - - J. w, BEARD, JR. J. S. CAMPBELL coN D. HARTNETT W. B. HoBsoN coUTs HOLLAND Vice President Vice President - - - - Cashier Vice President -Asst. Cashier - - -Asst. Cashier -----------Asst. Cashier Directors JACK PICKARD BERT RAWLINS FRED SMITH J. B. WITHERSPOON A. E. ZELLERS MEIZC4-IANTS AND FARMERS STATE BANK, "The Friendly Bank for Everyone" Weatherford, Texas JAMES DOSS - - - R. B. GIBSON - - - BOLEY PEARSON - LLOYD HINKLE - - FORREST G. REID DARWIN COX - - - WORTH BARNETT - - - EVELYN DUNN - - ILENE SULLIVAN - - - - Officers - - - - - President, Emeritus - - - - - - - -President - - - Vice President - - - - - - - - - Vice President - Vice President and Cashier - - -Assistant Vice President - - - - -Assistant Cashier - - - -Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier JOHN C. KEARBY - - - - - - - - Appraiser if :m '61-fer-f2V:ee2fq-fu 7 g 1-g.g.f.',.,,,"", xt: 21: 5' 1 i:: aa :wh - :T ic.-..3,:5:g::4:, Ein! S -5 :fig O D 0 0 Q C ,, 0 R Q33 TQ ' A C5521 gg 41 5 EIXAA Ll. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT YOU Are WELCOME at JAC: KISS CAPE l 6 Miles East of Weatherford on Highway 80 Stop in on Your Way to or From Fort Worth or Drive Out for Good Food and Music From a Big Juke Box We Never Close Plenty of Parking Malts - Hamburgers Fried Shrimp - Steaks Fried Chicken and Other Delicious Foods Remember JACK'S CAFE East of Weatherford on Highway 80 CECIL I-IAVES GROCERY Sz STATION Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Cool, Texas Compliments Tl-IE CITV NATIONAL. BANK Mineral Wells , Texas 3 -PM Directors Offi ce r s f 'R--emperor S 1. R. PRESTON H' -- President 'qldylr Y ,14l.1 I' R' E- F- WAGLEY wifi 'LH W. o. GROSS Vice President g5EiLe a'Wffl4I4.i 'Af' ljj offs L R. H. BEET-HAM GEO. L. WELCH P' O. R. SEAMAN Exec. Vice President E. F. WAGLEY FROST BOWMAN A. H' GUINN Vice President GEO. L. WELCH DALTON HAINES PERRY R. HORTON Vice President ELMORE L, WARREN Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance FRANK c, MEYERS, JR. CO1'P0fafi0H Assistant Cashier Federal Reserve System PIVEI2 DANC!-I CAFE C L"+ N C' X 19 'rss X 'u .,. ... 0" N TED R. FROST Marketer ZWZQZLZ TQEIIINING CO Box 292 Telephone 4-4832 Weatherford Texas Resort Amusement Corp. GQAND-EQAZGES IQITZ THEATERS 1-1 I1l.l.fS CA' 17 'EEL 99425 5051115 4, , Compliments of ' A U O x Y puNL9,l3ETj35, sions ' or ,f'77'0s J Quahbf ov L- - A - Two Stores Serving the EA Millsap Area for 20 Years "Bear Wheel-Balancing" FAMILY AND EMPLOYEES Road Service Tires Are Our Business Phone 33 or 2330 BOONE'S FLOWER SHOPS Mineral Wells Phone 4-7441 or 4-7442 Weatherford, Texas ez 'W GOODUVXFOOD 1. a" l1'fi+?f?5b if kffe, .Qu-. , S ..-1..g311. 41:29 - .....,m1ah:EEm ,exaaif aaiua..-1:.1.:-1iRasZaam..-- - 111'-111-11:-ul" - 111.41 -:z:...,:.,,.. 1flaauxxmmkxxxxxmAm-H DAHQY QUEEN DQIVE-INN East Hubbard xs,g!zx.yQA:'. ch-' Mineral W ells, Texas We will pay you 3'Z1 on your savings compounded semi- annually. All investments are insured up to S l0,000,00 for any one investor. CDTQVAL VXA SSHCNQEE I NS UTQANCE Mineral Wells , Texas 0202 ja X nuvnn M U TU AL BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION Weatherford, Texas Phone 2174 VV. I-I. EDCDVVDEN JONES Ze SCDNS THEATRE5 DEPARTMENT STORE Weatherford We Sell - Everything People Wear JONES DRIVE-IN THEATRE PALACE THEATRE Pho. 4-3821 Weatherford, T exas PLAZA THEATRE I-IAJQTNE SS PRINTING COMPANY Weatherford, Texas KJPHANA GAS CORPORATION GAS Makes Your Home as Modern as Tomorrow Mineral Wells, Texas I I LMZZJ4 ISD l 1'-fl'-I BEAUTY SHOP MQTQR CQ, Phone 55 Millsap , Texas 510 East Hubbard Mineral Wells, Texas "Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer" EARNETT CJ EVVE LEIQS Headquarters for Genuine Registered Keepsake Diamond Rings Quality Jewelers Since 1912 North Oak Mineral Wells, Texas ianvfffffg CACE 110 West Hubbard Mineral Wells, Texas We Never Close Private Dining Room Phone 9515 FORT RICHARDSON COFFEE SHOP Jacksboro, Texas PETE W KQAEWZ Hotel Rexall Drugstore Mineral Wells Let Us Help You Plan Your Horne I-UAV E5 LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Material Mineral Wells, Texas We Give S 8: H Green Stamps Since 1904 FLORIST 116 S.E. Fourth Avenue 1' W' Phones: 382 - 383 DRY GOODS Nite 382 "Flowers Say Wann QQ It Better" ' it is as BH Mineral Wells, Tex. The Store With the Goods Mineral Wells, Texas MALG SFBYQZS Quality Dairy Products Mineral Wells, Texas EE TQQY 312055. "The Friendly Store" Mineral Wells, Texas Does Your Car Need Fixing ? If So, Take It to IVIAQVIN IVICCIZACKINS GAR AGE 7 Miles E. of Mineral Wells On Hi-Way 180 Cool, Texas P166LV WIGGLV Good Things to Eat 203 North Main Weatherford, Texas S855 IEWELERS Office Phone 252 EUGENE D. SMITH - JESS E. SHATTLES 414 North Oak Mineral Wells, Texas Elgin, Bulova, Longines, Wittnauer and Wyler Watches Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing Lovebright Diamonds Rogers and Community Silver "There's a Ford in Your Future" Sales ' .-E'-. 'Q Service bw. - : x lrsniwlv. c-1 T f BEN McADAMS Weatherford, Texas CNYDFQ CONOCO STATION 702 Palo Pinto St. Weatherford, Texas Ph. 4-9097 CLYDE HAWKINS, Owner GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES Division of the Goodyear Tire 8: Rubber Company Appliance and Television Phone 404 200 North Oak Mineral Wells, Texas MINERAL WELLS FL OWER SHOP JESSIE DALT ON 900 W, Hubbard Pho. 529 - Anytime Mineral Wells, Texas YOUR FRIENDLY FLORlST" COOKE GRO. MKT. Complete Fountain Service Pho. 715 Mineral Wells , Texas VVAI l Aff I: PONTIAC Telephone 4-7438 120 E, Church Street Weatherford, Texas Parts and Service 1-C925 Vlzki SUPPLY CO. J. W. FOSTER, JR., Owner Seeds, Fertilizers and Insecticides Irrigation Equipment Behind Post Office Weatherford, Texas STOKE? PONTIAC COMPANY 400 N. Oak Avenue Telephone 2733 Mineral Wells, Texas LlNDSEY'S JEWELERS and LlNDSEY'S MUSIC CO. All Makes of Band Instruments We Are Equipped to Repair and Service What We Sell Your Credit ls Always Good 130 York Ave. Pho. 4-2692 Weatherford, Tex CI AS I-I X1 SAFEVVAY CAl2l2Y STORE CLEANERS GENE SAUNDERS, Mgr. Mineral Wells, Texas "Save With Cash and Carry" Alterations - Cleaning Pressing 1101 Ft. Worth St. Weatherford, Texas Pho. 4-2111 I I CQANFOQDS BQTKINS CLEANERS JEWELRY Dry Cleaning - Alterations Certified watchmaker Tailoring Rug Cleaning All Work Guaranteed Phone 234 316 S, W. lst Street Mineral Wells, Texas 204 N. Oak Mineral Wells, Texas W1-llTE"5 FUNERAL HOME Insurance from S 100.00 to 51000.00 for the Family Air-conditioned and Oxygen-equipped Ambulance Phone 4-3811 Weatherford, Texas WQE NS DRUG STORE Phone 4-2734 N. Side Square Weatherford, Texas Compliments THOMAS SERVICE STATION 601 East Hubbard St. Mineral Wells, Texas ROQUEMORE GARAGE Phone 29F3 Gas - Welding - Blacksmith Millsap, Texas MIDWAY CAFE Phillips 66 Gas, Oil, Flats Fixed, and Fine Foods 12 Miles West of Weatherford Highway 80 WELDON C. JORDAN General Contractor Weatherford, Texas 1020 Ft. Worth Hwy. Phone 4-3171 WYLER'S GARAGE General Overhaul Welding 10 Miles West of Weatherford U. S. Highway 80 Phone 4-3944 RINGO RECORD CENTER Weatherford, Texas South Side of Square New and Used Records Records, Record Players and Accessories MERCHANTS FAST MOTOR LINES COMPANY JAKE HOLBERT Commission Agent Freight Service Through the Heart of Texas Mineral Wells, Texas LEO MARTIN SMUH Q9 Q0 Q Best Deal in Texas Weatherford, Texas SAM BOYD THE SPECIALTY SHOP "Outfitters to Gentlewomen" Mineral Wells, Texas WEATHERFORD CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE 302 S. Main Street Weatherford, Texas DR. MASON, Ch. WATER'S SUPER MARKET Weatherford, Texas BRADFISH GRAIN CO. Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Weatherford, Texas MAHAN WALGREEN AGENCY Prescription Druggists 107 N. Main St. Phone 4-2738 Weatherford, Texas MARKET CAFE Weatherford, Texas The Place Where Farmers Meet to Eat and Visit CITY PHARMACY The Doctor's Aid N. E. Cor. Square Phone 4-3851 FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE Weatherford, Texas PIONEER OIL CO. 516 Palo Pinto Ph. 4-9123 Weatherford, Texas LEONARD CARTER'S GARAGE 312 York Ph. 4-6544 All Kinds of Repairs on Cars and Tractors Weatherford, Texas GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE So. Side Square Weatherford, Texas JAMES HEMPHILL AND E. A. GROGAN New and Used Cars 311 North Main St. Ph. 4-4761 Weatherford, Texas WASHERBURN GRO. We Sell Conoco Gas and Give Green Stamps Cool, Texas KREEM KANTEEN Meet Your Friends at THE KREEM KANTEEN For the Best Malts - Shakes Sundaes - Sandwiches in Weatherford THE HUB Nationally Advertised Brands Are Your Assurance of Quality Weatherford, Texas WEATHERFORD BATTERY 8: ELECTRIC Delco Batteries, Generators, Starters and Regulator Service ZOO York Avenue Phone 4-3714 CLAUDE FREEMAN, Owner Weatherford, Texas PHARO 8: JAMES GROCERY 8: MARKET 113 North Main Weatherford, Texas COTTEN-BRATTON FURNITURE COMPANY Funeral Directors Phone 4-2711 Weatherford, Texas HAROLD CONEY INSURANCE MONTGOMERY WARD Fire, Autolifsnis, Burglary Phone 4-2777 1 1 y vVeaI?2IifZrig9T7eXaS Weatherford, Texas 120 Houston YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmobile Compliments of 955100, JONES 8: JONES Q, . Je xx I Lark.. X Mineral Wells , Texas GARAGE Complete Radiator Work Mineral Wells, Texas BOB-N-TED FOOD MARKET We Deliver Pho. 320 307 N. W. 2nd St. Mineral Wells, Texas NICHOLSON'S AUTO SUPPLY Everything for Automobiles 206 N. Main Weatherford, Texas ELLEN'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 796 805 S. E, lst Street Mineral Wells, Texas HARVEY TRANSFER Local and Long Distance Moving Call Day or Night 927 215 S, E. lst Ave. Mineral Wells, Texas MORRIS SANDS 103 South Side of Square Weatherford, Texas CALHOUN FURNITURE CO. Better Furniture for Today's Homemakers" Phone 602 201 W, Hubbard Street Mineral Wells, Texas ll RAY'S FOOD STORE 814 Ft. Worth Street Weatherford, Texas Groceries - Meats - Produce Phone 4-3563 I-IARRINGTON DRESS SHOP Where Your Business Is Appreciated 108 N. E, lst St. Mineral Wells, Texas Best Wishes BUZBEE FUNERAL HOME Mineral Wells, Texas Phone 76 BYRD IMPLEMENT CO. Ford Tractor Dearborn Farm Equipment 133 East Spring Street Phone 716 Weatherford, Texas DUNN INSURANCE AGENCY P, O. Box 204 Telephone Building Weatherford, Texas SHARPE'S GROCERY Groceries and Meats "Your Friendly Store" S. W. Cor. Square Ph. 4-2713 Weatherford, Texas For a Frosty Treat Get a Tasty Sweet at the DAIRY MART Weatherford, Texas The Gang Will Be There GRANTHAM-ADKINS ABSTRACTS 8: INSURANCE 109-11 S. W. First Street Telephone 210 P. O. Box 36 Mineral Wells, Texas HUGH GRACY INSURANCE 105 East Side Square Phone 4-4179 Weatherford, Texas JACOBS JEWELRY Fine Watches - Diamonds and Jewelry 121 York Ave. Box 181 Weatherford, Texas OWL CAFE For Fine Foods Ft. Worth Highway One Mile East Courthouse Weatherford, Texas THUNDERBIRD TRADING POST Western and Indian Artcraft Highway 80 Millsap, Texas FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Frigidaires - Stoves Televisions Weatherford, Texas E. G. BUTLER GROCERY 922 Palo Pinto Weatherford, Texas DARBY WHOLESALE SERVICE Distributors of Nationally Advertised Mer chandise Weatherford, Texas EVELYN THOMAS Complete Beauty Services Helene Curtis Products Cool, Texas 1:3065 I 4: R5 BALL DRUG DUKE at AY RES CARTER IVY NORMAN JEWELRY MILBURN HARDWARE JAY'S AUTO PARTS WEATHERFORD LUMBER CO. FARIS GRO. BEENE'S CLEANERS HARE POWER FARMING FOSTER SUPPLY T. P. EVERETT INSURANCE J. C, PENNEY CO. J. R. VICK DENNIS NORTON MINEVA'S WELL 'S TIME SHOP Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford !5aa4z?fz4 LEE JAY JACKSON BUTANE DALTON TACKLE SHOP WALL'S BARBER SHOP MURPHY REALTY CO. WHITE'S GROCERY CLARK'S GROCERY 8: STATION ATTEBERRY'S ROCK YARD KELL TERRY BARBER FANNIE PRICE JEWELER MEASURES MATTRESS FACTORY VINCENT PRODUCE CO. MACK'S SINCLAIR SERVICE MOULDER DRY CLEANER HOWARD RAE DRUG VICTOR SCHERER CHARLES SULLIVAN INS. RESENER OFFICE CO. HACADAY FEED 8: PRODUCE HALL'S FURNITURE MOORE EVERGREEN FEED STORE K-N ROOT BEER NORMAN'S CLEANERS BROOKSHIRE FURNITURE CO. CAMP 8: COMPANY W. W. MCCRARY 8: SON MODERN CLEANERS BURGER'S FOOD STORE M 8: W VARIETY PAUL CARTER STEPHENS BUICK D. JENKINS ROCKHOUND MUSEUM RICHARD'S HATCHERY LEIGH'S STORE J. A. ARMSTRONG Weatherford Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Highway 80 Millsap Highway 80 Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Mineral Wells Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Mineral Wells Weatherford Weatherford Weatherford Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Weatherford Weatherford Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Mineral Wells Highway 80 Weatherford Weatherford Mineral Wells LITHOGRAPHED BY M TA LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS Q TEXAS 3, 'I Th Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE f Jw' A :Q AA .,, ?, , K7 M57 f 7 if Jfwywfk -uni

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