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IIIL IIIIII BIRIJII J? gm U! PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF WILLIAM ROBERT MILLS HIGH SCHOOL Louisburg, Norih Carolina O-wb ' 'G D4- iilkfzg W" fl Ay .' I " f:fl"N,AAl .. ' t fgi 12" I? .XXV A f 3 fi tl ' 5 - V- :Q ' 'G 'il 1 C 'i lik r - 'ff S ka- .-Q ,1"k 1 ,, 5- mx as I 4' , L5 x 5 A L ' i -' . ami-... A A 1 . . , .V ' --'f'g:f,,JA+a1,, 14' .. f M ' . A--4f,11g -pg -JI. u 2. Q ii :sf g g'a-F-,a?f-:3r'. mini-P2 , g , ff' FTS ?fTTr,'rk.'egf's :?2fi?.l?i 2?'i1 5 , -' ik - - - -'K-' ,vs--f -r.-I :':.'-- 7-33' :. bi, , X W:.:,4.s? 4' , V V , , , , A, . 5 ,.,, Q: N r11:Iis-.':?!fi1f5L,97js,-Sq1.:.,.9Eg.E,,:J ' ' "' ' ' 7 ' Wrcward The 1957 CIRCLE is published with the hope that it will enlighten the memories of you, our classmates, in years to c om e . As you reminisce with friends, it will surely provide a passage from present to past in o rd er that you may relive many joyous high school days. Ifinthe future the CIRCLE brings back pleasant m e m o r ie s of long since forgotten incidents, our purpose will have been accomplished. 5 Kanlcnts it Administration Activities Campus Scenes Athletics Classes Advertisements ,4- 1' 'Qi y w f sy . . .. L-A K . ,M A , z n W' M ' Y if l ' p 3 A E ' 3 ' i- hy M ' ' f , 9 i ,' i ' 1 " I m ,- ,M P J' ', . . , "f X iid? I ' ' M t hz 9 A M . . M I " V. fx 'Q ...- The Senxor Class of 1957 w1shes to dedxcate th15 ed1t1on of THE CIRCLE to a s1ncere understandmg anddewoted teacher and woman In lovmg apprec1at1on of her kmdness to us and wlllmgness to help us, we dedlcate the 1957 CIRCLE to Mrs Syb11K1ng Jolly Dcdzcatwn .gn-'ni s Q . P- .aa Q 5' 43 I 3 g s 5 AQ M 1 QM, ,.,: wr A 'T wi? r 9W"" ' 0 ,,. wi? A - 'vu L, IS 9 fag -1 W: Proud Of Our Salma! X 1: 1 vw 6'irc c Staff l Mrs. Susie Hayes Jackson Advisor Sarah Brown Martha Anne Allen 0 t 45.1 75 an ' -JV 0 a.Q.w gp Editor Bus inc ss Manager Y Putin Y Cv Wilbur J Y-une Greer. gage 11-Cul 4 Southal eanm, ew'-6 510' na VW anon 1 A JOY Plgfitgtufc E X :ilefu-sift! Manager Ft Editofer Peggy Tomlinson Assistant Editor Page Allen Assistant Business Manager Jack Avrnt Assistant Picture Editor Kay Hayes Assistant Advertising Manager Jane Eagles Assistant Circulation Manager Judy Catlette Girls' Sports Editor Bob Alston Boys' Sports Editor Hvlvn Allen Typist yi - 3 X ur Principal a "'km Selma! Heard 1 . Mnghcx A ,nt Mr. wxkegupcrmntef' 4' Mr. H. C. Taylor, Chairman Q Bmw Schoo Mrs. H. B. Cottre11,,Sec1-etary 00 Mr. W. M. Latta hzculty Sybil King Jolly Wake Forest College English Gladys Beam Bailey Meredith College Social Studies and French E. H. Stallings East Carolina College Mathematics and Health Susie Hayes Jackson Lenoir Rhyne and East Carolina College Business Education History yi? 'Y' ffw Earl Teague Justice University of North Carolina Band and Mathematics 'G' JN x gh, ,- 'N NGN! S 5 .0 5 by - 5 Clyde Feaston Polk, Jr. Wake Forest College Biology, Chemistry, General Science Marjorie Gardner Leonard East Carolina College Home Economics Sydelle Gosnell Huyck Furman University lviusic Education Lynn G. Parker University of North Carolina Eighth Grade and Geometry Josephine P. Zealand Woman's College of U. N. C. Seventh Grade Jewel Clark Bartholomew Louisburg and Breneau Colleges Seventh and Eighth Grades 'Q 'Q ip' --P' it Helen Smithwick University of North Carolina Third Grade Sarah Ariail Queens C ollege and University of South Carolina Third Grade Gertrude E. Winston Woman's College of U, N, C, Second Grade Ernestine H. lnscoe Wake Forest College Second Grade Thelma R. Hall Wake Forest College Fir st Grade Mary Belle M. Davis East Carolina College First Grade 5 XX hculty Alberta L. Davis Greensboro College Sixth Grade Doris Wilder East Carolina College Fifth and Sixth Grades yrs Elois J. Clegg Mississippi College Fifth Grade Edith K. Frisbie East Carolina College Fourth and Fifth Grades Emma Lawrence Lewis Wake Forest College Fourth Grade ,at 3 2 I ai, i yt JY' X 1 4' A x HELEN ELIZABETH ALLEN Class Offzcer Z Class Superlatwe l Z 3 4 F H A 1 2 3 4 H1stor1anZ Secretary 3 Reporter 4 Delegate to State F H A Con ventlon 1 Z 3 4 Glee Club l Z Basketball 12 3 4 Co Captaln 4 School Daze Staff l Z 3 4 Ed1tor LH Chxef 4 Commerclal Club 3 4 Beta Club 2 3 4 County Beta Club 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Delegate to State Beta Con ventlon 2 Marshall l Z 3 Monogram Club 2 3 4 Delegate to Glrls State 3 Class Play 12 Class Testator 4 Vlce Pres1dent oi Monogram Club 4 Annual tyPlSt 4 MARTHA ANNE ALLEN Annual Staff 3 4 Busmess Manager 4 Basketballl Z 3 4 Co Captaxn 4 Monogram Club Z 3 4 Beta ClubZ 3 4 County Beta Club 2 3 4 Delegate to State Beta Corwenuon Marshall 3 F H A ll 34 Treasurer 4 State Conventlon l 7 3 4 School Daze Staff 2 3 4 Band Majorette Z 34 Commerclal Club 3 4 Superlatlxe l Z 3 4 Glee Club 1 Z Class Offlc er l Class Play l Populanty Queen 2 f"""'s If s. f'W"'V' Ll DENAIZE CLINTON BLNN H A H Cl bl Secreta. Treasurer 1 Glee Club 3 34 Secretary 4 T A Band Ma orettel 34 Com mere al Club 3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 hoolDa1e Staff 4 Miss M1llsH Superlatue 14 Class Offlcer 14 Segre ryl4 Delegate toStateF H A XCI1tlOI'l l 34 PopularxtyCourt1 Cheer eaderl 3 4 A SHIRLEY ANY BURNIETTE 4 H Club 12 Sclence Club Commerclal ub 3 Ge ub T A Clu Offlce Work 3 51 I? 11' ,.. ll.. JEWEL MARIE ATKLNS Glee Club 1 3 4 4 HClub12 3 4 Sclence Club Z. 3 4 Commercxal Club 3 4 F T A Club 4 Offlce Work 7 3 F H A Clubl Z 3 4 Lunch Room Work Z 3 SARAH ELlZABETH BROWN Annual Edxtor 4 Annual Staff 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 l..1brar1 F 2 XlCS Presldentj Pres1dent3 Class Off1Cer l Z School Daze Staffl 2 3 4 Sc1ence Club Z 3 4 Secretary Treasurer3 Monogram ub34 Secretary 4 arshal Ch1ef3 Beta Club 234 County Beta Club Z 3 4 Delegate to State Beta Conventxon DAR Good C1t1ze 1 4 Commerclal Club 3 Cheerleader 3 3 4 Delegate to Watlonal A Conwent1on3 Class Poe es aledxctor 13 3 RALPH GILLILAND DAVIS C omme rc ial Club Z,3,4gSuper1ative1,2g 4-H Club 1. DEANNA MARIE EDWARDS Glee Club l,Z,3,4g F. H. A. 1,Z,3,4g Delegate to State F. H. A.C0nvention l,Z,3,43 Science Club 2,3,4g Commercial Club 3,4g Librarian lg Assistant Sc ho ol Secretary 43 McCalls School Stylist 4. Sc ' gl MARTHA ELAINE COTTRELL Superlative 35 Glee Club 1,3,4g 4-H Club lg F. H. A. l,Z,3,4g C omme rcial Club 3,45 Sc ienc e Club 3,43 Office Work 4g Delegate to State F. H. A. Convention l,Z,3,4. JAMES BRYANT COTTRELL Baseball lg Glee Club l,2g School Daze Staff 49 4 -H C lub 1,Z,3g Commercial Club 3,45 Superlative 3,45 Popularity Court 2,4. 'QQ' -vim QI? ,Mm Avg , Sl ROSE MARY EDWARDS GleeClub 2,3,4gSuper1ative l,2g Commercial Club 3,4g 4-H Club 1. MATTIE BELLE FINCH 4-H C lub 1,23 Science Club 49 Commercial Club 3,4g Glee Club 3,4. 9 7 LELIA ANNETTE FULLER F. H. A. C lub 1,2,3,45 Song Leader l5 Bi- County Song Leader Z5 Delegate to State Rally l,2,3,45 Delegate to National Convention 45 Beta Club 3,45 County Beta Club 3,45 Dele- gate to State Convention 45 Glee Club l,2,45 Vice-President 45 School D aze Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Cheerleader 2,3545 Mono- gram Club 3,45 Band Maj orette 1,2 ,3,45 He ad 45 Commercial Club 3,45 4-H Club l5 Popularity Court Z5 May Day Court 35 Class Play 1,25 Class Officer l5 Class Superlative 3,45 Class Song 4. ELIZABETH MAY HILL F. H. A. Club l,Z,3,45Science Club Z5 Lunch Room Work 3,45 Commercial Club 3,45 Bus Monitor l5 Glee Club lg Librarian 3. X-ty JEANNE MARIE JOYNER Basketball l ,Z , 35 F. H. A. l,Z,3,45 Officer l5 Bi-County Officer 45 Music Federatzon Z, 3,45 President 35 Glee Club l,2,3,-45 Presi- dent 35 Most Outstanding Girl Award 35 Beta Club .Z,3,45 Officer 45 School Daze Staff 1,45 AnnualStaff45 Superlative Z5 Band l5 Officer l5 Monogram Club 3,45 Class Officer 4. LEONARD SHELBY KANNAN Fayetteville Hi gh School 1,25 Football l,.Z5 Baseball 15 Belmont Abbey 35 Basketball 35 Trace 35 Mills High School 45 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Monogram Club 45 Commercial Club 4 . 15' WILLIAM PERRY HOLMES Class Officer 3,45 President 35 Treasurer 45 Band l,Z,3,45 Band Officer 45 Cvlee Club 45 Offic er 45 Boys' State 35 Monogram Club l,Z,3,45 Basketball l,Z,3,45 Baseball 1,Z,3,45 C O mme rc ial Club Z5School Daze Staff 35 Annual Staff 35 4-H Club l,Z5 Superlative l,Z,3,45 Class Play l,Z5 Drum Major 45 Mr. Mills Hi 4. MARY CAIL HOLTON Glee Club Z5 Librarian 3,45 Science Club 25 Vice-President 35 BetaClub Z,3,45 Treasurer 45 County Beta Club Z,3,45 Delegate to State Beta C onvention 35 School Daze Staff 45 Business Manager 45 F. H. A. 1,25 Superla- tive 35 CommercialClub 45 Basketball Ticket Collector 4. 'R ill- 1 K - JANIE EDWARDS MERRITT Glee Club 1,25 Cheerleader 25 Basketball 35 Superlative 1. ELEANOR ALMA NEWTON Beta C lub Z,3,4, County Beta Club Z,3,4g School D aze Staff 4, Commercial Club 3,45 F. H. A, l,Z,3,4g F. T. A. l,Z,3,4g Yearbook Committee4g Glee Club l ,.l,3,4g Science Club 4, School Bus Monitor lg Superlative 49 Class Giftorian 4. to L ROY THOMAS KEMP Superlative 3,4,Bus Driver 3,45 4-I-I Club l, 25 Science Club 2,43 Class Officer Zg Com- mercial Club 3,4g Class Giftorian 4. PEGGY SPENCER MAY Glee C lub l ,Z ,3,4g F. H. A. Club 1,Z,4g Science 33 Class Play lg Superlative 1, F. T. A. Club 4, 4-H Club l,Zg Commercial Club 3,43 Class Prophet 4, Librarian 4. g0Ns ."N in ,s L ELMAR LEIGH NEWTON Beta Club 2,35 County Beta Club Z,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g F. H. A. Club l,L,3,4, F. T. A, Club l,2,3,45 Reporter l,Zg Vice-President 33 President 4, Delegate to State Convention 39 County Club 3. BETTY JEAN MATHEWS F. H. A, l,d,4g Clee Club lg 4-H Club lg lce C r eam Room 3,43 Bus Monitor 3,41 Com - mercial Club 3,45 School Daze Sta1'f3. ANNA GREEN PARTIN .ass Vice-President 1,35 F. H. A. l,2,3,45 irst Alternate State Historian 25 Delegate toStateConventionl,2,3,45GleeClub l,2,3,45 Pianist 1,2535 President 45 F. T. A. 1,2,3,45 Music Federation 2,35 Secretary 35 Band Majorette 1,2535 Secretary 15 Reporter 2,35 4-H Club l,25President 25 Secretary l5 State Dress Revue l5 Marshall l,2,35 Superlative l,2,3,45 Science Club 2,35 President 25 Beta Club 2,3,45 Vice-President 45 County Beta Club 2,3,45 Cheerleader 2 ,3,45 Head 45 School Daze Staff2,3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Commercial Club 3,45 Popularity Court li Salutatorian. KENNETH PERRY PERDUE Superlative l,2,45 Glee C lub l,2,35 Music Federation 2,35 Band l,2,3,45 Substitute Bus Driver 35 Bus Driver 45 Baseball 15 Basket- ball 2,3,45 Commercial C lub 2,35 4-H Club 1,25 Vice-President of Band 4. '-an Nf- "' 'Q - L. I' PEGGY ANN PERRY Class Officer 25 Superlative 2,3,45 F. H. A. l,2,3,45 Parliamentarian 25 First Alternate State Parliamentarian 35 Delegate to State Rally l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,3,45 Secretary 35 Librarian 45 4-H Club 15 F. T. A. 253,45 T r e a sur e r 45 Delegate to State Rally 3,45 Annual Staff 35 School Daze Staff 3,45 Dele- gate to Girls' State 35 Score-Keeper 2,3,45 As s i s tant School Treasurer 45 Recitation Winner 35 County Contest 35 Librarian 35 Comm erc ial C lub 3,45 Beta Club 2,3,45 President 45 Play 35 County Beta Club 2,3, 45 Delegate to State Convention 2,3,45 State Vice-President 4, KENNETH WAYNE POPE Science Club 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Superlative 3,45 Basketball 45 Monogram Club 45 Presi- dent 45 Commercial Club 4. lf 'Nl cm., 5. . rf' --' EAR TIE CAROLYN PERGERSON Glee Club l,2,3,45 F. H. A. 1,2,3,4i 5Ci6I1C9 C lub 2 , 3 ,45 Basketball 2,3545 School Daze Staff 45Commercial Club 3,45 Superlative 15 4-H Club l,2,35 Office Work 45 F. T. A. 45 Librarian l, JOHN EDWARD PERRY Band l,2,3,45 Class Play 25 Superlative 1,35 Commercial Club 2,3,45 Bus Monitor 3,4. 'GM ' I Pita .. ,Qu e, f M- . QI I 1 3 sm i 2 xx WIT? JOYCE MAVIS SPENCER Glee Club l,3,45 Commercial Club 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Superlative 35 F . H. A. l,2,45 4-H Club 1,25 Basketball 3,45 Science Club 2,3,4. ROBERT WRENN SPENCER Commercial Club2,3,45 4-H Club l,2,35 Glee Club 1,25 Bus Monitor 2,35 Superlative 2,4. Q it Q""" A K Scuiars MICHAEL ELLIS ROWE Band l,2,3,45 Superlative l,2,3,45 Populai-ily Court 15 Commercial Club 35 4-H Club l,.l5 Class Play 2. CLELLAN WILBUR SOUTHALL Glee Club 15 Baseball lg Commex-cialClub 3, 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Superlative l,3,4. 'Q . Q :Obits 'H A Viv A KL, 1 5 Q.. R' I Nh-.... 'Qu---er CECIL ROBERT SYKES ScienceClub2,3,45 Superlative 35 Class Play l. MARIE TILLOTSON VALENTINE Beta Club 2,3,45 Reporter 35 County Beta Club 2 , 3 ,45 Glee Club l,3,45 School Daze Staff 2,3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 F. H. A.1, 2 ,45 4 -H Club 1,25 Commercial Club 3,45 Bus Monitor 15 Ice Cream Room 3,45 Superla- tive l,2,3,45 Class Officer 1,45 President lg President 45 Treasurer 25 Secretary 35 Librarian 4. 49- 09' Mr. ,find ,Miss Mills High Bill Holmes Clinton Bunn an 10 D ,ff 1 4 I 6flISS History We the Class of '57 entered school 1n the ye ar 1945 Throughout the exght years of elementary school we received expert guxdance and care tn preparmg us for that excxtlng day when we would enroll as h1gh school students The day for us to enter hxgh school arrwedtnthe fall of 1953 We freshmen 45 strong,were fortunate to have such an excellent home room teacher as Mr Earl T Just1ce Our clas s officers were as follows Marie T Valenttne president , Cl1nton B unn, secretary Martha Allen tre as ur e r and Sarah Brown, parlxa mentaman Even 1n the fxrst year of hxgh school the Class of '57 took part mn many ac t1v It te s Fourteen members of our clas s represented us 1n the Glee Club Members of the band were John Perry B111 Holmes Mike Rowe,Kenneth Perdue and Joyce Spencer Pat Wxlson Jeanne Joyne r Martha Allen and Helen Allen made the gxrls basketball team whxle B111 Holmes and Buddy Thayer made the boys' basketball team Representmg our class xnthe annual popularxty contest were Anna Green Part1n and Mtke Rowe A year passed all too quxckly and we found we were bemg called Sophomores We were under the excellent gu1dance of Mrs Gladys Bailey Buddy Thayer was elected class pres1dent Sarah Brown v1ce preszdent Helen Allen, secretary Marxe T Valentme, treasurer and Peggy Perry and Roy Kemp parl1amentar1ans Eleven members passed the requ1rements for Beta membersh1p Elected popularxty Ql e en and K1ng were Martha Allen and Buddy Thayer An outstandlng member of the F H A Club was Annette Fuller who served as B1 County Song Leader Each member of our class engoyed our educat1onaltr1ptoW1ll1amsburg Another fme year was marked up for the Class of I Mrs Jewel Bartholomew, our frlend and te ac he r , served as faculty advxsor thr ough our 1mportant Junxor year Leadmg us as class oiftcers were B111 Holmes presldent Anna Green Partxn v1ce pres1dent Mane T Valentme secretary and Buddy Thayer treasurer The m ost exc1t1ng events of our Juntor ye ar we re our Jun1or Senxor Banquet staged 1n Ralexgh at the Woman's Club, and the arrxval of our class rmgs Se rv mg as capable and dependable bus dr 1ve r s we re Roy Kemp and Kenneth Pe rdue Takmg part 1n the School and C ounty Rec1tat1on Contest was Peggy Pc r r y The Glee Club pres1dent was Je anne Jo yne r Chosen to represent Lou1 sbur g at Glrls' State were Helen Allen and Peggy Perry B111 Holmes was chosen to rece1ve the honor of bemg the i1 r st delegate from Lomsburg to attend Boys State F r o m B e t a Clubs throughout the county H ele n Allen was elected County Treasurer and Peggy Perry was elected State Beta vxce presxdent at the State Beta Conventxon Leadmg the F H A as the1r pres1dent was Sarah Brown Sarah and Annette Fulle r weredelegates to the Natxonal F H A Conventxon held tn Chxcago Jeanne Joyner served as B1 County H1stor1an Could It be true? Yes we were really Sentors Our lastyear at Mxlls had arrzved Mrs Susxe Hayes Jackson, our fa1thiul adv1s or carefully guxded us through the year Two of our classmates PZIIXCIB W1lson and Buddy Thayer, left us to attend school at Loutsburg College and F 1 s hbu rn Mtlltary Academy Shelby Kannan of Belmont Abbey and Jan1e M- r r 1tt of Lou1sburg, Joxned us 1n the Sen1or clas s Marxe T Valentme was elected presxdent Jeane Joyner, v1ce pres1dent Clmton Bunn, secretary and B111 Holmes treasurer Helen Allen s e rved as ed1tor of the "School Daze' Leadmg the Glee Club as pres1dent was Anna Green Partm Twenty senxors be longed to the Glee Club Headxng the Monogram Club as P1051 dent was Kenneth Pope w1th Helen Allen as v1ce president SarahBrown as secre tary and Martha Allen as treasurer Cheerleader C h1e f Anna Green Partm wxth Sarah Brown Clinton Bunn and Annette Fuller led the cheers Annette Fuller as Head Majorette Martha Allen Band Playlng basketball were Helen and Martha Allen who served as co capta1ns of the team Joyce Spencer Carolyn Pergerson B111 Holmes who served as capta1n of the boys' team, Shelby Kannan Kenneth Perdue and Kenneth Pope On the baseball squad were B111 Holmes, Wtlbur Southall Kenneth Perdue Mxke Rowe , Kenneth Pope Ralph Davts and Shelby Kannan Elected Mr and M1ss M1lls Hxgh were B111 Holmes and Clmton Bunn Selectedto recexvethe McCall's Teen Fash1on Board Award was Deanna Edwards Our very own tw1nsfE1ma1' as presxdent and Eleanox-,as chan-man ofthe yearbook commxttee led the F T A 'ers BetaClub offzcers were presxdent Peggy Perry v1ce pres1dent Anna Green Pa rt1n secretary Jeanne Joyner and treasurer Mary Ga11 Holton Our class tr1p to Washxngton was one of the hxgh lxghts of our senxor year and one we shall never forget To clxmax the last and most cherxshed y ear of our hxgh school were our C las s Day Exerc1ses and that fmal mght of Graduatxon As we v1ew our htgh school days we real1ze that we owe muc h to our prxncxpals Mr M L Rowland and Mr E H Stallxngs for the1r fatherly care to our teachers for thexr patxent gu1dance and to our parents for prov1d1ng the means for our educ at1on lt 15 to you that we would lxke to express our slncere apprecxatton for makmg these most cherxshed years of our lxves possxble T if K U . , S 1 , 0 l n o 0 I . U I I 1 1 I 1 o 1 0 1 4 y I e ' I 0 I : . ' . ' ' ' ' g S 1 V ' . I I 1 . . . , . 1 - . . ' z ' Q I I I 1 I I . . , - , . - . . . I . . - , - , . A ' A 1 I A I I . , . . . , U . S 1 1 . ' - ' 3 5 and Clinton Bunn led our outstanding Mills' I ' I . I I ' D . . . , ' t I . , ' . ' J 1 1 - A ' V I I I P I 57 . . . . I . . . A . ' 5 , , . . . . . - Q . ' , ' 1 L I u , . Q ' - , ' - 1 1 I ' . . . , . ' I . . . ' 1 1 1 A I e s u I I A 0 A I A l A I A , . . . I We the Class of 1957, of W1ll1am Robert Mills High School,town of Louisburg county of Franklin, and state of North Car ollna, aware ofthe fart that our school days are numbered and bexng of sound and sane mind, do he r eby pubhsh and declare this our official Last W1l1 and Testament ARTICLE I To our parents and friends, who are responslble for our educatxon and success we leave our love and appreciation for all you have done to help us dovm the path of life We will always remember you in our hearts ARTICLE ll To our school we leave our wishes that you will c ontinue to educate future citizens and leaders of tomorrow ARTICLE Ill To our beloved prxncipal Mr Stallings we leave our appreciation for bemg so helpful and understanding wxth our many problems To our homeroom teacher Mrs Jackson, we leave anautomatic Ch8W1Hg gum detector, so that you can re lax during class To Mrs Jolly,we leave our thanks for all the help you have given us during our senior year T o Mr s Bailey we leave a box full of chalk so that y ou will always have more than one l1ttle piece of chalk with which to wrxte To Mr Justice and Mr Polk, we leave a wife to take over some of those household duties you have to To Mrs Leonard,we leave the upcoming freshmen pretty To Mr s Hyuck we leave the hope that your glee club will eventually equal Fred Waring s T o Mr Parker we leave a prwate room inthe oys dorm at Lou1sburg College so that you can stay all night as well as all day over there ARTICLE lV To the Jun 1 0 r s we leave our senior privileges gif you can find them and our superiority over the hlgh school To the Sophomores we leave the hope that you will give the best Junlor Senxor Banquet Mills High School has ever had To the Freshmen, we leave the wish that you will behave yourselves Ln Wdliamsburg and don t be too rough on the rxsing Freshmen next year ARTICLE V Jxmmy Cottrell leaves his ability to wear a girl s 12 -: e ring and yet not go steady to anyone who is sly enougn to accomplxsh this feat John Perry leaves his ab1lxty to tell wh1ch twin IS hls to Janice Joyner Sar ah B r own leaves he r abihty to turn out a wonderful annual to Peggy Tomlinson D e ann a Edwards leaves her love for the college boys to Barbara Catlette Shelby Kannan leaves hxs love for the sophomore class to any rxsing senior who has to take sophomore courses C a r olyn Pergerson leaves her ability to get her man and keep him to Frances Kee Wheless Mike Rowe leaves h1s love for Gold Sand to Myrna Ba1ley ,Cast Will And Testament Clint Bunn leaves her crazy ways to Jane Stallings , who certainly doesn't need any more crazy ways Wilbur Southall leaves his love of Detention Hall to Shirley May Marie Atkins leaves her cat cut to Nma Thayer Martha Anne Allen leaves her small pet1te figure to Claudette Cranford R alph Davis leaves h1s love of home economics to any boy who marries a glrl who can't cook Ann a Green Partin leaves her ab111ty to become engaged to any g1rl who is ready to settle down B obby Spencer leaves his way with the girls and speed demon driving to Davxd Fuller P e g gy P e r ry leaves her ability to balance the books to Mav1s Kearney Roy Kemp leaves hxs genius to fool the teachers to Bland Pruitt Eleanor Newton leaves her fr1endly smile and talent for playing the piano to Rose Perry and Carolyn Baker Bobby Sykes leave s his love for picking an argument to Jim Leonard Elmar Newton leaves her typing speed and ability to Jean W1ll1ams Annette Fuller leaves her coy and flirty ways to Jo Ann Capell Jeanne Joyner leaves her happiness and love of m xsic to everyone Rose Edwards leaves her shy quiet ways to Billy O Neal Kenneth Perdue leaves his basketball abillty to Frank Freeman Grace Champion Perdue Mary Gaill-lolton leaves her abilxty of always being right and never admlttlng when she is wrong to Tommy Harris Kenneth Pope leaves h1s quick w1t to Frank Park Mattie Belle Fmch leaves her tall slender figure to Martha Ford M ar ie Valentine and Betty Jean Matthews leave thexr Job 1n the 1ce cream room to anyone who has the tlme and likes 1ce cream Shirley Burnette leaves her friendly ways to Joyce Eagles Elalne Cottrell leaves her ability to speak correct English to Peggy Land Peggy May leaves the desire that all the married couples of Mills High School will be as happy as she and James are Jan xe Merr1tt leaves the wish that everyone will continue his education as she did Bill Holmes after twelve years of sk1pp1ng,finally Just leaves Helen Allen, your testator, leaves her POSITION as edxtor in chief of the School Daze" to Tom Cooke and hopes that he will enjoy the work as much as she did Testator, Helen Allen Wxtnes ses Elvxs Presley Eddie Carlyle Dagmar 'hs ' . . . , . . . l V do. ' - - - to he lp keep that home economics building and lawn Elizabeth H.i11 le av e s her happy married life to b 1 ' - , I ' . . . ' - - 1 . . . 1 . . . . ' . . . . . P . . I ' ' I ' ' . ' ' ' ' - ' VI 611155 Praphccy Hello' ldon'tth1nk you know me u I am the v oxc e of your future Already you have talked w1th the voxce of your past, and nowlshall gzve you an 1dea of what the future holds for you Many txmes I w1ll be wrong Jn my prophecy, but remember many thzngs can happen to change the future Ah alongd1stance call 15 go1ng from Los Angeles to New York It 15 a very xmportant c all and I arn sure that 1t W111 go through qulckly because the operator 1S Rose Edwards We are allglad to see she 15 uslng her gzft for gab 1n a construct1ve way Afte r f1n1sh1ng abusxness course at Lou1sburgCollege Elmar Newton 1s marrxed and is a successful secretary to her husband who IS a lawyer We kne w that Sarah Brown's sm1le was worth a m1ll1on ' but we had not expected xt to t1e he r up to an xnherxted m1ll1on almost before she was through college He IS anxce boy too Shxrley Burnette whose w1sh fmally came ture, lS nowprzvate secretary to Tony Perkms and lwes 1n Hollywood Cal1forn1a Shelby Kannan enjoyed h1S Engl1sh so much 1n high school that he IS now that head of the E!lg11Sh D e p a r t m e nt at Lou1sburg College Annette Fulle r lS now record1ng the natxons top h1t tunes and w1ll always be re membered by her classmates as the "Tweedle Dee G1rl' QP S She IS malung more money than Elvxs class of 57 to become a Mrs and now she 15 the mother of tw1n boys Several ofthe students worked for P1ggly W1ggly durmg h1gh school, and after graduatmg Jxmmy Cottrell contmued the assoc1at1on Now he 15 m anage r of one of the largest Pxggly W1ggly stores xn North Carol1na Afte r rece1v1ng her M A degree from East Carohna Clmton Bunn marr1ed a f1ve s ta r general 1n the Un1ted States A1r Force and 15 rear1ng two frolxcsome chxldren Mlchael Rowe has fznally got on telev1s1on as a comed1an There was never adull moment around school w1th M1ke around As we remember , Mar1e Valentme started her career as a housew1fe early She has carrzed her career even further and has two smxhng youngsters Lower the gangplankfolks' So you know who 15 making h1s career the Un1ted States Navy" None other than our own Kenneth Purdue Eleanor Newton 15 now a secretary to her husband Eleanor was always good 1n typ1ng, but no one eve r guessed she would someday be a secretary and marry her boss Mar1e Atkins dec1ded to devote her lxfe to 1mprov1ng mankxnd for should we say woman hoodj She IS the sk1lled operator of a beauty salon Jeanne Joyner gaveup a career as a concert p1an1st to become a wxfe and she 15 teachmg musxc U1 a local publxc school Carolyn Pergersonxs now marr1ed to the owner ofHarmonlnc the largest constructmn company xn lnez North Carol1na Helen Allen always the artmst planned to become a teacher lxke her 1dol Mrs Jack son, but her ar t 1 s tl c sense was too strong She 1s now pa1nt1ng to her heart's content U1 her basement because her husband won't let her brmg her pxctures out ln the open Matt IC Belle Fmch whose w1sh fmally c ame t rue 15 now the secretary for Elv1s Presley and lives xn Hollywood Calxforma In a bu sy newspaper office a hot scoop has just come ln from the world famous correspondent B obby Sykes, who began h1s Journal1st1c c areer as edxtor of THE FRANKLIN TIMES Th1nk1ng of a tr1p? Why not fly? John Perry has one of the best group of charter planes 1n the South Say what's th1s ? Buy your tlckets for the b a s k e t b a ll game ton1ght B111 Holmes formerly of Louxsburg North Carohna IS the star player for the Boston Celt1cs We w1sh you the best of luck Betty Jean Mathews is happ1ly marr1ed to he r ole flame" I hear she 15 a very eff1c1ent Wlfe Maybe her Home Econom1cs d1d her some good after all B ec au s e of h1s love for women Ralph Dav1s IS takxng Bob Cummxngs place on the Bob Cummmgs Sho " Ann a G r e e n Part1n who has graduated from East C ar ol1na with a B S degree U1 Hom Ec onom LC s , IS now helping her h1gh school s w e e th e a r t rear f1VC red headed freckled face Stallxngses Martha Anne Allen has made great She lS now one of our great Amerxcan dress des1gners Martha and her French husband have just returned from Par1s Dur1ngh1gh school everyone was amazed at the care Roy Kemp took of h1s school bus and the way he drove h1s Ford No one 15 sur prxsed to learn he 15 the owner of a very modern servxce stat1on Janze Merr1tt has just fmxshed wrxtmg the book What A Hxgh School D1ploma Means to Me We w1sh you all the luck 1n the world Mary Ga1l Holton, who was always a brxllxant sc1ence student, has decxded to teach several of Mr Polk's classes here at M1115 l-hgh School Say who's that goxng zn the Duke home 'P lt's the former Elaine Cottrell and Coy Duke who got marr1ed not long after graduat1on Joyce Spencer and her husband are happ1ly marr1ed and are operatlng one of the largest lumber mxlls 1n Franklm County BobbySpencer turned h1s Henry J xnto a race car He 15 maktng thousands of dollars on the Mlnneapolxs speedway P eggy Perry d1scovered a formula for h1gh school students to want to learn Tlus IS accomplxshed bya shot of th1s wonder ful formula xn the arm Peggy 1s kept busy answer1ng thexr 1nqu1s1t1ve m1nds Deanna Edwards lS l1v1ng happxly down on the eastern coast wxth a fa n1ly of two and a swell BUNCH PCSBY Spenc er May your voxce of the future 1S st1ll the voxce of the future and only the future holds the secret of zts fate Prophet PeggyS May , ' - b t ' ' . - 1 . . . . ,. . . I' . . . . . . Q I I . . . ,, . W . ' 'O e I I I - ' ' - D ' -7 , . . . Elizabeth Hill was one of the f1rst of the progress sznce graduatmg from h1gh school. , , . . . - 1 . - ' 611155 Sang Lyrlcs by Annette Fuller Tune Thls 1 Th1s xs our htgh school We love her so Thls lS our hlgh school Grandest we know We pledge thee our a1leg1ance Mllls I-hgh the bold For thxs our h gh school To have and to hold s My Country C 5 What dxfference where we go from thls day on Each to h1s separate way Our hearts are fllled wlth love that shall not dle l only know we swell wlth pr1de and deep w1th1n We'll say farewell but never say good bye Thxs 15 our hlgh school We love her so Thxs 15 our h1gh school Grandest we know We pledge thee our allegxance Mllls Hlgh the bold For th1s lS our hlgh school To have and to hold C lass P06114 Now the time has come for the Class of 'F to set saxl Twelve years at Mzlls Hlgh have been some ofthe best What we ve learned wtll now tell lts tale The wlnds may be hlgh the waters rough but the Class Of 57 courageous as ever wxll brave the storm to new And greater ach1evements S Anchors Awelgh classmates let us strne to do our Best 1n any fleld we choose Let us contxnue to follow mn The footsteps of the One who has led us through these twelve Sarah Brown our breasts H ' - - , . 9' 'Q Q 1 4 A I V- i ' 1 WNW. ' ' . S j ' n - I X I I ll 17 I V v I u 'K N, 5 ' . . ' Qi:-e I . , , . 1 1 y - S-. Oy., - ,H by t, C .. ,gkwp S xl? Q L we liz .-L ' tm fl r bm :jf ,I A. X l X gy Ffh xv 4, an 2 I Mascots Reynolds Robe rson Eddie Stallings V34 M . ' be E . . i 5 4 J ,ful bf up--. X 4,-. F' ,.v- 104' Q! Wm df lwlh Joyce Spencer Mary Gall Holton 3 Clxnton Bunn 4 Jxmmy Cottrell 5 Marxe Valentme 6 John Perry 7 Shxrley Burnette8 Annette Fuller 9 Bobby Spencer 10 Kenneth Pope 11 E11zabethH111 12 Elmar 8: Eleanor Newton 13 Carolyn erguson 14 Martha 8:1-Ie1enA1len 15 Bobby Sykes 16 Kenneth Perdue 11 Anna Green Partm 18 Wxlbur Southall 19 M1ke ROWS 20 Roy Kemp Z1 Peggy Perry ZZ Rose Edwards Z3 Peggy May Z4 Mane Atkms 25 Jeanne Joyner Z6 Matt1eBe11e Pmch Z7 Deanna Edwards Z8 Sarah Brown 29 Blame Cottrell 30 B111 Holmes ?"'e r ' ABIRWY5 M slug ,f f ,.., If A .ua 'U ,af Q qvw Page Allen Jack Avent funlars "ll"-r -at Bob Alston 'W' Jean Baker Judy Catlette R' Tom Cooke Jane Eagle s Tommy Harms Kay Hayes A 55... wa., 'K 41" - T' Margxe Fuller Ja.n1ce Joyner Peggie Joyner Peggy T Peggy Land Arthur Me dlm Frances Peoples Betty R eames omlmson Jean Wlllxams juniors L L, 'lv Q wg Shirley May Hartwell Newton R Onald Phelps Rlchard Southerland Sh1rley W1ll1ams Darrell W11son Saphomores Fee Allen Trudx Anderson Carolyn Baker Frances Bass Herbert Beasley Jo Ann Capell Betty Lou Cash Jean Coley Claudette Cranford 39 Q2-,c 2, 'tv YW' 'Z rs, Joyce Eagles 'i ,Q Woodrow Evans Dax 1d Fuller Qu., Janet Hall George Hayes Jesse Holton Sandra Horton Barbara Johnson AD' 'fx QI '27 if L4 '?"'7 .f-x 'fix Us T7 fx G.. 0-Q. fu In iid' . .- V . 1?- 'G' A wav' I Q- T1 Saphamarcs Phillip Knott Gaynelle Layton Rx Alma Marks Rlchard Marshall Johnny Matthews Charlene Oakley 1- Bxlly O Neal Y .Tohnette Oxnevad Frank Park Phlllxp Perdue Rose Perry sh Bland Pru1tt X X xctor Pusey 4 -0. Allen R1cha.rdson Mavls Srmth Faye Southall Q-l Alma Spencer Saphamorcs YW 'Ds 1 -'js' GL' C l A , Lf 1 3- 1 Jane Stalllngs Jack Stone Harry Strother Clay Taylor Hazel Tharrmgton Janlce Txllotson Dlane Wxlhams Martha Wrenn Snapshots li. 13 I wi:"c- fi 'fu ,U vw A all Aa 31, 'T fy Q' -an i --.Q Qreshman 6fl1S5 Officers Susan Blount - President X Peter Allen - Vice-President Xjxfi X Marla Gupton - Secretary Mike Hobbs - Treasurer X2 X50 ,I f f Yi if 'T' 0 if J W 'Y-x.x 1 l 4 1 J, wr 'Q' 'Wa L-lil 'A- N-. S...- heshmen JG' 3 we of LAL! 6595554 vu-v L. ,M Y"TK"f 'S' e Nu- 4 1. X X IVNQ sqg Peter Allen Betty Atkms Ann Ayscue Myrna Barley Susan Blount Barbara Brown Margre Burnette Barbara Catlette Jack Drewett Mozelle Edwards Lucy Elam Martha Ford Mary Alxce Fra1z1er Frank Freeman Marla Gupton Patrlcla H cks Mlke Hobbs Mary Lee Johnson Johnette Jones Clar1ce Joyner Raymond Joyner Robert LaFata J1m Leonard Wayne Lloyd Barry Loftln Bobby Neal Frances Pearce Ehzabeth Peoples Grace Perdue Pete Place Peggy Prultt Betty Jean Roberson Dor1s Robertson B T Rowe Solon Southerland Hannah Sy kes Lucy Taylor Dax1d Terrlll Nlrna Thayer Holt Weaver Frances Kee Wheless James W11l1ams Lmda Wrls on Edna Woodhef Aw Mn -qu ""-v s. Qs :CK N1-yr Ezghth Grade E' -Q ,wh Q 'Q Y 'gr Yr' George Abbott Dor1s Ayscue Margaret Beck Charles Bland B1lly Brooks W1ll1am Burnette Luther Denton Tommy Denton Lo1s Flnch Margle George James G1ll1am Allen Harrls B1l1y Harrls Bobby Howell Frances Howell Mary Charles Hunt Cora Kemp Lmda Knott Bxlly Lumpkm Ernest Medlm .lxmmy Medlm Roger Mxtchell Joel Morr1s Betsy O Neal Earl Perry James Phelps Carolyn Plott Joel Pusey Larry Roberson Peggy Robbms Ella Faye Simmons Harold Spencer Linda Spencer Carol Timberlake Ralph Timberlake Pete Tomlinson Barbara White Tommy Wilson lrxs Allen Carolyn Atkms Kay Baker Nancy Berger J mmy Cash an e Cash Butch Catlette Joe Coley Joy Cottrell Harry Dupree Larry Dupree Tommy Edwards Joe Fmch Charlxe Ford J F Gardner Carolyn Gupton Betty Hobgood Arthur Holmes Klrby Holt Bobby Joyner Jean Jones Grant Loftm Kelly Matthews Wade MCGUIYC Patrxcxa Medlxn Sldney Mltchell Marllyn Morrxs Dewey Morton Lmda Neal Becky Pace Inez People Darrell Perry Davld Arch Perry Davxd Stuart Perry Charles Phxlxps Ronnxe Pleasants Jerry Pope Lmda Puckett Maman Scoggm John Strxckland Pat Taylor Johnny Wxlhamson Sue Wxlson Becky Weaver Carolyn Woodllef Edd1e Wrenn 5 4 X Seventh Grade Tr 'fkl A Wx L, 5 'NS 9-sf i WSW! 'Elf 7" 'cw E 4 Nh Q. w-L gh ds 5 1, Ml.. 3133941 - ' M 5. 4- J 5 -'J " ll f- . 'Ib -'A i y' . ' I i .bu t J 5 1 b N is l vi K ,gg C C Aw- f :C ,krh K y fa, X I K- 'N' L -1 .5 Q' w-4 Y.-,C P 'S li ,I 'gf' ' 'X - ', X ' N v ' ' , -3 X A. Q .Y L N l , . :Q "Af f fm , K, , l ! fi V K 4. 1 Z V 3,550 , Q 1. . Q N S O 5, f s- -N ' V C X I y C C srr e c C C Jr y C C CC " fl' ,- l ,A ' x 4, ' an I L at . .-C-. ::-: " V' C' -I' Iris Matthews A .I H f ' -C C 'ix - M' ' Wm' f , C J' y CC C . V ff a'-' V C A . U , V Li? ' wg.:-' ' 6' M' A V wt t CC E at , , X f J' :Fx -Y 'WIN -m:: j:5"1-I J .. J .-t' 1 r C .1 ' bs, I Q t' ' sg' 4' J 4' 4 1 ' 1 5 Q ' ' W A . '- xr 'J 2 X 75 J' ' ' . ' ' Q , , 1 , x C. emu, 1 A xy 3 X will l '5 in A ' ll I K 4- X- QQ: . C 'ac A r I 2 t l,, . K C it may VA . LC r A I 5 J 3 .e 3 .. C Mm 'ty " 1 ' V34 W M C I . C 8 C N . .A ' C :v 4 '- ' 1. 1 ' P' Nev' T7 Ai h . A A"- C D .1 -N N 4' H M., , E .1 - 4 Grade S11 Clegg and Wxlder ii Grade 91176 Davxs and Wxlder WM V7 l f JF T' r -PR 0, 4 Q7 N. 17 ff Q Z WW QW C7116 .. 1 L 'fx 'Uv' all School Daze Sfaff L 4- C. ...Sl A K 59519 Ju tu rc I-famcmak ers Of ,4 marina 'H M SCIENCE C LUB if il ff .2 JUNIOR COMMERCIAL C LUB H Sw HS HQ YD QQ Q +V-ini ,W . 'A J Q 4 ' Left to right: Sarah Brown, Chiefg ' Helen Alleng Martha A11Cf1j,'x!XH3 "' Green Partin. ww., "' 1 I 'RN rq'. 1,2 5 Gills' h ,auf -:five Mdy Hour F has ., .N-rf Nd wx I 'N Q AWA "vu MM Dzrector Drum Major Mafarcttes iv. dr www O 3'-0 'w I, , M ' QQ! .......-..w..-......,m. , ,, W 'l , ,WMM wmiwwr y V '3 on W " 4-fl A A " , Y e e Wh Tiff' f,,ff,f3. f 5, me f M.- ' F Left to Right: Annette Fuller, Joyfce Elaglesf .lohnette ' , MW. fgjjv """"' " K " Oxnevad, Peggy Pruitt, Anna Green Part1n,Chiefg barah ki., , A M g . B r own , Janice Joyner, Martha Wrenn, Betty Lou Cash, u U ' 1 Clinton Bunn, Assistant Chief. -Q H? f, V I f . Y-,TY f 1 A Mouagram 61116 Kenneth P ope , Presidentg Helen Allen, Vice-Presidentg Sarah Brown, Secretaryg and Martha Allen, Treasurer. Hask dba!! Managers if X ,fs L , x W 1 1 Q I Q V X As X Bam' H Y X X , . JimmyCash a1'flS Claudette Cranford fx 553 ' A, nib SK '4 'W 'Cl ss, K O Q I n,- W , C181-j CC 1 -4 JOYUC1- vga. -"YZ, , - -ne., , X. fi wg. K. Jw, , -15 41,1 f A-,Sf 5 ' A-'GW-A sl , a Q 43,25 i ,fr ,,.g,ng,- , :, . A. r ,Y hug ,gif ., ws-wx. - -1 an K H, vp.. , 1-37" -if .sl ., - :H-2,4 Ja ..., - . , 13"?1.,sg ' if 1,12 P ' -F . mx., - me '1 H4-w. :fs - 'f- . U-fgwn, ...,.,.- ,,. ,, V.. in ,V v 'j ,"' " 'G' 59, '. M 471 ,, W- Y ff 1 'X Qggcajiw "', ,I . ,. ,, , -,Eiga 'Q-,, , H , f, 5 -I cz ' -...W w. I ... f X R 'M x 1 :X is an " "' .,r-ff. - Zhi all A W- f .WMW ,, , W x bww-.Q .W.A M, , W .N .ww-.Q-num. 2 'X A Q A H F'-,V ,V , ., ' f' 'V 1, , ,flhghkfwy W ,MI Nfl K M' PM ff, "4 -.,,, A WM., fy 5 592155: I -..X-N. -9-..,. V ,, Www ,f 19 1. full' ' X Uv, wil., is 1 1, ,U if I M.. 'l 'ef S:-1. ,Al 0 . K, 5 1 1 9 , J ' ww-1-np.-a- A., . , U Aww , . . 1-rw-awww-f M my , .A -.....--. -....,..-........-.- . , A......., ,.- , . ,,.Q,-,,....v....--.f-....' ',.........v- ,,,.. 9-1 l' Faxi- 'nd '?'- i'5'Q1 ui' Ka 5' 'is Wy '- ' 'hw 4 Congrwtulationv, Class of 'ETY FORD INSURANCE AGENCY 0'7" P UI' 0 O Wen 'N wh 'Street Loumaburg 'North Carouna HC TAY OR LL T1 XJ Hug Cmutl Avril Hfwbbu Low .mrq nrt! Caro nd Plant More Trees C L T' He WMM u rm. r 5 y Iviernber, Southern Pulpwood Conservation Assovi21tiOn NASH TIMBER COMPANY W 1115 Vv 'N wh Owner D xx T n D 1 Q Resuerce P OI r O16 IECTHCEPTSOI Road UUISABUI L 'Nfvrth C irolxna 4' ,mr vk wori nr Burn No Ll' Cdrohna WHELESS SALES COMPANY f-X Lwu Gong Ldro 1nd .i . ,. ,QQ ' 1 . nip 'O Sf? url ir Pwr C ..1:lPI Ins vu' C '.'P"I1gf' ' 911 1' h 1' A -1 I,. ' . ' v, .' T. ' ' g jg- L Q.f'LcQ'. B' 1:1 ' X ya d . . l H. ,'l1'vVr!'t'. 1' L1r':.1 '..:u C1 T'-'m,mA1' P15 111' Aff. EV L 1.1! Hgp,.41.:r1-5 Spur ' ' 4: ,.! f-. 'I Planes px V and J , Vs i an ,Yr 1 h' 1 1' N gg". . .Wh k' ' ' FIRST-CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 'Viernbe F r d Depo tlusu a 4 Corworatxon Ioux burg North Ldl WHELESS Oll COMPANY tm mt0r5 7 c Prod T SHELL Phone 5 Mes. Your Friends at O NEAl DRUG STORE Good Thmgst Eat dl ood Thxngs to Drmuk mc e D13 Loum 'Vox-tb Cn-olmx MAX T BROWN I . Y' of e ieri si . nw , A ' . '. O ' xii G ,. ' ' P1 ri 'L -1 . 5 , T' 'ofini Cburg, . . ' ' ' I o D13 E' . offh .. Pct, ff X A , A4 fl 1 Fo-ester and Pupwood Dealer 'T' i , i '-1 K ' 2 h 1 I -1 W L'Lui5:,',rg, NOrth Caroiws TULUSUUFQ, North CGTOHUB HOWELL VULCANIZING CO L Howell Pro IIBERAL TRADF 'N eplone- 615 R04 r m1 QQ ous au Complmments of COLLIE S PLUMBING 84 HEATING Bums Q Q. Lou S Jurg N th Caronna I CURRIE S RADIO 84 T V SERVICE Expe-rtRad1o 8: Teflexmbloz Repmrx P one 68 Church wtreet Ioumsourg 'North Carohn LOUGHLIN GOODWIN APPLIANCES P x R Lol Henderson 'Noxth CBTOIIIIB LOUISBURG COLLEGE Foqudq rl Low arg C oumt 1111 01 RUTH S SHOP nd LIU Readx to W A P one funk 1 Louxr, urg 'Nurth Caro LOUISBURG SUPPLY CO P l JIJ1 N x 1 BICKETT BLVD ESSO SERVICE er u 5 Dallx Loman mC1 ox 1 1 I I . W W 1 W 1 W 1 A. , ' , p. ' ' W W W ' Y W W -1 ,1'IA I I W W 1 W T91 3 ' -3 Bnketi r " f."1'J k1.'F.It,R1 3 'IL E,L 1' E ru 1 , if ,,'ot' " W W I I W I 0 l - , 4 - , N' X W W Rex Ord E113-.'sz1:1ci cf' 'ds h 3-1 L 1 w 1 o W 1 W W W I 1 w . E 'r 2 l'2'fT D .dv:'s1'-. 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DEPT STORE Louxsburg North Carohna Compllments o ROBERSON S ELECTRIC SERVICE General Electrual Work Contracttng 81 Supphes Phone 3 O 6 Louxsourg lN0rth Carolrnd Compllments of Dealer of Momlgas and Oml one Burg 'North Carolrnd HARDWICK WELDING 81 MACHINE WORKS Machmmsts and Welders Sales anclSerw1Ce or Cl1nton Engrnes lron Frreman Heatmng Equmpment Loutsburg Worth Carolxnd HOME OIL COMPANY Dmstrtbutors Atlanttc Hmgh Grade Pet o eum Products Phone 745 7 Loulsb rg 'Worth Carohna C 81 B BUICK COMPANY Telephone 603 l B16 ett Boulexard Lon:-bu g 'North Ca olrna U Ntsrt Ls For Qtuck ber ree HOWELLS WATCH SHOP Frne Chr a nd Chrystal Lour sourg North Carolmna I ' W' l l l A I Ol . , 1 - - 1- . i ' ' - D N l f , I I ' . . ., l . . . ' ' l w I 1 l A l H,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,7f,,,,, lN --A .--- o l sos ALsToN l 1 J . . . T V of 1 r I ' l 1 L V'l ,X . " r 3 ' , l ' -I ' I I I l l , l .. . v l l l l 1 f- l W l l . - k . 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Q l 1 O I . . I - A -. IVE All kinds of Insurance Phone 629-1 ' -'S ' ' ' var Qt ,, '21 " "mf ' -1 I A , . A . U O Q - ' ,- ' ' ,.' x ' ' 's ,.' Q i 1 1 U l 1 .. H ,rf za! ' - " , l 1 - ' -7 :gr ,L ' ' Y Compltments o Congratulatir TIP TOP BAKING C0 Graduates' Area D strmbutor Lou Oxnewad .Tumor Shea:-on BIG FRANKLIN Row: CHEVROLET co WAREHOUSE New and Used Cars CHEVROLET Cenerd1Repa1rs Phone 314 Loulsburg North Carohna Loulsburg North Carohna SOUTHERN ICE CREAM C0 I T Preston Matthews: Nmce Pree Mgr D1:,tr1butors Pme state Ice Cream Mllk and Daxry Products Telephone 3 Henderson North Carolma f 1 0 . Y Y O .L 1 L.. u - IIP E' 1 ' A l -1 I , C I .Tohn B. Norwood, Assistant Manager of 71'-5 1 sINlS II DIO SALES 8- SERVICE FLEMING FRUIT FOMPANY no P91 '03 Court 5 ree D 1 Loum urgx North C1 OIIII vu sburg Nw th Cirfl C E Bu Vuur flovu fu Q my Grow WILSON S FLORIST Pho Pmmt 520 3 OD 1 ax Om burg North C O 1,1 Loumsburg 'Worth Lwrol va THF IOMIIN OF LOUBBLRG VN 5HES 1 V RU'5ER1 MILL S SLIIQJOL wfxf AND JUCCEJBI' LL YEAR I l , . -- - -- - . - I I . ... . . - . I I VVI I .ah OIIIII' 1. I - . . . I I Ihmw -LHC -Q 'III 1, .' sr " :1 I LI I 1, 'Ir z Ima I I I I I tfwk YYY, Y Y Y WZw,, WW W Win ,Y H , , hzmfrfrf ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,-. I I B0 fi wisf- f'If'wwwr buyer' I , I I I I yl . '-rs ' 1111 Q Q I I I H':w:1,' IS' I-'z -' 'lriex , ' Gd: and OIT I YHA YA - ' 5 '- D j -ll4fTNight L,"s ,,' arlfa I I 'I ' IA WILQ. . 1 . f ' A LI..if3s" J' ' I' " . CLINT S RED 84 WHITE SUPER MARKET The Stores of Progress Top Qualxty Lower Pr1ces B1ckettBlxd Louxsburg North Carolxna For Insur mee of Every Kmd Dxal 345 6 H Uerryl HORTON Jr NATIONWIDE INSURANCE 203 N John St Loulsburg North Carollna M E WHITMORE INC Hauhng Excavatlng Gradxng Sand Screenxngs Stone Land Cleanng Cushman Motor Scooters D1al 432 4 Henderson North Carohna M STUART DAVIS Archxtect Loulsburg North Carolmna DAVIS INSURANCE AGENCY Natxonal Bank Bulldmng Louxsburg North Carolma , - 2 1 ' 'I A : I v A 'Tl I I I 1 I I 3 I l . A c l ' . ' W - - 'IX l . V , . 'U ' 1 , '4 , . I M. YI O I , C . ' X A U7 ffl QUALITY DRY CI and Laundry Se AN ON South Maxn Street D al 518 1 Louxsburg North Carolmna LOUISBURG BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY INC Ex erythlng to Bmld Anythlng Louusburg North Carolmna Homl ofF'1ne Foods Pu Cooked Barbecue Wholesale and R tml Loumsburg North Carolma MCCRACKEN OIL COMPANY Loulsburg s Newest Applmnce Center Your Amoco Norge Motorola Goodyear Distrrbutors Amoco Gas Heatwg and Motor O1ls Phone 844 1 or Phone 334 7 S MEN SHOP erythmg to Wear For lx e an Boy Loousou g 'North Cd 0 11 For Dependahxlmty ind Quallty Shop at FULLER 81 HAYES GROCERY South 'viam St Lomnslnurg North C rolxna LOUISBURG DRY CLEANERS Pre bsmg Clearmg Arltermrg Proprmetors Sykes. arc Xiubt in Loulsrurg 'No th C rollnd Congratulahon: Clan S of 19 5 POPE S Loum l g , Newest DFOWIJIF Center 'North Ma1n Street WHEELER S BARBER SHOP 'Year Rouen Amr Co xrhtxomrp P ole 710 l Loumshurg 'Nr th Carol Comp! ments o PERRY S SERVICE STATION Loursburg North Carolmq Compl ments of 20 waz 0 We arxng Apparel College Shop lor Cnrls Ivy Shop for Boys Henderson 'North Cizollh PIGGLY WIGGLY Qtmlmty I- oofle 'Nash Street Loumsbu g North Cirolma l 1 .L EV ,A ,V , A. . A I. pw fI,:1 fl , 'f h y M - 'A' T vf 'r X .a , J V,,'wr :rm ,l. rr 1 f 1 I ' a ' , ' 't hd' Z6 H LADIES' - MENS - BOYS' "1 ,fr 'rr " ,,' ,z"zl A 7 l l I , 'sour " . I fg DOUGLAS T. HOUSE Buyer of Pulpwood and Timber also Consultant Forester Box ll Phone 4142 Lomsburg North Carolma Compliments o, CORBETT FABRIC SHOP PARTIN S PIT COOKED BARBECI Louxsburg North Cdrolma Congratulatwns Class of 57 STALLINGS GRO CERY FRANKLIN FARMERS EXCHANGE JIMMY S NEWS STAND SCOGGIN S DRUG STORE Lou1 sburg North Carolma Our Frlends SPENCER S BARBER SHOP PRUITT S SHELL SERVICE L G FLEMING FURNITURE O J WRENN GROCERY STORE Loulsburg North Carollna -snlllnv " 1 WMI .2 M N-oo ' t Sw ,. 5 ' All Y "7 I I ' 1 . l 1' , A It ,. wax I I 1 1 5 A 5 ...Lg to A as 5 5 I x ,I l , A7 1 V ,EN I yu . - fu" 4 ning f1I,Uf1S ,4 ufagraphs ,4 zztograplfs ,4u!0gra,z1l1s A f l 1 1 1

Suggestions in the Mills High School - Circle Yearbook (Louisburg, NC) collection:

Mills High School - Circle Yearbook (Louisburg, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Mills High School - Circle Yearbook (Louisburg, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 58

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1957, pg 13

Mills High School - Circle Yearbook (Louisburg, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 76

1957, pg 76

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