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r 4 I re I 96 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY TI-IE STUDENTS OE MILLS COLLEGE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA Q L eucalyptus reflection on kapiolani road nu'-" 497135, 1 3 ,,...--- ws xigyiffii 4 ..f. .'l , 'Fi Iii? ' . fr ,-- Q- 'i- -as-13,1 vu., Q '?f0s5' ' 'fi VV .us ,,..........-.,.wv.fL - Q: "v ' ' -3, ig-X x Sa: : A . X. . .M X. ,iv x Ti x 1 ,Clk I W3 Wg.. . x xii if-sk!-k H-we--f X. x N73 Q. '?-"'Qf-ali . .5 vo in U 0. l J. 4 Q1 I -psig ls f gif, I 1 DR. GEORGE P. HEDLEY Chaplain-P-rofessor of Sociology C1 Economics L44 hexagonal promises-lucy stern hall M616 nf Eonfeufs ADMINISTRATION - I5 FORD FOUNDATION A 29 FACULTY ----- 35 SENIORS. - .- - - - 61 UNDERCLASSMEN - I23 ASMC ------- I85 ORGANIZATIONS - 207 ACTIVITIES ---- 233 ADVERTISING - - - 267 7 . ffaelf year begin nz will I l i i mzffzdlekyhf framizfn Lylyflf plays on many fares and l Q X I Q I 1. , 5 ,amp - , " I ,y C Ek V 3 . . Rx 'wa L ' fisglf. , - ,N . V X - - ,, V Q x N4 5 M-'1 5 and on thx imagiuwvu , I New beginnings in fin I gs in fha spirit of fha' old fk -5' the deans brldge who we are .yr eifff ' - if Mi WI j 0 I4 Presidents ,Message To receive a degree from Mills in l965 has Special meaning. This has been a year with many outcroppings of exciting intellectual and creative adventure. ln part, these outcroppings have been caused by dis- tinguished visitors to our campus. ln larger measure, they are the product of our own curiosity, our deeper probing for new meaning in almost every facet of the world around us. We have also learned this year to see with fresh awareness and appreciation the principles and standards upon which our College community rests. At a time when restlessness pervades our society and our colleges and universities, we at Mills have found it possible to share a profound concern for human well-being wherever that well-being is at issue, whether within our own college community, or in the larger world of which we are a part. We have learned to treat critically whatever complacencies we may harbor about ourselves and our world. We have gained deeper insight into the close relationship between learning and living. Yet we have managed to keep our perspectives and our sense of responsibility. We have maintained a sense of humor concerning ourselves, our College and the world. We have discovered that all three are to be taken seriously, but that seriousness must be lightened with the laughter of understanding. Charles Easton Rothwell I .yd A is .fhldv fy.: ' a ' -Af ii 5 E 3 'o f ,.4' H- I, H 1 t ..... . 12' fi . ,g is 1 .,.,.gus-O ' 7 Q""Iv-71 sf' f FTA-re 'if 5 ?' ee ,Q Ali: - .. , . ..,......--'-"""' " A' ' ' ,,,,,.--- , 1 ,v W,-0 'S l rliI L L s I 1 2, i+ wi I Q, 1 L 'Q i E 1 ,P .5 1 President Rothwell busy in his office Q XA X MARY WOOD-S BENNETT Dean of the Faculty LILIA OSUNA, DIANE PARKER Dean of Students Office PATRICIA. A. BRAUEL Dean of Students GRETCHEN HARMON Asst. to the Dean of Students BARBARA DOWNEN Asst. to the Dean of Students 1 LAWRENCE LARSQN FRED lVl. LlVlNGSTOlfl Financial Vice President Comptroller, l"WS'f"UCT0V In and Treasurer ACCOUVWWQ JOYCE BOWERS BE'l'l'Y HINCHLEY Office of Financial Vice President and Treasurer EDNA CATTUZZO, ALDINE EVEN Comptrollers Office Eg A ' L4 1-sl ll DONNA HUNT LOIS FOREMAN, VIRGINIA CAULFIELD, Director of Financial Aid El5gEEr2l'?eliSEgf:CE2 1 1 1 -4'b5lf'4 , 'I 35- ' . -..: 14 gf sis? gg-rf my , :if-.v .rQ:,1gf.f 1 iii fbi' 9 v . ar i 2 1 fi? Z Y ' 1 .i .Q ' v vm X .ivfiff 1,-4. ' i i f.Pi 452 f s XX 'NV :X 0 - ,X Q-R153 X sms t. NORTH BURN TOM MEGAN Vice President for Assistant to Vice Development President for Development Develapmmf OHM Sidi c'.','F' '!. -. O I T ,Q o -95 INEZ KNECHT JOYCE BAUR SHIRLEY MORRIS ALDINE DEVINE HEIDI SENEY MARGERY THOMPSON 'l Naya., . .bf , ,, ,-N1 :W " 'ef i bug, fu 4' if--Ea 55 71.5, fi , 5- F ,,. 'Y 'www 'dx twi- 545, As-,Q A94 ff: MP, -sail -.71Hf.w,1 ,- i 'rn ,, V, ,xv A-. . -six, 131: WALTER OLSON Assistant to the President 1 l V A BARBARA BUNDSCHU Director of Public Affairs JOAN BEWLEY Secretary to the President and Publications for the President IVIEREDITI-l BLACK Public Affairs Office 5 AD Below: C lVlll.DREl X sc . -cc cc gtg X AUDREY ANDESON Director of Admissions ADMISSION OFFICE SECRETARIES Below: CAROL IVIINEHART, GAY UCHIYAIVIA, IVIILDRED IVIcCREARY. Right: JUNE Mc- KI NNEY, SANDY VALENTE. JANE IVICCORIVIIVIACI-I Assistant to the Director of Admissions GLORIA PYSZKA Admissions Office f EVELYN URRERE College Physician Health Lfenfar NURSES MYRTLE A. GALLAGHER EVELYN MURPHY RUTH WISLEY New issf.sws3'3 INSTITUTIDNAL ADMINISTRATION t K A HELEN R. DEIVIPSEY Director of Institutional I Administrationg Professor of Dietetics and Insitutional Administration JANE MQCLURG Assistant Director of Institutional Administration MARGARET MAGES Bookkeeper ARLENE DONNE Tea Shop Manager JUNE PAYNE I.A. Staff l' '1 'T-SP GENIVIEVE LEIGHTON Secretary of Depart- ment of H.P.E.GR. el IVIAXI NE SORITH Telephone Operator EUGENE PHILLIPS Plant Manager RUTH L TTLETON Cl'1ildren's School Secretary awww N A MARGARET WILLIAMS Director of Public information BETTY FROIVIIVI Public Information Office IVIAERGERY THOMPSON Recorder JOAN KAM I NA Recorders Office AN ITA CLIFTON Recorders Office -- :.mQ,w'5zqa ,- or ' ' f f ' '-'+""'ii KATHERINE BROSE Librarian i EVE KRESH KA Librarian . 'f' S11E.e4,53:g5effg.fg ' g-fi 2,54 MARGARET PEKOR Manager, College Shop 'KBS L1-' E ,Q '.,. xii? . K f A . ir , A L r-'f a,. A MARY COOK Librarian, Bender Room HELEN WIK Librarian f lC'il1g.-- . The chapel-a contemporary horizon Kmrd of Gusfees N X These Dedicated Men and Women Initiated The Challenge Fund Campaign Xb XXX -Q-ew... ' 'SN QW,-9 S g7 A as e .. ee ,,f L ,.. e .J Jfczllfh gfllffl' The architectural rendering. The architec'r's study model. e jswdld Zzfufell U16 6l1a,v I The architect's drawinq. The architectural rendering. NIU! TKXUCI KLADCIK NIIIDCNG I fue? fem Hall H"'3"Ek:,i-,N N. XX? Xx 9 I X45 s . '. , . J, ' 5' 2Qlff'1H",'1lI5 '10 .-gp! ., wh I' -13" i V t . ma- '-V-- - - - J A-:X24 f -- Q 1 X ', M- X X -Mbsxwvsfeivslwstw X 6 ' ' Q I vw , ig, V, xiyfgik ' V . V 7329? "' "' V -V V X "Z ---uf -1--fi?-V' ,V ff, ff ' A L X- X X5 'X X" 1 X "W X- - X K . gg.. ,X , ' 6- Xxff - QE . X , ..- X .Z - Q -X V XR. W. , ' V 1 X -3 s . - . . X V X 1 X X N I-Xr-:L-.XX 's V Y -N "S'?V'X:4V 1 X X f.PkS-V3-YN-X .X1f wb. ,W X 1' X X - KN b- ' w it V - . ' V! . X 5 4 X X Q ' Xfffiffg ' 1, 5,2-f ' XX X x 1 ,Q-Xgigg-'-VX 3 . lg x X --beg VX X wh--3 1 V I V -- - -lf'-X - N -X-QQ 1' Kg SN if WA., f ' ' X QNX--5 XX - ff VX-Q--,Wi K ,S ,u VN X J .V --xv-XXP X Vfxazximj 2--. 'M -M - -5- - 2-sf - 5 V X Eg'-X X1 NX-i.g:VV,Xg--g-'i, ' ' -Q' V ' ,401 X ' N x - " ' f Q-'ETSQYQN-X.5iiX-fflif 7-'1 ' XXXXX X X..XXXX,XX -X X Y XX. s Y Q45 Q KV X W 3 X X X X ,XXX X X V 1 ..V -Xw fs - .X V '- ' - - 1- w. 4 N. X XX,..XXX....,XXXX..,,,,. . XX.XX,,,XX, glx Ny N F W.. 4 ggf. x X Q K X Six AVA, l X V' ,Ku , V X X X A 'fav X, Xggr 5 .,- X4' V--'-W-M - " - 'K VA 1' A X V4 4 XX V mf? X' V ' 'Q V "X"QfW. V " XXXXX XXXXXXX x-X -- -we ' - V 713 V- ' - " rf, . 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X K - X . 1X 55 X -XXXXX X -X --X - xv-W X -- is--V -35:5 -' X XX - -Y X - Mr fwvw X X XQXWXX N -xy-wgX XXX' X EX-'X' X ' - XXX k X - - Q Xf-:J --vgkfgl X N- 1' in ,gi X- - X Q X Q X .sy 5- - 3 X- XX X X - X XV 'Q - A OX--XT-X X Sim- X 1- X 2' X 'X ' XXX-:Q - Xxx- XXX - Xs by KX b x X XXX Y -Q --XX X- Wx A X X- f5XX1fi5-X' XX X-"X X ' -X-X -Q X- - : igr. N- K0 X X x -- XX- -X -5, X -X , Q54 N'kXRsvfxXXX - X X X X X X-mv - 1 X V X- X ' -XF-+-X X WR XX x' --"- Q ' -1:-+ 'U V W SS N- X X K Q' XX- - -XX-0 X1N',--2 X' if'SVmX -- W IA NVQ , - - ---Q - - - --w ' -- - x-Q XV N ' ' - ' V ' VX-, ' - r 'i - - M - X - ' f V- V X U -7XXQ-Nxxgp-XX XX xiii ' QXX - ' ff- -V f 5- -is-1 -X i"X V XX f X -' , f . - '-"XT: V ,Vw"'f'7" X 5, X 1. 'X X NI,,X..fwf,XX,M 1 ' f. 'XXX-X-XXX XM " ' XV.X,,.-f--Y-f"'f' x X V vw,-HIV x O xx X I Q ' L X . ' f- V , L ' .,a. 73' , .V f- V, -5 1.2 V - g 'W' f L Q if X ', V Q K Q! JMX VrV Qgv J -...ffmw .Mm-NM Aw-W. f-W.-x.-M Jew,-1... -1. - 'Af' g V 5 Q -. , L V W W 1 ' X.. mm num.,-,xv , ,VE 3.,X ,XMLW ,X . . -1 ' V ' Vg.-rpm! Q 5 X V Y, Q-ek ,VW ,X 9' X, V X 1,V, X ?','Xx 1 X MX X . 7 - VN -"'--4 M I 'XX fi V f ' "fb - ff X' VJ. XV f 1 fT'jf-1'?la7"',1in,,gj- W'-2 -V. -V - '-VX we ju - V ffz, wvfygff'-ff ,V -, ,7V,Xhlf.V ,MV kv46.,,..av U as Sw? uh.. "N-..-m.,, A -' 'L get ' Xu '40 pf- 'mf' V," X. 1- f ' ' " 'J' ff 'f '-.vfj'Q,' ,X-,"' 3,5111 x-- ,N-X. at X 1 ' V " ' f7731f"fvQ-NS' " ' iff, 0 in-. ' 'H---1 X , ' Q ' V V,',,V ,MJIX-.fVV.-AVVV .W . V ff W 1-QXQ2wVwVZVi V V- A-54 X SST TW' X f X PX QQ? ' is 5' 1 V XV: mx XX A V 1 ky ,J 9- ' A3 ,X -- 'f--'QV fx 'F-f , 'Y ' X54 'yr ,ii K in V-H we' .. iq f. .. V Q xx f X Z- W , bi : W3 if i f f H 9 zz ANTONIO PRIETO Professor of Art Chairman of Division of Fine Arts Head of Department of Art EDWIN O. SUNDET Instructor in Art RONALD JUDD Instructor in Art ROBERT DI-IAEIVIERS Assistant Professor of Art L . m'w-F Luxala--as--f-A----f ---YA ' ' ' "W 5 I 6 38 MARGARET E. LYON - Professor of Music MORTON SUBOTNICK - Ass'T. Prof. of Music Head of Music Department Music' r- EJ EDGAR M. JONES -V ' A once JAMES L. BEAIL- Instructor in Piano usic i I I I I I ,I i DARIUS IVIILI-IAUD I JEAN LE ROUX Composer in Residence Instructor - Instrumental Ensemble NAOIVII SPARROW SIMON - Piano DAVID SCHNEIDER - Violin NATHAN SCI-IWARTZ - Piano GERALD SHAPIRO - Graduate Assistant EVALINE U. WRIGHT Associate Professor of Dramatic Arts Head of Department of Dramatic Arts Dzzzmmic ,lifts RONALD E. BARNES Assistant Professor of Dramatic Arts X M.. FRED H. SCHULLER Instructor in Dramatic Arts REBECCA FULLER-WALTON Instructor in Dance Dam' DORIS DENNISON Instructor in Dance-Accompanist IVIARIAN VAN TUYL CAMPBELL Lecturer in Dance ELEANOR LAUER Associate Professor ot Dance Head of Department of Dance 41 5nM I1 Drparfm uf FREDERIC AMORY Instructor in English IIVIOGENE B. WALKER Assoc Prof. of English Chairman of Division of Letters ELIZABETH IVI. POPE FRANKLIN D. WALKER Professor of American Literature Professor of English Head of Department of English ROUSSEL SARGENT Ass't. Professor of English AALLAE E' WENPT V51 ssoc. rof. of English ' 'I " "" 1:::"' 1' - li fJlg'9f-i3?3324'5,5ijQ'i1"-.11Qsigilif?-flteaiiil:E2".E,:L31'-,A gi a1.i23j'5:'F. f. f Q ,fggw5..f1y,-::s,ff,f,, ,f.:,-1---1,-1 . ..-,-,,. , , , , XXX A BARBARA M. GARCIA BARBARA J. MORTENS-ON Professor of Spanish Insructor in Spanish Head of Department of Foreign Languages gvrezyu languages i MARTHA A. CARDOZA P""L'P METZ'DAK.'5 Asst. prof- of Spanish Assoc. Prof. of Spanish MADELEINE MILHAUD Lecturer in French 1 -5 - QM X: 4 l.Z"s,t '. N GALIA M. HAIVI Ass't. Prof of French . I nv, I 1 IVIARIANNE CURIVIAKIAN F Ass't. Prof. in French 4-Ang MARY ANN IGNATIUS Instructor in French Instructor in French GEORGE H. KEITH gvrezyrl Idnguagas MAUREEN ROBINSON Instructor in French HUNTER Q. HANNUM Ass't. Prof. of German FRED KEIBEL Instructor in German Z , gi 1 1 w E ii yr Q if 5 Q ii Q fl W fl fi IO' I 1 l ,f 1 A ,TT f S Q X:Q4X X,w ., . .W ' 1 roi? f :S ig ' WI , .! Q"1,', A- f , f "' - ' f",.. ,, 1 i v i 1 w E I n v 1 T i f A 3 . A X X AQX0. , X xfiXw X xxx . w g,wNw"S X - Q X V - Q :ana Eqx5 wW I K X , yew if-rw X . T ' O XX XM V ,SN sg ,L 1 1 X N l I 1 RICHARD WISTAR Professor of Chemistry Head of Department of Physical Science and' Mathematics CHARLES A. Assistant Professor olfug-Eemistry Physical Science A i i GLENN FULLER Assistant Professor of Chemistry ANN H. IHRIG Assistant Professor ot Mathematics HELEN M. PILLANS Associate Professor ot Physical Science and Mathematics i fa qs:- ROBERT D. EDGREN Associate Professor of Psychology ESTI-IER LEE MIRMOW Associate Professor of Psychology Head of Department of Psychology Z7 ychalvgy GORDON W. BRONSON Associate Professor of Psychology Acade proces at Four day r Academic processnon at Founder s a . Mrs. Herrick pours tea at the Presider1t's "At Home" Faculty lunch on the tea shop patio. Wx 4 CHARLES E. LARSEN Assoc. Prof. of History 6' Government MARION ROSS Assoc. Prof. of Economics S0 ia! i Sm -FRANCIS H. HERRICK Professor of European History Head of Dept. Social Sciences, Chairman of the Division ROBERT T. ANDERSON Assoc. Prof. of Sociology C1 Anthropology LAWRENCE SHRADER Ass't. Prof. of Government 1 Scimces Q 5 ! Y 3 P REYNOLD M.. WIK. ANN L. Sl-IERRILL PrOfeSSOr of Al'T19l'lC3V1 HISTOFY Instructor in History and Government EDWARD LeFEVOUR t Ass't. Prof. of History i P RosE L. GLICKMAN , BARBARA WELLS Instructor in History Asslstant Professor of Government MERRILL B. PROVENCE Instructor in Philosophy JERRY S. CLEGG Assistant Professor of Philosophy 50 ia! Svieuefs ELLIOT VAN N. DILLER Professor of Philosophy - Religion W' 9. wx.. AMW, , A 'N a uv .AAA QQ' 'is X .nf -. , H, al ..- .ip 2, , 5 7 .. ix Q. ,, xrfvgs M v' Q w, ' Tx ' . N g x v ..- .. 4- X 'ix 5 . ' . - ' "'-,. 3 . . f '5 . na ' fr' , , . . X H vu.-,R .x 4: gn 1' 'S I A fff v' 9 ' 4 ' 32 x. , s W' X x ' X 1' -""-'A , g 9,3 ' ww ' x " A .J ' 'Ak .'.-,.....-N, A J f V I F ffvfl, , 3 , 3 . 4, - f N30 , X' ix if f' . ,gg Tan '3 .Af .f1,ww4-QSYW' ' 1 .. .UQ f- - fx' 4 2' 'f?': J 1 I ,F a A, 5 9 ,X . 3 ' z 'X ' . Q 4, "Ks ,A X r . uf .-I 1 E54 .V I ':i Q A gjf 5.5 1,3 Q1-ca 52512 - 'f gg fI.,?5,: ff! " V N 553:64 .. ,fl- . "3J'- r X' . vifnf luxzazfpfrvx .Q-, is ' ,gag H ,.,.,qamrw .,,..a7w.' nik? .99 X f 'v 4 I K. I' ' 4 ' 44. I, ,,,..N5,.a.. m .. L x J - xx , ,f ,. x A ' n Y ",,.,,f353. s.,."fb- 4 . I A 2.-'ff ' NA . , , x I' - .U 1 J 5 Y x + Kay 3.59, 7 if 'ig '. ,. , Ext ' -f Maw, , - . ff Y ,ww "'7,,l c Q91 ,iw-Qr,.a' , , V , ba, W, J ffwfwc X l,,V.,,I , V 'Z W 577W ,, .3 , 'isww-4 f 1.4 ' RIM ,, .. L2 f' A Q ,f af 'f Af I , f' ff fi fe. ' ' wqffwf- Af QM fl? W . X fs , , f , , . . l ffffwaw 'W-Q ,. ,ff ,V .V Af f X V ,-ff ,E V, W 1- 1 , H? ,ifglgfpaw f 1 at , 1 M Q-,, . 43 ff ' -Q. fi , --S, .ziffffw I 'A I ' - w Mf- " , . x , ' ' f- 7 K ,.' . f 3. .X . - - W - mf uf il, wiki. jf 4 . 1 0 I i""""? , E . R . ag xg - T Q A SX X Q-1 ! x N 'Y X X X 2 X-w 'NWQG' Xl sm. 1 X Q . , -.a X N 1 , X5 f if , . -X X .. X .xx X Q X 0 . X fssi, R FRANCES-RUTH ARMSTRONG Assoc. Prof. of Child Development Head of Department of Child Development Director of Childrens' School ,va-f RUTH C. LITTLETON Children's School Hlzild Dawlopmenf FLORENCE P. GROSSENBACHER Lecturer in Child Development Sdumf bu CAROLYN R. ZITO Assistant Professor of Education Head of Department of Education JEAN WIRTH Assistant Professor of Education PATRICIA A. BRAUEL Lecturer in Education t 57 M E V W -,J :veg h V X ,H :AAN . Nh, " Y.,..--Y ----P . -'C'.,...A .1,-- f r MARIE A. NOGUES Associate Professor ot Health, Physical Education C1 Recreation Head of Department HELEN MCELWAIN 58 Assistant Professor of Health Physical Education 6 Recreation Chairman of Division of Educational Services Health, Physical Mum! 2714, Kecreaf 2114 GENEVIEVE F. LEIGHTON Health, Physical Education, Recreation l'l7-Z: 72,25 Pwr' 'ani """t'Y :"' Y" . lizja ,"ffl"1-,f-'iwrfrlw 1' ' -' 1- -2 v -eff-f --.. ., :Q-f --:g.' , R . ' :L Y 5 -- AV . , ,fgg T ,.,,,, ,-.-., W, 4 g -, ---.-val-, -.-vf,- -Y JANUSCH CAROLYN M. SANDER Instructor in Golf Instructor- Health, P.E., Recreation ARKI JOAN WAHL FERNE 'V' - Instructor-Health, P.E., Recreation Instructor- Health, P.E., Recreation F 2 ff 74 11-if E: Lil "HS S H I, w --""""""""-"--' MARGARET ELLEN ABEL Mills History Carmel, California ". . . it I treat ideas as a self-contained rhetoric weapons . . ." I -Perry Miller BARBARA LO I S AH MAJAN Ethel Moore Economics, Politics and Philosophy Sacramento, California "For now we see through a glass, darkly . . -Corinthians KAREN BLAINE ANGELL Mary Morse English Portland, Oregon "Fat! Fat! Fat! I am the personal. Your world is you. I am my world," -Wallace Stevens 62 forgetting that they are, as we are discovering, LYNN CAMERON APPLETON Mills Psychology Arcata, California " .... if you do what you must do at this moment- no matter what it may be!-you will bring about the uniont between lthel eternity and time." -Martin Buber Tales of the Hasidim ELIZABETH CAROLYN ARMSTRONG Ethel Moore Sociology and Anthropology Hudson, Ohio "Feror ego veluti Sine nautu navis Ut per vias aeris Vaga fertur avis Quero mihi similes, Et adiungur pravis." -Carmina Burana BARBARA ANN BABCOCK Alderwood Art Alameda, California ". . . Til it thunders into The consciousness n In all its pure and beautiful Absurdity H Like a White Rhinoceros. --Ron Loewinsohn 63' ANN CAMILLE BAILEY Mills Art Elmhurst, lllinois ll Nothing is in the finest artist's head That is not held inside 3 single stove With surplus, but to 'fl"IlS a hand may come Only where the intelligence has led." -Michelangelo l JUDITH ANN BAKER Mary Morse English Demarst, New Jersey "This morning 'in the cool fresh air l saw half a dozen wild geese fly away, first of all they rose directly above me, then further and further away till at last they divided into two flocks and formed two arches like eyebrows over my eyes which now looked into the land of poetry." +Soren Kierkegaard SUSAN LEE BARBEE Mary MQrse American Civilization Eugene, Oregon 64 "Let me be the great nail holdin ' g a skyscra e through blue nights into white stars." D r Carl Sandberg CYNTHIA LEE BEEMAN Olney Speech and Drama Atherton, California "To be is to do." -Loatse BARBARA SUSAN BERENDSEN Orchard Meadow Mathematics Scottsdale, Arizona "Ye shall know, the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -John 8:32 WILLA DORAN BERLINER Olney History New York 21, New York "Thou hast giv'n so much To me, give one thing more. A grateful heart." -George Herbert 65 l iigaiz O '- MYRA LEE BERSTEIN N6 , 5 O' Orchard Meadow Oak Park, Illinois "On croit que j'imagine. DEAR THEO-Vincent if BIRGITTE BERTHELSEN Non Resident Mathematics Walnut Creek, California "My life is like a stroll upon the beach, As near the ocean's edge as I can go." -Henry David Thoreau Mary Morse Music Portland, Oregon heartbeat." 66 l Ce n'est pas vrai-je me souviens." van Gogh 1 LEILA BEI IY BIRNBAUM "Time is not a field, to be measured in rods, nor a sea, to be measured in miles, it is a Nikos Kazantzakis KAREN SEELYE Bl Orchard Meadow Biology Vista, California "Life wouldibe tolerable were it not for its amusements." KERRYLYNN BLAU Ethel Moore Economics and Soc Castro Valley, California "There is nothing either thinking makes it so." XLER -G. C. Lewis SABRA ANN BLACK Orchard Meadow History Kailua, Hawaii "His life is a pursuit of a pursuit forever. lt is the future that creates his present. All is an intermirable chain of longing. Il ll Escapest - Never -- Robert Frost iology good or bad, but -Shakespeare 67 T V ' 5, 1 i'f'ff""' 39' ,,,,,, ,,,, , ,.. . . W ' 11+f.'f"ifPfi' X, 1wa'13.:'- tfstrv- - :'i" 3'W ' 5' M f ' jf?-3 f?2f'f2r'T5?I3'f.f'g -F-fjlfii, Q K. -5325-,'i I, - 4, ..4 cARoLYN Bass BLEWETT Z3 Mills im, Spanish Stockton, California CA I "No se con que decirlo, porque aun no esta hecha ' mi palabra." Juan Ramon Jimenez f., CARLA BOWMAN Orchard Meadow Biology Topeka, Kansas ". . . I pray you, my own sweet Cousin, even as you love me, to be merry, and to eat your meat like a woman." --Thomas Betson C SUZANNE TONI BROGUNIER Mills C 1 s s Chemistry 'hrlwfvi-2 Chico, California ". . . calmed, calmed me more, nor let me die before l had begun to live." 68 AMY BUCKINGHAM Mary Morse Speech and Drama Kansas City, Missouri "I .did NOT say this meat was tough. I just said I didn t see the horse that usually stands outside." ANN MARIA CAVANAUGH Olney English Winneika, Illinois "Do good, and disappear." -W. C. Fields ALISON ABNEY CARNAHAN Olney French Cambridge, Massachusetts "l have forgot much, Cynara! Gone with the wind Flung roses, roses, riotously with the throng." -Ernest Dawson -Genevieve De Goutel 69 KATHAR I NE EDITH CHALM ERS Orchard Meadow History Dubuque, Iowa "Between two opposite modes of action, would you know to which the preference is due? Calculate the effects, in good and ill, and decide for that which promises the greatest amount of happiness." -Bentham ANNETTE MARIA CHAN Mary Morse Sociology and Family Studies Hong Kong, B.C.C. "A man does not know the richness of his growing corn." -Anonymous Chinese saying coRoELiA JoYcELYN ci-:ANG Mary Morse English Honolulu, Hawaii "l have remained resentful to this day When any but myself presumed to say That there was anything I couIdn't be." -Robert Frost y 70 EVE LYN N CHATER Alderwood English La Mesa, California "lt's all in the way you look at it." -Anonymous Ethel Moore Chemistry Hong Kong, B.C.C. "Life is short, and the art The occasion instant, Experiment perilous, Decision difficult." -Hippocrates GAIL MARION CHURCH Mills Government Yuba City, California "For what is your friend that you should seek with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live." -Kahleh Gibran 7l JEANNE'l'l'E DAH TEH CHU long Wi' 4? W MARGARET BURNETT CLARKE Orchard Meadow Chemistry I Enid, Oklahoma -I "One is responsible to life." -James Baldwin SHARON AN N CLIFFORD Orchard Meadow Sociology and Anthropology Hillsborough, California "In all the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest plum." -Anon. FAIRY CAROLE CLIFTON Mary Morse English San Angelo, Texas "Desire nothing in this world but time to do your work, love, kisses, serious talk, great works of art, laughter, and a white Jaquar so you can get these things more quickly." -.lack Ludwig 72 l CHARMAI N E CELESTE CO-LHOUER Olney Engl ish Palo Alto, California "Reality is for every man the meeting point where the life that springs from within him encounters a life without." -William Butler Yeats BETTY LUCI LLE CONLEY ' Non Resident French San Leandro, California "Je suis comme je suis Je suis faite comme ca Que voulez-vous de plus Que voulez de moi. Jacques Prevert MARIANNE CORRIERO Alderwood Mathematics Garden City, New York "And if you take one from three hundred and sixty-five what remains?" "Three hundred and sixty-four, of course. Humpty Dumpty looked doubtful. "I d rather see that down on paper," he said. -Lewis Carrol 73 rg: '-f' .1 ' L74 Q91 gf' Q- : gglfe- " si' 15. . 'LYS if uf M-. -- ' . f -f 1-ffffitv ti L'ffii:fFv5isQ 7355 :Ei '12- " ','l.'1.- ., - Ml -1, .+L C vis?-'rifii 1' ' vr,i Q ztilk. .1 41,-f,,-Q ,s,,,,! ' C " Klffi' l BARBARA GAI L CROWELL Olney Biology Port Angeles, Washington "Take your mind out and- lay it down." DERWENT ELISABETH CRAVEN Mills History Picayune, Mississippi "Let us, then, be up and doing With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing I Learn to labour and to wait.' -A Psalm of Life-Stanza 9 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -Korean proverb JUANITA INEZ DEL REGATO Mary Morse Child Development Colorado Springs, Colorado "To get the full value of a joy you must have someone to divide it with." -Mark Twain, 74 ANN DEMPSEY Orchard Meadow Religion Palatine, lllinois "lt is the universal tendency among mankind to conceive all beings like themselves." -Hume JEANNE DESCHAMPS Orchard Meadow Engl ish Winslow, Washington "See you some Somerset Maugham I -John Lennon NANCY ELIZABETH DIGMAN Ethel Moore Art Portland, Oregon "lt is, indeed, to my mind, part of the irony of life, that we know so much which we can never experience, and experience so much we can never know." --G. Low,er Dickenson 75 VIRGINIA DINSMORE Orchard Meadow Spanish Daly City, California "We know enough to trust that all is best where love and wisdom dwell." -Cranch JULIE BLOCH DRES-SLER Ma ry Morse Philosophy Glencoe, Illinois To live, to err, to fall, to triumph to recreate life out of life." -James Joyce LINDA LOUISE SEWALL DYER Ethel Moore French Hillsborough, California "lt's Been a Hard Day's Night" -Beatles DEBORAH LEE EFRON Orchard Meadow Seattle, Washington "Without some goal and effort to reach it, no man can live. When he has lost all hope, all object in life, man often becomes a monster in his misery." -Theodore lviikhaylovich Dostoevsky HOUSE OF THE DEAD PATRICIA ANN EIDE Olney Religion San Leandro, California. "Truth is One: sages call it by various names -Vivekananda VIRGINIA GREENLEASE FALTICO' Alderwood English Shawnee Mission, Kansas "When pepole ask me what I nibble onlat at cocktail parties, I tell them, EarS. --Ann. 77 '.'x,,w., . in ,- r , ,gun ,, e .L 1 .f.,, ,W W, rt! it M?-v E.. X. 1 'rf Q 'wi ' : H l f igyf, ' Lei:-'ji - ' 5 ' . . 3.44 q ,- 9 M, 'f gr!! . '. '9 Q GYM 5' -1 sis- ' ' t , ff : 41 'Q'f2'F1L-. . , I- :S YL MARY BEAR FILLMORE Mary Morse Art Phoenix, Arizona is -1 " "I'd rather learn from one 35 bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars to dance." -e. e. cummings LYNDA LOUISE FINE Ethel Morse Sociology and Economics Newport Beach, California The noontide is upon us and our half-waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part." Kahlil B. Gibran LYN FLAN IGAN Mary Morse Religion Paoli, Indiana "Ideas won't keep! Something must be done about them." -Alfred North Whitehead TRACEY ELLIN FRANKLIN Orchard Meadow Government Tucson, Arizona "The mirror sees the man as beautiful, the mirror loves the man, another mirror sees the man as as frightful and hates him, and it is always the same being who produces the impressions." EM I LY MARGARET GERSTBACHER Mills Sociology and Anthropology San Francisco, California "The world has little to bestow When two fond hearts in equal love are joined -Anna Letitia Barbarld CHERYL MATHE GINZTON Non Resident English Los Altos Hills, California H-I-he pine leaves a sandy and sterile soil, the harder woods a strong and fruitful mould. So this constant abrasion and decay makes the soil of our future growth. As I live now so shall I reap. -Thoreau 79 JUDY GAIL ASHORE GOODPASTURE Olney English Palo Alto, California "There lives the dearest freshness deep down things." CESSNA LYLE GLEN Olney Dramatic Arts Ashland, Kansas "An actor is a sculptor who carves in snow -Voltaire Gerard Manley Hopkins "God's Grandeur" HARRIETTE ANN GULDMANN Orchard Meadow Psychology Galveston, Texas "l had a lover's quarrel with the world." -Robert Frost 80 JOAN LUCILE GUTMAN Orchard Meadow English Baltimore, Maryland "Don't wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly." -St. Francis de Sales CORI NNE KAY HAMADA Olney English Honolulu, Hawai "let's live suddenly without thinking under honest trees, does . . ." a stream e. e. Cummings DONNA DIANE HAMER Orchard Meadow English Long Beach, California "Why, why, why! Weh, O weh! H l'se so silly to be flowing but l us canna stay. FlNNEGAN'S WAKE James Joyce 81 Q75 I, CARLA CHRISTINE HANSEN Orchard Meadow Art Sacramento, California "Art is the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence." CAROL ANN HANAGAN Ethel Moore A t I' Redwood City, California It is better, fo course, to know useless things than to know nothing." -Seneca -Friedrich Nietzche MARY LOU ISE HARMON Ethel Moore French Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 82 NETTI E JEAN HARPER Mary Morse English Seattle, Washington "So many worlds, so much to do, So little love, such things to be. CATHARINE ANN H I LLARD Mills Government Pasadena, California ". . . and l resolve, accordingly, that I will give them a strong dose of myself." -Tennyson PAMELA HIGGINS Mills Spanish Tiburon, California "El que faze buenas obras a los buenos et a los malos recibe bien de los buenos et es guardado de los maIos." -Don Juan Manuel -Henry David Thoreau 83 IQ SYLVlA JEANNE HOFFMAN Ethel Moore History fi Eugene, Oregon "Fear God, Honor the Queen, Shoot Straight, and Keep Clean." -Kipling "The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney MARILYN JEAN HOLMES Ethel Moore Religion Santa Rosa, California "After while . . . and wi will go thither, yon, and to and fro. . ." -J. W. Riley k MARY HELEN HORNER Mary Morse Chemistry Modesto, California "lf l have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of Giants." -Sir Issac Newton l 84 ESTRELLITA MAE HUDSON Mary Morse Child Development Dallas, Texas "I still believe that people are really good at heart . . . if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, and that peace and tranquility will return again." -from the Diary of Anne Frank CASSANDRA, CLEMENS HUGHES Mary Morse U Art Wayne, Pennsylvania "What's Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba that he should weep for her-" --Sha kespea re MARTHA YOU NG H UTSON Mary Morse Art Racine, Wisconsin 85 JOELL FREDDA HYMAN Mills History Portland, Oregon "Some speak of a return to nature, I wonder where I could have been." -Fredrick Sommer NANCY LOUISE JOSEPHS Orchard Meadow Child Development Oakland, California "l saw tomorrow look at me through little children's eyes And thought how carefully we'd teach if only we were wise.'f I -Anonymous KRISTIN ELIZABETH KEATON Orchard Meadow History San Francisco, California ll We have made thee neither mortal nor immortal so that with freedom of choice and with honor as though the maker and molder of thyself, thou mayest fashion thyself in whatever shape thou shalt prefer." -Pico della Mirandola 86 BARBARA KOVAC lC Ethel Moore English Sheboygan, Wisconsin "l prefer men to caullflowers." -Virginia Woolf EILEEN NORIKO KURAHASHI Mills Art Los Angeles, California "Here and there does not matter We must be still and still moving. P --T. S. Eliot JAN E CAMPBELL KYLE Olney Psychology Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "A little nonsense now and then ls relished by the wisest men." -Anonymous 87 I CYNTHIA ADAI R LARSON Olney Psychology Minneapolis, Minnesota "The most useless day of all is tha which we have not laughed. -Sebastien R. N. Charnfort PENELOPE AN NE LARSON Mary Morse Psychology San Leandro, California ll A wall, you see, is a wall . . . and so on, and so on. Of course I cannot break through the wall by battering my head against it if I really have not the strength to knock it dow,n, but I am not going to be reconciled to it simply because it is a stone wall and I have not the strength." -Dostoevsky SUSAN WILMA LAUFER Orchard Meadow Art Sausalito, California 88 ,W WV, Q, A X wi X ,Q X W A 'Y rj gwifxg : , Q txt XS N21 2 iff Q ,- ini Q4 ogg QQWX Rv A V42 "ww gy ,,,.A, -ll! 3: X , ,X 'bqfwwf S' "S was s A was A S: A 39 QSM , .fs AR A WW ,WMVQ . ,Q is h I we , W! 5 fix. X, , Q, in -ws .ad asm .ass xx 'SN 4 v kwa N-N hm 1 BS at ea X X ,mei ' YSHQQ SE Fiiifex SSEM Qs. gg 5 JUDITH EILEEN LAY Mills Art Garden Grove, California "i will take he sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe air Alive with closed eyes" -e. e. cummings LYNNE VICTORIA LEE Mary Morse Psychology Gilroy, California "A world to be born under your footsteps . . ." -St. Jaohn Perse MARTHA LEIGH LEING-ANG Mary Morse History Brea, California "Congenial to other people? lt is with yourself that you must live." --Dag Hammarskjold 89 Mills NORMA BERTA LEVY Government Denver, Colorado ". . . he knows where he is going, it is nowhere, t it is filled with presence. He says, I am." CAROLINE RUTH LEWIS Alderwood Dance Berkeley, California ". . . Does it matter Cassa ndra, whether they believe your evil chatter?" 90 Lee Masters Denise Levertov MARGARET WEBER Ll BBEY Non Resident Mathematics Oakland, California "A bad custom is like a good cake, better broken than kept." --English Proverb X X 2 N fi ' A' C YQ W' Q' :Rely MQ 5 Xxx Q 'Sz Z 2 R wks x as x l 21 ,Y .5 'EN xx Y, 5 ,- Q 'X 1, WIS X I . is X., :K 1 x is X Q Q 9' ef S -Q KJ: :NDA ALLEN LONG X Orchard Meadow Biology Visalia, California ". . . And do you like the human race? I No, not much." -Aldous Huxley MARILYN CLEVELAND LUNDBERG Non Resident English Oakland, California "l do not wish to move from my present prison to a prison a little larger. I wish to break all prisons." -Ralph Waldo Emerson I PEGGY LOU LURI E Ethel Moore Psychology Indianapolis, Indiana "To know how to wait Is the key to success." -Anonymous 9 I JEAN ELI ZABETH MacQU l DDY Mills Art Watsonville, California "The life of a circus performer will some day be yours." -Bazoka Bubble Gum MARC IA ANN MATHEWS Mary Morse English Fremont, Ohio "No loveliness is wasted in our lives, Sweet things grow silently and they root deep In the hidden places of the heart." -C. M. Mulhdland BARBARA GILMORE MCCUNE Alderwood Psychology Bethesda, Maryland Il Peut-etre rne direz.-vous: 'Es-tu sur que cette legende sont la vraue?' Qu'importe ce que peut etre la urealite placeo hors de moi, si elle m'a aide a vivre, a sentir que je suis et ce que je suis?" -Baudelaire 92 BONNY MCFADDEN Ethel Moore Government La Canada, California "When you have grasped its meaning with your will, then tenderly your eyes will let it go." -R. M. Rilke PATRICIA ANN McNElLL Ethel Moore Art Washington, D. C. "so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens" -William Carlos Williams ANDREA COWLES MEN EFEE Mary Morse . Sociology and Economics Fair Oaks, California "There never was a false S0431 "'0" Was there ever really a false rellglori, ul'1l9S5 YOU call a child a false man. U -Max Muller 93 4 -Q I, Q . px, JULIE MARIE MERKSAMER Mills History Sacramento, California "Life? Butterfly On a swaying grass That's all . . . But exquisite!" -Soin DONNA JEANNE MILLER Orchard Meadow Philosophy Seattle, Washington "I have a small mind and I mean to use it." -Carl Solomon JAN MILLER Ethel Moore Art Orinda, California ll Easy to know That diamonds Are precious Good to learn That rubies Have depth But more-to see That pebbles Are miracuIous" -J osef Alberts 94 MARYLIN ELIZABETH MILLSAP Mary Morse Sociology and Anthropology Woodland, Calif. "Tracking something," said Pooh. "Tracking what?" said Piglet. "That's just what I ask myself. I ask myself what?" 'What do you think you'lI answer?" "l shall have to wait until I catch up with it." --A. A. Milne LUCY LYNN MURRAY Mills Government Pullman, Washington "l did not know That heydays fade and go, But deemed that what was would be always so --Thomas Hardy MARU Ll LLI BETH NELSON Olney Art Bellflower, California 95 gf, -- , W.. f as-V, 51,2 W A ,511 .,,, t F f,,v51.t'r-.-:gixf v: f i - rfmzraivk A 'ZH-irgkiv-,2,, 1 , '..x x '-was Axriw Y Q, UA, .. lf. R, 9 1 Avi' ,Q Aja - Tv Mit 6 , CARILANE FRANCES NEWMAN Mary Morse Psychology Dal las, Texas "l am asked why I live in the green mountains l smile but reply not for my heart is at rest. The flowing waters carry the image of the peach blossom far far away There is an earth there is a heaven unknown to men." -Unknown LINDA LONG NORGAARD Non Resident English Menlo Park, California "lt has been observed by long experience, that late springs produce the greatest plenty." --Dr. Samuel Johnson GAIL MAY O'CONNELL Mills Art Groton, Massachusetts "lt's Broccoli, dear, l Sal' 'ts SD"'1aCl'l, and l say the hell with it -E. B. White 96 i i , 97 JUDITI-l MARIE OFFORD Mills Dance Berkeley, California 1 . . , 'La fellcidad consiste en ser un desgraciado que se sienta feliz . -Ramon Gomez de la Serna FLORENCE ELEANOR OWENS Ethel Moore Psychology Beaumont, Texas "But l want first of all-in fact, as an end to these other desires-to be at peace with myself . . . -Anne Morrow Lindbergh JOSEPHINE ANN PATRICK Orchard Meadow Drama Arts Vancouver, B. C., Canada "Le theatre est un acte-d'amour. Tout n'est. H pue besoin de communication et de communion. -Jean Giraudoux CATHERINE L. PILLAR Mills U Sociology, Economics Oracle, Arizona SHARON PAPE PINGER Ethel Moore English Portland, Oregon "On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." -J ames Joyce ALISON CATHERINE REITZ Alderwood American Civilization Santa Barbara, California "Good is not bad and bad is not good Good is good and bad are bad." -from Bad and Good Margaret Ann Thornton 98 KRISTIN ELIZABETH RITTER Mills English Seattle, Washington "To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour." -William Blake CAROLYN MARGARET ROE Olney Art Louisvi I le, Kentucky "Do I dare disturb the universe? -T. S. Elliot MARILYN RUTH SCHUSTER Mills , French La Jolla, California "Pour moi donc, j'aime Ia vie --Montaigne 99 'A--I S SALLY ELEANOR SHORT Mills History San Francisco, California "And so I said To the man who knew: 'Where are th 'And what do 'And why do -A. F. W. from Sloan Wilson: THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT J SUSAN WALKER SEARS Olney Sociology and Anthropology aratoga, California ey going?' they carry?' they hurry so?' " GRETCHEN LEA STAI N BROOK Mills Music ackson, Wyoming It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love." -Ricard IOO MARY LEA STEVENSON Ethel Moore English San Bernardino, California ". . . I never saw the Devil in my Life, nor l don't believe he hath any thing to do with me." -Henry Fielding SHAMELA ANDREWS i NlNlA STORRS Olney English Honolulu, Hawaii "Life is an Ecstasy." -R, W. Emerson NANCY ANN TARBUCK Olney Sociology and AnthroP0l09Y Seattle, Washington lOl SANDRA JOAN THACKER Ethel Moore Spanish El Paso, Texas "Buscar, buscar, buscar . . . y Luego, luchar hasta echar el alma por la boca." JILL ORIANE TARLAU Orchard Meadow English New York, N. Y. "I taste a liquor never brewed, H from tankards scooped in pearl. -Emily Dickinson -Pio Ba roja SHARON Ll N DA THOMPSON Non Resident Music Roseburg, Oregon lO2 ELEANOR JOANNE Tl-IORTON Alderwood French and English Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nl alYVaYS forget and fry to make like some heroical TVGSIC l'1GrO betrayed by his waxing disposition to hearken the ear wigs, when after all we are only mgaged at the most in good high comedy and you know how that always ends." --J. E. Winter Mills Child Development Oakland, California MARGARET STERN THORNTON "Speak in French when you can't think ofthe English for a thing-turn out your toes when you walk and remember who you are!" Lewis Carroll JEAN LOUISE THWING Ethel Moore Art Seattle, Washington "My best of wishes for your merry Christmases and your happy New Years, YOUV long l'VeS and your true prosperitiesf' -Charles Dickens lO3 SALLY ANN TOM Ll Ethel Moore A History Oakland, California "Happiness is some black, orange, yellow, white and pink jelly beans, JA SUSAN PHOEBE TITMAN Mary Morse English Aurora, Nebraska "We live in deeds, not years, in thoughts, not breaths In feelings, not in figures on a dial." -Philip Bailey NSON but no green ones." -C. M. Schuz NE ELIZABETH TRINKAUS Ethel Moore Art Ridgewood, N. J. "The world is so full of a number of things, l'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." -R. L. Stevenson IO4 CAROL ANN TUCKER Orchard Meadow Spanish M Aptos, California "gES que se algo?, ges que creo algo?" -Unamundo MARY CATHERINE TUCKER Olney Psychology St. Paul, Minnesota "Teetot'lers seern to die the Same as others, So what's the use of Knocking off the beer?" Sir Alan Patrick"---Herbert MARY RANDOLPH UPTON Mary Morse History Hingham, Massachusetts "that stern and rockbound coast felt like an amateur When it saw how grim the puritans that landed on it were" -don marquis 105 MARTHA VAN ATTA MILLS Non Resident Mathematics San Leandro, California "Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day." -Anne Morrow Lindbergh l VIRGINIA HUNT VAN DERVEER Mary Morse English Palo Alto, California "I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, nor to scorn human actions, but to understand them." -Spinoza MARRI ET J EAN WALTERS Olney English San Diego, California IO6 SUSANN FRENCH WAMPLER Mills Spanish Alexandria, Virginia II Luz vertical, luz tug alta luz tu, luz oro, luz vibrante, luz tu. Y YO la Negra, Ciega, sorda, muda sombra horizontal." -"Luz ru" J uan Ramon Jimenezi ANN J UDSON WATERMAN Alderwood Music Wilmette, Illinois "All hell broke loose." -Milton DONA WILBER WEBB Mills Government Akron, Ohio "l shall miss of worldly things neither power which is despicable. Nor pleasures which are frail. Only shall I miss my fellow beings. Two things on earth are precious: first is love, second, far behind, is intel- ligence. Furthermore love and intelligence are very close to him that understands." -Gaston Berger 107 MONA SIMMONS WH ITLEY Non Resident Religion Berkeley, California "A falsehood, if life-preserving is preferable to the truth." -Nietzsche SARAH WELCH YANTIS Ethel Moore Chemistry Fort Smith, Arkansas "You give but little when you give of your possessions. lt is when you give of yourself that you truly give." -Kahlil Gibran VIDA YAZDI Alderwood English Nairobi, Kenya, Africa lO8 SHARON SAU YUNG YOUNG Alderwood Music Honolulu, Hawaii ". . . I say, wake up, Pooh!" -A. A. Milne SUSAN GAYLE ZIMMERMAN Orchard Meadow English Portland, Oregon "l stand on my corpse continually as I rise into myself." --Warren Carrier MELI NDA CHALMERS MILLS Mary Morse History Broadalbin, N. Y. "Pigs can't read, my dear." -UNDER MILK WOOD Dylan Thomas IO9 IVIARSHA LOU ISE HANCOCK Alderwood Pre-Med, Biology Atherton, California "Not what you do but how you do it." CHRISTINE FELICAI WANDEL -Anon Orchard Meadow Philosophy, Religion and Sociology Boston, Massachusetts "Like a lion not trembling at noises, like the wind not caught in a net, let one wander alone like a rhinoceros." --Sutta N ipata 5614 or H14 M KK M X sux s e - 1 Nw., Dzumfr LEFT: Jane Kyle, senior class presi- dent, announces the Honorary Senior, Miss Coleman. BELOW: Mary Morse seniors enjoy the dinner held in Mills Hall. SEATED: Gina Faltice, Eve Cbater, Barb McCune, Mrs. LeFare, Uida Yazdi. STANDING: Sharon Young, Barbara Babcock, Ann Waterman, Alison Reitz, fllderwvvd Seniors RO Car Jea Tra Ste' ROW li Lynda Tine, Bobbie Abmajan, Jan Miller. ROW 2: Nancy Dizman, Carol l-laragan, Peggy Lurie, Jane Trinlcaus, Bonnie McFadden, Mis Ashe, Jean Holmes, Jeannette Chu, ROW 31 Sarah Yantis, Pat lVlcNull, Sandy Tracber, Sylvia l-loftman, Este Armstrong, Linda Dzer, Barbara Koraris, Mary Stevenson, Sbaron Renier, Kerrylynn Blau, Sally Tomlinson, Florence Givens. EIA' ljlflvmf Sm Zfr 5 Qs N s mmm ,, if f X-' "M" .W-"""""Mr SEATED: Becky Stein, Mrs. Downeri, Marilyn Cleavlarid. STANDING: Martha VanA an Mills, Peggy Webber Libbey, Mona Simmons Whitley, Cheryl Mathe. Mary Atkins Sfffzim' Kate son, Quidc Rilter ROW l: Marilyn Schorter, Joel l-lyman, Kathy Pillard, Eilien Krunhashi, Lisa l-ledstons. ROW 2: Norma Levy, Marilyn Chevlad, Camille Bailey, Kate Hale, Sue Brouginen, Gail Church, Mrs. Sunday, Lucy Murray, Sally Short, Judy Fay. ROW 3: Ann Hillard, Brigette, Sharon Thomp- son, Becky Steen, Suzanne Wanslin, Sandy Thacker, Mona Simmons Whitley, Jeanne Mc- Quiddy, Gail O'Connell, Deri Crovens, Chris Rilter, Carolyn Blewett, Lynn Appleton, Dora Webb, Miss Pillars, Margaret Abel. ,Mill Senior ROW l 3 Cassandra Hughes, Carole Clifton, Lynn Flanigan, Marcia Mathews. ROW 2: Molly Upton, Nancy Josephs, Anita del Vegato, Julie Dussler, Marilyn Roseia, Mrs. Luther, Cordelia Chang, Annette Chan, Andren Menifee, Mary Beth, Merdie Filmore, Mary l-lorner. ROW 3: Lynne Lee, Nettie Harper, Marilyn Milsop, Cheryl Mathe, Vee VanDeervier, Sue Jitman, Judy Bahes, Melinda Mills, Leigh Leinganz, Estrelita l-ludson, Carie Newman, Luna Berntaurn, Karen Angell, Missy l-lutson. Mary Marr Smivr XJ , ,s,,, L I ...W 'BY' 7, f SEATED: Mary Tucker, Sadie Sears, Jeanne Walters, Mrs. Fusco, Mrs. Hilpert. STANDING' Barbara Crowell, Jane Kyle, Nancy Tarbuck, Ann Cavanaugh, Pat Eide, Andy Larsen, Willa Berliner. Olney Seniors X W 1 9 . N x , . 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I d 5 , I' W 0 0 d J! zz I I 124 911111610 Zvuncil FIRST ROW: Jan Hill, Viki Schooley Lynne Scott, Eve Chater, ,SECOND ROW: Sharon Young, Mimi Flood, Barbara McCune, Jan Le Veque, Wynne West, Corinne Coffin, Spring Ha!! Ezruucil SEATED: Eve Chater, Wynne West, STANDING: Mimi Flood, Corinne Coffin, Margo Lind, Sharon Young, Lynne Scott, Jan Hill. MRS. ARTHUR LEFAVE Head Resident MISS HOLLY NEWCOMB Assistant Head Resident Joanne Marie i Abel, 68 5 ' l Barnett, 68 Q Mabel Maynard Lynda Joyce , 7 Bergantz, 68 i 4 . X l l Q A l I f bi M. , A 5+ 1 , K, SRXXSX X Q5 29 SQ as SS Sk X , l f fi Wendy Lee ' Chun, 67 Corinne Coffin, 67 l l Michelle l Flood, 66 l l l l l l l Charlotte Sue l Gelfand, 67 1 Glee Ann lt Gorrell, 68 5 Anne Harrington, 67 i Monaghan, 68 Sally Catherine McKinney, 68 Joyce Irene Rogers, 67 Ma rga ret Ca rpen ter Russ, 66 Viki Jodean Schooley, 67 Elizabeth Lyon l Thalheiner, 68 l26 Kathleen Elizabeth Jeanne Van Doran, 67 Wynne Marie West, 66 F 1 1 I s . V 1 1 4 1 L F rg H 5 J ff n 'K at Zz!! J-fall Gzfuucil SEATED: Laura Bekeart, Pat Turner, Peggy Lurie, B o n n i e lVlcFaddeng STANDING: Sharon Pinger, Betty Sud- Spriug Ha!! Home!! P gl. SEATED: Florence Owens, Pam Walker, Jean Thwing, Jan Wayg STANDING: Peggy Lurie, Carolyn l-lerrick, Pat Turner, Betty Sudnick, Sharon Pinger. MRS. BETTY ASHE Head Resident ggi X, it EEFQ2 QT?" ' we rs. - -gg . If, gs X 1... '31-1' ' , li , s Q' Pamela Louise Anderson, 68 Lorinda Caroline Bader, 67 Patricia Eileen Beckstrom, 66 Laura Helen Bekeart, 67 Janet Ellen Blair, 68 Diane Ruth Bleeker, 67 Eleanor Elizabeth Bode, 66 Carol Rae Bourgeis, 67 Lonni Jean Briggs, 68 Heather Margaret Burke, 68 Frances Ma rie-Therese Chew, 66 Susan Greeley Cla rk, 66 Melissa Ray Coffin, 67 Lisa Colby, 68 Christine Lynn Dawson, 68 l3O Francisco De Lorios, 68 So rch Joorme Doerksen, 67 Jayne Louise DuMon'f, 67 C. Pililoni Durclon, 68 Gretchen Marie Fitzfuerold, 68 131 an Susan Ha rtnell Forcl, 67 Susan Diane Formaneek, 66 Kim Giles, 68 Geraldine Elizabeth Gillespie, 68 Claudia Kay Gresham, 68 Alice Sheppard Groch, 66 Eva Hauer, 68 Caroline Coates Herrick, 68 Darlene Yuki Lan Ho, 67 Linda Lee Holesapple, 67 Lynne Helen Honus, 68 Sandra Lee Hooper, 67 Patricia Ann Hunter, 67 Laura Cecelia Johnson, 68 Alissa Louise Kaufman, 68 l32 Lucy Lee Langdon, 68 Christine Laning, 67 Jean Kingsland Loveless, 68 Carolyn Ethel Magnell, 68 Vivian Toni Marshall, 68 I33 'iw- L. Susan Pentield Martin, 68 Michele Jean McLeocl, 67 Freclrika Montgornery, 68 Kathleen Lynn Morrison, 68 Janice Stuart Morton, 68 Joan Louise Munn, 66 Mary Gough Nash, 67 Tanya Ma ree Pashkowslci, 68 Carol Eloise Rees, 67 Randy l-lal Ring, 68 Patricia Ann Roberts, 68 Phyllis Cathern Ross, 68 Gayle Irene Roth rock, 68 Lisa Mary Shatter, 67 Tari Lynne Sigman, 68 134 Michelle Louise Simon, 68 Iris Leone Smith, 68 Ledo Merle Soffron, 68 l-lughello Harvey Spitler, 68 Allegro Eugenio Stepcmzoff, 68 135 .X K .X ,N,....W ,Sy X3 My . 4 gf! -. Ba rba ra Jane Stephenson, 67 Anne Lenor-Rose Sturmthal, 68 Elizabeth Louise Sudnick, 68 Christopher Ann Taylor, 67 Judith Ann Torrence, 67 Melinda Hamby Travis, 68 Jeanne Marie Tumpane, 66 Kim Turner, 68 Aino Maria Viei Da Rosa, 68 Mary Pamela Walker, 66 Marcia Maureen Watson, 68 Janet Madleine Way, 67 Lynn Gordon Welles, 68 Tacy Campbell Williams, 68 Monica Taft Woodbridge, 66 l36 T Pi 6 I S 5 2 ff Sm i f if 3 ii 1 rlfijl cg' 1, 2 tm, ra f A 11 it ll ' -4 YA X , , A N l if N.-.V N X. X Nx X Xxx. vw i S. -,M 4 QF x S K 6 ,Me S QQN no N Q. X X Wir' Elizabeth Stone Woodward, 68 Sarah Halsey Young, 68 946'- . lxkhl- X mm, Sopnua Maria Ziburtovicz, 67 Eileen Marie Zimmerman, 68 ll I' 11 0 I' 5' 1 1 1 6' 1 I1 ' Ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I Zz!! Ha!! Home!! SEATED: Chris Manchester, Claire DiGiovanni, Leigh Leingang, Carel Fein, Leslie Scherer, Liz Reynolds. STANDING: Ruth LeCocq, Vee Von- Duveers, Gayle Chandler, Miclqi Crider, Sally Mahon, Chris Holm. Spring Hal! Evans!! , SEATED: Betsy Roscia, Liz Alksnis Andrea Menetee, Claire DiGiovanni, Liz Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Carol Fein, Chris Manchester, Ruth LeCocq, Susan Sexson, Jane Redmond, Leslie Scherer, Cynthia Holbein xx Y. MRS. BURTON LUTHER Head Resident Nik MISS MARILYN ROSERA Assistant Head Resident Kristine Allison, 67 Goil Jon Aronoft, 67 Deboroh Berch, 67 Ronni Gay Bernkrcint, 67 Borboro Bowes, 66 Lorno Lou Brown, 67 Judith Goil Buettner, 68 Kotherine Clork Burlinghom, 66 Deboroh Croig Cornpbell, 68 Ashly Sue Cord, 68 Goil Morilyn Chondler, 67 Mo rilyn Irene Cole, 68 Mori Iyn Irene Coleg rove 67 Noncy Ann Cook 68 Miyuki Mich: Crider 67 ' 1 I 'ii N. ..,....-. xg A x I -I I .Bt 'Jil I . . . . . 0 Rl I li Q" 5? 140 xx. 'li Y in 7 'hx Sfephanie Samantha Davis, 67 Sheryl Lynn Dea kove, 68 ,wif Claire Marion De Giovanni, 66 Cynthia Ann Duncan, 68 Victoria Loree Enders, 68 141 557255 Ca rol Ma rga ret Fein, 66 Laura Gabriel, 67 Patricia Annette Gill, 67 Anne Louise Gillespie, 68 Ma rga ret Ann Gleason, 67 Bonnie Jo Goldwyn, 67 Martha Cynthia Bradford Haight, 68 Mary Jean Haley, 67 Mary Mac Harg Halsted, 68 Cynthia Kay Holbien, 67 Joyce Christine Holm, 67 Tarnia Lyn Hope, 68 Christine Miriarn Hopiak, 68 Carol Jenkins, 68 Pamela Artura Katims, 68 l4Z l , , i i 5 f 1 Q G l i 1 - V l ' l 8, l i Susan Rozelle Knight 67 Kathleen Annette Kos, 68 Borbclro Ellen Lam, 67 Ruth Le Cocq, 67 Louro Forrest Lengyeh 67 143 Janis Lee Levand, 67 Christine Manchester, 67 Rae Elizabeth Marshall, 67 Sally Susan Miller, 67 Karen Elizabeth Millis, 68 Sonja Christine Norrnan, Penny Jane Owen, 68 Penny Patricia Peterson, 68 Jane Hunter Redmond, 68 Elizabeth Ann Reynolds, 68 Linda Katherine Robinson, 68 Leslie Louise Scherer, 67 Diane Jewel Seaman, 68 Susan Jeane Sexon, 68 Joyce Eileen Shank, 68 I44 ,X ,QQT 253543 r Lcuuro Ko tlfmeryne Simpson, 68 Bo rbo ro Joon Sweoringen, 68 Trudy Arm Tu rnquisf, 68 Joan Morcelle Wilcox, 67 Morgery L60 Wright, 67 145 Nik-1' V T a s i f 5 1. I, as l f 1 Fir, ': , 5 Evany Diane Zirul, 68 Carla Ingrid Zwarf, 68 Elizabeth Taylor Roscia, 66 E 1 Q I s, .1 1 'u .v v 1 I 1 I r I 1 4 N u 1 I V x, --rv 1 . 4 is ,lf 0 ,, Zi 5 ' X X K A 1 5 I w I I 1 3 . 4 ?!1!!f!!1!! Haan!!! FIRST ROW: Nancy Chapman, Judy Lay, Jaye Anderson. SECOND ROW: Lucy Murray, Soroya Obaid, Deri Craven, Pauline Johannsen. Spring Ha!! Hound! FIRST ROW: Deri Craven, Linda Dahl, Martha Beardslee. SECOND ROW: Suzann Wampler, Soroya Obaid, Gwen Jackson, Kathy Hogue, Judy Lay, Norma Levy. STANDING: Jean MacQuiddy. 4 Ellen Morie Alaerlund, 68 Joye Mojel Anderson, 67 Chris Anderson, 68 Joonne Dorlene Arburuo, 68 Mo r'rl'1cJ Beordslee, 67 Lindo Mo rgoref Bridges, 66 Jeonne Clore Brown, 67 Adelene Joy Compbell, 66 Noncy Mo rsh Choprnon, 68 Dione Loi Sin Chung, 66 Cyntlfmlo Ann Cole, 68 Sho ron Anilo Colemon, 68 Jeon Mocpherson Cook, 66 Goil Alice Cotton, 66 Agnes Cowley Cowles, 67 Mary Elizabeth Crew, 68 Amy Wlndle Crumpacker, 68 Linda Arlene Dahl, 67 Lynne Elaine Dawson, 68 'if' Johanna Barbara Dobkin, 67 ISI f Deborah Jean Freiser, 68 Genevieve Gong, 66 Jill Frances Griffin, 68 Deesa Mary l-laas, 68 Catherine Laurel Hassenstein, 68 Lindo Houghton, 68 Gwendolyn Gail Jackson, 67 Barbara Beatrice Jacobson, 68 Carmen Maria Jimenez, 67 Jane Lee Kagon, 67 Melawie Margaret Kask, 68 Mary Alice Law, 68 Teri Lee Learn, 67 Joann Lipson, 68 Donna Kay Lloyd, 68 l52 Penelope Ann Lockwood, 67 Harriet So ro Monders, 68 Joonne Christina Mottson, 67 Pornelo Ann Monck, 67 Cheryl Ann Mortenson, 68 153 Marcia Ann Murphy, 67 Sherry Ruth Nord, 67 Soroya Ah med Obaid, 67 Julia l-laroldine Odegard, 67 Marjorie Lane Paxton, 67 Elizabeth Tola Pearce, 68 Sandra Piclcard, 68 Patricia Anne Price, 67 Catherine Louise Prince, 68 Kristin Ruthern Reasoner, 68 Mollie Margaret Reeves, 68 Claudia Reynolds, 68 Linda Jane Rielces, 68 Clare Louise Rosenkranz, 68 Alma Raquel Rothchild, 68 154 wqwwmgsxx 3 .X S - .sys Q . S Rf S s X x . Y s X S - .J 3. X N X f . X 3, Y Ass ,s Claudia Drusine Schieber, 68 Susan Jane Schneider, 67 Carolyn Louise Sievers, 68 Laurie Simon, 67 Pamela Christine Smith, 66 155 wr-""" Marie Carol Stephens, 68 Susan Jane . Stern, 68 Roberta Jill Taft, 68 Ann Averill Taylor, 67 Terry Anne Taylor, 67 Suzanne Teague, 68 Ka role Marie Thomas, 67 Linda Jane Thomas, 68 Patricia Ann Turner, 68 Barbara Anne Vetter, 68 Alice Susan Viertel, 66 Kathleen Taeko Wakiji, 66 Heather Ma ry Walker, 68 Barbara Claudine Whittleton, 67 Miriam Kennedy Wolford, 66 V56 E i l l 9 QI T 1 NN Borbcxro Arm Zumgo, 67 ! v 1 4 I 1 I 1 1 4 1 1 i . 158 Za!! Hall Hvuucil FRONT ROW: Linda Cohen, Nancy Tarbuck, Terry Stambler, Nancy Sears, Melissa Hancock. SECOND ROW: Ann Cavanaugh, Rosemarie Reed, Margie Montgomery, Janet Duecy, Elinor Herod, Corinne Howada. Sp ing Hall Hzfumfzl Terry Stambler, Linda Cohen, Rose- marie Reed, Judy Anker, Carolyn Shover, Corinne Howada, Nancy Sears, Susan Sears. MRS. MARIE FUSCO Head Resident MARILYN HILPERT Assistant Head Resident Patricia Ciaryn Abelov, 68 Andrea Maxine Alberts, 68 Judy Sue Anker, 67 Joan Carol Axling, 68 Frances Jean Balcornb, 66 Melinda Stephanie Barba ra, 67 Sharon Kaye Barker, 68 Marcia Ann Bernstein, 68 Beatrice Blythe Bertwell, 66 Marion l-larvey Bill, 68 Charlotte Elizabeth Bonica, 68 Charlene Allison Brandt, 66 Corinne Lynore Brandt, 68 Laurel Kathryn Burden, 68 H. Eleonor Cannon, 67 l6O Cathy Ann Coates, 68 Linda Gail Cohen, 68 Barbara Jean Coleman, 68 Carol Ellen Conlee, 66 Katherine Merrill Cooprnan, 68 6 X -Qixi ,I ,V f "lyk ,.i4nf 52.551 mid fi. l6l Karyn Gardner Daniels 68 Carol Ann Davis 67 Marilyn Mercer Deiricb 68 Nancy Ellen Dorn 68 Diana Lynn Doupe 67 Nancy Dreyer 68 Janet Eileen Duecy 66 Ellen Seymour Dyer 65 Anne Douglas Eaton, 68 Joyce Anne Friedman, 68 Laurie J- Gearin, 67 - Janice Elaine s Gibbs, 68 -, S Sandra Louise Gregg, 68 l Carol Grunclfor, 67 1 5. E Mary Elizabeth Hancock, 67 4 l62 Lynne Dee l-lciney, 68 Judith Ellen Henderson, 68 Elinor Edith l-lerod, 67 Elaine Moe Hesse, 67 Terry Leigh l-linlcle, 68 i 1 6 Sarah Lucia Hoagland, 68 Ba rbara Rae Holste, 66 Judy Rae Howard, 68 Pamela Lynn Hunt, 68 Karen Lynn Hurst, 66 Craigie Huston, 66 Ma rga ret Wilson Kennedy, 68 Susan Joan Kent, 68 Laurie Margaret Kirnble, 68 Bonnie Ann Kloclcsiern, 66 Helena Anne-Marie Kramer, 68 Ma ry Penelope Lysne, 67 Margaret Murray MacNamara, 68 Chalda Irene Malott, 67 Mary Helen Marshall, 68 l64 Diane Massmann, 67 Nancy Masu r, 67 Marlene Anita Mayo, 68 Susan Muriel McKenna, 68 Carole Jean Miller, 68 165 5 464 A !.,w . If Morjorie Montgomery, 67 Bo rbo ro Ann Morrow, 68 Morvo Lin Mustoin, 67 Kathryn Nelson Melindo Nelson Co rolyn Nissen, Dorothy 66 Deon 68 Dole 68 Benedicto Ado Nwoozomudoh, Eleonor Kotheryn Oberzil, 68 Corolee Odom, 68 Mo rgo ret Rose O'NeiI, 66 Dino Jone Peterson, 67 Shori Louise Pomeroy, 68 Rosemarie Ebey Reed, 67 Joine EI izobeth Reese, 67 Alto Jo Ronchetto, 67 i66 65 Connie Lou Rosenbaum, 68 Judith Diane Rosner, 67 Rebecca Ma ry Ratt, 67 Sandria Bette Saks, 68 Diane Elizabeth Sanders, 67 167 Laura Lowe Sanger, 68 Nancy Wyatt Sea rs, 67 Carolyn Louise Shaver, 67 Lavonne Marlene Siegel, 68 Terry Joan Starnbler, 67 Charla V. Stark, 67 Elizabeth Anne Stephens, 66 Jane Allen Straley, 66 Mary Louise Sumner, 66 Alexandra Ma ry Swaney, 67 Yam Gek Tay, 68 .lulieanne Thompson, 67 Sue Ann Tucker, 68 Victoria Louise VanBuskirk, 68 Julia Anne Voorhies, 66 l68 Gertrude Vaille Wallace, 68 Lani Nyla White, 68 Patricia Ann Wicldifield, 67 Judy Ann Willcox, 68 Cathie Jane Witty, 68 Elaine Wong, 68 Ma rga ret May Wright, 67 Barbara Elizabeth Young, 67 Gale Ann Young, 68 Virginia Morgan Smedberg, 67 l69 ,N - . Q xv T A ' ' K ,,- X. ,. N . ' if V w. ' ' Q- ' ' 'W sian-vtzn W, - . -rv-' . ,f ,f .sm fi" 5 ..xx+ ,.' rn- X s' A , , J W ' Nffgtb-fl 1- paw-'wi-sr .... 1- -P , ,,,." .-.- Q- Msg,-.x ,, ...dw . '..- 1 a'7ff,.:.:f-:rU.::??"A ,'r,.f ,L ... 04? .-Lil. 4, fn f', W L., --Q 7 fin!! Hrfuncil FIRST ROW: Becky Hastings, Nancy Mac- Lean, Joan Gutman, Ruth Poole. SECOND ROW: Judy Karp, Judy Porter, Kay Chalmers. THIRD ROW: Barbara Berendson, Carol Tucker, Margaret Clarke, Sandy Hoskins, Libby IVIcDearmon. MISS COLEITH AIKEN Head Resident Gildee Aberc rornbie, 68 Rebecca Allen, 67 Bonn ie Margaret Anderson, 68 Karen Lea Anderson, 67 Valerie Sue Banks, 66 Flavia Rose Batteau, 67 Jacquelyn Ca rol Braxton, 68 Catherine Le Seuer Briedwell, 67 Glenna Lee Callahan, 68 Charlotte Rittenhouse Case, 68 Ethel Wung Wung Chang, 68 Linda Gail Cohen, 68 Margaret Jean Copernoll 66 Sherwood Adams Daniels 68 Sylvia Crardlner Decker 66 l72 Lucille Elizabeth Dieter Elaine Lee Elliott, 68 Rosalind Shirley Falk, 68 Julia Newton Ferry, 66 Elaine Ellen Forney, 68 l73 "QD Joan Fritschi, 66 Nancy Ellen Gigas, 66 Janice Susan Giteck, 68 Kathleen Goodwin Goforth, 68 Janis Lynn Goldbaum, 67 Jean Ellen Goodhope, 68 Linda Mary Gordon, 68 Shirley Jean Gould, 67 Cheryl Diane Gray, 67 Lucy Hermine Greene, 67 And ree Gurnee, 68 Heather Colleen Hackett, 66 Virginia Morgan Hall, 66 Rebecca Hastings, 66 Joy Lynn Haverland, 68 I74 we uv""'W 8 Co rol Gwen Holseth, 68 NN. Irma Sochiko Hondo, 66 Sandro Claire Hoskins, 66 Gwendolyn JoAnn Hudson, 68 Wendyce Ann Hull, 68 175 Gail Kay Jacobson, 66 Carolyn Marie Jensen, 68 Margot Cauldwell Jones, 66 Carol Lee Jusenius, 67 Marilyn Norma Kaplan, 67 Judith Esther Karp, 66 Marina Kershaw, 68 Linda Susan Kraft, 68 l-lelena Anne-Marie Kramer, 68 Clara Kay Larner, 68 Nancy Carol Laston, 68 Katherine Ann Letteer, 67 Ellen Sara Litvalc, 68 l-lilary Sargent Long, 66 Bonnie Kay Longworth, 68 l76 Kathryn Lowry, 68 Nancy Lee MacLean, 66 Harriet Belle Margalin, 68 Carlyn Geraldine Mayer, 66 Maureen McCormmacn, 68 177 Elizabeth Helen McDearrnon, 66 Donna Joan Miller, 68 Candace Canfield Pelissero, 68 Ruth Antonia Poole, 68 J uclitlfl Ma rga ret Porter, 67 Linda Doyle Povey, 68 Joan Marie Ranger, 67 JoAnne Marie Regalia, 67 Merrill Lynne Reece, 68 S. Jane Rose, 68 Patricia Rudner, 67 Roberta Lynne Russell, 68 Marguerite Joan Sewalcl, 68 Lesley Ruth Shapiro, 68 Rosemary Dee Snurte, 68 . K 5 . X N' . Q 1 .. fi, a t w ' Q ,-Ek1xxi?' 5 X . 3 ' s 1 Nancy Sirmay, 67 Nancy Rae Slifman, 68 Nan Porter Smith, 68 Clare Harding Springs, 66 Gail Lois Stagelman, 6 179 Patricia Annette Stioe, 66 Carol Ann Stoddard, 68 Sheila Sullivan, 67 Brenton Elizabeth Van Cleave, 67 Christine Ann Von Blum, 67 Adrien C. Waller, 67 Antonia Suzanne Welsh, 68 Cynthia Lee West, 68 Carole Lynn Wetzel, 66 Bonnie Rene Wilkinson, 68 Melodee Clare Williams, 68 Berniece Irene Yocum, 68 Carol Kay Fujikawa, 67 Jan Slocum, 66 l8O i l 1 l V , N, w,2',vQ'g.sQi1iSf5'i,ji 1, .yy-13-'V 3.1. ' ,,,,1'::g:::: 1. '- - 15, :,3,'.'gm".-31'-.f,'..e ' "rJC'R4hf Alice Parry Wistar Herbert, 67 Katherine Noel Lubker, 68 Marion Cromwell Whitner, 67 XX? V X FX ,I X , . 'T fx f wwf? ' VCX ff! ' fb- t A R, WW' f ,, X AX, .A waz' f 2 I t A .W -W , e 1 awww ry, 1 W, A , , 0 ,171 , V1 A 'wie .u' 'vi P , X993 fc vzfzzvf-'gzy 3723" ' , ff :QV , X ' -,X -. 7 f Wy, 1 X E "Lf, 'K I - ,M , - , ' ' 1 Y X 1 'xx X, 4 X . -' Y-, ,,vX.,y:.X5 Q 1'-3 . -my is: ,if 5' 1' 15 3,1 ' f X ' vfrfq-hi. 'f 5 Q NM X J X X 1 - j'G'Q:xg:'. ' ' NX. ir 5 ki. XQWX K Q XSS ,L " . 1 5 X 5 5 X L L dx? +5 ' X L A 5 fX X ' In .,,.fi1 x,3SQi'3i'2x1 XX -. ill ' ' ' '1 -lf, .X 4 .X T fi, E " Q, ' ' - X , X- f fl QYQY X .1 Fw -X3 t L ' X X g L X -fx: .1 X X 1' X - ii xv 5 INXS? X X f 53 +R- .. pf f :X Y " sw '3 T "L-R X X . 1X Q " x, ' V f P - ' - x -5 X JY f X "5 142 t. ' " X x ' "xi '12 fx ' Sig X . QX.-if X - x -AN 3 -X X X -sf., .- .. XX C XXV .1 1 X sig, HMVYST ' .QA X X NX wiv , ,X K X. 2+ V ' .si V Ek? - A X y X X 'XXX- " " --1 - 5 Ta X, 541-A XX 5 X z-4 1 A ' X V XX x 3X1 E' Xbfi ' 'X , . ' X9 ' Z Fixx fw wx 1,59 N Ni' - K it I "S X Yf,?.5 if ,JN X .rj - X A XX if , wx X X , -S X X- X- xv is N S ' " Y X 5, X if 1 ,X is X tif H -1 :"1lr'- f ln lgi .,.. ,A F, IX x 1,1 U r wi X WX' w. Q Q fvlf'f"'7r.7 4 an entrance feeling of shadows and people yy 15.45 ff. 4 1 , . A Vw , f'1.'ff6f'15i K 'vw' f f ,. v u x -. r Lx , 1, !,., , , , ,,'- iff, 5 Ci I , Y' ' ,JL --4 l l ,4 M6 Prvsidmf Ziggy H066 What can student government do at Mills College? ln the fiftieth year of student government we are reminded that the ASMC has been granted "the power to organize the non-academic activities of compus life., to control a-bsence from residence, and to enforce its standards of conduct and discipline by appropriate measures." Student government at Mills is a means of ex- panding our educational opportunities in a variety of ways. Academic Board cooperates with the Faculty and Administration in promoting academic opportunities such as the Trustee Professorship Program that was initiated this year. Through Speakers' Bureau, Academic Board helps to bring speakers from a broad variety of fields to campus. Judicial Board reminds us fre- quently "who we are and what we represent." Our Honor System encourages respect for the individual as well as consideration for others. These qualities are easily recognized in responsible members of any community. The ASMC is an active member of the Mills community. Our eagerness to support and to participate in Mills activities was demonstrated by the student effort in the ASMC Challenge Fund and the establishment of an ASMC Challenge Fund Committee. The Oakland Study Group has reflected the interest of Mills' students in the Oakland community. The list could go on and on enumerating ASMC activities ranging from local to international interests. The Associated Students of Mills College can do something at Mills. For this reason, I am proud that l am a member of the A.S.M.C. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Estrellita Hudson W5 Presidents FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Jean Walters Ai I! EW ii v il li N i . N Peggy Russ ASN? Urea um' Assistant Chet Rogers il 39 i ix 1 sg s? W W N M EN w e NV qw M s 188 I 1 S sw lg 'f-1"'j"' "Y-" f ' ' ' '----- - - . , Y , Y-,,,, T v Gu x I N .-Gs g A M6 Secretary llluasu--...1. Kristi Allison Assistants: Sherry Nord and Margie Wright .. - -- Al- rv- 1 f-v4q','r-A5--1.-155 ,,. ,X U-: H!' :2 Ziff Ijresidmffs' Eommiffffgg Estrellita Hudson, Chris Manchester, Mary Haley, Virginia Smedberg, Jean Walters, Carol Conlee, Janet Duecy, Mimi Flood, Ann Dempsey. Ha!! Presidmf' Eamm Tire Barbara McCune, Barbara Berendsen, Eve Chater, Bonny McFadden, Florence Owens, Leigh Leingang, Lucy I Murray, Peggy Weber Libbey, Suzanne Wampler, Andrea Menetee. Not pictured: Cindy Larson, Ann Cavanaugh. W A A 4 -F V V ,M H -- Y V ' Y , , . 5 fy- if-f,,,4,,.,,, ,.,,......-.-....-------- ifmailfe 150 rd Barbara McCune, Carol Conlee, Jean Walters, Diane Sanders, Barbara Holste, Lyn Flanigan, Julie Ferry, Eve Chater, Marilyn Schuster, Estrellita Hudson, Peggy Weber Libbey, Jane Kyle, Florence Owens, Bonny McFadden, Dusty Waller, Ann Cavanaugh, Marilyn Kaplan, Suzanne Wampler, Gail Jacobson, Kristi Allison, Valerie Banks, Lucy Murray, Barbara Berendsen, Susan Barbee, Peggy Russ. ,llmdem Z' 150 rd Academic Board Chairman MARILYN SCHUSTER 2 Cessna Glen, Norma I-GVY, Esfe AYITISTFOHQ, Vee VanDerveer, Joara kiutmaua. Q ri B Z 941, Q. ,J 7.1 7 gg f , 2 ,, ,,, I , 2 Q iudkial 16' rd I ev! Judicial Board Chairman LYN FLANIGAN i , S T c i v Q 1 br i i i i i 4 E F i i x i 1 Q v i E i i i L Sharon Pinger, Lyn Flanigan, Sharon Young, Carol Tucker, Mary Tucker, Jeanne IViacQuiddy, Barbie Bowes, Dona Cooney. 193 Sofia! 60 miffeff Social Committee Chairman VALERIE BANKS Barbara Black, Jaye Anderson, Joan Luther, Meg Copernoll, Val Banks, Rosie Reed, Carol Fein, Judy Torrence, Kathy Letteer, Marva Mustain, Pam Walker, Linda Dahl, Lynn Herod, Sandy l-loskin, Judy Karp. l94 Orimfaziv C70 miffcz' mmm Orientation Committee Chairman BARBARA HOLSTE , Liz Alksnis, Barbara Holste, JoAnne Doerksen, Emily Gerstbacher, Nancy MacLean, Diane Chung. I ,..4, Campus Hostess Committee Chairman JANE STRALEY Eampu H0 fe Hamm Zia: ,Jane Hartstone, Elinor Herod, Jane Straley, Florence Owens, Laura Bekeart, Peggy O'NeiI, Gwen Jackson, Carol Fein, Lorinda Bader, Judy Anker Dusty Waller. ' K x :Q X Q X .3 x i 0' 5 ' ai 2 ll f lflflllfll H56 xwf, u x V 'iff' A sg 'N x if ffl, fi ixigx' Q , my ig wikxf , N :'1?55f',' ' Q ' "' fi!" if S 5-" f- W 'R A'A 1 ,Q 9 xx , . N- ,xx Jim Q' 59 ' -' K fl N 5 " i N Q' 'C f 9 Bl v 50? Q 1 V - A IFS - Campus Safety Chairman LINDA FINE Jane Trinkaus, Rosie Reed, Linda Fine, Jeanne Brown, Ann Harrington. I97 Hlbltify Hamm Zia' Publicity Committee Chairman CAROL CONLEE Penny Lockwood, Kathy Nelson, Barb Holste, Carolyn l-lerrick, Kay Chalmers, Ann Harrington, Sandra Saks. Head llslzcr J-fandbvvk Sofia H EATHER HACKETT JEANNETTE CHU Chairman MARILYN KAPLAN Chalrman 200 MELINDA MILLS Zfgisladvc Evuffreuce Secretary AINO VIEIRA da ROSA Wzfrld ,llfzzirs Koufereucf The Senior Class Has Enough Problems! ACTIVITIES CARNIVAL Mrs. Libbey Presided 201 SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT AND GOVERNING BOARD Senior Class Chairman JANE KYLE 202 Senior Governing Board Representatives: Sally Tomlinson, Carilane Newman, Nancy Tarbuck, Jane Kyle, Dari Craven, Tracey Franklin. JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT AND GOVERNING BOARD Junior Class President GAIL JACOBSON IVIargo Lind, Gail Jacobson, Hilary Long, Claire Di Giova Soroya Obaid, Frances Balcomb. nni, Carlyn Mayer, 20 SOPI-IOMORE CLASS PRESIDENT AND GOVERNING BOARD Sophomore Class Chairman DIANE SANDERS 204 Sophomore Governing Board Representatives: Terry Stambler, Pat Hunter ' Pam Monck, Judy Porter. ' Ai? fl. ERESHMAN CLASS PRESIDENT AND GOVERNING BOARD Freshman Class Chairman GAYLE ROTHROCK 'SSX 7 Q xi A 355: ?' ' . Eff A 4 ll: Freshman Governing Board Representatives: Liz Reynolds, Betty Sudnick, Nancy Chapman, Gayle Rothroclc, Linda Cohen, Jan l-lill. fw U N o ,f 7 l 'IS-'T'- 1 Q 1. :QNX Sq Q55 lfl 5 ARTS COMMISSION Arts Commission Chairman IVIARGOT JONES g C 5 S E 20 2 if ZW 5 is 2 E4 2 Maru Nelson, Margot Jones, Carol l-lamill, Michele McLeod, Virginia Smeclberg, Carolyn Roe, Kathy Nelson, Judy Buettner, Cessna Glen. . ART GUILD The Art Guild of Arts Commission provides the opportunity for those interested students to contribute their ideas and abilities to the Mills Com- munity and to bring to the campus a wider appreciation and knowledge of the arts through art exhibits, lectures and films. Pat Estep, Diane Dimpfl, lvlr Sundet Sandra Pickard Diane lVlaSSmaI'1 Barbara Babcock, Debbie Freiser Estrelutta Hudson iviyra BGVHSTGIU Jeanne Deschamps, Frances Balcomb Ashley Card Drama Guild Chairman JOSIE PATRICK DRAMA GUILD The Drama Guild of Arts Commis- sion is an organization to further the appreciation -ot the theatre and an understanding of the elements neces- sary for a well organized production. Acting, costuming, make-up, set design and construction, and stage procedures are all explored in Drama Guild productions. 2lO Jean Wlaters, Claire Henze, Ce 55"ia Glen, Cathy Briedwell Nancy Tarbuck, Josie Patrick, Estrellita Hudson, Corinne Hamgda MUSIC GUILD The Music Guild of Arts Commis- sion furthers the appreciation and understanding of music. The group cooperates with the Music Department in the concert series sponsored by the Associated Students, and is the link between Mills students and the San Francisco Symphony Forum. Rebecca Ruff, Virginia Smedberg Leila Birnbaum Lucy Greene Susie Fried mann, Barbara Black, Kristin Ritter Kiki Nelson Laura Kimble Janice Giteck, Alice Groch Mary Lysne L lf' t . FRENCH CLUB The purpose of the French Club is to create an out-of-the-classroom interest in the social and cultural aspects of the French people and to provide a basis and background for meeting people of similar interests. French Club Chairman SUSAN FORMANEK l 212 Jane Rose, Sue Gelfand, Alex Swaney, Jane Straley, Judy Anker, Kathy Gotorth, Sally Young, Ethel Chang, Diana Doupe, Marlene Mayo, Susan McKenna, Carol Bourgeis, Lonni Briggs, Sue Formanek, Donna Miller, Frances Chew, Blythe Bertwell. GERMAN CLUB German Club President JGANNE MATTSON Gayle Rothrock, Liz Reynolds, Sue Sexson, Dina Peterson, Jean Loveless, Sue Schneider, Joanne Mattson. 213 SPANISH CLUB Students of the Spanish Club are afforded the opportunity to further their proficiency in speaking the language and to learn the traditions and beliefs of the Spanish-speaking people. ' Spanish Club President CARMEN .lllVllNEZ 2l4 garfmen Jlgminez, Terry Taylor, Ann Colegrove, Judy Anker, Carolyn Blewett fe awe aV'S, Barb Montes, Barbara Zuniga, Pat Beckstrorn, Barb Morrowl CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club provides an op- portunity for those interested in the physical sciences to visit Bay Area laboratories' and to hear students, pro- fessors and outside speakers talk about their individual research projects. Eleanor Bode Ann Lornax, Val Banks Eva Hauer Margaret Clarke Judy Porter Sue lClark, Judy King Jeannette Chu Karen Bixler Suzanne Brogunier, Sandy l-looper Mary Horner Dr Wistar Judy Karp U16 6l'6'5f Editor ELEANOR BODE i Nw 3 . V, Assistant Editor Business Manager 216 IVI ISSY COFFIN VIKI SCI-IOOLEY Advertising Editor SUE SCHNEIDER Photography Editor M I IVII NASH Art Editor Interpretations of Photos and Drawings IVIICHELE MCLEOD KAREN IVIASSOTTY, JAYNE DuMONT I I Assistants A 'r f MARY STEVENSSISNIE EgASirI-E RoTHRoc:I4 JILL GRIFFIN, EVANY ZIRUI., LISA SHAFFER 217 U15 Mills Stream Y Editor SUSAN BARBEE Columnists Business Managers CESSNA GLEN LYNN COHEN CORINNE I-IAMADA PAT BECKSTROM 2' 8 ELEANOR some Advertising - - Jackie Bl-l"l"l, lVl'l-iz HGHCOCIQ, Debbie Pat Rudner Caafsnagfhrderson Carol Campbell, Charlene Brandt. ' Fujikawa. ' Layout Corrine Brandt, Kathy Kos, Cynthia Duncan. Reporters ReDO"feVS Pili Durdan, Leda Sotfran, Lynn l-larrick, BJ Goldwyn, Andrea Menefee, Debbie ' ' C b ll N S' ma Chris Laning, Judy Terrence. amp e , EWCY 'V Y- 2,9 Che Wa! us The WALRUS, the biannial literary magazine, includes student works, both critical and creative, in the fields of writing and art. lt also provides ex- perience in the editorial and financial areas of publishing. Walrus Editor LYNNE DILLON 220 Jayne Dulvlont, Lynne Dillon, Naorne Rader, Frances Balcomb Jeanne Deschamps, Jacqueline Haring. I Kfcraafion ,llsszfcizzf 2714 1681 N Q B program ot extra-curricular sports tor yi those who are interested in a wider athletic program than is offered by physical education classes. Recreation Association President BARBIE BOWES Wynne West, Sue Gelfand, Eva Hauer, Dusty Walief, Miss Wahl, 5andY Hooper, Nancy McLean, Barbie Bowes. mia Hafadmzs Synchronized swimming enthusiasts may try out for Catalinas in the tall. They work towards the Annual Swim show presented on Spring Weekend. Catalina President LYNNE LEE 22 ROW l-: Kay Chalmers, Nancy Cook, Kathy Homan, Penny Owen, Joy Kay, Gail Aronff, Patty Whitetuld. ROW 2: Marry McNamarra, Margaret Sewidd, 'Marian Whitman. ROW 3: Sally lVlcKing, Ann Stockwell, Barb Berendsen, Dusty Waller, Wendy Hall, Sue Sexson. A 2 ki Klub Racing Team Captain LINDA DAHL Joan Wilcox, Marina Kershaw, Debbie Campbell, Chris Laning, Tamia Hope, Stefanie Davis, Kathy Goforth, Trish Roberts, Juday Anker. Hiring Gam Linda Dahl, Trish Roberts, Barbie Bowes. 22 - s f Ii 154 in Y -Q W i lx 1 fl if 45 5. 5 '1 4 I 5, 4 1 I , f f 5 9 1 v w w A f i 3 1 F 1 1 I i 1 1 1 1 1 r- I l ,Ls Y ,itz- Zanferbury 61116 Canterbury Club, sponsored by the Episcopal Church, offers speakers, clis- cussions, corporate worship and fellowship to Protestants on campus. Canterbury Club Chairman KRISTIN RITTER Terr Ta lor, Lynn Appleton, Barbara Young, Libbi McDearmon, Alice Groch, y y Murray lVlacNamara, Kristin Ritter, Kathy Managhn. 22 lug :V Newman Club President VERONICA Ll ufman gfllb The Newman Club offers various activities for Catholic students on campus: guest priest speakers, a Day of Recollection, and social activities with St. lVlary's, U.S.F. and Santa Clara. 226 Veronica Li, Frances Chew, Jayne Dulvlont, Barbara Black, Ruth Poole, Ann Stephens. Ghri Han Scimce Orgauizazzv The Christian Science Organization holds testimonial meetings every Tues- day in the Chapel. The students conduct their own religious services and sponsor a lecture each year. Christian Science Organization President CAROL REES AJ Cindy Haight, Carol Rees, Pam Hunt, Bonnie Klocksiem, Karrylynn Blau, Heather Hackett, Julie Ann Thompson, Pili Durdan, Elaine Forney, Margie wright, Blythe Bertwell. V. V- T sva+:i?f. ,Lf 227 ' " , w-.inf-wr-wvqg-5,-N-auf. ' . . -N young Damvmzfs Young Democrats are those students interested in both political theory and issues of the Democratic Party, and in active work with the California Young Democrats. Members participate with active political organizations on various college and university campuses. Young Democrats President CHRIS ALBASIO 228 I l i l l i l Flavia Batteau, Maureen lVlcCormmach, Bonnie Longworth, Chris Albasio Amy Miller, Ealine Forney, Leslie Shapiro. I V011 g 765,11 Menu Young Republicans is a group de- signed to promote active political participation, especially in the Republi- can Party. 1 ,,,1,5 'S , f. ,5- " "fray 'wif J Nl 4-f . .sp 3 Q, ,gifs idx, Qi it 2A,:l',?5 em.: 5 7:!5':g! 4- 3 l,':f':'A 'g . u 'jg ,V ' .ag g D ., , . ffl, 1 V v A f r 1 V. I Young Republican President DONNA MILLER Sue Ford, Donna Miller, Laura Bekeart, Diane lvlassman, Ellen Akerlund, Sarah Hoagland, Barbara Wbittleton, Sally Young, Agnes Cowles, Marlene lvlayo, Pam l-lunt, Bonnie Anderson, Joy Campbell, Carol Stoddard, Gayle l-long, Sue Schneider. 229 94, fy 9' . g ,L eg... ' ,. I' 1 3.5. 'h v1,z5ji,f,Q,3,Tx W' - ,M - - , .. ., ,, . . 1 ,gfjlgq ifgiggx JULIE FERRY, SOROYA OBAID flmrricau Weld Skfrific The American Field Service is composed of returned exchange students and anyone else interested in international exchanges. The group, in cooperation with Cal and Stanford, works on exchange activities in northern California. Nafizrmzl fudmf As cfciaflw AFS Chairman CEEDE DAVIS 4- 'rf 4 3 5 5, t was 230 Andrea Menetee, Marilyn Schugiiknoia-rol Conlee, Ceede Davis, Jayne Made! lin Ted jVr1z7014s 'Z' Model United Nations is both an interest group at Mills and an aca- demic activity. First semester programs are planned to educate prospective delegates and interested students about the social and economic projects and political issues of the United Nations, and about the country which Mills,will represent at the annual MUN Conference. Second semester students on the delegation have an opportunity to understand the workings of the United Nations through independent research relating to their committee subjects, as well as through practical experience in debate, parliamentary procedure, and caucusing. The l965 delegation represented Brazil ,at a regional institute at Stanford and at the llO-college conference at Clare- mont, California. six, T' z A. il L l ' I. - 'tif 1 ' ,Z , L IJ gQ,,'f3-il 4 .,- Q igv 9. ' ,A .aw .. 4 ,, D V , . ,, . .. - V 4 . 'ff ull"" Y - ln" 'J' f' .Tv ha-'c I Model United Nations Chairman BONNY McFADDEN Tamia Jope, Linda Bridges, Barbara l-lolste, Nancy Gigas, Kathy Wakiji, Miss Barbara Wells, Melinda Travis, Tracey Franklin, Penny Lockwood, Carol Conlee, Leigh Leingang, Mardi Gleason, Kay Lamer, Ann Murphy. 231 """'7 232 open courts '.7"""" ...Q N L 1 234 961114 RX 5 Dinner 2 Presjdmffs' W! L dmf 'Lili Home vsxs vg X iff 'I A , . . Q-U1 - xswwlvww-1-..,,,,, ,W W, ,V WWW. H .mv ASMCJ Jnsffzllzzfzon fecufilfe Heard 6416014 ,, Q 0' 1 ,s ! . I X , f- , , . I , :Ir .mu 239 I Ml! A av i. .715 ui. f,,, w TFP 'lp'-, jf' fu' N 'A fv X N- , , yy as . .nn . an '-A ' g " " su- S lim fJc'6'A'LIlfIg65 1, 6 2 5' ,df J is-im, uw X X fSf Q gsm .f A A f X W 7 Q V52 W as fx W W ZWX 10 fQV' 1 X ,fx Q QWMSQ? XXWX f My fx f xv pf XQQZQ: WW! YKQXQXSQSN, X , f ,wwf f Qfvfh ff 1 My ,iw-vAf'f9y w f A W W J! f W wcwfiyffwf Wffff 1 f ,fx x Wa. ' ,aff A YZ, it 4:-,M J 1.- YIN-Q . -xiglisjbbiiui' S , if . - ' 'Qilgkix --. 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I I I S l Plane Reservations To All Parts of the United States and Around the World S Two Blocks West Of Mills College COMPLETE SELECTION OF STUDENT TOURS on Route 50 can 832-2426 or 893-9783 for Latest Travel Information lESTABLlSHED 19303 my 4474 Macmlqu' Blvd' PHILIP MARTIN cf ASSOCIATES 536-4877 cAPv5CELl.slE-A.'ltlJl:Il-llcll ZESAEJWAY OAKLAND, CALIF. Irnia fl - if . Q. ?.,.: ve, X Q .,. If!" sry ' :..:,,o', mag? 'Z 1 I .a':o:1u:. . .f::,.z g fl., I' K ef Y7: ". - 1- 'P W . 1 J Q 4 ' , 1 f' 7 C ' '. ZZ lt 9 f "ll Nl 1 tc ll -1- 4'-fr' ll 4 ' ILS AN l-8800 o The Hillcrest SAGE Free W, Radios, 2400 MacArthur on Highway 50 M Coffee .Bar oakiand 2, Calif. -Phone. 532-2230 0 DZ? U"':Zl'k'f"Chi3Z'tf:I aiy- ee Y- V1 Y Heated Pool Q Kitchenettes The East Bay's Leading MOT2l Modern P Convenient P NGW T E l Heated Pool - Room Phones Western Hospitality Near Mills College 4844 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, Calif. 269 College Clegners 'The NicestThing That Ever Happened toYour Clothes! We Operate Our Own Plant High Quality Cleaning Laundry Service gg XXX-S Fazthful Sefrmce Smce 1906 Dependable f xi? V4, Ever S. Vitenson i 0 S oo House or A - CULTURED PEARLS AND JADE 1 sAvnNos ' A Y UP TO som , , 1. 717- 5 if 'fa' f X - jf my 1.7.31-ii! l I JI v Importers Since 1925 Q !?3?z.f 1 I , r 4 . I 1' specializing in: 5 1: .' f- 'Emi' , WI CULTURED PEARLS, JADE as DIAMONDS f 'Wig X '02 u 1, . ' pemiable 172 Geary Street hu gervice San Francisco we 1906 I 'NX ":Q ,J . 5 7 9, , 4 'WP' , 'MH' 1 " 1 1' 4 FOR THE FINEST IN ' DIAMONDS I JEVVELRY 1 I SILVERVVARE I WATCHES 4 I --Since 1880 -- , 1 H. MoRToN co. ' Jewelers and Silversmiths I i OA K L A N D 1 1928 Broadway - GLencourt 1-3667 r S UAV Bordanara 8 Zarcone PHOTQTGRAPHERS X 1. . fm IU X 644 EAST I-4th STREET SAN LEANDRO T 562-8400 qi NIJUS College Shop T W2 Owned and Operated -1- by Mills Coll g I 1 oh' - fl E 'J s il at 1 ,I NL f ly "T T X T 2 i f ka Q ef 1 'f "dn J ple Rexull Drugs Prescriptions Cosmetics Cards Stationery 5845 MacArthur Blvd. NE Z-8604 RQ ,xiii Edifrfrs ,Message l am now presenting this CREST to the class of l965, twenty- five years after my mother, then Frances Louis Maino, presented the Mills Yearbook to the' class of l94G. Since this is the first time that a mother and daughter have both edited the CREST it has been a special honor and challenge. We have had many problems which the staff has had to overcome. There was money to raise, pictures to be taken, a theme to be chosen and hundred of tiny details. So many people have done so much . . . l would like to extend my thanks . . . to Missy who with her never ending spirit saw that all the sections were completed . . . to Mimi who spent hours with the photographers . . . to Viki who kept our books and found the solutions to our financial problems . . . to Sue who kept the advertising staff on their toes . Q . to Michele who did our art work . . . to Evany who added her cartoon to the advertising section . . . to Karen and Jayne who dreamed up the captions for the pictures and draw- ings . . . to Gayle, Mary and Lisa who organized the sections of the book and to all the other people who helped with the hundred of bitsxand pieces that make the CREST. My thanks also to Dean Brauel, Miss Harmon, Miss Williams and the Public Information Office for their help. Special thanks to Larry, Mr. Brazelton, and Mr. Crandall, our printers, who have solved so many of our prob- lems and without their help the book would not have been possible. Zag Spansv s of f 6 196 Hresf Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian W. Abel Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Abercrombie Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Billie Louis Aronoff Dr. and Mrs. L. J. Axling Mr. and Mrs. William Bader Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Batteau Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beardlee Dr. and Mrs. Harry G. Beckwith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Berch Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Berliner Dr. and Mrs. Abraham Bernstein Dr. and Mrs. Tage Berthelsen Mr. and Mrs. William Bertwell Mrs. James W. Bixler Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blewett Mr. and Mrs. William T. Bode Mr. and Mrs. Watson A. Bowes Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Albin F. Brandt Mr. and Mrs. Jiseph O. Bridges Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Burgess Dr. and Mrs. William W. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Chan Mr. and Mrs. Warren Chang Mr. and Mrs. Warren Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Chung City of Paris Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coffin Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Coleman Mrs. Dedwent A. Conlee Dr. and Mrs. William P. Corriero Mr. and Mrs. Wf D. Crider Mrs. Herman Crown Dr. and Mrs. Warren Davis Judge and Mrs. F. Jose De Larios Mr. and Mrs. John Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Detrich Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Diddy Mrs. John R. Dinsmore Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dobkin Mr. and Mrs. Constantinos A. Doxiadis Mr. and Mrs. George C. Dyer Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Eaton Fenner Fuller's Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fine Mrs. M. C. Jack Foster Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Gillespie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Goodman Mr. and Mrs. James B. Gould Dr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Claude D. Gresham Mr. and Mrs. James Matthew Griffin Dr. and Mrs. Dale B. Hackett Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Halsted Mr. and. Mrs. Glenn Y. Hamada Dr. Lowell B. Haney R. E. Hardwicke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Haskins Mr. and Mrs. John M. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Hope Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Howard Mr-. and Mrs. Samuel W. Hudson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Noyes Huston Dr. Milton D. Hyman and Dr. Selma Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Moses Karp Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Langdon Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Law Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Le Cocq Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lee Mr. and Mrs. William F. Le Veque Dr. and Mrs. Gwilym B. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Luther Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Macey Mr. and Mrs. James E. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. John E. Martin Barbara F. Masur Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Mayer Dr. and Mrs. William S. McCune Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Mc Dearmon Mr. and Mrs. William McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Walter Merksamer Mr. and Mrs. Avy Lewis Miller Mrs. Patricia Miller Lorenz Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Miller Mrs. L. W. Munn Mills Food Center Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. San and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. F. Garnett Monck Lyle T. Nelson Harold E. Nissen Anthony l. Owen . J. Ranchetto . Wil.liam A. Reasoner John J. Roscia William B. Rudner Diego Chapter Mills Mothers Club Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Seaman Mr. and Mrs. Werner Sewald Col. and Mrs. Julius C. Sexson Mr. and Mrs. Eldred D. Sievers Dr. and Mrs. Julius Simon Mr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Wax P. Sirmay Mr. and Mrs. John C. Slocum Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Stockwell Mrs. David Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. James G. Thwing Mr. and Mrs. Merton E. Titman Mr. and Mrs Lawrence W. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. John E. Trinkaus Mr. and Mrs. Frith Turner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Viertel Mr. and Mrs. Darrell H. Voorhies an Mrs. S. V. Walker, Jr. Mr. d Mrs. Thelma Walters Dr. and Mrs. Bronislaw Wandel Ward's lce Cream Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and and and and and and and and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs William Waterman John D. Watson ' John W. West James C. Witty Richard F. Wolford Francis Woodbridge . William A. Yocum Harvey H. Young y. 4 K , -. .- .,- V- . x 3. -.5 , 'A ' . 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Windsor Courf Porfland, Oregon 9722l Karen Seelye Bixler 2I7I Warmlands Avenue Visfa, California 92083 Barbara Kafhleen Black 425 Linden Sfreef Sanfa Cruz, California 95062 Sabra Ann Black I23 Marealani Place Kailua, Hawaii 96734 Janef Ellen Blair I4484 New Jersey Avenue San Jose, California 95I24 Kerrylynn Blau I8l09 Raemer Road Casfro Valley, California 94546 Diane Rufh Bleeker I5II Soufh 8fh Avenue Arcadia, California 9I006 Carolyn Bess Bleweff 30I6 Dwighf Way Sfockfon, California 95204 Eleanor Elizabefh Bode 2800 Hunfingfon Road Sacramenfo, California 95825 Charloffe Elizabefh Bonica 4732 Easf Mercer Way Mercer Island, Washingfon 98l02 Carol Rae Bourgeis 3I55 Harris Sfreef Eugene, Oregon 97405 Barbara Bowes 350 Ash Sfreef Denver, Colorado 80220 Carla Bowman R.R. 9 Topeka, Kansas 66604 Brenda Anne Bradley Alden Sfreef Duxbury. 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Carman Drive Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 Marion Locke-Paddon Bull-Mrs. 868 Park Drive No. 6 ' Mounfain View, California 94040 Jacqueline Bunn 87l3 Tyrone Avenue Panorama Cify, California 9I402 Laurel Kafhryn Burden l70 Pineview Lane Menlo Park, California 94026 Heafher Margaref Burke 4368 Ridgecresf Place Eureka, California 9550l Kafherine Clark Burlingham P.O. Box 28I Benghazi, Libya C Glenna Lee Callahan l4I35 Berry Road Golden, Colorado 8040l Adelene Joy Campbell l2l4 Oxford Way Sfockfon, California 95204 Deborah Craig Campbell 6747 Geffysburg Place Sfockfon, California 95207 H. Eleanor Cannon American Embassy. Kharfoum cfo Deparfmenf of Sfafe Washingfon, D.C. 2052l Ashley Sue Card 20I I6 Chafeau Drive Sarafoga, California 95070 Alison Abney Carnahan 9 Wyman Road Cambridge, Massachuseffs 02l38 Charloffe Riffenhouse Case Roufe 3, Box I06 Wayzafa, Minnesofa 5539I Ann Maria Cavanaugh 76 Locusf Road Winnefka, Illinois 60093 Kafharine Edifh Chalmers I095 Wesf 3rd Sfreef Dubuque, Iowa 52002 Anneffe Maria Chan II Creasy Road Jardine's Lookouf Hong Kong, B.C.C. .!. Gail Marilyn Chandler cfo Trans-Arabian Pipe Line Co, P.O. Box I348 , Beiruf, Lebanon Corielia Joycelyn Chang I2I0 Lilo Place Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 Dora Wai Ching Chang 3566 Seminary Avenue Oakland, California 94605 Efhel Wung Wung Chang 46 Mody Road Lyfon Buildinq. 7fh Floor Kowloon, Hong Kong Nancy Marsh Chapman Rf. I, Box 333A Shaffer Way Carmel, California 9392I Eve Lynn Chafer 4532 Wesfview Drive La Mesa. 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II06 Rockwood Blvd. Spokane, Washing-lon 99235 Linda Gail Cohen 657 34fh Sfreef San Bernardino, California 92405 Lynn Gale Cohen 539 I45fh Avenue Soufheasf Bellevue. Washingfon 98004 lQr Pi 'lang 95922 ing 'hue 9 94605 hang ' Floor 09 an hafi W 9392: ay ve G 9204! ' Chew fornia 94I08 Isen nue 'Ula 90803 nu i Floor rel' 5822 ii 96734 a 9599! lrnia 93953 e ll :ia 940l0 .90I ' v lion 98040 33 d. 99235 rnia 92405 fheifl 08004 Pe Line Co Lisa Colby I775 Casfellana Road La Jolla, California 92037 Cynfhia Anne Cole 58I0 Wesflope Drive Ausfin, Texas 7873I Marilyn Irene Cole I437 Easl' I22nd Sfreel' Los Angeles, California 90059 Ann Marie Colegrove Aparfado 3I96 San Jose Cosfa Rica, C. A. Barbara Jean Coleman 5530 Fernhoff Road Oakland, California 946l9 Sharon Anifa Coleman 300 EI Bonifo Way Millbrae, California 94030 Charmaine Celesfe Colhouer 783 Kendall Avenue Palo Alfo, California 94306 Cheryl Gene Calopy I2459 Queensbury Housfon, Texas 77027 Carol Ellen Conlee 623 - I6fh Sfreef Bellingham, Washingfon 98225 Beffy Lucille Conley 247I Ranspof Drive San Leandro, California 94578 Tara Louise Connor 3898 Happy Valley Road Lafayeffe, California 94549 Jean MacPherson Cook l880 Palmas Drive San Marino, California 9lI08 Nancy Ann Cook 386 Upper Mounfain Avenue Upper Monfclair. New Jersey 07043 Kafherine Merrill Coopman 2737 Divisadero Sfreef San Francisco, California 94I23 Susan Margaref Cope I6I Tamalpais Avenue Mill Valley, California 9494I Margaref Jean Copernoll 6220 S.W. Wilbard Porfland, Oregon 972l9 Marianne Corriero 74 Firsf Sfreef Garden Cify. New York II530 Gail Alice Coffon 2l0 Uplands Drive Hillsborough, California 940l0 Agnes Cowley Cowles 2602 Wesf Second Avenue Spokane, Washingfon 99204 Derwenf Elizabefh Craven 620 Glenwood Sfreef Picayune, Mississippi 39466 Janice Shelfon Crebbs IOI6 Cliff Drive No. 222 Sanfa Barbara, California Mary Elizabefh Crew 509 Valley View Drive Vermillion, Soufh Dakofa 57609 Miyuki Michi Crider 585I Ouanfrell Avenue, Apfl-, L-3 Alexandria Virginia 223I2 Penelope Shaw Criffenden Sfrawberry Hill Dover, Massachuseffs 02023 Barbara Gail Crowell 3I2 Wesf Forresf Sfreef Porf Angeles, Washingfon 98362 Irene Rober'I'a Crown I6l6 Sheridan Road Wilmeffe, Illinois 6009I Amy Windle Crumpacker I7 Glendale Park Hammond, Indiana 46320 D Linda Adele Dahl 46I3 Baker Drive Evereff, Washingfon 98202 Karyn Gardner Daniels 45 Oak Ridge Road Berkeley, California 94705 Sherwood Adams Daniels I29 College Avenue Poughkeepsie, New York l2603 Carol Ann Davis 56 Devonshire Drive Penfield, New York l4526 Sfefanie Samanfha Davis I74 Pepper Drive Los Alfos, California Chrisfine Lynn Dawson 2I44 San Miquel Drive Walnuf Creek. California 94598 Lynne Elaine Dawson 6329 N. E. Broadway Porfland, Oregon 972l3 Sheryl Lynn Deakove 52l Del Medio. Apf. 306 Mounfain View, California 9404I Sylvia Gardner Decker 4229 Mariposa Drive Sanfa Barbara, California 93I05 Francisca De Larios 355 Erica Drive Soufh San Francisco, California 9408I Juanifa Inez Del Regafo 2 Easf Columbia Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 Ann Dempsey 725 Milfon Road Palafine, Illinois 60067 Jeanne Deschamps Roufe 3. Box 3I62 Winslow, Washingfon Marilyn Mercer Defrich 55I6 Norfheasf I80fl1 Seaffle, Washingfon 98I55 Cheryl Lee Diddy I920 Alfa Oaks Arcadia, California 9I006 Lucille Elizabefh Diefer Irving Avenue Glendale. California 9I2OI Claire Marion Di Giovanni 632 Chimalus Drive Palo Alfo. California 94306 Nancy Elizabefh Digman 7505 S.W. Monfclair Drive Porfland, Oregon 97225 Carolyn Kay Lynne Dillon 326 Deveron Circle Cary, Illinois 600l3 Diane Elizabefh Dimpfl I4l Crown Road Kenffield, California 94904 Virginia Dinsmore 38 Oaklawn Drive, Apf. I Daly Cify, California 940I5 Elizabefh Van Nes Difmars 505 Palos Verdes Drive, W. Palos Verdes Esfafes. California 90274 Johanna Barbara Dobkin 9I04 Larke Ellen Circle Los Angeles, California 90035 Sarah Joanne Doerksen 685 Universify Sfreef, S.E. Salem, Oregon 9730I Nancy Ellen Dorn 8567 Walnuf Drive Los Angeles, California 90046 Kay Anderson Douglas-Mrs. 6363 Beach Drive, S.W. Seaffle, Washingfon 98l I6 Diana Lynn Doupe 66I4 Fordham Way Sacramenfo, California 9583l Calliope Doxiadis 2, Sfraf. Syndesmou Afhens I36, Greece Barbara Lynn Doyle Insf. Div. G-4 Hq USARJ APO 343 San Francisco, California 96443 Julie Floch Dressler 48I Woodlawn Avenue Glencoe, Illinois 60022 Nancy Dreyer I5l4 Park Avenue S.W. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87I04 Janef Eileen Duecy 59I0 Beverly Lane Evereff, Washingfon 98202 Jayne Louise Dumonf 2I2 Carmel Avenue Piedmonf, California 946Il Cynfhia Ann Duncan H.o. 7 A.D. Box Ions APO 24l New York. New York 0924I C. Pililani Durdan 530 Easf 46fh Sfreef Eugene, Oregon 97405 Ellen Seymour Dyer 65 Silvermine Road New Canaan, Connecficuf 06840 Linda Louise Sewell Dyer 3000 Ralsfon Avenue Hillsborough, California 940I0 E June Elizabefh Easley. 523 Easf Yucca DNV9 Hobbs, New Mexico 88240 Anne Douglasd Eafon 825 Al a Coronailrxf California 92I03 Faifh May Echfermeyer l258 Park Avenue Alameda, California 9450l Deborah Lee Efron 2526 - 33rd Avenue, Soufh Seaffle, Washingfon 98I44 Pafricia Ann Eide I25I - I48fh Avenue San Leandro, California 94578 Julianna Elias 307 Grand Avenue Nogales, Arizona 8562l Elaine Lee Ellioff 4200 Cedros Avenue Sherman Oaks, California 9I403 Vicforia Loree Enders I80 Whife Oak Drive Medford, Oregon Pafricia Lucile Esfep I660 La Playa Way Sacramenfo, California 95825 F Rosalind Shirley Falk 2I95 Lakeside Drive Reno, Nevada 89502 Virginia Greenlease Falfico-Mrs. 2920 Verona Road Shawnee Mission, Kansas Carol Margaref Fein 8760 Shoreham Drive Los Angeles, California 90069 Diane Shechfer Felman-Mrs. 37 Irma Drive Oceanside, New York Marfha Ann Fensfermacher 260 E. Columbus Avenue Corry, Pennsylvania Julia Newfon Ferry 770 Valley Road Glencoe, Illinois 60022 Mary Befh Fillmore l09 Easf Norfhview Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85020 Lynda Louise Fine 460 Easf 2lsf Sfreef Newporf Beach, California 92660 Grefchen Marie Fifzgerald I265 W. Juniper Sfreef Oxnard. California 9303I Lyn Flanigan Paoli, Indiana 47454 G. Michelle Flood 24l4I Summerhill Avenue Los Alfos, California 94022 Susan Harfnell Ford 3l85 S.W. Paffon Road Porfland, Oregon 9720I Susan Diane Formanek I40 Bayview Belvedere. California 94920 Elaine Ellen Forney 6634 E. Sunnyvale Road Scoffsdale, Arizona 8525I Cheri Kafhleen Fosfer I488 Consfanso Way San Jose, California 95l29 Joanne Marion Fox I Midbrook Lane Old Greenwich, Connecficuf 06870 Tracey Ellen Franklin I739 Norfh Rosemonf Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 857l6 Gloria Jean Freeman 30I5 Morcom Avenue Oakland, California 946l9 Deborah Jean Freiser 69ll Big Bear Drive Tucson, Arizona 857l5 Joyce Anne Friedman l60 San Carlos Avenue Sausalifo, California 94965 Susana Friedmann Calle 7I, No. 2A-28 Bogofa, Colombia Joan Frifschi 308 Sheridan Avenue Piedmonf, California 946Il Carol Kay Fuiikawa 505 Flinf Avenue Long Beach, California 908I4 Florence Fuiino 425l Maple Avenue Oakland, California 94602 G Laura Gabriel Flaf G-3 Clearwafer Bay Apfs. Kowloon, Hong Kong Laurie Gearin 234l S.W. Monfgomery Drive Porfland, Oregon 9720I Charloffe Sue Gelfand II26 Soufh Sixfh Sfreef Las Vegas, Nevada 89l04 Dorofhy Lee Genfry l205 Wesf 70fh Terrace Kansas Cify, Missouri 64l I3 Emily Margaref Gersfbacher 70 Yerba Buena Avenue San Francisco, California 94l27 Janice Flaine Gibbs Box 554 Soldofna, Alaska 99669 Nancy Ellen Gigas 2000 Monferey Road Soufh Pasadena. California 9I030 Krisfin Gilberf 254l Malama Way Honolulu. Hawaii 96822 Kim Giles II55l Eva Avenue Los Alfos, California 94022 Pafricia Anneffe Gill 3l Golf View Circle Winfer Haven, Florida 33880 Anne Louise Gillespie l268 Inverness Drive Pasadena, California 9Il03 Geraldine Elizabefh Gillespie 4949 Baffery Lane, Apr, 409 Befhesda, Maryland 200l4 Cheryl Mafhe Ginzfon-Mrs, 280l2 Nafoma Avenue Los Alfos Hills, California 94022 Janice Susan Gifeck I24I Easf Drachman Sfreef Tucson, Arizona 857l9 Margaref Ann Gleason II08 Soufh l9'l'h Avenue Yakima, Washingfon 98902 Cessna Lyle Glen Lazy L X Ranch Ashland, Kansas 6783l Kafhleen Goodwin Goforfh 3639 N.W. Thurman Porfland, Oregon 972I0 Janis Lynn Goldbaum I3I Morningside Drive San Anselmo, California 94960 Bonnie Jo Goldwyn I822 Garfield Drive Easf Cleveland, Ohio 44Il2 Genevieve Gong 474 So. Sanfa Clara Tulare, California 93274 Jean Ellen Goodhope 20505 Maplewood Drive Edmonds, Washingfon 98020 Holly Sue Goodman 4lI0 Basswood Road Minneapolis, Minnesofa 554l6 Judy Ashore Goodpasfure-Mrs. Sfanford Village, Apf. 204-I0 Sfanford Universify Palo Alfo, California 94305 Linda Mary Gordon I47l4 Oracle Place Pacific Palisades, California 90272 Glee Ann Gorrell 6730 Onfario Circle Lifflefon, Colorado 80l20 Shirley Jean Gould 46I2 Tulip Avenue Oakland, California 946l9 Andrea Joy Grani 207 Ashdale Place Los Angeles, California 90049 Cheryl Diane Gray 3374 Herrier Sfreef Oakland, California 94602 Lucy Hermine Greene I447 Soufh Jones Blvd.. API5 202 Tucson, Arizona 857l3 Sandra Louise Gregg l22 Chrisfopher Sfreef Moniclair, New Jersey 07042 ' 94022 9II03 llespi, 'Pk 409 zoor4 Mrs. ne rnia 94022 Sfreef 7 rue '8902 l flu 0 a 94960 4l I2 l 8020 554l6 Mrs. i4-I0 I05 ia 90272 4049 pf, 202 42 Claudia Kay Gresham 80l0 Popplefon Omaha, Nebraska 68l24 Jill Frances Griffin Poinf Loma Posf Office Box 6237 San Diego, California 92l06 Alice Sheppard Groch 969 Morse Sfreef San Jose, California 95I26 Carol Grundfor 734 Harps Sfreef San Fernando, California 9l340 Harrieffe Ann Guldmann 35lI Avenue O Galvesfon, Texas 77552 Andree Gurnee 4433 Romero Drive Tarzana, California 9l356 Joan Lucile Gufman 72l8 Park Heighfs Avenue Balfimore, Maryland 2I208 H Deesa Mary Haas 2I6 - 40fh Avenue Easf Seaffle, Washingfon 93l02 Heafher Colleen Hackeff Box E, V. A. Hospifal San Fernando, California 9l340 Marfha Cynfhia Bradford Haighf 835 Mandana Boulevard Oakland, California 946l0 Kafherine Laughlin Hale Goodhill Road Wesfon, Connecficuf 06883 Mary Jean Haley 67l Cody Courf Lakewood, Colorado 802l5 Virginia Morgan Hall 80 Eucalypfus Lane Sanfa Barbara, California 93I03 Mary MacHarg Halsfed 3446 Clay Sfreef San Francisco, California 94ll8 Corinne Kay Hamada 3224 Alani Drive Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 Donna Diane Hamer 2697 E. 56fh Sfreef Long Beach, California 90802 Carol Hamill 2207 Sfanmore Housfon, Texas 770I9 Carol Ann Hanagan l540 Hudson, Apf. 303 Redwood Cify, California Marsha Louise Hancock 68 Mesa Courf Afherfon. California 94025 Mary Elizabefh Hancock 3942 Gardenia Avenue Long Beach, California 90807 Lynne Dee Haney Il50 38fh Sfreef Sacramenfo. California 958l6 Carla Chrisfine Hansen I039 - Ilfh Avenue Sacramenfo, California 958I8 Virginia Bufferworfh Hardham Cresfon Road Paso Robles. California 93446 Ann Vinfon Hardwicke 9l3 Hillcresf Forf Worfh, Texas 76I07 Jacqueline Harding APO 23l New York. New York 0923! Mary Louise Harmon 3l Condif Road Mounfain Lakes, New Jersey 07046 Maylin Peabody Harnden 940 Regal Road Berkeley, California 94708 Neffie Jean Harper 6039 S. Redding Sfreef Seaffle, Washingfon 98l I8 Anne Margaref Harringfon 8lI Soufh Miller Sfreef Sanfa Maria, California 93454 Jane Ellen Harfsfone 905 Hayne Road Hillsborough, California 940l0 Cafherine Laurel Hassensfein Aspen Hill Sioux Falls, Soufh Dakofa 57l0I Rebecca Hasfings Box l50, Rf. l, Lake Sherwood Thousand Oaks, California 9l360 Eva Hauer ' 960 W. Sanfa Inez Hillsborough, California 940l0 Joy Lynn Haverland 35 lnner Circle Redwood Cify, California 94063 Ana Lisa Hedsfrom Park Avenue Harfford Cify, Indiana 47348 Judifh Ellen Henderson 5933 Waggoner Dallas, Texas 75230 Anifa Marie Henry 8054 Dunfield Avenue Los Angeles, California 90045 Claire Elizabefh Henze l549 Easf California Blvd. Pasadena, California 9II05 Alice Parry Wisfar Herberf-Mrs. 830 Green Sfreef San Francisco, California 94l33 Anne Heringman 233 Rees Sfreef Playa Del Rey, California Elinor Edifh Herod 725 Inverness Drive Horsham, Pennsylvania l9044 Linda Herrald l63 Fair Oaks Lane Afherfon, California 94025 Caroline Coafes Herrick Herrick Road Sl"al'0fl. Connecficuf 06059 Elaine Mae Hesse l0l5 Medford Road Pa55d0nB. California 9lI07 Pamela Higgins I07 Tresfle Glen Terrace Tiburon. California 94920 Jan Wilder Hill 302 W. Sfella Lane Phoenix, Arizona 850l3 Cafherine Ann Hillard 6I0 Carroll Way Pasadena. California 9Il07 Terry Leigh Hinkle 600 Beverly Gardens Drive Mefairie, Louisiana 70002 Eleanor Hifchcock 529 Warren Road San Mafeo, California 94402 Darlene Yuk Lan Ho P.O. Box 427 Wake Island 96930 Sarah Lucia Hoagland 30l E. 47fh Sfreef New York, New York l0028 Sylvia Jeanne Hoffman 790 Park Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97402 Kafhryn Dinny Hogue 2-2720 Easf Cliff Drive Sanfa Cruz, California 95062 Cynfhia Kay Holbein 6409 N.E. l83rd Sfreef Seaffle, Washingfon 98l55 Linda Lee Hopesapple 4l55 E. Poe Sfreef Tucson, Arizona 857Il Joyce Chrisfine Holm 690 Winding Way Salem, Oregon 97302 Marilyn Jean Holmes 3847 Oak Glen Sanfa Rosa, California 95404 Carol Gwen Holsefh III9 Telfer Avenue San Jose. California 95l25 Barbara Rae Holsfe l2635 S.E. 59fh Bellevue, Washingfon 98004 Cafharine Hall Homan 88 Foresf Way Essex Fells, New Jersey 0702i Irma Sachiko Honda 3827 Monroe AVOHUG El Paso, Texas 79930 Gayle Laigin Hong 48l2 Mafsonia Drive Honolulu, Hawaii 968l6 Lynne Helen Honus I28 Easf Fern Avenue Redlands, California 92373 Sandra Lee Hooper l8l4 N.E. 70l'h Seaffle, Washingfon 98ll5 Tamia Lynn Hope 0 I25I Valencia Mesa Drive Fullerfon, California 92633 Chrisfine Mariam Hopiak 545 Hilbar Lane Palo Alfo, California 94303 Mary Helen Horner 90I Yale Avenue Modesfo, California 95350 Sandra Claire Hoskins 3698 Norfhridge Drive Concord, California 9452I Linda Houghfon P.O. Box I3l3 Reno, Nevada 89504 Judy Rae Howard I029 liwi Sfreef Honolulu, Hawaii 968I6 Esfrellifa Mae Hudson 2807 Tanner Sfreef Dallas, Texas 752l5 ' Gwendolyn Joann Hudson 29652 Palermo Sfreef Barsfow, California 923Il Cassandra Clemens Hughes 407 Conesfoga Road Wayne, Pennsyvania I9087 Wendyce Ann Hull 73I Wesf Rose Sfockfon, California 95203 Pamela Lynn Hunf 7608 College Drive Des Moines, Iowa 50322 Susan Barclay Hunf . 3809 S.E. Knighf Sfreef Porfland, Oregon 97202 Pafricia Ann Hunfer 4203 Soufh Adams Sfreef Seaffle, Washingfon 98I I8 Julie Jolene Hurlocker 8053 Meridian Avenue Norfh Seaffle, Washingfon 98 I 03 Karen Lynn Hursf I8l4 Lincoln Park Wesf Chicago, Illinois 606I4 Craigie Husfon Box I006 Aspen, Colorado 8I6II Marfha Young Hufson 5505 Norfhwesfern Avenue Racine, Wisconsin 53406 Joell Fredda Hyman 3262 N.E. Evereff Sfreef Porfland, Oregon 97232 Ellen Lois Ifkin IOI Hudson Sfreef Denver, Colorado 80220 J Gwendolyn Gail Jackson 2525 - 9fh Avenue Barbara Beafrice Jacobson II40 Parker Avenue Tracy, California 95376 Gail Kay Jacobson 0245 S.W. Nebraska Porfland, Oregon 9720I Leslie Jacobson 5939 Wenfworfh Long Beach, California 908l5 Carol Jenkins I88 Hazel Avenue Mill Valley, California 9494I Carolyn Marie Jensen 095I S.W. Palafine Hill Porfland, Oregon 972 I 9 Carmen Maria Jimenez 3046 Baumberg Avenue Hayward, California 94545 Pauline Renee Johannsen 545 - 8'I'h Avenue Yuma, Arizona 85364 Karen Ann Johns 3I6 E. Courf Sfreef Ifhaca, New York I4850 Farol Elizabefh Johnson 4809 N. Denver Avenue Porfland, Oregon 972I7 Jennifer Johnson lII2 La Jolla Rancho Road La Jolla, California 92037 Laura Cecelia Johnson I06 Norfh Pacific Sfreef Oceanside, California 92054 Frances Thornfon Jones American Embassy Lima, Peru Margof Cauldwell Jones 5 Hiqhlad Heighfs Rochesfer, New York I46I8 Nancy Louise Josephs I924 Courfland Avenue Oakland, California 9460l Carol Lee Jusenius 7l Norfh Golden Wesf Arcadia, California 9I008 K Jane Lee Kagon 960I Lockford Sfreef Los Angeles, California 90035 Marilyn Norma Kaplan 70l6 Yamini Dallas, Texas 75230 Judifh Esfher Karp 3032 Award Row San Diego, California 92I22 Melanie Margaref Kask 338 Palomar Avenue La Jolla, California 92037 Pamela Arfura Kafims 3876 50l'h N.E. Seaffle, Washingfon 98I05 Alissa Louise Kaufman I620 Hillcresf Avenue Los Angeles, California 900I8 Sf. Paul, Minnesofa 55ll6 Margaref Kearns 648 Ridge Road Weafhersfield, Connecficuf 06I09 Krisfin Elizabefh Keafon 89 Belgrave Avenue San Francisco, California 94ll7 Margaref Wilson Kennedy I43I5 Foofhill Road Golden, Colorado 8040! Susan Joan Kenf I70 Sea Cliff Avenue San Francisco, California 94I2l Jane Boyer Kerr Box 206 Cody, Nebraska 692lI Marina Kershaw 2756 S.W. Monfgomery Drive Porfland, Oregon 9720I Laura Margaref Kimble 9I8 Woodland Avenue San Carlos, California 94070 Judy Chi-Dieh King cfo Wo Sang Hong No. 9, Gilman Sfreef Hong Kong, B.C.C. Bonnie Ann Klocksiem 820 Trenfon Drive Sunnyvale, California 94087 Susan Rozelle Knighf 5640 Holly Springs Drive Housfon, Texas 77027 Kafhleen Anneffe Kos I Knollwood Lane Iowa Cify, Iowa 52240 Barbara Kovacic 2330 Norfh 7fh Boulevard Sheboygan, Wisconsin 5308l Linda Susan Kraff 8 Seville Courf Millbrae, California 94030 Helen Anne-Marie Kramer l503 Mission Canyon Road Sanfa Barbara, California 93I05 Margaref Hall Kramer 2454 62nd S.E. Mercer lslnd, Washingfon 98040 Eileen Noriko Kurahashi I589 Soufh Orange Drive Los Angeles, California 900I9 Jane Campbell Kyle I05 Hillcresf Fox Chapel Piffsburgh, Pennsylvania I5238 L Barbara Ellen Lam 3676 Hilo Place Honolulu, Hawaii 968I6 Clara Kay Lamer Lamer Hofel Juncfion Cify, Kansas 6644i Lucy Lee Langdon Box 2538 Juneau, Alaska 9980I I Chrisfine Lanin9 893 Farmingfon Avenue Wesf Harfford, Connecficuf 06l I9 C fh' Ad 'r Larson Y5170I8a Souifh Blake Road Minneapolis, Minnesofa 55424 Penelope Ann Larson 30I Lexingfon Avenue San Leandro, California 94577 Nancy Carol Lasfon 645 Evelyn Courf Lafayeffe, California 94549 Susan Wilma Laufer I64 Spencer Avenue Sausalifo, California 94965 Mary Alice Law 404 Soufh Franklin Wenafchee, Washingfon 98802 Judifh Eileen Lay l250l Grove View Sfreef Garden Grove, California 92640 Laraine Tanya Lazar 50 Green Valley Courf San Anselmo, California 94960 Teri Lee Learn I2460 Cafalpa Chino, California 9l7l0 Rufh Le Cocq ' The Highlands Seaf+le,,Washingfon, 98l77 Lynne Vicforia Lee P.O. Box 697 Gilroy, California 95020 Marfha Leigh Leingang 708 Cedar Avenue Brea, California 9262I Laura Forresf Lengyel 500 Clinfon Avenue Bridgeporf, Connecficuf 06605 Kafherine Ann Leffeer 2l5 Genesee Road San Anfonio, Texas 78209 Janis Lee Levand 250I Cherry Pine Bluff, Arkansas 7I602 Jan Le Veque 76I5 - 6fh Avenue Tacoma. Washingfon 98406 Norma Berfa Levy I445 Dexfer Sfreef Denver. Colorado aozzo Caroline Rufh Lewis 2 Somersef Place Berkeley. California 94707 Veronica Man Ching Li 4 Knighf Sfreef Kowloon Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong Margaref Weber Libbey-Mrs. 5922 Camden Sfreef, Apf. E Oakland. California 94605 Margaref Rufh Lind I900 N. 40+h Sfreef Kansas Cify, Kansas 66l02 Margo Alison Lion Englemeade Road Box 809, R.R. 7 BaIiIm0l'9. Maryland 2I208 Joann Lipson I279 Trapp Lane Winnefka, Illinois 60093 Ellen Sara Lifvak l004 Ashland Courf Sf. Joseph, Missouri 64506 Donna Kay Lloyd 66 Garden Ridge Road Balfimore. Maryland 2l228 Penelope Ann Lockwood II6 Arlene Drive Walnuf Creek, California 94596 Ann Russell Lomax 509 N. Sam Housfon San Benifo, Texas 78586 Hilary Sargenf Long Carr Road Concord, Massachuseffs 0l742 lnda Allen Long 33703 Road I72 Visalia, California 93277 Bonnie Kay Longworfh Box 328 Pefersburg, Alaska 99833 Jean Kingsland Loveless 4l35 C. Sfreef Sacramenfo, California 958l9 Kafhryn Lowry l8000 Parkland Drive Shaker Heighfs, Ohio 44I22 Kafherine Noel Lubker l4458 Sanfiago Road San Leandro, California 94577 Donna Frances Luckhardf 2434 Crahn Drive Sanfa Rosa, California 95404 Marilyn Cleaveland Lundberg-Mrs. 502l V2 MacArfhur Blvd. Oakland, California Peggy Lou Lurie 8l82 Sycamore Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 Joan Queeney Lufher l52l So. Rockwood Blvd. Spokane, Washingfon 99203 Marv Penelope Lysne 303 Sunnyvale Lane Minneapolis, Minnesofa 55422 M Cafherine Elizabefh MaceY 2775 Yellow Creek Road Akron, Ohio 422l3 Nancy Lee MacLean 2654 Union Sfreef . San Francisco, California 94l23 Sarah MacM:hreInE i427 - 94+ . . Bellevue, Washingfon 98004 Rebecca Livingsf M M11 - 6l20 Ouflook on ac Ian Mrs' Oakland, California 94605 Mafgafel Murray MacNamara 2629 S.W. Buena Visfa Drive Poffl-NCI. Oregon 9720! Befh Jean MacWhirfer 783 Buena Visfa Avenue W, San Francisco, California 94lI7 Carolyn Efhel Magnell 5 Foresf Lane Swsdale. New York loses Jean Elizabefh MacOuiddy 4l0 Sfanford Sfreef Wafsonville, California 95076 Chalda Irene Maloff P.O. Box I58 Sfafeline, California 95729 Kafhleen Managhan 5690 S.W. 88fh Avenue Porfland, Oregon 97225 Chrisfine Manchesfer 736 - 37fh Avenue Sanfa Cruz, California 95062 Harrief Sara Manders 68 Terrace Road Walnuf Creek, California 94598 Ann Kellam Manuel-Mrs. I Hillwood Place Oakland, California 946 I 0 Harrief Bella Margolin 5853 S. Orlando Avenue Los Angeles, California 90056 Mary Helen Marshall P.O. Box 2784 Denver, Colorado Rae Elizabefh Marshall 6 Meadow Courf Seekonk, Massachuseffs 0277! Vivian Toni Marshall 2428 Easf 24fh Sfreef Oakland, California 9460l Robyn Jean Marfin 92II Encino Avenue Norfhridge, California 9l324 Susan Penfield Marfin American Embassy - APO 306 San Francisco, California 96406 Diane Massmann I00l8 Woodridge Drive Dallas, Texas 752I8 Karen Ann Massoffy I549 Easf Shore Drive Alameda, California 9450! N M sur a3n7l'0 Daavenporf Sf., N.W. Washingfon, D.C. 200l6 Marcia Ann MGHIWWS I7II Swiss Road Fremonf, Ohio 43420 Joanne Delin Maffson 5 APO sos ' E ssy. ?:f1erFF:riIcisl:no.aCalifornia 96294 Pamela Clrrisfina MaubrY lk + Ku l26-3 Klfano-Cho. I. CI10m9- "' 8 Kobe, JBPGH Carlyn Geraldine Mayer ' 309 Lakewood Boulevard Madison, Wisconsin 53704 Marlene Anifa Mayo P.O. Box 56 La Mesa, California 9204I Maureen McCormmach Box 7l Adams, Oregon 978I0 Barbara Gilmore McCune 54l0 Moorland Lane Befhesda, Maryland 200l4 Elizabefh Helen McDearmon 323 Concord Drive Menlo Park, California 94025 Bonnv McFadden 50I2 Princess Anne Road La Canada, California 9II0l 'Susan Muriel McKenna 3659 Shannon Road Los Angeles, California 90027 Sally Cafherine McKinney 65 College Park Davis, California 956l6 Michele Jean McLeod I705 Cowper Sfreef Palo Alfo, California 9430i Pafricia Ann 'McNeill 6000 Cromwell Drive Washingfon, D.C. 200l6 Andrea Cowles Menefee 848i Winding Way Fair Oaks, California 95628 Julie Marie Merksamer 6I0 Wilhaggin Drive 4 Sacramenfo, California 95825 Kafherine Hill Milam Arabian American Oil Co., Box l868 Dahran, Saudi Arabia Amy Evelyn Millar IOII Tresfle Glen Road Oakland, California 946l0 Joan Millar 2 Chesfnuf Avenue Graffon, Massachuseffs 0I5I9 Carole Jean Miller 6620 Indian Lane Shawnee' Mission, Kansas 66208 Donna Jeanne Miller Roufe 2, Box 838-K Oakdale, California 9536! Donna Joan Miller 44l7 So. l73rd S'l'ree'l' Seaffle, Washingfon 98l88 Jan Miller I5 Scenic Courf Orinda, California 94563 Margaref Irwin Miller 2760 Highland Way Columbus, Indiana 4720I Sally Susan Miller I275 Eucalypfus Road Pefaluma, California 94952 Karen Elizabefh Millig 4l. Easf Manor Drive Mull Valley, California 9494! 4 Marfha Van Affa Mills-Mrs. I3885 Dooliffle Drive, Apf. l04 San Leandro, California 94577 Melinda Chalmers Mills 39 Maple Sfreef Broadalbin, New York l2025 Marylin Elizabefh Millsap 40I Gibson Road Woodland, California 95695 Marilyn Anne Mifchell Navy 39l2 Box I6 FPO San Francisco, California 96646 Pamela Ann Monck l827 Norfh Teion Sfreef Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 Barbara Eva Monfes 9978 Frederick Sfreef Omaha, Nebraska 68I24 Fredrika Monfgomery 98II Hillhaven Avenue Tuiunga, California 9I042 Mariorie Monfgomery 4546 N. Park Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 Kafhleen Lynn Morrison Rf. l. Box I96-A Sequim, Washingfon 98382 Barbara Ann Morrow 469 S. McDonnell Avenue Sfockfon, California 95205 Cheryl Ann Morfenson l792 Circo Del Cielo EI Caion, California 92020 Janice Sfuarf Morfon 28 Foresf Road Glen Rock, New Jersey 07452 Joan Louise Munn 54l4 W. ll9 Sfreel' Inglewood, California 90304 Marcia Ann Murphy l 386 Sunsef Avenue Edmonds, Washingfon 98020 Lucy Lynn Murray I8I2 B Sfreef. Apf. 3l Pullman, Washingfon 99l63 Marva Lin Musfain 2345 So. Adams Sfreef Denver, Colorado 802l0 N Lynda Maile Nakamura 2548 Ferdinand Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 Mary Gough Nash 487 Porfland Road Honolulu, Hawaii 9682l Elizabefh Neely P.O. Box 76 Fleefville, Pennsylvania I8420 A. Kiki Nelson I003I Beverly Sfreef Bellflower, California 90706 Kafhryn Dorofhy Nelson P.O. Box 94 Biiou. California 95705 Maru Lillibefh Nelson l003I Beverly Sfreef Bellflower, California 90706 Melinda Dean Nelson P.O. Box 2l6 McCloud, California 96057 Carilane Frances Newman 7l30 Royal Lane Dallas, Texas 7520I Marfha Blair Nichols 240I Drury Lane Prairie Village, Kansas 66203 Carolyn Dale Nissen 5I67 Visfa Hermosa Long Beach, California 908l5 Sherry Rufh Nord l4I4 Dover Drive Newporf Beach, California 92660 Linda Long Norgaard-Mrs. I98l Menalfo Menlo Park, California Sonia Chrisfine Norman I376 Ernesfine Lane Mounfain View, California 94040 Benedicfa Ada Nwaozomudoh P.O. Box I92, Warri clo Posfal Agencyf Onifsha-UGBO W. Nigeria O Soroya Ahmed Obaid P.O. Box 382 Dieddah, Saudi Arabia Eleanor Kafheryn Oberzil 332 Belia Visfa Avenue Los Gafos, California 95030 Gail May O'Connell Lowell Road Grofon, Massachuseffs 0I450 Julia Haroldine Odegard Roufe l, Box I76 Sfanwood, Washingfon 98292 Carolee Odam 607I Easf 28l'h Sfreef Tucson, Arizona 857II Judifh Marie Offord 64l Euclid Avenue Berkeley, California 94708 Ellen Frances Oman 338 Lovell Avenue Mill Valley, California 9494l Margaref Rose O'Neil 209 Easf Clay Sfreef Dayfon, Washingfon 99328 Penny Jane Owen 702 N. Alpine Drive Beverly Hills, California 902I0 Florence Eleanor Owens l075 Thomas Road Beaumonf, Texas P Tanya Maree Pashkowski 9075 5lsf Avenue N.E. Seaffle, Washingfon 98Il5 0705 057 sszoa wang ia mio a 94040 nh he-UGBO B0 50 P2 0 Josephine Ann Pafrick 6262 Wilfshire Sfreef Vancouver I3, B. C., Canada Mariorie Lane Paxfon 800 Wesf 52 Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri 64l I2 Elizabefh Tola Pearce 44 Alexander Avenue Lagos, Federal, Nigeria Gail Harrief Pearlman 4364 Coffage Park Road Whife Bear Lake, Minnesofa 55I I0 Candace Canfield Pelissero 4653 Via Roblada Sanfa Barbara, California 93I05 Dina Jane Peferson Tofem Pole Road Manson, Washingfon 9883! Penny Pafricia Peferson l26 Riverview Drive Piffsburg, California 94565 Sandra Pickard 27 Marion Sfreef Easf Greenwich, Rhode Island 028I8 Cafherine L. Pillar P.O. Box 93 Oracle, Arizona 85623 Sharon Pape Pinger 7000 S.W. Caroland Road Porfland, Oregon 97223 Shari Louise Pomeroy I I832 S.W. Elm Porfland, Oregon 9720i Rufh Anfonia Poole I2A' Avenida 'A' No. I3-75 Guafemala I0, Guafemala C.A. Judifh Margaref Porfer 3506 N.E. 69fh Porfland, Oregon 972I3 Linda Dayle Povey Rf. 3, Box 3688 Red Bluff, California 96080 Sonia Camille Powell I26I Gallafin Sfreef, N.E. Washingfon, D.C. 200I7 Pafricia Anne Price 908 Azalea Avenue Burlingame, California 940I0 Cafherine Louise Prince 2436 - 23rd Avenue Oakland, California 94606 R Naome Rader 105 Acacia Place Bellingham, Washingfon 98225 Joan Marie Ranger 354 Glen Ellen Drive Venfura, California 93003 Krisfen Rufhern Reasoner I7223 - I5'l'I1 N. W. Seaffle, Washingfon 98I77 Jane Hunfer Redmond 549 Lafimer Road Sanfa Monica, California 90402 Merrill Lynne Reece 849 Camino Media Sanfa Barbara. California 93:05 Rosemarie Ebey Reed 723 Cemeo Highlands Drive Carona Del Mar, California 92625 Carol Eloise Rees 400 Easf 9fh Sfreef Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 Jaine Elizabefh Reese I5I9 W. Monferey Sfockfon, California 95204 Mollie Margaref Reeves I775 Park Drive Lebanon, Oregon 97355 Joanne Marie Regalia I28 Foofhill Boulevard Napa. California 94558 Alison Cafherine Reifz I5I5 San Leandro Lane Sanfa Barbara, California 93l03 Claudia Reynolds 260l Sf. Elias Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99503 Elizabefh Ann Reynolds 6909 S.E. 42nd Porfland, Oregon 97206 Margaref Deborah Rhoades IOI Alma Sfreef Palo Alfo, California 9430l Elizabefh Carolyn Riddleberger Befhfred Farms, P.O. Box I55 Madison, Virginia 22727 Linda Jane Riekes 820 Fairacres Road Omaha, Nebraska 68 I 32 Randy Hal Ring 3395 Insfrucfor Squadron ATC Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. 39534 Krisfin Elizabefh Riffer 4700 - 8fh Avenue, Norfheasf Seaffle, Washingfon 98I05 Pafricia Ann Roberfs 87 Main Sfreef Osferville, Massachuseffs 02655 Linda Kafherine Robinson 23I7 Soufh Jackson Sfreef Denver, Colorado 802l0 Carolyn Margaref Roe IOO9 Old Cannons Lane Louisville, Kenfucky 40207 Joyce Irene Rogers Seroe Colorado Aruba Nefherlands Anfilles Miriam Frankel Rogson-Mft 232l Russell No. 3G Berkeley, California 94705 Alfo Jo Roncheffo Roufe I, Box 7I0 . Princefon, California 95970 Elizabefh Taylor Roscia . l660 Norfh Amalfi Drive . Pacific Palisades. CaI'i0"n" 90272 S. 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California 90720 Ana Alicia Salazar Ignacio De La Pena l9I3 Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico Helen Thalia Salvin 36 Madison Avenue Summif, New Jersey Dianne Elizabefh Sanders 4I-866 Laumilo Sfreef Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795 Laura Lowe Sanger 2624 Ladoga Avenue Long Beach. California 908l5 Pafricia Saufer 75 Islabahai Ff. Lauderdale. Florida Leslie Louise' Sgherer 7334 B free New Oflzans, Louisiana 70I24 Claudia Drusine Schieber l432 Tarryfown Sfreef San Maieo. California 94402 Susan 'Jane Schneider 708 Main Sfreef Placerville, California 95667 Trudi Jean Schoenfeldf 2 C' D ' Vandlecnl:ergml5T.F.B., California 93437 Viki Jodean Schooley I090 Eddy Sfreef. Apf. l03 San Francisco, California 94409 Marilyn Rufh Schusfer' 8543 Sugarman Drive La Jolla, California 92037 Lynne Ellen Scoff 238 Kafherine Avenue Salinas, California 9390I Wendy Neal Scoff 42 E. Porfola Los Alfos, California 94022 Diane Jewel Seaman 4329 N. I5fh Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 850I5 Marie Louise Seaman 34l9 Norfh Shepard Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin 532ll Nancy Wyaff Sears P.O. Box 622 Sarafoga, California 95070 Susan Walker Sears P.O. Box 622 Sarafoga, California 95070 Linda Marie Seebass 755 Hudson Sfreef Denver, Colorado 80220 Marguerife Joan Sewald . -40 Via Cimarron Monferey, California 93940 Susan Jeane Sexson Tripler General Hospifal, APO 438 San Francisco, California 96553 Lisa Mary Shaffer 2208 Easf Missouri Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85'0l6 Joyce Eileen Shank l230 Sunnyview Avenue Dayfon, Ohio 45406 Lesley Rufh Shapiro 62l5 52nd Soufh Seaffle, Washingfon 98l I8 Carolyn Louise Shaver 5I3 Valley View Drive Scoffsbluff, Nebraska 6936i Anne Marie Shimek II7l Almendra Courf Concord, California 9452I Joan Carroll Shorensfein 740 El Camino Del Mar San Francisco, California 94I2l Sally Eleanor Shorf USOM APO 928 San Francisco, California 96528 Rosemary Dee Shurfe 52l0 Ausfin Road Sanfa Barbara, California 93I05 Lavonne Marlene Siegel 22400 Euclid Avenue, Apf. l05 Euclid, Ohio 44Il7 Carolyn Louise Sievers III Wesf Wabasha Sfreef Winona, Minnesofa 55987 Tari Lynne Sigman n 475I So. Universify Englewood, Colorado 80ll0 Sandra Rufh Silk O. P. 9I U.S. Navy Depf. Washingfon 25. D-C- Laurie Simon 3476 Janice Way Palo Alfo, California 94303 Michelle Louise Simon I926 Norfh Hobarf Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90027 Laura' Kafheryne Simpson 509 Floral Park Terrace Soufh Pasadena, California 9I030 Nancy Sirmay I08 Lancasfer Blvd. Lancasfer, California 93534 Nancy Rae Slifman 3925 N.E. Alameda Porfland, Oregon 972l2 Jan Slocum "Belvedere", Roufe 5 Charloffesville, Virginia 2290I Virginia Moran Swedberg 44l Washingfon Avenue Palo Alfo, California 9430i Susan Pendray Smelfzer 45II Larkwood Avenue Woodland Hills, California 9I364 Iris Leone Smifh 4635 Easf B Sfreef Tacoma, Washingfon 98404 Marsha Lee Smifh l883I Ansley Place Sarafoga, California 95070 Nan Porfer Smifh 5550 Columbia Pike, Apf. 342 Arlingfon, Virginia Pamela Chrisfine Smifh l620 2nd Sfreef Clay Cenfer, Kansas 67432 Susan Jane Smifh 65 Hazard Avenue Providence, Rhode Island, 02906 Leda Merle Soffran l6I Norfh Mansfield Avenue Los Angeles, California 90036 Carolyn Marie Spinner P.O. Box 666 Crescenf Cify, California 9553! Hughella Harvy Spifler 4560 Ladera Sfreef San Diego, .California 92I07 Marianne Spizzy 405 Wesf "H" Sfreef Brawley, California 92227 Clare Harding Springs Box 539 Crowhill Road Mf. Kisco, New York l0549 Gail Lois Sfagelman Bob 226 Bayfield, Colorado 8lI22 Grefchen Lea Sfainbrook Jackson Trading Company Jackson, Wyoming 8300! Terry Joan' Sfambler 8420 La Baiada Avenue Whiffier, California 90605 Charla V. Sfark l6I Rivo Alfo Canal Long Beach 3, California Allegra Eugenia Sfepanzoff 535 Keifh Avenue Missoula, Monfana 5980! Elizabefh Anne Sfephens 2409 Noffingham Avenue . Los Angeles, California 90027 Marie Carol Sfephens 2409 Noffingham Avenue Los Angeles, California 90027 Barbara Jane Sfephenson 2629 Francisco Way El Cerrifo, California 94530 Susan Jane Sfern l52l - l0fh Sfreef Soufh Fargo, Norfh Dakofa 58IOI Mary Lea Sfevenson 40l4 Third Avenue San Bernardino, California 92407 Sharon Bea Sfewarf 50l7 Rahlves Drive Casfro Valley, California 94546 Pafricia Anneffe Sfipe Box l78-S Bear Creek Road Bend, Oregon 9770l Sandra Sfocking 6745 Charlene Avenue San Diego, California 92II4 Ann Elizabefh Sfockwell 0I492 S.W. Milifary Road Porfland, Oregon 972l9 Carol Ann Sfoddard 777 I4fh Sfreef Yuma, Arizona 85364 Anna Elizabefh Sfool 24I7 Glenhaven Housfon, Texas 77025 Ninia Sforrs 335-B Porflock Road Honolulu, Hawaii 9682i Jane Allen Sfraley 22906 Woodway Park Road Edmonds, Washingfon 98020 Carol Beffe Sfrauss 20l0 - N.E. 70 Seaffle, Washingfon 98lI5 Anne Lenor-Rose Sfurmfhal 6I Greencroff Champaign, Illinois 6l822 Elizabefh Louise Sudnick I7 Lassen Place Sanfa Barbara, California 93l05 Diane Leiko Sugihara 2227 Oahu Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 Sheila Sullivan IOII Wesf Duarfe Road Arcadia, California 9I007 Igny l0l I! lia ff 0I ie , 90027 le 90027 I530 IOI ia 92407 94546 :ad II4 I I I05 M L ise Sumner ' i?r7l68oNorfh Mercer Way Mercer Island, Washingfon 98040 Alexandra Mary Swaney I8I9 Flowerree Helena, Monfana 5960I Barbara Joan Swearingen W. 805 Cliff Avenue Spokane, Washingfon 99204 T Roberfa Jill Taff I8l Cameron Place Long Beach, California 90807 Nancy Ann Tarbuck 2020 - 43rd Avenue, Norfh Seaffle, Washingfon 98l02 Jill Oriane Tarlau 4I5 Cenfral Park Wesf New York, New York I0025 Yam Gek Tay ' I47 Killiney Road Singapore 9, Singapore Ann Averill Taylor I005 San Acacio Sanfa Fe, New Mexico 8750! Chrisfopher Ann Taylor 4363 Eaglemere Courf S.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 Margaref Elizabefh Taylor I255 Shenandoah Road San Marino, California 9I l08 Terry Anne Taylor 428 Searls Avenue Nevada Cify, California 95959 Suzanne Teague Roufe I, Box 294, Foofhill Road Sanfa Paula, California 93060 Sandra Joan Thacker 2IOI Granf Avenue El Paso, Texas Elizabefh Lyon Thalheimer 33 Hampfon Road Scarsdale, New York I0583 Karole Marie Thomas 2543 Barfel Sfreef San Diego, California 92I23 Linda Jane Thomas 50, Radcliffe Road Wesfon. Massachuseffs 02I93 Julieanne Thompson 625 S.E. Kane Roseburg, Oregon 97470 Sharon Linda Thompson 3646 Columbian Drive Oakland, California 94605 Eleanor Joanne Thornfon 5l00 Spencer Dr., S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52405 Margaref Sfern Thornfon-Mrs. John 320I - B 64fh Avenue Oakland. California 94605 Krisfin Elizabefh Thorsdale 309 Emerald Bay Laguna Beach, California 9265! Jean Louise Thwing 3200 - 28fh Wesf Seaffle, Washingfon 98I99 Susan Phoebe Tifman I I I5 - 9fh Sfreef AUFOTH. Nebraska 688l8 Sally Ann Tomlinson 6026 Acacia Avenue Oakland, California 946l8 Judifh Ann Torrence 2005 N.E. 9fh Avenue Porfland, Oregon 972l2 Melinda Hamby Travis I00 Wellingfon Hickman, Kenfucky 42050 Jane Elizabefh Trinkaus I46 Walfhery Avenue Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450 Carol Ann Tucker 5II Humes Avenue Apfos, California 95003 Mary Cafherine Tucker I842 Colvin Avenue Sf. Paul, Minnesofa 55lI6 Sue Ann Tucker I842 Colvin Sf. Paul, Minnesofa 55II6 Jeanne Maria Tumpane 32 Yesilyurf Sokak Ankara, Turkey Kim Turner Box 656 Tahoe Cify, California 95730 Pafricia Ann Turner 57I2 Greenwood Avenue, Norfh Seaffle, Washingfon 98l03 Trudy Ann Turnquisf I606l Holdridge Road W. Wayzafa, Minnesofa 5539l U J Mary Randolph Upfon 39 Fearing Road Hingham, Massachuseffs 02043 V Vicforia Louise Vanbuskirk 552I S.E. Salmon Porfland, Oregon 972I5 Brenfon Elizabefh Van Cleave 425 W. Brow Road Lookouf Mounfain, Tennessee 37350 Virginia Hunf Van Derveer 3669 Ramona Circle Palo Alfo, California 94306 Elizabefh Jeanne Van Doren 49I0 Alfa Mesa Redding, California 9600i Susan Kennard Vaughf 42I5 Amau Sfreef Honolulu, Hawaii 968I6 Barbara Anne Veffer 323 Bellaire Sfreef Denver, Colorado 80220 Aino Maria Vieira D R 45l Chaucer Sfreei' asa Palo Alfo. California 9430I Alice Susan Vierfel 275 Dogwood Lane Sl'amf0fCl. Connecficuf 06903 Chrisfine Ann Von Blum 6I29 Norfh 3rd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 850I3 Julia Anne Voorhies I96 Sunkisf Lane Los Alfos, California 94022 W Carolyn Nancy Wade 258 Norfh I7Isf Seaffle, Washingfon 98I33 Helen Marie Wagner 32I6 E. Meadowbrook Phoenix. Arizona 850I8 Kafhleen Taeko Wakiii I 734 Hamilfon Avenue Pasadena, California 9ll04 Heafher Mary Walker 6I0 Union Avenue Brielle, New Jersey 08730 Mary Pamela Walker 6029 Calle Del Sud Scoffsdale, Arizona 85251 Gerfrude Vaille Wallace 224 Longhill Sfreef Springfield, Massachuseffs OI l08 Adrien C. Waller Box I28 Fish Creek, Wisconsin 545I2 Harrief Jean Walfers 4328 Del Monfe Avenue San Diego, California 92l07 Susann French Wampler 4I8 Wesfgrove Blvd. Alexandria, Virginia 22037 Chrisfine Felicia Wandel I8 Hancock Sfreef Bosfon, Massachuseffs 02I I4 Ann Judson Waferman 20I3 Highland Avenue Wilmeffe, Illinois 6009! Marcia Maureen Wafson P.O. Box I45 Redmond, Washingfon 98052 Janef Madeleine Way 2049 E. Foofhill Drive Sanfa Rosa, California 95404 Dona Wilber Webb 86 Winsfon Road Akron, Ohio 443I3 Lynn Gordon Welles 7407 Ben Lomond Avenue Glendora, California 9I740 Anfonia Suzanne W9lSl1 2309 N.W. 5+h Sfreef Gresham, Oregon 97030 Mary Therese welsh 20 Wesf Kirke Sfreef E Chevy Chase, Maryland 200I5 2 Cynfhia Lee Wesf 900 Pecan Drive Hobbs, New Mexico 88240 Wynne Marie Wesf 2l75 Marqueffe Avenue Pomona, California 9I766, Carole Lynn Wefzel I354 Foresf Sfreef , Denver, Colorado 80220 Lani Nyla Whife l424 Easf Ocean Boulevard ,Long Beach, California 90802 Mona Simmons Whifley-Mrs. Roberf 2705 Ridge Road Berkeley, California Marian Cromwell Whifner 4525 Sequoyah Road Oakland, California 94605 Barbara Claudine Whifflefon Il00 Easf Keffleman Lane Lodi, California 95240 Pafricia Ann Widdifield P.O. Box 266 Kualapuu, Hawaii 96757 Joan Marcelle Wilcox 2l0 Soufh Brighfon Place Arlingfon Heighfs, Illinois 60004 Bonnie Rene Wilkinson l203 Brisfol Avenue Sfockfon, California 95204 Judy Ann Willcox 38I5 McCain Avenue N. E. Salem, Oregon 97303 Melodee Clare Williams III7 Carley Avenue Whiffier, California 9060l Tacy Campbell Williams 600 Alma Real Drive Pacific Palisades, California 90272 Joanne Jacobi Winer II85 Park Avenue New York, New York l0028 Cafhie Jane Wiffy 6008 E. Indian Bend Road Scoffsdale, Arizona 8525l Miriam Kennedy Wolford American Embassy USAID, PMB 2l82 Lagos, Nigeria Elaine Wong 796 Eighfh Avenue Yuma, Arizona 85364 Monica Taff Woodbridge 42 Parker Sfreef Newfon Cenfre, Massachuseffs 02I59 Elizabefh Sfone Woodward I000 Wesf 58fh Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri 64I I3 Margaref May Wrighf 5775 Scarborough Drive Oakland. California 946II Margery Lea Wrighf 5035 Fiffh Avenue Piffsburgh, Pennsylvania I5232 Y Sarah Welch Yanfis 26l8 Soufh 44 Forf Smifh, Arkansas 72903 Mona Yazdi P.O. Box 2l9l Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Vida Yazdi P.O. Box 2l9l Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Berniece Irene Yocum I4I5 S. Calapooia Albany, Oregon 9732l Barbara Elizabefh Young 3855 Gardenia Avenue Long Beach, California 90807 Gale Ann Young 6424 E. Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, California 90803 Sarah Halsey Young Sundermann 304-302 Mexico 5, D.F. Sharon Sau Yung Young 676 Hakaka Sfreef Honolulu, Hawaii 968l5 Z Sophia Maria Zizurfovicz 75 Clifford Terrace San Francisco, California 94Il7 Eileen Marie Zimmerman 22650 MacFarlane Drive Woodland Hills, California 9l364 Susan Gayle Zimmerman 4444 S.W. Carl Place Porfland, Oregon 9720! Evany Diane Zirul 85Il Delmar Lane Prairie Village, Kansas 66207 Jody Maris Zirul 85lI Delmar Lane Prairie Village, Kansas 66207 Barbara Ann Zuniga l708 Venfura Boulevard Thousand Oaks, California 9l360 Carla Ingrid Zwarf 900 Sea Lane No. l2I Corona Del Mar, California 92625 Eliub ah iifderlia 132,21 eacli. California 90 r Y 807 oung 5- Ocean Bo I liitli, Cdllfourfnlgazloeoa 'l5lY Young 'nann 304-302 S. D.F. au Yung Y ikalra Sirestung lu. Hawaii 968I5 aria Zizurfovicz Ford Terrace rncisco. California 94H7 rie Zimmerman MacFarlane Drive nd Hills, California 9l364 rle Zimmerman W. Carl Place , Oregon 9720! me Zirul ilmar Lane Village, Kansas 66207 5 L e lrll:lze.allwHS 66207 In zunggal varcl e llgqlrs. ollalilornia N360 lzwarl nl lLlmlT4aTo.Calilornia 92575 6 0 11 1111 1111 1 1 11 11 11, 11 ,1 15- 1: 11 11 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 11 1 11 M 1 U 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11' 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1?1 113 11.1 11 11 X1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 111 ,X1 11 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 11' 111 111 1 1 1 11 11 111 1 11 1 11. 1

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