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Of D 1851 'WW inf 1 Kim " 4,71 THEs 1955 a vol 40 published s by, the associated shidents millsacollege . oakland alif. caroline houser editor diane johnson business manager '60 V1 Q9 Vf 40 5 y y 2 Q '53 A cn fp ,zs O, jf' 4 D 1851 foreword It is our hope that the 1955 editio11 of the CREST is a true record of our lives and that of Mills during this academic year. May we never forget the happy hours that we have spent together in learning through theory and practice to develop insight. It is our humble wish that the 1955 CREST will be a reminder of this rewarding and enriching experience and of the ideals that we have developed. table of contents Administration Faculty Seniors Activities Highlights Classroom Glimpses Residence Halls Patrons Adve1tisers Student Directory 8 12 20 34 58 84 88 124 126 132 d dication Since Mills as a college community holds high the ideal of personal integrity and the development of women as individuals, students of Mills could wish for no better example for these aims, or no better friend that Anna L. Rose Hawkes. 1955 marks Dean Hawkes' tenth year at Mills as the Dean of Students. During this time We have known a very deep respect for her as a person and for the prin- ciples and perceptive opinions which she holds. Dean Hawkes has coupled with success achievements of thought and action. Campus-wide, state-wide, or nation-wide, hers have always been valuable con- tributions. She has been an enthusiastic advisor of student government. In her own field of educational research, Mrs. Hawkes has held a staff position on the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. She has served as president of the National Association of Deans of Women and as vice-president of the California Association of Women Deans and Vice-Principals. Recently she was re-appointed by President Eisenhower to a three-year term on the United States Advisory Com- mission on Educational Exchange. This spring she was elected national president of the American Association of University VVomen. This is necessarily a small list of the positions and honors accorded her. With this tenth year mark of 1955, Dean Hawkes is retiring from her position at Mills. Because of her years of service and outstanding activity to her country and to her field, we at Mills lind an even deeper appreciation of, and gratitude for, the experience of Welcoming her as a close friend and participant in our community life. As a very humble expression of our love and respect for Mrs. Hawkes and a sin- cere 'iGod speedy for the years to come, we dedicate to her the 1955 CREST. ANNA L. ROSE HAWKES NIARGARET PHALL . Margaret Prall was at once a musicologist and a musi- cian: learned and sensitive, demanding and generous, precise and sympathetic. She had the kind of fondness for people that could tolerate in them nothing inferior to their very best. By her example she challenged us ever to learn accurately, to think carefully, to perform honestly. VVe who were privileged to work with her knew in her an authentic lady of quality, whose Wide range of interests never betrayed her into inexactitude, and Whose scholarship never obscured from her the human needs of her colleagues and her students. Her memory is an enduring treasure for us all. GEORGE HEDLEY lllllflillll " .1-MMQM - .,., Ki?----M ? B2 , ,., "' EM- if ,ME .. Esrswgss N EMM, as i . xi ..: is MM. HMM? H 5-Q H Ms. wig! 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Ewan a 5. www 5' -i BMJ? ,Mufti was as 'I MM Sw M Q T- S MEMS- Q. 'Efff-5,3 5 u E Mim MM ' ,M A gf WM M -'E-M E E -' ix 2 7 I wgfmniv :E :MMM , . ,MM Ea WMM B Q E angina, Ms M mi HM :M MZ L52 f :M E 55-fa Z-igfii MSM Q saga M 'iwkm ggi? .MKM-M MM -v m H , W H M 3 8-ME Q S Kgs 33? ??f:::,:M: MM E J W M-M E ' MMM." E M - 12 ?i ES5 E M MEM M Q'-ew 22 S 5 EYE 5 Bm, M : QE H- gifs iq. . .... ,., , - i , E -f M- ,.,. 5- ,Wi 3 ow'T:5:.::f5'k" --'I' 1 H .- ::: f Ef f: ' EMM 1 .. : EQ 3 ,gg MM . 2- -if 3 M5 My M' M E? x. iM, tration ,H f MM Mm Z ,gs SM-MM EM.. . M -M administration faculty lynn lownsend while presidenfs message The campus assembly hours at which Dr. VVhitc speaks during the year are note- ably 1na.rked for their increased attendance. Indvidual students who have the opportunity of conferring with the President in the course of various activities are both thrilled and grateful for the meaning which his comments give to ordinary duties. The thoughts and words of this man, then, both deserve and receive great respect within the college corninunity - respect for a scholar and for the person- ableness of an individual possessing great faith and high ideals. Beyond the community, Dr. VVhite is famed and respected for his position as an author, historian, and an authority on womeifs education. As students of Mills, we are aware of the stature of this truly great man and of the untiring energy with which he supports the college goals and ideals. Because of this, we are grateful for the challenging ideas that, because of Dr. White, we hold in such close conununion. 6590 V146 Q o '0 2 "' rn Q 4 ui .zs 76, of 'q'D-1851 In the thirteenth century they told a story of a student at the University of Paris who went home to spend a vacation with his family. On the first morning after his arrival under the paternal rooftree there were six eggs for breakfast. Eager to demonstrate to his father Cwho, after all, was footing the billsj what wonderful new things he had been learning, the young man proved by the most irrefragable logic that these were not six eggs but twelve eggs. Whereat his father ate the six which the hens had laid, leaving to the son the six which logic had laid. But this, of course, was seven hundred years ago, and far, far away. I have much confidence that you of the Mills class of 1955 may not only have learned intellectual gamesmanship but may also have learned how to relate your mental processes to the facts as best you can ascertain the facts. This last, of course, is not easy, for logic and language are to some extent self-defeating. A scientist has recently remarked: "Without language We could never have become human beings. But with language can We ever know the truth?v This is a paradox which you will live with all your lives. I can only trust that at Mills you may have found both the intellectual vigor and the humility to live with it joyfully. LYNN VVHrrE, fa. President ANNA L. BOSE HAWKES DEAN OF STUDENTS Professor of Education deans MARY WOOD BENNETT DEAN OF TIIE FACULTY Professor of Psychology 'M 1 . : .' ' " Emi Lucid' Q. f 7- .. EE ' U D ' -., za .Q 1 Q g ' ,E .. ings ' 1. V half IA" ' if I vb' 55353 am was admini tration ROSA BEIIDOW Recorder JOHN GRAYDON BROWN Plant Manager EVELYN DEAN Executive Secretary, Alumnae Association IIELEN DENISE1' Director, I nstit-ution. Admin'istv'at-ion Professor of Home Economics ROBERT F. HITCHCOCK Vice-President and Treasurer HILAIIY STANTON JONES Director of Admissions EVELYN STEEL LITTLE Librarian Professor of Comparative Literature FEED M. LIVINGSTON Comptroller PAUL NA1'ON Vice-Presiclent and Secretary EVELYN R. URIIEIKE, M.D. College Physician PHYLLIS A. XVAIIREN Director of Placement Lecturer, Business Studies MAIIGAIIET WILLIAMS Director of Public Information school of fine art LEONE L. EVANS Director, Music Training School VVILLIANI CAW Associate Professor of Art Clmirmzm of Department JANIES GROVES Instructor, Pianoforte ARCH LAUTEIKER Professor of Speech and Drama ALEXANDER LIBERNIANN Instructor, P-ianoforte MARGARET LYON Assistant Professor of Music DARIUS NIILHAUD Professor of Music ALFRED NEUNIEYEH Professor of History of Art Director of Art Gallery ECON PETRI Pianist in Residence Not Pictured: JOHN TI-IONIAS BURKE Instructor in Organ. and Voice KATIiEIiINE CALDWELL Lecturer in Art History Doms ADELE DENNISON Lecturer in Dance DOROTHY REBECCA FULLER Instructor in Dance LEON KIRCHNER Luther Brusie Marchrmt Profe CHARLES ALLEN MEACIIAR1 Instructor in Violin. MARGARET A. ROXVELL Instructor in Cello ZYGMUND SAZEVICH Instructor in Art MARLAN VANAFUYL Lecturer, Dance gd, x x 2 x v H f K . E A A rw A umm Us We as E E E, .5 E E x-x msn mmm nz -Ama A mam was school of humamlles MARTHA ALLEN Assistant Professor of Spanish WALLACE D. CAT1-ICART Lecturer in Family Law AUDREY C1-IEW Instructor in English ELLIOT DILLER ' Mark Hopkins Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy BARBARA GARCIA Assistant Professor of Spanish Chairman of the Depart-ment MIIIIALI COLDEEN Lecture-r in Philosophy and Religion LAWRENCE I-IAHT Lecturer in English GEORGE PIEDLEY Professor of Sociology and Economics Chaplain Chair-man of the Department FRANCIS I-I. HEIXIKICK Professor of European History Chair-man of the Depanfment RKJHARD E. JAY Assistant Professor of Economics and Sociology ROBERT LOWELL JOHNSTON Assistant Professor of History and Govern-ment IOHANNA MARTENSEN Instructor in German 4 ,u-.- , , sag! f' , F . ..... g . I-g ems. 2 1' - 'f , Y . 1 T ,:. V 7 , ,il Assoczate Professor of French 4-v BH an :ms Q-msn gms as NK WL eq. a ss we ,n xx sw E' a ss u if .m. namnzlq SEWER? ' em as wr I GEOHGIANA MEl.X'1N Professor of Philosophy Chairman. of the Depart-ment MADELINE MILHAUD Lecturer in French Luis MoNcUIo E H W Assoczate Professor 0 Romance Languages 25? A 9' - as 1 N . 3 , ELIzA13E'1H POPE Asszstrmt Profemsol of Envlzsh LAURENCE SEARS Eclwarcl Hohfeld Professor o Amenum Phzlosophy and Pohtzcal Theory FRANMJN WVALKER Aureha Henry Reznhnrdf Piofessm o Amerzcan Lzteramre IIXIOFLNE WALLER Assoczote P1 ofessor of Enfflzsh REXNOLD M VVIK M ay Treat M orrzson Professor 0 Amencan Hzsfory PEW RICHARD VVISTAB, Conuenor Associate Professor of Chemistry HOWARD L. COGSWELL Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences ROBERT D. EDGREN Assistant Professor of Psychology BING-CHUNG LING Assistant Professor of Psychology and Chinese Chairman of the Department HOWARD E. MCMINN Professor of Botany on the Smith Foundation Chairman of the Department ESTHER Mmmow Assistant Professor of Psychology ' and Director of Child Guidance Clinic ANDREWA NOBLE Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics Chairman of the Department Not Pictured: LUCILE MASON Director, Highland-Mills Nursing Program LEONA YOUNG Professor of Chemistry Chairman of the Department 'I8 Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences school of natural science DARL E. BOWVERS school of community services Not Pictured: ,Bon CLARK Golf Professional A LVIARIE MEYEIK Instructor in Secretarial Studies HANS NIOELLER Instructor in Equitation CAHL REITZ Lecturer in Food Technology IIAZEL KRAEL-IER, Conoenor FRANCES-RUTH ARZSISTRONG Professor, Home Economics Assistant Professor of Child Development Chgimwn gf the Ilefggrtment Director of the Nursery School Ti? ' ' -15? 1. .:.:i!a' ,'v A L 1 .1 11 f t im J 1 We . 3 44-it 4. ve-1 Hs 1, 9 lib. 445 2 Dononxv BABCOCK Associate Professor of Education Chairman of the Depart-ment NEDRA CARNAHAN Assistant Professor of Education CAROLINE CHARLES Lecturer in Community Services HELEN MCELWAIN Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation MAIRIE NOGUES Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreationg Chairman of the Department IVAEELLE RHODES Director of Occupational Therapy NVILBIA SUMLIERS Instructor in Health Physical Education and Recreation IVIURIEL THORNE Instructor in Home Economics TovA P. W1LEY Lecturer in Merchandising ss s B. u my 5 r, ss my mn w an ig' E M5 UM as -a 'Tam .A 1 :E ms? uw my wzxzfm 5 E H 4 5 -E VEM N7 Wm E my ss W.. n nf wi? mgf 1 fu .x ,mf w mf gi nz wg? mfg Qi gg. mai 'Vi mf as 1: mm E N s We was ss-12 m HQ s ss mm aww nw :ag -as gy mm QQE NE ,V -in E E swag Ewa 3 v 1 ss, H:-V H rx f -- new mf: 5 fu ,HA-. ii K Q 4 x, lx xml gn xx :UM x ur W, QU xii 1 ,xx .,,. X , , 1 5 Q. , H .wg xx wx ,ww an :mga an f Q 1 .H mn Q, ws- mam .EWS an ms 5 as as uf, H g X W.. -xx ss naw gm A . ,QQ E H Wm. an ss-xg x,,. H, mg, sw n ss mn an senior class album ,W -34's -. U mam ss Ss na mv, m 'F an M ss ss me a ss class of '55 L assie H ' I. g lf, Geraldine Baldy A Q.,. ' Home Economics 'if Q dis.-es .mv ' 1 5 Linda Lee Beers 131 H zstory and Government ,ws : 1-,q.-af' iw- X : Ili P H- .gjmjx U" . 'ggd"'G'l - El YE , P History and Government 1 LQ" .-i 4 gzrfif ' I N Sheila Bates Music Beverly Bell Mathematics Marilyn Ann Carlson M erclmndising It was a new world we entered when we came through Richards Gate for the first time that fall in 1951. But it didn't take long for us to learn our way around, and We soon established ourselves as the class that was "great as the bridge that spans the bay." Santa gave us our blue "55', caps that year just before Christmas vacation and we felt then as though we had really arrived. Leslie Baun M usic Virginia Bell Home Economics Ioan Czlrty Education Priscilla Beacon Art Constance Boileau Speech and Drama Barbara Cheatham Personnel WVork Anne Beardsley Patricia Beckman History and Government Occupational Therapy Bertolet Brooke Carol Schubach Browning Education, Art Martha Clark Margaret Loyd Class Music Occupational Therapy . 23 Carolyn Clegg Dorothy Cole Mary Elizabeth Connor Sue Ann Coopman- Interior Design Home Economics English Music Doris Daw Althea Thomson Dorman Marsha DePuc Rena Ellis Personnel VVork Home Economics Speech and Drama Chemist-ry Lynn Fisher Isabelle Forbusch Iacqueline Fox Cuea Freimuud French Cl1emi.s'try French Personnel Work mul Psychology We started our Sophomore year off with a bang, and really zipped the Freshmen in. None of us will forget the long hunt for the Fresh- man cap and the relief and excitement when we stumbled over it at one minute before the deadline! Our numerous skits and our active interest in campus activities showed everyone that bigger and better things were to come from the class of "55." eg'-'5'!,55lfl we f 'Fl' it 1il1"IMi'u11'l lllllulll' -, W i MH if v'2.Qm,, ---V r .L 2. Yi- , 4 m il ww f , e if -A ff , i, ,,,,, 1. ,wr M Hu 1 - L , 9 r' rl lsr ii' . ro l l-r mlglli' i"f' Vrflfe -lf' ae- A ' e , 4 , -'iii 'i V 5 w I- ll? LJ 'N " - 'lat it H F15 ffl' ' 1,1 . Dine' 1, fa- wi-1 v pm' it J ., va-:,ir1.'iiM lifter i l ,wi .W H i i me N 'P fe- Q W -, 1 Tai fr H, 12' Wifi TW- - ll' -',1,"': all 3' my-ALF' Gill' W' X' " f "' lll:" . Leal Davidson Donna Davis V " fe N ' Wi 'F V , lr ,W Elm ' 1 ' s ' W S U' f ir-ll' Occupational Therapy English Alixfliim lfllll' l l 7 rw ,, H3 ff .m -:A U, , ul 2 ,, X Y, liz? lixiii'l' i?W "i"'1M1 , ' 2,2 H ' N M R' it 3 , ja -W 1 , Carolyn Everett Arlene Linda Fisher l ll lm Education Mathematics -' 7:14 Elsa Freudcnthal Jeannette Cary " " History and Government Home Economics Q' fd class f of 2 '55 sw. Q . 77 WY class of ' 5 .f N xlewiww my N 0 .N-1 me FW Nw Mis , iQMxrN W 'Qu'-v,,- f H.-1 ' ,, ef, . ' M.. , g um? N .1i5M.,xM.,.-X , , 'ffwf' ffiw V " ' '. 11 A :fu if fi, is l ,GJ We W5 'V T " "xg 11' 1713 'fp - -'Mr 31 11 14- . 4' . 'f an 4' gf?-'l.f 1" ' 5 'B' - N- ,yi-sew .1 EF"-vs, we V, M' :L-MQ, Y-1 - . .. ff f-, f ,osx V - ,,.4 f 1 ,,, , . tg , I ,f-,, ,wr bu. :QNX . .i,vgwl?'v X n2i"As,i..:ai'-' 'W wr- W, ' A . vw ' .., ' .iv .4 - K " ' ,V A -i , v , C, i 4-1. w..4,i,1 "" M., AQM- -,ilX'lf3ifEl' f' 'fu' ' ,K n is m :MFE iw H Catherine Verne Giacometti Psychology Jean Suzanne Hartsock Education Sue Chow Hoy I nterior Design Diane Goodyear Education lane Hasfurther Personnel Work Doris Jahnlce H ome Economics The Seniors were appalled on paint night when they discovered that we had care- fully removed the clapper from the bell. on Mills Hall! We also gave them a lot of assistance in painting the campus. Then "It Happened One Nighty - our junior Show, when We packed the concert hall and everyone agreed it was a roaring SUCCCSS. Marv Lee Green l Virginia Hafner Phyllis MacAulay I-Iannner Occllpational Therapy Biology Interior Design Tamara Hausner Charlette Napela Hecn Pahicia HoHman English Personnel Work M usic Eva johnson Mzuy Suzanne johnson Lynn Kelly Political Science Botany Economics, Philosophy, and Politics Mary Harrity Personnel Work Helen Howland Psychology Sung-Hai Kim Music Frances Kneubuhl Annette Lee Kit Kwan Lee Tessa-Storme Lyon Psychology Home Economics Psychology English Anne Mayberry Constance Mz1yHo1d Marilyn Maynard Ann McAllister Education Home Economics Psychology and Sociology Home Economics Roberta McLeod Czltharinc Miller Lucy Ann Miller N an Mishler A-rt Music M erclmn.flising History and Govern-ment iimuf- :m-nm1,MN,.l1 , , Marilyn Mac-Innjs Education Barbara Ann McCrea History and Government Patra Mitchell History and Government Next came elections and Campus Night and we realized that we were to be the next campus leaders. YVe forgot our rivalry with the Seniors and pitched in and helped them with the junior-Senior Breakfast and Senior Prom. . ix iii ,1 +, f' v'-",, f A 1 5-f M, ,xlmli , IWW gl., We ww.. U' J'- W ,Clip ' H 4 l ll ' Fl w ill ,N M Ml-x. J! QM sworn ,, A ,-V 'iv f , , 'a l l Z-L f 6:1-ee? . - I 'wx , 1 5 1 : if -1 U11 v 'i I ff E?" if 11 vw ,wlrimf , , ,r 1",wllhlEWf2PN lg-if ,A p . W W W X , 1 W yn , Ak Q-,lr MQ V4 glmMI1,nQ?,w, Nl rp fig: M li ' ,Y ii'1l ': 'f i iln fe I ' '1rlll'lluuN.,!l". 'll ,, Nfl 4 ,,'.'El,Llll'v1"' M L ,xml ,M Y ff! W .Tr N W wwf .M Elizabeth Maclvluhon f n, W f will 1 , Education ' " Mary McKinnon . 1 jj, 'lll,Ef'1f ' Merclxamlising ' ,, - V 523 YV ! Frances Mixter N ll I ' Education f class of '55 .4-2 n class i of '55 Q, a s-gs, ., , A Q wagaifff'-'-V Q Jill Morris Sally Morse is y Arg- Psychology e i f - . . . was 1 ' , Marilyn Orlob Patricia Peers X ' ,L Art Home Econovmcs , fx- 1 1, gy -, ' - Ann Rosenthal Mary Emi Sawada Q 'M I :gtg H istonl and Government M uszc Q " ii df 5 1 ?' ff Q:,,'?"f ' .',.,,-V-,ffl ' I ,sf ' 255- ll"wf'k' 'i 'lib 11 wx.: Q . v Mast "" 5 F' "V ' 1 W2 E"l'Vv.'F'w W 'F4w.1ew,Mg1Egl-",A 12 . i -4 ' V. -llll ' 'M : :Q l SWT? f Then it was our turn to paint the campus - blue this time. But before we had a chance the juniors stole our bench. However, we managed to outwit them. Wie got up at 5:00 a.m. and painted at our leisure! The long anticipated pin dinner came and we elected Dean Hawkes as our honorary class member. We all loved Hal- lowe'en "trick or treating" when Mrs. Hawkes came with us in costume, and the night we serenaded the campus with Christmas carols. is-H x :xr an Emi was EEE mama K Diana Munger Barbara Newman Machiko Nomura Georgina Norman Ezlucation Education Sociology and Economics History and Government Elizabeth Ann Penaat Iuclith Perry Dorothy Prentice Jeannette Robinson Economics, Philosophy, Home Economics Home Economics Education and Politics Joanne Schantin Sally Scbrepferman Susan Shaw Elizabeth George Sisney Home Economics Sociology anfl Economics Art Education 3 'l F 1 l Al ,,.,,.. .. , ...-. ,.-, ,.! ,. Martha Diane Smith Elsie Skemp Occupational Therapy Psychology Natalie Vytlucil joy WValtke Donna Stockbridge Elizabeth Stone History and Government' Speech and Dra-ma Sociology and Economics Home Economics Kay Booker NVorceste1' Clare Bain Persis White Barbara Ann Whitman . English Education Botany Sociology and Economics Then came our "sneak dayf and May Day when everyone was re- membered by the Seniors. Suddenly comprehensives were upon us and before We knew it We Were participating in graduation activities - our own! As we look back on these four years we know that they were wonderful and very much worthwhile. XV e were ready to leave because Mills had started the "fires of wisdom burningf' Nancy Anne Thomas Janet TU?-hill Education Education f '4 joanne Shelley Wilkes Virginia Wood Speech and Drama Home Economics 3 .I-l...... U V x . ,-tr.l:,,:, gnc..-L,-'-"ng Y only 1' ..'. .-.','A N. - : :I , 3 ' -. -: A -T 6 .Z .j'i 'I 5" f , :: -7 YO 1 -I pq ,' 'in 53 - ",'.' Six., - .1 -'za H3 1' "0' 1 ,' 'Q-"gc 5 ,'- . -dvd MV- 0. .I :.' I 5.53. U. :b ...I ..s'4.'g.' ,L Y 'f' oi 'G --QQ 3'-.fy 9 N or Picruiuanz , Akiko Oda Education Dorothy XVatson M eclical Records Librarianslzip Carolyn Carlson Education Jennifer Hicks Speech and Drama Caroline Sutro Botany class of 55 N.. ,.M,4z.mmm'-:.,-.-, mm' mmm -mlm. m :sf as mg-Q mmm E mm mm B M HSM M W - m-mm mmm mm mm -m-m m mm M m M ,M mm- m mm m mmum mix-xm K-mm W , gdgmigmm--f5m5'f-'mggg mfxmgmafjwi Wm S Hmmm ' 1 'Mt' M rm " ? 1 mmm mm M m-. A-mm Hgjmm fx 5 mm mm H mm I Him fm m mnmfs mm 3,,m--msigimmm me' mmE'm'mm?mEE--'1-5z'm"- W"5m-5?1s'3'mmHi-'QW mm.-ymQ"W'm fmF.w."YW'?iM"'m' m-mmf mmm mf-1. fmmm Egg an-K m. X388 ME KEY? V-SSB -2 .M W. m H Mmm 3 , mmm - . -m , lmmi may-A E m-,m 4' Sig-m img-1-m SM 2- mwm- MM.m M -mQM m,-m- , nw- ,- NEEEJYQSXQQEHBZZVUQQXBHHMKYSH1 Kiwi-1 jg-H13 -. mm- Eugms '13'Em mix mmg' X--L -H -fm mm HW '5' mt mv H K B - 58 A ,Mm Mm ML mm , , - Mfmmmxmimwgigw fm?-2-fm Eff -mf-'S' fu mLEm.mmigf'mmv5,Zm- 3553-'-Mmm--Qg?Xu1 visas mam B' Dimmu MK 3-- mm -mx - in N- :- mm gg Q M P m. M-H H Mmm mm .MM W. . '12, . as . EWQGHWQMS-'Hm::?m-'.W5U3n?f? 1fQMm,.,,3M H Q EYES? 'ZHIZX-' -A V- 8 KX 'Z W 11 X! ki I L' A' 7 aw W mim "fm "W ' ' m Emm WM mm M v-m ---m ,. .mn Mm mm X mm VH --. W li! S82 A V' 1 K- mm , M2 ---. mg-mw mm-fm ?gEm- fi' M-m mm :mmM'?'m'F-E'S""r-'fm'Kham-'MMM---mH""--fr ,mgssmm Rui-m-.SME mflmims M- 1 mt-Y H52 -mm mm 3-W Eg H, .- M --M W H gli MM -- mmim N ffwff - . m:m'mmm.m::mmM5mPm"m -RWE-1--ev-'ME m ' www., MM MM M. .w . M im mm- as mg-xx , - In .Q REE ' M m mm , m --gggwmmm gg,-mmm: mm ks 5 M. my--,M ,M . .. : M Ha -bmgmm-mfgsg'?ff'fm-m ?gs,-mmgfgv ----.wi 1 Egan -gi? Qwihm M55 --U ,4 M , .m mf. mmm M mmm WLM-wgm ,Aff .--. iv .mmqmm-MEM,-,. am' mmm--ffm. -MM. iilifxfuwmmmmzgqfkws Efzgmfm iii? -m - T YW V- HBH 31-Si 'X Bi ' -f mmm mmm M mm.. -. was mmm-H mmm whip: H, M .- ,ME mmm! mg- mm M K' -fx sqm' m-mm Q"?:mm,Ki -2- , 'Z M5mmgw,M,m.mMH-. .mMz,.M,m.:mM-.KM . -M mmf!-X -mMmM -mE2?"M-im.,m' fm- Mm -m-1 mama mwm mmEgE.uMM-g-mm TW M K my mm mm H - H mmm mmm H1 M ..,. M glam M mum .mn --im EMMmm -M ?gEMW?Q'?m - mlm . WKQVM - as WSE' fmwffx' m-5 :Q B11-MW-A" SSM-,Ki-' 'Bgl MMES88 : Si- Eiw -S8 WMF-SSXQW BILQV B - E .m m Mm 'mf' mmm mn ' Smmmmgmsf BHHQQ7 HQw,.E2Mf- ..f'. . EMEMQ-??immf1 fimniimfzui'MMg,...Wi-:,' X' fd' fag? mnm' "mmm f'gM',-M 39" 2 -mm ' -E mmsw 5: A I M M Www -Egg wmnw mga MX. ...M.h, 1 X-E5iE1.fff,imEm'E'i-55 ELL-?...MgE'.M?F H1714 ,gym-' 'gQimTE1M1'exTSQ' 'm.-,mm gm mm. 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Students leam to accept responsibilities and carry them out Well, to work in and with groups, to plan, to develop themselves and their ideas, and social skillsg they learn to be capable leaders and l1a1'IT1Of1lOllS and effective workers. Caryl Hansen Second semester Social Chairman K, , ,f2,vi,,!u V 4.71 .. LA- Executive Board is the body which represents the stu- dents as a whole at weekly meetings to make decisions of policy and other regulations necessary for a smooth running campus. An attempt is made to have students not in active membership on the board come and par- ticipate in the discussion. Through this process of evalu- ation and reevaluation, the ideals of a democratic so- ciety upon which the student government was founded remain in high esteem and come that much closer to being realized. executive boa rd Executive Board First Semester: First row, Beverly Bell, Geraldine Bardy, Diane Dickerson, Geraldine VVong, Diane Smith, Ann McAllister, Diane Goodyear, Marilyn Maynard, Nancy Gilbert, back row, Hclcn Howland, jo- anne WVindberg, Caroline Houser, Betsy Krause, Barbara Neuman, Shirley Spo- erry, Donna Stockbridge, Sally Schrep- ferman, Katherine Farrow, Nan Mish- ler, Sally Morse, Sally johnson. Executive Board Second Semester: First row, Beverly Bell, Barbara Neu- man, Sally Schrepferman, Geraldine VVong, Diane Smith, Donna Stock- bridge, Diane Goodyear, Sally Morse, Shirley Spocrryg second row, Betsy Krause, Pat Sun, Helen Howland, Sally johnson, Caryl Hansen, Ioannc Wind- berg, Sally VVilletts, Suzy Hartsock, Ruth Rumiano, Ioan Carty, Nan Mish- ler, Caroline Houscr. Although the enforcement of regulations is the responsibility of the Judicial Board, its primary objective is the education of each girl to the high level of standards which the students have created in order to regulate group living. Composed of a member from each hall and a chairman, Judicial Board attempts to interpret the Honor System as it may be applied to practical living, for at Mills the Honor System is a Way of life to be carried into every aspect of the day - academic, social, and resident. The goal of the judicial Board, as of the Honor System, is a mature and honorable group based upon the honor of the individual. 22 muedfmfr :meag- ' ff 5311-F H 5 if Membevs' of Iuclzcml Board Gmver Wood Napclll Heen, jane Hasfurthcr, Barbara Newman, Student government at Mills covers all phases of college life and the feeling of friendship and cooperation that exists be- tween faculty and students make the years here have greater academic reward, and per- sonal satisfaction. Academic Board acts as the official liaison between students and faculty in helping to maintain a high level of scholarship. This board, as Well as all other phases of Mills government, is designed to prepare us for greater and more varied responsibilities in the years to come. Sally Schrepferman Clmirmzzn of Academic Board academic board 2' .Q '-'-I 'Phare 1 Wu an Academic Board: Barbara Cheathamg Eva Iohnsong Marcia Sackettg Sally Schrcpferman, chair- mang Persis Whiteg Jackie Foxg Elizabeth Penaat. F senior cilass How fast our first three years at Mills went! We truly realized that we were seniors when we'd painted the cam- pus blue after a "Paint lvlorningu and we had received our treasured Pearl M pins at Pin Dinner, We gloried in the senior traditions . . . I-Ialloweieu trick or treating . . . Christmas caroling . . . sneak day . . . hanging May baskets . . . oflicial reception into the Mills Alumnae Association at Reinhardt House . . . President and Mrs. WVhite's recep- tion . . . Iunior-Senior breakfast . . . Junior-Senior Ball . . . and the oldest tradition of them all - commencement. "All the stars call for us to come avvayf' but Wherever We go, we will be taking part of Mills with us as well as leaving part of ourselves With Mills. SALLY Monms Senior Class Chairman First Semester Governing Board: Mari- lyn Carlson, Jeannette Gary, Frances Mixter, Sally Morris, Jacqueline Fox, and Ann Beardsley. Second Semester Senior Class Govern- ing Board: First row, Ann Beardsley, Sally Morris, Doris Daw, and Kit Leeg .second row, Sung Hai Kim, jeannette Cary, and Lynn Fisher. X, FX ' lass Clmirmen: Linda Denny, First Semester, md Pat Sun, Second Semester. First Semester Governing Board mem- bers: First row, Linda Denny, Sharon Heaton. Second row, Marcia Sackett, judy Ireland, Kay Gordon, Sumile Mat- sumoto, Sallie Grady. Second Semester Governing Board members: First row, Sue McClelland, Clara WVellington, Marcia Sackett, Mar- ilyn Hudson. Second row, Pat Sum, Nancy Adams, Nancy Gilbert. iiunior class The upperclassman life begins . . . Although antics at the beginning of the year didn't make the udignityv of the new status too obvious: spooffing modern fashions at Pine Top, developing soaked and squeaky shoes on Paint Night scares, cheering the frosh at the Pushball Game, and hawk- ing enamel earrings for the Prom benefit. Pin Dinner and the feeling of unity that boosted to suc- cess Thurber's U13 Clocksu - our Iunior Show - were followed by a rush of upperclass traditions. WVeaving the Daisy Ring took up some early hours before the Iunior- Senior Breakfast, and we'll recall the thrill of planning the Prom. There should be more than one year left! ms fg- Bgeua Us. mags! E we , a , s A s n -1 nv E. m Q N 2- as 4 I r 1 . S, v. rx ,ff of 5 lmlilhslinmllhasz ac. -eii,'F5fw-1 as ,,s-gn.. , .- ., . r g NE :eh 52512 lk rl? ' ass Chairmen: Katherine Farrow, sem- ter, and Ruth Rumiano, second semester, sophomiypfeiiclass "W7e are, we are, we are, We are the jolly Sophomoresu was sung with great gusto this year by the class of 1957 as our S.P.S.S. QSociety for the Prevention of Sophomore Slumpj went diligently about its Work. After searching high and low for the Freshman Cap, We discovered it early in the afternoon: the celebration-tooting of horns must have been heard all over the Bay Area. The Pushball Game with the frosh was a Hght to the finish, and the antics that Went on in the Student Union at a party given by the sophs Wonyt be forgotten for a long time! In March, our Sophomore Week - a smashing success - led up to the Intercollegiate Hop, and we gave the June picnic for the seniors. Now, looking back, We find it will be mighty dif- ficult to forget our jolly days together as sophomores! t First Senlesfer GI7U01'1l'ill-g Board: F irst row, Ican Mann, Second SC7llGSf'Ul'GOU6l'Ili1lg Board: First row, Tish Thore- Iudy I-Iultmang second row, Nancy Franz, Kit F arrow, Pat son, Ruth Rumiano, Marcia Mozara. Second row, Elaine Taylorg fhircl row, Toni Putnam, Roxanna Chew. Golclenberg, Irene Jones, Ginnie Ward. 42 LA freshman eelass This has been a busy freshman year full of activities, Hu- manities papers, new friends, gab sessions at all hours, the turmoil over the English short story, the early morning rush to the P.O., and the boisterous singing of '1Evaloo." There were zippers, welcoming smiles, Installation and the pride we felt in lighting our candles as we became real members of the Mills family, frantic Sophomores searching during the Cap Hunt, and a Freshman victory in the Push Ball Game. Freshman projects included car- Washing for WUS and the Spring Weekend Barn Dance. The Freshman Class has many lasting memories. Class Chairmen: Sally XVillets, second sem- ester, and Nancy Gilbert, orientation head 47 First Semester Gooerning Board: First row, Frances Ka- Second Semester Governing Board: First row, Kay Harper gawa, Sally Yllilletts, Shirley MacAulay, Nancy Gilbertg Sally WX-'illetts, Sally Litzcrg second row, Liggett McLaws second row, Brigid Ways, Sue Munk, Barbara Sweetland. Anne Sheridan, Sue Doehring. activities board Donna Stockbridge A.S.M.C. V-ice-President Clmirmon of Activities Board First Semester Activities Board: Seated, Ardeth Sievers, janet Second Semester Activities Board: First -row, Merna East- Havely, Betsy Krause, Ioanne Wlinclberg, Donna Stockbridge, man, Leila Galbraith, Donna Stockbridge, Iulianne Papst, Caryl Hanson, Marilyn Maynard, and lulianne Papstg standing, and joy VValtkc: second row, Betsy Krause, Caryl Hansen, Connie Mayfield, joy VValtkc, Lynn Fishcr, Kit Farrow, Sally and Ardeth Sievcrs. Morris, Lec Durham, Caroline Houscr, and Deci Mellin. Activities Board, composed of the chairmen and leaders of campus organizations, tackled campus problems this year with almost an "efficiency or bust" attitude. Distressed by overlapping oflices, memberships, and the hectic schedules left for the othcers working under these conditions the Board concentrated on a disorganiza- tion theme. By stressing definitions and purposes, Activities Board spent the first semester invading Ex Board with its findings - Within weeks the student body voted its own solutions at an all-campus meeting. VVithout stopping there, Activities Board members encouraged publishing a pamphlet on campus procedures, charting paths through campus red tape, and a much-needed campus directory. First Semester Hull Presidents Com- mittee: First row, Ann McAllister and Helen Howland: .second row, Diane Goodyear, Beverly Bell, Gerri Bardy, and Nan Mishler. hall presidents committee Meeting together weekly, the hall presi- dents discussed their mutual problems and policies with the A.S.M.C. president in order to unify policy and iron out dith- culties. Second Semester I-lull Presiclents: Helen Howland, Suzy Hartsock, Diane Goodyear, Beverly Bell, Nan Mishlcr, joan Carty. social committee Diane Dickerson, first semester chairman Caryl Hansen, second semester chairman "Midnite Madness," Mills' fall formal, was the grand opening of the social whirl which continued with hall parties, exchanges, and Student-Faculty Teas. The Holi- day Season calendar was filled with a Christmas Tea, Hall dances and parties, and the "Ice Cubes Renewed" all-campus party that was climaxed with Dean Hawkes' reading of Dickens' "Christmas Carol." The Spring semester brought a musical exchange program pre- sented by Cal Poly and "Through the Looking Classf' the theme of the Mid-Winter Formal. "Southern Inter- ludef' Mills' Spring VVeekend, featured Jack Reed's orchestra, Pine Top Picnic, Spring Sing, Swim Show, the Junior Show, and Stan Wilson's music. orientation committee The importance of a sound orientation program is real- ized to the fullest extent at Mills, the duties begin in the Spring and continue throughout the entire year. The Freshmen Orientation Week in the Fall is the climax, but certainly not the end of orientation. Orientation Committee strives to promote warm friendship and un- derstanding. Orientation Committee: First row, Caroline Plumb, Nancy Gilbert, Nancy Richter. Second row, Ceil Moller, Patty McCarty, Tish Thoreson. e 1: 'X me " ' .1 1 -.1 rr . 1 . with 9 mf? me Second Semester Social Committee: First row, Lorna Harrison, Charlotte Harder, Betty MacMahon. Second row, Nancy Thomas, Shirley Tempel, jane VVorthington, Caryl Hansen, Sue Spangler, and Pat Hoffman. First Semester Social Committee: First row, Lorna Harrison, Diane Dickerson, Betty MacMahon. Second row, Caryl Hansen, Beverly Mater, Pat Hoffman, and Sue Spangler. Nancy Gilbert Orientation Chairman Gl!. LX-Ml Kih n- r --Ti- student recorder The Student Recordeifs chief functions are to compile a list of all of the student oiiicers on campus, to maintain a file of all officers, reports in the A.S.M.C. office, and to circulate useful information from the A.S.M.C. files. As a member of Executive Board and Activities Board, she works closely with other student leaders. Memfoers of Publicity Committee: Connie Mayfield, Tony Put- nam, Margo Harris, and Liggitt McLaws. Q l Joanne Wlindbcrg Sludent Recorder publieit Publicity Committee added a new job si.. it it 'W' Memlzers of the Scholarship Committee: Judy Ireland, Agatha Dunham, Judy Frost, Corinne Freeman, Roxanna Chew. Not pictured, Mally Amory Bev Beers. 46 : to their former functions - the publica- tion and distribution of the Bound-of- the-Year Calendar, and publicity for campus functions - this year. The new function is the establishment and oper- ation of a central publicity workshop to be used by all campus organizations. scholarship In 1952 the Associated Students voted to have an annual drive to raise money for a scholarship to be given annually to one deserving student. Since its be- ginning, the drive has been held every spring under the direction ofthe Schol- arship Committee. L chapel Conmlittee: Fi-rst row, Dr. George Hedley, advisorg Nancy F ranz, Alida Field, Tish Thoreson, Enid MacCready. Sec- ond row, lanet Havely, chair- mung Terry Elliott, Pat Sawyier, Sheila Bates. janet Havely Chapel Committee Chairman Leila Galbraith Volunteer Service Clmirnznn ,v W, Volunteer Service Committee: Leila Galbraith, Dorothy Thom- son, Ceil Mollar, lcanninc Sova. "f'6i:2'm'3a"'eT-' 'ma 1 J . realm A imma chapel committee Chapel Committee strives to perform its two major duties in such a way as to promote satisfaction of the campus spiritual needs. The committee attempts to stimulate interest in the Chapel and to encourage attendance at services. Members of the committee carry out specific Weekly duties for each service. volunteer service committee In line with preparing students for community life as Well as careers, Mills offers training in volunteer work at East Bay Wfelfare agencies. Volunteer Service serves a dual role: the agencies provide practical experience in such fields as occu- pational thrapy, psychology, and child guidanceg the stun dents, in turn, help the agencies. WUS VVUS: First row, Marilyn Maynard, chairmang Susan Con- nctt. Second row, Mary Rogers, Roxanna Chew, Olive lxhaw, Pat Sun. i r i The International Relations Institute is an organization whose purpose is to bring to- gether students who have a common interest in current international altairs. The group promotes more interest in world affairs by sponsoring guest speakers and discussion groups. The emphasis this year was on the Middle Eastern Area in preparation for the Model United Nations in which Mills repre- sented Israel. I1 S a The National Student Association serves Mills at various levels of student relations. Its close contact with Ex. Board brings to Mills the perspective gained through its con- tact with other Bay Area colleges, the 650 American college members, and the student organizations of 32 other nations. NSA works especially in student government and activi- ties to establish this valuable mutual rela- tionship among colleges. 48 Both students and facility joined in the spuit of giving to an learning about the World University Service this year. WVashing cars, selling food gen erally being handy around the campus and tae ulty "Waitressing" were various ways of raising money on campus this year. The educational as pects of VVUS were stressed this year. IRI: First raw, Gloria Abramson, Pat Sun, L5 nn Fisher chur mang Ann Lamont. Second row, Mary Sudman Rosa Mont ilvo Barbara Sweetland, Maria. Wisbar, Marilyn M iynard Nildu Tenneson, Corinne Freeman. National Student Association leaders: First row, Pxmelm Penner Gloria Abramson, Mary Ellis, Ann McPherson. Second row Mary Sudman, Chairman Sally Johnson, and Diane Peters f rxefevi Q .2 ., f Y 9 an E . . xx 1 .x R 5 arts commission Ioy Wultke Arts Cmnmissioni C1'l!JfTl7I.ll1'l Keeping the campus culturally-posted throughout the year is the task and inspira- tion of Arts Commission, working with the subdivided interest of the drama, dance, and music departments and closely aililiated with the art gallery exhibitions. During the year, faculty and students combined elfoits on Jean O,Casey's "Juno and the Paycockf directed by Alice Lauterer and designed by Arch Lauterer, to benefit the campus Chapel Fund. The next two productions, Andreyev's 'il-Ie Who Gets Slappedh and "Alice in YVonderland,,, were directed by Arch Lauterer and Fred Schuller, respectively. In the spring, Mr. L21lltG1'61',S direction of "Trojan Womeni' by Euripides closed the drama series. The concert series included such artists as concert pianist Egon Petri, ,cellist George Neiking, the New Music String Quartet, and pianist Leon Kirchner. Besides the interesting lecture on German Expressionism by Dr. Alfred Neu- meyer, an all-campus musical - "The Terror of St. Trinian's', - was sponsored by Arts Commission. The annual workshop of the Fine Arts Departments Work in progress Was given in March this year. Arts Commission: Seated, Patricia Taylor, Sharon Heaton, Mike Shaw, Jeanie Iue, Indy Pierce, Connie Boilcau, M arcia Belsher, Sara Shuttleworth, Shirley Tempel. Sflllldillg, Mary Garner, Terry Elliott, Dr. Norman Pietan, advisorg Joy VValtke, chairinang Sally Collins, Paula Morgan. A . , gp? 9 r .1 1, W Ecllzuztzofz Club Fwst low Ellun Woody, Lenore White, Alyceann Chlppdl Ahdl 1 lcld Gl0111 Ibex' 1, Iacque Kyle. Second row, Kikuko Ixiwlslki M irv Cvlrner C ltheune McCormack, Nancy Adams, Sam p.e.m. Physical Ezlucatirm. Club: First row, Sieversg Pam Smyth, Julianne Papst, Nancy Richter, Janet Hope. Stand- ing, Nan Wfright, jcannine Sova, Sandy McKeever, Miss McElwain, advisorg Margo Harris. language clubs French Club: First row, Dolores Robinson, Diane Lindner, Merna Eastman, president, Marie Milburn, Paula Morgan. Second row, Roxanna Chew, Ginny Wzud, Rosemary Brusso, Sally Ann Miller, jackie F ox. Third row, Elaine Colclenberg, Suzanne Saunders, Kit Farrow, Aileen Drill. Spanish Club: First row, Ellen Noble, Alida Field, Nan Wright, Enid MacCready, presi- dent, jackie Fox. Second row, Lee juette, Gloria Ibera, Donna Davis, Sally Ann Miller, Lia Perczek. french club spanish club , 51 Editor: Betsy Krause Business M llflllgffi Phoebe McCabe Reporters: Linda Denny, Liz Hawks, Mary MacKenzie, Paula Morgan, Clelia Porter, and Barbara Swcetland w e e k N y F eai ure Stag: Debbie Beck, Lee Beers, Merna Eastman, Lu Edquist, Caryl Hansen, Marcia Metcalf, and Ruth Rumiano Adue-rIi.s'in,g: Priscilla Drum, Marnie Stewart, and Mary Sudman Circulation: Ceil Moller and julie VVirka VV eekly Staff: Standing, Mary Suclman, Clelia Porter, Ceil Molle1', Barbara Sweet- land, Lee Beers, Liz Hawks, Ginny VVarcl, Merna Eastman, and Caryl Hansen . Seated, Paula Morgan, Phoebe McCabe, Bu.s-iness M anager Betsy Krause, Editor mma:zm41-mul x ---Q-ev 1 ,?' Deci Mc-llin, Copy Editor, Diana Johnson, Business Mzzniager. and Paula Morgan, Plzotograplzy Editor. Editor: Caroline Houscr Plzotography Editor: Paula Morgan Bu.s'ine.s'.s' Manager: 'Diane johnson Copy Editor: Deci Mellin Editorial Staff: Nancy Bartoo, Corinne Freeman, GIGS .Q 0 Miz. Debby Johnson, Gloria Abramson, Cm-oline Homer, Editor .Ianct Peterson, Sylvia Huseby, Mardi XVOocl, Merna Eastman, Maraquita Plumb, Sue McClelland, and Dcicy Baker Biisilwss Staff: JoAnn Ordano, Gloria Abralnson, Sarah Haync, and Nancy Bartoo Cnrzsr Staff: Sarah Haynv, Diane johnson, Paula Morgan, Nancy Bartoo, Corinne Freeman, and Sylvia Huscby M si 'flo V14 P ff Q D 18'-' 'P 1. 5 S3 A us ,-1, A 39. 0' 4."!- 0 J athletic association Ardeth Sievers A.A. President Athletic Associntinn Board: First row, Liz Hawks, Nancy Richter Ardie SISVLTG Julianne Papst. Second row, Pam Smyth, Marilyn Smith Sandy Mclsecver M irqo H arris, Vivian Chun. .Athletic Association aims to encourage sportsmanship, good skills, and a friendly atmosphere. At the first of the school year, the group held its annual dinner for new students, acquainting them with the organization. A.A. oitered its activities in three Sport Seasons with a Field Week at the end of each season in order to deter- mine the winner ofthe Field Week Cup. The Fall and Winter Season championship went to Ethel Moore. Besides campus competition between halls and classes, Mills played in games with San Francisco State, Holy Names College, Stanford, San Jose State, and the University of California. Of course the year could not close without the traditional Kiva Softball game between A.A. All-Stars and members of the menls faculty club. Tennis' C lub: F irst row, Corinne Freeman, Sarah Hayne, Ann Hakes, Minn For svtli Second row, Mally Amory, Margo Harris, Stefanie Zachar, Judy P itterson lx ltl1lC,CI1 Churchill. Tennis Club strives to encourage interest in tennis on the campus. The club gives its members an opportunity to develop their tennis skills, meet girls with similar interests, and gives practical experience in good sports- manship and cooperation. The ski season for this year was climaxed by the annual Ski Dinner, where members received their chevrons and discussed their skiing experiences of the year. High- lights of the clubis activities were the Christmas trip, .1 .1 , ,. 11 A 1 . 1--- 1 1 S111 Club Members: First row, Pam Smythe, Mally AITIOYYJ M3130 HUU5 md I in Pederson. Second row, Judy Patterson. Mary Boesol, Sally Torrey, Ann Hunt Ptrus VVl1ite, and .Ian Robeson. Ceil Moller, Show Cl'mir1m1n., Verne Giaco- metti, F irst' Semester President, and Nancy Richter, Second Semester President. swim club Swim Club: In water, Beverly Beers, Dru Eaton, Pat Early, Val McDonald, Sue Doehring, Anne Grey Sheridan, Irene Iones, jackie McAfee, Betsy Fauntleroy, jill Morris, Deborah Beck, and Gerry Bardy. Seated, Nancy Richter, Verne Giaco- metti, Mary Ann Gillespie, Ardeth Sievers, Beth Stoeckly, Caroline Plumb, Betsy Stone, and Ceil Moller. "The Little Lost Clown," the Swim Club production for Spring Weekeiicl this year, had the twenty member- perfectionists in synchronized swimming, gliding through the pool in practice sessions both first and sec- ond semesters. Working with the advisor, Miss Summers, the group wrote and directed its show. The rugged work schedule acted only to heighten the excitement of the club's splashing two-night stand during Spring VVeekend. Laura Howard Dance Club President Dance Club is responsible for all the per- formances of the Dance Department. The Club appeared before many audiences, both on and off campus, and cooperated in joint productions with the drama and music departments. dance clubi Dance Club: First row, jean Lueck, Marcia Belsher, Vancla Benson. Second row Lee Cooper, Laura Howard, president, Shirley Macaulay. Third row, Sharon Heaton, janet Hope. Under the leadership of its new director, Leon Kirchner, the col- lege chorus gave several perform- ances this year. Making its Hrst appearance on Founders, Day, the chorus soon presented a fall conceit. A spring concert and par- ticipation in the baccalaureate service rounded out the groupls calendar. Leon Kirchner Director of Chorus and Ensemble The ensemble was re-organized this year and has offered valuable experience for student instrumen- talists. The group, composed of student, faculty, and other Bay Area musicians, with Leon Kirch- ner as director, performed with the college chorus at the two joint concerts given during the year. College Chorus: F irst row, Kay Harper, Shirley Ternpcl, Beth Livingston, Sheila Wei- bert, Mary Morris, Marie Milburn, Diane Linclner, Catherine Miller, Sally Ann Miller, Mzu'ilyn VVinans, Nikki Tenneson, student director, Sally Litzer, student director, Bar- bara Harris. Seeoncl crow, Alison Nollcr, Chita Cousins, Mary Pzu'kcr, Ianet De Neff, Marcia Belshcr, Merna Eastman, joan Angus, Patricia Taylor, Elaine Stewart, Lois Brandywynne, Molly Michel, Martha Clark, Maria VVisbar, Paula Morgan. chorus ensemble Members of the M ills Ensemble: Marcia Bclsher, Dr. Darl Bowers, Molly Michel, Marie Mil- burn, Paula Morgan, Mr. Lcon Kirchner, director, Patricia Taylor, and Sally Ann Miller. .WQMEWQMLW jwgg ff 1, 'DM , ,, LA ' 5311. .V .1 gwggy'-'., V xg. A '-RH W' at Q' a, .. 3, '., 2 2 ff 7 Q., VE. 33,355-,gf U jf::uuv1V:,1., U M.W,f2M,e,,M. A ,, WMM fy: ggggyn Q, ' ' Q' 3' 4 .. x- A . 'M ...f ,. gf--AJQ, ' wg. .. .A 1. N., Q- ,nk H fl .wmfyy 'Q - ' YN: N A251 .. 1. 1 .I W,...,,NQQ-- fzwgkmgrgift.z.ff.3g'ia,,f,5.,...f..! M: - 5355- .z WL.- JM. ski-w.:v11Wx... fM',. 'M fwwwiq frm, Y: -gg-far: LDT. 'T- 92 Q. ,Q5Xvx?' 'fl-' 'A vm .iw ,ff mm . 4 ,Lv . . - .1 ' 5: ,- -- nga " H " "1ig'HH1w',.LlW . 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M 23" f v , ' ,V I' :UI-A, ini, - .E 51.3 ,, ,4 - JE rx .4 6 -5, .S 1 " ,men Q, Q , ,QW -W , W., , Q, - gm... 1 .szs -4 M H f ., MQ: Q. .. M. waz xgegm. , 'f 9 i 'W ,, M ,Q P-.v.,,. 1 M 'vw , , , 1, ' f , f, Q? ., .. .. .L Ne, :A 1 fl fl 4:3 S wqgxj is as 535: W " N -W " . 52?-mf .' K-54.31.515 . wg-Q ' X -.gnfx.,,.'gi ,fp mlm ,pg M special events class room glimpses gn ,gm fw- im X. :sm gm :gn ml rv-me Q fm gg. 351: WS E E glam! mmf mms' KET '21 ' ' tin? . ggi. ni -Q1 E 5. :1:.:, L ax 'MQ The acuclemic relations of faculty and students at Mills stress informality and personableness as the fundamentals of mutual understanding und, in turn, en- couragement of the student as an in- clividual. mills welcomes The Dezufs Open House, one of the annual keynotes of Mills' Orientation NVeek, initiates on the social level the ntmospllc-re of informulity and closeness which is such an integral pmt of the Collegels spirit. Anothcr "annual" of the college ycar is the Pine Top College Picnic each fall. On this hill overlooking the college grounds and the city, the students gather each year to welcome the Fresh- men nadditionl' to the Mills Family. This event would never he complete without Chaplain Hedley's presentation of his masterful limericks on "The Magical Madness of Millsf' a new school year Dean Hawkes serves hcr famous punchg the recipe for this A hostess at President and Mrs. VVhite's "At Home" fall 'icoolerv has been begged or borrowed for Mills social events for welcoming chats with two entering students. y0ilI'S DOVV. 61 fall dances The Fall Formal turned a ballroom of the San Francisco Palace into a setting for "Midnight Madness." Couple-5 take an lIlt6l'lTllSS1OD break to pose for the photographer. The bunny-hop beat takes over at the "Out of this NVorld" WUS dance held in the Art Gallery and benefiting the international education fund. Students and faculty families gather and admire thc stream- lined main desk of the new wing of the Library on tlic day of its dedication. mn, I M . , . , ,L V K Q :f -:- "1 'Q K' ,fl 5 V xv- Q -' ' 1 - - Iibrar dedication Dedication Day of the Library temporarily turns the Reserve Book Room into a set- ting for tea to welcome students, faculty and friends of Mills on an "unveiling" tour. J-1-mf H K mm fx mn nm i a if if 444 1 x ras an x VVhether bulletin boards, benches, shirts or jean seats - blue's the object g with the senior class of 755, and cover- ing the greatest possible territory with it is the only condition of Paint Night. i senior paint night Some seniors pause for at chorus ot their famous song, ''I'Ioop-cle-lay-de-of, after Hnally mounting the traditional senior Paint Night goal - the Mills I-Iull bell tower - and giving it their class-color stump of approval. However, this year, they just might have been crowing - the class rose with early dawn to paint uninterrupted by their junior class rivals. Seniors KD and sophomores team up on 31 ferocious-looking rooting suction, cheering the Class of '57 on to victory in the Pushhull Game. pushball game A scnior painting squad finds a proud perch on the newly- The battling frosh-soph teams needed this giant sized ball 'ihlucdl' Cjuniors would add n malicious "newly-recoverecl"D for the game which decided when '58 inherited their red Senior Bench. ' caps. pin dinner The Class of '55 assembled for their formal Pin Dinner last October to re- ceive the traditional senior pearl "M's.,' Wfith this senior emblem, they also wel- comed Dean Hawkes into their ranks as u ,575 honorary member. Pin partners stand posed for the tradi- tional pinning ceremony. Members of the class gather to greet guests from the faculty and administra- tion while Waiting for the traclitionzil dinner to begin. The distinguished concert pianist, Egan Petri, u pianist-i11-resiclcnct: at Mills, again this your opened the ASMC Con- cert Series with a brilliant performance. assemblies ASB: was Q is XV. H. Audcn, internationally known modern poet, Wm an ussemblv speaker and guest of the college for a few days this full. Since Mi Audun visited h ills .incl cl.1sQ sessions during this stay, students found frequent opportunities for qurrounrlinff him in discussion groups. g KNEEgiQQ5igwW'ZWmf5T if-W-1 Q awww 1-x Malin bf H-Am .,. Huw ., ,. am-Vw! 5ymmsrB?allr'f5x Y,vM3wgw,x,q.,..wv,,wrT,g -QEgi:H"2ZS1f .W . ..... ,, M. ,Aj .U HW W ...,, ,lmwi:1"ifi:UBfl:Wf- Ht:-u .gwi,.y iriufzmrii-"wrsfgu wi: Mig? M45 mann A - j yi v. A ,- .,. L . .f,:EI'f"gi?5.'.. 5. inf mTiilS?Z?g?f? Mfr ,REL MES, ,ii ng! 1 Hg- I fl, M7 .'Q?: Um mi--fl QME 1 WQAQL? BM- aim. 'N 1 . egg :Q-gee W-1' xxw nm Y- 'AM ' - ' M M. V . 5 . is-U Tl' 1.11-7,-A-K-.5 H-Us we .41 K-1JX525??Z'iH WM: wiv' si: ...X , , . W, Hz' ,r. ' Q- Q. NP 'ir 'AY mln We-A X 'L EVM. .H -2-2-'-1 .Mr gym... 5 - NVQ W iw M11 +A :Ju sm3,m.,.NTZTE if ix Q-wx-vga Nui M- ,XSIB :-A ' VK .M 3, ,ii -we M ,it fsfffff .ww -Tl rvmawuif, iw.. ',-srl: Qi.-in '-K2-:,,.ffff1w"-wi. . T was HUT-is . .gr ,W-4 mi r' ' 'M . Q--3 in . yxkgurrzs Q-'K ge'-.,.3 .NM-1 H V .i, 1 Q' v:,s,:,, fE,,ffM. - iewwwr- -1 . ,gui .Th D gfr..r,.g1jfga ,., i Q' fi. A -iw j i AHA V' 4 l'Q2E'u.,.m:W:" 'KWH Hg -xwgamfew---M, iw lWlswAM.rvQ-QQQ'1-g- 51 y if V2.4 V5 'avlium fff.. 55. ijmiffiifmi Q--Qui-yfif M v.,. .,M.a,.,.,..,.. Tmfw: afar! -ran' " f- ,.:E,irm,,,M .,,. ,M in -A Bi, K' r H ,.: ,.. if ,h ., 1 ki S-SQ I-A4 5' if- fggtggawngig' j 5-:Q-ef-1 " 25:5 zulu' 'wg -fm ' B.. rl 'SW - 'Tw mm QW ,il ffifefwf I '72, Y 73,5 Jaan -. JLQ' mm... ,W 1-gm9?.?Izrgp:' .V I-K1 eva? ' hmixzgxsxxli 2 'V '12 :sammy I W, V me y .3 mi-viii. --...nmrrmi Myfg ww WX-,?iQirxM.ty5..i.,., . 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A Wmwm-HZ' ' K::x Lf' - MM A W New-,W LVM.. :iif'?2im.mmfwggf?fg1jS1:nug2Q WMHEA-:smm1:fM he xy:-en is ggwfmf E E i,w.i..m .ffm 5 , wi Q, nafrs?:MW '-u'5i-.-n'Q32' ' WEE E E fjjfg R A 'sl v 5 E H Q Q im . --fi- st My -me Mig me si. W -Q-an Q1 mmsf-uw H-:sw ww, -5-ummm: mx- gkamw-titers--ze -:E 555515 N-QT egg: M H T W .wig mam,-v,mS.zrgAmy-me -'eaten is-Digi-time-E ' NW ' A if-88,182 -aw . umawv is H ggigmmrigtgggeg 5 SFS? I S 2 Biff? iJ?Q5ii"65M H 595 -AWHWVAQLQHWT M-:mamma Wm waawtzie-ummm me SEEK awk-SSMBWBG B259 AHQNHQTQHMX 22:2 ig 1, nga museum-WM nge ,ewigr H H f mm H msg H 5 M331 Original music and costumes added to the Mary Morse PEM Night presentation of "The Little Mer1nzLicl." Times Change, as Orclrard-Meadow-ites proved in song and dance during the two sequences of their skit in the gym. It Was Kwestward the Women" in Ethel M0ore's depiction of the founding of il girls, school by an intrepid group of pioneers. l 4 rm JP ' VW 42 , x in Yel P Ghostly choruses and even a hanging K Q ' in E , were part of the Mills Hall glimpse into B H B A . the world of the spirits. if , ff pem night Olney Hall portrayed the backstage life of theatrical per- An olcl-fashioned silent movie melodrama was staged by Mary Atldns sonalities with many a humorous twist. girls, complete with hero and villain. ' 69 founders' da Representatives of the student body join with President NVhite in placing wreaths of commemoration on the Mills' Sunnyside tomb. Members of the VVorld Affairs Confer- ence Steering Committee - faculty and students pictured are Mr. Monguio, Chaplain Hedley, ASMC President Diane Smith, and Gerry Bardy - out- line plans for the two-day program. The academic procession of faculty and students enters Sunnyside, the burial plot of Cyrus and Susan Mills - the col- lege founders - in formal recognition of Founders' Day. Stanford Law Sehoofs Dr. Carl Spaeth discusses an assembly session with stu- clents at the NVorld Affairs Conference which was entitled, this year, "How the U.N. Affects Us." ri 2 m ' E mi wi H' world affairs conference D rrwe . EE. is mis. 1 fi Amen, Dr. Frank Munk of Reed College and president of the Oregon VVorld Affairs Council, who spoke on "The U.N., the U.S., and You," checks the Conference schedule with his daughter Sue Munk, il fI'CSl1ITlL1l1 nt Mills, and ASMC President Diane Smith. as H E H HB HX H , X!! K E H H H W Y., it D , I Hg H H E u E E KX X H W E X ka i i M Em Si B E E ' a Q K is U E H!! B W is H K E E E HH EB H E E f E M E B Ki H , M E I H .Q 5 H nl HB xy E K H E H i 5 M B Q H H E H am E H G E E H H 5 E 2 H X! B KH B M W H W E E E H mini E 38 EH HHH H H X H H E SSH I EXE E SS B LSE BE E E E H gg M EE B M E HW H M 3:5 M H H B H 3 mms i H E E n E :ga im M 5 M E, H H .SK .. ian's," as Angela ML-uace. "the terror of The marriage scene assembles a large cast-group in this play which was adapted for the stage hy the Trinian director, Barbara johnson. Linda Denny took the part of thc titled- "ter1'or', in Mills' first all-campus musi- cal this year, "The Terror of St. Trin- The full cast of "The Terror of St. Trinian's" runs through a final rchear- sal. The complex inter-organization of original music, comedy, and sets evi- denced the continuous drill and prac- tice for the production. st. trinian's" Mutual complications in this triangle-plot were Angela, the Director Barbara Johnson checks with the Music Director, Barbara 'KMenace', of St. Trinian's, and the perfectionist leaclgirl of Harris, who composed the entire score for the play. Music accom- thc boarding school. paniment for St. TfiDi2l11,S was a five-piece ensemble. 73 he who gels slapped 74 Rigid rehearsals were imperative for "He Who Gets Shipped," a modern psychological drama by Il French play- wright. Arch Lauterer, the noted cl.irector-pro- duccr-set designer and Mills faculty member, reviews script with Laura Howard and another faculty member- uctor, Fred Schuller. A section of the cast runs through the tense closing scene during rehearsal. time. - The husketbull squad, organized under Athletic Associatiorfs winter sports sea- son, poses for ax "take lOl, breather. fall port n l rv. .-ll 'p x +A 3-' -Rh. l:- W r " '2Wjf.f'.-531 H :. f, f .wt I t .1 , ,L 4- 4 ff ima! I . E Y H,-A V fan.-' W-ggi: ww. Q' , Z2 it . ,E , Y. - s E s 1-miie .. ? ' f Skill in carrying a ping-pong ball on a Spoon makes this relay race one of the - favorites in the hall swim meet contests. sz ma 5, WLT? , M 51? .,,,.n. 5 E sm' a Q E BE E H Ci xi M as umm ,Am fl an l A H . N N, We . W M KP H 1 12 5- H . n E Q Hex A li. f is B mi-V. X wi E n M X ,M 2 .., ms E3 M me mn M 5 H 4-M51 bf Q. ' in f a' ,Q nw fs W, H H 3 mf Wm ff if ' ras ,W . em, ,sf H si ss wwf ,,,' X We .. ' HSA lg! H ,. , 4 my , .. H mEz Ni l Q rf. X2 , 'fx' , A A EW H M ms 82. . 11 - - .Q rw-yy ,Q- wf 'NI xl Q' ' gi xx ,533 lsew we 5 -me .qw my pm, ,Q . K Q., . X 2 1 . . g 2 ' ' ill' B sf " ,iw ,sway glam A l R - 4 'A Y I W ,AVE K N 14 S, ' , BRN H E M.. .A H sw ,. W , ,,, rm " xc! My W Qid W ,w li-W la a- wigs? QQ? . eq H . , w Vs . ,ww 'K mme www.. . 'N .zz xg ,' H H '-H E XS, N X vs .55 what QQ. nf N was ff s Q mms msg mi :eau as Y. sm W. . 1, tm, E V A fn: ss m www ... xx '- SSE VF! M -zziiizwii M W ,rw Q A fm H . . Biol Q Q slB4I:1w" fx v WK 5 ' thx - 4 L gi 5' . , Aww .7211 H www: W5 Qs W V ' . Mn if mf ww if 1 ff sig. V" all as -W . w --wr 4 wet.: WM Ii I U N A 54 P, S.: We W M W Wm" 1 n gs.,,. ,E ' . H ., 1 . wish I ,Fail fem fffg' v Z , Yi E EES g SW lm gwqqmmnlrfi E K.-N . U, ,gl sw , ..f ,wa -.f w at-Q Z.:,,'w'?f1g be new H egg - As. ggi H 5 we -, Az' ' ff -. 5 . ' . . M,.M..5i1. W - sem- 1 mt' ww , . Ngigaslfl-jr-E H l ,U . W. gn? I. tw w Nr . :nw ,Y- Wi 1- .tis Q5 ."J1 4. .z-U", Hllllfza Q :ggi ' 1 .Mig-5 ,X 'X X X , 1 4 'ff H X K., ,D KXWS' f .xml X X N X V We 1 1X mam R XA 1 fX A sf' , , 4- H 4 Q juz u 5 asia KWH Q6 ' Juni 5 AMX, EXXEEE5 'gxgxm gig ,,, v 1 N X X R J ,X-,Q 1 f ' M R x X X :X HXX J X X X aku- Xi f Ki. mms sm nf, Erasing m :ea m K :Q XX 2 . ia Q35 11,4 x mi Q ,XXX fs A ISN ' X me MX X X X ,EX 1 Xi mm? na w P saw rife ' a WVith carols from the piano and "a few more bulbs here, please" for the tree the Christmas spirit is on as girls and their dates join in decorating the hallis tree. chri tmas season Chaos and various poses of time-off planning are the natural preconditions of "Christmas spiritv atmosphere that students plan as part of pre-vacation activities. "Sn0wbz1ll,'-ing their way into holiday spirit, halls get together for the festive CllIiStI'llllS dances which precede vacation time. at mills Lights and ladders are stauclarcl props for the dec- Members of the college community gather in Mills oruting parties. Only problem: how to find the end Hall to welcome friends of Mills at the Holiday Tea. of this string! reading wee is 'f , .E l 78 i ,v . ' .g ' I ,,,, , Iwi: ,te r aff? .. v Hr 1 We As Y am-. 252 -: A stray ukc found on a rainy day turned this student-faculty tea into a tolksing- ing group. An afternoon snack and a warm room give students and faculty members a good excuse to relax and chat on a non- academic pace. As the time for finals drew closer the population of the library grew as girk did their final review Work during Reading VVeek. Proficient skiers and snow bunnies joined together to enjoy excellent skiing conditions at Sugzu' Bowl. Ski Club sponsored the ski trip during the break between semesters. ki se Dukski, the colleges new ski lodge at Sugar Bowl, was "homey to many Mills girls during the semesters break. The lodge was El popular resort throughout the skiing SSHSOH. s 1 Q K s is K 4 s w sm 6 R W 4 i N m K s V Y H H we H in Q 5 A N i n s E Q 1 aw Y K i in V ig E Q s s Q Q 5 sw E V Q Q s ax me K' H Q mi, H ma Y N ng Q Q N sf. 2 4 Q ' me H Aw: ni A E, my me HQ Q w Q 2 i Q 5 Q as mf is s as X nw sz Q x w K i Q Q S E N is m B . mm 4 W an r,s mmm I ww H V 5 1 mf v my 1 N, f as s n m f m x Q .wwf me v as s NE' subs Z . ww E ZEN 1 K, W QQ me Q . f wmv Q . va s Reis us: me sq use - mr Ni i u sw :if md N .hu fee K me Q mga W ,Q m use ma ang W M i . an usb WE nw mix gr? Mg? Q 35 mSf 5? Z 'MASQ wg' ,HS :E w was vw Q H t Am T 1 s w fi , K , 12 if 2 iff' , W ie, Q 52 ASW 6'E?o nil U4 x 2 ,. ,zxiq ,A . 1 x PM fvz K szjsgewf Maxi ww Q wi, my 5 . ww iv i is g if s :m:,..1 X zz 1 as x ij gifhfd 2 Q . 21.55153 fs 24 A I fl if' it ii A ' wiiilsf L -1 x r i X ,wfmm 'N i. 'Ng Q . -M is Hr V4 .ggi his Marcia DePue steps "Through the Looking Glass" for her title role in the 'fl drama clepurtmcntls production of K "Alice in VVouderlund,,' which was held V March 19. pring event Q. The Mills Mothers Club sponsored u Fashion Show of new spring clothes on February 26 Dr. Little and Alec Miller watch Mrs. Sloss present the first and second Book Day awards to Luanne Edquist and Marilyn Maynard, respectively. . and assemblies in the Art Gallery. Models were Mills stu- dents, faculty members, and mothers. Newly-elected Phi Beta Kappa members Sheila Bates, Marsha De- Pue, Corky Mott'S1nith, Kay WVorcester, Pat Sun, and Luanne Ecl- quist are congratulated by author .Iessamyn NVest and President YVhite. mid winter hall traditional hall. The "Through the Looking Glass" theme lent an enchanted atmosphere to the micl-winter hall. The elegant Castlewood Country Club provided the setting for the ball on M arch 26. Mills girls and their dates relaxed be- tween dances for conversation at the Students and faculty joined forces dur- ing Hey Dey Play Daly to lwlp clean aw the campus in the spring. ga-aa a- 1 Fai Z aaaa: .W . 3 , ii ey da play da K:-A iz , aa' ' After a morning of cleaning, the campus relaxed ut the H in the Orclmrcl-Olney court. v ey Day Play Day picnic r ai H5 E aaa K ' a a - a H a a a-a H a a a H' aaaa a aaa H ' a za M a :a H aa H a U -M. fi a a fi a if a a i A an a H aa H maa Us a - a 2: a ar a-a a m H as a aa a a M a-a X H a a a fra -a a a ml xa a B a 'W -.Ma H N mia ' a wr , a a in rf a .a 'U a I Q3 H 2 -A an an E . gm am aa -a aa Q aa 'E E ai -a aa a ma a 1 H 'H -. -aa gg a a N -a H m- as fm E aa a a a a ii fi. H ai a gg aa a fi a a E -aa E aw - a a aa a a an fu a H a -1 i-a aa a fa My a- a Xa ff a a a wa a K H H Emaaxa W- H a a a ,, H 3 a a W :H mama , a a ' aa a a af a an a aaa an aa ml a a 1 w aaa N an aa Q H a a a an 3 sa aa 553 H amLa E a -aa W aa E rss -a H ma aa-a-aaa H5 a a xaxxana mi mamma a an NW "IE an E a a a - fi aa ai aaaaa aa a H a mx a .ea ,-a H aaa a Qjfa af a aa . X a wa H- an a-a mm aa a H a a a an an Q H:-H ar a if aa aaa ag 2 a a H a- W a aaf a aa TE E a a a H a aa W aa -E aaaa na a - -a a ar aaa M. gy ig a aa a aa a a a rs -a aaa W aa,-aa aa a aa uma hw E W a aa aa an aaaaw Hg gmail aaaaa a . A H ' as rumah Eg " H aa an an M :Q a aa W ara wa AESHQ My as x-xfflaa aa a za ar a a aa aa -H a ara aa Hg an E a -E EI a manga ag E g aaaaaa ag aa a a a a -5 aa ,a-M 5-. H a an ' a mg aa mga ag 5 rg H -.a aa aa 5 aa a a a , M aa aaaaaa A Rim E a aiaaam E a aa K H a a aa' Bw aa sm-m aag aa aaaaa a -. a aa a E U , M aaf amaazi aaaaga gwmwmk a aa a H a a E Sm aaa aaa ma aa-H a aaa aa-aa a a a a av Q -Q mga mgaaaa sal a aaa aa aa a' a a E a na .a ,aa Dr. VVistur explained the operation of a classroom exhibit for physical science as part of a program that makes students appreciate the effect of science on our lives. classroom 7 wi . Small classes make it possible for the instructor to give each student individ- ual attention such as Mr. McMinn is giving his heredity and eugcnics class. Home economics is one of the practical skills offered at Mills. l bw-'six Arriving at the correct unknown was one of the problems investigated by chemistry courses, where students learned that a careful analysis is an im- portant basis for a sound conclusion. Oils, eascls and artists hibernate in the art building all winter and blossom out all over the campus with the coming of the "real" California weather. x V 5-W-mf Mr. Reitz prepares the entree and explains its preparation for A music group works hard at mastering a part of his international cuisine class. and manufacturing harmony. . Aljiiih The campus nursery school provides prac- tical experience for ehilcl development ma- iors, and a happy playground for the arca's four and five-year-olds. G- s "Dear Mr. Jones: In reply to yours of the 12th . . ." Typing is just one of the Secretarial skills acquired by many stu- dents. Mr. Bob Clark, Mills golf professional, gives a few pointers to his 10 cfelock nprosf, 1 F rx HE E Us Hamm warm Egg mamz- :Emma E 2 H x H : Lx N rs rs E ss ss- R' . mms ' a-:Q nm sf B W rs mn as mmap I A , . , H E - 9 5 1 'H H- 'Y 5 QW'-ew f X11 X533 -A . ,X gr V M Himsa-SY! , 5 W fg mm rs' ,:,ajw was L xl .. ,X 3 K gl ..'Ng::,, ., ' sm . . 4- HM: qw ggi ,HTWR X Hx 2 - AJ Q 1 A ., gm H Hwsw2"'- is-L5 H -- sr ss- ma, .2 amy H ,-,. . .,,,I .......- E E Mtnesni Wig! rims-mg I m-.m.- W, ,. im.: g Sgr lib H , B sm MW s a Q mga if EEK H W H5 M is M HE HH E M HM, mfs Wm M x X X Y . K E M E as XZ H H M 2 .W H K Q . K NSS!! R E W . Q ff H .1.d.- 1... -.,f f,.t- I Speec I All .lctmg C 113565 bt!0XC OI' PCI' LL IGH O LXPICSSIOH. E V E M X Mah , X X . SHO V 9- 6' 2 XX 'D-1851 X ,X X ,--X X K X XX MXX Z Wi- Q34 ethel moore mary aikins mary morse mills orchard-meadow warren olney elhel moore hall Halls, like people, won't sit still long enough to have their "portraits" done, and the composite personality that is Ethel Moore Hall shows best in a montage: Bev's sprightly "Hall meeting tonight, ladiesv . . . the Pin Dinner, as two "new seniorsu were welcomed into the class of ,55 . . . French Table's determined fand polytonalj rendition of "Bonne anni-ver-sail'-e a vousv . . . upperclassmen amazed as the frosh took humanities papers calmly . . . the alum "command performancev of our PEM skit "Westward the Women" . . . the aroma of Mrs. Straughnis special cinnamon rolls around Reading Week time .... jean Lueclc, Assistant Resident, and Mrs. Dorothy Straughn, Head Resident. First Semester Hall Council: First row, Gaea Freimund, Beverly Bell, Ann Ful- linwider, Nancy Richter. Second row, Terry Elliott, jane Worthington, Sally Ann Miller, Luanne Edquist. Second Semester Hall Council: First row, Leslie Baun, Beverly Bell, Helen Henry, Diane Caleson. Second row, Terry Elliott, Iane Worthington, Deicy Baker, Luanne Edquist. 91 Deicy Baker Cheron Black Judy Bousquet Rosemary Brusso ' Diane Caleson Linda Denny Ann Dobson ' Suzanne Doehring Put Ducommun Merna Eastman Terry Elliott Claire Elder N zxncy Franz Ann Fine Ann Fullinwider Leila Galbraith elhel moore hall Sallie Grady '56 Gaye Crenfell '58 Dean Courley uncl. Joy Hadden '57 Margo Harris '57 Lorna Harrison '57 Elizabeth Hawks '58 Helen Henry '58 Liz' perennial "Basketball today: I Want EVERYONE to turn outv . . . third floor wails at the plumbing situation . . . Carols tape recorder purring German all night just before exams . . . "Put on your old Mills bonnetv echoing through hall meeting as our two February grads celebrated . . . the hazards of ski equipment along a darkened hall . . . highland flings at the senior-soph rec room party for the other classes . . . Mrs. McD's welcome 4 p.m. snacks. . . . Susan I-Iildreth '57 Janet Hope ,57 ' Kitty Hu '58 Anne Irons '57 Sally johnson '56 Susan Kaufman '58 Karen Kohler ,58 Corrine Lassers ,57 joel Leon '56 Ruth Lima '56 93- Diane Lindncr ,58 Belinda McConnell '56 Deci Mellin '56 Margaret Manin '58 Sandy McKeever '58 Marie Milburn '57 Sally Ann Miller '57 Paula Morgan Anne Morris Suzanne Munk '58 r 57 '58 Pat's ominous "The following people STILL have laundry" . . . the strains of "Rock Island Line" spreading havoc on second Hoor . . . Miss Lueck's marshmallow toasting in her fireplace . . . the persistent visitations of Mildred the cat . . . Mrs. T's pleased "You're in early" at 1:30 of a Saturday night . . . 3 a.m. sessions in the lib: "Studious will I sit" . . . the shivering Q but well-brownedj perseverance of the early Spring sunbathers . . . all blending together into another Ethel Moore year. 1 Nancy Palm '58 Judy Patterson '57 Pat Peregrine '57 Pat Rak '56 Marilyn Rasmussen '58 Barbara Rice '58 Nancy Richter '57 Kay Risser '56 Sally Robinson '58 Mary Rogers '56 Mike Shaw '56 Ardie Sievers '56 elhel moore hall 44-Y:--i ' ., Kitty Sinclair '57 Shirley Spocrry '56 Mary Stuart ,58 Pam Smyth ,56 Annette Thomas ,58 Virginia Van Every '58 Sheila NVeibcrt '58 Doris XVclling '58 Clara XVcllington '56 Carol VVikel '57 lane VVorthington '56 Stefanie Zachar ,56 95 mar atkins hall L ik' Miss MARTHA ALL! N H end Resident An open door, a roar of laughter, a broken heart, a serious moment . . . youive entered Mary A. "Bridge anyone?" an unfamiliar cry . . . even our uprexyv must think of an excuse. One, two, three, four engagement rings this year . . . our record in winning. We invite friends in and make them at home . . . use our 'phone, our ink, our "john," A hall of "wierds" and 'cevilsv . . . St. Trin- ians moved in. Bean pots, ants, dirty dishes, unhung curtains . . . what domestic kids We are. VVe know our sports . . . knee socks and leotards, swim tests unpassed. Our freshmen are frustrated, no exchanges to be had, our seniors are hitched . . . social life divided. June weddings each year, we lose our good friends . . . reunion? At baby showers! Ups and downs, yearn for commencement, 'moodiness at the end of the year . . . it is worth every moment. Mary Atkins Hall Council members: 'First row, Linda Cope- Mary Atkins seniors posed at Pin Dinner: Standing Sue land, Shirley Macaulav, Barbara johnson, and Pmoxanna Chew. Hoy, Claire Bain, Elizabeth Sisney, Carolyn Carlson Miss Second row, Marcia Sackett, Jeannette Cary, Helen Howland, Martha Allan Ulead Residentl, Roberta McCloud md Marcia Mozara, and Pat Hoffman. Jeannette Gary. Seated, Dean Hawkes Chonorary senior and Pat Hoffman. Not Pictured: Carol Schubach Brownlng 56 Althca Thomsen Donn in 56 Patricia Early '57 Nina Marcus Grold '57 Laura james, spec. Ruth Mancini '56 Shirley Ann Price '59 Beverly Fisher Redman Kimiko Uehara uncl. Marie VVisbar uncl. Roxana Chew '57 Linda Rae Copeland '58 Catherine DuBose '56 Barbara Johnson '56 Susan Landreth '58 Shirley Ann Macaulay '5 Liggett McLaws '58 Marcia Mozara '58 Marilyn Rahmstorf '58 Marcia Sackett '56 Marylou True, spec. IIIHI' II10l'SB hall Probably one of the first things a Mary Morse zipper writes to her zippees is, "It's a hideous climb, but the peace and quiet-.U And probably it was, at least relatively, peaceful and quiet when the fresh- men arrived in September and were greeted not only by open arms ffor luggage! J, but also by free-form signs on their doors, Winking "Hi, Sallylv and "Hi, I-Ielenlv fwhose name turned out to be Lizl. And by the time the freshmen had got their curtains bought, sewn f ? J , and hung, the hall had withstood a barrage of tennis racquets, book- cases, hat racks, and suitcases - not to mention hale juniors and hearty seniors, who promptly deposited themselves on the living room rug for bridge and cigarettes. VVhen these were supplemented by hilarious sophomores and "Spoonie," new signs appeared to advocate Gracious Living - of which the classic example was the blatant "Jeans and shorts must never loom on people in the dining roomlv mf.. Q5 , ri N i is rs: m my n a E an 5 Q Qx .za HA 4 AH: ze. We .gli is. E if rf sing E im! Q FE H. .., Francean Campbell, As.s'i.s'tant Resident and Mrs. Agnes Casey, Head Resident F irsl Semester Hall Council: First row, Joanne SCll1lDtll'l, Caryl Hansen, Mrs. Agnes Casey, Ann McAllister, Suzy l-Iartsoek, Priscilla Beacon. Second row, Elaine Coldenberg, Ceil Moller, Mzuy Parker, Sheila Fox, Jeanne XVong. Seeonzl Semester Hall Council: First row, Jeanne Vlfong, Mary Ann Gilles- pie, Judy l-Iultman, Helen Drake. Sec- ond row, Joanne Schantin, Mrs. Agnes Casey, Suzy Hartsnek, Eva Johnson. 99 Q 0 Sara Amoclei Sharon Bramkamp Marilyn Burman Henrietta Chandler Elsa Chapin ' Sally Collins Christa Comery Ann Katherine Cookson Bonnie Craig ' , Dorothy Constance Davis Irene Clenara Deans Helene Dietrich Helen Drake Priscilla Drum Sallie Dunn '56 Drusilla Eaton '58 mar morse hall Katherine Farrow '57 Sheila Fox '58 Judith Frost '57 Mary Garner '56 1 Nancy Gilbert '56 4 Y Mary Ann Gillespie '57 Elaine Goldenberg '57 Kathleen Kay Gorden '57 Paper masks on the bulletin board reminded us that PEM Night was upon us, and suddenly we were haunted by oflice messages like "VV e mean EIGHT 0'clock" and voices growling, 'iYou're a polyp, Lil, and tl1at's all there is to it!" , As the Christmas dance with Ethel Moore and Mary Atkins loomed closer, signup sheets needed no come-ons I like ZOXIV - stupendous, tremendous exchange - sign UP!"j to be filled within the hour. But after the skiis and suitcases had dis- appeared from outside our doors after vacation, new signs appeared heralding exams. QUIET, they said. Orange reminders appeared in the office - Pick up your laundry. Gretchen Anne Cover '58 Ann Hakes '57 Caryl Hansen '57 Marilyn Henry '57 Elsie Holt '57 Indy I-Iultman '57 Karen Jensen '57 Olive Khaw '56 Elizabeth Krause '57 Ann Lamont '57 Dora Lerner uncl. Gail McCabe '57 0 Phoebe McCabe '56 Catherine McCormack '56 Valette McDonald '58 Anne McPherson '56 Mzu'cia Metcalf '57 Cecilia Moller '57 Marilyn Morris '58 Faith Morrison '56 Now the freshmen, much revived by semester-break in Carmel or on the ski slopes, flourished their green caps and their "milk-mugs," and wandered occasionally toward the desperate signs soliciting car-washers for their VVUS project. Once again the free-form faces appeared, hut this time instead of "Hi" they beamed, "Oh-Hu-Hey Day Play Day!" and the Beauty Shop Quartet besieged tl1e piano. Easter vacation seemed to end before it had begun, and suddenly the theory of relativity went haywire: spring Weekend, papers, song rehearsals, sophomore "Drama" in the rejuveuated rec room, comprehensives, tennis, and iinals spun by usg the signs came down to he replaced by the BIG sign-out sheet in the 0Hice - expected date of return, September. Paula Lou Nill '58 Nancy Overton '57 Judith Pierce '57 Clelia Porter '58 Thelma Marcela Quijano uncl. Mildred Rice '58 Ann Sanson '58 Amy Elizabeth Schanno '58 Anne Grey Sheridan '58 Ariel Louise Smith '58 Maxine Ruth Solow '58 Sharon Song '58 mar morse hall 'lt- 1 Elaine Stewart '58 Mary .lane Stewart '58 Hiroko Suzuki '57 Shirley Temple '57 Virginia Tenneson '56 Barlmara jean Tobey '53 Sally jane Torrey '58 Tonya Lee Tracy '58 Sarah VVilletts '58 Elizabeth XVilliams ,58 julie Ann Wirka ,58 Annette YVisbar '57 Joanne VVong ,57 Mardi Xvood '58 Not Pictured: Iaequelyn Alden '57 Laura Dyke '58 Barbara Kauffman '56 Mary Parker '57 judith Perry uncl, Margaret Venetis l56 joanne NVard ,59 103 mills hall 04 And rec room parties, I confess Aroused supreme delight When through the dark a voice came forth And said, "Let there be lightlv I was a brave new freshman Mills Hall became my home I surveyed all with eager eye 1 To leave for you in poem. Anticipating paint-night CThis tale is strange to tellb I heard the juniors telling The excitement it had been I kept my mouth shut, but I knew To see each senior turn with pride VVl1o got that ding donged bell. To get her MC pin. www ms a ss a ss a mm ww ss a mmm ss 'a ss sms me as 14 ss an ra va,-sz me . E . ss gram J? P ms ids grams-is mass rm my Q gf.-Q , v Mrs. Genevieve McDowell, Head Resi- dent, and Miss Audrey Coker, As.s'istant Head Resident. First Semester Hull Council: First row, Elizabeth Penaut, Betty lx'l2IClNlill'lOI1, Diane Goodyear, Tessa-Storme Lyon, Rena Ellis. Back row, Sue Spangler, Ann McHugh, Alyeeunn Chappell, Put Reid, Marilyn Carlisle. Second Semester Hull Council: First raw, Elizabeth Penaat, Betty MacMa- lion, Diane Goodyear, Karen Lunzu, Tessa-Storme Lyon. Back row, Donna Bisnet, Pat McCarty, Marilyn Carlisle, Put Reid. 105 06 Nancy Adams '56 Nancy Bartoo '58 Donna Rae Bisnett '58 joan Borthick '57 Nancy Burch '58 Marilyn Carlisle '57 Constance Carter '57 Alyccann Chappell '56 Chio Muy jane Ching uncl. Vivian W'un Inn Chun '57 Kathleen Churchill '56 Irene Damis '58 Agatha Dunham '57 Lee Durham '57 Mary Ellis '58 Alicla Field '56 Mimi Forsyth '57 Linda Frost '57 Gloria Grimes '58 Mzu'ci a Hancock '57 mills hall , Q, i .7 or gi-Aw 'Q "A ghost," We ery, we sing, we dance, WVe sigh, and then We groan, For hanging by his sharp lapel W'e see some skin and bone! "God Rest Ye Merry Centlemeni' Who decorate the ceilingg The Christmas Tea was beautiful, For you we have great feeling. Kay Diane Harper '58 Mari lou I-lenry ,57 llollv Hollister '57 Laura Howard '56 Gloria Ihera '56 Diana Lee johnson '56 Irene Jones ,57 Frances Kiyoko Kagawa '58 And then the clays of reckoning came Of reading week, and then Of FINALS, with appalling quips, VVhat more I dinna ken. Kikuko Kawasaki 757 Susan Kennedy '57 Young .In Kim unel. Jacqueline Kyle '57 Sue Larsen '57 Janice Lenea Latham '57 Cleo Leavitt '58 Beth Bee Livingston '58 Enid MacCready '56 jean Mann '57 Mary Rose Mason '58 Patricia McCarty '56 107 08 Claire Suzanne Stephens '57 Ann McHugh '58 Carol Melkonian '56 Molly Louise Michel '58 Susan Moore '58 Alison Edith Noller '58 Barbara Parsons '56 Diane Peters '57 Patricia Reed '57 I saw a smile on every face, I smelled a pungent vapor . . . New furniture in every room And on the Walls new paper. The bats, the mice, the ants, the bugs Continue to invade, But since the hey clay play day VV e just squash them with the spade. Myra Riedemann '56 Sophie Riedemann '56 Sara Shuttleworth '56 Kaye Simons '58 Carol Skellett '57 Marilyn Smith '57 Sandra Sollom '57 Camilla Spalding '56 Susan Spangler '57 Nancy Sterling '56 Sandra Stone '57 mills hall Earline Stowe '56 Patricia Sun '56 juclith Templin '57 Dorothy Thompson '58 Lenore NVhite '56 Jacqueline WVinans '57 Joanne VVindberg '56 Sue Wood '56 Mary Ellen XVoody '57 Sandra Ziehold '58 Not pictured: V anna Bagshaw '59 Diane Dickerson '56 Loretta Hirsh '58 Karen Lanza '56 Lia Perczek uncl. Patricia Reid '57 Dorothy Thomson '58 Cecilia Tse uncl. Kathleen XVahl '58 Elizabeth VVilson '57 Susan Wolf '58 9 orchard- meadow hall 0 The seasons are reversed in O.M. Our year began in the fall with the return of the veterans to welcome the crowds of new freshmen and the much needed trans fusion of new juniors to replace our friends in Siam. A few die-hards tried to create that sun-tanned appearance until the frost set in. Mrs. Louisc Chapin, Head Resident, and Fanny VVise, Ass-istant Resilient. Ifirsl Semesfer l'1ullCou1wiI: First row, junct Huvely, jun Robison, Nan Mish- ler, Put Peers, and Sue Brcck. Second row, Lucille Rudovicli, Tisli Thoreson, Ruth Rumiano, Ginger XVoo4l, and Beverly Mater. Second Semester Hull Council: First row, jackie Fox, N an Mishler, and Gin- ger NVoocl. Second row, Alice London, -lun Robison, Charlotte Harder, Bar- bara W'hitnmn, .lun Havcly, and Lucille Rzulovicli. 'l'I1 Kay Almond '58 joan Angus '57 Maria Antoncich unel. Elinor Axtens '58 Barbara Baxter '56 Beverly Bell ,58 Virginia Bigelow '58 Mary Boesel ,57 Lois Brandwynne '58 Rena Braverman uncl. Sue Brock ,58 Zenia Chun '56 Susan Connett '57 Elizabeth Cousins ,58 Janet DeNei'f ,58 Corinne Freeman '58 orchard-meadow 75- Margaret Gerber '56 Sylvia Gerber '58 Charlotte Harder '56 Barbara Hassel '57 Janet Havely '56 Caroline Houser '56 Harriet Isom '58 Deborah Johnson '58 Everyone survived the fall open houses, and the freshmen became as much a part of the hall as the seniors. There was the usual rash of jet pilots, and the Ensigns in El Cerrito always seemed to be able to secure their dates in the hall before lock-out, even -when faced with seemingly impossible time limits. After Christmas, Sutro's engagement gave the seniors hope that they might yet make a respectable showing at the Daisy Ring and boded ill for their newly ratified constitution. Ruth Johnson '58 Nina King '57 Y Amanda Leighton '56 " Elna Lindquist '58 Sully Litzer '58 Alice London '58 ' f :Il Beverly Mater '56 51 3 gi Sondra Matesky '57 mei i 11 4 Sumile Matsumoto '56 Sue McClelland '56 Kathleen Moir '57 Rosa Montalvo '57 Mary Morris '58 Content Mott-Smith '56 Pamela Penner '57 Ruth Pruyn '56 Between semesters a number of O.M. girls tried out the new Ski Lodge and returned with glowing faces and equally glowing reports of the trip. Second semester saw many new dents in the sugar bowl lidg in true Arthur Rank style on two con- secutive nights Mrs. Chapin announced coming wedding bells, and the hall was Howing with a combination of engagement and Valentine candy. People were rounded up from all corners of the hall to participate in basketball and badminton in a burst of athletic enthusiasm. Many previously unused muscles were aching as O.M. entered the Hnal dash for elections, Hey Day Play Day, Mi-WVinter Formal. Accompanied by the usual high yield of contrabrand livestock in the hall, the last- minute finish was begun - to culminate in finals for some and the undying hope of graduation for others. Eloise Randleman '57 Bonnie Renter '58 Dolores Robinson ,58 Ianice Robison '57 a Ruth Rumiano 57 Mary Schlager ,56 Robin Scibircl ,56 Beverly Smith '58 orchard-meado hall ms Nu W is xx 2, nm rm San sir is mam mn if ami im 2 is is mv, EE as is Egg an sam H Mi mm im sm B525 B -if Ska .dm wwf is Barbara Steward '58 Beth Stoeckly '58 Noramah Sumakno uncl Shirley Smith ,57 Patricia Taylor '57 Letitia Thoreson ,57 Brigid VVays i58 Barbara VVotsel '57 1- Ceraldine XX-'Ong '57 XVynn0 YV1'igley ,58 Not pictured: Nancy Bacon '56 Marcia Belsher '57 Vancla Benson '57 lvlargarct l-larrold '58 Iulianne Papst, and. Lucille Radovich '56 Ruth Rapp 756 Alyce Roberts ,56 Marilyn VVir1ans '58 1 Will'I'8ll olney hall 6 Olney is full of '54-'55 memories .... There was the fun of making new friends with the freshmen . . . getting to know the "old girlsv better . . . the cheery times in front of the fireplace, meals in the newly decorated dining room . . . laughing over George Goebel in the TV room . . . and all the other experiences of every-day living. Miss Cfmstanu: NIL-Millan, Assistzmf Hear! Hesidelifg Mrs. Dorothy Kurtz, Head Hmiderlt. l-'irst Selncsfar IIUII Council: Barbara Hunter, Napella Hcen, Betsy Stonc, Bctsv Fauntlcrov, Cerrv Bardv, and Lynn Dean. 1 1 1 Second Senufster Hull Council: First row, Nancy Thomas, and Hope Nichols. Second row, Barbara Hunter, Napclla Ilccn, Betsy Fauntleroy. joan Carty, Marilyn Hudson, and Persrs YVhitQ. 'I'l7 Gloria Abramson Deborah Beck Beverly Beers Ethel Black Patricia Ann Brown Lynn Dean Aileen Drill Mary Elizabeth Elston Jennifer Ewing Betsy Fauntleroy Diane Feliring Cynthia Foskett jean Cinder y 1 58 57 58 58 58 57 58 57 ,56 '57 '56 '58 '56 Nancy Green '58 '57 Maeva-louise Hair Ann Hamilton Sarah Hayne Sharon Heaton Marilyn Hudson Ann Hunt '58 '56 '56 '57 '58 warren olney hall Barbara Hunter '57 Sylvia Husehy '57 Dona lber '56 Judith Ireland '56 Diane Iohnson '56 Nelle Johnson '58 Jeanie Juc '57 Carolyn Keagy '58 There were many experiences that stand out in our minds . . . The "Easter Egg" appearance of the Olney parking strip with Liz' pink and black car parked next to Persis' "taxi-cab yellow" one . . . strains of live floating from the third floor 'phone booth .... Kathryn Lynn Kelt '57 Mary Elizabeth Kyle '57 B Alice Lacey '58 Marjorie jane Lash '58 ss Q n Lavinia Lesh '57 Susan Long '56 Vivian Karen Macfarlane '57 Mary Ann Mackenzie '57 Jacqueline McAfee '57 Sandra McDonald '57 Mary Louise McGehee '57 Margaret Ruth Memoede '58 9. Hope Nichols Kathleen Norclman ' Io-Ann Orclano Katliryn Etselle Pepper ' a 58 57 58 58 Fieshman learning to play bridge duiing reading week Sylvia s room filled with newspaper the doorless looms of freshman co1 ridor . . . the little M.G. roaring away early in the morning awning sailing away with the wind This was 1 wonderful veal Ianet Peterson 57 Caroline Plumb '56 Marie Carroll Plumb ,58 Eclwina Potter '58 full of fun in Olney! Sheila Powers '57 Tony Putnam 157 Margaret Roberts ,58 Lois joy Robin '58 jean Eleanor Rose '57 Cynthia Ross '58 Suzanne Saunders '58 Patricia Ann Sawyier '56 Mary Lee Scott '58 Sarah Ann Simons '58 Jeannine Ann Sova '57 Ann Stern '57 warren olney hall 541512-an Margot Strauss ,58 Mary Suchuan '58 Barbara Sweetland '58 Barbara Thornton ,56 Virginia Lee Ward '57 Marilyn NVherry ,58 Louise White '57 Peggy NVoodruff '58 Sharon Zwonecheck '58 Not pictured: Deborah Donald '57 Lee Ann Lee '58 Mary Lemann '58 121 . M M M, Q MEM 71' x M MM M -1 advertiser MM,.' M , M. C- M '- f . A - M - -MM . t . M .MMM M N J. M MM. -x M , M- . fr ,. M- M M . 'ffl MW' ' M M W M sf 'M 1, Mi.. M , M X M 'MMMM MMM M ,M QM... M ., - . MMM . - . : X.. . ---f.. W A Wi, M x , M L M M f,,.,W'- M' ,. ,MM .M . M - 8910 wg, M "iii T WiM'qBD.l85'1v Dr MIM- M ,. ., . 5 M f ,,, . jf, MM. 1 " - 21.-, M . .' M i. 5: E L 1- -- :wf -1 ---mx. M M M-- -- M ', mf-'K"M .. M iw M ' : M EM CM--M- M M WM.. LMMLMMM MM M-M M ,.M' im-M-an-:-' xl MMM -M' ,- M-M -.-rffw .M - - MM M, j X . M Q. iM,-...ji 1 M gg..-.iw . -1 ,f M .,M. M-H MMM . . . M M .M -2-LEQQQMX-L.,--,H-M-W, mix, TMMM WMVM M MM - 2.-, M M Mff asv 1' sn' QM" . MM MM' ' 1' ' ' 1- "Z -"KM-ff.-f"-UM 1'-UWM . ,gi . .JYYMLM-' M1 M. M. ' " GMMMMMMMMJ 3 MMM MM MMLM. Q-.--WQQi..5-j-M,... MM M-,M--55M-MMT --M - .4 .X M x ..x MM .,,.,M. MM M.. M, Ta xsWf2f7'- 'MM 'QM TAM rwf: M --WMM-'M . M-,H .wx MMMMA Mgsx-.HMM-,-:MM ,MMM xg-if M. MM ,.,. . MMM Qi gi -Mfrm-H .2 M193 i - l Wm., M M6-35,5 R 2--leg: 1-2 - 11,22-gg ff:---1: MM-un: QM- WMM' "MW" -K-w-Mn U MW -LMMMM--M QM X' M 1-v. .M -1- -wg-".M - was ,ms patrons advertisers student directory acknowledgments 110 V GSP' 14,5- A Q ,jj 4 Q E3 A cn 1 5 9.4 ,V 'D .185 patrons and patronesses MR. AND MRS. HORAOE ALRRIGHT New York 20, New York MRS. PEARL C. ANGELL Phoenix, Arizona MRS. IYIARTI-IA B. BAlN Oakland, California MRS. FRANCES XVOBLD BAUN East Nicholas, California DR. AND MRS. PHILIP N. BAXTER Piedmont ll, California MR. AND MRS. ARNOLD O. BECKRIAN Altaclena, California MR. AND MRS. NORMAN A. BEERS Seattle 6, VV ashington MR. AND MRS. FRANK COUVER BELL Salem, Oregon DR. AND MRS. WARREN NV. BELL Vau ghn , WVaShin gton MR. AND MRS. C. A. BOESEL Duluth, Minnesota MRS. VVILLIABI CAVALIER Piedmont, California MRS. E. B. CHAPIN YViuuetka, Illinois MR. AND MRS. FRANK B. CLARK Oakland, California MRS. FOLLOVVELL COAN Minneapolis, Minnesota MR. AND MRS. IIABBY D. COLLIER San Francisco, California MR. AND MRS. F. B. CONNETT Pasadena, California MR. AND MRS. IAINIES F. CRAFTS Burlingame, California MR. AND MRS. ALAN VV. DAVIIJSON Oakland 2, California MR. AND MRS. HOWARD C. DAVIS Visalia, California MR. AND MRS. EARL B. IJICKERSON Chicago, Illinois NIR. AND MRS. EDLIOND F. DUCO1XIB'IU'N San Marino 9, California MR. AND MRS. FREDERICK EARLY Piedmont, California MR. AND MRS. A. V. EASTINIAN Seattle, XV3Sl1I1lglIO11 MRS. RACHEL T. EDQUIST Colorado Springs, Colorado MR. AND MRS. SIIELDON D. ELLIOT New York ll, New York MR. AND MRS. MICHAEL ELLIS Casper, VVyOming MR. AND MRS. EDXVARD S. F ARROXV Rochester, N. Y. MR. AND MRS. GAYLORD FAUNTLEBOY Houston, Texas MR. AND MRS. AR'rI-IUR C. FISHER Altadena, California MR. AND MRS. BOY INICIKINLEY F Ox Portland, Oregon MR. AND MRS. PIOYVARD A. F RAAIE Los Altos, California MR. AND MRS. OTTO H. G. F REIb1UND Sebastopol, California MR. AND MRS. B. E. FROST San Marino, California DR. AND MRS. LLOYD GILBEIKI' Fargo, North Dakota MR. AND MRS. GILES B. GRADY, SR. Corpus Christie, Texas MR. AND MRS. A. CRAXVFORD GIIEEN San Francisco, California MRS. RALPH CONIE Chico, California MR. AND MRS. EDWVARD T. GUYBIAN San Diego, California MR. AND MRS. VV ALTER IHAAS San Francisco, California DAVID RODNEY HADDON, M .D. Berkeley, California MR. AND MRS. P. A. PIASSEL San Francisco, California MR. AND MRS. F. BOURN HAYNE Kentfield, California DR. AND MRS. H. K. HILDIKETII St. Louis 5, Missouri MR. AND MRS. CARL H. HOFFb'IAN Oakland, California MR, AND MRS. ALTON HOUSER Pomeroy, Washington DR. AND MRS. LAURIE L. PIOVVARD Great Falls, Montana MR. AND MRS. 1. B. HUDSON Yuba City, California FRANK C. IBER, M.D. Stephens Point, IVisconSin MR. AND MRS. DAVID K. IRELAND Bellin gham, XVashington MR. AND MRS. WVILLIAIXI F. IAHNKE Seattle 99, Washington MR. AND MRS. IOHN VV. JOHNSON Casper, Wyoiiiiiig MR. AND MRS. SILION KAUFFIXIAN Phoenix, Arizona MR. AND MRS. EDNVARD M. KELLY Denver, Colorado MR. AND MRS. EDWARD A. KENT Berkeley 7, California MR. AND MRS. BENJANIIN T. KNEURUHL Balboa Island, California MR. AND MRS. ALBERT S. KOZ3-IAN Piedmont, California MRS. B. A. LANZA Glen Ellyn, Illinois MR. AND MRS. EARNEST PI. LARSEN Redlands, California MR. AND MRS. PAUL LEONARD San Francisco 27, California MRS. DECIIXIA IVIELLIN Hollywood 28, California MR. AND MRS. ALDEN VV. MILLER Phoenix, Arizona MR. AND MRS. FRANCES E. NIIXTER Visalia, California MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. MOORE, JR. San Francisco, California MRS. A. H. MORRIS Beverly Hills, California MR. AND MRS. KENNETH O. lVIO'1'I'-SIVIITH Evanston, Illinois MR. AND MRS. ALVIN E. lVIACB4AHON Piedmont Il, California MR. AND MRS. W. W. MCCABE Taft, California MR. AND MRS. W. B. IVICCLELLAND Shaker Heights, Ohio MR. AND MRS. FRANCIS D. IVICCORIXIACK Salem, Oregon MR. AND MRS. JACK lX"ICDONALD San Marino, California DR. AND MRS. IVIALCOLINI P. IVICKINNON Sandpoint, Idaho MR. AND MRS. VVILLIALI H. PENAAT San Carlos, California MR. AND MRS. CLARENCE A. PEREGRINE Palisade, Colorado MR. AND MRS. VVILLIAINI O. PETERSON WVayzota, Minnesota MR. AND MRS. HOLINIAN D. PETTIBONE Winnetka, Illinois MR. AND MRS. IAINIES PRENTICE Pasadena, California MR. AND MRS. ROBERT L. PRUYN Rolling Hills, California DR. AND MRS. JOSEPH BESSER Pasadena 10, California MR. AND MRS. HENRY J. RICHTEB St. Louis, Missouri MRS. DAVID ROSENTHAL Sun Valley, Idaho MR. AND MRS. JOHN PLUNIIANO XVilloWS, California MRS. IIENRY POTTER RUSSELL Burlingame, California MR. AND MRS. SI-IELDON SACKETT Piedmont, California MR. AND MRS. G. WV. SCHANTIN Portland 12, Oregon MRS. PAUL SCIILAGER Fresno, California MR. ANDREW D. SHAW Bolling Hills, California MR. AND MRS. PETER T. SINCLAIH San Francisco, California MR. AND MRS. GEORGE C. SIVIITH Santa Maria, California MR. AND MRS. LYNN A. SINIITH Pasadena 5, California MR. AND MRS. EBIIL SPOERRY, JR. Chagrin Falls, Ohio MR. AND MRS. GLENN H. STOCKBRIDGE Bakersfield, California DR. AND MRS. CALEB S. STONE, JR. Seattle 2, Washington MR. AND MRS. EARL B. STOWE Phoenix, Arizona MR. AND MRS. JOHN A. SUTRO San Francisco, California MR. AND MRS. JACK TEMPLIN Hoonah, Alaska MR. AND MRS. XKVILLIALI THOIXIAS Oakland, California DR. AND MRS. O. THORESON Bismark, N. Dakota MR. AND MRS. RICHARD H. WALTKE St. Louis 17, Missouri MR. AND MRS. PAUL WVABD Hays, Kansas MR. AWD MRS. GEORGE WVHITE Gilroy, California MR. AND MRS. HOWARD D. VVHITE Adrian, Michigan MR. AND MRS. XKVINSLOYV B. WHITMAN Yuma, Arizona MR. AND MRS. PETER NVIKEL Larkspur, California MR. AND MRS. GRANT A. VVINANS Redding, California MR. AND MIKS. WADE WOODY Kernville, California MR. AND MRS. XVALLACE 'WONG Minneapolis, Minnesota MR. AND MRS. STEFAN H. ZACHAR Miami Beach, Florida MR. AND MRS. D. ZELLERRACH San Francisco, California I IW1Qw4fQ'I16vU1,!I6IQQQ0fM6, ' We've seen it happen so many times. You resolve broad and see something ot the world 4 fp? dd M44 27 t "'T ' ' ' ff o go a WWW " ' " B tconsiderations arise. rgiif- E 'TNQ' X I I' X TIF, C OI1 before settling down . u I 1 You dwindle away your money on other things 'th the years-the job you 1 Delays accumulate W1 In I " 'ff can't leave, the husband who Can't go with you, O can't be left behind. I ,-y- -1: le- 45. bl 'A 5, ' I' ! If rl 'Ing 12 the Children wh L, 61 If Take this good advice: Go now! Your opportunity 1. to travel may never come again. Take one of ArneriCa's two great trans-Pacific luxury liners on a cruise to the fabulous Orient! Hawaii-lapan-Hong Kong-the I Philippines! Stopover anywhere, take the next liner. Color, romance, adventure-it happens! it's true! but you must meet it halfway! A t f r his tree services in working out details Decide on it! Then ask any travel agen O O hips sail frequently from San Francisco and h Costs, side tours, departure dates. ur s Y can cruise from the Atlantic Coast to California, too, if you wis .I AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES 311 CALIFORNIA ST., SAN FRANCISCO 4, YUKON 6-sooo - l 'IIB Los Angeles. C ou 126 LUCE MEAT 300 KANSAS STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA HEmIOck I-8989 Establishment 354868 iViIlgStOIfS TRIWAY MEATS 5851 MacArthur Boulevard "The Bed" CONGRATULAUON5 ' T0 THE A -22f4if: iv- -'-- c LAss OF '55 GRANT AND GEARY 0 SAN FRANCISCO 6133911 onvcuaamna ualzty Laundermf, DRAPERY CURTAIN RUG 81 FURNITURE CLEANING I IMHSHHI-Lffffli QUALITY COUNTS . . . AND YOU CAN COUNT ON MARSHALL STEEL 127 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. ALEX YOUR HAIR DRESSER 251 Post San Francisco The Sugar Bowl NORDEN, CALIFORNIA For the Mills College Skier December 'til Beginning May Skiing at Its Best in the West All Roads Lead To DON AND ANN Out Mountain Boulevard ls Fastesf 2820 MOUNTAIN BOULEVARD KE 2 9923 F R A N K M c K E E Your Shell Dealer 5881 MacArthur Boulevard Compliments of CO LLEGE S HOP MRS. MARGOT H. PEKOR, Manage SOPHISTICATED FOOD With a Mills Background FENNER FULLERS 6I4Grand Avenue Hlgafe 4-9701 FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION PUDESTA-BALIIUCCI Congratulations THE CAMPUS GRILL "THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD" On the RIGHT side of MacArthur Across from the Flower Shop ggnbia House "WONDERFUL CURRY" 629 Washington San Francisco STAPLE'S REXALL DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS STATIONERY 5895 MacArthur Blvd .,... TRinidad 2-8604 Compliments of THE GOLDEN LANTERN TEA ROOM MISS MuCALEER'S SCHOOL TRAINS YOUNG COLLEGE WOMEN EXCLUSIVELY FOR PRIVATE SECRETARIES Enrollment is Limited Instruction is careful, individual training 391 SUTTER ST., SAN FRANCISCO DO. 2-'I531 9 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '55 ALLENDALE PHOTO STUDIO George Tagney PORTRAITS CANDIDS WEDDINGS Telephone ANcIover 1-9821 2879 - 38th AVE. OAKLAND For Discriminating People THE CALIFORNIAN HOTEL Taylor and O'FarreII San Francisco THELMA'S FOUNTAIN 6018 MacArthur Open unfil 10 p.m. - Closed Tuesdays BOULEVARD HAIRDRESSERS Mr. Ben, Hair Sfylisi 6016 MacArthur Blvd. LOcIchaven 2-4038 THE LANAI SHOP Casual and Sports Wear 5925 MacArthur EDWARD'S PASTRY SHOP 5935 MacArthur MILLS GATE VARIETY 5929 MacArthur TRinidad 2-4586 MILLS FOOD CENTER 5911 MacArIhur Boulevard FRANKLIN JEWELER - Watch Repairing - 5908 MacArfhur Blvd. LOckhaven 9-9272 FRAN AND KEN'S CAFE 5934 MacArfhur Boulevard THE GILLICK PRESS student directory Gloria Abramson 3530 Grim Avenue San Diego 4, California Nancy Adams 111 Baltimore St., Box 585 Heppner, Oregon Iacquelyn Alden 1945 Lombardy Road San Marino, California Kay Almond 305 West Academy Street Del Rio, Texas Sara Amodei 2723 - 14th Street Sacramento 18, California Mary Amory Maple Street Wenham, Massachusetts joan Angus 988 Rose Street Hayward, California Maria Antoncich Caillorna 235 Lima, Peru Elinor Axtens 1457 South Logan Denver 10, Colorado Nancy Bacon P.O. Box 1851 Carmel, California Vanna Bagshaw 8 Scenic Avenue San Rafael, California Clare Bain 6216 Swainland Road Oakland, California Dorothea Baker Colonial Farms Avondale, Pennsylvania Geraldine Bardy 955 North Division Street Aberdeen, Washington Nancy Bartoo Sheepranch, California Sheila Bates 1549 Despard Avenue Victoria, British Columbia Leslie Baun East Nicolaus, California Barbara Baxter 55 Crocker Avenue Piedmont 11, California Priscilla Beacon 1755 East 23rd Eugene, Oregon , Anne Beardsley 1212 Upas Street San Diego, California Deborah Beck 2300 Lansford Avenue San jose 25, California Patricia Beckman 2166 Crescent Drive Altadena, California Beverly Beers 1712 - 47th S.W. Seattle 6, WVashington Lee Beers 7028 N.E. Tillamook Portland, Oregon Beverly Bell 1065 Pali Drive Salem, Oregon Beverly Ann Bell 9714 Rockbrook Drive Dallas 20, Texas Virginia Bell Vaughn, Washington Marcia Belsher 2604 N.E. 40 Portland, Oregon Vanda Benson 144 Lombard St. Beaverton, Oregon Virginia Bigelow 5138 Oakwood Avenue La Canada, California Donna Bisnett 406 - 19th Street Pacific Grove, California Cheron Black Naval Air Station-Qts. N San Diego, California Ethel Black 853 Miramar Claremont, California Mary Boesel 220 Ridgewood Road Duluth, Minnesota Constance Boileau 2429 Union Avenue North Bend, Oregon Ioan Borthick 240 N.E. 87th Avenue Portland 16, Oregon Judy Bousquet 533 Highland Drive VVenatchee, Washington Sharon Bramkamp 260 Wildwood Avenue Piedmont, California Lois Brandwynne 916 Carroll Street Brooklyn 25, N. Y. Rina Braverman Hagalil Street Hadera, Israel Sue Breck 1145 Dutton Avenue San Leandro, California Betsy Brooke 1029 Beard Road Napa, California Patricia Brown 914 North Division Aberdeen, Washington Carol Schuback Browning 628 Beacon Street Oakland, California Rosemary Brusso 445 El Camino Real Vallejo, California Nancy Burch 1625 Middlefield Road Palo Alto, California Marilyn Burman 7 Sylvan Drive San Francisco 27, Calif. Esther Butschke 27 D Street Vallejo, California Diane Caleson 258 Amherst Berkeley, California Marilyn Cmlisle EDF. Igarra Aparto 1, Calle Carabobo El Rosal Caracas, Venezuela Carolyn Carlson 5160 Camden Street Oakland, California Marilyn Carlson Route 3, Box 76 Chico, California Constance Carter 2419 Adeline Drive Burlingame, California Ioan Carty Monte Everest 920 Mexico D.F., Mexico Zenia Chan 17 Braga Circuit Kowloon, Hong Kong Henrietta Chandler Hunts Point Bellevue, Washington Elsa Chapin 511 Cedar Street Winnetka, Illinois Alyceann Chappell 129 Cedar Ravine Placerville, California Barbara Cheatham 814 East Windsor Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Roxanna Chew 1469 - 81st Avenue Oakland, California jane Ching Room 101. Bank of East Asia Hong Kong Sue Chow 5344 Calaveras Avenue Oakland 19, Califomia Vivian Chun 3050 Kalakaua Avenue Honolulu, I-Iawaii Kathleen Churchill P.O. Box 775 Puunene, Maui, T.H. Martha Clark 602 E. 15th Street Oakland, California Margaret Loyd Class 799 Oak Street, Apt. 9 San Francisco, California Carolyn Clegg 1266 Parsons Drive Santa Rosa, California Dorothy Cole 415 Hillside Klamath Falls, Oregon Sally Collins 50135 N. Raynor Avenue Joliet, Illinois Christa Comery 4038 Central Avenue VVestem Springs, Illinois Susan Connett 1129 Watkyns Drive Pasadena, California Elizabeth Connor 2375 Byron Street Palo Alto, California Margaret Cook 1450 - 42nd Street Sacramento 15, California Marion Cook P.O. Box 785 Rio Vista, California Ann Cookson 2817 Buchanan Street San Francisco 23, California Sue Ann Coopman 1801 Manor Drive Visalia, California Linda Copeland 1817 Leimert Boulevard Oakland, California Elizabeth Cousins Route 3, Howard Street Walla Walla, Washington Bonnie Craig 240 North Clenroy Avenue Los Angeles 49, California Irene Damis 2007 N.E. Skidmore Street Portland 11, Oregon Leal Davidson 1891 Leimert Boulevard Oakland 2, California Donna Davis 1516 Kaweah Avenue Visalia, California Dorothy Davis 1204 N. 4th Street Sheboygan, Wisconsin Doris Daw 629 Monroe Street Santa Rosa, California Lynn Dean Route 2, Box 108 Fallbrook, California Irene Deans 1446 Laurel Street Santa Cruz, California janet De Neff 1915 South Rockwood Boulevard Spokane 35, Washington Linda Denny 3240 Lombardy Road Pasadena 10, California Marsha De Pue 1560 Ivanhoe Street Denver, Colorado Diane Dickerson 5027 Drexel Boulevard Chicago 15, Illinois Helene Dietrich 1021 North Commerce Street Stockton 3, California Ann Dobson 156 - 26th Avenue San Francisco 21, California Suzanne Doehring 1077 East Foothill Boulevard Altadena, California Deborah Donald Woodside Road Redwood City, California Althea Dorman 4800 Davenport Avenue Oakland, California Helen Drake 711 Sheridan Road Winnetka, Illinois Aileen Drill 9956 Toluca Avenue North Hollywood, Califomia Priscilla Drum 3817 Dewey Avenue Omaha, Nebraska Catherine Du Bose 216 West Avenue 152 San Lorenzo, California Patricia Ducommun 960 Avondale Road San Marino 9, California Agatha Dunham P.O. Box 104 Chama, New Mexico Sallie Dunn 2105 Buchanan Street San Francisco, California Laura Dyke S006 Bowman Road Austin, Texas Patricia Early 33 Tyson Circle Piedmont 11, California Merna Eastman 905 Allison Street Seattle, Washington Drusilla Eaton 1744 Palos Verdes Drive W. Palos Verdes Estates, California Luanne Edquist 1417 North Weber Street Colorado Springs, Colorado Claire Elder 1965 San Antonio Road Berkeley 7, California Terry Elliott 19 Washington Square N. New York 11, N.Y. Mary Ellis 108 East 10th Casper, Wyoming Rena Ellis 108 East 10th Casper, NVyoming Elizabeth Elston 859 Haverford Avenue Pacific Palisades, California Carolyn Everett P.O. Box 125 Challenge, California jennifer Ewing Hook Road Bedford Village, N.Y. Katharine Farrow S350 Elmwood Avenue Rochester, N.Y. Betsy Fauntleroy 2158 Chilton Houston, Texas Diane Fehring 1175 Morada Place Altadena, California Alida Field Route 1, Box 274 Linden, California Virginia Fine 3238 Huntington Boulevard Fresno 2, California 'I33 4 Linda Fisher 3535 N. Canyon Ridge Drive Altadena, California Lynn Fisher 11 Hillcrest Keokuk, Iowa Isabelle Forbusch P.O. Box 5 Stewart, Nevada Mimi Forsyth Le Roy Place Chappaqua, N. Y. Cynthia Foskett 1460 - 27th Avenue East Eugene, Oregon Jacqueline Fox 2323 N .E. Hancock Street Portland, Oregon Sheila Fox El Iardin Apts. 1345 N. Hayworth Avenue WV est Hollywood 46, California Nancy Franz Brookridge Drive Greenwich, Connecticut Corinne Freeman 263 Molino Avenue Mill Valley, California Gaea Freimund 827 Pleasant Hill Road Sebastopol, California Elsa Freudenthal 539 West Las Cruces Avenue Las Cruces, New Mexico Iudith Frost 911 Henrietta Birmingham, Michigan Linda Frost 2690 Lorain Road San Marino, California Ann Fullinwider 1133 Olive Lane Coronado, California Leila Galbraith 1290 Mesa Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Mary Garner P.O. Box 154 Inverness, California Ieannette Gary 6300 Acacia Avenue Oakland, California Margaret Gerber 329 High Street Klamath Falls, Oregon Sylvia Gerber 329 High Street Klamath Falls, Oregon Verne Giacometti 2306 Kalanianaole Avenue Hilo, T.H. Nancy Gilbert 1218 Seventh Sheet S. Fargo, North Dakota Mary Ann Gillespie 224 S. Avena Lodi, California jean Ginder 14255 Sonoma Highway Glen Ellen, California Elaine Goldenberg 560 Longwood Avenue Glencoe, Illinois Diane Goodyear 420 Darrell Road Burlingame, California Kay Gorden Route 1 Kimberly, Idaho Dean Gourley 614 - 6th Avenue WV. Calgary, Alberta, Canada Gretchen Gover 900 East Cypress Altus, Oklahoma Sallie Grady 253 Leming Street Corpus Christie, Texas Mary Lee Green 55 Bolinas Avenue San Anselmo, California Nancy Green 5439 East View Park Chicago 15, Illinois Gaye Grenfell 2928 Dwight Way Stockton, California Gloria Grimes Glen Grove Farm Urbana, Ohio Nina Marcus Grold 2340 Pacific Avenue, Apt. SA San Francisco, Califomia joy Hadden 1521 Leroy Avenue Berkeley 8, California Virginia Hafner P.O. Box 335 Palo Alto, California Maeva Hair Puunene, Maui, T.H. Ann Hakes 1434 Wood Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Ann Hamilton 435 West First Avenue Chico, California Phyllis Macaulay Hammer 4850 Tompkins Avenue Oakland, California Marcia Hancock 16778 VV. lvy Fontana, California Caryl Hansen 17154 Chatsworth Street Granada Hills, California Charlotte Harder 1568 Upland Road Huntington, West Virginia Kay Harper 305 Iuanita Way San Francisco 27, California Margo Harris 4363 E. Lake Harriet Boulevard Minneapolis, Minnesota Lorna Harrison 2039 Ualakaa Street Honolulu, Hawaii Mary Hzurity My Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Margaret Harrold 909 University Avenue Palo Alto, California Suzanne Hartsock 8917 Helms Place Los Angeles 34, California lane Hasfurther E. 846 Overbluff Spokane, WVashington Barbara Hassel 2829 Divisaclero Street San Francisco 23, California Tamara Hausner 15 D Street Vallejo, California Ianet Havely 520 Napa Avenue P.O. Box 354 Rodeo, California Elizabeth Hawks 1832 North Cascade Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Sarah Hayne Box 156 Kentiield, California Sharon Heaton 455 VVest California Street Pasadena 2, California Napela Heen 1585 Thurston Avenue Honolulu 25, Hawaii Helen Henry 1070 Humboldt Street Denver, Colorado Marilou Henry House 826 My Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Marilyn Henry 903 Norton Avenue Glendale, California Jennifer Hicks 6454M3 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland, California Susan Hildreth 711 Middle Polo Drive St. Louis 5, Missouri Loretta I-Iirsh 724 North Elm Drive Beverly Hills, California Patricia Hoffman 735 Rosemount Road Oakland, California Holly Hollister Box 392 Coronado, California Elsie Holt Carmel Valley, Route 2 Carmel, California Janet Hope 4106 Alameda Drive San Diego 3, California Caroline Houser Pomeroy, Washington Laura Howard 717 Fourth Avenue North Great Falls, Montana Helen Howland 16008 Via Media San Lorenzo, California Kitty Hu 6177 Buena Vista Avenue Oakland 18, California May Huang 972 Hamilton Avenue Palo Alto, California Marilyn Hudson 259 B Street Yuba City, California Judy Hultman 103 South Rose Street Lodi, California Ann Hunt 2625 Ridge Road Berkeley 9, California Barbara Hunter Apartado 686 Mexico D.F., Mexico Sylvia Huseby 750 Edmonds Street, Box 56 Edmonds, Washington Dona lber 833 Clark Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Gloria Ibera P.O. Box 60 Hawi, Hawaii Judith Ireland 619 - 15th Street Bellingham, Washington Anne Irons 2055 Sunset Boulevard San Diego 3, California Harriet Isom Route 2, Box 18 Echo, Oregon Doris Jahnke 2926 West Blaine Seattle 99, Washington Laura James 10700 Cameron Avenue Oakland 5, California Karen Jensen 543 W. Oregon Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Barbara Johnson 1035 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, California Deborah Johnson Route 4, Box 2345 Bremerton, Washington Diana Lee Johnson 1424 - 6th Street Coronado, California Eva Johnson 708 East Central Avenue Minot, North Dakota Mary Suzanne Johnson P.O. Box 633 Chico, California Mona Diane Johnson Route 2, Box 398 Sonoma, California Nelle Johnson 714 A Street Rock Springs, Wyoming Ruth Ann Johnson Box 203 7 Arbuckle, California Sarah Johnson 1114 South David Street Casper, Wyoming Irene Jones 157 VValnut Drive Palo Alto, California Jeanie Jue 2330 - 21st Avenue South Seattle, Washington Eleanor Durham Juette 2510 N.E. Alameda Portland, Oregon Frances Kagawa 2023-C Roundtop Drive Honolulu, T.H. Barbara Kauffman 2237 Encanto Drive N.E. Phoenix, Arizona Susan Kaufman 2335 Underwood Houston, Texas Kikuko Kawasaki 514 East Center Street Visalia, California Carolyn Keagy 210 Jackson Avenue Fort Collins, Colorado Lynn Kelly 635 Fillmore St. Denver, Colorado Kathryn Kelt East Park Street, P.O. Box 149 Grants Pass, Oregon Susan Kennedy Route 2 Shelton, Washington Olive Khaw 103 Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road Rangoon, Burma Sung Hai Kim APO 928, W P.M. San Francisco, California Young Ju Kim 279 Nakwon-Dong Chongno-Ku Seoul, Korea Nina King S 4632 Pershing Avenue St. Louis 8, Missouri Frances Kneubuhl P.O. Box 74 311 Sapphire Avenue Balboa Island, California Karen Kohler 2965 Shasta Road Berkeley, California Elizabeth Krause 7110 YVilder Road Phoenix, Arizona Jacqueline Kyle 1950 River Road Eugene, Oregon Mary Kyle 18682 Lamson Road Castro Valley, California Alice Lacey 3 El Paso Place Salinas, California Ann Lamont 2423 First South Seattle 4, Washington Susan Landreth 3865 Howe Street Oakland 11, California 135 Karen Lanza 727 Revere Road Glen Ellyn, Illinois Sue Larsen 716 Cajon Street Redlands, California Marjorie Lash 517 Floral Park Terrace South Pasadena, California Corinne Lassers 2855 - 34th Avenue San Francisco, California Janice Latham 1645 Carmel Road Walnut Creek, California Cleo Leavitt Route 4, Box 108 Bothell, VV ashington Annette Lee 241 Fremont Street Colusa, California Deanne Lee 4 Knight Street Kowloon, Hong Kong, B,C. Kit Kwan Lee 230 Prince Edward Road Kowloon, Hong Kong, B.C. Lee Ann Lee Route 1 Blaine, Washington Amanda Leighton Pinewoods Ballston Lake, New York Mary Lemann 1437 Amelia Street New Orleans, Louisiana joel Leon 4340 South McGregor Houston, Texas Dora Lerner Choquehuanca 299 Lima, Peru Lavinia Lesh 917 E. Mountain Glendale 7, California Ruth Lima 56-39 Van Cleef Street Corona, New York Diane Lindner 1109 Monaco Denver 20, Colorado Elna Lindquist 3252 Park Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota Sally Litzer 2311 N.W. Sixth Camas, Washington Beth Livingston Monte Tauro 320 Lomas Chapultepec Mexico, D.F. Alice London 90 Hazel Road Berkeley 5, California Susan Long 3208 Forest Great Bend, Kansas Tessa-Storme Lyon 1134 Greenwich Street San Francisco, California Shirley Macaulay 1831 - 34th Avenue Oakland, California Enid MacCready 2711 Candelaria Road N.W. Albuquerque, New Mexico Vivian MacFarlane 965 Summit Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota Marilyn Maclnnis 702 North Eye Tacoma 3, Washington Mary MacKenzie 6020 Wellesley Way Seattle 5, WVashington Elizabeth MacMahon 210 Pacific Avenue Piedmont 11, California Ruth Mancini 4050 East 18th Street Oakland 1, California Margaret Manin 3328 S.E. 120th Portland 66, Oregon Jean Mann 2816 Freedom Boulevard Watsonville, California Mary Rose Mason U.S. Naval Mission U.S. Embassy Caracas, Venezuela Beverly Mater 240 Ricardo Road Mill Valley, California Sondra Matesky 764 North Madison Avenue Los Angeles 29, California Sumile Matsumoto 840 Addison Street Berkeley 2, California Anne Mayberry 16 East 6th Street Antioch, California Constance Mayfield 11701 Monte Verde Avenue Mountain View, California Marilyn Maynard 14015 S.E. McLoughlin Boulevard Portland 22, Oregon jacqueline McAfee 1100 S. Pickard Norman, Oklahoma Ann McAllister 3344 Las Huertas Road Lafayette, California Gail McCabe 28-9 K Street, 11-C Camp Taft, California Phoebe McCabe Maplewoods, Route 3, Box 103 WVayzata, Minnesota Patricia McCarty Route 5, Box 525 Visalia, California Sue McClelland 3119 Chadbourne Road Shaker Heights, Ohio Belinda McConnell 1710 Rockland Avenue Victoria, British Cohunhia, Canada Catherine Ann McCormack 255 West Lefelle Street Salem, Oregon Barbara McCrea Quarters 200 Maxwell A.F.B., Alabama Sandra McDonald 2612 Oak Knoll San Marino, California Valette McDonald 1129 Wood Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Mary Louise McGehee 4774 N, VVishon Avenue Fresno, California Ann McHugh 175 East Fulton Road Santa Rosa, California Sandra McKeever 2539 S.W. Hillcrest Drive Portland 1, Oregon Mary McKinnon 102 Pacific Street Sandpoint, Idaho Liggett McLaws 5835 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland 13, California Roberta McLeod 1332 Begier Avenue San Leandro, California Anne McPherson Stephen Mather Road Darien, Connecticut Carol Melkonian 721 VVest Fifth Street Gilroy, California Decima Mellin 1926 North Wilton Place Hollywood 28, California Marcia Metcalf 225 So. Summit El Dorado, Kansas Molly Michel 512 King Street Monrovia, California Marie Milburn 3028 Cadboro Bay Road Victoria, B.C., Canada Ann Miller Box 493 Foothill Road Carpinteria, Calif. Catherine Miller 2625 Pt. Grey Road Vancouver, B.C., Canada Sally Ann Miller 1833 North 13th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Nan Mishler S216 N.E. Hancock Street Portland 12, Oregon Patra Mitchell Box 149, Route 1 Fallbrook, California Frances Mixter 301 Hyde NVay Visalia, California Kathleen Moir cfo Bank of Hawaii Honokaa, Hawaii Cecilia Moller E. 840 - 28th Avenue Spokane, Washington Rosa Montalvo Sierra Tarahuniara 310, Poniente Mexico 10, D.F. Susan Moore 212 San Rafael Avenue Belvedere, Califomia Paula Morgan Rt. 1, Box 429 Patterson, California Anne Morris 3010 San Pasqual Street Pasadena 10, California Jill Morris 1119 Coldwater Canyon Drive Beverly Hills, Calif. Marilyn Morris 503 Sunset Avenue VVoodland, California Mary Morris 134 West Poplar Avenue San Mateo, California Faith Morrison 868 N. Madison Avenue Pasadena 6, California Sally Morse 6130 N. 22nd Street Phoenix, Arizona Content Mott-Smith 2185 Orrington Avenue Evanston, Illinois Marcia Mozara 2473 Kingsland Avenue Oakland, California Diana Munger 7007 East Corregidor Road Vancouver, WVashington Suzanne Munk 3808 S.VV. Mount Adams Drive Portland 1, Oregon Ruth Nemoede 647 North Friends Whittier, California Barbara Newman 1811 YV ood Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Hope Nichols R.F.D. 1 Durham, New Hampshire Paula Nill 6740 Hibiscus Drive Lemon Grove, California Ellen Woody Noble Box 115-A Kernville, California Alison Noller 9502 Waverly Drive Tacoma 9, Washington Machiko Nomura 816 Alma Street Oakland, California Kathleen Nordman 1498 Shasta Avenue San Jose, California Georgina Nonnan Box 658 Montrose, Colorado Jo-Ann Ordano 7702 - 29th Avenue, N.W. Seattle 7, Washington Marilyn Orlob 1514 Arlington Drive Salt Lake City, Utah Nancy Overton 1209 Ridgecrest Drive, S.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico Nancy Palm 151 South Clermont Street Denver 7, Colorado Julianne Papst 12440 S.W. Iron Mt. Boulevard Portland 1, Oregon Mary Parker 3017 S.E. Tolman Street Portland, Oregon Barbara Parsons Box 373 Florence, Oregon Judith Patterson 15407 McGinty Road Wayzata, Minnesota Patricia Peers 9853 Coleman Valley Road Occidental, Californian Lia Perczek Avenida 4A, if-4-66 Cali, Columbia Elizabeth Penaat 789 Cedar Street San Carlos, California Pamela Penner 2541 Sixth Avenue Sacramento 18, California Kathryn Pepper 1405 West Maple Street Rawlins, Wyoming Patricia Peregrine Box 5 Palisade, Colorado Judith Perry Rt. 3, Box 1048 Porterville, Calif. Diane Peters 457 Hudson Street Oakland, California Janet Peterson 2635 - 40th Avenue, West Seattle, Washington Judith Pierce 2321 S.W. Jefferson Road Portland 1, Oregon Caroline Plumb Route 1, Box 72 Solvang, California Marie Plumb Tejupilco 32 Mexico 10, D.F. Clelia Porter 4192 S.W. Greenleaf Drive Portland 1, Oregon Edwina Potter 48 Robles Del Rio Carmel Valley, Calif. Sheila Powers 1617 - 7th Street, South Fargo, North Dakota Dorothy Prentice 1330 Hillcrest Avenue Pasadena, California Shirley Price 1724 Pearl Street Alameda, California 7 Ruth Pruyn 7 Crest Road Rolling Hills, California Toni Putnam Washington Depot Connecticut Thelma Quijano 39th Street No. 29 Panama City, Panama Lucille Radovich Route 2, Box 358 Delano, California Marilyn Rahmstorf 293 Broadmoor Boulevard San Leandro, California Patricia Rak 551 Chestnut Street Waban 68, Massachusetts Eloise Randleman 609 South Shields Street Fort Collins, Colorado Ruth Rapp 3699 Montecito Heights Santa Rosa, California Marilyn Rasmussen 1225 Missouri Street Fairfield, California Beverly Fisher Redman 5957 Majestic Avenue Oakland, California Patricia Reid 1222 Walnut Street Alameda, California Bonnie Renter 7912 Crenshaw Boulevard Inglewood 4, California Barbara Rice 7412 Balboa Boulevard Van Nuys, California Mildred Rice 2609 N.W. 24th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nancy Richter 3 Wendover Drive St. Louis, Missouri Myra Riedemann Alkali Lake Ranch Alkali Lake, B.C. Sophie Riedemann Alkali Lake Ranch Alkali Lake, B.C. Katherine Risser 2775 San Pasqual Street Pasadena 10, California Alyce Roberts 1114 Homewood Drive Cleveland, Ohio Margaret Roberts Willow Avenue Ross, California Lois Robin 2300 Lincoln Park XV. Chicago 14, Illinois Dolores Robinson 10414 Somerset Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Ieanette Robinson 331 Bonita Avenue Piedmont, California Sally Robinson 1600 Monaco Parkway Denver, Colorado Janice Robison 3891 Hampstead Road Flintridge Pasadena 3, California Mary Rogers 511 First Street Coronado, California Joan Rose 9 Sea View Avenue Piedmont, California Ann Rosenthal Box 206 Sun Valley, Idaho Cynthia Ross Londres 906 Monterrey, N.L., Mexico Ruth Rumiano 180 N. Merrill Avenue VVillows, California Marcia Sackett 171 Estates Drive Piedmont 11, California Ann Sanson 2641 Hollister Terrace Glendale, California Suzanne Saunders Sierra Tejupilco 48 Barrilaco, Mexico 10, D.F. Emi Sawada Mills College Oakland 13, California Patricia Sawyier 2622 Lakeview Chicago 14, Illinois Amy Schanno 1 Forest Glen Lane Tacoma Country Club Tacoma, Washington Joanne Schantin 2260 N .E. 31st Avenue Portland 12, Oregon Mary Schlager 415 Fairmont Avenue Fresno, California Sally Schrepferman 160 Lafayette Street Denver, Colorado Robin Scibird 2120 V Street Sacramento, California Mary Scott 1021 - 7th Avenue Lewiston, Idaho Mike Shaw 6150 VVestminster Place St. Louis 12, Missouri Susan Shaw 3 Hillside Lane Rolling Hills, California Anne Grey Sheridan 20809 Lassen Street Chatsworth, California Sara Shuttleworth 716 Bon Air Street La Iolla, California Ardeth Sievers Box 128-B Dixon, California Kaye Simons South Baker Avenue VV hiteish, Montana Sara Simons 1096 Oak Knoll Drive Pomona, California Katherine Sinclair 2 Santa Monica Way San Francisco, California Elizabeth George Sisney 9339 A Street Hayward, California Carol Skellett 10 Midwood Terrace Madison, New jersey Elsie Skemp 1001 El Sur 'Way Sacramento 21, California Ariel Smith 6740 S.E. 35th Avenue Portland 2, Oregon Beverly Smith 57 Sycamore Avenue Arcadia, California Diane Smith 1622 S.W. 10th Avenue Portland 1, Oregon Marilyn Smith 623 East Central Street Santa Maria, California Shirley Smith 1270 Hillcrest Avenue Pasadena 5, California Pamela Smyth 326 Franklin Street Marion, Ohio Sandra Sollom 15 Bigelow Avenue Mill Valley, California Maxine Solow 136 Roxbury Drive Beverly Hills, California Sharon Song 64 Aylett Lane Honolulu, Hawaii Jeannine Sova 1332 Western Avenue Glendale, California Czunilla Spalding Conway Road Lake Forest, Illinois Susan Spangler 1333 Eastern Avenue Sacramento 21, California Shirley Spoerry No. 2 Thornapple Lane Chagrin Falls, Ohio Claire Stephens 2090 Webster Street Palo Alto, Califomia Nancy Sterling 2690 Bellaire Denver 7, Colorado Ann Stern 2719 West Blaine Seattle, NVashington Barbara Steward 75 Morningsun Avenue Mill Valley, California Elaine Stewart 1684 Fairview San Luis Obispo, California Mary Jane Stewart 2731 - 14th Street Sacramento 18, Califomia Donna Stockbridge 2459 Pine Street Bakersfield, California Beth Stoeckly 324 Crest Drive San Jose 27, Califomia Elizabeth Stone 951 Federal Avenue Seattle 2, Washington Sandra Stone 1121 VV. Highland Avenue Redlands, California Earline Stowe 5706 N. Central Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Margot Strauss 257 East Delaware Place Chicago 11, Illinois Mary Stuart 155 YVest Euclid Avenue Stockton, California Mary Sudman 480 North 8th West Green River, Wyoming Noramah Sumakno Mills College P.O. Box 394 Oakland 13, California Patricia Sun 1122 Powell Street San Francisco, California Caroline Sutro 3598 Jackson Street San Francisco 18, California Hiroko Suzuki 11 Shinoha-Machi Yokohama Ward Kohoku Prefecture Kanagwa, Japan Barbara Sweetland 2125 River Road Milwaukie, Oregon Patricia Taylor 3032 S.E. 76th Avenue Portland, Oregon Shirley Tempel 715 W. Walnut Lodi, California Judith Templin Hoonah, Alaska Virginia Tenneson 1349 Eighth Street South Fargo, North Dakota Annette Thomas Box 17 Wenatchee, Washington Nancy Thomas 2532 Cordova Street Oakland, California Natalie Thomas 2803 Cascadia Avenue Seattle 44, Washington Dorothy Thomson 1 1 Green Valley Road VVallingford, Pennsylvania Letitia Thoreson 815 Mandan Street Bismarck, North Dakota Barbara Thornton 1507 Peterson Street Fort Collins, Colorado Barbara Tobey 330 Darwin Street Santa Cruz, Califomia Sally Torrey 25 Thorney Court, Palace Ga London W 8, England Tonya Tracy 163 Bartlett Avenue Woodland, California Marylou True 1290 Monterey Boulevard San Francisco 27, California Cecilia Tse 8 Headland Road Hong Kong, B. C. te Janet Tuthill 1127 Windsor Avenue Piedmont, California Kimiko Uehara 5601 Roberts Avenue Oakland, California Virginia Van Every 625 Darrell Road Hillsborough Burlingame, California Margaret Venetis 551 West Montana Pasadena 3, California Natalie Vytlacil 800 N.W. 17th Street Albuquerque, New Mexico Kathleen Wahl 1039 East 88th Seattle 5, Washington Joy Waltke 2015 South VVarson Road St. Louis 17, Missouri Joanne VVard 572 Crestline Drive Los Angeles 49, California Virginia WVard 403 West 6th Street Hays, Kansas Brigid Ways 391 Baldwin Street Sierra Madre, California Sheila Weiberf 2214 - 33rd South Seattle 44, NVashington Doris Welling 98 N.W. Wilson Gresham, Oregon Clara Wellington V 3220 East 8th Street National City, California Barbara VVetsel Rt. 7, Box 1394 Sacramento, California Marilyn NVherry Hotel Hughson Modesto, California Lenore White 300 N. Princevalle Gilroy, California Louise White 625 Budlong Street Adrian, Michigan Persis White P,O. Box 306 Kentfield, California Barbara VVhitman 600 Eighth Avenue Yuma, Arizona 9 40 Carol VVikel 101 Hawthorne Avenue Larkspur, California Joanne Shelley WVilkes 1440 - 29th Avenue Oakland 1, California Sarah Jane VVilletts 8445 Alma Avenue Castro Valley, California Elizabeth Williams 818 Fourth Street, S.W. Rochester, Minnesota Joan Wilson 1437 W. 32nd Avenue Vancouver, B.C., Canada Jacqueline Winans Rt. 1, Box 4350 Redding, California Marilyn Winans 2888 Reposa Lane Altadena, California Joanne VV indberg 613 Mississippi Street El Paso, Texas Julie Wirka 3425 Crestwood Drive Madison 5, Wisconsin Annette Wisbar 4521 Pampas Oakland 19, California Maria Wisbar 4521 Pampas Oakland 19, California Susan Wolf 732 North Camden Drive Beverly Hills, California Barbara Wollin 2681 S.VV. Patton Court Portland, Oregon Geraldine Wong 2045 Keeaumoku Street Honolulu, Hawaii Jeanne Wong 635 Penn Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota Mardi Wood 434 N .W. Hermosa Boulevard Portland, Oregon Sue Wood Sampson Air Force Base Geneva, New York Virginia Wood Rochester, VVisconsin III Peggy Woodruff 853 East 95th Street Cleveland 8, Ohio Kay Booker Worcester 3301 Bruce Street Oakland, California Jane VVorthington 54 L Street Salt Lake City, Utah Nan Wright Creole Petroleum Corp Apartado 889 Caracas, Venezuela Wynn Wrigley 2531 Eye Street Eureka, California Stefanie Zachar 1535 West 28th Street Sunset Island No. 1 Miami Beach, Florida Sandra Ziebold 6330 Avenida Cresta La Jolla, California Sharon Zwonechek 2103 B A. Luna Pasay, Manila, Philippines acknowledgments It would be impossible to produce THE CHEST without the able assistance of many people who cooperate in order to make it a reality. My most sincere thanks to - Mr. Arthur Hargrave and Mr. Mark Robertson of the Gillick Press, who were our patient and helpful authorities on printing, covers, finances, and public relations, Mr. Marvin Bonds, Miss Ruth Pritchard, and Mr. Robert Moon, of California Art and Engraving, who were creative, thorough, and helpful in every way, Mr. George Tagney, who took pictures at all hours with dedication, Keith Cole Studios, who patiently took portraits and candids, Imogene Cunningham, who took the dedication picture of Mrs. Hawkes, Miss Margaret Williams, of the Public Relations office, who helped with pic- tures, cuts, and needed information, Paula Morgan, my morale-boosting "girl Friday,', dependable and helpful with pictures and anything else that needed doing, Diane johnson, who managed the business part of the CREST, Deci Mellin, who wrote and edited copy, The Patrons and Advertisers, who made the book financially possible, The CREST staff. The wonderful miscellaneous helpers who wrote copy for their organizations, typed, gave advice, and listened to the never-ending problems of the editor. Thank you! CAROLINE Housrzn 1955 CREST Editor 10 V1 GX Pj 40 A O E 2 Q EE' 41, .ff 0. .af

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