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THE MILLS C R E S T opyrighh June, I943 By Associafecl Sfuclen Mills Colleqe,Californ THEMILL C RE ST NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY-TI-IREE VCLUME THE TWENTY- EIGI-ITI-I ASSOCIATED STUDENTS MILLS CCDLLEGE CALIFORNIA IN MEMCRIAM This page is dedicaTed To Tour members oT The college Tamily whose mem- ory will long be cherished Tor Their goodness oT hearT, Their nobiliTy oT spiriT, Their conTagious enThusiasm, and Their respecT Tor scholasTic ideals. l-lETTlE BELLE ESE, beloved by TaculTy, sTudenTs and alumnae, AcTing Preside-nT oT The College Tor Two years, Dean oT STudenTs Tor a quarTer oT a cenTury, and inspiring Teacher in her chosen Tield, MaThemaTics, during her ThirTy-Tive years aT Mills. She gave oT her Time and her TalenTs, her mind and her hearT To The upbuilding oT The college she loved. MABEL PIERCE, charTer member oT The AssociaTe Council, honored grad- uaTe OT Wellesley College. member oT The Board oT DirecTors oT The Child- ren's l-lospiTal in San Francisco, proved in every aspecT oT her life her un- selTish inTeresT in civic welTare and in The service oT educaTion. ELIN BELIN PRATT, '42, presidenT oT The Worn Doors'Tep in her senior year, a gracious and Triendly sTudenT, wiTh a real giTT in The Teaching oT young children. WlLLlAM E. EWING, TrusTee oT Mills College Tor a decade, Superin- TendenT oT Schools in Oakland and a member oT The Board oT EducaTion Tor many years, will be remembered by hundreds oT Mills graduaTes Tor his undersTanding oT The sTudenT Teacher, and Tor his susTalned conTidence in The Teacher-educaTion program aT Mills College. ii s Ai Z5 F fi' Km Q. fi' y . , ,,,, l Y .. , .W g-v. V. - ' - :1 in " ff ' n' 1 4 C -fF"5r-.?' ,ff .. R 1 fi .2-1 -sig-IF ' 'a 'F 41?-Ph Hg," P' '15 ,-, MP0 ' ,-'G '-.- " - uri' ."'-0'1" ' , 1 V7-' .,- "' 'JI "9 ,, . 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'-z- .Lg ' - ' Yfsl .xl Q..-Qfg'-' Q ' 4- - v ' .. . ., Q ' , ' - ' . l ..-r' - F., .Sir :Ti ' 5 Mau 1 - flu , I , -gif ' V vw . qxtfsijb 4 .4 r,-sh 1 .hqsil , ,?,'1. I i JI- , , .1 .' ' ' 1, 'r ,' v4 " 7 7' 7 . f - Qlaf 'N Q1 -' ' .,f,,y' Y -' 'l-if:-if - U' ' . if .,.-,I '7 ...k " ,. rfs-JI". 'Y ' . , -...Tagl . "-,7 if 7 " , "g5"'5 fr 'ff ' "" lf lf'-' A "1'?,',fa ':' ' H -.1 57's -Y 5 , . .- r 71 ' 'vw' -,, ," ',,., 'ian '-'? 15 A ' J gn rf' ' , J . ' ' , ' Q' " fl 4.'.,I,r"-as s ifwfxl, 33.1 . : . 'ii' Yfccy- , . ' "4 . T-v ., v I ' ' 3 - 'j, ' 3, - . ' , 1 'Z' ' f' ' " etc? I ' 3-7.1-' U ' "-7 ,-- ' . -' 1 " I' L ' 5 4 ' V, , . f ,- ,t-L.,-. -:- - gg, . . , .F 4 1. ,mgf ii I' it C ' ,A 5 ' ' I , ' ff "3 ' .. ,' .fc 1--:V ,-V ,. ,- .fi ' . wk A ' Q- +A v f gf: . , f .. fab- riff , M . ff . A 4 ,, . A , f, 4 4 , . ' A F '- . ' g - ,n . . -5. 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A fx ' K , A ' - gs N . . ' ,, , Y :- . - . . -5 - 1 . ,.. - ,J , mu- , V: ,gl V 'E' J- ' ip, '- 1 , - - 1 ' .9 . . Q- .' ' .ij ,Q 0-5 ' ' " , "7 .". - ::,N 5- - . f .. .51-H 'il :.? ' ff., f. '. .al "Q Q- -., " f pv' f ,, ."'. ' N W I -ff ff , f ,. ,,-I - A , N igpfnxw- Q Y I 4g'J?w,p 5 .. 'X ., . ff Q E. Q "- , V. 'A ef' A-'L - . h -y z, 4 -,4 an 1 ' lr, F . 1"X -, ,FN ' lv- ' .f-'- - heclic world of Today makes many demands upon us, and we dare noir ignore Them. l-lowever, we slill work on, knowing Jrhar ullimalely we shall of neces- siry conlriloure our special skills To Jrhe business of winning rhe war. Bul we also know we can learn lo conlribure slrable, clear-visioned minds To lhe vicrory. To do Jrhis we are seeking, and finding, according ro our abililies, Jrhal marure perspeclive which derives from lhe correlaled sludy of pasl l Hi E f 1 n D v nkn X s ,. Y x 'gl tvs.. asf.. 1 F if til '-" 1---' iff?--5-f i 'EN "' 'D'-' - .5 WE HCJNCDR AU RELIA HENRY REINHARDT . -S' . . .. -4 - ,, E-,. m f -I 4. 1. -. s.-,J ' W, A: f' If 'AK Q .iv , 7' Af-' X In f I, 1 - ,- 1 , - 1 , v N I 2 .Q ,-11 1 1 X 1 ' J W . f. Qs' x ' 'C , ",. Q ' ' w - '-' ' 'ff f , , , .P ,A U, 1 1 4 - 1' f 4"-H "Sw x Af ' fx - 'K 1 " ,. wg 1- I V x I '33 -- ' 5 1 , A'1'i.,'3,g- V , ,Q 1 'I '4lf'F.IL" if ' .' '-,V N,.,f',fg . . 0 I w ,. A . .. - ' - '13 .-A L .P . Q A - , 2 2,1 N . V .N x V . -- f N -Tl " ' "Q: -'Y' . 'ff' 1 ' .. 14,755 f A F , AJ . 'y5rt?.x'g'f,,-,f.4,'i,w1: WU Fir? fx Vi ffl,- , N1 s 'fu ' ifL.F'5-'ri .i' "fa1.Qj4x1 5 f'-,Q fig ., 71' -if" 'V A-s'.',.1f-W... ..-P", N' 5 :W . 'H' Y- lk fm-fig'-ug," X X 5 .' i . , N 5 N, f V V 5 I - rl' Tp - -Q , . ' A ' l 4 f i f in gn f 'rf - -. 'ffif .1" 3-E V fa. 'fa 'H' 'T E , -LST. 55,1 ' J. 'fr' 9. . :WA-'f ' , - 1. :fe fwwqg Qf -A ' A ' " V"3'-' .r " 'A f'-4 ,..f' 'fiff'-1 ff1'Q'P ' , WL- , 1:5 I A V 3 - 'L -Ji. ,Q x,ifl . rf, , . Q. LH, 54 , iw., K . . 4 - ' ' '4.,.f. . 5 F I Ar 5. - '.f - X. , 1 A 1.529 ' ' , -"f . - h Q- f -Q .V A .:f3.f fp -'Jeff '- n .1 '-x , 'V' J '- -.,.7"- ' .41 H, ' .1 V. . . , .7 , , . " '- ,X ',., ' -1, AA 1 K L- bil.. ,.,.4,- fi . ring,-, A. , , . ,.-ff, , ,H 2. , - ,U ' L - 2 5 I 1' - -' 'f ,'.f 'Y 31' ' 'f, ---'HEL' I Eff 1 . ' 1 - V!1, '- . 3 ...1 -Jr, A YJ. J, ,, xi. . " .- , X ' ' ygm'-' r 1-. . .2 4' 3' ""'.,-31, , ' , -. '-x 1 -W 41:54 5 P:-' ' ' 1, . . - -f 1 f 4, -l . 1.-' ' c- i -' Q' wi. - ' 3 , 1 f". ' . , . , , . U nj.. A- L ? vi W 'Nh ' .35 V 'rf' . ,V 'lawn ,,.' x va, f el ' . ' -, ' :, , ' P .L . H- 1 .Q , 1 .-.- . - 1 Q N"---..- 0 d , ,xr-1i,,,, S. .,l.i -E -- - - fl ,-4575-fi, 19' D K A ,Ji if fix 1'- we ' ?u A2 ff! 1 . filff 2, wi J M... Tv?" Rh. ., .mf ive- I 5 "' H ' W Mi- l i Aff ',4E--- J, ,, . 9,-1, Q 15,.,:15'yf-. K -wg , f f V y 1 To Dr Reinhardt President ot Mills College from 1916 to 1943, with grateful appreciation and love we dedicate this book. You came to Mills during the tirst world war, at the com- mencement ot a new era. The great tinancial and educa- tional changes ot that time demanded that you be a woman ot exceptional executive ability, a new leader in women's education. lt was necessary that you be appreciative ot women's recent gains in the political, business, and educa- tional fields . . . You have been these things and more. Your interest in guiding young women to the tullest realization ot their potentialities is evidenced in the growth ot Mills during a quarter ot a century. Teachers and scholars trom all parts ot the world have been attracted so that our college is in no sense one ot narrow interests. Under your discerning direction the taculty has been enlarged trom thirty-three to eighty-three, the student body trom two hundred and twelve to tive hundred and torty. Instead ot eleven buildings we now have twenty-eight, each representative ot many steps toward the tull development ot Mills asf? college . . . You are distinguished in the tields ot literature, religion, and education: but we know you best as you appear to undergraduate members ot a college community. Fresh- men ot all years remember your triendly breaktasts at the President's l-louse, your interest in the beauty ot our campus, your intectious enthusiasm and good humor when we were most contused by new knowledge and experience. We saw you then as an ideal, one that has grown each year. lt is an ideal ot academic achievement, ot the inspiration and ioy in study and the humanity it brings. Understanding the puzzled minds ot youth, you have ottered your strength to our inexperience, your knowledge to our naivete . . . Now, you leave us with strong toundations. A second world war with even turther reaching social changes than those ot the tirst tinds Mills growing to prepare its women tor new tunctions in a better society. We, the classes ot '43, '44, '45, and '46 with all Mills women, thank you tor the selt- less guidance you have given us during the best ot your years. CRISIS AND CREATIVEIXIESS A visifor from across fhe Pacific recenfly leff wifh our sfu- denfs a dynamic idea. I wish fo insure a place for if in fhe Yearbook of I943. "In wriffen Chinese," he said, "fhe word crisis is expressed in fwo characfers: fhose meaning danger and opporfunifyf' Wesfern peoples use language so lighfly, wifh such con- sfanfly changing fashions in meaning. fhaf I somefimes covef for fhem fhe sfabilizing influence of picfographic wrifing. The ancienf form of inscribing language nof by phonefic sounds, or alphabefic leffers, buf by characfers is incon- venienf buf if illusfrafes fhe idea visually. If holds wifhin fhe picfure fhe inifial concepf, despife fime and change of emphasis. This year, American sfudenfs will graduafe from college fo find a world in conflicf, and our counfry in fhe greafesf crisis of ifs hisfory. They will discover fhaf all insfifufions of our democracy are fhreafened-family and farm, fac- fory and shop, school and church. They will be urged fo cooperafe on every hand, and fhey will perceive, wifhouf urging, how valuable is each sfudenf in fhe planefary sfrug- gle. There is no fime fo choose an occupafion because one likes if, or fo eschew all occupafion as unnecessary. Every momenf is precious, every skill essenfial, every falenf a blessing-fo be used, exercised, shared. To apply fhe Chinese picfograph meaning crisis, as demo- crafic insfifufions are endangered, all sfudenfs have an opporfunify fo develop and puf fo use fheir powers. If you musf face in your generafion whaf fhe Armed Forces call "fofal war," you also face in your own life nof a fracfionary, limifed environmenf for acfion buf a nafion and ifs relafion fo fhe globe. If all civilizafion is fhreafened wifh desfrucfion from enemies wifhouf, if can be mef by crea- five forces wifhin, capable of consfrucfion and of reconsfrucfion. The challenges on every hand which 'rask knowledge and characfer can be mef by personal. insfifufional. and so by nafional adiusfmenf fo fhe crisis of war and ifs demonds. The sfudenf should be prepared fo discriminafe befween war efforf and reconsfrucfive goal. lmmediacy and expediency are noi' ends in fhem- selves, buf fhey musf be undersfood and me'r adequafely. To creafe, fo build-fhis is fhe long-range opporfunify of fhe dangers abouf us. The very war can nof be won for one person or one nafion. lfs immensify fesfifies fo fhe facf fhaf if musf be won for fhe whole of humanify. The peace we would planf, nurfure, and harvesf-if we may use such figurafive language-is a harvesf fo be shared by fhe world, a verifable bread of life for all men. Peace can nof be enduring unless if is a world peace, nourished by all fhe civilizing agencies which men have developed in differenf lands. Educafion. organized, fiffed 'ro fhe fimes, adiusfed fo fhe needs of peoples in various climafes and differing lands-such an educafion is fundamenfal fo The peace fhaf comes wifh opporfunify affer fhe presenf crisis is pasf. Once educafion was fhoughf of as fhe passive acquiring of knowledge for pleasure or for power. Today we know fhaf educafion musf be more fhan fhis. If musf add dynamic capacify fo develop fhoughf and fo direcf if, so 'rhaf conducf may be guided fhereby. Members of fhe Class of I943, how are you going fo meef fhe world crisis fhaf if may be a personal opporfunify for creafive conducf and for human service? T Aurelia l-lenry Reinhardf Viv P WT LEARN fhe melhods by which sfruggle has produced civiliza- 'I'ionsg 'l'he ways of making beaufy and significance from maferials ai' hand: The formulae for reducing fhe mysferies of nalural phenomena fo law: and +he means of human communicalion and undersfandingg from all, an apprecia'I'ion of 1'he unify in diversify which produces a humane culfure. 'I ,XV 4,1 fy 1 w V 9 4 " S - kj 'X K 5 I I U I r I 1 l ' F E 5 p.,,..... . ..- Q M, M, ' LL, x .,.,,,: i ' . .,.' z u Q 'vu .ff-.-, ' , "JE,-Nw. ,N - , , X., W - wwf! 5 wyaenp ' ' - -V ,L - ,ne-L5 f., :1:"' i ' ' ?'. ,' . 134255. 1 V 1-xwv, It ,, 3. . Lv.-1.5 ,. . . I cg, f . 7, -V . M if ---.-. 545' '53 My 4 -::'-:' ima 1 ,V ., ww. 1: ki' . -. .,-,Q . I l A . vi '. J E F, . I W 17: ri if" 1.1.....,,....... .... .......,.... 4 1 ' L 4 91 4 " swim: .... -U, 3 ......,,... -f -A-as--... . 'E . - ' .k-"Q-. , .gs -84,4 . 5 I Jie' "C .f. -V N' .2 1' ' W H Q 3' nf' ' , . ' 'lisr-'fT'53L-Q'-, , 1 x 4 -:- . ' 'fig ": ":::,, .V--ily, n ' af-Q31 zu' .3-rc ' Q 1, . - P, ef, JIM Mm E Y ,L--5 . ,, W V, Vw ' H H I aw ' J: 'W ' 723: QI' 13 551 .-.. ' ' ' i "H, " ., I ' ' K f c'LE,'5!wi 'W fi?-A J .-:il "5'7'3L ' W .1fQia.?E" im f 1' ,r-Ef "W : - X I V ' l sv.: , , J . 1,., 3:: 2:2 ,fM ,.Q'1 ,. uw- ' -' '::, ,vi ff- .,:.:" :5 X' CEE?" M- 7:1 '- 4. - -' - .. : Q . ' 712 -nf-1525? M" , ' gg 2 1 .. - - '1 R , 'ifwi 'I QF .- Nx - Ji-, ACADEMIC COURSES RECREATION LEADERSHIP: MARGARET POST SUPERVISES AT OAKLAND PLAYGROUND This year in The lighT oT The warTime emergency, new courses were added To The college curriculum and special warTime emphasis was placed upon many of The older subiecTs. These included boTh pracTical and TheoreTical approaches To The sTudy of The economic, social, poliTicaI, and cuI+uraI problems oT The world in conTlicT. The physical sciences exTended Their curriculum To include MeTeorology, ClimaTology, and Geography, using illusTraTive maTerial from war areas. ln The sTudy oT social insTiTuTions new OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: JOYCE COX, LAURA LUNDEGAARD LEARN BASIC CRAFTS CLIMATOLOGY: MR. LINSLEY GIVES POINTERS TO IRENE BOTANY: FRANCES AUSTIN AND FRANCES ROHLFF RAISE VIC CAMPBELL, MARGARET KELLAM, RITA BURT, JANICE LAMPING TORY GARDENS IN MR. McMINN'S CLASS courses geared 'foward currenl needs included The German Mind, I-Iislory of Russia, Two Philosophies of Revolulionz Thomas Jeiclerson and Karl Marx, Modern Polilical Philosophy from Hobbes Io I-Iiller, and Posl-War Recon- slruclion. A new maior was offered in Occupalional Therapy. The Child Developmenl Deparlmenl sludied child welfare problems in defense areas. Increased enrollmenls in foreign languages and in Ihe biological and physi- cal sciences rellecled Ihe desire of Mills women Io prepare Themselves for war work. CONSUMER PROBLEMS: MARGARET OLSON, ROCELIA BORDEAUX, SHIRLEY SCHWEERS STUDY PROBLEM OF THRIFTY BUYING 'R Dx gC?ws:Ii:IgIrQTOERLaxFI?ER JSLTSEJ-RQESEINVOLUNTEER DEFENSE TRAINING PROGRAM: MISS DORIS DOZIER, CAROLINE In order To keep slep wilh presenl nalional eiclorls, defense courses were offered on campus for Jrhe second year. The emphasis was nol Toward 'rhe oulloolc of an immediale war emergency, buf upon lhe acceleralion ol usefulness in civilian and war aclivilies as well as upon giving sludenls a background for fulure auxiliary service wilh The armed forces. One of The newer and nnosl popular of lhe classes was Nurses' Aide, Training for .Il:IUTESES'C5xIDE: FRANCES AUSTIN, MARY BRESSI, CHARLOTTE BATES, PERSIS RITCHIE BEGIN THEIR HOSPITAL RA NIN nav' DEFENSE COURSE which was done al Ihe Fairmonl Counly Hospi- Ial. Beginning and Ad- vanced Firslr Aid were repealed from lasI year, as were Canleen Service and ils prerequisile, Nu- Irilion. The college ilsell offered 'Ihose enrolled SWITCHBOARD: ESMWT DRAFTING COURSE: JEAN PINCKNEY RULES OFF A LINE . MRS. CLAIRE HOLMES INSTRUCTS PRISCILLA MANLEY in Swilchboard a chance Io praclice iheir skill. ln Radio Communicaiions sludenls learned 'rhe inlernalional Morse code. Anolher new and par- Iicularly useful subiecl was Engineer- ing Dralling given under Ihe nalional Engineering, Science, Managemenl War Training program. Few sludenls received academic credil. On Ihe whole parlicipalion in Ihese volunleer courses rneanl' sacrifice of social or exlra-curricular aclivilies. O F F I C E R S O F ADMINISTRATION John Grandon Brown, Planf Manager, Takes fime ouf from his busy schedule fo play golf every Safurday. Elliof Van Nosfrancl Diller, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Dean of fhe Chapel, Associafe Professor of Re- ligion and Philosophy, This year he added fhe arf of fishing and fhe inferprefafion of Mofher Goose fo his reperfoire. Doris Dozier, B.A., Ed.M., Assisfanf Professor of Educafion, Recorder and Secre fary of Placemenfg l-ler chic hafs are fhe lasf word in smarfness Hazel Pedlar Faulkner, B.A., Direcfor of Pulolic Relafions: She pro- vides fhe wif af senior fable in Olney and iam on "bufferless" days David French, B.A., B.Li'H., Oxon., M.A., Ph.D., Acfing Dean of fhe Faculfy, Assisfanf Professor of l-lisfory and Governmenfg Big evenf of fhe year-fhe addifion of Mary Marvin fo fhe French family. Francis Herkomer Herrick, B.A., M.A., B.A., Oxon., Ph.D., Con- venor, School of Graduafe Sfudies, Associafe Professor of Euro- pean l-lisforyg Usually see him, folder in hand, frying fo loeaf his sfudenfs fo class. Evelyn S+eeI Liffle, B.A., M.A., M.A.L.S., Ph.D., Librarian, Professor of Comparafive Liferafureg l-ler delighfful "Read and Share" evening a forfnighfly highlighf. JOHN BROWN, ELLIOT VAN NOSTRAND DILLER DORIS DOZIER HAZEL FAULKNER DAVID FRENCH FRANCIS HERRICK EVELYN LITTLE LIVINGSTON ELEANOR NELSON MILDRED REYNOLDS FLORENCE SHEFFIELD Fred Livingsfon, B.A., Complroller. Newly appoinled To Jrhe college Ihis year, he came Io us from Pennsylvania where he held a similar posilion in The Slale College rhere. Eleanor Nelson, B.A., M.A., M.D., College Physi- cian. In addilion 'ro her aclivilries aI lhe college-looking afler everyone's heallh and conduciing numerous Red Cross courses-her Iwo small daugh- Iers keep her busy a+ home. Mildred May Reynolds, B.S., M.A., Direclror of Inslrilulion Adminislralion. Despile Ihe diiclicullies of poinr ralioning she planned cleverly balanced menus Ihal could well compeie wilh any pre- war year. Florence Ward Sheffield, Chairman of Residence, I-lead Resi- denl, Mills I-Iall. A gracious and poised hosless, buf The owner of a Model A Ford Ihal is forever running our of gas. Pafricia Sizer, B.A., Direclor of Admissions. She was a French major in college-and look whal happened! Esfher Dayman Sfrong, B.A., M.A., Direclor of Sludenl Recommendalion. We gol only a glimpse of her Ihis year for we had Jro share her wilh her new family in Oregon. Elizabefh Treaf Thompson, B.A., Secrelary, Alum- nae Associarion. Did you know she's quilre a wriier? Ask 'ro see some ol her shor+ srories. Frank Wesley Wen'rwor'I'h, B.S., Treasurer. Wafer sys- Iems or redwoods, he's an aulhorily. Nor piciured: Rosalind Amelia Keep, B.A., M.A., Edilor of Publicalions, Assisranl Professor ol: English. She is using her yard for a communily Viclory Garden. All campus is inreresled in her Eucalyplus Press. kIClA SIZER ESTHER DAYMAN STRONG ELIZABETH THOMPSON FRANK WENTWORTH CORNELIA CRESS EUGENIA GRUNSKY MARIE NOGUES ANNA SCHIEFFER SCHOOL OF EDUCATIOI' Cornelia Van Ness Cress, lnsTrucTor in EguiTaTion. I-ler good TasTe does noT enTirely run To horses-she's one oi The besT-dressed oT The campus Tamily. Eugenia Gillis Grunsky, B.A., CerTiTicaTe oT Physical Therapy, lnsTrucTor in l-lealTh. Physical EducaTion. and Recrea- Tion. AnoTher newcomer To The campus This year, she has a wide varieTy oT inTeresTs. An all-around aThleTe, she is especially Tond of skiing. She has Traveled exTen- sively and once cycled Through Europe. Also worked as a physical TherapisT during The Spanish RevoluTion. Marie Nogues, B.A., M.A., lnsTrucTor in Physical Edu- caTion. AcTing Chairman of The DeparTmenT oi l-lealTh, Physical EducaTion. and Recre-aTion. She has been running The P.E. DeparTmenT since Miss Williamson enTered The WAVES. A greaT singer in her spare Time, she also kniTs sweaTers and socks Tor her Triends. They say her populariTy wiTh The P.E. majors is noT iusT a liTTle aTFecTed by The wonderful home cooking she someTimes serves Them. Anna Frances Schieffer, B.A., lnsTrucTor in l-lealTh, Physical EducaTion. and Recrea- Tion. New To Mills This year, she is accomplished aT every sporT. NoT only ThaT, louT she's very musical and can play The harmonica as well as The piano. She Took a posTman's holiday This ChrisTmas and TaughT Tolk dancing To her Tamily. Rosalind Cassidy, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Convenor, School oT EducaTion and CommuniTy Services, Professor of EducaTion and Physical Educa- Tion. DirecTor oT ExTension EducaTion. Was in Wash- ingTon during The winTer monThs conferring wiTh na- Tional leaders on warTime programs in educaTion. ROSALIND CASSIDY JOHN FURBAY ll? , CARRIE DOZIER HELEN FANCHER MARY MCLEOD NND COMMUNITY SERVICES MARY BENNETT LOVISA WAGONER John Harvey Furbay, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., DirecTor oT Summer Ses sion, AssociaTe Professor of EducaTion. He -has conTribuTed his knowledge and picTures oT Africa To The governmenT in Wash ingTon To help in planning The NorTh ATrican campaign. Also does governmenTal work in connecTion wiTh Pan-American rela Tions. Carrie CasTle Dozier, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman, DeparT menT OT Home Economics, Professor oT Home Economics. Her rose garden, in which she works during much oT her spare Time is her pride and ioy-and righTly so. The Teas aT Kimble l-louse someTimes TeaTure her excellenT candy. Helen Winifred Fancher VisiTing lnsTrucTor in l-lome Economics. Coming To us Trom The UniversiTy oi CaliTornia, she broughT wiTh her many inTeresT1ng lecTures, parTicularly The one on old lace. She keeps her classes amused by breaking ouT wiTh baby Talk every once in a while Mary Ellen McLeod, B.A., M.A., DirecTor oT I-lome ManagemenT l-louse, lnsTrucTor in Home Economics. Makes The "LiTTle i-louse Tun and so is reason number one Tor iTs populariTy. A Jack-oT all Trades, she can Tix anyThing Trom vacuum cleaners To waTer boil ers. Mary Woods BenneTT, B.S., Ph.D., AssisTanT Professor oT Child Development CoordinaTor oT The Family Council. Spenos much oT her Time aT conferences on The care oT children in war Time. She keeps her classes conTinually delighTed wiTh her shy sense oT humor. She leTT campus in The spring To conducT a six weeks' survey in Alameda on condiTions in child welTare caused by The war indusTries. Lovisa CaTharine Wagoner, B.A., M A Ph.D., Principal oT The Children's School, ProTessor oT Child De velopmenT. I-ler greaTesT inTeresT is in children, buT in addiTion an absorbing avocaTion Tor her is working in her garden. Look closely when a group oT small ToTs are around. She's usually among Them. CARLTON BALL WILLIAM G-AW OTTO MAENCHEN FLORENCE MINARD THE SCHOOL Frederick Carlfon Ball, B.A., M.A., lnsfrucfor in Arf. l-le has now abandoned his liffle grey Ford for a bicycle. "C'esf la guerref' William Gaw, lnsfruc- for in Painfing. Nofed for his "C" card, he has widespread inferesfs, rang- ing from his Mills prodigies fo fhe Bohemian Club of San Francisco. Offo John Maenchen, Ph.D., Associafe Professor of Qrienfal Sfudies. One pro- fessor who has no qualms abouf smoking fhrough his lecfures. Florence Minard, Graduafe, Rhode Island School of Design and Acadamie Colar- rosie, Paris, Associafe Professor of Arf. Famous for her "marching arches." The only Time she ever missed giving a guizz was when her car had a ilaf. Alfred Neumeyer, Ph.D., Professor of Arf, Direcfor of fhe Arf Gallery. l-le is an aufhorify on Renaissance arf and an aesfhefician as well, confribufing freguenfly fo bofh arf and aesfhefics journals. Roi Parfridge, Sfudenf, Nafional Academy of Design Schools, New York and Paris, A.N.A. Usu- ally seen hurrying across campus on his English bicycle wearing a navy blue beref, he is nofed for his efchings, phofography, and eleganf sporf coafs. Raymond Puccinelli, Sfudenf. Carl Schmifz, New York, A. Pefroni, lfaly, lnsfrucfor in Sculpfure. l-lis caf, Joy Boy, has had fo fake a back seaf for fhe currenf family inferesf-new baby claughfer Rody. Marian Van Tuyl Campbell, B.S., Assisfanf Professor of Dance. ls now living in San Francisco in a lovely modernisfic aparfmenf. We delighf in wafching for her new hair-dos. ALFRED NEUMEYER ROI PARTRIDGE RAYMOND PUCCINELLI MARIAN VAN TUYL CAMPBELL OR LAUER CHARLES JONES LUTHER MARCHANT DARIUS MILHAUD OF FINE ARTS Eleanor Lauer, B.S., M.A., lnsTrucTor in Dance. Her excellenf cooking and warm hospiTaliTy make her hill-Top home a popular spof. Charles Jones, GraduaTe, lnsTiTuTe of Musical Arf and Julliard Graduafe School of Music, New York, lnsTrucTor in Music. l-las a picfuresque home and collecTs The humorous and crazy bofh in books and in sTories. LuTher Brusie MarchanT, B.A., Dean of The School of Music, Professor of Voice. l-las a son in The Air Corps who keeps him well informed on army life. Darius Milhaucl, Paris ConservaTory of Music, Professor of Music. lnfroduces music majors To The wonders of composiTion. STudenTs who wriTe wiTh "whiTe" pencils annoy him. MargareT Prall, B.A., M.A., ArTisT's Diploma, Cincinnafi Con- servaTory of Music, Convenor, School of Fine Arfs, AssociaTe Professor of Music. The music majors walk Elsie, her dog, beTween classes. When she enTerTains you can be sure ofa delighfful Time. Marian Long STebbins, B.A., M.A., Professor of Speech and Drama. l-ler leisure Time is divided beTween enjoying The laTesT whims oT her grandson and her charming home in Carmel. Laura Louise STephens, B.E., Ph.B., M.A., AssisTanT Professor of Speech and Drama. To add sTill furfher To her Technical abilifies she sfudied drafTing This year. Evaline Uhl WrighT, B.S., M.A., lnsTrucTor in Speech and Drama. ln slacks back sTage, she designed all The seTs This year. GARET PRALI MARIAN STEBBINS L. LOUISE STEVENS EVALINE WRIGHT 2 LUCY ADAMS EDWARD CASSADY ELIAS JAMES SCHCCJL OF LANGUAG Lucy Lockwood Adams, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman, Deparf- menf of English, Associafe Professor of English. Living on campus for fhe firsf fime fhis year, she has her fwo daughfers wifh her, buf whenever possible escapes fo Dufch Elaf where Mr. Adams is keeping fhe garden alive. She is very inferesfed in fhe Indians of The Soufhwesf. Edward Evereff Cassady, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., lnsfrucfor in English. l-le is a newcomer fo our campus fhis year, having faken over fhe classes leff behind by Miss Geen and Dr. Gulick. We really don'f fhink if's fair fhaf we have fo share him wifh San Francisco. Elias Olan James, B.A., M.A., Professor of English. When sfudenfs visif his house on fhe hill, fhey see a beaufiful garden. l-le offen names his flowers affer poefs. The Emily Dickinson is one of his favorifes. Usually enfers his informal classes smoking a pipe and whisfling a fune. Willard Mallalieu Smifh, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English. l-le relaxes af home wifh music and his dogs. l-las iusf received fhe pedigree for his new lrish seffer. Very inferesfed in James Joyce, he has been frying fo finish "Finigan's Wake" fhis year. Bernard Blume, Ph.D., Chairman, Deparfmenf of German, Professor of German. His sfudenfs say he reads so beaufifully he almosf lulls fhem fo sleep. l-lis German lvlind course fhis year was a greaf success. Helene Mayer, B.A., M.A., lnsfrucfor in German. lnfernafional and nafional fencing champion, l-lelene is usually flying around campus in her grey converfible wifh lvliez-Miez, fhe caf, and Good Boy, fhe dog. She changed her hair-do fhis year when a New York columnisf called her a fypical school marm. WILLARD SMITH BERNARD BLU ME I, ENE MAYER MARGUERITE BILLARD EDMOND MASSON A. CECILE REAU AND L ANTHONY REINER DOMINIC ROTUNDA ITERATURE Marguerife Billard, B.A., M.A., Associafe Professor of French. Busier fhan ever fhis year, Miss Billard always manages fo be on fime. Even wifh a scarf around her head, she mainfains her posifion as one of fhe besf-dressed on campus. Edmond Masson, B.A., M.A., Chairman, Deparfmenf of Slavic Lan- guages, Assisfanf Professor of Romance Languages. He leff us fhe second semesfer fo do governmenf work. l-lis sfudenfs miss him hardly more fhan do his colleagues of fhe morning coffee sessions in fhe Tea Room. A familiar figure on fhe fennis courfs and in fhe group in fronf of fhe l-Iisfory Building befween classes. A. Cecile Reau, B.A., Docfeur de l'Univer- sife de Paris, Professor of French, Convenor, School of Language and Liferafure. l-las moved fo campus fhis year and climbs fhe hill wifh all fhe Mary Morsels. Wears fhose lovely, smarf suifs. Anfhony Sfephen Reiner, M.S., Graduafe, Sfafe College in Prague, Docfor of Judicial and Polifical Science and Cerfifi- cafe in Philosophy af Charles Universify in Prague, Visifing Insfrucfor in Spanish. Alfhough new on cam- pus he losf no fime in ioining fhe group af fhe Tea Room for a "weed," Dominic Rofunda, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Romance Languages, Chairman, Deparfmenf of Romance Languages. Anofher mem- ber of fhe group fhaf assembles in fronf of fhe his- fory building each morning, he direcfs fhe Casa Pan- Americana during fhe summer. Nof picfured: Luis Monguio, B.A., M.A., lnsfrucfor in Romance Lan- guages. Mills losf a magnificenf sense of humor when fhe governmenf called him fo do consulfanf worlc. l-le loves fo eaf and offen fold fhe sfudenfs af Spanish Table fhaf his ambifion is fo reach fwo hun- dred and fiffy pounds. 9 ,, . M 1:24 , ki QL . w 5 . 1 Q ' 1 , , ,245 S., 9.-2. " - 4 v 4q ,mi ,I fi' I " w v .M Q , mf. Q' ? W .Q 5. . 1 L x I 1 ' Q? U x N , U GF X kj' r I I , VL" 23' J 5 H 5.2 5' fd . In 1 L1 HYSICAL SCHOOL OF INSTITUTIONS Rufh Gillard, B.A., M.A., lnsfrucfor in Eco- nomics, and Sociology. Back from a year in Norfh Carolina, she is acfing as assisfanf head residenf in Orchard-Meadow. An accomp- lished afhlefe. she loves 'rennis and badminfon. George P. Hedley, B.A., M.A., BD., Th.D., Convenor, School of Social Insfifufions. Assisf- anf Professor of Sociology and Religion. I-le balances his classes wifh acfivifies in The ship- yards and on fhe draff board. Coffee rafioning has hif him harder 'rhan anyone on campus. Glenn Edwin Hoover, LI..B., B.A., M.A., Asso- ciafe Professor of Economics and Sociology. His econ sfudenfs wonder whaf amuses him so when he leaves fhe room during fhose five min- ufe quizzes. He advocafes a revolufion every hundred years and is nofed for his corn cob pipe. David French, B.A., B.LiH'., B.A., Oxon., M.A., Ph.D., Acfing Dean of fhe Faculfy, As- sisfanf Professor of I-lisfory and Governmenf. People who lcnif in class annoy him. His greaf- esf sporf. besides sprinfing fo fhe posfoflice, is frosfing calces wifh fwo-year-old-daughfer Befsy. Cardinal Leonidas Goodwin, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of American I-lisfory. Though his family roofs are in fhe Easf he is fhe rnosf ardenf fan California has ever had. Vofed fhe besf-dressed man on campus, he is usually seen in fhe shop befween classes drinking coffee. Francis Herlromer Herrick, B.A., M.A., Oxon., Ph.D., Convenor, School of Graduafe Sfudies, Associafe Professor of European Hisfory. Senior hisfory maiors remember his de- licious spagheffi suppers. Elliof Van Nosfrand Diller, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Dean of fhe Chapel, Associafe Professor of Religion and Philosophy. The Diller family is like fhe fhree bears under fheir idenfical yellow rain hafs and coafs or when fhey're gardening in fheir blue ieans. Georgiana Melvin, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Prof- fessor of Philosophy. This year broughf some new inferesfs and held many of 'rhe old. Marx and aufo mechanics, marlcefing and growing pofafoes, and as always, Gran. her dog. RUTH G-ILLARD GEORGE HEDLEY GLENN HOOVER DAVID FRENCH CARDINAL GOODWIN FRANCIS HERRICK ELLIOT DILLER GEORGIANA MELVIN WE GGVERN wifh a convic+ion in +he funclamenlal imporlance of high sfandards of personal honor on ihe par'r of each of us: wiih ihe desire +o express forfhrighily and in- felligenfly our inieresl in The whole of college life: wiih an acceplance in faiih of ihe 'rrusl vesfed in us by lhe Presiclenf, lhe Facully, and fhe Associaied Sfudenis of Mills College. 'I --1 -- ,Nr , .J Ng an ,S v 5:-'er , ,... ,- 'Q ul' 1 ,a-. n.- X 1 -kb 4 an - . ,-'V ?"1fT"'x ' r5?'3'?-f' V -- A-in 4' 1: .. .mf I. '4' I S. Jsgev -- .. .. .. x 'JQSQ Y ., Q nl fl 2 h I 11,5 A ' A -5235... '-u L h M 4 :nm-A -551, Y M' ci A '- ff .1- ,- X :IJ-Ta., . "' 'r"'f K - V. '51, .":' ' '-rv - - .-, qi- - -,S v v, ,- u- Q... 4. .,' '- Y.: -4 ' ,af-EQ, , 'X xv . H' 2, fliifllnii-1' umm.: -vuulfn 952' - iriiilv? 9. r' --. - 'vo-nu -.N-- -- 'u o . . f 'wlfll A F ,iigfh . LL n-- .F-W.. ... .Y A .. 7 '-T1 if' N V' f 1 NI . . , 4 1-' X - .. H . .Q :wx Mg! - . v..v-:- - -x S- ' 5,552 ' ' g.-4 ll Q 122 ve- elv ,, f -g :lf " rf , ' , T ag-A gi V-J 5 2 1 vfvagsi at f. 'E '21 -eff .1-4. x , .- ETX x wir I m74'4,4'1, X N A BETTY VIERGUTZ, PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF MTLLS COLLEGE ln The perspecTive of hisTory, This year is a Threshold: Tor Mills as Tor The naTion, These monThs are a border TerriTory beTween Two epochs. We look back upon The college's glorious years under PresidenT Reinhardt and upon The casual years oT splendid leisure Tor The American sTudenT. Calmly we look ahead inTo a TuTure whose coalescing paT- Terns indicaTe sTerner academic discipline. and more clearly enunciaTed proTessional Tasks Tor educaTed women. We carry wiTh us The conTinuing obligaTion oT Mills TradiTion: To live honorably and generously as Mills women. Our sTand- ards oT democraTic sTudenT governmenT and oT cooperaTive living under an l-lonor Code-These musT and shall remain The inTegral core oT sTudenT liTe upon The Mills campus. BeTTy VierguTz E ASSOCIATED S T U D E N T S TRISTA KLINE, VICE-PRESIDENT 1 In a world al war +he democralic organizalion of The Associaled Sludenls has an added significance and cherished meaning for each sludenl. ll represenls cooperalive living on an embryonic scale, and as such is a prepa- ralion for lhe very ideals for which lhe American nalion is lighfing. Each sludenl has lhe opporlunily lo hold an office, loul whelher or nolr she does, she slill has The responsibilily +o inleresl herself in The communily as a whole. MARIAN MENGEL, TREASURER ELEANOR FISK, SECRETARY BETTE JACKSON, SOCIAL HEAD i 5 Q ,, 5 4g 1 " , , 5 E iff J M in 5 L, . -5 f' - ' I - I F M, fi, 3Q ' ?f if K7 Q 43' 1 5 '31 'W 'Q D. 4 'E A .af K A Ti nl D x 5 A - ,.f.,,ffs L' . U , s A Y Xx , far Q5 Q - .A H7 , W. 2 1 5, E. ,, ,, ?,, - ' ! 1' 5 ,,.L.. " f xf r ' e "1 f 'lfxm' ' ' J. I, '.,:'-. ,-,..,,,, Ulf- , I wif 1 x u JU m ' s I gh I' .. A-uri, - a -W' I ','V TM , SENIOR CLASS CAMILLA AUSTIN, PRESIDENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS As our senior year draws To a close we are graTeTul Tor The many Tangible and inTangible Treasures we have Tound aT Mills. We are Thankful ThaT in a war year we have had The privilege oT Tinishinq our Tormal educaTion, and we deeply appreciaTe Those who have inspired us in many varied chan- nels oT inTeresT. As we wind down The hill Trom Pine Top many rich experi- ences pass Through our minds and remain unTorqoTTen. Camilla AusTin SDEPNNIER GOVERNING BOARD: C. AUSTIN, S. COX, FLUNO, PROFANT, MURNEN, NELSON, POUNDS, The class oT '43 puT on The ouTer rairnenTs oT senior- iTy aT ConvocaTion, SepTember I6. Cap and gown seniors, Then, They aTTended The beauTiTuI Pin Dinner on OcTober 2 I, where They TeIT The TradiTion oT The pasT-and heard a prophecy inTo The TuTure. When The ChrisTmas spiriT descended upon campus, sen- iors wenT a-carolling Through The halls and To The TaculTy homes, singing songs oT The season-aided by sophomores who gave Them susTenance. I-Iappy birThday To The Pres. on April TirsTI The class oT '43 came TorTh wiTh a surprise parTy, calce and all. On Ivlay Day The seniors presenTed Their TradiTional cor- sages To The campus. On May 23 The seniors and juniors gaThered in Mills I-Iall Tor Their annual break- TasT. EveryThing poinTed Towards June I3. lneviT- ably iT came-Bacc:alaureaTe, The Tamily dinner- Commencemenlr-inTo a new IiTe. ABOVE: MORRILL, LOCKRAE, SORENSEN, KLINE, DEVRIES, FISHER, BURT, NELSON CLOCKWISE BELOW: M. WOODALL, C. ROWCLIFFE, MORRILL, FLUNO, C. AUSTIN, KLINE, BURT, DE VRIES, B. VIERGUTZ, SORENSEN, I H AUSTIN, B. VIERGUTZ SIREN, NAPLIN, BOADWAY, MEININGER KINSPEL, BLAKENEY Ihow did she gef herej sf., C. ROWCLIFFE, BURT, O'CONNOR, DE VRIES, CLEARE NAPLIN KINSPEL S. COX, POLENTZ, MEININGER I THE JUNIOR C LASS QxJN JANE HARLEY AND MARION ROWCLIFFE, PRESIDENTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS The class of '44 finally wrole "upperclassman" in Their reqislra- lion books. In Oclober, aflrer Ihe class dinner which Mengie direcled, Ihe iuniors serenaded The seniors wilh "The Gold MC." Li'l Rowe was class chairman second semesler. Acquainlances were renewed al Ihe Junior Jaunl, and on May 23 Ihe Junior- Senior Brealocasl Iounc' Ihe envying eyes of Ihe juniors walchinq Ihe seniors skip Ihrough Ihe ring. Finally wilh Ihe Junior-Senior Ball, Ihe seniors danced oul-Ihe iuniors danced in. PI-IILIPSBORN, GREEN, BYARS CRAWFORD, ROGERS, CI-IAPLER, MENGEL PHILIPSBORN, ROGERS LEWIS, BYARS, GROSSBERGJ-IOWELL JUNIOR GOVERNING BOARDS: FIRST ROW: M. ROWCI IFFE '-'ARLEY, SAROYAN, M. WHITE. SECOND ROW: PINCKNEY, WHISENAND, KORBEL, HOLM, AUSPLUND, CROMBIE l THE SOPHOMORE LASS SOPHOMORE GOVERNING BOARDS: FIRST ROW: LINDMAN, M. DAVIS, MALLORY, LAYLIN THOMAS. SECOND ROW: ZORK, STITT, MATHEUS, MCARTHUR, HAIG-HT, GREER. THIRD ROW OLSON, GUTMAN Class spiriT soared as Zorlcie led The sophomores in a harvesTing proiecT on nearby Tarms, U.S.l-l. proiecTs, and bandage rolling. UnTorgeTTable were The Cap T-lunT and Pushball vicTories Tor '45. An eerie ghosT walk was had by all. Sophonnores Turned ouT To help The seniors in Their ChrisTmas carolling. The second semes- Ter under STiTTie Tound The class parTicipaTing in Red Cross acTivi- Ties, deTense proiecTs, The senior-sophomore picnic, and The memorable college picnic. MICHAEL, ROY MALLORY, SUT-HERLAND ORDWAY, FISK MARIAN ZORK AND ANN STITT, PRt5lUl:Nl5 UI' lT'1t 5Ul"HOMORE CLASS Z, A X . ,T THE FRESHMAN y CLASS f PATRICIA FARNUM, PRESIDENT OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS The freshmen were formally orienlaled inlro college life laslr fall by Jrhe Dean's Dinner, The Presidenhs address and rea. a picnic on Pine Top, and lhe A.S.M.C. inslallalion service. They were more informally inilialed by The sophomore Ghosl Walk. Throughoul lhe year Presidenl Reinhardl presided al Sunday brealclasls in her home for Jrhese newcomers. When spring rolled around and l-leyday Playday look place, The freshmen were in charge of enlerlainmenl and relreshmenls. TOP LEFT M MILLAN BURNS UP T-HE G. W. TOP RIGHT FOR THE GLORY OF SIX AND FORTY. FRESHMAN GOVERNING BOARD: C. COLE, IVANOFF, BOTTOM D BARNES CASSIDY, WITHERS. GIFFORD, FARNUM, INGUOLDSTAD, TAVES, SWAIM, BOX ORIENTATION COMM ITT E E FIRST ROW: ROGERS, M. WHITE. SECOND ROW: KORBEL, SCHRECK, MEYER, CLARKE To assisl sludenls in adiusling Io life al Mills, Ihe Orienlalion Com- millee provides "Zlppers" for lhe newcomers. Through Ihe year, from lhe day she arrives, new lo college life, unlil Ihe end of her lasl final, The freshman finds her Zipper eager 'ro help her in all mallers. MARJORIE ROGERS, CHAIRMAN WE LAY ASIDE CDUR STUDIES 'lo 'find ourselves in acfivifies designed 'ro meer fhe demands of our varied inferesfsg To 'Find each ofher in our worship, in our common in'leres'l' in confem- porary fhoughl and currenl' problems, and in our mu+ual efforl' fo serve The nalion in her emergency: 'ro find our college in 1'he fradilions which malce her pasl' and fufure as living as her present 1 f 'A "fm .vi 1 ,fwk-9517, W .iv ,. , jf! HH, 'n . fab V 5. ' ' ' vw' UN . .' K -AK '1,Lfkn',nE?1,,f t ' " " IQ 16" 55' 'U H 5' rg- 'W- ,' 11, E+, PI .f'- FU dn' 'L 1 5' nf KATHERINE PHILIPSBORN, CHAIRMAN CHAPE L coMMiTTEE SUNDAY NOON: HEDLEY B VIERGUTZ GREET MCMILLAN, GOODKIND BRUCE FIRST ROW: MARSHALL, M. ROWCLIFFE. SECOND ROW: HOLDEN, MOODY M. WHITE, BISSELL, MOREGGIA. THIRD ROW: MALLORY, MICHAEL, PHILIPS BORN, J. DAVIDSON, HINCKS ' In addilion Io planning and direcjring weekly chapel services al Welmore Lodge, Chapel Commillee parlicipaled in defense work, having charge oi The Red Cross work on campus. Composed of Twelve members, rep- resenling all 'rhe halls, and a chairman, lhe group had dinner meelings once a monlh. ln Jrhe fall, They mel wiih inleresled siudenls ai facully homes and discussed inleresling and vilal problems of Ihe world Jroday. The commillree devoled much of Hs lime 'rhis year 'ro Ihe Iwo big charily drives al Mills, The World Sludenl' Service Fund, and Ihe Communily Chesi drive, loolh of which were very successful. FORUM COMMITTEE CORNELIA DODGE, CHAIRMAN The Science Building on Friday nighTs was The scene oT many inTeresTing discussions sponsored by Forum CommiTTee This year. To sTimuIaTe inTeresT and Torward undersTanding in currenT aTTairs and The war, The commiTTee secured ouTsTanding OTI-campus speakers. Dinners were held loeTore each meeTing Tor The commiTTee, TaculTy, and guesTs. Forum CommiTTee is one of The sub-commiTTees under The War Board, and, as such, direcTs The sale oT War Bonds and STamps and The Salvage Drive. FIRST ROW: PINCKNEY, DODGE, WOMACK, MCVEIGH, McMILLAN. SECOND ROW HOWARD TOM KLINE De VRIES, B. VIERGUTZ CHAT GROSS, WIENER, M. WHITE, M. ROWCLIFFE. THIRD ROW: N. VIERGUTZ, GREEN STITT FISHER HWAR HEROES DELEGATION BESSETT. WAR War Board, as fhe coordinafing group of all campus defense worlc, recognizes fhaf we are cifizens as well as sfudenfs and as such musf confri- bufe fo The war efforf. Organized af fhe Execufive Board Conference in May, l942, War Board has as ifs head fhe vice-presidenf of fhe sfu- denf body. Under her are campus chairmen direcfing defense acfivi- fies, who meef fogefher fo discuss and exchange ideas and fo coordi- nafe sfudenf war work. BANDAGE ROLLING. DR. BANCROFT l.wlSTRUC S NEEF, L. NELSON, MARSHALL Realizing fhe need for concerfed efforf during fhe war as well as affer if, Mills Girls confribufed generously in volunfeer war worlc, adding fo 'rheir acfivifies many hours devofed fo social work, in addifion fo fhose spenf acquiring specific slcills. A pledge fo roll fhirfy fhousand bandages a weelc required one hour per weelc from everyone. Compefifion ran high befween halls in fhe sale of sfamps and bonds as a campaign fo buy ieeps was WAR BOARD: MORRILL, B. WHITE, SCHRECK, CHAIRMAN KLINE, SIREN. SECOND ROW: JACKSON, E. FULLER, MORREGIA, WOLFF, M. WHITE. THIRD ROW De VRIES, E. JOHNSON, DODGE, PINCKNEY 2 4 L ,Eff -C.. I , :Y 5, Q' I 2 -2 i .Q AQ: 1 J sf, , X511 A I 1 ,fig 1.21 RJ I, rfb. . k .. 3, B Ti 'fu', AHF A ' f 1 ' 5 L 4 v' 5,5 4 ,X Y.',. V A 4 1 - 3 ' K an Q, , H , - .-1 - fs: N - ga 'J . I 'V-LJ 1 . .fy ' , Y 1,1 f 1 10 ' I . m 2 Y g 9 .li if 1' I' ' 5 1 J M s CLUBS To help preserve an old and beaufiful language fhaf is now fhreafened by exferminafion, French Club is worlc- ing wifh counfless ofher clubs i n America fo keep 'rhe language alive foday. French was spolcen af French Tables and French Club meefings, as well as in fhe fwo French plays pre- senfed in The spring under fhe direc- fion of fhe well-known French acfress, Madame Madeleine Milhaud. The Milhaud's residence was fhe scene , of Monday nighf informal French classes. SHIRLEY KINSPEL GOES OVER FRENCH PLAY WITH JANE DUNCAN PRESIDENT, FRENCH CLUB Malcing foreign girls feel af home and acguainfing fhem wifh fhe cusfoms and fradifions of Mills is fhe purpose of Cosmopolifan Club. All foreign girls are aufomafically members, and American sfudenfs may become members fhrough inferesf and possible confribufion. Evenfs of fhe year included a visif fo fhe Swedish Applied Arf Cenfer in San Francisco and a fea in May. I l ,ll il COSMOPOLITAN CLUB FIRST ROW: BEATRICE STEELE, TAMARA WHITE, PRESIDENT MABEL CHUN, LILLIAN CHING. SECOND ROW: PEARL SUN, NATASHA MARTCHENKO, ROSALIE GODT K , Spanish Club did much To sTrengThen friendship wiTh The Lafin-American counfries noT only by having Thurs- day evening Spanish Tables, buT, also, by presenfing programs for local or- ganizaTions inTeresTed in Pan-Ameri- can relafions. GuesTs included Senor lvlarfinez Lacayo, from The Nicara- guan council of San Francisco and Senor Arfuro Torres-Rioseco, Profes- sor of LaTin-American liTeraTure aT The Universify of California. ROSALIE G-ODT JANE GARNETT, PRES. NATASHA MARTCHENKO Educafion Club for juniors, seniors, and graduafes earning Their Teaching credenTials conTribuTed To Vocafional Educafion day wiTh round Table dis- cussions. led by Dr. Bernice Baxfer, Coordinafor of Oakland l-ligh Schools. Members affended meef- ings of The California STudenT Teach- ers AssociaTion in Berkeley and San Francisco, buT The club aTTempTed To limiT iTs acTiviTies because of The lim- ifed leisure of iTs members. BETTY PORTER JANE Migiiiikiziiiilsiirklsicigiiiviig PRESIDENT STELLA CHAPATES The members of Home Economics Club presided aT a ChrisTmas Tea aT which They displayed exhibifs and arficles for sale, and a spring Tea wifh The addifional raffling of Lenox china. To aid in The war efforT, These girls Took a "Live for VicTory" pledge and, as one of Their proiecfs, planfed a Vicfory Garden for l-lome Manage- rnenT l-louse. JANE WHITEHURST HELEN MOODY, PRESIDENT PHYLLIS HOLM THE SOCIAL AND TRADITIONAL THE ANNUAL FALL PICNIC PRESIDENT REINHARDT WELCOMES COLLEGE FAMILY PINE TOP LINE FORMS TO THE RIGHT CHOIR LEADS ACADEMIC PROCESSION STUDENTS' JEEP TAKES CAMPUS COLLEGE HONORS SUSAN AND CYRE AT CONVOCATION ASSEMBLY RIDE AFTER CHRISTENING AT SUNNYSIDE ON FOUNDER'S DAY SACK RACE CAMPUS CLEAN UP PICNIC AND PARADE MARK ANOTHER HEYVDAY PLAY-DAY AFTER FINDING THE FRESHMAN CAPS THE SOPHOMORES CONTINUE VICTORY THROUGH PUSHBALL GAME Among Ilie diary dales underlined Jrliis year were days special in meaning Io Mills. Founder's Day assembly was followed by an all campus processional carrying flowers Io Sunnyside. Time honored, also, was Ilie Freshman Cap I-Iunl Day in wlwicli Ilwe sopho- mores scored a double viclory. Everyone came Io Iwear Presidenl Reinlwardl read Diclc- ens' Clfirislmas Carol again. I-Ieydey Playday was climaxed by Iiiglw spirils and a spiclcanol- span almosplmere wlwile a rousing college pic- nic on Pine Top climaxed Ilwe year. In addiTion To iTs large number oT U.S.H. acTiviTies, Mills carried on iTs TradiTional, Though somewhaT diminished, social program. Freshmen and oTher enTering sTudenTs conquered aT The No-DaTe Dance in SepTember, while The ChrisTmas dance, wiTh iTs Timely decoraTions, drew all The campus To The ArT Gallery. In March, The ArT Gallery was The scene oT a Hawaiian dance wiTh appropriaTe decoraTions, and in May everyone aTTended The annual ArT Ball. CONVERSE. MURPHY SUNBATHING AT THE POOL, A SU SIGN OF SPRING: RITCHIE, If DUNCAN WINNER OF BOOK DAY PRIZE, GLORIf MORGAN, IS CONGRATULATED BI DOLORES NEEF, CHAIRMAN OF BOOI DAY MAIL-OF ALL TRADITIONS THE MOST ANTICIPATED: C. BATES THOSE EVENING SNACKS, THE BACKBONE OF ANY STUDY EVENING: D. BATES, PREPARING FOR A REC ROOM PARTY: C. BATES, CONVERSE, NEEF MILLS HALL HALLOWEEN PARTY TAVES AND ROBERT STACK AT AT HEIGHT OF SPRING FORMAL COPSEY. STEELE, GUESTS SPRING FORMAL C. BATES AND GUEST SOFTBALL WITH KIVA: GODT AND CONVERSE WALTZ BY JUNIOR OFFICERS' CLUB INGRAM AND ZORK TALK IT OVER AT SPRING FORMAL SERVE HUESTIS AND SCHEMEL NNE CREATE wifh our hands, in fhe realizaiion of Hue beau'ry and usefulness in ar'rs and craffsg wiih our voices, in ap- preciafion of liierary and dramafic falenh wifh our minds, in unders+anding of The loveliness in words and music, wifh our whole being, in manifesiafion of 'rhe meaning of movemenh wifh all, in expression of an imaginaiion alive wi'rh i1's aim of liberalify in fine ar+. .Q ,: Rs . .HL ' V Q 'tsl R Q. X wi wp' ' S V X J Nt ,-AJ , fi? f.i, +F,3v'f... W -3v1?1- Ts'- v,,.'-.-,-'. 12,3- ,3 31 p, "ll, an . MH .Mg In .Ufllifq ,ll A , X ,A X bf. X, ,.,. . 0' g f,-L ?."'-74 L, lilr 45 nl! " w , mm.. TL f A A A. 1 'Q ..-"' SHIRLEY KINSPEL, PRESIDENT OF STUDIO CLUB wig ART Siuclio Club members spon- sored numerous receprions Ilwrouglwoul Jrlie year for spe- cial exlwibils, made poslers 'ro publicize imporranl campus evenls, and lcepl alive Ari Day, inauguraled in June, I942, by having a lea along wi+l'i skils and awards. A laler lea was given Io acguainlr girls willw Mills crafr and sludenr work, which was offered for sale. As in former years, Slu- dio Club sponsored summer session sclfiolarslwips for Iwo club members. Tlfie lwiglwliglwl of llie year was flue annual Arr Ball. MARIAN MATHEUS RUTH REDDICK DONNA NEELY SHIRLEY KINSPEL 'fx Q i MUSIC The A.S.IvI.C. concerl series held in Ihe Hall for Chamber Music opened wilh Paul Leyssac, aclor-narralor. The series included Inez Laurilano, violin- islrq Shura Cherlcasslcy and George Chavchavadze, pianisls. The Iinal con- cerl' was presenled by Ihe Budapesl Slring Quarlelr. Sludenl concerls were held Wednesday evenings in Ihe I-IaII for Chamber Ivlusic, These programs including soloislrs and ensemble groups. Among Ihe mosI' excir- ing were 'Ihe original composilions concerl and Ihe deparlmenial proli- ciency concerl in May. Young composers received prizes for Ihe besl composilions, and sIudenIs were elecled Io La Chiavelia, nalrional music honor sociely, for scholarship and proficiency. KATHLEEN O'CONNOR, PRESIDENT OF MUSIC GUILD SENIOR STUDENTS GIVING PROFICIENCY CONCERTS: GLORIA KI EXECUTIVE BOARD OF MUSIC GUILD: FIRST ROW' JENNE, HARBERT SOPRANO: CHARLOTTE IVINS, SOPRANOQ KATHLEEN O'CONNOI O'CONNOR, SAROYAN, ROY, REMINGTON. SECOND ROW: PHILLIPS, PRANOQ ROBALINE JENNE, PIANOFORTE3 DOROTHY PROFANT, P MARSHALL, MULKY, CHAPLER, PROFANT FORTE .av- 1 , w , .,, 'T, L K ll. 'Hr 6. 5 V. 4 A V . w Q iff .. K' Q.-4. -I 'Mir An Lg .,.. nu F- t 5: A . Q'-Znsfl ' fffjmzl 'R fa. DRAMA ROWENA SALENE BEAUDRY PRESIDENT OF DRAMA ASSOCIATION Despife priorifies on producfion maferials and on energy, inferesf and fime, Drama Associafion pursued ifs readiusfed schedule wifh a new seriousness. Foregoing monfhly meefings, and fhe Experimenfal and Greek plays for fhe durafion, fhe Associafion gafhered in fhe Green Room for fhree new producfions. Before a monfh of school had passed, fhe members were deep in fhe woods of "A Midsummer Nighfs Dream." The Green Room was nexf faken over by fhe freshmen who broughf fo fhe campus Drama Associafion's annual confribufion fo fhe Chrisfmas fesfivifies- Laurence I-lausman's "Befhlehem." Faced wifh fhe perennial problem of finding a modern play and wishing fo "say somefhingu fo ifs audience as well as enferfain if, "The Male Animal" was chosen. Wifh fhe able assisf- ance of men from Sf. lvIary's College, fhe spring producfion closed fhe season wifh fhe fimely issue of Academic Freedom. BACKSTAGE CREW, T-HE UNSUN6 HEROES OF PLAY PRODUCTION: McCREARY, GOODMAN, BISSELL, HARLEY UWM 'L A .1 , . k ,Ag-X , A H13 ' ,-ff:.,,'1j'f-fi V. ' I W mg mf efw- -1, "T"- . 7- -, .. 1'!-5Q""'LAf-ft A -Y 1 l Hams! X . A 1 fu' 'iffy I -"X I . ,X-kv h xy- " V R y . Z' Ti fxf . 'aw -. 3 ' - L, 1' 4 . 'L . ,ILA ' "1 -1 aa. ' 4,4 Q x., ,ij -51 H' hgh L3 . -na Q ' . 4 4 L' ' sw 1 - ' fem 'wr w- + 1 f- , . fm. , . D 'f13'f52-'Egfr - -F2 4 57' ' P ., . - Y A f ',-fQ'ja"iff7 "t9!9Ff N . n 1 51 'sr YA 'fd f " M, ' . '-f- 1 ' ' fi- ,ra-54 'Q 11 lj if xg' A-' 'Q t. LU! " - ' ., Na., ""'f . 4 I-J' W' JA U' 4 Q V . 1 I" Ng 5 Y ' M J I vb-4 A f, .I 1 vu-il ' 4. W' ' '- f . 11+ sq ' 4' ' ' 3 1 , ' +4 , xv. Y ,V - L4 , , X , , .,, J , I . , 'V -' ' N 'mia ' V A is ,K ""' f Z' ' 'A f"i,' f., Wi! ig, f5j,1,LjQ 1 5 MPN! ff"' ug, 'ffif ,Hifi 9.3 Theseus .,... Egeus ........., CAST .. ,.....A Marian Malheus ..s,....,..Nancy Davis Lysander .....,.,Y.., .., Dorolhy Profanr Demerrius ....v, ...i,..Carolyn Kusler Phrlosrrare .A,..,.,.,,....... Pafricia Odell Hlppolyra ................ Marjorie Davis Hermia, ,,,... Helena ..,,. Oberon .A., Tiirama .....,.. ,..,....Barbara Bissell ..-..,Marilyn Sloven ,. ....,Y.. Parricia Haynes .s.,...,.Edi'rh Wiener Puck .,...,........,s...,.s.......,., Trisla Kline Quince, M. Zorlcq Bollom, K. Philipsloorng Snug, J. Moreggia: Snour. A. Bercurg Srarveling, A. Wolff. Direclor, Mrs. Marian Long Sfebbins. A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Chosen for Hs ianrasy and poelic gaie+y.William Shake- speare's "A Midsummer NIgh+'s Dream" was given Ocfober I6 and I7 as lhe annual Fall college produc- Jrion. The foresl se-Hing was an illusion of flickering shad- ows and falling leaf palrrerns creared by a vari-colored monlrage. The players suc- ceeded in making Jrhis play a romanlic in+erpre+a+ion of a common siruafion as Shakes- peare infended. HAYNES, WIENER, KLINE RELAX BETWEEN SCENES BELOW: BEANS, ZORK, BERCUT, WOLFF, MOREGGIA J V !i'l':4 .F 1 J" ' fi . -1' A .A-, ' Ev 4 ' , K.--" 5 43 . l. lk' .J 1 I 'vw fr ,.-,fi 4415? --.9 fy wa. is X yn. ,s 'fi w :Q 'tv 'mir s'1'ff,4 ,-f?f" - ., , . , ' 1' 3 -V FSNQQ 1 "' I S J! , EDITH WIENER VINCENT MANCINI, ROWENA BEAUDRY Tl-IE MALE ANIMAL The spring play, by James Thurber and EllioT NugenT, was presenTed in Three perTormances, March 26-27. lT was sponsored by The senior class, The proceeds providing a war bond Tor Mills. The appeal oT The play is in iTs sTory background and The characTerizaTion. The Theme is academic Treedom, buT conTlicTs in a Iigh+er vein are inTer- woven wiThin iT. TWELFTI-l N In place oT The annual Greek play, which has been suspended Tor The duraTion oT The war, Shakespei-Jre's TwelTTh Nighr was given during graduaTion week in June as Drama AssociaTion's Tinal pro- ducTion of The year. This play wiTh iTs emphasis upon characTer developmenT gave The casT wide opporTuniTy Tor arTisTic inTerpreTaTion. CAST Cleofa ,,,, ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, .,.,.. M a r ion Zork Ellen Turner .... Edirh Wiener, Rowena Beaudry Tommy Turner. .... ,.,,,... ...... ...,.,.. V i n cenT Mancini' Pafricia Sianley. ,,,. Barbara Bissell. Joan Franklin Wally Myers .... ... ..,....,, ..., Frank Carrillo' Dean Frederick Damon .,..,, .........c..,. J ohn Klein" Michael Barnes, ,.,,......,......,,.., .... AuqusT Zipse' Joe Ferguson ........,,,,....,,,.,...........,,..., Jim Lorigan' Mrs. Blanche Damon ..,.,. Helen l-larmeling Moody Ed Keller. ..,. ...................,,.,.., J ohn Schaeffer' MyrTle Keller ,.... .............,.........., C arol Bacher DirecTor, Mrs. Marian Long STebbins 'Guesf players Tirom ST. Mary's College. IGI-IT CAST Viola . ........ ......, . . . ...,.............., ..,. E difh Wiener Olivia .,.. .. ,....... .... . ......... D oroThy Proiani' Sir Toby Belch... .,..., .,.., ,..,,,,....,,,. M a rian Zork Molvolio ......... ,. .... -Frances Thompson' Fabian.. ....,. . . .. ..., ....,.,,. E mily Reese Orsino .......,..... .. .,... . .Karolyn KusTer SebasTian ..., , ..... .... . Pafrfcia Haynes Sir Andrew Aguecheek ..., ..., . Jean Moreggia Maria.. ..... .... .... , . .. ..... ...... ...,,...... C a rol Bacher Fesien, ,.,,.,..... .. . ,,,, .... , c. JeanneTTe Saroyan DirecTor, Mrs. Marian Long STebbins 'GuesT player. STUDENT HANDBOOK The Iirsl inlroduclion which a new sludenl gels Io Mills is lhe arrival of lhe Sludenl Handbook al her home dur- ing 'rhe summer before her enlry. In il are all Associ- aled Sludenl rules, and a calalogue of lradilions, ac- livilies, deparlmenls of The college communily, and sludenl and adminislralive officers. MARIAN ROSS EDITOR OF HANDBOOK MILLS MANUSCRIPTS AND ENGLISH CLUB English Club began ils year wilh a Ieasl for Ihe new members. A+ one meeling Dr. Adams crilicizecl lhe members' original wrilings, while al anolher Mr. James read delighlful bils from Ogden Nash's poelry. An oulslanding evenl was lhe luncheon given lor Allred Noyes. Aller Rona Murray succeeded Claire McAdam as presidenl, The imporlanl laslc was publishing anolher Mills Manuscripl. RONA MURRAY, PRESIDENT FRONT ROW: SELLERS, MUR- RAY, SCHWEICKHARDT SEC OND ROW: FISHER MOFFETT TWAY. N51 v f',l gt f w. .if. ,.., W we if' ,A-B4 .f--H f A " s- ,Sw -4 ,. ..,, Q' 3 4 ' ky A i 4 f 1 ' ,7f4"' , . ,-. 4? 1, 239 J ,jj Q... ,FP ' 2 M, 1 2 4 3:5 1 'Eh .ii -v hd' 'Eu .1 ,,.. 4,--, Zig rigs : , Q R f V, Q 1 A i ,1 1 'I A c ull 'Y 'f Q?" 54' Nu . .1' it .if ,.. C 'D ..- . ., '-+1 P ia. fi ' M H A ' ' F" QQ., H' 5. -, , 9 , . ' f hw HN ' A 1 - "f, :pil Q: fi- . ,tj I - . "' 'M , .S ' ' Vi' .-arg' A A 75.571 1 - , ',x 49' ' ' 3- "M i hx y Vi M ,J ff n f' ,I V xi: 55,11 1 ig., ., , K sig- .f- 'Q 1 I Q H V if ,f ' J' A v --if mqjf 15" if t Ywuglif .N 1 A V 1 , , Si V, -f , fx x my - , -. , 1 x : ' X, 'Q 2 I t ' I Ar Ti -,Q W an x rg M 4 Q, , . "' 57 ' X I F' if ' S 1 ff- ' pg ' ' 1 gs Lk . , Q 4 1' -- '. , 'U 'Y " ful". -f, VY , tl L QL -. if L' Xe' . ,aw Q' "' X A Y .g . -335 'N Y A ' "M"-ea..' 1 E X ' ' 1 . 3 . .45 gflwly xp F 9 -7 1 1-if A 1 . 7.707 V' 'V . I ak 'xxx 5 .X E -.. L f 5 , 0 , 5 . , ' - .-' , Q M' J . ' 'W''i3q:g3:PAgfIg,j:ft3":f Wfgy?1',' .--,, 1 WE KEEP FIT l'l1rougl1 our parficipafion in varied aflwlefic acfivilies which welcome our presence, enlhusiasm, an:l lasfly our skill: 'I'l'1rougl'1 our awareness of flue lwighesl' and besf in women's a1'l1le+ics: and 'lhrough our realiza- 'lion of 1'l1e imporfance of healfh and sporfsmanship in our living 'For loclay and fomorrow. X ':'T?fQ'iil"" lgqlzgg A . vp 1 .1 "1 , ,. AQ ' . 'p 1 -, x Q ' 'I '1:'fi'- X Q L slgiz.-11, 52, ' -- , ' WI' ' 445' 1 A--.awalf-it -wg, ' -X In I J, ,mf4gf1 g,, 4 , . 4' .-gfmu,-. My-51-.:".. : "- I . ' 0 Z-Sfgfeffq , xg.,-ff, ,... ' 'l , f V' ,'-- ' .' 'fi' F ' V'-'45-ii' lar? - I . QL J I NSE' 4 at -:aim -'- .-.,-- V 1-'."':'-FX YSEH ' ' , V 11 "7 fe'-iii: ,Q'-'gf5'fiQA'9-"iq " 1,4-nnigii fem P., -1'--'.'5-:51,j . fif1'f,'ij' 'f'j'11!'- di" 11 ' 'A' ' J ' K ,,-.::,7j..-,rg-H. , V -'lj-.3 - '54, " . .,. VA .. 'N '71VfQL"?f ff hu ""7?5!'.?' x . n H uv., S I. , : 44 1 ls, l ff i 4 I K, ja.: -Y- xsk .QQ rf" , - 1 r ', -, 'A dm, 4' fl: ': ' Llc. .'-mf 'ss'-f e m H' si- xf"'f'-1 1' , I 1. 4 'T 3- .5 X 'I' ' 1 Ftm ,x's" :h 'viyvv JA ,tn N R ik ,silk J A Wm ' Q ' ' r M I LE E H' 1 ,lv 'lx 'la Q! , rw .4 G1 K :. E! ' 7 v IM 7. ' 1.3 l',,qX'w, nl em 7 - ffl. An l all ,S 'Q s ,, Q as LH. ' HZ I ,-IBF: ' Q Ihr 1 x Q' L ' I Q , 1 , ff, g -x , , Jr: ,A A .A V ui A' 331 fe. 'V -pr. L 'lin' Z.. ,. ' 93'-1 iQ Gia : .-, -. .4 "- V ' '. - ' t. K Q x.::rv,3, '.' N ,,, . Q? . . L y J 5 Av N 1 wif L' -44 if V-5UlQf3ifffQ, 'n 5 5 1 'r ' . ,gl I ' - xg 'V LQ, .-P-2 ,, ' " a ,. 6 -bv ,, V , I - A . in 1' Eg: ' ", A. 53' . if I ffl N "F, 'C' T E115 ' AA ' 1 - " kNU.F,:-xsx gre 'w i ', . k Pr a- uf Q f ' Nf"'gr1-vig' ln 'M 19' 1' '4-1-Q-3 4' ,T ,- A V, A f :,- -89'-Q-"2 , , ll vm " " 5 X ' , , 'pxwv fv - 3. 0' I- ' '12 ' - A'4' L" 1, 'ff"n'!" 'g nf QI, ' ' X '.- . f ' Q 'Z' 1 ' y Q . ' . NW' "Q ' ' "it aff? , if 70 ! Q I ' ly , ,Aa V fl A - 'lu - , ' J ..-4.1! .1 . rj 5 - ' -, f, Jytgtgfng, . ff' fb "F M fff ,Q Q ,Q dh, ' ,mf nfiifw ,af 3.1445 f-K!-wizib ' vm, as a24xswgl'ffg:N, 'inun 4 "Q Z ' gl w',,4f'4 4 Afryfwggv f.. . 4:47 "fl 2532- 3..5f'!,"i milf. Io- "-'w , V' ' AHS- , , " 1-r?C:fi'll' sf '-'T4' . Q N .. ,laid D I f., -mm ,. I . 4 5' Q, IJ s.- Q . , ,, gn 'i A A 1 I 1145, ffZ?fP?Q'f1saf.' JI' . ' +' ,K -.. ' .--,..' " ",.-ll. .yr - Q 'X Ibn. . .Vu HSM,- wtixf' - 5 W AIMEE WOLFF PRESIDENT ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. FIRST ROW: PEDLAR, BETHEA, SORENSON, WOLFF, ZORK, WISHARD, KNUD ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SEN SECOND ROW: GIDDINC-S, V. WOODALL, BEHYMER, N. DAVIS, CROMBIE, BURT. THIRD ROW PERSIS RITCHIE VIDERONI, HANSEL, HOLT, SHAMBAUG-H, STITT, FIEDLER, AUSPLUND, MARSHALL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The fremendous imporfance of vifal war acfivifies was given furfher impefus by fhe Afhlefic Associafion's appropriafe pro- gram, sfressing physical fifness and purposeful direcfion of energy. Thus, parficipanfs were encouraged fo choose discrimi- nanfly among fhe sporfs offered. Meefing on Thursday eve- nings, fhe fwenfy-five Board members enfhusiasfically ouflined fhree Bi-Sporfs Days and fhe famous Inferclass Playdays, occa- sions affording memorable informal fun. Field Weelcs broughf fhe usual friendly rivalries followed by successful dinners, which old and new members, privileged fo receive membership cards, spirifedly affended. PEM CLUB The main funcfion of Pem Club is fo organize sfudenfs inferesfed in fhe field of physical educafion and recreafion. Alfhougw fhe yearly Pem Amafeur nighf was an impossibilify, fhe Pem maiors enioyed fheir annual Chrisfmas dinner and fhe Privafe School Play- day, fwo main proiecfs. The members worked fogefher fo furfher general inferesf in sporfs fhrough compefifion and informafive Iecfures. Q LN. CAROLINE ROWCLIFFE, w' TERESA HANSEL, PRESIDENTS ' t l CDFFICIALS' CLUB fins ALICE MARSHALL, MANAGER ROSENBERRY, KUSE, HANSEL, FISK, C. ROWCLIFFE, SCHUG "Our" and "faul'r" echoed on The 'rennis courls as Officials' Club 'rurned our To exercise newly acquired relereeing Jrechniques. Equally adepl al Timing and scoring, These girls were an inlegral perl of Jrhe bas- kelball season. They furiher helped wilh lhe all- imporlanl eliminalion lournamenls and wilh 'the suc- cessful Privale School Playday. Rule books and scoring pads were also broughl our for badminlon. soffball, and swimming. Glorious fall aflernoons found hockey players gaily dressed in lunics, represenling Their hall colors, baffling for hall honors and perfecling lechnique and feamwork. On Bi-Sporls day, Mills sen+ lwo hockey 'reams 'ro Slanlord, one relurning viclorious. High- lighls were speedy games wifh San Francisco Slale and nearby club reams. The season was climaxed when Orchard-Meadow delealed Mary Morse in 'rhe final Field Week lournamenl game. HOLT, STITT, RECORDS, HANSEL X 4 ,d ' -'Q A 3 1 ,T ' " A 1 - 43 5 I X i Q 5 751 if , r ix w. 'A L ,... , 'H1?F'3ff'f .:-'Ca w ' nf , .J In W , -QQ. I v 1 p V ,f ff . ,. 1 .,,,M,effs,L QL .. J Q? 5' An. L I LW ,,.-f 1 if Q f fp," 13" , S 4 F Ab if ' 53:2 .-2 .rag 'E' F 'rf 1 f',s MF" 7 I 1521 I ' 'pgh , , fl. in V 4. , ' W '-4- A" ', ..-5" 'N 1 A , I I - :M .RL It A qw lg"-L"fr 'YV IF? "p ,ATU . -U we 1 Qi gf f A V mf' V , f -. " ' ff affj 5 L. ,A - . A' :gf 1 ' ,' 1 I ' ,-- . H J ' I' K,,... ii ,IW 'A ly.. ff, " . . -.. b 15, -A i' -.-M A f' af '- -fff,---' ""' 1 V 1 L - - 6 ' : I 5. CQ ' 1' X ,A .,' -- '-f- w W " Il i . Y ,K Ek ,fgg Q. fu , ' ' A ' , ,. w 1 u- - ' , x-.. u, 31' . 1 1 .. xx, r- Q. ky. I Q. 5' x ' " ,F 7', ' L' l , , - 1. Y 5' 91 '1 Q 1 ,y N E J I N ,2 2 ' N . Lv ,I .. lf ., ' X , W ,x . 1' .N git? I' f, ' wk 'fl' 2- f .f 1 -ff nf , . V' 1 N if . 11 - ' -wif' 'J ' . , I Q. , Q. , A ,, ' ' -1 V ' f , , 4' 'Q Y 4 , A '-f, . ,- . ' , A Y X ,Y . 1 . ' 1 C .JL , - .1 ' A I, . A X P 5, ,, up 1 -- 1,-,f -,-V5 A :QW -1 , xwg g .EQ :.- 5 . 6.4 .Y V x ' x ' C A' E ' ', , P' I X45 JL ,xxx Q, J is ' -,, T lg r ft' Gtr '31 I 4 ra I R Qw .I 1 F ,NN " 'R Q .4 - N V mv -f t 3.5! V Y TENNIS CLUB. FIRST ROW: C. AUSTIN, HOLT. SECOND ROW: GRIFFITHS, HOOK, C. ROW- CLIFFE, MENGEL, SWAIM, MOIR. THIRD ROW: STITT WELLS, MCDANIEL, FORD, PETERSON, RYE, N. DAVIS, HUTTON, IRVIN, AUSPLU ND, ARMSTRONG, THOMAS i V Y I ' I Li....1i-. , J.- ANN STITT, PRESIDENT OF TENNIS CLUE MARGARET I-IOLT, MANAGER TENNIS Tennis did noir feel Jrlwe rubber sborlage if Ilwe courls filled wiII'1 classes, singles and doubles malcbes, and Tennis Club worlcouls I were any indicalion. The spring campus Jrournamenf brouglrl ex- perls Io 'rlwe fore, yel slimulaled in- 'reresi for rapidly improving begin- ners. f..A.4L VIRGINIA WOODALL, MANAGER BADMINTGN Badminlon was received wiih Jrhe same enlhusiasm Ihis season which has habilually been accorded II. Included among praclices were Jrhe popular Thursday nighr sessions when proficienf off-campus visirors furnished siimularing compelirion and sfreamlined dernonslrrarions for The more aspiring players. I 5 FIEDLER, HODGE, MYLES, B. FULLER MARY AUSPLUND, PRESIDENT OF BIT AND SPUR BIT AND SPUR The Iradilional Bif and Spur inilia- Iion, a mixlure of dropping eggs and fog in The hills ai 4:00 a.m., siarled off Ihe season in hilarious fashion. The riders' varied pro- gram included Ihe fall Field Weelc Gymkana and The fif+h annual Bil and Spur show, ar which defense slamps replaced Irophies in accord wi+h Ihe war emphasis. The Barn Dance, complele wi'rh all 'rhe Irim- mings, was voied by Bil and Spur's Ihirieen members as Ihe rnosl suc- cessful in The clul::'s hisiory. LEFI: MALM RIGHT: SORENSEN I SKIING To conducl a successful skiing program wirhoul snow is one dislincfion wI'iicl'1 Ski Club may add Io Hs achievemenfs. An op- Iirnislic schedule included an crganizalional lea, films, and classes designed for un- daunled skiers Io Iimbcr up and praclice ski Iecliniques. . , P 09. . J, .rv-" f F, Q 4,. iff, ET ' -0' I 4- . e , gr' " , " ld 1 . Fi'-9 I I' I, x I RACHEL BETI-IEA, MARJORIE SORENSEN, PRESIDENT, OUTING- CLUB PRESIDENT, SKI CLUB Ouling Club cabinelr members oiclered 'rlweir usual amazing varieIy of aclivilies wiII'i wells planned good rimes as llwe aim. I-IigI'1IigI'1+s included weekend Irips Io Sanra Cruz and Red- wood I-Iosrel, picnic hikes, and bicycling wi'rI1 Ihe Universiry of California I-Ioslelers. Mem- bership required parlicipalion in Ilwree Irips, and Ieaderslfiip in one. souseke, BUTNER, MAY, B. WHITE I ourluo CLUB I K. BH X mx ff XX if 1, 5 xl w,q,.,,,i-.S ELS., - 1 If ALJ ' W' r f ,I . I , MM 11 K 32 TLA 5 4.,- p. R L A v . ff gf, YW! Q 1' 'L G, - -9- ' WT HONGR fhose who now receive fheir 'Full recognifion of 'lhe successful complefion of fheir undergraduafe sfudyg lhe sluclenls, who, in ihese years, have unclersloocl mosi' deeply 1'he meaning of +rue and liberal scholar- ship, and, among fhem, 'rhose who have, in loyalfy, service, and excellence, held wilh fheir college 'lhe coniinued purpose which is her life. 'I , .,, ., arf .H U 8 Q gg. ui , ' "fm Q' '32 Z-2 af 'Q 1 Q ,, I 1 1 1 , F 51 W, 5, mega H . 'W ' 5""i la ' 4 Q as-1 :fGk+i':'iK 4' 4 , , 1 M N, .a1,.4i? x , 3 5, """ r f -' ' ,f f' fgwi' ' j 9 ig 'Niigqvff' 5 r , 1 , Y "1 ,L Q I Af ,, 13 .-.4 9, ef an ' 3 fy, rv . 1 Mash. -Q, 1 ' W p W, .V S ' 429 ti IV Q I 9' Y LPM , A M FF + 6 - . ' ,j ' 'h r ' A 5 -f A U '- A nfwermw.,-,.-g-. , .- I -' . ,J . ?f-:a.w.m'af-.wC.eL-vida-2 a 95:2 . IQ S 1 ' :Q--1? Q' , E -,aaa1 .fa.--fQ . Y, 'M' ' 'N , f Q-Q-ffevawrz-'i 1 ' 5 VFX' f.v 5 w:..,f,,3,e.,3-'Levi :, 1 5 5 , 7, QL Aw. ..v. as qx 4, ni 1- ', i" ji:-5,1-v.ff:9.qaffE - 1 W. V1 'X i"y?g?.fL.,.n -r.- 94 WA mf 'iff ffm gf U4 -if qsf ww -- 5 fa: 31:,.-N .uf - - Q5 v W-','.,, 'rv4. . I 'Ii w. g5'if2'j " ' "iv rr I 'L J if .,,s!m! w V5 ' w , Q 1 2? , " K: '- 'f' '11 -.N " "':5iiIsE- .... F. :V .. k , ' - V. f ' NPN N rm" 5125" - 'sg-wx 1 . Q , 4.-V wr- .4 :gf 2 ,Q . 1 3 -U ' I, f f 1 -Ai . yy, .,ZEl .f,jmf , - 'y - ' 5-5 'AL-M'Y'9 .3:':" 1 -"? A - f H g Q, if "' ' -0 nf. Q - , .. ff' f . f - si g wwf, rf HW, -, - - f, rf' wif' ' v' 'L Q... ' V :. '? . Ki' A -I -. ' f . ' ' . f' 'aff' if fa, ug-mQsa.5,f1f7 1, . ,K - YU- N 5451-2f,F . A ,,,ww..v . ,5 Af Ezx -5 r fff , ni- " "I im' 5 ,5 " ' S 5' mf' ', ,f- , f ,ff , I A - 1. 4- lvl . .:'., 1 ' , .. ,V -v- Nl"-L-'N 'h 'Y S' 41 N ,. y . f ' . - +a, 2 u .. ri ' L- . . 1 . - ' - . 4- . ,f , -.1 U . -.L .,.,, J,,.,,fm-v- M. - if - z -Ji 9 - -' , A ff N gif,e13g'.f,-Lfaliw ag - P Q, gn - ' Hr' J gffivifi-5 gay? 4 51.f,1?fgjgq, p fl 3... .3 " vi 5 if V ' .qv rf: Emmy gi f We . 5. , , ,. if W . Meig- ' 4- M" V21 " ,.W.f ri S-w'g, rQ '1H. :W 'ffm i f !,.: ,,vL1 .- ,Nj-Q , 'wry ,L-,VI gi , in-Aw, .M , . .- - - -,f ' .kd . ."fl'q.,l4V-.i'..' if", ' if 'gf' 'gf if RQQ' L- 1,,g.,p,--5 'Y r P .Vs ' 341- .uf-LI YL QQ sl kg. in ,j?lg?4"fi::k gt' 5331 Q ,M-711 Xa. U ' ,Q - ' f' Y ,'. n 1 - V U 1. Ft? :gy-. ,Q :sag 2. if 3 ,v,,, -- t-, .-'W ,,WQ5y3,' N i ,gy 11-1-353' - ' bffifi A Q 251 if , . MQW: 1, 5 -4- ,, -. ' '. , -sf, , , 1 , f..x.' N' ,. Pr' .:i ,-T.: .mffm ' , .. ' ,ww ,iff-Y'-IJ: . E , ,v - 5 , w Y, W1 V Q Q THE SENICJR CLASS CAMILLA WATERMAN AUSTIN I Tin as she bears lhe drum for 'rhe Icids in 'Ihe nursery. school-Tin slamming a serve across ihe lennis courl or Tin as she pinsiup franlic lelegrams from Roomi Reminglon. Seeing Ihe class ol '43 safely gradualeg and Deemsie safely married-iusl parl' of a busy day FRANCES MAE AUSTIN Now 'rhal June's married we see more of Franny. excepl when she's al Kimble House or gelfing resl' less in lhe I-leallh Cenler. This year saw her hair g up and her 'lhoughls go dornesfic as she became "home managemenI" praclilioner and learned Ih inlricacies of Ihe hausirau. PATRICIA MAY BARNES Pa+'s chief inleresl al' Mills is in learning how 'Ig wrile and if her shorl slories are any indicafion, she' gelling lhere. Bul Pa+'s Wesl Poinl minialure i evidence of anofher inleresl. His name is Bill an Ihey're Io be married as soon as lhey bolh gradual' in June. ROWENA SALENE BEAU DRY Rowena-aclress, siege manager. and oifen general pacilier of lhe Drama Deparlmenl. I-ler versalili runs from sleeping porch giggling will-I Muggsie I playing a sparkling Ellen Turner in "The Male Ani mal." Wilh all lhis she's had lime lo be on governin board lwice and keep up her average. BETH BERRY Allhough she's an arclenl sporlswoman, being espe cially inleresled in bolh swimming and iennis, Bel isn'l"Il1e rugged 'rype of individual you rnighl expec from such a descriplion. She has a sweel' and genll manner which makes her ideal for her field ol chili care. The lciddies love her. PATRICIA BOADWAY Thar lhing wilh lhe Ioeauliiul eyes and lhe cerami clay in her hair lhal iusl whizzed by was Boady. She' eiiher on her way To a hall presidenl"s meefing o Jud Board or maybe iI's Palladium. Pal' has divided! her college lime, bul' her iulure lies in Ihe 'Field o arl' illuslralion. ELEN JANE FORD earing lhe inevilable red coal. she iumps from rl 'lo Zoo Io The slables, and is our besl' example of hal "San Francisco accent" laking plenly of rib' ing aboul' her "r's." Then lhere are always The dis- ussions wilh Connie as lo The relalive merils of 'Ihe Army and 'rhe Marines. MILY GRIGSBY oming 'ro us from Sullins, Virginia, in our lasl semes- er. Emily brings 'lhe inimilable accenl of The Blue Grass counrry. She has become so much a par? of Ilhings, we've aImos+ forgoiien she hasn'+ been wirh is for four years. Two lhings we know aboul her. he's a Psych maior and she has a husband al Pearl arbor. ARJORIE ELIZABETH BOECK ardie wiih 'lhe Idaho drawl is known, for her win- ing smile and her irnperlurbable calm in every risis. And lhose mysfic Friday nighl' seances in her oom are famous. loo. We're belling Mardie chieves her lwo ambilions-lo go lo Hawaii and Io wn a Sl. Bernard named Maior Buckingham. ISALLY LOU BUBB Bubbles, 'lhe American who wenl Souih American in a big way. She lives rhumbas from morn lo nighl. mixing her rec room bridge games wilh Spanish and Porluguese. Linguisl' exlraordinaire and lover of symphonies. Bubb can make a box oi crackers dis- appear Iasler lhan anyone else on her corridor. RITA PIERSON BURT when hosls of '43 come back lo Mills, Panda will e leacing lhem in Pepila, charging up lhe hill. her car filled wiih friends and poslers. She has learned io fly, 'lo 'lake a car aparl. and lo manage Eihel Moore's defense precauiions. This year she weni domeslic in 'lhe "lillle house." PATRICIA ANNE CLARKE I-Iaven'l' seen much of Pal ihis year as she fences in 'ihe Cily inslead of in lhe corridors al add hours. Bul her achievemenls iuslify her absence. She's 'Ihe characler who wriles exams in German, and whose rec room anfics deserve acclaim-lhal boxing mafch wifh Do, for inslance. MARGARET ANN CLEARE When Margie relurned 'fo Mills lhis year, she promplly became a rec room ral. I-ler maior is Child D., bu? she almosl look lo ihe srage inslead. Then lhere was her marionefle which. by coincidence, looked like Mr. Parlridge. Despile her arls and handicrafls, Margie's chief inleresl is medicine. SHARON ELIZABETH COX Sharie had a wonderful chance fo use her psychology as hall presidenl in 'ihe spring semesler, and she did her iob admirably. I-Ier devolion io lhe Uniled Slales Navy and her unparalleled sympalhy and capacily lo lisfen lo anyone anyfime have made Sharie one of Mills Halls' besl loved members. ., fn r'f 1 5.1 IRENE DAVIDSON ISOLANDI When 'Rene isn"r in Ihe Music Building. she's likely 'ro be in a phone boolh. Reason-she's lalking 'fo her soldier. Aclive in Music Guild. Educalion Club, and playing frequenlly in sludenl concerls, 'Rene never- 'rheless plans Io follow in her roomrnaIe's foofsleps foward malrimony. M NANCY MARIE DAVIS Energy plus is Nan's molfo. Her lisis of endless acfivilies make you gasp. Davy can gel along on five hours' sleep and slill be heallhy. She lakes Bil' and Spur. Ihe Econ Deparlmenl, and being Assembly Chairman in her slride. bul one 'rhing gels her down -iusl menlion "washed-oul bombardierf' RUTH BABCOCK DEEMS IREMINGTONI We slill call her Deemsie, bul she's Mrs. Remingion now. Wirh her we associale her kind ear 'ro Ihe 'rroubles of olhers, Ersalz, and lhal' marvelous abilily Io laugh al herself when I'hings go wrong. We 'Ihink of Deemsie wil'h dance and English quofes, bul mosl of all we Ihink of her wilh love. JOAN DEVINE You can know her by her smile, by The way she wrin- kles her nose, and by her exlended raincoal. You can usually lind George on her way back from Ihe Ari Building or in lhe rec room reading a Iefler from Sonny. And, of course, afler gradualion she plans 'ro marry The man. DORIANNE DEVRIES Dorie began digging when she won lhe Freshmam Spade. Once presidenl of Alhlelic Associalion and' ol: Elhel Moore. she's even beller known lor her proficiency al sporls. her body beaulilul, her love of Ihe oul-of-doors and 'rhe fondness for A. A. Milne she shares wilh roomrnaie Reddie. EDITH CLAIRE EKMAN Psych maior Dede's easlern accenl is lass pronounced Ihan when she firsl came +o Mills. bul she slill says "pawss" al bridge. Knilling is one of her accom- plishmenls, bul we Ihink an even more imporlanl' one is Ihe number of miles Io lhe gallon she can coax oul of her shiny blue car. MARNELLE FILIPPINI As some one said, "She keeps 'em guessing," for few peo le really know how Marnell reacls or whal' she Ihinkis. lndependenl. capable. she usually lakes Ihe olher side in an argumenl iusi for fun and is a perpeiual bike rider aboul campus. Tell us aboul Corpus Chrisli, Marnie. MIARJORIE JANE FISHER Fishy's world as viewed 'rhrough her pixie glasses is an eniirely crealive one. Mills Manuscripls, The Weekly, The Cresl. and 'rhe Mills Quarlerly knew her edilorship: Ihe Senior Play, her original publicily. A wil Ihai keeps classrooms awake. a Lady Bug ready Io pick up ihe weary-Ihal"s Fishy. MOGENE BELLE FLUNO he gal wilh a giggle and a smile for every one. As music maior she warbles 'lor Upshur and is a pipe rgan pedal-pusher on Sundays. She was a lrequenl orn-Doorslep represenlalive on governing boards nd a member of Ihe Music Guild and La Chiavella. ers was one of lhe few ca rs on campus lhis year. HELEN JANE FORD-See page 8 I. MARIETTA ANGELA GARFIAS Monkey broughl Soulh America 'fo Mills wilh a bang. nd fo Think she Iell Slanlord lo do ii. Her unique ense of humor keeps even lhe dreary amused and er brillianl arias from ihe balhlulo keep even lhe usically inclined away. Unprecedenlecl sayings in unexpecled places besl describes her. ROSEMARY GNAEDINGER Rosie is Ihe example of efficiency plus. Lasl year she was A.S.M.C. Social Head and now she presides ver Jud Board. She can gracefully discuss anylhing rom lhe Marxisl 'Iheory of value io Ihe lalesl recipe or luscious lemon pie which she learned Io make during her soiourn ai ihe "Lillie House." EMILY GRIGSBY-See page 8 I. DOROTHY LILIENTHAL GRUENBERG Keeping house 'lor Ihe Hperlecl man" and com- muling Io and from school is almosl impossible, she says, alfhough she does well in bolh. She and Max boih love music. and 'Find gre-al lun in goin 'ro con- cerls and in making Iheir own music-Doroliy al' ihe piano. Max ar 'Ihe xylophone. ,JUNE HANEY ITURNERI A 'Irue sophisficale-welI-groomed and poised wilh dark. sleek hair. The Junie we knew was rabidly fond of arf and sleeping and arf and George and arf. Bul' now she has forsaken The painl' brush for lhe skillel she learned 'ro use in fhe "LiHle I-louse" and coniinues Io walk abou? in a cloud of love. HELEN SUSAN HIBBS l'I's a facl Ihal Hilobsie knows more aboul more peo- ple 'rhan anyone else in Mills I-lall. If musl be her wining as a psych maior 'lhal makes her lhaf way. here Hibbsie goes. lhe "I-laybaler." her amazing nd unpredicfable car, goes loo-and il goes any- Islhere. even up Nob Hill. MARGARET PIERCE HINCKS Muggsie discovered occupalional lherapy long be- fore rnos'I' of 1'he world knew il exisled.-A good sporl for any proiecl, Muggsie will some day be helping lhe angels 'io give Ieas and parlies. Besides being an excellenl' zi per, Muggsie as a roomie is always ready 'lo heljp oul wilh a giggle. JUNE BROOKE HOLDEN Her blackboard, 'Ihe red hal sluck on The back ol her head. her many pairs of earrings. 'lhe cry. "We wanl' Holden" from her hungry fables. She's always singing, always happy. Despile lhe lerrific ribbing she gels, no one's ever seen her low, buf always enlhusiasfic over her social services maior. , , ,r 'Ti GERTRUDE AI MEI HUNG Gerirude has spenr 'Iwo busy years ai Mills. As an aciive member of Drama Associaiion. Trudy has appeared in several campus produclions and headed Ihe coslume commiiiee for "The Male Animal." To Eihel Moore's selecl Third floor go Trudy's lucky guesis for Chinese Iea, food, and sword dances. CONSTANCE VIRGINIA IRVINE Connie is probably fired of being picfured on a horse, buf Iha'I's our mosi' recognizable associafon I-Ier own version of her college career consisfs o selling iickeis. Somehow she always gels 'fhaf io or are Ihose frequenl' V mail leiiers compensalion for such a grueling iob? CHARLOTTE IVINS Whenever we hear "I Don'I Vifani' 'ro Be Burned" and "Smoke Geis in Your Eyes" we lhink of fall, glamor ous Charloiie, presidenf of Mary Morse I-Iall. I-le ouisianding worry 'rhis spring has been wheiher o noi she could swim Iwo lenglhs of Ihe pool and so pass her swimming Iesl by June. ROBALINE MAE JENNE Robaline ioined us her iunior year, bui' we clon'+ see foo much of her because she spends mosi' of he 'rime in ihe Music Building. Being a member o Choir ancl vice-presideni of Music Guild would kee anybody busy, bul 'ro Ihese she adds long hours o praciice for her proficiency conceri. SARA 'LOIS JOHNSON Do doesn"r iii inlo 50 words. She's everywhere, ex-, pending 'rhar energy and losing 'ihai' voice. When Ihere's a bursi' of Iaughier, Do's 'Ihe reason: when Ihere's a sponianeous scheme afoot Do's ihe leadej In command of all siiuafions excepi Spanish, sh combines humor wiih 'Thai rare gifl' of undersianding people. l GLORIA KIMBER The piano in rhe Olney living room is Kimber' sphere. She pracrices in a hushed voice and Ihe when she gives a concer'I she's so good we're prou io claim her. When Marnell leases her abou? bein so slender, Gloria reialiales, "Well, I iusi guess l'm denser Ihan noihin' isl" ESTHER JANE KILBOURNE We really don'I know how Ihe Rec Room goi along before ihis year when Es arrived on fhe scene wiihy her impeccable disposiiion. her I'ime for bridge, and her exiraordinary eyebrows. She may ioin fhe WAVES in June, buf wha? else can she do wiih a major in philosophy? MARY ELEANOR KING Emmy is The one who came from Arizona las? yea and who knows how 'Io say ii' in so many language besides English. There's a special 'fable in Ihe Li associaied wiih her-a lable wiih cliciionaries scaf- Iered all around-a possible explanaiion of why shel is always lafe Io her nexl class. SHIRLEY KINSPEL You can almosf always find Shirl in lhe Ari Building lor she's anolher arf rnaior. Bul any Safurday you'd be more likely lo see her slarling oul across 'rhe Oval lo San Francisco. Shirl really lcnows aboul everylhing fhere is from whaf lhe symphony is lhis weelc To lhe number of yards in a mile. MAYO TRISTE KLINE "Fi1'ly words? Puf lilly queslion marins," says Tris, lour pixie wilh The arf of communicaring enlhusiasm info everylhing including a colleclor's inslincl gone berserlc on war poslers. We've all walched her al- lempf a lune by means of her visual scale. "Random acfivi1y" she's lagged for poslerify. JEANNE JEWELL KNUDSEN She's had lhe grueling iob ol preparing Olney for enemy planes, buf The mosf recurrenl image of Knudsen is verbal and consisls ol a single summons. "Felice!" She's a music rnaior, loo-plays and sings for her degree. And did we hear you say Modeslo, Jeanne? LIEN-FUN6 LI She may be liflle bul sl-ie's polenl. Lien-Fung has been a chemislry major al Mills buf you can'l name one lhing in which she isn"l vilally inleresled and overly enlhusiasfic. She's usually vigorously supporl- ing or delianlly opposing lhe issue-no hall-way measures 'lor Lien-Fung. ELIZABETH ANN LOCKRAE Equally adepl al sunbalhing. praising Hemingway, llmifling, playing bridge, or avidly discussing 'lhe imerils ol Henreid versus Bogarl, Loclcrae is our bel 'lor lhe successful combinalion rancher-wrilar of mys- feries wilh an Arizona flavor. The gal who never seems lo sludy. her A average malces us wonder. ELIZABETH .ASHE LOUDON You can 'Find Loudon discussing Nielzsche and ,Bogarl over her colllee in rho Shop, playing un- rulflad bridge in lhe rec room, or having philoso- phical disagreemenls wilh Gully. Never seeming 'ro slucly, she slill managed lo be O.M.'s academic chairman, go lo movies, and graduale in lhree and a hall years. HAZEL JANE MAHAFFEY lSCHMIDTl Mahal surprised everyone by becoming lvlrs. Tex Schmidl lhis spring. Being presidenl of Home Ec Club, she was well prepared lor lhis move. Her abilily al combining vilamins and proleins inlo some- lhing good is well known by lhe luclcy seniors who've aflended lhe porch parries she and 'Rene give. PRISCILLA MANLEY Pris, The home ec maior supreme and lhe senior sferling silver salesman lryinq lo convince us we're heading for The allarl l-lailing from La Jolla buf essenlially Sioux Cily and lowa minded, she has 'lhaf unique acquainlance wilh lhe campus gained lhrough lhe perspeclive of fhe lelephone office. " ly, ,Lil-r a i ,,. . Fi-1 NATASHA SERGEVNA MARTCHENKO Tosh is one of ou: more versafile seniors-she can do a Spanish dance or carry on a conversafion in Rus- sian wiih equal abandon. And as a zoology major she fakes frogs and salamanders in her sfride. To fop if all off. Tosh is now fhinking and Talking abouf ioin- ing The WAFS. , FRANCES JEAN McMINN Here's one gal who didn'f wasfe any fime affel her lasf class in February. A child D. maior pai excellence. she dashed off Io fhe Cify fo 'reach ir Miss I3urke's nursery school. Her quief manner if broken by a quick, mile-a-minufe fongue and a fhorr oughly refreshing smile. ROSEMARY MEININGER The "Dormouse" as she is affecfionafely called i- a special brand of person. Her habifaf is fhe library her oufsfanding characferisfics, a hearf-shaped face delusions of grandeur abouf how fall she is, and he size 4-B shoes. Righi' now her heari' belongs fo fha Navy-buf who knows? She's Tricky. HELEN BILLIE METZ As freshmen we locked Mefzie in her room 'fa finish her papers. Now she's an example of a supe execufive business woman, smarf and efiicienf. He dancing and music, as well as The Mills Cresf. ex press her creafive abilify. She's made an arf ouf o imifaring The walks of her confemporaries. BARBARA MILLER Even fhough she's GuIzy's roommafe, you migh' fhink fha irrepressible Miller was a play girl. bu being a Nurse's Aide and reader in fhe Hisfor Deparfmeni' proves fhere's a good deal under fha red hair. Now befween frips fo Ihe Cify she make her defense bond sales hit a campus high. HELEN HARMELING MOODY When Helen came back 'Io Mills Iasf fall she ha a new name, having become Mrs. Moody only few weeks before. When her husband's leaves occu Helen fakes leave herself, buf befween limes she aciive in Drama Associafion lremember her as Mr Damon?l and in improving her bridge. GLORIA MORGAN For fwo years Gloria has won fhe 'rifle of Efh Moore's besr-dressed girl. Pefife. fa ulflessly wel groomed, Morgan is The rec room's besf decorafio There's her crackeriack game of bridge, Ced's Su day visifs on campus, and her amazing Iinguisfic abi ifies. She's also wresfIing's greafesf fan. ELIZABETH THORNTON MORRILL If fhe phone rings in upper Meadow, Befs is Th person wanied. Despife her Iengfhy conversafio she has lime 'ro make a grand hall vice-presiden Less foriunafe souls envy Befsy because she nev gels fel. She's a veferan member of Ihe hall hock feam-Maybe 'Ihis is fhe answer. l KATE MORROW Kaioosh-science, a dissecied car named Sylvesier, a lop raie Weekly, poienr prose, a camera over her shoulder, gracious speaking af Palladium Tap Day, friendship. Ka're's eilervescence and freshness have never losi 'rheir bubble. even when she's doing ien fhings ai' once, which she usually is. JEAN HARRIET MURNEN li's always a gay 'time when Muri's around, giving us a rendiiion of "her dayf' or mimicing 'lhe many queer characiers she always sees on buses or field rrips. How she manages fo wriie lhose good Soc papers and see all The movies she does is a 'nysiery fo us. ARLOINE LORRAINE NAPLIN Arloine changed her maior every year wilh cal- endar-like precision and finally ended up wiih biol- ogy. A Sigma Nu pin kepi her conslanlly on ihe road io Slaniord and back. Despile This she man- aged ro ge? a half year ahead of us and lei? in February io be a career girl. DONNA NEELY Donna's wii' is one of Mills l-lall's besi' asseis. She was ihe Mills senior governing board member 'rhis year. loo. Donna is conscieniious all week, painiing and sleeping, bul Salurday finds her on her way io San Francisco 'io see Poiisie. whom she will marry soon afier graduaiion. LYDIA ELIZABETH NELSON Lyd, 'l'he chem and maih wizard, is iha one who purs l'he resi of us in ihe firsi quariile. She siudies so long in her green chair fha? she invariably falls asleep in ir wifh her glasses siill on. And yei she finds Time lo do unexpecled good deeds for her colleagues. KATHLEEN ELLEN O'CONNOR Smilin' irish eyes mean Kaihie, daughier of Erin, song bird of The Emerald isles. Sure'n we'll remember her for many lhings-for bringing "Dark ls ihe Nighf' 'ro campus: for dashing down from lhird floor 'lo ihe fervanl' suppori of some musical cause: for her share of Woozum capers wiih Meiz and Pori. HELEN RUTH ODELL Odell, ihe gal who is in consiani banier wiih The Ari Deparimenl' and ihe keeper of lhai amazing car. "The Bug." Mos? oi all she's our conscieniious obiecfor, likes a good argument and can usually poini oui iha loopholes and cons when ihe resi of us gef carried away by if all. HELEN PHILL If we followed Helen's example in siudying. we wouldn'+ need an academic chairman, and she'd be oui of work. Having opened The porlals of 'ihe Chemisiry Building wilh her Phi Bale key, Helen is 'rops ai analysis. She's always willing 'lo mix wise chemicals of advice lo help ycur personal problems. fnelf' ...K "' 4. . --Q gk , -if "vcr .rl-'f-iw f" sm!-fin f3,?qIi'l-1 rf- Th J 4 1 up ' .PII '-74 HE. I sy, DOROTHY PHILLIPS Dollie came back from her wanderings lhis year lo her old haunls in lhe Music Building, where she is now learning lo play everylhing lrom lhe piccolo lo lhe double bass. Her weekends bring gray hairs lo lhe resl of us, bul she seems lo manage her Sl. Mary's allairs wilh lhe grealesl linesse. BETTY JUNE POLENTZ Belly came and wenl and came again. Aboul lhe only lime anyone sees her is on her way lo or lrom' lhe Science Building or armed wilh a bullerlly nel on an enlomology field lrip. Belly is conlemplaling graduale sludy. Wilh all her A's in science, who wouldn'l go on? BETTY HELEN PORTER When Porl isn'l designing clolhes. she's faking care of lhe socially and romanlicelly inclined. Bul don'l lel her honesl lace fool you. Behind lhose blue eyes lie lhousands ol praclical iokes iusl wail- ing lor lhe gullible. Trusl her, lhough, when she says she'll gel you a good dale. She will. MARGARET POST Poslie's old loves-sporls, recrealion work, camp, P. E, in general, and even music-have laken a bac seal in her life since lhe day she lound John in heb beck yard. John "spoke lor himself" and love walked in. Then Poslie walked oul ol Elhel Moore and down lo lhe "Lillle House" lo sludy domeslicily. PEGGY POUNDS Lanz clolhes. leans. an air pilol's license in lhel desk drawer-lhal's Peggy, The prodigal daughler relurned lo lhe fold. She's Olney's besl audienc and escapisl when lhe lirsl sunshine of lhe year hit. Carmel. By Thursday her weekend has begun, bu she's back by Monday lo pound lhe gavel. NANCY BUNTING PRICE Price deserled Mills in her iunior year, bul las lall laobbed up again lo lake a phenomenal numbe ol courses. She slill linds lime lor O.M.'s Hal Council, lor movies, and 'lor bridge. Her very acliv mind seems lo have escaped unharmed by her re cenl haircul, described as a "Golhic lale ol lerrorf DOROTHY CATHERINE PROFANT Dolchka personilies charm and music. We remem ber Tschailcowsky over lhe radio, her prolicienc concerl, and her piano ramblings in the rec room There was lhal splurge in drama, loo. A soll, melodious voice, innumerable male pholographs humour. Tabu, long clislance calls-Dolchka. JANE RECORDS Janie is much allached lo her bed. In lacl her early morning slagger is her mosl idenfifiable char aclerislic. When she wakes up. lhough, she's ou lor lun. meaning skiing, sleaks, and I-I.B.R.'s in fron ol The lire-commonly known as a Gold Hollow weekend lor recuperalion. x RUTH LAURA REDDICK Reddie-we piclure arl and grace. For her 'lhere are children's books, a giraffe named Charloffe, a whole army of poslers marching lhrough lour years of college, and double Trouble wilh lhe opposile sex. And Reddie, when speaking of her home, g'ves you a wishful noslalgia for old-lashionecl family lile. ROBERTA RICE TRESEDER The lasf lime we saw Roberla she was saying "I do" al lhe Welmore Chapel allar. We lhink ol her loo as she porfrayed many paris on rhe slaqe of Lisser, or as she lumped her iavorire horse over a hurdle. Aclress, arlisf, and oulslanding sludenl. Roberla is now a housewife. LUCY SEELIGSON ROE I-low can we ever 'Forgel L, wilh her "WhaI you say, Cisco?" and her willy remarks always spoken in lhal low, soil drawl which could only come from Texas. Her greal' love is Ihe English Building, al- lhough Ihe Speech Deparlmenl has been inieresled in her case for several years. FRANCES MARIE ROHLFF Liflle Franny is gelfing everyone ihrough hislory, and doesn"r do so badly herself. So finy and seem- ingly liragile, she carries a lol ol unrecognized sfamina. I-ler quiel manner is deceiv'nq, for lhere's grear spiril' behind il. She can'l 'lorgel she's one ol lhe clan from Casper. Ihough. MARY LINCOLN ROOT Well. we don'I see her very often buf when we do she is on her way lo the I-lislory Building. detour- ing, of course, by way of lhe sun deck. I-Ier lan is a sure sign of spring. She's lhe slar liverday boardei' of Mary Morse, as every Friday nighl she is Palo Allo bound via the Peerless Sfage. CAROLINE GILBERT ROWCLIFFE Caroline slrelches her long, vilal personalily inlo every corner of campus life. When she isn'l dashing lo and 'From aclivilies, she's 'rwisling 'rhal lock of hair in sluclious medilalion. In momenis of relax- alion she's Lolus, lalking aboul lhe Navy or launch- baifleships of wil. MARION WOOD SCH RECK Versalile in almosi every language given al' Mills, Schreck has iuslly earned lhe nickname ol "Mam'- selle." She prolesses an ardenl passion lor Iennis, cherry cokes, and a fasl game of "Hell" in 'lhe rec room, and in her spare lime handles campus pub- licify and Ihe vice-presidency ol Mary Morse. RUTH LANE SIREN When you Think of Siren you lhink ol Tremendous leaps and lanlaslic coslumes, for she's 'Ihe campus Marlha Graham. The fime belween rehearsals and performances she divides somewhal equally belween sfudying and Vice-Presidenl's Commillee, War Board, and her very complicafed social life. MARJORIE SORENSEN Larry lParclon us. Margel is Presidenr of Slci Clu besides lcnowing how Io schollische belier Than an one. When she isn"r in Ihe gym you can find her i her room l"Marine Barracks" on lhe doorl playin chess wirh somebody, lisiening io classical musi or wrifing lo Fred, 'rhe Marine. ELIZABETH ANN VIERGUTZ Gulzy's The girl who didn'l come lo college 'I be exira-curricular and ended up as sludenl bod president Besides being a Phi Bela. an amaieu philosopher, ihe owner of "Pillow," and a sfron advocale of menlal discipline and inlelleclual hon esiy, she organizes her 'lime 'ro include midnighi bul sessions. DOROTHY LORRAYNE WARENSKJOL Coming from a musical family, Dolly carries o ihe 'lraclifion well wilh her lovely, lyric voice. Alie some doubllul mornenls Mills finally won her fro Cal as a language and liieralure maior. She's wha you'd call Iall, clarlc, and handsome, wilh a dlsfinc iively keen sense of humour ihrown in. NANCY RAE WATKINS Aliier irying counlless maiors. Wal finally ioun arl lo her liking. and selllad down io an absorbe exislence. She spends her 'time in The pholograph lab, bu? someiimes she's in The Shop. her aubur mane benl over a colce as she louches up her lafes picfure and aviclly discusses Ari. M.ARY CATHERINE WILLIAMS Muggins iriumphanlly finished Mills in February Sieeped in an inlernalional and arly aimosphere she can rallle oil music crilicism in French, bul she' ralher 'Iallc aboul French novels. OF all Things sh ended up doing secrel' worlc lor Ihe governmenl Bu? does she wear a black veil? AIMEE WOLFF Don'i' lei Aimee 'fool you. Allhough she can loo lilne a moron when she wanls lo, 'lhere's a lol' o gray mailer behind her happy-go-luclxy vagueness Being Presideni of Aihleiic Associaiion proves I'his If she isn'1' praclicing reaching, Aim mighl be 'loun occupying a sleeping bag al' Gold Hollow. MARY BELL WOODALL Mary Bell descended on Mills in her iunior yea lo aslound sludenis by dancing "Arizona s'ryle.' She lalces her duiies as O.M.'s presideni seriously buf deserls once in a while for somebody in Th Air Corps. Her liavorile place is La Jolla: her maior hislory: and her laugh, inieclious. VIRGINIA ANN WOODALL There were misgivings when Jeanie cul her bangs buf she's one gal who can wear lhern. You're lilcel lo find her on a badminion couri, or maybe passin our one of her moIher's calces lo ravenous seniors Don'l lei her quiel aspecl lool you-her wi'I pop oul ai lhe mosl' unexpecled limes. A QALJ-if" ,fu ' V J . ' , -.z l ' ' vsp, ' - - -1: E A M f Q.. , .. W, - N " 1 , X ' -s.if,v,,:5,y'q Q NH' b- M l. E . , 0 , --A . SF: 'N JK' , I 7.13 So .- ,. l ij I -,Qf ' . I r 9 S ,' ' -"L l , A A, , . , H.. I V . . --ff . ,Q ap. Qfzfuaf- . 4' '-4- 5:55, XI 'gg--. l 1? f b"'?a'7'7i5,'f.3 'L 0 ' . -9,24-Miiyibv' 3 v-'fgf' .W "8 ., ' x:-,nvlfwmfpy lc 9.,.f- eg-u Xp 1 - -'J' n-'vf'.-1-2219555.52-' :.f'T'-:Q v ' - - , X A- . 1 4 N , ..- A 1 , 4gs'.'.13.' rg: 4 f ', 2" A- 1? ff' ""'1j"'f':V' '14 ' . ,,.: - 5' DE" , K '4 f , -' - 'J M . ." g'. '- ,I '. 'j'-"'f,- -. -9 V' lx X'-4 ' L K ,Q . 5:51-11 iffy x 4 N -,44 fi Y -' . N '.51+2.-fgP':, l. Jq '1f:I4L .- V 'V , 'Z , g ,. , ,..,---,NU ,, ,. ,V .V W J1., up W .-. ,, :'f.L' f V- ,x 'ffm Q . i 44. qt FL ' 'ix Y - ' ' .5 ' luv" ' ' ,. - - V ' - ' - 1 a .7 gd ' '- ' 1 ,vp R m H me K -'war' A, A -- A, -' f Q I ,- , , .0 . -, ' R , .9 m w E H. ' V P 4 'B - : 61 4 -'7' -1- ,.. SW 26111 5 NW ' V 6' Vw! ' 3 9 ii' WE LIVE TDGETHER believing in 'rhe academic purpose which has broughl us iogefher from many homes in'ro one: realizing daily 1'he wor+h of associalions wifh each oiher which 'leach mufual respecl' and responsibilifyg apprecia+- ing The ideals of 'rhe founders upon which +he college has sfeadily buill' ihrough useful decades. 'I .V 'iq?QW'J IW FK I , glS7?'A so 97 ' I 2 , ff vw- ar 3 Nlwi ,S if 9' 1 ' s ' 1 f' Q "wwf 13 H ' s H ' I F W W Q J s Q'3 ' 4 ,gl 'f . , :-a : SW :Eg 1 1 C. U is w x 1 9 W 215254. L 1 , w XJ' -.y V 1-x W - Qfy ,I J 24' ' ' 4 H'-. z 35 . gzQkW ., , ' ,f Rr up ? Vg!,Q Y , I Q 1' ,W- L , ' rw , Q Q' I u .4 ,Q Q 1 w ni ETHEL MOORE HALL "A hill's a hill?" Nor ours! To ninely-six of us "The I-IilI," and Elrhel Moore, is HOME. l-lere we are again, looking down on Jfhe resl of 'rhe campus and feeling smug aboul having Jrhe senior class chairman, a junior class chairman, a sophomore class chairman, land oven lhe ediior of The Cresl, rhe presidenl of Music: Club, Jrhe presidenl of Drama Associalion, and lhe chairman of Forum Commiileel, all from Elhel Moore. We Moorons spenl' Jrhis year doing more Jrhan adminislraling, Jrhough. Remember when Ceo. won lhe scrap drive wilh her ihirry-Two arlicles? And whal ever happened To The per alligalror aller Wells wolce up and found if in bed wirh her? When Jrhe Budapesl Sfring Quarlel slayed in 'rhe hall, Jrhey caused almosl as much excilemenlr as Mrs. Whi+e's caplain- husband, when he came up from San Diego and look over our head- i i I residenl. And who can forge? Mrs. Whi+e's "Are you sure you're coming home wi'rh someone?" And There was always Fishy's weekly commenl, "Defense slrarnps will be sold in lhe receplion hall iusf affer hall meelinqf' Bul iusjr Jrhe Though? of Efhel Mooron ieeps overcame our laundry bills, and we bouqhl and bought And now, in honor of us, There are Moorons running all over Norlh Africa. Efhel Moore Dorianne DeVries ,...... ...,..,...... P residenl .....,. ,.,.,.,..o,. C aroline Rowcliicfe Caroline Rowclillle ......,. .,...... V ice-Presidenl ...... ,,.,. . .o,... J ean Pinclcney Belly Porler .........,, ..s....... S ocial l-lead .,....s,, T, ,,,.. Belly Porler Mary Ausplund ....,.. ........ A bsence l-lead ....., . ,,s.,, .Marion Angus Rila Burl ....,,. s,.. . .....s,,...... P roclor .........,, ....,o ,.,,,. P a Tricia Thomson l-lelen Phill... ...s,, . . ..s,s Academic Chairman., ..,. , ,... ,.,,,,, l-l elen Phill Ann Thomas. .,... ..... A L .......,. .Treasurer .,........ , .,.ss ,.,., Ann Thomas Cornelia Dodge... . .L L. .... .Secrelaryum ., ..,. ,,,,,..Joyce Cox .Freshman Represenlalive, l-lannah Lou Freeman CAROLINE ROWCLIFFE, DORIS DE VRIES, HALL PRESIDENTSQ MRS. HELEN WHITE, HEAD RESIDENT 'L .4-' 1-H' l " " 'sf ' l ' 4 'JL , f '. 'U I , 'Q'7lffl'f SJ' - yn . I n -v ,bo- """il -Light - Nt: ' Q . f ' ' ' 'V 'Wx X 1 I r !' I a" .. -l . -1 .V , . ,rim '-,Fl-fI'f" 1 ,V ,K . I 4 'Y' . fx- An Q I .v v ' lf' , ' 'Y V4 -n ,I ,wg - ' .Mg ffm W 4 ' 4f, , ' , . .' A I Q5 ' it V ,Ls "Y ff. .sv A Hg , V' fi g-gif ,fl .N 521.5-j' "g, ' d . H A11 , I I-E IA. . ber.. ,E 4 Q I 5+ I Qi: ,V-Lf -- ,alt - wgh v, 'j jg: xl ,ggi A 1 J, X . V .wi my ' F ,Am 3 N A , bn- qA. ,- ., '.,A......, -' , ' 1' Q ' i "' -3.5 1' , . ,g v it X . - ,, 5 ...av- ', , ' si "f it ii, 5 N. . ' . ' f '. ' N- K , . f 4 5 Y. if , lb , x ffnw 3 .- ff W R Mi 'Q 'X F GEWING A LIFT: FISHER AND REMINGTON THAT Rec ROOM SUN: GRIFFITHS, wee- ROOMIES REDDICK AND DEVRIE QSIEBSTQMLLACE, PEDLAR, MCMILLAN, CLARA KING DOROTHY ANN KRAUL BETTY KREBILL JANICE LAMPING AVIS LOCEY NANCY MAY MARILYN MCARTHUR JULIE MCBRIDE ANNA-LOU MCDANIEI. BETSY MEKEEL ANNE MCMILLIN MARIAN MENGEL MARILYN MILLER MILDRED MOIR DOROTHY NEWCASTLE qvlvmm LYN OTTO BETTY PATTERSON LUCILE PEDLER Y REESE HELEN ROSENFELD MARION ROWCLIFFE 'STONE MARILYN STOVEN LOIS STUTT WEGMAN CAROLYN WELLS BETTY WHITE ION E PETERS FRANCES SCHWEICKHARDT AN N THOMAS JANE WH ITEHU RST SALLY PICKRELL JEAN PINCKNEY MARY SEIDENSTICKER JEANNE STERLING MILDRED THOMSON KATHLEEN WALLACE SAU RA YEE MARIAN ZORK MARY MGRSE HALL Echoing down lhe hilllop from Mary Morse Jrhis year came bils of music as Schreclc, afler monlhs of arduous praclice, finally maslered 'rhe allegro movernenl of "Boogie Woogie." Upslairs Lucy, benl under lhe slrain of her seven English courses, slill lound lime +o iolce wilh Mademoiselle Reau, a welcome addilion To lhe clan. On Monday nighl, everyone waileo for Charlolle lo mix up her favorile phrase, "read as approved." Remem- ber Monkey lallcing aboul her Spring Formal dale who said he came here under a "consumed name"-new rings for Spainie and Becky and lralernily pins Tor Isabella, MaTheus, and Verbena - Roy moving OuT TurniTure To Tind enough room Tor Ralph's picTure- PigleT passing around Jaclc's cOnTin- uous supply OT cookies and Teaching everyone how TO lcniT wool socks wiThouT TeeT -Sarah's wonderTul rec room parTy-I-looclie s+iII sleeping as The bell iusT OuTside her door rang ThroughOuT The Tire drill-Joey Gross emerging Trom The shower wi+h noThing buT a red Tace To find an audi- ence waiTing To Throw Tlowers in her paTh-and Tinally. Sam aT The sTeps every noon To say a cheery hello. CharlOTTe Ivins .,..... Marion Schreclc ,..., Marion McKinsTry. Jean Murnen .......,. Peggy I-lolT. ,..... . Mary ROOT ,......... Alice Marshall ....... Ann STITT ....... ...... CHARLOTTE IVINS PRESIDENT MISS ELIZABETH CREED, HEAD RESIDENT Mary Morse ........PresidenT.......,. .CharlOTTe Ivins ...,...Vice-PresidenT....-... .....-.....MariOn Schreclc ,.,.,....SOcial l-leadnn... .......Marion McKinsTry .......Al9sence lclead........ ........,...Jean Murnen ................Proc+or...-.....,.... ....-...Peggy I-IOIT . ..,.. ...Academic Chairrnan....... ,.,.... ,.Mary ROOT .Treasurer.....-............. .Alice Marshall SecreTary......--.............................Jean Roy Freshman RepresenTaTive......Mary Ann Ellison as MARY ACKISS QGOOLSBYI PHYLLIS BARBER PATRICIA BASSETT ROCELIA BORDEAUX JOAN CAMPBELL CAMILLE CARR SARAH CHUN MARY ANN ELLISON PATRICIA FARNUM MARGERY FOOTE JANE GARNETT MARY GIFFORD JOAN GROSS DOROTHY HERBST PHYLLIS HOLM MARGARET HOLT JEAN HOOD CAROLYN KUST ACADEMIC AGGREGATION: WILDER, LOOKING DOWN UPON THE WORLD: MALLORY, WOODWORTH, GROSS, BASSETT, LOTZ, ROY, CARRAHER, STITT, BORDEAUX, GARNETT, BARBER, J. CAMPBELL. HOOD, VANNICE, FOOTE I I I 141 3" ' HV! E. A 1 41 1, ,- ff'a.,,4 H +A. , I' , I fr! D A Vg X 4 g . K . hkzg Q., A :jj "':"-"G'-Jag V 1,54--L' qi:- i ii Q + V -NX, 7 .nm , 'X ',"""Y V Q- -ii, .b.. -- -+L-,Q ,,, A -Q. x 4.-.f 'TW .P . 1 3 f E Y" N Yr ,, ,L 7, f. ' its - ' 1-rw? - x 1, ,' X ' 1 M ..,gAY. A 61 v J A An.: 1' 4 A .I ,D-. - Q. . skf- if 4 ,a ' ,-11' ,1 WT. " ' -if 1 1' . '3'r9i4-' . -1 fL.,31L'5'QfJ52, Q 1- ,. -. Ji A ll - X- -W f ., i 1 , 'f' '- "'1'f-.iw . f V 1 .v pl T ylffs - ,A ' Tift' ,V -E -"AA W - , - , . h ' U ., " -1 , 5.15, me S-1, Y' . Tigizi. ' fl, Y .V 'C' ".'.' ,mn ,,..A, I - ., ,, if , " , .', 4- L .f 1' '75 -' 9 .. 39 1- ' ' k: , .PS '- ' -1 - f- . .1 4,- 9-Q A 15'-11g5q1:2f -"' 'f' " l, -fi' . ' .V fp" ' "1 ' '5 1 'HMM' R-- 'wf fi dogs checking hafs, hearls, and Jrwenly dollar bills al a local lirolic. Boady's unprecedenied Jrrip in Helen lwho siphoned my eighl gallonsf7l Hibbs' Haybaler conlained more lhrills lhan Flynn's "Despera+e Journey." Belha and Frannie spenr Their year in lhe culiural environs of 'rhe rec room, lislrs full of bloody pasleboards, bidding like mad To beal Jrhe 7:30 curfew. Phi Beles Grossberg, Devine, and Byars were lorn belween seminars of Professor H. Bogarl and Baron Von Henreid respeclively. And 'rhen of course Howell and Neely, The Hof Fudge Sundae Queens, spenl 'rheir lime in praise of Jrhe aforemeniioned delicacy, W. A. Gaw, Messrs. Howe and Polls, and The rec room, lhe pride of Mills Hall! MRS. FLORENCE SHEFFIELD, HEAD RESIDENTg SHARON COX AND PATRICIA BOADWAY, HALL PRESIDENTS Palricia Boadwayw Rulh Siron ...,,...,.,,....s .s,.. Mary Jane Knorpp .,c.c,,,.. Isabel Schemel .,,..,.... ,. Joan Devine .......,..... Arloine Naplin .... ,.... , . Margery Davis ..,....,i ,, E. Barbara Byars ,.,...., ....s. Mills Hall .L.,,.....Presiden+..,..., asEEss.Vice-Presidenl....,,, ...nbocial Head,,,..... ,....,..Absence H,ead,.,... .,....,,..i...Proc+or....,.,..s.,.., . ...... Sharon Cox .. .... ..,RuJrh Siron .Isabel Schemel ...Ann Crombie H..-WiBarbara Howell ...Academic Chairman .,... ..,... ...,.. . l ean Grossberg ,...........Treasurer....,......,.. ......,.....SecreJrary.,........,s....,s,..,,,., Freshman Represenlalive., ...s.... .. Margery Davis Lillian Converse ..Gloria Geberl ,V , ,A , -1 , L-4 A .: '-' 'T - 2 Q ff A l I- 3 lf n - ,M , Ll 5 1 ill L MARTHE ANNE ALESSI BARBARA BAER DOROTHY BARNES CHARLOTTE BATES C. DOROTHEA BATES RACHEL BETHEA BARBARA BISSELL MARTHA ANNE BLAKENEY BARBARA BYARS BETTY CASSIDY LAI WAN CHEUNG LILLIAN CHING- MABEL CHUN MARYLOUISE COFFENBERRY LILIAN CONVERSE WHAT WOULD POTTSIE THIN GAY GALS: M. CHUN, Ll, CHEUNG GLAMOUR BECOMES US: GEBERT, WITHERS ORDWAY, NEELY, HOWELL, S. C E NG, WHITE HALLS MILLS HALL SPIRIT NEVER GOING TO DIE: EILSOVIIENE, GOODMAN, BYARS, M. WHITE, ANN CROMBIE DOROTHY DAVIS MARJORIE DAVIS ARI ENE DUNI-IAM ELEANOR FISK GLORIA GEBERT ROSALIE GODT GERTRUDE GOODMAN JEAN GROSSBERG BARBARA HOWELL MARYON HUESTIS SYBIL KALJIAN MARTHA KNAPPENBERGER MARY JANE KNORPP KATHERINE KOERNER I ,Un -Hr E x IA ' F? I' ' I 1, ' .t , , BURNETTA LEWIS DALE LOOMIS LAURA LUNDEGAARD FRANCIS MARTIN ADELAIDE MQCREARY CORAL ANN RODE EMILIE SCAGLIONE ISABEL SCHEMEL VIRGINIA SHAFER NANCEY SHAMBAUG-I-I I I LATE LAUGHS: D. BARNES, KOERNER, COFFENBERRY AT THE PALACE: F. CAMPBELL, BOADWAY, MRS. SHEFFIELD, KNORPP, KNAPPENBERGER AND WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE WAR? SHEP- FIELD, HOOVER, KNORPP, S. COX SOLID COMFORT: DUNI-IAM, F. MARTIN, SHAFFER I- Ai .I EMILIE MINA MARY ELLEN S MARY LOUISE AROLYN MURPHY ,E STEELE T WOMACK I DOLORES NEEF SHIRLEY NEWMAN JOAN OBEAR MARGARET OLSON BARBARA ORDWAY PEARL SUN BETHA WADE EDITH WEINER MARTHA WHITE K TAMARA WHITE JUNIOR REC ROOM PARTY: NEED WE NAME THEM? LIKE THIS POSE? SCHEMEL, D. DAVIS. BACK- GROUND: M. W-I-IITE, KNORPP INSTALLATION DINNER: CONVERSE, CROMBIE, SIREN, BOADWAY, S. COX, MRS. WILSON, M. DAVIS WASH-UP: C. BATES, C. MURPHY, D. BATES MRS, FLORENCE JUDD, HEAD RESIDENTQ SARA LOIS JOHNSON AND PEGGY POUNDS, HALL PRESIDENTS Memories are numerous: Barbara Mol3le+l's persislenl reply lo lvlrs. A.'s voice in Jrhe rec room, "ls il a man?"-girls claiming low flying birds as Their loved ones-all nighl sessions developing inlo one nighl slands- lourlh 'For bridge! Sara Lois Johnson.. Belsy Fuller .....,,. ...,.... Peggy Pounds .....,.. Elaine Johnson ......s...s Jeanne Knudsenm... Palrricia Clarke ..,.... Barbara Fuller sAs...,s Dorie Behymer .s,... Olney Hall . ,,ss .sss., P residenl .ss,.s..,. . ...Peggy Pounds . ..4.,. Vice-Presidenl .,,,.,. ...,,.., .,... B e lsy Fuller ......Social l-lead......... .......,Frances Green .. .s,....s Absence Head .4cc., .,..s,...s. J ane Peck ...,,....c...,,.... Proclor ,,,,..,,.,,,., . .,,,.. ...Persis Rilchie Academic Chairman... .. .. ..... .Palricia Clarke ...............Treasurer..........., .. .........Barbara Fuller .Secrelary.......,..,,............. Freshman Represenlarive Agnus Poidexler ............Susan Swain MARJORIE ARNOLD CAROL BACHER DORIS BEYHMER DOROTHY BERRIGAN BERTHA BESSETT MARY BRESSI JOAN BUTNER NANCY CAMPBELL CAROL CASTNER SHIRLEY CHAPLER GLORIA CHEN HERLINDA CI-IEW PATRICIA CHILTON WINIFRED CHING BETTY JANE CHU PATRICIA CRAWFORD IRENE DAVIES CONNIE DORN MARTHA DROTHZEN BABETTA EYMANN FELICIA FARNAND DOROTHY FOSTER JOAN FRANKLIN BARBARA FULLER ,.,a IN THE SUN: KNUDSEN AND CARL TOO COLD YET: HARTWELL, LAYLIN GUESS WHERE WE ARE: WILMARTH MYLES, WESTFALL PAT GERMAIN JANE GIDDINGS DELORES GRAFF FRANCES GREEN SARAH GREER JANE HARLEY JOSEPHINE HARTWELL JEAN HASTINGS MARILYN HEILFRON BETTY JACKSON RACHEL JUKES JAN KEMPER CAROLYN LARSON LOUISE LAYLIN FLEANOR LEACH PATRICIA LYON MARJORIE MAGEE PAULINE MARKS JEANNE MARTIN FELICE MATHEWS .i L.. .4 - l 2 -s 137,533 WM l :A 1.- - N. 1 'U' 1 3' I7 I .A-M, 'Am 'fu' u " - .1 , I . ' ' KH 'VN s o 'N .A ', hh M141 'W r gi 'iv 5 1 BICYCLE BUILT FOR THREE: WISHARD, KIM- WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? E. AND B. BER, BESSETT FULLER MARY ROSS BETTY SCHAFER MARY SELLERS MARGARET SETTLEMEYER ANN SHERWOOD BRETA SLETTELAND GENEVIVE SMITH ALBERTA SOENEKE JEAN SOLBERG BARBARA STAN ION ELAINE SUSANKA SUE SWAIM SHIRLEY TOWNER MARTHA TWAY NAN VIERGUTZ ANNE WILMARTH CATHERINE WISHARD JENNIE YEE DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN MILDRED ZITLAU like L Yl4lI I ' ?x- ll 4 A I -W J . ' P 'fq vw - ' 1 Q . 'rl , A fab' J., - H Q if - ZH? ,. LJQ- np' 1' ,I I ,wi nf ,L 591- ,.i' I f - . - - t 1? ' .. . 1-iv -..- f , ' xlfb K 'f'-1 vw ' ' , 1 ,X .- . r '. 4' . -X , 1-1 1-2 YW , ' x W -Qu' '-'h'ia?'Sf:',f-J, ,JIM . n x , , x X ,J X... , ,ry N Q, . ,, 's 15 Jr ga, .1 -' gh-ga ' ' 32--Mil' , 4 .5 . 9 'S ' -f :ff .' 2-gsm . - r'- "9 n !-'.- -', .- ,' '. .- ' A swf- ' ' ' 3' QAM. LM, , r by 1 L .7 J ,, Q. 2 .j -- ,. 3- l- il! . K 521- . -1' A 'A 5?L?ti9f' ,, Qnifwrr-5. :L 1 x.J ..J'N..f -xf .J ..- , Q, '. . ff . I is A 'Wa' n i. ram, y1v1,s.'f 1 s: ., HQ, ff' ' 1- -I 1 Sr ' ,I 45' X. ,111 Y nib? P I 3 y E V T v 1 I X ,ay , 5 -I , fl I 1 -f.1 EPM uv' M' " f"'23S A ,ag-Y -gr-, ... ,Q-.0 rung" 4:f ..f....L. 'F ',l1 -' -ei -.fx . 1 Z, V f, Q , .. , . JV M J 1 V f 1 , Wy. 1' , , QE X . 1 , Lv .1 bl , . 'ak' u ' 'rfrl gl ' 15'f'FE'2l:1 C-.' ,ating . In , , x 1 MAI 7 w I -'fr . W, f -:Vx ' - ' " 1- 5 '- Wi- ul ' c'i.7".'?- L, A we T. . gf -' Wf'X x',,fX-JIM' '. x A 'u x 5, .i ihfl x . .gf ' m i- , wg - if fm' N, , . H .xg L 1 1 r ' VP ' ul. fl ,n I....L... I - , 'F' 0 , - 1 Q H A Q 1 '. J -J 0- 0 w 44. . MARY BELL WOODALL, HALL PRESlDENTg MISS RUTH G-ILLARD, ASSISTANT HEAD PRESIDENT onlDecle. And our one major Tragedy, Price's haircul. l-learlr inleresl by Mahailey, The lradilional romaniic elopemenl To Reno. "Seniors of lhe Week" who influenced no one bul The Seniors. All Jrhese memories- Orchard Meadow ar Hs besl. Orchard-Meadow Mary Bell Woodall.. ......,......... .Presidenl .,...........,...,.,.. Mary Bell Woodall Belsy Morrill. ,......,,..,...A. ....... V ice-Presidenl ....,,.. .... ..........,...,. B e Jrsy Morrill Jean Morregia .........., ..,,.4...... S ocial l-lead ....,..... . .... -Margarel Whisenand Virginia Woodall ....... .. ....... Absence l-lead .,.,.... ....,.., G eorgiana Michael Marilyn Malm As...,.. or 4,...... .... . .Proclor .............. .,...... J aclclyn Davidson Belly Loudon .......,..,..,,.....4 Academic Chairman ....., .- .,.....s . ,.., Nancy Price Kalherine Mullcy ...........,. .......... . Treasurer .......c,.,.. ,..,,........ K alherine Mullqy Mary Jean Rosenberry.. ...... .... . Secrelary .......... .. ...,.....,.., Mary McDonald Freshman Represenlaiive. ......... .. ....,. Belly Mee- RUTH ARMSTRONG ANNETTE BERCUT MARGARET GARLIEPP ELEANOR GOFF HELEN HOLMOUIST GLADEANE HOWARD I'LL BET THEY'RE TAKING OUR PICTURE: PLUMMER, CHELEY AUDREY BOYKEN BETTY BRYAN PATTY LOU CHELEY JACKLYN .JOAN GROSCHUPF CAROLINE GROVER JEAN GUTMAN MARY MARY LOU HUTTON DALE INGUOLDSTAD BETTY LOU JONES JOYCE K WHO, US? EVANS, FIEDLER, VIDERONI, ARMSTRONG 40 I P-wg, mga- 5 ..4'x L DONDERO JUDY DREYFUS ELIZABETH ANN EVANS FLORENCE EYRE CHARLINE FIEDLER PHYLLIS FOOTE ISA HANSEL NANCY HARBERT ELIZABETH HAVEN PATRICIA HAYNES MARY HOAG ELIZABETH HODGE EES KORBEL JEANNE KUSE NADINE LOCKE MARY McDONALD VIRGINIA MAIDEN MARILYN MALM SLIGHTLY INORIGINAL: MAYHEW, TAVES, TOOTHPASTE AD: GROSCHUPF, FRANKLIN, WHO KNOWS? MOFFETT 1 I lg., Y fy .Q A , :yu ,-:,:: ,: 1- - Ig Y L MARTHA MALMO VIVIAN MARTIN BETTY MATCHETTE LENORE MAY!-IEW JANE MCVEIGH BETTY MEE BARBARA MERRITT GEORGIANA MICHAEL VIRGINIA MINTEY JEAN MOREGGIA KATHARINE MULKY KENT NOBL VIRGINIA OVERJORDE CARROLL PERRY KATHERINE PHILIPSBORN NORRINE PLUMMER SIDONIE REES ELSIE RICI-Ih MARJORIE RIGHETTI MARJORIE ROGERS JOYCE ROOT MARGARET ROSBOROUGH MARY JEAN ROSENBERRY BETTY ROWI I I MILLS ROCKETTES IN ACTION: HODGE, LIFE WITH THE LEISURE CLASS: NOBLE, EVANS, HOWARD, FIEDLER, ARMSTRONG, HODGE,CI-IELEY, MALMO WYMANN, VIDERONI GENE ROYTER MARIAN RYE THERESA SCHUG BEVERLY SECOR BETTY SH EFFIELD BETSY TAVES JEANNETTE VOLMER ELAINE WALKER MARGARET WHISENAND MARY JEAN SCHWEERS HOPE TROYER MARIE WILSON SHIRLEY SCHWEERS ALICE VIDERONI PATRICIA WYMAN BETTY BARTHE, PRESIDENTg MRS. FLORENCE SHEFFIELD, ADVISER WORN DOORSTEP The year of i942-43 held a full program for The Worn Doorslep. There were monlhly luncheons, cabinel dinners, a Chrislmas Pariy, U.S.O. recre- afion nighls and lasl bujr nol leasl, 'rhe formal inslallalion of ol'Ficers. All The members of lhe Worn Doorslep shared in campus aclivilies such as bandage rolling and The defense slamp drive. Mrs. Sheffield acled as advisor for lhe year. She conlrilouled generously wil'h numerous plans and ideas. lvleelinqs were well-allended and inleresl was keen. Spirii is always very slrong in The Worn Doorslep and each of Hs members has The "all for one, and one for all" allilude. THATS NOT FAIR: GARDNER, SENTER WHAT SHOULD WE BE DOING? MEYER, E. WHITE HEDLUND. BART-HE -big Ji ENISE AGNEW OROTHY BALLENTINE TTY BARTHE ELYN BOX AN BURNS IRLEY CATTON SA CHIN ABEL CHIN UDREY DITMER AROL EPPERSON RBARA FARRINGER LMA GARDNER CQUELIN HALLMEYER UTH HEDLUND NIA IVANOFF LE JAMIESON RETCHEN LINDMAN ETTY M EYER ARY LEE I PATCH LICE PAXMAN EILA PAXMAN OROTHEA SCHMIDT -OSEMARY SENTER ARTHE WICKLAND EATRICE WOODWORTH .5-I Beflry Barfhe ,...,.. Leila Paxman ..L,,.,, RUHW I-ledluncl ,...,.. Dale Jamiesonw... Alice Paxman ..... JH q-41 The Worn Doors+ep Presidenlr .,,..,,.. ---jjiimze-Presiden+ ..... ...,.,Soc1al I-le-ad...... ......Treasurer....,. .4,A..Secre+ary,..... JOAN PATTERSON AND DOROTHY SCOTT, GRADUATE PRESIDENTS GRADUATE STUDENTS The greaTesT exciTernenT came This year when The graduaTes had a mass migraTion Trom The GraduaTe House To Orchard Hall, where They now make Their new home, calling iT "GraduaTe Gulch." Their unoTTicial head- residenTs were Mrs. Green Tor The TirsT sen'1esTer and Miss Gillarcl Tor The second semesTer. This year The girls gave Two dances and helped To serve aT a Tea given by The PresidenT. Maxine Copsey now wears an engagemenT ring, and Erica Dowie, Helen Schaner, and Daphne Roddy were married. ln mornenTs oT relaxaTion everyone aTe, wroTe new words To popular songs. and played "Scrunch" SoliTaire. GracluaTes DoroThy ScoTT ......,. ........,.. P residenT ........... ......... , .Joan PaTTerson Peggy OBrien ..,......,. ,........ S ocial Head ...,..... ...................... E va Munlc Delphine Sparks ......... A...... T reasurer ........ ........ M axine Rol3er'Tson r l STUDENTS ENTERING SECOND SEMESTER VIRGINIA HUGHES ORCHARD MEADOW JANE BRUCE BETTY CARL ANN COLE JOAN ELY ETHEL MOORE WARREN OLNEY WARREN OLNEY MARY MORSE BARBARA FINNEY MARY FREDRICHS MARY JANEHAMMERLAND VELLA MAE HOLMES ETHEL MOORE ORCHARD MEADOW NON-RESIDENT MILLS JULIA JORDAN CAROL NICOLAI HARRIET RUFF PEGGY TURNER MARY MORSE WARREN OLNEY ETHEL MOORE MARY MORSE DIRECTORY AND ADVERTISING Ackiss, Mary Dorsey, lMrs. I.. D. Goolsbyl I02 526 Glorieffa Blvd., Coronado, Calif. Agnew, Denise Marie I23 888 Willow Sf., Alameda, Calif. Alden, Elizabefh I75 W. Grixdale, Defroif, Mich. Alessi, Marfha Anne I06 I I38 Ninfh Sf., Douglas, Ariz. Alexander, Nancy Florence 2535 Balboa Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Anderson, Marilyn Malone 96 3740 S. W. Greenleaf Dr., Porflancl, Ore. Angus, Marion Sfuarf 57, 63, 96 3IOI Park Blvd., Oakland, Calif. Anner, Bernice Braydon 2824 I3fh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Armsfrong, Rufh Ann 74, I I8 320 I-Iunfingfon Dr., Alhambra, Calif. Arnold, Mariorie Eloise I I2 I9 Norfhampfon Dr., Palo Alfo, Calif. Ausplund, Mary Wilde 38, 70, 74, 75, 96 2870 N. W. Cornell Rd., Porfland, Ore. Ausfin, Camilla Waferman 34, 35. 36, 74, 80, 9I 59I3 Corsodi Napoli, Long Beach, Calif. Ausfin, Frances Mae I7, I8, 80 IOI7 Manor Dr., Reno, Nev. Bacher, Carol Judifh 59, 63, I I2 2 Suffon Place Soufh, New York, N. Y. Baer, Barbara IO6 I4I9 Warm Springs, Boise, Idaho Ballenfine, Dorofhy May 67, I23 2700 6O+h Ave., Oakland, Calif. Barber, Phyllis Jean IO2 cfo Comdr. Ernesf I-I. Barber Accounfing Depf., Mare Island, Calif. Barbour, Helen Townsend 96 560 S. Allen, Pasadena, Calif. Barnes, Dorofhy Elizabefh I06 22I N. M Sf., Madera, Calif. Barnes, Pafricia May 80 22I N. M Sf., Madera, Calif. Barfhe, Beffy Frances 34, I22, I23 5359 Belgrave Place, Oakland, Calif. Basseff, Winifred Pafricia IO2 208 Euclid Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Bafes, Charloffe I8, 47. 52, 53, 59, 67, I06 Roufe 2, Box 5, Venfura, Calif. Bafes, Charloffe Dorofhea 47, 52, I06 Rincon del Mar Ranch, Carpinferia, Calif. Beans, Gerfrude Virginia 6I, 62, 96 I-Iollisfer, Calif. Beaudry, Rowena Salene 34, 60, 6I, 64, 80 2325 E. Mission Ave., Spokane, Wash. Beaumonf, Judifh Anne 96 623 N. Maple Dr., Beverly I-lills, Calif. Becker, Johanna Rose 97 9I6 3rd Ave., Sacramenfo, Calif. Behvmer, Doris Jean 70, 73, I I2 3826 45+h Ave., S. W., Seaffle, Wash. Belknap, Julia Ann I30I Massachuseffs Ave., N. W., Washingfon, D. C. Bercuf, Anneffe Jeanne 6I, 62, 63, II8 23I0 Leavenworfh Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Berrigan, Dorofhy Anne I I2 Maneffe Sfafion, Bremerfon, Wash. Berrv, Befh 80 4700 Daisy Sf., Oakland, Calif. Besseff, Berfha Marie 45, 59, I I2 826 Walnuf Ave., Burlingame, Calif. Befhea, Rachel 70, 76, l06 I05 Murphy Dr., Prescoff, Ariz. Bissell, Barbara Wesf 44, 60, 6I, I06 4545 S. Fremonf, Minneapolis, Minn. Blakeney, Marfha Anne IO6 I2I Brown Sf., Liffle Rock, Ark. Boadway, Pafricia 34, 35. 67, 80, 9I, I05 I035 S. Madison, Pasadena, Calif. Boeck, Mardie Elizabefh 8I 709 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, Idaho Boman, Cecily Anne 97 4l 7 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, III. Bordeaux, Rocelia Palmer I7, 66, IO2 Roufe 6, Box I46, Olympia, Wash. Box, Evelyn Marie I23 I626 I-Iamioel Sf., Oakland, Calif. Boyken, Audrey Jean I I8 32I W. Sanfa Inez, San Mafeo, Calif. Bressi, Mary Annarosa I8, I I2 6I I N. Foofhill Rd., Beverly I-Iills, Calif. Briffon, Isabella Dorofhy G. 97 cfo Mrs. Sfanlev Ailler, 277 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley, Calif. Broadhursf, Susan Ann 97 775 Race Sf., Denver, Colo. Brown, Jean Kafhryn 524 W. 22nd, Spokane, Vlfash. Brubeck, I-Ioward Rengsforff Concord, Calif. Bruce, Dorofhy Jane 59, 72, I25 I IOI Park Rd., EI Paso, Texas Bryan, Beffy 67, I I8 3I56 W. 26'fh, Oklahoma Cify, Okla. Bubb, Sally Lou 8I 53l Cenfer S+., Pala Al+o, Calif. Burnham, Joan Maye I667 I-Iampshire, Ouincy, Ill. Burns, Jean Ellen I23 746 E. l9+h S+., Oakland, Calif. Bur+, Ri+a Pierson I7, 47, 70, 73, 8I Palermo, Calif. Burfon, Dorene Mildred 97 533 IO+h S+., Lancasfer, Calif. Bufner, Joan Emily 72, 73, 75, I I2 555 Colusa Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 47, 66, IO6 Byars, Barbara Jean l037 S. Lincoln, Casper, Wyo. Callaway, Claudine Maud 418 Blair Ave., Pieclmonf, Calif. Campbell, Francean 73 Adelaide S+. W., Toronfo, On+ario, Canada Campbell, Irene Brosius I7, 97 2I36 E 22nd Pl., Tulsa, Okla. Campbell, Joan Barclay I02 I245 Pacific Terrace, Klamafh Falls, Ore. Campbell, Nancy Emma I I2 i650 The Alameda, San Jose, Calif. Carl, Be++y Fav, lMrs. W. J.l 59, I25 5I6 E. 8+l1 S+., Tillamook, Ore. Carlson, Dorofhy Claire 96 I437 I-lilyard, Eugene, Ore. Carraher, Camille Rufh I02 I49 S. Hudson Pl., Los Angeles, Calif. Cassidy, Be++y Elizabefh I06 I404 N. Doufy S+., I-Ianford, Calif. Casfner, Carol Ann I I2 Box 304, Dixon, Calif. Ca++on, Shirley Louise I23 2975 Gibbons Dr., Alameda, Calif. Chance, Frances Anne 67, 96 Roufe 2, Bishop, Calif. Chapafes, Sfella Eva 49 Mills College, Oakland, Calif. Chapler, Shirlev Wav 58, I I2 Roufe I, Molalla, Ore. Cheley, Pafricia Louise 66, II8 I9OO Colorado Blvd., Denver, Colo. Chen, Marion Gloria II2 Box lO88, Panama, Republic of Panama Cheung lJungl, Lai Wan IO6 43I2 Wall S+., Los Angeles, Calif. Chew, I-Ierlinda I I2 I9l2 E. Yandell, EI Paso, Texas Chilfon, Pafricia Jane Eus+is I I2 227 E. 9+h S+., Piffsburg, Calif. Chin. Elsa l23 950 Jackson S+., San Francisco, Calif. Chin, Mabel I23 242 Joyce S+., San Francisco, Calif. Ching, Lillian Kwai Yung 48, IO6 I428 Piikoi S+., I-Ionolulu, T. I-I. Ching, Winifred Wo II2 l56I Mason S+., San Francisco, Calif. Chu, Befly Jane I I2 l805 Wilder Ave., I-Ionolulu, T. I-I. Chun, Mabel Kam Chin 48, I06 Box I839, I-Ionolulu, T. I-I. CI'mn.Saral1 Kam Jun 73,102 I926 S. Berefania S+., I-lonolulu, T. I-I. Clark, Julia Lee 66, 96 443 W. 66+h Terrace, Kansas Cify, Mo. Clarke, Pafricia Anne 4I, 73, 8 I , 9I Cfo Goodman Mfg. Co., 48 and I-lalsfead S+., Chicago, Ill. Cleare, Margaref Ann 8I 442 W. Fremonf, Pocafello, Idaho Coffenberry, Marilouise IO6 Roufe 2, Box 278 E., Sfockfon, Calif. Cogen, Lilian IO79 S. Ogden Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. Cohen, Phyllis Jane 96 706 N. W. Culpepper Ter., Porfland, Ore. Cole, Alice Anneffe I25 I9I3 El Cerrifo Pl., I-Iollywood, Calif. Cole, Consfance S+ansbury 96 BI8 Carlsfon, Oakland, Calif. Converse, Lilian 52, 53 '06 Lingdooley Ranch, Sanfa Paula, Calff. Copsey, Maxine Nellie 53 26I I R S+., Lincoln, Nebr. Cox, Joyce Elaine ' I6, 96 lO5 W. 60+h S+.. Sea++le, Wash. Cox, Sharon Elizabcfh 34, 36, 6I , BI, 9I, I05 IO66 S. Genesee, Los Angeles, Calif. Crawford, Pafricia 67, 72, I I2 2034 Thornwood Ave., WiIme++e, III. Crombie, Ann Sfeel 38, 6I, 70, I07 907 Cincinnafi. El Paso, Texas Davidson, Irene Bernice, lMrs. I-I. R. Solandl 82 I70 Walnur S+., Twin Falls, Idaho Davidson, Jacklyn Claire 44, I I8 I3O Frederick S+., San Francisco, Calif. Davies, Irene Oniska 59, I I2 44 Carmel Ave., Salinas, Calif. Davis, Dorofhy Layland IO7 I32I Lexingfon, Delano, Calif. Davis, Mariorie May 39, 6I, IO7 I975 Glencoe, Denver, Colo. Davis, Nancy Marie 34, 36, 67, 70, 72, 74, 82 458 5. Cafalina Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Deems, Rufh Babcock, lMrs. J. Percy Remingfon, Jr.l 58, 82 20I I James Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minn. deJean, Marguerife, Mrs. 30 Lenox Rd., Berkeley, Calif. deKussevich, Zora Mariia Lendvayu 26, Budapesf, Hungary Devine, Joan Sara 82 607 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach, Calif. deVries, Dorianne 34, 46, 47, 82, 9I, 95 4735 E. Lake I-Iarrief Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. Difmer. Audrey Lorraine I23 I669 E. 38fh Sf., Oakland, Calif. Dod e Cornelia I-Iousfon 45, 46, 97 Q I 32 Summif Sf., Chesfnuf I-Iill, Philadelphia, Pa. Dondero, Jean Elizabefh I I9 237 3rd Sf., Wafsonville, Calif. Dorn, Connie Lee I I2 Box 55, Cafhedral Cify, Calif. Dreyfus, Elaine Judy I I8 2265 Broadway, San Francisco, Calif. Drofhzen, Marfha Leona 63, 73, II2 Box 28I, Eleele, Kauai, T. I-I. Duncan, Jane Dorofhv 48, 52, 97 2423 Leavenworfh Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Dunham, Arlene Jane I07 I000 Ingedsoll, Marshfield, Ore. Eafon, Dorofhy, lMrs. J. Lloydl 336 Panoramic Way, Berkeley, Calif. Ekman, Edifh Claire 67, 82 I7545 Parfhenia Sf., Norfhridge, Calif. Ellison, Mary Ann IO2 3808 N. Procfor, Tacoma, Wash. Ely, Joan Spencer I25 Ix Army Corps, Forf Lewis, Wash. Epperson, Carol Joy I23 38 N. Cenfral, Clayfon, Mo. Erickson, Jean Louise 2050 Anseon Ave., Oakland, Calif. Evans, Elizabefh Ann I I9 Second Fruifridge, Grand Juncfion, Colo. Everding, Charmian Burkhard 97 I425 I-Iillcresi' Ave., Pasadena, Calif. Eymann, Ella Babeffa I I2 4I0 Tulare, Parlier, Calif. Eyre, Florence Afherfon I I9 I57 Afherfon, Afherfon, Calif. Farnand, Felicia I I2 2030 S. W. Main, Porfland, Ore. Farnum, Pafricia Lou 34, 40, IO2 IO7 Elm Dr., Billings, Mon. Farringer, Barbara Bernice 59, I23 34 Blair Ave., Piedmonf, Calif. Ferrer, Pilar Safira 579, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil Fiedler, Olqa Charline 70, 72, 73, 75, I I9 3445 I-lillisfon, Pasadena, Calif. Filippini, Marion Marnelle 82 425 J, Pafferson, Calif. Fine, Margaref Joyce 97 3703 Plaff, Fresno, Calif. Finney, Barbara I25 37I4 Norfhland Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. Fisher, Mariorie Jane 45, 65, 66, 67, 82, 9I I I28 2Isf Ave., Seaffle, Wash. Fisk. Eleanor Muriel 33, 34, 6I, 7l, IO7 333 45fh Sf., Des Moines, Iowa Flood. Mariorie 97 339 Franklin Ave., River Foresf, III. Fluno. Imogene Belle 36, 59, 67,83 2062 Eagle Ave., Alameda, Calif. Foofe. Daphne Phyllis II9 34I2 N. 28fh, Tacoma, Wash. Foofe. Margery Jane I02 Calisfoqa, Calif. Ford. I-Ielen Jane 74, 8I 2473 I4fh Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Fosfer. Dnrofhv I I2 I67 F Ave.. Coronado, Calif. Franklin. Joan Lea 6I, 72. I I2 5236 I-Iarfwick Sf., Los Angeles, Calif. Fredericks. Marv Middlefon I25 Porfola Rd., Woodside, Calif. Freeman, I-Iannah-Lou 97 3124 N. E. I7fh Ave., Parfland, Ore. Fuller. Barbara 75, II2 764 Goodrich Ave., Sf. Paul, Minn. 46, 73, I I3 Fuller, Elizabefh 764 Goodrich Ave., Sf. Paul, Minn. Fuller. Viroinia Pendlefon IO7 E. 63rd, New York, N. Y. Gardner, Alma I-lelene I23 I768 Leimerf Blvd., Oakland, Calif. Garfias, Marieffa Angela 83 Sacramenfo No. 350, Seccion Insuroenfes, Mexico, D.E,, Mexico Garliepp, Margaref 73, I I8 725 Calderon Ave., Mounfain View, Calif. Garneff, Jane Mifchell 49, I02 Tlaxacala I97, Mexico, D. F., Mexico Geberf, Gloria Suzanne IO7 Mayfair Courf D, Evereff, Wash. Germain, Mary Pafricia I I3 I7I0 Los Robles. San Marino, Calif. Giddings, Jane Granf 66, 70, 72, I I3 985 San Pasqual, Pasadena, Calif. Gifford, Mary Isabelle 74, I02 4304 Randolph Sf., San Diego, Calif. Gile, Louis A. Boyd 96 77I7 Ludingfon PI.. La Jolla, Calif. Ginn, Bow Mee Mills College, Calif. Gloeckler, Alma Marie Shaffer, Calif. Gnaedinger, Rosemary 34, 35, 83 644 N. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, III. Godf, Rosalie Margaref 48, 49, 53, IO7 35I0 Suffer Way, Sacramenfo, Calif. Goff, Eleanore, Anne 57. I I8 I807 lnyo Sf., Bakersfield, Calif. Goldsfein, Nafalie Mae 96 287I Cumberland Rd., Porfland, Ore. Goodkind, Helene 96 2IO0 Balsam Ave., Wesf Los Angeles. Calif. Goodman, Gerfrude Amelia 60, 6I, 66, 67, I07 905 Cincinnafi, EI Paso, Texas Graff, Dolores Alma I I3 Aparfado 65, Havana, Cuba Granf, Phyllis Jean 96 2840 Johnson Ave., Alameda, Calif. Grashorn, Jean Naomi 96 6504 N. Greeley, Porfland, Ore. Green, Frances Lou 45, I I3 I4 Chafham Dr., New Orleans. La. Greer, Sara Jane 39. 77, I I3 505 Don Gaspar, Sanfa Fe, New Mexico Griffifhs, Anne 74. 96 3I0 39fh Ave., N. Seaffle, Wash. Grigsloy, Emily Bourne 59. 8I 46 Woodcresf Ave., Aflanfa, Ga. Groschupf, Joan I I8 4I I S. Pine, Spokane, Wash. Gross, Joan Louise 45, I02 I I55 Vine Sf., Denver, Colo. Grossberg, Jean Claire 66, I07 7IO Madison Ave., Helena. Monf. Grover, Caroline Beffy I I8 I3I5 Lexingfon Way, Seaffle, Wash. Gruenberg, Dorofhy Lilienfhal, lMrs. Max F.I 83 2I08 Tiffin Rd., Oakland, Calif. Gurley, Barbara Jane 270 Sea Cliff Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Gufman, Jean Alice 39, 6I, I I8 I66 Beach Sf., Highland Park, III. Haighf, Mary Gazzam 39, I I8 405 36fh Ave.. N. Seaffle, Wash. Hall. Jean Eileen I I3 Roufe 6, Box 624, Phoenix, Ariz. Hallmeyer, Jaqueline Edifh I23 2I46 50fh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Hammerland, Mary Jane I25 I I3O Tresfle Glen Rd., Oakland, Calif. Haney, June Loree, lMrs. George P. Turnerl 83 423 D Sf., Marysville, Calif. Hansel, Theresao Mary 70, 7I . I I9 939 N. Sfockfon Sf., Sfockfon, Calif. Hanson, Lois Heifler 847 43rd Sf., Oakland, Calif. Harberf, Nancy Elizabefh 58, 59, I I9 I25 W. Mendocino, Sfockfon, Calif. Harley, Jane 34, 38, 60, I I3 64 Sewell Ave., Brookline, Mass. Harfwell, Josephine I I3 1938 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. Hasfings. Jean I I3 Roufe 2, Box 23 I, Los Gafos, Calif. Haven, Elizaloefh Ann I I9 935 Fresno Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Haynes, Pafricia 6I, 62, I I9 759 Oak Grove Ave., Highland Park, III. Hedlund, Rufh Dorofhy I23 24I7 Ransome Ave., Oakland, Calif. Heilfron, Marilyn I I3 Cfo Lf. Col. M. Heilfron, I I3I'h C. A., Bn A. A., Forf Bliss, Texas Herbsf, Dorofhy Davison I02 70 E. Park Sf., Easf Orange, N. J. Herrick, Mariam Whife, lMrs. Francis H.I 4633 Davenporf Ave., Oakland, Calif. Hewiflr, Elizabefh Ann 6I6 N. Sfarr, Tacoma, Wash. Hibbs, Helen Susan 83, 9I 400 S. I3fh Sf., Richmond, Calif. Hickey, Nancy Riffer 234 Armsley Square, Onfario, Calif. Hincks, Margaref Pierce 44, 83 Rancho Lomo, Live Oak, Calif. , Hoag, Mary Pafrica 59, I I9 605 W. Sanfa Inez, San Mafeo, Calif. Hodge, Elizabefh Jane 75, I I9 209 E. Monroe, Sferling, Kan. Holden, June Brooke 44, 83 40I8 Miller Way, Sacramenfo, Calif. Holm, Phyllis Arlyne 38, 49, l02 I I I Liberfy Sf., Pefaluma, Calif. Holmes, Vella 77, I25 2275 l9fh Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Holmquisf, Helen Ross 73, I I8 54 W. Lynwood, Phoenix, Ariz. Holf, Margaref 70, 7I, 74, l02 Helena Road, Dongan Hills, Sfafen Island, N. Y. Hood, Jean Adele I02 5307 Hillmonf Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Hook, Pafrica Bourke 74, 97 cfo Capf. F. R. Hook, U. S. Naval Hospifal, Oakland, Calif. Howard, Gladeane 45, I I8 4330 Fiffy-Third N. E., Seaffle, Wash. Howell, Barbara I07 R. D. I, Box 5I, Pasadena, Calif. Huesfis, Maryon Benneff 53, IO7 Hayden, Ariz. Hung, Gerfrude Ai Mei 84 Mills College, Calif. Hughes, Virginia Gordon I25 439 Soldad Sf., Salinas, Calif. Huffon, Mary Louise 74, I I8 Mills College, Calif. lnguoldsfad, Inger Dale II8 I50 S. Middle Neck Rd., Greaf Neck, Long Island, N. Y. Inn, Hazel Shau-k'au 97 23 lliahi Sf., Honolulu, T. H. Inn, Sylvia Sau Tau 97 23 lliahi Sf., Honolulu, T. H. Innes, Mary Veronica 5807 69fh Lane, Malspefh, N. Y. Irvine, Consfance Virginia 74, 84 cfo Capf. Wm. L. Irvine, U. S. Receiving Ship, Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco, Calif. lvanoff, Tania McQueen l23 603 S. Thirfy-Eighfh Sf., Tacoma, Wash. Ivins, Charloffe 34, 35, 58, 84, 9l, IOI N I060 Sfeele Sf., Denver, Colo. 95:lJ'acobs Anne Janice 979 Ashbury Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Jackson, Beffe Elaine 33, 34.46, 67, 72, I I3 3l7 Empire Bldg., Denver, Colo. Jamieson, Helen Dale 59, l2I 5850 Picardy Dr., Oakland, Calif. Jenne, Robaline Mae 58, 59, 84 3520 Brockway Sf., Sacramenfo, Calif. Johnson, Elaine Maxine I I3, I8, 46 I57 B, Valleio, Calif. Johnson, Sara Lois 34, 35, 59, 84, 9I, I I I l085 E. Mariposa Sf., Aliadena, Calif. Jones, Elizabefh Louise I I8 l228 E. So. Temple, Salf Lake Cify, Ufah Jones, Mildred 4480 Monfgomery Sf., Oakland, Calif. Jordan, Julia I25 399 Roosevelf Way, San Francisco, Calif. Jukes. Rachel Mary II3 R. R. I, Saanichfon, Vicforia, Brifish Columbia. Canada Kaliian, Sybil Ann I07 I5I7 Sixfh Sf., Los Banos, Calif. Kaplan, Anneffe 467 Corlesfon Sf., Richmond, Calif. Keene, Mary Ann 97 I005 Cardinal Dr., Audubon Park, Louisville, Ky. Kellam, Anna Marie IMrs. Warren Manuell 5I2 N. Cordova, Alhambra, Calif. 97 Kellam, Margaref Louise I7, 97 5I2 N. Cordova, Alhambra, Calif. Kelly, Joyce 34, 66, 9I, I I8 l548 Fernwood Dr., Oakland, Calif. Kemper, Jan Claire I I3 I26I W. 56fh Sf., Kansas Cify, Mo. Kilbourne, Esfher Jane 84 I208 Edgehill Dr., Burlingame. Calif. Kimber, Gloria Louise 58, 59, 77, 84 720 Magnolia Ave., Modesfo, Calif. King, Clara Eng 98 I5I2 I2fh Ave. S., Seaffle, Wash. King, Mary Eleanor 84 538 E. Willefia Sf., Phoenix, Ariz. Kinney, Befsey Bell IMrs. Richard Fisherl Marfinsburg Blvd., Mf. Vernon, Ohio. Kinspel, Shirley 34, 48, 52, 56, 85 364 Jasmine, Laguna Beach, Calif. Kline, Mayo Trisfa 33, 34, 46, 6I , 62, 85, 9I Sunswyck, Darien, Conn. Knappenberger, Marrha Belle I07 Sixfeenfh 81 Missouri Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. Knoke, Dorofhy Josephine livlrs. Kurf I8I8 Milvia Sf., Berkeley, Calif. Knorpp, Mary Jane IO7 77 E. Counfry Club Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. ENDS Tl-IE OUEST FOR TI-IE BEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Dislriloulors of BIRDSEYE Frosled Foods FRESHMEN JUNIORS SOPHOMORES SENIORS alldependan Tl-IE COLLEGE SHOP lei il serve you as alumnae, loo SI-IREVE VARIETY FOR THE DISCRIMINATING Gills for gracluaies, gills for lhe family, gills for all occasions are found in wide bul exclusive variely al Shreve's. Known for iew- elry, walches, and silverware, Shreve's offers numerous olher arlicles. Loving Cups . . . Trophies . . . Class Pins and Rings rnacle-+o- order . . . Cloclcs . . . Piclure Frames in Learher . . . Unusual Lealher Luggage . . Exclusive Sfaiionery. Sl-IREVE 84 COMPANY Eslablished l852 JEWELRY SILVERWARE Sfore: Pos? Slreef al Gran? Avenue Facfory: 539-55l Bryanf Sfreef SAN FRANCISCO Since lhe Days ol: lhe PONY EXPRESS The names of Mills College and Wells Fargo have been closely iclenliiiecl wilh lhe hisiory of lhe Wesl. TWO CONVENIENT DOWNTOWN OFFICES MARKET AT MONTGOMERY MARKET AT GRANT AVE. Knuclsen, Jeanne Junell 47, 59, 70, 77, 85 540 Myrfle Ave., Modesfo, Calif. Koerner, Kafherine Karen l07 84I E. Cambridge, Phoenix, Ariz. Korbel, Frances 38, 4I, I I9 Box I089, Pefaluma, Calif. Kraul, Dorofhy Ann 98 95 Rossmoor Dr., San Francisco, Calif. Krebill, Beffy Irene 98 I I6 I-Iillcresf Ave., Davenporf, Iowa Kuse, Jeanne Elizabefh 67, 7I, I I9 2808 Forfy-Second Ave., Seaflle, Wash. Kusfer, Carolyn Lee 63, I02 IO69 37fh Sf., Long Beach, Calif. Lamping, Mary Janis I7, 6l, 66,98 2l I W. Prospecf, Seaffle, Wash. Larson, Carolyn Louise I I3 l36I Washingfon Sf., Kingsburg, Calif. Laylin, Louise Dewey 39, 59, I I3 I972 Indianola Ave., Columbus, Ohio Leach, Eleanor Norie I I3 227 Oak Sf., Salinas, Calif. Lebus, Angela Mary 526 Parrofl' Dr., San Mafeo, Calif. Lewis, Burneffa Irene I08 222 S. B Sf., Madera, Calif. Li, Lien-Fung 85 233 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Lindman, Grefchen Elizabefh 39, l2I 3539 Calandria, Oakland, Calif. Locey, Avis Rowena 98 67 Locusf Ave., Mill Valley, Calif. Locke, Frances Nadine I I9 Arbuckle, Calif. Lockeff, Nan Bolling II3 262 Insurgenfes, Mexico, D. F., Mexico Lockrae, Elizabefh Ann 66, 67, 85, 9I 283I Benfon Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. Loomis, Mary Dale I08 9940 Robbins Dr., Beverly I-Iills, Calif. Lolz, Carol ' I03 63I Paloma Ave., Oakland, Calif. Loudon, Flizaloefh Ashe 85 Roufe 3, Box 348, Bakersfield, Calif. Lowe, Velma 8I4 Mandana Blvd., Oakland, Calif. Lundegaard, Laura June I6, 66, 67, IO8 2832 Summif Sf., Oakland, Calif. Lyon, Pafrica Jane I I3 2I25 Parkside Ave., I-Iillsborough, Calif. Mack, Reba Robins lMrs. C. S. Whifel 46, 47, 76, IO3 2537 Tenfh Ave., Sacramenfo, Calif. MacKenzie, Jean Nalalie 4I0 Fairmounl' Ave., Oakland, Calif. Magee, Marjorie Mae I I3 Orange Grove, Calif. Mahaffey, I-lazel Jane lMrs. Elby Schmidfl Tendoy, Idaho 49, 85 Maiden, Virginia Louise I I9 203 Bluff, Council Bluffs, Iowa Mallory, Kafherine Louise 39, 44, 66, 67, IO3 908 N. Porfland Blvd., Porrland, Ore. Malm, Marilyn Agnes 76, I I9 2085 Cowper, Palo Alfo, Calif. Malmo, Marfha Elizaloefh I20 5609 Sevenfeenfh Ave. N.E. Seaffle, Wash. Manley, Priscilla I9, 85 7784 I-lillside Dr., La Jolla, Calif. Marks, Pauline 72, I I3 6l I N. Elm, Beverly I-lills, Calif. Marshall, Alice I-Iarrief 44, 58, 70, 7I, IO3 I20 Beach Rd., Glencoe, Ill. Marfchenko, Nafasha Sergevna 48, 49, 86 I I8 W. Denni Sf., Wilrningfon, Calif. Marfin, Jeanne 73, I I3 Rockcliffe Apf., Monfclair, N. J. Marfin, Sfanley 449 Willifs S+., Daly Cify, Calif. Marfin, Velma Frances I08 Roufe I, Box 282, Scoffsdale, Ariz. Marfin, Vivian Louise 77, I20 44 Carmel Ave., Salinas, Calif. Mafcheffe, Elizabefh Ann 67, I20 5 E. Fiffy-'rhird Terrace, Kansas Cify, Mo. Mafheus, Marian Aline 39, 56, 6I 334 McGilvra Blvd., Seaffle, Wash. Maffhews, Felice Coyeffe I I3 Roufe 5, Box I260, Modesfo, Calif. May, Nancy Elizabefh 73, 76, 98 257 S. Grand Ave., Pasadena, Calif. Mayhew, Roseffa Lenore I20 I030 Keeler Ave., Berkeley, Calif. McAdam, Claire I I4 450 N. Thirfy-Ninlh, Seaffle, Wash. McArl'hur, Marilyn Jane 39,98 l09 N. Fiffy-fhird Sf., Omaha, Nelor. McBain, Elizabefh Jane 47, IO3 Roufe 9, Box IOI4, Sacramenfo, Calif. McBride, Julie Lucrefia 67, 73,98 720 Second Ave. W., Twin Falls, Idaho McCormack, Marian Frances ol, IO3 255 W. Lefelle Sf., Salem, Ore. McCreary, Adelaide Louise 60, 6I, I08 397 N. Washingfon Rd., Lake Foresf, Ill., FOOD FOR THOUGHT Food you'll like AT THE LAUREL CREAMERY BORDEN'S ICE CREAM REAL HAMBURGERS 37 I9 MacArthur Blvd. ABC RADIO REPAIR PLAN MATCHES YOUR BUDGET MILLS PARK RADIO SERVICE 5934 lvlacAr'rl1ur Blvd. TRinidaCl 2985 DOWNTOWN in SAN FRANCISCO GALIFURNIAN 1 7 Stories of Hospitality Low Family Rates Hotel All rooms outside All with tub and shower All with radio F R O M 5250 Single 5350 Double 5400 Twins P. Tremain Loud, Mgr. COR. TAYLOR and O'FARRELL Opposite New N.B.C. Building Excellent Food at Popular Prices GARAGE 75:1 San Francisco's only first- class hotel that does not sell liquor comrumenrs OF THE GOLD LANTERN THORSTED CO. 0 FLORISTS Flowers by Telegraph Anywhere Telephone GLencourI' I4-I5 l507W li' I ST 'l, IS Pbl TEA RGOM OKZLTNE cffflromfk 5 O . ffl: ,,E,C,,V I, .. ' SAVES YOUR TIME- 4 T I'I WIN0 lCTORY ....... I QQ.. N54f'?5k A N G N K 7 I .ll P1 BUY US-WMI BONDS NSTMPS .. '-7I':T 3:-ils.iff.fg1t1'Z'flf ffeilk .. .." - -W.-. ' I' . ,r'- - N This if 14115101 C H E C K I N G ""' ' 5' 70th Anniversary Year Accouur x g No trudging about-no waiting in line I to pay bills-when you have an Anglo 'I Deposit Insurance Bank Special Checking Account. You pay 51.00 for your book of 10 checks. No minimum balance requir- ed. Buy more books as you need them. Bank by mail if you wish. Call or write for full details fRegular checking accounts are avail able, as always, for more active uses! E Corporation for a bool: of I 0 checks 0 Save your time ' 0 Conserve tires and gas I Protect your cash - 0 Obtain a receipt, automatically Have an income tax record Control your money matters CALIFORNIA NATIONAL Gam peace of mind N0 MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED K l560 BROADWAY, OAKLAND 0 TEN BANKING OFFICES IN SAN FRANCISCO I33 McCulloch, Eva Jane I I4 6945 Kingsbury S+., Sf. Louis, Mo. McDaniel Anna-Lou 74, 98 875 Arlingfon Ave., Berkeley, Calif. McDonald, Mary Burleson I I9 Spring Valley Lakes Rd., Millbrae, Calif. McKinsfry, Marion Linn IO3 I224 N. Crescenf I-leighfs Blvd., I-Iollywood. Calif. McMillin, Anne Parleff 45, 67, 98 324 Carroll Park W., Long Beach, Calif. McMinn, Frances Jean 86 Mills College, Calif. McVeigh, Dorofhy Jane 45, I2C 2227 Garfield Rd., Spokane, Wash. Mee, Beffy Wescoff l2C I5I6lf2 N. Wesfern Oklahoma Cify, Okla. Meininger, Rosemary 47. 86 2208 Lauderdale Rd., Louisville, Ken. Mekeel, Befsy 98 535 Alfa Dr., WhiH'ier, Calif. Mengel, Marian Larson 33, 34, 74, 98 l3OI Madeline, EI Paso, Texas Merriff, Barbara I20 Box 7I, Livermore, Calif. Melz, I'-lelen Billie 67, 86, 9l 662 Fiffy-sevenfh Sf., Des Moines, Iowa Meyer, Beffy Ann 4I. l2l 3020 Fiffy-fiffh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Michael, Georgiana Ella 44, 66, I20 Box 7OI, Orland, Calif. Mignon, Joann IO3 Roufe l, Box I I I E., Silverdale, Wash. Miller, Barbara 86 I I8 Ash, Denver, Colo. Miller, Marilyn Jean 98 3027 N. E. Alameda, Porfland, Ore. Miller, Rosemund Jean 9l Mills College, Calif. Minaden, Emilie Alice 47, 6I, IO7 I74O E. Twelffh Sf., Cleveland, Ohio Minfey, Virginia Louise I2O I9748 Sfagg Sf., Canoga Park, Calif. Moffeff, Barbara Gilberf 65, 67, II4 4l8 E. Fiffy-ninfh Sf., Kansas Cify, Mo. Moir, Mildred Mae 74,98 Lahaina, Maui, T. I-I. Molgaard, Kafhryn 325 EI Camino, Burlingame, Calif. Moody, Helen I-larmeling IMrs. Roberfl 44, 49, 86 727 Norfh C, Tacoma, Wash. Moreggia, Jean Alberfa 44, 46, 62, I20 55 Ninefeenfh Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Morgan, Gloria 52, 86 Lavalle I749, Buenos Aires, Arg. Morrill, Elizabefh Thornfon 46, 6I, 86 59 Grove Ave., Leominsfer, Mass. Morrison, Barbara Lois 868 Mandana Blvd., Oakland, Calif. Morrison, Peggy Jeanne 57, IO3 5520 Thirfy-firsf Ave. N. E. Seaffle, Wash. Morrow, Kafe Rowley 72, 87. 9I 5OI Sfory PI., Alhambra, Calif. Mulky, Frances Kafharine 58, 67, I2O I8l6 N. Indiana, Oklahoma Cify, Okla. Munk, Eva Gabriele 534 N. Visfa, Los Angeles, Calif. Murnen, Jean I-larrief 36, 67, 87 30l 5 N. Procfor, Tacoma, Wash. Murphy, Mary Carolyn 52, IO9 9IO W. Yosernife Ave., Madera, Calif. Murray, I-lazel Box 27, Salida, Calif. Murray, Rona Jean 6I , 65, I I4 Kildoone, Saanichfon, Brifish Columbia, Canada Myles, Jeanelrfe Louise 75, I I4 Roufe I, Box 993, Menlo Park, Calif. Naplin, Arloine Lorraine 87 Apf. 56, Soufh Courf Apfs., Bremerfon, Wash. Neef, Dolores 46, 52, 59, 67, 72, IO9 IO82 Oak Ridge Dr., Glencoe, III. Neely, Donna 56, 87 437I I-lamilfon, Omaha, Nebr. Nelson, Lydia Elizabefh 36, 46, 87, 9l 6I25 E. Sevenfeenfh Ave., Denver, Colo. Nelson, Shirley Sue I I4 I447 Tilia S+., San Mafeo, Calif. Newcasfle, Dorofhy Jane 98 lMrs. Roberf Vivianl 4450 N. E. Alameda, Porfland, Ore. Newman, Shirley Jane IO9 362I Washingfon Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Nicolai, Carol Ann I25 69 San Anselmo Way, San Francisco, Calif. Noble, Demefra Elizabefh II4 2625 Doris Pl., I-Ionolulu, T. I-l. Noble, Elisabefh Kenf I2O 360 Grove Sf., Pasadena, Calif. Obear, Joan Brown IO9 3002 E. Manof Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. O'Brien, Marguerife Claire 663 E. 243rd Sf., New York, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY Banking Since l854 CAPRI'S RESTAURANT Opposife The Roxie Theaier T. DeBIASl, Prop. 510-l7ll'1 STREET COMPLIMENTS OF C A R O L W I L L S DISTINCTIVE FOOTWEAR I724 Broadway - Nexf To Orpheum Your Charge Accounl lnviied COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND MILLER PACKING CO. M E AT PA C K E R S Second 81 Jackson Slreels OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA COMPLIMENTS OF DEDRICK ANDERSON, D.D.S COLLEGE NO D LAY CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANERS SINCE :vos Cash and Carry Telephone SW. 0077 Siore ai' 5849 MacAr'fhur Blvd. Children Our Specially R l C K Y ' S TOS AND BABY SHOPS. INC. 5804 Foofhill Blvd. SWee+wood 3560 COMPLIMENTS OF R O O S B R O S. I5+h8fBROADWAY o OAKLAND SALINE-JOI-INSTONE SCHOOL FOR SECRETARIES ONE ELEVEN SUTTER SAN FRANCISCO Telephone SUI'Ier 4854 O'Connor, Kafhleen Ellen 58, 59, 67, 87 I26 Groverfon PI., W. Los Angeles, Calif. Odell, Helen Rufh 87 I200 Sixfeenfh Sf. N. W. Washingfon, D. C. Odell, Pafricia Louise II4 N I200 Sixfeenfh Sf. . W. Washingfon, D. C. f Olson, Margaref Chrisfine I7, 39, 6I,l6O75 4l 3 Avenue B, Bismarck, N. Dak. Ordway, Barbara Ellen 67, I09 567 Kenwyn Rd., Oakland, Calif. Offo, Mary-Ellen 99 Morgan Hill, Calif. Overiorde, Virginia Lee I20 IMrs. Charles Danielsl 307 Sherman, Coeur d'AIene, Idaho Palsulich, Geraldine Rufh 66.67, II4 2552 Traymore Rd., Universify Heighfs, Cleveland, Ohio Parker, Mary Phyllis I03 cfo Comdr. Lannis A. Parker, Ouarfers G, Mare Island, Calif. Parker, Peggie 2898 N. W. Ariel Terrace, Porfland, Ore. Pafch, Mary Lee I23 57I Mira Visfa Ave., Oakland, Calif. Paferson, Joan Horizon Farm, Andover, N. H. Pafferson, Elizabefh Anne 99. l24 323 I8fh Sf., San Bernardino, Calif. Paxman, Alice Vivian I23 6385 Seven Hills Rd., Hayward, Calif. Paxman, Leila May l23 6385 Seven Hills Rd., Hayward, Calif. Peck, Jane dePeysfer I I4 I7 Elm Sf., Concord, Mass. Pedler, Lucile Gerfrude 6l, 70, 99 I555 Monifor Rd., San Diego, Calif. Perry Anlo Bufler I I4 444 EI Arroyo Rd., San Mafeo, Calif. Perry, Carroll May IZO I765 Inferlaken Blvd., Seaffle, Wash. Pefers, lone Maile 99 Naniloa Dr., Wailuku, Maui, T. H. Philipsborn, Kafherine 34, 44, 6l, I20 5I5 Greenleaf Ave., Glencoe, III. PI1iII,I-Ielen 87, 9I 34I0 N, 29fh, Tacoma, Wash. Phillips, Dorofhy 58, 88 Sevenfh and C, Davis, Calif. Phillips, Pafricia Rufh 67, II4 4076 Black Poinf, Honolulu, T. H. Pickrell, Sally Daviess 67, 99 I08 N. Bemisfon, Clayfon, Mo. Pinckney, Jean Kafhryn I9, 38, 45, 46, 99 R. F. D. I, Kelseyville, Lake Counfy, Calif. Pippy, Mary Delighf I I4 5I0 W. Laurence, Helena, Monf. Plummer, Frances Norrine I20 I69I Shasfa Ave., San Jose, Calif. Poindexfer, Agnes Lulu I I4 I7I4 Hunnewell S+., Honolulu, T. H. Polenfz, Beffy June 88 I000 W. Broadway Sf., Whiffier, Calif Porfer, Beffy Helen 49, 88 I0 Princefon Rd., Menlo Park, Calif. Posf, Margaref I6, 34, 88 650 Lowell, Palo Alfo, Calif. Pounds, Peggy 34, 36, 88, 9I, I I I 80 Ridge Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. Price, Elizabefh I I4 Roufe I, Box 978, Menlo Park, Calif. Price, Nancy Bunfing 88, 9I 724 Harvard Ave., Swarfhmore, Pa. Prime, Dora Louise I I4 ZOI 6 N. W. Twenfv-firsf S+., Oklahoma Cify, Okla. Profanf, Dorofhy Cafherine 36, 58, 88 74l Mission Canyon Rd., Sanfa Barbara, Calif. Records, Jane 7I, 88, 9I 365 W. Jefferson Sf., Franklin, Ind. Reddick, Rufh Laura 56, 89 730 Grizzly Peak Blvd., Berkeley, Calif. Rees. Sidonie Margaref I2O 3I20 Zenophon, San Diego, Calif. Reese, Emilie Jane 6I, 66, 99 I52I Melwood Dr., Glendale, Calif. Reese, Phyllis Elizabefh 59, I I4 I2I5 N. Main, Aberdeen, S. Dak. Rice, Roberfa May 89 IMrs. Frank C. Tresederl 2083 Rosedale Ave., Oakland, Calif. Richmond, Elsie Jeanneffe I20 Esplanade No. 844, Mexico, D. F., Mexico Righeffi, Mary Marjorie I20 l000 D, Pefaluma, Calif. Rifchie, Persis Claudine I8, 70, I I4 IMrs. Joseph Paffonl I I9 S. Avena Ave., Lodi, Calif. Roberfs, Marjorie Ann 73, I I4 3003 Jackson, Sioux Cify, Iowa Roberfson, Maxine Ellen 2625 N. E. Twenfy-sixfh, Porfland, Ore. Rode, Coral Ann I08 3757 Ridgeway PI., Seaffle, Wash. SOCIAL STATIONERY CARDS INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS Engraved in accordance wilh Correcf Usage A. CARLISLE 84 CO. l35 POST STREET 0 SAN FRANCISCO AN IDEAL HOTEL IN SAN FRANCISCO Semi-residenfrial in Type. yef only Two blocks To cenfer of clown'rown. Finely appoinTed rooms, all wifh bafhg many overlooking The pa+io garden. NoI'ed for excellen+ cuisine. SINGLE, 52.50 - DOUBLE. 53 - TWINS, 53.50 Hom CANTERBURY 59 750 SUTTER STREET, NEAR JONES COMPLTMENTS OF J. I-I. I-IANDEL WALWORTI-I CALIFORNIA CO. PLUMBING SUPPLIES Pipe - Walworfh Valves - Fi'H'ing C.N.l. Pipe - Tools 26+h and Adeline Sfreefs, Oakland Telephone I-IlgaTe 7229 GRANAT BROS. SHREVE, TREAT R EACRET COMPLIMENTS OF CASTLE'S PHARMACY OO MacAr+hur Blvd. TRinidacl 5900 When you buy milk . BUY TI-IE BEST FENTON'S CREAMERY ICE CREAM Frozen Desserlrs Are Frozen for The Dura+ion I95 FORTY-FIRST STREET OAKLAND. CALIFORNIA Phone Pleclmonf 00 64 I37 Roddy, Daphne Olive Forf Benfon, Monf. Roe, Lucy Seeligson 89 3I6 W. Mulberry Ave., San Anfonio, Tex. Rogers, Mariorie Jane 34, 4l, 6l, I20 I50 W. Third Ave., San Mafeo, Calif. Rohlff, Frances Marie I7, 89 Gladsfone Hofel, Casper, Wyo. Rohr, Jean Anneffe 73 555 San Fernando Rd., San Diego, Calif. Roof, Joyce Virginia I20 I63O Easflake Ave., Seaffle, Wash. Roof, Mary Lincoln 89 2260 Harcourf Dr., Cleveland Heighfs, Ohio Rosborough, Margaref Renee 73, I20 690 Islay Sf., San Luis Obispo, Calif. Rosenbaum, Mildred Rufh l7I0 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Rosenberry, Mary Jean 7I, I20 820 Sherman Ave., Coeur d'AIene, Idaho Rosenfeld, Helen Esfher 99 2I56 S. W. Laurel Sf., Porfland, Ore. Ross, Elise I I4 6276 Via Canada, Palos Verdes, Calif. Ross, Marion 34, 65, 66' I I5 6276 Via Canada, Palos Verdes, Calif. Ross, Mary Elizabefh I I5 453l Dundee Dr., Los Angeles Calif. Rowcliffe, Caroline Gilberf l8, 34, 67, 7l, 74, 89, 9l , 95 2lOO Massachuseffs Ave., N. W., Washingfon, D. C. Rowcliffe, Marion McAIpine 34, 38, 44, 45, 99 2 I00 Massachuseffs Ave., N. W., Washingfon, D. C. Rowen, Bc-:Hy Harriefr I20 224 Twenfy-fourfh Sf., Sanfa Monica, Calif. Roy, Jean Elizabefh 58, IO3 Selby, Calif. Royfer, Gene Wilson l2I I6I4 Achor S+., Modesfo, Calif. Ruff, Harrief Elizabefh 73, I25 3244 Kerckhoff, Fresno, Calif. Rye, Marian Jean 67, 74, I2l I l82 Crescenf Dr., San Jose, Calif. Saco, Maria Luisa Chofa l543, Lima, Peru Sams, Nancye Rufh ' I03 2800 Chesfer Lane, Bakersfield, Calif. Samuel, Jean Margaref 35I9 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland, Calif. Saroyan, Jeanneffe 38, 58, 59 3l I5 Van Ness Blvd., Fresno, Calif. Scaglione, Emilie Anfoineffe IO8 Roufe 2, Box 403, Hollisfer, Calif. Schaefer, Beffy Lou I I5 2552 Fiffy-sixfh S. W., Seaffle, Wash. Schemel, Isaloel Lynn 53.66, IO8 463 N. Rosanna Sf., Gilroy, Calif. Schmidf, Dorofhea Mae 59, 66, l23 Box I62, Adin, Calif. Schreck, Marion Wood 4I , 46, 89, 9I 550 Adams Sf., Denver, Colo. Schug, Teresa Jane 7l, l2l 3876 Sundry Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Schweers, Mary Jean I2I 7207 Seward Park Ave., Seaffle, Wash. Schweers, Shirley Louise I7, I2I 7207 Seward Park Ave., Seaffle, Wash. Schweickhardf, Frances Eleanor 65, 99 230 Fourfh Ave N., Twin Falls, Idaho Scoff, Dorofhy Lillian I24 978 Cragmonf Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Secor, Beverlie Dawn I2I 5237 California Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Seidensficker, Mary Cafherine 99 Casfle Rock, Colo. Sellers, Mary Hopkins 65, 66, II5 l6l 2 Noble Ave., Springfield, III. Senfer, Rosemary I23 l02l Cedar Sf., Calisfoga, Calif. Seffelmeyer, Margaref Marie I I5 204 S. Cenfer Sf., Reno, Nev. Shafer, Virginia Helen IO8 305 Ave. B, Bismarck, N. Dak. Sharnbaugh, Nancey Wifhingfon 70, IO8 548 Forfy-fhird Sf., Des Moines, Iowa Shaner, Helen IMrs, James Schevillj 4 Mason S+., Walpole, Mass. Shansky, Befh Sheva I83l Pacific, San Francisco, Calif. Sharp, Dorofhy Easfmary l724 Boulevard, Galvesfon, Tex. Sheffield, Mildred Elizabefh I2l 62 Highland Parkway, Rochesfer, N. Y. Sherwood, Anne Carey I I5 853 Rosemounf Rd., Oakland, Calif. Silvernail, Janice I I5 340 El Porfal, San Mafeo, Calif. Singhoff, Jeanne Anderson IMrs. A. 4036 Lyon Ave., Oakland, Calif. THE FRANCES SHOP Is your headquarlers for "Play- Iogs" - slack suits In all The new fabrics. slcirls, sweaters, Iwo or three-piece sun suits. Be a hif on Ihe beach in one of our Janlzen, Catalina, or Gant- ner swim suils. IF IT'S NEW WE HAVE IT o 5700 FOOTI-IILI. BOULEVARD lone bloclc west of Seminary Avenuel TRinid-ad 3000 PICTURES FOR THE I943 MILLS COLLEGE YEAR BOOK BY COLBURN STUDIO 426 SEVENTH STREET 'A' OAKLAND, CALIF. WEDDINGS. HOME PORTRAITS A SPECIALTY FLOWERS extra In Quality ancl Prestige from Qoldwfa, 4 2456116450 Amerlcefs Most Famous Florists 224 GRANT AVE. 0 SAN FRANCISCO Telephone SU+Ier 6200 COTELLA BROTHERS Fnunrs AND Pnonuce -'supplies G specaslw' sau second s+fee+ . OAKLAND . et. 39:3 BLACKMAN-ANDERSON LUIVIBER CO. "The best in lumber and mill work" lO25 FORTY-SECOND AVE. Between E. I2I'h S+. and San Leandro Sf. OAKLAND AWORLD OF STYLE FOR THE "YOUNG WIORLD" or you who wear smaller than regular sizes, ,the "Young World" Shop makes your petite figure your fortune! Coats, suits and dresses. YOUNG WORLD SHOP Sizef 9. 11 . 13 . 15 FIFTH FLOOR Grant Avenue at Geary Slreef San Francisco Siren, Rufh Lane 46.57. 89 672 W. Foofhill Blvd., Alfadena, Calif. Sirofa, Beafe IO I-Iinoki-cho, Akaska, Tokio, Japan Sleffeland, Brefa Louise II5 2I I5 Chadbourne Ave., Madison, Wis. Smifh, Genevieve Warren I I5 2378 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio Smifhies, Mary Ellen I08 I3I5 Dayfon Ave., Alameda, Calif. Soeneke, Alberfa I I5 2583 Forly-second Ave. W., Seaffle, Wash. Solberg, Jean Ivanna 56I9 Palafine Ave., Seaffle, Wash. 59, 76, I I5 Sorensen, Marjorie Rufh 70, 76, 90 Box 54, Danville, Calif. Spainhower, Emma Jean I03 Lone Pine, Calif. Sparks, Delphine Chauvef Easf Ave., af 50fh Sf., Lincoln, Calif. Sfafford, Alice Moffif-I' lMrs. Neill Box 203, Sf. I-lelena, Calif. Sfanfon, Barbara I I5 3300 Jackson Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Sfeccafi, Hugo John 205 Sixfh Sf., Anfioch, Calif. Sfeele, Beafrice Mary 48, 52, I09 2IOI Marin Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Sferling, Jeanne Kafhleen 6I, 67, 99 430 Fulfon Rd., San Mafeo, Calif. Sfirzaker, Blanche 4363 Monfgomery Sf., Oakland, Calif. SI'iH', Elizabefh Ann 39, 45, 70, 7I, 74, I03 36I Orange Ave., Coronado, Calif. Sfone, Lois Cafharyn 99 2360 Soufh Courf, Palo Alfo, Calif. Sfoven, Marilyn June 99 497 Mounf Curve Blvd., Sf. Paul, Minn. Sfrassburger, Beffy Ann Benjamin Franklin I-Iofel, San Mafeo, Calif. Sfrauss, Joan I I5 I25 S. Walnuf, Colville, Wash. Sfuff, Lois Margaref 99 I330 Sf. Charles Sf., Alameda, Calif. Sun, Pearl Sui-Ying 48, I09 Chungking, China Susanka, Frances Illaine I I5 2549 N. E. Ninefeenfh Ave., Porfland, Ore. Sufherland, Joy Laverne I03 30 Corfe Madera Ave., Mill Valley, Calif. Swaim, Susan Bradley 72, 74, I I5 70 Monumenf Sf., Concord, Mass. Swayne, Edifh Merrell lMrs. Lloyd, Jr.l 420I Chesfnuf Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Taves, Beffy Lee 53, 73, I2I 3850 Cedar Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Thomas, Anne 39, 74,99 230 Pennsylvania Ave., EI Paso, Tex. Thompson, Beffe Jeanne I03 3I6 S. Fiffy-firsf Sf., Omaha, Nebr. Thompson, Dorofhy 420 W. Fourfeenfh Sf., Pueblo, Colo. Thomson, Mildred Pafricia 99 63I2 Carnarvon Sf., , Vancouver, Brifish Columbia, Canada Towner, Shirley Ann 73, I I5 237 Clay Sf., Reno, Nev. Troyer, Hope Gregory 59, I2I I606 Sevenfh Ave., W., Seaffle, Wash. Turner, Margaref Anne I25 I495 Orlando Rd., Pasadena, Calif. Tway, Marfha Ann 65, I I5 737 Merreff, Forf Worfh, Tex. Vallevik, Anna 2209 E. Silver, Albuquerque, New Mex. Vannice, Marjorie I03 622 N. Fiffh, Granfs Pass, Ore. Vidoroni, Alice Jean 70.77, I2I Box IOI6, Monferey, Calif. Viergufz, Elizabefh Ann 32, 34, 35, 59, 90, 9I 2744 Fonfenelle Blvd., Omaha, Nebr. Viergufz, Nan Arlene 45, I I5 2744 Fonfenelle Blvd., Omaha, Nebr. Vollmer, Jeanneffe Allene I2I 3I3 Lansdale Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Wade, Befha Ann l09 509 S. Happy I-lollow Blvd.. Omaha, Nebr. Walker, Elaine Lyerly I I2 25 W. Fiffy-second Sf., Kansas Cify, Mo. Wallace, Kafhleen Elizabefh 57, 99 Pleasanfon I'-Iofel, I-Ionolulu, T. I-I. Warburfon, Faifh Margaref 679 The Alameda, Berkeley, Calif. Warenskiold, Dorofhy Lorrayne 90 I I64 Sunnyhills Rd., Piedmonf, Calif. Wafkins, Nancy Rae 90 2532 N. E. Alameda, Porfland, Ore. Way, Elizabefh Jane 96I Lee Ave., San Leandro, Calif. Wegman, Ann ' 99 878 Thirfy-sixfh Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Welch, Marjorie Rufh 5230 l-lillen Dr., Oakland, Calif. Wells, Helen Carolyn 74, 99 7l0 N. Garfield, Pocafello, Idaho Wesflourg, Janef Pafricia l03 IO844 Wellworfh Ave., Wesf Los Angeles, Calif. Wesffall, Mary Joan l I5 Roufe l, Box l800, Colusa, Calif. Whisenand, Margaref 38, l2l l200 E. Virginia Ave., Peoria, Ill. Whife, Dorofhy Elizaloefh 99 l309 Dayfon Ave., Alameda, Calif. Whife, Marfha Dunne 38, 4l , 44, 45, 46. 47, l09 Colapolis l-leighfs, Pa. Whife, Tamara Alexandra 48, 59, 67, l09 3448 63rd S+., Sacramenfo, Calif. Whifehursf, Jane Louise 49, 99 308 S. Church, Gilroy, Calif. Whifehursf, Yvonne Claire 6l 308 S. Church Sf., Gilroy, Calif. Wiclcland, Marfha Elaine 66, I23 5825 l-larbord Dr., Oakland, Calif. VViener, Edifh 45, 57, 62, 64, lO9 321 Alameda Blvd., Coronado, Calif. Wilder, Isabella Weslie IO3 2202 Ave. B, Kearney, Nebr. Williams, Mary Cafherine Salisbury 90 l6l4 Vallejo Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Wilmarfh, Ann I I5 600 Upson Ave., El Paso, Texas Wilson, Marie Edna l2l Box I I6, Cedarville, Calif. Wishard, Cafherine Renfon 70, 73, I I5 2035 Kecamolcu Sf., l-lonolulu, T. l-l. Wifhers, Mary Louise l09 29 S. Sfafe Sf., Sail' Lalce Cify, Ufah Wolff, Aimee 34, 46, 62, 70, 90, 9l I I24 Merrill Sf., Winneflca, lll. Womack, l-larrief Ann 45, 47, l09 I377 Vallejo Way, Sacramenfo, Calif. Woodall, Mary Bell 34, 90, 9l, ll7 3 I 7 E. Coronado, Phoenix, Ariz. Woodall, Virginia Ann 47, 70, 73, 75, 90 3l7 E. Coronado, Phoenix, Ariz. Woodard, Mary Emma IO3 Saguache, Colo. Woods, Jane Chapman lMrs. R. J.j 720 N. 57+h Sf., Omaha, Nelo. Woodworfh, Beafrice Buckingham I23 l4l I S. Wofgafe Ave.. Wesf Los Angeles, Calif. Wyman, Pafricia Ann l2l 2022 Columbia Rd., Washingfon, D. C. Yee, Jennie l I5 l40l Kewalo Sf., l-lonolulu, T. l-l. Yee, Saura Sau Wah 99 l64l Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, T. l-l. Young, Viriginia Morse 370 Jefferson Dr., Piffsburgh, Pa. Zimmerman, Dorofhy Virginia I I5 2l56 Charnelfon Sf., Eugene, Ore. Ziflau, Mildred lrene l I5 232 Liberfy Sf., Pefaluma, Calif. Zorlc, Marian Eleanor 34, 39, 53, 6l, 62, 70 99 l50l N. Mesa Ave., El Paso, Texas Zweclc, Lucile Gerfrude 332l Yonge Sf., San Diego, Calif. FACULTY Reinhardf, Aurelia Henry lMrs.l Mills College, Calif. Adams, Lucy Lockwood lMrs. Berframl 26 Mills College, Calif. Armsfrong, Frances Rufh Mills College, Calif. Bainbridge, Milda Nixon lMrs.l I537 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Ball, Frederick Carlfon 24 7967 Hillmonf Dr., Oakland, Calif. Bancroff, Eleanor Sfow, M. D. lMrs.l 46 Mills College, Calif. Beardsley, Grace lMrs. Richard K.l I4I I Arch Sf., Berkeley, Calif. Benneff, Mary Woods 23 Mills College, Calif. Billard, Marguerife 27 6IO3 Maiesfic Ave., Oakland, Calif. Blinder, Naoum Q I944 Green Sf., San Francisco, Calif. Blume, Bernhard 26 Mills College, Calif. Blume, Carola lMrs. Bernhardl Mills College, Calif. Boone, Eleanor Sims 28 4629 Davenporf Ave., Oakland, Calif. Bosfick, Beverly Oakley iMrs. J. Benfon, Jr.l 25Ol Sevenfh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Bourne, Ella 6007 Maiesfic Ave., Oakland, Calif. Breuer, Alice Pufnam lMrs. Gusfavl 5325 Underwood Ave., Oakland, Calif. Brown, John Graydon 20 3635 Maiesfic Ave., Oakland, Calif. Burch, Mary Crowell 28 fDr. and Mrs. Elmer Leel Mills College, Calif. Campbell, Marian Van Tuyl lDr. and Mrs. Douglas Gordonl 24 2250 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Campbell, Margaref lMrs. James U.l 6556 Dawes Ave., Oakland, Calif. Carrufh, Connell Keefer lMrs. W. 2824 l3fh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Carrufh, William Walfer 2824 I3fh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Cassady, Edward 26 72I Cresfon Rd., Berkeley, Calif. Cassidy, Rosalind 22 275I Seminary Ave., Oakland, Calif. Casfellanos, Jane Robinson me Eddy S+., Ap+. 2, San Francisco, Calif. Chad, Babeffe Gasfer lMrs. William R.l IOI9 Ordway Sf., Albany, Calif. Clark, Bob 420 Bellevue Ave., Oakland Calif. Collins, Hallie Pufnam lMrs.l I402 E. 2lsf Sf., Oakland, Calif. Craig, Homer Theodore, Jr. l244 Hawfhorne Sf., Alameda, Calif. Creed, Elizabefh IOI I28 lndian Rd., Piedmonf, Calif. Cress, Cornelia Van Ness 22 Mills College, Calif. Dennison, Doris I306 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Diller, Elliof Van Nosfrand 20, 29 Mills College, Calif. Dozier, Carrie Casfle lMrs.l 23, 49 3308 Birdsall Ave., Oakland, Calif. Dozier, Doris I8, 20 4629 Davenporf Ave., Oakland, Calif. Dziegiel, Genevieve E. Mills College, Calif. Elkus, Alberf l209 Shaffuck Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Fancher, Helen W. 23 23 IO Duranf Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Faulkner, Hazel Pedlar lMrs.l 20 Mills College, Calif. Fonfana, Jeanne 3446 Laguna Ave., Oakland, Calif. French, David Marvin 20, 29 Mills College, Calif. Furbay, John Harvey 22 6I65 Ascof Dr., Piedmonf Pines, Oakland, Calif. Gaw, William 24 l409 Edifh Sf., Berkeley, Calif. Gibbons, Verneffe Lois I20I Oakes Blvd.. San Leandro, Calif. Gillard, Rufh 29, l I7 5l5 Morega Ave., Piedrnonf, Calif. Goodwin, Cardinal 29 929 Glendome Circle, Oakland, Calif. Graham, Herberf William 28 42IO Mounfain View, Oakland, Calif. Groesbeck, Rosalie Pfluger fMrs. Tracyl 890 Union Sf., Alameda, Calif. Grunsky, Eugenia 22 4433 Fair Ave., Oakland, Calif. Gulick, Sidney Lewis, Jr. 3230 Sforer Ave., Oakland, Calif. Hall, Idelle Egberf lMrs. Alva Overfonl 4774 Reinhardf Dr., Oakland, Calif. Harberf, Wilhelmina K. lMrs. Ellisl I25 Wesf Mendocino Ave., ' Sfockfon, Calif. Hedley, George P. 29 5'-75I Maiesfic Ave., Oakland, Calif. Herrick, Francis Herkomer 20, 29 4633 Davenporf Ave., Oakland, Calif. Hoberf, Helen Slaughfer lMrs. James C.l Mills College, Calif. Holmes, Claire Baker lMrs. Edward F.l I9 796 Elsie Sf.. San Leandro, Calif. Hoover, Glenn Edwin 29 4488 Reinhardf Dr., Oakland, Calif. Ingram, William M. 28, 53 Mills College, Calif. James, Elias Olan 26 6022 Seminary Ave., Oakland, Calif. Jones, Charles 25 6045 Esfafes Dr., Oakland, Calif. Jones, Hilary Sfanfon lMrs.l Mills College, Calif. Judd. Florence lMrs.l I I I Mills College, Calif. Keep, Rosaline Amelia Mills College, Calif. Kennedy, Alma Schmidf lMrs.l I537 Euclid Ave., Oakland, Calif. Lauer, Eleanor 25 Mills College, Calif. Lemloark, Mariorie 453I Merrill Ave., Oakland, Calif. cfo B. L. Barnwell Linsley, Earle Garfield 28 49l9 Mounfain Blvd., Oakland, Calif. Liffle, Evel n Sfeel lMrs.l 20 Mills Cofege, Calif. Livingsfon, Fred 2I Mills College. Calif. Lyon, Margaref Elizaloefh I420 La Loma Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Maenchen, Offo John 24 2lOO Marin Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Marchanf, Lufher Brusie 25, 59 Mills College, Calif. Masson, Edmond 27 Mills College, Calif. Mayer, Helene 27 6I39 Monadnock Way, Oakland, Calif. McLeod, Mary Ellen 23 Mills College, Calif. McMinn, Howard E. 28 Mills College, Calif. Melvin, Georgiana 29 6007 Maiesfic Ave., Oakland, Calif. Milhaud, Darius 25 Mills College, Calif. Minard, Florence 24 2606 Shasfa Rd., Berkeley, Calif. Monguio, Luis cfo Mrs. H. S. Choafes 350 Panoramic Way, Berkeley, Calif. Moore, Beniamin S. 2636 Union S+., San Francisco, Calif. Nelson, Eleanor, M. D. lMrs. Alfredl 2I I4 Park Way, Pie-dmonf, Calif. Neumeyer, Alfred 24 Mills College, Calif. Nogues, Marie 22 2624 Eighfh Ave., Oakland, Calif. Olin, Thelma 3238 Garfield Ave., Alameda, Calif. Off, Eva M. 6I Agnes Sf., Oakland, Calif. Parfridge, Roi 24 6558 Simson Sf., Oakland, Calif. Parvin, Rufh Mills College, Calif. Prall, Margaref C. 25 I42O La Loma Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Puccinelli, Raymond 24 I5 Hofaling Pl., San Francisco, Calif. Reau, A. Cecile 27 Mills College, Calif. Reiner, Anfhony Sfephen 27 Mills College, Calif. Reynolds, Mildred May 2I 4684 Reinhardf Dr., Oakland, Calif. Robinson, Jane lMrs. Josel me Eddy S+., Api. 2 San Francisco, Calif. Rofunda, Dominic 27 I548 Fernwood Dr., Oakland, Calif. Schieffer, Anna 22 6I9I Laird Ave., Oakland, Calif. Schuff, Eugenie 80 Hazel Rd., Berkeley, Calif. Sheffield, Florence Ward lMrs. Eugene Sherwoodl 2I, IO5, l22 Mills College, Calif. Sizer, Pafricia 2l 4567 Elinora Ave., Oakland, Calif. Smifh, Efhel Sabin lMrs. Willardl 28 4649 Meldon Ave., Oakland, Calif. Smifh, Willard 26 4649 Meldon Ave., Oakland, Calif. Sfeblains, Marian Long lMrs. Elwyn 25 6537 Chalzzof Rd., Oakland, Calif. Sfephens, Laura Louise 530 Forfuna Ave., San Leandro, Calif. Sfrong, Esfher Dayrnan lMrs. Sfuarf R.l Roufe 4, Box 3l3, Sherwood, Ore. Thompson, Elizabefh Tre-af 4473 Reinhardf Dr., Oakland, Calif. Upshur, Claire l-larsha lMrs. Parkel 4273 Monfgomery Sf., Oakland, Calif. Wagoner, Lovisa Cafharine Mills College, Calif. Wenfworfh, Frank Wesley l864 Yosemife Rd., Berkeley, Calif. Whife, Helen Walker lMrs. Donald P.j 95 Mills College, Calif. Williamson, Irene I239 l-lawfhorne Sf., Alameda, Calif. Willson, Sue King lMrs. Samuel 3707 Cragmonf Sf., Dallas, Texas Wisfar, Richard 28 6436 Mokelumne Ave., Oakland, Calif. Wrighf, Evaline Uhl 25 Mills College, Calif. Young, Leona Esfher 28 25lOlf2 Efna Sf., Berkeley, Calif. PATRCNS AND PAT RCNESSES Edwin S. Agnew Mrs. Thelma C. Agnew Mrs. Berrien P. Anderson Donald S. Angus Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Sco++Arms1'rong Rev. and Mrs. Perry 6. M. Ausiin Dr. Hans Barkan Maior and Mrs. B. Barrhe Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Baies Mr. and Mrs. Alberr Beaudry Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Berrigan Mr. and Mrs. Carlron Henry Besserr Cecil R. Boman Mr. and Mrs. C. Raymond Bordeaux Mrs. Frank Guyver Brifion, Bermuda Mrs. Leon Buegueraz Mrs. Clara B. Burdeile Mrs. George Burnham Mr. and Mrs. Rob McSherry Burns Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pierson Burl Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Burron Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Worfh Buiner Dr. H. E. Byars Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Byers Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneih F. Carraher Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Cassidy leanne M. Chance Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs .Jess W. Chance .Alberl H. Chun Walier F. Clarke Leo Coifenberry .John P. Coghlan Edw. E. Cohen .J. S. Rex Cole E. E. Converse . W. S. Crombie Mrs. M. E. Davidson Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Hugh T. Donald Davies . Edward E. Davis Edward H. Davis Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davidson Dodge Mrs. James Campbell Everding Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Eymann Mr. and Mrs. Edward Engle Eyre Mr. and Mrs. Frederick V. Fisher Mr.ancl Mrs. Wilbur Earl Flood Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clay Franklin Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Fuller, Jr. James D. Germain Mrs. DeWiH' C. Giizlord, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' J. Gnaedinger Mrs. Sam Greene Col. and Mrs. E. John Greer Mr. and Mrs. Mansel P. Grifiilhs Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Grover Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Gulmann Mrs. Edward F. Haas Capiain and Mrs. Kempron B. Hall Professor and Mrs. Harrison L. Harley Henry Hawes Mrs. l. W. Hellman Mr and Mrs. Percy Thursion Hincks Docior and Mrs. Carl L. Hoag Edward Hohield Mr. and Mrs. Adolph A. Holm Mr. and Mrs. Deane D. Howard Capi. and Mrs. W. L. Irvine, U.S.N. Mr. and Mrs. Barclay lvins Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Hammerland Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eaion Jordan Charles Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. Alberi Eng King Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Gladys L. V. Korloel Clifford Lee Glenn E. Magee Charles A. Marlin C. W. Maiheus. Jr. M. Mafzger Mr. and Mrs. Marshall McArlhur Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McBain Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' L. McBride Capi. and M rs. F. L. McDaniel, U.S.N Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. McVeigh Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Meininger Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meiz Michael J. Minaden Mr. Alberi L. Moreggia Mrs. Alberi L. Moreggia Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Manning W. Morrill E. J. Murnen F. A. Neei Harry W. Nelson Chas. C. Newcasile A. B. Ordway Mr. and Mrs. James Macken Ofio Mrs. E. L. Overiorde Comdr. and Mrs. Lannis A. Parker. U.S N Edward L. Parsons Rev. and Mrs. Chas. Russell Peck Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Pelerson Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Profanf Mr. and Mrs. Rinaldo Righeiri Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Roberfs Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Rosborough Mr. and Mrs. Arihur Welosfer Ross Rear Adm. and Mrs. Gilberi J. Rowclirfe Doclor and Mrs. Frank R. Ruff Cap+ain and Mrs. C. E. Rumsey Mr. and Mrs. James Trowbridge Rye Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Scaglione Mr. and Mrs. Millon Schug Mr. and Mrs. Lesrer F. Secor Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Seidensficker Mrs. Arfhur Carllon Sheffield Mr. and Mrs. George G. Sherwood Mrs. M. C. Sloss Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Soenelfe l-lans Wm. Sorensen Roberlr Sianion Robe-ri L. Suiherland Rodger D. Swaim Paul D. Thomas Mrs. Fanny Gregory Troyer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Floyd P. Turner Franklin Louis Vannice . Wm. E. Warenslciold Raymond E. Warlcins Franlc W.We-nlrworfh Arlhur Wesiburg Roberi L. Wolff Raymond G. Woodard Louis Ewell Woolley Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Luis Zorlc ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To fhe college family a yearbook is a covefed possession because if records many memories. To fhe edifor a yearbook is a ioy because of fhe people who have worked wifh her. May we fhank Bill Smifh for his generous affifude and exfreme helpfulness in planning fhe book as well as in represenfing fhe high sfandards of fhe Oakland Nafional Engrav- ing Company. Grafifude for assisfance in designing fhe book also goes fo Virginia l-lull of Oakland Nafional. Bofh Pai' Knapp and Bob Ozias of Lederer, Sfreef, and Zeus bore wifh unbounded pafience and enfhusiasm fhe frying defails of prinfing a book for a group of busy college women. The Colbourn Sfudio was mosf generous wifh ifs fime and maferials. To Frank Colbourn, Jr., and Dorofhy Dibble go appreciafion for fheir earnesf work and skilled phofography. John Handel deserves words of fhanks for his confinual help wifh fhe group phofographs. We were ever grafeful for fhe experf iournalisfic knowledge of Rosalind Keep: for fhe keen arfisfic crificism of Roi Parfridge: and for fhe asfufe advice on business manage- menf of Homer Craig. The resulfs which Dee Dee Neef has shown in fhe financial care of fhe book speak for fhemselves. l-ler success was possible only fhrough fhe inferesf and generosify of fhe local business and professional people who have confribufed fo fhe book and fhe parenfs and friends of fhe college who have given fheir pafronage. Bofh Bubbsie Converse and Kafhy Mulky have been vifal, cooperafive assisfanfs, giving unselfishly of fheir fime. The sincere willingness of Paf Boadway was mafched only by her arfisfic abilifies. Nancy Wafkins' beaufiful work on fhe division phofographs required long hours of creafive fhoughr and work. Kafe Morrow and Bubbsie Converse earned special praise for fhe exfensive amounf of sfudenf phofography fhey did for fhe book. To all members of fhe sfaff who have confribufed fo fhis yearbook l send my personal fhanks. Your enfhusiasm and cooperafion have been fhe foundafion upon which fhe book was formed. lf has nof been an easy year. Af every sfep of fhe way 'rhere have been new difficulfies because of fhe war. Now fhaf The book is finished we shall know how much we have learned in surmounfing 'rhese obsfacles. -The Edifor I48 THE CREST STAFF Helen Melz, Edilor Dolores Neel, Business Manager Lilian Converse, Assislanl Edilor in Charge ol Pholography Kalharine Mulky, Assislanl Edilor in Charge ol Copy Palricia Boadway, Arl Edilor COPY STAFF Mary Wesllall, Aclivilies Edilor Marjorie Fisher, Classes Edilor Jean Murnen, Halls Edilor Nancy Davis, Sporls Edilor Jeanne Marlin, Facully Edilor Frances Chance, Direclory Edilor Lilerary Assislanls Pal Crawlord, Marjorie Fisher, Belle Jackson, Kale Morrow, Sally Pickrell, Caroline Rowclille GENERAL COPY STAFF Belly Barlhe, Rowena Beaudry, Rachel Belhea, Imogene Fluno, Jane Harley, Barbara Howell, Jeanne Kuse, Ann Lockrae, Kay Mallory, Belly Malchelle, Julie McBride, Rosemary Meininger, Barbara Miller, Barbara Mollell, Kalhleen O'Connor, Anlo Perry, Palricia Phillips, Peggy Pounds, Frances Schwickhardl, Jean Solberg, Tamara While PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Slalf Pholographers Lilian Converse, Kale Morrow, Margarel Olson GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Dorolhy Ballenline, Charlolle Bales, Frances Chance, Dorolhy Davis, Gerlrude Goodman, Margarel Kellam, Jeanne Knudsen, Kay Mallory, Jeanne Marlin, Adelaide McCreary, Anne McMillan, Jean Murnen, Geri Palsulich, Leila Paxman, Marian Rye, Jean Solberg, Jeanne Slerling, Joan Slrauss, Elaine Walker BUSINESS STAFF Belly Bryan, Laura Lundegaard, Virginia Maiden, Frances Marlin, Belly Malchelle, Adelaide McCreary, Margarel Olson, Barbara Ordway ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Kodachrome porlrail ol Presidenl Reinhardl by Frank Colbourn, Jr. Cover Design by Palricia Boadway Division Page Pholographs by Nancy Walkins Forward by Caroline Rowclille, Helen Melz Dedicalion lo Presidenl Reinhardl by Kale Morrow and slall Division Page Copy, wilh exerpls laken from The College Calalogue, Sludenl Handbook, Alhlelic Associalion Handbook, and Palladium Pledge, by Caroline Rowclilfe and slall The Colbourn Sludio 5, 6, 7, B, 9, 32, 33, 36, 48, 49, 57, 58, 60, 6l. 63, 94, 95, l00, lOl, IO4, l05, l l0, I ll, II6, II7, l22, I24 All senior and hall porlrails and facully candids John Handel 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 4l, 44, 45, 46, 59, 6l. 65, 66, 67, 70, 7l , 72, 73, 74. 75, 77, 91 Lilian Converse I3, is. I7, la. 19, 34, 40,4l,44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 56, 59, es, 7I, 72. 73, 74, 75, 76. 77 Kale Morrow I7, I8, 34, 35, 38, 39. 45, 47, 57. 58, 60, 64, 66, 67, 70 Lien Fung Li, I3: Nancy Davis, 62: Margarel Olson, 70, 72 I49 INDEX Academic Courses Acknowledgmenls .... ...... Ads ....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Archery ...... Arr ........c..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Associaled Sludenls AIhIeI'ic Associalion Badminion .. ....... .. Baskefball ...... Bi'I and Spur ,..,,,.., Chapel Commirlee .. Choir' .......w........, Clubs .......,.. The Cresf ...,.....Y..... The Cresl Siaff .......... .. Dance ..,.,....A..... Dedicaiion .,.c Defense Courses Direciory ...,.... Drama , ,,........, English Club ,....,.A.... ..., Elhel Moore I-IaII .......... ...... Execu+ive Board ...... Facully .,...... .... Fencing ........,.... Forum Commi'Hee .... Foreword ........... Freshman .... Golf ............ Graduafes ..... I-land book ..... I 6-I 7 I48 I 26- I 44 77 56 33 70 75 72 75 44 59 48-49 67 I49 57 I0-I I I 8- I 9 I 26- I 44 60-64 65 94-99 34 20-29 73 45 5- 9 40 73 I 24 65 Hockey .. .. .. .. 7I In Memoriam ....,.. 4 Judical Board ....,.. 35 Junior Class ...,...,.,.,. 38 Mary Morse I-Iall ....... ....... I 00-IO3 Mills I'IaII .........,.., I04-I09 Mills Manuscripls ,.... 65 Music ....,.,....,......, 58-59 Officials Club .......,........ 70 Orchard-Meadow I-IaII I I6-I2I Orienfafion ........,,....,.. 4I Ou+ing Club .,..... 76 Palladium ........,.........,,...... .... 9 I Pa'I'rons and Palronesses 4....o.. .,..... I 45-I47 Pem Club ........,.... 70 Phi Bela Kappa ..........,.......,.,o.,..,, 9I Presidenf of A. S. M. C. Message ..,. 32 Presiden+ Reinhard+'s Message ......., I2-I3 Second Semesler Sludenls .............. I25 Senior Class ................. .......... 3 6-37, 80-90 Skiing Club .................... ....... 7 6 Social and Tradilional 50-53 Sofiball ...................... 7I Sophomore Class ........ 39 Sludio Club ......... 56 Swimming .... 73 Tennis .......... 74 War Work ................... 46-47 Warren Olney Hall ........ I I0-I I5 Weekly ................... .... 6 6 Worn Doorsfep ....... I22-I23 oq+f.2 If -E ' -if Y ,U - I Fll.'. F .:.,..1,, -, -

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