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'ISLE W' 1 ' 1 11 v Y wi HHHHUHK Slllll EDITORIAL Louise Ewalt , Frances Maino . Doris joan Smith Elizabeth Gray . Patricia Meyer . Clarice Hickox Frances Fohs Betty Le Page . Sybil johnson . Ada Nevill . Betty Van Cleavc . Elizabeth Goode Margaret Rockwell Dale Fairchild . Hope Ponce . . . . . . Editor . Assistant Editor Photography Editor . . Copy Editor "OIlice Boy" . . Snapshots Student Government . . . Faculty . Halls . Activities . Clubs Honoraries . Drama . Athletics Carolyn Moulton .... Directory Staff: jane Bon, Elizabeth Carter, Jacqueline Caskin, Jeanne Chance, lklarian Cobb, Bar- bara Cox, Shirley-jane Cmllip, Marijane Daggetl, Betty johnson, Judy Keys, Marie McGovern, Mary Ellen Myers, Virginia Riley, Shirley Sebring, Dorothy Sharp, Frances Smyrl, Naomi 'l'nrner, BUSINESS Patricia Scarlett . . Business Manager Ruth jean Garnjobst .... . . San Francisco Advertising Clarice Allison . . Oakland Advertising Marjorie Nichols . . Correspondence Stall: jean Brown, Martini Carlson, Jeanne Chance, Betty Clay, Anne Gillespie, Alice Gonnerman, Camilla Molgaard, Virginia Riley, june Schanb, Barbara Schnbach, Dorothy Sharp, Frances Smyrl, Anita Smith, Sally Stepp, Natalie Storer, Helen Tidal, Betty Wells. lllll UH Looking forward . . . we pray that our own generation will dare to say, with Shakespeare, "The edge of war, like an ill- sheathed knife, no more shall cut his master." Today a very similar knife is carving huge chunks from the soon unrecognizable map of Europeg and as we wait for news of the crises and changes abroad, we try to lead normal and happy lives. From the world scene, we travel to a Treasure Island where the cultures of the very nations concerned have been brought together.And from that smaller make-believe world, we come home . . . to our stu- dent life, at Mills. cf 50 This has been indeed an fmmzs mirabilis to dwellers at Mills. From the college hearth on Pine Top looking toward the Colden Gate we have seen an island rise in San Francisco Bay. NVe have seen tur- rets and towers come into being carved in jade and amethyst. Mfithin the palaces we have found treasures from all lands- Michelangelo's benign Madonnas bless the children of California and Botticellfs Venus revives our memories of the splen- did Olympians who looked down upon mankind from snowy heights and were moved by what they saw to Uinextinguish- able laughter." The new island has gathered to itself the nlan-made wonders of the world. On the island we have found people from all na- tions thronging the highways, listening to the music of fountains and entranced by the fragrance of hyaeinth and orange blossom. Certainly Odysseus and his crew never found such a landing place below Circe's palace or on Calypso's isle, in the midst of the Lotus-eaters or on the Phaea- cian shore. 'E 11uun " 'i '57 7 From the College Hearth, too, the hori- zon shows other miracles. Eastward, the hills are lowered so that Chabot Observa- tory with its star-pointing telescopes looks at us through new passes in the hills and seems to walk toward the cam- pus for closer company with library and laboratory. VVestward, obstructions are down and the sun sets gloriously in full view behind Lone Mountain, or Twin Peaks, or T am- alpais, across a metal bay. Yet, from Pine Top we hear lamenta- tions. Austria is lost in a Third Reich. Refugees without a country roam the world. The gold reserve of Czecho-S1o- vakia is carried to Berlin, despite the curses of the robbed. What has a college campus to do with world problems-with injustices? Even in a year that may be called miraculous, a college has age-old responsibilities to each student and to each question. In no way does the appearance of rare loveliness and shared enjoyment diminish these re- 'B sponsibilities. The campus is a place where daily is fulfilled the prophecy that youth shall see visions and shall run to- ward its goal without weariness. Eternal- ly it is for education to prepare youth for authority, to fulfill this heart-lifting promise, which is at the same time a life- hlling task. Visions which should be like XfVords- worth's "vision splendid . . . trailing clouds of glory," become testimony of death and disaster, or of "the foul hend himself." Unless a mind is furnished with knowledge orderly in arrangement, rea- sonably interpreted, youth's visions may be those in which terror or cruelty or vio- lence, or all of these, have a part. How can youth fulhll the prophecy of the setting up of a goal if there is not con- sideration, elimination, and selection of one? How can youth have the vigor to fulfill the promise of light and swift mo- tion if there is not bodily strength? Faith may remove mountains and bring telescopes near, it may bring up new is- lands in our San Francisco Bayg but the application of every student to the stu- dent's task is fundamental to continuing such phenomena. Continuity in human faith and in human effort remains funda- mental for constructive human ends. Even with a world enlarged and beauti- liecl before their eyes, youth can take nothing for granted. They are not only the heirs, they are the conservers and preservers of their inheritance, or itfhas no value. I-Iow shall we enlarge our hearts and in- form our minds to the contemporary challenge? How shall we be clearsighted enough to glimpse our particular visiong strong enough to reach our 'goal un- wearied? The youthful task well done hy the stu- dent is the only answer. If this can be achieved each college year may be really called an nnnus mirrabilis. 1--1-enslft 9. I . 1 i L A L 4. I 1 . 1 I . I HiHIEHlIUN To Louise Stephens, for her in- valuable service to Mills as friend and teacher, we appreci- atively dedicate this volume. Hers is the quiet dignity which dispatches the administrative de- tails in the Department of Dra- ma . . . the patience and enthusi- asm which stimulates and en- courages hidclen freshman talent . . . the artistic sense which con- tributes beauty to each play she directs, lights, or costumes . . . and the hunian lllltlCl'Sl2ll1Clll1g which makes her beloved by stu- dents and faculty. .. 1,- , Lf X, ' , ' ' .17 , '- ul,- f 'AWF "'-'gre A ' - I . nr.. 5: .. y A . ' --wi All , .gb wl ' x bf., .4 L ,jun ' , ' 1. ,X X' f 1 X '-W ' XX X .XX , ,X -Q K',,,.L,,. MX X, . X X , X XXX. XX X Xq,-:Xi X ,Q r V MXXXXAXXXX X. Xax . ' in IV, ,L XX X 1- . v ' - 1, . ' ' Q ,Tx Hx QF- X ' , x ' ' 9 . ' '- ' ,XX . X A "I K 4 ,, A Ar A I F ' -33,5 1 - A I I V gf? v 'Q , , , -. ' A - A J, sjp, 11- ' 51" '-1' w ,1fs'f.j'-,X - . 1, , 1 . - M,-.5 X, - X A ,qw Xu I ,KA X -,Xi 515, XA A XM, M. . "if mf. , ,J , 5,1 3 - ' -1 - wh- A. ai. " 3' ' ' - fx. I 'if '1 I . WX? Xx .Xu ' , S M. vm? 'HQ ' -A ' u f ' q - -, , , w 5, 4 51 A A - - v 'I N X ,, f ' - I V -1. E Xu X , - 7 " L 1 'il .2 W :-- W' , -1' , X - 4 X rl ' X Xu Q1 XLXXXXXV if 1 . ' '. -'-X- QNX' ' X- gk' , X: .f XX , Y, X ,- , , Y fn , '- f 't Q-.',' ' j3,v' 1 X 6' I X may-XX ' 1 . 'X'X3f,XX1X I x ,X .L X VQQX 'Q ' A X!'.ELEL' ' -' ' , w " ".'1"u11,jc 3- . X N' Q- 'A' , 3 uk ' 6' . XX E X X E X ,-X5 :X la XX ',:i.L:-.XM X X - ' 7.1.1 A ,,,, A 4,3 .. V -1-X:,vX , A I 55 ' X H? rt , ' X. A L w ' 4 as gh ' .1 f." i.f.115. S' - 1' -A Nr A L l , nn - - ' , , a ' 'Q E ' 9, -If ' ' Q X' M, - X , .. QXFMI 211 W 1' U - . 1. , f, ' y N j K -' ' 5'.3'.N2'IjN.gvm M U Q X . 'WQEF4 2-S+ , QM - V x' i::,,: aw f 1. We - . , -X V .. f I: , 4 , , . 9- ,. 1 -s. , gg A 4- ,U if , " 1' , 5, x 'M 1: F, ' Q V, wwe, W, . -, -'L 4 A , :X-X L ,X .X X XX,,XX.,..3,5XX. Q . ., W wb ,v " Y x" ' ' , .. 2, -r .'.' 'fi' 4. -. ,V ' x gf "' Wag?-WSJ X 'L - x -, as ' ' I La 1, W wk ' " , ' Y 'I' Q .M .H XX. , .X AX , X ,. . V. , X, ,Q , , . I wmv, .-,. I ,X 'r 1. f ,- , ' V xi- fa pu '- . K 'Q , , . 4 XX .- ,U je fi - ,N - - pu -nf A ye, X X N ,X .Nj 'rv . ., , XQX 5 XX . ,N . X , , Y in XX XX X ,X X XX X X X X X . I " 5 xb 155 7, ' ' 'IQ -' an , s ' . ., 1. ,. X 1 ,. J, 'N , 4, .-I 1 , - . r Y vw. .,,,, , -IFN - XE X , XI X X.,XX ,.. V. , , g. fEva':.4:,.,z, 3. X. , ff V v kr -7. V., ,-..-W V- -Y Y W f -1-- - V Y-Y.. .. - - Q - A. .fir 111. SIGN...QlTlIi'l'.X'l"I'H1il'OOI,,.XF'1'ER .KN ACTIVE MORNI 435' fs III Cl"Yl5RA'I'IONS OF I"IiE'I' HAVE TROD TI-IIS SI-IAIJICD I'.Yl'HXV,fXY . I0 IHI HI IRI OI XIII I S . II k. Adi... x ,.S-1x -. JRQPQSQW M - A I 'xCg ,4 . .026-if e,4.fxgq,f'.1-- . 'af' V ifgfzlxh' ' M: ff? fix I ,.n. hx lv' YY ni, if -I 721. 'A s-' 'lla ff, --7' ,4 - -fp.. .' I u A M 4. f 0 I! -dgx "V , f rvvvvvf aww ,,,,.,H,-V,qv1,vvo--.ww1-vw-rvsff 'HRV-62zz,g' ,fs Af' J. UQ ,I Q A bTC"L1. E-W ""x IN MiMHHIHM This page is dedicated to four mem- bers ol tl1e college family whose me111- ory will long be cherished for their goodness of heart, their nobility of spirit, their contagious enthusiasm, and their respect for scholastic ideals. lX'lAR-l0RlI'I I-IHRLIHY, loved member olf the class of 1940, who was chosen by them to be business manager of this volume. AI,IClil M,xRcu1sR1'1'1a Hl1ZNIlY, for twenty years gracious hostess to all who crossed the threshold of "the little house." DoM1QN1c:o Btuzsczm, musician, com- poser, and professor of counterpoint and composition from 1925 to 1939. S121.maN C. Sstrri-1, father of Shirley Smith and for ten years a member olf the Board of Trustees, and generous cooperator in all campus clevelopment. - K slum nuvwwmwr . x 'v.. , Whsewqwfsip L Y -, , . , -. 1 0 GRACE WILLIAMS President w-..a ' ' f- -- QV.: fi:-ii - 1 - eh- .--t,-aE-l- E- -12.4-L 4-,fl ,L -',,e7,,,, Student government is an integral part of Mills life. Every girl is an active member olf the Associated Students, a self-governing organization whose purposes are to further the interests of the students and to control activities of college life. This year's president of the Associated Students of Mills College, Grace XVilliams, pre- sided over Executive Committee, which was composed ol: jean Swenson, vice- presidentg Jane Rex, social headg Mary Le Moyne, treasurerg Mildred Eberle, secretaryg Margaret Rockwell, chairman of the senior class. 13 Secretary Treztsnrer - i -vm--Y f-'-.,- jg' LL, 1 - -Y Y V '71, : 7 - 4, ,-Y V- - . ,t ' u . 1 r . 1 X V t t llllllllltl tillillill 'l'his committee handled those 2lilI'1lllllSl.l'Z1l.lVC details ol campus government which did not need group discussion, and its decisions were then presented to Executive Boztrd for linal approval. After beginning the year with the initiation of new members at the candle lighting ceremony, the Associated Students met for assent- blies once 21 month, at which times there were panel and group discussions of both world and cznnpns problems, enabling every student to express her opinion as an intportunt, and necessztry inetnber of the working democracy which is the Associated Students ol' Mills College. lEl ff 0 jEAN SWEN SON Vicc'l'resitlcnt 0 MILDRED LBFRII 0 MARY LIL NIOXNIL 0 JANE RLY Social Head to tt it H if yg if it it get tw I H I , ' 'l f . i t ' t.. .V gt, ' jf it C tit t it tg l it gl it lg To give voice to campus opinion by rep- resentation of all the aspects of student interests and activities is the primary pur- pose of Executive Board. lfVith this in view, the board of twenty-seven mem- bers fincluding Executive Committee, the hall presidents, the class chairmen, the NVorn Doorstep president, the chairmen of Judicial Board, Orientation, Forum, and Chapel committees, the editors of publications, the presidents of Drama Association, Music Club, and Studio Club, and the representatives of Palladi- um and of Phi Beta Kappaj acts as a coordinating council, combining in one group both executive and legislative functions. Since it represents every phase of campus life, the board is able to deal conscien- tiously with each question, and its ellec- tiveness lies in this fact. Each spring, Executive Board meets at Asilomar for a conference to discuss problems and to revise Associated Student activities. Re- moved lrom the Ilurry ol campus life, the members can consider student govern- ment objectively. Constitutional changes are presented to the students for con- sideration and action. Ifirsl lime: C. XVilli:nns. Iibcrle. l':altcrson, Rex, I. XVoocl. Kelly, 'l'lun'ston, Swenson, Duncan. Furnish. Witte. Van Cleave. Sefrourl row: Ewztll. Orvis. Minnden, Rock' well. Kennedy, Schmitz, Hale, Marshall. Slllerman. Snmmv. 'I'hotnson. Tlrirrlrow: ll. Le l'ag'e. Stevens, Le Moyne, Mmming, Xvllllllllliilll. l"UllI'lll Row: S. Arm- strong, Sullivan, l'. ti. Green, M. Lane, Letts. t v t lt l v. i l 5 P t ll tt t V fy. - Vt, tt ml r gs it ft Ty W P. G. Green, Tlturston, Frank, G. Willizuns, t ii " l X' tl 'l l ', 'l tl 1 X I l t , f t it' W t t X-ls l HL H it ,AM I, M Stevens, kennedy. t tt ttltl .yttvttt t 'L t. , L., 1. U 1. . e, L.. .J tj t ll t. t xt The students' snprente court towhich any rule, penalty, or cause may he appealed is Jutlieial BO1ll'ti.rlil1C six n1emhers,work- ing with their ciliairmzm, Mqarjory Ken- nedy, acted as :tn advisory t'on'n'nit,tee and student personnel body, the itnportztnee ol' their work lying in the fact that they were it preventative rather than il penal hoztrd. ln order that they may be able to guide and assist girls who come to them, .lutlicial Board meets weekly lor discus- sions on student ztllztirs and polic:ies.'I'hey also cooperate with the Administration, meeting frequently with them for discus- sion and consultation so that student personnel work may be carried out effec- tively and hztrmoniously. Judicial Board works on the major premise that the honor code is the living ideal olf every Mills student, and that it is the only justilieatiou for student government. lt. is their aim to create a conscious desire in each student for a high level of per- sonal and group standards of behavior. 21 if llslllllllllll Since Mills College activities are organ- ized on a hall rather than on a class basis, the position of chairman requires a girl who is not only well known and liked throughout the class, but who also has originality and ability lor leadership. A new plan of holding monthly class dinners has been instigated this year.The chairmen invite guest speakers, plan pro- grams, and lead discussions concerning class business. Each class chairman is given one large assignmentg ag., the Jun- ior-Senior Breakfast, the Fall Formal, the G22 , W-2, qff , A 7 7.5, , W, jig.. Vun Clenrc, Patterson, Letts, M. Lane, Manning. Sumniy, Rockwell. Lower Division Formal, and Freshman Sneak Day. The class governing boards, which are composed olf one representative from each hall and from the non-residents, meet with the class chairlnen at least once a month. At these meetings, general class opinion is brought before the chairman, and all class functions are discussed and organized. It is because of the work of the class chairmen that Mills girls have close ties, not only within their halls, but also with the girls of their own classes. SHIIHH HHS3 EHHIHMHN Four years-how fast they have gone and how glorious they have been! VVe firstiwalked along eucalyptus paths as appre- hensive, shy, but eager freshmen. As seniors, conhdent and self-assured, we know the joy of study and the deep satisfac- tion of sharing work and play with friends. Our preparation for the future may be inadequate, but now we are eager to launch out into a world of realities beyond the campus gates, trading the student's life for one of learning by doing. As we leave, it is with the deepest appreciation for the understand- ing and the unselfishness of the adults of our college family. Under their friendly tutelage we have grown from freshmen to seniors. They have taught us to covet the rare and the beau- tifulg they have made us better able to treat with courage and some wisdom the problems which our generation must face. WY Q rp ADELE ANDERSON 0 SUZANNE ARNISTI Home Econumics English 0 CIA'l'I-IIZRINIE I!O0'l'll U HELEN ISRIENNAN Ilismry English MARGARET CARY 0 BliT'I'Y CHASE Chemistry Music LOUISE EWAIII' 0 IIALE I-'AIRCHILIJ Speech :xml Drunm Spccch :xml llralmal BA BCO ,lnli C ARY FISIIE l'l -L CK 0 lHi'l'll IIAXTER .Nfl INCKERHOFI-' 0 jOSlil'l-IINR ILRIZ.-XRD Speech :md Ilrumzl I..-KRK 0 I-'RANGES ll0FFl.liMIZYFR Music R 0 AIILVXNNI-I FON'I'AN.-K linglisll 'SR 1.015 BEAZOR I ELISE BENEDICT Child Devclopmcnl Speech and Drnmu DIANA BROHASKA 0 JANET BROWN EilllC1lllOIl Biology FRANCES DOWLING 0 YVONNE DUFFY Psychology French DORIS FOOTE 0 HELEN FRANK Psychology Speech and Drama ADALINE BLANK History of .AFL ELLEN JANE CARl.E'l'0N AFL MARGARET DUNCAN Physical Education I-IISAKO FUAIIWARA liconomics 23 13 M . 673 I, .4 K.. 0 VIRGINIA FULLER Psychology 0 HARRIET HELNI History 0 KAY KELLY An 0 LORRAINE MCNEII, Art 0 DOROTHY FURNISH 0 BABE'l"1'E GASTER 0 ALICE GILI. Arc Music English 0 MIMI HENNING l CLARICE HICKOX I HSTHER I-IOPKINSON English Social lIlSlllllll0l'lS lfinc Arts 0 MARIIORY KENNEDY 0 MARY S'I'EWAR'l' KURTZ 0 15E'I"l'Y LE PAGE History Physical Education Spccch :md Drumu 0 CLAUDINA MICILELSEN 0 BE'I"l'Y MIGNON 0 M.-XRGARET MOHR Music English Biology U I' U AU 0 PATRICI.-K GRACE GRI English 0 LAllREl.M.-XE IIACK Cliclnislry 9 MARY l.0CIlili Music 9 CAMILI..-X MOLGAARD Home Economics T -45 'C' A RGERY AN NE H A Lli 'L JRRINNEjI'1NNE usic ELEN MARS! IALI. nc Arts lEDA MORRILI. -L i 1 I 0 NANCY HIEIZEIL Art 0 IiIlI'l'll ,IOIIANNSEN Language and l.ixcr:nluru I CAROLINE MQNE.-KI. BECIITIEI. Home Economics 0 l'A'l'RICIA NELSON Psychology 127 llmne Economics Economics 0 MARGARIET ROCKWIELI. 0 MARAIORY ROTHSCI-ll l'syclmIog'y Child Dcvclopmcnl U MATY ANDA SMITH 0 RUTH SORRELI, lfinc Arts Biology 0 AIEAN SWENSON 0 LOUISE THIELEN Physical EilllCllll0ll Art .ORGINE PORTER glish KRY MAIUJAILIFI' RIIPI' ild Development Y SPAIN!-IOWER glish -XRY Ii, 'I'IIliRS'l'0N ouch :md Drnnm 0 UHLMA POYTI-IRESS I LEE PRINGLIE 0 JEAN RICHARDSON Spanish l'sycl1olog.:y Education 5 MONIQUE SCI'I1XII'I'Z 9 CAROLYN Sl-IIERIVOOII 9 MARTI-IA SILIIERBERC Music Psycllology Psychology 0 MARY SPOONER 9 MARY IE. SPROULE U MARY JANE STAMM Education Iirlucnlion Zoology U l'Alll,INIi 'IRAIIUCCZO 0 NIAIQAIORIE II. 'I'IYIS'l' 0 HELEN TYSON IQIIIICIIIIOII Child DcvclopmcnL Ifrcuch VIRGINIA ROBINSON Home Economics DORIS JOAN SMITH French PATRICIA SULLIVAN Psychology MOTOKO UWANO Home Economics lla ri.. an i W. i V. 1 0 ARLA WAGERS History 0 MARJORIE WEITZ English 0 GRACE XVI LI.IA NIS Zoology 0 MINNA WINESTINE History ol' Ari 0 DORA WEAVER 0 .IOSEPHINE WEBBER 0 IJORO'l'l-'IY WEIGI-l'l' Psychology Biology Physical Education 0 MARJORIE WELCI-I 0 MARILYN WETHERBY 0 DOROTHELLE WILLARD I-Ioinc Economics Child Development Music 0 GEORGIA ANN WILLMORE 0 MARGOT WILLS 0 PATRICIA WILSICY Child Development Child Development History 0 MARGOT WITTE C RIANE WOLFF 0 IRENE WOOD History Child Devclopincm Education 3U 0 FRANCOISE ARON Language and Literature 0 NATALIE NORGREN Philosophy 0 HOPE PONCE English 0 SYLVIE REINACH Lnnguzigc zuul Lilcrulurc N HW 1 r i 1 H NH P N w I 1 T :ni 4 E. i 1.1 l c.: A3 llllllllll IHIINHS Dear Mother: Mills Day at the Fair and, although I am dead tired, I have had a marvelous time. I felt like the millionth visitor when GRACE YVILLIAMS - Freshman Class Chairman, Freshman Spade, Athletic Association, Yearbook advertising staff, Chapel Committee, Tennis Club Presi- dent, Hall President, judicial Board and ex-officio member of all committees, Phi Beta Kappa, Palladium, Whois Who in American Colleges, Associated Student Social Head and President -and MAR- GARET ROCKVVELL - Chapel Guild, Hall Treasurer, Yearbook Copy Editor, Cosmopolitan Club, Associated Student Treasurer, Student Forum Committee, Chairman of Peace Action Group, Mills delegate to the Pacific Relations Confer- ence, Mills delegate to the America-japan Student Conference, Treasurer of the International Relations Club Conference 1937, Secretary 1938, Secretary of Student Institute of Pacific Relations, Mills dele- gate to National Student Federation of America 1937-38, Phi Beta Kappa, Senior Class President, Palladium President, Whois Who in American Colleges-ctr hostesses of the day, descended and whisked me off to see the sights. Going up the Gayway we helped ADALINE BLANK and HELEN TYSON - French and Spanish Clubs - decide to go to the to see FRANCES Treasurer NCE-A thletic open - air theater hristmas Play, t ll P staff, Yearbook Sports Editor-RUTH SORRELL-Dance Club, Hall Librarian -and DOROTHELLE VVILLARD- Chapel Guild, Music and Spanish Clubs, Athletic Board, Dance Club President- under the direction of DOROTHY XVEIGHT-Hall Fire Chief, Athletic As- sociation V ice-President, PEM Club Pres- ident, Hall Council Member at Large- givc their modern dance recital. After the performance LOIS BEAZOR, HELEN BRENNAN, FRANCOISE ARON and SYLVIE REINACH came up to congratulate them, but we left for thc Ford Building, where we saw KAY BOOTH-Student Forum Committee, Weekly advertising stag-MARGOT YVITTE -Athletic Association, Weekly circulation staff, Yearbook advertising staff, junior Governing Board, Chairman of Student Forum Committee, Hall Coun- eil Ilflember at Large, Hall Social Head, Hall President-and PEGGY VVALTER -Student' Forum Committee, Hall Fire Chief, Hall Social Head-leading a forum discussion. In the Hall of Science we heard JANE DORN-German Club, Senior Governing Board-assisted by LAURELMAE JACK -Chapel Guild, Sophomore Governing Board, Chemistry Club President-and MARY JANE STAMM-Chapel Commit- tee, Chemistriv Club Vice-President, Hall Absence I-lead, Hall Proctor-give a lec- ture. Among the interested listeners were JEAN RICHARDSON, DIANA BROHASKA-Ojicials Club-MARY SPOONER and BETTY CHASE- Chaibel Guild, Athletic Association, Mu- sic and German Clubs. Across the Court of the Seven Seas, in Vacationland, we found MARILYN YVETHERBY and IOY SPAINHOWER-Athletic Associa- 32. tion, Music' and Omcials Clubs, Chapel Guild, Weekly editorial staff, Hall Proc- tor, Hall A bsenee Head -finding out where to go and how to get there. VVe joined GEORGIA ANN WILLMORE- Athletic Association, Freshman Govern- ing Board, Hall Council Freshman Rep- resentatitfe, Home Er'onomir,'.s' Club, Hall Secretary, Associated Student Social Head, Public Occasions Committee, .Social Exec- utive flommittee, Palladium-MI M I H E N N 1 N G-Sap h o m o re Governing Board, junior Class Chairman, Hall Council Member at Lar e and MARY t , I , W g M V MARGARET RUPP- Weekly Circula- tion Jllanager, Hall Secretary, junior Governing Board, Hall V ice-President- at the Adnlinistration Building, where they were planning the Mills Ball, with their business manager, ADELE AN- DERSON-Home Economies Club, Peace Group, Hall Social Head, Hall Absence Head, Weekly Advertising and Business' Manager- and those sure-fire publicity agents, MARGERY ANNE HALE- Drama Association, Yearbook staff, Studio Club, Hall Secretary, Sophomore Class Chairman, English Club President, Editor of Weekly, Palladium-and MARNI KENNEDY- Chapel Commit- tee, Yearbook advertising staff, ll-fills Manuscripts advertising staff, Hall Social Head, Hall A bsence Head, Editor of Weekly, judicial Board Chairman, Pal- ladium, Whois Who in American leges, Phi Beta Kappa. ELLEN JANE CARLETON -1f'rench Club Vice-Presi dent, Spanish and Studio Clubs, Sopho- more Governing Board, Athletic tion, Weekly advertising staff, Hall eial Head, Hall Absence Head, I Class Chairman, Fashion Tea Bride, Art Ball Queen-and LEE PRINGLE-NI '33 x"', Club, Hall Absence Head-reigned over the supercolossal court scene arranged by PATRICIA SULLIVAN-Athletic Asso- ciation, Bit and Spur, Hall CouncilFresh- man Representative, F reneh, Golf, and Chemistry C lubs, Ufeekly Advertisingand Business .A4tt'Illtg'6l', Hall Vice-President, Hall President, Palladium, W'ho's Who in American Col leges-an cl NATALIE NORGREN-Freshman Governing Board, Bibliophile Society Presiden t, Hall Vice-President. BETH BAXTER - Phi Beta Kappa-decked the hall with boughs of lilac, where JANE BABCOCK-A th- letie Association., Dance Club, Drama Association, Illusie Club Social Head, Cal- ifornia Hour representati 'om Mills- yvith her "Swingeroos," uring that red-haired songstress, I-I N MAR- S H A L L -Assembly Christ- mas Play, tlflusic Club Operetta, Chapel Guild, Hall 4 Hall Fire Chief, Hall mu- sical note. We left this see the scientific foods by CAMILLA may advertising staff, Y staH, Peace Group, a.nd Home Economics So- ciety - and OAKLEY uszc C l u bs - Athletic staff, 0 77 771. I l, lLk ICS wi Foods Building. At the Mills Room IRENE YVOOD-Worn Doorstep Presi- dent-MARJORIE VVEITZ-Worn Door- step Cabinet, French Club, Sophomore and Senior Governing Boards-and .IEANNE FONTANA-Sophomore Gou- erning Board, Worn Doorstep Vice-Presi- dent, Phi Beta Kappa-were idling away a few monients. Approaching the Fine Arts Building, we saw GEORGINE PORTER-lflfeekly re- porter-and DORIS F OOTE-Hall Proc- tor, Phi Beta Kappa-watching KAY KELLY-Studio Club, junior Governing Board, Hall Fire Chief, Hall Social Head, Hall Vice-President, Hall President-and her crew of mural decorators: MARY FISHER -Studio Club Secretary, Peace Group, Hall Absence Head, Handbook editorial staff, Yearbook art staff, Senior Governing Board - FREDA MORRILL -Chapel Committee, Athletic Board, Stu- dio Club Secretary - Treasurer, German, Music, and English Clubs, Mills Alann- scripts Art Editor, Weekly lvlanaging Ed- itor, Hall Social Head, Hall Treasurer- PAULINE TRABUCCO - Athletic As- sociation, Studio Club-and LORRAIN-E MCNEIL at work. DOROTHY FURNIS Athletic Board Publicity Chairm udio Club President, Music H ead-escorted us in- side the mercy of NANCY and English Head, Editor docent. At the Bibliophile Society-and MATY ANDA SMITH-Bibliophile Society. Mft: left our genial clocent to join REBECCA BRINCKERHOFF-German, Home Eco- nomics, and PEM Clubs, Peace Group, Athletic Board, Ofhcials Club President, Worn Doorstep Treasurer-JANET BROVVN -Athletic Association, Chapel Committee, Yearbook advertising staff, German Club Treasurer, Christmas Play, fun ior Govern ing Board - and PA- TRICIA WILSEY-Athletic Association, German Club, Yearbook advertising staff -at the exhibit in the European Build- ing. Over in a far corner, talking, were ALICE GILL-Athletic Association, Spanish Club, Biblilophile Society, Year- book editorial and business staffs, Chair- man of Social Service Committee- UHLMA POYTHRESS-Athletic Asso- ciation, Spanish Club Secretary, Biblio- phile Society-and MADELINE CLARK -Athletic Association, Spanish, Music, and Dance Clubs, junior Governing Board, Hall Council Member at Large. Hurry! Hurry! W'e had to get to the Fed- eral Theatre in time to see DORIS JOAN SMITH-OHicials Club, French Club President, Athletic Association, Drama Association, Yearbook Photography Edi- tor-MARY ELIZABETH THURSTON -Chapel Committee, Sophomore Class Chairman, Athletic Association, Outing Club Cabinet, Orientation Committee Chairman, Yearbook staff, Drama Associ- ation, Hall Treasurer, Hall President, judicial Board Who in American cretary-DALE staff, Associa- , Fashion Tea Weekly edi- and A dver- 340 -' ,Q -1 N, 1' D -f '- wr Xi .- ,,' v ' Y Y g N . ' -5 "1-J , - v l." "' A i- W Q- 5, s X w. X : - - I -.-,-.--,t -, '-5 '1- - -J -:JS -1, --QQEN v - - -"w :ww v-:- R HA 'Q r E, - N- ' - - ' -I tising Manager, Associated .S'ludent Pub- licity Manager, Drama Association Vice- President, Hall President, judicial Board, Secretary of Palladium-and BETTY LE PAGE -Peace me-mip, Athletic Associa- tion, Yearbook Drama. Editor, Drama A s- sociation President, Hall Fire Chief, Hall Procto r, Hall President, Palladium- under the direction of LOUISE EWALT -Chapel Guild, Peace Group, English. and French Clubs, Weekly Assistant Ad- uertising Manager, Mills Manuscripts ad- vertising staff, Associate Editor of "First the Bladef, Assistant Editor of Athletic Association Handbook, Hall Treasurer, Drama flSSU6'l'Ytli07l, Editor of Yearbook- put on their req nest performance of "Maids in Petticoatsf' Backstage ELISE BENEDICT - Athletic Association, Hall Council Member at Large, Bibliophile Society, Drama Association Vice - Presi- dent - and DORA VVEAVER - Athletic Association, Chapel Guild, Raqueteers President, Hall Council Member at Large, Editor of College Sc rapb o o lc, Weekly copy Editor, Drama Association, junior Governing Board, Hall l'ice-President- had everything under control, while down in the orchestra pit were CORRINNE JENNE-Athletic Association, Raque- teers Secretary, Chapel Guild, Music Club Secretary and Vice-President, .Hall Secre- 4 Chapel Committee, Athletic Association, M usic Club Secretary - Treasurer, Hall Absence Head-under the baton of BA- 'BETTE GASTER - German and .Music Clubs, junior Governing Board. Out in the audience were MARJORIE BRAUDE TVVIST, MARY ELIZABETH S P RO U LE- Weekly advertising staff- BETTY MIGNON - Peace Group, Bib- liophile Society, Chapel Guild, T'VeekIy reporter, Literary Editor of "First the Blade," Hall Council Member at Large, Phi Beta Kappa representative to Execu- tive Board-HARRIET HELM-A thletic Association, Music Club-and MARGA- RET CARY-Athletic Association, Chapel Gui-ld, Peace Group, Outing, Ger- man, M usie, Chemistry, and English Clubs, Weekly editorial staff, junior Gov- erning Board, Hall Fire Chief, Song Leader-and those hard-boiled critics, MARGE ROTHSCHILD-Chapel Com- mittee, Spanish Club, Forum, Committee, English Club President, IM ills Manu- scripts staH-MARTHA -Weekly News Editor, Guild, Athletic Association, Govern- ing Board, Hall Vice -and MINNA YVINESTINE ation, English Club Associ- ead and Sec- retary, Bibliophile Edz for of lVIills tary-JANE W OLF F-M usic Govern ing Board - M O SCHMITZ - German Society, Sophomore and ing Boards, Music Club OLYN SI-IERWOOD ESTI-IER HOPKINSON mittee, Bibliop hile poised every minute. On the way out ED Athletic Associat French and G dragged us over to where YVONNE Treasurer Business the 1' tl French Club ead Play, Music Club, Chapel tor-and ' C LA U D I NA Usher and a Etfu e te 67 R aa ueleers Secreta ry, Chapel Guild French Club, Associated .Student Hand- book Editor, Yearbook staff, 'Weekly Sun- day Night Editor-were deep in a discus- sion with the French guide. After un- tangling them we had tea and rice cakes with MOTOKO UYVANO-Athletic As- sociation, Home Economics and Cosmo- politan Clubs, Senior Governing Board- at the Japanese Pavilion. Much refreshed, it was "The Coliseum, James, and don't spare the elephant train!" IIVC arrived just as VIRGINIA PURDY- Bit and Spur, Athletic Association- MARIAN SMITH-Athletic Association, Studio Club -FRANCES DOIVLING- Bit' and Spur, Athletic Association-VIR- GINIA FULLER - Bit and Spur Treas- urer, Athletic Association, Hall Fire Chief -and MARGOT YVILLS-German Club, Bit and Spur, Athletic Association - fin- ished their equestrian feats, faithfully re- corded by CLARICE HICKOX-Athletic Association, French Club, Weekly circu- lation staff, Yearbook Snapshot Editor- and her candid camera. Patiently we waited for the International Hop-Scotch Championship to start, and finally the two captains came onto the held . . . O S E P H I N E BRIZARD -Sofahoinore Governing Board, Drama Association, Hall Fire Chief, Hall Proctor, Hall Coun- cil llfI677lfJ8t' at Large-and her Pink Penny Pitchers, SUZANNE ARMSTRONG- Bibliophile Society, Athletic Association Treasurer and Secretary, PEM, Dance, French, and Outing Clubs, Hall Proctor, Hall Fire Chief, Senior Governing Board, Forum Committee Chairrnan, Palladium., Phi Beta Kappa - and MARGARET MOHR-Athletic Association, PEJW and Dance Clubs, Hall Council Member at Large-while from tl1e other entrance came JEAN SIVENSON-A thletic B oard, '36 Q rv v Outing Club President, PEM Club Treas- urer, Drama Association, Hall Treasurer junior Governing Board, Public Occa- sions Committee, Chairman of Coinnzit- tee on A ctivities, Associated Student Sec- retary and Vice-President, Palladium, Who's Who in American Colleges-with her Black Bean-Bag Tossers, MARY STEVVART KURTZ-PEM Club Presi- dent and Secretary - and MARGARET D U N CA N-Hall Council Freshman Refrresentatiue, Hall Proctor, Outing and PEM Clubs, Assistant' Editor of Associated Student Handbook, Athletic Association Vice -President' and President, Delegate to Athletic Association Conference, Dele- gate and Recording Secretary to N. A. F. C. L., Palladiuin, l'Vho's l'Vho in Anteri- can Colleges. Referee PATRICIA GREEN-Racqueteers President, Weekly Sunday Night Editor, Yearbook staff, A th- letic Association, PEIVI Club, Chairman of Chapel Committee, Hall Proctor, Hall Council Freshuian Refnesentative, Hall President, judicial Board, Palladium- blew her whistle, and the game was off to a rip-roaring start. It was a grueling fight until the final bugle, courtesy of JOSE- Pl-IINE VVEBBER-Athletic Association Music Club Treasurer, Outing Club Cab- ,v inet, Freshnian and Sofnhoinore Gouern- ing Boards, No n-R esident Chairman, Assent ll ly Chairnta n, Pa l la d i u in-C v e Il though nobody Won. It has been a glorious day, Moms, but, oh, I :un so-o-o-o-o-o tired. Good night and FA I R-wel 1! lvlmu' Mitts. X 1 11 HHMINISIHHHHN HNH IHEUHY 'T A i V I vi .H , JH ga H ,N fl ,V V I' L J 2 an I 1 L U IN QV I , ' W , r .M 1 'm . I 1,,. i W I tl i, "1 Hr RN -wx V L 12 H ,Wil "I - l I of L-I 6 Ii . ga A n .-1'-.1-1s 0 I , I U! , 5 Q 1 " If I , ' 1 : H vu I n ' Hy ' 1 . H. V "ff , B? ', JF' H ,. 44q,"f'1 gt., v 1?Pf'N',7i? 'wi A 1 l4U'nl:. Q , 1-'g-4, -'fa :li .2 4 flu Y gmt? A A . Q ., ,, , . D' PM .nigh Q , . ,A 1 , . gi sa- xvfgm Fx- V3 JS7' ,- -. -- -L? - 'eliilhw "Q-las fi' syiv' , W 1 I A V . -9- Uph QR? I 'S-yugr Qty? 'F .J 1 4.. . , ,J-,. AY. lvl' 1.-U14 .QR A7 ., I I .AV wr ,, na. X 5 ,Q 1 I in , J, , f ., , :rg - , X ,, L' HL' '.g.ff- fi. -vm , A " - X H . . V' ...IGN .MH i .X 1 'S LW? -.Lf A--' , Y V-A rs if' V ,., ,- V . --walnut.. ' ' ' -.gil ' . Y .. 59 ESTHER DAYMAN, B.A., M.A., Dean of U1lllCl'g'I'2lllllZllC Stutlentsg Director ol' Aclniissiong Associate Professor ol Education. Reticent but truly friendly. Possesses warm untlerstantliug and a keen insight into student prohlents. ROSALIND A. KEEP, B.A., M.A., Eclitor ol Publications, Assistant l'rolessor of English. Loves kittens, her Eucalyptus Press, and the hustle ol' the Publica- tions Ollice. HOMER T. CRAIG, JR., B..-X., M.B.A., College Comptroller. I-las a boyish love of talking on the telephone and punching all the huzxers on his clesk. EVELYN STEEL LITTLE, B.A., M.A., M.A.L.S., Ph.D., Lihrariang Associate li'rol'essor of Bibliography. Strives to see her vision ol' a new library inacle "con- cretef' FANNIE A. MADISON, Bursar. A good sport. Tentls college finances: attacks weeds on I-Ieyclay-Playclay. FRANK VV. YVENTWORTI-I, BHS., College Treasurer. Has eyes that crinkle when he smilesg shrewtlly follows the pulse ol' the market. MARIAN LONG STEBBINS, BA., MA., 'Dean of the Faculty: Professor of Speech and Drama. In spite of administrative duties, managed to achieve a tritnnph with -"Girls in Uniform." ELLIOT V. N. DILLER, BA., MA., Ph.D., College Chaplaing Assistant Pro- lfessor ol' Religion and Philosophy. Has made religion vital, creative thinking essential, and "at homes" enjoyable. DORIS DOZIER, BA., Ed.M., Recorder, Secretary ol Placement, Assistant Pro- fessor ol' Education. Helps us realize our ambitions as vocations. FLORENCE NV. SI-IEFFIELD, Chairman of the Residence Connnittee. Entered Mills with the class ol '39 and was elected an honorary lHC1l1lJC1'Q is loved for her graeiousness and tact. MILDRED M. REYNOLDS, B.S., MA., Director olf Institution Administration. Directs food and 'housing on campus and enjoys a HlJUSIl1Z1I1iS holiday" in her own new kitchen. -IOHN G. BROWN, Plant Manager. Keeps things running so elliciently that we take thexn for granted. LUTHER B. MARCHANT, BA., Convenor olf the School olf Fine Artsg Dean of the School ol Musicg l'rol'essor olf Voice. Sliephercl to his choir llock. but just YVILLIAM XV. CARRUTH, B.Mus., F.A.G.O., Instructor in Harmony and Organ. Organist par excellence . . . either lfor assemblies or inforinally in ROI PARTRIDGE, Student, National Academy olf Design Schools, New York and Paris, Professor of Art. "Design is related not only to art but to living." CONNELL K. CARRUTH, B.Mus., F.A.G.O., College Organist: Instructor in Harmony. Invaluable assistant with the music for the Cltristnizts Playg enter- DOMENICO BRESCIA, Graduate, Bologna Conservatory olf Musicg 'Member olf the Royal Academies of Bologna and Florence. I-Ie was one ol' the best beloved of our college lamilyg an inspiration to his students and a genius in the world olf art. He lives again and forever in his music. l a proud father at heart. C organ-piano duets with Mrs. Carruth. I C taining hostess at The Abbey. I 0 ALFRED NEUMEYER, Ph.D., Associate Pi'ol'essor ol' Art: Director ol' the Art Gallery.'Corre1ates the Arts with Germanic imagination and lectures structurally. fl CITLCILIL Rl?Z.fXU, Docteur cle l'Universite cle Paris, Chevalier de la Legion cl'hon- neurg Convenor olf the School ol' Language and Literatureg Professor of French. Reveals the melody ol' French verse: delights in sending personal envoys to France. HELEN M.-XRBURG, ILA., l'h.D., Associate Professor of French. Eruclite inter- est in medieval lfrenchg has a cosy house with a inimosa tree. DOMINIC ROTUND.-X, IS.,-X., MA., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Italian and Spanish. Moves from Dante to Connnercial Spanish with precision and facility. DANIEL DIEWEY, BA., MA., Instructor in History and Classics. Breathes there a man with pan so dead? BIZRNI-IARD BLUME, l'h.lJ., Associate Prolessor ol' German. X'Vonclerlful ex's3 lloor pacing: and 'Tragen Sie mich wenn Sie mich nicht verstehen!" LUCY I... ADMNIS, B..-X., MA., l'h.D., Associate Professor of English. "Consis- tency is the hobgohlin ol' little minds." ETHEL SABIN SMITH, B.A., M..-X., Ph.D., Clonvenor of the School of Gradu- ate Studiesg Professor of Philosophy and Psychology. Interesting in the classroom, gracious at home, has seldom been known to Hnish a lecture. ELIZABETH T. THOMPSON, B.A., Alumnae Secretary. Helps keep Mills a part of our life for more than four years. SYDNEY L. GULICK, JR., BA., MA., Ph.D., Director ol' Extension Education: Assistant Professor ol' English. Approaches literature and photography from many angles. ROSALIND CASSIDY, B.S., MA., Ed.D., Professor ol' Physical Education. Known for research in physical education. I-las vilalized activity and applied new theories successfully at Mills. EARLE G. LINSLEY, BA.. MS., Professor of Astronomy, Geography, and Geology. More words per minute than stars in the universe. LOVISA C. YVAGONER, BA., M..-X., Ph.D., Professor ol' Child Development, Principal ol the Children's School. Keeps an eagle eye on "Toyon Tots" from two to twenty. l b . ff - RlC.Zl-I.-XRD R. DEMPSTER, BA., MA., Instructor in Mathematics and Physics. Loves to play liztsebztllg prints all his lectures on the blackboard. ELIAS O. JAMES, li..-X., MA., Professor of English. Gives his "young'uns" Sltztkespeare . . . annotated, unexpurgatetl. ALEXANDER P. UIAMESON, B.Sc., D.Sc., Professor of Zoology. Believes that thinking should take the place of littsyvwork and extra-curricular activities. DEAN RUSK, ISA., Assistant Professor of I-Iistory and Government. Spurs his students to thought and action on the what and why behind the headlines. ELE.-XNOR S. BOONE, BA., MA., Assistant Professor of Zoology. In Science ina, "thc answer to everything is either osmosis or mitosis." HONVARD McMlNN, BS., M.,-X., Professor of Botany. His lectures are packed with fllfl ,... :intl an occasional joke, like thcM1n1x mt. "Do yott get the picture?" 0 YVILLARD M. SMITH, BA., MA., Ph.D., I'1'ol'esso1' of English. I-Iis design for living: Pope, Packartls, and promptness Qin triangular Iorinb. 0 L. LOUISE STEPHENS, B.E., Ph.B., M..-X., Assistant Professor ol' Speech and Draina. Presents a beautiful Christmas play in spite ol' CXl1l'?t-Cl1Tl'IClllill' conflicts. 0 EVALINE UI-IL VVRIGHT, BA., Instructor' in Speech and Drama. Except' for Lisser Annex, she's Lhe newest addition to the Drania Department. 0 EDITH LINDSAY, B.S., M..-X., Assistant Prolessoi' of Physical Ecltuation. She's straight. as an arrow. 0 IRENE I-VILLIAMSON, BA., MA., Associate Prolessol' of Physical Education. As candid as her camerag as versatile as het' numerous sports would indicate. 0 VERNETTE L. GIBBONS, B.S., NLS., Ph.D., Convenor ol' the School olf Natural Sciences and IVIZIIIICITIZIIICSQ I,I'0l'CSS0l' ol'C,ll1etnisti'y. Could a cheniifal l'ot'niula be the secret of het' patience? CARIJINAI. I.. GOODVVIN. li..-X., lN'l..'-X., l'h.D., Couvenor olf the School ol Social lnstittttionsg Prolessor olf Amerittztn History. Divides his loyalty between at pipe and cigztrettesg colnhines good clothes and good courses. I"R.'XNCIS H. HERRICK, B..-X., MA., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Europeztn I-list.o1'y. He makes history "his story" and tells it in a fascinating way. ELIZ.-XBISTI-I K. OVVEN, BB., MA., Assistant Professor of Econotuics and Soci- ology. Believes that. economic theories should be adjusted to human needs. GEORGIANA MELVIN, BA., MA., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy. Defines her terms: keeps her lecrtures pertinentg makes good biscuits. MARY C. BURCI-I. B.L.. M.L., l'h.D., Associate Professor of Psychology. Likes golf and is devoted to "her children" in the psych clinic. GLENN li. I-IOOVER. LLB.. BA.. MA., Doeteur en Droit, Associate P1'0l'CSSOl' ol' Ec'onomit's and Sociology. .-X niid-tertuite . . . nibbling at the .vofirzl structure ol' our institution. 1 1 Lv ,R - ,f ... ,hi Ai H -. lyfil- 'sg EV, .uint ,..EQ?V+vf1 .'4i::bN,-'Ie ' - lf! is, 'Y' ,1q::."W-m- , , , k4V.4':5-VSV: '. .,5ae:.f V , ' V hw fr-,V-.-S, U ""' 1f'I'n.'i:. 'f 23, , ,rf 1 '57 1 1 V-4 '-.Vx 'fi Lx' ,-.N ftp. , v' ,. 5 A A 'K I ,, I, ,L g, ,, 'T at:-' " :'-...J - V- U: 1' ' 44-'V ff' . V V v :VV 1 V '--Vr-'-V214 V,.:Vf1VVf -.,:wef'VH2 V , -f. -ffV.5- V 1 - QQ. :'qfnV,- s4'Jl,,:g2'V,,Q- V1'5g,., gjgfrjf' if ' -' '11,-4"-59' - ' , ff ' V 44 ::W3"j1i",Q,dg 'gngstgf "Mi, -LT' I , ' , , n '34, , , A , .Au . ly 11- J . ,qw .Vi 5 ,,,,,,.. , I.-M . w , ' I A , fm ,:,"v"- ' ff-gfff: V' ,.,..- V- ,...1 ,,,..p.A1 V., .vw . gig-m ,E -4 lj ' 'VA ,, 'u f... ., 6 ....., Ha ra 1 1 In ' 'fi 9.12. ' J: : 41 VV , '-AJ. E f .NU -, MARGOT XYI'I"l'E - BETTY LE PAGE 48 R. CATHERINE GREENE HHH MUHHl . The numerous and never-ending ,'Xl'llly versus Navy squabbles . . . Esther XVil- liantson's intriguing composition "Read- ing llleek Blues" . . . the autumnal urge to move the beloved enenty's furnishings and belongingsout onto the stair-landing. lront stairs to library, lront library to laundry . . . the one senior who called the blull' and spent a pleasant. il' public, night on the stair-landing . . . the enter- prising lable that published vocally a slightly discordant, nevertheless ingen- ious, newspaper at the dinner table each night . . . the countless climbs up Pros- pect. 1-Iill that add the brawn to the brain . . . the Ghost Walk when the sophs, out-numbered three to one, were more scared ol' the intended victims than the lreshnien were ol' their persecutors . . . the sudden ntania lor South African engineers . . . the rise of hall pride when Palladiutn chose seventy-live per cent of its initiates from Ethel Moore . . . the third Hoot' Rogues Gallery of lost lovers collected by soulful seniors . . . the mid- night that Dr. Kate looked out into Rho- dodendron Courti to see three students peacefully sleeping in the moonlight ftemperature-eleven degrees above freez- ingj . . . Betty LePage trying out her Highland Fling on the rec room patrons to the accompaniment ol' thumb-and-nose bagpipes . . . Roland, vintage '26, sitting patiently at the foot. ol' the hill waiting lor one of his owners to put in gas, oil, or an essential part . . . these are the things that bless and burn the memories of the Ethel Morons. f 1 f The gala occasions that relieved the gloom of an erudite existence . . . Book Day dinner with the originality and fun the costumes involved . . . stunts of the I-Iallowelen celebration . . . the entan- gletnents of the sophomore tzaffy pull and the burnt, fingers of the freshnian wienie roast . . , the success ol the Christmas dance and the ingenuity of the Freshman Amateur Show. l"ir.rl Sr'nlzf.rlr't' Betty I,.el'age .....,. Margery Anne l-lalc Isabel Kieller ..... . Virginia James. ., Margot Witte. . . . Mary -lane Statntn.. Adele Anderson. . . Mary 'lane 'l'hotnas. Mimi I-Ienning .. .Xnn Kenyon. . . I-l.fXI,l. OFFICERS . .1'resiclm1l . , . . . l'1'c'z'-I'1'e.sJ'd1f11l. . . . .Se1.'rc'trlt'y . . . . T'I'6'll.SIIJ'1'l'. . . . ..S'o1.'ial Head. . . . . . Head Proctor. . . .. .Allseiicc Head. . Q .... Fire Clti1:f.... . . . tlI1'u1l1c'r al Large . . . l"rr-sltzllan RffjzrmetzIatimf. . . . . Second S1'nta.rlat' . . . . . . .Margot XtVitte Mary Margaret Rupp . . . .Elizabeth W'ilton . . .Virginia James . . .Barbara Letts . . .Isabel Kieffer . . .Jean Overton . . . . . Helen Qligg . .Suzanne Armstrong .Elizabeth Ann Colyer 49' O I O 9 CARROLL ABBOTT Special MAYVIS ANDERSON Lower Division LOIS BAN KERD Upper Division MARGARET BISSELL Lower Division IELIN BELIN Lower Division -IRAN NE CHANCE Lower Division ELIZAIIETH ANN GOI XER Lower Division CATHERINE COOK Lower Division VIRGINIA CROWE Lower Division CAROLINE IJAGGET' Lower Division. MARIQIANE DAGGET' Lower Division MA RY DONOVAN Lower Division MILDRED EBERLE Lower Division JANE EDDY Upper Division MARGARET ENGEI, Lower Division IIETTY ESCH li N Non- Degree IiLIZABIE'I'H GRAY Lower Division RUTH I-IA.-XR Upper Division LEONORA HARRIS Lower Division BETTY I-IEN DIE RSON Lower Division I 51 Q HIGH Hiiiilii Hiiii M' I . 1 KATHLEEN AIACOBSON Nun-Degree VIRGINIA JAMES Lower Division FRANCES KEIXION Lower Division ANN KENYON Non-Degree PLACIDE KERRICK Lower Division ISABEL IQIEIPIVER Upper Division MARY KUZELL Upper Division MA RY LA N Ii Lower Division MARY LE MOYNIZ Upper Division ELIEANOR LIC PAGE Nun-Degree IIARIIARA LIE'I"I'S I.cwer Division IlIill'I"H LII.IEN'l'HAl. Lower Division M.-XRIIORIIZ LOVER Lower Division LORRAINIZ LUM Upper Division DOROTHY MACK Lower Division CONSTANCIE MACKIN1 Upper Division MORISE MARTIN Lower Division VIRGINIA MCCOY Upper Division MARIE McGOVE RN Lower Division PATRICIA MEYER Lower Division 'osll IIARRIET MEYER Lower Division ALICE MIHRAN Lower Division KATI-IRYN MIKKELSE Lower Division ALICE MILLER Lower Division -IOSEPI-IINE MILLER Lower Division ANA MIRELES Lower Division NOR MA MI'I"I'RY Lower Division CAROLYN MOI ILTON Lower Division A DA NEVILL Lower Division PEGGY NEWBAUER Special NANCY NEW IIU RY Lower Division BE'I"I"E JOAN NORTI I RO I' Lower Division .IAN ET OAKLEY Lower Division MARGARET OAKLEY Lowcr Division NANCY OAKLEY Lowcr Division VIE.-KN OVERTON Upper Division HELEN QUICK: Lower Division MARION READY Non-Degree JANET REID Lower Division MILDRED RUBLE Lower Division WIN MHUIH lHl I' v.l.4 -S' . MARjORIE SIIAPIRA Lower Division JANE SHELLEY RHODES Non-Degree BEVERLY SHIN N Non-Degree MURIEL STONER Upper Division MIGNON STURM Lower Division MAXINE TAYLOR Lower Division MARY AIANE 'THOMAS Lower Division -IEAN TICKELI, Lower Division NAN CY TIEDEM AN N Non-Degree MARY TOWNSEND Lower Division BE'I"I'Y MAE TRAUNG Lower Division BETTY VAN CLEAVE Upper Division JOAN VAN FLEET Lower Division JANE WADDOCK Lower Division PEGGY WALTER Upper Division RACHEL WALTER Lower Division BETTY WELLS Upper Division FLORENCE WILLIAMS Lower Division ELIZABETH WILTON Lower Division -IUDITH WINESTINE Lower Division DOROTHY SILLERMAN - HELEN MARSHALL Q 'w 5 i N L i 4 U H 'N MRS. HILARY S'l'AN'l'ON .IONILS , , H MHHYMHHH "Ever So Quiet" booming through the ltalls whenever the freshmen were found disturbing the peace at the wrong time . . . Pat Scarlett the victim olf jokesters who announced her elopement with Eric Sntithering on the hall bulletin board. packed her clothes and locked her closet for her, and even congratulated the said tnan on his marriage when he called her up. The supposed husband had only known 'her a few days, and Pat is still try- ing to convince everyone of her good intentions . . . the appreciation for Head- resident Mrs. Jones and her st.rict non- intervention policyin matters concerning ltall affairs . . . the inevitable phrase "so I said to the sea gull" at the beginning ol' every tall tale . . . the marriage-minded Mary Morsels who lost. two fand almost threej of their members to white satin and lilies-of-the-valley. . .the eucalyptus trees crowning the hill . . . Claire Levy and Judy Keys coming out the victors in the bridge tournament . . the three- lfirsl Semester HAL L OFFICERS hour hall council session alfter too many beds had been pied and too many rooms deranged . . . the thought of the hill to be climbed a dozen times a day . . . the excellent concert given by Mary Morse in the Hall for Chamber Music, in honor ol' Alice Knowlton Bruce ,SQ and the scholarship fund established in her mem- ory . . . the joyous fact. that this was the lirst. year Mary Morse was able to enter their basketball team in the Triangle Day contests . . . the Sillerman and Garn- jobst catchy tune "I'd Rather Hear Lo- .hengrin" written for the beneht of the newly engaged . . . all the running mem- ot ies ol' lun and Irolic at the hilltop ltall. 1 1 1 Parties for bigger and better fun and lrolic . . . the Christmas dinner dance, high spot ol the year, with Lee Scarlet't's orchestra, noted decorations, and revolv- ing spotlights . . . the chocolate parties in the rec room . . . "Idiot's Delight" taking the prize at the Book Day dinner with Patterson and Zimmerman playing tl1e leads in their own inimitable way. Second Semester 1-Ielen Marshall. . . .... President .... . . .Dorothy Sillerman Dora lVeaver . . . . . Vl'!'l?-Pl'8.YiCIl37I.I. . . .... Dora X'Veaver Marie Philips .... . .SlfL'T6lIll'D t... ......... S ue Railey Kay Madden. . . . . 7'l'lfIISlH'!fl'. . . . . .Emma Jane VVilder Freda Morrill ...... . . .Smrinl Head. . . . . . Dorothy Mountlorcl DorothySillerman. . . . . . Iflrfncl Proctor . . ..... Joy Spainhower Claudina Mickelsen . . . . . .,-1I1.s'1'r1ce Head. . . . . .Jeanette Skittone Ruth Jean' Garnjobst. . . .... Fire Chief .... ...... P eggy XfVolll' Betty Mignon ....... .... 1 Wr'm.11m' nt Large ..... .. .Betty Zimmerman Peggy XVolll . . . . . .l"rf'sl11nrin Rejncserzlzzlizze. . . . . . . . .Ruth Brown 55 ' ELIZABETH ADAMS Upper Division RUTH BROWN Non-Degree MARTHA CARLSON Lower Division ELIZABETH CARTER Lower Division 15E'l"l'Y CLAY Lower Division CARLA EDDY Lower Division MARY ETO Upper Division FRANCES I-'OHS Upper Division MARTHA F0 RD Non-Degree RUTH JEAN GARN-IOBSI Upper Division jANE GRIFFITH Lower Division TABITHA AIONES Lower Division j U DY KEYS Lower Division CLAIRE LITLVY Non-Degree MARTHA MACLEAY Lower Division KATHRYN MADDEN Lower Divlslon MARGARET MCCINN IS Lower Division MARY-JANE MESDACL Lower Division LUCILLE MINTEY Upper Division DOROTHY MOUNTIVORD Upper Division K iii ii i ii 3 ii I ii fiiii if 'T f-5 Xl '45 'l O O O l O I O 0 MART!-IA PATTERSON Upper Division MARIE PHILIPS Lower Division SUE RAILEY I.ower Division -IA CQUIE RAI'I'li R Lower Division MARGARET MAY SAUNDERS Lower Division PATRICIA SCARLET1' N on- Degree ANGELA SCI-IMICK Lower Division BARBARA SCHUBACH Lower Division SHIRLEY SEBRINC Lower Division DOROTHY SILLERMAN Upper Division jIiANli"I"'l'E SKITTONE Lower Division JEAN SPAINHOWER Lower Division MARYANNA SPOI-IN CHANDLIQR Lower Division NAOMI TURNER Lower Division JANICE WICKLINE Lower Division EMMA jANE WILDER Lower Division PIIIEBE WILLIAMS Upper Division PEGGY WOLFIV Non-Degree I-IELCA WOLSKI Lower Division BETTY Zi M M ERM A N Upper Division EDYTHE MINADEN - EMILY STEVENS as MRS. ADA CROW LEY llIlllHHll Sophomores donning their badges and gals for a little one-1feltmck-in-t.he-morn- ing game of' cops and robbers . . . Mills Hall taking on a new glory when flood- lights were placed on the Oval . . . Arlen Eaton's false measles that made real ones look like freckles-and sufliced as well. . . the revival of the snipe hunt for the un- wary . . . the hilarious, and definitely noisy, salami party held during the small hours off the morning after tlte amateur show . . . students lined up in row boat forntation to welcome late-daters home again . . . the small bomb placed outside her proct'or's door by a freshman with Communistic tendencies . . . Emmy Ste- vens' disturbing additions to Hall Coun- cil meetings . . . the twelve-to-two Sunday radio programs broadcast in the dining room during dinner . . . Mickey Etten- son's superior midnight feeds . . . the I-Iallelujahs raised in triumph when the gamut from orange peelings to rubber cement, from BB shot to barley and WZILCI' mixed together in a neat little mess . . . the incomparable voice that belongs to Hermione Stuart . . . Syb with her face tucked into a pie-a lovely, gooey peach pie, at that . . . the adoption of a beautiful teddy bear fwith a backgroundj adequately named "Luscious'l for the hall's "Gracious Living" mascot . . . the Mills Hall version ol world affairs as ex- pressed in their PEM Amateur Show entry . . . the unimpressive tin cup that symbolized the plans and projects, the aches and pains of Heyday-Playday . . . all the high times of the odd moments in the oldest hall of the campus. 1 1 1 The Christmas tea, center of the Yuletide affairs on campus, when faculty, adminis- tration, and students meet in the Mills Hall living room for celebration of the season . . . the numerous feeds held at' odd hours of the night . . . the Valentine party with the proper embellishments hockey team CHIIIC home with the cup. . . the innumerable pie-beds that ran the success. Fl-'7'Sf Se rn es I e r Emily Stevens .... Martha Silberberg. . . Mary Alexander. . Tonnnc .Jackson . Cleo Munro .... Beverly Oakley . . Edythe lrlinaden . .Iune Conant ..... Josephine Brizard Genevieve Kent. . HALL OFFICERS . . . . .Pl'f.'SIil1ff71l . . . . . . Vilf-P1'I?SI'I1If7lf. . . . . .S1'rt'r'tzn'y . . . . .Tren.r1n'1:r. . . . ..S'oc'1'r1l I-lend. . . . . . Flenfl Proctor. . . . .A Inseam: H and . . . ... Fire Cl1ief.... . . . ll1I'1llfI!H' nl Lrtrgrr . . . l"r1f.s'lm1rn1 l21'f17'U.S'H7Illllf7fC. . . . . . the Christmas dance with its annual Sem H cl Se1'11L'.s'ler .. .Edythe Minaden . . .Martha Silberberg .......Jean Heuek . . .Hermione Stewart . . . . Beverly Oakley . . . Daplme Richmond Elizabeth Ann Hewitt . . . . Josephine Brizard . . . . . . .Cleo Munro . . .Jean MacNeur 59' MARY ALEXANDER Lower Division ELIZABETH ALLEN U ppcr Division CLARICE ALLISON Lower Division I.OIS ANDERSON Lower Division MARVIORIE ARNIS'I'llONG Upper Division SUE BIZNGSTON Lower Division MARJORIE IIERNSTEI N Lower Division MARTIAIA BLISS Lower Division ALICE BLOSSOM Upper Division KATHLEEN BROWN Non-Degree BETTY BUNKER Lower Division FLORA BURK HARD Non-Degree 'I EAN CHAMPION Lower Division SALLY CHEECK Non-Degree MARIAN COBB Lower Division PALMYRE COBLENTZ Lower Division FRANCES COLBY Upper Division JUAN DA JUNE CONANT Upper Division LU CILLE CONCABLE Lower Division ADRIANCE COOK Unclassified 'T 1,1 ,.. fs u 'I I I I," I" I MII IH 31? f"le. BARBARA ANN COX Lower Division SHIRLEY KIANE CUDLII' Lower Division -IOAN CURTIS Lower Division MARY KAY DAMON Lower Division A RLIN EATON U pper Division DOLORES ECKLAND Lower Division l-IEARTIE ANNE EDWARDS Lower Division MINNA MAE E'l"l'ENSON Lower Division ELINORE FAW Upper Division NANCY FAY Non-degree HARRIOT FORSMAN Unclassified G RACE F U-III Lower Division DOROTHY FULLER Lower Division .IEANNE GAILLARD Special LILLIAN GAILLARD Upper Division SUSAN GALE N on-dcgrcc BETTY ANN GARDNER Lower Division MARY UIUSTINE GILBERT Lower Division LEN ORE GINSB U RG Non-degree ELIZABETH GOODE Lower Division FLORENCE GUBERLET Lower Division MYRA MAY HALL Special I-IARRIET HANCOCK Lower Division LOIS HENDERSON Lower Division -IEAN HEUCK Lower Division PEGGY HEVENOR Lower Division ELIZABETH ANN HEWI Lower Division l'A'I'RlCIA HILLER Lower Division EKNESTINE JOHNSON Lower Division AVA LYNNE IVINS Lower Division TOMME JACKSON Lower Division SYBIL JOHNSON Lower Division GENEVIEVE KENT Special HAZEL KING Depzxrimcni of Music FRIEDA KNISPEI. Lower Division IEAN LA MSON Lower Division FRAN CES LOOS Upper Division MARY LORENTZEN Non-degree VELMA LOWE Lower Division JANE LUCE Unclzxssined TT JEAN MACNEUR Lower Division BILLIE RAE MANN Lower Division PEGGY MATHIOT Lower Division BEATRICE MAXWELL Lowcr Division EVELYN MILLER N on-degree MARTHA MILLIS Lower Division AN N MILTON Lower Division EDYTHE MINADEN Upper Division KIEAN MISER Upper Division CLEO MUNRO Upper Division BEVERLY OAKLEY Upper Division NAOMI OUDERKI RK Unclassified ELAINE OVERLOCK Non-dcgrcc ROSEMARY PARLIER Lower Division JUNE l'E'rERs Lower Division CLA1 RE PETERSEN Lower Division BARBARA PHELAN N on-degree HOPE PONCE Graduating Senior LOWRY PORTER Lower Division BARBARA QUINLAN Non-degree JEAN RAY Lower Division SARAH ELLEN RAND Upper Division DAPHNE RICHMOND Lower Division SHIRLEY RIEBEL Unclassified ELIZABETH RULISON Upper Division GRACE SAKATA Upper Division AIACQUELINE SHEETS Non-degree ANITA SMITH Lower Division SA L LY STEP I' Lower Division EMILY STEVENS Upper Division HERMIONE S'I'EWAR'l' Lower Division BETTY SUMNER Non-degree MARGUERITE TIEDE Upper Division KAY UCHIDA Upper Division ANNE WARDLAW Lower Division SUSAN XVEST Lower Division YVONNE WHITEHURSI Lower Division SUSAN YVHITTEISIORE Upper Division JANET WILLIAMSON Lower Division MARY FAITH WILSON Lower Division MARY ELIZABETI--I THURSTON - KAY KELLY 0 BE MRS, l"I.ORENfIli H. AIUIJD , ,T-X . ,-, ,,TT j .. .,,:i. -Sway 'Q' WHHHlN Ulllll 'l'he night sessions in the rec room with Avery running footloose and fancy free . . . Babcock at the piano, strutting' her stuff on the ivories . . . "'l'he X'Veek End of a Mills Girl," creation of Fran New- comer and Babcock, written and played with apologies to- . . . the happy day that Olneyites went forth to pluck the autumn ivy for decoration at their annual tea, only to Gnd that they were decking the hall with poison oak, fa-la . . . the blessed arrival of some new rec room furniture . . . fifteen alarm clocks set to ring every fifteen minutes, creating furor 'in the minds of malty and hilarity in those of a few . . . the kindness of Mrs. Judd in leaving her sitting room open it1 the wee small hours for benefit of students . . the midnight feeds for freshmen only . . . the bridge tournament that outdid Cul- bertson and Lenz at their best . . Morgan and Johnson doing the Balboa . . . seniors called up to the mock hall council held by the frcslnnen to account for such das- tardly crimes as having the foo-doo, being found in possession of a galloping crud, for carrying a scrunge without a license . . . the conscientious sophomore that dashed to the fire alarm and broke the glass, when they were only giving the hre bell a few preparatory tests in the middle of the afternoon . . . freshmen ripping and bounding around the campus on bicycles, with discretion locked up in the closet and dignity left for others to pre- serve . . . the sudden passion for the call of the seagull and rather startling "plee- e-e-e-el" . . . high celebration after Olney carried oll' honors in the PEM amateur show . . . and thus runs the diary of the Olneyite. 1 f 1 Anything can be made into an excuse for a party . . . Mrs. Judd's informal teas and midnight snacks . . . the hot chocolate parties after Ere drills to take away the disgust at being so crudely awakened in the early A.M.'s . . . a Christmas dance in the best Yule fashion . . . the farewell surprise party for Marina Romero. F irsl Scimfsler Mary Elizabeth 'l'hurston. . . Kay Kelly ...... .. .. . Doris Hillman .... Norma Godfrey .... . Frances Newcomer .... Doris Foote ........ Lee Pringle .... Louise Crothers. . . Madeline Clark. .. Virginia Riley.. HA LL OFFICERS . . . . .President . .. . . Vice-President. . . . . . Secretary . . . . . . Trrfrtsttrer. . .. .Social Head. ., . . I-lend Proctor. . . . . . .fllzsevice Head. .. ..... Fire C1zief..... . . . Memlzer nl I.Il'l'g6 . . . l"rr'slr11m11 lizrjnwselllrtlive. Second Semester . . .Kay Kelly . . .Doris Foote . . .Lois Davidson . . . Marjorie-l'Veiss . . . .Lois Johnson . . .Louise Crothers . . .Mary Fisher . . . Leilani Burris . .... Lee Pringle . . . . . . Mary Burbach E70 MARY .IO AMMERMAN Lower Division AUDREY ANDERSON Lower Division JEAN AVERY Lower Division ELLEN BAILY Non-degree FRANCES BART!-IES Lower Division NANCY LEE BEI-ILKE Lower Division GERTRUDE BIGELOW Lower Division BARBARA BLYTH Special JANE BON Lower Division LEORA BRADY Lower Division BARBARA BROEMMELSIEK Lower Division JEAN BROWN Lower Division MARY BURBACI-I Lower Division LEILANI BURRIS Non-degree JEANNE CAMPIG LI Lower Division HELEN JANE CLA RKE Lower Division JEAN c:1.A11K Upper Division VIRGINIA COGI-I LAN Upper Division FLORICE CRACKEN ISERGE R Lower Division LOUISE CROTHERS Upper Division I I I I ,YW ,L V I -- 7 Q fir-- fi W' 'Q' T 1. -P - i i Ov y Y V 1 , ,,,, .-,W -.V - 7---Q 31? vw-. 908 W W ii Q ii J W N i if fi i ' V E M fl i. ls KAROLYN CURTIS Lower Division PATRICIA DAGGETT Non-degree LOIS DAVIDSON Lower Division PEGGY DEANE Lower Division MARTHA DEANE Lower Division STELLA DE JAUREGUI Lower Division CAROLINE DICKASON Lower Division DOROTHY DI BBLE Non-deree DOROTHY DILL Lower Division MARGARET DOLPH Lower Division MURIEL MAE EATON Lower Division IDA JANE ERLANGER Lower Division HARRIET FAC,-KN Lower Division EDYTI-IE FERNALD Non-degree LORRAINE FOUNTAIN Special MARY AN N FREN CH Lower Division EUGENIA FULTON Lower Division RUTH GARVIN Lower Division JOSEPHINE GIBSON Lower Division ANNE GILLESPI E Lower Division DOROTHY GLIKBARG Non-degree NORMA GODFREY Lower Division ALICE CONNERMAN Lower Division EVELYN GOV E Lower Division BARBARA JANE GRAY Lower Division PATRICIA E. GREEN Lower Division ELIZABETH GUILE Lower Division BETTY-LOU HAMILTON Lower Division PEGGY HARHAUGH Lower Division NANCY HEINZ Non-degree NANCY HELLMAN Lower Division EMIKO HINOKI Lower Division DORIS HILLMAN Lower Division STELLA HOLMES Lower Division BETTY HOWE Lower Division MILDA IFFERT Upper Division BETTY JANE JEFFREY Lower Division LOIS jOI-INSON Lower Division NATALIE KEISEI. Lower Division RUTH KLASS Lower Division pQ, fx Q A -Q' -w-fu WHHHIN Miiiii Hhii Hiiiiil iiiiiii HHN fi MB' ROSALIE LAMKIN Lower Division ELOISE LAN HAM Lower Division DOROTHY LARMOUR Upper Division AILEEN LIMISACK Lower Division ELEANORE LUNDEGAARD Unclassified CYNTHIA LOWELI, Upper Division MARY MANNING Lower Division LYDIA MANZ Lower Division PATRICIA NI A USER Non-degree LOUISE MCAULAY Lower Division ELIEANOR MCCLINTIC Upper Division WI NONA Mr:CI.IN'I'IC Lower Division CAROL MCCLINTOCK Lower Division NANCY MCCLINTOCK Lower Division FRANCES MCC I LI, Lower Division DORIS LEE MCKIELVIIH Lower Division ROSEMUND MILLER Lower Division VIRGINIA MILLIS Lower Division BIETTY MINNES Upper Division LOIS MI'I'CI-IELI. Upper Division KATHRYN MOLGAA RD Lower Division FRANCES MONTGOMERY Lower Division PATRICIA MORCZK Lower Division -,EAN MORGAN Non-degree MARY JEAN MORRIS Non-degree NORMA NEILL Lower Division FRANCES NEXVCOMER Lower Division A MY NOMURA Unclassified LOIS OH MAN Upper Division PEGGIE PARKER Lower Division NORMA PETERSON Lower Division LOUISE PHILLIPS Upper Division LEE PRINGLE Graduating Senior MIGNONNE RENFRO Lower Division ELIZABETH RIDCWAY Lower Division PATRICIA RIDGWAY Non-degree VIRGINIA RILEY Lower Division RANETTE ROGERS N on-degree NANCY SAVIDCE Lower Division JUNE SCHAU B Lower Division MARY ELLEN SCHWARTZ Lower Division MARY SCOTT Lower Division MARGARET SHAW Non-degree PATRICIA SHAW Non-degree BETSY SI-IELDON Lower Division LOUISE SHUMWAY Lower Division BETTY SPAETH Lower Division LUCILE SPIELBERGER Lower Division MARGARET SMITH Upper Division FRANCES KITE SMYRL Lower Division ANN SULZBERGER Lower Division MARGARET THOMSON Lower Division MARJORIE TORGLER Lower Division DOROTHY WARENSKJOLD Lower Division MARJORIE JANE WEISS Lower Division PORTIA WILLIAMSON Lower Division IRENE WILLMOTT Lower Division GENEVIEVE YODER Lower Division LILYAN YUEN Lower Division KATI-IERINE ZELINSKY Lower Division rf N 75? 'S+ PATRICIA SULLIVAN . BETTY ORVIS 74 ,.., - 1 MRS. FLORENCE Sl-IEI-'FIELD llHEHHHH1MlHIlUW Orchard-lXfleadow's swingtime band that so merrily played its way through the PEM amateur show with Sully at the helm . . . the universal adoption of the "Palais Glide," introduced by those ver- satile South African engineers and dili- gently rehearsed by the whole of the rec room clientele . . . chaos that reigned when all seniors found soda sifted through their toothbrushes . . . the sweet music of Jeanne Metz and Betty johnson . . . Bronson's classic remark concerning the much-discussed Lenten denials, "l'm just giving up-" . . . Nicholl's duck received as a happy Valentine present . . . the juniors' and seniors' renovating work in the study rooms . . . the time sleepy sophs lined up t.o welcome home seniors after their Christmas earoling excursion early in the morning . . . Sister Sullivan's thoughtful remembrance when she mailed Sully a white rat on her birthday . . . Fire-Captain Sebby's sardonic reflection, "lt was a fine Ere drill-for those that got Fi rsl Sem rs! If r Patricia. Sullivan . , . Natalie Norgren . . . Shirley Summy. . . . Mary Helen Black. . . Bette Orvis ......... I-IALL OFFICERS . . .Preszrlenl . . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Tren.r11rcr. . . . .Social Head. . . up" . . . and speaking of fire drills, the raging disgust displayed when the Hre bell gonged its raucous way through the halls Hfteen minutes after everyone had returned to bed and was just snoozing off after one Hre drill . . . the time Blaise re- turned triumphant after hnding the fresh- man caps and saving the face of the soph- omore class . . . the posters and signs collected by enterprising Thanksgiving vacationers to embellish the rec room with excellent taste . . . forty-two orchids arriving in one big blast of glory for the belle of the hall . . . all the memories and misgivings of the Orchard-Meadow year. 1 Y 1 The big celebrations and the informal teas to make the breaks . . . Book Day dinner, with President Reinhardt ofhci- ating . . . a big "C" made of violets and chrysanthemums, and Stanford cheer leaders to make Big Game night a high spot of the year . . . Mrs. Shellield's rainy afternoon teas and the Christmas Dance and the Freshman Amateur Show, all of the best. Second Semester . . . . . . .Bette Orvis . . Vic'e-Presiclrml. . . ..... Natalie Norgren . . . Mary-Lee Lipscomb . . . . Betty johnson . . .jane Bourne Flora jean Feldman . . . .... 1-lend Proctor. . .... Bette Beckett Ellen jane Carleton. . . . . .AI1.s'w1r:e Henri. . . ......... joan Poole jean Carleton ...... . . . Fire Chief .... .... lX 'largaret Sebastian Dorothy Vlleight .... .... M amber at I.1rrge . . . ...... Elise Benedict Marjorie Nicholls .... .... I 'lrcslomoz Rcjnresmilrzlizm. . . . .Marjorie Haworth 75' NORMA ANDERSON Lower Division MIRIAM AUSTIN Lower Division PEGGY JANE AUSTIN Lower Division ANNABELLE AUTZEN Lower Division PATRICIA BALI. Lower Division MARIE BARTH Lower Division NANCY BEANS Lower Division MERLYN BEAUN E Lower Division HILDA BEIN Lower Division BETTE BECKETT Lower Division CARIN BIORKM.-KN Lower Division BARBARA BISHOP Non-degree MARY HELEN BLACK Lower Division BARBARA BLAISE Lower Division JEAN BODKIN Upper Division -IANE BOU RN E Upper Division JANEY BRONSON Lower Division CATI-IERINE BRYAN Lower Division JEAN CARLETON Upper Division ,IACQUELINE CASKI N Lower Division IW 45, JUN fi 1. i ii ii ii ii ii i ii W ii ii if i I., ' i RUTH COPLAND Lower Division CAROLEE CROMWELL Non-degree MARGARET DANIELS Lower Division ALICE DAUGHARTY Non-dcgrcc MARGERY DISMAN Lower Division CHLOE DOERR Lower Division HELEN DRAKE Lower Division ELIZABETH DUNCAN Lowcr Division MARJORY EATON Non-degree MARTHANNA ELVIDGE Lower Division I-'LORA JEAN FELDMAN Uppcl' Division JUDY FRASER N on-dcgrcc ELOISE GIBLETT Lower Division VERA GOECKEN Lower Division JEAN GOODRICH Non-degree ELSIE LOU GREEN Lower Division SARAH JANE GREENE Lower Division MARY GRUBER Lowcl' Division SYLVIA HACKETT Lower Division FELICIE HAMMONS Lower Division MARJORIE HAWORTH Lower Division PATRICIA I-IEASTAND Lower Division MARY LOUISE I-IILLMA Upper Division N FLORENCE I'A'i'RIClA I-IIN D Lower Division BARBARA JANE IDLEM Lower Division BONNIE MAY INGLIS Lower Division BETTY JOHNSON Lower Division JANE JOHNSON Lower Division JEANETTE JONES Non-flcgrcc ELIZABETH KANGAS Lower Division BERYLE KINNAMAN Lower Division PHYLLIS KNEASS Lower Division ELEANOR KOENIG Lower Division DOROTHY ANN LEIGI-I Lower Division MARY-LEE LIPCOMI5 Lower Division BETTY LOEB Lower Division PATRICIA MACLEAN Unclassinccl FRANCES MAINO Upper Division BERNICE MAY Lower Division MIRIAM MAYER Lower Division AN TON 1 i 1 1 1 i i 1 i i i 1 i I i i rg T 079 ' 1 vi i 1 MARY ELLEN MCCLERKIN Lower Division EDITH MERRELL Lowcr Division PATRICIA MERRIT Lower Division -IEANNE METZ Lower Division BLANCHE MILLER Lower Division MARY ELLEN MYERS Lower Division MARGARET VIRGINIA MYERS Lower Division BORGEE NG Lower Division MARJORIE NICHOLLS Lower Division BETSY N OB LE Non-Degree MILDRED OLSEN Lower Division DOROTHY OPPENHEIMER Lower Division BETTE ORV IS U pper Division PATRICIA PAU LIN Non-degree JOAN POOLE Upper Division DOROTHY REC!-IT Lower Division THORA REED Noirdegree JANE REX Uppcr Division CATHERINE RICHELDERFLR Non-degree JANE SAMPLE Lower Division POLLY SCHYVARTZ Lower Division JUNE SCOTT Upper Division MARGARET SEBASTIAN Lower Division DOROTHY SHARP Lower Division GAIL SHELLEY Non-Degree NATALIE STORER Lower Division SHIRLEY SUMMY Lower Division KAY TAGGART Lower Division HELEN TIDD Lower Division ELIZABETH TUPPER Lower Division JANE WARNER Non-Degree DOROTHY IVATSON Lower Division BETTY WHITEHEAD Upper Division GENEVIEVE WI-IITMORE Lower Division LIDA W ILLEY Non-Degree ELEANOR WILLOUGHBY Upper Division GERALDINE WOOLACH Lower Division LOUELLA ANDREWS Special ALICE BIERGSTROM Non-Degree ALICE EBBERT Non-Degree LOTTY GREER Lower Division BARBARA GURLEY Unclassified EDNA HILL Lower Division NANCY MU LLEN Lower Division ROBERTA RICE Lower Division WUHN llllllllll Non-residents hailing the new year with the revived Worn Doorstep organization and redccorated quarters in the Union . . . covering pillows to hide the llossyde- signs and imprints ol "Drink to Me Only with 'l'hine Eyes". . .the process ol' paint- ing and repainting carried on from Octo- ber through February . . . the addition ol' furniture, lamps, ash-trays, through the courtesy ol' Worn Doorsteppers' parents ... lvlarjorie Welch's embarrassment, when the radio was purchased from a Seventh Street shop . . . the Sunday painting ses- sions . . . the sum: at wonderful room lor non-residents only. The academic burst when three members arose from the Doorstep to join the Phi Betes . . . another sort. ol' burst when Betty Adams announced she was to join the mesdanles in September . . . the new gavel Ifiizst .S'c1n.1:sler Irene VVood .... jeanne Fontana . . Betty Adams, . . Patricia Hind ...... Rebecca Brinckerhollf . . Ruth Klass. ....... F. . Borgee Ng. . jean Miser ..... Marjorie' WVeitz. . . None . .. purchased to glorify the business meet- ings . . . when things grew dull, Jean Miser's voice rising in a beautifully nasal rendition ol "I-Iarbor Lights" the Non- Res skit "The Lady in Red" which took a PEM amateur prize fthe money used to buy an alarm clockj. . .Miser's and I-Iind's collection ol milk bottles. The once-a-month luncheons for mem- bers held in the Union, honoring Presi- dent Reinhardt and the Head Residents . . . the Monday evening cabinet suppers with the discussions that follow . . . the N1Vorn Doorstepper's dance for the incom- ing students, with hve hundred men pro- vided . . . the informal party held for members and their dates, with the gym and Union flung open for sports and able cabinet. NVORN DOORSTEP CABINET . . . .Presidcnh . . . . Vice-Prcsiflent . . . ...S0cinIHcnd. .. .. Secretztry . . . Trcftszlrer . . .lfrzfslmzrm .ltcj1'i'e.s'ev1Inline. . . . . .Soplmmorc RUfJ7'ff.Y1?7llZllllUC. . . .. .junior Iiepwfseiztalive. . . . .Senior Repres1:11latirt1e. .. . . . .Publicity Illmmger. . . dancing . . . hostessing at a formal May Day tea for the campus. Credit, to Miss Bernice X'Veimann for her able sponsorship . . . credit also to an Second Semester . . . .Irene VVood . . .Jeanne Fontana . . . . .Jean Miser . . . ..Frances Barthes Rebecca Brinckerhoff ..........Jean Ray . .Portia XfVilliamson . . . . . .Frances Loos . . .Marjorie YVeitz . . .Betty Minnes 810 . . :V A Ani. Y f ' f V ' Mm ..! ,. M ,. ,rf V ' , ' 'fi "'- : " V .--CZ., ' - A ' . V ' . f 1-'J-5113: - ,fi 2.1.1, , 'Q f ,... -Qui-..' QM-.Nh :, DEBORAH SI-IXVAYDER 0 LUCY LOIS VAN LOBEN SELS 1 E V 1 i I 'A sz Y W 1 MRS. PEARL ll. MITCHELI -.'.1'v . ,fx I ..w ...X , .12.-- r . 5UIQ1gi'4 A . MU' 'Pa .IV .. . .4.' , f 1 .T ' T .u.+:.,!'I 1 - "'.,e' 11 .4 K I" v ,,, 1.-N ,. , if rin V , A I L . , 1 ' n HJ . . ' 115-'14 HI1HllIlHll H1111 Down wi1l1 d11ll drutlgery at Graduate I-louse! Gl'2lClll2ll,CS lJCC0lllC 11111111111 Zlllil give a l1reakl'as1-wi1l1 111011 . . . a bridge party progresses l'r0111 1'00111 to room . . . ll Cl?lI1CC i11 1110 5111110111 Union . . . El l'0r- 111al tea and Clllllllfl' . . . and even Sunday dinners wi1l1 a special "dale l'2l1CiiW1illCSCS go faster i1'y011 forget 1110111 over the week- end," says this ainazing group, who 111111 Master ol' Arts of Leisure a pleasant de- gree 10 C0ll1.lDlllC with those IIIOFC schol- arly. A rec roo111 furnished wi1l1 orange chintz, "Now NVC Are Six," and H1:C1nC11l1EllK1H blooms i11 1110 lJ2lSC1llCl'll near 1110 laundry -very COl1VCl1lCl1t for bridge C1lllI'll111CS w11o want to do a little washing . . . a grand 13121110 replaces 1110 upright 211111 fur- nishes di1111er 11111si0 wl1en 1110 radio does- n't . . . a 011p sunk ill the front lawn makes the center 01' the practice green. . . light bulbs 110001110 scarce as enthusiasts practice i11 the halls . . . fire drills are social occasions with apples and IJOPCOITI for appropriately dressed i1111abitants. . . Chief Brose has a 11ew red and wl1ite hel- 111e1, C0lT1lJlClC wi1l1 how . . . the fire l1os0 wriggles down the 11all regularly, a0co111- panied by figures i11 011igy. Theses progress i11 tl1e new-forined, now- 1'2llllCLl "study hour" . . "criticism of criticism" gives way to "meaning of 11102111- i1'1g" . . . UCOlHP1'C11CI1S1VC,,C112lUgCSfl'O111 just another adjective to a tl1i11g of Gothic horror . . . to the hopeful, M.A. beco111es 111ore 111a11 just two letters . . . language exams 1oo111 and fade . . . practice teac11- ers begi11 buying clothes to suit their pupils . . . "epitome" beco111es tl1e stand- ard joke . . . Dr. Mitchell soothes or en- courages as the 0CCaSiOl1 1101112111115 . . . and grads wonder what beca111e of t11at invisible 1i11e t11ey once 1l1o11gl1t irrevo- cably separated 111e graduate and the un- clergracluate mind! I"1'1'.1l S1:1111'.sl1'1' HALL OFFICERS Second Semester Deb01'a11 SC11W21y1lC1'. . . . . .President . . . . . .L11cy Lois Va11 Loben Sels Martha P2ll'1121Ill. . . . . . .Social I-lend. . . ........ Jeanette Deaver Lucy Lois Van Loben Sels. . . . .S6CTGlIH'jl. . . . . .Mary Elizabeth Oldaker Margaret Llonltlin. . . . ..Trcns1u'er. . . . . .Margaret Conklin 836 HEIIVHHS s l 'fix D --nn I -, .,. T ,.,.- , F., -..V ,.. W ,i 'u i i vi i 4 'I. i N, ll lllllllllll lllllllllllll llllll vi 1 , , , , i..,'x,,i' . .-'u,i,..itl .1 J From September to May, from deadline to deadline, the Mills College Yearbook staff works to combine between two cov- ers the life and labor of academic, athletic, and social activities. To the student, the book means more than her naine and pic- ture in printg it is a recognition of her clubs and contests and plays-a recollection of the Gl1ostlfValk, of I-Ieyday-Playday, and of parties. To the stall, it is the culmination of a yea1"s work of planning and re-plan- ning, of pasting and proof-reading, of checking copy and writing captions. aa Bach: M. Daggeti, Carter, Moulton, Ponce, Sebring, Gray, Ewalt, Maino, D. J. Smith, Van Cleave, Goode, Keys, Fairchild, S. johnson. Middle: lkicfjovcrn, Chance, Cudlip, Cox, Smyrl, B. Le Page, B. johnson, Hickox, M. E. Myers. Front: Caskin, Riley, Crowe, Cobb, Sharp, Bon. P. Meyer, Ncvill. Under Louise Ewalt's able editorship, the ,gg has taken its turn at managing and Hnancing, printing and publishing, to produce a book worthy of the stand- ards set. And flavored with popcorn and watered down with cokes, the labor of the midnight hours has been fun. The ideas that have gone into this book niain- tain the old tradition but attempt to go even farther than previously in giving a close presentation of student life. l'llllllllllll llllllllllll lllll lt's lun to publish the Yearbook, but printers, photographers, and engravers are not in business primarily for the fun of ilg consequently, the business staff has the job of raising money to help defray expenses. This ygear's stall practically moved to San Francisco and -Oakland in their attempts to get ads. The intense energy and determination they displayed lJI'QlIg'l1lI practical results. The mention of a prospective custoiner sent them dashing oil to conquer new Iields. QAds are very elusive things and have a way of hiding in back ollices behind- assistant secreL tarics.j . In addition to securing advertisements, the business staff wrote letters to friends of Mills, inviting them to become patrons. A word of thanks is owed these generous friends who enthusiastically supported the Yearbook, and much credit is due the business staff for the capable way in which they solicited advertisements. Pa- tricia Scarlett as business manager and Ruth .lean Garnjobst and Clarice Allison as assistants in charge of the San Fran- cisco and Oakland divisions, respectively, were the "hnanciers" of a successful busi- DCSS YCZIT. lmrlc: Tidd, A. Smith, Schubach, Scarlett, Garnjobst, Gonncrnlun, V. Millis, Bon, Schaub. Fronl: Riley, Chance, Carlson, Stepp, Storer. 6 llllllll llllllllll Slllll Every Mills girl's post ollice box gets swept out at least once a week when the Xllfeekly is delivered, unless the new sys- tem is in ellect and the paper is delivered to her very door. The Weekly, however, is more than a cluster for a post ollice box. It is an essential part ol campus activity. It keeps up to date on campus events, it tells of new things that are happening in other colleges, it tells of things that are taking place all over the world, and it provides journalistically inclined stu- dents with a means of sell-exp1'ession.The work that goes into publishing the YVeek- ly is relieved by frequent social events- breakfasts, dinners, and suppers at which both stalls meet and enjoy themselves. Under the inspiration ol' Mar-jory Ken- nedy, the editor, and her successor, Mar- gery Anne I-lale, the VVeekly expanded. With a larger stall? than ever belore, there were many new leaturesg there were more six and eight-page issues: the Collegiate Digest was distributed with the regular paperg and as the supreme triumph ol' the year, the stall adopted, as honorary members, the inimitable Pooh and his illiterate friend, Owl. Hank: Sumner. Lipscomb, Cox. Mizlzllr: lion, Manning. Moulton, Caskin, Gray, Weaver, Gillespie, gl. Clark. Front: Hale, Kennedy, Carter, Rand. Hauuilton. : l -- -W . f- - ---f f ff---4 - ff-f f U., - , :A if-,Tv 1-ff----v-f ff, , --f ' , .... -A4-f- - 11- - V '7, -1 Wlllll Hlllllllail Slllll On the bulletin board in the XfVeekly ollice there are always two assignment sheets-one for reporters, and the other for the members of the advertising stall. The work of the reporters is gratefully acknowledged with by-lines, but the ad- vertising stall receives no such glory. Like the people in the quotation, their work is "never done." They no sooner round up sullicient ads for one issue of the paper than they must merrily olf again to bring home more acl copy for the next issue. Because ol' the enlarged editions of the ' ' - :L-W -- Ilarlt: Bernstein, C. Molgaard, Ruble, X-Vells, Mackin- tosh, Orvis, Gillespie. Frnnl: A. V. Anderson, Sullivan. Weekly, more ads were needed and, what's more, obtained. The business managers for the year were Patricia Sullivan and Adele Anderson. It was their job to see that red ink was negli- gible and that "bad debts" were even more so. M7 ith Marjorie Shapira and Kathryn Mikkelsen as circulation managers, cir- culation of the paper was greatly in- creased. Subscriptions came from all parts of the world. China, Mexico, France and Alaska are among the countries in which the Weekly is read. HQ ei llllllllllllllll The theory that freshmen have a hard time adjusting themselves to college life has become a myth. On September ninth, about two hundred and Hfty freshmen arrived at college en masse. The Orienta- tion Committee, headed by Betty Vlfhite- head, had done its work so thoroughly before college opened that each freshman knew exactly what was expected of her, how to Hnd the post olhce, and how to find a misplaced trunk. If there was any- thing that the freshmen were in doubt about, the Orientation Committee cheer- 0510 Whitehead, Weaver, Kelly, Silberherg, Rupp, lfoutaulu fully and patiently helped them. They carried suitcases, assured the freshmen that the men back home would write, that the food is excellent, that the beds have new mattresses, and that Mills is the best place in the world. The fact that entering students were la- miliarized with the workings of a large college, that they met many of their class- mates, and that they found older girls who were interested in their problems proves that the Orientation Committee is an ellicieut and worth-while group. lllllllll Tllllltl 'l'he Mills College Student Forum dis- proves the remark that college students live their own campus life without a care lor the outside world and its vital con- temporary problems. Under the chair- manship of Margot l'Vitte and Suzanne Armstrong, Forum has brought world events and present day problems to the campus in an interesting and stimulating manner. During the fall, the discussions centered around the European situation and its personalities, the civil war in Spain, and the problems and policies of the United States. In the spring, a new plan for dis- cussion used the Town Meetings of the Air for its topics and material. The usual procedure is to open the floor for general discussion after the guest speaker has reviewed the subject of the evening. The ideas that have been pre- sented may be challenged or elaborated upon, and everyone may air her views. The Student Forum gives all who attend it an unbiased view of political affairs. It is one campus group, and an important one, which gives Mills life a broader scope. Booth, Roilischild, Witte. P. Walter, S. Armstrong, M. Millis li ll ll I ll The Mills College Choir has marked this year with the largest number of choristers in its history. From Convocation to the last vesper service of the year, the line ol' blue-rohed, white-collared girls, directed hy Luther ll. Marchant, was a familiar sight to students. On-campus engagements tl1is year includ- ed, in addition to the important assem- blies and vesper services, a large part in the Christmas festivities, with ciarolling at the Union and with musical attcomlmanimeut for the nativity play. Later, the choir sang the Stahat Mater at the Easter Vespers and sang lfor the seniors at the Baccalau- reate Service. Oll'-campus assignments took them to various Oakland churches to assist in the services, to a radio station to broadcast, and to Treasure Island to sing. An important event occurred when the choir was "wined and dined" by the Hayward Rotary Club in exchange lor their songs. l'Vith each year, as the choir hits a new note in quality and is in greater demand, the college recognizes more and more its importance in the musical, educational. and religious allairs ol' the campus. linrlr: Damon. Nl. A. Smith. P. Shaw. E. Spztinhower. Locke. Allison. Patterson. il. K. Brown, Dickzisnn. Mac- Nenr. Stewart, Cllzty, ll. Hillman. Kuzell. Uchida. Metz. liankerd, P. Ridgway. lfrrml: Caster. M. Shaw. Morgan, Reid, Drake, lflourney. Keisel, Bourne. Szutntlers, News banner, lieaune. Sturm, Weiss, ll. Oakley. de .lil1Il'Cg'lll. cil'ilCkCllIlUIiQCl', Wickline, Mefiill. Nlxtrclnmt. -L , Y ,.- .,F...,f7 - ,,i.f--- - 1 ... "-I D ,v 40- p-, 'A - , - .,- ,WW gg. , rm , -1--,T ,lega- lllllllll llllllllllll G. Green, was composed of a,small group of girls, representatives from each hall, who gathered at weekly dinner meetings to plan the following week's activities. This year, the committee has continued the plan of holding Sunday vespers in Lisser I-Iall and has increased the sim- plicity, grace, and beauty of the service. Another important activity that the com- mittee conducted was the Community Chest drive. The success of this drive speaks plainly for the elliciency of the committee. Diller, l'. G. Green, Rothschild, ll. Oakley, Weaver. Rockwell, Stamm, Hopkinson, Minadcn, Sumner. VVednesday discussion groups, led by Dr. Elliott Diller, Chaplain, considered the relation of religion to other phases of life. A special Chapel choir, the organization of denominational groups, and a special Christmas service were a few of the ac- complishments of the Chapel Commit- tee. This group of earnest and capable girls has worked with Dr. Diller to coin- municate the meaning and beauty of religion and to make religion vital to every Mills girl. 93w n., tit. at l ll 1 lt it ti V7 il T 'll ll l Vfnfll l l lt +1 xt Q l it ilu tl Ji lbllll ll l llll ll! yt. tum' t ti .t . U, W . ,,,,'t'-1 , ' it , t 1 it t , t ....-v.. w.cNl:-..JiiQ.J'l..,lLsli. mt., A literary magazine should have a place in any college of liberal arts. At Mills the tangible expression of creative writing is Mills Manuscripts, a collection of stu- dent-written articles, poems, and short stories. Unfortunately English Club, the sponsor of Mills Manuscripts, was not able to publish the magazine last year. They have tried to make the publication this year a particularly creditable one. They wanted to present writing that was not just good college work but was rather a representa- at Ilulc. Lorentzen, Rothschild. Wilson, Ileizer, Sumner, M. Winestine. tive anthology ol the best in modern writ- iug.This sounds ambitious, but any effort in the Held of creative writing is neces- sarily ambitious. The prose and poetry show a variety ol moods, representing a cross-section of campus ideas and personalities. Some ol the material is gay and light-heartcdg some is serious and socially signifimnl. The committee, working under Nancy I-Ieizer, has presented a magazine-not a bouquet olf girlish sentiments. The realm of student clubs ollers a wealth ol' opportunity for all, Various interests lincl an outlet in one group ol' activities or another. Activities are fun and will continue to exist as long as they are cle' mandecl enthusiastically and participated in intelligently. The pleasure and stimulation derived from time well spent in clubs enhances one's total college experience, but al- ways choices must be made. Here follow the choices of this year-the lun, the laughter, and the thought provoking ex- periences. 95' it' l I MARY E'I'0 DAPH N E RICHMOND 'Q- FRANCES FOHS MARY ALEXANDER YVONNE DUFFY COSMOPOLITAN CLUB includes all foreign students on the campus and American students who are interested in travel and foreign lands. The club entertained the entire campus at a tea in the spring. SPANISH CLUB aims at stimulating interest in the language and customs of Spain. Membership was open to anyone interested, and informal meetings were held monthly this year with Daphne Richmond presiding. GERMAN CLUB gives an annual Christmas dinner which is one of the Mills traditions. Members 1116i at Weekly German table, sold food in the halls, and gathered at Dr. Bl1llllC'S home where he read from his works. FRENCH CLUB fosters interest in French language and culture. Its mein- bers Went to French movies, plays, and restaurants, reviewed new books, and gave a tea in the fall for students from France. C 95 MUSIC CLUB benefits the entire campus. An appreciation of music and some ability are entrance requirements. Its nieinbers sponsored the XfVednesday night concerts given by celebrities and students. ENGLISI-I CLUB aids and encourages aspiring and promising creative writers. It brought to its meetings renowned authors, who told about their methods of writing and stimulated interest in this field. BIBLIOPI-IILE MEMBERS published an original XValt Yvllltlllirlll manuscript, niet with the California Art Book Club, sponsored a Book Day luncheon, and visited presses and publishing houses in San Francisco. STUDIO CLUB fosters interest in art by sponsoring a Bazaar and a Mardi Gras Art Ball in the spring. Its members have formulated plans for a new club building in which to paint their chef cL'oc11m'tfs'. MON IQU E SCH MIT! LOUISE 'I'I-IIELAN ff-- MARGE R0'l'IISCHILlD DO'l"l'Y FU RNISI-I ,5- -,5 :si ll' xii p 97' CAROLINE MCNEAL BECH'l'lil. MARY STEWART KURTZ j. 9. 'YL . t LAURELMAE JACK -.111 1:1 N'. ,s-v.:.,': Qpr di JEAN CLARK h Ms HOME ECONOMICS CLUB is open to all majors and minors in the depart.- ment. Monthly meetings were held, teas were given, and a fund was estab- lished to buy equipment for the new home economics building. CHEMISTRY CLUB has a new constitution which provides for meetings twice a month-one for business and one for social purposes. The club this year sponsored Held trips and sold driftwood powder at Christmas. PEM CLUB justihes its existence by presenting PEM Amateur Night. It is the means of uniting physical education majors and minors and of enabling them to hear lectures by off-campus leaders. A OUTING CLUB invites students to go on trips of all kinds: hiking, camping, canoeing, skating. Members gave folk dances in the Union, had camp Ere gatherings, and went on expeditions to the City. '98 HHHHS The identity of a college depends upon its buildings and grounds, its faculty and administration, but most of all upon its student body, transient though the mem- bers are. Why? Because the college tradi- tion molds the students, they in turn, cus- todians of the tradition, zealously pass it on to their successors. Even while it forms them, they remake and renew it, chang- ing it with the decades. Spontaneous though such change is, the shape it takes is determined by the student leadership. Hence Mills College delights to honor those within its gates who evince respon- sible leadership, whether in study or in student affairs. To these comes recogni- tion for their gift to that identity of which they and we all are a part. 99' p- , ,. ,,5Lw.w.-- .Hz-ff-H-: -7 L- TW- "' llllllllllfl For nine years Palladium has stood lor a three-fold purpose of encouraging a sense of social values, stimulating excellence in all lields, and developing an unswerving loyalty to Mills. Each year in a candle-lit room, honored initiates stand before Pal- ladium members, and the president re- peats to each girl in turn: "Because you have, in a measure, realized the aims ol Palladium in loyalty, service, and excel- lenceg because you have been unsellish in 0 lllll ffwagf--, . -.7 V--JEL, -- -,-.,.. 1 Nlrzzrrlirrg: Le Moyne. S. .-Xrnistrong, Sullivan. llale. l'. G. Green, B. Le Page. Stevens. Willmore. Sitting: Rockwell, G. Williams, M. Duncan, Swenson, Kennedy, 'l hurston. lfrank. giving rather than receiving, in serving rather than being servedg we invite you to accept with us the responsibility of up- holding these purposes, of reaching out toward the real goal ol education. In ac- cepting this responsibility you become in a more real sense a part of the group you serve. May we together gain understand- ing and share with the college that im- mortality ol continued purpose which is her life." llill Hill llllllll Faculty scholars dress it1 llowing chiffon and still' white collars and honored stu- dents join them at candle-lit tables at the autumn dinner of the Zeta Chapter ol Phi Beta Kappa. At an afternoon cere- mony six months later, a chosen few from those honored students are welcomed as members olf the ancient and honorable lraternity and are presented with the key, a hand pointing upward to three stars, the symbol since 1776 ol membership in l'hi Beta Kappa. This year at Mills College, Zeta of Cali- Ihtflr: Fontana. Le Moyne, Colby. Foote, Kennedy, Rockwell. Front: Baxter, Mignon, S. Armstrong, G. XVilliams. lornia celebrated its tenth anniversary as a chapter of the national honor society devoted to the maintenance and promo- tion of scholarship by electing to mem- bership, on the basis of broad cultural interests and scholarly achievements, the following undergraduate students: Su- zanne Armstrong, Beth Baxter, Jeanne Fontana, Doris Foote, Marjory Kennedy, seniorsg and Frances Colby and Mary Le Moyne, juniors. Members elected the pre- vious year are Betty Mignon, Margaret Rockwell, and Grace Xvilliams. tm The Ilare for histrionics is almost univer- sal . . . and at Mills the interest in drama is ca1npus-wide. X'Vhether the participa- tion is active or passive, the spirit and support accorded each production give impetus for each new idea attempted. Men were borrowed from the California campus in 1938, and this year Girls in Uniform, toured across the bay to make an important one-night stand at the Geary Theatre. Future innovations are unpredictable, but the College Play, bet- ter known as the Shakespearean Play, the Christmas Play, the Spring Play, and the Greek Play are the four traditional pro- ductions that Mills awaits each year. Miss Evaline Uhl VVright has joined Mrs. Marion L. Stebbins and Miss L. Louise Stevens in their work as directors. lU3 0 period of relaxation. an escape from the tedious- ness of toil and study"-this comprises Director Marian Long Stebbins's idea of a Greek Play rehearsal. Those who have had the privilege of seeing a Mills produc- tion of this type will realize that the physical and emo- tional contortions which members of the CZISK go through, in those hectic days before finals and compre- hensives, have their recompense in the excellence ol' the finished performances. Steps toward more interest' ing productions were made with the presentation ol' Euripides' Electra last year, given with the cooperation of several members of the University of California Lit- tle Theatre, and of The Trojan Womc-ri, which was given June ninth on the Mills campus and repeated, june tenth, on Treasure Island as a part ol' the Mills Day activities. Long a tradition, the Greek Play ollers an unusual means ol intellectual pleasure. Gullxraitli. Barthold, Denton, Bogard. Thompson, Stevens. Mt f mro, Thurston, Czuilralu. Honore. C. Eddy J. Clark, Benedict. - .- 4, milk, pc-anim! '- . - 'W -Z' STIEVIZNS - FRANK - MUNRO lltllflll llllltl The Shakespearean comedy, Twelfth Night, or Wim! You. Will, was the first production of the Drama As- sociation this season. In spite of unforeseen accidents and inclement weather, the play was given successfully at two performances. The first one, held in the XfVood- land Theatre, was accompanied by sharp blasts of Arctic breezes. The indoor performance, while not so spectacularly pictorial, was more contributory to the health and comfort of both the audience and the play- ers. Betty Le Page proved herself a trouper by stepping into the role of Viola on one day's notice. The entire cast, under the direction of Mrs. Marian Stebbins, fwho also met the emergency by playing Mariaj was admirable, and their combined efforts under disad- vantageous circumstances resulted in a memorable play. FAIRCHILD - B. LE PAGE fja fn 5 F. -L A .,, v. ,, , . Unj ll l i fr A 1. l W it fl ' lil in 'll 1 K, W L 1 J A 9 it 3' 5.- 1 t 1. L a ti L l l Chosen for its simplicity and poetic beauty, Beilzlclzmn, a nativity play by Laurence Housman, was .given this year on December eleventh and twelfth as the Drama Association's gift to the college. The intrinsic quality of the play was heightened by the pictorial beauty and simplicity of mood created by its CQISL under the direction of Miss L. Louise Stephens. Marjorie Torgler showed the appealing tenderness of a youthful Mary in her interpretation of the Holy Virgin, and Mildred Olsen and Betty June Howe were impressively angelic in their parts as Gabriel. The College Choir added much to the production by singing beautiful Christmas chants and carols. The music blended with the scenic glory of the production, created and enriched the "spirit of Christmas." Suznrling: Kclton, Bein, Bengston, Haworth, Damon, Olsen. Kneeling: YVickline, M. E. Myers, Torgler, Behlke, Copland, Wolski. Jackson, Bronson, Heinz, lluwc MARCARli'l' 'ITIOMSON it 5 2 pl i i fi .l it L ol t if i -I '21 U I. Ji? H if , Wi l l li ii Mi' H l tl , 1 .. The highlight of the dramatic year came in March with the presentation of Girls in Uniform. The As- sociated Students sponsored this production, which was given at the Geary Theatre in San Francisco. This college enterprise in a commercial theatre was SOIHC- what experimental, but the response was heartening and immediate. Mrs. Marian Long Stebbins directed the play with her usual spirit and candor. Miss L. Louise Stephens and Miss Evaline lilfright had charge of the technical part of the production, while the sets were designed by Gustav Breuer's class in stage design. This play from the German novel, The Child fllrznzzela by Christa XfVinsloe, was a success because everyone joined ranks in cooperating to make the new venture a campus-wide affair. H. Stuart, GOl1llCl'llli1l1, Stevens, Bronson, M. E. Myers, Bankertl, Wickline, Lorcntzen, Orvis, Ewalt. - ' .. i-, , ,- 1 ' ' , ' , i - 1 - ', ,V X , t tt , 1 l t V l A W , 1 1, , ,I i 1, , i 1 - , ,t 3 X I , . ,i .xt i 3 l - t .i . t I t K I , - mtillall ll M llll lll'VVTl flls lg' ll tt 1, I t T 2 ' lg- 4 it llllllill tilltiglllllliizi The Drama Association clubrooin, dedi- cated this year, has become the "idiots' delight" of the dramatically inclined and of their friends who gather there to break the monotony with a between-class get- together. The Marian Long Stebbins wing, added to Lisser Hall during the summer of 1938, is the pride and joy of the members of the association and the other privileged persons who are allowed to use it. The activities of the group under President Margaret Thomson were va- ried, supplying interesting entertainment for campus and outside audiences. The etlUB Standing: D. Smith, l'. Meyer, Ewalt, Wright, ll. Le Page, Frank, Stevens, Thurston, Orvis,j. Clark. Silling: Summy, Brizard, Stephens. Faircliild, Phelan, Munro, Stebbins, Thomson, Benedict, Blaise. lirst production of the year was Twelfth Night. In spite of the revamping olf the cast between performances, the audiences seemed more than pleased and expressed their belief that Shakespeare is here to stay. Miss L. Louise Stephens' presenta- tion of the Christmas Play was charming- ly representative oi the season. A new era was inaugurated when the Associated Students sponsored the presentation of Girls in Uniform at the Geary Theatre. The Greek play Trojan l'V07fIIf7If was chosen as the dramatic production to be given on Mills Day at Treasure Island. , w.4.. , ,. I 5 , . if 3- -1- 'SZ' J .v- rl. ,M Wag .lb " 'ui :A .Q .. .. ,. 1 it f bf ,Y ui. .. .c ' ' 'ff i -W Em .2-.3131 --Q "'.e'J'Gri3 . A: -- 2w1"-v1?r- ff 'ilels-",!. ' me lf. :gig ' Hs. 2 2-an X Ii , . lr mx .- ,.k Y 4,3 .4 V ,, 'wr ' : yr--r' .lfilzkf q Af ' 5-19' ' 'Wil' .Q--' A 'fhflg' ffiwf' -, :fi 3 .1 L,,.y, V. , 3:21. . ,.-:X gjN.,-- i fx ,N N 1- .vt nf: '11 4 4'f!f,'.+ .5314 if J ' 'Q .mm , 1 ,g?1'gff' .- , .-x . ,An 1-.I,: , ' , , , . . 'T '75 2. 5 "1 A u . . 1' i 1. Al- 4 A f I . L l U Y' . 4 x ,x,f ' .- ,,x-,.g1.'-ax xS,, 1 X,- -A xks .1 K 'K Y 5wL."l x xxx --. Vx 'x xx YNQ -. Y E li? llllli lllifilillllliill llllii ltltlhii lll Mil The Athletic Association is one of the busiest organizations on campus. There were twenty-three rnenibers on Athletic Board, which inet weekly to direct the various sports activities of the school. Margaret Duncan was president of the association: Dorothy X'Veight, vice-presi- dent and chairman of Triangle Sports Day, Frances McGill, secretaryg and Pat Meyer, treasurer. The advisers were Miss Cassidy, Miss Xvillialnson, Miss Lindsay, Miss Nogues, and Miss Hfatkins. During an Ilarflt: McAuIay, Sullivan. lfurnisli, Letts, Cary, M. Alex- ander, l'. XVlill2lll15, Mackintosh, liaily, S. Armstrong, Hleigllt, M. Duncan, McGill. Front: Maclcay, AI. Clark, Madden, D. Hillman, Brinckerltoll, Willard. M. M. Hall, E. J. Carleton, bl. Eddy, P. Meyer. the year, the association held three din- ners at which awards were made to hall teams and to individuals. The Hrst was in the fall, alter Triangle Sports Day, the second, at the beginning of the winter quarter, and the last, after Spring Field X'Veek. This year, swimming, skiing, and badminton were added to the other win- ter activities. Mills College was secretary at the National A.F.C.X'V. conference which was held this spring at the Univer- sity oi California. C' lll ,,, 44-47, , 7 NI l LLS A N D STAN FOR D 'l l llllllll There must be fascination in a game that gels girls out ol bed and out on the hockey field for praclice at 7 a.m. This year Suzanne Armstrong, manager, directed the halls in two round-robin tourna- n1enls.The Iirsl was cliinaxed by Triangle Sports Dayg Olney, Orchard-Meadow, and Mills Hall teams Lied for Hrst place. The second, played off during Field Mfeek, was won by Mills Hall. The following all-star LCLHH was announced at Lhe Field XVeek Dinner: Alexander, A1'l1lSl1'LDllg, Baily, Bigelow, Broeminelsiek, Brown, Eberle, Elo, Gale, I-Iaworlh, Le Page, Luce, Phe- lan, Ponce, Rex, VVills, Riley, Schmick, Thurston, l'Vest, Y'VhiLehead, Mlilliains, W ine, Xflfolll. S. ARMSTRONG 0 112 IlIliHNHSFHH More of California's imuszml weather can make no dilference to man or horse since the long hoped for "umbrella" was opened up and nailed down at the Mills stables. Ofhcially dedicated at the January twen- ty-second opening, this indoor riding ring was the result of an excellent bit of work in fund-raising and campaigning. Added lO this to make the year eventful, were the Barn Dance, a series of gymkhanas and horse shows, suppers at Miss Cress' home, and the initiation rides. Credit for a successful year goes to President Myra May Hall, Secretary Barbara Letts,Treas- urer Dorothy Leighton, and Miss Corne- lia Cress as sponsor. 1- vt-ummm--'mf-f sf :vuavni-:wgxinw , f-:m1gei BLISS ISXLL o M. M. HALL . FORSMAN . NVOODIN -..M -- ' il ,, IF A.,q .tt Y. .pl W , y , . K U -1, V Y-au., ,-..-. I- 1 ,' I. , SlLl.l2RNI.'XN llllill On the courts this year, potential Helen Willses practiced forehands and back- Iiands and acquired sunburned noses and sun-squints. Jane Rex headed Tennis Club. and Doris Hillman, tennis mana- ger. organized interhall tournaments for the players. The winners of the fall tour- nament represented Mills on Triangle Sports Day. Tl1e members of the all-star team were announced at the Field X'Veek Dinner. They were B. Blyth, B. Bishop, C. Biorkman, M. Burbach, Fraser, Gale, E. Guile, D. Hillman, E. Merrell, Rex, and D. Sillerman. There was a win- ter quarter tournament for those players not in the tennis club and a spring tour- nament for all players. ,,u-,. -.---f '-'S a - A W.-KTIQINS . VAN FLEET - I.Il.IENllll'xL SII BIIRBERC -34.1 5 ' Lf " 1 - V if Q. A' - 1' - sfmil ' E ,W Ski? 'Q ' 1 -4 ,lf .vi ,..i ' n , . .,.....-. -Q-ills. . ff4-:f1'?f"'f"Wf- 4 KEYS i l r i ll l l l Here are no clubs, no divot-diggers! Mills golfers showed their excellence on Tri- angle Sports Day when they won three of their four matches. Under the watchful eye of Pro Clark, hips, knees, and wrists were taught to bend in the right direc- tions, and par became something attain- able. The Triangle Sports Day team in- cluded Avery, R. Garnjobst, V. Riley, S. Riebel, K. Madden, C. Cron1well,'A. Daugharty, and L. Burris. Golfers, under the management of Kay Madden and Alice Daugharly, practiced on X'VednCs- day afternoons, made two trips to Anti- och, and had friendly matches with other schools. l5.SllIiLllOY X UNIIORD Nl Xl EXI Qu 'Lv t' . nu.: W- 5. 52' ,JW -.-.dl 2'-' . .. ff .. " v i' ' ' ei J '-if . W A . A- 'ls of ,,. A . v tm. .. Q11 .. . f' .. . . .. .. '. .. .. ,,,..., 75 ' 1 I al LA' .""" 1 ' " . -, c gh. an I V .w..g5 , . "f fy V Q lf az ' 1? fq"9 A'h.. W V as qi' 'big NN 14 9? A A , ' RQ 'UZ 'A P X f . ' , . Y 1 ' I 'DN I ,, . ft V iq., 3.1-b , RX .", I ' L-Jas-1121 Qfn:g.g.j,g. 0 x' "' Q 1 40' ar id My Ffa' z f 'Q K4 'll H i i ll illlllllll The old English pastime, battledore and shuttlecock, has been streamlined into one of the fastest games played today. Mills girls who wanted a speedy sport took up badminton under their inanager, Constance Mackintosh. Mills has three excellent indoor courts, and there, during the winter quarter, bztdniinton enthusi- asts made the feathers Hy, whacking' cork- tipped birds. A period of practice for both beginners and veterans was followed hy interhall tournaments, and later the hall teams met in the interhall l11Zll,Cl1CS. In addition to the tournaments, there were games in the evenings, to which girls invited their friends. ISANKERD NI KCKIN IOSH B RID! XS XY - NEYILL - MIRELHS M. ALEXANDEII o MCGILL - P. MEYER Spring is the time for new hats, May How- ers, and home runs. This spring, under the leadership of Mary Alexander and with the able advice of Miss Williamson, Mills baseball enthusiasts "burned 'ein across the plate," whacked out homers, and in general carried on the old Ameri- can baseball traditions. There were three preliminary tournaments, followed by a round-robin tourney for hall champion- ship. The Gnal game of this competition was held during Spring Field Week, and the winning team played Kiva, the IHCIIYS faculty club, in the game of the season. The ball players had new grounds this yearg they had their diamond on the grassy Orchard-Meadow Held. E 1 27 - IE!" xi' - 0 P. MEYER - M ALEXNNDFR er 'S'-4 -Qs, P. In lull' ' 4 r M 4 "lf ,r.-VV' 1 ..2-- A .-,111 ' .Y . . fp' - ' f R 1 V V SWHMMINE This year the attractive ou Ldoor pool was crowded on Thursday noons for the in- formal interhall meetsg Millsites COIDIJCI- ed in swimming and diving and ate box lunches with damp lingers and much gusto. The freshmen were outstanding in speed and form, and provided stiflf com- petition for the upper-classmen. Under Margaret Cary's leadership, entliusiastic Mills swimmers planned for the winter quarter an interhall "ladder" for distance swimming and participation in a Triangle Sports Day in the spring. A swimming club was organized with Skipper Greene gym as president, and the members provided it an aquatic "floor show" for the Spring in Formal. 3' TIEDEMANN 1, -A u ,. ,, , , .--..4,,,,..-. .A tt... -a a.. . A ,rev T .-- -1 . a .. ,- .N HOLCOMB 4- - TWV -.-f ef' V e- - --1 - v- ' , wg- 'Y f H' 'W ' X '1 'rf f. r"fr rf"' f'- -1' A, ' .1 gf, M ,f m.. . .- ..- , ,,s.....1..a.l.l.i,.,g.M..g. - - - 0 "If Q l . . , -lm s ,. wg ,,,1. "J ul' .Nd :..,, 1' Q A' ,ai 41 A- ..::.a , MA, Y . , x,1.,.. 4, Jn. ,, V x . 1 ,.- ., . i rv xr . .H g, ,.., , . 15,4-gf -,. - "5 1 .iz , 5--:, ,- fxk' 221 X: ' f' c - N , o , o 1 ', 'I' -v -'fn-r, pp.-t Qi f V -f ' J fa A ,- T .L ,wr Q , 'fm My -V y "' Qu. : . I WN iff' '-."' QW if ,ff . EN 'L h , , P 5 if 'ma 9 Ulllllllll More each year, Mills College is recog- nized as the dance center of the NVest. The Dance Club is the students' organi- zation of the dance clepartment. In its own performances and those which it sponsors, it tries to enlarge Mills' reputa- tion as areal center of dance interest.This year the club was directed by Miss Marian Van Tuyl of Chicago University. Club President Dorothelle XfVillard, together with Miss Van Tuyl, Mr. Lou Harrison, and the club members, participated in the Christmas chapel service and met sev- eral times with the groups from Stanford University and from the University of California. The spring dance program was the climax of the year's activities. WILLARD - VAN TUYL 'Y Ev' ' 517 - -' - 'Q fl J-7 - 'l - Buck: Bourne, McAnlay. Mizldle: Eberlc, Dofllelneyer, Bunker. Sakuta, I'once, Willard. Frnnl: Wilder, Mc- Ginnis. Newbury, Lowe, P. Schwartz. 315.5 :LRLF . ., . 5. KG K 3.154 '5"1!f il .np 1.51 L41 -38651 11214. ' 'I .1713 'W,H. 'gl ,,.4.v-- wr- A viii? lw' 1 .I 'I Il". N 4, 4. w - ,,-. 5 V -!,,...... , ,...- f-"'j , 't1p?f""' ' ..f.. l,,vl ! ,.... ,.- --- A 1 v I .-.f lg.,,,,-1, 'Qin-,, -'!"f'Q'-"l'FLrYvs'. W W ,f-"Z ,i-"" .-, ,fi kk' Q - W '2 ". as - -2. " ,un ' , 2.5"-Y" is uf' , i - ,Q , I , i . Il ii ,H n i il llillllll lil ill A runner skids into third base in a cloud of dust-the third baseman dives at her with the ball-is she sale? ls she out? That is where the Ofhcials Club steps in. This group of student referees and umpires olhciates in the intramural competitions in tennis, swimming, basketball, and baseball. This was the fourth year of ae- tivity, and with Rebecca Brinckerholl as president and Miss X'VllllZllllSOl1 as ad- viser, the members branched out into sports other than tennis, and some ol' the nieinbers obtained ollicial rating in the East Bay district. The members IlCt as ollicials on Triangle Sports Day, during Held weeks, in tournaments, and during swimming meets. Top: B. Minncs, Mizldlcf: D. j. Smith, j. Wollf, R. XValter, Brinckerlmll, M. Alexander. Summy, l-levcnnr. Bottom: P. Williams, Kuzell. 1:1 7.7.7 .,.. Y.Y,YA..-Ym Y -QL-Y a--------f 1 7 iNfHHMHlS WINHH ' SPHINH ' FHEUHY' HEYHH T 1 5-4 'T' -.4 --I ka -.4 Z. Tn 13 A -4 A' - A r-1 If' Z "N P' F' 'IT --I - -A. Q.-4.-.4.L-,. L, ' ..L.:4..., mul,-mu, '1 ul:Rs'mN, 'l'lloMsoN, s'l'x-Lvlixs, nuoxsox. ISIKNIHIXIIZI, nlcgxox A MO'I'I.P.Y CREW 'I'.'XKIiS AN IN'l'IiRMlSSlON. FIRST STEP 'I'OXV.XRIJ 'I'Hli l5RI11.XIJI,INI-1 . . . PI-XINTINCL 'l'III-1 SENIOR llIiNC1l'I S IIIIJIOIIS I.Ii'I' US IlENIiDIC'I'. SljI.LIV.XN, XVII.I.ARID, CARY, XYEIIISIQR, H'U , IIO WOOD. IIRUIIASK.-X. l.liI',XIiI-I, NELSON, ISLOSSONI .Ymlmlg PONIIE, I1I'Nl'I.XN. VIIRNISII, I'. IL. CLILICEN I.lJ IIICLII CZUNXVI E7-N. IOR "I'I'IIi LOVIC OI: GOD. .X SIIRCLICONV' III 1 ICN l"R.KNK '-II1-'lNIJSCZ.XI'S.',I2WINSCLXMI IiVOI,U'I'IUN ISRLQXIQS ICYICX RY l,.XNli ox H1-111 slmi 'Wi . wS,."f-22-. N qi' -5953-Q., ,J-I II'lI.I,I.XXIS. RIKIIIXRIDSUX I g 4 1Ym'- ur.. . YH ,I 7: soo .xkmswuoxcp SOO SKOOINC IN THE SNO0 SOPHS SWING .X NEW' 'l'R.XDI'I'ION lfOL1.liS DIL FR.XNC.XlS n. hy, sxirm. nulfx-'Y v"".' -n lg EQ -ifigj 5 gm, ? I W- ., r. r f.mJ"'x' 8' 'f' ,sf- 'ISL .-F , 'Q - - W .A If Hlf ? 2 2 . , 5 . , .JI I ffl si E, KP ii 1 ' h-4 - - Q x ,g , .H .S ',5'Qg?,j .'f1r4.,A W "ib- 1 In lt, R-jguhg, - f 3 4' an .4 ,1 .N A 3 V . .fam '- 's as ag J NLE, xw lf K"--'Y nf K I N w V w 1 Q fi 1 Y 5 I I 1 xx -tj X"-ng, 1 1, .1'fFf1 X KF15, Q . 1 ' I ff1'? 'aa -- 5331 Q vu 1 NS X if I l 5 . , I, 1 4 N vi 4' nl K A XYINIESTINE, rR1Nc:l.r IU loo REC ROOM RLZNOX Xl IOINS I XIIX I IX! X X XRMSIIIAL lx I The I?Cf'I1l.Yl', or The Shoriznsl Ilffzy u' Dixsf' 11 l e rs -IANE nonx HLYI X SILQFX ABBOTT, CARROLL LOUISE 50 1009 Mariposa Avenue Berkeley, California ADAMS, ESTHER ELIZABETH 56 Fairmont Hospital San Leandro, California ALEXANDER, FLORENCE QMRSJ 2535 Balboa Street San Francisco, California ALEXANDER, MARY ELIZABETH 6o,g6, 110, 117, 122 106 Morningside Drive New York, New York ALLEN, ELIZABETH ANN 60 277 South Doheny Beverly Hills, California ALLISON, CLARICE 60, Q2 1 145 Brighton Street Alba11y, California ALTMAN, JEAN ELIZABETH 1701 Sonoma Avenue Berkeley, California ALTON, CONSTANCE 131 1 East 66th Street Seattle, Washington AMMERMAN, MARY JO 68 808 N. W. 39 Oklal1o111a City, Oklahoma ANDERSON, ADELE VIOLA 24, 89 Box 13 Cotati, California ANDERSON, AUDREY I-IARRIET 68 622 North Douty Street Hanford, California ANDERSON, LOIS TEREESA 60 1270 Sixth Avenue Longmont, Colorado ANDERSON, MAYVIS PEARL 50 Box 13 Cotati, California ANDERSON. NORMA FREDRIKA 76 727 Pine Avenue Fresno, California ANDREWS, LOUELLA WILTRUDE 80 5161 Trask Street Oakland, California ARMSTRONG, DOROTHY 3257 Indianola Avenue Columbus, Ohio ARMSTRONG, MARJORIE LOUISE 60 401 18th Street Santa Monica, California ARMSTRONG, SUZANNE 20,24,9l,l00,l0l .1 10,1 ll 1432 Culebra Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado ARON, FRANCOISE 30 20 Rue de Varenne Paris VII e, France AUSTIN, MIRIAM MORE 76 405 Caion Drive Santa Barbara, California AUSTIN, PEGGY JANE 76 2042 33 South Seattle, IVashingt011 AUTZEN, ANNABELLE 76 2425 N. E. Alameda Portland, Oregon AVERY, JEAN 68 710 McKinley Avenue Fresno, California BABCOCK. JANE 25 55 Humboldt Street Willits, California BAILY, ELLEN M. 68, 110 Carmel, California BALL, PATRICIA AKELEY 76. 112 Post Ofiice Box 364 Car1nel, California LOIS 50, 92,107,116 Soutl1 Holliston Avenue MARYLINE Ditmar Oceanside, California ANNIE 76 Northeast Seattle, Washington Pasadena, California MARIE 68 Alameda, California BAXTER, BETH 25, 101 1723 Central Ave1111e Alameda, California BEANS, NANCY ADELAIDE 76 R. F. D. Hollister, California BEAUNE, MERLYN ALICE 76, 92 Box 43 Port Angeles, Washington BEAZOR. LOIS M. 25 8624 Terrace Drive El Cerrito, California BEC!-ITEL, CAROLINE MCNEAL QMRSJ 27, 98 661 Iowa Street Ashland, Oregon BECKETT, BETTE BEATRICE 76 2724 N. E. 24th Avenue Portland, Oregon BEHLKE, NANCY LEE 68, 106 goo Sun1111it Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota BEIN, HILDA 76, 106 1833 Kincaid Street Highland Park, Illinois BELIN. ELIN GERTRUDE 50 1625 Encinal Avenue Alameda, California BENEDICT, ELISE 25, 104, 108 1267 Brook Louisville, Kentucky BENGSON, WINIFRED fMRS.j 2470 WVashington Street San Francisco, California BENGSTON, SIBYL SUSANNAH 60. 106 725 Buhne Eureka, California BERGSTROM, ALICE PERRY 80 561 East Wisconsin Avenue Neenal1, Wisconsin BERNSTEIN, MARJORIE ELLEN 60. 89 434 N. W. 18th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BIGELOW, GERTRUDE MARY 68 40 San Ysitlro Lane Sa11ta Barbara, California BIORKMAN. CARIN CLARK 76 406 Adelaide Drive Santa Monica, Califor11ia BISHOP, BARBARA 76 530 West Eighth AbCFdCCI1, Washington BISSELL, MARGARET DRENNEN 50 4227 gth Court South Birminghani, Alabama BLACK, MARY HELEN 76 824 West 62nd Street Kansas City, Missouri BLAISE, BARBARA 76, 108 224 18th Street, S. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa BLANK, ADALINE 25 833 East Broadway Cushing, Oklahoma BLEDSOE, MARY Cherau, Colorado BLISS, MARTHA JANE 60. 1 I2 William Beaumont General Hospital El Paso, Texas BLOSSOM, ALICE JANE 60 1375 Hull Lane Altadena, California BLYTH. BARBARA RAMSAY 68 Strawberry Hill Burlingame, California BOBBIT. RUTH ALINE QMRSJ 1991 149th AVCIIUC San Leandro, California BODKIN. JEAN GRETCHEN 76 151 1 West Holloway Drive Midland, Texas BON, CELIA JANE 68, 86. 87. 88 406 East Eighth Street Casper, Wyoming BOOTH, CATHERINE 24, 91 1438 Lafayette Street Alameda, California BOURNE, JANE AUDRA 76, 92, 120 Hotel Benso11 Portland, Oregon l3ll ' A I , if if af A A A A A A A A THE GIIIICIK PRESS DESIGNERS AND PRINTERS OE TI-IE MILLS COLLEGE YEARBOGK EOR NINETEEN HUNDRED TI-IIRTY-NINE A A A A A A A A A A A A B O W LER, PATSY MI Cl-l E LA Booker and Bryan '1'onopah, Nevada BRADY, LEORA MARIE J. 68 Live Oak, California BRATICHEVICH, ANKA 4060 Hopkins Street Oakland, California L. BRENNAN, HELEN MARIE 24 7247 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park, California BRINCKERHOFF, REBECCA 25, 110, 122 3588 Bellevue Avenue Oakland, California BRIN K, BETTY Beggs, California BRIZARD, JOSEPHINE MARGARET 108 1350 If Arcata, California BROEMMELSIEK, BARBARA 68 28 Clermont Lane Clayton, Missouri BROHASKA, A. DIANA 25 3056 Ventura Avenue Ifresno, California BRONSON, JANEY BARBARA 76, 106, 107 398 South 14th Street San Jose, California BROWN, JANET ELIZABETH 25 2920 East T11ird Street Long Beach. California BROWN, JEAN KATHERINE 68, 92 5211, Vtfest 22IIfl Spokane, Xvashingon BROWN, KATHLEEN CLARE 60 Grande AY'CIIl1C Wildomar, California BROWN, RUTH MCNUTT 55 3800 S. Franklin Street Denver, Colorado BRYAN, BETTY II I5 Foothill Boulevard Napa, California BRYAN, CATHERINE 75 3156 W. 26llI Oklahoina City, Oklalioma BUNKER, BETTY 60. 120 319 South Third Avenue Bozeman, Montana BURBACH, MARY ELIZABETH 68 5836 North Shore Drive Milwaukee, I-Visconsin BRUBECK. HOWARD 634 15111 Avenue San Francisco, California BURKHARD, FLORA ELENA Go 1330 Hillcrest Ave11t1e Pasadena, California BURNETT, E. JANE 18261 Hamilton Road Detroit. Michigan BURRIS, LEILANI JAECER 68 Box 267 Sononia, California BURY, JAYNE SAYRE 301 El Cerrito Avenue Piechnont, California CAMPICLI, JEANNE NANCE 68 4707 Edgewood Avenue Oakland. California CARLETON, ELLEN JANE 25, 110 1776 Knox Avenue Minneapolis. Minnesota CARLETON, JEAN LOUISE 76 ,gyjj KIIOX Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota C. i SON, MARTHA ADELINE 56, 87 Bowie Street E1 Paso, Texas ' gg, PHYLLIS fIjt:wXai11 Road ' San BIEITIIIO, California .cf I 71"liIQ,,,ELISABIiiII GENE 56, ss, as '5,Qr:ihde Av n cf Monte Vista, Colorado i 1 T LOE 24, 110 estt I e t Kearney, Nebraska ig it 1 if , V J CL, Y, fall .'.-, ,ai U! Z 7 HY. 'Fu 1, 5321 1 ' f ,f-' 'IQ ,El-Qlliib ' - Q Y R me T - ' ,,,l!J:,.' ' - M '- ig 1' . 1 ef- ' A 'fr--2-1 CASKIN,JACQUE1,INE JEAN 76, 86, 88 1522 Fourth North Seattle, Washington CHAMPION, JEAN MARGUERITE 60 135 West Rosewood San Antonio, Texas CHANCE, JEANNE MURIEI. 50, 86, 87 CI-IANG, IIWEI LAN Enneckiller Ifarin CHASE, BETTY 649 Marion Street CI-IEECK, SALLY 59 Bowling Drive CLARK, JEAN 635 Blackthorn Road CLARK, MADELINE ALICE 3020 l'il'CC1Il1IIl Bishop, Califor11ia Wayzola, Minnesota 24 Denver. Colorado 60 Oakland, California 118, 88, 98, 104, 108, 110 Winnetka, Illinois 25 San Diego, California CLARKE, HELEN JANE 68 143 South Kane Street Roseburg, Oregon CLAY, BETTY LOUISE 56, Q2 322 Ascot Road San Mateo, California COBB, MARIAN 60, 86 6136 S. E. Main Portland. Oregon COBLENTZ, PALMYRE 60 Eighth and San A11t0nio Carinel, California COGHLAN, VIRGINIA LEE 68 2813 Scott Street San Francisco, California COLBY, FRANCES LEONA 60, 101, 121 581 Callan Avenue San Leandro, California COLYER, ELIZABETH ANN 50 17350 Oak Grove Avenue Pasadena, California CONANT, JUANDA JUNE 60 Silay I-Iawaiian CCIllI'1Il, Occ. Negros, Philippine Isl. CONGABLE, LUCILE tio 4715 Edgewood Oakland, California CONKLIN, MARGARET ELIZABETH SIIIIIIIICYIZIIILI P. O. Santa Barbara, California COOK, ADRIANCE JOSEPI IINE tio 2911 Northwood Drive Alanieda, California COOK, CATHERINE WISE 50 4084 Lark Street San Diego, Californiai COOK, MARY CMRSQ 3015 jllilllil Avenue San Leandro, California COPLAND, RUTH JEANNE'1"I'E 77, 106 2934 East Derbyshire Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio COX, BARBARA ANN 61, 86, 88 Quarters No. 3 Fort Des Moines, Iowa CRACKENBERCER, FLORICE 68. 92 I2-10 South Zunis Avenue VINLIISRI, Oklahoma CRECELIUS, IDA ALOI-IA 5207111211111 Avenue San Leandro, California CROMWELL, CAROLEE 77 156 Belmont Place Wichita, Kansas CROTHERS, LOUISE CORNIELIA 68 1837 Williams Eureka, California CROWE, VIRGINIA 50, 86 .124 North G Street Taconia, Wasliington CROWLEY, ADA UK-IRS.J 58 Oakland, California Cl1DLlP,SHIRLEY-JANE 61. 86 632 Ridge Road Lead, So11t11 Dakota 132 0 X. CIARLISLD. IQ CO limnfrlimrllls of CAROL WI I.,I,S IJIS'I'INC'I'IVE I-'00'I'WliAR I721 uno,-xlmf.xx'. Nr:x'l' 'ro 'ml-1 ORPIII-ZIIAI Yum' Clmrgr' fIc'm1mI Irmilwl c:omvLlMnN'l's or EI. I-I. I-I ANDEI, SOCIA I. S'I'A'I'IONERY CARDS INVI'l"A'I'IONS .fXNNOIINCIiMliN'I'S IENGRAVIEID IN .MICIORIDANCE WITH CORRIZCTI' USAGE IIPI-I.-NM K RIl'I'I.IiDGIi, INC. 135 I'0S'I' s'l'1zl-il-tl' SAN FRANCISCO C A P RI RESTAURAN .Sl7!?l'IIIlZIZ1Hg 177 ITALIAN DIN N ERS Banquet Rooms from one to one hundred. 510 17111 s'1'1u-:Er - o,uu,ANn Teleplzomf GLENc:ou1u' 2887 T CURTIS. -IOAN G1 1715 Davton A1 cnne Alatneda. Califo1'11ia CURTIS. KAROLYN HOPE G9 21106 Locust Street San Diego. California DAGGETT, ISILLIE CAROLINE 50 7115 Pacilic Terrace Klamath Falls, Oregon DAGGE'l"I'. MARIAIANE 511, H6 745 Pacilic Terrace Klamath Falls, Oregon DAGGETT, PATRICIA ANNE 69 1814 llushtiell Avenue SOIIIII Pasadena, California DAMON, MARY CA'l'l-IARINE 61, 92. 106 820 Fraitklin Street Rapid City, South Dakota DANIELS, MARGARET CARLISLE 77, 121 G07 South Third Street I-Iaxnilton, AIOIIIEIIIII DAUGHARTY. ALICE HARRIET 77 329 I-Iaguc AYCIIIIC Detroit, Mirltitxau DAVIDSON, LOIS MAE ' fig 1350 Fvetlerick San I'-FZIIICISCII. Califtmruia DEANE, EVELYN fl'EGCYj tin l-152 Cabrillo Ave1111e Bnrliiigatne. California DEANE, MARTI-IA Go ISQSO Crest Avenue I-Iaywarrl. California DEAVER. -IEANNE'I"I'E 5113 Boulevard Avenue Macon, Georgia DE IAUREGUI, S'l'ELI.A bg, Q2 23011 Divisadero San Francisco. California DERBY, ELEANOR II-I Route 4 San jose. California DIBBLE. DOROTHY VIRGINIA fig 121 Hagar Avenue Piedmont, California DICKASON. CAROLINE -IRAN 69, Q2 615 North Oakhurst Drive Beverly I-Iills, Calil'or11i:1 DILI.. DOROTHY liq 31 Alvarzttlo Road DILLER. ISERTA fMRS.j Mills College Berkeley, California Oakland, California DISMAN. MARCERY BENNIVIMI' 220 West 54111 DOERR, Cl-ILOE 2DIl Euclid Place DOFFLEMEYER , FRANCES Kansas Cit M innea pol is, . 77 y, Missouri . 77 Minnesota 25. 120 Exeter. California DOLPI-I. INIARGARET FORDYCE fig Ilope Springs Farm Topanpga, California DONOVAN. AIARY SUZANNE 50 1236 South Elm Casper, AVYOIIIIIILZ DORN,JANE 735 Esplanade Chico, California DOWLING. FRANCES 21, IVi111z Point Il'insl0w, IV:1sl1i11gto11 DRAKE. I-IELEN jEANNE'l"1'E 77. 112 Ke1'n1:1n, California DUFFY. YVONNE 25. gli 7:1 Mitchell Drive -- - - - Phoenix,Ari10na ,nv 7, ,LLL DUNCAN. lg: 121,1zAnE'1'1-1 77 'Q ,,- 'A ' 4 452.12-llfztlggiiiii' Seattle. 'IVIlSIIIlIgI0lI ., - timiauu , 'tI1Il,'StE,AN,AIARfilE'l' 20. 25. mo, 110 J I 4 1' ' 452 San Francisco, CIIIIIAOFIIIII 1, 1 ff: Q21 '-f-r: S- V xEgkEf:,?:?fl -fi:-5 7 -pf--' I IIITFNQTQ . G1 f ' ' H A'-QI , Denver, Colorado sltpf a sft 1. 611-1:"7' 'li Him' f fi f cg, -fr af- 1 1 -, 3. 'S' - 'fu ii 1,1 fzflg k?L ,u. ns .- ' 1 fy ' :S if fi 1 . ,I A - ' 1 K! ff . I Z., EATON, MARIORY 77 1.435 North Allen Avenutr PZISZIIICIIII, CllIIi'UI'llI1l EA VON. MURIEI. MAE 69,111 Post Oflicc Box G39 Watsonville. Ciliiilllldlill EIIIIERI. ALICE VIRGINIA 80 57 Arhor Drive EBI-ZRLE. MILDRED I'iedn1ont, California IQ "0 GO l"O .103 Lloyd Avenue III'0I'It.iCIICC, Rhotlelsiztiitl ECKLAND. MARIE DOLORES G1 l'f21 QIEIIIIIJVIKIQC Drite Alanu-da, California IQDDY, CARI..-X llIfI.IiN 56, 10.1. 121 Colby. Kansas EDDY. DOROTHY JANE 50, IIU Colby. Kansas EDIYARDS, HEARTIE ANNE Iii 1115 East lslav Street Santa llarbara, CLIIIIVIWIIIJI ELVI DUE. MAR'I'l'IAN NA MILLER 77 35814 47111 N. Seattle, Wasliingloii ENCEL, MARGARET ELLEN 50 1211 Rucker Avenue Everett, AVZISIIIIIQIOII ERLANCER. IDA JANE lin 1 Il goth Avenue San Francisco, California ICSCHEN, IIETTY 511 Magnolia Drive l-IeaIdsI1t11'1.:. C:1liIo1'ni:1 ESHELMAN, AIEAN SUZANNE Route 1 Selby Lane E'l'O. MARY Route 1, Box 121 San E'l"l'ENSON. MINNA MAE G10 Adatns Street EVANSON, BETTY 57:15 Avenal Avenue EWALT, LOUISE 235.1 EI111 Street FAGAN, I-IARRIET ANN 8.19 East l'aI1n Lane IVAIRCIIILD, DALE Atherton. Calil'oruia 55, gli Luis Obispo, California 61 , 121 Denver, Colorado Oakland. California 211. 2.4, Bti, 107, 108 Den ver. Colorado lin Phoenix. Arizona 2-1. Sli, 105. 1118. 1111 19118 Vallejo Street San I"I'illIK'ISCU. California I-HARRIS, ADA fMRS.Q Mills College l-'AW, ELINORE JEAN Goo Iladdon Road FAWKE. BARBARA 3731.1 Kingsley FAY. NANCY Woodside. San Mateo Couny FELD MAN, FLORA JEAN 24155 W. johnson Street FERNALD, EDYTI-IE MARIE Espee Road l"lSl-IER. DOROTHY JANE 1.111 SOIIIIIJIIIIPUIII Avenue lflSI IER. MARY 859 Kenneth Road FISK, AILEEN FOIYIS, FRANCES l.:nnar Hotel l"ON'l'AlNE. ISARISARA 320 llatnpton Avenue Oakland, California 61 Oakland. California KDZIIQIZIIILI,CZIIII-0l'lII1'l G1 IVoo1lsi1le. C:1lil'ornia 77 Portland, Oregon 69 Fresno, California Ilerkeley, CZIIII-OFIIIII 25 Glendale. California 'IIIII2ll'C. California 56. gli I-Ionston, Texas Oakland, California 134 ' RE ariefy for fbe iscrimizzaiizzq Gills lor grzuluzilcs. gills lor llic lzunily, gills lor all occasions :irc louncl in wich: but exclusive variety at Slircvos. 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Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio FORSMAN, HARRIOT PILLSBURY 61. 112 1435 Orlando Road Pasadena, Cillli-OTIIIZI FOUNTAIN, LORRAINE 69 Lihue Kauai Hawaii FRANK, HELEN ADELE 21, 25, 100, I05, IOS 1425 South East Temple Street Salt Lake City, Ulflll FRASER, JUDY 77 I11 terlaaken Tacoma, Washington FRENCH, MARY ANN fig 322 Ramsey Street Mankato, Minnesota FUJII, GRACE KEIKO G1 289 Sixth Street FUJIWARA. HISAKO I4 Daimachi Akasaka Oakland, Califor11ia 25 Tokyo, Japan FULLER, DOROTHY JEAN G1 Kansas City, Missouri FULLER, VIRGINIA 26 Picacho, New Mexico 201 West 70 Street FULTON, EUGENIA 69 6304 Outlook Avenue Oakland, California FURNISH, DOROTHY JANE 20, 26, g7, 110 1515 S. W. Clifton Street Portland, Oregon GAILLARD, JEANNE G1 Nkana Mine N. Rliodisia, South Africa GAILLARD, LILLIAN JOSEPHINE G1 Nkana Mine N. Rhodisia, South Africa GALE. SUSAN 61 2289 Chatheld Drive Cleveland Heights, Ohio GARDNER, BETTY ANN 61 Ward 4, Veterans I--Iospital Livermore, California GARNJOBST, RUTH JEAN 56. 87 490 Oak Street SIIICIII, Oregon GARVIN, RUTH MARGUERITE 69 317 West Bellevue San Mateo, California GASTER, BABETTE 26. 92 715 West Main Turlock. California GERKE, ROBERTA fMRS.j 882 Cleveland Avenue Oakland, California GIBLETT, ELOISE ROSALIE 77 1012 West Silver Butte, Montana GIBSON. JOSEPI-IINE 69 514 Gramatan Avenue Mount Verno11, New York GILBERT, MARY JUSTINE 61 02480 S. W. Military Road l'ortland, Oregon GILL, ALICE FULMOR 26 Dixon, California GILLESPIE, ANNE ELIZABETH 611. 88, R11 226 North Doheny Drive Beverly Hills, California GIMBAL, GENE-MARIE 1 ,Q 2744 Regent Street Berkeley, California fi E' SINSBURG, 1.1aN0R12 HOPE 61 43 V ,I 664 Chicago Boulevard Detroit, Michigan I 1.7 91 1 , Y- -12'25LgAZE, ZELDA "5 E 30 Monadnock Way Oakland, California at, HHH Q5Wl5?.i figgi .t if-at ., T.. , W . , In wk 7l ' x, :ir-it I 12. ' 2.11 I A 7 . 17 7, ., , 1 1- M- f-:'1'm .,, 1 1':'.f,,., 4 5 1152251 hai f5g-t-52913?:i .JE-'--'rv Y ' Lx: 1 GLIKBARG, DOROTHY IIETSY 70 Regillus Apts.. igth and Jackson Oakland, California GODFREY, NORMA LOUISE 711 3720 Scott Street San Francisco, California GOECKEN. VERA ANNE 77 50 Clark Drive San Mateo. Calil'ornia CONNERMAN. ALICE MIC!-IAI. 70, 87, IO7 512 Fair Oaks Avenue Oak Park, Illinois GOODE, El.lZAISE'l'H VIRGINIA 61,86 2155 N. W. Hoyt Portland. Oregon GOODRICH. JEAN HARTMAN 77 6028 Broadway Terrace Oakland, California GOVE. EVELYN ELIZABETH 70 7 King AVCIIIIC PlClllI1OlII. Califoriiia GRAY, BARBARA JANE 70 G28 Boulevard Way Oakland, California GRAY, ELIZABETH QUINBY 50, BG, 83 'A COlIII'I'l2lIlllCl' 'l'. A. Cray Naval Reserve Aviation Base Long Beach. California GREEN, EI.SIE LOU 77 2764 N. E. Wiberg I.a11e GREEN, GRACE fMRS.j 2827 N. E. Irllll Avenue GREEN, I'A'l'RlCIA EVELYN 1.40 Orange Avenue GREEN. PATRICIA GRACE 2323 Dana Street l'0rtlan1l, Oregon Portland, Oregon 70 Lodi, California 20, 21, 2t1,95g, 100, 121 Berkeley, California GREENE, SARAI-I JANE 77 1300 Garhelrl Avenue Aurora, Illinois GREER, LOTTY ELEANOR 80 7818 Sixth Avenue Sblllll Birtningliain, Alabama GRIFFITH, JANE 56 345 Glenwood' Avenue Highland Park, Illinois GROESBECK, ROSAl.IE 890 Union Street Alameda, California GRUBER, WILHELMINE MARY 77 8l2 l7llI Street Bellingham, Washington GUBERLET, FLORENCE EVANGELINE 62 5023 12-llh N. E. Seattle, Wasliington GUILE, ELIZABETI-I COOKE 70 37 East 64th Street New York, New York GURLY, BARBARA JANE 80 270 Sea Cliff Avenne San Francisco, California I-IAAR, RU'I'IfI J HOANE 50 3134 Soto Street H ayward, California I-IACKET'l'. SYLVIA JOAN 77 l825 24th Street N. YV. HAI..E, MARGERY ANNE B13 Coast Boulevard I.a HALL. BETTY 98 El Camino Real I-IALL, 1n131.1.1s fMRS.J 4766 Reinhartlt Drive HALL, MYRA MAY 67 King Avenue I-IALL, VIRGINIA IAIAMILTON, llE'l"'lAY-LOU 2838 Scniinary Avenue Washington, D. C. 20. 21881941 100 guna Beach, California 60 Be1'keley. California Oakla11d, California 62. 110. 112 l'ied111o11t, California I'I0l'Illlillll, Washington 70, 88 Oakland. California 136 o F wv Make Someone Happy . . . by sending flowers today ' sold of waitin ' 'or ' " '- msion. It's the unexpected COMPLIMENTS OF A ,MJZHWM 1 A F R 1 B N D fi :w,,m,g f SAN FRANCISCO ' t in tn . gl an oc . floral gilt that truly thrills! ,fm 1 "Th 'M 4 -up if nn fd!! VZNUQ C! Un? C! or 1 I MILLS COLLEGE TI-IORSTED CO. FLORISTS Florurfrs by Trflegraplz .-hzyzvlmre 'I'I'll.liI'l'l0NI5 GLIQNCOURT 1.1 15 1507 WVASHINGTON s'rREE'r AT SAN PABLO OAKLANU, c:A1.1r'oRN1,x SLOA j For Young i'M06i6TWS,, . 1 ' lb 0 Nine great floors exhibit splendid selections of ' , . . furnishings of correct and tasteful design. 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E. 48111 Avcnttc I'o1'1l:111t1 Oregon 111111-'1-Rav, 11E't"1'1' JANE 70 llox 5.18 Itnola. C:1li1't11'11i11 J ENNE, CORRINNE 11ER'1'I-1 A 27 633 7111 111111 Fl'2l11Rl1I1 ,IlIllCllIl,Ai1lSlill JOIIANNSEN, EDITH MARCARET 27 11.167 1.1111111111 Avcnuu Oztklantl, ffllifU1'Ill2I JOHNSON, ERNESTINE C. 62, 121 8111 Eric Struct Oaklantl, C:11il'o1'11ia JOHNSON. JANE DORIS 78 30 l-'rcsno Struct Vallejo,C:11i1'o1'ni:1 10lINSON,I.OIS ELEANOR 70 111111 S1111 Raytnttntlo S2111 Matco, C:1liI'o1'11i:1 JOHNSON, MARION 11E'1"l'Y 78, 86 31815 Pioncct' A1'c1'111c JOHNSON, MARY DELI. 2011 Ma1'i11.MfC1111c Clicycnnc, Wyoniing Bcrktrluy, C:1liI'o1'11i:1 HANCOCK, HARRIET JUNE 62 12519 Gleiiwuotl Avenue San Jose, Cztliiornin IIARIEAUCH, PEGGY LEE 70 2.167 15111 Avenue San I-'1':111t'isco, Cali1'o1'11i:1 IIARRIS, LEONORA 511 2520 Slatt: Struct Santa I1:11'ba1':1. C:1lil'o1'11i:1 IIAWKINS. JEAN 48516 Daisy Street S1111 Ifrztticisco, Cz11il'o1'11i:1 IIAWORTII, MARJORIE HELEN 78, 1011 Higltlzmtl Park, Illinois HEASTAND, PATRICIA 78 1025 San Rlly'll'Illl1IlU S2111 Mateo, C21lIl'Ol'IIIil I-IEINZ, NANCY IRENE 70, 106 61135 No1't11 I-Iillcrust I1c1u1'lyHil1s, Cz1lil'o1'11iz1 I-IEIZER, NANCY 27, 11.1 Lovclock, Ntwattlat IIELIAIAN. NANCY EMILY 70 61155 xVi.llL'1'I1111I1 Sl. Louis, Missouri IIELM, HARRIET 26 Old Oakx Wayzata, Minnesota HENDERSON, liE'I'TY COX 50 11221 55111 Avenue E. Seattle,NV11s11i11gtn11 HENDERSON, LOIS MERIAM 62 1603 H Struct Ettreka, C:11iIu1'11i11 HENNINC, MIMI 26 761 Chiltern Routl S2111 Mateo, Caliiortiin HEUCK, JEAN 62 9 Pztrson llrivc Missoula, Mo11ta111:1 I-IEVENOR. MARGARET MOORE 62, 122 211.17 S1111 Paxsqttul Struct Paisciclcna, C1lIll'0I'lTiil I'1E1VIT'l'.ELIZAISETI-IANN 62 Hewitt 1.111111 Co.. Rust 111112. 'IVIICOIIIZL M':1sI1i11gto11 I-1ICKOX,C1,ARICE 26, B6 U11 So11il1.1111Str1:cl Spritlglicltl. Illinois I'1ILL.EDNA OWSLEY S-lo 690 Blt1lISt1'cct Chicago, Illinois IIILLER, PATRICIA 62 2'77'lx1l1111t1l Roznl HILLMAN. DORIS Iicrkclcy, Caliiortiizt 70. 112. 1 to .1710 I.11'11115.,'SlO1l A11-., Ri1'c1't1aI1: New York. N. Y. HILLMAN, MARY LOUISE 78 29 l.CllC1'111Z11l Hospital S2111 Francisco. Calil'o1'11i:1 HIND, FLORENCE l'A'I'RICIA 2636 Colt: Strccl 1'1INDIN,ZELIlA 19113 West N111 A1 011110 HINOKI, EMIKO 73 fhlklllllll,C2ll1fI11'I1il1 Spokqttlc, l1':1s11i11gto11 7o 120 mth Struct Colusa, C:11il'o1'11iz1 IIOLCOMII, KATH RYN-LEE 118 21511 20111 Struct San I1cr11:u'di11o,Cali1o1'11i:1 HOLMES, STELLA MARIE 711 5517 Rosztl Avcnit: Oaklantl.C,1liIo1'11i:1 IIOPKINSON. ESTHER AIABEL r 26. 1111 L7lO Curtis Way -' 35111 1.1111 Struct HOWE, BE'1"1"Y JUNE 21102 North 27111 Struct 7.-W-7 I, 1 1 I .. 5 X . ' 1 1 1? HW' I I' l'J A J 1, ,- Ii 1 vi gx 2. r Ci A xg N1 -71' . . 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MARJORY 20, 21, 26, 81-1 100.101 25311 lxlfllllllilill I1ot111:v:11'1l fvllklilllll,ci11lIf0I'l1iII IiEN'1'.CENEVIEVE 62 221-1 West l,01Ji211'ANC11l1I.F S4111 Mateo, C11lil'o1'11i11 KENYON. ANN 51 115.1 Ra1'i11aSt1'cct 1,11 Jolla, Cz11iI'o1'11i:1 138 ' 1 wr .. . ru:-non U ' '5 . W :M yt fnwovo 'mas' " -. ,,xL.J.f Q 5 WURLDSFAIR it , --4 ., fy, N- . A.:-3 , ,- -9. . . . i V vs V' P 1' f ' ""' ' 5,1-ff. .xf . J' .,..f, I 1 'I ' V T- c- Xb. -' -"M 'dx 'Rf . 4 sn. mm xr, 0 C 0 annum , ff H Y. A 1 Miz? Me GGLDEN GATE INTERNATIONAL E X P O S IT I 0 N A PAGEANT OF THE PACIFIC KERRICK, PLACIDE THOMPSON 51 805 toth Street KEYS,JUDY lfI00 Park Drive KIEFFER. ISABEI. 6900 Cornell KILBY, BARBARA ANNE 'M L. P. Ross KING, ELIZABETH S. 904 S. Oztklttncl Avenue Coronutlo, Cztliforniat 56. 86, II4 Spritrgheltl, Illinois 51 St. Louis, Missouri Milbrook, New York Pztszttleita. CilIIl'OI'lIi1l KINNAMAN, BERYLE LEE 78 R.l".D. 1, 'l'iIl:11nook County Buy City. Oregon KLASS, RUTH ELLEN 70 732 Rosztl Avenue O:1klz111tl, Catliforniat KNEASS. PHYLLIS EDITH 78 530 W. Sztnttt Inez Ave. Hillsl1oro111.5l1. S2111 Matteo. Cal. KNISPEL, FRIEDA CERTRUDE 62 I9870 Whelton Avenue lI:1yw:1rtl, Cnlifornizt KOENIG, ELEANOR ELIZABETH 78 IEJO2 South Minnesotzt Avenue KOLMAN, HILDA QMRSJ 312 Atlums Street KURTZ, MARY STEWART 3227 North PCIIII Street KUZELL, MARY CATHERINE gth Street LACEY, FRANCES tim Curtis Street LAMKIN, ROSALIE ANN Star Route No. 1 LAMSON, JEAN A LICE LANE, MARY BOGUE 1 I4 YVest Roosevelt Street LANE, VI RCINIA DEA Sioux Falls. S. Dakota Ottkltmtl, Cttlifornin 26, 98 I11tIiz111:1polis, l11tli:111:1 51.92.122 Clttrkdztle, Arizonti Berkeley, C:1lilor11i:1 'fl Porterville. C:1lifor11i:1 62 Pine Ci1y.Mi11nesott1 20. 22.51 Phoenix. Arizona I-I011olt1l11, Hawaii LANHAM. ELOISE LEIMOMI 7I 3014 Kielc Street S1111 Ifr1111cisco. Ct1lifor11iz1 LARMOUR, DOROTHY ELLEN 71 1 I24 AIIIHKIOF Avenue Berkeley, C2IiIi.KlI'lIiiI LEGGAT, LOUISE ELIZABETH 745 toth Avenue S1111 Ifrzttteisco, Cztlifornitt LEIGHTON, DOROTHY ANN 78 75 Silll Loreitw Way S2111 I'-YIIIICISCO, C:1lil'o1'11iz1 LE MOYNE, MARY BROOKS 19. 20, 51. too, lOl Boise, Itl11l1o LE PACE, BETTY 20, 25. 48. 86, 100, IO5. IOS. IIEJ 5915 Keitl1Ave1111e Oztklttntl, C:1liI'or11i:1 I.E PAGE, ELEANOR HUCCINS 51 5915 Keith Avenue Oztklantl. C:1lil'or11i:1 LESSER. ELEANOR 71 5311 Woocllamtl Avenue TS, BARBARA SLATER I5 Abbotsford Court Drive Cl1icago,Illi11ois 211. 22, 51. 110. IIQ Provitletice. R. I. . CLAIRE CATHERINE 56 Mission Ridge Sz11'1t:1 B:1rhz11'n. Cz1liI'o1'11iz1 EDITH MARIAN 51. Ilj S1111 Frztltcisco, Cstlifornitt ACE AILEEN 71 Oztklztntl, ciZliifOI'lll1l LIPSCOMB, MARY-LEE 78, 88 5825 Locust Kz111s:1s City, Missouri LOCKE, MARY ELIZABETII 26, Q2 330 Eztst Petlregoszt Street Santa B:11'bz11'11, Catliforniti LOEB, BETTY LUCILE 78 520 E. 7jl'Li Aventte Portlttntl. Oregon LOKE, YUEN THENG l:J5.AIIlJJ1lllY Road R11:1l:1 I.IlII'lDllI'. Mzilaty States LOOS, FRANCES M. 62 4916 Daisy Street ffilkillllli, C:1Iil'or11i:1 LOPER, MARJORIE Al.l.YN 51 720 lfrzinklitt Denver, Colorztclo LORENTZEN, MARY PI-IYI.I..IS 62. 94, 107 761 Sauna Ray Onklztntl, Cz1liIo1'11i11 LOWE. VELMA 62, 120 814 Blillltlilllil Boulevatrtl Onklztntl, Cz1lifo1'11i:1 LOWELL. CYNTHIA JANE 71 5932 Latkesltore Avenue Onklrtntl, Cnlifo1'11i11 LUCE.-JANE G2 1421 Strz11l'o1'tl Road Kansas City, Missouri LUM, LORRAINE WINII-'RED 51 Box 1113, Route 2 Recllatttls, CilIIi.Ol'Ill2l LUNDEGAARD, ELEANORE RUTH 71 28352 Stnnntit 0t1kl:111tI,C:1lifot'11iz1 MACK. DOROTHY JEAN 51 1155 South I. Street Livermore, Cz1lifor11i11 MACKIN' l'OSl'I, CONSTANCE ELIZABETH 1025 West l5llI Avenue 51, 89, 110, IIS v1llIC0llVlTl', B. C. MACLEAN, GERALDINE PATRICIA 78 59 Alv:11':1tIo Road Berkeley, Czilifornia MACLEAY. BARBARA MARTHA 55, 110 2141 N. W. Davis Po1'1l1111tl, Oregon MACNEU R, JEAN MILI..I'lR 63, Q2 IOZB Hollytvootl Aventte Ottklzttttl, C11lil't11'11i:1 MADDEN, RATHRYN IRENE 56, 110 1428 Whittier Avenue Springiieltl, Illinois MAINO, FRANCES LOUISE 78, 86 142.1 Mill Street Sill! Luis Obispo, Cztlifornizt MALEK, HELEN C:11'tl11e1'.1lli11ois MANN. BII.I.IE RAE 63 2020 Alllll-Slllllil Drive MANNINC, MARY PHYLLIS 1.128 Alice Street MANZ. LYDIA MARIE 4.7 Wt1I11t1l Street MARSHALL. HELEN R. D. Box 185 MARTIN, MORISE I-Ionolttlu. Hztwnii 20. 22, 71, 88 Ottklztntl. C2liii40l'III1l 71 Wootllmttl, CZlIIf0I'lIIIl 20. 27- 54 Santa AIIZI, Ci1liii'0l'lll1l 51 1305 Circle Drive SZIII Mttrino. Cttlifornizt MATHIOT, KATHERINE PARKER 63, 121 Rztncho Cttrtnelo Monterey. C11lil't1r11izt MAUSER, PATRICIA 7I 1541 North Ogden Drive Ilollywootl, C:1lif0r11iz1 MAXWELL. BEATRICE JANET 63 2722 Webster Street Berkeley, Cz1Iifor11i11 MAY, BERNICE GLADYS 78 tioi.-1 Brookside Kansas City, Missouri 140 ' compliments ol' la buvette 13.1 Ill2llllCll Izulc - sun l'muc:ism one oi' lllc lilllc l'CSl2llIl'2llllS MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS and PERSONAL EFFECTS 1.ocAL AND LONG DISTANCE STORAGE . PACKING . SHIPPING Authorized and Bonded to Check Trunks or Iiaggagc All Your Residence to Destination U. C. Express Sc Storage Co. HU. II-12, Onklzmd AS. moo, Berkeley luvkcll :uvzly iu ax quzninl H A , 1 W A . Two Irlps Dzuly to and from San Irzmcnsco lllllcslrccl .IOOI Sluuluck 2120 Berkeley Way OAKLAND BERKELEY lEOMl'l.lM1iN'I'S or 'l'l-IE S A T I-I E R C A T BOOK SHOP 2271 'I'l'Il.ECRAI'l-I AVENUE TRAINER K PARSONS IJ?i.S'j1677,Si7'1g Opticians 'k 228 POST STREET Bclwccn Grunt Avenue and Stockton Street SAN FRANCISCO lil'1RKEl,liY CAIQIFORNIA ' 'I'clephone GArfield 7:00 COLLEGE SHOP-O-GRAM To the Clem 0f1939 The Shop has 6Ylff7'yllZj7lg and wants to serve you as zllumuzle Loo. Remember our mail order cle- IJIIIILIIICIIL for BOOKS - GIFTS - COLLEGE JEWELRY AND STATIONERY The College Shop 141 MAY, BILLIE 3248 Morcom Avcnuc MAYER, MIRIAM LOUISE 6865 Tokalon Drive OIIIGIIIIIII. C11Iil'orni:1 78 Dallas, Tcxzis MAYRIECH, GAIL QCLORIAQ IVOODITIELD 16 III11i1' Avenue MCAULAY, DOROTHY LOUISE I'iccl111o111, CZ11Iil'o1'11i11 71, 110, 120 Y'-1 I .ll ' -11 129117 10316 Avcnnc Eiimonion, AIl1u1'111. C1111111l:1 MCCLERKIN, MARY ELLEN 79 319 I,2Il'I'0l Drive S1111 Mzilco, C11IiI'o1'11i11 MCCLINTIC, ELEANOR JOSEPHINE 71 I"0I'l Monroe, VIl'gIIII2l MCCLINTIC, WINONA M. 71 FOFI Monroe, Vi1'gi11i11 MCCLINTOCK, CAROL FRANCES 71 2963 Gibbons Drive Alziinccla. CZlIIIIlI'llI2I MCCLINTOCK, NANCY ELEANORE 71 2953 Gibbons Drive Al11111c1l11, Cziliforiiiai MCCLURE, MARQUITA QMRSJ Roinc 4, Box 114 SZIII jose, Cziliforniai MCCOY. VIRGINIA LEE SI 11136 U11-Icrlmills Roaicl KXIIKIZIIILI, Culifornizi MCGILL, FRANCES 71, 92, IIO, 117, 119 I4I West Sunlu Fc Avunncr Sillllil FC, N. M. MCGINNIS, MARGARET 56, 120 515 North I. Sirccl VIQZICOIIIII, IV11sI1i11gLo11 MCGOVERN, MARIE ELIZABETI-I 51. 86, 121 ggoi West 011111111 Avenue Piichlo, Colorziclo MCKELVIE. DORIS LEE 71 302 liczitiiu MCNABB. LOIS 1725 Cl1eh11Iis Avcniic MCNAUGHTON, PATRICIA S1c'1'li11g,Color:11I11 CIICIISIIIS.AV1lSIIIIlgl0Il Rockdale Mi111ni,Okl:1I1o1n:1 MCNEIL, LORRAINE 26 43.45 Wooclleigh Laine I':1s:11Icn11. Cnlifornizi MERRELL, EDITH RU'I'H 79, IIS 4201 CI1cs111111Avc11111: Long IllIlICII,f:I1IIIOl'IIlII MERRELL, EVELYN 769 l7lIl Avenue S1111 Ifrziiicisco. C11Iifo1'ni:1 MERRIT, PATRICIA JENNIE 79 I3I2 Dover LIIIIC slllllll I'1111'I1:11'11. Czilifornizi MESDAG, MARYAJANE BLETHEN 56 1935 Pzirksiclc Drive Sczilllu. Il'11shing1o11 METZ. CHARLO'I"I'E -IEANNE 79, Q2 412 West 7lII Strcct COIICOITIIII, Kzinszis MEYER. HARRIET LOUISE 52 853 Goodfcllow IIo11Iev111'1I Sl. Louis. Missouri MEYER, HELEN l'A'l'RICI.-X 51. 86. 108, 117 40.14 Ensl ISIII Avenue Du11v1:1'. Coloruclo IX XERHOFF, JEAN -N 9 Lake Street San F1'1111cisco, Czilifnrnizx 1 7" KELSEN, CLAUDINA 26 iii, 4. Box 1117 I'c111l11111:1, Cziliforniai Ar wav, 11ET'1'1' 1,o111sn 116, l0I I 5' 112 ' l'IIl 47111 S 'cel Sczilllv. II':1sI1i11g1o11 ' K XLICE 1 E 1 Inch n Sch Road Phocnix, Arizona FI E X ' KATHRYN 52. 89 1 .4- l-ix Iii - In .1 ,f U ' 1 1 ' ' . ' A 1 lk ja url 4 , JI th' X I,-it Va I . 4,1 7 Rcnlon, Wzisliingron MILLER, ALICE ELLEANOR 52 524 No1'1I1 -lcnniiigs A111I1o11v,Kz111s11s MILLER, BLANCIIE E'I'IENNE'I"I'E 79 11175 C11IiI'o1'11i11 Strccl SIIII I:l'2llIf'ISIIO, CZIIIIOIAIIIZI MII1I.ER,EVELYN ELIZAIIE'I'I'I 63 81.1 4IoI111io11Sl1'u1'l IIc11I1lsI1111'5.5, CZIIIIIJIAIIILI MII.I.ER,AIOSEPIIINE 52,115 11122 GElIIIl'L'lII Roald I'11s111Iu11:1, C111liI'or11iz1 MILLER, ROSEMUNII AIEAN 71 17211 C1'o1v1: Cziiiyon II11y1v111'1I, C11Iifo1'ni:1 MILLIS, LAURA VIRGINIA 71, 87 219 Elin Slrcci No1'1I16cl1l, Minncsolai MILLIS, MAR'I'I'IA 63,91 Iiox 15134 KZ111'111cl. C11lifo1'11i11 MILTON, ANN 63 .124 Monic Visl11Avc1111c Oziklziml, Czilifornin MINADEN. EIIY'I'I'lIi IIOLORES 211, 58, 63, 93 l1I1I7fjSlI1JCI'lHl' RUZIII CZIcv1:I:1111I IIcigI11s,OI1io MINNES. EI1IZAIIE'l'lI 71,122 IIIOI Mujcslic .AVCIIIIC IIZIRIIIIIII, C2lIIl'0l'lIlil MINTEY, LUCILLIC ANI'I'A 56 111748 S111g.1'2' Sirccl 1.1111111111 I'111'k. C11IiIo1'11i11 MIRELES, ANA ESPINOSA 52,116 I'I11111I1111'go No. 127 Mexico City, Mexico MISER. JEAN 03 55111 I51'ook1I:1I1: AICIIIIC f,IlIiIilIIlI, C11IiI'o1'ni11 MI'I'CHELL. LOIS RI'I'CI'IIE 7l H16 Ifziivficlcl Ro111l IIIIYIIIILIIIIIIC. Cziliforiiizi MI'l"I'RY. NORMA 52 l2I5 So111I1XX'iI1o11 I'l111:c Los Angeles,C:1Iifo1'11i11 MOH R. MARCARITI' El.lZAlSE'l'II 26 722 W11ln111S11'cc1 Yuba Cily, CZ11IiI'or11i11 MOLGAARD. CAMILLA M. 26. 811 325 ElCI:1111ino Rczil II111'Ii11g:1111C, fI11IiI'o1'11i11 MOLGAARID, KAIIIRYN 72 5125 EI Cziniino Rczil I5111'Ii11g:1111c. C11Iil'o1'11i11 MONTGOMERY. IVRANCES ELIZAIIEI II 72 Cz1ix11I'osl11I 311111 MOOIJY, MAEVIS CLAIRE 2318 Wairncr Avenue Rio clc AI1111u1'Io, Brazil IJZIIQIZIIIII, C11lil'o1'11i:1 MORCK, I'A'I'RICIA HAZEI. 72 Iloicl Merck AIN1l'IIL'CII, XVZISIIIIIQIOII MORGAN.WII.MAIIEAN 72.92 IEII Ezlsl Ifoolliill II0llICY1ll'lI Riailio, C:1IiI'r11'11i11 MORRILL. FREDA WEIISIER 27 2U511.VICIOI'I1l.AYCIIIIIJ Cinciniiziti, Oliio MORRIS, MARY .IEAN 72 614 Norlli-Iz1yS11'cc1 'I4:11'o11111, IV11sI1i11g1o11 MOUI1'I'ON, CAROLYN SAIIRA 52, 86. 88 256 Hollywood Avviiiic: llr111gl:1s1o11L. I., N. Y MOUNT, DORIS EDI'I'II gi-54 1141I1 Slrcci Riclinionzl Hill, L. I,, N. Y. MOUNT, FRANCES 1455 Morion I'l111:c Los Angelus,C11IiI'oi'11i11 MOUNTFORD, DORO'I'IfIY BAR'I'LE'I"I' 56, II4 I-'orl Maison SIIII I'-I'1lIII'ISCO, CEIIlI.t7l'IIIiI MULLEN. NANCY So I7 1 3 P111'ksi1IcII1'ivu Sczililc, IV:1sI1i11glo11 MUNRO, CLEOWEIR SIIEILA 63, 1114, 105, IOS IlI'IlZllIIlIiI IICZICII Iirilisli C.1ol11111I1i11, clilllllllil 142 ' Marshall-Newell Supply Co. LjOMl'LIMliN'I'S OF Nl XCHINISTS SUI I LIILS LNC INIIERINIC, -XI I Ll XNC115 C FNER XL HXRDYN XRL CASTLE PHARMACY D, P. SHA'l"l'O' Spea a cl M SXN IR XNYLISCO C ALITORNIX A Friend 0fM2!l5 College ovE1t'1'oN,,1EAN LE1c:1-1 52 MYERS, MARGARET VIRGINIA 79 2515 Pearle Austin. Texas MYERS, MARY ELLEN URst11.A 79,811 wo, lO'f 1921 Washington Ave11ue MYERS, MILDRED QMRSJ 2525 Dehner Street Sheldon, Iowa Oakland, Calil'ornia NEILL, NORMA CLARK 72 Ardencraig Grants Pass, Oregon NELSON, PATRICIA ANN 27 1450 North Michigan Avenue NEVILL, ADA ISABEL 658 Emerson Street Pasadena, California 52, 86, lI6 Denver Colorado NEWBAUER, PEGGY ETHEI, 52, Q2 3300 Washington Street San Francisco, California NEWBURY, NANCY I209 Logan Street 52. 120 Denver, Colorado NEWCOMER, FRANCES HARRIS 72 Campo Santo Salta. Argentina, S. A. NG, BORGEE 2324 PaciHc Avenue NICHOLLS. MAJORIE DORIS 79 Alameda, California 79 129 North Prairie Avenue Sioux Falls. South Dakota NICHOLSON, FLORENCE ISOBEL Bankhead Hotel Birmingliani, Alabama NICKISON, LENORE fMRS.j 24 E1 Verano Orinda, California NOBLE, BETSY 79 250 La Salle Avenue Piedmont, California NOMURA, AMY 72 1 122 College Avenue Alameda, California NORGREN, NATALIE I-IOAG go 5744 Kenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois NORTHROP, BETTE JOAN 52 3750 West Crestway Drive Los Angeles, California OAKLEY, BEVERLY ADALINE 1 1 II East Bannock Street 63- 92193 Boise, Idaho OVERLOCK, AN NA ELAINE 651 1125 Baltimore El Paso, Texas 516 Peek Road Ceneva,1llinois PARI-IAM, MARTHA Quarters E, Naval Hospital San Diego, California PARKER. AIEAN TISDALE 1712 Paltnera Court Alameda, California PA RKER, PEGGIE 72 28118 N. W. Ariel 'l1CI'I'2lCC Portland, Oregon PA RLIER. ROSEMARY 63 4314 South N Street Ttilare, Califorttia PATTERSON, MARTHA LOVE 20.22.5192 0320 S. E. 2Qlh Avenue Portland, Oregon PAULES, CI4lARLO'I'TE 3775 Olyinpiad Drive Los Angeles California PAULIN. PATRICIA DOROTHY 79 H232 I51'oatlway 'l'Cl'I'LlCC Oakland, California l'E'l'ERS. JUNE VIRGINIA 63 345 goth Street Sacratnento, California PETERSEN, CLAIRE LUCILLE 63 Star Route Suisun, California PETERSON, NORMA MARIE 72 2315 318111 Avenue Oakland, California PI-IELAN. BARBARA JANE 63 965 Kingston Avenue Picdinont, California PI-IELAN, LANGDON 108 IIO Wellington Crescent Winnipeg, Man.. Canada PHILIPS. MARIE KEENEY 57 G08 East Monroe Avenue Kirkwood, Missouri PHILLIPS, MARY LOUISE 72 819 South Citrus Avenue PONCE. HOPE Los Angeles, California 30, 63, Sli, 120 645 Leavtrnwortli San lfratrcisco, California POOLE, JOAN CHAPIN 79, 115 2860 Ulnweli Way Honolulu, Hawaii POPOVICH, DANIEL OAKLEY, DOROTHY KATHRYN 28 292 Lee Street Oakland, California OAKLEY, JANET DENNISTON 52 292 Lee Street Oakland, California OAKLEY, MARGARET ESTHER 52 292 Lee Street Oakland, California OAKLEY, MARY ELIZABETH 292 Lee Street Oakland, California OAKLEY, NANCY DEAN 52 2110 Kakela Place I-Ionolulu, l-Iawaii OHMAN, LOIS ELIZABETH 72 409 Myrtle Avenue Eureka, Califoriiia OLDAKER, MARY ELIZABETH 649 North 3rd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona OLSEN, MILDRED RUTH 79. 106 Box 313 Pacific Grove, California OLDENBURGER, EVELYN KIRK 28 Apartaclo 434 Mexico City, Mexico .,' 7 111- 'JJ' cmvllguueteixigtgf, nokoruv AIEAN 79 ' ,11,1,23hH5I1?IiTi11gt't111 Road Kansas City, Missouri 1 , 11 .1 IH, 7 - ' . , 20314179-S9-107,108 j tigx, f,1..ff" A'-X53 '13fQ7Z,7,- Farmington, California t ft -.-stef 'ws . . jg,-:ggg -,Q A ,I 14. ERNADINE 1,3 CQ , ,K F - ' A-,I-Q 7 1 in Si' Q , Casper, Mlyoming 1 Q53-I l 'T V' l -" S 3492 , f 4 it ft .lf , ., KQ- 'iifgffrf-jii ,fi J il l 7 1.,l-- 'fy , 1 ffl ,- Uxfftf 5 522241-J I, 2 -, ,- L tt Vgtifptyfrfgy. 1 g,f,!f' i il, '!""' 1" "-' ' bl ,. Aff I 7,51 ,,. iz.: l,2 2 1 .41 .'1 J x , . 1055 Spruce Street Berkeley. California PORTER, CEORGINE DVEDRE 29 Van lluren, .169 Oakland, Calil'or11ia PORTER. MARGARET LOWRY 63 225 Kaiulani I-lilo, Hawaii POY'I'I-IRESS, UHLMA M. 29 Madera, California PRINGLE, JANE LEE 2Q,72, 121 33 Tanglewood Road Berkeley, California PURDY, VIRGINIA JANET 14439 jefferson San Ifrauicisco, California PUGSLEY. MARVEL 828 Carmel Avenue Albany, California PURVINE, HELEN 655 University Street Salem, Oregon QUAYLE, ELEANOR ROBERTS 370 Staten Avenue Oakland, California QUIGG, HELEN 52 2o1ti Oakland Avenue Pueblo, Colorado QUINLAN, CATHERINE BARBARA G3 Box 145 Covelo, Californizt RAILEY, SUE 'VHORNE 57 31 1 Morgan Street Versailles, Kentucky 144 0 AMIERICAS LARGEST MANU FACTURIN G RETAIL JEVVELERS Gr:-tnat Bros. are creators ol' diamond engagement and wedding rings ol' distinctive originality. Crerlif terms IVUIIHIIIIII' ITN Q Qranal:Br0 if' 2390 MISSION ST. ' 156 GEARY ST. SAN FRANCISCO 1900 IIROADXNIAY 0 OAKLAND WM. CAVALIER at Co. BONDS STOCKS COMMODITIES i' Mrvrtlmrs New York Stock Exchange New York Curb fAssociatej San Francisco Stock Exchange Los Angeles Stock Exchange Chicago Board of Trade Offices San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Sacramento Los Angeles Santa Ana New York For Your Parties. . . HOTEL CLAREMO A BERKELEY' OAKLAND if e il.- ,N ' A I M ' ' OlIers an unusual setting n . in b 4 combined with excellent serv- ice-Iloral decorations fur- nished with private hanquet rootns.Five beatttifnl banquet rooms, accommoda ti ng groups from 20 to 500. Dancing every Friday, Satur- day, and Sunday. Menus and other IIIIOYIIIIIIIOII submitted on request. PLAN TO VISIT OUR TERRACE LOUNGE AND VIEYV BAR C. CI. ClI,l.llM. MANAGER 'I'tct.t-zvnoxti BERmat,tav 9300 ' 145 RAITER, JACQUIE ANN 57 1036 Munrzts Avenue Monterey, Californian RAND, SARA ELLEN 64, 88 140 So11tl1 Norton Avenue Los .Alll.fCICS,C1liii'Ol'l1i2l RAY, JEAN I.OUISE 6.1 4510 Nortl1 Grove '1':1co111:1, XVZISIIIIIQIOII READY. MARION ELIZAISETI--I 52 570XVCICi0l1 Avenue Oilkiillltl, C11liIo1'11i11 RECI-I'I', DOROTHY ANN 79 2I 16 AIOIIUIIIZI Street REED. 'I'I-IORA ANN 2875 S. IV. Cl1a1111plz1in Drive Oztklatnrl, C:1lil'orniz1 79 I'o1'tlz1ntl, Oregon REID. JANET 52. Q2 1475 LeRoy Avenue Berkeley. C:1liforni:1 REINACH. SYLVIE 30 ll Villa Mzttlricl Neuilly SfSci11c. FI'2ll'lCC RENI-'RO. MIGNONNE EI.IZAlSE'l'I"I 72 368 Clevelzuul AVCIIIIC REX. JANE KIRKWOOD 1065 55th Street Oztklzuitl, Cztliforuiat 19- 20179 Des Moines, 1011111 SAKATA, GRACE KIKUYE 64, 120 1011 Sth Avenue SIICFIIIIICIIIO, Cz1liIor11i:1 SAMPLE, JANE 79 11.17 'l'e1'r:1c'e A1'e1111e Iiresno, Cz1lil'01'11iz1 SAUNDERS, MARGARET MAY 57, Q2 8011 Xl'esl I'40lll'lIl SJJOIKZIIIC, Il':1sl1i11g.11011 SAVIDGE, NANCY LEE 72 502 North IJ 'l'z1co1n:1, W:1sl1i11111011 SCARI.E'l"l', I'A'l'RICIA KAY 57. 87 titio EIIII Street W00cll:1111l, C:1lil'or11iz1 SCI-IAUIS, JUNE MAURENE 72.1-17 500 Clinton Avenue cjilk l'11rk. Illinois SCI-IERER, MARJORIE 675 Czipell Street Oz1klz1111l, f.IGlIifUI'llI2l SCI-IMICK, ANGELA 57 Ci11cin11:1ti,Ol1i0 2Q2ii Feltz Avenue SCIAIMIDT, ANNE MARIE Berlin Spillliiilll. NIJIICIIIIOITCI'SIFCCI, N0. 51, UCYIIIZIIIJ' RICE, ROBERTA MAY 80 2083 Roseclztle Avenue Ouklztml, Cznlifornizt R1c:HARnsoN,411ZAN 11.111111 29 , 117 Maple Salinas. CIliiI'0l'lIiil RICI-IEI,DERl"ER, CA'l'l-IERINE D0DES'I'A 79 AVIISCO. Oregon RICHMOND. DAI'l-INE O'I-IAIR 64, g6 Arnatinn No. tio Mexico City, Mexico RIDGIVAY, ELIZAISETI-I JANE 72, 1 16 SIQI I,Oll1D2Il'lIQ' Roml I,2lSiltilfll5l, C:1Iifo1'11i:1 RIDGWAY, PATRICIA ANN 72. U2 31191 I.OlI1i7Zll'fIV Routl l'z1sz11le11:1. C:1lifo1'11i:1 RIEBEI., Sl-IIRLEY 64 101 West A Street Crunts Pass, Oregon RILEY. VIRGINIA GER'l RUDE 72, RG. 87 304 Secontl Avenue. South Sl. Cloud, Minnesoln ROBINSON. VIRGINIA LISI-I 29 170 Estates Drive IIICIIIDOIII, CuliIorni11 , ROCKWELL. MARGARET ROBERTS 20, 22. 23. 28, 935. 100, 101 IOIS AIZIYIUII Street Denver. Colorado RODGERS. MILDRED 342 Prospect Street Norwood. M:1ss:1cl111setts ROGERS, RANETTE JEAN 72 3870 Washington Street S1111 Francisco, Cz1Iil'01'niz1 ROMERO, MARIA Santo Douringo 1307 Santiago dc Cl1ile ROTHSCI-IILD, MARCE 28, QI , gg, 9.4, 97 Main z1111l 10th Street Kansas City, Missouri RUBLE. MILDRED JEAN 52. 89 2090 Paurilic Avenue silll Francisco. C2lIIi'0l'l'liIl RUITER. IVEY ADELL 2570 5th Avenue Sztcrainento. C:1lil'0rni:1 RULISON, ELIZABETH CAILLARD G4 ,4 Q17 1gr- lfllll Avenue Sz1er:1111e11to,Californizt V , K JI . ,. jurr, MARY 11ARGAR1s'1' 29. 90 I Q vp-If 1925 Elizztbetli Street Pueblo, Colorado ' If' 1- :HTG . ,VIRGINIA fMRS.J I , . 2 Nlflllllilllll View Avenue Oztkluntl, C:1lil'o1'11i:1 1 - 4, -'- f I , f A .V fgltif - -117 ,Q ' ' ' -I T ' ' . . dpi-:V -- AJ? 2 W w w 7 1 'I ' E. L ' '. , 7. 3-1! 1 17. 1 T 3 1 -M A r-., . 5 il 1 -i .'k1l"11-7-All 'Q V 5 , J . 1 4 E . 7 115335 1 is -If ii 2 232- SCHMITZ, MONIQUE 20. 29. Q7 15225 Outlook Avenue O:1lcI:111tl, fiIliiI'0I'lli1l SCHROEDER. ELEANOR l20iI Mill Street Eugene. Oregon SCHUIIACH, BARBARA JEANNE 57. S7 I2 l-Inxton l'l:1ce Sull Luke City, Ulz1l1 SCI-IWARTZ. MARY ELLEN 73 524 North Getty IIV2lIlIC.'I4CX1lS SCI-IWARTZ. POLLY ANN 80, 120 5135 ll'oo1Il:1w11 A1'1:1111e Cl1ic:1g0,Illi11uis SCOTT, JUNE BELLE 80 508 Citrus A1'1:nue Agusat, Cziliforniat SCO"l"l', MARY ELIZAIIETII 755 443 I-lolly A1'e1111e St. I':1ul. RIIIIIICSULLI SEISASTIAN, MARGARET ALICE X0 26211 Mt. .AIIZIIIIS l'l:11'e Seattle. Ni':1sl1i11gl011 SEBRING,Sl-IIRLEY 57,86 IO-QOI XVytou Drive IVest I,USJxll1JCiCS, fi1liiIAUl'lIill SHA PIRA, MARJORIE JANE 53. 89 1979 Sunnnit Avenue St. l':111l, Mi1111es0l:1 SHARP, DOROTI-IY EASTMARY 80. RIB 1724 IIOIIICVZITCI Cz1l1'es1011, 'l'ex:1s SHAW, MARGARET JANE 73. Q2 5li0A1'1'01'o ll011lera11'1l I'JlSil1Il2llil, C:1lil'or11i:1 SHAW, PATRICIA ANNE 73. 92 560 Arroyo I3o11lev:11'tl l'11s11tle11:1, CLIIIIIOIAIIIZI SHEETS. JACQUELINE ROMAINE 64 907 317th Avenue S1-:111le. XVIISIIIIIHIOII Sl-IEFFIELD, FLORENCE QMRSQ 39. 711 I227 Divisi011Sl1'eet Nupn. C11lil'01'ni:1 Sl-IELDON, BETSY CAROLINE 73. II1 24 I5 SilCl'IiIlll1,'AViYllllC AIIIIIICQIJIOIIS. RIIIIIICSOIII SHELDON, GENEVA CIBBS QMRSJ 301 South J Street AIZIIICYZI, C:1liI01'11iz1 Sl-IELLEY. CAIL ALICE R0 21141 Haste Street Berkeley, C:1lil'o1'11i:1 SHELLEY. JAYNE KMRS. RHODES! 52 2.1.11 Hnste Avenue Berkeley. C:1IiI'01'11i11 SHERWOOD, CAROLYN 211 G05 North gth Street 'I'e111ple,'l'ex:1s Sl-IINN, BEVERLY JANE 531 468.1 Edgewood Avenue Ouklatntl, Cz1lilio1'11i:1 146 0 CONIl'LIMEN'l'S OF . - . P. - 'C JI 'I-I TVR lL'T DEALER 1 Riflzb ulzuc, no. UWC L if O'I"I'O PORGICS. l'lL0l'I!Il-Z'l'0Il CO I' J A 4 A . :HUD Sl-'NIINIXRY ,-YI' CAMITI X 1, L-I-H bllog IIRINIILXII S601 ' K A ' A' -' PRl'1SlIRlI"I'ION I-'OIINWIXIN Luxczn vom' on-'lflczrz ce II .ms c:.x x mx' spefaalizingin 5100. 1' H0'l'O sl-zlzvlczx-1 CALIFORNIA 1"f"'Pf"a"d ' MUNICIPAL Mills Tower R1-:x.xl,l. .xc 1-zxczx' I' R In Ia D lu I. I Y E R Y San Francisco BONDS New York 'I4OII.I'1'I RIEH . IIAIK,-K NUNIIQ I.l'1N'I'IIERIC f 1 H no lhc Fay Inlprovemcnt cicgfrv Company Domnqn, mfkmwg l'ru'fr'111r'l:lC1n1Irul'Im's 1 I IIIFIIXVAY 9'lRlfI'I'I'S AND SUBIJIVISIONS IIIII XX IIUII DINU 0 S.-KN IIRANC ISK O P I C 'I' U R E S F O R 'I' I-I E 1 9 3 9 MII.I,b COLLEGE YEARBOOK WERE KEN BY THE ORIGINAL COLEMAN STUDIO I Ii l7'l'll S'1'Rxf1-"1' IVRAN Ii COLISOURN, JR. "Q-UAI,I'1'Y IN I"OR'I'RA'l'1'U RE" fJAKI.AND SI-IUMWAY, LOUISE 73 519 East Pedregosa Santa Barbara, California SHWAYDER, DEBORAH 82 663 Fillmore Street Denver, Colorado SILBERBERG, MARTHA COATE 29, 90, II3 421 North Louise Street Glendale, California SILLERMAN, DOROTHY KATHRIN 20, 54, 57, II3 221 North 3rd Patterson, California SIMPSON, BARBARA fMRS.j Box I3 Redding, California SIZER, PATRICIA 2946 Magnolia Street Berkeley, California SKITTONE, JEANETTE DOLORES 57 Route 2, Box 891 Modesto, California SMITH, ANITA DUNLAP 64, 87 190 Onwentsia Road Lake Forest, Illinois SMITH, DORIS JOAN 29, 86, 108, 121, 122 I3l2 Solllll Galveston Avenue Tulsa, OklZllI0lIII1 SMITH, MARGARET PIERCE 73 2025 State Street Santa Barlmara, California SMITH, MARIAN 1491 27th Street Ogden, Utah SMITH, MATY ANDA 28, Q2 Natoina. California SMYRL, FRANCES KITE 73, 86 708 North l'CllIlSYlV2lIll2l Roswell, New Mexico SOEHREN, IRENE ELIZABETH 704 Main Street Dallas, Oregon SORRELL, RUTH PETZKA 28 R. F, D. 1-24A Calistoga, California SPAETH, ELIZABETH LOUISE 73 2I06 Orrington Avenue Evanston. Illinois SPAINHOWER, CATHERINE JOY 29 Lone Pine, California SPAINHOWER, EMMA JEAN 57, 92 Lone Pine, California SPIELBERGER, LUCILE ALBERTA 73 424 Calle Perez Manila, Philippine Islands SPOHN. MARYANNA QM RS. CHANDLERJ 57 401 South Mai11 Goshen, Indiana SPOONER, MARY MARCELIA 29 Middletown, California SPROULE, MARY ELIZABETH QQ Box 222 Montebello, California STAMM, MARY JANE 29, 93 Pysht, Washington STEPP, SARA VIRGINIA 64, 87 633 North Milton Avenue NVl1ittie1', California STEINBERC. ELLEN Box 836, Warson Road St. Louis, Missouri STEVENS, EMILY MCILVAINE 20, 21, 58, 64, 100, 104, 105, 107, I08 929 Buena Vista Street Sot1tl1 Pasadena, California STEWART, HERMIONE DELIVER 64. 92, 107 2220 Fairmount Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota PNER, MURIEL RUTH 53, 115 Route 5, Box 1449 Sacramento, California NATALIE So. 87 5835 East I7lll Avenue Denver, Colorado STROTI-IER. LOIS 1070 Forest Court STURGIS, EILEEN STU RM, MIGNON Lee I-lotel SULLIVAN. PATRICIA Scarsdale Lodge SULZBERGER, ANN 1015 Hyde Park Botilerartl SUMM Y, SHIRLEY Palo Alto, California Sonoma, Californian 525192 Yuma, Arizona 0, 21, 29, 74, 89, too, 110 Scarsdale, New York 73 Cl1icago.Illin0is 20, 22, 80, 108. 122 204 N. W. tgth Oklahoma City, Oklaliontzt SUMNER, ELIZABETI-I ANN 64, 88, gg, 94 2141 N. W. Davis SWENSON, HELEN JEAN 1140 West Acacia Street TAGGART, KAY TANC. IRENE YEN ti Chien Kon Tai Hntnng Portland, Oregon 1g,20.28, 100 Stockton, C2llll'Ol'lIiil 80 Cowley, Wyoming It-'est Peking, China TAYLOR. MAXINE YVONNE U 53 5OI 3rd Street, S. W. Little Falls, Minnesota THIELEN, LOUISE CLARA 28, 97 1233 40ll1 Street Sacramento. California THOMAS. MARY JANE 53 1515 Morrison Street Madison, Wisconsin THOMSON, MARGARET LOUISE 20. 73, 107, IOS lll5 Winsor Avenue Piedtnont, California TH U RSTON, MARY ELIZA BE"l'H I4 I5 Granville Avenue 20, 21, 29, 66, 100, 104, 108 Chicago. Illinois TICKELL, JEAN 53 052 Forest Avenue Palo Alto, California TIDD, HELEN MOORE 80, 87 I0-1 West 21st Street Hutchinson, Kansas TIEDE, MARGUERITE 64 6624 Outlook Avenue Oakland, California TIEDEMANN, NANCY RUTH 53, 1 18 705 Ocean Avenue Monterey, California TORGLER, MARJORIE MARY 73, 106 IQSO N. E. Frexnont Street Portland, Oregon TOWNSEND, MARY ALICE 53 1800 Dupont Avenue S. Mitnteapolis, Minnesota TRABUCCO. PAULINE CATHERINE 29 Mariposa, California TRAUNG, BETTY MAE 53 347 Santa Ana Avenue San Fraticisco, Cz1lil'o1'nia TUPPER, ELIZABETH 80. II2 3635 Huntington Fresno, California TURNER, NAOMI JANE 57 191 Frederick Street San Francisco, California TWIST, MARJORIE B RAUDE fM RSA 29 4033 Daisy Street Oakland, California TYSON, HELEN, 29 405 East Pedregosa Street Santa llarhara, California UCI-IIDA, KAY IQII Stuart Street UWANO, MOTOKO 64, Q2 Berkeley, California -1 -9 53 Nishi Nakagavara Machi Shimogamo, Ky0t0.Japan 148 ' PHHSHNS HNH PH Dr. and Mrs. Walter Avery Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bankerd Dr. Hans Barkau Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Blyth Mrs. Elmer E. Brinckerhoff Mrs. Robert J. Burdette Mr. W'il1iam Cavalier Mrs. Edward W. Clark III Mr. John P. Coghlan Mrs. Edward Cunningham Mr. Butler Disman Mrs. Hugh T. Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. Gus O. Ford Mr. and Mrs. F. Julius Fox Mr. VV. P. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Giblett Mrs. Edward F. Haas Mrs. I. XV. Hellman, Jr. Mr. Charles Kendrick Dr. and Mrs. Victor B. Kieffer lHHNl3SlS Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. Joseph L. Marshall and Mrs. George B. Mauser and Mrs. Maxwell Claypoole Milton Dr. and Mrs. Lynn L. Myers Mrs. Nettie S. Myers Mrs. Charles F. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noble Right Reverend Edward L. Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Carol Ridgway Mr. Will D. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. James R. Saunders Mrs. Stella Guile Scarlett Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Leland Wilson Scarlett and Mrs. J. H. Sheets and Mrs. H. B. Smyrl Charles Lee Tilden and Mrs. Roland B. Tupper Frank W. Wentworth and Mrs. Jesse F. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Wolff VAN CLEAVE, ELIZABETH 26 Kingsbury Place VAN FLEET, JOAN ELIZABETH 20, 22, 53, 86 St. Louis, Missouri 523' "3 1601 Lasuen Road Santa Barbara, California VAN LOBEN SELS, LUCY LOIS 82 Courtland Sacramento County, California VAN NEST, ELMA 148 North Moore Street Princeton, New Jersey WADDOCK, JANE 53 415 Scott Avenue Kerkwootl, Missouri WAGERS, ARLA 30 Box 263 Healsbnrg, California WALTER, MARGARET 53, 91 1045 Vallejo Street San Francisco, California WALTER, RACHEL 53, 122 227 Washington Santa Fe, New Mexico WARDLAW, ANNE MOORE 64 Inspiration, Arizona WARENSKJOLD, DOROTHY LORRAYNE 73 1164 Sunnyhills Road Piedmont, California IVARNER, JANIE RAE 80 1523 E. North Columbus Glendale, California WATSON, DOROTHY AGNES 80 23 West Brentmoor Park St. Louis, Missouri WEAVER, DORA LUCY 30, 88, 90, 93 212 East Mendocino Street Atladena, California WEBBER, JOSEPHINE BROWNE 50 23 Piedmont Court Pied1n011t, California WEIGHT, DOROTHY L. 30, 1 IO Wailuku Maui, Hawaii WEISS, MARGIE JANE 73, 92 2448 Presidio Drive Silll Diego, California WEITZ, MARJORIE 30 1115 Underhills Road Oakland, California WELCH, MARJORIE RUTH 30 5230 Hillen Drive Oakland, California WELLS, BETTY FARGO 53, 89 710 North Garlield Pocatello, Idaho WEST, SUSAN FAY 64 2635 S. W. Park Place Portland, Oregon WETHERBY, MARILYN GRANT 30 Bear Lake, Michigan WHEALEN, ADA VICTORIA QMRSJ 1 1 1 Sutter Street San Francisco, California WHITE, RAYMOND 219 Vicente Street Sa11 Francisco, California WHITEHEAD, BETTY C. 20, 80, 90 44 North Ardmore Columbus, Ohio WHITEHURSTI YVONNE CLAIRE 64 308 South Gilroy, California WHITMORE, GENEVIEVE 80 2769 Amold Way Corvallis, Oregon SUSAN 64 East Islay Street Santa Barbara, California RUTH Street 57, 92, I06, 107 Berkeley, California JANE 57, 120 Kearney, Nebraska WILLARD, DOROTHELLE 2721 55111 Avenue 30, 110, 120 Oakland, California WILLEY, LIDA PIETON 80 505 Gootlwyn Avenue Memphis, Tennessee WILLIAMS, FLORENCE ELIZABETH 53 Gonzole Road, Route 1 Box 187 Oxnard, California WILLIAMS. GRACE FINNEY 501 West 120th Street l8,20,2l,3O,lO0,l0I New York, N. Y. IVILLIAMS, JEANETTE CAMERON 742 West Street WILLIAMS, PHEBE COULD 42133 Daisy Street Reno, Nevada 57, 1 IO, 122 Oakland, California WILLIAMSON, JANET JEFFRIS 04 32 Amherst St. Louis, Missouri WILLIAMSON, MARION PORTIA 73 805 Portola Avenue Alaxnetla, California WILLMORE, GEORGIA ANN 30, 100 7228 Creveling Drive St. Louis, Missouri WILLMOTT. IRENE 73 G Sandersville Road Lexington, Kentucky WILLOUGI-IISY, ELEANOR S0 666 Sutter Street Yuba City, California WILLS, MARGOT WARNER 30 Brook Haven Road Chester, Pennsylvania WILSEY, PATRICIA 30 128 Aragon Boulevard San Mateo, California WILSON, MARY FAITH 64. 94. 112 700 Rosemary Road Lake Forest, Illinois WILTON, ELIZABETH 53 6215 Hillegass Oakland, Calilfornia WINESTINE, JUDITH 53 5 Ivashington Place Helena, Montana WINESTINE, MINNA 30, Q4 5 Washington Place WITTE, MARGOT 2396 Liloa Rise WOLFF, JANE ALWINE 6219 Camino de la Costa WOLFF, PEGGY LOUISE 6219 Cainino de la Costa WOLSKI, l--IELGA 2265 Sacrznneiito Street I-Ielcna. Montana 20, 30, 48, QI Honolulu, Hawaii 30, 122 La Jolla, California 57 La Jolla, California 57, 106 San Fraiicisco, California WOOD. AMY 2834 Goth Avenue Oakland, California WOOD, IRENE 20. 30 3015 56th AVCIIUC Oaklatul, California WOOLACH, GERALDINE ROSALINE 80 4121 N. E. Alameda Portland, Oregon YODER, GENEVIEVE 73 402 South Lea Avenue Roswell, New Mexico YORK, RITA A. Myrick, Massachusetts YUEN, LILYAN YUK KUNG 73 1825 Poki Street l-Ionolulu, Hawaii ZELINSKY, KATHERINE MAXINE 755 2515 Steiner Street San Francisco, California ZIMMERMAN, BETTY LOUISE 57 3015 Feltz Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 0 l5ll ' IlUMlNlS To our friends, XNill D. Robertson and James K. Sebree whose unceasing patience and kindly suggestions have encouraged hard Work and made it fun . . . to Frank Colbourn, our shcriffs posse photogra- pher, who inet every deadline at full gal- lop, and to John Handel, whose little black box has captured the spirit of sports and drama . . . to Rosalind Keep, Homer T. Craig, Roi Partridge, and Winston Weis- man for their good advice and creative contributions . . . to the members of the Press Board for their cooperation and willingness to meet on short noticeg to Patricia Scarlett and her enterprising staff for keeping this book financially stable . . . to all these our most sincere thanks and gratitude. And to the staff . . . sim: qua non. THE EDITOR l5l 0 -W LAI N W W 1 I 4 I 'G I ' ki, ' , ilu: tv-, ,A ,lA,5 . i1z .zv ara 1 1 xr .

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