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1 w fy- - -X -W 1, . 7 1 T n w 1 N f i J 3 THE YEARBDUK 1938 Jlmvsnnno 0K 1938 PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF MILLS COLLEGE Q CALIFORNIA VOLUME TWENTY-THREE 1 "Ther curfains of Yesierclay drop down, ihe curiains of Tomorrow roll up: bu! Yeslerday and Tomorrow boih are." The consfanily shifiing classes combine fhe old fradifions with organizalion improved lay new ideas, inslilling each phase of campus life with uniiy of purpose and a vifal college spirit Each academic achievement cemenied by aciiviiies of hall and campus and by every' human ex- perience of friendship, builds an unforgeflable founda- 'iion for ihe years 'lo come. - We pause 'lo show fha informal cornarslones lhai- are Mills College. MESSAGE More fhan anyfhing in lhe power of human beings fo possess, 'lhe world in 'lhis spring of l938 needs human alilecfion. Everywhere individuals need 'lhe capaciry lo sympaihize, lo appreciaie, lo admire, io love. Should your college years nor permif you fo read fhe above sialemenr wiihoui' 'lhe laughier of amusemenl or of scorn, they have broughl you a scanl-y harvesi. If is quile simply a faci' lhai' fwenliefh cenfury youth musi lcnow ihe power of 'friendliness and unsellish inleresi, if 'lhey are 'fo be useful ai' home in an era where io mosl peoples "The evil days are come and ihe years draw nigh," as fhe Hebraic 'ieachers warned. a Knowledge we always need, and shall always need, more and more. Heallh, iechniques. brains . . . yes, all of lhese. Bul more we need lhe goodwill 'lhai' governs fhe use of possessions, and 'lhe oulsfrefched hand lhal shares them. We lrnow how fo produce more food per acre 'lhan ever in lhe hisfory of man, bul hunger is in many places. We know how fo manufacrure more quickly. more arficles of home comforl' and beauly, lhan were ever dreamedi of by lhe Old Woman who Lived in The Shoe or by Haroun Al Raschid himself . . . buf more people are homeless. More of us go and more quickly from counfry 'lo couniryg we lmow 'lhal no crealure need 'lerrify us, one-eyed Polyphemus. or Gian? Despair, or Apollyon . . . bul every day we inveni' more ways fo slay our enemies. we manufaclure weapons, we sfore fhem in arsenals. And why? Perhaps for ihe same reasons in iheir own way fha Romans gained their satis- PRESIDEN faclions and wroie flhe memorable lines in a language now dead as iheir empire: Video meliora proboqueg deferiora sequor. "To know righi in order jo do wrong" does give a safanic zes'r io aciion, bu? is lha+ ihe uliimale value +ha1v you as siudenis would like +o End in your experience Thar lies ahead? Thar is deslruciion noi creaiion. ' We know 'lhal' 'lhere are more sfars +o name, more deep-sea gardens 'lo visif, more diseases 'ro cure, more economic and polirical problems fo solve for ihe healih. wealfh, and happiness of living 'Phan we shall accomplish in a hundred generafions. Then, why noi begin? Have we noi learned ihal' differences may exisi wirhoui enmiiy'I To diiier in race, religion, faleni. femperameni. experience-This insures lo humaniiy variefyi richness of qualiiy. inceniive fo achievement 'fhe permuiaiionskvm combinaiions of endless, unpredicfable human accomplishment The confinenfs may iremble with ihe sound of marching feet The harbors of ihe world may be gray wi-ih dreadnauglvls and desfroyers. The sun may be in eclipse behind ihe scudding cloud of armed planes. Our college shall say +o lhe sludenis, "Life is a precious gift Knowledge, civilization, culiure develop in life nor in deafh. Growih comes about not by violence or compulsion. The world in 'rhe spring of I938 needs human affacjionf' AURELIA HENRY REINHARDT RESIDENT Our Presiclenf, wl1e+l1er here al Mills or 'Far away in a larger, groping, war-iorn world, is an ever presenf 'Force and dynamic leader in all lhaf we do or hope fo do. yn .1 A:- :PII .T P i IAM r r 1 i I 1 1 i I 4 'af i I L EW ..-'g2Ei5'J.-.f': '- nzwgf A . ., ., ,"l A,,"Q -.' .W x K ,-Razz ' ' , , ' fl' H" ," A We- L - .-' , ' A 'Y M . , 5 , U- T f mfg, ,,f:essfs,, A Q V iil L, 5 V .bn ,233 'W H lass.. w , , HMM.. A J -, ....-...,.....,.+, Pi... -- .- -..- zzzzzzz f 4,w.'fW -.1 -W .1 ..-.. . T-:jr I, . gg, ,rf v - fx, - :xr r V ' J, 4Z,z E!-2' H. U 'fs ' ff 1- - Q- P .Mb -W ...a fu ,rt f- H5-.-Y' A H ""'i'-pr'-mv .J IP J 9 gy, ".'. . WL. i j,H,Q,' V f- . Zi, :,,G,M H- ' ,.5QE:.:. 4- ,, I1 ' v' . . 4 H 3 -" . -. - U-A-,.. , 'gil iq. Vt- 11. L 'f - ' - fix: 'W --Q: ij -" 1" ' '-4-'hx A- , A ,jf ' -1,51 ,. N-I' L.- , , A ' N me l,- w L , w L-1 'KE --, EDIG TION To Cardinal L. Goodwin, who, in his +wen+y years al' Mills, has become The 'friend noi only of 'lhe sludenls whom he leads 'lo find a deeper meaning in American hislory, bui' of all Mills sfuclenfs ihrough his kindly unclersfanding and genuine inferesl in +heir hopes ancl ambifions, we appreci- afively cledicale 'lhis volume. ig? QTQM W 'YM'-. I ' i D, 'G-w. . 1 -fp 4 J In' --u .' .- :ur- -my -.- L1 -LIZ' n 1 . Q 9 ' U U , - .D A ii 0 ' . 1 1 I n ff ?'x . 04 I . I, , ... ' . . I . V D i Q . ' I t A , o ' .n -I I by F I Y . ' ' . - Q Q 4 4 v I - Qt! 3 Y 1-'lf' It nh . .5 5 , V 1 , A I F l I" 'r ' . , a - 3 ' A ' ' A 1, . ' 5 . ' 'o Y '. ' A Q . ' 0 Q - U 9 ' -mf ' - ".L ,. 1. 21 Ava .fR"'m A7 ' ' .ww 1 "Q ' ,-.'.A .j .Jw ': . -'lagqx' ' - . MP' f gpff , ,sf . , nw ', 5'. ,1 ., A ,K-:P gulf? ' sz' ' Q - . b A 01.9 'uni' 0 'fgfilx 1. v 2 . ' .I y , , . , D I 4, .4 1 1 wt 14, -N5 , 7. "4 'H , '. 4 Q ' QV . ' f AQ -' 'iii' 'Lil .ii . ,gf . ,rw .Io , - .R Ill 5 15 ,I-,343 I . ," - ", -, n' N J' , YY: ,g,':. 'IQ - - ' ' 1- ' 'I' -5' .- I? 'Uv A' fy- . ' "'1'g f'1v""'Of "'f",1 ' 'Z I e I f ' , -4 ', x p N Y , Q , Q , ' 9 ,- . 1 W. . ,. ,sm 'A-ri ' '.4 'w ' Wrf v-'if-1 - "' -1-9"'f AQ.-ff ff a--"' '- 9-Q. . X V six Ig, F 46.3-a L4 ,.1,-11. F' ,eil 9 F' I.. , 'j.-1 A3 .?2ja?hf'e-'Qjq ' kb' Ii, ' , WF ff-'hwva 1 .z' S ' I Q 1 . VA" '4 , W u' .Q , - 1 fl " sf' 7 . ,- TE -Lf"-r' """'EFf i"t712 W' 1' ff. : In - ww' Y 1' f ' ' ie:-as - ? f3v ::'f'P A' ' - ,Q-K Fila ' - , . ,,wf+ww,' f'A,r.wqy' ' -wil' ' JY' fr - - f . 'w--:--+f--- . 5 H ' U ,Q-, . 1 2 f f ' -sp ,I A J A, .A.2'9.L-5--'W " ' .' lqq I , 5 ,4.,i-.ftfjggf .gr 1, , A gif ' ., v f 4 A- ' ,, . - ffv' -'M , - A xv. 3, ,, -wr", , --f-:wif 5, in , . :, - - 5--3. H- A. V. , ,J ... , N fi 5. 1' pr. .ifi w.,,..Q-?L?q'7wnMj4'L 1' 2: , , ""' Vgzf.- 1 . . f A fi' WY.. 4 ,M AW f " Q-.W 'Hi'-f'F-gil."f"i'f' ' 'A 1. "7-' Q ' .- ' - ' ',-,, .7-.-., ,' 4' "Milan ,-'L '35-'rl-'1 T 69"-Q . ., . f - f" ' .,,.. v E --5 y -3- .fffwxf '-'L-4-f -'Q' 4"1-fr-fn-4-.' - :f '- -- ,gs-dv'-f .- - . , -,NA - K, ry., , -' ,.,7 4' h- , if ' ' .4 1 -fuk' - by - Vg V, 4, :iw N. 'fa' gig 25, 13 -,L-?s.,f'Z5 4-vs, 1 ,-- if n-f 1. wa- -gf .gf ,.,..5,y, 1 bg " ',,.g,9e',V ..,Yf,i,", rv-gg , - ' 1 rf"rW5:n.'f'5L3fll2"iu:w4':T'- 't " i-"'Pm"?L:'5':'f'- JT .. 51. V. N 'f f A C7-1 3" ff' 5 T'.'w. 'ifzfj 5'-YL MK'-?'Q?' '-'- " - A v 'JLQJ rg. ,J.W-.4.. 5 ,L this- .,r,,-1-If. 7: .up vii. V - f--..fff-' :rv -1-f fy 'L' . - .- - -fur., v . V., -as 4. .yki I A A -f,K.15., T., .I l as M, ,L Qthultar . Q ,., 'AQ 'FAI .,,- . ,ls-A ' , , .I - 1 P- " ' - f- A -A '. . . r . 1 ph ' Q H - K , -...u 1. ' 2- - ,I . ' . ', ,..." ' Q i Alfx' U , ,. a - 'ig .. 4 1 1. W Z The gafe is open io Mary Morse, newes+ home of "Ladies of 'Phe Hill." 185' .124 ii' A H , ,- f-- :E v ,.- :Q 14: A . "NA - ,f fx.. ,KH fx ,-., .-.K ,M - fx- f.!,ff,f-mfxx. -'X f'- - ' ,NP ,-...Ari r-x,.'X,f-.,f' 1- fs A fwfxvf- f-- f-, fl fx ,,,,r"x'5--f'K Wk. T' 4 The enfrance +o a world of arf and beaufy of fhe ages. fs, fsdnfxg -sf fi ,-5 ,-R, ffv,-,, fs 1-,,,"K, ' X-fx. "' fax f"XT.fx, ,-, 1-f NYJ ,fl-.J ,., -3-A 1-. 7 .rdf fx "E 2? Leisure and a sfolen, quief momenf on Pine Top. 4' .I Zin jiiflemnrp of ALICE KNOWLTON BRUCE '39 MRS. HELEN R. HAINES Head Resident Eihel Moore Hall ADMINISTRATION nv. -n ass u ll . o so ' 2 l',' I 9.50 s uv Q., , 9 a as .11 .tu 0 o Ilia 4. n . -'a . van I, f Q ,uve . Q 4 v v' 0 ,-..- . e ' on 4 u , p 1 . 1 .. 1, ng lu . n n . .- o .'u u , -. o v -,. 1 0. ,, 4 ,. 'f - . . f I.. . ,. I. ., ' .vu ',, ' . ff., "-. . . .H 0, ..- Q E .pw ,., 4 . . . . ,.,- - v 1 '. '-." 'x . .1- ' ..,' .j' . I .- . ,. ,,. ... - -. ' ' . .1 . -' .I , . . 4.',. . . .-,.,' -.,.'.' -. v - I '.s -5-.3. s sv.. - . s' ' .-. n " Q Q . ' . 1 . '1."-- s.'.'.' ' ' I :ft .".' I v,.l ll 1 .2 -, ' ". -', .-" A -v ,u. ' ' . . -."- Y, - . -g.':.,! v, 1 , -. v. . --1. , . '...f'.' u 'U' .,. . .n ,".: .. - ... . 1 1- .v-1 "u .vnu ,U a ,:.:f. PG . I .' -I' .. nn.,- ' . .. , vtqhl. 1. IJ ' .. 5. Q A ' 0 r .-n, . , . .., .- ., y A- v'n'. .' ".nq,'I , .- I q., .' Ia' .' 1 I . I -x ' 'f f o r ... ef, 'ax -'Fw-..., . I.. .5 ,,.-.. . . . - . "rt-'. ' . .. 5. is rn . .. . u ,Q .-Q . 4 , A. .. . , n al. 'fi- 4 V? l n nv 1 a 1 ' - o . o Q l ' . 1 0 0 ,Q . - 's nu - -, 'Ui .'n '- .n F n. n 1 'z ' ,' l -X TL- l't 'LP' In 'I-1? .' ,I 1 ' ' Q .7 .A . -., 'S . , sg' 'fin I' :W - ,-. ' . . , n '- . h ' . . - U s r x,, N I ' ,li 'JW nmmlsrnnnou ADMINI .2 ESTHER DAYMAN, B.A., M.A., Dean of Undergracluafe Siuclenis. Her un- failing comracleship ancl undersfanding make her fhe ideal of every Mills girl. MARIAN LONG STEBBINS, B.A., M.A., Dean of 'ihe Faculfy. An acfive acl- ing presideni who also makes hisfory in hislrionics. ELLIOT V. N. DILLER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., College Chaplain. "A Diller, a dollar, a philosophy scholar." Mingles humor and iniellecfualiiy in inspiring sermons. ETHEL SABIN SMITH, B.A., MNA., Ph.D., Convenor of 'lhe School of Graduaie Siudies. ln+egra+es gracluafes and would-be psychologisls. ccI8n TR TI N Q-W6 ai.. FANNIE A. MADISON, College Bursar. Double signs checks and con+roIs The Compfroller. Knew Mills College when. FRANK W. WENTWORTH, B.S., College Treasurer. Inves'ror and financier, he keeps +I1e college on +l1e plus side of 'Hue ledger. HOMER T. CRAIG, JR...B.A., M.B.A., College Complroller. His good looks and reforming spirii' keep every organizaiion on ifs +oes. DORIS DOZIER, B.A., Ed.M., Recorder and Secreiary of Placement Keeps 'fab on credifs and 'lime-slips and holds secref informa+ion on +I1a+ "survey course" grade. cr lqn A D I I VICTORIA FRENCH ALLEN, Chairman of Residence. Analyzing handwri+ing and signaiures has given her insighi in handling "+he girIs." ROSALIND A. KEEP, B.A., M.A., Edifor of PubIica+ions. "HusIles" people and work Io meei +ha+ deadline--wi+h compara+ively few mishaps. SIDNEY L. GULICK, JR., B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Direcior of Exiension Educaiion. .A genileman farmer by way of his associa+ion wi+h Lord Chesferfield and pulling weeds ou'I' of "Firs+ 'Ihe BIade." ELIZABETH T. THOMPSON, B.A., Alumnae Secreiary. The linlc beiween alumnae and undergraduaies. cc by RAT-I N MILDRED M. REYNOLDS, B.S., M.A., Direcfor of lns'H+u+ion Adminisfrafion Proves Thai' home managemenf-on and off campus-is an ar'r. JOHN G. BROWN, Planf Manag from frees and flowers +o fhe sfafion wagon. 01212: er. "Call Mr. Brown" +o obfain anyfhing- FACULTY ff 'ba LUCY L. ADAMS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associare Professor of English. lllus+ra'recl fhe agrarian movemenl' in American li+eral'ure lay going back fo lhe farm. WESLEY E. ARMSTRONG, B.A., M.S., Ecl.D., Convenor of lhe School of Edu- cafion. His sludenrs "experience" progressive educalion. MARGUERITE BILLARD, B.A., M.A., Associale Professor of French. Transfers her amazing appreciafion of all ar+ +o varied classes. BERNHARD BLUME, Ph.D., Associafe Professor of German. Begins 'lo uncler- sfand American humor, +o aclcl fo his European in+ellec+uali+y. cc 22 ax FACULTY fi ,se V A ybafifg H , l ' A Nj- 2: 1 . A 5' - if -1511-5,-,:' jk'-.A i , -. 'QUE' ff .' 3" 1' A -- 1 'S . ,Q , ,T 1- .Q-le V- . '- , 1- X 1 ' .' in ' f'. W., , - .L 1 ,. lcd' P ELEANOR S. BOONE. B.A. Energy and Life. EDGAR E. BREITENBACH, Pl1.D., Visifing Leciurer in Ar+ Hisiory. Now we undersfancl +l1e essence of Afhens. DOMENICO BRESCIA, Gracluale, Bo poinfs on counferpoinf +o baffled music maiors. His slring quariei' was pre- miered by fhe Pro Arie. logna Conservaiory of Music. Gives MARY C Y ogy. Known on and off campus 'For her as+u1'e work in i'l1e psychological clinic. ROWELL BURCH, B.L., M.L., Ph.D., Associafe Professor of Ps chol- cc 23 as , M.A., Assis+an+ Professor of Zoology. She's goi' I? FACULTY 5 'gMf CONNELL K. CARRUTH, B. Mus., F.A.G.0., Ins+ruc'ror in Harmony and Coi- Iege Organisf. "Fires of WiscIom" burn higher wiih her accompaniment WILLIAM W. CARRUTH, B. Mus., F.A.G.O. Ins+ruc+or in Harmony and Organ. His major and minor formulae resulf in harmony-for keyboard and s'ruden'Is. ROSALIND CASSIDY, B.S., M.A., EcI.D., Professor of Physical EcIuca+ion. Com- bines as+u1'eIy her deparimenf affairs and many oufsicle acfivifies. RICHARD R. DEMPSTER, B.A., M.A. Insirucior in Maihemafics and Physics. His sense of humor knows no ma+hema+icaI bounds. cc 24 rx FACULTY DANIEL DEWEY, 'B.A., M.A., lnsfrucfor in Hisfory and Classics. A raucous laugh and dashing sfep prove we musl be looking a+ someone else. VERNETTE L. GIBBQNS, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Convenor of ihe School of Nafural Science and Mafhemaiics. Phi Bera Kappa is her exfra-curricular acfivify. CARDINALL GOODWIN BA MA PhD C . , . ., . ., . ., onvenor of 'rhe School of Social lnsiifulions. There's nofhing like a Goodwin "good-morning." FRANClS H. HERRICK, B.A., M.A., Ph. Hisfory. Lecfures accompanied by a blush and whimsical humor. D., Associaie Professor of European cc 25 mr FACULTY GLENN E. HOOVER, B.A., M.A., LL.B., Associafe Professor of Economics ancl Sociology. Never explains anyfhing wifhouf asking a quesfion firsf. Was a Democraf lasf week. ELIAS OLAN JAMES, B.A., M.A., Professor of English. "Maybe we're a liffle foolish abouf him"-buf we're allergic fo his appreciafion. A. PRINGLE JAMESON, B.Sc., D.Sc., Professor of Zoology. Supervised fhe chain gang on Pine Top fo gef somefhing "wor+hwhile" accomplished. WILLIAM LIBERMAN, Juillard Graduafe School. lnsfrucfor in Ear Training. Direcfs fhe college orchesfra wifh finesse. cc 26 by FACULTY EDITH M. LINDSAY, 'B.S., M.A., Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion. A greaf advocafe of energy conservafion, hers seems boundless. EARLE G. LINSLEY, B.A., M.S., Professor of Asfronomy, Geography, Geology. Teaches his sfudenfs fo accepf fhe universe. EVELYN S. LITTLTE, B.A., M.A., A.M.L.S., Ph.D., Librarian and Associafe Pro- fessor of Bibliography. Her pracfical enfhusiasm for +he library is shared by all who meef her. RUBY ANN LORENCE, B.A., Assisfanf Professor of Music and Eclucafion. Conveys 'lo her sfudenfs a genuine love, as well as knowledge of music. 44215: Ab- FACULTY ELEN MARBURG B A Ph D Associafe Professor of French. Always af home H . . ., . ., fo her sfudenfs, whefher in class, in her office, or af La Maison Francaise. LUTHER B. MARCHANT, B.A., Dean of fhe School of Music and Convenor ' ' ' if nof of fhe S in fhe currenf play. chool of Fine Arfs. A Greek hero wifh a parf in our memories HOWARD E. MCMINN, B.S., M.A., Professor of Bofany. An unde-rsfanding bofanisf who has dendrologized across fwo confinenfs. r GEORGIANA MELVIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associafe Professor of Philosophy. Rapid-fire lecfurer wifh a philosophic sense of humor. 14 28 as FACULTY l F , Nl ill ll Mi ll i,g- VW i , 1 i i , ll , ,l l X, l y ll l l l l l l i 1 ' i l 5 i l . l i w , l l l i l M , , Q A i , l , l l l FLORENCE MINARD, Graduafe Rhode Island School of Design, Assisranl y l ' Professor of Arr. Nofed for enfhusiaslic sfyle in her ar+ leclures and her +oIer- li l ance of "The drama block." y 5 . . L , l 1- l ALFRED NEUMEYER, Ph.D., Associare Professor of Ari. Organizes fhe arf of , fhe ages for classroom and Gallery. l ELIZABETH OWEN, B.S., M.A., Assislani' Professor of Economics and Sociol- l l I ogy. Applies economics on sociological field +rips. i l l i , ROI PARTRIDGE, Graduare of 'rhe Nafional Academy of Design, Professor ly of Ari. The "ln+'res+ing" phases of ar+-he's one of fhem. , Vi , il cc 29 za : l l i l , i, il' ,V l FACPULTY A. CECILE REAU, Docfeur de l'Universi+e cle Paris. Convenor of fhe School of Language and Liferafure. Decorafecl by fhe Legion of Honor for service fo France, by us for service fo Mills. DOMINIC P. ROTUNDA, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associafe Professor of lfalian and Spanish. His jolly inscrufabilify excifes wonder as fo fhe plof of his own sfory. DEAN RUSK, B.A., Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory and Governmenf. ls sfudying law fo fhe benefif of all his classes, by and large. WILLARD M. SMITH, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English. His nowness and everness is as efernal as his maffer, manner, and mood. 44 39 wx FACULTY L. LOUISE S L Drama. Wifh her own +wo hands smoofhs ou? +he kinks before, and direc+s 'lechnical work behind +he curiain. TEPHENS, B.E., Ph.B., M..A., Assisfani Professor of Speech and LOVISA C. WAGQNER, B. Leaves ihe children fo develop alone, while she sees how 'Phe olher half lives. A., MA., Ph.D., Professor of Child Development LEONA ESTHER YOUNG, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Associafe Professor of Chemisfry. Measures up +o every +es'r of a good sport 1c3I bm CAP and GUWN :fs ' ,- 9.0 ..- vo Q Ol' .Q U' , as no' '. .,-' 'fa un xv. Q 0 . 0 ng n n "'l o . ' , 1 , ' -n Q' . ' ' 9 Q" cF U ' I I ' 5 g' D '1'- , Z"'.. '.f,.' .Q O. 9 l'l I 'Q s,o, 5 F 1 ... 4 1 'u .. n no SENIUR CLASS PRESIDENT "All ihe sfars call 'l'o us +o come away . . . " And one more June opens Wefmore gale 'lo fhe deparlure of anolher Senior class. Four shorf years of honesi' sfudy, of ioyous play, 'four shorf years of in'I'ellec'I'ual enrichmenf, of price- less friendship, 'l'hen down fhe "liHle road" +o newer fhings. With a fear in our eyes for lhe freshness of fhe life iusf pas'I', we 'lurn lo 'l'he fulure wi+h eager courage in our hearls, and move on 'ro ioin hands more firmly wifh 'l'he world, io bring +0 if 'rhe richness of our background, fhai' we may add +o 'rhe lineness of Hs life. by BeHy Holmes. C4 by JEANNE ANDERSON Oakland, California Maior: Physical Educaiion VIRGINIA AVERY Long Beach, California Major: English VIVIAN BALL Long Beach, California Maior: Social lnsfifufions LOUISE BARKAN Palo Alto. California Maior: Hisfory MARIAN BECKMAN Tacoma, Washingfon Maior: Home Economics MARY BECKWITH Porfland, Oregon Major: Child Developmenf BILLIE BELL Newman, California Maior: Educafion ANKA BRATICHEVICH Oakland, California Maior: French BARBARA BUNDSCHU Oakland, California Maior: English LOULA CAMERON Vicforia, Brifish Columbia Maior: Home Economics BETTY CAMPBELL Sf. Louis, Missouri Major: English MILDRED CANFIELD Porfland, Oregon Maior: Philosophy RUTH CASTNER Dixon, California Maiors: Hisfory and Social lnsfifufions GEORGINA CHALMERS La Jolla, California Maior: Hislory - RUTH CHURCH Oroville, California Maiors: Mafhemafics and Economics W W W W, W 1-W W W W WW A WW WW -W I WWW W W WWW WW WW WW W W W W ,W If W J W' I W 'W , W W W W W W W W W W W I W W W W W W W W W ' W W WW W- W1 W, ,I , W W W . cc 36 xx LUCY COWDIN Springfield, Illinois Maiors: Social lnsfiiufions and Hislory OLIVE CROTHERS Eurelta, California Maior: Educafion JANET CUTLER Forfland, Oregon Maior: Child Developmenf CAROLYN ELLIS Hollywood, California Maior: Economics DOROTHY FISHER Berlceley, California Maior: Child Developmenf HELEN FITZGERALD Valleio, California Major: Biology BARBARA FLEISHER Bakersfield, California Maior: Music JANET FOOTE Grass Valley, California Maior: Ari' FLORENCE FOX Los Angeles, California Maior: Educafion MARY JANE FREEMAN Porfland, Oregon Maior: Social lnsfilufions MARGARET GOOLD Oakland, California Major: Physical Educalion MOLLY GROUNDS Honolulu, T. H. Maior: Arf ELEANOR HADLEY Sealfle, Washingfon Maier: Social lnsliiufions VIRGINIA HALL Hoquiam,Wasl1ingfon Maior: Music RUTH HENDRY Berkeley, California Maior: Child Developmenf 1GAP.anlIG0WN .ii ff- So 11. '3--6' fe 'X an 'I-Q' 1 L -'mi we 'T fi. 44.- 14 38 rr ELIZABETH HOLMES Calisfoga, California Maier: Geography and Geology JEAN HOOD Washingfon, D. C. Major: Home Economics ROSE MYRTLE HUMISTON Denver, Colorado Maior: Music VIVIAN HURD Berkeley, California Major: Child Developmenf CELESTE JOHNSON Roseville, California Maior: Educafion MARGUERITE LABBE Porfland, Oregon Major: Arf ELINOR KILGORE San Francisco, California Maier: Zoology MARION KNUTSON Pafferson, California Maier: Economics KATHRYN KASER Phoenix, Arizona Maier: Language and Liferafure ELIZABETH LANE Phoenix, Arizona Maior: Educafion JANE LINES Pasadena, California Major: Eclucafion ELIZABETH LOUDON Yalcima, Washingfon Major: English KATHLEEN LOWREY Honolulu, T. H. Maior: Child Developmenf JEANNE McSI'lEEHY Coronado, California Maiors: Social Insfifufions and Economics EVELYN MERRELL San Francisco, California Major: Music DAP and GUWN . s . A an A ii i S In px wr ,"fs"s 4' a4!'Q"" X " I - - so 1 LLM' i Jil 1. Q -a U11 as fx :Tb EEN 'Q' Q IU' -ik fx ak iii- cc 40 an PN ELINOR MICKELSEN Peialuma, California Maiors: Mafhemafics and Economics JEAN MICKEY Chico, California Maicr: Child Developmeni BLYTHE MILLER Phoenix, Arizona Maior: Music PATRICIA MURRAY Porilancl, Oregon Maior: Music BERNICE NICOLL San Francisco, California Maior: Home Economics LA VERNE NUNES Oalllancl, California Maior: Economics MARY ELIZABETH OAKLEY Oakland, California Maior: Home Economics ELIZABETH OLDAKER Phoenix, Arizona Maior: Ari KAROLEN PARDUE San Anfonio, Texas Maior: English HELEN PATTON Berkeley, California Maior: Ari ANN PECK Sioux Falls, Soufh Dalrofa Maior: English ELEANOR PETERS Fresno, California Maior: English VIRGINIA PETERSON Chewelah, Washingfon Maior: English LOUISA POWNALL Washingfon, D. C. Maior: Ari ELEANOR QUAYLE Oakland, California Maior: Arr I AP and G UWN . qgfflifg 'D Diff ' SI 101.4 HELEN RICE Lihue, Kauai, T. H. Major: Ari' MARIAN RICHARDSON Chico, California Major: Hisfory EDITH JANE ROBBINS Seaffle, Washingfon Major: Home Economics - JANE ROSENFELD Porlland, Oregon Major: Child Developmenf IVEY ADELL RUITER Sacramenfo, California Major: Arf DEBORAH SHWAYDER Denver, Colorado Major: Music DOROTHY SHIELDS Piedmonf, California Major: Hisfory IDA SHIMANOUCHI San Francisco, California Major: English HELENE SMEDLEY Beverly Hills, California Major: French MARIAN SMITH Ogden, Ufah Major: Arf JEAN SOLOMON Canoga Park, California Major: Biology REBECCA STODDARD Honolulu, T. H. Major: Chemisfry VIRGINIA STRONG Porfland, Oregon Major: German EILEEN STURGIS Sonora, California Major: Ari MARGARET SUBER Sacramenfo, California Major: Educafion 0 S AP' 'IU' a 44 xr WILMA JEANNE SWEETSER Marfinez, California Maior: English PAULETTE THOMAS Paris, France Maior: French VIRGINIA TRUSSELL Poughkeepsie, New Yorlc Maior: Child 'Developmenf JANE TUCKER Palo Alfo, California Maior: Bofany PATRICIA TUDBU RY Berlceley, California Maior: Biology WILMA TURNER Oakland, California Maior: Economics VIRGINIA VAN DYKE Palo Alfo. California Maior: Psychology LUCILLE WAGNER Evanslon, Illinois I Maior: Home Economics DOROTHY WAIT Oalcland, California Maior: Psychology ELIZABETH WALLERSTEIN New Yorlr, New Yorlr Maior: Child Developmenf HARRIET WILKINSON Phoenix, Arizona Maior: Child Developmenf DOROTHY WISEMAN Oakland, California Maior: Ari' - w w CAP and GDWN . SENIOR ACTIVITIES Senior year-lhe lasl of Iour increasingly full years: June-lhe end of 'rheir gloriously heclic acliviliesp and approprialely, Senior Acfivilies al lhe end of a full book. The Senior Class will be remembered in many ways, and one of lhem will be in cap and gown forming for academic procession. So lel us look al lhem for lhe leaf lime as lhey slowly pass The resl of lhe undergraduales. JEANNE ANDERSON, who is probably carrying a Iennis racquef under her arm as her inleresl and aclivify in 'rhe Tennis Club warranls, passes along wilh BETTY ARTHUR, a iunior iransler, who has Iefl her posl in lhe Hislory Building where she is oflen found. Nexl' comes VIRGINIA AVERY who rounded her aciivilies as presideni of German Club, Yearbook and Weekly adverlising slaflis, chairman of iunior class, social head and presidenl' of Mary Morse Hall, vice-presidenl' of lhe Associaied Siudenls and lhe second semesler presidenl, Judicial Board, Palladium, and Phi Bela Kappa. VIVIAN BALL was on lhe social service commillee, had a long sporls parficipaiion, Peace Aclion Group and Sludenl Forum commilfee. LOUISE BARKAN was a mem- ber of German Club, Chapel Guild, Music Club, business manager of Yearbook, Orienlalion commilfee, Mary Morse fire-chief, and presidenl of lhe Episcopal Group. MARIAN BECKMAN was presidenl' of rhe Home Economics Club, represenialive lo ihe Nalional Home Economics Convenfion, member of Chapel Guild, Cra'F1'smen's Club and campus archery manager. MARY BECKWITH, Ouling Club, Bil and Spur, sophomore governing board, Lower Division Formal commilfee, was secrelary and absence head of Mary Morse Hall, and chairman of Social Service commirlee. A iunior lransfer, BILLIE BELL, was Fashion Tea represenlalive in Mary Morse, member of Dance Club and look parl in lhe Symposium. Walking near her is DIANA BROHASKA, also a lransfer, who passes conversing wilh ANKA BRATICHEVICH, who was secrelary of French Club and member of Spanish Club. BARBARA BUNDSCHU comes along 'lalking rapidly wilh Belly Campbell. "Bun" was 'freshman represenlalive on Elhel Moore Hall Council, reporler, Sunday nigh+ edilor, edilor-in-chief and reporler again of lhe Weekly, Drama Associa'Iion,' Press Board, Public Relalions commillee, chairman sludenl 85lh Anniversary commillee, Paladium, campus publicily manager, managing edilor of Mills Manuscripls, and co-ediior of 'lhe Handbook. BETTY CAMPBELL hurried as lreasurer, vice-presidenl' and presidenl of Elhel Moore Hall, lreasurer of Alhlelic Associalion, Weekly reporler, news-ediror and associale edilor, Yearbook feaiure edilor, Drama Associalion, publicify manager of '36 Fashion Tea, adverlising and business manager of Mills Manuscripls, English Club, Palladium, co-edifor of Handbook, and edilor of Firsl lhe Blade. LOULA CAMERON, who was vice-presidenl of Home Economics Club, passes clulching a bafhing cap, probably going +o assume her dulies as campus swimming manager. MILDRED CANFIELD, member German Club and vice-presi- denl of Music Club, College Orcheslra, Elhel Moore fire-chief, and Phi Bela Kappa, wears a red calolre under her Oxford cap. RUTH CASTNER huslles along, having been aclive in Ouling, Spanish and Racqueieers lpresidenll Clubs, Chapel Guild and Field Week manager in '37, GENA CHALMERS has lefl her horse, buf we know she was presidenl of Bil and Spur, member of Chapel Guild, l937 Fashion Tea commiH'ee, iunior governing board, Efhel Moore absence-head. RUTH CHURCH also aclive mem- ber of Alhlelic Board, was campus fennis manager, member Chapel Guild, Orienlalion commillee, Mills Hall absence-head, vice-presidenl Malhemalics Club and Yearbook snapshol edilor. LUCY COWDIN was a member of French Club, Choir, Music Club, campus golf manager, Mills Hall social chairman, Yearbook copy ediior, associale ediior, ediror, Sfudenl' Forum commillee, edilor of lhe Alhlelic Associa- 'Iion Handbook and Phi Bela Kappa. The French Club, Choir, Weekly slalif, Orienlalion commiilee and Music Club occupied OLIVE CROTHERS, who seems lo be momenlarily separaled from Lucille Wagner. JANET CUTLER is hunfing for Jane Rosenfeld, bul we see her long enough lo remember she was a iunior Transfer and member of lhe Orienlalion commillee. CAROLYN ELLIS chars wilh DOROTHY FISHER, 4446s VIVIAN HURD, KATHRYN KASER and VIRGINIA HALL over ihe proper posilion of 'Iheir caps- slraighi or cocked, buf The argumenf passes beyond our ears. Nexr HELEN FITZGERALD-Chapel Guild, Aihleiic Associarion, Weekly and Yearbook s+aI"fs. Orienrarion and Music Club, passes pracficing a 'Few gesfures +o be used as campus song leader. BARBARA FLEISHER, French Club, Music Club, Weekly sraff, Aihleiic Associarion, rose in Mills Hall from secreiary, absence-head, social head 'Io president JANET FOOTE was social head of Siudio Club, Orienrafion commifiee, Bibliophile Socie'Iy and absence- head of Orchard-Meadow. FLORENCE FOX, hurrying from pracrice ieaching, falls inio line wiih MARY JANE FREEMAN, member of Yearbook siaiii, Social Service commiiiee, Chapel Guild, Dance Club, Eihel Moore fire-chief, and Phi Bela Kappa. MARGARET GOOLD, chairman of non-residenfs, iunior governing board, Dance Club, presideni of Pem Club, advanced in 'Ihe Afhleiic Associarion fhrough many reams fo campus baseball manager, vice-presidenf and presideni. MOLLY GROUNDS was fresh- man represenfarive on 'rhe Olney Hall Council, vice-presideni' and presideni of 'Ihe Hall, A+hle'ric Associa- Iion publiciiy manager, and secrefary, Weekly siafli, chairman of Hall vice-presidenrs and member of Palladium. ELEANOR HADLEY was on 'freshman governing board, Social Service commiH'ee, chairman Chapel Guild, freasurer Erhel Moore Hall, chairman Sfudeni Forum, Peace Acrion Group, chairman American-Japan Srudenf Conference, Judicial Board and Palladium. RUTH HENDRY, member of Arhleiic Associafion and French Club, hurries Io fill up fhe widening gap in The line and BETTY HOLMES is on her heels. Berry was freasurer, secreiary and presidenr of Olney Hall, campus archery manager, presidenf senior class, Judicial Board, presidenf of Palladium. Nexf, JEAN HOOD, Chapel Guild, Ou+ing Club Cabinef, freasurer of 'Ihe Associafed Sfudenrs, secreiary Home Economics Club, Press Board, and campus publicify manager. ROSE HUMISTON hums along 'rhinking of 'The Music Club of which she was social head, Chapel Guild, Weekly reporfer and presidenf of 'Ihe Chrisiian Science organizalion. CELESTE JOHNSON Transferred her iunior year +o enrer info 'iechnical sfaffs of plays and Chapel Guild acfiviiies. Along comes ELINOR KILGORE, a member of Chapel commi'H'ee, Oufing Club, vice-presideni of German Club, secrefary-ireasurer of Chemisrry Club. MARION KNUTSON, also a rransfer, was Mary Morse social head, chief procior, fire-chief, Social Service commiffee, Weekly assisianf business man- ager, business manager of Ihe '36 Fashion Tea and Palladium. MARDI LABBE busied herself wifh Chapel Guild, Bi? and Spur, English Club, Drama Associarion, fhe presidency of S+udio Club, and arf edifor of The '37 Yearbook. BETTY LANE was member of Chapel Guild, Dance Club and vice-presideni' of Olney Hall. SKIPPY LINES, vice-presideni and presiden+ of French Club, Olney social head, Tennis Club, Year- book adveriising sfalif, chafs lwiih ELIZABETH LOUDON, Weekly reporler, copy edifor, ediior-in-chief, iunior governing board, and fire-chief of Orchard-Meadow. KAK LOWREY was freshman represenfafive on 'rhe Eihel Moore Hall Council, social head, vice-presidenf and presidenr, Yearbook adveriising man- ager, Afhleiic Associafion and Music Club. BECKY McSHEEHY, Ouring Club, campus baseball manager, Drama Associafion, chairman Sfudenf Forum, presideni- Spanish Club, Hall Council member-ar-large, was elecied Io Phi Bela Kappa her iunior year. EVELYN MERRELL, presideni' of Music Club, Chapel com- miffee, Yearbook business sfaff, Orienraiion commifiee, and edifor of 'Ihe Handbook, walks wiih ELINOR MICKELSEN, Yearbook adveriising sfaff, secreiary of Racquefeers, vice-presidenl' Maihemaiics Club, iunior governing board, and Mary Morse head procror. JEAN MICKEY, Weekly reporfer, Yearbook sfaff, Drama Associaiion, chais wifh MARIAN RICHARDSON over news 'from home. BLYTHE MILLER, Music Club social head, Yearbook adverrising siaff, Orchard-Meadow social head, cafches up wirh PATSY MURRAY, presidenf Music Club, Afhlelic Associafion, Orieniaiion commiriee, Weekly adverfis- ing siaff. BERNICE NICOLL and ELIZABETH OAKLEY walk along discussing Home Economics Club 44 47 xx SENIOR ACTIVITIES aciiviiies, followed by LAVERNE NUNES and ELIZABETH OLDAKER, Sludio Club, Orienlafion, and Olney Hall proclor. KAROLEN PARDUE is ge'Hing ready 'for an English Club rneeling, while HELEN PATTON, wilh smock under her gown, Ihinks abou'I 'Ihe forfhcoming Srudio Club meeling. ANN PECK was campus golf manager, publicily manager '37 Fashion Tea, Dance Club, Olney absence-head, and English Club. ELEANOR PETERS kep'I busy wilh Mills Hall absence-head, vice-presidenl' and presidenl, chapel commi'H'ee, Yearbook Snap edifor, senior governing board. Along comes VIRGINIA PETERSON, who had a varied career on 'Ihe Weekly sfaff, English Club, assislanf edilor of Jargon, Yearbook edilor, Palladium, chairman of Judicial Board, Phi Bela Kappa. LOUISA POWNALL, iunior governing board, discusses arl' affairs wilh ofher Srudio Clubbers, ELEANOR OUAYLE and HELEN RICE-sophomore gov- erning board, Olney head procior, Alhlelic Associalion. EDITH JANE ROBBINS was Weekly reporier, Orienfafion, Home Economics Club Ireasurer, and chairman of fhe Social Service commilfee. JANE ROSENFELD spenf 'lime on The Weekly adverfising sfafi and as chairman of fhe Hall Social Service com- mirlee. IVEY RUITER, who refurned affer a year's absence, was Sludio Club member, Bibliophile Sociefy, and apprenfice in The Drama Associalion. DOROTHY SHIELDS chailers by, having been Mills Hall social head, Afhlefic Associafion and Orieniaiion commillee. IDA SHIMANOUCHI and PAULETTE THOMAS seem concerned wilh Cosmopoliran Club affairs. Paulelle, from Paris, was also a member of French Club, Afhlefic Associafion, and The College orchesira. DEBORAH SHWAYDER, aclive member of Music Club convinces EILEEN STU RGIS of 'ihe imporlance of Brahms. HELENE SMEDLEY was member of Drama Associafion, and Mills Hall secrefary, absence-head and social head. MARIAN SMITH, secre- fary of Bi? and Spur, Sludio Club, Bibliophile Socieiy almosf bumps in-Io JEAN SOLOMON, who was Mary Morse fire-chief, social head, vice-presidenf, member iunior governing board, Ouling Club. BECKY STODDARD, Alhlefic Associafion, Orienrafion commilfee, presidenr Chemislry Club, walks wiih VIRGINIA STRONG, presideni' of 'Ihe Associafed Sludenls, freshman class chairman, Mills Hall head procior, vice-presidenf, presideni, vice-presidenl German Club, sludeni assembly chairman, AI'hleI'ic Associarion, Judicial Board, and Palladium. MARGARET SUBER was a member of Music Club, Chapel Guild, and OrienI'a'Iion commiilee. WILMA JEANNE SWEETSER varied her inleresfs as publicily chair- man of Afhlelic Associarion, Weekly reporler, Yearbook slaff, secrelary of English Club. Sludio Club. FUDEKO TAMATE was Cosmopolifan Club, Weekly sfaff, lilerary edilor of Mills Manuscripls, and vice-presidenl of English Club. LOUISE THIELEN, a iunior Iransfer, was Sludio Club publicily chairman, Afhleiic Associafion, Yearbook Ari edifor, and Bibliophile Sociefy. JANE TUCKER advanced in Mary Morse Hall from secrelary, vice-presidenl Io presidenl, Weekly reporler, Sunday Nighl' edifor, associale edilor, secrerary Bil and Spur, Ouling Club, Chapel Guild, Phi Bela Kappa. PATRICIA TUDBURY, Bil' and Spur, campus hockey manager, secrefary German Club, presidenl Racquereers, Mary Morse absence head, presideni English Club was elecled 'ro Phi Bera Kappa. WILMA TURNER is ofren seen on lhe 'Iennis courrs and was a member of 'Ihe Orienialion commiliee. LUCILLE WAGNER, freshman govern- ing board, vice-presideni, presidenf Home Economics Club, presidenf Chemislry Club was Phi Be'Ia Kappa in her junior year. DOROTHY WAIT and ELIZABETH WALLERSTEIN, Music Club, Judicial Board, walk rogerher, followed by HELEN WEBER, Orchard-Meadow secrelary, Alhlelic Associalion, chairman of Assembly ushers, and DOROTHY WISEMAN, member of Bil and Spur, Srudio Club, and Ari' edifor of Ihe Yearbook. The I938 seniors have passed in review. And as in academic processions, 'rhey will be 'followed by ofher classes, buf Iheir places will always be, in many ways, unique l'o'l'l'1is class alone. 44 48 xr HALLS U 1. ,Jv .- Q ' .,5 n 'nr o 00 on nh ,.,. u,-- ... ' Q 1 . s-. - . . . . I '.. .- 0' n 'rin In 1--'t x v PT . .. '-J fan . .- a' ' Q f, .. . .. 5. . fl' ."' nn... . . . .. . '.'s. no 'P lv. -v .- Q "A -' .eg . 'M 9 U Hoi' . 'I zu, , . Q ', 1" Y, .,,.. 3.. rl- "' "u,. 45" .. o " .., 7, .0 TM" T.. . I' . 1 .L . "'u:.. 'Music . u, ' HI!l1. 'n v 'U 1'.'l" "vnu, "a'5 anal: . 5 -.,s . . 1 ,gl . . .-':: 2. .---L' - .,', 0 5 .Iss -I 1,-an . ,,,n ,Q In n ,, n. sa Q' 17.--' 'la 0 f,,, 1 H- rv.. . Oo SI. -.P ,.v. .. It lv . r' . Ivy , . . - ,IJ7 -5' ::,"I' ' 0302: v I . . f.f. I' . ,.'ut0." ,an ul s -' , n :-' ,ps Q . 'u 1 4 o .1 .- as 4. . , u A J, 4,3-4941.4 g, M .7 Q 1.1 . a .-. 1 , . . nf' ':' 4.'5'1' a . ' I gg' lv .1 , . . .iii fn. ,. ! ,. . .. PJ, .-,. f ,J "nv 'Q . I P., M' 'Q' u -1 1 J 4. .W ' . . 2 'f:.-'., . . . ' ' ' ' X " . ff L ,,. ,aiiznsa ,. H LA . ,. 4, . tk- I , - - '- '-' - Q" '. '. .' - ' V- 'vi .ua Q ,., ,.-, 5:-,.... .tty 1.1 ..:' ,. - , - .. 1 . E ' , Os. ' -0 '-.-- . . ' Q '. -..' o .Ez 3 ' gn , , ' o U -'ge' ' .'.'.. 5... . 1- '-1 - . . , I . s--- ' . .:... - . ' .. . ' '.q 5... , I. S ' .,. . . . O , . . ... ' ...-,- . . 4--1, -,- ' 'B 1 ' .. ' U. . . ,- .. . 'na Y I - 5. ,n ' . -- 9 , .. -, . ., . . ,,,r, - l'-',.- ..,, -0, I :iq 1 1:,:'. - .41 1.4 , :.' . . . ' ' ' . - ... 1, : - ' . . . --f c-'5-- - .' S.,-. . ':1..:.fI: L' . ' ' , -'. v, -., , .Fa I 1 di. os.i-...,. -. . . . . . . W ! :--iv' .- I, ' Gif. . 1, 's . '."-,' ' Q . . -5. 4-.,-2'-Z.-1 '--, , .0 .I-...-. ' . --,3.'-,- .P"-. .' J .1-1 Q ' -'ui 'L' ' .- .-. H. --3 . , . Q . 3.3-.-,. ip., ' x -5 1... . ', .. .. . . ':..:n:N.. .'f':' - riff". -v 'o -1 ':'Z'.". . . ,bt ...nn . ' ,LA ..,,- , .." , if . is. o Q . - - -.1 .' I . -L . . .Any .. ' o , , . ' I Lg" ini. 5 u I Q I 9 ., ' , :D .n 1- . . Q U .' - ' -'- .f . - ..-' . " 'SL ' . - 4, ' I ' ' . ' . - ' . '- -. n ' . I I ' u .Q f , x 0 , , - .fr ' ig. .- -.-2.2.1. ' . , ,. 71' 4,09 u M, -N! f, ., ,. , , ' ff! .. va J NJ." f- ". ' . - . rw- ' , . .-.. . fc, ,j...,.-.'. .. t,. ,,.' L 1 . . . D . 1 lf." -W 0 ,....'. . ' 5 -sgcrf. H. ' " ., a .u o u ' ff. . . 5 nf- -- .F"f--.-.I-- ' ' . - . 1 - . - , f eq.--.' 1i.iL?N,.' 0'., . .'.. 5 . . 13' ,,... - . -, , D 3 -....... ,..,-- ' 'S sl!!-.. '. . '-. .-ZZ" ' "."" .H :.- - - - 7'-1' ng... , I -F Z.:-.-' . ., . . 4 a'.. f I. - X .'-' , -. . "I .ar--... .-.'- '-::- .- . - . ' , s ' I- .o. 1 " . Q . --P .-11 ,".' '. . , . 't,--- ' s r '..", ' . . , l,.,- - 01,1 Y.'p.. ' . ' I , ,-at wk -g . '. - ' - A s - . wil .. , ' . ',, ' , f ' ...-, , .x1.. Uh... - .9 N' u , '- 4---- .. 1' 1 x .- -. . eg,-.. A ,aw - , - . - ig, - , --Ru - . -, Q.. .7 "Q, , .-: ,, '. ' .- "- . ' ,.' I-'lj Q". ".:.'. n, . v . . - fn.. . - f Q ,.. , , - . - . 12'-j. , - , .zu ..- . . - 'I' - '-if-' .. ' '. "1 , ' , tl hd.: ..v -4.5, -. .- - . -. ' - .. ,-., '..,.. I...- r . . ' " ' Q f 'L-.- ' .Ja 9 so 1 0 ' .. , ' f.. ' . . . ' ' .s . . S' .. ' -g ' ' Q ', n.. ' . V hh... ,r un '. . h: 5: ' , ,v ' tl: -' g '. f .5- .' I nv, '.": 'if 1 ' 'W f L ' , I, W ' px 1 in w 1 , 51" ..- ws ,.s' .n . u ", o'.v u' . 0 'ie' ,': vs. . n ' 1 .u.o , '.,.-u 0 , ' ' 4 u Q Q A ' ' o 4 t . , Q 1 . ' 4 I . r ' u a . . 11,1 I 'PNL '15 r ff 5 -.., r fn .- X1 ,A X -4- , fifll A s I' ll if i .- ' " K . 4. M" :- ' nj:-3 .11 14 ' -. I' ark gfvzg :-qi...-,zz-::d : pu.. A 6 A m:-"'.- -- - '- . 'A Q, ,T-,1,:::,f".' - .' 3 - L-' .' I ' Sw, ', ' - ' " FT-T.. '- -, ,:cL'.,...,. ., , . I- if.. it-.'Q.:., ' ' ' , .f-,.'.v' , ' "'-'fL','-13 D ' - -'-'.32l- '. ' ' '- , .... ' ' -',1."2-71 .J .' ,. ,g.,,- . . I- . , ..- I 'V'-..,' . ' --,-: he -.xg Q., . -,- . . . . ,-5,-. - -4. .A a.. 3 . : , . JN- ',-"1- 'x' ,.-1:--.. , y' ,.I'- ' ' ' ' u 'tf'v ,'Q".x -.1 '. -' -.:x- -. . :-' . K Q pwrz. . . 'll'-'.:..::, I ,..3l 4. '.- nip- - ' ' -..- -' '. 1-, .33 .. . . X , Q, ' :ig-1. . :-.fy Q1-.iw-'f' Y '. '-bf.-. . l . .-:.. ..- ,:' .v x:'?1'- ' , Q ,AF .1 .I . 1 4.3 7 ' .l' .- ','." U . 'p.g.:.:.f'-' ".'.'3 ' L-501 TI" Beffy Campbell Miss Margaref Arm cc 50 xx sfrong Helen Frank ETHEL MDURE HALL Efhel Moore prospered fhis year under a council whose energies in behalf of fhe hall knew no bounds. Beffy Campbell and Helen Frank made equally enfhusiasfic and able presidenfs. Vice-Presidenf Kafhleen Lowrey kepf her end of fhe execufive work in smoofh running order, while Beffy Pickeff and Sue Armsfrong procfored bofh wisely and well. Gena Chalmers' cool capabilify under fire as absence head was approximafed only by fhaf of her successor, Mary Jane Sfamm. Thanks fo social heads Adele Anderson and Peggy Walfer, gala evenings were neifher few nor far befween. Margery Ann Hale and Mary Le Moyne as secrefary and freasurer made a fine pair of running mafes, followed by Mary Sue Zelle and Paf Meyer in fhe same posifions. Peggy Walfer and Mary Jane Freeman planned and execufed flawless fire drills. Members af large were Mildred Canfield and Gena Chalmers. The Efhel Moore "no-dafe" dance in Sepfember was reporfed-fo slip info fhe ver- nacular-a wow. ln facf all of fhis year's parfies enioyed a repufafion for success and originalify fhaf could only have been acquired by frue merif. There was a Chrisfmas dance held as a prelude fo fhe holiday season, and in fhe spring an upper division dinner dance for fhe formally inclined. Mosf amusing parfy of fhe season was fhe "Ozark Mounfain Ball" af which couples danced everyfhing from fhe shag fo fhe Virginia Reel fo fhe music of an accordion. Inferesfing murals carried ouf fhe hill-billy fheme. The hall formal fea was an opporfunify for fhe hosfesses fo enferfain delighffully fhe resf of fhe school and oufside friends. Memories: Third floor seniors franquilly brushing fheir feefh under fhe iaundiced eye of fheir work of arf, Sfella .... Bankerd pounding ouf "Tofem Tom-Tom", while rec room walls shake in rhyfhm. u5In Buck Chalmers rides again. c452n .ee J ADELE ANDERSON Upper Division SUZANNE ARMSTRONG Upper Division LOIS BANKERD Lower Division CATHARINE BEALS Upper Division ANN BERN HA RD Lower Division BETTY BLOOMQUIST Lower Division HARRIETTE BUCKNER Lower Division JEAN CHURCH Lower Division MARIAN COTTON Lower Division DORIAN DODGE Lower Division CHARLENE DRIVER Lower Division MILDRED EBERLE Lower Division JANE EDDY Lower Division MARGARET ENGEL Lower Division LOUISE EWALT Upper Division DALE FAIRCHILD Upper Division HELEN FRANK Upper Division HISAKO FUJIWARA Upper Division ELEANOR GI LLETT Lower Division CHARLOTTE GO U LD Lower Division Q ETHEL MO0RE HALL ELIZABETH GRAY Lower Division RUTH GRUNER Upper Division MARGERY ANNE HALE Upper Division MIMI HENNING Upper Division MIRIAM HENNING Non-Degree AMBER-GAYLE ILES Lower Division KATHLEEN JACOBSON Non-Degree VIRGINIA JAMES Lower Division PHYLLIS JONES Non-Degree JANE KEELING Lower Division MA RJO RY KEN N EDY Upper Division ISABEL KIEFFER Lower Division LUCY KILMER Lower Division ELIZABETH KLOCKSIEM Lower Division JEAN KNISKERN Lower Division DO ROTHY LA RSON Lower Division MARY LE MOYNE , Lower Division BETTY LE PAGE Upper Division BARBARA LETTS Lower Division CARLYSE LOHSE Non-Degree ETHEL MUORE HALL fin "We can'1' afford a carriage cc 53 va 6 Assembly cur? cc 54 an LO RRAI N E LUM Lower Division CONSTANCE MACKINTOSH Lower Division MO RISE MARTIN Lower Division PATRICIA MEYER Lower Division CAMI LLA MOLGAARD Upper Division MARJORY MONTGOMERY Lower Division ADA NEVI LL Lower Division PEGGY NEWBAU ER Special JEAN O'BRIEN Lower Division JEAN OVERTON Upper Division BETTY FICKETT Lower Division JOAN POOLE Lower Division JEAN RICHARDSON Upper Division ADELE ROCK Lower Division MARGARET ROCKWELL Upper Division MARY MARGARET RUPP Upper Division JANE SEYBOLD Non-Degree SALLY SPALDING Lower Division MARY JANE STAMM Upper Division JEAN STOTT Lower Division ETHEL Moon: HALL MIGNON STU RM Lower Division LOUISE THIELEN Upper Division MARY JANE THOMAS I Lower Division NANCY Tl EDEMANN Non-Degree BETTY TRAU NG Lower Division MOTOKO UWANO Upper Division BETTY VAN CLEAVE Lower Division LOIS VANDERBILT Lower Division MARTHA VANDEWARK Lower Division JANE WADDOCK Lower Division MARGARET WALTER Upper Division MARY WEBB Upper Division VALLE WEBER Lower Division BETTY WELLS Lower Division FLORENCE WILLIAMS Lower Division GEORGIA ANN WILLMORE Upper Division ROBERTA WILLMORE Lower Division JUDITH WINESTINE Lower Division MARGOT WITTE Upper Division MARY SUE ZELLE Lower Division ETHEL MO0RE HALL Y' 4" ng' .QQ They're all "fops". 4455s, 5. Q Jane Tucker ,as Miss Pat 4:56a ricia Geen f' 9 W Pafricia Gre en Mnnvmonse HALL Fiffy fhousand Phi Befes can'f be wrong, and apparenfly fhey all chose Mary Morse for fheir college home. Firsf and second semesfer presidenfs, Jane Tucker and Paffy Green, spenf a goodly porfion of fheir respecfive adminisfrafions frying fo decide on fhe pracficalify of building a niche for fhe scholarship cup. Jean Solomon, vice-presidenf, abeffed fheir schemes. Joy Spainhower followed Mary Beckwifh in fhe posf of absence- head. Lois Freed fook fhe place vacafed by Helen Marshall as arbifer of fhe hall's social desfiny. Beffy Zimmerman and Angela Schmick, fwo financial wizards from Cincinnafi, confrolled fhe money bags, while Mardie Herlihy filled fhe appreciable gap made by secrefary Marfha Pafferson. Elinor Mickelsen followed PaH'y Green as preserver of fhe peace. Marion Knufson and Louise Barkan divided fhe responsibilifies affendanf on fhe posf of fire-chief. Firebrand Becky McSheehy was appoinfed member-af-large, suc- ceeded by Dora Weaver. Acfive in fhe social field was Mary Morse fhis year. They began wifh 'rhe usual "no-dafe" dance and confinued wifh fwo dances infriguingly sfyled "Naufical buf Nice", very informal, and "Bugfown Ball", a dinner-dance. The laffer parfy, we hear, caused favor- able commenf all up and down fhe coasf. The hall fea was a delighfful garden parfy held appropriafely on May Day. Memories: Tippecanoe Mcsheehy shoofing Leona rapids, giving venf fo old Cherokee war whoops fhe while . . . "Sweefhearf lBuddyl" Tudbury . . . Heyday Playday's arfisfic efforf resulfing in rec room murals .... Bridge fiends baffling fo fifanic finishes in rec room riofs .... Miss Geen's pef frogs, which defied all efforfs made fo cafch fhem wifh a bufferfly nef and wound up fheir brief buf colorful careers being carfed off in a Mack fruck. All of which was "amusing in a quief sorf of way, buf nof really helpful." 41579 K. HE Court scene, AI E 44 D CLARICE ALLISON Lower Division BARBARA ANDERSON Lower Division BETTY BEARDSLEY Lower Division PHYLLIS CARMAN Lower Division MARGARET CARY Upper Division GEORGIANA CRAWFORD Non-Degree DOROTHY DILL Lower Division MARY ETO Lower Division FRANCES FOHS Lower Division JEANNE FONTANA Upper Division LOIS FREED Upper Division GERTRUDE GALLOWAY Non-Degree RUTH JEAN GARNJOBST Lower Division PATRICIA GREEN Upper Division MARIAN H ELD Lower Division MARJORIE HERLIHY Lower Division CLARICE HICKOX Upper Division RAMONA HILL Lower Division MILDA IFFERT Lower Division CORRINNE JENNE Upper Division MARY MORSE HALL YACHIYO KUSUNOKI Lower Division CLAIRE LEVY Non-Degree AILEEN LIMBACK Lower Division KATH RYN MADDEN Isower Division HELEN MARSHALL ' Upper Division BEBE MARTIN Lower Division VIRGINIA McCOY Upper Division CLAUDINA MICKELSEN Upper Division BETTY MIGNON Upper Division ELIZABETH MINNES Lower Division BETSY KATE MOORS Lower Division FREDA MORRILL Upper Division PATRICIA NELSON Upper Division MARGARET ORCHISON Lower Division AN N E OSWA LD Lower Division PATRICIA PAULI N Lower Division ELEANO R PATTERSO N Non-Degree MARTHA PATTERSON Lower Division MARIE PHILIPS Lower Division SHIRLEY PRATT Lower Division MARY MIIRSE HALL - avi A . 'why x- 9- 4 is One sunny afierncon 'X cc xv qi is J5z'9'i 4-f yr' JACQUIE RAITER Lower Division DOROTHY RECHT Lower Division VIRGINIA ROBINSON Upper Division PATRICIA SCARLETT Non-Degree ANGELA SCHMICK Lower Division MONIQUE SCHMITZ Upper Division KATE SCHUNEMAN Upper Division RUTH SELBY Lower Division DOROTHY SHANNON . Lower Division MARY SHIMANOUCHI Lower Division DOROTHY SI LLERMAN Lower Division JEANETTE SKITTONE Lower Division JOY SPAINHOWER Upper Division DORA WEAVER Upper Division JOSEPHINE WEBBER Upper Division MARJORIE WELCH Lower Division PHEBE WILLIAMS Lower Division ELEANOR WILLOUGHBY Lower Division BETTY ZIMMERMAN Lower Division MARY MURSE HALL BETSY BOSWORTH Special Siucleni BARBARA GILMAN Lower Division ELINOR JONES Non-degree DOROTHY KIRK Lower Division LORRAINE McNEIL Upper Division BARBARA MILLER Lower Division JUNE PETERS Lower Division J U DY SOANES Lower Division DO N NA WEAR Lower Division SECDND SEMESTER STUDENTS :ar 55, . A V Solid comforf ubln -x 11 QR ,app El eanor Pete I'S S . .Jvc Z' Mrs. Ben S. Allen ic D Barbara Fleisher MILLS LL Keeping frack of who's whaf in fhe Mills Hall hall council would be no mean iob for a charfered accounfanf. The resulf of our findings reads a good deal like fhe Deparfmenf of Uffer Confusion in fhe New Yorker. lf all sfarfed wifh Jo Brizard who leff her firsf semesfer fire chief job fo Beverly Oakley and sfepped info fhe posifion of procfor leff vacanf by Margaref Suber when fhe laffer became absence head in place of Helene Smedley who was called fo fill fhe posf of Social Head deserfecl by Babs Fleisher who was elecfecl second semesfer presidenf succeeding Eleanor Pefers. Rufh Church, forfu- nafely, remained secure as vice-presidenf. Ann Claypool followed Cleo Munro as sec- refary, and Edyfhe Minaden handed fhe key fo fhe bank over fo Sybil Johnson. Beffy Alexander followed Becky Sfoddard as upper division represenfafive. They are all lovely girls when fhey're unfangled. The firsf Mills Hall no-dafe dance was a very eleganf affair wifh popular enferfainmenf provided by fhe famous "Hawaiian Trio". Then, being ufilifarians af hearf, fhe girls held an informal parfy af which fhey enferfainecl fheir guesfs by invifing fhem fo frim fhe hall for fhe following and fradifional Chrisfmas fea. Chrisfmas frolics were ferminafed in a parfy made lively by Mrs. Allen as a iovial Sf. Nicholas. The mosf excifing evenf of fhe year was fhe very swanky dinner dance held in fhe spring. Come Easfer morning and fhe Rabbif was abroad sfrewing colored eggs fhaf were as hard fo find as fhe freshman caps. Memories: All fhe various spofs where "Dubio", occasionally known as "lndubio" chose fo s+alI, apparenfly for good .... Miss Rifchie's Paris haf .... The Hallowe'en pumpkin confesf .... Singing in fhe rec room fo fhe fune of Babs Fleisher's piano playing. e639 The smile of heaHh" ci 64:2 MARY ALEXANDER Lower Division ELIZABETH ALLEN Lower Division MARJORIE ARMSTRONG Liower Division MA RTHA BLISS Lower Division ALICE BLOSSOM Upper Division CATHERINE BOOTH Upper Division BETTY LOU BRANCH Non-Degree H ELEN BREN NAN Upper Division JOSEPHINE BRIZARD Upper Division DIANA BROHASKA Upper Division KATHLEEN BROWN Lower Division BETTY JANE BUONPANE Lower Division ELO RA BURKHARD Non-Degree ANTOINETTE BUTTITTA Lower Division MARJORIE CARPENTIER Lower Division JEAN CHAMPION Lower Division AN N CLAYPOOL Lower Divisivon PALMYRE COBLENTZ Lower Division ELIZABETH COFFI N Lower Division J EAN CO LGATE Lower Division MILLS HALL JUNE CONANT Lower Division VIRGINIA DEE Unclassified MARGARET DOLPH Lower Division ROBERTA DOTY Unclassified ARLI N EATON Lower Division CARLA EDDY Lower Division HEARTIE ANNE EDWARDS Lower Division CHARLEEN EGAN Lower Division BEATRICE ELLIOTT Upper Division PRISCILLA EVERTS Lower Division ELINORE FAW Upper Division MA RY FISTER Lower Division GERTRUDE FLEISCHMANN Lower Division H ELEN FROOM E Lower Division LILLIAN GAILLARD Lower Division SUSAN GALE Lower Division BABETTE GASTER Upper Division VIRGINIA GRAVERSON Lower Division JANE GRAYBIEL Lower'Division MY RA MAY HALL Non-Degree MILLS HALL I Lei Jo in on if, Judy. cc 65 in It's a racket, Sfa'ch cc xx 5- ma HARRIET HANCOCK Lower Division ELINOR HANSON Upper Division CHA RLENE HANWAY Non-Degree JEANE HAWKINS Lower Division JEAN H EUCK Lower Division MARGARET HEVENOR Lower Division ELIZABETH ANN HEWITT Lower Division MARY HOFFMAN Lower Division ESTHER HOPKINSON Upper Division REVA HORSLEY Upper Division LAURELMAE JACK Upper Division TOMM E JACKSON Lower Division SYBIL JOHNSON Lower Division ELINOR JONES Special LOUISE JONES Non-Degree DOROTHY LARMOUR Lower Division HELEN LE MONNIER Upper Division ANN LEWIS Lower Division AVA LYNNE IVINS Lower Division FRANCES LOOS Lower Division mms HALL i I ELIZABETH LUCKER Upper Division PEGGY LUTGENS Lower Division BILLIE MANN Lower Division BEATRICE MAXWELL Lower Division CAROLINE McNEAL Upper Division MARTHA MILLIS Lower Division EDYTHE MINADEN Lower Division LUCILLE MINTEY Lower Division JEAN MISER Lower Division MARGARET MOHR Upper Division CLEOWEIR MUNRO Lower Division CATHERINE NEWHALL Lower Division MARY NO RTH Lower Division BEVERLY OAKLEY Lower Division ROSEMARY PARLIER Lower Division VIRGINIA PEARSON Lower Division CLAIRE PETERSEN Lower Division BARBARA PHELAN Non-Degree LANGDON PHELAN Non-Degree HOPE PONCE Upper Division MILLS HALL 5, Ei:-v - ' A -si I - -hum! ,4 -Egg I9 Open day and nighf. 44 61 xr Hello, yourself! 14 68 ar UHLMA MARIE POYTHRESS Upper Division BARBARA QUINLAN Non-Degree SA RA RAND Lower Division MI RIAM RAYM ER Lower Division DAPHNE RICHMOND Lower Division JUDITH RIDGWAY Lower Division ELIZABETH RU LISON Lower Division GRACE SAKATA Upper Division CAROLYN SHERWOOD Upper Division MARTHA SILBERBERG Upper Division 'PATTIE SMITH Lower Division ELIZABETH SPROULE Upper Division SARA STEPP Lower Division EMILY STEVENS Lower Division BETTY SU M N ER Lower Division GLADYS TRENT Lower Division JOAN TU REMAN Non-Degree MELLE ANN WADDINGTON Non-Degree BARBARA WETMO RE Lower Division MARTHA WH ITEHOUSE Lower Division MILLS HALL Mo lly Grounds Mrs. Edmond M GSSOI1 a 70 rr A043 Harrief Wil kinson 0LNdEY ALL Olney Hall fhis year was blessed wifh a versafile hall council. During fhe firsf semesfer Molly Grounds, columnisf, presided wifh her cusfomary efficiency and grace. Beffy Lane, a bofanisf af hearf, confinued fhrough fhe year as vice-presidenf. Under fhe Grounds regime Harrief .Wilkinson acfed as absence head, and Barbara Sfern social head, engineered original parfies. Secrefary Eleanor McClinfic's minufes added spice rafher fhan boredom fo meefings. Hall finances fhrove under fhe dispensafion of Marion Alexander, as did fhe freshmen under fhe eye of Helen Rice. Helen Turner was fire chief and Edifh Jane Robbins member af large. Molly was succeeded in fhe second semesfer by Harrief Wilkinson, skier exfraordinary. Ann Peck, she of fhe dry wif and liffed eyebrow, became absence head, while Kay Kelly broughf her arfisfic mind fo bear on fhe problems of being social head. Beffy Churchill fell heir fo fhe secrefaryship and Anneffe Williams fo fhe freasury. Elizabefh Oldaker as procfor silences fhe hall, while Eleanor McClin+ic, fire chief, does her besf fo arouse if. Molly Grounds and Beffy Ridgway were elecfed member af large and freshman represenfafive respecfively. Olney opened fhe season wifh a "no-dafe" dance. For if fhe recreafion room was dis- guised as a prison, and prison fare was served fo fhe hilarious iail-birds. A Chrisfmas dance was nexf on fhe program, closely followed by a Chrisfmas breakfasf af which Mr. Gulick played fhe unwonfed buf somehow suifable role of Sanfa Claus. Spring fesfivifies were cenfered in a highly successful formal 'rea and a gay informal dance. Memories: Queen Molly af 'rhe Arf Ball .... Successive fads of iacks, cross-word puzzles, kniffing, slap .... Miss Hodgkins' "worry club" in session, complefe wifh groans and 'foe curlings .... The nighf fhe fire engines really came .... Babcock af fhe piano. cc7I xv Aw, y' old soffie! 44 72 xx BETTY ADAMS Lower Division MARION ALEXANDER Lower Division SALLY ALLEN Lower Division JUNE ALTMAN Non-Degree SALLY AMMEN Lower Division JEAN AVERY Non-Degree JAN E BA BCOCK U pper Division BETH BAXTER U pper Division LOIS BEAZOR U pper Division GERTRUDE BIGELOW Lower Division BARBARA BLUM Upper Division BARBARA BLYTH Special JANE BOURNE Lower Division LEILANI BU RRIS Non-Degree GWEN CANON Upper Division BETTY CHU RCHILL Lower Division J EAN CLA RK Lower Division MADELINE CLARK Upper Division GEORGIA CLIFFORD Lower Division SU E COALE Lower Division ULNEY HALL VIRGINIA COGHLAN Lower Division FRANCES COLBY Lower Division MARGARET CONTRATTO Lower Division HELEN CROPP Lower Division LOUISE CROTHERS Lower Division KAROLYN CURTIS Lower Division LOIS DAVIDSON Non-Degree FRANCES DOFFLEMYER Upper Division FRANCES DOWLING Upper Division HELEN EARLY Lower Division JEAN ESHELMAN Non-Degree HARRIET FAGAN Lower Division EDYTHE FERNALD Lower Division MARY FISHER Upper Division DORIS FOOTE Upper Division ELIZABETH FO RSTER Lower Division LORRAINE FOUNTAIN Non-Degree MARY FRAN K Lower Division MARY ANN FRENCH Lower Division MADGE FRIEDMAN Upper Division ULNEY HALL fs. Want a Iiff, girls? cc ar fx? Whail No check? cc 74 nm ' " . MARY GA RDN ER Lower Division JOSEPHINE GIBSON Lower Division JOANN GILDEHAUS Lower Division NORMA GODFREY Lower Division RUTH GOLDBERG Lower Division JANE GO LDSTEI N Lower Division EVELYN GOVE Lower Division MARJORIE GREEN Lower Division BETTY-LOU HAMILTON Lower Division NANCY HELLMAN Lower Division HARRIET HELM Upper Division DORIS HILLMAN Lower Division BETTY HOWE Lower Division CA ROL JENSEN Lower Division LOIS JOHNSON Lower Division KAY KELLY Upper Division MARY KINGSBU RY Lower Division RUTH KI RBY Lower Division ANNE KNUDSEN Non-Degree MARY KUZELL Lower Division ULNEY HALL NO RMA LESAAR Lower Division MA RY LOCKE Upper Division BA RBA RA LOW Lower Division CYNTHIA LOWELL Upper Division RUTH MADLAND Upper Division PATRICIA MAGINIS Non-Degree MARY ALICE MATCHETTE Lower Division DO ROTHY McA U LAY Lower Division ELEANOR McCLINTIC Lower Division NANCY McCLINTOCK Lower Division FRANCES McGI LL Lower Division BETTY MEE Lower Division KATHERINE MEREDITH Lower Division LOIS MITCHELL Lower Division JEAN MORGAN Non-Degree JEAN MURDOCK Lower Division NORMA NEI LL Lower Division FRANCES N EWCOM ER Lower Division JAN ET N EWMAN Lower Division ELIZABETH NORRIS Lower Division ULNEY HALL f ',. "We are, we are, we are, we are 44752 There are smiles. " 44 ab DOROTHY OAKLEY Upper Division EVELYN OLDENBU RGER Non-Degree VIRGINIA PARKER Non-Degree CAROLYN PARKS Lower Division RUTH PETIT ' Lower Division PATRICIA PLANE Upper Division GEORGINE PORTER Upper Division LEE PRI NGLE Upper Division VIRGINIA PU RDY Upper Division ELIZABETH RIDGWAY Lower Division MARGE ROTHSCHILD Upper Division CA RO LYN SAM PSON Lower Division DOROTHY SCHRADER Non-Degree AILEEN SEAMAN Lower Division LOUISE SHUMWAY Lower Division MARGARET SMITH Lower Division MATY ANDA SMITH Upper Division MARY SPOONER Upper Division ELLEN STEI NBERG Lower Division BARBARA STERN Lower Division ULNEY HALL MU RIEL STONER Upper Division MARGARET THOMSON Lower Division MARY ELIZABETH TH U RSTON U pper Division MARJORIE TO RGLER Lower Division JANE TRABUCCO Lower Division PAULINE TRABUCCO Upper Division ELIZABETH TUPPER Lower Division HELEN TU RN ER Upper Division KAY UCHIDA Upper Division ARLA WAGERS Upper Division BETTY WA RN ER Lower Division MARJORIE WEISS Lower Division FLORA JEAN WHITE Lower Division JEANNE WHITE Lower Division ANNETTE WILLIAMS Lower Division MINNA WINESTINE Upper Division LITH EIA WONG Lower Division FRANCES WOODRUFF Lower Division PHYLLIS YOU NG Lower Division RUTH YOU NG Lower Division ULNEY HALL 6' G race Willie H15 aug- ,.. w.-l Mrs. Florence Sheffield cc 78 wx URCHARD-MEADDW HALL Wifh Grace Williams serenely presiding for fwo semesfers, hall meefings fhis year were led, nof driven, info a sfafe of unwonfed accord. And, when her back was furned, fhere fo fake her place sfood Paf Sullivan, unbowed by fhe all-inclusive dufies of vice-presi- denf. Margaref Duncan's "iron hand in a velvef glove" policy produced such nofable resulfs in fhe realm of freshman discipline fhaf her services as procfor were requesfed for a second semesfer. Posf exchanges in February were: Blyfhe Miller arbifer of fhe hall's social desfiny for Jinny Carlefon .... Absence Head Janei' Foofe's apologefic "There were foo many lockoufs fhis week" for Helen Weber's decisive "There musf be no more lockou+sl" . . . Minufes "Respecffully submiffed, Jane Rex" for Diffo, Elizabefh Zoernig . . . Wrinkles over monefary maffers from Helen Gregory's forehead fo fhaf of Cafherine Boyden . . . Virginia Fuller's businesslike fire drill manner for Dorofhy Frank's 2:00 a.m. drawl .... Pafsy Murray for Mardi Labbe as member af large. In 'rhe social field, an informal "no-dafe" dance for fhe freshmen fo begin wifh, all very gay and aufumnal . . . Big-game dinner wifh Sfanford cheer-leaders as added affracfion. . . . The Chrisfmas parfy,ias lighf, buf nof as fanfasfic as fhe earlier one .... The pine- bedecked living room lending an air of sedafe merrimenf, fefching if decepfive, fo fhe proceedings . . . And, wifh fhe spring, a series of informal enferfainmenfs, a formal fea, and one lasf dance fo lighfen fhe pre-final gloom. Orchard-Meadow memories .... Dorofhy Frank plunging happily fhrough fhe ceiling of fhe English building during fhe Cap Hunf . . . "Peggy" chugging up fhe drive in neufral and disgorging no less fhan fwelve passengers . . . Sanfa Claus Labbe doling ouf giffs fo good liffle girls af fhe Chrisfmas breakfasf . . . Mrs. Sheffield advising and sympafhizing. cc 79 xx Ten days of vacaiion. 41 xx , - M i-L' fi' H,-,A HELEN ACKERLY Lower Division PEGGY AUSTIN Lower Division JEANNE BEAU MONT Lower Division M ERLYN BEAU NE Lrower Division BETTE BECKETT Lower Division ELISE BENEDICT Upper Division BARBARA BISHOP Non-Degree MARY HELEN BLACK Lower Division BARBARA BLAISE Lower Division ADALINE BLANK Upper Division DOROTHY BOUDINOT Lower Division CATH ERI NE BOYDEN Lower Division JOAN BRAM BILA Upper Division MARJORIE BRAUDE Upper Division REBECCA BRINCKERHOFF Upper Division JANET BROWN U pper Division BETTY BRYAN Non-Degree BETTY BU RN ET Upper Division LELIA CAN NON Lower Division ELLEN JANE CARLETON Upper Division URCHARD- i MEADOW HALL JEAN CARLETON Lower Division MAYBELLE CLARK Upper Division PATRICIA CLARK Lower Division MYRTLEJ EAN COW LES Lower Division CA ROLYN LEE CROMWELL Non-Degree JEAN CROSSMAN Lower Division DOROTHY-DEAN CUMMINGS ' Lower Division ALICE DAUGHERTY Non-Degree CHLOE DOERR Upper Division HELEN D RAKE Lower Division AN N E DUDEN Lower Division YVON N E DU FFY Upper Division MARGARET DUNCAN Upper Division MARY ENGLAND Lower Division FLORA JEAN FELDMAN Lower Division DON NA FLAH ERTY Lower Division YVONNE FORD Upper Division DOROTHY FRANK , Lower Division ANNA FRY Lower Division VIRGINIA FULLER Lower Division oncIIAnn- Msnnow HALL Si ,rw qi? Good reading, Doffie? ccgln Easel-y done. 44 82 by DOROTHY FU RNISH Upper Division ALICE GILL Upper Division VERA GO ECK EN Lower Division. HELEN GREGORY Lower Division MARY GRU BER Lower Division MARGARET HAMILTON Lower Division FLORENCE HAWKINS Lower Division NANCY HEIZER Upper Division RUTH HEN LEY Lower Division ANNE HILLMAN Upper Division MARY LOUISE HILLMAN Lower Division PATRICIA HIND Lower division EMIKO HINOKI Lower Division MARY HELEN HOLMQUIST Lower Division ANNE HONO RE Lower Division SUSAN HOWARD Lower Division MARGARET ANN HUNTER Lower Division BARBARA JANE IDLEMAN Lower Division EDITH JOHAN NSEN Upper Division JAN E JOHNSON Lower Division URGHARD- MEADDW HALL -Q ELIZABETH JONES Lower Division JEANETTE JONES Non-Degree ELIZABETH KING Lower Division BERYLE KI NNAMAN Upper Division MARY KU RTZ Upper Division DOROTHY LEIGHTON . Lower Division MARY-LEE LIPSCOMB Lower Division FRANCES MAINO Lower Division MARGARET MANNING Non-Degree M I RIAM MAYER Lower Division BETTY JANE MILES Lower Division MARJORI E MOODY Lower Division BORGEE NG Lower Division BETSY NOBLE Non-degree NATALIE NORGREN Upper Division JANET OAKLEY Lower Division MARGARET OAKLEY Lower Division MILDRED OLSEN Lower Division BETTE ORVIS Lower Division PEN ELOPE PAULSON Upper Division DRCHARIJ- MEADDW HALL ,ax lxuv K ,- , yi Keeping up wifh fhe world cc rw L. Waifing af the gaie. xv-HQ cc 84 rr MURIEL PIERCE Non-Degree JOAN N RATLI FF Lower Division JULIANNE REED Lower Division JANE REX Lower Division CATHERINE RICHELDERFER Lower Division JOAN ROHMAN Non-Degree JANE ROSS Lower Division DO ROTHEA SCHMIDT Lower Division MARGARET SELLING Lower Division BARBARA SHOMATE Lower Division RUTH SI NTON Upper Division ADELAIDE SOLES Non-Degree RUTH SORRELL Upper Division PATRICIA SULLIVAN Upper Division SHIRLEY SUMMY Lower Division JEAN SWENSON Upper Division KAY TAGGART Lower Division Sl BYL TAYLOR Lower Division BETTIE TOLBERT Lower Division HELEN TYSON Upper Division URGHARD- MEADUW HALL MARILYN WALKER Lower Division JANE WARNER Non-Degree DO ROTHY WATSO N Lower Division DOROTHY WEIGHT Upper Division MA RJORIE WEITZ U pper Division CAM I LLA WELLENDORF Unclassiiied MARILYN WETHERBY Upper Division BETTY WHITEHEAD Lower Division DO ROTHELLE WI LLARD Upper Division LIDA WILLEY Non-Degree GRACE WILLIAMS Upper Division PO RTIA WILLIAMSON Lower Division PATRICIA WILSEY Upper Division DO ROTHY WISCOM BE Lower Division VIRGINIA WOLFLE Lower Division IRENE WOOD Upper Division CURRY woonlN Upper Division ARLI NE WOOLACH Lower Division WINIFRED YOUNG Lower Division ELIZABETH zoermle Lower Division URGHARIJ- MEADUW HALL ZF' I!-9, 1' Out for lunch 44 85 9 .,1 .. 9 Alice Woodard Mrs. Pearl cf 86 P7 B. Miichell ,- Charloffe Pau les GRADUATE HOUSE Whaf would our campus be wifhouf fhe "gracious grads?" Unfil l936 all fhe graduafes were scaffered among fhe residence halls, wifh liffle chance of seeming or acfing as a unif. Since fhey have been' given a house of fheir own in which fo pursue fheir several academic inferesfs, fhey have become as disfincf and acfive a group as any ofher on fhe campus. I938 and fheir fhird year of having a hall council sees as much organizafion among fhe graduafes as fhere is in halls fhaf have been elecfing and deferring fo hall councils since fime began. Firsf semesfer's presidenf was Alice Woodard, a graduafe in Music. She was succeeded by Charloffe Paules. Secrefaries were Elma Van Nesf and Mary Louise Elwood, while fo Rufh Peal and Evamaria Riegger fell fhe posf of freasurer. The fwo social heads were Lois Sfrofher and Sally Lafhrop whose widely differenf sfudies are Bofany and French respecfively. As librarian Ellen Hagberg fook care of fhe books all year. Doreen Dolfon discharged fhe dufies of fire chief in fhe supposedly absolufely fire-proof hall. Among fhe social evenfs of fhe year sfand ouf fhe Chrisfmas dance held before vacafion in fhe Sfudenf Union and fhe parfy given on fhe Sunday morning before vacafion as a Chrisfmas celebrafion. This year fhe graduafes, af fhe suggesfion of Presidenf Reinhardf, have inaugurafed an inferesfing feafure known as fhe Anniversary Club. Each monfh fhe seekers affer knowledge choose fhe birfhday of a famous person in any field of acfivify and invife a member of fhe faculfy fo speak fo fhem on fhe person of fheir choice. Among fhese lecfures have been ones by Mrs. Adams on Howells, by Miss Prall on Mozarf, and by Mr. Linsley on Copernicus. They hope fo make fhis cusfom a fradifion in fhe house, faking fhe place of fhe old Colloquia. Q cc 87 xx I I . ACTIVITIES 1. ' . .0 -I sfl ' X il ' Tl P-FL ..' 1 ". .'-: I . -15. ' J fu 'M . - ,s . u- . -wg , v . . , , ra 'Q .- '. - . - .f,2?. Q.. 3. .. ..,' '-'QF 3 " : '.g'.f,'.. , ' : - . 1 . -. - - Y . ' . '13 'O - "' ."- , 1 ., rq-lx I. - he ,-'W' 'S wr .--. 'ir . T',1f . 'o '.' ' .' .-lfltpx '-. Iv, It ,Lu OX.. .-,n , . .' .:,, .L .,..,J - . . -, . . I . . .- ,-.uv - - 1, . . ' ..w, ....-A - .- ,., 0. mx Q . .5 . .'.- -s ' .,,f,. :' .in .- , as . ,,.. - . I- -. U ,: - .., ' I .. .. . .: 0 '..'.l'iL I I . . .: - .-. , ' "F.'J'2- ' ' ' ' ' -. - .A.. . , ' "j, F ' . , ' j, .'..'q. ' ' ',.-.-'IU .b v ., ' , ' v ".' ' I, "'l A ' 1 , . . , -. ,V .'., ' 4. '.! 4 5 - Q , .. . . . Q x , ..-IJ . '. . ' . v--3. A , ' .v- - '-..:- N - .., .z - , ' '. gf... .. A I -4 . "'.": ., . 'Z 1 , ',-,',p,- . ., N u' . f . - -. , . , . fl..-'-' 2' 'L' an , . fn- 0 , .. . . ",."'I , -. , ' ' . Q .1 ' ' ','.'. Q' 1. n' , . .. . ,ad A , , , I U' l .,. A . ' f ,"'..".S 4' . 'x ' ' H. "'31'1 ' ' - v. U ...H . , --,' . . ,,. 5 . D I 1 o . 9 - . :ff-. , if - "S, . I . '..::., . , nl .. ' ' . . v ', n ' I , .-'. Qi- ' .5 0 ,- v' vi. . 0 . ' , .-- r r . , .--.... , ' . ., -,,.,,.", 4. - , . - . ' . .v.-' I. - I . u .f:, so , . ' - , . - . ' ' ' 'a,-.fqg . 4. ' . ' 1 .ll lfl' 0 Q' ' ,. -. -...J 1 ' v . .., . , , . . . - ' .- mfg: -- . . ..- .-- .. , 5 . - -..'..',A o ' , . . .- v . ., - 1 Q '-'. - ' A Q .:'.-., fx 0' , , . -Hu.,-5, . . I - U.-gn W. 1 . , ., , ., 1 z - ' . . ..-.-5.-:: . .Q . . nf.-:x . 1 , - ,' '.".'5" 1 . :pu "u ' I . . . I ...IS . : ' "--".'1.'. 5 ' . - -0,19 w. ' '. - "2' -11. , ' ' - - ' - g 4-, -, v, ' ' '--'hu " v ' . H -'rn , I 1 - , . ..,-:., -, . .' 'f - . -I ' 5 , . ' ," ".'- ' 4 0 u K il-lu" . - ' . --'I - - - :,., - . ' ' l"'s',' , . n IIJ- 0 u v'. Q . . . .:1.s .K 1 ' U ' , . - :: A, U . - . ..., L . . , . . ' -vn- Q . . ...,. ,, ' .'I,, 9 . ' . - '.-.:, -A ,.' .':.' l . , . , -.. ,- , u Q , . ,a D . . , '. '1. g .n - 'I-.'.' . ' .- '-1x , . . , - :.,5, , ., ... , ' ,." e ., 5 . h . .,.. . , . 1 5 I ...u . . 3. .,: -A ', , . . . 1 - - ..'.-'. 3 'Q ' - - ,.-,.: . , ' - -.,""f .. x . ' -. , 1 1 .Z I -1.5 -i . I .. h. , . , - I . 0."b' .I . ,nfi ,4 ' - . ' '- ,r -5. n ' ,'.'-A.. 1 , f ,,.'.. -, 0, . , ,, - -.'.: . . ...'--, -' . . - . '51 f ' ' 112-'.. l . ' .'..,. I . , . . .U-.1 - - e . v, 'lj - - .., . . ' , - nj'-it - . f .i , - , ..,. - ' '.'.'jn'. . . . . - ' g'r.+ .: -1'-L-. , . . , . A - '.'Z'77 'L U 0 ' D ,. . .g. . a.. N u o in an fu' . nib --H f-.v.'..- .vu - , - '..... I - ' 4 , .'l, . - N -.., Q -W - - . . ,. a. 1:0 .' -. . -K , ..., , . '1' . ,--. . ."' .1 - - - ., ' .M tx- -r:. . - - -fi 4 '.. , . u J, .. .. 1 n " 0 ni' ' . .. Q ASSUGIATED STUDENTS Q 'P 1 ,.... -mr .. I, .. .. Presidenf Slrong The V. P. lakes life seriously Whilehead, Avery, Sfrong, Rockwell, Willmare ASSUGIATED STUDENTS Since lhe granl of power from lhe presiclenl and facully of lhe college 'ro lhe sfudenls in l9l4, which made Mills a self-governing organizalion, sludenl gov- ernmenf has become one of lhe mosl vi+al of our fraclilions. There is no Mills girl who does noi lake pride in 'rhe facl lhal' all s+uden+ regulalions are made ancl enforced by sludenl officers whom she has eleclecl. Al a formal insl'alla'l'ion ceremony early in The fall, each new s'l'uden+ is incluclecl info 'rhe organizafion of which she will be an inlegral perl as long as she is a+ Mills-lhe Associaled Sludenls. Wi+h lhe resignalion of Virginia Slrong as presidenl' al miclyear, Virginia Avery look over l'he ship of slale. 44 90 my EXECUTIVE BDARD The lwenly girls who compose Execulive Board consfilule a clearing house for all campus problems and proiecfs. Combining execulive and legislalive 'Func- lions, lhey 'formulale and pul in+o aclion s'luden'l rules and regulalions. Wilh all angles of sludeni inleresls and ac+ivi'l'ies represenfed, 'lhe board voices an opinion which is really lhal of lhe campus. Every spring, in an effori' lo gain perspeclive, Execulive Board spends a weekend al' Asilomar, discussing and revising sludenl policies and regulalions, viewing 'l'he silualion wilh an obieclive eye, and relurning wifh recommendalions 'For +he s+uden+ body as a whole lo consider. Kennedy, Whitehead, Webber, Le Page, Campbell, Frank, Williams, Bundschu, Fleisher, Pefers, Loudon, Avery, Sfrong, Holmes, Rockwell, Green, Thursfon, Willmore, Peterson, Grounds, Goold, Hadley. And you shall be Queen of fhe Ball! Tell us, Thursiy Grace in a froubled hour And Sfrong fhe fie fhaf binds Hadley, Avery, Holmes, Peferson, Sfrong, Wallerslein, Williams JUDICIAL BUA Si'H'ing more in an advisory 'than in a iudicial capacify, Judicial Board's six academically gowned seniors face lhe problems of fhe campus. On lheir shoulders resls lhe laslc of upholding fhe spirif as well as 1-he le++er of Mills rules and regulalionsg bul more imporianl fhan This is lheir service in an advisory capacify 'lo any sfudenl' seeking help. l'l' is noi 'lhe aim of Judicial Board 'lo chasfise and adminis'l'er punishmenh ralher, il' is 'lheir obiecfive 'lo guide and assis'r girls who come 'lo +hem in every way in lheir power. ln 'lheir hands res+ lhe ideals and lradifional spiril' of 'lhe college, and if is l'heir duly 'lo 'I'he sl'uden'ls 'lo mainlain lhem. cc 92 rx l0RlENTATiION Homesick freshmen are fasi' becoming a legend af Mills, 'rhanks fo fhe efforfs of a well-organized Orienfafion commiffee. From fhe momenf of sfepping onfo 'rhe sfafion plafform new sfudenfs are faken under The wing of friendly upperclassmen who acf as guides and advisers fhrough fhe clifficulf period of acliusfmeni fo a new and sfrange environmenf. For fhree days fhe campus is lheirs. During fhese days 'ihey are aided in seeing +he college as somefhing more fhan an educafional insfifufion-as a home and communify in which fhey will work and play for fhe nexf four years. In fhese days fhe Orienfafion com- miffee infroduces Mills fo fhe freshmen: for fhe resf of fhe year if aids in acliusfing fhe freshmen fo Mills. Sullivan, Webber, Smedley, Lowrey, Thurston, Church, Lane, Solomon "I'm Beffy Lane" Kak in acfion cc 93 xv lnleresfing, Jan ? Madame Chairman Pefers, Green, Dr. Diller, Hadley, Locs, Avery, Whitehead, Wilkinson, Brown, Peterson CHAPEL GUMMITT Aiming 'lo deepen lhe religious life of lhe sludenls, 'lhe Chapel Commi'H'ee lhis year inauguraled several new policies. Services were held in Lisser Hall in fhe evening lo accommodafe more s+uclen'l's and lo enable lhem lo aflend 'lheir own churches. Wilh choir and organ music and suilable maferial properlies, +he Chapel Commillee succeeded in lranscending 'lhe barren secularify of Lisser Hall lo evolve a service radialing a spiril' of reverence and peace. Weekly dis- cussion groups encouraged lhe 'formulalion of beliefs on sludenl-suggeslecl lopics, while anolher innovalion may become a Mills lraclilion-l'he Easier Sunrise Service on misl'-surrounded Pine Top. cc 94 rv 0ll0IIl -3 1 Seldom does an evenl' of greal imporlance occur on campus wilhoul being accompanied by lhe harmonious voices of lhe Mills College Choir, led by lheir direclor, Mr. Lulher B. Marchanf. Clad in blue robes wilh crisp, round, while collars, fhey lead lhe processions al- convocalions, special assemblies held lo award honorary degrees, and commencemenl' exercises on Degree Day. This year a choir even larger lhan usual provided lhe heavenly music for lhe angels of fhe Chrislmas Play, led lhe college family in carols al 'lhe annual Chrislmas sing, and greeled Easier dawn on Pine Top al' fhe 'lirsl Sunrise Service. ,-. .Y...hT-,-. ,-, --,-....-.. , , ,-..--,- -.,- Y. ,. Y.--.. A, ,, , II I2 I llJ 4 2 9 fe J 4 Pafferson, Burnel, Oakley, Dofflemeyer, Humisfon, Marshall, Clifford, Winesfine, Taylor, Zelle, Coffin, Founfain, Allison, Clark, Locke, Spalding, Bankerd, Smith, Beaune, Boyden, Blaise, Madland, Orchison, Walker, Gilleh, Boudinol, Howi, Bourne, Ackerly, Minfey, Sprinkle, Pickefl, Klockslem, Kuze Lufher and flock Marshalling fhe way cc 95 xx Wider, please Consulialion Ball, Cowdin, McSheel1y, Morrill, Le Moyne, Hadley, Robbins STUDENT FURIIM Boih before and afrer Hs discussions, Sfudenr Forum has a srimulaiing effecl' on campus opinion. Proposed ropics and 'ralks by recenr speakers inspire weekly ediiorials, occupy dinner-lable conversarion, provide +he Periinenr Poinr for lhe queslioning reporfer, and have even been known ro cause a 'freshman "bull session" during siudy hours. The skirmishes of Chinese and Japanese, +he prog- ress of 'lhe Spanish rebels, and 'lhe "liHle man wirh 'lhe black musrache and +he pursch complex" are familiar +o Mills girls because ihey have been ihe subjecrs of healed discussions every olher Monday a+ Srudenl' Forum. Liz Lucker succeeded Becky lv1cSheehy as chairman in ihe second semesfer. 44 D GLASS CHAIRMEN Alfhough ihe greaier pari' of a Mills girl's loyaliy clings +o her residence hall, +here come fimes in every s+uden+'s college career when she is more proud +o belong +o her class +han +o any o+her group of which she is a member, when she enioys fhe companionship of girls exac+ly her own age, and when she loves io "remember when" aboui' 'freshman days wifh girls from oiher halls. Those are fhe limes when +he senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman class chairmen andliheir respec+ive governing boards arrange +he unforge'Hable Pin Dinner and weekly senior meeiings in 'lhe Union, fhe iunior-senior "engagemen'l" brealcfasf, ihe College Picnic, and memorable freshman dinners. Claypool, Holmes, Sfevens, Whifehouse, Carlefon, Henning Senior Soph 1c97v 7 w s 21 Y E 1 ".'11.g. . . - I ,QL HF my 'fkgilg kv' .-'1 'fc 1 .Rf 1 . Y xv? PUBLIGATIUNS ,u -- I 'L L.. 3" ' U .. fu-. 0 ,. ,f s Un x I uf' .:, 1 I .'. 4 V . ' .,.:... ' I S' -II 1 . .. ., "'..' ' Q ,. .: . .1':.'r, 'L - . :Z-'fi' . 0 ' ."'E'r .Q- - ' . .:q. fx ' . ' 2:50-' - n , J-Zu.. .5 . '- ,- - . " . " -:.': ' lr I . . ..,- '1 . . ' , . .' -nv ,V -' I I . - '-N " . Z."-' Q ' O 4 . 'll . 5 'ln . ... ., , u , . . l I .::', it. - . -'ll 1 -H' . ' 1 ':.'5! . - ' ..-. 'q- ' " .dia '-'Lge '-. 'zfz . f- '-' 1 ..". 'tul- . ,- ,mi -4 .yn ,-.2 -.. K. .y .,.-..-.- 5 Us '- .. . ' !-2.f5'.- J ' 'T " V :TI- .. Jn... I ,'--. ..:.- ffJ.4,- . . ,.-. ' x, 0 ur... -- fx: .g', .s ' .- . :i.IO" -if . Z. .I - . . 1 . . .. . . . fx- - - 5 13. R 1 Ye Ed muses What, no birdie? Sranding: Nevill, Thielen, Green, Whifehead, Le Page. L Sealed: Sweefser, Campbell, Cowdin, Ewalf, Maino, Peters, yi Church, Trenl. ,,., i YEARBODK EDITURIAL STAFF Wholesale collecfing of memories-such is 'lhe primary obieclive of fhe Year- book sraff. Whelher calching facully and sludenls in lhal off-momenf wilh a candid camera, or laboring lo reach The spiril of an organizalion or aclivily in a few shorl senlences, 'lhe edilorial slafi slrives +o presenl lo +he campus al lhe Junior-Senior breakfasl' in May, a comprehensive cross-sec'l'ion of Mills life as il' is lived. The busy college girl may have no lime for concenrrafed souvenir collecfing, bul' 'l'he Yearbook slaff spends a year of earnesl' efforl preparing whal would, in lhe old days, have been called a "memory book" for Mary Mills lo 'lake home and press flowers in. cc IOO rm YEARBDOK BUSINESS STAFF Memories are all very well, buf even llmey need financial supporl-prinlers and engravers aren'+ primarily allruisls, and i+'s lhe business slalf 'llwal' fools 'rhe bill. An harassed adverlising slag haunfs Oakland and 'llie cily for even remole possibililies of oblaining ads and spend l'l1eir more quiel' hours in wriling lellers inviling friends and parenls lo become pa+rons. ll is lo +l1is "never-say-die" delegalion 'rl'1a+ lhe Yearbook owes ils publicafion. Aicling and encouraging l1er slaff, Business Manager Yvonne Duffy capably slwouldered 'l'l1e responsibilily of balancing llwe buclgel-and a splendid iola sl1e's done of if! .,,.- Levy, Clark, Gill, Scarlelf, Boyden, Duden, Reed, Churchill, Wiscombe, Doerr, Duffy, Johannsen, Boofh, Kuzell, Brown Alla: Duffy. Mood indigo QC rr Quiz next hour Final returns Green, Bundschu, Campbell, Robbins, Sweefser, Grounds, Munro, Silberberg, Whifehead, Kennedy, Hale, Loudon, Lufgens, Morrill, Minaden, Weaver, Trenf WEEKLY EDITURIAL STAFF Ediiors come and edifors go, buf 'lhe Weekly goes on forever. Wi+l1 changes yes, buf slill The Weekly, and as such, a sludeni inslilufion. ln il, sluclenf aclivi- 'lies and opinion find an expression io The campus as a whole lhrough fhe medium of a carefully selecied ediforial slaff. World happenings lake a place alongside of campus news of spor+s, fashions, and evenls 'lo give lhe paper a well- balanced confenl and a maximum of in+eres+ for 'lhe reader. Edifor Elizabeih Loudon and her successor a+ midyear, Marjorie Kennedy, have succeeded nobly in aHaining lhese fundamenlal newspaper values. cc l02 ra T 1 WEEKLY BUSINESS STAFF Ad deadlines are iusl as imporlanl' as copy deadlines, even on lhe Weekly. As usual, lhe aclverlising sl'aFf are 'lhe breadwinners, and eighl'-page Weeklies mean noi only more news lhan is cuslomary, buf of necessily, more ads. While Business Manager Pal Sullivan keeps +he figures slraighl, Aclverlising Manager Adele Anderson finds new peaks for her hard-working s+a'l'f l-o conquer. Finish- ing 'lhe firsl semesler on lhe righl' side of 'lhe ledger as business manager was Helen Frank, wilh Pal Sullivan direcling adverlisfng aclivilies. Gerlrude Galloway replaced Mary Margarel Rupp al' midyear as "chief wrapper-and- mailer", more 'formally known as circulalion manager. Lohse, Anderson, Wilfe, Rupp, Phillips, Jones, Sinfon, Molqaard, Rosenfeld, Galloway, Webb, Frank, Sullivan She sees you, loo Noi sfanding Pal 44 103 xx Lasl' fouch On her way Duffy, Cowdin, Sullivan, Frank, Loudon, Bundschu, Ander- son, Avery, Kennedy, Strong, Whitehead, Rockwell PRESS BUA A haven for lroubled edifors and business managers, Press Board gives 'lo sludenl publicaiions a unified backing. Quesiions of budgels, con+rac+s, and policy are broughl 'lo ihis commil'+ee of sl'uden+ officers, edifors, and business managers, aided by Miss Keep and Mr. Craig, where cooperalion and dis- cussion lend slabilily lo decisions. Budgelary and edilorial problems receive equal consideralion in an efforl 'lo raise 'lhe siandards of publicalions as a whole and yel' sl'ay wiihin 'lhe bounds of financial securiiy. The board is pre- sided over by 'rhe Assoc-ialed Siudenl' president G l04 W . 1-. onnn +4 wif fs as xi? . .pri Q .1 4 ': X :ix I . ' K '. g. . K " 5 5 :'::.:.1' ' .. sr, ..- I 1 1 ' . 51 ,e..-' 5 - , ':g:2'Y'.', - , - - '- ifgzf 1, .' .- . -" ni v .', . v 2 ' a '-. ' - ,515 - ' . ' 4"':- f L' J .. -3 I5 ov fb ' W I " U Belly and beffy A red leirer day? Grounds, Rockwell, Slrong, Thursfon, Williams, Hadley, Avery, Campbell, Holmes, Bundschu, Peferson, Knutson K l.f,' Q-. PALLADIUM lcleals-of service, characfer, scholarship, and loyally. On such a shifling and inlangilzle lsasfs rcsls eleclion io Palladium, lhe campus non scholaslic hon- orary. Palladium, on lhe Mills campus, siands for somelhing which can be expressed noi 'rhrough words, bul 'lhrough 'rhe example of ils members. Founded lo uphold and mainiain lhe slandards of Mflls, il has succeeded in evading lhe usual s'ral'e of morrfiicarion of honorary sociefies and plays a living and aclive parl in 'lhe life, problems, and inferesls of l'he campus. Being lapped for Palladium is evidence of +he faci' fhal lhe girl elecled is "a Mills girl" in every sense of 'rhe word. 44 IO6 :Q HI BETA KAPPA Academic achievemenl' a+ Mills finds recogniiion in elecrion 'ro +l1e oldesl' and mosf lime-honored of scholaslic honoraries, Phi Befa Kappa. Founded ai 'l'l1e College of William and Mary, ai 'Phe lime of fl1e signing of 'I'l1e Declarafion of Independence, Pl1i Befa Kappa has for more rhan a cenrury and a half main- iained 'Phe highes'r of sclfiolasfic ideals in fhe colleges and universiries of 'lhid counlry. Ih l929 'rl1e Zefa cl1apl'er, one of +welve exiended 'ro women's colleges, was esrablislwed a+ Mills. Members elecfed +l1is year were: Virginia Avery, Mildred Canfield, Mary Jane Freeman, Be'l"ry Mignon, Virginia Peferson, Margarei Rockwell, Jane Tucker, Palricia Tudbury, Grace Williams. Canfield, Tudbury, Tucker, Wagner, Mignon, Williams, Cowdin, Peierson, Harfson Superior sfudenf lf's quiie simple Cx 107 is L ' ! -1 .QT 4 .. X V132 .WY 4? J ,- Un Q :WCA . ! . B .. A . , . .,:-I, B F '.. ' ' . . 3 M -?g. -j.-fx 32", "'. -Q .Iv ,'o 1:.?-.- .'- . i"o I-. - - '5 - D . . ..-, ul.. . ..-.- LQ, . . v. . H , . 1-:V nr"- q.',..' ' . .L ' "' . , ,. .. ,. .. , .,, ':".'.' ' . -"1 . A. - .. .f.'g'.. , . .uni I ig. . , ' ' 1. x , I OC ' - .' .13 " ' '.. ".', ...- .,, The sins of lhe father . . . Her own passion's viclim Tiffany, Bundschu, Babcock, Fairchild, Bryanf, Frank, Leasure, Thomson, Le Page, Hobson, Smiih GREEK PL "A plohling goddess 'lripped him and he fell." Such is Mills' remembrance of ihe faie of Hippolyius. To +his play of Euripides, presenied in I937, anolher is added in I938, "The Elec+ra". This lale of 'rhe molher-murder of Clylemnesfra by Elecira and Oresles, produced in 'lhe Greek Thea+re, June IO, becomes a iradiiional parl' of +he Commencemeni Week ceremonies. Direcleci by Mrs. Marian Long Slebbins, 'lhe combinaiion of 'lhe sweep and magniiude of +his powerful fragedy wi+h lhe beauly and simplicily of lhe Greek Thealre, and 'rhe harmony of movemenl and sound of a well-irained chorus, creaies an unfor- geiiable impression. cc I IO ra WINTER'S TALE "A sad +ale's besr 'For win+er"-and if was. "A Win1'er's Tale" was received by enrhusiasfic audiences in Lisser Hall, Ocroloer I5, I6. The srory of fhe iealous Leonies' unreasonable accusafion of Hermione and Polixenes, in spi+e of 'Phe inferference of Paulfna and Camillo, proceeded for nine scenes wirhour an appreciable lerdown. The rusric simplici+y of +he sheep shearing fesrival and 'rhe eager love of Florizel and Perdira was a lovely inferlude, while 'l'he humor of 'rhe rogue Aufolycus, rhe old shepherd, and his son lenl' spice 'ro +he whole. The skill of +he aciors clirecfed by Mrs. Marian Siebbins, and 'lhe 'Technical sraff under Miss Louise Sfephens made 1'he resulf "excellen+ 'lhea+re." Babcock, Eddy, Kilmer, Ewell, Fairchild, Honore, Smedley, Thursion, Sfevens, Le Page, Dolph, Whirehouse, Labbe, Buonpane, Brizard "Precious nnners all' "A snapperup of unconsidered frifles" ccllln The Magi Angel Gabriel Phelan, Torgler, Howe, Blaise, Lesaar, Honore, Olsen, Jones THE YORK Nl-lTllll The simple, oil-repealed s+ory of 'rhe birlh of lhe Savior once again gave a more real meaning +o Chrisimas 'lo a large and reverenf audience. "The York Na'livi+y," direcied by Miss Louise Siephens, presenled in Lisser Hall December l2, I3, was a series of scenes piclorially beau+iful and drama+ically sincere. We remember 'lhe heavenly lighl' wilh Gabriel's presence-Mary's welcome +0 humble shepherds-Joseph's devolion lo Mary-Herod's dramalic ego'lism- ihe choir's "S+ar of Wonder" as +he Kings lcnelf before i+s brilliance. We lingered afier l'he curiain while lhe candle-lighled choir sang, +hen lefl recalling Gabriel's words: "Glory lo God in ihe highesl' and on earih, peace, good will 'foward men." Kll2n T nine PLAYS Hisfory was made when 'lwo conlemporary plays, "For'lunal'o" and "The Women Have Their Way", were presenled by fhe Drama Associafion wi'rh +he assisfance of men from fhe U. C. Li+'I'le Theafre, in Lisser Hall, March 25, 26, and in Wheeler Hall, April l. The lragedy o'fFor'runa1'o'slife'From his firs+ appearance +o 'rhe brealhless momenf when lhe +hough'I', "My children will have bread", susfains him, was sensifively played and keenly fel+ by all. "The Women Have Their Way" was a delighfful conlrasi' as Concha Puerlo, leader of 'ihe gossipy women, experfly managed lhe love affair be+ween Juanifa and fhe eligible lawyer. The +wo plays, finely direcied by Marian L. S+ebbins, supplemenfed each o'I'her lo 'Form a well-balanced program. Fairchild, Galbraifh, Frank "Did someone say something?" "Have you heard ihe news?" cc llgn On sfage please Prexy relaxes Sianding: Blaise, Fairchild, Dolph, Ewell. Sealed: Thomson Thursion, Sfebbins, Smedley, Srevens, Bundschu, Meyer, Frank, Mickey, Weaver, Babcock, Brizard, Phelan, Labbe, Le Page. DRAMA ASSUGIATI The desire lo sponsor and creale a genuine inieresl ancl enihusiasm 'for Mills dramaiic procluciions led 'ihe Drama Associaiion on 'ro new achievemenis 'ihis year under il's officers, Belly LePage, Helen Frank, and Dale Fairchild. A grow- ing inleresl and pariicipaiion caused 'lhe lormaiion of a Drama Apprenlice group, 'lhe membership of which is rapidly increasing. Besides preseniing 'lhe Shalcespearian play, given in Lisser Hall for The firsi lime insiead of in l'he lradilional Woodland Theaire, lhe Chrisimas Play, and 'lhe annual Greek Tragedy, 'l'he Drama Associaiion gave iwo modern Spanish Plays wiih 'lhe cooperalion of 'lhe U. C. Li'H'le Theaire, which were enihusiasiically received by audiences ai Mills and lhe Universily of California. 44 H421 uf .. .l I . . . . I ' n 1 . 'X . .1 . nf .:I:- ri ty- f. ' , I ' 1 '.-QL 1. x 'r K .1 A ..- - n 'Q .-. , ' .. :- .'. , l , Q ' . . .". .- ' 4- a-1-' ,,g -,.- ." 'au - 4- .1 r .. q-1 .,. "-.'."L., .'-.- -t' gi ol.: Li-:.-:1 AY- ' ' ' ' '- l i. 1 i' - ' , I I 1 " . ' L A - .I 1 1 17" . rl , Fri. x N ul A ' M . r f , 4 . ' I x H ' I Q . ,. . . , 1 . ' .H - A r . uae: . :V ..1 .. . ",1'. '1 ' ' :J :-.. x -'n, '- ' 1. ...- I .5 .ann 4- . . 's ' . . . - 'g .'..' . . - - , ,git ' .Lg ' ' ..-,.2: ' 1. 2 'r .s, '--:'::.-.'- s' ' . '. ' - ' 'v ' 1 O ' 1, Q, .. , YWFEESL- Pafricia Tudbury Patricia Murray ENGLISH CLUB Fosfering crea+ive wriiing was only one of fhe acfiviiies of fhe English Club. H enferfained Kafhleen Norris and Carl Sandburg and published "Firs+ 'rhe Blade", a collecfion of col- lege poems 'from all of California. MUSIC CLUB "Bringing music +o 'rhe mul+i+ude," is only one of +he wor'l'hy aims for which Music Club has sfriven. This year infor- mal 'iallcs by 'rhe various members have added a new and keen nofe of infel- lecfual inieresl' fo ihe frequenf mee'l'- ings of fhe club. ull 6 my STUDIC CLUB Colorful murals depicfing happy hula girls, roiund raiahs, and gay geisha girls vied wi+h cosiumed dancers in carrying ouf +he Meliing Poi 'lheme ai' 'Phe Beaux Aris Ball, sponsored, along wi+h "LiHle Bohemia" by +he Sfudio Club. CHEMISTRY CLUB A Chrisimas preseni' from fhe land of science comes fo l'he Mills campus each year in 'Phe 'Form of homemade driffwood powcler, made by ihe Chem- is+ry Club members. Monihly meelings combine social wilh scienlific inferesis. 's Marguerile Labbe Rebecca Sfoddard cc H79 fn: -sir' Af' Gerfrude Fleischmann Jean McSheehy GERMAN CLUB Folk-dancing wilh +l1e Cal. German Clubg +l1e 'rradi+ional German Chrisl' mas dinner: and lecfures on Germany pas+, present and fulure, 'furnish Mills sludenls wilh o deeper lcnowledge of 'l'l1e real Ger- many. SPANISH CLUB Pina+as, swirling skirfs, and caslaneis give 'rypical color +o llme social meel- ings of Spanish Club, while movies and discussions of rhe presenf polilical sif- uafion in Spain conlribure 'ro +l1e club's ITIOFE SeI'lOUS aspecls. cc H872 pporlunilies for a GOSMUPDLHHN GLUB "A BH of Sweden" goes infernafional as flue Mills Cosmopolifan Club furns ouf fo do folk-dancing. Besides en- couraging friendships among foreign sfuclenfs, flue club acfively promofes peace in ifs infernafional relafions conferences. IDEIW 0I.U B Besides presenfing fo fhe campus one of fl1e really big niglnfs of fhe year, Pem Amafeur Nighf, fhe Pems be- come serious upon occasion. Lecfures ancl discussions on fopics connecfed wifh physical educafion in general oc- cupy fheir weiglnfier rneefings. I. . Ida Shimanouchi Dorofhy Weighf ad' -.Q cc H99 Jean Swenson Jane Lines ff I2 On OUTING CLUB "Join us in our camping, skiing, hiking, and skafing frips, or paddle your own canoe wi'l'h us-noi necessarily down Leona Creek"-is fhe generous invila- fion exfended 'lo Mills s+uden'I's by members of fhe Oufing Club. FRENCH CLUB Enlerlaining promineni leciurers al' dinners given by fhe French deparf- mem' and holding weekly French fables in The halls, French Club encourages campus appreciafion of French cus- loms, language, and lH'era'I'ure. HCME ECCNCMICS CLUB Tasfy iidlaifs al exhibrlion feas lesfify fo ihe skill of 'rhe girls in 'rhe Home Economics Club. The club also offers a prize of +wen+y-five dollars +o 'Phe senior maior excelling in scholarship and leadership. MATHEMATICS CLUB "Brain-bus+ers" +es'l' l'he slcill of +he calculaling minds of Mills, as fhe mem- bers of Maihemaiics Club fry +0 solve arilhmelical puzzles al Their bi-weekly dinner meelings. Tales of mafhemali- cal hisfory add zesl' fo +hese evenls. Marian Bec Rufh Church 44 IZI xx FC WINTER WEEK-ENDS xnxx ,CZ 'M-f ff' K W ut ff'-, 17, w '?:' a N M .9-Q.. 7 ""'g.' 1 A- nz 'li- ATHLETICS ,O I .. . .H .. O. . lv.. n. ' ., ' . 'n' . .wr-g o'l 1 -' . 1' .:.. .5 0 h'l. ' u 1' I 'O'-, - !'lo u'u . . . . . , . .., . .1 .D . .J - ff." o Ol. . i' un 0" n ful" In - 0 sau' . ' o..s u s ' n . 4 . ,.v I Q, .- g .- 1 w.. . K -. . x- ' gf ' 'fc th'.'o diff. .,.K. ' ..xJl vw .':"-J' Q I . ,..,, .' me " -1 -1'-'JL .-'gf - . I ..' .'.'.lf' .- - s u . L. . .'l . n-' .n ,p a ... .-' ' -- - u .,. Q ..- 1 'n -- -- 1 .. u, n ' n '.'. ' .. .s'. .0 ..- .1- ' J. Q llc' n '.," . . -3 .1 ..-,l . I b ' N 3:5 112 it 'fn' I I I 6 ' . ,,- . . nw'- n.u . y .'. .:p 'Q ol: -.U gn 's 'l . 'Q U 'ua ..- gs ,Q 'n 4 ill of.: 4 o i 5?-'h v yi UH, - 526.1 ' , ",gsQsl . S vi! .J 1 -gbzgi K 1 J , 4 ,4 n u n 5 t I 1 n -n up 'Q 'Q '- ."1 e'R.'1 uv.. ' 4 Cyl .ny ' A :Q Q " l.a I J! . 0, .1 CU ., ': an .','s ',"v1 .A- .o. no .- 'Q 04:1 U. -ni an n 0 Io 'I 'Q up 1 -L' ,4 f SG '51 nvi- D15 5 ll al. . e o 'I " o OlQ.O.' . n.'.'5:'1 Q'4- . ' Aol, "Q on n es-,hp Q 1 '-'nasty' gi -, 4 5.0 ' va L n .c.o.'1Q U .- .N 0 'll' .L 'ia 'Q D ' I 4 . 1135: 'S v Y . -ff' ,I 'gnu lg. ' sfijiga 0 o I . , 'Hn . .-.. , I., ' . u 4 1 1 1 ' 01's ' ' Qs:c H: -6 051 Nqr. ' .' .'.. s-p .sn - 1 .,.. u... .' .0 all d . " sv. ..- O .I 4' Q ,- ,sun - ,r V J usa' .no , .zo an 09 1.-ann ,- ,- I n f. .v' .nv " Wa 3, 9. ,. 'o K ,n,K'! . '....,'u Iv' .' - . 'f ' ', 'A' f .' . Q o.X. ,.f. ..: . 1 .'. . Q.. V,, asf 1 Q ' I, 0. 34 1, NS its 0 L 1 1 ' ':. , ,. .' , , lo--Q C I I - I I. u. '- RQ' S a -gs. 1 ' t, . . n.' -. r- 1 I. .H . . ' 'J n ' ' I g . I 1 , ' . n ,, n Y , , - i A A I . 9.x If '..k: .u . , - :Q , , 1 e .. . -, , . , - '."' ..--'. f' .Ll . .,. :,., NN... A. "Sf 'A . -' " 1 '..g4-'E A" 'x W" .. o , .- 3' 1, o 5 ' V 1 s ,Q , Q v s , .- .. 1 . I . , . ' an . ' . f' -'.--. -Q '- a .' ,' ' 'vqcu' Jn", n'a' 'N 1 o I-4. Az' 234' s 4 .ou 1 Q 'A Ani h '.1,sa , . - . 31 , - . ,. ' if Q 1 . ,. .1 . . , '.' , 4 . .:: . .o., .gf I an :Lugz , I U ,-, A g' ' '. "v' '1. - r ,sn gi a I .qu 0 .7 .:, U . 5 ,'-' 5' -. . -. .'-: f fm:-' . ,, nf. -M' A uf .1 xl '31 -'. . ' "V ' . ' !,- " .,-95 ' ' ' .27 AJ.. . ss .', nf' , '. - . .Q .J Ah .."f':" 3. '..."o 0, " -. . n.', Ni.l ,' 5'1.:n I 1' fp . , . V -, , . ', .-. L- D' .n ' 'H Z '- t ,. -I 0, M nl, ". .. - 7 . an .s'l.. .',-Ser. 'Tw 4 . . n U ',qn on 'Iv "hu," ' D. J-.' .. .-I',-..' ' 1 n Vw' . " v ., , . ' .2::.' 4 " ' '-:t I. II., .::.1,:',.... . - n.' ',' . , ... . , ..n bg -'. u ,-.' ' ' ' X Z - .. - W , ,1 .0 , .I-Hs.. '. s .' .I , 2. . -5 l. '." ' 'Ui' -.':u 4 -. pu A .- g.. ,- ' I . f 51:0 1, '., 0 . U D '-.: R.. -.- . .fc 4 ri:-A .,,? ..r. , .-A. . . 1 . -.. N, ,uw '. . Q. H' .'?.'--- . -, ,, I J . , u In .- 1 'o , ' H I Ib I ' - o ,, 0 n , . -.,- . . .:- 1. - 91.5. ' . . .-- 'D' xv' '.', '- ." I 4 - , . J Iv' ' I "-. '. VN 7 , -"'l '. 1 ' .' saqnl ' iff.: Z.: ' .I nn Q ',n 0.5 l l .lg S. ' .63 A - , 4- f ' 1 -. ...,:.-.f'3 -1 ' f:7l'-- A: . , ' 1 ,..' 1 . I THLETIC ASSUGIATIUN Wifh nine di'FFeren+ spor+s offered in ihe fall, seven in fhe winler, and eleven in 'lhe spring, lhe fwenfy members of A'l'hle+ic Board, headed by Margarel' l H Goold, Presidenf of A+hle+ic Associafiong Margaref Duncan, Vice-Presidenh Barbara Shemale, Treasurer, and Suzanne Armsfrong, Secrefary, are lcepi' busy. l There were 'lhree sporls days wilh Cal., Sfanford, and Mills Women's A'I'hle'lic l Associa+ions: General Triangle Sporrs Day, Baske+ball Day, and in 'Phe spring, a Tennis Day. Dames be+ween Kiva and Mills 'reams were held in baslceiball, +emiis,' baseball, and golf. Wi+h rhe increase in sporis o'lTered, ihe number of parficipanfs has grown from l37 +o 220. l l i l Wood n S eefser Green Wea er Swens n Anderson Rex Tudbury Duncan Goold Armsfr ng Shomaie Dowling Friedman Casfner Cameron We ght Very well surfed Score GD0ldl97 cc I23 n 1 Toes together, Dunkie Airplane view They don'f know where fhey're going but fhey're on 'their way SWIMMING "Come on in! The wai'er's fine!" Noon lime as well as five o'cloclc swims was a chance fo pracfice 'For ihai' all-imporfani' felegraphic mee'l', as well as 'For excifing infer-hall meeis. This year we had +he ouisianding oppor+uni+y of allending Mr. Siuari' Philips' classes in advanced life saving. Campus manager for 'l'he iirsi semesier was Loula Cameron, 'Followed by Margarei' Cary in 'ihe second semesier. Hall managers for bolh semesfers were: Lois Vanclerbili, Beify Mee, Meg Fleicher, Cleo Munro, Claire Levy, and Clarice Hickox. On fhe All- Sfar ieam were: Margarel' Duncan, Be'Hy Mee, Jane Bourne, Louise McAulay, and Pauleiie Thomas. cc l24w 'fiin F- gf l I up l l Q' Y 1 if JI. 4'- ' . fs? i E3A ' 1' A., 2-:ELT w . M, Y .f me t 9,3 , . if - ,,. y 0' p l A 1 if .: '3, , - l 5? YE X 1 1. ' "x ,:: 1131" 1n..'x' Y, . gg,-.,l' I TENNIS ln while shorls and snappy blazers, fhe fennis +eam marched onio 'lhe courfs. H' was Triangle Spor+s Day, and headed by Jeanne Anderson, campus manager, lhey were our 'lo win. Tennis, in The lasf year, has played a more imporlanf pari' 'lhan ever in fhe Mills sporfs world, and in exhibilion mafches, iournamenfs wiih Kiva, and inier-hall play, we have macle a crediiable showing. The Racqueieers Club, furnished able and well-+rained officials for ihese malches. Hall fennis managers for fhe year were: Rebecca Brinckerhoff, Susan Gale, Dorolhy Sillerman, Doris Hillman, and Ann Hillman. The All-S+ar 'leam announced during Fall Field Week was composed of: Jeanne Anderson, Peggy Ausiin, Barbara Blyih, Grace Williams, and Lilheia Wong. V... -f 5- ,'4n is ,ugfwe nu 'f . .,.. - E, -5, ? , .. 521--eq: TT , A E '1 ! .T ,p xi i "' i or - -rf, Q5 ,""Q:5.f'- Uailf- Gregory, Rex, Williams, Carlefon Smash if, Jeannie y Nice shof ln: g-,Y M.. ' ' cz l25 rr Manager: P. Green Touche Helm, Eddy, Colby, Green , FENGING Paiiy Green and Jane Eddy, fencing managers 'for 'Firsl and second semesiers, winked al each olher. "They aren"l' swords, +hey're FOlLS!" ln order lo give sludenls a chance io see excelienl fencing, Mills acled as hosless for lhe Bay Division Finals, and sponsored lhe Spring Fencing Tea when visilors ioinecl us 'for a round-robin lournamenl. Wirh ihe able coaching of Helene Mayer, our girls made a fine showing in all mafches. l'r was fun 'ro see lhe Muslcereers parade wil'h 'lheir disl'inc'l'ive emblems! Hall managers for lhe year were: Pally Green, Jane Eddy, Tomme Jackson, Harriei Helm, and Vivian Ball. All-Siars were Pa'l'+y Green, Harriel' Helm, and Jane Eddy. cc l26 is Ping, bulls eye! No, il' isn"I' Robin Hood, and Cupid hasn'+ been around since +he Fall Formal. There's a big green lawn wifh +arge+s ai one end and siurdy bowsmen af fhe ofher. Dora Weaver, archery manager, assisfecl by her hall managers, Phebe Williams, Lillian Gaillard, Barbara Blum, and Margarel' Selling, began +he season wi+h a shooi a+ Mills wi'rh Cal. Then came Triangle Sporis Day I and Fall Field-Week. Following weekly praclice and infer-hall evenfs, we wound up wifh 'rhe Spring Field Meef and +he Na+ional Telegraphic Meel' in May. The All-Sfar Team for Fall Field Week was: Edi'I'h Johannsen, Anneile Williams, and Phebe Williams. fi N , , 'N 4 'l i ' fi' L il ' I -':r'Lfif"s " ' , l. BNeaver, Selling, Whife, Johannsen, Williams, Whitehead, Ium l Lef if fly! Dora's feaihered friends cc I27 by Swing! Waich fhe birdie, Doi Mackinlosh, Bloomquisf, Furnish, Weighf BADMINTUN You play wifh birds and i+'s even fasier 'Phan iennis. Tha+'s badminion, 'lhe newesl' sporl' al' Mills. ln+roduced lasl' fall, 'rhe game has aHrac+ed a large num- ber of siaunch supporiers and, aided by fhe enrhusiasm of every player, bad- min1'on has become a maior spori' ac+ivi+y. Dororhy Weight as campus manager, was assisied by hall managers: Doroihy Furnish, Liiheia Wong, Hope Ponce, Lois Bankerd, ancl Mar+ha Parlerson. Among +he mosf regular and mos+ proficieni players of 'ihe year were: Lois Banlcerd, Dorofhy Furnish, Jean Beaumonl, Dorofhy Sillerman, Par ScarleH', and Dorolhy Weight For +he newesr addirion +0 fhe Mills sporis program, badmin'I'on has afiained a rremendous degree of populariry. cc I28 D: l HUCKEY l'l"s speed 'lhal counls, and we have i+l Topped by Triangle Sporls Day and by demonsfralion games played for l'he Norlhern California Field Hoclcey Asso- cialion, we combined bofh skill and pep 'lo reach a new high in our 'leam play. Pal Tudbury chose her five hall managers: Margo Wi'He, Belsy Kale Moors, Mary Alexander, Flora Jean While, and Ann Duden, wilh an eye +o enlhusiasm as well as abilily. The season was climaxed wilh 'lhe naming of lhe All-Slars: Mary Alexander, Suzanne Armslrong, Belly Campbell, Jean Clark, Sue Gale, Jane -Rex, Barbara Shomale, Mary Thurslon, Pal Tudbury, Lois Vanderbill, Grace Williams, and Margo Wille, and 'lhe presenlafion of +I-ne Sophomore Hockey Slick 'lo Barbara Shomale. W d,4ydL E r l ill .MAJ Jig Campbell, Bishop, Fleisher, Spalding, Crossman, Wilfe, Le Page, Thursfon, Ausfin, Fairchild, Thomson Follow Thru, Tud Take il, Wings! f' ccI297b N by E Horse! Laugh! Horseless carriages and carriageless horses BIT AND SPUR Four a.m. and a full moon al' sunrise! lniiiares of Bi+ and Spur ride frail wirh an egg in one hand and loose reins in 'fhe o'rher.' Officers of Bii' and Spur are: Presideni, Curry Wooding Secrerary, Marian Smi+hq Treasurer, Virginia Fuller. Hall Managers are: Dororhy Frank, Marian Smifh, Phyllis Carman, Gena Chalmers, and Myra May Hall. As well as The Gymikhana held in rhe fall for members, ihere is fhe Mills College Horse Show, a 'Five division amareur show on 'lhe Pacific Coasf Circui+, managed and direcfed by Cornelia V. N. Cress. BH and Spur is aciive in ushering, and in managing +he Feed Bag. New members are honored ai buffer supper al' Miss Cress' home each semesier. cc l30 xx BA SKETBALL High-lighfs in 'lhe baskelball season were a Round-Robin fournamenf won by Orchard-Meadow and ihe Field Week lournamenl' won by Mills Hall. Assisled by Miss Hodgkins as adviser, Jane Rex, campus manager, named as hall managers BeHy Jane Miles, Jean Clark, Lois Vanderbilt Angela Schmick, and June Conant The season ended March I0 wi+l1 exciling games and a baslceiball dinner in Mills Hall. All-Siars announced were: Jane Rex, Mary Alexander, Helen Gregory, forwards, Suzanne Armslrong, Lois Vanderbilf, Barbara Wei'- more, guards. On +he second feam were Barbara Sl1oma+e, Jean Avery, Becky McSl1eel1y, BeHy Bryan, Jean Colgaie, June Conanf, and Be+'I'y Jane Miles. Shemale, Gregory Bllffiffa. Rex Rex on fhe ball Overguardinq a I3I 9 Nol Maior Bowes Lines fo a lady Dofflemyer, Maichelle, Smifh, Bourne, Madland, Alexander, Ponce Sakafa DANCE CLUB Cymbals and drums. Blue figures sway and slamp in rlmyllmm. More quie+ mooclg all drifl in pa'H'ern. Dance Club, under +l'1e direclion of Tina Flacle and Virginia Slone, is a llwing of beaury and greal repufe. Dance is a means of fosrering 'lhe crealive expression which is so greal' a parl' of campus life al' Mills. Wl'1el'l1er we parlicipale or iusl' walch, Dance Club 'furnishes us wills a sarisfying medium for aesllwelic expression. Wi'l'l1 five iunior members and l'l'1irl'een members, rhere has been able represenlalion al symposiums wilh San Jose Slale, Slanford, and California. Officers are: Presidenl, Marion Alexander: Vice-Presiclenl, Pal"l'y Sl'T1i'l'l1: Secrelary-Treasurer, Frances Dofflemyer. cc l32 :Q GOLF Keep your eye on fhe ball, your head down-and swing! You CAN'T miss. Or can you? Weekly prac+ice on Chabol' and Oak Knoll links helped groove our form for Triangle Spor+s Day and for 'rhe mixed lwo ball foursome wiih Kiva! We are planning a 'rricky nine hole course back of ihe club house where we hold our pu'Hing and approaching confesis. Golf 'lakes a larger place in campus sporf ihis year lhan ever before. Libby Forsler, golf manager, named as hall managers: Georgia Clifford, Joan Poole, Kay Madden, Sally Rand, and Chloe Doerr. Those on ihe golf +eam were: Carolee Cromwell, Alice Daugherfy, Pai Sullivan, Wilma Jeanne Sweeiser, Kay Madden, Gwen Canon, Jean Avery, and Libby Forsier. ' Libby Forsfer, Kay Madden Follow fhrough Tha1's puffin' if in I cc l33 an if .- s-1 N 'N . VI ,Ad f W . Oul lo Cheer X Keep your eye on lhe ball 1 . . l 'Q' ' A A Lells, Lowell, Shomale, Johnson BASEBA A smarl click and anolher ball wings over lhe lield. "Come on, runl She CAN'T gel youl Home ill" And lhe ball relurns. Baseball al Mills, a major aclivily, is as regular as spring lever. Over sixly girls played lhis season. Daily praclices al 5 p. m., wilh bi-weekly hall lournamenls make lor success in lhe Spring Field Week and in lhose games wilh Kiva. Jean Clark, manager, named as hall man- agers: Frances McGill, Jeanelle Jones, Anloinelle Bullilla, Becky McSheehy, and Barbara Lells. Velerans from lasl year's All-Slars are: Jane Rex, Belly Holmes, Barb Shomale, Becky McSheehy. 41 B42 , 'fbi ul . 'l. uf. : l"l 100' 5 gp- 4- 2X? I -n us- mm gp- - v -2- .. I :11v:.-: .-.. ,u i ?'Q,,:. I lc-n . ' " ' :E .A -, .. 'Z .r:E "' ' v.- .- ' 'S '-- .- 2.1.1 ' :Q ' -1 E g '- ':-- "f":'." jg- .5-1: - . -' .-'.- 1'-1 ':'.J Q-', -.nt-: 'HI' 5 fn ii - In .. ... u,.,, 5 2 r' :S .. is i 1 l 11 i v . -Q -, ..-.-xr.-.., .1 - 1 g.. -gg.. - - - -i an' E '.'-- - 5-S, 1- '. 0 2 v :' 1' . ",.A,:,'. 0 I' ii ' 7,'.'-.-',."n.,. l ... 3 . - . .' 1 1. -1: - ' :' - L, Z '5- .-' ': E 1",' Z' 1 A- : YJ 5: " . . . "'-".--."" 'f 'H-'--ae-' f - Ackerly, Helen Louise 43 Esfrella Avenue Piedmonf, California Adams, Esfher Elizabefh Fairmonf Hospifal San Leandro, California Alessio, Lefifia Mary 807 Casfle Avenue Dunsmuir, California Alexander, Elizabefh Ann 3802 Firsf Avenue Hibbing, Minnesofa Alexander, Marion I l72 Easf Soufh Temple Sfreef Salf Lake Cify, Ufah Alexander, Mary Elizabefh IO6 Morningside Drive New York Cify, New York Alexander, Mrs. N. Florence 2535 Balboa Sfreef San Francisco, California Allen, Elizabefh Anne 277 Soufh Doheny Sfreef Beverly Hills, California Allen, Sally Jane Kilauea H Kauai, Terrifory of Hawaii Allison, Clarice 3l52 Wesf Sfreef Calwa, California Alfman, Jean Elizabefh l70l Sonoma Avenue Berkeley, California Alfman, June l. I l Cedro Way San Francisco, California Ammen, Sally 47 Bellevue Avenue Piedmonf, California Anderson, Adele Box I3 Cofafi, California Anderson, Barbara Anneffe I80I Hyde Sfreef, No. I0 San Francisco, California Anderson, Jeanne 4036 Lyon Avenue Oakland, California Armsfrong, Margaref Louise Saluda, Norfh Carolina Armsfrong, Mariorie Louise 40l Eighfeenfh Sfreef San Francisco, California Armsfrong, Suzanne l432 Culebro Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado GTO Arfhur, Beffy Gundrum 22I4 Twenfy-firsf Sfreef Sacramenfo, California Ausfin, Miriam More 405 Canon Drive Sanfa Barbara, California Avery, Jean 7I0 McKinley Avenue Fresno, California Avery, Nelle Virginia 2829 Easf Broadway Long Beach, California Babock, Jane 55 Humbolf Sfreef Willifs, California Ball, Vivian l03l Benneff Avenue Long Beach, California Ballinger, Mrs. Lola Rushing 2700 Websfer Sfreef Berkeley, California Bankerd, Lois Alice 328 Soufh Hollisfon Avenue Pasadena, California Barkan, Louise 1633 Websfer Sfreef Palo Alfo, California Baxfer, Befh I723 Cenfral Avenue Alameda, California Beals, Cafharine M. 220 Norfh Park Sfreef Neenah, Wisconsin Beardsley, Beffe l220 Parkside Drive Seaffle, Washingfon Beaumonf, Jeanne 623 Norfh Maple Drive Beverly Hills, California Beaune, Merlyn Alice Box 43 Porf Angeles, Washingfon Beazor, Lois 8624 Terrace Drive El Cerrifo, California Beckeff, Beffe Beafrice 2724 N. E. Twenfy-fourfh Avenue Porfland, Oregon Beckman, Marian Elizabefh 3ll5 Norfh Mason Avenue Tacoma, Washingfon Beckwifh, Mary Fosfer 0l865 S. W. Palafine Hill Porfland, Oregon Bell, Billie Amelda l l35 S Sfreef Newman, California cc l36:7 RY Benedicf, Elise l267 Brook Sfreef Louisville, Kenfucky Bengson, Mrs. Winifred Jolley 2470 Washingfon Sfreef San Francisco, California Bernhard, Ann 26 Wesf Fiffy-fourfh Sfreef New York Cify, New York Bigelow, Gerfrude Mary Box 547, Pedaro Lane Carpinferia, California Bishop, Barbara 530 Wesf Eighfh Sfreef Aberdeen, Washingfon Black, Mary Helen 824 Wesf Sixfy-second Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri Blaise, Barbara 224 Eighfeenfh Sfreef, S. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Blake, Beverly Adele 972 Bush Sfreef San Francisco, California Blank, Adaline Alma 833 Easf Broadway Cushing, Oklahoma Bledsoe, Mary Lily R. R. 2 Colorado Springs, Colorado Bliss, Marfha Jane William Beaumonf Gen. Hosp EI Paso, Texas Bloomquisf, Beffy Wisner 5307 Firsf Avenue, Soufh Minneapolis, Minnesofa Blossom, Alice Jane l375 Hull Lane Alfadena, California Blum, Barbara Jacqueline No. l Jordan Avenue San Francisco, California Blyfh, Barbara Ramsay Sfrawberry Hill Burlingame, California Bolfon, Dorofhy Joyce Mills College California Boofh, Cafherine I438 Lafayeffe Sfreef 4Alameda, California Bosworfh, Befsy I3fh Dolores and San Carlos Carmel, California Boudinof, Dorofhy Louise I I20 Wesf Bay Avenue Newporf Beach, California ' zz: U ......,,,.,A, N AT A A e 1- af: A9 9 5EEEE5EfEfEfEfEfEfEfEfEfEfE, My I it -.4,.... .5E555i55E5?iEs:5:2:s:5:1:1:::. ff "'A"1'I:f:f:1:s:2' .:sEsEsEsSsE2Sff" lv 7 in 4'1::,:.,.4 me ii- .4A' 3 7143.5 dztcrz 75535 ffzzgz 'QXT -Y , ,,,: ..,. E ::.Z:: 1 Q :1:1::1::: ?5fQfZ:5:'::" :::::l :,::4 . Q L .Q A """':A:'." ffI 11:1 . H 4'44'4A4:':: igsgzgzgsgzgsgs ,IIE gsgi iif A,:., A '41'1'11 ,1,, .41., , ifli' E"53E1Ev5 zizlilz, ,i.., . . ., ..'..:.:.:::::: :,:11,1,.:.: . Q , Q2 1 A Q, -. . ,,,,,.4.,. . .4,11 . :IA f 9. AEG l : ..W : . AiZ1 .l.: . , T A : 4 i1 Zf .1,:.1....,.,,, T Jlm,01d2ALBanllin,illLl0,eaL INVITES YOUR BANKING BUSINESS ...Checking Accounfs ...Savings Accounfs ...Trus'r and Service ...Safe Deposi+ WELLS FARGO BANK AND TRUST CO. U N I O N MARKET AT e-RA AT MONTGOMERY SAN FRANCISCO MARKET 44 137 bb NT AVE Bourne, Jane Andre SI3 Broadway Building Porfland, Oregon Boyden, Cafherine Ann 30I5 N. E. Twenfy-second Ave. Porfland, Oregon Brambila, Joan B-3I P. O. Building Newark, New Jersey Branch, Beffy Lou 2203 Kuhio Avenue Honolulu, T. H. Brafichevich, Anka 4060 Hopkins Sfreef Oakland, California Braude, Mariorie 250 Wesf l03rd Sfreef New York Cify, New York Brennan, Helen Marie 7247 Canoga Avenue Canoga Park, California Brinckerhoff, Rebecca 388 Bellevue Avenue Oakland, California Brizard, Josephine Margaref i350 F Sfreef Arcafa, California Brohaska, A. Diana 3056 Venfura Avenue Fresno, California Brown, Alberfa Frances 2920 Easf Third Sfreef I Long Beach, California Brown, Janef Elizabefh 2920 Easf Third Sfreef Long Beach, California Brown, Kafhleen Clare Grande Avenue Wildomar, California Bryan, Beffy Leigh 423 Seminary Sfreef Napa, California Buckner, Harrieffe l9lO Norfh Lawrence Sfreef Tacoma, Washingfon Bundschu, Barbara McNab 258 Monfe Visfa Avenue Oakland, California Buonpane, Beffy Jane 3006 Scarborough Road Cleveland Heighfs, Ohio Burkhard, Flora Elena I330 Hillcresf Avenue Pasadena, California Burnef, Elizabefh Heyward Army-Navy Hospifal Hof Springs, Arkansas Burris, Leilani Jaeger Germany Sonoma, California Buffiffa, Marie Anfoineffe Roufe I, Box 380 Sanfa Clara, California Cameron, Loula Cary 352 Gorge Road Vicforia, Brifish Columbia Campbell, Elizabefh Ann 300 Edgewood Drive Sf. Louis, Missouri Canfield, Mildred 9ll N. E. Dekum Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Cannon, Lelia Rose Keaukaha, Hilo Terrifory of Hawaii Canon, Gwen Gail 323 Soufh Phillips Sfreef Sioux Falls, Soufh Dakofa Carlefon, Ellen Jane I776 Knox Avenue, Soufh Minneapolis, Minnesofa Carlefon, Jean Louise I776 Knox Avenue, Soufh Minneapolis, Minnesofa Carman, Phyllis lll9 Lorain Road San Marino, California Carpenfier, Mariorie Mignon 362 Hawfhorne Lane Winnefka, Illinois Carfer, Lillian Ernesfine 735 Berkeley Avenue San Bernardino, California Cary, Margaref Zoe 602 W. Twenfy-sevenfh Sfreef Kearney, Nebraska Casfner, Rufh Elizabefh 238 Mayes Sfreef Dixon, California Cavalier, Dixie Leigh 40l Hampfon Road Piedmonf, California Chalmers, Georgina Box 252 La Jolla, California Champion, Jean Marguerife I35 Wesf Rosewood San Anfonio, Texas Chase, BeHy 649 Marion Sfreef Denver, Colorado Church, Isabelle Jean l626 Milan Avenue Soufl-1 Pasadena, California Church, Rufh Elizabefh l450 Fif+h Avenue Oroville, California Churchill, Beffy Jane 2404 Wesf Pacific Sfreef Spokane, Washingfon Clark, Jean 635 Blackfhorn Sfreef Winnefka, lllinois cc rm Clark, Madeline Alice 3026 Freeman Sfreef San Diego, California Clark, Maybelle 26l0 N. W. Cornell Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Clark, Pafricia 4093 Eagle Sfreef San Diego, California Claypool, Ann 2530 Roosevelf Avenue Hibbing, Minnesofa Clifford, Georgia 58 Norfh San Rafael Avenue Pasadena, California Coale, Suzanne 530 Soufh Linden Avenue Highland Park, lllinois Coblenfz, Palmyre Eighfh and San Anfonio Sfreefs Carmel, California Coffin, Elizabefh Anne Culloden Park San Rafael, California Coghlan, Virginia Lee 28l3 Scoff Sfreef San Francisco, California Colby, Frances Leona 58I Callan Avenue San Leandro, California Colgafe, Jean 59 George Sfreef Medford, Massachuseffs Conanf, Juanda June Silay-Hawaiian Cenfral Occidonfal Negros Philippine Islands Conklin, Margaref Elizabefh Summerland Posf Office Sanfa Barbara, California Confraffo, Margaref Mary 299 Main Sfreef Bingham Caion, Ufah Cook, Mrs. Mary Manning 30I5 Seminary Avenue Oakland, California Coffon, Marian Elizabefh IZ3 Soufh Durbin Sfreef Casper, Wyoming Couper, Howard Edgar Tiburon Marin Counfy, California Cowdin, Lucy Frances I I29 Soufh Second Sfreef Springfield, Illinois Cowles, Myrfleiean Wadsworfh, Nevada LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S QUALITY APPAREL PHOENIX HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY "Nvigl1lmr'hnod Convenience at IJOZUTIIUZIZYII Prices" THE FRANCES SHOP 5770 FOOTHILL BLVD. Phone TRinidad 3000 SPECIALIZING IN SILK AND WASH FROCKS O One Block Wesf of Seminary Ave. la l::uve'll'e I34 maiden lane - san francisco one of lhe lillle resfauranls 'Iuclred away in a quainl' liHle slreei. cheerful and cenfral for a casual meal COMPLIMENTS OF THE Salher Gale Book Shop 227I TELEGRAPH AVE. Berkeley California Marshall-Newell Supply Co. MACHINISTS SUPPLIES ENGINEERING APPLIANCES GENERAL HARDWARE M.CAVALIER 8 Co. BONDS STOCKS COMMODITIES 114001 bers New York Slack Exchange New Yorlt Curb Uxssocialel San Francisco Sloclc Exchange San Francisco Curb Exchange Los Angeles Sloclr Exchange . Chicago Board of Trade Offices l Q San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Spear and Mwsion Sacramenfo Los Angeles Sanfa Ana SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA New York ff I39 D Crawford, Georgiana 64 Fern Lane San Anselmo, California Crecelius, Ida Aloha 520 Juana Avenue San Leandro, California Cromwell, Carolee I56 Belmonf Place Wichifa, Kansas Cropp, Helen Elizabefh 926 Baileyana Road Burlingame, California Crossman, Jean Box AA Carmel, California Crofhers, Louise Cornelia I837 Williams Sfreef Eureka, California Crofhers, Olive Elizabefh I837 Williams Sfreef Eureka, California Cummings, Dorofhy-Dean 7IO Easl' Main Sfreef Emmeff, Idaho Curfis, Karolyn Hope 2406 Locusf Sfreef San Diego, California Cufler, Mary Janef 2740 S. W. Fairview Boulevard Porfland, Oregon Daugherfy, Alice Harrief 329 Hague Avenue Defroif, Michigan Davidson, Lois Mae l30 Frederick Sfreef San Francisco, California Dee, Virginia Jane 4677 Davenporf Sfreef Oakland, California Denfon, Loriel Ann 4l I9 Mounfain Boulevard Oakland, California DeShazo, Minnie Rufh 3362 Seminary Avenue Oakland, California Dill, Dorofhy 3I Alvarado Road Berkeley, California Diller, Mrs. Berfa Aparfmenf B2 Mills College, California Dodge, Dorian 2l50 Hyde Sfreef San Francisco, California Doerr, Chloe 26lI Euclid Place Minneapolis, Minnesofa Dofflemyer, Frances Malden Exefer, California Dolph, Margaref Fordyce Hope Springs Farm Topanga, California Dolfon, Doreen Emily 6 Hidbrooke Grove London, Soufh Easf 3, England Dorn, Jane Haile 735 Esplanade Chico, California Dofy, Roberfa Fern 584l Fleming Avenue Oakland, California Dowling, Frances I IOI Terry Avenue Seaffle, Washingfon Drake, Helen Jeanneffe Kerman, California Driver, Charlene 423 Abbofsford Road Kenilworfh, Illinois Duden, Anne Russell 2335 N. W. Planders Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Duffy, Yvonne Vicfoire 73 Mifchell Drive Phoenix, Arizona Duncan, Margarel' 75 Spencer Avenue Sausalifo, California Early, Helen Louise I335 Balboa Avenue Burlingame, California Eafon, Arlin 673 Sf. Paul Sfreef Denver, Colorado Eberle, Mildred 403 Lloyd Avenue Providence, Rhode Island Eddy, Carla Helen Colby, Kansas Eddy, Dorofhy Jane Colby, Kansas Edwards, Hearfie Anne IOS Easl' Islay Sfreef Sanfa Barbara, California Egan, Charleen Quarfers 74 Forf Warren, Wyoming Ellioff, Beafrice Fern Elk Grove, California Ellis, Carolyn Thomas I626 Norfh Marfel Avenue Hollywood, California Elwood, Mary Louise Loyola Drive Los Alfos, California Engel, Margaref Ellen l2I I Rucker Avenue Evereff, Washingfon 4: l40 ax England, Mary Roufe 4 Yakima, Washingfon Eshelman, Jean Suzanne Roufe I, Selby Lane Afherfon, California Efo, Mary Roufe I, Box l2l San Luis Obispo, California Everfs, Priscilla Joy I3 I5 Woodruff Avenue Los Angeles, California Ewalf, Louise Solier 2354 Elm Sfreel' Denver, Colorado Fagan, Harrief Ann 849 Easf Palm Lane Phoenix, Arizona Fairchild, Dale I998 Valleio Sfreef San Francisco, California Farris, Mrs. Ada Nielson Sfamford, Nebraska Faw, Elinor Jean 600 Haddon Road Oakland, California Feldman, Flora Jean 2455 N. W. Johnson Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Fernald, Edyfhe Marie Espee Road Fresno, California Ferrell, Leda Adele 8I2 Laurel Avenue Hayward, California Fieberling, Lois Cafherine 3787 Park Boulevard Oakland, California Fisher, Dorofhy l40 Soufhampfon Avenue Berkeley, California Fisher, Mary 859 Kennefh Road Glendale, California Fisfer, Mary Ferre l402 Capifol Avenue Ogden, Ufah Filzgerald, Helen A. l225 Sanfa Clara Avenue Valleio, California Flaherfy, Donna Dale Orland, California Fleischmann, Gerfrude Elise 33 D'Amafo Avenue Livingsfon, New Jersey Fleisher, Barbara Hope 2l I I Twenfy-fhird Sfreef Bakersfield, California Fohs, Frances Baldauf Lamar Hofel Housfon, Texas COM PLIMENTS C I T Y GEARY OF O F P A R I S M' STOCKTON SAN FRANCISCO PORGES DRUG CO Offo Porges, Propriefor 3I00 Seminary Ave., aI Camden Tkinidad 8604 FREE DELIVERY FOUNTAIN LUNCH POST OFFICE HAAS CANDY Rexaii Agency TOILETRI ES Cara Nome Leniheric Elmo Coiy Dorofhy Perkins E. 'I ..-f I I I f X s xr , A f X' XX 'ff A Broad Price Range Presenfs 'K f if ,' I - I I' New Values in Sloane X X I LX Home Furnishings ' fi ,I iw I X ,' fiwlfi -'.'c Jifii' C1 -X F 'I' ff I WD A K urm ure f MUIIII!-,337 rgi.5L"Q i'4IggQ: C X5 Broacilooms 1 - -f' ,ii , ,-121 5 5 4 f ,,,' i y57?w'h',1:?in f' 7551 Persian Rugs -f if ' 'I ,qty ' g xzjr-fa, 1?I l , M: ,fs if Rugs I . 'xg M1.k..1 X' . .. fir- - ' I i-i'V'i"f'.M+ - i ' Draperies i I' fi-ii' I I SLIFTW U h I+ .Im -M g' is U MW' ,ga k- 'X.- p os ery Q 4 L -I . Ave ,.,. V T. Carpeils mir wr? I IPII I I 1 ,I"ii-'iiii'5i2iIii'9ii:i N Accessories and Gifrs 'ff I, III rife I W + ' i ' ll TY - Jllanthly Budget Accounts 5 I f lli ' 'cle'-2a+'4,,' II , my in 1' .4 C - ,I A d I f ,i w , M J.. I-wh ve! 'm x I Vx Alba! ouvemen y rrange . I 'L -,Iwi xii, MI Al QWQXIIII Jil Freight Paid in the U. S. I f ' N .I - ?eiNf3I':"'.4 'Ib ' W. 81 J. SLGAN E I I 1 ' ff"'4-.""" ' . "DLL .. ' "" L f' 'T-.Q if SUTTER near GRANT 243 ' . 1 wg ' SAN FRANCISCO cc I4I xx Fonfana, Jeanne 800 Rockholf Way Yuba Cify, California Foofe, Doris 34l2 N. Twenfy-eighfh Sfreef Tacoma, Washingfon Foofe, Janef Sfanwood Norfh Sfar Mine Grass Valley, California Forcey, Edna Rufh 70l Sfewarf Sfreef Seaffle, Washingfon Ford, Yvonne Jennings Lodge, Oregon Forsfer, Elizabefh Hall 6820 Mower Sfreef Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Founfain, Lorraine Lahae Lihue, Kauai Terrifory of Hawaii Fox, Florence 236 Soufh Orange Drive Los Angeles, California Frank, Dorofhy 2365 S. W. Madison Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Frank, Helen Adele I425 Easf Soufh Temple Sfreef Salf Lake Cify, Ufah Frank, Mary ll52 Chaffield Road Hubbard Woods, Illinois Freed, Lois Sybil 4002 Monfrose Avenue Housfon, Texas Freeman, Mary Jane 3 I24 N. E. Sevenfeenfh Avenue Porfland, Oregon French, Mary Ann 322 Ramsey Sfreef Mankafo, Minnesofa Friedman, Madge 4l8 Brierhill Road Deerfield, Illinois Froehlich, Helen Frances 990 Dana Sfreef Mounfain View, California Froome, Helen Elizabefh 425 Norfh Tenfh Sfreef Monfebello, California Fry, Anna Ayer Prosser, Washingfon Fuiiwara, Hisaka I4 Daimachi Akasakaku, Tokyo, Japan Fuller, Virginia Picacho, New Mexico Furnish, Dorofhy Jane l5l5 S. W. Cliffon Place Porfland, Oregon Gaillard, Jeanne Zenobia Box 231, Fruifvale Sfafion Oakland, California Gaillard, Lillian Josephine Box 23l, Fruifvale Sfafion Oakland, California Gale, Susan McKee 2289 Chaffield Drive Cleveland Heighfs, Ohio Galloway, Gerfrude Hagar 940 Privafe Road Hubbard Woods, Illinois Gardner, Mary Carolyn 80l Easf Elevenfh Winfield, Kansas Garniobsf, Rufh Jean 490 Oak Sfreef Salem, Oregon Gasfer, Babeffe Elizaberh 7I5 Wesf Main Sfreef Turlock, California Gerke, Mrs. Roberfa 882 Cleveland Avenue Oakland, California Gibson, Josephine 4443 Cliffon Road Balfimore, Maryland Gildehaus, Joann Busch 4053 Flora Place Sf. Louis, Missouri Gill, Alice Fulmor Dixon, California Gilleff, Eleanor 9lB Don Gaspar Avenue Sanfa Fe, New Mexico Gilman, Barbara I9 Ash Sfreef Cambridge, Massachuseffs Gimbal, Gene-Marie 2744 Regenf Sfreef Berkeley, California Godfrey, Norma Louise Vacaville, California Goecken, Vera Anne 50 Clark Drive San Mafeo, California Goldberg, Rufh 827 Soufh Sierra Bonifa Los Angeles, California Goldsfein, Jane Elizabefh I06I Governmenf Sfreef Mobile, Alabama Goold, Margaref Abigail 5766 Buena Visfa Oakland, California Gould, Charloffe Elizabefh 43I Wesf Twenfy-eighfh Sf Des Moines, Iowa Gove, Evelyn Elizabefh 7 King Avenue Piedmonf, California Graverson, Virginia 9Il Mendocino Berkeley, California Gray, Elizabefh Quinby l020 Encino Row Coronado, California cc l42 an reef Graybiel, Jane IIO8 Underhill Road Oakland, California Green, Elsie Louise 2764 N. E. Wiberg Lane Porfland, Oregon Green, Marjorie Ann I248 Soufh McCoy Independence, Missouri Green, Pafricia Grace 2323 Dana Sfreef Berkeley, California Gregory, Helen Floie 24 Wesf Fourfh Avenue San Mafeo, California Groesbeck, Mrs. Rosalie Pfluger 890 Union Sfreef Alameda, California Grounds, Molly l842 Punahou Sfreef Honolulu, Terrifory of Hawaii Gruber, Mary Wilhelmine 8I2 Sevenfeenfh Sfreef Bellingham, Washington Gruner, Rufh 3 Aberdeen Road Sf. Louis, Missouri Hadley, Eleanor Marfha 55l8 Holly Sfreef Seaffle, Washingfon Hagberg, Ellen Theresa 2 I09 Norfh Twenfy-sixfh Sfreef Tacoma, Washingfon Hale, Margery Anne BI3 Coasf Boulevard Laguna Beach, California Hall, Mrs. Idelle Egberf 4766 Reinhard? Drive Oakland, California Hall, Myra May 67 King Avenue Piedmonf, California Hall, Virginia B. 720 Karr Avenue Hoquiam, Washingfon Hamilfon, Beffy-Lou 77l2 Girard Avenue La Jolla, California Hamilfon, Margaref Jean 772I Ivanhoe Avenue La Jolla, California Hancock, Harrief June Il45 Glenwood Avenue San Jose, California Hansen, Adolph Frederick i540 Newlands Avenue Burlingame, California Hanson, Elinor Box 292 Corvallis, Oregon CQMPL.MM gller ge OF Specializing in ' Sk. Sh . CALIFORNIA Sffpofarei Inner oe Repair MUNICIPAL Mg11,T,,We, Under New Management B S011 F7'7'7Ci5C0 C. A. WOOD Ongleugfhxgaslfzeet Complimenfs of fhe Officiel Phofographers for fhe i938 Annual COMPUMENTS The Coleman Sludio OF 425 - l7fh Sfreel, Oakland 42 Soulh Isf Slreef, San Jose QUALITY PORTRAITURE Temple Bar Tearoom Tlre Flomf Art . . . finds fullesf expression in Poclesla and Baldccchi "qualify" crealions. li'lorw'rx Tolegruphezl Anywlzere Poclesla and Balclochi THE Culesl LANZ of SALZBERG Collons You Ever Saw Sizes 9 'lo 20 al' Lang's Young Colony 272 Posl Slreef iii San Francisco's Famous PALACE HOTEL DANCING NIGHTLY 1 lExcep'l' Mondayl in 'lhe beauliful ROSE ROOM BOWL Derby Nighf Every Thursday Safurday Tea Dansanls 4 +o 5:30 Three disfinclive dining rooms and lhree unusual lounges provide a delighlful environmenf for your enlerlainmenl' THE PALACE HOTEL 44 I43 n Hanway, Charlene 7I5 Soufh Granf Sfreef Casper, Wyoming Harf, Mrs. Helen Marie No address given Harfsan, Mary Frances 5228 Twenfiefh Norfh Easf Seaffle, Washingfon Hawkins, Florence Compfon 2409 Easf Lake of Isles Minneapolis, Minnesofa Hawkins, Jeane Mary 2850 Ninefeenfh Avenue San Francisco, California Heizer, Nancy V. Lovelock, Nevada Held, Marian Maxine 4430 Monfview Boulevard Denver, Colorado Hellman, Nancy Emily 6355 Waferman Avenue Sf. Louis, Missouri Helm, Harrief Wayzafa, Minnesofa Hendry, Rufh Murray 905 Confra Cosfa Berkeley, California Henley, Rufh l700 Grandview Glendale, California Henning, Mimi 76l Chilfern Road San Mafeo, California Henning, Miriam Helene 402 Soufh Canon Drive Beverly Hills, California Henshaw, Susan 360 Hampfon Road Piedmonf, California Herbig, Rufh Louise IO6 Donohoe Sfreef Pala Alfo, California Herlihy, Mariorie Mary 290l Easf Foofhill Boulevard San Dimas, California Heuck, Margaref Jean 9 Parson Drive Missoula, Monfana Hevenor, Margaref 2047 San Pasqual Sfreef Pasadena, California Hewiff, Elizabefh Ann Hewiff Land Co., Rusf Building Tacoma, Washingfon Hickox, E. Clarice 6II Soufh Fourfh Sfreef Springfield, Illinois Hilberry, Harry H. 243 Easf Liberfy Girard, Ohio Hill, Ramona Rushman I259 Ninefy-eighfh Avenue Oakland, California Hillman, Doris 4710 Livingsfon Avenue Riverdale, New York Hillman, Marfha Anne Ouarfers 29, Lefferman Hospifal San Francisco, California Hillman, Marv Louise No.29, Lefferman General Hosp. San Francisco, California Hind, Florence Pafricia 2636 Cole Sfreef Oakland, California Hinoki, Emiko l20 Tenfh Sfreef Colusa, California Hirsch, Jane 2623 Francis Sfreef Sainf Joseph, Missouri Hoffman, Mary Davis I I0 Sanfa Clara Avenue San Francisco, California Holmes, Beffy Rural Free Delivery Calisfoga, California Holmquisf, Mary Helen 245l Le Confe Berkeley, California Honore, Anne 526 Kinnear Place Seaffle, Washingfon Hood, Jean I83l Irving Sfreef, N. W. Washingfon, Disfricf of Columbia Hopkinson, Esfher Mabel 27l0 Curfis Way Sacramenfo, California Horsley, Reva Laverne 47I5 Norfh Kirby Porfland, Oregon Hoshiga, Kyoko C. 35l4 Fourfeenfh Avenue Oakland, California Howard, Susan 23l5 Tenfh Norfh Seaffle, Washingfon Howe, Beffy June 2902 N. Twenfy-sevenfh Sfreef Tacoma, Washingfon Humisfon, Rose Myrfle I340 Penn Sfreef Denver, Colorado Hunfer, Margaref Ann 4225 Woodlawn Drive Des Moines, iowa Hurd, Vivian Margaref 726 Grizzly Peak Boulevard Berkeley, California Idleman, Barbara Jane l40I Hillcresf Road Sanfa Barbara, California 44 I44v lfferf, Milda Crocker 2024 Ninefy-fourfh Avenue Oakland, California Iles, Amber-Gayle Craig, Colorado lvins, Ellen Ava Lynne Crawford, Nebraska Jack, Laurelmae 847l S. W. Thirfy-sevenfh Mulfnomah, Oregon Jackson, Tomme Nell lO06 Gasfon Sfreef Ausfin, Texas Jacobson, Kafhleen Grace 902 Longridge Road Oakland, California James, Virginia Lee I4 Norfh Failing Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Jenne, Corrinne 633 Sevenfh 8: Franklin Sfreefs Juneau, Alaska Jensen, Carol Marilyn Fairmonf Hospifal San Leandro, California Jerome, Margaref lda 4700 Girard Avenue Soufh Minneapolis, Minnesofa Johannsen, Edifh Margaref 3467 Laguna Avenue Oakland, California Johnson, C. Celesfe Roseville, California Johnson, Jane Doris 30 Fresno Sfreef Vallejo, California Johnson, Lois Eleanor IOI4 San Raymundo San Mafeo, California Johnson, Sybil Barkley I I I4 Soufh David Sfreel' Casper, Wyoming Jones, Elinor Effa I328 Casfro Sfreef San Francisco, California Jones, Elizabefh Jane 2008 S. W. Ninefeenfh Avenue Porfland, Oregon Jones, Jeaneffe Alice 254 Sheridan Avenue Piedmonf, California Jones, Louise Saunders 749 College Sfreef Woodland, California Jones, Phyllis Dupree 2770 Monfgomery Way Sacramenfo, California Kaser, Kafhryn 825 Norfh Third Avenue Phoenix, Arizona With the Publication ot the T938 Yearbook Another Volume is Added to the Outstanding Series of Mills College Annuals . . . We I-Iave Appreciated the Opportunity ot Assisting in the Presentation ot This Book to the Students oi Mills College. 1wLwfL,,sbwf,.93QMgD,gm PRINTERS SPECIALIZING- IN TI-IE PRODUCTION OF YEARBOOKS Keeling, Jane Lakeporf, California Kelly, Kay Margolene King Cify, California Kennedy, Mariory Marie 2534 Mounfain Boulevard Oakland, California Kieffer, Isabel 6900 Cornell Sf. Louis, Missouri Kilgore, Elinor Spence 24I7 Green Sfreef San Francisco, California Kilmer, Lucy Hale Easl' Roseland Drive La Jolla, California King, Elizabefh S. Caixa Posfal 257 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, S. A. Kingsbury, Mary Frances 2706 Jackson Sfreef Sioux Cify, Iowa Kinnaman, Beryle Lee R. F. D. I, Tillamook Counfy Bay Cify, Oregon Kirby, Laura Rufh Lind, Washingfon Kirk, Dorofhy 3I4 Norfh Georgia Mason Cify, Iowa Klocksiem, Elizabefh I072 Orange Avenue Long Beach, California Kniskern, Jean I6I I Ridge Avenue Evansfon, Illinois Knudsen, Anne Koloa Kauai, Terrifory of Hawaii Knufson, Marion V. 229 Norfh Third Sfreef Pafferson, California Knufson, Thelma lone 229 Norfh Third Sfreef Pafferson, California Kowallis, Winifred 526 Soufh Bonnie Beach Place Los Angeles, California Korman, Mrs. Hilda Clufe 3 I2 Adams Sfreef Oakland, California Kramm, Mrs. Marguerife 4774 Reinhardf Drive Oakland, California Kurfz, Mary Sfewarf 3227 Norfh Pennsylvania Sfreel' Indianapolis, Indiana Kusunoki, Yachiyo I I7 Sevenfh Colusa, California Kuzell, Mary Cafherine Ninfh Sfreef Clarkdale, Arizona Labbe, Marguerife 294l N. W. Quimby Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Lackey, Barbara Ellen Roufe 2 Lebanon, Oregon Lane, Elizabefh Alden I I4 Wesf Roosevell' Phoenix, Arizona Langsfon, Marfha Porfer 4l9 Yale Avenue Claremonf, California Larew, Walfer F. 2846 Morgan Avenue Oakland, California Larmour, Dorofhy Ellen I I24 Amador Avenue Berkeley, California Larmour, Mariorie I I24 Amador Avenue Berkeley, California Larson, Dorofhy Shorewood Hills Madison, Wisconsin Larson, Isabelle 3I5 Howard Avenue Piedmonf, California Lafhrop, Helen Sally 76 Cliffon Road Wesfon superfmare, England Leighfon, Dorofhy Ann 75 San Lorenzo Way San Francisco, California LeMonnier, Helen Berenice Hill Top Road Mendham, New Jersey LeMoyne, Mary Brooks 6l5 Hays Sfreef Boise, Idaho LePage, BeHy 59l5 Keifh Avenue Oakland, California Lesaar, Norma Louise 939 Wesf Armifage Avenue Chicago, Illinois Leffs, Barbara Slafer I5 Abbofsford Courf Providence, Rhode Island Levy, Claire Cafherine I825 Mission Ridge Sanfa Barbara, California Lewis, Ann 86I Grove Sfreei' Glencoe, Illinois Limback, Grace Aileen 6070 Ocean View Drive Oakland, California Lines, Jane Cafharine 527 Soufh Greenwood Pasadena, California Lipscomb, Mary-Lee 5825 Locusf Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri 44 I46D Liu, Yung Huo II Yue Fu Avenue Foochow, Fukeio, China Locke, Mary Elizabefh 330 Easf Pedregosa Sanfa Barbara, California Lohse, Carlyse I07 Norfh Pumas Sfreef Willows, California Loos, Frances M. 49I6 Daisy Sfreef Oakland, California Loudon. Elizabeth Sfanley Park Yakima, Washingfon Low, Barbara Jane 338 Wesf Thorn Sfreef San Diego, California Lowe, Velma BI4 Mandana Boulevard Oakland, California Lowell, Cynfhia Jane l032 Annarley Road Oakland, California Lowrey, Kafhleen 2525 Alaula Way Honolulu, Terrifory of Hawaii Lucker, Elizabefh l9I5 Humboldf Soufh Minneapolis, Minnesofa Lum, Lorraine Winifred 330 Wesf Cypress Redlands, California Lufgens, Peggy Louise Highland Avenue San Rafael, California Mack, Mary 2540 Curfis Way Sacramenfo, California Mackinfosh, Consfance IO25 West Fiffeenfh Avenue Vancouver, Brifish Columbia Madden, Kafhryn Irene I428 Whiffier Avenue Springfield, Illinois Madland, Rufh Marie 370I Easf Marion Seaffle, Washingfon Maginis, Pafricia 28I5 ScoH Sfreef San Francisco, California Maino, Frances Louise I424 Mill Sfreef San Luis Obispo, California Mann, Billie Rae 2020 MoH-Smifh Drive Honolulu, Terrifory of Hawaii Manning, Margaref Delia IB70 Universify Avenue Palo Alfo, California Manfzurani, Consfance Helena 800 Bancroff Avenue San Leandro, California 'A' A DELIGHTFUL 6741.43 6.1, SAN FRANCISCO THE CANTERBURY IS CLOSE TO ALL THE SMART SHOPS, TEA- ROOMS AND THEATERS . . . WITH SPLENDID ACCOMMODATIONS AT MODERATE TARIFF ONE PERSON - 52.50 TWO PERSONS - 83.50 Approved by the faculty of Mills College HOTEL CANTERBURY SUTTER AT JONES ir 'A' COMPLIMENTS OF J. H. HANDEL COMPLIMENTS OF CAROL WILLS DISTINCTIVE FOOTWEAR I724 Broadway, nexf fo fhe Orpheum Your Charge Accouni Invited COMPLIMENTS OF: CASTLE PHARMACY D. P. SHATTO LRB7'I'l61'l'Ib6'1"... Shop WILL SERVE YOU AS ALUMNAE, TOO, Through +he mail order Deparfmeni' COLLEGE JEWELRY and STATIONERY BOOKS and GIFTS Books for Vacafion Reading Seni Io Any Address cc I47 xx The CoHege Marshall, Helen R. D. I, Box l85 Sa nfa Ana, California Marfin, Bebe 40 Los Laurellos Salinas, California Marfin, Elner Cafherine 8232 Ney Avenue Oakland, California Marfin, Morise I305 Circle Drive San Marino, California Mafcheffe, Mary Alice 5 Easl' Fiffy-fhird Terrace Kansas Cify, Missouri Maxwell, Bealrice Janef 2722 Websfer Sfreel' Berkeley, California Mayer, Mrs. Alice 570i Merriewood Drive Oakland, California Mayer, Miriam 6865 Tokalon Drive Dallas, Texas McAulay, Dorofhy Louise l2907 l03rd Avenue Edmonfon, Alberfa McClin+ic, Eleanor Josephine Lefferman Hospifal San Francisco, California McClin'l'ock, Nancy Eleanore 2963 Gibbons Drive Alameda, California McClure, Mrs. Mariquifa Derby Roufe 4, Box II4 San Jose, California McCoy, Virginia Lee IO36 Und erhills Road Oakland, California McFadden, Elinor 200l Sfone Sfreef Falls Cify, Nebraska McGill, Frances l4l Wesf Sanfa Fe Avenue Sanfa Fe, New Mexico McNeal, Caroline Rose 645 Liberfy Sfreef Ashland, Oregon McNeil, Lorraine 4345 Woodleigh Lane Pasadena, California Mcsheehy, Jeanne Lloyd 530 B Avenue Coronado, California Mee, Beffy 207 San Leandro Lane Monfecifo, California Meredifh, Kafherine Elizabefh 63l Cosfa Rica San Maleo, California Merrell, Evelyn Elizabefh 769 Sevenleenfh Avenue San Francisco, California Meyer, Helen Palricia I629 York Sfreef Denver, Colorado Michelson, Helga I9B0 Washingfon Sfreef San Francisco, California Mickelsen, Claudina Roufe 4, Box I97 Pefaluma, California Mickelsen, Elinor Mae Roufe 4, Box I97 Pefaluma, California Mickey, Jean Lafham Chico, California Mignon, Beffy Louise I426 N. Forfy-sevenfh Sfreel' Seaffle, Washingfon Miles, Beffy Jane ldella I04 Soufh Fiffh Sfreef Livingsfon, Monfana Miller, Barbara Belle 425 Rural Avenue Salem, Oregon Miller, Blyfhe Charlef 3 l7 Wesf Lynwood Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Miller, Rosemund Jean I720 Crowe Canyon Hayward, California Millis, Marfha 2449 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, California Milfon, Ann 424 Monfe Visfa Avenue Oakland, California Minaden, Edyfhe Dolores I740 E. Twelffh Sfreef, Room 2 I9 Cleveland, Ohio Minnes, Elizabefh 6l0l Maiesfic Avenue Oakland, California Minfey, Lucille I9748 Sfagg Slreef Canoga Park, California Miser, Jean Harrief 550l Brookdale Avenue Oakland, California Mifchell, Lois Rifchie 8l6 Fairfield Road Burlingame, California Mohr, Margaref Elizabefh 722 Walnuf Sfreef Yuba Cify, California Molgaard, Camilla M. 325 EI Camino Road Burlingame, California K I48ff Monfgomery, Mariorie Rufh 234 Twenfy-sevenfh Sfreef Merced, California Moody, Mariorie Jean 720 Easf Park Oklahoma Cify, Oklahoma Moors, Befsy Kafe 48 Mason Avenue Websfer Groves, Missouri Morgan, Wilma Jean I26 Easl Foolhill Boulevard Rialfo, California Morrill, Freda Websfer 2854 Vicforia Avenue Cincinnafi, Ohio Morris, Lauranna 933 Glendome Circle Oakland, California Munro, Cleoweir Sheila Brifannia Beach, Brifish Columbia Murdock, Jean Ferguson 218 Sixfeenfh Sfreef Sanfa Monica California Murray, Palricia 3568 N. E. Couch Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Neill, Norma Clark Ardencraig Granfs Pass, Oregon Nelson, Pafricia Ann i450 Norfh Michigan Avenue Pasadena, California Nevill, Ada lsobel 658 Emerson Sfreef Denver, Colorado Newbauer, Peggy Efhel Hofel Mark Hopkins San Francisco, California Newcomer, Frances Harris Campo Sanfo Salfa, Argenfine, S. A. Newhall, Cafherine Mary 2629 Piedmonf Avenue Berkeley, California Newman, Janel' 576 Lincoln Avenue Sf. Paul, Minnesofa Ng, Borgee 2324 Pacific Avenue Alameda, California Nickerson, Nancy 303 Sfafe Sfreef Pasadena, California Nickison, Mrs. Lenore Paine 3l53 Madera Avenue Oakland, California Nicoll, Bernice l3l lrving Sfreef San Francisco, California ecoyn ition This' it an 6XL'L'1IIf!i'07IZ PACIFIC PRINTER AND PUBLISHER in the M ay 1938 irme E almost have to go to Hollywood to get adjectives to describe the 1938 Bulletin of Mills College,Oakland, California. On second thought, we can use "superb" and "beautiful" and give you a good idea of this printed cre- ation. The book not only tells the story in pleasant and dignified language but the combination of printing, illus- trations and copy combine to do a most difficult thing and do it well-to impart the atmosphere of this educa- tional institution, to give an impression of something of its beauty of situation, its tradition, its high goal of in- tellectual achievement. It is a complete picture expressed in page layout and typography . . . simple, modern and ultra-smart. For utility it ranks high-every picture is ac- cessible to the eye...every line of type is in the position and in the face and size that gives it the proper emphasis and the highest readability. There is spontaneity in the layoutg a feeling that the illustrations were placed where they fell logically, which treatment makes for freedom. The mechanical binding adds a touch of smartness. The page heads in Gillies Gothic show the possibilities of that type for salients and on a page of real quality. The book was printed by James Gillick 8: Company, Inc., and designed by Will D. Robertson and Ben Kennedy. JPIIIIES JNDILLIBIS Al BDIIIPIIIIYWIIB. I IHHTEBS 2057 CENTER ST-BERKELEY-DALIFURNIA-THURNWALL 4826 cc I49 xr Noble, Befsy 250 La Salle Avenue Piedmonf, California Norgren, Nafalie 5744 Kenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois Norris, Elizabefh 2024 Chadbourne Madison, Wisconsin Norfh, Mary Remsen I08 Norfh Sfreef Walfon, New York Nunes, LaVerne Alice 2035 Rosedale Avenue Oakland, California Oakley, Beverly Adaline I I I I East Bannock Sfreei' Boise, Idaho Oakley, Dorofhy 292 Lee Sfreef Oakland, California Oakley, Elizabefh 292 Lee Sfreef Oakland, California Oakley, Janef Dennisfon 292 Lee Sfreef Oakland, California Oakley, Margaref Esfher 292 Lee Sfreef Oakland, California O'Brien, Jean Pafricia I I44 Chesfnuf Avenue Wilmeffe, Illinois Oldaker, Mary Elizabefh 649 Norfh Third Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Oldenburger, Evelyn Kirk Roufe 2, Box I88 Lodi, California Olsen, Mildred Rufh Box 3 I3 Pacific Grove, California Orchison, Margaref Blair II2 Lafham Sfreef Piedmonf, California Orssaud, canine 5, rue Charles de Vergennes Diion, Confe d'or, France Orvis, Beffe Farmingfon, California Oswald, Anne Page 2723 Thirfy-second Ave. Soufh Seaffle, Washingfon Overfon, Jea. Leigh 5l6 Peck Road Geneva, Illinois Pardue, Karolen Moore 225 Wesi' Elsmere Place San Anfonio, Texas Parker, Virginia Sawyer 55 Twenfy-sixfh Avenue San Francisco, California Parks, Mrs. Carolyn Bushman 2l22 Sanfa Clara Avenue Alameda, California Parlier, Rosemary 434 Soufh N Sfreef Tulare, California Pafferson, Eleanor Via Cicerone 4 Triesfe, lfaly Pafferson, Marfha 6320 S. E. Twenfy-ninfh Avenue Porfland, Oregon Paffon, Helen 2747 Hasfe Sfreef Berkeley, California Paules, Charloffe 3775 Olympiad Drive Los Angeles, California Paulin, Pafricia Dorofhy 729 Spruce Sfreef Berkeley, California Paulson, Mary Penelope 325 Wesf Fiffeenfh Sfreef Minneapolis, Minnesofa Peal, Rufh Adena 563 Upper Mounfain Avenue Upper Monfclair, New Jersey Pearson, Virginia Charline 737 Wesf Main Sfreef Turlock, California Peck, Ann l900 Soufh Firsf Avenue Sioux Falls, Soufh Dakofa Pefley, Efha I2I2 Nor'll'1 I3fh Boise, Idaho Pefers, Eleanor Ruby 4I I I Plaff Avenue Fresno, California Pefers, June Virginia 23 I4 Twenfy-sevenfh Sfreef Sacramenfo, California Pefersen, Claire Lucille Sfar Roufe Suisun, California Peferson, Helen Viola 4032 Bayo Sfreef Oakland, California Peferson, Virginia Louise Box 474 Chewelah, Washingfon Pefif, Rufh Jane l935 Franklin Sfreef, Apf. 204 San Francisco, California Phelan, Barbara Jane 965 Kingsfon Avenue Piedmonf, California Phelan, Langdon l I6 Wellingfon Crescenf Winnipeg, Manifoba Philips, Marie Kerney 608 Easf Monroe Avenue Kirkwood, Missouri cc ISO wx Pickeff, Befiy Ellen 6I2 Bonnie Brae River Foresf, Illinois Pierce, Muriel Il08 Forfy-sevenfh Sfreef Sacramenfo, California Plane, Pafricia Louise 57 Tamalpais Avenue San Anselmo, California Ponce, Hope 655 Sfockfon Sfreef San Francisco, California Poole, Joan Chapin W1 Academy of Arfs Honolulu, Oahu, T. H. Porfer, Georgina 469 Van Buren Avenue Oakland, California Pownall, Louise 405 Dorsef Avenue Washingfon, Disfricf of Columbia Poyfhress, Uhlma Marie Madera, California Preff, Shirley 7I Prospecf Road Piedmonf, California Pringle, Jane Lee 33 Tanglewood Road Berkeley, California Purdy, Virginia Janel' I469 Jefferson San Francisco, California Purvine, Helen 655 Universify Salem, Oregon Quayle, Eleanor Roberfa 370 Sfafen Avenue Oakland, California Quinlan, Cafherine Barbara Box 45 Covelo, California Raifer, Jacquie Ann I036 Munras Avenue Monferey, California Rand, Sara Ellen I40 Soufh Norfon Avenue Los Angeles, California Randles, Mrs. Margaref i900 Clinfon Avenue Alameda, California Rafliff, Joann Elizabefh 820 Soufh Mansfield Los Angeles, California Ray, Dixy Lee 45I0 Norfh Gove Sfreef Tacoma, Washingfon Raymer, Miriam I423 Scoff Avenue Chicago, Illinois Rechf, Dorofhy Ann 2I I6 Monfana Sfreef Oakland, California MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS and PERSONAL EFFECTS LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE STORAGE - PACKING - SHIPPING Aulhorized and Bonded fo Check Trunks or Baggage af Your Residence to Desfinafion. U. C. Express 8: Slorage Co. HU. lI42, Oakland. AS. IUOO, Berkeley Two Trips Daily lo and from San Francisco 460l Sheriuck 2I20 Berkeley Way OAKLAND BERKELEY COMPLIMENTS OF Van Wormer 8: Rodrigues Inc. Makers of your class pins TRAINER 81 PARSONS Diyzeming Opticians 0 228 POST STREET Between Gran? Avenue and Sfocklon SAN FRANCISCO Telephone GArfield 7100 Sfreef COMPLIMENTS OF SEMINARY FLOWER SHOP MANNINGS 9 65526 Q if I E F ODS-21 BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER '- Cl05ED 5UNDAY5 658 Marker, San Francisco 272 Suffer, San Francisco l6l5 Telegraph Ave., Oakland SERVING THE PACIFIC COAST WETMORE GATE BEAUTY SHOP SPECIAL SERVICE 'ro MILLS COLLEGE STUDENTS We Pick Up and Deliver Free BILL WOOD Motor Company 30OI E. I4fh. OAKLAND. ANdover 5400 u, Shaud ALBOLENE SOLID "The Hospifal Provecl Cleansing Cream" CALOX "The Toolh Powder of +I-ie S'rars" In Apprecielion for ihe Privilege of Serv- O ing You and in Anficipalion of Your Confinued Friendship. s w noao 5924 TRENOR sr. McKesson 81 Robbins - I Inoorporafed B O u I e V a r d D r e S S LBHQIGYQMICHBFIS Division " ince 833" S 5 l 0 n OAKLAND FRESNO 5824 Foofhill Boulevard SAN FRANCISCO SMART REASONABLE I 4I5Iv Reed, Julianne 1021 Cedar Avenue Kemmerer, Wyoming Rex, Jane Kirkwood 1065 Thirfy-fiffh Sfreef Des Moines, lowa Rice, Helen Flora Lihue Kauai, Terrifory of Hawaii Richardson, Edifh Marian 520 Wesf Third Chico, California Richardson, Jean Marie 117 Maple Sfreef Salinas, California Richelderfer, Cafherine LoDesfa Wasco, Oregon Richeson, Ann E. 5735 Avenal Sfreef Oakland, California Richmond, Daphne O'Hair Amaflan 60 Mexico Cify, Mexico Ridgway, Elizabefh Jane 3191 Easf Lombardy Road Pasadena, California Ridgway, Laura Judifh 3191 Easf Lombardy Road Pasadena, California Riegger, Evamaria 1073 Cumberland Piflsburg, California Riesmeyer, Virginia 424 Somersef Avenue Websfer Groves, Missouri Robbins, Edifh Jane 4102 Corliss Avenue Seaffle, Washingfon Robinson, Virginia Lisle 170 Esfafes Drive Piedmonf, California Rock, Adele Driver Foofhill Road Carpinferia, California Rockwell, Margaref Roberfs 1018 Marion Sfreef Denver, Colorado Rodgers, Mildred Lillian 342 Prospecf Sfreef Norwood, Massachuseffs Rohman, Joan 1316 Wesferly Terrace Los Angeles, California Romero, Marina 4 Granada Madrid, Spain Rosenfeld, Jane Lang 2125 S. W. Twenfy-firsf Avenue Porfland, Oregon Ross, Jane Anchorage, Kenfucky Rofhschild, Marge Main and Tenfh Kansas Cify, Missouri Ruggles, Priscilla Bradford 706 The Alameda Berkeley, California Ruifer, lvey Adell 2570 Fiffh Avenue Sacramenfo, California Rulison, Elizabefh Guillard 1957 Thirfeenfh Avenue Sacramenfo, California Rupp, Mary Margaref 1925 Elizabefh Sfreef Pueblo, Colorado Rusk, Mrs. Virginia 4222 Mounf View Avenue Oakland, California Ryan, Alice Mary 149-29 Twelffh Avenue Whifesfone, L. S., New York Sakafa, Grace 1011 Eigh+h Avenue Sacramenfo, California Sampson, Carolyn 610 Norfh Walden Drive Beverly Hills, California Sanfos, Louisa 1094 Cragmonf Avenue Berkeley, California Scarleff, Pafricial Kay 660 Elm Sfreef Woodland, California Scheuermann, Olga 1501 Broadway Alameda, California Schmick, Angela R. F. D. No. 4, Box 63M Cincinnafi, Ohio Schmidf, Dorofhea Mae 7615 Wilson Avenue Hayward, California Schmifz, Monique Cecile 6225 Ouflook Avenue Oakland, California Schrader, Dorofhy Doerr 25 Terrace Drive San Francisco, California Schuneman, Kafe Hufchinson 701 Pioneer Building Sf. Paul, Minnesofa Seaman, Aileen 1690 Tresfle Glen Road Oakland, California Selby, Rufh Elizabefh 564 Merriff Avenue Oakland, California Selling, Margaref 2228 S. W. Twenfy-firsf Avenue Porfland, Oregon Seybold, Jane 1501 Mounf Curve Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesofa Shannon, Dorofhy Margaref 919 Lee Avenue San Leandro, California . 141522, Sheffield, Mrs. Florence Ward Mills College Oakland, California Shen, Yao No. 4, Sb Roufe Paul Henry Shanghai, China Sherwood, Carolyn 605 Norfh Ninfh Sfreef Temple, Texas Shields, Dorofhy 7 Highland Avenue Piedmonf, California Shimanouchi, lda 3075 California Sfreef San Francisco, California Shimanouchi, Mari 3075 California Sfreef San Francisco, California Shomafe, Barbara Jane 1103 Truxfon Avenue Bakersfield, California Shumway, Louise 519 Easf Pedregosa Sanfa Barbara, California Shwayder, Deborah Evelyn 663 Fillmore Sfreef Denver, Colorado Silberberg, Marfha Coafe 421 Norfh Louise Sfreef Glendale, California Sillerman, Dorofhy Kafhrin 221 Norfh Third Pafferson, California Sinfon, Rufh Marian 325 Ranelagh San Mafeo, California Skiffone, Jeanneffe Dolores Roufe 2, Box 891 Modesfo, California Smedley, Helene Elizabefh 710 Norfh Bedford Drive Beverly Hills, California Smifh, Margaref Pierce 2025 Sfafe Sfreef Sanfa Barbara, California Smifh, Marian 1491 Twenfy-sevenfh Sfreef Ogden, Ufah Smifh, Mafy Anda Nafoma, California Smifh, Nafasha Dorf 2203 Piedmonf Avenue Berkeley, California Smifh, Paffie Brough 1109 Norfh Evereff Glendale, California Soanes, Judy Anne 366 Euclid Avenue Oakland, California Soles, Adelaide Fernald Poinf Sanfa Barbara, California Sollender, Gail 3014 Fiffy-eighfh Avenue Oakland, California JIQL14, JLZL BDDAL THE GOLDEN GATE INTERNATIONAL E X P 0 S I T I O N A PAGEANT I affine PACIFIC Solomon, Jean Louise 20224 Sherman Way Canoga Park, California Sorrell, Rufh Pefzka R. F. D. l, 24A Calisfoga, California Spainhower, Cafherine Joy Lone Pine, California Spalding, Sally I307 Oak Avenue Evansion, Illinois Spohn, Maryanna 455 Norfh Oakhursf Drive Beverly Hills, California Spooner, Mary Marcelia Middlefown, California Sproule, Maude Elizabefh Box 222 Monfebello, California Sfamm, Mary Jane Pyshf, Washingfon Sfeinberg, Ellen Box 836 Warson Road Sf. Louis, Missouri Sfephens, Georgiana Lee 1420 Redondo Boulevard Los Angeles, California Sfepp, Sara Virginia 633 Norfh Milfon Avenue Whiffier, California Sfern, Barbara Rufh I05 Easf Twenfy-firsf Sfreef Sioux Falls, Soufh Dakofa Sfevens, Emily Mcllvaine 929 Buena Visfa Sfreef Soufh Pasadena, California Sfirling, Mary Jean 25 Carmel Avenue Salinas, California Sfoddard, Rebecca Dean Berefania and Punchbowl Honolulu, Terriforv of Hawaii Sfone, Mrs. Gherafine Mills College Oakland, Califorl a Sfone, Virginia Orfing, Washington Sfoner, Muriel Rufh 254I Forfy-firsf Sfreef Sacramenfo, California Sfoff, Jean Kafhleen 5745 Norfh Commercial Avenue Porfland, Oregon Sfrong, Jane Cafherine 8l2 Spencer Avenue Sanfa Rosa, California Sfrong, Virginia l03I American Bank Buildin Porfland, Oregon Sirofher, Lois Anna l070 Foresf Courf Palo Alfo, California Sfurgis, Eileen Mary Sonora, California 9 Sfurm, Mignon Dolores Lee Hofel Yuma, Arizona Suber, Margaref Irene 3234 Riverside Boulevard Sacramenfo, California Sullivan, Pafricia Ann Gravelly Lake Tacoma, Washingfon Summy, Shirley 204 Norfh Wesf Ninefeenfh Oklahoma Cify, Oklahoma Sumner, Elizabe+h Anne 2I4l Norfh Wesf Davis Porfland, Oregon Sweefser, Wilma Jeanne OI I7 Green Sfreef Marfinez, California Swenson, Helen Jean I I40 Wesf Acacia Sfockion, California Taggarf, Kay Cowley, Wyoming Tamafe, Fudeko P. O. Box 266 Waialua, Oahu, T. H. Taylor, Sibyl Josephine 245 Easf Main Sfreef Grass Valley, California Teague, Rosa Louise 454 Crescenf Sfreef Oakland, California Thielen, Louise I233 Forfiefh Sfreef Sacramenfo, California Thomas, Mary Jane l5l5 Morrison Sfreef Madison, Wisconsin Thomas, Pauleffe Louise 24 Rue Barbof de Juoy Paris, France Thomson, Margaref Louise I I I5 Winsor Avenue Piedmonf, California Thursfon, Mary Elizabefh I4I5 Granville Avenue Chicago, Illinois Tickell, Jean 652 Foresf Avenue Palo Alfo, California Tiedemann, Nancy Rufh 703 Ocean Avenue Monferey, California Tolberf, Beffie Wilson I73 Soufh Highland Avenue Los Angeles, California Torgler, Mariorie Mae l930 Norfh Easf Fremonf Sfreef Porfland, Oregon Trabucco, Erma Jane Mariposa, California Trabucco, Pauline Cafherine Mariposa, California 4115411 Traung, Beffy Mae 347 Sanfa Ana Avenue San Francisco, California Trenf, Gladys Wilma l053 Breckenridge Helena, Monfana Trussell, Virginia Larke I3I Academy Sfreef Poughkeepsie, New York Tucker, Jane Sfanden l525 Waverley Sfreef Palo Alfo, California Tudbury, Pafricia Breed IB9l San Juan Road Berkeley, California Tudor, Barbara 3837 Balfour Avenue Oakland, California Tupper, Elizalaefh 3635 Hunfingfon Fresno, California Tureman, Dessie Jean 5235 Oak Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri Turner, Helen 938 Soufh Harvard Boulevard Los Angeles, California Turner, Mrs. Wilma 4036 Lyon Avenue Oakland, California Tyson, Helen 405 Easf Pedregosa Sfreef Sanfa Barbara, California Uchida, Kay l9l I Sfuarl Sfreef Berkeley, California Umlosen, Marcia 23 Culelbra San Francisco, California Uwano, Mofoka Higashi Tsunai Tsuruga, Fukui Pref., Japan Van Cleave, Elizabefh 26 Kingsbury Place Sf. Louis, Missouri Vanderbilf, Lois Dorofhy Hobarf Avenue Shorf Hills, New Jersey Vandewark, Marfha Kafherine I I09 Wesf Oak Sfreef Forf Collins, Colorado Van Dyke, Virginia 805 EasfA Sfreef Granfs Pass, Oregon Van Nesf, Elma l48 Norfh Moore Sfreef Princefon, New Jersey Waddin fon, Melle Ann H646 Norfh Raymond Pasadena, California Waddock, Jane 4I5 Scoff Avenue Kirkwood, Missouri Wagers, Arla P. O. Box 263 Healdslaurg, California SOCIAL STATIONERY B E CARDS INVITATIONS FOR YEARS THE OFFICIAL PIANO ANNOUNCEMENTS OFTHE Engraved In Accordence wifh METROPOLITAN OPERA COMPANY Correct Usage I A. CARLISLE 81 CO. UPI-IAM a. RUTLEDGE, INC. FOX PIANO COMPANY I35 Pos? Sfreef SAN FRANCISCO 560 - I4'Ih Sfreei, Oakland LAkesIde 8765 When You Buy Milk--Buy Ihe Besf FENTON'S CREAMERY ICE CREAM AND FROZEN DESSERTS Pledmonf 0064 4Isf and Howe Sfreafs OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA Compliments Compliments of A I: R I If of ND MILLS COLLEGE cc I55 1: Wagner, Lucille E. II33 Brummel Sfreef Evansfon, Illinois Waif, Dorofhy Perne 622 Monfclair Avenue Oakland, California Walker, Marilyn Mariorie 25 Wesf Fiffy-second Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri Wallersfein, Elizabefll 33 Easf Sevenfiefh Sfreef New York Cify, New York Walfer, Margaref Hannah i045 Valleio Sfreef San Francisco, California Warner, Beffy May 609 Ocean Fronf Sanfa Monica, California Warner, Jane Rae i323 Easf Norfl1 Columbus A Glendale, California Waison, Dorofhy A. 3l Clermonf Lane Sf. Louis Counfy, Missouri Wear, Donna Louise 5 I0 Tennyson Palo Alfo, California Weaver, Dora L. 2 I2 Easf Mendocino Alfadena, California Webb, Mary 329 Casfenada Avenue San Francisco, California Webber, Josephine Browne I06 Requa Road Piedmonf, California Weber, Helen L. 824 Norfh Euclid Avenue Upland, California Weber, Valle 4943 Lindell Sf. Louis, Missouri Weighf, Dorofhy Leimorni Wailuku Maui, Terrifory of Hawaii Weisman, Winsfon I056 Neilson Avenue Ve. Far Rockaway, New York, N. Y. Weiss, Margie Jane 2448 Presidio Drive San Diego, California Weifz, Mariorie lll5 Underhills Road Oakland, California Welch, Mariorie Rufh 5230 Hillen Drive Oakland, California Wellendorf, Camilla Holmes 820 Longridge Road Oakland, California Wells, Beffy Fargo 7l0 Norfh Garfield Pocafello, Idaho Wefherby, Marilyn Granl' Bear Lake, Michigan Wefmore, Barbara Jane I I7 Easf L Sfreef Benicia, California Whife, Flora Jean 472 Elder Lane Winnefka, Illinois Whire, Jeanne Suzanne 94I Columbian Oak Park, Illinois Whife, Raymond Lamborn 2I9 Vicenfe Sfreef San Francisco, California Whifehead, Beify Carolyn 44 Norfh Ardmore Road Columbus, Ohio Whitehouse, Marfha l803 Chicago Avenue Evansfon, Illinois Wickersham, Elizabefh Hope 5007 Venfnor Avenue Venfnor, New Jersey Wilkinson, Harrief 603 Norih Fiffh Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Willard, Dorofhelle Maola 272I Fiffy-fiffh Avenue Oakland, California Willey, Lida Piefon 505 Goodwyn Avenue Memphis, Tennessee Williams, Anneffe Minerva Aparfmenf lOl, I30 Bradley Ave. Meriden, Connecficuf Williams, Florence Elizabeih 35 Sanfa Lucia Avenue Salinas, California Williams, Grace Finney 50I Wesf I20fh Sfreef New York Cify, New York Williams, Jean Elizabefh 4 Craig Avenue Piedmonf, California Williams, Phebe Gould 943 Oak Sfreef Winnefka, Illinois Williamson, Esfher Louise I03 Lexingfon Avenue Elmira, New York Williamson, Marion Porfia 805 Porfola Avenue Alameda, California Willmore, Georgia Ann Casflereagh Apfs., 6820 Universify Cify, Missouri Willmore, Roberfa Frances Casflereagh Apis., 6820 Universify Cify, Missouri Willoughby, Eleanor 666 Suffer Sfreef Yuba Cify, California Wilsey, Pafricia Earle l28 Aragon Boulevard San Mafeo, California ff I56v Delmar Delmar Winesfine, Judifh 5 Washingfon Place Helena, Monfana Winesfine, Minna 5 Washingfon Place Helena, Monfana Wiscombe, Dorofhy Jane 2I27 Soufh Madison Spokane, Washingfon Wiseman, Dorofhy Elizabefh I I83 Bay View Avenue Oakland, California Wiffe, Margof 2396 Liloa Rise Honolulu, Terrifory of Hawaii Wolile, Virginia Madeleine i803 Wesf Second Spokane, Washingion Wong, Lifheia i226 Ninfh Avenue Honolulu, Terrifory of Hawaii Wood, Irene Lucille 30I5 Fiffy-sixfh Avenue Oakland, California Woodard, Alice Elizabefh 3BI6 Sherman Way Sacramenfo, California Woodin, Mary Curry l4I5 Wesf Yakima Avenue Yakima, Washingfon Woodruff, Frances Elizabefh 8I6 Wesf Sixfy-second Sfreef Kansas Cify, Missouri Woolach, Arline Sybil 4i2I Norfh Easf Alameda Porfland, Oregon Wuesf, Ann Katherine 303 Wesf Ninfh Aberdeen, Washingfon York, Rifa Alberfa Myricks Sfreef, Assonef R. D., Massachuseffs Yosf, Helen 2 IO6 N. E. Sevenfeenfh Avenue Porfland, Oregon Young, Phyllis 632 Woodsfock Road San Mafeo, California Young, Rufh 632 Woodsfock Road San Mafeo, California Young, Winifred 3 l24 Mounfain Boulevard Oakland, California Zelle, Mary Susan 2280 Lake of fhe Isles Boulevard Minneapolis, Minnesofa Zimmerman, Beffy Louise 30I5 Feliz Avenue Cincinnafi, Ohio Zimmerman, Dorofhy Mearl Roufe 5, Box 96I Modesfo, California Zoernig, Elizabefh Anne 435 Wesf Eighfeenfh Oaklahoma Cify, Oklahoma AGKNDWLIEDGMENTS To Mr. Francis A. Knapp and Mr. James K. Sebree, whose coopera+ion and pafience in every slage of 'I'he planning and produc+ion of ihis bool: have been invaluable: ' To ihe Coleman Sfudio and lo Mr. John Handel, who have so ably accomplished fhe lask of phoiographing 'lhe Mills siudenis and 'faculfyg To Miss Rosalind Keep -and Miss Esfher Rosenblafi, +o whom an edi+or can always furn for advice and assisfance, and io Press Board 'For ifs cooperaiiong To Yvonne DuFFy and her enferprising business s'la'FF, wifhouf whose indusfry and efficiency lhis book could noi have been published: And 'fo a loyal, persevering, and dependable sfaff, who always "came +hrough" +o pul an edi+or's mind af ease: To +hem all, my hearfiesf fhanlcsl THE EDITOR. Xxgll 9EST l92l fl 1937-38 epfuwgggqcivwx cc an l l LIST 0F PATRUNS AND PATRONESSES Mrs. Vera T. Ammen Dr. and Mrs. Wal'l'er J. Avery Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bankerd Mr. and Mrs. Friiz Barkan Dr. Hans Barkan Mr. and Mrs. E. Palmer Benedicl' Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Blylh Mrs. Elmer E. Brinckerhoff Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Bryan Mrs. Roberl' J. Burde'He Mrs. George Burnham Mr. William Cavalier Mr. and Mrs. John P. Coghlan Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Cowdin Mrs. H. M. Crawford Mrs. Edward Cunningham Mrs. Marlha E. Davidson Mrs. Hugh T. Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. William Todd Doliflemyer Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Duffy Mrs. Paul R. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Edwin Engel Mr. and Mrs. F. Julius Fohs Mr. and Mrs. Arihur Frank Mr. and Mrs. John M. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. French Mr. W. P. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gill Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gilman Mr. lsidor Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gregory Mrs. Edward F. Haas Mrs. Edna P. Hamilron Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hawkins Mrs. O. F. Heizer Mrs. l. W. Hellman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hind Mr. and Mrs. William F. Holmes Mr. Thomas S. Iles Mr. and Mrs. Berr R. Jones Mr. Charles Kendrick Dr. and Mrs. Vic+or B. Kieffer Mrs. Lora J. Knighf Mrs. Chiiose Kusunoki Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kuzell Mrs. A. G. Labbe Mrs. Mary Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Marshall Mr. John W. Marrin Mr. and Mrs. S. R. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Herberi' P. Mee Mr Mr and Mrs. Madsen Mickelsen and Mrs. Maxwell Claypoole Milion Mrs. Charles F. Nelson Mrs. Mary D. Nevill Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noble Mr. and Mrs. George W. Overron Righi' Reverend Edward L. Parsons Dr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Peferson Mr. and Mrs. Russell PraH Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Pringle Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Raifer Mr. F. A. Rice Mrs. Rulh Shepherd Rohman Dr. and Mrs. James W. Rosenfeld Mrs. Waller P. Schmick Mrs. Lewis E. Shepherd Mr. Mr. Mr and Mrs. Edgar Sinron and Mrs. Louis P. Soles and Mrs. George C. Summy Mr. Charles Lee Tilden Mr. and Mrs. James J. Tolberi' Mr. and Mrs. Roland B. Tupper Mr Mr. and Mrs. Emil A. Wagner and Mrs. Charles H. Waii Mrs. Max Wallersiein Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Warner Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Weber Mr. and Mrs. George N. Weighi- Mr. Frank W. Wenlworfh Dr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Zelle 44 l58n Q N

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