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 - Class of 1937

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Y I-Ez' ...., . v. gif: ,sf . HT! 1: -x 'lui 2: lf: i- , M 'I T. ff? H :si Fu: 5 :ff :In mg Emi Hi W? 4 :srl av: sg!! 3 , :sis Q!! lv uh : 521 ' ' J! iii 7 J -r 1 ?i E ?i fl: 9 g'r 3253 212. ':Z. CF! 232: L fi ff: 25:1 -fri 2535 gg!! fag, ,rg 53: Ll' sr! .,, iss gs, 'sis EPI 515: ug gil: :lf elf fx. BH 'Q 1 v 1 v , . t 4 fm- Pr wg .2, mgggnlgggzggdmggggqgsgigxgaugg1aigsgamef:14uf:mzs,g:1.a1s.3w:- 'M 5' -f 1, ' 'ff- .,i h 22' In ' Ll! iz? lf! rf-6. 132 , ei? ' 91 ff? if f 3 rf: , - rg - fu' E+ 'Il bi. W .r Y A- fi: hi :sz J!! - ' iii FH ' 3:2 ' .ig 14 xi ' :ffl fix? Easf A ' W :E . egg ' 135. E! gi: . 525 , 5 5. 5 5' it if Y if . if is? 'r :ii ,, 115 l ii! CU Cf? fi! . ' 'iz-f':2gL:1: 5-15,1512 .'i'?3iQ,l !.. '.2fi-322 "1 Q1 u fi ? - f ' .' : I f,11 q ,i,,, , ,, !:,i.a,1'A 151311.51.41f:5.:'f2u1i'iN2sQ3'1i:ii2z2-iff'2 4-:2f1f2iffze'5s?:4efv.f9. A W ,,,, , N ,, U ,. lv . YE- --.. -.. -..A i , 1 b' ' N. Iqllsr' w 1 lx I gl-Af E V .I Q Q . .br . , LM.. l X ,I A A 1 I. P ' I .' .I I nr-V N E- . As-' , f' 'A 1 1 " 1 l A I N 0 N N , I 1 I 7.1. ' r I J Iv?-Q, " 'J -. 'A 1 A Y fl ' '73 N 'A f VA ' sf," b 1 -r X.. Y 5 I l 'W' I I, ' - 1'4 , A, I f , - E. ,- , l . ' w I nw A+ + - A- A g., 4 1 J y' -: W ,. . " 1 5 I Y S I v f A A- , . J W H1 A j QL 5 - ? .4 lulql , W iv 17 .A .A -' , , , . w .- ".- M .'A' N1'f. V ', ' A 1 , A l A .. S'.'J "QQ A ' 5- Wfw5fj?'y df - 'f' ' 'fvf-: A A A Q W A - 52555 A .A 1. -A A if V - V ', . 1-w'.1if:.::. ..:' A,-, ' Ny.. 95, ,aww Q13 , 511 A . V ,, A 'vim A. ,gpg . 54f i Q - . . I l. if .rl 7. ,b VINV A -if ..,-,,. .Wx ff 1-.fp fy. V ,1' L1 ,-.xi I-, A.i. ix llhl I !.'1 Q ,q A Y f " 1.5. I- bi. fr' V '- A - -Fr. Ai AA A I Q AA ' 1 . H ' . . , H ' ,' ' , V A . ,F . I 3 , ',--A-,f ' , ' , -'--arr.-r4:r- 4 ifii .A A - THE YEARBOOK 1937 JZZK UU PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF MILLS COLLEGE CALIFORNIA VOLUME TWENTY-TWO x . b QE, 3 H A qw, 5 ' 'i'i:Tfi?W gi. ,Ig 'ff .' F -- ' ,Q "ga 'g'N'n1.' '-. I , NWN NX' vu ' 'fl' ' a z' ' X vim? ' 55,205 ' . j 511 I 1 1 1 xg? 'r I J W Qifzflz' ' 1 .WW 1-cv ff - X -fiixfiflf? rv- .L A-i 3' 4 ' 1 L' if .- i-'S X .914 igvlipfq ,:i'f5fv:fS Vw' ,. ff 35? ' w wi ' ,A T g., 1--fzaiif? .1434 ral:-. -Qkfjniyfltl - 3:-3. 3'f'l'5,ff1Sf 51 -2:52.-2: 971-. ' Ag .Egg-'g. 2' z S2 :hz-"2" , . . 'Q , faffjf' '14 I ,.2:'it 1 :-:E,:-'- ,f-1. 4--,-'nw - .a-xv.:-. 721. ,,:,,i.,:4' QQ' 'o . ,- ,YA--,K.,f,f . .- 'A J, S '-lliljij' zo , -'T 1 ' 12'-1' Q' ' 4x5QT5"2'452 I . -' V'-lwf 2:21 ,. l .' "vin -, ff- - cw. I '-4.5"-2 'aff Q5 1 0 , 1 A , Q- 0 UN. .' ,gil , ...:'I-Wfgzggy. 11020 ,g'.125'1f. W , 31,351 ' :gif sh' . Q 5 , .F - , '--ff'-I , ' -gf . . ' a N 1:-f ,Z 'EQ l ' W- - ,f 'a' 1 3.0. ,, , + ,gf 1, ,dygw 3 1 52'75?'4 41 125 - ' , W --' Q 0: ,V 'Q 0 s , 1-zggw --f A 'N "' ,. w, ' M A ' "MQW ., ' qv" H My ,-,gp o 'Iv 'x."g,Q'?' - ,flrx M L- A , , Q-3 ' V 793 COPYRIGHT JUNE 1,1937 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS or MILLS COLLEGE 0 VIRGINIA PETERSON Editor LOUISE BAIIKAN Business Manager V02 Cyrus T. Mills SllQ'lll Tolmfm Mills Around Mills College there is the aura of a place beloved, the sense of genera- tions of personalities Whose plans have become realities for us. A brave man and woman brought an ideal around the Horn, and saw it grow on the Pacific Coast. Others followed in their path, making the Mills Seminary for Young Ladies into our own Mills College. Thus, was Time takes its flight, carrying off dreamy days of spring" we pause to bring you a picture of the new Mills, and in the shadowy background are figures from the old. JZ? QM Aureliu Henry Reinhardt For clear vision and steadfast purpose, for labor to make the ideal an actuality, for courage to face troubled times unflinch- ingly, and most of all for a friendly humanness-we salute you, Our President. Ogfaflcaf sw AP... J. ,.n. .Q-5 .V an '31, JM' .1 ML, ,f .n 'vw . , V ,'?'ib'55fL 2. v 5- .1f'i'2.': :' ' .iw--2,-.. v. ' . ' J , pe'- a - v-an -, H- ' " fir,-1Qz.1:4vfge,aP1 wf,gf.fgs5 W-:-6"'qJ'-ffe. , ,-f' -a JK-, :wi xv. -'- 14 .. Ive.-..': f . Y . ,.f. , '-29' " -,v.':f-vi-svC.,i- '51 : I V l Jn 7855527 C7 MR. E. OLAN JAMES DR. EARLE GARFIELD LINSLEY ln an anniversary year which gives us pause to think of those who have builded that we might learn, it is appropriate to recognize two members of our faculty who have given a quarter of a century or more in the cause of youth and learning. Mr. E. Olan James has been at Mills since 1909, teaching young things to see and feel the beauty of which the poets have sung, and Dr. Earle Garfield Linsley., celebrating this year his silver jubilee at Mills, has taught them the wonder of the stars. Whether it he with Shakespeare or Galileo, these two have lighted for us the far reaches of the imagination to a world where dreams are borng they have, as Mr. James once said of another great teacher, "never wavered in their faith that the game is worth playing, that life is a splendid apprenticeship, that the ideal is the reality." P No fm in -f f f X sf . x, - in it X it , w X n wget 1 Q9 sga-"X?i?X " f ' X fi, 'Q XY MQ A, X::K.,kX-Xi f 'xxxi , ,Mx X'-, '-5' f y ff If f' Y ,xqix ,,.:bq7A X I. 1 1 A . I X f ,M ,f , X , 5, j-1 ' ,fI,3.-fi I L A X, ' A . , I - , - by 'd5.,5d:' X gg,Q4' Nl ' K x 3' rg I lb I' J ' i,,.p "'A :SC NAI' nf., ' 1 il Q' if Y 5? U--"M 'f , U ' 'J ' t ,Q M, 2 Gif ' .X 5 5 J X ' . 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Wills Hall, proud mistress of lgradition, whose rose-covered orchcs and winding stairways Cho the laughter of happy gen- zrations. illn gmiemurg uf uriel gmuriensen, '37 QAclmz'nzkmziz'0n From a tiny sapling the tree of learning grows and branches- so, too, the Seminary broadens to a college of many arts . . . fqffxii ' V1-.M NN' fy' fri Af 1 f Q -AX, M3345 ffxx W n -4"w ff W5 J' H' 'Xif 1221 , ' PM N f Q lf' V' f ll .f 1 Q all X iff'-X SCN,-,xl x1 ff M X f new K ,JW y K"L'LvuvVL1', --A1 C!f6l,744Z'71ZlfZL7"6llLl.0W l '1- nen. Knows ever one. ET cAaz'mz'm'5im Hon M.ARIAN L. . , ean of the Faculty. At Mills since 1916, she was formerly head of the Drama Department. Has studied and taught under Yvette Guilhert, played opposite Irving Pichel. Likes producing Sliakespearian comedy and Greek tragedy on campus. Combines tact and de tion. STEBBI NS D termina- ESTHER A. . z 'ndergraduate Students. As chairman of Admissions and Conference, she is friend and advisor to each student f DAYMAN, Dr an o U .rom entering to ' e X' " U senior days. An nu getic person, usuallv followel I V c ay cooker s rm' l Serves J ' 1. IC uTut,'. apanese tea to homesick freshl y. HEL SABIN-SMITH, Convertor of the School of Graduate Studies. Author of many articles on psychology, she is an admirable example of the adjustment she teaches. Likes studying Lucretius, entertaining, blue apparel. ls fond of dogs-especially her Irish setter. 1i0BER'1' FRENCH LEAVENS, College Chaplain. A lover of poetry, he has gathered his favorites into a hook, Great Companions. Makes the little chapel a place ol' peace and understanding-meeting house for the entire campus. Plans occasional assemblies, outdoor services. Likes fi cussions. reside dis- 18 Qdalmmzkim lion FRANK WENTYVORTH, College Treasurer. In addition to his more prosaic duties, he has taken on the supervision of landscape gardening on campus. Likes gardening, orien- tal art, museums. Would like to take a trip around the world. Budgets and hills never affect his smile HOMER T. CRAIG, College Comptroller. At Mills since .lanuary, he l1as already made a place for himself in campus life. Is a hard worker-both in the office and on Hey-Day Play-Day. Very much interested in student government here and at Stanford. Small son goes to nursery school. DORIS DOZIER, College Recorder and Director of the Office of Placement. She keeps the grades in a uno grade" system and knows what a B. A. degree can he made to do. Organizes Vocational Information Day. Lives in a new modernistic house. Always has her office well decorated. ELIZABETH T. THOMPSON, Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Office. A Mills graduate, she has huilt up the Alumnae Association and kept former students in touch with college life through the Mills Quarterly. Likes enter- taining 'GBent Twigsn, holding reunions, getting contribu- tions for Alumnae fund. 19 CA6Zl1fl4Z'WZ.5l7f'6llZ'01fl EARNEST ALLEN, Secretary of Public Relations. Formerly on the editorial staff of the San Francisco Chronicle., he now arranges radio programs and other publicity for Mills. Smokes a pipe. Usually seen at campus functions with sev- eral photographers. Rabid stamp collector. Never too busy to help. MILDRED M. REYNOLDS, Director of Institutional Adminis- tration. Head of an efficient staff, she is responsible for the smooth running organization of food service and housing. Never seen wearing a hat. Likes birds-reading palms. Has American Indian furnishings in house, rawhide chairs. ROSALIND A. KEEP, Editor of Publications. Writer of Mills history in F ourscore Years, she controls press releases, edits the weekly Leaves from the College Calendar, advises fac- ulty about publication of their books, and teaches journal- ism. Is owner and chief operator of the Eucalyptus Press. 20 P QAn'mz'm'5imiz'0n VICTORIA FRENCH ALLEN, Chairman of Residence. A Mills graduate and former president of the Alumnae Association, she has worked on the organization of halls and undergradu- ate social activities. Conducts student summer trips to Europe. Advises fashion tea committee. Likes sukiyaki. FANNIE A. llIADlSON, College Bursar. At Mills since 1897, she is an authority on college traditions. Was a friend of Mrs. Mills whose dress she wore in the fashion tea. A notary public interested in campus affairs, she helps foreign fac- ulty with income taxes, student body treasurer with finances. SIDNEY GULICK, Executive Secretary of Extension Educa- tion. He plans the summer sessions and arranges extension courses throughout the year. Is an enthusiastic photog- rapher-tennis player. Collects old editions of Lord Ches- terfield and has puhlishcd an exhaustive hihliography on him. 21 neu!! ROI PARTRIDGE, Graduate of the National Academy of Design, Head of the Art Department, is famous for his landscape etchingsg now taking up photography. Awe-in- spiring appearance due to shaggy eyebrows, tropical tan, and impressive tweeds. Typical quote: Q'It's a very intresting colnpositionf, L. LOUISE STEPHENS, B.E., Ph.B., MA., Head of the Speech and Dramatic Art Department. Interested in chil- dren's theatre. A soft-spoken little person, she directs, lights, and costumes plays without temper or tears. Is proud of her l new louse and likes visitors-also her trusty Ford. LUTHER BRUSIE NIARCI-IANT, BA., Head of the Music De- partment. He takes time from cultivating young sopranos to train the choir for radio. Suffers nobly as Theseus in the Greek play. Always conducts in shirt sleeves. Typical shot: his tall figure striding across campus to rehearsal. Dog goes, too. WILLAIID SIVIITH, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Head of the English Department. A student of A l -S ng o axon. ls himself a civi- lized counter art f B p 0 eowulf with a sense of h umor and a love of outlines. Likes a cigarette between classes. Drives a taupe Packard, and always shows visitors his nautical den. 22 Ciba zrmen A. CECILE. REAU, B.A., Docteur cle Lluniversite de Paris, Head of the French Department. Twice decorated hy the French government. she has caught the American spirit ' ' ' l'lllf"llilU'CS in her book about early California. Humoi in two . D U -and smart clothes. Favorite quote: "Prenez une fenille cle papierf, I f the German Depart- BEkN.HA1m BLUME, Ph.D.. Heat 0 ment. A newcomer on campus, he is internationally known as an author and playwright. Dramatized Treasure Island ls now being read by Mills for German youth. His novc nd youngsters learn English in the students. His two hlo nursery school. ., Ph.D., Head ofthe Spanish DoMlN1c ROTUNDA, B.A., MA and Italian Department. A scholar and philosopher, he has tahulated early Italian folk tales and written articles on the Italian Theatre. Explored Mexico on a recent trip. Mystery man. Typical shot: joining friends for a smoke after class. A M A Head of th DANIEL Drawer, B. ., - ., e. . ment. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he studied ancient la 1-fuaffcs in Athens. Knows the Greek word for it. Plays ' ' ' ' ' - sc mt, D excellent hridge and is famous for his rather saidonic sen enthusiasm. r. Classes catch his of humo 23 e Classics Depart- ? is ., --,L Eg , 1 . 'Z ., V .' ,- S-.. - . wg ., L., if QE tlcuft CARDINAL GOODWIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Corwenor of the School of Social Institutions. An authority on the history of the West, he has an outstanding biography on Fremont to his credit. Takes his glasses off and on during class, smokes afterwards. Typical shot: cheery 'cgood morning" to every girl on campus. GLENN HOOVER, LLB., B.A., M.A., Head of the Economics Department. President of Phi Beta Kappa 011 campus, he practices sociological theories on the city of Oakland. Likes grey suits and stirring up the Community Forum. Has smoked a corn cob so long that no 0118 doubts its sincerity. FRANCIS H. HERRICK, B.A. Weste1'11 Reserve, B.A. Oxford, M.A., Ph.D., Head of the History Department. A Rhodes scholar, he has Written many articles on social and economic conditions in England. Grades papers nadequaten but his tennis is "excellent", Proud parent. Typical shot: father and tiny daughter hurrying to nursery school. GEORGIANA MELWVIN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Head of the Phi- losophy Department. An inspired lecturer who cultivates germs of brilliance in her students, she is changing from The Abstract Idea in English Em piricism to symbolic logic. Her book-lined living room, a favorite retreat. Likes the theatre-chess. 24 Cha zrmen VERNETTE L. GIBBONS, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Convenor of the School of Science. At Mills since 1915, she is most in- terested in the application of chemistry to life processes. Named in uaAll1Cl'lCHll Men of Science". Widely traveled- South Africa and the tropics. Favorite quote: MYou didn"t study cnou gh". A. PRINGLE JAMESON, B.Sc., D.Sc., Head of the Zoology Department. Formerly a British research worker in India, he is an authority on silkworms and parasites. Has Scotch burr and wears plaifl ties. Likes curry-Indian fashion. Thinks eight o'clock classes a harharous institution. MARY C. BURCH, B.L., M.L., Ph.D., Head of the Psy- chology Department. Author of the Stanford literature comprehension tests, she has written a nDetermination of the genetic psychology content of a course in monograph literatureu. Typical shot: busy worker in the psychological clinic. EARLE G. LINSLEY, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Head of the Astron I cl Director of the Chabot Observatory. omy Department an I in for uhlic schools, he Interested in educationa astrono y p celebrates his twenty-fifth anniversary at Mills this year Claims he does not sit all night with one eye glued to a tele scope. 25 QWIARGARET C. XVALKER B.A,,M.A. H, tl , , ea ofthe Geography Department. A far traveler, she studies the industries of other countries and their relation to geography. Used to write astronomical columns for papers, now right hand man at Chabot. Typical shot: amateur photographer posing a stray hat. RICHARD DEMPSTER, B.A., MA., Head of the Physics De-I partment. An associate of Sigma Xi, national science fra- ternity, he has finished a treatise on wC.ontinuous ahsorption for sharp and dilfuse s cries of S0dilIlll5,. New this year, he soon discovered his way around the campus. CARRIE CASTLE DOZIER, B.S., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. , Head of the Home Economics Department. An authority on the artistic preparation of food, she has written on Foods and Family Lifv. Takes great interest in the practice house for future liomemakcrs. Friendly person. Likes experi- menting with candy. , Z6 Chairmen Pl D H cl of the Child Lovisix WAGONER, B.A., MA., 1. ., ea Uvvalopnzenr Dvpartnwnt. Vitally interested in her field, she helps students 'to find salaried positions Worthy of their training. Collects old hooks dealing with child psychology. Typical shot: flashing one ol' the readiest smiles on campus. Imam: XVILLIAMSON, B.A., M.A., Head of the Physical Edu- cation Departnzent. A nationally rated umpire, she takes an active interest in golf, riding, and hockey lJotl1 on and off campus. Loves the out-of-doors, her country house near Gilroy. Wears smart, tailored sports clothes. Brisk walker. JouN Louis HORN, B.A., L.L.B., M.A., Ed.D., Convenor of the School of Ellll.CILliOll,. lvith writing as a favorite recrea- tion, he is an authority on The Education of Exceptional Children. Likes scientific bridge-the Orient-correct Eng- lish. ls quite a g0ll1'11lCl. lnsists upon individual thinking in class. 27 aaufzy URG, HELEN, B.A. London, Ph.D. Stanfordg associate professor of French. Dr. Marburg returned to Mills last summer from a year's sabbatical l ' ' eave ln Paris Just in time to direct the summer ' sesslon of La Mais h WIARB PRALL M on Francaise, of w ich she will hav h ' ' e c aige again this year. NEUMEYER, ALFRED, PhD B lj . . er ng visiting lect Euro ' D urer on pean a1t. Dr Neu ' . meyer 18 not only an l I . aut iority on art Jut a writer of o p enis, a novel, and a play. He complete his sccond ' ' ' s year at Mills with an exhibition of ln d f1'0l " ' o ern art n p11V3tC collections ' ln the San Francisco Bay region O WVEN, ELIZABETH KENYON, B.S. Mount Holyoke, M.A. Browng assistant professor of economics and sociology. Mrs. Owen is especially interested in the social service aspect of economics. Her classes enjoy frequent field trips to various humanitarian agencies in the Bay Re ' gion to see social serv- ice at work. , ARGARET C., B.A. Wellesley, artist's diploma Cin- cinnati Conservatory of Music, M.A. Millsg assistant pro- fessor of music. Miss Prall returned last year from three semesters' study at Radcliff and Harvard. She is interested in sight-singing and is the author of a privately published volume on that subject. 28 acufzy CARRUTH, WILLIABI WALTER, Bachelor Music, Yale, F. A. G. 0.5 instructor in organ. He is a native of Oakland, has been at Mills since 1917. At one time he was dean of the Northern California chapter of the American Guild of Organists. JAMES, ELIAS OLAN, B.A. Stanford, M.A. Stanfordg pro- fessor of English. He is particularly interested in Eliza- bethan ancl' nineteenth century poetry. His blank-verse poem, Thieves of Mercy, reflects his understanding of Hamlet. LIBERMAN, WILLIAM, Juilliard Graduate School, N. Y.g instructor in ear training and director of the Mills College orchestra since 1935. He is a composer as well as an inter- preter of music. LITTLE, EVELYN STEEL, B.A. California, M.A. California, Ph.D. Michigang Mills research librarian. She who is new at Mills this year is the author of Backgrounds of World Literature from Homer to Tolstoy as well as several articles on her avocation, gardening. 29 clculljf BILLARD, NIARGUERITE, B A Ch . . erbourg, M.A. S sociate ' mithg as- c piofessor of Fr ench. Nlademoiselle Billard traveled extensively in Germany and England before coming to this country. Prior to her arrival at Mills sh . , .. e was an instructor at Smith College. Bo0NE, ELEA . . 1 s, M.A. Stanfordg assist- ant professor of zoology. Her articles on zoology and allied subjects have appeared in scientific magazines. Herself a Mills girl, she has returned as teacher to the laboratories in which she once worked as a pupil. NOR SIMS, B A M'11 CARRUTH, CONNELL KEEPER, Bachelor Music Mills, F. A. G. 0.3 instructor in harmony and college organist. Witli her husband she has performed in many concerts on and oif the campus. BRESCIA, DOMENICO, graduate Bologna Conservatory of Musieg professor of counterpoint and composition. Mr. Brescia has received distinction in international and local contests for his compositions in chamber music, cantatas and symphonies. At the present time, Mills is looking for- ward to the publication of his new piano quartet. 30 JCMIW RUSK, DEAN, B.A. Davidson, B.A. Oxfordg assistant pro- fessor of government. His years as a Rhodes scholar at Ox- ford and in Germany accentuated his interest in interna- tional relations. lVinner of the Cecil Peace Prize in 1933, he is an ardent worker for greater international tolerance and understanding. SALMONY, ALFRED, Ph.D. Viennag visiting lecturer on Oriental art. Dr. Salmony was director of the Chinese art exhibition at Mills in 1935 and of the Japanese showing in 1936. He is the author of numerous publications on Oriental art. Srolnc, HARVEY ELMEH, B.A. Indiana State Normal, M.A Indiana, Pl1.D. Cornellg visiting lecturer on hotany. D1 C 'leton College Stork came to Mills this SCIIICSICI' from ai in Northfield, Minnesota, and the position left by Mr. Howard McMinn. YOUNG, IQLEONA ESTHER, B.S. Californiag assistant professor of c fU ' isit Professors and, foi the American Association o nive ' y I 1 cc ofthe San Francisco ay happy ia an 1, ' ' ' '- D rinff het Association. She is a nationally lated umpne. u U search in Berkeley, s to the Campus. This yea tion on liquid air. 31 has already slipped ably into , MS., Ph.D., University of heinistry. A IIIOIIIDCI' of B f Counties Hockey ten years at Mills Dr. Young has carried on extensive IC olne of which has been demonstrated r she gave an assembly deinonstia Cap mm' gown The oxford tam replaces white frills, and today's senior steps into positions not dreamed of by her mother . . . i Y w Y w w 1 W Y , Y , N 1 X 4 1 .lane Baerwald Senior Class President HNOW let the Senior Class all fall in line" is more than just a song, for after four yea1's of studying, governing, playing together, a hond is made between girls whose personal interests may he widely divergent, hut who share a com- mon experience. From the first ordeal of the ghost walk to the last of comprehensives they have worked together to 'amake their name go down in college historyn. During four happy years the class of 1937 has lived through an economic crisis. They go out now into a jumbled convalescent world, taking with them the bon voyage of three other classes and the "honor-bright" of wearing the Gold M. C. 731fe5z'c2'e1fziG MEIJHCQE The Class of 1937 goes from Mills College under circumstances of peculiar significance. This year in our country the pioneer institutions of education for women are proclaiming their maturity and rendering praise for their opportunity in preparing youth for informed and useful living. Your college is one of these pioneers, lists its noble founders, recognizes the sacrifices made for girlhood in decades little concerned with things of the mind, boasts some saints and martyrs to the cause of intellect and true democracy, and ac- claims its achievements in eighty-five years of devo- tion to tl1c education of American womanhood. On this April day when the blue iris stand high in the meadow and the azaleas under the campus red- woods build cathedrals for the soul, the seniors have cause for an elation of spirit which should last them through the year. Voices have come to them from the green slopes of Grizzly Peak in the Berkeley Hills, over the prairies, the Rockies, and the Sierras, felici- tating them on the honorable life of their Alma Mater C4110 and gown 34 ,rw -5' M355 f I 3 H H., ... h av ? 'I 731fe5z'a'enZfv MKIIJCQE and inviting them into the unnumbered company of college women-that company increasing year by year in number and in knowledge that has at heart the co-operative etiiciency of women in the contemporary world, the success and happiness of the modern home, the efficiency of democratic government-its untang- ling of knots in the organizations for human welfare- the building "of alabaster cities undimuled by human tears". President Sproul speaking for the University of California assured us of neighborly friendship and welcomed in the name of the state the educational ideals and undertakings of almost nine decades. From the Berkshires, President Woolley of Mount Holyoke claimed academic kinship and pride in New England's western daughter. From the elm-shaded streets of Cambridge on the Charles River, President Comstock heartened us with a message on thc leadership of the colleges, our increasing responsibility for the adequate preparation of women in a scientific and technical era C6110 amz' gown 36 ' wi ar. W nf, 'I' ,B 33-lf? f- ,. . L 1 1' u 'n. 4 W x V M Sig' m 4 A . r x 7 1 "' be ' F .. 'S' at 6 'hu I 5 L l ou- r i :N V - -, -- ---M - -'J K -' '1 . f ,v . ij.-id. P I hifi aw. ,L Y 4 e " 1 .J x ,,,f,,,..., . . . J . J' ,L 1 y X W I ' 1 1 s v Q- 9 . I ,.,, F ,N , ,Q z ' P 1 VJ? , :::::sfi:, ,AT J Wg, -.J t .WW A :A N A hzl'-ffff' ' ' 'W' 9 .g. '- J 1. l l Tffefzkfenii Meffuge and with recognition of the specific leadership of Mills in its chosen field. From Manhattan on the Hudson, spoke Dean Gil- dersleevc of Barnard College. Happily she discussed the comradeship of the colleges in their purposes and goals, in the subjects that preoccupied their students and in the ideals that led them down the path of learn- ing into tlre bustling and challenging world. Class of 1937, into what a wide circle of friends you go as Jun? brings Degree Day and its benediction! College women of recognized kinship, of assured com- radeship, of potential leadership, you take your place in a world! of infinite difficulties. But is it not one in which you inherit precious friendship and take as your toolsl of human service an informed mind, a skilled hand, and a dedicated will? "So teadh us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." fl-'salm 90.12.J i QNJL-J , Call? and gown 38 ee Ray r, Zoology ma, Vilashinglon lavker r, Economics is, California s Thomson r, Speech and atic Art mont, California ,lane Roberts Virginia Scott Martha Segerslroin Major, English Major, Art Major, Economics Pocatello, Idallo Yakima, Wzlsllington Sonora, California Janet Stoeckle Jane Strong Margaret Stuart Major, Art Major, Child Development Major, English Sacramento, California Santa Rosa, California Pasadena, California Roberta Tomlinson Margaret Wagy Desda Weinstein Major, Psychology Major, Home Economics Major, English Raton, New Mexico Berkeley, California Seattle, W'ashington Alice Woodard Kimi Yanagawa Major, Music Major, Modern Community Sacramento, California El Paso, Texas 39 fi -an' Marjorie Ruth Smith Major, Education Hayward, California Dora Sun Major, English Tientsin, Hopei, China Evelyn Wliite Major, Child Develop- ment San Anlonio, Texas Halllf A girl of the period pauses be- side her hall-proud of its beauty, planning for its future . . f f I A f 1 XZ- , and v 1 1. V1 ,.f, , , 4 " xg G 'Q' I f 1, N wr ' w x f f 1 Ju Y f ,'w I Jil: ,V ' "milf 'S' : .fm M1075 5 -Q ,-, ,ff --" , X., 'f rw- , V 1 'Q , 1 .. www 1852 BENICIA FEMALE SEMINARY.- This fine institution, in the city of Benicia, is now ready for the reception of pupils, and bids fair to he flourishing and prosperous. We are assured that Miss Lord is a lady of splendid literary qualifications and moral attainmcnts and is in every way qualified to discharge the 19 3 6 -1 9 3 7 Hall was opened as a home for some fifty lll0ClC1'Il Mills girls, gmfjitli 2 seeking., under the direction of the successors to Benicia and fi 'N Miss Lord, that education which , would make them not only P ladies, hut women alive to the present world. The last in a series of five residence halls, each being for its time the aclnc of comfort and beauty, Mary Morse is constructed in Mediter- ranean architecture and fur- nished with a combination of new conveniences and old treas- urcs. With these examples of the oldest and the newest at Mills, may we introduce to you Mills girls 'cat home" . . . In the fall of 1935 Mary Morse ,gsswii xiisi , high and important duties of a precep- tress for the daughters of California. Mothers need have no fears in entrust- ing their daughters to her charge. Benicia is a pleasant, healthy and convenient location and the institution should he well patronized. Reprinted from S. F. Alto 9-17-52. A. ., I I W i 1 w r 5 1: 'zfft fl ' Q ,gifs . Q f Ixtthleen Gilmour 1 Mrs. Helen Haines Kathleen Lowrey A shield carved in stone above the central doorway of Ethel Moore Hall bears the ivords Vassar and Mills, linking two colleges that revere the name of Ethel Mooi'e. Miss Moore, a graduate of Vassar, believed so thoroughly in the value of a woman's college that she thought not only in terms of the welfare of her alma mater, hut likewise of education on Pacific shores. Her interests led her to accept a trusteeship at Mills where she received widespread recognition for her efforts in bringing the college forward in the educational world. When asked to go upon some new board in Oakland, she refused, saying, "There is too much to do at Mills College. I have dedicated the rest of my life to making Mills College all that a woman's college should be.', 42 At the time of her unexpected death in 1920, a few of her closest friends sent to Mills the money they would have spent on flowers, asking President Reinhardt to use it for library books in Miss Moore's name. These checks formed the nucleus of a fund which made possible the building in 1926 of this beautiful residence hall dedicated to her memory. Distinguished by white stucco walls, red tile roofs, and bright blue awnings, this rambling structure is built on sixteen levels, adjusted to the contour of Pros- pect Hill. Two small patios and three large courts-Olive, Pine, and Rhododen- dron-add to the Spanish hacienda effect. Well known for its hospitality in the days when it was a hall for senior students, Ethel Moore today entertains distinctively with Sunday night suppers served around the fireplace in Olive Court. First Semester KATHLEEN LOWREY ....,.,.... BETTY CAMPBELL ..,...... MARJORY KENNEDY .............,. MARY MARGARET RUPP .......,..., ANN BERNHARD .............,....,..... LETITIA ALESSIO .......,... MILDRED CANFIELD .....,.. HALL COUNCIL ..,...,.,.President.,,....... ....,.,,,.Vice-President.......... ........Social Head........ ...........Secretary........... ...,......Treasurer...... ...Absence Head.......... ........Proctor..,...... SUZANNE ARMSTRONG ...........,.......,,........... F tre Chlef .............. BETTY WEST .............,........,. Freshman Representative ,... 4-3 Second Semester ......v,..KATHLEEN GILMOUR .........BETTY CAMPBELL TAYLOR GEORGIA ANN WILLMORE ,............PEGGY ALEXANDER ............MARJORY KENNEDY ..........VIRGINIA BLACKFORD LE PAGE .........BETTY PICKETT Ei be I 0076 X j Xl 21, i ii 3 in ll L l 11 1 I Mabel Alexander Lower Division Barbara Bundschu Upper Division Marian Colton Lower Division Jeanne Fontana Lower Division Adele Anderson Lower Division Thelma A. Busengdal Lower Division Shirley Currin Lower Division Yvonne Ford Lower Division Jeanne And Upper Di Lucy Byers Lower Di' Dorian Dod Lower Di Florence Fu Upper Di ie Armstrong er Division etll Campbell er Division y Jane Eddy er Division Frank -degree Sallie Avery Lower Division Mildred Canfield Upper Division Susan Ann Elliott Lower Division Lois Bankerd Lower Division Georgina Chalmers Upper Division Louise Ewalt Lower Division Mary Jane Freeman Jane Frisselle Upper Division Non-degree Ann Bernhard Lower Division Elizabeth Coman Lower Division Dale Fairchild Lower Division Ethel Lorraine Furze Lower Division 45 Virginia Blackford Lower Division Georgia Cook Lower Division Mary Falge Nou-degree Eleanor Gillett Lower Division Rebecca Brinckerhoil Lower Division Dorothy Anne Cotton Lower Division Elinore Jane Faw Lower Division .lane Goldstein Lower Division Ethel y 00142 all i fig? Q V ggi? Y-A J EQ Lucile Grace Lower Division Rose Myrtle Humiston Upper Division Mary Le Moyne Lower Division Marjorie Montgomery Lower Division Ju ne Griffiths Lower Division Phyllis Jones Lower Division Betty LePage Lower Division Jean Overton Non-degree Barbara G1 Lower D Marjory K1 Lower D Cnrlyse Loi Non-deg: Virginia Pc Upper D we-M . I1 . V V, 'Iii .1 1-E' ' L X Q 3 5 s.lf Qfg,, L, --.' M if ' V 5 f :":'1 , I Il: jffl, kr " 1 , ' 4 I 'V ',,. , ,:g. lx Qi It til 'J , ' RW. , : ' I ' 3 if I lzzk ff' " AVVL lil 1 ' ' :': I, A by 1. f. S.5i 'H ""'Ef:L:: 'E 1 ...,. V h W A - .:,. 1 1 I 2 ...f - Q is K L ,ei 5? ff- M I fy' Y gg in, ,k.,: i ft U AL 1 l l fthe! i omfe Hall ,Q i Adele Rock Lower Division Mary Spooner Lower Division Mary Webb Lower Division Margaret Rockwell Lower Division Kathie Stahl Lower Division Josephine Webber Lower Division Mary Marg Lower D: Mary Jane SI Lower Di Marjorie W Lower Di 'ite Savage Esther Scharlack Aileen Seaman .lane Seybold Dorothy J. Shirrell egree Lower Division Lower Division Non-degree Lower Division ean Sweetser Nancy Taylor Margaret Thornberry Wilma Anderson-Turner Virginia Van Dyke - Division Non-degree Non-degree Lower Division Lower Division West Margaret West Elizabeth Wells Georgia Ann Willmore Margaret Witte Division Lower Division Lower Division Lower Division Lower Division C 49 Virginia Lee Skinner Lower Division Margaret Walter Lower Division Mary Sue Zelle Lower Division Katharin Snedecor Miss Patricia Ceen Virginia Avery Though they are residents of the newest hall on campus, the "Merry Morselsi' have already established their home as an important part of Mills life. Named in honor of Mary Tourtelotte Morse, a member of the class of 1868, the hall was completed in 1935. In the same year a large oak near the Administration build- ing was dedicated to the memory of College Hall, whose days of service ended with the completion of its more modern successor. Mary Morse, the most effectively designed of the buildings conforming to the Mediterranean style of architecture, is situated on the crest of the hill, connected with Ethel Moore hy an open corridor. Inside, the dining hall with its dais and high table, the informal recreation room furnished in red leather, and thc spaci- 50 ous living room and sun porch overlooking Rhododendron Court combine to make Mary Morse a thoroughly modern and livable home. Mary Morse has made a good start toward establishing valuable traditions. In the first year of their occupancy the residents of the hall were awarded the scholarship cup-a singular honor, since the number of girls is less than sixty. Despite its small size, however, it has been well represented in extra-curricular activities and sports. Illustrative of the fellowship and fine spirit already found here is the recent purchase of a grand piano for the living room. Since sufficient funds were un- available, the girls themselves saved the necessary amount and arranged the pur- chase through a committee of students. Classmates on ulower campus" soon will have no reason to be unfamiliar with Mary Morse, for it has instituted delightful weekly exchange dinners when girls from other halls become acquainted informally with the new home and its residents. The Mary Morse hall tea held in the spring was in celebration of the eighty- fifth anniversary of Mills. Old fashioned songs accompanied by a parlor organ were sung by girls in appropriate costume, as the contrast was made between old and new Mills. First Semester HALL COUNCIL Second Semester KATHARIN SNEDECOR ........... .......... P resident ......,.... ........,.. V IRGINIA AVERY JANE TUCKER ...................... ......... V ice-President .......... .........................,... ,I ANE TUCKER JEAN SOLOMON ........... ........ S ocial Head ........, CEORGIANA CRAWFORD ALICE BRUCE .......,........... .......... S ecretary ........... ................. C ORRINNE JENNE BETTY VAN CLEAVE .....,... .......... T reasurer ........... ........ B ETTY ZIMMERMAN HELEN AYDELOTT ......... ..,...... A bsence Head ...,....... ........ P ATRICIA TUDBURY PATRICIA TUDBURY ,......, ........ P roctor .,......, .......... M ARY BECKWITH MARGARET CARY .......... - ..........,......,.. Fire Chief .............. ................ H ELEN MARSHALL MARJORIE HERLII-IY ,,,,.... .......,,., F reshman Representative .... ........... D OROTI-IY SILLERMAN 51 M -icy .. !lK fj Qmary Jbfoffse H61 ' 1 an Y I Ex If W X ll H J' ez-5 ff 57133 wk Mt-Yak Kaxfflk fa wwwiil AC-il? Elizabeth Adams Lower Division Elizabeth Chase Lower Division Virginia Hall Upper Division Helen Marshall Lower Division June Adams Lower Division Frances Colby Lower Division Eleanor Hedges Lower Division I Clarice Alliso Lower Divi Ceorgianu Cr Non-degree Marjorie Her Lower Divi Virginia Lee McCoy Jeanne McSh1 Lower Division Upper Divi www, 2, fig , , F1 K --'K -V E :5E5I5E:E5I:E:Eg-i . fi R, .wif :ff J "X . , 73 '. .:s w 1 .J ,mi i.r? :1Efa2i3 ..-F.. 454-' -, 7 . , fx ---- .sd . ' 5 1:5512 'K 1 -F Z? 1 f. : mm Lfsffiwig w w ns, .:.. ' iv J 5125312 ' ff' iifkxl.-55' Q 7M VN'r.,4:: . Lt A VU1-gq::z'::z.':g """' . HV ,,:...:::.:,-.- , V , K , E- FT MA k 3' , feff' Wg K, . i ,X f, , :-,:::2,.. ML. "-ff 51:5 115 1 ... ig Q x - ' Y 1 I' 4' 5 - 'z . f?Ei21121 Wise 19 52 .zfzflf :ii A 'I vi 1 1 igizgfr 111., illiliiigi Am ,..,. -fr? Eg n 'f if Qgw - 1. 5 'A Q 1 0 Z: :Qi 1 ef , , , A, , 1' I r, Q nv 9 ' s Q ' fi Zf " . gg F in , A1 .,A..,A.. :isqg 2 L L' 25LfQ5i231i-2, iw L' us.i5vf3? 1 A fszigfigiilsef-fig: '4f4fE5'fEED35 l wffigflfia , ' 1, Q V- A- M: .JMX 2 5 Jffary Jffofffe Hall! A iv g Q3 4 5 1,3 XL 1 1 Bernice Nia-oll Upper Division .lean Solomon Upper Division Phebe Williams Lower Division Eleunor Pall Non-degre Joy Spuinho Lower Din Burlmral Wir Lower Dix 7 , f i L 5 f-2 5-X 1 Q , D D fo l2 Wijj'f A 3 14 ,MA 5 , :aziis ig! i 5? 4 'AW fi 53, W 1- -PY ' A f Hifi ew V A VZ. 3. j- ' ., . , N T Q'-rg,-iw , f 5 N W 5 , ' - Z fm' - 2IsZsIs3"' 3'LlA, " x ' I "V A . ZW- ,Ez Y E . H- l 'i P , KL - 2 A V' ig M4EQ4l,Zf 51,- f exif" I . " mx, 5 1 ' X M 5 'V Q. - ez. 1 ' . ' . 1 yah, 4 ,,A. xr ee " W. 1, Q35 ' A W f v 1 3: . - ,I I , X ri. Y! I N viii I , , 555 -2 ' W' X 3 . , Hg f .QI -J . , yr Eg '- :gf-if n.,9:' r' f E :ij Wa. 1? ,, 4 ?,.. . A, aff ' ' ff' X , fl , f 1 K 1 , I pf ,. -1.- 3 1 QA fl J r 4 6 x 53 ' Q , as if . 4 an W J-f if .' 'lf -- ,,.x I A 1 1 . 4 'nf I n 1 ., ,,,,. f if 5 J A 'S ,, W. We Mrs Ben S Allen Virginia Strong Mills Hall, facing the Oval, stands as the center of campus life just as it did sixty years ago. Built in 1871, it was originally called Seminary Hall but the name was early changed to honor the leaders of the college. In those days all the business of the college was transacted under one roof. The president's office was there, as well as the assembly rooms where concerts, commencement exercises, and other public affairs were held until Lisser Hall was erected in 1902. As the first home of the college after its removal from Benicia, Mills Hall was described to the parents and students as uthe finest for school purposes this side of the Rocky Mountains." It was recognized as the product of sound engineering and good taste. The high ceilings, the ample and airy halls, and the broad and 56 numerous stairways are significant details even today. Each of the sunny rooms contained what were then the most modern conveniences: a well-lighted closet, marble wash basin, running water, and gas fixtures. The furniture was uniform, neat and substantial, and the walls were tinted in soft harmonious shades. The parlors, reading rooms, and music halls were beautifully frescoed and presented "a most homelike appearance." They had been decorated by two well known Italian artists of the day, Pellegrini and Buzzi, who embellished the ceilings with beribboned cherubs, garlands of roses, and musical instruments--now only a memory. Mills Hall is still an imposing structure with a frontage of two hundred and thirty feet, a total height of four stories, and a mansard roof, according to the original plan, but the once famous cupola has disappeared with the coming of stream lines. Today, Mills Hall again gathers the college under one roof when students, faculty members, and friends attend the beautiful Christmas tea. Foreign girls in native costume, the carollers, and the stately trees give life and color to this characteristic occasion. First Semester HALL COUNCIL Second Semester VIRGINIA STRONG .... ....,.... P resident ........ ,,,, V IRGINIA STRONG ELEANOR PETERS ........... ......... V ice-President ,..,.,.... .,,,.,,,, E LEANOR PETERS DOROTHY SHIELDS ........... ........... S ocial Head .....,.... .... M ARY PARTRIDGE HELENE SMEDLEY .......... ,......... S ecretary ........ BARBARA FLEISHER PRISCILLA EVERTS ........ .....A.,. T reasurer ........... ...,....,..., A NN CLAYPOOL BARBARA FLEISHER ......... ......... A bsence Head ........... ..,.,.,.,,..,,. R UTH CHURCH EVELYN SMITH ................ BEVERLY STEWART .......... .i.................. EMILY STEVENS ........... ......,.... ...........Proctor.......... Fire Chief .......,.,. ........BEVERLY STEWART .,.........EVELYN SMITH Freshman Representative ...., ....,.. , FLORENCE WALLS 57 Jbfillf Hall fix. 4 ' YGX5 PQWUN. L- f Iwi QOVEZJJZU X 5 , Q:f Q Do gli U U - 1- E Sinai 1-gg r v -' -+,..-'i' lik' Dooooou 66,190 or 000 0 o DO U o OGC o Q oe O D D0- ao O 0 00 9 o o e 00 coco -,vi-0 0 D ooo oo 0 Mary Elizabeth Agee Lower Division Ida May Caylor Lower Division Virginia Dee Special Priscilla Joy Everts Lower Division Elizabeth Anne Allen Lower Division Ruth Church Upper Division Jean Dinkelspiel Lower Division Barbara Fairfax Lower Division 3 Marjorie Arm Lower Divis Ann Claypool Lower Divis Jane Dorn Lower Divis Gertrude Flei Lower Divij 3 58 ,J Baker r Division ne Claypool 'iztl tr Draemel er Division ra Fleisher -er Division Beth Baxter Lower Division Jean Colgate Lower Division Arlin Eaton Lower Division Lillian Gaillard Lower Division Betty Lou Branch Non-degree Juandn June Conant Lower Division Phyllis Eberhart Non-degree Ruth Jean Garnjohst Lower Division Josephine Brizard Lower Division Martadel Cooper Lower Division Rose Lee Ellercl Lower Division Janet Goodrich Lower Division 59 Betty Ann Burns N on-degree Lucy Cowdin Upper Division Beatrice Elliott Lower Division Myra May Hall Non-degree Ruth Castner Upper Division Helen Davis Lower Division Carolyn Ellis Upper Division Margaret Hancock Lower Division Qiffillf Hall LL- .'.- 3 ii ff "Ki 1ULJg.f 'ir ! of ' W M JJ M Charlene Hanway Non-degree Charlotte Korllander Lower Division Kimi Nagao Upper Division Langdon Phelan Non-degree Jeane Hauser Upper Division Dorothy Larmour Lower Division Mary North Lower Division Sara Ellen Rand Lower Division F P I Jeune Hawk' Lower Div' Frances Looj Lower Di La Verne Nu Upper Div Dorothy Jan. Lower Div -..J -vin r Division ose Mann r Division Oakley mr Division Reynolds nr Division Laurelmae .lack Lower Division Elenore Meier Lower Division Chanduben Parekh Graduate Ann Richeson Lower Division Celeste Johnson Upper Division Evelyn Merrell Upper Division Kamuben Parekh Graduate Judith Ridgway Lower Division Kathryn Kaser Upper Division Edythe Minaden Lower Division Mary Partridge Upper Division Virginia Riesmeyer Lower Division 61 Marian Katz Lower Division Lucille Mintey Lower Division Eleanor Peters Upper Division Rosemary Roberts Lower Division Patricia Kleppinger N on-degree Cleoweir Munro Lower Division Claire Petersen Lower Division Sally Robinson Lower Division Qmllillf Ha ll Zx I qw 1 Q rf? X ,gf mm: ffxj r 7 L?? A QWMMNS FH 959' O . 0 . O . i- 0 . 5'-D ,-1" 5.. Q 9:4 NWI mm Jwyifi Elizabeth Rulison Lower Division Pattie Smith Lower Division Adele Van Loben Sels N on-de gree Helen Schmid Lower Division Emily Stevens Lower Division Vivian Ve lterle Lower Division Paula Lower Beverly .lean Lower u Ruth Voigt Lower Dis Selover legree 1 Stoddard r Division Wallace lr Division Carolyn Sherwood Upper Division Virginia Strong Upper Division Florence Walls Lower Division Dorothy Shields Upper Division Margaret Thrower Lower Division Valle Weber Lower Division Martha Silberberg Lower Division Mary Tiffany Upper Division Barbara J. Wetmore Lower Division 63 Helene Smedley Upper Division Gayle Towt Lower Division Judith Wise Lower Division Evelyn Smith Lower Division Beatrice Trickey Lower Division Irene Wood Lower Division Betly Holmes Mrs. .lean Bundschu In May 1917, at the end of President Reinhardfs first year in office, Warren Olney Hall was completed and named in honor of a trustee who had served on the board for more than thirty years. Mrs. Warren Olney, Jr., a patroness of this hall, now carries on the family connection with Mills College. The first truly modern residence at Mills, it Set a new standard for building with its spacious living rooms and hall library paneled in California redwood, its own dining hall and kitchen, its sleeping porches, and wide corridors. At the time of its completion the housekeeping responsibilities for all the halls were delegated to a newly appointed officer, the director of residence halls. The inner court, planned around a beautiful fountain, contains many of the 64 old fruit trees that were formerly a part of the college orchard. Since their first use in Warren Olney, these central courts have become a distinctive part of campus architecture both for their beauty and for their convenience in social activities. 4 Significant in the history of War1'en Olney is the fact that the majority of presidents of the Associated Students have made it their college home. The large court between Orchard Meadow and Warren Olney is traditionally the scene of the Hey-Day Play-Day luncheon and its accompanying festivities., the broad porch of the living room lending itself admirably to the presentation of the tahleaux. Because many students from Hawaii live here, the members of Warren Olney Hall meet in their living room almost every evening for a brief half hour of sing- ing songs of the Islands. A delightful custom peculiar to this hall, such gather- ings unite the girls in stronger bonds of friendship. HALL COUNCIL First Semester BETTY HOLMES ......... MOLLY GROUNDS ......... JANE LINES .............. DORIS REA ........................... ...........President.......... ,......Vice-President......., ,........Social Head,.......... ........Secretary.......... Second Semester ........BETTY HOLMES ..,.....MOLLY GROUNDS ..................DORIS REA ...........WENSLEY KRUG VIRGINIA COGHLAN ........... ,.,........ T reasurer ..... . . .,.......... REBA SINCLAIR MARTHA SEGERSTROM .......,. ........... A bsence Head ......... ....,.... E LEANOR QUAYLE HELEN RICE ,,,,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,.. ......... P roctor ........ ........ D ORIS PATTON KAY KELLY ........................ GEORGIA CLIFFORD ..,... . .....,..,.......... F are Chzef ............ . JANEY MATTHEWS Freshman Representative.. ......... BARBARA STERN 65 Ulney Hall QE 4 3 ,,3 ij Marion Alexander Lower Division Jane Boume Lower Division Helen Cropp Lower Division Frances Dowling Lower Division Mary Alger Lower Division Beverly Boyd Non-degree Louise Crolhers Lower Division Elizabeth Forster Lower Division Sally Jane A Lower Di' Loula Came Upper Di' Olive Crotln Upper Di' Lorraine Fo Non-de gre ' X , pr' '1 Aff ' - My f f l M It L. f j X IV" Mfr- : f f mr Q . 75, 3 'YY' '- nfj- in 3 H ,. 1 ,ig :Ji HWENQN M fx ' was ' W U K' x .QV W ,X I j L .I , L M M lv K "" 5 '3hgJ if1 ,? b V Q W M. ,QW .KLL iiwxf U ' P .---.. ZQg5!::.!s::5.x: sis ifLLQMgw ' g. 25755 9 M .. f : Qi h fuk-5' W JK Y 1 iii: "' f' X W' W-"Z , YA' .,-'Q Ufney Hall Y Florence Grounds Upper Division Anne Knudsen Non-degree Katherine Meredith Ei ,gs 'W ffl Koi Lower Division -H at .Q MUD!!! i fi? nf Mary E. Oldaker 25? i i .JB Upper Division 'I 4 bf- uf.. an-fs fl s-3-Lx? N. 1 4. ' i u u A - - -- if- 45 3351 ??.T.., U D J' 1' '5 v.f ' D D iv. W -.,... ' ILL., D D 'Z 68 v Barbara Hean Non-degree Cassie Hausamnn Lower Division Mary Catheril Lower Divi: Wensley Krug Lower Division Lois Mitchell Lower Divi: Ellen Louise Mitchell Lower Division Evelyn Oldenburger Ann Peck Lower Division Upper Divi t Helm er Division beth Lane mer Division Lou Moore 1-degree ie Peterson n-degree Jean Hinton Lower Division Jane Lines Lower Division Jeanne Moore Lower Division Barbara Phelan Lower Division Betty Holmes Lower Division Barbara Jane Low Lower Division Maryle Morrow Non-degree Georgine Porter Lower Division Mary Louise Holmes Upper Division .lane Mahoney Lower Division Marjorie Naquin Lower Division Audrey Marie Pratt Lower Division 69 Joan Joy Johnson Lower Division Janey Matthews Lower Division Dorothy Oakley Lower Division Virginia Purdy Upper Division Kay Kelly Lower Division Eleanor McClintic Lower Division Elizabeth Oakley Upper Division Eleanor Quayle Upper Division Olney Hall ff' is M 'Tlllhxi be 73552 ,jji5gQgq:n:fs Q 5 Z W ' W5 3 21 Ml fylx: Doris Rea Lower Division Mary Shimanouchi Lower Division Margaret Suber Upper Division Lucille Wagner Upper Division Helen Rice Upper Division Marcia Simon Non-degree Jean Talbott Lower Division Minna Winestine Lower Division Edith Jane RJ Upper Div Reba Sinclaig Lower Di Margaret Thr! Lower Div Alice Kalher Upper Div lock er Division loan Smith Fr Division S. Thurston ier Division Marjory Rothschild Lower Division Margaret Smith Lower Division Jane Trabucco Lower Division klice Wilkins Harriet Wilkinson 'degree Upper Division Carolyn Sampson Lower Division Marian Smith Lower Division Pauline Trabucco Lower Division .loan Wilson Lower Division Janice Sc-owcroft Lower Division Gail Sollencler Lower Division Helen Turner Lower Division Dorothy Wiseman Upper Division 71 Sallie Seargeant Lower Division Barbara Stern Lower Division Kay Uchida Lower Division Frances Woodruff Lower Division Dorothy Shannon Lower Division Lois Stevenson Lower Division Arla Wagers Lower Division Ann ie Work Lower Division W ir ima Clolfelter Mrs. Florence Sheffield Consuelo Clieever Built two years apart, the residences known today as Orchard-Meadow Hall ad join the archery field-once the meadow, and Warren Olney court-once the orchard. Orchard House was erected in 1919 for the accommodation of fifty stu- dents, and in 1921 Meadow House was completed for sixty more. With the construction of these halls, the possible choice of rooms became so wide that a new method of assignment was instituted. The entire student body would gather at an appointed hour on the Oval to draw slips of paper specifying a hall and room number. Then the girls were allowed twenty-four hours to exchange accommodations with each other. When three more residence halls were added, this custom became impractical and the present system of drawing by class precedence within the hall was devised. 72 Through unavoidable delay, Orchard House was not ready until some weeks after the specified time, so its prospective occupants were forced to take tem- porary refuge in Warren Olney. When the announcement came that all was com- pleted fifty students carrying boxes and baskets full of clothes, lamps, rugs., band- boxes, and curtains kept the court between the buildings gay with merry jests from girls leaning over balcony railings to watch the moving lines of burden bearers. Meadow House was under construction during a builders' strike, and work was delayed about six months. Again a doubling up was necessary for almost a semes- ter. When they finally settled in the new hall the residents came to be called the "Meadowlarks',. Though its imposing size may awe the entering freshman, Orchard-Meadow has a reputation for hall unity and loyalty exceeded by none. HALL COUNCIL First Semester VIRGINIA CLOTFELTER ........ MARJORIE GUILD ............. DOOLIE SHARP ........... MOLLIE NEILL ,.......... ......... JEAN CROSSMAN.. .......... ...... . THERESA-ANN LOEWY ........... . ........,.,President,......... . ....,..,. Vice-Preszdent .,..... .. .........Social Head.....,..... , ....... Secretary ......... . ...........Treasurer..... bsence Heud......... Second Semester CONSUELO CHEEVER ...MMARJORIE GUILD ...........PATSY MURRAY ..............CURRY WOODIN .BARBARA SHOMATE WEBER JEANNE HAMPTON .......... ..,.,.... P roctor .,,..... ........... A NNE HILLMAN DOROTHY WEIGHT ......,.,, .................. F ire Chief ............. ,.... ..., C L AIRE RUBENDALL JEAN CARLETON ........... Freshman Representative.. .......... ELIZABETH JONES 73 Ha , N9 '54, 3 difjlffxxh MN O cb m'- Qiffeadow ll ai Z '7A if I K. Eire ll lo Oi BJ L X.. Helen Ackerly Lower Division Anka Bratichevich Upper Division Mary Janet Cutler Upper Division Dorothy Belle Frank Lower Division Margaret Alexander Mary Alice Lower Division Janet Brown Lower Division Frances Dearing Lower Division Anna Fry N on-degree Lower Di Helen Burk Lower Div Yvonne Duff Lower Div Virginia F ul Lower Div 1 Ball ver Division eth Burnet Per Division t lrel Duncan fer Division Marian Beckman Upper Division Lelia Cannon Lower Division Elizabeth Ehrman Non-degree hy Jane Furnish Alice Gill wer Division N Lower Division Barbara Bishop Non-degree Ellen .lane Carleton Lower Division Flora Jean Feldman Lower Division Helen Gregory Lower Division Adaline Blank Lower Division Jean Carleton Lower Division Helen Fitzgerald Upper Division Margaret Hamilton Lower Division 75 Viola Bosschart Non-degree Mayhelle Clark Lower Division Estelle Fleming Lower Division Jeanne Hampton Lower Division Joan Bramllila Lower Division Jean Crossman Lower Division Janet Foote Upper Division Nancy Heizer Lower Division O cb M'- Qm6dd0W Hall I Xl 4 jx Q -'una-. - ik AZ ff M fi A Anne Hillman Lower Division Elizabeth King Lower Division Marion Martin Non-degree Jane Rex Lower Division 5 i . i ,A L Mary Louise Hillman Mary Helen Lower Division Lower Div Beryle Lee Kinnamnn Marguerite L Lower Division Blythe Miller Upper Division Jane Rosenfeld Upper Division Upper Div Patricia Mur Lower Div Claire Rube Lower Div ,--- - onore er Division arimer ar Division ieill er Division nuelson er Division Imogene Horsley Lower Division Ann Leffingwell Lower Division Natalie Norgren Lower Division Norma Schumacher Lower Division ,lane Innes Non-degree Elizabeth Loudon Upper Division Bette Orvis Lower Division Margaret Selling Lower Division Elizabeth Jane Jones Lower Division Frances Maino Lower Division Karolyn Purdue Upper Division Madeleine Sharp Lower Division 77 Joelle Kaufmann Non-degree Margaret Mann Lower Division Marguerite Pettit Lower Division Lorraine Kendall Lower Division Margaret Manning Non-degree Muriel Pierce Lower Division Barbara Jane Shomate Margaret Simison Lower Division Lower Division O cb ra'- Qibffeazafow Hal! JN H7 llllllllIlllllllllllllljlllll lil 90, +51 O .49 . 4' ,af Q XQQ i '59 UI! QQ .2 'M QL Q-H Ruth Sinton Lower Division Dorothy Wait Upper Division Annette Williams Lower Division Adelaide Soles- Non-degree Elizabeth Wall Upper Divise Grace William Lower Divis Jrrell er Division y Watson er Division r Willouglllmy er Division Winifred Stetson Lower Division Betty Webb Lower Division Patricia Wilsey Lower Division Sophia Stone Lower Division Helen Weber Upper Division Helen Wing Lower Division Patricia Sullivan Lower Division Dorothy Weight Lower Division Curry Woodin Lower Division 79 .lean Swenson Upper Division Marjorie Welch Lower Division Arline Woolack Lower Division Sibyl Taylor Lower Division Betty Whitehead Lower Division Elizabeth Zoernig Lower Division Ffmthon Mftrtmson Marjorie Putnam Mrs. Pearl B. Mitchell The Graduate House, newest addition to Mills campus, is already accepted hy the freshmen who entered Mills in the fall of 1936 as quite as much a part of the campus as Mills Hall. The Graduate School itself is so important to the college that we forget how modern is the girl who pursues her formal education into the realm of graduate study. Today there is not a ripple of surprise that every tenth student in Mills College already possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree. But it was less than ten years ago that President Reinhardt began to develop the infant graduate school. Now the ever increasing group is established in a home of its own. The house was opened for residence in the fall of 1936. Planned in Mediter- ranean style by Miss Julia Morgan, the architect who designed the college gym- 80 nasium, the building has been entirely refurnished for the graduate students. The spacious and comfortable living room is gracious in wine and gold accents. An old Japanese table, carved from lava, a gift to Mrs. Mills from friends in Hawaii, fits amazingly well into the entirely modern dining room. The room itself is done in red with walls made colorful by nlodernistic paintings lent by the Art Gallery. Characteristic oriental decorations have been preserved in many places. The 'contrast between old art treasures and modernistic decoration, between Oriental and Occidental, symbolizes the broad outlook of Graduate House which is, in a sense, international, with its occupants representing China, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, and France, as well as the United States. HALL COUNCIL First Semester MARJORIE PUTNAM ........ .....,. THELMA KNUTSON .......... ....... .,..Preszdent,...,,..., Second Semester .FANCHON MARTINSON ..S0cml Head ........... ................ M ARCIA MARPLE ALICE SICKLES .,.,....... ........... T reasurer .... ALICE SICKLES .............. .,.....,.... S ecretary .......... THELMA KNUTSON ......... ,......,.. Vice-President ......... 81 . ........... MIRIAM VAN VORHIS ...............ELEANOR COBB ........MARTHA JOHNSON C-f4c!z'w'iz'e5 Responsibility brings matur- ity, and Mills girls have traded iilmy Spring pageants for the gavel of student government . . . 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 1 'Ci 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 gg, I s - , ,, V f - xv if : ww --f , . ,s , 1 aww , W , . Ngm 1 .1 , QE .gg-X. V wk, , l " N , N 1, iiizm. ,M eq , H mm, I X A l , frm. ,lyiwfw ff 5 I ' l LUCILLE WAGNER CHEMISTRY "Homemade driftwood powder, from beach to lab to you!" boasts the Chemistry Club con- cerning its pet project, the sale of driftwood powder at Christmas time. Meeting monthly, these advanced Chemistry students combine scientific and social activities in an endeavor to promote their scientific knowledge by lec- tures and discussions, and at the same time find a relaxation in so doing. Their calendar in- cludes lectures, parties, and an annual picnic. DIXY LEE RAY GUTING A trip to San Francisco's Chinatown, canoe- ing parties, skiing in Yosemite, campiires on Pinetop: all these activities and more are of- fered to students by Outing Club, the modern successor of the Mills Walking Club. Anyone may join the trips and activities although cer- tain requirements must be fulfilled and a girl recommended by the active club members be- fore she can wear the orange tie which signi' fies membership in the organization. GERMAN Helene Mayer as Saint Nicholasg tables dec- orated with candles, apples, fir boughs and pfefferniisse: everything that goes to make up a real German Christmas is to be found at the Christmas dinner given by the German Club. The club, composed of advanced German stu- dents, aims to bring closer to its members the customs, language and culture of Germany. This year it has conducted a series of German lectures as its contribution to the Anniversary celebration. VIRGINIA AVERY, President FRENCH Acting as host at the many outstanding lec- tures and dinners given by the French depart- ment as a part of the Anniversary celebration, the French Club upheld its purposes of cn- couraging the speaking of French and the ap- preciation of French literature. The frequent meetings which were held throughout the year served to stimulate by social contact the inter- est of the members in French ideals and cul- ture. French tables were held weekly in the halls. HELEN SALLY LATHROP, President OLGA KARGALOFF COSMCJPOLITAN Girls from Germany, France, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, India, and the United States do- i11g Swedish folk-dances together in a Swedish restaurant: in activities such as this the Cos- mopolitan Club promotes international friend- ship and assists foreign students in becoming better acquainted with a strange environment and new friends. All foreign girls belong to this group as well as certain American students who have been elected to membersliip. , V fusf,i2r2w22iSi2 lligxrsggcswe , at M :jf .g f ggi '..q ?::' " f Y QT ' UF . ,s MARGARET GOOLD PEM Bong! The gong signals the opening of the annual Pem Amateur night, one of the big en- tertainment events of the year. Made up of Physical Education majors, the club has, be- sides its lighter side of Carnivals, trips and par- ties, a more serious aspect, in that it brings girls having the same interests together for dis- cussions and lectures concerning Physical Education. At its monthly meetings the club has had as its guests noted people in this field. ENGLISH The fifteen girls who meet around the fire in the Meadow living room to read and criticize their brain-children have been elected to Eng- lish Club for outstanding work in creative writing. English Club provides for them a common meeting ground where they may pre- sent thcir writings to fellow authors and re- ceive in return constructive criticism. The club edits Mills Manuscripts and sponsors the an- nual Browning celebration in May. MARGERY ANNE HALE, President MUSIC Mills girls rise to sing the Stanford hymn with the Stanford Men's Glee Club during their appearance on the campus, one of the more subtle attempts made by the Music Club to stimulate interest in music among the stu- dents. Besides the regular Wednesday evening concerts, the club conducts frequent informal musical gatherings, such as teas and discus- sions to make of music a living experience for its members. EVELYN MERRELL, President as '-- wiki?" shift "sw-"1-xx' "yur "Q "'- Zllgwii,-' ':',.".. ' 1. , 2 'E - V - - ,. . - 3 . QV' W .J. U'liQKs.:-' fig-as I H-ff'-V if V ' ' G " W -if im, " ' S i , in 5 ' sf, ' ' gn i i 1 +!2Hsg...' 1. ,..-.7iv'i JOYCE DAVIES, President ,.q,r-it-, 1, , .N , J.-fr"-'- i' LIT "-,Ghz eil . iii, LUCILLE WAGNER, President S T U D I O HOME ECCNOMICS Murals of rocket ships and futuristic men decorating theArt Gallerywalls created atmos- phere for the Studio Club 4'Trip to the Moon," the annual Beaux Arts Ball, presided over this year by an ultra-modern king and queen. Com- posed of members chosen for their outstanding art work,. Studio Club oifers a field of recrea- tional art, discussions, and lectures for the more advanced students. Each spring the members hold a bazaar in the Student Union. 112 Members of the Home Economics Club gave practical proof of their proficiency in the household arts at a series of teas, combined with sales and exhibitions, which were given during the fall. The club held monthly meet- ings throughout the year at which various speakers were presented, and at the close of the year gave a prize of twenty-five dollars to the Home Economics major in the senior class who excelled in scholarship and leadership. 5555 Mg 3 ff 5 'fi 5425553 gf fi,-'f:..j EY f' ' M72 ,aff K if :if 5-f V f " 751 If ' 1' gf 55 W 6? Hg? X Club! Xl 110 DRAMA ASSOCIATION A tiny mask, the pin worn by the Drama Association and its officers-Mary Hobson, Betty LePage, Truella Jensen, and Helen Frank-symbolizes the aims of the association, to study and present plays, to encourage literary and dramatic talent. Founded in 1916, the Drama Association this year, in addition to present- ing the Christmas play, celebrated the 85th Anniversary of the College hy repeat- ing during Commencement Week, the annual Greek tragedy and the Shakespear- ean play, and by sponsoring in April a symposium for the Drama Department. Frank and Jensen Leluage and Hobson Back row: Stahl, Hale, Crawford, Fairchild, Swenson, Thurston, Ewalt, Hnusaman. Center: McSheehy, Thornberry, Thomson, Ray, Mickey, Strong, Campbell. Seated: Frank, Bundschu, Mrs. Stebbins, Hobson, LePnge, Guild. 'tv 5: ...,, l x s .jiri-4' OPERA Childhood illusion was revived by Humperdinek's opera Hansel and Gretel, a production brim-full of fairy-tale fantasy and charm. Directed by Mr. Luther Marchant, the presentation of the Music Club on March twelfth and thirteenth was modern in setting but for all times and every age in its rollicking, imaginative spirit. From the caekling Witch with magic spells and dainty morsels of ginger- bread children to the gay, affectionate Hansel and Gretel and their distracted parents, the characterizations were excellent, and the music ably handled by the college orchestra. Helen Marshall Peggy Stuart and Marjorie Guild Rachel Uglow, Tom Clarke, Marjorie Guild, Peggy Stuart CHRISTMAS PLAY uLet us all praise God, the Father omnipotent, who hath sent His son to he born." The audience, charmed into a thirteenth century age of naivete and faith by wfhe Provengal Play," was impelled to feel the true meaning of Christmas. It saw Gabriel against a luminous cycloramag golden-robed angels, a Raphael-like Mary, in quiet intimacy with God, restoring hands to the stumped arms of the innkeepeids daughter, humble shepherds, a very human Joseph. Under the direc- tion of Miss Louise Stephens, the play was given December thirteenth and four- teenth. Belly LePage Frances Woodruff Crawford, Brizard, Wilkins, Loewe, Mann, Porter, Knutson, Thornberry, Ewalt. SHAKESPEAREAN PLAY The Woodland Theatre enhanced by bright costumes and lights-credit to Miss Stephens-was the outdoor setting for the Shakespearean comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing," presented by Drama Association, October sixteenth and seven- teenth. A rustle of eucalyptus branches blended with the saucy repartee of Beatrice and Benedick as the conspiracy of a maturely portrayed Leonato and a boyish Claudio ensnared their hearts. The tangle-plot of love stories, relieved by bits from Dogberry, was "good theatren under the direction of Mrs. Marian L. Stebbins. Frances Thomson Mary Hobson and Barbara Crawford Hale, Thurston, Stahl, Ewalt, Mclnlosh, Leasure. X 106 GREEK PLAY "Driven, yea, driven I come. I bear peace olfering to the deadf, Echoes of 1936 and its classical tradition of the Greek tragedy, "Choepho1'oe," live in the memory of Mills and her friends. 1937 brings "Hippolytus" and "the tale of a Queen and her evil day". The art of Aeschylus and Euripides is brought to life in the Greek amphitheatre where immortal figures are animated by twentieth century girls. A synthesized chorus, dramatic truth, a stirring performance are the results of weeks of work under the able direction of Mrs. Marian L. Stebbins. Barbara Steele Frances Thomson Guild, Johnson, Thurston, Dalla Lasla, LePage, Hausaman, Campbell, Twyman, Ewall, Friedman, Hale, Ray, Douglas, Stahl, Foote, Hudson, Lockhard. ff? .A HF 'JL f 'N ff ' ip rl 5357 N i,3f3 wi w xi x , 1, K. 1, 5 xx fx x, -v H ,w K f V Qwvfwigggi atpi K y M X3 f n wc W , Qrama PHI BETA KAPPA Founded to encourage a scholarly approach to living, Phi Beta Kappa has recognized, since the time of Thomas Jeiferson, the joy of learning and its accom- panying benefit to society. At Mills, the Zeta chapter, one of the twelve extended to womenis colleges, accords high honor to an outstanding student at the end of her junior or senior year. Phi Beta Kappa this year chooses Dixy Lee Ray, Kimi Yanagawa, Dora Sun, Lucy Cowdin, Jeanne Mcsheehy, and Lucille Wagner to represent its ideal of scholastic achievement. Congratulations! Happy Day . . . Rieggcr, Yana gawa, Miller. Back row: Dr. Goodwin, Miss Lorem-e, Dr. Burch, Mrs. Little, Dr. Hoover. Center Marunson Sun, Hartson, Ray. Front row: Hoshiga, Wagner, Cowdin, Mt-Sheehy. Also: Mr Dewey Mrs Garcia, Dr. Gibbons, Dr. Herrick, Dr. Horn, Mr. James, Miss Keep, Dr. Leavens Miss Moore Pres. Reinhardt, Miss Watson, Mr. Rusk, Putnam, Thomson, Dalla Lash is -av -5 J 1 if Back wasp., pf, ,K ,W 31.-au PALLADIUM In ancient Troy, people looked to the statue of Pallas Athena for the preserva- tion of their citadel. The benign goddess, Palladium, exists today at Mills, though in human and composite form. The preservation of the college does not, perhaps, depend on Palladium members, but the maintenance of lofty ideals in the student body may be traced to their influence. Not static upon pedestals, but actively interested in the college, Palladium members have heightened student-faculty understanding by spending informal afternoons with various professors. Representative . . . Among those tapped row: Clotfelter, Strong, Bundschu, Peterson. Front row: Stuart, Baerwald, Ray, Thomson, Holmes. . 14 , M, y , V, 4, 102 P 111 4 1' 1 1 f-stef " JF 42 4 EQ 02 X +R -XQJSQ fri I Honomries STAFF ....,...Dixy Lee Ray .Kathleen Gilmour Barbara Bundschu .....Fudeko Tamate ,Virginia Peterson usmess 'Hgr .... .Betty Campbell MILLS MANUSCRIPTS In widening its range of contributors and in introducing magazine articles, Mills Manuscripts is this year more representative and less "of the chosen fewf' At the same time, literary excellence is the ideal striven for. With udivine discon- tent," Editor Dixy Lee Ray has sifted the material to select the artistic and the understandable, the typical and the unusual in student work. She has dedicated MSS to 'Gall those who have felt the urge to create." Manuscripts is sponsored by the English Club. Natural selection A new format . . . Tamnte, Bundschu, Ray, Peterson, Gilmour, Campbell. i 99 PRESS BOARD Ladies of the press iron outtheir financial and editorial difficulties in the insti- tution known as Press Board. The editors and business managers of all campus publications, and the president of the Associated Students meet on occasion with Editor of Publications Keep and Comptroller Craig to discuss and approve con- tracts. The hard-to-reconcile ideals of raising the quality of printed matter while keeping wolves of debt from treasury doors are realized. Press Board produces that thing of beauty, a balanced budget. Ia. MEMBERSHIP President of Students Secretary of Students Comptroller Treasurer of Students Editor of the Editor of the Business Manager of the Yearboo Business Manager of the Weekly Editor of Publications Contracting the Yearbook Accounting for the Weekly Back row: Frank, Bundschu, Thomson, Swenson. Front row: Loudon, Barkan, Peterson, Hood. Also: Roberts, Ray, Campbell. K.- ,ale--'wo www, ' STAFF First Semester Har ...........,...... Barbara Bundscbu soriate ....,.....,,.,.. Kimi Yanagnwa py Editor ........ Elizabeth Loudon n. Night Editor .,....., Jane Tucker ws Editor ...,...,., Betty Campbell -urreut Affairs .......... Kay Sncdecor Senmd Semester ditor ...........,...,.. Elizabeth Loudon ssoriates ..,,.,.,...... Betty Campbell Jane Tucker py Erlitof ',,. ..... M ariory Kennedy nday Night Editor .... Kathie Stahl ews Editor ..........., Gnil Sollender -urrent Affairs .......,.. Betty Coman THE WEEKLY MA Weekly on registration day? lmpossihleli' But one did appear last fall under the editorship of Barbara Bundschu. Highlights and innovations of the editorial year included the establishment of a research department to delve into the origins of college traditions, an eight-page Christmas issue dedicated to Presi- dent Reinhardt, a new column, "Girl About Town," and new type to improve the paper's make-up. Some of the forward strides belong to Elizabeth Loudon who assumed high command of the paper at the mid-year change of officers. Goorl news . . . Files on- parade Back row: Hale, Sweetser, Whitehead, Coman, Humiston, Skinner, Robbins, Cary. Center: Wein- stein., Weber, Moore, Alford, Horsley, Green, Weaver. Front row: Stahl, Tucker, Bundschu, Loudon, Campbell, Grounds, Sollender. Also: Morrill, Van Loben Sels, Loos, Munro, Silberherg, J. Strong, Oldaker, Willoughby. --1 wr 97 THE WEEKLY A six-page Weekly may or may not be held in awe by its 900 readers, but it is the result of increased work by the Weekly business staif. Some ten unsung heroines pound pavements and keep telephone wires humming in pursuit of advertisements, and five others devote hours to the uninspiring task of mailing out copies. Even these duties are dwarfed by those of the business manager, who with the advice of Comptroller Craig, keeps the paper on the financial "straight and narrow." Jane Roberts business-managed first semester, Helen Frank, the second. Balancing Budgeting Stanrling: Van Cleave, Fox, Jones, Anderson, Fairfax, Hearn. Seated: Rupp, Knutson, Fran Sullivan, Ewalt. Also: Roberts, Witte, Willlnore, McAllister, Freed, Lohse. Mp- 6 96 STAFF First Semester Business Illanager ...... Jane Ro Advertising .Mgr ...,..... Helen P Circulation .Wlgr ..... Eleanor H4 Second Semester Business Manager ......,. Helen P Advertising r'Vlgr...Patricia Sul Circulation lllgr ..,., lvlary M. ,f vb.. EDITORIAL STAFF tor ................. .Virginia Peterson ociate .........,. - ....... Lucy Cowdin y ..,............... Margaret Rockwell ,,.......-.............Marguerite Lahbe Kathryn Uhl tograplay .......... Helen Fitzgerald Marguerite Pettit Ietics .....,...... Mary E. Thurston a ...,... ............... Lo uise Ewalt tures ........,........,...... Kathie Stahl ivities ........ Margery Anne Hale bs ....................., Betty Whitehead pshots ...............,.. Eleanor Peters error-v.. .........Mary Mack , ............. Alice Gill THE YEARBOCK Copy-writers waiting for inspiration, making feverish jottingsg photography editor murmuring to her favorite professor, "Could we take your picture-for the Yearbook?"g the editor and her associate trying to decide on a cover, while the printer and engraver confer about lay-outs--that is the Yearbook in progress! A smooth volume in grey and red, modern as 1937 can make it, but reminiscent of the Mills of eighty-five years ago-that is the Yearbook as presented in May at the junior-senior breakfast. F all planning Spring proofing Back row: Fitzgerald, Hale, Rockwell, Gill, Ewalt, Stahl. Front row: Lnbhe, Thurston, Peterson, Cowdin, Mack, Peters. -..., 95 THE YEARBOOK "Thy business staff shall comfort theei' is the precept followed by Louise Barkan in aiding the editor to make the production of the 1937 Yearbook run smoothly. In soliciting advertisements, enlisting contributions from friends of the college, and attending to details that spring up like mushrooms in the turf of business transactions, the staff has proven elficient and prompt. Contracts and copy litter the desks of these energetic workers as they take care of the less cre- ative and more workaday side of yearbook production. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .... Louise Adv't. Mgr ....,...... Kathleen Advertising staff: Alice Bark: Lowri B rua Ellen Jane Carleton, Bet Churchill, Yvonne Dulfy, Lo Freed, Charlene Hanway, Jax Lines, Blythe Miller, Betty V1 Cleave, Betty Whitehe sd. They'll udvertize "Dear Patron" . . . Standing: Van Cleave, Whitehead, Bruce, Duffy, Carleton, Churchill, Hanway. Seated: Freed, Miller, Lowrey, Barkan, Lines. 94 C f x , XACLC7 f3N?1ff 45 5- if ,ISL V, Z E E: 91525 4 ' I 5" 52 Tu blz'cazz'z'0m CLASS CHAIRMEN "It7s a Mills tradition," is said not only of the Push-Ball contest and freshman "Sneak Dayf' but of all class occasions. A chairman and governing hoard for each class perpetuate traditions. Thus, the College Picnic doesn't spring out of Pine Top, but is carefully arranged by the sophomores. The junior-senior 'cen- gagement breakfast" is the handiwork of the juniors, though they don't take credit for all the arrangements! And then on a night before Christmas voices of carollers float out on the crisp air-to the senior chairman our appreciation. ,pu-5.6" 92 Chairmen in cap-tivity "Let's plan a dance . . ' Back raw: Avery, Snedecor, Hale, Thurston. Seated: Baerwald, Whitehead. STUDENT FORUM Sit-down strikes and the war in Spain are more than dinner-table topics to Mills girls. Rather, they are subjects for talks followed by vigorous discussions at Stu- dent Forum. Of greatest interest this year were such speakers as our own Presi- dent Reinhardt, Anne Stocks of England, Dr. Philip Buck of Stanford, and Hans Orth, who spoke on the new Germany, of greatest excitement was the political rally at election time. The Forum Committee, under its able chairman, Eleanor Hadley, hopes to keep Mills students alive to world problems. Madam Chairman "Doubt wisely!" Standing: Rockwell, Kargalolf, Snedecor, Canfield, McSheehy. Seated: Hadley, Cowdin Also: Ball, Robbins. Asp 91 Back row Knutson Littig, Schmid. Center: Hearn, Avery, Walls, Mann, Fox. Seated: Beckwith, Robbins Also Smton, Beckman, Stone, Loewy, Rosenfeld, Ehrman, E. Patterson, Van Cleave, SOCIAL SERVICE "A nice hard juicy one for me-and for me!" cried Mills girls as they bought apples from the Social Service Committee. The purpose? To aid the Red Cross fund for Ohio Valley flood relief. But the campus workers do not limit their activities to national disaster. Throughout the year the committee sends toys and clothing to the Fanny Wall home for colored children and the La Viona home for girls. Residence halls are called into service at Christmas time, as baskets are piled high with holiday cheer for needy families. Clothes for school . . . Scrapbook for pre-school Zimmerman, Herlihy, Zelle, Lohse, Porter. --- w- CHAPEL All creeds are o11e in the tiny lodge at Wetmore Gate. Simple and meaningful services aHord respite from the rush and tumble of college activities. Every other Tuesday evening the Chapel Guild assembles before an open fire. Over paper plates and tin cups, plans worked out by Dr. Leavens and the Chapel Committee are presented. Business is flavored plentifully with laughter and enthusiastic singing of favorite songs. At the end of each meeting a few moments are turned in a spirit of rededication toward the softly lighted altar. Sunday morning . . . Posting inspiration Back row: Loos, Chase, Kennedy, Peters. Center: Morrill, Hadley, Fieberling, Rockwell, Green. Front row: Avery, Fisher, Leavens, Aydelott, Bnerwnld. Also: Merrell, Suber, Stamm, Schuneman, Brown., Wngers, Mickelsen, Olin, Walker. 1. CHCIR 'GMusic hath charms" to soothe not only the savage breast, but the mildest of Mills girls. One of the worthiest exponents of music on campus is the college choir, whose voices this year, under the direction of Luther B. Marchant, traveled the air waves. Carollers in blue and white heightened with traditional Yuletide ballads the beauty of the Christmas mystery play. Only because Easter came during spring vacation was the college deprived of the much-loved Easter service in the Woodland Theatre. Processional . . . Come all ye faithful . . . Back row: Patterson, Clifford, Scowcroft, Byers, Skinner, Cowdin, C. Mickelsen, Blake, Hagberg, Smith, Talbott, Williams, Whitla, Holmes, Oakley. Front row: Clark, Nicoll, Ackerly, Klockseim, C. Claypool, Cotton, Fleisher, Uchida, Dolflemyer, Bourne, Cary, Sprinkel, Hinton, Dewey. " in-145' . .4 . ,, 'Milli' F ff M 'ff 'l 1 'gi' 1 M ..L..t,.,m . JUDICIAL BOARD In academic gowns, Judicial Board gathers at the call of its chairman, Jane Baerwald, to consider serious infringements of campus regulations. Its goal is not to intimidate, but to cultivate finer attitudes of cooperation. Working closely with President Reinhardt and Dean Dayman, it is at home to student problems, serves as a court of appeals, and offers constructive advice or friendly criticism. Its most significant aim is the encouragement of the spirit of an honor code, that we, as a college community, may live in harmony. A kindly post-mortem . . . Won? you tell us about it? Bnerwnld, Chambers, Thomson, Strong, Ray. Also: Loewe, Aydelott, Peterson ORIENTATION A little worried, a little homesick, a little apprehensive, freshmen step from the train to the station platform where an "angel from heavenv fMarian Knutson or one of her Orientation Committeel greets them with warm handclasp and friendly smile. Worry, homesickness, apprehension vanish. For three days before registration Mills belongs to the freshmen, the Orientation Committee, as big sisters, teach new ways and old traditions. And the work of this group does not end with Septemberg the uangelsl' continue through the year, understanding, guiding, adjusting. ' "Welcome to Mills . . . " Find the freshman . . . Back row: Webber, Barkan, Grounds, Tucker. Center: Guild, Goold, Peters, Fisher. Seated: Knutson, Campbell. 'FQ' .QR 1 EXECUTIVE BCARD Twenty-one girls seated at an oblong table, though using round table methods, is a picture of Executive Board on Monday afternoon. Led by the president of the Associated Students, those who represent a good cross-section of campus activities discuss ASMC matters, asking, uShall there be new seats in Lisser Hall?" and c4Wl1o shall go to the NSFA conference?" Every spring, Executive Board spends a week-end why the sea" where, removed from immediate practical p1'OlJl6I11S, they discuss changes in the status quo which make for progressive government. The following announcements . . Considering it objectively . . .9 if M, E I xg' A534 Wt v-4' .4 V , Buck row: Welilier, Cheever, Wllitellead, Snedecor, Thurston, Hale, Lovsrey Knutson Center: Peterson, Avery, Fieberling, Strong, Hood, Holmes, Aydelotl Seated: Loudon, Bundschu, Baerwald, Thomson, Ray, Williams, Swenson ASSOCIATED STUDENTS The "E Pluribus Unumf' of the college is that all-inclusive organization, the Associated Students. Every Mills girl becomes a member upon entering the col- lege, and at an impressive ceremony in the fall, freshmen are formally installed into the unit. Filled with desires of working for the good of the whole, they wind their candle-lit way from Lisser to halls of residence. After adjusting to the new ways of college, they will become active participants in a student government which is one of the most liberal and independent among colleges. Points of interest Prexy Fran. . ' Hood, Thomson, Swenson, Williams, Stuart. ,rn WYLILQ , fffws pm wg, 5 . w Q, 4i,? '- Q Q fi" W JS' - GXQN 'gil Q, -I3 f fl' - 1 NQIHNX 1W fix i f .I-fi--l..L II ff QXQIJOCZHIEK! finden if Qffilo l6lLZ'C5 It is a far cry from wand-drills and bean bag tossing to hockey and tennis, but always there is good-sportsmanship and love of the game . . . I ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIQN To keep health as the hasis of wealth and happiness, and to provide organized recreation, 'fifteen girls meet to lead one of the largest organizations on the campus. Lois Fieberling, president of Athletic Association, and the managers of each sport have some far distant relationship to Euclid, for they supervise a series of Triangle meet days which hring Mills, University of California, and Stanford girls together for athletic competition. Triangle Sports Day on November fourteenth features inter-class games in fall sports. Triangle Tennis Day on April seventeenth and Basketball Day in the winter are followed hy spring and fall field week dinners at which numerals, block HM',s and the coveted Winged NMHS are awarded. E Field' week liegfns . : 1 Spectator sports . . . Center: E. Hood, Ray, Green, McSheehy. 5 6 QE ' hr M, J ly 5 qv A N Nw- ' iv-,. 'l 'm , ----.K Back rouif Sweetser, Church, Chalmers, Cowdin, Duncan Sealed: Armstrong, Goold, Fieberling, Grounds, Holmes ,-9251 TENNIS Tennis Club iueuibers under dripping umbrellas surveyed Hooded courts on Triangle Sports Day last fall. The all-stars-Molly Alger, Jeanne Anderson, Nyna Bogdanovie, ,lacquclin Reifsnider, Joan Wl1S0llTfUIl1blCfl raekets disappoint- cdly, then resorted to plans for balniier days to come in the spring. An inter-hall tournament, and matches with Kiva, with the Berkeley Tennis Club, and with thc Anna Head School predicted a busy program for those eager for action. The formation of the Racqueteers Club by girls interested in becoming tennis officials promises increasing accuracy in observation on the part of those who sit and judge the master strokes of the great and the near great in our tennis world. Gallery shot . . . Love-15 . . . Jacquelin Reiisnider ARCHERY Once more the Dan Cupids of the campus make a good record. Witll balloons as targets-novelty introduced by Betty Holmes, archery manager-they send swift arrows to decide inter-class and inter-hall meets. ln tl1e more prosaic t0ll1'- naments during Field NVeck, where ordinary targets were mutilated by accurate shots, Ethel Moore placed Hrst with Olney as runner-up. Dixy Lee Ray, as Dan, Senior, personally composed the all-star Nteanf' for the Fall season. Echoes of 1852 were a Jarent this vear on Trianffle S orts Day and i11 the annual Tele- P1 , ra P . graphic Meet when renewed interest was accorded the sport that girls in long dresses and hiffh shoes cn'ovcd in Mthose Seminary days." xv J . . . Easy does it . . . Stringing along . . . K Dora Weaver, Kimi Yanugawu. .Xe RIDING ltis 4:00 a. m. and owl-eyed initiates of Bit and Spur stand in crossed stirrups holding-yes, raw eggs! As full fledged members they enjoy weekly rides in the hills, spring and fall gymkhanas, and competition with Shongehon, a group of advanced high school riders. In May, excited crowds pour into the brilliantly lighted grandstand to watch the finest California riders compete in the annual Horse Show organized by Bit and Spur. Miss Cornelia V. N. Cress, director of riding at Mills, has made the campus a center of outstanding riding activities. Highest honors for the year go to: Marian Smith, Curry Woodin, Dorothy Frank, Virginia Purdy, Lois Fieberling, Gena Chalmers, and .lean Dinkelspiel. On the trail . . . I She needs it! . . . nina, BASKETBALL Life has its ups and downs for the fleet-footed Mills lassies who disregard obstacles in their dash for a basket. Bright colored bibs spot the gym floor as players brush up on technique and team-work before the start of hall games. Later they participate in Triangle Basketball Day at the University of California. At the same time, Ruth Church, basketball manager, plans for a post-season game between the alulnnae and the all-star team and also a battle with Kiva. Hall Championship laurels fall to the peppy Mills Hall teamg all-star honors go to .lane Rex, Margaret Hancock, Sallie Avery, Cleo Munro, Suzanne Armstrong, Betty Le Page, Ruth Church, and Barbara Wfctmore, the Hflashiestn players on the floor. Very tense moment . . . Page Miss Flarle . . . Munro, Church, Hancock, Rex, Wetmore, Arm trong 5"'9fl!" 4 I f' 'Sq' 491' Z"-Lama' -- V . v ,QW-4-' v .:. 122 7 W - 4 '5iQii"""l- FENCING "En Garde . . . Touche!" Fencing draws the crowds this year at Mills not only lieeause ol Helene Mayr-r's championship coaching hut also for the imfrcasing ability of the participants. Even beginners have their flay as Patty Green, fencing manager, arranged an A. F. L. A. tournament. Masks and foils were prominent in the Triangle Sports Day competition when Mills girls niet their first opponents of the year in several lively encounters. A Bay Region event in lVlareh cncled in triumph forthe campus feneers as Helene Mayer and Hazel Murray took first and second places with the swiftest sword play of the season. The all-star rlucllers chosen in November are Katharin Snedecor, Vivian Ball, and .lean Solomon. Invincible soufhpnw . . Steel meets steel . . Murray, Cowdin, Strong, Ball, Green, Shemale. ...FMF-b ,., . ' '-E D' V . r i - .S ,, .gsm :sr ral s .tt . 77 SWIMMING With a milk bottle and straw clutched in one hand and a sandwich waving fran- tically in the other, campus spectators watch the Mills aquatic stars Vie during the noon-hour for hall championships. Mills Hall swimmers place at the top in both Field Week and Triangle Sports Day events, with Olney running second. The annual Telegraphic Meet, where scores all along the coast are tabulated by wire, is a big event of the year and Mills worked valiantly to preserve its line record. Margaret Duncan, swimming manager, organized this year the Marathon Swim and encouraged entrants to swim a mile a week. The members of the all-star team are .lane Bourne, Betty Lou Branch, Margaret Duncan, and Virginia Strong. "Dunkie" Exhibits . . Spectators eat . . . Strong, C. Claypool, Bourne, Duncan. 117' H at HCCKEY Red, blue, orange, and purple dot the green field. No, they're not Easter eggs- it's the wrong season, they're peppy hockey players. Wham! And it's another ball right over the goalie's stick. Stimulated by the spectacular performance of the Australian Won1en's Hockey Squad, increasing numbers of players, out to emulate the champions, round-up into fun-loving, smooth-running hall teams, which offer each other such keen competition that this year no less than two star elevens could be chosen. The first included the snappy manager Sallie Avery, and Alice J ack, Peggy Alexander, Grace Williams, Betty Campbell, Mary Hobson, Elenore Meier, Pat Tudbury, Sue Armstrong, Margaret Thrower, and Lass Gilmour. 2 Speed counts . . . Jackie waits . . . Weber, Thrower, Avery. GCLF Signs of spring! Heralds of the golf season appear in the form of little notes on the bulletin boards announcing the inviting greenness of the Oak Knoll Coun- try Club links. Ann Peck, college golf manager, is responsible for the call-to- putters which every year comes early in the fall, is interrupted by winter, but sounds again after Easter vacation. Triangle Sports Day records show that Mills golfers play ua good gamen when the University of California and Stanford offer their stars in competition. The small Mills course is now used for practice, but golf enthusiasts are looking forward to the happy day when 'LFore" will echo over eighteen holes on our own campus. Contortionist . . . Sink it! . . . Peck, Forster, Avery, Davidson. Tiffany, Hood, Willard, Schnrlack, Friedman. DANCE CLUB The pounding of drums and strange wild rhythms on the piano fill the dance room on Tuesday evenings as the followers of Tina Flade gather for Dance Club meeting. President Evelyn Hood and Miss Flade, pleased over the increasing membership, watch blue costumed dancers limber up. Two hours seems hardly long enough to plan and execute a part of the Angels' Ballet for "Hansel and Gretel," to work on the final recital in May, and to rehearse for a demonstration of techniques. At other times, the Dance Club turned its attention to participa- tion in an inter-collegiate symposium at Stanford University and an Indian Dance program. Exotic . . . Nymph . . . 2 pqgs C E' s ff? Q x 4 fi J Zi?-fill' Eff' TX' ,f ggi! W all fmfw E s io- Y, Qs gif - ffl f Q Fl fl , 'f A 1' Q J VM if, gf:fQs4s E "' -. I 71611056023 Mills life as it is lived in 1937! Who we are is in this case not so important as what we do. For your instruction-and delecta- tion-we present Mills College life in its temporal divisions . . L4 Zi fk HCZQEW Z 5' '- 'iff' -W 1: 1 'ff2iQz1g5,,Lr :, M, 1 W ,fs in 1 1 ' 5 SQ 3 . f , v 1: f"ii1i',g x 'i I , I M. Q ..,. gf ix V55 ,, Qs? 4. . Aulbuu E K wi Z. 'rig we , U it iii., fu .s:5:f5E:ff"' Mflf?fa'g' i' X , f' ' 'ff' X 5 Wlljifg' J X ,wi I M Knk P fxllixl' XY, 0 uf, wonv. 1-Cf' Dr 1, - .llllivk . . . l.'rv.h N I L . nun hllgjlislx I R . . nllsspuu SMX L Hh- 'Yunn- A 'x In ing sl' A , 4 Sw x,vK'xl LX Km x Ym' . 1-L. ' R4'Xuvu 1' md V ul'H Kymxg of .4 'TE 0. S " , v.-uv - --X. V 0 f xi 1, .. H, A J -Q n1'k'fY s. "Y X. .V KUUUK X on VLUU W , E' QU" .U W I-.TW ,Qui if - 'V 2-L, , Nm" ' ' ' 'L,-,, . "4 3' ' i A W , 'xi' K LT7 HX - ig gi :if L1 Y! Y Dunh- r I I, N.. V. .:,il,, 4. . .um ..1 . I4 5, if --,K-iw W G-Jlihf., f -D'-K' , f L , -f 1, A ' x - -4- , M., u ' -sl - A . -..-,,a..-.n...,......,.- - - - ,...,.,.-...yn-:un ' "qi-.M -MQ., I, ' A If ,Af ... E fv lv ' 6 5 ., f-,E .W ,- jr.- -- ,- - ,Y-, L. .W Q m ,. , X:-.. If Yi Q ,A N m ---.fdigl '! '-:Z .. ,Q 1, -'grqv ' 1, -.V.' f ... V 'Wig . W! uw-X drvaunw- Uxw Sun day uh t'l'UUO h R. ,vrvvd fx A wmv Ilfy I U Elf -s K uxuhws UH X50 Hans vrw 'Ur K'1H'l'?' Sup huuun Ur ,zum xr thc camp an ik' V 01' fro? hm an 1' ups Vurly-nXnvr M x, fi il2zg3sg11,' W K -ff' "'k Ti "fr H 9 anhxlv v, V llxxildkl un Yu 0196+ . 'xy-4 Kay 5 if I V W X, X M if-M ?I.i.wt' XX In ', Qireaiozfy QZ'1"6ClL07fy Abbot, Dorothea Van Dusen 4499 Hermosa Way San Diego, California Ackerly, Helen Louise 43 Estrella Avenue Piedmont, California Adams, Esther Elizabeth Fairmont Hospital San Leandro, California Adams, June Raymond 1107 Riverside Avenue Reno, Nevada Agee, Mary Elizabeth 6115 Middleton Street Huntington Park, California Alessio, Letitia Mary Dunsmuir, California Alexander, Mable Kathleen Shawnigon Lake V. F., B. C., Canada Alexander, Margaret Vilette 505 South 16th Street San Jose, California Alexander, Marion 1172 East South Temple Salt Lake City, Utah Alford, Mary Alice 819 Sixth Avenue Lewiston, Idaho Alger, Molly 495 California Terrace Pasadena, California Allen, Cornelia Winder 2416 South St. Andrews Plac Los Angeles, California Allan, Elizabeth Anne 276 South El Molino Pasadena, California Allen, Sally Jane Kilauea Kavai, T. H. Allison, Clarice 3152 West Street Calwa, California Almeida, Ferne Clarice Dixon, California Altman, June Isabelle 11 Cedwro Way San Francisco, California Ammen, Sally Ruth 47 Bellevue Avenue Piedmont, California Anderson, Adelle Viola Box 13 Cotati, California Anderson, Jeanne 4036 Lyon Avenue Oakland, California Arendts, Nedra M. 1721A Avenue N. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 Armstrong, Frances Ruth 1432 Culebra Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Armstrong, Marjorie Louise 89 Edgerton Road Akron, Ohio Armstrong, E. Suzanne 1432 Culebra Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado Arthur, Betty Gundrum 2214 21st Street Sacramento, California Avery, Jean 710 McKinley Avenue Fresno, California Avery, Sallie 12 Fair Oaks St. Louis, Missouri Avery, Virginia 2829 East Broadway Long Beach, California Aydelott, Alice Helen 401 South Berkeley Pasadena, California Babcock, Jane 55 Humboldt Street Willits, California Baerwald, Jane 9 East 88th Street New York City, New York Baker, Martha Jayne Hotel President Palo Alto, California Ball, Vivian 1031 Bennet Avenue Long Beach, California Bankerd, Lois Alice 382 South Holliston Avenue Pasadena, California Barkan, Louise 1633 Webster Street Palo Alto, California Baxter, Beth 1723 Central Avenue Alameda, California Bayliss, Anne 610 Central Avenue Wilmette, Illinois Beazor, Lois 8624 Terrace Drive El Cerrito, Califomia Beckman, Marian Elizabeth 3115 North Mason Avenue Tacoma, Washington Beckwith, Mary Foster 255 S. W. Palatine Hill Portland, Oregon Bell, Billie Amelda S Street Newman, California 138 Benedict, Elise 1267 Brook Louisville, Kentucky Bemhard, Ann Elizabeth 30 West 54th Street New York City, New York Billingsley, Harriett Joy "Still Waters" Burton, Washington Bishop, Barbara 530 West 8th Aberdeen, Washington Blackford, Virginia Mason 3048 East Laurelhurst Drive Seattle, Washington Blake, Beverly Adele 972 Bush Street San Francisco, California Blank, Adaline Alma 833 East Broadway Cushing, Oklahoma Blum, Barbara Jacqueline No. 1 Jordan Avenue San Francisco, California Bogdanovic, Nyna 2005 Patton Avenue San Pedro, California Bosschart, Viola Jane 55 San Lorenzo Way San Francisco, California Botelho, Antoinette Charlotte South Main, Centerville, California Bourne, Jane Audra Hamilton Arms Apartments No. 104, 16th and Morrison Portland, Oregon Boyd, Beverly R. F. D., Willows, California Brambila, Joan 21 South Mountain Road Millburn, New Jersey Branch, Betty Lou 2203 Kuhio Avenue Honolulu, T. H. Bratichevich, Anka 4060 Hopkins Street Oakland, California Brennan, Betty Marcia 834 North Mentor Avenue Pasadena, California Breuer, Alice Putnam Mills College, California Brinckerhod, Rebecca 388 Bellevue Avenue Oakland, California Brizard, Josephine Margaret 1350 F Street Arcata, California .CAVALIER 8 . Members NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE SAN FRANCISCO STOCK EXCHANGE SAN FRANCISCO CURB EXCHANGE LOS ANGELES STOCK EXCHANGE CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE NEW YORK CURB QASSOCIATEJ SAN FRANCISCO OAKLAND BERKELEY LOS ANGELES SANTA ANA SACRAMENTO NEW YORK At Sloamfs in San F wmcisco The New ACCESSORY SHOP S offer Smart and Fascinating Things FOR the BATH the BAR and the CLOSET , ff 'r l Values for Every Budget in Our 9 Great Floors of Monlbly Bmlgvl Payzmwls Arranged. . . . . HOME FURNISHINGS F rngbl Paul in Ihr Unllrd Stalvs. W- Sf I- SLOANE Sutter near Grant - San Francisco 139 1 Brohasko, Alberta Diana 3056 Ventura Fresno, California Brown, Janet Elizabeth 2920 East Third Street Long Beach, California Brownfield, Charlotte Evelyn The Wilsonian Seattle, Washington Bruce, Alice Knowlton 3305 State Street San Diego, California Bundscbu, Barbara McNab 258 Monte Vista Avenue Oakland, California Burkheimer, Helen Elizabeth 517 East 4-7th Street Seattle, Washington Burnet, Elizabeth Heyward Quarters 34, Letterman General Hospital San Francisco, California Burns, Betty Anne 492 Staten Avenue Oakland, Californian Busengdal, Aileen North Sth Street Patterson, California Byers, Lucie 6921 Brookside Kansas City, Missouri Cameron, Loula Cary 352 Gorge Road Victoria, B. C., Canada Campbell, Edna Randall Concrete, Washington Campbell, Elizabeth Ann 300 Edgewood Drive St. Louis, Missouri Canfield, Mildred 911 N. E. Dekum Street Portland, Oregon Cannon, Lelia Rose Kean, Kaha Hilo, T. H. Carleton, Ellen Jane 1776 Knox Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota Carleton, Jean Louise 1776 Knox Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota Carnahan, Nedra Pletcher 491 Crescent Oakland, California Cary, Margaret Zoe 602 West 27th Street Kearney, Nebraska Cassedy, Jane 1671 Madison Street N. W. Washington, D. C. Castner, Ruth Elizabeth 238 Mayes Street Dixon, California Cavalier, Dixie Leigh 401 Hampton Road Piedmont, California Caverly, Millis 324 Olive Avenue Piedmont, California Caylor, Ida May Point Arena, California Chalmers, Georgina Kenneth 7719 Hillside Drive La Jolla, California Chambers, Helen 631 B Street Rock Springs, Wyoming Chase, Elizabeth 649 Marion Street Denver, Colorado Cheever, Consuelo 1514 Garden Street Santa Barbara, California Church, Ruth Elizabeth 1450 5th Avenue Oroville, California Churchill, Betty Jane West 2404 Pacific Avenue Spokane, Washington Clark, .lean 635 Blackthorn Road Winnetka, Illinois Clark, Madeline Alice 3124 Dumas Street San Diego, California Clark, Maybelle Rosemary 2610 N. W. Comell Road Portland, Oregon Claypool, Anne 2530 Roosevelt Avenue Hibbing, Minnesota Claypool, Caroline 2530 Roosevelt Avenue Hibbing, Minnesota Clifford, Georgia 58 North San Rafael Avenue Pasadena, California Clolfelter, Virginia 2341 Derby Street Berkeley, California Cobb, Eleanore Ruggles 201 Weeks Street Bennington, Vermont Coghlan, Virginia Lee 2813 Scott Street San Francisco, California Colby, Frances Leona 581 Callan Avenue San Leandro, California Colgate, Jean Gray 59 George Street Medford, Massachusetts Coman, Mary Elizabeth 34 4th Place Long Beach., California Conant, Juanda June Silay Hawaiian Central Occ. Negros, Philippine Islands Contratto, Margaret Mary 299 Main Bingham Canyon, Utah 140 Cook, Alyce M. 1501 T Avenue La Grande, Oregon Cook, Georgia Suzanne 715 South Normandie Los Angeles, California Cooper, Martadel 333 Flint Street Reno, Nevada Cotton, Dorothy Anne 123 South Durbin Casper, Wyoming Cotton, Marian Elizabeth 123 South Durbin Casper, Wyoming Cowdin, Lucy Frances 1129 South Second Street Springfield, Illinois Crane, Marjorie Jo-Ann 1702 North 16th Street Boise, Idaho Crawford, Barbara Jane 660 Blair Avenue Piedmont, California Crawford, Georgiana 64 Fern Lane San Anselmo, California Cropp, Helen Elizabeth 926 Baileyana Road Burlingame, California Crosby, Thelma 128 East 6th Street Reno, Nevada Cro ssman, Jean Box AA Carmel-by-the-sea, Ca lifo rm I Crothers, Louise Cornelia 1837 Williams Street Eureka, California Crothers, Olive Elizabeth 1837 Williams Street Eureka, California Curran, Phoebe Elinor 301 Berry Road Webster Groves, Missouri Currin, Shirley Marie Hillsboro, Oregon Cushman, Elinor Nanettc 1511 12th Avenue Sacramento, California Cutler, Mary Janet 2740 S. W. Fairview Bottlevard Portland, Oregon Dalla Lasta, Lois Dunsmuir, California Davidson, Lois Mae 130 Frederick Street San Francisco, California Davies, Evelyn Joyce 354 Scale Avenue Palo Alto, California Davis, Helen Woodbury 156 5th Avenue New York City, New York PORGES DRUG CO. Limited THREE STORES 3100 SEMINARY AVENUE Tkinidad 8604 Soda Fountain Sandwiches Films Photo Finishing MARSHALL- N E W E L L SUPPLY CO. Machinists Supplies Engineering Appliances General Hardware o o FULL LxNE or . Spear and Mission MARY MADISON - MAX FACTOR BOYER - ELMO TOILETRIES San Francisco California Compliments Compliments of the of STUDENT SHOPS HEAFEY-MOORE CO. O o YE COLLEGE GIFT SHOPPE GOLD LANTERN TEA RooM PAVING CONTRACTORS KNABE For Years the Official Piano of the Metropolitan Opera Co. FOX PIANO CO S60 14th Street, Oakland LAkcside 8765 MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS and PERSONAL EFFECTS Local and Long Distance STORAGE - PACKING - SHIPPING Authorized and Bonded to Check Trunks or Baggage at your Residence to Destination. U. C. EXPRESS 86 STORAGE CO. HU. ll-12, Oakland AS. 1000, Berkeley Two Trips Daily lo and from San Francisco. 460l Shattuck 2!2'J Berkeley Way' OAKLAND ISERKELEY Day, Barbara 199 Montecito Avenue Oakland, California Dearing, Frances Foster 633 B Avenue Coronado, California Dee, Virginia June 6410 Glenwood Chicago, Illinois de Laurentiis, Mirella 15 Via Delle Tre Madonne Roma, Italia de Lemos, Marie Josephine 100 Waverley Oaks Palo Alto, California Dewey, Helen Kathryn Box 96 Dixon, California Dill, Dorothy 31 Alvarado Road Berkeley, California Dixon, Elizabeth Marguerite 67 Collins San Francisco, California Dinkelspiel, Jean Frances 244 Lakeside Drive Oakland, California Dodge, Dorian La Playa Hotel Carmel, California Dofflemyer, Frances Malden Exeter, California Dorn, Jane 735 Esplanade Chico, California Dorn, Julia 735 Esplanade Chico, California Dowling, Frances 1101 Terry Avenue Seattle, Washington Draemel, Eleanor Clise 212 Quincy Avenue Long Beach, Califomia Duffy, Yvonne Victoire 73 Mitchell Drive Phoenix, Arizona Duncan, Margaret 75 Spencer Sausalito, California Dutton, Jean 3614 N. E. 23rd Avenue Portland, Oregon Eaton, Arlin 673 St. Paul Street Denver, Colorado Eberhart, Phyllis Grace 131 Waldo Avenue Piedmont, California Eddy, Dorothy Jane 1235 East 14th Avenue Denver, Colorado Edwards, Frances Cooper 2813 Leek Street Ames, Iowa Ehrman, Elizabeth Claire 2040 S. W. Laurel Street Portland, Oregon Ellerd, Rose Lee 2232 San Emidio Bakersfield, California Elliott, Beatrice Fern 2881 Castro Way Sacramento, California Elliott, Susan Ann 4940 East End Avenue Chicago, Illinois Ellis, Carolyn Thomas 1626 North Martel Avenue Hollywood, California Estabrook, Charlotte 6103 Majestic Avenue Oakland, California Eto, Mary Route 1, Box 121 San Luis Obispo, California Evans, Sue 114-5 24th Ogden, Utah Everts, Priscilla Joy 1315 Woodruff Avenue Los Angeles, California Ewalt, Louise Solier 2354 Elm Street Denver, Colorado Fairchild, Dale 938 Geary Street San Francisco, California Fairfax, Barbara 20 Roosevelt Avenue Mill Valley, California Falge, Mary 1831 Pacific San Francisco, California Farr, Dorothy 5068 35th Street San Diego, California Farris, Ada Nielsen Stamford, Nebraska Faw, Elinore Jean 600 Haddon Road Oakland, California Feldman, Flora Jean 2455 N. W. Johnson Street Portland, Oregon Fieberling, Lois Catherine 1418 East 32nd Street Oakland, California Fisher, Dorothy Jane 140 Southampton Avenue Berkeley, Califomia Fisher, Margaret 859 Kenneth Road Glendale, California Fitzgerald, Helen Addie 1225 Santa Clara Vallejo, California Fleischmann, Gertrude Elise 523 Beardsley Avenue Bloomfield, New Jersey 142 Fleischer, Barbara Hope 2111 23rd Street Bakersfield, California Fleming, Estelle Martha 330 Riker Street Salinas, California Fohs, Frances Baldauf Larmor Hotel Houston, Texas Fontaine, Barbara Marie 320 Hampton Road Piedmont, California Fontana, Jeanne R. Box 326 Yuba City, California Foote, Doris 3412 North 28th Street Tacoma, Washington Foote, Janet Stanwood North Star Mine Grass Valley, Califomia Forcey, Edna Ruth 701 Stewart Street Seattle, Washington Ford, Yvonne Jennings Lodge, Oregon Forrest, Carol Willan 3006 Modesto Avenue Oakland, California Forster, Elizabeth Hall 6820 Mower Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fountain, Lorraine Louae Lihue, Kauai T. H. Fox, Florence 236 South Orange Drive Los Angeles, California Frank, Dorothy Belle 2365 S. W. Madison Portland, Oregon Frank, Helen Adele 1425 E. S. Temple Salt Lake City, Utah Frank, Mary 1152 Chatfield Road Hubbard Woods, Illinois Freed, Lois Sybil 4002 Montrose Houston, Texas Freeman, Mary Jane 3124 N. E. 17th Avenue Portland, Oregon Friedman, Madge 418 Brierhill Road Deerfield, Illinois Frisselle, Jane Rowe 2736 Elmwood Avenue Berkeley, California Fry, Anna Ayer Prosser, Washington Fuller, Virginia Pendleton Picacho, New Mexico Furnish, Dorothy 1515 S. W. Clifton Portland, Oregon E In 18 5 2 . . . during the Gold Days . . . discriminat- ing shoppers came to SHREvE's. In ever-greater numbers, they continue to come. Articles of invariable quality . . . and prices con- sistently moderate . . . have built up and main- tained the reputation behind the Shreve 86 Com- pany name. Shreve Sc Compan Store: Post St. at Grant Ave. Factory: 539-S S1 Bryant St. Jewelry Silverware R if N 2 all 5 v I 0 v wk ALL RCADS TO SMARTNESS I2 . I-6, NN , 1 6' 1 . . , f . . Lead to Livingston s. Here always 9 X' are unlimited varieties of new and cor- rect apparel and accessories. The needs of the college woman are our first concern. Q! Y lla W GRANT AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO GEARY STREET 143 Furze, Ethel Warner Hot Springs San Diego County, California Gaillard, Lillian Josephine 1427 Mitchell Street Oakland, California Gale, Margherite Ann 474 West Duarte Road Arcadia, California Galloway, Gertrude Hagay 940 Private Road Hubbard Woods, Illinois Galstaun, Diana 3476 21st Avenue San Francisco, California Garnjobst, Ruth Jean 490 Oak Salem, Oregon Garret, Norma May 223 North Spruce Colorado Springs, Colorado Gaylord, Dorothy E. 5620 Margarido Drive Oakland, Califomia Gerke, Roberta 822 Cleveland Avenue Oakland, California Gerstbacher, Laura McEnery 830 Lake Street San Francisco, California Ghirardelli, Ynez 44 Canyon Road Berkeley, California Giesing, Ilse Furshenwall 185 Dusseldorf, Germany Gill, Alice Fulmor Dixon, California Gill, Audrey Corlett 9 South 16th Street Colorado Springs, Colorado Gillett, Eleanor Ann 918 Don Gaspar Santa Fe, New Mexico Gilmour, Kathleen 4715 Palm Drive La Canada, California Gimbal, Gene Marie 2744 Regent Street Berkeley, California Ginsburg, Midge 4125 Gladys Avenue Chicago, Illinois Goecken, Vera Anne 50 Clark Drive San Mateo, California Goldstein, Jane Elizabeth 1061 Government Street Mobile, Alabama Goodrich, Janet Dorothy 2229 Addison Way Eagle Rock, California Goold, Margaret Abigail 5766 Buena Vista Avenue Oakland, California Gottschalk, Helen Bernice 133 Clinton Street Wauseon, Ohio Grace, Lucile Florence 2636 Ferdinand Avenue Honolulu, T. H. Graham, Evelyn Maxwell, California Green, Patricia Grace 2323 Dana Berkeley, California Gregory, Helen Floie 24 West 4th Avenue San Mateo, Califomia Griffiths, Jane 310 39th Avenue North Seattle, Washington Groesbeck, Rosalie Pduger 890 Union Street Alameda, California Grounds, Molly Punahou Cliffs Honolulu, T. H. Gruner, Ruth 3 Aberdeen Place St. Louis, Missouri Grunow, Mathilde 415 14th Street Modesto, California Guard, Barbara 2426 Armstrong Street Honolulu, T. H. Guild, Marjory Ann 340 Minnesota Street Carson City, Nevada Guy, Consuelo 2010 Laguna Street San Francisco, California Hadley, Eleanor Martha 5518 Holly Street Seattle, Washington Hagberg, Ellen Theresa 2109 North 26th Street Tacoma, Washington Hale, Margery Anne 813 Coast Boulevard Laguna Beach, California Hall, Myra May 67 King Avenue Piedmont, California Hall, Virginia B. 720 Cair Avenue Hoquiam, Washington Hamilton, Margaret Jean 7721 Ivanhoe Avenue La Jolla, California Hamilton, Jane Box 26 Rudley, California Hampton, Jeanne 3406 East Burnside Street Portland, Oregon Hancock, Margaret Lee New Meadows, Idaho 144 Hansen, Adolph 1540 Newlands Avenue Burlingame, California Hanway, Charlene 715 South Grant Street Casper, Wyoming Hartson, Mary Frances 5228 20th N. E. Seattle, Washington Hausaman, Cassie Corinne 601 East 11th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hauser, Jeanne Elizabeth 2635 Chestnut Street San Francisco, California Hawkins, Jeane Mary 2850 19th Avenue San Francisco, California Heane, Barbara Mae Pleasanton Hotel Honolulu, T. H. Hearn, Georgia Roy Box 1004 Merced, California Hedges, Eleanor Jane 184 Wildwood Court Marion, Ohio Heizer, Nancy V. Lovelock, Nevada Helm, Harriet Old Oaks Wayzata, Minnesota Hendry, Ruth Murray 905 Contra Costa Avenue Berkeley, California Henning, Mimi 131 West Bellevue San Mateo, California Herbig, Ruth Louise 106 Donohoe Street Palo Alto, California Herlihy, Marjorie Mary 2901 East Foothill Bouleva San Dimmas, California Hickox, Clarice E. 631 South 4th Street Springfield, Illinois Hill, Ramona Rushmore 1259 98th Avenue Oakland, California Hillman, Martha Anne Quarters 29, Letterman Hospital San Francisco, California Hillman, Mary Louise Quarters 29, Letterman Hospital San Francisco ' Hinton, Jean Virginia 2923 West Sharp Avenue Spokane, Washington Hirsch, Jane 2623 Francis Avenue Saint Joseph, Missouri Hobson, Mary Boyce Box 109 Wenatchee, Washiltgton I' THE City nf Paris PALACE H O T E L Rendezafow W' Smart Women IN THE HEART OF SAN FRANCISCO Archibald H. Price, Manager ' Style appreciates its share in che . , U 0 Quality Mills College year and sincere- ly hopes that friendships be- 0 Dependabilicy gun in these days may last a l'f ' . . . I emma S4111 Frauvis TI-IE OLDEST BANK IN THE WEST Il1VZ.f6.f Your Banking Bufineff -CHECKING ACCOUNTS -SAVINGS ACCOUNTS -TRUST AND SERVICE -SAFE DEPOSIT WELLS FARGO BANK AND UNION TRUST CO. Market at Montgomery Market at Grant Ave. San Francisc 145 Holmes, Betty R. F. D. Calistoga, California Holmes, Mary Louise 2701 H Street Eureka, California Holmquist, Mary Helen 2326 Le Conte Berkeley, California Honore, Anne McBriare 526 Kinnear Place Seattle, Washington Hood, Evelyn Melissa 1831 Irving Street N. W. Washington, D. C. Hood, .lean 1831 Irving Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Horsley, Imogene 1511 9th West Seattle, Washington Hoshiga, Kyoko 3514 14th Avenue Oakland, California Howard, Marjorie Miller 415 Bellevue Avenue, Apt. 51 Oakland, California Humiston, Rose Myrtle 1340 Pennsylvania Denver, Colorado Hurd, Vivian Margaret 506 South Bronson Avenue Los Angeles, California Innes, .lane M. 2520 Hale Drive Burlingame, California Irwin, Jane 832 West 63 Kansas City, Missouri Jack, Alice Prince 379 Austin Street West Newton, Massachusetts Jack, Laurelmae 8471 Spring Garden Multnomah, Oregon .lenne, Corrinne 633 'Ith and Franklin Juneau, Alaska Jensen, Truella Louise 130 Ocean View Avenue Santa Cruz, California Johannsen, Edith Margaret 3467 Laguna Avenue Oakland, California Johnson, Cynthia Celeste Roseville, California Johnson, Joan Joy Benwell Apartment 1 Avalon, California Johnson, Martha .lean 929 Central Avenue Red Wing, Minnesota Jones, Elizabeth Jane 2008 S. W. 19th Avenue Portland, Oregon Jones, Phyllis Dupree 2770 Montgomery Way Sacramento, California Kaplan, Sidney Martin 36 86th Street, Brooklyn New York City, New York Kargaloif, Olga 56 Artilleriyskaya Street Harbin, Manchu-kuo Kaser., Kathryn Belle 825 North 3rd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Katz, Marian Edwaine 1635 Drury Lane Kansas City, Missouri Kaufman, Joelle Bette 3435 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, California Kelly, Kay Margaret King City, California Kempky, Catherine Isabelle 330 Highland Avenue Piedmont, California Kendall, Lorraine Care of Empire Mine Grass Valley, California Kennedy, Marjory Marie 2534 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, California Kerr, Louise 312 East Main Street Murfreesboro, Tennessee Kieffer, Isabel 6900 Cornell St. Louis, Missouri King, Elizabeth I Caixa Postala 257 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America Kingston, Margaret Ann Correo Lo Vasquez Fundo Santa Rita Casablanca, Chile Kinnaman, Beryle Lee R. F. D. 1 Bay City Tillamook, Oregon Kleppinger, Patricia Colleen 4000 Broadway Oakland, California Klocksiem, Elizabeth Anne 1072 Orange Avenue Long Beach, California Kniskern, Jean 1611 Ridge Avenue Evanston, Illinois Knudsen, Anne Cecilia Koloa, Kauai T. H. Knutson, Marion V. 229 North 3rd Street Patterson, California Knutson, Thelma lone 229 North 3rd Street Patterson, California Kortlander, Charlotte Anne 341 Garfield Avenue Grand Rapids, Michigan 146 Krug, Wensley 1833 Oak Street South Pasadena, California Kuzell, Mary Catherine Box 832 Clarkdale, Arizona Labbe, Marguerite 2941 N. W. Quimby Portland, Oregon Lane, Elizabeth Alden 114 West Roosevelt Street Phoenix, Arizona Larimer, Ruth Elizabeth 553 N. E. 43rd Avenue Portland, Oregon Larmour, Dorothy Ellen 1124 Amador Avenue Berkeley, California Larsh, Betty Ruth, Nevada Larson, Dorothy Alida 1213 Sweet Briar Road Shorewood Hills Madison, Wisconsin Lathrop, Helen Sally 96 Hopewell Hill Kingswood Bristol, England Laucks, Helen 3020 Magnolia Boulevard Seattle, Washington Leasure, Marie 1177 Waverly Street Palo Alto, California Lebow, Verne E. 206 South .lune Street Los Angeles, California Leffingwell, Anne Box 1664 Carmel, California Le Moyne, Mary Brooks Box 767 Boise, Idaho Leonetti, Rose Marie Weed, California LePage, Betty 5915 Keith Avenue Oakland, California Lines, .lane Catharine 527 South Greenwood Pasadena, California Littig, Elizabeth 1152 Adair Road San Marino Pasadena, California Liu, Yung Huo 11 Yue Fu Street West Gate Foochow Fukein, China Loewe, Lorraine 31 9th Avenue San Mateo, California Loewy, Theresa Ann 1017 Minor Avenue Seattle, Washington Lohse, Carlyse 107 North Plumas Street Willows, California Compliments PODESTA and BALDOCCI-II of F L O R I S T S C A S T L E Memllerx of fbc Florists Telegraph P H A R M A C Y Delivery Asxociafion 224-226 Grant Avenue, San Francisco 1 TRAINER Sc PARSONS Comphmems Dispensing Opticians of Cameras and Photographic Supplies SATHER GATE ' 228 POST STREET B O O K S H 0 P Between Gran: Avenue and Stockton Scrccr SAN FRANCISCO Telephone GArfield 7100 We appreciate flae privilege of making the pbofogmplas for fbe 1937 annual. THE GATCHELLS OAKLAND 147 Loos, Frances Marie 810 Plumas Street Yuba City, California Lord, Elizabeth Margaret 3987 West 7th Street Los Angeles, California Loudon, Elizabeth Stanley Park Yakima, Washington Low, Barbara Jane 338 West Thorn Street San Diego, Califomia Lowell, Cynthia Jane 3932 Lakeshore Avenue Oakland, California Lowrey, Kathleen 2525 Alaula Way Honolulu, T. H. Mack, Mary Elizabeth 2540 Curtis Way Sacramento, California Mahoney, Jane 3821 Vine Avenue Sioux City, Iowa Maine, Frances Louise 1424 Mill Street San Luis Obispo, California Mann, Carol Rose 3501 Josephine Denver, Colorado Mann, Margaret 815 East Main Street Medford, Oregon Mann, Mary Wakefield 708 West Main Street Robinson, Illinois Manning, Margaret Delia 1870 University Avenue Palo Alto, California Marple, Marcia Tracy 5233 12th N. E. Seattle, Washington Marshall, Helen Box 185, R. F. D. 1 Santa Ana, California Martin, Marion 250 Rohlar Avenue San Mateo, California Martinson, Fanchon 2041 North Main Street Santa Ana, California Massey, Virginia 348 Warwick Oakland, California Matthews, Jane Cadman 921 11th North Seattle, Washington Mauldin, Helen 1414 North Gidding Clovis, New Mexico McAlister, Betty Gene 1283 4th Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah McCann, Eleanor Margaret 3010 11th Avenue West Seattle, Washington McClintic, Eleanor Josephine 3850 Sacramento Street San Francisco, California McClintock, Bette Reeves 2963 Gibbons Drive Alameda, California McClure, Mariquita Derby Box 114, Route 4 San Jose, California McCoy, Virginia Lee 1036 Underhill Road Oakland, California McGuire, Ernestine 15 Hardwick Avenue Piedmont, California McIntosh, Molly 508 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, California McSheehy, Jeanne Lloyd 530 B Avenue Coronado, California Meier, Elenore Davis 7828 Delmar Boulevard University City, Missouri Meredith, Katherine Elizabeth 631 Costa Rica San Mateo, California Merrell, Evelyn Elizabeth 769 17th Avenue San Francisco, California Metcalf, Julia 401 23rd Street N. W. Washington, D. C. Michelson, Helga Inez Loretta 1980 Washington Street San Francisco, California Michenon, Simonne Jeanne 10 Rue Henri Navarre Le Perreux, Seine, France Mickelsen, Claudina Route 4-, Box 197 Petaluma, California Mickelsen, Elinore Mae Route 4, Box 197 Petaluma, California Mickey, Jean Lathan Chico, California Mignon, Betty Louise 1426 North 47th Street Seattle, Washington Miller, Alice Fern Route 1, Box 14 Pleasanton, California Miller, Blythe Charlet 317 West Lynwood Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Minaden, Edythe Dolores 1746 South Taylor Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio Minaglia, Rita Louise 502 South San Joaquin Street Stockton, California Minnes, Elizabeth 6101 Majestic Avenue Oakland, California 148 Mintey, Lucille Anita 19748 Stagg Street Canoga Park, California Miser, Jean Harriet 5501 Brookdale Avenue Oakland, California Mitchell, Ellen 154 North L Street Tulare, California Mitchell, Lois Ritchie 816 Fairfield Road Burlingame, California Moe, Dolores May 300 North 3rd Street Patterson, California Molgaard, Camilla M. 325 El Camino Real Burlingame, California Montgomery, Marjorie Ruth 234 27th Street Merced, California Moody, Maevis Claire 1616 35th Avenue Oakland, California Moore, Betty Lou 1553 5th Avenue Los Angeles, California Moore, Jeanne Carmen 909 North 10th Street Boise, Idaho Morril, Freda Webster 2854 Victoria Avenue Hyde Park Cincinnati, Ohio Morrow, Maryle 3798 Clay Street San Francisco, California Mullins, Georgina 1416 11th Street Sacramento, California Munro, Cleoweir Sheila Britannia Beach British Columbia, Canada Murray, Hazel Box 27 Salida, California Murray, Patricia 3568 N. E. Couch Street Portland, Oregon Nagao, Kimi No. 35, 5 Chome Nishidotombori Nishiku, Osaka, Japan Naquin, Marjorie Ethel Kukuihaele Hawaii, T. H. Neill, Mary Philbrick 2129 East lst Street Long Beach, California Nelson, Patricia Anne 1450 North Michigan Avenue Pasadena, California Newherg, Barbara 131 Cherry Street San Francisco, Califomia CARLISLE'S SINCE 1852 GAMES HEADQUARTERS More Than 350 Different Games of Chance, Skill ami Fun A. CARLISLE 86 CO. UPI-IAMSCRUTLEDGE, INC. Slalionen - Printers - Art Supplies l3! Post Street, San Francisco COMPLIMENTS OF PAN-AMERICAN AIRWAYS CO. TIEDEMANN 85 McMORRAN Wholesale Grocers SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA Refrigerators - Radios - Washers Stoves - Ironers F R O S T A L A I R E U N I T E D C O . Commercial Refrigeralion Sales 6- Service 3106 SEMINARY AVENUE Phone TRinidad 3314 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA Night Service Phone TRiniclad 3587 JAMES N. BOTTS Special Service to . MILLS COLLEGE STUDENTS We Pick Up and Deliver Free Q-F' E AW Q Q ourQDealer 3001 E. Fourteenth Street 3271 Fruitvale Avenue DINE AND DANCE in PEACOCK COURT San Francisco's Smartest Supper Room HOTEL MARK HOPKINS fatop Nob 1-lilly 0 Featuring America's Finest Orchestras O Geo. D. Smith, General Manager IN APPRECIATION 4 of the privilege of serv- ing you during your school year . . . and in an- ticipation of your con- tinued friendship. Hotel St. Francis 1. A Newbery, Helen Margret Rothsay Ontario, Canada Nicholson, Florence Isobel 1603 West 59th Street Kansas City, Missouri Nicoll, Alice 131 Irving Street San Francisco, California Nicoll, Bernice Annette 131 Irving Street San Francisco, California Nordyke, Merle Binkley 3432 Boston Avenue Oakland, California Norgren, Natalie Hoag 5744 Kenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois North, Mary Remsen 108 North Street Walton, Delaware County, New York Norton, Helen Salmon, Idaho Nunes, LaVerne Alice 2035 Rosedale Avenue Oakland, California Oakley, Beverly Adaline 1111 East Bannock Street Santa Barbara, California Oakley, Dorothy Kathryn 292 Lee Street Oakland, Califomia Oakley, Mary Elizabeth 292 Lee Street Oakland, California Oldaker, Mary Elizabeth 649 North 3rd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Oldenburger, Evelyn Kirk Route 2, Box 188 Lodi, California Orssaud, Cecile 5 Rue Charles de Vergennes Dijon fCote d'orJ France Orvis, Bette Ada Street 1 Farmington, California Overton, Jean Leigh 516 Peck Road Geneva, Illinois Pardue, Karolen Moore 225 West Elsmere Place San Antonio, Texas Parekh, Chanduben Care of Parekh Brothers Vartej CKathiawadJ India Parekh, Kamuben Care of Parekh Brothers Vartej CKathiawadJ India Partridge, Marion 1558 Simson Street Oakland, California Partridge, Mary 1010 Mountain Curve Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota Patterson, Eleanor M. Via Cicerrone 4 Trieste, Italy Patterson, Martha Love 6320 S. E. 29th Avenue Portland, Oregon Patton, Doris Warner 636 San Fernando Road Berkeley, California ' Patton, Helen 636 San Fernando Road Berkeley, California Pauli, Ursula Ruth 33 East 38th Street, Apt. 6 New York City, New York Peck, Ann 1900 South lst Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota Perkins, Constance May 2272 Colorado Boulevard Denver, Colorado Peters, Eleanor Ruby 4111 Platt Avenue Fresno, California Petersen, Claire Lucille Star Route Suisun, California Peterson, Maxine Elizabeth 355 Holly Drive Tracy, Califomia Peterson, Virginia Louise Box 474 Chewelah, Washington Pettit, Marguerite Antonie 3615 N. E. Hassalo Portland, Oregon Phelan, Barbara Jane 965 Kingston Avenue Piedmont, California Phelan, Langdon 116 Wellington Crescent Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada Pickett, Betty Ellen 612 Bonnie Brae River Forest, Illinois Pierce, Muriel 1108 47th Street Sacramento, California Poole, Joan Chapin 2860 Uluwehi Way Honolulu, T. H. Porter, Georgine Dwedre Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles, California Pownall, Louisa Hotel del Coronado- Coronado, California Pratt, Audrey Marie Wahiawa Oahu, T. H. Pryde, Ellenor 22 Wardell Court Rock Springs, Wyoming Purdy, Virginia Janet 1469 Jefferson San Francisco, California 150 Putnam, Marjorie Jane U. S. Veteran's Hospital Tucson, Arizona Quayle, Eleanor Roberta 370 Staten Avenue Oakland, California Rand, Sara Ellen 140 South Norton Avenue Los Angeles, California Ray, Dixy Lee 4510 North Cove Street Tacoma, Washington Ray, Ruth 2122 Lakeshore Oakland, California Rea, Doris Emogene Care of Bishop Bank Honolulu, T. H. Recht, Dorothy Anne 2116 Montana Street Oakland, California Reifsnider, Jacquelin 621 Sanshin Bldg. Tokyo, Japan Reis, Dorothy Jane 9576 Olympic Boulevard Beverly Hills, California Rex, Jane Kirkwood 3404 Ingersoll Des Moines, Iowa Reynolds, Mary Elizabeth 501 West 120th Street New York City, New York. Rice, Helen Flora Lihue Kauai, T. H. Richardson, Edith Marian 4820 3rd Street Chico, California Richeson, Ann E. Rothville, Missouri Ridgway, Laura Judith 3191 East Lombardy Road Pasadena, California Riegger, Evamarie 1073 Cumberland Street Pittsburg, California Riesmeyer, Virginia Mae 424 Somerset Avenue Webster Groves, Missouri Robbins, Edith Jane 4102 Corliss Avenue Seattle, Washington Roberts, Rosemary 56 Ellenwood Avenue Los Gatos, California Roberts, Jane Marguerite 354 South 7th Avenue Pocatello, Idaho Robinson, Sally Wilse Lovelock, Nevada Robinson, Virginia Lisle 170 Estates Drive Piedmont, California Rock, Adele Driver Foothill Road Carpinteria, California With the Publication of the 1937 Yearbook Another Volume is Added to the Outstanding Series of Mills College Annuals .... We I-Iave Appreciated the Opportunity of Assisting in the Presentation of This Book to the Students of Mills College. -i- LEDERER, STREET 85 ZEUS CO., INC PRINTERS SPECIALIZING IN THE PRODUCTION OF YEARBOOKS Rock, Mary Foothill Road Carpinteria, California Rockwell, Margaret Roberts 1018 Marion Street Denver, Colorado Rohman, Ruth Joan 1316 Westerly Terrace Los Angeles, California Romero, Marina 8 Miguel Angel Madrid, Spain Rosenblatt, Esther Norma 1283 E. S. Temple Salt Lake City, Utah Rosenfeld, Jane Lang 2125 S. W. 21st Street Portland, Oregon Rothchild, Marge Maine and 10th Kansas City, Missouri Rubendall, Claire 721 Hackberry Road Omaha, Nebraska Rulison, Elizabeth Gaillard 1957 13th Avenue Sacramento, California Rupp, Mary Margaret 611 West 22nd Pueblo, Colorado Sample, Betty Lou 4247 St. James Place San Diego, California Sampson, Carolyn 610 North Walden Drive Beverly Hills, California Samuelson, Ida Karoline 463 Boston Seattle, Washington Savage, Marguerite Stephanie 1480 Military Way Salt Lake City, Utah Scharlack, Esther Florence 339 West Hollywood Avenue San Antonio, Texas Schmid, Helen Winifred 504 Sherwood Drive Webster Groves, Missouri Schmitz, Monique Cecile 6225 Outlook Avenue Oakland, Califomia Schraps, Paula Patricia Care of Jose Acquetella Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, South America Schumacher, Norma Brookdale, California Schuneman, Kate Hutchinson 896 Lincoln Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota Scott, Virginia 2504 West Yakima Avenue Yakima, Washington Scowcroft, Janice 2735 Taylor Drive Ogden, Utah Seaman, Aileen 610 East 19th Street Oakland, California Seargeant, Sallie Route 8, Bx 466 Mission Drive Phoenix, Arizona Segerstrom, Martha Eloise 1 Church Street Sonora, California Selling, Margaret 2228 S. W. 21st Avenue Portland, Oregon Selover, Roberta Orange Drive Yerba Linda, California Seybold, Jane 1501 Mount Curve Minneapolis, Minnesota Shannon, Dorothy 184 Oakes Boulevard San Leandro, California Sharp, Madeleine 1100 F Avenue Coronado, California Shen Yao No. 4, Route 56, Paul Henry Shanghai, China Sherwood, Carolyn 704 South 3rd Street Temple, Texas Shields, Dorothy Sylvia 7 Highland Avenue Piedmont, Califomia Shimanouchi, Ida 3075 California Street San Francisco, California Shimanouchi, Mary Mari 3075 California Street San Francisco, California Shirrell, Dorothy Jane 3207 Millsview Avenue Oakland, California Shomate, Barbara Jane 1103 Truxton Avenue Bakersfield, California Sickles, Alice Blanche 59 lngraham Place Newark, New Jersey Silberberg, Martha Coate 421 North Louise Street Glendale, California Sillerman, Dorothy Kathrin 221 North 3rd Street Patterson, Califomia Simison, Margaret Carthew 1222 West Arbor Drive San Diego, California Simon, Marcia Lois 569 North Rossmore Los Angeles, California Sinclair, Reba Hoff Box 63 Placerville, California Sinton, Jean 325 Ranelogh San Mateo, California 152 Sinton, Ruth Marian 325 Ranelogh San Mateo, California Skinner, Virginia Lou Big Bear City, Califomia Smedley, Helene Elizabeth 710 North Bedford Drive Beverly Hills, Califomia Smith, Alice Johnston 26 Doyle Street Santa Cruz, California Smith, Doris Joan 1312 South Galveston Tulsa, Oklahoma Smith, Evelyn Avery 1001 South 9th Street Salina, Kansas Smith, Margaret Pierce 2025 State Street Santa Barbara, California Smith, Marian 1491 27th Street Ogden, Utah Smith, Marjorie Ruth 20532 Foothill Boulevard Hayward, California Smith, Natasha Dorf 2203 Piedmont Avenue Berkeley, California Smith, Pattie Brough 1109 North Everett Glendale, California Smith, Rosemary NixdoH 2203 Piedmont Avenue Berkeley, California Snedecor, Katharin Searcy 6305 S. E. 29th Street Portland, Oregon Soles, Adelaide Fernald Point Santa Barbara, California Sollender, Gail Byrd 6030 Monadnock Way Oakland, California Solomon, Jean Louise 20224 Sherman Way Canoga Park, California Sorrell, Ruth Petzka R. F. D. No. 1 Calistoga, California Spainhower, Catherine Joy Lone Pine, California Spooner, Mary Marcelia Middletown, California Stacker, Jean Katherine Box 313 Loomis, Califomia Stahl, Kathie Marianne 185 Larchmont Avenue Larchmont, New York Stamm, Mary Jane Pysht, Washington Stern, Barbara Ruth 105 East 21st Street Sioux Falls, South Dakot 8 Stetson, Winifred 36 Domingo Avenue Berkeley, California Stevens, Emily Mcllvaine 929 Buena Vista Street ' South Pasadena, California Stevenson, Lois 2910 Markalei Place Honolulu, T. H. Stewart, Beverly Jean 623 North Canon Drive Beverly Hills, California Stocks, Ann Mary 9 Crockett Road Liverpool, England Stoddard, Rebecca Dean Beretania Street Kahala, Honolulu, T. H. Stoeckle, Janet Stephenson 1330 45th Street Sacramento, California Stone, Sophia Ann 247 South Roxbury Drive Beverly Hills, Califomia Strong, Jane Catherine 812 Spencer Avenue Santa Rosa, California Strong, Virginia Bartle Route 5, Box 78 Portland, Oregon Stuart, Peggy Annis 300 Fairview South Pasadena, California Sturgis, Eileen Mary Sonora, California Suber, Margaret Irene 3234 Riverside Boulevard Sacramento, California Sullivan, Patricia Gravelly Lake Tacoma, Washington Sun, Dora Chia-Hsiu 84 Oxford Road Tientsin, Hopei, China Sweetser, Wilma Jeanne Oak Glen Martinez, California Swenson, Helen Jean 1140 West Acacia Street Stockton, California Talbott, .lean 22 East 56th'Street Kansas City, Missouri Tamate, Fudeko Box Y Waialua, Oahu, T. H. Taylor, Nancy Lorraine 1909 Elizabeth Street Pueblo, Colorado Taylor, Sibyle Josephine 245 East Main Grass Valley, California Thomson, Elinor Edith 1115 Winsor Avenue Piedmont, California Thomson, Frances 1115 Winsor Avenue Piedmont, California Thomson, Margaret Louise 1115 Winsor Avenue Piedmont, Califomia Thomberry, Margaret 306 3rd Avenue Virginia, Minnesota Thrower, Margaret 505 Warren Avenue University City, Missouri Thurston, Mary Elizabeth 1415 Granville Avenue Chicago, Illinois Tiffany, Mary 451 Addison Avenue Palo Alto, California Tomlinson, Roberta 100 South 6th Street Raton, New Mexico Towt, Gail 6458 West 6th Street Los Angeles Trabucco, Erma .lane Mariposa, California Trabucco, Pauline Catherine Mariposa, California Trickey, Beatrice Mary Route 1, Box 201 Newman, California Tucker, .lane Standen 1525 Waverley Street Palo Alto, California Tudbury, Patricia Breed 1891 San Juan Road Berkeley, California Tudor, Barbara 3837 Balfour Avenue Oakland, California Tumer, Helen Louise 2436 Oahu Avenue Honolulu, T. H. Turner, Wilma 4036 Lyon Avenue Oakland, California Tyson, Helen Tacie 405 East Pediegosa Street Santa Barbara, California Uchida, Kay 1911 Stuart Street Berkeley, California Van Cleave, Elizabeth 26 Kingsbury Place St. Louis, Missouri Van Dyke, Mary Virginia 805 East A Street Grants Pass, Oregon Van Loben Sels, Adele Virginia Amistad Ranch Courtland, California Van Vorbis, Miriam Alice 1210 Whitley Avenue Corcoran, California 154 Vetterle, Vivian Rebecca Box E Capitola, California Voigt, Ruth Margaret 325 South Chalmers Detroit, Michigan Wagers, Arla Box 263 Healdsburg, California Wagner, Lucille Elsa 1122 Brummel Street Evanston, Illinois Wagner, Neva Louise 221 S. W. Palatine Road Portland, Oregon Wagy, Margaret Lucile 1964 El Dorado Berkeley, California Wait, Dorothy Feme 622 Montclair Avenue Oakland, California Wallace, Bettye 5061 Ambrose Avenue Hollywood, California Wallerstein, Elizabeth 33 East 70th New York City, New York Walls, Florence Steiwer 424 N. E. Hazelferne Place Portland, Oregon Walter, Margaret Hannah 1045 Vallejo Street San Francisco, California Warren, ,lean A. 416 3rd Street Wenatchee, Washington ' Watson, Dorothy Agnes 31 Clermont Lane St. Louis Co., Missouri Weaver, Dora L. 212 East Mendocino Street Altadena, California Webb, Betty Virginia 3823 South G Street Tacoma, Washington Webb, Mary Quarters 33, Letterman Hospital San Francisco, California Webber, Josephine Browne 106 Requa Road Piedmont, California Weber, Helen L. 824 North Euclid Avenue Upland, California Weber, Valle 4943 Lindell Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Weight, Dorothy Wailuku Maui, T. H. Weiman, Bemice Ellen 3251 Millsview Avenue Oakland, California Compliments of C A R O L W I L L S DISTINCTIVE FOOTWEAR 1531 Broadway near 16:11, Oakland Your Cburge Account Invited COMPLIMENTS OF RICHELIEU PEARLS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPUMENTS OF REMBRANDT STUDIOS JANITORZ5 SUPPLIES COMPLIMENTS OF THE YELLOW CAB COMPANY SEMINARY FLOWER APPRECIATES THE DISTINCTION SHOP OF SERVING MILLS COLLEGE. Compliments of A FRIEND MILLS COLLEGE Weinstein, Desda Sylvia 916 11th North Seattle, Washington Weisman, Winston Robert 1056 Nielson Avenue Far Rockaway New York City, New York Weitz, Marjorie 1115 Underhills Road Oakland, Califomia Welch, Marjorie Ruth 5230 Hillen Drive Oakland, California Welhaven, Lillebess 117 F. B. Harrison Manila, Philippine Islands Wells, Betty Fargo 710 North Garfield Pocatello, Idaho West, Elizabeth 2328 Ferdinand Honolulu, T. H. West, Margaret Boals 2328 Ferdinand Honolulu, T. H. Wetmore, Barbara Jane 117 East L Street Benicia, California White, Evelyn 202 Bushnell Place San Antonio, Texas White, Raymond Lamborn 219 Vicente Street San Francisco, Califomia Whitehead, Betty Carolyn 44 North Ardmore Road Columbus, Ohio Whitla, Alice Katherine 11th and Maple Street Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Whitman, Sally McA1lis 544 Dowling Boulevard San Leandro, California Wickersham, Elizabeth Hope 5007 Ventnor Avenue Ventnor, New Jersey Wilhelm, Virginia Eileen 1460 East Mountain Glendale, California Wilkins, Mary Alice 1125 South El Molino Pasadena, California Wilkinson, Harriet 603 North 5th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona Willard, Dorothelle Maolo 1532 6th Avenue West Seattle, Washington Williams, Annette Minerva 614 Earlston Road Kenilworth, Illinois Williams, Grace Finney 501 West 120th Street New York City, New York Williams, Phebe Gould 943 Oak Street Winnetka, Illinois Willmore, Georgia Ann 7228 Creveling Drive University City, Missouri Willoughby, Eleanor 666 Sutter Street Yuba City, California Wilsey, Patricia Earle 128 Aragon Boulevard San Mateo, California Wilson, Joan J. 2703 Evergreen San Diego, California Winestine, Minna 5 Washington Place Helena, Montana Wing, Helen 3821 S. W. Hillside Drive Portland, Oregon Winslow, Barbara 3571 Pierce Street San Francisco, California Wise, Judith 841 South Serrano Los Angeles, Califomia Wiseman, Dorothy Elizabeth 1183 Bay View Avenue Oakland, California Witte, Margaret 2396 Liloa Rise Honolulu, T. H. Wollet, Mildred Dorthea Route 1, Sonoma, California 156 Wood, Irene Lucille 3015 56th Avenue Oakland, Califomia Wood, Louise Shanklin Arden, Delaware Woodard, Alice Elizabeth 3816 Sherman Way Sacramento, California Woodin, Curry 1415 West Yakima Avenue Yakima, Washington Woodin, Mary 1415 West Yakima Avenue Yakima, Washington Woodruff, Frances Elizabeth 816 West 62nd Kansas City, Missouri Woolach, Arline Sybil 4121 N. E. Alameda Portland, Oregon Work, Annie Few 571 South Belvedere Memphis, Tennessee Wright, Majorie Elizabeth 911 Mill Street Porterville, California Wuest, Kathryn 303 West 9th Street Aberdeen, Washington Yanagawa, Kimi 2701 Wheeling Street El Paso, Texas Yost, Helen 2106 N. E. 17th Avenue Portland, Oregon Young, Winifred Elizabeth 3124 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, California Zelle, Mary Susan 2280 Lake of the Isles Blvd Minneapolis, Minnesota. Zimmerman, Betty Louise 3015 Feltz Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio Zoernig, Elizabeth Anne 435 West 18th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I - PATRONS AND PATRONESSES OF THE MILLS COLLEGE YEARBOOK Mr. Roy E. Allen Mrs. Vera T. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bankerd Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. Louise Barkan and Mrs. John A. Beckwith Mr. Albert M. Bender and Mrs. E. Palmer Benedict Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Brohaska Mrs. Robert J. Burdette Mr. Mr. Mr. Ammen Walter J. Avery Hans Barkan Paul Billingsley Mr. and Mrs. George A. P. Carleton Dr. and Mrs. James F. Chalmers Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Chambers Mr. and Mrs. John P. Coghlan Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Colby Miss Persis Coleman Major and Mrs. L. I. Cooke Dr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Cowdin Cunningham Mrs. Edward Mrs. Hugh Dobbins Mr. and Mrs. F. Julius Fohs and Mrs. Pendleton R. Fuller John R. Gregory Mr. Mr. W. P. Fuller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jud ge Clark J. Guild Mrs. Edward Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. I. W. Hellman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Honore Mrs. F. A. Ingalls Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Edward L. Parsons Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. F. Haas Ott F. Heizer Paul R. Jones Isaac Katz Victor B. Kieffer Arthur L. Littig Carl Lohse Charles R. Mathews McDuiTy James H. Mitchell A. C. Munro Walter P. Naquin George A. Nicholson Arthur W. North George W. Overton Frederick L. Peterson and Mrs. George K. Porter and Mrs. George B. Pryde and Mrs. Carl W. Rand and Mrs. Charles W. Segerstrom and Mrs. Joseph L. Seybold Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Edgar Sinton and Mrs. Russell B. Spainhower and Mrs. Leslie P. Thomson and Mrs. Herbert P. Tyson and Mrs. Emil A. Wagner and Mrs. and Mrs. Marcel W. Sherwood Max Wallerstein A. L. Weber and Mrs. Frank W. Wentworth and Mrs. Ezra R. Whitla and Mrs. Walter H. Williams and Mrs. Takeo Yanagawa and Mrs. Edgar F. Zelle 157 SENIOR ACTIVITIES PRESENTING 57 varieties of senior as snapped on campus by the candid camera. CFor what could be a better picture of a senior than the highlights of her interests and activities throughout four college years?J Exhibit A is Frances Thomson, president of the Associated Students of Mills College- Athletic Association, class chairman, president of Drama Association, Palladium, N. S. F. A. dele- gate, Judicial Board, hall council-and she introduces the vice-president, Peggy Stuart-Yeah book editor, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Drama Association, English and Music Clubs, operettas, Palladium. Progressing to the Yearbook office, the cameraman snaps .lane Cassedy, assistant editor- Bit and Spur, Athletic Association, hall council, president of Episcopal Group-talking to Evelyn White of the advertising staff-hall swimming manager, hall council, junior governing board. The clatter of typewriters calls attention to the Weekly oflice where associate editor, Kimi Yanagawa-vice-president of Cosmopolitan Club, Athletic Association, Music and Spanish Clubs -is assigning stories to Desda Weinstein, senior transfer, English Club-and Roberta Tomlinson -choir, Social Service Committee, secretary of Orchard Meadow-while business manager, ,lane Roberts-president of Mills Hall, fashion tea model-inspects the headlines written by Jane Strong-junior representative of Mills Hall. That group in the corner of the Student Union? Helen Aydelott-president of Mary Morse Hall, Studio Club, junior and senior governing boards, Judicial Board, plays-, Martha Seger- strom-junior representative on hall council, hall absence head-, Consuelo Cheever-president of Orchard Meadow, treasurer of Music Club, Studio Club, Social Service Committee-, .lean Katherine Stacker-Olney fire chief, choir, German Club-, and Mathilde Grunow-hall fire chief. Robed in academic cap and gown, Jane Baerwald-president of senior class, chairman of Judicial Board, N. S. F. A. delegate, hall president, Palladium, president of Bit and Spur-and Dixy Lee Ray-president of Palladium, Athletic Board, treasurer of A. S. M. C., Drama Associa- tion, business manager of handbook, editor Mills Manuscripts, Chapel Guild-pose for a snapshot. Over at the Art Gallery, smocks and drawing boards reveal some members of Studio Club: Dorothy Gaylord-treasurer of Bit and Spur, treasurer of Athletic Association, Drama Associa- tion, art editor of Yearbook, hall council-, Janet Stoeckle, Virginia Scott-hall manager of hockey and basketball, Athletic Association, Yearbook stall-, Julia Metcalf-Bit and Spur, Chapel Guild, plays-, Lorraine Loewe-hall absence head, German Club, plays, treasurer of Social Service Committee, Judicial Board, Palladium-, and the president of the club, Joyce Davies-Weekly, Athletic Association, plays. Snapped unaware on their way to the postoliice are former University of Washington and Rollins College art major, Joy Billingsley, and Laura McEnery Gerstbacher, who left college to be married and then returned as a day student to take her degree. French Club meeting attracts Dorothea Abbott, Ellen Hagberg, vice-president-Athletic As- sociation-, Molly Mclntosh-Orientation Committee, lead in College Play, fashion tea an- notmcer-, and president, Helen Sally Lathrop-Triangle Sports Day, Cosmopolitan Club, Music Club, Bibliophile Society. More subjects for the photographer? The Home Economics Club meets a short distance away. Helen Chambers, social head-president of Orchard Meadow, Orientation Committee, Judicial Board-, Marjorie Smith, Alice Miller, vice-president-Dance Club, Athletic Associa- tion-, and Margaret Wagy-Chemistry Club-are members. In the Ensemble Room of the Music Building, Virginia Clotfelter, president-member of Palladium-president of sophomore class, hall social head, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, president of Orchard Meadow-, Alice Woodard-hall fire chief-, Bette Mc- Clintock-orchestra, costumes and publicity for plays, Athletic Association-, Kathleen Gilmour -Palladium, president of Ethel Moore Hall, English Club, Mills Manuscripts, junior governing board, Athletic Association-, and Barbara Fontaine await other Music Club members. 158 English spoken with many charming accents betrays the Cosmopolitan Club-ites. Dora Sun- Chapel Guild, Music Club, athletics-, Kyoko Hoshiga-Music Club-, Olga Kargalojf, president, hall absence head, Forum, Athletic Association, German Club-, Kimi Nagao, and Letitia Alessio -Spanish Club president, Italian Club, hall absence head. Out on the courts, Alice Jack-Tennis Club, manager of tennis team, Weekly, hall proctor- points out president Lois Fieberling-president of Bit and Spur, sports editor of Yearbook, Studio Club, secretary of Pem Club, A. F. C. W. delegate, chairman of non-residents--and two other members of Athletic Association: Doris Patton-Life Saving Corps, hall proctor, fire chief, chairman of freshman advisory groups-and Alyce Cook-Dance Club-, while the president of Dance Club, Evelyn Hood-president of Outing Club, Athletic Board, Chapel Guild, senior governing board, Fencing Club, Social Service Committee-passes on her way to rehearsal. Orientation? Georgina Mullins, Ellenor Pryde-Spanish Club, Social Service Committee, Home Economics Club-and Marjorie Howard can tell about it as they face the lens. Wait a minute! Eleanor Cushman-hall committees, vice-president of Mary Morse Hall, fire lieutenant-, Margaret F isher-chairman of committee, fire lieutenant, chapel choir, Athletic Association-, and Alice Katharine Whitla-choir, Christmas play-are snapped as they hurry to Chapel Committee meeting. Backstage in Lisser Hall, members of Drama Association, Lois Dalla Lasta-Phi Beta Kappa in junior year, plays, Cosmopolitan Club-, Marjorie Guild-Palladium, Athletic Association, Music Club, fashion tea model, operettas, Junior Marshall, Chairman of Orientation, Press Board-, and Barbara Crawford-Athletic Association, president of junior class, business manager of Yearbook, Orientation Committee, non-resident governing board-dim the lights as secretary- treasurer Truella Jensen-Athletic Association, hall proctor, plays-closes the prompt book, and Mary Hobson, president,-college hockey manager, Chapel Committee, hall fire chief, Outing Club, Executive Board-rings down the curtain on the senior picture. The seniors take with them four college years, and in return they give to Mills new spirit and vitality. "All the stars call for them to come awayf' ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To Mr. Francis A. Knapp and Mr. James K. Sebree, known to the staff as uthe printer" and Hthe engraver," who have been creative, kind, and super-dependable, To The Gatcliells for cooperation in photographing faculty and students, and to Mr. John Handel for his help in catching pictures of the more informal Mills girlg To Kathryn Uhl, '32, from whose agile hand has come the historical and artistic record of Mills found in our division pagesg To Miss Rosalind A. Keep and Esther Rosenblatt for their advice and practical assistanceg To Jane Cassedy, who as "official roommate" has given encouragement and adviceg To all of these our most sincere thanks. And to a jolly staff-All hail, my hearties! THE Emma. 159 ,. .,... , V -Y 4.'f14?g4ub :sf ... 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Suggestions in the Mills College - Mills Crest Yearbook (Oakland, CA) collection:

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