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M K ,MZMCYWQKQ wwf Wim Sigf Mg ZX jmM5ND5 I, uv9p My ' bww EMM fww g fy My My M, Aj s M M? ,U ,.,,w 4. M!,.W1 M.. nga'-1.1 ' W 'en - i ,-y"""""" 1 H ww' " n 4' But l don't want to use a proportion wheel." YEARBOOK STAFF 1979 L-R lst Row: J. Travers, K. Boudrot, R. Hagearthy, C. Andrews, M. Whelihan, C. Hunt, L. Collins, K. Menne, B. Tuoney. 2nd Row: L. Sgourakes, M. Yagi, S. Stevens, D. Zonfrelll, R. Delaporta "l didn't do it!" The production of the 1979 yearbook began on a Thursday afternoon in September and continued for many Thursdays thereafter. Thanks to the dedication and support of two very special people, Mrs. Cindy Hunt and Mr. Brian Tuohey, we are proud to declare the 1979 yearbook a success. The 1979 Yearbook Staff A'Decisions, Decisions' fx Z Ll' 1: LI J- N w lsit fi . The first day that Mr. Dave Sperandio became our class advisor, we started our first day of high school. We had a lot of fun times together. Whether we were planning an activity, performing on stage, or just having a conversation, we knew there was a good friend behind that smile . . . he still is a good friend. We dedicate this yearbook in honor of the man who was dedicated to our class for four years. Mr. Sperandio - You're one helluva guy!! ln appreciation to Mrs. Cindy Hunt and Mr. Brian Tuohey for the time and effort which they put into this yearbook and for the determination that we should some- day finish it. Amen! Thanks so Much. 'Q i , -,E TO THE CLASS OF 1979 Plato said, "You are young, my son, and, as the years go by, time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions." Your opinions are valued now as they will be later in life but remember the instruction of your teachersg that opinion must be based on fact, not bias. When your time comes, speak out, and let your words be worthy and meaningful so that you will contribute to society. l feel confident that the education you have received will serve you well and has prepared you for a new adventure. I wish each of you good health, happiness and success. Sincerely yours, William A. Vellante Superintendent of Schools ff- Xfff Z 1 S SUPERI TE DENT'S STAFF if f ss L. to R.: D. Saccomang K. Casuccig Supt. Vellanteg H. Andonian Supt. Vellanteg B. Oschman . . L. to R.: P. Sjogreng T. Burkeg E. Nevilleg F. Keaneyg W. Alessi. PRINCIPAL To The Class of 1979: "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance, that imitation is suicideg that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion, that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given him to till." Each and every one of you has his talents and abilities. Our purpose has been to provide you those necessary tools and skills to enable each of you to develop those talents. It is our sincere hope that we have succeeded in our purpose and we wish you every success in your individual purposes in the hopes that while pursuing your own ends, these pursuits shall benefit the world as a whole. My congratulations to each of you on having successfully achieved this educational milestone. l wish you a very successful and happy life ahead. Paul A. Brunelle To The Class of 1979: As your Public School education comes to a close: l hope that each of you reflects on the many fond memories of your High School career. Use your educational experience as a foun- dation for your future endeavors. l would like to congratulate each of you on your accomplishments, as you approach Graduation Day. Mr. Joseph Arcudi X . x J M t Standing L to R: E. Cartier, J. Rogers, K. Fagan. Seated: J. Anderson First Row: Left-Right Mr. Arcudi, Jason Ingraham, John Fitzgerald, Lisa Palange, Rick Bennett, Suzanne Smith, Jean Russo. Second Row: Beth Campbell, Chris Sycamore, Cheryl Russo, Pam Kerosky, Pam Boudrot, Gail Ganley. 'lhird Row: Gordon Healy, Judy Travers, Greg Andonian, Debbie Thibault, Bobby MacKinnon, Tommy lngraham. Mi v ii W 42 , f ., . M 4, f Z1 224 if fi , . fn John Fitzgerald Representative to School Committee - 1 10 ff , f ' - . Sw , QQ. LN? COUNCIL Student body president, Lisa Palange Every year the Student Council organizes money raisers and events for scholarships to give seniors at the end of the year. Besides the traditional concerts, this year the Student Council has taken part in experimental activities. A walk for Disadvantaged Youth, a Globe Santa collection, and a Semi-Formal are only a few examples. This year the Student Council had a chance to grow and discover new horizons. lt has definitely been a fun and rewarding year. 11 FREAKED OUT English Dept.: Front Row: F. Hoffman, R. Russ, M. Welch, Dept. Head: J. Dodge. Second Row: F. Flanagan, H. Doyle. Reading Dept: E. Belmontg Co-ordinator, K. Flynn, J. Tapper. Foreign Language Dept: First Row: C. Rayner. Second Row: W. Williams, B. Moan, P Barry, Co-ordinator. FACULTY Science Dept: First Row: S. Gourley, R. Keen. Second Row: L. Magner, E. Richards Third Row: K. Merrill, P. Vigue, D. Sperandio, A. Salerno Co-Ordinator. Guidance Dept: M. Barrett, T. Pelliccia Jr. High Guidance: D.Minty sv L X X5 g i Math Dept: K. Minnucci, A. Gately, J. Porter, E. Kenney, Co-Ordinator, B. Bush, P. Browne, M. Cangi. 4 if s 3. Back Row: L-R: C. Cangi, D. Minty, R. Cotter, R. Robinson, M. Barrett, M. Caiello. Front Row: L-R: A. Rovedo, L. Kibort, A. Feaver, R. Cass, Director, K. Uwomas, T. Peliccia. J 1 R Xp' an -p.wW'WM,,,,. ,. f K f f f if 2,,,., ..- S H E Soc. Studies Dept - Back Row L-R: D. Naughton, Dept. Head, J. Fair. Front Row L-R: W. Dooling, S. Efstathiou, J. Ar- j ... senault, B. Tuohey - Knot picturedj. 5 ... S n, ., 9 gognl if N - :nu . . Xi " jf an 'WIFM .............. 14 Business Dept: N. Valois, F. Glass, A. O'Regan, Dept. Head. Industrial Arts: A. Andrews, R. Henck, Dept. Head, R. Baker. Home Economics: P. Ralston Home Economics: A. Davin Phys. Ed: A. Marak, K. Egy, E. Peterson, Coordinator .. .... N Q. Q x fm., W. - L to R: A. Baima, M. Shute 5,'s'+"f'f-"difs, A 4 J fl' PM QA' V . I ' fi 5 G gmmucrioiif QQUQ NNE kg Librarians: L to R: J. Strathern, J. Ciasullo Music: L to R: R. Terbowich, C. Miller, R. Harcowitz, S. Massey. F. Gubala, Music Coor- dinator. We ,endif Cafeteria: L to R: F. Watson, N. Graham, M. Clark, C. LaRocca, C. Clewes, C. Saitta, R. Keller, R. Gavin, K. Thibault, M. Caldwell, M. Feccia: Director. Health Staff: G. Mahar, F. Merkle L to R: D. Babcock, D. Murray, N. Costantinog Hd. Custodian, R. Shannon, F. Murray iv ,gf , QF. Q Q S Q-LR . Q Rss Sw ,' , Q -- .id as -rf M +1 'QNX . X, 1. P 1 - .gs ,M q,...? ix Q 4: X A QW K' .I .vw .Q I -ff ai? 'M , ,rf 95 Q - .. k A .Y ,k- .. q..g...3lS ll Q ..XLA fs Qffw- N - :Ax if M . 'X .. f fx, .L ,.v. -1 -' 5Ei!'i.iQ. if ,. Hgfkgse 51.55 X .Q I 'Few ,N 1'4 s 5. . .W 1 :M ., 9- X ,S Q V' .w 34, .. 1 Xi . J- Q. . ,ii -- V ,Ml ,. V 1 ' , W . fx , ' 2. K u 'mm Q V - .W Q ,, .. y i ' QQ, 'L .N ,iw L- 2 40" sy ,W X-rx Q in 2 4, .S X f SQ .av N, xt . . Q- . fee- Y . 3 m K E Q E . X x X M r ge X X xx R - -, ww- ... K :QS 5,1-J . y QQ KK 5 X X F -,QS - . .gtk . iw Q . , .f 3 4 X if X ,X f. -f Q. . , X X X - 'X .XA -:Q LKK:-KK? Q :ki K- Ni. - x ffgsi L? rx KK " A X ' S X. . . I 5' A Uk X X . X X ff'??Q . we K-wg QQ, k , .gg Q -ig:-jf: ' .L L I . 31- ,X .gf X . ,X -w, i .X s , S .K -W9 . X, . .. . X. sf .. .. as KK . N fag ' :K Q 1 X X- 3-P51 if - .Qi FM K K if f Klw' K k Q' A 1 Q xX. e .. ,, 5: .. . .. ,K'.if5iX5. Q- , QK ' is X' KW K K K Y 5 i 1 K 'ix X s X f . 4 we. "'!5r,,w vw ' +-1 ,..-dh 3 ' KK rms ISK " Q ef sw. 35,5 M Y' W ,, . . is X., as i R K if " X, KK, ,N ,J L gals 11 if S "' . X f :rw-X -X is fflfff ,Q . iw K.X"'L.K iJv ' h ss l . qz b . , . JN -rir 5 ' L' . 1 . X., 1 . 5 - X W X . es, . ,S E M -f Q . K if . . . , K'K1Q.Ti..K ' K KK -X X X xw.. 'N K' N-Q r 'WAX PY' i -H XX wr X X QQ ' .bg .x XS K 'X 'ml mf., K Q X. .-we X Q X TQ 1. X f.. MX "WJ ,. . '. kk , .ff-,rm 'V Q, Q. XP. N ... .T,,gRg. J X .. , . Q. A ang.. . fK -K 'Sf- ..., -x . A fx .. - ., ,5 I . -. , X . ' K' Q X QI, X K. K X 'a XX. , 'S A ' X ' 'Q A .. f X s X . A . . ,.'?." y TERRI LYN ALGER T, Ter, Alg, Algerstein Usually Found: Out to lunch with Corky, Moe and Lisa "Far- Out" "Party!" "Quick, let's hurry!" "Get psyched for the weekend" Future Plans: To move to California and become a famous photographer for High Times magazine. "Sometimes the lights are shining on me, Other times I can barely see, Lately it occurs to me . .. What a long, strange trip it's been" -Grateful Dead Colorguard 1, 2: Football Cheering 1: Hockey Cheering 3: Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Talent Show 3: Yearbook Staff 4: G.S.P. 2, 3, 4. DIANE MARIE ASELTINE Bertha Usually Found: Walking around town fduring O.C.j "Hey Joyce!" "Hey George, did ya do your french?" Future Plans: College + Travel "Honesty is hardly ever heard, and mostly what l need from you Intramural Volleyball 2, 3: A.F.S. 3: Prom Committee 3: Senior Play 4. 20 STEPHEN ROSS BALL "Hu mor, Ahhh!" "When are we outta here?" Chiefs, l, 2, 3, DO, DAT' Future Plans: To attend college and become a hotel restaurant manager. "l walk the road of life, among the strong, among the weak and l ask them for the shortcut to the answers that l seek, but it seems nobody understands what is and what will be, The questions of my childhood weave a web of mystery" -Livgren Soccer l, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Golf I, 2, 3: A.T.M. Play 4: Jazz Ensemble 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Senior Play 4: Talent Show 3, 4: intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM L. ANGEL Angel Usually Found: Outside Sperandio's room Future Plans: Make Money "lf you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem" -F.O.F. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show 3: Volleyball l, 2: Cham- pions 3, 4. JAMES MICHAEL ANGELO Funy, Fuzzy Volleyball 2, 3 CLARK S. ANDREWS Usually Found: Comp. room Pet Peeve: Such is Lifel Future Plans: To go to college Activities: Football 2, 3: Track 2, 4: Weightlifting l, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4. JEFFREY L. BOND Arte' HJ.. Usually Found: Town Park "Do bananas have feathers?" Future Plans: Mechanic, Automotive engineer "The Lord giveth, the Government taketh away" Basketball 1, 2, 3: Weightlifting 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1: Bizarre Stunts 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD M. BENNETT Benny "How's it going" "Take it easy" Favorite song: Freebird Pet peeve: Homeroom 116 Plans: To attend college Would like to be remembered for: What l will do Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3 Capt. 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3. 4: Talent show 3, 4: Halloween egg tight 3, 4. KELLY LYNN BAYUSS Boom-Boom, T.O.F. "Rude, crude and socially unacceptable" Pet Peeve: Caf Study with no O.C. Future Plans: College "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly" -L. Hughes Would like to be remembered for: My silver sneakers Volleyball 2, 3, Capt. 4: Basketball 2. 3, Capt. 4: Softball 2: Talent Show 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: lntra. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: KOAX Groupie 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Halloween Egg Hght 4. ROBIN BARR Usually Found: Platform "Oh but hon" Pet Peeve: Snobby people, homework NANCY ACKERMAN Nance, Yak Usually Found: With Lynn and friends in Medway. "Hey Jason, it was . . . " Future Plans: To work, then maybe to college. "lf you love someone set it free, if it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was." Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain Cheerlng QJ.V.J 3: Colorguard 3. ., Q 3 M55 J 'L 44' .5 :yr ,mi V. KIMBERLY ANNE BOUDROT Nickname: Kim, Kimba, Killer, Boudi Usually Found: At the Gym Favorite Song: Dream Weaver Pet Peeve: Homework and Westwood girls basketball team. Favorite Saying: "Get Psyched." T.G.I.F., Hey lks, Hey, Mariano. Future Plans: Traveling and College Favorite Quote: "lf you want a friend, be a friend." Activities: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 3, 4: lntramulal Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 3, 4: Talent show 3: A.F.S.: Senior play: Yearbook: Class activities. 21 MICHAEL BRADLEY MARYJEANNE COSTE Dweeny, MJ Usually Found: In Rm. 107 "I don't get it" "AI-rightttI" "There y'ave it." Future Plans: Major in music and theater "There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher" J.V. Cheering 2, 3: Colorguard 1, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: ATM Play 2, 3: Vocal Jazz 2, 3, 4: H.S. District 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Chorus Librarian 3, 4. 22 BETH CAMPBELL Nickname: Bessie, Miss Beth Usually Found: Hanging out at the Tringo Hotel with my buddies. Activities: Student Council 3, 4, V.P. 3: Yearbook Editor 4: Vocal Jazz Ensemble 4: Talent Show 3. 4: Senior Play. DENNIS MICHAEL CLANCY Den Usually Found: 157 Village St. "I may not always be right, but l'm never wrong." -H.M. Doyle. Pet Peeve: Coming to school so early in the morning. Future Plans: U.S. Navy LAURA COLLINS Lau-Lau, L.C. Usually Found: At the Sandwich Hutte, "Order up!" Future Plans: To study medicine. I "Yesterday is already a dream, And tomorrow is only a vi- sion, But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." Cheering 1, 2, 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Math Team 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Prom Committee 3: Newspaper 2, 3: Chorus 1: AFS Treasurer 3. 4: Festival 77 and 78: Spanish Tutor 2: Talent Show 3: A.T.M. 1: Roman Day 2: Senior Play: Intramural Volleyball 4. DAVID WAYNE CIASULLO Cazoo Usually Found: Anywhere Future Plans: To make money. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2. MAUREEN COFFEY Moe "Attention means no talking!" Pet Peeve: People who don't understand me. Future Plans: To attend college "People who blow their own homs rarely ever learned to read music" Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Drum Major 4: Colorguard 1, 2: Jazz Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Vocal Jazz 2, 3, 4: District 1 Cheerleader 1: Talent Show 3, 4: Senior Play 4: ATM Play 1. 2, 3: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Roman Day 4: Dinner Dance Committee 3, 4. JACK R. BUCHANAN Buck. Bucko, Jacko 'Hey What's up?" Pet Peeve: Tom Dawson fLennyl Future Plans: Go to Florida and attend college majoring in aaseball. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 3, 4: Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM A. CARLSON Bill. Baretta Future Plans: Auto Mechanic, Lead Guitarist "I love to do all those deliciously painful thing to you, that, make you writhe and groan in ecstasy" -Gene Simmons Would like to be remembered for: indulging in my craziness to the fullest extent and terrorizing a whole city just by aniv- ing in town. ROBERT J. CONGDON Usually Found: At a piano Plans: To be a professional musician "lf you can imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you can dream it, You can become it." Nat'l Honor Society: Student Council 1: Godspell 2. ELLEN KAYE CAMPBELL Soupy Usually Found: Hiding from Tommy, Peter and visiting Mr. Doyle in Joumalism. "lf you love something, set it free: if it comes back, it's yours, if not, it never was. Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Softball Manager 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 2: Prom Committee 3: Talent Show 1, 3: ln- tramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Art Ed. 4: KO-AX Groupie 3, 4. DAVID ANDREW CLARK Dave Usually Found: Where l don't want to be. Future Plans: To make the grade. "With every mistake we must surely be learning" -George Harrison Math Team 3, 4: Spanish Tutor 2, 3: Honor Society 2, 3, 4. 23 KEVIN T. DONAHUE Kev "lt's cool" "Bull" Pet Peeve: Speed bumps Plans: To be a millionaire and be very successful. Track 3: Choms l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD W. DELAPORTA Ricky, Dela Usually Found: ln the library liguring the days left to foot- ball. "Ah, Hulio, give me a break." Future Plans: To attend college and become a millionaire. "Never laugh at a live dragon" -J.R.R. Tolkien Football l, 2, 3. 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l: Weight Lifting 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Yearbook 4. 24 ELIZABETH ANN DeLORME Liza, Lisa Usually Found: ln the music room or with Frank. "That's Excellentl" "Frankie?" "You do your thing - I do mme." l am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. You are you. l am l - and if by chance we should meet . . . it's beautiful. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: ColorGuard l, 2: Band 3, 4:Talent Show 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Jazz Workshop 3: Student Council 3: Secretary 4: ATM Play 1, 2: Vocal Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. High District 1: Vocal Jazz 2, 3, 4: Jazz Ensemble 4: Tennis 3, 4: Sr. High District Chorus 4: All-State Recommendation 4. JOHN DENNETI' Casper "Free at last, Free at last, Praise the Lnrd l'm free at last" Track l: Baseball I, 2. 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4. PAULA DRAPER up., Pet Peeve: Band Cliques Future Plans: Going to College Would like to be remembered for: Egging the soccer tei Vocal Jazz 4: Tennis 1, 3. 4: ATM Play 3: Hockey Cheer 3: Talent Show 3, 4. EDWARD RICHARD DeFANTl Big Ed Usually Found: Woodshop Plans: To be a cabinetmaker. Would like to be remembered for: My charm and charism Basketball 1: Weightlifting 2. INTA A. HERINA Usually Found: ln the bathroom, smoking. Pet Peeve: This school Plans to become an author or a psychologist. "Pardon me, you're stepping on my eyeball." Would like to be remembered for: Reading and writing. CINDY DEVENS ERIC GUNNAR ELOFSON Stench, Tugboar, Lois, Gunnar, Wofat Usually Found: ln my favorite Luv. "Don't be a chimp, drink some beers!l" Pet Peeve: The class before lunch. Plans to attend college and then raise a well-respected family. "l can't give my best, unless l have room to move" -John Mayall. Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4: Tennis 1, 2, 3. Capt. 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Class President 1, 2, 4: Talent Show 1. 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 4: A.T.M. Play 1, 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Halloween Egg Fight 1, 2, 3, 4. DARLENE DiDONATO Di Dot Usually Found: Takin' on the hill with Rick. Pet Peeve: People who litter and don't think twice about it. Favorite Quote: "ln wildness is the preservation of the world." LAURENE COYLE JOHN D. ENGWER Pengwer, Enquana Usually Found: The bubbler "What??" Pet Peeve: New School Administration Future Plans: Being rich and not working. Would like to be remembered for: The 10th grade Marine Biology field trip. first and last . . . Football l, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Hockey 1, 2. 25 CHERYL LEE GOGUEN G.L., Unch, Cher, Sarah Usually Found: Locker room, or outside. "That's hideous" "Get psyched" "Have a happy day" Future Plans: To attend college and travel. "We must have room to be alone, to let our close kept thoughts run free, for what is today without time to wonder. and what is tomorrow without a dream?" Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4: Senior Play 4: Tennis 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Talent Show 1, 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Bye Bye Birdie 3: Yearbook 4: Halloween Egg Fight 4. MARK GOVE ax, W 26 CHAD GALVIN Chadwick Usually Found: Platform Favority Sayings: It don't make you a bad person. Future Plans: To use my high school education to the greatest extent. Favorite Quote: Do to others as others do to you. Would like to be remembered for: That l never got caught. RAMON GARCIA Ray, Ramundo. Rayrnonda "Dumb Broad" "Oh man, l don't believe this bull." Future Plans: Go to college and become a wealthy businessman or lawyer. "You never realize what you have until you look around ou." ,School Climate Rep. 3, 4: Boy's State Rep. 3: Senior Play 4: Talent Show 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Track 3, 4: lntra Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Bowling 1, 2: Yearbook 4: lntemational Night 2, 3. 4. JUNE A. FETTIG "Thank God it's Friday!" Pet Peeve: Mrs. Shute in a bad mood. ' Future Plans: Enter the world of business and fashion. "Through this toilsome world, alas! Once and only once pass: lf a kindness I may show, lf a good deed l may do, Le me do it whilel can, No delay for it is plain. l shall not pas this way again." Held Hockey 1: Modern Dance 2: Class Secretary 1: Rin Committee 2. JOSEPH FELTON CORINNE E. FLANAGAN Meatball Usually Found: With June. Future Plans: To enter the world of business. "The times we've shared together, may you hold them in your heart, and lf for some reason. we should ever drift part, forget me not, as l not you Just come to me and l'll elcome you For we all need each other to carry through. C.F. SCOTT SAMUEL GREEN avorite Song: "Ma" by Steely Dan uture Plans: Plans to go to Hawaii Lua College and major surfboarding, sunbathing and cocoanut picking. Basketball 1, 3: Weightlifting 2, 3. JOHN RICHARD FITZGERALD Juck, Mad-Jack, Wolfman-Jack, Jack-a-holic, Fitz, Fitzie Usually Found: Cruising around in Govie's Pinto or at the river, pond or hill. Favorite Pastime: Partying and listening to music. Wants to be remembered for: The announcements and the intercom music program. Favorite Quote: "lt's only teenage wasteland, oh yea, it's only teenage wasteland" -Carly Simon Future Plans: Presidency of the United States of America. Activities: Football I: Basketball l, 2: Track 1, 2: Volleyball 3: Student Council l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council Concert Committee 2, 3, 4: Student Advisory Council to State Board of Educ. 3, 4: State Board of Student Advisory Coun- cil 3: Boy's State 3: U.N. Delegate 4: V.F.W. Contest flst place 3, 13rd place 4J: Student Representation to the School Committee 3, 4: School Announcer 3, 4: National Honor Societv 4. CHRISTINE GRANT Chris Usually Found: Getting out of classes. Favorite Song: Reminiscing Pet Peeve: Cars without radios Future Plans: Doing Secretarial work. Would like to be remembered for: Being Mr. Arcudi's acting secretary. Activities: Playing tennis, Disco Dancing. MARK DAVID FERZOCO Frizzo, Hzzo, Fizzmoco, Fliz, Fwiz, Mark "Hey McCarter, did you do the homework?" Future Plans: To enter the business field and become a millionaire before McCarter. "Nothing would be done at all if a man waited till he could do it so well that no one could find fault with it." -C. Newman Tennis 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4: Lil Abner l:Jazz Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show 3, 4. TOM GILBERT Hacksaw Usually Found: ln the gym or locker room. "Never say die" Future Plans: To live a happy life. Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Volleyball Champs 1, 2, 3, 4. 27 DEBRA HlLBERG Debbie Usually Found: Home, downtown Future Plans: To work and then travel. "Take a time. think a lot. think of everything you got for you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams will not." JASON INGRAHAM Mase, Maseman, lngy. Jase "Hey-yol What's up?" "No Way" Pet Peeve: Poor officiating during sporting events. Future Plans: Go to college and study accounting. Soccer 1, 2, 3. Capt. 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, Capt. 4: Tennis 1, 2, 3: Capt. 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3, President 4: Talent Show 2, 3: Student Council Treasurer 4: Math Team 1, 2. 3. 4: Hanrard Book Award 3: D.A.R. Representative 4. Quote: "Take care of today: tomorrow shall take care of it- self." 28 CLAIRE HOWARD Lady, Kinkey Claire Usually Found: ln Tringo Hotel Favorite Song: Women in the Moon Pet Peeve: People who underestimate others. Future Plans: To be the best white female jazz singer in history. Favorite Quote: I found myself once again and will always stay aware of what I love outside myself V.M.H. Would like to be remembered for: My ups and not my downs: my laughs and not my moods. Activities: Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3: Talent Show 1. 2, 3. 4, Vice-President l. 2: Student Council 1. 2: Chorus 1, 2. 3: Little Abner 2: Bye Bye Birdie 3: Volleyball 1, 2, 3. ROBERT M. HAGEARTY "l no doubt deserved my enemies, but l don't believe l deserved my friends." Student Govemment Day Rep.: Yearbook: ATM Musical. STEVEN HUMPHREY JAMES KELLER Jimbo Usually Found: ln the music room. "To each his own" Pet Peeve: Seat belts Future Plans: Computer Programmer Vocal Jazz: Chorus. ANDREW LATOSEK SCOTT LEMONS Future Plans: To work for the year and maybe Emerson College next fall. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: ATM Plays l, 3, 4: Varsity Football Manager 3, 4. Southeast District Chorus Ur.-High Division, 1. Quote: "lf only eyes could communicate from the depths within." S. Lemons 1979. Pet Peeve: A particular teacher who showers her language with the phrase "GMI" MICHAEL KILMARTIN Kilma sually Found: Down the Cafe "munching out" uture Plans: Enjoy myself ctivities: Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4: Track 2, LOWELL KEITH Favorite Saying: lt's so incredible l can't cred it. Pet Peeve: Guitarists that don't use their pinkie. Future Plans: Study music composition at Berklee Would like to be remembered for non-conformitism. Activities: Jazz Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: KOAX 3, 4: Erdstence 4. JOSEPH FRANCIS HISLOP His Usually Found: At the farm. Favorite Saying: Mick, Mick, Mick, Mickeeee. Favorite Song: Mainstreet Pet Peeve: Mrs. Morril's perfection Future Plans: College Would like to be remembered for: The last of the Hislops Activities: Talent Show 3: Senior Play 4: Track 1: Baseball l: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4. DWIGHT LAMBIRTH ..Dwight,, Usually Found: Room 107 Favorite Saying: "Bug off!" Favorite Song: "Aire" Chicago Vll Pet Peeve: Songs that fade out or repeat endlessly Future Plans: Professional performing musician Activities: Jazz Ensemble: Vocal Jazz Ensemble: "Bye Bye Birdie": Jazz Workshop: Talent Show 4. 29 ROBERT DOUGIAS MCCARTER Bob, Tiger Usually Found: Sacking out in the hall after lunch. "No Frizzo, I was hoping you did it." Plans: To enter the automotive field and become a millionaire before Frizzo. "He who requires urging to do a noble act will never accom- plish it." Would like to be remembered for: Driving the classiest truck in the school. Band l, 2, 3, 4: Jazz Ensemble 2, 3: L'il Abner l: Student Council 3: Talent Show 2, 4: Asst. School Committee Rep. 3. DAN McBRlDE Mac Usually Found: Mert's House, lifting, eating, fighting Favorite Saying: What brains Favorite Quote: Eat, drink and be merry. Activities: Football I, 2, 3. Captain 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Lifting l, 2, 3, 4: Track l. 30 DONALD MARAGGIO lm. L MICHELLE LIPSETT Mickey, Chimp, Micalip. Mouse, Michelob, Teddy B.. Mio Mouse "Greatl" "Have a great day, alright?" "Believe me l'm : but not insane!" Plans: To live life to the fullest and to go to California to a special person. "This is for all the lonely people, Thinking that life passed them by, Don't give up until you drink from silver cup, And ride that highway in the sky." Field Hockey l, 2, Capt. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, Capt. Tennis l, 2, Capt. 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Prom Co 3: Talent Show 1, 2. 3. 4: Student Advisory Comm. Band l. 2: Yearbook Staff 4: Milford Daily News All-St 4: Senior Play 4: Prom Queen 3: Homecoming Cou DIANNE MARIE MANNING Di "Are you serious?" "How do you figure?" Usually Found: Nowhere Pet Peeve: Homework - homework Plans to go to college. TIMOTHY LYONS THIERRY LUBENEC l.uby llsually Found: Anywhere you care to look. This stinks" "Let's get outta here" "Be serious" "Hell with nomework. l was too busy last night" future Plans: To go to college and study business. Be what you want to be and not what someone tells you to re." Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2: A.F.S. 3, gg Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Chorus l, , 4: Vocal Jazz 2, 4: International Night I, 2. 3, 4. JOYCE J. MCCURLEY "Hey Diane, I brought the visine" Pet Peeve: Having to spell correctly. Future Plans: To travel. "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." , f? YZ, 9 ROBERT MCCOWEN JANET MARIE MARIANO Mariano Usually Found: In the way Favorite Song: Time in a bottle Favorite Saying: I would if I could, but l can't so I won't: Hey Boudrotl Quote: Don't put olf til tomorrow what you can do today. Future Plans: Goto college, work. Activities: A.F.S.: Canvashers, bake sales and other fund raising activities: Intramural Volleyball: Senior Play. Jeanette Matthews Usually Found: Platform Favorite Song: Freebird Pet Peeve: Teachers Plans to attend Burdett School. Would like to be remembered for: All my suspensions MARYELLEN MCFETRIDGE AJ, Mer. Mellon Usually Found: In a blue Maverick behind Hutch. Favorite Saying: "Well that's life" Favorite Song: "Shattered" By the Rolling Stones Pep Peeve: Breakable windows Future Plans: Become a fashion designer Activities: Bowling 1, 2. 31 PETER MERRITI' Petroff Usually Found: Around or Cliffs Cycle "I'm not up for it" Future Plans: To be a diesel mechanic. "Danger is most beautiful when sought out" -Ernest Hemingway Hockey 3, 4: Soccer 4: Holli 3, 4. KATHLEEN ANN MENNE Kathi, Kathimenne, Catrina Usually Found: In the library Future Plans: College and a career. "Insist on yourself, never imitate: for nothing can bring you peace, but yourself." Henry David Thoreau Bowling I: ATM Play I: lntra. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Softball I, 2: Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Colorguard 2, 3, 4: Talent Show I, 2, 3: Math Team l, 2, 3, 4: lntemational Night 2, 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Girls State 3: A.F.S. Club President 3. 4: Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4. 32 CORLYNE CHRISTINE MICK Cor, Corky' "Hey Ter! Where's Lisa? Let's go!" "Party at Wilbur's" "Peace" Sometimes the lights all shinen' on me. Other times I can barely see, But lately it occurs to me, What a long strange trip its been. -Grateful Dead Colorguard I, 2: Football Cheering 1, 2: Hockey Cheering 3: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Talent Show 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Play 4: Roman Day 3, 4: G.S.P. 2, 3, 4. Would like to be remembered for: Endlessly partying. ROBIN JANE MEUSE Moose, Mouse, Meusie Future Plans: College "To be happy is not to possess much, but to hope and love much. THOMAS MULVIHILL MARY EILEEN OTIS nov' notsn, Modena Usually Found: On a late night tuna buff with Bessie, Mis Thal, Kinky Claire, and Sue Bee to destination unknown 1 dancing on tables at Tringo Hotel. Favorite Saying: "Heyl Dig on this!" "Sure, I knew yo could." Pet Peeve: Bored people who have no time for living, an Claire's insane laugh. Activities: Cheerleading l. 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Vocal Ja: Ensemble 3, 4: ATM Plays I, 3: Vocal District Competitie 1: Talent Show I, 2, 3: Student Council l, 3: lntramur Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Modern Dance 3, 4: Climate Stuc Representative 3: Odd Fellow Representative to the Unite Nations 2: GirI's State Representative 3: Prom Court I Homecoming Court 4: National Merit Scholar 3. SANDRA MORSE LUANNE CATHERINE MURPHY Lu, Murph Usually Found: With L.P., M.L., S.S.. E.C., J.T.. and XYZ. "Hey, Lisa P!" "You had to be there." Future Plans: To attend a four-year college. The day we meet again we will walk in peace, Thm the gar- den, down the road, Where the mist of time is lifting, See it rising in the air, Like the shadow I was chasing. When I looked it wasn't there -Justin Hayward Cheering 1, Capt. 2, 3: Track 2: Talent Show 1, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Intemational Night 2, 3: Tennis 4: Prom Committee 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Volleyball 4: Newspaper 3: Nat'l Honor Society 4: Senior Play 4: Class Secretary 4. SHAWN JOSEPH O'REILLY Wilt. "O", Hus. 1 and 2 Future Plans: College Soccer 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2. 3, 4: Talent Show I, 3: Class Treasurer l, 2, 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Nat'l Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4: Math Team 4: Senior Play 4. ' "What's Up?" "Take it Easy." LISA PAIANGE Lisa P. Hey you. You wild and crazy person!" "Hey Murph!" 'uture Plans: Who knows, do you?l? They say little children are supposed to sleep tight: that's 'hy I got into the vodka one night. My parents got frantic, idn't know what to do, But I saw some crazy scenes before was thru: Now, do you think I was crazy? I may have been 'nly three, but I was swinging! -Joni Mitchell Zheering 1. 2, 3, Capt. 4: Class Secretary 2, 3: Volleyball 1, L, 3, 4: Talent Show 1, 2, 3: Student Body President 4: 'ennis 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Math 'eam 3: Yearbook Senior Section Ed. 4: L'iI Abner 1: lomecoming Queen 4. RONALD PETTIS Football 3: Hockey l. 2, 3. 4. A DENISE RENEE PROCTOR Neicey, George Usually Found: With June, Dianne, and Corinne "I don't believe it." Pet Peeve: Honey "'l11e secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do." Modern Dance: Intramural Volleyball. 33 AMALIA SIA SGOURAKES Lia Usually Found: ln the library with Kathi. Plans: To go to college. "lf I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain: lf I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin unto his rest again. I shall not live in vain." -Emily Dickinson Honor Society 2, 3, Secretary 4: Intramural Volleyball 2, 4: Math Team 3, 4: Talent Show 3: A.F.S. 3, 4: Yearbook 4. LAURA SHUKER Chucka, Turtlebait, Turtlebreath Usually Found: Up the hill. "Darlene, Let's skip." Pet Peeve: School Plans: To leave this area and get a good job. Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4. 34 PAUL N. ROBINSON, JR. Robysawn Usually Found: Arguing with Mr. Arcudi for O.C. Pet Peeve: Mrs. Brown's Algebra ll Class. Future Plans: To go to college and on from there. Football I, 3. 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4: Prom Committee 3: Senior Play 4. DAVID ALAN REYNOLDS Dave "How are you?" "Do you wanna play cards?" Pet Peeve: Early moming band sectionals. Future Plans: Wants to become a carpenter. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Jazz Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4: Wind Enseml: I, 2: Band Vice-President 4: Prom Committee 3: Pit Bar 3: Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l. RICHARD SANBORN Rick "Oh Jeezo" Pet Peeve: Report cards Future Plans: Trade School Usually Found: Girl watching with Doug Steeves l, 2, 3, 4. SUZANNE SMITH Red Usually Found: Talking "Hey, you don't have to believe me, it doesn't bother Future Plans: Unknown , "God helps them who helps themselves." J.V. Field Hockey 3: Basketball I, 3: Tennis 3, 4: Volle 3: Talent Show 3: A.F.S. 3, 4: Festival 78 and lntemat' Night 77. GEORGE JOSEPH SMITH Ill Buford lsually Found: Getting Ernie a coffee. Getting fired up" 'et Peeve: Getting Ernie a coffee. 'uture Plans: College, getting married and raising a family s fortunate as my own. Any person who is enjoying life is not a failure." Kaseball 1, 2, 3. 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, I: Prom Committee 3: Prom King 3: Senior Play 4: 'olleyball 1, 2. 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4. THOMAS JOSEPH ROCHE Rochey et Peeve: Arcudi Iould like to be remembered for: Being the biggest roche. ootball 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Talent Show 3, 4. S DOUG SPEARING Spirtle Usually Found: Metal shop "Get away from me!" Future Plans: Mechanic, work at Polaroid. Track. PHILIP J. ROLISE Rousey Future Plans: College Would like to be remembered for: Being the last Rouse to get through Millis High. Band 1, 2: Talent Show 3: ATM Play 2: Senior Play 4. BRAD A. REGER Reggae, R.W. P.S.P. "Get psyched" "Do it while you can, but don't get caught "Live each day to it's fullest: You'll have more fun that way' Soccer 3, 4: Math Team 2, 4. RICHARD ROONEY Nickname: Roones, Peon, Rick Future Plans: To attend college Activities: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Soccer 4. 35 n v MICHAEL F. WHELIHAN Wisdom Future Plans: College Football 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 4: Yearbook 4: Nat'l Honor Society: Weightlifting 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID TOLAR Cookie, Charlie Usually Found: At school trying to have fun, listening to music or playing sports. Pet Peeve: People who cannot laugh at life or themselves. "Dream on, Dream on, dream until your dreams come true." Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4: Bowling. 36 JUDITH A. TRAVERS J.T., Jude Usually Found: Where l'm not supposed to be. "What a rush!" Pet Peeve: Monday thru Friday Dream what you dare to dream. Go where you want to go. Be what you want to be . . . Live. Volleyball 2, 3. 4: Softball 2: Tennis 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3: Vice-President 4: Yearbook 4: Senior Play 4: H.S. Band 1, 2: Chorus 2: Wind Ensemble 1, 2: Basketball 1, Mgr. 2: Math Team 4: Honor Society 3, 4. DOUGLAS STEEVES Lefty, Doug Usually Found: Metal shop or back parking lot. "Good deal!" Future Plans: To have a ball in life. "Don't sewe time, Let time serve youl" Girl Watching I, 2, 3, 4. DONNA M. THIBAULT Teab's "What" "Sueyl" "alk a balk" Pet Peeve: Snobs and gym. Future Plans: To sleep all day. "lf you can't lind 'em, grind 'em' Sleeping l, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH STEVENS Sue - Bee Usually Found: At Tringo Hotel with Thal, Mary, Claire a Beth Qposition: bell hopl Tuna Buffing in that infamo neon, My Fiat: on a Sunday Special with Luanne. Favorite Saying: "Hojo'sl Now?" Pet Peeve: People who are latel Future Plans: College Favorite Quote: "Sad deserted shore you fickle friends i leaving you, Oh but you know it's time for them to go, W knows where the time goes." Activities: Volleyball l. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: tramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: International Night 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3: National Honor Society 3, 4: Sen Play 4: Yearbook 4: Talent Show 4. LINDA LEE MARIE TIBERI Lin, Tibs .lsually Found: Being late to class. 'Judy. let's go out tonight" "Remember Hampton Beach" :uture Plans: To attend college for executive secretary and hen become an actress. The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but n liking what one has to do." lllould like to be remembered for: Never being late to lomeroom. ll'aIent Show 3: Copy Editor 4: Senior Play 4: V.F.W. Con- est 3rd place 3, Qlst place, 4: Festival "78". KATHLEEN A. WALSH Kathy, Walshy, Kate "Hey Coyle - what's up?" "Red, any Sucrets?" "Maura- telephone!" 'Smile Tim, God loves ya!" "Shoot that girl" "Oh it's Saturday . . . " Pet Peeve: Lockers, Lyons, McBride S Maraggio Future Plans: College Volleyball 1, 2, 3, CoCapt. 4: lntra. Volleyball 1, 2. 3. 4 Basketball 1: Basketball Mgr. 3: Soltball l, 2, 4: A.F.S. 3 4: Talent Show l, 2, 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3: P.G.F. 4: Senior Play 4. JUDY TOTH Bubbles, Jude "Linda, Let's cruise" "YesI HAMPTON! Pet Peeve: Tall people Plans: To attend college "Life is short so live it up!" Talent Show 3: Yearbook 4. DONALD TACKETT Grizz We have got to get this thing done' 'et Peeve: Being called a know-it-all. future Plans: Work and then college Look ahead, that's where it's at" v SUSAN TABARANI Tab, Sue Usually Found: On the hill Favorite Saying: Have a nice one. Future Plans: To become an accountant. ALAN WOLPERT Wally "'Ey, What's up" Favorite Song: Stairway to heaven Future Plans: Accounting QCPAJ "Work to live but don't live to work" Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. BRIAN RALPH WYE Wolfee, Wyezo Usually found: with Jennifer or on the soccer field "Don't give me a hassle" Future plans: to go to college for architectural draft- ment. "Someday miracles will happen" Soccer l, 2, 3, Cap't 4: Baseball 1, 2: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Bye-bye Birdie 3. REBECCA ELIZABETH WOODARD Becca, Beckless, Beckabird "Shut up, Darlene!" "Don't call me that!" "Who's up the hill?" "What a coincidence, l must have E.S.P." Pet Peeve: my longest nickname. Heckless Beckless is reckless with . . . "Remember the past: don't use it. Observe the present, don't abuse it. Look forward to the future: don't accuse it. Be good to all love: or you'll lose it!" W.R. Would like to be remembered for: being able to take Darlene's ha ha ha ha ha ha times. Intramural Volleyball 3. ....,,' .4 Q ... ,xy wwf Q., f r.-We , ., ,r 'W:Wf'12Wfia t Wifi - kf:i97wj.5t,.h,g Zgiiygii QR we ,wav uf ,gf 7255, :wifi M R 38 MARIKO YAGI lko, lks Usually Found: 3-I l Somlike-cho Nakagowa-ko fNagoya, Japanj "Shoot that girl" "Fantastic" Pet Peeve: checking words in dictionary. "Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest" - Mark Twain Volleyball 4: Yearbook 4: AFS Club 4: P.G.F. 4: Basket- ball 4: Intramural Volleyball. 'be ROBERT J. YERED, JR. BoBy Usually Found: Outside Mr. Sperandio's Room Future Plans: Undecided Would like to be remembered for: Nothing and Everything Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, capt. 4, weightlifting I, 2, 3. Track 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Talent Show BARRY ROBERT WYE Wyezo "Take it easy" Pet Peeve: being called Brian Future plans: go to college "You only go around once in life, so grab with gustol' Hockey 2, 3. 4. KIMBERLEY ANNE ZOERB Zep, Kimma Future plans: Job dealing with animals Favorite Song: Sultans of Swing Favorite quote: "I cling to my childhood dreams because l still have a chance to become what I dreamed of becoming." DONNA ZONFRELLI Zonka, Zonna, Zonk Usually Found: Hanging Around "l'm hungry" Future Plans: attend college and become a WEALTHY and dedicated nurse. "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all for you cannot truly love another until you love yourself' Track 1: Cheering 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: ln- tramural Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4: Talent Show 1. 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Prom Committee 3: Class President 3. Not Pictured: Ricky Santos, Jody Santos To Janet Crock, From your rzends The class o 79 and wzsh you the best o everythzng Love always The Class o 79 f ' 1 f ll ll' We l1a'uen't forgotten you ' f f ll ll GIRLS' STATE BOYS' STATE Ray Garcia Jack Fitzgerald D.A.R. REPRESENTATIVE 33. 4 U1 iq Jason Ingraham STUDENT GCVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVE Bob Hagearty Class Musicians - Lowell Kieth, Maureen Coffey inseparable buddies - Corlyne Mick, Terri Alger Cutest Couple - Diane Manning, John Engwer Reckless driving - George Smith, Laureen Coyle 42 C caan a- :ss Most Successful - Jason lngraham, Kathy Menne Class Clowns - Kathy Walsh, Peter X R N K A . . 1411-wfmfffg. s 2, Q. Merritt M Best Looking - Lisa Delorme Most athletic - Mickey Lipsett, Ricky Delaporta Class Flirts - Claire Howard, Eric Elofson Most talkative - Donna Zonfrelli Inseparable Buddies - Doug Steeves, Doug Spearing Senior Superlatives WWW CURTAI GOI G ' ' , X 2 W--if K WWW WW fi amy AE 'X fx U Xl LIP K 4. -s 71.,.:Q.k..L STAGE STRUCK SENICRS 'Q .-Zn 4' 1 ,,., Mr Sperandlo Class advisor Shawn O'RielIy, Treasurer Judy Travers Vlce Presldent, Eric Elofson, I .f ScVUOv:L he cif' Fry XL' ' X V' Cy rg 5 as ,gs 5 J ' S1 N. . we ' K5 . xagmmwfes- . LN: , -lim 3-i-iwfgfg, ,.., ,.... . , K fx W Q53 'VS if 'X .1 A ss g .,Wmf... N x Ei NNN w me X s 'Xx ks 5 X -. bs 1 'X :...:x WMM. W, N X X A 5 . Mmm, eww .....,,.,.X , . - NN,-mw"" 5 .WW 2 , K. e M.. .,irq. e ,Q 55 V fr PM :-:.:.- - ? , yf Hf'5QQlxf4g - Tv :-' '7 Wrw , 7 .1 X ff pw mga? 1212 5 ! 0 b 4 ww Q s ,..nSs---- y.,-1'9" 19 79 X .L Nr - X Sw Ns X Aff "mq":"l.'i "':::sLi Nm' funnel fm Y Q . , 3.13399 fq N sx , x www f s - HW. , ww-M, 1 l-fish ' it Advisor K. Cassidy Egy JOLLY Class Sec. Maria D'Eramo, Pres. Mike Collins, Treas. Carol Kujanpaa, V-P. Debbie Thibeautt Y ,A 2, 4 Vw ,, .. . 5 ff y a Q fi ff 'N f ,z ji, ,www -,l "'df:'W:5' , : ni f,,'QfQwf1iW ' 470: if lilie ly . , ..,. f' W ,,,., ,... 4 ,... . .ml , , ,V 1, , , , , ., lg, , ,K W we as ,, 7 wffgifli' A f ,me ,Q 'ff W 32 yi W 5 is , , MM, ,V,. A 'Wm ,We ,fn arrivave- Q- 5 sim fs wv Y ,wyxvxk ,,,, WMM, w,,, ,, we r 1 2 ' ' iq ' ,, , MN N , s , " ' ,hnwmmpwmuwwdv-U i 5 Ig Q it f f , W v Q - N ' HQ ff :Sf " f- f' fs ,,,,, E. - - .sais l M il, 3:1 , Q A H.-is My wwwnw UPER SUPER SOPHOMORES as .-rv-M--, . my ' - nnnaum.-pm-,W .mzwma-1 m . iium fn 1, , , r f Class Officers LR Tuna Heath Treasurer Rlchard Vellante Presldent Suzanne Smith VP Bed1 "Mani Wee President, Torrey Richards, Pres. Greg Anclonian, Treasurer, Joanne Clark, Secretary, Laurie Robinson. Advisor, Robert Baker ,mul A ,ff f fi Hi 'bmi :fWNYgi'!Ef2wAW! V 5 ,..x-we' 52 P' fx xl r' I . W uh. f ,f ,, HV, , 'ibm ugf-M, ea FE S' a 1 LIP' K"' f I1 P11 by . - A gg R .mv-""mw.,.b .E :QA F if Q- Sf ff 'S' Pd f Q 5 f Q - K 5gZTis QR, Q E as ik Q as , Q ww - -x i i R x . 3 Q:":. f : 'i f-1, x ,F XS 'Fw Y swf Q35- ig :H . :QQ x N, Q S Q Nw + . , sig X af Q fi W 5 ..:,1f..H-..,..,,h-N.., A.,.. NW -MM N V IS FOR VCLLEYBALL Kathy Walsh, Kelly Bayliss, Sue Stevens, Judy Travers, Kathi Menne, Laura Blanchard, Mariko Yagi, Leanne Coyle, Donna Draper, Patty Lipsett, Ground: Cathy Cassidy, Coach, Gail Ganley, Louise Ball. -V ': 5f,fgg-4q,1T f?, .p, Mi KW W" l ff 1 V 'A in is as ., . , ..., W? Em " E if 5 -2 H , I' ... ' , . .. , .- ,LL E l'-'1 - . ' - V 'r'- : 56 Coach Cathy Cassidy, Nancy Wenger, Lisa O'Brian, Kathy Hillier, Paula Dougans, Tricia Delaporta, Linda Booth, Ellen Campbell, Kim Boudrot, Luanne Murphy, Natalie Bosse, Jeanne Travers. W X is R qi This year s volleyball team didn thave an impressive record. All our games were close though, and we beat Ashland, the first place team. Hopefully the skills acquired by the team this past season will be put to good use in the year to come. 57 SCCICER 5 Q 3 ii F s i 2 Q This year's Soccer Devils, under the direction of a new coach, Coach Fleming, came into the season with high expectations. Although we did not manage a winning season, we did battle each team com- petitively fwith the exception of one particular game against Doverj and we did encounter many in- teresting experiences - the near perfect game in Medfield, an offside C???J call against Medway, the out- rageousness in Ashland and the thrashing of Hopkin- tOn. With some solid experience behind them we would like to wish the best of luck to Brobie, Mikey, Buggsie and all the other "chimpies" next year. , Captains: Jason lngraham, Brian Wye DEVILS Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Record: Medway Medfleld Hopkinton Norfolk Dover-Sherborn Hopkinton Medway Medfield Dover-Sherbom Norfolk Westwood Ashland Medway Hopkinton Westwood Total Record 5-8-2 Tri-Captains: L-R: M. Lipsett, C. Goguen, C. Flanagan. Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Nlpmuc Holliston Westwood Dover Hopkinton Marion Bellingham Ashland Nledheld Medway FlELD l L-R: C. Goguen, M. Lipsett, L. Shire, D. Thibault, D. Pettis, C. Flanagan, S. Ryan, K, Clewes, P. Flanagan, P. Boudrot, P. Kilmartjn, V. Bergen, T. Richards. l 60 HOCKEY This year's Varsity Field Hockey Team showed a marked improvement over last year. The inexperienced team of last year began to show their true colors this year. The never ending pep and enthusiasm ofthe team made this year an enjoyable experience for the coaches, as well as the players. Although we will be losing three of our very dedicated players, we have a strong and hopeful team returning next year. .,-'MW 4-KIM Top L-R: C. Manning, J. Tamuleviz, K. Hourigan, K. Walsh, R. Congdon, Coach C. Cangi, J. Clark, J. Duffy, J. Lagos. Bottom L-R: K. Hourigan, C. Duffy, C. Langille, C. Freese, K. Sycamore, P. Green, L. Stivaletta, S. Coito. 61 , .4 Q . g ,Y Q KX i Q w X "Does it work?" Q,m,f1,,I ' fxrwra Q' WN. 62 5 , .5 X J 'L f K , ..,:. , X -s ,, . ... Q Kg S URW! Q REV 4 ' gl A gi CROSS C .t 'E Y '78-'79 Q The fall of 1978 was marked by the rebirth of the Cross Country team. Although this team's first steps were burdened by a lack of experience, even- tually each foot was placed firmly toward the goal of unity. Out of the eight contests held, Millis managed to win two meets. As a result though, these runners developed fine competitive attitudes. The team was led by five juniors. Behind them was the skill of their dedicated coach Larry Olsen, who installed a fiery competitive desire into the team through his own personal experience. Next year we intend to beat the daylights out of everyone!!! A special note on John Sycamore's accomplishments: - undefeated league-Conference Meet - 2nd Framingham News Meet - 3rd Divisional State Meet - 29th overall All State Meet - broke Millis record three times - two additional course records KJ w f igl 1.511 -LLLL X .QM L:-- S :m-L i 2 xx + Q X N1 1 .E Q, Q X! ge' K X Nl I X Ks 3 x X ...W . Not physics, Brad! hflgifaafb' G5 J Qitimmffplo , , ,, Q, .,.M,. , ips.. , 3 ,M if S? N 1. I 1 W .... 3 Nl '7 3 ' 5 if K ' , , if A 'S' . 11. W 5 5 'G MQ '1 5 ' ' . .. ' ' ' ' ff' M ' , . . H . - ,,,, ,,., Q vii Lfffmf- S? ' fi...-: , N-:" . ' "' ' " ' , "WM'f6'1'4'fVMlY'lfWfsL,Z4f AZ' f .. ' .FJ N - , 'I X, iN..?k :... .ffzsygix .5 N ., Nfg -M., fm ,WW y,,,f,, fM,MW,w,, Z - A ..Xxx , "W K , f , ' W . M - . ' . STRETCHING K,-fmix .- 5 .Q Q - N S s RX 5 , i E wa X . , 5 . .2 isxgl sf wg Y X :ag 5553 s, g gk X Q 2, K ,Q 5 .i. 2 5 N1 N .......,,. ak .- - w w . X, fn K, .. .,.. - H M A - -Kwan. . .. 11 . . .. ns- 5 - ,. X. 53 3 M. QL ...R hf'hx-235. gy QQ fix XM N413 up ,r- --kk 'X Q 1 Sk xiixxxiwa.. -1... K4 W5 SS", Y, . - wb . .., wma: EL .1 . Q gi' .A . Y A .f .. .. A Q - A 'sk +-.ry R 3? X? .9 x 5. .. H mww ..,.L. . F B 03 '- me Nm 2 ny Q. H all uf- Our answer to truth, justice and the American way , 4 4 'S Q a 5 'Q ' Mvwwflw. f f v 4 fl' 4, 1 " 57 MA ' ' X I' W - 'V E ' A F Q if 'X ? ?' 27 6 r ,. I u , vv "' A 5 'ff V I H I , ww - . MARN-WW wr' sb ww5, A ' Pg 1 ww 7 '- -Q., - . W ww. - ..y,,5,it N, I k K ,mga J .. X ., .. QS -. , X A Y A L ,R W-. - 7-kV X -i In X, , X ,MM Oh no, not another pep rally! M45 1 J KQV 1 5 ' M A 'fufff vw ff! f :zffiij .4 M 7,9355 5 , My V, H ,QV 4, ? All 141 f 7 1 ,, , me L , V if 1 . P ,V Qffff7Q.'?J W Q tx 111 ,g W Y ,rf ,ff : X , ,f-N, ,um W1 if Q' ,, ggi 'ff ,M 4"'Jvm 311' , , .fi mf 4 Q, f iw!! 67 Ng, , 2 'E vi ,E 'I ig I A "Our Co-Leader' MARCHI G BA D OFFICERS: M. Ferzoco, D. Reynolds, Wce-Pres.g M. Coffey, Drum Ma- jorg K. Short, Pres.g K. Hillier, Sec. if' .H . ,AJ Millis 7 Millis 18 Millis 15 Millis 33 Millis 20 Millis O Millis 34 Millis l Millis 29 Millis 46 The Millis JV Football team, coached by David Sperandio won the Tri-Valley Conference Championship for Une second consecutive season with a record of 9-O-1. Co-captains for this year's team were Ken Brightman and Bill Congdon. The offense, led by quarterback John Delaporta amassed 203 points, while the defense was in- preg nable all season, not allowing a single touchdown in 10 games. 70 A .V va c. , ., . .... . .. , v 4. ,. - ., g. L , - ' 'W J '25 V . f , Y V f H "' - v?' sq.. 4. ,. .' 'W' gy, in I I gr: , ff my ' -' is H xl If ' I -. f 4 I ,, " 1 411 -,fl ,gf ,V ' MW I 3' .-Q' . 7' V .,s, 5 L it ,. ,. , 1 f f m ' , K " 'j' --6 ' Hull O Marion 2 Ashland 2 Medfield O Westwood 0 Dover-Sh erborn 0 Bellingham 0 Hopkinton O Holliston 0 Medway O T 1 . ca: "W 2 . 1 52 i Front, Left to Right: C. Russog M. Gould, L. Frankina. 2nd row L-R3 P. Latosekg K. Tiberig L. Robinson, J, Gillis, A. Collins, K. Paur. Top: T. Coste. FRESHMAN RECORD Millis 20 Tri-County O Millis 24 Ashland O Millis 16 Medfleld O Millis 6 Westwood O Millis 14 Dover O Millis 12 Hopkinton 6 Millis 8 Bellingham 6 Millis 6 Holliston 14 M'll'S 24 Medway 6 Top L-R: P. Turgeon, M. Goes, c. O'Rourke, M. Shea, B. Andrews, J. D'Eramo, w 8 wins - 1 loss Devens, P. Magnuson, T. Cannon, M. Delaporta, Coach Hoffman, Bottom L-R: D. Meuse R. Baldwin, P. Howard, J. DeAngles, J. St.Cyr, R. Evers, G. Andonian, K. Saccoman, P Hunt, G. Angel. .eel ."-- 1 -- lllh 1 '-", . . I M.. ..k . 'K in LB' .0 ...K .. ...iw --ego X K ..,r.r. 1 X 1 4 X ., Q . QW ' I 1 ' X . . 1 . fx 'E .L 11 Ng w g . A: li N Q 1.,. . 2 -PQ.. .gi 71 72 A . .ii 1 ,ff Y 519,17 Mgr'-Wk A , , ' 1, Q Q1 V . , 1' .. ..a.,'f 4. ,Xe li- H fav. . I' i as A S fy 1 Q , V 1 L, W tg 4 99 Y if WW if f ,f R f K . V ,,,, iq, E V -M ' K r i X L 41 ...QW Z. do ' "' ffiif l..l .'3' V Millis 39 HI-Ill Millis 34 Marian Millis 33 Ashland Millis 40 Meclfield Millis 10 Westwood Nlillis 21 Dover-Sherborn Millis 33 Bellingham Millis 49 Hopkinton Millis 33 Holliston Minis li Medway 327 lst Row: captains M. Knmamn, E. Elofson, D. Mcande and B. Yered. 2nd Row: J. Buchanan, R. 9 wins 1 l0SS Delaporta, J. Dennett, P. Robinson, R. Bennett, G. Smith, T. Lyons, T. Mulvihille, J. Engwer, T. TRl.CHAMPS TRI-VALLEY LEAGUE Roche. warm., 5 . . KL - .... . H K 7 v N- , .. ' .- .1 . ii R. Delaporta, P. Robinsn, J. Buchanan: G. Smith, Co-captains E. Elofson, D. McBride, B. Yered and M. Kilmartin: J. Engwer, T. Roche Lyons, T. Mulvihille. 2nd Row: S. Collins. J. Dennett, R. Barnes, B. Carter, K. Brightman, R. Bennett, B. Barbera, B. MacKinnon, K. Jordan we K -Q Richards. E. Fairfield. 3rd Row: J. Bennett, J. Riley, R. Voecks: J. Delaporta, P. Shuker, B. Congdon, J. Monaghan, J. Caddell, R. Vellante aa. fa If . B T Barbera. J. Travers. 4th Row: S. Lemmons, trainer: Coach Sperandie. C. Latosek, B. Biagoth, J. Kerwin, T. Puccini, B. Dennett, P. Barrett T it Nfl? . icai .V .f ew.. Smith, G. Pfister, Coach Canoll, Coach Richards. Not Pictured: K. Karcher, G. Andonian, W. Lagos, J. St Cyr. T. Cannon- v A R SF lo To YT B A L L . Qs' get if f i ,E . , ,W ,af jswifwww ., Q1 . AXE vw f" . A . Qu m,y:,H, I ,V With a well-deserved victory over the Medway Mustangs, the Millis High School football team ended a successful season that will long be remembered. With Rick Delaporta and Don McBride both rushing over the 1000 yard mark, the team finished with a 9-1 record and became tri- champs of the Tri-Valley League. Without the help of Buck the i'Bicep", Buba, Sumpy, Rochey, Tugboat, Buford, Doobie, Pengua, Cado, Casper, Dela, Macka, Bobo, Benny, Lyons, Kilmer, and Robert Archibald MacKinnon, this season would not have been possible. Hey, the game isn't over yet! Good luck to next year's team, and let's make the bowl. Co-Captain Eric Elofson The brains behind the operation. Y rl I ef e Q f' ,I . A.: X , J ye, A S Q' -'1 i Lisa Palange - Homecoming Queen K A A N Aid Q- 5-5 MOlQfQWlKC SPEUQEUV 2 2 s s f2 N H i ": 9 A if , S, if Via ti, x L to R, top to bottom: Nancy Ackerman, Mary Otis, Lisa Palange, Donna Zonfrelli, Maria D'Eramo, Jean Russo, Holly Doiiner, Dawn Hines, Penny Hansen, Suzanne Smith. 77 G1 'Y Q X if 7 , 'P 'W MW 14493594- 'Awww new 'uw N 4 I 'MW' A K M' R ' 'luzify iff' 'Y 2 M WWW 'Mn 3 2 x. A M ,, fnzdld' if 2 H? A-.. X-ww W K ,,,.,, M.. - .. 4 N- EJ ' KX 11' I " sy f 1, xi' Km - X A 1 , N, jg , b. ww un 3 "Q ri N . .qi - , 'NW N xi lg . Q fwfwf i ",,,.,, .ie R.. , L, - 'ln , f ,TE ir. 1 . w ,Q n 9 tw, W g A WN ' .4 K xr? .4-PL' 'Q-x 'L . L 'A :rx . f , 11 M ,C 5 . Q ,Rf ., 1 f ., k av- t . A ' Y L eq 4 X Q k QYSNKL 1 Y ,1 K will 'fx ...wif N . 5' " L IL r,...,...4..-w- gs. N Vs L, Alam Q' v , Lam A L , ' L- A L x L L L L If . f . L. ,Lf in .. L NX ,L . .f F AL., . wglur A Q MW Q L A.. df :N Q Q A L m Tim X ,,LL L AL., X L ,N LLLLLL NL L... LL M m L j affix WNW ,A 'Tigmwk 3 wiv S Q X, MW LL 'W sig P xi "',LLL -if V QM K ,Q M k L Nm A k NN, MMA i L L L x H L L X ' N' -. QNX LL 'L ,F ' "i xv x A . L 2 '55 ,gy L Lf A A, 4.-QQ - mm, -K X A' Q an ' 35- ' " X L L. . .1 L L f' QTVR N . vw xA A + Q L, L 2 S X ' . 4 yn L -xv? 'Q --w-afar Lg X N QQ Q f LM. ':" A - W. W ::-:' ,LN U A J " " N 4 si x' if ' x K A '-- ff' 'N w. x. LLLL M Ls ,, V Ag A A midi M dw 3 N L' L L L4 .4 X Q it X 1 ' X, 'T F is fn uf 'Q Q ' K af in " 'K if N ICE TIME? MAIN' First row: S. O'RieIly, R. Pettis, B. Wye, M. Kilmartin, T. Lubenec, D. Ciasullo, R. Rooney. Second row: D. Rich, W. Devens, T. Merritt, K. Healy, W. Lagos, J. Albani, P. Merritt, K. Brightman, B. Wye, M. Savage, M. LaCroix, J. Engwer, Coach O'Rielly. Our team this year was very experienced, though we did not get very high in die standings. The team was a team in spirit and that's what counts. All the guys on the team enjoyed and appreciated what Coach O'Reilly has done for us over the years. We did not have much ice time this year. Maybe that's why we didn't rank so high. We had a lot of injuries on the team - more than we've had in a long time - but we still sur- vived. I would like to wish next year's co-captains, Marc Savage and Doug Rich, the best of luck for the oncoming season. Co-Captain Barry Wye Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis 82 l ff, Ice Hockey Team Scores Medfield Dover-Sherborn Keefe Tech Holliston Bellingham Westwood Dover-Sherborn Keefe Tech Holliston Westwood Medfield Bellingham ' 2 vu-Io Qogfb ZX, 83 x 2l'l'I3ICDl'l'I'JU"l'l QU CIJDPQ'-L Y' RW if - VARSITY B-BALL i l k .au First Row, L-R: Co-Captains R. Bennett, J. Ingraham, E. Elofson. Second Row, L-R: D. Maraggio, .J Monaghan, R. Vellante, M. Collins, R. Andrews, K. Jordan, T. Gilbert, Coach Carroll. W' 1 i fl 1 5 Millis Newton South Millis Norfolk Millis Holliston Millis Bellingham Millis Newton South Millis Medfield Millis D-S Millis Westwood Millis Ashland Millis Medway Millis l-lolliston Millis Hopkinton Millis Norfolk Millis Bellingham Millis Ashland Millis Medfield Millis D-S Millis Westwood Millis Hopkinton Millis Medway Record lO-10 1979 started out as a sensational year for the Varsity Basketball Team. The team amazed the Tri-Valley League with its 5-O record. As the season progressed, the boys were busy prepar- ing for the big game at BC. with Holliston on Martin Luther King Day. Although we didn't win, it was a great game. The team finished with an overall record of IO wins + lO losses, winning their last two games against Hopkinton and Medway. We look forward to a great season of basketball next year with the return of many familiar faces. it .f X ... at 157 ,IN CHR BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS xnxx, all 43, XNM INV!! lH'740f lt's mine!" MW... mm "Oops!" Top Row L-R: Coach: Mrs. Russ, T. Richards, P. Kilmartin, G. Dognazzi, L. Fairfield, N. Weng Travers, V. Bergen, P. Delaporta. Front Row L-R: K. McCandless, J. Lagos, P. Boudrout. er, J. "Catch Kelly!" There is much enthusiasm in the girls basketball program now. This year's squad gained increasing respect in the league. Led by Senior Tri-captains Mickey Lipsett, Cheryl Cioguen, and Kelly Bayliss, the girls' team were undefeated in non-league games and per' formed creditably against league opponents. A significant improvement! Mickey Lipsett gained all-league recognition and more Lady Mohawks will do so in the future - "Watch out Westwoodll' Tri-captains L-R: K. Bayliss, M. Lipsett, G. Goguen. 1 rf Top Row L-R: Coach: Mr. Dooling, M. Yagi, L. Booth, K. Boudrot, L. Mariano, S. Ryan, L. Ball. Front Row L-R: M. Lipsett, C. Goguen, K. Bayliss. 91 X . fi ': Q?Qi?5.5z!e2.-52? 23512114- ,,.:.:.. W ,S A, .Q 35 O 5 ... - ,m,.. m ax.. -wav: SX X 9 'Ik sibffxfohsffe:-.i-ew . .. .. . 53XSi?f?igi.if'ffk i ' .. P N kgs f:X.:mfwqsg3 A Li ggi xv X 'E ,.jfP.2At . ' .,.. F . X. .... N .,, . ..... xy.: Xa .Q 4 'N S Q Q. W X R332 X X X QQ gs E Sm X X Q st Mm X gg 9 b . 5 M x 2 1? M like Kes Q er s R YXRKQ if 1 X 5 X5 in 'S sg X 4 K 532 QQ? E331 x 1 xg QMS Q X Sig 25 , E i 4 XX X , X P X Q g . The Sun Room A W ,f-' A quiet afternoon at the pond. DMUUS- AFTER 'WEWE kwg Q h - Cimzvaxsssws 0 mpmm Fooo srone GONE I- 'Q- G5 ri ti' A it if z ,- rj ' 1- 1 'i w Fffg.-Q. k'-k m r q' l'hYk 5 0-'I' Ni T , t tgifttf 1 if K I: F K 1 " .......t.t.., 'llllll i l L-R: Thierry Lubenec, Wce President - AFS Millis, Mark Sullivan, Kjell Lindroos - dent AFS Millis, Lia Sgourakes - Secretary AFS Millis, Mariko Yagi - Japan - Millis AFS Student, Laura Collins - Treasurer - AFS Millis fnot picturedb. .1 , . -jgfvq Y, X , T l l lil Tin 1 Qlmfkilh-A, , S. fin 2 3.5, I 012011 AFS Night This year has been a very active one for the newly formed AFS Club. The chapter was very fortunate to sponsor exchange student Mariko Yagi from Japan. A short term exchange with Roslyn, New York was fun for everyone. The AFS carnation sale was a huge success. Over the summer the AFS Club hosted 35 students from 25 different countries in a bus stop with Medway AFS. The AFS sold soda at the Fun on the Fourth celebra- tion in the town park. These activities have helped to involve everyone and lead to a better year in 1979-1980. 94 9 v Finland, Lisa Outterside - Australia, Kaoru Chikushi - Japan, Kathi Menne - Presi- I S CUR .Y. TRIP The gang's all here! "lt was a long train trip QW ? A P will ffl I. ff" msxx ' U 'N nsfmunmvnm X x . J - YP-Sfxiixxs s 1 ,Q ! ,fu 'N W 1 5 Z' ! i y hifi g Fi" ' . m,AA : K 1 . 'H -g, ,ws xr Si I 1 mfg, xsfsi 5, 'WIKI MTH .hw ff' Senior Faculty All Star Game 'HRX pf----.. SPRI G ,,.,..,..-sf N, N X., ., w x Qi X N 7 SH-""" X BASEBALL "79" Front Row: J. Buchanan, B. Angel, Capt.g G. Smith, Capt., T. Gilbert, Capt. Back Row: Coach Richards, J. Kerwin, D. Reese, C. Barbera, T. Cannon, R. Vellante, B. MacKinnon, J. Monaghan, W. Lagos. 02 Our most dedicated fan. Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis 1 1 Medfield 7 Bellingham 5 Hopkinton 8 Holliston 16 Ashland 7 Dover-Sherborn 5 Westwood 3 Medfield 4 Bellingham 1 1 Hopkinton 1 1 Holliston 8 Medway 10 Ashland 7 Dover-Sherborn 5 Westwood 12 wins - 5 losses Tournament, Millis 3 Sandwich 8 -S.: After several down years, Coach Ernie Richards has taken only two years to put Millis baseball back at the top of the Tri-Valley League. This season's Mohawk nine had a twelve and five record, which earned it a berth in the State Tourney. Despite the tourney loss to Sandwich, Millis baseball will be on top for quite a while. The departed seniors led by MVP George Smith, will be missed, but this year Coach Richards started five sophomores! There'll be more -sn N championships a-comin. TOURNEY BCUND 9 WYE 3 I i Q Qi xwsmx Q- X . -,W . 5, f, , ,ff ,C 1, f I.. "Way to go, Bobby. 6' . ' ' A an was X . X5 .LT y as af il, XE Q24 T we .W . - J W., V. ,MJ ,Aa ,, ,Sf 'F A .. , Top Row: T. Carter, J. Lagos, D. Tiberi, A. Richards, J. Sjogren, P. Turgeon, G. Angel, P. Zonfrelli, S. Smith,M. Kruvitz,J. Ryan, T. Graham. Bottom Row: T. Smith, J. Dognazzi, W. Thumith, Coach R. Baker, P. Shuker, D. Souza, K. Schultz, T. Cannon. 7 , , , . .,,, , ,. A . ' . Q siif-is ,. uv Y QVC TF! C C Y C 'C il fi ' ' , r WW ff Ji' ,, ,..M,.,W , 'aww' "wif , bm , ,f .V Q' "mast-' .Qu ,A f . V ' ,Z i, ' ' . W..1,,fa,z ,W I , ,V ,La 1 ik M , : 'fvfffwffzmff "'A" N wg' P f VM H f, C C 4, JJTT fi T 'fh P I ,MQW F IA. . 4 V rf- v. . ? , f Top Row: I. Lubenec, S. DeDoming,V. Bergen, D. Radcliffe, E. Pedalino, L. L. Lambirth,D.Shuker, S. DeDom- QQ' 'I I 'L Q f I, , ing, Coach W. Moody. Bottom Row: C. Freese, K. McCandless, L. Booth, J. Travers, P. Green, C. Hagearty. ' ' '- ' ' V A - 1 ' ' ' 105 'wal 3 vw- GN-. it Smiles strikes again Out going captain Fourth place Terribly talented team Back up coach Pettis All-star catcher Louie, Mert, Thebs, SueSue, Smiles, Pammy, Perry, Lagos, G.G. Gayle, Walsy, and Kathy Egy Looking forward to next year i L 'X 11 A V , ,f?f,,,, .. i V 'fly , f u 7 EQ 7' I ff Z ,, W ' " - . - s vfgyv 3. ' 1' v. 1 hge: 5' N m . 4 we , ,. ,,., , i , , Z . Y v-. ,Q- F F "-wwwwy.-,',1,Ya ,W , 1 if . , 1 '-'., f W f A450 was ' Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis Millis lst Row: G. Ganley D Pettls D Thlbault Co Capt K Walsh Co Capt S Mltchell 2nd Row K Egy Coach P Boudrot, l.. Ball, G DOQDZZZI L Mariano S Ryan J Lagos T Rlchards Medlield Marion Bellingham Hopkinton Holliston Medway Westwood DS. Ashland Medfield Belling ham Hopkinton Medway Holliston Ashland Westwood D.S. Record 10-7 Mil MILLIS -w - f kiss 53 VARSITY V, " HE V A L 'T W..-aid' WWI.: L Tvikutt To Hill Over the past nine years Brian Tuohey has devoted much of his time and effort to the production of the senior yearbook. We regret to say this year will be his last as yearbook advisor. In all sincerity we extend our deepest and warmest thanks to Mr. Tuohey for all of his hard work, humor and love. The Class of '79 'rl CY RLY Guy I.T"S """"' "'-'xi-in. C :N HL-LY . I vp E Mboor, gm '---"VffQ E.: F X X :,. X XX X Kr, . wk f fe FAVORITE PLACES , E' - ,gm an A if W 1 'QW W '52 ,gm-, mm., 1 V ,Wf , f Q5 If I f ,...., M ', . 5 Back row, L to R: K. Hourigan, P. Greene, C. DeLorme, S. Ball, D. Draper, P. Lipsett, L. Blanchard, P. Delaporta, C. Erickson, Coach Cangi. Front Row L to R: L. Coyle, J. Travers, L. Murphy, L. Delorme, Capt. M. Lipsett, P. Draper, C. Goguen, K. Boudrot. 1979 Tennis Stats Team Record - 164 Second Place in Tri-Valley League Third Consecutive year in qualification in state team tournament Charles River Tournament Mickey Lipsett Finalist in Girl's singles. Paula Draper and Lisa DeLorme finalists in Girls doubles. Individual Honors Team MVP - Erika Keller C14-IJ "Steady Star" Award - Paula Draper Q17-35 ' Tri-Valley League All-Star-Mickey Lipsett 13 time all-star? ' Patricia Lipsett C2 time all-starj Milford Daily News All-Star - Mickey Lipsett 42 timesl Best Singles Record - Erika Keller U4-U I Best Doubles Record - Paula Draper and Lisa DeLorme U6-21 4 Laura Blanchard and Craig Desmarais finalists in Mixed doubles. i ,,.. V- " ' , 1-5-"iw4'is-Q-Q.N,f 1 z ...... , There is a rich heritage developing in Millis girl's tennis. Once again we were up there with the perennial powers, Dover-Sherborn and Westwood. There is no reason to believe that such success will be temwinated. Despite the loss of a senior class that contributed much to the team's success, Millis will be back amongst the leaders next year. Coach Cangi will see to it that the younger players will perform up to the lofty standards of their predecessors. Good Luck in the future! 'X X if' fx lity . W -4 - K we Tl alilyiilisi Millis Opponent 5 Franklin O 4 Medfield 1 4 Marian 0 5 Bellingham O O Milford 5 5 Medway O l Holliston 4 5 Ashland 0 1 Westwood 4 5 Hopkinton 0 2 Dover-Sherborn 3 4 Medfield 1 5 Marian O 5 Bellingham 0 3 Medway 2 . 1 Holliston 4 4 Ashland 1 O Westwood 5 5 Hopkinton 0 ,i l Dover-Sherborn 4 3' jf' 13 w - 7 L "Coach" - AMilIis institution! 'iw 1, 1 Bottom Row L to R.: D. Tolar, E. Elofson - Co-Capt., J. lngraham Co-Capt., M. Ferzoco. Top Row L to R.: J. Travers, R. Barnes, J. lngraham, D. Booth, B. Carter, C. Desmarais, M. DerHagopian, J. lngraham, Coach Karogolanian. QJQ t . iam .QF l L X The left hand is for balance. M e'aa, W""""" 1 Aga Q if tt ' uf, wk' J 1, ,kwwig " 'J V H ' 'V g 4 . 4 A f ,uwn ' X am 4 M, 2 HfMa12f+'523f5W Q 139223 -.453 ' .1 au ,A-3, Who tied my sneakers together? Bruce can walk on water, too. Beautiful form - for an all-scholastic Tackle. lt's hard to serve without a ball. I ' ' 5 . 5 v J ' e Q The future of Millis tennis is secure. 117 2. S THE I TELLIGENTSIP The National Honor Society: Back Row: L-R: K. Menne, K. Short, D. Zonfrelli, R. Congdon, G. Smith, R. Bennett, J. lngraham, D. Clark, L. Sgourakes, A. Wolpert, R. Garcia, K. Walsh, P. Brunelle. 2nd Row: M. Coste, T. Lubenec, J, Broberg, B. Reger, E. Elofson, L. Palange, S Stevens, E. Keaney, L. Collings, S. O'Reilly. 3rd Row: M. Callelo, Advisor, R. Andrews, L. Doliner, J. Brarnan, T. Coste, C. Cronin, K Fracassa, L. Frankina, L. Geraghty. 4th Row: K. Hillier, D. Hines, Ci. Howland, J. Mariano, D. Proctor, L. Reger, J. Russo, J. Sycamore Front Row: D. Rich, D. Tackett, D. Thibeau, S. Volpicelli, R. Whelihan, C. Wolpert, B. Wyl, M. Yagi. V. E .,.k,3.,,. Exwggsiss ..... ,.. ..... ...,,, W M ks 'Q -M H Q A - - . . .V . 1 1 2 . ., ' I f - - K. J 5-?.ei.b5 l.X?5T?:1S 5f3'ffsS'f:-il23-- ' ' 'fs.' . . . . . f J ' 'H . z s '.:-'www +3232- f i f- JY Q - .-rf .. 5- z..,pfq.i Ame- , ,. .Q-g,- .x, . . .,S-, ,Q ,V gc.. 3 . n - " P : . sears- --Wi.. .- -1 .. .. . . if .. .. .. A fx. . ' Y' ,gi . fa-ff-sc ' 3, ii 5 i t " : . Bile A S E . -- . . i A N W. ' 5 - ,. - -sf' : gl 1 , 2 55351 K S fi f- .. -.F-Na. -:Mf5M, 1 S - xv - if ' it ' L - sw.:- .:i.s. - ,,.,-e...gsg,. ..:,N... ,, . .- . - 1 - -- .-:.q.i-, afifsfsezfk , Q V A 2- i M . fs -A 5 Jfiigiiv. i1 if.e. e..'E'f5 2.i- N ,., S - II. ESI" far ". -I.: :V ff :L E5 .3 ... -J 118 1 F MILLIS HIGH Back: L. Collins, B. Reger, R. Delaporta, D. Clark, G. Howland, K. Menne, M. Yagi, M. Cangi. :rontz J. Travers, J. lngraham, G. Pemberton, S, O'Reilly, L. Sgourakes. YW CHESS MATH TEAM 9 iii ,wi 355 v Q 1 K 9 3 2 P .aww f Mmwzzmwewmwmzmewf' ws: . an www mf K Q. X 5' X 3 XX F xx N 'xxx 'kk W .X -.X Y' sew ,I '7" , 4' if - s QQW: QE SQ 0 1 I Ei 5 A- K . j i m L. X fy - i X, 'Q' J.5rgf3Qw,vf. f ff ,.-nn.. SPORTS , 122 4 gf .asm A QUET W., 'Zag 553 Lf? Q, t JM Via 'K 4 'f N QL I , M .f I hY , QQ.-. M' i X ,Q V' -- 25 A V 3 L fa 5 Z K , my 1 ' "Even angels gotta eat" "Earth to Kim Earth to Kim" za-.35 "l'm so Confused" 04- saw gTQ?..'4'ixX "Look! We're on candid camera" "Finger Lickin' good??" 124 . , W Q "" 47 r af, "Was this the choice today?" . ,,i,. ,. , ll is x I , f Q G V ,g X ' V , ' . i f , i f , ' il 7- ' ' ir 1 r X UW, Vf,i 725, iff' "Cheeseburger .. Cheeseburgerh "Sour stomach Buford??" A "CHR CAF " "How about 2 out of 3" 'Tm SiCk Of Pill-21" I m so embarrassed "Corinne, where are vou?" l'm dreaming of a Papa Gino's Pizza" I survived! I W' hungry ... ROMAN DAY 1 L 1' :fq-l' I . N . N 1 JA' Y' 7-XX , -' ' .' 3-33 X F,-by' 5 H QL N 5' I- lf! S - -I v NS 'lx " , X 1 N X X N xx . K M OFF TO THE RACES 5. ,J I TQ., YH . , S ' ' L .3 Q -in 4 hm, r-.41.,A,- uv ' Dr if-454.1 -Q4 KR.. xx S 44 M m 127 DINNER fig M14 C E , if ' Q W 'ZW 1' fx I - ' .F Q 's el: A. . 3 gf ,Q H s ni' . Fm if X x K Q, Q I 'L , -uf tc 'L 'iv r N K if 53 I ' ff? ff ' f.,L.,X Xl s 5 f- .ti '54 4,2 2 ' U 5 .U .4 5. 24- no -Kal K f C iw ,Q ik gvw -if 'W 1 P! " fb gh., - MS. .QP S CHORUS . lst Row: S. Lemons, K. Donahue, L. Keith, J. Keller, R. Trenouth, D. Tackett, D. Lambert. 2nd Row: M. D'Eramo, S. Elofson, T. Heath, J. Heath, M. Coffey, M. Coste, J. Manning, K. Menne, L. Reger, C. Cronin, Direc- tor - Mr. Miller. , 4 . if K J " ,A N. , L C NLQN , -fgjgkg' ,T 99 U TK 1' I7 ..e, x K .X ,q y X . ' 'f T . ff. - -- eg! , - ' e .N-. -1 X xxx A 5 i . if ' O4 , ... f 1 f ..,, ' 1 f fl I 0 X if A - . ' 2 'is X- X. 5 ' of F' 'Q . XX :fe D I X K? ' 'fa-1 if S- ' 1 f 3 f W I 4 I jf ff fn f v I! fig' f 5 , f 4 1 1 4 , L up I , 7 . :gk , if xv A 'Wwe vw ,z 1 , ff A ': fix f 5 f' ' 59 4 V W' 4 TALENT SHOW 1 979 JU IOR'S HOLLYWOOD ,1 ' gs Q y 'vu E, ME U 13 ,TH - 140 THE JU 4 W! M my OR f ,W-.Q Junior Class Advisor K. Egy X .mx SENIOR SPRI G PROM GF 1979 L to R: M. Lipsett - 1978 Queen, J. Sycamore - Junior Court, L. Reger - Junior Court, G. Smith - 1978 King, H. Dolliner and R. MacKinnon - 1979 Queen and King, R. Garcia - Senior Court, D. Zonfrelli - Senior Court, D. Rich - Junior Court, L. DeLorme - Senior Court, S. O'Reilly - Senior Court, and J. Russo - Junior Court. 141 SES? F 2 . 1 1 I 5 E K 4 v i I f Q E 5 i , : 3 K S Z 2 5 5 5 E ' if " A CODIS CONNECTICUT T R I P . , .-.: . 'A3'i..x',I,L A .- I Q JN .ff ?:'f ' ' - , - f.. f I 2 . 5 I .. ,Q 2 J .1 . .1 I ,. I , . , C. -A gf Q N., A--A --f ' . . ...j,4Qxfm,wm. I 2 ---- .. I .fff-M-fr+wf ' sg f 1 I... , K, I ... 44 ,... V " ,, Jr . I , "fn" I, ,W ,J N fv flpjj' ,211-:w,,- f.,r,f,: -, ., ,,v..M,,,,,,,,fA 9-:nun-fm-,. "H", A 'J' 14 we . X Www-mmmmem ,AQQN -Q ,K Ah . -fififibbxf-at -'DE' 'E Afiiw Af--Qfi2+"'7""'T. , ,S N- 5 d A vii , M . .Q -. . ,A Q,.,,M..Q ' V Qu.-Ln . hw- . . w M Q . six M , -vm 4-E.. V-fi. 'wif'-...L ""'r::W W, ,. g M'g N kfw -..wg Q4 f i 5 Hr'-f:"f GNN fg QJ .. .M ..':?I'l' ', Qu N ,T sg" ' ' M ,i',3.eif:,av-...xy-Q A ngv..-Nw ggi 147 X ...S Special People 48 FL A J' VMS. Q- N9 'iw YH ,Qcsf-.4 'X Y 'A' ,,,,. "5""" ' ,, 5 Q S 1 ff fifi ill ,, , 33' W, ff f ' , Y 3,3 , ,. 29 'W 'lam X W Pkg X xixst' , l , TP k fix. r NW mx Q X X + 'f x N' X X .N . , M -Y .. R. - L 2, ' 5 - S Q S. 5 X is X fx QQ Q fs Y is RX X ww w : N X V Q X . Sv X Q .N X 5 in -.Lim :vp-Q GRADLIATICN n n 1. - -Q T' . B1 at , A W4 W' WV , 4 V .hynff X v s . ff FV, 'W L as 'Q X? 2 M f 4 1 WMM ,A -14 E ,, , 4 N , 2 pm. Q ,Q ,: B NM 444, 43" v'Q ,SGH f if tie A af 2 ., ,J , . . " x 1 , 5 ft' Mr" -1651, .--1 2 J 3 Reverend Clergy, Members of the School Committee, Mr. Vellante, Mr. Brunelle, Mr. Arcudi, Parents, Relatives, and Friends. On behalf of the class of 1979, l would like to welcome you here this evening and thank you for all the support and guidance you have bestowed upon us as we have struggled through the perils and pitfalls of our educational career. This evening, we will end a chapter of our lives and begin a new one. The ignorance and apathy which we smugly cherished as children will yield to the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood. As my classmates and l make this transition, we shall seek to attain the lifetime goals and achievements that each of us has chosen. We realize that we must have long- range goals to balance the frustrations of occasional failures. We must not succumb to the whims of hope, but we must ac- cept the forces of reality, unrealistic expectations can lead only to eventual disappointment. ln striving for success, which is the term coined by society for those who achieve their aspirations, an individual must be aware of his potential and capitalize on it. The search for one's individuality is the means by which one's self-esteem is kept at a constant median, it is the force that restrains one from un- derestimating or overestamiting his potential. lt is essential for us, as individuals, to be fully aware of our abilities as well as our limitations. The peer-pressured conformity of our high school years must be replaced by a true view and un- derstanding of ourselves, we must find our places in society. As individuals, we must remember to give consideration to fellow human beings and their quest for success. Refusing to accept changes within ourselves or refusing to keep an open mind toward the views of others only limits our personal growth. For a full appreciation of life, we must discover our potential, develop it, and transform it into meaningful accom- plishments. ln this way the existence of man becomes signifi- cant and meaningful to himself, society, and hopefully to posterity. Valedictorian Jason lngraham Thank You. Reverend Clergy, Members of the School Committee, Mr. Vellante, Mr. Brunelle, Mr. Arcudi, Faculty, Parents, Relatives, Friends, and Members of the Class of 1979, l extend a warm welcome to all who have gathered here tonight. ln addition l wish to thank everyone, especially parents and the educational community, who has made this graduation possible. As our high school days draw to an end, let us neither dwell on the past nor beco'me obsessed with the future. This speculation results in lost time, time which can never be recaptured. Salutatorian Kathleen Ann Menne The years of our education have passed quickly, filled with many pleasurable memories and experiences. This has been a period of growing and nurturing which has given us a greater knowledge of ourselves, our community, and our respon- sibility to others. We have received the basics of our education, and now it is up to each and every one of us to continue this learning process. , At this point the future appears distant and dreamlikel Some of us are filled with apprehension as to what the morrow will bring. A few will struggle to build a place for themselves, others will find security through a careful planning of their destiny. Henceforth lies every imaginable hope and dream. The future holds the opportunity to realize one's full potential, Relatives, Friends, and especially my classmates. for nothing is yet impossible. This evening let us resolve to delight in the present, and by doing this, create a past of accomplishment, and build a future filled with optimism. The significance of the present is perhaps best expressed in the ancient words of the Sanskrit. Look tothis day, For it is life, The very life of life. ln its brief course lies all The realities and verities of existence, The bliss of growth, The splender of action The glory of power--- For yesterday is but a dream And tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived, Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope Look well, dierefore, to this day ---SANSKRIT Thank You Reverend Clergy, Members of the School Committee, Mr. Vellante, Mr. Brunelle, Mr. Arcudi, Faculty, Parents, ln seventh grade l learned about the AFS student exchange program and dreamed about going to the United States. This year my dream has come true. My time in Millis is almost over for three weeks from today l will be returning to my country, Japan. My experience has exceeded anything that l could ever have imagined. To all the people in Millis, thank you for your kindness, your friendship, and your hospitality. To Mr. Brunelle, my teachers, faculty, and classmates, thank you for making me feel welcome and a part of your school. Es- pecially to my family, l want to thank Kathi, Susan, Dad, and my dear Mom. l am honored to be the first AFS stu- dent in your community. l hope that other foreign students will have the opportunity to enjoy Millis as l have. This year has taught me a great many things about the life and customs of the Llnited States. lt has also helped me to realize my personal goal for becoming more proficient in the English language. On my return to Nagoya, l will complete my high school education and take entrance examinations for college. l plan to at- tend Tokyo Foreign Language College where l will study foreign languages. My desire is to graduate with a degree in language . . rqqgg .- .W --:. .Q K Mariko Yagi and pursue a career as an interpreter in international business. l will always remember my year in Millis, my family, school, and friends. Finally l wish to say, "mata au hi made" which does not mean "good-bye", but rather "until l see you again." Thank you. Scholarships Dr. George C. Roy Student Council Scholarship George C. Roy Memorial Scholarship Morris C. Mushnick Scholarship Dexter M. Gould Scholarship Eddie Sims Memorial Scholarship Alumni Scholarship Argento's Nine to Nine Markets GAF Corporation Scholarship Niles Rosenfeld Scholarship Randy Dixon Scholarship Rosaline Winiker Buckler Scholarship Joseph and lda Warsofsky Memorial Scholarship Margaret K. and James Tabarani Jr. Scholarship Knights of Columbus Scholarships Millis Firefighter's Association Scholarship Patrolman Thomas H. Collins Amvets Post 495 Scholarship Amvet Auxiliary Scholarships Millis Lion's Club Scholarship CSF Scholarships Millis Teacher's Association Scholarship Shawn Joseph O'Reilly Richard William Delaporta Amalia Sia Sgourakes David Andrew Clark Dwight David Lambirth Donna Ann Zonfrelli Brad Alan Reger Jason Ingraham Brad Alan Reger Judith Ann Travers' Laura Jean Collins Elizabeth Ann DeLorme Kathleen Ann Menne Donna Ann Zonfrelli Amalia Sta Sgorakes Kathleen Ann Menne Laura Jean Collins Richard William Delaporta Laurene Marie Coyle Susan Tabarini Donna Ann Zonfrelli Laura Jean Collins Laura Jean Collins Jason Ingraham Shavim Joseph O'ReilIy Richard William Delaporta Sandra Jean Morse Ellen Smith Ric hard William Delaporta .im - I! 6 -vi wsu I as ek iw? H' Wiz if 0 vis W'?'n A N 'wi x fx .f SE : fu V giw ' -7 S ,' fw,,f'3 -" H? ,. 7 V 42 ' 'f WWW Q A -4-ff ' .. , , ,3 A A A f 1 N if in ' .M ., , Q' 4 ef" gn x8 'Sem xx vfafvffiv 24W .Q E 157 IVlARKSlVlANSHIP E Q EST Cl R IAN S ff- ? .A.i. ' L. Joyce M. Joyce R NATIONAL MERIT SKIING C0 MMENDED SCHCJLARS DISTRICT BAND K. Menne, D. Clark, M. Otis AND CHORUS I4 J, Keller, L. Regerg not pictu - . . FIGURE SKATING MASS . JUNIOR MISS FOOTBALL M. Otis D. McBride, Mr. Richards, R. Delaporta MOST VALUABI-E ALL STATE CHORUS JAZZ MUSICIANS G. Sluicer K. Short E. DeLorme, L. Reger CLASS HISTORY We the class of '79 of Millis High School are pleased as well as relieved to say that we have completed our thirteen year education and are ready to graduate. Before we move on to bigger and better things though, we'd like to take a moment and better acquaint you with our class and its memories. We began our earliest venture in education upon entering kindergarten in the Fall of 1966. Some members of the class didn't take kindly to the idea of leaving home. Ellen Campbell got as far as the first step of the bus when she decided to bolt for home and lock herself in the bathroom. Alan Wolpert made it to school but wouldn't stop crying. David Reynolds and Jason lngraham discovered how to make time fly at the bus stop by swinging their lunch boxes in cir- cles. Jason hit David in the eye and sent him flying home. David was lucky to be given a ride by the local garbage man. When we entered the first grade, we found out that life hadn't changed that much, Alan Wolpert still cried everyday and he was soon joined by Billy Carlson. Ronny Pettis started and ended the first romance in our class. He discovered that punching Donna Zonfrelli in the stomach was no way to gain her love. Lunch time was always fun. lf you didn't like what mom had made for lunch you could always trade it with someone else. Joyce McCurley forgot her lunch one day but rather than starve she decided to eat a container of paste. Second grade revealed our competitive side. Every week the class with the best handwriting was awarded a gold star. Michael Whelihan had perfect handwriting so room eight always won. lt was during this year that many of us received our first ex- periences with vaccinations. lt took two nurses as well as Mr. Lanthier to drag a screaming Corrine Flanagan into the nurse's office for a shot. Third grade found us in a new school. Eric Elofson, along with many boys in the class, didn't realize that the water trough devices in the bathroom were sinks. Honesty became an important characteristic of our class. One day on the way to lunch Tom Roche hit the pay phone causing ten dollars worth of coins to fall out. He picked up all the money and sent it back to the phone company. Lisa Palange and Kelly Bayliss became enemies rather fast when Kelly sat on the tack that Lisa had put on her chair. Kathy Walsh and Judy Travers discovered that giving their teacher a cupcake filled with horseradish would get them one to two months after school. Their behavior was good though, and they only served the first month. Fourth grade found our class with two new faces. Cheryl Goguen and Joe Hislop. Mike Bradley came to school with his hair so short that all you could see was his ears, and that name, "ears" has stayed with him to this day. Donna Zonfrelli was the cause of a fight between Darlene DiDonato and Micky Lifsett. Donna broke her leg and Micky and Darlene fought over who would be her slave. Billy Angel learned to look before sitting. One day at lunch someone dumped a dish of peas on his seat. Billy was so mad that he turned three shades of green. Donna Thibault amazed the whole class. One day she walked into school with her hair down to her knees. No one could figure out how her hair grew so fast until she got up to leave and left the wig caught in the chair. lt was during the fourth grade that we had our first chance to join band. Stephen Ball kept on playing his saxophone despite the fact that his neck strap hurt so much it made him cry. 160 One day while taking a test, Rebecca Woodard got so ner- vous that she didn't have time to make it to the girls room. Fifth grade found us in a new school under the watchful eye of Mr. Collins. lt was at this time that class romances were really blooming. Debbie Hilberg became the apple of Ricky Delaporta's eye as well as the envy of all the girls. Sixth grade found us very sure of ourselves as we reigned over the rest of the school. Mr. Dushku spent the first week of science class recruiting members for his army. Eric Elofson became second in command with Phil Rouse and John Fitzgerald acting as sergeants. Needless to say the army soon crumbled. The boys in the class formed an exclusive club. Every recess they met in the field under a tree which soon became known as the happy tree. Members of the club included Paul Robinson, George Smith, David Reynolds, Ricky Bennett and Jason lngraham. Bobby Congdon was sent home by Mr. Collins one day because he had worn a T-shirt to school, and that wasn't proper dress. Cynthia Devens was sent home as well because she had worn a tank top. 'lhe school was in awe when June Fetting, who at the time was going out with Phil Rouse was caught kissing Bob Yered, apparently she had lost a bet. The battle of the sexes still raged on. During recess Ellen Campbell and Judy Travers used to steal basketballs from peo- ple as they were shootin hoops. Donald Tackett decided that throwing Ellen and Judy against the fence might put and end to it. As our sixth grade year came to an end, we found ourselves preparing for our class play. Kim Boudrot received her shot at stardom when she gained the role of the queen. Timmy Lyons and Danny McBride wanted to become part of the cast but found out that swinging from the curtains wasn't the answer. Those days of peaceful bliss ended as we entered the seventh grade. Llp until this point we thought we were the most important people in the world, but the 8th, 9th 10th, 1 ith and 12th graders let us know our impressions were wrong. Groups became very popular, and many had their own identities. One such group included Mary Jeanne Coste, Liza Delorme, Maureen Coffee, Corlyne Mick and Terri Alger. Whenever anyone passed them in the hall, the girls would begin to baaa a like sheep. lnta Ezerins found out that she could crawl across the back of the room and talk to Mary Otis without being seen by Mr. Dodge. lt worked great till one day while crawling across she became the object of everyones attention, including Mr. Dodge. Mary Otis and Kathy Walsh discovered that phone calls to a certain J. D. in Walpole didn't go over too well. Susan Tabarini was declared the Queen of the hill. Eighth grade brought on a few changes. At least we weren't lowman on the totem pole. Chemistry classes with Miss Gourley were always in- teresting. David Clark was the only person to memorize the periodic table. When Mark Ferzoco was caught squirting someone with a syringe, Miss Gourley grabbed a full syringe and started squirting Mark in the face in front of the whole class. Ricky Bennett couldn't take the teasing of fellow classmates and left the room in tears. Mr. Fair's history classes were a real learning experience. Mark Gove's only answer to any question was "A slave is M of a man." lt was at this time that David Tolar received his nickname, "Cookie" Laura Collins joined our class in 8th grade and immediately became the apple of George Smith's eye. Field trips became the highlight of our freshman year. John Eitzgerald had such a good time on our Earth Science field :rip that the rest of the trips were cancelled. Nancy Ackerman Eoon learned to hate gym classes which her mother used to ubstitute. During a softball game, Kathi Menne hit the ball towards iirst base. Rather than run through the play she headed for the pitchers mound. Cheryl Goguen showed her wilder side when she appeared qs Jane of the Jungle in a talent show act. Our freshman year 7 ew by, but it was ended with style at the first class of 79 bash held by Claire Howard. Sophomore year found us becoming very involved in Echool activities. ln the beginning of the year we were joined by ay Garcia. No one could figure out how Ray could drive without a license. Shawn O'reilly never had a chance to get a bite of that pizza before Kelly made him wear it. Nicknames were popular and most people received them after completing some unusual feet. lt was at this time that George Smith received his nickname Bufordg those lockers will never be the same. While at a party at Steven Ball's house, Beth Campbell and Luanne Murphy discovered that you can't run between a car and a trailer and not expect to trip over the hitch. Our Junior year found many of us believing we were seniors already. On a field trip to the B.Ll. chemistry building many Millis students became stuck in an elevator. Jim Angelo was sure they were goners and began to scream and bang on the walls. Sue Stevens found out the hard way that sprinting during practice with a cold wasn't good for the system. After four sets of sprints she ended up hyperventalating and had to sit out the remainder of practice. Our talent show was a big success. Joe Hislop stimulated us all in his role of Mr. Box Head. Kathy Walsh became better acquainted with her locker as well as the Millis Fire Dept. The Junior Prom proved to be a memorable occasion for everyone. Dianne Manning almost didn't make it because of the chicken pox. Micky Lipsett had a rough time, besides holding onto her crown she had to help hold up George Smith who was on crutches at the time. Theirry Lubenec showed that he would not go down by himself. During the National Honor Society induction ceremonies Theirry's chair started to fall off the platform, so he grabbed onto everyone around him and pulled them down too. We Enished our Junior year in style at Lowell Keith's house with a party. No one remembers what happened though. As our senior year began, the idea to do it fine in 79 was in the back of everyone's mind as seen by the football scores. Now that we were seniors no one could tell us what to do. Mrs. Morrill didn't agree with this point, but Lowell Keith and the rest of homeroom 129 proved her wrong. lt was during the beginning of the year that the class was joined by Tom Mulvihill and Jeanette Mathews. Denise Proctor Hnally got to show her acting ability during the Senior play. Donald Maraggio proved that the underdog pulls through when he received his basketball trophy. 'lhose who went on the senior breakfast had a good timeg those who didn't go had fun while people spent the 16th, 17th, and 18th in school. Tommy Gilbert and Andy Latosek were able to do both. Our senior ride was probably one of the largest yet. We never got to many schools though because the cops were always one town ahead of us. Ronny Pettis and Tom Roche left their marks in Westwood. Bob McCarter left his truck on Mid- dlesex Street and Peter Merritt knows better than to drive over glass. Diane Aseltine never got home from the pit party that night. The class trip was really fun, Laurene Coyle found that horseback riding wasn't all it was cut out to be, especially when there's an angry bird to contend with. On the way home the girls managed to fit ten people into the bathroom. Paula Draper now knows not to volunteer to be the first one in. Well our class certainly had its moments many of them have been written down, many of them haven't though because no one would own up to them. There are certain qualities that don't belong to any one Year: Dennis Clancy's never ending battle for a parking space. The rowdiness of the hockey team members. John Engwer, Rony Pettis, Peter Merritt, Ricky Rooney, Shawn O'Reilly, Barry Wye, Brian Wye, David Ciasullo, and Michael Kilmartin. Jack Buchanon and his weights. The driving skills of Brad Reger and his blue galaxy 500. The fact that Kim Zeorb holds the record for driving the farthest distance to school. John Engwer's record for the most suspensions in one year. Chris Grant graduating although she spent the whole year in Mr. Arcudi's office. Jody Santos holds the record for cracking up a car in the shortest period of time. The class still wonders if Lia Sgourakes, Sandy Morse and Mary Ellen McFetridge really do have voices. Judy Toth and Linda Tiberi are still the first people to every party but we're still waiting to see John Dennett and Edward Defanti at one. Janet Mariano and her morning visitation to the girls room. Doug Steves and Doug Spearing were voted inseparable buddies. Suzanne Smith has the reddest hair in the class and Steven Humphry is the first person to get married. Tom Ganley now knows that Medfield guys don't make the nicest friends. Scott Lemons can never be thanked enough by the football team for his many years of service and Michael Kilmartin will always be remembered for his speeches. Bob Hagearty was a fine representative at Student Govern- ment day, and Dwight Lambirth finally paid his towel money. Clark Andrews will someday own Sack Cinema. Kevin Donahue will never forget the day he jumped out of Keller's car and Robin Barr had a long walk to Lowell's Party. Robin Meuse knows now to take enough gym classes and Jeff Bond will always be remembered for his artistic ability. No one will ever forget Mariko Yage our exchange student from Japan. She joined our senior year and made it an en- joyable one for everybody. We will miss her but never forget her. We hope this history will be taken in the humerous manner in which it was given. Tonight we undertake our last two events as a class, graduation and the party at Lowell Keith's house. The end of our class will be a sad occasion but to those who realize it's not the end, it will be a joyful beginning. 161 CLASS PROPHECY The brilliant colors of the sunset are just setting beyond the trees as we are anxiously awaiting nightfall because this is June 7, the year 2004. Location: Back lawn of Mr. Lowell Keith's. A reenactment of the gradua- tion bash that took place 25 years ago. My name is Phil Rouse. My name is Judy Travers and we'll be reporting to you live from the back porch of the Keith residence, thanks partially to the help we have received from WGSP Radio, owned and managed by Terry Alger, Jeanette Matthews, Lisa Palange, and Corlyne Mick. Okay, First to arrive as usual are Judy Toth and Linda Tiberi, who have in- formed us that they are currently working on the Ford Motor Company's Safety First Committee. When asked what she felt would be the most effective safety feature, Ms. Toth replied, "Keeping Laurene Coyle off the road." Judy, the party hasn't even begun yet, and already these two people have a glow on. You can't blame them, that's Kathi Menne and Rebecca Woodard who work for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission out of Washington, D.C. They have just returned from Six Mile Island, where head scientists Donald Tackett, David Tolar, Mike Bradley, David Clark, and Robert McCown reported a leak in the reactor cham- ber. When commenting on the possible cause of the ac- cident, all five scientists quickly pointed at each other. Now, more people are arriving. Here, coming from behind the shed, is Ronnie Pettis, Mike Kilmartin, Bob Yered, Tom Roche, John Engwer, Dave Ciasullo, and Peter Merritt, who are now starring in the new movie, 'iWarriors ll", which is being shown at the new chain of movie theatres managed by Clark Andrews and Mike Whelihan. lnta Ezerins, it is rumored, is just beginning to film a sequel to "Love at First Bite", while Andy Latosek is leading a gang looking for chain saw terrorists through the Maine Woods. Kelly Bayliss, Ellen Campbell, and Luanne Murphy are now tri-owners of Swing or Sting Computer Dating Service. From what we hear, Don 162 Marragio and Dan McBride, their oldest clients, still think they need a bee for a sting. Now driving in is the infamous stunt team of Dennis Clancy, Jim Keller, and Kevin Donahue, alias, Roy and Al. Kevin will now attempt a death defying leap from the hood of their Vega, as Jim and Dennis drive. OOOOOPS!!! We can see that nothing has changed in twenty-five years, folks, because there goes Donahue, scraping his face and hands against the pavement. But no need to worry, here comes Laura Collins, M.D., and Donna Zonfrelli to Donahue's rescue. The entertainment for tonight is just arriving, conf sisting of Dwight Lambirth, Maureen Coffey, Maryjeannd Coste, and Lisa DeLorme. KOAX was unable to attend tonight because Steve Ball and Ricky Bennett had previous engagements. Now arriving are the four likely candidates out of D.C. Beth Campbell, Claire Howard, Mary Otis and Sue Stevens, who will be running for office in the newly fon'ned Women's Liberation Party. lf we're lucky, they'll be campaigning at tonight's party. Serving the food and beverage tonight will be Chef Chad Galvin and Bartender Joe Felton from Millis' own Cappy's. Also assisting with the food will be Alan Wolpert, president of Hebrew National Hot Dog Company, followed by his two top wiener stuffers Paul Robinson and George Smith. One of the distinguished guests at our party tonight is the Most Reverend Robert Congdon, who is being ac- companied by his three advisers, Kim Zoerb, Sue Smith, and Sandy Morse. While we're on the subject, Kathy Walsh, who had first shot for the leading role in the re- make of "The Flying Nun," was shocked when she got word she hadn't been selected for the role because of aerodynamic difficulties. Hm, l don't see anyone else coming in now, l think l'll read this newspaper. On the in- ternational sports scene, Billy Angel, known as "The Boomer" around the Red Sox front office, has just laid it on the lineto the management by saying Monday, "They can either play me or trade me." More on the baseball scoop, Tom Ganley, ex-Red Sox Ace, who was recently traded to the Expo's, is now 20-O after twenty starts. Much improvement in 25 years. Speaking of improve- ment, Ricky Rooney, who now plays for the Montreal Canadians, stands 6'5" and weighs 200 pounds. He was recently quoted, "l guess those Wheaties commercials were right." Now on a heavier note, Jack Buchanan, preparing for the Mr. Olympic's competition, was most recently asked, "Have you been lifting lately?" His reply, "Obviously," There was a great upset in the tennis world today when Wimbledon Champ Tracy Austin was beaten at The Colgate Women's Tennis Tournament by Michele Lipset, 6-love, 6-love. l can see a few people coming in now. lt's Mark Fer- zoco, Brad Reger, and Bruce McCarter, who recently had to close their used car lot because of the high prices set by Mobil executives Bill Carlson and Jeff Bond. Also forced to cut back on gasoline are Diane Aseltine, Joyce McCurley, Janet Mariano, Cheryl Goguen, Mike Boudrot, and Corinne Flanagan, who were still being observed cruising on Saturday nights for no apparent reason. Here comes Scotty Hugh Lemons, editor of Playboy, who was in the news recently when Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Captain Nancy Ackerman was asked to ap- pear in his magazine. She declined the offer, saying, "No, thanks." We have received news that several people will not be able to make it tonight because of W appearances they had to make. Cynthia Devens and Denise Proctor will be appearing on June l6th's Newlywed Game if you're in- terested in checking it out. Rachel DerHagopian, Sue Tabarini, Laura Shuker, and Donna Thibault are filming a new episode of "Policewoman" in Hollywood. John Dennett is appearing in his own W show called "Casper, The Friendly Ghost." Brian Wye and Barry Wye could not be here tonight due to the over-run of a potato chip commercial which has one main slogan, "Get Wyes, get Wise." June Fettig and Robin Barr could not be here tonight because they are in Paris, shooting layouts for Vogue magazine. Judy, who is this coming through the woods? l think it's Jason lngraham, Rick Dela, and Dave Reynolds trying to find their old path from Pollard Drive. First woman president of the United States, Dianne Manning, will be host to Mariko Yagi, Ambassador from Japan and Amalia Squorakes, Ambassador to Greece tonight, along with Jack Fitz and Shawn O'Rielly, finan- cial advisors to the President. The Presidential party is pulling up now with Mark Gove driving the Presidents limo. President Manning's bodyguards tonight are Eddie DeFanti, Scott Green and special Secret Service Agents in charge of drug control, Tom Ganley and Tom Mulvihill. Darlene DiDonato is just arriving. Darlene, we hear, has just opened her 10th restaurant named the Moon- down. Special feature built into this restaurant is Ray Gar- cia's own invention, The Taco-Muffin breakfast. Waitresses Chris Grant and Paula Draper say that this style breakfast has gone over big with the general public. Look who's coming now, Phil, it's Joe Hislop. l think that new song being played on the radio, a modified ver- sion of Doctor Doolittle's song "Talk to the Animals," is pretty good. Doug Steeves, Doug Spearing, and Rick Sanborn are driving in now. Word is that Doug, Doug and Rick run a car wash in Phoenix called the Three S car wash. Steve Humphrey bumped into one of the walls. When Rick called the police, Officer Maryellen McFetridge respon- ded. After the 45-minute wait for Officer McFetridge to arrive, Thierry Lubenec, waiting behind Humphrey, ex- ploded in a fit of rage and started rapping his head on Humphreys chrome bumper. Someone l haven't seen at all tonight is Eric Elofson - I wonder where he is? He's probably waiting at his house, thinking the party is there. l can see whyg he's had so many good parties before, he just expects people to drop by. 163 CLASS WILL We, the class of one thousand nine hundred and seventy- nine, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write and hand down our Last Will and Testament to posterity, thereby voiding all other wills previously issued. STEVE BALL leaves Paul Albani his Phil Woods album collec- tion and his "Chops", He also leaves Mr. Massey a big six-year thank you. KELLY BAYLISS leaves Ernie looking for another scorekeeper. KIMBERLY BOUDROT leaves his sister a position on the Var- sity Basketball Team, one book on Dr. Doolittle, and one scrambled egg. She also leaves Pam and Gail with her O.C. ELLEN CAMPBELL leaves her car to Leanne and Donna for their munch time cruises. She leaves Doug the right one! She also leaves Holly her broken emergency brake. MAUREEN COFFEY leaves Mr. Massey and Mr. Miller a Barry Manilow tune that modulates DOWN. LAURA COLLINS leaves next years AP Chem class an instruc- tion manual on "Why and how not to break Miss Gourley's most expensive thermometer". ROBERT CONGDON leaves his brother, Bill, the Arts 'n Films section of the Boston Globe and a ticket stub of the D'Ayle Carte Opera Company. He also leaves his sister, Rita, the brush. JOHN DENNETT leaves just six more Dennetts to Millis High School. EDWARD DeFANTl leaves Mr. Baker with a half dozen un- finished doll houses. RICHARD DELAPORTA leaves fifth, knowing we're more than half way there! LISA DELORME leaves Mr. Keen 2,000 handkerchiefs. KEVIN DONAHUE leaves all the wisdom and knowledge to his brother, Steve. PAULA DRAPER leaves Donna Draper first doubles on the tennis team. She also leaves Dana Proctor all her left over paper from chemistry. To Brenda Anderson, she leaves her buffalo gun in hopes that she will use it wisely and often. She also leaves Paul O'Reilly to Laurie Draper. ERIC ELOFSON leaves Mrs. Welch four bags of starlights and a large box of Mr. Bubble. Also to his sister, Sara, he leaves the Elofson reputation whatever that might be. MARK FERZOCO leaves Ray, Bruce, Kenny, Mark, Pam, Gayle and plenty of others walking. To his little brother, Jeff, he 164 leaves his fabulous fleet of cars for him to use for his own tax service. He also leaves wishing that June had come ir January. THOMAS GANLEY leaves Mrs. Nasca a book entitled, "Ter Easy Lessons On How To Be Like Henry"l RAMON GARCIA leaves Millis High School with a car load o kids. He also leaves his sister, Anna, with the advice of neve becoming a chauffeur. ROBERT HAGEARTY leaves a smile for his friend. DEBRA HILBERG leaves the path in the backyard that leads tc school to Joanne and Elisa. Also, she leaves Elisa and Cathy fighting over Peter T. DWIGHT LAMBIRTH leaves thanking Mr. Massey and Mr Miller for everything and wishing them luck in the future. A.L. leaves his brother, Chris, five extra excuses for Mr. Arcudi SCOTT LEMONS leaves his cousin, Shawn Wood, his in telligence and the hope that he will graduate from high school. MICHELLE LIPSETI' leaves Phantom 42 a years supply oi phantom fun. She also leaves her sister, Patty, the rl spot or the tennis team. MARYELLEN McFETRIDGE leaves Brenda a Barry 350 tiger. DONALD MARAGGIO just leaves. JANET MARIANO leaves Mr. Salerno a tape measure. She also leaves her brother, David, and her sister, Laura, math lesson. PETER MERRITT leaves wishing he was never here and also Tom Barrett and The Maico Blues. ROBIN MEUSE leaves Mr. Williams sincere thanks and gratitude. She also leaves much love and good wishes for her younger brother and sister. LUANNE MURPHY leaves Mr. Sperandio a notebook and pen, cil made by Prospects, Inc. She also leaves her nickname, 'iMurph" to the future "Surfs" of Millis High. SHAWN O'RElLLY leaves his younger brother, Paul, a book entitled, M1001 Excuses On Why You're Late To Class". LISA PALANGE leaves to find a wild and crazy guy!!! DENISE PROCTOR leaves Mr. Cangi a box full of Cinnamon Candies. DAVID REYNOLDS leaves John Delaporta a new whist partner and Kurt McCandless his cheater fHe'll need itll. He also leaves Mr. Baker someone he can bet with next year and Paul Albani a jar of vitamins - to make him grow. Also, to Mr. Massey, a big thank you for everything he's done. PAUL ROBINSON leaves his name, "Robysawn", to his sister. PHILLIP ROUSE leaves grasping the knowledge and integrity that M.H.S. passed on to him. DOUGLAS SPEARING leaves Wayne Devens his name, "Spir- tle," and a very special girl all his love. DONALD TACKETT leaves his beard to Mark Sullivan. DONNA THIBAULT leaves her rowdiness behind for her sister, Debby, to carry on. It should run in the family. LINDA TIBERI leaves Pam Stivaletta with no one to help make a mess in Foods. JUDITH TRAVERS leaves Jeanne her nickname, "J.T.", and Twink to party alone. She also leaves the teachers of MHS her six brothers and sisters. DAVID TOLAR leaves sIngin', "I am a Lumberjack and I'm O.K.". ALAN WOLPERT leaves his nickname, "Wally" to his brothers. BARRY WYE leaves Spider all his charm, and also leaves with everyone calling him Brian. BRIAN WYE leaves no more confusion of mixing him up with his brother, Barry. MARIKO YAGI leaves for Japan. DONNA ZONFRELLI leaves her brother, Robert, the challenge of winning the "biggest mouth" in his senior year and to her brother Paul she leaves the task of carrying on the name "Zonk". DOUGLAS SPEARING AND DOUGLAS STEEVES leave Mr. Henck a big thanks and a five gallon drum of coffee. They also leave the inseparable Buddies Award to Joya Minnicucci and Erica Keller. The men from SQUAT leave one lamp, one mug, one reclining chair and 51,000 to replace and cover the damage done during SQUAT sessions. Three senior girls leave a certain volleyball coach without a senior to put on J.V. The senior class takes Mr. Doyle with them. The senior "Shahs of Iran" leave Dawn, Louise, and Doug a team that plays and doesn't fight. Some girls on the basketball team and one fan leave J.W. one pair of the good kind! The participants of the senior breakfast leave one, two, or three days late. The Tech. III class leaves free ballet lessons to Mr. Baker's sister. The Algebra Ill class leaves Mrs. Bush, Carol Kujanpaa. The back of Mrs. Bush's Math IV class leaves her extra graph paper for more zoo signs. The senior class leaves Mrs. Browne saying, "Where-ya- is your-a homework?". The seniors in Mr. Flanagan's Latin class leave saying, 'latin lives". The senior class leaves Miss Moan a six pack and a potato. The senior class leaves Mr. Keen one free invitation to a party. The senior class leaves with Mrs. Morrill still saying, "C'mon get to class!" The seniors leave Mr. Tuohey a lifetime supply of promotional candy bars. JEANETTE, TERRI, CORLYNE, AND LISA leave Mr. Ar- senault very unhappy in a cloud of smoke. KIM AND JANET leave Mr. Cangi a book on "50 Ways to Keep Your Class Awake", and the "Signal". ELLEN AND KELLY leave their title "Queens of Homeroom 116' to Mr. Magner. The seniors in Mr. Naughton's Western Civilization class leave him one backburner to put his lectures on. The senior office practice class leaves Mrs. O'Regan wonder- ing where we really were on Tuesday, March fifth! KIM AND JANET leave Mrs. Ralston with her frog, and Mr. Ar- senault with his hamburger helper. ELLEN, CHERYL, LAURENE, AND KELLY leave Mr. Salerno an elevator and what's left of the alligator clips. To Mr. Sperandio we leave our deepest appreciation and a well-deserved THANK YOU. We also leave him a Class of '79 T-shirt with a beer mug on the front. In conclusion, we pray that no one herein mentioned will take offense, but will receive this testament in the manner in which it was given. In testimony, we the Class of 1979, here unto set our hand on the seventh day of June in the year of Our Lord, one thou- sand nine hundred and seventy-nine, do declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. 165 COMPLIMENTS OF LMYILUG7 01 CL-, tire. yanye nf Ze! PROPANE CAMPER TANKS FILLED BURNERS INSTALLED AND SERVICED 24-HOUR SERVICE Michael H. Mushnik 37 Broad Street Samuel Mushnik Millis, Mass. Qiiiii' 5 Ififffij E "Hai if C53 1011, ALEXANDER'S COIN OP DRY CLEANING 917 Main St., Millis, Ma. 376-2657 ALBERT M. BELTON, D.D.S. 825 MAIN S'rRz:'r 376-5003 MILLIB, MAss. 02054 Telephone 376-5588 ARTHUR L. BLOCK, D.D.S. Office Hours 1100 Main St. By Appointment Millis, Mass MAXWELL-PADELFORD CO., INC. 1352 Main Street Miliis, Massachusetts 02054 SHELL STATION, INC. - MAIN STREET L1 857 Main Street Millis, Massachusetts 02054 DR. 81 MRS. JACOB J. ZALVAN 376-9983 Cvmpnmems KAY'S BEAUTY LOUNGE of 138 Pleasant sr., Minis, Ma. 02054 JOHN HARKEY REAL ESTATE Catherine M. Dixon 376-8491 I 166 Compliments of Best wishes from MILLIS BROOK FARM HARRIS' GREENHOUSES SERVICE STATION a 1800 382 69 o STALL NG a NS scY NG SUPPLY CO., INC. num I 120 Main St. Medway, Mass. ill , 'IFJ Fmlc PRu'rEa'rmN Emalssamsu Vo.. Im-. HEVSFYIITIFIQ in IVIBSOFIVYH APPROYVED oevuces :Bla mms Auro c coN1noL OF E Lou sabazinem I President 3 INDUSTR L RD Tel 1617, 533-6701 MARK MCFADDEN usown MASS 02053 K-LYN Card 8. Gift Shop 936 Main St. Featuring: Hallmark Cards MILLIS HARDWARE INC. 979 Main St. 376-2965 GAYLOR BOWL Best Wishes CAPPY'S RESTAURANT 32 Exchange St., Millis, Ma. D. L. MURPHY INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of JOSEPH M. HERMAN SHOE CO. INC. I U00 .tx og, a 1 9 2 ll- 11" I 'N Allfxh AIISiHfB RALPH F. WHELIHAN Account Agent 1292 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701 Bus. 617-620-1336 0 Res. 376-8036 CONGRATULATIONS FFIOIVI THE MILLIS TEACHER'S ASSOCIATION EXCELLENCE IS ITS OWN REWAFID-ANONYMOUS Best Wishes to the Class of '79 MILLIS HOUSE OF PIZZA 915 Main Street Millis, Mass. 376-8500 0 e H3 Il' geS0uth Shore. Checking accounts, savings accounts, loans: For a bank that can handle all your banking needs, all you need is to find your way to the South Shore. And that's easy. South Shore Bank is located conveniently in towns throughout the area. Including Millis at 929 Main Street. South Shore Bank Memb FDIC 0 Ei... 1360 Main Street f Millis, Mass. 02054 X i6l7l 376-2996 PRECISION METALLURGICAL CORPORATION BOB'S AUTO BODY 34 Farm Street Millis, Ma. 02054 Complete Auto Body Repairs 533-2123 VILLAGE AUTO BODY 298 Village Street Medway, Mass. 02053 Ronald Sansoucy Owner Mass. Appraiser Lic. No. 824 JAMES R. COLELLO, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTOR Plain St., Millis, Mass. 02054 Telephone 376-5030 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '79 Millis Motor Parts, Inc. 34-36 E n sr r HARVARD APPARATUS XC me 'ee CO. Minis, Mass. 02054 150 DWG' Road 376-2919 David J. McQuinn Millis, Mass. 02054 JACK SQUIER'S COLONIAL SERVICE CENTER Corner of North and Main St. Medfield, Mass. 359-2600 nf KERWIN 81 KERWIN Carpentry, Roofing 8. Remodeling 376-8961 946 MAIN STREET 376-5149 MILLIS, MA 02054 72 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '79 G AF CORPORATION Building Materials Group 445-5445 ANYTHING TO SELL? Dover Country Store Inc. We buy anything from attic to cellar that we can sell. Entire contents or individual pieces - including almost any kind of furniture or bric-a-brac. Bring it to the shop or we will come and get it if there is enough furniture. - CALL TODAY - Spot Payment 81 We Carry Away 785-0287 16 Park St., Corner Fit. 109 and 27, Medfield, MA. 785-9828 CONIPLIIVIENTS OF D. TIBERI 81 SCNS INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS MILLIS NATICK 376-5364 653-6224 Compliments of THB SH NDWIC HE HUTTE Linda, Laura, Lance and Lee Frankina 74 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '79 FROM THE STUDENT COUNCIL COMPLIMENTS OF HOWIE OIL CO. COMPLIMENTS OF INC. THE 40 R3III'O8d Ave. Millis, MESS. BEST OF LUCK TQ RTE. 109 Minis THE CLASS OF '79 COMPLIMENTS OF LUCIEN'S RED BARN STEAK HOUSE Precision Haircutters A FAMILY RESTAURANT FINE FOODS 81 SPIRITS THE MOST EXCITING RESTAURANT IN THE AREA Specializing in Styling and Precision Cuts For Men and Women 174 Main St. Open 9 AM-9 PM Medway, Mass. 02053 Wed., Thurs. 9 AM-5 PM Tues., Sat. 1 7 E 6 Congratulations from WILLS HARDWARE H11 ilnriily f.r1'11r4'.rI R011t1'H0lc1vr Mums cvcua at PARTS co. GENERAE2'-UMB'NG ROUTE 109 4 1v11LL1s, MASS. O2054 ' Phone 376-2679 936 Main St. Millis 376-8093 Best Wishes from BO PEEP GENERAL STORE Main St., MiIiiS Blumoff Truck Leasing Inc. Union St., Millis, MA. BARRY H. SHAMUS, D.M.D. 975 Main Street Miilis, Mass. 02054 617-376-8996 MAC KINNON'S AUTO REPAIR 34 EXCHANGE ST. MILLIS, MA 02054 376-2342 EYE EXAMINATIONS HARD AND SOFT CONTACT LENSES F? JONATHAN Q. ABRAHMS Q 6 1 ik- Dr. Alan Bronstein , . QpTQMETRlST 1 f SEAPEATY igoRL0-Home Reany 011. 765959 I iViiITis,aIxIilSgIeCT2C54 Minis Professional Bldg. REALTYWORLD ,gmwevgom 1104 Main street ' ' Miliis, Mass. 02054 66666 676-2616 REALTY WORLD GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS DESIREE QUALITY CLOTHING - NEW 81 USED LOCATED IN THE DOVER COUNTRY STORE PROPRIETORS: 16 PARK STREET STERHEN w. cooK MEDFIELD, MA 02052 I 3333 DENISE A. CARROLL 6171359-2900 'I7 MILLIS BEAUTY SALON Glen Ellen Country Club Good Luck 430 Union St. 376-8242 To All the 1979 Grads DON KUHN INSURANCE AGENCY THE CHARLES RESTAURANT BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '79 THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, INC. 1064 Main Street Good Luck to the Class of '79 ADAM'S PACKAGE STORE - Rusty Cushman Prop. Millis 376-2608 Tel. 533-6707 P. L. TRUFANT CESSPOOL and SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Residential - Commercial - Industrial Cleaning - Acid Treatment - Repairs Installations COMPLIMENTS OF WESTWOOD STUDIOS 110 Holliston Street Medway, Mass. 02053 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '79 THE FRESHMAN CLASS 78 THE cLAss OF 1980 WISHES CONGRATULATIONS THE CLASS OF 1979 ALL THE LUCK FROM AND HAPPINESS THE c1.Ass OF 1981 IN THE COMING FUTURE The Mariano Family The Robinson Family The Travers Family The Boudrot Family The Whelihan Family The Wolpert Family The Gove Family The Congdon Family The Zonfrelli Family The Rooney Family The Collins Family BOOSTERS The O'FteilIy Family The Stevens Family The Wye Family The Ed Walsh Family Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Millis Animal Th e Ackerman Family James Bennett Thomas Tolar James Angelo Richard Clancy George Smith John lngraham Hospital 17 if K ff Am wif 5 N :sw CZX! b?MX5 W My M1 W W NN fi EQQWVQFEE nf QWm3M My W s2 w , Wyfw Sw WWW W iw 3 2 X W, WWE W, , MQMZW ,,M, WWJWWM Wfzekf fat, 1 wwwwmwimil Quik J 9Mf X n Mmyywux M W lk ,zgqwflig fm fa Qing fffff J W W 7, Mfr 3 iii QA - M ww W 3533? wwf? if wa Ng? ' 3139 533 W v n fmww Fgjx MM 9 OJ 5 , i wwf ,5 OMVS QW A gg ff'

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1979, pg 41

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