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1987-88 TROJAN Editors Editor: Selene Martin Photography Editor: Crissy Graumlich Sports Editor: Angie Kopp Copy Layout Editor: Lisa Swihart Business Editor: Melissa Thompson Table of Contents Opening Activities Clubs Academics Honors Classes Sports Ads 1 10 58 84 100 122 174 212 Closing MCHS students Come on Strong with a new attitude MCHS is Coming on Strong! The 1987-88 Yearbook staff has chosen this slogan to symbolize the many accomplishments of our faculty, student body, and community, all led by our new administration: Mr. Mitchell, principal: Mr. Person, vice-principal: Mr. McVay and Mr. Sykes, assistant principals. This motto ties in with the general theme of the school year: MCHS = Motivation + Cooperation + Hard Work = Success. Success is evident in student pride, academic accomplishments, school spirit, participation in sports programs and extracurricular activities, and community involvement. This Trojan attitude has resulted in positive changes this year. Trojans rrlrhratc an rarlv virion. "2-0. 2-0. 2-0 amt on wr go!" Tin- Varsilv football Irani slum llirir now altiludr. Sounding llirir Trojan horns, fans drinonstratr the Irur Trojan spirit. i. 2 oi KM ;Students and faculty unite as new year begins The main force behind Millington's high academic standard is the cooperation between faculty and students. Playing a vital role in the students coining on strong, the faculty coordinates and guides students efforts, assisting them with summer programs, contests, standardized testing, and career choices. Students regularly score high on standardized tests. For example, half of the graduating class score above 26 on the ACT and receive many scholarship offers. Vocational courses such as Autobody and Cosmetology and the strong ROTC program prepare students for careers after graduation. Many MCHS programs prepare students for their future success. Absorbed in his work. Jeff Tankerslx perfect hi design. Future engineer? COK students polish lx ping skills a thex Itegin a ! OPENINGMrs. Burk. S«-I« n« Marlin, and Kim Talc work for llu first earhook deadline. Anthom Mormon and Darrell Means utilize MCHS library facilities. Taking full ad anlage of the car show. Coach Campbell admires a red Mustang. OPENING 5Joint effort of school and community produces winners Students get ttw Hunting attitude at pre-game tailgate Our community has been coming on strong this year by supporting the school with hard work. Generous donations created Millington’s largest football program in several years. Community members were especially helpful with transportation. While Wage's Furniture transported Band equipment. First Baptist Church offered bus service to away games for all loyal fans. Also. Mr. Mooney Boswell worked with Artists In Action to create the diverse designs that make our football field unique. The school showed its appreciation with a tailgate party. V.I.P. passes to the games, a game dedication, and a reserved sealing section. Millington's athletic program has been coming on strong . loo. with a whole new attitude focused on hard work. A spirit of enthusiasm stirred among our Trojan athletes. Students were encouraged to join as many sports teams as possible and to attend the many different sports events, from track meets to volleyball games. The MCHS sports teams worked diligently to achieve a superior athletic standing. The enthusiastic cheerleaders devised motivating pep rallies and instilled a sense of pride in all Trojans. Hard work, such as constant practice. reviews of films from prev ious games, and plans for future games, has been the emphasis this year and has helped maintain success in each Trojan endeavor. Many athletic teams have been developing their athletic abilities so that MCHS can surely look forward to many strong victories. RK 6 opkniv;aJB Anxious volleyball players spike the ball. Local business provides transportation for band equipment. To sho their gratitude for the excellent maintenance of the Trojan field. MCHS awards Mr. Mooney Boswell a plaque of apprec iation. OPENING 7i iccess MCHS students promote new spirit in organizations Our students have maintained the coming on strong attitude by participating in clubs and activities, which offer their members the opportunity to achieve success. Clubs are reporting great success in membership, fund-raisers, and projects. For example. Pep Club sponsors Homecoming, Close-up travels to Washington, DC. and the Science Club participates in the UT-Martin Science Bowl. Extracurricular activities help to provide common bonds, too. MCHS offers two new ones-caravans and tailgate parties-to complement our traditional ones-sports, literary groups, and the Fine Arts. Students work together, building successful friendships and accomplishing major tasks for our school. fl«T .1 MKtWIiil Trojan vn1or . fans rlrl»ralc In Tin M HS lnnik-lorr. run In |Ik DK(. cliih. awl-"iHiq'inti nut" at Ma inV -liulrul- In pnniiiiuj: armus supplies.Before iIh caravan h departure. lovul fans grl firi'il up for another Trojan victory. Senior Wayne Arguin displavs a laid-hac1 frame of mind OPKNINC After a victorious loot hall game. Chandler Bradford. Tonya Chipman. Becky Pin lac. and Sally Rasl enjoy music al MazzioV10 ACTIVITIESSchool ... a Place lor learning and also a place to experience some of the best limes of our lives, from athletic events lo dances, acV oo vs w» center of many activities. From a variety of sports to many departmental clubs, there is always some way a student, no matter wlvat grade, can get involved. At Victors Dance. Trojan fans celebrate the viclorv over CraigjitotU. « .Students are busy during the summer n Camps, vacations, and workshops occupy students The 1987 Trojan summer was filled with many activities. For example, many attended band camp, kicking camp or wrestling camp. Cheerleaders practiced their cheers while the yearbook editors prepared this year's yearbook. Still others were at Boys' and Girls' State, the various Governor's schools, and sports camps. Some students also very generously gave part of their time to help at some of the various handicapped camps around the area. Even the faculty and administration were busy preparing for the new school year. Still more students took on the tasks of part-time employment at some of the businesses in Millington and Memphis. Besides working with the school and around the community, there was still time for some fun-going to the pool, picnicking in Shelby Forest, traveling to the beach or Europe, or attending church camps. Another big hit throughout the area was baseball. From the summer league teams all the way to the U.S. Olympic team, which practiced and played at Legion Field, there was much to be seen. Some students went to Libertyland while others just went to parties or other social events, but the summer was exciting and fun. In the end, once again it seemed that something that was moving by so slowly sped past so quickly, and summer was over. So now everyone just has to wait another year for that glorious time to arrive again, but until then, may MCHS have a great school year! 12 ACTIVITIESAnn Barnes, Averi Dunklc, Kristi Baldwin, and Miss Cardoso visit with their Mexican guide on a wall in Mexico. During IICA camp at Memphis State, Freshman cheerleaders perfect their partner stunts. Between chants at UCA camp. Varsity cheer leaders take a minute to relax. ACTIVITIES 13Activities fill students’ summers USA Olympic baseball team arouses community spirit Summer was a lime to learn and pursue special interests as well as take vacations. This summer's many camps offered students diverse experiences. Our many summer students gave their interpretations of their camps: Omar E. Rabuco described band camp- We learned new routines and discovered what the new members will contribute." Robert Hemmings added this state-ment-"This has been the best band camp since I’ve been here." I.eigh Ann LaBarreare had this to say about her camp, also attended by Greg Ritter-“I attended the Senior Scholars academic camp at Centre College in Danville, KY. and studied the use of computers in Chemistry and Physics. John Mitchell commented on Boys' State-“350 boys from Tennessee attended Boys’ State on the Tennessee Tech campus to study Tennessee government. I develojl ed many friendships and hope to see the guys again someday." Mary Kincaid remarked-'‘Governor's School is great because it offers so many diverse opportunities, classes like Video Documentary, Poetry, and Comedy." Lisa Swihart also discoursed on Governor’s School-’’ I learned more than just logic; I learned about human ideals, feel-ings." These quotes reflect the unique experiences of the students, both academic and extracurricular. Their portrait is not one of tedious study, but of challenge and excitement. While visiting Germany. Susan Hales admires the beautiful scenery. Steve Baker. Melvin Velasquez, and James Copeland increase their pole-vaulting abilities at summer camp. MCHS students Gina Miller and Kathy Frazier, along with Cindi Boswell and Mrs. Durham, volunteer to help at the USA baseball games. 14 ACTIVITIES16 ACTIVITIES New school year brings success Fall promotes much activity within school and community For some, fall was an ending, but for MCHS students it was only the beginning. We all worked for perfection in all areas of school activities: academics, fine arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. The football players were working for a winning season this year. In addition, the marching band practiced to achieve a rating of superior in the band competitions. Most importantly, the student body supported these and other activities. For example. Community Day was an- other fall activity, including a street dance, games, shows, and food, all made and given by the Millington community. During this school year it was on October 3rd. We also supported the Trojan Car Show, a fund raiser for the MCHS football team, where many unique and attractive cars were on display. Then all of Millington joined together to cheer on the Trojan football teams. Afterward, we either went to a post-game dance or ate at Mazzio's Pizza, McDonald's, or other places. Many students also went to the Mid-South Fair Competition: cheerleaders, the Rodeo Club, and the Talent Show winners. No outstanding talent, however, was needed to live through the day-to-day activities we enjoyed: the socializing in the parking lot, the chattering while riding buses to and from school, the supporting of our teams at | ep rallies and wearing our black and gold. Fall and the Trojans were coining on strong ! ACTIVITIES 17The cast of Grease participates in the Community Day Parade. The new school year takes Jeff Wages and Keith Barger back to Mickey-D’s in the afternoon. Hi Students order their class rings from Jostens. Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Mitchell commend Ronnie Mar kin on a goorl play, as Chris Curker listens in. 18 ACTIVITIES] h Fall activities ring students together Students concentrate on academics and recreation Once fall began, it was time to stash the jams and pry away from the soaps on television. To prepare for the 1987-88 school year, students made their annual pilgrimage to Walmnrt for school supplies. began thinking of ways to bum lunch money from naive freshmen, and fought for parking spaces in the parking lot. Once again, students looked forward to cramming for a test the period before, trying to talk their way out of homework, and convincing their teacher that the Hero VI Club really existed so they could get out of homeroom. On the serious side, fall brought many new activities to M.C.H.S, along with the cver-popular traditions. When school began in August, everyone was looking forward to the first pep rally, where seniors could “boo” the freshmen, and so on down the line. The football games were a definite “yes” for extracurricular activities. It was a place where everyone who was anyone could be found. The fall play. Grease . brought insight into the nostalgia of the 50's. Athletes were ordering their letterman’s jackets, and seniors were ordering their invitations. After school, or after practice, teens cruised over to Mickey-D’s for a Big Mac, fries, and a coke. No matter what the activity, Millington students were always entertained, one way or the other. Fall brought new insights on the year ahead, and new beginnings for the years to come. ACTIVITIES 19' ■• V r .'? -■ Brady Todd and Chris Hunt admire an antique car at the car shot . Greg Riller performs a strenuous exercise during football practice. The mighty Trojans charge onto the field for the Homecoming game against Fayette-Ware. 20 ACTIVITIESNew season bursts with excitement Football games and other activities spark flames in Trojan hearts From volleyball, football, and cross country, to basketball and wrestling, students were active in many sports. Other activities included ROTC competition. where the marching unit won first overall trophy in the Veteran's Day Parade. This award was a great accomplishment for ROTC members. The varsity Trojan football team played in the 5th annual Elks Charity Bowl in Trenton. TN, where they faced and defeated Memphis-Wooddale. Football players practiced endlessly for the Homecoming game against Fayette-Ware, which paid off with the end result. VICTORY! At a September football game, the Trojans dedicated their field to Mr. Mooney Boswell: this was a memorable moment. A dozen members of the choral department participated in the All-West Tennessee Chorus at Wooddale High School in Memphis. Fall was a big success in all areas, especially in Millington. ACTIVITIES 21Danishea Barton, escorted by Keith Barger and Tint Flunk. Tammy Boyd, escorted by James Murray and Henry Jones. Lori Fortune, escorted by John Mitchell and Brian Street. Kimerie Tate, escorted by Charley Miller and Charles Hill. Ashlee Jackson, escorted by Shane Smithmier and Brandon Todd. l-ori Pruitt, escorted by Grrg Birch and Billy Rogers. Tanva Vandergrift. escorted by Curtis Schilling and Jeremy Haley. Angela Dew. escorted by Jeff Williams and Jerry Thomas. Carla Parham, escorted by Sean Forbes and Jeff Sexton. Charles Wimberley and Allen (Cajun) Malhes talk to Coach Turner. The 1987-88 MCHS Homecoming Court: Danishea Barton. Ashlee Jackson. Tanya Vandergrift. Carla Parham. Lori Fortune. Angela Dew. Lori Pruitt. Kimerie Tale. Tammy Boyd. 22 ACTIVITIESLori Fortune crowned Homecoming Queen Trojans defeat F ay ette-W are Homecoming nighl. themed “Diamonds Are Forever was a spectacular event. The evening be-gan with the presentation of the colors and the homecoming court. Each memtier of the court walked onto the field, through an array of cheerleaders and hand members. After each member had walked to her s| ol with her escorts, the new homecoming queen. Miss Lori Fortune. was crowned by last year’s queen. Miss Amy Barrom. Then, as the court left the field, the band members, cheerleaders, faculty, and students of MCHS formed a runway for the mighty Trojan football team to run through. The Iro-jan football team then proceeded lo show just how mighty they were by beating the Fayette-Ware Wildcats by a score of 34 to 16. ACTIVITIES 23Spirited Trojans anticipate Homecoming victory Approaching battle fills students with pride and triumph Homecoming ... a week of pride and triumph. All week long several activities offered students chances to show their Trojan spirit. Homerooms competed for the best decorated door. Winners were Miss Norwood's door, first: Mrs. Armour's door and Mrs. Burk's door, both second. “Tie up the Cougars!" and “Show your spirit in black and gold!" Sean Forbes urged. Tie Day and Black and Gold Day gave students the chance to dress for success-Trojan football I team success, that is. The annual spirit parade wove Trojan spirit throughout the community as the vehicles pursued their routes. The echoes of the students' cheers will continue to ripple through the school's and community’s minds for years to come. As students gathered around the bonfire afterwards,their flushed faces were clearly not only from the blazing Fayette-Ware Cougar effigy but also their anticipated victory. Homecoming bonfire lights the way lo a Trojan victory. Jolccn ('.amplxll. Mike Huffinea. C.rissv Gratlinlich. and Tonya Chipman. show iheir Trojan spirit by wearing black anil gold. 24 ACTIVITIESSeveral cheerful door decorations compose the Homecoming run-through. Christie Darwin puts the finishing touches on Mrs. Burk’s door for the decorating contest. Concert Choir performs the Alma Mater at the Homecoming festivities. FORKVt BUT TMl 'C MOMS M OF TMC WILDCATS WILL cW, LINK COALThe Yearbook Staff works dilligently to meet a Headline. The Yearbook Staff: (row 1) Lisa Swihart. Anthony Morrison, Crissy Craumlich, Ann Sewell. Cari Anne Parham, Vicki Travis. Sean Elrod. Kim Howerton, Tonya Chipman. Melvin Velasquez, Mary Kincaid. Jolern Campbell. Susan Hales,(row 2) Selene Martin. Melissa Thompson. Angie Kopp. Henry Jones. Jennifer Silvey. Julie Cheeseman, Lisa Crisp, Kathy Frazier. Stephanie Ransom, Jeff Williams, Belynda Stroud. Maurice Murray. Danishea Barton. Kimerie Tate. Diane Clifton, Mike Huffines. and Mrs. Burk. Business Editor Melissa Thompson, Photography Editor Crissy Craumlich..Editor Selene Martin, Co-py Layoul Editor Lisa Swihart. Sports Editor Angie Kopp, and sponsor, Mrs. Burk. 26 ACTIVITIESYearbook Staff enters the computer age New age brings new look The 1987-88 Yearbook Staff consisted of 28 Seniors and 6 Juniors, all under the direction of Mrs. Burk, the sponsor, and Selene Martin, the editor. Gathering new ideas, Selene, with Melissa Thompson and Crissy Graumlich. traveled to Ole M iss for Yearlxx k Camp. They received a superior rating at the camp, the highest honor possible, while planning the yearbook. Their plans helped start a process of new changes this year. With the help of an IBM personal computer, errors were greatly reduced, and all indexing was automatic. In addition to the installation of the computer, there was an increase in the si .e of the yearbook. Also, the new minimag, “Intermission,'' was added to the normal layout of the book. Like a small magazine, “Intermission's” purpose was to enhance the 1987-88 school year with the latest news and fashion reviews. The staff worked together to capture the year's best memories into one book. ACTIVITIES 2728 ACTIVITIESJulie Cheeseman, Jennifer Silvey. Kathy Fra icr. Henry Jones, Stephanie Ransom, and Cari Anne Parham travel to class. Seniors show they are a “class act” Graduation . . . “t-1 and counting 5 We've got Spirit 'Cause we're great — We're the Class of 88 — YEA. SENIORS! This year's Senior class put the polishing touches on their most exciting and memorable years at MCHS. From registration to graduation. Seniors' actions distinguished them from all other classes. No matter if they were just socializing before homeroom or cheering at a pep rally, they proudly displayed that Senior Attitude. During the year. Senior students demonstrated their leadership qualities. The Student Council. Sean Forbes. President and Lori Fortune. Vice President, led the student body. Also, other seniors guided various clubs and activities. The Seniors played a vital role in MCHS. As the months went by, the Seniors put the finishing touches on their year. Before Christmas, they elected Who's W ho. Then they ordered Graduation invitations and caps and gowns. Afterwards, the Senior Luncheon and the Prom became the main focus as the Seniors counted down the days to graduation. Finally, the long-awaited day arrived and the Seniors became members of the “adult society". ACTIVITIES 29“The Sound of the Trojans” remains dominant_______________ Trojan Band wins first place at MSU Band Competition The MCHS band program strives to provide an opportunity for students to learn about music through performance. Millington Central High School is a member of the West Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association. Instruction is provided on all band instruments at the intermediate and advanced levels. Students may also audition for the MCHS Flag Corps band auxiliary. The “Sound of the Trojans” Marching Band performs halftime shows at home and away football games. The band also competes in two or three marching band festivals during the fall on Saturdays. The band competed at the Memphis Stale marching band competition, where they received a “I” superior rating. At the Arkansas State marching band competition, they were awarded a “II” excellent rating-they also spelled out “United” with over twenty other bands in honor of United Way during the halftime of the Louisiana Tech vs. Arkansas State game. The band represented MCHS, not only in Millington, but in other cities and states, including the Chicago Music Festival in April. Field Commander Robert Hemming leads the hand in a halftime performance. Jennifer West and I jura Carter ‘have a Coke and a smile” while waiting to perform at a competition. Part of the MCHS brass section practices for a show. 30 ACTIVITIESBAND: (row 1) Lorenda Jones, Rochelle Richardson. Carla Cleaves. Jennifer West. Joleen Campbell. Melanie Ashley. Cherie Winzenried. Jenny Burl, Kelly Williams. Laura Carter. Miehael Huffmes. (row 2) Paul Tucker. Kevin Carter. Ricky Candell. Shane Selph. Omar Rabuco. Torriano Kimbrough. Toscha Harris. Tarnishia Ixiuis. Karren Risby. Marlene Fisher. John Henderson, (row 3) Taiwan Hood. David Archdeacon. Sam Preston. Todd Blankenbeckler. Chris Smith. Bill Melloh. Troy Davenport, l-ec Porterfield. Steve Winters. Paul Dieckhaus. (row 4) Mary O'Counor. Lafayette Jackson. Reginald Williams. Jud Ticlz. James Hinton. Jason Henderson, Amy Westmoreland. Adam MrElyea, David Willis, (row 5) Eric Somdahl. L.ori Sipek. Kristin Embry. (Quincy Williams. Jodie Nelson. Shelley Owens. David Owens. Phillip Perkins. Mr. Croft, (row 6) Tony Reeder, Patrick Christopher. Scott Bondzio, Corey Knight. Steven Smith. Robert Hemming . Carrie Ashley. Michael Packs, (row 7) Felecia Ellis. Michelle Purdy. Tammy Cibbs. Dawn Barron. Tiffany Qucscnberry, Shelley Bendall. Jara Best. Tammy Rippe. Melissa Cochran, (row 8) Roschea Harris, Desiree Weatherley. Amy Garcia. Robinson l.ontok. Gina Fulmer. Kim Louis. Amy Beavers, Nicole Coullicltc. Band members march to their proper spaces on the field. ACTIVITIES 31Band strives for perfection I f 1 Levels of difficulty add to excellence The Band provides students the opportunity to perform music of various styles and levels of difficulty. Therefore, band members learn the rewards of hard work: success and praise. At the end of the year, many members receive awards and honors, while some Senior members earn scholarships to a number of prestigious band colleges and universities. Along with their share of hard work, the band also has fun. Friendships are formed that last forever. In the end, it all pays off w ith the result of a superior performance. The band performs al an assembly. Tiffany Quesenberry practices before a game. Robert Hemmings. Omar Rabuco. and Shane Selph pone. 32 ACTIVITIESClSUEqjCOJBBIJBCC Facts, Fads, Friends, and Fun Fascinate "Now, let's do something different. LET'S GET UNUSUAL! .. Intermission, the Trojan's newest arrival, adds that special touch to chronicle a year of ups and downs-magic and mayhem. In this section,we,the 1988 Trojan Yearbook Staff, have tried to capture "what's new and what's through" in the trends of the day. From the USA Baseball team, to the world-champion Minnesota Twins, the actions of others influence all. Facts, fads, friends, and fun kept our spirit alive, as will be seen in this section.Building that Trojan spirit, soma gays form a pyramid of thoir own. Major changes at the school shaped this year. A new dress code sparked controversy as many students felt it violated their personal freedom and independence. Others welcomed it-"lt creates an environment that induces learning," remarked one student. Most conflicts came over the rules prohibiting ripped jeans and Spuds shirts. Another major change was the new school time-7:15 to 2:10. Some felt as if it added ten minutes to their afternoon for watching soap operas while other students thought it took time away from their morning and sleep. Many small changes this year illustrated MCHS's winning attitude. Our athletic record was better than ever in all our sports. "We haven't had a record like this in twenty years," said one prominent booster. Clubs show this attitude, too. Club-sponsored activities were more frequent and involvement was greater. Students have entered more extracurricular activities; new activities have been created; also-a new literary magazine, the Trojan Cycle, has begun; and the literary calendar has been renewed. From T-notes to a larger-sized school newspaper, the emphasis this year has been on being better than ever. While visiting Ramses, Seniors demonstrate their cosmopolitan flair. IrLLiLitiliLtt Several things last summer shaped the school year te come. Xiu-Hua, the Mexican panda, visited the Memphis Zoo. The lovable panda attracted not only Memphians but also people from Arkansas and Mississippi. Xiu-Hua brought national attention to Memphis and earned money for the Zoo through souvenirs and new memberships in the Memphis Zoological Society. Ramses, another summer attraction, brought fame to Memphis as a cultural center. It featured artifacts from Pharoah Ramses' reign and provided a fascinating cross-section of Egyptian daily life and beliefs. The Memphis Pyramid project is also improving Memphis' reputation. Most students look forward to its completion, since it will feature a Hard Rock Cafe and offers prospects for a NBA basketball team being based in Memphis. Others are disappointed that their view of the Mississippi will no longer be seen through trees but will instead be dominated by, as one student put it,"a gauche gold box." Students and parents tailgate before the first heme feetball game. In the Community Day Parade, citizens display their enthusiasm for the USA Olympic team.G L The Way We Do the Things We Do Mickey-D's, parties, mini skirts, and movies all sparked memories ol this past year. Millington teens brought on a fashion explosion by treating their own looks: from Guess jeans, to tie-dyed clothes, to concert t-shirts. Code Bleu and Lawman led the acid-washed, denim craze, along with Union Bay and Bongo. To complete the scene, Reebok hightops and pin-tucked jeans were added . This year's fashion "no-no's" included stirrup pants, paisley anything, and shakerknit sweaters. Max Headroom also introduced his creativity to the hearts of teens everywhere with his looney looks and unforgettable voice. As a Coke supporter, one said, "Catch the Wave," and never the "P" word, but in the other hand, Pepsi followers joined the "New Generation." Being at the right place at the right time was just as important as looking right. The ever popular Mickey-O's has been an afterschool hangout as long as anyone can remember. Packed in a booth, eating those golden fries,and listening to the latest gossip, one wouldn't know which was juicier, the food or the talk? After the Friday night football games, loyal Trojaneers celebrated at Mazzio's till the last piece of pizza was gone, and the music stopped. To catch a scene from "Can't Buy Me love," or "Disorderlies," they jumped in the car and cruised over to Raleigh 6. For some teens, Memphis was the place to be. July 4th was a big hit for students as they strolled along the riverbank at Tom Lee Park, while watching the fireworks display. Enjoying the rides and games at the Mid-South Fair, we took full advantage of the holiday granted to us by the school board. Na matter where we were, times were always good, as long as we had friends. When we look back at 1988, we'll laugh at how we bought a pair of $40 faded Guess jeans, wasted all our money at the fair, and spent hours upon hours cruisin' Mickey-D's.Students, showing a casual stylo, stand ootsido tho gym. Friendship bracolots, such as tho ono shown horn, aro a popular fad. Gonoviova Haldoman displays hor favorite brand of clothing, Foronza. Chris Knight and Id Chonotto perform handplonts; John Couliotle has just finished a boneless. Students "hang-out" at Mickey-D's. Typical Prices: Jeans $30-$45 Gas $.97 Class Rings $80-$275 Coke $.69 Fries $.65 School lunch $1.10 Hamburger $.75 Movies $5 Compact disc $15 According to Webster's, money is "a paper note used as a medium of exchange and measure of value." In the student's eyes, money is something long-earned and short-spent. There was always somewhere to spend your money, whether it be at the malls, McDonald's, or the movies. To the left are some typical prices of 1988.The US grew stronger in the 1987-88 school year. The Constitution, celebrating its 100th anniversary, reminded all Americans of our basic ideals. Also, Robert Bork, nominated by President Reagan to be a Supreme Court justice, testified before Congressional leaders in a Senate subcommittee meeting. Warned by political friends to withdraw, he refused; the Senate then voted him down. Meanwhile, Reagan battled Congress over the US Budget deficit when the shock wave hit Washington from New York: the Stock Market had plummeted over 500 points. Although it rebounded a third of its losses the next day, Wall Street-ers were distraught. In Miami, one middle-aged investor shot himself and his brokers after losing millions in the crash. Reagan responded to the panic by announcing that he could finally accept raising taxes. Over the summer, the Iran-Contra hearings dominated the news, with It. Col. Oliver North being an immediate media hit. Another household name now, Jessica McClure survived two days in a Midland, Texas well before volunteers could roscue her. The whole nation cheered as she was rushed to the hospital. In sports, the Minnesota Twins fought the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series while the NFL players' union went on strike for better conditions. The Twins won; the union did not. After two weeks, the football players came back to replace their replacements, the "scabs". 8, WORLD REPORT ns 4 How AIDS Is Tearing Apart One American Community Tha only AIDS victim In Williamson, W. Va. Headline shows growing concern over the AIDS epidemic.$2.00 AE There definitely were major worldwide events in 1987-1988. Tensions in the Persian Gulf escalated as the US Navy sent convoys to protect Kuwaiti oil tankers from the crossfire of the Iran-lraq War. Oddly enough, as the war waged on, Iran and Iraq had a volleyball game in Kuwait, with the Iraqis winning. This, of course, had no effect on the war. Tokyo closed up its stock market for a week, but it was no help-all stock markets crashed. In Great Britain, during the financial crisis the weather became critical, too. Britains ran for cover from the rain of water and falling stock prices. Seoul, South Korea continued preparing for the 1988 Summer Olympics. The Soviet Union reloased a Russian "refusenik" to her ancestral homeland Israel. Unfortunately, they did not release a young West German who flew into Red Square. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev played "hard-to-get" with Reagan over a summit. The problem was the Strategic Defense Initiative, or "Star Wars"; Reagan refused to negotiate it. Whether it were the Free World to the Third World, all actions influenced the future.MORTIMER GRIMSLEY’S DICTIONARY OF ILLOGICAL WORDS AND SURVEYS (1) Borkophobia-fear of right-wing Supreme Court nominees (2) Colvinism-the "religion" in which one forsakes all other designer jeans and wears only Calvin Kleins (3) arpetuation-o«urs when those annoying particles of plastic, paper, etc. stubbornly resist the suction of a vacuum cleaner and remain on the carpet (4) cheedum-the orange powder left on your hands after eating Doritos (5) chewbitz-the unsightly remains of pencils which have been gnawed upon (6) condimentosis-act or process of applying large amounts of mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. to somehow "paralyze" food before eating (7) cornikenesis-when, while eating corn, the majority remains stuck between your teeth (8) destrapulation-when, while walking down the hall, the strap breaks off of your bookbag, purse, etc., leaving your books in disarray and the straps hanging aimlessly from your shoulder (9) examnesia-when your teacher forgets to give you a test (10) gnarblum-those thick, messy clumps of mascara that form when you put too much on (I l)grimeage-the dirty print left in your shoes when you don't wear socks (12) haircheology-the widely-practiced science of thinking up ways to disguise a bad perm or haircut (13) hubblebubble-the unsightly collection of bubble gum inevitably found under all school desk tops (14) lactomangulation-the opening of a milk carton from the "illegal" side (15) liepothesis-a proposed reason or "educated guess" as to why you didn't do your homework (16) muckypublets-those annoying frizzly edges of spiral notebooks which consequently end up all over classroom floors (17) nosCosphobia-intense fear of missing an episode of "The Cosby Show" (18)nonsneezochists-those people who, rather than succumbing to a sneaze, try to hold it in (!9)opsetriz-the act of pretending to be wiping your eyes when you are actually asleep (20) papyrusitis-itchy inflammation caused by wearing those paper gowns at the doctor's office (21) peekie-boo-phobia-fear of looking at the other person while dancing (22) piggyshrivetosis-the uncanny nbility of bacon to shrivel up into microscopic pieces upon cooking (23) podyfollicitis-when you shave the hair off your legs and it rebolliously grows back an hour later (24) push-pullidist-a person who inevitably pulls a door which should be pushed or vice-versa (25) ribbofetti-the collection of spirit ribbons which fall off and are left on the campus (26) slobglobble-the measurable quantity of saliva emitted from a person's mouth while ho sloops (27) slurpeepytosis-the act of getting in that final, satisfying slurp of a liquid before disposing of the cup (28) spork-the plastic gadget having the body of a spoon and prongs like a fork; these are commonly found at Kentucky Fried Chicken (29) taffy-teeth-itis-when you're eating taffy or Jolly Rancher candy and your teeth stick together (30) toc-shock-the initial surprise a person experiences after his taco falls apart (31 )wamblespheres-those exasperating balls of lint that accumulate on old socks (32) waxis-the pointer finger commonly used to remove wax from one's ears (33) yeblHz-the deposits situated in the corners of your eyes when you wake up (34) zud-a zit that stays on your face for a year, celebrates its birthday, and then leaves Movies TV Shows Songs (1) Can't Buy Me Love (1) Cosby Show (2) Disorderlies (2) Family Ties (3) Top Gun (3) Moonlighting (4) La Bamba (4) ALF (5) Pretty in Pink (5) Growing Pains (1) Here I Go Again (2) You Got the Look (3) Only in My Dreams (4) Wipe Out (5) Try a Little Bit Harder . and now back to the regularly-scheduled yearbookBand Attends Camp Each year the marching band ventures forth to UT Martin to prepare for the upcoming season. At UT Martin, the band put forth an earnest effort to learn all the moves for the coming year’s halftime exhibition. After a week of hard work, the band had the basics down for the halftime show. The band spent hours practicing their routine. Finally, during the school year they represented the high school at competitions all over the United States. The band also showed their great pride in MCHS by attending every football game and cheering the team on to victory. They will be remembered this year for their chant, “Boulah". in which they hexed the opposing football teams. The band jama at ASU competition. Gina, Tammy, and Amy cut up as they wail for the band bus. ACTIVITIES 33Students stand proud . . . R.O.T.C. Trains Future Cadets for Military Service This year’s ROTC unit is perhaps the best ever at Millington Central. Actively involved in the community and also extremely successful in several competitions throughout the area, this year's unit represented Millington well. Led by Donald Peacock, ROTC found its way to becoming a helpful service in the community. Undertaking such projects as helping at home football games, participating in various parades, and helping to raise money for Christmas in cooperation with the Salvation Army, they benefited the local area several times. Along with being productive in the community, this year’s unit was very successful at every competition in which they participated. Winning first place in every event they took part in, the unit has become a dominant power in this area. Taking part in several out-of-state tournaments also indicated that they were not content with defeating the same old schools This year’s unit is the best ever at Millington and perhaps the best anywhere. Millington Central High School salutes this year's unit and commends them on their fine job. Staff: Company Commander Robert Hem-mings, Executive Officer Donald Peacock, and Operations Officer Clayton Kasper. Captain Grannis checks the roll as his cadets stand at attention. Executive Officer Donald Peacock instructs his company on proper marching skills. 34 ACTIVITIESR.O.T.C. members lake lime oul lo watch Varsity Football game. Platoon leader — L Jackson. (row 1) J. Petty. J. Smith. E. Raper. A. MSfllff. J. Couture, A. Hrmirn, J. McConnell. L CMM. (row 2) T. Kimbrough. D. leBlanr. M. Jarrrl. M. Hyde, J. Fnuirr. D. Lowery. J. Branch. J. Brownlee, (row 3) M Cherry. W. Pruitt. J. Burnett. H. Yoder. D. Johnson. M. Simmon . R. Shields Platoon leader — C Seals, (row I) S. McIntosh. S. Walker. T. Mo-e . J. Blunt. J. Monego. L Goodwin. C. Dajnooshi. D. Snee. (row 1)C South. J. Howard. C. Uarf. K. Colt. J Darwin. C Bledsoe. C Johnson. T. McKmler. (row 3) E. Milner. M Ward. J Rein. J. tee. K. Johnson. K. Johnston. S. Messich. S. Stem. L. Taylor. Platoon leader — S. Watson, (row 1)T. Roberts. T. Hunt. S. Yarbrough. T. Roberts, J Riddle. J. Wystlr, A. lUlgui. M. Mars. J. Nunn. D. McKinley. S. Guidiy. (low 2) T. lirnr . L. Fnace, C. Kiught. M. Downing. K. Hopper. J Snee. A Rrwnch. M Willumoon. W. Rridgeforlh. R. 1-otton. K. Schlachter. F. Burby. C. Jones, F. Wilson. J. Scruggs. M. Knvwlin. P. Jarksun. M. Riddle. ACTIVITIES 35Students excel in competitions . . . R.O.T.C. Offers Chances for Military Experience Navy Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps, better known as NJROTC, is a group of students who dedicate themselves to promoting patriotism and greater individual discipline. Each student in this group is given the opportunity to improve his conduct and, eventually, lead others toward new goals while having the chance to sene his country after high school. Since the cadets are taught by retired military officers, they are get- ting first-hand experience in military life at its best. The Millington area is a perfect place for a R.O.T.C. unit, especially with the Naval Air Station based here. Several students who start out in this high school program graduate and become mature members of the armed forces. Therefore, the opportunities that the NJROTC unit offers are well worth the time and hard work put forth by each student. Sr. Chief Grannis instructs the class in R.O.T.C. procedures. Drill Team: Commander D. Peacock (row 1) E. Milner, A. Metcalfe, C. Smith, F. Wilson, C. Kasper. L. Fruge (row 2) C. Seals. S. Watson. T. Ripley, K. Schlachter. L. Jackson Color Guard: Commander J. Lee (row 1) D. LrBlanc, E. Gates, T. McKinley (row 2) T. Reeves. K. Johnston, J. T. Roberts, C. Ghoston 36 ACTIVITIESThe Drill Team proudly poses with their winning trophy. R.O.T.C. students practice before their Mid South Fair performance. | R .O.T.C. cadets get ready for competition by going over their moves. Rifle Team: commander J. Howard, (row 1) .J. Howard. D. Lowery. J. Monego. M. Hyde. M. Downing. M. Simmons. C. Warf, A. Heminy, T. McKinley, (row 2) D. McKinley. S. McIntosh, R. Y'oder, J. Rein. J. Petty, M. Jarrell. D. Peacock. K. Hopper, K. Gott 37 ACTIVITIESGospel Choir Officers: (row 1) M. Williamson — Secretary, S. Holmes — President. C. Hunt — Director, (row 2) M. Coleman — Vice-President. K. Harris — Pianist, T. Taylor — Treasurer. Concert Choir: (row 1) J. Karsko, D. Riley, J. Reed. D. Martin. C. Lewis, S. O’Rourke.E. Acosta, A. Trumblc, (row 2) A. Goodwin, R. White. D. Dyer. A. Saylor. R. Hooker. F. Leon, D. Glenn. B. Broyles, (row 3) K. Black, C. Bryeans. C. Christopher, J. Copeland. W. Harrold. J. Reed, S. Mahannah. J. Morgan. Concert Choir Officers: (row 1) A. Goodwin Secretary,R. White Vice President.C. Christopher Treasurer, (row 2) Secretary. R. Hooker Not Pictured: A. Milam: President CosfK-1 Choir: (row 1) C. Smith, A. Doss, C. Gilbert. S. Holmes, J. Scruggs, T. Blankrnbeckler. C. Hunt. J. Brandi, A. Branch, S. Wiggins. T. Ix fton, (row 2) C. Knight, C. Rilr . I). Sexton. T. Woolen. M. Williamson. M. Coleman. S. Owen, K. Johnston. S. Harris, L. Benton, M. Ayers, A. W'hittleson, (row 3) R. Wright. U. Nathaniel. S. Neal, T. Burton, T. Reeder. B. Hurd. D. Diggs. T. Taylor, S. Smith, S. Halliburton, K. Harris. 38 ACTIVITIESAll the world is a song for . . . Concert, Gospel, and Show Choir The MCHS choirs helped bring music to the campus halls. All choirs performed in Millington’s Christmas and Spring Concerts and promoted awareness of vocal music among the school and community. Concert Choir performed more classical music tham the others and also traveled more — this year they competed in the American Music Festival, in Nashville, TN. The Show Choir worked on mostly pop music, and almost all of their numbers were choreographed. Gospel Choir sang religious music of all types. All-West Choir: (row 1) E. Acosta, R. White. D. Martin, C. Lewis. F. Leon, A. Trumble (row 2) C. Christopher. K. Black. J. Copeland, R. Hooker. S. Mahannah. J. Morgan Not Pictured: A. Milam Show Choir: (row 1) D. Riley, D. Martin. C. Hunt, (row 2) C. Riley, Jo. Reed. T. Blankenbeckler. S. O'Rourke, M. Parks. J. Pederson, E. Acosta, (row 3) D. Dyer. J. Copeland, Jen. Reed, W. Harrold, C. Christopher. R. Hooker. R. White. K. Black, F. Leon. J. Kaneicki, J. Morgan. J. Karsko, and B. Broyles listen as S. Mahannah plays a tune. ACTIVITIES 39Michelle Purdy and Teas Short put newspaper stories in the Newspaper Staff: (row 1) Mrs. Dobbins. Jennifer Patrick. Tess Short. Tonya Ervin. Heather Keith. Lalisha Keith, (row 2) computer. Freda Nicholson. Jennifer Sipe. Susan Hurst. Michelle Purdy. Newspaper Photographer Chris Dabuldo 40 ACTIVITIESExtra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it . . . Newspaper Shines with Help from Millington Star “I’m looking forward to producing a more polished, professional newspaper, ' remarked Mrs. Dobbins. This year's newspaper was better than ever; it was published in a new format, with new machinery, and new techniques. The newspaper was printed at the Millington Star with genuine newsprint in a larger size. “Working with the Millington Star opens up exciting possibilities for our students," said Mrs. Dobbins. The staff worked each day on editorials, sports events, news, and feature articles, publishing eight issues per school year on a monthly basis. Three issues per year are devoted to special topics The December issue was dedicated to articles on Christmas events and customs, containing special messages of good cheer. The February issue centered around Valentine's Day and contained students' messages to friends and loved ones. Each year's final issue is devoted to Seniors, containing their last messages, wills, baby pictures, and the Senior editor’s farewell letters. Staff turns in money for Christmas grams. Newspaper Sponsor Mrs. Dobbins and Editor Jennifer Sipe 41 ACTIVITIESLending a helping hand . . . Attendance, Guidance, Office Workers and Teachers’ Aides There are various people who work behind the scenes to enhance the organization of the school. The office workers are important in keeping the school running smoothly. They help by doing such tasks as answering telephones, relaying messages, and working office machinery. The supervisors are Mrs. Botnar. Mrs. Harvell, and Mrs. Garcia. The attendance workers are very important aides in the running of the school. They contribute to the school by picking up absentees; their supervisors are Mr. Sykes and Mrs. Willis. The teachers' aides are also very helpful. They help the teachers by doing odd jobs, such as running errands, and returning equipment to the library. All in all, the workers are greatly needed and appreciated by the faculty as well as the students. Workers: (standing) David Willis. Bruce Barger. Daniel Gipson. Shawn Hill. Joe, Samantha lister. Chris Michael. Teresa Stringfellow. Tracy Hayslip, Monique 1-aRochellc, Audra Jackson, Amy Sweeney. Darrin Rimes, Andy Milam, Chris Sanborn (kneeling) Lisa Swihart. Melanie Siebert. Chris Watts. Vonda Thornton. Amy Allen, Patricia Irvin, Kim Daniels, Teas Waits, Teresa Beach, Tammy Collver, Ashlee Jackson. Gina Miller (sitting) Danielle Carter. Evelyn Acosta, Dawn Dyer, Sean Forbes, Kim Cole. Tammy Chumley. Karma Lucas. Sheila Gamer, Kim Herron. Donald Holsinger. Anthony Morrison. Teachers’ Aides: (standing) Cindy Greer, Mike Smith. W'illiam Strauss, Lori Pruitt, Robinson Lontok, Janet Morgan. Randi Pannell. Jennifer Smith. Donald Holsinger, Stacy Barrom (kneeling) Felicite Leon. Jenny Smith. Jamie Kidwcll, Michelle Ix'gaspi. Annalisa Castro. Ann Barnes, Krista Mayhugh. Mrs. Willis, Donald Holsinger. Andy Milam. Kim Daniels, and Samantha lister work in the attendance office during 5th period. 42 ACTIVITIESAreas represented well . . . Senior Committees and Wordsmith Wordsmith Participant: Anthony Morrison. Jennifer Pederson. Jennifer Hein. Julie Ward. Richard Stroud. Kinierie Tate. Juliet Douglas, md Steve Smith. Wordsmith is a group of students who represented Millington Central High School at the annual writing tournament held at Memphis State University. This tournament was sponsored by the Memphis-Shelby Council of Teachers of English. Students participated in activities such as the 40 word dash and did an outstanding job representing our school. The Senior Committee was chosen by each homeroom to represent the Senior class. They worked on plans for Prom, deciding on the class theme. Prom theme, favors, and other such matters. They also decided on the format of the programs for graduation and baccalaureate. They worked many hours after school in hopes of having the best Senior year ever and did a very good job of representing their class. Senior Committees Representatives: Steve Smith. Omar Rabuco. John Mitchell, kimer-ie Tate. Jamie kidwell. Crissy Craumlich. Jennifer Silvey. Stephanie Ransom. Felicite I .eon. Jeff Williams, Stacy Holmes. Tonya Chipman. Theresa Taylor. Jerra Evans. William Strauss, ami Wayne Arguin. ACTIVITIES 4344 ACTIVITIESA Winter Festival victory encouraged by MCHS students . . . “The Stars Are Out Tonight” One of the most popular activities of the school year is Winter Festival. This year’s theme was “The stars are out tonight.” Every year, a week is set aside for these fes tivities. Spirit day, in which the various classes wear their designated color was held on Friday. Seniors wore black; Juniors, gold; Sophomores, white; and Fresh- men, grey. TOEC sponsored the Winter Festival dance which was held in the girls' gym after the basketball games. The band played music during both games. As the band played, the court was introduced and the winner was announced. All in all. the activities of Winter Festival Week were very successful. Vicki Travis spends her lunchtime selling tickets to the dance. The cheerleaders get the crowd involved in the game. ACTIVITIES 45Trojans defeat Collierville . . . 46 Levita Mondie crowned Winter Festival Queen The festivities of Winter Festival week were concluded with the presentation of the court and the crowning of the new queen. The ceremony took place, in the gymnasium, during halftime of the boys' game. This year there were six senior candidates, four junior candidates. and two sophomore candidates. Each candidate was es- corted onto the floor and presented to the audience. The highlight of the ceremony was the announcement of the new 1988 Winter Festival Queen — Miss Levita Mondie. As the crowd cheered, the Trojan boys went on to defeat Collierville 67-52, bringing to a close one of the major events of the season. Last year’s queen Kimerie Tate crowns her successor, Levita Mondie. The Trojan team is announced before the start of the game. The 1988 Winter Festival Court: (left to right) Sally Rast. Gina Miller. Tyra Zanders. Cynthia Hunt. Michelle Cooper, Levita Mondie, Kathy Frazier, Tonya Chipman. Audra Jackson, Kim Howerton, Kim McCullough, and Kristi Moseley. ACTIVITIESThe 1988 Winter Festival Queen Levita Mondie proudly displays her crown. Tonya Chipman, escorted by Donald Holsinger. Michelle Cooper, escorted by Keith Barger. Kathy Frazier, escorted by Steve Baker. Cynthia Hunt, escorted by Charlie Hill. Audra Jackson, escorted by Shawn Hill. Levita Mondie. escorted by LaFayette Jackson. Kim Howerton, escorted by Jeff Wages. Kim McCullough, escorted by Jeff Sexton. Gina Miller, escorted by William Strauss. Tyra Zanders, escorted by Troy Davenport Kristi Moseley, escorted by Alex Olivette. Sally Rast, escorted by Brandon Todd. ACTIVITIES 47Festive spirit fills MCHS . . . Dances Create Enthusiasm Throughout the year, our Trojan spirit shone the dances. MCHS students had fun “Trojan style” by doing the Reebok, drinking Coke, and just socializing. Sponsored by the cheerleaders, the Victory Dance, after the first home football game, started the year of dances. Approximately two hundred students helped celebrate the Trojan victory by dancing to music provided by a disc jockey. Held in the courtyard, the street dance closed the Community Day activities. The Computer Club sponsored the Halloween Dance after the last football game. The fourth dance of the year, Sadie Hawkins, was the only dance where the girl officially invited the guy. Sadie Hawkins was the major fund-raiser for the Junior class. The year of dances ended with the Beach Bash, sponsored by the Thespians. At their dance, students wore their shorts and welcomed in the summer. The dances at MCHS offered entertainment for everyone. There was a dance for ever)' occasion. They caused our Trojan spirit to really come on strong. Homecoming, Winter Festival and Prom were more formal festive dances; these were held in the Community Center or (the Prom) at the Tennessee Club. R. Tillman . Mr. Collins, and A. Bright display their enlhusiam for the 1987 Beach Bash Dance. Students celebrate the win over Craigmont at the Victory Dance. Caught in the moment. MCHS students enjoy themselves at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. 48 ACTIVITIESK. Moseley, S. Rushing. T. Cannon. S. Chipman and E. Forster pause for a moment during the Homecoming festivities. Couples enjoy a slow dance at Homecoming. Derrick Hall and Crissy Craumlirh, 1987 Possum King ami queen, reign at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. 49 ACTIVITIESYouth compete for chance in Mid South Fair Competition Millington Talent Shines The talent show, an annual event held in the spring and sponsored by the Yearbook Staff, was a competition that allowed local youth to compete for a chance in the Mid South Fair's Talent Show. The overall winner was automatically eligible to compete in the Mid South Fair; in addition three other participants were also chosen to compete by the Mid South Fair talent scout. Last year's event showed that talent really shines in Millington youth. Kelly Black sings her solo of “You Needed Me' . A tremendous rap group rocks the crowd. The Table Top Boys sing their outstanding song “Just Say No”. 50 ACTIVITIESTalent Show winners: Tonya Ervin: best natural ability The No Reply Band-Tim Plunk. Richelle White. Amy Westmoreland. Danny Hatch-el, T.J. Tracy, and Jimmy Jones: best showmanship Sandra Halliburton: best solo Wade Banks: greatest audience appeal Richelle White and Tim Plunk of No Reply: best group Richard Hoard: best overall Myslrcss performs “You”. The performance of Susan Mahannah wins her an invitation to the Mid South Fair. After receiving their awards, the talent show winners proudly pose. ACTIVITIES 51Another tight race for Miss Millington competition Kathy Frazier Crowned The Miss Millington Pageant, held in the spring, was sponsored by the Millington Hand Booster Club. To compete in the pageant, one must have attended MCHS or live in Millington and Ik between the ages of 15 and 21. The contestants competed in c ategories of casual and formal attire and personal interview. With last year's theme. New Attitude, 32 contestants compet- ed in the largest Miss Millington Pagcanl in its history. This pageant also marked the return of Susan Roberts. Miss Millington 1986. After the judges cast their ballots, the emcee announced the decision. The judges chose Jackie Aiken, fourth alternate: September Curtis, third alternate: Kimerie Tate, second alternate; Michelle Cooper, first alternate: and Kathy Frazier as Miss Millington 1987. Judges were Linda Butler. Gerald 1). White. Sharon Kar Bell, Johnny Mcllwain. Kaneal C. Alexander and Jo Aliee Camalhan. TOPTKN: Jari Aiken. Danishea Barton. Michelle Cooper, September Curtis. Iz»ri Fortune, Kathy Frazier, Tabaitha Micks, Can Anne Parham. I.isa Swartz, and Kimerie Tate. Miss Congeniality: Jaei Aiken and lz ri Fortune Miss Photogenic: lx ri Fortune Best Casual Wear: lz ri Pruitt Best Formal Wear: Kimerie Tate Tire Kmcee salutes the top 10. Kathv Frazier shows tears of joy after being crowned as Miss Millington. The contestants perform their opening dance routine. 52 ACTIVITIESACTIVITIES 53Fine Arts Department excels . . . “Grease” Is Most Successful Play at MCHS nights. Mr. Collins attributed these accomplishments to the hard work of the cast, the crew, and everyone involved with “Grease". Thanks to the dedication of many people, the theater wits once again a place for many fond memories and good times. This year's fine arts department was once again extremely successful in its production of “Grease". Under the direction of Mr. Collins, this year’s three performances of the play were the best shows on record at Millington Central High School. The show was a sell-out all three The rant and crew of Grease. Dawn seems lo be bored with Tim. The gals from Crease. Miss Lynch .............................Freda Nicholson Pally Simcox ................. . . Ia ri Fortune Eugene Florczyk ...........................Wayne Harrell Jan ................................ Jennifer Pederson Marly ....................................... Dawn Dyer Belly Rizo ................................ Evelyn Acosta Doody.......................................Daniel Marlin Roger ........................................Cary Ix'wis Kenickie .....................................Greg Bryant Sonny (.aTierri .............................. Tim Plunk Frenchy..............................Clarissa Christopher Sandy Dumbrowski ........................Richelle While Vince Fontaine.........................Donald llolsinger Johnny Casino ......................... James Copeland Cha-Cha DiGregorio.........................Kimerie Tale Frank Burns .......................Todd Blankenbeckler Teen Angel ................................Gary l.ewia Pink Udies: Kelly Black ............................................ Nikki Bray ................................... Genevieve lialdeman .................................... . Jennie la e Hood .......................................Shalee O’Rourke ...........................................Heidi Walson Cast ol Grease 54 ACTIVITIES(Irfw: l.isa Warner. Ruby While. Greg Bryant, Tim Plunk. Don Holsinger, Ray Tanl. Mike Rae. Michelle Miller. Andrea Briglil. Mike Johnson. Buddy Dexter. BelynHa Stroud. Stacy Barrorn. Daniel Thompson, Keith Harrell. Mike Thoni|KM n and Anthony Morrison. The Greasers pose after a great performance. The Teen Angel scene. ACTIVITIES 55Theatre lights stay on in spring “Don’t Drink the Water” is a hit! The production of the spring corned) ‘Don’t Drink the Water’’, took weeks of hard work on both the parts of the performers and the technicians who were involved. The director. Mr. Collins, truly enjoyed the play and had great expectations for it. The Woody Allen play was about an American family who, when accused of spying, were trapped in an American embassy behind the Iron Curtain. Many people came to see the play which was performed on the nights of Thursday, March 2, Friday, March 3. and Saturday, March 4. Throughout the years. Millington has had a very successful theatre department, and the production of this spring play proved this to be true. All the people involved in the performance of this play, as well as others, should be commended for all the extra time and effort put forth in making this year the year for Trojan theatre. The cast and crew of “Don’t Drink the Water”. Donald isn't pleased with Tim's acting. Musical chairs? 56 ACTIVITIESHow much do you want to bet that Tim is smiling too? JefTs turning red. Don’t Drink the Water by Woody Allen Director ..................... Mr. Collins Student Director ............Diane Clifton Asst. Student Director .....Valerie Clay Technical Director...................Corey Maclin Set Manager ..................John Tickle Props Manager ...............Diane Clifton Sound Manager.........................Todd Stinnett Costume Manager ............Tim Cutlip Programs ...................Gary Lewis Publicity .............Jennifer Kaniecki Cast Axel Magee............................Jeff Williams Susan Hollander ...........Gail Holsinger Walter Hollander.................Tim Plunk Marion Hollander .......... Andrea Bright Kilroy................. Michael Huffines Ambassador Magee ...........Sean Burnett Bum..........................Keith Harrell Father Drobney.......................Buddy Dexter Krojack ...............Donald Holsinger Sultan................................Mike Johnson Sultan’s Wife ... Kathy Frazier Countess Bovontany . . Freda Nicholson Kasner .......................Greg Bryant Chef..........................Mike Ray .......................Jennifer Kaniecki ...........................Wayne Harrell ACTIVITIES 5758 CLUBSMCHS students were coming on strong through their involvement m clubs. Ideas could be shared during club meetings and activities-also providing opportunities lor positive social outlets. I und-raisers as-sisted not only the clubs themselves, hut also the whole student body Clubs were a vital part of school life. Jim Palmer and Ronnie Turner attend MCHS Homecoming Dance, sponsored by the 'InkTomorrow’s future today The National Honor Society is an honorary organization composed of students who are chosen by the faculty on the basis of good character and leadership ability. These juniors and seniors must maintain an overall average of 90 or better for a minimum of five semesters. NHS is a service organization which undertakes several projects to serve the school or community. This year, the group worked with the Food for Christmas program, a venture to feed the needy of Millington at Christmas time. These students represent the best of MCHS. New Juniors and Seniors: (first row) Derek Dawson, Jamie Menees, Jason Henderson. Jennifer Smith. Debbie McGary. Lynn Ray. Stephanie Prachniak. Christy Bryeans, Ann Barnes (second row) Cynthia Hunt. Sabrina Peete. Mary Kincaid, Tiffany Stephens (third row) Kelly Williams. Avert Dunkle. Dawn Gardner. Tanya Vandergrift, Kim Howerton. Gina Miller. Kim McCullough. Stacy Barrom. Shalee O'Rourke. Amy Allen. Joe Lee. Michael Parks. Richelle White. Melissa Hagan, Janice Hartness. Catharine Ellis. Ann Shirk, Arlene Easterwood (fourth row) Antoinette Tiongco. Allan Tinana. Lynn Hallock. Kenneth Pettit, Kaarina kranz, Patricia Irvin, Enc Wilde. Larry Ervin. Clarissa Christopher, David Archdeacon, Stephanie Littlejohn. Michael Green Not pictured: David Akins, David Aldrich. Mark Butler. Kathryn Copeland. Amy Sweeney amd La Shawn Jones answer calls to the Food For Christmas organization. Mr. Price Sponsor Greg Ritter President Tonya Chipman Secretary Anthony Morrison Vice-PresidentWayne Arguin Amy Beavers Julie Cheese man Donna Haley Amy Hall Robert Hemming Jeff Juneau I igh Ann 1-aBarrrarr Cari Anne Parham Don Peacock Stephanie Ransom Angela Roberts Melissa Thompson Brandon Todd Samanatha Lester Sabrina Peete Jennifer Silvey Melvin Velasquez Sharyl Couture Audra Jackson Charlie Miller John Culley Henry Jones Genevieve Haldeuuui LaShawn Jones John Mitchell Ievita M uidif Gail Perry Lisa Proctor Omar Rabuco Amy Sweeney Lisa Swihart Kimerie Tate Glenda Walker Jennifer West CI.IJBS 61Angela Roberts Vice-President Tomorrow’s leaders excel The Beta Club is an honorary organization consisting of academically talented students. Students are eligible for membership at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year. They must maintain an overall average of 90 with no grade below 85 and a minimum of 3 scholastic subjects. This year the Beta Club held a bake sale in the courtyard before homeroom to raise money to make a Christmas basket for a needy family in Millington. The Beta Club obtained a new sponsor this year, when Mrs. Hawkins took over from Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Hawkins expressed great enthusiasm upon her first year of working with the club. John Milchell President (I I BS Nc Junior. and Senior : (row I) Mary Kincaid. Can Anne Parham. I .on Pm.ll. Ashler Jackson. Kim McCullough. Dawn Oyer. Krnwrie Tale. Wa,nr Arguin. Jrnmfrr Prdcraon. M.chael Parka. Amy Westmoreland. Stephana- Prarhniak. (row 2) Dawn llama. Jaaon Henderson. Michael Green. Tanya Vandrrgnfl. Paine-loin. Derek Dawaon. Belynda Stroud. Joe I-re. Clarissa Chnalopher. Stephanie Uule hn. I.ynn Ray. Mike Marr. Jenny Smith. DebUo McGao. Teresa Mueller. Rn helle Uhae. Tammy Gibbs, (row 3) Kaanna Kranr. Shaun Story. Jamie Mences, Dav.d Aldnch. Davrf Akin., Knc Wilde. David Archdeacon. Stary Barrom. Sherri McClain. Mindy Hairy. Michelle Cotlvrf. Janice llarknei-. Oiriaty Bryeana. Ann Barnea. Kim Herron. Susan llursl Beta Club memlwr are Inis) selling baked gooih. Sophomores: (row I) Utris Hadley. Carl.. Parham. Jennifer RIh o. Jam Best. Jacinth- Jones. Melanie Martm. N.role Coulictte. (row 2) Charles May. Cind. l.itllejol.n. Juliet Douglass. TarniUia I-Oil is, Kim llarria. Angela Ung, Amy Garcia, Tonya Krvin. Michelle Purdy, (row 3) Julie Wrlib. Keith Jawnrski. Sally Rust. I«lie Higgs. Strjihaiiir Burk. Pam Berry. Kevin Carter. Richard Charles. Michael Boyer. Cindy Hunt Secretary Crcg Ritter Treasurer -A Mrs. Hawkins SponsorEvelyn Acosta Wayne Arguin Stephanie Baldwin Danishea Barton Todd Blankenbeckler Julie Chccsemun Dawn Harris Robert (lemmings Audra Jackson Genevieve Haldeman Amy Hall U Shawn Jones Jeffrey Juneau Leigh Ann LaBarreare Samantha Lester Sharon Medearis Andy Milam Levita Mondie Anthony Morrison Sabrina Peete Gail Perry Donald Peacock Lisa Proctor Carrie Quick Jennifer Silvey Amy Sweeney Lisa Swihart Melissa Thompson Jennifer West CLUBS 63Mu Alpha Theta, Key, and Science clubs bring learning to students Mu Alpha Theta, Science, and Key clubs work to serve the students of MCHS in different ways. Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary math organization This year the club participated in several activities, such as selling seat rests to the student body. The Science Club aids students who are interested in the field of science. Every year, they attend the Energy Bowl at the Memphis Botanic Gardens, where this year they won first prize. The Key Club is a branch of the Kiwanis Club. This year, students helped sell Christmas trees on Navy Road, worked at a pancake breakfast at the Baker Community Center, and assisted in the 10K run. Science Club officers: Joe Lee. Vice-President; Angela Roberts. President; Leigh Ann LaBarrcare. Secretary; Patrick McVay. Treasurer; Mr. Como. Sponsor. Science Club 1987-88 Working in the new lab. Don Fletcher, Joe Lee. Angela Roberts, Ken Petit, and Mike Parks perform an experiment. Key Club Officers: Cindy Hunt. President; Jeremy Odell. Vice-President; Marianne Wheeler. Secretary-Treasurer; Mr. Tietz, Sponsor. CLUBSAll eyes arc on ihc balance as John Tickle measures ihc substance's moss. Mu Alpha Theta Officers: Don Peacock, Secretary: I eigh Ann LaBarreare, Treasurer: Evelyn Anisia, President; Robert Hemming . Vice-President; Mrs. Snell. Sponsor. 1987-88 Mu Alpha Theta 1987-88 Key Club CLUBS 65Spanish F rench Stacy Kankin and Susan Brovin prepare crepes at a French club meeting. The 1987-88 Spanish club Melanie Ashley congratulates pal Jessica Kdwards. winner of the “Tour de France” bicycle race. Spanish Club Officers: Miss Cardosa, sponsor: President, Robin Abernalhie; Vice-President, Levita Mondie; Treasurer, I .aura Stewart; Secretary, Steve Baker; Mrs. Armour, sponsor. 66 CLUBSForeign language clubs arouse interest The Spanish and French clubs sponsored several activities during the year. The two clubs held a pot luck supper, to which club members prepared and brought authentic Spanish and French dishes. The Spanish club consists of students who are enrolled in Spanish courses and who are interested in learning about Spanish culture. This year the club's activities included going on a trip to Mexico where participating members visited several his- toric sites. The French club is a group of students taking French courses and showing an interest in France and other French-speaking countries. This year, the club sponsored several guest speakers, held a Christmas party for its members, visited the celebrated Kodin exhibit, and went to Paulette’s, a renowned French restaurant in Overton Square. The 1987-88 French Club Students enjoy French and Spanish cuisine at pot luck supper. French Club Officers: Mrs. Hurt, sponsor; Treasurer. Christie Darwin; Secretary. Kim Herron; Vice-President, Stephanie Burk; President, Kimerie Tate. CLUBS 67A Christian Trio promotes spiritual growth Campus Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Maranatha are three clubs that were very busy throughout the year. All three are clubs which promote togetherness and Christian awareness of students at MCHS. FCA and Maranatha were responsible for many activities and often had guest speakers at club meetings. Campus Life met at a student’s home where a member of the Campus Life provided entertainment and led discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. Ail of these organizations were very large at MCHS and provided our students with a stronger grasp on Christian maturity. Jeff Wages listens attentively as Brother Bill Kisner speaks to FCA about good sportsmanship. 1987-88 Campus Life Tammy Maples poses for a picture with new friends she met on the Campus Life Catlinburg trip. 1987-88 FCA CLUBS Maranatha Staff: Patricia Irvin. Kim Howerton, Stacy Snodgrass, Marianne Wheeler, Stacy Barrom. MicheUe Barber and Lisa Codin 1987-88 Maranatha Club FCA officers: Can Anne Parham. Treasurer; Jeff Wages, President; and Nesha Barton, Secretary CIAJBS 691988 “M” Club Computers fascinate Mike Smith and other computer whizzes. Several members of “M" Club demonstrate how they earned their letters. CLUBS “M” Club, Computer Club, and RAPP help students socialize sponsored the Halloween Dance and bought new joysticks with the club's money. They also helped to pay for the disks in the Computer Lab. RAPP was composed of students who met to discuss problems and topics of teen interest. By doing this, they learned more about themselves and others. Three very popular clubs at MCHS were “M” Club, Computer Club, and RAPP. The “M” Club was composed of those students who earned a varsity letter in a sport. The club did not meet, but did recognize the students' achievements. The Computer Club was composed of students enrolled in Computer classes. This year, the clubLynn Hallock and Chris Allen concenlralc on entering their programs. Computer Club Officers: William Strauss, Treasurer; Annalisa Castro, Vice-President; Lynn Hallock. Secretary; Chris Allen, President; Mr. Tietz, Sponsor. 1988 Computer Club 1988 RAPP members with Mr. Owen, Sponsor. CLUBS 71HERO II III, TAPS, and Red Cross spark interest in several areas HERO II III, TAPS, and Red Cross show students new roads to creative success. HERO II was a home-economics related occupational club for students enrolled in Child Care. They operated a pre-school for children four and under. HERO III was a club that consisted of students who took food service classes. The “T” Room on campus was sponsored by HERO III. Trojan Artists. Poets, and Scholars, TAPS, was a conjunction of the Art and English Departments of MCHS. They published the Millington Sketchbook Calendar and the literary magazine. The Trojan Cycle. Red Cross was a medical service organization. They helped hospitals by sending tray favors. HERO II Officers: (row 1) Melanie Sieberl, President; Shelia Wilkins, Historian; Tammy Corpier, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Gipson, Sponsor; (row 2) Sheryl Hansgen. Treasurer; Gina Fulmer. Secretary; Tina Oglesby. Vice-President; Ixigh Oldham. Reporter. 1988 HERO II Red Cross members practice the life-saving techniques on “Annie.” 1988 HERO ill CLUBSHERO members show themselves in regular Monday morning splendor. 1988 TAPS 1988 Red Cross Club TAPS Officers: Ann Shirk, President; Jennifer Velez. Vice-President. Not pictured: Mrs. Durham and Miss Parker, sponsors. Red Cross Club Officers: Debbie Guess, President; Mrs. White-head, Sponsor; Juliet Douglas. Treasurer. CLUBS 73Thespians Artists in Action Thespian Officers: Andrea Bright, Secretary: Richelle White, Vice-President; Jennifer Pederson, President; Greg Bryant. Treasurer: Evelyn Acosta. Clerk: and Lori Fortune, Historian. Artists in Action help prepare the football field before the big game. The Thespian Club Club members learn useful skills. Thespian pledges display their signs during the annual pledge week. 74 CLUBSThespians and AIA let artists interact Two clubs which were very busy this year were the Thespians and Artists in Action. These organizations strove to promote interest in the arts. The Thespian club is an organization which promotes theater and the performing arts. The club is open to any student interested in the theater, who is willing to earn the 10 points necessary to join. The club’s activities this year included attending State Thespian conference at Memphis State and assisting with the play produc tions. Artists in Action consists of students taking advanced art or students who have maintained an “A” average throughout two years of art. The club participated in many community and school-related projects, such as spray-painting the football field and illustrating the school calendar. The club is also in charge of all art shows. Artist in Action Officers: Debbie McGary, Secretary; Randi Panned. Historian; Crissy Craumlich, President; Miss Norwood. Sponsor. Deanna Fid words. Vice President. The Artists in Action Club CLUBS 75CLUBS Jodie Jankowski and Phyllis Owen are busy eolleeting money for hemophilia. 4-H, TOEC and FHA offer chances for domestic improvements FHA. TOEC. and 4 — H give students the chance to use their office and home skills to help improve themselves and their environment. Future Homemakers of America worked to help teach students about the joys of homemaking. Members served Community Day Breakfast to 300 community members and collected $500 for the Memphis Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. The Tennessee Office Education Club was composed of students who were enrolled in clerical office education classes. They sponsored the Type-a-Thon for leukemia and the Winter Festival Dance. The 4 — H Club was an international club. Some projects they were involved in included a monthly calendar and poster making. mwmmmmm mm WM TOEC Officer : (row 1) Cindy Greer. President; (row 2) Tyra Zander . Secretary; Teresa Taylor. Vice-President; (row 3) Jennifer Sipe, Reporter; Andrea Bright. Treasurer; (row 4) Karen Ro»s. Historian; Janet Morgan, Representative; (row 5) I-aShonda Peters. Representative; Mrs. Tolbert. Sponsor. 1988 TOEC 4-H Officers: Nicole Banks. Officer; Todd Blankenbeckler. President; Bernadette Cooper, Secretary Treasurer; Nikesha Gardner, Vice-President.Mrs. Tolbert shows Andrea Bright and Kim Daniels mailable letters. FHA Officers: (row 1) Mrs. Pate, Sponsor; Vicki Travis, Historian; Vanessa Young, Vice-President; Mrs. Sigler, Sponsor; (row 2) Debbie Waldon, President; Stephanie McMahan. Secretary; Amy Long, Keporter. CLUBS 77The Close-up Club 1988 M». Krebs, the devoted Close-up sponsor, diligently works. Close-up Officers: Annalisa Castro. Vice-President; Darrin Kimes. Secretary; Amy Sweeney, President; Shannon Fender. Treasurer. MCHS clubs explore the world DECA is a group of students enrolled in marketing classes. DECA’s members learn job skills and receive first-hand experience in the field of distributive education. DECA was responsible for many school activities during the school year, such as managing the school bookstore.They also competed at Memphis State’s Marketing Competition and won several awards. Mrs. Kendall is the sponsor. Close-up is an organization which consists of students who are interested in learning more about their government and who take social-studies courses. This year the club’s activities included selling Christmas gifts to raise money, participating in the Model United Nations at Rhodes College and visiting the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. Ms. Krebs is the club sponsor. CLUBSClose-up members unpack their goodies from the fund-raiser to help pay for the trip to Washington. D.C. DECA Officers: Devonia I-eBlanc, Treasurer; Sean Nix, Reporter; Robbie Culbrealh, Secretary; Keith Barger. Vice-President; Bridgette Bowers, President; Redeanna Edwards. Parliamentarian; Mrs. Rendall. sponsor. CLUBS OF AMERICA MILLINGTON HIGH SCHOOLPep SADD SADD leaves a smashed-up car to remind students to “think before you drink." Trojanettes: Melanie Ashley. Michelle Purdy, Diane Clifton, Crissy Graumlich. n o luiN i kujai £ A 1987-88 Pep Club Jim Palmer, Ronni Turner, Staci Snodgrass, and Melanie Ashley prepare for Homecoming by creating signs. Pep Club Officers: Melanie Ashley, Secretary; Michcal Parks, President; Mrs. Purdy, Sponsor; Robin Abernathie, Vice-President; Angie Kopp. Treasurer. 80 CLUBSPep and SADD help motivate students to succeed The Pep Club and SADD were two of the largest clubs at MCHS. Together they motivated students to work in the school and community. The Pep Club was responsible for many school activities, such as Homecoming and Winter Festival. The club was a spirited part of all MCHS athletic events. Mrs. Purdy and Mrs. Kincaid were the sponsors. Students Against Driving Drunk was open to all students. The club’s purpose was to promote a better understanding of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. Their activities included Drunk Driving Awareness Week, participation in the Christmas and Homecoming parades, and the Candlelight Memorial Vigil. Mrs. Wilson was the sponsor. TROJAN ILLINCTON 1987-88 SADD SADD Officers: Audra Jackson, President; Dawn Dyer, Secretary; Redeanna Edwards. Treasurer. CLUBS 81 Tess Wails and Teresa Beach are practicing newfound techniques on their dummy heads. Rodeo, TCA, and VICA invest in the future Rodeo, TCA. and VICA helped students organize several activities and plans for the future. Rodeo, for students interested in horse-riding and roping, participated in the annual Christmas parade. They also had a clinic at the Double T Ranch. The Tennessee Careers Association was a group of students interested in obtaining jobs upon graduation. Their activities included listening to various guest speakers. The Vocational International Clubs of America were students who took any one of several vocational classes. The club dramatically changed with the combination of VICA-VAB, VICA-VAM, and Cosmetology. They had three sponsors. VICA Officers: (row 1) Mrs. Dalrymple, Sponsor; Tess Waits, Club Advisor; Lee Tapley, Representative; Mike Cullum, Parliamentarian; Billy White, President; Mr. 0. Williams. Sponsor; (row 2) Mr. Kasper, Sponsor; Chcric Walker, Reporter; Tim McKell, Secretary; Billy Nearn. Treasurer; Tony Sanders. Vice-President. 1988 VICA Rodeo Officers: (row 1) Mike Friar, Sergeant-at-Arms; Gail Perry, Treasurer; Carrie Quick, Secretary; Billy White, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jimmy Hill, Chaplain; (row 2) Mr. Terrell, Sponsor; Steven Scott, Sergeant-at-Arms; Thomas Sanford. Sergeant-at-Arms; David Cramer. Ser-geanl-al-Arms; Scott Bullock, Sergeant-at-Arms; Derrick Hall, Vice-President. CLUBS1988 TCA Rodeo Club Chandler Bradford, Diane Clifton, Caprice Thomas, and Bernard Hurd are busy preparing for a TCA meeting. TCA Officers: (row 1) Mrs. Taylor. Sponsor: Tabaitha Hicks, Coordinator: Diane Clifton. Civic Affairs; (row 2) Caprice Thomas. Vice-President; Chandler Bradford, President; Bernard Hurd. Social Affairs; I .e vita Mondie, Secretary. CLUBS 8384 ACADEMICSFifth period Drama sets the stage for some humorous poses. Randi Jo Pannell works on her black-and-white design in Art. Christie Darwin, Deanna Kdwards, Sherry Reasons, and Jennifer Velez concentrate on their Art projects. 86 ACADEMICS Express artistic creativity with . . . The Fine Arts: Chorus, Band, and Visual Basic Aesthetics Calligraphy Advanced Art Ceramics Drawing Painting Printmaking Marching Concert Band Intermediate Band General Music Concert Choir Gosjiel Choir Swing Choir Speech Drama Play Production Spanish I. II. III. IV French I. II. Ill, IV Music Theory Basic Aesthetics Calligraphy Advanced Art Ceramics Drawing Painting Printmaking Marching Concert Band Intermediate Band General Music Concert Choir Gospel Choir Swing Choir Speech Drama Play Production Spanish I. II. III. IV French I, II. 111. IV Music Theory Basic Aesthetics Calligraphy Advanced Art Ceramics Drawing “Art is the language of the soul.” Shane Selph. Omar Kabuco. and Robert I lemming discuss the routine. Eric Somdahl "blows his own horn". The Fine Arts classes at MCHS are filled with talented students interested in theater, vocal music, instrumental music, and drawing and painting. The theater shows its talent by all the plays and productions that students audition and rehearse for during the school year. Many of these students work after school long, tiring hours just to perfect their work. Some even practice for many competitions around the Memphis area in hopes to reach the T.H.S.S.D.L. competition, the main event for all young actors and actresses. The Concert Choir. Show Choir, and Gospel Choir students devote one of their class periods and after-school time to their music. Rehearsing everyday for one hour on two or three songs does not sound hard, but it pays off at the All — West Choir Competition. The Band members also give one of their class periods and loads of after-school practicing to their music and during the football season, marching. The Band goes to many Marching and Concert competitions like Memphis State's Marching Competition, West Tennessee Marching Competition, and Solo ami Ensemble. These long hours of practice have awarded the Band with ratings of excellent and superior. The Art students learn about many different arcus of their form of art, such as draw ing, print making, calligraphy , ceramics, and other forms of their craft. Many students send art work to art shows and competitions. ACADEMICS 87Jennifer Silvey works on an English paper during Mrs. Boswell’s first period class. As Brian Street and Sam Preston listen. Mrs. Boswell lectures to her English 451 class about Macbeth. Miss Krebs teaches her American History class about Tennessee. 88 ACADEMICSGetting back to basics with . . . English, Math, and Science classes Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English Senior English General Math Consumer Math Pre-Algebra Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Advanced Math Calculus General Science Physical Science Biology Advanced Biology Chemistry Physics Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English Senior English General Math Consumer Math Pre-Algebra Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Advanced Math Calculus General Science Physical Science Biology Advanced Biology Chemistry Physics Freshman English Sophomore English Junior English Senior English General Math Consumer Math Pre-Algebra Algebra I “It is all important to understand the basics, to achieve your personal success.” Ed Chinelte patiently works on his Biology questions Jill Muchmore rides the exercise bike while T-Shaka Coverson waits for his turn. Students study in Mr. Bergen’s room during fifth period Physics. For every college-bound student. Mathematics, English, and Science courses are a requirement for entry. Whether the science course is General Science or Physics, or the math course is Algebra I or Calculus, every student must take some course in the math and science fields. Every student devotes a great amount of time to theorems, atomic particles, proofs, and derivatives. Also, English is a requirement for graduation from high school. In English classes, high on the agenda are research papers, grammar, and the ever popular dangling modifiers. All students who take these classes must have a desire to learn or else they will never be prepared. Endless quizzes, alcohol burners, or papier airplanes — they are all for the benefit of a pursuit in higher education. Although some classes are necessary for graduation, they are not necessarily classes that colleges will accept. For example, two credits in one foreign language, biology or chemistry, and algebra or geometry are required for admission to Memphis State. In all Advanced Placement classes this year. Calculus, Computer Science, English. American History, Music, and Advanced Biology, students receive eight points on their six weeks’ grades and semester exam. If students wish, they can take the AP test to earn college credit. ACADEMICS 89 90 ACADEMICSExercise body and mind with . . . P.E. R.O.T.C. and Typing Physical Education R.O.T.C. I, II. III. IV Personal Typing Typewriting Health Accounting I II Physical Education R.O.T.C. I. II. III. Si IV Personal Typing Typewriting Health Accounting I II Physical Education R.O.T.C. I. II. HI. Si IV Personal Typing Typewriting Health Accounting I II Physical Education R.O.T.C. I. II. III. IV Personal Typing Typewriting Health Accounting I II Physical Education R.O.T.C. I, II. HI, Si IV Personal Typing Typewriting Health Accounting I II Physical Education R.O.T.C. I, II, III, IV Personal Typing Typewriting Health Accounting I II Physical Education R.O.T.C. 1. 11 h‘Be all that you can be.” P.E., R.O.T.C., and Typing are some of the most taken classes in the school. Physical Education is one of the graduation requirements, but, in the class, students learn about stamina, agility, and endurance in many types of sports, such as football, basketball, track, and other popular sports. In P.E., they learn the rules and ways of playing these games. Through games, students learn how to cooperate with others and build good sportsmanship ideas. R.O.T.C., which can be taken in place of P.E. for graduation credit, is the study of Naval Science. These students leant about basic seamanship, nautical science and leadership. Stu- dents usually dress out on specified days during the week to prepare them for inspections and to groom their unifonn. Typing is not a required credit, but most students do take Typing to make some homework easier like typing research papers, book reports, business letters, and letters to colleges for information. Most English teachers recommend Typing for all college-bound students. Typing and Accounting are ideal classes for students interested in the business and management field. Accounting students learn bookkeeping skills. Rila Beckham concentrates on work in Typing. Missy lakes off for firsl after hitting the softball. P.E. students play volleyball during class. ACADEMICS 91“You never know you can until you try.” Cosmetology student Paulette Bonds rolls her mannequin head’s hair. Learn necessary job skills with . . . Vocational Education classes Clothing and Textiles Food Service Drafting I II Clerical Office Education Computer BASIC Ml Computer Pascal AP Computer Science Cosmetology I, II. III Home Economics Child Care I II Child Development Marketing I II Jobs for High School Graduates Personal Computing Auto Body Au.o Mechanics Shop I II Consumer Education Housing and Interiors Distributive Education I II Clothing and Textiles Food Service Drafting I II Clerical Office Education Computer BASIC I-II Computer Pascal AP Computer Science Cosmetology I, II, III Home Economics Child Care I II Child Dev. Vocational classes, such as Marketing, C.O.E., and others, provide a different aspect of education from the traditional classroom curriculum. These classes offer training in a particular vocation and prepare a student to enter immediately the work field after graduation. For example. Auto Body and Auto Mechanics classes work on students' and teachers’ cars, and on Thursdays Cosmetology students give perms, cuts, and color people's hair. Also, the Child Care students combine classroom lectures with practical training. The students care for small children one hour a day. In addition to Child Care, Cosmetology, Auto Body, and Auto Mechanics, Marketing also encourages training in the business community. In order to earn extra credit, students work in the co-op program. They must work at least 360 hours in order to receive this credit. These classes are held in the Vocational Building, located behind the Auditorium and the Main Building. New computers have been bought and placed in the Vocational Building for students’ use. The old computers have been moved across the hall and are still in use. There is apparatus for future drafters, clerical workers, and hairdressers. Also, the Study Hall is located there. Classes at MCHS provide valuable infor mation and experience and enable students to become acquainted with the business community before graduation. Students can take their new knowledge and apply it to the job market or military service. Some Nutrition Foods students compare vegetable dips Jimmy Hill works on a car part during Auto Body, made with (1) sour cream and (2) yogurt. ACADEMICS 93Our cw Administration lakes Action Mr. Mitchell, Our Motivated Leader Motivation plus cooperation plus hard work equals success is (he motto that our new administration has stressed since the first day of this school year. Our four new leaders, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. McVay, Mr. Person, and Mr. Sykes, have worked very closely together to make this school a school to be proud of. The head of our administrative staff this year is Mr. Mitchell. He believes that all students, especially the graduating class, will succeed if they are willing to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Mr. Mitchell states, “I enjoy my job because it is my chance to see students grow, develop, and succeed into well-rounded adults.” Mr. Mitchell's belief is supported in his academic record. He is a graduate of Memphis Central High School. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes College and is presently finishing his doctorate in education at Memphis Stale. He is proud of his education and believes that, with the assistance of the administration and faculty, the many talented students will get a quality education at Millington Central. Mr. Mitchell is very pleased with his first year working at Millington and looks forward to the future. Mr. Mitchell at his best. Mr. McVay supervises buses after school. Mr. Person uses his walkie-talkie to communicate with the other administrators while conducting traffic in front of the school. 94 ACADEMICS Mr. McVay, Mr. Sykes and Mr. Person The Men who Stand Behind our Principal Mr. McVay is a graduate of the 1974 Millington class. After earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and his Master's Degree in Education and Administration, he returned to work for seven years at his alma mater as hand director. He left for two years to work at Bartlett High School but that MCHS spirit drew him back home as our assistant principal. This year our vice principal is Mr. Person. He attended Gulf Coast Jr. College. He also has a Bachelor’s and a Master's Degree in Education from Memphis State University. “Every Millington Central High graduate should have learned to accept responsibility for his own personal behavior and decisions,” stated Mr. Person. This philosophy is what he believes is the hallmark of maturity. Mr. Sykes,our assistant principal and athletic director, like his two colleagues, has several new ideas of his own to improve MCHS. As State Chairman of the U.S. Baseball Federation, Mr. Sykes was also instrumental in making Millington the location of the Olympic Baseball Team. Mr. Sykes earned a Bachelor of Science at Jackson Stale in 1972. In 1974, he earned u Bachelor of Education at the University of Tennessee at Martin. His goal is to instill pride for MCHS in the school and community. Mr. Mitchell encourages participation at a pep rally. Mr. Sykes discusses school business. Mr. McVay checks the bus schedule. Mr. Person takes a moment out of his busy schedule to do paperwork. Mr. Sykes concentrates on the extracurricular activities schedule. ACADEMICS 95Mrs. Armour Mrs. Arnold Mr. Bergen Mr. H. Billings Mr. E. Billings Mrs. Bomar Mrs. Boswell Capt. Bruen Miss Buchanan Mrs. Burdelle Mrs. Burk Mr. Campbell Miss Cardosa Mrs. Clark Mr. Collins Mr. Como Mr. Cranford Mr. Creasy Mr. Croft Mrs. Dairymple Miss DeShazo Mrs. Dobbins Mrs. Dunn Mrs. Durham Miss Forsythe Mrs. Garcia Mr. Gibson Mrs. Gipson Ms. Glenn Sheriff Goss wIlmtmYli li'fJA i M 96 ACADEMICSCPO Crannis Mrs. Harvell Mrs. Hawkins Mr. Hearn Mr. Hendricks Mr. Higdon Mr. Hill Mrs. Hurt Mr. Johnson Ms. Jones Mrs. Jordan Mr. Joyner Mr. Kasper Dr. Kennon Mrs. Kincaid Miss Krebs Mr. Macklin Mrs. Maples Mr. Marsh Mrs. McFarland Mr. Meadors Mrs. Moore Mrs. Nelson Miss Norwood Mr. Owen Mrs. Parker Mrs. Pate Mr. Price Mrs. Price Mr. Pruitt ACADEMICS 97Mrs. Purdy Mrs. Rendall Mrs. Sigler Mr. Smith Mrs. Snell Ms. Spencer Mrs. Tanner Ms. C. Taylor Mrs. R. Taylor Mr. Terrell Ms. Thomas Mr. Tietz Mrs. Tolbert Mr. Turner Mrs. Weatherly Mrs. Werner Mr. Westmoreland Mrs. Whitehead Mrs. B. Williams Mr. J. Williams 98 ACADEMICSFaculty Credits Mr. Milchrli. Principal Mr. Person. Vice-Principal Mr. McVay. Assistant Principal Mr. Sykes. Assistant Principal Mrs. Armour Spanish II. III. IV. Spanish Club sponsor Mrs. Arnold English 321, 351. 451 Mr. Bergen Algebra 1. Physics. Science Club co-sponsor Mr. K. Billings Industrial Arts I.II Mr. H. Billings Guidance Counselor Mrs. Bomar Financial Secretary Mrs. Boswell English 451. AP. English Department chairman Capt. Bmen Naval Science II. III. IV. Drill Team sponsor Miss Buchanan Health. Physical Education. Volleyball coach. Freshman Basketball coach. Tennis coach Mrs. Burdette English 151. Psychology. Speech I Mrs. Burk English 251. 281. Yearbook sponsor Mr. Campbell Pre-Algebra. General Math. Boys and Girls Cross Country coach. Boys’ and Girls’ Track coach Miss Cardoso Spanish I. II. Spanish Club co-sponsor. Sophomore Class sponsor Mrs. Clark Biology. Maranatha sponsor. Junior Class sponsor Mi. Collins Speech. Drama. Play Production. Thespian Club sponsor Mr. Como Chemistry. Advanced Biology. Science Club sponsor Mr. Cranford Plant Manager Mr. Creasy Economics Mr. Croft Intermediate Band. Marching Concert Band. Jazz Band. All-State Band Auditions Mrs. Dalrymple Cosmetology. V1CA Club co-sponsor Miss DeShazo Librarian Mrs. Dobbins English 351. 381. Journalism. Newspaper sponsor Mrs. Dunn Guidance Secretary Mrs. Durham English 421. 451. Freshman sponsor. Quill and Scroll sponsor. TAPS sponsor. Faculty adviser-Literary Journal Miss Forsythe General Business, Business Law. Girls' Basketball coach. Asst. Girls' Softball coach Mrs. Garcia Office Secretary Mr. Gibson Health. Physical Education, Freshman Football coach Mrs. Gipson Care and Guidance of Children I. II. HERO sponsor. Varsity Cheerleader sponsor Ms. Glenn Resource Sheriff Goss Campus Deputy CPO Grannis Naval Science I, Rifle Team sponsor Mis. Haivell Office Secretary Mrs. Hawkins English 251. Beta Club sponsor Mr. Hearn General Science I. II. Baseball coach Mr. Hendricks Physical Education. Driver’s Education. Physical Science, Wrestling Team coach. Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ sponsor. Takedown Club sponsor Mr. Higdon Physical Education, Physical Science, Study Hall. Football coach Mr. Hill Algebra II. Pre-Algebra Mrs. Hurt French I. II, III, IV. French Club sponsor Mr. Johnson Pre-Algebra. Algebra I Ms. Jones Food Service I. II. HERO III sponsor Mrs. Jordan English 351 Mr. Joyner Guidance Counselor Mr. Kasper Vocational Auto Mechanics, VICA co-sponsor Dr. Kennon Geometry Mrs. Kincaid Sociology, English 351, 381. Pep Club co-sponsor Miss Krebs U.S. History. AP U.S. History. American Government, Close-up Club sponsor Mr. Macklin Phy sical Science, Chemistry Mrs. Maples Accounting I. II. Typing, Student Council sponsor Mr. Marsh Small Engines Mrs. McFarland Librarian Mr. Meadors World Geography. Asst. Varsity Football coach Mrs. Moore Biology Mrs. Nelson Personal Computing. Computer Club sponsor Miss Norwood Basic Aesthetics, Drawing and Painting. Pottery. Print Making. Advanced All, Softball coach. Artists in Action sponsor Mr. Owen General Science. Golf coach. RAPP sponsor Mrs. Parker English 151. Spanish 1. literary Journal Mrs. Pate Child Development. Clolhing Textiles. Consumer Homemaking. Foods Nutrition, FHA co-sponsor Mr. Price Algebra I. Advanced Math, AP Calculus, National Honor Society sponsor Mrs. Price Guidance Counselor Mr. Pruitt Drafting Mrs. Purdy English 121, 151. Pep Club sponsor Mrs. RcndalI Maikrting I. II. DECA sponsor Mrs. Sigler Consumer Homemaking I. Consumer Education. Family-Living. Foods Nutrition. Housing and Interiors. FHA cosponsor. Freshman class sponsor Mr. Smith Plunt Manager Mrs. Snell Algebra I, Applied Math. Mu Alpha Theta sponsor Miss Spencer Physical Education. Track coach Mrs. Tanner Algebra I. Geometry. Junior Class sponsor Mrs. C. Taylor Jobs for High School Graduates. TCA sponsor Mrs. R. Taylor American Hislory Mr. Terrell American History. Boys’ Basketball coach. Rodeo Club sponsor Ms. Thomas English 151. General Music. Concert Choir, Gospel Choir. Show Choir Mr. Tietz BASIC I. II, Pascal, AP Computer Science, Key Club sponsor. Computer Club sponsor Mrs. Tolbert COE, IOE. TOEC sponsor Mr. Turner Physical Education. Varsity Football coach Mrs. Weatherly Typing. Personal Typing. Senior Class sponsor Mrs. Werner English 151, 181. Wordsmith sponsor. Maranatha cosponsor Mr. W hile American History. World History. Baseball coach. “The Sound of the Trojans’’ Mrs. Whitehead Biology. Health. Red Cross Club sponsor. Senior Class sponsor Mr. Westmoreland General Science Mrs. B. Williams English 251 Mr. J. Williams Resource Mrs. M. Williams General Math. Algebra II. Freshman Cheerleader sponsor Mr. O. Williams Auto Body. VICA co-sponsor Mrs. Wrillis Attendance Secretary Mrs. Wilson Algebra II. Applied Math. SADD sponsor Not Pictured: Mr. Ferrell Study Hall Mrs. Blankenship Attendance Secretary Mrs. Klenk Cafeteria Manager Nurse Burdick Campus Nurse ACADEMICS 99100 HONORS m T « . . iotnethinK »«•" worthwhile, and to earn one required An honor was soinemmg Tl» v were —............... The foilowing »luden« were ihe chl . I hey I. succeed in .l.s.e.e. .he, did. e.en ,f .. loot son.e burning of ihe midnight oil. These unique individuals set the standards for the years to come. In the end, these will Ik the leaders of the nation, and they will always remember their achievements at MCI IS. Field Commander Robert Hemming and Flag Corp Captain Tammy »ibba danw iuring tin performance ol “ v«miuc C. lit Yo 'As i()iSpecial Honors 102 Students and faculty earn honors in sports and government Sports Honors: Melvin Velasquez All District (Wrestling); Chris Sanborn — All-District (Wrestling); Greg Ritter — Best Offensive Player (Football) in Wooddalc Bowl Game; Wayne Arguin — All-District and Slate (W restling); Dennis Carson — Top 15 out of 120 participants (Cross-Country); Stephanie Ransom — All-Tournament and District player (Volleyhall); Kim Herron — Commercial Appeal Player of the Week (Basketball); Allen Mathcs — W'ooddale Bowl Game Best Defensive Player and All-District Pitcher; Coach Turner — Coach of the Year. Chris Mil had — Football All-Shelby Metro. All Class AAA and MVP in W'ooddalc Tourney. Traek 3rd in Slate Decathalon; Chris Peoples — Nominee for McDonald’s All American Basketball Team. William L. Osteen Tournament M.V.P.; All Tournament Team for Frayscr Tournament; Tim Smith — All-District Baseball Catcher; Bernard Hurd — William L. Osteen All Tournament Team; Steve Baker — Shelby County District 2nd place (Pole Vaulting). Faculty Honors: Coach Turner — Covington Leader Coach of the Year (Football); Coach Buchanan — Coach of the Year (Volleyball) Model U.N. and Students going to Washington. D.C.: Amy Sweeney. John Mitchell, Derek Dawson. Amy Allen. Mary Kincaid. Ann Shirk. Kimcric Talc, Genevieve Haldeinan, Ms. Kirbs. David W'illis, Teresa Stringfellow. Tyra Zanders. John Tickle. Bill Baker. Mike HufTmes. Belynda Stroud. Other Student Honors: Lisa Swihart — Governor’s School; Stephanie Hansom — Girls’ State; Angela Roberts — 4 — H Ambassador to Canada; Lynn Ray — U.T. Memphis Participant: Evelyn Acosta — Girls' Slate and U.T. Memphis: levila Mondie. Girls Slate and Governor's School; Jeff Wages _____ Rotary Youth leadership Conference; Joe lee — Rotary Youth Leadership Conference: John Mitchell — Boys’ Stale: Brandon Todd — Boys’ State. HONORSStudent Recognition Students earn honor in community and musical involvement, academics Optimist Club Winners: (row 1) Robert Durbin, Creg Birch. Tonya Chipman, Amy Sweeney, Anthony Morrison. Audra Jackson, Scott Miller. William Yarbrought, (row 2) Yolanda Gray. Genevieve Haldeman. Evelyn Acosta. Juliet Douglass. Leign Ann LaBarreare. Michelle Purdy. IziShawn Jones, Cindy Littlejohn, Jenny Smith, Nicole Kurtz, Jennifer Koger. Carrie Ashley, (row 3) Mike Thompson. Vanessa Young, Jesse Petty, Robinson Lontok, Sally Rast, Kim Harris, Greg Chance, Julie Ward, Janice Hart ness.Student Council Principal’s Advisory Elected students form backbone of school government The Student Council Officers: Tonya Chipman, Secretary: Kimerie Tate, Treasurer; Sean Forbes, President; Lori Fortune, Vice-President. The Student Council prepares baskets for the needy at Christmas time. The 1988 MCHS Student Council: (row 1) frika Forster, Rosanna Welling. Tonya Chipman, Lori Fortune, Kimcric Tate, Kim Howerton, Christie Sawyer, (row 2) Kendra Black. Carla Parham. Jeff Kopp. John Mitchell, Howard Rector. Sean Forbes, Joe Lee. Ashlee Jackson. Stephanie Ransom. Gina Miller, Mrs. Mapl es, Brooke McSwain. 104 HONORSJoe l.eo and Jeff Kopp have fun demons!rating a Student Council activity of changing the school sign. The Principal Advisory Committee meets with Mr. Mitchell to discuss matters for better school relationships. Principal's Advisory Committee: (row 1) Devonia Richardson. Alexcius Branch. Kimerie Tate. Kim Howerton. Mr. Mitchell. Kim Harris. Tyra Zanders. Janet Morgan. Sherry Belton, (row 2) Phillip Perkins. Howard Rector. Joe Richard Kelley. Sean Forbes. Eddy Overstreet. Jeff Sexton. John Herron. The MCHS Student Council was a governing l»ody that organized activities and aided in administration of the school. Their many activities ranged from changing the information board in front of the school to raising money for Millington's needy families. The Student Council also assisted in computer card voting, a new process of election at MCI IS. The Student Council, in alliance with the faculty, helped keep the students in touch with the educational curriculum. The Student Council was commended for the numberless hours of hard work. The Principal's Advisory Committee was a group of students elected by their peers for the main purpose of informing the principal of student needs, wants, and ideas. Their monthly meetings with Mr. Mitchell were essential to student-administration relationships. Some of P.A.C.'s accomplishments included posting menus at lunch, placing tray trollies at the cafeteria exits, and initiating a speedy system to get students in and out of lunch lines faster. 105 HONORSWho’s Who Seniors stand out in the crowd Most Likely to Succeed Evelyn Acosta John Mitchell Most Athletic Stephanie Ransom Chris Peoples Most School Spirit Cindy Hunt Allen Mathes Most Studious Lisa Swihart Greg Ritter Most Talented Angela Roberts Wittiest Robin Abernathie Best Dressed Jennifer Silvey Most Attractive Dawn Dyer Andy Milam Tim Plunk Greg Birch Greg Kesler Most Dependable Michelle Cooper Brandon Todd Friendliest Tonya Chipman Henry Jones Most Thoughtful Tabaitha Hicks Robbie W right Most Versatile Jerra Evans Derrick Hall Who’ Who members: (row 1) Robbie Wright, Tabaitha Hicks, Jennifer Silvey, Greg Birch, (row 2) Evelyn Acosta, Michelle Cooper, Angela Roberts. Andy Milam. Jerra Evans. Dawn Dyer. Robin Abernathie. Cindy Hunt. Kimerie Tate, Tonya Chipman. Henry Jones (row 3) John Mitchell. Brandon Todd, Derrick Hall. Tim Plunk. Allen Mathes. Lisa Swihart, Chandler Bradford, Greg Ritter. 106 HONORSMost Studious Lisa Swihart Greg Ritter Most Likely to Succeed Evelyn Acosta John Mitchell Cindy Hunt Most School Spirit Allen Mathes Most Athletic Stephanie Ransom Chris Peoples HONORS 107Greg Birch Best Dressed Jennifer Silvey Dawn Dyer Most Attractive (Greg Kesler not pictured) Tim Plunk Wittiest Robin Abemathie Andy Milam Most Talented Angela Roberts 108 HONORSHenry Jones Friendliest Tonya Chipman Tabaitha Hicks Most Thoughtful Robbie Wright Michelle Cooper Most Dependable Brandon Todd Jerra Evans Most Versatile Derrick Hall HONORS 109Sports Pacesetters Students excel in sports Wayne Arguin Nesha Barton Greg Birch Tammy Boyd Chandler Bradford Tonya Chipman David Coady Tammy Collver Michelle Cooper Nettie F.rving Jen-a Kvans Sean Forbes Lori Fortune Melody Goode Melissa Hagan Jay Heath Bryant Henderson Shawn Hill Kevin Hollingshead Lewis Holmes Robert Hooker James Hoxie Cindy Hunt Bernard Hurd Jennifer Karsko I-eigh Ann I-aBarreare Felicite I-eon Samantha Lester Carla I-ewis Allen Mathes Patrick McVay Andy Milam Charlie Miller Tyrone Moss Marty Oglesby Jim Palmer Cari Anne Parham Sabrina Peete Chris People Stephanie Ransom Greg Ritter Chris Sanborn Kimerie Tate Vonda Thornton Brandon Todd Melvin Velasquez Brad Webb Jeff Williams Cheryl Winters Robby Wright 110 HONORSArts Pacesetters Students excel in the arts Evelyn Acosta Carrie Ashley Amy Beavers Kelly Black Todd Blankcnbrckler Andrea Bright Greg Bryant Joleen Campbell Diane Clifton Melissa Cochran James Copeland Buddy Dexter Dawn Dyer Redeanna Edwards Lori Fortune Gina Fulmer Tammy Gibbs Angie Goodwin Crissy Graumlich Genevieve Haldeman Robert Hemmings Stacy Holmes Donald Holsinger Robert Hooker Cynthia Hunt Kim Johnson Jamie Kidwell Felicite Leon Robinson Lonlok Kim Louis Corey Maclin Andy Milam Janet Morgan Freda Nicholson Randi Pannell Tim Plunk Sam Preston Lisa Proctor Omar Rabuco Tony Reeder Timmy Roberts Dalonna Sexton Myra Sides Steven Smith Todd Stinnett Kimerie Tate Teresa Taylor Michael Thompson Jennifer West HONORS 111Evelyn Acosta Wayne Arguin Hall of Fame Achievers distinguish themselves with their dedication, hard work, and action ('.handler Bradford These Hall of Fame students were the ones who worked that extra hour, went that extra mile, and reached that extra goal. These were the students who pressed on through all types of hardships and problems. Through many hours of sweat and anguish, they persevered. These were the very students who represented the spirit, dedication, fortitude, and the success of Millington Central High School. Todd Blankenbeckler Amy Beavers Lori Fortune Crissy Graumlich Bol ert Hemmings 112 HONORS .  Best of the Class of ’88 Selected students to be remembered from MCHS Senior class Cindy Muni Audra Jackson Andy Milam John Mitchell HONORS 113IJ Angela Roberta Science Club Chandler Bradford TCA Jennifer Pederson Thespians Cindy Greer TOEC Billy While VICA — VAM. VAB Selene Marlin Yearbook 114 HONORS Ann Shirk Literary Magazine Evelyn Acosta Mu Alpha Theta Greg Ritter NHS Jennifer Sipe Newspaper Mike Parks Pep Club Debbie Cues Red Cross Crissy Graumlich Artists in Action l mar Rabuco Band Leaders Students who lead various clubs John Mitchell Beta Andy Milam Choir Amy Sweeney Close-Up Debbie Waldon FHA Cindy Hunt Key Club Audra Jackson SADD Robin Abcrnathie Spanish Club Scan Forbes Student Council Bridget! Bowers DECA Jeff Wages FCA Kiinerie Tate French Club Todd Blankenbeckler 4 — H Club J:i.son Ervin Rodeo Donald Pcacork ROTC ■ Students excel in academics EVELYN ACOSTA Kvclvn Acosta was the Valedictorian for the 1988 graduating class. She graduated with .1 97.43 grade average. During her 4 years at MCHS she demount rail’d leadership qualities, as well as, academic excellence She served .is president f Mu Alpha Theta, treasurer of National Honor Society, and a member of the state exocuBvc board for Thespians. She participated in the Energy and Science Bowls ai id was chosen to go to Girls' State. Evelyn performed in such plavs as “GlimpsejSg'Bye Bye Birdie”, and “Grease.” She was voted “Most l.ikeK To Succeed' and was selected to be in Hall of Fame. Evelyn plans to major in pre-mod but is undecided on which college she will attend. Greg Killer 95.57 5th Audra Jackson 95.25 4th 1 iiShawit Jones 95.44 6th Tonya Chipman 94.92 ELISABETH SWIHART This year's snlutatorian, Elisabeth Swihart, is the daughter of John and Patricia Swihart. With a grade average of 97.0789, Lisa is ranked with the second highest average oul t f 466 students. Lisa played the flute iu Marching and Concert Bauds for two vim!-. She has also been active on the Yearbook Staff her junior and senior yeais and is presently the copy editor. The various clubs she lielongs to include National Honor Society. Bela Club, and Arete. Her mnior year she wan selected to he m Hall of Fame. Quill and Scroll, and Who's Who as “Most Studious Her lulure pluns include attending Memphis State University on a full tuition scholarship to major in Computer Science. 7tl» Glenda Walters 94.8 I Rth John Mitchell 94.22 10th K.tariua Kran . 93.85 9th Genevieve I laldeman 9.4.91 HONORS I lf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Faces of MCHS Outstanding Seniors who work behind the scenes The Kates scrlion of ihe yearbook was dedicated to the Seniors who worked behind the scenes. Not pictured: Greg Itry-anl. Shawn Hill, Melanie Sieberl. NchIui Hurt hi J • ! -• (■ ( jiin| lx-ll (illlTM Ill.tll lotiyn (.lii|iui in Huddy I leu ter I .nil I III IIIIM' tammy t iililm iiiKty Crei i Ml ll NI I hlgMM Siihkh IIui-i Ahum- heigh Ann l-iHam-are C.hurlie Miller l.« vila Mondie Devonia Hdilane Samantha 1 tester Knita Nii IioI.hoii Anthony Morrison Maurice Murray (lari Amu I’adiain Janet Morgan Selene Martin Allen Mollies Donald IVaenek Oinar Halim o IlirM ShiiImiOi Steven Smith William Strauss Tim Smith Teas Waite 116 IIONOKS Quill Scroll and Arete Academic honors given to excellent students Quill and Scroll members: Maurice Murray, Crissy Graumlich, Angie Kopp. Susan Hurst, Melissa Thompson. Melvin Velasques, lisa Swihart. 10th grade Arete: (row 1) Casey Benzcl. Stephanie Burk. Tanusha Louis. Juinthia Jones, Jara Best, Tonya Ervin. Nicole Coulliette. (row 2) Renne Fortune, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Purdy. LJz Solis. Pam Berry, Juliet Douglass. (row 3) Charles May, Richard Charles, Kevin Carter. Aniceto Castro, Michael Boyer. Michelle Honan. 11th grade Arete: (row 1) Kim Herron. Kirn McCullough. Kim Howerton. Annaliaa Castro. Christy Bryeans, Stephanie Prachniak, Debbie McGary, (row 2) Gina Miller. Tanya Vander-grift, Lori Pruitt. Michelle Legaspi, Ann Barnes. Stacy Barrom, Ashlee Jackson, (row 3) Amy Westmoreland, Jason Henderson. Joe I«ee, Eric Wilde, Clarissa Christopher, David Archdeacon. Richelle While 12 grade Arete: (row 1) Sharon Meadearis, Amy Sweeney. Stephanie Ransom. Jennifer Silvey. Audra Jackson. Cynthia Hunt. Evelyn Acosta. Leigh Ann I-alturican-, (row 2) Wayne Arguin. Sean Forbes. John Mitchell. Anthony Morrison, Greg Ritter, Omar Rabuco, John Tickle, (row 3) Nesha Barton. Brandon Todd. Tonya Chipman. Melissa Thompson. Julie Cheeseman. Lisa Swihart I.a Shawn Jones. Amy Beavers, Joleen Campb -ll. Angela Roberts, Sheryl Coutuie. Quill and Scroll is an honorary society of students who excelled in journalistic work and who worked on either the yearbook staff, paper staff, or literary- magazine for two or more years. Arete is an honorary organization recognizing those students who earned a scholastic letter or pin. In order to earn a scholastic letter, the student must make honor roll four out of five grading periods. They were automatically inducted into Arete upon completing these requirements. 117 HONORSPresenting Mr. Miss MCHS 1988 118 HONORS Sean poses for fhc birdie. Ix ri is sitting pretty for Jimmy Alford. Lori takes it easy at cheerleading practice. Sean relaxes on the campus. The title of Mr. and Miss MCHS is the most prestigious honor any MCHS student can obtain. This honor is given to a senior girl and boy who have shown outstanding leadership qualities. The entire student body elects the two people they feel are best qualified for this position. To be chosen as Mr. or Miss MCHS, one must have versatility and must be able to communicate with his peers. This year’s recipients have demonstrated these characteristics and have definitely earned this position. Sean Forbes and Lori Fortune currently reign as Mr. and Miss MCHS.Lori Fortune Sean Forbes Miss MCHS. Lori Fortune, expressed her surprise in being chosen for this honor. “I feel this is the highest honor I could ever get. I am very thankful that 1 was selected.' No surprises here though. Lori demonstrated, since her freshman year, leadership qualities. She was on the cheerleading squad all four years and earned the Captain position both in her freshman and senior years. She was active in student council, and served as class president in ninth grade, vice president in eleventh grade and student council vice president in twelfth grade. She was class favorite her first three years in high school and this year was crowned Homecoming Queen. Lori fortune has contributed to the success of Millington Central High and deservedly holds the title of Miss MCHS. Mr. MCHS, Sean Forbes, also expressed his happiness at being chosen by saying,4 'When I heard that I was voted Mr.MCHS. I felt very appreciative. Being selected Mr. MCHS is the highest honor I could receive and Cm proud to hold the position. Sean is the ideal person to be chosen. He was Student Council President, and Class President both his Sophomore and Junior years. He par- ticipated in many sports such as wrestling, track and basketball, and he was also active in many clubs. Sean was chosen as class favorite his freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and was a delegate to many leaders' conferences. On lop of all this. Sean participated with the drama dejwrt-menl in Diary of Anne Frank. Sean Forbes decidedly fits the position of Mr. MCHS. HONORS 119Class Officers Elected students lead their classes Seniors Juniors Secretary-. William Strauss: Vice-President. Chandler Bradford; Treasurer. Crissy Graum lich: President. John Mitchell. Treasurer. Lori Pruitt: Vice-President, Tracy Rankin; Secretary. Tanya Vandergrift: President. Kim Howerton. Sophomores Freshmen Secretary, T.J. Brov»n; Vice-President, Cindy Crawford; Treasurer, Angie Dew; President. Carla Parham. President. Howard Rector. Secretary. Shelia Rabuco; Vice-Preside ill, Dulcey Stout: Treasurer. Susan Herrera. 120 HONORSClass Favorites Popular classmates picked as favorites Seniors Juniors Kimerie Tate : Chandler Bradford Ashlee Jackson : Daniel Gipson Sophomores F reshmen Carla Parham : Jeff Kopp Howard Rector : Christy Sawyer HONORS 121V " 122 CLASSESv cV V 0° Of V v.oo v0V c v ? ' v e °v a v° - A- vW vt-1 C‘"' V ."' t T CLASSES r QSeniors Receive Honors at Elks Bowl The awards banquet for the 5th AnnuaI Elks Charity Bowl was a large success. It was held at 6p.m., after the Trojans defeated the Wooddale Cardinals. Attending were fans, friends, and family of those playing, and others just cheering on the Trojans, making a total of 400 people, 300 of which were from Millington. There were five awards given at the awards banquet — best offensive player from each team, best defensive player from each team, and most valuable player. Senior, Greg Ritter was named best offensive player. As he accepted the award, he thanked the linemen, coaches, and the supporters of the Millington football team. Declining to make a speech, senior Cajun Mathes was named the best defensive player. The most valuable player was the quarterback from Millington, junior, Chris Michaels. Participation awards were presented to Coach Jack Turner and Principal, Mr. James Mitchell. Coach Turner was given one of the game balls, and Mr. Mitchell was presented with a participation plaque. Cajun Mat bes accepts bis auard for Millington's best defensive player. w Robin Abernathie Evelyn Acosta Nancy Aguilar Chris Allen Eugene Archer Wayne Arguin Mary Jo Artzer Carrie Ashley Melissa Austill Stephanie Baldwin Wade Banks Bruce Barger Keith Barger Melinda Barner Dawn Barron 124 CLASSES. T Greg Ritter. Item Offensive Player, makes his acceptance speech at the banquet. Chris Michcal. Most Valuable Player of the Elks Charity Bowl, accepts his award. • • A 4 I .•Vs Shea Bartholomew Dartishea Barton Teresa Beach Amy Beavers Rita Beckham Tonya Benzcl Greg Birch Kelly Black Jeremy Blair Todd Blankcnbcckler Chandra La voy Joe Bohatch Tom Bohmeyer Chris Bompressi Paulette Bonds CLASSES 125Bridgett Bou ers Christopher Bowles Tammy Boyd Chandler Bradford Rhonda Brannock Andrea Bright Tonya Brooks Linda Brunson Scott Bullock Angela Busse Sharon Calhoun Joleen Campbell Dee Dee Cannon Cary Carrisoza Phillip Cauble I 126 Students Excel in Outside Interests Many MCHS students have outside interests. Angela Roberts joined the 4-H Club in the fourth grade with no idea that she would go so far. Since then, she has won many awards and has represented Millington in various ways. Angela was a Junior Representative on the 4-H Council for 1986 — 1987, and an Ambassador to Washington, D.C. on agricultural and social problems, and was a National Ambassador to Canada. During her senior year, she was the Tennessee State 4-H Council President and District I 4-H All — Stars Big Chief for 1987 — 1988. Experiences in 4-H have helped Angela mature and become a ‘ people person. ” She has met influential people, such as Miss America 1987 Kelly Cash and Senator Robert Dole who attended a National 4-H Congress in Chicago. Angela refers to this conference as her most exciting experience. Corey Mac I in's fascination with microphones started when he was a young child and led to his interest in broadcasting in later years. His love for gospel music and the ways of Christ led him to apply for a job at K.F.T.H. (K — Faith 107 FM). He thanks his boss, Program Director Gregory Michael Sig-gers, for the chance to use his ability for God's glory and for the chance to make his dreams come true. Angela Roberts works on a 4-H project. CLASSESThomas Cauble Danielle Carter Katrina Cartwright William Chambers Greg Chance Julie Cheeseman Tonya Chipman Brenda Christopher Diane Clifton David Coady Melissa Cochran Tammy Collver Marilyn Cooper James Copeland John Coulliette Angela Roberts accepts medallion as State Winner. Corey Maclin is busy at bis DJ job for station K.F.T.H. 127Melissa Courier Sbaryl Couture Michael Cox Lisa Crisp Robbie Culbreath John Culley Michael Cullum Kim Daniels Teresa Davison Roy t. Dexter Kevin Doherty Jeff Donohue Ana Doss Rhonda Duke Donna Dunlap Dawn Dyer Readeanna Edwards Paula Embry Jason L. Ervin Nettie Ervin Jerra Evans Shannon Fender Donald Fletcher Sean Forbes Leverder Ford Linda Ford Micheal Ford Lori Fortune Kathy Frazier Gina Fulmer Seniors prepare for graduation 128 CLASSESJobs, colleges await Seniors Donna Gatlin Keasba Gboston Tammy Gibbs Melody Goode Angie Goodwin Crystal Graumlich Rhonda Gray Cindy Greer Melissa Hagan Genevieve Haldeman Lisa Haley Rath Haley Amy Hall Derrick Hall Lynn Hallock Howard Hammel Kathy Hammett tree Karen Hannah Sheryl Hansgen Dawn Harris Dwayne Hart Melanie Hatter Tracy Hay slip Jeffery Heath Robert Hebert Robert Hemmittgs Bryant Henderson Tahaitha Hicks Jimmy Hill Shawn Hill CLASSES 129130 Students Have Interests in the Arts Many students at MCHS enjoy activities in the Fine Arts Department. Anna Leon, Andy Milam, and Kim Harris represent different areas of artistic work. At age 9 Anna Leon wanted to take dance lessons of all kinds. With the help of her mother, she enrolled in tap, ballet, and jazz classes. As she grew older, her interests grew, also. Anna began taking paint lessons which became her favorite. Although rehearsal took up much time, she did not seem to mind — it had advanced her into new areas of talent. Twirling, flag, and pom-pom squads became another interest of Anna’s. Andy's musical competi- tion began in the 6th grade Cultural Arts contest. Then, three years' interest in the trumpet ended with total dedication to singing. He was a four year member of Swing and Concert choirs and the only freshman to make the All-West and All-State Choir; he continued with these honor choirs the following three years. Kim Harris, a sophomore, worked with several churches, directing mass choirs or playing piano; she also taught piano lessons two days a week. For two years, Kim played for the MCHS Gospel Choir, and for the Annual Christmas Program. She also played the organ and clarinet. Kim Harris plays th piano for her church choir. KIMM Vadra Holcomb Kevin Hollingshead Regina Holmes Stacy Holmes Donald Holsinger Robert Hooker Jeff Howard James Hoxie Cynthia Hunt Lam on a Hunt Bernard Hurd Susan Hurst Tanja Ingram Audra Jackson Lafayette Jackson CLASSESMelanie Jackson Cindy Jarrell Kim Johnston Henry Jones La Shau n Jones Maurice Jones Jeffrey Juneau Jennifer Kaniecki Jennifer Karsko Rick Keith Richard Kelley Wendy Kelly Greg Kesler Jamie Kid well Angie Kopp Harris, Milam, and Leon Are Talented Anna I.eon performs al a ballet recital. Andy Milam direct his church choir.Kaarina Krattz Leigh Ann LaBarreare Mark Landry Monique La Rochelle Devonnia Le Blanc Felicite Leon Samantha Lester Carla S. Leu is Gary Lewis Joanne Linzy Stefanie Littlejohn Terrie Lofton Niki Long Robinson Lontok Patrick Lorimer 132 The 1st Annual Energy Bowl, sponsored by the Shelby County Environmental Development Commission, pitted six Shelby County high school teams against each other. Each team consisted of one bike rider and four question answerers. The objective of each team was to answer as many questions about energy before the bike rider ran out of ",gas". The hike was actually an exercise bicycle with a generator leading to an electric fan, a light bulb, a radio, and a television set. As each team missed an answer, the cyclist would have to pedal the bike to generate the fan, then the light blub, the radio, and finally the television set. After missing four questions, the teams could answer more questions until the cyclist let the television set go off. The Millington team dominated the rest of the field, having Students Compete in Energy and Science howls a large margin between the second place team and them. The team then went in March to the Oak Ridge for the state contest. Since the Annual Science Bowl's inception at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Millington students have attended it. Last year it was held on March 5, 1988. MCHS students also have attended the Science Bowl at Tennessee Tech in the fall. The Science Bowl was a two-part test. The first part was a written test of eighty questions, covering general science, math, biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and earth science. The second part of the competition involved two schools with four students each. They were given a twenty minute time limit. The winners advanced to play other winners. The final winner suffered no losses. Ken Pettit, Michael Parks, Sean Forbes, Joe Lee, Brandon Todd, Mel Velasquez, John Mitchell, Houard Hammel. and Evelyn Acosta demonstrate their project for the 1987 Energy Sou l in Memphis. CLASSESJerome Louis Kim Louis Stacy Lowry Amy Lucas Corey Maclin Mike Marr Diane Marshall Michelle Martin Selene Martin Wayne Mason Allen Mathes Robert Mather Brett McDaniel Jay McGovern Belinda McGregor Lynn llallock, Evelyn Acosta, l eigb Ann LaBarreare. Bran Jon ToJJ, Howard Hammel. and Air. Como, tfmntor, comprite Millington's first team at the 1 987 Science Bowl in Cookeville. Millington's second team at the 1987 Science Bout is Joe Lee, Angela Roberts, Chris Sanborn, John Mitchell, Aniceto Castro and Mr. Como, sponsor.134 Deetta McKee Tamtla McKinley Patrick McVay Sharon Medearis Angela Mello Andy Milam Charlie Miller John Mitchell Levita Mondie James Mon ego Janet Morgan Michelle Morris Anthony Morrison Joyce Moss James Murray Maurice Murray Joseph Nearn Allen Neville Freda Nicholson Sean Nix Buddy Noe Christine Nolan Jeremy Odell Marty Oglesby Tina Oglesby Leigh Oldham David Owens Shelley Owens James Palmer Karen Palmer Seniors look forward to the last day CLASSESSeniors cherish their last year of school Rattdi Pannell Cari Anne Parham Tim Parham Scott Parrett Donald Peacock Sabrina Peete Chris Peoples Gail Perry La Sbonda Peters Shontia Phillips Timothy Plunk Sharon Ponder Jeffery Poyner Samuel Preston Stacey Overton Lisa Proctor Anthony Pyatt Carrie Quick Omar Rabuco Channin Rahurn Stephanie Ransom Trank Rector Tony Reeder Michelle Reynolds Craig Rich Edu ard Richardson III Jennifer Riddle Charlene Riley Greg Ritter Angela Roberts CLASSES 135Students Participate in Sports Activities Kyle Royal Cl urease Saddler Chris Sanborn Tony Sanders Thomas Sanford Edu ard Savage Bobby Savers Stephen Schocke Steven Scott Vanes a Scott 136 CLASSES During the summer, some of our students played on various sports teams around the area. Three students from the school participated on the Millington Telephone Company's baseball team: Allen Mathes, pitcher; Marty Oglesby, pitcher; and Timmy Smith, left fielder. Allen Mathes, the leading pitcher with an 11-2 record, was awarded a trophy for the most strike-outs. Marty Oglesby,in his first season for the MTC team,had a 5-4 pitching record. Timmy Smith played left field and first base, and had a batting average of .295. Allen, Marty, and Timmy have made many lasting friends through playing ball for the Millington Telephone Company. Each feels he has gained valuable experience from the 1987 season. This past summer, Chris Peoples played on the Junior Olympic Basketball Team at Ridgeway. The team consisted of twelve players, coached by EM die Miles. Chris said it was definitely a learning experience, and it has improved his jumping ability, and enabled him to shoot more accurately. Chris has been named as a candidate to be on the McDonald's basketball team. He said he has wanted to be on the team for a long time, and is very glad that he finally has the chance. These students' summer experiences will benefit themselves and our school by their fine performances. Play balll Tabitha Roberts Timothy Roberts Tonya Rogers Diane Ross Karen Ross Students Play Olympic and American Legion Ball Gregory Seals Ann Sewell Daljonna Sexton John Sharkey Myra Sides Melanie Siehert Jennifer Si Ivey Jennifer Sipe Chris Smith Christopher Smith Diane Smith Shane Smith Steve Smith Steven Smith Timothy Smith 137 CLASSESLahomer Sparks Tim Stevens James Stinnett Deanna Stollings Kristy Stallings David Stone William Strauss Brian Street Teresa Stringfellou Shelia Sullivan Amy Sweeney Elisabeth Swibart Raymond Tant Franklin Tapley Kimerie Tate 138 Location of Graduation Changed I here were many changes at MCHS this year; one of them included the change in location of Baccalaureate and Graduation. This year's Senior class set a new tradition by having the Baccalaureate and Graduation at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Raleigh. Baccalaureate was Sunday afternoon, May 15, with Graduation on Monday, May 16. The change in location was made because the Senior Class Officers, along with Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Mitchell, felt that a change was necessary. Broadmoor seats 3,200 people in its brand new auditorium. This meant that each graduate could bring at least 10 guests, and in case of rain graduation would not have to be postponed. The church helped to create a very meaningful atmosphere for the commencement exercises at which over 350 seniors received their diplomas. CLASSES The Senior class officers throw their caps for joy.Teresa Taylor Caprice Thomas Melissa Thompson Shaun Thompson Vonda Thornton John Tickle Michael Todd Kristy Tolley David Tracey Vicki Travis Deana Tull is Chris Tullos Melvin Velasquez Tess Waits Deborah Waldon140 Seniors Have to Pay the Price Samantha Watson Brad Wehb JeffWehb Jennifer West William B. White III Johnny Wilde Tina Wild man Shelia Wilkins 7 here were many tterns to he purchased as a senior. Pictures were made and bought in the summer, and invitations were ordered in the fall. Senior pictures were made at the Jimmy Alford Studio on Mi lhranch in Memphis. These pictures cost anywhere from l(X) to 300 dollars. Many poses were available. Pictures taken were casual with two or three different outfits, cap and gown, feathers, a lace drape, and tuxedo. The proofs were sent to the seniors by mail. The proofs were shown to friends and family, who gave approval or disapproval. Each senior then took his proofs back to the Jimmy Alford Studio to make his order and payment. In four to six weeks, once again seniors took the journey hack to the studio to pay their final payment and to pick up their pictures. The pictures then were passed out to numerous family and friends. This past December, the seniors ordered graduation items. These items included invitations, thank you notes, jumbo tassels, and other senior memorabilia, making a total price of 100 to 130 dollars. Being a senior was very exciting, but Seniors did have to pay the price of hard work. In the end though, it was definitely worth it. Seniors place tbeir orders for graduation supplies. Laurie Wall Lakita Walters Rene Walters Doug Warren CLASSESSeniors Purchase Graduation Supplies Jeff Williams Reginald Williams Quincy Williams Cherie Winzenried Cheryl Winter Lisa Wolfe Jerry Woodward Robert Wright CLASSES 141K« »HI JAMF. ABERNATHIE “Foe I hr heart lhal is frrr. life- ■■ a celebration of joy. a frwlival of ihr spirit." I thsnk my family for all ihr love and sup-port ihry'vr given mr. ami I-on for bring ihr beat friend in ihr world. SluHrnl IVmiiw'iI I. 2, 3. Claa Representative I. 2. 3; Spanish Club I. 2. 3. 4. Prewilenl 4; Maranalha I, 2, 3. 4; Pep Club 1.2,3. 4. Vice-President 4; Scirnor Club 4; Compulrr Club 4; Campus l.ifr 3. 4; Atlrndanrr W'oeker I. 2: SADI) I. 2, 3. 4; SoAball I. 2; Powder Puff 4; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4; RAPP 4. EVELYN LAGMAY ACOSTA “So il'a come al I am. al last it's rornr, ihr day I knew would rornr al laal la comr al laal ...” — Byr-Byr Birdir Arrir 1,2,3. 4; Brta Club 3. 4; Srefrtary 4; Mu Alpha Ihcla 3. 4. President I; National Honor Society 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Thespian 2, 3. 4, Vire-Prealdml 3. Clerk ami Slalr Executive Board Member 4; Spanaih Club I, 2. Secretary 2; (Concert Choir I. 2. 3. 4, Secretary 2, Vice-Prraidenl 3; All Weal and All Stale 3; Show Choir 3. 4; Madrigal Choir 3; Memphis Slalr Math Control I. 2. 3. 4; “Glimpses" 2; “Byr-Byr Birdie” 2: “CodapeH" 3: "Grraar" 4; Regional Math Competition al While Station 3; Thespian Confrrrnrr 2. 3, 4; Drama Competition — lambuth 2; Drama Competition - CBC 2. Science Howl Cuukevilb-3. 4; Science Bowl Marlin 3, 4; Energy Bowl 4; TOPS Performance Nashville 2; ITT Memphis Health and Science Program 2. 3. 4; Governor's School for the Humanities 2; Centre Collegr Senior Scholar's Program 3; Girls' Stale 3; Solo and FnscmHc 3 NANCY' T. AGUI AR "What you think of yourself n much more important than what others think of you." Thanks to my brother's support and especially to my parents who've always been there for me. Chorus I. 2; TOEC 2. 3; COE I. 2: COE II 3; Bed Cross Club 4. CHRIS DON ALLEN “Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil." Hebrr. WILLIAM EUGENE ARCHER “It is not lining the tilings we like to do but liking the things we have to do That makes life blessed." VI('A V 411 I • WAYNE ROLAND ARGHIN, JR. "My senior year has passed, good-bye I have kissed it. Without the help of the Moore's, I would surely have missed it." • G.O.O. Henry. Sherry. Shannon, Dad and Family; I l-ove You! "If it's to lie. it's done bv ME!" Footliall I. 2. 3. 4; Wrestling I. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4. State 3; Baseball I. 2. 3. 4. Mr. Hustle 3; Beta CJub 3. 4; National Honor Societv 3. 4; French Club I. 2; SADD 4; Pep Club 1.2.3. 4. M-Cluh I. 2. 3. 4. President 4; NEDT Top 10% I; Class Secretary 3; Arete 2. 3. 4; Scholastic letter I, 2, 3, 4; National Army Athlete — Scholar Award 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, 4; FCA I. 2. 3, 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4. MARY JO ART7.ER “I would like to thank my whole family for helping me ihroufdi school. I love vou all." Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4. CARRIE I.EIGH ASHLEY “like some low and mournful spell, we whisper that sad word, 'farewell'!" Park WISH A Solo Competition I. 2. 3. F.«-i ellent Rating 2; WSTBA Ensemble Competition Superior Rating 3; ROTC Drill Team I; l ep Uub 2. 3. 4; Octagon 3; Man hing Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Intermediate Band I; “Bye-Bye Birdie" Orchestra 2; Sadie Hawkins Poaaom King and (Jueen Committee 3; Homecoming Dn orating Committee 4. RAMEL ASUC "I want to thank rny parents for getting me to school and all the nice teachers I got." MEI.ISSA CAROL AUSTILL "Roses are red. violets are blue — I’m glad it's finally over." Thanks Mom and Mrs. Clark ROTC I. FI IA I. 2. 3. STEPHANIE LYNN BALDWIN "A friend is one who dislikes the same people that you dislike." French Club 2. 3; Beta Club 3; Computer CJub 4: Red Croaa CJub 3. TOBIN W ADE BANKS "Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.” Cole-edge. BRUCE BARGER “With Christ in my life I shall always try to do right, for He is my lord and Savior. My love for you has grown — I will always love you Vanessa and be there for you." Football I; Basketball I. KEITH BARGER "The lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear7” Psslm 27 I DF.CA 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Maranalha 4; Computer Club 4. MELINDA KAY BARNER "FREEDOM oh freedom well that's SENIOR CREDITS just some people talking tour prison m walking through this world all alone” Eagles Mom and Treet — thanks lor all of your support through the years. Eiah. Kenny. Shea. Linda, Kalhy-Jo I love you all! Drama 2; DECA 4. DAWN MICHELLE BARRON "lave ui all we have, the only way that each can help the other." William Arrow-smith. Rand 2. 4; flag 4: Track I. 2; Spanish Club I; Soflhall 2; Gymnastics Team 1,2; Business Ed. Club 2; Science Club I. 2; Concert Band 2; L'.S. Achievement Academy 2; Who's Who Among American High School Student 4. KAREN SHEA BARTHOLOMEW “I'm older now and still running against the wind .. Bob Scgcr To: “Mickey," Randy B.. and all my other friends — thanks for everything!! Kalhv-Jo and Lynn "S.F.1.0. TIME!" Momma and John — I male it" "Can you Dig it?!" I love Ya'II Shea-Shea-Boo VICA 2; DECA 4 DANISHEA SUZANNE BARTON "All things work together for good to them lhal love the lord " Romans 8:28 Thanks Mom, Dad. Heather. I.yndt. Nanny. Cranddadd). Robbie, and C.I..A.S.S. for standing by me no matter what I love you all. Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4. Co-Captam 4; Student Council Representative 1. 2. 3; tlela CJub 3. 4. Air vis Gcilarhrn Memorial Spin! Award 2; Arete 3. 4; FCA 2. 3, 4. Secretary 4; Maranalha 1.2. 3, 4; M Club 2. 3. 4: Pep CJub 1. 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 4; Winter Festival Court 2; Homecoming Court 3. 4; RAPP 3. 4; Office Worker I. 2. 3; Powder Puff. 4. USA Halgirl 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Miss Mil lington lop 10 1087. TERESA LEE BEACH “A philosophy to follow in life is to never regret your mistakes and to always think ahead and look to the future." Mom. I finally made it! I love you. Prp Club I. 2; Den 3; kVa 2. 4; SADD 4; Attendance Worker 4. AMY CHRISTINA HEAVERS "The language of friendship is not words. I Kit meaning It is an intelligence above language." To all of my friends — Thanks for being there. Mom. Dad. and Billy — I love you! Marching Band Flag Corps 2. 3. 4. Squad I-ruder 3, 4. Captain 4; Pep Club 1, 2. 3. Trojaoetle 3; Maranalha 2, 4; Spanish Club 2; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4. National Honor Society 3, 4; Arete I, 2. 3. 4; TN Governor's School for Sciences 3; TN Governor's School for Tennessee Studies 4; Computer Club 4; Close up 4. Scvrnre Club 4. Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. RITA JEAN BECKHAM "Well, the time has come for me to move on. but this old school just keeps rolling on It's lime In go nut into this lonely world on my own." Thanks Mama. Daddy and Roy. FHA I TONYA S. RENZEI. “Very lew men are wise by their own counsel, or learned by their own teaching; for he lhal waa only taught by himself had a fool for his master." Ben Jonson GREGORY DANIEL BIRCH “Men who know themselves are no longer fools, they stand on the threshold of the Door of Wisdom." If. L. Ellis To all my friends. "Kerp TrippinT' (food l uck Jeff Juneau and Henry Jones Thanks Mom. Dad. Tonya, and John I'm outta' here! Pep CJub I; M -Club 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4; FCA 2. 3. 4; Npamsh Uub 3; Science Club 4; Campus Ijfe 3. 4; Tennis 2. 3. 4 KELLY ANN BLACK “It's your choice what you do with your life." Mom. thanks for raring. I LOVE YOU CHUCK! All-W'eat Honors Choir 2, 4: Attendance Worker 2; Maranalha I; Talent Show 3; "Crease" 4; Tennessee's Outstanding Performing Students 3; Show Choir 2. 4; Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. JEREMY SCOTT BI.AIH "Sobballi IMuialy Sabbath nothing more tu do l-ivmg just for dying Lying just for you." — Black Sabbath Talent Show I. 2. TODD WILLIAM BLANK ENBECKI.ER "An education isn't how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do and don't know. It's knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and knowing how to use it once you grt it.” William Eeether Thespians 1. 2. 3. 4; TAPS I; SADD 2. 3. 4; Octagon CJub 2; Spanish Club 4; Prp CJub 4: 4-11 4. President 4. Beta Uub 3. 4; Marching Conrrrt Band 1.2. 3; Jar Band 2; Solo and Ensemble I. 2. 3; “Li'l Abner" I; "Bye Bye Birdie" 2; “Grease" 4: Show Choir 3. 4: Coapel Swing Choir 4; literary Calendar I; Literary Magazine I; Teacher's Aide 4. TONYA IA.SHAN HOGGS "Keep your head to the sky and remember that you are never loo ok) to learn." I lhank my mother for giving me life. Boo Boo. I love you and I always want you to remember lhal. JOSEPH PATKIGK BOHATCH "If you love something, set it free If it doesn't come luck, hunt il down and kill it." Thanks Mum for all llie rare and thanks David for being my best fnend. I love You. Ona! Tf.A 4; VICA VAM 3. 4 THOMAS R. ROIIMEYEH "Never gne your complete trust to anyone. except God." CHRIS BOMPREZZI “The world is God’s workshop for making men.” H. W. Beecher. PAULETTE M. BONDS “life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a lime, and sometimes you weep.” Cart Sandburg. French Club I; Maranalha 3, 4; Vies Cos 4. BRIDGETT REGINA BOWERS “Do what you can with what you have, where you are. Thanks Mom. Dad. and James — I love ya H." Cheerleader I; Spanish CJub 2; SADD 2; Pep Club 2. 3; Maranalha 2. 3. 4; DECA 3. 4. President 4: Computer Club 3; Red Croaa Club 3. CHRISTOPH EH HOYT BOWLES “A man that has friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a fnend that stu krtli iltow-f Ilian a biudwi." Piuvrtbs 24:18 Basketball 2. 4; Maranalha 3. 4. TAMMY RENEE BOYD "A simple answer that all of us should see — 1 1 things lie whsl they may be. Open your ryes, do you think that you're the best? Try to see the light before the final teat.” Dokken Morn and Dad. I love yo!" Class Vie President I. Maranslha I, 2. 3, 4. M CJub I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 3. 4; French Chib I. 2. 4 Vice-President 2; SADD 2. 3. 4; FCA 3. 4; 4 H 4; TAPPS 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Homecoming Court 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleailer 2. 4; Powder PufT 4. CHANDLER DEAN BRADFORD "Never lose hope in your dreams. For without dreams life is a broken-winged bird lhal cannot fly." I Kingston Hughes Class Vice-President 4; Footliall I. 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4; Tennessee Career Association 4; .SpanMh Club 1.2; Computer Club 3; M CJub 2. 3. 4. RHONDA JEANNE BHANNOCK “Common sense is an uncommon degree in what the world calls wisdom." Coleridge FCA I; MU ALPHA THETA 4. ANDREA LYNETTE BRIGHT "Reputation n what men and women think of us. Character is what Cod and angels know of ua." Thanks to my family for your smiles and love, and to Selene. Robin. Audio, and everyone — I love ya'IC TOBC 3. 4. Treasurer 4; Thespians 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 4; SADD 3. 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4; I -rukrmi Tv pa I Son 3. 4; Pep CJub 1. 2. 3. 4i Community Day Prince li "Diary of Anne Frank” Crew 3; "Sur Spangled GiH” Crew 3; "Grease" student director 4; Campus l fr 3. 4. TONYA MARIA BROOKS “Friends of all friends, thou are more than a w-lrr; »e must ever be friends.; and above all who offer you friendship, let me he the first. the truest, the nearest, and the dearest." Dedicated to Kitnerie Tate. Jet’aune. Kim. NJROTC I. 2l Doll Tram Commander 2. French Club 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 4: Computer Club; Key Club 4; Rapp 4. LINDA DIANE BRUNSON "Happiness i in the taste, and not in the things themselves; we are happy from possessing what we like, not from possessing what others like." la Rochefoucauld Track I. 2; Maranalha I. 4; Computer Club 4; Key Club 4: Spanish Chib 1. 2. GREGORY L. BRYANT “Many dreams come true and some have silver linings; I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold " Thanks Alan, Jimmy. Kim. Jeff. Jonathan, and Mark I couldn't have made it without you. I hespiana 3; Secretary 4; Mate Ihesptan Conference 3. 4; “CodapeH" 3; " Diary of Anne Frank" 3; “Star Spangled Girl” 3; “Grease" 4; Asst Tech. Director Miss Millington 3; Sound Engineer MCHS Talent Show 3. MICHAEL SCOTT HI IIOCK “I'm not hard to gel along with. I just like things done my way." Thanks Mom. Dad. and Brian for being there when I needed ya'll. Dawn. I'll always love you. Rodeo dub I. 2. 3. 4; Vicn-Vam 3. 4. ANGELA MAIRE BI'SSE "It's been a hard lour year , but I finally made it!" Thanks to everyone who helped me through it. Good lurk "Buddy A Convention" you'll make il someday! I love ya Ma A Pops ClMTflmilrf I. SHARON DENISE CALHOUN “If you believe in yourself and God you will succeed in the end." I would like to lhank Cod. My mother and father for the support. ROTC I; Maranalha I. 2. 3. 4. JOLF.EN MACH EL LE CAMPBELL "I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there it no |ialh, and I will leave a trail." Thanhs for the inspiration Morn. Dad. Anpe. Jimmy. Jaivel. and especially Amy — I love you all. Spanish Club I. 2; Maranalha 2. 3, 4: NEDT lop 10% 2; Octagon Club 3; Mu Alpha Thru 3; Scholastic letter 1; Pep Club I. 2. 3. Treasurer 2; Trojanetle 2. 3; Memphis Slate Math Competition 2; Science Club 3, 4; U.T. Science Howl 3; Governor's School for Ini. Mudies 2; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Arete 1. 2. 3. 4; Marching and Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4, Solo A Ensemble 2. 3. 4; Squad leader 2. 3. 4. Section leader 3. 4. Sen Rep 4; "Bye Bye Birdie" Orchestra 2. Powder PufT 4. Yearbook Staff 4. DEANNA LOU1ESA CANNON "Nature hath appointed the twilight, as a bridge, to pass us out of night into day." Fuller CARY A. CARRISOZA "Mess with the best and die like the rest." Michelle, you are Ihr lien Thanks for everything. Wrestling 3. 4; Track 2. 4; Maranalha 4; MClub 3. 4; FCA 2. 3. 4. DANIELLE LYNN CARTER "When we asunder part. Il gives us inward pun, but —c ihslI still be joined in heart and hope to meet again." Volleyball I. 2. 3; Pep Club 2; SADD 2; Spanish Club 2. 3. DFGA 4; Maranalha 4 KATRINA MARIE CARTWRIGHT "Throufdi all the years and all my tears it's now you that I will lack. And in coining years snd joyous tears I'll always want you back." To all my loved ones and especially BuUn! Cheerleader I; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; TOBC 3; French (Job 3. PHILLIP RAY CAl Bl-E "I believe that all men are created equal. No one is better than you. but more important you are belter than no one!" THOMAS LEE CAUBI.E "School is like a good woman — can't live with 'em — can’t live without ’em." I love you Carin. DECA 3; VICA 4 W ILLIAM DENTON CHAMBERS “The great pleasure in life a doing what implr say you cannot do " GREG T. CHANCE “Sow a thought, reape an Act; Sow an Act reape a Desire; Sow a Desire, rrape a Charm ter; Sow a Character, reape a Destiny." Author unknown NJROTC Dnll Team 1. 2. 3. Amuat Commander 3; Computer Club 3. 4; Close Up 4; Key CJub 4. JULIE MARIE CHEESEMAN "For yesterday is but a Dream ami To-Morrow is only a Vision; But To-Day. well lived. Makes every Yesterday a dream of llappmeoa. and every To-Morrow a vision of Hope." Thanks for everything Dad and Mom. I love vou. Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; FCA 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4; M Club 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 2. 3; Cross Country 3; Track I. 2. 4; Basketball 2. 3; Honor Roll I. 2. 3. 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; Computer Club 4; Yearbook Staff Senior Section Editor 4. TONYA LEIGH ANN CHIPMAN "The things which are impossible with men are paoaible with God." Luke 18:27 Thanks Mom. Dad. Donna. Shane, and to all my friends for the very special mem-onra. I love vou all' Maranalha I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club I. 2. 5; FCA 2. 3. 4; Computer Club 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; SADD 2. 3. 4; Campus |jfo 3. 4; Beta (Job 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Secretary 4; Spanish Club 2. 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4; Senior Gass Representative 4; Student Council Secretary 4; Arete 3. 4; J.V. Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3. 4; Track 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Alexia Certch-en Memorial Spirit Award 3; MSU Math Contest 3; UT Martin Science Bowl 3; Optimist Club Award Winner I. 2. 3| Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Finalist 2; Mid-South Fair (Jw-erlesdiiig Finalist 4; Who'a Who; Whiter Festival Court; Faces. BKENDA DADENE CHRISTOPHER “I will sing of mercy and judgment; unto thee. O lord. will I sing. I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. 0 when wilt thou come into me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.” Psalm 101:1-2. DECA 3. 4; TOG! 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4; Booster Club I. 2. DIANE CAROL CLIFTON "Frankly Mr. Shankly. this position I’ve held il pays my way. but il corrodes my soul. I want to leave, you will not mow me I want to go down in musical history" — The Smiths Marching Band Mag Corps 1. 2.3; Moat Improved 1; Squad leader 3; Octagon I; SADD 2. 3; Pep Club 2. 3. 4. Trojanetle 3, 4. Maianallui I. 2. 3, Finsti Club I, 3; DECA 3. 4; Thespians 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Computer Club 4; TCA 4; Co-ordmalor of Civic Affairs 4; Tennessee Poetry Society 4; "The Star Spangled Girl" Props Crew 3; "Grease" Costume Manager 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. DAVID CRAIG COADY "It it in those acts which we call trivialities lhal the seeds of joy are forever wasted.” George Fliol. M Club 2. 3. 4; FCA 4; SADD 4; Who's Who Among Amencsn High School Stu-denta; Cross Country 2; Track 2. 3. 4: Bookrtliall 2. 3; (iolf 3; Tennis 4. MELISSA TRENICE COCHRAN "Just when you think your troubles are loo heavy they are just right for God. Thanks Mom for all of your support. I love you! French Club 1; Maranalha 1, 2. 3. 4; Marching Band 1, 2. 3, 4, Flag Corps 2. 3, 4. Mag Representative 3. Squad leader 4; Most Dependable I; Community Day (Jueen Candidate 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; FHA Award for "A" average in sewing 3. TAMMY LYNN COLLVER "A fnend is not one to lead, a fnend m not one to follow But a friend is one to stand by your aide in those limes of sorrow and of joy In the good limes and the bad." Volleyball I. 2. 3. 4; Softball I. 2. 3. 4; Basketball I; FHA I. 2; Vica 4; Pep Gub 3. 4. SADD 3. 4. Maianatha 3. 4. Mias Millington Contestant 3. MARILYN MICHELLE COOPER "While faith makes all things possible, it is love that makes all things easy." E. H. Hopkins Jeff. Thank-you for being a RFA1. fnend and giving me your unconditional love. I love you with ALL my heart. Student Council Represenlstive I. 2: Freshman Cheerleader I. Co-Captain |; Varsity Track I; SADD 1. 2; FCA I. 2; Maranalha I. 2: Pep Gub 1. 2; FHA 1; Fashion Gub Top 5 models 1; M-Gub 2; Attendance Offlre I. 2; Homecoming Court 2; Guidance Office 3; 1st Alternate Miaa Millington 3; DECA 4; TOEC 4. JAMES LORIN COPELAND "Distance lends enchantment to the view." Campbell. JOHN W. COULIETTK "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." Chesterfield. MELISSA M. COURIER "Do you feel scared — I do but I won’t stop and falter and if we threw it all away thin ! can only get belter." Howard Jones To my friends. Thank you for a great year Mom and Dad thank you. To My best friend Patrick. I love you and D.C.?! SHARYL LEIGH COUTURE “Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything learned in school.’' Albert Einstein FHA 1; VICA-COS 2. 3. 4: Who's Who Among Anwricin High School Students 3: National Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 3. 4; Pep Club 4. MICHAEL L. COX “You should he who you are. not whsl others want you to be.” Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks Mvra. I will always love you. Football 1. 2; FCA 1. USA MICHELLE CRISP "lone is an act of endless forgiveness, a lender Uni whirh become a habit" Mnm and Dad. thanks for EVERYTHING! I love you both. To Kelly, thanks for filling all my days with happiness and lauf iler! I love you! Rand I; Student Cnuneil President I; Pep Club 1. 2. 4; Color Guard 2; Newspaper Staff 1. 2; Track 3. 4; Tennis 4; French Club 4; Science Club 1. 2. 4; Girls' Gub 1. 2; Beta Cub I. 2; BSA I. 2. 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook Staff 4; SADD 4; Close up 4; FCA 2. 4 ROBBIE DALE CULBREATH "Let the future be a joy and not a burden, know lhal the past w a foundation and not an anchor. Hold the present in steady hands like ordinary clay about to become a collector’s item and go with God!!" Thanks to my family, friends, and Mike. Pep Gub I. 3; Spanish Gub 3. 4; DECA 3. 4; Secretary 4; SADD 4; Teacher's Aide 2. 3; Bookstore 4. JOHN WADE GULLEY "l-ife is short to the fortunate, long to the unfortunate' — Apollonius. Thanks to my family for the push through the years Beta Gub 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. MICHAEL P. CULLUM "A man's reputation is the opinion people have of him; hut character is what he really is." — Jack Miner VICA I. 2; Rodeo Gub 4 KIMBERLY ANN DANIELS "It’s hard to say it's over, it's hard to say goodbye ... The world is all but ending." AD my love and thanks to Mom. Dad. Danny. Dale, and Jell I'll see sll my special friend on lhal on very special night. Volleyball 1. 2. 3; Tennis I. 2; FHA I. 2. Secretary Treasurer 3; Maranalha 1. 2. 3; FCA 2. 3; TOEC 3. 4; RAPP 3. 4; Pep 142 Senior CreditsI .tub 2, 3: Attendance worker 4. TERESA DIANE DAVISON "Neier judge anv man until you have walked in his footsteps." TOEC 3; Rode® 4: 4-H 3. 4. ROY ED ARD DEXTER — Arad dvrwr rhildrwn that you spit on »• lkey try to change their world are immune to your coinuluiKMt They're quite aware of what they're going through — DAVID BOWIE. I -oukl like to thank my family for everything: life: love, and friendship. Annual Staff 1. 2; Science Club 1. 2. 4; Enoch Club 1. 2: Chonia 2: MCEA Science Fair I at place; Theapcan 2. 3. 4: •’Mu - Man" I; "Cheaper by the Dozen” 2; "South Pacific" 2: “Codapell" 3; “TV Ovary of Anne Frank" 3; “TV Star Span-gird Girl" 3: "Create" 4. Student Director 4; Maranalha 4. KEVIN A. DOHERTY "If you know how to spend leaa than you get. you have the philoaopVr’a atone .' Franklin. JEFFERY SCOTT DONOHUE "It haa been a long four year for the graduating class of '88. However the 4 rears are almnal up I only hope that the senior elaaa dor aa well in IV read world, aa thrv did in achool. Good Luck!" FCA 1; SADD 2: Track 1; Foothall 1; "Bye Bve Birdie" 2. ANA MARIA DOSS "Live earh day ao that you will never be afraid of yesterday. Mom and Dad I (mail made it! thanks for everything. I love you both. To my mater Janette and my brother Bruce your time ia coming and I love you." DECA 4; Computer Gub 4: Spanish Gub 3. 4: TVaptan Gub 4: RAPP 4: SADD 4; Pep Gub 4: Concert Choir 3; Gaapel Cher 4. RHONDA ARLKTA DUKE "When you find a love that's tender, when you find someone who's true, then thank the lord He's been doubly good to you! I love you. Jim! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything — I love ya'U very much!" Volleyball 1: SADD 1. 2: Maranalha I. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 3. 4: Hero II 4; FHA Scholarship Award 3; FHA 1. 2. DONNA MARIE DUNLAP "To all my friend , good luck and may all your dirauw tome true, and a apecial thanks to my teacher , for tVu goal in life has enabled me to seek mine.” DAWN CHEKEE DYER "TV smallest feelings are worth more than the moat beautiful thoughts. Thank-you Mom and Pete for always being tVre when I needed you moat. Thank to my fnend who mean the world to me I love you. Scot.” Pep Club 1. 2. 4; Student Council Representative 1; Office worker 1; Concert Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Vice-President Concert Choir I; Show Choir I. 4: SADD 2. 4. Secretary 4: Thespian 4; Spanish Club 2; "Grease" 4; Guidance Worker 4; "Cigi" 1; Campus Life 3. 4. READEANNA SUAN EDW ARDS “I have only two fears in life: growing old. and luting to wroi a buauieaa suit and tic just to blend in with society." — David DudenVfer "I love you. David. You'll always be special to me.” Cheerleader 1; Prevention of .Alcohol and Drug Abuse 1; Cheerteader Mascot 2: Studrnl Council Repcewenlaiive Sevirtai y of La.S C. 2; Sub Junior Mts. 2: SADD Treasurer 4; DECA — parliamentarian 4: Artist in Action Vice-President 4. PAULA SUE EMBRY “Nunc prcarlies bcllci llun llic am. and she ssvs nothing." Franklin. JASON LOREN ERVIN “It's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't been real fun." Football 1; Rodeo Gub 1. 2. 3. 4: Rodeo Gub President 4. NETTIE LEVETTE ERVIN “Dear l-ord. how precious is the assurance of your presence! I love you. and I trust my whole life into your hands. Thanks Mom and Dad for all dvr love and guidance you have given me. FHA 3; Basketball 2. 3. 4: TOEC 3. 4t Yearbook Staff 3. JERRA LYNN EVANS "I do tV very bent I know how — the very best I can. and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anything. If tV end brings me out wrong ten thousand angel swearing I waa right would make no difference. I love you Mom and Dad. Ihanks for looking after me Marlon. Vicki thanks for tiring a friend from tV beginning.' C.1..A.S.S. Rules "88" Future Business leaders of America I: Student Council I; Freshman Mo Beautiful. Freshman Cheerleader; Pep Club 2, 3. 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4: FCA 2. 3. 4; M-Gub 3. 4; TOEC 4: Varsity Cheerleader 3. 4: GLASS A: Camp... life 3. 4: All Mid-South Cheerleader Finalist 4; Varsity Track Manager 3. 4. SHANNON CHRISTINA FENDER “He hath made everything beautiful in hi lime, also he hath set tV world in tVir heart so that no man can find out tV work that God makrth from the beginning to the end — Ecrleaiaslea 3:11“ French Club I: Pep Gub 1. 2. 3. 4. Close-up 4; Treasurer 4. Marsnatha I. 2. 3. 4; SADD 3. 4; Computer Club 4. Campus lafe 3. 4; Kev Gub 4; RAPP 4. IHlNAl.D THOMAS FI .ETCHER "High is the mountain I look up to and bright ia his r vara pie of our emulation. Although I cannot reach the lop my heart leaps up to it." — Confurious NJROTC I. 2. 3; Rifle Team 2. 3: Doll Team 1. 2. 3; MCPO 2. 3; Platoon Commander 2; Color Guard 2; Pensacola Orientation I. Penaarola Drill Men 3: Veterans' Day Parade I. 2. 3; Communilv Day Parade I. 2. 3; Ole Mis Dnll Meet 3; Science Gub 3. 4; Cloae-up 4; Tndens 1. 2. 3. 4. President 2. 3; Aviation Explorers 3. 4; Science Competition at U.T. at Martin 3: t.hnstma Day Parade I. 2. KKACHA FLETCHER “I ncailed for excuses are practical confessions C Simmons SEAN AlJkN FORBES No one will ever change me .. . Some call it nonconformity: I call « mdnidualilv. S.K.F. I mms you M and Pop I'm coming home when the party's over. Mr MCHS 4: Class President 2. 3; Student Council President 4: Class Favorite 1. 2. 3: Principal's Advisory Committee I. 2. 3. 4: Wrestling 1. 2. 3; Track 2. 4: Cross Country I; Beta Gub 2. 3. 4: Mu Alpha Theta 4: Committee Chairman 4-H Gub I. 2. 3. 4; Arete 2. 3. 4: French Gub 1.2.3; Maranalha 4; Science Club I. 4; Campus Life 3. 4: Senate Youth Competition 4; Hugh O’Bnan Competition 2: Century III 1st Runner-Up 4. Lambda Youth leadership Conference. Parliamentarian Slate Delegate 2: Rotary Gub. Olive Branch Leadership Conference 3; NCCJ Youth Conference. Head Master 3; Teacher's Aide I. 2; Office Aide 4; MSU Conference for Academically Gifted Student 3: “Diarv of Anne Frank" 3; Pow-derpuff Coach 4: Scholastic letter 2. 3. 4: Optimist Awsrd 2; Community Day Speaker 4; PACES Committee. Student-Teacher Relations 2: Sadie Hawkins' Chairman 3; Who's Who Among .American High School Students 3. LEVERDER MICHELLE FORD “A close friend ia worse lhan an open enemy. A friend is a real treasure. When you find a fnend. treasure him her. I want to give special thank to God. My Fatlier. Mother, sister and brother . Sincerely Lrverder." ROTC 1; DECA 4; Hero 4; Maranalha 4. LINDA DF.NICE FORD “Advice is offensive, not because it lay u» open to unexpected regret, or convict us of any fault which had escaped our notice but because it show us that we are known to other as well as to ourselves." RAPP 3; DECA 4; Pep Gub 4: SADD 4; Maranalha 4. MICIIEAL ANTHONY FORD “No violent extreme endure: a sober moderation stand secure.” Alrvn. LORI ANNE FORTUNE Marc When I look al you. I see my dream of yesterday, my happiness today, and the joy of all our tomorrows. I love you always Thanks Mom. Dad. Renee. Ray. and my friends al M C.H.S. I love you all. freshman Chrcrtcading Captain 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2. 3. Captain 4; Alexia Cert-srhrn Memorial Spirit Award 3: Mid-South Fair Cheerleading Finals 4; Principal's Advisory Committee 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 1, 4; Freshman Claes President 1; Junior Class Vice-President 3: Student Council Vice-President 4: Hugh O'Brian Youth leadership Finalist 2; Memphis Slate Youth leadership Conference 3: Thespian 2. 3. Historian 4: Memphis State Thespian Conference Participant 2. 3. 4: "Glimpses" Cast 2; CBC and Jackson. TN "Oltmpac ” Competition 2: "Crease" Cast 4; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 1: Pep Gub 1. 2. 3. 4; SADD I; Shelby County Youth Sports Senior (Ver leading Coach 3. 4; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 3. 4; Sortie Hawk mo Decorating Committee 3; Office W orker 4; PTSA Board Representative 4; Mia Millington "Most Photogenic ' 3. "Mias Congeniality" 3: Homecoming Court 1. 2. 3. 4. Homecoming Queen 4; Top 1CKF on N.E.D.T. Test 2; Cl Favorite I. 2. 3; Mis M.C.H.S. 4 KATHLEEN FRAZIER Never look Ivsek on what yesterday was. but look forward to what tomorrow will be Thanks for all the good times. Class of '88! Always remember the party’s never over! Thsnk Mom and Dad ... I made it. and it wo fun' Dance team 1; Track 1, manager 3, 4; Student Council Vice-President 2; Yearbook Staff 2. 4; Mis Millington 3: Possum Queen Candidate 3; Pep Gub 1. 3. 4; Close up 4; SADD 4; Rapp 4; French Club 4; Science Club 4; FCA 4: Maranalha 4; Spirit Parade Comnultop 3, 4; Who' Who Among American High School Student 3; Homecoming Clean-up 4; Sadie Hawkins Clean-up 3; Teacher's A ale I. 2. 3. 4: Chorus I. REGINA ANN FULMER Every man's life is s fairy tale written by God's finger Mom. Dad. Mama, and Grandgrren, I love you. Amy. Came, and Penney, thank for being there. To the Class of '88 We made d! Marching Rand I: Flag Carp 3. 4: Pep Gub I. 2. 3. 4; SADD 2: W ho'. Who Among American High School Studrats 3; HERO II 3. 4; FHA 1; Spanish Gub 2; Maranalha 2. Jrffv 2; W ordsmith 1. DONNA JUNE GATLIN We can't go on just running away; If we sUv anv longer, we will never get away. Anything you want we can make it happen. •Land up and turn around, never let them shoot u» down — Never — Heart. Thanks Mom and Dad — I love vou! Volleyball 1; Intermediate Band 1; March mg Band 2. 3: Flag Corp 3; Concert Band 2. 3; VICA — (xwmetotogv 4. TAMMY LYNN GIBBS The heart is the bond of a special friendship Thanks Mom and Daddy for the love and support given, and Teresa and Jamie for being there. David Ballard, beat fnend. mv heart and love belongs to you. Ill love ya'B forever1 Band I. 2. 3. 4. Flag Co-captain 3. Cap-lain 4; SADD 4. Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2: Spanish Chib 2: FHA 1: Reu 3. 4: Powder Puff 4; Octagon 3: Rapp 3: Close up 4. Band Sqisd leadrr 3. 4; Teacher's Aide 4. MELOIH RENEE GOODE Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ali things shall be added to you. Mom. can you believe I finally made it?! Thank for being there when I needed you. I love you' Deena. thanks for bring my best fnend! Volleyball I. 2. 3. 4. Co captain 4: Pep Chib 1. 2. 3. 4: Rodeo 3. 4: Maranalha I. 2. 3. 4: FHA I: BaaketbalJ 1: TAPS 2. Who'. Who Among American High School Student 3; Teacher's Aide 3: M-Gub 2. 3. 4; SADD 4. ANGELA RENEE GOODWIN Now we must say goodbye but I carry you with mr always — in my heart, because you are to "special"! Thank you Mom. Dad. Mr. and Mr . Smith, and “especially" Ronny for all your love and Mippod Pep Gub 1. 2: Concert Chow 3. 4; Conceit Chvu Secretary 4; Choral Booster Chib Secretary 4; French Club 2. 3; Maranalha 2. 3. officer 3; SADD 1. 2. CRYST AL LYNN GKAl MUCH You are the salt of the earth: but if the salt has becomr tasteless, how will it be made sally again? Matthew S: 13. Thanks Mom. Jim. Dad. Jennifer. Shannon. Julie, and all my family for your love and support. I love you all! Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Trojanette 3. 4; Flag Corps 2; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4; SADD 1. 2. 3. 4; Thespian 3: Spanish Club 2: Yearbook Staff 3. 4: Assistant Editor of Photography 4; Miss Millington ContesUnt 3; "Li’l Aimer" Crew 1, Sale llowkina Decorating Committee 3; Cloae-up 3. 4: Senior Class Treasurer 4; A1A President 4; Science Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Who's Who Among American High School StudenU 3; Campus Life 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Hall of Fame 4. RHONDA KAYE GRAY The best way to know God is to love many things. — Vincent Van Gogh. Thanks Mom. Grandma. Pudge. Dad. Peggy, and Gail. I love you all. And thanks to you Billy for always bring there. I LOVE YOU! French Gub 1; Pep Gub 1. 3; Rodeo Club 4: VICA Cosmetology 3. 4. CYNTHIA ANN GREER “If you profit from Constructive criticism, you will be elected to the men's hall of (amr. But to reject criticnm. is to harm yourself and your own best interests." Cheerleader 1. 2: Pep Club 1. 2; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4; TOEC 2. Reporter 3. President 4; Bela 2. 3. 4. Marching Band 2. 3; “Cfoupaes" 2. Who's Who Among American High School Student 3: Spanish Gub 3: Teacher's Aide 4; Verbal Communication 2. Job Interview Competition 3; Track 2. Manager 4; Spirit Pa-i de Winner 3; SCEA and MOHS Neww-letter — Student Feature 4: Leukemia Tvpe-A-Thon 2. 3. 4; Calendar 4. MELISSA DAWN HAGAN "Every year is getting shorter, never teem to find the time, plans that either came to naught or half a page of scribbled lines. The time it gone, the song is over. Thought I'd something more to say." Pink Floyd Croat Counlrv I. 2. 3. 4. Moat Improved 2. Captain 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; BETA Gub 3. 4; M Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; Mu .Alpha Theta 3. 4: French Gub 1. 2: Computer Club 3. 4; NHS 4. GENEVIEVE LEE HAUfEMA.N On nr voit bwn quaver le ccrur. lesaentiel e»t invisible pour les yeux. Swimming 1; French Honor Society 1; Reu Gub 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; French Gub 3: Goae-up 4; Mu .Alpha Theta 4. Thespian 4; Chorus 1; Fashion Show 1; New Production I. DONNA RUTH HALEY Never be afraid to dream — to wonder — “Dream on till your dream come true" — be yourself Steven Tyler. Mall, you have become the moat important person in my life and I love you. Thank to my friends for making mr laugh when I was ■ad. French Gub I; Spamah Club 2. 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 4; Science Gub 3. 4: NHS 3: Maranalha 4; Rapp 4; SADD 4. LISA MICHELLE HALEY "Lame is. above all. thr gift of oneself " Jean Anouilh Thanks to my whole family for all thr love you've given me. Thanks to all my friends, especially Tsramie. Melinda. and Lynn. Mike, you’re the greatest. I love you! Pep (Tuii 2. 3. 4. SADD 4. TOEC 2. 4. DECA 4. Spai.wli Club 1. 2. Softball 2; Student Council 1. 2 AMY E1JZABETH HALL “You've gotta have somethin' that you believe in. Wen you quil believin' in things then you might as well jus! give up. — John Cougar Mellencamp SADD I. 2; Spamah Oub 2. 3: Pep Club 3. 4: Beta Club 2. 3. 4: Ubrar. Aide 2. 3: Mu Alpha Thru 3; Science Club 3: Maranalha 4. NHS 3. 4: Who's Who Among American High School Student 3: Kapp 4. DERRICK ALAN HALL “It doesn't get any better than this and lh» country boy ha survived." I would also like to say to my Mom. Dad. sister . Mike and fnend that I love ya! Seniors, let's party! SADD I. 2. 3. 4; Rodeo I. 2. 3. 4 LYNN ASHER HALLOCK "School a not so bad if you have nothing else to do." BETA Gub 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4: Computer Chib 3. 4; Science Gub 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: Tap 2; Science Bowl Martin 3. 4; CookvtUr 4. Fjvrrgy Bowl 4. Mail. Conteat 2. Vice-President Computer Oub 4. HOWARD SIMS H AMMFL. JR. “I never said I was the beat, but if there ever was such a thing as the beat. I was al least one of the top contenders." General Chuck Yeager Baseball I: Computet Gub 2. 3. 4; Science Gub 3. 4; French Gub 4; Cloae-up 4; Science Bowl 3. 4; Who's W ho Among American High School Students 4; Track 4 KATHY JO HAMMONTREE “If I leave her tomorrow, would you .nil remember me9 For I must be travebn on Now — there’s too many places I've got to see!" l.vnard Skynard. Thanks mom. dad. Jeff. Shea. loss. Sway. Lvnn and Mr BUI and Mrs Jackie FHA 1; TOEC 3. 4: DECA 4 KAREN LEE HANNAH “To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know, that is true knowledge “ Mom and Dad I Love You Monique and Mary Jo than . Tun. I Love You. Track 1: Maranalha 3. 4: Pep Gub 3. 4: Hero 4; Sadd 4: Dec 4 SHERYL DIANE HANSCFJS "Thanks Mom. Dad for all your help. I would not have made without you. Also to my friends Tina and Kim. Kim. I really hope we can always be friends- I Love all of you always." Pep Club 1. 2. 4. Decorating Committee 4; Pep Gub Card Flasher 4; Hero II 3. 4; Hero II Treasurer 4; Marsnatha 1. 2. 3. DAWN VALENCIA HARRIS "Usually when people are sail, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when thrv get angrv . they bring about a change." Malcolm X. National Beta Club 3. 4; Pep Gub 1. 2. 4; Maranalha 4. Who' Win. Among Aran-■can High School StudenU 3; French Club 1; Spamah Club 2. 3; Sadd 4: Key Club 4: Cloae-up 4 DWAYNE WILIJAM HART "Succe to the strongest, who are always, al last, the wisest and thr best." ELIZABETH MELANIE HATTER “Trual in the lord with all thme heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him. and he shall direct thv path .' Proverb 3:3-6 I mta you all! C.LA.S.S. Rule.! TnyinHlf 3. Pep 2. 3. 4: Marsnatha 2. 3. 4; Spanish 2. 3: Yearbook 3. 4. Sadd 2. 3. 4; Close-Up 3; Usher for "God pell" 3. TRACY LYNN HAYSL1P “If it's meant to be it will happen, but you have to strive for it." (V. Hayslip) I Love you Mom and Dad. Allen you will always be my love. I can't wan for our special day. I Love YOU. ROTC 1. 2. 3. Color Cuard I. 2. 3, Commander 3. Asal. Commander 2. 3, Orienteering Tram 3. Asat. Administration Officer 3; FHA |; Child Care 4; Maranatha 4; Daca 4; Athletic Team 3: Fourth Platoon Commander 3. CAROL ANN HAZLETT Mom. I would have never made it without you. I Love you Greg! JEFFERY JAY HEATH "Confidence ia the key to success.' Thanks Mom. Dad. Brian. Kevin. Tonya. Robbv. Chandler. Greg. Shawn. Ronny and Joey. A man has to have someone to talk to and you all were aiwav there Football 1.2. 3. 4. BaaebaM 2: FCA 1. 2. 3. 4. Mai anal ha 3. 4: Computer Club 3; Spamah Club 1. 2 M Chih J. I: .NADD 4. Pep Club 4: Stock Market Game Participant 4. ROBERT MAURICE HEBERT “l-overa of air travel find it exhilarating to hang poiard between the illusion of immortality and thr fact of death " Foothall 2; MVP 2. Baseball I. 2; Hoat Nation Club I: Clote-Up 3. 4; French Club 3. 4; Track 4; Ckar-l p N«abv»r Trip 3. 4. ROBERT STAFFORD HEM MINGS "It ia hard enough to lind a Inend. yet even harder to keep one.” National Honor Society 3. 4: National Beta Gub 2. 3. 4. Mu Alpha TVu 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Close-Up Gub 3. 4: Pep Oub 2. 4: Computer Club 4; Who's Who Aiming American High School Sru-drnu 3. Memphis State Math 1. 2; Third Place Algrhra II 2: Iruermexliair Band 1; Marching Band 2. 3. 4. Field Commander 4; Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Band 2. 4; "Bye-Bye Birdie" Or-rheatra 2: "Creoae" 4; Solo and Ensemble 2. 3. 4: NJROTC 1. 2. 3. 4. Commanding Officer 3. 4; Executive Officer 3; Operation Officer 2. 3; Platoon Commander 2; Mustering Chief Pettv Officer 2; Assistant Squad Leader 1: First Year Dnll Team I: Color Guard 3; Rifle Team 3; Academic Team 1. 2. 3. 4. Athletic Team 3: Honor Cuard 2. 3. 4; Top 1UW NEDT I. 2: Century III Alternate: Millington Environmental Improvement Commission Representative 4; Commercial Appeal Stock Market Game 4. BRYANT WAYNE HENDERSON “Trual in thr Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding In all thy acknowledge him. and Hr shall direct thv paths." Prmerfas j;j 0. Basketball 1. 2. 4; Track 4. Hero 3. Maianalha 3. 4. TCA 4 TABAITH A LASHALL HICKS “Life ■ full of joyful experience , you jual have to be m the right place al the right tune Thanks Mom I Love You Hersev Pep Gub 1. 2. 4; SADD 3: Coordinator for Career Preparation 4. JAMES ALAN HILL “Never put off am thing lodav. because you will regret it tomorrow." Thanks Dan. Brenna. Mom and I vmin. Hoc and Rrth. Dave Thank foe all the help in passing thr last 3 years. Tammy lui all yvui support. Football 1; Pep Gub 3. 4; Rodeo Chap-lam 3. 4; VICA Auto Hodv 3, I. SHAWN HARRISON MUX “I can accomplish anything through my parents and my great friends " Thanks Mom and Dad. Foothall 1. 2. 3. 4: Wreading I. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 4; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4: Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; Spanish dub 1.2; Computer Oub 3: Rapp Club 4; SADD 3. 4: Homecoming [Worsting Commuter 3. 4; Sadie Ha km [Worsting Committee 3; MW who Among American High School Students 4; Campus Life 3. 4; Office Mocker 4; Powder Puff Coach 4 VAI1KA ANGKIJQI E HOLCOMB “A Happy kfc begins -itii banquilitv of mind Yet this quest has confounded sagr Ih.uwgh llie ages." — Cicero the Reman Orator. Gas Secretary 1. Pep Club 1. KEVIN DOUGLAS HOI.LINGS. HEAD “Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the guts are pretty." — Cuns-n-Roae . Kyle. Timmy, and Chris lake it sleazy Thank Gantry. Mom. and Papa You zaa! Baseball 3. 4. Maianaiha 3. 4: FCA 3. 4: M-Chib 4; SADD 1 REGINA CORFTTA HOI MEN “A foal flat ter himsrll the asm man flatter the fool " Bulwer. STACY C. HOLMES “Youth's for an hour, beauty's a flower, but love m the jewel that »m the world.” — O'Neill. Thanks Mom and Dad for always bring there Dad. I told you I could do it! I Love You. Maranatha 3. 4: Gospel Choir 3. 4. Pres idem 4; Ciria Track I. 2; Hook -tball 1. 2: Homecoming Court 2. DONALD KENNETH IIOLSINGER II “I can do ail thing through Chnat who strengthened! me." — Philippian 4:13. Thanks Mom. Dad, Call. David. Danirl. and Bro. Bob Class of "88"! I'm out of Kerr' Football 1: Student Council I; Freshman Representative 1. M ianalha 3. 4. Thespian 3. 4; Attendance Worker 1. Pep Gub 3; "CodspeU" and "Star Spangled Ctrl" crew 3; "TV lhary ol Anne Frank" house manager 3; "Gtease tail 4. Mutter Court Festival Escort 3 ROBERT C. HOOKER "Let the word of my mouth, and tV rain Ills lion of ray heart, be axxw-ptaUe ■■■ thy ughi, O lord, my strength, and my redeemer " Psalm 10-14 “Grrmte'’ 4: “Cadapefl" 3; "Hvr Byr Birdie" 2: All Meal Tennnmrr .luw 2. 4. Senior Credit 143Concert Choir J. 2. 3. 4; Intermediate Band I. Show Choir I. 3. 4; Madngal Singers 2. Solo Ensemble I. 3. 4; Talent Show Winner 3; CampuKt Club 1; French Oub 2; Maranalha 1. 2. 3; FCA 1. 2; Concert Choir Oflirrr 4. A ’.I)A Male Honor Oioni 2; Southern United Stairs Choir 2: ConmtiMMt) Day Committee 2; Optimioi Award 3; Who's Who Among American 11 1. School Students 3. 4: TAPS 2; Bar brr Shot) Quartet 2; Arts Poor Srllrr 4; Spoil I’acr Srtlrr 4; Track 1. 2. 4; Wrestling I; Thespians 3. 4; Theapian Stair Conference 3: Thralrr Showcase I. 2; Chros dub 1.2 JEFF AIjAN HOW AKD "I o Born an American; I live as an American; I dial) dir an American." Thank vou Mom and l ad for everything I lair You Rifle Tram (C.DK) 3. 4; Fire! Drill Tram 3; Football I; SADI) 1. 2; ROTC 3. 4. JAMES PHIIJ.IP MOXIE "There » no coming to consoouanro rvrpl through pain." (!arl Jung. W resiling 2. 3. 4; SADD 2. 3. 4; Com-putrr Chib 4; Qcw-llp 3. CYNTHIA REINA HUNT "You gam strength, courage, and confidence by even experience in which vou really atop to look fear in the face . .. You must do the thing which vou think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt Cheerleading I. 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Ouh I. 2. 3. 4; M-Chib 1. 2. 3. 4: French Chib I. 2. 3; Maranalha 4; Kev Ouh 3. 4; 4; Beta Club 3. 4. Secretary 4; Amr 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Student Council 2; Teacher Aide 1.2. 3. Cotprl Choir 3. 4. Student Ihrector 4. Show Char 4: Winter Festival Court 3. 4. LAMONA C. HI NT "Fame, like the river, is narrowest where it is bred, and broadest afar off." Dvenanl BERNARD 111 Rl) "The earth is the lad's and the fullness thereof; the world and thev that dwell therein." Psalm 24:1 Basketball I. 2. 3. 4: Football I; Track 1. 2. 3; Maranalha 3. 4; Gospel Choir 4; Hero 4. SllSAN C. HI RST “And if the hand you're in starts playing different tune . Ill see you on the dark side of the moon." — Pink Floyd Mom and Dad. I Ixnr You. Brvdge and Dreno -WE MADE IT! and Chn. — you're the greatest! French Club I. 2; National Beta dub 3; Pep Club 2. 3; Newapaper Staff 4 TANYA MARIA INGRAM Thank you Mutter and Pa|M for all you've given me. I love you both! Thanks Ieigh, (.ins, Amy and everybody else fa being my friends all these years (ierman Club I. 2. 3; International Club 2; DKCA 4 Al llHA I.EA JACKSON “I can do all tilings through Christ which strengthen me." Phil. 4:13 Thanks Mom, Dad. Ashler, ami Brooke fa hriping me loo! Thanks Dee Dee and Andrea for being the lies! friends anyone could have I love va'll! Arete 2. 3. 4; Bela Club 2. 3. 4: National Ilona Society 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 2. 3. 4; SADD 2. 3. 4 — Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3. President 4; RAPP 4; Attendance Office W orker 1. 2. 3. 4; Campus IJ(e 3. 4. Student Coum-il 2. LAFAYETTE W EH TICK JACKSON "Every man has at times in his mind the ideal of what he should be. but is not ... Man never falls so low that he can see nothing higher than himself — Theodore Parker. Thanks Mom and Sis Basketball 1; Intermediate Band I; ROTC 2. 3. 4; Drill Team 2. 4; Marching Band 2. 3. 4; Concert Band 2. 3. 4. MELANIE JO JACKSON "Thank you lord for leading me this far. Give me your directions for today so that I may walk in your path fa tomorrow . All my line to Daddv. Man, Gary. Sandra. You're the best. I LOVE VOU ALU FHA I. 2; Mar.nalha 1.2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1.2: SADD 2.3 CYNTHIA I.YNN JARRELL “I have had play male . I have had companions. In my days of childhood, in my joyful school days. All. all are gone, ilr old familiar faces." Pep Club I: Maranalha 2. 3. KIMBERLY ANNETTE JOHN-STON "True friends are friends forever!" ... "The laird watch lielween me ami liter when we are absent one Iran another." Gen. 32:40 Thank for everything: Dad. Mom. and all friend and leachrr . ROTC I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Cola Guard I. 2. 4; Honor Guard 3. 4: Rifle Team I; Cola Guard Commander 2; Platoon Commander. Special Project Officer (a l.| 3; Public Affairs Officer 4; Gospel Choir 4; Spnmoli Club 3; 4-11 Club 4. HENRY LEE JONES “Fear not that thy life hIuiII come to an end. toil rather fear that it shall never have a beginning ’ Edward l.ython. National Junta Honor Society 1; Spanish Club I. 2; Science Club 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Honor Society 3; Pep Club 3. 4; W ho’s W ho Aiming American High School Students 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 3. 4; Who’s Who 4; Homecoming Court Earorl 4; Quill and Scroll 4. USH1WN TF.LISE JONES "The root of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." Aristotle Beta dub 3. 4; National Ilona Sourly 3. 4; Arete I. 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 1.2. A; Spanish Club 2. 3; Homecoming Decorating committee 4; Science Club 3; Cat-cert Band 2; Marching Band 2. 3; Intermediate Band 1; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; VIM Wordsmilh 2 M AI BICE CLEMENT JONES "Soecesa i» always possible fa a person who will look not back, but forward " Paul Toumirr. "Thank for all of your support Man. Dad and all of my friends " Football Mgr 1.2. 3: Mg. I. 2. 3; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4; M-Club 1. 2. 3. JEFFREY CERALD JUNEAU "Increasing knowledge of science without a corresponding growth of religious wisdom only increases our fear of death " — Sarvepall. Radhakrishnan Thank you Mom. Dad, Kim and Missy fa the inspiration. I didn't try to achieve only fa myself. Football I; Wrestling 2. 3: Bets Club 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4. FCA 1.2. 3; Vkr-Prrwdent 3; Spanish Chib I. 2; Who's Who Among Amervcan High School Students 3. 4; National Merit Scholarship Program semi finalul 3; Science Club 3, 4. Model United Nations 3; Maranalha 4: Slock Market Game 4; Gampu Ijfc 3. 4. JENNIFER LYNN KAMKCKI "What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you " Seneca I love you Mom. Dad. and friends. Powderpufl football 4; ROTC I. II. Ill: TCA; Thespuns 3. 4; Plav Production I. II. JENNIFER ANNE KARSKO “A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge." — Garble. Thanks Mom. Dad. Billv. and all my frirnds for everythin during my high school years! I love you all Volleyball 3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4; FHA I: M-Club 4; Concert Choir 4: Miss Millington Contestant 3. 4; Who's Who Among Amervcan High School Students 3; Maranalha 4; Solo and Ensemble Char 3. 4; Girls" Char 3: Teacher's Aide 3. 4 RICHARD BENJAMIN KEITH “Go with the flow ami if one damn't agrerj with it. turn off live faucet." Octagon Club I, 2; VJCA 3: Kapp 4; Maranalha 4. RICHARD E. KELLEY "When limes are good, be happy, but when times are bad, consider; God has made the one as wdl it the other.” ECCLESIASTES 7:14 I love you Mom and Dad Thanks for everything, snd you loo sis' Student Academic Imjirovetnenl Commit-lee 3; HERO Food Service Club President 2. 3; Close-Up Club 4; Tennessee Career Association 4; Decs 4. WENDY YOCI.ANDA KELLY "If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow." Chinese proverb VICA Cosmetology 2. 3; FHA 1. GREGORY NKA1. KESI.ER "The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness ■ self-esteem: believing you ran do it, believing you deserve it. believing vou wdl get it." Football I. 2. 4. Wrestling 2. 4: Baseball 1; Track 2; FCA I. 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 2. 3, 4; Campus life 3. 4. JAMIE LYNN KIDWF.LL "Nolhotg in life that is worlhy is loo hard to achieve." Thanks Mom. Dad. Bruce, ami DeAnn for always being behind me! I love you. Thanks Tammy! I love you John. Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4. FHA I; FCA I; Artist in Artiai 4; Softhall Manager 3; French Chsl. 2; Maranalha 3. 4; 5ADD 4; Homecoming Canrnitlees 2: Teacher's Aide 4; Powder Puff 4. DKCA 2; Campus life 3. 4: 4-11 Club I. 2. 3. 4; Claa Rcprc-acMaine I: Croaa Country I. 2; Vollcvball 1. 2; Golf 3: Tennis 2; M-Club 3. 4 ANGELA JOYCE KOPP “There u no greater Mftuing than a friend who's there when good times aren't." Thank you C.I..A.S.S. for always being there. I love ya'II! Freshman Haaketliall I. Yarsiiv Baskriliall 2; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4. Tres-irr. 4: Trojonelte 2. 3; Homecoming Decorating Committee 3: Sadie Hawkins Decorating tiimmiliee 3, 4: FCA I. 2. 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; MatHimtha I. 2.3. 4: French Club 2. 3, Srcrrlary 3; Yearbook Slaff 3. 4, Sjuiru Editor 4; Cam|ms life 3, 4; USA Olympic Raw-hall Volunteer 3. 4. Powder Puff 4; Varsity Sports Banquet Deeaaling Committee 2. 3. 4: SADD 2. KAARINA ALICE KRANZ “lesni as you would live forever, live as you would die tomorrow." — Gandhi. I really enjoyed being here. Thanks! Swedish Kvchangr Student 4; Close-Up 4: Science Ouh 4; French Chib 4: Pep Club 4:4 114: Mu Alpha Theta 4 LEIGH ANN LaRARRF.ARK "A winner knows what to fight for and what to compromise on. A loser compromises on what he shouldn't and fights fa whol isn’t worth fighting fa." Crons Country 1. 2. 3. 4. Mo Improved 3; Track I. 2. 3. 4. Best Distance Runner 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1. 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4. M Club I. 2. 3. 4. A.etc I. 2. 3. 4; French Club 1, 2. 3. President 2; Basketball 1; Optimist Award Winner I; Nalioial Bela Club 2. 3. 4; National Hon a Society 3, 4; Senior Scholar at Centre College 4; W ho'l W ho Among American High School Student 3. 4. Science Bowl at ITT Martin 3. 4: Science Bowl at Tennessee Tech 4; Top l(VW on NKDT 1; Creative Writing Workshop 3; Poaauni Queen Candidate 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4. Treasurer 4. Consumer and I loinemaking Education Program Scholarship Certificate in Cataumer Education in Family living 3; Sadie Hawkin Committee 3. Science Chib 3. 4. Secretarv 4. MARK ALLEN LANDRY “You see it your way. I'M see it mine (oiversalion t a useless exchange of lies lark of Communication." RATT (Computer Club I; TAPS 2; Rodeo 3; VICA-VAM 3. 4. Secretarv 4. MONIQUE HART UROGHELLE "If you want thmp done a to meet people. you have to start with meeting the world halfwav because nothing meets you •U the -ay ." Pep Chib 2. 3. 4: FHA I: SADD 4. Hero II 3. 4. CHANDRA CAROL LoVOY "However rare true love is. true friendship is rarer." — la Rochefoucauld Thank Mom and Dad fa bring there. David T.. 1. aoa P.. Sephante L — You're all the best of fnenda. Scott P. — Itove va las! TCA 4. DEVONNIA THERESA la-BLANC “lot u run with patience the race that is net before us." — Hebrews 12:1 l nll Team 2. 3; Color Guard 4; Academic Team 3; Honor Guard 3. 4; SADD 2; Science Ouh 3; DECA 4. Treasurer 4: Varsity Band I; NJHOTC leadership Academy 4. RAF ANN KEMCITE LEON "Happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10 Si mien I Council Member I. Girls' J M Char 1; W inter Festival Court 1. 2: Student Council Class Representative 2: Homecoming Court 2. 3; SMSH Dance Team 2; Upper ard Bound Member 3; TOEC Club 3; C-oncert Choir 4; French CJul. 4; Close-l p Club 4; All Weal Choir 4; Key Ouh 4. SAMANTHA ANN LESTER "The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral ails to return love fa hale to include the excluded, and to say. "I ssi wrong." C.I..A.S.S rules forever! Fmdiman Baskeiball 1; Varsity Basketball 2. 3. 4: Pep CJul. 1. 2. 3; Campu l ife 3. 4. Maranalha I. 2. 3. 4: M-Club 2. 3. 4; French Club 2; SADD 2; Homecoming Decorating Committee 2. 3: Pep Club Trojanetle 2: Beta Club 3. 4; National Honor S.wTrty 3. 4; FCA I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3; Olympic Baseball Volunteer 3: Powderpufl 4: Sadie llaw-kina Decorating Committee 3; Varsity Sports Banquet Deeaaling Cannuiiee 2. 3. 4. CAKI.A SUE LEWIS “A wad to the wise ain't necessary — it’s the stupid ones who need the advice." — Bill Cosby (not that I’m stupid) Thank you Mom and Dad and Papa I love you all and (Tteryl thank you fa being there. ROTC Drill Team 1. 2; Softball 2. 3. 4; Rodeo Club 1. 2. 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4: FCA 2. 3; Senior Powder Puff 4. GARY R. LEWIS II "Out on my own. out to be free one with my mind, they just can’t see no need to hear thing lh l they say life all my own way." — Metallic. ( Wert Char 1.2.3. 4; TOPI’S Char 2; All W est Choir 4; Marching Concert Band 3; "Grease" 4. FREDERICK SCOTT LINDSEY "No Ph.D required." JOANNE YVONNE LINZY "Being a woman is s tembly different task, since it consists principally in dealing with men,” — Joseph Conrad. Mom. Dad. John, ami Niki, I thank you all fut everything you've helped me accomplish, a lot. I wouldn't lie here if wasn't for you. I love you all! DECA 3. 4; TOEC 3. 4: TCA 4. STEFAN1K ANN LITTLEJOHN ■'Life ia like a good book, you have to finiah it to enjoy it." Student Council I; French Club I: literary Magazine Staff 3; TOEC 3. 4. TERHIF. LYSON LOFTON "Parting ia such a aweet Borrow.” FHA 4. Maranalha 4: Pep Club 4; DECA 2; Computer Club 2. NICHOLE A. LONG "Moma and Dad thanka fa helping me all these vrars. Sam. Bill. Joey. Tina, and Trtna I love you all. Natalie I love you very much — good luck I'm always here Steve. 1 hope •our lives work out I love You." Maranalha 2; DECA 4; TOEC 4; TCA 4. ROBINSON LOIYTOK “No one can give you better advice than yourself; so stop asking me' Thank fa the love and encouragement Mom and I ad Thanks fa being the best brother Mike Hobhv. Thanks for just being there. See va in Florida!" French dub I. 2; SADD 3: Computet Club 4; Teacher's Aide 4; Hag Corps 3. 4; Pep Chi!) 4; Homecoming Decorating Committee 4; Usher "Bye Bye Birdie" 2; Usher "Grease” 4. CHARLES PATRICK I.OHIMKH "The body, that is but dust; the soul, it is a bod ol eternity." N. Culverwell. KAI JEROME IXlt'IS "The lime has catsr fa us to say goodlne It ha been four years of learning, experiences, and friendahips. I wish all my rlaasmales the very best and I hope they enjoy their futures." KIM SAMONF. LOUIS "I'm interested in the future, that's why I'm gang to spend the rest of my life there." Ketlenng. Spanish 1.2; Msranalhs 1.2. 4; Cloae-Up 4; SADD 3; Marching Rand Flag Corps 2. 3. 4. Spiad leader 4; Representative 4; Medral Explorer 3. 4: Minority Enterprises 2. STACY ANN LOWRY “Thank Mom and Dad fa everything. I couldn't have made it without ya’II. Also thanks and good luck to Karen. Amy. Tammy. laKila. Jennie, ami Kim Mike, yuu will always hold a special place m my heart. I lore you!" FIIA I: Maranalha 2. 3; TOEC 4; SADD 2. AMY MICH KILE LUCAS "Thanks Mom ami Dad fa everything, with your sujiport I mmle ilP Also a special thanks to (Amite. Tammy, Holly. Vicki. Stacy, and Karen, I love you all. EYJJ I love you. J.S." Maranalha I. 2. 3; TOEC 3. 4; SADD 2. RAPP 3. COKEY GLENN MACKLIN "The wealth of a soul is measured by how much it can feel; its povcrti by how little" W K Alg - MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER MARK "Now it’s ally pilin' heller. And a change haa finally come my way. Yes. it'a only so much letter. Belter Everyday" — Tesla, Thanks for the great limes; MG “Quarimoto''. "Bucco". "Wastoid". MAT. AS. DS. BE; "Bohemian". GIL l.ll. JW. SAC. AM. "Pink Floyd” MM KM Science 3. 4; Maranalha 4; Computer 4; Pep dub 4; SADD 4. DIANE MARIE MARSHALL "Dream are like raoes. if you love them and take care sl them, they will grow and prosper. If you don't they die." Thanks Man and Dad, Tim and Barb, Michelle. Kint. Monique. Melanie ami eaprcinlly John' I did it! Intermediate Bond 1. 2: Marching Band 2. 3; Concert Kami 2; Pep Band 2. 3; Jar Rand 2. 3: Cheoa Club 2; Pep Club 3; Thespian. 2; ROTC I. 2. ROTC Color guard 1. 2; Wordsmilh I. MICHELLE JEAN MARTIN "I did it! And I'm prnud I'd like to say I hanks to Mom. I hid, my sisters, and my brut friend, Vanena Scott. I would have never mmle it without your auppat. love and raring." Maranalha 1. 2: TOEC 3. SELENE KAY MARTIN "Jem. I love you so much babe' Thank you fa always being there' Dad. Mom. Jem, Sue. and Andrea. I love you all very much! Ya-Ya. we made it' Thanks to the entire Ziolanek clan! I love you all'" Pep (Tub 2; Spanish Club 2. 3. Secretary 3; Maranalha 2. Staff Member 3; MSI' Math Contest 2; Yearbook Staff 3. 4. Edita 4. DECA 4. W AYNE E. MASON "Never riac to speak till you have something to say; and when you have said it. cease.” Witherspoon ROBERT ALAN MATHER "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it. Grab the boards because soon there won't be a North Shore Sommer of "KB". Heather. I love you'" Football I. 2. 3; FHA 1.2: VICA 4; Stock Team 4. AI.LF.N YOUNG MATHES "U inning isn't everything. Having the desire to win is!" — Jim Catfish Hunter. Thanhs fa helping me make some hard choices and helping me get through thw year. I love you both. Man and Dad FCA 2. 3. 4: Varaity Baseball I. 2. 3. 4: Football I, 2. 3. 4; Maranalha 2. 3. 4; SADD 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4; RAPP 2. 3. 4. JAMES MARSH All. MeCONNF.lL "There t a lime for everything." ROTC I. 2. 3. 4. DECA 4; DriB Team 4; Computer Club 4. BRETT L. McDANIEL "Keep thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life." Mnranalha 3. 4. WILLIAM JAY MeGOVENN “life ia not always what ate want it to be I ml to make the best of it a it is. » the oak way of being happv." BELINDA EVON MeGREGOR "When the well runs dry. we know the worth of the water. W ell I finally made it! Camgratulaliais mom to your new life! I love you la! Without you I'm lost. lee. you are mine forever." Intermediate Rand I: Marching Rand 2. 3. ♦; Octagon Club 2: Sophnmae Class Representative of Octagon Club 2; (’.osme-toiog) 2. 3. 4; VICA 3. Marnnath I; Concert Band 2. 3. 4. Percuasion 3. DEENA MICHKI.L McKF.F. "live each day so that you will neither be afraid of tomorrow nor ashamed of yes lerday." Hey Mel. can't believe we finally made it. We'll be lest friend forever Susan. You make everything seem the lies! I love ya both. Pep Club I. 2. 3: Kodeo Chib 3; EIIA 1. 2; Secretary of Rodeo Club 3; Mias Millington Pageant 3; Teacher's Aide 3. TAMF.I.A JO MeKINLF.Y "My dreams flow on ami oo das time." My lime at MCHS have been unforgettable. thanks to all the teachers ami friends that ntaile it that way. Live you. Mom. Dad, Dawn, Patricia, and Shane. I'll nitoa ya'II. NJROTC 1. 2. 3 4; Drill Tea... I. 2. 3: Cola Guard 4; Academic Team 2. 4: Athletic Team 3. 4; Rifle Team 3. 4: Ilona Guard 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4: Trojanetle 2. 3. 4: Spanish CJub 3; Volleyball 3; HERO II 3; Vue President of IIF.RO II Si Maranalha $ PATRICK NEAL MeVAY "It has been said that left handed people think with the right siile of the brain and right handed people with the left. Therefore «mly left ha ruled people are in their 144 Senior creditsnght mind." Srirnre Club 4: Principal' Advisor (xnrnril 4; Sfirnrr Club Treasurer 4; «• Country 4; FltaHl ('Job 3. CVw Club 1; Computer Club 2. 3; Basketball 4. SHARON L. MKDKAKIN “I'm ioung now. I'm wild and I'm free." — Triumph C-od gave me the wilt to makr it through high school. (the laal of right!. thank l d it a over with' Thank to mi family and n|m i lli Alloii. I loir you air Volleyball 1. 2: Softball 2. 3. Bela Club 3. 4: Pep dub I. 2: FIIA 4. VICA 2. 3. 4. Club Adiiaor of VIC.A 3 ANGELA MARIK MU MV “I ran do all things through Chrisl who strrngtlwii me.” Philtppum 4:13. TCA 4; Spanish (Jub 3. 4; Girl ' Choir 3. JOHN ANDREW MILAM "Mumt ib the universal language of mankind." Thank mom and dad for all of your support and help. Clone I p 4; TAI S 2: Baseball 2. 4: Ra. keihall 3: Srienre Club 4; Beta Club 3. 4. French Club 2. 3; MaranatKa 1. 2; Who'. Who Among American High Srbool Student 3. 4; Who's Who 4. Cotierrt Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Madrigal Singer I. 2; Cham her Singer 1. 2: Suing Chon 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir librarian I. 2: Choir Publicity Chairman 3; Choir President 4; All-Heal TenneMee Honor Choir I. 2. 3. 4; All-Stale Tennessee Honor t hou 1. 2. 3. 4. Student Director 3. 4; Choir Pianiat 1, 2. 3. 4; TOPS 2: Solo and Knaemble Superior Haling I, 2, 3. Dalis Mum Fra-tnal 2; Mid-South Youth Talent Emalist 2: "(iodapell' 3: Attendance Worker 1. 4: Outalanding Soloist 3; Choir letter 2. Barber Shop Quartet 1. 2 DAVID SKA IS MIM. .F.W SKI "Before you give aomeone a piece of your imnd. be aure you can live with what you Kaie left." CHARLIE H. MILLER. JR. “Each (■rraon la bom to one poaaraaion which tail-value all the other — hi laal breath ’’ — Mark Twain. Transfer Student front University High School. CA: Football 1. Baaketliall 1.3. 4; Track 3. 4; Who' Who Among Amrnran High School Student 3. 4; Artiau in Action 3; Spaniah Club 1. 3. 4; Mu Alfha Theta 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. JOHN STEPHEN MITCHELL “There is no aecrel. Sucre m ju I hard work. It' that imple . . . don't br afraid to dream ... if you lirlieir in youtarlf. llieic i» no goal on tliia planet you can't achieve." Kingston Love you Mom. Dad. Toot! Pep Club I; lia»d all 1. 2: Superior Ribbon in Industrial Art I. Scholnalir Irttrt I. 2. 3. 4; Maranalba 2; FCA 2: Beta 2. 3. President 4; Spanish Club 2. Treasurer 3; Nalioiutl Honor Society 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; W ho » Who Among American High School Slmlcnla 3; Trnne ace Boy ' Slate 3; IT Martin Science Bowl 3. 4; Certificate of Merit in C.heniiMry 3; Ten-ne ee Tech Science Bowl 4; Sad Haw-lun Publicity Chairman 3. Senior Claaa Pre nlcnt 4: Clone Up 4. PTSA 4: Science Club 4; Senate Youth Delegate 4; Century III Srhool Winner 4; Fnergy Bowl 4; Homeroom RcprcsrtiUlnc 2. 3; Arete 2. 3: M ( Jub 1.2 LEVITA DIANE MONDIF. "Superman ran fh high way up m the ky (-auie we briieie he can; o what we rhooae to belieie can alwav work out fine. Il'» all in the mind " Luther androaa "Make Me a Belteier" Pep (Jub 1: Intermediate Band I; SADD 1. W inter Festival Court 2; Marching Band 2. 3: Concert Band 2; Beta Chib 2. 3. 4: Principal Aduaor Council 2; SrhoUslir lerie. I. 2; Class Secretary 2: National Honor Sivriety 3. 4; Mu Aipha Theta 3. 4. Student Council Representative 3; Governor' School for Science 3; Girl ' Slate Delegate 3: U Ho'» Who Among American High School Student 4; Spanish (Jub 3. Vice-President 4; Wc»l Tennessee Solo Enaemblr Supervor Rating 2. Weal Tennessee Math Contest 2. 3: Talent Show 2. 3; Tenne co Career Association Secretary 4. JAMES DWIGHT ANDRKW MONEGO "lafe m a yrat. ami all thinjp show it. I thought so once: hut now I know it." John Gay “Mv Own Epitaph" Basrlw.ll |; Red Croa I. 2. 3: Drill team (ROTC) 2. 3; Color Guard 2; Army ROTC 2. 3; Officer ' (‘Jub 2. 3; Adventure Training 2. 3: Swing Cho r 1. 2; (dee (Jub 2: R(YIT, Summer Camp Participant 2. 3; Student Council Rejurarnlalive I. 2: NJROTC 4; NJROTC Academic Team (hmmander 4; Athletic Team NJROTC 4: Armv Rifle Team 2. 3: NJROTC Rifle Team 4; Ckwe-l p 3. 4. NJROTC Horn-Guard 4. A mil ROTC. Honor Guard 2. 3; NJROTC. I hill Team Camp 4; Che a Club 2. 3: KHS Academic Team 2. 3; I aim Chib 3; Science Club 1. 2. 3; Delegate for latin Convention 3: I -ibrar (Jub 1.2. JANET MACHINE MORGAN Our very best fnend have a tincture of jealousy even m then friendship. and when they hear u praised b other , will aacribe it to sinister and interested motive if thev can " I thank (iod. Mom. Dad. Saicrs. and brother Pep (Job 3. 4; hey Club 4; .o prl Choir 2. 3. MaranatKa I. 2. 3. 4. Computer Club 3; Who' Who Among Amrnran High School Student 4: SADD I; Concert Choir 1, 2. 3. All West 4; Computer Aide 4 MICHELL L. MORRIS "There is one person that is wiser than anybody, and that t everybody. Talleyrand. ANTHONY DAVID MORRISON When you're five and hurt, you makr a big muse unto the world. At ten you whimjirr. By the lime you make fifteen you begin to eat the poisoned applet that grow on tour own inner tree of pain. It' the Weatern Way of Enlightenment. You hrgin to cram tour fist into your mouth to stifle the scream . You Weed on the inside.” Ste phrn King. Arete I. 2. 3. 4: Ret. Club 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. Vier-Pmudrnl 4; Science Club 3. Secretary 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Pep Chib I; SADD 3; Who' Who Among American High School Students 3; Track Manager 2. 3. 4. W resiling 2; Computer Club 3. 4; Cloae-l'p 4 JOYCE MARIE MOSS The Great Thing in the world i not to much where we stand, a in what direction we are moving CJiosr 4; Pep Club 4: Jiff 4: Onld fare HERO 4 JAMES MICHAEL Ml KRAY "I have almost reached the top to the Udder of mv sucres , though Cod has taken a good fnend of mine home with Him I turned to Him and He ha helped me." God bWsa you. Jennv Eamilv and fnrralw Eonthall I; Baseball I. 2. DASS I. 2. 3; EC A I. 2. 3. 4: Maranalba 1. 2. 3; Science Club 3. 4; Debate I. 2; NFI 1.2: National Honor Society 3. 4. MAI RICE WILLIAM MURRAY "A fnend i one who ignore vour fault and like you anyway." Sjmiush Club I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; Key ( Jub 4: (ioaprl Choir 3: Maranalba 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 3. Sophomore Claa Editor 4. Computer Club 3. 4. Who' Who Among American High School Students 3; SADD I. 2. 3. 4; NJROH I. JOSEPH WILLIAM NF.ARN. JR. “I gut a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel dme and a country boy can survive!" Dn country boy did anyway' Thank Mom. Dad. (.randparents, and all my fnend (iood luck Tommy! I love you. Rhonda' VILA 3. Treasurer 4; Rodeo 3. 4: TAPS 2: AIASA I. LARRY AIJ.F.N NEVILLE, JR. “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sail to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean Basketball Manager 2: Golf 4; Computer (Jub 4 Che , dub I. TAPS 2. EREDA LEONORA NICHOLSON "Life i chocolate paislev wallpaper.” Thanks to all who helped me decorate my room." Operational Board Rep 1; Maranalba 2; Spanish Cub 2: Cloae-l'p 3. 4. Tnp to Washington. DC 3; Stale Government Day in Nauhville 3; Pep dub 3. 4. Homecoming Decorating Committee 3. 4; Homecoming Refreshment Commuter 4; Spirit Parade 4: I of Alabama Novice Eormsic dime 4. Thespian 4. "Grraar" 4; Community Day Booth 4; Red Crow Club 4; Newspaper Staff 4: Rhode College Summer Scholar ' Program 3. SEAN A. NIX “It just doesn't get any better than tbi " Thank Mom and Dad Look. I fmallv made it. Wrestling I; VICA 4; DKCA 4; Track I. BI DDY ALLEN NOE "Knowledge of the world is dearly bought if at the price of moral purity.” E Wiggle worth. CHRISTINE MARIE NOLAN "What you think of yourself » much more important than what others think of vou " Pep Club 2. 3. 4: Spanish ( lob 3. 4. SADD 3. 4 JEREMY THOMAS ODELL "Ibeam — those little glimpse of dr«lh Oil how I loathe in them." Edgar Allen Poe. long live cheewe-wu. the 1.under and the MLEKS NJROTC I. 3. 4: Maranatha 3: Key dub 3. 4; Key dub Vice-President 4. Pep dub I, 2; FHA 2: Spanish 1: Eagle Scout. MARTY DWAYNE OGLESBY "Don't gamble with your life; it ia the biggest stake vou possess " Baaeball 1. 2. 3. 4; ECA 2. 3. 4; Maranatha 2. 3. 4: DECA 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4. TINA DIANNE OGLESBY "W ho knows where the cold wind blows? I asked by fnend . but nobody know who am I to believe in love? Ob — love ant'l no stranger ” — Whitesnake Thank you Mom. Dad. Jason. Niki. I.eigh. Natalie, and Melanie. Goodbye Millington. Pep Club 1. 4: SADD 2: Maranatha 2. 3. 4; HERO Child Care 3. 4: Vice-President 4. SARAH LEIGH OI.DHAM “Life m a mirror; If you frown at it. it frown bark: if you smile, it returns the greding." Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you very much! Thank There . Tanja. Tine. Melanie, and especially Nathan. I love y ou' Pep Club 1. 2: SADD I. 2. Maranatha 4; DECA 4. HERO Child Care 4; Reporter 4; Rodeo Club 2: Spanish 2 DAVID ANDREW OWENS "I would rather do and not promise, than promise and not do ” — Arthur W arwick. Thank Mom and Dad for pushing me when I needed it. Marching Band 2. 3. 4; Concert Rand 2, 3. 4. Octagon (Jub 2. 3. SHELLEY DENISE OWENS "The world .« a comedy to those who think. tragedy to tlione who fed." Ilor-aae W alpole. JAMES FRANKLIN PALMER “W e've only one life to live; lave it to the fullest'" (You and me forever). Pep (Jub 3. 4: Spaniah Club 3; VICA 4; Mantnatha I; Wrestling 3. 4. KAHEN MICHAF.IJ.F. PAI.MER "let your light so shine before men that they may ee your good work acid glorify your Esther which i in hesien Tammy and Story one day your light will shine Rilli. I love you. Thank mom and dad for rim thing Pep (Jub I. 2. 3; FCA I. Maranatha 1.2. DECA 4; TOF.C 3. 4: SADD 3; (ns. Country I; Track I. RANDI JO PANNELL "Would you live your Itfe better if vou knew each dav would be the laal?" John Donne Thank. Carrie and Vanessa for making it better. Pep Club I. 2. 3, FCA 1.2. 3. Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; Teacher' Aide 4: Artist in Action 4; Sp m»h (Jub 3; Rodeo 4 CARI ANNF. PARHAM "This is the lime to remembei Vauar M will not last forever. These are the day to hold on to 'eauae we won't although we'll want to." Billy Joel Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me through everything I love you both very much. C.L.A.S.S. Rule 88 Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4: Pep Club I. 2. 3; SADD 1. 2. 3. 4; FHA I; EGA I. 2. 3. Treasurer 4; RAPP 2; DECA 4: Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Court 3; Mi » Millington Top Ten 3: Sadie Hawkins Decorating and Daisy C-ommillrr. Who’ Wlio Among American High School Students 3. I'ow der Puff 4. Yearimok Staff 4. "Bic Bye Rtrdm" Orchestra 2; Attendance Office Worker. I. 2; Youth Representative to Council on Minrilne and Evangelism 3; USA Raseball Rat Girl 3; (Computer (Jub 3; M-CJiib 2. 3. 4. TAPS 4 TIMOTHY MACK PARHAM "God created all thing He made mi face, but he let me choose mi nose " SCOTT EDWARD PARRETTT "Ain't that" — Dana Carve (Church lady) Thank mom and dad for putlin up with me love ya « . Keep on truck in lunch bunch (Dana-n-Rob) long Ine the louisiana low rider and the lanir. Rob. and Scott Taxi Service Pep (Jub I: Spaniah 2. Thrspian 4; Computet Club 4 MICHAEL STUART PATTON "When you begin to think it' all over, •tart Mwnethmg new “ ROTC 1.2. 3; W resiling 3. DONALD EUGENE PEACOCK II "I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sail to alwav reach mv destination " lave long and prosper Thank you everyone for your help. I love vou Mom. MKD Football 1. I. 2; AJROTC I. NJROTC 2. 3. 4. Color Guard I. 2. Rifle Team I. 2. 4. Marksman 1; Sharpshooter 2; Drill Team I. 3. 4: tommander 4; Orienting Team 2. 3; Commander 3: (ourteay Patrol (ommander I; Academic Team I. 2. 3. 4; Athletic Team 2, 3. 4; Honor Guard I. 2. 3. 4: AJKOfC Superior Cadet Medal I. American legion SrhoUstir Excellence Medal I: Military Order of W odd W ar Medal 3; leadership Academy Graduate 4; Pcnaaeol Orientation Tnp 2. 3. 4; Ole Mia Field Day 2. 3. 4: Honor Cadet 2. 3. 4. Navy league Pensacola Drill Meet 3; National NJROTC. Academic Competition 2. 3. 4; Memphis City Drill Meet 3; Mid South Fair Drill Team Competition 4; 1 1 Place Overall 4; State Tech Drill Team Competition 4; Memphis Veteran ' Dav Parade 2. 3. 4; Reta Club 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Pep Club 2: Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4. Secretary 4; Spanish 3. 4; Memphis Stale Math Competition 2; Who' Who Among American High School Students 3. Avi ation Explorers 3, 4. SARRINA YVETTE PEETE "Deliver me from mine enemies. O my God; defend me from them that nae up against me." God. thank for hlesaing me through life. I know without vou I wvutd not be able to do anything Basket hall I. 3; NofO.ll 3. Beta Club 3. 4. National Honor Nonet 3. 4; M.. Alpha Theta 3. 4; Maranatha I, 2, 3, 4: Pep dull I. 2. SADD I. 2; Track I. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER PEOPLES "Until I truly knvd. I was alone " (an sandra I love you very much and always believe that I want in thank all of my fnend that have been with me in the hard Basketball I. 2. 3. 4. Track I. 2: Croat Country 2. 3. MARI A GAIL PERRY "H 4H«ne s t» not having -hat you want, but wanting what v.m have." 'Thank fur everylhuyg Mom ami Dad! Spnval thank to Rhonda and Grant. Mv two crazy cousin who always seem to make me smile' I love you all' VICA Cosmetology 3, 4; Beta Club 3. 4. National Honor Sonety 3. 4; Rodeo Club 4. Treasurer 4; Computer (Jub 4; Pep (Jub 2, 3; W'Ihi'i Who Anvong American High School Students 3 IJIMHONDA KLNOKA PETERS "Behold, how guud and bow ple iu it 1a for brethren to dwell together in unit." Psalm 133-1 Track I. 2; Pep Club I. 3. 4. Maranalba 1.3. 4; DECA 3. SADD 1. 3. TOEC 4; 4 II 1. 3 SHONNA RF.NF.F. PHILLIPS Thank you God for a beautiful and healthy life and for the love of mv family. With Faith. Lurk, and ( l I know I am going m make at T M and thmughnui Me tulip ! . I rack I; SADD I. 2. 3. SADD Board Member 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; W marling IJw-etleader 1 Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4. DEC" A 3. 4. Trojanerie 3 TIMOTHY JOE PLUNK "For I know the plan I have for you" declare I he lord “plan In prosper you and not to harm mu. plana to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 2 1-1 1 "Glimpse " cast and crew 2: National Thespian Society 2. 3. 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” crew 2. Maranatha 3. 4; Pep Club 3. 4: "Godaprll" Crew 3; “The Iharv of Anne Frank”. Mr Van Doan and Tech meal Director 3: "Sur Spangled Girl” Crew 3; "Creaae" Sonny 1-stern and crew 4 SHARON GAIL PONDER "To fed. to love, to Buffer, to devote hrrself will always he the wvl of the life uf a woman " Ha Ira.- JEFFREY WADE POYNER If you want to hr aren — stand up' If you want to be beard — apeak up’ If ynu want to br appreciated — abut up! VICA ( Jub 4. Rodeo Club 4 SAMUEL EDWARD PRESTON II "l-oie is liar beginning of knowledge aa Eire ia of l-ighl " Carlyle Football 2. 3; Marching Rand I. 4; Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4; Track 2: Basketball I; Solo Ensemble Superior Rating I, 2. 3. STACEY PRESTON "Misg. vr. that you may not mistake.” Whatley, USA ANN PROCTOR "The most important lesson I have ever learned is when the world ia caving in about me. My heart i full of sadness, and I have absolutely nothing left, nothing but Coil aod nil family, they will always be enough ” Student Owned I. 2. VulleiUall I; Science Club I. 2.4. BETA Club 3. 4; CW Up 3. Artist in Action 4; National Honor Soriety 3, 4 Senior Credits 145ANTHONY WAYNE PYATT “No matter how far wr go in life. we would not (tel there without the loir from God. our parent , and our faithful friend " CARRIE GAIL QUICK “Faith in God makes the uploot good, the outlook bright, and the future glonou " thank mom and dad tor exervthmg And thank Carl (dr our guidance FVp I. 2. 3; FCA 2. 3. Treaaurrr 3; Campus Lite 3; Spanish 3; Who Who Among Annual High fxhwil 4. Rodeo 2. 3: Secretary 4; Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4: Sadie Hawkin Decorating Committee 3. OMAR ESPIRITU RABUCO “A wise man once said. “He who doe not look back from where he came cannot reach the ha ppm o hr » searching." Thank dad. mom. Shelia, and CYD for your support. I Love you all Arete 1. 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Octagon Treaaurer 2; NJROTC 1. 2; Drill team 1. 2; Platoon Commander 2. Son of the American Revolution Award 1; Intermediate Band 1; Marching Band I, 2. 3. 4: Sophomore Rand Repre entathe 2. 3. President 4; Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Saxophone Section Leader 3. 4; Solo Enaemble 1. 2. 3. 4; Maranatha I; Marching Squad leader 3. 4; Who' Who Among American High School Student 3. CHANNIN LEA RABl RN “Welcome to where lime tand still, no one leaves and no one wiB Moon a full, never seems to chance. Just labeled men-talli deranged “ Metalbea Thank. Mom and Dad for everything. Brian. Ty, and Du ty for keeping me in line. Love ya'U! VICA Cosmetologv 2, 4. STEPHANIE ROSE RANSOM "Success comes from knowledge and the greatest of all knowledge ia the knowir of one' self."' Thank Mom. Dad. Jen. Kim. Sybil and Travis for aiwavs being there for me. Thanks to all my special friend , especially to you Pelicrle and Monica Volleyball I. 2. Co-captoin 3. Captain 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Softball I; Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; Arete 1. 2. 3. 4; Teen Council for the Sheriff 3. 4; Spantoh Club 2. 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; Student Council Representative 3. 4. Vice-Preaident 2; Cirla' Stale 3: National Honor Society 3. 4. Alhlrtr of die Year 2: Computer Club 3. 4; Who’s W ho Among American High School Students 3; M-Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Moat Athletic 4; Fashion dub 1: Yearbook Staff Facvihi Editor 4. FRANK FOWLER RECTOR II Play for keep and try to never lose. Live it fast but live the life you choose. “Triumph" Wrestling 1. 2; TCA 1; VICA 1. TONY IJX R F.RDF.R The Meaning of My future is Success. The meaning of success is my future. Jazz Band; Intermediate Band 1. 2; Marching Band 2. 3. 4; Concert Band 2. 3. 4: HIHSA dub 1; Spanish dub: DECA 3; Goapel Swing Choir. MICHELLE RENEE REYNOLDS “You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. A cheery smile and twinkle in the ryes, help add sunshine to others' lives." Thanks for all the sunshine. Cary!! CLASS Rule.!!! I Love You. mom and dad’!’ Young Life 2. 3. 4: Drill Team 2: Key dub 3; Maranatha 4; TOEC 4 RAYMOND CRAIG RICH “But just like the wounded and when it's too late they’ll remember they 'll surrender VICA 3. 4; Pep 3; Rodeo 4; SADD 2 EDW ARD 1.EE RICHARDSON III “I'll be rolling Caddy's you'll be fixing Seville's. Mv name • Edward Lee. but you can call me "Dollar BUI”. WORD- Bye Mrs. Maple , thanks for all the Kelp in .Accounting." A ISA I; Spanish 4; I DEL 4; DECA 3; Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4 JENNIFER A. RIDDLE “I'm opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangeiuu to ufTn inr ihe position “ — Mark Twain NJROTC 1. 2. 3. 4; Color Guard 1. 2. 3. Commander 3; Tauon Officer 3; Special Projects Officer 4; .Assistant Color Cuard Commander 1. CHARLENE RILEY “It i better to suffer wrong than to do U. and happier to lie sometime cheated than not to trust." Johnson. GREGORY LANE RITTER “W'brn I say “T I mean a thing altogether unique not to be confused with another." Mom and Dad; Thanks' I Love you Attention Cool-Chan. Wham-o. and T.S.: "There u no one on th planet who can beat me." Football 1,2.4; Baseball 2. 3. 4. Leading Hitler 2. Captain 3. 4; Beta Club 3. 4. Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. President 4; Pep Club 1: Spanish 2. 3. 4; Computer Chib 4; library Aide 2; Arete I. 2. 3. 4; FCA 4; M Club 2. 3. 4; Top 10W NEDT 1. 2; Stock Market Participant 4; Campus Life 3. 4; Optimus Primes 3. 4: Mu Alpha Theta 4: Who's Who 4. ANCKLA CHRISTINE ROBERTS "ll'a not your talent, or the gift of birth It's not your bank book that determine worth. And it isn't in the color of your skin, if your attitude that let you win." Thank Daddy. Mom. laurw and Joe lotermediale Rand 1; Marching Band 2. 3; Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Pep dub I. 2. 4: Beta Club 3. 4. Treaaurer 3. Vice-President 4; doae-Up Vice President 3; National Honor Socirty 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4: Hugh O’Bnan Leadership Seminar Winner 2; Science Chib 2. 3. 4. President 4; Arete 4; NEDT Top 5W 2; Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4: Kr dub 3. 4; 4-H I. 2. 3. 4; Spanish dub I. 2; Stock Market Game Participant 4; NEDT School Essay Winnrr 3: Girls' State 1st aliemalr 3; Who' Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Who's Who 4. TAH1THA JEAN ROBERTS 'Two road diverged in a yellow wood and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference." I loir you Robert. Thank you Mom. Dad. and family for all your Support-Naval Junior Retries Officer Training Corps Unit I. 2. 3. 4; Female Drill Team 1. 2. 3. Exhibition Drdl Tram 1. 2. 3; Combined Drill Team 2; Orienteering Team 3. 4; Academic Team 3. 4; Ole Miss Academic Team 3; Asst. Supply Officer 3; Supply Officer 3. 4; Pensacola Orientation Tnp 1. 2. 3. 4: Pensacola Drill Meet 3; Veterans Day Parade 2. 3, 4; Feter School Drill Team 2. 3; NJROTC Honor Guard 3. 4; Naty Rail (ROTC) Queen 3; NJROTC Softball Team 3; Color Guard 3. 4; Exhibition Color Cuard 3. 4; 4-H 4; Flag Corps 2; Salvation Army Volunteer I. 3. 4 TIMOTHY KAY ROBERTS “If heaven ain't a Ini like Divir I don’t want to go S" Thanks Melanie. I LOVE YOU! Good luck Riley . FCA I; Thespian 3. 4. SADD 4; VICA 4. TONYA RENEE ROGERS "Life ia only what you make of it.” Pep Club 1: Maranatha 2. 4: TOEC 4: Spanish Club 2. 3. DUNNE ANNETTE ROSS “I have fought a good fight. I have finished mv courses, I have kept the faith.” II Tiinothy 4:7. KHA 1; TOEC 3. 4. LYNN KOSS “Disgrace is not in the punishment, but in the crime." Alfen. KYLE JAMES ROYAL "Wlvsi you hr aril aliuul me Writ, it's probably right I'm the boy next door, the one you were warned about W ell I'm no upstanding citizen, but I'm standing up ju t the same Number-one Rad Bo " — Poison. HA! HA! HA! — For those who doubted me! V1CA-VAB 3; TCA 4. Cl.UREASE L. SADDLER "Well, it's been fun but my time a up. I would like to thank Cod for this special chance to be in the graduating claaa and for the strength He ha given me to endure these twelve long years." Football 1; Basket ball 1; Maranatha 3. 4; Hero II 2. 3; RAPP 3. CHRISTOPHER KARL SANBORN "You may as well aay that's a valiant lira that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion." — Shakespeare. Football 1. 2. 3. 4; W restling 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 3; M-Club 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 1. 2; Science Club 4; Science Bowl 4; Guidance Worker 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. ANTHONY C. SANDERS “Dreaming is a must, wishing u a waste, doing ■ mv goal, accomplishment ia rm goal " Thank. Mom and Dsd and Cole and all of my frirnd . Rodeo 3. 4; VICA-VAB 3; VICA 4. President 4. THOMAS TIPTON SANFORD II “I ain't ask in nobody for nothing If I can't get on mv own. If you don I like my shotgun, rifle, or the way I'm Inin, just leave this long hair country boy alone." I FooiboU haLeball I. 2; TOEC 3; VICA 4; Rodeo 2. 3. 4. BOBBY M. SAUERS “Believe nothing you hear, and half you see." VICA 4. EDWARD STEWART SAVAGE “The noble secret of laughing at onesrlf a the greatest humor of all!" Always put off today what you can do tomorrow. Thanks Mom. Dad. Sam. and the rest of the bunch. CoWl. 2. 3. 4 STEPHEN DALE SCHOCKE "Take a chance (like all dreamers can't find another way)- You don't have to dream it all just live a day." DURAN DURAN Octagon Club 1: French Club 2. 3; SADD Club 3. 4; Computer Chib 4; Basketball Manager 1, 2; Cross Country 2. 3; Track Manager 1. 2. 3; 4; Top 10% NEDT 1.2; Optimist Club Award 1; Athletic letter I. 2. 3. 4; Scholastic Letter 3; W ho's Who Among American High School Students 3. STEVEN DOUGLAS SCOTT "If a man can't gel drunk before midnight he's not trying, meaning if you can't gel through school the first time, you don't nerd to do it over again." Rodeo Chib I. 2. 3. 4; VICA-VAM II 3. 4. VANESA DAWN SCOTT “Life' too short to spend today dwelling on yesterday and worrying about tomorrow.” Mom. Dad. and Brandon. I Love Ya'll and couldn't have made it without ya. Michelle, we made it. BFF! Jeff. I Love you with all my heart' FHA 1; Hero 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4 GREGORY DARNELL SEALS "Nothing but best for me and mine." Track I. 2; Basketball 2. 3. 4; Maranatha 3. 4; Hero 4. E1JZABETH ANN SEWELL " Memories are the key not to the past but to the future." My memories were made my friend , family, and MCHS. for the memories. I Love you Mom. Dad. and CL.A.S3. Baskelhall I. 2. 3. 4; Softball 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4; Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4: SADD 1, 2; Pep 1. 2. 3. 4; Spanish 2. 3; Campus Life 3. 4; M-Club I, 2. 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Decorating and Dai»v Madie Hawkma 3; Youth Council 3. 4. DAIXYNNA RENEE SEXTON "Be yourself. Who el»r is hrlter qualified!'" Drama Chib 2. 3. 4: Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; KHA Club 2. JOHN ANTHONY' SHARKEY "Be nice to your friend , if it weren't for them, you would be a total stranger." “life's a beach " Thank Mom! I Love You. AMY’ Pep Chib 2. 3. 4; CW-Up 2. 3. 4; Spamah 3. 4; Track 4; Maranatha 3. 4: SADD 3; "Creaoe" Crew 4; Optimist Award 2. MYRA SIDES ‘To know n nothing at all. to imagine is everything." Anonymous Spanish Club 3. AIA 4. never a care for the people who hate underestimate me now." MELANIE GAIL SI EBERT "Unless a day con be looked back by an individual n which one has some fun. some joy. or some real satisfaction then that day a a lots " Thank you Mom. Dad. Heather, and Sam Pep 1. 2. 4; FCA I; Hero Child Care 3. 4. President 3. 4; Shelby County FHA Subregional President 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. JENNIFER DIANF. SILVEY “We cannot cling to the old dreams anymore ... for there are brighter tide to life and I should know because I've seen them — but not very often." — The Smith Ttuuiks Muni. Dad. Crto. Julie, and Shan for making covrtown bearable' Beta Club 3. 4. Secretory 4: Notional Junior Honor Society 1; National Honor Society 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; JV Soccer 2; Drama Club 2; French Chib 2, 3; National Poetry Society 4; Computer Club 4; Maranatha 3. 4; Yearbook SufT 4. Senior Activities Editor 4: Crus Country 1; Close Up 3. 4; Campus life 4. Thespians 3; Who' Who 4. JENNIFER JILL SIPK "The feather, whence the pen was shaped that traced the live of these good men. dropped from an angel's wing." Wordsworth. Thank you Mom and Dad. this is os much vour graduation a it is mine I LOVE YOU! Span ah Club I; JV Cheerleader 2; Newspaper Reporter 3. 4; TOEC 3; Officer Reporter TOEC 4; Newspaper Editor 4; Thespian 4; Maranatha 4. CHRISTOPHER LYNN SMITH "Believe in yourself and what you can do. Believe in love, for it can pull you through fain m only ranted by rimum of lim " There ore so many things I want to say. so many things I want to do. living is life, and to have a real life you must really live. Krialie. I love you so very much. Thanks for being my parents Mom and Dad Thank for always being there. Phillip. I love you all. CHRLNTOPHKK WAYNE SMITH "You bet I'll brag on that Rebel (lag. you can dem well count me in: The ground's gonna shake like a big rattlesnake and the south's gonna rattle again'" — Hank Williams. Jr.. The South's Gonna Rattle Again VICA 3. 4; Rodeo 3. 4. DIANF. MICHELLE SMITH “Yesterday ia already a dream, and tomorrow is only a visum, but today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness. and tomorrow a vision of hope " Flag Corpa 2, 3; Spanish Chib 2. 3; Maranatha 2. 3; SADD 3; FHA 1; The pian 4. SHANKL D. SMITH ‘To be one of the best you must first have the right technique . ' Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4; Track 2: Hero III 3; Track 4; Goapcl Choir 1, 2. 3. 4. STEVEN AI.I.E.N SMITH "The lime are not so bad as they seem; they couldn't be." Jav Franklin. STEVE ALLEN AMADEUS SMITH "What I do. I do for myself alone. That a to stay. You should love only yourself, trust only yourself, and admire only yourself In this way you shall never be disappointed in the inadequacy of others." — Ludwig van Beethoven Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4; Jazz Band I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band I. 2. 3. 4; Orrheatra for "Grease" 4; SADD 2. 3. 4; Octagon Club 2. 3. Vice- president 3: French Chib 2; Superior Rating Solo and Ensemble 1. 2. 3. 4; All-West Band I. TIMOTHY RAY SMITH "They're out to get me. They won't catch me. I’m innocent!" — Guna-N-Knse Thank Mom. Dad. Big B. and Angel for your support Kyle — Suy out of jail' See ya in the funnies Kevin. Wayne, Cajun. Ritter. HilL Murray. Baseball I. 2. 3. 4; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 2. 3. 4; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; M Club 1.2. 3. 4 1. AHOMER CEE CF.F. SPARKS "Thoae who try shall succeed!" I Love you Mom. Dad. Gary. Meme. Darlene. James. David. Yanesaa. Tony. Valesia Maranatha 1; DECA 3. 4; Hero I: Basketball I. 2; TCA 4; Jiffy 2. TIM STEVENS "I can't walk, can't stand, still got a flaming heart can't grl my fill " — led Zeppelin. VAB I. 2; Pep Chib 2. 3; SADD 1. 2. J AMES TODD STINNETT “like a ship without a storm, a cold inside tKc warm, a Ugh inside the darkness let it be there, like a laugh without a tear, a hope without the fear and we are coming . .. HARD'" — DIO Thank Mom, Dad. and Papal. I love you. N.F.L. DECA 4; Thespian 4; SADD 4. KRISTY STALLINGS "The best throw with the dice, a to throw them away." Old Proverb DEANNA LEE STOLL1NCS "I need you Ix rd in my life more than ever. I need you by me so I'll never stray. I need your loving arm always about me Ixird it's plain to see I need you every day." — Assurance Spanish Club 1. 2: Pep Club 2; HERO II 3. 4; Maranatha 4 DAVID CHEN STONF. "We love without reaaon and without reason we hale.” — Jean-Francos Krgnard Track 3. 4; Spanish Club 2; TAPS 2: Stock Market Team 4. W ILLIAM EDW ARD STRAUSS "I am a part of all that I have met.” Football I. 2. 3; Captain 4; Track 1; Baaehal 2; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; TAPS 2; Computer Club 3. 4. Treasurer 4; SADD 4; Campus Life 3. 4; Maranatha 4; Senior Class Secretory 4; Stock Market team 4; Homecoming Dec-oralmg Committee 3; Sadie Hawkin Committee 3; Band 1; Community Day King 3; Teacher’s Aide 4; Powder Pull Coach 4. S. BRIAN STREET “You don't always have to be in the lead if you have the gut to come from behind.” Track 2, 3, 4: Croos-country 2. 3. 4: FCA 4; TAPS 2. TEHESA ANNE STRINGFELLOW "Out on our own. and we're all alone in the shadow of what we have done, and I can’t help but think that someday we will be back home." — Randy Rhode . Thanks Lisa. Cheerleader 1; Attendance Worker 4: Pep Club I. 2. 3: Close-Up 4; Spanish 1; Maranatha 4: VICA 2. 3. 4; Coamrlology 2. 3. 4; SADD 4. SHELIA MARIE SULLIVAN "W ithh ild not good from them to whom it is due. when il is in the hand to do it." Proverb 3:27 Maranatha I; Spamsli 2; Jiff 3; DECA 4 AMY MICHELLE SWEENEY ”A best friend is like a rainbow, the memory loots forever in your heart." Thank you Mrft a for being there every time 146 Senior CreditsAnd I hank lo or now else. especially vou Mom. for giving mo the courage lo go on ami In. National Honor Society 3. 4; Brla Club 2. 3. 4: Close-l'p 3. 4. Prraidrnl 4. MaranalKa 2, 3; FVp Club 2. 3: C-ompulet Club 3. 4: Fmarh Club I. 2: Memphis Suit Math Contest 2: Arete I. 2. 3. 4. Guidance Worker 4 ELISABETH KATHRYN SWIHART "You can blow out a candle. but you can't bio oul a lire. Oner the flamr brpn to catch, the wind nil blow it higher." Prlrr Gabriel “Biko" Marching Band 1. 2: Concert Band I; "li'l Abner" Orchcalra 1: Highest Academic Averagr 1. 3. Beal French I Student 1; Top 10% NEDT 1: Pep Chib 1.2: French 1.2. 3: Mo 4lph Thru 2. 3; Beta 3. 4; Junior at large 3; National Honor Society 4; Yearbook 3; Copy Layout Editor 4; Who' W ho 4; Hall of Fame 4; (.hull and Scroll 4. RAYMOND EUGENE TANT “One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. one moment of impatience may min a whole life." I love you Mom. Dad. ami Smokcy Computer Club 1, 2. 3. 4; DECA 3: Thespian 4: Rodeo Club 2. 3; "Grease" Technical; Concert Band I. 2; Marching Band 2; W restling 2. FRANKLIN I.F.F. TAP1.EY "Wine ia fine but whiskey i» quicker, Suicide r alow with liquor." Omv Osbourne. Thanks Mom. Dad. and Bobby. I love you Belinda, you go without saving baby I kivr you with all my heart. Without you. I wouldn't have made it. Rodeo Club 1. 2. 3. 4; VICA-V AB 2. 3. 4. KIMFRIF. PATRICK TATE "The softer you sing, the louder you're heard." — Donovan. To all my friends, especially Lon and Tonya, thanks for being there. To Mike HufTmes. thanks for all I hr laughs!" Je iairne. Creg Freshman Cheerleader 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2. Co-Captsin 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; French Club I. 2. 3. 4. President 3. 4; Outstanding French Student Award 2; Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4. Staff Member 3; Close Up 3. 4. Secretary 3; Model United Nations Delegate 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4. Secrelarv 3; U.T. Martin Science Bowl Participant 3. 4; RAPP 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. I: FC.A 3. 4; SADD 4; Princqxal's Advisory Committee 3. 4; Award for "A" average in Child Development 3; TAPS 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Chiba Editor 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 4. Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Arete 4; W'ordsmith 4; Student Council Representative 4; “GREASE’ 4; later ary Magazine 4; Track 4; Winter F'ea-Inal Court 3. Queen 3; Homecoming Court 4; Ml Millington Pageant 3. Second Runner-up 3; Beat Formal wear 3; Sadie Hawkins' Ticket Sales Committee 3; Senior Prom Committee 4; Leaders of MCHS 3. 4; Key Club 4; Campus life 3. 4; Possum Queen Candidate 3; MCHS Reprcsentatne for "If You Ask Me ... " segment on Channel 5; PTSA Representative 4; Student Council Treasurer 4; Who's Whp 4. Clam Favorite 4; Sports Pacesetters 4; Arts Pacesetters 4; Mem-phis State Thespian Conference 4; Student Council Vice-President I; Hall of Fame 4; Thespians 4. TF.RFivA DIANNE TAYLOR "If God be for us. who can be against us?" Romans 8:31. In appreciation for the educational opportunities that you as a family have provided for me. I only hope that I can live up to your expectations. Thank you and I love you all. Pep Club 2. 3; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; TOF.C 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Goapel Choir 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 4. CAPRICE THOMAS "School ia a place with four walls — with tomorrow inside." Office Education Association 3. 4; Tennessee Career .Association 4. MELISSA ANNE THOMPSON "Mom. Dad. Chris, what would I have done without you? Amy. Grnny. Selene You are the best frvends I ever had don't ever forget all the good limes. Anthony, Mike Thanks for everything. Erik, I lavr vou very much. Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4: Mu Alpha Theta 4; Close-up 3. 4; Pep Club I. 2; French Club I. 2; Maranatha I, 2; Yearbook 3, 4; Business Editor 4. SHAWN MICHAEL THOMPSON "A conformist changes himself lo suit his environment, and the non-conformist changes his environment to suit himself; therefore, all progress depends upon the non-conformists'" Gompuln Club 4; Football I; Basketball I; V1CA VAB 3; Thespmn I. 2. 3. 4. VONDA GAIL THORNTON "Creatcc love hath no man than I hi , that a man lay down has life for his friends." John 15:13 Angie. Ann. and Samantha you are the greatest friends ever! Mom. Dad. Sherry, Jeff, thanks for all of the support' I love you all. Pep Club I. 2. 3, 4; Trojanette 2; Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 2: French Chib 2. 3; SADD 2; Computer Chib 4; I. 2. 3. 4. Best Offense I; Best Defense 3. Softball 1. 2. 3. 4; M-Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students JOHN CROCKETT TICKLE III "CrtMorship reflects a society's lark of confidence m itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime." Potter Steward U.S. Supreme Court Vt o.dsii.Mh I. Science Club 2. 3. 4; TAPS 2: SADD 4; Editor of literary Calendar 2: Spanish (Tub 2. 4; Track Manager 3. 4; (Toar-up 4 MICHAEL BRANDON TODD "There are those who will say that the liberation of humanity, the freedom of man and mind. ■» nothing but a dream. They are nght. It is the American dream — Archibald MaeLfiah Thank Mom. Dad. Mrs Durham and my special friends. Arete 2; National Honor Society 3. 4. Mu Alpha Thru 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; TAPS 2; Spanish Club 2. 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4. Maranatha 3. 4: SADD 3. 4: RAPP 3. 4. Memphis Stale Umversitv Math Contest I: Geometry 2: Science Bowl at ITU 4; Energy Bowl 4; Science Bowl at I'TM 3; American Legjon bo vs' State IVIegate 3; Computer Club 3; FCA 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; Basel tall 2. 3. 4: Golf 3. 4; Scholastic letter 1.2. KRISTY ANN TOLLEY "Tbmgs don't turn up in this world until somebodv turns them up." Garfield DAVID SCOTT TRACEY "It is not enough lo lake steps which may someday lead lo a goal; each step must be itself a goal " Thanks Mom and Dad. for showing me the wav to adjust my sail I leve You" CL A S S Rule." TCA 4; Wrestling I. 2. 3: VICA-V AM 1. 2. 3. 4 VICKI LYNN TRAVIS "We cannot cause the wind lo blow the way we want it to. but we can so adjust our sails that they will lake us where we want lo go." Thanks Mom and Dad for showing nvr the right way lo adjust my sail I LOVE YOU!! C.L.A.S.S. Rules!! Pep 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 2. 3. 4; FHA I. 2. 3. 4: FHA Representative I, 3: Historian 4; Sophomore Class Treasurer 2. Junior Obm Treasurer 3. Campus Life 3. 4. Spanish 2. 3: SADD; TOEC: Varsity Track Manager 2, 3. 4; Senior Powder Puff 4: who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Hugh 0‘Brian Scholarship finalist 2; “Bye Bye Birdie" 2; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee and Ticket Committee 3: Yearbook 4; Attendance Worker 1, 2: M-Club 4; TAPS 4; Maranalha 1. 2. 3. 4. DEANA MARIK TULLIS "Life is not always what one wants it In he. but to make the best of it as it is the only way of being happv." CHRISTOPHER LAMAR TULLOS "Often it's easier to do a good job than lo explain why you didn't " ROTO. 1; VAM 3. 4: Teacher's Aide 3 MELVIN JOSEPH M. VELASQUEZ "When the heart rules the mind. One look and love ia blind. If you want your dreams to last. Take a chance forgrl the past. Seasons will changr. You must move on. Follow your dreams." GTR. Thanks Mom. Dad. Mia and Mike for everything you have done for me Wrestling 2. 3. 4: Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Yearbook 3. 4. Junior Class Editor and Photographer 3. I; Arete 1: Spanish Club 1. 2. Treasurer 2; National Honor Sorirlv 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; TAPS 2; Fr. Football Scout 3. 4; M-Club 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: Maranalha 4; FCA 4; Energy Bowl Cyclist 4. TERESA LYNN W AITS "Each second of every minute Is cast upon life’s screen. Only the wise grasp and use it: Fools let it pass unseen " Thanks Mom snd Dad. I love you. Ami especially thanks lo Danny. I Love you with all my heart. FHA I. 2; Secrelarv Treasurer 3. President; FCA I. 2. 3; Maranalha I. 2. 3; RAPP 3. 4. VK'.A 4. Office Worker 3. Attendance 4. DEBBIE LYNN WALDON Flick, lane will find a way somehow, jusl keep the fire burning and never let it go oul. Thanks Mom and Dad. Wayne. Mike, and I nr mis I Lour you all I don’t see how you all pul up with me Jeff Webb, you'll always be special FHA 1. 2. Vice-President 3. President 4: RAPP 2. 3; Spanish Club 2. 3: Msranalhs 2. 3. 4; "Bve Bye Birdie" 2; FCA 2. 3; DECA 4; TOEC 4; Campus life 3. 4. LAURIE ANN WALL "To everything there is s season, and a lime to every purpose under the heaven." 1 rlnuMn 3:1 Thanks to Jen. Shelia. Rene. Tonya, lass, ami Christine for all the fun limes' I love you alP Amor . . . Omnia! Thanks Mom and Came! Maranatha 2. 3. 4: Pep Oub 2. 3; Jiffy 2; SADD 3. 4; Science Oub 3; Girls' Chorus 3. GLENDA RENE W ALTERS One day at a time .. . Looking towards the future and never remaining in the pasi Invoking towards God for strength, never doubling Hu love. For God is the onr who leu you and I live, one day at a time . . . Beta (Tub 1. 2. 3. 4; Arete 3. 4; Office Worker 4. National Honor Society 3. 4. Maranatha 3, 4: SADD 4. Scholastic letter 3. 1. AKI I A DENE W ALTERS "I made it and I couldn't have done it without six special people Thanks Mom. Dad. Mike, and Mark for being a loving family. Sonya, you're the best and Scott. Baby thanks for loving me. I'll love you forever." French Club 2; DECA 3; SADD 3; RAPP 3; TOEC 4; TCA 4 IMU GI AN MICHAEL W ARRF.N "I've been in and jusl gotten out. I liked some things but others just lo powl." Love Ya Mom. Dad. Chris. Kary. and good lurk Jackie Football 1. AVASA I. 2; VICA 3. SAMANTHA W ATSON “Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go. only as deep as I look can I see. only as much as I dream can it be." Pep Club 1. 4; Jiffy 2: Maranatha 2; DECA 4; Drill Team 1. 2. 3. Academic Team 3. Mid-South Fair Drill Team Competition 4; Spanish Club I: Who's Who Among Ameriran High School Students 3; Ole M uu Drill Meet 2. 3. 4; Prnsarois Meet 2. 3; Community Day Parade 2. 3; City Drill Meet 4. BRADLEY SCOTT W EBB “If you have the gift of imagination lo usualue something — you ran develop enough enthusiasm lo create it." Basket twill 1. 2: Cross Country 2; Tennis 3. 4: MVP Tennis 3; Highest GPA Basketball 2; Unsung Hero Basketball I: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Spanish Club 4; Teacher Student Relations Committee 3; M-Club 2. 3. 4. Freshman Football Rim Crew 3. 4. JEFF A. W EBB "Take your time, don't live loo fast, troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and You'll find love. And remember son there's someone up above and be a simple kinds man." Lynyrd Skynyrd Auto Body 2. 3. 4. President 3. JENNIFER ANTOINETTE WEST “You air nrvci given • wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it. however.” Dad and BoMnr — Thanks for putting up with all the bull. I love you belli. Marching Band 2. 3. 4; Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Intermediate Band 1, Solo and Ensemble. Superior and Excellent ratings 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4: AllmHarwe W orker 2: Teacher's Aide 4: Volley lull 4; Sheffield High School Computer Contest 3; Top 10% in the L .S. on NEDT Test 2. 3; Computer Club 3. 4: Pep Club 3. 4; Science Club 4; SADD 3: Maranatha 3: Optimist Club Citation 3. WILLIAM BAXTER W HITE III "I have a shotgun, rifle, and a four wheel drive, and this country boy can survive Don't you know RF.BE1.S RULE Mom and Dad. Also thank lo Mommy Lighlfool for everything." Wrestling Manager I, 2: SADD I, 2. 3. 4; R te« Club I 2. 3. 4: AT ASA 1. 2: Maranatha 1. 2; VICA VAM 3. 4. VICA Club 4. President 4: AlASA Vice-president 1. JOHNNY LEE WILDE "School was full of girls and parties. Hnprfullv every day of my life will be the 4; SADD 4; Computer Club 4; Beta I, 2; Honor Society 1. 2. TINA KENKA WILDMAN "Without sometime lasting the bitterness of life, how would we appreciate the sweet taste of happiness? Thanks Daddv. Ann and Michael. I LOVE YOU ALL"” VICA 4; Pep Club I. 2. SHFII.A KAY WILKINS "Never lake for granted youi loved ones will always be here . .. For one day they'll br gone. We made it Candy? 1 love and ms you a lot! I have our dream and memories' And Nenme. I kive you?" Basketball 1. 2; FCA I. 2; Spanish Club I. 2: Maranalha I. 2. 3. 4; SADD 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 3. 4. Homecoming Decorating Committee 3. 4; Sadie Hawkins Decorating and Publicity Committee 3; HERO I Oub 4; Historian 4; Computer Club 3; TOGA Committee 3; Who's Who Among Ameriran High School Student 4. JEFFREY DAVID WILLIAMS "Hong a winner means getting up one more time than you’ve been knocked down." Thanks lo all those who have loved and supported me. I love you Mom. Dad. and Gurus and all mv friends' Thanks a million Maranalha I. 2. 3. 4. SADD 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 2. 3. 4: FCA 1. 2. 3. 4; M Club I. 2. 3. 4; DECA 4; Crum Country I. 2. 3; Track I. 2. 3. 4; Tenms 4; YearUvok Staff 4. Photographer 4; Sadie Hawkins Possum King 2; Homecoming Escort 4; Office Worker 3; Cloae-up 4: Campus Life 3. 4. QUINCY K. WILLIAMS "If there is no struggle, there is no progress" — Frederick Douglas Intermediate Rand. Marching Band 2. 3. 4: Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Pep Hand 3: SADD 2. 3. 4: Span-h Oub 2. 3. Slock Participant 4; Solo Enartnble 2. 3. 4. ROTC I: Drum Major Marching Band 3; Percussion Marching Band 4: Band Man ager Marching I. REGINAL DEON WILLIAMS "life ia like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in it. you won't get anythuig out of it. And that's the truth ..." ». C Handy Sjvsnixh Club I; Octagon 3; SADD 4; Aeloitte lleskin Seys Accounting Explorer 4; Morgan Keegan and Company Inc Stockbroker Explorer 4; Stork market participant 4; ROTC I; First Year Drill Team I; 5th Platoon Honor Cadet I; Intermediate Band 1; Moot Improved I: Marehing Concert Band 2. 3. 4: Jazz Band 4; West Trnnewe Solo and Etv-armbtr Festival 1. 2. 3. 4; Superior Ral-ing I. CHERYL MARIE WINTER "Remember to always lie yourself. Stand up in a crowd and be proud of who you are and what you believe." Thanks Mom snd Dad for everything. I Love You' Dimples you mean the world ui me. I love You! TCA 4; Softball 3. 4; Powder Puff 4. CHKKIK LYNN W INZENRIED "Hold fast to drrarns For if dream dir. life a a broken-wingrd bird That cannot fly." Thank for everything Mom. Dad. Tonya, and Ricky. I'll mi all of my friend and 111 cherub all the preciou memorie that we made. Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Cub 1. 4. SADD I. 4: Intermediate Band I. 3; Marching Band 2. 4; Concert Bond 2. 3. 4: Weil Tennemee Solo and En rmblr 1. 2. 3. 4; Superior Rating I. 3: Red Onus Volunteer 2; Temple United Methodist Youth 2. 3. 4. Vice-Prr idrnl 4; Pep Band. USA ANN WOLFE "For everything iherr » a purpose, a time lo be bom. a tune to d r. a lime to laugh. « time to cry; a time to mourn. a time to move on ” Coodbve Jenny I hank Alan and Teresa Spanish Club 1. 2. Maranalha 2. 3. SADD 2. 3. 4. (Board Representative Kid (or Kid 4: Computer Oub S- Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Troyannw 3 ♦; Ssfcr Hawkins Decorating Committer 3. JERRY WOODWARD “I had fun. learned a It , and hope that mani other learn as well. You can accomplish am thing you want, if you set your mind to it.” I thank my Mom. Dad. brothrr . sisters and all my teachers for their help. I love vou all. DECA Club I. 2: SADD I. 2. Dttll Train I: Drill Tram II. pMmmuia Trip 1. 2; Meiiqiiu Stale Trip. Honor Guard. Ordinance Officer 2. 3 HORRY GRAHAM WRIGHT “Sure 11 mas MCHS. but I am irady lo sun writing my life a new chapter." Football I. 2. 3. 4: DECA 4; FCA 3. 4. JOl MIQt KLLK W YATTE “A true friend walk in whew the rest of the world walk nut." Thanka lo all o! my fnrttri and my parents for helping me make it through this last year of chnnP Rifle Team 4; VICA 2: Artist m Action 4: Art Chib I. Prraidrnl I; French Oub 3; Red Cross I. Drama Club 2; Computer Club 2. KIMBERLY MICHELLE YOUNG “If no one else shares your dreams, vou ran always share your dreams with God who will never let you down." I love you. Danny. I hank for being liete to shair my drransv! I hank mom and dad for bring here! lad's party' Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; FCA 2. 3. 4: SADD I. 2. 3. 4; VICA — Cosmetology 2. FHA I. Spanish Oub 2: Rapp 2. 3. 4; Computer Club 4: Rodeo Oub 4 VANESSA ELIZABETH YOUNG “If you don't enjoy wbal you have, how could you be happier with more." Thanks Steve. Came. Randi. Dennis ami Tea for all the GREAT time ! I love va'll' FHA 1. 2. 3. 4. Historian 3. Vice Prr. idem »: Rapp 3. 4; FCA 2. Mora « «ha 3: SADD 4; DECA 4. Senior Credits 147Juniors raise funds for prom Jenny Aiken Brenda Akin David Akins David Aldrich Amy .Allen Sandra .Allen Teresa Allison David Archdeacon Tony Arvin Melanie .Ashley Jerrian Atherton Tommy Bady Steve Baker Bill Baker David Ballard Ricky Ballard Niki Banks April Barganier Ann Barnes Stacy Barrom Thomas Barrom Kim Barton Christina Bass Shelly Bathe Linda Beckham Robert Beckham Matt Bold Brian Beline Tabitha Bennett Tim Bierdz Regina Blackenship Jeff Bohatch Julie Boyes Priscilla Branch Melissa Brasel Niki Bray Patrick Brooks Greg Brown Jeff Browning Jeff Brownlee Michael Brownstein Christy Bryeans Michelle Burck Joseph Burnett Jenny Burt Mark Butler Eric Caery Lori Campbell Ricky Candell Dennis Carson Kiwanda Cartwright Annalisa Castro Sheila Chipman Clarissa Christopher Tammy Chumley Valerie Clay Carla Cleaves Melissa Coelho Michelle Collver Stan Condra Bernadette Cooper Kathy Copeland Tammy Corpier Trisha Cox 140 CLASSESJuniors begin making career decisions Thomas ('.rain David Cramer Deanna Crawford Melinda Crenshaw Lynn Culley Mike Gumming Melissa Curry Tim Cullip Chris Dabaldu Cheryl Dajnowski Christie Darwin Troy Davenport Chaun Davis Derek Dawson Paul Dierkhaus Averi Dunkle David Dunlap Andy Dupree Arlene Eoslerwood Chris Egan Sean Elrod Larry Ervin Tammy Ervin Tammy Fears Sheila Fitzpulrick Kimberly Flciaher Dena Fletty Mark Forsythe Diane Freeman Mike Friar David Fuller Mike Gales Maria Garcia Marvin Garcia Dawn Gardner Eric Gates Clifton Ghoston Donald Gilbert David Giles Daniel Gipson Scott Gipson Denise Glenn Lisa Godin Kristie Grantham Yolandu Gray Michael Green Deborah Guess Kristin Gunnardoltir Susan Hale Mindy Haley Jon Hall Maurice Hall Stacy Hamilton Mike Hammond Wendy Harding Wayne Harrell Toscha Harris Cedric Harwell Jennifer Hector Jason Henderson Ricky Henderson Kim Herron Charlie Hill Billy Hogan CLASSES 149Gipson Attends South Carolina Kicking Camp Daniel Gipson has been the kicker for the Trojan Varsity Football Team for the past two years. He started his career in football three years ago as a right guard for the Freshman Football Team. Daniel never thought of playing football until he started high school. Before then, he played soccer for ten years. He played for the Rangers and another team in Bartlett. In addition, he played basketball for a few years. For the past two summers. Daniel attended the kicking camp at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. At camp, he was taught a new method in kicking, making him a more accurate kicker. He was coached by Roger Ruzek. a player for the Dallas Cowboys. He said it definitely helped him. and we can see that in his fine performances. He made fifteen out of nineteen extra-point attempts and has a punting average of thirty-two yards. His longest punt was for sixty-two yards in a JV game. He kicked three field goals, one for thirty-seven yards. He scored twenty-four points for the Trojan team this year. Daniel attends afternoon practice. Lisa Holmes Cail Holsinger Jennie Hood Jennifer Hood Kim Howerton Michael Huffines 1 .auric Hunnicult Jeremy Hurt Patty Irvin Vernila Jack Ash lee Jackson Paul Jackson Mike Jarrell Michelle Jeffers Amy Johnson David Johnson Derwin Johnson Mike Johnson Pam Johnson Tony Johnson Doug Jolly Lorenda Jones Stephanie Jones Clayton Kasper David Keith Torriano Kimbrough Darrin Kimes Mary Kincaid Samantha Kirkland Chris Knauss Kevin Kopp Ricky Kuykendall 150 CLASSESDavid I-a Co mb I xvi I and Monica l.ebron Joe I .re John Lrr Michelle Legaspi Robert Lofton Cindy Logan Norma Long Angela Love Brian laickey Valerie I JJCy Holly I .yell Charlene Mutklin Richard MacSnvrny Susan Mahannah David Malone Kim Malphus Daniel Martin Wendv Martin Darrell Mason David llantern Tarnim Matthew Becky Maxwell Krista Mavhugh Sherri McClain Tarnmv MeC.loakey Kevin McConnell Kim McCullough Kim McDonald Debbie McCary Adrian McKinney Cl.ASSES 151Jeff Mclean Daryl Means Bill Melloh Jamie Menees Chris Michael Adrian Middleton Mori ion Middleton Rachel Miles Cilia Miller Angie Millington Rick Mills Danny Neam Jodie Nelson Robert Newman Peter Nicholson Heather Nichols Angela Nolan Jeremy Odell Lisa Olivette Shalee O'Rourke Ken Parks Michael Parks Ray Patton Jennifer Pederson Lauren Pember Phillip Perkins Ken Petit Jesse Petty Denita Pfeiffer LeAnn Phillips Denise Pierce Mary Pigee Students Show Their Expertise in Cars Receiving the Youngest Participant trophy in the Millington Auto Show. Jeff Browning, a sixteen year old. shares the guts and the glory of making a dream become reality. Jeff entered his 1970 Camaro Z28 in the Street Machine division. He spent nine tedious months, with the help of his family, working to complete his dream. His car has a 350 engine with a 400 Turbo transmission. He purchased the car for $900 and spent a little over $1000 restoring it. The exterior is painted in a 1979 Corvette yellow acrylic laquer. With the help of his father, he applied five coats of paint to the car. On the hood and trunk, there are two 1986 Gloss black acrylic laquer stripes, and on the front hood there is a “Z representing Z28. Jeff Browning is showing off his car in the annual auto show. ■ r u 152 CLASSESJackie Ponder Lee Porterfield Stephanie Praehnink Lori Pruitt Gary Pugh Melanie Pyle Tracy Kankin Lynn Ray Drew Ray man Sherry Reasons Angie Reed Erik Reed Jennifer Reed Ron Reed Dana Reilly Moribel Reyes Rochelle Richardson Mike Riddle Ginger Ridenhour Tammy Ripley Marie Rivera Tony Roberts Lisa Rogers Mary Rogers Robert Roth Anne Rowland Allen Rutherford Chris Rutledge Mike Salyer Margaret Sawyer Tammy Schaub Jennie Schneider CLASSES Matt Couch was a member of the pit crew for his father’s car, number 33, at the Memphis Motor Park. He did all of the mechanical work for the car from changing wheels to changing engines. He said it was very difficult when first learning because everything had to be done accurately and fast. During the 1987 season. Matt learned the basics of being on a pil crew. He discovered “mostly the why8 and why not . If lie were to do something wrong, the car could blow up. He said the best thing to do was just to watch and not ask questions. Mali's worst experience on the pit crew was when there was a flat lire on his father’s car. He was putting a jack underneath the car, when he looked up and saw another car flying in the air towards him. Luckily, the car hit the fence, and he was unhurt. Malt enjoyed being on the pit crow, hul, by 1990. he plans to be raring either his father's car or a newer car. Matt Couch works on the car. 153Paul Dieckhaus, Scott Miller and Howard Hammel each earned the title of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts. The Eagle Scouts worked on projects to better our community. with two projects being welcome and departing signs for Millington and a bridge at Meeman-Shelby Forest. The bridge constructed by Scott Miller was made from handcul trees and took 170 man-hours to complete; the bridge should last for many years to come and should be enjoyed by many people. The welcome signs made by Paul Dieckhaus took ap proximately 40 hours to complete with the work of 4 people. The third project consisted of ten wood duck houses placed in Shelby Forest at the end of May. Howard worked 87 hours to complete his project. Scout Troop 281 s scout master, Sam Miller, helped at various times. The Eagle Scouts of our community do a great job of improving the community and are truly appreciated by our school and community. Howard Hammel. Bobby Hebert, and Ranger Gary Sumner place wood duck houses in Shelby Forest. Students Earn Eagle Scout Rank Carla Seals Shane Selph Dennis Shepherd Curtis Shilling Ann Shirk Kim Shumate Lori Sipek David Smalley Angela Smith Cathy Smith Charisma Smith Donna Smith Greg Smith Jennifer Smith Jenny Smith Mike Smith Ronny Smith Velma Snell Staci Snodgrass Kris Soriano Tonia Spillett Brian Steele Tiffany Stephens Brian Stephens Laura Stewart Shawn Storey Belynda Stroud Stephanie Stubblefield Linda Suggs David Swanson Jeff Tankersley Christa Tatum Tommy Taylor Steve Thompson Carol Tillery Allan Tinama Toni Tiongco Andrea Trumble Christine Tuggle Ronni Turner 154 CLASSESHoward Hammel, Scott Miller, and Paul Dieckhaus Complete Scout Projects Victor Turosky Eddy Underhill Nancy Usclton Tanya Vandergrifl Andrea Vaughn Marilyn Vida Terry Vogt Jeff Wage Jerrod Ward Russell Ward Garin Warner Lisa Warner Heidi Watson Chris Watts Mark W eatherly John Wells Amy Westmoreland Marrianne Wheeler Riehelle W hite Ruby White Virgil While Tonya Whitley Dale Whittington Eric Wilde Kelly William David Willi Charles Wimberly Lesley Wither Terry Wonish Donna Wwd Wendy Wooten Cathy Wright CLASSES 155Sophomores prepare for the future Jeremy Abernathy Michele Achelpohl Brandt Ackley Iris Adams Michelle Allen Darrick Anderson Carolyn Armstrong Christina Arnold Joe Asbell Scott Austill Monica Ayers Scott Baggett Amy Baldwin Kandy Ballard Michelle Barl er Marvin Barnes Melvin Barnes Chuck Barrett Gerald Barrorn Penny Barton Davelle Beagle Teri Beavers Belinda Belk Felisa Bell Shelly Bendall Brent Bennett Don Bennett Dana Benson Casey Renzel Pam Berry Denise Berryhill Jara Best Sherry Betton Ixxlie Biggs Andy Black Kendra Black Tonia Blake Jennifer Blazo Ricky Blevins Teresa Bogard Brian Bolgeo Scott Bondiio Mike Boyer Terry Brooks Rebecca Broyles Sherri Brunson Donald Bryant Stephanie Burk Tonya Burnett Jimmy Butler Toya Burton Sam Caldwell Brian Camp Quinn Camp Shanta Campbell lx ri Candell Kevin Carter Laura Carter Tammy Carter Aniceto Castro Kelli Chambers Riley Chambers Richard Charles Heather Cheek 156 CLASSESSophomores meet new challenges Mary Cherry Patrick Christopher Ben Clark Tim Chirk Bill Claudio I-ora Clayton Angela Cobbs Kim Cole Christy Collins Kristie Collins Matt Couch Nicole Coulliette Tomorra Coverson Jamie Cunningham September Curtis Starla Craig Cathy Crandall Cindy Crawford Tony Dandridge Danny Daniels Dawn Davey Randy Davey Jerry Davidson Nico Davis Angela Dew John Dick Donna Dillard Sean Doherty Richard Domingues Rhonda Dondervillr Michael Donan William Doty Juliette Douglas Lisa Downs Tony Dumas Ricky Dunlap Robert Durbin Vanessa Dye Jessica Edwards Shawn Edmonson Stacy Ellis Sean F.ndres Chris Ervin Tonya Ervin Blake Farrell Chris Faulkner Danny Fetzko Marty Finder Marlene Fisher Beverly Fleiaher Paul FontAnos Jeannic Ford Erika Forster Renee Fortune Lance Fruge Lee Frye Wendy Fulmer Amy Garcia Denise Gaye Sandy Gatlin Andre Giden Billy Gipson Doug Coin Kevin Gott CLASSES 157Swedish Exchange Student Attends MCHS If anyone on campus heard someone coming down the hall with a foreign accent, he probably heard Kaarina Kranz. a foreign exchange student from Sweden. Because she was in the U.S. for an entire year, she missed her parents and her homeland, but she also liked the U.S. and her new friends. During her stay here, she enjoyed meeting friendly, helpful people: learning new ways to succeed and make money; and, most of all, living with her host family. The differences between her high school in Sweden and her current one in the U.S. were many. Watching cheerleaders and attending sporting events were new experiences on her list. Also, her old grading systems were different; in Sweden, there was no way one could fail, unless he did not come to class. That fact did not change the examinations there; instead, their tests were more difficult, according to Kaarina. Lunch there was free — no searching through purses and pockets to find that spare change. Kaarina's stay in the U.S. was an exciting experience that she will remember for all of her life. Kaarina Kranz poses for her senior piclure. Tammy Green Valella Green Scott Greer Tim Greganti Tyrone Griggs William Grimes Chris Hadley Erika Hall a ■ trZ- 1 s r Brian Hance Robert Hardy Kim Harris Shannon Harris Sheryl Harris Kelly Hassen Kasanga Hayes Andrea Hays Leathia Hays Marsha Hays Paul Hays Matt Hcaly Eddy Hemness John Henderson Richard Henderson Sonja Henson Amanda Higdon Matt Higdon James Hindman Jimmy Hissong Stacy Holcomb Kim Holland Felicia Hollingsworth Edwan Hood 158 CLASSESDavid Hopper John Hopper Connie Horn Shauna Hosschar Julie Howe Honda llulet Jody Huey Doreen Hiidnuin Cheryl Hudson Calunya Hunl Jennifer Ingrum Errick Ivory Melissa Jarrell Keith Jaworaki Delrie Jefferson Angel Johnson Michael Johnson Shawn Johnson Amy Jones Femecia Jones Jacinlhia Jones Justin Jones Joey Kaniecki Sean Kearney Heather Keith David Kelly Fulriek Kelly Duiiu Kennedy Theresa Kenny Jennifer Kerr James King Robbie Kitchell CLASSES 159Corey Knight Jeff Kopp Rudy Lacroix Deann Leem Alain l cgaspi Sharon l-eese Amy Lewis Shauna Lewis Cindie Littlejohn Craig Lizana Angela Long Tarnisha Louis Peshone Love Karma Lucas Chris Lurker Mendel Macklin Ronnie Mackin Andy Maglothin Michelle Mannan Maelani Martin Melanie Martin Bonnie Maughan Charles May Betsy McCage Angel McCauley Greg McClanahan Adam McElyea Sean McIntosh Tim McKcll Stephanie McMahan Eric McNary Robby Meridieth Many Students Have Lived Abroad Living in Iwakuni. Japan, for six years was a rewarding experience for Chris Smith. He stated that the greatest advantage of living in a foreign country was being able to understand the different customs of others. There, students went to school in black shorts and white shirts. High school students were required to wear uniforms, and sports and athletics were considered important. Restaurants were delicately decorated with colorful flowers and pictures. Holidays in a far away country such as Japan were also different. They were celebrated with much greater emphasis than in the United States. Chris found that his home was a place of privacy and relaxation. During his time spent in Iwakuni, he made many friends. He had two good friends with whom he still corresponds. Chris thoroughly enjoyed his stay in Iwakuni, and he highly recommends spending at least one year in another country (to all students) to see just how lucky American kids are. Chris Smith and his family visit a Japanese temple. 160 CLASSESArthur Mctcnlfp Wyatt Micdrna Connie Middleton Michelle Miller Scott Miller Tammy Miller Amy Mitchell Ed Milner Tone Montoya Debra Moore William Moms Kriftli Mimcley Aarnn Mum Jolinniui Mom Ronnie Moss Lee Naquin Cedric Ned Cecilia Nelson Leon Nesbil Amy Noe John Nunn Kimberly Oakes Alex Olivette Kathy O'Ned Rufus Orr Carla Ortego Lawrence Owen Eddie Overstreet Carla Parham Rhonda Pari more Jennifer Patrick John Pate Robert Newman Experiences Spanish Culture Coming to America, Robert Newman found many traditions differed from American customs. For example, in the fiestas, Spanish parties, one was allowed to drink beverages, but not to go over one’s drinking limit. Pinatas were also party favorites in Spain, as well as dancing after the pinata had been broken. Supper was eaten around 8:00 p.m., unlike the early meal customary in the United Slates. School began at 8:00 a.m. and lasted until noon, with a two hour siesta (nap) following. Classes then resumed from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Spanish did celebrate some of the U.S. holidays, except instead of setting out milk and cookies for Santa Claus, the little children set out hay for the Three Kings' camels. During his journey he found Spain very admirable, especially for the simplicity of the agricultural crops and the friendly Spanish citizens. Robert Newman stands in front of the port of Rota. Spain. 161 CLASSESSophomores participate in clubs and activities Ginger Paul Julie Payne Shawn Payne Rill Peete Mark Perry Tina Pierce Becky Pinlac Jennifer Polk Andrea Powell Brian Pruitt Michelle Purdy Tiffany Quisenberry Steve Rachael Sally Rast Mike Ray Angel Redmon Heather Reed James Reed Marsha Reed Michelle Reed Tiffnnie Reeves Jennifer Rein Carla Richardson Kevin Richmond Tammy Rippe Karen Risby Chris Roberts Kris Roberson Mike Ross Mike Rutledge Wyman Saddler Pee-Khun Salveggio Cole Sanders Wcmcr Sauer Andy Saylor Debra Scarborough Kelly Schlachter Donna Schocke Debbie .Scroggins Jamie Sestina Jeff Sexton Rani Shields Angela Shelly April Shelton Kathy Sherril Tess Short Richard Sims Dale Slaw inski Buddy Smith Chris Smith Jolene Smith I.ian Smith Sebastian Smith Shane Smithmier Catherine Socha Liz Solis Eric Somdahl Cathy Spangler Walter Starnes BUI Stech Chris Stephenson Dewayne Stewart Henry Stewart Brian Stevens 162 CLASSESSophomores focus on academics Chris Stevens Richard Stroud Becky Sumner James Taylor Tonya Taylor T.K. Tenorio Jeff Tibbitts Sam Tickle Jud Tiet? Trieia Thomas Daniel Thompson Jerry Thomas Donna Tincher Brady Todd Rae Ann Towler Bill Townscll Paul Tucker Keith Tyrrell Scott Usellun Darrell Vanvickle Jennifer Velez Freddie Waldon Chen Walker Maurice Walker Carrie Wall Dawn Walls Brian Ward Greg Warf Tarvis Warner Hakim W'lisliington Chad Watson Dell Weatherly Julie Webb Chris Webster Carey Went or I h Jeremy W'estrich Aron W'ilde Jeanne Wilder Sherman Wilkens Anthony Williams Chris W'illiams Jason W'illiams Kim W'illiums Thomas Williams W ade Williams Fellipe Wilson Jason Wilson Steve W' inters CLASSES 163Mike Abbot Terrian Adams Shane Adams Matt Adkins Cassandra Alexander Marla Alexander Michelle Alexander Anthony Allen Beverly Allen Kathleen Allen Phyllis Allen Shannon Allen Kamran Ameri Sheri Arguin Jimmy Artzer Cheryl Asbell Wayne Ayers Billy Ball Anjelie Bargin Kevin Bates Brian Beasley Christie Beckwith Lesley Bell Joe Bennett Melody Berry Patrick Beyer Michael Bicth Renee Bingham Tina Blackwell Milton Bland Angie Blankenship Cynthia Bledsoe I ura Bogard Toni Bonjour Andrea Boone Holli Boston Nathan Boswell Jason Bowden Missy Boyd Joann Brarch Willie Hridgeforth Shelley Bridges Jackie Briones Brian Brock Lisa Brock Charles Bromai Brad Brown Michelle Brown Suzi Brown TJ Brown Jennifer Brownstein Richie Bryan Justin Rrveans Robbie Burgess Joseph Burnett Sean Burnett I ura Burr F-rika Burrow Frankie Busby Janel Campbell Tambra Cannon Kris Cantu Andy Caradine Ix ri Cardenas Freshmen make new friends 164 PICTURESFreshmen learn the routine Angel (jarler JHI Carter Carter Toby Carter Stacie Castellaw Donna ('.ales Broil Chapman Ed C.honollo Shane Chiptnan lawaiMb Christopher Candame Clark Walter ('lay Ann Coals Rhonda Cobb Albert Coffey Kari Colbert Monlreusc Coleman Mario Collms Jay Couture T. Shaka Covorson Thro Crafl Mayomona Crawford Angola Crenshaw Sam ('rider Bonnie Crowder Shane Culver Jeff Cuppirs Kenneth Cushman Tammy Davis Christopher DeCasIro Danny Diggs Chad Dodson Theresa Donnn Janette Doss Jimmy Dunlap Eric Dunn John Dunn Mario Eggleston Melinda Elimrr Felicia Fllw Chris Elrod Krislyn Embry Robby Fssuiy Paula Eudy Mike Evans Angel Ewing Debra Favell Brian Frits Carlos Ferguson Bridget Ferrell Jennifer Finnic Ashley Fiseher Leighan Fisher Mike Fit patrick Ross Floyd Mike Fly Amy Forsythe John Frazier Shannon Frost Ronald Gagne Keisha Gamer Kellie Geiger Lynn Gentle Beth Gerwhon CLASSES 165MCHS Has Double or Nothing MCHS has both identical and fraternal twins among this year's student body. Have you ever walked down the hall and out ol the corner ol your eye, noticed two girls walking side by side looking exactly alike from head to toe? No, you weren't seeing double. just Christina and Becky Yates. They are identical twins, and have been dressing alike all their lives. It doesn't seem to botlici them; ac- tually they enjoy it. On occasion, people have been known to believe that one person can be seen in two places at one time. Making friends hasn't been difficult, for the twins have found that everyone they meet likes them for who they are as an individual person. Becky and Christina like the same games, clothes. TV shows, sports, and sometimes even the same guys. They are active members of the freshman girls' Iraskel-ball team, and are looking forward to four very successful years at MCHS. There is no way you could tell Keith and Bruce Barger were twins by just looking at them. Only close friends know this fact; others just recognize them as brothers. When they were younger, Keith and Bruce dressed alike on occasion. but as they grew older, they grew out of it. Bruce is the athletic person in the family. He likes all sports, especially basketball. On the other hand. Keith is not interested in playing sports. Keith has found on many occasions that they have very different opinions on life. Bruce replies "It's an experience having a real brother your exact age living in the same house with you." In all. Keith and Bruce have enjoyed their lives as twins and would recommend it to anyone. Christina and Becky walk to class with Jeff Williams. Jennifer Girard Denise Godin Lisa Goodwin Paula Greer Stephen Guidry Alisa Cwin Lisa Haldernan Jeremy Haley John Hall Kenneth Hall Usa Hall Mark Hall Stephanie Halliburton Belinda Halvorson Kwame Hardaway Nefertili Hardaway Demetrius Harding Keith HarreJJ Tonya Harris Koshea Harris Robin Hasberry Terry Hastings Eric Hays Anniasa Homing Stephanie Henderson Jerry Hensley Andy Herda Susan Herrera John Herron Brian Heslord Debra Hillman Jeremy Hindman 166 CLASSESTwins Attend MCHS The classes they have taken in high school overull have been alike ami uiitx -licvably their grades have stayed the same. Many of their friends have notic'd that their expressions are the name. Keith and Bruce are known to walk tin name and even talk alike. I heir differences are as great us their similarities, which are contrary to what most jieo-ple believe when one men lions twins. Unlike moat brothers who disagree. Keith ami Bruce don't ar gue or fight. Kach having his own inter sls ami always headed his own wav makes it dilfn ull to find them both at home. Bruce and Keith meet at the lockets James Hinton Armtndu Holland Charlene Hollund Michelle Holland Kim Hopper Sherry Horn Geneva llorvchar John Howard Betty Howerton Ronny Humble Chris Hunt Amy Hurl Vincent Hutchens Mike Hyde Bethany Ingles Jodie Jankowski Carolyn Johnson Chris Johnson Henry Johnson Jimi Johnson Kevin Johnson Mark Johnson Ronnie Johnson Christine Jones David Jones Stephanie Jones Roy Keel I Alisha Keith Sean Kelley Trevor Kelley Shane kellon Cory Kennedy 167 CLASSESTerrance Kimbrough Lynn Kimmons Chris King Chris Knight Jennifer Koger Bobby Kramer Nicole Kurtz Arch Lacomb Hobby Land ret It Brian Langston Lukina LiVoy Christina l-cwis Vickie Lewis Arty Lindley Donny Lindsey Jennifer Linzy Warren Lirelte Shane Lloyd Kevin Lockelt Pam Lockett Tara Lofton James Logan Natalie Long Fubion Lopez Veronica Lopez Steven Lorimer Brian Love Douglas Lowery Chad Lowery Timothy Lynn Patty McSaveny Scott Macv Skateboarding Is Hobby for Students in Millington Chris Knight. John Couhetle. Jason Wilson.and Ed Chinette prepare to skateboard. Bonelessess, Ollies, Grinos’, Slides, Inverts, Ollie Kick Flops, Sad Plants. Rampriding, and wallriding are typical words in the vocabulary of a skateboarder. Four of these skateboarders attend MCHS: Ed Chenette, Greg Brown, Chris Knight, and Eric Roland. You can usually find these guys practicing at Eric's house, where they spent three hundred dollars and over a month's work building an 8 ft. tall. 32 ft. long, 12 ft. wide, half-pipe ramp. They also go down to Beale St. and skate there. Ed. Chris, and Eric all have been skateboarding for about a year, but Greg is practically an expert with his two years of experience. Hobbies like skateboarding are exciting and challenging for young people. This hobby can be very entertaining, whether you're with the guys or just by yourself. 168 CLASSESTammy Maple Carey Marsh Shrllry Mill lin Danny Matthews Ken Mayhue Alisia McDow Shannon McGowan Genevieve McIntosh Dawn McKinley M.iitin McKinney ■lli.iin M Nci i Brook McSwain Maria Meek Perry Melloh Shcliu Messick Maurice Middleton Ali •ia Miller John Miller l.isa Miller Misty Miller Hohert Miller Rodney Miller Doug Mills Susan Mitchell David Money Melanie Money Cary Montgomery Mike Mortis rhoma Moses Jeff Muehmore Jill Muehmore John Munsell Skateboarders Practice Their Manuevers. CLASSES 169MCHS Students Volunteer for USA Baseball Games Once again this past summer. Millington became the home plate to the USA Olympic Baseball Team. The team stayed in Millington on the Naval Base for all of June and the first two weeks of July. They played many teams including the Taiwan National Baseball Team. The USA Baseball Team was here to train for the Pan Am games in Indianapolis. Millington Central High School students definitely played their part in making the team feel at home. Mrs. Durham was the coordinator of this group of students. Their help was very much needed and appreciated. Nesha Barton. Angie Kopp. and Cari Anne Parham were the bat girls for the USA Baseball Team. They retrieved bats, set out lead bats and tar rags, and gave water to the coaches and umpires. Stephanie Burk. Kelli Chambers. Lori Fortune. Kathv Frazier. Dawn Gardner. Kim Howerton. Ash lee Jackson. Kim McCullough. Gina Miller. Sally Rast. and Dana Reilly were the hostesses at the USA baseball games. They worked in the eoneession stands and did odd jobs that needed to be done to make the games very enjoyable for the fans of the team. The bat girls and hostesses were invited to all functions with the USA Baseball Team. They went to all dinners after the games at the Baker Community-Center. When the USA team played Taiwan. Mr. and Mrs. William Osteen and the Rotary Club of Millington held a fish fry for both teams. The bat girls and hostesses were asked to serve and help in various ways. The USA baseball games were a huge success. This was due to people’s very generously donating their time and effort. Cari Anne Parham assists USA baseball player. Ted Wood. David Nelson John Nettles Bethany Nichelson Jennifer Nichols Mike Nowlin Steve Oldham Henry Oneal John Osborne Jason Owens David Page Lori Page Stephanie Pearce Donnie Perkins Gloria Perry Daric Pfeiffer Johnnie Phelps Yolaundra Phillips Lea Pignataro Stan Prachniak Penda Preston Marti Pyle Sheila Rabuco Dustin Rabum Stacy Rankin Edwin Raper Marcus Rapp Donna Rayman Howard Rector Heather Redden Stephanie Redden Joanna Reed Kelly Reed 170 CLASSESDana Keilly takes a break during one of the many USA games while Aniceto Castro looks on. USA volunteers: (row I) Sally Rast, Lori Fortune. Stephanie Burk, (row 2) Angie Kopp. Dawn Card ner. Kathy Frazier. Kim Howerton, kelti Cliani tiers, (row 3) Cari Anne Parham. Nealia Barton. Ashlee Jackson, Cina Miller. Kim McCullough. Scott Keod Timothy Reynolds Daveri Richards Michelle Riddles Darlene Riley Cassandra Roberts Nancie Roberta William Rodriguez Billy Rogers Cina Rowland Shane Rushing Iron Rysdam Ann Salewsky Jason Sarlain Christy Saw vet Tim Scott Jerry Scruggs Christy Sere Cory Shepherd James Shepherd Chris Simmons Melissa Simmons Shelley Slater Tracy Slovensky Amy Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Cottillion Smith Jabbar Smith Traeie Smith David Snee Janet Snee 171 CLASSESJoe Soeha Dane Somdahl Kevin Stafford Steve Starnes Kelly Stecklein Honnie Steeklein C.hrislie Stephens Stephanie Stern C.hrislie Stevens David Stewart Tanimie Stewart Trae Stewart Steven Stollings Christina Stone Duley Stout David Strain Mi« liael Slrolikiri li Jason Strong I .ope Stroud Cheryl Sullivan Shannon Sullivan Sherri Tackett Kellie Tankers ley Willie Tay lor Kim Thomas Sharol Thompson Yalonda Thompson Mike Thornton Tammy Tihhitls I.ynn Tillery Chris Tilton Terri Towlcr Homecoming at MCHS Puts Excitement in the Air Homecoming at MCHS was a very important and special event to all of the students here. Students looked forward to it with anticipation and enthusiasm. Preparation for the Homecoming dance began many months before it. Couples looked for “the” perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, purse, suit, lie. or tuxedo. As the date drew near, the students began to panic. They realized they forgot the flowers or the little things necessary to make the night unforgettable. The date finally arrived. The clothes and accessories had been bought, the flowers had been picked up. and the dinner reservations had been made. When the doorbell rang, hearts fluttered everywhere, but then the moms and dads got camera happy. They wanted to take fifty pictures in fifty poses. One of the many rituals of Homecoming night at MCHS was going out to eat somewhere fancy. Such places were The Pier, Captain Bilbo's, Hasling's Place, and Red Lobster. Finally, the students were on their way to one of the most memorable nights of their life. The dinner was perfect, it was a gorgeous night, and every thing turned out exactly as planned. Kelvo Craft. Angela Smith. James Tay lor, and Karen Hisby socialize al ihe Homecoming Dance. 172 CLASSESCarey Turner John Turner Randy Turner Lisa L'ptegrove Eric Wakefield Damon Walker John Walls Erin Ward Julie Ward Chris Warf Kenny Warner Frankie Watkins Joe Walls Rosanna Welling Sacclya Whitaker Eric W'hite Mike While Robbie W hile Don Whitney Mike Williams Richard W illiams Torcia Williamson Tamekia Wooten Becky Wright Jodie Jankowski and Dari Pfeiffer have their pictures taken by Alford Studio. Vonda Thornton and Shea Hayes pose in their Homecoming attire for the photographer. 173 CLASSES174 SPORTSTW Trojan axmVn iwrtWW loam rad ce» rr ») Wtore a |»mc. fc'G e me a TV' T e Trojan sporVs' learns vs ere . . • “Owe me an KV . Vo face . . . “Owe me an OY . opponent wY en l e Trojans . . . %‘GYve me a IV journeyed . pXannmg Vo w n. . . • “G’we me an . . . aUa H vsorWmg, so lY e . . . “Give me an W' . . . eVlets T V 0 1 NS speWed . . . fc%G ve me an S " •.. SUCCESS'. Varsity Football Comes On Strong in ’87 The Trojan football team started the 1987 season successfully by winning their jamboree game. The Trojans continued their winning streak by defeating Munford 21-11 and Briar-crest 11-7. They entered their third game against Craigmont. They were also 2-0. and it was the prep game of the week. The Trojans prevailed with a score of 14-6. They easily defeated Overton, making their record 4-0. Then they faced Germantown, and they were handed their first loss. The Trojans bounced back bv flattening the Purple Wave 13-0. They captured the Homecoming victory when they won 38-16 over Fayette — Ware. The fol- lowing week. the faced Bartlett and suffered a disappointing loss, setting their record at 6-2. The week after Bartlett's game, they traveled to Collierville, where they gave the best performance of the season. The Trojans barely pulled it out by winning 21 -20. This win set their record at 7-2. The last game of the season was at home against Kirby. The Trojans lost, disappointing their hopes to make the slate playoffs. All in all. the 1987 season was the best they have had in years, and the Varsity football team should be commended for their hard work. “Cajun” Mat hr runs while Girg Ritter and Chandler Bradford block against Fayette — Ware. W'ayne Argnin catches the jn» k during the pre-game warm up. 176 SPORTSThe Varsity football team had many successes this year, thanks to individual members. Creg Ritter carried the ball 149 times this year, lor a total of 681 yards. Other team leaders were Wayne Arguin, with 24 carries and 115 yards; Timmy Smith, with 98 carries and 493 yards; and Chris Michael, with 87 carries and 400 yards. Daniel Gipson had 36 punts, with an average of 31 yards per punt. “Cajun ’ Malhes carried the ball 12 times and scored 5 touchdowns. Micheal, when he was quarterback, carried the ball 21 times and scored 6 touchdowns. “Cajun” Malhes catches a pass before Briarcresl players lackle him. Timmy Smith tries to gain yardage while an Overton Rebel runs after him. Chris Michael throws a pass before the game starts. Charles Wimberly. Coaches Turner. Higdon, and Meadors and Mr. Boswell watch the game intensely. SPORT’S 177 Fronl row:Jay Heath. Shaun Hill. Cajun Mathes, Tim Smith. Wayne Arguin, Greg Ritter. Chandler Bradford, William Strauss. Robby WTight. and Joe Lee. Second row:Jeff Kopp. Ben Clark, Rudy I croix, Ronnie Mackin, James Hindman. Alex Olivette. Joey Kaniecki. Andy Dupree. David Ballard. Daniel Gipson. Chris Watts. Third row: Coach Turner, Coach Meadors. Tim Greganti, Chris Stephenson, Peter INicholson, Ronnie Smith, Tony Dumas, Chris Micheal, Charles W imberly. Bill Townsell. Chris Williams, Andy Black, Drew Raymond, and Coach Higdon. Fourth row: Steve Baker. Kamran Ameri. Brian Stevens. Kanthony Christopher, Jason Williams, Tony Johnson. Mike Salyer, Chris Lurker. and Brent Ackley. Senior Varsity Football Players: Front row:Jay Heath, Robbie Wright, Greg Ritter.Second row: William Strauss, Chris Sanborn, Chandler Bradford. Timmy Smith. Third row:Shawn Hill, Cajun Mathes, and Wayne Arguin. 178 SPORTSSenior Varsity Football Players Show their Leadership Abilities This year, the senior Trojans came up with new ways to arouse the crowd. One way they did this was by showing a lot of pep themselves, with a chant that goes like this: “rica, rica, ooh, ooh!" Charles Wimberly defends the catch intended for him from a Munford football player. Shawn Hill gets ready to slop a Briarcrest runner from scoring. Tony Johnson injures his knee duiing die first game against the Munford Cougars. Varsity Football Scores Munford 21-10 Briarcrest 14-7 Craigmonl 14-6 Overton 14-0 Germantown 7-28 CBHS 13-0 Fayette-Ware 38-16 Banlelt 7-10 Collirn ille 21 -20 Kirby 14-18 Wooddalc 15-12Trojans Travel to Elks Bowl The Trojan football team gave a remarkable show for the Millington fans at the Fifth Annual Trenton Elks Charity Bowl. After the Wooddale Cardinals received the opening kickoff, they fumbled with the Trojans getting the recovery on the Cardinals 20-yard line. After several attempts to get a touchdown . senior fullback. Greg Ritter, had a successful attempt when he plowed over from the 1-yard line to give the Trojans an early lead. In the beginning of the second quarter, the Cardinals got their first touchdown, making the score 8-6. with the Trojans leading. I .ale in the first half, the Trojan lead was taken from them when the Cardinals scored on a 9-yard touchdown run. The second half started off much like the first with senior Shawn Hill recovering a fumble. The third quarter remained scoreless for both teams. With less than four minutes left in the ballgame. senior Wavne Arguin made another big play when he recovered a Cardinal fumble at mid-field. The winning touchdown came with 3:09 left when junior Mike Green drove 12-yards for a touchdown. Many hearts were full of excitement and triumph when the seniors were handed the trophy. loiter that night at the bowl banquet, other Trojan players were also rewarded. Greg Ritter was given the offensive trophy due to his outstanding effort. Ritter had 102 yards on 20 carries making him the leading ball carrier. Allen “Cajun" Mathes was awarded the defensive trophy for his efforts. Mathes had four solo tackles with eight assists. He was a strong defender for the Trojan team. Junior quarterback, Chris Micheal, captured the title of MVP for the game. He contributed not only to the offensive game but also to the defensive. Although these were the only Trojans receiving individual awards, every Trojan football player involved in this experience will have the memory of victory as a reward forever. Trojans gel mentally prepared to defeat Wooddale Cardinals. Greg Ritter avoids a tackle as he races for a touchdown. 180 SPORTSSenior members accept Championship Trophy from Exalted Ruler of the Trenton Elks l.odgc. Wayne Morris, and Bowl Chairman. Ricky Johnson. Joe lx e escapes the grasp of a Wooddale Cardinal. Allen “Cajun" Mathes has a pass broken up by a Wooddale defender. SPORTS 181Freshman Football Gains Experience for Future Teams The Trojan Freshman Football team hit a streak of bad luck. Despite this misfortune, they never once lost their fighting Trojan spirit. They felt that they had very good individual players with great potential. l.ack of experience may have contributed to the season record. As the season progressed, the team showed definite improvement. The first loss of the season came when the Trojans faced Munford. The first touchdown for the Trojans was scored when Cary Montgomery broke loose for the 85 yard touchdown run. This score gave the Trojans a 6-0 lead. The Cougars came back and tied the ballgame. and then scored again. Early in the fourth quarter, a Trojan player ran 51 yards for a touchdown, to again tie the score. With five seconds left in the game, the Cougars scored again, giving them the ballgame. In the Bartlett showdown, the Freshman Trojans played defense to the best of their potential, but their fantastic effort was in vain. The offensive running game was led by running backs. John Munsell and Gary Montgomery, who tied for the most yardage. Other key players were Jeremy Haley, Tim Scott, and Kevin Stafford. One thing that must be said about the 87-88 Freshman football team is that they will contribute greatly to future Trojan football teams. Freshman football team: (row l)Coach Gipson. William Rodrigues. Chad Dodson. Kelly Reed. Kevin Stafford. Chris Tilton. Ryan Mayhue. Mike Turner. Tim Smtt, James Ix gan and Coach Williams, (row 2)David Snee, Chris Johnson. Jeff Muchmore. Tom Davis. Brice Johnson. W'arren I.iretle. Jason Owens. John Carter. Jay Couture. John Miller, (row 3)Cleo Craft. Vince Hutchens. Ken Cushman. Brian Smith. Tim Lynn. Chad Lowley. Jason Sartain. Eric Hays. Brian Crisp. Daric Pfieffer. Mike Thornton. Theo Craft, (row 4) Steve Oldham.------ .David Jones. Mike Williams. Ronnie Johnson.----- .Warren Reynolds. Mike Nowlin. Mario Ellis. Trevor Kelly. Arron Vaughan. Brian Langston. Shane Kellon. Brian Montgomery, (row 5) Shane Chipman. John Munsell. Sam Criden. Walter Craft. Jeremy Haley. Joe W'atts. Darrell Dowell. Robert Miller. Robin Burgess, Sidney William . Jeremy Hyman. Billy Ball. Ix pez Stroud. Shane Rushing. Keith Harold. Joe watches the game as he catches his breath. 182 SPORTSSPORTS 183Tonya Chipman and Kim Tale are happy that camp is finally over. Varsity Cheerleaders compete at Universal Cheerleading Camp. Jerra Evans pauses during practice to think about the routine. Varsity Cheerleaders play around during a football game. 184 SPORTSCari Anne Stephanie Tanya Mn . Gipson Varsity Cheerleaders Lead the Way to a New Attitude The Varsity Cheerleaders displayed their Trojan Spirit all year long, cheering for both football and basketball. They decorated locker rooms, organized pep rallies, and represented MCHS at Cheerleading camp. This past summer, they attended Universal Cheerleading camp at Memphis State. They received all Blue Superior Ribbons and a Superior T rophy at final competition. They also became finalists at the Mid-South Fair in the fall. Jerra Evans and Wendy Martin were finalists for the All Mid-South Squad. Besides practicing long, hard hours every day during the summer before camp, the Varsity squad worked daily after school, getting ready for competitions and pep rallies. Varsity Cheerleaders: Lori Fortune 1,2,3,4 captain Nesha Barton 1,2.3,4 co-captain Tammy Boyd 1,4 Tonya Chipman 2,3,4 Jerra Evans 3,4 Cindy Hunt 1,2,3,4 Cari Anne Parham 1,2.3.4 Kimerie Tate 1,2.3,4 Wendy Martin 1,3 Lisa OUivctte 1,2,3 Lori Pruitt 1.2.3 Tanya Vandergrifl 2.3 Stephanie Burk 1,2 Kelli Chambers 1.2 Enka Forster 1,2 Carla Parham 1,2 Becky Pinlac 1,2 Mrs. Gipson sponsor 185 SPORTSFreshman Cheerleaders Show Spirit for Freshman Sports Freshman cheerleaders were selected in May, and they practiced all summer long. The many long, hot hours of practice during the summer paid off for the cheerleaders at the Universal Cheerleading Camp. They received all superior and excellent ribbons. At final evaluation, they placed first in the cheer division. They also received the key-to-spirit award. The cheerleaders kept their Trojan spirit while cheering for the Freshman football team, and both girls and boys freshman basketball teams. At the Homecoming pep rally, they performed with the Varsity cheerleading squad. Freshman cheerleaders perform their Mid-South Fair routine at the Homecoming Pep Rally. Taking a break during the game, the cheerleaders pose for the camera. The 1987-88 Freshman cheerleading squad. 186 SPORTSSPORTS 187188 SPORTSVarsity Volleyball Places Second in District The Varsity Volleyball team started out the year with high expectations. These expectations were dampened when three starters were put out because of injuries, and had to be replaced by four inexperienced players. Things were looking down for the Lady Trojans, but all hope was not lost. Kim Herron and Stacy Barrom were two of the inexperienced players who contributed greatly to the team with their high potential. Stephanie Ransom was the team leader. The first victory for the Lady-Trojans came when they defeated LC. 15-10, 14-6, and 15-10. Michelle Legaspi led the team in this victory with her superb setting skills. They ended the year by placing second in the district tournament and advancing to the regional tournament. Stacy Barrom approaches the net. Stacy Barrom hits the ball over the net. Varsity Volleyball Team members:(row 1) Margaret Sawyer, Michelle legaspi. Kim Herron. Jennifer Kar-sko, Stephanie Prachniak, Angie Dew. and Ann Barnes, (row 2) Tammy Collver. Brook McSwain, Stephanie Ransom. Melody Goode, Stacy Barrom, Michelle Coelho. Coach Buchanan. Captains:Tammy Collver, Stephanie Ransom, and Melody Goode. SPORTS 189Cross Country teams place in Regional Meet Both the girls' and boys’ Cross Country teams had a very successful year. The boys’ team finished third in the regional, just missing the chance to compete in the state meet. In one meet, three members of the boys’ team, Dennis Carson.Brian Street, and Ronnie Moss, bettered the school record. The new school record of 16:22 was set by Brian Street. The boys’ team had a perfect score of fifteen in two consecut:ve meets. In the first meet, they defeated Bartlett. Bolton, and ECS. In the second meet, they defeated Kirby, Collierville, and Ripley. The boys finished with a record of 10 — 1. The only loss of the season was by one point. The girls’ team had a very good record of 7 — 3. They will be losing Melissa Hagan and Leigh Ann LaBarreare to graduation. Each has run for four years and has been a major part of the program. Alicia. Angela, and I eigh Anne keep pace with each other. Brian and Ronnie stay ahead of the other runners. The boys’ team waits for the gun to sound. 190 SPORTSMichelle slays ahead of a Si. Agnes runner. Boys Team: (row 1) John Herron. Ronnie Moss. Keith Tyrell. Stan Prachniak. Phillipe Wilson. Jason Henderson. Sieve Winters. Mike Smith. Jeff Carter. Ken Hall, (row 2) Patrick McVay. Rich Dominguez, trie McNary. Dennis Carson. Eric Wilde, David Fuller. Tim Bierdz. Brian Street. Jerry Thomas, Kevin McConnell, and Matt Mealy. Girls’ Team: (row 1) Darlene Riley. Leigh Ann LaBarreare. Melissa Hagan, Michelle Collver. Angela Long. Jodie Jankowski, (row 2) Kristin Cunnarsdottir, ClarnsA Christopher. Christy Bryeans, Alicia Miller. Julie Ward. 191 SPORTS192 Varsity Basketball wins Again and Again “Anytime you win, it's fantastic," says Varsity Basketball Coach David Terrell, summing up this year's season. During the Christmas holidays, the boys’ team competed in several tournaments. They placed 2nd in the William L. Osteen tournament. Chris Peoples was named Most Valuable Player and Bernard Hurd was placed on the All-Tournament team. The Trojans also placed 6th in the Frayser Tournament and earned the chance to play in the Coliseum. This was a year of many firsts in the Varsity Boys' Basketball program. They were featured on Channel 5 News and earned numerous articles in the Commercial Appeal. Chris Peoples was again named Prep Player of the Week. Also, Chris was the leading scorer in the district, followed by Bernard Hurd, ranked 10, and Billy Exum, 15. The 1987-88 Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team: (row 1) Chris Peoples. Bernard Hurd (row 2) Louis Holmes. Artillian Anderson. Jason Williams. Tony Dumas. Charlie Miller. Billy Fxum. Bryant Henderson Chris Michael. Terry Brooks. Tyrone Moss. The Junior Varsity Raskethall Team: Joe Burnett: manager. Ronnie Moss. Charles Wiinberley, Jason Williams. Tony Dumas. Robert Newman. Fric McNary. Mario Eckelson. Terry Brooks, Dwayne Stuart; managn. SPORTSTyrone Mom shoots while surrounded by Craigmont defenders. Bernard Hurd jumps between Wcataidc players Chris Peoples makes a lay-up. Billy F.xum shoots for the goal while a WesUide player watches. SPORTS 193The Varsity squad performs at halftime at the Coliseum. Chris Peoples goes up for a shot in final game at Coliseum. Chris Michael grab a rebound. Bernard Hurd makes a free throw. 194 SPORTSTROJANS Play Tournament Game in Coliseum During the Christmas holidays the Trojans participated in the Frayser Tournament. The Varsity boys did very well in this tournament and broke several tournament records. They defeated Frayser 114-81, setting a new record for the most points scored in a game. Chris Peoples broke the record for most points scored by an individual when he scored 41 points in one game. The Trojans advanced to the finals of the tournament and played in the Mid-South Coliseum. There the team defeated by Westwood, placed sixth in the tournament. Chris Peoples was also named to the All Tournament team. SPORTS 195Varsity Girls’ Basketball Shoots for Success Because of Coach Dix's dedication and the respect and desire to learn shown by her players, the Lady Trojans had a very successful season, from the beginning, the team realized that hard work would be beneficial. Everyone knew that a specific job was especially designated for them, and the only way they could win was if everyone did the best job they could. The team showed remarkable progress as the season started and as it continued throughout the year. As the close of the season came near, Kim Herron, a Junior, was chosen as the Commercial Appeal Prep Player of the Week. Other honors came during the many tournaments that they participated in. In the Briarcrest Tournament, Kim Herron and Vonda Thornton were selected as All-Tournament members. In the Eayette-Ware Tournament, Kim Herron was again selected to the All-Tournament Team. The team and their new coach had a remarkable season and are looking forward to next year. All of the players gave their utmost to the team, with the great effort of the Seniors standing out. Samantha lister, Stephanie Ransom, Ann Sewell, and Vonda Thornton, the Senior lettermen, were commended for their constant work toward helping their teammates, coach, and the school. I Stephanie Ransom Samantha LesterKim Herron goes up for a lay-up. The Lady Trojan play defense. Coach Dix give last-minute instruction . Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team: (Row 1) Ann Sewell, Michelle Collver, Kim Herron, Sherlyna Bogan), (row 2) Yolanda Gray. Karen Risby, Nettie Ervin. Vonda Thornton, (row 3) Johanna Moss. Stacy Barrom. Stephanie Ransom. Samantha Ix ster. Coach Dix. SPORTS 197198 SPORTS Ann Sewell shoots for two. Kim Herron gets ready to steal the ball from a Lady Wildcat. Stephanie Ransom attempts a basket against the Chiefs. Vonda Thornton lays up a basket.Varsity Girls’ Basketball is under new Leadership This year, Ruthann Dix stepped in to fill the position of girls’ varsity coach. Many of her goals for the season included functioning as a unit in order to achieve success, and asking each player to give 110%. Coach Dix has seen continual progress and improvement throughout the season. Lady Trojans go over strategy with Coach Dix. Samantha Lester and Stephanie Ransom play defense, while Michelle Collver goes for the ball. 199 SPORTSFreshman Teams have Outstanding season The freshman teams had very good building seasons. Both improved greatly. The freshman boys’ basketball team started the season with high expectations, winning their first game against CBHS. Their only other victory came when they defeated Bolton. During the season they lost 15 players due to grades. Also they never became a consecutive ball club. There was, however, much individual progress from players. Outstanding players were John Herron, Danny Diggs. Brian Smith. Theo Craft, and Tim Scott. Coach 0. Williams said this team should contribute greatly to future JV and Varsity teams. The freshman girls’ basketball team ended the regular season on a winning note with a victory over Collierville. The Lady Trojans finished the regular season with a record of 12 wins and 2 losses. The losses both came to Germantown. The Lady Trojans were led in scoring this year by Mona Crawford and Brooke McSwain. The board work was carried out very successfully by Angel Carter, Christa Yates, and Becky Yates. Alexcius Branch and Yolaundra Phillips provided the defensive spark for the team. The freshman boys' and girls’ basketball teams showed finesse on the courts. Boy ’ Freshman Basketball: (row 1) Mark Rapp. Danny Diggs. John Herron. Darrell Dowell. Stan Prachniak. Theo Craft, (row 2) Coach Williams. Anthony Allen. Tim Scott, Aaron Vaugn, John Miller. James Smith. Brian Smith. Howard Rector. Sean Payne. Freshman Girls’ Basketball: (row 1) Keisha Gamer. Yolaundra Phillips. Alexcius Branch. Laura Barr. Cotillion Smith, Andrea Bass, (row 2) Christa Yates. Brooke McSwain. Becky Yales, Mona Crawford. Angel Carter. Michelle Riddles. Staci Casfellow. Miss Buchanan. 200 SPORTSJohn Miller trie to block a shot. Brooke shoots for two. Brooke MoSwnin lookn for an open player. Thro Craft trie to score. 201 SPORTSVarsity Wrestling Team Excels in Districts The Varsity Wrestling Team had quite an outstanding season. They started this year by defeating district contenders Bishop Byrne 37-27. The Trojans also tied Germantown 32-32, but because of Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association tie-breaking rules, we were declared the winners. In our own Paul Kenney Memorial Tournament, we placed third. In the District Tournament, the varsity wrestlers really came on strong. Under the leadership of Coach Hendricks, we captured third as a team. Shawn Hill was a district champ in the 171 weight class. Second place finishers were Chris Sanborn at 140, Car) Carrisoza at 152, Wayne Arguin at 160, Ronnie Mackin at 189. and Shelton Walker at heavyweight. Finishing third were Werner Sauer at 103, Jason Henderson at 112, James Hoxie at 130, and Derrick Pfieffer at 135. The only fourth place finisher was Melvin Velasquez at 119. The Trojans are looking forward to the Regional and State Meets. (first row) Werner Sauer, Jason Henderson. Melvin Velasquez. Jim Palmer, James Hoxie. Shane Smithmier. (second row)Chris Sanborn, Eric Wilde, Wayne Arguin. Shawn Hill. Ronnie Mackin, Mike Johnson. Eddie Overstreet, (third row) Shane Adams, Alex Olivette, Jeff Kopp. Joe Watts, Brian Beasley. John Munsell. Shane Rushing, Cary Carrisoza, Jeremy Haley, Brady Todd. Nathan Boswell. Derrick Pfiffer, Daniel Gipson, Mike Smith. Kamran Ameri Chris San horn lakes down his man. Jeremy Haley works for a pin. Melvin Velasquez goes for the win. 202 SPORTSCary Carrisoza is declared the winner. Wayne Arguin is about to pin his man. SPORTS 203Senior IxMlermen Wayne Arguin Cary Carriaoza Shawn Hill James lloxie James Palmer Chris Sanborn Melvin Velasquez 204 SPORTS iTrojans Go to Regional and State Tournaments Millington did very well at the regional tournament. Those placing and advancing to state competition were Jason Henderson placing third at 1 12 lbs.James lloxie placing fourth at 130 lbs,; Chris Sanborn placing fourth at 140 lbs.; Cary Carrisoza placing fourth at 152 lbs.; Wayne Arguin placing second at 160 lbs.; Shawn Hill placing third at 170 lbs.; Ronnie Mackin placing third at 189 lbs.; and Shelton Walker placing fourth in the heavy weight division. Chattanooga, TN was the site for the state championships again this year on Keb-ruary 19th and 20th. ( oach Hendricks intensely watches the match. Trojans going to Stale Tournament: (row 1) Eddy Over-street. Chris Sanborn. Wayne Arguin. Jason Henderson. Ronnie Mackin. (row 2) Coach Hendricks. Shelton Walker. Shawn Hill, Cary Carrisoza, James lloxie. Cary Carrisoza goes for victory. Shawn Hill works for the pin. SPORTS 205Greg Ritter runs safely home to give the Trojans another added run. Members of the Varsity Baseball team: (row 1) Chris Knauss. Greg Kilter. Marty Oglesby, (row 2) Martv Finder, Darren Kimes. Wayne Arguin. Timmy Smith. Kevin Hollingahead, Brandon Todd, (row 3) Matt Healy. Richard Stroud. $nun Mathes. Jeff Wages, Jeff Browning, Robert Roth. Ann Sewell is ready to defend the Lady Trojans in their victory over Fayette-Ware. 206 SPORTSBaseball and Softball Teams Have Winning Records The Trojan Baseball team, led by Coach Hearn, had its best record in recent years. They started off the season by winning two district games. They defeated Germantown 1-0 and CBHS 2-1. The Trojans led the district in pitching. Allen “Cajun” Mathes led the district with an 8-3 record and a recorded 84 strikeouts in 64 innings pitched. Timmy Smith, one of four Trojans to bat over .300, had a batting average of .368, followed by Chris Knauss .341, Brandon Todd .333, and Marty Oglesby with .321. The Varsity Baseball team ended their season with a very good record of 17-12. When the Lady Trojan Softball team started off the ’87 season, they began with a 6-0 record. The first win came when they slaughtered former state champions, SkyView. Later in the season, they received stiff competition from Cermantown Red Devils and Bartlett Panthers. Their first loss was to Germantown. The Lady Trojans finished the season by placing third in the district. They showed great strength and potential for upcoming years. With the help of Miss Nancy Norwood, they show and almost guarantee a promising future. Members of the Lady Trojan Softball team: (row 1) Tammy Collver. Lynn CuUey, Michelle Collver. Ann Sewell, Michelle Lcgaspi. and Jennifer Smith, (row 2) Cheryl Winters. Vonda Thornton, Dawn Gardner. Amy Westmoreland. Kendra Black. Diamond Girls: (row 1) Andrea Bright. Kim Howerton. Lori Pruitt, Nesha Barton, (row 2) Belynda Stroud, Kim McCullough. Aahlcc Jackson, Gina Miller, Laura Stewart, and Tanya Vandcrgrift. SPORTS 207Yolanda Gray lakes the baton. Chris Micheal competes in 110 hurdles. Brian Street competes in the two mile run. LeighAnn I-aBarreare stays ahead of the other runners. 208 SPORTSTrack Teams have Outstanding Season «a« • The boys’ track team had an outstanding record of 7-1, and the JV team had a 3-1 record, making them the county champs. Chris Micheal was named MVP in every tournament they competed in, and he also competed in the state decalthalon. Brian Street placed third in the 3-mile run, and Melvin and Marvin Barnes were the team’s leading sprinters. The Varsity track team was very young, so Coach Gibson expects them to be much better in the coming season. The girls' track team had a record of 4-2 in their regular season. They placed in meets such as the Trojan Invitational, George Burns Invitational, and the District Meet. LeighAnn l-abarreare made it to the finals in the 2-milc at the regional meet. This year’s team was inexperienced, but led by l eighAnn I Barreare in distance, and Kim Herron in sprints, they prospered greatly in the 1987-88 season. Ms. Spencer, the new track coach, looks forward to a better year in 1988. Girls' track: LeighAnn IjiBarreare, Jennifer Velez. Tonya Chipinan. Cindy Hunt, Julie Cheese man, Kim Herron. Melissa Hagan. Sheila Gamer. Yolanda Gray. Shanel Smith. Bernadette Cooper. Torriano Kimbrough. Boys' track: (back row) Coach Gibson, sponsor; Dawn Dyer. Kathy Frazier, managers; Chris Michael. Charles Wimberly, Peter Nicholson, Steven Schockc, James Copeland, Victor Turosky. Tommy Batey, Mike Salyer. David Stone. Fcllipc Wilson. James Taylor, Tony Dumas, Robert Newman. Troy Davenport, (middle row) Steve Winters, David Coady. Shane Smithmier, Jeff Williams, Steve Baker. Eric McNary. Mike Gales, Phillip Perkins, Melvin Velasquez. Derwin Johnson.(front row (Dennis Carson, Mike Smith. Brian Street, Jerry Thomas. Kevin McConnell, Anthony Morrison. Mike Green, John Tickle, Dan ell Mason, Melvin Barnes. SPORTS 209Spring Sports promote fun in the sun The boys golf team ended their season with a record of 5-5. The girls’ team was 0-4-1. Many players will be reluming next year; therefore a better season is expected next year. Despite tremendous efforts, the Trojan Tennis team did not have a successful year. Our players were great but the competition was greater. However, most of the team will be here next year, and they are very con- fident. Although players are young, their abilities are great. This year gave them the chance to work hard and build the kind of team they need for next year. For the first time at MCHS a soccer team was established. Since this was a first year team, they were very' inexperienced. However, Coach I ipe said they looked very good in practice. The admininstration provided new uniforms and equipment for the team. Eddie Savage goes for a win. Stephanie Prachniak returns a serve. Golf Team: (row 1) Marty Finder. Jessica Edwards. Teresa Allison. Allan Neville, (row 2) Coach Owen. Brandon Todd. Robert Newman. Eddie Savage. Robert Roth, Coach White. Ah . Marty Finder sinks a birdie. 210 SPORTSSoccer Team: (row 1) Paul Kon tanas, Shane Rushing, Derrick Dawson, Andy Dupree. T-Shaka Coverson. Jim Shepard. Casey Benzel. Mike While, (row 2) Coach Lape. David Fuller. Mall Held. Patrick McVay, Ben Clark. Mall Couch. Sleven Smith. Gerald Beavers. Mike HulTines. Ken Pelit. Scott Massey. Brian Stevens. John Murray. Mike Thompson, Shane Selph, James Murray, Coach Higdon. 21 1 SPORTS Cindy Crawford smashes one. Tennis Team: (row 1) Brad Webb, Greg Birch. Michael Parks, (row 2) Ginger Ridenhour. Stephanie Prachniak, Cindy Crawford, Lisa Smith. 212 ADS Propaganda, bandwagon, testimonials, it’s all the same. Hunk about Suzie Superstar who uses Superstar shampoo and conditioner every day of her life, and her hair never falls out. 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JACKSON Millington, TN KAY BLARNEY 901-873-3636 CHURCH STREET MOTORS We buy, sell, or trade cars, trucks and vans; anything of value used as a down payment. We finance our own notes. Hrs. 8 am-6 pm Mon.-Sat. Jack Hardy — Owner 7764 Church, Millington, TN 872-6262ANCHORAGE COMMODORE ANCHORAGE COMMODORE MILLINGTON’S FINEST TOWNHOMES APARTMENTS 7826 HWY. 51 N. MILLINGTON, TN 38053 OWNER MANAGER CONGRATULATES THE 1988 GRADUATING CLASS A SMITH INVESTMENT COMPANY ECONO INN, INC. 6315 Navy Rd. Millington, TN 873-4444 QUALITY AT AN ECONOMICAL PRICE GOOD LUCK SENIORS A SMITH INVESTMENT PROPERTY Ads 239240 AdsCongratulations Jay! We are so proud of you and wish you much success and happiness in the future. We love you; but most of all, remember God loves you. Dad, Mom, Brian, and Kevin Congratulations Angie! We love you and are very proud of you. Remember always how special you are to us. We love you Dad, Mom, Jeff, Kristie Tonya Chipman — Class of 88 Congratulations We love you and we are very proud of you. You have worked hard and you deserve the very best from life. Keep God first in your life and you will have great wealth. God Bless You Mom, Dad Donna and Shane STOCKMANS SUPPLY CO. Complete Line Pet Vet • Nutrena Feeds Science Diet • ANF • IAMS Pet Foods Vaccines • Medications • Supplements 901-872-2284 6543 NAVY RD. MILLINGTON, TN. 38053 Trophies, Plaques • Ribbons, Certificates Executive Gifts • Engraving TROPHIES UNLIMITED Jimmy Demery 901-873-4440 7949 Hwy. 51 N. Millington, TN 38053 Ads 241242 Congratulations Gina Fulmer! Congratulations Stephen! OUR BABY FINALLY MADE IT! We are extremely proud of you and love you very much. May God bless you and keep you in His loving care always. As springtime follows winter, and earth is born anew, You’ll find you never walk alone If God is part of you. Congratulations honey. We are so very proud of you. We love you! Richard, God truly blessed our lives with you! We are very proud of you! We pray that God will bless the rest of your life! Love, AdsGuys like this are hard to find Witty and funny with an absent mind. The past four years have moved too fast. But the memories we have are sure to last. We've done some things that were certainly tops. Like Senior class prez and spaghetti in a box. Tennis, golf, and basketball too. Well there isn't much we didn’t do. And so you see what we’re talking about. A great bunch of guys without a doubt! Farewell MCHS and don’t be blue. Because you’ll never forget the “Shelby Forest Crew!" JOHN BRAD BRIAN ALLEN DAVID Congratulations to a great bunch of guys, who over the years, have consumed over 3500 lbs. of our potato chips and 150 cases of cokes! We wish you much happiness and success in the future! We love you all! The Webbs Ads 243Congratulations Tammy! We are very proud of you and love you very much. Now that you are ready to go out and conquer the world, “Remember yesterday. Dream of tomorrow, But live for Today.” Love, Mom, Missy, and Billy MY FIRST BORN! MY FIRST GRANDCHILD! JOHN, WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU! WE LOVE YOU, MOM and GRANDMA CONGRATULATIONS MELANIE SIEBERT! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU! LOVE, MOM and HEATHER Sean, We are so very proud of you. Hurry home — You have been gone too long. Love, Mom, Dad, Mark and David CONGRATULATIONS ALLEN (CAJUN) GO FOR IT. GET FROM LIFE ALL IT HAS TO OFFER. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. MOM and DAD 244 Ads“For I am confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Thank you Nesha for all the hard work and for your love always. We love you so much! Mom, Dad, Heather, Lyndi, Grandad and Nanny Congratulations Jerra We are proud of you and love you very much. May God bless you always. Love you so much, Mom, Dad, and Marlon p f'J Vicki, Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. Always remember we love you and wish you all the success in the world. Shawn, Congratulations Son! Love Mom, Dad, Tony and Grandma Ads 245Congratulations Ann We love you very much and have always been very proud of you. Just remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. All our love, Daddy and Mama Congratulation Melissa Austill Love Mom, Dad, and Scott Melissa, You were beautiful then and you are beautiful now. We are so very proud of you. Congratulations! Mom, Dad, Chris Carrie, Only yesterday you were our baby, today you are grown. Time has flown. We have all changed. One thing hasn’t. You were so special now. You brought us great joy, laughter, and sharing. We want you to know how very proud we are. We love you. Mom and Dad 246 AdsCONGRATULATIONS WILLIAM! THANKS FOR BEING ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE. WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU. WE LOVE YOU! MOM, DAD and RICK CONGRATULATIONS CARI ANNE! i l WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR DEDICATION TO YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, SCHOOL, CHURCH, AND COMMUNITY. MAY GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS: "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.” WE LOVE YOU, MOTHER, DADDY, CARLA and MEGHAN Atl 24Angela Roberts Stephanie Ransom Felicite Leon Melvin Velasquez Jennifer Silvey Michelle Cooper Julie Cheeseman Vonda Thornton Anthony Morrison Crissy Graumlich Shannon Fender Deanna Edwards FRIENDS FOREVER CLASS OF ’88 248 AdsIN MEMORY OF OUR FRIENDS SHANNON DUNN JENNY AIKEN TRACY RANKIN VICE-PRESIDENT FOOTPRINTS ONE NIGHT A MAN HAD A DREAM. HE DREAMED HE WAS WALKING ALONG THE BEACH WITH THE LORD. ACROSS THE SKY FLASHED SCENES FROM HIS LIFE. FOR EACH SCENE, HE NOTICED TWO SETS OF FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND; ONE BELONGING TO HIM, AND THE OTHER TO THE LORD. WHEN THE LAST SCENE OF HIS LIFE FLASHED BEFORE HIM, HE LOOKED RACK AT THE FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND. HE NOTICED THAT MANY TIMES ALONG THE PATH OF HIS LIFE THERE WAS ONLY ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS. HE AI.SO NOTICED THAT IT HAPPENED AT THE VERY LOWEST AND SADDEST TIMES IN HIS LIFE. THIS REALLY BOTHERED HIM AND HE QUESTIONED THE LORD ABOUT IT. “LORD, YOU SAID THAT ONCE I DECIDED TO FOLLOW YOU, YOU’D WALK WITH ME ALL THE WAY. BUT I HAVE NOTICED DURING THE MOST TROUBLESOME TIMES IN MY LIFE, THERE IS ONLY ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST YOU WOULD LEAVE ME.” THE LORD REPLIED, “MY PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS CHILD. I LOVE YOU AND I W OULD NEVER LEAVE YOU. DURING YOUR TIMES OF TRIAL AND SUFFERING, WHEN YOU SEE ONLY ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS. IT W AS THEN I CARRIED YOU!!” LOVE, THE JUNIOR CLASS Ads 249A friend is one who needs us and one whom we need. Around us may be many whose companionship we enjoy, but were they to suddenly drop out of their places there would be no soreness, no sense of deprivation, no lack of comfort. We do not need them, neither do they need us. A friend is one to whom we cling, though many leagues of space separate us. Though days pass with no sight of his face or word from his pen, we know our friend loves us and that when we meet again we will be on the same old terms; we shall begin where we left off. A friend is one in whom we confide. The secret chambers of our soul open to his touch on the latch. Thousands imagine their friends are numbered by scores. But if subjected to these tests every one of them would fall into the great sea of common humanity. — Dinger Joleen Campell and Amy Beavers CONGRATULATIONS “JO” YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY! MOM, DAD, ANGIE, JIM, JANEL WE LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU WELL 250 AdiCOMPLIMENTS OF MCHS PRESCHOOL and CHILD CARE HERO TOWNSEND MILLINGTON, TN. AUTO-MART MILLINGTON, TN. 7908 Hwy. 51 872-6789 FOR A GREAT FUTURE “WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS” 252 AdsEPPERSON HOUSE MOVING 5475 N. WATKINS — OWNER — MEMPHIS, TN 38127 JEFFERY EPPERSON 353-6134 Ads 253TRACY LYNN RANKIN JULY 29 1971 DAUGHTER LIE BACK, DAUGHTER, LET YOUR HEAD BE TIPPED BACK IN THE CUP OF MY HAND. GENTLY, AND I WILL HOLD YOU. SPREAD YOUR ARMS WIDE, LIE OUT ON THE STREAM AND LOOK HIGH AT THE GULLS. A DEADMAN’S-FLOAT IS FACE DOWN. YOU WILL DIVE AND SWIM SOON ENOUGH WHERE THIS TIDEWATER EBBS TO THE SEA. DAUGHTER, BELIEVE ME, WHEN YOU TIRE ON THE LONG THRASH TO YOUR ISLAND, LIE UP, AND SURVIVE. AS YOU FLOAT NOW, WHERE I HELD YOU AND LET GO, REMEMBER WHEN FEAR CRAMPS YOUR HEART WHAT I TOLD YOU: LIE GENTLY AND WIDE TO THE LIGHT-YEAR STARS, LIE BACK, AND THE SEA WILL HOLD YOU. — PHILIP BOOTH TRACY, YOU WERE OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER AND WE WILL MISS YOU VERY MUCH. WE LOVE YOU, MOM AND DAD SISTER A BEAUTIFUL WHITE DOVE LOVED TO FLY NEAR THE WARMING RAYS OF THE SUN. THE CLOSER THE DOVE FLEW, THE BRIGHTER AND PURER IT APPEARED AGAINST THE SKY, UNTIL ONE DAY IT FLEW SO CLOSE THAT ITS ENTIRE RF.ING WAS CONSUMED BY THE BRILLIANCE IT SOUGHT. IN ONE INSTANT. THE SMALL WHITE BODY WAS AT LAST TOTALLY UNITED WITH THE SUN AND TRANSFORMED INTO SOMETHING SHINING AND NEW. FINALLY THE DOVE FOUND THAT KNOWLEDGE IT HAD SO YEARNED FOR, AND WITH THE KNOWLEDGE CAME PEACE — COMPLETE AND LASTING. LOVE, STACY “LIL BIT” 254SPECIAL BEST FRIEND EVEN THOUGH WE LIVE FAR FROM EACH OTHER I ALWAYS TALK TO YOU IN MY THOUGHTS AND SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT WE ARE NOT TOGETHER BECAUSE OUR FRIENDSHIP IS SUCH A STRONG PART OF MY LIFE AND AS LONG AS I KNOW THAT YOU ARE HAPPY W HERE YOU ARE L TOO, AM HAPPY. — SUSAN POLIS SCHUTZ THANK YOU FOR BEING A TRUE FRIEND. TRACY. I MISS YOU, BUT I AM GLAD YOU FINALLY KNOW THE ANSWER TO ALL THE APRIL SNOW'. I’LL LOVE YOU. FOREVER. S B F F. KIM HOWERTON “TWIM" BEST FRIEND WHEN FORTUNE SMILES AND YOU’RE WINNING LIFE’S RACE AND FATE STORES YOUR BLUES ON A SHELF, SEEK YOUR REFLECTION AND EXAMINE THE FACE THAT SHOWS THE REAL TRUTHS OF YOURSELF. FOR IT ISN’T FAMILY OR ALL THE REST WHOSE JUDGMENT YOU TRULY MUST PASS, THE ONE WHOSE VERDICT COUNTS MOST, is BEST, IS THE FACE STARING BACK FROM THE GLASS. YOU MAY FOOL THE WORLD EVERY DAY FOR YEARS, DRAWING GLORY AND PRAISE BY THE MASS, BUT YOUR FINAL REWARD WILL BE MEASURED IN TEARS IF YOU CHEATED THE FACE IN THE GLASS. — WENDY LYN B F, KIM MCDONALD “SPOT” BEST FRIEND TRACY WAS MY BEST FRIEND. AND EVEN THOUGH SHE IS NOT HERE PHYSICALLY, SHE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE IN MY HEART AND SOUL. NO QUESTIONS WERE ASKED OF WHERE SHE WENT. EVERYONE KNEW HER HEART W AS W ITH GOD. NOTHING BOTHERS HER NOW. HER QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. SHE IS AT PEACE NOW' THAT’S THE IMPORTANT THING. I KNOW THAT I WILL SEE TRACY AGAIN, BUT WILL YOU? TRACY. I THANK GOD FOR THE TIME I HAD WITH YOU. I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER. LOVE. REGINA BLANKENSHIP “GINA” BEST FRIEND AFTER AWHILE YOU LEARN THE SUBTLE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOLDING A HAND AND CHAINING A SOUL. AND YOU LEARN THAT LOVE DOESN’T MEAN LEANING AND COMPANY DOESN’T MEAN SECURITY, AND YOU BEGIN TO LEARN THAT KISSES AREN'T CONTRACTS AND PRESENTS AREN’T PROMISES. AND YOU BEGIN TO ACCEPT YOUR DEFEATS WITH YOUR HEAD UP AND YOUR EYES OPEN. WITH THE GRACE OF A WOMAN, NOT THE GRIEF OF A CHILD. AND LEARN TO BUILD ALL YOUR ROADS ON TODAY BECAUSE TOMORROW’S GROUND IS TOO UNCERTAIN FOR PLANS, AND FUTURES HAVE A WAY OF FALLING DOWN IN MID-FLIGHT. AFTER AWHILE YOU LEARN THAT EVEN SUNSHINE BURNS IF YOU GET TOO MUCH. SO PLANT YOUR OWN GARDEN AND DECORATE YOUR OWN SOUL, INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO BRING YOU FLOWERS. AND YOU LEARN THAT YOU REALLY CAN ENDURE . . . THAT YOU REALLY ARE STRONG AND YOU REALLY DO HAVE WORTH. AND YOU LEARN AND LEARN . . . WITH EVERY GOODBYE YOU LEARN. YOUR FAVORITE POEM . . . IT HAS A MEANING ONLY YOU COULD UNDERSTAND. I LOVE YOU, TRACY. LISA OLIVETTE “LEE” 255BUT WE MADE IT! LOVE TO ALL OUR CONGRATULATIONS KIM! IL. Al G O 0 D WE LOVE YOU! LOVE, MOM, DAD, TON, AND GREG u 0 C F K 88 C L A S s IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR BEST FRIEND JENNY AIKEN THE EMPTINESS IN OUR HEARTS IS FILLED WITH LOVING MEMORIES OF YOU. EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE NO LONGER WITH US PHYSICALLY, YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE A PART OF US AS WE GO ON THROUGH LIFE. WE ARE JUST GRATEFUL THAT GOD EVEN GAVE US A CHANCE TO HAVE SUCH A WONDERFUL PERSON TO CALL FRIEND. WE FEEL PEACE KNOWING ONE DAY WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN IN HEAVEN WITH THE LORD. W ITH ALL OF OUR LOVE. BEST FRIENDS ALWAYS!! MINDY, DEBBIE, AND BELYNDA 256TROJANETTES Michelle Purdy Lisa Wolfe Crissy Graumlieli Tammy Mc Kinley Diane (Clifton SPONSORS N. Kincaid N. Purdy I2tli grade Robinson Lontok Mike Marr Mary Jo Artzer Freda Nicholson Carrie Ashley Christine Nolan Todd Blankenbeckler Tina Oglesby Andrea Bright Jim Palmer Julie Cheeseman Karen Ross Diane Clifton Kim Shumate Sharyl Couture Melanie Sicbcrl l.isa Crisp Kimerie Tate Ana Doss Vicki Travis Hhonda Duke Laurie Wall Dawn Dyer Samantha Watson Jerra Evans Susan Whitehead Shannon Fender Cherie Winzcnrcid Linda Ford Kathy Frazier Gina Fulmer Shelia Wilkins Melody Goode Crissy Graumlich 1 1 til grade Ruth Haley David Akins Amy Hall Teresa Allison Karen Hannah David Archdeacon Sheryl Hansgcn Melanie Ashley Dawn Harris Robert Beckham Robert 1 lemmings Jeff Brownlee Tahailha llieks Jenny Burt Jimmy Hill Annalisa Castro Cindy Hunt Sheila Chipman 1 Simona Hunt Clarissa Christopher Audra Jac kson Malisa Coelho Kim Johnston Kathy Copeland Henry Jones Tammy Corpier LaShawn Jones Christie Darwin Jennifer Karsko Paul Diekhaus Jamie Kidwell Mrs. Dobbins Angie Kopp Averie Dunkle Knar ilia Kranz Dawn Gardner Leigh Anne LaBarreare Sheila Garner Monique LaRochelle Scott Gipson Lisa Godin Michelle Mannon Susan Hales Bonnie Maughan Kim Howerton Stephanie McMahan Mike lluffiues Michelle Miller Holly Lyell Jennifer Patrick Krista Mayhugh Michelle Purely Rachel Miles April Shelton Angie Nolan Jud Tielz Michael Parks Denila Pfeiffer Stephanie Prachniak Gigi Wilder Jenny Smith Staci Snodgrass 9th grade Tiffany Stephens Missy Boyd Belynda Stroud Michelle Brown Christa Tatum Jennifer Brownstein Ronni Turner Justin Bry leans Richelle White Keisha Garner David Willis Denise Godin Cathy Wright Keith Harrell Tonya Harris Stephanie Henderson 10th grade Susan Herrera Kim Hopper Belinda Belk Jane Howerton Lodie Biggs Lynn Kimmons Michel Boyer Christina Lewis Becky Broyles Arty l.indley Cindy Crawford David Nelson Nico Davis Daric Pfeilfer Jessica Edwards Stan Prachniak Blake Farrell Howard Rector Denise Cage Scott Reed Amy Garcia Michelle Riddles Billy Gipson Christy Sere Kimberly Harris Tracey Slovensky Amanda Higdon Amy Smith Julie Howe Keith Jaworski Cindie Littlejohn Kenny Warner Ads 257Index A Abbott. Mike 164 Abenulhie. Robin 66. 80. 106. 108. I I I. 124 Abernathy. Jnrtw IS6 V hrljsJvl. Michele 156 Arilry. Brandt 156. 178 A«x»ta. Evelyn 38. 30. $2. S4. 60. 63. 65. 74. 102. 103. 106. 107. III. 112. III. 117. 124. 132. 133 Ailamt. In 156 Ailamt. Sham- 164. 202 Adams. Tertian 164 Adkins. Mall 164 Aguilar. Nano 121 Aiken. Jrnm 53. I 48 Alun. Uremia 148 Akin . I land 60. 62. 148 Aldrich. Hand 60. 62. I 18 Alrundrr. Cassandra 164 Alexander. Marla 164 Alexander. Mm belle 164 Allen. Amy 42. 60. 102. 1 48 Allen. Anthonv 164. 200 Allen. Beverly 164 A Hen. Chris 71. 114. 124 Allen. Kathleen 164 Allen. Michelle 156 Allen. Phyllis 164 Allen. Sandra 148 Allen. Shannon 164 Allison. Teresa 148. 210 Amen, kamran 16. 164. 178. 202 Anderson. Arlillisn 102 Anderson. Darnck 156 Arehdeacon. Dav id 31. 60. 62. 117. 148 Archer, Eugene 124 Argum. Sheri 164 Arguin, Wayne 9. 43. 61. 62. 63. 102. 110. 112. 117. 124. 176. 177. 178. 180. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206 Armour. Mrs 66. 16. 90 Armstrong. Carolyn 156 Arnold. Chnslme 156 Arnold. Mrs 06. 99 Artzrr. Jimmy 164 Artzer. Mao Jo 124 Arvui. Tony 148 Asbell. Cheryl 164 Asbrll. Joe 156 Ashley. Carrie 31. 103. 111. 124 AtMey. Melanie 31. 66. 80. 148 Atherton. Jerrlann 148 Autlill. Melissa 124 Austin. Scot! 156 Avers. Momra 38. 156 Ayers. Wayne 164 B Rady. Tommy 148 Raggett. Scotl 156 Baker. Kill 102. 148 Baker. Steve 14. 47. 66. 102. 148. 209 Bald sin. Amy 156 Baldwin. Kristi 13 Baldwin. Stephanie 63. 124 Rail. Billy 164. 182 Ballard. Davtd 148. 178 Ballard. Kandv 156 Ballard. Kiriy 148 Hanks. Nikki 148 Banks. W'ade 51. 124 Barlier. Michelle 69. 156 Bar gamer, April 148 Barger. Brwr 42. 124. 167 Barger. Keah 12. 18. 22. 47. 79. 124. 167 Bargm. Anyriie 164 Burner, Melinda 124 Barnes. Ann 13. 42. 60. 62. I 17. 148. 188. 189 Barnes. Marvin 156 Harries. Melvin 156. 209 Harr. Ijuira 200 Barrett. Chuck 156 Harroni. Or aid 156 Barrom. Stacy 42. S5. 60. 62. 69. 117. 148. 188. 189. 197 llarriwn. Thomas 1 48 Barron. Hawn 31. 124 Bartholomew. Shea 125 Barton. Kim 148 Barton. Nesha 22. 26. 27. 52. 63. 69. I 10. I 16. 125. 170. 171. 185. 207 Ballon. IVnnv 156 Baaa. Andrea 200 Haas. Oinslnva 148 Bates. Kevin 164 Bathe. Shelly 1 48 Beach. Teresa 42. 82. 12S Beagle. Davellr 156 Beasley. Brian 164. 202 Reavers. Amy 31. 61. I 1 I. I 12. 125 Braver , (ierald 211 Heavers. Ten 156 Beckham. I joda 148 Beckham. H«a9|. 123 Beckham. Robert I 48 Rrviv.ah. ( hrdie 164 BeU. Matt 148. 211 Krlim. Brian I 48 Be Ik. Belinda 156 Bell. Irina 156 Bell, Is-oley 164 Hrndall. Shelly 31. 156 Rennell. Brent 156 Bennett. Don 156 Bennett. Joe 164 Bennett. Taiwtha 148 Henson. Dana Renton, letonvi 38 Benrel. Caary 117. IS6. 21 I Hentrl. Tonya 125 Brrgi r. Mr 96. 99 Berry. Melody 164 Be,, y. Pain 62. 117. 150 Bern hill. Drnisr 156 Best. Jar 31. 62. 117. 156 Betlon. Sherry 105. 156 Beyer. Patrick 164 Biwdtu Tun 1 48. 191 Birth. Michael 164 Riggs. I mile 62. 156 Killings. Mr E 96. 99 Killings. Mr II ‘46 Hingliam. Retire 164 Birrh. Greg 22. 103. 106. 108. I 10. 125. 211 Black. Andy 156. 178 Black. Kelly 50. 54. 103. III. 125 Black. Kendra 19. 38. 39. 108. 156. 207 Blackwell. Tuia 164 Blair. Jeremy 125 Blake. Toma 156 Blanc. IVvoma l-e 132 Bland. Milton 164 Blankrnlirciler. Todd 31. 38. 39. 54. 63. 76. 111. 114. 125 Blankenship. Angle 164 Blankenship. Mrs 99 Blankenshtp. Regina 148 Rlazo. Jennifer 62. 156 Bledsoe. Cynthia 35. 164 Hie nun g. Ann 35 Blevins. Ru-ky 156 Rogaid. lama 164 Hogard. Shrylena 197 Hogard. Teresa 156 Bogg . Tonya 125 Holialrh. Jeff I 48 Bollatch. Joe 125 ttolunryer. Tom 125 llolgeo. Brian 156 Bomar. Mr. 96. 99 Bomprrsat. hri» 125 Bonds. Paulette 93. 125 Rondzm. Scotl 31. 156 Ronyour. Toni 164 Boone. Andrea 164 Boston. Iloib 164 Boswell. Cjndi 14 Boswell. Mrs 88. 96. 99 Boswell. Nathan 164. 202 Bowden. Jason 164 Bowers. Bridget! 79. 114. 126 Bowles. Christopher 126 Boyd. Missy 164. 187 Boyd. Tammy 22. I 10. 126. IRS Boyer. Michael 62. 1 I 7. I S6 Boies. Julie I 48 Bradford. Chandler 9. 21. 28. 83. 121. 126. 139. 176. 178 MO. 112. 114. 120. Branch. Aleicius 3S. 38. 105. 200 Branch. Joann 38. 164 Branch, Pnsc.Ha 148 Hrannuck. Rhonda 126 lltasrl. Melissa 148 Bray. N i 54. 148 Kndgrforth. W illie 35. 164 Bridges. Shelley 164 Bright. Andrea 48. 55. 57. 74. 76. 77. 111. 126. 207 Briones. Jackie 164 Brock. Brum 164 Brisk. Lisa 164 lliotuai. Ovaries 164 Brooks. Patrick 1 48 Brooks. Terry 156. 192 Brooks. Tonya 126 Brown. Brad 164 Brown. Greg 148 Brown. Michelle 164 Brown. Susan 66. 164 Brivwn. TJ 120. 164 Browning. Jeff 148. 152. 206 Brownlee. Jeff 148 Rrownslein. Jennifer 164 Rrownslein, Michael I 48 Broyles. Rebecca 38. 39. 156 Bruen, (.apt 96. 99 Brunson. I.mils 126 Brunson. Sheri 156 Bryan. Ruhr 164 Brvant. Donald 156 Bryant. Greg 54. 55. 57. 74. III. 116 D.yeans. Christy 38. 60. 62. I 17. I 48. 191 Rryrans. Justin 164 Buc hanan. Miss 96. 99. 102. 189. 200 Rullork. Scott 82. 126 Rurck. Michelle I 18 Burdette. Mr 96. 99 Borda k. Nurse 99 Burgess. Robbie 164 Burges . Robin 182 Hurk. Mr. 5. 25. 26. 96. 99. 264 Burk. Stephana-62. 67. 117. 156. 170. 171. 185 Burnett. Joseph 148. 164. 192 Burnett. Sean S7, 164 Burnett. Tonya 156 Burr. I aura 164 Burrow. Erika 164 Burt. Jenny 31. 148 Burton. Toy 38. 156 Busby. Prankie 35. 104 Boaae. Angela 126 Butler. Junmy 156 Butler. Mark 60. I 48 c Carry. Eric 148 Caldwell. Sam 156 (Ulhuun. Sharon 126 Camp. Brian 156 Camp. Quinn 156 (jimpbelt. Janri 164 Campbell. Joleen 24. 26. 27. 31. I I I. I 16. 126 Campbell, loci 148 Campbell. Mr 5. 96. 99 Campbell. Shane 156 Candell. lain 156 Candrll. Ricky 31. I 48 Cannon. Dee Dee 126 Cannon. Tambra 49. 164 Cantu. Kris 164. 187 Caradme. Andy 164 Cardenas, lam 164 Cardoao. Mis. 13. 66. 96. 99 Carmota. Cary 126. 202. 203. 204. 205 Carson. 102. 148. 190. 191. 209 Carter. Angel 165. 200 Carter. Danielle 42. 127 Carter. Jeff 165. 191 Carter. John 182 Carter. Jonathan 165 Carter. Kevin 31. 62. 117. 156 Carter. I aura 30. 31. 156 Carter. Nicole 62 Carter. Tirarav 156 farter. Toby 165 Cartwright. Tnna 127 Cartwright. Kiwanda I 48 CasteUaw. Stacie 165. 200 Castro. Anieeto I 17. 133. 156. 171 Castro. Aimalssa 42. 71. 78. 117. 148 Cates. Donna 165 Cauble. Philip 126 Cauble. Thomas 127 Chamber . Krill 19. 156. 170. 171. 185 Chamber . Riley 156 Chambers. Wiliam 127 Chance. Greg 103. 127. 141 Chapman. Brett 165 Charles. II,. hsc.l 62. 117, IS6 Cheek. Heather 156 Cheeseman. Julie 26. 27. 29. 61. 63. I 16. 127. 209 Chrnrtle. Ed 89. 165. 168 Chipman. Shane 49. 165. 182 (Jiipman. Slieila 148 Chipman. Tonya 9. 24. 26. 27. 43. 46. 47. 60. 63. 103. 104. 106. 109. HO. 115. 116. 127. 184. 185. 209 Christopher. Brenda 127 Christopher. Clarissa 3fl. 39, 54. 60, 62. 103. I 17. I 48. 191 Christopher. Kuril bony 178 Christopher, lawanda 165 Christopher. Patrick 31 (Jwimley. Tammy 42. 1 48 Clark. Ben 1 78. 2 1 I Clark, fandanre 165 Clark. Mrs 96. 99 (Jay. Valrne 57. 148 (Jay. Waller 165 Cleaves. Carla 31. 148 Clifton. I bane 26. 27. S7. 80. 83. III. 127 Coady. David 110. 127 Coats, Ann 165 Cobb, Klvonda 165 Cochran. Mrii aa3l. III. 127 Coriho. Malissa I 48. 188 Codim, Michele 189 Coffey. Albert 165 (albert. Kan 165 (ale. Kim 42 (.oleman. Miebrile 38. 165 (albns. Mane 165 (ailma. Mr 48. 57. ‘ 6. 99 Colher. Michelle 62. I 48. |9|. 197. |9«). 207 Callver. Tammy 42. I 10. 127. 189. 207 (Juno. Mr 64. 96. 99. 133 Condra. Stan 148 Cooper. Bernadette 76. I 48 Cooper. Michelle 46. 47. 52. 106. 109. I |0. 127 Copeland. James 14. 38. 39. 54. III. 127. 209 (aprland. Kalhrvti 60 Copeland. Kathy I 48 Cornier. Tammy 72. 1 48 Couch. Mall 153. 21 I (aulliele. John 127 Cuulhele. Nmole 31. 117 (auner. Melissa 128 Couture. Jay 35. 165. 182 Couture. Sharyl 61. 63. 128 Caverson. T-Shaka 165. 21 I Can. Michael 128 Cox. Trisha I 48 Craft. Clro 182 Craft. Kelvin 172 Craft. The,. 165. 182. 200. 201 Craft. Walter 182 Cramer. David 82 Cranford. Mr 96. 99 Crawford. Cmdv 117. 120. 211 Crawford. Mayrrmwia 165. 200 Creasy. Mi 96. 99 Crenahaw. Angela 165 Cnden. Sam 182 Osier. Sam 165 Crwp. Brum 182 Cisp. I.iss 26. 27. I2B Croft. Mr 31.96. 99 Oowder. Bourne 165 Culhrealh. RnWwe 79. 128 Colley. John 61. 63, 128 Culley. I.ynn 207 ( ullum. Michael 82. 128 Caber. Shane 165 (apples. Jeff 165 Curtis. September 52 Cushman. Kenneth 165. 182 Cutlip. Tim 57 D Dahaldo. Chns 40 Dairym|«le. Mrs 82. 96. 99 Daniels. Kim 42. 77. 128 Darwin. Christie 25. 35. 67. 86 Davenport. Troy 31. 47. 209 Davidson. Teresa 128 Davis. Tammy 165 Da via. Tom 182 Dawson. Derek 60. 62. 102. 211 DrGastrn. Christopher 165 Mis. 96 99 Dew. Angela 22. 120. 188. 189 IVxter. Buddy 55. 57. III. 116. 128 Dwvkhaus. Paul 31. 154 Diggs. Danny 38. 165. 200 Dix. Mrs 196. 197. 199 Dobbin . Mrs Dodson. Chad 165. 182 Dohertv. Kevin 128 Dominguez. Hich 19| Dona... Michelle I I 7 IVman. Theresa 163 Donohue. Jeff 12(1 Dos . Ana 38. 128 Dorn, Janette 165 Douglas. Joliet 43. 62. 73. 103. 117 Dowell. Darrell 182. 200 Downing. Mictielle 35. 37 Duke. Rhonda 128 Dumas. Torn 178. 192. 209 Dunkle. Avert 13. 60 Dunlap. Donna 128 Dunlap. Jimmy 165 Dunn. Erie 165 Dunn. John 165 Dunn. Mr 96. 99 Dupree. Andy 16. 178. 211 Durbin. Robert 103 Durham. Mr 14. 96. 99 l yef. • •»" 38. 39. 42. 54. 62. 81. 106. 108, 111 128. 209 E Eastrrwood. Arlene 60 Eckels, si. Msrm 192 Edwards, Jessica 66. 210 Edwards. Hrdeonna 75. 79. 81,86. III. 128 Eggleston. Mario 165 Khmer Melinda 165 EH». Catharine 60 Ellis. Felicia 31, 165 Ellis. Mario 182 Elrod. Chris 165 Elrod. Sean 26Win. kriftlvn 31. 165 Embry. Pauls I2H Ervin. Jason 114. 128 Ervin. I jim 60 Ervin. Nettie 110. 128. 197 Ervin. Tonya 40. 51. 62. I 17 Ev%ny, Hobby 165 Eutly. I’auIn 165 Evan . Jrrra 13. 106. 109. 110. 128. 184. 185 Evan . Mike 165 Ewing. Angel 165. 187 Evum. Hvllv 192. 193 F Favefl. Debra 165 E’eltv Hr inn 165 ErmVt. Shannon 78. 128 Ferguson. Carlo 165 Ferrell. Hrwlget 165 Ferrell. Mr 99 Finder. Marty 206. 210 Finnic. Jennifer 165 Ewkn. AJilri 165. 187 Either, leigluin 165 Fishet. MarVnr 31 Fit palrwk. Mike 165 Fletcher. I tonal.! 64. 128 Fletcher. keacha 128 Floyd. K«» 165 My. Mike 165 Fontana . Fan I 21 I Forbes. Sean 22. 42. 63. 104. 105. 110. 111. 117. 119. 12ft. 132 Ford. leve der 128 Ford. Uinta 128 Ford. Mirhcal 128 Fortier. Erika 49. 104. 185 Forsythe. Amy 165. 187 Forsythe. M» 96. 99 Fortune, Inri 22. 23. 52. 53. 54. 74. 104. 110. II I. 116. 119. 128. 170. 171. 185 Fortune. Krnee I 17 Franer. John 165 Fra ier. Kathy 14. 26. 27. 29. W . 47. 52. 57. 128 170. 171.209 Friar. Mike 82 Frost. Shannon 165 E'ruge. I aww 35 36 Fuller. David 191. 211 Fulmer. Ginn 31. 72. 111. 129 G Gagne. Ronald 165 Garcia. Amy 31. 62 Gama. Mr 96. 99 Gardner. Dawn 60. 170. 171. 207 Garner, kruhn 76. 165. 200 Garner. Sheila 42. 209 Gate . Erie 35. 36 Gatlin. Donna 129 Geiger. Kellie 165 Gentle. I.ynn 165 Cershon. Beth 165 Choslon. Clifton 36 Cibtw. Tommy 31. 62. 63. 101. 1 I I. life. 120 Gilmm. M. 96. 99. 182 Gilbert. Cariiasa 38 Gipoon. Daniel 12. 121. 150. 151. 177. 178. 202 Gipoon. Mr 72. ‘ 6. 99. 185 Girard. Jennifer 166 filetm. Dense 38 Glenn. M. 96. 99 tiodin. Dense 166 (iodm. lasa 69 (ioode. Melody 110. 129. 189 (Godwin. Angela 38. 111. 129 (amhin. I.isa 35. 166 Ihm. Sheriff 96. 99 (iolt. Kevin 35. 37 Grannis. Captain 34 Granms. CPO 34. 97, 99 GraumlH-h. Criaay 12. 24. 26. 43. 49. 75. 80. 111 112. 114. 117. 120. 129. 139. 264 (Way. Rhonda 129 Cray. Yolanda 103. 197. 208. 209 (Ween. Michael 60. 62. 180. 209 Green. Tammy 158 Green. Valeria 158 Greer. Cindy 42.76. 114. 116. 129 Greer. Paula 166 Greer. Scott 158 Crrganli. Tim 158. 178 Cngg . Tyrone 158 Grime . William 158 duns. Itcliliie 73. I 14 Guidry . Stephen 35. 166 Cunnarsdottir. kritlin 191 Cwin. Alisa 166 H Hadley. Chri. 62. 158 Hagan. Melissa 60. 63. 110. 116. 129. |90. 191. 209 llaldrman. (Wnrv.rvr 54. 61. (.3. 102. 103. 111. 115. 129 llaldrman. l-isa 166 Hale . Susan 14. 24. 26 llalry. Donna 61. 129 Haley. Jeremy 22. 166. 182. 202 llaley. I a 129 Haley. Mindy 62 llaley. Ruth 129 Hall. Amy 61. 63. 129 Hall. Derrick 49. 82. 106. 109. 129 Hall. EWika 158 Hall. John I Oft Hall. Kenneth l 6. 191 Hall, lisa 166 Hall. Mark 166 Halliburton. Stephanie 38. 51. 166 llallock. I.ynn 60. 71. 129. 133 Halvorson. Belinda !(» » Hamilton. Stary I 7 llammel. Howard 129. 132. 133. 154. 155 Hammonlrrr. Kathy 129 llanrr. Brian 158 Hannah. Karen 129 llansgen. Sheryl 72. 129 Hardaway, kwame 1(»6 Hardaway. Nefertili 166 Harding. Demetriu l(»6 Hardy. Holiert 158 Harold. Keith 182 Harrell. Keith 55. 57. 166 Harrell. Wayne 38. 39. 54. 57 Harm. Dawn 62. 63. 129 llama. Kim 38. 02. 103. 105. 130. 158 Harris. Koshra 31. 166 Ham . Shannon 38. 158 Hama. Sheryl 158 Harris. Tonya 166 Harris. Tom ha 31 Hart. Dewayne 129 Hartnesa. Janice 60. 62. 103 llarvei. Mrs 97. 99 Hast terry. Rohm 166 llassen. kelly 158 I tasters. David 151 Hastings. Terry 166 llatchel. Danny 51 Halter. Melanie 129 Hawkins. Mr 62. 97. 99 Hayes, kasanga 158 Haves. Shea 173 llnyes, Andrea 158 Hays. Fine 166. IH2 Hay . Lratliia 158 Hays, Marsha 158 Hay . Paul 158 Hayslip. Tracy 42. 129 llealy. Matt 158. 191. 206 Hearn. Mr 97. 99. 207 Heath. Jay 110. 129. 178 Hebert. Bobby 129. 154 lleminy. Annisaa 37. 166 Hemming . Rohm 14. 30. 31. 32. 34. 61. 63. 65. 87. 101. 111. 112. 129 llrmne . Eddy 158 Henderson. Bryant I 10, 129 Henderson. Jason 31. 60. 62. 117. 191. 202. 205 Henderson. John 31. 158 Henderson. Ka kanl 158 Henderson. Stephanie 16 i Hendricks. Mr 97. 99. 205 Hensley. Jerry 166 Henson. Sonya 158 llerda. Andy 1( 6 Herrera. Susan 120. 166. 187 Herron. John 105. 166. 191.200 Herron. Kim 42. 62. 67. 102. 117. 188. 189. 196. 197. 198. 20 1 Hesford. Brian 166 lin ks. Tahaitha 52. 83. 106. 109. 129 Higdon. Amanda 158 Higdon. Mall 158 Higdon. Mr 97.99. 177. 178.211 Hill. Charlie 22. 47 Hill. Jimmy 82. 93. 129 Hill. Mr 97. 99 Hill. Shawn 42. 47. 110. 116. 129. 178. 179, 180 202. 204. 205 Hillman. IVhra 166 Hindman. James 158. 178 Hindman. Jeremy 166 Hinton. James 31. 167 Hissong. Jimmy 158 Hoard. Richard 51 Holcomb. Stacy 158 Holcomb. Vadra 130 Holland. Amanda 167 Holland. Charlene 167. 187 Holland. Kim 158 Holland. Mk hello 167 Hodingshead. Kevin 1 10. 130. 206 Hollingsworth. Felicia 158 Holme . I.i a 150 Holmes. l.ou.s 1 10. 192 Holme . Hegma 130 Holmes. Stary 38. 43. III. 130 HoUmger. Donald 12. 42. 47. 54. 55. 57. I I I. 130 Hohmgrr. Gad 57. 150 Hood. Edwan 31. 158 Hood. Jennifer 150 Hood. Jennie lee 54. 150 Hooker. Robert 38. 39. I 10. 111. |30 llo|iprr. Davwl 159 I busier. Jolm 159 Hopper. Kirn 35. 37. 167 Horn. Connie 159 Horn. Sherry 167 Hoorhar. (ienrva 167 lloarhor. Shauna 159 Howard. John 35. 37. 130. 16 Howe. Julie 159 Howenon. Belly 167 Howerton. Kim 26. 46. 47. 60. 69. 104. 105. 117. 120. 150. 170. 171. 207 Ho»ie. James I 10. 130. 202. 204. 205 lludman. Doreen 159 Hudson. Cheryl 159 Huey. Jody 159 Huffine . 24. 26. 31. 57. 102. 150. 211 llulrl. Honda 159 llumlile. Bonny 167 llunnirull. laiurir 150 Hunt. Calunva 38. 39. 159 Hunt. Chris 20. 167 Hum. Cindy 46. 47. 60. 62. 64. 106. 107. 110. III. 113. 114. 117. 130. 185 Hum, lainuu 130 Hurd. Bernard 38. 83. 110. 130. 192. 193. 194 Hurst. Susan 40. 62. 63. 1 16. 117. 130 Hurl. Amy 16? Hurt. Jeremy 150 Hurt. Mrs 67. 97. 19 Hutchens. Vincent 167. 182 Hyde. 167 Hyman. Jeremy 182 I Ingles. Beths in 167 Ingram. Jennifer 159 Ingram. Tammy 130 Irvin. Patricia 42. 60. 62. 69. 150 Ivory. Rrrieie 159 J Jack. Vernita 150 Jaikson, Ashlee 22. 42. 62. 104. 117. 121. ISO. 170. 171. 207 Ja.4s.rn. Au lra 42. 46. 47. 61. 63. 81. 103. 113. 114. 115. 117. 130 Jackson, laifayelle 31. 35. 36. 47. 130 Ja 4.son. Melanie 131 Jackson. Paul 35. 150 Jankowski. Jodie 76. 167. 173. 191 Jarrell. Cindy 131 Jarrell. Mike 37. 150. 159 Jaworski. Keith 62. 159 Jeffers. Michelle 150 Jefferson. Detric 159 Johnson. Amy 150 Johnson. Angel 159 Johnson. Carolyn 167 Johnson. Chris 35, 167. 182 Johnson. Davwl 150 Johnson. Henry 167 Johnson. Jim, 167. 182 Johnson. Kevin 35. 167 Johnson. Mark 167 Johnson. 55. 57. 150. 159. 202 Johnson. Mr 97. 99 Johnson. Pam 150 Johnson, Ronnie 167. 182 Johnson. Shawn 159 Johnson. Tony ISO. 178. 179 Johnston, kirn 36. 38. 1 1 1. 131 My. Doug 150 Jones, Amy 159 Jones, Oirislino 35. 167 Jones. David 167. 182 Jones. Femccia 159 Jones. Henry 22. 26. 27. 29. 61. 106. 109. 131 Jones. Jarmthia 62. 117. 159 Jones. J antes 51 Jones. Justin 159 Jones. I Shawn 60. 61. 63. 103. I 15. 131 Jones. I «.icoda 31. ISO Jones. Maurice 131 Jones. Ms 97. 99 Jones. Stephanie ISO. 167 Jordan. Mrs 67. 99 Joyner. Mr 97. 99 Juncsu. Jeffrey 61. 63. 131 K kanirr ki. Jennifer 39. 57. 131 kantes-kI. Joey 159. 178 Karsko. Jennifer 38. 39. I 10. 131 188 189 Kasper. tJavlon 34. 36. 150 Kasper. Mr 82. 97. 99 Kearney. Sean 159 keel. Roy 167 Krilh. Davwl ISO Keith. Heather Id. 159 Keith. Laluha 40. 167 Keith. Hwk 131 Kelley. Richard 105. 131 Kelley. Sean 167 Kelley. Trevor 167. 182 KrlUm. Shane 167. 182 Kelly. David 159 Kelly. Patrick 159 Kelly. Wendy 131 Kennedy. Corey 167 Kennedy. Dana 1 59 Kemvon! IV 97. 99 Kenny, fherrsa 159 Kerr. Jennifer 159 Kesler. Greg 106. 131 Kwlwrll. Jamie 42. 43. III. 131 Kimbrough. Terrance I6H Kimbrough. Torrtano 31. 150. 20 7 Kirnes. Dart... 42. 78. 150. 206 K iminons. I.ynn 168 Kincaid. Mary 14. 26. 60. 62. 102. 150 Kincaid. Mr 81. 97. 99 King. (Tu» 168 King. James 159 Kirkland. Samantha 150 Kitchell. Robbie 159 Knauss. Chet ISO. 200. 207 Knight. • hns 35. 168 Knight, (awry 31. 38. 160 Koger. Jennifer 103. 168 Kopp. Angie 26. 80. 116. 117. 131. 170. 171. 264 Kopp. Jeff 104. 121. 160. 178. 202 Kopp. Kevin 150 Kramer. Bobby 168 Kronr. Kaarma 60. 62. 1 15. 132. 158 Krebs. M. 78. 88. 97. 99. 102 Kurt . Nicole 103. 168 Kuykendall. Kicky ISO L IjtfWrrair. la-igli Ann 11. 61 63. 61 65. 103. 110. 116. 117. 132. 133. 190. 191. 208. 209 I month. Arrh 168 I aCocnb. David 151 lasiui . Rudy 160. 178 Und. 1 -i vi 151 Iruvdrrth. Bobby lf 8 Ijuvdry. Mark 132 I angst on. Brian l( 8. 182 I ape. ( Wh 210. 21 I I a Roc belle. Monique 42 laVoy. latlana 168 I e Blanc. Devoma 36. 79. 116 Irliron. Monica 151 lee. Joe 36. 42. 60. 62. 64. 102. 104. 105. 117. 132. 133. 151. 178. 181 lee. John 35. 151 leem. I Vann 160 leese. Sharon 160 legnspi. Alum 160 legawpi. Michelle 42. 117. 151. 189, 707 I eon. Felicitr 38. 39. 42. 43. 103. I ID. 111. 130. 132 I ester. Samantha 42. 61. 63. I 10. I 16. 132. 196. 197. 199 lewis. Amy 160 lewis, (aria 1 10. 132 lewis. Christina 168 lews. Gary 38. 39. 54. 57. 132 lew tv Shauna 160 lew tv Vickie 168 l.indlcv. Arty 168 Eindsey. Donny 168 l.inxy. Jennifer 168 linxy. Joanne 132 I arctic. Warren 168. 182 I jttlejohn. (".indie 62. 103. 160 I illlejohn. Stefanic 60. 62. 132 I j anu. Craig lfiO I Joyd. Shane 168 lecketl. Kevin 168 locked. Pam 168 LoAon. Robrn 35. 151 I oft on. Tern 38. 132. 168 legan. Cindy 151 laigan. James 168. 182 long. Amy 77 l-ong. Angela 62. 160. 191 I ring, Natalie I OH long. Nik, 132 I ring. Norma 151 Untok. Robinson 31. 42. 103. 111. 132 l.opcr. FoIhoo 168 l«per. Veronica 168Ixniwt. Patrick 132 Ixmmrr. Strtra 168 I .out . Jrfonw 133 l-owa. Kim 31. III. 133 lout . Tarviiahta 31. 62. I 17. 160 low. Angela ISI low, Brian 168 Lore, Peshone 160 lavwecy. Chad 168. 182 laiwry. Ihwigln 37. 168 loniy, Stacy 133 l.ucaa, Ann 133 l,uca». Karma 42. 160 Luctn. Brian 151 l.uc-y. Valerie 151 Lttrftfc. Oirt 160. 178 ( veil. Ilnllv 151 Lynn. Timothy 168. 182 M Mack in. Ronnie 18. 160. 178. 202. 205 Marklin. Charlene ISI Macklm. Cocry 57. 111. 126. 133 MacfcKn. Mr 07. 00 Marlin. Mendel 160 MacSaveny. Richard 151 Mary. Scott 168 Maglothin. Andy 160 Mahonnoh. Susan 38. 30. 51. 103, 151 Malone, llavid ISI Malphu . Kim 151 Mannan. Michelle 160 Maple . Mia 07. 99. 104 Maples. Tammy 68. 169 Mart. Mike 62. 133 Marsh. Carey 169 Marsh. Mr 97. 99 Marshall. Diane 133 Martin. Daniel 38. 30. 5 . 103. 151 Martin. Melanie 62. 160 Martin. Michelle 133 Martin. Selene 5. 12. 26. I 14. 1 16. 133. 264 Martin. Shelley 169 Martin. Wendy 151. 185 Mason. Darrell 151, 209 Mason. Wayne 133 Maaaet. Sum 211 Mather. Robert 133 Mathes. Allen Cajun 22. 102. 106. 107. 110. 116. 133. 176. 177. 178. 180. 181. 206. 207 Matthews. Danny 169 Matthew . Tammy 151 Maugham Ronnie 160 Mat wed. Reeky 151 May. Charles 62. 117. 160 May hue. Ryan 169, 182 Mayhugh. Krista 42. 151 MoCagr. Betsy 160 McCauley. Angel 160 Md:W Sherri 62. ISI MtGlanahan. Ore 160 MrC.loskey, Tammy 151 McConnell. James 35 MeConneM. Kevin 151. 191. 209 McCullough. Kim 46. 47. 60. 62. 117. ISI. 170. 171. 207 McDaniel. Brett 133 McDonald. Kim 151 MrDow. Alisia 169 McFJyea. Adam 31. 160 McFarland. Mr. 97. 99 McCary. Debbw 60. 62. 75. 117. 151 McGovern. Jay 133 McGowan. Shannon 169 McGregor. Belinda 133 Mrlntoah. Genevieve 169 McIntosh. Sean 35. 37. 160 McKee. Drena 134 McKeU. Tim 82. 160 McKinley, Dawn 35. 37. 169 McKinley. Tammy 35. 36. 37. 134 McKinney. Adrian 151 McKinney. Martin 169 Mclean. Jeff 152 McMahan. Stephanie 77. 160 Me Nan . Eric 160. 191. 192 MrNccr. William 169 MrSavcny. Patty 168 Mr.Swain. Brooke 104. 169. 188. 189. 200. 201 MrVay. Mr 2. 94. 95 McVay. Patnck 64. 110. 134. 191. 211 Meador . Mr 97. 99. 178 Means. Daryl 5. 152 Medeans. Sharon 63. I 17. 134 Meek. Maria 169 MeOo. Angela 134 MeBoh. Hdl 31. 152 MelWi. Perry 169 Menees. Jamie 60. 62. 152 Mervdseth. Robby 160 Memah. Shell 35. 169 Metcalfe. Arthur 35. 36. 161 MwheaL Chris 42. 102. 125. 144. 152. 177. 178. 180. 192. 194 Middleton. Adrian 152 Middleton. Connie 161 Middleton. Maunce 169 Middleton. Markon 152 Mwriema. Wyatt 161 Milam. Andy 38. 39. 42. 63. 103. 106. 108. 110. III. 113. 114. 130. 134 Miles. Rachel 152 Miller. Alma 169. 191 Millet. Charlie 22. 61. 110. 116. 134. 192 Miller. Cma 14. 42. 46. 47. 60. 104. 117. 152. 170. 171.207 Millet. John 169. 182. 200. 201 Millet, l isa 169 Miller. Michelle 55. 161 Miller. Misty 169 Miller. Robert 169. 182 Miller. Rodney 169 Miller. Scott 103. 154. 155. 161 Miller. Tammy 161 Millington. Angie 152 Milk Doug 169 Milk Rick 152 Milner. Edward 35. 36. 161 Mitchell. Amy 161 Mitchell. John 14. 22. 43. 61. 62. 102. 104. 106. 107. 113. 114. 115. 117. 120. 132. 133. 134. 139 Mitchell. Mr 2. 3. 18. 94. 10S. 138 Mitchell. Susan 169 Mondie. leviia 15. 46. 47. 61. 63. 66. 83. 102. 116. 134 Monego. James 35. 37. 134 Money. David 169 Money. Melanie 169 Montgomery. Itrvsn 182 Montgomery. Gary 169 Montoya. Terrie 161 Moore. Dehra 161 Moore. Mr 62. 97, 99 Morgan. J 38. 39. 42. 76. 103. 105. 111.116. 134 Morris. Michelle 35. 134 Morris. Mike 169 Moms. William 161 Morrison. Anthony 5. 26. 27. 42. 43. 55. 60. 63. 103. 116. 117. 134 Moseley. Kristi 46. 47. 49. 161 Moses. Thomas 35. 169 Moss. Aaron 161 Moaa. Johanna 161. 197 Moss. Joyce 134 Mo . Ronnie 161. 190. 191. 192 Moss. Tyrone 110. 192. 193 Murhmore. Jeff 169. 182 Muchmorr. Jill 169 Mueller. Teresa 62 Munaell. John 169. 182. 202 Murray. James 22. 134.211 Murray. John 211 IN Naquin, law 161 Nathaniel. L'rhonda 38 Neal. Cedric 161 Neal. Stephanie 38 Neam. Danny 152 Neam. Joaeph 82. 92. 134 Nelson. Cecilia 161 Nebon. David 170 Nekwn. Jodie 31. 152 Nelson. Mr. 97. 99 Nesbrt, I .eon 161 Nettles. John 170 Neville. Allen 134. 210 Newman. Robert 152. 161. 192, 209. 210 Nicholson. Bethany 170 Nirhelson. Peter 152. 178. 209 Nichols. Heather 152 Nirhok Jennifer 170 Nicholson. Freda 40. 54. 57. 111. 116. 134 Nu. Sean 79. 134 Noe, Amy 161 Noe. Buddy 134 Nolan. Angela 152 Nolan. Christine 134 Norwood. Mi« 75. 85. 97. 99. 201 Nowlin. Mike 170. 182 Nuimi. John 35. 161 O 0 Connor. Mart 31 U NeaL. Kathy 161 0 Rourke. Shake 38. 39. 54. 60. 152 Oakes. Kanbrriv 161 Odell. Jeremy 64. 134. 152 Oglesby. Marty 110. 134. 206. 207 Oglesby. Tina 72. 134 Oldham, l-eigh 72. 134 Oldham. Steve 170. 182 Olivette. Ales 47. 161, 17a 202 Olivette. I.isa 152. 185 Oneal. Henry 170 On. Rufus 161 Onego. Caria 161 Osborne. John 170 (Xerslreet. Fddy 105. 161. 202. 205 Owen, lawrencr 161 Owen. Mr 71.97. 99.210 Owen. Phyllis 76 Owens. David 31. 134 Owen . Jason 170. 182 Owens. Shelley 31. 38. 134 P Page. David 170 Page, lawi 170 Palmer. Jim 29. 59. 80. 110. 134. 202. 204 Palmer. Karen 134 Panned, Randi 42. 75. 86. 111. 135 Parham. Cart Anne 26. 27. 29. 52. 61. 62. 69. 110 116. 135. 170. 171. 185 Parham. Carla 22. 62. 104. 120. 121. 161. 185 Parham. Tnn 135 Panmour. Rhonda 161 Park. Mike 64 Parker. Mrs 97. 99 Park . Ken 152 Park . Michael 31. 39. 60. 62. 80. 114. 132. 152 211 Parret. Scott 135 Pate. John 161 Pate. Mrs 77. 97. 99 PaIrvA. Jennifer 40. 161 Patton, Michael 92 Patton. Ray 152 Paul. Ginger 162 Payne. Julie 162 Payne. Sean 200 Payne. Shawn 162 Peacock. Donald 34. 36. 37. 61. 63. 6S. 114. 116. 135 Pearce. Stephanie 170 Pederson. Jennifer 39. 43. 54. 62. 74. 114. 152 Perlr. Rill 162 Peete. Sabnna 60. 61. 63. 110. 135 Pember. Lauren 152 Prides. Chris 106. 107. 110 135 192. 103. 194 Perkins. Donnie 170 Perkin . Phillip 31. 105. 152. 209 Perry . Gad 61. 63. 82. 135 Perry . Gloria 170 Perry. Mark 162 Person. Mr 2. 94. 95 Peters. Floors 135 Peters. I-aS bonds 76 Petit. Ken 60. 64. 132. 152.211 Petty. J 35. 37. 103. 152 Pfeiffer. Dan 173 Pfeiffer. Davie 170 Pfeiffer. Demla 132 Pfirffer. Doric 182 Pfirffrr. Derrick 202 PSelpa. Johnnie 1 70 Pfilllipe, I eAnn 1 52 Phillip . Shona 135 Phdfcps. Yolaundra 170. 200 Pierce. Denise 152 Pierce. Tina 162 Pigee. Mary 152 Pignataro. Lea 170 Pinlar. Becky 9. 19. 162. 185 Plunk. Tim 22. 51. 54. 5S. S7. 106. 108. 111. 135 Polk. Jennifer 162 Ponder. Jarkir 153 Ponder. Sharon 135 Porterfield, law 31. 153 Powell. Andrea 162 Poynrr. Jefferv 135 Prachniak. Sun 170. 191. 200 Prarhmak. Stephanie 60. 62. 117. 153. 189. 210. 211 Preston. Prada 170 Preston. Sam 31. 88. 111. 135 Preston. Stacey 135 Price. Mr 60. 97. 99 Prvce. Mrs 97. 99 Proctor, lisa 61. 63. 111. 113. 135 Pruitt. Rrian 162 Pruitt. Ix ri 22. 42. 52. 62. 117. 120. 153. 185. 207 Pruitt. Mr 97. 99 Pugh. Gary 153 Purdy. Michelle 31. 40. 62. 80. 103. 117. 162 Purdy. Mm 80. 81. 98. 99 PyaM. Anthony 133 Pyle. Marti 170 Pyle. Mrlaiur 153 Q Qursrnbrrry. Tiffany 31. 32 Quick. Came 63. 82. 13S Qunciiberry. Tiffany 162 R Rahuco. Omar 14. 31. 32. 33. 43. 61. 87. 111. 114 116. 117. 135 Rabuco. Sheila 170 Kabuco. belia 120 Rshorn. Qiannm 135 Haburn. Dustin 170 Rac hael. Steve 162 Rae. Mike 55 Hankm. Stacy 66. 170 Rankin. Tracy 120. 153 Ransom. Stephanie 15. 19. 26. 27. 29. 43. 61 102. 104. 106. 107. 110. 113. 117. 135. 189, |96 197 198. 199 Raper. Edwin 35. 170 K pp. Mark 170. 200 Ra»t. Sally 9. 12. 46. 47. 62. 103. 162. 170. 171 Ray. Lynn 60. 62. 102. 153 Ray. Mike 57. 162 Rayman. Dunns 170 Rayman. Drew 153. 178 Reason . Sherry 86. 153 Rector. Frank 135 Rector. Howard 104. 105. 120. 121. 170. 200 Redden. Heather 170 Redden. Stephanie 170 Rrdmnn. Angel 162 Reed. Angie 153 Reed. Krik 153 Heed, Hralhrr 162 Reed. James 38. 153. 162 Reed. Jen 39 Reed. Joanna 38. 39. 170 Reed. Kelly 170. 182 Reed, Marsha 162 Reed. Michelle 162 Reed. Ron 153 Reed. Scott 171 Reeder. Tony 31. 38. 111. I3S Reeves. Teffame 35. 36. 162 Reilly. Dana 153. 170. 171 Rem. Jennifer 35. 37. 43. 162 Hcndall. Mrs 78. 79. 98. 99 Rcyr . Mnribrl 153 Reynold . Michelle 135 Reynold . Timothy 171 Reynold . Warren 182 Rich. Craig I3S Richards. Daveri 171 Richardson, Caria 162 Richardson. Devonia 105 Richardson, Rochelle 31. 153 Richmond. Kevin 162 Kiddle. Jennifer 35. 135 Kiddle. Mike 35. 153 Riddle . Michelle 171. 200 Ridenhour. Ginger I S3, 211 Riley. Charlene 38. 39. 135 Riley. Darlene 38. 39. 171. 191 Ripley. TunrU 36. 153 Rippr. Tammy 31. 162 Risby. Karen 162. 172. 197 Ritter. Greg 14. 20. 60. 62. 102. 106. 107. 110. 113. 114. 115. 117. 125. 135. 176. 177. 178. 180. 206 Rivera. Mane 1 S3 Roberson. Kris 162 Roberts. Angela 19. 61. 62. 64. 102. 106. 108. 113. III. 126. 133. 135 Huberts. Cassandra 171 Roberts, Chris 162 Robrrt . Nancie 171 Roberts. Tabdh. 35. 36. 136 Robert . Timmy 35. I I 1 Robrrt . Timothy 136 Roberts. Tony 153 Rochelle. Momqur la 132 Rodrigues. W illiam 182 Rodngun. William 171 Roger . Billy 22. 171 Rogers, lava 153 Rogers. Mary 153 Rogrrs, Tonya 136 Roa . Dianne 136 Rosa. Karen 76 Ross. I.ynn 136 Ross. Mike 162 Roth. Robert 153. 206. 210 Rowland. Anne 153 Rowland. Gina 171 Royal. Kyle 136 Rushing. Shane 49. 171. 182. 202. 21 I Rutherford, Allen 153 Rutledge, Chris 153 Rutledge. Mike 162 Rysdarn. lawn 171 s Saddler. Clarraar 136 Saddler. Wyman 162 Salewsky. Ann 171 Salveggio. Pee-Khun 162 Salyer. Mike 153. 178. 209Sanborn. Chna 42. 102. 110. 116. 133. 136. 178. 202. 204. 205 Sander . Coir 162 Sander . Tony 82. 136 Sanford. Thomas 82. 136 Sartam. Jason 171. 182 Sauer. Werner 162. 202 Savagr- Eddie 110. 136.210 Som. Bntibrr I 36 Sa-yer. Chnatv 104. 121. 171. 187 Sawyer. Maigarrt 153. 189 Saylor Andrew 38. 162 Srartm«u||K. Ikrhr 162 Srkaub. Tammy 153 S hilling, I'.urlia 22. 1 54 Srhlachtrr. Kelly 35. 36. 162 Schneider. Jennie 13J Schocke, Donna 162 Schocke, Stephen 136. 209 S« t. Sitvm 82. 136 Sroll. Tim 171. 182.200 SraM. Vanessa 136 Scroggins. Debbie 162 Srnjgg . J 35. 38. 171 Sr ala, Chria 35. 36. 154 Seal . Greg 110. 137 Srlpb. Shanr 31.32. 87. IS4. 211 Stic. C.bhaly 171 Sralma. Jamir 162 Seat . Ann 26. 27. 110. 137. 196. 197. 198. 206. 207 Seslon. Dalono. 38. I II. 137 Sevton. Jeff 22, 47. 105. 162 Sharkey. John 137 Shell,. Angrl 162 Sbrllon. April 162 Shepard. Jim 211 Shepherd. Cory 171 Shepherd. Dennis 154 Sbr|ibrnl. Jamra 171 Sbrrnl. Kathy 162 Shield . Ram 162 Shirk. Ann 60. 73. 102. 114. 154 Short. Tran 40. 162 Shumalr. Kim 154 Snira. Myra 111. 137 Siehert. Mrlamr 42. 72. 116. 137 Sigler. Mm 77. 98. 99 Ntvry. Jennifer 26. 27. 29. 43. 61. 63. 88. 106. 108. 117. 137 Si minima, f.hria 171 Simmoni. M 37. 171 Sim . Richard 162 Sipr. Jennifer 40.41. 76. 114. 137 Sipek. lain 31. 154 Skater. Shelley 171 Skawinoki. Hale 162 Slovenaky. Trary 171 Smah, Amy 171 Smith. Angela 154. 172 Smith, drum 171. 182. 200 Smith. Buddv 162 Smah. Cathy 35. 154 Smah. Chariama 154 Smith. Chna 31. 137. 160. 162 Smah. Christopher 137 Smah. (ritulhon 171. 200 Smith. Ihane 137 Smith. Donna 154 Snilh. Greg 154 Smith. Jabliar 171 Snilh. Jamra 35. 200 Smith. Jennifer 42. 60. 154. 207 Strath, Jenny 42. 62. 103. 154 Smith. Jolene 162 Smith. I Jaa 162. 21 I Smith. Mike 42. 70. IS4. |9|. 202. 209 Smith. Mr 98, 99 Smith, Ronny 154 Smah. Sekiaatian 162 Smah. Shane! 110. 137. 209 Smah. Steim 31. 38. 111. 116. 137.211 Smith. Steve 43. 137 Smah. Tim 102. 1IO. 116. 137. IS1. 177. 178. 206. 207 Smah. Trarre 171 Smahrmer. Shane 22. 162. 202. 209 Snre. David 35. 171. 182 Snre. Janet 35. 171 Snell. Mr. 65. 98. 99 Snell. Velma 154 Snudgraa . Start 69. 80. 154 Sw-ha. Catherine 162 Socha. Joe 172 •Sobs. I.u 117. 162 Swndahl. Dane 172 SomdahL Eric 31. 87. 162 Soriano. Kria 154 Spangler. Cathy 162 Spark , lahommrr 138 Sprnrer. Ma 98. 99 SpiHett. Toma 154 Stafford. Kevin 172. 182 Stamea. Steve 172 Stamen, Waller 162 Steel . B8I 162 Slei klem. Kelly 172 Stei klein. Ronnie I 72 Steele. Brian 154 Stephen . Hnan 154 Stephen . Ghnatma 172 Stephen , fillany 60. 134 Stephenaon. Chria 162. 178 Stern. Stephanie 172 Steven . Brian 162. 178.211 Strvena. Chria 163 Steven . Chnalie 172 Steven . Tim 138 Stewart. David I 72 Stewart, Dewayne 162 Stewart. Henry 162 Stewart. I aura 66. 154. 207 Newart. Tatnmir 172 Stewart. Trai 172 Stinnett. Todd 57. Ill, 138 Stollmgs, Deanna I 38 St oiling . Krialy 138 Stolling . Steven 172 Stone. CJirntma 172 Slone. David 138. 209 Storey. Shawn 154 Stocy. Shawn 62 Stout. Du Icy 120. 172. 187 Strain. David 172 Straus . William 42. 43. 47. 71. 110. 116. 120. 13a 139. 178 Street. Brian 22. 88. 110. 138. 190. 191. 208. 209 Stringfrllnw. Tore 47. 107. 138 Slrohkivrh. Michael 1 72 Strong. Jitnoti 1 72 Stroud. Bdynda 26. 55. 62. 102. 154. 207 Stroud. Cope 172. 182 Stroud, Richard 43. 163. 206 Stuart. Dwayne 192 Stubblefield, Stephanie 154 Sugg . I Hula 154 Sullivan, Cheryl 172 Sullivan, Shannon 172 Sullivan. Sheila 138 Sumner. Becky 163 Swanaon. David IS4 Sweeney. Amy 42. 60. 61. 63. 78. 102. 103. 113. 114. 117. 138 Swihart. 1 u 14. 26. 42. 61. 63. 102. 106. 107. 113. 117. 138. 264 Sykea. Mr 2. 94 T Tackett. Sherri 172 Tankrrdey. Kellie 172 Tankermly. Jeff 4 Tanner. Mr 98. 99 Tanl. Ray 55. 138 Tapley. Ire 82. 138 Tate. Kimene 5. 22. 26. 27. 43. 16. 52. 54. 61. 62. 67. 102. 104. 105. 110. 111. 113. 114. 121. 138. 184. 185 Tatum, Christa 154 Taylor. Jamra 163. 172. 209 Taylor. Mm C 83. 98. 99 Taylor. Teresa 38. 43. 76. 111.116. 139 Taylor. Tommy 154 Taylor. Tonya 16.3 Taylor. Willie 172 Tenorio. T K 163 Terrell. Mr 82. 98. 99. 192 Thoma . Caprice 83. 139 Thomas. Jerry 22. 163. 191. 209 Thom . Kim 172 T»M.m . M. 98. 99 Thomas, Tricia 163 Thompson. Daniel 55, 163 Thompson. Meltsaa 12. 26. 61. 63. 116, 117. 139. 264 Thompson. Mike 55. 103. 111. 211 Thompson. Sharon 172 Thompson. Shawn 139 Thoinpaoit, Steve 154 Thom,won. Yalonda 172 Thornton. Mike 182 Thornton. Vonda 42. 110. 139. 173. 196. 197. 198. 207 Thorton. Mike 172 Tibbitta. Jeff 163 TibhiUa. Tammy 172 Tickle. John 57. 65. 102. 117. 139. 209 Tickle. Sam 163 Twij. Jud 31. 163 Twit. Mi 64. 71. 98. 99 Tillery . Carol 154 Tillery. Cyan 172 Tillman. Robin 48 Tilton. Oiria 172. 182 Tmana. Allan 60. 154 Tmrher. Donna 163 Tiongco. Toni 154 Todd. Brady 20. 163. 202 Todd. Brandon 22. 47. 61. 102. 106. 109. 110 132. Todd. Michael 130 Tolbert. Mr. 76. 77. 98. 99 Tolley. Kristy 1.39 Towlrr. Hae Ann 163 Towler. Tern 1 72 Townudl. Bill 163. 178 Trarey. David 139 Trary. T J 51 Travia. Vicki 26. 27. 45. 77. 116. 139 Trumble. Andrea 38. 39. 103. 154 Tucker. Paul 31. 163 Tuggle. Christine 154 Tullia IVana 139 Tulloa. Chria 139 Turner. Carey 173 Turner. John 173 Turner. Mike 182 Turner. Mr 98. 99. 102. 177. 178 Turner. Kandy 173 Turner. Room 59. 80. 154 Tm.wiy. Victor 155. 209 Tyrrell. Keith 163. 191 u I mlerh.ll. Kddy 155 I’ptegrove. lava 173 Caelum. Nancy 155 I'sekon, Scott 163 V Vaiwlergitft. Tanya 22. 60. 62. 117, 120. 155. 185. 207 Vanvirklr. Dariell 163 Vaughan. Arron 182 Vnughn, Andrea 155 Vaugn. Aaron 200 VeLu-,uei. Melnn 14. 26. 27. 61. 102. 110. 116. 117. 132. 139. 202. 204. 209 Velez. Jennifer 73. 86. 163. 209 Vida. Marilyn 155 Vogt. Terry 155 W Wage . Jeff 18. 47. 68. 69. 102. 114. 155. 206 W ail . Tew. 42. 82. 116. 139 W akefield, kmc 173 Waldon. Debbie 77. 111. 116. 139 Waldw i. Ficddic 163 W alker. Cherie 82. 163 Walker. Damon 173 W alker. Glenda 61 Walker. Maurice 163 W alker. Shelton 35. 202. 205 Wall. Carrie 163 W all, laurte 140 Wall . Dawn 163 Walk John 173 Walter . Glenda 115 Walter , lakita 140 Walters. Rene 140 Ward. Brian 163 Ward. Erin 173 Ward. Jrrrod 153 Ward. Julie 43. 103. 173. 191 Ward. Russell 155 War . Chria 35. 37. 173 Warf. Greg 163 Warner, Garin 155 Warner. Kenny 173 Warner, lias 55. 155 Warner. Travia 163 Warren. Doug 140 Washington. Ilakirn 163 Watkuva. Frankie 173 W atson, (had 163 W aUon. Heidi 54. 155 Watson. Samantha 35. 36. 140 W aits. Chria 42. 155. 178 Watt . Joe 173. 182.202 Weatherly. Dell 163 W eatherly. Desiree 31 Weatherly. Mari 155 Weatherly. Mr 98. 99 Webb. Brad 110. 140.211 Weld . Jeffery 140 Webb. Julie 62. 163 Webster. Chna 163 Welling. Rosanna 104. 173. 187 W ells. John 155 W'entvorth. Carey 163 Werner. Mr 98. 99 West. Jennifer 30. 31.61.63. III. 140 Westmoreland. Am, 31. 51. 62. 117. 155. 207 W estmoreland. Mr 98. 99 Weatrich, Jeremy 163 Wheeler. Marianne 64. 69. 155 Whimberiey. Charles 192 Whitaker, Sacelya 173 White. Billy 82. I U White. Erie 173 WhHr. Mike 173.211 Whae. Mr 99. 210 Whae. Ka belle 38. 39. 51. 54. 60. 62. 74. 103. 117. 155 White. Robb-- 173 Whae. Ruby 55. 155 Whae. Vagtl 155 Whitehead. Mr 73. 98. 99 Whitley. Tonya I5S Whanev. Don 173 Whaiington. Dale ISS Whittleary. Angie 163 W tullleson. A 38 W iggins. Shane 38 Wilde. Aron 163 Wilde. Keie 60. 62. 117. 155. 191. 202 Wilde. Johnny 140 Wilder. Jeanne 163 Wild man. Tina 140 W'ilkena, Sherman 163 W ilkins. Shelia 72. 140 Williams. Anthony 163 W illiams, dim 163. 178 W illiama. Jaaon 163. 178. 192 William.. Jeff 22. 26. 27. 43. 57. 110. 141. 166 209 W illiama. KeMy 31. 60. 155 Williams. Kun 163 W ilUams, Mike 35. 173. 182 William . Mr J 82. 98.99 W illisms. Mr. O 98. 99. 182. 200 W illuuna. Mr. 98. 99. 187 William . Quincy 31. 111. 141 Willuuna. Hegmald 31. III. 141 Willi-m . K- hard I 73 William . Sidney 182 W illiams. Thomas 163 W illiama. Wade 163 W illiamwin. Mashelw 38 W illiamaon. Totcia 173 WdU. David II. 47. 102. IS5 With . Mr 98. 99 Wilson. Eellipe 35. 36. 163. 209 Wilson. Jaaon 163. 168 Wilaon. Mr. 81. 98. 99. |J8 Wimberly. Chariet 22, 15$. 177. |78. 170. 200 Winters, (beryl 110. 141. 207 Winters. Steve 31. 163. 191. 209 Wmsronrd. Oienr 31. 141 Wise. Krainev 163 Withema . Ix»ley 155 Wolfe. Isas 28. 141 Womah. Terry 155 W ood. Donna 155 Woodward, Jerry 141 W oolen. Tamekia 38. 173 Wooten. Wendy ISS W ren. Shanna 163 Wnghl. Becky 173. 187 Wright. Cathy ISS W right. Robbie 38. 106. 109. 110, |||, | 7 « ngM. Hubert 141 W.atl. Ellen 173 Wyatt. Joi 35. Ill W valt. Revlonna 173 Wyarte. Jot M 141 Y Yaibcough. Steven 35, 173 Yarbrough, W.||IOm 103. I 73 Yates. Becky 173. 200 Yale . Chrvata 173. 200 Yale . Jim 173 Yoder. Rachel 37. 163 Young. Dina 163 Yming, Jan 163 Young. Kimlwily 141 Young. Vane 77. 103. 113. 141 Z Zander . Tyra 46. 47. 76. 102. 105. 155Weather Affects Yearbook Deadlines Tornadoes, Floods, and Snow Hinder Students Monday night. December 14. a fierce tornado hit Shelby County, injuring eight people in Northaven. Although none of the eight were Millington students, some students homes were damaged. However. the tornado wasn't enough lor Mother Nature. Yet another surprise was in store for Millington. More than fourteen inches of rain fell in the three days before Christmas. Christmas Eve. big Creek overflowed its banks and flooded the city. Several homes were damaged, most in Indian Meadows. Shady Oaks trailer park, and in the Eastwood Homes area. Many roads were damaged, and some bridges were washed out. resulting in hazardous driving conditions. Some Tlu Indian Meadows sulxiivision is flooded on Christmas Day. Water submerges ears al the Commodore Apartment . evacuations and rescue attempts by volunteers ttegan on Christmas morning. These evacuations were done mostly by small boats, w ith residents of some apartments climbing out of their second story windows. Throughout these disaters. though, all hope was not lost. Many volunteers gave up their holiday vacations to help put the pieces back together. Millington is truly a part of the great volunteer state of Tennessee. Red Cross set up a relief station al Baker Community Center to help with this disaster. Food, clothing, blankets, sheets, and other necessities were supplied by Millington business and residents. The Small Business Association offered low-interest 262 (dosingA chow lie hi the remains o( the loru.uio that hit the Northavcn area. Michelle Collver and Margaret Sawyer walk in the snow to their car when school is recessed early on February 1 I because of snow. Students take time out of their last minute winter vacation from school to ride four-wheelers.Yearbook Editors Say Farewell to MCHS We, ihe 1988 Trojan editors, would like to lake a moment to list the specifications of the l ook we’ve worked all year to produce. We would also like to say farewell, as this is our final year at MCHS. The 1988 Trojan contains 264 pages plus “Intermission", the 8-page mini-mag. Production was handled by Taylor Publishing Company, and 930 books were printed. The cover is black grain mission with a special design . Other information concerning the book is listed below. Type style: Rodoni and Garamond Bold Italic. Identification: 8 point. Body Copy: 10 point. Titles: 24, 30, 36, and 48 point. Subtitles: 18 point. Mini-mag and Endsheets: Carnival 60 Text Tan. Prices: $32.00 or $34.00 with name in gold on cover. Special acknowledgements: Mr. Mitchell, other administrators, and faculty for their support: Raleigh Springs Mall and the following businesses: Circus World, Card ('.age, D.J s, Dr. Pet, Jaccard's, and Champs; Yearbook staff photographers: Mel Velasquez and Jeff Williams; Jimmy Alford Studios: The official school photographer; Mr. Harry Hix and The Millington Star: Photography Plus. Other photography contributors: Mrs. Anne Parham, Michelle Purdy, Mrs. Sigler, Mrs. Gipson, Miss Cardoso, Senior Chief Grannis, Captain Bruen, Donald Bryant, Keith Jaworski, Mrs. Pederson, and other students and club sponsors. Greg Brown: Artwork on division pages. Melissu Thompson. Business Editor; Crissy Graumlich, Photography Editor; Selene Martin, KHitor; Angie Kopp. Sports Editor; I.isa Swihart, Copy layout KHitor; and Mrs. Ihirk, sponsor. The following are letters from the editors of the 1088 Yearbook Staff: Dear MCHS. Well, you wanted a change, here it is! I sincerely hope you appreciate this yearbook as much as we, the staff, do. Believe me, it took a lot of time and effort to make a change like this book. First, I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Burk for giving me the greatest opportunity of my high school years. Your devotion has never gone unseen by my eyes. I.issa. Angie. I.isa, and Crissy, I really can’t Iwlicvc we did it! I couldn't ask for belter assistant editors to work with! Thanks to the 1988 staff for all of your help! Greg Williams. I want to thank you for the encouragement and sup|K)rt you have given the staff this year! Goodbye MCHS! Selene Martin. Editor Dear MCHS. Hiank you Mrs. Burk, the overworked, undergru-tified sponsor, to Selene, Crissy, Angie, Melissa, the editors, and Melvin, who all took great shots in their own ways, and to the whole staff, for toleruting Hal200() and myself this year. I hope all of you find the power to come on strong-grntly. lisa Swihart. Copy l.ayoul Editor Dear MCHS. This year has truly been a year of change for MCHS, and as you can see. thlp yearbook is one of the many changes. I can’t express to you how much hard work and many long hours went into producing this book. Even though we missed a few deadlines, we made it! I would like to thank Melvin for always being there to lake those last minute pictures. Mrs. Burk, thank you so very much for giving me such a wonderful op|Ktrtuuily at being an editor. It is because of your patience, concern, and dedication that this ycarliook wits possible. Selene, Melissa, lisa, and Angie, we did it! Thanks to the 1988 staff for your hard work and patience. To the Seniors of 1988, this was our year. Cherish the memories this Itonk holds for you! Crissy Craumlich, Photography Editor Dear MCHS. Well, we did it once again. I hope you all like and appreciate this year’s book. It is the biggest and best book MC.IIS has ever had. Iliank you Mrs. Burk for all your help and support. Selene. Crissy. lisa, and Angie, yall are the liesl! Belynda. I never would have finished anything without you. Goodbye MCHS. I wish you the best of everything. Melissa Thompson. Business Editor Dear MCHS, Working together and doing your part are essential in pulling together a good yearbook. The year's work we pul into this hook lasts a lifetime. I hope when you open this Iwok in ten years all the memories come flooding back as if you were in high school again. Selene, Melissa, Crissy, I.isa. and Mrs. Burk: Thanks for the many precious memories you have given me. Angie Kopp, Sports Editor Dear MCHS. This year has been very challenging! The staff worked hundreds of hours to produce this "new” yearbook. Thanks to the administration, faculty, parents, and community for their support. Thanks Selene for all the hard work as editor, and your positive altitude ("We’ll make it, Mrs. Burk"); I.isa, for the many, many hours of work and the implementation of the computer program; Crissy, for your many hours of work, your aIhoIuIc dedication, and your creative approach; Melissa. for your steady guidance in financial matters; Angie, for your work as sports editor, and your attendance at many sports events; and the entire staff for your hard work. Remember the many hours worked after school, during lunch, and on holidays. MCIIS. we sincerely hope this book will provide many memories for you. and will help you keep the "Trojan Altitude." Mrs. Burk, Sponsor 264 CLOSINGEditor — Selene Martin Photography Editor — Crissy Graumlich Sports Editor — Angie Kopp Copy Layout Editor — Lisa Swihart Business Editor — Melissa Thompson Senior Editors: Danishea Barton Joleen Campbell Julie Cheeseman Tonya Chipman Diane Clifton Lisa Crisp Kathy Frazier Henry Jones Anthony Morrison Maurice Murray Cari Anne Parham Stephanie Ransom Ann Sewell Jennifer Silvey Kimerie Tate Vicki Travis Melvin Velasquez Jeff Williams Photographers: Melvin Velasquez Jeff Williams Other Staff Members: Sean Elrod Susan Hales Kim Howerton Mike Huffmes Mary Kincaid Belynda Stroud Advisor: Mrs. Burk

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