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On the State’s western border, Reared against the sky. Proudly stands our alma mater, As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword Conquer and prevail; Hail to thee, our alma mater, Millington, all hail.MILLINGTON CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Millington, Tennessee Volume XLI 1986 Carla Crawford — Editor Brenda Chunn — Assistant Editor Rhonda Jordan — Assistant Editor Patty Chambers — Copy Layout Editor opening 1Tying It Together Millington Central High School has become an establishment in which everyone feels he plays a part. Whether school is in session or not, Trojan pride shines on all that is around us. We acknowledge strong ties among our school, the activities we are able to participate in, and the community involvement behind our endeavors. It is important that we take time to think about what and who MCHS really is. It is seventy-eight years of growing and learning. It is hundreds of thousands of students who have come through here throughout all the years of its existence. Students have come from as far away as Sweden and as close as Millington Middle School to graduate from MCHS. Many of its teachers were once students who were taught in the room out of which they now teach. Millington is composed of a diversified student body and faculty that holds a close tie with the past. The students and teachers answer “what" and "whom," but only our activities can answer "why." MCHS is a school that greatly encourages involvement. Teachers and students alike are here to learn in an exciting and rewarding atmosphere. Therefore, almost everyone finds an extra curricular activity to tie up his time and satisfy his purpose for being at Millington. The community also plays an important role in tying things together. The majority of the students at MCHS work in various places throughout the city and almost all of the area businesses contribute to one or more of the school's programs. The purpose of the 1985-'86 Trojan Yearbook is to show everyone the ties that bind our school together. We have an important place at this school from which we all come together and become a close knit community. These pictures — a person tying his shoe, football fans at a MCHS game, two students at the river, and the JV cheerleaders — show ways that we are tied together in both a literal and figurative manner. Whenever anything comes together, ties are made. 2 opening McDonald's OVER 50 BILLION SERVED Table of Contents PARTICIPATION 16 Reflections 18 Activities — Honors 28 Clubs 57 Senior Activities 90 FRIENDSHIP 112 Seniors 114 Juniors 140 Sophomores 148 Freshmen 156 Faculty 168 SPORTS 178 COMMUNITY 220 opening 3Ties of the Past at M.C.H.S. 4 openingMCHS, a one-framed building on this same location, has changed greatly since 1907. Its appearance has changed, but the feelings and ties bind us all to this school that was once surrounded by woods and wildlife. The students sat on long benches with one long desk that served for everyone. Heat was furnished for the early Trojans by a woodburning stove for which the students carried the wood. The central building was completed in 1917; prior to completion, classes were held in the community churches and houses. The first senior graduation from Millington Central High School was in 1911. The ceremonies weren't very long compared to today's; there were only two members of the "Class of ’ll." An interest that has unified our town for many years is athletics. Many of the teachers at MCHS and many of our parents can remember the joys of our football victory over Whitehaven and the Civitan Bowl Championship in 1980. Before the high school had a football team, basketball was the big sport. Millington had many championship boys' and girls' teams, including a boys' team that won the state competition. Throughout all of the changes over the past 79 years, MCHS has always had a "family togetherness" atmosphere. People may have come and gone because of the Naval Air Station or left for college after graduation, but each person has left a part of himself behind. Many have even come back to teach where they were taught and to love what loved them. Millington has become a place made up of different people from different places and times, tied together in a hometown kind of spirit. This Page: Middle: Teachers of the 7th and 8th grades when they were a part of MCHS. See any familiar faces? Bottom: 1951 BASEBALL TEAM — Front to Back: Brad Thomas. Tom Music, Joe Nelson. Carrole Owen. Billy Weeks. Morris Bowen. Row 2: Bobby Huber, Don Scott. Rodney Vandivier. Dudley Akin. Bobby Johnson. Jimmy Thompson. Row 3: Glenn Dodds. Tom Knign, Jimmy Bowman. Paul Dunn. Howard Ralph. Bert Scott. Opposite Page: Top: The 1926 MCHS football team. Left: Mr Osteen, former principal of MCHS, and Mr. Morton, principal of MCHS, have helped out students for a long time. Right: 1952-53 Trojan Staff with a familiar face in the front row. Mrs. Osteen. opening - X 6 openingAll Tied Up! At MCHS, there is no such thing as a typical day because student relationships change so quickly. The seniors often see their own reflections through watching a traditional freshman reaction to the frantic halls of MCHS. The crowded buses ramble into the parking lot and jolt people into another day at MCHS. Freshmen walk with other freshmen — darting their eyes cautiously trying to avoid upperclassmen. The upperclassmen wander aimlessly, looking for unsuspecting freshmen to harass and maybe throw into trash cans. The cafeteria is another interesting aspect of MCHS. One gets a chuckle out of watching all of the classes run for the line as soon as the bell for lunch rings. The path to the cafeteria is almost as crowded as the hallway. The staircase of MCHS is literally a dangerous place to be between classes. Nobody wants to be late anymore than the next guy, so everyone rushes to class. After the excitement of the new-coming freshmen has been absorbed, the students begin working together in order to develop school spirit. It takes all of these diversities to tie MCHS together. What could be bad characteristics of some schools only pulls us all closer together. Opposite Page: Top Left: Student in the library. Lower Left: Students on staircase. Bottom Right: Students working in class. Middle Shot: Students in the cafeteria. This Page: Students after school in the parking lot. opening 7Students Tie Into the Community The business community of the city of Millington plays an important role in shaping the lives of many MCHS students. The tie between business and education is a permanent one because a person must learn and grow in order to succeed in business, as well as in all aspects of life. Mrs. Rendall, a teacher here at Millington, is the sponsor of a job placement program that has been going on for fifteen years, nine of which she has coordinated the program. Its ideals are to promote business skills and leadership and then place students in jobs that are related to their particular career interest. The jobs provided through Mrs. Rendall's program are primarily for students enrolled in her DE I and II and Marketing courses who express an interest in working. Thus far, the program has placed 95% of the students who are interested in working; this is over 8 openinglalf of the students she has enrolled in her classes. Par-icipating in DECA competition and running the school iookstore also help prepare MCHS students for the world of rommercial goods. There are also many MCHS students who are actively work-ng in our community in addition to those in the job placement program. These students have gone out seeking and have ound their jobs. The jobs held by Millington students and graduates range from fashion designing to working at McDonald's to banking. It seems as though one cannot get groceries, gas, flowers, or open a checking account without be-ng greeted by a familiar and friendly face. It is important to get work experience while in high school, and it is important to respect those who already have. For "the leaders of the business world are the leaders of mankind.” The following students work throughout the community. They are Matt Morrison, an MCHS student at Wendy s. Lisa Doyon. Linda Lozada, Debbie Eiland, Mance Bowden. Billy Overstreet, and Keith McMahan. opening 9Extra Hours Tie dp Loose Ends Many MCHS students use their summers to tie together the things they have gained from activities that go on throughout the school term. The yearbook editor, Carla Crawford, and the business editor, Brenda Chunn, attended yearbook workshops at Ole Miss this summer. A superior award was received for work that had been completed on the yearbook at that time. The cheerleading squads, marching band, and thes-pian troup of MCHS also went to camp to enhance this year's performances. The freshman, junior varsity, and varsity cheerleaders went to MS(J and earned first place in final evaluation. The marching band attended camp at the University of Tennessee at Martin to learn this year's routine and music. The actors and actresses of MCHS went to the International Thespian Festival in Muncie, Indiana where they performed the one-act ''All in Disguise." While the performing artists were keeping busy, some MCHS debaters and other special scholars studied in various places this summer. Patty Chambers and Martha Driggers attended debate camp at the American University in Washington, D.C., and Amy Linkous went for similar training to Baylor University. Two of our special scholars, Rhonda Jordan and Linda Bowman, attended the Tennessee Health Career Opportunity Program. The remaining two are Annie Martin and Mary Tietz who attended the Governor’s School for the Humanities and the Governor's School of Science. We wish all of these students luck in using the skills learned this summer.« Opposite Page: Top Left: The Muncie Group on the road. Bottom Left: The Varsity Cheerleaders at MS(J. Middle Picture: Coach Turner clarifies the plays at practice. Top picture: Band travels to camp. Above: Carla and Brenda are literally "all tied up" at Yearbook camp. opening 11Feeder Schools Tie M.C.H.S. TogetherMillington Central High School is made up of over 1,500 students who have either come from outside of this area or from one of the four feeder schools. The Shelby County schools that send students to MCHS are Millington Middle School, Lucy Elementary School, Jeter Elementary School and Woodstock Elementary School. One of the major feeder schools for MCHS is Millington Middle. Of its 500 member student body, approximately 250 are eighth graders who will be walking our hallways next year. The blue and white stallions of Millington Middle are led by their principal, Mr. Roger Deanes. Another feeder school with grades kindergarten through eighth is Lucy. These maroon and gold Eagles have perched in a nest of academic success. The school has been established since 1911 and is the oldest feeder school is this area. Dr. Jewell is the new principal and is very confident that further success can be expected. Jeter is our smallest feeder school. Ms. Dorothy Gant is the principal of these red and white Jeter Jets. Because of their small size, the Jets have formed a very close knit community. Thirty-four of the 250 students at this feeder school will bring their hometown spirit to MCHS. The feeder school with the greatest number of total students is Woodstock with 703. One hundred and ten of these are eighth graders who will come to Millington at “graduation." The principal, Mr. John E. Strong, Jr., is very proud of his red and black “Aggies." We also have elementary schools that "feed" into these. As a result, the students of Millington South, Millington East, Millington Central, E. A. Harold, and Northaven also become Millington Trojans. opening 13Top: Wendy and Amy at the drive-in. Bottom Left: Patty and Lisa in the Trojan stands. Middle: Nicole playing golf. Opposite: Top: Vicki enjoying a game of frisbee. Opposite: Bottom: MSG fans. 14 opening Activities Tie Gs Together There is an alternative to practice, homework, and reading that we all choose more often than not, and that is going out. Whether we go on dates or in herds, we go out to relieve ourselves from the tormenting monotony of school activity. There are a trillion things to do and it is really difficult to choose, but at some time we all end up going to some of the same places, depending on what time of the year it is, or what type of mood we are in. It is innate with us to think of the Trojans and the Tigers playing football when we feel that first cool breeze blowing. The nights get colder; the season rolls on. The Trojan power seen in the game against Dyersburg makes us proud to be Trojans. We see the Memphis State game against Ole Miss end in a disappointing tie and we still move on. Next, we roll into the season that keeps us cold even more days of the week, basketball. With games three and four days a week and snow around the corner, we are avid fans of the two T's again. Some of us may take a day or two out of this season to try out winter activities, such as ice skating and begin to plan for New Year’s. Ending this one, we'll watch the Super Bowl and again move on. This season hits with record speed as we see the end of school nearing, but we keep up our pace and take advantage of the warmer weather. Shelby Forest becomes a place to picnic, play frisbee golf, and just enjoy the sun. We can head for the putt-putt golf course, and practice our batting with the machines that cannot pitch any better than our little brother or sister, but this season, too, moves on. We go through every school year the same way, going out to see and do whatever is the "latest thing" and squeezing in just enough time for last minute finishing touches on our high school activities to tie up our time and tie us all together, as we move on. opening 15t PARTICIPATION There are many things that the students and faculty alike will remember about MCHS. Most of the reflections will Q spawn from general activities, clubs, and senior activities. These ties of participation hold a very important place in growing up; for our high school activities are remembered forever. First, reflected upon are those activities that happen only once a year. Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, and the other dances stir very much excitement around the school each year. The football players make their choice for homecoming queen and the basketball players choose the winter festival queen. Dates of the athletes wait around watching their ticket to the dance until the game is over and they can HHBMi ■ go to the dance, at last! The girls, however, get revenge w en Sadie Hawkins rolls around. Then he gets to suffer the agony of possibly not having a date, for once each year. 'V', 'W t, Searching for a way to organize interests, students form clubs. MCHS has a wide variety of clubs in which students can participate. Clubs range from academic challenges to , ' simple fun. There is something for everyone at MCHS. _ Finally, there is "the Senior year.” Some activities are K especially there for seniors to participate in These are the L bS V activities that students look forward to the most Prom is TVWBl probably the most outstanding senior activity, but choosing 4 ■4K ■■ Mr. and Miss MCHS and the Who's Who is always very ex-■ ' T'i” citing too. Hall of Fame honors those who have been par-jl • ticipating all along. P y. 1 What students remember is important, but sometimes do- ' ■ ing memorable and good things is even more important than remembering them. Participation in high school is a way to get ready for the future by enjoying the present. Join in the - Tlffi_ _ activities that will tie up your time with fun and excitement! Tim McCullough Activities Amy Miller Wendy Smith Senior Activities Toni Speck 17The Things We Remember Most. . . When we reflect upon 1985 and the beginning of 1986, we see a wide variety of things that caught our interests. Along with the traditional dances held each year, we remember the not-so-traditional dances of 1985-86 and the fashion trends that came with them. Whether the trends or dances were traditional or not, they hold in our minds a very special spot. Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins and Winter Festival came and went this year with themes with which we are all familiar. Homecoming was the "first official dance of the year"; Sadie Hawkins was “the night when the girls took the initiative" and Winter Festival was a time to celebrate the chilly weather associated with basketball. These dances have traditionally been a part of MCHS and students await them each year with great anticipation. The more spontaneous and spectacular of the dances we remember are sometimes those that just happen. The dances sponsored by various clubs each year give students a chance to show off the fashions of our time. Some of the more fashionable get togethers in 1985 were the Halloween Dance, the Ultimate Jam '85, and the Christmas Ball. Were the outfits we saw at these dances really "of our time?" This year we saw the revival of the stirrup pants that were so very popular in the sixties and last year's rebirth of the mini skirt is still going strong as well as “the over-sized" look. So we see at each of these dances that the fashions or fads of our time almost always were the fashions and fads of some previous time. Likely, just as the dances come and go each year, so will the fads. 18 reflections •S - • Fads of MCHS Top Left: Swatch. Gucci. Guess, and other costume watches worn in pairs became a common sight in 1966 Top Right: R Tucker. M. Cook. M. StaUmeyer. and P. Lunatti are some of the MCHS students who have set a different trend this year Middle G Ballard. L. Lacomb. W Smith, A. Miller. S. Ransom, and T. Speck model their shaker sweaters over T-Shirts and Mouses Bottom: How can you identify shoes — there are ' dressy' ones, ' casual'' ones, and some "semi-casual' ones — at best, there is a wide variety walking the halls of MCHS. fads 19Homecoming Week Spirits ran high all week as students geared up for the football homecoming game on Friday, September 27. Tuesday was declared denim day; Wednesday was button day; Thursday was crew day; and Friday was black and gold day. On Thursday, September 26, a spirit parade was held and students tried to outdo one another by decorating their trucks with the most spirit. The winner of this event was Dewayne Barrom, a senior, who represented Vica-Cosmetology. A spirit poster contest was also held. Michael Huf-fines, a freshman, won the prize for the top poster. Anticipation and enthusiasm paid off Friday night when the mighty Trojans downed the Dyersburg Trojans 21-14. And of course, there was a homecoming dance. Students danced the night away at this year's "Mardi Gras" homecoming. 20 homecomingt Opposite Page. Top Right: TOEC members join in the spirit parade. Middle Left: The "Mighty Trojan" Homecoming Sign. Bottom Left: Thespians join in with their "Trojan Spirit during the Spirit Parade. Middle Picture: Students at the Mardi Gras Homecoming Dance. This Page: Top Picture: Trojan fans watch the Homecoming game. Bottom Right: Barry Williams scores a touchdown for a Trojan victory. homecoming 21Homecoming Homecoming at "Mardi Gras” was a time for dreams to come true. Before the game, Miss Amy Miller was crowned Homecoming queen by Miss Cindy Gertschen, last year's queen. Next, the mighty Trojans conquered the Dyersburg Trojans, 21-14, for our Homecoming victory. Finally, the dance at "Mardi Gras" topped off the night. With their Mardi Gras masks and party favors, students danced the night away. Top Picture: Homecoming Court. Bottom Pictures: Amy Miller, 1985 Homecoming Queen. 22 homecomingDayna Ballard escorted by Dewayne t Sonya Fortune escorted by Allen Barrom and Danny Brown Deck and Demetrius Bradford Amy Parham escorted by Erik McCarroll and Mike Cannon Alesha Bellora escorted by Mike Williams and Alan Copeland Rachel Tucker escorted by Eddie Davey and Tim Street Michelle Cooper escorted by Ray Chester and Charlie Laird Amy Miller escorted by Jeff Phillips and Tim McCullough Lori Fortune escorted by Jeff Ingram and Todd Gertschen Laurie Goodlett escorted by Tim Parham and Curt Oliver homecoming 23Sadie Hawkins The most successful fundraiser for the junior class is the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance which occcurs in the Spring. The theme for the dance centers around the story of Daisy Mae and Lil' Abner. In connection with this idea, the girls ask their favorite guys to the dance. Last year’s dance which occurred Friday night, April 19, 1985, was proceeded by several events sponsored by the junior class. In addition to ticket selling, daisies were sold to increase profits. Girls were also allowed to purchase a slave for one day. Finally, the students could also compete for the title of King or Queen of Dogpatch with the person who collected the most money winning. As the couples, wearing identical shirts, entered the gymnasium Friday night, favorite songs were played by the guest D.J. Most of the students rushed to the photographers to avoid a long wait for picture taking. Then many couples chose to get married by Marryin' Sam (portrayed by David Harvey and Ray Chester); but, of course, a witness (Hank Hawkins) was also present to make the marriage legal — until 12:00 a.m. The couples also received certificates of marriage for a memorandum of the dance and of their short but meaningful marriages. The rest of the evening was filled with dancing and visits to the refreshment bar (Dewdrop Bar). Also, during the night, the King and Queen of Dogpatch were announced and crowned. The dance was a success for the junior class as well as for the couples. It is an event the entire student body, especially the girls, looks forward to each year. Top Right: Mickey and Minnie?!? Middle Right: The "no date" blues. Bottom: The Dewdrop Bar. 24 sadie hawkinsWinter Festival Week One of the most popular activities of the school year is Winter Festival. The activities throughout the week are sponsored by various clubs. The Cupid’s Ball was a successful fund raiser for DECA. The PACES committee organized a dress up day for those who wanted to participate. Mot only were these clubs involved, but the Thespians also sold carnations as a major fund-raiser. The final events of the week were concluded with the presentation of the court and the crowning of the Queen. Left: Will you be mine. Valentine? Bottom Left: Carnation sales were among the favorite Winter Festival fund raisers. Middle Right: Cheryl Broughton and Larry Vinson sell Cupid's Ball tickets to a gullible Corey Millen. Bottom Right: Dress up day was one of the Winter Festival week activities. winter festival week 25Winter Festival The festivities of Winter Festival week were concluded with the presentation of the court and the crowning of the Queen. The ceremony took place in the gymnasium between the girls’ and boys’ basketball games on Friday, February 14, 1986. Four seniors, three juniors, and two sophomores were escorted onto the floor and presented to the public. The highlight of the ceremony was the announcement by the master of ceremonies: “And the 1986 Winter Festival Queen is . . . Sybil Ransom.” Then the gymnasium was filled with applause as one of the major events of the season was brought to a close. Top: WINTER FESTIVAL COCIRT — Levita Hampton. Danishea Barton. Christy McManus. Cassandra Burnett. Sybil Ransom, Pam Diggs. Tanza Vinson. Erika Amaba. Lisa Reeder. Middle Left: The Winter Festival crowd watches the game with anticipation. Middle Right: Sybil Ransom is crowned the 1986 Winter Festival Queen. Bottom Right: Sybil Ransom proudly wears her new crown. 26 winter festival Erika Amaba escorted by Gray Long Pam Diggs escorted by Albert Bean Lisa Reeder escorted by Dwan Scott Tanza Vinson escorted by Ernest Pugh Cassandra Burnett escorted by Frankie Ransom Christy McManus escorted by Brett McDaniel Sybil Ransom escorted by Kevin Braden Neshea Barton escorted Levita Hampton escorted by by Robbie deMarigny Lawrence Cox winter festival 27Trojans Use Their Talents The various activities and honors at Millington give students not only school pride, but pride in themselves as well. Many of the students involved in these extra benefits have gained greater understanding of their own capabilities and limitations. There is a kaleidoscope of activities that shine forth year after year at MCHS. Among these activities are the theatre department, band, choir, ROTC, the talent show, and Miss Millington. The theatre department annually presents a musical production and is also involved with speech and debate. There are several bands included in the MCHS band program. These include marching band, concert band, and stage band. The Veteran’s Day parade and the Ole Miss Drill Competition are two activities that the MCHS ROTC program participate in. The talent show is sponsored every year at MCHS by the yearbook staff, and the winners move on to competition at the Mid-South Fair Talent Show. The Miss Millington pageant is another annual event that many students participate in. The various honors at MCHS are closely related to the academic prowess of the student. The Student Council and Principal's Advisory Committee are respected students at MCHS. These student government organizations are made up of students who are elected by their classes. The Student Council members spend homeroom each morning coordinating various school activities and the Principal's Advisory committee meets periodically with Mr. Morton to discuss student reactions to school policy. Arete is another honor organization at MCHS. Students who have received an academic letter are named to this organization. The students in two activities at MCHS spend the entire school year trying to capture the moments that mean the most to each student. The yearbook staff and the Trojan newspaper staff meet fifth period each day and strive to bring MCHS what it wants. Many of the students involved with these publications go on to become members of Quill and Scroll, a literary honor society. There about 1500 students at Millington and all of them have a special role to play in making it the best school in the county. The opportunities for success at MCHS are immense because of the variety of extracurricular activities and honor organizations. The students who have talent can certainly put it to use here. 28 activities and honorsMiss Millington The Miss Millington Pageant, which is held in the spring, is sponsored by the Millington Band Booster Club to help the band with expenses. To compete in the pageant, one must attend Millington Central High School or live in Millington and be between the ages of 15 and 21. The contestants compete in the categories of casual and formal attire, and personal interview. This year’s pageant marked the return of Miss Millington 1984, Sandra Warner, to crown this year’s winner. The people responsible for making this difficult decision were Clay Boatwright, Rick Cacamisi, Betty Daughtery, Robert Hall, and Russ McDonald. When the judges made their decision, the master of ceremonies announced the winners as follows: 4th runner-up. Lisa Perry; 3rd runner-up, Rhonda Frazier; 2nd runner-up, Cheryl Broughton; 1st runner-up, Jane Barnes; and Miss Millington 1985, Miss Alesha Bellora. As Miss Millington. Alesha received a $100 (J.S. Savings Bond from the booster club and a $ 100 G.S. Savings Bond from the Millington Optimist Club. In addition, she has participated in various events, such as riding in the Community Day Parade and handing out trophies at the Millington Antique Car Show. Top Left: Alesha Bellora is crowned Miss Millington 1985. Lower Right: Alesha models her casual attire. Lower Left: First runner up — Jane Barnes, second runner up — Cheryl Broughton, third runner up — Rhonda Frazier, fourth runner up — Lisa Perry. Miss Millington 29Glimpses The production Glimpses was a series of monologues concerning the problems faced by today's teenagers. The program was performed for the student body and also for the patrons of the fine arts program. The cast included the following students: Evelyn Acosta, Alesha Bellora, Bernadette Bradford, Ray Chester, Randy Chunn, Suzanna Croft, Lori Fortune, Cindy Greer, Scott Howard, Kathy Morrison, Tim Plunk, Sybil Ransom, Anna Reynante, Jake Ward, and Dennis Yount. Top: The finale. Bottom: The Glimpses Gang at the opening of the show. 30 theaterTop Left: Alesha says "fat is like a quivering tumor all over my body!" Middle Right: Jake mimes a quick look at the centerfold. Bottom: Randy is embarrassed to talk about his girlfriend. theater 31MCHS Fine Arts Department Presents “Bye Bye Birdie” The view point of ' Bye Bye Birdie" is satirical but not malicious. It gives an insight into the everyday life that is very much part of us. It is the tops in imagination and frivolity, a show that is enjoyed by the cast as much as the audience. "Bye Bye Birdie" tells the story of a rock and roll singer who is to be inducted into the army. The singer, Conrad Birdie, wears gaudy gold costumes and speaks in a rugged voice. This musical is directed by Ms. Nancy Norwood, the MCHS art teacher. She should be commended for her efforts into the second semester of 1985-86. She will also be doing all of the set for “Bye Bye Birdie." 32 theaterCast Crew of “Bye Bye Birdie” Dennis Yount — Harvey. Maude Scott Howard — Hugo Jake Ward — Policeman Ray Chester — Conrad Birdie Ernest Pugh — Albert Peterson Todd Blankenbeckler — Reporter Rob Flewell — Reporter Robert Hooker — Mayor Brian Casson — Mr. MacAfee Mance Bowden — Mr. Johnson Daniel Martin — Randolf Tara Phillips — Nancy Tanza Vinson — Margie Jennifer Pederson — Chorus Lisa Tennyson — Penelope Caren Capuson — Chorus Linda Bowman — Rosie Donna Johnson — Chorus Mary Tietz — Kim MacAfee Evelyn Acosta — Helen Debbie Walden — Chorus Richelle White — Chorus Vicki Travis — Chorus Alesha Bellora — Mayor's Wife Sybil Ransom — Ms. Peterson Christie Taylor — Ursula Anna Reynante — Gloria Rasputin Annie Martin — Mrs. MacAfee Jimmy Kimberling — Crew Kevin Braden — Chorus Daniel Gipson — Chorus Jeff Donahue — Chorus Martha Driggers — Chorus Amy Linkous — Chorus Ray Driggers — Chorus theater 33The Sound Of The Trojans The band, a major asset to the school, should be recognized as a group of spirited and musically inclined students. In addition to performing during half-time at football games and encouraging spirit at pep assemblies, the MCHS band is involved in other various activities. For example, the band displayed its talent in school concerts which took place at Christmas and in the spring inside the school auditorium. During the fall, the band was awarded excellent ratings in the West Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Association Marching Festival which was held in Jackson, Tennessee. The band also went on tour and performed concerts at all the Millington feeder-schools. In order to raise money to attend a spring concert festival, the band sold fruit at Christmas time and also sold pizza kits throughout the entire school year. 34 bandLeft Page: 1. BAND. 2. BAND MANAGERS — Standing: M. Ashley. Kneeling: W. Achelpohl, M. Hunter. M. Bowden. 3. INTERMEDIATE BRASS BAND. 4. INTERMEDIATE WOODWIND BAND. This Page: 1. BAND OFFICERS — Top: R. Jordan. Recording Sec. and Uniform Manager; C. Nelson. Uniform Manager; O. Rabuco. Soph. Rep.; D. Williams. Flag Corps Rep.; M. Scanlon, Flag Corps Co-Capt.; N. Sparks. Flag Corps Co-Capt.; L. Cox, Junior Rep.; S. Roberts, Senior Rep. and Librarian; T. Theobald, Librarian; T. Nehls. Uniform Manager. Front Row: M. Bowden. Drum Major; S. Lester, Band Pres, and Librarian. Standing: Mr. Ken Kroft, Band Director. 2. FLAG CORPS — Standing: A. Beavers. D. Williams. C. Walker. K. Lewis. M. Cochran. D. Clifton, C. Greer, M. Smith, M. Bondzio. Middle: C. Graumlich, M. Scanlon, T. Gibbs. Front: A. Aguilar, N. Sparks. T. Roberts — Not Pictured: A. Cooper. 3. DRUM MAJOR — Mance Bowden. band 3336 bandLeft Page: 1. FLUTES — Standing: Cherie Winzenreid, Laura Allison, Tina Cole. Tara Theobald, Michele Elliott. Kneeling: Belinda McGregor, Carrie Ashley, Teresa Nehls, Cheryl Grannis, Lisa Swihart, Angela Roberts — Not Pictured: Tammy Miller. 2. CLARINETS — Standing: Conene Nelson, Carey Hunt, Rhonda Jordan, Levita Hampton, Quincy Williams. Kneeling: Donna Gatlin, Jennifer West, Joleen Campbell, Tonya Morris, Danielle Davis. Sitting: Pam Moore, LaShawn Jones. 3. SAXAPHONES — Robert Hemm-ings, Devon Morgam, Tony Reeder. William Melloh, Steven Gant, Steven Smith. Omar Rabuco — Not Pictured: Raymond Tant. Right Page: 1. TRUMPETS — Robert Massey. Todd Blankenbeckler, Tom Stewart, Melinda Cline, Jeff Ingram, Wayne Price, Robert Setzer. 2. PERCUSSION — Sean Lester. Jodie Nelson, Jerry Couliette, David Owens. Susan Roberts. Carlton Howard, Lawrence Cox. 3. LOW BRASS — Standing: Ronald Sloan. Lafayette Jackson, Reginald Williams. Kneeling: Diane Marshall. band 37MCHS Choir The MCHS choral department consists of two choral classes and two performing groups. Mr. Velte teaches choir as a normal class. The students of the boys and girls’ chorus take tests, study music, and receive grades. Furthermore, to pursue their interests in music, the students may audition for a position in the Concert Choir and or Gospel Choir. They perform for the school and at various competitions. The choral department attracts many musically talented students and has given MCHS a good musical reputation. Top: Mr. Velte. Choir Director. Middle: Back Row: OFFICERS — C. Smith, Program; T. Ingram, Robes; R. Foster, Robes; S. O'Rourke. Librarian; J. Patterson, Reporter; M. Tietz, Librarian. Middle Row: L. Reeder. Director; K. Cartwright. C. Walker, A. Smith. L. Tennyson. Librarians; C. Halliburton. Assistant Secretary. Front Row: S. Sullivan. Treasurer; L. Bowman, Musician; E. Pugh. Vice-President; T. Vinson. President; L. Tate, Corresponding Secretary; T. Phillips. Sgt. at Arms; A. Martin. Chaplain. Bottom: GOSPEL CHOIR — Back Row: C. Walker. L. Reeder. R. Griggs. R. Foster. W. Bowman. Y. Spencer. L. Tate. M. Coleman. F. Jones. Back Middle Row: C. Smith, T. Ingram. M. Prather. M. Williamson. J. Morgan. J. Fulton. S. O'Rourke. J. Pederson. V. Jack. Front Middle Row: V. Banks. N. Banks, S. Frazier. K. Cartwright. C. Tatum. L. Tennyson. P. Brooks. A. Smith. M. Garcia. Mary Tietz. Front Row: S. Sullivan, T. Vinson. C. Halliburton. L. Bowman. E. Pugh. T. Phillips. A. Reynante, A. Martin. Right Page: Top Row. Top to Bottom. Left to Right: GIRLS' CHOIR — D. Crawford. C. Christopher, T. Cox, B. Christopher, L. Kniesley, B. Smith, T. Rodgers. M. Sides, M. Thompson. D. Harris. L. Tennyson. K. Cartwright. J. Morris. V. Scott, Y. Gray, L. Benton, L. Brunson. T. Irvin, S. Smith. S. Frazier, M. Prather. L. Hemming. R. Frazier, Y. Spencer. C. Tatum, C. Vann, J. Alvoid, C. Smith, C. Stewart. A. Smith, J. Pederson, S. O'Rourke. Middle. Top to Bottom. Left to Right: BOYS' CHORUS — C. Macklin, R. Ivory, T. Moss. D. Keith. G. Williamson. R. Griggs. W. Harris. J. Stone. C. Dabaldo, C. Bowls. S. Condra. S. McCoy, A. Grant. K. Garger, R. McNary, D. Reed. E. Caery, L. Boyd. Bottom: CONCERT CHOIR — Back Row: P. Hivner. R. White. A. Jones. B. Rayman, E. Milam. R. Talada, A. Milam. J. Copeland. G. Lewis. C. Halliburton. S. Cropf. D. Herring, A. Reynante. Front Row: J. Fulton, A. Martin, E. Acosta, M. Tietz. P. Stacey, R. Foster. R. Hooker, J. Jones. G. Childress. J. Morgan. T. Ingram. C. Capuson. 38 choirchoir 39ROTC The MCHS ROTC is very active. Each year they go to Ole Miss to march for field competition, to Florida for an orientation trip. They are inspected in April of each year; at the inspection the platoons are judged on the basis of their actions, dress and barracks. Awards are given to the cadet with the best appearance and the honor platoon is chosen. The ROTC drill teams also march at the Community Day Parade and other big community events. This Page: Top: Rifle Team with Lt. Todd Str-ingfellow. Middle Left: Chief Butt. Middle Right: First Year Drill Team with LCDR Lara Wildes. Drill Team Commander. Bottom: BATTALION STAFF — LCDR Albert Bean. Alpha Company Commander; Lt Thomas Kearney, Battalion Administration; Lt. Aimee Laurent, Battalion operations; Cdr. David McGary, Battalion commander; LCDR Lara Wildes. Battalion executive officer; LCDR Sean Lester, Bravo Company Commander. Opposite Page: Top Left: Captain Bruen. Top Right: Color Guard with MCPO Kim Johnston. Middle: Female Drill Team with Lt. j.g. Mary Ann Brown, Female Drill Team Commander. Bottom: Male Drill Team with Lt. j.g. Ronnie Mosely, Drill Team Commander. 40 roterote 41Top: 1st Platoon — Ens. James Pohle, 1st Platoon Bravo Company Commander. Middle: 2nd Platoon — Ens. Lea Maltby, 1st Platoon Alfa Company Commander. Bottom: 2nd Platoon — Ens. Joe Lundrigan, 2nd Platoon Alfa Company Commander. 42 roteTop: 2nd Platoon - Ens. Dennis Riddle, 2nd Platoon Bravo Company Commander. Middle: 3rd Platoon - Ens. Richard Thorne, 3rd Platoon Alfa Company Commander. Bottom: 3rd Platoon — Ens. Omar Rabuco, 3rd Platoon Bravo Company Commander. rote 43Youth Compete in Talent Show On Thursday night, April 4, 1985, in the Millington Central High School auditorium, twenty-three acts competed for a shot at the Mid-South Fair Talent competition to be held later in the year. The overall winner was eligible to compete at the fair talent show, along with three additional acts which received special invitations from a Mid-South Fair talent scout. The overall winner, Cynthia McBroom, sang and played the guitar to a song she composed entitled "America." Those receiving special invitations were Jennifer Hicks, who sang, "The Stage is Bare"; Profile, a Prince and the Revolution imitation band; and a double barbershop quartet which harmonized "Chicago Town.” Other winners were Tuesday Weiss, most artistic talent; CIn-Revolution band, showmanship; Boogie Down Bronx, Most Audience Appeal; Charlotte and Ernest Pugh, Group Winner; and Jennifer Hicks, Solo Winner. Master of ceremonies was former band director, Trent McVay. Judges were Ray Middleton, Angela Marcy, Danny Fitzgerald, and Don Davis. The talent show was sponsored once again by the yearbook staff. Top Left: Tuesday Weiss wins most artistic talent. Middle left: Cynthia McBroom. overall winner. Lower Left: Charlotte and Ernest Pugh, group winners. Lower Right: The Lln-Revolution Band. 44 talent show 1Quill Scroll Quill and Scroll is an honorary society made up of students who have excelled in journalistic work and who have been on the Yearbook staff, Paper staff, or literary magazines for two or more years or have done outstanding work in these areas. Top: QUILL AND SCROLL GROUP — Front Row: Richie Talada, Rhonda Jordan, Toni Speck, Desta Church. Back Row: Wendy Smith. Patty Chambers, Carla Crawford, and Sean Lester. Not Pictured: Brenda Chunn, Kathy Ellerbrook, Matt Twigg. Mance Bowden. Annie Martin, and Danette Barlar. Middle Picture: M. Bowden. D. Barlar, and A. Martin check the newspaper before it is given out. Bottom Picture: K. Ellerbrook, B. Chunn, and M. Twigg work on pages for the yearbook. quill and scroll 45Yearbook Staff The 1985-86 Yearbook Staff consists of Juniors and Seniors who were chosen from among many applicants during the preceding school year. The staff works hard with Mrs. Burk to publish the book each year and to satisfy the tastes of the student body. Each day the staff meets 5th period to do such tasks as typing, cropping pictures, laying out pages, and completing other jobs which are fundamental to the production of the book. In order to help pay for the expenses of the yearbook, the staff not only sells the books and ads, but they also hold a talent show in the spring which proves to be fun as well as a financial asset. LEFT PAGE—Top: A cake especially made by Mr. Morrison for the celebration of meeting the first deadline. Lower right: Rhonda Jordan. Photography Editor; Brenda Chunn, Business Manager; Patty Chambers. Copy and Layout Editor. Lower left: Mrs. Burk, Sponsor t Carla Crawford. Editor. Right Page—Top: The 1985-86 Yearbook Staff, Back row: K. Eller-brook. B. Chunn, T. Speck. D. Yount, R. Talada. G. Ballard, A. Holley, L. Johnson, P. Chambers, T. Gertschen, K Randall. C. Brandis, D. Sneed, R. Jordan, M. Stewart. M. Twigg, Mrs. Burk. Front row: E Amaba, L. LaComb. A. Miller. R. Tucker. K. Morrison, C. Crawford. C. McManus, S. Ransom, T. Vinson. Middle left: Photographers—Richie Talada, Hector Velez. Sean Lester. Middle right: Wendy Smith (Activities Editor) Tim McCullough (Club Editor) are diligently at work. Bottom: Senior Section Editors; Back row: K. Ellerbrook (Senior Class Ed.), T. Speck(Senior Activities Ed.). C. Brandis (Freshman Class Ed.), M. Twigg(Juniror Class Ed.), R. Talada(Faculty Ed.). Front row: L. LaComb(Sophomore Class Ed.), A. Miller(Activities Ed.), E. Amaba(Club Ed.), T. Vinson(Sports Ed.), G. Ballard(Sports Ed.). 46 yearbook staffI NEWSPAPER STAFF The Newspaper Staff works very hard every year to publish the monthly Trojan Newspaper. Each member of the staff has a unique and creative journalistic ability. They are a collection of hard-working, talented writers dedicated to informing the student body on the happenings in the school, the community, the country, and the world. They feel that having to perform under pressure to meet deadlines has truly been an educational experience. Opposite Page: Top Left: Mrs. Dobbins — Newspaper Staff Sponsor, Annie Martin — Newspaper Staff Editor. Top Right: Danette Barlar — Assistant Editor. Bottom: NEWSPAPER STAFF — Back Row: Shaun Sipe, Leroy Watson, Susan Roberts, Ernest Pugh. Front Row: John Roberts. Janet Davidson, Amy Aguilar, Danette Barlar. Mrs. Dobbins. This Page: Top: Desta Church and Mance Bowden type a page for the Trojan Newspaper. Bottom Picture: Newspaper Staff hard at work. newspaper staff 49Student Council The Student Council is an organization which helps to keep the faculty aware of the students' needs. They try to make the school a better place for the students and the teachers. They aid the community and school by sponsoring the Christmas Basket Drive, supervising elections, and compiling the student handbooks. This organization is very helpful to the school. Right: 1985- 86 Student Council. Left to Right: Gina Ballard. Hank Hawkins. Erika Amaba, Eddie Davey. Patty Chambers. Mickey Spears. Rachel Tucker, Sybil Ransom. Todd Gertschen, Nesha Barton. Kim Howerton. Audra Jackson. Ashlee Jackson. Not Pictured: Darren Greenburg. Senior Representative: Sean Forbes. Sophomore Class President,; Cynthia Hunt, Sophomore Class Representative; Lori Pruitt and Gina Miller. Freshman Class Representatives. Junior Class Representatives Sophomore Class Representatives Freshman Class Representatives 50 student councilPrincipal’s Advisory Optimist Honors The Principal's Advisory Council is a group of students selected by the student body as a means of communicating ideas and problems of the school to Mr. Morton. The group is an important asset to the school, because it keeps the administration in touch with the students. Top, Left to Right: Ashlee Jackson. Heather Gillmore. Cassandra Burnett. Leroy Watson. Tanza Vinson. Jeff Phillips, Tyrone Garner. Erika Amaba. Mr. Morton — Principal. Patrick McVay, Tyra Zanders. Levita Hampton, Lori Fortune. Bobby Johnson, Phillip Perkins. Micheal Huffines. and Sean Forbes. The Millington Optimist Club recognized the following students for their outstanding contributions in leadership, academics, and the arts. Bottom: Back Row: John Roberts. (Jnsung Commendable — Paper Staff; David Hesford, Unsung Commendable — Golf; Jeff Phillips. Unsung Commendable — Best Attitude; Stephanie Branson. Highest Average 1st 2nd six weeks (senior); Brian Casson. National Forensics League; Mary Tietz. Highest Average 1st six weeks (junior); Vicki Edge. Essay Contest; Mance Bowden. Unsung Commendable — SADD. Front Row: Christy McManus. Highest Average 2nd six weeks (junior) Unsung Commendable — 100 average in Chemistry; Annie Martin. Unsung Commendable — Choir; Evelyn Acosta. Highest Average 1st six weeks (sophomore); Patricia Hivner, Unsung Commendable — Choir; Jenny Smith. Highest Average 2nd six weeks (freshman); Kim Howerton. Highest Average 1st six weeks (freshman); Rhonda Turner. Unsung Commendable — Sports. principal's advisory optimist honors 51Attendance and Office Workers This year s attendance and office workers have proved to be very helpful in the running of the school. Under the supervision of Mrs. Harvell, Mrs. Garcia, and Mrs. Osteen, the office workers have helped with such tasks as running errands, answering telephones, relaying messages, and working office machinery, while the attendance workers have helped Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Osteen collect absentee slips. Top: OFFICE WORKERS — Toni Speck. Sam Ervin, Karen Bell. Jason McCaskill. Tanzania Vinson, Larry Vincent. Amy Miller, Karen Lorency. Jennifer Trujillo. Bottom: ATTENDANCE WORKERS — Back Row: Patty Hivner, Jennifer West, Jennifer Trujillo, Karen Lorency, Debbie Slyapich, Heather Gillmore, Pam Bartlett. Vicki Edge, Vickie Ward. Toni Speck, Jim Hulley, Kathrine Wilks, Vonda Thornton. Audra Jackson. Front Row: Brian Street, Vicki Taylor. Dayna Ballard, Sherrie Dacus, Belinda Johnson, Jaci Aiken, Georgia Smith, Vicki Travis. Ann Sewell, Cari Anne Parham. 52 attendance office workersTeachers’ Aides Teachers' aides are very helpful to teachers in the organization of classes. They perform various tasks such as setting up labs, returning equipment to the library and running errands. They are very useful in helping the teachers conduct their classes smoothly. Back Row: K. Wilks, S. Schocke. C. Ramburg, S. Howard. B. Chunn. C. Crawford. A. Copeland. A. Bellora. C. Hannah. Front Row: J. Wright. W. Gross. P. Chambers. D. Hayes, K. Capuson. D. Hemingway. Library Aides The library aides are necessary for the organization of the library. They keep the library organized by returning books to their shelves, checking out new books, and doing various other jobs. The library aides are very helpful in the efficiency of the library. Left: Amy Hall and Lynn Ray. teachers library aides 53Arete Arete is an honorary organization recognizing those students who have earned a scholastic letter or pin. Students earn a scholastic letter or pin upon making Honor Roll at least four out of five grading periods. They are then inducted automatically into the organization. Top: SENIORS — Back Row: S. Bradshaw. L. Rather. J. Phillips, A. Reynante, L. Ridley. T. Vinson. G. Childress. R. Talada. Front Row: C. Broughton. A. Miller. D. Ballard. C. Crawford. D. Barlar. A. Martin. L. Bowman. Middle: JUNIORS — Back Row: D. Yount. E. Davey, T. Gertschen. D. Hall. F. Acosta. Front Row: M. Tietz, M. Stewart. C. McManus. S. Ransom. J. Aiken, R. Tucker, K. Kopp. Bottom: SOPHOMORES — Back Row: B. Todd. B. Raulerson. O. Rabuco. J. Mitchell. L. Swilhart. Front Row: A. Beavers. J. Campbell. E. Acosta, L. LaBarreare, S. Ransom. A. Sweeney. M. Thompson. 54 areteHonors Top Left: OLE MISS SUPERIOR YEARBOOK LAYOUT AWARD — Brenda Chunn. Rhonda Jordan. Carla Crawford. Patty Chambers. Top Right: Standing: SPEECH AMD DEBATE AWARD WINNERS — Martha Driggers. Brian Casson. Amy Linkous, Patty Chambers. Glenn Gunnels. Kneeling: GOVERNOR'S SCHOOLS — Linda Bowman. Mary Tietz. Annie Martin. Rhonda Jordan. Middle: SCIENCE BOWL — Back Row: David Hesford. Stephanie Branson. Albert Bean. Mary Tietz. Middle Row: Glenn Gunnels. Brian Casson. Crissy Brandis. Ernest Garcia. Front Row: NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH ESSAY NOMINEES — Rob Herold and Rhonda Jordan. Bottom Left: Cheryl Broughton. Miss Teen Tennessee Alternate. honors 55Honors There are several students who have excelled in academics, leadership, and in other artistic areas. These students have contributed their abilities and talents to build the honorable reputation of MCHS. Right: Foreign Exchange Students: Marica Karijaamaa. Sabine Feldman. Middle: ALL-WEST CHOIR — Denise Harrington, Robert Hooker, Tara Phillips, Andy Milam, Bama Jones, Greg Childress, Tanza Vinson, Richie Talada, Mary Tietz, Eric Milam, Sandra Halliburton, Kelly Black, Rochelle White, Jimmy Copeland. Desta Church, Linda Bowman. McDonald's Band nominee: Carlton Howard and Sean Lester. Bottom Left: Erika Amaba, Century 3 Leadership Award: Sojourners Essay Contest: Rachael Kincaid. 2nd place; Rhonda Jordan, 1st place. Front Row: Hugh O'Brian: Evelyn Acosta, alternate and Angie Roberts. Winner. Bottom, Right: Boys' State: Albert Bean and Hank Hawkins. GIRLS' STATE — Erika Amaba, Linda Bowman, and Rhonda Jordan. 56 honorsMillington Central High School offers many extracurricular activities in the form of clubs. Each is recognized by the administration and has a faculty advisor who works closely with the club officers in carrying out the purpose of the club in view of the total school program. Academic, vocational, and other student-related organizations help to group the diversified interests of MCHS students. The members of most academic clubs have taken the particular subject associated with that club or have achieved a certain grade point average that makes them eligible for membership to an honor society. Similar to the academic organizations, the vocational clubs include students enrolled in a particular vocational course. The other student-related organizations range from student movements, such as SADD, to varsity letterman clubs, such as “M" club. Clubs provide excellent opportunities to be of service to the school community, to learn to work with others in a democratic way, and to further education, vocations and many other interests. clubs 57National Honor Society Wendy Smith President Erika Amaba Vice-President National Honor Society is an honorary club composed of students who are chosen by the faculty on the basis of good character and leadership potential. These juniors and seniors must maintain an overall average of 90 or above for a minimum of five semesters. NHS is primarily a service organization which undertakes at least one project to serve the school or community each semester. This year the club sang Christmas carols in local retirement homes and collected stuffed animals for the children of LeBonheur Hospital. NHS members also restored the historic beauty of the MCHS trophy case in front of the office. Newly Selected Seniors Diana Bales Maricar Bates Crissy Brandis Stephanie Branson Rhonda Jordan Marika Karjanmaa John Marley Liz Ridley Newly Selected Juniors Ferdinand Acosta Jaci Aiken Buffi Ayyagari Lawrence Cox Eddie Davey Rhonda Dickinson Martha Driggers Tracy Duncan Julia Ervin Sabine Feldmann Todd Gertschen James Hall Tamara Hood Maria Huelskamp Kellie Kopp Ann Leese Christy McManus Angela Miller Teresa Nehls Lette Pember Tom Price Kristin Randall Sybil Ransom Shaun Sipe Stacy Smith Daryl Sneed Sonya Steward Kelly Thomas Mary Tietz Rachel Tucker Leroy Watson James Williams Jolaine Wyatt Cara Barlar Melisa Boston Brenda Chunn Desta Church Annie Martin David McGary David Robinson Margie Scanlon Debbie Slyapich Dena Spencer 58 national honor societyAnna Reynante Secretary David Hesford T reasurer Dayna Ballard Valerie Banks Shelly Bradshaw Brian Casson Greg Childress Linda Bowman Carla Crawford Glenn Gunnels Hank Hawkins Patricia Hivner Richard Talada Tanzania Vinson Debra Williams Mr. Price national honor society 59National Beta Club Beta Club is a national honor club which recognizes academically talented students. Students are eligible for membership at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year. They must maintain an overall average of 90 with no grade below 85, and a minimum of three scholastic subjects. Beta Club annually participates in the Community Day Walkathon and sponsors bake sales frequently throughout the school year. Linda Bowman Liz Rather President Vice-President Cara Barlar Melissa Boston Shelly Bradshaw Greg Childress Brenda Chunn David Hesford Patty Hivner Rachel Kincaid Annie Martin David McGary Margie Scanlon Wendy Smith Toni Speck Liz Ridley David Robinson Sylvia Sullivan Richie Talada Tanza Vinson Mrs. Moore Dena Spencer 60 national beta clubNational Beta Club Desta Church Dayna Ballard Erika Amaba Cindy Amos Secretary Treasurer Valerie Banks Carla Crawford Melanie Davis Kathy Ellerbrook Glenn Gunnels Hank Hawkins Jeff Phillips Howard Piner Anna Reynante Amy Miller Amy Parham 1985 86 JUNIOR BETA CLUB MEMBERS — C McManus. R Tucker. J Aiken. M Tietz. Back Row S Ransom. J. Biller. D. Hall. M Driggers. M Williams. R Dickinson. J Wyatt. F Acosta. T. Gertschen. E. Davey. L Watson. Not Pictured: L. Cox. M Huelskamp. K. Randall. S. Sipe. and M Stewart. BETA CLUB — 1986 ELIGIBILITY LIST OF NEW MEMBERS — IOth — Evelyn Acosta. Julie Cheeseman. Tonya Chipman. John Culley. Sean Forbes. Cindy Greer. Melissa Hagan. Amy Hall. Lynn Haikxk. Levita Hampton. Robert Hemming s. Susan Hurst. Audra Jackson. Lashawn Jones. Leigh Labarreare. Susan Meredith, Charlie Miller. John Mitchell. Pamela Moore. Anthony Morrison. Don Peacock. Carrie Quick. Angela Roberts. Sandra Stank. Amy Sweeney. Lisa Swihart. Melissa Thompson. Jennifer West I Ith — Buffi Ayyagan. Karla Davenport. Tracy Duncan. Julia Ervin. Laurie Goodlet. Andrea Holley. Belinda Johnson. Kellie Kopp. Shannon McKee. Leslie MerreH. Angela Miller. Scott Murphy. Teresa Nehls. Mike Pace. Tom Price. Stacy Smith. Daryl Sneed. Michelle Solan. Constan-cia Soriano. Kelly Thomas. Shannon White. Susan Wurtz 12th — Albert Bean. Karen Berry. Stephanie Branson. Cheryl Broughton. Patty Chambers. Robert Herold. Brandon Johnson. Rhonda Jordan. Marika Karjanmaa. Suzanne Landry. La Tonya Tate. Matt Twigg. Larry Vinson. Chandra Watson. Debra Williams. Tammy Woodward national beta club 61Artists In Action Artists In Action is composed of students who have maintained an "A" average throughout two years of art. All advanced art students are also members. The club is involved in many community and school projects, such as the school calendar, and is in charge of all the art shows. Artists In Action also runs the Banner Boutique, in which the members create and sell banners to individuals and businesses as a way of raising money for art materials. Top: Standing: Ms. Norwood, Kim Tenorio, Valerie Banks, Keith McMahan, David Creel, Michelle Jones, and Jeff Abernathy. Sitting: Rob Flewell, Cheryl Broughton, and Kathy Turosky. Middle Left: Banner displayed at the Millington-Dyersburg football pep rally. Middle Right: Cheryl Morrison adds the finishing touches to her project. Bottom Right: Club members working on their Individual projects. 62 artists in actionOn December 17, 1985, a group of seven students — Danette Barlar, Dan Richardson, Mance Bowden, Sandra Donan, Donna Johnson, Richard Thorne, Jennifer Trujillo — along with their sponsor, Mrs. Krebs, made a special trip with Close-Lip to Washington, D.C., where they went to Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and met congressmen and senators including, Senator Albert Gore and Senator Sasser. Close-CJp promotes student involvement in our political system and the current events. The club has fund raising events throughout the year. Another exciting trip is the Close-Lip trip to Nashville. Top: The Close-Op Club. Middle: OFFICERS — Latonya Tate, Secetary; Dennis Yount, Vice-President; Jennifer Trujillo. President; Danette Barlar. Treasurer. Bottom: Members are at the airport waiting to leave for Washington. close-up clubComputer Club Computer Club is open to students who are currently taking computer science or who have already earned a credit in the course. Among the many activities are participating in computer competition, listening to guest speakers, and coordinating the Ultimate Jam 85 dance. Top: The Computer Club. Middle Left: Alan Blythe works on his computer program. Middle Right: COMPUTER CLUB OFFICERS — Bottom Row: Margie Scanlon. Vice-President; Keith McMahan. Treasurer. Top Row: Alan Deck. Master at Arms; Demetrius Bradford. President; Mike Velasquez. Secretary. 64 computer clubCosmetology Cosmetology provides students with necessary training to become a professional cosmetologist. Students learn about various beauty techniques as well as the latest hairstyles. This year they won first place for the best-decorated truck in the annual spirit parade. The sponsor is Ms. Dalrymple. Top Picture: The Cosmetology Club. Bottom Left: Gidget Doty. Vice-President; Nicole Forsythe. President; Belinda Harrald, Secretary. Top Row: Lisa Payne, Parliamentarian: Chandra Watson, Reporter; Sandra Donan. Club Advisor; Marva Risby, Treasurer. cosmetology 65NFL Debate Team Through local, state, out of state competition and community — related activities, a student acquires points to obtain membership in the National Forensics League. Twenty-five points are required for membership. Points earned thereafter become credit toward degrees of membership. In order for a school to maintain affiliation with the national office, it must submit a quota of 15 new members annually, a requirement which MCHS has fulfilled. Debate is a form of persuasive speaking based on logical reasoning and evidential support. In order to enroll in debate, a student must have taken Speech I. This year's debate teams are Patty Chambers and Martha Driggers, Brian Casson and Amy Linkous, Patty Hivner and Glenn Gunnels. Both Debate and NFL have established a reputation of excellence on all levels of state and national competition. 66 nfl and debate teamMiddle: Brian Casson critically listens to Patty Chambers' 2nd affirmative constructive speech. Top Right: NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE OFFICERS — President. Patty Chambers; Vice-President. Martha Driggers; Secretary. Suzanna Cropf. Opposite Page: DEBATE TEAM — Sitting: M. Driggers. P. Chambers. A. Linkous, B. Casson. Standing: A. Martin, M. Bowden. L. Doyon, J. Jones. J. Murray, P. Hivner, S. Arkon, J. Dugger, D. Johnson. Bottom: NATIONAL FORENSICS LEAGUE — B. Casson. P. Hivner, A. Linkous. M. Driggers. S. Cropf. P. Chambers. nfl and debate team 67DECA DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, is an organization consisting of students who are interested in marketing and distribution. To become a member, a student must be enrolled in the Marketing and DE program. The members learn job skills first-hand in the business community. DECA is responsible for the management of the school book store. This year DECA is planning a field trip to New York for a fashion merchandising program. Top: DECA CLCIB — Middle Left: The Student teacher, Mrs. Trull, gives advice to the DE class. Middle Right: DECA OFFICERS — Leslie LaComb, Treasurer; LaTonya Tate, Secretary; Marsha Barton, President; Kenneth Harris. Vice-President; Cheryl Broughton. Reporter; Kathy Ellerbrook, Parliamentarian. Bottom Right: DECA club meets. deca 68Jobs for High School Graduates Jiffy Jobs for High School Graduates and Jobs in the Future For You are two MCHS organizations aimed at finding jos for the students at Millington. JFHSG is open to all seniors who plan to go straight into the working world after high school and JIFFY works with young women, ages fourteen to eighteen, to create jobreadiness skills. The sponsors of JFHSG and JIFFY are Mr. Kaczynski and Mrs. Pate, respectively. Because success in life depends on a successful career, these clubs are very beneficial. Top: JFHSG. Middle Left: JFHSG OFFICERS — R. Kincaid, President; S. Saylors. Secretary; T. Woodward. Social Affairs; L. Woodworth. Career Planner; D. Hemmings, Civic Affairs. Middle Right: JIFFY OFFICERS — S. Watson, Assistant Secretary; K. Hatchel, Secretary; S. Bogel. President. Bottom Left: JIFFY jobs for high school graduates jiffy 69Showing Spirit! Samantha Lester, Vonda Thornton, Angie Kopp, and Martha Driggers paint signs promoting school spirit to hang in the gym and the cafeteria. The pep club makes banners in support of all MCHS sports. Wordsmith The following students represented Millington Central High School at the annual Wordsmith writing tournament held at Memphis State University on March 1st. This tournament was sponsored by the Memphis-Shelby Council of Teachers of English. Students participated in activities such as the 40 word dash and the 80 word dash. Bottom: Melissa Thompson — 10, Michael Parks — 9, Kathy Morrison — 11. Leroy Watson — 11. Back Row: LaShawn Jones — 10. Jennifer Pederson — 9, Kelly Thomas — 11, Annie Martin — 12. 70 wordsmith and club actionFuture Homemakers of America Future Homemakers of America promotes youths to take active roles in society in the area of personal growth, family life, vocational preparation, and community involvement. This year's chapter won first place at the Mid-South Fair for its written and pictorial record of activities. In addition, FHA members collected approximately $320.00 for the Memphis Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. This year's sponsors are Mrs. Sigler and Mrs. Pate. Top: OFFICERS — Tess Waits, Secretary Treasurer; Teresa Roebuck. President; Vicki Edge. Vice-President; JoLaine Wyatt, Reporter Historian. Middle: Teresa Roebuck (Left) and Debbie Slyapick (Right) accepted second place award for Hemophilia Day. Bottom: Members of the MCHS FHA Club. future homemakers of america 71FCA and Maranatha Maranatha and FCA are Christian clubs organized to promote on-campus witness, spiritual growth and fellowship among Christians. The clubs were formed to present to athletes, coaches, and all others, the opportunity to meet and have fellowship with each other. To become a member of FCA, one must be involved in athletics at MCHS. Freshmen, JV, and Varsity sports qualify a student for membership. The Maranatha Club is open to all students in the 9-12th grades who are interested in Christian fellowship. Both of these organizations are very large at MCHS and provide our students with a stronger grasp on Christian maturity. Above: FCA OFFICERS — Vonda Thornton. Treasurer: Cheryl Broughton. President; Lori Fortune. Secretary; Hank Hawkins. Vice-President. Top Middle. The FCA Club. Bottom Middle: The Maranatha Club. 72 fca and maranathaBelow: Baseball Coach Bobby Kilpatrick talks to the Maranatha club. Above: MARANATHA CLUB OFFICERS — Ernest Pugh. Denise Jayne. Mrs. Clark. Sponsor: Tina Ingram. Tracy Miller. Krista Mayhugh. Selene Martin, and Marrianne Wheeler fca and maranatha 73HERO II Hero II is a home economics related occupational club for students enrolled in child care. Mrs. Gipson is the club sponsor. Club projects deal with children. The child care class operates a pre-school for fifteen four-year olds, four days a week, for three hours each day. Top: OFFICERS — Left to Right: Felecia Harrington — President: Teresa James — Treasurer: Carolyn Hannah — Activities Chairman: Conene Nelson — Secretary; Donna Hemmings — Vice-President. Middle: Lakita and Curt help out with the children in the child care class. Bottom: GROUP SHOT — Front: Marsha Barton. Conene Nelson. Teresa James. Back: Christine Watt. Carolyn Hannah. Felecia Harrington. Donna Hemmings. 74 hero iiI Hero III is a club that consists of students presently or previously enrolled in food service classes. Projects concern food preparation, contests, fund raisers, and charitable contributions. The Tea Room on campus is sponsored by the Hero III club. Top Picture: HERO III CLUB — Top Row: E. Pugh, D. Bradford. C. Smith, P. Peters. J. Flores, M. Jordan. Bottom: Z. Green, M. Branch, K. Jones. K. Braden. Bottom Left: These guys make clean-up look fun. Above Picture: Lisa Lafayette and Darris Wakefield get ready for the lunch rush. HERO 111 hero iii 11The M-Club and Key Club at MCHS are composed of active students in either varsity sports or community activities. The M-Club is a group of students who have received varsity letters. This club only recognizes the students' achievements; they do not hold meetings regularly. The Key Club formed in 1985 is a club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Millington. The club is civically motivated with emphasis on school and community activity. The activities include Christmas Tree sales, park cleanup in Millington, food drives, and sponsorship dances. Top: The M-Club. Middle Left: KEY CLUB OF-FICERS — Allen Deck. President; Scott Howard. Vice-President. Right: the Key Club. 76 m-club key clubOctagon The Octagon club is a service club affiliated with the Millington Optimist Club. The purpose of the Octagon Club is to provide members with an opportunity to help others in the community. It is open to all students. The club's various projects are designed to serve the community; for example the club assists the Millington Optimist Club in the Christmas Tree sale. The Octagon Club sponsor is Mr. Croft. Top: Group picture. Bottom: CLUB OFFICERS — Omar Rabuco — Treasurer. Susan Roberts — President. Nancy Sparks — Secretary, Sean Lester — Vice-President. octagon 77Mu Alpha Theta Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary math organization composed of students who are in or have been enrolled in second-year math courses. It is designed for work with mathematics outside of the classroom. Most students maintain a "B" average. Mr. Hill is the sponsor: he plans to offer a tutoring service in math. Top: The Club. Middle Left: The members work at the meeting. Right: OFFICERS — President. Anna Reynante; Vice-President. Ernest Garcia; Secretary Treasurer. Mary Tietz. 78 mu alpha thetaScience Club The Science club is open to students enrolled in Physics or Applied Science classes. It is a very active club with teams that compete in science bowls in Cookeville, Martin, and Knoxville, Tennessee. The members plan to take a trip to Huntsville, Alabama, and they hope MCHS will support them. Mr. Como is the sponsor. Top Left: Members of the club listen attentively to new ideas. Middle Left: SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS — Crissy Brandis. Secretary. Glenn Gunnels. Treasurer; Stephanie Branson. President; and Albert Bean, Vice-President. Bottom Picture: The Science Club. science club 79Showing Trojan Spirit The purpose of the MCHS Pep Club is to promote school spirit. This is accomplished by sponsoring annual activities such as the spirit parade, the Homecoming dance and court ceremony, and the Winter Festival court ceremony. Pep Club members make "run-throughs" for football games. They also design signs and tags to wear in support of other athletic events. Members have fun preparing for the Homecoming dance by working on the theme committee, the publicity committee, the refreshment committee, the activity committee, the picture backdrop committee, the court backdrop committee, or the clean-up committee. Twelve Pep Club members are selected as Tro-janettes each year. These girls sell spirit ribbons, hold the "run-through," and decorate for both freshman and varsity athletic banquets. 80 pep clubOpposite Page: Top Left: TROJANETTES — A. Kopp. V. Thornton. S. Lester. D. Spencer. T. Nehls. N. Sparks. M. Driggers. A. Reynante. P. Diggs. J. Campbell. T. McKinley. Middle Left: OFFICERS — C. Broughton. Secretary; N. Sparks. Vice-President; T. Nehls. President; J. Campbell. Treasurer. Middle: The Pep Club sits together at each pep assembly. Bottom Right: Mrs. Purdy is one of the Pep Club sponsors. This Page: Below: Mrs. Kincaid is also one of the Pep Club sponsors Bottom: The Pep Club. pep club 81Rodeo Club The Rodeo Club did some mean riding this year, took the bull by the horns, and brought many prizes back to the homefront. They did especially well at the Mid-South Fair, taking first, third, fourth, and fifth along with five hundred dollars in the "Money-Grabber" contest. The president, Mickey Spears, has led his club members to many foot-stomping rodeo competitions with other high schools and has also been seen proudly caring for horses in the Millington Community Day and Christmas Parades. Top Picture: The Rodeo Club. Kneeling: Carla Lewis. Wesley Ervin, David Gross, Erik McCarroll, Jimmy Jones. Denise Jayne, Johnny Lee. Second Row; Lee Tapley, Mrs. Lightfoot, Tess Waits, Jason Ervin, Kim Daniels, Shannon Bryant. Melissa Milam. Kenny Hatched. Mrs. Glenn. Danny Potts. Back Row: Mike Waldon, David Bledsoe. Tim McKell, Dewayne Barrom, Mickey Spears, Dewey Edge, Richard Gagne, and Jason McCaskill. Middle Left: Mrs. Lightfoot grins as she goes over the club plans. Middle Right: Rodeo Club Officers — Danny Potts, Dewayne Barrom. Richard Gagne and Erik McCarroll, Sergeants at Arms. Top Row: Jason McCaskill, Secretary; Dewey Edge, Vice-President; Melissa Milam, Treasurer, and Mickey Spears, President. 82 rodeo clubSADD The Students Against Drunk Driving Club of MCHS is open to all students. Its purpose is to promote an awareness of the dangers and legal ramifications of driving under the influence of alcohol. Encouragement is given to students making the right choice about whom they will ride with and whom they will not. Their activities include Drunk Driving Awareness Week, participation in the Christmas and homecoming parades, and public awareness projects. Mrs. Wilson is the sponsor. STUDENTS AGAINST DRIVING hDIIMtf Top: Annie Martin listens to new club ideas. Middle: The Club. Bottom. OFFICERS — President: Annie Martin. Vice-President: Teresa Nehls, Secretary: Jenni Biller. Treasurer: Audra Jackson. sadd 83French Club With an average membership of sixty students, the French club consists of those students who are currently taking a French class or who have completed two years of French. The club's activities include their participating in a pot-luck dinner with the Spanish club, consuming exciting foods at a French restaurant, making French foods, and having fund raisers to cove the cost of workbooks and their pen-pal program. Top: The club. Bottom Left: Mrs. Hurt, club sponsor. Bottom Right: CLUB OFFICERS — Cindy Hunt, Secretary; Leigh Ann La Barreare, President; Tammy Boyd, Vice-President; Susan Hurst, Treasurer. 84 french clubSpanish Club The Spanish Club is an organization composed of students who are enrolled in a Spanish — speaking course and who have an interest in Spanish — speaking countries. Spanish Club sponsors are Mrs. Armour and Miss Cardosa. The first activity of the Spanish Club is the International Dinner between the French and Spanish Clubs. The club undertakes other various activities throughout the year, including the distribution of pen pals to help the student learn about other countries first-hand. Top Picture: The Spanish Club. Middle Picture: SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS — (From Left) Evelyn Acosta, Secretary: Sybil Ransom, President; Melvin Velasquez. Treasurer. Not Shown — Monica Car-son, Vice-President. Bottom Picture: Spanish Club meeting. Spanish club 85Trojans, Artists, Poets, and Scholars T.A.P.S. is a literary organization composed of Trojans, Artists, Poets, and Scholars. It is an honorary organization in which members must be “tapped." The members sponsor such publications as the Millington Sketchbook Calendar and The Trojan Cycle. Mrs. Durham is the sponsor. Top Picture: Back Row: David Stone, David Tickle. Brandon Todd. Ricky Harris, and Andy Milam. Front Row: Andrea Bright, TJ Tracey, Lauren Pember, William Strauss, Susan Meredith, Rhonda Meredith, Chris Nolan, and Kelly Brandis. Bottom Picture: Back Row: Mitch Kurtz, Joseph Nearn. Michelle Cooper. Sean Nix. Kenny Carter, Tommy Standford, Tony Sanders. Lynn Hallock, Matt Garner. Front Row: Mel Velasquez. Leigh Oldham, Shelly Owens, Rhonda Bran-nock. Allen Neville, Brian Street. Mart Landry, and Jere Gibbons. 86 t.a.p.s.Thespians The Thespians is an international group of student actors and actresses. Anyone who would like to join must obtain 10 points by seeing plays and participating in MCHS theatre. Mrs. Shull is the sponsor. Each year there is a State Thespian Conference at which officers for the statewide organization are elected. This year's conference was held at Memphis State, December 12-14, and the MCHS department helped with the planning of the conference. A large majority represented MCHS at the conference. Top: OFFICERS — Dennis Yount. Assistant Historian; Anna Reynante. Treasurer; Patty Chambers. Clerk, and State President; Martha Driggers, President; Suzanna Cropf, Assistant Clerk; Brian Casson. Secretary, and West Tennessee Representative; and Richie Talada, Historian. Middle: The Thespians. Lower Picture: The Thespians attend their meeting. thespians 87Tennessee Office Education Club The Tennessee Office Education Club is open for those students who are in COE classes. The major objective of this club is to develop business leaders of tomorrow with emphasis on leadership, teamwork, cooperation, and specialized training in clerical skills and word processing. Field trips to the Criminal Court Justice Center, Naval Air Station Computer Center,and Holiday Inns of America Executive Offices are taken to observe modern office equipment and office procedures. Mrs. Tolbert is the advisor. Top: OFFICERS — Front: Crystal Adams. Secretary; Rachel Tucker, President; Cassandra Burnett, Vice-President. Back: Georgia Smith, Treasurer; Sarah Bledsoe, Reporter; Cassandra Vann. Parliamentarian. Middle: The TOEC Club. Bottom: TOEC has Dress-up day. 88 toec clubVICA-VAB VAM Vica-Vam and Vica-Vab are two vocational clubs at MCHS. Vica-Vam is the auto mechanics club and Vica-Vab is the auto body club. These clubs consist of students who take classes in which a variety of mechanical job-skills are taught. Members attended the National Vica meeting at the beginning of the school year and three members are being prepared to attend the Plymouth Trouble-Shooting Contest in the spring. They also provided car maintenance for the students and teachers of MCHS in the fall. Mr. Kasper and Mr. Williams are sponsors of these clubs. Top Left: VAM members work on a riding lawnmower during class. Middle: . Vocational Auto Body group. Bottom Left: Vocational Auto Mechanics Club. Bottom Right: VAB OFFICERS — Front Row: G. Wiseman. Secretary; D. Perry, Vice-President; D. Johnson. President. Back Row: M. Manning. Treasurer; M. Spears. Sergeant at Arms; B. Mullen. Seigeant at Arms. Not Pictured: VAM OFFICERS — B. Overstreet. President; J. Frye, Vice-President; R. Gagne. Treasurer; E. Milam. Secretary; J. Sawyer. Parliamentarian; J. Tabor, Reporter. vica vam and vica vab 89From Monotony to Excitement There are approximately 1500 students at MCHS and 280 of them have exactly the same things on their minds. Graduation, prom and college are among the many things that prey on a senior's mind. Over the years they have established reputations for grades, extra curricular activities and particular other achievements that will enable them to be accepted to the various colleges of their choice. Seniors establish themselves as freshmen by making their ways through the halls and getting involved in what activities they can. As sophomores, they undergo a transition stage to the exciting years to come. While juniors, the special ac- tivities associated with being a “Senior" begin when class rings are ordered. When the senior year finally arrives, students are accustomed to cheering for the same teams, talking to the same people, and doing most of the same things. Despite the seemingly monotonous days of the senior year, excitement about the prom and graduation grows. Senior invitations and other paraphenalia are ordered and later received and the year is ended. Behind the seniors leave, in the minds of the faculty and underclassmen of MCHS, the awards won and personality traits noticed in the years they spent as a part of the “high school family" at Millington. 90 senior activitiesClass of 1986 This year's graduating class is made up of approximately 271 seniors. President, Mickey Spears; Vice-• President, Pam Diggs; Secretary, Sandy Saylors; and Treasurer, Amy Miller lead this year's senior class. The graduating class is sponsored by Mrs. Kincaid. The senior class homeroom teachers are Mr. Como, Mr. Creasy, Mr. Hendricks, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Kincaid, Mr. Macklin, Mr. Owen, Mrs. Werner, and Mrs. B. Williams. The homeroom teachers, who have been with many of the seniors for four years, are sorry to see them go, but are excited for what the future has in store for them. All of the money that the seniors have raised will make for a memorable senior year. In the past, they have had community day booths; they were in charge of the Sadie Hawkins Dance last year and other activities to raise money. Although they have complained about school ever since they were freshmen, the class of '86 will remember their senior year, and realize that they will always cherish their days at MCHS. Top Left: Class Favorites: Erika Amaba, Ray Chester. Bottom Left: CLASS OFFICERS — Pam Diggs — Vice-President; Sandy Saylors — Secretary; Amy Miller — Treasurer. Not Pictured: Mickey Spears — President. seniors 91Mr. Miss MCHS Mr. and Miss MCHS of the class of 1986 are Tommy Campbell, son of Charles and Cheryl Campbell, and Linda Bowman, daughter of William and Asaline Bowman. These two members of the senior class were chosen by the sophomore, junior, and senior classes as the two most outstanding students of MCHS. Tommy and Linda, however diversified they are, have managed to center their high school years around football and music, respectively. Mr. Campbell's most obvious contribution to MCHS has been through football. He has been a starter for the past four years, filling both offensive and defensive slots. Although Tommy has concentrated his efforts primarily on football, he has participated in other areas as well. These include track, baseball, FCA, Computer Club and French Club. Aside from the Mr. MCHS title, some of Tommy's other honors are a high ACT score, Best Offensive Lineman in 1984, All-District 14-AAA first team offense, and an appointment to West Point Military Academy. Although Tommy has received inquiry letters from many colleges, his interest is primarily in West Point and the University of Alabama. Miss Bowman's contribution to MCHS has been through leadership and participation. She is currently president of the Beta Club and belongs to the [National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Maranatha, and the French Club. Her talent and leadership abilities are strongly shown through the vocal department at MCHS. She is the Student Director of the Gospel Choir, Treasurer and Alto Section Leader of the Concert Choir; she also performed in Tennessee's Outstanding Performing Students this year. Academically, Linda shows her abilities by ranking 12th in the class with an "A” average. 92 mr. and miss mchs mr. and miss mchs 93Who’s Who Best Dressed Karen I Cutest Amy Miller Friendliest Most Athletic Danny Brown Traci Davis Barry Williams 94 who's whoSonya Fortune Most Flirtatious Allen Stephenson Most Likely to Succeed Patty Chambers Hank Hawkins who’s who 95 Who’s Who Cheryl Broughton Most Attractive Mike Cannon Brenda Chunn Most Dependable Albert BeanWho’s Who Tanza Vinson Most School Spirit Most Studious Larry Vinson Anna Reynante David McGary Most Talented Desta Church Greg Childress Gina Ballard Most Thoughtful 96 who's who Micky SpearsWho’s Who Most Vivacious Most Versatile Jason Dupree Tony Cox Christy Taylor Liz Rather Debra Williams Quietest Wittiest Ernest Garcia Jennifer Trujillo Billy Overstreet who's who 97Valedictorian and Salutatorian David McGary is the Valedictorian for the 1986 graduating class, with an average of 96.73. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. McGary. His activities at Millington Central High School include ROTC and various clubs, including French during his sophomore year, and Beta Club and National Honor Society during his junior and senior years. In his junior year, he attended the Rotary International Leadership Conference and was also Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Company Commander. During his senior year, he was NJROTC Battalion Commander. His future plans are to major in economics or business management at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. This year's Salutatorian is Erika Amaba, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Amaba. Erika graduates with a 96.03 average. During her four years at MCHS, she has been active in Student Council, various clubs, and sports. Erika is presently Student Council President, after successfully leading her class as president in the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years. The various clubs she has belonged to include National Honor Society, Beta Club, Science Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Computer Club, and FCA. During her sophomore year she was a JV cheerleader; she has been a Varsity tennis player all four years at MCHS. Erika plans to study Medicine at LIT Knoxville and continue her education at GTCHS, specializing in pediatrics. 98 valedictorian and salutatorianSenior Excellence 6th — Crissy Brandis 7th — Carla Crawford 9th — Patty Hivner 10th — Annie Martin 12th — Linda Bowman 13th — Stephanie Bronson The Class of ’86 has a few students who have maintained the very best of grade point averages, ranging from 93.7 to 96.7. Each of these students has worked very hard throughout their four years at Millington, not only in academics, but also in extra curricular activities. We are proud of these distinguished students and their numerous accomplishments. They should be commended for ranking at the top of a class of 263 students. seniors with a averages 99Erika Amaba Tennis Sports Pacesetters Cindy Amos Softball Dayna Ballard Softball Karr Bates Softball Albert Bean Track Cheryl Broughton Cheerleader Tommy Campbell Baseball Brenda Chunn Softball 100 sports pacesetters9 Traci Davis Track Sports Pacesetters Mike Fletcher Wrestling Tyrone Gardner Track John Ditto Baseball Zachary Green Track Darren Greenburg Basketball Glenn Gunnels Baseball Hank Hawkins Football Wrestling Manager David Hestord Golf James McElyea Baseball Jeremy Tincher Wrestling TJ Tracey Wrestling Vickie Ward Volleyball Katherine Wilks Volleyball Barry Williams Wrestling Reggie Wilson Track Basketball sports pacesetters 101Hall of Fame “The Achievers” The achievers are the ones who come early and stay late; the ones who have one job but do a lot of others too; the ones who concentrate and are not easily distracted; and the ones who succeed first. Fifteen members of the graduating class of 1986 are featured in the MCHS Hall of Fame because they have accomplished more than they were expected to accomplish. Each of these students has been chosen by the faculty and administration for their outstanding contribution to MCHS. These fifteen students will be added to the history of MCHS excellence. Brian Casson Linda Bowman Cheryl Broughton Patty Chambers Erika Amaba Brenda Chunn Albert Bean 102 hall of fameBarry Williams Glen Gunnels Annie Martin hall of fame 103 Desta Church Hank Hawkins Tanza Vinson Rhonda Jordan Carla CrawfordPacesetters Danette Barlar Choir Mance Bowden Band Linda Bowman Choir Patty Chambers Debate Drama Greg Childress Choir Brian Casson Debate Drama Desta Church Choir Aten Copeland Choir Patty Hivner Choir Jeff Ingram Rhonda Jordan Sean Lester Band Band Band 104 pacesetters in the performing artsIn The Performing Arts Annie Martin Choir Anna Reynante Choir Tara Phillips Choir I Richie Talada Choir Tanza Vinson Choir Debra Williams Flag Girl These students have lettered or shown outstanding achievement in the performing arts. Senior pacesetters serve as examples for the underclassmen of MCHS. Not pictured — Connie Nelson. Bottom left: Band lettermen march at every home football game. pacesetters in the performing arts 105Patty Chambers National Forensics League. State Thespian Carla Crawford Yearbook Editor Allen Deck Key Club Martha Driggers Thespian ■ 106 leaders Nicole Forsythe VICA-COS Felecia Harrington HERO I Rachel Kincaid Jobs for High School Graduates Leigh Ann LaBarreare French ClubSean Lester Annie Martin David McGary Teresa Nehls Band SADD, Paper Staff ROTC Pep Club Editor Billy Overstreet Dwayne Perry Sybil Ransom Anna Reynante VICA-VAM VICA-VAB Spanish Club Mu Alpha Theta leaders 107 Richie Talada Concert Choir Jennifer Trujillo Close-Up Club Rachel Tucker TOEC Tanza Vinson Gospel ChoirSenior Committees The following are the 1986 senior prom committees. DECORATING COMMITTEE — MRS WERNER S HOMEROOM — D. Spencer. L. Tate. T. Speck. W. Smith. S. Sullivan; FLOWER COMMITTEE — MR CREASY'S HOMEROOM — S. Branson. S. Bradshaw. C. Brandis. S. Branch. D. Church; SENIOR LUNCHEON COMMITTEE - MR MACKLINS HOMEROOM — A. Parham, A. Miller. L. Payne. B. Overstreet. M Morrison; PICTURE BACKDROP COMMITTEE — MR HENDRICK'S HOMEROOM — J. Dupree. L. Doyon. T. Garner. T. Davis. D. Eiland; BAND DJ COMMITTEE — MRS. KINCAIDS HOMEROOM — R. Kincaid, R. Jordan. A. Martin. G. Long. J. Marley; TICKET COMMITTEE — MRS. JORDAN S HOMEROOM — C. Hannah. P. Hivner. D. Hemmings. F. Harrington, L. Hebert; RIVERBOAT TRIP COMMITTEE — MRS. WILLIAM S HOMEROOM — T. Woodward. V. Ward. L. Woodward. J. Wright. K. Wilks; THEME COMMITTEE — MR. OWEN'S HOMEROOM — A. Rogers. M. Risby, L. Rather. E. Pugh. L. Pruitt; VIDEO GRAND MARCH COMMITTEE — MR COMO'S HOMEROOM — A. Bean. V. Banks. L. Bowman. D. Barlar. M. Bowden. 108 senior committees■■ Top: the Seniors proudly display the spirit stick they won at the pep rally. Middle Left: Felecia struts on to her next class. Middle Right: Jeff takes “his coffee break." Bottom: Ray can't wait until lunch!! seniors 109I 10 faces Gina Ballard Danette Barlar Want e Bowden Shelly Bradshaw Tommy Campbell Ray Chester Greg Childress Alan Copeland David Creel Pam Diggs Lisa Doyan Kathy Ellerbrook Darren Greenburg Donna Hemmings David Hesford Patty Hivner Carlton Howard Rachel Kincaid Tim McCullough David McGaryJeff Phillips Wendy Smith Richie Talada Vickie Ward Toni Speck • Dena Spencer Anna Reynante Susie Roberts Christy Taylor Katherine Wilks John Wilson Larry Vinson r9 The Faces section is dedicated to those seniors who have done outstanding work behind the scenes and have not received previous recognition. Faces, chosen by the faculty, are those students who make the school's activities successful. Arny Miller Matt Morrison Connie kelson r ' - •FRIENDSHIP Millington Central High School has over 1500 students and 88 staff and faculty members. With such a great number of people, it is understood that various ethnic groups and native homelands are represented by Millington students and faculty. The foreign exchange student program and the naval air base both contribute to this diversity. Students from as far away as Japan and Sweden and as nearby as Millington View and Raleigh North get their high school diplomas from MCHS. The many dedicated teachers on the Trojan faculty staff make the students’ stay here enjoyable, rewarding, and worth remembering. The student body is comprised of grades nine through twelve. With the new twenty credit system, the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will have to obtain two more credits than this year's "lucky seniors," who will graduate with eighteen. This new credit system has also brought forth a new outlook for the teachers. More faculty members are putting in extra hours to help those students that may be having a difficult time meeting the requirements. The administrators are also in full support of MCHS students and work with them strenuously. The sacrifices made by the students, teachers, administrators, parents, and others form a special bond of understanding and friendship while all are working toward preparing MCHS students for the world outside of high school. Section Editors Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Faculty Kathy Ellerbrook Matt Twigg Leslie LaComb Chrissy Brandis Richie Talada Sean LesterGRADUATING CLASS OF 1986 JEFF K.ABERNATHY "I got a shotgun, rifle, and Isuzu truck — if I get in the mud I'm gonna get stuck." Football I; Artist in Action 4. FREDERICK LAGMAY ACOSTA "It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand." Wrestling 2: FCA 2; Tennessee Career Association Leadership Coordinator 4. CRYSTAL LYNN ADAMS "If you think your life is complete confusion because you never win the game, just remember that life is all a grand illusion, and deep Inside we re all the same. Attendance Worker 2. 3; Pep Club 1.2. 3; Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; Rap 2; TOEC 3; Secretary 4; Homecoming Backdrop Committee 3; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3. ERIKA ASUNCION AMABA "Without a friend, the world is but a wilderness. A man may have a thousand intimate acquaintances and not a friend amongst them all. If you have one true friend, think yourself rich." Noah Webster Class President 1.2. 3; Student Council 1. 2. 3; President 4; Varsity Tennis Team 1. 2. 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3; Vice-President 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; M Club I. 2. 3. 4; FCA I. 2. 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Winter Festival Court 2. 3; Spanish Club 2; Secretary 1.2; Wordsmith I; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; Principal s Advisory Council 2; Fashion Show 2. 3; Finalist for Hugh O'Brien Seminar 2; Shelby State Community College Leadership Seminar 2; Computer Club 3; Science Club 3. 4; Science Bowl at University of Tennessee at Martin 3; Volunteer Girls' State 3; National History and Government Award 3: Yearbook Staff 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Millington Environmental Improvement Commission 4; Century III Winner 4; Hall of Fame 4 CYNTHIA JOLENE AMOS "This is my last year here. I have learned that success comes with failure. I'm not afraid of the future because I've made it through the past and I love life now. Seniors, our finest moments are yet to come!" Basketball I; Volleyball 1; Track 1; Softball 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 1.2. 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3; Pep Club 1; Office Worker 3.4; William L. Osteen Award 1; Best Defense Award I ANGIE LYNN ANDERSON "The best proof of love is trust." Dr. Joyce Brothers Pep Club 3. SAMANTHA MICHELLE ARKON When one door closes, another door opens: but we often look so long and regretfully at the closed door, that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." Pep Club 3; Close-Up 3. 4. DIANA RUTH BALES "Have the strength to be yourself, even if It's not what others want you to be. If you make the best of what God has given you — you have achieved true success. Thanks for everything, Mom — I love you." Cheerleader 1.2; Track 1; Softball 2; National Honor Society 1. I I ( I 114 seniors DAYNA LOY BALLARD "God gave us memories, so that in life's garden, there may be June roses in December " Volleyball 1; Sportsmanship Award 1; Basketball 1; Track 1; M-Club 1.2. 3. 4; Maranatha 2. 3; FCA 3. 4; Spanish Club 4; Science Club 3. 4; Computer Science Club 3; Arete 1. 2. 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4; Softball 2. 3. 4; Science Bowl Team 3; Math Club 3. 4; Guidance Worker 3. 4; Winter Festival Court 3; Sadie Hawkins Publicity and Ticket Committee 3; Toga Committee 3; Powderpuff Football 4; Physics Club 4; Who's Who 4; Homecoming Court 4 GINA RENEE BALLARD "For with God nothing shall be impossible " - Luke 1:37. Thanks to all of my family and friends for helping me realize this." Student Council Representative 4; Yearbook Staff Sports Editor 4; Basketball 1; Track 1. Softball 2. 4. Arete 2. 3. 4. CTT Martin Science Bowl 3: Guidance Worker 3: Maranatha 3. 4; Science Chib 3. 4; Spanish Club 4; FCA 4; M-Club 4; SADO 4; Pep Club 4; Computer Club 4; Who s Who 4 SHAWN ALAN BANKS "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure Is trying to please everybody." Bill Cosby Science Club 3. 4; DEC A 4. VALARIE DENISE BANKS "But it s not doing the things we like to do. but liking the things we have that makes life blessed ' M-Club 2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3; Computer Club 3; French Club 3. 4; Artists in Action 3. 4; MCHS Art Show 3. 4. Sadie Hawkins Decoration Committee 3: Prom Committee 4; MCHS Calendar 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Science Club 4; Beta Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Close-Op 4; Maranatha 3. 4; Octagon 4; Attendance Office Worker 4; Track Manager 4; Guidance Office Worker 3: Australian Essay Contest 3. CARA DANETTE BARLAR "Nothing leads to more despair and frustration than the gnawing feeling that something is missing in your life! I thank God for the special people who help make my life complete. I love you all!" FHA 1; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4; SADO 3. 4; TAPS 3; Arete 1. 2. 3. 4; Flag Corps 2. 3; Paper Staff 3; Business Manager Co-Editor 4; Optimist Club Award 3; Usher at Baccalaureate 3; Junior Achievement 2; Vice-President s Assistant 2. N. DEWAYNE BARROM "Through the years a lot of people have helped me get this far. I appreciate everyone that has ever helped me get this far. I have enjoyed the four years I have spent here learning the ways of life. Thanks Mom. Dad. and Stacy for staying behind me and supporting me. I love you all!" Football 1; Maranatha 1.2: Vica Vab 3. 4 MARSHA HELEN BARTON "If you share your sunny days and rainy days with a friend you can create rainbows. Thanks for sharing all of your rainbows with me mom. I love you." Track 1; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; DEC A 3. 4; French Club 4; Science Bowl Team 3: Attendance Worker 4. MAR1CAR BATES "I'm afraid sometimes Time has passed quickly. It was yesterday I saw myself young, free, yet dependent Everyone is growing up People are changing It s scary' I can t change time! I'm growing up fast Too fast! Time needs to slow down Will it ever? Does it ever?" Volleyball I. 2; Basketball I. 2. 3; Softball 1. 2. 3. 4; President 1; Vice-President 2; Future Business Women of America 1.2. 3: Pep Club 1. 2: Class Rep. 3. ALBERT LOCJIS BEAN "We only go around once in this life; make the best of the go situations, and the bed ones even better, for our actions are the mark which we imprint on people Spanish Club 1.2. 3. 4; Tennis Team 2. 3. 4; Rifle Team 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4; Maranatha 3. 4; Alpha Company Commander 4; Boy's State 3; Homecoming Honor Guard 3. 4; SADD 4; FCA 4; Pep Club 4; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. FREDDIE JAMES BECKHAM "Nothing can express my thoughts, and deepest feelings too. As well as this phrase — MCHS I will miss you " Artists-in-Action 3. 4. seniors 115TERESA DIANE BELLORA "If great to love and It's great to be loved, but It's greatest of all to love and be loved In return I love you Mark and Scooter Thank's a lot Mom. Dad. and Tammy for being there when I needed you. To my best friend Denise, thanks a ml I Ion for listening " Cosmetology 3. 4. Pep Club 4; Homecoming Court 4. KAREN DENISE BERRY "The greater the space you traverse, the larger the mind grows, the more It takes In Small minds come from small towns Don't mistake a state's border for your limits; wonder and grow and dream. Think of this, then never settle down' DAVID ALLEN BLEDSOE "I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a four-wheel drive, and a country boy can survive. Bocephus Long live the squirrel Slayers and the Game. Getters " MELISA LYN BOSTON 'To all you underclassmen and the ones to come: keep your head high, you will make It someday. I did It! Thanks Mom. Dad. all my brothers and sisters (especially Taml). and all of my friends inside and outside of school. SOPOT." National Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 3.4; Spanish Club 4; Pep Club 4. JOHN MANCE BOWDEN III "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away Henry David Thoreau Concert Band I. 2. 3. 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Drum Major 4; Pep Bond 1. 2. 3. 4; All West Concert Band. Third Alternate 1. Top 25 In Band 3; "Li'l Abner" 3; Thespians 3. 4; "AH In Disguise 3; Debate 4. Pep Club I. 4; French Club 2; Octagon 3. 4; T.A.P.S. 3. 4; Newspaper Staff 4; SADD Board Member 3. 4; Maranatha 3. 4. CHRISTINA COLEEN BOWERS "Live each day and each moment to the fullest Always try and be the best that you can be. I love you DAVID! P.S. I finally made it Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything." Concert Choir 3; Cross Country 1; Pep Club 2. 4 TAMI LYNN BOWERS "Love is the most terrible and also the most generous of passions; it is the only one that includes in its dreams the happiness of someone else. To love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another." Thank you Corky and al my close friends for making my senior year wonderful TOEC 2.3. 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 1.2; Pep Club 1.2. LINDA FAYE BOWMAN "Life is too precious and Time is too short for us to be wasteful We must live each day as if it was our last. In addition. we should learn to live for Him. After all. He died for us Al-State Tennessee Chorus 2. 3. 4; All-West Tennessee Chorus 2. 3. 4; Alto Section Leader 2. 3; Arete 2. 3. 4, Beta Club 2. 3. 4; President 4; Chamber Choir 4; Community Day Entertainment 1.2. 3. 4; Community Day Walkathon 3; Computer Club 3; Concert Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Concert Choir Treasurer 4; FHA 4; French Club 4; General Chorus 1; Maranatha I. 2. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2; Opryland Music Festival 1.2; NAACP Youth Talent Contest 2. 3; National Honor Society 3. 4; Pep Club 4; Science Club 3. 4; Six Flags Over Georgia. Missouri, and Texas Choir Festivals 1. 3. 4; Solo and Ensemble Superior Rating 1.2. 3; Spanish Club 2; Student Director of the Gospel Choir 1.2. 3. 4; Summer HCOP Student at (JT 3; Swing Choir 3; Talent Show Participant 1. 2; Decorating Committee 3; Volunteer Girls' State Counselor 4; Volunteer Girls State Delegate 3; Whitehaven Rotary Club Delegate 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; II S. Government Honor Students STEPHANIE FAYE BOYD "I finally made it . Most of all I would like to thank God for giving me the strength to make it this far in school. Remember if you can't be good . be good at It Goodbye MCHS " Maranatha I; SADO 3; NDSAP ' Pep Club 4. FHA 4. KEVIN JEROME BRADEN "As we take that step closer to the road of life, may God be the we follow And at the end of that road, may al of your dreams and hopes be giv en to you in a special way " Football 1; Basketball 1.4; ROTC I; Beginning Band 1. Band Manager 1; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1. 116 seniorsBERNADETTE LAVERNE BRADFORD "Learning to k ve yourself it the greatest love of all " Softball 2; M-CHjb 3; J.V. Cheerleader 3: Maranatha 3; Literary Guild I DEMETRIUS ALDREW BRADFORD "Anything that the great do has effect on everyone.'-1 believe that there is nothing that any of us does that does not have some effect, that does not come back somewhere If we are not there, that does not mean that It hasn t happened already Computer Club 3. President 4. Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; FCA 1. 2. 3. 4. Beta Club 4; Hero III 2. 3. 4; Math Club 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club I. SHELLY LYNNE BRADSHAW "When you dream you are holding the key. it opens the door to let you be free." RJD Pep Club 1; Beta Club 2. 3; National Honor Society 3.4. MIKE ANDREW BRADY "My heart's like an open book for the whole world to read, sometimes nothing keeps me together at the seams. Motley Crue. "Thanks Mom. Dad. family and friends. It's been fun. so everybody on bus 139 stay out of trouble!!!" Computer Club 3. 4; ROTC 1.2. MARK BRANCH "Only a mediocre person Is always at his best." Laurence Peter STEPHANIE RENEA BRANCH "If you cannot have everything, make the best of everything you have Special thanks to my father and mother, without their help I would not be here. I wish all my friends the best of luck in the future Happy graduation to my best, best friend Tawana Parham!! And good luck In the future Priscilla. JoAnne. and Tony. You will make it one day." Manager of Volleyball 1.2. 3; FHA I; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Spanish Club 4. CHRISTINA MARIE BRANDIS "Another time, another place, does not exist. There is only here and now. and even that is not forever FHA 1 Basketball 2. 3; Math Club 4; Science Club 4. Softball 4; Student Council Rep 3; Yearbook Section Editor 4 STEPHANIE LYNN BRANSON "Work is the rent you pay for the room you occupy on earth Transfer from Brunswick High School 3; Basketball 1. Latin Ckjb 1.2. 3; Math Club 4; Science Club 4. CHERYL DENISE BROUGHTON "Success is rarely an accident; it is built And Hke any sturdy structure. It is built according to a definite plan, which one must clearly understand and persistently adhere to. if he is ever to see the edifice completed. Arete 3. 4; Attendance Worker 2. 3. Office Worker 2. 3; Teacher s Aide 1.2. 3. 4. Leaders of MCHS 4. Beta Ckjb 3. 4; Troians. Artists. Poets and Scholars 2. 4; Vice-President 3; Spanish Ckjb 1.2. 3. 4; Secretary 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Secretary 4; Octagon 3. 4. Maranatha I. 2, 3. 4; SADD 3. 4; DECA 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes I. 2. 3. 4; Artists in Action 4; Rap Club 2. 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; J-V Cheerleader 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Millington Dolphin Cheerleading Coach I. 2. 3. 4. Peewee I; Junior 2. 3; Senior 4; Powder puff 3; Miss Millington 2nd Runner-up 3. Miss Western Tennessee Teen All-American 1st Runner-up 4; Miss Youth Personality Finalist 4; Hickory Ridge Mall Teen Board Member 4. Barbizon Graduate 4; Art Show Pencil Division 2. 3. 4; 1st Place 3; Pen and Ink Division 2. 3. 4; 2nd Place 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Sadie Hawkins Publicity Committee 3; Homecoming Decorating Committee 2. 3. 4; Winter Festival Committee 2. 3. 4; Contributor to School Calendar 2. 3. 4; Trojan Cycle Magazine 2. 3. 4; Who s Who 4; Hail of Fame 4. DANIEL HATLEY BROWN "Today we are Seniors In High School, tomorrow we will be Freshmen in life Football I; Track 3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4; Pep Club 4; Who's Who 4. seniors 117MARK BURTON "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Erich Segal CHARLES THOMAS CAMPBELL, JR. "When I feel like studying. I lie down until the feeling goes away." Football 1. 2. 3: All-District 4; 2nd Team All-Shelby Football 4; Track 2. 4; Science Club 3. Computer Club 3 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1.2.3. MIKE CANNON "Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." Vince Lombardi Who s Who 4 KAREN D. CAPUSON "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird. Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field froien with snow ." Langston Hughes Thespian 4; Concert Choir 2. 4; FHA 4; Theatre Showcase 3; Volleyball Manager 2.3; Teacher s Aide 3. 4. CHARLES DAVID CARROLL "Life is like a game, he who waits to make the right move will be a winner Computer Club 3. LISA CARTER "Love ya Sandy and Johnny, and thanks Mom and Dad for everything." JOHN BRIAN CASSON "The ultimate secret to life is the sure knowledge of death. Without it. man would not strive to leave his mark upon the earth.” Thespians 1. 2. 3; Secretary 4. West Tennessee Representative 4; Honor Thespian 4; National Forensics League I. 2. 3. 4, Degree of Distinction (Double Ruby) 4. Football I. Spanish Club 1.2; Science Club 3. 4; Computer Club 2. 3. 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Beta Club 2. 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; MSCJ Math Contest — Geometry 1; Algebra II 2; Comprehensive 3; NCTE Achievement Award in Writing 3: Debate Team 3. 4; Calamity Jane 1. Dracula 2; "Working 2; "Lil Abner" 3; Theatre Showcase 1.2. 3: TV 5 Wake (Jp Call Teen Reporter 3. 4. Fellowship of Christian Athletes I; International Thespian Festival 3. American Government and History Award 3. Harding Academy Debate Tournament — 1st Place Debate 3; THSSDL Student Congress — 3rd Place Speaker 3; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3: Homecoming Announcer 3; Hell of Fame MARY PATRICIA CHAMBERS "Everything is debatable " Debate 1.2. 3. 4. Thespians 1. 2; Troupe Clerk end State President 3. 4 National Forensics League I. 2. 3; President 4; Trojanette I Student Council 2. 4; Yearbook Staff 3; Copy and Layout Editor 4; "Calamity Jane" I; Working" 2; "Keep Your Hat Straight" I. Wordsmith 2. Computer Club 3. 4. Pep Club 1. 2. 4. State Lincoln Douglas Debate Champion 4 National Lincoln Douglas Debate Competitor 4; Best Speaker MCHS 3 4th (JAB Hall of Fame Speaker Award 4 2nd Best Speaker Ole Miss Debate Tournament 4; 1st Speaker Henderson State Debate Tournament 3; 2nd Best State Debator Award 3. Freshman Football Manager 2; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2. Who s Who 4; Hall of Fame 4 RAYMOND HORACE CHESTER Do not dwell in yesterday for it has already happened Instead look forward to tomorrow and make it the best it can be For then, when It becomes yesterday it can be forgotten with a smile. Thespians 1. 2. Vice-President 3; President 4 Wrestling I; Cross Country I; Concert Choir 2; Play Production I. 2. 3. 4. Calamity Jane 1. Working 2; Lil Abner 3. Johnny s World 3. Best Supporting Actor 3; Best Crew Member 3; "Dracula" 2; MSCJ Math Contest 1. 2.3. GREGORY LYNN CHILDRESS 27 I9,rr0f ,eflec,s a m n' fac bul whal •» real,y , k« “ shown by »he kind of friends he chooses. Proverbs Maranatha 2. 3. 4; Tennis 1.2. 4 National Honor Society 3. 4; Concert Choir 3. 4 Beta Club 2. 3. 4. A»-Wesl Tennessee Honor Choir 3. 4; All-State Tennessee Honor Choir 3. 4; Lil Abner 3; Who s Who Among American High School Students 4. Tennessee s Outstanding Performing Students 4; Swing Choir 3. 4; Tenor Section Leader 3. 4; Best Tenor 3; Music Man at Rosmark Academy Orchestra 3; Who's Who 4 118 seniors BRENDA GAILCHUNN ”1 %t not a step before me as I tread on through the years; but I've left the past in God's keeping — the future his mercy shall clear. And what looks dark in the distance, may brighten as I draw near " Yearbook Staff 3; Assistant Editor 4. Softball I. 2. 3; Volleyball I. Basketball 1; Marching Band Flag Corps 3. Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Computer Club 3; Spanish Club I. 2; Teacher's Aide 2. 4. Who s Who 4; Hall of Fame 4 DESTA ANN CHURCH "If you think twice before you speak once, you will speak twice the better for It." National Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3; Secretary 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4. Vice-President 3; Thespian 2. 3. 4. Arete 2. 3. 4; Newspaper Staff Reporter 4. Concert Choir 2. 3. 4; Vice President 4. Swing Choir 3; Pianist 2. 3; Soprano Section Leader 3; All-West Honors Choir 3. 4. All-State Honors Choir 3. 4. Tennessee Outstanding Performing Students 4; Science Club 3; Computer Club 3; Optimist Award 3; Spanish Club I. 2; MCHS Talent Show 1.2; Most Artistic Talent 2; Working” Orchestra 2; Powderpuff 3; "Music Man at Rosemark Academy Orchestra 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4. Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. TOM COLE "I've got a surfboard, some wax. and a two-wheel drive. A surfer boy can survive Thanks Mom and Dad BRYAN COLLVER "The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love Hubert Humphrey ALAN LONZIE COPELAND "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men! Do not pray for tasks equal to your power Pray for powers equal to your tasks." Concert Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 1; Johnny's World 3; Play Production 3. 4; Track 1; Maranatha 4. SADD 4; Thespians 3. 4; Pep Club 4; "UT Abner' 3; ' Calamity Jane” 1. TONY COX "To succeed it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it.' Michael Korda Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Who's Who 4 CARLA SUE CRAWFORD "Don t go where the path leads Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail Thanks Mom. Dad. and Cindy for guiding me in the right direction I love you all so very much! 1-4-31" Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Yearbook Staff 3; Editor 4; Yearbook Workshop at Memphis State 3; Yearbook Camp at Ole Miss 3; Pep Club 1.2. 3. 4. Cheerleader 1. 2; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1.2; Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; Junior Achievement President 2; Future Homemakers of America 1; Highest Academic Average in Home Ec. 1; Guidance Worker 2; Teacher s Aide 3. 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; Miss Millington 5th Runner-up 3; M-Club 2; Computer Club 3; Commodore 64 Users Group President 3; Spanish Club 3. Students Against Drunk Drivers 3. 4; Explorers Club Sponsored by Dupont 3. 4; Social Director 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; Hugh O'Brian Foundation Semi-Finalist 2; National Conference for Christians at MSG 3; Council on Ministries — Youth Representative at Church 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Hall of Fame 4 DAVID HELTON CREEL "To achieve all that is possible — to be as much as we can be we must dream of being more." Karen Raun AIASA 1.2; Science Club 3. 4; Artist In Action 2. 3. 4; TAPS 3. 4; Art Show. Best of Show 2. 3. TONYA CURRY "We can never have enough of that which we really do not want." Eric Hoffen SHERRY LYNN DACUS "Looks may be deceiving, for beauty s only skin deep A vow to explore another s personality is a vow that one should keep For It is true that first impressions really mean a lot I love you. David Rice Teacher's Aide 3. 4. Future Homemakers of America 1; TOEC 3. 4; Attendance Office Worker 4. seniors 119MELANIE LYN DAVIS ' !' "'T teams ° dance ,t s ,h dream afra«j of waking that never takes the chance It s the one who won t be taken who cannot seem to give And the soul afraid of dying that never learns to Beta Club 3. 4 Close-Op 3. 4: Pep Club 1.2. Spanish Club 1.2. 3; SADD 3; Computer Club 3; DEC A 3; Maranatha 4 SCOTT DAVIS ’ Never get angry Never make a threat Reason with people ." Don Carleone CARL ALLEN DECK A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct Frank Herbert Spanish Club 2. 3; Science Club 4; Computer Club 3. Master-at-Arms 4; SADO 4. Key Club President 4. Who s Who TINA MARIE DECOSTA When love finds you. youfed it. When love leaves you. you feel it even more But once you find that certain someone it takes away all the pain and worries you've ever had I thank God that I've found my certain someone ' Cou7lfy [ SP®n,sh Qk 2 Maranatha 1.2. 4. Computer Club 3. 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4. Pep Club I; M-Club I; Octagon I. 2. 3. PAMELA PATRICE DIGGS Frsends fortune, fame or what might come to me. I count all loss if I find not companionship with thee'" Basketball 1; Maranatha I; Drill Team I; Assistant Commander 2; Captain 3; TOEC 3. 4. Reporter 3; Trojannette 4; Pep Club 4; FCA 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 3. JOHN EDWEN DITTO Cherish every moment with those who care, for the memory will always be there though they may not. Tina. I cherish every moment with you I love you Thanks Mom (Good Luck Robbie. Jim. and Doug) " Football 1.4; Baseball 1.2. 3; Captain 4; SADD 3. 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2. 3. 4. M-Club 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club I; Computer Club 3; TAPS 3. 4. Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; DEC A 4: Speech 4: Powderpuff Assistant Coach 3; FHA SANDRA LYNN DONAN This is it! That great big day that we've looked so forward to Gathered here with all our friends. Halleluia!! We made it through' It was hard work but worth it. Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you Dan!” Beginning Band I; Marching Band 2. 3; Concert Band 2. 3; Cosmetology 2. 3. 4; VICA Cosmetology 4; Club Advisor 4; Maranatha I. 2; Close-Op 3.4 CAREY LYNN DOTY "Twelve years down and life to go!" Thanks Mom. Dad. and Bubba I couldn't have done it without ya I love ya It! A special thanks to N.F. and J.P.." Pep Club 1: Octagon 2. 3; VICA Cosmetology 2. 3. 4; Vice-President 4. Marching Band 2. 3; Manager 3. LISA MARIE DOYON I have bad mistakes in my seventeen years of life and many of them have cost me much strife. I live day to day not knowing what people might say. I really don't care because I know the whole world is out there " Powderpuff 3; Teacher s Aide 2. 3; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3; Drama 4; Senior Luncheon Committee 4; Pep Club. RONALD JASON DUPREE To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart." Footbal I. 2. 4; Track Manager I. 2. 3. 4; Powderpuff Coach 3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes I. 2. 3. 4. Spanish Club 3: M-Club 2. 3. 4; French Club 1; TAPS 1.2; Computer Club 3: Who's Who 4 120 seniorsDEWEY JOE EDGE "NEVER do today what you can put off till tomorrow God Bless the C.S.A.” Rodeo 3. 4; Vice-President 4; VICA — VAM 3. 4. DEBBIE EILAND "Where all think alike no one thinks very much!" Walter Lippman KATHRYN RENE ELLERBROOK "Only a mediocre person is always at his best " Yearbook Staff 3. 4; Senior Section Editor 4; DEC A 3. Parliamentarian 4; Homecoming Decorating Committee 3. Beta Club 3. 4 LUCKIE MAE FERRELL "Timmy. I finally made it babe I want to thank you for the love, happiness and security you have brought me. You are a very special person to me! I love you FOREVER Thanks Mom. Dell. Ronnie, boys. And I. Sandy. Samanatha. and Sonya Always remember G.M.H Tonya and Christy! I love you aH' Wrestling Cheerleader 2. Powder puff 3; Jobs for High School Graduates Officer 4. Pep Club 4 JEFF FINTON "Man cannot live by incompetence alone." Laurence Peter MICHAEL JAMES FLETCHER "Include me out." Samuel Goldwyn Wrestling 3. 4 LISA DARLENE FLOYD "Nothing is forever, so when you love someone, love them to the fullest, and if you should lose them, you will never lose the memories once shared by each other Thanks Sam. Andrea, and Rhonda, for all the memories. Wrestling Cheerleader I. DECA 3; Vica — Cosmetology 2. 4; Maranatha 2.3. 4. JANA NICOLE FORSYTHE "Seems like only yesterday when I thought I had the world to waste Now that I'm a Senior I wish I had spent my time wisely. Underclassmen have fun but study hard. The time goes by fast! Track 1. 2; Track Manager 3. 4; Powderpuff 3 Pep Club 1.2. 3.4; Vica — Cosmetology Club 2. 3; President 4 SANDY LYNN FORTUNE "Just a little on the wild side See 'ya when life begins. Ken. I'll love you till I die! See ya Grad night Lisa. Luckle. Andie, and SECS! Thanks for all the fun!" Class Favorite 1.2; Literary Guild 2; Winter Festival Court 2: Pep Club 3.4; Maranatha 3.4; DECA 3 SONYA RAE FORTUNE "The true measure of my success is not what I can do compared to others, but what I can do in comparison to my own best self Cheerleader I, 2. 3; Co-Captain 4; Spanish Club I. 2. Maranatha 1. 2. 3; Student Council Representative 2; M-Club 2. 3. 4. Attendance Worker 1. 2. 3; Fashion Club and Show 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Wordsmith 3; Pep Club 1.2. 3. 4; DECA Representative 3; Winter Festival Court 3: Homecoming Court 4. Who's Who 4; Homecoming Court 4. seniors 121JAMES FRYE "All I have is natural ability Mickey Mantle ERNEST MATIAS GARCIA "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We ll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we ll find — these are the best of times." STYX UT Martin Science Bowl 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; National History and Government Award Winner 3; Science Club 4; Mu Alpha Theta Vice-President 4; Who's Who 4 TYRONE LOCOMUS GARNER "Take time to love and be loved. Take time to work for it is the price of success. For if not a success you're nothing at all " General Chorus 1; Intermediate Band 2. Fellowship of Christian Athletes 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4; Principal s Advisory Council 3.4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3; French Club 4; ROTC 3.4. MARY CHARLOTTE GRADDY "A lifetime isn’t nearly long enough to Figure out what it's all about." Love you Mom. without you I couldn't have made It. Basketball Manager 1. DEC A 4. ZACHARY GREEN "My life is a crystal teardrop. " Joan Beet DARREN KEITH GREENBURG "The known is finite, the unknown Infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of Inexplicability Otr business in every generation is to reclaim a little more land." Basketball 1.2. 3. 4; Football 2. 4; Track 2.3.4; Cross Country 3. Baseball 1; Computer Club 3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1. 2. 3. 4. M-Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; DECA 4; TAPS 2; Student Council 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. MARTY GREER "Live life to the fullest GLENN DEREK GUNNELS "You may forget with whom you laughed, but you will never forget with whom you wept Arab proverb Football 2. Baseball 3. 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Hall of Fame 4 STEVEN MAURICE GURLEY "If you think your life is mass confusion because you never win the game, just remember life is a grand illusion and deep inside we are all the same " STYX Wrestling I. Spanish Club 2; Computer Club 3; DECA 4. THOMAS WAYNE HANCE "I’ve lone my thirteen years and now I'm out on good behavior. I'm headed for the future with nowhere to go. and have nothing but my soul to show. Kraft cheese and Macaroni. Ketchup, and sexy women. Thanks Mom and Dad." Wrestling 3. 4 122 seniorsCAROLYN DENISE HANNAH "What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you Thank you Christine. Donna, and Felecia for all the help and support during the four years here at MCHS. Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you!” Pep Club 2, 3. 4; SADD 4; Future Homemakers of America 1; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3: Homecoming Committee 2. 3; Winter Festival Committee 2. 3. 4; HERO I 4. TRENT NELSON HARDAWAY "I am the man who walked that barbed wire fence 3000 miles with no shoes on." BELINDA HARRALD "Pride, like humility. Is destroyed by one's insistence that he possesses it." Kenneth B. Clark FELECIA G. HARRINGTON "Love and friendship bridge all spaces; make the world a happier place A moment in space and time, makes memory of spirit and mind.” Maranatha 2. 3. 4; HERO II President 4. EDDIE JEROME HARRIS "Why put something off until tomorrow when you can do it today " Basketball l;HERO III I. KENNETH E. HARRIS "Life can be hard or it can be easy. The one you choose is up to you Take the easy life and make the best of it. Thanks to all my friends that have made it easy. Take it easy and I II see ya II later Math Club 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; DECA 3. Vice-President 4; Computer Club 2. 3. KENNETH HATCHEL "There is no way to peace, peace is the way." A. J. Muste JOHN HENRY HAWKINS, JR. "Success is getting up one more time than being knocked down." Coach Turner "Thanks for helping me get up. Mom. Jackie. Joe. and Craig." Football Manager 1.2. 3. 4; Steve Dedmon Award 1; Wrestling Manager 1.2. 3. 4; Track Manager 1.2. 3. 4; Basketball Manager 3. 4; Baseball 1, 4; Student Council Representative 2. 3; Vice-President 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Arete 2. 4; FCA 1.2. 3. 4. President 3. Vice-President 2. 4. Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; M-Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 3; Computer Club 3; Top 10% in CJ.S. on National Educational Development Test 1; Pep Club 4; Millington Environmental Improvement Commission 4; SADO 4; Rotary Youth Leadership Conference Delegate 3; American Legion Boys' State (State Senator) 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; National Government and History Award 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance Co-Chairman 3; Optimist Club Award Winner 1. 2. 3. 4; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. VICTORIA MARIE HAYES "Study to show thyself approved unto God. a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the work of truth." Second Timothy 2:15. "Special thanks to my parents, for they enabled me to head my life in any direction that I could possibly choose. I love you Mom and Dad." Drama 2. 3; Speech 3; Debate 4; Girls' Chorus 2. 3; Davy Crockett 3; Harding Academy Tournament 3. RONALD E. HAYS III "Commitment to Excellence. " Los Angeles Raiders seniors 123LEIGH ANNA HEBERT "Once wf know the truth, we have a responsibility to walk by the truth Thanks mom and dad (of both sets) I love ya " Steve thanks for showing me what love really is. I love you. Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4. Pep Club 4. Vica 3. 4. DONNA MARIE HEMMINGS "Everyone should live life to his fullest potential, because the best things in life come when you finally find your special person to love " FHA 1; MSU Math Contest 2. Pep Club 4. Science Club 3; SADD 3; Who's Who American High School Students 4; Science Bowl 3; Teacher s Aide 3. 4; Girls' Chorus I. 2; Hero II Vice-President 4; Tennessee Career Association 4; Civic Awareness Coordinator DAVID GLENN HENRY "At one time my goal In life was to be rich, famous, and powerful, but it is now simply to be happy Spanish Club 3 Science Club 3; Computer Club 2. Math Club 2. OSHA Club I. ROBERT DEREK HEROLD "The future is but a question mark hangs above my head there In the dark can't see for the brightness staring me blind so I bid this yesterday goodbye" — The Police Spanish Club 2; NCTE Achievement Award Winner in Writing 4 DAVID JAMES HESFORD "It takes 32 muscles to smile and 48 muscles to frown, so be lazy and smile!" Golf Team 1.2; Captain 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3.4; Spanish Club 1.2; Computer Club 3. PATRICIA ANN ELIZABETH HIVNER "When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed, but a wish come true fills you with joy." Spanish Club I. 2; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Thespian Club 2. 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2. 3. 4; Arete I. 2. 3. 4; Concert Choir 3. 4; Computer Club 3: Powderpuff 3. 4; French 4: Debate 4; Chamber Choir 4; "Calamity Jane" 1. "Dracula" 2; "Working" 2; "All in Disguise" 3. CARLTON EARL HOWARD "Twelve years of schooling, couldn t say I did my best. But whatever I do in life. I'm sure I'll be a success." Basketball I. 2. 3. 4. Track 3. 4. NJROTC 1. A1ASA 3. Beginning Band I. Jazz Band 2. 4. Marching Band 2. 3; Section Leader 4; Solo Superior Rating 3.4; McDonalds High School All American Marching Band Nominee 4 SCOTT MICHAEL HOWARD "Life — on a trod day out. day in Retreat, regroup, and try again Football 4; Track 1.2. 3. 4: Cross Country 1.2. 3. 4; Computer Club 2. 3. 4; Science Club 1.2. 3. 4; Octagon Club I. 2. 3. 4. Key Club 4. SADO 3. 4 Pep Club 1.2. 3. 4. Thespians 3. 4. Marching Band 2.3.4 Intermediate Band I; Concert Band 1.2. 3.4. Close Up 2. 3.4 PAMELA ANN HUDMAN "The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things FHA I. ROTC 2. Maranatha 2. JOHN DAVID HUDSON "Same old song. Just a drop of water in an endless sea. all we do. crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see. dust in the wind, all we are is dust In the wind ' Kansas Computer Club 3: Track 2; Cross Country 2. 4 124 seniorsLINDA HUGHES "Coftege is always on the road to somewhere else " Tom Robbins JEFFREY LYNN INGRAM “I said to a man who stood at the gate give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown, and he replied, go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God That shall be better to you than a light and safer than a known way.'' Band 2. 3. 4; Thespian 3. 4; Cross Country 1; Solo and Ensemble 1.2. 3. 4; Pep Club 4; Computer Science 4. GARY WAYNE JACKSON Tm not a prisoner. I'm a free man and my blood is my own now. I'm not a number. I'm a free man and I know where I'm going, better scratch me from your black book." Iron Maiden REBECCA ANN JAVINS “Could we see where and when we are to meet again, we would be more gentle when we bid our friend good-bye.'' Computer Club 3. 4. Spanish 3; DECA 4 BRANDON JAY JOHNSON "If you're going to be a dreamer. just remember that living a fun life of illusions can lead to a dull life of delusions." Basketball 1.2; Tennis 2. FREDERICK D. JOHNSON "Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you do hold wei " Football 1.2. 3. 4; Basketball MICHAEL WAYNE JOHNSON "I've done my last four years, thanks to all my teachers and parents. Wish me luck!" Vam II 3. 4 RHONDA YVETTE JORDAN "For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." — John 3:16. Student Council I; Principal's Advisory Committee I. 2. 3; Yearbook Staff 3. 4. Assistant Editor 4; Marching Band 2. 3. 4; Executive Committee 4; Secretary 4; Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Uniform Manager 4; Intermediate Band 2; Solo Ensemble 2. 3. 4; Lti Abner Orchestra 3; Computer Club 3; Medical Explorers Club 3; Health Careers Opportunity Program 3; Science Club 3; Sojourners Essay Contest Winner 3; Rotary Club Rep 3; Volunteer Girls' State 3; Trojans Artists. Poets, and Scholars 2. 3; FHA 1. 2; Histrorian I; Reporter 2; Representative 1; Wordsmith Essay Contest Winner 3; Shelby State Leadership Conference 3; Pep Club I; Octagon 2. 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Achievement Awards in Writing Nominee 3; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3; Prom Committee 4; Office Worker 4; Teacher's Aide I; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. Hall at Fame 4 MARIKA KATRIINA KARJANMAA "Thank you for the wonderful year in Millington I want to thank all my friends, teachers, and my homeroom Sabine, alles gut fur dich. I liebe dkrh Last of all. I want to thank my great host-family — Donna and Jeremy. I love You! Pep Club 4; French Club 4; Foreign Exchange Student for Finland 4 In Finland Aerobic 3; Choir 1.2. 3. MIRANDA ELAINE KARSKO "You're my only love, and I just thank the Lord above for each day I can't believe the way I feel. You're so special, you're so real. I know you'll always be my only love." I love you. Howard! Maranatha 1; Powder Puff 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Teacher's Aide 3; TOEC 4. seniors 125THOMAS MATTHEW KEARNEY, JR. "The richest man in the world is not the man who still has the first dollar he ever made; it's the one who still has his first friend Mom and Dad. thanks for everything. I love you MAB." ROTC 3. 4; ROTC Drill Team 3. 4 KAREN SUE KELLY "Mom. Dad. and Mr B . thanks for your encouragement to keep trying. I love you all! Serena and Tommy, keep trying you'll make it someday. J.E. I'm glad I met you and I hope we last!" Pom-Pom Squad 1.2; Basketball I; Yearbook Staff 2. JAMES PAUL KIMBERLING "Our feelings bind us! Our actions confess us! Our minds condemn us!" "LI Abner" 3: Tennessee State Math Competition 3. RACHEL ANN KINCAID "The truth is that Ufe is delicious, horrible, charming, frightful, sweet, bitter, and that is everything. " Anatole France. Freshman Class Treasurer 1; Junior Class Vice-President 3; Pep Club 1.2; Trojanette 1. 2; Spanish Club I. 2. 3; Office Worker I. 2. 3; Fashion Club 2; Science Club 3; Computer Club 3; Close-Op 3. 4; Attendance Worker 3; SADD 3. 4 Beta Club 3. 4. Tennessee Career Association President 4; Sojourner Essay Contest Winner. 2nd Place DENISE CAROL KOLLER “Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy. you must have somebody to divide it with. I have chosen to share mine with Kelly and Barry " Home Ec Club 1. Annual Staff I, 2; Science Club 2. 3; Fashion Show 1.2; Cheerleader 3; Powderpuff I. 2. 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students; DECA 4; TOEC 4. LESLIE ANN LACOMB "Success is having hope and faith in yourself, because without yourself, you have nothing." Pep Club I. 2. 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1. Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; DECA 3; Treasurer 4; Close- Jp 4; Octagon 4; Yearbook Staff 4; FHA 2. LISA ANN LAFAYETTE "If you love someone set him free. If he comes back, he's yours. If he doesn’t, he never was. Thanks Mom and Dad for making this year possible I love you " Pep Club 3; DECA 4; Powderpuff 3; Hero-Food Service 3; Vice-President 4. SUZANNE ELIZABETH LANDRY “I’d rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad FHA 1; Pep Club 3. 4; SADD 3.4; TOEC 3; French Club 4; Tennessee Career Association 4. THOMAS DEWEY LANHAM "Good sense means good grades Always be ready for your classes." Football I. JON THOMAS LATHAM "For I must be traveling on now because there’s too many places I’ve got to see because I'm as free as a bird." Lynyrd Skynyrd NJROTC 2. 3. 4; French Club 2; Track 2; Cross Country 3; DECA 3. 4; ROTC Chaplain 3; Memphis State DECA Competition — Food Management 3; DECA State Voting Delegate in Nashville 3; Naval Orientation in Pensacola. Florida 3 126 seniorsAIMEE LYNN LAURENT "High School has been fun. but now it's done I'm graduating feeling like I’m number one On top of the world is where I II always be clowning, fooling around, and just being me!" Pep Club 1; Rodeo Club 1; French Club 2; Computer Club 2. 3; ROTC I. 2. 3. 4. DEC A 4. Future Homemakers of America 4 JESSICA LAWRENCE "If you wont to get along, go along." Sam Rayburn SEAN MICHAEL LESTER "The secret to my success is that I’ve always managed to live to fly another day General Chuck Yeager Intermediate Band 1; Marching Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Manager 1; Jon Bond 2; Assistant Bond Custodian 3; Band Librarian 4; Band President 4; Saxophone Section I. 2. 3; Leader 3; Percussion 4; McDonald s All-American High School Band Nominee 4; "UT Abner" Orchestra 3; NJROTC 1. 2. 3. 4. Drill Team 2. 3; Honor Guard 3. 4. Platoon Cdr. 3; Drill Team Cdr 3; Bravo Company Cdr 4; Cadet of the Six Weeks 2. Boot Camp 2. 3; Pensacola Trip 1. 3; Yearbook Photographer 3. 4; MSG Saturday Scholars 2; Student Pilot 3. 4; MSG continuing Education (Photography) Instructor 4; PTSA Publicity Director 4 DEANNA LOGAN "Happiness is not something you find, it is something you create." Cheerleader 1. Co-Captain 1; A -West Jr. High Red Bond 1; Calamity Jane Orchestra I; Track 2. Spanish Ckib Treasurer 2; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1. 2; Computer Club 3: "UT Abner Orchestra 3; Principals Advisory Committee 3; M-Club 2. 3: Pep Club 1.2. 3; Maranatha 1. 2. 3: Solo Ensemble 1.2. 3; Marching Band 2. 3; Concert Band 1.2. 3; Fashion Show 3; Most Outstanding Band Member Award 3. PHILLIP RALPH LOGAN "It's better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. Football 1; Wrestling 2; VICA — VAB 1.2. GREY LONG "True strength is delicate. " Louise Nevelson KAREN RENEE LORENCY "Seek ye first the kingdom of God. and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." St Matthew 6:33. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Octagon 3. 4; TOEC 3. 4; Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4; DECA 3; Future Homemakers of America 1; Close-Gp 3.4; Who's Who 4 LINDA J. LOZADA "This was my first and last year here at MCHS. I would like to thank my teachers and the friends I've met since I've been here. It wasn't easy but I've succeeded Thank you for a wonderful year at MCHS!" DEBRA ANN MACSAVENY "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself Emerson Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; SADO 3. 4; Maranatha I. 2: Staff 3. 4; Computer Club 3; Spanish Club 2. 3; Future Homemakers of America 1; "Working" 2; Trojanette 3.4; Newspaper Staff 2; Girls' Choir 2. MARK ALLAN MANNING "Play for keeps and try to never lose. Live it fast but live the life you choose." Triumph Football I. 2; VICA — VAB I 3; VICA — VAB II4. seniors 127ANDREA RENE MARCY "En o when I look at you. I see my dreams of yesterday, my happiness today, and the |oy of all our tomorrows Thanks for helping me through it. Mom and Dad. Luckie. Samantha. Sandy and Sonya, you're the best friend, anyone could have Volleyball 1.2. 3; Basketball 1; Softball I; Pep Club 1.2. 3. 4; Deca 2; Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; FCA I. 2. 3.4; Hero 3. 4; FHA 4. ARTHADA ANN MARTIN "My life is a melody Hope is the mood. Family. Friendship. Love, and Education harmonize, while Perserverance and Conscience keep the rhythm. Dreams are the only lyrics. Thank you. my friends, family, and mentors for the guidance and cherished memories French 1.2; T A P S. I. 2. 3. 4; Beta 2. 3. 4; Computer 3; NHS 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Quill and ScroB 3. 4; SADD Vice-President 3; President 4; Science 4; Arete 1.2. 3. 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Editor 4; General Choir I; Gospel Choir 2. 3; Concert Choir 3. 4; Secretary 3; Soprano Section Leader 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee 3; Millington Sketchbook Calendar 2. 3; Trojan Cycle Staff 3; Top 5% of U S. on NEDT 1; Top 10% of U S. on PSAT 3; MCHS Wordsmith Tournament First Overall 1. 3; Third Overall 2: Junior Achievement 2; Governor School for the Humanities 3; Hall of Fame 4. MAXINE MATTHEWS "Education is not what you put into school, but what you get out of school SHAWN R. McAVOY "I've been messed with, been pushed around. I've been kicked. I've been shoved, but you ain't got the best of me. Stand and be counted "On your feet" one and all. "On your feet"." Football I. VABI; VABII JAMES ERIK MCCARROLL "United we stand; United we never shall fall. United we stand one and all!; Carrie, thank you for everything. I love you Football I. Wrestling 1.2.3. 4; DECA 3; Lil Abner JASON EDWARD McCASKILL “HOSS" "En|oy life while you can. later on you may not be able to ." Rodeo 3. 4. Chaplain 3; Secretary-at-Arms 4; Computer 3. 4. Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3; Office Worker 4 TIMOTHY PAUL McCtlLLOUGH "The ways of God in Nature are not as our ways; nor are the models that we frame in any way correspond to the vastness, profundity, and unsearchableness of His works, which have depth in them greater than the well of Democritus. Joseph Glanvllle Baseball 2. Spanish Club 3; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; Science Club 3; FCA I. 2. 3. 4; Computer Club 3; SADD 4; Pep Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Who s Who 4 JAMES DAVID McELYEA "Life is full of success and failures, but a failure is not a complete failure if you can get up and start over again Baseball 2. 3. 4. FCA 2. 3. 4; M-Club 3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4; Maranatha 3. 4 AISA 2; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. DAVID FRANK McGARY "We don t need no education We don t need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Hey. teacher, leave those kids alone " Pink Floyd ROTC 1. 2. 3. 4 Platoon Cdr. 2; Operations Officer 3. Executive Officer 3; Company Cdr 3. Battalion Cdr. 4; Intermediate Band 1. Track 2; Cross Country 3; Beta Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4 Drill Team I. 2. 3. Rifle Team 2; Who s Who 4 KEITH McMAHAN "You can't save time, so spend it well when you have it." Wrestling I. Chess Club 2. Computer Club 3. 4. Close-Dp 4 128 seniorsERIC SAMUEL MILAM "A true friend is someone who hears everything you have to say and still loves you." Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1; Football I; Maranatha Staff 2; Concert Choir 2. 3. 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3. MELISSA ANN MILAM "Memory Is more indelible than ink." Anita Loos AMY ANITA MILLER "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true " Class Treasurer 3. 4; Class Favorite 3; Homecoming Court 3. 4; Softball 1.2; national Honor Society 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; Arete 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2; French Club 1. 2. Maranatha I M-Club I. 2; Computer Club 3; Science Club 3. Yearbook Staff 4; Office Worker 4; Teacher's Aide 2. 3; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3. Tennis Ckib I; Homecoming Queen 4; Who's Who 4. CHERYL MORRISON "Dig if you will a picture, you and I engaged with a kiss. With this kiss we see doves cry in the year 1999 After taking a walk in the purple. To the class of ‘66 tell me. who screamed?" Band 1.2; Pep Club 1.2. MATTHEW MICHAEL MARK MORRISON "So many times you were so lonely and no one seemed to care, but if your hopes for your tomorrows are drowning In your sorrows, know your heart will show you the way ' L.R Thanks Mom and Dad and Everyone. Long live the Insergents!” Computer Club 3; Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Science Club 3. 4; TAPS 2. 3. 4; Wrestling 3. 4; Computer Programming Contest. UT Martin 85 3; DEC A 3; Written Events 4; AIASA 1. 2. TONY RENEE MOSS "Stay In touch with your friends and keep track of your enemies, leave one foot in the grave and the other In the stars, and with logic, dreams, and imagination you can solve any problem " ROTC 1.2. 3. 4; Color Guard 1 st Drill Team Commander 4 BOBBY JOE MULLEN "Ufe is like a blink of the eye. compared to eternity So get the best out of It. Thank you Lisa for finding a very special place in my heart Squlrrell Slayers Forever (David. Jeff. Bobby) ." Football 1.2. 3. 4; VICA 14; DECA 3; Honor Society I ANDREA PATRICIA MURRAY "Friends are people who understand your past, believe In your future and accept you today just as you are Thanks Lisa. Rhonda. Sam. Lauren. Mike C.. and many others for the memories and for being such good friends!" Volleyball 1.2; Felowship of Christian Athletes 1. 2; Pep Club 1.2. 3; Maranatha 1.2. CONENE GELETTE NELSON "The best thing about being young is. if you had to do it aH over again, you would still have time. What we learn with pleasure we never forget." Beginning Band 1. Intermediate Band 2; Marching Band 3. 4. Band Manager 2; Concert Band 3. 4. HERO 4; FHA I. Gospel Choir 3; Maranatha 3. 4; Octagon 1.2. 3. 4; SADD 4; General Choir 2; Rap 3. CURTIS EDWARD OLIVER "Memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we ll take the best forget the rest and someday we ll find these are the best of times." STYX Football 1.3; Wrestling 1; Baseball 2; Fellowship of Christian Athletes I. Maranatha I. seniors 129WILLIAM H. OVERSTREET, JR. "Live every moment, love every day. cause before ya know it. your precious time slips away Thanks for everything Leigh Ann. and you too Mr. Macklin." VAM I. II. 3.4: Who's Who Among American High School Students: Who's Who 4. THOMAS J. PAGE III "Don't worry, smile and dance, you just can't work life out. Don't let down moods entrance you. just take the wine and shout! I love you. Robin!'' FHA 1. Band 1.2.3. Maranatha 1.2. TERRI LEE PALMER "The past is behind you and already over so look to the future and the great things to come. Thanks Keith for our past together and I look for our future to be even better." FHA I: VICA 2. 3.4 MICHAEL LYNN PANNELL "I don't breathe unless the wind is out of the south, and don't drink out of nothing but Dixie cups. The south shall rise again I love you Rhonda " Pep Club 2; VICA — VAM 13;VICA — AMY JO PARHAM "It takes less time to do something right than to explain why you did it wrong.” Beta Club 2. 3: TOEC 3. 4; President 3; Computer Club 3; Homecoming Court 4. TAWANA LASHELLE PARHAM "Thanks Mom for being so caring and understanding. And the very special man In my life (Danny), thanks for being there through everything Farewell Stephanie, you won't be forgotten And to all three of you I Love You dearly " FHA 1: Pep Club 2. RANDY THOMAS PAUL "God's gift to man is life, what we do with it is our gift to God." LISA SUE PAYNE "Love is having someone to hold on to. I'm glad I've found my special someone. I love you Joe. I finally made It. thanks Mom and Dad for having the patience to help!" Maranatha 1: Track 2. 3. 4: M-Club 3. 4; VICA — Cosmetology 2. 3: Parliamentarian 4; Office Aide 4. BEVERLY ANNE PEETE "Take all the time you spend wishing for tomorrow and spend it making today come true." J H J. Choir DEWAYNE EDWARD PERRY Bet your life on the silver ball, spin it round the wheel, will it land on the black or the red. Outlaws oot the deal " Auto Body 3. 4. 130 seniors♦ JEFFREY ALAN PHILLIPS It Is shocking to find how many people do not believe they can learn, and how many more believe learning to be llfflcult. Maud Dlb knew that every experience carries its lesson Dune; Thanks Mom. Dad. James, and friends for he experiences " Cross Country I. 3; Working; Dracula. Lit Abner. Arete 3. 4; Principals Advisory Committee 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; National Beta Club 3. 4; Maranatha 1; Science Club 3. 4; Computer Club 3; International Thespian Society 3. 4; Spanish Club 3. 4; Junior Achievement 2; Optimist Club Award Winner 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Special Program for Academically Talented Students at Mississippi State University 3; Explorer s Club 3. 4 TARA YVETTE PHILLIPS "I will bless the Lord at all times and his praises will continually be in my mouth.- Psalm 34 Girls' Choir I; Gospel Choir I. 2. 3: Concert Choir 2. 3; Swing Choir 2. 3; FHA I; TOEC 3: Maranatha 3. 4; Pep Ckib 4; TOPS Choral Festival 3; Dallas Choral Festival 3: Nashville Choral Festival 2: French Club 4. HOWARD LAMAR PINER "Broken wings can t hold me down, soon I'll be free again I feel the time is right although I know that you just might say to me. "What ya gonna do!" But I'l take this chance.” Maranatha 1. 2. 3. 4. Beta Club 2. 3. 4; SADO 3; Computer 3. 4. Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Deca 4; FHA 4; Who s Who Among American High School Students 4; Arete 2.3. Pep Club 2. 3 KAREN MARIE POORTVLIET "Time Is precious, but truth Is more precious than time. Thanks Janet for a wonderful senior year. I love you. Bob and I am looking forward to our special day (June 14. 1906)." LISA RENEE PRUITT "The moment may be temporary but the memory lasts forever. To my parents and friends, thank you for everything and to Bobby for always being there Your precious love will always be alive in my heart I love you. Lisa." Attendance Worker 2. 3; Office Worker 2. 3; Teacher s Aide I. 2. 3. 4; Leaders 4; Tro ans Artists. Poets, and Scholars 2. 3; Vice-President 3; President 4; French Club 2; Pep Ckjb 1. 2. 3. 4. Sadie Hawkins Publicity Committee 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Decoration Committee 1. 2. 3. 4; Winter Festival Committee 1. 2. 3. 4; Octagon 3. 4; Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4; SADD 3. 4; DECA 4; Rap Club 2. 3; Powderpuff 3; Art Show Honorable Mention 3; Who s Who Among American High School Students 4; Calendar 3. 4; Trojan Cycle Magazine 3.4 ERNEST PIEERE PUGH III “Don't give up! Don't give up. stay with God. you can do it if you try. Just keep your eye on the master He will lead and guide your way. Take his hand and hold on." Transfer from Bolton; Band I; 4H Rep; Student Council 1; Basketball 1; Gospel Choir 1. Maranatha 3; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; Fashion Show 3; Possum King 2. Concert Choir 2. 3; Most Improved 2; Best Male Soloist 3; Gospel Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Male Vocalist of the Year 3; Best Soloist 3; Talent Show Group Winner 1. 2. 3; Midsouth Talent Finalist 3; Paper Staff 3. 4. CHERYLE DENISE RAMBERG "Dream until those dreams become a reality. Only then will your life be fulfilled Thanks Mom and Dad for everything, especially to my closest friends, we had a blast Spanish Club 3: Maranatha 3; Miss Millington Pageant 3. ELIZABETH JEAN RATHER “Life is like music; It must be composed by ear. feeling, and instinct, not by rule Samuel Butler Thanks to all of my friends for the fun times and all of the special memories Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Track I; Beta Club 2. 3; Vice-President 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4. Treasurer 3; Computer Club 3; Spanish Club 4; M-Club 3. 4. Powderpuff 3; Who s Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Who's Who 4 REBECCA LEE RAYMAN "The things in life are not things you hold on to. but things you remember I'd like to thank my parents and my teachers in pushing me and helping me finish school General Choir 1; Girls Choir 2. 3; Concert Choir 4. FCA 4; Maranatha 3. 4. Rap 2; TOEC 4; Pep Club 3. 4; FHA 4; Volleyball Manager 4 PHILIP LEE RAYMOND "People besiege me. but they ! never teach me things that I already know " seniors 131LINDA REED "Patience has its limits. Take it too far and it's cowardice." — George Jackson MISSY REED "It's finally over. Thanks Mom. Dad. Cindy and Heather. I love you all!” TOEC 2. 3. 4. Maranatha 2. 3; FVp Club 1.2. LISA ELAINE REEDER Love is like a bottle of wine The longer you keep it. the better it gets And I can't help but love you more and more each day Dondra W. Smith. May God be with us. comfort us. and watch over us forever more.”' ANNALETTE’S TIBAYAN REYNANTE There is a reason for everything that happens, even though we don't see it We must accept everything that hap pens, whether good or bad. on trust. And that we. as individuals, must do our best, do what God intended. — Belva Plain Evergreen Arete 2. 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4 Computer Club 3. 4; Concert Choir 2. 3. 4; Librarian 3. 4; General Choir I; Gospel Choir 2. 3; Homecoming Decorating Refreshment Committee 2. 3. 4; Maranatha I; Mu Alpha Theta 3 President 4 National Honor Society 3. 4. Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Trojanette 4; Sad Hawkins Decorating Refreshment Committee 3.: Spanish I. 2; SADD 3. 4. Thespian 2. 3. 4; Treasurer 4; Winter Festival Announcer 2: "Calamity Jane" 1; Working 2; "Dracuia" 2. Costume Sounds; All In Disguise 3; ' LU Abner 3. Student Director Theater Showcase 3; Behind the Scenes Award 3; Most Dedicated Choir Member 2; Most Improved Choir Member 3. Chamber Choir 4 Community Day Walk A-Thon Participant 3; SADD Vigil Participant 3; Graduation Usher 3; Play Production 3. 4; THSSDL Competition 3. DAN PRUITT RICHARDSON "Es bildet ein talent sich in der stille. sich ein charakter in den strom der welt. Talent is formed in solitude; Character is formed in the stormy billows of the world. — Goethe Football 1. 2. 3.4; Track 2. 4 Fellowship of Christian Athletes I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 3.4; M Club 2. 3. 4; Maranatha 3 4. Computer CM 3. Close-up 4. Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; "UT Abner 3 ELIZABETH ANNE RIDLEY I shad be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less Traveled and that has made all the difference ” — Robert Frost SADO 3. 4. Computer 3. Beta Club 3. 4; Arete 3. 4. Pep Club 3. 4; DECA 4. French 4. Homecoming Decorating Committee 3. 4; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3. MARVA KAYE RISBY I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do. or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now ... for I shall not pass this way again. Pep Ckib I. 2. 4; Drill Team I; Basketball Manager 2. 3; Track 1. VICA Cosmetology 4; VIC A Treasurer 4; Maranatha 3 HAROLD RIVERA "I'm glad it's over but for some reason it seems as it is just beginning." JOHN PAUL ROBERTS "Feel no pain but my life ain't easy. No one cares but I'm so much stronger, out for my own. out to be free one with my mind they just can t see. break away from your common fashon . — AC DC RULES!" Rap 2; Newspaper Staff 4; Stage Crew 2. Storekeeper I. French Club 3.4; VFW Award I SUSAN MARLENE ROBERTS We should appreciate what we have, instead of worrying about what we haven't. Enjoy what is before it isn't." Intermediate Band I. Marching Bond 2. 3. 4. Girls Chorus I. Gospel Choir 1; Concert Choir 2. 3; Swing Choir 3; Junior Band Rep 3; Senior Band Rep 4. Thespian 2. 3. 4. Working 2. Concert Band 2. 3. 4. Spanish Club 2; Octagon 3. President 4 Maranatha 3. 4 National Honor Society 3. 4; Pep Club 4; Behind the Scenes Optimist Award 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 132 seniorsDAVID CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON "Life. Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and freewill — That what It s ail about Long live the insurgents' Thanks Mom and Dad Football 1.2: FCA 1; Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4; Rap Club 2. 3; Eagle Scout; M-Club. Arete 2. 3. 4 AMY RENEE ROGERS "Love Is a very special gift, with love the world revolves in a very special way. If you ever receive this gift, you should cherish it. for real love is the gift of God' Thanks for everything Grandaddy and Grandmother Student Council 1; Play Production 1; ■Calamity Jane" 1: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; TOEC 3. 4; Maranatha 1.2. 3; Cosmetology 2; Tennis 1; Attendance Worker 2; FCA 2. 3. 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; Homecoming Court 3. SAMANTHA LEE SAVAGE "Until you mean something to yourself, you can t be important to anyone else Thanks Lisa. Andrea. Andie. Lucky, and my many other friends who will always be very dear to me and to Richard, who showed me what real love is Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; Vica — Cosmetology 2. 4; Pep Club 1. 2; Deca 3; TOEC 3 SANDY MICHELLE SAYLORS "What you think of yourself is far more important than what others think of you. So make yourself happy Thanks to all my friends for everything and thanks to Randy for showing me love Track 1; FHA 1; Secretary 2; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; JV Cheerleader 2; TOEC. Secretary 3. 4; Class Secretary 1. 2. 4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3. MARGUERITE MARY SCANLON "Sometimes in our lives we all have pain; we all have sorrow, but if we are wise and believe in God. there is always a tomorrow." Track 1; Flag Corps 2. 3; Co-Captain 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; President 3; Maranatha 3; Octagon 2; R A P 2; Computer Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Pep Club 3. 4; MSG Math Contest 1.2. 3. 4. Who s Who Among American High School Students 4. JEFFERY ALAN BENEDICT SCOGGINS "No shoes, no shirts, no dice, long live the insurgents! Intermediate Band 1. Marching Band 2. 3. Jazz Band 2; Octagon 3; TAPS I. 2. 3. 4; VAM I 3; Chess Chib. President 2; Soccer 1.2.3. DWAN SCOTT "The angry man always thinks he can do more than he can Action is but coarsened thought — Thoughts become concrete. Obscure and unconscious." Football 1.2; Basketball 1.2.4; Track 1.2. 4; FHA 1; Fashion Chib 1.2. 3.4 MICHELLE MARIE SELVY "This world can tear your soul to pieces if you give it half a chance. There are no rules to remember There are no written steps to the dance." DEBBIE LEE SLYAPICH "The city breathes, the city Jumps to life, lately It seems your time is all used up. chasing dreams of money and the good life! Michelle, we made It chick!!! California, here we come!!!" Teacher s Aide 1. 2; TOEC 3. 4; Tutor 1; DECA 3: National Honor Society 3. 4; Band 1.2; FHA 2. 4; Student Council Representative 1; Office Attendant 4. BRETT SMITH "Success means never having to admit you are unhappy Robert Evans seniors 133TONYA LEE SMITH "You never conquer a mountain You stand on the summit a few moments, then the wind btows your footprints away " Arlene Blum "Best wishes to Christie. Tonja Mae. and Luckie and to Mom. Dad. and Dan all of my love Pep Club 2. 3. 4. Science Club 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; French Club 3. 4. Powder-puff 3; Close-Op 4 WENDY ELIZABETH SMITH "Forsake her not. and she shall preserve thee, love her. and she shall keep thee." Proverbs 4 6 Cheerleader 1. 2. 3; Class Vice-President 2; Student Council Representative 3; Homecoming Court 2. 3; Arete 2. 3. 4. Pep Club 1.2. 4. M-Club 2. 3; Computer Club 3; Yearbook Staff 3. 4; French Club 1.2; Highest Average in French 1. 2; Optimist Club Highest 6 Weeks Average 2; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3; President 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.4. MICHAEL MASON SPEARS "lhave a shotgun, rifle and a two wheel drive. And this country boy can survive Don't you know Rebels Rule Mom. and Phil. M M . Big Red. Ms Glenn and one Mom Lightfoot and thanks to everyone else that helped me my four years..Jesse Rodeo 2. 3. 4; President Rodeo 3. 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; VIC A — VAB 3. 4. President Senior Class; Football I. 2; Who's Who 4. TONI DIANNE SPECK "A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. " Walter Winchell Who’s Who Among American High School Students; Yearbook Staff 3. 4; Senior Activities Editor 4. Scholastic Letter 1; Scholastic Bar 2; Class Secretary 3; Homecoming Court 2. 3; Attendance Worker 4; Office Worker 4; Teacher s Aide 3; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; French Club 1. 2; Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; Maranatha 2. 3; Arete I. 2. 3; Computer Club 3; FCA 3; M-Club 2. 3; Freshman Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader 2. 3; Back Stage Worker for Calamity Jane" DENA RAE SPENCER "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and love today To all my friends, good luck in the future To my mom. dad. and Lynn, thanks for everything. I love you!" Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; Trojanette 2. 3. 4; Maranatha I; Newspaper Staff 2. 3; Business Manager 3. Sports Editor 3; French Club 3. Computer Club 3; DECA 4. Beta Club 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Arete 3. 4; Office Worker 4. Powder puff Football 4; Homecoming Decorating Committee 3; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4. JOSEPH ALLEN STEPHENSON "Natsu-gusa ya tswamono donis ga yune no ato " — Matsuo Basho Thanks Mom. Mike, and Teresa." Football 1. 3. 4; FCA I. 2. 3. 4; Computer Club 3; French Club 2; Treasurer 2; Maranatha 4; Track 1 Baseball Manager 2. 3; Pep Club 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; Science Club 4; Principal s Advisory Council 1; Who’s Who 4 MATT STOLLMEYER "Every time you win. you're reborn, when you lose, you die a little." George Allen. TODD ANTHONY STRINGFELLOW "Through the window. I slip away into the darkness, the time has come. I must use caution. Summer nights are here; for in the shadows I'D make a trail and with no warning I I be gone ROTC 1.2. 3. 4; Rifle Team 2. 3. 4; Commander 3; Public Affairs Officer 4; Rifle Team Letters JAMES E. STROUD "Don't always involves risk. You can't steal one base and keep your foot on the other Football 1; Basketball Manager 2. 3. Baseball Manager 2; VICA — VAM 3. 4. SYLVIA FAYE SULLIVAN "While on life's long Journey, we should not forget where we began nor how we got there; for without God nothing is possible!' Pep Club 1; French Club 2; Spanish Club 3. 4 Beta Club 3. 4; FHA 1; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; Gospel Choir 2. 3: Guidance Worker 4; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Computer Club 4; Close-Lip 4. 134 seniorsRICHARD LEON TALADA • Throughout the letter parts of your travels In life, perhaps you will be In need of my infinite wisdom and flwdonce. and I shan't be present. So. in order that you may know my personal feelings remember this. Those that ask Why? whenthey have no questions are smarter than those who ask questions and don t know why " Football 1; Concert Choir 2. 3. President 4. FCA I. Calamity Jane I. Spanish Ck4 2. 3. Photographer 3. 4; Maranatha I. 2; Arete 3. 4. International Thespian Society 2. 3; Historian 4; Pep Club 1. 2; Beta Club 2. 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4 AH West Tennessee Choir 2. 3. 4. AM State Tennessee Choir 4; MSU Yearbook Workshop 3 Tennessee s Outstanding Performing Students 4. Who s Who Among American High School Students 3. 4. Dracula 2. Working 2. Lil Abner 3. Bass Section Leader 3. Sodto Hawkins Daisy Sales Committee 3. Talent Show Participant 3. 4. Mid-South Talent Review 3; Double Barbershop Quartet 3. 4; Swing Choir 3. 4. Madrigal Singers 4 Chamber Singers 4; Outstanding Achievement Award in Spanish n 7 rinit r Arhi v .m nt Arademv 2: Yearbook Facultv Section Editor 4. LATONYA SHARN1SE TATE "The Lord is my light and my salvation: whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life: of whom shall I be DECA?3 Secretary 4. Pep Club I. 2. 4. Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4 Science Club 4. Concert Choir 3. Gospel Choir 2. 3. 4; French Club 2. 4; FHA 1. Computer Club 3. 4; DECA 4th Place in Advertising 3: Close-Op Secretary 4; DECA State Competitor 3; TAPS 3; Concert Choir 2. 3. 4. CHRISTIE LEA TAYLOR • A teardrop on my cheek, a blue-eyed star and a balloon can make me a clown Mom. Dad. I love you. hope you re proud Stay Gold, Tonya Shannon, you'll always have a special place in my heart. G.M.H. Luckie Transfer from KOFA High. Ax ; German Club I. 2; French Club 3. 4. Cheerleading 2. 4. Pep Club I. 2. 3. 4; Gym-nasties 2; Swimming 2; Drama 1.2. 3. 4. Thespians 3. 4; Oklahoma 1; UT Abner 3; AM in Disguise 3; Who s Who 4 LISA LYNN TAYLOR "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, more inteHigently ' ai . Maranatha 1.2. 3; FHA 1. Pep Club 1. Rap 2; DECA 3; Decorating Committee for Sadie Hawkins 3. FELECIA MICHELLE THOMAS "Life is not always what one wants it to be. but making the best of it. is the only way of being happy Softball 3.4; Volleyball 2. 3; Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; Pep Club 3; Rap 3; Powderpuff 3; Gospel Choir 1.2; FHA 1 SHAUNA ELAINE THOMAS "We the class of 86. upon reaching the threshold of adulthood. wlH strive to deal with all trials and tribulations in our life." Choir 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.2. JEREMY ALAN TINCHER "Procrastination is the thief of time." Cross Country 3.4; Wrestling 2. 4. Baseball 2. 3. 4. THOMAS JOSEPH TRACEY "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we ll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we II find — these ere the best of times " STYX ' Thanks Mom and Dad ' . Wrestling 1.2. 3. Captain 4. M-Ckib 2. 3. 4; FCA 2. 3. 4. Maranatha 2. 3. 4. Computer Club 3; DECA 4. Science Club 4; SADO 3. 4; AIASA 4 JENNIFER LYNN TRUJILLO "To be what we are. and to become what we are capable of becoming, is only the end of life. Robert Louis FHA 1; Student Council Representative 1; Spanish Club 2. 3; Teacher's Aide 2. 3; Pep Club 3. 4; DECA 3. 4; Attendance Worker 3. 4; Close-Op President 4; Who's Who 4 JANET LYNN TURNER "Cherish the love we have and cherish the life we live because love will stand the test of time. Thanks Karen, for a great Senior year If we don't make it. I will always remember you Bufford! Thanks Mom and Meemaw FHA I . Pep Club 2 seniors 135MATTHEW JOHN TWIGG If you feel that all your life is packed with complications, and almost everything you try ends up in frustrations, if you feel that life s passing by. passing by. catch the train of better times . rock tonight... hard times go. as soon as the good times roll." — Scorpions Yearbook 3. 4 CASSANDRA LEE VANN Tomorrow is a dream that leads me onward ... a path I've yet to choose, talents I have yet to use. joy I've yet to know, the love I've yet to show, for it's the person I have yet to be." ROTC 1: Drill Team 1; FHA 1.2; Powderpuff 3. 4; TOEC 3. 4; Pep Club 1.2. 3. Maranatha 2. 3. 4; Rap Club 2. 3. MICHAEL JOSEPH VELASQUEZ Realize your fantasy, you live the dream with every step you take .. . Future's knockin' at your door, take your time and choose the road you want. Opportunity is yours.” — Journey "Thanks Dad. Mom. Mia. Mel for all you've done Computer Club 4. LARRY GENE VINSON Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm " Proverbs 4:26-26 Thanks Mrs. Harvell for all your advice." Pep Club 2; Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4; Officer 3; Red Cross Worker I; Office Worker 2. 3. 4; DEC A 4; Hugh O Brien Youth Foundation Semi-Finalist 2. Explorers Club 2; Who's Who 4 TANZANIA VINSON Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." — Proverbs 4:7 Freshman Class Vice-President 1; Freshman Cheerleader I; Track 1; Girls' Chorus I; Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; FCA I. 2. 3. 4; Gospel Choir 1. 2. 4. Rap Club 2; Principal s Advisory Committee 2; Student Leadership Conference Delegate 2; MCHS Talent Show Participant 2. 3; 1984 Overall Talent Winner. Groovy Goolies 2; 1984 Best Group Award. Har-monizers 2; Mid-South Fair Youth Talent Contest Participant 3; French Club 2. 4; Pep Club 2. 4; Varsity Cheerleader 2. 3. 4; Captain 4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; Concert Choir 2. 3; Best Alto 3; Swing Choir 3; Beta Club 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Fashion Club 3; Science Club 3; Computer Club 3; Sadie Hawkins Refreshment Committee Chairperson 3; Student Council Representative 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Office Worker 4-PTSA Student Representative 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Who s Who 4; Hall of Fame 4 TONJA MAE WAGNER Chip, grow old along with me. the best is.yet to be I love you. Tonya and Brenda, thanks for always being here for me Mom and family. I love you all. thanks for all your love and support." Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Hero Child Care 3. 4; Octagon 4 VICKIE RAE WARD God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I love you very much Mike." Volleyball 2; Captain 3. 4. Track Manager 3. 4. SADD 3. 4. Maranatha 3. 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4 Teacher s Aide 3: Attendance Worker 4. CHANDRA YVETTE WATSON Well now I plainly see. this busy world I shall always agree, and therefore I may boldly say that the ioys of tome row or today shall guide me on my way.” PY fk-» 1 VoHey aU PeP Club 1 2, 4: Maranatha 3. 4; Vica — Cosmetology Reporter 4; Basketball Manager 2. • LA 3. A. CHRISTINE MARIE WATT The grand essentials of happiness are something to do. something to love, and something to hope for." Pep Club 4. LARA TRACY WILDES Only as high as I reach can I grow. Only as far as I seek can I go. Only as deep as I look can I see. Only as much as I dream can I be ." Karen Ravn Intermediate Band I; NJROTC I. 2. 3. 4; Administrations Officer 2; Operations Officer 3; Executive Officer 4 Battalion Commander 4; Drill Team 1. 2. 3. 4; Color Guard 2. 3. 4; Rifle Team 2. 3. 4; Honor Guard 3 4 Who s’Who Among American High School Students 3; Science Club 3; Math Club 3; Pep Club 4. 136 seniors TIMOTHY WAYNE WILKINS "Life is not always what one wants it to be but to make the best of it as it is. Is the only way of being happy." MARY KATHRINE WILKS "Remember to always be yourself. Stand up in a crowd and be proud of who you are and what you believe. I appreciate everything you have done for me Mom I love you and Sterling Thanks to all my friends, you all have made these years more memorable." J.V. Drill Team I; Varsity Drill Team 2; honor Choir 1, 2; Attendance Worker 4; Sadie Hawkins Refreshment Committee 3; Miss Tennessee Coed Pageant 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Future Homemakers of America 4; J.V. and Varsity Volleyball 4; TOEC 4. BARRY O'NEAL WILLIAMS "To Crystal: When love finds you. you feel it. When love leaves you. you feel it even more. If life has no love then loving has no value, because everyone is here for a purpose. Love to learn, then love to fulfill." Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1.2. 3. 4. Maranatha I. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1.4; Football 1.2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3; Basketball 1.2: Wrestling 3. 4; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. REBECCA ANN WILLIAMS "A broken heart is as inaccurate in telling you your real emotions as a broken clock is in telling you the correct time. Thanks Mom and Dad for bearing with me. I love you both! I love you Carl!!" Pep Club 1; FHA Hero 1; Rodeo Club 3; Vlca — Cosmetology 2. 3. 4. DEBRA LYNN WILLIAMS "You never conquer a mountain You stand on the summit a few moments; then the wind blows your footprints away As we are standing on the summit now so will others be." Attendance Worker 1; Spanish Club 1.2; Maranatha 1.2; Science Club 3; Computer Club 3; Pep Club 3; Flag Corps 2, 3. 4; Close-Lip 3; National Honor Society 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Who's Who 4. JOHN WILSON "Words are all we have." Samuel Beckett Class Favorite 1.2. 3; Football 1.2. 3, 4. REGINALD WILSON "Life isn't a having and a getting but a being and becoming ” Track 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1.2. 3. 4; M-Chib 2. 3. 4 RENETTA WILSON "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it." Varsity Basketball 4; Track 4; FHA Club I; Maranatha Club 3. 4; HERO I Club 3; Pep Club 4; VICA Club 4; General Chorus 1. LISA DIANE WOODWARD "It has been a great four years here at MCHS. I'm glad I am finally leaving even though I will miss it Thanks Tammy and Vikie for being such great friends. I wouldn't have made it through high schooi without ya'IL I love ya . Mom and Dad Pep Club 1. 2. 4; Science Club 3; Maranatha 4; FHA 2; Tennessee Career Association 4; Career Preparation Coordinator TAMMY RENEE WOODWARD "High Schooi has been a lot of fun. A chance to live and learn. Although four years have come and gone the memories will live on. I'll never forget all the people who helped make the memories Goodbye Mrs. Moore and Mr. Owen! I love you Wayne!” Maranatha 1.3. 4; Science Club 3. 4; Pep Club 4; Tennessee Career Association 4. Social Awareness Coordinator. seniors 137FLORDELIZA LAWMAN WOODWORTH "Life is a band of pathways Follow the ones that suit you and live it to the fullest, because life is worth it Junior Varsity Volleyball 2; Track I; Pep Club 2; TOEC 3. 4; FHA 2; Miss Millington Pageant 2. 3 JULIE MARION WRIGHT "I guess the statement All good things must end' is true. I'd like to thank my parents and friends for making my high school years memorable Cheerleader I. Spanish Club I. 2; Attendance Worker 4; TOEC 4; Maranatha 4; Band I. 2. JERRY PAUL ZVOLANEK I wanted only to try to live in accordance with the prompting that came from my true self Why was that so very difficult?" Anonymous Vica-Vam 3. 4. JOHN BARRY MARLEY "The time has come for us all to say good-bye and try our wings in life. Some of us will prosper; some will not. It has been four years of learning, experience, and friendship I wish all of my classmates the very best and I hope the younger classmen will enjoy MCHS as much as I have Spanish Club 4. TRACIE ELAINE EPPS But life is a great school It thrashes and bangs and teaches you " Nikita S Khrushchev. YOG MAKE IT HAPPEN You make it happen — not anyone else. So when you fail, don't say I could have done it but... Instead think of how You can fulfill your dreams the next time. You can make it happen if you only try. If you think you can't do it, you surely won't. Don't think of the hardships — but of the benefits. Think of the satisfaction you will get out of it And how great you will feel When you have done your best. Don't think of past failures and losses. Think of possible future achievements and gains And how rewarding the accomplishments will be. You can accomplish anything if you really try, So reach for new goals without fear. and remember — YOG CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN by Lewis Worthy 138 seniors Top Left: MCHS students take time at lunch to pose for the camera. Top Right: Darren Greenburg demonstrates his break — dancing skills. Middle Left: MCHS students ask, "Hey. what am I eating anyway?’ Middle Right: Jerry Zvolanek demonstrates the theory of evolution. Bottom Left: Tony Cox is in the Guidance Office planning his future. seniors 139Class of 1987 This year's Junior class is made up of approximately 240 students. The class of '87 is led by president, Todd Gertschen; vice-president; Martha Driggers; secretary, Cassandra Burnett; and treasurer, Belinda Johnson. Mrs. Moore is the junior class sponsor. There are nine junior homerooms: Mr. Bergen, Mrs. Boswell, Mrs. Durham, Mr. Hearn, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Price, Mr. Pruitt, Mrs. Sigler, and Mrs. Taylor. To raise money for their special senior year, they have been involved in several fund raisers. For example, they sold pennants their freshman year, sold raffle tickets their sophomore year, and this year sponsored a Halloween Dance and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Even though they are the smallest class in the school, they are a very spirited class and will represent the school well as seniors next year. Class Favorites: Above: Rachel Tucker and Larry Brown. CLASS OFFICERS — Todd Gertschen — President; Martha Driggers — Vice-President; Cassandra Burnett — Secretary; Belinda Johnson — Treasurer. 140 juniorsWendy Achelpohl Ferdinand Acosta Jaci Aiken Cindy Bailey Kristie Baldwin Felicia Ballard Paul Ballou Amy Barrom Pam Bartlett Donna Bearden Wendi Bearup Billy Beavers Karen Bell Alesha Bellora Jenni Biller Lisa Bland Paul Blanda Robert Blythe Tommy Bolgeo Mindy Bondzio Stanley Branch Tim Brasington Anthony Braswell Larry Brown Mary Ann Brown Wanda Brown Cheryl Buffalo Cassandra Burnett Susan Bynum Mike Cain Mary Ann Caldwell Michelle Caldwell Ronald Carlos Robert Cartwright Jennifer Chandler Greg Christopher Randy Chunn Keith Churn Melinda Cline Teresa Coggins Tina Cole Scott Collver Lawrence Cox Mike Cox Bobby Crisel Audra Crist Terri Dacus Karla Davenport Eddie Davey Janet Davidson Danielle Davis Robert deMarigny Daryl DePorter Rhonda Dickinson Darrell Dillard Michelle Dooley juniors 141Martha Driggers Tracy Duncan Vicki Edge Julia Ervin Rhonda Essary Dwayne Ewing Sabine Feldman Leslie Fleming Joanne Flewell Rudy Forster David Garcia Matt Garner Sandra Geaslin Shane Geiger Todd Gertschen Emily Gilley Heather Gillmore Laurie Goodlett Cheryl Grannis Dan Hall Sandra Halliburton Pamela Hance Rudy is showing off his Yngwie Malmsteen pick. Kevin Harwell James Hatfield Joe Hawkins Shea Hayes Vickie Henry Ricky Higginbottom Andrea Holley Tamara Hood Patricia Houston Cornell Howard Chris Howard Maria Huelskamp Gene Hulley Jim Hulley 142 juniorsCarey Hunt Mark Hunter Tina Ingram Denise Jayne Steve Jermyn Belinda Johnson Bobby Johnson Donna Johnson Laura Johnson Amy Jones Kevin Jones Michelle Jones Susan Jones Cheryl Jordan Phil Kenny Jeff King Paula Klepper Kellie Kopp Frank La Rue Anne Leese Vickie Leppert Andy Liebengood Mary Life Amy Linkous Jackie Lucas Beth Lundry Jean Mason Liane Mauldin David McBride Andy McDaniel Blaine McGee Shannon McKee Christy McManus Randy McNary Leslie Merrell Angela Miller juniors 143Tina Miller Billy Mooney Doug Moore Richard Moore Tonya Morris Kathy Morrison Dennis Moy Scott Murphy Rodger Murray Teresa Nehls Mike Nichols Terri O'Neal Steve Ortego Mike Pace Tonya Payne Letti Pember Patrick Peters Lisa Pittman James Pohle Danny Potts Melissa Prather Tom Price Wayne Price Brittany Ramsey Kristin Randall Frank Ransom Sybil Ransom Ronald Ray Trey Ray Tully Reed Cindy Reynolds Dennis Riddle Donna Roe Paul Roe Teresa Roebuck Todd Seefeldt I can't HACK it any more!! 144 juniorsRobert Setzer Mark Shannon Joe Sheffield Mike Sherrill Tracey Shipp Curtis Sigler Shaun Sipe Ron Sloan Stacy Smith Daryl Sneed Kelly Snyder Michelle Solan Renee Soriano Nancy Sparks Carol Stewart Denise Stewart Michelle Stewart Thomas Stewart Brian Stiles Stacey Stubblefield Lisa Swartz Jeff Tabor Kim Tenorio Tara Theobald Jackie Thomas Kelly Thomas Mary Tietz Rachel Tucker Kathy Turosky Rich Tyrrell David Van Hock Hector Velez Darris Wakefield Beth Walls Kim Walls Jake Ward juniors 145Leroy Watson Kim Wells Shannon White Steve Whitlock Tracy Whitney Mike Williams Rebecca Wilson Sabrina Wright Susan Wurtz JoLaine Wyatt Billy Yancey Dennis Yount David Zanetti "I am that close to catching the ball!" "The best art comes after serious thought." Dedicated fans awaiting a Trojan victory. 146 juniorsTop Left: Tonya, Cheryl, and Felicia participate in their favorite class. Top Right: The juniors shout their cheer: "We've got spirit, straight from heaven . ..." Middle Left: Steve and Gary take a well earned break in the lunchroom. Middle Right: Students talk during lunch break. Bottom Left: The juniors demonstrate their spelling ability at the pep rally before the first basketball game. juniors 147Class of 1988 This year's sophomore class is made up of approximately 425 students. The leaders of the sophomore class are president, Sean Forbes; vice-president, Stephanie Ransom; secretary, Levita Hampton; and treasurer, Vicki Travis. The sophomore class consists of 14 homerooms. They are Burdette, Campbell, Arnold, Gibson, Hill, Krebs, Kennon, Norwood, Pate, Shull, Weatherly, Westmoreland, Whitehead, and Wilson. The sophomore class treasury as of the end of last year was about $97.00. This money was made by selling valentine candy. Last year's president, Lori Fortune, felt the class put forth a great effort in the fund raiser. Under the direction of Sean Forbes, this year’s fund raiser will be Ideal Cookbooks. It is hoped that a continued class effort will bring pecuniary success for the class of 1988. The sophomore class yell is “We've got spirit Cause we re great, We're the class of ’88!”. Top: CLASS FAVORITES — Lori Fortune and Sean Forbes. Bottom: CLASS OFFICERS — President, Sean Forbes; Vice-President, Stephanie Ransom; Secretary, Levita Hampton; Treasurer, Vicki Travis. 148 sophomoresEvelyn Acosta Michael Aho Brenda Akin Chris Allen Laura Allison Jackie Alvoia Wayne Arguin Mary Artzer Carrie Ashley Melissa Austill Gina Baker Stephanie Baldwin Rhonda Ball Bruce Barger Danishea Barton Kelly Barton Shelly Barton Teresa Beach Amy Beavers Kathy Beck Johnine Benavente Lisa Berryhill Greg Birch Kelly Black Jeremy Blair Todd Blankenbeckler Donald Blaylock Joseph Bohatch Bridgett Bowers Chris Bowles Tammy Boyd Chandler Bradford Kelly Brandis Rhonda Brannock Tonya Brooks Tracey Brown Cheryl Browning Scott Bullock Cathy Burress Stephanie Bussell Theresa Calhoun Joleen Campbell Cary Carrisoza Danielle Carter Kenneth Carter Trina Cartwright Phillip Cauble William Chambers Greg Chance Julie Cheeseman Tonya Chipman Brenda Christopher Diane Clifton David Coady Melissa Cochran Kevin Cole sophomores 149Lillian Coleman Michelle Coleman Nicole Coleman Tammy Collver Melissa Cook Alisha Cooper Michelle Cooper James Copeland Terry Cossey Wesley Coulliette Sharyl Couture Suzanne Cropf Vanessa Crutcher Robbie Culbreath John Culley Kim Daniels Jennifer Davis Tyrone Davis Erica Dawson Mike DeHart Judy Denton Lane Diffee Jonathan Dingman Stephen Donahay Jeffery Donahue Jina Dugger Rhonda Duke Donna Dunlap Donyell Dyson LeeAnn Eads Steve Elkins Michelle Elliott Rachel Ellis Jason Ervin Wesley Ervin Jerra Evans Christy Evins Beechum Exum Dana Exum Shannon Fender Donald Fletcher Kerri Hetty Rob Flewell Sean Forbes Leverder Ford Linda Ford Lori Fortune Sondra Frazier Robin Freeman Mike Frian Gina Fulmer Joan Fulton Tim Gacek Melba Gant Steven Gant Paul Garner 150 sophomores Donna Gatlin Jere Gibbons Tammy Gibbs Randy Gitchell Melody Goode Angela Goodwin Debbie Goreham Andi Grant Crystal Graumlich Rhonda Gray Lori Green Cindy Greer Gina Greganti Ronnie Griggs David Gross Melissa Hagan Donna Haley Amy Hall Derrick Hall Lynn Hallock Howard Hammel Kathy Hammontree Levita Hampton Sheryl Hansgen Leticia Hardee Dawn Harris Felecia Harris Thomas Harris Dwayne Hart Dan Hatchel Melanie Hatter Deanna Hayes Tracy Hay slip Carol Hazlett Gerry Hebert Robert Hemmings Denise Herring Tabitha Hicks Jimmy Hill Shawn Hill Vadra Halcomb Kevin Hollingshead Robert Hooker James Hoxie Laura Huffman Rodney Hughey Cynthia Hunt Lamona Hunt Bernard Hurd Susan Hurst Audra Jackson Lafayette Jackson Melanie Jackson Teri Jackson Cynthia Jarrell Trena Jefferson sophomores 151Danny Johnson Gordon Johnson Nicole Johnson Patricia Johnson Kimberly Johnston Anna Jones Bama Jones Derek Jones Henry Jones James Jones LaShawn Jones Maurice Jones Mike Joyner Jeff Juneau Jennifer Kaniecki Jennifer Karsko Richard Kelley Greg Kesler Jamie Kidwell Diane King Angie Kopp Leigh Ann LaBarreare Mark Landry Steve Langston Monique LaRochelle Robert Leach Devonnia LeBlanc Samantha Lester Portia Letney Carla Lewis Mickey Lilley Joanne Linzey Christopher Little Niki Long Robinson Lontok Patrick Lorimer Kim Louis Stacy Lowry Amy Lucus Holley Lyell Gina Malphus Mike Marr Diane Marshall Selene Martin Robert Massey James McConnell Sean McCoy Brett McDaniel Michelle McDaniel Cynthia McGhee Deena McKee Patrick McVay Sharon Medearis April Melton Rhonda Meredith Susan Meredith 152 sophomoresDarrell Middleton Andy Milam Charlie Miller Cheryl Miller Koria Miller Tammy Miller Tracy Miller Dina Minter John Mitchell Devon Morgan Janet Morgan Crystal Morris Anthony Morrison Tyrone Moss James Murray Maurice Murray Joseph Nearn Jonathan Nelson Allen Neville Mary Newton Mary Nielson Buddy Noe Christine Nolan Marty Oglesby Tina Oglesby Leigh Oldham David Owens Shelley Owens Karen Palmer Cari Anne Parham Timothy Parham Guy Patterson Don Peacock Sabrina Peete Chris Peoples Gail Perry Chandra Phillips Shonna Phillips Sharon Ponder Debbie Pool Jeff Poyner Samuel Preston Ken Priest Carrie Quick Omar Rabuco Channin Raburn Brad Ramsey Stephanie Ransom Billy Raulerson Frank Rector David Reed Walter Rhinehart Gerry Richard Edward Richardson Jennifer Riddle Charlene Riley sophomores 153Greg Ritter Paul Roberson Angela Roberts Everett Roberts Sheila Roberts Tabitha Roberts Thomas Roelke Tonya Rogers Annette Ross Karen Ross Bobby Rowland Teresa Rowland Angie Sage Chris Sanborn Tony Sanders Thomas Sanford Eddie Savage Scott Sawyer Stacie Schmidt Stephen Schoeke Steven Scott Gregory Seals Ann Sewell John Sharkey Tonia Shockley Geraldine Shultz Myra Sides Melanie Siebert Joseph Sigler Jennifer Sipe Lara Skipper Chris Smith Elizabeth Smith Georgia Smith Michelle Smith Shanel Smith Steven Smith Tamra Smith Tim Smith Lahomer Sparks Yvonne Spencer Shannon Stacy Sandra Stank Tim Stevens David Stone William Strauss Brian Street Tim Street Teresa Stringfellow Sheila Sullivan Billy Suter Amy Sweeney Lisa Swihart Roger Tagavilla Melissa Talley Lee Tapley 154 sophomoresf Kimerie Tate James Taylor Teresa Taylor Shirley Thomas Melissa Thompson James Thornburg Vonda Thornton John Tickle Brandon Todd Jeff Todd Virginia Tondevold David Tracey Vickie Travis Christopher Tullos Mary Vega Melvin Velasquez Chris Vinson Terry Vogt Teresa Waits Deborah Waldon Laurie Wall Eileen Walsh David Ward Derrick Warner Doug Warren Kim Watson Marty Watson Bradley Webb Jeff Webb Michelle Wells Jennifer West William White Dale Whittington Larry Wildes Quincey Williams Reginald Williams Sherry Williams Gerald Williamson Sheila Wilkins Cherie Winzenried Millie Witham Lisa Wolfe Trina Wurtz Kim Young sophomores 155Class of 1989 This year s freshman class is the largest group of students at MCHS with 595 students. Leading the freshmen through the 1985-86 school year are president, Kim Howerton; vice-president, Tracy Rankin; secretary, Daryl Ingram; and treasurer, Melanie Ashley. Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Tanner are the sponsors for the freshman class. The eighteen homeroom teachers are Mrs. Albritton, Mrs. Armour, Mrs. Burk, Ms. Caudle, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Dobbins, Mrs. Hurt, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kasper, Mr. Meadors, Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. Snell, Mrs. Tanner, Mr. Tietz, Mr. Velte, Mr. White, Mrs. M. Williams, and Mr. O. Williams. In hopes of having a terrific senior year, the class of '89 has already begun raising money by selling Christmas tree ornaments. Class Favorites — Above: Daniel Gipson and Ashlee Jackson. Class Officers — Kim Howerton — President; Tracy Rankin — Vice-President; Daryl Ingram — Secretary; Melanie Ashley —Treasurer. 156 freshmen it.- ••Trina Adair Amy Aguilar Jenny Aiken David Akins David Aldrich Theresa Allison David Archdeacon Gene Archer Carolyn Armstrong Tony Arvin Micheal Ash Melanie Ashley Scott Austill Tommy Bady Steve Baker David Ballard Nicole Banks April Barganier Keith Barger Ann Barnes Stacy Barrom Kim Barton Christina Bass Tonya Bates Laura Batey Robert Bathe Tina Battles Kim Beagle Shaun Beagle Gerald Beavers Linda Beckham Rita Beckham Matt Beld Brian Beline Ronnie Bell Don Bennet Tabitha Bennett Letonya Benton Tonya Benzel Eddie Berryhill Timothy Bierdz Bo Biller Jason Blanda Regina Blankenship Charles Blanton Jeff Bohatch Eric Bolton Scott Bondzio Windi Boston Michelle Bowden Lisa Box Shannon Boyette Martese Branch Melissa Brasel Terry Bratton Nicki Bray freshmen 157Damion Breathett Traci Brelinski Steve Brewer Sheila Brigance Andrea Bright Paulette Brooks Tammy Brown Jeff Browning Shannon Bryant Christy Bryeans Sheila Buchannan Darren Burden Jo Ann Burden Joseph Burnett Stacy Burnett Mark Butler Paul Butler Lori Campbell Phyllis Campbell Ricky Candell Dennis Carson Tammy Carter Kiwanda Cartwright Scott Casson Annalisa Castro Michelle Cattaneo Thomas Cauble Riley Chambers Richard Chapman Sheila Chipman Clarissa Christopher Kanthony Christopher Sean Christopher Tammy Chumley Michael Churn Carlotta Cleaves Alicia Clemente Robert Coe Malisa Coelho Christy Collins Michelle Collver Stan Condra Shannon Conkle Bernadette Cooper Kathy Copeland Kim Costanzo John Coulliette 158 freshmenTrisha Cox Thomas Crain David Cramer Deanna Crawford Melinda Crenshaw Elise Crutchfield Lynn Culley Mike Cummings Kevin Currie Timmy Cutlip Chris Dabaldo Steve Dabaldo Troy Davenport Chawn Davis Ray Davis Derek Dawson Denise Day Angie Deilille Paul Dieckhaus Jamie Doggett Kevin Donahue Yolandis Douglas Raymond Driggers Jennifer Duda Chris Dunham Averi Dunkie Jodi Dunn Lisa Dunn Shannon Dunn Andy Dupree Arlene Easterwood Steve Eiland Sean Elrod Larry Ervin Tammy Ervin Cory Evins Gretchen Fahrenbacker Mark Faulk Chris Faulkner Tammy Fears Catherine Figueras Shantwan Fisher Sheila Fitzpatrick Russ Floyd Lee Folkerson Jacqueline Ford Mark Forsythe Billy Foster Richard Foster Tonia Foster Rosalind Frazier Susan Freeman David Fuller Michael Gales Corey Gant Maria Garcia freshmen 159Marvin Garcia Dawn Gardner Sheila Garner Eric Gates Andre Giden Daniel Gipson Scott Gipson Denise Glenn Lisa Godin Becky Goode Gerald Goss Kevin Gott Kim Graham Kristie Grantham Yolanda Gray Paula Greer John Griggs Tyrone Griggs Wendy Gross Charles Hadd Tiffany Hadd Jon Hall Lancy Hall Maurice Hall Mindy Haley Stacy Hamilton Billy Hammond Michael Hammond Karen Hannah Wayne Harrell Dedre Harris Shannon Harris Toscha Harris Cedric Harwell Kelly Hassen Rita Haynes Matthew Healy Brian Henderson Erica Henderson Jason Henderson Kim Herron Steve Hinkson James Hissong Brandy Hoetger Billy Hogan Sean Hogston Lisa Holmes Jennifer Hood Hosea Houston Arnell Howard Joseph Howell Kimberly Howerton Michael Huffines Laurie Hunnicut Joe Hunt Jimmy Hurt 160 freshmenf Daryl Ingram Carl Ivory Kamita Jack Ashlee Jackson Michelle Jeffers Amy Johnson Anthony Johnson Dawn Johnson David Johnson Derwin Johnson Dixie Johnson Michael Johnson Randy Johnson Twyla Johnson Doug Jolly Dana Jones Danny Jones Femecia Jones Lorenda Jones Paul Jones Stephanie Jones Tabitha Jones Rosha Joyner Chris Jung Joey Kaniecki David Keith Rick Keith William Kelly Tommy Kendall Dana Kennedy James Kimes Mary Kincaid Samantha Kirkland Jeffery Knight Kevin Kopp Mitchell Kurtz Ricky Kuykendall David LaComb Tracey LaComb Charlie Laird Lisa Mae Land Jeff Laughter Tara Lavine Crystal Lawson Joe Lee John Lee Paras too Leek freshmen 161Michelle Legaspi Kimberly Leppert Gary Lewis Robert Lofton Cynthia Logan Anna Lomasney Victoria Lopez Samantha Luckett Christine Lundrigan Joseph Lundry Charlene Macklin Christy Macklin Mendel Maclin Richard MacSaveny Susan Mahannah Corey Malone Raquel Malone Kimberly Malphus Tammy Maples Daniel Martin Peter Martin Wendy Martin Darrell Mason Wendy Mattox Becky Maxwell Krista Mayhugh Michelle McClain Sherri McClain Mark McClanahan Kevin McConnell Kimberly McCullough Kimberly McDonald Debbie McGary Charles McGee Shane McGehee Jay McGovern Belinda McGregor Tim McKell Tammy McKinley Adrian McKinney Ortize McKinney Jeff McLean Bill Melloh Jamie Meness Chris Michael Tamara Michie Adrian Middleton Let’s hear it for the freshmen! 162 freshmenCandy Miller Gina Miller Angela Millington Eric Mills Violet Moore Jolana Morris Sharon Mosley Aaron Moss Wally Moss Lee Naquin (Jhondra Nathaniel Danny Nearn Denise Nelson Jodie Nelson Melvin Nesbit Robert Newman Peter Nichelson Heather Nichols Sean Nix Amy Noe Angela Nolan Dennis Norman Jason Norris Kimberly Oakes Mary Catherine O’Conner Jeremy Odell Jason Oliver Lisa Olivetti Shalee O’Rourke Lorrie Owens Randi Jo Pannell Rhonda Parimore Kenny Parks Michael Parks Scott Parrett Raymond Patton Angela Peden Jennifer Pederson Bill Peete David Perkins Mark Perry LeAnn Phillips Demetrius Pierce Denise Pierce Mary Pigee Tim Plunk Jackie Ponder Gary Potteiger Stephanie Prachniak Scott Pritchett Lori Pruitt Gary Pugh Tracy Rankin Lynn Ray Drew Rayman Angela Reed freshmen 163Jennifer Reed Ernie Reyes Nacita Reynante Sandy Riales Rodney Rice Chad Richardson Rochelle Richardson Angela Rickards Mike Riddle Tammy Ripley Mary Rogers Keith Rooke Eric Ross Robert Roth Eric Roulette Anna Rowland Kyle Royal Shawn Rummel Allen Rutherford Chris Rutledge Mike Rutledge Clarease Saddler Mike Salyer Crystal Sanders John Sanders Lisa Sanders Erik Santiago Eva Santiago Margaret Sawyer Mike Scarbrough Tammy Schaub Collette Scott Vanesa Scott Carla Seals Kim Seals Shane Seiph Dennis Shepherd Curt Shilling Joseline Shults Amanda Shumway Patrick Sims Richard Sims Melissa Skinner Donnie Slate Dale Slawinski David Smalley Andrea Smith Angela Smith Carl Smith Cathy Smith Charisma Smith Chris Smith Dayna Smith Greg Smith Jennifer Smith Jenny L. Smith 164 freshmenMike Smith Paul Smith Ronnie Smith Shanel Smith Steve Smith Velma Snell Staci Snodgrass Kris Soriano Bill Stech Brian Steele Suzanne Steele Brian Stephens Tiffany Stephens Dwayne Stewart Laura Stewart Leigh Stickley Todd Stinnet Deanna Stollings Ann Stone John Stone Shawn Storey Belinda Stroud Tammy Stroud Stephanie Stubblefield Linda Suggs Jeff Tankersley Christa Tatum Boe Teal Lisa Tennyson T. K. Tenorio Stephen Thomas Terri Thomas Susan Thornburg Carol Tillery Robin Tillman John Tilton Donna Tincher Toni Tiongco Christine Tuggle Deanna Tullis Ronnie Turner Tamara Turner Victor Turosky Eddy Underhill John Ursery Nancy Uselton Tonya Vandergrift Darrell Van Vickie freshmen 165Andrea Vaughn Yolanda Vaughn Jack Vilseck Jeff Wages Brandon Wagner Mike Walden Cheri Walker Rex Walker Ramona Walters Jerrod Ward Russell Ward Carin Warner Lisa Warner Bobby Watson Heidi Watson Chris Watts Mark Weatherly Jessica Wells Jim Wells John Wells Amy Westmoreland Marianne Wheeler Angela White Richelle White Ruby White Dean Wilbourn Tina Wildman Linda Wilkins Jeff Williams Kelly Williams Sylvette Williams Trisa Williams Mischelia Williamson Rhonda Williamson David Willis Charles Wilson Gary Wiseman Deanna Wonish Theresa Wonish Ona Wood Sean Wray John Yates William Yates Tyra Zanders Using time wisely in studyhall 166 freshmen✓ Top Left: Lisa goofs off at the pep rally. Top right: Trojan fans anticipate a Trojan win. Middle Left: Santa visits MCHS. Middle Right: Freshman Football team celebrates a win. Bottom Left: Anthony and Friends wait in the lunch line. freshmen 167Administrators DR. MORTON Dr. Joe Morton has been our principal for fourteen years. He graduated from Fayette County High School and then attended Memphis State, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Math, a Master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision, and later earned his Educational Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Math and Physics from Ole Miss. Dr. Morton is very active in the Rotary and Booster clubs. He enjoys bird hunting and all sports — especially TROJAN sports. Dr. Morton has been an invaluable aid to the entire student body. We give him our sincere thanks for all the support and leadership he has given to MCHS and the Millington community. 168 administratorsMR. LEAKS Mr. James Leaks has been at MCHS for sixteen years. He taught Algebra and Geometry for ten years and completes his sixth year as assistant principal this year. Mr. Leaks graduated from Phelix High School in Arkansas. He attended the University of Nebraska, the University of Illinois, LeMoyne-Owen College, and Memphis State University. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics and a Master of Arts degree in secondary education. Mr. Leaks enjoys hunting in his spare time. He has become a very important part of the MCHS administrative staff. MRS. MILAM Mrs. Milam is a new addition to our administration. She is the Vice Principal in charge of instruction at MCHS. She graduated from Manassas High School in Memphis and continued her education at Memphis State University. Mrs. Milam has taught grades K-12 in the Memphis City and Shelby County School Systems. She obtained her B.A. in Education and Masters in Reading from Memphis State. She is presently working on her Doctorate in Administration and Supervision. Mrs. Milam is married and has three daughters. She enjoys writing children's stories and embroidering. She is presently serving on an interim state commission for developing teacher education. She enjoys her job and is looking forward to many years at MCHS. She is definitely an excellent addition to our administration this year. MRS. OSTEEN Mrs. William Osteen has been an assistant principal for the past nine years. She graduated from MCHS and received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Memphis State University in English. She also did additional graduate work in education at Stetson University, the University of Tennessee, and Memphis State University. Mrs. Osteen then returned to MCHS to teach Algebra for six years, to be a guidance counselor for twelve years, and to be an administrative assistant for two years before becoming an assistant principal. She enjoys needlework, sports, and rides in her husband's boat. We are all very happy to have such a loyal supporter of MCHS and its student body; we appreciate all of Mrs. Osteen's hard work for MCHS and look forward to many more years. administration 169MISS ALBRITTON English 121 122. English 251 252. Freshman Volleyball Coach, Varsity Tennis Coach MRS. ARMOUR Spanish I, II, Spanish Club Sponsor, Freshman Cheerleader Sponsor MRS. ARNOLD English 251 252, English 421 422, English 451 452 MR. BERGEN Physics, Algebra I, Co-Sponsor of Science Club MR. E. BILLINGS Shop I, II, ASSIA Club Sponsor MR. H. BILLINGS Guidance Counselor, Boys' and Girls' Golf Team Coach MRS. BOSWELL English 451 452, English 481 482 MRS. BRASINGTON General Business, Business Law, Typing CAPTAIN BRUEN Naval Science, Male Drill Team Sponsor, Female Drill Team Sponsor, Color Guard Sponsor MRS. BURDETTE English 121 122, English 151 152 MRS. BURK English 251 252, English 281,282, Yearbook Sponsor, Talent Show Sponsor Coordinator CHIEF BUTT Naval Science, Rifle Team Sponsor MR. CAMPBELL General Business, Pre-Algebra, Boys' Cross Country Coach, Freshman Boys' Basketball Coach, Assistant Track Coach MISS CARDOSA Spanish I, Spanish Club Assistant Sponsor MISS CAUDLE Girls' PE, Freshman Girls' Basketball Coach, Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach. Girls’ Softball Assistant Coach 170 facultyMRS. CLARK Biology, Maranatha Sponsor MR. COMO Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Science Club Sponsor MR. CREASY Economics MR. CROFT Beginning Band. Intermediate Woodwinds. Intermediate Brass, Intermediate Percussion. Marching Band. Concert Band, Flag Corps Sponsor, Octagon Club Sponsor MRS. DALRYMPLE Cosmetology. VICA Cosmetology Sponsor MRS. DESHAZO Librarian MRS. DOBBINS English 351 352, English 381 382. Trojan newspaper Sponsor MRS. DURHAM English 451 452, English 251, 252, Junior Class Sponsor. Quill and Scroll Sponsor. TAPS Sponsor COACH GIBSON Biology, Health, Freshman Football Coach. Boys' Track Coach MRS. GIPSON Care and Guidance of Children I, II, Child Development, HERO Child Care Sponsor, Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor MS. GLENN Resource MR. HEARN Earth Science, Baseball Coach COACH HENDRICKS Earth Science, Boys' PE, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sponsor, Wrestling Coach MR. HILL Geometry, Algebra II, Consumer Math, Math Club Sponsor MRS. HURT French I, II, III, Spanish I, III, French Club Sponsor, Spanish Club Co-Sponsor faculty 171MR. JOHNSON Pre-Algebra, Algebra I MS. JONES Food Service I, II. HERO Food Service MRS. JORDAN English 321 322, English 351 352 MR. JOYNER Guidance Counselor MR. KACZYNSKI Jobs for Tennessee Graduates, Tennessee Career Association MR. KASPER Vocational Auto Mechanics I, II, VICA Sponsor DR. KENNON Geometry, Consumer Math MRS. KINCAID English 351 352, English 381 382, Pep Club Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor MS. KREBS American History, American Government, Close-CJp Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponsor MR. MACKLIN Earth Science Top Right: "Now this is how you draw a LINE." Middle Right: "Are you for REAL??" Bottom Right: "Go ahead — Make MY day!!" 172 facultyMRS. MAPLES Accounting, Typing. Student Council Sponsor MR. MARSH Small Gas Engines mrs. McFarland Librarian COACH MEADORS World Geography, General Science, Assistant Football Coach MRS. MOORE Biology, Beta Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor MS. NORWOOD Basic Aesthetics, Drawing and Painting, Calligraphy, Pottery, Printmaking, Advanced Art, Artists in Action Sponsor MR. OWEN Applied Science. Earth Science MRS. PATE Clothing and Textiles, Consumer and Homemaking I, Foods and Nutrition, Future Homemakers of America Sponsor MR. PRICE Algebra I, Advanced Math, Calculus, National Honor Society Sponsor MRS. PRICE Guidance Counselor, Girls' Cross Country Coach, Girls' Track Coach Top Left: "This is TOO exciting!" Middle Left: "Do these kids know ANYTHING?" Bottom Left: "Does this say what I THINK it says!!" faculty 173MR. PRUITT Drafting MS. PURDY English 121 122. English 151 152. Pep Club Sponsor MRS. RENDALL Marketing I. II. DECA Club Sponsor MRS. SHULL Speech I. Drama I. Debate. Production, International Thespian Society Sponsor. National Forensics League Sponsor MRS. SIGLER Consumer and Homemaking I, Consumer Education, Family Living, Hous-ing Home Furnishings, Future Homemakers of America Sponsor COACH SLUDER Pre-Algebra, Boys' PE. Fellowship of Christian Athletes Sponsor. Freshman Football Coach. Varsity Basketball Coach. Varsity Softball Coach MRS. SNELL General Math. Pre-Algebra. Algebra I, Computer Club Assistant Sponsor MRS. TANNER Algebra I. II. Consumer Math MRS. TAYLOR American History. PE. Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach. Varsity Volleyball Coach MR. TIETZ Computer Science I, II. Computer Club Sponsor. Key Club Sponsor Top Right: ‘Til never understand Freshmen!" Middle Right: "Grading papers is SO FUN!'' Bottom Right: "Since when did they move the teacher's lounge?" 174 facultyMRS. TOLBERT COE I, II, TOEC Club Sponsor COACH TURNER PE. Football Coach MR. VELTE Music Theory, Concert Choir, Boys' Chorus. Girls' Chorus, Gospel Choir MRS. WEATHERLY Typing MISS WEBB English 151 152 MRS. WERNER English 151 152, English 181 182, TAPS Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor MR. WESTMORELAND Earth Science MR. WHITE American History, World History MRS. WHITEHEAD Biology, Girls' Health MRS. B. WILLIAMS English 221 222, English 251 252, Senior Class Sponsor. Fashion Club Sponsor Top Left: Mrs. Armour is busy running off her tests. Atiddle Left: Mrs. Osteen and Mrs. Durham confer in the hall. Bottom Left: Mr. Velte “gets into" the beat. faculty 175COACH J. WILLIAMS Resource, Math, American History, Pre-Algebra, Varsity Football Coach MRS.M. WILLIAMS Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, General Math, Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sponsor I MR. O. WILLIAMS Auto Body I, II, VICA — VAB Sponsor MS. WILSON Geometry. Algebra II, SADD Sponsor 1 MRS. BOMAR Financial Secretary MR. CRANFORD Plant Manager MRS. DUNN Library Aide MRS. GARCIA Secretary MR. GOSS Campus Deputy MRS. HARVELL Secretary Top Right: "The Price is Right." Middle Right: Now about Daniel's grades. Bottom Right: Mr. Hill gives assistance. 176 facultyMRS. KLENK Cafeteria Manager MRS. LIGHTFOOT Studyhall MR. SMITH Plant Manager MRS. TIMBS Library Aide MRS. WILLIS Secretary Top Left: Laura helps Mrs. Kincaid. Middle Left: Mrs. Burk and Patty trying to solve problems. Bottom Left: The Osteens ride by in the parade. Bottom Right: Ms. Webb enjoys another "peaceful"' day. faculty 177SPORTSMANSHIP In the area of sports, more than any other, MCHS pulls together. The students and faculty practice, play, and attend a wide variety of school sports. The opportunities for involvement, as well as the opportunity for excellence, are great in Trojan athletics. In the past few years, many rewarding changes have taken place here at Millington that have drastically changed many MCHS sports. Because of faculty changes, the Trojan varsity football, girls’ basketball, boys’ baseball, and girls' softball teams have worked under more than one coach in the past four years. Many difficulties are faced in building and rebuilding any sports team. At MCHS the students work very closely with the new coaches and together, with the support of the rest of the school, build a strong reputation for the Trojans. A second factor in the success of MCHS athletics is the number of sports offered. Eight sports are offered for boys: football, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, wrestling, golf, and tennis. For girls, seven sports are offered: volleyball, basketball, golf, track, tennis, cross country, and softball. MCHS also has ninth-grade teams in football, boys' basketball, volleyball, and girls’ basketball. Section Editors Sports Gina Ballard Tanza Vinson 179Varsity Cheerleaders Top Left: Dance routines are performed by the squad at many of the pep rallies. Top Right: Tanza lends a helping hand — or two! Bottom: Sonya and Nesha display the spirit stick. 180 varsity cheerleadersTanza Vinson 1,2, 3, Captain 4 Sonya Fortune 1,2,3, Co-Capl. 4 Cheryl Broughton 2,3.4 Christie Taylor 1.2.4 Cassandra Burnett 1.2,3 Christy McManus 1.2.3 Nesha Barton 1.2 Lori Fortune 1.2 Cart Anne Parham 1.2 The varsity cheerleading squad cheers for varsity football and basketball games throughout the year. They attend camp each summer to enhance their performances. This past summer they went to the Universal Cheerleading Association camp at MSU. While there, the Trojan squad received seven superior ribbons, one excellent ribbon, one gold superior ribbon and placed first in final competition. They should be commended for their great effort. varsity cheerleaders 181Junior Varsity Cheerleaders The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders enjoyed an exciting week at Memphis State during the summer when they attended the Universal Cheerleading Camp. The squad was voted the most improved squad, and received a trophy, a spirit stick, and several ribbons. The squad is selected in the spring from girls in grades 10-12. They cheer for JV football and JV basketball. Top: Left to Right: Jenny Biller, Kimmerie Tate, Angela Miller, Shannon McKee, Tonya Chipman, Sandra Stank. Far Left: JV builds up that Trojans' spirit. Top Right: The squad prepares for a game. Bottom: Mrs. M. Williams, sponsor. 182 jv cheerleadersFreshman Cheerleaders The Freshman Cheerleaders began their season in June '85 at the (JCA cheerleading camp at MSCI, where they won several superior and excellent ribbons in competition. They have enjoyed cheering the Freshman football teams and basketball teams this season. Top: Lisa Olivette. Carla Cleaves, Wendy Martin, Tyra Zanders. Lori Pruitt, Lori Campbell, Kim Howteron. Top Left: Lori, Lori, Tyra perfect a cheer. Right: The Freshman Squad completes the Christmas tree pyramid. Bottom: Mrs. Armour, sponsor. freshman cheerleaders 183The 1985 Trojan War The Trojan football team of 1985 proved to be victorious in battle. A record of 4-6 didn't do the Trojan war justice. They gave some of the tougher district teams a great game and suffered some heartbreaking losses. The Trojans received little recognition for each individual game, some "tough to swallow” calls by the referees, and some awards for outstanding offensive and defensive performances. Despite the hardships, the players survived for another rebuilding season. "The determination and hard work of this year's team makes me glad to be back at Millington," said Coach Jack Turner, of the 1985-86 season. Three of the Trojan's four losses were in triple, double, and single overtimes against Collierville, Kirby, and CBHS respectively. The fourth loss happened in the last fifteen seconds against Raleigh Egypt, formerly coached by Coach Turner. To have made it through this season with even more dedication than there was from the beginning shows that the varsity Trojans were a tough team. Besides stimulating a county-wide respect for themselves, the Trojans received many nominations to special all-star teams and some individual recognition as well. Five of the Trojan offensive and defensive starters made the Coaches All-District first or second teams, with Barry Williams chosen both offensively and defensively. Four Trojans made the Commercial Appeal's All-District team and there were Trojans on the A-Metro and All-County teams as well. Barry Williams was appointed "Prep Player of the Week” by both the Commercial Appeal and K-97 radio station after the Trojan victory over Briarcrest. With these accomplishments, it is expected that next year s team will only get better. Coach Turner said, "Next year's team will have a lot of positions to fill and a lot of younger guys will have to come through for us. If that happens, we can expect an even better win-loss record than this year." Top Picture: Coach Turner gives Freddy the next play. First Row: R Ray. B. Williams, C. Lowe, J. Heath, J. Dupree, R. Wright, C. Sanborn, G. Kesler, G. Carter, W. Strauss, G. Hulley, M. Branch. Second Row: G. Ritter, T. Smith, C. Bradford, S. Preston, S. Branch. D. Richardson. J. Hulley, F. Johnson. R. deMarigny, M. Nichols, J. Ditto, F. Ransom. M. Greer, S. Hayes, H. Hawkins. Third Row: W. Arguin. A. Stephenson. J. Wilson. T. Sumner. T. Roelke, D. Moore. S. Hill, T. Cox. T. Campbell, B. Beavers. A. Mathes, D. Greenburg. 184 footballTop Left: Assistant Coach Meadors. Top Right: Assistant Coach Williams. Bottom Right: Five members of the 1985 MCHS football team have been named to the All-District 14-AAA teams. Honored were Front Row: Barry Williams. 1st team offense and defense and an honorable mention for Associated Press All-State Team; Freddy Johnson. 2nd team offense. Back Row: Tony Cox. 2nd team offense; Tim Sumner. 2nd team offense; and Tommy Campbell. 1st team offense. football 185Name Robbie deMarigny Tim Smilb Freddy Johnson Darren Greenberg Mark Branch John Ditto John Wilson Ronald Ray Jim P"M“" Wayr Greg Greg Sam Preston Frankie Ransom Scott Howard Tony Cox Gene Hulley Barry Williams Marty Greer Jason Dupree William Strauss Chris Sanborn Tommy Mike Nichols Mike Gales Tim Sumner Chandler Bradford Jay Heath Billy Beavers Thomas Roelke Robbie Wright Stanley Branch Shawn Hill Bobby Mulle" Doug Shea Hayes Dan Richard Allen I Position Grade Step 88 186 football Senior Lettermen Top Left: Barry Williams receives the ball in pre-game warm-ups. Top Right: Freddie Johnson hands off to Tony Cox. Freddie Johnson (12) Darren Greenburg (13) varsity football 187Top: STARTING OFFENSE — A. Stephenson, T. Roelke, M. Nichols, T. Campbell, D. Moore, T. Sumner, D. Richardson. Back Row: T. Smith, T. Cox, F. Johnson, B. Williams. Mark Branch (18) John Ditto (20) John Wilson (21) Tony Cox (42) 188 varsity footballBarry Williams (44) Marty Greer (54) Jason Dupree (55) Tommy Campbell (58) Middle: Dyersburg scrambles for a fumble recovered by the Trojans. Bottom: Cox carries the ball. varsity football 189Top: TROJAN STARTING DEFENSE — Kneeling: S. Hayes, T. Sumner, T. Campbell, M. Branch, S. Branch. T. Roelke. Standing: J. Wilson, W. Arguin, B. Williams, F. Johnson, J. Hulley, D. Richardson, R. DeMarigny. Middle: Tim Sumner (64), Dan Richardson (83). Bottom: Trojans prepare for Briarcrest game. 190 varsity footballTop: Robbie holds the ball as Scott practices for a winning kick. Far Left: Allen Stephenson (86). Left: Hank supervises at practice. varsity football 191Freshman Football Power and Millington s freshman football team seemed to have gone hand and hand this season. With a winning record of 4-3, Coach Sluder summed it all up by saying, “It sure feels good to win!” Under the direction of coaches Sluder and Gibson, the team worked hard and accomplished many goals. One example of such a goal was in their game against Covington. The resulting score was 24-8; however this freshman team held their opponents to a score of 24-0 into the third quarter. Millington had and will continue to have pride in such outstanding athletes. This Page: Top Right: Chris Wimberly makes a tackle against CBHS. Bottom: Freshman Football Team Opposite Page: Top Left: Freshman team members await action on the field. Top Right: Coach Sluder and Coach Gipson. Bottom: Freshman defensive line lines up against CBHS. First Row. Left to Right: V. Turosky. D. Cramer. O. McKinney. R. Foster, M. Macklin, D. Johnson. B. Watson. A. Middleton. C. Michael. G. Pot-teiger. Second Row: R. Chambers, A. Dupree, M. Smith, J. Lee, C. Shilling, J. Tankersley, R. Smith, J. Lundry, S. Irwin, C. Wimberly, R. Joyner. Third Row: D. VanVickle, B. Foster, D. Gipson, A. Gidea, C. Christopher, D. Ballard. D. Dawson. M Salyeri. C. Rutledge, M. Parks. Fourth Row: J. Norris, S. Hinkson, M. Beld, T. Johnson, P. Nicholson. C. Watts, J. Hissong. K. Donahue. Fifth Row: J. Kanrecki. J. Hunt. P. Perkins. 192 freshman footballfreshman football 193Varsity Basketball This year’s varsity basketball team is aided by rebounders, Chris Peoples and Bernard Hurd, who are sophomores. There are nine sophomores that are prospects for next year’s team. They are R. Miller, C. Miller, E. Bolton, R. Harris, B. Henderson, C. Peoples, B. Hurd, and B. Suter. Seniors on the team are F. Johnson, R. Wilson, B. Webb, D. Greenburg, and M. Branch. The Trojans put up a good fight against some tough competitors in the 1985-’86 season. The first win of the season was against Sky View. The game can be described by one word: Close. The final score was 60-57. After some of the first few games of the season, Coach Sluder realistically said, “We’ve got a great attitude and a lot of hustle, but we just have a lot to learn.’’ The lessons will be tough for the young varsity Trojans, but success will be the reward. TEAM — Front: Coach Sluder. Middle: Billy Suter, Brad Webb, Mark Branch. Back: Fred Johnson, Reggie Wilson, Charlie Miller, Darren Greenburg, Chris Peoples, Eric Bolton. Barnard Hurd. Right: Managers, Maurice Jones and Stephen Schocke. 194 varsity basketballMaurtice Branch stretches for the rebound against Memphis Catholic. Darren Greenburg Senior Letterman Freddie Johnson goes up for two. Mark Branch Senior Letterman varsity basketball 195Freddie Johnson Reggie Wilson Senior Letterman Senior Letterman 1% varsity basketballJunior Varsity Boys’ Basketball 1R1DE Top Picture: Coach Sluder goes over some strategy during a time out. Bottom: JV BASKETBALL TEAM — Front Row: B. Suter. B. Webb. A. McDaniel. Back Row: C. Smith. S. Hayes. K. Millen. G. Seals. W. Bolton. B. Henderson. jv basketball 197Underclassmen Lead the Lady Trojans The Lady Trojans, under the supervision of Coach Caudle, have been working very hard to build a strong team this year. Coach Caudle feels the team has a good foundation. Freshman, Kim Herron, the team’s leading scorer, and sophomore leading rebounder, Stephanie Ransom, are good examples of how well this team is learning to work together. Although this season has been plagued with injuries, the Lady Trojans have high hopes for future success. The Lady Trojans won their first game of the 1985-86 season over Overton, 34-30. The game was close throughout, with neither team having more than a four-point lead. The third game into the season the Lady Trojans lost a close one to Sky View 47-45. With no seniors and only one junior in the starting lineup, the Trojans showed a little inexperience throughout the rest of the year; however, they are working to become a better team as the experience builds next year. Top: Coach Caudle. GROUP SHOT — Row One: A. Sewell, S. Wilkins, V. Thornton, J. Cheeseman, J. Wyatt, K. Herron. Row Two: S. White, S. Ransom. T. Turner, C. Miller, A. Kopp, S. Lester, C. Jordan. 198 girls' basketballLady Trojan Lettermen Cheryl Jordan Ann Sewell Shannon White Jolaine Wyatt girls’ basketball 199Top Picture: S. Ransom shoots from outside of the paint. Bottom Left: V. Thornton goes up for two. Bottom Right: M. Cullver plays for the varsity as a freshman. 200 girls' basketballTop Left: Girls' Basketball Managers. Ronnie Turner and Lorenda Jones. Top Right: A. Kopp grabs the rebound. Bottom: Ms. Caudle, the girls coach, thinks of the next play. girls' basketball 201Freshman Boys’ Basketball Top Left: D Raymond takes a jump shot. Top Right: Left to Right: Front Row: C. Rutledge. C. Grant. S. Thomas. D. Carson. T. Brady. Back Row: D. Mason. D. Raymon, C. Michaels. C. Laird, D. Braethett. T. Davenport. J. Browning. Bottom Left: C. Michaels shot a free throw Bottom Right: Left to Right: Front Row: M Cullver, J. Smith, A. Johnson, C. Bryeans. J. Reed. S. Barrom, C. Christopher. Y. Gray, A. Westmoreland, and D Gardner. 202 freshman boys' and girls' basketballFreshman Girls’ Basketball T. Brady, J. Browning, D. Carson, T. Davenport, C. Michaels, D. Raymond, and C. Rutledge were the only young men making up the 1985-86 freshman boy's basketball team, who played the entire season, and these seven had, "the right attitude, character, and winning desire," said Coach Allan Campbell. T. Davenport and C. Michaels were the leaders all season in rebounding and scoring. Coach Campbell said, "I have a lot of respect for these seven young men.” The freshman Lady Trojans had a very successful six win, six loss season. The girls ranked second in the district competition and second in the area competition. The ten-member team was coached by Ms. Caudle, who is also the coach for the Varsity Lady Trojans. Top: Coach Caudle guides the Trojans to a victory. freshman boys' and girls' basketball 203Trojan Wrestling The MCHS 1985- 86 wrestling team is thin on experience and heavy on enthusiasm. There are only three returning starters: senior Barry Williams at 138 pounds: junior Doug Moore, a heavyweight; and sophomore, Walter Rhinehart at 105 pounds. Others with experience include sophomore Sean Forbes, 98 pounds: junior TJ Tracey, 119 pounds; junior Phil Kenny, at 119 pounds; junior Mike Williams, at 126 pounds; and senior Mike Fletcher. The remainder of the 50-man squad is composed mainly of freshmen and sophomores. One of the team's outstanding wrestlers is Barry Williams. Barry won the 138-pound championship at the Missouri State Invitational Tournament this year and placed first in regionals. Barry, Doug Moore, and Trey Rey will compete in the state tournament. 204 wrestling Opposite Page: THE WRESTLING TEAM — Front Row: S. Forbes. T. Rey. TJ Tracey. P. Kenny. M. Williams. C. Sanborn. B. Williams. T. Price. W. Arguin, S. Hill. D. Carr. D. Moore. Back Row: H. Hawkins. W. Rhinehart, D. Tracey. M. Velasquez. E. Underhill, J. Lee. J. Hoxie. G. Kesler. E. Santiego. B. Belinc, D. Peacock, M. Johnson. H. Velez. Coach Hendricks. Bottom Picture: WRESTLING CHEER- LEADERS — Front Row: M. Driggers. K. Kopp. L. Merrell. Back Row: T. Roebuck. C. Grannis, M. Brown. This Page: Top Left: Barry Williams goes head to head with his opponent. Top Right: Coach Hendricks, the wrestling coach. Middle Left: Doug Moore wrestles during district tournaments. Bottom Left: Mike Williams begins the match in a sitting position. wrestling 205Varsity Volleyball The Varsity Volleyball team had a very successful and fun season. Coached by Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Albritton, the girls did remarkably well even though many players had little experience. Even though the Trojans had limited senior experience, they had a good team. Top: Front Row: J. Aiken, co-captain; V. Ward, captain. 2nd Row: K. Mayhugh, J. Aiken. M. Lagasby. K. Daniels. D. Gardner. R. Turner. 3rd Row: Mrs. Taylor. B. Johnson. V. Duda. M. Goode. S. Ransom. K Wilks. R Meredith. T. Cullver. Ms. Albritton. Middle Left: J. Aiken is seen returning opponent's serve. Right: Kim Daniels sets the ball. rm. 206 varsity volleyballJunior Varsity Volleyball The J-V volleyball team worked closely with the varsity and many played on the Varsity team. Four Freshmen were placed on the J-V team as well. Many of the students will play as starters on the varsity team next year. Top: GROUP SHOT — First Row: K. Mayhugh. J. Aiken. M. Legasby. D. Gardner. K. Leppart. R. Turner. Second Row: P. Carter. D. Minter. M. Goode. J. Duda. K. Wilks. S. Madreis, R. Merideth, T. Collver. Coaches: Mrs. Taylor, left. Ms. Albritton, right. Bottom Left: Trojans return the opponent s serve. Bottom Right: The J-V team is good at setting a return. jv volleyball 207Freshman Volleyball The freshman volleyball team did well, especially since most of them were new to playing on a volleyball team. The freshmen did so well that four were moved to Junior Varsity. The coach, Miss Albritton, was very proud of her team s success. Although the team only practiced for 40 minutes a day, they learned about their teammates’ reflexes and developed speed and other skills. Front Row: M. Sawyer. K. Haring. M. Collver. Second Row: M. Pigee, T. Hade. J. Smith. C. Robinson, L. Reynante. Back Row: Ms. Albritton. R. Turner. S. Pracniak. M. Coelho. M. Reed. L. Cully. R. Richardson. S. Gardner. K. Mayhugh. Bottom Picture: Freshmen in action. 208 freshman volleyballTennis There are eight boys and eight girls on the MCHS tennis team for 1986. Matches began on March 15th and continued until district competition during the first week of May. The boys and girls on the tennis team practiced after school every day from 2:40 to 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Miss Albritton, the tennis coach, is new to MCHS this year. She brings with her much tennis experience. Coach Albritton played tennis at Rhodes College for the varsity team and has taught private tennis lessons. She is very hopeful about Trojan tennis. The tennis team members are Erika Amaba, Wendy Achelpohl. Kim Daniels. Jennifer Duda, Susan Meredith, Rhonda Meredith. Stephanie Prachniak. Nakita Reynante, Scott Col-Iver, Eddie Davey. Allen Deck. Mike Joyner. Scott Murphy. Trey Ray. Greg Birch, and Jeff Phillips. Top Left: Wendy Achelpohl returns a shot. Bottom Left: RETURNING LETTERMEN — Trey Rey. Erika Amaba. Mike Joyner. Kim Daniels, and Scott Collver. Bottom Right: Scott Collver backhands the ball. tennis 209Boys’ Track Cross Country Mr. Campbell and Mr. Gibson were coaches for another grueling season of cross country and track at MCHS. Cross country races are three miles with average running times of sixteen to seventeen minutes. Brian Street, a first year cross country runner, set a new cross country school record. The team placed fourth in the Coca-Cola Invitational in Jackson, Tennessee. Other outstanding runners were Paul Ballou, David Cody, and Chris Peoples. Track is composed of events such as the long jump, high jump, and the shot-put. The overall track record this year was 4-1 and they came in third in the district competition. With many underclassmen, the track team has hopeful expectations of future success. Top Right: Mike Pace sprints over the hurdle. Bottom Left: Tony Cox throws the discus. Bottom Middle: Coach Campbell. Bottom Right: Coach Gibson. 210 boy's cross country and trackTop: BOYS' TRACK TEAM — Front Row: N. Forsythe. F. Acosta. R. Forester. J. Dupree. C. Howard. Z. Green. R. Ray. Second Row: S. Hayes. R. Hooker. M. Pace. S. Howard. T. Garner. T. Cox, P. Garner. Third Row: K. Millen. C. Peoples. R. Chunn. R. Wilson. B. Hurd. E. Bolton. F. Johnson. Left: BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY TEAM — First Row: B. Webb, P. Kenny. B. Street. D. Cody. Second Row: S. Schocke. P. Ballou. C. Peoples. M Pace. Coach Campbell. boy's cross country and track 211Girls’ Track Cross Country In her fifteenth year of coaching at MCHS, Coach Price has brought the girls’ track and cross country teams to victory again. Although this is only the third year that Mrs. Price has been coaching both teams, she has contributed to the individual and team accomplishments of each. Under her guidance, the records of the track and cross country teams were 4-1 and 8-3, respectively. Both teams consist of dedicated individuals who have struggled to give MCHS a good reputation. Traci Davis placed first at the Regional Track Competition in high jump and went on to place second in state, where she broke the MCHS record with a jump of five feet six inches. Donna Tincher was the first MCHS girl to qualify for state cross country competition. The teams have placed in tournaments such as the Trojan Invitational, Shelby County Tournament, Coca-Cola Tournament in Jackson, TM, Regionals, League Championships, and State Competition. The work done by these dedicated girls has made MCHS very proud. This Page: Top Right: T. Davis stretches for extra inches in the long jump. Bottom Left: L. Payne throws the discus. Bottom Right: Mrs. Price, Girls' Track and Cross Country Coach. '9 '■ % ■ 4% 212 girls' cross country and track Top: GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY TEAM — Front Row: Leigh Ann LaBarreare. Stacy Hamilton, Donna Tincher, Mar-rianne Wheeler. Back Row: Susan Wurtz, Tina Miller, Lisa Tennyson, Crystal Sanders, and Melissa Hagan. Bottom Left: GIRLS’ TRACK LET-TERMEN — Tina Battles, Traci Davis, Lisa Payne. Tonya Morris, Shana Phillips. Melissa Hagan, and Leigh Ann LaBarreare. girls’cross country and track 213Baseball Many competent players were members of the 1985 baseball team at MCHS. Awards for various accomplishments throughout the season were distributed mostly among the seniors of the team. James McElyea, a senior of 1985-86 was awarded “Mr. Hustle.” Junior of 1985-86, Robbie deMarigny, was the leader of the number of runs batted in for the season, with thirteen overall runs batted in and six doubles. Coach Hearn proudly led the Trojan baseball team of 1985 to a successful year. Top: First Row: W. Arguin, T. Smith. A. McDaniel. J. Ditto, R. deMarigny. E. Garcia. T. Rey. Second Row: D. Kimes, J. Murray. M. Ogelsby, G. Gunnels, J. Mitchell, A. Milam, D. Ward. Back Row: Coach Hearn. R. Gitchell. J. Wages, B. Todd. J. Hatfield. S. Whitlock. J. McElyea. J. Browning. Middle: Glenn pitches a fast one. Bottom: John Ditto gets ready to strike him out! 214 baseballSoftball The 1985-86 Lady Trojan softball team is led by seniors Brenda Chunn, Dayna Ballard, Felecia Thomas, and Karr Bates. Along with the seniors, Ann Sewell, Vonda Thornton and others on the team are looking forward to a successful, winning season. Front Row: Bernadette Bradford. Ann Sewell. Karr Bates. Dayna Ballard. Back Row: Vonda Thornton. Brenda Chunn. Felecia Thomas. Bottom Left: Cindy Amos lets the ball fly. Bottom Right: Karr Bates hustles to get the ball. softball 215Golf The boys’ Golf team won two matches, lost ten matches, and tied one match. On the 1985-86 team were five lettermen: David Hesford, Dennis Riddle, Jake Ward, Eddie Savage, and Tim Bierdz. The boys’ team won third in the district tournament. The only member not pictured in the group shot is Teresa Allison, who is the only member of the girls’ golf team. The golf coach is Mr. Billings. Top Right: GROCJP SHOT — David Hesford, Eddie Savage, Jake Ward, Tim Bierdz, ahd Dennis Riddle — (not pictured) Teresa Allison. Bottom Left: David demonstrates a champion swing of the club. Bottom Right: Mr. Billings, the golf coach. 216 golfTop Left: Freshmen Drew Raymond, Troy Davenport, and Chris Micheals fight for the ball against C.B.H.S. Top Right: Melissa Hagan runs the stairs during cross country practice in the gym. Bottom Left: JV Cheerleaders cheer at Homecoming. Bottom Right: Jake Ward practices for a golf match. sports action 217B'PREP PLME - it VIES pWii i I ilii il WfiiTi' Top Left: Barry William was praised for his many football acomplishments at MCHS. Top Right: Karr Bates gets ready to knock one into the outfield. Bottom Right: Some of the seniors discuss practice drills during breaktime. 218 sports actionTop Left: Joci Aiken sets up the ball. Top Right: Freshman Cheerleaders cheer on their winning football team. Middle Left: James McElyea gets a base hit. Middle Right: Scott Howard pulls ahead for a Trojan win. Bottom Left: Trojan volleyball players get ready to spike the ball. sports action 219£1 1COMMUNITY The tie between the Millington community and Millington Central High School is best illustrated through the community participation in school activities and student participation in the community. The community is mostly made up of business establishments, churches and families. The community helps out at MCHS by donating money to various school activities such as the yearbook, the football program, the literary calendar, and the play program. Millington businesses have donated over three thousand dollars for the 1986 edition of the Trojan Yearbook. Adding to that figure, there are also four hundred dollars worth of ads from businesses outside of the Millington area that contribute because they have children who attend school here. Aside from business donations, the patron program has raised 603 dollars from the students and families in the community. The Yearbook Staff goes out into the community at the beginning and end of each school year to solicit help from its establishments. The community also supports many other activities at MCHS with time and money: music, speech, sports. Students at MCHS are also very involved in their community. Many of the same businesses that contribute to this ad section also have MCHS students on their payroll. Students also become involved in the community by being patrons or users of the many establishments in Millington, Tennessee. The tie between the growing town of Millington and the student body of MCHS is a strong one that is enriched each year. 221Congratulations Carla!! We are proud of you. You have brought us a lot of happiness. May God always bless you. Love, Mom, Dad Cindy Congratulations! We love you and are very proud of you Richie. May God bless you always. Love, Mom, Dad, Sissy Sean. J. Brian Casson — Class of ’86 We couldn’t be prouder — Vaya con Dios. Your family The future of man marches forward on the feet of little children. QO Congratulations Gina Renee Ballard We are proud of you and love you very much. God bless you. Love, Dad, Mom, and David 222 adsTo our mom from our home away from home. We never would have made it without you Momma Williams. We love you, Your Homeroom ads 223 Real Estate Professionals to help You! — Now and in the Future Joy and Tommy Bomar SAIG REALTY COMPANY 7807 CHURCH STREET, P. O. BOX 32 MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE 38053 RES. (901) 872-3651 BUS. (901) 872-1225 Brenda, Let God lead you through these next few years. CONGRATULATIONS ’86 Love, Dad Mom Laura Rhonda RandyCOMPLIMENTS OF MCHS PRESCHOOL and CHILD CARE-HERO Christmas Treasures4 JETWAY MARKET BudnVase 5425 Navy Road Millington, Tennessee, FLOWERS FOR 1 ALL OCCASIONS 872-3923 7903 C STREET Phone Millington tn38053 8 72-8mi WE SUPPORT M.C.H.S. 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A primary emphasis la our aews coverage Is on education and student activities--your awards, honor rolls, sports, plays, special programs, etc. You’ll be leaders someday, and people want to know about you now. They can In The Star. 7he ( Millington Star 5107 Easley P.0 Box 305 Mill. TN 38053 872-2286 Our V SL congratulations to the graduating class of 1986 carorr UHKM NAnmamm 6th A F Street Naval Air Station Milling!on.Tcnn SHOW 4710 Navy Road 3731 Austin Pea) Hwy. Millington.Tcnn 3HOS3 Mcmphis.Tcnn .38128 FLOWERS For At Occasions 8035 Hwy. 51 N. Millington, Tennessee 38053 901-872-4488 We Want to be Your Florist Weddings Funeral Designs Fresh Flowers Silk Arrangements Potted Plants Fruit Baskets Corsages Floral Arrangements Crafts MAZZIO’S PIZZA 4734 Navy Road Millington, Tennessee 872-6383 244 adsNORVELL’S MILLINGTON BODY WORKS Fast, Courteous and Quality Work Owner: W. R. 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Serving the Millington Area Since 1948 Fine Furniture Need Not Be Expensive Brand Names at Discount Prices 5008 Navy Road Millington, Tennessee 872-3036 246 ads THE MCHS PEP CLUB Members Trina Adair Jennifer Duda Jackie Lucas Micky Spears Amy Aguiar Jaci Aiken Jina Dugger Holly LyeH Dana Spencer Averi Dunkle Debbie MacSaveny Sandra Stank Jenny Aiken Donyell Dyson Kim Malphus Allen Stephenson Laura Allison Arlene Easterwood Wendy Mattox Laura Stewart David Archdeacon Vicki Edge Debbie EUand Krista Mayhugh Michelle Stewart Carrie Ashley Melanie Ashley Susan Mahannah Leigh Stickley Michelle Elliott Tammy McKinley Brian Shies Scott Austin Julia Ervin Kim McCullough Deanna Stollings Steve Baker Tammy Ervin Tim McCullough Teresa Stnngfallow David Ballard Jera Evans Tammy McDaniel Billy Suter Gina Ballard Dana Exum Shannon McKee Amy Sweeney April Barganier Gretchen Fahrenbacher Tammy Michie Lisa Swihart Stacy Barrom Sabrina Feldman Angela Miller Kim Tate Nesha Barton Lori Fortune Gina Miller Christa Tatum Pam Bartlett Sandy Fortune Angie Millington Lisa Taylor Vickie Taylor Laura Batey Sonya Fortune Doug Moore Teresa Beach Tonia Foster Tonya Morris Melissa Thompson Albert Bean Gina Fulmer Kathy Morrison Mike Thompson Wendi Bearup James Frye Joyce Moss Susan Thornburg Amy Beavers Dawn Gardener Teresa Nehls Robin Tillman Gerald Beavers Tammy Gibbs Beth Newton Donna Tincher Ronnie Bell Heather Gilmore Heather Nichols Virginia Ton dev old Vicki Travis Alesha Bailors Daniel Gipson Lisa Godin Peter Nichelson Teresa Be II or a Mary Nielson Jennifer Trujillo Jennl Biller Vanessa Gonzales Amy Noe Rachel Tucker Paul Blanda Angela Goodwin Angle Nolan Christine Nolan Ronnie Turner Regina Blankenship Cheryl Grannis Tonya Vandergrift Mindy Bondzio Kristy Qranthan Mary O’Conner Andrea Vaughn Melissa Boston Crissy Graumlich Jeremy Odell Leigh Oldham Yolanda Vaughn Mance Bowden Cindy Greer Mana Vega Mirtwkll ■ V 11 w Ruth Haley Jason Oliver Tonja Wagner Chert Walker Bowden Carolyn Hannah Shalee O’Rourke Bridget Bowers Cheryl Hansgen Toscha Harris Lorrie Owens Laura Wall Chris Bowers Scott Parett Eileen Walsh Linda Bowman Melanie Hatter Carl Anne Parham Lisa Warner Stephanie Boyd Nick! Bray Hank Hawkins Rhonda Parimore Chandra Watson Donna Hammings Michael Parks Heidi Watson Andrea Bright Erica Henderson Don Peacock Christine Watt Cheryl Broughton Cassandra Burnett Tyrone Hendricks Angie Peden Jennifer West Leigh Herbert Jennifer Pederson Renetta Wilson Joleen Campbell Kim Heron Tabitha Hicks Sabrina Peete Phillip Perkins Terry Wonish Usa Woodward Lori Campbell Danielle Carter Andrea Holley Shonna Phillips Tammy Woodward Tammy Carter Anna castro Mlcheel Hufflnes Mary Piger Kim Young Tyra Zandess Ms. Albritton Jim Hulley Jaci Ponder Julie Cheeseman Laurie Hunnicutt Stephanie Prachniak Ray Chester Susan Hurst Lisa Pruitt Ms. Armour Sheila Chipman Jeff Ingram Audra Jackson Lori Pruitt Ms. Arnold Tonya Chipman Lynn Ray Mr. Campbell Clarissa Christopher Denise Jayne Anna Reynante John Chambers Tammy Chumley Michelle Jeffers Nacita Reynante Ms. Clark Randy Chunn Belinda Johnson Dan Richardson Mr. Como Alicia Clements Donna Johnson Rochelle Richardson Mr. Croft Diane Clifton Dana Jones Liz Ridley Ms. Dobbins Malisa Coelho Femecla Jones Marva Risby Ms. Gipson Shannon Conkle LaShawn Jones Susan Roberts Ms. Jordan Nickle Coleman Susan Jones Donna Roe Ms. Kennon Stephanie Creas Marika Karfamia Teresa Roebuck Ms. Kincaid Melinda Crenshaw Jennifer Karsko Margie Scanlon Ms. Krebs Suzanna Croft Jamie Kidwell Carta Seals Ms. Lightfoot Elisa Crutchfield Dana Komedy Joseline Shultz Ms. Maples Kim Daniels Angle Kopp Melanie Siebert Ms. Moore Janet Davidson Denise Day Robbie deMarigny Leigh Ann LaBarreare Leslie LaComb Curtis Sigler Debbie Slyapich Angela Smith Beth Smith Ms. Norwood Ms. Purdy Suzanne Landry Ms. Sigler Paul Dieckhaus Monique LaRochelle Ms. Snell Pam Diggs Sandra Donan Tara La vine Parastos Leek Georgia Smith Jennifer Smith Ms. Tanner Ms. Taylor Ms. Tolbert Tommy Douglas Michelle Legaspi Stacy Smith Usa Doyan Samantha Lester Tonya Smith Wendy Smith Ms. Werner ■ J. IIM- — -A Martha Driggers Raymond Driggers Gary Lewis Cindy Logan Ms. WhiteheadCHURCH STREET MOTORS We buy, sell, or trade cars, trucks and vans; anything of value used as a down payment. We finance our own notes. Hrs. 8 am-6 pm Mon.-Sat. Jack Hardy — Owner 7764 Church Millington, TN 872-6262 RICK’S PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLY 4966 Navy Road Millington, TN 38053 872-4489 He who does not know the force of words cannot know man. f Confucius — m JACK TICKLE CO. Real Estate and Development Woodmere Subdivision Woodstock Hills Country Club 4800 Navy Road Suite 5 Millington, TN 248 adsTTIE'S 'REUTTERS 4958 NAVY ROAD MILLINGTON, TN 38053 873-HAIR MON - FRI 8:00 - 7:30 SAT 8:00 - 5:30 Only one class ring can really fit you. And Ring Leader has it. Your class ring should be as unique and special as you are. And it can be, when it’s from Balfour. Because you choose the style, the stone, the decoration, the engraving—to create a class ring that is yours alone. Your own personal class ring from Balfour. No other can express who you are so exactly. Or help you recall those special times so clearly. Balfour. So one mnembeis in so many ways. Tfjng 'LeadeiT 703 Brookhoven Circle (Off Poplor — Beside Cork Tower) Phone, 682-1602 I PirfIMHT — owl OF A KMP I 1985-86 TROJAN PAPER STAFF THE END OF DEADLINES!!! Mrs. Dobbins Arthada Martin Danette Barlar Leory Watson Shaun Sipe Ernest Pugh Desta Church Janet Davidson John Roberts Susan Roberts Amy Aguiar Mance Bowden (NP) ads 249GOOD LUCK SENIORS STATE FARM INSURANCE Randy Brown 766 Highway 51 N. Millington, TN 38053 Jack Leonard 4962 Navy Rd. Millington, TN 38053 250 adsQUALITY PARTS AND MACHINE COMPANY Napa Parts Dealer 7885 Highway 51 N. Millington, Tennessee R.M. HENDRICK GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Area Code 601 Phone 354-5323 P.O. Box 1034 Jackson, Mississippi 39205 CLASS RINGS — INVITATIONS — DIPLOMAS — YEARBOOKS — CAPS GOWNS ads 251KEVIN DOUGLAS SUPERVISOR, MILLINGTON OFFICE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT MEMPHIS LIGHT, GAS AND WATER DIVISION P. O. BOX 430 MEMPHIS. TN 38101 PHONE (901)872-3388 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA “Toward New Horizons" Officers: Teresa Roebuck. President Vicki Edge. Vice President Tess Waits. Secretary-Treasurer JoLaine Wyatt. Reporter-Historian Class Representatives: Michelle Bowden. Stephanie Boyd. Deanna Crawford, Tammy Ervin Kristie Grantham. Kim Malphus, Jeremy Odell. Debbie Slyapick Sponsors: Mrs. Judy Pate — Mrs. Lois Sigler GOOD LUCK Class of “88” Mrs. Whitehead PATRONS Allen Stephenson Patty Chambers Tommy Campbell Carla Crawford Rhonda Jordan Mr. Mrs. Crawford Mr. Mrs. Chunn 252 adsOPTIMIST CLUB OF MILLINGTON . WE BELIEVE IN YOU THE OPTIMIST CREED OUR YOUTH PROGRAM Promise Yourself To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. MCHS Octagon Club Youth Appreciation Week Oratorical Contest Essay Contest “Mets” Girls’ Softball Team “Misfits” Peewee Soccer Team “Roadrunners” Girls’ Softball Team Cub Scout Pack 280 Junior Girl Scout Troop 322 SPECIAL PROGRAMS Respect for the law Optimist Junior World Golf Four Senior Scholarships Youth and Community Day Help Them Hear STUDIO, INC. 1660 UNION AVENUE • MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE 38104 • PHONE 274-1732 “A TRADITION OF QUALITY AND SERVICE FOR YEARS” YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER Jimmy Alford Stufo Alford Photo Musbfes 254 adsToni, We are very proud of you and we love you very much. Love Mom, Dad, Mickey, Sheryl, and Dana Matt, There are many choices to be made in life. I pray you will always use your God given wisdom to make the best choice for yourself. This poem expresses best all I ask of you. I do not ask that you repay The hours of toil and pain. The sacrifices of youth and strength Shall r.ot have been in vain. I do not ask for gratitude But only this, my child, That you shall live your life so well My gifta be not defiled. The nights I watched beside your crib. The years of love and care Will amply be repaid if once I see you standing there— An upright and an honest soul On whom success has smiled. That I may say with humble pride —••THAT is my child!" ("A Mother's Reward" by Ona Freeman Lathrop) Wherever you go in life take care and know I love you. Love, Mom 24 Hour Wrecker Service Complete Line of Tires, Batteries and Accessories ROLANDS’S AMOCO 4990 Navy Road 872-8473 Millington, TN 38053 872-4415 (V—1 GOOD LUCK Class of 1986 ads 255Index A Abernathy. Jeff 62. 114 Achelpohl. Wendy 34. 3b. 141.209 Acosta. Evelyn 30. 33. 38. 5 1.64. 56. 61. 8b. 149 Acosta. Ferdinand 64. 141.210. 211 Acosta. Frederick 114 Adair. Trinia 167 Adams. Crystal 88. 114 Aguilar. Amy 34. 36. 41. 167 Aho. Michael 149 Aiken. Jac.62, 64. 141.206. 207 Aiken. Jennifer 167 Akin. Brenda 149 Akins. David 167 Albritton. Ms 209 Aldrich. David 167 Allen. Chris 149 Allison. Laura 37. 149 Allison. Theresa 167. 216 Alvoid. Jackie 38. 149 Amaba. Erika 17. 26. 27. 38. 60. 61.66. 68. 91.98. 100. 102. 106. 114. 209 Amos. Cindy 100. 114.216 Anderson. Angie 114 Archdeacon, David 157 Archer. Gene 157. 206 Arguin. Wayne 149. 184. 186. 190.214 Arkon. Samantha 67. 114 Armour. Ms 166. 170. 175. 183 Armstrong. Carolyn 157 Arnold. Ms 148, 170 Art er. Mary 149 Arvin, Michael 157 Ash. Michael 157 Ashley. Carrie 37. 149 Ashley. Melanie 34. 35. 166. 157 Austill. Melissa 149 Austill. Scott 157 Ayyagarl. Buffi 61 B Bady. Tommy 167 Bailey. Cindy 141 Baker. Gina 149 Baker. Stephen 157 Baldwin. Kristie 141 Baldwin. Stephanie 149 Bales. Dianan 114 Ball Rhonda 149 Ballard. David 157. 192 Ballard. Dayna 23. 52. 64. 69. 94. 100. 115.215 Ballard. Felecia 141 Ballard. Gina 46. 50. 96. 110. 115. 179 Ballou. Paul 141.210. 211 Banks. Nicole 38. 157 Banks. Shawn 115 Banks. Valerie 38. 59. 62. 108. 115 Barganier. April 157 Barger. Bruce 149 Barger. Keith 38. 157 Bariar. Danette 45. 49. 64. 68. 60.63. 99 104. 108. 110. 115 Barnes. Ann 157 Barrom. Amy 23. 141 Barrom. Dewayne 20. 82. 115 Barrom. Stacy 157. 202 Bartlett. Pam 52. 141 Barton. Dcnishea 26. 27. 50. 68. 149. 181 Barton. Kelly 149 Barton. Kim 157 Barton. Marsha 74, 106. 115 Barton. Shelly 149 Bass. Christina 157 Bates. Mancar 100. 115.215 Bates. Tonya 157 Batey. Laura 157 Bathe. Robert 157 Battles. Tina 157.213 Beach. Teresa 149 Beagle. Kimberly 157 Beagle. Shawn 157 Bean. Albert 27. 10. 55. 56. 79.95. 100 102. 108. 115 Bearden. Donna 141 Bearup. Wend. 141 Beavers. Amy 34. 35. 54. 149 Beavers. Billy 141. 184. 186 Beavers. Gerald 157 Beck. Cathy 149 Beckham. Freddie 115 Beckham. Linda 157 Beckham. Rita 157 Beld. Matthew 157. 192 Belinc. Brian 157. 205 Bell. Karen 52. 141 Bell. Ronnie 157 Bellora. Alesha 23. 29. 30. 33. 53. 141 Bellora. Teresa 116 Benauente. Johnnie 149 Bennett. Don 157 Bennett. Tabitha 157 Benton. Latonya 38. 157 Benzel. Tonya 157 Bergen. Mr 140.170 Berry. Denise 116 Berryhill, Eddie 157 BerryhiU. Lisa 149 Bierdz. Timothy 157. 216 Biller. Bo 157 Biller. Jennie 141. 182 Billings. Mr E 170 Billings. Mr M 170.216 Birch. Greg 149. 209 Black. Kelly 56. 149 Blair. Jeremy 149 Bland. Lisa 141 Blanda. Jason 157 Blanda. Paul 141 Blankenbeckier. Todd 33. 37. 149 Blankenship. Regina 157 Blanton. Charles 157 Blaylock. Donald 149 Bledsoe. David 82. 116 Bledsoe. Sarah 88 Blythe. Alan 64. 141 Bogel, S. 69 Bohatch. Jeff 157 Bohatch. Joseph 149 Bolgco. John 141 Bolton. Eric 157. 194. 210. 211 Bomar. Mrs. 176 Bondzio. Mindy 34. 35. 141 Bondzio, Scott 157 Boston. Melissa 58. 60. 116 Boston. Wendt 157 Boswell. Mrs. 140. 170 Bowden. Mance 33. 34. 35. 45. 49. 51. 63.67. 104. 108. 110. 116 Bowden. Michelle 34. 157 Bowers. Bndgett 149 Bowers. Christina I 16 Bowers. Tammy I 16 Bowles. Chris 38. 149 Bowman. Linda 33. 38. 54. 55. 56. 59. 60.92.99. 102. 104. 106. 106. 116 Bowman. William 38 Bo . Lisa 157 Boyd. Larry 38 Boyd. Stephanie 106. 116 Boyd. Tammy 84. 149 Boyette. Shannon 157 Braden. Kevin 27. 33. 75. 116 Bradford. Bernadette 30. 117.215 Bradford. Chandler 149. 184. 186 Bradford. Demetrius 23. 64. 75. 106. I 17 Bradshaw. Shelly 54. 59. 60. 108. I 10. 117 Brady. Mike 117 Branch. Mark 75. 117. 186. 188. 190. 194. 195 Branch. Martese 157. 195 Branch. Stanley 141. 184. 186. 190 Branch. Stephanie 108. 117 Brandis. Christina 46. 55. 79. 99. 108.113. 117 Brandis. Kelly 86. 149 Brannock. Rhonda 86. 149 Branson. Stephanie 51.55. 79. 99. 106. 108. 117 Brasel. Melissa 157 Brasington. Mrs. 170 Brasington. Tim 141 Braswell. Anthony 141 Bratton. Terry 157 Bray. Nicki 157 Breathett. Damion 158. 202 Brelmski. Traci 158 Brewer. Steve 158 Bngance. Sheila 158 Bright. Andrea 86. 158 Brooks. Paulette 38. 158 Brooks. Tonya 149 Broughton. Cheryl 54. 55.62. 68. 72. 81. 95. 102. 106. 117. 181 Brown. Danny 23. 94. 117 Brown. Larry 140. 141 Brown. Mary 40. 141.205 Brown. Tammy 158 Brown. Tracey 149 Brown. Wanda 141 Browning. Cheryl 100. 149 Browning Jeff 158. 202. 203. 214 Bruen.Capt 40. 170 Brunson. Linda 38 Bryant. Shannon 82. 158 Bryeans. Christy 158 Buchannan. Sheila 158 Buffalo. Cheryl 141 Bullock. Scott 149 Burden. Darren 158 Burden. JoAnn 168 Burdette. Mrs 148. 170 Burk. Mrs 46 156. 170 Burnett. Cassandra 26. 27.51.88. 140. 141. 181 Burnett. Joseph 158 Burnett. Stacy 158 Burress. Cathy 149 Burton. Mark I 18 Bussell. Stephanie 149 Butler. Mark 158 Butler. Paul 158 Butt. Chief 40. 170 Bynam. Susan 141 C Caery.E. 38 Cain Mike 141 Caldwell. Mary Ann 141 Caldwell. Michelle 141 Calhoun. Theresa 149 Campbell. Mi 148. 170. 210.211 Campbell. Joleen 37. 54. 81. 149 Campbell. Lon 158. 183 Campbell. Phyllis 158 Campbell. Tommy 92. 100. 110. 118. 184. 185. 186. 188. 189, 190 Candell. Richard 158 Cannon. Mike 23. 95. 118 Capuson. Caren 33. 38. 53. 118 Cardosa. Miss 170 Carlos. Ronald 141 Carr. David 205 Carrisoza. Cary 149 Carroll. David 118 Carson. Dennis 158. 202. 203 Carson. Monica 85 Carter. Danielle 149 Carter. David Carter. G. 184 Carter. Kenneth 86. 149 Carter. Lisa 118.207 Carter. Tammy 158 Cartwright. Kiwanda 38. 158 Cartwright. Robert 141 Cartwright. Trina 149 Casson. Brian 33. 51.55. 59. 66.67.87. 102. 104. 118 Casson. Scott 158 Castro. Annalisa 158 Cattanco. Michelle 158 Caublc. Philip 149 Cauble. Thomas 158 Caudle. Miss 156. 170. 198. 201 Chambers. Patty 1.38. 50.53. 55. 66. 67.95. 102. 104. 106. 118 Chambers. Riley 158. 192 Chambers. William 149 Chance. Greg 149 Chandler. Jennifer 141 Chapman. Richard 158 Cheeseman. Julie 61. 149. 198 Chester . Ray 23. 30. 33.91. 110. 118 Childress. Greg 38. 54. 56. 59.60. 96. 104. 110. 118 Chipman. Sheila 158 Chipman. Tanya 149. 152 Christopher. Brenda 38. 149 Christopher. Clarissa 38. 158. 202 Christopher. Gregory 141. 192 Christopher. Kanthony 158 Christopher. Sean 158 Chumley. Tammy 158 Chunn. Brnda 1.45. 46. 53. 55. 60. 94. 100. 103. 119.215.256 Chunn. Randy 30. 141.210.211 Church. Desta 45. 49. 56. 58.96. 99. 102. 104. 108. 119 Churn. Keith 141 Churn. Michael 158 Clark. Mrs 156. 171 Cleaves. Carlotta 158. 183 Clemente. Alicia 158 Clifton. Dtane 34. 35. 149 Cline. Melinda 37. 141 Coady. David 149. 210.211 Cochran. Melissa 34. 35. 149 Coe. Robert 158 Coeiho. 158. 208 Coggins. Teresa 141 Cote. Kevm 149 Cote. Tina 37. 141 Cole. Tom 119 Colelman. Lillian 150 Coleman. Michelle 38. 150 Coleman. Nicole 150 Collins. Cnsty 158 Collver, Bryan 1 19 Cdiver. Michelle 158. 200. 202. 208 Collver. Scott 141.209 Collver. Tammy 150. 206. 207 Como. Mr 79.91. 171 Condra. Stan 38. 158 Conkle. Shannon 158 Cook. Melissa 150 Cooper . Alisha 34. 35. 150 Cooper. Bernadette 158 Cooper. Michelle 23. 86. 150 Copeland. Alan 23. 53. 104. I 10. 119 Copeland. James 38. 56. 150 Copeland. Kathy 158 Cossey. Terry 150 Costanzo. Kim 158 Coulliette. Jerry 37 Coulliette. John 158 Coulliette. Wesley 150 Couture. Sharyl 150 Cox. Lawrence 27. 34. 35. 37.61. 141 Cox. Michael 141 Cox. Tony 97. 119. 139. 184. 185. 186. 188. 189. 210. 211 Cox. Trisha 38. 159 Crain. Thomas 159 Cramer. David 159. 192 Cransford. Mr. 176 Crawford. Carla 1.45. 46. 53. 54. 55. 59. 97. 103. 106. 119.256 Crawford. Deanna 38. 159 Creasy. Mr 91. 171 Creel. David 62. 110. 119 Crenshaw. Melinda 159 Crisel. Bobby 141 Crist. Audra 141 Croft. Mr 34.35. 171 Cropf. Suzanne 30. 38.67. 87. 150 Crutcher. Vanessa 150 Crutchfield. Elise 159 Culbreath. Robbie 150 Culley. John 150 Culley. Lynn 159 Cummings. Mike 159 Currie. Kevin 159 Curry. Tonya 119 Cutlip. Timmy 159 D Dabaldo Chris 38. 159 Dabaldo Steve 159 Dacus. Sherry 52. 119 Dacus. Teri 141 Dalrymple. Mrs 65. 171 Daniels. Kim 82. 150. 206. 209 Davenport. Karla 141 Davenport. Troy 159. 202. 203 Davey. Eddie 23. 50. 54. 141.209 Davidson. Janet 49. 141 Davis. Chawn 159 Davis. Danielle 37. 141 Davis. Jennifer 150 Davis. Lyn 120 Davis. Ray 159 Davis. Scott 120 Davis. Tommy 108 Davis. Tracie 94. 101.212.213 Davis. Tyrone 150 Dawson Derek 159. 192 Dawson. Erica 150 Day. Denise 159 Deck. Allen 23.64. 76. 94. 106. 120. 209 Decosta. Tina 120 DeHart. Mike 150 Delancey. Michael 150 Deilille. Angela 159 dcMangny. Robbie 27. 141. 186. 186, 190.214 Denton. Judy 150 DePoorter. Daryl 141 DeShazo. Miss 170 Dickinson. Rhonda 141 Dieckhaus. Paul 159 Diffee. Lane 150 Diggs. Pam 26. 27.81.91. 110. 120 Dillard. Darrell 141 Dingman. Jonathan 150 Ditto. John 101. 120. 184. 186. 188. 214 Dobbins. Mrs 49. 156. 170 Doggett. Jamie 159 Donahay. Stephen 150 Donahue. Jeffery 33. 150 Donahue. Kevin 159. 192 Donan. Sandra 63.65. 120 236 indexDooley. Michelle 141 Doty. Cary 120 Doty, Gidget 65 Douglas. Yoland.s 159 Doyan. Lisa 67. 106 110. 120 Driggers. Martha 33. 66.66. 67.81.87. 106, 140. 142.206 Driggers. Raymond 33. 169 Duda. Jennifer 169. 206. 207. 209 Dugger. Jina 67. 160 Duke. Rhonda 160 Duncan. Tracy 142 Dunham. Chris 169 Dunkle. Avert 169 Dunlap. Donna 160 Dunn. Mrs 176 Dunn. Jod. 169 Dunn. Lisa 169 Dunn. Shannon 169 Dupree. Andrew 169. 192 Dupree. Jason 97. 108. 120. 184. 186. 189.210.211 Durham. Mrs 86. 140. 171. 176 Dyson. Donyell 160 E Eads. Lee Ann 160 Easterwood, Arlene 169 Edge. Dewey 82. 121 Edge. Vicki 61.62. 71. 142 Filand. Debbie 108. 121 Elkins. Steve 160 Elterbrook. Kathy 46. 46. 68. 110. 113. 121 Elliott. Michelle 37. 160 EHis. Rachel 150 Elrod. Sean 169 Epps. Tracie 138 Ervin. Jason 82. 160 Ervin. Julia 142 Ervin. Larry 169 Ervin. Tammy 38. 159 Ervin. Wesley 82. 160 Essory. Rhonda 142 Evans. Jerra 160 Evms. Christy 150 Evms. Cory 159 Ewing. Dwayne 142 Exum. Beechum 150 Exum. Dana 150 F Fahrenbocker. Gretchen 159 Faulk. Mark 159 Faulkner. Chris 169 Fears. Tammy 159 Feldman. Sabrina 56. 142 Fender. Shannon 150 Ferrell. Luckie 121 Fmton. Jeff 121 Fiqueras. Catherine 159 Fisher. Shantwan 159 Fitzpatrick. Sheila 159 Flemming. Leslie 38.142 Fletcher. Donald 150 Fletcher. Mike 101. 121.204 Fletty. Kerri 150 Flewell. Joanne 142 Flewell. Rob 33. 50. 150 Flores. J. 75 Floyd. Lisa 121 Floyd. Ross 159 Fdkerson. Lee 159 Forbes. Sean 50. 51. 148. 150. 204. 205 Ford. Jacqueline 159 Ford. Lavender 150 Forster. Rudy 142,210,211 Forsythe. Nicole 65. 106. 121.210.211 Fortune. Lori 23. 30.51.72. 148. 150. 181 Fortune. Sandy 121 Fortune. Sonya 23. 95. 121. 181 Foster. Billy 159. 192 Foster. Richard 38. 159. 192 Foster. Toma 159 Frazier. Rosalind 38. 159 Frazier. Sondra 38. 150 Freeman. Robin 150 Freeman. Susan 159 Friar. Mike 150 Frye. James 89. 122 Fuller. David 159 . Fulmer. Gina 150 Fulton. Joan 38. 150 G Gacek. Tim 150 t Gagne. Richard 82. 89 Gales. Michael 169. 186 Gant. Corey 159 Gant. Melba 150 Gant. Steven 37. 150 Garcia. David 142 Garcia. Ernest 55. 78. 97. 122. 214 Garcia. Maria 159 Garcia. Marvin 160 Garcia. Mrs 176 Gardner. Dawn 160. 202. 206. 207 Garner. Matt 86. 142 Garner. Paul 150. 210. 211 Garner. Sheila 160, 208 Garner. Tyrone 51. 101. 108. 122.210. 211 Gates. Eric 160 Gathn. Donna 37. 151 Geaslin. Sandra 142 Geiger. Shane 142 Gertschen. Todd 23. 46. 50. 54. 140. 142 Gibbons. Jere 86. 151 Gibbs. Tammy 34. 35. 151 Gibson. Coach 148. 192.210 Giden. Andre 160. 192 Gilley. Emily 142 Gillmore. Heather 51.52. 142 Gipson. Daniel 33. 156. 160. 192 Gipson. Mrs. 74. 171 Gipson. Scott 160 Gitchell. Randy 151.214 Glenn. Ms 82. 171 Glenn. Denise 160 Godin. Lisa 160 Goode. Becky 160 Goode. Melody 151.206.207 Good let!. Laurie 23. 142 Goodwin. Angela 151 Goreham. Debbie 151 Goss. Gerald 160 Goss. Sheriff 176 Gott. Kevin 160 Graddy. Charlotte 122 Graham. Kim 160 Grannis. Cheryl 37. 142.205 Grant. Andi 151 Grant. Antwan 38 Grantham. Christy 160 Graumlich. Crissy 34. 35. 151 Gray. Rhonda 151 Gray. Yolanda 38. 160. 202 Green. Lori 151 Green. Zachary 75. 101. 122. 210. 211 Greenburg. Darren 50. 101. 110. 122. 139. 184. 186. 187. 194. 196 Greer. Cindy 30.34.35. 151 Greet.Marty 122. 184. 186. 189 Greer. Paula 160 Greganti. Gina 151 Griggs. John 160 Griggs. Ronnie 38. 151 Griggs. Tyrone 160 Gross. David 82. 151 Gross. Wendy 53. 160 Gunnels. Glenn 55. 59.65. 79. 99. 101. 103.122.214 Gurley. Steve 122 H Hadd. Charles 160 Hadd, Tiffany 160.208 Hagan. Melissa 151.215 Haley. Donna 151 Haley. Mindy 160 Hall. Amy 151 Hall. Dan 54. 142 Hall. Derrick 151 Hall. Jon 160 Hall. Lancy 160 Hall. Maurice 160 Halliburton. Sandra 38. 56. 142 Hallock, Lynn 86. 151 Hamilton. Stacy 160,213 Hammel. Howard 151 Hammond. Michael 160 Hammond. Willard 160 Hammontree. Kathy 151 Hampton. Levita 26. 27. 37. 51. 148. 151 Hance.Pamela 142 Hance. Thomas 122 Hannah. Carolyn 53. 74. 108. 128 Hannah. Karen 160 Hansgen. Sheryl 151 Hardaway. Trent 123 Hardee. Letica 151 Herron. Kim 208 Harr aid. Belinda 65. 123 Harrell. Wayne 160 Harrington. Felecia 74. 106. 108. 123 Harris. Dawn 151 Harris. Deadre 38. 160 Harris. Eddie 123 Harris. Felecia 151 Harris. Kenneth 68. 123 Harris. Ricky 86 Harris. Shannon 160 Harris. Thomas 151 Harris. Toscha 160 Harris. W 38 Hart. Dwayne 151 Harvell. Mrs 176 Harwell. Cedric 160 Harwell. Kevin 142 Hassen. Kelly 160 Hatchel. Dan 151 Hatchel. Kenneth 69. 82,123 Hatfield. James 142.214 Hatter. Melanie 151 Hawkins. Hank 50. 56. 65. 72. 95. 101. 103. 123. 184.205 Hawkins. Joe 142 Hayes. Deanna 53. 151 Hayes. Shea 142. 184 186. 190, 197. 210.211 Hayes. Vicky 123 Haynes. Rita 160 Hays. Ron 123 Hayslip. Tracy 151 Hazlett. Carol 151 Healy. Matthew 160 Hearn. Coach 140. 171.214 Heath. Jay 184. 186 Hebert. Gerry 151 Hebert. Leigh 108. 124 Hemmings. Donna 53. 69. 74. 108. I 10. 124 Hemmings. Robert 37. 151 Henderson. Bryant 160. 194. 197 Henderson. Erica 160 Henderson. Jason 160 Hendricks. Coach 91. 171 Henry. David 124 Henry. Vickie 142 Herold. Robert 55. 124 Herring. Denise 38. 56. 151 Herron. Kim 160. 198 Hesford. David 51. 55. 59. 60. 99. 101. 110. 124.216 Hicks. Tabatha 151 Higgmbottom. Ricky 142 Hill. Jimmy 151 Hill. Mr 78. 148. 171 Hill. Shawn 151. 184. 186, 205 Hmkson. Steve 160. 192 Hissong. James 160. 192 Hivner. Patricia 38. 51.52. 59. 60. 66. 67.99. 104. 108. 110. 124 Hoetger. Brandy 160 Hogan. Billy 160 Hogsten. Sean 160 Holcomb. Vadra 151 Holley. Andrea 46. 142 Hollingshead. Kevin 151 Holmes. Lisa 160 Hood. Jennifer 160 Hood. Tamara 142 Hooker. Robert 33. 38. 56. 151.210. 211 Houston. Hosea 160 Houston. Patricia 142 Howard. Arnell 160 Howard. Carlton 37.56. 110. 124. 210. 211 Howard. Chris 142. 186 Howard. Cornell 142 Howard. Scott 30. 33. 53. 76. 124. 210, 211 Howell. Joseph 160 Howerton. Kimberly 50. 51. 156. 160. 183 Hoxie. James 151.205 Hud man, Pamela 124 Hudson. John 124 Huelskamp. Maria 61. 142 Huffines. Michael 51. 160 Huffman. Laura 151 Hughes. Linda 125 Hughey. Rodney 151 Hulley. Gene 142. 184. 186 Hulley. Jim 523. 142. 184. 186. 190 Hunnicutt. Laurie 160 Hunt. Carey 37. 143 Hunt, Cynthia 84. 151. 181 Hunt. Joe 160. 192 Hunt. Lamona 151 Hunter. Mark 34. 35. 143 Hupp. Malcolm 151. 194. 196. 210. 211 Hurst. Susan 84. 151 Hurt. Jimmy 160 Hurt. Mrs 84 156. 171 Ingram. Daryl 156. 161 Ingram. Jeff 23. 37. 104. 125 Ingram. Tina 38. 73. 143 Irwin. Shon 192 Ivory. Carl 161 Ivory. Reggie 38 J Jack. Karnita 161 Jackson. Ashler 50. 51. 156. 161 Jackson. Audra50. 52. 151 Jackson. Gary 125 Jackson. Lafayette 37. 151 Jackson. Melanie 151 Jackson. Ten 151 Jackson. Virgil 38. 161 James. Teresa 74 Jarrell, Cynthia 74. 151 Javins. Rebecca 125 Jayne. Denise 73. 82. 143 Jeffers. MicheBe 161 Jefferson, Trena 151 Jermyn. Steve 143 Johnson. Amy 161.202 Johnson. Anthony 161 Johnson. Belinda 52. 140. 143. 206 Johnson. Bobby 51. 143 Johnson. Brandon 125 Johnson. Danny 152 Johnson. David 89. 161. 192 Johnson. Dawn 161 Johnson. Derwm 161 Johnson. Dixie 161 Johnson. Donna 33. 63.67. 143 Johnson. Freddy 125. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 190. 194. 195. 196. 210. 211 Johnson. Gordan 152 Johnson. Laura 46, 143 Johnson. Michael 125. 161.205 Johnson. Mr 156.172 Johnson. Nicole 152 Johnson. Patricia 152 Johnson. Randy 161 Johnson. Twyla 161. 192 Johnston. Kimberly 40. 152 Jolly. Doug 161 Jones. Amy 143 Jones. Anna 38. 152 Jones. Bama 56. 152 Jones. Dana 161 Jones. Danny 161 Jones. Derek 152 Jones. Ferneoa Michelel 38. 161 Jones. Henry 152 Jones. James 38.67. 82. 152 Jones. Kevin 75. 143 Jones. LaShawn 37. 152 Jones. Lorenda 161.201 Jones. Maurice 152 Jones. Michelle 62. 143 Jones. Ms 172 Jones. Paul 161 Jones. Stephanie 161 Jones. Susan 143 Jones. Tabitha 161 Jordan. Cheryl 143. 198. 199 Jordan. Michael 75 Jordan. Rhonda I. 34. 35. 37. 45. 46. 55. 56. 103. 104. 108. 125 Jordan. Mrs. 91. 172 Joyner. Mike 152.209 Joyner. Mr 172 Joyner. Rosha 161, 192 Juneau. Jeff 152 Jung. Christopher 161 K Kaczynski. Mr 69. 172 Kaniecki. Jennifer 152 Kamecki. Joey 161. 192 Kar aamaa. Marika 56. 125 Karsko. Jennifer 152 Karsko. Miranda 125 Kasper. Mr 156. 172 Kearney. Thomas 40. 126 Keith. David 38. 161 Keith. Rick 161 Kelley. Richard 152 Kelly. Karen 126 Kelly. William 161 Kendall. Tommy 161 Kennedy. Dana 161 Kennon. Dr 148. 172 Kenny. Phil 143. 204. 205.211 Kesler. Greg 152. 184. 186. 205 K(dwell. Jamie 152 Kimberltng. James 33. 126 Kimes. James 161.214 Kincaid. Mary 161 Kincaid. Mrs 81.91. 172 Kincaid. Rachel 56.60. 69. 106. 108. 110. 126 King. Diane 151 King. Jeff 143 Kirkland. Samantha 161 Klenk.Mrs. 177 Klepper. Paula 143 Kniesley. L 38 index 257Knight. Jeffery 161 Kofier. Denise 126 Kopp. Angie 80, 152. 198.201 Kopp. Kellie 54 Kopp. Kevin 143. 161.205 Krebs. Ms 63. 148. 172 Kurtz. Mitchell 86. 161 Kuykendell. Ricky 161 L LaBarreare. l.e»gh Ann 54. 84. 106. 152. 213 LaComb. David 68. 161 l.aComb. Leslie 46. 113, 126 LaComb. Tracey 161 Laffeyette. Lisa 126 Laird. Charke 23. 161.202 I and. Lisa 161 Landry. Mark 86. 152 Landry. Suzanne 126 Langston. Steve 152 Lanham. Thomas 126 LaRochelle. Monique 152 LaRue. Frank 143 Latham. Jon 126 Laughter. Jeff 161 I aurent. Aimec 40. 127 Lavinc. Tara 161 Lawrent. Jessica 127 Lawson. Krystal 161 Leach. Robert 152 Leaks. Mr 169 LeBlanc. Devonnia 152 Lee. Joe 161. 192.205 Lee. John 82. 161 Leek. Parastos 161 Leese. Anne 143 Legaspe. Michelel 162. 206. 207 Leppert, Kimberly 162. 207 Leppert. Victoria 143 Lester. Samantha 152. 198 Lester. Sean 34. 35. 37. 40. 45. 46. 56. 77.81. 104. 107. M3. 127.262 Letney. Portia 152 Lewis. Carla 35. 82. 152 Lewis. Gary 38. 162 Liebengood. Andy 143 Life. Mary 143 Lightfoot. Ms 82. 177 Lilley. Mickey 152 Linkous. Amy 33. 55.66. 67. 143 Linzy. Joanne 152 Littley. Christopher 152 Lofton. Robert 162 Logan. Cynthia 162 Logan. Deanne 127 Logan. Phil 127 Lomusney. Anna 162 Long. Grey 27. 106. 127 Long. Niki 152 Loot ok. Robinson 152 Lopez. Victoria 162 Lorency. Karen 52. 94. 127 Lonmer. Patrick 152 Louis. Kim 34. 152 Lowry. Stacey 152 Lozada. Linda 127 Lucas. Amy 152 Lucas. Jackie 143 Lucket. Smaantha 162 Lundrigan. Christine 162 Lundrigan. Joe 42 Lundry, Beth 143 Lundry. Joseph 162. 192 LyeM. Holly 152 M Mackm, Christy 162 Mecklin, Charlene 162 Macklm. Mr 91. 172 Maclin, Corey 38 Maclin. Meadel 162. 192 MacSaveny, Debra 127 MacSaveny. Richard 162 Mahannah. Susan 162 Malone. Corey 162 Malone. Raquel 162 Malphus. Gina 152 Malphus. Kimberly 162 Maltby. Lea 42 Manning. Mark 89. 127 Maples. Mrs 173 Maples. Tammy 162 Marcy. Andrea 128 Marley. John 106. 138 Marr, Mike 152 Marsh. Mr 173 Marshall. Diane 37. 152 Martin. Arthada 33. 38. 44. 45. 51.54. 55. 58.60.67. 70. 99. 103. 105. 107. 108. 128 Martin. Daniel 33. 162 Martin. Peter 162 Martin. Selene 73. 152 Martin. Wendy 162. 183 Mason. Darrell 162. 202 Mason. Jean 143 Massey. Robert 37. 152 Mathes, Allen 184. 186 Matthews. Maxine 128 Mattox. Wendy 162 Mauldin. Leanne 143 Maxwell. Becky 162 Mayhugh. Krista 73. 162, 206. 207. 208 McAvoy. Shawn 128 McBride. David 143 McCarroll. Erik 23. 82. 128 McCaskiM. Jason 52. 82. 128 McClain. Mary 162 McClain. Michelle 162 McClanahan. Mark 162 McConnell. James 152 McConnell. Kevin 162 McCoy. Sean 38. 152 McCullough. Kimberly 162 McCullough. Tim 17. 23. 48. 94. 110. 128 McDaniel. Andy 143. 197.214 McDaniel. Brett 27. 152 McDaniel. Michelle 152 McDonald. Kimberly 162 McElyea. James 101. 128.214 McFarland. Mrs. 173 McGary. David 40. 58. 60. 96. 98. 107. 128 McGary. Deborah 110. 162 McGee. Blaine 143 McGee. Charles 162 McGhee. Cynthia 152 McGhee. Shane 162 McGovern. Jay 162 McGregor. Belinda 37. 162 McKee. Deena 152 McKee. Shannon 143. 182 McKell. Tim 82. 162 McKinley. Tammy 81. 162 McKinney. Adrian 162 McKinney. Ortize 162. 192 McLean. Jeff 162 McMahan. Keith 62. 64. 128 McManus. Christy 26.27. 46. 51. 54. 143. 181 McNary. Randy 38. 143 McVay. Patrick 51. 152 Meadors. Coach 156. 173, 185 Meadeans. Sharon 152. 207 Mellon. William 37. 162 Melton. April 152 Menees. Jamie 162 Meredith. Ronda 86. 152. 206.207, 209 Meredith. Susan 86. 152. 209 Merrell. Leslie 143.205 Michael. Chris 162. 192. 202. 203 Michie. Tamara 162 Middleton. Adrian 162. 192 Middleton. Darrell 153 Milam. Andy 38. 56. 86. 153.214 Milan. Eric 38. 56. 89. 129 Milam. Mrs. 169 Milam. Melissa 82. 129 Millen. Koria 197.211 Miller. Amy 17. 22. 46. 52. 54. 59. 91. 95. 108. 111. 129 Miller. Angela 143. 182 Miller. Candy 163 Miller. Charlie 153. 194 Miller. Cheryl 153. 198 Miller. Kona 153.210 Miller. Regina 50. 163 Miller. Tammy 37. 153 Miller. Tina 144.213 Miller. Tracy 73. 153 Millington. Angela 163 Mills. Eric 163 Mmter. Dma 153. 207 Mitchell. John 54. 153.214 Mooney. Billy 144 Moore. Doug 144. 184. 186. 188. 204. 205 Moore. Mrs 60. 140. 173.262 Moore. Pam 37. 144 Moore. Violet 163 Morgan. Devon 37. 153 Morgan. Janet 38. 153 Morris. Crystal 153 Morris. Jolana 38. 163 Morris. Tonya 37. 144. 213 Morrison. Anthony 153 Morrison. Cheryl 63. 129 Morrison. Kathy 30. 46. 70. 144 Morrison. Matt 108. 111. 129 Morton. Mr. 5. 51. 168 Mosley. Ronnie 40. 163 Mosley. Sharon 163 Moss. Aaron 163 Moss. Tony 38. 129 Moss. Tyrone 153 Moss. Wally 163 Moy. Dennis 144 Mullen. Bobby 89. 129. 186 Murphy. Scott 144.209 Murray. Andrea 129 Murray. James 67. 153. 214 Murray. Maurice 153 Murray. Rodger 144 N Naquin. Lee 163 Nathaniel. (Jhondra 163 Nearn. Danny 163 Nearn. Joseph 86. 153 Nehls. Teresa 34. 35. 37. 80. 107. 144 Nelson. Conene 34. 35. 37. 74. 105. Ill, 129 Nelson. Denise 163 Nelson. Jodie 37. 163 Nelson. Johnathon 153 Nesbit. Melvin 163 Neville. Allen 86. 153 Newman. Robert 163 Newton. Mary 153 Nichelson. Peter 163. 192 Nichols. Heather 163 Nichols. Mike 144. 184. 186. 188 Nielson. Mary 153 Nix. Sean 86. 163 Noe. Amy 163 Noe. Buddy 153 Nolan. Angela 163 Nolan. Christine 86. 153 Norman. Dennis 163 Norris. Jason 163. 192 Norwood. Ms 32.62. 148. 173 O Oakes, Kimberly 163 O'Connor. Mary 163 Odell. Jeremy 163 Oglesby. Marty 153. 214 Oglesby. Tina 153 Oldham. Leigh 86. 153 Oliver. Curt 23. 129 Oliver. Jason 163 Olivetti. Lisa 163. 183 O'Neal. Terri 144 O'Rourke. Shalee 38. 163 Ortega. Steve 144 Osteen. Mrs 5. 169. 175.262 Overstreet. Billy 89. 97. 107. 106. 130 Owen. Mr 91. 173 Owens. David 37. 153 Owens. Lorrie 163 Owens. Shelley 86. 153 P Pace. Michael 86. 144.210.211 Page. Belo 130 Palmer. Karen 153 Palmer. Terri 130 Pannell. Mike 130 Pannell. Randi Jo 163 Parham. Amy 23. 108, 130 Parham. Cari Ann 52. 153. 181 Parham. Tawanna 130 Parham. Timothy 23. 153 Panmore. Rhonda 163 Parks. Kenny 163 Parks. Michael 163. 192 Parrett. Scott 163 Pate. Mrs 69. 71. 148. 173 Patterson. Guy 153 Patton. Raymond 163 Paul Randy 130 Payne. Lisa 65. 106. 130.212.213 Payne. Tonya 144 Peacock. Don 153. 205 Pedan. Angela 163 Pederson. Jennifer 33. 38. 70. 163 Peete. Beverly 130 Peete. Bill 163 Peete. Sabrina 153 Pembcr. Lauren 86 Pember. Letti 144 Peoples. Chris 153. 194. 210.211 Perkins. David 163. 192 Perkins. Phillip 51 Perry. Dewayne 89. 107. 130 Perry. Gail 153 Perry. Mark 163 Peters. Patrick 75. 144 Phillips. Chandra 153 Phillips. Jeff 23.51.54. 59. 111. 131. 209 Phillips. LeAnn 163 Phillips, Shonna 153. 213 Phillips. Tara 33. 38. 56. 105. 131 Pierce. Demetrius 163 Pierce. Denise 163 Piger. Mary 163.208 Piner. Howard 131 Pittman. Lisa 144 Plunk. Tim 30. 163 Pohle. James 42 Ponder. Jacqueline 163 Ponder. Sharon 153 Pod. Debbie 153 Poortvliet. Karen 131 Potteiger. Gary 163. 192 Potts. Danny 82. 144 Poyner. Jeff 153 Prachmak. Stephanie 163. 208. 209 Prather. Melissa 38. 144 Preston. Samuel 153. 184. 186 Price. Mr. 140. 173 Price. Mrs 173.212 Price. Tom 144.205 Price. Wayne 37. 144 Priest. Ken 153 Pritchett. Scott 163 Pruitt. Mr. 140. 174 Pruitt. Lisa 131 Pruitt. Lori 50. 106. 163. 183 Pugh. Ernest 33. 38. 49. 73. 75. 131 Pugh. Gary 27. 108. 163 Purdy. Ms 81. 156. 174 Q Quick. Carrie 153 R Raburn. Channm 153 Rabuco. Omar 35. 37. 43. 54. 77. 153 Ramberg. Cheryle 53. 131 Ramsey. Brad 153 Ramsey. Brittany 144 Randall. Kristin 46. 61, 144 Rankin. Tracy 156. 163 Ransom. Franklin 27. 144. 184. 186 Ransom. Stephanie 54. 148. 153, 198, 200.206 Ransom. Sybil 26. 27. 30. 33. 46. 50. 54. 85. 107. 144 Rather. Liz 54. 59.60. 97. 108. 131 Raderson. B.Uy 54. 153 Ray. Lynn 163 Ray. Ronald 144. 184. 186.210.211 Ray. Trey 209. 214 Rayman. B 38. 202 Rayman. James 163 Rayman. Rebecca 131 Raymond. Philip 131 Rector. Frank 153 Reed. Angela 163 Reed. David 38. 153 Reed. Jennifer 164. 202 Reed. Linda 132 Reed. Melissa 132. 206 Reed. Tully 144 Reeder. Lisa 26. 27. 38. 132 Reeder. Tony 37 Rendall. Mrs 8. 174 Reyes. Ernie 164 Reynante. Anna 30. 33. 38. 54. 59. 78. 81.87.96. 105. 107. HI. 132 Reynante. Nacita 164. 206. 209 Reynolds. Cindy 144 Rhmehart. Walter 153. 204. 205 Riales. Cassandra 164 Rice. Rodney 164 Richard. Gerry 153 Richardson. Chad 164 Richardson. Dan 132. 184. 186. 188. 190 Richardson. Edward 153 Richardson. Rochelle 164. 208 Rickords. Angela 164 Riddle Dennis 144.216 Riddle. James 43 Riddle. Jennifer 153 Riddle. Mike 164 Ridley. Liz 54.60. 132 Riley. Charlene 153 Ripley. Tamela 164 Risby. Marva65. 108. 132 Ritter. Greg 154. 184. 186 Rivers. Harold 132 Roberson. Paul 154 Roberts. Angela 37. 56. 154 Roberts. Everett 154 Roberts. John 49. 51. 132 Roberts. Sheila 154 Roberts. Susan 34. 35. 37. 49. 59. 77. 107. 111. 132 Roberts. Tabatha 34. 35. 154 Robinson. Carlene 206 Robinson. David 58. 60. 133 258 index Roe. Donna 144 Roe, Paul 144 Roebuck. Teresa 71, 107. 144. 205 Roelke. Thomas 154. 184. 186. 188. 190 Rogers. Amy 108. 133 Rogers. Mary 164 Rogers. Tonya 38. 154 Roon. Keith 164 Ross. Annette 154 Ross. Eric 164 Ross. Karen 154 Roth. Robert 164 Roulette. Eric 164 Rowland. Anna 164 Rowland. Bobby 154 Rowland. Theresa 154 Royal. Kyle 164 Rommel. Shawn 164 Rutherford. Allen 164 Rutledge. Chris 164. 192. 202.203 Rutledge. Mike 164 S Sadler. Clarease 164 Sage. Angela 154 Sawyer. Mike 164. 192 Sanborn. Chris 154. 184. 186.205 Sanders. Crystal 164.213 Sanders. John 164 Sanders. Lisa 164 Sanders. Tony 86. 154 Sanford. Thomas 154 Santiago. Erik 164. 205 Santiago. Eva 164 Savage. Samantha 133 Sawyer. Johnny 89 Sawyer. Margaret 164. 208 Sawyer. Scott 154 Saylors. Sandy 69. 91. 133 Scanlon. Margie 34. 35. 58.60. 64. 133 Scarbrough. Michael 164 Schaub. Tammie 164 Schmidt. Stacie 154 Schoeke. Stephen 53. 154. 211 Scoggins. Jeff 133 Scott. Collette 164 Scott. Duan 27. 133 Scott. Steven 154 Scott, Vanessa 38. 164 Seals. Carla 164 Seals. Gregory 154. 197 Seals. Kimberly 164 Seefeldt. Todd 144 Selph. Shane 164 Selvy. Michelle 133 Setzer. Robert 37. 145 Sewell. Ann 52. 154. 198. 199. 215 Shannon. Mark 145 Sheffield. Joseph 145 Shepherd. Dennis 164 Sharkey. John 154 Sherrill. Michael 145 Shilling. Curtis 164. 192 Shipp. Tracey 145 Shockley. Tonya 134 Shull. Mrs 87. 148. 174 Shultz. Geraldine 154 Shultz. Joseline 164 Shumway. Amanda 164 Sides. Mura 38. 154 Siebert. Melanie 154 Sigler, Curtis 145 Sigler. Joseph 154 Sigler. Mrs. 71. 140. 174 Sims. Patrick 164 Sims. Richard 164 Sipe. Jennifer 154 Sipe. Shawn 49.61. 145 Skinner. Melissa 164 Skipper. Lara 154 Slate. Donnie 164 Slawinski. Dale 164 Sloan. Ronald 37. 145 Sluder. Coach 174. 192. 194. 197 Slyapich. Debbie 52. 58. 71. 133 Smalley. David 164 Smith. Andrea 164 Smith. Angela 38. 164 Smith, Brett 133 Smith. Carl 164. 197 Smith. Cathy 75. 164 Smith. Carisma 38. 164 Smith. Chris 154 Smith. Dayna 164 Smith. Elizabeth 154 Smith. Georgia 52.88. 154 Smith. Gregory 164 Smith. Jennifer 164. 202 Smith. Jenny 51. 164. 208 Smith. Michael 165. 192 Smith. Michelle 34. 35. 154 Smith. Mr. 177 Smith. Paul 165 Smith. Ronnie 165. 192 Smith. Shanel 154. 165 Smith. Stacy 38. 145 Smith. Steve 165 Smith. Steven 154 Smith. Steven 37 Smith. Tim 154. 184. 186. 188. 214 Smith. Tonya 134 Smith. Wendy 17. 45. 46. 58. 60. 99. 107. 108. III. 134 Sneed. Daryl 46. 145 Snell. Mrs 156. 174 Snell. VHma 165 Snodgrass. Staci 165 Snyder. Kelly 145 Solon. Michelle 145 Soriano. Constancia 165 Soriano. Renee 145 Sparks. La homer 154 Sparks. Nancy 34. 35. 77. 81. 145 Spears. Mickey 50.82. 89. 91.96. 107. 134 Speck. Tom 17. 45. 46. 52. 60. 108. 111. 134 Spencer. Dena 60.81. 106. III. 134 Spencer. Yvonne 38. 154 Stacy. Phillip 38 Stacy. Shannon 154 Stafford. Jed Standford. Tommy 86 Stank. Sandra 154. 182 Stech. William 165 Steele. Brian 165 Steele. Suzanne 165 Stephens. Brian 165 Stephens. Tiffany 165 Stephenson. Joseph 95. 134. 184. 186. 188. 191 Stevens. Tim 154 Stewart. Carol 145 Stewart. Denise 145 Stewart. Dwayne 165 Stewart. Laura 165 Stewart. Michelle 46. 54. 61. 145 Stewart. Tom 145 Stickley. Leigh 165 Stiles. Brian 145 Stinnett. Todd 165 Stollings. Deanna 165 Stollmeyer. Matt 134 Stone. Ann 165 Stone. David 86. 154 Stone. John 38. 165 Storey. Shawn 165 Strauss. William 86. 154. 184. 186 Street. Brian 86. 154.210 Street. Tim 23. 154 Stringfellow. Teresa 154 Stringfeltow. Todd 40. 134 Stroud. Belinda 165 Stroud. James 134 Stroud. Tammy 165 Stubblefield. Stacey 145 Stubblefield. Stephanie 165 Suggs. Linda 165 Sullivan. Sheila 154 Sullivan. Sylvia 38.60. 108. 134 Sumner. Tim 184. 185. 186. 188. 190 Sutor. Billy 154. 194. 197 Swartz.Lisa 145 Sweeney. Amy 54. 154 Swihart. Lisa 37.54. 154 T Tabor. Jeff 89. 145 Talada. Richie 38. 45. 46. 54. 56. 59.60. 87. 105. 107. 111. 113. 135.262 Talley. Melissa 154 Tankersley. Jeff 165. 192 Tanner. Mrs. 156. 174 Tant. Raymond 82. 154 Tate. Kimerie 155. 182 Tate. Latonya 38.63.68. 108. 135 Tatum. Christa 38. 165 Taylor. Christie 33. 97. 111. 135. 181 Taylor. James 155 Taylor. Lisa 135 Taylor. Ms 140. 174. 206. 207 Taylor. Teresa 155 Taylor. Vickie 52 Teal. Boe 165 Tennyson. Lisa 33. 38. 165. 213 Tenorio. K.m 62. 145. 165 Theobald. Tara 34. 35. 37. 145 Thomas. Felecia 135. 215 Thomas. Jackie 145 Thomas. Kelly 70. 145 Thomas. Shauna 135 Thomas. Shirley 155 Thomas. Stephen 165. 202 Thomas. Tern 165 Thompson. Melissa 38. 54. 70. 155 Thornburg. James 155 Thornburg. Susan 165 Thorne. Richard 43.63 Thornton. Von da 52. 72. 81. 155. 200. 215 Tickle. David 86 Tickle. John 155 Tietz. Mary 33. 56. 78. 145 Tietz. Mr 156. 174 Tillery. Carol 165 Tillman. Robin 165 Tilton, John 165 Timbs. Ms 177 Tincher. Donna 165. 212.213 Tinchcr, Jeremy 101. 135 Tiongeo. Antionette 165 Todd. Brandon 54. 86. 155. 214 Todd. Jeff 155 Tolbert. Mrs 175 Tonderold. Virginia 155 Tracey. David 155. 205 Tracey. Thomas 86. 101. 135.204.205 Travfs. Vickie 33. 52. 148. 155 Trujillo. Jennifer 52. 63. 97. 107. 135 Tucker. Rachel 23. 46. 50. 54. 88. 107. 140. 145 Tuggle. Christine 165 T ullis. Deanna 165 Tullos. Christopher 155 Turner. Coach 175. 184 Turner. Janet 135 Turner. Ronda 51.201. 206. 207. 208 Turner. Ronnie 165. 198 Turosky. Kathy 62. 145 Turosky. Victor 165. 192 Twigg. Matt 45. 46. 113. 136 Tyrrell. Richard 145 CJ Underhill. Eddy 165.205 Ur sen. John 165 Uselton. Nancy 165 V Vandergnft. Tonya 165 Van Hock. David 145 Vann. Cassandra 38.88. 136 Van Vickie. Darrell 165. 192 Vaughn. Andrea 166 Vaughn. Yolanda 166 Vega. Mary 155 Velez. Hector 46. 145. 205. 262 Velosguez. Melvin 85. 86 Velosquez. Michael 64. 136. 155.205 Velte. Mr 156. 175 Vilsech. Jack 166 Vinson, Chris 155 Vinson. Larry 52. 96. II. 136 Vinson. Tanza 26.27. 33. 37. 38. 46. 51. 52. 54. 56. 59. 60. 96. 103. 105. 107. 136. 179. 181 Vogt. Terry 155 W Wages. Jeff 166.214 Wagner. Brandon 166 Wagner. Tonja 136 Waits. Teresa 71.82. 155 Wakefield. Darris 145 Walden. Mike 82. 166 Waldon, Deborah 33. 155 Walker. Charlotte 34. 35. 38 Walker. Cheri 166 Walker. Rex 166 Wall. Laurie 155 Walls. Beth 145 Walls. Kimberly 145 Walsh. Eileen 155 Walters. Ramona 166 Ward. David 155.214 Ward. Jacob 30. 33. 145. 216 Ward. Jerrod 166 Ward. Russell 166 Ward. Vickie 52. 101. 108. 111. 136.206 Warner. Carm 166 Warner. Derrick 155 Warner. Doug 155 Warner. Lisa 166 Watson. Bobby 166. 192 Watson. Chandra 136 Watson. Heidi 166 Watson. Kim 155 Watson. Leroy 149. 51. 71. 46 Watson. Marty 155 Watt. Christine 74. 136 Watts. Chris 166 Weatherly. Mark 166 Weatherly. Mrs. 148. 175 Webb. Bradley 155. 194. 197.211 Webb. Jeff 155 Webb. Miss 175 WeHs. Jessica 166 Wells. Jim 166 Wells. John 166 Wells. Kim 146 Wells. Michele 155 Werner. Mrs. 91. 175 West. Jennifer 37. 52. 155 Westmoreland. Amy 166. 202 Westmoreland. Mr 148. 175 Wheeler. Marianne 73. 166. 213 White. Angela 166 White. Coach 156. 175 White. Richelle 33. 56. 166 White. Ruby 38. 166 White. Shannon 146. 198. 199 White. William 155 Whitehead. Mrs 148. 175 Whitlock. Stephen 146. 14 Whitney. Tracy 146 Whittington. Dale 155 Wilbourn. Dean 166 Wilde. Lara 40. 136 Wilde. Larry 155 Wildman, Tina 166 Wilkins, Linda 166 Wilkins. Sheila 155. 198 Wilkins. Timothy 137 Wilks. Katherine 52. 53. 101. 108. III. 156. 157.206.207 Williams. Barry 94. 101. 103. 137. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190.204.205 Williams. Beckv 137 Williams. Debra 34. 35. 59. 97. 105. 137 Williams. Jeff 166 Williams. Kelly 166 Williams. Mike 23. 146. 204. 205 Williams. Coach J. 176. 185 Williams. Mr O. 156. 176 Williams. Mrs B 91. 175 Williams. Mrs M. 156. 176. 182 Williams. Quincy 37. 155 Williams, Reginald 37. 155 Williams. Sherry 155 Williams. Sylvette 166 Williams. Tnsa 166 Williamson. Gerald 38. 155 Williamson. Mischelia 38. 166 Williamson. Rhonda 166 Willis. David 166 Willis. Mrs 83. 177 Wilson. Charles 166 Wilson. John 110. 137. 184. 186. 188. 190 Wilson. Ms 148. 176 Wilson. Rebecca 146 Wilson. Regiald 101. 137. 194. 196.210. 211 Wilson. Renetta 137 Wimberly. Charles 192 Wmzenreid. Cherie 37. 155 Wiseman. Gary 89. 166 Witham. Millie 155 Wolfe. Lisa 155 Wonish. Deanna 166 Wonish. Theresa 166 Wood. Ona 166 Woodward. Lisa 108. 137 Woodward. Tammy 69. 108. 137 Woodworth. Liza 69. 138 Wray. Sean 166 Wright. Julie 53. 108. 138 Wright. Robby 184. 186 Wright. Sabrina 146 Wurtz. Susan 146 Wurtz. Tnna 155. 213 Wyatt. JoLaine 71. 146. 198 Y Yancey. Billy 146 Yates. John 166 Yates. William 166 Young. Kimberly 155 Yount. Dennis 30. 33. 46. 54.63. 87. 146 Z Zandess. Tyra5l. 166. 183 Zanetti. David 146 Zvolanek. Jerry 138. 139 index 259As we wait anxiously for the close of the school year, all of us have our own hopes, dreams, and aspirations of what our lives will be like away from MCHS. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors concentrate on what they will do differently at MCHS next year, while the seniors make plans to use what they have received from Millington to achieve their lifetime goals. The faculty and administrators plan improvements for the total school system. The ties of participation, friendship, sportsmanship, and community build and shape MCHS into a fine learning institution. For example MCHS students participate in general school activities, clubs, and senior activities. The ties of friendship are not excluded to relationships between students, but are also extended to teachers, administrators, and parents. Sportsmanship is achieved through a wide variety of athletic opportunities for boys, girls, and underclassmen. Also through sponsor and ad programs the business community strengthens its ties with MCHS. The 1986 edition of the Trojan yearbook hopes to have captured some of the special moments in each life. Its purpose is to bring the past and the future together and make them a part of the present. The ties that bind each of us to MCHS will always exist, regardless of how anxiously we may be waiting to graduate. Be proud to have been a part of this fine tradition of excellence, MCHS! 260 Dedication Ties Os Together Dear MCHS. A I look back over the year I remember the good times and the bad. I hope that this book has captured all the good memories you have of MCHS MANY, many hard hours and lots of DEDICATION were put into this book. No one can actually know how much work it takes to publish a yearbook unless you're on the editorial staff. Special thanks to Patty for doing all the "EXTRA ' work everyday after school and for always being there and listening to me Thanks Brenda for all your hard work and always making me smile and making me hang-in there Thanks Rhonda for always "keeping your cool" and doing such a great job. The yearbook wouldn't have made it without all of ya ll You all are very special to me Thank you Mrs Burk for giving me the chance to be editor, for always having a positive outlook, and for being patient with me and the staff. Carla Crawford Editor Dear MCHS. I hope that in retrospect, this year has been special for each of you. I thank the faculty members that are more to me than teachers and the students that are more to me than friends Carla, we did it!! After all the hours in fifth period and after school since October — the last page is finally done' I would like to thank the entire staff for putting up with the nagging that is always a part of being an editor. I wish patience, luck, and a lot of DEDICATION to next year's staff I hope you guys make all the deadlines! Patty Chambers Copy Layout Editor Dear MCHS. I sincerely hope this book holds all of your favorite memories of Millington Central High School The Yearbook Staff has been dedicated to capturing the year 1985 86 between two covers. Carla, as editor, you have been "superior " in your dedication and skill Patty, this book says more about MCHS than anyone else could say Rhonda, how you managed to smile with picture schedules and photographers. I will never know Thank you aH for the encouragement, hard work, and headaches that went into making the book Mrs. Burk. I appreciate this opportunity you have given me. It has helped me more than you can know Seniors, cherish these pages, they are perhaps your final tie to MCHS Brenda Chunn Business Editor Dear MCHS. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the entire staff for their patience while waiting frantically for pictures A special thanks to Richie and Sean for working with me. although times were difficult Thank you Mrs. Burk for your faith and confidence in me each day. Carla. Patty, and Brenda you have made all the work worthwhile. All of the hard work and long hours have finally paid off. Being on the Yearbook staff is an experience I wish I could share with everyone. Rhonda Jordan Editor of Photography Dear MCHS. Thank you for all the memories of 1986 Staff, thanks for all of the time, effort, talent, creativity, and work you put into the production of the 1986 yearbook. I hope you are rewarded for the great dedication you have shown to the students, faculty, and administration of MCHS. Thank you. Carta, for your great leadership as editor. Brenda, for the business leadership demonstrated. Rhonda, for the calm approach as photography editor; and Patty, for the creativity demonstrated as layout and copy editor. Thanks to all four editors for the many hours of hard work on the 1986 yearbook You were a superior editorial staff — I always knew I could depend upon your judgment. You were one of the most dedicated and conscientious editorial staffs the Trojan yearbook has had Mrs. Burk Sponsor 261Specifications The 1986 Trojan was printed and bound by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas. There are 264 pages and 800 books printed. The book sold for $26.94 or $28.02 with the name printed in gold on the cover. COVER ! The black cover, designed by the Trojan staff, has a mission grain with the school seal embossed in gold. COPY I All copy is in Korinna type with the exception of the division page which uses Coronet type. Body copy appears in 10 pt. and identification in 8 pt. Headlines are 24 pt. with subtitles 18 pt. PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography was supplied by yearbook photographers, Richie Talada, Sean Lester, and Hector Velez. Jimmy Alford Studio was the official school photographer. Many pictures were also supplied by the Millington Star, the Bluejacket, and Photography Plus. SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks goes to Mrs. Osteen for graciously lending pictures on pages 4 and 5 and for her help in the copy and identification on the pages in the first signature and to Mrs. Moore for graciously allowing pictures to be made in her home. 262 specificationsfEditor: Carla Crawford Assistant Editor: Brenda Chunn Assistant Editor: Rhonda Jordan Copy Layout Editor: Patty Chambers Senior Editors: Erika Amaba Gina Ballard Chrissy Brandis Kathy Ellerbrook Leslie Lacomb Sean Lester Tim McCullough Amy Miller Wendy Smith Toni Speck Richie Talada Matt Twigg Tanza Vinson Photographers: Sean Lester Richie Talada Hector Velez Other Staff Members: Todd Gertschen Andrea Holley Laura Johnson Christy McManus Kathy Morrison Kristin Randall Sybil Ransom Daryl Sneed Michelle Stewart Rachel Tucker Dennis Yount Advisor: Mrs. Burk

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