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We’ve got the Touch.Editor: Jennifer Finder Assistant Editor: Suellen Gayden Assistant Editor: Lisa Kesler Copy Layout Editor: Julie BunnellWe’ve got the Touch . . . Even though Millington is not a large city, the students at MCHS make the most of it. What we do and how we do it is a reflection of Millington and the people who live here. Each year becomes a year in which we dedicate to our memory the traditions and new experiences we will live — opening assembly, first home football game, Community Day, registration, and school life. Everything we do is important to us and we strive to make each moment, one which will out-shine the previous moment. To succeed in doing everything we can and in attending everything possible is everyone’s initial goal. Our teachers and our peers hold precious spots in each of our hearts, and high school becomes something which will always be special to each of us. Although there are better days ahead, high school is the best years of our lives SO FAR! When we depart from MCHS and go our own way to fulfill life’s expectations, we will remember to keep the memories alive in our heart so everyone will know that We’ve Got the Touch'»We’ve got the touch ... . .. architecture We all see Millington Central High School as a spacious, three-story main building, six separate buildings, and a football stadium. But has it always been this way? MCHS started out as just a simple, rectangular, three-story building. The north and south ends were added later. It must have been very difficult for the Seniors to mislead the freshmen with such a simple floorplan. The gymnasium, which is now the theater, was the first brick gym in Shelby County when it was built in 1932. Later, another gymnasium was built across the street. The Millington Memorial Stadium, completed in 1951, was dedicated as a memorial to the veterans of World War I and World War II. In 1952, the R.O.T.C. building was constructed. With this building, it is impossible to walk straight from the gym to the main building. One must take the scenic route around it, thus tacking another two or three minutes on to time needed to go from gym to main building. The cafeteria, built in 1956, will always hold memories of flying food, cutting in line, and talking to friends. Two great improvements were made in the 1960s. First, the band room was mercifully built out of hearing range of the rest of the student body. The second was the science wing with its biology and chemistry labs constructed in such a way that it is separate from the main building. In this way, innocent noses and ears are protected. Then, in 1977, came the greatest addition of all — the vocational building. Its blessings are twofold. It first provides a means of getting the freshmen thoroughly confused. At first, they do not realize that they can stay in the same hall and walk completely around the whole building. Second, it offers so many more classes in its classrooms that it succeeds in getting the members of all classes so frustrated with indecision that they start pulling out their hair. Our school buildings have changed greatly in the past 67 years. opening 5 We’ve got the touch ... ... student life As students of MCHS, we are expected to do many things. Receiving an education is the most important objective for students at MCHS. We do our homework, as well as schoolwork. The education many students receive outside of the classroom consists of participating in extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports. Much of a student’s time is devoted to the activities that a club sponsors or to the practice and game time of a sport. Even though many students do not directly participate in the various functions, the students support the activities by attending sports events and contributing to money raising projects of the clubs. For example, FHA raises money for the hemophilia drive; and the Pep Club raises money to support all sports events such as Homecoming and Winter Festival. The Artists-in-Action Club sells class T-shirts and the band sells oranges to make money for camp. We also have interests and hobbies and are active in community and home activities. One such example is Community Day. Our different personalities enable MCHS to make Millington a town where we can grow and continue to learn. 8 openingopening 9P’ve Got Touch... Goofing Off Trojan Spirit drives M CHS students crazy. As a result, crazy behavior develops in every student no matter how serious he may be. Our Trojan pride shows through even when we are just “goofin’ off.” We always manage to have fun in between classes. This provides the stamina it takes to make it through each year and is portrayed by the on and off campus pastimes. Extracurricular activities vary from toga dances and football games to bonfires and spirit parades. When these activities come to a close, the Trojan gang can usually be found at McDonald’s eating Big Macs, sipping shakes, or just hanging out. Some students choose to have part-time jobs to earn money for college, pay for a car, or for extra spending money on the weekends. Others, however, choose to spend their spare time participating in the Trojan athletic program. Both of these pastimes, in a way, are preparing them for the future by teaching them how to work with others and how to be more responsible. These pastimes reflect our generation. In ten years, we will look back at this and wonder where the time has gone and be surprised at how much or how little things have changed. So we live life while we can and make it the best! opening 1112 openingWe’ve got the touch . .. ... faculty The faculty of MCHS is guided by four administrators: Dr. Morton, Mrs. Osteen, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Leaks. Representing nine departments, and other school areas, the seventy-four faculty members, along with many non-certificated personnel, are quite active at MCHS. They teach classes in these departments: ' English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health-Physical Education, Business, Vocational, and ROTC. There are also librarians and guidance counselors. Other personnel available are a nurse, a job for high school graduates director, and a deputy assigned by the Shelby County Sheriff Department. The faculty also helps with the bookstore, studyhall, and cafeteria and campus duty. The faculty is also quite active in sponsoring extracurricular activities; some of these are both boys’ and girls’ sports programs, clubs, three publications, four cheerleading squads, student council, principal’s advisory council, honorary organizations, band and choir groups, and theater groups and productions. The faculty members are also class sponsors assisting with the many class activities such as dances, fundraising, and class meetings. These same MCHS faculty and other personnel are also quite active in community activities such as church, Rotary Club, Optimist Club, Millington United Fund, Chamber of Commerce, and several philanthropic organizations. However, the teachers here at MCHS are not the types that sit in their desks all day thinking of work for students to do or having a wonderful time grading the big test we just took. They go out of their way to try to make school as interesting as possible. Some teachers have to tell at least one joke or pet story to help themselves as well as their students get through the day. Faculty members do their best to make school enjoyable as well as educational. This year MCHS introduced six new teachers to the students. Mrs. Burdette, Coach Campbell, Coach Meadors, Miss Moffatt, Mrs. Pate, and Coach Turner are now contributing to the education of the students at MCHS. Also, at the end of this school year, MCHS will be losing two fine teachers when Mrs. Bowers and Mr. Nash retire. The faculty at MCHS works hard to provide the students with the education needed for their future. opening 13We've got the touch... ... traditions Each year we uphold traditions. These traditions have been passed down for many years. Our first assembly, Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Senior Prom, Community Day, and Graduation are among our traditions. Each of these creates an excitement in each of us, that grows until it’s fulfilled. They are. the center of our high school years and, also, the end. Furthermore, we learn from these experiences — respect, happiness, excitement, and sadness. From the first assembly until Graduation, we learn more about ourselves, friends, and peers than we may ever learn again. Graduation has become a national event all over the country, as the misty eyed Seniors prepare themselves for “life.” Freshmen are just entering the “new” world of happiness and the Seniors leave it for others to follow in their footsteps. Traditions are a part of our heritage and a part of our future. They will be here long after we’re gone to plant seeds of happiness into the hearts of those who follow. 14 openingEach school year is different and unique. We students meet new friends and become reacquainted with our old friends. We learn more about ourselves and our school. To most of us, MCHS is THE high school to attend. As we pass through each year, our spirit increases and we support our school more and more. We find what we enjoy doing and do it! We become involved in the band, the choir, the theatre, sport teams, publications, ROTC, honorary organizations, or clubs which reflect our interests. MCHS has a large variety of clubs for each individual, and each student is encouraged to take action and join the clubs of his choice. Most of us want to make our four years in high school, four of the best years in our entire life. STUDENT INVOLVEMENT is a large part of making these years the best. 16. . .activities Seniors Cindy Gertschen Becky Greer Activities Paula Crowder Chris ManleyDaniel Schultz Eric Cook David Harvey John Hemingway Kathryn Broyles AIASA Band Beta Club Chess Club Close-Up Beth Hale Hank Hawkins Robin Lamont Debbie Hultz Sharon Royal DECA FCA FHA French Club Hero II Teresa Ward Bobby Hagan Becky Greer Sharon Leech Mickey Spears Newspaper Nat'l Honor Soc. Octagon Club Pep Club Rodeo Rachel Tucker Shawn Gingrich Paula Crowder Julie Bunnell Eileen Martin Spanish Club Student Council T.A.P.S. Thespian Club SOE 18 leaders of MCHSA Foci of Leadership It does not matter ivho "rules," It does not truly matter who is "in charge." The individual person is as important as the person is important to the entire group. The person who leads should never simply command, for the members of the group look to a leader for guidance, support, friendship, sometimes love, and then authority. Of all the members of the group the leader should make the best effort, and the greatest sacrifice; for the sake of the group and the people within. Cindy Brown Cosmetology Sundv Warner COK Tim Morrison Computer Club And even though times may become rough. A leader must become the strength. and the bond within a group. Drying tears, mending "wounds." talking, understanding. and just being human is an example that must be set, For this is a great fact of leadership that a chosen leader must consider. Steve Taylor Elaine Culver Newspaper Margie Scanlon Math Club Carolyn Nelson HSC Leaders of MCHS Terry Carter Science Club Debbie Hissong SADD Tammy Stephenson HERO Jennifer Finder Yearbook Ross Beckham VAM Timmy Tubbs VAB leaders of MCHS 19Seniors Elect Who’s Who Most Talkative Lisa Kesler Jimmy Largue Most Flirtatious Blake Brown Phil Beasley Wittiest Karen Moore Curtis WiJiiams Most Vivacious Tina Montgomery Nathan Ward Most Athletic Shanon Purtle Jimmy Pike Most Versatile Lisa Cooper David Harvey 20 who's whoQuietest Daphne Tuttle Harold Baker Most Likely to Succeed Shawn Gingrich Suzanne Hansgen Most Studious Kathy Guetterman Brian Moore Most Talented Terry Carter Lisa Perry Most School Spirit Eric Cook Sharon Leech who's who 21Brian Moore Lisa Perry Jimmy Pike 22 hall of fameLisa Kesler Frank Lee Michelle Vinson Teresa Ward Cindy Gertschen Sharon Leech Hall of Fame The students selected for this year’s Hall of Fame have all excelled in the areas of academics, athletics, club participation and other extracurricular activities. The faculty selected these individuals on the basis of their achievements in these areas. Selection to the Hall of Fame is an honor not only to these students, but to the school for providing them the opportunity to display their unique talents. hall of fame 23Most Dependable Debbie Hissong Frank Lee Most Thoughtful Julie Bunnell Greg Ballard Friendliest Eleanor Acosta Jay Wilson Cutest Jane Barnes Richard Ray Most Attractive Sandra Warner Ken Campbell Best Dressed Paula Crowder , Byron Preston 's whoFavorites and Officers Senior Class Favorites Cindy Gertschen Troy Thompson Senior Class Officers Blake Brown, Treasurer Sharon Leech, Secretary Sandy Warner, Vice-President Lisa Perry, PresidentTHE SENIORCLASS OF ’85Valedictorian and Salutatorian The title of Valedictorian was granted to Kathy Guetterman this year. During her career at MCHS, she has maintained an average of 98.06. Along with keeping a high academic average, she has been very involved in the extra-curricular activities Millington has to offer. She has been a member of the volleyball, basketball, and track teams during her four years at MCHS. Kathy has held the office of Vice-President of the National Honor Society and has been an active member of the Beta Club, Math Club, Spanish Club, and yearbook staff. She was a delegate to Girls’ State. Upon graduation, Kathy plans to attend Liberty Baptist College and major in mathematics. Kathryn Broyles, this year’s Salutatorian, deserves the honor with an average of 97.33. She has been a member of the National Honor Society, the Beta Club, French Club, Octagon Club, Science Club, Computer Club, and was President of Close-Up this year. Kathryn has been a real asset to the MCHS Fine Arts Department. She’s been a member of the marching concert band for three years and was Flute Section leader her Senior year. Her Junior year, she was a member of the MCHS jazz band and played in the “Li’l Abner” orchestra her Senior year. She attended Girls’ State. Kathryn has applied to seven colleges and has been accepted to four. Among these is Vanderbilt, which she hopes to attend. She plans to major in either engineering, education, or international studies. 28 valedictorian and salutatorianSuzanne Hansgen 97.09 Michelle Jager 96.00 Seniors Rise to the Top fane Barnes 95.86 Lisa Perry 95.12 Brian Moore 94.97 Frank Lee 94.40 Renee Haile 94.17 Terry Carter 94.83 seniors with as 29Faces MCHS The students in the Faces of MCHS are selected by the faculty to reward them for their outstanding achievements behind the scenes. fir presence is always felt yet rarely acknowledged. Only our appreciation can equal the amount of help they have given MCHS. Every one of these students should be commended for his contributions toward helping the school and its extracurricular activities. Sandy Warr Rusty Wilkins32 mr. and miss MCHSMr. Miss MCHS This year’s Miss MCHS is Michelle Vinson. During her four years al MCHS, she has been very busy. She has belonged to the French Club, the Octagon CJub. the Pep Club, the M Club and the Science Club. In addition to being an active member in these ciubs, she also has held many other important positions. These include Close-Up Treasurer, Girls' State Delegate, Girls' State Junior Counselor Nominee, Freshman Class President, and Student Council Treasurer during her senior year. For the past two years, Michelle has been on the Winter Festival Court at MCHS. She has been a wrestling cheerleader, a flag girl, a varsity cheerleader; she was elected captain of the squad her senior year. She was also a nominee for All-American Cheerleader of the National Cheerleading Association at Summer Camp. After graduation Michelle hopes to attend the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. This year’s Mr. MCHS is Rusty Wilkins. He has been involved in the Computer Club, Spanish Club, The M Club, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes during his high school years. As a freshman, he participated in track, was a wrestler, and played football. Rusty has pitched for the baseball team his sophomore, junior and senior years. He has been a Student Council Representative for four years. During his freshman year, Rusty was a member of the Principal's Advisory Council Committee. He has been selected as class favorite by his classmates during his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Rusty was chosen to be a member of Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Upon graduation Rusty plans to attend a small college and major in either business or psychology. mr. fr miss MCI IS 33Trojans Show Their Talent The Talent Show, a big annual event for our school, gives the student body a chance to show the talent they have. The Talent Show is sponsored by the yearbook staff to help raise money for publication of the yearbook. It was an exciting evening emceed by Mr. McVay and judged by Mr. Danny Fritzgerald, Mrs. Deborah Forster, Mr. Cleadus ones, Mr. Alvin Maples, and Miss Cindy Wyatt. While the judges made their difficult decisions, Shallon Mann and Willis Bridgeworth (Talent show winners for E. E. feler School} and Ernest Pugh and foetta Halliburton (singing "Perfect Combination”) performed. Finally the winners were announced. Kris Beasley won the solo award singing "Break It To Me Gently;" the Groovy Goolies, Michelle Vinson. Tanza Vinson, Traci Davis, foetta Halliburton, and Ken Cody, were chosen as the overall group winners for their dance routine to "THRILLER;" the Unculture Club. David Harvey, Terry Carter. Chuck Page, and Frank Sampietro, won the most audience appeal award; Desta Church was honored with most artistic for her piano solo, "Fantasia;" Cynthia McBroom received the most unique award for her folk ballad, "fust Another lonely Night," which she composed herself; and the llarmonizers singing "Lord, Lift Us Up" won the group award. Kris Beasley, the llarmonizers, Terry Watson, The Groovey Goolies. and the Unculture Club were given invitations to perform at the Mid-South Fair Talent Contest. The Stage Managers were Carol Malayan and fay Wilson. Ray Chester was the lighting technician and the sound technician was Chris Sumsky. Top left: The Unculture Club. Top right: The Goovy Goolies. Middle left: Desta Church. Middle right: The llarmonizers. Bottom left: Kris Beasley. Bottom right: Cynthia McBroom. 34 talent showMiss Millington The Annual Miss Millington Pageant is sponsored by the Band Boosters Club of Millington Central High to help with the Band’s expenses. To qualify, a candidate must be between the ages of 15-21 and live in Millington or attend Millington Central High School. The candidates compete in the following categories: casual attire, formal attire, and personal interview. While the judges. Lisa Ballard. Robert Drewery. Bruce Smith. Maurice Warner, and Nancy Wooley. made their difficult decisions the “Elizabeth Garner Dancers." MCHS jazz Band. Kris Beasley. Sue Lyn Perry, and Eileen Amalxi entertained the audience. Finally the judges reached their decision and Jack Brown. Master of Ceremonies, announced the winners as follows ... 4th runner-up Debbie Hissong ... 3rd runner-up Amanda Van-tassel ... 2nd runner-up Teresa Cooper .. 1st runner-up Missy Turrell. and the 1984 Miss Millington Sandra Warner. As serving for Miss Milling ton for 1984. Sandra will be busy in various community events, such as the Community Day Parade held September 15. 1984. and the Christmas Parade. Sandra raised money this summer for Muscular Dystrophy at the McDonalds Carnival held at McDonalds on Navy Road. She also was invited to cut the ribbon for Wai-Marts' 10th year Anniversary. Top left: The Court. Top right: Miss Millington and 1st Runner-Up. Bottom left: Miss Millington — Sandy Warner. Bottom right: Sandy Warner. miss millington 35Seniors Plan Prom The Senior Committees meet and plan all the arrangements for a successful Prom and Senior Luncheon. This years committees are Band DJ, Decoration, Picture Backdrop, and Senior Luncheon. Band DJ Committee Eleanor Acosta Steve Brown Kathry n Broyles Iulie Bunnell Chris Burress Ronald Brooks Terry Carter Darren Calhoun Venessa Christopher Eric Cook Paula Crowder Aloe Eckel Rhonda Frazier Cindy Cerise hen Shawn Gingrich Becky Greer Decoration Committee Eleanor Acosta Julie Baker lulie Bunnell Venessa Christopher Eric Cook Paula Crowder Moe Eckel Patience Eckhart Lisa Ervin luiura Dieckhaus lennifer Finder Cindy Gertschen Shawn Gingrich Kathy Guetterman Gary■ Huyslip Melinda Darkness Debbie Hissong Steve I logon Lisa Kesler I anna Iximmey Lee Lynch Cindy MocBroom Andy Oglesby Dean Oglesby Lisa Perry Brian Pinlac Cliff Shillings Mike Shoe make Hazel Smith famye Smith Tern Townsend Donald Ward Sharon Leech Jacqueline Hud man Michele lager Donna lohnson Lisa Kesler Teresa Kueider Eileen Martin Ann Melton Sharon Leech Loree Olson Andy Oglesby Dean Oglesby Lisa Perry Dena Pine Brian Pinlac Reshzon Walker Kim Warf Terri Wells Pam Wray Picture Backdrop Committee Kathryn Broyles Dean Oglesby lennifer Finder Lori Parham Cindy Gertschen Lisa Perry Shawn Gingrich Kelly Pierce lacquelinelludmon Dena Pine Billie Jo Hummel Brian Pinlac Michele lager Mia Velasquez Donna lohnson Alvania We id tz Lisa Kesler Michelle Weidtz Karen Moore Dana Williams Andy Oglesby Sharon Leech Senior Luncheon Committee lulie Baker Cindy Gertschen Shawn Gingrich Becky Greer Suellen Gayden Beth Hale Melinda Darkness Debbie Hissong Barbara Harless Lisa Kesler Eileen Martin Laura Muyhugh Ann Melton Chris Manley Dean Oglesby Lisa Perry Kelly Pierce Sharon Leech Eric Redick Teresa Ward 36 seniort NFL Debate Teams A Winning Combination Last school year, a very select group of students worked diligently to establish an affiliate National Forensic league chapter at MCHS. These students were the roots for the now expanding charter membership. Many students are now attending tournaments to achieve twenty-five points to qualify them for membership. Events such as debate, oratory, prose, poetry, dramatic and humorous interpretation. L-D debate, radio and television broadcasting, and extemporaneous speaking are competed in to gain these points. This year we have the first NFL affiliated debate team at MCHS. The students of this team attended workshops and debate camps to prepare them for the 1984-85 debate year. The national topic for this year is "Resolved: that the Federal Government should provide employment for all employable U.S. citizens living in poverty.” With five debate teams. MCHS has established a positive reputation throughout the Mid-South for being "tough competition" in the debate area of forensics. Top left: NFL — Front Row: Mrs. Shull, sponsor: Hazel Smith. Lisa Roberts. Martha Driggers. Melissa Turrell. Paula Crowder. Patty Chambers. Amy Linkous. Jane Barnes. Billie Jo Hummel. Back Row: John Hemingway. Brian Casson. Curt Oliver. Drew Mag ruder. Top right: Patty effectively cross-examines Brian. Middle left: DEBATE — Sitting: Lisa Roberts. Drew Magruder. Amy Linkous. Curt Oliver. Brian Casson. Hazel Smith. Back Row: Stacy Gibbons. Darren Doyan. Billie Jo Hummel. Melissa Turrell. Patty Chambers. Martha Driggers. Lower: Amy Linkous and Drew Magruder scan debate material. nfl and debate 37MCHS Choir Lifts Their Voices MCHS has several choir groups. First, Beginning Choir consists of students who have a minimum amount of singing background, but want to learn more. The Concert Choir participates in many contests and an American Music Festival at the end of the year. Girls' Chorus is a class that is composed of girls that perform in different concerts during the year. Gospel Choir is a unique choir which performs at various contests throughout the year. Swing Choir is a newly formed group of 12 concert choir students who perform at special activities and also participate in various contests. 38 choirBEGINNING CHOIR: Far left: S. Branch, C. Burnett, B. Cook. T. Cross, R. Curry, B. Exum, T. Hardaway, D. Harrison, A. Howard, A. Jones, B. Jones, V. Jones, K. Kimbel, T. Mason, S. Matthews. R. McNary, J. Morgan. I). Moss, A. Pierre, K. Rayner, T. Roberts, S. Smith. D. Stewart, R. Wilson, T. Young. GOSPEL CHOIR: Bottom left: S. Anderson. C. Rowers, B. Brooks. J. Burnett. M. Claiborne, M. Coleman. A. Copeland, D. Curry, R. Curry, M. Gaut, A. Harris, T. Ingram, A. Jones. S. Jones, C. McBroom, C. Morris, D. Moss, C. Nelson, S. Sullivan, N. Vice. CONCERT CHOIR: Top: K. Black, L. Bowman, G. Childress. V. Christopher, D. Church, A. Copeland. A. Crist, D. Curry, K. Friend, P. Hivner, R. Hooker, A. Martin. A. Milan. E. Milam. C. McBroom, R. O’Rourke, T. Phillips. E. Pugh, L. Reeder, A. Reynante, S. Stubblefield. R. Talada, L. Tate, S. Taylor. M. Tietz, T. Vinson. SWING CHOIR: Middle: L Bowman, G. Childress. D. Church. A. Milan, R. O'Rourke, T. Phillips. E. Pugh. R. Talada. S. Taylor. M. Tietz, T. Vinson. GIRLS’ CHOIR: Bottom: L. Bland, J. Campbell, K. Capuson, R. Frazier, S. Frazier, L. Henderson, C. Jordon, C. McBroom, C. Morris. J. Moss. L. Mullen, M. Prather, B. Ray man, S. Roberts. C. Stewart. M. Stewart, . Thomas. C. Walker. choir 39MCHS Marching on to Victory After winning first place in the Memphis State Band Day, the MCHS Marching Band improved to unparalleled perfection. The Band consists of completely dedicated members that strive to go beyond the rank of perfection. Mr. McVay, the band director, feels that the band, with this attitude, can exceed excellency. Top left: Band Director: Eric Trent McVay. Top right: Alesha Cooper, Freshman class rep.; Denise Logan, Soph, class rep.; Venessa Chistopher, Secretary; Kathryn Broyles, Librarian; Becky Greer, Uniform manager; Suellen Gayden, Librarian; David Harvey, Vice-President; Beth Hale, Uniform manager. Second Row: Eric Cook, President; Terry Carter. Senior class rep.; Jeff Scoggins, Custodian; Steve Brown, Assistant uniform manager; Sean Lester. Assistant custodian; Lisa Perry. Librarian. Not Pictured: Susan Roberts. |unior class rep. Right: MCHS Marching Band. 40 mchs marching band1. FLUTES — Back Row: Sandra Donan, Susan Roberts, Teresa Nehls, Becky Greer, Venessa Christopher, Diane Marshall, Mary Ann Caldwell. Cheryl Grannis. Front Row: Tara Theobald, Tracey Perry, Kathryn Broyles. 2. TRUMPETS — Back Row: Ronald Sloan. Jeff Ingram, Steve Brown, Scot Bearup, Robert Massey. Todd Blankebeckler, Wayne Price. Front Row: Deanna Logan. David Harvey. Melinda Kline. 3. LOW BRASS — Suellen Gayden, Terry Carter, Troy Munn. 4. Which way do we go now? 5. SAXOPHONES — Standing: Tim Street, Tommy Bolgeo, Jeff Scoggins. Kneeling: Sean Lester. 6. CLARINETS — Back Row: Connie Nelson, Mance Bowden, Carey Hunt, Rhonda Jordan, Angie Brooks. Danielle Davis, Joleen Campbell. Front Row: Eric Cook, Denise Fuselier, Beth Hale, Robert Grannis. indicates section leader. me hs band 41Top: FLAG GIRLS — Standing: Brenda Chunn, Debra Williams. Mindy Bondzio. Nancy Sparks. Dee Dee Riepma. Melissa Cochran. Alisha Cooper. Ann Marie Leese. Kneeling: Diane Clifton. Tammy Gibbs, Danette Barlar. Virginia Taylor. Margie Scanlon. Alisha Maclin. Hazel Smith. Middle left: “Scot, your face is turning red." Middle right: PERCUSSION — Standing: Vincent Bounds. Lawrence Cox. Brian Pinlac. John Holderman. Robert Freeman. Carlton Howard. Kneeling: Jerry Couliette. Denise Logan. Bottom left: "Don't drop it. Wendi." Bottom right: Majorette — Wendi Bearup: Field Commander — Lisa Perry. 42 bandINTERMEDIATE PERCUSSION William Martin. Sean Lester. Michael Taylor. |ody Nelson. Belo Page. Brian Pin lac. INTERMEDIATE BRASS Lafayette Jackson. Paul Smith. Todd Blankenbeckler. Reginal Williams. INTERMEDIATE WOODWINDS First Row: Dennis Riddle. Carol Hazlett, Angela Roberts. Deborah Warner, Cheri Winzenried. Michelle Elliot. Second Row: Belinda McGregor. Carrie Ashley. Tammy Miller. John Finney. Jennifer West. Tonya Morris, Levita Hampton, Nicole Evans, LaShawn Jones. Quincy Williams. Donna Gatlin. Third Row: Frank Ranson, Scott Hadley. Tony Reeder. Robert Hemmings. Omar Rabuco. BEGINNING BAND First Row: Virginia Tondevold. Paul Butler. Raquel Richard. Lillias Coleman. Rhonda Frazier, David McClanahan. Second Row: Gino Meyer, Orlando Branch, Ronald Sloan, William Stauss, Mark Hunter, Devon Morgan. Third Row: Andrew Taylor, Gary Winzenried, David Owens, Robert Cochran, Stephen Donahay. mchs band 43“All in Disguise” Piperello finally finds some money. “All in Disguise” is a “tour de farce." It takes place in a little town in Italy, a long time ago. Piperello and Marco are two vagabonds, looking for their next meal when they run into Columbina, a maid, with a basket of food, and Flavio, a penniless student, with an expensive locket. They then find their way to the house of Seniora Pantalone, a wealthy merchant, who has a daughter, Florinda, who is in love with someone other than the man she is to marry. After a number of costume changes, everyone is “All in Disguise.” This One-act was presented to the public on November 29 and performed for the State Thespian Conference on December 7. All audiences thoroughly enjoyed it. Piperello — Christie Taylor Marco — Dana Exum Columbina — Paula Crowder Flavio — Eric Cook Florinda — Anna Reyante Panto lone — Patty Hivner "Do you know what they charged me for this Chicken?” "Did you say you needed a Doctori' 44 theatrerhe Leyrndary Li fe Of Davy Crockett ivy is bring plantri: Everyone loves the story of Davy Crockett and how he grew bigger than life and had to be whittled down to mansize. This story was condensed into an Interpreters' Theatre for an enjoyable show. This show was performed a number of times, including at the State Thespian Conference. It won second place at the annual Harding Academy Tournament. Davy Crockett: David Walker Davy's father: Dennis Yount Davy's mother: Donna Johnson Davy's aunt: Suzanna Cropft Davy’s uncle: Scott Blankenbeckler theater 45Li’J Abner Lonesome Polecat.........................Todd Blankenbeckler Hairless Joe....................................Buck Artzer Romeo Scragg...................................Mance Bowden Clem Scragg..................................John Hemingway Alf Scragg.......................................Lane Diffee Moonbeem McSwine.............................Suzanna Crop! Marryin’ Sam ..................................David Harvey Daisy Mae........................................Blake Brown Earthquake McGoon..............................Richie Talada Pappy Yokum............................Scott Blankenbeckler Mammy Yokum..................................Christie Taylor Lii' Abner........................................Doug Moore Scarlett......................................Michelle Purdy Mayor Dawgmeat..........................................Drew Magruder Senator Jack S. Phogbound..............................Brian Casson Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale......................Dennis Yount Government Man.....................................Jake Ward Available Jones...................................Eric Cook Stupifyin' Jones...........................Michelle Hardee General Bullmoose........................................Ray Chester Appassionato Von Climax................................Paula Crowder Evil Eye Fleagle................................Tim Morrison Dr. Krogmeyer..................................Alan Copeland D. Smithborn....................................Greg Ballard Dr. Schlieftz...........................................Scot Bearup Colonel...................................................Mo Eckel Policeman......................................Alan Copeland State Dept. Man.........................................Jake Ward Wives: Suzanna Croft, Venessa Christopher, Alesha Bellora, Sybil Ransom, Mary Tietz Husbands (before): Randy Chunn, Scott Howard, Todd Blankenbeckler, Lane Diffee, lake Ward Husbands (after): Troy Gacek, Ken Connaster, Dan Richardson, Erik McCarroI, Cornell Edwards Cronies: Scot Bearup , Greg Ballard, fake Ward. Alan Copeland, Randy Chunn Secretaries: Scot Bear up , Mance Bowden, Buck Art zer, lake Ward Dogpatchers: Julie Bunnell , Martha Driggers, Brenda Hunt, Maria Esteller, Amy Linkous 'Denotes member of International Thespian Society Directed by Cheryl Shull Student Director: Anna Reyannte Piano: Greg Childress Top: Anna helps Mrs. Shull direct the cast. Middle: Greg plays the piano while the cast sings and dances. Bottom: The cast. 46 theatreDaisy Mae and Lil' Abner Available ones, Stupi yin’ ones, and Mayor Dawgmeat "It's a typical day in Dogpalch U.S.A." Earthquake McGoon, Mammmy, Marryin' Sam, and Pappy Sen. . S. Phogbound, Gen. Buiimoose, Appassionetta, Evil Eye Fleagal The Wives lil’ abner 47Yearbook Staff Captures the Memorit The 1984-85 y earbook staff ts a group of 37 Seniors and union who are selected by Mrs. Burk to spend 5th period every day. putting the 1985 yearbook together. This staff works hard picking out pictures and writing copy to develop the yearbook, page by page The sponsor. Mrs. Burk, and the editor, lennifer Finder, work very hard checking pages to make sure they are done properly and are ready to send off to the publishing company There are many jobs of which many are not aware The photographen can be seen taking pictures during club meetings, lunch, and between classes During 5th period, the typists can be found typing until their fingers ore almost raw (especially when the Senior class pages are being done . The yearbook staff also sponsors a talent show in the Spring to help raise money for the book. So.vears from now. when you dig your 85 yearbook out of a box in the attic, remember your classmates who spent 5th period working to provide you with this book. Top left: Senior Section Editors. Top right: Sponsor. Mrs. Burk and editor, lennifer Finder Middle left Mrs. Burk develops a layout. Middle right: lane crops pictures. Bottom Photographers — Sean lister. Julie Klinkefus. Richie Talada. 48 yearbook staffTop. Whol do you think about this picture? Middle left: The 1984-85 yearbook staff. Middle right Are you sure you sold 40 books today? Bottom left: Jennifer helps Donna check Senior uuotes. Bottom right: Suellen Gay den — Photographer Editor. Lisa Kesler — Business Manager; Ju ie Bunnell — Copy and layout Editor. SENIOR SECTION EDITORS: Activites ISenior Activities) — Cindy Certschen and Becky Greer. (ActivitiesI — Paula Crowder and Chris Manley; Student Life ISeniorsI — Laura Dieckhaus and Donna Johnson. (Juniors! — fockie 11 udman. Sophomores! — Tracy Costa. (FreshmenJ — Michelle Stephenson. (Faculty! — lay Wilson; Involvement - (Sports! — Kathy Guetterman. Renee Haile. Brian Moore, and Tim Morrison. (CJubsj — Phil Beasley. Linda Danley. Debbie Hultz. and Steven Taylor. (ReflectionsI — lane Barnes and Sandy Warner. Community (Index! — Michele lager fUNIOR STAFF MEMBERS: Patty Chambers. Brenda Chunn. Carla Crawford. Kathy Ellerbrook. Scott Howard. Rhonda Iordan. Sean lister. Wendy Smith. Toni Speck. Richie Talada. Matt Twigg yearbook 49Paper Staff Reports the News The 1984-85 Paper staff of MCHS should he commended for their fine performance this year. The staff publishes seven papers each year: the last paper contains the senior will and senior baby pictures. As soon as each issue is published, the staff begins work on the next issue. The staff consists of 13 dependable students with the ability to trqpscribe thoughts into words. The Associate Editor. Shawn Gingrich, is chiefly responsible for the sale of the MCHS Trojan Football Program. Co-editors are Elaine Culver and Teresa Ward. Pamela lAjnier is the staff s only typist. The paper staff also oversees the writing and printing of Christmas grams and Valentine grams. Paper staff s sponsor is Mrs. Linda Dobbins. Top left: The paper staff at work. Top right: Co-editors. Elaine Culver and Teresa Ward: Sponsor. Linda Dobbins. Bottom: (oseph Lun-drigan. Denise Sartain. Dena Spencer. Shawn Gingrich. Teresa Ward. Elaine Culver. Annie Martin. Earnest Pugh. Danette Barlor. Mrs. Dobbins. Daphne Tuttle. Pam Lonier. and Lfea Ervin. 50 paper staffTop. No Annie, it’s like this. Middle left: Photographer — Daphne Tuttle. Associate Editor — Shawn Gingrich: Business Manager — Dena Spencer. Middle right: What about this? Bottom left: How does this sound? Bottom right: Features Editor — Rarlar: Sports Editor — Dena Spencer. paper staff 51Quill and Scroll Publishes Quill and Scroll is composed of students who have been on the Yearbook staff. Paper staff, or literary magazines for two or more years or who have done outstanding work in these areas. Top left: Will the real Billy foe fim Bob Macbeth please setp forward? Top right: I really don't want to do this. Middle: Must you interrupt my nap? Bottom: QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS: Top: L. Dieckhaus. T. Ward. J. Finder. Bunnell. E. Culver. S. Gingrich. Bottom: D. Johnson. D. Spencer. D. Barlar. A. Marlin. S. Gayden. T. Morrison. Nol Pictured: L KesJer. B. Moore. 52 quill and scrollT.A.P.S. Creates T.A.P.S. is a literary organization comprised of all Trojans. Artists. Poets, and Scholars. The T.A.P.S. members sponsor all literary publications of M.C.H.S. such as the Millington Sketchbook Calendar and the magazine — The Trojan Cycle. The members also usher for theutricul presentations throughout the Mem- £his area. The sponsor. Mrs. Durham, has sen very helpful in making this club a successful one. Top: The T.A.P.S. Club. Left: OFFICERS: Paula Crowder. President: Cheryl Broughton, 1st Vice-President; Suzanna Croft. Treasurer: Julie Bunnell. 3rd Vice-President. Not Pictured: Lisa Pruitt. 2nd Vice-President: Tamara Batson. Secretary. Above: Mrs. Durham. Sponsor. t.a.p.s. 53Students Write Wordsmith Literary Magazine Once a year, several students participate in a school-wide Wonismith contest In the first part of the contest, the students are shown an object and are asked to use their most creative writing abilities to describe the object. In the second part, the students are shown a photograph and are asked to narrate the scene that precedes the photo. The winners from each grade represent MCHS in the area-wide Wordsmith contest at Memphis State University. REPRESENTATIVES FOR 19 15 WORDSMITH Top Uft Senior winners -Shawn Gingrich. Mo Eckel, fnot pictured alternate] Scot Hearup. Top right: lunior winners — Annie Martin. Sonya Fortune (alternate Scott Howard. Middle left: Sophomore winners — Robert Huile. Dun Hull, lalternatej Kathy Morrison. Middle right. Freshman winners — I.iso Swihart. Gina Fulmer. Ialternate Robert Grunt. Bottom. Literary Magazine Contributors. CONTRIBUTORS TO LITERARY MAGAZINE: leff Abernathy. Andy Oigesby. Annie Martin. Todd Hlonkenl)eckler. Scott Pearson, leff Williams, lulie Baker. Kathy Morrison. Chris Brown. David Fletcher. ennifer West. Chris Carter. Tamara Batson. Ken Rutledge. Gary Huyslip. Freddie Heckham. Cara Dunette llorlor. Carol DePoorter. Kelly Block, leff luneou. Donald Ward. David Creed. Gina Wren. Paula Crowder. Susan W'urtz. Christie Deckard 54 wordsmith literaryArete Arete is an honorary organization composed of those students who have earned a scholastic letter. To earn a scholastic letter, a student must make the Honor Roll four out of five grading periods. Students are inducted automatically with the earning of a scholastic letter. SENIORS Kneeling: G. Ballard, T. Costa, T. Morrison, S. Gay den, f. Finder, D. fohnson, E. Acosta, J. Hudman, M. Velaquez, D. Harvey, T. deMarigny, L. KesJer. Standing: D. Price, S. Bearup, S. Leech, J. Wilson, J. Bunnell, B. Moore, J. Barnes, M. Jager, C. DePoorter, M. Hardee, E. Martin, T. Carter, L. Dieckhaus, B. Greer, B. Hale, C. Williams, R. Haile, R. Aubert, D. Sartain, K. Guetterma n. JUNIORS First Row: A. Ashenbramer, D. Barlar, P. Hivner, A. Miller, H. Hawkins, T. Speck, C. Crawford, J. Phillips, E. Amaba, C. Amos. Second Row: R. Talada, B. Casson, S. Hart, L. Vinson, D. Robinson, D. Hesford, T. McCullough, J. Thien. SOPHOMORES First Row: R. Dickinson, M. Tietz, K. Mandapat, J. Aiken, C. McManus, R. Tucker, F. Acosta. Second Row: M. Stewart, D. Sneed, S. Ransom, D. Bearden, N. Ashenbramer, T. Gertschen. arele 55Students Take Charge The Student Council, composed of a group of students from each class, consists of 18 members. The purpose of the Student Council is to act as a liaison between students and administration and to develop the rules and regulations the students must follow. The Student Council is busy with their many activities throughout the year. They collect money for Christmas baskets, conduct elections, compile student hand-books, help to get the school ready for reopening, and help with registration. The Student Council, therefore, is a very important part of the Student body. Top: Student Council President — Shawn Gingrich; Sponsor — Mrs. Maples; Vice-President — David Harvey. Middle far left: SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS - Michelle Vinson. Lisa Perry. Rusty Wilkins. Lisa Cooper. Middle left: UNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS — Hank Hawkins. Tama Vinson. Erika Amaba. Middle right: SOPHOMORE STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS - Sybil Ransom. Todd Gertschen. Alesha Bellora. Rachel Tucker. Middle far right: FRESHMAN STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS - Lori Fortune. Michelle Cooper. Robin Abernathy. Bottom: MCHS Student Council. 56 student councilPrincipal’s Advisory Committee 1st Row: Hazel Smith, Lisa Cooper, eff Phillips, Kathleen Mandopat, Todd Gertschen, Lori Fortune. 2nd Row: Leroy Watson, Deanna Logan. David Harvey, Sybil Ransom, Shawn Gingrich, Nichole Evans. Darren Preston, Sean Forbes, Shawn helps Mr. Morton by discussing the ideas of the student body. Mr. Morton and Mr. Carter discuss problems after meeting wuh the Principal’s Advisory Committee. The Principal’s Advisory Committee is a group of students elected by the student body. The committee consists of one black male and one black female; one white male and one white female chosen from each class. The M.C.H.S. student body is represented by these students. If a problem arises, they report it to the Principal. This helps Mr. Morton to be aware of any conflict that may trouble the well-being of our school. p.a.c. 57Students Work in Office and Attendance This year’s office and attendance workers, under the guidance of Mrs. Harvell, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Willis, and Mrs. Osteen, have been very helpful in the efficient running of the school. The office workers have many jobs including running errands, answering telephones, relaying messages, and working the machines in the office. The attendance workers do their job by collecting the absentee slips. 58 office and attendance workersStudents Lend a Hand Top left: LIBRARY AIDES — Carolyn Nelsen. David Walker. Vikie Walker. Wendy Glover. Not Pictured: Keith Knox. Top right: "Are you sure he's a senior? I've always thought he was a freshman.' Middle right: It takes two to glue it together. Bottom left: “Now for the third round. Row. row. row. your boat.” Bottom right: "It’s like this. .. It’s real easy.” student aides 59Homecoming Spirit Homecoming on "Fantasy Island" was a time for dreams to come true. Before the game, Miss Cindy Gertschen was crowned Home coming queen by Miss Donna Stickley, last year’s queen. Next, the Mighty Trojans conquered the Munford Cougars, 23-13, for our Homecoming victory. Finally, the dance on "Fantasy Island" topped off the night. All who attended the dance were greeted by Mr. Rourke and Tattoo, alias Mr. Crenshaw and Son. 1. The 1984 Homecoming Court. 2. Donna Stickley crowns Cindy Gertschen Homecoming Queen. 3. The Varsity Cheerleaders and Trojan fans cheer the Trojans to victory. 4. Everyone celebrates at the dance. 60 homecomingLisa Cooper escorted by Phil Beasley and Mickey Spears Sandy Warner escorted by fay Westmoreland and Bobby Ward Toni Speck escorted by Mike Cannon and Troy Thompson Cindy Certschen escorted by Alan Deck and Todd Gertschen Kelly Pierce escorted by Greg Kesler and Richard Ray Amy Miller escorted by Ken Campbell and Rusty Wilkins Wendy Smith escorted by A f. Cates and Glenn Burk Alesha Bellora escorted by Jason Dupree and Mark Ward Amy Rogers escorted by Eddie Savage and Tim Street homecoming court 61Winter Festival ’85 „ vv’V V COURT: Sonya Fortune, Sybil Ransom, Dayna Ballard, Rachel Tucker, Michelle Vinson, Erika Amaba, Lisa Kesler, fane Barnes. Tara Betton. Michelle Vinson. Winter Festival Queen Michelle is crowned by last year’s queen Cynthia Brooks. Michelle Vinson and her escort, David Harvey 62 winter festival A I urn; Barnes escorted by Tim McCullough Michelle Vinson escorted by David Harvey Sonya Fortune escorted by Andy Ogelsby Tara Beiton escorted by Steve Hogan Erika Amaba escorted by John Wilson Sybil Ransom escorted by Tracy Brown Lisa Kesler escorted by Robbie DeMarigny Dayna Ballard escorted by Rusty Wilkins Rachel Tucker escorted by Eddie Dave y winter festival 63Honor Students Brian Casson and Hazel Smith, 1st place debate Patty Chambers — 2nd best speaker. Ole Miss; best speaker. U. of Paula Crowder — 2nd Humorous. 5th Prose Suzanna Croft — 3rd Humorous Martha Driggers — 5th best speaker. Ole Miss Hazel Smith — 2nd Prose Amy Linkous and Dennis Yount — 2nd Duet Improv. Andera Neirad — 1st Oratory Suellen Gayden — All West Concert Blues Band Lisa Perry and Terry Carter — McDonald’s All- Brian Pinlac — All West Concert Lisa Perry — All West Concert Blues American Band Nominees Band Alternate Band 64 honorsPromote M.C.H.S. Paula Crowder and Brian Casson — Wake-up Call Teen Reporters Kathryn Broyles. Michelle Vinson, and Kathy Guetterman — Girls’ State Terry Carter and Jimmy Pike — Boys’ State Kathryn Broyles. Suellen Gayden. and Vicki Edge Renee Haile, Bobby Hagen (not pic-— Optimist Essay Winners tured) Brian Moore — National Merit Semi-finalist Jimmy Campbell. Jimmy Pike — W. L. Osteen All Tournament team Bryant Brooks — All District Football Mike Twigg — Biking winner Tetta Fahlstrom — Swedish Exchange Student Kathy Guetterman — All-District Volleyball honors 65NJROTC This year has been a busy one for the MCHS NJROTC. They have participated in many community and nationwide events. They have done everything from marching in our unnuul community day parade to attending the mini boot camp in Orlando. Florida. ROTC should he proud of their fine achievements. Other events in which they particifxiteil a re as follows: Veterans Day parade. Christmas fxirade. Ole Miss Field Day. Pensacola Field Trip. Annual Navy Rail, and Annua InsfHfction. Top right: Cup. Rruen; Chief llutt. Middle left: Rifle Team. Middle right: Color Cuurd. Bottom: STAFF: Todd Stringfellow. Rifle Team Commander; MCPO Cheri Starr, Color CuuraCommander; COCPO Sandra I lulliburton, Company Mustering Chief: LT. jg Cary llayslip, Drill Team Commander: LT. jg Beverly Moss. Admin. Officer: I A. liar mid Raker, Fxecutive Officer; LCDR Paul Landry. Company Commander: Lt. jg David McGary, Operation Officer: F.NS. Joseph Ludrieun. Public Affairs: FNS. Ronnie Mosley. Asst. Supply: LT. jg Willie Plummer. Drill Team Commander: FNS. Sheri Houston. Asst. Drill Team Commander. FNS. Tony Moss. Male Drill Team Commander. tUi NI ROTCStudents March Top left: 1st year drill team. Ens. Tony Moss — Drill Commander. Top right: ROTC proudly marches in Community Day. Middle left: Color guard also marches in the Community Day parade. Middle right: Female drill team. Ltjg. Pam Diggs — Drill team Commander. Bottom left: Male drill team. Ltjg. Willie Plummer — Drill team Commander. njrotc 67NJROTC Top: 1st platoon; 2nd and 3rd year cadets, Ens. Laura Wildes — Platoon Commander. Middle: 2nd platoon: 2nd year cadets. Ens. Sean Lester — Platoon Commander. Bottom: 3rd platoon: 1st year cadets, Ens. Albert Bean — Platoon Commander. . 68 roteNJROTC Top left 4th platoon. 1st year cadets. Ens. Vincent Bounds. Platoon Commander. Middle left: 5th platoon. 1st year cadets. Ens. Robert Moss. Platoon Commander. Middle right: ROTC practices for perfection. Bottom left: The rifle team marches in Community Day. Bottom right: 4th year cadets. -Tr - njrotc 69We’ve got the Touch ... Student Life at Millington is expressed through the many activities and classes in which we all play an active role. Millington, with the Naval Air Station, is composed of many different people who have lived all over the world. Of course, there are those very special people who have lived in Milling ton all of their lives. Our students come to Millington from far away places such as Iceland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Guam, Japan, and even from not-so-far away Bermuda. The different cultures and customs help to make Millington a small "melting pot” of adventure. Students coming to Millington have many departments to choose from to increase their varied talents. Our theatre. choral, band, vocational, and academic classes fill each of our days with enthusiasm. Each of our classes is emphasized by the originality and spirit of our peers. The long, monotonous days of winter are brightened by friendliness and love shown to us by our fellow students and teachers, followed by the bright, sunny, restless days of Spring, bringing with them new adventures. Although Millington is not a large city, the love we show to each other is seen in the many activities we take part in. Our small town grows more each year and is influenced by the many new people each new year brings us. 70 student life. student life Seniors Laura Dieckhaus Donna Johnson Juniors Jackie Hud man Sophomores Tracy Costa Freshmen Michelle StephensonSeniors Remember The senior year in high school is one of the years SUCCEEDED! As Juniors, our class held the annual in our lives, which we remember long after we Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, in order to raise money graduate. It is a year which we impress upon our for our Senior prom. This was, also, a Success! minds the classes, football games, dances, and In August of 1984, we, again, returned to MCHS friendships that will, when we look back in later to live out our ultimate goal to be SENIORS! Most years, be some of the most beautiful memories in of us made it and we gave ourselves another goal, to our minds. The friendships we make, though they last until May of 1985 and graduate. As Seniors, we may not last forever, help each of us to strive for the are excited but scared to death of the year ahead of best things possible. Witn the loss of a very special us. What will we be doing? Whom will we be with? friend this year, some of us realized how precious Where will we be? As Seniors, we set many exlife is and how no matter what obstacles fate throws amples. We are looked upon with awe and at us, life must continue. sometimes even respect. The memories we have When we began high school in August of 1981, our stored in our minds will last forever. When we are goal was to succeed until the year of 1984, when we lonely or frightened of our future, we will look back would be SENIORS! The summer of 1982 fled by on our days at MCHS and remember the beauty we and we came back to MCHS as Sophomores. In the shared in high school and nothing will separate our fall, we sold Christmas cards and ornaments, in Class of '85. order to buy Class of '85 signature T-shirts. And we JENNIFER ABERNATHY "If you don’t learn to laugh at trouble, you won’t nave anything to laugh at when you're old. Donald, we’ll have a lot to laugh about.” Basketball 1. ELEANOR LAGMAY ACOSTA "People are inspirations to one another. For example. I'll pick on Boy George. Boy George's feminine eccentricity and manly attitude bring a mutual understanding to both men and women. A woman can have a manly attitude, but still be the conventional lady a man will love. A man can have a woman's understanding and still be the man a woman can love. If you didn't understand, then ask someone who does. If you understood then ask someone who has no idea to what I have written. By doing this, you have given new meaning to understanding people.” Class Vice President 1.2.3: Pep Club 1; Beta Club 1.2; ARETE; French Club 1,2.4; Spanish Club 1.4; Who’s Who 4. MORRIS ADAMS "Deep vers’d in books, and Shallow in himself." TAMMY LYNN ALEXANDER "Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness, and tomorrow a vision of hope." FHA Recreation Director 1.2.3; DEC A 3.4: TOEC 4; Pep Club 3.4; Maranatha 3; Office Worker 1; Teacher’s Aide 2.3; Powder Puff 4. TERESA ALLEN "There are no fragments so precious as those of time, and none so needlessly lost by people who cannot make a moment and yet waste years." FHA 1.4; Hero 3; Guidance Worker 3.4; Track 3.4: Pep Club 3.4. WILLIAM ROBERT ALLEN "It's not always the fleetest that win the race or the strongest that win the game; but they're the ones to bet on.” Computer Club 3.4. TRACIE NICHELLE ANDERSON "Be glad that you are free. Free to change your mind, free to go most any'where. anytime. Be glad that you are free, many a man who’s not. Be glad for what you have, for what you got.” FHA 1.4; Powder Puff 3. 4: Pep Club 3.4; Close-Up 3; TOEC 3.4; Office Worker 4. KAREN ARNOLD "We know nothing of tomorrow; our business is to be good and happy today." 72 seniorEUGENE JOSEPH ARTZER III "Sometimes you just have to say what the heck, and Go For It” JAMES MICHAEL ASHCRAFT '‘It's been such a long time. I think I should be going. Time doesn’t wait for me. it keeps on rolling.'' — Boston Bye Mrs. Moore! Basketball 1. 2: Moranatha 2.3; Vica-Vam 3.4. ROBIN CHARLINE AUBERT "Once in a lifetime, it only happens once not twice, the moments vanishing like mice. Scurrying past life is much too fast, and only for the very brave and strong. So when the moment comes for you don't let it pass you by. for in a twinkling of an eye the moment's gone forever. Thanks mom for all the love and encouragement. A special thanks to Brenda for all the happiness and strength to make it." Wrestling Cheerleader 1,2.3.4: Volleyball 3. Manager 4; Powder Puff 3. 4; Softball Manager 3; FHA 1.2,3. 4: Vice-President 3. Reporter 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4; Spanish 3. 4: Lady M Club 1; DECA 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 1. 2,3; Hero 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 2. 3. 4: M-Club 2. 3; Child Care 3, 4; Maranatha 2.3.4: Hero 3.4. GAIL ANN BAGLEY "Well my friends the time has come, to raise the roof and have some fun. I wish I could go on and on. but our quotations can't be long: Thanks Mom. Dad. and Donny, I Love You." Vica 3.4: Sadie Hawkins Committee 3.4. HAROLD MARK BAKER "It is better to treasure the goals you achieve rather than the awards you receive 9 NJROTC Platoon CDR. 1,2. Operations Officer 3. Drill Team 2. 3. 4. CDR. 4: Honor Guard 3. 4. CDR. 4: Executive Officer 4. Company CDR. 4: NCTE Nominee 3; Computer Club 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. JULIE MARIE BAKER ’What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." Waktash. Bo and Billy Bob, thanks for being there for me! We finally made it Billy Bob!! GAME GETTERS FOREVER!!!" French Club 1.2: M-C ub 2: Pep Club 2.3: Volleyball 2: Attendance Worker 4; Optimist Award Winner 2: Sadie Hawkins Committee 3. GREGORY LYNN BALLARD "As any youth can tell you. growing up isn't easy. then again, we always knew nothing is liaht and breezy. Put up with the toil and strife, ignore the quarrels with friends, cause this is all part of life and you’ll find it never ends. When you look in the mirror, do not feel an ounce of shame, because as age comes nearer, that face may bring you fame. Remember the good times and bad. Don't forget all of the past, but cherish the fun that you've had to make the joy from it last. At the same time, look ahead to your dreams and goals set high. Because a wise man once said. You can do it if you try'!" Pep Club 4: Bana Manager 4; Teacher's Aide 4: Science Club 4; Computer Club 4: Beta Club 2. 3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4: ARETE 2.3.4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4: American History and Government Award Winner 3: Who's Who 4. JANE MARY BARNES "They say there's always a tomorrow, but today is for the ones you love." Cheerleading 1.2.3. 4. Thespians Secretary 3: Beta Club 2.3. 4: National Honor Society 3.4; NFL 3. 4. Co-President 3: Possum Queen 2: Pep Club 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; M Club 1. 2. 3. 4: FCA 1. 2. 3. 4: Bad Walk Winner 1: ARETE 1.2.3. 4: Damn Yankees 1: Calamity Jane 2: Hansel and Gretel 2: Make-Up Chairman: Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3: Computer Club 3.4. Secretary 3; Yearbook Staff Reflections Editor 4: Who’s Who 4: Faces 4. TAWNYA MARIE BARRETT "Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you. Thanks Mom and Gina." FHA: DECA. FAYE S. BATES "Got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose — stuck on you." Mahalkita Greg "Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you." Soccer; Track: Fashion Club: ROTC. SCOT ALAN BEARUP "As we venture into our futures, we enter an endless tunnel, where only a few see the light." Concert Band 2, 3. 4; Marching Band 2. 3. 4. Jazz Band 3: Beta Club 2.3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4: ARETE 1,2.3. 4: Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3: Tennis 2.3. 4; Thespians 3: French Club 2: Europe 1: Industrial Arts Fair 1.2: American Government and History Award 3: M-Club 3. 4: Damn Yankees I Calamity Jane 2: Computer Club 3. PHILLIP DEAN BEASLEY "What a man thinks of himself that it is which determines, or rather indicates his fate ... As go through life there are people to remember and each of them special in his own way'. Thanks Coach White, not just for being a good teacher, but for being a close friend." Football 1.3: Wrestling Maranatha Teacher's Aide 1.2. 3: Office Worker 1: Computer Club 3: RAP 1.2.3. 4: DECA 4: FCA 1.2.3. 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Who's Who 4. senior 73ROSS ALTON BECKHAM I've been alot of places in my life and times, sung alot of songs and made some bad rhymes, now we're alone and I am singing my song to you.” Vica-Vam 3. President 4; Roaeo Vice-President 4. MICHAEL SEAN BENDER “Long live Chevelles. Thanks to everyone who helped me make it in 4 years." Wrestling 1.2: A1ASA; Leaders 3. BARBARA LYNN BENNETT "Remember... Everyone has a talent, what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the aark place where it leads . . Thanks to all of my friends." DECA 3, 4; Powderpuff football 3. 4. VALENCIA KAY BEST "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams go. life is a barren field frozen over with snow.” Colorguard 1. Co-Captain 2; Maranatha 1. 2.3; Octagon 1. 2.3; Hero II 2; Pep Club 1; TOEC 2; DECA 3; Track 1; Teacher's Aide 3; Principal's Advisory 3. Miss Millington Contestant 3. TARA DENISE BETTON "I am a woman of independence and loyalty standing tall for all the world to see. who I am and who I have become. I m just going to be me." Octagon; TOEC 2.3. 4; Maranatha 1.2.3; Hero II2. Marching Band Colorguard 1.2. Colorguard Co-Captain 3; Contestant for Miss Millington 2.3; Principal's Advisory 1; Who's Who Among American High School Students; Faces 4; Office Worker 1.2. 3; Teacher’s Aide 3. SCOTT KENNETH BLANKENBECKLER "An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don’t. It's knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and it's knowing how to use the information once you get it." William Feather Concert Choir 2.3; T.A.P.S. 3. 4; Literary Guild 1.2; French Club 3.4; Thespians 3. 4 "Calamity lane" 2; "Dracula" 3; Epic Staff 2; Trojan Cycle Staff 3; Millington Sketchbook Calendar 2.3; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4. TAMMIE LYNN BOSWELL "The last four years have been full of memories that will last a lifetime but I look into the future and hope that I have memories like I've had at MCHS." Spanish Club 1; Band 2.3; DECA 4; Octagon 4. ANGELA MICHELLE BRADLEY "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him. and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6 Pep Club 1.2.3; Literary' Guild 2.3; Computer 3; SADD Secretary 4: Close Up 4; Maranatha 1.2.3. 4: Attendance Worker 2.3.4; Teacher's Aide 1; Toga Committee 3; Homecoming 1. DIANN BRADLEY "There are no fragments so precious as those of time and none so needlessly lost by people who cannot make a moment and yet waste years. Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; FHA 1. NATHAN HAROLD BRADLEY "Better well done than well said." Football 1.2.3. 4; Beta Club 3. 4; French Club 2; Baseball 4; Wrestling 4. LESLIE ANN BRADSHAW "Cherish every moment with those who care, for the memory will always be there though they may not. Thanks Mom and Dad. 1 Love You' Good Luck WWOA!" National Honor Society 3. 4; VICA Cosmetology 2.3.4; Pep Club 1.2.4; SADD 4; Science Club 4; Powderpuff Football 4. BOBBIE ANN BRIGHT "The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay. Love isn't 'Love' till you give it away. 1 Love You Steve. Thank you for everything Mom and Dad. We did it Karen!!" VICA 2.3. 4; Secretary 4; FHA 1; Powderpuff 4; Cheerleading 2; SADD 4. 74 seniorBRYANT O’NEAL BROOKS “Many complain of their memory, few of their judgement." Football 2.3.4; Basketball 3. 4. Gospel Choir 4. RONALD BROOKS "All the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them ... is up to you " RAP 2; HERO III 1. LAURA ANN BROWDER "Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today." Volleyball 1. 2.3. 4; Deca 3. 4; Pep Club 4; Fashion Show 3. CYNTHIA ANN BROWN "Remember this and bear in mind, a good true friend is hard to find, and when vou find one just and true, change not the old for a new. Happy Graduation. Michelle! Thanks Mom. Dad and Carlo. I love your Cheerleadina 1.2.3; M Club 1.2.3, 4; Vica-Cosmetology 2.3.4: President 4: FCA 1. 2.3.4; Attendance Worker 2.3.4; Junior Achievement 3: Powder Puff 4. STEPHEN ANDREW BROWN "May all the joys of life be yours today and always." Marching Band 2.3.4; Concert Band 2.3.4; Freshman Basketball 1; Intermediate Band 1; Solo Ensemble 1. SUSAN BLAKE BROWN "If you think your life is mass confusion because you never win the game, just remember life is a grand illusion and deep inside we're all the same." STYX Spanish Club 1.2; Pep Club 3. 4. Treasurer 4; Guidance 3. 4. Teacher’s Aide 3; Wrestling Cheerleader 3; Play Production 2.3. 4; "Damn Yankees" 1; "Hansel and Gretel" 2; "Calamity Jane" 2; Theater Showcase 2.3; "Dracula" 3; "Working" 3: "M.A.S.H." (one act) 3; Who's Who 4; FHA 4. M ON A JEAN BROWNING "A little nonsense now and then is enjoyed by the wisest man." Freshman Basketball 1. KATHRYN ADELE BROYLES "You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true. Beta Club 3.4; National Honor Society 3.4; MSU Wordsmith 1.2; Arete 2. 3.4. Girl's State 3; Concert Band 2.3.4; Marching Band 2.3.4; jazz Band 3; Intermediate Band 1; French Club 2; Octagon 2.4; Computer Club 3. 4; Flute Section Leader 4; Solo and Ensemble 1.2,3. 4; National High School Who's Who 4; Talent Show 3; National Government Achievement Award 3; Teacher’s Aide 3. 4; Hall of Fame 4. JULIE ELAINE BUNNELL !’A friend is someone with whom we can drop all pretense, who will love us not for what we may' someday be. But for what we are right now — Mom. Dad and Jon — Thank you all. I love you. now and forever Jane, my best friend in the entire world, thank you for all you’ve shared with me. ’Now the memories begin.’" Pep Club 1.2.3. 4; Maranatha 2. 4; Thespians 2.3. 4. Clerk 3. President 4; French Club 2.3. President 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3.4. Treasurer 4. Computer Club 3: Quill and Scroll 4. SADD 4; TAPS 4, Vice-President 4; Play Productions 3.4; Yearbook Staff 3. 4, Copy and layout Editor 4; Honors 3; Close-Up 4; Science Club 4; Leaders of MCHS 3. 4; "Hansel and Gretel" 2; "Calamity Jane" 2. "Dracula" 3; “Working ' Student Director 3; Thespian Festival 3: Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3; Who’s Who 4. Faces 4. CHRISTOPHER BURRESS “The moose is finally going to get loose!!" Football; M-Club 2.3.4; F.C.A. 1.2; Track Manager 3.4. DARREN ANTONIO CALHOUN "Come and get me. Mother I am thru." I ASIA 2.3; RAP 3. 4; FHA 4. DEBRA GAIL CAMPBELL “Time is not measured by the passing of the years, but by what one feels . does . and achieves." FHA 1.2,3. Vice President 4; Spanish Club 2; Computer Club 3; TOEC 3.4; Teacher’s Aide 3; Office Worker 2; Powderpuff Football 3. 4; Faces 4. senior 75KENNETH HOWARD CAMPBELL "It was nice, it was fun, I'm glad it is done." Football 1. 2.3; VICA-VAB 3; Who’s Who 4 TIFFANY LYNN CANNON "There are places I'll remember all my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living. In my life I've loved them all." (J. Lennon — P. McCartney) "I Love You Mom and Dad, Thanks for being beside me these last four years." "Eat your heart out Tambra.' Pep Club 1.2.3, 4: Maranatha 2. 3; Spanish 2: Tnespian 3; Guidance 3. 4; Art 2,3; Play Productions 2.3; IOE 11; Dracula — Working (Make-up. Stage Crew). VERONICA LYNN CARSON "If you think twice before you speak once, you will speak twice the better for it." Basketball 1,3,4: Track 2,4. ALLEN CARTER "If a redneck can't do it. nobody can! To all Seniors. I raise my empty bottle to ya. we finally made it! 1 wish ya all the best in life! It will be Great. Thanks Mom and Dad." CHRISTOPHER CARTER "Everyone who wins in the great escape, leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake.” Judas Priest TERRY ALLEN CARTER "Expect the worst. Hope for the best. Accept what happens, and give God the glory' for what does happen." Football 1; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3; MSU Wordsmith 1.3; Arete; All-West Jr. High 1; Solo and Ensemble 1.2,3, 4; Damn Yankees 1; Advanced Choir 2; Intermediate Band 1: Marching Band 2.3.4; National Honor Society 3.4; National Beta Club 2.3.4: American Legion Boys’ State (director of Parks and Recreation) 3: Math Contest 1; Physics Club 3; FCA 1; All-West Sr. High Band 2,3,4; McDonald's All-American Band Nominee 4; Mid-South Fair Talent Show 4: Calamity Jane 2; Concert Band 2. 3.4; Best Toga 3; Talent Show "Most Unique" 3: Most Accomplished Musician 3: U-T Martin Science Bowl 3; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. VICTOR CHARLES "Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength." VENESSA CHRISTOPHER "We look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal." II Cor. 4:18 Concert Choir 2. 3. 4: Gospel Choir 1.2: All-West Choir Participant 3. 4; Band 1.2; Band Manager 2: Section Leader 2: Marching Concert Band 3.4: Secretary 4: Pep Club TAOS 1,2. 4: Maranantha 1.2,3.4; Computer Club 3.4: Spanish Club 4: FHA 2: Junior Achievement 3; Octagon 2.3.4: Ail-West Tennessee Band Participant 4; WTSBOA Solo and Ensemble 1,2.3; Superior Rating 1,2.3; Faces 4. MICHAEL CLAIBORNE "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." DeANNA KAYE CLEVELAND "Friendship often ends in Love; but Love in friendship never." Spanish Club 1; FHA 2; Close Up 3; TOEC 3.4. MELANIE BETH COCHRAN "There are always times in your life when you have to make decisions, sometimes you will make a wrong decision but we all learn from our mistakes. Luckily some of us do get second chances. I’m glad you gave me one Charlie. I Love You. Good luck Tamara Jo. Thanks Mom and Dad. Judy and Mr. and Mrs. Dawson. I love you all. You have made this year very special to me." Pep Club 2: Teacher’s Aide 2,3; DECA 4. ALFRED COLE "If life had a second edition, oh how I would correct the proofs." 76 seniorf RICHARD KEITH COMBS "The world is full of Kings and Queens who blind your eyes and then steal your dreams.” Football 1; Food Service 2: Auto Mechanics 2: Auto Body 1: Small Engines 1. KENNETH HOWARD CONNATSER “The best of the free life is still yet to come, and the good life ain’t over for good." Merle Haggard I ASA 3. 4.VAM 2; Wrestling 3.4. TOM McCALL COOK "Shotgun, rifle, four-wheel drive — a country boy can survive.'" Football 1.2.3; Basketball 1; FCA Club 2.3; V CA-VAM 3. 4. Powder Puff Coach 4. WILLIAM ERIC COOK "Only as far as we seek can weao... Only as much as we dream can we be." Transfer from Kadena High. Okinawa, Japan 2; Fashion Club 1; Yearbook Staff 1; Beginning Band 2; Marching Band 3. 4. President 4; Pep Club 3. 4. Secretary 4; Spanish Club 4; Octagon Cluo 4; funior Achievement-Secretary 2. President 3; Chairperson on Sadie Hawkins Decoration Committee 3; National junior Honor Society 1; International Thespian Society 3.4. “The Charge is Murder" 3;"All in Disguise" 4; Who's Who 4; Faces 4. MELISA (LISA) CHERYL COOPER "Always remember to forget the things that made you sad. but never forget to remember the things that made you glad. Thank you. Bailey, for bringing so much joy and happiness to my four years of high school." Pep Club 1.2,4; Picture backdrop committee 1; Court backdrop committee 2; Publicity backdrop committee 1.2; Spanish Club. Secretary 1; Maranatha 1.2,3. 4; Attendance worker 2. 4; FCA 1.2.3. 4; Secretary 3. Treasurer 3; National Beta Club 3. 4-Activity Chairperson 3; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; Who's Who Amon High School Students 3.4; Track 1; Cross Country 1; Hero II4; Student Council Representative 3. 4. Secretary 3: Principal's Advisory Committee 3; Computer Club 4; DEC A 4; Octagon Club 4; Sadie Hawkins Committees 3. Marching Band Flag Girl 2.3; Teacher's Aide 3; M Club 2.3; Who’s Who 4; Faces 4. TAMARA IO COPELAND "Good friends are hard to come by. but thank God I found them. Melaine. Charlie. Mom. and Dad. thanks for putting up with me all these years. Ricky, thanks so much for making my dark days light again. I Love You All!" FHA l.FHA Representative 1; Flag Girl 1.2: Gospel Choir 2.3.4; Teacher’s Aide 2. 3; DEC A Club 4 TRACY ANN MARIE COSTA "For each thorn, there's a rosebud... for each twilight — a dawn ... for each trial — the strength to carry on. For each storm cloud — a rainbow .. for each shadow the sun ... for each parting — sweet memories when sorrow is done." National Honor Society 3.4; National Beta Club 3. 4; Arete 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3.4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; Pep Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2.3. 4. Yearbook Staff 4; Marching Band Flag Corps 3; Marching Band Manager 4; Spanish Club 4; Teacher's Aide 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3; Faces. 4; Pacesetters 4. RAYMOND R. CREECH "Party Hardy. Rock-n-Roll. and now I'm gone, paid my toll. You are still here a coupfe of years, so kick back and drink a little root beer!" Wrestling 1.2.3. 4; Track 1. 2.3; Cross Country 1. 2. 3; DEC A Club 3; M-Club 2,3. 4; FCA 2.3. 4 DONNA NORENE CRISEL "Love is the most terrible, and also the most generous of all passions; it is the only one that includes in its dreams the happiness of someone else. But love is wasted when it isn’t returned, thus leaving pain and sorrow. But if there is a chance for our love to grow, you must share with me what I am trying to share with you. I truly love you T.B. Good luck to the WWOA's." FHA 2. TOEC 2.4; DECA 3; Powderpuff 3.4; SADD 4; Pep Club 4; Office Worker 2. 3; Basketball 1. PAULA fEANE CROWDER "We all can not be heroes because there has to be someone to sit on the curb and cheer as they march by." Cross Country 1. 4: f.V. Cheerleader 2; Thespian 2. 3. 4. Secretary 4. Honor Thespian 4; "Damn Yankees" 1; "Calamity fane" 2; "Dracula" 3; "Working" 3; “Li ’ Abner” 4. “All in Disguise" 4. "Theatre Showcase" 3.4: "Imagination" 3: Play Productions 3; 1st place duet improv. 3; 3rd place duet acting 3; 2nd place Humorous 4; 5th place Prose 4: Thespian Festival 3; National Forensics League 3.4. Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Trojanette 3.4; French Club 2; Close-Up delegate 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; National funior Olympic Medalist 2; DECA 3. 4. State Delegate 3. Vice-President 4; TAPS (Literary Guild} 4. President 4; Who’s Who 4; Faces 4 LARRY DOUGLAS CULLUM. JR. "Never put off today what you can do tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.” A SA 1.2; VAM3.4. PAMELA ELAINE CULVER "Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which. if you will sit down quietly, may light upon you. I thank my family and friends for making my happiness possible." Pep Club 1.2.3. 4; DECA 3; FI 1A1.2; TOEC 4; Newspaper Staff 2.3. 4; News Editor 3. Co-Editor 4; Attendance Office Worker 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. senior 77WALLACE (TREY) CURLIN "A fool thinks himself to be wise. A wiseman knows himself to be a fool." VAM 3. 4. LINDA CAROL DANLEY "All anyone ever has is today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes." National Honor Society 3. 4; Pep Club 2.3. 4: Spanish Club 1: DEC A 4; TOEC 4: Attendance Worker 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.4. WILLIAM BRYANT DAVIS III "He who is intelligent in the present has asked many questions in the past." VICA VAM 3. 4. CHARLES LANE DAWSON. JR. "Melanie. I love you so much. I hope we can spend the rest of our lives together! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Good luck. Tamara. I love you all!" Concert Choir 2.3; Gospel Choir 3: Football 1.2; Wrestling 1.2. CHRISTIE LYNN DECKARD “Infantile love follows the principle: "I love because 1 am loved." Mature love follows the principle: "I am loved because I love." Immature love says: "I love you because I need you.” Mature love says: "I need you because I love you." Erich Fromm "Bart Conner. I need you because I love you." Pep Club 2.3. 4: French 3: DEC A 3: Softball 2.3: Maranatha 1; Teacher’s Aide 4: Artists in Action 4. TAMMY SUE deMARIGNY "Ron — when I look at you. I see my dreams of yesterday, my happiness today, and the joys of all our tomorrows. I love you always. Thanks Mom. Daa. Robbie. Teri. Jana, and Luckie — I love you all." Volleyball 1.3: Arete 1.2.3: Spanish Club 4: Computer Club 3: "M" Club 1.3: Beta Club 2.3.4: National Honor Society 3.4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3: Academic Letter 1; Powderpuff 3. 4. CAROL ANN DEPOORTER "When you smile at the world the world smiles back." "Thank you. Momma and Daddy for always telling me to smile pretty. It worked! I LOVE YOU BOTH!" Pep Club 1.2. Treasurer 2; Trojanette 1.2. Treasurer 1; Spanish Club 2; Literary Guild 1. 2: Maranatha 2: Arete 2. 3.4; Newspaper Staff 2: Epic Staff 2: Office Worker 1.4: Hero Child Care 4: SADD 4. LAURA ANN DIECKHAUS "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me show love, when there is doubt, let me have true faith and where there is sadness, help me bring joy." — Prayer of St. Francis To Mom and Dad thanks for everything you've done for me and to Deb. thanks for being there. I love you all. Volleyball 1.2.3. 4: Tennis 2.3. 4: "M" Club 1.2.3. 4; Ixidy "M" Club 1.2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4: Beta Club 3.4: Activities Committee 4: Mu Alpha Theta 3.4: Quill and Scroll 4: Arete Yearbook Staff 3. 4. Senior Section Editor 4; French Club 3. 4: Pep Club 1.2.3: Optimist Award (Unsung Hero) Tennis 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4: MSU Yearbook Workshop 3: Faces 4. KRYSTAL DAWN DRIGGERS "We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving." Thanks Mom. Dad. Julie. Ron. and the rest of my family and friends. Thespians4: DECA 2.3. 4. Treasurer 2. 4. Vice President 3. Executive Council 3. Regional Representative 3: Darter Club 3: Blue Feather (Lit. Mag.)3: Student Congress 3; Wrestling Cheerleader 2: "Damn Yankees" 1. WILLIAM MARTIN DUDA "Nuke the kooks!: Surfers Rule!: Pray for surf!; Go for it!: Skate and Destroy!; Surf to the max!: Catch air!: Locals Only!" Baseball 2.3; National Honor Society 3. 4. CHARLOTTE ANNE DUPREE "Well Mom. I'm finally graduating, be proud of me." Rodeo Club 1.2.3. 4. M. O. ECKEL III "He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose." Football 1; Track 1: Spanish Club 2.3: Maranatha 2, 3. 4. Mr. Red Cross 1: Computer Club 4: Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3: FCA 1: Vice President of Spanish Club 3: Pep Club 3: Homecoming Decoration Committee 3: Poem Published in "Directions ’83.” 2. 78 seniorPATIENCE MARIE ECKHART ”The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever.'' Bud Meyer Volleyball Manager 2.3. 4. CORNELL LAMAR EDWARDS “Every rich man has usually some sly way of jesting, which would make no great figure were he not a rich man. But I will some day." Football 1.2.3. 4. Wrestling 3. 4; Baseball 1. 3. 4; Track 2; Golf 1; Basketball 1; funior Achievement 2; FCA 2.3. 4; ASISA 2. 3. 4; M Club 1. 2.3.4; VAM Club 3: Spanish Club 4; Chess Club 3. 4. Representative 4. MELISSA RACHELLE ERVIN "1 shall pass through this world but once. If. therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do. let me do it now; let me not defer it or neglect it. for I shall not pass this way again." Maranatha 1,2.3. 4; Choir 1.3. 4; Gospel Choir 3.4; Pep Club 3. 4; Homecoming Refreshment Committee 3.4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3; Trojan Newspaper Staff 4; Close Up 3, 4; FHA 4; Optimist Club Award 3; Teacher's Aide 2; Faces 4. HENRIETTA MARIA KATARINA FAHLSTROM “There is only one success, that is to be able to spend your life in your own way." Exchange Student; Cross Country 4; Track 4. BEVERLY LAVON FERRELL "Once in a lifetime you find that someone special to share each moment, good or bad. You find the way to each other's heart and know this is the love you have longed for. I foun that someone special and it is Mark Funderburk." Pep Club 3; Maranatha 2.3.4; Hero Child Care 3.4; Attendance Helper 3; DECA 4. LUCKIE FERRELL "Some books are drenched sands on which a great soul's wealth lies all in heaps.” JENNIFER GAIL BRIGID FINDER “Nature’s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower; but only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down today. Nothing gold can stay." Robert Frost To Mom. Dad and Marty, thanks for all the Love. Support, and Understanding. To Pookie and Jack, thanks for all the fun times we shared. Remember "Trust me.” I love you all. Pep Club 1,2.3. 4; Trojanettes 2.3. 4; Maranatha 2; Yearbook 3. Editor 4; Arete 2.3. 4; Computer Club 3: Spanish Club 4. Vice-President 4; Powder Puff 4; Homecoming Committees 1.2.3. 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Quill and Scroll 4; MSU Yearbook Workshop 3. Ole Miss. Yearbook Camp 3; Hall of Fame 4; leaders 4. DWIGHT FINN IE "You shall judge a man by his foes as well as by his friends.” PAMELA DAWN FORD “I'm young. I'm wild, and I'm free, got the magic power and the music in me.” “Thanks Mom for being there and Ricky S. for being good. I love you Greg." French Club 3; VICA-VAM 11 4; Powder Puff 4; Guidance Worker 2. 3. RHONDA MICHELLE FRAZIER "The work will get harder before it gets easier, so just hang in there until your senior year comes.” Cheerleading 1.2; Track 1,2: Band 2; Fashion Show 3; Miss Millington Pageant 2. KATHRYN ELIZABETH FRIEND "Love whenvou can. cry when you have to. be who you must, that's a part of the plan. Await your arrival with simple survival and one day we’ll all understand.” Girls’ Choir 1.2; Concert Choir 2.3.4; Maranatha 1.2.3. 4. CAROL LOUISE FRITZ “There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen.” Wrestling Cheerleading 1.2; Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club 1; National Honor Society 3.4; Beta Club 3.4: Rap Club 3: Maranatha 1.2; Teacher's Aide 1,2.3. 4; Faces 4. senior 7980 senior DENISE FUSELIER “Nature’s greenery is life's high." TROY EDWARD GACEK “Ain't nothin' but a party: cake and ice cream." Coach Turner Football 3.4: Track 3. 4. Wrestling 3. 4: Mora nut ha 3. 4: Fellowship of Christian Athletes 3.4; Physics Club 4; Computer Science Club 4: Spanish Club 4. DAVID D. GARMOE (DAVE) "American by birth. Southern by choice. Maranatha 2. 3; Auto Mechanics Club 3.4: Spanish Club 2. CARMEN DIANE GAVROCK “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." Spanish Club 1; Maranatha 1. 2: Freshman Basketball 1; Wrestling Cheerleader 3: Beta Club 2.3.4. French Club 4; DEC A 4. VERA SUELLEN GAYDEN "When Time, who steals our years away. Shall steal our pleasures, too. The mem'ry of the past will stay. Ana half our joys renew." Thomas Moore Yearbook Staff 3. Assistant Editor 4: Marching and Concert Band 2.3. 4: Jazz Band 3: Librarian 3. 4: Beta Club 2. 3. Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. ARETE 2.3. 4; Octagon Club 2, 3. 4. Secretary 3; All-West Jazz Blue Band 3: All-West Concert Band Alternate 3; Memphis Youth Symphony Cadet Orchestra 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.4: Volleyball 1; Maranatha 1; FHA 2: French Club 3: Computer Club 3: Rotary Club Essay Winner 2: Wordsmith 120 Dash Winner 2; PTSA Vice President 4: Hall of Fame 4: All-West 7’ennessee Concert Blue Band 4. CYNTHIA SUE GERTSCHEN "I treasure the time I've spent with my family. Although the time was short for two. the memories are there forever." Student Council 2.3. Principal's Advisory 1.2; Class Favorite 1.2.3; Homecoming Court 2.3. 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Pep Club 1.2. 3. 4: Thespians 2.3. 4; French Club 3: M Club 1.2.3. Computer Club 3: Damn Yankees 1; Calamity Jane 2; Who’s Who 4; Cheerleader 1.2,3, Co-Captain 4. Office Worker 2. 3: Memphis State DECA Conference Finalist 3; NCA Fashion Model 3. 4; NCA All-American Cheerleader Nominee 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3: FCA 1. 2. 3; Yearbook Staff 4. Close-Up 3: Teacher's Aide 4; DECA 3; Hall of Fame 4. STACY GIBBONS “Talk happiness — The world is sad enough without your woe. No path is wholly rough.” SHAWN ALLEN GINGRICH “If you cannot have everything. make the best of everything you have." “A special thanks to NAN, Paw, Mom. Dr. Morton, my best friend Richard, and Mrs. D. I never would have made it without you all!" Student Council 2,3. President 4; Class President 2.3: Principal's Advisory' Council 2. 3. 4; National Beta Club 2. 3, Vice President 4; ARETE 2. 3: Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Award Winner 2; Maranatha 1. Staff Member 2. 3.4; Spanish Club 2.3; Top 10% in U.S. on National Educational Developmental Test 1. 2: Newspaper Staff 2. Business Manager 3. Associate Editor 4. Sport's Editor 3; Teacher's Aide 1.2,3, 4. MCHS Wordsmith Tournament 2nd Place Overall 2,3rd Place Overall 3; Rotary Club Essay Winner 2; Memphis State University Math Contest 2. Comprehensive 3; Junior Achievement 2. President 2; Optimist Club Award Winner 1. 2; Pep Club 3. 4; Century III Scholarship Judging Committee 2. 3; Powder Puff Football Committee 3; Homecoming Court Backdrop Committee 3; Reevaluation Committee 3; Youth for Understanding Student Exchange Nominee 3: Student Congress on Public Education Delegate 3: United States Achievement Academy 3; Science Bowl Competition 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Delta State University Leadership Conference Delegate 3; National Quill and Scroll 3. 4; National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award in Writing 3; National Honor Society 3. 4; American Legion Boys' State Nominee 3; Computer Club; Sadie Hawkins Dance Chairman 3; Accounting Competition 3: Memphis State Chemistry Competition 3; Baccalaureate and Graduation Usher 3; State Board of Education Nominee 3; Science Club 4; Millington Environmental Improvement Commission 4; SADD 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4 WENDY MARIE GLOVER “As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time, and every golden moment spent with Dale I’ll cherish forever: I Love You Dale." Maranatha 1.2; ROTC Drill Team 1. 2; ROTC Color Guard 2; TO EC 3. 4; Choir 2; FHA 2.3.4; Attendance Worker 3. 4: Library Aide 4; Wrestling Cheerleader 4. ROBERT GRANN IS "All men are frightened. The more intelligent they are. the more they are frightened. The courageous man is the man who forces himself, in spite of his fear, to carry on." General George S. Patton. Jr. Band Manager 2; Marching Band 3. 4; Wrestling 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Who's Who 3; Computer Club 1. 3: NJROTC 3. Drill Team 1, 2; POA Officer 3; Spanish Club 4; Octagon Club 4. TIM GRAVES "Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough." BOBBIE DIANE GREENHAW “The best and most beautiful things in the world can't be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Computer Club 3; Maranatha 1.2; French 4; DECA 4.REBECCA LYNN GREER “Time passes; Friendship endures." Intermediate Band 1; Pep Band 1,3; Marching Band 2.3.4: Concert Band 2.3. 4: [unior Representative 3; Flute Section Leader 4; Solo and Ensemb e; Jazz Band 3;"Calamity fane'' Orchestra 2; Spanish Club 1.2; Wordsmith 1; Superior-NEDTTest 1; Arete 2.3.4; Maranatha 2. 4; Talent Show 3; Miss Millington Contestant 3; Pep Ciub 3; Octagon Club 3, 4. Vice President 3. President 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; National Government and History Award 3; Yearbook Staff 4. Senior Activities Editor 4; Tennessee Tomorrow Founder 4; Faces 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. KATHERINE JOY GUETTERMAN “Trust ye in the Lord forever; for in the Lord God is everlasting strength." Isaiah 26:4 Volleyball 1.2. 3.4. Co-Captain 4; District 16 All Tournament Team 4; Basketball; Track 1.2.3. 4; Beta Club 2.3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; Arete 1.2.3. 4. M Club 1.2,3. 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Computer Club 3; Teacher's Aide 2.3; Lady Trojan 1.2.3. 4; MSU Math Competition Alcebra I1. Geometry 2. Algebra II3; American legion Girls' State 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Who's Wno 4; Hall of Fame 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. DAVID G. GULLEY “The seed of love is planted and it grows from day to day. and like the flower in Spring it shall never fade away. A special thanks to Michelle and T.C." ROBERT MARTIN HAGAN “Life’s greatest failure is failing to be true to the best you know." Track 1,2,3, 4; Cross Country 2,3, 4; National Honor Society 3. President 4; Freshman Class Treasurer 1; Hugh O'Brian Youth Conference 2. RENEE BRITT HAILE “While it is well enough to leave footprints on the sands of time, it is even more important to make sure they point in a commendable direction." National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Yearbook Staff 4. Sports Editor 4; French Club 2. 3. 4; MSU Wordsmith 2. 3; Who’s Wno Among High School Students 3. 4; UT Martin Science Bowl 3; Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Computer Club 4: National Merit Semifinalist 4; Faces 4. CARL BRADLEY HALE “Life is great. School was too. My life would be blue. Without all of you. Goa bless everyone." Football 1.2; Basketball 4. JANE ELIZABETH HALE “Do not walk ahead of me. I may not follow. Do not walk behind me. I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend." Volleyball 1; Intermediate Band 1; M Club 2; Arete 2. 3,4; Office Worker 2. 4. Marching Band 2.3, 4; Concert Band 2. 3. 4, Uniform Manager 3.4; Section leader 4: Optimist Award (Band) 3; “Damn Yankees" Orchestra; “Calamity lane" Orchestra; Faces 4; Solo Ensemble 1,2.3. 4; All West Senior High Band Alternate 3; MCHS Talent Show 3; DECA Club — Treasurer 3. President 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Who's Who Among High School Students 4. MICHELLE LYNN HALL "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. Happy g raauation Cindy! Thank you Mom, Lem, Daa. Deb., and fonny — I love you!" French Club 2. 3; DECA 4; TOEC 4; Attendance Worker 1.2,3, 4; Junior Achievement 3; Powder Puff 4; Arete 3. TINA MICHELE HAMILTON “There is no duty we underrate so much as the duty of being happy. Good luck W.W.O.A.!!" FHA 1. 4; Vica Cosmetology 2.3.4; SADD 4; Pep Club 4. KAREN WAINE HANCE “Live each moment as if it were your last. Don't look back and never look ahead, because that is the past and future. The time is now. so smile and thank God I’m still alive. 1 don't know where I’m going but I’m on my way. Thanks Mom and Dad. I Love You'" FHA 1,2; Maranatha 1.2,3, 4; DECA 3; Pep Club 1. 2; TOEC 3. 4; Community Day Committee 1.2.3; MSU-DECA leadership Conference 3. loANN RENNIE HANCOCK l'My time has come to say good-bye to Millington High. I've had a lot of fun here and I will never forget it. These last four years have been the best times of my life. Thanks Loree. Karen, and Carl for being the best friends anyone could ever have. Special thanks to Nanny ana Daddy, 1 love you very, very much and I could not have made it without you." VIC A Cosmetology 3. 4. TED WAYNE HANNAH "Perfect courage and complete cowardice are two extremes which happen rarely. la Rochefoucauld Computer Science Club 3,4. senior 81SUZANNE MICHELE HANSGEN "I take life a day at a time and live it to the fullest. I may succeed and I may fail, but I know that with love in my heart, a smile on my face, and God in my life. I can never be a loser. I love y all... Mom. Dad. and Kevin. And special thanks to all my friends who have given me support and encouragement throughout the years." Beta club 4; National Honor Society 3.4: Maranatha 2.4; Arete 3. 4; French Club 4; Softball 4: Teacher's Aide 1; Science Club 4; Who's Who 4. MATTHEW "MATT” HARDAWAY "Ain't nothing to it. but to do your best. Do it while you're still alive and do it till you're satisfied. Do your best so you can pass the test and when the good Lord puts you to rest you'd know that you did your best because you'll have a diploma just like the rest who did their best." Basketball; Football 3. 4; Hero III 2.3: FCA Chorus 1.3.4. SUSAN MICHELLE HARDEE "A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew." Pep Club 1: Beta Club 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 2.3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; Thespians 2.3. 4. Historian 3: Computer Club 3: Octagon 2: Faces 4. MELINDA DARNELL HARKNESS "During this time of a high schooi graduate, we begin to realize you are what you make yourself. We begin to look at the future at a different perspective and analyze the years that are behind us. These years can be memorable ones. 1 have enjoyed my years at MCHS and have many cherished moments. I appreciate all the love ana support my parents have given me." Basketball 1; Volleyball 1.2. M Club 1.2; Maranatha 1.2.3; Attendance Worker 4: DECA 4. BARBARA JEAN HARLESS "Life is God's gift to you; what you do with your life is your gift to God." Proverbs 3:5-6 Track 2.4;Cross Country 3.4; Pep Club 2.3; Cosmetology VICA 2.3.4; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; FCA 2.3 4; FCA 2.3. ANNETTE "MICKEY’ HARRIS "There are many things and dreams in my life that I would like to do. but to know I'm one person I cannot make all my dreams come true. But to know God is on my side, and I have hopes for the future. I will reach my goal." Hero II Vice-President; FHA Reporter 2; ROTC 1.2; Drill Team 1.2; Gospel Choir: General Choir. Wrestling Cheerleader: Child Care I. ANDREW D. HART “I’m Gone!!" Track 2.3.4; DECA 3. 4: Cross Country 4. DENISE SUSANNE HART "Absence is to love what wind is to fire, it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great." TOEC 3.4 Parliamentarian 3; DECA 3.4. Parliamentarian 3; French Club 2; Maranatha 4: Pep Club 4; FHA 2.4; Fashion Club 3.4; Office Worker 2; Teacher's Aide 1; Powderpuff Football 4. DAVID HARVEY "Be subtle in intent yet deliberate in motive." Arete 2.3.4; Beta Club 2. 3. 4. President 4; National Honor Society 3.4. Secretary 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Spanish Club 4: Computer Club 3.4; Science Club 4; Principal’s Aavisory Committee; Student Council Vice-President 4; Rotary Youth Leadership Conference Delegate 3; Alpha Phi Alpha Leadership Development Delegate 3; Who’s Wno Among American High School Students 3. 4; Thespians 1.2. 3. 4.Treasurer 4; "Calamity lane" 2; "Working" 3; Marching Band 1.2.3. 4; Concert Band 1.2.3. 4; Class Representative 1.2: Vice President 4; Section Leader 2.3.4; Solo and Ensemble Concert Choir 2: Maranatha 2.4; Sadie Hawkins Decorating Committee 3; Mid-South Talent Show 4; Octagon Club 1.2.4; Who’s Who 4; Faces 4. CHRISTY DIANE HASTINGS "Mem'ries light the corners of my mind, misty watercolored mem'ries of the way we were. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind, smiles we gave to one another for the way we were. Mem'ries may be beautiful and yet, what’s too painful to remember we simply choose to forget. So it's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were.” 1 give all my Love. Thanks, and appreciation to my Mom and Dad. and a lifetime of Love to Tommy. I owe thanks to all of my friends, especially Beth. I couldn't have made it without you all. TOEC 3.4; Maranatha 4; DECA 4: Pep Club 3.4; Powder Puff 4; Teacher’s Aide 3. MICHAEL SHAWN HAYES "Fantasy' is revealing: it is a method of cognition: Everything that is imagined is true; nothing is true if it is not imagined." Football 1.2.3. 4; Track 2. 3.4; Wrestling 1; Basketball 1; M Club 2.3. 4; Pep Club 1. GARY ROBERT HAYSLIP "Strive for the future, that's where your destiny lies." Pep Club 1; Football 1; Soccer 1.2; ROTC; Drill Team 2.3. 4. Rifle Team 2.3. Staff 2.3.4; Academic Team 2.3; Color Guard 2; Chess Club 2.3.4. 82 seniorMARY ELIZABETH HAZLETT "Happv are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. Always remember your family, sometimes they are your only friends. I love you. Mom." Volleyball 2. 3. 4; Physics Club Vice President 3; Science Club 4: Computer Club 3. 4. MELANIE HEATHCOCK "Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes.” JOHN CURTIS HEMINWAY "In the search for knowledge and wisdom, we have studied for twelve years, but we have to ask ourselves. 'Have I learned all I am capable of learning? Has mankind learned all that it is capable of learning? What can I contribute to mankind's knowledge, and how far can we go?' For mankind has only begun to learn, and we will learn much more throughout our lives. Football 1.2, 4; Thespian 3.4; NFL 3. 4; Dracula 3; Chess Club 3. President 4 DAWN MICHELLE HILL "Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream for happenings and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Thanks for everything Mom. Dad. Melony. and Sonya. I could not have made it without y'all." Cheerleading 1.2.3; M Club 1,2,3: French Club 1,2: Computer Club 4; Attendance Worker; TOEC 4; DECA 4. DEBORAH FAYE HISSONG "True wisdom consists principally of two parts: the knowledge of God. and the knowledge of ourselves." John Calvin Cheerleading 2.3.4. Captain 4: Attendance Worker 1,2.3,4: Miss Millington 4tn Runner-Up 3. Pep Club 2. 3.4: Spanish Club 3: Computer Club 3: Maranatha 1.2. 3.4; M Club 2. 3; Lady M Club 2.3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2.3; SADD President 4; Science Club 4; Who’s Who 4; Faces 4. STEVEN NEAL HOGAN "there is only one success... To be able to spend life in your own way." Christopher Morley Basketball 1; VIC A Cosmetology 3.4. JOHN LOUIS HOLDERMAN "Midnight... There is no sound in the forest — only the phantom murmur of the far wind and the wind’s shadow drifts as smoke through ebon branches; there a single star glistens in the heart of night... a star Look skyward now... ana see above ... Infinity” Robert Burnhaus, Jr. Band 1.2.3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4. MICHAEL D. HOOD "My thanks to Mrs. Dobbins. Mrs. Burk, Mr. Price. Mr. Crenshaw. Mr. Bergen, and Mr. Como for teaching me-Free at last!!!" Computer Club 3; Beta Club 3. 4. STEPHEN BOYD HOXIE "Crazy, well that's how it goes, millions of people living as foes. Maybe it's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate." Ozzy Osbourne Wrestling 1. 2.4; Track 4; French Club 1; DECA 3; M Club 2, 4; Regional Math Finals 2; State DECA Finals 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. JACQUELINE LORAIN E HU DM AN "How fortunate are those who share the many joys of friendship. Thank you Donna and Jennifer for being there for me." Spanish Club 1. 2; Beta Club 3. 4; Computer Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Teacher’s Aide 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; History and Government Award 3; Arete 3. 4; Faces 4. DEBORAH ANN HULTZ "There will never be another now — I'll make the most of today. There will never be another me — I'll make the most of myself. ” Robert H. Schuller Volleyball Tennis 1,2.3.4; French Club 3.4. President 4. M Club; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3; Teacher's Aide 3; Lady Trojan 1.2,3.4; Yearbook 4; Faces 4. BILLIE JO HUMMEL "As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love and support you’ve given me these years, lulie Bo. Mimmer. and Elaine, you're the best friends anyone could ever nave — thanks for everything! I finally made it!" FHA 1; French Club 2; Band 2; Attendance Worker 4. senior 83BRENDA LYNN HUNT "Regrets I've had a few. but then again too few to mention . .. I did it my way.” Softlxill 1: Pep Club 1.2. Drama Club 3: Spanish Club 1: Band Manager 4 BENE MICHELE fAGEB “Life is your decision — we choose to do or die. Can you live with the rality of 1985?” Pep Club 1; Beta Club 2. 3. 4: National I ionor Society 3. 4; TOEC 3. 4: ARETE 3. 4; Computer Club 4; (fptimist Club Award 2. 3; Yearbook Staff. Typing and Index Editor 4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4; National History and Government Award 3; Academic All-American 4; Society for the Advancement of Management Award 3; Faces 4. DONNA LYNN JOHNSON "It is easy enough to be pleasant, when life flows by like a song, but the man worthwhile is one who will smile, when everything goes dead wrong. For the test of the heart is trouble, and it always comes with the years, and the smile that is wortn all the praises on earth is the smile that shines through tears. Thanks Mom. Dad. C.J.. and L.J. for all of the help through the years.” Pep Club 1.2. 3.4; Trojanette 2.3. 4; Maranutha 1: Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Beta Club 3. 4: Computer Club 3: Sptmish Club 4: ARETE 3. 4; Yearbook 3.4. Senior Section Editor 4; History and Government Award 3: Academic All-American Award 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4: I lomecommg Committee 1.2.3. 4. Sadie I lawkins Committee 3; MSU Yearbook Workshop 3; Hall of Fame 4. KELVIN JONES "The years I had were kind. I never had money but had a good time.” MARCEL ANDERSON JONES "Life is like sports, it's not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game." Foorlxjll 1. Manager 2.3: Basketball 4. Manager 1.2.3: Baseball 1.2.3, 4. MELODY KAY JONES "Take a step across the Rubicon; future's knocking at your door; take the time to choose the road you want, omxirtunity is yours. Iourney. Thanks Mom. Dad. Michelle, and especially Stan. I love you all. I couldn't have done it without all of you." Student Council 1. Sfxinish Club 1: Literary Guild 1; DECA 4. TOEC 4; Computer Club 4. MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER JOYNER "Destiny’s a road we ride sight unseen; our thought untried through the years: a million miles a tna I of errors: a life of trials." VICA-VAB 4: Homecoming Escort 1. DANIEL KELLY “If you think your life is complete confusion. Because you never win the game, just remember that life is all a grand illusion, and deep inside we re all the same.” STYX DAWN ROBIN KENNEDY “Dreams are like forevers: they never die. For without dreams there is no tomorrow and without a tomorrow there is no today. Thank you jimmy for my tomorrow and my today. I love you." TOEC 3. 4: DECA 3: Beta Club 2.3. 4: National I Ionor Society 3. 4: ARETE 3. PAUL VINCENT MICHAEL KENNY “Life is like a frog. There are many ups and downs." Wrestling Cross Country' 3.4: Computer Club 3.4: Track 4: Varsity Club 2.3. 4. GENE W. FLETCHER “All good things go to all good people." LISA ANNE KESLER “1 must dream the impossible dream: fight the unfightable foe: hear the unbearable sorrow: run where the brave dare not to go: right the unrightable wrong: love pure ami chaste from a far: try when my arms are too weary; reach for the unreachable star. .Vo matter how hopeless it may seem. This is my quest to follow that star, no matter how fur. I must be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause. "With these things my today has hope for a tomorrow." — "The Quest" by foe Darion and Mitch Leigh SADD 4: M Club 3. 4: Sadie 1 lawkins 3; Office Worker 1. 2.3: Mananatha 1.2: Thespian 2.3. 4. Spring Musical 1. 2.3: Wrestling Cheerleader 3: National Honor Society 3. 4: Beta Club 2.3. 4: Close-Up 3: Winter Festival 2. 3: Yearbook staff 3. Editor 4: ARETE 2.3.4; Who’s Who 4; 1 lall of Fame 4: Who’s Who Among High School Students 3. 4. 84 seniorBRUCE ALAN KIDWELL "It's amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do." Spanish Club 1; French Club 3. 4. Computer Club 4. Maranatha 1.2; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. KENNETH DURRELL KIMBEL ”God grant me the serenity to sccept the things I cannot change, courage to change those things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." FHA2 BARBARA JO KIMES "You're only young once, but immaturity can last a lifetime. Thanks Mom. Dad. and Darrin. I couldn't nave done it without you." DECA4 JULIE ANNE KLINKEFUS ‘Ha ng onto your dreams until you die. lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Flashaance. don't forget to meet me in Fort Lauderdale to look for those guys in black shorts!" FHA 1.2.3. 4. Representative 1.2. Parliamentarian 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4; Pep Club 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 4; Yearbook Photographer 4; Faces 4. WENDY LYNN KNIGHTS "My high school days are over now and 1 keep the memories safe. I look forward to the future because I plan to make something of myself! 1 want to thank my parents for straightening out my head when I needed it! THANKS!" DEC A 3: TOEC 3.4: Softball 4 TERESA LYNN KUEIDER "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we'll take the best, forget the rest and someday we'll find — these are the best of times! Thanks Mom ana Dad for helping make these the best of time for me. I LOVE YA!" Pep Club 1. 4; DEC A 4; FHA 2; TOEC 3. 4 TIMMY ALLEN LAIRD "God gave us two ends — one to sit on and one to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most. Heads we win. tails we lose." JANA LYNN LAMMEY ’‘Through the years I've learned not to live in the past, but to cherish the memories and look only towards the future. Thanks for being friends when I needed them the most. Toni. Teri. Luckie and the Cook family. 1 love you. Mom. Dad. and Billy. I MADE IT! (you too Paulette)." French Club 4; DECA 4. ROBIN GRACE LAMONT "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." FHA Reporter 1.2.3. President 4; Powderpuff3.4. Computer Club 3; Teacher's Aide 2.3.4; Library Assistant 1: Faces 4: TOEC 3. Reporter 4. PAUL EDWARD LANDRY "There is a time to let things happen and a time to make things happen. 1 love you ROTC 1.2,3. 4: Staff 2. 3. 4; Drill Team 1.2.3. 4; Rifle Team 2.3. 4; Color Guard 2.3; Honor Guard 3. 4; Public Affairs Officer 2: Operations Officer 2; Supply Officer. Executive Officer 3; Company Commander 4. JAMES HARMON LARGUE "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best, forget the rest. and someday we'il find — these are the best of times." STYX Football 1.2.3; Baseball 1.2.3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Computer Club 3.4; Physics Club 4; M-Club; Maranatha 3.4; FCA 3.4; RAP 3; Teacher's Aide 4; Who's Who 4. LESTER MITCHELL LAWSON III "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go. instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." n „ Football Manager 1.2.3; Wrest ing; Class Treasurer 2; FCA 1.2.3. 4: RAP 3. 4: VICA-VAB 3. 4; Maranatha 3. 4. senior 85FRANK DON LEE “To accomplish great things, we must not only act. but also dream; not only plan, but also Believe.” Football 1.2.3. 4; Wrestling; Beta Club 2.3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; French Club 2; M Club 2.3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; United States Achievement Academy Finalist 3; UTM Science Bowl 3; Computer Club 4; Physics Club 4; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. SHARON LEECH "There is just one contribution which every one of us can make; we can give into the common pool of experience some comprehension of the world as it Iooks to each of us." FHA 1; Arete 1.3; Pep Club; Vice President 3; President 4; Trojanette 3.4; Homecoming Committee; DEC A 3.4 Secretary 3; Tennessee DEC A State Winner for Free Enterprise 3; DECA Regional Winner for Free Enterprise 3; TOEC 3.4. Treasurer 3; Spanish Club 4; Community Day Princess 3; National Honor Society 3. 4;Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Attendance Worker 3. 4; Secretary Senior Class 4; Community Day Committee 4; Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4; JOHN JOSEPH LEPPERTII "Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” — Mark Twain Beta Club 3.4;Cross Country 3; Track 3; MSU Algebra I Competition 2; 1st Place Regional Winner — Algebra 12; MSU Geometry Competition 3; Spanish Club 3,4; M-Club 4: Close-Up 3.4; MU Alpha Theta 4; Academic Letter 3; Computer Ciub 4. KENNETH DWAYNE LEWIS "If a man could climb to heaven and survey the vast universe, his admiration of its beauties would be greatly reduced if he did not have someone to share his pleasure. Vickie, thanks for helping me find that pleasure." Baseball 1.2. 4; Basketball 1.2. 4; FCA;Artist in Action 2. 3. 4;Chess Club 4; M-Club; RAP 2.3. MELISSA ANN LEWIS “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you. it is yours; if it doesn't, it never was." Spanish Club 2; Maranatha 3.4; Beta Club 3.4. LORI MICHELLE LISHMAN "The future is our destiny, and time remains our foe. But we have many memories, and must never let them go. To stop the hands of time, could make us all feel clever. But time could still escape us. while our memories last forever. Thank you mom. Pat and Travis and all the people who have helped me through this last year. 1 couldn't have made it without you. 1 love you all." Intermediate Band 1; Marching Band 2; Concert Band 2. 4; Solo and Ensembie 1. 2. 4; Octagon Club 2. 4; DECA 4. PAUL ANDREW LONG “There is nothing more valuable than Peace of Mind; live to ride, ride to live..." — Harley Davidson Motorcycles of America VAM 3. 4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3 PAMELA JEAN LONIER “The pleasures of the senses pass quickly; Those of the heart become sorrows, but those of the mind are ever with us. even to the end of our journey." Cross Country; Pep Club 2.3.4; Track; M-Club; Close-Up 3. 4; Paper Staff 4; Faces 4. KEITH LYELL “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." RONALD LEE LYNCH “I hereby leave to the Freshman class upon my graduation from MCHS all my smarts. Ha' Ha' The joke's on them for I have no smarts." DREW MAGRUDER “Cleverness is serviceable for everything, sufficient for nothing." KEVIN ARTHUR MAHARREY “No rest for the wicked. Metal rules" VAM 13. 86 seniorCHRISTINE MARIE MANLEY "Two things have I required of thee; deny me them not before I die; Remove far from me vanity and lies; give me neither poverty not riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest Ibe full, and deny thee, and say. who is the Lord? or lest I be poor, ana steal, and take me name of my God in vain." Proverbs 30:7-9 Spanish 1. 4; Maranatha 1.2.3, 4; Yearbook 4. EILEEN MARIE MARTIN "There are no fragments so precious as those of time, and none so needlessly lost by people who cannot make a moment, and yet waste years." Basketball 1; Track 1; Maranatha 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 2; FHA 2; Pep Club 3; TOEC 3. 4; TAPS 3; Arete 3. 4; Beta Club 3. 4; Homecoming Picture Committee 3: Sadie Hawkins Decorations Committee 3: Computer Club 4. TERRANCE MASON "You're never fully dressed without a smile!" LAURA DAWN MAYHUGH "Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way. he shall fall himself into his own pit: but the upright shall have good things in possession." Proverbs 28:10 FHA 1; Maranatha 1.2. 3. 4; Staff 2. 3; I Zero Child Care I 4; DECA 4; TOEC 3. CYNTHIA JENICE McBROOM "A friend is not a friend if they have to be bought." Concert Choir 3. 4; Gospel Choir 4; Talent Show Participant 2.3. 4; Hero Club 2. 3; Powder Puff 3. JOHN D. McCLAIN, JR. "Take your time... don't live too fast, troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and you'll find love. And don't forget. Son. There is someone up above." DECA 4; Football 1; FHA 4; FCA 4; Maranatha 4 DAVID WAYNE McCLANAHAN "I didn't play football, and I don't regret it. I didn't make A s. and I don't regret it. I stayed clear of all my teachers and I don't regret it." Auto Body 3.4; VIC A VAB 3. 4; Band 4; ROTC 1.4; Teachers Aide; AISA. JENNIFER ANNE MEDEARIS "The future is a world limited by ourselves: in it we discover only what concerns us and. sometimesby chance, what interests those whom we love the most." Pep Club 1.2.3. 4; Track Manager 2.3. 4; Crosscountry Manager 2.4; FHA 1; Who's Wno Among American High School Students 4; Computer Club 4; M Club 2.3. 4; Homecoming Committee (Publicity) 2.3. 4; Winter Festival Committee (Publicity) 2. 3. TIMOTHY F. MEEKS "Haste makes waste." MARA ANN MELTON "Take all the time you spend wishing for tomorrow, and spend it making today come true.” Student Council 1; Class Secretaiy 1; Homecoming Court 1; Cheerleader 1; Homecoming Picture Backdrop Committee 3; Pep Club 3. 4; Maranatha 3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. DORIS ARLENE MIDDLETON "After all is said and done, there's a lot more said than done.1 Pep Club 1.2. 3. 4; Office Worker 3. 4; FHA 3. 4. BRENDA LEE MILLER "The greatest reward in life for doing something is the opportunity to do more. And though you may not alwaysbe rewarded for your efforts, deep down inside, you know you triea. With all my love and thanks to Mrs. Williams and my best friend Robin Aubert.” Sadie Hawkins Committee Homecoming Committee; Volleyball 1. 2.3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3. 4; French Club 2; Spanish Club 1.2.3. 4; DECA 3. 4; Trojanette 3. 4; Teacher's Aide 4; Attendance Worker 2.3; Softball 3; Powder Puff 3. 4. Close-Up 3; Computer Club 4; Maranatha 4; M Club 3. 4; Community Day Committee 3. 4 senior 87DUANE LINDSEY MILLER “Sometimes a majority simply means that all the fools are on the same side." Talent Show 1: Vica Vab 4. DWAYNE EVERETT MILLER I've got a baby's brain, and an old man's heart. Took eighteen years to get this far. Don't always know what I'm talking about. Feels like I'm living in the middle of doubt, cause I'm eighteen, and I like it. — Alice Cooper Talent Show 3. 4. REBECCA LYNN MILLER "I would have to say the expression that's been true to life with me is... Time heals all wounds." "Thanks Mom and Dad for always coming throuah." Home Economics 1.2: Teacher’s Aide 2.3.4: Art 1.4: Computer Club 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4: Chemistry 3. LORI DEE MILLINGTON Don't look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone: and do not be troubled about the future for it is yet to come: live in the present and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering." FHA 1: Pep Club 3.4: DECA 3.4: TAPS 4: RAP 4: FCA 4: TOEC 4: Maranatha 4 TINA MARIE MONTGOMERY "Don't cry unless you're happy. Don't smile unless you’re Blue, never let that lonelv monster take control of you. Be glad that you are free, free to change your mind. Free to go most anywhere, anytime Be glad that you are free. There’s many a man who’s not. Be glad for what you had and what you've got... FREE: Prince 1999. Tnanks Mom and Dad. I love you'" Art 200 1: Art 308 2: Art 301 3: Cosmetology 2. 3. 4: Vica 3. Reporter 4; Who’s Who 4. BRIAN WADE MOORE "Forward ever. Backwards never. Sideways sometimes.” Wrestling 1. 2.3: Track 2: Yearbook Staff 3. 4: National Honor Society 3.4;National Beta Club 2.3. 4: AIASA 2.3. Treasurer 2. Vice President 3: Computer Club 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4; M-Club 3: MSU Geometry Competition 2: Arete 2.3.4: Optimist Club Award Winner for High Scholastic Averace 1; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4: National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 4: UT Martin Science Bowl 3: MSU Chemistry Competition 3: National Educational Development Test Award for Superior Performance 1.2: MSU Yearbook Workshop 3: Quill and Scroll 4. Outstanding Programming Performance in Computer Science I 3: Outstanding Scholastic Achievement in Computer Science 13: Who's Who 4: Hall of Fame 4. KAREN ANN MOORE “I am only one. but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because 1 cannot do everything. I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." Edward Everett Hale Pep Club 1.2.3. 4. Treasurer 4; Powder Puff 3. 4: Cross Country Manager 1.2, Spanish Club 3. 4. Computer Club 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: Who’s Who 4: Faces 4. BRENT DAVID MORGAN "Ah but revenge is a blessing sweeter than life itself — so think the uninstructed." Rodeo Club 3.4. TIMOTHY JOSEPH MORRISON "Cause you can’t starve us out. and you can’t make us run. Cause we’re them ole boys raised on shotgun." Hank Williams Jr. Wrestling 3: Yearbook Staff 3.4:National Honor Society 3.4: National Beta Club 2. 3.4: AIASA 3: Computer Club 3.4. President 4: Mu Alpha Theta 3.4: MSU Algebra I Competition 1. MSU Geometry Competition 2:6th place in MSU Geometry Competition 2: MSU Advanced Math Competition 3:2nd Place in MSU Advanced Math Competition 3: Arete 3. 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4: MSU Chemistry Competition 3: National Educational Development Test Award for Superior Performance 2: MSU Yearbook Workshop 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Outstanding Programming Performance 2: Outstanding Scholastic Achievement in Computer Science 13: Faces 4. ALLYSON ELIZABETH MORTON “Most people's shadows are created by standing in their own sunshine." Cheerleader 1.2.3: Office Worker 1.2.3. 4: Computer Club 3.4: Pep Club 4. BEVERLY ELAINE MOSS "Four long years have come and gone. Times have changed and styles have too. But no matter how the times or the styles change, let no one change you." R.O.T.C. 1.2.3. 4: Drill Team I. 2.3. Color Guard 4: R.O.T.C. Female Drill Team Commander 3: Guidance Worker 2: Teacher's Aide 4: 2nd Runner-Up R.O.T.C. Queen 3. ROBERT MOSS. JR. “Life is like a mountain railroad with an engineer that’s brave: we must make the run successful from cradle to grave." Football 1: Track 1: Baseball 2: Band 2: ROTC 1.2,3; Drill Team 1.2.3: Assistant Drill Team Commander, Platoon Commander. 88 seniorCAROLYN DIANE NELLSEN "Since having children does mean giving up so much, gornl parents naturally do. and should expect something in return: not spoken (honks for being or being cared for — that's too much — but consideration, affection and willingness to accept the parents' standards and ideals. The parents wont these qualities m their children not only selfishly for themselves, but because they want their children to grow up to live cooperatively and happily with others." Benjamin Spock "I love you Klom and Dad; My family and Tommy." Pep Club 1.2.3. 4. TOEC 3. 4; Computer Club 4; h'l IA 2.4; Library Assistant 2. 3. 4 ELIZABETH MARIE NIX "BETH” "In sailing away, set an open course for my fantasies. I've got to be free, free to face the life that's ahead of me. On board I'm the caDtain, so climb aboard, well search for tomorrow on every shore, and I’ll try. Lord Knows. I ll try to carry on. I give all my love and appreciation to my parents and friends who helped me make these 4 years memorable ones and to Cnristy. for being mv best friend. To Shari, Smooch, and Sean all the patience and hope to get out of school. I love ya II. Good-bye MCHSU" TOEC 3. 4; DEC A 4; Maranutha 4; Pep Club 4; Office Worker 2. ANDY DALE OGLESBY "Before you can score, you must have a goal. Thanks. Mom and Dad." Baseball 3.4; DECA 3; M-Club; TAPS 2.4. Artist in Action 4: FCA 4. DEAN ALLEN OGLESBY "Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no one is. and to do what no other can do." Football 1; TAPS 2; DECA 3. 4; Maranatha 1.2.3. 4; baseball 2. 4; Math Club 3.4. LORALEE ANN OLSON "Love is a little company of two where joy is shared, grief divided, and the road traveled together." Cosmetology 2. 3. 4; Vica 3. 4. Club Advisor 3. Vice President 4. Cross Country Manager 1.2. 4; Pep Club 2.3. 4; Close-Up 3. 4. Washington D.C. 3; M-Club 1.2.3. 4; Math Tutor 3. LAURA MARIE O'REAR "So if you think your life is a complete confusion be cause your neighbor'sgot it made, lust remember it’s the Grand Illusion and deep inside we're all the same." Styx Pep Club 1.2; Maranatha 1; FHA 4; Hero II 4; Powderpuff 4. RONALD PATRICK O'ROURKE II "To each his own." Concert Choir 1. 2.3. 4; Spanish Club 2. Physics Club 3; Science Club 4; Computer Club 3. 4; Chess Club 4. Treasurer 4. LISA LYNN OWENS "Live each moment as if it were your last. Don't look back and never look ahead, because that is the past and future. The time is now. so smile and thank God I’m still alive. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way. Thanks mom for everything, love ya." BARBARA LEE PADDOCK "To the things you want in life, go for it." BETTY LOU PADDOCK "You have to be crazy to live in this world. Mat Maids; Office Aide; Teacher's Aide. LORI LEE PARHAM "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. Thanks M.M.. Mom. ana Dad. Bye to all my friends. FHA 1; Pep Club 1.2.3. 4; Close-Up 3: Rodeo 4; Attendance Worker 2.3. 4; Math Tutor 2.3. LISA JENEAN PERRY "I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me." Philippians 4:13 Intermediate Band 1; Marching Band 2. 3. 4. Librarian 3. 4. Field Commander 3. 4. Concert Band 2.3. 4. Jazz Band3; All-West lr. Concert Band 1: All-West Sr. Concert Band 2. 3; McDonald's All-American Band Nominee 3; "Damn Yankees" Orchestra 1; "Calamity lane" Orchestra 2: Talent Show Participant 3; Rodeo Club 1; National High School Rodeo Finals Qualifier 2.3. 4; Tennessee High School Rodeo 1. 2,3. 4. National Vice President 3. Treusurer 2. Vice President 3; French Club 1. 2 Vice President 2; Octagon 2. 3. 4. President 3.4; M Club 2. 3. 4. Leaders of MCHS 3; Teacher’s Aide 4; Basketball 1: Optimist Oratorical Awards 1.2; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3; Wordsmith Winner 1; L’ssay Winner 3; Miss Millington Pageant 2.3.4; lunior Miss Shelby County Pageant 3; Beta Club 2.3. 4. Treasurer 3. Secretary 4; National I lonor Society 3. 4. Class President 4. Who's Who 4; Hall of Fame 4. senior 89TIMOTHY BRYANT PERRY "And all things, whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matthew 21:22 Football Beta Club 2.3.4: FCA National Honor Society 3.4: Mu Alpha Theta 3.4; Maranatha TRACEY DIANE PERRY "Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not. nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say. I have no pleasure in them." Ecclesiastes 12:1 Marching Concert Band 2. 4: Octagon 1: Pep Club 1.2.4; Secretary 2, Vice President 4: Trojanette 2. 4; Maranatha 1.2. 4: DEC A 4; TOEC 4: Homecoming Decoration Committee 2.4; Winter Festival Decoration Committee 1.2. ANTHONY JOEL PICKLE (TONY) "Talent is a dull knife that must be sharpened with wielded force." Band 1,2; Literary Guild 4: Computer Club 1: VICA-vAM 3. DOUGLAS HOWELL PIERCE "Only an upright heart and a clear conscience, they say. give a man strength to wrestle with life, while those whose hearts are evil, sooner or later — as a young girl sees the truth in her glass — so they, when Time holds up his mirror, find their own sin revealed." Spanish Club 2.3.4. KELLY MARCEL PIERCE "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love makes the trip worthwhile." Freshmen Cheerleader. Captain: Pep Club Winter Festival 2. 3: JV Cheerleader 3. Co-Captain 2: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Homecoming 4: HERO 3. 4: M Club 3.4: Sadie Hawkins Committee 3. JAMES EDWARD PIKE "In the way of righteousness is life, and in its pathway there is no death." Proverbs 12:28 Basketball 1.2,3, 4: Baseball 1,2.3. 4: Cross Country 4: M Club 2. 3, 4. ARETE 2,3. 4; Beta Club 2.3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Office Worker 3: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: National History and Government Award 3; Academic All-American 3: Who's Who 4: Hall of Fame 4. BILLIE DEANNE PINE (DENA) "We never know how much one loves till we know how much he is willing to endure and suffer for us; and it is the suffering element that measures love. — The characters that are great must, of necessity, be characters that shall be willing. service of another is the divine idea of manhood of the human charcter." H. Vv. Beecher "Special thanks to my family, friends, and someone very close to my heart — I love you all." NEDT Award 1: Office Worker 2: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3: SADD 4: Computer Club 4: Powder Puff 3.4: TOEC 2.3.4; Pep Club 1,2. 3.4. BRIAN PICACHE PINLAC "Out there is fortune waiting to be had: you think I'd let it go. you're mad. You got another thing coming!!" Judas Priest Marching Band 2.3.4: Pep Band 2.3.4: Jazz Band 2: Literary Guild 1: Solo Ensemble Octagon 4. BYRON KEITH PRESTON "It is best to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool rather than open your mouth and prove it." Pep Club 2. Beta Club 2.3.4: National Honor Society 3. 4: Spanish Club 1: Who’s Who 4. DAVID WEAVER PRICE "Hard work not cleverness is the cornerstone of success." ARETE 1.2. 3. 4; Beta Club 2. 3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4: Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3.4. Spanish Club 2: Guidance Worker 4: Optimist Club Award 1: USAA History and Government Award 3: Faces 4. SANDRA DENICE PUGH It matters not so much the quantity of the mistakes you make but the quality of what you learn from the mistakes." Cheerleader 1,2: Volleyball 1.2: Secretary 1: Treasurer 2: Band 1: FHA 2: Spanish Club 3.4: Pep Club 4. SHANON MARIE PURTLE "Friendship, like love, is both an art and a skill that requires practice. Close friendships are. in fact, a form of love. Thanks Deb and Terri for being friends." Volleyball 1.2,3. Co-Captain 4: Basketball 1.2. 4. Softball 1.2.3. 4: Lady M Club 1.2. 3.4: Office and Attendance Worker 1.3.4; Teacher's Aide French Club 4: Computer Club 3: All District Softball 3: All Tournament Softball 3: Sportsmanship Volleyball 3: Who's Who 4. 90 seniorBRIAN LOUIS RABURN ‘‘If your circle slays unbroken, then you’re a lucky man 'cause it never, never, never has for me. In the palace lies the chalice of the soul and it’s likely you might find the answer there." Ronnie fames Dio KIMBERLEE DAWN RANSOM "Work as if you live forever; Love as if life ends tomorrow. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. You too Travis. God blessyou all. Goodbye MCHSU" Basketball 1. 2.3.4; M-Club 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 4; FI IA 3; Softball 3. 4; Track 2; HERO III; Fashion Show 3; Optimistic Club Award 2; Most Improved Athlete (Basketball) 1. SAMUEL TUCKER RATHER "School is like candy after a while you get sick of it." DEC A 3. RICHARD BRYANT RAY "You can't climb the ladder of success with your hand in your pocket." Spanish Club 2; VICA-VAM 3; Office Worker. 2.3; Who's Who 4 STEVEN RONALD RAY "I’ve been worked to ruin. I've been instructed to death. Tve been talked up and talked down till I can’t catch my breath; I've been threatened till I'm scared I've been thrown out several times. But I've got a solution for this funky state of mind; GRADUATION!" Band 1.2,3; Wrestling 1.2. ERIC TYRONE REDICK "Well, sisters and brothers, this is it; — my last walk to the lunch room." FHA 1; Small Engines 2; VICA VAM 3. 4 THOMAS (TOMMY) DAVID REYES "There is a right girl for everyone, you just have to weed out the wrong ones." I ASIA DEIDRE MICHELLE RIEPMA "If you can imagine it. you can achieve it. If you can dream it. you can become it. French Club 1; Octagon Club 3.4; Color Guard 2, Co-Captain 3; Captain 4. ELIZABETH GAYLE ROBERTS "Love really has nothing to do with wisdom or experience or logic — It is the prevailing breeze in the land of youth." "To my parents. I Love You; Good Luck Buddies.” TOEC Club 2.3.4; Powder Puff 3. 4; Teacher's Aide 4; Computer Club 4; SADD 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4. RODNEY ROGERS "Correspondences are like small clothes before the invention of suspenders, it is impossible to keep them up.” MARY ELIZABETH ROOK "We had joy. we had fun. we had seasons in the sun but the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time. Love ya Mom. Dad. Bobby, and Jr." Teacher's Aide 3; HERO 4. MARIA VICTORIA ROSS "I have gained a great deal from Millington Central High School. It gave me the ability to get an education and look for a better future. Thanks Mom. Dad. I Love You All." ROTC 3.4; DEC A 3. senior 91SHARON MARY ROYAL "But what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart and this is what makes a man unc ean and defiles him ... eating with nis hands unwashed does not make him unclean or defile him. (Matthew 15:18) Thank you Mom and Dad for Everything.' 1 love you with all my heart, Jeff Collett!” Spanish Club 1: Pep Club 1,3.4. Maranatha 3.4: Hero Child Care 3.4: Attendance Worker 3; Softball Manager 3; DECA 4. STEPHEN ROSS RUSSELL "Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone..." VIC A 2.3,4. President 3. KENNETH E. RUTLEDGE. JR. "When use the taients God gave me I can feel his pleasure. Always use the talents God gave you and live up to (Proverbs 3:5-6) Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you Both! (Poobie. Good Luck ' Maranatha 4; DECA 4; Literary Guild 1.2.3: Computer Club 1. JON ALLEN SANDERS don't think winning is the most important thing: I think it’s the only thing.” Wrestling 1.2: Cross Country 3. 4; Track 4 PAULA DENISE SARTAIN "There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must break away, ft seems so hard to think about, but you know you cannot stay, fust remember that we're SENIORS now. an honor we must portray, but keep in mind that great moment Graduation Day from which the Lord will lead the way. Thanks Mom and Dad.” Pep Club Beta Club 2.3.4: Activities Chairwoman 4. Library Aide 2.3: Arete 2.3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3.4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3.4. Concert Choir 4. Teacher's Aide 4: Trojan Newspaper Staff 4. Sadie Hawkins Committee 4. Science Club 4: Faces 4. DANIEL LANE SCHUETZ "Do good today because tomorrow may never come." AIASA 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. President 4; DECA 3. 4 JAMES ROBERT SHERRILL. JR. "A country boy can survive.” CLIFFORD EDWARD SHILLING III “The glory of friendship, is not the outstretched hand nor the joy of companionship: it is tne spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else is willing to believe him and trust him.” Football 1.2.3: Maranatha 1; M Club Vica-Vam 3.4 EUGENESHIPP ”Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties." MICHAEL GENE SHOEMAKE. JR. Self Respect is the fruit of discipline: the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself." Maranatha 1.2.3: Football 2: Auto Body 3.4, RAP 3.4; Chess 4. CARL ROBERT SLAWINSKI "One life I'm gonna live it up I'm takin flight I said I'll never get enough. Stand tall I'm young andlbnda proud I m on top as long as the music’s loud. If you think 1II sit around as the world goes by you're thinking like a fool cause it's a case of do or die. Out there is a fortune waiting to be had. You think I'll let it go you're mad.” — Judas Priest Computer Club 1.2,4. HAZEL LaVON SMITH "To be black is not just a race to be born, but indeed a medal to be worn." Marching Band Color Guard Captain 3; Track 1: National Forensics League 2. 3. 4: Thespians 3. 4. TOEC 3: DECA 4. Who’s Who Among American High Scnool Students 3: Octagon Club 2.3.4: Pep Club 1: Maranatha 2.3; Office Worker 1.2, 3: Faces 4. 92 senior» JAM YE ELIZABETH SMITH “Many times I've lied, many times I've listened, many times I've gazed along the open road . . many times I've loved, many times been bitter, many times I've wondered how much there is to know.” Led Zeppelin Girls' Chorus 3; Vica-VAM II 4: Powder Puff 3. 4 CHERI L. STARR "He satisfies my desires with good things so that my youth is renewed like the eagle's." Psalm 103:5 NJROTC 1,2.3. 4: Computer Science Club 1. 3: Physics Club 3: Marching Band 1.2. Pep Club 1: Rifle Team 2.3; Color Guard 2.3. 4: Concert Band 1: Intermediate Band 2: Who's Who Among American High School Students 3 MICHELLE LEE STEPHENSON "High school involves years of learning, coping, making decisions, and growing up. It’s a tough time, but with Goa and special people on your side, you can survive. Momma. Daddy. David and Linda — I love you very much ana thank you for your patience, understanding, guidance, love na support. I couldn’t have made it without you. (Especially you. re still n l.J" Homecoming Publicity Committee 2: Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 2.3. 4. Arete 2.3.4: TOEC Club 3.4: Maranatha Clul) 3. 4: National Honor Society 3.4: DECA Club 4: Who's Who Among American High School Students 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Attendance Worker 4. TAMMY ALICIA STEPHENSON "We too often love things and use people, when we should be loving people and using things." FHA 1: Track 1,2. 4; Hero III 2.3. 4: Drill Team 2: Teacher’s Aide 3. Guidance Worker 3; Close Up 4: Track Manager 4. EMILY STEWART "The most beautiful thing to see "black" people working together, for understanding is the key to success." FHA 1.2: Basketball 1; Volleyball l.Hero 13. 4: Track 1.2. 3. 4: DECA 4. Secretary 2. 3. Parliamentarian 3. 4: Chorus 3.4; Pep Club 4: Gospel Choir 4. AMY LORRAINE STROUD "Dreams are likes roses, if you love and take care of them, they will grow and prosper. I f you don't they aie! Thanks Mom and Dad. Love ya J.B.U See ya later Milkduds!!" Hero 4. CHARLES RICHARD STROUD "Hello! Well it's been 12 Iona hard years for me and sometimes I've felt like giving up because some people said I'd never make it. I Guess I've Showed Them!! A special thanks to two airls — my cousin that's been like a sister. Coolbreeze. thanks for being there when I've needed you and for understanding. I don't know what I'd do without you and I hope I never have to find out. Love Ya” Thanks to the rest of my friends! Well life goes on. Goodbye. Milkduds!" VAM 3. 4 RUTHIE JANE SWAYNE "To make the world a friendly place one must show it a friendly face." Hero II2: DECA 3. 4 ROBERT LEE SWICKARD "Our school years are the best years of our life. But it is time to go on and so Goodbye Millington Central High and all my friends." VICA VAM 3. 4: ROTC 1. 2. DANIEL RAY TAYLOR "A friend is someone that knows everything about you and still likes you." Wrestling Cross Country 2.3.4: Track 4: VAM 3.4. KENNY TAYLOR "There is such a thing as a man being too proud to fight." ROY LEE TAYLOR "Life is only for a little while if you think of it right, so use your time wisely and you will know it was used right. Because it's my time to go out in the world and make wrongs rights." Vam 3.4. senior 93STEVEN JAMES TAYLOR "Life is fhe greatest of gifts. Love is the greatest celebration of this gift, and Friendship intertwines the two. They do not come with ease as a bird on the wing: but must be treasured respected, and earned Mom. Dad. I love you' Concert Choir 2. 3. 4; Thespians 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 2. 3, 4; Maranatha 4; Tennis I. 2; MCHS Spring Musicals 2.3. 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3. 4; Volleyball Manager 4; Computer Club 3. 4; National English Teachers Association Writing Competition 3: M-Club 1,2.3.4; Chess Club 4: Faces 4. TROY ALLEN THOMPSON "The rain will fall, then you will have to choose. If you believe, look to the dawn and you shall never lose." Basketlxill 1.2.3. 4. Cross Country 4: Computer Club 3; M-Club 2. 3. 4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3; Powder Puff Court 3; Fashion Show 1.3; Who’s Who 4; Faces 4. JOHN TILLERY "Thus we learn to live while mortal man stands waiting to die. How can we do what must be done in one short life." Rat ROTC 1; Vica VAM 3; VAR 4 LORI ANN TILLMAN "To: Denise Stewart I hope you have a successful life. I hope you find someone in the future." TERI RICHELLE TOWNSEND Fantasies are dreams created in our minds, walk toward the sun. shadows will fall behind. Thanks to my family, and all my love to Joe.” French Club 3: Powderpuff 4. CHARLES TRUESDALE "When the sun shines, make it a good day." TIMOTHY R. TUBBS "Do unto others as they would do unto you. but do it first." Treasurer 3; Football 2; FCA 2; Maranatha 2,3; Vica-VAB 1,11; M-Club 2. MELISSA ANNE TURRELL "If you’re waiting for something good, you can't wait too long." Pep Club 1. 2.3; Trojanette 3: Attendance 4; Miss Millington, 1st Alternate 3; "Working" 3: Usher for "Damn Yankees” 1. DAPHNE SUE TUTTLE "When someone is feeling down, a friend makes them feel happy. I hope I can always be a mend. I love you Ross!" Maranatha 2.3.4; Who’s Who Among American High Scnool Students 3; Spanish Club 4: Who’s Who 4; Faces 4. MICHAEL JOSEPH TWIGG "The mind directs the body, control the mina. control the body." Cross Country 1; Maranatha 1,2,3.4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 3.4. TRACY LaWONDA Now that I have completed high school. I am now prepared to face the future with high hopes. 1 think that education is the pathway to success, and I shall continue to follow this path. I thank my family and teachers for their support.” F.H.A. Club; Basketball 1.2.3: R O T.C. 1.2. MYRDA "MIA” VELASQUEZ "Take no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself." Computer Club 1: Math Club 2, Spanish Club 3: National Honor Society 3,4: Pep Club 4. 94 seniorMICHELLE VINSON "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to he waited for: It is a thing to be achieved." Pep Club 1.2.3, 4; M-Club 1.2.3. 4; French Club 2. 3. 4; Student Council 1.4. Treasurer 4: Class President 1: Hand (Flag Corps) 1,2, Captain 2; Octagon Club 1.2.4; Close Up 2. 4; Computer Club 3. 4: Maranatha Club 1,2: Track 1,2; Teacher's Aide 1. 4; Gospel Choir 1. 2,3,4. Student Director 2.3, 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3. 4, Captain 4; Alexia Gertschen Memoriul Spirit Award 3; All American Finalist National Cheerleading Association 4: NfROTC (drill team) 1; Wrestling Cheerleader 2; Principal’s Advisory Committee 2; Winter Festival Court 3; Who’s Who Among American 11igh School Students 3; Girls' State Senator 3; Sadie Hawkins backdrop Committee. Publicity Chairman 3; Talent Show Overall Winner (Groovy Coolies) 3: Hall of Fame 4; Miss MCHS 4. DAVID WAYNE WALKER "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you." DEC A 3. 4; Taps 4; Maranatha 1,2.3. 4; FCA 2.3. 4; Library Assistant 4. REZSHSON LENEICE WALKER "He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good. But he that handleth a matter foolishly shall find destruction." NfROTC 1.2; Band 1. SUSAN RUTH WALKER "The good times of yesterday fall into the shadows of the past. Remembrance is happy. Remembering is sad. across the miles I see you in the mirror of my mind. We had good and we haabad." Danya Lovmer. Volleyball 1. Manager 2; Track 2; FCA 2; Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 3.4. KEVIN WALLACE "All is well that ends well." DONALD JOSEPH WARD "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. and the wisdom to know the difference." Literary Guild 4. TERESA ANN WARD "In life, as in driving, there is nothing with wanting to get ahead, but it's not considered good form to blow vour horn while passing." FHA 1.2. Parliamentarian 2; Pep Club 1,2.3. 4; Computer Club 3; Sadie Hawkins Picture backdrop 3; French Club 4; Beta club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Newspaper Staff 2. 3. 4. Feature Editor 3. Co-Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3. 4; Hall of Fame 4 KIMBERLY DAWN WARE "It seems like only yesterday that being a Senior was near to an impossible dream. But now that I am a Senior. 1 realize that Mother and Daddy were right. Time does fly by so fast that you don't realize where it has gone. The past is just a memory: 1 nave only to contend with my future and my success. Both look promising because have my Mother, mv Daddy, and Bruce to love me and help me along the way. I Love You Mother, Daddy, and Bruce." TOEC 3. 4. Vice-President 4. SANDRA JANE WARNER "An everlasting friendship begins. We grow up. but also grow apart. We become jealous. The laughter and smiles become less frequent. Anger and hate set in. Stubbornness keeps us apart. Apologies bring us together again. An Everlasting Friendship MATURED!" Freshman Cheerleader 1. Co-captain 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2.3. Co-captain 2; M-Club 1.2,3. 4; Pep Club 1,2.3. 4; Maranatha 2,3, 4; FCA 1.2.3; Arete 2; Tennessee Office Education Club 2. 3.4. President 4; Homecoming Court 2.3, 4; MCHS Baseball Bat Girl 2; Office Worker 1; French Club 1; Sophomore Class Secretary 2. Junior Class Secretary 3. Senior Class Vice-Presiaent 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee 3; Computer Club 4; Miss Millington 3: Yearbook Staff. Reflections Editor 4; Students Against Drunk Driving 4; Close Up 4; Decoration chairman Toga II. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Who's Who. Most Attractive 4; Faces 4. ALVANIA LEE WEIDETZ "To everything there is a season and time for every purpose under heaven." R.O.T.C Drill Team 2; German Club 2; Pep Club 3. 4; Spanish Club 3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4: Computer Club 4. MICHELLE ROSEANNE WEIDETZ "Two roads diverged in a wood. and. I... took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2; German Club 2; Spanish Club 3.4; Pep Club 3.4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Computer Club 4. TUESDAY ANN WEIS "Roses are red, violets are blue. This day has been 12 years due. So 1 take my diploma and be on my way and use this knowledge for another day." Cosmetology 2.3. 4; Intermediate Band 1; Girls' Choir 1; Marching Band 2; Concert Band 2: Roaeo Club 3. 4; Teacher’s Aide 3. senior 95TERESA SUZANNE WELLS "A.J., I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. Dad and Mom I love ya'll very much. Kim. Jessie, and Raney work hard; it goes by fast." Volleyball 1.2; Powder Puff 3.4: TOEC 3.4; M Club 1,2; ARETE 1.2; Homecoming Court 3; Fashion Show 2.3. I AY WESTMORELAND "The happy man’s without a shirt." DAWN MICHELLE WHITE "Take pride in your friends, without friends life wouldn't be worth living." Cosmetology 2.3. 4; SADD 4; Science Club 4. RUSSELL HOWELL WILKINS “Study to be quiet, and to do your ow n business, and to work with your own hands ... That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without and that ye may have lack of nothing." I Thessalonians 4:11,12 Student Council Representative 1.2,3.4: Principals Advisory 1: Wrestling 1; Football 1; Track 1: Baseball 2,3.4; Computer Club 3: Spanish Club 2: Class Favorite 1.2.3: Powder Puff Court 3: Who’s Who Among American High School Students 3: Mr. MCHS 4: Faces 4. CURTIS WAYNE WILLIAMS "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. That whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Beta Club 2,3, 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; ARETE 3. 4: Baseball 3; Maranatha 1. 2.3. 4: Spanish Club 4; Golf 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, 4: Who’s Who 4. DANA ANN WILLIAMS "Remember the good times and bad. Don't forget all of the past, but cherish the fun you’ve had to make the joy from it last. At the same time look ahead to your dreams and goals set high. Because a wise man once said. "You can do it if you try!" Spanish Club 2.3.4: Beta Club 1: Pep Club 1,4: Computer Club 4. JAMES H. WILSON "Born once, die twice: born twice, die once and live forever." Spanish Club 1: "Damn Yankees" 1: "Hansel and Crete " 2; "Calamity Jane" 2; Thespians 2,3: ARETE 1,2,3,4: "Dracula" 3: Yearbook Staff 4; Chess Club 4: Computer Club 3. 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students 3; Faces 4: Who's Who 4. Wordsmith 1: Memphis State Math Contest 1; Teacher's Aide 4: Concert Choir 2.3: Most Talented Male Choir Member 2,3: Best Male Vocalist 3: SADD 4. PAMELA RENEA WRAY "The music that rings within my ears makes me determined for so much in life. Precious as a jewel the melody sings and gives me the power to strive." Pep Club 3.4: Powder Puff 1: Close-Up 3,4: DECA 3: Junior Achievement 2; Office Worker 3: Spanish Club 2; Hero II4: FHA 4: Speech 4. WALTER VERNELL WRAY "To all of my fellow classmates, get a high school education. This is the first step to success. I have made it and I hope you do Too. Good Luck!" Basketball 1.2: Band 1.2: Concert Choir 3: VAM 3.4. GINA WREN As I grow to understand life less and less. I learn to love it more and more. Thanks Mom and Dad (I Love You). I didn't forget Tawny. Jody, and Andy." CHARLES WYATT "But times do change and move continually.” JOE YARBROUGH It is not enough to do good: one must do it in the right way." 96 senior"Belter iale, if ever.' When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don’t be afraid of the dark, At the end of the storm there's a golden sky and the sweet, silver song of a lark. Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and bJown Walk on, walk on With hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone Rogers Hammerstein "I'm the one your mother warned you about." "Leave the lights on. the party's just begun'" Don't let our smiles fool you!" "Where do I go from here?" seniors 97"Looking Good!" "Thank God it's Friday!" "We’re really innocent — we only look guilty." We’re waiting to be discovered. Men of MCHS 98 seniors“Hard work never hurt anybody, but we're not taking any chances." I switched to Burger King." When you're with someone who makes you smile, someone who helps you see how beautiful the simple things in life can be. When you’re with someone with warmth to share and kindness to extend. Someone who really knows you. then you know you’re with a friend. “Let’s go Crazy .. When you’re with someone who cares about the things you try to do, Someone you can confide your deepest thoughts and feelings to, When you're with someone you trust in, Never needing to pretend, Someone who helps you know yourself, You Know you’re with a friend! Amanda Bradley seniors 99THE WORKING CLASS The Junior class if restlessly awaiting their approaching senior year. They have grown out of "initiations” and Trapper Keeper notebooks, but have not yet reached the maturity of graduation and college. The Junior year is quite exciting and has its share of responsibility as does every class. This class has changed sponsor chairmen one time during the past three years. Mrs. Williams has been the class sponsor for their freshman and junior years, while Mrs. Werner took over during the sophomore year. The other junior homerooms are Mr. Como, Mr. Creasy, Mr. Harris. Mr. Hendricks, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Kincaid. Mr. Macklin, and Mr. Owen. The class of ’86's fund-raisers have been quite successful. Going into this year, they had $1,031 from selling jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and M M’s on Community Day. This year the fundraiser was the "Best Book in Town” coupon booklet. Their project profit off this fund-raiser was $1,000. With the profits, they plan to have a very successful Sadie Hawkins Dance this year. The junior class of about 300 students showed that they had school spirit by winning the spirit stick at the first Pep Rally. They supported our team and tried their very best at the Powder Puff football game. Erika Amaba has been the class president for the past three years. She feels that this “has proven that my classmates have placed their full confidence in me. They believe that I am able to secure their wants and desires for the benefit of our class." She would like to thank both the class and sponsors for their teamwork. "Because of this teamwork,... we have grown closer together with respect and admiration among us, as well as successfully raising over $1,800." 100 juniorJeff Abernathy Crystal Adams Tania Aird Erika Amaba Cindy Amos Angie Anderson Jimmy Anderson Samantha Arkan Amy Ashenbramer Lori Atteberry Dayna Ballard Gina Ballard Shawn Banks Valerie Banks Danette Barlar Marsha Barton Dwayne Barrom Tamer a Batson Albert Bean Freddie Beckham David Bledsoe Melisa Boston Mance Bowden Tammy Bowers Linda Bowman Bernadette Bradford Demetrius Bradford Shelly Bradshaw Mike Brady Mark Branch Stephanie Branch Cheryl Broughton Danny Brown Kenneth Browning Joyce Burnette Mark Burton Tommy Campbell Mike Cannon Karen Capuson David Carrol Monica Carson David Carter Lisa Carter Brian Casson Victor Castito Arthur Cates Patty Chambers Ray Chester Greg Childress Antonio Christopher Brenda Chunn Desta Church Tommy Cole Tito Cook Allen Copeland Tony Cox junior 101Carla Crawford David Creel Brian Culver Kim Curan Donna Curry Tonya Curry William Cuthbertson Imelda Dabu Sherry Dacus Lyn Davis Scott Davis Allen Deck Tina Decosta Pamela Diggs Sandra Donan Gidget Doty Lisa Doyan Jason Dupree Dewey Edge Debbie Eiland Kathy Ellerbrook Regina Ellis Marie Esteller Mike Fletcher Dena Fletty Jeane Flewell Mike Flowers Lisa Floyd Mark Forbes Nicole Forsythe Sandy Fortune Sonya Fortune Walter Free Richard Gagne Ernest Garcia Tyrone Garner What’s out there, Allen?' 102 juniorLavonia Gary Kim Gibson John Giden Charlotte Graddy Zachary Green Darren Greenburg Bobby Greve Tony Grubb Robin Gunnells Steve Gurley Thomas Hance Carolyn Hannah Belinda Harrald Felecia Harrington Ed Harris Kenny Harris Kenneth Harris Sara Hart Vicky Hayes Ronald Hays Hank Hawkins Leigh Hebert Donna Hemmings Lori Henderson David Henry Robert Hero Id David Hesford Patricia Hivner Sheri Houston Andy Howard Carlton Howard Scott Howard Tommy Hubbard Pam Hudman David Hudson Linda Hughes Malcum Hupp Shirley Hurd Jeff Ingram Gary Jackson Lisa Jackson Rebecca Javins Beverly Jerry Freddy Johnson Mike Johnson Debra Johnston Marvalista Jones Rhonda Jordan Rocky Jordon Miranda Karsko Tom Kearney Melvin Keeton Karen Kelly Rachel Kincaid Keith Knox Leslie LaComb junior 103Lisa Lafayette Susan Landry Jon lAJtham Aimee Laurent Sean lister Deanna Logan Phillip Logan Karen Lorency Debbie Mac Save ny Mark Manning Arthada Martin Maxine Mathews Sharon Maxwell Shawn McAvoy Erik McCarroll Jason McCaskill Susan McCleland Tim McCullough James McElyea Blaine McGee Tina Me Knight Keith McMahan Paula McVoy April Melton Gino Meyer Eric Milam Amy Miller Chris Miller Louis Moore William Moore Mike Morin Cheryl Morrison Matt Morrison Lissie Mullen Andrea Murray Connie Neilson Andrea Nierad Mark Noakes Curt Oliver Bill Overstreet Belo Page Terri Palmer Mike Pannell Amy Parham Tauana Parham Randy Paul Daren Pavey Lisa Payne Beverly Peete Kay Pendergrass Dewayne Perry Jeff Phillips Tara Phillips Tonya Phillips Andrea Pierre Howard Piner 104 juniorYolanda Plummer Tammy Prescott Jeff Price Lisa Pruitt Ernest Pugh Kim Rafferty Cheryl Ramberg Micheal Ranson Liz Rather Becky Raymond Phillip Raymon Linda Reed Missy Reed Lisa Reeder Anna Reynante Lynn Reynolds Dan Richardson Alan Rice Liz Ridley Marva Risby Harrold Rivera John Roberts Lisa Roberts Susan Roberts David Robinson Samantha Savage John Sawyer Sandy Saylors Margie Scanlon Jeff Scoggins Dwan Scott Michelle Selvy David Severt Debbie Slyapich Brett Smith Tonya Smith junior 105Wendy Smith Micky Spears Toni Sf eck Dena Spencer Allen Stephenson Mutt Stollmeyer Todd Stringfellow lames Stroud Bernice S tut tits Sylvia Sullivan Richard Talada Latonyu Tate Christie Taylor Lisa Taylor Virginia Taylor lerri Thien Felica Thomas Diane Timmons T. . Tracey Jennifer Trujillo David Tullis Janet Turner Matt Twigg fames Vundergrift Cassandra Vann Michael Velasquez Larry Vinson 'Lanza Vinson Lonnie Wallace Mark Ward Vickie Ward Chandra Watson Christie Watt Darryl White Lara Wildes Tim Wilkins Kathrine Wilks Barry Williams Tom Willard Becky Williams Debra Williams John Wilson Reginald Wilson Renettu Wilson Arthur Wistock Lisa Woodward Liza Woodworth Julie Wright Melinda Young 106 junior junior 107The Special Class Class of ’87 The sophomore year is a special year in high school. Although, as time goes on it may be one of the years of our lives which is for gotten. We try to make each year special and memorable. The class of '87, led by president Todd Gertschen, has been working hard by selling Trojan pennants and raffle tickets in order to raise enough money for a special senior year. This year's sophomore class sponsor chairman is Mrs. Moore. There are ten sophomore homerooms this year: Mr. Bergen, Mrs. Boswell, Mrs. Durham, Mr. Hearn, Ms. Jones, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Price, Mr. Pruitt, Mrs. Sigler, and Mrs. Taylor. These ten homerooms make up a class of about 280 sophomores. Although it is not one of the most cherished years of high school, it is an important year in our lives. We take on new responsibilities and achieve greater things. The upperclassmen are proud of the Class of '87; they realize they are leaving their Alma Mater in good hands. Right: "Smile!" Bottom: "Sophomores, hard at work?” 108 sophomore Wendy AcheJopohi Ferdinand Acosta I aci Aiken Jeff Approbate Mac Arthur Nissa Ashenbramer im Avery Cindy Bailey Kristie Baldwin Felicia Ballard Paul Ballou Amy Barrom Pam Bartlett Donna Bearden Wendi Bearup Bill Beavers Karen Bell Alesha Bellora Lisa Berryhill Eddie Billions Lisa Bland Alan Blythe Tommy Boigeo Mindy Bondzio Chris Bowers Kris Brady Paula Brady Stanley Branch Tim Brasington Anthony Braswell Mark Bready Larry Brown Mary Ann Brown Glenn Burk Cassandra Burnette Mary Ann Caldwell Michelle Caldwell Joe Castillo Greg Christopher RandyChunn Melinda Cline Teresa Coggins Michelle Coleman Scott Coliver Terry Cossey erry Couiiiette Lawrence Cox Mike Cox Chris Crider Audra Crist Teri Dacus Eddie Davey Janet Davidson Mike Dehart Robbie deMarigny Darryl DePoorter 109James Devitt Rhonda Dickinson Darrell Dillard Johnathon Dingman John Ditto Nancy Dobbs Michelle Dooley Martha Driggers Vicki Edge Stanton Edwards Tina Elam Steve Elkins Heidi Ellison Julie Ervin Wesley Ervin Rhonda Essary Stephanie Eubanks Dwayne Ewing Dana Exum Dan Fitzpatrick JoAnn FlewelI Rudy Forster Pam Foster Robin Freeman James Frye David Garcia Matt Garner Sandra Geaslin Robert Gelvin Todd Gertschen I leather Gillmore Laurie Goodlett Sheila Goodwin Andrea Graham Cheryl Grannis Melba Grant Lori Green Annette Hagsten Robert Haile Amy Hales Dan Hall Sandra Halliburton Andrea Holley Sonya Hallmark Pam Hance Joe Harwell Kevin Harwell Vickie Henry Ricky 11 igginbottom Vernon Hill Tamara Hood Patricia Houston Chris Howard Maria Huelskamp Gene 11 ulley Jim Hulley 110 sophomoreCarey Hunt Mark Hunter Tammy Israel Denise Jayne Steve Jermyn Belinda Johnson Bobby Johnson Connie Johnson Laura Johnson David Johnston Amy Jones Anna Jones Michelle Jones Susan Jones Cheryl Jordan Mike Joyner Phillip Kenny Diane King Jeff King Paula Klepper Kellie Kopp Allen Lavender Vickie Leppert Angie Lewis Mark Lewis Sherronda Lewis Andy Liebengood Mary Life Mickey Lilley Amy Linkous Shane Litaker Denise Logan Joseph Lundrigan Alicia Maclin Gina Malphus Kathleen Mandapat sophomore 111Andie Marcy Diane Marshall William Martin Stacy Mays David McBride Andy McDaniel Shannon McGee Sarah Mclntire Christy McManus Stephen Medford Missy Medina Michelle Michael Darrell Middleton Angela Miller Billy Mooney Doug Moore Richard Moore Tina Moore Gena Morelli Tonya Morris Kathy Morrison Ronnie Mosley Tamara Moss Dennis Moy Troy Munn Scott Murphy Teresa Nehls Lucy Newcomb Mike Nichols Terry O'Neal Mary O’Rear Stephen Ortega A. J. Owen Mike Pace Renee Parker Tonya Payne J ilVltJAN Let’s hear it for the band!!' 112 sophomoreLetti Pember Steve Penrod Lisa Pittman Debbie Pool Karen Poortvliet Melissa Prather Tom Price Wayne Price Brad Ramsey Brittany Ramsey Kristin Randall Frank Ransom Sybil Ransom Ronald Ray Trey Ray Tulley Reed Cindy Reynolds Walter Rhinehart Dennis Riddle Everett Roberts Donna Roe Paul Roe Teresa Roebuck Thomas Roelke Amy Rogers Kim Rose Scott Rosengren Karen Ross Leisa Russell Casey Sadlon Eric Sanders Denise Schwartz Brian Scott Robert Setzer Michelle Sevier Joe Sheffield Lori Shelton Yvette Sherman Tracy Shipp Curtis Sigler Tammie Sims Shawn Sipe Ronald Sloan Beth Smith Stacy Smith Kirk Sneed Renee Soriano Nancy Sparks Jeff Stanley Carol Stewart Denise Stewart Michelle Stewart Brian Stiles Tim Street Sherry Strevel Stacey Stubblefield sophomore 113Lisa Swartz leff Tabor Andre Taylor Tara Theobald Jackie Thomas Richard Thorne James Thornburg Mary Tietz Rachel Tucker Kathy Turosky Richie Tyrrell Darris Wakefield Vickie Walker Beth Walls Kim Walls Bobby Ward Jake Ward Morris Warner Kim Watson Levoy Watson Jeff Webb Angela Wells Katon Wells Michelle Wells Shannon White Steve Whitlock Mike Williams Sherry Williams Rebecca Wilson Beth Wood Susan Wurtz Jolaine Wyatt Billy Yancey Dennis Yount David Zanetti Smiles, smiles, smiles! Am » 114 sophomore"This is so much fun!" "There he goes again!" Hi there!!" "That’s right, we're bad!" sophomores 115The Class of the Future The class of '88, the freshman class of the 1984-85 school year, is one of the largest. There are approximately 503 freshmen this year. Helping them along is their sponsor, Ms. Pate. There are 17 homerooms: Burdette, Campbell, Crenshaw, Downs, Gibson, Hill, Krebs, Kennon, Leonard, Norwood, Pate, Schull, Tolbert, Weatherly, Westmoreland, Whitehead, and Wilson. The next three years of high school are in the future and the final obstacle — GRADUATION — will later be within their reach. The freshman class worked hard this year to be noticed and to succeed. High school has just begun!! Right: "Here we stand.1" Bottom: "Onward Millington Students!” 116 freshmanRobin Abernathy EveJyn Acosta John Adams Laura Allison Gene Archer Wayne Arguin Carey Ashley MeJissa AustiJJ Stephanie Baldwin Bruce Barger Keith Barger Susan Barnette Danesha Barton Kelly Barton Tina Battles Teresa Beach Buffy Beal Richard Bear Amy Beavers Rita Beckham Latonya Benton Tonya Benzel Lisa Berryhill Greg Birch Sherrel Bixler Joey Black Kelly Black Rachelle Black Jeremy Blair Todd Blankenheckler foe Bohatch Eric Bolton Chris Bomprezzi David Bond Paulette Bonds Chris Bowles Larry Boyd Tammy Boyd Chandler Bradford Jennifer Bradford Daniel Brady Martese Branch Priscilla Branch Rhonda Brannock Traci Brelinski Pam Brewer Steve Brewer Andrea Bright Tonya Brooks Chris Brown Tracey Brown Cheryl Browning Rhett Bruns Linda Brunson Shelia Buchanan Scott Bullock freshman 117Joseph Burned Stacy Burnett Cathy Jo Burress Cathy Lynn Burress Stephanie Bussell Paul Butler Sharon CaJhoun joleen Campbell Cory Corrisoza Danieiie Carter Korey Carter Trina Cartwright Michelle Cattaneo Phillip Catible Thomas Cauble Dan Chadwick Bubba Chambers Dewayne Chappell Tonya Chipman Brenda Christopher Betty Clemens Diane Clifton Melissa Cochran Robert Cochran David Cody Kevin Cole LilJias Coleman Tommy Coliver John Conway Brenda Cook Missy Cook Alisha Cooper Michelle Cooper James Copeland John Coullielte Sharyl Couture 118 freshmanTrisha Cox Shannel Creech Bobby Crisel Suzanna Cropf Vanessa Crutcher Elisa Crutchfield Robbie Culbreath John Culley Mike Cullum Mike Cummings Tyrone Dandridge Doug Daniels Kim Daniels Felicia Davis Caroline Deluca Scott Diamond Lane Diffee Donna Dillard Jamie Doggett Kevin Doherty Steve Donahay Jeff Donohue Jina Dugger Rhonda Duke Chris Dunham Donna Dunlap Lee Ann Eads Lori Eads Derrick Edwards Steve Eiland Michele Elliot Rachel Ellis Jason Ervin Christy Evans Jim Evans Nichole Evans Bechem Exum Mark Faulk Shannon Fender Shantwan Fisher Dan Fletcher Keri Fletty Bob Flewell Marty Flowers Sean Forbes Levita Ford Linda Ford Michael Ford Lori Fortune Rosalind Frazier Sondra Frazier Robert Freeman Gina Fulmer Tim Gacek Mike Gales Paul Garner freshman 119Mike Garrett Donna Gatlin Keasha Ghoster Tammy Gibbs ere Gibbons Jody Gibson Andy Gillihan Becky Good Meiody Goode Angela Goodwin Robert Grant Crissy Graumiich Rhonda Gray Cindy Greer Ronnie Griggs David Gross Melissa Hagan Amy Hall Derrick Hall Kevin Haiiingshead Lynn Hallock Shon Hamlett Bill Hammond Mike Hammond Kathy Hammontre Jimmy Hampton Levita Hampton Karen Hannah Sheryl Hansgen David Hard Leticia Hardee Sherry Harless Felicia Harris Ricky Harris Raymond Harrison Dewayne Hart Dan Hatched Joe Haw kins Deanna Hayes Shea Hayes Tracy Hayslip Carol Hazlett Jay Heath Gerry Hebert Becky Helvering Tim Hemingway Robert Hemmings Bryant Henderson Gregory Henderson anise Hensely Stephanie Hensely Tabitha Hicks Robert Hightower Jimmy Hill Shawn Hill Melinda Hodge 120 freshmant Rick Hodges Vadra Holcomb Samantha Holland Lanita Holley Regina Holmes Cassandra Honeycutt Robert Hooker Hosea Houston Joseph Howell Cynthia Hunt Bernard Hurd Susan Hurst Tracy Irving Reginald Ivory Why is everybody picking on me? Lafayette Jackson Melanie Jackson Teri Jackson Eddie Jaco Cindy Jarrell Trina Jefferson David Johnson Dixie Johnson Donna Johnson Kim Johnson Doug Jolly Bama Jones Derek ones Jimmy Jones LaShown Jones Maurice Jones Victor Jones Michael Jordan Mary oyner Jeff juneau Jennifer Kaniecki Jennifer Karsko freshman 121John Keith Ricky Keith Serena Kelly Wendy Kelly William Kelly Greg Kesler Jamie Kidwell Laura Kneisley Jean Knox Angela Kopp Mitchell Kurtz LeighAnn LaBarreare Lena Lafayette Mark Landry Monique LaRochelle Steve Langston Robert Leach Samantha Lester Carla Lewis Gary Lewis Richard Lind Terrie Lofton Nichole Long Robinson Lontok Vickie Lopez Patrick Lorimer Kai Louis Kim Louis Marcus Louis Stacy Lowry Amy Lucas Steve Lucas Paulette Lunati Christene Lundrigan Steve Lyne Michelle Martin What is going on?' 122 freshmanSelena Martin Charles Mason Robbie Mason Wayne Mason Robert Massey Robert Mayo fames McConnell Brett McDaniel Michelle McDaniel Cindy McGee fay McGovern Belinda McGregor Deena McKee Tammy McKinley Steve McMillen Patrick McVay Sharon Medearis John Medina Leslie Merrell Andy Milam Koria Miller Candy Miller Larry Miller Tammy Miller Tracy Miller Dina M inter fohn Mitchell Teresa Morelli Devon Morgan fanet Morgan Melvin Morin Crystal Morris falana Morris Anthony Morrison Darryl Moss Joyce Moss Tyrone Moss fames Murray Maurice Murray Joseph Nearn fay Nelson Melvin Nesbit LeAnn Nesseth Allen Neville Beth Newton Brian Nichols Mary Nielson fanet Nierad Sean Nix Buddy Noe Christine Nolan fohn North Jeremy Odell Marty Oglesby Tina Oglesby Leigh Oldham freshman 123Heather Owen David Owens Lorrie Owens Shelley Owens Karen Palmer Kevin Palmer RandiPanned Carri Anne Parham Tim Parham Charlene Park Scott Parrett Guy Patterson Scott Pearson Lauren Pember Chris Peoples Demetrius Person LaShonda Peters Shonna Phillips Trent Phillips Lorenzo Pierre Wilma Pierre Tim Plunk Sharon Ponder Danny Potts Jeff Poyner Ken Priest Carrie Quick Omar Rabuco Channin Raburn Stephanie Ransom Billy RauJerson Zinda Rayford Frank Rector David Reed Cherie Reedy Debbie Reynolds Greg Rich Gerry Richard Edward Richardson Jennifer Rickard Jennifer Riddle Michelle Riggs Charlene Riley Greg Ritter Ronnie Robb Angeia Roberts Dawn Roberts Sheila Roberts Tabitha Roberts Tim Roberts Tonya Rogers Missy Rose Annette Ross Eric Roulette Anna Rowland Bobby Rowland 124 freshman Theresa Rowland Kyle Royal Richie Ruff Suzanne Russell Clurease Saddler Angie Sage Chris Sanborn Tony Sanders Tommy Sanford Eddie Savage Scott Sawyer Staci Schmidt Stephen Schocke Geraldine Schultz Steven Scott Vanessa Scott Greg Seals Deanna Secodelucena Ann Sewell Mark Shannon John Sharkey Tonia Shockley Melanie Siebert Jennifer Sipe Cathy Smith Chris Smith Georgia Smith Henry Smith Michelle Smith Shanel Smith Steve Smith Laci Sparks La homer Sparks Shannon Stacy Jed Stafford Dena Steele freshman 125Tim Stevens Leigh Stickley Todd Stinnett Deanna Stollings David St one oh n Stone William Strauss Brian Street Kim Street Teresa Stringfeiiow Tammy Stroud Pete Suggs Sheiia Sullivan Billy Suter Amy Sweeney Lisa Swihart To ddSynder Roger Tagavilla Melissa Talley Raymond Tant Faith Tarrance Kim Tate Teresa Taylor Christy Teal Melissa Thompson Vonda Thorton John Tickle oh n Tilton Brandon Todd leffTodd Virginia Tondevold David Tracey Vicki Travis Tammy Trippett Chris TuJJis Deana Tui is 'Let's skip this class ’ 126 freshmanScotty Uselton Ammy Ussery Veronica Vargas Melvin Velasquez Nancy Vice Chris Vinson Jerry Vogt Tess Waits Debbie Waldo n Mike Waldon Shane Walker Lori Wall Eileen Walsh Debbie Warner Doug Warren Marty Watson Bradley Webbs Jessica Wells John Wells John M. Wells Kim Wells Jennifer West Angela White Billy White Dale Whittington Larry Wildes Tina Wildman Shelia Wilkins Kathy Willard Jeff Williams Quincy Williams Reginald Williams Teerah Williams Gerald Williamson Darrile Wilson Cherie Winzenried Jerry Woodward Robby Wright Trina Wurtz Keith Young Kim Young Teresa Young Vanessa Young freshman 127The things I have to put up with! 128 classes Go ahead make our day. It is nice to like the way you are. It’s so hard to be humble.This is the life ... CHEESE I'm easy to please as long as things go my way. I’m going to be in pictures. classes 129Hardworking Officers FRESHMAN OFFICERS — Tammy Boyd — Vice Pres.; Vandru Holcomb — Sec.; Lori Fortune — Pres.; Cherrie Reedy — Trees. IUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES — Amy Miller and John Wilson JUNIOR OFFICERS — Rachel Kincaid — Vice Pres.; Toni Speck — Treas.; Amy Miller — Sec.; Erika Amalxi — Pres. 130 officers and favoritesAnd Friendly Favorites SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES: Rachel Tucker and Larry Brown FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES: Lori Fortune and Sean Forbes SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Belinda Johnson - Treas.; Todd Gertschen — Pres.: Teresa Robuck — Sec. officers and favorites 131Administrators Dr. Morton For the past thirteen years, Dr. Joe Morton has provided our school with outstanding leadership and service. Though the responsibilities of the head administrator of a school as large as MCHS are sometimes overwhelming, Dr. Morton has not shunned his duties. He graduated from Fayette County High School and soon after enrolled at Memphis State University. While at Memphis State he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, a Master of Arts Degree in Education Administration and Supervision, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Curriculum and Instruction. He also obtained a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics and Science from the University of Mississippi. Dr. Morton is a member of the Millington Rotary Club, and in his spare time he enjoys bird hunting. We thank Dr. Morton for his years of sincere dedication and support. 132 administratorsMR. CARTER This is Mr. Carter’s second year as vice-principal at MCHS. He received his high school diploma from MCHS, his Bachelor's Degree from Union University, and began teaching in 1961. In 1974, he was transferred to the central office, as the new supervisor of employee relations and science. Mr. Carter's favorite pastime is playing tennis We thank him and look forward to many years of helpful service. 1 MR. LEAKS Mr. fames Leaks has been at MCHS for fifteen years. He taught Algebra and Geometry for ten years and then was promoted to Assistant Principal. Mr. Leaks graduated from Phelix High School in Arkansas. He has attended many universities including the University of Nebraska, the University of Illinois, Lemoyne-Owen College, and Memphis State University. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a Master of Arts Degree in secon- dary Education. Mr. Leaks enjoys hunting in his spare time. He has become a very important part of the MCHS administrative staff. I MRS. OSTEEN Mrs. Osteen, the senior faculty member in years of service at MCHS, has served MCHS faithfully and diligently for twenty-eight years. She has a total of twenty-nine years in educational service. This is Mrs. Osteen’s eighth year as Assistant Principal at MCHS. She graduated from MCHS and continued her education receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in English at Memphis State University. She also did additional graduate work in education at Stetson University, the University of Tennessee, and Memphis State University. Mrs. Osteen then came to MCHS to teach Algebra for six years; she was a guidance counselor for twelve years and an administrative assistant for two years before becoming Assistant Principal. In her spare time, Mrs. Osteen enjoys sewing, cooking, fishing, playing bridge, and reading. We thank her for her many years of service, devotion, and leadership. administration 133MRS. ARMOUR Spanish 1. II, III; Spanish Club, Freshman Cheerleaders MRS. ARNOLD English 251, 421, 451 MR. BERGEN Algebra I, Physics MR. BILLINGS Guidance 9-12; Golf Coach MR. BILLINGS General Shop, General Math MRS. BOSWELL Eng ish 451, 481 MRS. BOWERS Stenographic Office Education I, II, Introduction to Office Education MRS. BRASFIELD Beginning Choir, Theory, Concert Choir, Gospel Choir, Girls' Choir CAPTAIN BRUEN Naval Science II, III, IV, Basic Electricity, Electronics; Drill Teams Color Guard MRS. BURDETTE English 151, 221; f.V. Cheerleaders 134 faculty Top right: Mister Telephone Man ... Middle right: The new kid in town. Bottom right: We have no room for another basket weavingMRS. BURK English 251,281; Yearbook Advisor CHIEF BUTT NJROTC-NSI; Rifle team Male and Female Drill Teams, Color Guard MR. CAMPBELL Pre-Algebra; Boys' Cross Country Freshman Basketball, Track Coach MRS. CLARK Biology; Maranatha MR. COMO Chemistry, Applied Science; Science Club MR. CREASY American History, Economics; Co-Sponsor of Beta Club MR. CRENSHAW Computer Science I, II; Computer CJub MRS. DALRYMPLE Cosmetoiogy; VIC A Cosmetology MISS DESHAZO Librarian MRS. DOBBINS English 351,352, 381,382; Trojan Newspaper Advisor, Statistician for Girls' Varsity Basketball Top: Something doesn't smell so good! Middle: Peek-a-Boo! Bottom: No, you have the keys to the car! faculty 135MRS. DOWNS Algebra II. Individualized Algebra. Computer Programming I; Chess Club MRS. DURHAM English 451.321; T.A.P.S. (... a literary guild). Quill and Scroll MR. GIBSON Girls' P.E., Boys' Health; Head Track Coach, Asst. Football Coach MRS. GIPSON Care and Guidance of Children I. II. Child Development; HERO-CHILDCARE. Varsity Cheerleaders Sponsor MS. GLENN Resource English. American History. Math; Rodeo Club MR. HARRIS General Shop I. II; AIASA MR. HEARN Earth Science. P.E.; Baseball Coach MR. HENDRICKS PE.. Driver's Ed.. Earth Science; Take Down Club Wrestling. Football Coach MR. HILL Geometry. Consumer Math; Math Club MRS. HURT French I. II, III, Spanish I; French Club. Co-Sponsor Spanish Club Top: Captain Bruen takes a stand. Middle: "Mr. Crenshaw, over here." Bottom: Mrs. Gipson, hard at work. NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 136 facultyMR. JOHNSON Algebra I, Pre-Algebra MRS. JONES Food Services I, II, Food and Nutrition, Hero III MRS. JORDAN English 321,351 MR. KACZYNSKI Jobs forTenn. Graduates, 'Venn. Career Assoc. DR. KENNON Geometry, Algebra I MRS. KINCAID English 151, 351 MISS KREBS Civics, American History, American Govt., Close Up MR. LEONARD Economics 101, American History, Girls’ Softball r MR. MACKLIN Earth Science, General Math MRS. MAPLES Accounting, Typing, Student Council Top: "No! I can't change your grade!" Middle: "1 can't change her grade either." Bottom: "What a dilemma!" d faculty 137MR. MARSH Small Gas Engines mrs. McFarland Librarian MR. McVAY Beginning Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, Woodwind Methods, Brass Methods, Percussion Methods, Octagon Club MR. MEADORS Study Hall, Assistant Coach Varsity Football MISS MOFFATT Special Education, General Math, Consumer Math, American History, Economics, English, Freshman Volleyball and Basketball, Assistant Coach — Varsity and [V Volleyball MRS. MOORE Biology I, AP Biology, Beta Club MR. NASH VICA, VAM MISS NORWOOD Basic Art Aesthetics, Pottery, Calligraphy, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting; Artist-in-Action, Girls' Varsity Basketball Coach MR. OWEN Earth Science MRS. PATE Home Economics I, American History, FHA Top: "Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird ..." Middle: "Warp factor5, Mr. Chekov.” Bottom: "Always busy" 138 facultyMR. PRICE Algebra II, Adv. Math, Calculus, National Honor Society MRS. PRICE Guidance 9-12, Girls’ Cross Country, Girls’ Track MR. PRUITT Drafting I and 11 MS. PURDY English 121,151,181, Pep Club, Senior Sponsor Chairman MRS. RENDALL Marketing, Dist. Ed. I, II; DECA MRS. SHULL Speech I, Drama I, Debate, Play Production, International Thespian Society, National Forensics League MRS. SIGLER Home Econ I, Family Living, Consumer Ed., Housing Home Furnishing, Future Homemakers of America MR. SLUDER General Business, P.E., FCA, Freshman Football, Varsity Basketball MRS. SMITH Guidance 9-12 MRS. TAYLOR Physical Education, [.V. and Varsity Volleyball Top: Our resident first lady in action! Middle: the day after?! Bottom: the strong and the mighty! faculty liClenco,offlcMe d]-0;.BKHr Office Ed.. TOEC P-E., History, nity ootbaU T(;n MRS- WEATHERLY 1 yPevvnting I. Business Law MRS. WERNER English 121, 151, 181 MR. WESTMORELAND Earth Science, General Science MR. WHITE World History, American History MRS. WHITEHEAD I lealth, Biology. Co-sponsor — Science Club, SADD MRS. WILLIAMS English 221,251 MR. WILLIAMS Auto Body Repair I. II. VICA MRS. WILSON ’re-Algebra. Algebra I. S DD, rr Varsity Cheerleader ’ ' Co-sponsor ToP:Sn,ileI ;; ld S y more momy- Indian boys. » fnnilltVMRS. BOMAR Financial Secretary MR. CRANFORD Plant Manager MRS. DUNN Library Aide MRS. GARCIA Secretary MR. GOSS Campus Deputy MRS. HARVELL Secretary MRS. KLENK Dietician MR. SMITH Assistant Plant Manager MRS. 77MBS Library Aide MRS. WILLIS Attendance Top: Caught you red-handed! Middle: Tick. tick. tick, tick, tick ... Bottom: Millington- the year 4001 faculty 141Students at MCHS strive to get involved at school and their efforts can be seen day after day. Sports, cJubs, and other extra curricular activities show that MCHS students are eager to participate. Each Fall, Winter and Spring, many events take place. Many hours are spent practicing for perfection whether it is practicing for the BIG GAME, the next competition, a new play, or the preparation of another dance. The clubs at MCHS meet every Tuesday during club period. Each of our clubs supports the school in the many events that take place each year. Each of the members of each club spends valuable time urging participation and support from other students and in some cases, even from parents. When looking back over the past year, the time brings to mind the wins and losses in each of our lives. The different fads and fashions that will be remembered in the years to come, various trends such as twist-a-beads, guccis, two-tone jeans, and blue jean jackets add to the variety of style at MCHS. After school and on the weekends, our students can be found crusin' the Millington strip and enjoying their free time by just being with close friends. Our students are praised by parents and teachers for their time, energy, and sportsmanship shown in each activity participated in and by caring enough about MCHS to get INVOLVED. 142 involvementSports Kathy Guetterman Renee Haile Brian Moore Tim Morrison Clubs Phil Beasiey Linda Danley Debbie Hultz Steve Taylor Reflections fane Barnes Sandy WarnerThe Varsity Football Tean The 1984-85 MCHS Trojan football team played quality football this season, scoring 84 points. The Trojans’ big victory came when they beat Munford 22 to 13 during the Homecoming game. They easily scored three touchdowns against The Purple Wave, but were narrowly defeated by a score of 44 to 22. They passed for a total of 219 yards and rushed for a total of 1514 yards. Tony Cox. our leading rusher, had a total of 483 yards in 100 carries. Bryant Brooks was second with 403 yards in 97 carries. Barry Williams, coming in third with 373 yards in 89 carries, is equally commendable. Our leading receivers were Tony Christopher and Robbie DeMarigny with 82 yards in 6 receptions and 65 yards in 2 receptions, respectively. We are proud to have coach “Slim” Jack Turner back after a fifteen year absence. His philosophy is, "What a person did yesterday doesn't mean a thing, it is what he does today and tomorrow that counts.” He says that this year was merely a rebuilding year and that next year we can expect a much better season. We are pleased to have Coach Turner, Coach Meadors, and Coach Gibson on our coaching staff this year and we thank them for the excellent job they have done. Top: Front Row: f. Avery, L. Broadway. C. Edwards. B. Brooks, J. Hulley, C. Bradford. J. Wilson. F. Lee, A. Christopher, F. Johnson. R. deMarigny. Second Row: H. Hawkins, T. Sumner. T. Perry, T. Campbell. M. Stollmeyer, M. Hayes, D. Moy. M. Nichols. B. Williams, T. Cox, T. Gacek, C. Burrows. Third Row: G. Hulley. A. Stevenson, F. Ransom. D. Richardson, M. Greer, R. Forester. S. Hayes, D. Moore, J. Heminway, S. Branch. T. Roelke, N. Bradley. M. Jones. Middle left: Coach Jack Turner. Middle center: Coach Roy Meadors. Middle right: Coach Gibson. 144 varsity footballTrojan Roster No. Name Position Ht. Wt. Class 10 Robbie deMarigny QB 5'8" 140 10 12 Fred Johnson QB 5 ’10" 155 11 13 Tony Christopher RB 5'9" 150 11 14 Frank Lee RB 5’7" 150 12 18 Mark Branch RB 5'7" 150 11 21 John Wilson RB 5'10" 140 11 26 Ronald Ray RB 5'5" 130 10 27 fim Hulley FB 5'9" 140 10 28 Bryant Brooks RB 6'1" 160 12 29 Cornell Edwards RB 5'6" 140 12 40 TroyGacek FB 5'10" 160 12 42 Tony Cox FB 6'1" 215 11 44 Barry Williams RB 5'7" 140 11 45 Mike Nichols E 5'10" 160 10 53 Dennis Moy G 5'9" 160 10 56 Mike Hayes G 5 ’10" 160 12 57 Matt Stollmeyer G 5'9" 160 11 58 Tom Campbell C 5'U" 180 11 62 Tim Perry T 5'10" 210 12 64 Tim Sumner T 5'U" 190 11 66 Nathan Bradley G 5'U" 180 12 72 Tom Roelke T 5'10" 180 10 75 Stanley Branch T 5'9" 215 10 78 John Hemingway T 5'10" 180 12 79 Doug Moore T 5'U" 180 10 80 Shea Hayes E 5'10" 160 10 81 Rudy Forester E 5'10" 190 11 82 Marty Greer E 5'10" 175 11 83 Danny Richardson E 5'9" 160 11 84 Franky Ransom E 5'8" 130 10 86 Allen Stephenson E 5'9" 150 11 87 Gene Hulley E 5'8" 120 10 varsity football 145Senior Lettermer Bryant Brooks RB Mike Hayes G Tim Perry T Cornell Edwards RB Frank Lee RB Troy Gacek RB Nathan Bradley G Chris Burress Mgr John Hemingway T 146 senior iettermenTom Roelke kicks off. Coach Turner gives Fred and Tony some last minute instructions. Shea Hayes catches a pass. Robbie deMarigny snags a bullet. football 147Sports in Action Top: Trojans working out. Middle left: Hank the handyman. Middle right: A blocking drill. Bottom: Defense!Freshmen Battle Opponents JL-j year our Freshman football team nasbeen outstanding. Under the direction of Coaches, Sluder and 1 lendricks, they worked hard and accomplished many goals. This young team assures us of an exciting ]V and Varsity team in coming years. Some talented athletes expected to do well in our football program are Jeff Juneau. Wayne Arquin, Shawn Hill, Tim Smith, Creg Ritter, Jason Ervin, and Steve Smith. Bottom Row: VV. Strauss. R. Brunns. . Ervin. J. funeau. Medina. G. Kesler. T. Smith. W. Arquin. B Hurd. I.. Pierre. Middle: M. Watson. . Donahue. H. Hodges. B. Barger. . Heath. J. Hill. S. Smith. C. Sanborne. K. Deisher. Back Row: S. Hill. K. Cole. G. Ritter. Middle left: Coach Hendricks Middle center Coach Sluder. Middle right: Michelle and Cari Anne yell for the Trojans. Bottom: "Defense!" freshman football 149150 varsity football9 varsity football 151Varsity CheerleadersShow Spirit Michelle Vinson 2,3, Captain 4 Cindy Gertschen 1, 2,3, Co-Captain 4 Jane Barnes 1, 2, 3, 4 Kelly Pierce 1,2,3, 4 Sonya Fortune 1,2,3 Wendy Smith 1,2,3 Toni Speck 1,2,3 Tanza Vinson 1,2,3 Kathleen Mandapat 1, 2 Christy McManus 1, 2 Teresa Roebuck 1, 2 Paula McVoy 1,2,3 The Varsity Cheerleaders should be greatly appreciated for their dedication and spirit to the football and basketball teams at MCHS. They dedicate up to eight hours a week to cheering during football season and up to sixteen hours during basketball season. These figures include games, practices, and pep rallies. At every game we see them cheering the teams to victory and supporting them in their setbacks. The cheerleaders attended UT Martin’s cheerleading camp in June of 1984. While there, they were awarded four superior ribbons, the spirit stick, and were finalists for the award of excellence. Cindy Gertschen and Michelle Vinson were nominated to the National Cheerleader Association's Hall of Fame. Mrs. Gipson, the sponsor, should be commended for the 1984-85 cheerleading squad at MCHS.JV Cheers on to Victory The J.V. Cheerleaders have had an exciting season cheering for the J.V. Boys’ Basketball team. The cheerleaders were at every game lifting the Trojan crowd’s spirit. Allesha Bellora and Cassandra Burnett were the captains of the squad. Ms. Burdette, the sponsor, feels that the girls' hard work has been very rewarding. Top: Photo session. Bottom left: Ms. Burdette, sponsor. Bottom right: At the spirit parade. Al esha Bellora Cheryl Broughton Laurie Goodlet Bernadette Bradford Cassandra Burnett Shannon McKee Kris Brady Monica Carson Angela Miller 154 j.v. cheerleadersFreshman Cheerleaders Win Competition The freshman cheerleaders got off to a great start. They attended the UCA cheerleading camp at Memphis State during the summer. They competed with seventy-five other squads and won four superior ribbons. In the final competition the freshman cheerleaders received the Superior trophy and the Spirit stick. They worked very hard and it’s been a rewarding year. Bottom left: Mrs. Armour, Sponsor. Bottom right: Introduction at the opening assembiy. Cynthia Hunt Can Ann Parham Teresa Stringfellow Michelie Cooper Lori Fortune T rina Cartwright Tracy Irving freshman cheerleaders 155The Road Runners Fly on to Victory The 1984-1985 MCHS Cross Country team had a very successful season. Having finished eighth out of fourteenth in the the districts, the team achieved a 7-8-0 record for the year. Bobby Hagen and Jimmy Pike were Millington's strong finishers at the meets. Coach Alan Campbell feels that the team has exemplified hard work and determination. 1. Only Bobby and Jimmy would run in the middle of the street. 2. Run Paul, run! 3. Jimmy closes in. 4. Coach Alan Campbell. 5. 4th Row: Darren Greenburg, Jimmy Pike. Moris Carter. 3rd Row: Randy Chunn. 2nd Row: Andy Jones. Scott Howard. 1st Row: Tito Cook. Jeff Phillips. Not Pictured: Bobby Hagan. Robert Haile. Paul Kenny. Jon Latham. David McGary, Eric Roulette, and Jeff Williams. 156 cross countryLady Road Runners Trod the Path The Girls' Cross Country Team had a very triumphant season. For example, Tina Miller tied the school record of 21:47 at Orgill, and Lena Lafayette and Pam Lonier finished close behind. Because of the effort put out by the team members, a record of 7-4 was achieved. This was a great improvement after having to forfeit meets last year due to lack of participation and Coach Mary Price was pleased with their performance. Top: Coach Mary Price. Back Row-. Tina Miller. Leanne Labarreare. Vickie Lopez. Pam Lonier. Middle: Front Row: Manager — Jennifer Medearis. Barbie IIartless. Teta Fahlslrom. Lena Lafayette. Manager — Loree Olsen. Not Pictured. Melissa Hagan. Bottom left".. ■ and they're off!" Bottom right: "Over the hill and through the woods cross country 157Varsity Volleyball Spikes Into Action This school year, the Varsity Volleyball team worked very hard. From the very few players who made the team, the four senior lettermen (Laura Dieckhaus, Kathy Guetterman, Debbie Hultz, and Shanon Purtie) emerged to lead the team to another fine season. They were inspired by the coaching talent of Mrs. Taylor and Miss Moffatt. Top left: Coach Rebecca Taylor. Top right. Assistant Coach Sylvia Moffatt. Middle: Standing: Belinda )ohnson. Laura Dieckhaus. Jerry Thien. Captain — Kathy Guetterman. Kneeling: Co-captain — Shanon Purtie. Debbie Hultz. Jaci Aiken. Below left: The ball is set by |aci. Below middle: Oh no! The UFO is taking Guegy away! Below right: 1 got it. no. I got it! 158 varsity volleyJ.V. Volleyball Serves Another Season The 1984 Junior Varsity Volleyball team had a successful season. Many players improved during the season and were brought up to the Varsity squad for districts. This year gave the team members valuable experience to become the leaders for the seasons ahead. Top Back Row: Coach — Becky Taylor, Manager — Karen Capuson. Belinda Johnson, co-captain — Felicia Thomas, Captain — Vickie Ward, Laura Johnson, Manager — Patience Eckhart, Coach — Sylvia Moffatt. Front Row: Donna Bearden. Lisa Reeder, Donna Curry, Tracey Davis. Left: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, which way will the ball fall? Right: Vickie serves the ball. j.v. volleyball 159Freshman Volleyball Works The 1984-85 Freshman Volleyball season was one of experience. Under the leadership of Miss Sylvia Moffatt, the girls worked very hard. They faced many tough opponents such as Briarcrest and Bartlett, and defeated Germantown in two straight games. The team members exemplified talent and diligence in promising strong years ahead of them. 1. I'll get it! 2. Stephanie bumps the ball. 3. Trina gets ready to hit. 4. Oh no! The ball is coming! 5. Back Row: Coach Sylvia Moffatt. Manager — Patience Eckhart. Belinda McGregor. Melody Goode. Sharon Medearis. Rhonda Duke. Stephanie Ransom, lanet Nierad. Donna Gatlin. Danielle Carter. Manager — Karen Capuson. Front Row: lennifer West. Dina Minter. Kim Daniels. Tina Battles. Tammy COliver. Sherrill Bixler, Trina Wurtz. 160 freshman volleyballGolf Team Swings into Action The inexperienced golf team teed off to a trying year. Although they only won two matches, the team putted its way into 3rd place in the District Tournament with David Hesford as captain. Mr. Billings hopes next year’s team will be more experienced because most of the players will be returning. Top left: Eddie Savage. Curtis. Williams. David Hesford. and lake Ward. Top right: David demonstrates the proper stance. Middle left: Dennis Riddle takes a swing. Middle right: Eddie lines up his club with the ball. Bottom Left: Scott Bullock practices his game. Bottom right: Mr. Billings, coach. golf 161Trojans Wrestle to Win This year the wrestler team was in a rebuilding program because we lost most of our starting varsity to graduation. The returning starters were Phillip Kenny, Dan Taylor, and Cornell Edwards. The team has come a long way, beating Christian Brothers High School, one of the toughest teams in our district, in the dual meets. The Paul Kenny Memorial Tournament was held this year to honor the varsity wrestler who lost his life in a car accident. This took the place of the annual Trojan Classic tournament. Both varsity and junior varsity wrestlers participated in this meet, and out of the twelve varsity wrestlers, six of them placed at Districts and three of these advanced to State. Barry Williams made it to the final round in State competition. Coach Hendrix has definitely taught the Trojans to "wrestle to win!!!” Ton left: VARSITY TEAM: Front: Tito Cook. Dan Taylor. Eric McCar-rofl. lay Westmoreland. Walter Rhinehart Hack: Doug Moore. Cornell Edwards. Barry Williams. Steve Hoxie. Phil Beasley Tod right: Coach Hendrix. Middle left Barry Williams at the Regional Competition. Middle right: STATE COMPETITORS: Phil Beasley, lay Westmorelund. Coach Hendrix. Barry Williams Bottom IIJNIOR VARSITY TEAM: From. Chris Sanborn. Mike Fletcher. Phillip Kenny. T. I. Tracey. David Tracey. Sean Forbes. Back: Shawn Hill. Frank Rector. Wayne Arguin. foe Hawkins. Sean Nicks. 162 wrestling teamCheering on to Victory The wrestling cheerleaders were very effective this year in cheering the Tro ans on to victory. Mrs. Greene. Lori Greene's mother, was very supportive of these cheerleaders and has been regarded as their sponsor. The girls cheered at the Paul Kenny Memorial Tournament, the dual meets and at District competition. They also accompanied the wrestlers to a tournament that was held in Missouri. Top, Front Row: Martha Driggers. Cheryl Grannis, Tammy Boyd, Nissa shenbramer, Angela Wells, Shawna Phillips. Back Row: Wendy Glover. Stacy Smith, Janet Davidson. I.ori Greene. Middle: All of the listed cheerleaders at Competition Cheering for jay. Bottom: Cheryl Grannis, Lori Greene, Martha Driggers, Nisha Ashenbramer and Janet Davidson cheer Philto victory. wrestling cheerleaders 163Trojans Get Ready Roll This year, the Boys' Varsity Basketball team excelled under the direction of Coach Sluder. The varsity and junior varsity teams worked hard in practice to become one of the top teams in the district. Excellent passing, ballhandlins. and shooting were displayed by Jimmy Pike. Troy Thompson, ana jimmy Campbell, while Darren Greenburg and Matt Hardaway fought hard at the post positions. All players contributed to the play of the game to lead the Trojans to victory. Top. Standing: lames Stroud. John Giden. Troy Thompson. Jimmy Pike. Bryant Brooks. Darren Greemburg, Matt Hardaway. Reggie Wilson. Keith Wiggins. Jonathon Dingham. Kneeling: Greg Christopher. Jimmy Campbell. Marcel Jones. Freddy Johnson. Middle left: Coach Sluder. Middle: Managers — Jonathon Dingham. James Stroud. Middle right: Morris shoots a free throw. Bottom: The Trojans play awesome defense. 164 basketballLady Trojan Basketball Makes It Happen The lxidy Trojans experienced a growing year. Under the leadership of Miss Norwood and Miss Moffatt. the team developed and gained the experience needed to become strong competitors. Miss Norwood stressed hard work and devotion by all players to make the season complete. Shanon Purtle and Cheryl Iordan took command at the point guard position with Kim Ransom coming out to give the team a strong wing player. Veronica Carson and Kathy Cuetterman provided the inside game. The team consisted of four Seniors, six Sophomores, and one Freshman. Top: Standing: Shannon White. Cheryl Iordan. Venessa Crutcher. Laura Johnson. Kathy Cuetterman. Veronica Carson. Kim Ransom. Michelle Coleman. Shanon Purtle. Kneeling: folaine Wyatt and Ann Sewell. Middle left: Statistician. Mrs. Dobbins. Middle: Assistant Coach. Miss Moffatt. Middle right Coach. Miss Norwood. Bottom: Managers. Yvette Watson and Marva Risby. varsity basketball 165Trojan Seniors Jimmy Campbell Matthew Hardaway Marcel Jones The Trojans warm up before the game. Jimmy Pike Troy Thompson imn 166 varsity basketballLady Trojan Seniors Kathy Guetterman Veronica Carson Shanon Purtle Kim Ransom lady trojans 167Top left: Darren jumps for the tip-off. Top right: A scramble for the rebound. Middle left: Who wants the ball? Middle right: Pike looks the defense over. Above: Campbell shoots for two. Right: Mr. Percer and Mrs. Price keep the score and stats. 168 basketballTop left Kathy waves bye-bye to the ball. Top right.' Kim. Ann, and Cheryl gang up on the dribbler. Middle: Veronica puts the ball up against the Hawks. Above: Cheryl drives in for the lay up off a fast break, heft: Kim looks up court to start the play. lady trojan action 169Top left: Everybody do the bird! Top righl: Troy shoots for two. Middle left: Defense Trojans! Bottom left: Where's the ball? Bottom right: Make that shot! 170 basketballTop left: Mr. White and Mr. McDaniel swab the deck. Top right: Michelle attempts a free throw. Middle left: Kim is fouled. Middle right: Shanon runs the inbounds play. Left: Give me an "S” — TROJANS! Above: Cheryl is flying high. lady trojan action 171Freshman Boys’ Basketball Shows Talent The 1984-85 Freshman Basketball team improved tremendously throughout the year. Beginning with an 0-4 record. they fousht back to win 7 games in a row and finished 3rd in district play. The starters, Eric Bolton. Martese Branch, Bernard Hurd, Koria Millan. and Chris Peoples, along with all the team members, developed under the leadership of Coach Campbell to have a successful season. Top left: Eric powers in for a lay up. Top right: Coach Alan Campbell. Middle, Standing: Lafayette Jackson, Chris Bowles, Ricky Harris, Eric Bolton, Chris Peoples. Koria Millan. Martese Branch, Bernard Hurd, John Wells. Kneeling: Bruce Barger, Brad Webb. Billy Suler, Bryant Henderson. Bottom left: Managers — David Reed, Steve Schoke. Bottom right: Martese attacks the zone. 172 freshman basketballFreshman Girls’ Basketball Strengthens The Freshman Girls' Basketball team, although they did not have a victorious year, gained experience and will be a real asset to the Girls' Varsity team in upcoming years. With their strong inside rehoundersand their good outside shooters, the team displayed.much teamwork The starters for the team were Stephanie Ransom. Amy Ussery. Samantha lister. Vanda Thornton, and heigh Ann Labarreare Top left: Coach — Miss Norwood. Top right. Coach — Miss Moffatt. Middle. Standing: Melody Goode. Sheila Wilkins. Stephanie Ransom. Melanie Siebert. Angie Kopp. Amy Ussery. Samantha tester, Vanda Thornton Kneeling: Tammy Collver. Leigh Ann Labarreare. Sabrina Peete. Bottom left: . and the game begins Bottom right: Tammy handles the ball. freshman basketball 173The 1984-85 Baseball Team had a very successful season. Jimmy Pike, playing third base, was the team’s MVP. Other key players were our pitchers, Bobby Ward and Spanky McDaniel; Robby DeMarigny, 2nd base; and Rusty Wilkins, short stop. Coach Hearn is confident that the baseball program will continue to achieve its goals of success and good sportsmanship. Top right: Would ya look at that hit! Middle left: Coach Hearn. Middle right: Play ball! Varsity Baseball First Row: Robby de Marigny. |ohn Ditto. Andy (ones. Andy Oglesby. Walter Rhinehart, fames McElyea. Second Row: Philip Raymond. Bobby Ward. Rusty Wilkins, Steve Elkins. Spanky McDaniel. Dwayne Lewis, Cornell Edwards. Third Row: Glen Burr, John Mitchell. Steve Whitlock, Allen Stephenson. 174 varsity baseballGrand Slams Into a New Season varsity baseball 175Softball Strikes the Gold The girls' softball team played twenty games this season. Ms. Norwood is the new head coach and assisting her is one of our new coaches, Miss Moffatt. Bottom: TEAM PICTURE: Front: Bernadette Bradford, Amy Miller, Dayna Ballard. Back: Cindy Amos. Brenda Chunn, Gina Ballard. Kim Ransom. Top right: Ms. Norwood. Middle left: Miss Moffatt. Middle right: Cindy Warms up. Ms. Norwood Ms. Moffatt Cindy warms up. 176Sports in Action % ' Top: Trojan Varsity Football Team plays hard. Middle left: Freshman girls' Basketball reaches for its goal. Right: Make Hayes towers to new heights. Left: Bandy Chunn runs along the path. sports action 177Except for the loss of several relay runners, Coach Gibson got most of his track team back for another triumphant season. Mike Hayes, who holds the school pole vaulting record, crowned his high school career with several exceptional performances. Other members who made noteworthy efforts were Bobby Hagan at the two mile event and Lawrence Cox at relays. Top left: "If y'all don’t win ..." Top right Reggie psyches oui his opponents. Bottom left: Troy shows how it's done. Boys’ Track Fields Winners Coach Gibson, managers — Nicole Forsythe and Vickie Ward. Lawrence Cox. Bobby Hagan. Zachary Green. Mike Hayes. Troy Gacek. Tyrone Garner. Reggie Wilson. Mike Pace, barren Greenburg. Robby Haile. Tommy Campbell. rim Hnllev. manaaer — Andy Hart, and Doug Moore. 178 trackGirls’ Track Runs Wild 1st Row: l.isa Payne, Denise l.ogan, Jennifer Medearis, Loree Olson. 2nd Row: Teresa Allen. l.isa Reeder, Tonya Morris, Melissa Hagan. 3rd Row: fenni Biller. Cheryl Iordan, Leigh-Ann LaBarreare. 4th Roiv: Tammy Israel, Michelle Cooper, Tina Miller. Barbie Harless. 5th Row. Kathy Guelterman, Valarie Banks, Tetta Fahlstrom. The girls' track team got off to a roaring start in March. Team standouts were Pam Lonier and Tina Miller at distance events, and Cheryl Jordan at sprints. Mrs. Price, the coach, will miss the talented seniors next year, but hopes that several of the younger members will take up the slack. Top left: Mrs. Price, coach. Top middle: Urgent message! Top right: Tracy runs for her life. Bottom right: Tina dominates the track. track 179Tennis Team GIRLS' TEAM: Erika Amaba. Laura Dieckhaus, Coach Bruen, Debbie Hultz, and Jaci Aiken. Not Pictured: Binky Harrald and Kim Daniels. BOYS’ TEAM: 1st Row: Eddie Davey. Alfred Cole. Trey Ray. and Demetrius Bradford. 2nd Row: Mike Joyner. Albert Bean, and Greg Childress. 3rd Row: Coach Bruen. Not Pictured: Todd Gertschen. 180 tennisNets Victories A combination of experienced players and some newcomers turned out to be a good match for the tennis team. They managed to play well in several West Tennessee matches, despite weather problems that interfered with practice time. With Laura Dieckhaus and Debbie Hultz as the only returning seniors, Coach Bruen gave a little of the spotlight to some of the underclassmen. He was particularly happy with the abilities of Erika Amaba, Greg Childress, and Mike Joyner. Top left Mike volleys across (he net. Top right: Debbie makes the ball do tricks. Bottom: Laura’s backhand is devastating. tennis 181Pacesetters Greg Ballard fane Barnes Scot Bearup Phil Beasley Vincent Bounds Steve Brown Kathryn Broyles Jimmy Campbell Veronica Carson Terry Carter Venessa Christopher Ken Connaster Eric Cook Tracy Costa Laura Dieckhaus Patience Eckhart Cornell Edwards Tetta Fahlstrom Denise Fuselier Troy Gacek Suellen Gayden Cindy Gertschen Wendy Glover Robert Grannis Becky Greer Kathy Guetterman Bobby Hagan Beth Hale Matthew Hardaway Barbara Harless David Harvey Debbie Hissong John Holderman Steve Hoxie Debbie 11 ultz % 182 pacesetterslay Westmoreland Rusly Wilkins Brenda Hunt Marcel tones Paul Kenny Pam l.onier c Jennifer Medearis Rebecca Miller Andy Oglesby Loree Olson a n Y Lisa Perry 0 Kelly Pierce Jimmy Pike u Brian Pinlac K e Sharon Purtle Kim Ransom Dee Dee e Riempa Hazel Smith P t Dan Taylor Steve Taylor Troy Thompson Michelle n e Vinson P a c e ? • Pacesetters are seniors who have earned varsity letters in band, choir, and athletic activities. They influence their peers through their achievements and hard work. We thank them for their contributions in all areas of Millington Central High School's extracurricular activities. pacesellers 183William L. Osteen Chapter of David Harvey Secretary Renee Haile Treasurer i. r A Terry Carter Bill Duda Becky Greer Jane Barnes Kf Tracy Costa Carol Fritz Suzanne Hansgen Wt-. f- 1 Linda Danley Michelle Hardee Leslie Bradshaw Tammy deMarigny Shawn Gingrich Michele lager Kathryn Broyles Laura Dieckhaus Rolyert Grannis Donna L. Johnson 184 national honor societyNational Honor Society ism Oawn Kennedy Lisa Kesler Brian Moore Mia Velasquez New Seniors John Leppert Jay Wiison New Juniors Erika Amaba Amy Ashenbramer Dayna Ballard Valarie Banks Cara Barlar MeJisa Boston Linda Bowman Shelly Bradshaw Tim Morrison Teresa Ward Lisa Perry Alvania Weidetz (nt; Michelle Stephenson Michelle Weidetz Curtis Williams Brian Casson Liz Rather Greg Childress Anna Reynante Brenda Chunn Susan Roberts Desta Church David Robinson Carla Crawford Margie Scanlon Glenn Gunnels Debbie Slyapich Sara Hart Debra Smith Hank Hawkins Wendy Smith David Hesford Dena Spencer Patricia Hivner Richard Talada Annie Martin Jerri Thien David McGary Tanza Vinson Amy Miller Debra Williams Kay Pendergrass Jeff Phillips nhs 185National Beta Club David llarvey President Shawn Gingrich Vice-President Lisa Perry Secretary Sue lien Gay den Treasurer Denise Sartain Activities Chairman Eleanor Acosta Greg Ballard lane Barnes Scot Bear up Nathan Bradley Kathryn Broy es Terry Carter Laura Dieckhaus Carol Fritz Kathy Guetterman Lisa Cooper Carmen Gavrock L Tracy Costa The National Beta Club is an organization that selects students who have a 90 average or above. These students must maintain an 88 average or no grade lower than a “C". They strive to promote leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. The National Beta Club participates in many activities throughout the year. The 1984-85 Beta Club sponsor is Mrs. Moore. 186 national beta ciubNational Beta Club Michelle Hardee Kb Dawn Kennedy Eileen Martin Byron Preston Brian Moore a 1 M David Price Tim Morrison Teresa Ward Michele lager Donna Johnson I Arl Curtis Williams Mrs. Moore Sponsor New Seniors Harold Baker Julie Bunnell Bill Duda Tetta Fahlstrom Jennifer Finder Bobbie Greenlaw Renee Haile Rebecca Miller Michael Twigg Mia Velasquez James Wilson New Juniors Valarie Banks MeJisa Boston Melanie Davis Kathy Ellerbrook Rachel Kincaid Tammy Prescott Liz Ridley Debra A. Smith Sylvia Sullivan New Sophomores Ferdinand Acosta Jaci Aiken Wendi Bearup Jenni Biller Michelle Caldwell Lawrence Cox Edwin D. Davey Rhonda Dickinson Martha Driggers Todd Gertschen fames D. Hall Robby Haile Maria Huelskamp Angie Lewis Kathleen Mandapat Christy McManus Kristine Randall Sybil Ransom Shawn Sipe Stacy Smith Michelle Stewart Mary Tietz Rachel Tucker Leroy Watson fames Williams Jo Laine Wyatt national beta club 187Pep Club The Pep Club is an activity for all MCHS students who want to express their school spirit. The members do this by putting on the Homecoming Dance during the football season and the Winter Festival during basketball season. The Trojanettese are a special part of this club; they sell spirit ribbons before each varsity game. Top: Club picture. Middle left: "Wanna buy a pompom?" Middle right: "Yes. I'm a Senior!" Bottom: 4 out of 5 dentists .. 188 pep clubAdds the Finishing Touch k Top left: Let’s get excited! Top right: Eric Cook. Secretary: Tracey Perry. Vice President: Karen Moore. Treasurer: Sharon Leech. President. Bottom left: TROJANETTES — Top to Bottom: Teresa Nehes. Denise Logan. Debbie MacSaveny. Michelle Stewart. Dena Spencer. Jerri Thien. Jennifer Finder. Donna Johnson, Sharon Leech. Paula Crowder. Brenda Miller, and Tracey Perry. Bottom right: Mrs. Purdy, sponsor. pep club 189FHA Promotes Homemaking The object of Future Homemakers of America is to help young people assume their roles of personal growth, family life, vocational preparation, ana community involvement through Home Economics Education. For example, Millington members raised over $600.00 for the Hemophilia Foundation and visited the Covington Nursing Home. Mrs. Sigler and Mrs. Pate sponsor this club. Top: Group Picture. Middle: OFFICERS: President — Robin Lumont; Representative — Mary O'Rear: Vice President (Program of Work) — Debra Campbell: Representative — Laura O'Rear; Vice President (Encounter) — Kim Wells: Representative — Karen Ross: Secretary-Treasurer — Julie Klinkefus: Reporter — Heather Gilmore: Representative — Vanessa Crutcher: Historian — Teresa Roebuck: Representative — Nicole Evans: Parliamentarian — faci Alvoid; Representative — Vicki Travis: Recreation Director — fin a Dugger: Representative — Blake Brown. Bottom: The Groucho Marx Players — Robin Lamont, Teresa Roebuck, Debra Campbell. 190 fhaDECA Promotes Free Enterprise The Distributive Education CJubs of America develop leadership abilities, civic consciousness, vocational understanding, and social awareness. They sponsored the Community Day King and Queen contest, donating the money to the Community Day Scholarship and the Traci Leonard Memorial Scholarship. Top: OFFICERS — Left to Right: Reporter — Robin Aubert; Parliamentarian — Tammy Alexander; Sponsor — Mrs. Rendall; Secretary — Sharon Leech; V. Pres. — Paula Crowder; Treasurer — Krystal Driggers; Chaplain — Kenny Rutiedge; President — Beth Hale. Bottom: DECA Banner. Middle: Group Picture. deca 191Spanish Club Promotes Culture The Spanish Club is composed of students who are enrolled in a Spanish speaking course and who share an interest in the Spanish culture. Some of the club’s activities include going to a Mexican restaurant, going on hayrides, making Mexican desserts, and selling advent calendars. The sponsor is Mrs. Armour. Top right: OFFICERS — Treasurer — Ferdinand Acosta; Secretary — Nancy Sparks; Vice President — Jennifer Finder; President — Rachel Tucker. Middle: Group Picture. Bottom: Trick or Treat. 192 Spanish clubFrench Club Parle The French Club is organized to promote a better understanding and en oyment of the French culture. Their activities include a trip to a French restaurant and a French movie. Congratulations from the Yearbook Staff to their sponsor Mrs. Hurt, who will add a new member to the MCHS French Club with the arrival of her child. Top: OFFICERS: Treasurer — Bruce Kidwell: President — Debbie HuJtz; Vice President — Juke Ward; Secretary — Hazel Smith (not pictured). Bottom: Group Picture french ciub 193Hero II Cares Hero II is a home economics related occupational club for students enrolled in child care. Club meetings and projects deal with working with the children in a day care situation. The sponsor is Mrs. Gibson. Top: President — Sharon Royal: Vice President — Amy Stroud: Treasurer — Lisa Cooper; Reporier — Pam Wray; Secretary — Laura O'Rear (Not pictured). Bottom: Child care poses for fun piciure. Middle: Group Shot. 194 hero IIThespians Act Their Parts The Thespian Club is an organization whose purpose is to promote the performing arts. The club is open to any student willing to earn the 10 points needed to join. These points may be earned by participating in speech tournaments, plays, or festivals. Top left: OFFICERS — Treasurer — David Harvey: Clerk — Dennis Yount: Secretary — Paula Crowder: President — Julie Bunnell; Vice President — Ray Chester; Historian — Jerri Thien. Top right: "Just call me President Ann." Bottom: Group Picture thespians 195Computer Club Computes The Computer Science CJub, which is an organization of the school's computer programmers, meets the second Tuesday of every month to discuss new programming techniques. The club holds an annual dance to raise money, and this year the club bought a video recorder and a camera with the money. This year the club formed User groups for various computers, giving the students a chance to look at each others’ programs. Members do not have to be taking Computer Science to join the club. Mr. Crenshaw is the sponsor. Top: Group Shot. Middle: Who’s watching the computers? Bottom Right: Terry Carter, Vice-President; Brian Moore, Treasurer; ana Barnes. Secretary; Matt Morrison. Sergeant at Arms; Tim Morrison, President. 196 computer ciubScience Club Discovers The Science Club, in its first year at MCHS, has sixty-three members, in November members competed in UT Martin’s Science Bowl, and many placed in the top ten percent. The Science Club hopes to establish its own Science Bowl next year. Throughout the year special spearkers, who have brought the Science scene to MCHS, have prepared students for specialized science fields. The club hopes to achieve many goals and this year is just the beginning. Top Left: OFFICERS — Frank Lee, Vice-President; Mary Tielz, Secretary; Liz Rather, Treasurer; Terry Carter, President. Bottom: Group Shot. science club 197Mu Alpha Theta Calculates Mu Alpha Theta is MCHS’ honorary math organization designed to work with mathematics outside of the classroom. Its members must maintain a “B” average and have completed math courses up to Algebra II. Mu Alpha Theta meets the fourth Tuesday of every month with Mr. Hill as its sponsor. Some of the club's special speakers have been Mr. Martin and Dr. Morton. As a special treat for the members, they are planning a “pig out” pizza party. Top: Group Shot. Right: OFFICERS — President — Margie Scanlon; Vice-President — Desta Church: Secretary — Anne Reynante; Treasurer — Julie Bunnell. 198 mu alpha thetaOctagon Club Serves Octagon is a service organization, whose purpose is to serve the community and the school in various ways. It is open to all students in grades 9-12. The Millington Optimist Club sponsors the school ciub. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Each year the club sells Christmas trees to raise money for scholarship funds. The club is activeiy involved in Youth Appreciation Day and awards students certificates of merit for their High school activities. Octagon's sponsor is Mr. McVay. Top Left: OFFICERS — Treasurer, Tracey Perry: Secretary, Lisa Perry; Vice President. Suellen Gayden; President, Becky Greer. Bottom: Group Shot. octagon 199Maranatha Enlightens Maranatha is a non-denominationai Christian CJub, organized to promote on campus witnessing, spiritual growth and fellowship among Christian students. On occasion Maranatha has special guests who share their testimonies. The club meets the third Tuesday of each month. It is the largest club at MCHS with two-hundred and seventh-five members. STAFF: Top: Mrs. Clark, Mary Fife. Lisa Swartz, Debbie McSavery, Robert Setzer. Bottom: Larry Vinson. Kenny Rutledge, Miche Je Michael, Angie Lewis. Tina Ingram. 200 maranathaChess Checkmates Close-Up Travels The Chess CJub is a new organization at MCHS. The members try to promote a growing interest in the basic, but complex skill of chess. The Chess CJub is not only a learning club; it also gives students a chance to compete in tournaments other than academics and athletics. Mrs. Downs is the Sponsor. Officers: Cornell Edwards, Representative; John Hemingway, President; Ron O'Rourke, Treasurer; lay Wilson, Representative; Tim Brasington, Secretary. The Close-Up Club is also new to MCHS. The school has been involved in the Close-Up program for several years, but this is the first year that a club has been formed. Throughout the year the club will participate in several activities, such as. Tennessee Tomorrow's “State Government Days in Nashville," and National Close-Up Program in Washington, D.C. There are thirty-six members and Mrs. Krebs is their sponsor. Officers: Kathryn Broyles. President: Pam Lonier, Vice-President: Michelle Vinson. Secretary: Brian Moore, Treasurer. chess and close-up 201Cosmetology Styles VICA Cosmetology prepares students for future careers. It brings young men and women together who share the common interests in today's fashions. Students not only learn the latest hair styles, but also other beauty techniques. Throughout the year students of VICA Cosmetology collect donations for Thanksgiving baskets and, in December, host a Christmas Party for the Special Education Students for E.A. Har-roJd. Mrs. Dalyrmple is the sponsor. Officers: Cindy Brown, President; Karen Arnold, Treasurer; Loree Olson, Vice President; Tina Montgomery, Reporter; Steve Hogan, Parliamentarian. 202 cosmetologyTOEC — Business is Their Business TOEC is an outstanding business club consisting of office education students in COE and SOE classes. The members enter competition, excel in office skills, make charitable contributions, and find employment after graduation. They have received “Outstanding Club of the Year" in Office Education for several years. Top. COE chapter of TOEC. Middle: SOE chapter of TOEC. Below Left: COE OFFICERS - Back Row: Denise Hart. Parliamentarian. Pam Diggs. Reporter: Wendy Knights. Treasurer. Front Row: Paula McVoy, Secretary'; Kim Warf. Vice President: Sandra Warner. President. Below Right: SOE OFFICERS - Back Row: Amy Parham. Vice President: Sharon Leech. Reporter: Beverly ferry. Parliamentarian. Front Row: Sandy Saylors. Secretary: Eileen Martin. President: Amy Rogers. Treasurer. toec 203SADD Fights Against Drinking The Students Against Drunk Driving Club of MCHS is the second chapter in Tennessee, and the only one in West Tennessee. Its main purpose is to educate students as to the laws and the consequences of driving drunk. Encouragement is given to students to find an alternate means of transportation if faced with the decision of riding with a driver who has been drinking. Their activities include participation in Homecoming, film festivals on drunk driving, and participation in Drunk Driving Awareness Week. Mrs. WiJson is the sponsor. Top: Members of (he SADD Club. Middle Left: Mrs. Wilson tells the students what SADD is about. Middle Right: OFFICERS — Debbie Hissong, President; Angela Bradley, Secretary; Lisa Cooper, Treasurer; Annie Martin. Vice President; Mrs. Wilson, Sponsor. Below: SADD shows its spirit. 204 saddHERO III Cooks The HERO Club consists of 14 students presently or previously enrolled in food service classes. Projects concern food preparation, contests, fund raisers, and charitable contributions. Top: HERO CLUB OFFICERS: Top: Ronald Brooks. Rep.: Shiela Goodwin, Secretary: Rocky Iordan. Rep.: Rodney Rogers. Rep. Bottom: Tammy Stephenson, President; Cornell Edwards. Rep.; Lisa Lefayette, Vice President. Bottom left: group shot. hero III 205Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a Club that promotes sportsmanship, fellowship, and honesty among athletes. The club meets every third Tuesday of each month. Coach Hendricks and Coach Sluder are the club sponsors. Top: Lisa Cooper, Secretary; Hank Hawkins, President: Phil Beasley. Vice-President; Lori Fortune, Treasurer. Bottom: Group Shot. 206 fcaM Club Letters Rodeo Rides The M Club is an organization of students who have received a varsity letter in sports activities. The club does not meet, but it recognizes them for their achievements. The Rodeo Club is an active group of youths who love the adventure of horse riding and roping. It is a sport that requires much skill and endurance. The club participates in many rodeo competitions, as well as some parades. Mrs. Glenn is the sponsor. Officers(L lo R) Mickey Spears. President; Ross Beckham. Vice President: Vicky Walker. Secretary; Allen Carter. Sergeant-at-Arms; Trey Curlin. Sergeant-at-Arms; Tuesday Weis. Historian; Charlotte Dupree. Treasurer; Daphne Tuttle. Historian. M Club Rodeo 207VAB VAB is composed of thirty-eight students in the oulobody program. The class helps develop good working habits, experience, and leadership ability. Mr. Williams is the sponsor. Top: Officers: Tom Cook, Treasurer; Tim Miller, Vice-President; Nathan Ward, Secretary; Timothy Tubbs, President. Middle: Group Shot. VAM V.AM consists of students in the automechanics classes. The class helps students prepare for a future career in many mechanical fields. Mr. Nash is the sponsor. Right: Officers: Kevin Wallace, Treasurer; Ross Beckham, President; Pam Ford, Sergeant of Arms; Trey Curlin, Vice-President; Kenneth Connaster, Secretary; Mr. Nash, Sponsor. Bottom: Group Shot. 208 vab and vamAIASA Builds Fashion Models The American Industrial Arts Student Association, known as AIASA, is a national organization for elementary, junior nigh, and senior high school students who are presently enrolled in, or have completed, industrial arts courses. AIASA is designed to develop the leadership ana personal abilities of students as they relate to the industrial-technical world. The annual Fashion Show is held in the spring of each year. Each October thirty models are selected. The top ten males and females and ten mannequins are selected to model the latest fashions during the spring show. Clothing is furnished by various stores in addition to music and scenery created by the school and fashion members. The fashion club helps students to become involved in the fashion world and ?lives them the experience needed or a modeling career. The club coordinator is Larry Vinson and the sponsor is Mrs. Williams. Top left: Group AIASA shot Top right: AIASA OFF CERS: Top: Cornell Edwards, Vice President: Daniel Schu tz, President; Kenneth Connatser, Treasurer. Bottom: Mike Bender, Sergeant-at-Arms: David Gross, Secretary; Shea Hayes. FASHION CLUB: GIRLS: Michelle Vinson, Tanza Vinson, Sandy Warner, Sonya Fortune, Kathleen Mandapat, Lisa Perry, Lisa Reeder, Tetta Fanlstrom, Deanna Logan, Michelle Cooper, Teresa Coggins, Tara Betton. BOYS: Moe Eckel. Greg Baiiard, Scot Bear up. Ernest Pugh. Phil Beasley, Matt Hardaway. Robbie Setzer, Lawrence Cox. Mark Hunter. aiasa — fashion club 209J.H.S.G. Works and Artists Design fobs for High School Students is an organization for bold students who plan to go straight into the work force after graduation. They prepare for job interviews and other things that will help them attain a job. The organization sold raffle tickets to the Prince Concert in order to raise money for a possible field trip. Top: f.H.S.G. OFFICERS: Citizenship Coordinator, Jennifer Medearis: Social Affairs Coordinator, Lora Lee Olson; Secretary, Tiffany Cannon; President, Carolyn Nellsen; Career Preparation Coordinator, Luckie Ferrell; Leadership Coordinator, Jamye Smith. Artists in Action is an advanced art class which consists of student members invited by the teacher. The students enter several activities such as an art show, literary calendar, and sometimes draw for the Millington Star. Right: Group shot. 210 .h.s.g.Celebrate Millington Millington’s 1984 Community Day held many surprises for both the young and the old. This day was a big success due to the wonderful attendance by the people of Millington. The titles of Community Day King and Community Day Queen went to Dennis Yount and Miss Michelle Stewart, (top) They achieved their titles by collecting the most money for Community Day Scholarships through donations from their classmates. Daniel Gipson and Miss fenny Aiken (center) proudly reigned as Community Day Prince and Princess. They were elected by their peers at Millington Middle School. Miss Millington, Miss Sandra fane Warner (bottom left) took her proper place in the parade. Showing her beauty and grace, she greeted and waved to many parade spectators. Students as well as teachers enjoyed the Community Day fun and games. Susan Roberts and Coach Allen Campbell (bottom center) wholeheartedly took part in many of the booths at the fair. The day was dedicated to Mayor Tom Hall who, along with his wife, Mrs. Hall, (bottom right), led the parade with a smile. community day 21.. and all through the school excitement was stirring about Friday night’s duel. The Homecoming sign was hung from the goal post with care as the Pep CJub awaited for the Tro ans to tear. The cougar was nestled all snug on the sticks ready to burn for bonfire kicks. With the Senior “Powderpuffs" in victory and the juniors in defeat, the crowd settled down to watch the Tro ans compete. From the dance to the lawn there arose such a roar, while the fans were yelling, “MORE FREDDIE MORE!" When what to our wondering eyes should appear but a truck full of cheerleaders ready to cheer. As the spirit parade faded out of sight, the decorators exclaimed, "Happy Homecoming to all, and to all a good night!!" homecoming 213Coach Sluder and his boys Jerry Carter's greatest hits Mike Hayes' jumping ability The Winter Festival Victory 214 reflectionsreflections 215Favorite Songs Lets Go Crazy Jungle Love Purple Rain Erotic City Hard Habit to Break And the Winners Are ... Favorite Movies PurpJe Rain Ghostbusters Karate KidB remli Oxford Blues Favorite TV Shows Dynasty Knots Landing MASH AllMy Children Jeffersons Favorite Restaurants Mazzios The Pier T. G. I. Fridays Red Lobster Peoples Favorite Foods Chocolate-Chip Cookies Pizza Chinese Fond -ream Hamburgers Z Favorite i Where’s the Reef Channel 13 (Vern) Shasta A 501 Levi Jeans Diet Pepsi Favorite Pastimes Trivial Pursuit Movies Football Games Listening to Music Scoping 216 reflections— HATER Favorite Groups Prince jThe Time Chicago Night Ranger Duran Duran +J0r Favorites on a Rainy Day Slee Play in the Rain Lounge Around in P.f.'s Watch Rea Favorite Cars Mustang Convertible Lamborghini Porsche 4 Wheel Drive Favorite Athlete i Mitch Gaylord Lee Guetterman Mary Lou Retton Cur I Lewis Dale Murphy r Favorite Magazines GQ Vogue Seventeen People Ebony Favorite Hairdos 7T. T. Look Rob Fre One Length a m Surl rench Braid Above Ears Favorite Hangouts y McDonald's Where Guys Are Girls Are HWY 51 Drive-In Favorite Sports Men's Gymnastics Memphis State Football Memphis State Basketball RacquetbaJJ Baseball Favorite Year in H.S. Senior Freshmun Junior SophomoreThe Few — the Proud the SENIORS! Skipping is just too easy! A Picture Is Worth Watch out Vogue... Here we come 3rd floor Bozos and Goff offs The Gathering Future Wives of America Go Hawaiian! 218 reflectionsA Thousand Words... Oh Happy Day Say What? Now we can only count to Nine and a half. Beam me up Scottie! reflections 219We Salute You Standing: S. Taylor, T. Vinson, P. Chambers, B. Casson, H. Smith, S. Gayden, J. Bunnell, T. Carter, L. Bow man, R. Talada. Kneeling: J. Abernathy, R. Chester, J. Baker. P. Beasley, S. Warner, R. Kincaid, D. Harvey. B. Brown, E. Cook, P. Crowder, M. Eckel 220 reflectionsBack: V. Carson, f. Pike, M. Hardaway, T. Thompson, K. Ransom. Standing: L. Dieckhaus, G. Childress, D. Hultz, E. Amaba. Front: F. Lee, M. Vinson, F. ohnson. Kneeling: . Phillips, B. Hagan. Standing: R. DeMarigny, D. Oglesby, W. Rhinehart, J. Westmoreland. Kneeling: S. Purtle, G. Ballard, B. Bradford, K. Guetterman. Pride Pride. The world rings loud and clear over the campus. Working, Playing, or Competing, Trojan Pride stands out in every aspect of Millington Central High! It turns the dull into glamorous, the weak into the strong, and the mediocre into the exceptional. Most important, it causes students to raise their heads high in the air and proclaim: WE ARE MILLINGTON! reflections 221We’ve got the Touch .. Our community supports our school in many different ways. First our yearbook is partially financed from the ads, which our staff worked diligently from April of last year to October of this year to obtain, by going to businesses in the community. In the past two years, we have opened our ad section to parents and students wishing to communicate their congratulations to graduating seniors and friends. We also opened it up to clubs and classes wishing to promote their group and to support our yearbook. Each year as prices continue to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult to publish the type of book that the students and teachers alike can truly appreciate. In order to meet those steadily rising prices, our book is supported by students and our community. Our community is constantly changing and growing. This year Burger King, Danvers, Pizza Inn, Ashley's, and Family Dollar were added to Millington’s business community. The population is also increasing and we find many new faces every day. This is depicted by the additions to the sub-divisions of Waverly, Woodmere, and Raleigh North. The governing body of Millington also went through a change this year. Thomas Hall, Mayor of Millington for many years, retired and George Harvell was elected to fill his position. As students, we are proud to represent Millington and what it stands for. We extend our appreciation not only to you, the students, but to our community, which supports our school every year in the many things we endeavor. 222 community... community Ads Lisa Kesler Index Michele JagerAt this point in our lives the future seems so unsure. We’ve learned to live and love each day. As this year comes to an end we have tears of joy and sorrow. We’ll never be able to relive the past four years at MCHS. So we say good-bye to our friends and our teachers. So much thanks is deserved with so little time to stay. No matter where we go or what we do one thing belongs to us all. “Our Senior Year!” CLASS OF 1985 224 senior adWAL-MART DISCOUNT Plenty of CITY Open 9 A.M. Free Parking Till 9 P.M. Daily Visa and Master Card Open 1-6 P.M. Sunday 8209 Hwy. 51 N. Accepted Millington, Tennessee 872-7737 ads 225 Paul Gregor Flowers From Owner Around the World 872-0175 MILLINGTON FLORIST GREENHOUSE “Your Professional Florist” 4669 Navy Road Millington, TN 38053 World champions wear Balfour rings... so will the class of 1985. Ed Copeland • Nicky Drake • Virgil Melohn Jimmy Underwood • Henry Flowers • George Copeland Ben Allen • Doug Kearney • Kevin Connor • Greg Williams CAMPUS SUPPLY COMPANY Box 83 Box 17355 Jackson, MS 39205 Memphis, TN 38117 (601)354-0200 (901)522-1833 Rings by BalfourSAIG REALTY Phone: (901)872-3080 VOLUNTEER AUTO SALES — New and Used Cars and Trucks — 7995 Hwy. 51 North Millington, TN 38053 “The Practical Place to Buy Your Next Car” FRED’S DISCOUNT STORE 7807 Church Street Millington, Tennessee Complete Real Estate Service CREEKMORE’S RIG STAR 7911 “C” Street Millington, Tennessee 872-0079 ‘We help you stay ahead.” Open Monday-Saturday The Plaza Millington, Tennessee 872-0118 226 ads7903 C Street Phone Millington, TN 38053 872-8141 BUD ’N VASE H SI CAREY’S BODY SHOP 7850 Hwy. 51 Millington, Tennessee (901)872-4002 Save Where Savings Pay” TRI- COUNTY FEDERAL 8146 Hwy. 51 N. Millington, Tennessee 872-2751 'Your Home Loan Headquarters’ CARDINAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 7905 Church Street Millington, Tennessee 872-8504 872-3939 ads 227DOMINO’S PIZZA FAST FREE FRIENDLY DELIVERY Millington Frayser Raleigh 228 adsNORVELL’S MILLINGTON BODY WORKS Fast, Courteous, and Quality Work Owner: W. R. Norvell 4659 Shelby Road Millington, Tennessee 872-0609 ads 229CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF “85” Margie Forsythe Barbara Shilling MARGIE’S HAIRWORLD 7668 Hwy. 51 872-2949 COLE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. 8052 Hwy. 51 Millington, Tennessee 872-1496 A Complete Line of Building Materials Partner Manager praM GOLDEN CORRAL FAMILY STEAK HOUSE ' 8021 Highway 51 North Millington, Tennessee 38063 (901)872-1093 Auto Repairs American and Foreign Cars All Work 100% Guaranteed BILL SOUTH MOTORS INC. 7713 Highway 51 North Phone: 872-1885 872-7755 SOUTHERN MEAT CO. 8050 Hwy. 51 N Millington, Tennessee 872-4264 230 adsFLOWERS For AH Octisxxis JIM’S GROCERY EXXON 8410 Hwy. 51 N Millington, Tennessee 872-4483 8035 Hwy. 51 N. Millington, Tennessee 38053 901-872-4488 We Want to be Your Florist Weddings Funeral Designs Fresh Flowers Silk Arrangements Potted Plants Fruit Baskets Corsages Floral Arrangements Crafts Mary Emma Wilder The Law Office of PAUL E. 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Millington, Tennessee 872-3338 872-1301 Drive in Branch: Economical Navy Road at Church Street Checking Accounts Naval Air Station Savings Accounts Time Deposits Low Cost Loans Money Orders and Services Safe Deposit Boxes All Modern Banking 234 ads FRANK Your Full Service Ford Dealer who someday will fill big shoes! That’s why we appreciate you and are Interested In your activities. A primary emphasis In our news coverage is on education and student activities--your awards, honor rolls, sports, plays, special programs, etc. You'll be leaders someday, and people want to know about you now. They can In The Star. 7 he oMillington Star 5107 Easley V.O Box 305 Mill. TN 38053 872-2286 SUTORUS’ BEAUTY SALON 6357 Navy Road Joe Sutorus — Owner Millington, TN 38053 Phone 872-6344 MAXWELL HARDWARE 5102 Easley St. Millington, Tennessee 872-4314 ads 235 THE MCHS CLUB Sharon Leach — President Tracy Perry — Vice President Eric Cook — Secretary and Artist Karen Moore - -Treasurer Trojanettes Paula Crowder Brenda Miller Jennifer Finder Teresa Nehls Donna Johnson Tracey Perry Sharon Leech Dena Spencer Denise Logan Michelle Stewart Debbie MacSaveny Jerri Thein Members Robin Abernathie Heather Gillmore Michelle McDaniel Michelle Riggs Jacki Aiken Shawn Gingrich Cyndi McGhee Greg Ritter Teresa Allen Becky Goode Jay McGovern Ronnie Robb Erika Amaba Melody Goode Deena McKee Angela Roberts Angie Anderson Angela Goodwin Tina McKnight Tonya Rogers Tracie Anderson Rhonda Gray Christine McManus Anna Rowlind Robin Aubert Crissy Graumlich Debra MacSaveny Teresa Rowlind Alesha Ballora Cindy Greer Kathleen Mandapat Suzanne Russell Danishea Barton Renee Haile Selena Martin Denise Sartain Pam Bartlett Annette Hagsten Jennifer Medearis Ann Sewell Teresa Beach Amy Hales Sharon Medearis Melanie Siebert Wendy Bearup Levita Hampton Ann Melton Geraldine Shultz Amy Beavers Carolyn Hannah Doris Middleton Georgia Smith Greg Birch Sherry Harless Brenda Miller Tonya Smith Jeremy Blair Dawn Harris Candy Miller Nancy Sparks Andrea Bright Felicia Harris Tina Miller Micky Spears Shelia Buchanan Becky Helvering Tracy Miller Toni Speck Joleen Campbell Tabitha Hicks Lori Millington Dena Spencer Victor Castilo Melinda Hodge Dina Minter Michelle Stephenson Tonya Chipman Vadra Holcomb John Mitchell Michelle Stewart Venessa Christopher Andrea Holley Karen Moore Lee Stickley Bettie Clemons Jackie Hudman Talana Morris Teresa Stringfellow Brenda Cook Linda Hughes Anthony Morrison Tammy Stroud Eric Cook Cynthia Hunt Allyson Morton Lisa Swihart Lisa Cooper Tracy Irving Teresa Nehls Kim Tate Michelle Cooper Melonie Jackson LeAnn Nesseth Christy Taylor Tracy Costa Teri Jackson Beth Newton Steve Taylor Carla Crawford Cindy Jarrell Mary Nielson Christy Teal Paula Crowder Belinda Johnson Tina Oglesby Melissa Thompson Robbie Culbreath Donna Johnson Leigh Oldham Vonda Thorton Elaine Culver Kim Johnston Loree Olson Vicki Travis Kim Curan Bama Jones Randi Panned Rachel Tucker Linda Danley LaShawn Jones Cari Anne Parham Amy Ussery Christie Deckard Jamie Kidwell Lori Parham Mia Velasquez Michelle Dooley Angie Kopp Sabrina Peete Tonya Wagner Martha Driggers Teresa Kueider Tracey Perry Susan Walker Vicki Edge Lisa Lafayette LaShonda Peters Eileen Walsh Steve Eiland Suzanne Landry Shonna Phillips Teresa Ward Steve Elkins Sharon Leech Melissa Prather Debbie Warner Michelle Elliot Samantha Lester Sandra Pugh Sandy Warner Lisa Ervin Mark Lewis Carrie Quick Alvania Weidetz Wesley Ervin Mary Life Becky Rayman Michelle Weidetz Nicole Evans Terrie Lofton Cherie Reedy Tina Wildman Shannon Fender Deanna Logan Anna Reynante Dana Williams Jennifer Finder Denise Logan Dan Richardson Debra Williams Lori Fortune Pam Lonier Jennifer Rickard Beth Woods Gina Fullmer Karen Lorency Liz Ridley Vanessa Young Jack Lucas 236 adsIMAGE MASTERS PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES Millington, Tennessee 7907 Church Street Instant Passports Weddings Parties Reunions Video Photography Sports Ect. 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We love you and are proud of you — Mom, Memo, Papa “Remember yesterday. Dream of tomorrow, But live for Today." We’re proud of you — fulie B. Love, Mom, Dad, Jon, Scott “LOOK OUT MSUU" Here comes JULIE BUNNELL Love, Jon Congratulations Tammy deMarigny We are proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Robbie, Amy Tammy, It’s been great knowing you. Have fun wherever you may go in life. J 13, S 14 Thank you to all my friends for making my high school years the Best! Especially Jane! I Love You! Mom, Dad, and Jon! Thanks Mom, Dad, L. J., and Elizabeth for all the help and guidance these past four years. Lynn Brent, I Love You, Forever! Shannon (C.M.) Good luck always to the Class of '85! Love, Julie Bunnell “Best Wishes in your future, San —!" Your brother, Junior ads 251Dedicated to the Class of ’85 Four years have passed filled with laughter and tears. Good times and bad, excitement and fears. We’ve loved one another through all that we’ve done, it’s sad that we’re ending when we’ve only just begun. On the road to experience we’ve paved our goals, we’ve built up a memory that will last in our souls. We’ll remember the football games, parties and dances, the assemblies, and classes and little romances. Take a look at all the friends you’ve made. With whom you have laughed and talked and prayed. They’re treasures that mean more than silver and gold. They’ve been there when you needed them to have and to hold. Cherish the love and support that you’ve had. Hold onto the moments, the good and the bad. Our class of ’85 will live on forever in a beautiful city we’ve built up together. Made of love, understanding, care, and concern, where we can live out our dreams and continue to learn. We’ll miss one another as we each go our way. And live out our lives and look to this day. Though the end of high school now draws nigh, we may miss each other but we’ll never say goodbye. 252 adsSUPER SENIORS Suellen Gayden Kim Ransom Rusty Wilkins Lisa Kesler Rebecca Miller Allyson Morton Vince Bounds Frank Lee Walter Ray Tracy Vann Stephanie Wong Melinda Hardness Kathryn Broyles Cindy Gertschen Lisa Perry Ted Hanna fane Barnes Bobby Bright Becky Greer Scott Blankenbeckler Doris Middleton Kenneth Connatser fulie Bunnell Dan Taylor Phil Beasley Jimmy Largue Teresa Allen Cliff Shillings Troy Thompson Terry Carter Kelly Pierce Mrs. Durham PROSE POETRY FACTORYThe Ferrell Family Dedicates This Page to the Memory of Clint Ferrell Clint Clint was a person who everyone knew. I could always count on him and so could you. Clint was like a brother of mine, He was thoughtful, gentle, friendly, and kind. If I had my way he would be here on Earth. Not in a casket buried underneath the dirt. His eyes sparkled like the spark from a flint. He was my best friend. He was Clint. By: Mark McClanahan Clint’s Best Friend 254 dedicationWE’RE ALIVE, WE GET OUR KICKS, WE’RE THE CLASS OF The Class With Class Erika Amaba President Rachel Kincaid Vice-President Representatives Hank Hawkins Wendy Smith Tanza Vinson Toni Speck Secretary Amy Miller Treasurer ads 255PATRONS Renee Haile Michelle Stephenson Linda Danley Sandra Warner Mr. and Mrs. DrexeJ Warner fane Barnes Brenda Chunn Carla Crawford Timothy J. Morrison Brian W. Moore Wendy E. Smith Julie Bunnell Mr. and Mrs. deMarigny Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Warren Scott Howard Jennifer Finder Becky Greer Jackie Hudman Matt Twigg Jay Wilson James T. Kirk Mr. Leonard and Family Joy Bomar Mr. Hill’s Homeroom and Honor Roll Students 256 adsSeems Like Only Yesterday! Congratulations Suellen Coach, Diane Mike, Deb Bill Scott Robert Dad and Mom Jamie “Life is a precious gift from God. Livs each moment to its fullest extent. Thanking God tor all his blessings each day. I thank God for my mother, father, family, Greg and friends — I couldn't ask for a greater blessing than them and their love." Marife Congratulations! We are very proud of you! May God always bless you. Love, Mom, Dad Linda, and Debbie Buddy Michelle, Thanks for being there for me. Your buddy, Julie A LOVING DEDICATION For all the qualities that mske you so special in my heart... For being a push when I falter, A word when I'm lonely. A guide when I'm lost, A smile when I'm sad. For knowing me as I am, For accepting who I've become. With much love I thank you, for all you've done, and all you mean to me. From: Steve Taylor To: Missy T.. Melissa S.. Sandy W., Karen C.. Lisa K., Becky G.. Cindy G., (all my good friends) and Coach White and Mrs. Brasfield 257OPTIMIST CLUB OF MILLINGTON WE BELIEVE IN YOU THE OPTIMIST CREED Promise Yourself To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. OUR YOUTH PROGRAM MCHS Octagon Club Youth Appreciation Week Oratorical Contest Essay Contest “Mets” Girls’ Softball Team “Misfits” Peewee Soccer Team “Roadrunners” Girls’ Softball Team Cub Scout Pack 280 Junior Girl Scout Troop 322 SPECIAL PROGRAMS Respect for the law Optimist Junior World Golf Four Senior Scholarships Youth and Community Day Help Them Hear 258 adsThank you, Mrs. Burk for all your patience and help! You brought us together and showed us what cooperation is all about — The Yearbook! Jennifer Tim Brenda Cindy Michele Lisa Wendy Tracy Becky Donna Julie B. Toni Carla Kathy G. Rhonda Suellen Michelle Paula Renee Julie K. Jane Richie Linda Jackie Sean Phil Steven Laura Scott Chris Patty Matt Kathy E. Debbie Brian Sandy Jay ads 259The Senior Class Dedicates This Page To the Memory of Our Friend, Paul Kenny. ONE FOR PAUL Everyone said, "Life goes on." They don’t understand part of us is gone. We all cried, "It isn’t fair.” But we must let him rest, he's much happier there. What has happened we can’t change, But we must not let him die in vain. God took Paul to be with him, He just got home before his friends. M. O. Eckel III 260 dedicationThe junior Class dedicates this page fo the, of Keith Knox. Life It’s a cycle. A solid chain of events Like a difficult piece of music With an everchanging key and meter signature. Life It’s accepting things as they are; Without question. And continuing toward that one ultimate goal, That one infinite destiny. — Kathy Friend February, 1985 Silent Tears The silent patter Falling on the earth And the freshness That fills the air; Slowly washing away The sorrow and the tears That lie within our hearts Throughout the years. The tiny droplets That bring in new life — Of flowers, trees, and grass As it slowly fades away Into the distant past... Denise Schwartz February 16,1985 Kathy and Denise and the many friends of Keith dedicate these two poems to his memory.A Abernathy, leff 54.101 Abernathy. Jennifer 72. 220 Abernathy. Robin 117 Achepohl. Wendy 109 Acosta. Eleanor 109 Acosta. Evelyn 117.186 Acosta. Ferdinand 55.187.192 Adams. Crystal 101 Adams. John 117 Adams. Morris 72 Aiken, faci 55.109. 158. 180, 187 Aird. Tania 101 Alexander. Tammy 72.191 Allen. Teresa 72. 179 Allen. William 72 Allison. Laura 117 Alvoid. loci 190 Amaba. Erika 130. 180. 181. 185.221 Amos, Cindy 55.101.176 Anderson. Angie 101 Anderson, jimmy 101 Anderson. Tracie 72 Approbato. eff 109 Archer. Gene 117 Arkan. Samantha 101 Arnold. Karen 72.202 Arquin. Wayne 117.147.162 Arthur. Mac 109 Artzer. Eugene 46.73 Ashcraft. Jim 73 Ashenbramer. Amy 55.101. 185 Ashenbramer. Nissa 55.163 Ashley. Carey 43.117 Atteberry. Lori 101 Aubert. Robin 55.73.191 Austill. Melissa 117 Avery, Jim 144.109 B Bag ley. Gail 73 Bailey. Cindy 109 Baker. Harold 187 Baker. Julie 36.54. 73. 220 Baldwin. Kristie 109 Baldwin. Stephanie 117 Ballard. Davna 101.176.185 Ballard. Felicia 109 Ballard. Gina 101.176 Ballard. Greg 24. 184.209.221 Ballou. Paul 109 Banks. Shawn 101 Banks. Valerie 101.179.185. 187 Barger. Bruce 117.147.172 Barger. Keith 117 Barlar. Danette 41, 42.50.51. 185 Barnes, lane 4.29. 30. 37.49. 55.62.63. 186. 196 Barnette. Susan 117 Barrett. Tawny a 73 Barrom. Amy 109 Barron. Dwayne 101 Bartlett. Pam 109 Barton. Danesha 117.155 Barton. Kelly 117 Barton. Marsha 101 Bates. Faye 73 Batson. Tamera53.54.101 Battles. Tina 117.160 Beach. Teresa 117 Beal. Buffyl17 Bean. Albert 101. 180 Bear. Richard 117 Bearden. Donna 55.109,159 Bearup. Scot 46. 54.55.73. 182. 184. 209.41.42 Beamp. Wendi 40. 109.187 Beasley. Phil 20. 182. 206. 209. 220 Beavers. Amy 117 Beavers. Bill 109 Beckham. Freddie 54.101 Beckham. Rita 117 Beckham. Ross 19. 74.206.208 Bell. Karen 109 Bellora. Alesha 46. 60.61.109. 154 Bender. Mike 74. 209 Bennett. Barbara 74 Benton. Latonya 117 Renzel. Tonya 117 Berryhill. Lisa 109 Berry hill. Lisa 117 Best. Valencia 74 Betton. Tara 30.62. 63. 74. 209 Biller, lenni 179 Billions. Eddie 109.187 Birch. Greg 117 Bixler, Sherril 117,160 Black. Joey 117 Black. Kelly 39.54.117 Black. Rochelle 117 Blair, feremy 117 Bland. Lisa 39.109 Blankenbeckler. Scott 45. 46. 74 Blankenbeckler. Todd 43.46. 54.117 Bledsoe. David 101 Blythe. Alan 109 Bohatch. Joe 117 Bolgeo, Tommy 41.42.109 Bolton. Eric 117.172 Bomprezzi. Chris 117 Bond. David 117 Bonds. Paulette 117 Bondzio. Mindy 41.42.109 Boston. Melisa 101, 185.187 Boswell. Tammie 74 Bounds. Vincent 41.42.182 Bowden. Mance 41. 42.46.101 Bowers. Chris 39.109 Bowers. Tammy 101 Bowles. Chris 117.172 Bowman. Linda 185.220 Boyd. Larry 117 Boyd. Tammy 117.130.163 Bradford, Bernadette 101.154. 176.221 Bradford, Chandler 117.144 Bradford. Demetriys 101.180 Bradford. Jennifer 117 Bradley. Angela 74. 204 Bradley. Dianne 74 Bradley. Nathan 74.144.146. 186 Bradshaw. I slie 74.184 Bradshaw. Shelly 101.185 Brady. Daniel 117 Brady. Kris 109.154 Brady. Mike 101 Brady. Paula 109 Branch. Mark 101 Branch. Mariese 117.172 Branch. Priscilla 117 Index Branch. Stanley 109.144 Branch. Stephanie 39.101 Brand. Orlando 43 Brannock, Rhonda 117 Brasington. Tim 109 Braswell. Anthony 109 Bready. Mark 109 Brelinski. Traci 117 Brewer. Pam 117 Brewer. Steve 117 Bright. Andrea 41. 42.117 Bright. Bobbie 74 Broadway. L. 144 Brooks. Bryant 39.65. 75.144. 146.164 Brooks. Ronald 36. 75. 205 Brooks. Tonya 117 Broughton. Cheryl 53.101.154 Browder. Laura 75 Brown. Blake 220 Brown. Chris 54.117 Brown, Cindy 19.75.202 Brown. Danny 101 Brown. Larry 109.131 Brown. Mary Ann 109 Brown. Steve 36. 40.41.42. 75. 182 Brown. Tracey 63.117 Browning. Cheryl 117 Browning. Kenneth 101 Browning. Mona 75 Broyles. Kathryn 182. 184. 186.201 Bruns. Rhett 117. 149 Brunson. Linda 117 Buchanan. Shelia 117 Bullock. Scott 117 Bunnell. Julie 187. 195. 198.220. 268 Burk. Glenn 61.109.174 Burnette. Cassandra 39.109. 154 Burnette. Joseph 118 Burnette. Joyce 39. 101 Burnette. Stacy 118 Burress, Cathy Jo 118 Burress. Cathy Lynn 118 Burress. Chris 36. 75.144.146 Burton. Mark 101 Bussell. Stephanie 118 Butler. Paul 43.118 C Caldwell. Mary Ann 41.42.109 Caldwell. Michelle 109 Calhoun. Darren 36.75 Calhoun. Sharon 118 Campbell. Debra 30. 75.190 Campbell. Jimmy 65. 164.166. 182 Campbell. Joleen 41.42,118 Campbell. Kenneth 24.61. 76 Campbell. Tommy 101.144. 178 Cannon. Mike 61.101 Cannon. Tiffany 76.210 Capuson. Karen 39.101.159. 160 Carrisoza. Cory 118 Carrol. David 101 Carson. Monica 101.154 Carson. Veronica 76.165.167. 182.221 Carter. Allen 76.207 Carter. Christopher 54. 76 Carter. Daniel 118. 160 Carter. David 101 Carter. Korey 118 Carter. Lisa 101 Carter. Moris 156 Carter. Terry 19.21.22. 29. 34. 36. 182. 184. 186. 196. 197.214. 220 Cartwright. Trina 117.155 Casson. Brian 101.185.220 Castilo. Joe 109 Castifo. Victor 101 Cates. Arthur 61. 101 Cattaneo. Michelle 118 Cauble. Phillip 118 Cauble. Thomas 118 Chadwick. Dan 118 Chambers. Bubba 118 Chambers. Patty 37. 49.64. 101. 220 Chappell. Dewaine 116 Charles. Victor 76 Chester. Ray 34. 46.101.195. 220 Childress. Greg 38. 39. 46. 65. 101.181, 185.221 Chipman. Tonya 118 Christopher. Antonio 101. 144 Christopher. Brenda 118 Christopher. Greg 109. 164 Christopher. Venessa31. 36. 39. 40.41.42. 46.76. 182 Chunn. Brenda 41. 42.49.101. 176.165 Chunn. Randy 46. 109.156.177 Church. Desta 34. 38.39.65. 101.185. 198 Claiborne. Michael 39.76 Clemens. Betty 118 Cleveland. Deanna 76 Clifton. Diane 41.42.118 Cline. Melinda 41. 42.109 Cochran. Melanie 76 Cochran. Melissa 41. 42.118 Cochran. Robert 43.118 Cody. David 118 Coggins. Teresa 109.209 Cole. Alfred 76.180 Cole, Kevin 118 Cole, Tommy 101 Coleman. Lillias43.118 Coleman. Michelle 39.109 Collver. Scott 109 Collvcr. Tammy 160.173 Collver. Tommy 109.118 Combs. Ricky 77 Connatser. Kenneth 46.77.182. 208.209 Conway, lohn 118 Cook. Brenda 39. 118 Cook. Eric 42. 44. 46. 77. 182. 189. 220 CooJt. Missy 118 Cook. Tito 101. 156. 162 Cook. Tom 77. 208 Cooper. Alisha 40,41.42.118 Cooper. Melisa 20.31.57. 60. 61.77.186. 194. 204. 206. 209 Cooper. Michelle 118.155.179 Copeland. Allen 39.46.101 Copeland. James 118 Copeland. Tamara 39.77 Cossey, Terry 109 Costa. Tracy 30. 49.55. 77.182. 184. 186 Coulliette. Jerry 41.42.109 Coulliette. John 118 Couture. sharyl 118 Cox. Lawrence 187.209 Cox. Mike 109 Cox Tony 101. 144 Cox. Trisha 119 Crawford. Carla 55.102.185 Creech. Shannel 119 Creech. Skip 77 Creel, David 54. 102 Crider. Chris 109 Crisel. Bobby 119 Crisel. Donna 77 Crist. Audra 39.109 Cropf. Suzanna 45. 46.53.64. 119 Crowder. Paula 37. 44. 46. 49.53. 54. 64. 65. 77. 189. 191. 195. 220 Crutcher. Vanessa 119.165. 190 Crutchfield. Klisa 119 Culbreath, Robbie 119 Culley. John 119 Cullum, Larry 77 Cullum. Mike 119 Culver. Brian 102 Culver. Elaine Cummings. Mike 119 Curan. Kim 102 Curlin. Wallace 78.207.208 Curry. Donna 39.102.159 Curry. Tonya 102 Cuthbcrtson. William 102 D Dabu. Imelda 102 Dacus. Sherry 102 Dacus. Teri 109 Dandridge. Tyrone 119 Daniels. Doug 119 Daniels. Kim 119. 180 Donley. Linda 49.78.184 Davey. Eddie Davidson. Janet 108. 163 Davis. Danielle 41. 42 Davis. Felicia 119 Davis. Lyn 102 Davis. Melony 187 Davis. Scott 102 Davis. Traci. 34.159 Da ’is. William 78 Dawson. Charles 78 Deck. Allen 61.102 Deckard. Christie 54.78 Decosta. Tina 102 Dehart. Mike 109 Deluca. Caroline 119 DeMarigny. Robbie 63. 109. 144.174. 221 DeMarigny. Tammy 55,78. 184.186 Depoorter. Carol 54.55.78 Depoorter. Darryl 109 Devitt. James 110 Diamond. Scott 119 Dickinson. Rhonda 55.187 Dieckhaus. Laura 55.78. 158. 180. 181. 182. 184. 186. 221 Diffee. Lane 46. 119 Diggs. Pamela 102.203 Dillard. Darrell 110 Dillard. Donna 119.164 Dingham. Johnathan 110 Ditto. John 110.174 Dobbs. Nancy 110 Doggett. lamie 119 Doherty. Kevin 119 Dona hay. Steve 43.119 Donan. Sandra 41.42.102 Donohue. Jeff 119.149 Dooley. Miclielle 110 Doty. Gidget 102 Doyan. Darren 37 Doyan. Lisa 102 Driggers. Krystal 78.191 Driggers. Martha 37. 46.64. 110.163.187 Duda. Bill 78. 184. 187 Dugger. Jina 119.190 Duke, Rhonda 119.160 Dunhan. Chris 119 Dunlap. Donna 119 Dupree. Charlotte 78. 207 Dupree. Jason 61.102 E Eads. Lee Ann 119 Eads. Lori 119 Eckel. Moe Eckhart. Patience 36. 79.159. 160.182 Edge. Dewey 102 Edge. Vicki 65.110 Edwards. Cornell 46. 79.144. 146. 162. 174. 182. 205. 209 Edwards. Derrick 119 Edwards. Stanton 110 Eiland. Steve 119 Eilard. Debbie 102 Elan. Tina 110 Elkins. Steve 110.174 Ellerbrook. Kathy 49.102.187 Elliot. Michele 43.119 KUis, Rachel 119 Ellis. Regina 102 Ellisen. Heidi 110 Ervin, la son 119.147 Ervin. Julia 110 Ervin. Melissa Ervin. Wesley 110 Essary. Rhonda 110 teeller. Marie 46.102 Eubanks. Stephanie 110 Evans. Christy 119 Evans. Jim 119 Evans. Nichole Ewing. Dwayne 110 Exum. Bechem 39.119 Exum, Dana 44 Exum. Darryl 110 F Fahlstrom. Henrietta 65. 79. 157. 179. 182. 187. 209 Faulk. Mark 119 262 indexFender. Shannon 119 Ferrell. Beverly 79 Ferrell, Luckie 79.210 Finder. Jennifer 52.55. 79. 187. 189. 192 Finney. John 43 Finnie. Dwight 79 Fisher. Shantwan 119 Fitzpatrick. Dan 110 Fletcher. Dan 119 Fletcher. David 54 Fletcher. Gene 84 Fletcher. Mike 102.162 Fie tty. Dena 102 Fletty. Keri 119 Flewell. Bob 119 Flewell. leane 102 Flewell. oAnn 110 Flowers. Marty 119 Flowers. Mike 102 Floyd. Lisa 102 Forbes. Mark 102 Forbes. Sean Ford. Levita 119 Ford. Linda 119 Ford. Michael 119 Ford. Pam 79.208 Forster. Rudy 110. 144 Forsythe. Nicole 102.178 Fortune. Lori 206.57 Fortune. Sandy 102 Fortune. Sonya 54.62, 63.102. 153.209 Foster. Pam 110 Frazier. Rhonda 36.43.79 Frazier. Rosalind 119 Frazier. Sondra39. 119 Free. Walter 102 Freeman. Robert 41.42.119 Freeman. Robin 110 Frieml. Kathryn 39. 79 Fritz. Carol 31.79. 184. 186 Frye, lames 110 Fulmer. Gina 54.119 Fuselier. Denise G Gacek. Tim 80.119 Gacek. Troy 46. 144.178. 182 Gagne. Richard 102 Gales. Mike 119 Garcia. Da 'id 110 Garcia. Ernest 102 Garmoe. Dave 80 Garner. Matt 110.119 Garner. Paul 119 Garner. Tyrone 102.178 Garrett. Mike 120 Gary. Lavonia 103 Gatlin. Donna 43. 120. 160 Gov rock. Carmen 80.186 Gay den. Suellen 42. 49.52.55. 64. 65. 80. 182. 184. 186. 199. 220. 268 Geaslin. Sandra 110 Gelvin. Robert 110 Gertschen. Cindy 23.25.36. 49. 59.60.80. 153. 182 Gertschen. Todd 131. 180.187 Ghoster. Keasha 120 Gibbons. Jcre 120 Gibbons. Stacy 37. 80 Gibbs. Tammy 41.42.120 Gibson. Jody 120 Gibson. Kim 103 Giden. John 103. 164 Gillihan. Andy 120 Gillmore. Heather 110.190 Gingrich. Shawn 36.52.54. 80. 182. 184. 186. 57.50.51 Glover. Wendy 59.80. 163 Good. Becky 120 Goode. Melody 120.160.173 Goodlett. Laurie 110.154 Goodwin. Angela 120 Goodwin. Sheila 110.205 Graddy. Charlotte 103 Graham. Andrea 110 Grannis. Chery Grannis. Robert 41. 42.80.182. 184 Grant. Melba 110 Grant. Robert 54.120 Graumlich. Crissy 120 Graves. Tim 80 Gray. Rhonda 120 Green. Lori 110.163 Green. Zachary 103 Greenburg. Darren 103.156. 164. 178 Greenhaw. Bobbie 80.187 Greer. Becky 18.31. 36. 40. 41. 42. 49.55.81. 182. 184, 199 Greer. Cindy 120. 155 Greer. Marty 144 Greve. Bobby 103 Griggs. Ronnie 120 Gross. David 120.209 Grubb. Tony 103 Guetterman. Kathy 21.22. 28. 36. 158. 165. 167.179. 182. 184. 186. 221 Gulley. David 81 Gunnels. Glenn 185 Gunnells. Robin 103 Gurley. Steve 103 H Hagan. Melissa 120.157.179 Hogan. Robert 178. 182. 184. 221 Hagsten. Annette 110 Haile. Renee 81. 184. 187 Haile. Robert 187 Hale. Carl 81 Hale. Beth 18.30. 36. 40.41. 42. 55.81. 182. 191 Hales. Amy 110 Hall. Amy 120 Hall. Dan 54.110 Hall. Derrick 120 Hall, lames D. 187 Hall. Michelle 81 Hallburton. Sandra 110.66 Halley. Andrea 110 Hullingsheod. Kevin 120 Hallmark. Sonya 110 Hallock. Lynn 120 Hamilton. Tina 81 Hamlett. Shon 120 Hammond. Bill 120 Hammond. Mike 120 Hammontre. Kathy 120 Hampton, limmy 120 Hampton. Levita 43.120 Hance. Karen 81 Hance. Pam 110 Hance. Thomas 103 Hancock. JoAnn 81 Hannah. Carollyn 103 Hannah. Karen 120 Hannah. Ted 81 Hansgen. Sheryl 120 I lansgen. Suzanne 20.29.82. 184.186 Hard. David 120 Hardaway. Matthew 82.166. 164.182. 209. 221 Hardee. Leticia 120 Hardee. Michelle 46.55. 184. 187 Hardee. Susan 30.82 Harkness. Melinda 36. 82 Harless. Barbara 82.157.179. 182 Harless. Sherry 120 Harrald. Belinda 103. 180 Harrington. Felecia 103 Harris. Annette 39.82 Harris. Ed 103 Harris. Felicia 120 Harris. Kenneth 103 Harris. Kenny 103 Harris. Ricky 120.172 Harrison. Raymond 120 Hart. Andrew 82 Hart. Denise 82. 203 Hart. Dewayne 120 Hart. Sarah 55.103.185 Harvey. David 40.41.42. 46, 82. 182. 184. 186.195.220 Harwell. Joe 110 Harwell. Kevin 110 Hastings. Christy 82 Hatchell. Dan 120 Hawkins. Hank 18.55.103. 144.206. 185 Hawkins. Joe 120.162 Mayes. Deanna 120 Hayes. Michael 82.144.146. 178.177. 214 Hayes. Shea 120.144. 209 Hayes. Vicky 103 Hays. Ronald 103 Hayslip. Gary Hayslip. Tracy 120 Hazlett. Carol 43.120 Hazlett, Mary 83 Heath, lay 120.147 Heathcock. Melanie 83 Hebert. Gerry 120 Hebert. Leigh 103 Hellvering. Becky 120 Hemingway. Tim 120 Meminway. John 144. 146 Hammings. Donna 103 Hemmings. Robert 43.120 Henderson. Bryant 120.172 Henderson. Gregory 120 Henderson. Lori 39.103 Henry. David 103 Henry. Vickie 110 Hensley. Janise 120 Hensley. Stephanie 120 Herold. Robert 103 Hesford. David 55.103.161. 185 Higginbottom. Ricky 110 Hightower. Robert 120 Hill, limmy 120.149 Hill. Michelle 83 Hill. Shawn 120.149.162 Hill. Vernon 110 Hissong. Deborah 19. 24. 30.35. 36. 83. 182. 204 Hivner. Patricia, 185 Hodge. Melinda 120 Hodges. Rick 121.149 Hogan. Steve Holcomb. Vodra 121.130 Holder man. John 41. 42.83. 182 Holland. Samantha 121 Holley. Ijjnita 121 Holmes. Regina 121 Honeycutt. Cassandra 121 Hood. Michoel83.187 Hood. Tamara 110 Hooker. Robert 39.121 Houston. Mosea 121 Houston. Patricia 110 Houston. Sheri 103 Howard. Andy 39.103 Howard. Carlton 41.42,103 Howard. Chris 110 Howard. Scott 46. 49.103.156 Howell, loseph 121 Hoxie. Stephen 83.182.162 Hubbard. Tommy 103 Hudman. lacqucline 31. 36. 49. 55. 83. 187 Hudman, Pam 103 Hudson. David 103 Huelskamp. Maria 110. 187 Hughes. Linda 103 Hulley. Gene 110.144 Mu Jy. lim 110. 144.178 Hultz. Deborah 18.31. 49.83. 158. 180. 181. 182. 198.221 Hummel. Billie Jo 37.83 Hunt. Brenda 46. 84.183 Hunt. Carey 111 Hunt. Cynthia 121.155 I unter. Mark 43. 111. 209 Hupp. Malcum 103 Hurd. Bernard 121.149.172 Hurd. Shirley 103 Hurst. Susan 121 I Ingram. Jeff 41.42.103 Ingram. Tina 39.200 Irving. Tracy 121,155 Israel. Tammy 111. 179 Ivory. Reginald 121 I Jackson. Gary 103 lackson. Lafayette 43,121. 172 Jackson. Lisa 103 Jackson. Melanie 121 lackson. Teri 121 loco. Eddie 121 lager. Michele 55.84. 184. 187 JarreJJ. Cindy 121 lavins. Rebecca 103 Jayne. Denise 111 Jefferson. Trina 121 Jermyn. Steve 111 Jerry. Beverly 103. 203 lohnson. Belinda 111. 131.158. 159 lohnson. Bobby 111 johnson. Connie 111.165 lohnson. David 121 johnson. Dixie 121 Johnson. Donna 45.121.189 lohnson. Donna L. 22.36.49. 52.55. 84. 184. 187. 189 lohnson. Freddy 103.144.164. 221 Johnson. Kim 121 lohnson. Laura 111. 159 johnson. Mike 103 lohnston. David 111 johnston. Debra 103 lolly. Doug 121 Jones. Amy 111 Jones. Anna39. Ill Jones. Bama39.121 Jones. Derek 121 Jones, limmy 121 Iones. Kelvin 84 Jones, IxiShawn 43.121 Jones. Marcel 84.121.156,164. 166.174. 183 Jones. Marvalista 103 I ones. Maurice 144 Jones. Melody 84 Jones. Michelle 111 I ones. Suzanne Jones. Susan 111 lones. Victor 39.121 Iordan. Cheryl39. 111. 165.179 Iordan. Michoel 121 jordan. Rhonda 41. 42. 49.103 Iordan. Rocky 103.205 loyner. Mary 121 loyner. Michael 111, 180.184 loyner. Michael 84 loyner. Mike Juneau. Jeff 54.121.149 K Kaniecki. Jennifer 121 Karsko. Jennifer 121 Karsko. Miranda 103 Kearney. Tom 103 Keeton. Melvin 103 Keith, ohn 122 Keith. Ricky 122 Kelly. Danny 84 Kelly. Karen 103 Kelly. Serena 122 Kelly. Wendy 122 Kelly. William 122 Kennedy. Dawn 84. 184. 187 Kenny. Paul 84.156.183 Kenny. Phillip 111. 162 Kesler. Greg 61.122.149 Kesler. Lisa 19. 23. 36. 49. 52. 55. 62. 63.84. 184. 187. 268 Kidwell. Bruce 85.193 Kidwell. lamie 122 Kimbel. Kenneth 39.85 Kimes. Barbara 85 Kincaid. Rachel 103.130.187. 220 King. Diane 111 King, leff 111 Klepper. Paula 111 Klinkefus. Julie 30. 48. 85.190 Kneisley. Laura 122 Knights. Wendy 85.203 Knox, lean 122 Knox. Keith 59.103 Kopp. Angela 122.173 Kopp. Kellie 111 Kueider. Teresa 36.85 Kurtz. Mitchell 122 L LaBarreare. Leigh Ann 122. 157.173. 179 IjjComb. Leslie 103 lAifayette. l na 122.157 Lafayette. Lisa 104.205 Laird. Timmy 85 Lammey. Jana 85 Lamont. Robin 18.30. 85.190 Landry. Mark 122 Landry. Paul 19.66.85 Landry. Susan 104 Langston. Steve 122 lAirgue. lames 20. 85 I jo Rochelle. Monique 122 lAitham. on 104. 156 Laurant, Aimee 104 lavender. Allen 111 Lawson. Mitch 85 Leach. Robert 122 Lee. Frank 23. 24. 29. 86. 144. 146. 185. 187. 197.221 Leech. Sharon. 36.55. 86. 185. 189. 203 Leppert. John 86. 185.187 Leppert. Vickie 111 lister. Samantha 41.42.122. 173 Lester. Sean i.ewis. Angie 111.200.187 Ijfwis, Carla 122 Lewis, Gary 122 Lewis. Kenneth 86 Lewis. Mark 111 Lewis. Melissa 29. 41. 42.86. 185. 187 Lewis. S her rondo 111 Lievengood. Andy 111 Life. Mary 111.200 l.illey. Mickey 111 Lind. Richard 122 Linkous. Amy 37. 46. 64. Ill Lishman. Ixjri 41.42. 86 Litaker. Shane 111 l fton. Terrie 122 Logan. Deanna 41. 42.57. 104. 209 Logan. Denise 40. 41.42. 111. index 263189.191. 179 Logan. Phillip 104 .ong. Nichole 122 Long. Paul 86 tonier. Pam 201 Lontok. Robinson 122 Lopez. Vickie 122.157 Lorency. Karen 104 torimer. Patrick 122 Louis. Kai 122 Louis. Kim 122 Louis. Marcus 122 Lowry. Stacy 122 Lucas. Amy 122 Lucas. Steve 122 Ludrigan. Joseph 50.66. Ill Lunati. Paulette 122 Lundrigan. Christene 122 Lyell, Keith 86 Lynch. Ronald 36.86 Lyne. Steve 122 M Machn. Alicia41.42. Ill MacSaveny. Debbie 104.189. 200 Magruder. Drew 37. 46.86 Manarrey. Kevin 86 Malphus. Gina 111 Mandapat. Kathleen55. Ill, 153.57. 187. 209 Manley. Chris 36.49.87 Manning. Mark 104 Marcy. Andie 112 Marshall. Diane 112 Martin. Arthoda 185.204.50 Martin. Eileen 203.187 Martin. Michelle 122 Martin. Selena 123 Martin. William 43.112 Mason. Charles 123 Mason. Robbie 123 Mason. Terrance 39. 87 Mason. Wayne 123 Massey. Robert 123 Mathews. Maxine 104 Maxwell. Sharon 104 Mayhugh. toura 36. 87 Mayo. Robert 123 Mays. Stacy 112 McAvoy. Shawn 104 McBride. David 112 Me Broom. Cynthia 34. 36.39. 87 McCarroll. Erik 46.104.162 McCaskiII. lason 104 McClain. Iohn 87 McClanahan. David 43. 87 McClelond. Susan 104 McConnell, lames 123 McCullough. Tim 55.63.104 McDaniel. Andy 112.174 McDaniel. Brett 123 McDaniel. Michelle 123 McEfyea. lames 104.174 McGary. David 156.185 McGee. Blaine 104 McGee. Cindy 123 McGee. Shannon 112.154 McGovern. ay 123 McGregor. Belinda 43. 123.160 Mclntire. Sarah 112 McKee. Deena 123 McKinley. Tammy 123 McKnight. Tina 41.42.104 McMahan. Keith 104 McManus. Christy 55.112.153. 187 McMillen. Steve 123 McVay. Patrick 123 McVoy. Paula 104. 153. 203 Medearis. Jennifer 87.157.179. 188.210 Medearis. Sharon 123. 160 Medford. Stephen 112 Medina. John 123.149 Medina. Missy 112 Meeks. Timothy 87 Melton. Ann 36.87 Melton. April 104 Merrell. Leslie 123 Meyer. Gino 43.104 Michael. Michelle 112.200 Middleton. Darrell 112 Middleton. Doris 87 Milam. Andy Milam. Erik 39.104 Miller. Amy 176.185 Miller. Angela 112.154 Miller. Brenda 87.189 Miller. Candy 123 Miller. Chris 104 Miller. Duane 88 Miller. Dwayne 88 Miller. Koria 123 Miller. Larry 123 Miller. Rebecca 83. 88. 187 Miller. Tammy 43.123 Miller. Tim 208 Miller. Tina 157.179 Miller. Tracy 123 Millington, tori 88 Minter. Dina 123.160 Mitchell, ohn 123.174 Montgomery. Tina 20.88. 202 Mooney. Billy 112 Moore. Brian 55.65. 88. 185. 187. 196.201 Moore. Doug 162 Moore. Karen 189 Moore. Louis 104 Moore. Richard 112 Moore. Tina 112 Moore. William 104 Morelli. Gena 112 Morelli. Teresa 123 Morgan. Brent 88 Morgan. David Morgan. Devon 43.123 Morgan. Janet 39.123 Morin. Melvin 123 Morin. Mike 104 Morris. Crystal 39. 123 Morris, alana 123 Morris. Tonya 43.112 Morrison. Anthony 123 Morrison. Cheryl 104 Morrison. Kathy 54.112 Morrison. Matt 104. 196 Morrison. Tim 19.31.46. 49. 52.55. 88. 185. 187 Morton. Allyson 88 Mosley. Ronnie 66. 112 Moss. Beverly 66.88 Moss. Darryl 39.123 Moss. Joyce 39.123 Moss. Robert 88 Moss. Tamara 112 Moss. Tyrone 123 Moy. Dennis 112. 144 Mullen, Lissie39. 104 Munn. Troy 41. 42. 112 Murphy. Scott 112 Murray. Andrea 104 Murray, lames 123 Murray. Maurice 123 N Nearn. Joseph 123 Nehls. Teresa 41. 42.112. 189 Nellsen. Carolyn 19.59.89 Nelson. Connie 41.42.104 Nelson. Jay 123 Nelson. Jody 43 Nesbit. Melvin 123 Nesseth. LeAnn 123 Neville. Allen 123 Newcomb. Lucy 112 Newton. Beth 123 Nichols. Brian 123 Nichols. Mike 112.144 Nielson. Mary 123 Nierad. Andrea 50.64. 104 Nierad. Janet 123.160 Nix. Beth 89 Nix. Sean 123.162 Noakes. Mark 104 Noe. Buddy 123 Nolan. Christine 123 North. John 123 o Odell, Jeremy 123 Oglesby. Andy 36.63. 89.174. 183 Oglesby. Dean 36.89.221 Oglesby. Marty 123 Oglesby. Tina 123 Oldham. Leigh 123 Oliver. Curt 37.104 Olson, toralee 183. 202. 210 O'Neal. Terry 112 O Rear. toura89.190.194 O'Rear. Mary 112.190 O'Rourke. Ronald 39. 89 Ortega. Stephen 112 Overstreet. Bill 104 Owen. A. . 112 Owen. Heather 124 Owens. David 43.124 Owens. Lisa 89 Owens, torrie 124 Owens. Shelley 124 P Pace. Mike 112.178 Paddock. Barbara 89 Paddock. Betty 89 Pace. Belo 43. 104 Palmer. Karen 124 Palmer. Kevin 124 Palmer. Terri 104 Pannell. Mike 104 Pannell. Randi 124 Parham. Amy 104. 203 Parham. Can Anne 124.155 Parham, tori 36. 89 Parham. Tauana 104 Parham. Tim 124 Park. Charlene 124 Parker. Renee 112 Parrett. Scott 124 Patterson. Guy 124 Paul. Randy 104 Pavey. Daren 104 Payne. Lisa 104.179 Payne. Tonya 112 Pearson. Scott 54.124 Peete. Beverly 104 Pember. Lauren 124 Pember. totti 113 Pendergrass. Kay 104.185 Penrod. Steve 113 Peoples. Chris 124.172 Perry. Dwayne 104 Perry. Lisa 21. 22.25.29. 36.40. 64. 185. 89. 186. 199. 209 Perry. Tim 187 Perry. Tracy 41.42. 90. 189 Person. Demetrius 124 Peters. toShonda 124 Phillips. Jeff 185. 221 Phillips. Shonna 124.163 Phillips. Tara 104 Phillips. Tonya 104 Phillips. Trent 124 Pickle. Tony 90 Pierce. Doug 90 Pierce. Kelly 183 Pierre. Andrea 104 Pierre. Lorenzo 124 Pierre. Wilma 124 Pike. Jimmy 164. 166. 183. 185. 187.221 Pine. Dena 36.90 Piner. Howard 104 Pinlac. Brian 36.41. 42. 43. 64. 90. 183 Pittman. Lisa 113 Plunk. Tim 124 Plummer. Yolanda 105 Ponder. Sharon 124 Pool. Debbie 113 Poortvliet. Karen 113 Potts. Danny 124 Poyner. Jeff 124 Prather. Melissa 39. 113 Prescott. Tammy 105.187 Preston. Byron 24. 90. 187 Price. David Price. Jeff 105 Price. Tom 113 Price. Wayne 41.42. 113 Priest. Ken 124 Pruitt. Lisa 54.105 Pugh. Ernest 34. 39. 50.105. 209 Pugh. Samira 90 Purtle. Shanon 20. 90.158.165. 167.183. 221 Q R Quick. Carrie 124 Rabuco. Omar 43. 124 Raburn. Brian 91 Rabum. Channin 124 Rafferty. Kim 105 Ramberg. Cheryl 105 Ramsey. Brad 113 Ramsey. Brittany 113 Randall. Kristin 113 Ransom. Frank 43.113.144 Ransom. Kim 183.221 Ransom. Micheal 105 Ransom. Stephanie 124.160 Ransom. Sybil 46.55. 62.63. 113.187 Rather. Liz 105.185.197 Rather. Sam 91 Raulerson. Billy 124 Ray. Richard 24.61.91 Ray. Ronald 113 Ray. Steven 91 Ray . Trey 113.180 Rayford. Zinda 124 Raymon. Phillip 105. 174 Raymond. Becky 105 Rector. Frank 124.162 Redick. Eric 36.91 Reed. David 124. 172 Reed. Linda 105 Reed. Missy 105 Reed. Tulley 113 Reeder. Lisa 209 Reeder. Tony 43 Reedy. Cherie 124.130 Reyes. Tommy 91 Reynante. Anna39. 44. 46.105. 185. 198 Reynolds. Cindy 113.154 Reynolds. Debbie 124 Reynolds. Lynn 105 Rhinehart. Walter 113.174. 221.162 Rich. Greg 124 Richard. Gerry 124 Richard. Roquel 43 Richardson. Dan 46. 104. 144 Richardson. Edward 124 Rice. Alan 104 Rickard. Jennifer 124 Riddle. I)ennis43.113 Riddle. Jennifer 124 Ridley. Liz 105.187 Riepma. Deidre 91.41.42 Riggs. Michelle 124 Riley. Charlene 124 Risby. Marva 105. 165 Ritter. Greg 124.149 Rivera. Harold 105 Robb. Ronnie 124 Roberts. Angela 43. 124 Roberts. Dawn 124 Roberts. Everett 113 Roberts. Gayle 91 Roberts, lohn 105 Roberts. Lisa 37.105 Roberts. Sheila 124 Roberts. Susan 41.42 Roberts. Talxitha 124 Roberts. Tim 124 Robinson. David 55.105.185 Roe. Donna 113 Roe. Paul 113 Roebuck. Teresa 113.131.153. 190 Roelke. Thomas 113.144. 149 Rogers. Amy 60.61. 113.203 Rogers. Rodney 91.205 Rogers. Tonya 124 Rook. Mary 91 Rose. Kim 113 Rose. Missy 124 Rosengren. Scott 113 Ross. Annette 124 Ross. Karen 113.190 Ross. Maria 91 Roulette. Eric 124.156 Rowland. Anna 124 Rowland. Bobby 124 Rowland. Theresa 125 Royal. Kyle 125 Royal. Sharon 18. 92. 194 Ruff. Richie 125 Russell. Leisa 113 Russell. Suzanne 125 Russell. Stephen 92 Rutledge. Kenneth 92.191.200. 54 S Saddler. Clurease 125 Sadlor. Casey 113 Sage. Angie 125 Sanborn. Chris 125.149.162 Sanders. Eric 113 Sanders. Ion 92 Sanders. Tony 125 Sanford. Tommy 125 Sartain. Denise 185.186 Savage. Eddie 61.125.161 Savage. Samanath6 105 Sawyer, lohn 105 Sawyer. Scott 125 Saylors. Sandy 105.203 Scanlon. Margie 19. 41. 42.105. 185. 198 Schmidt. Staci 125 Schocke. Stephen 125.172 Schuetz. Daniel 18.92.209 Schultz. Geraldine 125 Schwartz. Denise 113 Scoggins, leff 40.41. 42.105 Scott. Brian 113 Scott. Dwan 105 Scott. Steven 125 Scott. Vanessa 125 Seals. Greg 125 Secodelucena. Deanna 125 Selvy. Michelle 105 Setzer. Robert 113. 200. 209 Severt. David 105 Sevier. Michelle 113 Sewell. Ann 125.165 Shannon. Mark 125 Sharkey. John 125 Sheffield. |oe 113 Shelton, tori 113 Sherman. Yvette 113 Sherrill, lames 92 Shilling. Cliff 92. 36 Shipp. Eugene 92 Shipp. Tracy 113 Shoemake. Mike 36.92 Shuckley. Tonia 125 Siebert. Melanie 125.173 Sigler. Curtis 113 Sims. Tommie 113 Sipe. Jennifer 125 Sipe. Shaun 113.187 Slawinski. Carl 92 Sloan. Ronald 43. 41. 42.113 Slyapich. Debbie 105.185 Smith. Beth 113.105 Smith. Brett Smith. Cathy 125 Smith. Chris 125 Smith. Debra 185. 187 Smith. Georgia 125 Smith. Hazel 92. 183. Smith. Henry 125 Smith. Jamye 36.93 205 Smith. Michelle 125 Smith, Paul 43 Smith Shanel 125 Smith. Stocy 113.187.163 Smith. Steve 125.149 Smith. Tonya 105 Smith. Wendy 49. 60. 61. 106 153. 185 Sneed. Kirk 55.113 264 indexSordino. Renee 113 Sparks. Loci 125 Sparks. Isihomer 125 Sparks. Nancy Spears. Micky 18.61. 106.207 Speck. Tom 49. 55.60.61. 106. 130. 153 Spencer. Dena 22.50.51. 106. 185. 189 Stacy. Shannon 125 Stafford, fed 125 Stanley. Jeff 113 Starr. Cheri 66. 93 Steele. Dena 125 Stephenson. Allen 106. 144. 174 Stephenson. Michelle 49.93. 185 Stephenson. Tammy 19. 93. 205 Stevens. Tim 126 Stewart. Carol 39.113 Stewart. Den iso 39. 113 Stewart. F.mily 93 Stewart. Michelle 39.55.113. 187. 189 Stickley, Leigh 126 Stiles. Brian 113 Stinnett. Todd 126 Stollings. Deanna 126 Stollmeyer. Matt 106. 144 Stone. David 126 Stone. John 126 Strauss. William 43.126.149 Street. Brian 126 Street. Kim 126 Street. Tim 61. 41. 42.113 Strevel. Sherry 113 Stringfellow. Teresa 126.155 Stringfellow. Todd 106 Stroud. Amy 93. 194 Stroud. Charles 93 Stroud, lames 106. 164 Stroud. Tammy 126 Stubblefield. Stacey 39.113 Stubbs. Bernice 106 Suggs. Pole 126 Sullivan. Sheila 126 Sullivan. Sylvia 39.106.187 Sumner. Tim 144 Suter. Billy 126.172 Swartz. Lisa 114.154.200 Swayne. Ruthie 93 Sweeney. Amy 126 Swickard. Robert 93 Swihart. Li so 41. 42.54.126 Snyder. Todd 126 T Tabor. Jeff 114 Tagavilla. Roger 126 Taloda. Richard 39. 48. 46. 49. 55. 65. 106. 185. 220 Talley. Melisso 126 Tani. Raymond 126 Torrance. Faith 126 Tate. Kim 126. 155 Tote, Latonva 39. 106 Taylor. Anare 43.114 Taylor. Christie 44.46.106 Taylor. Daniel 93. 183. 162 Taylor. Kenny 93 Taylor. Lisa 106 Taylor. Michael 43 Taylor. Roy 93 Taylor. Steven. 39.39. 49.65. 94. 183. 220 Taylor. Teresa 126 Taylor. Virginia 106.41.42 Teal. Christy 126 Theobald. Tara 114.41. 42 Thien. Jerri 189.195 Thomas. Felica 106.159 Thomas. Jackie 39.114 Thompson. Melissa 126 Thompson. Troy 164. 166. 183. 221 Thorne. Richard 114 Thorton. Vonda 126.173 Thornburg. James 114 Tickle, lohn 126 Tietz. Mary 197 Tillery, lohn 94 Tillman. Lori 94 Tilton, lohn 126 Timmons. Diane 106 Todd. Brandon 126 Todd. Jeff 126 Tondevold. Virginia 43.126 Townsend. Terl 36.94 Tracey. David 126.162 Tracey. T. . 106.162 Travis. Vicki 126.190 Trippett. Tammy 126 Truesdale. Charles 94 Trujillo. Jennifer 106 Tubbs. Timothy 19.94.208 Tucker. Rochel 18. 55.62.63. 114. 131. 154. 187.192 Tullis. Chris 126 Tullis. David 106 Tullis. Deana 126 Turner, lane1106 Turosky. Kathy 114 Turrelf. Melissa 35.37.94 Tuttle. Daphne 21. 30. 50.51. 94.207 Twigg. Matt 49. 106 Twigg. Michoel Tyrrell. Richie 114 U Vselton. Scotty 127 Ussery, Amy 127.173 V Vandergrift. fames 106 Vann. Cassandra 106 Van n. Tracy 94 Vargas. Veronica 127 Vulasquez. Melvin 127 Velasquez. Mia 36.55. 185.187 Velasquez. Michael 106 Velasquez. Myrda 94 Vice. Nancy 39.127 Vinson. Chris 127 Vinson. Larry 106. 200 Vinson. Michelle 23.33. 34. 62. 201. 209. 221 Vinson. Tanza 34. 39. 55. 106. 153.185. 209. 220 Vogt. Jerry 127 w Waits, less 127 Wakefield. Daris 114 Waldon. Debbie 127 W'aldon. Mike 127 Walker. David 45.59.95 Walker. Rezshson 36. 95 Walker. Shane 127 Walker. Susan 95 Walker. Vickie 59.114.207 Wall. Lori 127 Wallace. Kevin 95. 208 Wallace. Lennie 106 Walls. Beth 114 Walls. Kim 114 Walsh. Kileen 127 Ward. Bobby 61.114.174 Ward. Donald 36.54.95 Ward, lake Ward. Market. 106 Ward. Nathan 20.208 Ward. Teresa 18. 23. 36.50. 52. 95. 185. 187 Ward. Vickie 106.159.178 Warf. Kim 36. 94. 203 Warner. Debbie 43. 127 Warner. Morris 114 Warner. Sandra 35. 49.60.61. 95. 203. 209. 220 Warren, Doug 127 Watson. Chandra 106 Watson. Kim 114 Watson. LeRoy 57.114. 187 Watson. Marty 127. 149 Watson. Yvette 165 Watt. Christie 106 Webb. Jeff 114 Webbs. Bradley 127 Weidetz. Alvania 95. 185 Weidetz. Michelle 95. 185 Weis. Tuesday 95.207 Wells. Angela 114. 163 Wells. Jessica 127 Wells. John 127. 172 Wells, lohn M 127 Wells. Katon 114 Wells. Kim 190.127 Wells. Michelle 114 Wells. Teresa 36. 96 West. Jennifer 43.54. 127.160 Westmoreland, lay 61. 96.162. 183.221 White. Angela 127 White. Billy 127 White. Darryl 106 White. Dawn 96 White. Shannon 114 Whitlock. Steve 114.174 Whittington. Dale 127 Wildes. I.ora 106 Wildes. Larry 127 Wildman. Tina 127 Wilkins. Rusty 96. 174.183 Wilkins. Shelia 127.173 Wdkins. Tim 106 Wilks. Kathrine 106 Willard. Kathy 127 Willard. Tom 106 Williams. Barry 106.144.162 Williams. Becky 106 Williams. Curtis 20.55. 96.161. 185.187 Williams. Dana 36.96 Williams. Debra Williams, lames 187 Williams. Jeff 127. 156.54 Williams. Mike 114 Williams. Quincy 43.127 Williams. Reginal 43.127 Williams. Sherry 114 Williams. Teerah 127 Williamson. Gerald 127 Wilson. Darrile 127 Wilson. James 24.31. 34. 49.55. 96. 185. 187 Wilson, lohn Wilson. Rebecca 114 Wilson. Reginald 106.164.178 Wilson. Renetta 106 Winzenried. Cherie 43.127 Winzenried. Gary 43 Wistock. Arthur 106 Wood. Beth 114 Woodward. Jerry 127 Woodward. Lisa 106 Woodworth. Liza 106 Wary. Pamela 96.194 Wray. Walter 96 Wren. Gina 54.96 Wright, lulie 106 Wright. Robby 127 Wurlz. Susan 54. 114 Wurtz. Trina 127. 160 Wyatt. Charles 96 Wyatt Jolaine 114.165 Y Yancey. Billy 114 Yarbrough. Joe 96 Young. Keith 127 Young. Kim 127 Young. Melinda 106 Young. Teresa 39.127 Young. Vanessa 127 Yount. Dennis 195 z Zanetti. David 114 Armour. Mrs. 134 Arnold. Mrs. 134 Bergen. Mr 134 Billings. A. 134 Billings. H. 134 bomar. Mrs 140.141 Boswell. Mrs. 134 Bowers. Mrs. 134 Brasfield. Mrs 134 Bruen. Mr 136. 134 Burdette. Mrs. 134 Burk. Mrs 135 Butt. Chief 135 Campbell. Mr. 135 Carter. Mr. 133.134 Clark. Mrs. 135.140 Como. Mr. 135 Cranford. Mr. 141 Creasy. Mr 135 Crenshaw. Mr. 135.136 Dalrvmple. Mrs. 135 DeSnazo. Miss 135. 141 Dobbins. Mrs. 135 Downs. Mrs. 136 Dunn. Mrs. 141 Durham. Mrs. 136.135 Garcia. Mrs. 140.141 Gibson. Mr. 136 Gipson. Mrs 136 Glenn. Ms. 136 Harris. Mr. 136 Harvell. Mrs. 139.141 Hearn. Mr 136 Hendricks. Mr. 136. 138 Hill. Mr 136 Hurt. Mrs 136 ohnson. Mr 137 Jones. Mrs. 137 Iordan. Mrs 137 Kalzynski. Mr. 137.134 Kennon. Dr. 137 Kincaid. Mrs. 137 Klenk. Mrs. 141 Krebs. Miss 137 Ij'aks. Mr 133.137 l onard, Mr. 137 Macklin. Mr. 137 Maples. Mrs. 137 Marsh. Mr. 138 McFarland. Mrs. 138 MeVay. Mr. 138 Meadors. Mr. 138 Moffatt. Miss 138 Moore. Mrs 138 Morton. Dr. 132 Nash. Mr 138 Norwood. Miss 135.138 Osteen. Mrs. 133.137.139 Owen. Mr. 138 Pate. Mrs 138 Price. Mr. 139 Price. Mrs. 139 Pruitt. Mr 139 Purdy. Ms. 139 Rendall. Mrs. 139 Shull. Mrs. 139 Sigler. Mrs. 139 Sluder. Mr 138. 139 Smith. Mrs. 139 Smith. Mr 141 Taylor. Mrs 139 Timbs. Mrs. 141 Tofcert. Mrs. 140 Turner. Mr 140. 134 Weatherly. Mrs. 140 Werner. Mrs. 140 Westmoreland. Mr. 140 White. Mr. 138.140 Whitehead. Mrs. 140 Williams. Mr. 140 Williams. Mrs. 140 Willis. Mrs 141 Wilson. Mrs 140 Faculty and Personnel index 265Millington Remembers... The Touch Reflecting on the past year, we realize it has been very unusual. We had a wonderful Christmas, with temperatures in the 70's. This led to snow blizzard after snow blizzard. Spare time was spent sitting with friends, while the theatre was working on yet another play. Our Homecoming Dance was a success, leaving everyone with the spirit of Hawaii. The freshmen won their way into the heart of our school, while the sophomores held on to their studies. The juniors made way for the coming year, while seniors made the last year enjoyable and memorable. We find ourselves turning away from this year and preparing ourselves for the year ahead. 266 closing Dear MCHS. The ideas for this yearbook started small, like a rose bud. in the spring of 1984 with only 8 people, but the staff grew to 38 and the bud blossomed into a rose full of beautiful memories from 1985. This yearbook like a rose needed special care. This care consisted of hard work, careful planning, creativity, and a lot of overtime! Special thanks to Donna and Marty who helped me check pages and show the creativity of the whole staff. ulie. Lisa, and Suellen. you each added a "special touch" to this yearbook. Thank you. Mrs. Burk, forgiving me this chance to publish a book and for having faith in all of us when we stumbled. To the SENIORS of 85. this was our year! fust remember that each part of this book is a part of our past that will live forever in our minds and our hearts. Jennifer Finder Editor Dear MCHS. Looking over the past year of my life. I realize a part of me will always be here at MCHS. I hope that at least 99% of our student body is pleased with this yearbook. So many people have given 100% of their time to publishing this book, in order to try and please everyone. And that is a tough job! Thank you. Mrs. Burk, with all my heart, for giving me a chance to prove I have the ability to do a lot of things beyond my imagination. Jennifer, Lisa, and Suellen. I will always remember the times when we thought we would never have our SENIOR yearbook, but we did it and here it is! "STAY GOLD." To the Class of '85.1 hope each of you will turn the pages of this book and remember the good moments over the past year and keep your memories alive! "May LOVE open the book, and FAITH turn the pages.” Julie Bunnell Copy and Layout Editor Dear MCHS. No one can appreciate the hard work that goes into putting a yearbook together until they have been on the yearbook staff. We have tried to capture the year’s most memorable events. Working on the yearbook staff has been a combination of hard work and fun. With it we had minor disagreements, chaos, and a few missed deadlines, but everyone on the staff has given their 110% day after day to produce a book you will look at for years to come. I would like to give a special thanks to my photographers who constantly came through when we needed pictures. But most of all. thank you. Mrs. Burk, fo without your patience, support, and understanding this yearbook wouldn't have been possible. Suellen Gayden Assistant Editor Dear MCHS. Living up to everyone’s expectations is a major job for the yearbook staff. I feel the staff has worked very hard to meet their goals. Meeting deadlines put a lot of pressure on everyone, but we did everything to the best of our ability. Each member did his part by covering the good times and bad. Mrs. Burk, thanks for being patient with me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of the yearbook. Special thanks to Carla and Brenda for all their help. Jennifer. Julie, and Suellen. we came together knowing very little, but we leave knowing we've done it. Good luck to next year's staff, work hard, be patient, and make those deadlines. To the class of 1985. just remember "We’ve got the touch for the rest of our lives." Lisa Kesler Business Editor Dear MCHS. Thanks to the staff of '85 for the dedication you have demonstrated to the 1985 yearbook. Even though there were severe weather-related problems, you always kept the positive attitude. Thanks. Jennifer, for your sweet but persistent way of always getting the job done and for never giving up; Suellen for determination in supervising the very difficult task of providing the pictures; Lisa for leading us in a very successful ad program and for helping with all needed tasks; and Julie for expressing so well in the copy the feelings of the class of '85. I shall always remember all members of this hard-working staff as we worked together to make deadlines, find pictures, reschedule activities, write copy, rework pages and layouts, and sell ads and books. My thanks and gratitude to each of you as members of the largest ever MCHS yearbook staff. Your "touch” will be remembered. Mrs. Burk Advisor 268 closing 3 C=SL As the end of the day approaches, many people watch as the sun, hidden from our view all day, disappears across the horizon. The feelings we share at this moment vary. Even to those with the most unbreakable heart, time stands still for a fraction of a minute, as we go over our accomplishments and losses of the day. Another year has also passed by, the days of long past captured in a single book. The good times were often outweighed by the bad, but in the end we all succeeded. One class will graduate and leave friends behind, but another class will take its place and life will continue. As each year passes, more people will come and go; many people will be forgotten, in time. But each class can remember the good times that are captured in each heart like gold. If we just capture that one moment when in the horizon, we see the gold amidst the shades of red and orange — capture it and hold it in a bottle preserved for eternity. “We’ve got the touch,” but unlike gold, it will always be within our grasp. Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. Robert Frost closing 269Editor: Jennifer Finder Assistant Editor: Suellen Gayden Assistant Editor: Lisa Kesler Copy Layout Editor: Julie Bunnell Senior Editors: Activities: Paula Crowder Cindy Gertschen Becky Greer Chris Manely Student Life: Tracy Costa Laura Dieckhaus Jackie Hudman Donna Johnson Michelle Stephenson Jay Wilson Involvement: Jane Barnes Phil Beasley Linda Danley Kathy Guetterman Renee Haile Debbie Hultz Brian Moore Tim Morrison Steve Taylor Sandy Warner Typist and Index Editor: Michele Jager Photographers: Julie Klinkefus Sean Lester Richie Talada Other Staff Members: Patty Chambers Brenda Chunn Carla Crawford Kathy Ellerbrook Scott Howard Rhonda Jordan Wendy Smith Toni Speck Matt Twigg • » k "X • ' .• • V •. r " •« . • • - ... - , ■ ■. •. , . .•;» • •' •• - - » . v ' • y •'« ■ ' _• -• , y-» . • • •-••:• ’ • — - . • . • '-••• . ; s,MSr • C v • . v ' x i . c:'. • - s . s- x-- •’ • ' —v . •. ; • - i I-.-. v: v? • - , — S -V - • - • J2 I wSm$£ “ £39 ■' ■- v''' ■' V: -• V ' a . v- v . 7-:X • v. ; .x • „ ' + • « V » • . : --- - ' ! V V «— A' V • -V ■ V -X • V A»’ M , X'J ' • vJ • . "• A ' - • v. h s - £ L d ; •t v ; . x •x .•- N V. N V -V ' «• V M x ■ . I -N y A • •• »:■ v • . •. -' • • x- • ■■ v vV X' - % ' x - x ' '• ' . .V • V S V • A • • • V- ' .l .- ' . v %

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