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 The TROJAN Millington Central High School Volume XXIX Millington, Tenn esseeThe 1974 TROJAN is not just a book of impersonal buildings, differential equations, test tubes and campus changes; more than this, it's a book of people. Its purpose has been to present a more in-depth view of life at Millington Central through a closer look at . . . people ... It has been our intent to present the individual in a new perspective . . . as a unique person in his own right. - • » IP y A $ 1 fc! x rJ'v T . . « f t 'A , Hf. Z 24t • 58910CELEBRA TE 11A ‘Harvest' Week Filled With Homecoming Excitement ABOVE: Mr. Homecoming judges were Carrie Jauchler, Janis Tucker, Julia Colvett and Dee-Dee Dows. The mighty Seniors win over the Juniors in the powderpuff game. The score was 6-0. 12BELOW: Richie Mayer was crowned "MR. HOMECOMING” of 1973. He was escorted by Kathy Lee and Lisa Frawley. Richie’s contest name was affectionately, '' Shirley Temple. ’ ’ 13Homecoming: Harvest BOTTOM RIGHT: Homecoming Court: Renda Maples, Jenifer Sanders, Heidi Watkins, Anita Garcia , Judy Eubanks, Jan Eubanks, Rae Thomas, Donna Calhoun, Julia Col-vett. uHall of Fame V • i- + 'i I 'A.‘ ’I STEVE ARMOUR JUDY EUBANKS KATHY KELLEY ERIC McVAY 16Hall of Fame LEIGH BOWERS ANITA GARCIA JACK FIENE CARLA WALGENBACH DIANE GAGNON LINDA WILSON 17Who Is Who. . . RIGHT: MOST ATHLETIC: Debbie Daniels, Jim Brown. 18RIGHT AND BELOW; MOST ATTRACTIVE: Anita Garcia, Trent McVay. MOST FLIRTATIOUS: Minnie Malone, Bob lacome. ... In Seventy-Four 19BELOW AND TOP RIGHT; MOST INTELLIGENT: Carla Walgenbach, William Bocklage. MOST VERSATILE: Sarah Cole, Curtis Clemmons. ABOVE AND BOTTOM RIGHT; WITTIEST: Tammy Wilson, Dwight Middleton. MOST COURTEOUS: Debbie Dumser, Donald Eanes. 20Who’s Who TOP RIGHT AND BELOW; BEST DRESSED: Carl Davis, Kim Wardlow. FRIENDLIEST: Wanda Brooks, Marvin Harris.Trojan Paper Staff 22LEFT PAGE TOP; EDITORS: Tony Trujillo and Diane Gagnon. THIS PAGE BELOW; SECTION EDITORS: Liz Berry, Patti Pasch, Lenora Bocklage, Kathi Hayes, Julia Colvett, and Kathy Hamblett. LEFT: Paper Staff Sponsor, Miss Linda Reding, and Business Manager, Martha Easley. 2324 Trojan Annual Staff SECTION EDITORS: Morris Gwin Sarah Cole Leigh Ann Bowers Delinor Smith Janis Reding Larry Schweizer Patricia Harris ABOVE; BUSINESS MANAGER: Carla Walgenbach with ADVISOR, Mrs. Brenda Powell. RIGHT; PHOTOGRAPHER: Kathy Hebert.STAFF: Tanya Gearhart D'Leigh Bates Teri Miller Dona Malone Michele Moore Pam Scanlan Lee Wilson Bobbi Hess ABOVE: EDITORS: Kathy Kelley and DeeDee Dows. 25Play Production Presents Nine Girls” CAST Betty------------------------------------Cathy Sides Stella----------------------------------------Pattye Keaney Mary-------------------------------------------Diane Gagnon Shirley------------------------------Carrie Jauchler Jane------------------------------Nichole Paladino Alice-------------------------------Cathy Durham Freida---------------------------------------Renda Maples Eve-------------------------------------------Tina Turner Sharon-----------------------------------------Bev Gieger 26and “The Prince and The Pauper CAST —Chuck Collins ----Randy Poole -Minnie Malone --Donna Ballard -Ricky Childress ---Lisa Frawley -Cathy Rickman -Carrie Jauchler —Chester Gray James Mitchell Prince Edward Tom Canty — Old Biddy---- Lady Jane---- Lord Hertford- Bumble------- Lady Gwen----- Mrs. Canty — Miles Hendon -Hermit-------- The two successful performances of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE proved to a disbelieving audience that a play CAN be put together in two weeks. Along with five faculty directors and one student director, the thirty seniors involved in the play set out to do the impossible - learn all their lines in just one week. Opening night showed the skeptics were wrong. Varied lighting and audio-visual techniques added a professional touch to the fast moving comedy that dealt with a new young teacher and her semi-delinquent students. CAST Sylvia - Bobbie Hess Bea - Diane Gagnon Paul - Robert Westerman Mr. McHabe - Garry Forrester Ellen - Kathy Kelley Joe - Cleadus Jones Alice - Jane Butler Ella - Kathi Hayes Sadie - Renee Jones Frances - Janis Reding Charlotte - Hazel Harris Lennie - T. Carthron Jose - Raul Robles Lou - Ricky Childress 2930Mr. and Miss MCHS Although the trend for electing favorites is gradually losing its importance in the high school, there is still the need to recognize outstanding students. This year the student body chose to honor Judy Eubanks and Jack Fiene for their ambition and dedication throughout the past four years at Millington. Jack Fiene and Judy EubanksOriental Festival COURT; L to R: Elaine Clark, D’Leigh Bates, Debra Bradford, Gwen Peete, Queen Donna Ballard, Phoebe Wortham, Teri Miller, Debbie Daniels, and Debe Moore. 32The Pep Club spent many long weeks tediously painting oriental murals and making cherry blossom trees for the 1974 Winter Festival Dance. The ''Oriental Festival” took place on February 8 and, for the first time, was held in the Officer's Club aboard the Naval Air Station. LEFT PAGE TOP: Queen Donna Ballard is escorted by basketball player, Kevin Cobb. THIS PAGE BELOW: 1973 Winter Festival Queen, Anita Gray, crowns Donna before the game against Bolton.Sandcastles, Sardis, and Sadie Hawkins With April 26 set as the date, approximately 150 Seniors "sneaked" for what may have been the most successful Skip Day ever recorded. Starting the day with a noisy motorcade past school windows full of envious underclassmen, the group then proceeded to Sardis Lake and to the kind of fun that only comes from skipping a day of school. 34Sadie Hawkins Day is marked in Millington by an annual barnyard dance to which only girls may ask dates. Robert Westerman (left) reigned over this year's festivities after he was named Sadie Hawkins King. Other favorites were Beverly Mooney and Ray Cutcher (bottom left), who were named "Best Dressed Couple” during the day-long costume contest. Obviously a favorite with the girls was Marryin' Sam (Mr. Kent Crenshaw) who humorously married any couple with an extra quarter. 35The students wait four years, contribute ten dollars in dues, sell dozens of candy bars - and finally the day arrives. The anticipation is realized as the Senior Party materializes on Friday, May 24 in the Continental Ballroom of the Southern Peabody Hotel. A Millington first occurs as the couples dance to the music of two rock bands. - "Interstate 55” and "Freedom Express. ” But the loud music and the mirrored room soon fade, as do the friendships which only the memory will retain. The Seniors smile, leave their friends, and go home to think about the dance that ended it all. 37THIS PAGE, CLOCKWISE: Steve Armour, Boys' State Delegate and Athlete of the Year; Linda Wilson, Junior Miss: Gale Cole, Betty Crocker Family Leader of Tomorrow; Julia Colvett and Anita Garcia, Girls' State Delegates.39||; ; anunj 2trniaiq8: a )ods ipt?qua2pM UBUOlojp: Xq paiaAtpp Xioiemies aqi 8utmoho aimnj aqi Qjgjpd psnoXof pav lsvd sqa ua Bt iDayai o|gw8iu nqi s» roiuas qoeaj ioj paqjreui XpEinpua aqflJftW’tei ‘OZ Xm ‘siaifW ioj pus tie Xpiaui io auios ioj 8uiuui8aq b st it laqiaqM ■oSv jo auioo sbxj ssienpeiS 19Z jo dnoi8 atp 'samittij put? ‘siuauxqsTjdiuoDoe ‘ sjpaiqueaq snoiaamu 2uiutbi -uoo uopcanpa iua8jnp J° sieaX 3apmi iaijv ' souao -sappu ijatp jo pua aqa oj uiaqi Xubo him letp satin unoj puB aoBjd oiuj 3aoui uaui puc ubuiom luauBduq m42GATHERING of GroupsVocational Auto Mechanics LEFT; VAM OFFICERS; L to R: Isaac Graves, Treasurer; David Holt, Vice-President; Allen Montgomery, Secretary; A Fisher, President. RIGHT; VAM SPONSOR: Mr. Harris. Vfc, Freshman Pep Club LEFT; FRESHMAN PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Cindy Bass, Vice-President; Paula Trujillo, President; Linda Liuell, Secretary.t 45Under the direction of John Lane, the Millington Marching Band has taken on a new and distinctive sound. The change was well received at halftime shows as the band surprised listeners with such numbers as "Jesus Christ Superstar,” "Shaft, " and "Rolling on the River." 46MCHS Marching Band and Majorettes Major! MAJORETTES; BACK: Jennifer Sanders, Karen Keaney, Cathy Rickman, Lori Pasch, Cheryl Nalan, Jeanette Harwell. FRONT: Candice Hunter, Cindy Durham, Sharon Fiene, Renda Maples, Crystal Smith, Carol Veazey, Teri Bernil. 47Stage Band 48f 49Maranatha LEFT; MARANATHA OFFICERS: Heidi Watkins, Secretary; Steve Armour; Cindy Durham; Eileen Sanders; Tony Earls, President. Key Club LEFT; KEY CLUB OFFICERS: President, Gary Cline; Vice-President, Charles Butt; Secretary, Bobjacome; Treasurer, Trent McVay. 5051NJROTC CENTER: COMPANY STAFF OFFICERS Lt. Commander Eric McVay Lt. Robert Jacome Lt. (jg) Pete Thomson 52f 5354LEFT; OFFICERS; SITTING; Song leader, Gloria Peete; Treasurer, Gale Cole; Secretary, Lynne Carroll; President, Tina Turner; Re porter-Historian, Brenda Fields; Vice-President, Hilda Maclin. STANDING; SPONSORS: Mrs. Lois Sigler, Mrs. Mary Anna Parham, Mrs. Judy Gipson, and Mrs. Alma Bacon.Quill and Scroll LEFT: Sponsor, Miss Linda Reding VICA Vocational Industrial Clubs of America is a new organization this year, formed in connection with the co-op classes. LEFT: Vica Sponsor, Mrs. Kay Welch with President, Ron Blair. 56LEFT: QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS Carla Walgenbach Tony Trujillo Janis Reding DeeDee Dows Julia Colvett Kaihy Kelley Tricia Harris Diane Gagnon Morris Gwin LEFT: V1CA CLUB OFFICERS Treasurer, Mark R. Smith Parliamentarian, Ken Avery Secretary, Pam Warf Reporter, Terry Rutledge Vice-President, Rod Whittington 57Y-Teens RIGHT; Y-TEENS OFFICERS: BOTTOM: Mrs. Karen Woodard, Sponsor: Nina Numera, President: Pattye Keaney, Activities Chairman: Barbara Martin, Vice-President. Physics Club RIGHT: Physics Club Officers pose with their sponsor, Mr. Kent Crenshaw. They are, L to R, STANDING: Steve Armour, Treasurer: Mike Diaz, President: Gary Cline, Vice-President: and SITTING: Kathy Kelley, Secretary.9 59TOEC President, Sharon Douglas, and Tennessee Office Educational Club Sponsor, Mrs. Vera Tolbert. Chess Club RIGHT: Sponsor, Mr. William Person 60BELOW; TOEC CLUB OFFICERS; L to R: Cindy Hardin, Photographer; Nina Numera, Reporter; Linda Wilson, Vice-President; Rhonda Masters, Asst. Treasurer; Cindy Durham, Jr. Treasurer; Annie Weakley, Treasurer; Sharon Douglas, President; Alice Biggs, Asst. Secretary; Leigh Bowers, Secretary; Ray Middleton, Public Relations Chairman. 6162Library Staff Art Club In connection with Thespians and Pep Club, members of the Art Club have contributed their efforts to enhance play productions and dance scenery. RIGHT: Secretary, Linda Dame-wood and President, Kathy Hebert. LEFT: Art Club sponsor, Miss Nancy Norwood. 63SAE LEFT; SAE OFFICERS; L to R: Raul Robles, President; Barbara Martin, Vice-President; Mrs. Brenda Powell, Sponsor; Barbara Mayer, Secretary; Michele Moore, Treasurer. Thespians LEFT; THESPIAN OFFICERS; L to R: Vice-President, Diane Gagnon; President, Caye Crenshaw; Secretary, Kathy Kelley; Sponsor, Mrs. Lucretia Boyle; Treasurer, Julia Colvett. 65LEFT: Pep Club Sponsor, Miss Nancy Norwood, discusses plans with the club’s president, Chris Frame. BELOW; OFFICERS; L to R: Debbie Louwien, Historian; DeeDee Dows, Parliamentarian; Bobbi Hess, Secretary; Linda Duncan, Sergeant-at-Arms; Teri Mauldin, Reporter; Kathy Kelley, Treasurer; Julia Colvett, Vice-President. ABOVE LEFT: A new feature of the Pep Club this year was the formation of a group called the twelve-man captains. They represent the twelfth man on the football team and their purpose is to promote spirit in the stands. They are, left to right, Mary Jo Barnes, Tricia Harris, Debbie Louwien, Audrey Pridgen, and Mona Oldham. Kneeling is Trojan mascot, Chris Frame. ABOVE RIGHT: Students show their spirit at the bonfire that opened the 1974 football season. 67National Beta Club RIGHT; BETA CLUB OFFICERS: Liz Berry, Secretary; Heidi Watkins, Vice-President; Jan Eubanks, Treasurer; Cathy Thomley, President. 1st ROW: R. May, P. Thomson, B. Carver, B. Martin, H. Watkins, D. Malone, E. Conners. 2nd ROW: C. Smith, L. Carroll, S. Brumbelow, T. Braitwaite, G. Bedell, L. Bocklage. 3rd ROW: S. Stroud, M. Oldham, R. Maples, D. Butler, D. Boyer, C. Hennesy. 4th ROW: T. Trujillo, B. Mixon, L. Dame wood, R. Johnson, S. Guess, M. Dean. 5th ROW: M. Moore, K. Still, C. Pike, H. Creecy, M. Hamblett. 6th ROW: M. Stroud, E. Wilkinson, C. Veazey, M. Hicks, J. Trussell, C. Rickman. 68Cathy Thomley Jeannie Tilghman Carla Walgenbach Tammy Wilson D'Leigh Bates Ron Blair William Bocklage Leigh Bowers Wanda Brooks Veronica Bushta Jane Butler Gary Cline Gale Cole Dara Collum Julia Colvett Debra Daniels Carl Davis Dee-Dee Dows Cathy Durham Tony Earls Jan Eubanks Judy Eubanks Diane Gagnon Anita Garcia Brenda Fields Norris Gwin Barbara Hale Kathi Hayes Mary Helen Hicks Bob Jacome Kathy Kelley Luvenia Malone Tricia McClure Teri Miller Connie Morgan Debbie Pittman Janis Reding Susan Roelke Sandra Rowland Bill Scanlan 69National President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ron Blair Carla Walgenbach Steve Armour Debra Daniels Tammy Wilson Leigh Ann Bowers Jane Butler Gary Cline Gale Cole Dara Collum Julia Colvett Carl Davis Cathy Durham Jan Eubanks Judy Eubanks Brenda Fields Gary Forrester Diane Gagnon Anita Garcia Morris Gwin Barbara Hale Kathi Hayes Mary Helen Hicks Kathy Kelley Bob Jacome 70Honor Society Damon Linkous Minnie Malone Connie Morgan Debbie Pittman Janis Reding Susan Roelke Cathy Thomley Jeanne Tilghman Linda Wilson Mary Jo Barnes Carol Butt Eugene Conner Pam Bray Carrie Jauchler Donna Malone Barbara Martin Charles Hennessey Linda Damewood Robin May Michele Moore Tom Mozzarella Tony Trujillo Heidi Watkins 71Student Council RIGHT; STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Finis Fields Julia Colvett Debbie Smith Judy Eubanks Tammy Wilson Laura Damewood Pat Berry Steve Armour Allen Burns Mike Edger Tony Trujillo NOT PICTURED: Barbara Mayer Allen Colter LEFT: Advisor, Mrs. James Burk Distributive Education Club LEFT: DECA OFFICERS: President Robert Westerman Treasurer Tammy Wilson Secretary Debra Daniels Parliamentarian Audrey Pridgen Historian Debe Moore Vice-President David Guth RIGHT: DECA Sponsor, Mr. Perry Hughs, with President, Robert Westerman.BELOW: A new function of the student council president this year is to make morning announcements over the intercom . Here Principal, Joe Morton, watches as Judy Eubanks carries out this responsibility.f BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS 75RIGHT; VARSITY FOOTBALL COACHES: Mr. Harold Billings: Head Coach, Mr. Earl Billings; and Mr. Sam Crump. 1st ROW: F. Thornburg, R. Huber, F. Smith, M. Prevost, B. Molder, D. Middleton, H. Rickman, C. Butt, E. Hoffman, L. Dagen, D. Smith, T. Roelke. KNEELING: C. Clements, A. Levesque, P. Berry, J. Owens, J. Sar-toris, D. Holmer, R. Whittington, J. Mahoney, R. Carter, M. Cooper, B. Long, T. Barratt, B. Purser. 3rd ROW: T. Quisillo, R. Thompson, S. Williama, B. Jacome, B. Stiles, A. Holt, B. Mixon, L. Pritchett, B. Williams. STANDING: T. Westmoreland, A. Herr, R. Roelke, H. Bell, S. Armour, D. Barger. C. Nelson, R. Rodgers, J. Langford, J. Trussell. 76Varsity Football ABOVE; SENIOR FOOTBALL LETTERMEN: Lamar Pritchett, Bob Jacome. AI Holt, Craig Nelson, Bill Molder, Brent Stiles, Dwight Middleton, Curtis Clements, and Steve Armour. 77 Football at Millington took a steep plunge this year as the Trojans struggled their way through a 1-9 season . The games, most of which were lost in the last minutes, revealed the absence of experienced Senior players. Among the more outstanding players on the '73-’74 varsity squad were Craig Nelson (QB), Dwight Middleton (HB), and Steve Armour (FB). 78Trojan Basketball Team COACH: Mr. Sam Montgomery 80L to R: Manager, Welbon Carthron, James Seals, Johnny Watson, Robert Smith, Bruce Thompson, Jim Brown, Woody Davis. KNEELING: Calvin Gray, Rubin Rix. 81MCHS OPPONENT 55 71 Treadwell 90 83 Brighton 50 65 Messick 72 88 Covington 59 84 Raleigh 63 60 Munford 57 84 Ripley 54 75 Raleigh 58 62 Germantown 61 79 Bartlett 64 74 Collierville 72 79 Covington 59 85 Bartlett 71 76 Germantown 68 101 Bolton 73 86 Collierville 61 53 Sommerville 82Under the direction of Coach Sam Montgomery, the 1974 Trojan Basketball team underwent a vast renovation, which included a complete change in the style of play. The team, which previously used a deliberate style with set plays, switched to the fast break style, which stated briefly is "get the ball and score." Coach Montgomery found the younger players more receptive to his new game plan, which is evident in the five sophomores on the team. 83Varsity Starters;rRIGHT; FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM; L to R: M. Benton, C. Shannon, F. Fields, C. Peete, J. Harvell, A. Hardaway, L. House, L. Jones, B. Allen, and KNEELING: Coach John Price. ABOVE; FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS; STANDING: Captain, Pauline Gagnon. SITTING: Lee Barnet, Sandra Mitchell, Pam Lawrence, Sherry Carter, and Sandra Flowers. 86 and B-Team LEFT; B-TEAM; L to R: Harold Curry, Archie Moore, Robert Williams, Wilbert Massey, Benjamin Fields, Ronald Bowman, Mike Gelinas, Lee Cole, Kevin McVay, Charlie Lamirand, Major Robertson. ABOVE; FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM; SITTING: Reginald Bounds, Brandon Allen, Steve Huber, Faron Mooney, Steve Martin, Dennis Morgan, Sam Sartoris, Ricky Forsythe, Kenny Charles. KNEELING: Randy Rushing, Henry Adkins, Curtis Shannon, Bruce Marshall. David West, Paul Charles, Richard Sizemore, David Turner, Michael Benton, Victor Stewart, Billy Haley. STANDING: William Thornton, Larry House. Ken Mixon. Mike Edger, Ronald Franks, David Stewart, Ronny Ervin, Terry Cutcher, John Harvell, Carlton Peete, David Carter, James Mincey, David Fowler. 87ABOVE: Jim Thronburg turns from pitching to practice his batting skill. Thornburg holds a school record for pitching 31 straight shut-out innings. RIGHT: Coach Ronnie Osborne tries to increase chatter in the outfield. CENTER: Eddie Hoffman, displaying perfect form, led his team in hits, homeruns, runs hit in, and stolen bases. RIGHT PAGE: Sophomore, Pat Berry attempts a bunt. 88ijk Baseball ■ MCHS OPPONENT 2 5 White Station 3 4 Fairley 3 12 Treadwell 9 3 Brighton 15 5 Harding 8 0 Craigmont 15 0 Westside 3 8 Frayser 4 3 Northside 3 7 Covington 3 0 Catholic 7 8 Ripley 10 0 Manassas 8 9 Covington 2 0 Trezevant 8 4 Ripley 2 9 Tech 0 4 Raleigh 10 0 Northsiue 7 4 Raleigh 6 9 Raleigh 3 4 Raleigh 8990Tennis MCHS OPPONENT 0 3 Germantown 2 4 Bartlett 2 3 Brownsville 3 1 Collierville 1 5 Jackson 3 4 Germantown 5 2 Brownsville 2 4 Bartlett 3 0 Collierville 2 4 Jackson The Tennis team, coached by Mr. William Turner, consists of eight men and nine women. ABOVE: Heidi Watkins, Pete Thomson, and Gary Batey practice their tennis skills, while David Pritchett, LEFT, meets his opponent at center court. 91Varsity Cheerleaders TOP; LEFT TO RIGHT; Anita Garcia, Rae Barbara Martin, Jan Eubanks. BOTTOM: Jean Eanes, Phoebe Wortliani, Linda Damwood, Connie Morgan, Heidi Watkins. TOP RIGHT: Captain Jan Eubanks. CENTER: Jean Eanes, Rae Thomas, Linda Damewood, Barbara Martin. BOTTOM: Phoebe Wortham. yPHi Linda Wilson Connie MorganTHIS PAGE, TOP: The girls' softball team proudly proclaims that they are "number one" after winning the Shelby County Girls' Softball League Championship. BOTTOM: The M-Club consists of boys who have lettered in at least one varsity sport. RIGHT PAGE: Steve Armour accepts the trophy which names him "Athlete of the Year." FAR RIGHT: Jeanne Duncan and Beverly Mooney "chow down" at the annual sports banquet, which was set in a western theme. 9495Mrs. Alma Bacon Mr. Earl Billings Mr. Harold Billings Mrs. Joy Bomar Mrs. Pat Boswell Mrs. Dorothy Bowers Mrs. Beverly Burk Mrs. Margaret Bunsen Mr. Thomas Butt Mrs. Joetta Clark ABOVE: Students register for mini courses, an innovation this year in the English and speech departments. RIGHT: Mr. Perry Hughes, Distributive Education teacher, issues a textbook to Steve Ervin. 100 LEFT: Mr. William Turner shows his chemistry class the principles of Van der Graaf's generator. BELOW: Mr. Sam Thompson serves Millington Central as a liaison with the Shelby County Sherriff's Office. Mr. James Crawford Mr. Thomas Creasy Mr. Kent Crenshaw Mr. Sam Crump Mr. Sherwood Danforth Mr. Ronald Ferrari Mrs. Judy Gipson Mrs. Imogene Hill Mr. Perry Hughs Mr. John Lane 101Mr. Leroy Johnson Mr. James Leaks Mr. Edward Loeber Mrs. Emogene Maples Mrs. Eileen Markham Mr. Jewel Martin Mrs. Elayne Mathews Mrs. Emma Mays Mr. Lee Miles Mr. Sam Montgomery 102Mr. Nathaniel Moore Mrs. Ruth Anne Moore Miss Nancy Norwood Mrs. Irene On Mr. Ronald Osborne Mrs. Faye Osteen Mrs. Mary Anna Parham Mrs. Brenda Powell Mr. John Price Mrs. Mary Price LEFT: Freshman Basketball coach, Mr. Gary Williams, calmly studies a play. ABOVE: Mrs. Mary Price, girls' PE teacher, makes sure those toes are pointed as her class displays their gymnastic abilities. 103RIGHT: Miss Nancy Norwood gives last minute instructions to prop men during a scene change in "The Prince and the Pauper.” BELOW: VAM instructor, Mr. Harris, helps Tim Rodgers with a minor car adjustment. Mr. Carlton Pruitt Mrs. Norma Purdy Miss Susan Ramsey Miss Linda Reding Mrs. Lois Sigler Mrs. Ardella Smith Mrs. Tinnie Spencer Miss Jacqueline Taylor Mrs. Vera Tolbert Mr. William Turner 104105 Mr. Sonny White Mrs. Mary Wilder Mrs. Betty Williams Mr. Gary Williams BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Kent Crenshaw illustrates a breathing technique to his physics class. LEFT: Coaches Osborne and White discuss baseball plans during spring tryouts.106 Nostalgia Trend Hits Millington! The year 1974 marked the return of "Bugle Boy" music, dark lips and fingernails, rolled-up jeans, and platform shoes. In early February Millington Central succumbed to this nostalgia movement when a day was set aside to relive the feeling of the fifties. A few teachers used this opportunity to relive their own high school days.LEFT PAGE; TOP RIGHT; Mrs. Brenda Powell. BOTTOM LEFT: Miss Linda Reding. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Pat Boswell. THIS PAGE; BELOW: Mr. Sonny White and Mrs. Lucretia Boyle. RIGHT; Miss Nancy Norwood.1089FRESHMEN OFFICERS: President, Finis Fields: Vice-President, Pauline Gagnon; Treasurer, Martha Wilkinson; Secretary, Karen Keaney. Henry Akins Brian Allen Hollye Allen Warlene Allen Chris Anderson Gail Anthony Bonnie Arnold Kelli Ashbury Patricia Austin Randy Bailey Robert Baker Theresa Ballard Sandra Bailor Sheila Barcroft Tommy Barnes Lee Barnett Terry Basklin Cindy Bass no FreshmenSandy Bell Michael Benton Terry Bernil Lisa Bevill Joann Biggs Donna Bishop Janet Blayde Jerry Blaydes Joy Boykin Lavada Boots Sherrie Bostie Herman Bradford Patricia Brakefield Barry Brooks Eric Brooks Mark Brown Randy Brown Trudy Brumbley Bonnie Bumess Nick Bushta Cynthia Butt Terry Byrd Georgiana Caldwell Dianne Campbell Elroy Campbell Leroy Campbell Carol Cannon Tracye Cannon Kelly Capps Diane Carraway The Class of 1977 Freshmen 111Rebecca Carraway Bruce Carroum Dean Carroll David Carter Ricky Carter Sherri Carter Paul Carver Mike Chambers Brenda Chancey Danny Chapman Kenny Charles Paul Charles Sylvester Christopher Toni Christopher Diane Clayton Doris Clear Bill Cline Debbie CoccioloTom Coelho Alvin Cole Sandra Cole Cathy Collier Jimmy Collins James Collough Debra Conroy James Cooley Greg Cope Cathy Count Terri Coucher Charles Cox Jimmy Cox Richard Crabtree Stanley Craig Robert Crawley Robert Crichton Hal Crider Daniel Crisp Betty Cullum David Deaton Melody Diaz Tena Desmoyer Guy Dodge Freshmen 113Sheila Dollar Tommy Douglas Brad Doyle Vicki Dozier David Duncan Larry Dunn Cecil Dupree Richard Drumwright Mike Edger Dale Eggers Neta Eggers George Ellerbrook Rick Ellis Sue Ellis Ronnie Ervin Jerry Erving Chris England Lisa Estes 114 FreshmenFreshmen 115Sandra Flowers Gary Floyd Mark Ford Ricky Forsythe Tammy Fisher David Fowler Sherry Fortune Mike Frame Ronnie Franks Laura Freeman Tim Freeman Dennis Futral Pauline Gagnon Tamara Gearheart Tim Gibbs Joyce Gillis Joe Gillmore William Grandberry Kay Gregg Don Gregory Greg Griggs Cecil Gross Dennis Goldsby Pam Gourgeat Linda Guth Bruce Hale Billy Haley Danny Haley Kenny Hall Denise Halliburton David Halstead Russell Hamilton Jimmy Hanson Andrew Hardaway Pam Harden Debbie Harris 116 FreshmenSherry Hall Chuck Hardy Mike Harris Paula Harris John Harvell Tina Harris Luther Harwell Kathy Hathaway Michael Hawkins Brenda Henderson Freshmen 117FreshmenVictor Henderson Jill Henry Linda Herring Andrew Hicks David Hill Geraldine Hill David Hoffman Terri Hoffman Baldwin Holmes Steven Hopper Larry House Steve Huber Anna Hughes Steve Hughes Valerie Hunter Walter Hulsey Earline Jackson Terrie Javins Brenda Jennings Liz Jennings Diane Jerry Cheryl Johnson David Johnson Christine Jones Dewanna Jones Evelynn Jones Larry Jones Lavoris Jones Willie Jones Kenny Joyner Vickie Jordan Marc Kaminer Karen Keaney Vicky Kellett Barbara Kelly Mike Kelly Freshmen 119Terry Kent Chris Kerns Doug Kervin Sheri Klenk Bill Kline Tim Knipple James LaFlamm Carrie Lamiranc Ricky Latham Leon Borgrae Teri Leddon Gail Ledy Sherry Legg Jean Leib Mary Levesque Pam Lewis Pam Lillard Carla Linkous Linda Litrell Michael Lockhart Tommy Logan Charles Love Charlotte Maclin Debbie Maillet Archie Manning Bruce Marshall Bubba Martin Tim Martin Randy Martin Cindy Mason Brenda Massey Terry Massey Rozalind Maxey Vanessa May Delaine McBroom 120 Freshmen 9 Freshmen 121Nellie McBroyer Jimmy McCarter Jackie McClure April McCullough John McCown April McCullum Alyson McFarlane Debbie Mclnnish Donna Mclnnish Ken McIntosh Ronnie McNeil Dell Merryman Gary Miller Jewel Miles Patty Miller Sharon Miller David Millington Pam Millsap 122 FreshmenJames Mincey Sandra Mitchell Sheila Mitchell Ken Mixon Donna Moon Faron Mooney Larry Moore Mickey Moore Dennis Morgan Donald Morgan Larry Morris Liz Mosley John Moulder Paul Mozzarella Tom Mozzarella Debbie Myers Cheryl Nalan Sandra Nass Ray Nelson Ted Nelson Ivy Newcomb Shirley Newcomb Ricky Neidermayer Denny Newport Babette Nodingham Betty Novak Brenda Oglesby Barry Oliver Tom Olley Jack Owens Debbie Parmele Bruce Painter Bill Page Calvin Orr Alec Paruidge Lori Pasch Barry Paine Claretha Payne Cedric Peters Vickie Phelps Freshmen 123Mamie Pike Richard Pike Donald Plessinger Vince Poole Sheila Pugh Martha Pye Debbie Raithel Eddie Randolph Pam Ray Darrell Redic Elvis Reed Stickney Reed Ruth Reilly Donna Reis John Reis Karen Register Robert Robello Micheal Roberts 124 FreshmenErvin Robinson Regina Rosas John Ross Willie Royster Mona Rowland Sabrena Rowley Levata Royal James Ruffin Randy Rushing Shirley Rutledge Bobbie Saine Sam Sartoris Jeff Sawyer Kenneth Schnardhorst Gordon Scott Mike Sermons Wyatt Shankle Curtis Shannon Cindy Sheffield Raymond Schultz Richard Sizemore Debbie Slater Gary Sloan Debbie Smith Nathaniel Smith Tredena Smith Perry Sparks Debbie Spencer Debra Spencer Jerry Spencer Cindy Stewart David Stewart Vic Stewart Terry Strevel James Stiles John StillJimmy Stroud Butch Stublefield Donna Sullins Dana Sullivan Joe Sumner Betty Tate Debbie Taylor Gloria Taylor James Taylor Tony Taylor Larry Thomas Michael Thomas Roy Thomas William Thornton Larry Thrasher 126 FreshmenPenny Tingler Wanda Tolbert Rosalie Trujillo Lori Trundle David Turner Michael Turner Buddy Underwood Diane Vitanovec Dale Voight Russell Voight Chris Voss Cherylyn Wallace Candace Walton Mark Wanzer Joe Ward Kim Ward Sandra Ward Connie Wardlow Jimmy Warren Joanne Warren Kathy Warren Essie Weaver Angela Wells David West Kathy Whitley Carolyn Whooten Larry Wiesenand Ann Wilhelm Martha Wilkinson Belinda Wilford Leslie Williams Jerry Willoghby Jody Wilson Pat Wilson Steve Wilson Cheryl Woods Mike Woodward Ashley Wortham Donna Wright Pam Wyman Cheryl Wyzinski Evelyn Yohn Freshmen 127SOPHOMORES The Class of 1976 FAVORITES: Tony Sullivan and Donna Calhoun OFFICERS: Secretary, Margaret Grimmitt; President, Pat Berry: Treasurer, Martha Easley: Vice-President, Jeanne Duncan. 128 SophomoresDiane Aiken Bill Allen Kenny Allen Sunnye Allen Kelly Anderson Anita Anthony Wayne Armstrong Herky Arnold Glen Barganier Gloria Barganier Bob Barker Larry Barnes Sharon Barnes Tim Barratt Gloria Bedell Kathy Bell Patricia Bell Tim Bell Pat Berry Bruce Biggs Paul Binner Lenora Bocklage Robert Bolton Cindy Bomar Keith Bourgeois Cheryl Bowen Betty Boyd Darrell Boyer Cornelius Bradford Tommy Braithwaite John Broadway Arnold Brown Conley Brown Hirley Brown Randy Brumbelow Cindy Burgess ( Sophomores 129Diane Burnett Helen Burnett Mike Burress Greg Bushta Cathy Collier Charles Butt Tammy Caldwell Donna Calhoun Patricia Campbell John Carlisle Clara Carraway Isaac Carraway Rona Carter Jean Casey Tony Cash George Christopher Sung Choe Andrew Clark David Clark Elaine Clark Mike Clark Mary Clayton Sandra Clear Janet Cline 130 SophomoresDonna Cobbs Joyce Cobbs Loma Coelho Wheeler Cole Alan Colter G. T. Coleman Darlene Comer Theresa Conley Diana Cooley Buddy Cope Karen Couch Linda Cowan Paul Craft Robert Creighton Liz Cross Mike Curry Ray Cutcher Larry DagerLaura Damewood Sandra Danky Tommy Dean Karen Deaton Tod Dixon Wilson Dodge Jeanne Duncan Bill Dunn David Dunn Jeanne Eanes Lisa Earls Martha Easley Cheryl Echoff Cathy Echoff Debbie Edminston Barbara Ellis Jackie Emison Jocelyn Emison Vickie England Leland Farrar Linda Fay Benjamin Fields Valerie Foor Jan Ford Brenda Fort Derek Fort Tim Freeman Jim Fuller David Gaines Debbie Gallevan Carol Gaskill Tammi Gatlin Carl Gebeault Wayne Gerry Beverly Glaster Tony Gooch 132 SophomoresSophomores 133Neena Grobleben Patty Grose Robert Hale Geraldine Halliburton Kathy Hamblett Debbie Hampton Peggy Hardaway Ricky Harding Richard Hardy Amanda Harger Karen Harris Tony Harris Brian Hasting Richard Hawkins Linda Hayes Susan Hicks Tony Hide Linda Hines Sandy Hitchcock Sharon Hodge Pam Hoffman Vickie Holden Terri Holder Jeff Holley Brenda Holmes Miki Holmes Hustine Horton Peggy Houston Roberta Houston Karen Howard 134 SophomoresDonnie Howell Dennis Howie Robin Huber Scott Hunter Cindy Hyde Louis Jackson Priscilla Jackson Debbie Jacome Bill Jauchler Joann Jennings Carl Johnson Debra Johnson Fredna Johnson Ray Johnson Sharon Johnson David Jones Larry Jones Shirley Jones Sophomores 135Brian Knipple Charles Lamirand Joe La Valley Allan Lovesque Cindy Layman Teresa Leach Pam Leady Debbie Leddon James Lewis Kay Lewis Debbie Loft Susan Long Linda Macelot James Magruder Mike Maillet Mike Marsolais Sue Martin Cheri Mason Brenda Massey Thomas Massey Wilbert Massey Theresa Mathews Bob Mattingly Tom Mattingly Tony McClean Ricky McFarland Joey McGovern Cealia Mclnnish Mike Mclnnish Beverly Middleton Joyce Middleton Vanessa Mills Chris Mincey James Mitchell Jerry Moaltlrie Donald Moncier Sophomore 137Tim Montgomery Beverly Mooney Cissy Morgan Ella Mosley Vanessa Moy Donna Murray Amy Murphy Tom Nelson Chris Olley Scott Olley Jeff Owens Ray Owens Kenny Parrish Mossie Peete Blakeley Pennington Cindy Penter Sanda Phelps Debbie Poole Michael Porter Dorothy Porterfield Phyllis Posey Mike Prevost David Pritchett Scott Quinsberry Johnny Ray Susan Rector Gail Richardson Cathy Rickman Hugh Richman Clinton Ricks Larry Ricks Larry Robertson Major Roberts Ricky Robertson Gwen Robinson Jeffry Robinson 138 Sophomores Jimmy Robertson Tim Rodgers Terry Roelke Cindy Rook Janice Rook Wanda Rowland Lee Ruffner Gwen Rush Phillip Russell Bobby Sanders Charles Sanders Eileen Sanders Judi Sappington Joe Sartoris Pam Scanlan Mike Schaaf Earline Schultz Mike Sherman Delorise Simonton Roy Sims Wilma Singleton Danny Sites Sandra Sloan Ann Smith Buddy Smith Sophomores 139Darrell Smith Farrell Smith Freda Smith Jana Smith Michael Smith Ottis Smith Robert Smith Unzha Smith Vicky Smith Susie Soderland Janet Stat Barbara Stewart Gloria Stewart Sandra Stroud Tony Sullivan Cindy Sumner Mary Sutherland Tracye Swanson Darol Swords Carla Taylor Rae Thomas Jan Thomason John Thorton Diane Thornton 140 SophomoresDavid Tickle Joyce Timbs Debbie Tipton Glenda Townsend Paula Trujillo Brenda Tuggle Barbara Underwood Vicky Vaughn Randy Vernon Gary Wade Richard Walker Linda Walters Suzy Watson Felisha Webb Julie Wells Tommy Westmoreland Jan Wilkins Brett Williams Robert Williams Lee Wilson Floyd Williamson Luke Wilson Richard Wireman Geraldine Woods Phobe Wortham Billy Wright Freddie Wright Gay Wright Mithcell Yager Jack Yates Sophomores 141JUNIORS Aubrey Alexander Shan Alexander Patty Allison Julie Anderson Ronnie Anthony Paul Asbridge Ken Avery Tommy Bailey Steve Ballard Dana Barcroft Mary Jo Barnes Jennifer Barrett Mike Bass Loys Bates Scott Bayer Brenda Beckham Margaret Belk Deborah Bell Herb Bell Rudy Bernil Liz Ann Berry Cindy Bevill Betty Birr John Bin Mike Biscoe Dennis Blankenship Jack Bloodworth Teresa Bolton Sandra Bowers Mike Bouck Jacquie Bowman Ronald Bowman Jim Boyd Johnny Boykin Ervin Bradley Carolyn Bratchie 142 JuniorsThe Class of 1975 FAVORITES: Heidi Watkins and Chris Frame OFFICERS: Treasurer, Janie Sanders; President, Tony Trujillo; Vice-President, Carol Smith; Secretary, Rinda Maples. Juniors 143Linda Bratchie Pam Bray Cindy Breault Betty Brewer Rory Bricco Jennifer Brown Diane Bmenn Sherry Brumbelow Kathy Burness Alan Burns Debbie Bull Nancy Butler Carol Butt Sherry Butt Charles Bynum Ricky Callonas Stewart Camminar Billy Carlisle 144 JuniorsLynn Carroll Ronnie Carter Billy Carver Ronnie Causey Charlie Cavins Jerry Christopher Diane Christopher Vincent Christopher Dorinda Clark Debbie Clayton Jack Clayton Ralph Cocciolo Lee Cole Mike Collier Chuck Collins Eufene Conner Harry Cook Mack Cooper Lillie Crawley Harriet Creecy John Crisp Sheila Cross Linda Damewood Debra Davidson Juniors 145Linda Dean Mark Dean Steve Delancey Darla Denham Brenda Dillard Diane Dumser Pamela Endicott Paul Enyeart Mark Evans Brenda Finch Teresa Fischer Danny Fitzgerald Zoa Ann Flor Robert Flowers Chris Frame Ronnie French Danny Fry Earl Futrel Alan Garrett Mark Gillespie Mary Gilless Linda Goodwin Jena Gorrell Judy Grasser 146 JuniorsChester Grey Dawn Grim Tony Grimes Ricky Grossman Sharon Guess David Guth Melinda Hamblett Ricky Hamilton Beverly Harris Hazel Harris Wayne Harris Kim Harsen Steve Hathaway Tim Schnardhorst Kenneth Hawkins Jo Hayden Charles Hennesy Jaqi Henry Andy Herr Anita Herr Mable Hicks Lowanna Hill Steve Hinson Douglas Hinton Wayne Hodge Juniors 147Eddie Hoffman Dennis Holmes Guy Hollingsworth Charles Hopper Lopez Houston Gene Howell Cindy Hubbard Renee Hunter US JuniorsGreg Irby Sherry Jackson Charles Jacquese Rick Jarratt Carrie Jauchler Eva Jefferson Diane Jerry Frenchi Jewah Diane Johnson Pearlie Johnson Renee Johnson Carmen Jones Diane Jones Freddie Jones Brent Kirkland Carol Lamirand Regina Landry Debra Latham Kathy Lee Pam Lewis Richard Loft Bobby Loggins Bill Long Laquette Lott Missy Lowry Johnny Macklin Clinton Macklin Hilda Maclin Donna Malone Ronnie Malone Rinda Maples Danny Marshall Barbara Martin Brenda Martin Geri Martin Glenn Martin Juniors 149Robin May Barbara Mayer Richie Mayer Debbie McClure Letha McClure Edward McNeil Mike Mendoza Dennis Middleton Mavis Middleton Teri Miller Victor Mills Horace Mincey Keith Mitchell Bob Mixon Virginia Mondie Archie Moore Cheri Moore Debe Moore 150 JuniorsMichele Moore bharon Moore Loretta Moses Charles Murphree Deborah Noah Mona Oldham Peter Reinies Brabrar Parisotto David Parrish Patti Pasch Kathy Payne Sherry Payne Lazarus Payton Kenny Peardon Gloria Peete Boyce Pennington Bobby Percer Joe Perkins Charlotte Pike Junior Pina Randy Poole Linda Pooturliet Barbara Porter Minnie Preyer Lynn Radford Lynn Rae Sandy Randolph Diane Reed Jody Reynolds Robert Reilly Juniors 151Richard Robello Regina Robertson Jackie Robertson Wesley Robison Keith Rochell Akemi Rodgers Rick Roelke Richard Rodgers Ray Rosas Brenda Rowland Brian Russell Jerry Rutledge Janie Sanders Jeff Sawyer Randy Schaaf Larry Schweizer James Seals Dicky Simmons Cathy Sides Annie Smith Carol Smith Joe Smith Jay Smock Larry Snyder Cathy Southerland Debra Sparks Barbara Spencer Shirley Spencer Patricia Stephens James Stewart Jesse Stewart Karen Still Melvin Stroud Libby Stultz Jackie Taylor Margie Thomley Juniors 153Pete Thompson Fred Thornburg Jim Thornburg Rozelle Tolbert Janice Tucker Nancy Turner Tina Turner Tony Trujillo Jimmy Trussel Mark Usery Carol Veazey Curtis Vaughn Deborah Vaughn Cheryl Walker Charlene Waltmath Darlene Waltmath Jerry Warren Heidi Watkins Johnny Watson Calvin Weaver 154 JuniorsJuniors )55 Mark Welch Ramona Wells Kay Welty Cindy Whitehead Perry Whitten Rock Whittington Eddie Wilkinson Marcy Willis Laura Young Lori Young Suzette Zuba• s COMING OF A GE 159STEVEN BRYAN ARMOUR "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." Football 1-4; Baseball 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Student Council 3,4; Boys' State Representative. ANGELA CHARLENE BAILEY "It's easy to be an angel, if no one ruffles your feathers." Pep Club 1-4; FHA 1; Chorus 1, 3; Campus Life 1. 3, 4. LARRY DON BAGLEY "Those not being bom are busy dying." KATHY DIANE BAKER "Friendship needs no words. It is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness." Pep Club 2-4; DECA 3, 4. FINIS BROOK BARNES III "Now that we've finished the fun part of our life, let's have some fun!" DONNA ELIANE BALLARD "The greatest happiness of life is being loved, for love is the key to happiness . . . and I am indeed happy." FHA 4; Y-Teens 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DONNA LEIGH BATES "The more happiness you give, the happier you become. The happier you become, the more you have to give." Pep Club 2, 3; Beta Club 2, 3; Arete 2; Annual Staff 3; Winter Festival Court 2,3. ELIZABETH ANNE BERRY "Be yourself - people will love you more for it." Beta Club 2, Sec. 4; Paper Staff 2, News Editor 4; Y-Teens 4; Pep Club 1-4. 160CINDY LEE BEVILL "Continue to love each other with brotherly love. And remember to be kind to strangers, for some have entertained angels without knowing it." DARRELL WAYNE BARGER "Love is part of life, so without love you can't live. You just exist. Football 1-4; Basketball 1. AMY LYNN BIRR "Who ever lives true life will love true love. ” JOHN GARY BATEY "Sometimes we reflect upon those people we cared for and remember how many times we forgot to tell them how much they meant." Tennis 3,4; Physics Club 4; FT A 4. LEIGH ANN BOWERS "If you have ears, then use them." Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 2, 3,4; Campus Life 2, 3; NHS 4. WILLIAM ROBERT BELL, JR. '' Fools live to regret their words, wise men to regret their silence." Football,3; Band 1, 2, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4. BECKY BOWMAN "Before criticizing others, take a good look at yourself - are you really any better?" RONALD EUGENE BLAIR "Keep the sun before you, and the shadows will always fall behind." Football 1, 2, 3; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4; NHS 4. 161DEBRA CAROL BRADFORD "SUCCESS is the key to life. Therefore, take life as you want it to be, not as it is." FHA 1, 4; Y-Teens 4. WILLIAM JOHN BOCKLAGE "No man's memory is good enough that he can lie successfully." Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4; NHS 3,4. WANDA COLLINE BROOKS "Be careful which dreams you clutch, for dreams come true.'' RANDEL KEITH BOOKER "Life is a Concert. We are not the music, but merely the band. The music is in the hearts of the people who listen." Pep Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2. KATIE MAE BROADWAY "The truth is deep beneath his eye, and when he speaks he tells no lies." SAMUEL D. BRANCH "Life is what you make of it.” BARBARA LEE BREAULT "I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave my own trail." NELDA ANN BROWN "What's the use in worrying? It never was worth while, so pack up your troubles and give a big 'smile.' " DECA 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; FHA 1, 2; FT A 2. 162DEBBIE DIANE BULT "I found my country boy, and I love him." Y-Teens 2. WENDELL MICHAEL BUSCH "You don't know what you've got until it's gone." KAREN LOUISE BURNESS "Some people have everything, other people don't, but everything's not anything, if it’s not the thing you want." Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. LEE A. BROWN "The day is for sleeping, and night is the time to fulfill the things we dream about during the day. ’' VERONICA LYNN BUSHTA '' A man has his will, but a woman has her way. ’ ’ Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1, 2; Beta Club 4; Arete 3. JAMES VERNON BYRD, JR. "This world today is nothing but one big game. Which is who can beat the other person.'' JANE ANN BUTLER "Our lives are shaped by those who love us - by those who refuse to love us." Y-Teens 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Arete 3, 4; NHS 4. MICHAEL GEORGE CALLONAS "Life is a one time thing, so don’t be the last one to enjoy it. Be crazy because it is great. ” Football 1-4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Key Club 4; Chess Club 3; Physics Club 4. 163V CARLA RENEE BYRAM "Love is at the top of the mountain: the road is rocky, and it is a long way up." TOMMY WAYNE CAMPBELL "If one has no care for life, one has no reason for living.” BEVERLY GAIL BYRD "I believe in the Sun even when it is not shining; I believe in Love even when I am alone; I believe in God even when he is silent.' ’ WELBON SEMMON CARTHRON, JR. "After your school life ends, your real life should begin." VICKIE LYNN CHAMBERS "To laugh means to love mischief, but with a good conscience." Red Cross Treasurer 3,4. CATHY JEAN CHANCEY "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us so." Campus Life 1, 2; Library 4. RONNIE D. CARTER ’A man walked out into the world and found beautiful treasures, large shining cities, exotic fruits and spices, but he could not find himself.” VICTORIA LORETTA CHRISTOPHER "It's not what you WANT to be in life that counts but what you MAKE yourself to be. " Pep Club 2, 3, 4; FHA 1; Band 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2. 164LINDA LAKAY CHRISTOPHER "Live for today; tomorrow rides on the wind.” RICKY ALLEN CHILDRESS "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Now this day has been 12 years due. So I'll take my Diploma and go on my way, and save all this knowledge for another day." GALE DORNISHA COLE "If you have a strong belief in something or someone, let no one destroy it, for it is all you have. ” FHA 1-4; Beta 3, 4; Track 1, 2: Pep Club 4; Red Cross 3; NHS 4. CURTIS LEON CLEMENTS "It is not for man to live alone, so get a woman and live." Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4. SARAH ELIZABETH COLE "If I could help somebody as I pass along; If I could cheer somebody with a word or song; If I could show somebody that he’s traveling wrong; Then my living shall not be in vain." Y-Teens 2, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Pep Club; WLOK Teenage Reporter 3. REGINALD WAYNE CLEMENTS "There is only one way to achieve happiness: to have a clear conscience or none at all." PHYLLIS KAY COLEMAN "You are you and I am I, and the differences which separate us should not be; and if by chance we find each other again, it would be beautiful." FHA 1; Pep Club 1. GARY BRUCE CLINE "The sun never sets. We just lose track of it for awhile." Campus Life 2, 3, 4; Football 1-4; Key Club 2; Pres. 3, 4; Physics Club Vice Pres. 4: NHS 3,4. 165DARA ANNE COLLOM "Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge.' ’ Beta Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3, 4; Y-Teens 2; Red Cross 3. KEVIN DELONOR COBBS "A disagreement may be the shortest cut between two minds." JULIA KAY COLVETT "The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.” Class Officer Pres. 3, 4; Sec. 1; Homecoming Court 2, 4; NHS 3, 4: Pep Club Officer 2, 3, 4; Trojan Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. KELVIN XAVIER CODY "It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." Band 4; Football 1; ROTC 1, 2, 3. MARY NELLE CONNER "Tis not so much to life if one does not understand the real meaning of agreeing on an equal basis together.'' Y-Teens 2, 3; Pep Club 2,3,4: FTA 4. RICKEY WAYNE COLLIER "My idea of an agreeable person is one that agrees with me.'' CAYE FRANCES CRENSHAW "Our lives are shaped by those who love us and by those who refuse to love us!" Class Officer Treasurer 1, Vice Pres. 2; Pep Club 1, 2, Reporter 3, 4; Thespians 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4; Y-Teens 1-4; FHA 1, 2. DEBRA KAY DANIELS "The meaning of friendship - like love it touches our hearts and makes us happy." Beta Club 2-4; Arete 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Volleyball 1-4; DECA Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 4. 166MARTHA ELIZABETH DEPRIEST "Life without love ... is like a tree without leaves." Pep Club 4; Art Club 4. STEVEN MARSHALL CULLUM "Everything is right some of the time, even a clock that is stopped is right twice a day." Basketball 1; Art Club 1,2. SHARON DELORES DOUGLAS "Well done is better than well said.” Class Officer Sec. 4; FHA 1, 2; Pep Club 3, 4; TOEC 4; Sears Team Board Rep. 4. MICHAEL DEAN DAVEY "Women were put into this world to be men’s companions . . . they should share and share alike." Football 3; Pep Club 3,4. DIANA ELIZABETH DOWS "I want to live a real life, to talk with real people, and to breathe a real hope." Pep Club 1-3, Parliamentarian 4; Annual Staff 2, 3, co-editor 4; Beta Club 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Physics Club 4. JOHN CARL DAVIS "It is said that all wise men are dead, and I’ve been feeling sick lately." Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Who’s Who; Physics Club; NHS 4. DEBORAH KAY DUMSER "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and blind can read." WOODIE DAVIS 167 "Now I know that Sam Spade was not a shovel."LINDA MARIE DUNCAN CATHY ELAINE DURHAM "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart." Pep Club 1 - 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2. 3. 4; Thespians 3,4. RONALD GENE EANES "Treaties are like roses and girls. They last while they last.'' Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4. CINDY ANN DURHAM "It’s not so bad that I have to leave, Cuz' after all I still have Steve!" Majorette 1,3, Captain 4; Y-Teens 3, Vice Pres. 4; Campus Life 1, Staff 3, 4; TOEC Treasurer 4. TERRY LEE ELLIS "Don’t think only of yourself. Think of the other person, too, and what is best for him.' ’ Pep Club 1,3,4; Y-Teens 3, 4; FHA 1. ”1 would rather have a few real friends I can confide in than to have a hundred friends I can never be sure about.'' STEVEN PAUL DUNCAN "If you think hard enough, something is bound to happen." CONNIE DUNN "You may give gifts without caring - but you can’t care without giving.'' DONALD JAMES EANES "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed .' ’ 168BRENDA GAIL ERVIN "Love is a feeling you feel, when you feel a feeling that you never felt before.'' Pep Club 1, 4; TOEC4. CHARLES ANTHONY EARLS "As the Scripture says it, "The man who finds a life will find it through trusting God." Maranatha 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 4; National Honor Society 4. JAN EUBANKS "To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves; let us be above such transparent egotism . . . If you can't say good and encouraging things, say nothing.'' Cheerleader 1-3, Captain 4; Beta Club 1-3, Treasurer 4: Class Officer 1-4; Winter Festival Court 3; Homecoming Queen 4. BRIAN L. ECKHOFF "And God said, 'Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, to you it shall be for meat.' By this he did not mean MARIJUANA." JUDY EUBANKS "People who have what they want are fond of telling people who haven't what they want, that they really don’t want it." Cheerleader 1, 2; Student Council Pres. 4; Winter Festival Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; Miss MCHS. JACK EDWARD FIENE "Self-pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world." Basketball 1-4; Pep Club; Mr. MCHS. BRENDA JOYCE FIELDS "Your life is God's gift to you. What you make of it is your gift to God.' ’ FHA 1, 3, 4; Secretary 3, Reporter 4; Beta Club 2; Class Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 4; NHS 4. GARRY LYNN FORRESTER "To fear the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom." Band; Paper Staff; NHS 4. 169NANCY ELLEN FAY "To love and to be loved is the greatest joy on earth." Pep Club 1,2,4; FHA 1; Campus Life 1, 2. RICHARD W. FRANKS "Life is impossible to cheat; because the answers are not in the back of the book." VICKY ANN FRAWLEY "You are only what you are when no one is looking. ’' ROTC Sponsor 2, 3, Lt. Cmdr. 4; Pep Club 1-4; Physics Club 4; Thespians 3,4. STEVE GASKILL "Love means never having to say you're sorry. ” MONA LISA FRAWLEY "Don't look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it is yet to come; live in the present and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering." Cheerleader 1; FTA 1-3; Class Favorite 1; Pep Club 1. 2, 3; Thespians 1-3. DIANE RITA GAGNON "Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. ’' Paper Staff 3, Editor 4; NHS 3, 4; Beta Club 2-4; Thespians 2-4; Arete 2 - 4. JOHN EDWARD GOLD "Flying through the sky with a lot of high fidelity." Pep Club 4; Art Club 4. ANITA DENISE GARCIA "The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy." Beta Club 2-4; Cheerleader 1, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Homecoming Court 2-4; Student Council 2; Girls' State Delegate 3. 170DEBRA ORTEGA GARCIA "Wish not so much to live long, as to live well with very special thoughts of a very special someone." Class Treasurer 3; Y-Teens 2, Treasurer 3, 4; Pep Club 2 - 4; DECA 3, 4. TANYA LIANNE GEARHART "We come into the world alone; we go away the same; we're meant to spend the interlude in closeness, or so we tell ourselves. But it's a long way from morning to evening." KIM GRIGGS "Man was born to be WILD!" BEV JO AN GIEGER "May God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Thespians 4. MORRIS KENT GWIN "Only time will tell the significance of your having lived." Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Physics Club 4; NHS 4. DOROTHY JEAN GLOSTER "Never love unless you can bear with all the faults of man.'' ROTC Sponsors 1. FREDDY DeWAYNE HALSTED "Keep your breath to cool your porridge, and I shall keep mine to swell my song." CAROLYN ANN GRAY "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold, a lot better!" 171JOHN ANDREW HANSON "I’m looking for bigger and better things." BARBARA MARIA HALE "May each day find you more in love with the world. ’ ’ Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4: NHS 4. RONNIE ROMEO HARBACK "If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you're with." JO ELLEN HAMPTON "We start out small, not quite sure what life will bring - but knowing it is to take if we have the courage and determination." FHA 1; Pep Club 4; Y-Teens 4. MARVIN E. HARRIS "Love is kept forever, until we realize some day, the only thing we ever have is what we give away. ” Basketball 1-4. CYNTHIA LEE HARDIN "Let us stop for a moment and reflect upon the past 12 years . . . then straighten our caps and take a step forward, for the future is God's gift to you." FHA 3, 4; Campus Life 3: TOEC Photographer 4. DARYL WILLIETTE HENDERSON '' The hardest thing to open in the world is a closed mind.” JANICE LOUISE HARRIS "Love is the key to happiness and without happiness what is life? Love, peace and happiness is my goal in life.” DECA 3, 4; Pep Club 3; Y-Teens 2; Trojan Newspaper 4. IP M 172DEBORA HARTSFIELD "Live as though there will be no tomorrow." JEANETTE HARWELL "We in this country, in this generation, are by destiny rather than choice the watchmen on the walls of world freedom." Y-Teens 4; Pep Club 4; FHA; Majorette; ROTC Sponsor 1; Track 4. DUNDALAN EDWARD HOLMES "Do not interfere when your opinion is not sought." JO ANNA HAYDEN "If I have one life to live, let me live it with Charlie Westerman.” Pep Club 3; FHA 3; Chorus 3; An Club 3. ALFRED EASON HOLT, Jr. "Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. ” Football 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN DIANE HAYES "The people of the world are but grains of sand; when one gets blown astray, they call it different. ” Paper Staff 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Student Gov. 1, 2; Cheerleading 2; Quiz 'em Team 4; NHS 4. DAVID HAMPTON HOLT "Every man is of importance to himself." KATHERINE MARY HEBERT "Do not compare yourself with others, for you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser than yourself." Art Club Pres. 4; Annual Staff Photographer 4; Thespians 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4. 173HOWARD DOYLE HOLT "Bye, Bye, Millington High." BOBBIE JEAN HESS "To love is a proof of life - indeed it’s the only proof, for if you can't love another human being, you're not alive." Class Favorite 2; Pep Club 1-3, Sec. 4; Homecoming Court 2; Thespians 2-4; Annual Staff 4. HENRY JOSEPH HUFFMAN "A simple life is its own reward." MARY HELEN HICKS "The character of a man is his principles drawn out and woven into himself." Volleyball 1; NHS 4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Band 1 - 4. JAMES BRANT HUTTIG "Something successful can be so great that it defeats itself." NJROTC 1 - 3; Band 1, 2; VAM 4. ELIZABETH JACKSON "The time will come when we will all be one." VINCENT IACH1NI "We could have run for miles, and hidden in a storm or stayed under the rain into the winds of time.'' RUBYE RENEE JONES "Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule." 174DEBRA EUGENIA JONES "When love is at its best, one loves so much that he cannot forget.'' D.E. 13; D.E. II 4; Library Staff 4. BRENDA LYNN JOHNSON "There ain't no difference if you're black or white; Brothers you know what I mean." ELTON ISBY "I believe in no one but myself." DEBORAH ANN JOHNSON "A winner never quits; a quitter never wins." ROBERT ALAN JACOME, JR. "Time was created as an image of eternity; make use of time if thou lov’st eternity." Beta Club 3, 4; Key Club 2, Sec. 3, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Physics 4; Arete 3, 4; Campus Life 4. PATRICIA ANNE MARIE KEANEY "People say I'm crazy, but really, all it is, is happiness standing on its head, like a clown, making other people laugh." Pep Club 1-4; Majorette 2, 3; Y-Teens 2, 3, Sports chairman 4; Thespians 2-4. CLEADUS EARL JONES "If a man spins a web of evil everywhere he goes, he'll soon fall prey to himself." Band 1 - 4; Basketball 1; Physics 4: Track 4. KATHLEEN GAIL KELLEY "Is it so small a thing to have enjoyed the sun, to have lived light in the spring, to have loved, to have thought, to have done?" Beta Club 2-4; NHS 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2. 3, Treasurer 4; Thespians 2, 3, Sec. 4; Annual Staff 2, 3, Editor 4. 175WALTER RHEA LATHAM "The only way to achieve real success is to work hard toward your goal and to have some experience in that field of work or whatever the case might be." D.E. 1-4; VAM 1-4. DEBBIE JANE LATHAM "There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it doesn’t behoove any of us to talk about the rest of us." TOEC 3. GARY DALE LAWSON "Life’s a game that everyonE plays; in order to win you must be happy and maintain a sense of responsibility while caring for the happiness of others. Ecology 3; Pep Club 4. BARBARA LOYCE LAWSON ' To love is to choose. HARRY LEHMAN, JR. "One thing is forever good; That one thing is success." DEBRA PAULINE LOUWIEN "I am what I am, and I know what I am, but every -time I tell someone, they laugh." BOBBY A. LIGHTSEY "Nowadays the human race is usually a race for a parking place." DEBORAH KAY LOVIN "The great tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love." Pep Club 1 - 4; Paper Staff. 176PATTY ANN LOVIN "If there is anything better than to be loved; it is loving! ” TOEC 4. PATRICIA RUTH McCLURE "Everyone has their own beauty, but not everyone sees it!" Beta Club 3, 4; Arete 4; Pep Club 1-4; DECA 3; NHS 4. ROGER DAMON LINKOUS, JR. "It’s important that people know what you stand for. It's equally important that they know what you won't stand for." Key Club 1-4; NJROTC 1, Rifle Team 2,3; Physics Club 4; Pep Club 4; NHS 4. MINNIE LUVENIA MALONE 'Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise; and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding Peace.'' Campus Life 1: Beta Club 3, 4; FHA 1,3,4; Pep Club 1; Thespians 4. JOHN DARRELL LITTMAN "It's never too late to work 9 'til 5. And if you're young, then you'll never be old; music will make your dreams unfold. How good it feels to be alive.'' BRENDA SUE MASSEY "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly." Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 1; DECA 1. BILLY GENE McKNATT "I have crossed over the hill, but the mountain is yet before me." Boys' Lounge 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. RHONDA SUE MASTERS "A good life is nothing more than the sum of passing moments well lived." 177ERIC TRENT McVAY "AH great men are not wise.” Band 1-4; Key Club 2-4. TERI LYN MAULDIN "Don’t walk in front of me - I may not follow. Don't walk behind me - I may not lead. Just walk beside me, and be my friend.'' Pep Club 1,2, Officer 3, 4; Thespians 3, 4; FHA 1, 2; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. BOYD O'NEAL MALONE "If we go backward it’s not one man’s fault, it’s everyone's. If we go forward it’s not one man's achievement, it’s everyone's. CHERYL DALE MELTON "Obey some impulses, but make other impulses obey you.'' TIMOTHY LEE MEADOWS "Be yourself. It's more fun!” Thespians 2. GWENDOLYN MOUNICE MIDDLETON "It is discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit." DWIGHT DAVID MIDDLETON "Hardening of the attitudes starts long before hardening of the arteries." TERI ANNE MILLER "There are thousands of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all." Beta Club 2, 3; Arete 2, 3; Annual Staff 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Winter Festival Court 3. 178ROBBIN MILLINGTON PARHAM "Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. ’' ANITA DORIS MOBRAK "Do not pretend to be someone you are not, for when you do, you are no one.'' SHARON KAY MOORE "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't come back it never was." CHARLES BRIGHT MILES "Take the world for what it is, not for what you wish it to be.” CYNTHIA A MORA "Jealousy is beautiful only on a young and ardent face. After the first wrinkles, trust must return." Pep Club 1-4; Thespians 3; Annual Staff 4. CAREY DONALD MITCHELL "Set your goals high, then try your hardest to reach them." Pep Club 1, 2; Golf 3, 4. CONSTANCE LOUISE MORGAN "With each rising sun think of our life as just beginning. Show kindness and love today for tomorrow’s chance may be lost.'' Cheerleader 4; Pep Club 2-4; Beta Club 2-4; Annual Staff 3; Y-Teens 4. WILLIAM H. MOLDER "Take on a challenge, and live." Football 1 - 4. 179TERI LYNN NALAN "Each of us is the only person who can give the other what each of us wants to have.'' Play Production 3, 4; Thespians 4; Basketball Coach 3. STEPHEN MOONEY "You can already be on the right track and still get busted. ' NINA LOUISE NUMERA "You don't find life worth living; you make it that way.'' Pep Club 3, 4; Y-Teens 2, 3, Pres. 4; TOEC 4, Reporter; Volleyball 1-4. CRAIG ALLEN NELSON "No man is the whole of himself; his friends are the rest of him.'' Football 1-4; Basketball 1, 2; Pep Club; Mr. Homecoming 3. MARY BAILEY OGLESBEY "A husband usually forgets where he went on his honeymoon, but he never forgets why." Band 2, 3: Head Majorette 3, 4; Pep Club 2-4. EMORY BRIAN O'NEAL "If you have something to do, do it today, because tomorrow may be too late!'' ROTC 1, 2, 3. RITA JANE OGLESBEY "Sometimes in our life we all have pain, we all have sorrow; but if we are wise and believe in God, there's always a tomorrow." ROBERT WAYNE PIKE "If it feels good, do it!! 1" Basketball 3, 4; Physics Club 4. 180VICKIE LYNN PEELE "Waiting is the hardest game to play." GWENDOLYN VARLINE LACHELLE PEETE "Ain’t is funny how time slips away; it seems like yesterday that so many happy and sad things took place." FHA 1; DECA 3, 4. DEBRA ANN PITTMAN "What is there in this life to hope for, wish for, dream for than life itself." Y-Teens 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1-4; Beta Club 1-4; Arete 1-4; Paper Staff 4. HAROLD LAMAR PRITCHETT "There is only one way to have a friend, that is to be one.'' SONIA V. PLEMMONS "Laughing is the joy of feeling good on the inside and then showing it on the outside." Y-Teens 1; Pep Club 1-4; TOEC 4. THOMAS KERRY RATLIFF "If I had but one life to live, let me live it on the river." FRANKIE LEE PORTERFIELD "Happiness is a perfume which you can’t pour on someone without getting some on yourself." FHA 1,2,3; DECA 3, 4; Pep Club 4. DARYLL WAYNE ROBISON "ALAS! The love of women! It is known to be a lovely and a fearful thing." 181ROBIN ELIZABETH RAITHEL "A man who can do everything can do nothing." RAUL ERNESTO ROBLES "When you have reached the mountain top, make your descent slow and graceful." Chorus 1-4; SAE President 4. JANIS LEE REDING "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Beta Club 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Campus Life 1-4; Pep Club 1-4. TERRANCE RAY RUTLEDGE "Some grow fat upon the pasture of knowledge, others thin. I know too much.” CORONA BERNIECE RHODES "All I need is a little respect." WILLIAM MARK SCANLAN "The best reward in life is life itself." Baseball 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2,3, 4. SUSAN MARIE ROELKE "Your past has shaped your present. What you do with your minutes now will decide your future. Smile!" Pep Club 1,3,4; Beta Club 3, 4; Chorus 3,4. FLOYD ROYSTON, Jr. "To be or not to be; is that the question?” 182CAROLYN LAVERN TAYLOR ”1 wish . . . that we live, not as we wish to, but as we can, and be blessed with good health. ’ Pep Club 1,2. JEANNETTE LOUISE TILGHMAN ”If there is any kindness I can offer or any good that I can do, let one do it now, for I shall not pass this way again. FTA 4; Chorus 1-4; Beta 2-4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; NHS 4. CATHY LEE THOMLEY "The fool with all his other thoughts, has this also; he is always getting ready to live." Physics 4; Beta Club 2,3, Pres. 4; Pep Club 2,3; NHS 4. CHARLES MACK SHERMAN "1 didn’t find my friends; the good Lord gave them to me." Band 1, 2; ROTC 1, 2, 4; VAM 4. REBECCA INEZ SANDERS "Lover and friend hast thou put far from me and thine acquaintance into darkness." GARY JOE SHORT "Win without boasting, lose without excuse." WANDA SUE SIRMONS "They really did teach me something, but I can't remember what it was." Campus Life 3,4; Pep Club 2-4. CHARLES LUTHER SHORT "Save your confederate money because the South will rise again." VAM; Smoking Room 1-4. 183184 KAREN LYNN STREVEL "An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. " DECA 3, 4; Pep Club 3,4. HOWARD BRENT STILES "If you want it, here it is; come and get it!" JANET ELAINE TALMADGE "Sometimes I wish I could tell you what I think and feel, but I know you wouldn't understand, because you can’t, you were never meant to. ” Pep Club 1-4; Y-Teens 2, Chairman 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, 4. FLOYD EDWARD STREVEL, JR. "Into thy hands I commend myself." JANICE TOWNE ROGERS "A life without bad habits is like a sinking ship without freight to throw overboard." Annual Staff 2; Pep Club 1-4. SANDRA MARIE ROWLAND "No man is so tall that he need never stretch and none so small that he need never stoop." Beta Club 2-4; TOEC 4; Chorus 2; Pep Club 4. JENNIFER JAUNICE SANDERS "Love is never having to say you’re sorry." Cheerleader 1, 2; Majorette 4; Miss TOEC 4; TOEC 4; Y-Teens 4. MARK R. SMITH "LET your conscience be your guide." VICA I, VAM I; Co-Op I.LIZZIE ANN SMITH "Trying is believing, and life is trying to succeed in what you are striving so hard for." DELINOR DUNCREASE SMITH "It’s often said that a man admires a woman for what she's got, but it's what she gives." DECA 3, 4. ROBERTA SMITH "Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get." DAVID ELLIS SULLIVAN "Everything is beautiful . . . in its own way." DEBORA LYNN TICER "In life we confront many trials, but alone, is it possible, through these trials that we confront our response to life?" Latin Club; Campus Life; Pep Club; TOEC. ROBERT NEIL SUMMERS "Experience is a comb that life gives you after you lose your hair." VAM DONNA LINN VANCE "A life without mischief isn’t worth living." FHA 4. JOHN EDDIE SWAIN "If you think fire don't burn, Touch Me." 185186 CARLA SUE WALGENBACH "Every man has three characters: the one he shows, the one he has, and the one he thinks he has. ’' NHS 3, Pres. 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, Business Manager 4; Arete 2, 3, 4; Physics Club 4. RANDY ALLEN TAYLOR "Always be there the firstest with the mostest." ROTC 1; Campus Life. SHEILA RENEE WALLACE "Don't go around with a chip on your shoulder; people might think it came off your head. ’ ’ Track 2, 3: DE 1. EDWARD EARL THOMAS "Even though you have gained a mansion of knowledge , the castle is yet to go. ” ROTC 3: DECA 2; Track 1. KIMBERLY LEEANN WARDLOW "We do not come to believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable , worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch.'' FHA 1,2, Officer; Pep Club 1-4; Beta Club 2,3. BRUCE STANLEY THOMPSON "Just by being around and living your life is a God given thing, so do it right.” Basketball 1-4; VAM I. PAM LYNN WARF "Love consists of this: that two solitudes greet, touch and protect each other. ” FHA 1, 2. CAREY TRIMBLE "What a waste."CORRINE WASHINGTON "To enjoy life is to enjoy each day as it comes along." ANNIE L. WEAKLEY "The road to success is always under construction." TOEC 4; Y-Teens 2, 3; FHA 1, 2; Pep Club 4; Track 4. JILL ELIZABETH WELLS "The more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside . ' DECA 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 2,3. JIMMY TRIMBLE "SHE plants, you dig. If flips your wig." MARGARET ADELE WELLS "Famous men are those who do little, but do it differently." MARK UNDERWOOD "In the end poeple appreciate frankness rather than flattery. Wrestling; Shop Club. VICKY ANNE WELLS "You can’t teach old dogs new tricks." MARK URSARY "Everybody wants to get what's coming to him -without getting what he deserves." 187LINDA ANN WILSON " We have learned to fly through the air like birds and to swim through the sea like fish. When will we learn to walk the earth like men?” Cheerleader 1, 2, 4; Class Sec. 2, 3; TOEC Pres. 4; NHS, Beta Club; Arete, Junior Miss. GENE TATE VINCENT "Determination to be wise is the first step toward becoming wise! And with your wisdom, develop common sense and good judgment." ROTC 1, 2, 3; Campus Life. TAMMY LEE WILSON "Follow love, and you will need no other leader." NHS Treasurer 4. CALVIN DeWAYNE WARD "No man ever became wicked all at once." DONNA JEAN WINEK "You are today where your thoughts have brought you . . . you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you." FHA; Chorus; Pep Club; Beta Club; Red Cross. MICHAEL DENNIS WARD "Do unto others as they would do unto you." VAM 1, 2, 3. DEBORAH KAYE WOODS "A word to the wise: to find love is to lose hatred." Y-Teens 2, 4; FHA 2, 4; TOEC 4. MICHAEL WAYNE WATSON "Almost is never enough." 188CAROLYN WRAY "It's better late than never." FHA; Cheerleader. ROBERT WESTERMAN "Nine out of ten people talk bad about you. The tenth one talks good, but in a bad way." Pep Club 1-4; DECA 3, Pres. 4; Thespians 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3. CONNIE ANNETTE WYATT "Live for today, for tomorrow may never come." Pep Club 2-4; Y-Teens 2-4; FHA 1-4; Physics Club 4; Campus Life 4. ROD WHITTINGTON "Live dangerously, die young, be a good-looking corpse.'' LEONARD RONNIE WRIGHT "The exclusive purpose in life is to live, so start living." ROTC 1-3; Football 1, 2; Drill Team 1-3. MARIE NICHOLE PALADINO "What is the margin between a friend and an acquaintance?” Thespians 4; Mafia 2 - 4. 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See your own before and after when you take your T. V. to KIRKLAND'S TV REPAIR SERVICE, 5114 Navy Road. For country friendliness, go to TONY'S GROCERY AND BAIT SHOP, 7729 Benjestown Road.. . . and this is the weaving of human living; of whose fabric each individual is a part; each is intimately connected with the bottom and the extremest reach of time; and not one of these things nor one of these persons is ever quite to be duplicated nor replaced; but each is a new and incommunicably tender life, wounded in every breath, sustaining, for a while, without defense, the enormous assaults of the universe. 222 - James Ageet

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