Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN)

 - Class of 1964

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Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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 On the State’s western border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our alma mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword Conquer and prevail Hail to thee. Our Alma Mater Millington, all Hail!The Senior Class of Millington Central High Millington , Tennessee Presents 6CHALLENGE TOMORROW THE CHALLENGE OF LEARNING CLASSES FACULTY THE CHALLENGE OF BELONGING ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES THE CHALLENGE OF EXCELLING FEATURES HONORS THE CHALLENGE OF SPORTSMANSHIP ATHLETICS SPORTS AWARDSr A challenge is an invitation to a contest of strength, wit, cleverness, agility, courage, endurance. Classes are a challange and so is life outside the classroom. There are speech contests, science fairs, sports competitions, and living with others. And beyond graduation . . . marriage and family life, community life, our place in society, our work, our play, and above all, our own salvation. Through learning, belonging, excelling, and displaying sportsmanship we prepare ourselves now for The Challenge of Tomorrow."There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher." - Henry Van Dyke With these words we. the Senior Class of 1964, proudly dedicate The Trojan to Mrs. Floy Harris, one who is dedicated to the teaching profession and to each and every student at Millington Central High School. THE CHALLENGE OF LEARNING . . . Books, Books, and more Books . . . Odd Study Hours . . . Grueling Research in Library ...T-H-I-N-K . . . Panic from Report Cards . . . Reward - DiplomaMr. Bill Osteen - Principal Adminis Mr. Bill Osteen, head administrator of MCHS, has been a major factor in the development toward the happiness and success of our future. A previous high school coach, he is presently President of the Tennessee Athletic Association. His enthusiasm has done a great deal toward our own school spirit. Active in church and civic affairs, his influence on the young people of the community is an example of what understanding and courtesy can do. To this man after twenty-four years of service in behalf of young people, we pay the greatest tribute of our highest honor and our deepest respect. Mrs. Mary Emma Wilder, Chief Records and Attendance Secretary for Millington Central Hi gh School, was born in Rosemark, Tennessee. As her years advanced she entered Millington Elementary School and continued her studies at Millington to become a twelve-year student. Being the proud mother of two, Mrs. Wilder enjoys the fact that her work concerns students. Could any of us ever forget the bright smile and helping hand of this wonderful woman? Mrs. Mary Emma Wilder - Secretarytration Mr. F. Edwin Ray - Assistant Principal A 12-year student at our own Alma Mater and holder of the M.A. degree at MSU can, undoubtedly, best fulfill the formidable task of Assistant Principal. Mr. F. Edwin Ray has been helping the students of MCHS become good adults. His faith in us, as well as Almighty God, helps make each of us strive for things morally and spiritually best in life. His wonderful wife and three, growing young sons are proud of his church work, his singing, and his interest in young people - just as we are. Mr. Ray couldn't think of anything nicer than to see the St. Louis Cardinals play in the World Series. We hope his wish comes true! Mrs. Tempe Prouty, who came to us in 1956, is the office secretary. She graduated first from Durham High School in N. C. and then Duke University. Among her duties are the typing of tests and records for the teachers and also the composing of the daily bulletin, Mrs. Prouty enjoys her work because it enables her "to be with young people." We all appreciate Mrs. Prouty and her willingness to help. Mrs. Tempe Prouty - SecretaryBUBBA CLARK, President "It counts not whether you have won or lost but how you've played the game." MARION SHIELDS, Secretary "She's sweet and sincere in all her ways; industrious, too, and worthy of praise." TONI CULP, Treasurer "Nothing great was ever achieved with out enthusiasm." FRED PROUTY, Vice-President "A smile that could melt the strongest heart." i CAROLE SISTRUNK "Happiness is a perfume which you can't pour on someone without getting some on yourself." GENE WOOD "Ambition killed Caesar, but I'll risk it!" VAN BIGGS "A nicer boy is hard to find. We sure do wish there were more of his kind." SANDRA SHERRILL "A loyal companion, an excellent friend, an earnest worker, and true to the end."MIKE REAGAN "Those who know him well, see some thing in his soul strangers can not see. JANET WILLIAMS "She cheers us up when we are down, but things are quiet when she's not around." JUDY PERPER "For how many things, which for her own sake, she would not do, does she perform for the sake of her friends." LARRY CRISLER "I'm just misunderstood.” JIMMY CATES "There was a twinkle in his eye, and deviltry in his smile." LINDA OLIVER "Linda is courteous and considerate, too; she's always obliging and kind to you." MARGARET HUTCHESON "She'll score a hit in the social whirl; this friendly, cheerful, happy girl." JONNY BROWN "Perfection consists not in doing extra ordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."PAT HOYT "When she's happy so are we; She fills us all with lots of glee." STEVE SNOW "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." ROBERT DODDS "Consideration for others is the main characteristic of a gentleman." CAROLYN GIBBS "The fairest garden in her looks, And in her mind the wisest books." DIANE BUFORD "Twas her thinking of others that made you think of her." JOHNNY ABERNATHY "It's a good thing there's no tax on laughter." BILL LOGAN "Be prepared" is my motto. I'm a girl scout." LILLIAN STEWART "Her smile is evidence of a heart sincere."MIKE McCARSON "Everybody loves a lover!” DONIS BREWER "Chicness is the mark of sophistication. MARY LYNN WRIGHT "Not a worry, not a care; Heart and mind light as air." CARL SMITH "Magnificent spectable of human happiness. " SKIP SUNDERLAND "This guy is by no means small; he helped Millington carry the ball." SUZY CRITCHETT "Individuality is a thing of merit." SANDRA HUFF "An interior decorator is her plea, she's sure to be what she wants to be." BOBBY TAYLOR "How about THAT!"DOUG KELLY "IT is better to wear out than to rust out." PENNY PENDERGRASS "Anything you can do she can do better; If she went out for football she’d probably letter.” CAROL TATUM "Everything succeeds with people of cheerful disposition." LARRY MURDOCK "Brave but modest, grandly shy." PAM BILTZ "Smart, cute, and witty, too; Always happy, never blue." JERRY MURDOCK "I'd argue with a signpost." JIM BOENSCH "Whose little body lodg’d a mighty mind." JOYCE JACKSON "Some think she is bashful, but others doubt it."RONNIE WAITS "Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you." CAROL DUNAVANT "The best for her, surely no less, Carol will be wed in a madras dress.” DIANNE FONDREN "There is no wisdom like frankness." RICHARD FREGO "He looks wr{e, pray correct that error!" GAIL HINES "She's full of mischief and good fun, always cheery and on the run." RONNIE YARBROUGH "God made him, then threw away the pattern!" JAN MOUNT "A strong man, as a waterfall, channels his own path." PAT WILLIAMS ’A ftirl both friendly andROY NEEDHAM "Nothing was ever done without determination. " MAC CATES "Plays a little, studies a little, loves a little with a huge success." HARRIET EDMUNDSON "Every joy is g in no matter hpwjmall. ' %CTTARE "Men of few words are the best men. " SHELIA FAUGHT "True life lives in laughter, love and sports. " MIKE LOVIN "In thy face I see the ways of honor, truth, and loyalty." DONNIE BURRESS "There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ” MARY REED "V "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. "DONNA REDING “Good qualities need no advertising." BARBARA SANDERS "To be an author is her ambition, we’d like to receive her first edition. " MARY JENNINGS "Even Cupid is her slave!" DAVID SWARTZ "Deep do still waters run, but always ready for a little fun. " MARGARET BURNS "She laughs so much to be so small." EDDIE SPEARS "Shyness is one fault I’ve never had to overcome." GEORGE VANCE "Why take life seriously, you never get out alive!" SHIRLEY PETTY "Say, have you heard this one?"ANN LOLLER "She's a girl that is sweet, kind, and true; She's a girl that appeals to you. " JAMES COFFEY "How happy the lover!" ROBERT BATEMAN "I hope I shall have leisure to make good. " PATSY MATHIS "Being a woman is a difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men. " RONNIE BALLARD "Be a live wire, and you won't get stepped on. " WAURENE ROBERSON "All grand thoughts come from the heart. " PATTY PITTMAN "There's no winter in her heart. " DAVID BUSH "Books are good enough in their own way, but they are a mighty bloodless substitute for life. "BILL BEESON Never hurries, never worries. SANDIE McKELVY )' " SheJollowsJads .and pax lies wiih_£_quaj enthusiasm. " LOUISE DENYER "She's bright and gay throughout each day." STEVE ROBBINS "I never think of the future; it comes soon enough. " PATTI HUDMAN "Not a worry, not a care, heart and mind light as air. " BEVERLY NICHELSON "A merry heart goes all the day. " HUBBA SANDERS "He became a part of all those who knew him. " SUE HEIFNER "She takes life as it comes and enjoys it."JOE ALEXANDER "Quiet and studious: what more is there to add?” DONNA ALLGOOD "Donna talks little, that we must say; She does fine things in her own quiet PAMA WATKINS "Her happy features, graceful height, make this girl a pleasing sight. " MIKE ARMOUR "A girl would go through fire and water for such a kind heart." BETTY TUCKER "She is gentle, but not shy; There is mischief in her eye. " WILUAM BIGGS "He is a big man. " DAVID JENNINGS "Whenever I feel like exercise I lie down til the feeling passes. MAXINE GUY "It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow. ”DENNIS MONTGOMERY "In none but himself will you find his equal." KAREN MAGIE "Her friends are many; Her foes - has she any?" MARY ANN MAY "A modest girl in words and ways; she justly earns her classmates' praise. " JIMMY STREET "School is all right when there isn't anything else to do. " PATSY HOPPER "She seems quiet and preoccupied but watch out, she may be fooling you!" HERSTON GATLIN "He has no time for thrills of fame; a mere diploma is his aim. " LONNIE TWILLA "I tell you, man, too much work is bad for one's soul." CHERYL McKIMM "A sunny disposition is the very soul of success. "RONNIE SANDERS "There is no duty we so much understand as the duty of being happy. " JEAN TODD "It's better to love one boy lots than lots of boys little. " VERNA SNOWDEN "I can't think of two things at once, so I just think of tfijn. " JOHN CHAISSON "Music, rather than poetry, should be called the "happy art. " DONNA HOLCOMB J JT"A lady has the right to change her mind. " PETE GERVIN "Never let studying interfere with your education. ” HAMMIE HEBERT "A thought is the seed of action. " JOHNICE SMITH "Good nature is the very air of a good mind. "RODNEY WALDRIP j)"Worry never made a man great so why worry?” CAROLYN COLEMAN "I can resist anything but temptation. ” VICKI PILKINGTON "Her unusual manners, her quiet ways; this kind of character really pays. ” LESTER LIEBENGOOD ’’Sometimes I sit and think, but most tim s I just sit. ” I ' t ' 7 PATTY HILL ’’She burns the midnight oil, but not always for studies. ” DON LOGAN ”It is a rough road that leads to the height of success. ” TOMMY ROGERS ”We are not sent into this world to be miserable. ” SANDY LONG ”We gazed and gazed and still the wonder grew; How one small head could carry all she knew. ”BOBBY DODSON "The integrity of men is to be measured by their conduct. " ANN KLUTTS "It is not strength but art that obtains the prize. " PEGGY COOPER "She is true to her work and her friends. " GEORGE HANNAH "Little by little does the trick." LLOYS HIMES "Always pleasant, always sweet; a gentler girl you'll seldom meet. " JOHNNY BURNS "Happiness comes with the fulfillment of duty. " RONALD FILAK "Come what may, he'll get there. ’ BETTY CRAWFORD "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. "RONNIE PATTERSON "In the halls when you pass him by, Ronnie bursts forth with a friendly, Hi!" THERESA SHIVER "Fun, fun, and more fun!" BERNICE LEE "Work, study, and love: And the greatest of these is love. " DIANNE CARTER "A smile for all, a greeting glad; a friendly, jolly way she had. " HAROLD KELLY "Everything is sweetened by risk. " FRANCES PUTNAM "Gentle, kind, and sweet. " DORIS CLACKLER I "A good laugh is like sunshine in the shadows." PAUL PATRICK "To think is an idle waste of time. "Twelve Year Students STANDING: P. Patrick, R. Ballard, B. Clark, S. Sunderland, G. Wood, H. Sanders, B. Crawford, C. Tatum, J. Perper, P. Pendergrass. MIDDLE ROW: D. Swartz. R. Waldrip, J. Abernathy, R. Wait, J. Coffey. FRONT ROW; D. Buford, W. Roberson, B. Sanders, M. Cates, C. Dunavant. Students in this picture have roamed the halls of MCHS for twelve years. They have played on the slides, walked up the flights of stairs millions of times, and studied, hoping to attain their goal - their high school diploma. Let's not forget those who weren’t present for this picture - Mary Lynn Wright. Shirley Petty and Linda Oliver.  Junior Class Officers BOBBY BEAM, Vice-President ROBIN WEBER, President JUDY ENGLISH, Secretary ELAINE CLAY, Treasurer Junior Class Favorites ROBIN WEBER and NANCY CAILLOUETBarbara Askey Bob Armour Sandra Anderson Jane Alley Lynda Alexander John Alexander Morris Adams Sandra Abernathy Janette Burress Tony Burnett Dwight Burcham Ernie Buchannan King Brumley Gloria Brown Gloria Brown Sherry Bright Bobby Branch John Boyd Charlotte Bowen Bobbie Booth Les Bonsall Bebo Bolton Tom Blanchard E. J. Blanchard Linda Blackstock Ronnie Benson Bobby Beam John Barnhill Bobby Barger Dewey Barber Cheryle Bailey Carolyn Crum Mary CrosierJeff Crosier Bob Critchett Shelby Crenshaw Yvonne Crawford Bubba Craig Rodney Crafts Judy Clark Gail Chambers Pat Charleton Margret Chaison Sharon Causey Hjordis Christoph Sharon Carter Dave Carroum Sandra Carpenter Chip Carmichael Dennis Caprio Forrest Cannon Linda Campbell Nancy Caillouet Virginia Durham Carol Durham Danny Dunn Leonard Dunavant Bill Dugger Danny Davison Danny Ellis Judy English Ronnie Evins Cheryle Farley Chris Fisher Mary Grace Flint Art FrankA1 Fanning Terry Goin Kenneth Glover Shilley Griffin Daness Guy Reed Hadley Arthur Hammontree Kennon Hampton Charles Hardy Cathy Harding Patty Hawkins Becky Hendeson Judy Henderson Barbara Higgins Barbara Hollingsworth Beverly Holt Wayne Holzemer Darlene Howell Don Howell Gloria Huffmann Sammy Huffmann Mary Hunt Louis Jenkins Phyllis Johnson Penny Johnson Beryle Johnson Charlotte Jones Kay Jones Raymond Jones Wendy Jones Kathy King Janice Little Glenna LoganLinda Long Thurmond Lunsford Jon McCalla Molly McCalla Janice McGee Jim Mahanna Debbie Marcum Melvin Martin Elaine Mauldin Lee Merrell Chester Mitchell Patsy Michael John Miller Janice Millington Diane Moncier Donald Montgomery Grace Mosley Joyce Mosley Phil Mosley Mike Myer Martha Nearn Ralph Nixon Clarise Noe Don Nunn Donna Nylen Charlie Pace Wayne Pannel Sherry Patterson Eric Petterson Lynn Pike Kenny Pittman Patty Powell James PrivettPridge Quillen Dale Reed Dana Reed Steve Roach Elaine Roberson Skipper Rogers Ann Roper Wayne Rupprecht Myra Settlemira Pam Shanks Bob Sharpe John Shockley Cathy Sigler Dennis Sosnowski Beverly Still Jerry Stuart Judy Tatum Pam Todd Pat Todd Billy Todd Jackie Tolley Molise Uffemann Jimmy Van Nada Richard Veazey Jimmy Washam Georganne Ware Beverly Walk Charlene Walgenback Shorty Watkins Robin Weber Carol Wellman Detra Wells Tim WilkersonCathy Wright Austin Wolfe Raymond Wirtz Brenda Winberry Sammy Wilson Jerry Williams Ann Williams Virgil Whitlock Mike Wilhem Ronnie Whittington Donnie Whittington Roy White Sally Sharp Dan Shea Don Sherrill Jody Wardlow Pat O 'Connor Jane Alley Jayne Aultmin Leda Ayers Ernie Buchanan Jim Forsythe Charlotte Jones Janet McCarter Patsy MichaelThese juniors complete their required year of American History under the watchful eye of Mr. Taylor. Co tUe ai'ni Cbo°se . jr Kg the fo Pr( These seven juniors, with many others, worked hard to assure the Seniors that this prom, with the theme, "Moonlight on the River", would be a memorable occasion.Sophomore Class Officers LAkRY JACKSON, Treasurer TOM HALL, President FRANCIE BIGGS. Secretary STEVE JOHNSON, Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class Favorites PAM MARTIN and TOM HALLMark Abernathy Bob Anderson Loriane Anderson Thelma Askey Billy Barger Tom Barrett Don Bech Linda Bickley Francie Biggs Linda Black Steve Blackstock Bob Boensch Tommy Booth Carolyn Brackin Diane Bradford Bobby Braswell Wally Brewer Mike Brooks Jeff Browning Jo Ann Brunner Linda Burrough Larry Burton Patty Caillouet Sherron Carmichael Charles Carter Carolyn Castellaw Chris Christian Sharon Claffy Johnny Clemons Becky Cline Nancy Cooke Johnny Coffey Richard CoffmanJimmy Cook Rodger Cook Sharon Crosby Mary Ann Dixon Suzanne Dunavant Jeff Dunbar Janice Edmiston Kenny Eichholz Nina Ellis Hoby Ervin Janice Ervin George Eubanks Larry Evans Marsha Ferrell Florencio Flores Barbara Franklin Polly Garren Elaine Gatlin Nancy Golden Carol Goff Linda Gray Marsha Gray Denise Grabowski Becky Griffin Tom Hall Tish Hamilton Marvin Hamm Kathy Harding Lynda Harris Kay Haynes Willie Hise Donna Higdon Faith HimesDavid Holland Jeanette Holcomb Mike Holzemer Barney Howell Ronnie Hubbard Sammy Huff Debbie Jackson Yvonne Jackson Larry Jackson Luther Jackson Mike Jennings Sandy Jennings Steve Johnson Barbara Kelly Judy King Ron Kish Ken Laird Mark Larson Thomas La Vasseur Russell Lee Kenny Lewis Pete Lopez Janice Lusk Mike Mellette Beverly Maddoy Noel McDaniel Ricky McKelvy Bobby Maples Roger Marcum Pam Martin Danny Mathis Linda Smith John StrangeEdward May Alan Merritt Jerry Micheal Greg Miller Sammy Millington Cathy Morley Linda Moscoe Arthur Munsey Dow Needham John Oneil Sandra Orman Ann Osman Linda Pannell Janet Patrick Janice Patrick Pat Patrick Vicki Pearce Eddie Pratt Nancy Putnam Karen Rafferty Paula Rast f Nathan Rawls ) '"■"Anthony Reed Ricky Robertson Ronnei Robinson Frank Rogers Jerry Russell Charles Salesby Jean Sanders Linda Sanders Cheryle Skavlan Claire Schneck Diana SlaughterDavid Snyder Kay Street Sherry Strunk James Stuart Jerry Stuart Gary Swords Sidney Talley Jim Taylor Holly Timbs Jim Todd, Jr. Mary Tousinau Judy Turnage Ike Van Artsdalen Pete Vance Larry Vinson Don Yarbrough Mike McKenzie Emma Fry Helen Vitko Mike Wade Dan Waller Linda Walters Bobby Whitlock Gloria Whitlock Pat Whitney Margaret Williams Gordon Wilson Linda Wiltse Homer Winders Joan WindersFreshman Class Officers JOHN MITCHELL. President RICHARD CLAY, Vice-Pres. BECKY CLARK, Secretary, Treasurer Freshman Class Favorites BECKY WRIGHT and ALBERT HUTCHESONPat Abernathy George Adams Robert Airs Bob Alexander Judy Anderson Robert Armstrong Carol Baily Joyce Baker Kris Baker Judy Barrom Tim Barrington Harry Beadle Becky Bartlett Kathy Beeson Edgar Bell Woody Biggs Peggy Blankenship Ronnie Boyd Bob Brackin Mike Bradberry James Branch Barbara Brewer John Bright Mike Brown Priscilla Burness Sandra Burrough Jimmy Cannon Nancy Carr Rida Carson Pam Carter Bruce Chadwick Susan Chamberlane Dent ChambersMelba Childress Tim Clapp Becky Clark Richard Clay Don Colston Butch Cooper Cheryle Cowart Kathy Cramer Mike Cramer Cindy Crawford Diane Crawford Sharon Croft Ronnie Crosier Don Davis Jeff Davis Lynn Dearth Debbie Dobbins Elaine Dunn Jeri Duncan Robert Edwards Judy Eichholz Kenny Ellis Larry Enzore James Escue Francis Fay Nancy Forsthye Marilyn Futrell Lynette Frank Richard Gallaher Julia George Helen Gibson Kerry Goggin Jerry KingJerry Goin Cathy Goodwin Timothy Gray Don Gregory Phil Gregory |4 ... " s I in mm fTA Uf S', © L Linda Guin Leann Gustafson Gary Guthrie Billy Guy Katie Hancock flFS Wf-X -V W JL v X 111 1 i, i Ken Henderson Ricky Henderson Robert Henley Jane Hendren U 'W i til T c n ini, IP Barbara Higedon Jim Hise King Hodges Linda Holder Robert Holley Gary Holmes Beverly Holt Brenda Holt Fred Hood Charlotte Howard Linda Hoyt Neva Hubbard Linda Huff Albert Hutcheson Kerry James Charles Johnson Jack Joyner Janet KingCathy Kirk Charlotte Klutts Peggy Krosher Sandy Krosp Ronnie Lamb Katherine Lyles Bonnie Maharry James Masterson Barret Matthews Charles McDaniel Karen Larson David Little David Lobaell Peggy Logan Sue Long Richard McDaniel Phyillis McMillian Billy McPeak Larry McPeak Robert McKell Keith Merrell John Mitchell Debby Mobrak Gary Moore Pam Moors Carol Morey Linda Morrissett Lane Motten David Munsey Mark Neal Willie Nearn Jacquelin Needham Mark NiebergallDebbie Nixon Mike Noe Carey Parham James Parks Mike Patrick Sue Patterson Chris Perritt Steve Perritt Ron Pittman Mary Powell Carol Pruitt Paula Raney Nancy Rasberry Ronnie Ray Sheila Ray Aubrey Red Ernie Rigdon Mike Ripkie James Roberson Brenda Rodgers David Rowe Gennie Sawyer Don Schneck Sandra Schneck Elizabeth Shelby Jerry Shervies Steve Sigler Freddie Sigler Ralph Simmons Frank Smith Pat Smith Karen Snowden Buddy StocksJoyce Stewart David Storey Dunna Strange Ken Street James Strock Sherry Sturdivant David Todd Rosie Todd Vivian Todd Wanda Todd Lee Tucker Betty Turner Don Udell Shannon Udell Janie Vincent Kay Wade Theresa Wade Donna Walker Emily Webb Marc Whithead Linda Whittlock Janice Williams Sherry Willis Jeianita Wilson Sandra Winberry Fred Wolf Mickey Wood Becky Wright Guy Younce David Charltont Ben Beed Dale Brown Rhett Buck Lynda Childress Herman Coleman Sharon Croft Gloria Forbes Phil Gregory Roslyn Hamm Ricky Henderson Alan Hill Melody Kennon Ynonne Maharry Nathan Patrick Gary Petty Pat Pittman Gary Russell Robert Shelby Verseta Smith John Snow Cheryl Veasy Billy Walk Earl Peterson Linda Higgins Jerry Rogers Steve Meyers Billy Tarrance Don HuntEighth Grade Class Officers BRIAN LONG GREG JOHNSON STEVE EUBANKS ROGER CARROUM Eighth Grade Class Favorites STEVE EUBANKS and CHARLOTTE FORSYTHEDanny Abbott Barbara Allen Danny Allgood Connie Armour Randy Ashurst Charles Askey Toni Askey Paula Babb Ann Baker George Baker Hulinda Ballard Allen Barganier Cathy Barrington Bobby Biggs Andy Black Gerold Black Joe Blanchard Bobby Bolton Dianne Bomar Stephanie Booth Joe Braswell Rita Braswell Karen Brown Jimmy Brownfield Jerry Browning Ann Buchanan Frances Buck A1 Buford Ronnie Burnett Larry Burrough Randy Calhoun Patti Campbell Roger Carroum Brenda Carter Eddie Carter Bill Claffy Mike Clark Martin Clemens Billy ClementSharon Clemons Walter Coffey Barbara Cook Jackie Culp John Dailey Judy Davis Kendra Davis Charlotte Day Nancy Delashmit Robert Delashmit Hazel Denham Marc Desgalier Judy Duffy Kaye Duncan Jack Earnhart Gerry Eichholz Bob Elber John Ervin Johnny Ervin Robert Ervin Steve Eubanks David Evans Debbie Farley Patti Fehrs Marcia Finfrock Becky Forsythe Charlotte Forsythe Kathy Garren Linda George Jordan Gervin Johnny Goad Judy Goellner Sheila Goff Robert Goodwin Bruce Guidry Greg Hall Charlotte Hampton Larry Harding Sheryl HarmonCharles Harris Pearl Hawk Brenda Haynes Bob Hendren Charles Himes Sandy Hodges Richard Hodges Larry Hornung Barbara Howell Crystal Iraola Pat Jagger Sharon James Greg Johnson Jeff Johnson Mike Joyner Jackie King Dawn Knutson Linda Kroepfl Ricky Kuykendall Betty Lauderdale David Lauderdale Melvin Lewis Janet Little Brian Long Douglas Mabe Shirley Mabe Barbara McDonough Ricky McLeod Jerry McKell Linda McKelvy Mike Maddox Sheila Marcum Joyce Martin Robert Maxey Robert Mayfield Joe Mellette Patsy Miller Barbara Mincey Cathy Mize v a ■Marie Molder Betsy Moore Kay Moore Robin Morley Gary Moss Mary Munsey Larry Needham Pat Nick Sybil Nobles Joy O'Neil r m o trs w . } • ■ James Orlando A A A a Barry Owens V t -dr C I Brenda Pannell Y I Terry Patrick — Ann Perrett j iufi H - -M Linda Perritt Ricky Willis Diane Scott Chris Piasecki Wanda Pilkington Bill Putnam Jeff Quillen Dale Rast Debbie Ray Tommy Ray Don Robinson Tim Rodgers Patsy Roland Maxine Roussel Hal Russell Melanie Saperstein Earnie Savoie Sandy Seale Greg Seek Catherine Selover Vicki Seifert Babette Shapiro Keith Simmons Linda SlaughterRead Smythe Mary Ellen Speer Archie Spray Thomas Strock Roseanne Sullivan Ronnie Sutton Sandra Sutton Suzanne Sutton Randy Talley Rusty Talley Lynn Tucker Jimmy Turner Kathy Van Artsdalen Peggy Vance John Vitko Carol Ward April Ware Clay Watson Richard Welch Gary White James Whitmore Woody Whitworth Anita Williams Shelia Williams Shirley Williams Ruth WithrowSeventh Grade Class Officers HAM BRANCH EDDIE DUGGER JIM BARNHILL wayne McCullough TOMMY MITCHEL ARCHIE BENNETT Seventh Grade Class Favorites CAROL WOOD and ARCHIE BENNETTBarbara Abbott Gladys Askey Billy Baker Jimmy Baker Jackie Ball Jim Barnhill Kenny Beam Tony Beck Archie Bennett Danny Bennett Paulette Bonsall Ham Branch Vicki Brandon Debora Breyfogle Danny Bright Bobby Brochu Mike Browning John Brunner Denise Caillouet John Cain Connie Calhoun Marilyn Cannon Carolyn Carey Marilyn Carlton Kenneth Carron David Chaisson Diane Chamberlin Judy Chaney Billy Christian Linda Christian Robin Clemens Tommy Clifton Shirley Cochran Barbara Cooper Terry Crenshaw Veronica Dalke Deborah Dallosta Elaine Davis Alvin DeWaltSteve Doherty Sally Duffy Eddie Dugger Marilyn Dunavant Karen Dunbar A1 Edmiston Jo Ann English Sonny Evans Evelyn Ervin Mike Ervin Roger Ervin Debbie Ferrell Roger Fife Louise Fitzgerald Casey Floyd Terry Fondren Clifford Forsythe Kathy Forsythe Fred Fowler Susan Frye Bobbye Gibson Maye Gibson Kristy Goggin Larry Goin Richard Goin Linda Grantham Beverly Gregory Tommy Griffin Billy Guin Johnny Hackett Virgie Hancock Marilyn Henson Sharon Hiigel Ronald Hildner Trudy Henson Rebecca Hogue Mary Jo Holcomb Ben Holloway Judy HooverSherman Hoover Stuart Howard Garry Huff Junior Hughes Connie Hults Robert Hunt Jackie Hutcheson Patty Jacques Paula Jagger Brandon Jarret John Jennings Donald Justus Kenneth Kelly Laura Kelly David King Glenn Krosp Kay Lee Phillip Loft Wayne McCullough Barry McKenzie Bobby McKimm Stephanie McMullen Vickie McMullen Steve Madden Richard Malchow Rosa Martin Marilyn Maxey Ricky Meeks Donna Milton Tommy Mitchell James Mobrac Jim Morgan Pat Moore Susan Moffat Tom Moscoe Kay Needham James Noe Danny Norris Peggy OgdenBruce Oscar Linda Patrick Steve Patterson Gregoria Pfund George Phebus Jane Polley Gary Powell Larry Proctor Patricia Rainey Wayne Ray Patricia Ray Bruce Robbins Bruce Robertson Mike Roberson Gary Robbins Betty Rogers Virginia Rogers Carl Roussel Don Rowe Sharon Rowlett Marlyn Scheele Phil Sc her Sammy Scott Richard Schuette Kathi Senberg Linda Shelby Bill Shockley Debby Smith Deborah Smith Don Smith Janie Smith Mike Smith Donna Snyder Janice Southern Phyllis Sparks Janice Statum Muriel Stewart Jerry Stone Mike StrunkDavid Stum Marilyn Swigert Mark Tanner Clifford Tolnay Debbie Troup Nancy Van Vlack Elizabeth Vest Glen Vincent Susan Vitko Johnny Wade Charlotte Walgenbach Betsy Walker Eddie Waller Eileen Ware Rosa Weeks Keith Welty Sharon Wellman Chuck White Billy White horn Rita Whittington Howard Wilder Vickey Wilkerson Edwin Williams Jon Willis Carol Wood Bob Woole Steve Wright Special Education Class Marvin Barison Danny Faulker Annie Sue Fesmire De Lura Gray Robert Gray Dianne King Robert Sanyer Mary Smith Karen McNutt Leroy WhiteheadFaculty MISS E. OSTEEN MR. R. D. TAYLOR MRS. D. OSTEEN Social Studies American History Civics and World History "Ya’ll hu-ush no-ow!" ”He who yields to puppy "Get out your geography love, leads a dog's life. " books-s-s-s-s!" MR. W. WEEKS MRS. C. BILLINGS MISS C. SMIT MRS. E. MAPLES Coach, Economics, Geog. "All right, troops!" American History, English "All right, folks!" Typing, Bookkeeping "You boys are just acting smarty-allecky! ” Typing, Shorthand "You can't chew gum and type at the same time. " MR. J. NELSOM MRS. W. BUND Science and Gen. Shop Dietician "Think!" "Go to the end of line!" MR. H. SANDERS Custodian "No car or vehicle made equals a FORD. "MR. C. CAHILL Band "Time, time, time. We have so little of it. " MR. W. DURHAM Speech "Where's my 'Lottery'? MR. J. HOBE Special Education "If you try, you can do it. " MRS. V. SANDERS MR. W. INMAN P.E. P.E. "Dress right, dress!" "A size nine just won't fit." MR. L. MILES MISS F. ELLIS P. E. , Health Counselor "What a racket!" "If there's anything you need, come to me. " MRS. V. HARRISON MRS. N. CHAMBERS MRS. D. CRIHFIED MRS. C. DODDS Home Economics Home Ec. , Science "Girls . . !" ' "Oh, well ..." Reading Reading, Math "No, you shan’t do that!" "I venture to say . . .MRS. E. DOBIAS English "Turn to page 64 in your READER'S DIGEST. " MRS. L. McKINNIS English "Follow the directions carefully. • MR. A. FIELD French "Bonjour, Monsieur a Mademoiselle. " MRS. L. EASLEY English "Can’t publish that!" i MRS. H. BOENSCH Librarian "I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse! " MRS. B. BURK English "Does everyone have this?" MRS. F. HARRIS Latin "I understand." MISS S. ROBINSON Spanish and English "Oh, honey-yes!" MISS E. GLENN Librarian "Shu-h-h-h" MR. P. PHILLIPS English "Shut-up!" MR. W. JONES English "How’s your love life?" MRS. N. HUTCHESON English "That sort of thing doesn’t please me much. "MR. W. SMITH Math "You are responsible for getting this in on time. " MRS. K. TENNANT Math "Who sent you?" MR. J. HAYSLIP MR. S. KELLEY Science. Soc. Studies Biology "All right, now! Everybody "You’re my favorite listen." chaps. " MRS. C. GARY Math, Reading, Soc. Stu. "Now . . . (span of 10 min.) . . . you are to do" . . . MR. E. BILLINGS P.E. , Science "Duh . . . and . . . keep quiet and stay in your seats." MR. A. MAPLES MR. T. JACKSON Science Chemistry, Physics "Well, I'll be!" "Do you want to go up and talk it over with Mr. Osteen?"THE CHALLENGE OF BELONGING . . . Sing Along with Ed . . . Friendship . . . Charity Projects . . . R-U-L-E-S . . . Spastic Deadlines . . . Meeting AdjournedStudent Council The Millington High School Student Council, composed of official representatives and class presidents, is a member of the National Association of Student Councils. The Student Council has as its chief aim improving various aspects of campus life and activities. Its chief responsibilities are the organization and production of the annual Senior Tea at Christmas, devotionals in assembly, a Jr. High dance, and of the club calendar. In addition the representatives serve as guides to the new students and at P.T.A. Open House. The above graduates spoke at this year's Senior Tea. The refreshment line is aided by Molly McCalla, a junior representative.Janet Williams-Reporter, Barbara Sanders-Treasurer, Margaret Hutcheson-President, Kennon Hampton-Vice-President, Carol Tatum-Secretary The Quill and Scroll is a journalistic organization for outstanding students on the Annual and Paper staffs. Each student must be in the upper third of his class, scholastically, and must have high character traits. The club sponsored a writing contest in February for students in grades 9 through 12. Sponsor - MRS. DOBIASBeta B. Clark D. Buford President JIM BOENSCH Vice-President ROBIN WEBER D. Allgotfa J. Brown r Secretary PAT HOYT D. Busn M. Hutcheson M. Shields M. May B. Askey A. Loller s. Long J. Williams G. Wood C. Tatum C. Crum D. Davidson L. Dunavant J. EnglishClub The National Beta Club which was started at M.C.H.S. in 1947, is an honor society made up of students in grades ten through twelve’who possess the qualities of worthy character, creditable mentality, and good leadership. Their main projects were Toys for Tots and polishing the trophies. Treasurer MOLLY McCALLA Reporter CHRIS FISHER L. Denyer C. Dunavant J. Murdock P. Pendergrass C. Gibbs L. Himes S. HufT S. Sherrill B. Sanders J. Barnhill K. Hampton B. Beam J. Boyd f B. Higgins F. Cannon J. McCalla E. Clay C. MitchellP. Michael R. Nixon K. Pittman P. Powell B. Anderson D. Bradford B. Braswell P. Coleman S. Dunavant J. Edmiston T. Hall D. Jackson L. Jackson J. King M. McKenzie P. RastScience Club FIRST ROW: M. Jennings, E. Zizvari. P. Rast, V. Pearce, T. Askey. SECOND ROW: B. Elder, M. McCalla, P. Coleman, I. VanArtsdalen. THIRD ROW: C. Harris, G. Eichholz, B. Barger, D. Eichholz, J. McCalla. OFFICERS: President, B. Braswell SPONSOR Vice-Pres., J. Strange MR. Secretary, C. Wellman JACKSON Treasurer, R. Sanders Reporter, D. Snyder The Science Club is open to anyone interested in learning more about the basic sciences. Every year the club sponsors a Science Fair in which each member must participate. The best entries are then sent to the Memphis Science Fair. Many of our future scientists are produced from science clubs throughout the nation.F.H.A. . . The Future Homemakers of America was organized to strengthen the ideals of home. Any girl who is taking or has taken home economics is eligible to -join. In September, the FHA had a bake sale, with delicious cookies, cakes and candies for all. o Mary Jennings - Historian -„ x Shelby Crenshaw - Vice-President Carole Sistrunk - President Verna Snowden - Reporter Nancy Forsythe - Song Leader Sue Heifner - Secretary-Treasurer MRS. HARRISON, SponsorOFFICERS - (SEATED): D. Buford, P. Hoyt, M. Sheilds, J. English, M. Hutcheson, J. Perper. SECOND ROW: K. King, G. Hines, A. Loller, B. Askey, S. Dunavant, C. Skavlan, M. McCalla, E. Clay. THIRD ROW: P. Pittman, V. Snowden, V. Pendergrass, M. Cates, L. Denyer, K. Hampton. SPONSOR: Miss Robinson The main goal of the Future Teachers of America is to interest students in becoming teachers. One of the yearly projects of the club is the granting of a scholarship to some deserving senior. A new activity begun this year is Teacher Appreciation Week. To demonstrate the appreciation of the entire student body for the dedication of our teachers, the members of the F.T. A. presented each teacher with an apple.. s f - i i’caiTo'tes H Wy %oJ, affiliated with the National ThespiarrSociety which was organised in 19 4j)Jr Vgroup nf fparhpr? in Wp«r Virninia Tho cnoioru fioe a n.mfAlsI iMimAol ) rrw.» 0 Cvo «ui7Tu of teachers in West Virginia. The society has a twofold purposW FIfgjJU ?estabIIsh better standards for the dramatic arts anti second. tcKbreate n interest in'dra4»tfcs; AA tong the students. y _A r c h e o I o g y The Archeology Club was organized to give students personal experience in the science of archeology. The club tries to expose its members to the relics of our continent at public and private museums, and at actual Indian sites. It is two clubs - the Field Crew, which has made several afternoon excursions during the year, and the Archeology Club, itself, which became most active in the spring and made several field trips to nearby places of interest. MR. FIELD - Sponsor.Vice-President ELAINE MAULDIN President SHELIA FAUGHT Chaplain 1 JANICE1 LITTLE Secretary CAROLE SISTRUNK Treasurer EYVONE CRAWFORD Reporter SHELBY CRENSHAW The Y-Teens, which is part of the YWCA, is for girls in grades ten to twelve. Every year the Y-Teens do several projects, such as visiting Howard Manor during the Christmas holidays. Girls participate in the sports of basketball and softball.TEAM: JodyWardlow, Martha Nearn, Betty Crawford, Elaine Mauldin, Ann Roper, Kay Jones, Sherly Griffin. Beryl Johnson, Louise Denyer, Shelia Faught, Penny Johnson, Debbie Markham. STARTERS: JodyWardlow, Elaine Mauldin, Penny Johnson, Shelia Faught, Louise Denyer, Beryle Johnson.Hi- Y The purpose of the Hi-Y is to stress Christian fellowship in school and it is hoped that this fellowship will strengthen the members through life. The highlight of the Hi-Y year is a trip to Nashville in March with the program "Youth In Government. " The basketball games of the group are played in the Y. M.C. A. in Memphis. OFFICERS RONNIE BALLARD. Chaplain CARL SMITH, Treasurer DONNIE BURRESS, Sergeant-at-Arms JIMMY CATES. President MIKE McCARSON, Vice-President VAN BIGGS, Secretary ADVISOR, Coach HayslipThe "M" Club consists of all the boys who have earned the letter "M" in varsity sport at Millington Central. The "M" Club plans an all-day trip with dates as the club has done in the past. OFFICER Bobby Taylor, ;'PresidenipSkip Sunderland, Vice-President; Gene Wood, Treasurer-Secretary; Larry Crisler, Sergeant-at-Arms. Advisors: Coach Adkins and Coach Billings.OFFICERS Varsity TONI CULP President PAT HOYT Reporter ELAINE CLAY Treasurer JACKIE JENKINS Vice-President PENNY PENDERGRASS Secretary MARGARET HUTCHESON Parliamentarian MOLLY McCALLA Historian Sponsors MRS. CHAMBERS MISS ELLISPep Club The M.C.H.S. Pep Club has a very active part in promoting school spirit. Open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors, the Pep Club has been the sponsor for many activities, such as the bonfire and pep parades, Homecoming and Winter Festival. f OFFICERS: Historian, Sherry Willis; Secretary, Barbara Brewer; President, John Snow; Vice-President, Dent Chambers; Treasurer, Albert Hutcheson; Reporter, Lee Tucker. Freshman Pep Club The Freshman Pep Club was organized three years ago, and since that time it has strengthened interest in freshman games. It has increased the attendance of games away from M. C. H. S. by providing a bus for students to ride. Aside from yearly dues, funds for the club are raised by the sale of club pins and ribbons for the game. Barbara, Sherry, John, Lee, Donna, and Albert are preparing for the games to come.Carol and Molly enjoyed tremendously their trips to National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago December 1-6. Winning the trip as a result of clothing and dairy food competition, they delighted in reliving their experiences with all M. C. H. S. Four-H Club is a youth organization directed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Any boy or girl 10 through 21 years of age may become a member. All activities center around a variety of projects ranging from organic products such as beef, cotton, food preparation, and clothing to leadership, citizenship, and public speaking. The 4-H motto is "To Make the Best Better. "SENIOR HIGH B. Holt P. Pittman S. Carter L. Oliver C. Sistrunk L. Pike J5. Heifner G. Huffman M. May W. Robinson G. Logan Librarian MISS GLENN Library Staff JUNIOR HIGH FIRST ROW K. Cramer B. Anderson Mrs. Boench M. Jennings K. Street D. Higdon SECOND ROW B. Hollingsworth S. Crosby S. Moore S. Patterson G. Lewis G. Brown J. Hendren P. PittmanOFFICERS, R. to L: Marion Shields - President, Skipper Rogers - Vice-President, Barbara Askey - Secretary, Miss Ellis - Faculty Advisor Aretes The Arete was newly organized this year with the help of Miss Ellis and Mrs. Harris. Membership is open to students who have received a scholastic letter, which is earned by being on the scholastic and citizenship honor rolls five six week periods out of the year. Arete for the Greeks suggests that whoever is being considered has a nature of good qualities and character. In showing arete a person expresses himself and fulfills himself by making real his potentialities. Band HonorsMCHS The highlights of the Marching Band's activities this year were their participation in Christmas Parades of Memphis, Millington, and Covington. MARCHING BAND The size of the Beginner Band gives evidence of an increase in the Concert and Marching Bands to come. ..... Bands This year the Concert Band will again present the music of the masters in their spring concert. 'The newly formed Stage Band is the swingingest yet, " says Mr. Cahill.Mascot - RENE MAPLES SHERRON CARMICHAEL PAMA WATKINS Head Majorette MARY JENNINGS LINDA OLIVERChorus elnei«jV formed MCHS Chorus has added a touch of sweet-sounding melodies to our campus. Under le djirection of Mr. Ray and the accompaniment of Linda Alexander, Mrs. M. D. Clark, and Mrs. 'V the chorus has presented and will continue to present special programs for the school and com-VOLUME XXXVI. NO. 2 MILLINGTON, T Editor-In-Chief PENNY PENDERGRASS Editors Ann Loller, Junior High Editor; Suzanne Dunavant, Club Editor; Beverly Nichelson, News Editor; Tommy Barrett, Sports Editor; Barbara Sanders, Feature Editor; and Mrs. Dobias, Paper Staff Sponsor. The Paper Staff has worked hard this year, presenting a very worthwhile piece of news every month. This year's staff is to be congratulated for one of the best papers our school has seen.ACCREDITED SCHOOL IN SHELBY COUNTY IJNNESSEE OCTOBER, 1963 Managing Editor GAIL HINES BUSINESS STAFF Fred Prouty, Adv. Mgr. Bobby Braswell, Cir. Mgr. Joe Alexander, Bus. Mgr. Carolyn Gibbs, Typist Robert Dodds, Typist Chris Fisher, Copy Mgr. Mary Flynt, Artist REPORTERS and COLUMNISTS Steve Robbins, Louise Denyer, Jim Boensch, Larry Burton, Bill Dugger, Janet-McCafter, Mary Jennings, Carol Tatum, Sandy Long, Woody Biggs, Jon McCalla.Class Editor MARION SHIELDS JONNY BROWN Marion Shields, Judy Perper, Kennon Hampton, Molly McCalla, Suzy Critchett, Paula Rast, Pat Hoyt, Jerry Murdock, Bubba Clark SUZY CRITCHETT BUBBA CLARK Sports Sports TONI CULP Ass't Business Manager JANET WILLIAMS Typist9 Associate Editor Sports Editor JERRY MURDOCK Business Manager MARGARET HUTCHESON SANDRA SHERRILL rMEM0en |a "i OuR pOL|Cy ry, ECPEcy Beverly Bolton, Barrett Matthews, Toni Culp, Margaret Hutcheson, Jonny Brown, Sandy Huff, Mary Ann May, Janet Williams, Sandra Sherrill s t f fTHE CHALLENGE OF EXCELLING . . . Good Citizenship . . . Keen Competition . . . Scholastic Achievement . . . Able Leadership . . . Prestige . . . Awards and HonorsTONI CULPGENE WOOD SANDRA SHERRILL f Fame i 4 - , - . • ' (• Pitf-t'ii DIANE BUFORD VAN BIGGSSANDY LONG SKIP SUNDERLAND Forward ever be our watchword. In the spirit of our Alma Mater, thirteen outstanding seniors have earned a place in the 1964 Hall of Fame. Chosen by a faculty committee, these students have worked to make Millington number one through excelling in scholarship and athletics and through displaying leadership, sportsmanship, and school spirit. CAROL DUNAVANT vY t iV PENNY PENDERGRASSSalutatorian Valedictorian GENE WOOD at having the highest scholas-in their class, Gene nny Brown will ad-i Class of 1964 at Com- mencement. National Merit Scholarship Finalists Only one half of one percent of the high school seniors in the United States are National Merit Scholarship Finalists. These few are selected by scores based on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test and the SAT. MCHS is extremely proud of its three finalists - Joe Alexander, Sandra Sherrill, and Gene Wood. Joe Alexander, Sandra Sherrill, Gene Wood D.A.R. The purpose of the DAR award is to select a senior girl as the outstanding citizen of her school. She must possess the following qualities: dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. This year the faculty chose Sandra Long as the recipient of this honor. SANDRA LONGBoys' State Jon McCalla has been chosen by the faculty and the Junior Class to represent MCHS at Boys' State. During the summer months, Jon will board a bus bound for Lebanon, Tennessee, for a week of studying the Tennessee government while making new friends. The alternates are Skip Rogers and Robin Weber. Girls' State Chosen to represent MCHS at Girls' State, Molly McCalla along with Judy English, first alternate, can look forward to an enjoyable week filled with songs, skits, cheers, money-making projects, and study groups. The alternate is Chris Fisher.FRIENDLIEST Donnie and Carol Who’s MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sandra and Gene MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Roy and Toni Who MOST STUDIOUS Sandy and Joe MOST THOUGHTFUL Pat and Van MOST HANDSOME Mike MOST BEAUTIFUL MacMOST ENERGETIC David and Margaret MOST ATHLETIC Bubba and SheilaJim and Donis Carol and Larry MOST DEPENDABLE MOST TALENTED Jonny and Gail Barbara and Fred BUBBA CLARKTHE CHALLENGE OF SPOR TSMANSHIP . . . Hours of grueling training . . . Team cooperation School, public backing of teams . . . Screaming crowds . . . Close races on the cinders . . . These things we will rememberWith an earnest desire to develop each boy's potential. Coaches H. Billings, Atkins, Weeks, and E. Billings spend many long hours in drill and practice. Under their guidance the TROJANS exhibited fine play and sportsmanship throughout the season. (11) Taylor, (10) Clark, (64) Sunderland, (73) Needham MCHS 35 Munford OPPONENT 6 14 Treadwell 6 46 Germantown 0 27 Oakhaven 0 0 Whitehaven 25 7 Bartlett 12 25 Collierville 12 14 M. U.S. 6 14 Westwood 0 14 White Station 20 27 Covington 0Varsity FIRST ROW, L-R: Wilson, Wade,(j aw] ) Lewis, Steward, Scott, Hise. SECOND ROW, L-R: Millington, Pratt, Russell, Lee, Mellette, Saleeby, Hall, Dunbar. THIRD ROW, L-R: Jennings, Robertson, Abernathy, Johnson, Taylor, Waller, Huff, Maples) Anderson, Vinson. FOURTH ROW, L-R: Whittington, Barnhill, Mc-Calla, Whittington, Beam, Calloum, Jenkins, Nixon, Caprio, White. FIFTH ROW, L-R: Sosnowski, Car-micheal, Whitlock, Mitchell, Brumley, Watkins, Wilkerson, Holzemer, Williams, Ellis, Needham. SIXTH ROW, L-R: Vance, Burress, Clark, Sunderland, Taylor, Needham, Spears, Waits, Crisler, Armour, Gervin. SEVENTH ROW, L-R: Ballard, Swartz, Snow, Kelley, Beeson, Mount, Dodson, Abernathy, Biggs, Logan, Biggs. FootballGEORGE VANCE, Halfback VAN BIGGS, Tackle EDDIE SPEARS, End BUBBA CLARK, Quarterback CAPTAIN SKIP SUNDERLAND. Tackle CAPTAIN DONNIE BURRESS, End BILL LOGAN, Center DAVID SWARTZ, Quarterback C 3 S •- O BOBBY GENE TAYLOR, Halfback CAPTAIN ROY NEEDHAM. Guard CAPTAINLARRY CRISLER, Halfback JOHN ABERNATHY. Guard BILL BEESON, Halfback All-County Bobby Gene Taylor, Skip Sunderland - 1st String Roy Needham, Donnie Burress, Dennis Caprio - 2nd Stringf NANCY CAILLOUET Junior PAM MARTIN Sophomore PATTI CAILLOUET Sophomore ANN WILLIAMS JuniorFreshmen FIRST: J. Roberson, R. Alexander, D. Chambers, J. Neal, B. Brackin. SECOND: R. Ray, J. Mitchell, D. Schneck, G. Moore, L. Tucker, H. Randel. THIRD: W. Biggs, J. Vitko, R. Peittman, J. Cannon, B. Guy, M. Brown, M. Ripski, T. Barrington. FOURTH: S. Perrett, C. McDaniel, R. McDaniel, J. Joyner, K. Hodges, A. Hutcheson, J. Johnson, D. Munsey.Jr. High FIRST: J. Hughes, T. Fondren, J. McHale, S. Hoover, D. Justice, A. Edmiston, B. Whitehorn. SECOND: B. Bolton, R. Calhoun, T. Clifton, M. Desgalier, M. Clark, B. Shockley, R. Fife, K. Simmons, S. Howard, R. Willis, G. Johnson, J. Beam. THIRD: L. Whitworth, D. Robinson, H. Wilder, J. Blanchard, J. Morgan, M. Maddox, D. Evans, R. Tolley, J. Dailey, E. Jagger, A. Bennett. FOURTH: W. McCullough, R. Burnett, T. Griffin, H. Russell, J. Wade, H. Branch, Coach Hay Hayslip, T. Ray, B. Long, R. Carroum, K. Beam, T. Mitchell, S. Eubanks, J. Orlando.COACH WAYLAND INMAN FIRST ROW; G. Vance, L. Murdock, B. Clark, S. Sunderland, T. Hall, R. Needham, F. Cannon. SECOND ROW: B. Bateman, D. Swartz, G. Wood, H. Sanders, L. Crisler. Co-Captains Skip Sunderland, Larry MurdockSKIP SUNDERLAND LARRY MURDOCK GENE WOOD s e i o x L e t t e r m e n BOBBY BATEMAN HUBBA SANDERS GEORGE VANCE BUBBA CLARKROY NEEDHAM B- Team TOP ROW: Galloway, Myers, Blanchard, Dugger, Ellis. MIDDLE ROW: Scott, Barnhill, Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: Naples) O'Neal, Jackson, Mathis.L - R: Tucker, Guthrie, Ripski, Cannon, Hise Niebergall, Crosier, Mitchell Neal, Robinson, Chambers, McDaniel L - R: Ray, Braswell, Vitko, Fite, Smith, Long Burnett, Tolley, Bennett, Lewis, Whitworth, Hoover Browning, Wilder, Black, King, Fowler Eubanks, Earnhart, Edmiston, Calhoun, AskeyFor more than ten years the Millington chapter of the American Science Clubs has sponsored a SCIENCE FAIR. This year's Science Fair winners were divided into Junior and Senior groups having three winners in the groups of biology, chemistry, and physics. Fred Prouty with a complex project on archaeology was the over-all winner. Jackie Jenkins won second place with his project on DNA and Kenny Eichholz with his project, generation of electricity from the decay of organic matter, won third place. Several projects won honors at the Memphis-Shelby County Science Fair. We congratulate the Science Club on a fine job of promoting science in our school. MOVE THEM OUT!These . . . We Is it REALLY true! "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." John F. Kennedy Born 1917 - Died 1963 Here at LAST! 'Hr 1 u 4- Ul ► •2 ‘Shall RememberSenior’s NightGraduation "Ladies and gentlemen. Graduates, distinguished guests, . . . ■I How much longer? Thank you VERY much! the River Senior Lead-out. Caryl Wellman crowned queen of the Junior-Senior Prom. Queen Caryl and her court Pridge Quillin Patti Hawkins Elaine Clay Nancy CaillouetBACK ROW: Caprio, Hise, Hall, Clark. Zent. Burress, Murdock, Cannon. Weeks. SECOND- arz, Sanders. Barber, Taylor, Ripsky. Vincent, Armour. FIRST: Braswell. Forsythe. Was-ham. Waits, Bateman, Johnson. yBACK ROW: Swartz, Adams, Nunn, Dunbar, Holzemer, Barnhill, Clark, Hall, May, Scott, McCalla, Ervin, Caprio. SECOND: Holzemer, Robertson, Wilson. Lewis, Abernathy, Reed, Burcham, Alexander. FIRST: Dunn. Needham, Maples, Jenkins, Williams, Taylor, Carroum, Spears.E. SPEARS G. WILSON D. WALLER D. STOREY B. BOENSCH B. ANDERSON GolftDALLAS, TEXASLAWSON-CAVETTE SPORTING GOODS CO. "It Pays to Play" We carry the finest in sporting equipment for Sdl : 'T' all sports - from golf to water skiing. 9 North Third 525-2725 480 Perkins Ext. 683-9595 Memphis, Tenn. TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 63 63 Navy Road 872-3135 Air-Conditioned Dryers STELLA CARPBiNTlKp. (S ° WHATLEY’S ESTELLE’S RESTAURANT BEAUTY SALON For Really Fine Food Our Guests and Our Food Are the World's Choicest Pleasant Atmosphere for Leisurely Enjoyment 463 7 Navy Rd. , Millington, Tenn. GOOD LUCK, SENIORS DELCO Compliments of AUTOLITE G B AUTO PARTS AND SERVICEFor Thick Creamy Shakes and Malts, Visit the MALT BAR Foot-Long Hot Dogs Real Pit Barbeque 872-1547 4663 Navy Road Navy Road , Shop By Phone 872-3355 c s GROCERY CORBITT-HAMMOCK FORD "The Lively Ones" 4701 Navy Road Phone 872-3371 BRYAN AND ANNE CANNON 5104 Easley St. Millington MILLINGTON AUTO PARTS 7995 Highway 51 North g ||||Mi; ' Millington, Tennessee ; ' ' ippd HumKo IC‘tsrrABiE SHCff® Flowers and Gifts RUTH PHILLIPS 2«. 872-1321 4669 Navy Rd. See Our Lovely "Crystal by Fostoria" MILLINGTON TELEPHONE COMPANY Serving Millington - Naval Air Station - Munford5 10 5 10 BEN FRANKLIN A Complete Line of Merchandise 6353 Navy Rd. Town and Country Center R. A. BAXTER SON, INC. Covington, Tenn. Maytag Frigidaire Lumber Building Supplies 476-9718 527-8278 Compliments of J. F. MALOAN Propane---Butane Gas for Homes and Trailers See or Call TENNESSEE LIQUIFIED GAS CORP. Memphis Millington Collierville 327-8439 872-4313 UL 3-2666 Invitations, Caps, and Gowns DresdeA Tennessee . PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. 1500 Thomas St. Memphis, Tennessee CUNNINGHAM DRESS SHOP Retail Center Millington, Tenn. Find the answers to being well-dressed for all occasions by buying at CUNNINGHAM’S S S GARAGE General Auto Repairs - Welding Wheel Aligning, Balancing Motor Tune-Up Phone 872-4648 5038 Navy Rd. Millington Tennesseei.fc .;X 1 iV u fQyte Si jMfrndfo 0 Qu - O-' i lT ' QUALITY $J vf - ' SURE SIGN OF FLAVOR MILK - ICE CREAM Laboratory Controlled Quality Modern Plant Refrigerated Fleet for Delivery West Tennessee Milk From West Tennessee Farms West Tennessee Workers Striving To Serve You Better £7 -ri7 SATISFIED CUSTOMER IS ( J SJ N DERATION 2? nrtf, r """ " y nPEOPLES STATE BANK 'fyocc'i Millington, Tennessee Member F.D.I.C. 3 27 Interest on Savings Accounts 4"7 Interest on Time Depositso' ? J •' Sporting Go ds , A, 4 i. $Ay r—: y y,idf wA” jj I , eft jf Sporting Gtfods 1 '- Athletic Outfitters Two Locations South Main Poplar Plaza 526-1217 452-1173 BILL CARTER’S LION SERVICE STATION 7997 Highway 51 N. Millington, Tennessee 872-1336 Front End Alignment IF IT S COOD FOOD YOU anchor cafe Open 24 Hours 7899 Highway 51 N. Millington, Tennessee 872-4961 LANSKY BROTHERS MEN’S SHOP 126 Beale Street Phone 525-540 BRODNAX Official Jewelers for Class Rings and Pins The Gift Center of the South for Sterling Silver, Watches, Diamonds and Gold Jewelry Main at Monroe - Laurelwood JOE C. MATTHEWS INSURANCE Peoples State Bank Building 872-3351 Millington, Tenn. jr LEADER PRINTING COMPANY Publishers of the COVINGTON LEADER Covington, Tennessee Phone GR 6-7116 prrv o vpMU ington, TermOn the State s western border, Reared against the sky, Proudly stands our alma mater As the years go by. Forward ever be our watchword Conquer and prevail • Hail to thee. Our Alma Mater Millington, all Hail!

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