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 ‘Dedication Sccfrertntendent Principal Our 07eacAers Seniors ProfiAecy Senior Personalities juniors SofiAomores preoAmen junior, rS i$A AtAletics ActivitiesCo-Editors VIRGINIA and MAURICE Booster PEGGY Booster BRAD Sponsor MRS. DOBIAS“Detiicatiatt The seniors dedicate the '54 yearbook to the students of Millington Central High School - those who have gone before us - those who are now in school - those who are to enter in years to come. May you love MCHS as we, who are about to leave, love her.GEORGE L. BARNES Superintendent of SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOLSu AI MRS. NINA CHAMBERS English Home Economics MR. FREDC. GOLDSMITH MRS. VIRGINIA SANDERS Band Director Health Physical Education MRS. FLOY HARRIS Languages Ancient History Senior Class Sponsor MR. R. D. TAYLOR History Civics MISS CATHERINE SMIT Business Education MR. ALVIN F. CANNON AgricultureMR, CLAY C. COBLE MISS ELIZABETH GLENN MR. LEE WAITS MILES Industrial Arts Librarian Health Physical Education MR. WARDIE HARVEY Coach Senior Class Sponsor MRS. VIVIAN HARRISON MR. E. C. NEMITZ MRS. EDNA DOBIAS Home Economics Science Senior EnglishMRS. KATHLEEN TENNANT MR. GLENN SWART MRS. LOUISE EASLEY Mathematics Mathematics English Junior High Coach Social Studies MRS. HELEN ROSS English Speech MR. ROBERT E. MOORE Biology Assistant Coach MRS. PAM BOETTCHER English TypingBILL ROBINSON VIRGINIA NIXON DUDLEY AKIN President Secretary Vice President He is one of those who has left A genial disposition brings its Always ready to do his bit. a name behind him. own reward and many friends. Senear 'ccera JOE WILKINS Sergeant at Arms MELDA GO IN Treasurer BRUCE CLARK Sergeant at Arms A moral, sensible and well- How sweet and gracious even He sits high in all the people's bred man. in common speech is that fine hearts. sense which men call courtesy!CHIMANE ADAMS J. W. BARBEE He says little, but to purpose, MARRIS BOWEN We are charmed with neatness of person. SHIRLEY BREWER Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face. PEGGY CARPENTER Hope and be happy that all is for the best.CLYDE BRIDGEWATER Messenger of friendship. JIMMY BRINKLEY To look up and not down, to look forward and not back, to look out and not in and to lend a hand. JANEEN CARTER So well she acted all and every part by turns--with that vivacious versatility. ELAINE CHILDRESS Her laughs and smiles have won her many friends. JIMMY BOWMAN He lives to build, not boast. JIMMY CARTER Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest. BETTY JEAN COLLIER The sunshine when it touched her hair was red. NORMA JEAN CURL IN Bright as the sun, her eyes the gazers strike, and like the sun, they shine on all alike. EUGENE CASEY Men of few words are the best men. BOBBY CHAMPER All your wish is woman to win. SUE CRUMP The voice so sweet, the words so fair, as some soft chime had stroked the air. HELLEN DeLASHMIT Beneath her quietness lies a true sincerity. BOBBY CRAIG Laughing is a healthful exercise; look at me. BILL CRENSHAW An honest man is the noblest work of God. JEAN ERVIN Would there were others like her. GAYLE FOSTER She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think of. DONALD DINGMAN Sensitive, swift to resent, but as swift in atoning for error. JEFF FORBES Handsome is that handsome does.NULL TUCKER Care sets lightly on his shoulders. NORMA JEAN GRIFFIN A heart as sunny as her hair. GENE GOLDSBY The more you know him the more you like him. J. C. HICKS The man that blushes is not quite a brute. JACQUELIN HARDY Daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair. GAYLE KILLMAN A maid of great activity, student and business woman, she. fEDGAR HOLMES Wise to resolve and patient to reform. GENE HOWELL His hair is the apple of his eye. JO ANN LAUGHLIN By diligence she wins her way. MARY ALICE KLENK Lovable, yes, for she has a host of loyal friends. BILLY JOHNSON He speaks what he has to, and then every word has a meaning. BOBBY JOHNSON Earnest in thought and true in word. BUENA MAE LITTLE Here's a smile for those who love me, and a smile for those who hate. EMOGENE PALMER Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness. JAMES JOHNSON He that hath patience may compass anything. CHARLES MONTGOMERY He was not merely a chip off the Old Block, but the Old Block itself. MARION MOSLEY The quiet stream runs deepest. JEAN PARSONS Genial and good is she.EDWIN MOORE Not always smiling but at least serene. EARL NEWMAN A dignified, aristocratic youth. HELEN PILGRIM Quality, not quanity. PEGGY POWER Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls. Laugh and be well. LETTY WARD Meeting her is liking her, knowing her is loving her. MARTHA WILLIAMS 'Tis good to be merry and wise. 4 WAYNE PERRY Always thoughtful, kind, and untroubled. J. G. RAGGETT In all thy humors whether grave or mellow, thou’st such a touchy, testy, pleasant fellow. ALICE WILLIAMS She that was ever fair and never proud, had tongue at will, and yet was never loud. SANDRA WILLIAMSON Fashioned so slenderly, young and so fair.MAURICE ROBERTS A mind equal to any undertaking that he puts it along side of. BOBBY STEPHENS A wink is as good as a nod to the wise. CAROL ANN WOOD A merry, nimble, stirring spirit. MARIE URSERY Her good humor is a fountain never dry. BILL STARNES A friend may well be reckoned a masterpiece of nature. WILLIAM SPEIR Patience and gentleness is power.JIMMY THOMPSON A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. RAYMOND WILLIAMS I may be small, but I know my stuff. BRAD THOMAS An honest man, close button’d to the chin, broad cloth without, warm heart within. PAT THOMAS Let knowledge grow more and more.'Pr fe ecty Upon receiving our prophecy license, our first assignment was to look into the future of the class of '54. After contacting our secret agents in '64, we soon drew up the following document. The billboard advertisements of the famous candy manufacturer, Edwin Moore, can be seen throughout the United States--"The Moore candy you eat, the Moore you want." Jackie, the most striking senior, was seen by agents, modeling at Goldsmith's Tea Room. She also has a modeling school in Memphis. Charles, your wit has made you popular. You were chosen most popular prison guard of 1964 at the Tennessee State Prison. Betty Jean in school days was a soda jerk. Since then she has become a pharmacist. She is now in partnership with Mr. Rawls. Is Elaine trying to prove that it's cheaper by the dozen? She already has the boys for the baseball nine. An agent, visiting in New York, went to Madison Square Gardens to see the sport writers' favorite, Eugene Casey, defending his lightweight boxing title. As our senior queen you ruled, Norma Jean. You always were so popular. Our agents found you, still popular on the campus, as the matron of an orphan's school. Jean Ervin's good-natured disposition has made her a favorite at the U.S.O. center. She is the director. Care and worry never troubled Null. It’s a different story now that he is president of the Coca Cola Company in Memphis. Buena Mae, your gift of gab has taken you far. You're doing the calling for one of those tobacco auctions. Jimmy Bowman has just returned from Norway where he completed a course in long range weather forecasting. After a short vacation at home, he will return to the Weather Bureau at Washington, D.C. We're sure lots of the '54 Alumni got a thrill this year when they saw Raymond Williams ride the winner of the Kentucky Derby. He has become one of the outstanding jockeys and is considered equal to the famous Eddy Arcaro. Letty, your cuteness has made you famous. We found you head maid at the Claridge. Genial ole Charlie (Montogomery) has now succeeded Gary Cooper as a popular western movie star. Although he is a success, he is still the likable "Monk" of MCHS.Marie, an experienced housewife, is now devoting some of her time to outside activities. She's just been elected president of the Millington P.T.A. Our agents didn't have any trouble locating Bobby Johnson, for he is now head basketball coach at our old Alma Mater. Bobby Cham per has the nation's applause on his first best seller, "Gone With the Girls." Senator McCarthy, although it is now 1964, is still investigating. He has been losing many of his convictions due to the clever work of the famous woman lawyer, Marion Mosley. Chimane, you never told us you had invented a special hair growing solution. No wonder your hair was longer than anyone's. We see you've finally gotten a patent on it, "Adams Deluxe Growgood." Upon walking into the Millington Tea Shoppe, who should greet our agent but the owner and manager, Norma Jean Curlin. Glad to see that Jimmy Brinkley has fulfilled his ambition to be an engineer. His first job is putting a four lane highway between Millington and Memphis. The Cotton Carnival of '64 was as spectacular as ever. The well-known "Mr. Memphis Cotton, " J.C. Hicks, honored the opening with his presence. Joann Laughlin's syndicated column in the newspaper has won acclaim. It won't be long before she'll be replacing Inez Robb. Gayle Killroan and Earl have discarded their dignified ways. Our agents tell us that only last week they signed a contract to replace Sid Caesar and Emogene Coco on the "Show of Shows'! Joe Wilkins is earning top money in his field. He is the "before" in the before and after advertisements about tired eyes. James Johnson flashes his handsome smile to hundreds of people everyday and says, "This way, please." He’s an usher at the Loew's Palace. Alice, with your charming ways, we found you entertaining your husband's friends—the officials in the Pentagon. Jimmy, our old star trumpeter, is now famous as "Hotlips Carter. " His Dixieland band is now being featured at Hotel Peabody. We were dumbfounded to find Jerry at the Bolivar Insane Asylum. He works there as a consultant. Janeen, always so versatile, has turned to a new field. We see her in the United Nations, a translator of six different languages. Dudley, as co-captain, you were a valuable player in our football line. Too bad to find you standing in another line, waiting to receive your unemployment check. Melda, drum majorette our senior year, learned the art of directing the band. Our agents find her in '64 directing her Kindergarten Kiddy Band.Courteous and likable Brad performs his job very well. As the policeman on Main and Monroe, he is called upon everyday for many and varied tasks of courtesy. Why, only the other day, our agents told us he stopped all the traffic on Main to escort a pretty girl across the street. Yes, same old Brad. Martha and Shirley are working together we see. They now have the laughs on the "My Friend Irma" show. Our agents, however, forgot to mention which one was Irma. J.G., believe it or not, became a preacher. He's also a novelist and president of the newly founded Memphis Ministers Organization." Gee, J.G., you excelled yourself. Virginia has kept her title of "Miss Millington" through the years. Now, instead of "Mr. Bill" as Millington's principal, it's "Miss Nixon. " Bill Starnes and Wayne Percy always were the best of friends. They're not so congenial nowadays because they find business competition too keen. One owns Lowen-steins’ and the other Goldsmiths'. Bobby Stephens can be seen in the streets of New York City adorned in raincoat and hat. What is he? Why a private eye, of course. Still witty, Bobby Craig has acquired many ardent readers o his sports column in the Commercial Appeal. After receiving a 1964 edition of the Millington Star, an interesting bit of news caught my eye. Helen Delashmit and her Marine husband are enroute from El Torro to Millington N.A.S. We're proud of our old MCHS football captain, Bruce Clark, who made All-American. He is now playing pro-ball with the Chicago Bears. J.W. Barbee, it seemed history wasn't your favorite subject way back in '54. My, how you've changed! After receiving your master's degree, you’ve taken Mr. Taylor's place. Peggy, our most beautitul senior, our agents had difficulty in finding. It appears that she keeps her face hidden behind a white mask most of the time. She's become a famous surgeon. Bill Robinson had quite an attraction to Mexico, expecially due to a certain Senorita. Through the years his enthusiasm for the Spanish way of life has increased. He is now an English interpreter in one of the courts in Mexico City. Marris, your neatness had our vote, but surprise! Our secret circus agent dis-:overed you disguised in the garb of a famous clown. Bill Crenshaw, a movie star in Hollywood, is the heart-throb of the bobby-soxers. He is better known by his fan clubs as Arlington Hemingworth, "Valentino, the Second." Gene Howell has won world acclaim as the foremost young designer of women's hats. It seems Emogene likes the West. She was top cowpuncher on the Bar-B-Q Ranch in Texas. Recently though, she has been traveling with a famous rodeo throughout the U.S.Jean Parsons, your plans were to attend business school. Something must have happened ’cause we found you singing at the Silver Slipper. Pat was always remembered for his dramatic gestures. Now our kids are watching him as the main gangster character on "Dragnet." If you ever go to Stockholm, Sweden, be sure to look up Sue Crump You'll find her at the embassy. She's a U.S. Foreign Ambassador. When one of our agents was traveling across country, who did he find prospecting in the Siena Nevada for new sources for uranium but William Spier. Jeff Forbes started out as a stock car racer here in Memphis. In '64 we find that he is an entry in the Memorial Day Auto Races at Indianapolis. His specially built car, The Phantom 88, is said to te tops in the country. Olympic figure skating star of 1964 is none other than our girls' basketball star of '54, Mary Alice. Donald, still musically inclined, now has the job of chief polisher of the instruments for the members of the Philadelphia Philharmonic Symphony. Our agents sent in an interesting report on Helen Pilgrim. They all enjoyed her new Broadway play, "The Drum and Donald." Edgar "Gabby" Holmes is the local radio announcer for "The Farmers' Program" on WMC. He was located by our agents on his farm near Lucy. Gene Goldsby, over the years, has lost whatever timidness he once possessed. We find him a traveling salesman of women’s lingerie. Clyde Bridgewater, true to his name, is building a new Brooklyn Bridge. Peggy Brockwell, who saw a part of the world as the 1959 maid of cotton, makes daily flights around the world. She's a stewardess on a super-jet airliner. Our agent tells us that Maurice Roberts had a narrow escape recently. On one of his African expeditions he was captured by headhunters. Fortunately, he is back in Memphis now. Be sure to see his exhibits at the Pink Palace. Our agents eavesdropped on a conversation of two of Millington's Alumni when they accidentally bumped into each other on Fifth Avenue. Sandra and Peggy Carpenter soon discovered they had secretarial jobs on the same floor in the Empire State Building. Small world, isn't it? So, to each with your fate revealed, We close with this parting thought— Cease to inquire what the future may yield, And be glad for what today has brought.“TJtr. ohcC 'ffcittiKytoK BILL and VIRGINIAMost Versatile JANEEN Most Courteous MELDA and BRADMost Dignified GAYLE and EARL Most Striking JACKIE anAGtf ■ ?op' iuVat od Viost Wittiest BETTY JEAN and BOBBY Cutest LETTY and NULL Most Athletic VIRGINIA and BRUCE Seniors pictured on pages 24-25 1. Chimane Adams 18. Emogene Palmer 35. 2. Jean Ervin 19. Betty J. Collier 36. 3. Donald Dingman 20. Buena Mae Little 37. 4. Joe Wilkins 21. Bobby Johnson 38. 5. Jean Parsons 22. Jimmy Bowman 39. 6. Sandra Williamson 23. Martha Williams 40. 7. Helen Pilgrim 24. Jimmy Carter 41. 8. Jimmy Brinkley 25. Sue Crump 42. 9. Gayle Foster 26. Helen DeLashmit 43. 10. Marie Ursery 27. J. W. Barbee 44. 11. Mary Alice Klenk 28. Billy Johnson 45. 12. Gene Howell 29. Bob Craig 46. 13. Edgar Holmes 30. Bobby Stevens 47. 14. M arris Bowen 31. Peggy Power 48. 15. Bill Crenshaw 32. Melda Goin 49. 16. Bob Champer 33. Bruce Clark 50. 17. Jimmy Thompson 34. J. C. Hicks Brad Thomas Janeen Carter Elaine Childress Alice Williams Ginny Nixon Norma Jean Griffin Jo Ann Laughlin Peggy Brockwell Carol Wood Gayle Killman Shirley Brewer Pat Thomas Bill Robinson Jeff Forbes Marion Mosley Clyde Bridgewater Most Intellectual CAROL ANN D.A.R. Good Citizen MELDA Senior Who Contributed Most NORMA JEAN Most Likely to Be Remembered BILLcc ti n TONY DINGMAN and FREDA NIXONFirst row; Tony Dingman, President; Jere Fowlkes, Vice President; Donna Farris, Secretary; Anne Roller, Treasurer; Jerry Stothers. Second row; Bill Archer, Beverly Anderson, Janet Aylor, Loyce Bailey, Patricia Baker, Third row: Don Barker, Bobby Bartlett, Sherry Beaird, Imogene Birchfield, Betty Boswell. Fourth row: George Brannan, Ernest Carter, Donna Rae Chapman, Buddy Crenshaw, Johnny Crenshaw.First row: Robert DeLashmit, Lucille Dixon, Ruth Ann Dunn, Barbara Durham, Joe Elkins. Second row: Bobby Ellis, Bonnie Evins, Dan Fisher, Beverly Gifford, Bruce Gray. Third row: Katherine Glpnn, Charles Grissom, Bill Harding, James Hickey, Betty Hill. Fourth row: James Hill, Charlotte Irby, Donna Faye Jones, Lee Wood Jones, Jerry Joyner.First row: Tommy Kennedy, Maxine Key, Shirley Lantrip, Harrold Littlejohn, Mary Louise Loft. Second row: Jimmy Long, Peggy Loose, Charles Malone, Claude Mitchell, Freda Nixon. Third row; Frances Phyfer, Dot Pitts, John Procter, Peggy Rast, Shirley Raumer. Fourth row: Mary Eleanor Ray, Larry Reed, Gretchen Routen, Marshall Roland, Carolyn Sanders.First row: Mary Lee Screws, Bobby Joe Stevens, Mary Jane Sunderland, Sue Nan Tackett, Harold Taylor. Second row-. Virginia Thompson, Delfina Trotti, Peggy Ursery, Betty Sue Webb, Charcie Wilhelm. Third row; Dorothy Williams, Billie Jean Wortham, Richard Wyatt, Carroll Rast, David Brown. Fourth row; Eddie Goal, Billy Spencer. Not Pictured: Donald Ewing, Harriet Brent, Eva Lee Davis, Bertha Haley.Ed Haley President Jimmy Sunderland Vice President Cheri Willoughby Secretary Mary Ann Forbes Treasurer Billy Dave Abby Clarence Adams Mary Glen Badgett SherrirBallard Jo Ann Barbee Naomi Bowen Joe Boyd Babs Buford Jo Ann Campbell Terry Cannon Beverly Crawford Ronald Crawford Shirley Crenshaw James Cunningham Peggy Curlin Billy Daniels Bayne Dobbins Gene Ewing Beny Ferguson Virginia FloodWanda Gamer Sue Goforth Dean Guyer Melinda Haley Linda Hardy Tim Harris Barbara Hickey Janice Hill Jimmy Hill Harold Hines Jimmy Howell Jerry Huff Jeanelle Hulin Annette Johnson Ronald Johnson Thelma Laughlin Pat Loonam Gene Machin Bobby Medford Pat Manges Roselind Mosley Mary Jo Oglesby Richard Oglesby Gordon OldhamCharlene Parker Patsy Parker Eddie Phipps Betty Pierce Carol Potter Carol Reece Curtis Rhodes Judy Roller Nancy Rooks Jerry Sawyer Margaret Serena Donna Siniard Georgia Sixsmith Judy Stone Louis Ticer Spurgeon Todd Katherine Trotter Jane Tucker Zella Twilla Zula Twilla Jeanne Warren Cookie Watkins Jean White Floyd WilderEdward Barbee Mona Barnes James Glenn Betty Hill Joe Kvederls Dorris Ross Tommie Wilkinson Ebby Williams Malcolm Williams Glenn Winningham Robert Williams Jeanette Wood AVAILABLE Anita Henderson Geraldine Wallace Carl Crimmins John Delashmit Jackie Neal George Reeves Richaid Roberson Freddie YoungGLENDA KAY SMITH and BILLY OSTEENLucille Armstrong Mary Arrowood Culyse Blair Gladys Blalock Sandra Blodgett Jerry Bradford Marris Bradley Phyllis Braswell Richard Bray Bobby Bryan Jane Brousseau Gordon Brower Malcolm Brown Stanley Brown Ronnie Bruce Sylverine Bryan Helen Bryeans Jenny Burns Barbara Butler Larry Butler Sherry Butts Rebecca Childress Maude Clark Libby Cocke Juanita Coax Patrick Connelly Clinton Crabtree Bobby Culp_ Mickey Daniel Joy Daniels Julia Edmiston Virginia Edwards Sammie Drane Betty DeLashmit Bessie DavisDoris Everton Buddy Ferguson Billy Forbes Michael Fuller Lois Gay Ronald Goldsby Francis Grosjean Donna Harmon Kelly Hill Bobby Hinkley Philip Hobbs Bobby Hodges Gene Holmes Anna Kay Holmgren Jean Houston Otis Howell Judy Jackson Billy James Hayes Jamison Franklin Johnson Frank Jones Newell Jones Patsy Jones Maxine Joshlin Evon Joyner Robert Keefer Alice Kirkland Barbara Ann Klenk Bobby Knatt Gladys Kopp Clarence Lantrip Bill Larson Barbara Larsh Pricilla Lee Sidney LifeCharlene Little Kay Longmire Barbara Lyle Pat Marble Donald Marcey Abe Massey Ray McKee Howard Michael Margaret Miller Beverly Newton Jerry Nixon Tinker Norris Agnes Oglesby Billy Osteen Thomas Parimore Carolyn Proctor James Rast Jimmy Rast Faye Ray Hazel Rice Mary Ann Rice Ethel Roberts Jo Ann Roberts Shirley Roberts Helen Ross Floyd Rowland Joyce Sanders Authur Sartain Dianne Shores Anuel Sigler Connie Sigler Mary Ann Sigler Lee Opal Skinner Doris Smith Linda ProctorGlenda Kay Smith Gloria Faye Smith Jan Smith Joe Spencer Peggy Stuart Margie Stone Harold Street Richard Tacket Danny Taylor Don Taylor Woodson Thomas Glenda Thompson Virginia Thurmond Barbara Tierney Nadine Tidwell Sartdra Townsley Kay Todd Barbara Tucker Tindell Tyler Richard Ward Carl Weddle Carolyn Wells Thomas Whitlock Billie Jean White Gloria Whitehead Wayne Whitten Linda Wilder Frances Williams Grace Williams Not pictured: Melvin Sanders Mona Jean Sanders Edward Shelby Tommy Sherrill(tcctuvi 'pacufry MR. CLYDE FORSYTH Eighth Grade MRS. a E. McKINNIS Eighth Grade MR. LEON BRANUM Eighth GradeHi MRS. MOONEY BOSWELL Seventh Grade MR. EDWIN RAY Seventh Grade MRS. WILLIAM L. OSTEEN Seventh GradeTop row: Joyce Adcock and Orville Alvin. Second row: Katherine Armstrong, Pat Barber, Bill Barnes, John Bean, Elizabeth Black, Faye Black. Third row: Wanda Blaylock, Sandra Bray, Billy Joe Burress, Roger Busbee, Benny Byrd, Betty Byrum. Fourth row: Helen Cannon, Jerry Carpenter, Jean Carter, John Carter, Mimi Lee Cates, Jeannie Childress. Fifth row: Aileen Chapman, Wilkie Cox, Frank Coyle, G. G. Crenshaw, John Paul Dennis, Janene Dunavant.Top row: Minnie Lee Dixon, Karen Downing, Carolyn Dunn, Kenneth Dunn, Paul Durham, Evins, Kenneth Fitzgerald. Second row: Gayle Fogle, Ann Fowlkes, Daisy Gates, Stephen Gifford, Brenda Gorrell, Donald Goslin, Wanda Hanks. Third row: Ardala Harding, Ella Henderson, Earnest Hickey, Dick Hoch, Glenda Huff, Dena Jenkins, Peggy Kelly. Fourth row: Kathy Kingsley, Wanda Kuykendall, Bettye Loft, Taze Lofton, Michael Mach, Mary Elizabeth Martin, Sue Mattix. Fifth row: Robert May, Charley Moffat, Barbara Moody, Carolyn Morrissett, Nell Oates, Ann Parker, Gloria Pike.Britton Pitts Ernest Pitts Marie Pitts Ginger Powell Billye Power Rhetta Raggett Mamie Reeves Peggie Rice Shirley Rice Evelyn Roberson Marshea Roffman Karolyn Rose Jamie Ross Priscilla Sagonowig Dorothy Sanders Too Busy Shirley Crisp William Petty Donald Gray Billy Joe Phigrim Robert Thomas Langland Douglas Pinson Stephen McGee Betty Sue White Jeannie Siniard James Smith Maxine Smith Paul Stroud Bobby Thurmond Barbara Sue Todd Carol Todd Jackie Todd Johnny Turner Joan Vaughn Rex Waits C. B. Webb Earl White Rogers Whitten Leonard Wilder Herbert Wilkerson Eddie Williams Susan Wilson Michael Woods Joan YearwoodRoy Aaron James Armstrong Jimmy Armstrong Glenn Arnold Elizabeth Bagby James Baird Bobby Baker Jerry Ballard Merry Barnes Ned Bennett Shirley Blaylock Jimmy Box Billy Boyd Janis Bradshaw David Braswell Billy Burkett Bobby Burress Johnny Carter Doris Costello Cecil Crawford Marcia Danielson Carolyn DeLashmit Gerald Dempsey Ronnie Dempsey Betty Dennis Glenn Dickerson Pat Dobbins Larry Durham Janice Ferguson Bobby FisherTop row: Joan Floyd, Patricia Forsythe, June Funderburk, Gordon Gifford, Jeannie Goldsby, Paul Grantham, Bobby Gray. Second row: Larry Jo Hall, Jimmy Hanks, Geraldine Harvey, Roberta Hickey, Darrell Holmgren, Judith Huffman, J. C. Jeffery. Third row: Alice Johnson, Linda Johnson, Deloris Kennedy, Nancy Kennedy, Julia Kelsey, Sandra Kuykendall, Bobbie Laird. Fourth row: Dianna Lettin, Barbara Kindley, Richard Lollar, Martha Longmire, Dianne Loose, Patricia Loft, Jackie Lynch. Fifth row: Patricia Martin, William Martin, Gene McClure, Steve McFarland, Charles McKim, Gloria McMillin, Phil McNamara. Sixth row: James McQuarri s, Henry Millican, Judy Moley, Jerry Montgomery, Wilbur Montgomery, Patricia Morehead, David Mosley.Richard Osburn Jean Owen Karlos Palacious Jimmy Pendergrass Ann Perry Gary Rast Helen Remington Joan Roberson Clarence Roland James Ross Ray Scroggins Mike Shroyer Jerry Skinner Billy Smith Bobby Smith Carolyn Smith Machiehie Mount Barbara Smith Hurbert Thurmond William Tierney Jerry Twinley Kathleen Tyer Joe Tyler Mona Waits Claudia Walker Nancy Ward Patsy Wilkerson James Wray Donna Smith Lester Smith Larry Stephens Carolyn Suggs Skip Taylor Sue Taylor Harold Ticer Bill Tierney Hubert Thurmond Kathy Tyer Keith Uffleman Clifford Wade Mona Waits Claudia Walker Patsy Wilkerson Thomas Winberry Sue White Nancy Wood James Wray Beverly Young Photo notCHORUS s4ctivctte6 FOOTBALL TEAM C H E E R L E A D E R S 4-H CLUB BASKETBALL TEAM‘ilfta i Sc tcoC s4t tCetcc4Coaches WARD IE HARVEY and ROBERT MOORE Co-Captains BRUCE CLARK DUDLEY AKINCHEERLEADERS Center: Letty Ward. Left to right: Norma Jean Griffin, Freda Nixon, Alice Williams, Virginia Nixon, Rosalind Mosley, Donna Harmon, Ann Roller. TRI-HI-Y Left to right: Virginia Nixon, Janice Hill, Peggy Brock well, Janeen Carter, Charcie Wilhelm, Freda Nixon, Rosalind Mosley. "B" TEAM Standing: Bobby Bartlett, Richard Roberson, Gene Ewing, Jere Fowlkes, Bobby Joe Stevens, James HilL Kneeling: Tommy Wood, Carroll Rast, Robert DeLashmit, Jerry Strothers, Tommy Kennedy, Don Tyler, Charles Grissom. Coach: Edwin Ray. UtcC s4ctcvctie School Queen and Escort NORMA JEAN GRIFFIN and MAURICE ROBERTS Girls' State Representative BETTY BOSWELL Boys' State Representative JERE FOWLKES Valedictorian GAIL KILLMAN Salutatorian CAROL ANN WOODCAMERA club TRI-HI-Y student COUNCIL CHORUS CLUBTROJAN STAFF LIBRARY STAFF CHOW TIME MR. BILL AND MRS. TAYLOR6y( 0 ? _ rH - N. T -ix « vfe “5 rr -CU su ' 7yh kt J f ■ jTseTfrl fe .- SoJUSJJlVi Uy 3 y. v c f CWP W $ £ - ia 9 A CjU Mo “s£ a. C r ytfc, SL JxIj!- Jhyrwj %-J « J e . Sk. - 5 " Abm c . 2W-£X ft. 44-5 4-C '=r 'J c- Ay 2 (Zc ry v;, w- AfAy PAAlQAIj- Uu ftl-_______ Q ) t j H-p=xJI 4 2 «c — - SLJUw, ay M sy ' 7 ;fff 4 0 l5X 3 CmX 5 24 pp!fa U r foi . %(|UA 'foc Jbcty Qirfrty Mixo jsr tcuLa y!ui4 (Z L4U rf Jn % jLh' u LaJ CsuvCfca ■■braJU C Lvd- f f lta X k J yy S lT J stjjLu yY fc J71 NWl JlfHAWOiK) Afit 13 Tsj oUi i X h. )a j■ Vk« X . Or! L QJ-aSml yyfi Z jtsys jOutv 'll Pj XS , if ( -t tXJfv (2 - OhMeA+td) pREo C. GfiU ft far ’f 'ft ft be K xPP ) yL.JC X l yu- C. tZ. djnyZfc — 4-W 3 l p} t ' J@ njJtM,, ► c 'f i Your Local Newspaper VALE. WILLIAM T-HC SOM S Printing and Office Supplies INSURANCE 5116 Easley Street Phone 46-X Millington, Tennessee Compliments of 4—1.53. Ml ITC4-4ELL o LIU12.UCV TTZvLCTOTZ COMPANY Ford Tractors and Dearborn Farm Equipment Sales and Service 396 N. Main Phone 5-0283 COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Millington’s Most Modern Air Conditioned Shop Phone 160-W 5035 Navy Road Compliments of MAVOIZ a.'u.di K llZ5-I1ZA OT -E M 54-JAW C 1 — 11— For Better Living e AILGV Rent from “We Sell the Best and Service the Rest” Your Radio, TV Service Shop Millington, Tennessee 4LOIVles INC. 4946 Navy Rd. Phone 111 "Xc BIG I_-A l_J M C?TZ.V' Complete Cleaning and Laundry Se rvice Pickup and Delivery Service J. H. SEPP Phone 1 96 4952 Navy Road Millington, Tennessee Where Prices Are Right and Clerks Polite o Owner, E. T. 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We made it! - photographs, snaps, dummies, copy sheets, ads, publisher’s deadlines, subscription campaigns, finances - all for this one book. NOW IT’S DONE! WE HOPE YOU LIKE IT.A LITHOGRAPHED - YEARBOOK DALLAS TEXAS

Suggestions in the Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) collection:

Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Millington High School - Trojan Yearbook (Millington, TN) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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