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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1952 volume:

- 1 5 N 1 m H f 4 ,,.. V, - --- --.,,,Y..-V, . fr . - .V -fVY-- . -, 7.,-7. 403 vii 'Wan A nr ,ern ,wp mi... .wx ,fx ' . 4 will I W on AX' f., S ia V if .rf W.-ur mfs ww W WW wif 1M v KY' qi, n 1 U K V WN . wr 'M ,Q 1. 3' tg, ,, 1 .f . ,ma 2-fgi ix 5 in . N -vQ - m.. , W if vga 34,wmWWmxEf1 '5 ,M NQQQMQWKQQ3 ggi ,.,. ' IW, W - 2' N 9 ' -'I hh- xwmggp V Km A , WU' Wi ' ' is M g!KK mQcH ' P- i - Q 'X WG , an 4 Q Q a-.....,.., 3 vw f-Mi S in a . ,ef F if ? .V Hg ,, . ..,. , -4- .13 .H I 3.1 I -1. if v LN -.4 i 2 , 5 . ' . .Ah 1 ,, ' -4, na- .n J.. x.. V ,N . L .,-l.l,w I mari ,az 'Wh' - ,1 , , . ,, A.. Q n ' A he B . 1 .-'Li if .-.15-ig: .El -Li ' 1 1 n , .1 . cgi' ,,-:rj 89 535353 kxxsg, WWW Q Q W ' I W W gm? M 'Mhz WW xg-gm x w Q wx XxSw5 M017 X. X SX 5.x x 333333553 ,S R' Wi Lgi ..4l '- 41 , ,jxclicafion To Mrs. Floy Harris, who through her patience and understanding has led us to the close of our high school careers, we wish to dedicate this-our 1952 Annual-in an effort to express our grateful appre- ciation for those qualities which have made her an outstanding sponsor, ,x WX Mrs. Floy Harris rincyafl mwaay The senior class of 1952, the largest class in the long his- tory of our school, will go out into a world at a time that is perhaps more uncertain than any we have known before. Many of you have been undecided about planning for the future and you wonder just what is to happen to you and to your world. However, I feel that out of unusual and difficult times strong fibers may be developed that will add to the greatness of our nation. I hope that we have been able to instill within each of you the proper foundations of character that will cause you to be real men and women, whatever the times may be. We, the faculty, are proud of you and we hope for you the best things in life. Qi, wr fvvi' , ' I 11131, .N 4 N My 'A iw 25 N 1 I I ' Vis Y Yiinfiy 'K l X Ks 1 . ' X ' wxffk, ' 1' M 's y H' xx X 'Q 'nrfif-' Q N Y wg -5 :fs lk 4 fly, ' 'l 1 'Wuh- hi .gs Q. gl N . N .qvw Q ki iggx - im , - . ,Aer ,X mu. 4 'Q Y , ,. N ,143 F-s 'en if 1 J 'fa' .N . Q M 0 ex , A . x :X N 0. x . J ww, ',. , ' Q X X v Q v an 1 3 XR , X Q X Ally I? ' 1 ' - 1 :Ss ' 'X x V 51 xxx. 001101116 S N SFX 5 X X x Q A . N Y- Q 'SN ' 4 Q Q s X Q X N MR. R. D. TAYLOR History MRS. EDNA DOBIAS Senior Engllsh MISS LOUISE SCOTT Social Sciences English MR. LEE MILES Coach Health and Phys. Ed. MR. W. B. STROUP Agriculture MISS ELIZABETH GLENN Librarian MRS. FRED BOETTCI-IER Twine English MR. BOB BANNISTER Biology 8th Grade Mathematics Ir. High Coach MR. GLENN SWART Coach Physical Education Mathematics MRS. VIRGINIA SANDERS Health Physical Education English MRS. NINA CHAMBERS Home Economics English MR. E. C. NEMITZ Science ffqa fm with MRS, KATHLEEN TENNANT Mathematics MISS CATHERINE SMIT Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping MRS. FLOY HARRIS Languages 'KM MRS VIVIAN HARRISON Home Econom1cs MR. BRUCE REYNOLDS Chorus MR. ROBERT DITTO Band N 5 I if , R 99 Q9 ,x M 'O W .742 nop cy Two bums meet on a street corner. Mo says to Io, Io, you character, how are you? Io says, Mo, what do you know? I haven't seen you since way back when. Wonder what ever happened to our old classmates of '52? I saw Marvelene Pitts, who is still a tele- phone operator, the other day, and she came up with the following dope. E. C. Chapman, Al Capone's successor, is hiding out in Helen Galigher's boarding house. His secretary, Shirley Akin, is catch- ing up on her reading. Among the novels she is reading is the best seller, Gone With the Men, written by Peggy Lane. Maurice Starnes, a traffic cop, stopped the President of the National Athletic Association for speeding the other day and was on the verge of giving him a ticket when he discov- ered it was his old buddy, Glenn Dodds, still executive minded. Myrtle Melton is now playing Irma on the My Friend Irma Show. Alma Fears is traveling with the circus to continue her minute-by-minute news bulletins of People From the Monkey's Point of View. It you see a Sherman tank wrecking cars on Highway 51 and listen closely you might hear Billy Red Oates gleefully yelling Heh, Heh! more business for Dad! Rodnay Vandiveer, with the Cardinals, just broke Babe Ruth's home run record. Ieanette and Geneva Turnage have just scads of money they got by posing for Which Twin Has the Toni? . Harold Bailey, who is principal of Milling- ton High School, is becoming a nervous wreck. His condition was caused by the present stu- dents' lack of respect tor anything and every- thing. His trusty psychiatrist is Dr. George Medford. Ioanne Drew, as a leading criminologist, has succeeded in bursting a nationwide nar- cotics ring. Touring Europe as a tumbling act in the circus are lean Lyle and Ioyce Cobb. Ioanne Foshee's medical ambitions led her into the patent medicine field where she came up with a new tonic, Foshee's Miracle Medi- cine. No one can imagine M. C. H. S. Without its painters or without Shirley Gammon, so her drape shape now adorns the painting scaffold outside of Mr. Taylor's room. Donald Rast is knocking around the Medi- terranean on a banana boat. That informa- tion came from Grace Wilson, a can-can girl in a Paris cafe. Bob Hines gave up his efforts to join Don- ald on the banana boat and became an in- structor at Arthur Murray's studio. On the society page you might see a photo of Mary Io Bach serving tea at one of her ultra socialite parties. The most extensive butterfly collection in the U. S. is owned by Ioe Chidester. A star of the women's roller derby is Eve- lyn Stevens who thought this sport would keep her nurses' training in demand. Billy Weeks is a friendly relationship am- bassador to foreign countries. Bobby Mitchell created a new vehicle, the Pontiacbuickac, a combination airplane, sub- marine, and automobile. I It seems a new club, Management of Mighty Midgets by Modern Mothers has be- come popular in Shelby County. Officers in the club are Dorma McKinney, who whoops 'um-Ruth Ayers, who mixes formulas-Dora Lee Williams, who changes diapers-Bobbie lean Rea, who rocks 'um to sleep-and Mona Posey, who bounces 'um. Milton Peck is chief advisor to the harried housewives. At last, a replacement for Bill Gordon. Iohn Smith coasted into a job ready made for his natural talents. The theme song for his platter party is Sixty Minute Man. Curtis Person owns a big chain of service stations across the Mid-South. Mary Frances Carter finally made it to Texas and settled down on her Lazy Day Ranch. Her champion cowpuncher is Travis Roberts. Frank Iones doesn't let his weight-lifting career monopolize his time. His relaxing hob- bies are gymnastics and wrestling. The University of Tennessee football team, coached by Donald Scott, just won the good sportsmanship trophy of the year. Peggy Iames' clothes consciousness has narrowed to a special field. She puts out the original, hand-made, personally designed, out- standing bow ties for masculine men. Fast talking Von Whitlock is her special agent to see that the ties go to the right people. Another Kerrvillite, Paul Dunn, spends his time campaigning for honest elections to get his Democratic candidate into office. Marilyn Gill is the versatile secretary who sits on the Boss's lap at Franklin Laundry- Cleaners in Memphis. Sylvia Holcomb, Henry Brint, and Loyce Fitzsimmons have teamed up to make the hot- test three-piece band in the nation. Ruth Reed is still bent over a tablet but it isn't bookkeeping figures that flow from her fingertips-it's 'a new comic strip which is fast replacing Dick Tracy. One who did find bookkeeping profitable is Dot Crump, who somehow manages to keep the Pentagon books straight. Since Marian Marshall is still determined to reach the moon, Eddie Gibson stopped his engineering work on the Trans-Atlantic Bridge long enough to design her a rocketship. Patty Io Robinson has taken up yodeling and discovered she has quite a talent for it. She now stars on the Grand Ol' Op'ry. Iac'y Stubbs came up with a perpetual motion machine which even baffles the na- tion's foremost scientist, Betty Lou Trotter. In the ladies' hosiery business is multi- millionaire lake Carter, whose idiosyncrasy is buying cars that don't run. Much of his money, Iake donates to Bob- bie Io Pitts for laboratory research work. Minnie Mae Smith is manager of a swank Los Angeles dress shop. Hervey Aycock, who got his start painting Trojan signs, is employed as window decorator, and Carole Hanley mod- els dresses designed by Cheri Kiebel. lohn E. Ticer, Calvin Bright's bodyguard, socked Dick Haymes to give Calvin the lead in a movie that was his step to stardom. Cal- vin has the crowd swooning with his croon- ing while Mary Ann Bartlett, a dynamic law- yer ,protects his interests and Ioanne Hill, as editor of the New York Times, sees that he gets publicity. Buzzy Hoffman's early career prepared him for his thriving pawn shop business. Bob DuBose found keeping his mouth shut and his ears open had its benefits, especially in writing a gossip column. In the doctor, lawyer, Indian chief category we find Buddy jackson, Bob Ponds and Charles Burns, respectively. Shirley Anderson recently went into the Beaded belt and moccasin business. One who let her patriotism run away with her is Dessie Grantham, now sentenced to the hospital after donating too much blood to the Red Cross. Billy Robinson is the strong silent horse doctor. His assistant nurse is Ioanne Hulse- berg. ' Beverly Wylie is carrying her broad Mil- lington education to benefit the native of lower Liberia. Another in the missionary field is Peggy Massey, attempting to reform the headhunters of South America. One lucky person hit the jackpot on a quiz program by knowing where Germanim was discovered. Hence Gerald Waymon is vaca- tioning in Sun Valley, Idaho. Theme writing for frustrated English stu- dents is a growing business for Carolyn Ladd. Oh, yes, Iune Bradford is a torch singer. Behind-the-scenes girl, Iqyce DeHaas, writes the script that keeps Dean Martin and Ierry Lewis on top. Neither class, nor prophecy is complete without its lack of all Trades and in this case Kenneth Childress fills the bill. If you haven't guessed, the two bums, Mo and Io were Dale Hallman and Peggy I-fall, which brings us to the end of our prophecy. 'Huw GLENN DODDS -- 4-H Club l-2-3, Basketball 2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, Foot- ball 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Math. Club 3-4, Beta Club 3-4, Hi-Y 4, M Club 3-4, Volunteer Boy's State 3. MARY CARTER - Girls' Basketball l-2-3, Home EC, Club l-2, Student Council 2-3-4, Beta Club 3-4, Volun- teer Girls' State 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Trojan Stall 4, Annual Editor 4, DAR. Rep- resentative 4, Class Vice-President 2-4, Pep Squad President 4 EL SS UFFICEHS RODNEY VANDIVEER - Basketball l-2-3-4, Baseball l-2-3-4, M Club 4, Ir Class Vice-President, Sr Class Secretary. PEGGY IO HALL-Chorus 2, Beta Club 3-4, Math Club 3-4, Pep Squad 4, Annual Stall 4, Trojan Stall 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. Y Q AGEE HOFFMAN - Football 2-3-4. Track 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, M Club 3-4, FFA. 2-4, Hi-Y 4. GRACE WILSON - Gxrls' Basket- ball l, Beta Club 3-4, Chorus 2-3. Annual Stall 4. 'Y' MARY ANN BARTLETT - Library Assistant 3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4. 3 DOROTHY CRUMP - 4-H l, Math Club 4. BILLY WEEKS-Football 1-2-3-4, All County Football 3-4, Basketball l-2 3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Track 2, HM' Club 2-3-4, Math Club 3-4, Hi-Y 4 Annual Stall 4. PAUL DUNN-FFA. 2-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Football 4. SHIRLEY ANDERSON - Home Ec. Club 2-3-4, Pep Squad 4, Chorus 3. I EVELYN STEVENS-Home EC, Club l-2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4, Basketball 3. BETTY IEAN LA NG. MILTON PECK - F.F.A. l-2, Base- ball 4, Football 3, 4-H Club l-2-3 X BILLY ROBINSON- M Club 2-3-4. F.F.A. 4, Football 1-2-3-4, All-County Track 3-4, Track 2-4. RUTH REED-Home EC. Club l-2. MARVELENE PITTS - Chorus l-2, Home Ec. Club 2, Trojan Stall 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Basketball 1-2-3, Pep Squad 4. :. , ' AI ..., IOYCE DeHAAS - Sewing Club -Southwest High, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Cheer- leader 4. IOHN ED TICER - F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. Beta Club 3-4, Basketball 4, 4-H Club 4. CALVIN BRIGHT-Manager ol Foot- ball l, Football 2-3-4, All-County Football 4, Basketball 2-3, Annual Stall 4, Hi-Y 4, Track 3-4. PEGGY MASSEY-Basketball 3, MARY IO BACH-Library Club l Iel- SHIRLEY GAMMON - Home EC. Club l, Cheerleader 4. HEBVEY AYCOCK-Football l-2-3, Basketball l-4, Track 2-4, M Club 2-3-4, Hi-Y President 4, Math Club 3-4, Trojan Staff 4, 4-H Vice-Pres ident l-2, Baseball 4. terson High School, Y Teens 3 Mt. Sterling City High, Latin Club, Pres- ident Tri-Hi-Y 4, Math Club 4, Shel- by County and Memphis Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Council. DBBY MITCHELL - 4-H Club 1-2- l, Math Club 3-4, Hi-Y Club 4 CAROLE HANLEY-Chorus l, Home EC. Club l-2, Trojan Staff 1-2-3-4, Fri- Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4, Armucxl Stall 4. IEANETTE TURNAGE - Beta Club 3-4. GENEVA TURNAGE-Beta Club 3-4 BOB HINES-Football 2-3-4, FFA. Hi-Y 4, Track 3-4. 4 5 DONALD RAST-FFA. l-2-3-4, Live- stock Iudging Contest Z-3. ALMA FEARS - Song Leader of 4-H Club 1-2, Glee Club 1-2-3, FHA. Club Z, Librarian 2-3, Basketball Team 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 4. PATTYE IO ROBINSON-Chorus 2- 3-4, Home EC, Club l-2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4. 'feqfif DESSIE GRANTHAM - Home E Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 2-3-4, Pe Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. EDDIE GIBSON - Math Club 3-4 Basketball 4, Baseball 4. HAROLD BAILEY-Foolball 3-4, M Club 3-4, Class Treasurer 3. DALE HALLMAN - Home EC. Club l, Chorus l-2, Tri-Hi-Y ,4 Pep Squad 4, Annual Staff 4. IOANNE FOSHEE - Basketball 1-2- 3-4, Home EC. Club l-2-3-4, 4-H Club 3, Math Club 4, Pep Squad 4, Chorus l-Z-4, All-Star Girls' Basket- ball. CAROLYN LADD-Home EC. Club l-2, Annual Staff 4. GERALD WAYMON - Band 4, Hi- Y 4 'Nil' ' ' 'SQ '45, MAURICE STARNES - Math Club 4, Hi-Y 4, Annual Staff 4. MARIAN MARSHALL - Home EC, Club l-2, Trojan Staff 2-3, Co-Editor of Trojan Staff 4, Beta Club 3-4, Math Club 3-4, Pep Squad 4, Tri- H1-Y 4, Girls' Basketball 2-3-4. hw IOYCE COBB - Basketball 1-2-3-4, MARILYN GILL - Home EC. Clul: I-2, Beta Club 3-4, Chorus 2-3, Pep Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 4, Tro- ian Staff 4, Annual Staff 4. E. C. CHAPMAN - Beta Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4, 4-H Club 1-2, Stu- dent Council 3-4, I QEORGE MEDFORD -- Football l- IOANNE HULSEBERG - Beta Club 4, Track Z-3-4, Basketball 3, M lub 3-4, F.F.A. Club l-2, Hi-Y 4. DANNE HILL -- Home EC. Club l- -3, Trojan Stall l-3, C0-Editor of rojan 4, Beta Club 3-4, Math Club -4, Pep Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Girls' asketball l-2-3-4. PEGGY IAMES - Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4, 3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Annual Stall 4, Pep Squad 4. BUDDY IACKSON - Football 1-3-4. Math Club 3-4, Hi-Y 4, M Club 4, Basketball Manager, Trojan Staff 4. CHARLES BURNS - Math Club 4' 'IEAN LYLE - Basketball 2-3-4, M Club 3.41 pbotball 3-4' All, Math Club 4, Home Ec. Club 4, County Football 4, Basketball 3, Baseball 3. , IUNE BRADFORD - Math Club 3-4 Chorus 3, Pep Squad 4, Home Ec. Club l-2-3-4. BEVERLY WYLIE - Home EC. Club Pep Squad 4, Chorus 3-4, 4-H Club l, Volley Ball l, Tri-Hi-Y 4. CURTIS PERSON - Math Club 3-4, Band l-2-3-4, Beta Club 3-4, Foot- ball Manager, Chorus 2, Latin Club l-2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4, Chorus 2, 4-H Club l. ti HENRY BRINT-Band I-2-3-4, Math Club 3-4, Hi-Y 4, Band Reporter 4. BOBBIE PITTS - Moth Club 3-4, MYRTLE MELTON-Chorus 4, Math Club 4. land 2, Pep Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. VON WHITLOCK - F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. CHERI KIEBEL-Trojan Stuff 4. DONALD SCOTT - Football 3-4, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-4, F.F,A. 1-2-3-4, M Club 3-4, Hi-Y 4. SYLVIA HOLCOMB - Glee Club l. Spanish Club 2, Commercial Club 2, Band 2-4, International Typing Honor Society 4. I HELEN GALIGHER - Girls' Basket- PEGGY LANE-Tri-Hi-Y 4, 4-H Club 1-2, F.H.A. 1-2, Class President 1. Basketball 2-3, Trojan Staff 4. l. C. CARTER - Football 1-2-3-4, Football Captain 4, Basketball l-2-3, Track 2-3, M Club 2-3-4, M Club Vice-President, M Club President. Hi-Y 4, 4-H Club 1-2. ball 1, F.H.A. l, Latin Club 2, Beta Club 3-4, Math Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Trojan Stall 4, Pep Squad 4. 5 IOSEPH CHIDESTER-Band 3, Math Club 2, Beta Club 2. DORMA MCKINNEY - Band l-2-3-4. Band Librarran 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. MINNIE MAE SMITH-4-H Club 2-3. SHIRLEY AKIN - Home Ec. Club 1-2-3-4, Beta Club 3-4. Pep Squad 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chorus Z-3-4, Mana- ger Girls' Basketball Team 2-3. BOB PONDS-Band 1, Basketball 3 IOHN SMITH- M Club 2-3, All- County Football 2-3, Basketball 3-4. Track 3, Baseball 4. lAC'Y STUBBS - Band 1-2-3-4, Sci- ence Club 3, Girls' Club l-2-3, Soft- ball 2-3. Latin Club 2-3, Math Club 3-4. . ggi 1 BOBBIE JEAN REA - Beta Club 4 Basketball 2-3. 3 2 N- . S ' 1 . . X i ' . fa M .... ,. RUTH AYERS - Home Ec. Club 1-2 3-4, 4-H Club l-2-3-4, Math Club 3-4 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Squad 4. BILLY OATES - Basketball l-2-4. Baseball 1-2-4, Football 2-3, M Club 2-3-4, Trojan Staff 3, Math Club 3-4, Annual Stall 4. t- :F 15 1 LOYCE FITZSIMMONS-Math Club 3. Band 3-4. DORA LEE WILLIAMS - Pep Squad 4. BETTY LOU TROTTER Basketball IOANNE DREW-Majoreiie 3, Glee Club 3. Choir 3. TRAVIS ROBERTS - F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. 4-H Club l-2-3-4, Baskeiball 3-4, Football Z-3-4, M Club 4, Track 4, Baseball 4. l 2 3 4, Beta Club 34, Physlcal Ed. Teacher 2-3. FRANK IONES-F,F.A. l-2-3-4. FRANCES GUYER-Band Z, Chorus 2-3, 4-H Club 1-2. BOB DuBOSE - 4-H Club l-2-3-4, IRENE MCCANN- Beta Club 3-4, Hi-Y 4, F.F.A. 3-4, hletic Cobb, Moak At Billy Weeks, Ioyce Glenn Dodds. Best Friends ter, Carole Hanley, ' Bright lake Car Dale Hallman, Calvm .mf 'wk x D 4 Ls 15. . ! 'l 1 1 M mt' 4 66 A. W. 1 Egff 'aw?'i'w' -,Q W nv! Mm W-::wwff5V,:z'k 5 sz, it 33 -:fgfi1f,5'l'QA'fg QW 2194, bexed and os! Likew To Be Remem d'nq Personchky Outsmn x Cone: Mary Most Cuiesi 3 CROW Peqqv Lune Buddy Q Q JM: W!! am! lizamnf We, the Senior Class of '52 , being ol sad minds and sadder dispositions, do hereby in the presence of our sponsors, Mrs. Harris cmd Mr. Swart. proclaim this our last will and testament. Article I. To Mr. Miles the football boys leave all their Ubarbershop talk. Article II. To the Iunior Class we leave any debts we may have incurred in our senior year, several copies of the final history exam, and our sym- pathy. Article III. To Miss Scott. the first period economics class leaves a remuneration for pencils, band- aids, paper clips, crayons, U. S. maps, hand lotion, safety pins, rubber bands, lunch money and . . . Article IV. To the Freshmen. we leave our orderly class meetings and our good sportsmanship when we lose elections. Article V. Billy Red Oates has expressed his last wish-that Mr. Bill become the guardian of his beloved cat, Snowball Mary Io Bach leaves her knitting to Bruce Clark. Dixie Ieter becomes the proud owner of Ioanne Hulseberg's Yankee sympathies. Milton Peck leaves his inconspicuity to Tommie Io Rankin. Shirley Gammon leaves her long eyelashes to Lillie Belle Sanders. Ioanne Foshee leaves her blase attitude to some naive Freshman. Iohn Ed Ticer wills his gift of gab to quiet, lit says herel Larry Eastwood. Myrtle Melton wants Francis Parsons to have all of her bounce, Sylvia Holcomb leaves her keen eyesight to the Shelby County basketball referees. Charles Burns' shocked expression goes to Miss Glenn. Helen Galigher leaves her dignity to Carol Lee Delp. Calvin Bright, who can be the happiest or the saddest person around, feels that Payton Hodges would be more interesting if he had some of Calvin's moodiness. Mary Carter leaves several inches of her height to Sharon Stubbs. Grace Wilson wants Mary Alice Klenk to make use of her tap shoes tif she can get them onl. Dot Crump leaves her executive ability to Richard McCullough. so he can give orders too. Ioe Chidester leaves that walk of his to Loyce Ann Bailey. Billy Robison. who has always been the class mystery-man, Wants Marlene New- berry to try a little silence. Billy Weeks wants Ierry Peck to have his perpetual crew-cut. Beverly Wylie leaves her quiet ways to Mary lane Boyett. Travic Roberts wants Ferman Sheppard to throw away a few of the books and try Travis' happy-go-lucky existence. Hervey Aycock feels that Cheerleader Margie Maddox could use his excellent vocal cords. Ruth Reed leaves her pug-nose to Clayton Dietrich. Iac'y Stubbs wants Terry King to try a lit- tle of her independence. Iohn Smith's innumerable admirers go to Ray Funderburlc. Cheri Kiebel leaves her bottle of Tintair to Margie Maddox. Carolyn Ladd wants Ioyce Iones to have her Honey-Chile personality. Ioyce DeHaas' hiccup, Bobbie Pitts' snort, Dessie Grantham's snicker, and Bob Hines' chuckle . . . all become Iames Medford's to add to all those other odd noises he makes. Donald Rast leaves his nice smile to Billy Iohnson. Mary Ann Bartlett leaves her petiteness to Ona lane Autery. Frank Iones wonders how Letty Ward would look wearing his stoic expression. lean Lyle leaves her devilish expression to Ralph Parsons. Ioanne Drew wants the Millington boys to like Navy-Blue as much as she does, Evelyn Stevens wills her pretty red hair to Shelba Hicks. since Shelba's every other sentence is l wish I had red hair. George Medford and Carole Hanley leave their seat in the back of study hall to Warren Perry and Francis Phyfer. Peggy lames leaves her expression, Cut up! to Mavis Van Peenen. Buzzy Hoffman wants to see how Faye Webb would look with his happy skip. loyce Cobb's sportsmanship goes to all the girls who make the intra-mural teams next year. Henry Brint's place in the band goes to Dona Rae Chapman. Dorma McKinney leaves her ability to keep out of trouble to Morris Bowen. Harold Bailey leaves his tough look to George Bouldein. Dora Lee Williams, one of young marrieds, hopes that Peggy Powers gets her man, too. Bob Ponds. who seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, transfers his burden to Carolyn Coclce. Kenneth Childress leaves his blond hair to Ruby Whitlock. ' Iune Bradford leaves her ability to get along with people to Bernice Fogelman. Curtis Person is kind in leaving his riches to Davideen Beaird. so she can buy more cos- rnetics. Marvelene Pitts' ability to mix up words goes to any future comedian. Ruth Ayers leaves her sewing for Iames Durham to finish. Glenn Dodds is dying to see how Bill Hard- ing would look with his sideburns. Marilyn Gill wants Mack Rice to take her place in the office next year. ' Paul Dunn leaves his love of the referees to Davy Rast. Betty Lou Trotter leaves her surplus A's to a needy Iunior. Marian Marshall wills her helplessness to Betty Boswell. Buddy Iackson feels that Donald Dingman needs his innocent look. Bobby Mitchell leaves his songbook of Hillbilly Hits to Billy Oglesby. Shirley Akin wills her mysterious source of history information to Bunny Bunteen. Patty Io Robinson leaves her cheerfulness to the faculty. Eddie Gibson leaves his intelligence to anybody with energy enough to use it. Ioanne Hill leaves her progressiveness to Wesley Brown. The pencil behind Donald Scott's ear goes to Ierry Ioyner. Gerald Waymon's wittiness goes to Buck Sykes fas if Buck needs itl. Von Whitlock wants Ianelle Brower to take his place as Miss Smith's favorite mechanic. Peggy Massey wants to see how Herbert Wells would look with her dimples. Rodney Vandiveer wills his bright shirts falso his sunglasses businessl to Ierry Faulks. Geneva and Jeanette want Harold Costello to have a double, so he can be in history and the boiler-room at the same time. Minnie Mae Smith leaves several book- reports for the Iuniors to fight over. Loyce Fitzsimmons leaves his pessimism to IoAnn Laughlin. who doesn't seem to have a single worry. Shirley Anderson leaves in her locker, a date book with Charles Burns' name on every page. Peggy Lane's soft voice goes to Anne Sheppard. This should make for a quieter school. Maurice Starnes leaves Don Taylor his 'i, women and song. Alma Fears wills her guitar to Mrs. Ten- nant. E. C. Chapman does a service for all under- classmen by leaving his good disposition to Faye Ellis. Bobby DuBose leaves his headaches to the next years' letter-man on the Annual staff. Bobbie Iean Rea leaves her pretty eyes to any Femme-Fatale. lake Carter leaves Billy Robinson and Null Tucker to carry on the traditions of The Old Gang. Peggy Io Hall and Dale Hallman leave be- cause the rest of the class does. Q gl My X SSQw Q xx R wx A xx NSA S Nm 1 MQ, ll-1 HOME ROOM Row l-Mavis Van Peenan, Clara Oglesby, Barbara Hill, Margie Maddox, Peggy Carpenter, Shirley Pearce, Carol Lee Delp, Ann Sheppard. Row 2- Bill Bandy, Fuller Todd, Greta Gorrell, Ona lane Autery, Nancy Sunderland, Carolyn Roberts, Iimmy Klenk, Mrs Boettcher. Row 3-Iames Wiseman, Iames Medford, Billy Oglesby, Ray Funderburk, Bob Sigler, lames Durham, ll-2 HOME ROOM Row l-lane Moss, Mary lane Boyette, Annelle Palmer, Floy Peek, Mary Dee Chapman, Io Ann Bun- teen, Tommie Ioe Rankin, Monte Smith, Patty Duteil. Row 2-Mrs. Chambers, Pansy Tate, Peggy lngle, Virgillia Skinner, Dorothy Sealy, Ruby Whitlock, Davideen Beaird, Thomas Roedel. Row 3- Frank Sykes, Herbert Wells, Walter Mitchell, Bobby Perry, Roy Iohnson, Billy Braden, Larry East- wood, Ioseph Hobbs, Richard Blair, 4-,F .... -v A.. -H -5, ll-3 HOME ROOM Row 1-Faye Ellis, Ioyce McNamara, Francis Parsons, Ioyce Iones, Carolyn Cocke, Mary Shelnut, Sara Sparks, Row 2-Dixie Ieter, Shelba Hicks, Ianelle Brower, David Ftast, Ierry Lou Rast, Ioyce Ann Woods, Patsy Twilla, Row 3-Terry King, Harold Wayne Costello, Walter MacDaniel, Iames Wilson, Don Taylor, Ierry Oates, Grady Bogue, Carl Fisher, Miss Smit. 10-1 HOME ROOM Row l-lane Balch, Mary Hutchinson, Sue Crump, Emogene Palmer, Chimane Adams, Marian Mos- ley, Norma lean Griffin, Shirley Dobbins, Mary Ann Gustavus. Row 2-Miss Scott, Ice Wilkins, Ralph Parsons, Thomas Punch, Iimmy Carter, Bruce Clark, Dudley Akin, Raymond Williams, Martha Wil- liams. Row 3-Eugene McCarty, Billy Iohnson, Pat Thomas, Wayne Perry, George Bouldein, I, C. Hicks, Clayton Dietrich. --- W- , A M.. . , .. . .,., ww 10-2 HOME ROOM Row 1-Earl Newman, Letty Ward, Alice Williams, Virginia Nixon, Doris Ayers, Bobbie Hines, Betty Collier, Ioan Fleming, Hellen DeLashmit, Donald Dingman. Row 2-l. G. Bazzett, Ianeen Carter, Melda Goin, Mrs. Tennant, Ioanne Laughlin, Faye Webb, Sammie Smith, Eudie Mae Hamilton, Iimmy Bowe man. Row 3-Brad Thomas, Iames Montgomery, Malcolm McDaniels, Bobby Champer, Tony Gross, Gene Howell, Null Tucker. 10-3 HOME ROOM How l-Bertha Haley, Shirley Brewer, Faye Albin, Charles Morehead, Elaine Chilclres, Morris Bowen, Ierry Stothers. Row 2-Mary Warren, Ierry Peck, Mary Alice Klenke, Mary Ethel Winters, Marlene Newberry, Peggy Power, lean Ervin, Sandra Williamson. Row 3-Edgar Holmes, Eugene Casey. Iimmy Thompson, Bobby Iohnson, Gene Goldsby. W A -www Y -.Y 1 . , 9-1 HOME ROOM Row 1-Virginia Thompson, Sharon Stubbs, Iewel Monroe, Mary Louise Lott, Gretchen Bouten Row 2-Betsy Chase, Beverly Anderson, Betty Boswell, Mary Alice DuBose Row 3-Mrs. Sanders, Bobby Ioe Stevens, Dan Fisher, Iames Hill, Ierryloyner, Warren Perry. 9-2 HOME ROOM Row l-Donna Faye Iones, Freda Nixon, Carolyn Sanders, Dellina Trott, Dorothy Williams, Dona Bae Chapman. Row 2-Peggy Ursery, Beulah Mae Little, Peggy Bast, Frances Phyfer, Beverly Gus- tavus. Row 3-Tommy Ponds, Donna Farris, Virginia Griltin, Imogene Birchlield, Mary lane Sunder- land, Bill Harding, Row 4-Mr. Nemitz, Wayne Melton, Charles Malone, Claude Mitchell, Billy Gatch- ell, Larry Reed, A A.....A 1' N..- E .gr 15' -- ww ve'-r -me-1-W lbwqu QF G 9-3 HOME ROOM Row 1-Sue Nan Tackett, Charlotte Irby, Glenda Anderson, Mary Lee Screw, Shirley Lantrip, Mary Cleanor Bay, Maxine Key. Row 2-Mr. Ditto, Ernest Carter, Billy Bittle, Barbara Durham, Roberta Daniels, Ierry Faulks, Bobby Tucker How 3-Dave Carr, Tony Dinginen, Tommy Kennedy, Iohn Roe- del, lohn Roberson. 9-4 HOME ROOM Row 1-Billy Spencer, Iohn Kennon, Gordon Oldham, Lewis Hill, Harold Hines, Horace Wolfe, I B Grillin, Bobby Bryan. Row 2-Billy Abby, Don Hannah, Herbert Drane, lack Carson, Bill Archer, Car- roll Bast, C W Daniels, Robert Delashmit, Bobby Bartlett Row 3-Wayne Ewing, Ioe Elkins, Evert Rhodes, Larry Kennon, Harold Taylor, Philip Morton, Lee Wood Iones, Bobby Ellis. A5 Q wif f Wi 'VF' mn :- ml r , well' XX -xi. xivx X E -' X I Xfxf E E N N - 1 N X SSS? ,-HIFHL . - qx , Q ? MRS. BOSWELL, 7th Grade, MRS. HOLWERK 8th Grade. UN IDR HIGH FACULTY MRS. OSTEEN, 7th Grade, MRS, MCKINNIS, Sth Grade, x 'ig 1 . fi -,.ahas.-ef. ::-QP :,,.g:.:j f' X ' pg XR X wN ':M':f K HZ :,,. ,.,.s..W wfmummw mwuuummww R W 'NA I ..V...w sl ,Lf 1 .,.. '17 'Y' 'L 7' 1 '1- 1 v Y yawussw Q wg.. Ubi? wx, , wwf LW 4 K www x . M ag? 3, Q, z: JK L W W , X .,., . 'hw 5:2 ?, 1' Si , 3' .v 1 'A 'k ?,nM.J ' Ag N vw Q xgmggs , :W 3 ., A, ' , v A 4 frm 35 M Wifi we ii' ,,, Nw? W wif' ,J ' rf l U ,F fl wa ,E 1 X5 Q ,Ji J rd I S 3' , ff- E asy 2 3 1 , ' QM 'ish J' A ri , Q .w X Q fffff 'HQ Si: 52: WM SAFETY PATROL mn IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS f 4 f . , J r E SHE E 551523 FACULTY MRS. DORA L. ANDERSON MRS. PAULINE MILES MRS. CLARA AYCOCK MRS. MARY MILLER MRS. THELMA T. BAKER MISS ANNIE BELLE MITCHELL MRS. KATHLEEN GRAVES MRS. MARY L. MOORE MRS. CELESTINE IEFPERIES MRS. NINA W. PARSONS MRS. ERMA IOHNSON MRS. BERNICE ROI'-IRS MISS IEWEL KESTERSON MRS. OGNES SWINDELL MISS IEAN MOHER MRS. LOUISE VANDERSLICE MISS MARY MOHER MRS. EDITH WARD MRS. AUDREY MCCULLOUGH rw' .M M ' .Xe E 5' 'Qi i ' i Q xp Q' X5 A 4 'Q' 9 -Sam fiflf ff. f , I ' igig, it :f y MRS. MCCULLOUGH, SECOND GRADE MRS. ROI-IRS, SECOND GRADE MISS IEAN MAI-IER, SECOND GRADE MRS. MILLER, SECOND GRADE MISS BRANCH, SECOND GRADE MRS. AYCOCK, THIRD GRADE A ,I I Q figs- mi J5- MRS. IEFFERIES, Sixth Grade. PANTHER PATROL MRS. MILES. Fifth Grade. MRS. GRAVES Sixth Grade. 5 ,X E no -4 ,ll JL? ib QQ? gg f 55 F - 5 ,. ' 'WU A-Football, '51-'52 B-Basketball A Team C-Basketball B Team D-Track Team E-Baseball Team Qi KJ! , K X ,Q 4' my 9 . '., A 1. l .' I 11 X :P E --s.a ,2P'a 9 :, Q Q x 1 :E:2Q: fi tmlfil H 'H X as 7 y -I xj Ll- f ,QQQj,.Qf'f ' Y fir , .j .::3: Q E-1, 5 L U w I , .rx '11 Q , I l 5 rr .lx f Y' , 'G ' we U 62201: 0- I' Q A at 'tots I I4 I to ,Q I xff' 'S if I+ X Ae , Ll QANKIIIL lf 1 - f'Nf ?f ft fl V ,319 f' , r if .af I 'A' ' A 1 .fast I I I , F , i f ...yi N, l PICTURE A- And another Trojan brtes the dust ' PICTURE B-'Temsaus shore has lugrtecl Football team 1925-Mrlmgton's Frrst. Mr. Iohn R. Robe rnson, Mr. Chester Crenshaw, Mr, Reber Starnes, Mr. Paul Dennis, George Mooney, Dr Wxlliam Aycock, Mr. W. H, Bass. PICTURE C- Center ol Attructronf' Cheerleaders- Cocke, Kuykendall, Peek, Stubbs, Ward, Gam- mon, Maddox, DeHaas. PICTURE De-Mentors-Swart and Miles, PICTURE E- Beauties and the Beasts, Football Queen-1951-'52-lean Grrliin. Football Queen- 1950-'5l-B'Lou Howard. KQV' DME EUAEH GLENN SW!-XHT K WN VXSHTU EU!-XEH LEE MILES SPUHTS WHITE- I. C. flake! Carter, right end and captain of our 1951 squad. lake has played foot- ball four years, and has lettered three years. He has made the All-County 1950 and '51 football teams. He is one of the team's most reliable pass receivers as well as a tackler and a down-field blocker. Billy Robinson, right tackle and co-cap- tain of the 1951 squad. Billy has played football four years, and has lettered three years. He made the All-County 1950 and '51 football teams. He is an expert tack- ler and an exceptionally hard blocker. Buddy Iackson, right guard, has played four years and lettered one year. Buddy is a terrific blocker and a type of tackler that gives the opposing back a hard time. Hervey Aycock, right guard and tackle, has played football four years, and let- tered two years. He is one of the hard- est charging linemen on the team and is also an excellent tackler. Walt Crites, left guard, has played and lettered two years. He is a top rate line- man on the team and is a tackler who can really pack a wallop! Calvin Bright, center, has played three years and lettered two years. Calvin made the 1951 All-County football team and is a sparkp1ug offensive center in the county and is equally good on de- tense. Harold Bailey, left guard, has played four years and lettered two years. Bailey made the 1951 All-County football team. He has proved to be one of the most pow- erful down-field blockers on the team and is a hard-hitting tackler. Charles Burns, left tackle, has played and lettered two years, making the 1951 All- County football team. He is one of the team's most valuable offensive linemen and a tackler that you read about. 9. Agee fBuzzyJ Hoffman, left end, has played two years and lettered two years. He made the 1951 All-County football team. Buzzy is an adept pass receiver and a top defensive player. 10. Bob Hines, left tackle, has played two years and lettered one year. He is a strong defensive lineman on the team and plays offense equally as well. ll. Travis Roberts, quarterback, has played three years and lettered one year. He is a tricky ball handler, a pin point passer, and a hard runner. 12. George Medford, quarterback, has played four years and lettered one year. George handles the ball with much deception and is about the fleetest back on the team. 13. Billy Weeks, left half, has played four years and lettered three years. Billy made the 1950-'51 All-County Football teams. He is an aggressive player and a very shitty runner. 14. Glenn Dodds, right half, has played three years and lettered two years. Glenn is a dangerous punter and a swift broken field runner. 15. Donald Scott, right half, has played two years and lettered two years. Scott is an alert pass defender and a good broken field runner. This year we had a fair season, winning thirteen out of twenty-one games. We placed two men on the All-County team. You know them as Paul Dunn and Iames Medford, the latter of which was the leading scorer. Of the sixteen players on the squad thirteen were seniors. Our team, although, coming in third in the County League was runner-up in the county tournament and that is something to be proud of. 017 xv ff' . f 73 Q -M 3 X ,V .F H333 QB HB R3 fa 'T I f' . r 1 mn mffngfon Ymfgngfon QA' S y X Q .N A---HI-Y AND TBI-HI-Y CLUBS D-MATH. CLUB BA4-H CLUBS E-CHORUS C-PEP SQUAD F-F.F,A. AND F.H.A. 690 'Xt -- A-TROIAN STAFF D-STUDENT COUNCIL R-,ARI-Y AND TRI-HIFY OFFICERS E-MISS GLENN AND LIBRARY CFR--F,H,A STAFF Fw- M CLUB ? - 9531 EQ' Ji . iii ?5?W 'S gift Elgw, , N tm., 4 ll is Q 4 K Us W, ff. ,www Aw 13 ,aut fha A ag, M w 3555323 ' 2 P I 1 f - ex Q Q 2 if A .. N , gt i, 4 . , , X X: , , V45 . Wt x s... sm- If er Picture A-Majorettes D1X- 18 leter, Shxrley Pearce Melda Gam, Mary lane Sunderland. Picture B- Cheerleaders S 1't1!'1E' y G a m m o n, Floy Peek, Joyce Del-laas, M a 1 g 1 e Maddox Carolyn Cocke, Carolyn Kuykendall, Let- tv Ward, Sharon Stubbs. Picture C - Halloween Court Front How Mart1n Lancaster, M a r y Ellen Ward, Cole Pleasants, Iudy T1mbs Back Row. Ronald Smtth, Mary Glynn Badqett, B111 Sta r n e s, Mary Eleanor Ray Picture D-Twelve Year Students Front Row' Kenneth Cluldress Iohn Ed '1'1cer, Bobby DuBose, Paul Dunn, B111y Lynn Ooates, Hervey Aycock, lake Car- ter, MGUFICE Starnes, Har- old Batley, Bt11Y Robln- son, '1'rav1s Roberts Pic- ture E-Pep Squad O1- 11cers loyce McNamara and Mary Frances Carter, Picture F-Cotton Carm- val Royalty Front Row: Pages - Sklpp B1shop, Sandra Neece, 11. e n n 1 e Green, Eltzabeth Rawls, Iohn Thompson, C e 1 1 a Parsons, Back Row: Ron- ald VJex11er, Pr1nCe: M1m1 C at e s, Prmcess, Agee Hoflman, Lord-rn-waxtlngf Norma lean Gr11t1n, Lady- 1n-wa1t1ng, B111 Starnes, Duke, Mary Eleanor Ray, Duchess, I1mmy Sunder- land, Count, Mary Glynn Badgett, Countess. 3 5 I 1 5 ' 1 ' ' I X5 4 1 Q ar. , r ,,.L.Q . 15 f -- - . I, t NW 1 11' X '- 2.4, , 1 7- the Q 1 AS' N ,, fl fr G ' ' 1 ' : -r'- ,A .g.g.,,i-.le :,, .,:,,.g,. t M E ,,..,, ,-, I Q 1 ls Bb' C! ll black 'fog 'U , us 1914 A W w ' W -335 'Z'fx?fSffg!gg F' Tir 'YYIoMfcAu5' 752,57 wwf PULP' o 9 ..,.1 k,,,er.g fhmw ' I I 'll I I W .1 Q .. as s . .055 Q QSRZI-fda W., K A 55 F Qing, M . naw SHP! MJ IT! W. W ' .f R ' -2 5,62 gm I Q viwisl , ? M -' Pon 1 gjwwf' H'7'l'n. uf' -Kuff c. , 'Blakey - w k U I S, 'Y 44 0- 'ne Ik? 'TAF , Us I I milil-'n,o WUUUW v 'I'f'Qfn,! H . '9 , . M ' + v'v1MFrq ll S fl l X v' ri i My A, . .LE Q . K A .al Q' Shirley ,Akin loanne Hill Travis Roberts Marian Marshall Dot Crump Bobbie Pitts Ioyce De-Haas E. C. Chapman Betty Lou Trotter Billy Weeks lean Lyle Frances Guyer Mary Io Bach ' .fl 'FL ig i - '...:Su-S 'N-.. C Q Phd Nw Dale Hallman Buzzy Hallman Henry Brint Maurice Starnes Von Whitlock Evelyn Stevens Beverly Wylie Ioanne Hulseberg Mary Ann Bartlett Dessie Grantham Peggy Hall Loyce Fitzsimmons Peggy Iames Iune Bradford Bobby Mitchell Ioanne Foshee Calvin Bright Dorma McKinney Bob Hines Ioanne Drew Billy Robinson Pattye Io Robinson Iackie Stubbs Dora Lee Williams 1 W? l a L Q UL, ,SLM - 1952 COEDITORS- Mary F. Carter, E. C. Chapman. FEATURE EDITORS- Peggy Io Hall, Dale Hallman. PICTURE EDITORS: Marilyn Gill, Maurice Starnes. BOOSTER EDITORS- Carole Hanley, Billy Lynn Oates SPORTS EDITOR- Billy Weeks. ARTIST- Calvin Bright. TYPIST- Carolyn Ladd. BUSINESS MANAGERS- Ioanne Hulseburg, Grace Wilson. FACULTY ADVISOR- Mrs. Dobias. mmf SIUE? ffm. 5. ,GQ 40,1 W 3 bf gm., Amginfff ff 9 9' AHYE swf P173 fr flu-iw xx WWQZZZM WMQQ JAM 5-PLETTY N 'MMM 91' EA RCE +3 AIQAIFS Wl.NT2rs 1- SiTh'EfAel .I 4 X . U I Aadvzfy 'Y Q. ufjaigk- 1 C1: .1 .J N? fFm :.t:u. T 3 H22 2,221 P fn 48,0-4-fv-4, D7 Zgelg-EZ jim, 7LVL'iCf flA Q9 ' Wie, am- 61' ha' J ' -ff Eiwfib 2' Wm. ?,.J-fd6..LL.7 'f AQ, M GZC SGA ' Q S ?i Q' 0 i magic Us-Tai, gl . K Cvuw..AJ '. , s Q7 'fQ5'jAlQ5?fLe,e Ea Q ESE? LP T5- r EEZ HaffmnJw 'A,,,,,,L' 'K 25... fTDnLe, H-Avga-3,,Hf2?f? Q 'j',' f CL sg-:gig Dfef f eb, Na mfg' ?yi 'JS Mo-e gif e .53 6' 7' JI-jigs DJ niet? ?AB.Gi7 l-'Q Q J euec-'K 'fe 004- if QQ- , U. jj' , 7 0144 u03a,MfLt 0Z.M-4, '52 '15 'Q If . .8'C7wu4..f 5,3 .6'fZ'ff,J02q.b73,mE.'l'k':L23fWf . .Zu zzz Q32 Cf' f-Us ,L ful, mm fDi'i'1Z, Mmm E ,L J1hn.u-...U 44, - Awww mjyyfjiw Kfxggf 61505. g 1104 V--. mwsiu www YUM R nzmnvmi, QAM 'qgx ,AIZLQ M'Ck6 57'3fQ-1 722 LLM MMA 0 afW.,.,g,,, f0cnf,I.9 C AL My QL274 M ,Q , fo? A NT'AE'L. L. ETFQJ1, Wav? AWQ-pn! gun ' 6 lf-my RCE, 5 HIQQL :calls LP?-'L n f a 'UU Rl-ui: '.13::Y-1.0 13.41-r7,, 'YI'L...2f0-LUJ1.yJcH r',gZc...n4fA.f B. .I 0ai3Af:'52 7721-,V-V0-s., ,hgh ww JG fufgjzfmzani ness Q' xl---J AW-J ,QQ -3Z'?9I77'gUQ1'?Ef 7HW fQfCx-'Q' M4-fi? 4VA4'v?'l' L3 ' Qvlicjz BTZVWQQKS fiziwmiswiwd zklwwlol- 4' g Mffbibff f Z 0 f 19'-A21 Amxgur am Bevzrls Ggdgrgqu , IIJQLTEF V?l7FC,7?f2flf D-CETRBEBT M-fX'l-J-.S ZDQ11 Ch-uhm? :11', 777-054k Y 44- TVXM. 7'VXo-lvvuw Bw-.wg-B ' 77'wV74 Mf- K 24 Wm , gyZQ,,,C,L,5 5: U , W-fxfe lumll E PL2 f COIVIPLIMENTS OP CORBITT MOTOR COMPANY LINCOLN and MERCURY DEALER 217 Union Avenue HURLEY TRACTOR COMPANY FORD TRACTORS and DEARBORN FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service 396 N. Main Phone 5-0283 I. 81 O. 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TENNESSEE PORTER R- RURYRRR WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE nnucs T. F. Hall, Owner NIUST WHAT YOUR DOCTOR ORDERS MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE Hi-way 51 Ph 20 ii? fir iff Tir COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF MILLINGTON TELEPHONE COMPANY LOUISE CUNNlN6HAM'S DRESS SHOP Q ik ik' if SNNNNN NNNNNN SNNNNNNNNNS Dknufd ' To the 1952 Staff May we take this opportunity to thank each of you for your splendid cooperation in assisting us in printing your 52 annual. To the Graduating Class May we wish you much success and happiness ,N throughout your new adventure with life. ,. NNNNNNNN NNNNNNN NN MEMPHIS Our 1952 Annuals Sou'ruwr.sTl:nN LYNX ' EMT Hlcn MUSTANG ' Sou'rHslms SCRAPPER ' MBSICK PANTHER C Nnu. WARRIOR ' Wnrrn-uwr:N CROSSROADS ' Mu.uNcToN 'I'ROJAN Compliments Of PEOPLE'S STATE BANK Millingion, Tennessee wk ik MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Compliments Of Coca-Cola Bo++ling Company . . III.: ' - is-' ... -. 'rv -, .W E' .. , , .,. .Lf Q.- I,, .. 'f .J . f -QI '41 5 . '. 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