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:is 'fi' 'ff i ga fa A 5? r kg "L .9 1-A f F, N 'si A 4? if fi r C. .IQ 55 f Lx :Q H: A . E I, MILLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Millington, Michigan I TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Administration 2 Seniors 3 Undergrads 4 Activities 5 Organizations 6 Classes 7 Athletics 'ir BH BU ,,. 12 5, For being so understanding in helping us with our desires and needs and for being a true friend as well as teacher to us cluring our glorious years of high school, we, proudly dedicate this i958 edition of the CARDINAL to you -------- Mr. Schell. As the student body all knows Mr. Schell participates in all activities at school and still has time for a wonderful family. At this time we would like to say "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts. The Editor . ,.. ,W Ir ,wf : H 3.4154 . -im wx , M'--.Ng xx wi +. H mx , lx R, x-. 'L 1 2 e .lg-!' 2-if XA 51 , :bf Ai? M, pf Y I I :VS E M -A W 2 , I J fi . Wie in gl 5+ N g.. i E NORMAN GRIENINGER Augustana Col. A.B. English, Reading, Spelling. "Silence is the safest course for any man to adopt." GEORGE HOLKUP Mich. S.U. --B. S. Driver's Training, Science. "l never dare to be as funny as I am." CLYDE HATTER Central Mich. Col. of Education B. S. U. of Mich. M.A. History, Geography "By the work one knows the workman . " 'Q . HENRY LENTZ Central Mich. Col. of Education 13.8. Chemistry, Physics, Biology. O "Somehow fo1ks,can't help but like him." HARRY KERN Central Mich. Col. of Education B. S. Commercial, Junior High Sports. "His good service shall be repaid." VIRGIL SCOTT Central Mich. Col. of Edlwliion B . S . Gym 8: Health. f'Litt1e Friends may PFOVB great friends." JOHN DILLON Central Mich. Col. of Education B. S. History, Government "I have but one ambition, to make life interesting for you. " . if - :ff K KVWL fp f sei Col. B. S. gieirrs Gym. P or man could found . " VERA SCHANK Central Mich. Col. of Education B. S. Speech, English . "She is a woman with many pleasing ways. DAN MCCARTY U Western Mich. B.S. Civics, W. Geog. "He is a jolly good fellow, but there is too much confusion in here!" ' ESTER MCGINNIS Central Mich. Col. of Education B. S. Shorthand, Math, Librarian. "People who make no noise are Dangerous. " WENDALL HONSINGER Central Mich. C01. of Education B.M. Music, Glee Club. "Music and Personality, Attributes rarely found in one." SYD McLOUTH University of Michigan B . A. History, Coach. " Personality Means Victory. THEO JENSEN Central Michigan Col. of Education B. A. English Debate. " Silence is great, but speech is greater." MARY JANE LOOMIS Mich. State Normal B. S. Arithmetic, History, Health. "A picture of honesty, truth, and 1oya1ty." MRS. OLIVE MUNTIN substituting for Mrs. Loomis. RUTH ESTANDARD t Central Mich. Cui. l of Education EBC, S. U. of M. M.A. Math, Algebra, ' Geometry, Business "A smile costs noth- ing but is worth more than a million can buy. " Math, General Math. . if V11 DORTHY HOBAN Central Mich. Col. of Education B. S. Homemaking. "The sunny disposition is the soul of success!" Y'-we LL. MEACHUM M.S. U. B. S. University of Mich. M.A. Agriculture. "His humor is a fountain never dry." NED LOCKWOOD Mich. State Normal Col. B.S. , Shop. d 'A willing kind man is lie." f 1 - -fu ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL The Secretaries of M. H. S ............. They keep the books straight and run the offices. They are always here and ready to work when you need them. Can you imagine Mr. Schell or Mr. Helmbold's office without them? Mrs. Blackmer Mrs. Gould Mrs. Spender and Senior E Charlene Stewart ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL Bushaw Put some fIl0fff I ' ' ' I coal in the boxler. . . . - afe 9191? 161. women Xhcilkis' F05 Se age RTS. Atv! oo 'UW A Mr. Foot. He keeps IOO ' om our school Heat- ' ' Jak ROW ONE: B. Rush, H. Denzer, J. Sanders, G. Mays, R. Saubier, C. I Honsinger, S. Wiacek, B. Throop, H. Schl ' L. Koch, N. L e and A1 M0PPing1 I , ', QHDULS ones. ROW TWO: J. Schluckeiber, W. elr, S. McLouth. ROW THREE: A. Bushaw, Rev. B d ockwood, H. Kern, B. Jukubik. BUS DRIVERS 9 en er, V. Bewell, ADMINISTR TIO rss' BOARD OF EDUCATION, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Dorthy Beaven, Treasurerg Ervin Dean, Secretaryg LW. Castle, Presidentg Gordon Helmbold, Superintendentg Theo Keinath, Vice-Presidentg Paul Lennox, Trustee. MR, GORDON HELMBOLD M.A. Degree Michigan State University Central Michigan George Peabody Wayne University PRINCIPAL EDWARD SCHELL ,- B.S. Central Michigan A g f . - Y F PRINCIPAL TREVA B. KIRK F 'f' " A.B. Hillsdale College X 5, -. 3 M.A. University of Michigan I f I f I I f f College of Education 'NX is M I "' its N I A Q Q NX SX ik X Q N 1 Q ax X , X R x Q-R W 'QW Q x DANNY ALCANTAR "l agree with no man's opinions. I have some of my own." General Course, Letter Winner, Football, Track. JAMES ALLORE "His cares are now ended. " General Course, Letter Winner, F.F.A. JUDITH BABION "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Band, Ticket Seller, Junior Play, Senior Play, Student Council Secretary, Homecoming Queen 1. HAROLD BAKER "As merry as the day is long. " College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Basketball, Track. TYRONE BEEBE "What you don't learn won't hurt you." General Course, Letter Winner Football, Track, Ag. RAMONA BEWELL "Peppy, jolly, full of fun, fine companion for ever- one . " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Journalism, Cardi- nal Call Editor, Junior Play. Class MIKE BLACKMER "So long as we love we live." General Course, Letter Winner, Football. DALE BLUE "Here I am and here I stay General Course. f 995899 BONNIE BROWN "I can be pushed just so far." General Course, Letter Winner, Journalism, Librarian, Treasurer of Librarians. MARIE E, BROWN "Laugh and be merry, for all good things must end." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir. CHESTER CAIN "I've taken my fun where I've found it." . Commercial Course. PHYLLIS CARLL "The spark that lights a better friendship. " College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Choir, Softball, Ticket Seller, Junior Play, Class Secretary. JIM CARSON "Always free and easy with a smile." College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Baseball, F . F . A . , Junior Class President, Student Council. KENNETH CARLSON "They that work, cannot play. General Course, Letter Winner Track, Basketball. GEORGIA CATLIN "A1ways ready with a helping hand. " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir. MIKE COBB "I'm as sober as a judge." General Course. iQ?!?s'25TSLSiSi5iisf'5EEEYi55S53irliisikiiiwfiifigiiw, A A L W ife. . 'i ,. ..,, A .M , ELAINE COLE "All farewells should be sudden." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Softball, Debate, Junior Class Secretary. IUDIE DALRYMPLE "The course of true love never did run smooth." College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Cheerleading, Band, Junior Play, Journalism, Senior Play. ROBERT FALL "May he have no limits but the sky." General Course. ROLLAND FALL "Here I am and here I stay." General Course, Letter Winner, F.F.A., Baseball. ROLLAND FOSTER "I rarely find that people have good sense unless they agree with me." General Course, Letter Winner, Basketball, Baseball. LILA GLEASON "May you live all the days of your life. " General Course, Letter Winner Softball, Basketball, Journal- ism, Girls Service Squad. O BERNARD GRIFFITH "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for my horse." General Course, Letter Winner, Track, Football. RICHARD GROSS "A little man that has a big way with people. " General Course, Letter Winner, Track, Football, Vice-President Sophomore Year. t 'S JSE? JUNE HARBACK ' "I know what I am but not what I may be. " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir. DICK HARVEY "There's nothing as good as a good time." General Course, Letter Winner, Band, Junior Play, Student Council. - 3. ki ? ' JO ANN HETHORN "Wonders are many, but none is more wonderful than a man. General Course, Girls Service Squad, Choir, Journalism. HILDA HUNT "Her smile brings heaven down to earth." General Course, Letter Winner, Softball, Choir, Library. DONALD HUTCHINS "Life is short and very uncer- tain." General Course. KAREN HUTCHINSON "The end is not yet." General Course, Journalism. MUREL IHRKE "God sent corn for farmers only. " General Course, Letter Winner, Ag. Best Project, Junior Play. ART ISHAM "He is little, he is shy, and there is mischief in his eye." General Course, Letter Winner, Football, Ag. , Sophomore Class President, Student Council, Treasurer F. F.A. Junior Year. KAY IEWELL "Great words all fall from a thinker's pen." General Course, Junior Play, Girls Service Squad, Letter Winner, Choir. GEORGIA JONES "I try to study and do my share but those giggles slip in everwhere . " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Journalism, Annual Editor, Librarian, Junior Play. CALVIN KEINATH "A big strong silent man is he. Agriculture Course, Letter Winner, Baseball, F.F.A., General Chairman, Farm Forum. JOE LABEAN "Give me liberty or I'll take it. " General Course, Football, Baseball. GARY LARKIN "It is better to wear out than to rust out. " General Course. IRMA LEACH "She adds a precious seeing to the eye." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Band, Choir, Senior Play, Best Actress. ROGER LOVE " "The flower of young manhood." General Course, Letter Winner, Football, Basket LYLE LOOMIS "l want what I I want it." General Course Letter Winner, Ag. Judging Farm Forum . f 985899 DIANNE MacLAREN "I'v been bothered by flat feet. They keep giving me tickets for speeding. " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir, Tnple Trio, Junior Play, Home- coming Queen, Senior Year, Junior Class Treasurer. GERALD McNEAL "Though I sit down now, the time will come when you'll hear me." Agriculture Course, Letter Winner, Ag., Farm Fornum, Track. lk . HARRY McPHERSON "A pleasant smile is the pathway to friendship. " Agriculture Course, Letter Winner, Band, F.F.A. PAUL MARKEL "The wave of the future is coming and there is no fight- ing it." College Preparatory, Ticket Seller. MIKE MARTIN "A great guy with a winning way." General Course, Letter Winner, Football, Track . MARY ESTHER MILLS "Why trouble trouble when it never troubles you." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir, Triple Trio, Senior Play. GARY MOSHER "Great is his sportsmanship. " General Course, Baseball, Track, Secretary F.F.A. Senior Year. CHARLOTTE ORMSBEE 'Her only fault is that she has no faults. " General Course, Letter Winner Choir. H ROBERT OSBORN "l have laid aside business and gone fishing." General Course, Letter Winner Farm Forum, F.F.A. President, Junior Play . WILLIAM PARKER "Doing what comes naturally." Agricultrue Course, Letter Winner, F.F.A. JACK POWERS "Upon his brow, nature has written: 'a gentleman. "' College Preparatory. DEANNA REED "Sunshine through the clouds. " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Cheerleading, Choir, Band, Ticket Seller. VIRGINIA REINERT "Excuse me if I b1ush." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir, Softball, Junior Play, Senior Class Treasurer. MARILYN ROHN "She studies and plays in her own winning way." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Choir. QSZQJEHFEEW NS JAMES SAHR "He is sudden if a thing comes in his head." General Course, Letter Winner, Ag. DALE SAVAGE "The modesty is to my merit." General Course. f 995877 KENNETH SAWYER "His personality fits any situation. " General Course. JOHN SCHLUCKEBIER "It is better for a young man to blush, than to turn pale. " Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Baseball, ROYCE SHAMEL "Moments to remember at Moo U. " College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Football, Band, Junior Play, Senior Play, Freshman President, Student Council 1, ALICE SHERMAN "In sunshine or rain she is the same. " College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Band, Choir. LOIS SMEATON "Librarians are made, not born." Commercial Course, Letter Winner, Band, Choir, Li- brarian, CHARLENE STUART "Her quietness becomes her. ' Commercial Course, F. H. A. DOYLE STRATTON "Not really as shy as he acts. General Course, Senior Play, Debate, DANIEL SPENCER "He would stop St. Peter's roll call to ask questions. " College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Debate, Junior Play, Best Actor, Vice President 2, Student Council 3, Vice President 4, i5 :fss22l22iw E55g1s1.- sw .V 5525552 JOHN WEEKS "I'm not really quiet, you l should know me. General Course, Glee Club. Z :vu -. as .zum LINDA WHITEHEAD "Peace I leave with you. " Commercial Course, Choir. MARIAM WOODWARD "Why hurry? Theres yet tomorrow. " General Course, Choir. RICHARD ZINK "A tall man must be looked up to. " General Course, Letter Winner, Baseball, Track, Football, Basketball, Vice President F, F. A. .K rf.- z.:1-sz 6 ' 3 2 President . . . George Kish Vice President . . . . Dan Spencer if Treasurer. . . .Virginia Reinert Secretary. . Marlene Moringstar Our capable senior class officers! C ass Our advisors Mrs. Jensen and Mr. Lentz, to them we extend our deepest gratitude and wholeheartedly thank them for the help and encouragement they have given us in our high school careers. We are sorry their pictures are not available. We would like to remember them pictorially as well as for their efforts in our behalf. 20 5' MARLNE MORINGSTAR "She is the star that all evening waits for, " College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Band, Cheerleading, Softball, Debate, Forensicics, Junior Play, Homecoming Queen, Senior Class Secretary. GEORGE KISH "The wealth of mankind is the wisdom they leave. " ' College Preparatory, Letter Winner, Band, Track, F.F.A., Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Junior Play, Senior Play Award, Vice President Junior Year, Student Council Treasurer Junior Year, President Senior Year, Class President Senior Year. Activity Scholarship Award Winners - Each year a girl and a boy are chosen from the graduating class of high school and are a- warded the activity schlorship awards. These medals are awarded according to the partici- pation in school activities, capable leadership, and scholastic ability. These awards are based on a point system. This year we wish to extend our sincere congratulations to you Marlene and George for showing such ability. May this be only a step through your Doorway of Success. Class Poem In the beauty of Autumn of '54 We "New Freshies" opened the Ag. room door. They called a meeting with the help of Jake For our color, flower and motto to make. Our flower was chosen carnation white In spite of the girl's tremendous fight. Our colors, white and Copper Sulfate Blue Does our motto "Nothing is gained without work" suit you? Sophomores we were made at last And now our Freshman year is in the past. Our advisor received was Mr. Lentz Who helped us bring in our dollars and cents. Our dance that year was the Valentine Hop, Which put our ego right on top. Then we were Juniors with things to do We worked as a team, all part of the crew. Among the first was our Jr. Play The best of all in every way. P We had a dinner and dance as well "Junior Jump with Johnson", and it was swell At last our Senior year was here, And graduation was drawing near. The Juniors presented a banquet and Prom And last came the trip which proved to be fun But now it's time, the end's drawing near We must leave this school and friends so dear. We must now open the door of life To live our own, and live it right. We say farewell, Bonne chance to all, We will not return with you next fall . As we leave to find more happiness, we'll always remember our M. H. S. Class Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of "58" being of sound mind and body leave the following: We, Elaine Cole and Dick Zink leave M.H. S. to board the road of matrimonal couples, I, Linda Whitehead, leave my freckles to anyone who wants them. I, Charlene Stewart, leave my naturally red hair to Julie Kirkpatrick so she Won't have to dye hers. I, Judy Babion leave to join Ronnie. I, Rogqer Love, leave, but I'm coming back for Rosemary. I, Mi e Blackmer leave my short legs to Jack Ratza to bring him down in the world. We, Danny Alcantar and yrone Beebe leave our ability to get out of school and get back in to any of the under- classmen who want to live a workintg man's life before his time. I, Dick Gross leave my sly ways to Fre Kennedy in hopes that he will use them when Mrs. Jensen is around. We, Rolland Fall, Rol an Foster, and Joe LaBean leave our michievous ways to the Junior boys so M, H. S. will never get too dull. I, Alice Sherman leave with Mike to build a cotta e for two .... or more ..... or four. I, Virginia Reinart leave my lady like manners to Eetrice Betz and hope it will do some good. I. Lois Smeaton leave to any hard workingbgirl who doesn't know what she is ettin into, my job as librarian. I, Mariam Woodward leave my ability to e late for class to Virginia Gibsonlor a fittle excitement. I, Charlotte Ormsbee, leave my quiet ways to Fran Eddy to counteract the devilish instincts she possesses. I, Hilda Hunt leave with my ringghoping others may do the same. I, Kay Jewell, leave to be with ale in the near future. To Ja e's Ag. Class, I, Harry McPherson, leave my fruit and vegetable stand hoping that all of their vegetables won't be rotten. I, Jerry McNeal leave to Don Formento, my quiet ways to help him get along better with the teachers. I, Karen Hutchinson, leave my Elvis Presley Scrap Book to Gladys Gi lies so she can carry on the Tradition. I, Calvin Keinath leave my beat up blue Ford to Ned Lockwood Jr. so he can move faster in the world. I, Joanne Hethorn leave to Connie Hitsman my one and only brain, hoping she gets more use out of it than I did. I, June Harback leave my long hair to Larry Lee so he can wear a ony tail. I, Gary Larkin leave for the first time without having to take Martha with me. I, Marie Brown leave my abililty to roller skate to all the future M.H.S. champs. To the teachers of Millington igh, I, Don Hutchins, leave my ability to get along with ever one. To Mrs. Standard, I, Murel Ihrke leave my winning smile to make her days seem more cheerful. I, Art Isham, leave my, pleasing personality to the future seniors and hope they make good use of it. To that boy: of the Fres man class, I, Dick Harvey, leave my Arthur Murray steps in hopes they won't be shy with t e ir s. I, Gary iiosher will mggiccidents or misfortunes to anyone who likes to get out of school. We, P yllis Carll and anna Reed leave our ways with the Vassar Boys to Fran and Virginia so they won't have to 'work so hard. We, James Allore, Harold Baker, John Weeks, and ,Lyle Loomis leave our ability to be late for government class to all the junior boys, so they can carry on the .H.S. tradition. To Tom Hedden, I, Dale Blue leave my shy ways to keep him out of trouble. I, Chester Cain leave my "DonJuan" ways, to Bob Hutchins so life may be a little more exciting. I, Jim Sahr leave my little brown jug to Mr. Dillon in hopes that he gets as much out of it as I id. I, Mike Martin will my masculine p ysique to Leonard Nelson so he can have the girls look up to him. I, Bernard Griffith leave my flirty ways to any guy that can 't get along with girls. We, Georgia Jones and Irma leach leave our noon time-hut to Sharon Ward and Sue Holder assured that they use it properl . To Evelyn Aclker, I, Dan Spencer, leave "One" of my brains hoping she uses it as much as I did. I, Royce Shamel, leave to Wally Hahn my football uniform because he is the only one who can fit it. To Bill Sawyer, I, William Parker, leave my nickname "Wee Willie. " I, Lila Gleason leave my ability to get out of English class to any one who takes teachers training the hour before. To Nancy Ingram, I, Marilyn Rohn, eave my abi ity to be quiet in Study Hall. I, John Schluckbier leave to see what lies in the future, besides the Navy, marriage, children, bill, more children, more bills and more Navy. I We Dale Savage and Ken Sawyer, will our mechanical skills to Bob Fournier and Dick KolaJa hoping their cars will sta together better than ours. I, Mike Cobb leave my jug of Mountain Dew to Mr. Schell. I, Bob Osborn leave my "Jack Webb" voice to Richard Cypher in hopes he can use it. I, Paul Markel leave my ability to get along with Mrs. ensen to Red Johnson. I, Mary Esther Mills leave in hope of a new "sparkle" in life. I, Mar ene Morninggtar leave my ability to go steady so long with one boy to Connie Larkin because she seems to have so muc trouble. I, Ken Carlson haven't much to leave so I'll leave my old government seat to Lyle Kirkey and hopes he get more credit out of it than I did. I, Jack Powers leave the wave in my hair to Dennis Loomis to save him some trouble. I, Diane MaLaren leave to join my Marine. I l I, Georgia Catlin leave my stalle car to anyone who needs practice in the more delicate words of the English lan ua e. I, Bob Ealgleave my dark hair to Blonde, so all the boys won't whistle at her. I, Doyle Stratton leave my quiet ways to Bill Stevens to help him get along in the world. I, George Kish leave mty size twelve sports shoes to any sportsman who can fill them. I, Bonnie Brown leave or California, Journalism and maybe other things too. . ........ g . . We, Ramona Bewell and Judy Dalrymple leave to the future journalists of M. H. S. our ability to get along with Mr. Kern. Happy Landingllll ll!!! 22 NAME KEN CARLSON BBINNIE GRIFFITH CHESTER CAIN CHARLENE STEWART JUDY BABDN RAMONA BEWELL PAUL MARKEL JBYROLD MCNEAL SONNEY MCPHESON LYLE LOOMIS HAROLD BAKE! ALICE SHERMAN DAN SPENCER LOIS SMEATON IDN HUTCHINS CALVIN KEINATH MARILYN ROHN PHYLLIS CARLL CHARLOTTE ORMSBEE LINDA WHITEHEAD JUNE HARBACK JUDY DALRYMPLE MARIE BROWN DALE BLUE JIM SAHA KAREN HUTCHINSON BOB OSBORN DICK ZINK JO ANNE HETHORN KAY JEWEU. ROGER LOVE ROYCE SHAMEL KENNETH SAWYER DALE SAVAGE GHJRGIE CATLIN BONNIE BROWN ROBERT FALL HJLDA HUNT IRMA LEACH TYRONE BEEBE ROLLAND FOSTER ROLLAND FALL DANNY ALCANTAR JOE LaBEAN MIKE BLACKMEZ GEORGE KISH MIKE COBB GEORGIA JONES MUREL IHRKE GARY MOSHER WILLIAM PARKER JIM CARSON Ll1.A GLEASON ELAIN COLE JOHN SCHLUCKBIER DICK HARVEY MIRIAM WOODWARD VIRGINIA REINERT DIANNE MCLAREN DICK GROSS GARY LARKIN MARLENE MORNINGSTAR JACK POWERS MARY ESTHER MILLS JIM ALIDRE DOYLE STRATTON MIKE MARTIN DEANNA REED ART ISHAM JOHN WEEKS Chalk Talk LIKI-ZS Basketball Eating Candy Hunting Gt Flshlng New Clothes Sallor Shoes Gr Earrings Girls It Food Food My Car Hot Rods Hunting, Fishing Dances People who are kind to animals fespeclally mel Friendly people Football, Swimming Hunting, Fishing Popular Music Garg. Food, Johnny Apples, records, boys Friends, music Clothes, Money George Kish Roller Skating, Swimming Ice Cream Hunting A certain person Shop Elaine Cole Butterscotch Candy Dale, Frog leg Dlrmers Lauy Living Football and Band Hunting, Cars Hunting, Flshlng Lot of Friends Boys Called non Kame Jlm Jack, Sleeping Hunting, My Girl Sandra Everything Ice Cream 8: Girls working Shrimp Money Just about everything A good Party Cars and Auto Racing Sports of all kind People, Food Nothing and Nobody Apple pie 8: Ice Cream Dick Zink Money dr Girls Night life Interesting people Bob 81. Weekends Leo, Chicken, Bing Crosby Good Girls Girls, sleepino, food Les, my job and sports Nothing Carl and "Till" Cars All Good People Food Lyle and Cadlllacs Girls Eating DISLIKES Olives Girls who Smoke Subjects in School Homework Homework Sad People Conclsed People Govt. Class Talktlve Glrls Stuck-up people Nosey People Rowdy A Impollte people Outer spacemen who refuse to talk to youl Stuck-up people Some People Stuck-up people Teasers Stuck-up people Overbearing people Second Hr. Class Second Hour Gossips Nosey people School Hot Rod Driver Quiet Study Halls Math School Pie Getting up ln the mtlnlng Mean People working at Cobb's Chevolet, Women Drivers women lktvers A wise Guy Mr. J.D. Obscene Literature School People who Bragg Grown-ups Iwho aren't grown up yetl Girls who two time what I don't like Beets Nothing to do Oysters Being Broke School and work Some Peoples Children Some Women drivers History People who drink Fool lsh Females Certain Male teachers who dispise girls sports My sister at times. Informers Don't got any Pessimistic people School work 3,000 miles between Leo and me. Bad Girls Work Diets, Army, and Boy Chasers Everything Cold Class Roomsl Sisters Math Sister Brothers who Tell Girls boyfriends Women Drivers 23 HOBBY Swiss Horses Collecting Pict. Readlng writing to Ron Dancing Swimming Hunting Hunting Cars Eating Plano Staying out of trouble Cooking Saving Money School Spurs Sewing Dancing Swimming Reading Music None Roller Skating Cards Motorcycles working on cars Elvis Presley Fishing, Hunting Sports Dancing wrltlng to Dale Playing lt cool Eat, sleep, tnuslc Hot Rods, hkchanlc Raising Mink Traveling Diving my '49 Driving Reading Swimming Raising small animals Collecting Arrowheads Hunting Horses Hunting Model Airplanes women writing Letters working on Machinery Most Anything Hunting Hunting, Bowling Collecting post cards Hunting Anything that's a good time. Records Dancing writing Letters I pump gas water Skiing Et Hunting "Filling my Hope Chest Hunting Cooking and Baking Cars Hunting Hunting Dancing Hunting, Fishing Hunting FAVORITE SAYING What do you thlnkl Oh my Goahl Oh Manl Gee Whlzl 'All right Already' You don't sayl lsn't that right? Ignorance ls Bliss What do you want? An egg ln your beer. I don't know Crlpe Sakes There Ya Gol Oh Mercyl "Iret's Est' Holy Cowl 'Under that grim look. there is a smile. " 'Nothing is gained without work' There Ya Go would be Telling Never work to Hard Nice Try 'Honestly' You got money. I got time. Come and Get ltl Iss fun to do but don't get caught doing it How about that Bless my boot button It's never right to do wrong ln order to get a chance to do a rlght. 'Get serious' 'nom snow, as yn- You like that, Huh? well, you got the point. Share and Share alike. I'll be famous yet Don't get shook Better not say. You like that, Huh? A penny saved ls s penny earned. Don't what me, lis- ten next time. Nix Don't huh me. listen next time. Come on Baby Variety is the spice of life. All Righty Right-o-Fido !Can't say lt. I can't say it 'Oh Nerts" 5th Amendment Life is grandl l Any who How about that Never trust a women Better not say AMBITION Ask Lois Successful Father Male Secretary Secretary Marriage Work Fleet Admiral Farmer Air Force Mllllonalr Make Money R. N. Educated Nm. Work Us Marriage Earn S150 Farmer Office Waker College Home Gt Family Office Worker Office Worker Study Plano Teaching Contractor Rldlng Around Farmer Marriage Work work di Marriage Mllllonalr College. Family Business Mechanic Mechanic Work Journalist Preacher Beautlclan Nursing To be successful at my job. INo matter what lt lsj Making Furniture. work Job Farmer Steady iob. Engineer Retire R. N. Truck Illver Truck Driver Factory Worker Multi-Millionaire Teacher Marriage .loin navy Plumber Nuhe Marriage Marriage and Secretarial Work Can't say that I have any. Good Job Work ln a Nursery school Mlllionalre Secretary Wa-k Slate Police College Secretary Forest Ranger Marriage C ass Histor On a fresh fall morning in September of 1954, eager and gay Freshmen paraded into the Ag. Room. Under the guidance of the annual Freshman sponsor, J. L. Meachum, we began our long awaited high school curriculum. During our first class meeting in 1954, we elected Royce Shamel as Presi ent, Dan Spencer as Vice President, Sharon Vansteenkiste as Secretary, and Judy Babion as Treasurer. Royce Shamel was our Student Council Represent- ative. In our long debated meetipg we chose our class colors as Copper Sulfate Blue and White. Our motto was, "Nothing is gained without work. " Our ower was a White Camation. i Early in the spring of 1955, the day came we had all been waiting for. For this was the day we ordered our class r n s. gSeeing we didn't have a project in our Freshman year, we decided to have a party. And what a party it wasl Judy was the Queen of the Carnival with Danny Alcantar as our King. Then along came June and the All M Banquet with letter winners D ck Zink 2, George Kish 1, Tyrone Beebe 1, Elaine Cole 1, Hilda Hunt 1, and Lila Gleason 1. The next year as Sophomores, we chose Art Isham as President, Dick Gross as Vice President, Phyllis Carll as Secretary, and Annette Brow as Treasurer, Art Isham and Dick Harvecy were our Student Council Re resentatives. It wasn't long before the Sophomores began to strutt. Yes, we ha our class rings. You could tel? by looking at the Sophomores, they were in no rutt. For our money making project, we had a great dance with Bi l Lamb providing the entertainment as DJ . Letter winners for this year were Georgie Kish 5, Dick Zink 4, T one Beebe 2, Judy Dalrymple 1, Danny Alcantar 1, Roger Love 1, Bernard Griffit 1, Dianne MacLaren 1, gimona Bewell 1, onnie Brown 1, Lila Gleason 1, and Elaine ole 1, The summer flew by like a flash and we entered our all important Junior year. This was our bigAmoney making yivear. For our officers we selected Jim Carson as President, George Kish as Vice President, Dianne acLaren for reasurer, and Elaine Cole for Secretary. Jim Carson, George Kish, and Dan Spencer were Student Council Representatives. Our Junior Play was among our money making projects. The play, "Don't Take My Penny, " turned out to be a gieat success. The cast and directors helped make this play a success. The cast consisted of the following: Art Isham, urel lhrke, Judy Babion, Phyllis Carll, Georgia Jones, Kay Jewell, Bob Osborn, Royce Shamel, Judy Dalrymple, George Kish, Dianne McLaren, Virginia Reinert, Dan Spencer, llck Harvey, Jim Farnum, and Deanna Reed. The best acting awards were given to Ju y Dalrymple and Dan Spencer. We were very fortunate in having a gir selected from our class to be the Homecoming Queen. She was Marlene Morningstar and we were very proud. We sponsored the Jr, Sr, Banquet with George Kish as our toast-master, Our prom which followed tumed out "Great. " Our theme was carried our appropriate with all the trimmings to fit into an 'Oriental Garden. " Again we had a girl from our class as Queen. If you all remember Charlotte Ormsbee took the part of being a real Queen. Before long, June was staring us in the face and the All M Banquet was being arranged with eorgle Kish receiv- ing 4 letters, Dick Zink 4, Judy Dalrymple 2, Ramona Bewell 2, Art Isham 2, Dick Gross 2, Royce S amel 2, Mike Blackmer 2, Danny Alcantar 2, Deanna Reed 2, Gary Mosher 2, Roger Love 2, Lila Gleason 2, Tyrone Beebe 2, Bernard Griffith 2, Bob Osborn 1, Charlotte Ormsbee 1, Elaine Cole 2, Erma Leach 1, Phyllis Carll 1, Judy Babion 1, June Harback 1, Lyle Loomis 1, Gerald McNeal 1, Marilyn Rohn 1, Linda Whitehead , Lois Smeaton , Alice Sherman 1, Bonnie Brown 1, and Murel Ihrke 1, also for best Alg. Project. School soon ended once more but this time we were all loo ing forward to coming back next year as the "All Important Seniors. " The summer went by like a breeze and we entered our last year at M.H. S. , with George Kish as our President, Dan Spencer as Vice President, Virginia Reinert as Treasurer, and Marlene Morningstar as Secretary. George Kish, Judy Babion and Art Isham were Student Council Representatives. It wasn't long an another big day came to pass on the calendar and that was our long awaited senior pictures, When they returne we were all as proud as seniors could be. On November 26, 1957, we had our Senior Play. "Swing Your Partner" was our selection. This cast consisted of Jud? Dalrymple, George Kish, Lois Smeaton, Art Isham, Deanna Reed, Royce Shamel, Judy Babion, Doyle Stratton, an Irma Leach, Dan Sppncer and Mary Mills. George Kish and Irma Leach walked away with the best actor and best actress awards for t eir participation in the Senior Play. Another of our money making projects was the Talent Show on January 27. Besides furnishing excellent enter- tainment, it helped to swell our class funds. On March 21, 1958, we had our last money making project before we were to say good-bye to M.H. S. Both of these, financially speaking, were a success, On May , the Juniors gave us a big send off with a wonderful banquet, followed by a beautiful prom, One, I'm sure, we will never forget. Soon June was here with the All M seeing letters given to George Kish 5, Dick Zink 4, Ramona Bewell 4, Judy Dalrymple 2, Alice Sherman 2, Lila Gleason 2, Deanna Reed 2, Art Isham 2, Royce Shamel 2, Dick Gross 2, Gary Mosher 2, Joe LaBean 2, Harold Baker 2, Ken Carlson 2, Bob Osborn 1, Mike Blackmer 1, Charlotte Ormsbee 1, John Schluckbier 1, Jack Powers 1, Mike Martin 1, Dianne McLaren 1, Phyllis Carll 1, Bernard Griffith 1, Judy Babion 1, June Harback 1, Lyle Loomis 1, Gerald McNeal 1, Marylyn Rohn 1, Linda Whitehead 1, Bonnie Brown 1, Georgialones 2, Doyle Stratton 1. Followingl this we had the annual Baccalaureate Services. Now time was really running out. We may ave thought we were all glad when June 4th came around, but deep down we all wanted to be freshmen again like we were in 954. So to tyou, the underglriads of M, H, S. , we, the seniors, want to wish you all the very best of luck and happiness in your uture years at . H. S, Also we want to say Thank You for making our last year so enjoyable, because you help make it possible by your complete cooperation in our every effort. Good by and Good Luck Yours Sincerely, The Class of 1958! 24 lass Prophecy A cool breeze was blowing as I entered the gates of the Alumi Field. There was much commotion as the small group gathered together once more. again for a reunion on the Millirigton School grounds, from which they graduated in 1958. Gazing back to the parking lot I see Mr. George ish and his wife. the fonner Judy Dali3'mple, driving in with a 1968 yellow convertible. George is now the star quarter back or Michigan State, and Judry is a cheerlea er for his team. Landing, near by is Danny Spencer. He is trying to bring his latest invention, 'The Air Boom' own to earth. uf Going ack to the school grounds see Deanna Reed. She has just retumed her 10th diamond ring to the 'Past-Love' of her e. And there is the 'Ole Apple King' himself, Mike Cobb. He owns the 'Three Tree Orchard' south of town. Must be the cider got the best of him. Mike is chatting with his old buddy Royce Shamel, now the great romantic actor. Royce claims his next picture is called 'The Night of Passion. ' The leadln lady is going to be played y Jo Hethorn, the world famous actress. In her last movie, "I was A Guitar String For Elvis, " she payed opposite of the teen-age idol and lost fifteen pounds ln the process. Roger Love, "Slugger Love. " is here tonight with his wt e. Rog is in with the big time fights. Next week he ls scheduled to fight t e great 'Daring Dygamite Dan, " who we know as Danny A cantar. This is to be the greatest fight of the yearl Roger is gzokiingsfror hlssfirst win. nnie Brown, famous newspaper woman. says she 's going to the fights to get a story for her paper, 'The nn e own ast. " Georgia Jones recently opened a swanky New York fashion shop, 'The French Room, " where all the latest Paris fashions are beingedisplgyed. She has just hired two new models, Phyllis Carll and Irma leach. mie riffith and Tyrone Beebe are sitting together recalling old times with their wives. The commotion nearby is caused by all the little Grifflth's and Beebe's. Cal Keinath and Jim Sahr are now co-owners of the Burp Beer Co. . They are chief "Sippers. " Their capable secretary ls Marie Brown. Dale 'Hotrod' Blue has now gone into the manufacturing business of motor scooters. He has entered the racing profession and is known as 'Blue Streak' Blue. Kay Jewell called to say she couldn't make it tonight. She and Dale are in Germany and due to the fact that their rocket ship was out of commission they decided to spend a qu et evening at home. June Harback and Marilyn ohn are now assistant manager's at Zhender's Hotel in Frankenmuth. They seem to be quite prosperous as theyllboth drive a Jaguar. Joe LaBean, ike Martin an Dick Zink have combined their football talents and are now playing pro-football for the Detroit Lion's. Elaine's cooking must agree with Dick as he is looking better than everl Mike Blackmer and his wi e, the former Alice Sherman. have just arrived. Alice has given up the piano teaching profession for a few months to care for their new set of bo? tripletsl Hilda Hunt has just arrived in a fabulous m nk coat. She is the owner of "Hilda's Beauty Salon' and her old senior glrl friends support her by having their hair done there regularly. who is that stirring up dust and papers on the school grounds? It's none other than Don Hutchins, who is now a District Street Cleaner in New York ity slum area. He just can't stand the sight of messy school grounds. That isn't Ken Carlson with his nose buried in a Govemment book is it. why yes it isl After ten years he is still trying to get that credit in Government. We hear that lick Gross is plugging away at his own Leonard Gas Station located on Millington's Super Highway, ten lanes wide. As we were driving through town we noticed that Sonny McPherson has his own Super- Ihiper Vegetable stand. We found wt by the grapevine that Sonny was arrested because he was selling rotten vegetables. Lila Gleason is now a successful elementary teacher here at Millington High School. She is one of the few who have com- bined marriage and a career successfully. Karen Hutchinson is now executive secretary to the President of the United States. We always sald she would go places. Chester Cain is here this afternoon and informs us he is still amusing himself with the same old pastime, which is getting acquainted with all the neighbcrly hobos who run between Maine and Mexico. Confidentally, the hobos happen to be girls! Georgia Catlin likes the new Edsel so well that she and Roy went into business for themselves. 'I'hey own the 'Petzold Edsel Company. " Mary Mills, wife of Dr. Carl Schurtz. is now his assistant secretary. She heard that the hospital. which they own, employs some pretty snazzy nurses, so she decided that she and the five little schurtzes had better look in on him occasionally. The former Marlene Morniggstar came today with her husband Les Long. They tell us they built a 85,000 addition to their ultra modern ranch ryupe home or her successful nursery school. Althouglh Judcy Ba ion fMrs. Ronnie Couchj ls a successful housewife, she is also head drum majorette at Central Michigan Colle e. S e ha a slight accident while bathing her baby boy. She thought he was a baton and tried to flip him. OE! Look at Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker driving up in one of the company cars. He now owns his Dad 's car business. 'The Baker Acre Chevrolet Sales' in Frankenmuth. After looking through town I see the name is changed on Schumaker's Restaurant. It is now 'Eat at lshams. " We specialize ln hot homemade bread and cold pickles. East of town we see the big dairy barns belonging to Murel Irke. He owns '740 milking cows and 4. O00 acres of land. Look over there. Isn 't that Jim Carson, John Schluckbier. and Jack Powers? I imagine their names have been plastered on all the sport pages for they are the Champion Bowlers. Rolland Fall is happily married. lsn't the latest little Fall addition cute? well, this one finally looks like their Daddy. Ohl There's Rolland Foster followingln his brother Doug's footsteps. "Nothing ls gained without a big speech. " he alwpys said. Paul Markel ls head chemist at Dow Chemical Company in Midland. His latest invention is calle "Fingertip Night eat. " This is none other than a fluid poured into batons to keep majorettes hands warm at football games. Ramona Bewell and Charlotte Ormsbee wired to say 'Aloha" from the Hawaiian Pineapple Patches, which they own. This they bought while stationed there. Four more months and they will have completed their ninth year in the Wacs. Dick Harvey is due here tongght for a big Disc Jockey Dance. His popularity, as a DJ has rlsen since high school days and he now has his own TV program, " ou Ain 't Nothing But a Dancer." Dale Saviage and Ken Sawyer are now co-owners of the Saw er-Savage Scrap Iron Medal Inc. , and are doing quite well. Mr. and rs, Bob Osbom, his wife the former Virginia Reynert, own the John Deere Implement Co. Virginia helps drive a tractor when she isn't busy with their two little daughters. Charlene Stewart and Linda Whitehead are their head secretaries and enjoy their work immensely when Bob isn't bossinlg them around. Sittingddown at the table near the right, we see everend Bob Fall and his devoted wife. He is pastor of the Lutheran Church in Vassar. Gary osher, we hear. is doing prett well for himself. He is head model for Pepsodent tooth paste lit contains Lanollnj. Jerold McNeal, owner of "Ye Big Potato Iyar-m" has won first prize for raising the bi est potato of the year. We are deeply sorry that one of class-mates, Lyle Loomis, can not be with us toggy. He is just beginning a llfe sentence in Jackson Prison for bigamy. Jim Allore has been touring the state singing hillbilly songs. It has been rumored that Jim has had an offer to tour the Ozark Mountains to teach the hillbil es how to sing. Doyle Stratton and John Weeks have just returned from a tralpqping expedition in Alaska where they caught their limit of polar bears. We see Gary Larkin and his wife coming up the wa now. Gary is a successful apprentice for General Motors Corp.. where he has been sweeping the floors for therpast ten years. Lois Smeaton, head librarian at the State Library in Lansing, has establlshed quite 2 name for herself after publishing her latest book Wh Librarians Go Craz . Miriam oo war ina y put er artistic talent to work and is head designer at MGM Studios in Hollywood. She was recently fired from RKO because she was always late for work. Mrs, Leo Cowan, the former Dianne MacLaren. is unable to attend the reunion because she is resting after giving birth to her 12th son. She always said. "They're cheaper by the dozen, " And so fellow alumni, we now conclude our tenth annual reunion. we hope that you will all make plans to be with us again next year, same time, same place, and the crowd drifts away ...... . -Www, wwwuwwhmnwkwq .. ..a: .. :mfr-f-W A W E Q ' Ax A .. -'WW -'W N!" E N QV Q 'NK Q Q K x .. , .,,. r A X A ik K .'. X: . ,ix-N X xy k .y N wi U ., 1.5-'MW ,wa X Xq f n E Q? . 1 A H' Nf W wiv A ffm: , 5 1 a!.m.?Wl' E fax W -flfzb X xx X A kg sf 'J f . AX - " -5 Q - Q , -'vw 5. f'5f1i1,a A f' ' i ' isa Ns Q. Q X .uf ky.. J :J f Q - me N, ,J 4 . N ga Q ff .1-iw 1 N-. ,A fp' 'uf 3,1 'M if S'?ti5yf J . N' ff ff' 'S' - JT QL ff? .fgf " 5-Vs - 1 ' k Q. S Y f wi M vf- - , L f - Q v - Q N ff Ei Qi5.T wg.-ff,,, - ' i '- .Q ,F .- 3 1 VA fix. . N, SX X ,, .L XX S K. J x J s, , 5 V W X U2 4 i K ,W x X l 3 1 T- ' -55 Aw ' arf' 1 1 wi' N9 . h Lai' 'JF-1 Fifi . QL J J f' f ,L ,P X -63 b Mim i QP if if -', Q- J. .H 'Nw' is Q' lk- S Q 3 -A W . A M . . fr fl + ---- 415V an ' A lr we 'FY M' ' K 5, gin x . A, X .. KJ, ,,3,g.1.,Q' M, 4, gg .,. ,u F sl g Q . Q. SX-. X tt' .g K pjcxg U..,s,..Y. .,4i.h., fx xxuxt- ing A 'Q 3 . , P X x 5 32 Q, fxfsw, J 5 igmggqf, 5,15 1 u .Q il V A K z xzskka A in t A fag, ,s,:9q:,4, . ,.E.l.,,L1 , 'Sq ,Y Si S i'.t,. Q LSWQS .5 A -X E W 5 Aqi.i5 P N11 .., 1.58 J! Q- W ' K Y- sp . al Q 5 5 Q f .. wk . xx QQ M.-,x7ki'X fn-3 Qing fi ikpyixvilllfyqkgaek Q l . 5 . k"t.x 13. Q I t Q X Q sxtfxx ,gf pq 5 t V V X g - 1 Qi 6 or, I K i, K '- Xt' Fmjkvv-.QP wi 6 xi F Q V KW R . 'S ES! ,Ls sit' 6' , is xkl X if-XX 5 vu vs 5 ty g iiqggxh KS A X 11. Q -A .5 tw kms! is .K ,Sl . 'M ig 'fi-if fffggle-311 Q' sf-453 Q2ff.'3i K F A ' A N Ai, gg 3, 'L-lgfjgl klffik s a.. xx xi? x Y ,N 3 5 is Q A N Q fy qi, fr ' Qezzw K ' it 5 M- -4 A ,waxy .1 Q Wig Q, Q X K ygi k 5 Ni, 53 Gum! A vi, Q .igsiskft B .A ,an J? L A A , 'lg-f,ni'X. f sw 4 " , . my -f..'s v-X J S . V l -' x XX.. X in AA' 'G' 3 was A .W A .Q , M lass of 1959 Left To Right: 7 Lyle Kirky . . . Treasurer Lynda Lee . . . Secretary Karen Draper . . President Jack Rafza . Vice President , h hx 9,5 i K i is .. KALELQ , . ,Ig kr ! G y,k L ls If ' , , L I 5 xx I Qi! V 2. ,LLL 5 Q qw is J I I y .., I iff' YL. - 1 ff. L lk L X mb V f E I 5 , 5' - ,if . l K M' ' ZQ- 1 '- f- f f "' A ai . , Ag X ' 3' .5-- gl I 1 7 .sf is lg ' y S' ' , , ' "" " . , I Pg. ak F I I Q ' h if Ax. 'i ixii L L 0 ":'-. 9- L 1 'gf Q 4 X 0 R Z K Li I xg. nw L' ' I - if 23 : X K7 . I '93 ' ' ix . Y y 1 if , ROW ONE: E, Acker, R. Ames,R. Anderson, I. Atwood, A. Banks, H. Benton. ROW TWO: R. Betz, J. Blackmer, K. Blue, I. Boyd, L. Cain, R. Catterfield, M. Cobb, R. Cobb, L. Daly, C, Coon. ROW THREE: A. Davis, L. Davis, K, Delmage, S. Diamond, K, Draper, E. Engler, R. Fall, J. Flory, J. Foley, D. Formento, ROW FOUR R. Formento, R, Fournier, G. Gillies, W. Hahn, J, Henderson, T. Heddon, C, Hethorn, S, Holder, R. Hutchins, M, Ingram, ROW FIVE: G. Jensen, G. Jones, M. Keinath, F. Kennedy, L. Kirkey, J, Kirkpatrick, G. Koch, R. Kolaja, L. Lee, L. Lee. ROW SIX: P. beix, R, McDonald, F. MacLaren, P. MacLaren, D. Manwaring, K. Marr, R, Montney D. Myers, L. Nelson, B. Ohman. ROW SEVEN: J. Osborn, B. Perkins, M. Pickard, J. Ratza, I. Reed, L. Ree , B. Sahr, B. Saw er, S, Schlosser, C. Schnettler, ROW EIGHT: J. Shreve, D. Simmonds, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, W. Thwing, S, Vyard, P, Wiacek, E. Wilson, R. Wright. ABSENT ARE: J. Dingo, K. Ill, G. Martin, A. Petzold, J. Savage, M. Young, B. Zulke. 28 Class Left to Right: Bob Sebert . . Bonnie Englehort of 1960 . Vice President Secretory . .,,, , I , 5 , gfsii PM K "--'--- 2 i l HCITY Syfldel' . Treosu fel' B I - 5, A l i:.i - .. - i11- I'i QS gf I Vis I s .Qin-53 s ii ifsggy I r - K ' .i.- i n . 'M-, at 1 Q B 'ti f . ' 5. s s R '2" A as 1 Gi R ,L ' , - ' I N - r M . . . ., 1- I ' Q X ,i K X Tis fff ffff 'Q LL B f' Q Q ' i org? B I I s I 1 r ,, , h i K Q 11? Z 'i'lV' Q . B as ,sf Q A ,A . ,A A i'2 f I A , If -iir ,S , iq A K ieni Q i I ROW ONE: M. Allen, S, Allore, B. Anderson, D. Anderson, B. Banks, C. Barnard, R. Beagle, R. Beckrow, D, Bissonette, S. Betz, ROW TWO: B. Blue, Z. Blue, B. Brown, I. Burns, K. Bush, A. Canfield, N. Christensen, B. Cole, R. Cole, ROW THREE: S. Cole, K. Cotner, C. Cowan, R, Cypher, V. Daenzer, D. Delmarge, M, DeOrnellas. F. Eddy, B. Englehart, I. Farnum, ROW FOUR: B. Fetters, G. Fletcher, S, Foley, D, Formento, J. Forsythe, E, Fritz, V, Gibson, K. Glynn, D, Green, B. Hallwood. ROW FIVE: G. Hallwood, L. Hallwood, K. Harry, G. Haver. G. Haynes, K. Helmbold, C. Heuchert, R. Hill, C. Hitsman, C. Ill. ROW SIX: V. Ill, N. Ingram, K. Jensen, G. Jewell, K. Johnson, E. Johnstown, B. Jones, E. Keinath, F, Kennedy, S. Kester, ROW SEVEN: J. KI13Ck, J. Koch. C. Larkin, D. Loomis, Z. Loomis, N, Loy, H, Markel, J. Martin, J. Mays, B. McGinnis. 29 Class of 1960 , . as -1: i is R cy, YA , if S Q .. ' A .. A N' , A A . wb 5 V ' X A . ,," ri, , an 5' ' W Qfg, Sl' gQ..: A , K " ,H ' .g ,. 1 ' '- ROW ONE: K. McNeal, W, McPherson, J. Miller, H. Myers, R, Ohman, B. Osborn, W. Petzold, C. Pletcher, B, Putman, M, Reed. ROW TWO: L. Reinert, I. Rohn, E. Schnoblen, D. Schwab, R. Seabert, E. Snell, K, Steele, M, Taylor, G. Ulsheafer, B. Ward, ROW THREE: P. Weeks, D, Weinzierl, D. Weinzierl, S, Wellington, J. Whitehead, D. Whitaker, L. Wilson, M. Woodward, D. Zink, D. Fosket, ABSENT ARE: Karen Cole, P. Cole, William, Benton, G. Brown, J. Brown, A, Harback, N. Hart, E, Hoard, S, Johns, H, Myers, H. Snyder. -new 3 BERMUDA BERMUDA BERMUDA SHORTS One Step at a time, please, or you'll wind up with a shine! At 131451 Class of 1961 Left fo Right: Jerry Simmonds . . Secretory Sharon Mosher . . . . Treasurer Mike Zink . . Vice President Jerry Koloio. . . President ' R 3 as 6 QL U! f ' ' 1. QQ.. S I x ' , g ' ,, Q E 5 .gf , , i 'gary Q I, - ,555 ,Q . sss- . . . , , is ,,,.. .. A wh . ' its , S .E f ' 'H -Q I - I ' I- I 'Q' -' S J ' ,. -',. J v. 'J A Q X " s ix, it i"s S J, at 411, I h 'Q' + - f if f Psi X . W if I if 'YT . I 8 I ' K x ,, - L, 5 A A ' fx -W .:. .3 . Q' t kg i sv- K ,R A. T 2- at rr l if 'est .1 Y L -. if f", S R Q, r vi XXJM g 1 b 3' - ' I sg if v 1- f f 3' so 1 3 ' is S r .- " J E S 'i' S li ' x '- fxi a',f:.iX . j-vi' 'EH A . ROW ONE: J, Acker, R, Allen, D. Atwood, S, Almer, C, Basset, B. Barrow. ROW TWO: R. Benton, S. Carll, J. Carson, S. Corner, S, Cummings, J. Day, C. Decker, L. Decker, D. DeLong, C. Dolliver. ROW THREE: R, Elliot, C. Fisher, G. Foster, R. Foster, J. Hale, N, Hart, W. Hall, M, Hallwood. J. Heidt, A. Helmbold, ROW FOUR: B. Hitsman, I. Irhke, R. Isham, R. Jennings, A. Jobson, M. Jones, R. Johnston, J. Koch, J. Kolaja, C. Kinney. ROW FIVE: S. Kewitz, D. LaBear1, K. Lapeer, P. Lapeer, W. Leix, N. Lockwood, V. Long, M, Mathews, S. March, K. Martin, K, Martin, C, McComb, C, McGinnis, L. McNally, A. Morningstar, S. Mosher, N. Naber, C. Newton, R, Olvey, C. Owens. ROW SEVEN: R. Pickard, J. Pineo, R. Ratza, B. Reed, E, Reed, M. Roller, F. Rose, B. Sanders, D. Savage, P. Secord. ROW EIGHT: E. Stephens, B. Stephens, M. Thompson, B. Van Hom, G. Whitehead, C. Wright, . Wright, G, Gross, J. Young, J. ZWCHCRH- 31 Class of 1962 Left to Right: Sharon Loy . . . Treasurer and Secretary Pat Schumacker .... Vice President Grace Eddy ........ President Judy Wiecak. Student Council Representative T R 1 rs.. S ' . P .wif s .1 ,. ' . N Q A x X 'C 1 S. T JSR- ' 'i , , . 'QA 5. , , grzr 'ei V' Vl q is In . ' . 4 . ,Q Q' A K .li 1-:f i s s .ax T A - ' 9 Q L x .N . A I , L" i f x A . if: A I V3 ' : .Y j' ., P L. f' , , . :WA ng: K 'ss .ff I .A fs. rf ROW ONE: B. Atchinson, R. Aymer. J. Beeby, J. Beebe, K. Beckrow, E. Blakley. ROW TWO: B. Bone, S. Brown, 1. Bujick, L. Burkowsik, S. Bush, W, Beery, D. Cobb, V. Cole, L, Collins, G. Coociner, ROW THREE: L. Coutcher, J. Crosby, R. Currier, S. Cypher, C. Daly, A. Davis, D. Deiner, G. Eddg, R. Floy , B. Foote, ROW FOUR: S. Fournier, T. Fritz, G. Gibb, J. Gillies, J. Gleason, I. Glynn, G. Goad, , Greenfield, M. Hale, D. Harris. ROW FIVE: C. Hart, F. Hethron, L, Holbrook, F, Hope, C. Howard, S. Howe, J. Hudson, J. Hutchinson, P, Isham, J. Iobson. ROW SIX: L. Johnson, G. Jones, R. Kibby, P. LaBean, G. Lewis, C. Loomis, S. Lowell, S. Loyxi J. Lumsden, S. McLaren, ROW SEVEN: L. Mangold, T. Marcus, K. Martin, A. Mays, M. McGinnis, A. cLaren, C. Mercer, D. Monroe, L. Mantle, I. Myers. ROW EIGHT: P. Pettys, I. Pickard, . Preston, R. Richardson, N. Riddell, D. Rock, S. Rouse, J. Schutz, P. Schumacker, M. Schnettler. 32 Class of 1962 . A Q ,. E F i E! Mm ,i J i fi ,-uf 5 l' ew X i, ,if ,QQ I' s .Vex X X . ' 2 '-'P::--Q A E 'Q af. .i - Q in ROW ONE: K, Seabert, S. Servis, D. Sherman, H. Sherman, T. Shreve, S, Sieweke, D. Skinner, W, Slaterline, J. Snyder, N. Stockwell, ROW TWO: S, Taber, R. Ward, B, Whitaker, J. Whitaker, J. Wiacek, D. Wilson, D. Wood- ward. ABSENT ARE: J. Baileg, R, Brewer. J. Closeman, D. Delmage, C, Flory, P. Jackson, R. Kirbby, S. McPherson G, Mellon, A, Pless, W. Sc umph, Class of 1963 Left to Right: Madline Osborn . . . . President Susan Osborne ..... Vice President Rita Marcus . Student Council Representative Harold Davenport ...... Treasurer Joe Sutherby. . . . Secretary, Absent Q Y fe., I, If H-JJ: ae 3 ,, k ' u s . Xml ,V , , in ' ' 8-.di gg My ,. , , . ROW ONE: F. Aguire, R. Allen, C. Babion, ROW TWO: L. Bailey, J. Beckrow, L, Benton, L. Betz, R, Betz, L, Bone, D. Brewer, L. Brow, D. Brown, E, Burns. ROW THREE: P. Canfield, M. Cole, K. Cooper, B. Coselman, J. Cotner, D. Cryderman, I. Czap, H. Davenport, D. Day, J. Deland. 33 1' ST A i Q N H . C ass of 1963 T AA . ' m Ah ' I B V Xa, b Y! .W A Q. , , 2 . I- 5. -P hi .. Q .2 .4.1f Z - if . 3 Q A ,,. .fa I is q at 'K R - R .al ? . L .alfa -as K y J' xfqfi' ' V . ,xx I: I : V Q AT: 'f sf ' Z7 '.-' TL 5 E Q:.,.:, .. N , dlifi' X W 1 f 5' ' . y 1 , A, his - , p , as , as A I , . VA . EL K .Vs . Y H Q fn R . ...J I f Q is 4 2 if . ROW ONE: P. Diener. I. Drahn, C. Edler, R, Fifield, C, Fisher, S, Foley, N. Forrnento, P. Fox, L. Glynn, K. Green. ROW TWO: C. Hacker, E. Hale, M. Hart, J. Hawkins, J. Hawkins, L. Hayrnes, R. Hazel, L. Helmbold, J Hennessy, G. Horniug, ROW THREE: R. Hunt, D. Hutchinson, P. Hutchinson, M. hke, A. Jacobs, P, LaBean, S. Laycock, B. Leach, . Lee, P, Lewis. ROW FOUR: F. Licavoli, W. Long, P. Malmberik J, Mangold, S. Manwaring, B. March, R. Marcus, P. Markel, V. Mathews, D. McGinn s. ROW FIVE: . McGinnis, M. McLaren I. McPherson, D. Naber, I. Nickless, A. Ohman, R. Ohmer, M. Osborne, S. Osborne, G. Panill. ROW SIX: B. Reed, J. Rosencrants, M. Rosin, S. Rouse, B. Savage, C. Sebert, L. Sherman, F. Skinner, C. Small, C. Smith. ROW SEVEN: S. Squires, L, Stahl, I, Stephens, L. Stockowitz, J. Sutherby, R. Sweet, S. Thompson, D, Urbanski R. Wiacek, G. Zuhlke. ABSENT ARE: Richard Allbee, E. Boyd, B. Nellly. 34 Q h ge: - N55 X Q " Q as X an sf Q 2 ? QS. Q-"-xx ,S in 7' 'ff Q A X, R if - if 2 "" 'B ' ' Xa " A Qi E M 3' W 'St ff? 'X MS .M X. " ,gs 'V 5 53? F I I4 A V? ' TQ M5 'ff AJR: L hem, "Af 'S Q 'ff' "YNY 'ff' h ' P W' ' ' '1 ' 'Y' b ,mgfxwk -W -W 5 1'-Q M f +1 W' 'K Lg in J , ,. vivx, ' "gba ,Q 4, X ua R WX X bf. Q, L7 .x.. 3 X' " ,V ,M Q 1e,, X, f B fi, .2r-M5 4, Qxv., ,rt f N'..X sn' '55 '-' '-Q Q -X fx fi Y ex- E ,Q ox H in fvmi' zgrrgfk 2 D.:!p,dXJ 'IX 'V - 1- ,ii i . 735412, we Q Q- jig KV X - . 4 FVWMK K AEK : , f'5 V Af 'W lb N - , ,gu M ' f ww' M: W- ,QM Q., . h I MM V. ..., ,Q-:Z MMV ff, L ,, W, ,f""k O 0 ann. IW- 2 LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: J. Flory, K. Draper, S. Scholsser, C. Heuchert, R. Ohman, W. Thwing, L. Daly, G. Koch, C. Ormsbee, G. Catlin, D. Schwab, D. McLaren, B. Betz, D. Green, S. Alore, K. Bush. ROW TWO: J. Carson, A. Canfield, J. Koch, I. Schnoblen, D. Savage, W. Petzold, C. Owen, K. Glenn, J. Martin, G. Jewell, B. Saunders, S. Kowirz, P. Howe, K. Decker, S. Aymer, G. Gross. ROW THREE: J. Harback, V. Reinart, B. Zulkhe. E. Acker, D. Reed, P. Carll, M. Roh, Mr. Honsinger QDIRECTORQ B. Perkins, L. Reinart, R. Wright, I. Rohn, S. Cummings, I. Boyd, A. Sherman QPIANISTJ. Judy Babion Jan Flory Kay Harry , Pat Wiacek Karen Draper Joan Koch DRUM MAJORETTE Judy Babion 'qi' i x x ' " H ' is 95 A. .suv f 'LM' 7 - - ,. A . ' - .-iff 342 wwf 5 Y Y 5, U. 1 gy ., V M Egg W 1 M ff f , H n L L L L I 'g , . S ' 5, T M "L" "5 ,511 Kiwi? s 39 ' x S wi Qf 1' s ,f W H f Rl? ' W ' ' g - f 3 as TH -5 3' f , X E53 'F ' 5 ' . f ,fy Ear, ' I , Wig ' fn W i 1 .7 R ' fi. K, I - k , Q ,X : X 6, 'A mf Q al l ',, Q ' aj 4. ' I ', ws , W V 1 . 5..- ML ink. Steffi, - gi V --,, w ' ' . , . . , N ' ' ' .21?ifb 5 Q i gf'Aw Q +w MQ'SvS , ggi? ' W ww, 4' , We "' . ' . f X 'HF Riff'- V L . , ,Q ,rlgn U . Q V X I' .A 5 lj' , -1 . L, ... .... fi? ffzf V . K . .f ...W sian .V Q K, A 4.-W... .,.L M. Qmi Sf E f .. -- ,, I s f hi, 1 2 i Q 'E....-.. M...-m..,f ,M ., .Al 'gikrtifk - Y fix .X 39 XJ 'NJ IRS sf mf' .,,,,, I F Ig, 0 , 5 ki Q - A X . hw E6 , .rw 11 per, Jo Farnum, Pat Wiace 1 7.4! 'W' 'S 51 15?'i"..3"'ls X135 l I MS 1 ,X . ww 11 1 M - ,, eff' ,X N kk LM,,, M O Q x Nm f - N X Q nf . Q 3, 4 Aa A X 77' 7 AND ASS TANT EDITOR: Y' Q-:wg WH-3 A: Ra 9 N 4 X , 'N X 'x A N Q x l?if':fE - - J --N-A+ k , x X X' SK xx 3 X , N . . it w N X N N Y K xx W , N N. X 5 Q --xw'w!vr'4AP?i!?:: XQme1gkfQwF:i:5w'f:i:gA ' K 322 XSL? , AND AD T Julie Mr. Kem. ... vf" Aj'j-.. 'ffhiwfit 59 f w 5 fy ff P R .Q xx Sa- LA K '- am...-bf-a-1,-'fr-N -fa f X S Am- . Q Q ,X we if H W-1334 7 ggi ff- , Q' N T f . ri. i-l.iS?ff7g! F? ji ' .3 15 mga? A f veg A N Q EF 5? if 1' .35 :K sf E ' an M? QS , 5 .ff .mil Q ,N - WAN Q Xiiviv- . 4 Cardinal Call Typistg wil. 7 .r "Swing Your Partn Henrietta Jane . Sam . Hulcla. Jim . Sally . Bill . Bertram Hubert Bessie. er" . . Lois Smeaton . Judy Babion . Dan Spencer . Irma Leach George Kish . Judy Dalrymple . Doyle Stratton . . Art lsham . Royce Shamel . . Mary Mills x - .t-i H ' Y .'- A. G 5 ff-v i n S, , V ' .,-::- me 1 3- . q kr i n . K - 5 1 wi .. 7 Z A LEFT TO RIGHT, ROW ONE: P. Leix, E. Acker, B. Fournier, I. Atwood, K. Draper, L. Lee, B. Montney. J. Reed, F. Maclaren. ROW TWO: L. lee, S. Holder, G. Jones, P. Wiacek, F. Kennedy, H. Benton, M. Keinath, E. Engler, J. Flory. ROW THREE: W. Hahn, K. Blue, R. Cobb, I. Taylor, R. Wright. Congratulations, Irma and George ll Sally got her manl ll The Jr. Play this year consisted of three one-act plays. The Names of these plays are "Jerry Breaks a Date," " Hercules' Night Out," "The Ghost Wore White, " They turned out to be very successful. 42 Royalty Pagfb Mr Schell has the all rmportant At our annual Homecoming Game, honor of crowmng Queen Charlotte the honor was grven to Dlanne MacLarer1. The Queen and her court as they reign over our Ir. - Sr. Prom in 1957. The Homemaking Contest of l957-58 was conducted under the supervision of Mrs. Dorthy Hoban. There were a number of senior girls participating in this contest. A few weeks later Dianne Mac Laren learned that she had been chosen as Homemaker of Tomorrow from Millington High School. She will compete with girls of the state and throughout the nation. We wish her the best of luck in the future because she has plans to become a homemaker shortly after gradu- stion. Talvcn 'Z 7? -N 214 5 'P 9 Show .f . 55 of 14 S ix"-f ,, 4" Q, g x X1 A Q W 3 Q , QI Q-gl-gt "' 4 .N XM? .rv Iudy Babion, Carl Schnettler, Vzginia Gibson, Art Isham, Pat Wiacek, Larry Reed, Mr. Dillon, George Kish Mrs. Jensen, Reta Marcus, Judy iacek, Don Anderson, Karen Draper, Jerry Kolaja. Student Council The Student Council for 1957-58, as it has in many years past, consists of students from each grade, 7-12, representing the grade from which they were chosen. The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the student body as a whole. They have sponsored money-making projects to furnish necessities for the school, and they have made many decisions concerning each class, and the school in general. The Student Council at a regular meeting. Would you like to be there? Sgfqace Girls Sqllad LEFT TO RIGHT: Rena Wirigt, Judy Acker, Carol Fisher, Mrs. Standard, Directorg-Betgy Ward, Rachel Oman Madeline Mathews, Ruth Olvey. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Zuhlke, Evelyn Acker, Fran Ed y, Brenda Perkins, Gladys Gillies. These boys and girls have volunteered theirfree time to be of service to our school. Their donated time benefits the other high school students and makes our school more organized and clean. 566366 Boys Squad LEFT TO RIGHT: Herbie Markel, Glenn I-Iaver, Richard Cypher, Bob Jones, Marty Woodward. 47 Future Farmers of meriea ROW ONE: C. Keinath, J. McNiel, J. LaBean, G. Mosher, J. Foley, B. Fournier, B. Osborn, D. Zink. ROW TWO: C. Ill, D. Foremento. D. Anderson, R. Myers, B. Osborn, E. Wilson, K. Ill. ROW THREE: B. Anderson, M. Allen, M. DeOmallas, M. Taylor, A, Harback, R. Foremento, L. Wilson, B. Benton. ROW FOUR: G. Jones D. Blue, D. Weinzierl, G. Haver, E. Engler, V. Ill, C. Coon. ROW FIVE: K. Jensen, G. Martin, A. Davis, I. Whitehead, K. Blue, D. Foremento, A. Petaold. ROW SlX:J. Dingo, R. Taylor, J. Allore, L. Loomis, H. McPherson, D. Loomis. J. Savage, ROW SEVEN: A. Banks, M. Irhke, J. Sahr, A. lsham, D. Bissionette, B. Sahr. ROW EIGHT: B. Beagle, B. Fall, D. Zink, Sponsor, Mrs. Jake Meachum. FFA Achievements Oct. 22-23 Ag. Fair Local Auditorium Theme- Soil and Soil Conservation. Ralph Koch, past president of F.F.A. won the Sweepstake trophy in Corn. Mrs. Robert Osborn won the chocolate cake contest. l Lower Thumb District Fair at Grand Blanc High School on Oct. 28-29. Millington won the trophy for winning the most prize money. Calvin Keinath won the individual trophy For the prize money of S92.00. Judging Team won third place, Gary Jones, Calvin Keinath, Art lsham, Lyle Loomis, Rolland Fall. Jan . l5 Demonstration was presented on Organic Matter at the annual Soil Conservation Meeting at Caro. The following participated-Robert Fournier, Calvin Keinath, Robert Osborn, Gary Jones and John Foley. Feb. l2 Parliamentary Procedure Team won third place and silver rating at the meet which was held at Unionville High School. 48 Future I-Iomemakers of merica LEFT TO RIGHT E Johnson C Heuchert J Koch E Stephens N Christensen C Wright C. Fisher, J. Acker B Cole G Haynes R. Cole K Cotner E Kernath S Ailore S Dtamond A Sherman, 8. Kester, M Kemath L Smeaton V Denzer I Atwood K Draper I Flory J Osborn C Cowan K. McNie1, B. C. Cowan, Treasurer, K. McNiel, Vice Pres- identgl. Koch, Re- porter, S. Cole, Pianist: B. Engle- hart, Presidentg F. Maciaren, Parliamen tariang B. Ward. Secretaryg G. Jensen, Historian, Chapter Mother, Mrs. Kester. Debate Joann Knack, Virginia Gibson, Fran Kennedy, Betty Banks. Edna Keinath, Doyle Stratton. Mariam Woodward Pat Liex, Viola Denzer, Dan Spencer, Sandra Cole, Faye Maclaren, Rosemary Cobb, Marlene Kemath l Glenna Jensen, Lynda Lee, John Schulickbier, Bob Montney. E5 Millington for manyi years has been a mem- ber of the Michigan High School Forensic Associa tion. Through this work, members ofthe speech classes participate in discussion, debate, and several different spring contests. Millington debaters are iustly proud of their record which earned them, tor several consecutive years, the coveted Detroit Free Press plaque, awarded annually for excellence in debate. ln addition to the competitive work in speech, all members do the regular course in basic speech for which academic credit is given. Sandra Cole, Timekeeperg Mrs. Jensen, Directorg Rosemary Cobb, Dan Spencer, Pat Liex. Faye Maclaren. Regular De- batersg Lynda Lee, Robert Fournier quali fied to debate this year, they are not pictured. - Librarians Books Books Books and lwore Books LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Diamond, Pat Leix, Joan Farnurn, Beverly Batrow, Karen Corner, Shirley Cole, Fay Maclaren, Dick Hunt, Mrs. McGinnis, Lois Smeaton, Bonnie Brown. Mrs. McGinnis and her librarians are the people who supply the students with many hours through books and magazines. They have worked hard during this past year to make the library a bigger and better place to find information. They have made the library a much appreciated asset to the school. 51 x Work Experience Up in the Morning and off to W0l'k! ! I ! I I ! Office Practice Type those letters! Add those numbers! Print that paper! Now do you call this work? Kenneth Blue, Treasurerg Fred Kennedy, Secretaryg Larry Lee, Presidentg Mr. Lentz, Bossg Tom Shreve, Vice President. ff The Coaches of our school, to bring better relationship between our athletics, faculty, School Ad- ministration and parents took under effort an Organiza- tion of Varsity Athletics to establish a club to help boost the moral of our student body. OFFICERS 2 Pres., C. Schnett- ler, V. Pres., B. s if .E 'C Sawyer, Sec . , -W... L. Lee, f Treas . , .2 I., A L. Kirky I arsity Club MOON -'iii 4' 1 -,G if A .El ,Os 7 The newly organized Rocket Club is under the supervision of Mr. Henry Lentz. Approximately 30 boys of Millington High School are members of this organization . When Mr. Lentz is asked how the rocket business is coming, he replies, "lT'S BOOMINGI ! " X ocket Club Projectors Club These are the mechanical minded boys who are always at our Teachers Training Here are our Future teachers of America. These girls spend two hours a day, teaching in the elementary school. They are graded on good-grooming, initiative, manners, personality, etc. Marlene Moringstar, Lila Gleason, Judy Babion, Ioan Hethorn, Phyllis Carll. X Sf: M-:ff x Swv X K. J x..k. Q X 41 Q My-SX -f f.' -3 'bh' x 5551 FNS, x-:. I . Q X .L A-5 I ,N X . ,X X Y k X 3 E ML ww fx 531 k -- x N ga: ,. . xr 6 5 -A -.frsxrf 4 if - .I-: me da.. 'K 51 sl' 5 I 9 N wily' Wynn K is 1 it V . TK! " ,. ws? ii 'PH Q 11 f X' , ' S i l 4 ' A 1 Q-fs 8 355.5 Q ,Q Q X r E F Z ZZZZZZZ ZZZZZ 4 4 n ls. o o P P P P P A P P P. P. P. P. kazaa Z P. A. P. P. P P. ? ZZ 'U Q Q P Z Z F . ,P IU Z Z A. M. P. M. P. M. P. M. P. M. o Q n n 0 a s 1 u 0 M-Nm fi' X 4 ' K1 Y? Z2 .Q in 35' L 3 Fi' M i ' QQ fx ' S Y gin s . . WK, , L51 1 my .gf ez 2 N g 5' 'li qc f,,, M M nik 51, gf fv,V.N ng, ' 4 45 LQ ,., M, 7 1- 'A ,sfggg A .U i we O , 37289 NH, m M ini f no 5. g ' f""H .J 'W , , ye f . es. 77 Sc wb ROW ONE: G. Kish, J. LaBean. R. Shamel, D. Zink, M. Martin, M. Blackmer. ROW Dick Zink TWO: L. Kirky, B. Montney, J. Blackmer, K. Ill, W. Hahn. ROW THREE: C. Royce Shamel Schnettler, E. Wilson, D. Simmons, D. Kolaja, B. Sawyer. ROW FOUR: Gross, D.M. CO-CAPTAINS Zink, J. Foley, B. Seabert, D. Zink, F. Kennedy, Coach Seltz, J. Henderson, Coach McLouth, L. Nelson, Manager. f. 55,54- . . . N , F' iw At the beginning of the 1957 football season, new head coach Syd McLouth and his assistant Bill Seltz were greeted by 14 returning lettermen and the future looked mighty bright. The Cardinals dropped their first three ames to strong class B teams Vassar and St. Charles and defending conference champions Imlay City, before cfeadlocking Howell and Oxford. Millington dropped a hard fought game to Ortonville 12-6 and were trounced by undefeated Frankenmuth 25- 0 before they knocked North Branch from the South Central conference championship on the last day of the season 7-0. The Cardinals had some compensation when six players were chosen on the all conference team. Seniors, Captain Dick Zink, Dick Gross, George Kish, Mike Martin and Royce Shamel. Junior Carl Schnettler was also chosen. The most valuable player award was won by Joe laBean, and the most improved players on this years football team were Jim Henderson and Dale Simmons. Junior Varsity Football Team WE THEY Vassar 0 25 St. Charles 13 20 lmlay City 13 32 Howell 6 6 . Oxford 0 0 Ortonville 6 12 Frankenmuth O 25 North Branch '7 0 qu--3' ROW ONE: M. DeOrnallas, B. Jennings, L. Decker, J. Kolaja, J. Henderson, C. Pletcher, J. Simmons, D. Hunt, P. Secord. ROW TWO: B. Ohman, D, Whitaker, R. Betz, E. Reed, B. Sherman, R. Foster, M. Woodward, B. Ames, Coach Mr. Kern. ROW THREE: B. Osborn, J. Young, K. Jensen, K. Steel, G. Haver, L. Kirky, B. McGinnis, D. Beckrow, B. Beagle, S. Cotner. ' 62 gi Q Mill. 41 42 28 48 44 49 50 64 56 R 5! ,X .mx .- .Ax Q i . 1 , 5 A S k fiifa ai ky 5 VK ..f'-N 1 V fAv-f 5.t ii ,AX 'wfxgffxg If A k',, ilu. fin V Aish' K M. ww! Q ff E 6 E xi ,!fEi'S!' 'V if A fm Y SSB' X Mk an 6 in is-X f fl 9 'MSR -2 'X 4 ' 'lg 5 asm 3 ' 5 X? P iw I b Q 5 3 K X K ,LW, Y 5 he 5, I ... A 7,5 R. , .9 we. 52,35 5 w fe Ki xe X, Y' if are aaa f v we , he xi 6 g i i f Q, lg f 6 any ...- ,A3 ? qi b,:a V 1:1 - I Vqxq H g -J X In Q N! ix , . , ik. xc r sg 3 ,M - A 0 A X6 J Page ' Q ' .fav -'f:f X Q ' ,. " .ple Grove 54 1 k lle 46 6 Imlay City 37 kvfwimlay City 63 Lakeville Oxford Q Frankenmuth Ortonville North Branch Vassar , 5' ' Y S' .J 3 54 34 46 59 68 67 5 5 5 'S ,E Frankenmuth Maple Grove Ortonville North Branch Toumament 2 North Branch X 52 47 63 62 X 51 ii I . i , if 'sag f' I 6 1 I' ROW ONE: D. O' Connor, T. Beebe, D. Alcantar, J. Hunt, D. Gross, D. Zink. ROW TWO: D. Zink, D. Whittaker, G. Hallwood. G. Kish B. Griffith, D. Roggentine. L. Long, B. Sawyer, G. Mosher. Coach Dan McCarty. . wi? f W .vl , , 1 Sw 2 3 F. ae, Wk 'WI wma 'ln ...Q4 I Q ,N Q 1 W.. 3 --.- -, ,W .5-fi-Qsge g Q-TWQEM i 3161-1- X ifggrg Nwxmww . - ialwmwmm my , A N ,Vg - H Q , Vw , .ff an n 'GX fwxisi A ,wsggw-'Sw I' LEFT TO RIGHT: Sharon Ward, Marlene Morningstar, Joanne Knack, Lila Gleason, Kay Harry Karen Draper, Judy Osborn, Pat Wiacek, Rosemary Cobb, Janith Flory, Karen Cotner, Sue Holder Coach Pletcher M.S.D. Davison Girls' Reese M.S.D. S all Reese Vassar Vassar 2 ,Q .- .Q - . Q ,, . Q - X LL I .Ka ' Q' X M. - - fe. . "' E QEKX . , eu. .6 .sas so sq s ff? . Qs- 3 Pe I ' ' . 3 if e - . 2 'P , M 1 1 I 2 5 2 2 y . if :D . A ' 9' : -1- :N 1 bbyb I, l K! Lx 2 . ek, f e af e H , as QE! X- 'Q ? by LN all X 9, E 4 huh ,X N . .. x A it , WE TH EY 20 26 I8 27 36 18 20 I8 32 I5 41 I4 29 21 Y A rg ki S -- 5 Q X , it , X fn ': :I F X y ' W x 1 'f W if , xlsvx M A ' ' M 4 1 N im g x Dlx ' " 'K ,Q ks, , LMT U I --nv' I wx' V ,M . .. A . . f ' - z V -, 'H : '1 " "' Hfwfi' 1 x W . W ix-- .f-J1' " - 'ggfigsa N14 1 ' 1 Qi S ' . 3 Q' L11 '3 , ', S SN 9 l , If rf" 1 6.9 Q ,, if-H LH, 1 , '22 W -P - Q W -' e, --.ffpw if-:f,:.5,, f, 4, if -,N 5- .3 1-.1-,gn-rf Y 1.14, ,xl E, .. wwfff- ig? f gg. an ,pjjeg . xv rf' - egfwjg g . ,L A me A ,Ls . ' lg. -' gl , v., W sh af W f ' ' Y ig? , S ,ge 5 " 4 35,491 Q15 W P Qi M -, f I R L , fi' Offices at Millington Frankenmuth Resse Birch Run Frankenmuth State Bank Phone-Mil I ington 3181 or Frankenmuth 3131 Everything You Need From School Supplies to Complete Office Outfits Including Furniture, Files, Sales, Duplicating Supplies Stationery, Greeting Cards and Gifts. The R. P. Lewis Company 125 South Jefferson, Saginaw 519 Washington, Bay City 120 West First Street, Flint Paul Titsworth, P. T. Chevrolet Millington, Michigan Phone 3232 "Try Before You Buy" Owner Bill Gray, Salesman if ,,mLA ' 'SKY' r - Q ' 1 DL. D i r r' ,J 'H-we-9 'W ' ' ' sumhscov W .Liv ' ' f Nw susan ' .-,EQ C C9 All PS W' i ii We, Butch, Pat, Viola, BOOST OUR BOOSTERS, Henderson's Drugs. Wilbur Cutlar and Paul Henderson have served us for many years. Fountain Service Candy Cosmetics and Prescriptions Phone 2131 Hendersonis Drugstore 1 1 m- wa: -w-W.s..,1.wq-Q-wavy ' .,,,,,,,, 55 , 1 ll ,N . ..-was 1 ,N ,sexi sn,- V j . 5 .1 . 1 -1 K K . . . . , VN Mx Mi Q t X V ,M if .SS5i.,L,k A vi xii 5 ,:L., Q K in '-,fwiAv,.":'f-f':':" f X1,?.:g1'1Q-,sox if " ' ' . K - - 1- so . - .X so X J Xi Q 1+ illington Truck Bod Telephone 3121-2121 Incorporated Main Office and Plant Branch Plant Phone 2047 W Charles Reed, President Huntington, Ind. in ltll 1 .mags E ' FS. to L :FW ., . .. 1 , , , M, S it a X ' if f 'X l.D. McPherson, Manager er iiel lla' li SPEClALlZlNG1N INSULATED TRUCK BODIES SERVICE l Worth's Market Grocery and Cold Meats Refreshments of all Kinds Open Week Nights Millington, Michigan Millington Farm Bureau Millington, Michigan N. Kurpsel, President W.F. Brandt, Secretary-Manager Congratulations to the Graduates! The Millington Herald Woverine Congratulate Telephone "The Class of l958" 'llin ton Michigan Company M' 9 ' . . . l Millington MlkCS Lumber C0mPany Super Service Q 'Soya l "4unn""t Complete Building Service Tires Phone 2381 Batteries Millington, Michigan Phone S5781 Accessories Millington, Michigan Lubrication :i:., , Standard E - , sm: DARD Oil ,smuoino Company Fuel-oil, gasoline, motor oil. "Service with a Smile" Harold Edler Phone 2791 Millington V7 f' ' Archie B ' Osborn ,555 X, - ,Z ffxg X4 f 4 X' Sales and Service McCormick Deering Farm Equipment International Trucks G.E. Appliances Phone 3413 Millington Michigan A i R MIM Boyce Dalrymple Philgas Dealer Electric Appliances-Gas-Oil-Phone Millington 2222 GEO. MCINTYRE FALL'S MILLINOTON 5 SON compnmenfs 5 to 5.00 Stores BLOCK COMPANY M""n9'0" of Elevator "Pay A Little Ready-Mix COOL Peans SANDERS Gram And Get A Lot." Phone 5533 Phfme N' cut-RATE Millington, Phone 2853 Michigan Compliments of OHMAN 8K BLOSSOM John Deere Farm Equipment Phone 2691 Millington, Michigan "Photography At lts Best" Schools Weddings Babies H.A. POWELL STUDIOS Largest in the Midwest Toledo-Dayton-Detroit ..4""" Vie's Gulf Service Lubrication Washing W Tires Batteries Accessories Phone 9471 Millington, Michigan W H o "House of Good Food" o 1' ITI l a f Schumaker's Steak House Q l- . . . B G Specialize In steaks r and chicken dinners r 9 Phone 3321 e e Hamburgers Pies and Sausage G S Millington Michigan d l' Best Wishes to the Graduates Kroger Your Friendly Vassar Kroger Store Vassar Michigan "Smile" THE PICTURE MAN Congratulations to the Graduates Davidson Ford CARS TRUCKS 8484 State St. Phone 5121 Millington, Michigan Compliments of Hall and Dean Leonard Petroleum Products Millington, Michigan Phone 2311 or 3271 Compliments Compliments Compllmenfs Compliments o of MACDONALD and of LENTZ STINGEL c.M. QUINN RADIO 8- TV Offwe . DR. R.o. REPAIR d ESUPplIeS . . an quipment M.D. Millington Phone 5581 Phone 3-5483 Michigan Mllllngfonf Mich 408 Gengsee Millington, Mich. Saglnaw, Mich. Millington BOB ROCK'S Collision Meer up cf MEEMIC INSURANCE INSURANCE AGENCY SERVICE Joe Stephany, Mgr. l-lll-L TOP General Body RECREATIQN Fire and Cosuoll-Y Auto-Fire-Life Repairs Automobile Hospitalization C0mPlefe BUmPIn9 Our Favorite Solflool Employees Personal Service Service Bowling Edward Schell, for All Your 24 hr. Wrecker Serv. Alley Rep,-esonlollve Insurance Needs So. State Street Millington Phone 2752 Vassar, Michigan Phone-Fostoria 436 Phone-Fostoria 246 OtterLake, Mich. MAJOR'S PURE OIL STATION Clean Rest Rooms Wi th ure . Be OUIIQ S J' 'z P r"'u-.v 4" Millington, Mich . CURLEY'S SHOE REPAIR We Recommend CurIey's For the Girlies Millington, Mich LITTLE RECORD SHOP Latest Hit Records RSCOIETIGYSTS Gifts, Needlework Sheet Music We Repair Radios and Phonos and make recordings. Vassar, Michigan Phone TA 3-7741 Compliments of CLARK'S STORE FIXTURES 1830 S. Dort Hwy. Flint, Michigan LEONARD GASOLINE - LUBRICATION Congratulations to MILLINGTON the Graduates HOTEL Tire Repair YOU LEONARD coBB's STANDARD Rooms and Food Can X STA-HON Refreshments Depend I'i""2r ' and COBB Foster and Taber On COUNTRY MK-I-. Phone 9981 Millington, Mich . Phone 2311 Millington, Michigan Millington, Mich . Compliments of Hanlin Funeral Home Millington -Sw-F, L Phone 2371 EVe'Y'hl"9 PAUL CUMMING for the JENSEN . HARDWARE Office Kxei FARM EQUIPMENT ar ware- cunts 6.5 H d P ' Electric Appliances New ld? gg, Sporting Goods Farm Machinery V90 Fishing 8 Hunting and Case Tractors Qjvg, License Ml.ll:1ngton Millington Mm 'gon Michigan Phone 2293 120 South B'a:.mhStreet Phone 2834 agmaw, IC :gan We Specialize in EQUWABLE l-'FE the Best of Millington Curly-Q-Cone ASSURANCE Home Dressed SOCIETY OF U.S. Meats A.H. COBB CO. Representative 1 Dry Goods Hot Dogs - Malts Ralph A- UST Groceries, Shoes Sundaes - Milkshakes Phone 9401 Friendly Service Coney Islands Frankenmuth Phone 2761 ln Front of Smiths Sign Shop Michigan Millington North State Street Michigan Congratulations Seniors of 1958 f k .iw V 'WL- GST 2 A Nl .ii INA FQE 3 -N., fx AT. . - l 'T' ""'EiUll Q. f-S -'ll BUlllllllS Ul YUUR lIllMNlUNllY May God's Guiding Hand Be With You Now and Always. 4 X 1 I N ' '59 X X54 Q' L 5. llf L 5Q.y:,5x! .- swf' -' 11:52 ,Vi-e 54,52 ' Q02 ,L MJ' :, 3:55-W" mf.- , Wigan, . , ' -urn A.. ti v F1 . ' A 1' 1 ' -?f':,S:' " ay- " f L WELS' 1, . 'H :L f 1v,:.P'1.- "Wifi 1-.,-fi iflsihif :I . " Aki' " 'iw 3252955-'Aj E fig ,Q uw nf, A. .3 Tk. .,.. im, . Nm. fy.. wi-' . 'Sis' 1 'wif X x Q a ww-4 AL. Age? , , . , ,-1.9 'Q , 1 ,s ,rf ,J f fffbig' iiihfi, QMK.,AN ' -A-JIQIV ' fb-5? -ffl' ' Mzrjmn j kv 5'-1.1514 Lillie? H g - xgiyfkx, , A 5 jan -, Sify fm, .. 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Suggestions in the Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) collection:

Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 8

1958, pg 8

Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 46

1958, pg 46

Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 51

1958, pg 51

Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 8

1958, pg 8

Millington High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Millington, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 27

1958, pg 27

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