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The CARDI N AL Published by The Class of 1940 Millington High School MILLINGTON, MICHIGAN FOREWORD THIS, THE 1940 CARDINAL, IS INDEED THE TREASURE CHEST TO THE MILLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. IT IS VERY DEAR TO US BECAUSE THIS MARKS THE FIFTIETH GRADUATING CLASS FROM THIS INSTITUTION. . . IT IS WITH THE HOPE OF LEAVING BEHIND US A SUITABLE RECORD OF OUR FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL WORK AND OF LINKING OUR PAST TO OUR ALMA MATER, THAT WE, THE CLASS OF 1940, PUBLISH THIS CARDINAL I xx M The Cardinal Stag Editor-in-chief- - - Associate Editors - - - Business Manager ....s.. Associate Business Managers- Ruth Deyo Leona McNeal Koral Foley Luella Nunn Eleanore Kube Ruth McComb Berry Koeltzow Frances McGinnis Elizabeth Rowell Ethel Dierck Jeanne Eno Beverly Blacl-:mer Edward Jakubik George Burns Loretta Hains Gladys Fischhaber Doris Seelye Norwood Sergent Harry Spender E X A Gi f wi -----Albertine Forsyth S Patricia Kennedy "'l Francis Charboneau ----cRobert June S John Staples 2 Doris Tremlin Sarah Cypher Alta Loveland Awanda Nelson Lucille Nunn Elizabeth McMahon Theodore Berry Gordon Gibson Roger Parker Donald Gilchrist Duane Eno Harold I-Iains Robert Valentine Glenn Green Donald Walterhouse Elton Leix Robert DeLand Norwood Van Wagnen Harold Gibson Robert Reid fPost-Graduate, Page Two DEDICATION To Memory of ELLIS RICHARDS in appreciation of his services devoted to the welfare of our school for the many years he has been a member and also secretary of the Board of Educa- tion until the time of his death, February 4, 19:10, we dedicate this book. His desire for the better- ment of our school will always remain in our memory. Uorne Gnd Gclr-din xr ,. 1 257' ' 'W -4, ,A . .. . .,3,,Lfr ' R THCMQPAS 9: f ,. 1 .DQ -2 . 1 sn' i. 15.,14,l -5. . I 5, 'if Q' P1 7,4 . iq Page F in Board of Education wi, L. B. Squires, A. C. Fischhaber, A. H. Cobb, W. F. Guenther, J. W. Johnson. President ,,....,.......,..........., Albert Cobb Secretary ......... .,,....,,.A., Alfred Fischhaber Treasurer .........,,,,.,,,..W.. William Guenther Trustee, ,,-C-,,--.......C...,C..., ,L. B. Squires Trustee ..,...,...... .C...u,.,,.. J ames johnson During the span of fifty years in which Boards of Education of our school have been issuing diplomas to their high school graduates, we find the function of the school has remained very much the same. New terms have found their ways to alphabetical arrangements in our dictionaries, but upon investigation we find the biggest difference is in terminology. Responsibility of the school has increased tremendously. When other agencies fail that are instrumental in the education of the whole child, boards of education are confronted with a complex problem of carrying on the urgent work. Prevention of crime, character building, occupational adjustment, and training for leisure time are assigned by society as a school responsibility. Fifty years ago the general public accepted the principles of democ- racy without discussion. In 1940, there are many "isms" to be discussed other than Americanism. The Millington Board of Eucation appreciates that the primary purpose of the educational institution is to teach good citizenship. They have expressed themselves in favor of a school program that will allow social fortification for the boys and girls of this community which will enable them to function in a democratic society. Standing: Mr. Irwin, Mr. Clark. Faculty J. L. Meachum, B. S.-Superintenden Agriculture Central State Teachers' College Michigan State College University of Michigan Stephen M. Glaza, B. S.-Principal Social Science - Athletics Michigan State College Treva B. Kirk, A. B. English, Latin and Speech Hillsdale College Edmund Irwin, B. S. Music, Mathematica, Science Central State Teachers' College Leslie Clark, B. S. Commercial Michigan State Normal College Seated: Miss Kirk, Mr. Meachum, Mr. Glaza. Nina Perry, B. S. 7th and 8th Grades Michigan State Normal College Mable Teague Sth and 6th Grades Wayne University Helen M. Potts, B. S. 3rd and 4th Grades Michigan State Normal College Annetta Henderson Kindergarten, lst and 2nd Grades Michigan State Normal College Seated: Miss Potts, Miss Perry, Miss Henderson, Mrs. Teague. Page Six 1 Q QQ lf fb 'x 0 X54 x 524' 'ipllfs SENIORS ' 50 ve' 4 ff: 11 . 'bg' " 1 W 'J Theodore Berry For he's top drummer in M.H.S, 1 nil' f N K J' band. Ban 1-Z-3-4 F.F.A. 4 K 1 is x Y my , 5 ' f . To Ted we all extend our hand, te , f 81' ax t. -, Q 'S " s Cl Q.. w. 5 Beverly Blackmer An intelligent little senior lass, And a reliable member of her class. Band 1-2-3 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Secretary 1 Girls' Club l-Z-3-4 George Burns George has one thing that has 'von him praiseg He is our best speaker for English essays. Debating 2-3-4 Public Speaking l-Z'-3 Dramatics 3-4 F.F.A. 2-3-4--President 4 Class Treasurer 4 Francis Charboneau Slivefs one action that wins him fame ls helping our team win many a game. Football l-Z-3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4-co-captain Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Class Treasurer 1 Dramatics 3-4 Student Council 4 Ass't Editor of Annual 4 News 4 Sarah Cypher Sarah is a lively maidg She is sure to "make the grade." Band 1-2-3-4 Girls' Club 1-Z-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 News 4 8.0 ' li ,, is f f- zz, I A s 4 'W 5? tan V ., F. -,N N D' il l Vf.W I l 1- - Robert DeLand A handsome lad is Bob DeLand5 With him, surress goes hand in hand. Dramatics 4 Football 4 Mt. Morris High School I-2-3 Ruth Deyo Ruth's many virtues you all know, For she was class president twice in a row. Girls' Club I-2-3-4 Debating Z-3 Public Speaking 1-2-3 Class President 3-4 Chairman of G rls' Club 3 President of Student Coun- cil 4 Vice President of Camera Club 4 Declamation 1 Ethel Dierclr Such a nice manner has this young lassj Best of luck, Ethel, to you from the class. Girls' Club 2-3-4 Vassar High School 1 Duane Eno Tall, dark, and handsome-quiet Duane Will outwir the dangers of life's bumpy lane. Football 3-4 F.F.A. 4 Jeanne Eno All the boys in the Senior class Think of Jeanne as a merry lass. Dramatics 3-4 Public Speaking 2-3 Girls' Club 3-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 Class Secretary Z Page Eight dal f GladYs Fischhaber g 'V 4' Donald Gilchrist Gladys is really a typist of fameg , - , DOY' 4 545517411 "'4Wfl lf! To get the news out is her job and ' W . x 5 A , :N Of' fb' ddflff ll00f bf'-Y 4 Wl7iZZ- her aim. ' K Dramatics 3 Band . Football 4 ' 'W Basketball 4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Girls' Club 1-Z-3-4 Archery 1-Z'-3-4 Typist of School News 4 Koral Foley Koral is a timid lass, But a cheerful asset to the class. Declamation 2 Dramatics 3-4 Girls' Club Z-3-4 News 4 Otisville High School 1 Albertine Forsyth Albertine Forsyth a good teacher will beg She'll teach her pupils to get'A's, as did she. Band l-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Girls, Club l-2-3-4 Student Council 3 Oration 3 Dramatics 4 A News 2-3-4 Editor of Annual 4 Gorclon Gibson In our minds Tub rates supreme, For he was captain of our football team. Football Z-3-4 lCaptainJ Class Treasurer 2 Student Council 3 Harold Gibson Gibby is charming with manners rare, As long as he has wavy, blond hair. Class Treasurer 3 Football 1-2 Basketball 1-Z-3-4 lco-cap- tainl Page Nine Baseball 3-4 Student Council 4 Fostoria High School l-2 s S-, Kin .4 - flw UW l Glenn Green Blond and handsome, tall and ' strong, - With his knowledge of crops, he can't go wrong. Football Z-3-4 Baseball 3-4 F.F.A. 1-Z-3-4 eg s Harold Hains , I' Harold Hains a mechanic will beg Ks gl He has great talent, we all agree. Band 1-2-3-4 Baseball I " Football 1 F.F.A, 2-3-4 I 9 Loretta Hains To him who likes the best of things, Loretta? praises he always sings. Band 1-Z-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Club I-2-3-4 Dramatics 4 News4 ' Edward Jalcubik Edward will be a farmer, we lznowg 53 ' lVith his industrious nature his profits should grow. F.F.A. 1-Z-3-4 Basketball 3-4 Baseball 3 Robert june A wise and active little lad, Yau'll find that Bob is seldom sad. Band 1-2-3-4 Class President 2 News Z-3-4 F.F.A. l-2-3 Business Manager of Cardi- nal 4 Declamation 2 Patricia Kennedy Pat's content with what fate bringsg She'll succeed as a queen of swing. Band l-2-3 Class Vice President 1-2 Declamation 2 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Club 1-2-3-4 Librarian 1-2-3-4 News 2-3-4 Ass't Editor of Cardinal 4 Betty Koeltzow When it comes to books, Betty's expert, For in the lilrrary she's always alert. Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Manager of Archery 2-3-4 Public Speaking 2-3 Dramatics 3-4 Librarian 4 Girls' Club 1-3-4 News 3-4 Eleanore Kube The feminine editor of the "Cardinal Call" Has a lot of intelligenee for a girl so small. Girls' Club 2-3-4 . Representative of Camera Club 4 News 3-4 Editor of Cardinal Call 4 Decroic High School 1-2 Elton Leix We'll recommend Elton any day, For he's a member of the F.F.A. Band 1-2-3-4 F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 Football 4 Baseball 4 , .i 5? "' -- -'Fi a , 'al 9 'sc we . -gg W QQ! 1:4 ' K is as e 4 3 i sa 3 1, ,, ' 'tube u.. . Alta Loveland Alta Loveland is shy and very piousj Her kind deeds will be missed by us. Debating 1 Girls' Club 1 Public Speaking 1 Dramatics 3 Ruth McComb A friendly girl, all will say, Who tries to please in every way. Girls' Club 2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Public Speaking 2-4 Frances McGinnis A kind and generous heart has sheg A true friend she will always be. Glee Club l-Z-3-4 Girls' Club 4 Public Speaking Z Elizabeth McMahon Elizabeth, though a shy senior lassg Tries hard to reach the head of her class, Leona McNeal Leona McNeal, sweet and shy, Never allows less than A's to get by. Girls' Club l-2-3-4 Debating 2-3 Public Speaking Z Declamation l Librarian 1-2-3 Class Secretary 3 News 3 Page Ten Awanda Nelson Awanda a swell personality shows, She's immune from failure, troubles and foes. Girls' Club 1 Luella Nunn Here's a girl thal's blonde and sweetg Where true friends count, she can't be beat. Dramatics 3-4 News 4 Girls' Club 3-4 Public Speaking 4 Flint High School 1-Z Lucille Nunn Our jolly classmate, Lucille Nunn, Whom we surely will miss with all her fun. Girls' Club 4 Flint High School 1-Z Roger Parker Roger has an air that's simply grand, While he's strutting before the M.H.S. Band. Band 3-4 Vassar High School 1-2 Elizabeth Rowell A friendly girl on every hand, And a prominent member in the High School Band. Student Council 2-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club I-2-3-4 Girls' Club 1-Z-3-4 Archery Z-3-4 News Z-3-4 Page Eleven 9 X -2. 4' E 9 i . Ss, gn 5. J .4-Li Q X: t i X.. r 3'-Q A, ,gh- - C 6' ya v 1 ' 1 K' Doris Seelye If you want a friend sincere, Call on Doris, she's full of cheer. Band l-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Girls' Club I-2-3-4 Archery Z-3-4 News 2-3-4 Norwood Sergent Norn'ood's record is :lean and fine, He's made hir name on the base- ball nine. Dramatics 3-4 F.F.A. 4 Public Speaking 3 Manager of Baseball Team 3 Harry Spender Harry Spender, a handsome lad, Wants to he a printer like his dad. Band 1-2-3 Class President 1 john Staples johnny, our football star hold, ls quite a Romeo, we are told. Band 1-Z-3 Football 2-3-4 Ass't Business Manager of Cardinal 4 Doris Tremlin Doris, a classmate, who obeys each rule, ls the most popular girl in the school. Class Secretary 4 Ass't Business Manager of Cardinal 4 Girls' Club 3-4 News 4 Public Speaking 3 Flint High School 1-Z Donald Walterhouse Although be is a Tiny Tim, Don Works bi-nd, success to win. v Robert Valentine s i, This boy is handsome, and-oh, Q1 so cleverg no E I Yak! He will be off to seek adventure. W ' 7 ' , 4:51 4 ' 2 1' F.F.A. 2-3 k h an - - - V a fS , C - 2.1.2 25.1, 4 T5aieHf5i 3151587 an Colors ,., Q. MAROON AND GOLD Norwood Van Wagnen . K g Z-iglldnii ffcyfffrjv 1-1? have ws M STRIVE AND SUCCEED Tl ldfl 'll uf! C offfff. 5 " V, . Band 1-2-3-4 p Class Offzcers C f' President ......... - ------ Ruth Devo " it Vice-President .......... John Staples i rq 4. Secretary i--,H, ...... , D0l'lS Tfemlln Treasurer---,da ..,.. --George Burns Class History The forty-nine freshmen who trooped into Millington High School in 1936 made up the largest class ever to enroll there. Of course, the outstanding event this year was the Strawberry Festival where we crowned Harry Spender "Queen" and Elizabeth McMahon "King" Our fresh- man class officers were: President, Harry Spenderg Vice-President, Patricia Kennedy, Secretary, Beverly Blackmerg Treasurer, Gordon Gibsong Adviser, Mr. Meachum. President Spender repre- sented the class in the Student Council. It was during our freshman year that our school was enlarged by the addition of a large brick structure on the east side of the old building. The officers during our sophomore year were: President, Robert June, Vice-President, Patricia Kennedyg Secretary, Jeanne Enog Treasurer, Francis Charboneaug Adviser, Miss Dalton. Presi- dent June and Elizabeth Rowell represented our class in the Student Council. Presenting the play "The Life of Riley," and entertaining the seniors at the Junior Prom kept us busy during the latter part of our junior year. Our officers during this year were: President, Ruth Deyog Vice-President, Francis Charboneaug Secretary, Leona McNeal, Treasurer, Harold Gibsong Advisers, Miss Kirk and Miss Dalton. President Deyo, Albertine Forsyth and Gordon Gibson represented the class in the Student Council. On November 17, this year, we presented our Senior play, "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works." Then, because our class is the fiftieth graduating class of this institution, we decided to commem- orate the anniversary by publishing "The Cardinal," the first annual since 1937. The members of our class have been very active in outside activities all during our high school career. Of the forty-three graduates, twenty are active in music, twelve have participated in dramatlcs and public speaking, and fourteen won recognition in athletics. Those seniors who graduated with honors are: Beverly Blackmer Leona McNeal Koral Foley Elizabeth Rowell Albertine Forsyth Doris Seelye Patricia Kennedy Harry Spender Baccalaureate services were held at the Baptist Church House, Sunday evening, June 2. D1 7 Q3 The graduation exercises were held June at the Alumni Field. .fn W Page Twelve I 1 be we sl 0 Q 5 xi Of? '-4: Q fh O ml' 'W 35 X445 92' 'itgaifs JUNICDRS f ffl 1 Tap Row: Catherine Rowell, Florence Monroe, Olive Osborne, Ruth Tryon, Dorinda Stebbins, jean Schank, J oy McGinnis, Viola Cryderman, Darlene Rosencrants, Reta Schank, Alice Drohn, Lorraine Beagle. Second Row: Adviser, Mr. Irwin, Harold Coles, William Dieter, Robert Farnum, Clyde Hoard, Edward Drubin, Bruce Lee, Norman Castle, Sam Petoskey, Donald Cronkright, Harriet yp er. Third Row: Joanna Walterhouse, Lucille Henderson, Mary Wilbur, Evelyn Balcer, Shirley Hope, Doris Miller, Eris Ward, Crystal Heard, Margaret Chatters. Front Row: Delbert Smith, George Muntin, Dan Colman, Donald Robinson, LeRoy Hoard, L. D. Gray. Abxent: Betsy Ross, Gerald Somerville, Cleta Somerville, Thomas Jolly, Richard Salliotte. I Jumors President ,...................... Catherine Rowell Vice-President ........................ Bruce Lee Secretary ,-....,,-....-............. Doris Miller Treasurer a....................,.. Norman Castle Adviser ..a....-.-...-...,...... Edmund I. Irwin Colors BLUE AND GOLD Motto IT SHALL BE DONE Page Fourteen . 1 4 I 'X' .Q f A' ji 19 Q lf ffl io Xu nf Y 0 C 3 I .Q I D tl . 'if' QQ: 327 5 0 :st iq "4 5 I SOPHOMCRES xx Top Row: Esther Clark, Doris Britting, Marcella Fetters, Arlene Fischhalaer, Sheila Foley, Maureen Bates, Esther Erickson, Lois Van Wagnen, Betty Hamlin, Wanda DeLand, Helen Kube. Alfred Burns. Second Row: LeRoy Clark, John DeOrnellas,. James Lange, Leon Davison, Mike Petoskey, Francis Foster, Henry Forsyth, David Thompson, George Skorina, Floyd Henderson, Earl Koch, Charles Betz, Adviser, S. M. Glaza. Fran! Row: Edna June, Versie Bradford, Irene Konzon, Georgia Slosser, Kay Dieter, Edna Lutze, Rose Betz, Geraldine Squires, Eleanore McMahon. Sophomores President ,..............,.,... ---el-lenry Forsyth Vice-President ,......,......a,.... Esther Erickson Secreraryr, ,.,.....,-.....,.,..... Marcella Fetters Treasurer ....,,,...............a David Thompson Adviser ,....,,......Aa....,..e Stephen M. Glaza Colors BLUE AND WHITE Motto FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER ,ffl I I :W ,re 1 Q,- f 741 M Page Sixteen ff sl xSQ x p la' 'ifllfs I 4,' als Q 5:49 'go "1 50 vt !k'Q 'Oi fa FRESHMEN ! Top Row: Donna Zimmerman, Madonna Slosser, Reda Jobson, Marjorie McCartney, Muriel Guenther, Eleanore Benton, Wanda Barber, Betty Sutherby, Helen Tryon, Hilda Wilds, Mary Balcer, Beth Loveland. Second Row: Adviser, J. L. Meachum, Hannah Boots, Earl Sergent, L. J. Knvitz, Carl Graham, Alex Aboken, Clayton Beagle, Charles McGinnis, Walter Jalcubik, Elizabeth Aboken. Third Row: Loretta Noyce, Leola Smith, Alice Gibson, Florence Bigelow, Bernice Johnson, Evelyn Ratza, Alverna Church, Ilene Hornung, Eletha Wilber, Eileen Balcer. Front Row: Kenneth MacLaren, Charles Lang, Burton Castle, Burton Rosencrants, Edgar Gil- christ, George Young, William Wolfington, Hubert Leix. I Absent: Grace Green. Freshmen President A................a......., Charles Lange Vice-President .................... Alverna Church Secretary ........................, Betty Sutherby Treasurer Aa,.............,,,..... George Young Adviser ...... fl f M Colors ----Mr. Meachum GREEN AND WHITE Motto MAKE THE BEST BETTER Page Eighteen 'I Q sl 'Spay' I 4" ' 0 Q Ass QQ., O Q' ' fh 0 :gi 50 EE: I O 23 A , W? GRADES Grade Eight Grade Seven Grade Six Top Row: Harold Gleason, Hilton Foster, Gaynard Far- num, Thomas Bates, Lyndon Root, Frank Betz, Orrin Cy- pher, Eugene Billyard, Miss Perry. Front Row: June Martin, Luella Ward, Mildred Ward, Irene Lang, Marlea Blackmer, Max- ine Hacker. Too Row: Floyd Diener, Glen Williams, Charles Hoard, Howard Reed, Warren Ross, David McKenzie. Second Raw: Verdene Leach, Regina Beagle, Jackie Hen- derson, Juanita Bradford, Barbara Cobb, Margaret De- Land, Miss Perry. Frant Row: Carolyn Blackmer, Margaret Bigelow, Joyce Pav- alski, Frances Dolliver, Phyl- lis Slosser, Lola Ward, Connie Reid. Top Row: Earl Cypher, Bobby Sutherby, Victor DeLand, Walter Razza. Second Row: Cora Moore, Doris Cronkright, Clayton Colman, Mrs. Teague, Fran- cis Sloat, Mary Glynn, Ann Moray Pedlow. Front Row: Wanda Johnson, Alice Marie Aurand, Shirley Hacker, Lola Leach, Milli- cent Torrey, Evelyn Batrow. Page Twmh' Top Row: Delwyn Foster, Keith Valentine, Jim Ward, Donald Colman, Robert Brad- ford, Earl Hacker, Mrs. Teague. Front Raw: Floyd Walterhouse, Richard Pavalski, Norman Jean Griffin, Madeline Grover, Norma Schank, Wil- lard Colman. Top Row: Norman Slosser, Weyman C h u r c h, James Hoard, Donald Nixon, Gay- lord Sheets, John Cypher, Ronald Thompson, Lyle Bat- row, Miss Potts. Second Row: Grace Colman, Sonny Barber, Junior Layer, Leo Schlosser, James Wilds, Rosalyn Henderson. Front Row: Norman Jean Hoard, Lucille Schleier, May Lang, Martha Dust, Joyce Procter, Joyce Thwing, Don- na Sutherby, Evelyn Ward, Rebecca Graham. Top Row: Miss Potts, Marion Bradford, Robert Ward, Bud Heard, Robert Reed, Robert Colman, Billy Schlosser, Jar- vis Hanlin, Kenton Valentine, Gerald Radcliff, Waldo Rog- gentine. Front Row: Charla Mae Leach, Patricia Wolfe, Eva Cobb, Joy Crews, Gladys Cronkright, Opal Billyard. Page Twenty-One Grade Fire Grade Four Grade Three Grade Two G G Grade One Kindergarten Top Row: Robert Cypher, El- win Kline, Miss Henderson, Thecla Kolaja, Tommy Lang. Front Row: Beverly Ann Barnes, Velma Schlosser, Beverly Ed- ler, Louise Davis, Thelma Schlosser, ,Ioan Sutherby. Tap Row: Carl Slosser, Arnold Cronkright, Leona Barrow, Miss Henderson, Delores Dust, Gerald Mossner, Rus- sell Colman, Floralaella Wilds, Marcella Charboneau. Second Row: Delores Cronk- right, Marilyn Layer, Esther Ward, Helen Wolfe, Marguer- ite Ann Coon, Estella Ratza, Phyllis Ann Poor. Front Row: Albert Decuypere, Edward Grover, Delbert Suth- erby, Jack Henderson, Billy Barrow, Jerry Hanlin. Tap Row: Charlotte Hour- rienne, Nyle Schaeffer, Carol Foster, Janice Hoard, Miss Henderson, Bethelean Davis, Barbara Ward, Wenona Rol- ler. Serond Row: Ronald Thwing, Emmanuel Weber, Gary Shar- lcey, Norma Bigelow, Billy Dust, Leona Wilds. Front Raw: Lyle Schlosser, Charles Krall, LeRoy Cypher, Joey Peirch. Page Twenty-Two Q Q, Xu , W1 'qgllfs I , ,I Q ' 45' 'Q . 64' fh QQ! 5 O QQ' QQQ QQ! N '4' S In ACTIVITIES Tap Row: Sam Petoskey, Charles Lang, Henry Forsyth, Francis Foster, Adviser, J. L. Meachum. Front Row: Donald Gilchrist, Joanna Walterhouse, Ruth Deyo, Elizabeth Rowell, Francis Charboneau. Student Council The first Student Council organization in this school was during the school year 1931-1932. This council, the only student government body in the school, is composed of ten members: Four Seniors, the class presi- dent and three representativesg three Juniors, the class president and two representatives: two Sophomores, the class president and one representative, and one Freshman, the class president. Catherine Rowell replaced Delbert Smith at mid-semester when Mr. Smith moved away. The 1940 Student Council officers are: President - .,.....-.- or ..,..,....,,,,,A Ruth Deyo Vice-President ..........m,.-.... -Elizabeth Rowell Secretary and Treasurer ...t..,,,,.. -Henry Forsyth Adviser ------------s ,, ----------,, J. Meachum Page Twenty-Five Top Row: Theodore Berry, Norwood Sergenr, William Dieter, Clyde Heard, Donald Cronk- right, Edward Drubin, Duane Eno, Alfred Burns. Second Row: David Thompson, Earl Koch, James Lange, John DeOrnellas, Dan Colman, LeRoy Clark, Mike Petoskey, L. D. Gray, Adviser, L. Meachum. Front Raw: Harold Coles, Elton Leix, Edward Jakubik, George Burns, Glenn Green, Harold Hains, Sam Petoskey. F. F. A. President .....,,,,,,, ,,,,,, G eorge Burns Vice-President ...,,,, ,,,..,,, G lenn Green Secretary ,,..,...... ......, E dward Jakubik Treasurer ,,,.,., ..,....,..,, , Elton Leix Reporter ......,,. ,,,,,., H arold Hains Adviser ,,.... ....,,, ,..,,, ....... J . L . Meachum The Future Farmers' Organization this year sponsored several activities. On October 24 was the Future Farmers' Fair, which was improved by educational displays, and a humorous program featuring Cody, the Magician, and his Ram bling Rubes. After the fair the members built an attractive apple sign for Mr Cobb, a local apple grower who exhibited fruit at the fair. The Millington F. F. A. potato judging team: LeRoy Clark, Edward Jakubik Alfred Burns and Dan Colman placed second at the Southeastern Michigan potato show at Mayville, also the grading team: Samuel Petoskey, Harold Coles Duane Eno and Elton Leix, placed third. Millington High placed first, as a school in F. F. A., with potato exhibits of Edward Jakubik, L. D. Gray, D. Gray Bernard Jakubik and Cleon Kester. The F. F. A. looks forward to participating in judging contests at Michigan State College during Junior Farmers' Week. Ralph Tenny, Short Course Director of M. S. C., was the principal speaker at the F. F. A. Banquet, held February 14 in honor of past members and fathers of present members. door fireplace and dedicate it to the Girls' Club. J" .4 .Q M 9 9 Members of the organization reported 29 agricultural projects with a total net income of 52,690.00 This spring the Future Farmers plan to construct an out- Page Twenty Six 4 H Front Row: Edna June, Marcella Ferters, Arlene Fischhaber, Leola Smith, Albertine Forsyth, Elizabeth Rowell, Beverly Blackmer, Dorinda Stebbins, Gladys Fischhaber, Reta Schank. Second Row: Alverna Church, Bernice Johnson, Ruth McComb, Betty Koeltzow, Frances Mc- Ginnis, Jeanne Eno, Hilda Wilds, Esther Clark, Muriel Guenther, Crystal Heard, Darlene Rosencrants, Marjorie McCartney, Catherine Rowell. Top Row: Doris Seelye, Eris Ward, Doris Britting, Esther Erickson, Lucille Henderson, Lois Van Wagnen, Joanna Walterhouse, Betty Sutherby, Loretta Hains, Joy McGinnis, Evelyn Ratza, Wanda Barbar, Elizabeth Aboken, Eleanor Benton, Donna Zimmerman, Abrent: Patricia Kennedy. Girls' Glee Club The Girls' Glee Club, consisting of forty-one members, has progressed very well this year under the supervision of Miss Bernice Wilkins. The entire group sang several selections for a Community Club program, a selected group sang at the Men's Social, and on several other occasions, at the Methodist Church. The eleven senior girls who will receive activity awards this year are as follows: Beverly Blackmer Betty Koeltzow Jeanne Eno E Frances McGinnis Gladys Fischhaber Ruth McComb Loretta Hains Doris Seelye Patricia Kennedy Page Twenty-Seven Albertine Forsyth Elizabeth Rowell T Sr 1 mx. 'B 2 'Q CQ 75 e 4: U oo s: Q 'ld D0 .2 -3 i 'Q 35:-u 5:25 3:33 20025 u-'JIU E555 1821253 Isis SGD 1-'Q .. E152 AQQM -15.59-E U5 m :N-l.!',k E .vm o-55 mis, ::.n..U- EO'- auf-G Igfvg 5931 42,2-EU E'EN mfg? Emu, -UID-1 cgi'-142' 5:3f .332 gone am M w.u MES? give 533.5 DQEW vw J SE 3 E3'E aD -U 5555 5550 .!"'Q',: D111-U E32 E or. .2 JM-r: :1 .3 m3EE guag tgmw azz! CQDSU smmf curl ?Egg EM: F225 ,,p3Um iam? :I 26 u' mm mime Eqigg Eiga SSEO U--,g.l.""' -gmEI .E wb 'DCC Agxi a Ha 3t2't.E'6 I-Llggzgkg-U H252- Soma r2?mI Q. D H Page Twenty-Eight Band The Millington High School Band has progressed well during the season 1939-1940, although there has been a slight decrease in member- ship. Under the competent direction of Mr. Edmund Irwin, our instructor, the band has made several appearances which have received much favor- able comment. They appeared in uniform at every football game on the Alumni Field and were present at all the basketball meets. During the basketball season, the band was divided into an A group and a B group, each taking its turn to play at the games. At various occasions certain members were selected to play at community functions. This year the band is composed of: The trumpet section with eight members, trombone, bass and alto section, with nine members, clarinets and saxophones, with twelve, and lastly, the drum section with six. The ofiicers this year are: President ...... ---Elizabeth Rowell Vice-President ---- ---- A lbertine Forsyth Secretary --------- ---- H enry Forsyth Treasurer ------------------------- Harold Hains Librarians ----- David Thompson and Richard Salliotte Band Personnel Comets-Trumpets Norman Castle Clarinets-Saxophone Doris Seelye Albertine Forsyth Burton Castle Lois Van Wagnen Dorinda Stebbins Arlene Fischhaber Lucille Henderson Robert une Trombones Altos-Bass Norwood Van Wagnen Loretta Hams Henry Forsyth Florence Munroe Geraldine Squires Wanda Barber Harold I-Iains Sarah Cypher Robert Valentine Pg T :tyNme Eris Ward Joy McGinnis Elizabeth Rowell Viola Cryderman Mary Wilber Francis Foster Gladys Fischhaber David Thompson Bruce Lee Richard Salliotte Alverna Church Drums William Dieter Theodore Berry Elton Lexx Hilton Foster Eugene Billyard Harold Gleason J U ' cipated in six league debates two of which were in his senior year will be the only one to receive Standing: Miss Kirk. Seated: Henry Forsyth, Catherine Rowell, George Burns, David Thompson, Joy McGinnis, Beth Loveland. Debate The debating question for 1939-1940 was Resolved: That the Federal Government should own and operate the railroads. The debating squad consisted of one senior, George Burns, two juniors, Catherine Rowell and Joy McGinnis, two sophomores, Henry Forsyth and David Thompson, and one freshman, Beth Loveland. Millington High School's debating squad is a member of the Thumb Debate League under the supervision of the Michigan High School Forensic Association. Since George Burns, Henry Forsyth and Catherine Rowell had previous experience, they were chosen as members of the team. The schedule for this year was as follows: Millington affirmative vs. Columbiaville negative Millington won Millington affirmative vs. Kingston negative Millington lost Millington negative vs. Capac affirmative Millington won Millington negative vs. Lapeer afnrmative Millington lost The debating squad in November attended the practice tournament at Flint Central where Millington won two and lost one. As a reward to George Burns, Henry Forsyth and Catherine Rowell, a Certificate of Merit was awarded by the Detroit Free Press In order for the members to be eligible for a letter, the team must win three of the four league debates, or be in six league debates two of which must be in their senior year Since the team did not win three debates, George Burns who has parti a letter Oratzon Declamatzon Extempore March 19 1940 Edna une Ilene Hornung, Sheila Foley Hannah Boots and Irene Konzon gave their declamations in the Assembly Aprll 2 Catherine Rowell and Betsy Ross gave their oratxons Henry Forsyth was the only con es ant in the extempore speaking Sheila Foley, with Toussamt LOuverture, Catherine Rowell, with her oration Security Through Preparation and Henry Forsyth in Extempore Speaking, represented Millington High School at the sub district contest April 17 NK nl Page Thirty 7 s 1 . 1 7 . . - - Y 7 J, 7 l ' 7 t t . . u . . K, . , ,, I . . . . ,, . . ,, 7 7 J' lf! 1 ' f .4 9-. W ' Zi, ' Top Row: Miss Kirlz, Francis Charboneau, Sarah Cypher, Koral Foley, George Burns, Nor- woocl Sergent. Front Roiv: Luella Nunn, Loretta Hains, Jeanne Eno, Betty Koeltzow, Albertine Forsyth. Senior Play Koral Foley and Robert DeLand were chosen as the outstanding actors of the play by Miss Kimbal, Otisville dramatic coachg therefore, they will receive activity letters. The Seniors made a profit of 5102.00 from the play, which was given November 17. Top Row: Miss Kirk, George Muntin, Harold Coles, William Dieter, LeRoy Hoard, Bruce Lee, Norman Castle. Fran! Row: Reta Schank, Crystal Heard, Joanna Walterhouse, Dorinda Stebbins, Eris Ward, Olive Osborne. Junior Play house and LeRoy Hoard. The Juniors realized S67 from their play, which was given March 22. Page Thirty-Ong Points for best portrayal of their parts were awarded to Joanna Walter- X df I W , - pm .. A4 , i I, ' -K 1, i , . : e 2515 :Q 3 fit A 5 V Q tg T, 1 at 'Wu I 3 . . L L , L i . A ,L 3 9 2 iv lf: A .zf 371, s 'F - .-Q, . fi , ' 2 e L X ' f' if if Y' G 'Q is ff . Q f gi if ' I . A 5, si X W sl , :X 4' Y td if so E QI Y' if 5. X 14 . 3 5 'K 1 X, X Q. ': P' l 'f - , f K A- -gore.. 'fs .M .X .. . Q 1 . us. Top Row: Francis Foster, George Skorina, John DeOrnellas, Mike Petoskey, Henry Forsyth, Alfred Burns, James Lange, David Thompson, Floyd Henderson, Charles Betz, LeRoy Clark, Director, Miss Kirk. Second Raw: Betty Hanlin, Maureen Bates, Esther Clark, Kay Dieter, Arlene Fischhaber, Doris Britting, Marcella Fetters, Esther Erickson, Wanda DeLand, Earl Koch, Irene Konzon. Front Raw: Versie Bradford, Georgia Slosser, Edna June, Geraldine Squires, Rose Betz, Helen Kube, Eleanore McMahon, Lois Van Wagnen, Sheila Foley. "Julius Caesar" The Sophomore class production of the immortal Shakespearean play, "Julius Caesar," was rather a unique-event. The members of the tenth grade, under the direction of Miss Kirk, rewrote the famous drama into twentieth century English and presented it in the Baptist Church House on February 9, 1940. The historic tragedy tests the dramatic ability of great actors and actresses. The characters wore dresses in long white tunics and togas similar to those worn by the ancient Romans. All members of the class had parts and tried to portray to the audience what they believed to be in the hearts of those people who lived in Caesar's time. Each member of the class had to write three invitations to friends and relatives so that there would be an audience for the performance. March 13, the class held a Roman banquet at which Roman food was served in the same style as for those famous Mediterranean people. After the food had been served, the students gave speeches befitting the characters they portrayed in the play. The banquet finished a unit of work in connection with "Julius Caesar," and marked the first time the Sophomore class had staged such a drama. Public Speaking The 1939-1940 public speaking class was organized last fall under the direc- tion of Miss Tteva Kirk. An original Constitution was written. The officers are president, vice president and secretary. These hold office for only six meet- ings, so that each member may have a chance to hold office during the year. One requirement of the class is that the whole clss make one public appear- ance durin the ear. This ear the class made its a earance before the Com- g Y Y PP munity Club in celebration of Lincoln's Birthday. Page Thirty Tivo Queen Aboken King Bigelow Strawberry Festival In accordance with an established custom of the school, the Freshman class of 1940 trooped down to the band room at noon, May 28, to enjoy a bountiful straw- berry shortcalce served by Superintendent Meachum. This festival was first introduced in 1932 by Mr. Meachum. After the Freshmen,s desire for strawberries had been satisfied to the utmost, the coronation of King Bigelow and Queen Abolcen took place. Attired in the latest spring fashions, the king and queen paraded the main street of the village. They were escorted by the Royal Band and a host of loyal subjects. On their return to the Palace 1M.I-I.S.J, they discarded their royal robes, and the king and queen, having reigned for one hour, once again abdicated their throne for their regu- lar school schedule. M. H. S. Cheerleaders Leola Smith, Muriel Guenther, Connie Reid, Carolyn Blackmer, Alice Gibson, Maureen Bates. This year M. H. S. has had enthusiastic cheerleaders, who have helped make the school spirit more noticeable. Leola Smith, Muriel Guenther, Alice Gibson and Maureen Bates led the high school section, while Connie Reid and Carolyn Blaclcmer led the grade section. Page Thirty-Three WI Top Row: Doris Miller, Geraldine Squires, Wanda Barber, Joy McGinnis, Jean Schanlc, Koral Foley, Eleanor Benton, Evelyn Ratza, Sheila Foley, Maureen Bates, Catherine Rowell. Second Row: Alverna Church, Eris Ward, Loretta Noyce, Donna Zimmerman, Doris Seelye, Leona McNeal, Irene Kunzon, Olive Osborne, Elizabeth Rowell, Versie Bradford. Front Row: Arlene Fischhaber, Reta Schank, Eleanore Kube, Doris Britting, Mary Wilber, Alice Gibson, Marjorie McCartney, Ilene Hornung, Eletha Wilber. Group One-Girls' Club Top Raul: Adviser, Miss Kirk, Esther Erickson, Lucille Henderson, Joanna Walterhouse, Loretta Hains, Dorinda Stebbins, Viola Cryderman, Luella Nunn, Ruth McComb, Betty Koeltzow. Second Row: Mary Balcer, Harriet Cypher, Lorraine Beagle, Bernice Johnson, Lucille Nunn, Sarah Cypher, Doris Tremlin. Front Raw: Edna June, Frances McGinnis, Ruth Deyo, Ethel Dierclc, Beverly Blackmer, Gladys Fischhaber, Helen Tryon, Helen Kube, Albertine Forsyth. Group Two -Girls Club Page Thirty-Four G xg Qc I 3 fn, , ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,, C atherine Rowell Girls, Club The Girls, Club of Millington High School meets in the band room of the school every two weeks on Thursday for a program of an educational nature followed by one of entertainment and dancing. The Club has a written constitution and is conducted for the best interest of the girls. All girls who have a C average may belong to the club, provided they are absent from no more than four meetings. There are two pictures only because the membership is so large that all girls could not be in one group. The officers for this year were: President .,,........... ........,... ,,,,,,,A,,,, ,,,.,,..,, D o r is Tremlin Chairman of Programs...1i1-mn Vice1President ,.... .......... ..,.-,.,-.,.,.., , , Secretary .,..,....,., - ..,.........,.,-.....,.....-..,,..,,,,,,,, The programs for the year 1939-1940 were: September 14, 1939 Election of Officers Lunch-Senior Class September 28, 1939-Junior Class Program-jean Schank Lunch-Joanna Walterhouse October 19, 1939-Sophomore Class-Initiation Program-Esther Erickson Lunch-Geraldine Squires October 26, 1939-Freshman Class-Hal1owe'en Program-Alice Gibson Lunch-Alverna Church November 9, 1939-Senior Class-Photography Tall: by Ruth Deyo Program-Beverly Blackmer Lunch-Jeanne Eno November 22, 1939 Thanksgiving Dinner-All furnished Juniors were waitresses-Olive Osborn, Chairman for dinner December 7, 1939-junior Clase Program-Eris Ward Lunch-Betsy Ross December 21, 1939-Sophomore Class-Christmas Party Program-Joyce Nunn Lunch-Sheila Foley january 4, 1940-Freshman Class-Chinese Checker Tournament Program-Beth Loveland Lunch-Muriel Guenther and Ilene Hornung january 25, 1940-Senior Clase-Travel talk by Mrs. Barber Program-Ruth McComb Lunch-Frances McGinnis Geraldine Squires Eletha Wilber February 8, 1940-Junior Class-Valentine Party Program-Doris Miller Lunch-Lorraine Beagle February 22, 1940-Sophomore Class-Washington's Birthday Program-Edna June Lunch-Arlene Fischhaber March -8, 1940-Freshman Class-Professor Quiz Hour Program-Helen Tryon Lunch-Evelyn Ratza March 21, 1940-Senior Class-Popularity Contest Program-Eleanore Kube Lunch-Albertine Forsyth April 4, 1940-Junior Class--Flower Arrangement by Mrs. Meachum Program-Mary Wilber Lunch-Joy McGinnis April 18, 1940-Sophomore Class-Tennis Instruc- tions Program-Irene Konzon Lunch-Maureen Bates May 2, 1940 Mothers' Tea-All furnish May 16, 1940 - Freshman Class - Speaker, Irene Vas a former president of Girls' Club Program-Bernice Johnson Lunch-Eleanor Benton May 29, 1940-Seniors in charge Wiener Roast-All furnish Girls will find out who their secret pals have been for this year. Junior Prom On May 31 the doors of the I. O. O. F. hall were once again open to a throng of merry high school couples as the annual J-Hop, the formal dance of the season, was presented by the Junior Class. The stairway was gaily decorated with ferns, sweet smelling spruce with a background of blue and gold crepe paper, the Junior class colors. The beautifully decorated dance hall, combined with the sweet strains of the orchestra, furnished a perfect setting, as the boys and girls danced around the floor. During the course of the evening, a short lunch was served the happy group. an enjoyable evening and a perfect junior Prom, X Page Thirty-Five lvl XX Ar 12:00 midnight, the party came to a close, and each one bade farewell to Q I '-x M Top Row: Adviser, Mr. Irwin, LeRoy Hoard, Francis Foster, Robert Valentine, David Thomp- son, Geraldine Squires. Front Row: Maureen Bates, Bruce Lee, Ruth Devo. Camera Club The Camera Club of the Millington High School was organized September 26, 1939, with an enrollment of fourteen members. The fundamental purposes of the club are to teach its members how to develop and print pictures, to show the individuals what types of pictures are practical and which are impractical, and to provide a good activity for students to work on during their idle hours. Each member is required to submit satisfactory pictures illustrating different things such as: sports, activities, pictures of school building, and individual pic- tures which they may choose. The Camera Club has helped by taking a number of snapshots for the annual. The officers of the 1939-1940 Camera Club are: President ,.,,. ....,..,......... .. -.,,, ...,......,,,,......,,..,.... ,,- ..............., Bruce Lee Vice President Ruth Deyo Reporter Robert une Adviser ,,,,,.- - ......,., .,,... M r. Irwin Page Thirty-Six ' 5 Secretary and Treasurer ......... - .,...,. - .....,.. Maureen Bates V . ...... M .........,....... - .....,. - ..........,.,.... J Z, 4 . . W ,Q ff W- THE CARDI AL CALL COLORFUL NEWS ISSUED WEEKLY BY MILLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Editor-Eleanor Kube Typist-Gladys Fisclihaber Reporters: Francis Charboneau, Norm an Castle, Shiela Foley. Koral Foley. Doris Tremlin, Albertinc Forsyth, Elizabeth Rowell, Catherine Rowell, Patricia Kennedy, Loretta. Hains, Betty Koeltzow, Esther Erickson, Lu- ella Nunn, Doris Seelye, Robert June, Edna June, Sarah Cypher aw' ., 7 I ' . rm-' ,,-mgszvt. A ,' T " , , L -.-. -, i iff, ,, .r : sa 4 H , at yi, .l i .iffr f f . 2 . , , ,i 33 leaf, ,- 1 QE .1 . ,fpgfl E T-5'1" F- F ' 4--4 we N if A t , 1 ' , L 5' 25 ali ' A - N' 1 , ' -,' l'f Ii l 'El 5 , ,f fi. 1 A , af A .gl e, , V, b , . N 5 - fl sv.. ,t . avr W , f 1 5 W A fi ,Q wr N I 4 b Q T Lf, W l - W 1 ' el, s ff 95 ' ' V - V A 5: ' 14 ' - ' ages-fn .J A R .I A ,-1. ffxfl E if A l ' , , L , , 24 jg J, ,C V , , i l f at . - Q . -f H' ,.: -- H f v " J Standing: Koral Foley, Esther Erickson, Luella Nunn, Sheila Foley, Betty Koeltzow, Robert June, Norman Castle, Catherine Rowell. Seated: Doris Tremlin, Elizabeth Rowell, Gladys Fischhaber, Doris Seelye, Eleanore Kube, Albertine Forsyth, Francis Chatboneau. Absent: Patricia Kennedy. Editor-Eleanore Kube Assistant Editor-Albertine Forsyth Typist-Gladys Fischhaber REPORTERS: Sports- Forum- Francis Charboneau Norman Castle Special Events- Doris Seelye Esther Erickson Doris Tremlin Betty Koeltzow Activities- Koral Foley Catherine Rowell Page Thirty-Seven Sheila Foley Flying Feathers- Loretta Hains Jokes- Elizalneth Rowell Grade News- Luella Nunn Who's Who- Patricia Kennedy F. F. A. News- Robert June I ax Activity-Scholarship Awards Gladys Fischhaber Francis Charboneau To the boy and girl in the senior class who have been. most prominent in activities during the four years of high school and who have attained at least a "C" average in scholarship in school subjects, Millington High School, in accordance with the recommendation of the student council, awards activity-scholarship medals. The basis for the award rests upon the point system. One point is scored for each activity that the student enters, and three points for an activity in which the person gains a letter UNI". The other requirement is that the boy and girl have at least a "C" average for their high school work. This year Francis Charboneau and Gladys Fischhaber have been the ones in the senior class who have met the requirements and received their medals at the all "M" banquet. ! , X. 42 I W ,ie 5 W Page Thirty Eight QC 9? M Awards During the year 1939-1940 the following people were recognized as winners of letters and received their "M"-awards at the all "M" banquet: News: Eleanore Kube Gladys F ischhaber Senior Play: Robert DeLand Koral Foley Student Council: President: Ruth Deyo Basketball : Francis Charboneau Robert Farnum Edward Drubin Harold Coles Harold Gibson Norman Castle james Lange Donald Gilchrist Edward Jakubik Football: Girl LeRoy Clark Sam Petoskey Donald Gilchrist Norman Castle Edward Drubin Clyde Hoard Duane Eno John Staples Glenn Green Francis Charboneau Gordon Gibson Robert Farnum Robert DeLand Charles Betz George Youngs Elton Leix L. Kovitz Alex Aboken Alfred Burns James Lange s' Club: Catherine Rowell Band: Joy McGinnis Eris Ward Viola Cryderman Bruce Lee Richard Salliotte Mary Wilber Dorinda Stebbins Norman Castle Lucille Henderson Doris Seelye Elizabeth Rowell Gladys Fischhaber Albertine Forsyth Page Thirty-Nine Annual Editor: Business Manager: Robert June Loretta Hains Florence Monroe Norwood Van Wagnen Robert Valentine Harold Hains Sarah Cypher William Dieter Elton Leix Theodore Berry Glee Club: Patricia Kennedy Ruth McComb Frances McGinnis Jeanne Eno Beverly Blackmer Gladys Fischhaber Albertine Forsyth Loretta Hains Doris Seelye Betty Koeltzow Agriculture: Elton Leix Duane Eno Harold Coles Edward Jakubik Alfred Burns LeRoy Clark Dan Colman Sam Petoskey L. D. Gray Baseball: Archery: Track : Albertine Forsyth Robert June Q ik if 1 . I ,713 LWQAbQ'f' E.L,J, Mf7!s V E,M.CormnQ'1 X, , ,--vw if X, , :Y ,,, :SY 'M !fZ.l4476er ,N i. S. O. 170 ffvaon C. H. f'?unc1'r71uf1 f4.mc1Qwff,, 5 .mmffzf . X . G22 fO2f"l"91' .f.jL.f'S'Q0gf,Ufy1 , B ' " . 5 Q '13 , g 'Q' :iii 1 ' rj ' ,1ft.g I. V . I 2, xx ,wg Q- movde EM11 2, J... . X. WQm.hesXTer' Tower mms Chnnie Uoro c'ac"' bar Bbgfidx wnhrho ui! C" OLD YlEW fp! W 50 ' xi I , r 'I 'dpulfs 1 I , ,X QQ!" Q40 1 r an :W 34' I I: SPORTS 1 f f-L X .in .7 St 4 VM 1 'ff o Top Row: Hubert Leix, Edgar Gilchrist, Alfred Burns, Robert DeLand, James Lange, Charles Betz, Alex Aboken, Elton Leix. Second Raw: Burton Rosencrants ,fMgr.l, Robert Farnum, Gordon Gibson, Francis Char- boneau, Glenn Green, John Staples, Duane Eno, Clyde Hoard. Front Row: Coach Glaza, L. J. Kovitz, George Young, LeRoy Clark, Sam Petoskey, Donald Gilchrist, Norman Castle, Edward Drubin. Football The football season ,of 1939 proved to be very successful for the Millington High School grid team. Before the season began, the belief was prominent that the Cardinals were in for a poor season because virtually the same eleven that had won only two games during the 1938 season would be reporting for duty. The boys, however, had different ideas as to the 1939 season. They under- took their task with a high spirit which, coupled with added experience, made a combination to be feared by any opposing team. Coach Glaza, adding his coaching genius to this combination, assembled a team that was fast, well-balanced, and powerful. The line, made up of seniors from tackle to tackle, was recognized as one of the best ever to represent the Cardinal and White. In eight games only one touchdown was scored through the forward wall. At center lurkecl large "Blondie,' Green, sided by guards, Charboneau and Staples. Duane Eno and "Tub" Gibson played the tackle positions while Hoard and Farnum were stationed at the ends. In the backfield the Cards had plenty of speed, power and deception. "Truck" Castle, fullback, supplied the necessary "punch" while Ed Drubin and LeRoy Clark, halfbacks, contributed the speed and deception. Sam Petoskey and Don Gilchrist alternated at quarterback, but right end, Farnum, did the signal calling. The Cardinal reserves were Bob DeLand, Charles Betz, Elton Leix, Hubert Leix, "Tarzan" Gilchrist, "Ox" Aboken, George Young, James Lange and L. Kovitz. The Results M. H, S. 0 ...... ................................ ...... M a rlette 13 M. H. S. 40 ...... ...... P igeon 0 M. H. S. 20 ..... ...... S ebewaing 0 M. H. S. 6 ...... ...... C aro 19 lvl. H. S. 14 ...... ..,... O tisville 0 '51 ., e gpm ww ..'A 3 aw. Z4 9,2 VI F-2: -1 ? 2 S W rn "' :- WI M OXO M . S. 6 ...... .... S andusky 0 Page Forty Four Top Row Coach Glaza. Edward Jakubrk Donald Gxlchrrst james Lange Norman Castle Burton Rosencrants QMgrl Front Row Francis Charboneau Robert Farnum Edward Drubm Harold Coles Harold Grbson Basketball The Cardxnals had a fair season m basketball wmmng erght games and losmg seven In attemptmg to defend the Lrttle Seven Champwnshrp won last year the Cards put up a strong brd and then faded lh the home stretch losing to Faxrgrove and Akron who eventually tled for the champmnshxp The fact that the locals ended lh thrrd place IS certainly no d1scred1t to the team The line up of the Cardmal qumtet presented Hot Coles and Bob Farnum as forwards Drubrn as center, and Grbson and Charboneau as guards Far-num and Drubm carrred the mam scormg punch of the team whrle Gibson and Char boneau were notable for then- team work and defensxve play Hot Coles 1m proved rapxdly toward the seasons close and should be an rmportant cog next year s team The frrst team reserves consisted of Donald Grlchrrst Edward akubnk and ames Lange Of these only ames Lange wrll be left for next year The Lrttle Seven banquet was held at Mxllmgton Monday March 18 Fan- grove and Akron, Co Champlons were each presented wlth a trophy The Cards placed 3 men on the two all star teams selected Farnum belng chosen for the flrst team and Charboneau and Drubm for the second team M H S Umonvxlle Umonvrlle Kmgston Akron H Mayvrlle M H Farrgrove M H S Reese M M M H I-I H Vassar Mayville Kmgston Farr grove Reese M H S 27 Vassar 34 tournament Page Forty Fw: ' ' ' N U in . . . ll ................ ' ' 16 M. H. S. 27 .,...,,.,....... ' 4 16 M. H. 17 ..,.....,...... , ' 13 . S. 28 .,,,,,,,......,, M. H. S. 17 r.......... g ,... Vassar 40 M. H. S. 17 ...,.....,..... Akron M- H. 30 Yee..........,.. Z3 M. H. S. 36 ..,....,,.,....Y I M- . S. 34 ................ ' 25 . . S. 32 ....,....,..a.. , ' . . Z2 .,,..,..,,v.. ' 34 . . S. Z0 ,.,.,....... . ' . . . 35 ..... 12 M. . S. 48 ............. . . . .... ........-- .....................,.,..... .-- ' - f I f '-x nl . .44 I W ..J 55. Top Row: Burton Rosencrants fMgr.l, George Young, James Lange, Donald Cronkx-ight, Glenn Green, Norwood Sergent, Robert DeLand. Second Row: Robert Farnum, Norman Castle, Coach Glaza, Francis Charboneau, Harold Coles, Sam Petoskey. Front Raw: Edward Drubin, Donald Gilchrist, George Muntin, Clyde Hoard, L. J. Kovitz. Baseball April first witnessed the first official practice of the Millington Cardinal baseball team. Twenty-four candidates eagerly responded to Coach Glaza's call, and are competing for positions on the 1940 team. The present outlook points to a well balanced, powerful team with second and third base the only probable question marks. Seven regulars from the 1938 team, runner up champions of the county, have returned and are anxiously waiting the cry, "Play Ball!" The pitching staff is well fortified with four experienced hurlers, and Coach Glaza should find no trouble in selecting a capable trio to patrol the outfield. The season gets under way April 18, when Millington meets Marlette on the local field. Schedule April 19 Marlette-here May Vassar-there April 26 Sebewaing-there May Caro-here April 30 Kingston-here May Bad Axe-Tentative May 3 Reese-there May Mayville-there Page Forty-Six A fa Cx zz, N U .L A 54 rv . f.. . ' X ,gr Nj ' i I C . V . e, ff nf a N ' v .M " if gr ' 'Vase , ,,s.U'G1-0 Nuff. xi N J 9 , 4 , 1 1.1 r fl l gt i 1, ,J 'p 'x ,kt ffl in ' ,fr - 'A' " 1 -. I. . . A t gr, Q ' 'i k xx I. .5 lf 1 . 1. , 'wx f A 1 if 1 W - i ii ' . TQ ? ff? A 1" t . Q ' M 5 Standing: Edward Drulain, William Wolnngron, Harold Coles, Leon Davison, Coach L. Meachum. Seated: William Dieter, George Muntin, LeRoy Clark, Alex Aboken, L. J. Kovitz. Track The 1940 track season has swung into motion simultaneously with the base- ball season. Mr. Meachum has a large but inexperienced group of runners working under his direction. William Dieter, LeRoy Clark ancl George Muntin are the most experienced .of the lot, and will undoubtedly be the nucleus of the 1940 squad. They will be the sprinters of the team. As hurcllers, two newcomers, Kovitz and Aboken, are the likely choices with Kovitz acting as the shot putter of the team. Ed Drulain will be the high jumper, while the distance runs will be taken care of by Davison, Wolfington, Coles, Beagle and Henderson. The relay team will consist of Dieter, Clark, Muntin and Kovitz. Schedule May 4--Central State Relays ............... ........, M t. Pleasant Flint May I8-Regional Meet ....,,,..,,.. .,.......,..... May 25-State Meet ,,,.,,.,,,..,,,. ,..,... C aro May 31-U. T. A. A. Meet ...... ........ C aro June 7-T. C. A. A. Meet ....... ..... C aro Page Forty-Seven Standing: Betty Koeltzow 1Mgr.J, Miss Perry. Seated: Elizabeth Rowell, Arlene Fischhaber, Doris Seelye, Gladys Fischhaber. Archery Archery was first introduced into Millington High School by Mr. Fred Kibbe in 1935. Of course the first years of any sport are experimental, and Millington had to be satisfied with a "baclcseat." When the 1938 season came, Millington won the County Championship. Millington also repeated this in 1939, thereby capturing the County Championship for two successive years. Miss Nina Perry will coach the team this year, and Betty Koeltzow will act as manager of the team for her third year. There are only five archery teams in Tuscola County: Mayville, Akron, Millington, Reese, and Unionville. Milling- ton will have several dual meets with these teams during the spring season of 1940. Page Forty-Eight Z fff fm .K 'Rb X: f V 1.1 'ff 1 xy!! , xx x , , , Y 'FMU uf -1 . 3 . . fm' my A A N f Y ALUMNI DAY MILLINGTON I5 Q A VS. VASSAR Q NOVEMBER 3, 1939 , 6:T1lE?'iT Calendar September February 5-First day of school Z2-Football game at Marlette 13 - Millington 0 26-Camera Club organized-14 members 29-Football game, Millington 20 - Sebewaing 0 October 3-Senior pictures taken 5-Fire drill 6-Lost football game at Caro, 19-6 12-Won football game from Otisville, 14-0 18-First report cards 20-Won football game at Pigeon, 40-0 24-F.F.A. Fair-Cody, the Magician, entertains 27-Won football game at Sandusky, 6-0 November 3-Alumni Day-Won football game with Vas- sar, 13-0 5-12-National Educational Week observed 10-Won football game at North Branch, 46-6 15-Won debate from Columbiaville 15-Chicken dinner enjoyed by football boys 17-Senior play, "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works" 20-School starts 8:45 - dismissed 4:00 22-Merchants ,sponsor all school party ZZ-Thanksgiving Dinner enjoyed by Girls' Club Z3-24-Thanksgiving vacation 27-Student Council organized 29-Lost debate to Kingston December 1-Lost basketball game at Unionville, 16-11 5-Won basketball game at Kingston, 18-15 12-Lost basketball game at Vassar, 40-12 15-Second all school party 19-Won basketball game with Akron, 30-23 20-Won debate from Capac 22-Won basketball game at Mayville, 34-25 2-3-Christmas vacation begins january Z-Back to school 4-Lost debate to Lapeer 5-Lost basketball game at Fairgrove, 22-34 12-Won basketball game from Reese, 35-12 16-17-18-Semester exams 19--Won basketball game at Kingston, 32-31 20-Report cards for first semester 26-Won basketball game from Unionville, 27-16 5. nl J' tt J in 6-Lost basketball game to Vassar, 34-28 9-'ljulius Caesar" play 13-Lost basketball game at Akron, 24-17 14-Future Farmers' Banquet 16--Wlon basketball game from Mayville, 36-19 19-Lynn Studios here-students pose 23-Won basketball game at Reese, 48-22 29-Basketball Tournament started March 1-Lost in tournament at Vassar 1--Report cards 6-7-Seniors take intelligence test 7--Seniors have mock trial-June sues Burns for damages 12-Pictures taken for Annual 13-Roman Banquet 15-Teachers' Institute-no school 18-Mr. Valentine, state trooper, presents movie 21-Junior Play, "No Foolinn' Z2-Easter vacation starts April 1-Easter vacation ends 3--Mrs. Meachum speaks at Girls' Club 5-1-IEADACHE! -- Annual Duel 10-Mr. Frye speaks on trip around the world 17-Subdistrict Forensic contest 19-First baseball game here with Marlette 19-School party 26-Sebewaing baseball game - here 30-Kingston baseball game - here 3-Reese baseball game - here 10-Vassar baseball game - there 15-Caro baseball game - here 21-Bad Axe baseball game 25-State Track meet - Caro 30-Decoration Day 30-Mayville baseball game - there 31-Junior Prom - Upper Thumb Track Meet - Caro June Z-Baccalaureate 3-Final examinations 6-Graduation 7-School ends-summer vacation begins 7-Tuscola County Athletic meet-Caro Page F ifty ff Q 5 1 xl A N 41: 'JV I fs I , ,N Q 995' '34g F? 50 .55 135 331 'Q fl s B v FEATURES Alumni Directory Class of 1931 Georgia Atkinson lMrs. Austin Williams, gradu- ated from Garvin Business Institute in Detroit. Her present address is Apartment 303, 127 Avalon Avenue, Highland Park, Michigan. Arlene Cobb fMrs. Albert Rocltl a graduate of Michigan State Normal College and a former teacher, now lives in Millington, Michigan. Howard Cobb is employed at Kelvinator Corp., is married, and lives at 678 Congress East, Detroit, Michigan. Lavern Draper operates Appliance Shop in Milling- ton and is Township Supervisor. He is married to Vivian McPherson. Estella Gibson graduated from Tuscola County Normal. Her present address is R.F.D. No. 2, Delaney Avenue, Flint, Michigan. Reva Henderson died while in Nurses' Training in Hurley Hospital at Flint, Michigan. Earlena Kitelinger lMrs. George Dudneyj now lives at 19410 Orleans Street, Detroit. Flora Lamon lMrs. Lloyd Glynnl is employed by the Michigan Bell Telephone Co. in Millington, and lives in Millington. Eunice Monroe graduated from Baptist Institute of Chicago, was Missionary to Alaska, and is now nursing in Chicago. Her address is 2-816 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Harriet Myers lMrs. Earl B. Crissl is living at 1549 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kenneth Myers is employed in a 5 66 10 Cent Store at Flint, Michigan. Roy Petrie is attending Barber College. He married Dorothy Hammer and is now living at 733 Prospect Street, Flint, Michigan. Margaret Oakes lMrs. Clarence Wilhelml is living in Baden, Ontario, Canada. Alice Rohrer lMrs. Stuart Englerl lives at LeRoy, Michigan. Alice Root lMrs. Paul Guteltl is living at 2311 Davison Road, Flint, Michigan. Eunice Root lMrs. Ralph Davisonl is living at Millington. Richard Smith has a Music Studio and lives at 615W D Street, LaPorte, Indiana. He married Elethel Dalrymple. Leo Wiacek is employed at Dodge Factory in Detroit. He is married to Juanita Daugerty and lives at Apartment 18, 3714 Second Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. Eleanor Wolfe fMrs. Walter Solsrudl lives at Station FR3-108 Street, Milwaukee, Wis. Marion Young graduated from C.S.T.C and is now teaching in Elltton. Public Schools. Her address is: in care of L. J. Young, Millington. Class of 1932 Harry Avery has a B.S. degree from C.S.T.C. He is Athletic director at Croswell Public Schools. He is married to Hope Dewey and lives at Croswell, Michigan. Doris Case fMrs. Richard Kennedyl graduated from C.S.T.C. and taught in Belding Public Schools. She lives at St. Louis, Michigan. Lorena Crandell lMrs. Frank Englishl graduated from Hurley Hospital and is now living at Bowling Green, Ohio. Ralph Curtis graduated from C.S.T.C. and is now attending M.S.C. at East Lansing, Michigan. Reva Draper lMrs. Leo Haverl graduated from, County Normal, and is teaching at the Murphy School. Her address is Millington, Michigan. Keith DuBois is employed at Chevrolet Motor at Saginaw. 1-Ie married Josephine Murray. Francis Gleason is Deputy Policeman in Millington. Ontalene Henderson lMrs. Floyd Hoardj is living at 1123 18th Street, Wyandotte, Michigan. Carthon Holmes is a broker of farm produce and has a fleet of trucks operating between Georgia and Millington. He resides in Millington. Beatrice Koch lMrs. Carl Reinertj is living at R.F.D., Vassar, Michigan. Rose McMahon is'employed at Farm Bureau Store and lives in Millington, Michigan. , Josephine Murray lMrs. Keith DuBois1 is living at 1520 South Warren, Saginaw, Michigan. Albert Owens is employed in the Edison Electric Plant at Vassar. He lives in Millington. Esther Owens fMrs. Clifford Lumsdenl graduated from Tuscola County Normal and taught school. Her present address is Fostoria, Michigan. Edwina Palmer lMrs. Pete Pettyl is living in Vassar, Michigan. Winifted Riness fMrs. Richard Sweeney, is living at Lewis Street, Flint, Michigan. Ruth Sahs lMrs. Clinton Stetsonj graduated from Hurley Hospital and is now living at 805 Begole Street, Flint, Michigan. Harriet Schurtz fMrs. Robert Osborne, is living at R.F.D., Millington, Michigan. Harland Walterhouse graduated from the Chicago Electrical Institute and is employed as an electrician by George Shaft. He married Helen Ward and now lives at 5421 Lapeer Road, Flint, Michigan. Gwendolyn Welsh graduated from Tuscola County Normal, attended C.S.T.C., and is now attending Standard Beauty School at Flint. Her address is 1120 Park Street, Flint, Michigan. William Kelly, no information available. Class of 1933 Alma Aurand graduated from Tuscola County Normal and taught school. She is now attending M.S.C. at East Lansing, Michigan. Evelyn Beagle lMrs. Harold Hourtiennej is living in Millington. William Benton graduated from Ferris Institute and is employed as a pharmacist at R. C. Hender- son's Drug Store in Millington. He resides in Millington, Michigan. Cecil Cobb is co-partner in Cobb's Oil Company. He married Helen Rogner and lives in Millington, Michigan. james Crosby is attending Lawrence Institute of Technology and lives at 111 Tyler, Highland Park, Michigan. fContinued on page 531 Page Fifty-Two Alumni Directory CC0f1fim4fdl Class of 1933 fConlinued from page 521 Charles Crydermari is co-partner in the Millington Body Works and lives in Millington, Michigan. Edna Crooks lMrs. Edna Bernierj lives at 21430 Parker Street, Farmington, Michigan. Charles Farnum is employed at the Fry Products Company of Detroit. He married Marcia Moberly and lives at 990 Reed Place, Detroit, Michigan. George Gleason has a B.S. degree from C.S.T.C. and is now athletic director at Merrill Public Schools. He married Doris Stone and is living in Merrill, Michigan. Raymond Guenther is co-partner in the Millington Taxidermist Shop. He married Gertrude Long and lives in Millington, Michigan. Myrtle Hosmer lMrs. Harry Speedl is now living on the Francis Road, Rogersville, Michigan. Harold Hourtienne is employed in Chevrolet Plant in Flint. He married Evelyn Beagle and is living in Millington, Michigan. Esther Kitelinger is attending Nurses' Training Course at Washington Sanatorium. Her present ad- dress is Takoma Park, Maryland. Max Losure is in the U. S. Navy. His address is U.S.S. New Mexico, Division 6, Bremerton, Wash- ington. Ithurmer Lowell is employed in Flint. He is married to Goldie Burnham and lives at 1212 Leta Street, Flint, Michigan. Elsie Mamerow lMrs. Jack Myers, is employed by the Chrysler Corp., of Detroit. Her address is 16116 Tracey Street, Detroit, Michigan. Barbara Maynard lMrs. Robert Rocltl is living at 233 Ivy Street, East Montebello, Calif. Lloyd Myers is employed at General Motors Credit Association in Flint, Michigan. Otto Nees is a salesman for McMorris Chevrolet Company of Bay City. He married Charlotte Schutt and lives at 310 Trumbel Street, Bay City, Michigan. Wallace Osborn is farming. He married Aleen Johnson and lives at R.F.D. Millington. Warren Reed is co-partner with Robert Reed in Shoe Repair Shop in St. Joseph, Michigan. He mar- ried Daisy Ligl-itwell and lives in St. Joseph. William Riker is employed at Morley Bros. in Saginaw. He married Louise Gragg and is living at 1111 Pleasant Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan. John Riker is attending Battle Creek Business Col- lege. His address is 298 West Van Buren Street, Battle Creek, Michigan. Robert Rock is employed at Helms Baking Com- pany, Los Angeles. He married Barbara Maynard and is living at 233 Ivy Street, East Montebello, California. Albert Rock is employed at A. H. Cobb Store in Millington. He married Arlene Cobb and lives in Millington. Marjorie Seitz fMrs. Lloyd Rosencrantsl is living at 59 -Kensington Blvd., Royal Oak, Michigan. Amie Tinglan lMrs. Ernest Gohsmanl is living at R.F.D. Vassar, Michigan. Magdalina Trombly 1Mrs. Hilton Millerl is living in Millington, Michigan. Page Fifty-Three Class of 1934 john Allen is employed at Eaton-Erb Foundry in Vassar and is living in Millington. Bernard Beal attended the University of Idaho and is co-partner with his father on a farm near Milling- ton. Esther Bishop B.S., graduated from M.S.C. and is now Home Economics teacher at Eaton Rapids, Mich. George Bradley is employed as a Telephone Line- man. His address is Boyne City, Michigan. Gregg Crandell operates a Truck and Transfer Company between Lapeer and Florida. He married Evelyn Benford and is living at Lake Nepessing, Lapeer, Michigan. Gerald Draper has been employed in a Gas Station in Flint. He married Elnore Seymour and lives at Carleton Street, Flint, Michigan. Stuart Gleason is assistant in U. S. Mail Delivery and is living in Millington. Reuben Grover is co-partner in Grover's Adver- tising Studio. He married Marian Lanfear and lives at 3153 State Street, Saginaw, Michigan. Doyle Hall is employed at Grover,s Advertising Studio and his address is 136 Brunltow Court, Sagi- naw, Michigan. F. A. Harry fdeceasedl Ellen Harvey is employed at Sears Roebuck Store and lives at 9114 Central Avenue, Detroit. Paul Heard is employed at AC Spark Plug Co. and lives at 2405 Broadway, Flint, Michigan. Frank Kennedy is employed as Yard Manager for Millington Lumber Company. He married Dol- ores Carney and is living in Millington. Edward Kerr is employed by the Roggentine Truclt- ing Service of Millington and lives in Millington. john King is employed at the AC Spark Plug Company and lives at 2405 Broadway, Flint, Mich. Frances Koch, is employed in the auditing depart- ment of Frank BL Seder Company, Detroit. She lives at 15363 Steel Avenue, Detroit. Paul McNeal is farming near Millington and is married to Ernestine Eddy. Winnie MacLaren fMrs. Wright Nashl is living at Topelo, Mississippi. Wilbur McNeal is employed at the Eaton-Erb Foundry of Vassar. He married Agnes Smith and is living at R.F.D. No. 1, Millington. Elizabeth Morris lMrs. Henry Stansfieldl is living on R.F.D. No. 4, Flint, Michigan. William Morris is employed in an office in Sagi- naw. He is married to Helen Sproul and is living at R.F.D. No. 1, Burt, Michigan. Sarah Rohrer is working at Columbiaville Woolen Mills. Her address is Millington. Mary Root is employed at the Chevrolet Motor Company and is living at 502 Bangs Street, Flint, Michigan. Edith Seitz lMrs. Charles Grossl is living at 921 Lyons Street, Flint, Michigan. Alex Skorina graduated from M.S.C. and is now employed in Detroit. His address is 8939 Peterson Street, Detroit, Michigan. Emma Smith fMrs. Lester Fennerl lives at 93 Cadillac Street, Pontiac, Michigan. Carson Squires is employed at Fisher Body at Flint and is living in Millington. fCantinued on page 542 Alumni Directory fcontinuedl Class of 1934 IContinued from page 531 Charles Totten is co-partner with his father as a produce broker in Millington. He married Jane Palmer. Aileen Ward fMrs. Manley Mainj is now living at 524 West Tenth Avenue, Flint, Michigan. Marian Webster is employed in Saginaw. Her address is 34 Hamman Street, Golf Side, Saginaw. Class of 1935 Earl Beagle is a Census Enumerator and lives in Millington. Donald Berry is employed as an apprentice with E. T. Pedlow in Millington. He married Marian Hen- derson and is living in Millington. Anna Crippen graduated from St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing and is now employed at Herman Kiefer Hospital in Detroit. Lucille Cronkright is in Oakland County Sana- torium. Margaret Curtis graduated from Tuscola County Normal and is now teaching the Delmar School. She lives in Millington. Vera Crandall lMrs. Forrest Sutherbyl is living in Millington. Elethel Dalryrnple fMrs. Richard Smithl is living at 615W D Street, LaPorte, Indiana. Ralph Forsyth has a B.S. degree from C.S.T.C. and is athletic director at Shepherd Public Schools, Shepherd, Michigan. Carl Gleason is at home in Millington. Patricia Hall lMrs. Ronald Groverj is living at l36 Brunkow Court, Saginaw, Michigan. Marian Henderson lMrs. Donald Berryl is living in Millington. Esther Hunt lMrs. Esther Harryb is living at the T. B. Sanatorium of Saginaw County, Saginaw, Mich. Jean Huston attended C.S.T.C., graduated from St. Mary's Hospital Training Course, and is now Technician at McCoy Clinic, Bad Axe, Michigan. Irene Jones fMrs. Walter Schultzj is living at R.F.D., Millington. Aleen johnson lMrs. Wallace Osbornl is living at R.F.D., Millington. Bernard johnson is employed at Paul Titsworth Garage and is living in Millington. William Johnson fdeceasedj Marian Lanfear fMrs. Reuben Groverl is living at Saginaw, Michigan. Duggan McMahon is farming near Millington. Anna Morris lMrs. Earl Sproulj is living at R.F.D. No. 1, Burt, Michigan. John Owens is farming near Millington. He mar- ried Janet Lumsden. Evelyn Orr lMrs. William Slovel is living at 7343 Sheehan Street, Detroit, Michigan. Arnold Smith is employed at the Eaton-Erb Foundry at Vassar. He married Katherine Bradley and lives in Vassar, Michigan. Marian Timm is private secretary to John Baker, Secretary of E. P. MacFadden Company. She resides at 320 West Washtenaw Street, Lansing. Everett Ward is employed in the Fisher Body Plant in Flint. He married Evelyn Thornton and is living at Colorado Street, Flint, Michigan. Orville Young is employed in the S. S. Kresge Company and lives in Toledo, Ohio. Class of 1936 Lavern Aurand is attending M.S.C. at East Lansing, Michigan. Dorothy Bishop fMrs. William Blackmerj attended M.S.C. and is now living in Millington. Theo Blackmer graduated from St. Mary's Train- ing Course and is now a head nurse in the hospital at Saginaw, Michigan. William Gray is employed at Fisher Body in Flint. He resides at 827 West Second Street, Flint, Mich. Curtis Henderson is employed at Buick Plant of the General Motors Corp. He married Cora Blake and is now living at 637 East Van Wagoner Ave., Flint, Michigan. Ruth Jensen lMrs. Fred Taylorl conducts Con- servatory of Music at Bay City, Michigan. Her ad- dress is Millington. Ralph Koch is trucking milk for the Michigan Milk Producers' Association and does part-time farming near Millington. Donald MacLaren is co-partner in the Millington Body Works. He married Leota Honold and resides in Millington. Dorothy McKeegan lMrs. Gustav Huckertl is living at Millington, Michigan. Helen McKeegan is employed as secretary at Frutchey Bean Company and is living in Millington. Anne Green is attending Grace Hospital Training Course at Detroit, Michigan. George McMahon is farming near Millington. Phyllis McPherson lMrs. Paul Blackl is living in Vassar. Kenneth Monroe is an egg broker and a part-time farmer. He married Floy Dupraw and is living near Millington. Martha Root is employed at Hastings Dress Shop in Flint. Her address is 502 Bangs Street, Flint. Eileen Schultz lMrs. Gary Greenleyl is a gradu- ate of Olivet College, Olivet, Illinois. She resides at Owosso, Michigan. Catherine Staples is a graduate of Bay City Busi- ness College and is now employed at Lee-Cady at Flint. Her address is 1025 Matthews Street. William Stoddard is employed at the State Train- ing School at Lapeer. His address is 192 Higgins Street, Lapeer, Michigan. Burton Ward is employed at the Hi-Speed Gas Station in Millington. Class of 1937 Eleanor Averill is attending St. Mary's Hospital Training Course in Saginaw. Chancey Bassett is assistant manager of the Capitol Theatre in Millington. William Blackmer is employed at the Eaton-Erb Foundry at Vassar. He married Dorothy Bishop and is living in Millington. Floyd Bush is employed on a farm near Milling- ton. He married Helen Henderson. janet Cobb lMrs. John Harrisonj is living in Millington. Max Curtis is employed at the Farm Bureau Store and is living in Millington. Dorothy Drohn is working in Caro, Michigan. Lloyd Drumm is employed as secretary at the Atkins Motor Sales in Millington. He married Eliza- beth Amon and is living in Millington. fContinued an page 552 Page Fi fly-F our Alumni Directory CC0f1fif1ufd 7 Class of 1937 fContinued from page 542 Marion Gibson is attending Hurley Hospital Train- ing Course in Flint, Michigan. Wilbur Glynn is employed in the A. H. Cobb Store at Millington. LaValley Harry is employed at Collins Electrical Company at Fostoria, Michigan. His home address is Millington. Anna Marie Holmes is attending M.S.C. at East Lansing. Fred June is attending M.S.C. at East Lansing. Hilda Keinath is employed as secretary in the Millington Lumber Company. Her address is Milling- ton. Cleon Kester is farming near Millington. Bryce McGinnis graduated from M.S.C. Short Course and is now farming near Millington. Ivan McPherson is attending Battle Creek Business College at Battle Creek, Michigan. William McPherson is in the U. S. Navy at Great Lakes Station, Chicago, Illinois. Robert McPherson is employed at the George McPherson Hardware in Millington. Velda Opperman IMrs. William Seddonl is liv- ing at R.F.D,, Millington. Marie Schumaker is employed as secretary for Dr. Berman in Millington. Ruth VanWagoner attended C.S.T.C. and is now teaching in Newberry, Michigan. Helen Ward fMrs. Harland Walterhousel is living at 5421 Lapeer Road, Flint, Michigan. Fred Welsh is taking a Diesel Correspondence Course and does part-time farming. His address is R.F.D., Vassar, Michigan. Helen Wiacek lMrs. Darold Reynoldsl is living in Vassar, Michigan. Helen Wolfington fMrs. Heber Colel is living in Tuscola, Michigan. . Class of 1938 Grant Bradford is farming on R.F.D., Vassar, Mich. Raymond Bush is employed at State Hospital, Pon- tiac, Michigan. William Cypher is in a C.C.C. Camp. His address is Camp Morman Creek, Rapid River, Mich. Gertrude Forsyth John Foleyl is living at 1326 Grand Traverse Street, Flint. Rodman Foster is employed at Kroger Baking Com- pany at Millington. He married Ila Hoard and is living at R.F.D., Millington. Marjorie Gleason fMrs. Robert Betzl is living in Millington. Florence Green is at home in Millington. Vernon Harvey is farming near Millington. Helen Henderson lMrs. Floyd Bushl is living at R.F.D., Millington. Kenneth Kennedy is employed at the Kennedy Drug Store in Millington. Lyle Koch is farming near Millington. William Lurvey is farming near Millington. He married Norma Rose. Marie Mills is at home near Millington. Berneeta Pedlow is attending W.S.T.C. at Kalama- zoo, Michigan. Helen Sims is employed in Flint, Michigan. Page Fifty-Five Doris Stone lMrs. George Gleason, is living in Merrill, Michigan. Laverne Smith is employed at the Kroger Baking Company in Millington. Alan Teague is attending C.S.T.C. at Mt. Pleas- ant, Michigan. Mabel Tinglan is at home near Millington. Clarence Tryon is employed with the W. T. Boyle Construction Company, Flint, Michigan. He does part-time farming at home near Millington. Jeanette Webster is at home near Millington. Marie Young is employed in Grand Rapids and is living at 258 Jefferson Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Class of 1939 Asa Averill is employed in Prudenville, Mich. Betty June Bishop is attending M.S.C. at East Lansing. Lucille Camp is employed in clerical work in Pontiac, Michigan. ' Ethel Clark is at home near Millington. Ellsworth Cronltright is farming near Millington. Herman Drohn is employed at the Ford Motor Company and lives at 7459 Ellsworth Ave., Detroit, Michigan. Kenneth Gleason is attending C.S.T.C., Mt. Pleas- ant, Michigan. Donald Green is farming near Millington. Lavina Harvey is attending County Normal, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Dallas Hatch is farming near Millington. Bernard Jakubik finished a Short Course at M.S.C. and is now farming near Millington. Donna Jiobson is employed with Baker's Bakery Company at North Branch, Michigan. Claude Jones is in the cattle business in Otter Lake and Lapeer, Michigan. Bernice Keinath is employed as secretary in the superintendents ofhce in the Millington High School. Carson Leach is attending M.S.C. at East Lansing, Michigan. Lorraine Lennon is taking care of children at 120 West Michigan Avenue, East Lansing, Mich. Barbara MacLaren is attending County Normal, Caro, Michigan. Odette Parker is employed at Woolworth's Store in Flint. Ardath Root is doing housework at 2418 Marilyn Street, Flint, Michigan. Muriel Root is employed at Piffer's Dairy Bar at Flint. She resides at 726 Cottage Grove, Flint, Mich. Phyllis Ross is at home in Millington. Russell Reed is at home in Millington. Marion Spender is employed at the Columbiaville Press at Columbiaville, Michigan. Raymond Salliotte is employed at the Ford Motor Company and lives at 15 West Alexis Street, Detroit, Michigan. Berniece Stebbins is employed at the Farm Bureau Store in Millington. Wilbur Ur is in the U. S. Aviation Corps, Self- ridge Field, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Irene Vas is a florist in Clio, Mich. Lorraine Wills is attending Olivet College at Olivet, Michigan. Chan "Rfb" 'Ge'-nie" "Doc" Frank "bv-an " "DMA Ba'-I Gear-fic ,nplre Man? H0171 " ullog, 321 A x 1- 11 - -QSO' SSS 'KG -5. Peck 4' Umlcg "8f'ub H Fc, rn "How " mein' U Gee 5 of X BUSINESS PATRONS Fr-qnfxu .TP-ink," 'I V011 X , M 14 ....,...., As 1. va. fi 43 Q A' 3. f .5 jeg? R Bl m 714, B-n 5 9+ John Cqr .- L idbsmess 3 'R 'NPATRONS f+1f'-e-ff' b r 7 Millington School History Fifty Years Customs and traditions of our people are very slowly changed. When we stop to realize that it takes on an average of twenty years for an idea to take root and approximately thirty years to bear fruit, it is amazing how gradually changes are made in our community pattern. In 1884 the front part of the present school building was erected at cost of ,Z2290.00. During the 1886-87 school year, provisions were made to have a four year high school course of study. John A. Chapell was principal at that time. In the secretary records there is the original teacher's contract of E. L. Mills. It was signed on August 19, 1889, whereby he was hired for the 1889-90 school year. Names signed to contract as ofiicials were: C. DeWitt fdirectorj, John A. Damon lmoderatorj, and D. N. Blocher lassessorj. In June 1890 E. L. Mills signed the first diplomas granted by Millington High School. Five girls constituted the graduating class- Minnie Bostick, Etta M. Tower, Grace Crobar, Clara Walterhouse, and Maude Winchester. On September 15, 1903, a petition was presented to the Board of Education to call a meeting for consideration for the construction of an addition to the building. On October 5, 1903, the special election was called and the proposal was defeated by a vote of 39 to 6. The Board of Education consisted of John Eggert, Jud Lane, A. Huston, E. H. Dimond, and George W. Rohrer. Then on January 21, 1908, a similar meeting was called by action of a petition of tax payers, and the proposal was again defeated. The overcrowded condition of the school became acute in 1910, and in April of that year the voters expressed themselves by a favorable vote of 60 to 21. In the records we find the original copy of the bid submitted by Ray Beach to construct an addition for the sum of 54,450.00 -dated June 10, 1910. The late Dr. W. C. Garvin was director of the Board of Education at that particular period. On June 6, 1930, there was a special election of the qualified voters to bond the school district for 530,000 to construct the second addition. The vote resulted in 95 no, and 42 yes. It was not until December, 1936, that the issue became a matter of interest to the voters. We had just awakened from our depression of fContim4ed on page 591 Page Fxfly Eight Millington School History Fifty Years fffantinucd from page 581 1933 but by the federal grant of 55,809.00 from P. W. A. funds, the voters expressed a favorable decision, bonding for .S3500.00. The vote was 142 yes, and 17 no. A smile came over the faces of the boys and girls of the community because up until then outside toilets were used and only James Whitcomb Riley with his words of eloquence could describe them. In June, 1937, Major Brendt of the Public Works Administration presented the building to the people of Millington at the dedicatory services. In the hall of the new structure we find a bronze plate with the following inscription-Board of Education: D. G. Salot, E. Richards, A. I-1. Cobb, W. F. Guenther, and Alfred C. Fischhaberg Superintendent of Schools: L. Meachumg Architects: Warren S. Holmes Co.g General Contractor: H. Howeg Inspector of Works: Marcus Titsworthg Sup- erintendent of Construction: Chris. Wick. During the 'fifty year period there have been 682 diplomas granted. In 1898-99 school year there were no diplomas granted, but classes have ranged in number from one in 1890-91 and 1893-94 school years to forty-three in 1939-40. The following is a record of the superintend- ents for the half-century: E. L. J. Mills. .c..c.., M--. cc,c. .--.--.---- 1889-90 P. G. Davis ldeceasedl e..., ,,--1890-91, 1891-92, 1892-93 C. W. 'Bleech fdeceasedl--, .,,.,.e, ee.. eeee ,N 1893-94 A. E. Wilber ,,.w .,.., - ,1..--, W. uve--. - 1894-95 H. Z. Wilber ,, ,,,.,, ,C .,.-,,,, W. 1895-96 through 1899-1900 G. G. Warner ...,,..W..,,-, ,, .,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,-,.. ,e,,., 1900-1901 John S. Robertson fdied in April 19021 eeee 3... ,,., 1901-1902 S. G. Atkinson .....,..,.,,,.e,.,c,e, ,.,.,.e,.. C ornpleted Term S. G. Atkinson ,.,s..,,,, c.,,, C -1. 1902-03 through 1904-05 U. S. Wilson ldeceasedj ,e,,,, ,, ,,,,.,,d,., 1905-06 through 1908-09 H. W. Baker resigned in February 1911 ,.,. .ec, 1 909-10 and 1910-11 C. H. Runcirnan. ..,..d,.,,,.,,,,.-. e.,., C ompleted Term C. H. Runciman A... -cc C ..c.e, . ,,.,,e -.c 1911-12 fcontinued on page 601 Pdg F fty N ne Millington School History Fifty Years fffantinued from page 592 E. M. Conklin .,,,...,H..,. W...,,,....k 1 912-13 .through 1916-17 John Seeney fenlistedj ,,, ,.......M,,,... 1917-18 Irwin Randall ..,1...., ,,,.. C ompleted Term B. F. Stoebell ,,, .11,,,,,..-... 1918-19 E. Aelick .n,, ..,,,, 1 919-20 and 1920-21 W. P. Gee ,,, ,, ,, ,... 1921-22 through 1923-24 S. M. Perry ,.1.,,-..,,,,-. --..1,,,,,--... 1 924-25 Harold McCormick fresignedj ,,, ......,,, 1925-26 Keith McNally ,,...,1,,..,2,, ..,,--,,.. C ompleted Term B. F. Latter ,.,, .... 1 926-27 through 1929-30 J. L. Meachum ,,, ,,,, ,,, ,,,,, , ,,,, 1930-31 through 1939-40 We point with pride and enjoyment that E. L. Mills is living in Mancelona, Michigan. He is a retired banker in that village. We were fortunate to procure the pictures of several former superintendents and display them on page 41 of this, our fiftieth anniversary annual. In scanning the pages of history we find several highlights of athletic accomplishment. 1912 Baseball team, coached by "Runcy', Runciman, now a prominent business man of Lowell, Michigan. 1914 Football team, coached by E. M. Conklin, now principal of Hamtramck High School. 1917 1922 Baseball team, coached by E. M. Conklin. Harold Wright, a one-man track team, coached by W. P. Gee, now principal of grade school in Detroit, Michigan. 1933 Football team, coached by 'QSwede,, Swenson, now a traveling salesman-living at Saginaw, Michigan. 1934 1935 Baseball team, coached by "Swede" Swenson. Track team, coached by L. Meachum, present Superintendent of Schools. 1936 1937 1939 Football team, coached by S. M. Glaza, present coach at M. H. S. Baseball team coached by S. M. Glaza. Basketball team, coached by S. M. Glaza. It is impossible in this book to give a complete record of the 50 years' achievements, but this short resume will point out that Millington School has been progressing and will continue to go forward in all lines of endeavor. Page Sixty Jokes Mrs. Forsyth: "Where is my wandering boy tonight?" Mr. Forsyth: "And also, where's my car?,' Mr. Glaza: f In World History Class, "Have you made up your list of the eleven greatest men in the world, LeRoy?" LeRoy Clark: "No, sir, not quite. I'm hav- ing diihculty in deciding on a quarterback." Sarah Cypher says: "If they keep on placing zippers on garments, a button will be as out of place as a horseiiy in an automobile show." L. D. Gray: "How did your potato crop turn out?" Elton Leix: "Splendid, some were as big as marbles, some were as big as peas, and, of course, there were quite a lot of little onesf' Miss Kirk: "John, correct this sentence: 'Girls is naturally better looking than boys,." Johnny Staples: "Girls is artificially better looking than boys!" Bob Farnum: "After all, fools help to make life interesting. When all the fools are bumped off, I don't want to be here." Shirley Hope: "Don't worry: you won't." Pat Kennedy: "I turned the way I signaled." Bob DeLand: "I know it: that's what fooled me." Francis Foster: "What is the difference be- tween a gossipy woman and a looking glass?" David Thompson: "One talks without reflect- ing, the other reflects without talking." Ruth Tryon: "Do you think the speaker put enough fire into his speech?" Florence Monroe: "My opinion is he didn't put enough of his speech into the fire." Mr. Meachum: "Young man, you can't sleep in my class." Ed Drubin: "Gee, Mr. Meachum, I could, if you didn't talk so loud." Ted Berry: "The drought sure has made the wheat short this year." Sam Petoskey: "Short? Say, I had to lather mine to mow it!" Reta Schank: "What were you screaming about last night?" Jean Schank: "I had an awful nightmare. A man was chasing me and he couldn't catch me." Page S ixry-One Tub Gibson: "I had to chop wood for my dinner yesterday." Duane Eno: "Why didn't you eat it the way it was?', Judge: "Mr. Staples, why didn't you stop when the cop hailed you?', John: "Fm deaf: I didnlt hear the warningf' Judge: UO. K. You'll get your hearing in the morningf, Alverna Church: "Clothes give me a lot of confidence." Wanda Barber: "Yes, you can go to a num- ber of places with them where you can't go without them." Mr. Irwin QTO Bob DeLand after a dis- couraging Physics markj: "Never despair. Somewhere behind the clouds the sun is shin- in . ich: 'iYeah, I know, and somewhere below the sea there's a solid bottom but that doesn't help the man who falls overboard." Miss Kirk: "I-low many subjects are you carrying?', Bill Dieter: "Carrying one and dragging threef' Mr. Meachum fin Hott classjr "Now Eleag- nus agustifalia is a good background shrub." John DeOrnellas: 'lMy-do such plants grow in this country?,' Righto!!! One way to break the ice at these parties is to start making cracks. The leaves start to turn the night before exams. Many a fellow has been left in the dark simply because his gal has taken a shine to someone else. A blind date seldom opens a girl's eyes. In the spring a young girl's fancy. The modernized version: Don't count your pennies before they're matched. Harold Gibson says he canlt imagine any- thing worse than a giraffe with a sore throat unless it would be a centipede with corns. Ruth McComb says: Gentlemen farmers are farmers who seldom raise anything except their hats. The osteopath's favorite hymn: IfKjNeed Thee Every Hour. Autographs Page Sixty-Three Our Hopes In Years to Come This picture was taken of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ward looking at a former yearbook of Millington High School, published in 1912. In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the school, the class of 1940 are publishing this book, The Cardinal, hoping that it also will be so remembered and so cherished by the Alumni in years to come. We Wish To Express Our Appreciation to THE CAMP PUBLISHING CO. Ypsilanti, Michigan for the PICTURES In This Book T vunususn sv -CNVCAQQEGH Page Sixty-F our

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