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Opening . 1 Students 17 Faculty 49 Organizations 77 Activities 99 Survival 109 Sports 123 Fine Arts 153 Graduation 161 1184 WEST MAIN DECATUR, ILLINOIS 62522 JAMES MILLIKIN: THE MAN AND HIS DREAM James Millikin (1827-1909) James Millikin, founder and namesake of James Millikin University, was born in Clarkstown (now Ten-Mile), Washington County, Pennsylvania. He attended a dis- trict school where he was taught by his rother Samuel and entered Washington " ege in the fall of 1846. Washington College that young w sensitive to the struggles of en trying to overcome poverty " ontier educations to do e age of 20, Millikin ver fulfilled his own ream, the motivating rags to ry, and amassed a great fortune, uld establish an institution of high earning designed to prepare all students for any occupation of endeavor that they might choose to pursue It is not clear why Millikin made this par- ticular pledge; whether it came from seeing too many promising young people denied a good education due to financial difficulties, or whether Millikin felt that many colleges and universities tended to ignore the practi- cal skills needed for survival in the work world. Whatever the reason, this vow re- mained with Millikin throughout his life. After gaining substantial wealth in livestock and real estate, Millikin moved to Decatur in 1856. Decatur was still a small town but he saw it as a community with great poten- tial. His business interests enabled him to become one of the town ' s most prosperous and enterprising citizens. He was also one of the wealthiest, worth approximately $75,000. The failure of the railroad bank left Decatur in a state of financial chaos, and several people approached Millikin to suggest that he use his money to go into the banking business. In 1860, he established the private banking house of J. Millikin Company. Throughout his years of personal and finan- cial prosperity, Millikin failed to forget that vow he made at Washington College. He kept the vision of an institution that stressed the practical and vocational aspects of study with a more classical education. At the turn of the 20th century, Millikin took the first steps towards fulfilling this lifelong dream. Millikin Homestead at Main and I ' ine 2 MILLIKIN Fresco inside the Homestead Ornate staircase in the home HOMESTEA THE DREAM FULFILLED On May 13, 1900, Millikin took the first step towards fulfilling his dream. He made formal offers to Dr. W.J. Darby, the Secretary of the Educational Presby- terian Church and Rev. A.W. Hawkins, pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to establish a university with ties to the Cumberland Presbyterian denomi- nation. Millikin made one major stipula- tion with his pledge; this new university was not to be narrowly sectarian and should welcome students of any sect or creed. As part of the offer, he also agreed to donate his land holdings at Oakland Park and give $200,000, providing that the synods of Illinois, Indiana and Iowa would raise $100,000 and the city of De- catur a like amount. January 1, 1901, saw the conditions of Millikin ' s generous offer met, and on June 12, 1902, the cornerstone of the Liberal Arts building was laid by the Ma- sonic Fraternity. Millikin had an intense dislike of public notoriety and refused to appear on stage at the ceremony. On June 4, 1903, the three buildings com- prising the Liberal Arts Hall, the power house and machinery hall, all constructed at a cost of $216,000, were formally dedicated. President Theodore Roosevelt delivered the dedicatory address, saying, " We are all as Americans to be congratu- lated that there are among us men who so worthily apply the fortunes that they have made, in devoting a portion of them to the cause of education in this country. Mr. Millikin, I feel that as an American it is proper for me to express to you and to those like you, the obligation that good Americans feel for what you and they have done in this university and in other educational institutions throughout the land. " Classes official ly began on September 15, 1903, and 300 students arrived to take the Millikin educational challenge. The same holds true today. Millikin pres- ently enjoys an enrollment of approxi- mately 1,600 dedicated young men and women striving for greatness in an ever- changing world. On November 25, 1985, Millikin Univer- sity was recognized for its excellence in education. In a U.S. News and World poll of 1318 four-year college and univer- sity presidents, Millikin was ranked fifth out of all small colleges in the Mid-West and Far-West regions of the United States. Founded on a dream, Millikin has exceeded beyond the dreams and expec- tations of its founder. Mr. Bill Kreuger says farewell after 30 years of teaching The towers of L.A. I " h.»W [14 mii their re- •km nth the |M i ile. MM h and eighth f h4fl|(ed |„ programs i oflayMiMl part of ilu .r [( i.i-.ii.i ■ III a unxle tnak ■ " ' " « [M-OpW l among I In ' •oted ri.i.l ' ...l. ■! I 111, M W ilium |«w«l . n. . . an lake O.foril ■ . 1. Harv yMu l (Calif ) 27 7 2. Co. (low.) , 48 3 AhwmofWw) 14fJ H »d»t» (Mich.) 14 9 H? » t O r «C-) -- 12 B Carrol (tm.) — .... _ , . • MurtUngum (Ohto) s» StM«ry. ind B9 Qoatttn find i g » Miindalajn. (HI ) . . . eg r . T-ULHOt atudenti plaium tend graduate arhool. Harv Cra Vga j th m top choir mm ■Mato rurnprehrrnivr Kaaok Mfalweii and Wax— c.» l f u n •o apply On. of I he (.Win,, lege . Harvrry Mudd «| r. , ,1,. nawfng, charaiatry. mai , bait require, a third of «JI roune badona tn the liberal ,„, ,),., TO. reboot tead. the aaa of uoeWrgradualer—nearly cent— who went on to earn docl Other arborx. uaa .hfrWranf m. Cm oftWt an " open choree run program! Alveeno a development of linden l. »h Muaktngni I Mundrlafn ha. a u « mm a ••O It l.fl 4 THE DREAM SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE Despite the constant changing and adapting throughout the campus, the Millikin com- munity clings steadfastly to traditions. The Millikin Dames hosted their 51st annual Christmas Cookie Party in December of 1985. Greek Week and Homecoming re- main constant whirlwinds of activities and popular activities with both faculty and stu- dents. The Singing Blue, Marching Blue and Jazz Band, the most visible musical ensembles, consistently perform to exceedingly high standards of quality and provide upbeat en- tertainment. Career Development and Placement, one of the newer offices at Millikin, is continuing in its never-ending quest to find the proper job or graduate school for every student. The caring and sharing by the students and faculty are traditions that will never die. The annual Christmas Cookie Party Hard al work on the Decaturian, Millikin ' s student newspaper Kappa Sigma homecoming house decoration 8 SOME THINGS A UNIQUE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE Due to the small and intimate atmosphere of this private university, students are able, even encouraged to seek out all pos- sible aspects of the broad range of activi- ties and experiences offered at Millikin. Among the most noticable of these are the personal interactions between students and faculty. The small number of students al- lows more one-on-one contacts with instruc- tors in a formal classroom setting, in halls after class, during professor ' s office hours of later in the afternoon at the Lock Stock and Barrel. Millikin also has the academic Merit Schol- ars, Presidential Scholars, and James Milli- kin Scholars programs for students with ac- celerated studies. Three members of the 1985 football squad were rewarded for ex- cellence off the gridiron. Tom Kreller and Cary Bottorff were named as first-team Academic All-Americans, and Dan Kamp- werth was named to the second team. Milli- kin consistently places student-athletes on academic squads and strives for excellence both on and off the field of play. Cary Bottorff, Academic Ml Aim 1 1« in A prominent alum returns lor ii visit 10 a iiniquf; Don Purviance at a Theo-Socratic gathering in Champaign Richard and Kathryne Hoffland on tour EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE 11 E ATHLETIC TRA ited to play in " nal tourna- WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME Millikin has been and will always be an ex- ceptional university based on personal rela- tionships. It is the springboard to the future, a place of dreams, visions and individual spirit. It reflects not only a high level of academic quality, but also personal satis- faction. The people, the students and the faculty, are the most important ingredient in Millikin ' s endless search for excellence and the hope for the future of all Americans. A four-year education at Millikin is a unique experience, but it not for everyone. Only the most dedicated and sincere young people can face the challenge head on. This relentless dedication to quality has pro- duced outstanding men and women who tackle the world without fear. However, without the personal contact and caring that was given while still at MU, they could not have met the future challenges with such self-confidence and self-reliance. The caring and the sharing are the keys. Millikin is truly an institution where every- body knows your name, and will remember it for years to come. Abbey, Brian, Laura and Joyce together before their last performance Dawn Sanner 16 WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME CLASS OF 86 SENIORS Allen, Daniel Lynn Decatur, IL Business Administration Austin, Raymond L. Decatur, IL Political Science Austin, Richard C. Decatur, IL Political Science Bader, Martin J. Princeton, IL Theatre Baggech, Melody Brookfield, IL Voice Beals, Kurt Allen Effingham, IL Church Music Bernhardt, Peggy Decatur, IL Commercial Music BesGrove, Lisa D. Fairburry, IL Music Business Bound, Michael Arlington Heights, IL Business Administration Bond, Brian J. Staunton, [L Accounting Bond, Kimberly San Antonio, TX Fine Arts Buttorff, ( ary W. Oilman, IL Math 18 SENIORS Bretschneider, Doug Ingleside, IL Business Administration Brischle, Karen R. Decatur, IL Physical Education Bromley, Tim D. Eureka, IL Experimental Psychology Brown, Janice L. Decatur, IL Accounting Bugan, William Evergreen Park, IL Computer Information Systems Bumgardner, Ron L. Collinsville, IL Personnel Management Burbes, Sharon K. Decatur, IL Business Administration Burris, Joy E. Attica, IN Psychology Butler, Shari M. Lake In The Hills, IL Accounting Campbell, Diane Momence, IL Biology Campbell, Kitty L. Decatur, IL Commercial Music Cardamone, John W. Bradview, IL Mathmatics Computer Science Carlson, Cheryl L. Chicago, IL Music Business Administration Casey, Thomas Downers Grove, IL Marketing Chapman, Teresa M. Bradburry, CA Elementary Education SENIORS 19 Coe, Lori D. Peoria, IL English Cummins, Catherine Addison, IL Bi- ology Pre-Med. Dart, Larry D. Decatur, IL Ac- counting Davidson, Carl James Chicago, IL Instrumental Music Education Davis, Scott A. Lombard, IL Com- puter Information Systems Dillon, Donna E. Wheaton, IL Nurs- ing Donnals, Brett M. Vandalia, IL Ac- counting Drakos, George Angelo Decatur, IL Biology Earl, Annette Decatur, IL English Ebbert, Jennifer J. Godfrey, IL Biol- ogy Chemistry Engeling, Lisa M. Taylorville, IL Elementary Education Ernst, Matthew A. Washington, IL Computer Information Systems Feeney, Becki J. ElPaso, IL Ac- counting Freese, Mindy Lee Streator, IL Mu- sic Education Gardner, Fori Jo Decatur, IF Com- puter Information Systems 20 SENIORS Giertz, David L. Streamwood, IL Personnel Management Glasser, Richard Westchester, IL Biology Pre-Med. Godsil, Joseph M. Galesburg, IL Computer Information Systems Golden, Michael W. N. Miami Beach, FL Business Administration Gottermeyer, Bruce George La- Grange, IL Finance Gray, David L. Crystal Lake, IL Ac- counting Gunter, William L. Evanston, IL Physical Education Gustafson, Sharon Clarendon Hills, IL Psychology Gustafson, Susan D. Arlington Heights, IL Business Administration Hardaway, Sheila Marie Kankakee, IL Commercial Arts Helbig, Wayne Dolton, IL Manage- ment Hendrian, Karen S. Decatur, IL Ele- mentary Education Hertel, Susan L. Clarendon Hills, IL Psychology Hohenstein, Paul T. Illiopolis, IL Business Administration Hope, Jeanette C. Antioch, IL Nurs- ing SENIORS 21 Hudson, Gloria D. Decatur, IL Hu- man Services Huggins, Brad Allan Macon, IL Computer Information Systems Ianni, Michele T. Rockford, IL Ac- counting Irvin, Michael T. Brentwood, TN Marketing Ingram, Vicky Lynette Belleville, IL Physical Education Jackson, Jill Danville, IL English Philosophy James, Brian D. Decatur, IL Com- puter Information Systems Jan, Robert Hoffman Estates, IL Physical Education Jenkins, Lisa Pana, IL Nursing Johnson, Susan E. Winfield, IL Ac- counting Johnston, Theresa J. Washington, IL Nursing Jones, Scott Spring Grove, IL Biol- ogy Pre-Vet. Med. Kampwerth, Daniel A. C arlyle, IL Accounting Kasson, Troy Livingston, IL C om- puter Information Systems Kaufman, Jacqueline Decatur, IL English Education 22 SENIORS Kininmonth, Barbara A. Barrington, IL English Human Services Kleeberg, Gail L. Glen Ellyn, IL Nursing Koslofski, Karla S. Maroa, IL Ele- mentary Education Krell, Susan E. Springfield, IL Com- mercial Music Krimmel, Jennifer L. Decatur, IL Nursing Krismer, Deborah Chicago, IL Biol- ogy Kristofek, Cheryl A. Winfield, IL Commercial Art Labedz, Marita O. Chicago, IL Art Therapy Lake, Thomas M. Oak Forest, IL Political Science Lambie, Rick Bartonville, IL Com- puter Information Systems Leitgeb, Patrick Donald Chicago, IL Accounting Lewis, Thomas B. Decatur, IL Psy- chology Lolling, Kevin Lincoln, IL Account- ing Long, Laura Ann Decatur, IL Com- puter Information Systems Longfellow, Leslie A. Chicago Heights, IL Psychology SENIORS 23 Lowe, Cindy E. Greenville, IL Busi- ness Administration Lukoskie, Lynne Bloomington, IL Biology Mack, Peggy S. Romeoville, IL Biol- ogy Maddox, Michele R. Chicago, IL Psychology Malo, Michelle R. Zion, IL Physical Education Mason, Fredalyn Kansas City, MO Elementary Education McBain, Carol A. Decatur, IL Ac- counting McCann, Peggy Galesburg, IL Hu- man Services McHugh, Betty Jeanne Lansing, IL Accounting McLaughlin, Stacy M. Sullivan, IL Physical Education McMath, Annette Clinton, IL Ele- mentary Education Meisenheimer, Lisa R. Decatur, IL Elementary Education Men ., Su y M. Decatur, IL Commu- nications Montgomery, Gregory Samuel Charleston, IL Marketing Morris, Diana Gail Mt. Jon, IL Business Administration 24 SENIORS Murdock, Melissa L. Woodridge, IL Elementary Education Neissner, R. Scott Naperville, IL Computer Information Systems O ' Connor, Jean P. Decatur, IL Ele- mentary Education Parks, Carol A. Forsyth, IL English Education Peasley, Shellie L. Atlanta, IL Politi- cal Science Soc. Sci. Ed. Peters, Martinette C. St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Biology Phillips, Royce E. Effingham, IL In- strumental Music Education Plywaczewski, Walter C. Chicago, IL Production Management Potter, Janet S. Mattoon, IL Nurs- ing Price, David W. Wood River, IL Welding Engineering Primmer, Lennet Fay Monticello, IL Nursing Proffit, Kimberly Jacksonville, IL Personnel Management Rafferty, Kristina LeRoy, IL Eng- lish Regos, Michele M. Westchester, IL Elementary Education Reissfelder, Tyson Paul Auburn, ME Biology Education SENIORS 25 Saathoff, Lori Springfield, IL Music Ed. Vocal Sanner, Dawn A. Moweaqua, IL Ac- counting Schafer, Kimberly Dee Coatsburg, IL Physical Education Schmalz, Julie A. Wilmington, IL Elementary Education Scholes, Roger W. Decatur, IL Busi- ness Administration Shanahan, Deborah Jacksonville, IL Psychology Shaw, Kristen Palastine, IL Market- ing Shields, Joseph Gorham, IL Person- nel Management Sleade, Cheryl J. Decatur, IL Art Sleade, Laura D. Decatur, IL Psy- chology Smith, Eric P. Bloomington, IL Per- sonnel Management Stephens, Paul Effingham, IL Ac- counting Stiner, C urt D. Moweaqua, IL Fi- nance Stupar, Annelisa Aubuen, IL Nurs- ing Sudkamp, Michael J. Sadorus, IL Computer Information Systems 26 SENIORS Sullivan, Michael P. Hoopeston, IL Industrial Engineering Sutton, Elizabeth M. Petersburg, IL Physical Education Talbolt, Scott Sidell, IL Computer Information Systems Tanabe, Nancy Chicago, IL Biology Turnball, Karen A. St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. English Tyus, Gregory Decatur, IL Comput- er Information Systems Usinger, Cheryl A. Blue Mound, IL Computer Information Systems Vitek, Kimberly Ann Yorkville, IL Physical Education Welsh, Elizabeth C. Sullivan, IL Mu- sic Wells, Thomas E. Lombard, IL Computer Information Systems Wente, Patricia A. Sigel, IL Ac- counting Whitaker, James R. Frankfurt, West Germany Biology Pre-Med. Winkleblack, Lee Decatur, IL Fi- nance Young, Connie L. Tuscola, IL Per- sonnel Management Yuenger, Garrett Westchester, IL Computer Information Systems SENIORS 27 Traffic is monitored by Suzie Menz CANDIDS 29 Cannon, Karen Carnder, Gayla Cole Deanette Louise Coleman, Barry Kent Coleman, Stephen Colver, Scot Alan Conlin, Lori Lynn Copen, Joel Cox, Carolyn Casey Cristy, Sherri Dautzenberg, Dennis Davis, Deanna Degenhardt, Carol Ann DeGroot, Robin Denault, Voneda Denby, Linda DePauw, Michael Dickerson, Queen Diss, Daniel Dobel, John Doebler, Joyce Dorris, Lori DuBuc, Jo-Ann Lbbert, Nancy Ebbert, Susan Elliot, Nancy Keken, John Fierce, Daniel 30 JUNIORS Frank, Penny Frank, Susan Goethe, Lisa Goodbred, Laura Graves, Karol Gray, David Green, Kristi Gundy, Lisa Halemeyer, Jane Harmon, Scott Harrison, Tami Lynne Hazlet, Laura Heidegger, Scott Hillyer, Ann Marie Hillyer, Donna Hoerner, Nancy Hoffman, Kimberly Sue Hockhalter, Karin HolIenBeck, Lynn Hutchings, Laura James, Rick Jannink, Regina Ann Johnston, Michael Jones, Kenda Jones, Robert Jones, Tawny Kaminski, Mathew Kegresse, Pamela JUNIORS 31 Kemp, Donna Kew, Wendy Kidd, Jean Louise Kopley, Nick Komora, Carrie Kosiara, Lisa M. Krepps, W. Scott Krieg, David Karl Kubica, Mark D. Lark, Darnell LeBow, Susan Lee, Thomas G. Lillpop, Steven T. Loehr, Janet L. Lowery, Nancy Madsen, Jessica Lynne Madura, Judith Marie Malinowski, Gay L. Mallory, Sherryl Marzilli, Mary Jo Matson, Laura L. Maurizi, Lisa Marie McDonald, Deanna M. McGraw, Jennifer Lee Mcintosh, Susan A. Meece, Julie B. Melvin, Scott Merchant, Pamela J. 32 JUNIORS 1 Mienert, Paul Moeller, Lisa G. Moma, Paul Dean Mueller, Kenneth R. Musgrave, R. Scott Noles, Dian M. Orchard, Teresa Lynn Paczyuski, Jeff G. Peart, Sharon M. Petard, Sidney S. Peterson, Todd J. Phipps, David M. Poppen, Arlyn K. Reeble, Richard A. Reid, Mike Rhead, Rhonda K. Samford, Stephanie Rae Santos, Brian H. Schnick, Cynthia Arlene Scholes, Paul K. Scott, Michele J. Shanahan, Erin P. Smith, Amy Smith, Bryan Snow, John G. Snyders, Traci M. Somercik, Melanie Spires, Tammie Jo JUNIORS 33 Stragand, Dolores Jean Steinkaus, Ann C. Szczepanski, Andrea L. Talbot, Susan Telzrow, Christine Thomas, Eric Andrew Thomson, Angela Deann Velek, Thoams Glenn Venier, Victoria L. Via, Darin Wakabayashi, Allen M. Wells, James E. Welsh, Luke T. Wilkins, Lisa M. Wilson, Bruce A. Witthoeft, Victoria Wood, Sherral B. Yoder, Lynnette Yonan, Mark Zuegel, Carol 34 JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Alexander, Kim L. Armstrong, Leslie A. Ashcraft, Doug Bales, Doug F. Barrett, Beth A. Beach, Penny L. Becker, Dan W. Beckwith, Robert D. Benshish, Michael Alan Benton, Jerry W. Bieze, Steven G. Black, Christine L. Brandt, Valerie Brogdon, Stephanie Brown, Eric D. Brown, Jacqueline Brown, Michael G. Bruns, Lisa Ann Buob, Cynthia J. Campbell, Brent J. Cannon, David Bryan Ciesielski, Denise Lynnette Cline, Carla Clough, Tammy SOPHOMORES 35 Contarino, Anna Rose Copple, Ginger Creek, Jodi Croy, Danny Cubbison, Beth O ' Lary Dammerman, Lisa Ann Derocher, Christine Dewerff, Karen Donaldson, Jacqueline Dyche, Bill Dy Ning, Kimson Chua Easterly, Tammy Edmiaston, Debbie Elliot, Joy Lynn Emerson, Stephanie Etscheid, Dale Fergurson, Karen Finke, Steven Fletcher, Scott Gaitros, Luanne Gelfo, Debra Gilby, Lora Lee Girard, Keri Glan, Matthew Glasgow, Brenda Carol Glover, Anita Gregory, David Gross, Mary 36 SOPHOMORES Guebel, Kathy Hack, Gordon Hindman, Cindy Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman, Paula Hopper, Christine Hoots, Cameo Huff, Glen Huggins, Brian Hunt, Brian Huntoon, John Jacobs, Douglas Jacoby, Jacque Janota, John Michael Jones, Michele Johnston, Travis Keith, Erin Keller, Paula Kemp, Diana Kirbabas, Mark Lawson, Cristin Loveless, Pamela Lovellette, Alesia Luka, Joe Lyons, Lislie Lyons, Mark Maciejewski, Bill Magee, Scott SOPHOMORES 37 Marshall, Jay Marshall, John Martin, Frank McCaffrey, Cari McKinley, Michael McMaster, Lori Messenger, Jennifer Meyer, Joe Miles, Diana Minson, Charla Mogged, Stacy Louise Munos, Cindy Nash, Melinda Neumann, Todd Neville, Missy Nuelle, Carol Orwig, Paula Palter, Sue Parks, Julie Pavlos, Carole Anne Piety, Chris Podlasek, John Poestel, Nancy Pope, Jeanette Price, Megan Procarione, Barhara Proske, Ann-Marie Radmacher, Kamae 38 SOPHOMORES Reed, Laura Reid, Patricia Reinbold, Cathy Rice, Richard Richards, Teri Ritts, Erin Rokosz, Norman Rous, Susan Ryerson, Elizabeth Runkle, Amy Schmidt, Leeann Shaner, Mark Sharp, Julie Shaw, Kammy Snyders, Betsy Stegman, Karen Stone, Cory Sullivan, Holly Swim, Mitch Taylor, Paul Tessendorf, Elizabeth Thompson, Virginia Thull, Charlotte Vereault, Moira Voeller, Michael Vopicka, Jane Walter, Abbie White, Stephen SOPHOMORES 39 Canned, Karen Carley, Bobette Carrasco, Laura Jo Case, Robert Chambless, Mari-Lee Chupp, Tina Clancy, Craig Cleland, Stephanie Clymer, Beth Colburn, Jane Collins, Janet Compton, Laura Cook, Amy Cook, Jeffrey Cormany, Diane Cottrell, Crystal Cravatta, Guy Crothers, Stephen Cunningham, Michael Cutright, Sherry Daily, Stephanie Daniels, Kevin Darrah, Tracy DeGroot, Michael Dobbs, Tracy Dunham, David Dunleavy, Dennis Dunne, Patrick 42 FRESHMEN Durbin, Michelle Ebner, Kinga Edgar, Laura Edmison, Cathi Edwards, Shad Elledge, Steve Eller, Chrissy Eschman, Judith Feeney, Jim Feinsot, Philip Finklea, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Michael Flowers, Dana Foote, Leslie Fore, Julie Foreman, John Freeman, Terri Frost, Gail Gillespie, Darrell Girard, Brian Givers, Conrad Goode, Gena Gorski, Robert Gray, Julie Groezinger, Dixie Gruhn, John Guerrero, Bernard Gulick, Martha Diane FRESHMEN 43 Hamilton, Senta Hanneken, Angela Hoehne, Jerrisue Hollerich, Elyse Hope, Paul Hopper, Michelle Horst, Brian Hoult, Stacy Howard, Lee Ann Jacobazzi, Lisa Jennings, Susan Jensen, Kristen Johnson, Cathy Jones, Karen Keleher, Amy Keller, Mikey Kerr, Dyanna Kinder, Shells Klawitter, John Klcndworth, Wendy Kordus, Jan Kurza, Ron Lambert, Laurie Lawson, Shawna Leetz, Ruth Leinberger, Lesa Leopard, Kimberly Lord, C amille 44 FRFSHMFN MacPherson, Todd Macro, Jesse Major, Jennifer Manata, Christine Marchese, Karoline Martin, Dorlisa Martin, Schelli Marusarz, Lisa Mauck, Natalie McCalla, Shannon McCaw, Michele McFarland, Susie McKenzie, Steve McLaughlin, Kimberly Meischner, Raiann Meyer, Karen Murray, John Nelson, Laura Niblo, Michelle Nicodemus, Joann Niebrugge, Ellen Nieders, Linda Niessner, Heather Norris, Carol O ' Brian, Jane O ' Brian, Nora O ' Connell, Jill Olson, Karen FRESHMEN 45 Ongjoco, Mary Page, Tim Palmer, Brad Peoples, Shawne Perry, Joe Prinzavalli, Gina Procarione, Kara Prochaska, Karen Proffitt, Rhonda Rakers, Susan Rakoczy, Jill Rawdon, Cheryl Ready, Sean Reinemann, Kimberly Riggs, Kerri Risburg, Kim Rittenhouse, Chris Rodgers, Aaron Rosene, Julie Ross, Karen Roth, William Ruzicka, John Sabbert, Kim Sanders, John Sayles, Laura Scheer, Chad Schmidt, Albert Schwab, Karyn 46 FRKSIIMKN Seifert, Steve Sexton, Kathleen Shoemaker, Jennifer Shofner, Debbie Siwek, Jacquelyn Skorburg, Jared Smilgius, Amy Smith, Christy Smith, Kendra Smith, Sandy Soto, Wanda Stanley, Angela Steen, Susan Stout, Tim Stricklin, John Swanson, Kimberly Swearingen, Eric Tanis, Ellen Tanis, Kathryn Tenbroeck, Marie Thackery, Amy Tipsword, Missy Tolone, William Tracy, Melissa Trentz, Scott Tucker, Victoria Turner, Kevin VanDevWoude, Philip FRESHMEN 47 Voss, John Wachter, Catherine Walls, Kelly Walters, Andrew Washington, Glen Watkins, Dan Wedaman, Michael Wenckus, Tim Wegrzyn, Kevin Wells, Karolyn Werntz, Scott White Jr., Harold Whitt, Sarah Wiedenhoeft, Rick Wieland, Ernestine Wilson, Kevin Wisdom, Denise Wojcok, Lisa Wolgast, Jean Yergler, Beth 48 FRESHMEN FACULTY ADMINISTRATION 49 VICE-PRESIDENTS 4 Kenneth Brown Vice President, Business Affairs Joseph H. Houston Vice President, Student Development FACULTY 51 ADMISSIONS Row 1: Wallace Barnett, Chris Williams, Bryee Boston, Clare Burford Row 2: Walt Wessell, Tom Jensen, Lin Stoner, Ji Kettelkamp, Larry Pauley, Jack Allen Michael W. Pope 52 FACULTY STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Jeannie Poterucha Sharon Rentmeester Pat Schmeiderer FACULTY 53 ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Siu Koop 54 FACULTY ADVANCEMENT Peg Luy Mark Neville Reggie Syrcle Barbara Redford BUSINESS AFFAIRS Kent Richardson Dorothy Smith Michael Braughton FACULTY 55 ACADEMIC DEANS 56 FACULTY ZOLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Jean Jost FACULTY 57 BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE Henry Gromoll Larry Lovell-Troy Larry Crisler David Payne 58 FACULTY EDUCATION 4 X Darlene Hoffman Jerald Hunt Richard Ferry COMMUNICATIONS Gail Hudson Scott Schiller HISTORY Stephen Dodge J. Graham Provan FACULTY 59 PHYSICS CHEMISTRY John Askill Ed Acheson BIOLOGY Clarence Josefson William Anderson Neil Baird Norman Jensen Thomas McQuistion Lee I ichenor I larold ty ilkinson 60 FACULTY MATH CIS Ronald Shelton Ralph Czerwinski Paul Dorsey FACULTY 61 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 62 FACULTY PHILOSOPHY Jo Ellen Jacobs Arvid Adell RELIGION POLITICAL SCIENCE William Ferris FACULTY 63 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS ART DANCE Marvin Klaven j ame s Schietinger Anne Kuite THEATRE David Balthrop David Golden Richard Herman 64 FACl I I Y MUSIC Roger Schueler Stephen Fiol Helen Gibbons Stephen Widenhofer Russell Tiede Jean Northrup FACULTY 65 Judith Mancinelli Bruce Gibbons Ronald Gregory Barbara Dalheim FACULTY 67 SCHOOL OF NURSING IVlnry Juno Linton Isabel Norton TABOR SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ENGINEERING Robert Johnson David Marshall Daniel Viele Jack Gaston Cheryl Cohn Anthony Liberatore Denny Benner William Williams FACULTY 69 1 James Gross James Browne Rick Bibb FACULTY NOT PICTURED COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Julie Alesii Language William Bodamer Religion Douglas Brenner Communications Gordon Forbes Psychology James McDonald English Robert McLeod Physics LaVern Meyer Math Computer Science Betty Moser Chemistry Carol Paul-Merritt Language Carl Poelker Physical Education Homer Smith C hemistry Renee Verry Psychology Robert Vicars Language TABOR SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ENGINEERING William Kittrell Finance Wayne McManus Accounting SC HOOL OF NURSING Phyllis M. Jacobs Mental health, mental illness Mary Jane Linton Medical, surgical Jo Carter Community health Linda Stevens Parent, child Deborah Taylor Community health COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS Ronald Dean Director, Millitrax Studio Christopher Kelton Ja .z Al Blickensderfer Strings Lawrence Shenbeck Voice Music history Sandra Dcalon Piano John Hancock Piano 70 FACULTY Faculty Candids L.A. gets a face lift Merle Chapman and Dr. Miller look on as Harriet Crannell introduces Lori Kerans as the new Women ' s Basketball coach Kathy Davis and Dr. Miller visit during Alumni Association dinner FACULTY 71 Sue Palter and Harold Wilkinson cheek respiratory capacity Lee Tichenor dusts the owl General Blolog) Fetal ! ■•• dissection 72 FACULTY Trish Wilner and Sue Palter in Anatomy and Physiology lab FACULTY 73 Tony Liberatore, and Paul Dorsey confer David Marshall, Accounting Klepitsch, Career Development and Placement FACULTY 75 Nursing student works with charts I love music The Thinker! 76 FACULTY MILLIDEK, DECATURIAN Row 1: H. Sullivan, K. Jones, S. Cle- land; Row 2: Dean J. Houston, K. Girard, S. Smith, L. Coe, P. Taylor; Row 3: B. Donnelly — Representa- tive, M. Irvin, J. Jackson Row 1: C. Kristofek, K. Sexton, C. Cline, J. Kaufman, K. Shaw; Row 2: P. Taylor, L. Coe, K. Du- gan, P. Beach, M. Brown, N. Eb- bert; Row 3: D. Schade, J. Jack- son, C. Parks, M. Irvin, C. Enge, K. Wells, T. Velek 78 ORGANIZATIONS COLLAGE S. Cleland, J. Jackson, L. Matson, D. Coe, A. Earl, B. Beamer, Dr. D. Guillory, D. Fierce, L. Coe SIGMA TAG DELTA K. Rafferty — President, L. Coe, C. Parks — Secretary, L. Matson, J. Jackson ORGANIZATIONS 79 BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST Row 1: S. Hoult, S. McCalla, J. Hoehne; Row 2: D. Nelson — President, K. Can- non — Sec Treas, R. Shelton — Advi- sor, S. Cutright ALPHA TAG DELTA Row 1: N. Hoerner, J. Jurges, K. Cannon, M. Bone; Row 2: J. Hope, D. Noles, L. Jenkins, C. Komora, R. DeGroot, K. Bezak 80 ORGANIZATIONS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Row 1: B. Etter, T. Stout, R. Harms — Vice President, J. Marshal; Row 2: J. Gross — Advisor, IYI. Sullivan — Treasurer, F. Lazowski — President, S. Capps, D. Ets- cheid, S. Ready SIGMA ZETA Row 1: T. Lee, L. Dammerman, S. Fletcher, T. Jones; Row 2: S. Lillpop, D.A. Darling, C. Hop- per, S. Rous, H. Wilkinson — Advisor; Row 3: C. Proud, K. Mueller, P. Mack, C. Cummins ORGANIZATIONS 81 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Row 1: C. Brennecke, M. Labedz — President, J. Halemeyer — Secretary; Row 2: B. Snyders — Vice President, L. Lukoskie — Treasurer, N. Olson, S. Peak, E. Ryerson, J. Kidd INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Row 1: M. Owens, T. Newmann, D. Bales — Secretary; Row 2: D. Schade, S. Ground — Vice President, J. Wells — President, T. Wells 82 ORGANIZATIONS Row 1: Dr. Jensen — Faculty Advisor, S. Jones — President, E. Shana- han — Treasurer; Row 2: J. Whitaker, L. Gower, C. Cummins, T. Jones, T. Lee, S. Lillpop ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION E. Ritts, J. Blomberg, R. James — President, Dr. J. Hunt — Advisor, K. Alexander ORGANIZATIONS 83 PHYSICAL THERAPY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION Row 1: T. Snydus, L. Nelson, P. Mack; Row 2: J. Marshall, J. Sharp, C. Hopper, S. Palter, T. Wilner, Dr. N. Baird; Row 3: E. Niebrugge, L. Carrasco, M. Scott, S. Rous, S. Schnick, M. Doak PHI ALPHA THETA Row 1: F. Schmidt, J. ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS COUNCIL Row 1: C. Proud, T. Lee, T. Jones; Row 2: S. Rous, J. Rebman, T. Ve- lek, S. Lillpop BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES CLUB Row 1: L. Longfellow, D. Shanahan, A. Proske, K. Bezak — President, P. Kegresse — Vice President, C. Komora, L. Hazlet; Row 2: D. Shofner, D. Stragand, S. Hertel, K. Hale, T. Bromley, K. Cannon ORGANIZATIONS 85 SENIOR COUNCIL Row 1: B. Metz, L. Dart, S. Gustavson, M. Labedz; Row 2: J. Schmalz, S. Peak, C. O ' Dea, S. Hertel, J. Morgan, M. Murdock; Row 3: T. Wells ... ■ NEWMAN CLUB J. Szczepaaski, C. Cummins — President, D. Bales — Treasurer, Father John Carberry — Chaplain, M. Ianni, C. Pavlos X6 ORGANIZATIONS RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION Above: Row Is B. Etter, F. Krebs, B. Gottermeyer, K. Hockhalter — Secretary, J. Marshall, G. Krebs, M. Worrell; Row 2: A. Watson, S. Fletcher — President, K. Cannell, T. Wienes, E. Thomas, S. LeBow — Treasurer, D. Davis, K. Proffitt, T. Dawson, J. Poterucha — Advisor; Row 3: S. Daily, V. Brandt, J. Stricklin, D. Campbell, D. Rabe — Vice-President, C. Bland, S. Sheehan, C. Buob, M. Johnson, T. Mahoney Below: Row 1; B. Holmes, L. Wilkins, P. Reid, P. Kegresse — President, B. Feeney, S. Peasley — Treasurer, J. Schmalz, L. Hollenbeck, S. Cristy, J. Kidd — Secretary; Row 2: K. Shaw, M. Scott, B. Snyders, C. Pavlos, C. Hopper, D. Stragand, K. Sexton, K. Wells, B. Clymer, D. Edmiaston, B. Brickner, K. Brown; Row 3: K. Proffitt, C. Buob, A. Czezepanski, S. Blair, T. Petersen, J. Pope, J. Wells, T. MacPherson, K. Cleveland, S. Jennings, B. McHugh, B. Bone; Row 4: D. Flowers, K. Jones, C. Bland, K. Schwab, C. Rittenhouse, L. Bruns, D. Hillyer, M. Ianni, S. Heidgger, K. Turnbull UNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD ORGANIZATIONS 87 RHO LAMBDA Row 1: N.Olson, J. Smith, K. Vitek; Row 2: L. Jenkins, L. Lukoskie, S. Peak, L. Gower, S. Butler, M. Labedz OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Row 1: L. Sleade, C. Proud, V. Venier, S. Butler; Row 2: L. Denby, J. Kaufman, G. Redford, L. Cornille-Can- nady, T. Shepherd, J. Devore, L. Torkelson; Row 3: L. Winkleblack, M. DePauw, S. Hertel, J. Zelman, J. Shields, D. Nelson, T. Orchard 88 ORGANIZATIONS HOMECOMING — 1985 Row 1: T. Shepherd, C. O ' Dea, S. Heideg- ger; Row 2: J. Schmalz, M. Neville, L. Winkleblack, J. Moser, S. Butler, S. Peart; Row 3: S. Bowman, J. Zelman — Co-Chair, P. Staublin — Co-Chair, K. Beals SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Row 1: P. Merchant, S. Frank, C. Carlson, S. Sam- ford; Row 2: E. Keith, S. Krell, A. Contarino, L. Black, M. Freese; Row 3: K. Fergurson, L. Goethe, A. Dexter, M. Anders, L. Bes Grove ORGANIZATIONS 89 HOSPITALITY CORPS Row 1: S. Butler, P. Staublin, S. Hertel, P. Kegresse, S. Hardaway, S. Fletcher; Row 2: L. Sleade, T. Or- chard, J. Zelman, J. Burris, J. Hand, K. DeWerff; Row 3: R. Buenzli, K. Ely, K. Hale, J. Devore, K. Beals, T. Bromley MILLIKIN ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT HOSTS Row 1: T. Orchard, P. Staublin, C. O ' Dea, D. Bales; Row 2: K. DeWerf, D. Davis, S. Hertel, A. Proske, A. Contarino, P. Hoff- mann; Row 3: J.T. Owen, C. Piety, R. Phil- lips, K. Beals, M. DePauw, .1. Johnston; Row 4: R. Buenzli, K. Hale at " i f» f l 1 90 ORGANIZATIONS THEO-SOCRATIC SOCIETY Row 1: T. Neumann, D. Rabe, D. Purviance; Row 2: T. Owen, J. Jacobs, M. Tra- cy, T. Cramer, S. Alfeo, E. Yonan; Row 3: J. Jackson, D. Diss INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Row 1: T. Harrison, M. Bone, B. Coleman, J. Fisher, K. Alexander, W. Koehler; Row 2: J. Coper, D. Groezinger, K. Wilson, Dr. R. YaDeau — Advisor, L. YaDeau — Advisor, T. Page, T. Wilner, D. Wright, J. Yockey, J. Voss, M. Brown, K. Tanis, L. Foote, P. Mienert, S. Werntz, V. Denault ORGANIZATIONS 91 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Row 1: P. Branham, G. Malinowske, L. Conlin, P. Mack, P. Orwig, T. Petersen, P. Lowery, P. Carrigan, S. Daily; Row 2: K. Cannon, L. Wilkins, E. Thomas, D. Shanahan, M. Brown, P. Reid, J. Blomberg, S. Petard, C. Lowe, M. Otrembiak, M. Labedz; Row 3: M. So- mercik, P. Beach, G. Copple, V. Denault, D. Shofner, S. Woodruff, I. Primmer, R. Bumgardner, J. Donald- son, P. Hoffmann, P. Frank, J. Jacoby; Row 4: J. Stricklin, S. Rakers, H. White, C.B. Wheeler, K. Mar- chese, C. Johnson, S. Hertel STUDENT SENATE Row 1:1,. Nelson, A. C ' arr, I,. DeAngelis, B. Beamer — Secretary, K. Beaty, I). Fierce, G. Krebs, I . Ponce; Row 2: R. Bierbaum, .1. Fore, .1. Moscr, F. Gibson, ],. Hammerman, .1. Parks, T. Velek, T. Scyl, M. Buono — Treasurer, M. DcPauw — President; Row 3: N. O ' Brien, I). Daulicnbcrg, D. Davis, J, Burris, B. Bar- rett, ( ' . McCaffrey, .1. Paczynski, F. LazOWSkl, S. Fletcher; Row 4: M. Cunningham, K. Alexander, Li ( ornille-( annady — Advisor, T. Orchard — Vice President, .1. Voss 92 ok(;ani a Hons ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Row 1: S. Fletcher, M. Voeller, M. Zachman, J. Ja- Palter, C. Hopper, L. Dammerman, D. Gelfo, T. President, L. Schmidt, P. Taylor, J. Devore — Advisor, coby, C. McCaffrey, J. Brown, E. Ritts; Row 2: C. Wilner, K. DeWerff; Row 3: A. Proske. M. Neville, P. L. McMaster Lawson, C. Nuelle, J. Messenger, L. Hoffman, S. R eid — Secretary, S. Rous — Treasurer, J. Hand — PHI KAPPA PHI Row 1: W. Krows, L. Winkleblack, D. Sanner; Row 2: E. Smith, S. Krell, J. Devore, C. Usinger, B. James, Dr. R.E. Ferry ORGANIZATIONS 93 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Row 1: B. Bugan, M, Worrell, P. Wente, G. Leake, L. Butenschoen; Row 2: M. Altgilbers, S. Woodruff, D. Bales, C. Young — President, M. Shaner, R. Buenzli; Row 3: B. Bond, P. Frank, K. Hoekhalter, D. Davis, M. Reid, B. James, L. Hoffman AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION Row I: l). Ciertz, R. Konicek, J. Smith, J. Shields, M. KamlnskAj Row 2: T. Callahan, N. Smiley, J, I.oehr, R. Davis, K. Smith 94 ORGANIZATIONS MILLIKIN MARKETING ASSOCIATION NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ACCOUNTANTS Row 1: D. Gray, P. Leitgeb, C. McBain, S. Butler, G. Murphy — Treasurer, S. Beschorner, P. Wente, B. Boarman — Secretary, K. Hoffman, S. Slapak, L. Hoff- Johnsen, J. Kapper, J. Brown; Row 2: T. Fandl, D. Kemp, P. Gregg, J. Whitacre, T. man, J. Creek, D. Edmiaston, K. Girard; Row 4: A. Pappen, M. Fleming, S. Heideg- Fryman, B. McHugh, L. Hollenbeck — President, P. Mienert, D. Drew, S. Wood- ger, D. Phipps, K. Lolling, B. Donnals, C. Larson, D. Kinas, B. Bond, M. Genz ruff, C.B. Wheeler; Row 3: M. Reid, K. Slunder, N. Siewert, S. McElvain, A. ORGANIZATIONS 95 THE BLACK EMPHASIS ASSOCIATION Row 1: Tony Scales, Leonard Musgraves, Tracie Wills, Conrad Givers Row 2: Darryl Watts, Diana Kemp, Pam Loveless, Marcella Feltus, Denise Wisdom, Shelia Hardaway Row 3: Kelly A. Jackson, Will Cunter, Chris Thomas, Nate Smiley, Darren Gillespie, Steve Jackson, Al Lott RESIDENT ASSISTANTS Row 1: Dan Kampwerth, Scott Jones, Kevin Hale, Eric Thomas, Travis Owen, and Pat Schmiederer. Row 2: Brian Bond, Donna Dillon, Sue Hertel, Larry Dart, Kim Proffitt, Eric Gurdian, Birgirtha Evans, Laura Conrille-Cannady Row 3: Norm Rokosz, Erin Shanahan, Scott Fletcher, Sharon Rentmeester, Barry Coleman, Curt Beringer, Tom Lee, and Jeannie Poterucha. Row 4: Karen Hockhalter, Dawn Rabe, Annelisa Stupar, Anna Contarino, Laura Hutchings, Sue LeBow, Sheila Hardaway. Missing from the picture: Dan Becker. BLACK EMPHASIS R.A. 97 FRESHMAN CAMP Freshman Nursing majors listen to Linda Niedringhaus. Camp Counselors help with skit. Paul horsey talks lo I reshinen students. 100 I RUSIIMAN ( AMP FRESHMAN CAMP 101 HOMECOMING 1985 Becki Feeney and Scott Jones were crowned King and Queen Friday night during the coronation ceremony which was topped off by the performance of the jazz band. Saturday afternoon, the Big Blue lost to Elmhurst in an exciting game. The game was highlighted when the alumni marching band performed at halftime. 102 MOM IX OMING Millikin students enjoy the dance. Two students dance to the beat of the music. Front: D. Dillion, J. Peterson, B. Feeney. Back: C. O ' Dea, J. Burris, L. Winkleblack. Front: J. Dowell, S. Jones, J. Crouch. Back: D. DeMarais, K. Beals, M. DePauw. HOMECOMING 103 l04 ( ANDIDS CANDIDS 105 M.U. fans go crazy Memories of walking through dust while going to class CANDIDS 107 FALL FAMILY WEEKEND Students enjoying the pizza party 108 FALL FAMILY WEEKEND Families Join the students in the cafeteria ASTON ONE Front Row: J. Eschman, G. Malinowski, M. Price, M. Worrell Row Two: P. Branham, D. Williams, D. Kerr, M. Doak, P. Orwig, K. Proffitt Row Three: C. Buetow, A. Garrett, L. Gilby, P. Loveless, D. Kemp ASTON TWO Front Row: E. Keith, K. Fergurson, J. Wolgast, B. Evans, S. Mogged, S. Kinder Row Two: L. Armstrong, A. Thackery, J. Colburn, W. Klendworth, R. Proffitt, L. Edgars, S. Jennings, D. Nolen, C. Hindman Row Three: D. Cormany, K.E. Ebner, P. Beach, L. Schmidt, M. Jones, K. Prochaska, C. Hoots, G. Copple, S. Whitt Front Row: A. Stupar Row Two: L. Bruns, K. Shaw, N. Poerstel, M. Tracy, A. Arms, J. O ' Connell Row - _ Three: T. Fandl, P. Reid, S. Lawson, T. Ahlvers, J. Ebbert, C. Keifer, N. Ebbert Row Four: M. Bone, J. flk I " C J 1 1 McGraw, G. Goode, P. Kegresse, B. Brown, V. Tucker Row Five: M. Somercik, P. Merchant, L. Wilkins, M. Shultz, L. Compton, K. Kaczor n BLACKBURN ONE Front Row: K. Cannell, Kim Sabbert Row Two: K. Smith, L. Besgrove, J. Jacoby, P. Frank, L. Carrasco, E. Niebrugge, V. Denault, D. Groezinger, P. Sacharide, S. Hoult, C. Bland, K. Reinemann Row Three: K. Cannon, T. Darrah, L. Marusarz, G. Grost, C. Bizer, K. Walls, T. Freeman, K. Tanis, M. Durbin, D. Rabe, L. Courtney, K. Riggs, S. Cutright Row Four: E. Tanis, K. Peters, K. Ross, A. Kelcher, L. Nieders, C. Rawdon, C. McCalla, D. Shofner, L. Wojeik, K. Wells, K. Meyer, L. Lambert BLACKBURN TWO Front Row: C. Eller, W. Soto, J. Vopicka, J. Serio, J. Hoehne Row Two: R. Michalonski, A. Stanley, D. Wisdon, A. Contarino, L. Leinberger, A. Walter, A. Mehl Row Three: M. Ianni, L. Knobloch, C. Walejko, M. Altgilbers, M. McKellar, L. Gilbert, C. Suter Row Four: C. Gamache, M. Slantz, S. Cleland SURVIVAL 111 WALKER ONE Front Row: G. Washington, J. Marshall, G. Huff, J. Callahan Row Two: J. Copen, R. Jones, D. Krieg, B. Cannon, P. Yocum, S. Bieze Row Three: B. Bond, D. Jacobs, M. Hughes, B. Etter, P. Dunne, L. Javois, M. Lyons WALKER TWO Row One: L. Moeller, B. Clymer, A. Brandenburg Row Two: B. Tessendorf, M. Bostic, L. Foote, M. Niblo, M. Tipsword Row Three: K. Turnbull, M. Johnson, M. Hopper, C. Pavlos, C. Hopper, A. Hanneken Row Four: T. Wieland, W. Prell, S. Smith, S. Martin, D. Stragand, C. Cottrell, E. Hollerich Row Five: D. Gelfo, B. Barrett, B. Yergler, K. Hockhalter, J. Kordus, K. Fentress Front Row: D. Zandstra Row Two: P. Mack, D. Krismer, J. Dubuc, K. McLaughlin Row Three: S. Daily, E. Anderson, A. Blaser, K. Risburg, J. Parks Row Four: J. Donaldson, P. Hoffman, L. Hutchings, S. Schnick, L. Sayles Row Five: S. Bradford, J. Moellers, D. Ciesielske, S. Emerson, K. Marchese WALKER THREE HESSLER ONE Front Row: K. Jensen, K. Olson, T. Mathis, A. McCarthy, M. Ongjoco Row Two: J. Major, J. Koleson, A. Watson, " Snoopy, " C. Edmison, K. Bing, S. Grabowski Row Three: W. Koehler, H. Pierceall, S. LeBow, D. Hopp, C. Wachter, D. Martin, S. Natyshok Row Four: J. Metzler, C. Lord, N. O ' Brien, S. Aide, G. Prinzavalli, T. Chupp Front Row: S. Trentz Row Two: M. Kaminski, D. Perkins, B. Coleman, T. Wahlsmith, M. Irvin Row Three: D. Owens, J. Query, R.D. Meadows, M. Meunier, C. McClure HESSLER THREE Front Row: S. Green Row Two: J. Forman, M. Kirbabas, E. Thomas, J. Sterling, R. Case Row Two: C. Scheer, P. Feinsot, T.J. Cramer, S. Werntz, D. Giannasi, D. Dunham Row Three: I. Billups, M. Brown, M. Beck, D. Brennecke, R. Morris, M. Scott CASEY LINCOLN HALLS L to R: M. Taylor, K. Stump, K. Hale, E. Swenson, T. Malecki Row 1: S. Ahaus, M. Potts Row 2: B. Gottermeyer, P. Mienert, J. Paczynski, D. Ashcraft Row 3: J. Keken, M. Benshish, D. Wright NORTH LINCOLN HALLS Row 1: B. Barnes Row 2: L. Novara, S. Jones, 1YL Foote, A. Single- Row 1: D. Kinas Row 2: F. Jackson, M. Taylor, D. Price, T. Lake ton, D. C law Row 3: M. Daniels, J. Hutchison, S. C oleman, B. Jun, Row 3: T. Kasson, C. Larson, D. Kampwerth, J. Shields, M. Sullivan T. Kane 114 SURVIVAL OAKLAND HOUSE Row 1: E. Ritts, J. Fisher, S. Palter Row 2: M. Vereault, T. Wilner, T. Harrison, K. Alexander CORNER HOUSE Row 1: K. Bezak, L. Goethe, D. Campbell, D. Shanahan, N. Hoerner Row 2: K. DeWerff, C. Kristofek, M. Neville, A. Proske, L. McMaster, M. Anders, L. Saathoff Row 3: R. Rhead, S. Hertel, K. Hoffman, L. Hollenbeck, A. Michalowdki, S. Talbott FAIRVIEW APARTMENTS L to R: J. Crawford, L. Scroggins, S. Hardaway, C. Buob, V. Brandt, M. Freeze SURVIVAL 115 GROUND FLOOR MILLS Terry Philbin, P. Burgess, D. Windsor, K. Benshish, S. Bryson, S. Sheehan, J. Skorburg, A. Walters, S. Brinkmeier, N. Rokosz, J. Parker, E. Brown, M. Lewanpowski, J. Podlasek, B. Telford, B. Girard, J. Bart, J. Jaguszewski, M. Messenger MILLS 1-E Row 1: R. Schaefer, D. Robbins, B. Kramer, J. Slusser Row 2: J. Cook, P. Hash, D. Nelson, J. Stricklin MILLS 1-W P. Carrigan, M. Swim, C. Leake, E. Black, I). Croy, D. Leibinger Row 2: T. Neumann, K. Shanahan, M. DeGroOt, I). Becker, F. Martin, B. Beckwith, E. Dolen Row 3: I). Gray, J. leeney, K. Wegrzyn, I). Garner, S. Dixon, B. McKarnick, B. Brown 116 SURVIVAL MILLS 2-W MILLS 2-E Row 1: P. O ' Neal, J. Ruzicka, D. Gillespie, R. Shelton, K. Jackson, S. Fletcher Row 2: J. Monken, G. Krebs, S. Nofsinger, K. Hill, G. Hack, G. Rekett Row 3: J. Powers, C. Bolin, J. Dwyer, G. DeVries, T. Garfield MILLS 3-W Row 1: C. Beringer Row 2: P. Sbragia, T. Roth, K. Zerrehner, C. Stiverson, A.H. Paluga Row 3: B. Guerrero, D. Kastner, J. Janota, M. Bittenbender, G. Schmidt Row 4: S. Crothers, C. Revelle, D. Lark, T. Krueger, T. Dawson Row 1: G. Cravatta Row 2: J. Huntoon, B. Tolone, B. Dyche, T. Lee, W. Roth, R. Wiedenhoeft, R. Kurza Row 3: B. Ritter, S. Alfeo, D. Wampler, M. Williams, R. VanDerWoude Row 4: B. Benbenek, T. Mahoney, J. Eleniewski, J. Murray, J. Akin, K. Wilson MILLS 3-E Row 1: C. Givers Row 2: D. Etscheid, D. Wright, E. Gurdian, M. Shaner, D. Bales Row 3: K. Ackerman, M. Sears, S. Ready, D. Gil- lingham, D. Strawniak, J. Sanders Row 5: J. Surges, S. McKenzie, J. Bottorff, B. Horst, J. Menconi SURVIVAL 117 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Row 1: L. Gower, J. Rosene, B. McCarthy, D. Altig, J. Pelkey, S. Parks, D. Nolen, D.J. Hardy-Wauchope, J. Elliott Row 2: S. Snow, C. Prunty, E. Krebs, D.L. Hardy-Wauchope, D. Roberts, J. Holland, M.B. Jaskowiak, T. Logue, S.B. Peak, S.L. Peak, J. Peterson, A. McCarthy Row 3: C. Perry, J. Potter, B. Cubbison, L. Wentzel, J. Halemeyer, M. Regos, J. DeHesus, J. Metzher, V. Witthoeft, L. MacGilvray, K. Winkhart, J. Siwek, Y. Bauer Row 4: K. Lower, L. Kimbrel, J. Parks, L. Sweeney, J. Hills, J. Moellers, D. Darling, D. Glow, D. Zandstra, A. Rhoades DELTA DELTA DELTA Row 1: E. Jenkins, E. Sleade, N. Olson, J. Morgan, .1. Smith, E. Eukoskie, B. Feeney, M. Murdock, I . Chapman, C. Young Row 2: E. Marti, S. Blair, B. Glasgow, K. Lasco, K. Meyer, G. Frost, C. Brennecke, B. Procarione, .1. Pope, M. Gross Row 3: A. Thackery, K. Dugan, K. Jacobson, R. Meischner, K. Procarione, K. McEaughlin, S. Hamilton, T. Darrah, C. Bizer, T. Freeman, F. Denby, C. Norris Row 4: J. Proud, A. ( arr, J. Colbum, J. Starkey, M. Gttilck, C. 7,uegel, J. Moser, K. Cleveland, K. Swanson 118 SURVIVAL PI BETA PHI Row 1: K. Ely, A. Arms, M. Scott, T. Snyders, P. Williams, E. Ryerson, L. Reese, D. Miles, J. Sharp, S. Estes Row 2: K. Walls, S. Cristy, M. Mazenko, S. Steen, K. Sexton, A. Keleher, S. Marshall Row 3: V. Tucker, S. Bowman, L. Coe, S. Bradford, B. Carley, K. Wells, D. Morris, B. Burkhalter, R. Leetz, J. Jurges, E. Niebrugge, C. Cline Row 4: J. Rakoczy, S. Petard, D. Ruland, C. Lowe, M. Otrembiak, L. Hazlet, R. Beaty, L. DeAngelis, K. Tanis, L. Carrasco, K. Green, R. DeGroot, C. Lawson, C. Minson, C. Derocher Row 5: S. Ebbert, C. Komora, J. Kidd, B. Wilkin, C. O ' Dea, M. Labedz, D. Gregerson ZETA TAG ALPHA Row 1: M. Stillman, B. Snyders Row 2: J. Crawford, L. Scroggins, B. Kininmonth, J. Gray, J. Nicodemus Row 3: L. Kraus, B. Clymer, A. Smith, K. Peters, M. Slantz, L. Hoffman, N. Mauck, T. Orchard, J. O ' Brien Row 4: K. Girard, M. Ianni, A. Campagna, A. Thomson, B. Brown, C. Matz, D. Williams, D. Edmiaston, K. Bing Row 5: A. Mehl, D. Cormany, C. McCaffrey, C. Degenhardt, L. Torkelson, S. Martin, S. Gustavson, S. Schnick, S. Pavlus, M. Malo SURVIVAL 119 ALPHA TAG OMEGA Row 1: S. Davis, G. Yuenger Row 2: T. Wells, T. Neumann, F. Martin, G. Drakos, J. Macro, J. Meyer, R. Glasser, D. Dunham Row 3: C. Stiner, S. Melvin, J. Foreman, F. Babblin, T. Bromley, T. Lee, S. Magee, D. Brennecke, J. Thomp- son, S. Alfeo, M. Swim, T. John- ston Row 4: C. Piety, D. Evak, E. Hartrich, N. Kopley, S. Heidegger, R. Johnson, M. Owens, M. Beck, M. Voeller, D. Bales, P. Stephens, B. Beckwith, O. Pinkpank, J. John- ston, O. Pie, D. Garner, M. Kuba, J. Wells KAPPA SIGMA Row 1: J. Frank, P. Levy, S. McLaughlin, T. Reissfelder Row 2: P. Williamson, C. Morris, M. Malo, B. Beader, M. McDonnell Row 3: P. Carrigan, S. DeValis, C. Pallor, C. Wronkewicz, C. Bridge- man, P. Donelson, S. Pavlos, K. Stegman, D. Stuzck, M. Boline Row 4: B. Hale, D. DeMarais, J. Naughton, K. Sigma, J. Ballard, C. Bednar, C. Wilson, T. Remien, M. Young, D. Fierce, P. Denby, K. Stegman, F. Gregory Row 5: D. Moody, R. Henbel, B. Kramer, G. Campbell, G. Schmit, M. Johnson, T. Olrick, S. Colver, K. Bialecke, M. Skrievner, J. Slusser, J. Slusser, J. Grahn, M. Sudkamp, P. Burke, C. Beckway, M. Lents, T. Buster, M. Shaner, R. Teuven, C. Join, S. White, S. Petard. TACI KAPPA EPSILON Row I: C. Young, M. (.olden, D. Giertz, J. Ebbert, J. Stireren, C. Baumgartner, F. Waller Row 2: S. Hamilton, II. Ma urek, R. Moore, J. Lofky, T. Kitner, I). Darling, E. Bing, A. Smith Row 3: .1. Elliott, T. Chapman, M. Murdock, S. Bright, D. Schade, P. Bridgman, C. Bonds, S. ITiefer Row 4: R. Copland, R. Case, T. Dowell, .1. Tonsely, s. Yordi, L. Maflfredini, J. Weird, T. Macl ' herson Row 5: C. Perry, E. Ludwig, P. Ciil .mer, C. Male, M. Cunningham, s. Jones. 120 SURVIVAL SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Row 1: J. Perry, R. Rush, G. Radke, K. Dy Ning, R. McCurdy, D. McCormick, A. Blyth Row 2: J. Duncan, A. VVakabayaski, S. Bry- son, S. Trentz, D. Dunleavy, Mom Day, M. Yonan, B. Santos, J. Berg, K. Beals, T. Seyl Row 3: J. Ru- zicka, R. Reeble, J. Skorburg, B. Hunt, M. Baker, T. Owens, S. Capps, J. Roesch, T. Smith, M. Waziluski, J. Marshall, F. La- zowski, F.W. Schmidt II LITTLE SISTERS Row 1: D. Edmiaston, K. Lasco, P. Nilles, A. Campagna, R. Beaty Row 2: L. Coe, M. Otrembiak, C. Black, L. Longfellow, L. Denby, C. Carlson, L. Maurizi Row 3: L. Marti, B. Cubbison, L. Goethe, M. Freese, C. Cummins, J. Sharp, C. Cline, E. Ryerson, A. Bunting, C. Matz, S. Bowman, L. Goodbred A.T.O. LITTLE SISTERS Row 1: T. Snyders, M. Scott, M. Mazenko, B. Procarione, C. Proud, N. Olson, Row 2: J. Burris, P. Kegresse, J. Messenger, T. Richards, J. Pope, M. Gross, B. Boarman Row 3: K. Ely, K. Hockhalter, S. Gustavson, C. Brennecke, K. Dugan, C. Zuegel, C. Nuelle, J. Schmaltz FRONT: P. Stephens SURVIVAL 121 ALPHA PHI ALPHA L to R: A. Scales, N. Smiley, E. Gibson, D.D. Watts A. P. A. SWEETHEARTS L to R: K. Taylor, D. Kemp, T. Niekson, P. l oveless THREE PLAYERS NAMED The Big Blue Crushing Crew in action The Big Blue got off to a 5-0 start before losing back-to-back battles against Augus- tana and Elmhurst. Millikin finished up their season with two shutout victories, an over all record of 7-2, and a tie for second place in the CCIW. Named to the first team All-Conference team were: Sophomore; Kip Crandall, Ju- niors; Marc Canfield and Andy Hastings, and Seniors; Cary Bottorff, Jim Fishel, Tony Klein, Scott Talbott, and Robin Walls. Quarterback — Gregg DeVries Freshman; Jeff Query and Seniors; Tom Krellar and Dan Kampwerth were named to the second team All-Conference team. Sen- ior Fullback Tom Krellar and Senior Line- backer Cary Bottorff were named to the first-team Academic All-American team. Senior Defensive End Dan Kampwerth was named to the second team. Millikin, along with Wisconsin-Platteville were the only schools to have two first-team selections. 124 FOOTBALL ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICANS Mud Wrestling at Augustana Co-Captains: Cary Bottorff and Tom Krellar Dan Becker always gets his FOOTBALL 125 VOLLEYBALL I2( SPORTS WOMEN AND MEN ____..„,_■.... ». w„. ««iniv • •■ menCTln— l wn- Ti ' -. ' Tf cr Row I: L. Moeller, D. Hardy- WauchoPe, T. Ciota, D. Hardy- Wauchope Row 2: M. Malo. M. Doak, K. DeWerff S Peart L Voder, Coach D. Luy Most Improved - Lisa Moeller Mx v _ Kllm , DeWefff 128 WOMEN ' S ( ROSS C OUNTRY RUNNING BLUE Highlights of the men ' s team included a first place finish in the Lincoln Land Invitational, third in the Millikin Classic and fifth at Rockford Invitational. Curt Stiner and Alan MVP — Scot Colver Most Improved — Frank Martin Singleton served as CO-CaptainS. Row 1: S. Woodruff, A. Singleton, N. Rokosz, D. Claahsen, S. Colver Row 2: F. Martin, C. Stiner, S. Seifert, M. O ' Brien, R. Morrison, C. Wheeler, Coach D. Luy MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY 129 WOMEN ' S TENNIS J.V. FOOTBALL SPORTS 131 MILLIKIN ADDS SOCCER Jim Duncan shows us his form Steve Capps kicks his way to success. For the past three years Millikin students have participated in a Soccer Club. This season, against junior colleges, and four- year college JV teams, they finished with a 4-7-1 record. Next season, Millikin will make Soccer a Varsity sport and will follow the NCAA Division III regulations and will be eligible for NCAA post-season play. Dan McCormlck battles for the ball 132 S()((KR CHEERLEADERS JV; Row 1: K. Walls, K. Cannell, A. Thackery, J. Eschman. Row 2: S. Ready, S. Caldwell. Varsity; Row 1: M. Bone, K. Ely, C. Cline, C. Norris, B. Feeney. Row 2: G. Radke, K. Beals, T. Dawson, C. Basta, K. Dixon. CHEERLEADERS 133 MEN ' S BASKETBALL A roller coaster ride: that ' s what the Big Blue men ' s basketball season has been like. Right now, MU is on the downhill side of a steep coaster dro- poff, as they have lost four of their last five contests, and according to Coach Joe Ramsey, the reason is because the team currently lacks intensity. " Going into the (CCIW) conference season, we were somewhat optimistic at the way the kids were playing. For some reason, we ' ve lost it (the pre-con- ference season intensity). " The Big Blue ' s record currently stands at 5-10 (after the 71-69 loss to Elm- hurst on Feb. 21 ), and with the teeth of conference play approaching, Millikin will have to put every facet of their game together in order to finish the conference season in a winning fash- ion. " The worst thing the kids could do now would be to expect to lose, " said Ramsey. Millikin has shown that they have the ability to play with anyone of their schedule, as their worst loss was only a 19 point setback at the hands of an NCAA Division I school, Eastern Illi- nois. The Big Blue started the 85-86 cam- paign slowly, as they dropped their first three contests to MacMurray, Washington University, and Missou- ri-St. Louis before bouncing back to defeat Wabash and Trinity. Millikin then traveled to EIU, and then re- turned home for two contests just be- fore break. They picked up a 66-52 win over Illinois College, but lost the final game before the break to De- Paul, 71-65. At that point, Ramsey felt his team was playing the type of basketball that would help Millikin to be competitive in conference play, but after they captured second place in the Whittier (California) Classic, the Big Blue had only won one conference game out of five. : % - Bart Barnes 134 SPORTS Row 1: Michelle Manage, Jennifer Fischer, Queen Dickerson, Susan Aide, Stacy McLaughlin, Meg McKellar, Ginny Thompson. Row 2: Paula Keller, Tonda Logue, Amy Runkle, Erin Whitley, Paula Lane, Stephanie Estell, Cherry! Walejko, Janet Collins, Coach Harriett Crannell. Millikin women ' s basketball coach Harriett Crannell and two players earned national recognition from the American Women ' s Sports Federation. Guard Paula Keller was named to the NCAA Divi- sion III All-America second team, teammate Stacy McLaughlin was named to the fourth team and Cran- nell, who retired from coaching at the end of the season, was named an All-American coach. 136 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Susan Aide makes her mou ' . COACH HONORED WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 137 SWIMMING AND DIVING WRESTLING DECATUR, ILL. — An average fan thinks of a heavyweight wrestler as an overweight and immobile athlete that loves the bear hug. However, Millikin University sophomore heavyweight Kip Crandall of Tremont doesn ' t come close to the stereotype as evi- denced by his 10-1 record and three tourna- ment titles this season. " I haven ' t seen a heavyweight that is the technician Kip is, " said Big Blue head coach Mike Poe. " He has enough moves at his disposal to beat a heavier opponent with his mobility and a smaller one with his strength. " Crandall is 6-foot-2 and 235 pounds, ap- proximately 20 pounds heavier than his freshman year when he recorded a 21-4 re- cord, led the team with 10 pins and won the College Conference of Illinois and Wiscon- sin heavyweight title. He won the CCIW meet last season on a knee that required post-season surgery and forced him to miss the NCAA Division III championships. The wrestler he beat for the CCIW title went on to place fifth in the national meet. Crandall and his teammates face a major challenge Saturday, meeting four CCIW teams in a meet at Augustana. The Big Blue took a 1-1 record into a Wednesday double dual against MacMurray and Washington University in St. Louis. That meet began a busy three-week stretch that is capped by the CCIW championships Feb. 15. One of Crandall ' s biggest matches of the year will occur this weekend when he meets Augustana heavyweight Lynn Thomsen, who, like Crandall, is a former IHSA 185- pound state champion. The 6-2, 240-pound Thomsen is participating in his first wres- tling season and has a 10-0-1 record. " Kip has met many types of heavyweights, but hasn ' t run into big and strong wrestlers with good talent, and that type is Thomsen, " said Poe. " Kip and Thomsen are definitely the top two heavyweights in the CCIW and Kip would rather be rated No. 1. " Crandall ' s tournament titles have come at the Ohio Northern Invitational, where he de- feated 1984 NCAA Division III All- Ameri- can Mike Baker of the host school, the Mac- Murray Invitational and the North Central Invitational. His lone loss was a season- opening 12-4 decision to two-time NCAA Division II two-time All-American Ernie Badger of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville. " Since losing to Badger nobody has done a thing against Kip including Baker at Ohio Northern, " Poe said. " Following the Badger match Kip has allowed just 10 points and five of those are escapes he gave up. We ' re talking about a good wrestler in Kip. " Poe contends Crandall has matured on the wres- tling mat this season. " Kip has learned to utilize an opponent ' s disadvantages whether it be strength or mo- bility, and he has been extremely coachable in learning things, " Poe said. " The quality that has helped Kip the most is this great lower back strength which allows him to work the single leg takedown on bigger op- ponents. Once he gets that leg he ' s got it for good, and you don ' t see many heavyweights get single leg takedowns. 140 SPORTS MEN ' S TRACK MiHikin ' s men ' s track team was the surprise of the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin track meet as Coach Don Luy ' s team won more individual titles than any team to finish a strong fourth. Millikin was fourth in the 1985 meet, but lost four All-Americans and 75 percent of its points off that squad. This season ' s young squad came closer to the team title than most observers expected. Winning their events were Curt Stiner, 800-meter run; Scot Colver, 3000 steeplechase; Chad Bolin, tri- ple jump; Gregg DeVries, javelin; and Jeff Query, 100-meter dash. Stiner, an Ail-American last season, was undefeated in the 800 this year and was voted the team ' s most valuable performer and its most valuable runner. Bo- lin, who was second in the javelin and seventh in the triple jump at the CCIW meet, was named most valu- able performer in field events. Bolin set a school triple jump record during the sea- son and Colver set the steeplechase mark. Query was an early qualifier for the NCAA Division III national meet. In addition to the strong CCIW showing, Millikin won the Principia Invitational and was third at the 11-team Ecumenical Invitational. Chad Bolin performs the triple jump. Tim Miller flips over the l ;ir. MEN ' S 142 TRACK Discus thrower Bryan McWherter shows winning form. Jeff Quary out runs opponents in the 100 meter. Relay runner Curt Stiner. MEN ' S TRACK 143 WOMEN ' S TRACK TRACK 145 BASEBALL TEAM EARNS PLAYOFF Row 1: Mark Kirbabas, Tom Hill, Brad Jun, Erin Shanahan, Jim Duckworth, Brian Burton, Marc Daniels, Mike Foote. Row 2: Mike Fisher, Bill Tolone, David Gray, Andy Hastings, Joe Shields, Paul Stevens, Tom Kane, Danny C roy, Troy Kasson, Rob Davis. Row 3: Tom Lake, Brad Davis, Tim Roth, Bob Gorski, Dave Andriano, Jack Klaevutterm, Cliff McC lure, Don Stephens, Len Novara, Brad C hristenson, Galen Woods, Mike Woods. Pitcher Paul Stephens and shortstop Don Stephens led the Millikin baseball team into the College Conference of Illinois and Wis- consin playoffs but had to share the spot- light with several teammates during a suc- cessful season. Don Stephens was named the most valuable player for the second successive year after batting .300 and leading the team with 12 stolen bases. Paul Stephens, named most valuable pitcher, was 3-5 overall with a 3.21 earned run average and a team high 44 strike outs, and was 3-1 with a 2.91 KRA in the conference. Don Stephens hit .488 in the league and joined Paul on the AII-CCIW South Division team. Jack Klawitter was named rookie of the year and Cliff McClure most improved. Pitcher Marc Daniels, who was 5-3, and third baseman Erin Shanahan who hit .299, were elected 1987 co-captains. Jim Duckworth pitched a no-hitter against South Division champion Illinois Wesleyan, the Big Blue ' s first no-hitter since Roger Tomlin did it twice in 1969. Millikin had a 13-24 record overall, but was 7-4 in the COW and finished second in the South Division, making the league playoffs for the first time since the league went to a two-division format last season. Don Stephens heads for home plale. 146 BASEBALL VICTORIOUS SOFTBALL TEAM Ron 1: Terri Ashley, Krin Whitley, Paula Keller, Nancy Robinson, Merry Davinroy, Andrea Podowicz. Row 2: Coach Bryce Boston, Dee Shively, Beth Sutton, Mindy I ' nderwood, Aundrea Beschoiner, Stephanie Estell, Vicki Ingram, C oach Doc Ferris. It was a record-setting year for the Millikin Softball team which set a school victory re- cord in posting a 25-13 mark. The women were under consideration for an NCAA Di- vision III national tournament berth enter- ing the final week of the season. Coach Bryce Boston ' s squad broke 28 team and individual records. Second baseman Nancy Robinson set three records and tied two while earning the best bat award with a .365 batting average. Shortstop Teri Ashley was voted most valu- able player, catcher Erin Whitley was named best fielder and Dee Shively led the pitchers with a record 0.94 earned run aver- age. Whitley and Robinson tied the record with 20 runs batted in. Setting the team victory record was pitcher Mindy Underwood, who had a 12-4 record. Shively pitched the first no-hitter in Millikin history, a 12-0 victory over Klmhurst (he last day of the season, and had a record nine shutouts. Of the Big Blue ' s 13 losses, nine were by a single run. Three losses came al the hands of nationally ranked learns. touch 3rd base and head lor home. I4S SOFTBALL SOFTBALL 149 TENNIS TEAM REACHES GOALS Row 1: Jeff Johnston, Sean Kellehner, Eric Smith. Row 2: John Bretten, Kevin Wilson, Doug Kinas, Brian Peoples. Millikin ' s men ' s tennis team achieved its pre-season goals of an improved finish in the College Conference of Illinois and Wiscon- sin and a winning dual match record, finish- ing fourth in the COW and posting a 7-6 record. All six singles players advanced to the semi- finals of the league meet to help the Big Blue move up a notch in league standings. Doug Kinas and Brian Peoples were co-win- ners of the most valuable player award. Kinas, a three-time MVP, had an 11-4 re- cord at No. 4 singles and Peoples was 1 1-3 at No. 6. Kric Smith was named most improved. He teamed with Peoples for a 9-4 record at No. 3 doubles and was 8-5 at No. 5 singles. Other top singles records were 7-7 marks posted by Jeff Johnston at No. 2 and John Bratten at No. 3. Kinas and Sean Kellerher were 6-6 at No. 2 doubles. 150 MEN ' S TENNIS Jeff Johnston prepares to make the ilam. GOLF TEAM Row 1: Mike Voeller, Greg Rekett, Mark Beck, Doug Evak. Row 2: Bob Jan, Gary Yuenger, John Janotz, Mark Hank, Doug Neibuhr, Frank Bruno. Frank Bruno chips out of the rough. Millikin ' s golf team bounced back from a disas- trous opening round to post one of the best 18-hole scores of the tournament and earn a 10th place finish in the NCAA Division III men ' s national tournament. The Big Blue recorded a 299 total on the final day of the 72-hole tournament to finish with a 1,244 stoke total for the four-day affair held in Wilkes Barre, Pa. California State-Stanislaus won its third straight title with a 1,208 total. Millikin, third in the 1985 national tournament, had a 323 total the first day to drop out of conten- tion for the team title, but rebounded the final day with the second best four-man total in the 17-team field. Bob Jan, third individually a year ago, finished in a tie for 18th place with a 305 total. Also competing for the Big Blue were Mark Hawk, Gary Yuenger, Mike Voeller, and Frank Bruno. Earlier the Big Blue won their fourth successive College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin championship after posting a 6-0 record in dual matches and winning two tournament titles. Bob Jan shows winning stance. MEN ' S GOLF 151 SPORTS CANDIDS 152 SPORTS BIG BLUE BANDS 154 1 INI ARTS First Jazz Band Marching Band — Brass FINE ARTS 155 BIG BLUE SINGERS 1 56 1 INI ARTS FINE ARTS 157 VISITING PRODUCTIONS The Joffrey II Dancers Leonard Slatkin directs the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra at Milli- kin Cab Calloway ' s Cotton Club Revisited 158 FINE ARTS MILLIKIN PRODUCTIONS 160 1 INI ARTS GRADUATION .lean Northrup congratulates ir Thompson, honorary degree recipient. M award winners Jennifer Krlmmel and Cary Boltorff. 162 GRADUATION A LONG TIME FRIEND The Millikin Towers and Albert Taylor Hall were chosen as the site of the memorial service because of Mr. Gill ' s longtime involvement with Millikin University. In the history of the institution, Hank is the only one who has ever given more than 50 years of loyal service. He was as much a part of Millikin ' s history as The Towers and Albert Taylor Hall. As a boy of eleven years of age, he watched the funeral cortege of James Millikin file into Albert Taylor Hall for Mr. Millikin ' s memorial service and remembered vividly the occa- sion. i n iM iiimh i liitliii ' R: Wayne " Hank " Gill October 5, 1897 — May 26, 1986 164 HANK GILL Dr. J, Roger Miller presents memory hook tO Hunk Gill n his 50 year reception. COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON-KRAMER MUSIC COMPANY 2102 N. Oakland Decatur, 111. (2! 7) 877-1832 Canteen WE DO IT ALL! The best in dining for your employees. 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Federal Kemper Insurance Company and its employees wish you every success in the future. SVENDSEN FLORIST 2702 N. Broadway Phone 877-4767 DECATUR, ILLINOIS 62526 ADVERTISING 167 129 South Oakland • 429-7411 Monday-Wednesday 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM Thursday-Saturday 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM • Sunday 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Daily Specials Monday Pasta Bar 5:00 - 8:00 P.M. Tuesday Ladies Night 8:00 - 11:00 P.M. Wednesday Taco Bar 5:00 - 9:00 P.M. Thursday Live Music 9:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. Friday TGIF Saturday Live Music 4:00 - 6:00 P.M. Sundav Brunch 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. MM WE ' VE CHANNELED YOUR INTERESTS! At UA Cablesystems we ' re proud of working around the clock in matching our pro- gramming to your wide range of interests. We have options that can provide you with up to 24 channel variety in television and 23 FM Stereo radio station receptions. Now is the time for you to enjoy the Stereo Simulcast experience CINEMAX, ESPN, MTV and many others assure you of 24 hour entertainment. 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Water St. [• ' or .ill social expression nerds: I I, dim. irk ( lards Gills Parly Items Stationery Downtown Decatur 122 E. William St. For everything: Books Sporting Goods Pons Social Expression Needs campus bookstore on the campus of Millikin University - for all students ' needs jewelry uifts textbooks art supplies school supplies drafting supplies fraternity shirts custom shirt printing BETTY BOB ' S FLOWER SHOP WE ADD THAT PERSONAL TOUCH 230 W. Main The Writing Center Millikin University Staley Library Drop in or make an appoint- ment to improve your writing, reading, and study skills. V MENS AND BOYS CLOTHIERS 632 E. Eldorado Decatur, Illinois 62523 Advertising 171 THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES 172 THE END

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Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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