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Digitized by the Internet Arch ive in 2015 https: details millidek8319mill Millikin University 1184 West Main Street Decatur, Illinois 62522 Volume 83 1984 Millidek " On the Move " Activities 10 B|m Classes 24 Organizations 64 IfF Faculty 80 Sports .... 98 g| Student L fe .. 132 F ne rts i50 2 Table of Contents This school year has been memorable — on our campus and on the national level. Hard work, fun, disappointment and excitement have made this year eventful. The activities in classrooms, labs, dorms, Gree k houses and on campus have kept evei-yone " on the move. " New additions to the campus — both physical and also non-physical help to keep Millikin constantly moving with the times. The Millidek is an expression of Millikin University, its people, and its activities . . . ON THE MOVE. Above: Both students and faculty enjoy indulging themselves at the annual Christmas Cookie Party sponsored by the Millikin Dames. 4 Opening Opening 5 6 Opening Millikin is on the move all year long. The school year borjn ' , moving along for most students upon their arrival on campus. Cars are packed tiytitly and many trips are made from cars to students ' rooms. Once settled m at " home " , there is the hustle and bustle of registering, validatmg, and searching for new (and not so new) books. Millikin is also on the move all day long. fVlorning classes begin the classroom day at 8 a.m. and by 9 a.m. the halls of L.A. are alive with letterman jackets, preppy penny loafers, bright posters, and bake sales. Every student is " on the move, " whether strolling along with friends or rushing to get to class on time. For the early riser breakfast can be found in the cafeteria or greek houses. For the late riser and the student with only a few minutes between classes, vending machines provide quick energy. Afternoon activities in the " Sub " are expecially high during the daily episodes of " All My Children Kids " and " General Hospital. " The hustle and bustle at M.U. continues all through the day. Evening hours are just as alive as daytime ones. Evening classes are in session, the Staley Library houses individuals studying, and weekly meetings go on through the night. Social functions also highlight evenings. The weekend brings with it two treasured days which may be spent in academic or non-academic activities. One may choose a traditional Friday night UCB movie, an all-school dance, an athletic event, or possibly a quick trip home for the weekend. Day or night, weekday or weekend, Millikin is always " on the move. " Opening 7 ' SS SSB SWU 0W Activities The word " activities " is defined as a specific deed, action, function, or sphere of action. Here at Millikin, this word also encompasses the school year ' s spectrum of events, starting with the excitement of Homecoming and friendships renewed, continued, and strength- ened. Although they seem to take forever to arrive and are over quickly, these special times or events break up the monotony that may build up during the year. Those activities which we choose to become involved in add that special " something " to our years at M.U. and keep us busy and " on the move. " lO Activities Activities 11 BIGBLULrARfNDSClOLI 6n Ik fjl The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi perform their very own composition during the Homecoming Talent Show. Terri Jones accepts a trophy on the behalf of Alpha Chi Omega for their efforts during Home- coming week. 14 Homecoming Homecoming 15 Freshman Camp ' 83 As part of the University orientation program, all freshman are encouraged to attend this pre-school overnight session at nearby Allerton Park. This lovely setting provides a relaxing atmosphere where fresh- men, selected upperclassmen, faculty and administrators can get acquainted and informally discuss life at Millikin. The agenda also includes meeting the University president, talking with faculty advisors, meeting chairmen of the academic depart- ments as well as sports, dancing, and singing. Becky Hewitt and Dean Houston present their skit to the freshmen. Holly Spencer does her part in the skit. The nightmare of all freshmen at freshman camp is trying to find their belongings. 16 Freshman Camp Su ' ,.iti K(; ' ,l, Kdl lir, ' ornb, li..rl AM oll Ir !o Ioc jI " ' (rfcSh- rnen for their bu ' ,. middle left: A lonely contemplates thie words and wi ' .do ' i , faculty member durinjj, a disr.ussiori session below: A group of students take advantage of leisure tirne at freshmari camp. Row one: Angle Sparks, Janet Bracken, Becky Hays, Diane Warren, Dan Clark, Hank Hornbeck, Dani Green, Becky Hewitt, Tod Thorsen. and Joy Burris. Row two: Linda Torkelson, Brian Cortney, Mark Garoufalis, Tom Hills, Terri Harrington, Sheri Whitley, Greg Deppe. Jill Christensen. Julie Bowen. and Lynn Degenhardt. Row three: Patty Staublin, Teri Periman, Michelle Twitchell, Tara Harvel, Scott Sober, Julie Saum, Danda Tisch. Cathy O ' Dea, Jane Sperry, and Jill Newman. Row four: J.C. Fry, Lyie Junge, Pat Andriano, Jeff Arp, Jeanne Guthrie, Julie Goeke, Holly Spencer. Brenda Winkler. Susan Kesl. Chris Perry. Judy Kincaid, and Kim Vitek. Row five: Shelly Long. Richelle Meischner. Autumn Kraus. Rose Anne Forrester. Scott Sarran. Eric Guardin. Rod Lewis, and Sue Stremming. Row six: Gail Hudson, Barb Abbott, Lori Kocfi, Jenny Smith. Lisa Brown. Bill Denby. Mark Boline. Jennifer Johnson. Diane Attig. and Brian Bonds. Row seven: Don Meier, Brad Rademaker, Dan Metz, and Terry Myers. Freshman Camp 17 RHA Week RHA Week is an annual week-long event that is sponsored by the Resident Hall Association. This year ' s events included: Air Bands, floor volleyball and basketball tournaments, the Roommate Game, and a Risky Business Dance featuring DJs from WJMU. Turnout and participation for this year ' s events was excellent. The winners of the Air Bands contest was Hessler Lower First performing " Mental Health " by Quiet Riot. The basketball tournament was won by Mills Two West and the woman of Walker Two were winners of the volleyball tournament. This year ' s RHA Week coordinator was Brian Etter. Above: Winners of the basketball tournament. 18 RHA Week Above: The winning volleyball team. RHA Week 19 Greek Week Each year the Greeks on campus join together for a week of competition and festivities known as Greek Week. The overall purpose of Greek Week is to promote Greek unity. Monday, April 6, marked the beginning of Greek Week 1984. The week ' s events included: an all-Greek dance at the Forum, a car wash, the annual talent show, and the annual Greek Games. All proceeds from the dance and car wash were donated to the March of Dimes. The week came to a close at the awards banquet on Saturday. Overall winners of the week were Alpha Chi Omega and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Greek Goddess was Michelle Twitchell of Pi Beta Phi and Greek God was Don Meier of Kappa Sigma. Chairpersons for the week ' s events were Rhonda Bacci and Jeff Arp. 20 Greek Week Greek Week 21 22 Candids Candids 23 Each student at Millikin is " on the move " at his her own pace. Each of us is clearly an individual with our own likes, dislikes, habits and hobbies. Although each is his her own person, we all make up the student body of Millikin — the one commonality between us all. Our uniqueness blends together into one integrated yet varied group who have come to Millikin to better ourselves as individuals and to make our life count. 24 Classes Barbara Abbott, Elementary Ed., Leiand, IL Ruthie Abbott, Elementary Ed., Jerseyville, IL Joseph Adam, Finance, Chicago, IL SENIORS Class of 1984 On The Move Melodie Ahrens, Elementary Ed., Metamora, IL Mark Aldridge, Computer Information Systems, Macon, IL Alhaji A. Abubaker Jr., Political Science, Kaduna, Nigeria Kelly Allen, Accounting, Arlington Heights, IL Cindy Sue Artman, Nursing, Monee, IL Rhonda Bacci, Accounting, Des Plains, IL David Baker, Marketing, Forsyth, IL Shelly Bale, Nursing, Delavan, IL David Ball, Music Business, Decatur, IL 26 Seniors [Jo.jn Boals, Psycholoj y f olipjori, Decatur, IL Michael Beirne, American Studies, Chicago, IL Huyh Benscoter, Accounting, Maroa, IL Sister Elise Berard, Nursing, Washington, MO Laurie Beringer, Physical Therapy, Riverdale, IL Sandra Binder, Accounting, Decatur, IL Brian Boyd, Physical Ed., Shelbyville, IL Roscoe Boykin, Personnel Management, Chicago, IL Gregory Boylson, French English, Galesburg, IL Kelly Bradley. Art Management, Belleville, IL Lea Brandenburg. Personnel Management, Atwood. IL Robert Brenneisen. Physical Ed.. Chebanse, IL Pamela Bruns. Physical Ed.. Stonington. IL Bruce Budde, Accounting. Peoria. IL Sally Bumpus. Nursing. Areola, IL Seniors 27 Barbara Burdett, Biology, Lincoln, IL Douglas Burton, Welding Engineering, Decatur, IL Judith Carnero, Elementary Ed., Trujillo Alto, PR Frank Cavallone, Physical Ed., Lemont, IL David Caylor, Computer Information Systems, Decatur, IL Jeannette Chow, Nursing, Georgetown, IL Jill Christensen, Personnel Management, Normal, IL Daniel Clark, Communications, Princeville, IL Kim Clark, Personnel Management, Chicago, IL Kathleen Collins, Accounting, Mattoon, IL Jeffrey Crass, Finance, Belleville, IL Gary Davis, Commercial Music, Springfield, IL Gregory Deppe, Communications Public Relations, Pecatonica Scott Detwiler, Biology, Wonder Lake, IL Neil A. DeYoung, Ind. Engineering, Webster Groves, MO 28 Seniors Dawn Dill, Personnel Management, Belleville, IL Lisa Dondeville, Nursing, Decatur, IL Richard Dunham, Music Theatre, Dawson, IL Patrick Durley, Physical Ed., Belvidere, IL Connie Evans, Finance, Park Ridge, IL Beverly Evitt, Accounting, Decatur, IL Deborah Fields, Finance. Prairie View, IL Bethany Fisher, Music Bus., Ft. Wayne, IN David Franklin, Nursing, Decatur, IL Saigo Fuji!, Chemistry, Wilmette, IL Denise Funk, Nursing, Latham, IL Ronald Gatto, Communications, Chicago, IL Nathaniel Cause, Comm. Music. East St. Louis, IL Mary Anne Click. Nursing. Mt. Zion, IL Sandra Goller, Accounting, Decatur, IL 29 Phillip Gonzales, Marketing, Texas City, TX Lori Grana, Connmunications, Barrington, IL David Granger, Marketing, Fox River Grove, IL Calvin Green, Bus. Administration, Decatur, IL Melissa Greene, Biology Physical Therapy, Highland Park, IL Susan Greene, Applied Piano, Hoopeston, IL Laurie Gross, Accounting, Morton, IL Ken Grutza, Music Business, Northbrook, IL Susan Hamilton, Communications, Wood River, IL Kevin Harris, Accounting, Ramsey, IL Darren Hartry, Physical Ed., Havana, IL Tara L. Harvel, Prod. Management, Hillsboro, IL Kimberly Havice, Psychology, Decatur, IL Becky Hays, Physical Ed., Effingham, IL Thomas Hills, Marketing, Decatur, IL 30 Seniors f Jon.ikJ Hochort . Ind, I ri; ' jrioeriri)iJ, Korrioovillo, IL Ij ' . ' bra Holeman-Shipp, Llementary Ed., Mt. Ziori, l[ Timothy Hooker, Personnel Mariagennent, Palos Heights, IL Hank Hornbeck, Physical Ed., Milford, IL Linda Horve, Accounting, Decatur, IL Carrie Hug, German, Decatur, IL Kenneth Jackson, Ind. Engineering Math, Chicago, IL Jennifer Johnson, Psychology, Pinckneyville, IL Jill Johnson, Elementary Ed., Benson, IL Forrest Jordan, Art Management, Bourbonnais, IL Lyie Junge, Music Education, Red Bud, IL Harold J. Kahn, Religion Philosophy, Chicago, IL Mark Karl, Chemistry Math, Downers Grove, IL Judith Kincaid, Physical Therapy. Elgin, IL Charles D. Kmmworth, Applied Jazz Trumpet, Barrington, IL Seniors 31 Melissa Kirkland, English, Chicago, IL Carolyn Koop, Accounting, Fresno, CA Jeff Korich, Business Adm., Decatur, IL Glenn Kraemer, Physical Ed., River Grove, IL Autumn Kraus, Accounting, Barrington Hills, IL Bruce Kreuger, History, Decatur, IL Lin Kreuger, Psych Soc, Decatur, IL Mary Jo Lamb, Computer Info. Systems, Decatur, IL Brian Lazarz, Marketing, Prospect Hts., IL Michael Leden, Accounting, Winnebago, IL Robert Lenz, Business Adm., Glen Ellyn, IL Chris Lindstom, Personnel Mgt., Tremont, IL Gary Long, Accounting, Decatur, IL Lori Lunik, Communications, Springfield, IL Paul Marquardt, Marketing, Sun City, AZ 32 Seniors r. George Martos, Accountin i, rt. Lauderdale, FL Jami Mason, Music Busmess Adm., Crystal Lake, IL Douj las M;jthias, Bioloj y, Blue Mound, IL Cami Mauck, Nursing, Monticello, IL Kevin McDonald, Ind. Engineering, Pana, IL Steve McFarland, Accounting, Danville, IL Beverly Meece, Marketing Spanish, Tower Hill, IL Don Meir, Nursing, Nashville, IL Daniel Metz, Computer Info. Systems, Gibson City, IL Seniors 33 Charles F. Miller, Computer Info Systems, Decatur, IL Corrine Miller, Nursing, Areola, IL Deborah Miller, Nursing, Tuscola, IL Janet M. Miller, Nursing, Waverly, IL Janet S. Miller, Personnel Mgt., Decatur, IL Jill Miller, Applied Voice, Philo, IL Scott Miller, Political Science, Hamel, IL Vicki Moline, Art Therapy, Henry, IL Jeff Moma, Music Education, Blue Mound, IL Regina Mueller, Art Management, Zion, IL Catherine Murray, Personnel Mgt., Astoria, IL John Nell, Accounting, Decatur, IL Patricia Nugent, Mathematics, Minooka, IL James O ' Malley, Computer Info. Systems, New Lenox, IL Elizabeth A. Owens, Communications, Decatur, IL 34 Seniors ' , ui (■ ' -irkf.-r, fyl.irkf.-tinjj, I indf;rihur ' ,t . II [ on f- ' iyno, (. ' ju j i :r Info Systf.-rris. [iuff;jlo, II Guy ' ' j) . A ' ' ' .or( juU:r Scionco, Crystal Lake, IL Tina Pflasterer, Marketing, Decatur, IL Lisa Piatt, Nursing, Charleston, IL Sandra Kay Porter, Business Mgt., Springfield, IL Thomas Potter, Business Adm., Decatur, IL Michael Quaid, Accounting, Orland Park, IL Bobbi Jo Reed, Elementary Ed., Princeville, IL Lori Reed, Elementary Ed., Morris, IL Carol Reedy. Nursing, Lovington. IL Debra K. Refine, Computer Info. Systems, Springfield, IL Lynne Remack, Marketing, Sugar Grove. IL Robin Richards, Elementary Ed.. Aurora. IL Tina Rodmaker. Physical Ed.. Atwood, IL Seniors 35 Ann Romer, Elementary Ed., Decatur, IL Kim Rose, Elementary Ed., Bourbonnais, IL Doris Ruppel, Nursing, Virginia, IL Rodney Sanders, Math Computer Science, Centralia, IL Janet Saum, Art Management, Peoria, IL Julie Saum, Elementary Ed., Peoria, IL Robert Schrank, Accounting, Naperville, IL Terry Schumacher, Computer Info. Systems, Decatur, IL Katherine Sciackitano, Marketing, Addison, IL Deborah Shanahan, Nursing, Jacksonville, IL Leslie Sheppard, Accounting, Decatur, IL Mark Shook, Accounting, Decatur, IL Rebecca Slade, Comm. Soc, Plymouth, Ml Stephen Slavick, Welding Eng., South Holland, IL Bonnie Sue Sloan, Nursing, Decatur, IL 36 Seniors Daisy Small, Nursing, Decatur, il Carol L. Smithi, Nursing, Decatur, II f ' ijmela Smith, Med. Tech. Biology, Wheeling, IL Stanley Smith, Accounting, Bethany, IL David Snyder, Finance. Downers Grove, IL Charlotte Spitz, Nursing, Normal, IL Patti Sromeck, Accounting, Crete, IL Joy Stanton, Accounting, Coffeen, IL Judith Stark, Physical Ed., Danville, IL Michael Staub. Biology, Marshall, IL Julie Standerfer. Nursing, Sullivan, IL Steven Steele, Computer Info. Systems, Glen Ellyn, IL Cheryl Sterenberg, Nursing. Mt. Morns Cheryl Stine, Nursing, Alton. IL Becky Stokes, Mathematics, Ogden. UT Seniors 37 Susan Stremming, Nursing, Strasburg, IL John Stureill, Nursing, Decatur, IL Tern Sympson, Art Therapy, Fairview Hts., IL Scott Taloff, Marketing, Bridgeview, IL Susan Taylor, Nursing, Monticello, IL Laura Thompson, Eng. Spanish Education, Elgin, IL Todd Thorsen, Biology, Jacksonville, IL Kathryn Trask, Personnel Mgt., Springfield, IL Michelle Twitchell, Accounting, Greenfield, IL David Via, Music Business, Sullivan, IL Jeff Viemont, Computer Info. Systems, Morton, IL Ruth Vittitoe, Nursing, Peoria, IL Frank Vlasaty, Ind. Engineering, Hoffman Estates, IL Suzanne L. Wainscott, Nursing, Mt. Zion, IL Alisa Kay Wallace, Nursing, Mt. Carmel, IL 38 Seniors Diane Warren, Marketing, Joli ' jt, IL Deborah Weber, Nursing. Roanoke, IL Anne Westcot, Nursing, Decatur, IL Dennis Whalen, Marketing, Franklin, IL Sheri Whitley, Elementary Ed., Mattoon, IL Janine Wiegard, Communications, Mt. Zion, IL Nancy Wilkins, Finance. Lake Bluff, IL Brenda Winkler, Physical Ed., Bartelso, IL Judy Winkler, Nursing, Newman, IL Pam Woodburn. Nursing, Pontiac, IL James Woodrum, Finance, Northbrook, IL Tim Yarnik. Marketing, Staunton, IL Frances Yeo. Psych French, Kingston, Jamaica Nancee Young. English Ed., Alton, IL Seniors 39 Denise Arjmand Diane Attig Jill Augustine Chalice Bailey Barbara Baldwin William Beaman Kathy Beckman Laura Bembenek Dave Bencko William Bercaw Todd Birch Stephanie Blake Kimberly Bond Jeff Bonnett Janet Bracken Scott Bradtke Laurey Briscoe Jean Brooks Janis Brown Lisa Brown Daniel Capulli Shelby Casey Joyce Chesnut Geri Clark 40 Juniors Jeff Clow Mark Cofilianese Cyntfiia Cotton Brian Courtney Kathleen Curry Carolyn Cuttill Marvelon Dannpeer Daria Dandro Lynn Degenhiardt Mary Delatte Janice M. DeMars Thomas Denby Peggy Derhake Timothy Devereux Nancy DeWitt Karia Dittmar Kevin Doyle Marcy Dutton Karen Eckert Bruce Eden Elaine Ehrich Nancy Fendley Vicki Ferguson Susan Ferrara Thomas Furio Cheryl Ganley Mark Gardner T. Mark Garoufalis Juniors 41 Joelle Germano Sarah Ginther Rick Glasscock Robert E. Godsil Robert Grady Dani Green Paula J. Grotheer William Gunter Sani Halliru Bryan Hammonds Nancy Harden James Harp Teresa M. Harrington Pam Hartke Ken Hatcher Claire Heidbrink 42 Juniors Bernard James Todd Jenkins Ellen Jennings Michael Jerome Ray Johnson Terri Jones Heidi Kaiser Jeff Kapp Bradley Kay Kevin Keener Susan KesI Tim King Juniors 43 Cindy Knight Jana Kramme Mary Kuenstler John Labedz Linda Karyn Lee Jeffrey Livengood John Lutostanski Thomas Madden Michele Maddox Kelly L. McCourt Richelle Meischner Richie Minor 44 Juniors Daniel O Neill Annette Pearson Ten Perinnan U;jv(d Perry Martinette C. Peters Lisa Pirtle Melmda Pitt Ronald Price Mary Ann Query Mike Radliff Tammie Ramsey Mary Risdon Phillip Rous Cheryl Russell Lori Ann Saathoff Gerard Sablich Juniors 45 Julie Salansky Scott Sarran Thomas Schenck Lincoln Schneider Maria Schonert Sarah Scott Robin Sculerati Stacy Shanks Stacey Sims Cynthia Smith Tricia Smith Eric Sorensen Angle Sparks Sharon Stapleton Jeff Stollard Mary Sweeney 46 Juniors Gina Swenson Dianne Tanking Sharlean Taylor Janet Tindell Kathleen Valdahl Andrew Verdooren Leslie Waddell Ed Walker Amy Waring Julie Warkins John Watts Elizabeth Welsh Julie Werdin James White Joe White Rooney White Mike Whitford David Wilcoxen Jeff Wildman Steve Williams Leann Williamson Marsha Wilson Rick Wincheski Craig Wright Sue Wrincik Susan Young Cindy M. Zywicki Juniors 47 Kurt Arbeen Trena Arends Karen Armour Brent Arnold Cynthia Arrison Ray Austin Richard Austin Melody Baggech Suzanne Baker David Basso Ron Baumgardner Kurt Beals Laurie Becl er Donald Berndt II Peggy Bernhardt Lisa BesGrove Mark Boiine Brian Bond Gary Bottorff Brad Breneman Doug Bretschneider Graig Bridgeman Jem Brown William Bugan 48 Sophomores MK.h;i ' ,-l fiuono Joy burns Ijiane Campbell Kitty Camfjbell Jolin Cardamone Cheryl Carlson Ooris Chittick Beth Christ Venessa Clemens Lori Coe Stan Collins Judy Conklin Lisa Conrath Rick Copeland Dave Craft Jeffrey Crouch Catherine Cummins Carl Davidson Scott Davis David DeMavais Donna Dillon Kent Dixon George Drakos Annette Earl Jennifer Ebbert Dawn Edwards Douglas Evak Sophomores 49 50 Sophomores Curt Grant David Gray Catherine Gromoll Eric GurcJian Susan Gustafson Sharon Gustavson Darryl Halbert Sheila Hardaway Wayne Hartel Jeff Hemmer Sue Hertel Jody Holthaus Jeanette Hope Brad Huggins Leslie Hymes Vicky Ingram Jill Jackson Kelly Jackson Brian James Bob Jan Elizabeth Jenkins Susan Johnsen Theresa Johnston Scott Jones Troy Kasson Daniel Kampwerth Barbara Kininmonth Cindy Kojder Sophomores 51 Susan Krell Tom Kreller Jennifer Krimmel Debby Krismer Cheryl Kristofek Marita Labedz Thomas Lake Karen Lamb Mark Langston Connie Larson Patrick Leitgeb Keith Lewis Rodney Logan Kevin Lolling Nancy Lowery Leaann MacGilvray Peggy Mack Christine Magallanes Michelle Male Steve Mampe William Markvart Carol McBain Peggy McCann Betty McHugh Stacy McLaughlin Janice Morgan Cheryl Morr Laurel Morris 52 Sophomores Sophomores 53 Lennet Primmer Kimberly Proffitt Kristina Rafferty Sarah Redford Laurie Reese Michele Regos Tyson Reissfelder Debbi Ruland Dawn Sanner Kim Schafer Mary Beth Schlageter Julie Schmalz Frederick Schmidt II Lisa Schroat Joe Shields Lori Shook 54 Sophomores Ml ' . key Sulliv;jri li -tt, ' Jttof, U.iii ' . I.iti.itjf; Michael Taylor Daphne Thomas Karen Turnbull Gregory Tyus Thomas Wells James Whitaker Tobbie Williams Loretta Williamson Lee Winkleblack Daniel Wortman Connie Young Garrett Yuenger Patricia Zaidumbide John Zelman Lynn Zika Sherwood Zimmerman Sophomores 55 Melody Anders Teri Ashley James Ballard Jill Ballion Amy Bass Brian Beamer Clay Beaver Curt Beringer Aundrea Beschorner Katherine Bezak Renee Biscomb Lynne Black Julie Blomberg Beth Boarman Clifford Bonds Mindy Bone Brenee Boston Stephanie Bowman Angle Brandenburg Cindy Brennecke Jackie Bretschneider Timothy Brown Randal Buenzli Abbi Bunting 56 Freshmen I uAnn Butenschoen Arij ' rl.j fA, Campagna K-if ' -n ' ■ .inriori 0,j ' ,.iru ' :r Laura Chapman Daniel Claahsen Tracy Clota Ann Clayton Deanette Cole Barry Coleman Stephen Coleman Lisa Collins Lori Conlin Joel Copen Carolyn Cox Rebecca Lynne Cravens Sherri Cristy Jackie Czerwinski Marc Daniels Deanna Davis Dennis Dautzenberg Carol Degenhardt Robin DeGroot Voneda Denault Linda Denby Michael DePauw John Dobel Joyce Doebler Freshmen 57 Phillip Donelson Paula Dorris Kathy Dugan Susan Ebbert Nancy Elliot Karen Ely John Feken Pietro Ferrari Daniel Fierce Jennifer Fisher Mathew Fleming Julie Floud Darlene Fox Penny Frank Susan M. Frank Andy Gerk Lisa Goethe Jeffrey L. Gordon Karin Gordon Karol Graves Kristi Green Debbie Gregerson Amy Griggs Kelly Jo Grissom Lisa Gundy Peter Gutzmer Kathleen Hagedorn Jane Halemeyer W " • • H. H mm 58 Freshmen I r,,) Hiilvorsori (j ' .Tii ' , ' ; Hardy-Wauchope Diane- Hardy-Wauchope Connie Harrington Tarrii Harrison Dee Harvill Laurie Hazlet Shawn Hearn Scott Heidegger Janet Heitz Gregg Hertzlier Todd Higgins Christie HIawek Karen Hockhalter Nancy Hoerner Kim Hoffman Lynn Hollenbeck Tammy Holt Michelle Horton Adrienne Hudson Sarah Hunt Laura Hutchings Rick James John Janota Constance Jenkins Kathi Jessup Tawny Jones Jennifer Jurges Freshmen 59 Matthew Kaminski Pamela Kegresse Jean Kidd Laurie Kimbrel Carolyn Komora Nick Kopley Lisa Kosiara Joseph F. Kovacs Scott W. Krepps David Krieg Mark Kubica Yvette Lance Marie Langbein Christopher Larson Susan LeBow Thomas Lee Michael Lento Lisa Linville Carol Lonergan Peggie Lowery Judith Madura Lisa Maurizi Megan Mazenko Daria McCoy Jennifer L. McGraw Susan Mcintosh Christina McKean Anthony Michael McPhee 60 Freshmen Mike Meier Scott Melvin Paul Mienert Lisa Moeller Ijnd j Moritr,alm Robert Moore Ken Mueller Marcia Nelson Melinda Newton Pam Nilles Dian Noles Christy O ' Dell Teresa Orchard Jeff Paczynski Sharon Peart Sidney Petard Todd Petersen Lynda Phillips David Phipps Evette Poe Ariyn Poppen Cara Proud John Puckett Dawn Rabe Ranae Rademacher John Rebman Michael Reid Rhonda Rhead Freshmen 61 Amy Rhoades Bill Richardson Susan Ridings Jeff Ripper Carol Rodgers Bob Romer Deidra Ross Joan Salkowski Jennifer Salo Stephanie Samford Barbara Sample Brian Santos Paul Scholes Robert Schwarz Michele Scott Erin Shanahan Mary Shultz Alan Singleton Cheryl Sleade Regina Slinkard Amy Smith Bryan Smith Julia Smith-DeHesus Traci Snyders Tammie Spires Jeryl Starkey Ann Stemkraus Chester Strzekzyk 62 Freshmen Andrea Szczepanski Lisa Szekely Susan Talbott Christine Telzrow Eric Thomas Rob Thomas Paula Thompson Susan Trimble Leslie VanNest Roschelle Vickroy Heather Vineyard Allen Wakabayashi Susie Wampler James Weils Tim Wells Lisa Wentzel Annetta West Glen West Sara Western Duane White Lisa Wilkins Bruce Wilson Victoria Witthoeft Karen Wordeh Ann Workman Mark Yonan Carol Zuegel Freshmen 63 Organizations One dominant phase of a student ' s college life is extra-curricular activities. Organizations provide excitement and enjoyment for those involved. They draw students to their projects and activities both during and after school hours. Often these activities help ex- pose students to situations that may be similar to ones they will encounter after graduation. Organizational involvement is one as- pect of college that keeps students " on the move. " 64 Organizations Organizations 65 American Society for Personnel Adnninistration The James Millikin Chapter contributes to the development and maintenance of professional stan- dards and competence of students planning to enter human resource management careers. The members include: Row 1: Jill Christensen, Kimberly Clark, Catherine Murray, Kathryn Trask, Debbie Fields — President. Row 2: Roscoe Boykin, Chris Lindstrom — Vice-President, Marc Knowles — Treasurer, Jay Browne — Advisor. Row 3: Eric Sorensen — Secretary, Mike Osbourne, Scott Miller. Pliysical Tlierapy The Physical Therapy Association offers its members field trips, guest speakers, discussions and exposes physical therapy students to their chosen fields. Row 1: Jeanna Guthrie, Lisa Halvorson, Suzanne New, Michele Scott, Traci Snyders, Cathy Cashmer — President, Trena Arends. Row 2: Laurie Beringer, Melissa Greene, Kari Ekeskog, Connie Fritsch — Secretary, Nancy Tanabe, Cindy Smith — Vice-President. Row 3: Peggy McCann, Chris Magallanes, Debby Krismer, Karin Paul, Sharon Hayden, Anja Pinkpank, Berna- dette Boure. Martmette Peters. 65 Organizations Panhellenic This active organization coordinates tine activities of the five sororities and serves as their link to the National Panhellenic Conference. Panhellenic promotes good relations, works for greater unity among womens Greek organizations on campus and establishes and administers rush rules. Members include, Row 1; Jan Devore — Advisor, Michelle Twitchell, Carol Redford — Vice-President, Maria Potje — President, Christa Hinto — Secretary. Row 2: Julie Goeke, Corrine Miller, Nancy Fendley, Lori Reed, Judi Kincaid. Row 3: Lisa Pirtle, Roseann Forrester, Carolyn Cuttill. Behavioral Sciences The Behavioral Sciences Club is composed mainly of anyone with a Psychology or Sociology major or minor. The group plans activities , such as field trips to Adolf Meyer so that those in the behavorial sciences can get together to share in common interests. Row 1 : Sue Hertel, Pam Kegresse, Teri Ashley. Row 2: Lisa Brown, Debbie Ruland, David Payne — Faculty Advisor, Jennifer Johnson — President, Linda Kreuger — Secretary and Treasurer. Row 3; Kelly Funk. Joy Burris. Lisa Hemp. Tim Bromley. Cindy Knight. Barb Kininmonth. Organizations 67 Residence Hall Association The Residence Hall Association is an organization which promotes unity be- tween the students who live in the resi- dence halls and acts as a liasion be- tween the administration and residents. One needs only to live in a residence hall to be a member. The activities sponsored by RHA allow students the chance to meet new people and partici- pate in events with other students. The members include: Row 1: Theresa Johnston, Nancy Harden, Kathy Beckman, Dawn Rabe. Row 2: Scott Buckaler — Treas., Susan Johnsen — Sec, Terri Harrington — Vice-Pres., Guy Pearson — Pres., Elisabeth Hutchison. Row 3: Andy Verdooren — (NCC), Jim O ' Malley, Leann Larra- bee — Advisor, Marv Dampeer, Jeff Crouch, Sheila Hardaway, Paula Dorris. University Center Board The University Center Board is an organization which plans and provides entertainment for the students. Some of the activities they sponsor include movies, dances, live bands, tournaments and a fashion show. In addition, a ski trip during Winter Term and a trip to Florida during Spring Break are organized. Membership in U.C.B. is open to any interested Millikin student. The members include: Row 1: Janet Saum, Cathy O ' Dea, Lisa Brown, Julie Warkins, Carol Degenhardt, Julie Blomberg. Row 2: David Caylor, Brad Rademaker — Social Chairman, Julie Saum — Pres., Susan Krell — Recreation Chairman. Beth Horneker — Treas., Shelly Long — Publicity Chairman, Susan Kesl. Row 3: Jennifer Johnson, Ruthie Abbott, Laurie Gross, Sherri Cristy, Joan Kidd, Cindy Kojder, Pam Kegresse, Lisa Wilkins, Laura Hutchings, Scott Heidegger. Row 4; Scott Melvin, Lennet Primmer, Julie Werdin, Kathryn Trask, Tina Rodmaker, Kathy Beckman, Becky Hewitt. 68 Organizations Homecoming The Homecoming Committee begins planning in the Spring of the previous year for the week of festivities that take place in the fall. Part of those plans include inviting alumni back to see the changes in the university and to meet students. Members must petition for a desired position and be interviewed by a committee composed of Student Development and alumni, staffs, and some students. The members include: Row 1: Greg Deppe, Laurie Gross — General Co-Chairpersons. Row 2: Shelly Long. Janet Saum. Paul Marquardt, Julie Goeke, Julie Saum, Michelle Twitchell. Row 3: Tern Harrington, Tara Harvel, Pat Andriano, Brenda Hogan, Lynn Degenhardt, Lisa PIrtle. Row 4: Scott Sarran, Jeff Viemont, John Zelman. Tim Irwin, Scott Sober, Becky Hays. Intervarsity Christian Fellowsliip Concerned students of various faiths have formed this organization and meet to discuss and relate their daily lives to their faith and beliefs. The members include: Row 1: Karen Cannon, Leslie Hymes, Lisa Szekely, Chris Nuelle — Treas.. Shelly B — Pres., Becky Cavens. Susan Greene. Mindy Bone. Row 2: Deanna Davis, Mary Beth Schlageter. Jeannette Chow. Jeannete Hope, Lisa Halvorson. Allen Wakabayashi, Cathy Cummins — Song Leader, Ann Workman, Joy Burrls — Vice Pres. Organizations, 69 BEA Black Empasis Association was formed for the purpose of fostering black culture and sharing it with Millikin and the Decatur community. The members strive for the unity and sharing of their ideas and heri- tage by pursuing black education and cul- ture enrichment, orienting black students to the area, protecting black students from discrimination, serving the black De- catur community and observing black holidays. Membership is open to all Millikin students. Row 1: Curtis Jackson — Vice Pres., Kimberly Clark — Pres., Gregory Mines — Treas., Daphne Thomas — Social Chairperson. Row 2: Sheila Hardaway, Sharlean Taylor, Evette Poe, Stacey Sims, Kathleen Curry. Row 3: Bernadette Bowie, Rooney White, Steve Mochel, Frances Yeo, Marv Dampeer, Darryl Halbert, Denise Hendrickson. SEA Student Education Association is affiliated with state and national professional groups, and draws its membership from students who are preparing to teach. The members include: Row 1: John Zelman — Sec, Jean O ' Connor. Row 2: Mary Kuenstler — Treas., Jean Brooks, Ann Romer — Tutor Chairman, Ruthie Abbott — Ex. Sec. Row 3: William Gunter, Sheri Whittley, Jill Johnson, Judy Carnero. Alpha Epsilon Delta is an inter- national honor society for pre- medical and pre-dental stu- dents of high scholarship in at least their fourth semester of college work. Gamma Chapter in Illinois was installed in May, 1968. The members include: Row 1: Dr. Neil Baird — Advi- sor, Mark Gardner, Mike Whit- ford, Dr. Norm Jensen — Advi- sor. Row 2: John Phelps — Treas., Michael Whitmore, Mark Scott, Andy Orals — Sec. Row 3: Tom Rossiter — Vice Pres., Todd Wright — Histori- an, Mike Staub — Pres. Alpha Epsilon Delta 70 Organizations Commuter Club The Commuter Club is designed to get commuters involved on campus. The group has done such things as gone ice skating and also went water skiing. They also participated in Homecoming this year. The club ' s members are: seated: Peggy Bernhardt, Leslie Sheppard, A nn Owens, Regina O ' Brien, Janet Miller, Lisa Schroat. Standing: Carol Clark, Brian Jumer, Annette Earl, Patty Pfeiffer. Bowling This is the first year for the Millikin Student Bowl- ing League. This organization meets every Mon- day night to go to Brunswick Lanes to bowl and have a good time. The members include: Row 1; Lisa Halvorson, Leslie Sheppard. Annette Earl, Nancy Elliot. Suzanne New, Jana Kramme. Row 2: Janet Miller, Steve Mampe, Kay Martin. Cheryl Kristofek, Mike Meier, Susan Green, Frank Staab. Row 3: Bob Godsil, Troy Kasson, Joe Shilds. Ran- dy Buenzli, Chris Vela, Dave Wilcoxen, Brian Peo- ples, Doug Kines. Row 4: Mike Osbourne, Mickey Sullivan, Bernie James, Scott Thompson, Guy Pearson, Ron Price, Clay Beaver, Dave Phipps. Communication in Action is composed of Communication majors and minors but membership is open to all full time students. CIA ' s purpose is to further students ' interest in communication, its effectiveness during college years, and its use in professions. Members include: Row 1: Jeanine Wie- gard, Patty Staublin, Annetta West, Ann Workman. Lon Grana, Terri Harrington, Rebecca Slad. Row 2: Pat Peters, Becky Hewitt, Lori Lunik, Gail Hudson — Advisor, Dan Clark, Brian Courtney, Ann Owens, Bryan Marshall. CIA Organizations 71 DPMA The Data Production Management Association is a national organization for individuals interested in data processing. Millikin ' s chapter works closely with its parent chapter, located primarily in Decatur and Champaign, in order to encourage student interest and promote awareness of real-life situations in a data production department. Members include: Row 1: Tricia Smith, Tim Irwin (Treasurer), Debbie Refine (Vice President), Charlie Miller (President), Laurie O ' Hare. Row 2: Susan Young, Mark Oldridge, Jim O ' Malley, Steve Steele, Mary Jo Lamb. Millikin Association for the Advance- ment of Computing is an organization which promotes student interest in all aspects of computing and computers. Row 1: John E. Jenkel. Row 2: Harold J. Kahn 72 Organizations ACS Tho American Chemical Society is an organi fation which requires an interest in the field of science. Outside speakers are invited to provide an incentive for the science majors in the form of new technological information and exper- iences. Row 1: Pam Hartke (Vice President), Angie Sparks (Secretary), Row 2: Tom Madden, Saigo Fujii (President), Jenny Ebbert (Treasurer), Darlean Neiner, Sister Ruth Steffen, Lisa Shroat, John Phelps. Row 3: Dr. Druelinger (Faculty Advisor), Mark Langston, Todd Wright, Ron Price, Steve New, Mike Whitford, John Taylor. APO Alpha Phi Omega is a co-educational national service fraternity. Its main objectives concern developing leadership, promoting friendship, and providing services to the campus, community, nation, and its members. Members include: Row 1: Autumn Kraus, Lisa Brown, Cynthia Smith, Nancy Tanabe, Peggy Mack, Davi Thiele (Vice President). Sue Stremming, Cheryl Sterenberg, Paula Grotheer. Row 2: Judy Carnero, Laurey Briscoe, Martinette Peters. Suzanne New, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Kathy Beckman, Cindy Zywicki, Pam Hartke, Mary Kuenstler, Sue Hertel, Debbie Shanahan. Row 3: Tyson Reissfelder, Chalice Bailey, Susan KesI, Jennifer Johnson, Jeff Kapp (President). Daria Dandro, Susan Young, Laura Bembenek, Chris Magallones, Carrie Hug, Peggy Derhake. Beth Horneker, Cindy Knight, Judy Conklin, Robb Thomas. Row 4: Tricia Smith (Vice President), Ruthie Abbott, Melissa Kirkland, Mike Whitford, Steve New, Ron Bumgardner, Ron Price, Debbie Refine, Tim Busey, Lennet Primmer. Organizations 73 BASIC Brothers and Sisters in Christ is a non- denominational organization for Millikin students. Major yearly activities include a retreat in the fall and two state con- ventions. Additionally, BASIC sends group members to various churches who ask for their services. - . fsjf f : Row 1: Sandy Myers, Bill Benton, Carol Parks, Carol Stocks, Deanna Davis. Row 2: Karen Cannon, Susan Young, Roschelle Vickroy, Elisabeth Hutchinson, Curtis Jackson, Joy Stanton (President). Row 3: Ann Workman, Susan Greene, Lisa Halvorson, Bryan Smith, David Nelson, Rod Logan, Suzanne New (Vice President). Row 4; Dave Wilcoxen, Judy Conklin, Kathy Franklin (Secretary), Joel Copen, Steve New, Robbie King. WJMU This organization has limited membership. Disc jockeys must take a semester-long course, pass a test, and fill out a form to get a license to go on the air. WMJU plays many different types of music: country, rock, oldies, and new wave, and is Decatur ' s only progressive music station. Members include: Row 1: Dawn Edwards, Neil DeYong. Row 2: Dennis Dautzenberg, Denise Hendrickson, Tim Irwin, Bob Godsill, Benny Hill, Bryan Marshall, Caroline Edwards, Daphne Ann Thomas. Row 3: Soul Brother 1, Soul Brother 2, Soul Brother 3, Melissa McClure, Mike Osbourne, E-Dude, G- Man, Mr. Hoss, Gatto. Row 4: Soul Brother 4, Soul Brother 5. 74 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is the national fraternity for students enrolled in the Tabor School of business and Engineering. Membership is open to those students who have 12 credit hours and have maintained a minimum 2.0 cumulative g.p.a. Members include: Rov 1: Jeff Crouch, Mike Buono, Bruce Budde, Tina Pflasterer, Carol Redford, Kathleen Collins. Row 2: Scott Buckalew, Laurie Gross. Mark Shook (President), Michelle Twitchell (Treasurer), Kathie Sciackitano (Vice President), Kelley Allen, Lynn Degenhardt (Vice President), Jana Kramme, Kathryn Trask. Row 3: Teri Periman, Diane Attig, Sherry Ashcraft, Stacy Shanks, Connie Young, Annette Earl, Cindy Kojder, Rosemary Gibbs, Patti S romek, April Poole. Row 4: Gina Mueller, Cindy Lowe, Cynthia Cotton, John Watts, Kathleen Curry, Sandy Binder, Tim Olrick, Beth Horneker, Janet Miller, Patty Hansen. Row 5: Brent Arnold, Mike Lindenmeyer, Brian Schwalbe, Steve Steele, Ron Bumgardner, Paul Karl, Jim O ' Malley, Steve Poland. Alan Paige, Bob Lenz. Phi Sigma lota This is a national organization honor- ing outstanding achievement in the field of foreign language. Members must have a 3.0 g.p.a. and be pursu- ing a foreign language interest. Row 1: Janet Tindell, Laura Thompson (Presi- dent), Carolyn Cuttill. Row 2: Robin Sculerati, Gregory Boylson. Frances Yeo. Organizations 75 EAC The Environmental Affairs Council is a group of students and faculty who share a concern for improving the envi- ronment. They serve not only Millikin, but also the community of Decatur. Members include: Row 1: Diane M. Campbell, Nancy Harden, Kari Ekes- kog. Row 2: Peggy McCann, Chris Ma- gallanes, Nancy Tanabe, Bernadette Bowie. Row 3: Mary Risdon, Tina Rod- maker, Ron Price, Mike Whitford, Deb- bie Refine. ODK Omicron Delta Kappa is a na- tional leadership honorary soci- ety. It recognizes leadership of exceptional quality and versatil- ity. Membership, selected from Junior and Senior classes, is based on outstanding achieve- ment. Row 1: Ron Price, Mike Quaid (President), Scott Buckalew, Mark Shook. Row 2: Red Willingham, Christa Hinton, Jill Christensen, Lisa Pirtle, Lori Reed, Julie Saum. Row 3: Jim Woodrum, Diane Warren, Debbie Refine, Laurie Gross. 76 Organization Millidek The job of putting together a yearbook is a long and difficult one that requires hard work and dedication from each staff member. Each year the staff tries to capture the year ' s events and bind them into one book that the entire Millikin community can be proud of. This year ' s members include: Row 1: Kathy Beckman, Julie Werdin, Susan Ridings, Lennet Primmer. Row 2: Jackie Bretschneider, Jana Kramme, Mark Kern, Darlene Fox, Kathi Jessup. Row 3: Leslie Hymes, Shelby Casey (Co-editor), Laura Bembenek (Co-editor), Laurie O ' Hare, Sue Strem- ming, Cheryl Kristofek. This is an invitation — only organization of students whose main function is to wel- come and provide assistance for the alum- ni returning to campus for Homecoming and Alumni Weekend. Row 1: Curt Grant, Charles Miller, Kim Clark, Scott Sarran, Rod Lewis. Row 2: Lisa Mannweiler, Laurie Gross, Marcy Dutton, Melodie Ahrens, Terri Harrington. Organizations 77 Rho Lambda This is a national honorary society for panhellenic women who have demon- strated outstanding sorority and pan- hellenic loyalty and ability. Membership is open to juniors and seniors with at least a 2.5g.p.a. Members include: Row 1: Laura Thompson, Janet Saum, Julie Geeke, Carol Redford (President), Tara Harvel. Row 2: Laurie Koch, Jennifer Johnson, Brenda Winkeler, Lori Reed, Jan Devore (Advisor). Row 3: Teri Peri- man, Corrine Miller, Judi Kincaid, Christa Hinton, Maria Potje, Brenda Ho- gan. Row 4: Patti Green, RoseAnne For- rester, Michelle Twitchell, Becky Hays, Kathryn Trask. ALD This is a freshman-sophomore national society honoring high scholastic achievement. Those students receiving a 3.5 for the first year in college are eligible for membership. Members in- clude: Row 1: Stevie Peak, Barb Kininmonth, Linda Tor- kelson, Chris Magallones, Lennet Primmer, Theresa Johnston, Cindy Kojder, Shari Butler. Row 2: Kelly Jackson, Lori Gower, Julia Smith- DeJesus, Sue Hertel, Karin Paul, Laurie Becker, Anja Pinkpank, Jan Devore (Advisor). Row 3: Lisa Conrath, Scott Jones, Rick Glasser, Bill Bugan, Fred Schmidt, Kurt Reals, Brian James, David Nelson. Row 4: Tom Kreller, Patrick Leitgeb, Paul Stephens, John Zelman, Scott Talboit, Eric Smith, Steve Mochel, Mike Buono. ATD AlphaTau Delta is a national nursingfra- ternity which requires a g.p.a. of 2.5 or higher. This organization encourages scholastic achievement. Row 1: Maria Longfellow, Linda Lee, Cheryl Stine (Treasurer), Shelly Bale (Vice President), Susan Taylor (President). Carol Smith, Janice DeMars, Gretchen Heidler, Geri Ann Clark. Row 2: Deb Weber, Kim Carr, Jean Newburn, Ann Disney, Andre Russell. Doris Ruppel, Sue Stremming, Alisa Wallace, Cheryl Sterenberg, Debbie Shanahan. Row 3: Isabel Norton(Advisor), Carol Reedy, Janet Miller, Corrine Miller, Cindy Artman, Sally Bumpus, Nancy Fendley, Sherri Call, Kay Martin, Cheryl Breezeck, Linda Stevens (Advisor). Row 4: Elisabeth Hutchinson, Peg Helm, Nancy Harden, Jeannette Chow, Bonnie Sue Sloan, Marsha Wilson, Joyce Chesnut, Julie Schulmeister, Laurie Sparks, Stephanie Kicile, Eileen Yada. 78 Organizations PKP Phi K;jfjp;) f- ' tii is a national collegiate horior so- ciety. Membership is limited to second semes- ter juniors who are in the upper five percent of their class and seniors who are in the upper one-eighth of their graduating class. Members include; Row 1; Jill Johnson, Jill Christensen, Laurie Gross. Row 2: Jan Devore, Susan Young, Jim Olson (President), Debbie Refine, Dick Fer- ry. Row 3: Darlene Hoffman (Vice President), Jay Browne, Marc Knowles, Wayne Krows, Wes- ley Snyder. STD Sigma Tau Delta is a national honorary society for English majors and minors. This organization encourages scholarship in English, and requires at least a 3.0 g. p. a. Members include: Row 1: Kelly Smith (Vice President), Leann Williamson (Secretary), Barb Kininmonth, Becky Creager, Laura Thompson (President) Nancee Young (Treasurer), Gregory Boylson. Row 2: Jill Jackson. r International Club This group consists of students from foreign countries and from out of state. The club plans fund raisers and the money goes to those in the club who may need financial assistance. Mem- bers include: Row 1: Frances Yeo (President). Denise Hendrickson (Treasurer). Martinette Peters, Judy Carnero. Row 2: Anthony McPhee, Alhaji A. Abubakar. Jr. (Vice President). Organizations 79 ■r Faculty A day in the life of a faculty or administration member is a busy one. Meetings, appointments, and classes keep the faculty and adminis- tration of Millikin University " on the move " . These professionals and special administrators share with students the valued gift of knov l- edge. Our educational leaders are one of the most important and influential elements in the student ' s college learning process. 80 Faculty Faculty 81 President J. Roger Miller 82 Faculty Financial Aid Left: Greg Miller Right: Michael Pope Admissions ROW 1; Wally Barnett. Larry Pauly; ROW 2: Walt Wessel, Jim Kettlekamp, Dean Jack Allen, Bryce Boston, Lin Stoner, Tom Jen- sen Student Development Front: Jan Devore, Leann Larrabee: Back: Dean Joe Houston, Pat Schmiederer, Liz Hill, Jim Hinze, Don Luy: Not Pictured: Marianne Winters, Terry Myers Faculty 83 William Lewis. Special Programs 84 Faculty Mark Neville, Advancement Linda O ' Connor. University Relations Faculty 85 College Of Arts and Sciences William Anderson, Biology Arvid Adell, Philosophy Gerald Redford, Dean of Arts and Sciences Ed Acheson, Chemistry 86 Faculty Faculty 87 Richard Ferry, Education Mike Dobbins, Theatre and Dance Jo Ellen Jacobs, Philosophy 88 Faculty Marvin Klaven, Art Tim Littrel, Physical E iucation William Kreuger. English Norman Jensen, Biology Clarence Josefson. Chemistry Faculty 89 Thomas McQuistion, Biology J- Graham Provan, History 90 Faculty Rosa Seyfried, Math Computer Science Joseph Sands. Theatre Dance Faculty 91 92 Faculty Tabor School of Business and Engineering Najmul Hossain, Economics Faculty 93 94 Faculty Kathryne Hoffland, Music Richard Hoffland. Music Faculty 95 Stephen Widenhofer, Music Roger Schueler, Music Christopher Kelton, Music School of Nursing Stephanie Hoose, Music Mary Shanks, Nursing Virginia Aukamp, Nursing Sheila Jesek-Hale, Nursing 96 Faculty Library Virginia McQuistion, Library Faculty 97 Sports Fighting for the Big Blue, spectators and players are " on the move " showing their school spirit. Our athletes work hard and spend long hours in practice to gain excellence and bring pride to the school and its students. Recently additional women ' s athletic teams have been added showing that not only men but also women strive to represent their school to their best ability. At Millikin as well as other universi- ties, athletics along with academics aid in bringing national recogni- tion to the school. Through team effort and competition the final goal of sportsmanship is achieved. 98 Sports Sports 99 Millikin Softball Millikin, in its second season of intercol- legiate Softball competition, finished with a 14-11 record. A doubleheader sweep of Illinois Wesleyan and first place in the Millikin tournament were highlights of a season that included a more difficult schedule than the pre- vious season. Freshman Teri Ashley boosted the pitching, leading the team with a 4-0 record and a 1 .84 ERA. Dee Shively was 7-6 and had a 2.25 ERA, and Suzy Menz was 3-5 with a 4.99 ERA. Tonda Logue won the best bat award with a .319 batting average; Michelle Manage the best glove award; and Lori Kera ns was named MVP. Kerans and Jodi Foster were 1984 softball co-cap- tains. lOO Women ' s Softball Front Row: Lisa Collins, Nancy Robinson, Karia Dittmar, Ten Ashley, Linda Montcalm, Aundrea Beschorner. Row Two: Dee Shively. Beth Sutton. Caria Francoeur, Kim Hoffman, Vicky Ingram, Jodi Foster, Tonda Logue. Row Three: Michelle Manage, Coach Bryce Boston, Suzy Menz, Michele Kuhlmann, Kim Schafer, Lori Kerans, Diane Campbell, Coach William Ferris, Tami Harrison Women ' s Softball 101 Women ' s Cross Country Millikin ' s Women ' s Cross Country team has shown some real potential in its second season. This past season Milli- kin sent two runners to the NCAA Mid- west Regionals, Michelle Malo and Nan- cy Wilkins. Michelle was also chosen as the team ' s Most Valuable Runner, and Nancy Wilkins was chosen as the teams Most Improved Runner. Coach Don Luy has a lot to look forward to for next season, because he returns Malo, and a couple of freshman, the Hardy-Wau- chope twins, who Luy says have really been a pleasant surprise for the team. L-R — Michelle Malo, Nancy Wilkins, Linda Horve, Tracy Ciota, Cara Proud, Michele Maddox, Sharon Peart 102 Women ' s Cross Country Women ' s Cross Country 103 Men ' s Cross Country Coach Don Luy ' s cross country team finished seventh in the CCIW team standings, fifth at the State Small Col- lege Meet, and second at the Millikin Classic during the 1983 season. At the NCAA Regional Meet the team record- ed the third fastest top five combined times in M.U. history. Gregg Colling- wood was selected as the team ' s cap- tain and most valuable runner. He was also selected to the Small School All State Team and was invited to partici- pate with the Division Three Overseas Team. Above: Row one: Dan Claahsen, Greg Collingwood, Al Singleton, Ken Brown Row two: Greg Crull, Curt Stiner, Mike Lents Below: Ken Brown with Coach Luy 104 Cross Country Cross Country 105 Baby Blues The Baby Blues, in their third season, per- formed with the marching band at pregame and half time of the football games. Performing a dance routine is the finished product the foot- ball fans see, but any girl on the squad can tell you the real work is mixing studies with planning the routine and practice, practice, practice. Row 1 : Tammy Luc, Betty McHugh Row 2: Lori Conlin, Assistant Cathy O ' Dea, Karen Ely. Amy Griggs Row 3: Captain Denise Arjmand, Lynn Hollenbeck, Michelle Norton Varsity Bas ketball Cheerleaders Squeezing practice time in between precious study hours, developing sore muscles, and yelling your heart out are all part of be- ing a Millikin cheerleader. These girls follow the Big Blue through thick and thin, from game to game, helping to spark enthusi- asm in the athletes and the fans. Row 1: Co-Captain Jill Newman, Carolyn Cuttill, Co-Captain Bobbi Jo Reed. Row 2: Jill Johnson, Heidi Kaiser, Melodie Ahrens. Becky Feeney, Erin Peters 106 Cheerleaders Pom-Ron Row 1: Amy Bass, Karen Ely, Amy Smith, Ranae Rademacher, Karin Gordon, Christy O ' Dell, Mmdy Bone Cheerleaders Pom-Pon 107 Millikin Football 1 983 The 1983 Millikin Football Team ended up with a 4-5 overall record, and a 4-4 record in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin. Although this team finished with a losing record, it did have some impressive statistics. Quarterback Ed Walker finished fifth in the nation in passing efficiency, with a 59.3 percent accuracy mark. Senior Mark Knowles was eleventh in the nation in receiving, and Jeff Fishel was seventeenth in the nation in rushing. As a team Millikin finished thirteenth in the nation in scoring and twenty-sixth in total offense. There is no doubt that Millikin did play some tough competition though, because six of the nine teams they played were among the nation ' s leaders in total offense. 108 Football Football 109 V-ball Gains M.U. volleyball competed in its first NCAA volleyball tourna- ment, after having climbed as high as 19th in the weekly NCAA Division III poll. As a team a school record was set for most victories in a season, with an overall record of 26-10. Tournament highlights included: 1st — ICC; 4th — Bradley; 3rd — George Williams; 1st — Millikin; 3rd — IBC; and 1st — IWU. M.U. lost in first round NCAA action, but participating in Nationals was a school first in volleyball. The team had a strong schedule, involving not only Division III teams, but also Division I and II teams. Special volleyball awards went to Brenda Hogan — MVP; Lynn Zika — Best Hitter and Best Spirit; Brenda Winkeler — Best Blocker and Best Defense; Tamette Pierceall — Best Setter and Most Improved; and Sue Stremming — Best Server. Zika was named to the IBC tourney team, and Strem- ming was named Academic Ail-American (3rd team). llO Volleyball NCAA Berth Front Row: Robin Richards, Angle Brandenburg, Sue Stremming, Brenda Hogan, Tamette Pierceall, Tami Harrison. Back Row: Brenda Winkeler. Dee Evers. Jane Sperry, Lynn Zika. Renee Biscomb. Carol Smith, Coach Peg Volson. Volleyball 111 Front Row: Shelly Hines, Carl Hartnagel, Marita Labedz, Liz Jenkins, Debbie Refine, Leslie Waddell. Back Row: Coach Leslie Randle, Donna Dillon, Ann Clayton, Becky Hays, Laura Hutchings. 112 Women ' s Tennis Greater doptli ,itKJ rjf.dic;jtion were two aspects that contntjuted to the tennis team ' s 6-6 overall record. Much of the squad was composed of newcomers to in- ter-collegiate tennis. Junior Carl Hartnagel was named MVP for the second successive year, and sopho- more Donna Dillon was named Most Im- proved. Letterwinners of the 1983 team were: seniors — Becky Hays, Shelly Mines, Deb- bie Refine; juniors — Leslie Waddell and Hartnagel; sophomores — Liz Jenkins, Marita Labedz, and Dillon; freshmen — Ann Clayton and Laura Hutchings. Women ' s Tennis 113 Big Blue Tennis Bob Simonds — 4 singles Nick Kopley — Most Improved 1 14 Tennis Row 1: Dave Beyda, Andy Verdooren. Mark Garoufalis, Jeff Clow. Row 2: Coach Tony Young, Bob Simonds, Doug Kinas. Kevin Lolling, Nick Kopley Doug Kinas — MVP 3 singles Andy Verdooren — =5 singles Tennis 115 Millikin Swimming and Diving The Women ' s Swim Team improved from last year with a 4th place finish in the Women ' s Illinois Intercollegiate meet and a 13th place finish in the NCAA Division III Nationals. Leading the team ' s outstanding performance was MVP, sophomore, Jennifer Krimmel. Krimmel and freshman Lisa Goethe both gained Ail-American status this year. Krimmel was also voted MVP of the state meet. Many team and individ- ual records were set. Robin Sculerati was MIP swimmer. Holly Spencer was MVP diver and set diving records along with Cindy Kojder. Bob Czerwinski and Scott Buckalew had record-breaking seasons. MVP Czerwinski represented the men ' s team at the Division III Na- tionals in the 400 yd. individual medley. He finished 1st in the conference in that event and also set a school record. Buckalew, MIP swimmer set a school record in the 50 yd. freestyle. The men ' s team placed 4th at the CCIW and 7th at the IIC meet. Two seniors will be lost to graduation — Melissa Greene and Scott Buckalew, but a solid team remains for another successful season of swimming. Cindy Kojder stretches tor the water. Above: Lisa Goethe shows winning form in the breastroke. Below: Jennifer Krimmel had an outstanding season. Holly Spencer throws her back dive 1 16 Swimming Row one: Doug Coonen, Gordon Radke. Row two: Phil Donelson, Robin Sculerati, Jennifer Knmmel. Lisa Goethe. Scott Buckalew. Bill Metz. Row three: Coach Tony Young, Kathy Hagedorn, Cindy Kojder, Holly Spencer, Bob Czerwinski, Dave DeMarais. Melissa Greene. Swimming 1 17 Women ' s B-ball Reaches NCAA Regionals Row 1: Karia Dittmar, Lori Kerans, Jodi Foster, Tonda Logue, Nancy Robinson, Terri Jones Row 2: Assistant Coach Peg Voisin, Queen Dickerson, Stacy McLaughlin, Michelle Mariage, Jane Sperry, Becky Hays, Jennifer Fisher, Kelley Willis, Trainer Shelly Mines, Coach Harriet Crannell For the women ' s basketball totim the season wa . one of re- cords being set and goals being reached. Millikin earned national ranking n iuch of the season, tied a school record for victories with a 19-6 season and placed third in the Central Regional of the NCAA Division III national tour- nament. As a team Millikin fin- ished with a scoring average of 86. 1 points per game and made 51.2 percent of its field goal at- tempts. Individually, Jodi Foster scored a record 590 points for a record 23.6 season average and fin- ished her collegiate career with a record total of 1651 points. Jodi was also named team MVP and earned All-Amencan status in basketball for NCAA Division III. Rebound leader was Becky Hays with a 9.8 average and Lori Kerans and Tern Jones fol- lowed second and third in scor- ing. Jane Sperry and Michelle Manage also saw regular ac- tion. Women ' s Basketball 119 120 Basketball if MEN ' S BASKETBALL The 1983-84 Big Blue finished their sea- son with an overall recorrj of 12 wins and 14 losses, and a 6-10 conference mark. Senior Ken Jackson, the team ' s MVP and leading rebounder, was a sec- ond team selection in the CCIW all con- ference balloting, Co-Captain Roscoe Boykin was voted the team ' s best de- fensive player and lead the team in as- sists. Co-Captain Eddie Taylor had the best field goal percentage on the team. Other awards went to junior Joe Duck- worth, best free throw percentage; and sophomore Mickey Sullivan, most valu- able member of the junior varsity. Row 1: Cleo Johnson. Reggie Brown, Jem Brown, Glen Kraemer. Bob Dinino. Mark Taylor. Don Boland. Joe Landon. Dave MIchaud. Mickey Sullivan. Ken Jackson, Dave Hessel. Row 2: Dave Balster, Brian Heinrich, Jerry Sierakowski, Marcus Aiderson, Roscoe Boykin, Eddie Taylor. Joe Duckworth. Duane White. Eddie Gibson. Basketball 121 Big Blue Wrestling Millikin grapplers ended the season on a winning note. Capturing third place in the CCIW conference meet behind perennial conference powers Augustana and Wheaton. The team ' s season record after their final dual meet was 4-3-1 for first year Head Coach Mike Poe. Millikin was led by Kevin Wolff and Bret Kooi, both who finished with 20-11 re- cords. Wolff finished second in the CCIW, qualified for NCAA Division III nationals, and was named team MVP. Kooi also placed second at the CCIW meet, qualified for the national championships, and was team co-captain along with Lance Bur- meister. Most Improved was Kevin Doyle who finished fourth in the CCIW meet. Keith Lewis set a CCIW record by scoring 24 points in placing third at the conference cham- pionships. Joe Burke and Steve Patton each placed third at the CCIW meet in their weight class. Row one; Keith Lewis, Steve Patton, Joe Burke, Lance Burmeister, Kevin Doyle. Row two: Coach Mike Poe, Mike Taylor, Bret Kooi, Kevin Wolff, Assistant Coach Pat Schmeiderer. 122 Wrestling Wrestling 123 Team 15th in NCAA Div. Ill Row 1: Bob Jan, Gary Yuenger, Scott Kellogg, Bruce Hartrich. Row 2: Coach Doug Nelbuhr, Doug Evak, Line Schneider, Craig Wright, Brad Kay The Millikin golf team had one of its most successful seasons since 1976, as the team placed 15th in the NCAA Divi- sion III tournament. The team finished with an 8-0 dual re- cord and was golf champs. In tourna- ments during the regular season the team finished well — first in the Rose- Hulman Invitational; fourth in both the Knox and Quincy tournaments; and fifth in the Northern lowa-Wartburg tourna- ment. Brad Kay finished 7th in the NCAA Divi- sion III tourney, the highest ever by a Millikin golfer. It was his second tourna- ment appearance which placed him on the Ail-American second team. Kay was also named team MVP, and Gary Yuenger was most improved in golf. 124 Golf Big Blue Baseball Row 1 : Assistant Mike Woods. Coach Galen Woods. Marc Daniels. Curt Beringer. Erin Shanahan. Brad Christensen, Kent Dixon. Row 2: Jeff Bonnet. Dave An- driano, Tom Kane. Tim Hooker, Rob Davis. Dan Fauser. Row 3: Tom Lake. Tom Potter. John Howell, Steve Mampe, Troy Kasson, Doug Hitchens. Row 4: Brad Jun, Paul Stephens, Pat Durley, Assistant Glenn Kraemer, Joe Shields, Todd Teeter Millikin Big Blue finished the season with a 19-15-1 record overall, a school record for victories in a season. The Big Blue was 7-8 in the CCIW. The teann ' s batting average was .290 and the pitch- ing staff had a combined ERA of 4.92. Pat Durley and Doug Hitchens were named MVP ' s. Durley had a 7-3 record and Hitchens led the team with a .406 batting average. Erin Shanahan was named rookie of the year and Jeff Bonnet set team records in pitching appearances and saves. 1984 captains were Dan Fauser and Tim Hooker. 126 Baseball Mariett7, Millikin 5 Wright State 7, Millikin 2 Millikin 9, Illinois-Chicago 7 Brooklyn 8, Millikin 4 Millikin 4, Maryville (Mo.) 1 Austin Peay 3, Millikin 0 Millikin 1 1 , Lawrence 1 Millikin 11, Illinois-Chicago 4 Millikin 8, Tennessee Tech 7 Illinois-Chicago 7, Millikin 4 Western Illinois 13, Millikin 2 Millikin 9, Otterbein 9 Millikin 11, Elmhurst 0 Millikin 5-9, Washington U. 4-5 McKendree 6, Millikin 5 Millikin 4-5, Wheaton 0-3 Millikin 2-0. Illinois Wesleyan 1-10 North Park 4-12, Millikin 0-6 Millikin 2-9, St. Louis U. 1-5 Millikin 7-5, Augustana 3-3 North Central 5-3, Millikin 0-2 Millikin 6, Carroll 3 Carthage 5-3, Millikin 6-2 Millikin 8-6, Greenville 7-0 Millikin 5-5. Elmhurst 4-6 Basebali 127 Row 1: Laura Hutchings, Sharon Peart, Michelle Male, Diane Hardy-Wauchope, Renee Biscomb. Row 2: Cara Proud, Pam Smith, Brenda Hogan, Denise Hardy-Wauchope, Stacy McLaughlin, Cindy Brennecke. Row 3: Leslie Waddell, Tracy Ciota, Carol Reedy, Student Coach Tina Rodmaker, Theresa Johnston, Angle Sparks, Tamette Pierceall, Coach Peg Voisin 128 Women ' s Track Millikin Track In women ' s track and field Millikin had a season of school records and top team n iomtjor porformances. Angle Sparks set new school records in the 1500 and 3000 meter runs; Stacy McLaughlin lowered the school record m the 200 and was named most valuable runner; and Brenda Hogan set a school record in the hurdles. Leslie Waddell was named most valuable in field events and qualified for nationals. Tamette Pierceall was named most improved in field events and Cara Proud was most improved runner. Women ' s Track 129 Millikin Track and Field 130 Track Row 1: Ed Walker, Cliff Strickland, Eric Waller, Will Gunter, Mike Leden. Row 2: Mike Lents. Dan Fierce, Alan Hays, Paul Buob. Curt Stiner. GregCrull. Row 3: Dave Hessel, Wayne Flint, Ken Brown, Steve Williams, Matt Flemming, Richie Minor, Coach Don Luy. Row 4: Bernie James, Student Coach Rich Panfil. Greg Hines, Jeff Sankey, Carl Figgins, Jeff Klinck, Alan Singleton This season, as in last year, was a suc- cessful one for the men ' s track team. In each meet the team placed well, and individual performances were high in the standings. The team won the Milli- kin Invitational and placed 3rd in the CCIW. Deverick Lampley was named team MVP, and qualified for nationals. Carl Figgins was awarded most outstanding performance in track field events and Curt Stiner most outstanding perfor- mance in track running events. Pole vaulter Paul Buob and the 400-me- ter relay team of Richie Minor, Jeff Klinck. Dave Hessel. and Lampley also qualified for nationals. Track 131 student Life The life of a Millikin student is one of constant movement and activ- ity. Resident hall, house, or campus events keep our days alive with enjoyment and excitement. A student ' t life encompasses studying, laughing, working, dancing, sad times, and fun times. Living in an environment in which we are surrounded by our peers and special friends makes home seem not so far away. Fads of the time influence our dress, activities, speech and music. Some popular fads of the year include: torn sweatshirts, " Where ' s the beef? " , checkered shoes. Care Bears, bandanas, Sony Walkmans, Cabbage Patch dolls, and friendship pins. 132 Student Life student Life 133 Aston One Row one: Jenny Ebbert, Lori Nowlin, Karen Nib- lack, Barbara Baldwin, Roschelle Vickroy. Row two: Gina Swenson, Janice Morgan, Sue Ferrara, Nancy Tanabe. Sharlean Taylor, Stacy Shanks, Janine Wiegard. Aston Two Floor; Sue Hertel, Kathy Hagadorn. Row one: Joyce Chesnut, Leann Williamson, Vicky Ingram, Sue Gustafson, Joan Salkowski, Lisa Wentzel, Darlene Fox. Row two: April Poole, Lisa Collins, Stephanie Samford, Susan Taylor, Lori Lunik, Christy O ' Dell, Becky Cravens. Aston Three Row one: Debbie Refine, Ellen Jennings, Melody Baggech, Janet Heitz. Row 2: Chris Magallones, Terri Sympso n, Terri Choppelk, Karia Dittmar, Susan Frank. Row three: Juli Salansky, Maria Schonert, Lisa Goethe, Shawna Dawson. 134 Resident Halls Aston Four Jerif Starkey . Susie Wampler, Loretta Williarni,on Dam M M Green. Laurel Morris, B. Evans ' , ' j Hardaway, Jeannette Chow. Macon Hall Row one: Glenn Kraemer. Tim Hooker. Scott Buckalew, Royce Risinger, Chris Lindstrom, Bob Brenneisen. Marc Knowles. Row two: Mike Quaid. Mike Jennings, Jim O ' Malley. Scott Detwiler. Dan Fauser, Dennis Whalen. North Hall Row one: Frig the Raider, Zeke the Freak, Poon- dah 1. Row two: Sam Crimer, " Marvelous " (Big Daddy!), Sdrick Daddy. Resident Halls 135 Blackburn One Row one: Sarah Hunt, Cindy Brennecke, Bonnie Rebecca Blackburn, Patricia Zaidumbide, Joanna Frazier. Row two: Lori Conlin, Amy Griggs, Sharon Peart, Denise Arjmand, Melody Anders, Lisa Bes- Grove, Nancy Hoerne. Row three: Bev Garver, Melanie Sonnercik, Queen Dickerson, Deanna Mc- Donald, Loette Lance, Laura Hutchings, Amy Bass, Gail Kleeberg. Row four: Lisa Kesiara, Julie Blomberg, Lynn Hollenbeck, Monica Capman, Connie Harrington, Mindy Freese, Donna Dillen. Blackburn Two Row one: Chris Telzrow, Lisa Linville, Lynne Black, Leslie VanNest, Jean Kidd. Row two: Ann Clayton, Regina Slinkard, Leslie Longfellow, Kim Hoffman, Susan Mcintosh, Linda Montcalm, Brenee Boston, Beth Boarman. Row three: Con- stance Jenkins, Marcia Altgilbers, Kelly Grissom, Ann Workman, Amy Smith, Amy Rhoades, Carol Smith. Blackburn Three Row one: Sidney Petard, LeaAnn MacGilvray. Row two: Jenny McGraw, Marcia Nelson, Jennifer Jorges, Dawn Rabe, Dee Harvill, Joyce Doebler, Paula Dorns, Megan Mazeako. Row three: Sherri Christy, Jane Halemeyer, Robin DeGrott, Michele Scott, Casey Cox, Lisa Maurizi, Deanna Davis, Lisa Halverson, Laura Matson, Mindy Bone, Abbi Bunting, Traci Snyders, Karen Cannon. 136 Resident Halls Hessler One Row one: Ram Rod. Row two: Suzanne Nt . r Christensen, Holly Spencer, Peggie Lower ; O ' Neill, Joy Stanton, Cheryl Kristofek. Row thre»,- Michael Reid, Keith Lewis, Phil Donelson. Row four: Stan Smith. Kevin McDonald, Biff Wells, Ar- lyn Poppen. Jim Wells. Mike Irvin, Sue Strem- ming, Dave Hessel. Spanky Petersen. Hessler Two Row one: Matt KaminskI, Ed Walker. Terry Car- bonara, Mark Kern. Andy Orals. Row two: Mickey Sullivan, Jeff Radke, Jeff Ripper, Steve Knzka, Eric Thomas, Mike Meier. Andy Gerlt. Bill Bugan. Tom Neville. Hessler Three Row one: Cathi Murray. Row two: Nancy Elliott, Nancy Lowery, Andrea Lzczepanski. Cindy Zywicki, Pam Hartke. Kathy Beckman. Row three: Mike Lents, John Labedz, Greg Cruli. Row four: Jeff Kapp, Ken Grutza, Tim Busey. Dan Fierce, Steve New, Ron Price. Dave Kriey, Mike Whitford. Chris Vela. Hessler Four Tim Bromley, Todd Higgins. Mark Karl. Dan Moore. Tim Pottorff. Guy Pearson. Patrick Leit- geb. Clay Beaver. Ken Mueller. Mark Langston. Resident Halls 137 Ground Floor Mills Row one: Erin Shanahan. Row two: Mike DePauw, Tonn Lee, John Fei en, Don Stephen, Rickie Whi- taker. Row three; Frank E. Staub, Frank Lazowski, iVlark Ribelin, Neil " Montana " DeYoung, Jeff Pac- zynski, Wayne Hartel. Mills One East Rod Lewis, Gregg Schreiber, Yale Reynolds, Ke- vin Hale, Michael Genz, Ken Baur, Rod Logan. Mills One West Row one: Dan Cloohsen, Bod DePalun, Allen Wa- kalayaski, Chet Strgelczyh. Row two: Tom Bell, William Gunter, Paul Mienert, Scott Jones, Aric Anderson, Chuck Roast, John Dober, Dan O ' Neill. 138 Resident Halls Mills Two East Row one: Curt Beringer, Art Rubalcaba, Jo ' . l don, Gregg Hertzlieb, Rich Adorja. Row two; Jel frey Schmedeke, Jeff Rippberger, Carl Figgins, Anthony Scales, Reginald Brown, Chris Szonn. Mark Yonan. Mills Two West Sitting; Marc Daniels, Tom Kane, Brian Heinrich, Rob Thorsen. Row one; Gary Bottorff, Rob Moore, Steve Coleman, Chris Larso, Eric Gurdian. Jeff Sanskey, Matt Ernst. Row two: Wally Plywac- zewski, Jim Ballard, Cliff Bonds. Craig Wright, John Cardamone, Mark Coglianese, Joe Godsil. Mills Three East Row one; Jeff Drone, Steve Mochel. Nathanie Smiley Jr., Tommy J. Tommy J. Wood, Scott Krepps, Kenny Musgray. Rooney White. Row two; Scott Kellogg. Gordon Radke. Don Berndt. Bob Godsil, Paul Karl, Brian ■ ' Doc " Etter. Mills Three West Row one; Joel Copen. Mark Gardner. Michael Whitmore, Scott Niessner, Jeff Crouch. Bruce Eden. Randy Buenyli. Row two; Steven L. Steele. Bruce Gottermeyer. Mike Buono. Bryan Ham- mo nds. James White. Anthony McPhee. Brent Ar- nold. John Grieb. Resident Halls 139 Walker One Row one: Lori Beringer, Angie Thompson, Angie Sparks. Angie Compana, Tonya G. Row two: Deb- bie Morris. Laurie Miezner. Diane Hardy-Wau- chope. Row three: Michele Kuhlmann, Nancy Robinson, Dee Shively, Kim Schafer. Mary Beth Kuenstler, Mary Schulz. Joelle Germano, Kim Proffit, Paggy Derhake. Walker Two Row one; Kristi Rafferty, Bethany Fisher, Katie Bezak, Pam Kegresse. Row two: Teri Ashley, Lisa Moeller, Rame Rademacher, Michelle Norton, Frances Yeo, Rhonda Rhead. Row three: Lisa Wil- kins, Lisa Szekely, Susan Ridings, Denise Hen- drickson. Walker Three Row one: Kathi Jessup, Terri Harrington, Billie Gobel, Tammie Ramsey, Sue Wrincik, Melinda Newton. Row two: Teresa Myers, Leslie Hymes, Sue Talbott, Jami Mason, Barbara Sample, Tracy Ciota. Row three: Debby Krismer, Tami Harrison, Peggy McCann, Diane Campbell, Jill Jackson, Dian Noles. Karin Hackhalter, Susan LeBow. ' ' it ' I - W 140 Resident Halls Carol Apartments Row one: Juli Schmalz, Kosmo Curry, Peggy Mack. Row two: T.J., Jules, Bathers, Joyful, Shelby Groth, Chris Nueile. Netter. Resident Halls 141 Alpha Chi Omega ROW 1: K. NiBlack, C. Perry, L. Kimbrel, J. Holland, S. Peak, L. Briscoe, S. GInther, K. Campbell, S. Matthews, L. Gower ROW 2: S. Western, J. Sperry, L. VanNest, V. Witthoeft, J. Halemeyer, D. Hardy-Wauchope, P. Andrlano, J. Goeke, C. Redford, D. Hardy-Wauchope, J. Kincaid, E. Krebs, L. Conrath ROW 3: D. Chittick, C. Prunty. L. Black, S. Mcintosh, B.J. Reed, P. Green, D. Harvill, D.A. Evers, B. Winkeler, J. DeHesus, J. Carnero, S. Scott. L. Wentzel, J. Augustine, J. Guthrie ROW 4; J. Peterson, S. Peak, J. Davis, C. O ' Dell, J. Salkowski, M. Regas, K. Jackson, V. Venier, S. Butler, T. Luc, D. Roberts, D. Thiele, C. Smith, A. Halemeyer, J. Schulmeister, B. Schurman, L. Thompson Delta Delta Delta ROW 1: S. Donnovan. C. Stein, R. Forrester, R. Vittitoe, G. Rhodes, A. Kraus, S. Hamilton, D.Warren ROW 2: N. Wilkins, L. Becker, L. Pirtle.T. Chapman, J. Salansky, K. Biscomb, K. Rose, L. Gross ROW 3; J. Saum, J. Saum, L. Sleade, L. Denby, C. Young, A. Bass, J. Starkey, J. Czerwmski, B. Husemoller, J. Warkins. K. Dugan, C. Brennecke ROW 4: R. Slade, C. Zuegel, L. Kampert, B. Huslig, N. Olson, J. Morgan, C. HIawek, S. Long, A. Pinkpank, L. Brown, H. Kaiser, K. Oathout, J. Smith, J. Ballion, C. Proud ROW 5: B. Abbott, L. Jenkins, B. Feeney, S. Wampler, M. Murdock, M. Harton, M. Nelson, I. Arends, M.B. Schlageter, R. Meischner, N. DeWitt, J. Heinz ROW 6; R. Biscomb, D. Tish 142 Greeks Pi Beta Phi ROW 1; L. Langbien, S. Petard, M. Twitchell, R. Degroot, J. Kidd, C. Green, R. Abbott, J. Bowen ROW 2: A. Waring, J. O ' Dea, D. Gregerson, S. Hayden, P. Woodburn, K. Trask, L. Reese, J. Jurges, L. Coe, A. Workman, M, Scott ROW 3: S. Ebbert, A. Watson, D. Ruland. D. Attig. J. Newman, M. Salle, M. Labdez, A. Clayton, C. Bailey, S. Bowman, C. Kamora, L. Hazelet, M. Kirkland, C. O ' Dea, M. Mazensko, T. Holt ROW 4: C. Lowe, L. Mannwieler, T. Harvel, L. Chapman, K. Funk, C. Kodjer, C. Fritch, K. Ely, T. Pflasterer, L. Reed, S. Christi, M. Otrembiak. C. Cuttill, J. Miller, J. Johnson, T. Snyders Zeta Tau Alpha ROW 1: M. Heagy. C. Cox, T. Orchard, L. Torkelson, C. Cashmer, C. Bravin, M.B. Olah, L. Degenhardt, B. Kinmmonth, J. Brooks. C. Telzrow. J. Floyd ROW 2: M, Risdon, K. Graves, T. Grampp, A. Bunting, M. Potje, C. Main, P. Staublin, P. Kirchoff, C. Degenhardt. K. Jordan, L. Hemp. J. Miller. A. Campagna. P. Niles. Miss Peg ROW 3; B. Hogan, B. Hewitt, P. Sromek, C. Miller, S. Gustavson, B. Ely, D. Tanking, N. Fendley, S. Peart, K. Allen, J. Bracken, M. Pitt. B. Christ. L. MacLeod, Lisa Gundy Greeks 143 Alpha Phi Alpha ROW 1: G. Hines, J. White, E. Leonard, J. Duckworth, K. Jackson ROW 2: D. Watts, V. Lockett, A. Morris, C. Jackson Alpha Tau Omega ROW 1 : D. Capulli, B. Breneman, R. Cutlip, J. Wells, S. Davis, P. Stephens ROW 2: J.W. Stollard, G. Yuenger, S. Bradtke, J. Clow, G. Drakos, M. Garoufalis, S. Sarran, S. Melvin, B. Mailers, B. Oberheide ROW 3: J. Rebman, M. Gardner, J. Zelman, C. Steiner, M. Kubica, M. Fleming. B, Kay ROW 4: K. Lolling, B. Mackvart, T. Hills, T. Wells, G. Deppe, C. Grant, L. Schneider, B. Schwarz, M. Depauw, S. Heidegger, T. Wells, R. Johnson ROW 5: S. Kuegler, T. Madden, T. Birch, K. Howell, N. Kopley, P. Marquardt ROW 6: B. Wilson, J. Lutostanski, B. Courtney, D. Evak, D. Clark, D. Basso, R. Glaser, J. Brown, K. Keener ROW 7: R. Thorsen, T. Schenck, R. Lambe, T. Schumacher Delta Sigma Phi ROW 1: C. Strzelczyk, C. Szonn, G. Lipe, J. Webber, E. Shanahan, B. Christensen ROW 2; M. Jokisch, K. Sarff, B. Shrank, S. Gzenreich and @ %it, K. Bickings, B. DePalma, K. Hoffman, L. Burmeister ROW 3: B. Jun, K, Brown, S. Mater, D. Adriano. T. Teeter, T. Knowlton, A. Lacy ROW 4: A. Crandall, K. Crandall, S. Taloff, D. Granger, P. Gonzales, M. Vogg, T. Bass and Lucy ROW 5: Bill A., J. Drone, A. Anderson, T. Dukeman, J. Lee, T. Kneiler Kappa Sigma ROW 1 ; R. Murphy, B. Bryant, B. Hillegonds, D. DeMarais, P. Donelson, M. Boline, T. Denby, T. Reissfelder, M. Lentz ROW 2: J. White. B. Taylor, C. Clark. B. Bercaw, K. O ' Connor, D. Sztuk, D. Coonen ROW 3: G. Gray, M. Sudkamp, B. Metz, B. Rademaker, D. Meier, D. Metz, F. Gregory, R. Czerwinski, J. Wild- man, T. Olrick, S. Kellogg, C. Bridgeman, B. Denby, S. Slavick, R. Biythe, T. Furio Greeks 145 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROW 1 : A. Wakabayashi, C. Basta, D. Via, C. Beals, B. Hunsaker ROW 2: M. Poiito, J. Duncan, D. Via, R. Phillips, D. Jolnnson, D. Snyder, K. Dixon, R. Thomas ROW 3: J. Schmedke, B. Beamer, P. Creighton, G. Long, J. Nell, S. Sober, F. Schmidt, J. Puckett, B. Santos Tau Kappa Epsilon ROW 1: P. Shinville, R. Adorjan, J. Sands, S. Fujii, M. Golden, A. Rubacaba, J. Arp ROW 2: J. Tragos, J. Kerner, R. Copeland, H. Vogel, G. Hertzlieb, J. Estes, R. Moore, J. LoPresti ROW 3: G. Cerniglia, B. Davie, P. Albert, B. Jones, L. Junge, D. Giertz, L. Manfredini, R. Peterson, P. Gutzmer, F. Jordan, S. McFarland, T. Zaher, C. Figgins, C. Bonds, W. Hemmer, J. Fry Kappa Sig Stardusters cow 1; Jeff Wildman, Roger Murphy; P.O l ? ' onnie Evans, Slierry Asficraft. Sidney Petofj bi-jrie Aftig, Lisa Brown, Sarah Ginther, Ellen Jen- nings; ROW 3: Lori Grana, Ellen Krebs, LeaAnn f acGiluray, ROW 4: Laura Thompson, Janice Morgan, Kelly Funk, LuAnn Butenschoen, Judy Carnero SAE Little Sisters ROW 1: Kelley Allen, Leslie Longfellow. Bonme Siska, Dawn Wlllison, Cheryl Sleade. Barb Kinln- month; ROW 2: Terl Periman, Cathy Cummins. Angle Campagna. Julie Floyd, Linda Denby. Cheryl Carlson; ROW 3: Barbara Baldwin. Jean Kidd, Chalice Bailey, Lisa Gundy. Abbi Bunting TKE Sweethearts ROW 1: Susan Kesl; ROW 2: Melissa Murdock, Holly Spencer, Karen Niblack; ROW 3: Susie Ham- ilton. Jodi Peterson, Cindy Main. Mike Golden, Jenny Ebbert, Julie Goeke. Jill Augustine: ROW 4: Christine Perry. Teri Grampp. Connie Young, Lin- da Torkelson Little Sisters 147 Delta Sig Little Sisters ROW 1: Amy Bass, Beth Callarma, Roberta Konicek, Terri Chappell, Dawn Sanner, Kathy Dugan; ROW 2: Maria Schonert, Kari Ekeskog, Kim Rose, Diane Warren, Autumn Kraus, Beverly Meece, Carrie Komora; ROW 3; Becky Husemoiler, Kelly Biscomb, Heidi Kaiser, Susie Wampler, Jonna Frazier; ROW 4: Sue Ebbert, Merry Beth Olah, Gina Mueller, Jeryl Starkey, Jackie Czerwinski ATO Little Sisters ROW 1; Jeff Clow; ROW 2: Pam Kegresse, Sharon Peart, Traci Snyders, Cara Proud, Megan Mazenko, Lori Gower, Cindy Brennecke; ROW 3: Karin Hackhalter, Terri Harrington, Julie Schmalz, Barbie Wilkin, Julia DeHesus, Sarah Scott, Terry Orchard; ROW 4: Dian Noles, Janet Bracken, Chris Nuelle, Natalie Olson, Carol Zuegel, Joy F. Burris; ROW 5: Ranae Rade- macher, Michelle Twitchell, Amy Watson, Tina Rodmaker, Lynn Kampert, Sharon Gustovson, Carolyn Cuttill, Denise Arjmand 148 Little Sisters Candids 149 Fine Arts Fine arts programs bring culture and entertainment to Millikin Uni- versity. Productions from outside the university expose the Millikin community to a taste of the variety of talent that exists in our world. Student productions bring enrichment and experience to those in- volved as they are kept " on the move. " These students share their gifts of talent with both enthusiasm and pride. Devotion and determi- nation is displayed in these students as they practice long hours to reach the goal of a successful performance. 150 Fine Arts Convocations Series 1983-1984 The Convocation Series is chosen annually by a committee of Millikin students and faculty. As a whole, the program attempts to provide the Millikin community with an interesting and diversified schedule of entertainment. Past seasons have included individual performers, popular speakers, and events of theatrical importance. Convocations programs remain ever-popular with Millikin students by reason of variety and financial accessability — the series is funded by student fees. Cliicago Sympfiony Orclnestra The Chicago Symphony Orchestra returns to Kirkland to open the 1983-84 Concert Series. Of all that has been written about this great orchestra, perhap s the Washing- ton Post sums it up best by calling the Chicago Symphony " one of the wonders of the world. " Guest conductor for the Kirkland concert will be Garcia Navarro. Navarro is currently the music director at the National Opera Theater San Carlos in Lisbon, Portugal and first led the Chicago Symphony in 1980. Josepli and ttie Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Written by the creators of Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is great fun for the entire family. It ' s an exhilarating and exciting musical that tells the Biblical story of Joseph, favorite son of Jacob and interpreter of Pharaoh ' s dreams. Follow the ad- ventures of Joseph along the Nile River and the pyramids and palaces of exotic ancient Egypt. 152 Fine Arts Madame Butterfly All the vivid color and exciternorit of professional oper a comes to Kirkland with one of the most popular operas of all time produced by one of America ' s finest opera touring companies. West- ern Opera Theater is the touring arm of the highly acclaimed San Francisco Op- era. Their enchanting production of Puccini ' s bittersweet love story of a Japanese girl and an American naval of- ficer was performed in English with or- chestra. Pump Boys and Dinettes On Highway 57, somewhere between Frog Level and Smyrna stands a gas station. Across the blacktop is a road- side eatery called the " Double Cup Din- er. " This is the setting for Pump Boys and Dinetts, the Broadway hit musical tribute to life by the roadside. This high- octane musical features a mixture of country music, bluegrass, gospel, bal- lads and blues with songs such as the Best Man and the Night Dolly Parton was Almost Mine. Fine Arts 153 Michael Gurt Michael Gurt, first prize winner of the prestigious 1982 Gina Bachauer Inter- national Piano Competition, has been cited by critics for his thrilling perfor- mances and musical sensitivity. The New York Times gave this glowing re- view of his recent Lincoln Center debut: " Michael Gurt is a superb technician. Throughout the evening there was nev- er a note out of place, never a blurred or awkward phrase, and Mr. Gurt dis- played an almost superhuman com- mand of the keyboard. " Juilliard String Quartet Founded in 1946, the Juilliard has be- come the yardstick against which all other chamber music ensembles are measured. The quartet has a unique quality that sets it apart — a fresh sense of discovery always present in its playing. The New York Times claims that " better quartet playing cannot be found today. 154 Fine Arts Julian Bream, guitar and lute One of the most distinctive and sought- after artists of our time, superb English guitarist and lutenist Julian Bream has won a Wide and enthusiastic following around the world. He is undoubtedly the finest lutenist of our time and is re- sponsible for discovering much music for the lute which laid dormant for 300 years. On the other hand, he has done much to broaden the contemporary guitar repertoire. Manhattan Transfer The Manhattan Transfer is four singers who tru- ly love the music they perform. During the past three years, Manhattan Transfer has won six Grammy Awards for its innovative work with both jazz and pop music. In fact, it is the only group ever to win Grammies in both the pop and jazz categories in the same year. Fine Arts 155 Hubbard Street Dance Company The Hubbard Street Dance Company combines exciting dancing, creative choreography, ballet, jazz and show dance, delightful costumes, and stun- ning scene design all in one fun-filled performance. According to DANCE MAGAZINE, Hubbard Street " brings to life a vital chapter in American dance — and does it with class. " Pirates of The Importance Penzance of Being Earnest Joseph Papp ' s Braodway hit revival of one of Gilbert and Sullivan ' s most popular works appeared at Kirkland in mid- September. Swashbuckling pirates, damsels in distress, and young lovers entertained the audience for the evening. This production won three Tony Awards in 1981 including Best Musical. NEWSWEEK called " Pirates " " one of the most joy- ously creative productions in all musical theater. " The celebrated Guthrie Theater made its first appearance at Kirkland in March. This leading repertory theater won a Tony Award in 1982 for twenty years of artistic excellence. Oscar Wilde ' s witty satire of Victorian society " The Importance of Being Earnest " makes use of comic deceptions and mistaken identities. 156 Fine Arts Forget-Me-Not Lane The Cast: FRANK Thieodorr- f l yhre YOUNG FRANK Richard Dunham CHARLES Benjamin Hunsaker URSULA Janet Bracken YOUNG URSULA Sarah Hunt AMY Susan Ferrara IVOR Martin Bader MR. MAGIC Robert Kennedy MISS 1940 Dorothy Hicks House of Blue Leaves The Cast: ARTIE SHAUGHNESSY Thomas Yoeckel RONNIE SHAUGHNESSY Douglas Fester BUNNY FLINGUS Heidi Strandt BANANAS SHAUGHNESSY Jane Petrongelli CORRINNA STROLLER Dani Green HEAD NUN Donna Burhorn SECOND NUN Susan Ferrara LITTLE NUN Caryn Burkhart BILLY EINHORN Louis Manfredini M.P Louie Miller THE WHITE MAN Benjamin Hunsaker Fine Arts 157 Anything Goes This production was a joint effort of the Theatre and Dance Department and the School of Music. The orchestra and cast was composed of Millikin students. Members of the cast included: Heidi Strandt, Mark Ludwig, Richard Dunham, Kari Pierce, Jane Petrongelli, Robert Hoose, Connie Larson, Theodore Myhre, Benjamin Hunsaker, Philip Parker, Robert Kennedy, Dennis Dautzenberg, Louie Miller, Arthur Rubalcaba, Vicki Venier, Janet Bracken, Julia DeHesus, Leslie Havens, Martin Bader, Line Schneider, Lani Apperson, Ann Davey, Nancy Elliott, Susan Ferrara, Douglas Fester, Joseph Garbe, Billie Gobel, Lisa Kosiara, Lisa Langbein, Lisa Maurizi, Melinda Pitt, Joseph Sands, Mark Shook, Cynthia Smith. The Millikin University Choir 158 Fine Arts Die Fledermaus The School of Music presented this operetta in May in Kirkland Fine Arts Center. The operetta was sung in English accompanied by a 42-piece group from Millikin-Decatur Civic Symphony Orchestra. Members of the cast included: Kari Pierce, Karen Stewart, Kelly Jackson, Jill Miller, Martin Bader, Richard Dunham, Douglas Fester, Robert Hoose, Tim Brown, Melo- dy Baggech, Thomas Yoekel, Cathy Cook, and Louie Miller. The Country Wife Cast members for " The Country Wife " included: Richard Dunham, Robb Kennedy, Thomas Yoeckel, Louie Miller, Martin Bader, Benjamin Hunsaker, Julia DeHesus-Smith. Susan Ferrara, Lisa Kosiara, Melinda Pitt, Lani Apperson, E. Dobbins, Ann Davey, John Woodhouse, Scott Jones, Gerald Lee, Nathaniel Smiley. Fine Arts 159 1984 Graduation William Warfield receives an honorary degree from President Miller A helping hand for a falling cap 160 Graduation Class of 1984 Lets Celebrate Graduation 16 1 Si the one to turn to FIRSTmMH THE FIRST NATIONAL DANK OF DECATUR I ' i I i ' 162 Advertisements Close to Campus Entler ' s Flower Shoppe 229 S. Oakland Dccalur, II. 62522 A 423-3446 Compliments of . . . 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George Knowles, Marc 66 Knowlton, Terrance Koch, Laurie 17 Ko)der, Cynthia 51, 68. 107. 116 Komora, Carolyn 60 Konicek, Roberta Kooi, Bret 122 Koonce, Mary Koop, Carolyn 39 Kopley, Nick 60 Korich, Jeffrey 32 Kosar. David Kosiara. Lisa 50 174 Kovacs, Jr., Joseph 60 Kraemer, Glenn 32, 120 Kramme, Jana 44, 79 Kraus, Autumn 17, 32 Krebs, Ellen Krell, Susan 52, 68 Kreller, Thomas 52 Krepps, William 60 Kreuger, Bruce 32 Kreuger, Linda 32, 67 Krieg, David 60 Krimmel, Jennifer 52, 116 Krismer, Deborah 52, 66 Krostofek, Cheryl 52, 79 Krizka, David Krizka, Steven Krotz, Sheila Krug, Daniel Kubica, Mark 60 Kuegler, Steven Kuenstler, Mary 44 Kuhlmann, Michele Kullik, Katherine Kuykendall, Ruth L Labedz, John 44 Labedz, Marita 52, 112 Lacy III. Alexender Lake. Thomas 52 Lamb, Gary Lamb, Karen 52 Lamb, Mary 32 Lambie, Rick Lampley, Deverick Lance, Yvette 60 Landon, Joseph 120 Lane, Matthew Langbein, Marie 60 Langston, Mark 52 Lark, Cleavon 15 Larkin, Jr., Charles Larson, Christopher 60 Larson. Connie 52 Lauritzen. Gregory Lazarz. Brian 32 Lazowski III, Frank LeBow, Susan 60 Leden, Michael 32 Lee, Gerald Lee, Linda 44 Lee, Mark Lee, Thomas 60 Leggans, Thomas Leitgeb, Patrick 52 Lents. Michael 60 Lenz, Robert 32 Leonard. Ephrian Lewis. Jerry Lewis, Keith 52, 122 Lewis, Roderick 17, 77 Lieber-Mavis, Susan Lillpop, Steven Lindenmeyer, Michael Lindstrom, Chris 32. 66 Linville. Lisa 60 Lipe. Glenn Little. Mary Livengood, Jeffrey 44 LoPresti. Joseph Lock. Thomas Lockett. Victor Logan. Rodney 52 Logue. Tonda 1 18 Lolling. Kevin 52 Lonergan. Carol 60 Long. Gary 32 Long. Michele 17. 68. 69 Longfellow. Leslie Longfellow. Maria Longwill. Kimberly Lott. Alphonso Loveall. Marcia Lowe, Cynthia Lowery, Nancy 52 Lowery, Peggie 60 Luc, Tamara 106 Luconte, Francis Ludwick, Mildred Ludwig, Edward Ludwig, Mark Lukoskie, Lynne Lumma, Bridget Lunik, Lori 32, 70 Lutostanski, John 44 Lynn, Serena M MacGilvray, Lea 52 MacLeod, Laurie Mack, Peggy 52 Madden, Thomas 44 Maddox (Baulos), Carol 44, 102 Madsen, Jessica Madura, Judith 60 Magallanes, Christine 52, 66. 76 Magrowski, Daniel Maher, Anne-Marie Mahone, Elliott Main, Cynthia Mailers, Robert Malo, Michelle 52. 102 Mampe, Steven 52 Manfredini. Louis Manning, Lori Mannweiler, Lisa 77 Manage, Michelle 1 18 Markvart, William 52 Marquardt, Paul 32, 69 Marshall, Bryan 70 Martin, Katherine Martin, Steven Martos, George 33 Mason, Jami 33 Mater, L. Mathias, Douglas 33 Mathieson. Jeffrey Mauck (Wikoff). Camille 33 Maul, Arthur Maurizi, Lisa 60 Mayberry, Steven Mazenko, Megan 60 McBain, Carol 52 McCann, Peggy 52, 66, 76 McClelland, Danny McClendon, Howell McClure, Melissa McCourt, Kelly 44 McCoy, Daria 60 McDonald, Deanna McDonald, G. 33 McDonnell, Karen McFarland, Stephen 33 McGraw, Jennifer 60 McHood, Debra McHugh, Betty 52, 106 Mcintosh, Susan 60 McKay, Scot McKean, Christina 50 McLaughlin. Stacy 52. 118 McManimie. Steven McPhee, Anthony 60. 79 Mecha, Tim Meece, Beverly 33 Meier, Don 17, 33 Meier, Michael 61 Meischner. Richelle 17, 44 Meisenheimer. Lisa Meiss. Deborah Melton. Michael Melvm. Larry 68 Merwin. Kedrik Metsker, Robert Metz, Daniel 17. 33 Metz, William 116. 120 Michaud. David Miefzner, Laurie Miller, Charles 34, 79 Miller, Corrine 34 Miller, David Miller, Deborah 34 Miller, Donald Miller, Janet 34 Miller, Janet 34 Miller, Louie Miller, Patti 34 Miller, Scott 34, 66 Minor, Richard 44 Mochel, Steve Moeller, Lisa 61 Moenck, Tammy Moffett, Michelle Moline. Vicki 34 Moma, Jeff 34 Moma, Paul Montcalm, Linda 61 Moore, Daniel 44 Moore, Robert 51 Morgan, Janice 52 Morr, Cheryl 52 Morris, Adrian Morris, Catherine Morris, Deborah Morris, Laurel 52 Morris, Jr., William Morton, Cathy Mueller, Kenneth 51 Mueller, Regina 34 Mullinax, Sharon Murdock, Melissa Murphy, Rodger Murray, Catherine 34, 56 Musgray, Leonard Myers, Teresa Myhre, Theodore N Nance, James Nell, John 34 Nelson, David Nelson, Marcia 61 Nelson, Thomas Neville, Thomas 53 New, Steven 53 New, Suzanne 44, 56 Newburn, Jean 44 Newim, Scott 53 Newman. Jill 17, 44. 107 Newton, Melinda 61 Niblack, Karen Nicholson, Shele Nickels, Steve Niessner. R. 53 Nihiser. Dale Nilles, Pamela 61 Noles, Dian 61 Nowlin, Lori 53 Nuelle, Christine 44. 69 Nugent. Patricia 34 Nystrom, John 44 0 O ' Brien. Regina O ' Byrne, Kelly 53 O ' Connor. Jean 44 O ' Connor. Kenneth O ' Dea. Catherine 17. 53. 68 106 O ' Dell. Christy 61, 107 O ' Dell. Jo O ' Hare. Laurie 44. 79 O ' Malley. James 34. 58 O ' Neill. Daniel 45 O ' Neill. John O ' Neill. Laura Oathout. Kelley 53 Oberheide. William Olafson. Kristi 0;ah, Merry Oldham, Kathy Olrick, Timothy Olson, Natalie 53 Orals, Andrew Orchard, Teresa 61 Osbourne, Michael 66 Otrembiak, Mary Owens, Elizabeth 34, 70 P Paczynski, Jeffrey 61 Paige, Alan Paige, Kevin Paine, Karen Panfil, Richard Parfitt, Thomas Parker, Cynthia 35 Parker, Philip 53 Parks, Joel Paschke, Jr., Arthur Patton, Stephen 122 Paul, Karen 53, 66 Payne, Lori 35 Peak, Sondra Peak, Stephanie Pearson, Annette 45 Pearson, Guy 35, 68 Peart, Sharon 61, 102 Peasley, Michelle 53 Peoples, Brian Periman, Teresa 17, 45 Perkins, Timothy Perry, Christine 17 Perry, David 45 Perryman, Frank Petard, Sidney 61 Peters, Erin 107 Peters, Martinette 45, 66, 79 Peters, Patrick 70 Peters, Sharon Petersen, Todd 61 Peterson, Jodi Petrongelli, Jane Petrovic, Ricky 53 Pfeifer, Richard Pfeiffer, Patricia Pflasterer, Tina 35 Phelps, John Phillips, Lynda 61 Phillips, Royce 53 Phipps, David 61 Pierce, Kari Pierceall, Tamette 110 Pilapil, Caroline Ping, Melody Pmkpank, Anja 53, 66 Pirtle, Lisa 45, 67, 69, 76 Pitt, Melinda 45 Piatt, Lisa 35 Plywaczewski, Walter 53 Poe, Joselyn 61 Poelker, Timothy Poland, Steven Polito, Mark Poole, April Poppen, Arlyn 61 Porter, Phillipa Porter, Sandra 35 Potje, Maria 67 Potter, Thomas 35 Pottorff, Timothy Powers, Gregory Powers, Judith Prater, Linda Price, David Price, Ronald 45, 76 Primmer, Lennet 54, 68, 79 Proffitt, Kimberly 54 Proud, Cara 61, 102 Prunty, Ceitha Puckett, John 61 Pygott, Mark Pygott, Susan Q Quackenbush, Robin Quaid, Michael 35 Query, Mary 45 R Rabe, Dawn 61, 68 Rademacher, Ranae 61, 68, 107 Rademaker, Brad 17, 68 Radke, Gordon 116 Radke, Jeffrey Radliff, Darron Radliff, Michael 45 Rafferty, Kristina 54 Ramos, Antonio Ramsey, Tammie 45 Ratcliff, Ernest Rebman, Jon 61 Reda, Joseph Redford, Carol 15, 67 Redford, Sarah 54 Reed, Bobbi 35, 107 Reed, Lon 35, 67, 76 Reed, Scott Reedy, Carol 35 Reese, Laurie 54 Reeve, Michelle Refine, Debra 35, 76, 112 Regos, Michele 54 Reid, Michael 61 Reissfelder, Tyson 54 Remack, Lynne 35 Renshaw, Randall Rentfro, Linda Reynolds, Darren Reynolds, Yale Rhead, Rhonda 61 Rhoades, Amy 62 Rhodes, Alice Ribelin, Mark Richards, Robin 35, 110 Richardson, William 62 Ridings, Susan 62, 79 Rippberger, Jeff Ripper, Jeffrey 62 Risdon, Mary 45, 76 Risinger, Royce Ritter, Beverly Roberts, Debra Robinson, Maria Robinson, Nancy 118 Rodgers, Carol Rodmaker, Tina 35, 76 Rogers, Kimberly 62 Romer, D. 36 Romer, Robert 62 Root, Laurie Rose, Kimberly 36 Roseberry, Lisa Rosebraugh, Warren Ross, Deidra 62 Rossiter, Thomas Roth, Teresa Rous, J. 45 Roush, Rene Rubalcaba Jr., Arthur Rudawski, Basil Ruland, Deborah 54, 67 Runyen, Tony Ruppel, Doris 36 Russell, Andre Russell, Cheryl 45 S Saathoff, Lori 45 Sabaduquia, Tomas Sablich, Gerard 45 Salansky, Julie 46 Salkowski, Joan 62 Sallee, Melissa Salo, Jennifer 62 Samford, Stephanie 62 Sample, Barbara 52 Sample, Constance Sanders, Mary Sanders, Rodney 36 Sands, Joseph Sankey, Jeffrey Sanner, Dawn 54 Santos, Brian 62 Sapienza, Mark Sarff, Kirk Sarran, Scott 17, 46, 69, 79 Saum, Janet 17, 36, 68, 69, 76 Saum, Julie Saylor, John Scales, Anthony Schafer, Kimberly 54 Schenck, Thomas 46 Schilsky, Ann Schiro, Nicholas Schlageter, Mary 54, 69 Schmalz, Julie 54 Schmedeke, Jeffrey Schmidt II, Frederick 54 Schneider, Lincoln 5, 46 Scholes, Paul 62 Schonert, Maria 46 Schrank, Robert 36 Schrieber. Gregg Schroat, Lisa 54 Schulmeister, Julie Schum, Daniel Schumacher, Terry 36 Schurman, Mary Schwalbe, Brian Schwarz, Robert 62 Schwent, Sally Sciackitano, Katherine 36 Scott, Mark Scott, Michele 62, 66 Scott, Sarah 46 Sculerati, Robin 46, 116 Seidman, David Shanahan, Deborah 36 Shanahan, Erin 62 Shanks, Stacy 46 Sheraden, James Sheriff, Alan Shewski, Colleen Shields, Andrea Shields, Joseph 54 Shinville, Patrick Shipp, Kevin Shively, Deanna Shook, Lori 54 Shook, Mark 36, 76 Shroyer, Christopher Shultz, Mary 62 Shumate, Ann Sierakowski, Jerry 120 Simonds, Robert Sims, Stacey 61 Singleton, Alan 62, 104 Siska, Bonnie Slade, Rebecca 36, 70 Slavick, Stephen 36 Sleade, Cheryl Sleade, Laura 62 Slinkard, Regina 62 Sloan, Bonnie 36 Small, Daisy 37 Smidt, Kelly Smidt (Hanks), Nancy Smiley, Nathaniel 54 Smit, Denise Smith, Amy 62, 107 Smith, Bryan 62 Smith, Carl Smith, Carol 54, 110 Smith, Carol 37 Smith, Cynthia 46, 66 176 Smith, Eric 54 Smith), Jennifer 1 7 Smith, Pamela 37 Smith, Patricia Smith, Patricia 46 Sniitli, Stanley 37 Smith-DeHesus, Julia 52 Snow, John Snyder, Elizabeth Snyder, Robert 37 Snyders, Traci 62, 66 Sober, G. 17, 69 Somercik, Melanie 54 Songer, Kerry 54 Songer, Kerry Sorensen, Eric 46, 66 Sparks, Angela 17, 46 Sparks, Jeffory Sparks (Martin), Laurie Sparling, Pamela Spencer, Holly 16, 54, 116 Sperry, Jane 17, 110, 118 Spires, Tammie 62 Spriggs, Lucy Sromek, Patti 37 Staab. Frank Standerfer, Julia 37 Stanhope, George Stanton, Joy 37 Stapleton, Sharon 46 Stark, Judith 37 Starkey, Jeryl 62 Staub, Michael 37 Staublin, Patricia 17, 54, 70 Steele, David Steele, Steven 37 Steffen, Sister Steinkraus, Ann 62 Stelzriede, Cynthia Stephens, Paul 54 Stephens, Jr., Donald Sterenberg, Cheryl 37 Stevens, Steve Stewart, Karen Stine, Cheryl 37 Stiner, Curtis 54, 104 Stokes. Rebecca 37 Stollard, Jeffrey 46 Strandt, Heidi Strawniak, Bohdonna Stremming. Susan 17, 38, 79, 110 Strickland, Clifton 54 Strzelczyk III, Chester 62 Stupar, Annelisa Stupek (Etchison). Nancy Sturgill, John 38 Sudkamp. Michael 54 Sullivan, Michael 55, 120 Suter, Lora Sutton, Elizabeth 55 Swanson, William Swartzbaugh, Jason Sweeney. Mary 46 Swenson, Gina 47 Sympson. Terri 38 Szabo, Susan Szczepanski. Andrea 63 Szekely. Lisa 63. 69 Szonn, Christopher Sztuk. David T Talbott. Scott Talbott. Susan 63 Taloff, Scott 38 Tarn, Ginger Tanabe. Nancy 55, 66. 76 Tanking. Dianne 47 Tarbell. Patricia Taylor. Brian Taylor. Eddie 120 Taylor. John laylor, M.irk 120 Taylor, Mk li.ifl ' j ' j, 122 Taylor, Stiarloan 4 Taylor, Susan 38 Teeter, Todd Tel row, Christine 63 Thiele, Davi Thomas, Daphne 55 Thomas, Eric 63 Thomas, Robert 63 Thompson, Laura 38, 78 Thompson, Paula 63 Thorsen, Robert Thorsen, Todd 1 7, 38 Tilton, Melanie Tindell. Janet 47 Tippitt, Allen Tish, Danda 17 Titsworth, Tim Torkelson, Linda 17 Townsley, James Tragos, James Trask, Kathryn 38, 66, 68 Travis, Janet Trimberger, Jr., L. Trimble, Susan 63 Trucano, Laura Turnbull, Karen 55 Turner, Deborah Twitchell, Michelle 17, 38, 69 Tyus, Gregory 55 V Vahlkamp. Steve Valdahl. Kathleen 47 VanNest, Leslie 63 Vela, Christopher Veiek, Thomas Venier, Vicki Verdooren, Andrew 47, 68 Via, David 38 Vickroy, Roschelle 63 Viemont, Jeffry 38, 69 Vineyard. Heather 63 Vitek. Kimberly 17 Vittitoe. Ruth 38 Vlasaty, Frank 38 Vogel, Henry Vogg, Mark W Waddell, Leslie 47, 112 Wahlsmith, Thomas Wainscott, Linda 38 Wakabayashi, Allen 63, 69 Walker, Edwin 47 Wallace. Alisa 38 Wallace. Lauren Wallbaum, Gary Waller, Eric Wampler, Suzanne 63 Warden-Michl. Linda Waring, Amy 47 Warkins, Julie 68 Warnick, Robin Warren, Diane 17, 39, 76 Washburn, Stephen Watson. Amy Watts. Darrel Watts, John 47 Weaver, Michael Webb, JoEllyn Webber. Jerry Weber. Deborah 39 Weissenstem, Eric Wells. Craig Wells, James 63 Wells, Thomas 55 Wells, Timothy 63 Welsh, Elizabeth 47 Went el, Lisa 63 Werdin, Julie 47, 68, 79 West, Annetta 63, 70 West, Glen 63 Westcot, Anne 39 Western, Sara 63 Westrick, John Whalen, Dennis 39 Whaley, Todd Whitaker, James 55 White, Duane 63, 120 White, James 47 White, Joseph 47 White, Karen White, Morris 47 Whitford, Mike 47, 76 Whitley, Cheryl 17, 39 Whitmore, Richard Wiegand, Roseanna Wiegard, Janine 37, 70 Wilcoxen, David 47 Wildman, Gregory Wildman, Jeffery 47 Wilkerson, Jr., Richard Wilkes, Peter Wilkin, Barbara Wilklns, Lisa 63. 68 Wilkins, Nancy 39, 102 Williams, Steve 47 Williams, Thomas Williams, Tobbie 55 Williams (Bafford), Denna Williams, Jr., William Williamson, Leann 47. 78 Williamson. Loretta 55 Willingham, Ted 76 Willis, Kelley 118 Willison, Dawn Wilson, Bruce 63 Wilson, Marsha 47 Wimberly, Charlene Wincheski, Richard 47 Winkeler, Brenda 17. 39, 110 Wmkleblack, Lee 55 Winkler. Judy 39 Wisner, Barbara Witt, Beth Witthoeft, Victoria 63 Wolff, Kevin 122 Wong, Hsiao Woodburn, Pamela 39 Woodrum. James 39. 76 Workman, Ann 63, 69, 70 Wortman, Daniel 55 Wright. Carig 47 Wright, Marc Wright, Todd Wrincik, Susan 47 Wyant, Jodi Y Yada, Eileen Yarnik, Timothy 39 Yeo, Frances 39. 79 Yokoyama, Kyoko Yonan, Mark 63 Young. Cheryl Young, Connie 55 Young. Nancee 39. 78 Young, Susan 47 Yuenger. Garrett 55 Z Zaher. Thomas Zaidumbide. Patricia 55 Zelman. John 55. 69 Zika, Lynn 55. 110 Zimmerman. Sherwood 55 Zuegel. Carol 63 Zywicki. Cindy 47 1984 Millidek Staff Co-Editors: Laura Bembenek, Shelby Casey Business Manager: Dawn Sanner Classes Editocs: Lennet Primmer, Julie Werdin Organizations Editor: Laurie O ' Hare Faculty Editor: Kathy Beckman Sports Editor: Sue Stremming Fine Arts Editor: Leslie Hymes Index Editor: John Fry Staff Members: Cheryl Kristofek, Jana Kramme, Kathi Jessup, Deana Davis, Bruce Eden, Tim King, Laura Matson, Robin Sclurati Photographers: Mark Kern, Susan Ridings, Jana Kramme, Kathy Beckman A special thanks to Bob Donnelly our yearbook representative and Terry Shepherd our faculty advisor for all their support through- out the year. We would also like to thank everyone in University Relations and Student Development. Closing 179 I 180 Closing 9 I

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