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ACTIVITIES PROGRAMS FRESHMAN CAMP Allerton Park . . . meeting people . . . discussion groups . . . volleyball . . Softball . . . buring of the M . . . walks through Allerton . . . counselors . . HOMECOMING 1973 IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR " ■LT AND RUN BIG BLUE ' r 14 Carol Attlg PI Beta Phi Homecoming Queen 23 JAILHOUSEJCIi LA How many times were you in jail? . . . Did you catch that act? . . . Who got Beauty and Beast? . . . How much money now? rm mwr Ww J I Have you ever thought about " the other guys " life at Millikin? Living in the dorms or at home or at " the house " ? Being a Greek or an Independent? Going home every weekend or staying on campus? Studying in the stacks or the Sub or in front of the T.V. in your room? Being involved in things on campus or just going your own way? Someone once said there are many Millikins. They couldn ' t have been more right. Everyone has their own Millikin. That ' s their privilege. " —For this our very own, Here and now. " 43 Jullard String Quartet February 14, 1974 f7l Alicia de Larrocha pianist October, 1974 49 SPORTS 1973— a rebuilding year for Big Blue cross country. A lack of returning lettermen caused difficulties for Coach Johannson, but promising freshmen Jeff Korando and Jim Bos, now with a year of ex- perience behind them, offer a brighter outlook for next year ' s season. Senior Chris Olsen, the team ' s only veteran, finished well in several meets, beating his own record by ten seconds in the Illinois Intercollegiate Championships (5 miles in 25:59 minutes) and capturing second place in the NAIA district. Millikin Meet 42 Sept. 15- -Greenville forfeit Sept. 22- -Principia Washington U. 6th place Sept. 29 —Cougar Invitational (SIU Edwardsville) 3 4 Oct. 10- -Illinois Wesleyan 38 U. of Missouri 5th place Oct. 13- -Greenville Invitational (Olsen) 16th place Nov. 3— CCIW at Augustana (Olsen) Opponent 17 25 23 55 BIG BLUE FOOTBALL 72 FIRST ROW: K. Heck, L. Olsen, S. Spencer, S. Dewalt, B. Harris, A. Mullins, J. Mason, C. Porter, P. Thomas, J. Cooley, S. Long, J. Claudon, J. Johnson, K. Jacobs, J. Langheim, K. Kratochvil. SECOND ROW: K. Littrell, T. Larimer, J. Bruggeman, K. Meckstroth, K. Issacs, K. Korbet, K. Zindel, J. Galloway. THIRD ROW: B. Schneider, S. Berning, G. Love, R. Carlyle, R. Goff, K. McGregor, J. Zank, A. Bucher, K. Lowe, V. Traughber. FOURTH ROW: L. Michels, G. Heymeyer, M. Strine, R. Walker, R. Beals, T. Budde, G. DeRochi, K. Epperson, M. Connley. FIFTH ROW: E. Roe, V. Mason, E. Adrian, J. Hopkins, P. McDonald, B. Vaughn, D. Comerota, M. Kelley, J. Davis, S. Etherton. STANDING: G. Oberto, R. Receveur, K. Markby, C. Holtz. ALPHA CHI OMEGA FIRST ROW: L. Callahan, P. Russell, B. Lund, C. McFarland, M. Olt- ma nn. SECOND ROW: P. Tanis, D. Curfman, J. Condon, P. Soukup, J. Hurd, C Jones. THIRD ROW: K. Goltermann, J. Wulfman, S. Bliler, C. Etling, D. Hinck, J Schuster, C. Harlow, N. Zatt. FOURTH ROW: S. Slater, V. Glasscock, B. Six, R. Davis, B. Morgan, C Gasper, C. Meuriot, L. Anderson, C. Lanzotti. FIFTH ROW: R. Melvin, L. Ralston, J. Morrison, J. Larkin, J. Priest, S Rosenberger, D. Benjiman, L. Stewart, M. Forbes, C. Thorpe. SIXTH ROW: L. Anderson, K. Campbell, N. Owen, B. Crabtree, M. Freshour, S. Cummins, K. Young, M. Hageman, J. Rief, S. Winick. DELTA DELTA DELTA M FIRST ROW: B. Henderson, J. Friday, P. Nelson. SECOND ROW: J. Rivers, C. Williams, B. Guieler, M. Rogers. THIRD ROW: G. Riley, P. Dixon, C. Pressie. DELTA SIGMA THETA FIRST ROW: D. Hill, J. Ludwig, K. Rumgay, B. Ebert, L. Ross, C. Brown, B. Allen, L. Herren, S. White, S. Benneyhoff, M. Klein, C. Attig, L Peters. SECOND ROW: L. Heneghan, K. Weakly, C. Summers, P. Luck, N. Soukup, D. Moore, D. Lauer, P. Deck, C. Roberts, M. McDougal, J. Chambers, D. Miller, Mr. Fireman. THIRD ROW: K. Everhart, C. Whiteman, J. Higgins, J. Smetts, K. Sewell, A. Northup. FOURTH ROW: J. Hedlund, K. McClugage, D. Pirtle, D. Moore, M. Leffelman, S. Thompson, M. Gaden, D. Nyberg, S. Varde, D. Wright, C. Cahill, K. Claus, J. Hill. PI BETA PHI 98 FIRST ROW: P. Morgan, W. Diekhoff, H. McClintock. SECOND ROW: K. Rigsby, K. Ritchie, L. Schoemann, M. Fernstaedt, B. 7 E H A Spieth, R. Wise. C I 1 THIRD ROW: C. Childers, R. Kuykendall, M. Moore, A. Epperson, C. « All Pape, C. Olsen, K. Michael. 0 I | FOURTH ROW: C. Zielke, B. Bond, L. Wilson, J. Norton. FliFTH ROW: D. Kingsley, E. Radcliffe, L. Solomon, D. Gray, T. Hall, S. L H Milne. SIXTH ROW: T. Moma, C. Rule, D. Blaine, L. Flentje, J. Remack, M. Welsh. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FIRST ROW: D. Moore, S. O ' Reilly, P. Tanis. SECOND ROW: A. Glover, J. Ludwig, N. Owen, V. Traughber. THIRD ROW: J. Norton, P. Snyder, L. Herren, G. Love, D. Curfman. 100 Delta Sigma Phi FIRST ROW: L. Ralston, S. Long, J. Bergh, V. Mason, E. Andrian. SECOND ROW: P. Mackey, P. Snyder, D. Wright, D. Hill. THIRD ROW: J. Hedstrom, R. Recevoir, L. Herbst, K. Goltermann. Kappa Sigma FIRST ROW: L. Soloman, K. McGreagor, M. McDoogle, S. Winick, G. Mrugraz, P. Deck, S. Bliler. SECOND ROW: S. West, J. Reif, S. Stevens, J. Kuhn, A. Friske, J. Speisal. THIRD ROW: E. Row, S. Bernlng, B. Hoarsley, S. White, B. Ebert. FOURTH ROW: J. Klelnfelter, J. Zank, J. Cooley, J. Hedlund, M. Leffelman. FIFTH ROW: P. Bissie, K, Olsen, M. Hageman, C. Gasper. Sigma Alpha Epsilon S l S T E R S FIRST ROW: J. Hurd, C. Roberts, P. Smith, L. Warner, C. Jones. SECOND ROW: K. Campbell, N. Zatt, P. Russell, P. Tanis, L. Callahan. THIRD ROW: A. Mullins, D. Curfman, C. Sewell, L. Stewart. STANDING: J. Hopkins, M. String, L. Peters, K. Stone, K. Everhart, J. Condon, D. Benjiman, K. McCluggage, J. Morrison, C. Harlow. Tau Kappa Epsilon » V MM FIRST ROW: J. Alexander, N. Owen, S. Arnold. SECOND ROW: C. Holtz, K. Muhdowney, Mrs. Knowles, L. Schoemann. THIRD ROW: C. Whiteman, C. Newell, K. Markby, C. Brown, V. Traughber, J. Davis. 103 FIRST ROW: K. Graves, B. Harvey, S. Rodeffer, T. Buckley, P. Rudd, B. A I I I A Mosser, C. Clinard, J. Spina. J LJ A SECOND ROW: B. Watdins, C. Johansen, A. Wendland, T. Jodis, D. Thomas, Sarah Eagan, L. Combs, M. Cieplik, B. Robertson, S. Giger, K. All Ray, C. lacovelli. I Jdk II OMEGA FIRST ROW: D. Hanson. SECOND ROW: D. Broederdorf, G. Anton, D. Zeller, S. Moore, G. Mackey, S. Soppet, C. Sablick. T. Lockman. THIRD ROW: D. Childs, D. Sheller, M. Piercy, S. Trusner, J. Gale, L. Ralston, A. Ryan, J. Zirngibl, J. Basilo, M. Brennan, J. Hartman, G. Deitelhoff. FOURTH ROW: C. McDonald, T. Tiffin, J. Lackenger, D. Ferry, D. O ' Connell, D. Perry, T. Fastner, J. Black, J. Chambrovich, T. Telling, D. Rockford, J. Forbes, T. Turnipseed, H. Henricks, W. DeMarco. DELTA SIGMA PHI ELEVATED: J. Harris, F. Stone, J. Cherry. FIRST ROW: D. Mess, B. Herrick, B. Frodin, B. Martin, M. Copeland, D. Slater, M. Pettyjohn, D. Rademaker. SECOND ROW: M. Polley, M. Estes, K. Gulder, J. Allison, T. Peterson R Plotz. THIRD ROW: M Canty, B. Dudenhausen, R. Sager, D. Sheehy, L. Kruizenga, B. Toter, G. Frazell, J. Gaske, E. Santy, G. Stowell. FOURTH ROW: T. West, C. Orr, M. Covington, Mitch Canty, T. Gustin, D. McNeely, D. Hamilton. KAPPA SIGMA FIRST ROW: R. Edwards, R. Armstrong, S. Schrader. SECOND ROW: S. Cooper, D. Kirhoffer, B. Shaver, P. Parmelee, T. Roth, T. Hussar, G. Edwards, M. McNeely, T. Connerly. THIRD ROW: D. Sweeney, B. Smith, L. Jenkins, M. Connely, D. Oberhelman, K. VanWinkel, R. Erwin, G. Tully, B. Wells, K. Hamilton, M. Hand. FOURTH ROW: K. Manson, M. Hamilton, B. Tyler, J. Arnold, M. Moore, Mom Day, F. Hettiger, H. Martin, J. Elden. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FIFTH ROW: J. Gibson, J. Perrings, K. Gibbs, P. McCarthy, C. Sewell, G. Brichacek, B. Mclllwain. FIRST ROW: J. Neuburg, N. Peters, J. Langill, V. Christman, P. Herrin, R. Jones, S. Kaminski. SECOND ROW: S. Guinn, C. Schwarze, S. Squier, B. Morelli, M. Hund- man, B. Hyink, G. Guichard, T. Burris, J. Jones, A. Fraggos. THIRD ROW: J. Thompson, G. Mardock, R. Henson, J. Warner, Mrs. Knowles, B. Hilgers, C. Schade, J. Toro, A. Hale, M. Metcalf, B. Ellswoth, J. Earnest, S. Bollman. FOURTH ROW: B. Snead, D. Manson, D. Freed, D. Watts, E. Lindblad, M. Hayek, M. Kuhnke, C. VanVoren, T. Quick, J. Hintz. FIFTH ROW: B. Bakakos, R. Sudlow, F. Saurman, M. Sands, M. Mueller, D. DuBravic, R. Chamberlain, A. Buck, R. Dwiggins, M. Pendergast, R. Connors. TAU KAPPA EPSILON 115 FIRST ROW: J. Warner, J. Hedlund, N. Owen, S. Arnold, J. Priest, L. Wilson, K. McCluggage, J. Rivers, J. Allison, M. Hartung, B. LaRowe. SECOND ROW: M. Tamburini, B. Duffner, M. Hundmand, M. Canty, L. Herren. THIRD ROW: N. Peters, C. Kiricoples, C. lacovelli, D. Hanson, K. McGregor, D. Rademaker. FOURTH ROW: R. Hensen, D. Stacy, Al Wendland, Dean Houston, T. Drake, T. Saurmann, J. Hutchison, L. Meyer, J. Herbst. STUDENT SENATE 120 1 2 1 ALUMNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS SEATED: Mrs. M. Cooper, Mrs. E. Arends, Mrs. M. Ayers, Mrs. J. Wells, Mrs. R. Stengle. STANDING: Dr. P. Berryhill, Mrs. R. Grohne, G. Irish, J. Hedlund, W. Ormond, B. Martin, J. Suter, S. Bliler, J. Williams, J. McKeown, B. Harner. Not Pictured: Mrs. D. Jack, Mrs. L. Bennett, C. Doc- tor. 122 STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: A. Fraggos, V. Traughber, Mrs. Hill, Dean Houston. SECOND ROW: Dr. Givens, Mr. Sheldon, Dr. Tiede, Mr. Pat- tison, L. Heneghan, M. Pettyjohn, M. McDougal. THIRD ROW: Dr. Glasscock, Dean Forbes, M. Hundman, W. Barra, Mr. Smith, C. Thomas, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Bates, C. Harlow, Mr. Smithson. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Dr. Tiede, R. Love, M. Hundman, Mr. Allan, J. Morrison, Dean Houston. SECOND ROW: Dr. Butler, Mr. Collins, Mr. Bates, Mr. Gaston, Mr. Smith, Dr. Williams, Dr. Glasscock. THIRD ROW: Mr. Songer, Dr. Givens, Mr. Merritt, T. Budde, Mr. Mclntire, Dean Forbes, Mr. Vicars, Mr. Pickens, Dr. Lewis, L. Herren. SEATED: Mrs. Hill, Mr. Smith, Dean Forbes, Dean Houston, Dr. Rocke. SECOND ROW: A. Fraggos, W. DeMarco, V. McMillin, Dr. Provan, J. Warner, Dr. Adell, L. Meyer, T. Jodis, C. Pape, Mr. Chapman, M. Hundman. JUDICIAL BOARD 125 PUBLICATIONS ' BOARD FIRST ROW: C. Klrlcoples, J. Warner, K. Gaston, Dr. Myer, Miss Manny, T. Peter- son, A. Conrath. SECOND ROW: N. Sawry, B. Martin, A. Stanton, C. Baker, G. Sakata. 126 J. Short, C. Baker, A. Stanton, Dr. Guillory, L. Uhle searching alone in my room reading Spencer writing poems an assembly line trying to please myself and the wardens skipping the party downstairs ' cause I need to get to bed priorities pseudo cum laude together in an environment to scholarly achievement prepared consequently bored for $9 hr smiling when you ' d rather spit manners before honesty passing time listening to lectures talking to walls removing my face at five when all the doors shut alone killing brain cells watching those faces-so intent on nothing thinking not about the week or year ahead but about tomorrow when they ' ll have to beat the old lady and escape to the pub to watch those faces-so intent on nothing thinking together with my friends driving the van with the tie-dye curtains to the country feeling hip while they choke and the smoke burns my eyes and theirs what a man it doesn ' t matter that I ' m straight that they see yellow elephants and I see yellow lines alone in my room intent thinking not about the week or year ahead but about tomorrow — C. Clark Baker MILLIDEK Millidek Staff Editors— Dianne Hill— Editor in Chief Gary Sakata— Business Manager Rhonda Koldehoff— Activities Beverli Meekins — Programs Pam Andriano— Sports Lisa Heneghan— Sports Jackie Condon — Greeks Cathy Gasper— Organizations Cathy Jones— Faculty Administration Emmy Adrian— Classes Staff- Karen Goltermann Karen Zindel Kathy Everhart Ann Cover Kate Claus Beth Vaughn Chris Rule Carol Connerly Nancy Zatt Maryanne Klein Debbie Curfman Paul Buck, Staff Photographer 129 BACK STAGE FIRST ROW: M. Wilkinson. SECOND ROW: B. Meekins, M. Cline. THIRD ROW: D. Curfman, A. Miller, D. Metternich, K. Han- son, B. Williams, G. Plassman, K. Sullivan, J. Lawson, M. Freier, G. Motta, T. Sheehan. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS CONVOCATIONS FIRST ROW: K. Sewell, N. Wright, B. Ebert. SECOND ROW: N. Owen, Mr. Anderson, Dr. Onwuemene, E. Adrian. THIRD ROW: M. Jackson, M. Muhr, R. Kuykendall, L. Herren. FOURTH ROW: J. Hedlund, B. Bruner, S. McBride, S. White. 137 ... INTER-DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: P. Olsen, R. Kahila, S. Tate, W. Barra, President, D. Coffman, D. Badger, C. Doctor. SECOND ROW: B. Morrison, S. Bonilla, D. Bosak, Treasurer, B. Guiler, R. Morton, B. Meekins, S. Jori, B. Stewart, P. Kriske, Soc ial Chairman, D. Jennings, Secretary. Not pictured: D. Morrison, Vice-President, J. Hedstrom, E. Roe, G. Hummel, M. Fitzgerald, R. Gregory, M. Nobis, J. Parker, D. Larson. FIRST ROW: L. James, R. Short, S. Mlllner, L. Thomas, H. Hudson. SECOND ROW: J. Francois, C. McDonald. G. Riley, K. Todd, C. Pressle, S. Llndsey, A. Granger. J. Harris. THIRD ROW: A. Hill, A. Dew, G. Allen, F. Bucawon, D. Mosley, A. Michael, H. Ruff, C. Osby, M. Rogers, C. Jackson, C. Williams, C. Thomas. 140 STUDENT ADMISSION CORP FIRST ROW: J. Brueggeman, D. Hill, D. Moore, L. Heneghan. SECOND ROW: N. Owen, P. Russell, S. McBrlde, J. Relf, J. Morrison, L. Stewart, C. Jones. THIRD ROW: K. McGregor, C. Harlow, R. Henson, A. Fraggos, P. Snyder, P. Tanls, K. Meckstroth , S . Stevens. 142 l FIRST ROW: S. Peterson, K. Force, J. Brueggemann, E. Fitzsimmons. SECOND ROW: K. Weakly, M. Margrave, Dr. Butler, A. Ward, N. Rotz, J. Oliver. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION PI MU THETA ROW ONE: D. Metternich, J. Norton, D. Moore, M. Fernstaedt. ROW TWO: J. Morrison, J. Hill, L. Herren, N. Soukup, P. Williams. ROW THREE: S. Arnold— President, D. Ethington, G. Manley, V. Hamilton, A. Stanton. Not pictured, S. Hall, S. Rzeszutko— V.P., T. Weller— Sec.-Treas., Mrs. Schaar— Faculty advisor. 145 I FIRST ROW: B Sindelar, W. DeMarco, Mr. Anderson, Dr. Glasscock. SECOND ROW: Dr. Ferry, Dr. Wing, Mr. Allan, Mr. Krows, Dr. Shell, Mr. Boatman. THIRD ROW: Dr. Weatherbee, A. Stanton, Mr. Smith, V. Hamilton, Dr. Bateman, Dr. Williams, Dr. Baird, Dr. Lewis, M. Harres, Dr. Mardock, Dr. Kerns, Mr. Benner. 149 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS FIRST ROW: C. Young, W. DeMarco, D. Anderson, K. Cater, N. Oberto, S. Rempala. SECOND ROW: J. Cahill, J. Phillips, D. McGee, J. Speasl, Dr. Williams, M. Hunt, L. Kruizenga. THIRD ROW: H. Menke, J. Boyle, A. Dumbris, T. Connelly, A. Pietrzak, T. Quick, M. Anderson. SPANISH CLUB S. Puchalski, J. Rice, S. Bennyhoff, R. Koldenhoff, M. Estes, K. Nielsen, J. Smetts, T. Littrell, L. Ross, S. Bennett P Bissev Dr C. Castaneda, C. Childers, D. Kingsley, K. Isaacs, T. Hall, N. Irwin. 132 SEATED, Left to Right: M. Moore, Sue McBride, J. Basilo, C. Olsen. STANDING: S. Rzeszutko, T. Sheldon, J. Hutchison, Dodge. 153 SIGMA ZETA ROW: D. Busiere, J. Bodeffer. SECOND ROW: C. Van Vooren, S. Vanstrom, S. Korbet, S. Kohl. THIRD ROW: R. Kahila, rd. FOURTH ROW: S. Lee, J. Morrison, N. Ebbert, J. Priest, B. Sindelar, W. Jesek, A. Benner, C. Harlow, N. Owen. 154 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA FIRST ROW: Dr. Shell, M. Harres, C. Guthrie, C. Rainey, D. Mess. SECOND ROW: D. Adams, S. Ayre, W. Jesek, J. Rodeffer, J. Morrison, S. Lee, J. Wichert. THIRD ROW: J. Cimmins, R. Blackburn, G. Glasscock, S. Korbet, S. Vanstrom, E. Brenner, B. Tresler. 155 STUDENTS ' INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION SOCIETY S. Hori, B. Morrison, C. Udell, D. Hanson, T. Jodis, M. Sandlin, J. Zirngibl. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW: P. Foltz, Father Skelton. SECOND ROW: D. Comerota, M. Connelly, T. Budde. THIRD ROW: D. Tobiaz, T. Connelly. BAPTIST UNION 158 I PHI MU ALPHA FIRST ROW: J. Hartman, D. Bette, F. Meadows. SECOND ROW: S. Fraser, S. Moline, J. Bellerud, T. Fletcher, E. Vinyard, B. Harris. THIRD ROW: R. Pollard, J. Guzaski, E. Kruzan, S. Schepper, J. Wolfe, S. Shebenik, M. Cooper. FOURTH ROW: T. Laney, K. Keller, T. Rotondi, M. Sperry, D. Jordan, R. Milco. 160 FIRST ROW: M. Elder, R. Goff, R. Thompson, J. Claudon, A. Mills, M. Sandlin, B. Morris, V. Mason, A. Cover, S. Meyers, L. Shoemann. SECOND ROW: P. Foltz, C. Wrigley, D. Winslow, D. Dunn, R. Kuykendall, K. McClugage, J. Mason, A. Franzese, M. Quilhot, W. King, S. Parton. THIRD ROW: D. Alexandra, H. Warriner, C. McClain, C. Doctor, D. Coverstone, R. Parvin, J. O ' Leary, D. Pitcock, B. Harris, B. Magnuson. FOURTH ROW: G. Jensen, G. Motta, D. Bettis, T. Laney, J. Werner, S. Fraser, E. Vinyard, M. Clodfelter, K. Keller, K. Davis, T. Fletcher. O R C H E 166 168 MARCHING BAND 170 ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS COUNCIL ' This generation will decide if something untrammeled and free remains as testimony that we had love for those who follow. " 173 PRESIDENT Dr. J. Roger Miller John Kettlekamp, Director of Admissions Bryce Boston, Assistant Director of Admissions Jack C. Allen, Dean of Admissions and Records Lin Stoner, Admissions Counselor Carl T. Pattison, Director of Religious Activities Joseph Houston, Dean of Students Elizabeth F. Hill, Advisor for Social Activities Forest L. DeWeese, Director of Physical Plant William R. Merrltt, Registrar c. Larry Songer, Assistant Registrar 180 Mrs. Phillips, Housekeeping Mrs. Bobbit, Housekeeping MATHEMATICS Fred J. Connell, Assistant Professor Larry E. Chapman, Assistant Professor Dr. Alvin L. Boyd, Assistant Professor Dr. Ronald M. Shelton, Professor, Chairman R. Kent Te Vault, Assistant Professor Gordon Forbes, Associate Professor Henry F. Gromoll, Associate Professor, Chairman PHILOSOPHY Dr. Arvid Adell, Assistant Professor Frederick Mosedale, Instructor RELIGION Dr. W. Edward Wing, Professor Dr. William G. Bodamer, Associate Professor 191 Halice Wiggs, Associate Professor Dr. Richard E. Ferry, Associate Professor Thomas Butler, Assistant Professor COMMUNICATIONS AND THEATER ARTS Stuart McDaniel, Instructor Keith W. Johnson, Instructor 196 ENGLISH Brian L. Mihm, Assistant Professor John L. Hall, Assistant Professor P. R. Sandoval, Associate Professor Daniel L. Guillory, Assistant Professor • ■ Doris L. Mabry, Lecturer 198 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. Concepion Castaneda, Associate Professor Robert E. Vicars, Assistant Professor Dr. William N. Ferris, Professor, Chairman 200 Ralph Allan, Associate Professor, Chairman Steven Cheaney, Instructor SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Donald Rocke Associate Professor of Business Administration Nicholas A. Kargas Assistant Professor of Accounting Glenn Klrby Assistant of Economics Glen R. Smith Professor of Business Administration 204 Richard G. Paine, Lecturer in Accounting Sarah Eagan, Instructor Joseph W. Puckett, Instructor 1 206 207 SCHOOL OF MUSIC DR. RUSSELL TIEDE ACTING DEAN Jan Anderson Belleville Sue Anderson Belvidere E. J. Arendt Lincolnwood Sandi Arnold Hudson Carol Attig Pontiac Ayrton Angus Ochorios, Jamaica Martin Baddeloo Downers Grove Charles Baker Leeton, Mo. Walter Barra Roanoke Joe Basilo Chicago Gail Baumgartner Decatur Diane Behrer Ridgewood, N.J. Bonny Berger Vandalia Donna Blaine Alton Harry Bond Decatur Terri Booker Elwin James Boyle Medfield, Mass. Barbara Branson Decatur Dale Bray Decatur Cindy Brown Normal Gary Burns Decatur Linda Callahan Peoria Kathy Campbell Carlinville Mike Canty Grays Lake David Casey Northbrook 215 SENIORS John Chambrovich Orangeburg, N.J. Charles Clinard Mt. Sterling Micki Comerford Decatur Diane Comerota Newfoundland, N.J. Mike Cooper Hawthorne, N.J. David Coverstone Decatur Jack Davis Decatur Kenneth Davis Bloomington Gary Deitelhoff Elmherst Wayne DeMarco Chicago Wendy Diekhoff Delavan Carl Doctor Washington, D.C. Bob Drischol Decatur Linda Droll Decatur Bill Duffner Chicago Rick Dummermuth Macon Diane Dunn Galesburg Robert Edlen Virginia Tom Edmunds Clinton Mary Edward Kincaid Marsha Fernstaedt Freeport Bill Fiesler Mt. Zion Betty Fltzslmmons Pana John Forbes Decatur Cathy Force Decatur 216 Angelo Fraggos Markham James Francois Chicago Ann Marie Franzese Arlington Hts. Paulette French Decatur Debra Galbraith Camp Lejeune, N.C. Joseph Gale Chicago Nancy Garlock Wheaton Jack Gibson Peoria Craig Guthrie Houston, Tx. Vickie Hamilton Chapin Valerie Harding Decatur Mike Harres Columbia John Harris Galesburg William Harris Washington, D.C. Mark Hartung Beardstown Jane Hedlund Nokomis Gayle Hehmeyer Decatur Gary Hendrickson Arthur Linda Herbst Garden City, N.Y. Linda Herren Oswego Sue Hershfelt Decatur Bob Higers Park Ridge Audrey Hill Houston, Tx. Jan Hill Bowie, Md. Christine Holland Glen Ellyn 217 SENIORS Caroline Holtz Evanston Debra Horvath Decatur Jim Horvath Decatur Vicki Huber Taylor Springs Charles Hughson Mt. Prospect Mike Hundman Bloomington Mary Jackson Chicago Sharon Jennings Decatur Warren Jesek Mt. Zion Roger Kahila Des Plaines Betty Kamarit Pana Karlton Keller Palatine Marjean Kelley Decatur Don Kerwood Decatur Margie Kessler Decatur John Kilborn Decatur Robert Landaas Wyckoff, N.J. Tom Laney Northfield. Bob Larson St. Charles Beverly Leonard Decatur Pete Lieberman Cherry Hill, N.J. Gary Lindmark Ashbury Park, N.J. Judy Lobos Monticello Bi ll Lockart Shelbyvllle Gina Love Evanston 218 SENIORS Diane Metternich Carthage Leonard Meyers Palos Hills Karen Micheal College State, Pa. Annette Mills Salem Kurt Mitchell Chicago Deanna Moore Mattoon Deb Moore Mattoon Gail Moore Quincy Becky Mooris Decatur William Morris Milford, Ohio Dan Morrison Decatur Jalayne Morrison Mt. Vernon Mary Murphy St. Louis, Mo. Robert Mosser Bellwood Gary Motta Palatine Mark Muhr Chicago Gayle Murphy Westport, Conn. Gary Myers Ramsey Nancy Newquist Aurora Jane Norton Bloomlngton Barbara Nyklel Chicago Edward Nyklel Summit Norman Oberto Decatur Jim O ' Leary Elgin Jane Oliver Chicago 220 Chris Olsen Decatur Susan O ' Riley Decatur Carl Orr Garden City, N.Y. Rex Parvin Arlington Hts. Kevin Peters Matteson Sandy Peterson Elk Grove Village Wayne Peterson Monticello Mike Poe Seattle, Wash. Tom Punzelt Muncie, Ind. Linda Ralston Springfield James Ralston Milan, Ind. Robin Receveur Louisville, Ky. Don Redmond St. Louis, Mo. Steve Rempala Prospect Hts. Victoria Rickey Decatur Diane Robinson Hunt Sta., N.Y. Janet Rodeffer LaHarpe Thomas Rotondi Chicago Hts. Karen Rumgay Kingsport, Tenn. Sandy Rzeszutko Chicago Gary Sakata Des Plaines Robert Sander Palatine Lynn Schoemann Norridge Jane Schuster Garden City, N.Y. Steve Shebenik Waukegan m SENIORS Dick Shelby Minonk Robert Sindelar Chicago Nancy Siron Decatur Kathy Smetts Cincinnati, Ohio Nancy Soukup Wheaton Marshall Sperry Blue Mound Barbara Spieth Centralia Sharon Spires Decatur Arlene Stanton Decatur Richard Sudlow Kingston, N.Y. Susan Suria Midlothian Pat Tanis Lafayette, N.J. Donna Taylor Decatur Cornell Thomas Overland, Mo. Jack Thompson Chicago Hts. Scotti Thompson Rantouls Tom Tolone Chicago Norma Tomlinson Springfield Gary Trakshel Chicago Ridge Vicky Traughber Taylorville Terry Troup Anaheim, Calif. Ron Utsler Decatur, Craig VanVooren Durant, Iowa Steve Vanstom Kennedy, N.Y. Gary Vosahllk Downers Grove 222 JUNIORS Dave Freed Joanne Galloway Cathy Gasper Keith Gaston John Gilman Lori Gould Debby Gray Bob Gregory Kurt Gulder Mark Hamilton Camilla Harlow Bev Harris Bob Harvey Rich Henson Joanne Herbst Frank Hettiger Pam Hickman Dianne Hill Cindy Hodges Jeff Hutchison Bill Hylnk Nancy Irwin Janis Johnson Teri Johnson Cathy Jones Wendy King Chris Kiricoples Sally Kohl Stephen Korbet Robin Kuykendall Jim Langill Sicy Lee Jennifer Lenz Kathy Lowe Gary Maaks Vicky Mason Susan McBride Kerry McGregor Harold McMillan Don McNeely Karen Meckstroth Debbie Miller Steve Moline Malcolm Moore Marcia Moore David Morrison Doug Neibuhr Debbie Nyberg Doug Oberhelman Patt Olson 227 JUNIORS Peter Olstad Nancy Owen Cindy Pape Paul Parmele Randy Parson Linda Peters Jo Priest Denny Rademaker Keith Ray Joanna Remack Judith Rice Joan Rickard J ackie Rivers Claudia Roberts Nikki Rotz Julia Sailor Maryanne Sandlin Chris Schade Barb Schneider June Scott Jodi Sell Chris Sewell Jill Short Becky Six Peg Smith 228 Peggy Snyder Cindy Spangler Susan Spencer Fran Sperry Dan Stacy Steve Stein Jettie Street Jim Stringer Karl Sullivan Connie Sullivan Otis Taylor Robert Tipsord Ken Thomas Dale Thomas Carol Trolia Beth Vaughn John Warner Mary Jo Welch Bill Wells Sara White Bob Williams Darcy Winslow Cyril Woodson Nancy Wright Nanci Zatt 229 SOPHOMORES David Badger Mark Barthelemy Barb Bell Judy Bergh Sue Berning Robert Black G. Brichacek Douglas Broederdorf Juan Daniel Brown Jeannette Brueggemann Bernise Bourisaw Fred Buchanan Amy Bucher Jim Cherry Mark Cieplik Joy Claudon Mark Clodfelter Alan Colby Janet Combs Michelle Connelly Barb Crabtree Andre Dew Sue Dewait Priscilla Dixon Gerald Douglass SOPHOMORES Tom Drake Karen Dulberg Rick Dwiggins Nancy Ebbert Barbara Ehling Chuck Erdmann Mike Estes Phil Eubanks Steve Evans Brenda Everman Dave Ferre Debra Fields Bob Freeman Malanie Gaden Terry Garling Michael Gazzola Nick Golich John Gonzalez Kevin Graham Beverly Guiler Mary Ann Hageman Jim Harres Ann Hartweg Pat Hayes Margaret Hays SOPHOMORES Tom Husar Diane Hutchens Chris lacvelli Louie James Laura Jasper Debbie Jennings Elaine Jergensen Gary Jensen Brian Johnson Lynn Johnson Don Jones Jim J ones Dave Knopp Maryanne Klein Bill Kowalczyk Pam Kriske Julie LaCoste Susan Lambert Connie Lanzotti Terry " TL " Larimer Debbie Lauer John Lawson John Lienhop Pat Little Carol Lockman ' J 14 Susan Long Roger Lowe Peggy Luck Barry McCammon Holly McClintock Kathy McClugage Debra McDonald Mary McDougal Dan McMaster Jean Marchiando Donna Metternich Cindy Meyer Mike Meyerkord Joe Morris Paul Muhr Ann Mullins Bob Mulverhill Robert Murphy Patrica Nelson Kathy ODonnell Cornelius Osby Cathy Opperman Mike Painter Jeff Patrisso Tom Peterson 235 SOPHOMORES Kent Phillips Dianne Pirtle Gail Plassman Paul Potter Maureen Quilhot Trish Reeves Jane Reif Dave Reynolds Roy Roberts Bob Robertson Phil Rudd Herman Ruff Terry Ann Saurmann Frank Seter Don Sheller Carla Spinner Suzy Stevens Becky Stewart Lisa Stewart Frank Stone Mary Strine Cynthia Summers Mike Swango Stephanie Tate Cheryl Temples FRESHMEN Si » , Renee Beals Martha Beard Nancy Beavan Mark Beck Roma Benner Ellen Berger Lee Best Dennis Bettis Glenda Bicel Pat Bissey Cherry Blockton Bev Bond Jim Bos Mike Brennan James Brewer Rhoda Bryan Steve Byla Tom Burroughs Casey Busch Robin Callaway Terry Campbell Ramona Carlyle Tom Catozzi Carol Cazier Becky Chamberlain 239 FRESHMEN Roger Chamberlain Kate Claus Donna Coffman Debbie Collins Tim Conway Jan Coolley Don Correll Ann Cover Bob Craig Laurie Crain Karen Crain Mark Cramer Melissa Crane Jill Crittenden Sandy Cummins Rick Dalton J. Davies Nancy Davis Regina Davis Mark Dawson Janis Day Diana Dedmand Kerry Denlson Glna DeRochi Andrew Doerschuk David DuBravec Jim Dunnan Anita Eckhardt Russ Edwards Earnest Elam Mary Elder Maria Espinoza Sus Etherton Christie Etling Karen Evans Maryanne Fahlander Sue Filchak Pat Finfrock Dania Fitzgerald Mauria Fitzgerald Linda Flentje Dawn Forrest Bill Franklin Mary Freier Martha Freshour Jennifer Friday Ann Friskey Thomas Fuson Chris Gardner Mary Gaziano FRESHMEN Jan Gerdt Keith Gibbs Sam Giger Vicki Glasscock Renita Goff Ananias Granger George Grant Duffy Grauf Mary Griffith Ann Hagerbaumer Trudy Hall Ken Hamilton Mike Hand K. Harrington Bob Harth Dan Hartlry Don Hartman Michael Hayek Kent Hensley Vicki Herrick Gary Herzon Agnes Herrmann Janis Higgins Mary Jane Hill Denise Hlnck 242 FRESHMEN Bonni Jessup Cathy Johnson Bob Jordon Scott Kaminski Tom Karcz Clark Kelly Donna Kingsley Doug Kirhofer Jodie Klinefelter Rhonda Koldehoff Karen Kratochvil Cheryl Kriske Joan Kuhn Mark Kuhnke Nancy Kypka John Lackinger Judy Laney Jo Langheim Joan Larkin M. Letfelman Steve Lindsay Kathy Llttrell Tom Lockman Mark Logsdon Barbara Lund Margaret Lyons Judy Marshall Joan Martin Judy Mason Mary Mathiasen Tim McCarthy Carl McClaine Doug McCullagh Chuck McDonald Paula McDonald Cindi McFarland Mike McNeely Beverli Meekins Roann Melvin Cindy Meuelot A. Michael Eva Mikolaitis Susan Milne Sam Millner Tawnie Moma Janice Montgomery Charles Moore Jo Ellen Moore Rick Moore Bob Morelli 245 FRESHMEN Steve Rodeffer Ellen Roe Lila Ross Tom Roth Gail Routzahn Margaret Rueckert Chris Rule Ron Rzewnicki Chris Sablich Christine Salvatore Mike Sands Kathy Sattley Fred Sauermann Steve Schrader Colby Schwarze Tanya Selby Sue Shaner Debbie Shelton Ricardo Short Harold Shunaker Lynn Simmons Sue Slater Jean Smetts Martha Smith Becky Sphar 248 FRESHMEN Shari West Dave Whalen Donna White Susan White Pam Whitmore Cindy Wichert Carl Wiggs Boots Williams Robyn Wise Barbara Wittmer Cathy Wrigley Jane Zarris Carol Zielke 9 I. m ■ 1:1 I Y II- : .J 251 Phone 423-3644 tlliams 135 E. Prairie Ready-to- Wear Accessories Sportswear Knits Williams ... for Important Clothes ROBY ROBY Verne E. Roby Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service " SALES-LOANS INSURANCE 252 E. Main Phone 428-345 1 Are you sure this it what I want? Licensed and Insured EICHENAUER Fine Lighting Fixtures - Adequate Wiring Hardware - Paint - Tools Household Supplies Largest Light Bull) Selection In Decatur Your Electric and Commercial Service Agency for Central Illinois Since 1942 Oakwood Shopping Area 429-4229 - Days Night - 429-6402, 877-7543 Harold Bill Marianna 252 An education makes the difference For over 83 years, the Citizen National Bank has been serving the Decatur community . . . home of Millikin University. Since the in- ception of Millikin the Citizens has, because of its recognition of the necessity of university training for the youth of the community, enthusiastically supported Millikin University, as an integral part of the community. Your education at Millikin University will stand you in good stead as you enter the stream of life . . . for educa- tion does make the difference. Watch The Citizens For Meaningful Customer Services The Citizens National Bank of Decatur Diamonds Watches China Crystal ■ Fashion Jewelry ■ Linens ■ Perfumes ■ Handbags Sterling and Plated Silverware Post ' s Diamonds Are " Registered " For Your Protection There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST § SONS Jewelers for Over 100 Years Merchant at Prairie Phone 423-9781 Decatur, Illinois 254 Dairy Queen Braziers Fries, Shakes Your Favorite D.Q. Treat Dairy Queen 4 3016 N. Water Dairy Queen 5 348 W. 1st Dr. Dairy Queen 6 799 S. 22nd St. Dairy Queen 7 1044 W. Eldorado 877-4131 428-8714 428-6177 429-4817 ' Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. Am. D.Q. Corp. ® 1974 Am.. D.Q. HEARTS AND FLOWERS Hearts and flowers go hand in hand with dia- monds, the supreme gift of love and beauty. Your engagement diamond should be chosen carefully and be of the finest quality within your budget. Our membership in the Ameri- can Gem Society is your assurance of relia- bility, knowledge and service. 148 E. Main Phone 429-4111 DECATUR, ILLINOIS 62523 MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 255 MILLIDEK CLASSIFIED DECATUR, ILLINOIS Help Wonted WANTED Aggressive 1974 college graduates seeking interesting, challenging careers which offer growth po- tential as well as opportunity to contribute to society. Millikin graduates now in business know the importance of ethics. That profit isn ' t the only motivating factor. That individuality can be main- tained in a corporate structure. We want the opportunity to prove that " Business Is A Good Place- To Work. " For Further Information Contact MUELLER CO. DECATUR, ILL. or BUSINESS U.S.A. Plants in: Decatur, Chattanooga, Brea (Los Angeles) In Canada: Mueller, Limited, St. Jerome, Quebec 256 " Over $100 Million in Assets " MUTUAL HOME SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 119 N. Morgan, Shelbyville, Illinois 135 £. Main, Decatur, Illinois NICHOLSON— CLARK COMPANY Insurance Established 1851 600 Millikin Court 132 S. Water Decatur, Illinois e Employers ' Group Telephones: 428-7754 428-7755 428-7756 257 " FLOWERS by the GOLDEN RULE! " ENTLER ' S FLOWER SHOPPE FUNERALS— WEDDINGS— ANY OCCASION SERVING THE ENTIRE DECATUR AREA! 423-3446 240 S. Fairview Wise shoppers make one stop at . . . HAINES and ESSICK ' IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN DECATUR ' TYPEWR ITERS • BOOK SHOP SPORT SHOP • SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES ■ GIFT SHOP . CARD SHOP TOY SHOP • PARTY SUPPLIES Its a wise student who depends on the CAMPUS BOOK STORE ' IN THE HEART OF MILLIKIN ' S CAMPUS ' • COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS • SCHOOL SUPPLIES • STUDENTS SUNDRY NEEDS • ATHLETIC SUPPLIES . SPORTS CLOTHING 259 PHONE 429-5429 UKBSk 730 SO. MAIN DECATUR " For a Job to be Well Done ' 9 EVERYTHING IN ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm BRINTLINGER ' S FUNERAL HOME Harold B. Brintlinger Class of ' 34 500 W. Main St.— Decatur 1 1 1 Madison St. — Cerro Gordo HUNTER— POGUE LUMBER CO. 705 N. Oakland Tel. 428-3487 HA Some of the many reasons we ' re called FIRST Savings Accounts Passbook Savings Blue Chip Savings Certificates of Deposit Bank by mail Checking Services Personal Checking Premium Checking Traveler ' s Checks automatic transfer from checking to savings St St Bank Hours Main Lobby Mon. - Thurs. 9 a.m. -3 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Drive-Ins and Walk-Ups Mon. - Thurs. 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Friday 8 a.m - 6 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - Noon ft The FIRST National Bank of Decatur decatur, illinois 62525 • established 1873 130 n. water • telephone 424-1111 Member FDIC The LASTing word in banking is the FIRST JUNIOR WOMEN APPAREL 335 Landmark Mall Phone (217) 422-2114 Decatur, Illinois 62523 BLACK COMPANY SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main 125 East North Decatur, Illinois Phone 429-5376 Compliments of Compliments of THE PERSHING NATIONAL. BANK THE WINERY lOOO WEST PERSHING ROAD DECATUR. ILLINOIS 62526 PHQNE 877—1236 Member F. D. I. C. 262 Our Official Yearbook Photographer 1131 West Sheridan Road (At 6400 North) Chicago, Illinois Telephone 761-5500 263 tomorrow? The end of the fourth year - and, the end of many frustrations. A lot of work goes into earning a diploma. It ' s a proud measure of achievement. It is also a symbol of a new beginning. The time for a new search. A search for a job or more education; a place to work and live. Whatever your circum- stance, you are about to enter a dif- ferent universe. If you choose to work for a company, choose one you can become a part of - a company whose corporate ethics and posture in the community are above reproach. Choose a company whose products or services contribute to the betterment of mankind. One with the freedom that will allow you to develop and best utilize your own capabilities. It ' s not easy to find the right place. But the search can be worth the effort. An Equal Opportunity Employer Caterpillar, Cat and CB are Trademarks ol Caterpillar Tractor Co FOR STUDENTS GOING PLACES IT ' S THE BANK THAT HELPS YOU GET THINGS DONE .... THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Founded in 1860 By James Millikin Member F.D.I.C. 265 i INDEX Adams, D. 155 Blockton, C. 239 Colby, A. 231 Adams, S. 214 Bollman, S. 115 Collins, D. 240 Adrian, E. 91,102,137 Bond, B. 99,239 Combs, J. 150,231 Albrecht, M. 230 Bond, H. 215 Comerford, M. 216 Aldrich, G. 230 Booker, T. 215 Comerota, D. 91,216 Alexandria, D. 162 Bos, J. 239 Condon, J. 93,103,225 Allan, B. 97,238 Bosak, D. 224 Connelly, M. 91,231 Allen, G. 140,238 Bourisaw, B. 231 Connelly, T. 113,151 Allen, M. 214 Bowen, B. 150 Connerly, C. 225 Allison, J. 111,120,230 Boyle, J. 151,215 Conolly, M. 113,225 Allison, B. 214 Brannan, T. 224 Conrath, A. 126 Anderson, D. 151,214 Branson, B. 215 Conway, T. 240 Anderson, E. 238 Bray, D. 215 Coolley, J. 91,102,150,240 Anderson, J. 215 Bremer, E. 155 Cooper, M. 113,160,216 Anderson, K. 238 Brennan, M. 109,239 Copeland, M. 111,225 Anderson, L. 93 Brewer, J. 239 Correll, D. 164,240 Anderson, L. 93,214 Brichacek, G. 113,231 Cover, A. 162,240 Anderson, M. 151 Broederdorf, D. 109.231 Coverstone, D. 136,162,216 Anderson, S. 215 Brown, C. 97,103,215 Crabtree, B. 93,231 Anton, G. 109,230 Brown, D. 132,224 Craig, B. 132,240 Arendt, E. J. 215 Brown, D. 224 Crain, K. 240 Armstrong, R. 113,238 Brown, D. J. 105,231 Crain, L. 240 Arnold, J. 113,138,230 Brueggemann, J. 91,142,143,224 Cramer, C. 157 Arnold, S. 103,143,215 Brueggemann, J. 231 Cramer, M. 240 Arnold, S. 120,238 Brunner, B. 136,137,224 Crane, M. 138,240 Attig, C. 97,215 Bryan, R. 239 Crittendon, J. 240 Ayre, S. 155 Buchanan, F. 140,231 Crowell, S. 136,225 Ayerton, A. 150,215 Bucher, A. 91,231 Culbertson, D. 164 Baddeloo, M. 215 Buck, A. 115 Cummins, J. 155 Badger, D. 139,231 Buckley, T. 107,224 Cummins, S. 93,240 Bakakos, B. 115 Budde, T. 91,124,224 Curfman, D. 93,100,103,135,225 Baker, C. 126,127,215 Burns, G. 215 Dalton, R. 240 Banton, R. 105,224 Burris, T. 107 Davies, J. 240 Barra, W. 123,139,215 Burroughs, T. 239 Davis, J. 216 Barthelemy, M. 231 Busch, C. 239 Davis, J. 91,103 Barthen, A. 224 Busiere, D. 154 Davis, K. 162,216 Basilo, J. 109,153,215 Butler, E. 136,225 Davis, N. 240 Baumgartener, G. 215 Byla, S. 239 Davis, R. 93,240 Beach, D. 164 Cahill, J. 151 Dawson, M. 240 Beals, R. 91,239 Callahan, L. 93,103,215 Day, J. 240 Beard, M. 239 Callaway, R. 239 Dear, T. 105,225 Beavan, N. 239 Campbell, K. 93,103,215 Deck, P. 97,102 Beck, M. 239 Campbell, T. 239 Dedmond, D. 240 Behrer, D. 215 Canty, M. 111,120,215 Deitelhoff, G. 109,216 Bell, B. 231 Carlyle, R. 91,239 DeMarco, W. 109.125,147,149,151,216 Bellerud, J. 160,164,224 Casey, D. 215 Denison, K. 240 Benjiman, D. 93,103 Cater, K. 151,225 DeRochi, G. 91,240 Benner, A. 154,224 Catozzi, T. 239 Dew, A. 140,231 Benner, R. 239 Cazier, C. 239 Dewalt, S. 91,231 Bennett, S. 152 Chamberlain, B. 239 Diekhoff, W. 99,216 Bennyhoff, S. 97,152 Chamberlain, R. 115,240 Dixon, P. 95,231 Bergh, J. 102,231 Chambers, J. 97,159,225 Doctor, C. 139,146,162,216 Berger, B. 215 Chamberovich, J. 109,216 Doerschuk, A. 164,240 Berger, E. 239 Cherry, J. 109,231 Donaldson, B. 136,225 Berning, S. 91,102,159,231 Childers, C. 99,152 Dowd, J. 225 Best, L. 239 Chilton, P. 225 Douglass, G. 150,231 Bettis, D. 160,162,239 Cieplik, M. 107,231 Drake, T. 120,232 Bicel, G. 239 Clark, J. 225 Drischol, B. 216 Binkley, A. 159 Claudon, J. 91,159,162,231 Droll, L. 216 Bissey, P. 102,152,239 Claus, K. 97,240 DuBravec, D. 115,241 Black, R. 23T Clemens, J. 164 Dudenhausen, B. 111,132 Blackburn, R. 155 Clinard, C. 107,216 Duffner, B. 120,146,216 Blaine, D. 99,215 Cline, M. 135 . Dulbera, K. 232 Blair, S. 159,224 Clodfelter, M. 162,231 Dumbris, A. 151 Bliler, S. 93,102,122,224 Coffman, D. 139,240 Dummermuth, R. 216 267 Dunn, D. 159,162,216 Dunnan, J. 241 Dwiggins, R. 115,232 Ebbert, N. 154,232 Ebert, B. 97,102,137,150,225 Eckhardt, A. 241 Edlen, Ft. 216 Edmunds, T. 216 Edward, M. 216 Edwards, G. 113,225 Edwards, JR. 113,241 Eggebrecht, D. 225 Ehling, B. 159,232 Elam, E. 132,241 Elder, A. 225 Elder, M. 162,241 Epperson, A. 99,138,225 Epperson, K. 91,225 Erdmann, C. 232 Erwin, R. 225 Espinoza, M. 241 Estes, M. 111,152,232 Etherton, S. 91,241 Etling, C. 93,241 Eubanks, P. 232 Evans, K. 241 Evans, S. 232 Everman, B. 232 Evevhart, K. 97,103,159 Fahlander, M. 241 Fernstaedt, M. 99,143,159,216 Ferre, D. 109.232 Ferriell, T. 225 Fields, D. 232 Fiesler, B. 155,216 Filchak, S. 241 Finfrock, P. 241 Fitzgerald, D. 241 Fitzgerald, M. 139,241 Fitzsimmons, B. 143,216 Flentje, L. 99,241 Fletcher, T. 160,162,225 Foltz, B. 159,162,225 Forbes, M. 93 Forbes, J. 109,216 Force, C. 143,216 Forrest, D. 241 Fraggos. A. 115,123,142,125,217 Francois, J. 105,140,217 Franklin, B. 241 Franzese, A. 159,162,217 Fraser, S. 160,162 Freed, D. 115,226 Freeman, B. 232 Freier, M. 135,241 French, P. 217 Freshour, M. 93,241 Friday, J. 95,132,241 Friskey, A. 102,241 Frodin, B. 111 Fuson, T. 241 Gaden, M. 97,232 Galbrath, D. 217 Gale, J. 109,217 Galloway, J. 91,226 Garlock, N. 217 Gardner, C. 241 Garling, T. 232 Gasper, C. 93,102,226 Gaston, K. 126,226 Gaziano, M. 241 Gazzola, M. 232 Gerdt, J. 242 Gibbs, K. 113,242 Gibson, J. 1 13,217 Giger, S. 107,242 Gilman, J. 226 Glasscock, G. 115 Glasscock, V. 93,242 Glover, A. 100 Goff, R. 91,169,242 Gollick, N. 232 Goltermann, K. 93,102 Gonzalez, J. 132,232 Gould, L. 159,226 Graham, K. 232 Granger, A. 140,242 Grant, G. 242 Grauf, D. 242 Graves, K. 107 Gray, D. 99,226 Gregory, B. 139,226 Griffith, M. 242 Guiler, B. 95,232 Guleer, K. 111,226 Guthrie, C. 155,217 Haber, A. 164 Hackel, S. 164 Hagemann, M. 93,102,232 Hagerbaumer, A. 242 Hale, A. 115 Hall, T. 99,152,242 Hamilton, K. 113,242 Hamilton, M. 226 Hamilton, V. 143,149,159,217 Hand, M. 113,242 Hanson, K. 135 Hanson, D. 109,120,157 Harding, V. 217 Harlow, C. 93,103,123,142,147,154,226 Harner B. 122 Harres, J. 232 Harres, M. 147,149,155,217 Harrington, K. 242 Harris, B. 91,226 Harris, J. 109,217 Harris, W. 160,162,217 Harth, B. 242 Hartley, D. 242 Hartman, D. 242 Hartman, J. 109,162 Hartung, M. 120,150,217 Hartweg, A. 159,232 Harvey, B. 107,226 Hayek, M. 115,242 Hayes, P. 232 Hayes, M. 232 Heck, K. 91,164,233 Hedlund, J. 97,102,120,122,137,217 Hedstrom, J. 102,150,139,233 Henderson, B. 95,233 Hehmeyer, G. 217,150,91 Hendrlckson, G. 217 Heneghan, L. 97,123,142,150,233 Henry, D. 150,233 Henshaw, J. 233 Hensley, K. 242 Henson, R. 115,120,142,226 Herbst, J. 120,226 Herbst 102,217 Hernstron, D. 159,233 Herren, L 97,100,120,124,137,138, 145,146,217 Herren, P. 115 Herrick, V. 242 Hershfelt, S. 217 Hilgers, B. 217 Herzon, G. 242 Herrmann, A. 242 Hesch, J. 233 Hettiger, F. 113,226 Hickman, P. 136,159,226 Higgins, J. 97,242 Hilgers, B. 115,138 Hill, A. 140,217 Hill, D. 97,102,142,150,226 Hill, J. 97,143,150,217 Hill, M. 242 Hinck, D. 93,242 Hintz, J. 115 Hodges, C. 226 Holland, C. 217 Hollett, D. 243 Holtz, C. 91,103,218 Hopkins, J. 91,103,233 Hori, S. 139,157 Horsley, B. 102,243 Horsley, R. 164 Horvath, D. 218 Horvath, J. 218 Huber, V. 218 Hubert, C. 243 Hudson, H. 233 Hug, M. 243 Hughes, C. 136 Hughson, C. 218 Hummel, G. 139,243 Hundman, M. 115,120,123,124,125,138,218 Hunt, M. 151,243 Hurd, J. 93,103 Husar, T. 113,234 Hutchens, D. 159,234 Hutchison, J. 120,153,226 Hyink, B. 115,226 lacvelli, C. 107,120,234 lies, R. 243 Irish, G. 122 Irwin, N. 152,226 Isaacs, K. 91,152,243 Jackson, D. 243 Jackson, M. 137,218 Jacobs, K. 91,243 James, L. 140,234 Jasper, L. 234 Jenning, S 218 Jennings, D. 139,234 Jergensen, E. 132,234 Jensen, G. 162,234 Jesek, W. 146,154,155,218 Jessup, B. 244 Jodls, T. 107,125,157 Johnson, B. 234 Johnson, C. 244 Johnson, G. 164 Johnson, J. 226 Johnson, L. 234 Johnson, T. 226 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Myer, Faculty Advisor Don Zimmerman, Intercollegiate Press Fugi, Lisa, and Emmy 272

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