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• ' • ' 4 i - • : .- T 4 HILLim UNIVERSITY im BtUrwS. ILLINOIF At first sight it were as though I was a lonely leaf blown and flung across the campus there was nothing but buildings sidewalks and people they rushed at me and by me I wanted to stop yet the changing winds and wind of change kept pushing pushed changed dragged-waiting frightened I was shoved on board and became a person and the wind was transformed into the Mythical Millikin Tour stumbling and falling I started as I look through the kaleidoscope still stumble fall too many blacks and whites hundreds of shades of gray colors rushing together flowing mixed separated I see people screaming for order I see a tour guide reaching for a camera turning around says, " Let us develop. " Grab yourself hold on to life the Mythical Millikin merry-go-round will unfold be revealed take my hand drum on to life beating rolling battering out the past will unfold be revealed climb on board dance the rhythm twirling stomping waltzing out the year will unfold be revealed seize a flower remember love thinking silling crying out what ' s left will unfold be revealed cast away throw out reason singing screaming laughing out the old will unfold be revealed leave your friends go lake a trip running speeding flying out of reach will unfold be revealed the past tile year gone what ' s left of memories the old but not forgotten that which couldn ' t be reached will be revealed grabbing holding taking beating climbing dancing seizing crying Ihrowin singing leaving now will unfold organization 6 page 156 faculty and administration A mass of books con fronts me turning around I am trapped by the creations of my own buried in papers pencils catalog numbers erasers trying to stop finish the burden roots me to this chair sleep-but no- drinking coffee try diet pills- ahvays play now put off till later it continually catches me summer where are you next time do everything before- sloshing struggling through this book my eves stuck in the mud print have to lake lime oaf to go to class no more cuts maybe catch sleep there sinking in the quicksand study trying to pull myself out bag monster closer got to work study 10 Art TOP LEFT: Marvin Klaven, Professor. BOTTOM LEFT Roy Weeder, Instructor. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gail Olsen, Instructor. Speech TOP LEFT: Dr. Arthur Hopper, Associate Professor. TOP RIGHT: Jeffrey Simon, Instructor. BOTTOM LEFT: Stuart McDaniel, Instructor. 19 Biol, ogy TOP LEFT: Neil Baird, Instructor. TOP CENTER: Dr. Lester Shell, Professor. TOP RIGHT: William Anderson, Associate Professor. CENTER LEFT: David Rollins, Teaching Intern. CENTER RIGHT: James Smithson, Instructor. BOTTOM LEFT: B.A. Batshon, Lecturer. BOTTOM RIGHT: Norman Jensen, Assistant Professor. 23 Physical Education THIS PAGE: TOP: Lester Mathieson, Associate Professor. BOTTOM LEFT: Harriett Cranall, Assistant Professor. BOTTOM BIGHT: Balph Allan, Associate Professor. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Jerry Gray, Assistant Professor. TOP BIGHT: Larry Chapman, Instructor. BOTTOM LEFT: Merle Chapman, Assistant Professor. BOTTOM BIGHT: Carl Johansson, Instructor. 24 25 26 School of Music THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT: Dr. Ronald Gregory, Dean. TOP RIGHT: Barbara Moore, Instructor, Vocal. CENTER LEFT: Richard Collins, Professor, Vocal. CENTER RIGHT: Wesley Snyder, Associate Professor, Vocal. BOTTOM RIGHT: William Clarke, Assistant Professor, Vocal. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: Margaret Peterson, Assistant Professor, Piano. TOP RIGHT: Kenneth LaRowe, Professor, Organ. CENTER LEFT: David Bates, Instructor, Piano. CENTER RIGHT: Barbara Wieman, Instructor, Piano. BOTTOM LEFT: Elizabeth Travis, Professor, Piano. BOTTOM RIGHT: Gail Webb, Instructor, Piano. In Memoriam: Paul L. McKay 1917-1971 " President Paul L. McKay ' s arrival on the campus seemed to bring us a new desire for accomplishments. He spoke of his desire to make Millikin known as a center of culture and intel- lectual integrity throughout the entire midwest, and students soon noticed he was quietly and efficiently working for that purpose. " MILLIDEK 1958 Our campus and curriculum stand as a physical token of validity. The promise of the Fifties has become the reality of the Seventies . . . MILLIDEK 1971 34 35 Office of Student Affairs THIS PAGE: TOP: Darwin Coy, Associate Dean of Students. BOTTOM: Carl Pattison, Director of Religious Activities. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Elizabeth Hill, Ad- visor for Social Organizations. BOTTOM LEFT: Joseph Houston, Acting Dean of Students. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mary Jane Bond, Financial Aid Advisor. TOP: SECRETARIES; ROW 1: J. Habbe, B. Wichert, L. Lewis, L. Davis, J. Moffett, G. Hensen, G. Welch, M. Day, C. Davis, M. Rob- ling. ROW 2: G. Nisbet, H. Armstrong, M. Tieke, R. Randall, G. Ellsworth, D. Drennan, V. Mann, N. Stewart, R. Deetz. CENTER LEFT: MAILROOM; M. Stradtman, S. Beeson. CENTER RIGHT: DIRECTOR OF BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS; D. Benson. BOTTOM: UNIVERSITY DINING SERVICE; E. Kistler, Manager; C. Edwards, Head Cook; B. Heyer, Assistant Manager. rial hv fire- Living in a social atmosphere ready to ignite oneself out of apathy Warning people pushing from each other looking for something that glows l: eitenienl-too little seem ire inherited nslles of some other bonfire, left to sift through grav and char looking for an I ' .mber to nurse taking lime to rebuild Some) i me in the future again the sight of Wlazing I ' laming people running wild— I ntd once more buttresses Hurnl Out anil Statues Stoned. Parent ' s Day Parents ' Day is a traditional event on Millikin ' s Campus. Every year parents come to visit, eat lunch, meet instructors and attend a M.U. football game. The addition of two new buildings on the campus added a little to the traditional activities. After being locked out of the auditor- ium in the newly opened Kirkland Fine Arts Center, the students and their parents participated in the usual events. This year there were various discussion groups to attend, plus the ever present living units, class buildings and campus. At the halftime of the game was the traditional pre- sentation of the Ideal Parent ' s Award. Ideal Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perkins watch the football game with their daughter Jan. Parents ' Day Co-Chairman: Rosemary Law- ton and Brian Fitzgerald. Campus Chest This year ' s Campus Chest, co-chaired by Dale Tully and Curt Petty, was all new. To start the annual ecumenical fund- raising drive, a talent show was pre- sented to the student body. The talent brought forth that night was unbelievable--from a solo singer- guitarist to a mismatched, out-of- tune and most fashionable second- hand female liberation marching band. A bit of excitemen t added flavor to the show when the fire alarm went off. Imagine a three- ring circus right in Kirkland with firemen rushing from all sides to find not a fire, but a magician act on stage. The Carnival was different this year, too. New booths were encouraged, new organizations par- ticipated and the faculty showed their interest by selling tickets. Immediately following was the Marathon Dance, another new event this year. If you love to dance, come next year. You ' ll dance all night. On the Saturday night of Campus Chest weekend a school dance was held highlighted by the crowning of the Beauty and the Beast. This year they were Merry Sue Smith, Pi Beta Phi, and Monte Cater, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 50 Homecoming The height of the social season at Millikin comes with Homecoming. With this year ' s shortened semester, Homecoming was squeezed between Parent ' s Day and Campus Chest. In many ways, this year ' s festivities were traditional. However, co- chairmen Linda Halvorsen and Keith Drach attempted to gear the week more toward the students than in past years. The theme of the week was " Up, Up and Away " . As in the past, Homecoming began with an assembly including the coronation of the queen. Included in the assembly was a pep session led by the cheer- leader and an unusual band of administration and faculty. The week ' s schedule was outlined by the co-chairmen for the various events. The highlight of the even- ing was the crowning of the queen. The Student Show, " Pass the Buck " was the best in recent years. The satire described the administrative process of decision making, as a conflict arose concerning the in- novation of a founder ' s day. The author, John Adney provided an enjoyable experience for all those who attended of any the three performances. It seems that house decorations are only successful on alternate years. This year ' s decorations were nothing out of the ordinary. A trend was shown toward lowering the price range, as some groups did not participate, while others ran on smaller budgets. There were still a few extraordinary feats of elaborateness by some of the housing units. Lighting gained importance this year, as two of the winning decorations, Delta Delta Delta and Tau Kappa Epsilon, had rather extensive light shows. There was also an apparent trend toward making the decorations relevant as two housing units saw fit to make some social comment. Fairview, the third winner, centered its decoration around the rising Millikin tuition, while another group made a movie entitled, " Up, Up and Away With Education. " 52 The newest tradition of Homecoming is Trivia Bowl. Started three years ago, the event has gone through an evolution, both mechanically and intellectually. Trivia Bowl is a sort of question-ansiver game, where contestants try to be the first to discover the answers to ' trivia ' questions. In the first year, con- testants raised their hands when they knew the answer to a question. Last year they pushed a button to turn on a light. This year, the Trivia Bowl co-chairmen attempted to devise a lock-out system so that only one light ivould shine on any one question. The system failed. The first year the questions were difficult, being chosen from several books. The following year the questions were harder, again taken from books. This year, the Trivia Bowl co- chairmen made up the questions. One of the most exciting events was the Homecoming Games on Friday after- noon. Students rallied to smash twenty-two girls in a Volkswagen, as Delta Delta Delta won the VW stuff. Hessler Hall men, appropriately attired in helmets and goggles won the VW push. Relays, a bicycle race and a frisbee throw added variety. 55 lu ins, students, faculty, parents and town ' s people congregated at Millikin s new field for the first game ever played on it. The game itself was a disappointment as Millikin lost to Carthage. But the day was beautiful, the sun was shining and the fans enjoyed what might have been a last touch of summer. At half- time, the band marched and the Homecoming queen was presented to the crowd. As usual, the trophies for house decorations and games were presented at this time, as the Homecoming Co-Chairmen made their final appearance. A large audience was on hand to see and hear a fine Homecoming Concert by " " The Frie n ds of Dis t in ction " . Th e program began with a long number by the backup group for the " " Friends, " but picked up speed and life as the singing began. The group was chosen more for the student audience, and was therefore well received by the students. The older people present also seemed to get some enjoyment from the concert, but there was an apparent generation gap in the audience reaction. 56 Homecoming Court Queen Paula Collins Pi Beta Phi 58 Cynthia Yontz Sally Emberson Carol Baldwin Alpha Chi Omega Independent Women Independent Women Dale Tully Delta Delta Delta 59 IDC Christmas E orma 1 RIGHT: Queen Candidates; left to right: K. Rogers, L. Andropolis, L. Warner, J. Morrison. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. J. Roger Miller crowns the new Snow Queen, ,) alayne Morrison. Style, dignity and grace. Jfa Millikin student has any it is all expended in one night-the IDC Winter Formal. Beauty and dancing ability are put to the test as each couple is in the spotlight. Seeing each other formally attired is an experience that comes as often as the legalization of marijuana. 60 Sweetheart Dance What you see is what you get. Once again the Sweetheart Dance was the place to trip to the " Light Fantastic " and impress the one who was close to your heart of hearts. Sue Shepherd of Delta Delta Delta and Greg Brown of Kappa Sigma were elected Sweetheart Queen and King. Elections What happens every year that gets largely ignored? If you guessed elections you were close-but no cigar. The Business Office would have been the correct answer. This year, as in others, elections and the Business Office were the occasion for much running around and hoopla that created little in the way of con- structive action on the part of any but the candidates and a few secre- taries. This leads one to believe that maybe the B.O. should be elected and the officers hired. 62 Campus Prologue A time of year that brings nervous high school seniors and indifferent college students together is called Prologue here at Millikin. Some- times a weekend of learning, sometimes a weekend of frivolity-and other times merely a lost weekend. Whatever the final analysis, it is hoped that increased enrollment is the result. 64 Floating down the dance floor- nobody had to nudge you. Or possibly the proper terminology is stumbled down the dance floor-no matter, in your mind you was glidin ' . Perhaps being born under a bad sign you just stood stone still in the middle of the floor staring silently at the lights, the people, the music, the room tipping, the world collapsing .... I group experience. Taking on responsibility of Working and decision making Eat, study, pla y, party- All things with others in mind Together trying to achieve a lasting feeling of accomplishment and unity. Absorbing failures only to try again-next time success possibly not Always experimenting in personal relationships Wanting to build. PANIIELLENIC COUNCIL: Row 1: K. Nickolson, Prather, K. Daschler, K. Costigan. ROW 3: Gardner, G. Moreen, L. McCoy. A. A. Hallman, K. Harrison. ROW 2: J. P. Lockhart, D. Lohr, M.K. Mauterer, P. 68 As organizations intended to develop fraternities and sororities into co- hesive working units, Panhellenic Council and Inter-Fraternity Council discuss problems which face each house. Rush rules and Greek Week are two areas which fall specifical- ly under the jurisdiction of the two councils. Always attempting to fur- ther the Greek system, the Greek Co- ordinating Bodies are constantly working together. I.F.C. has meet- ings weekly. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL: ROW 1: J. Risko, F. Krows. ROW 2: S. Gaston, A. Shestokas, D. Woodley. ROW 3: M. Cater, R. Smith, J. Lyons. ROW 4: T. Gaston, R. Knox, D. Gholson. ROW 5: B. Thompson, B. Sommers, R. Mogler. ROW 6: T. DeCosmo, D. Leach, K. Morrison. Alpha ch; Omega 1970 Officers Kappy Harrison President Judy Galloway Vice-President Jeanne Carnall Secretary Suzanne Luety Treasurer Janice Prather Rush Chairman 1-M. Kelly, 2-M. Peter, 3-G. Love, 4-J. Carson, 5-S. Luety, 6-C. Yontz, 7-C. Staley, 8-K. Nicholson, 9-M.J. Thompson, 10-K. Tosolin, 11- J. Carnall, 12-V. Hinkle, 13-R. Seiler, 14- T. Erlinger, 15-G. Hehmeyer, 16-B. Lay, 17-K. Harrison, 18-B. Jones, 19-J. Bland, 20-L. Knochel, 21 -J. Galloway, 22-C. Young, 23-L. Halvorsen, 24-J. Prather, 25-S. Jamison, 26-D. Comerota, 27-C. Hughes, 28-D. Abbott, 29-J. Mothershead, 30-C. Holtz, 31-B. Berger, 32-A. Besterfield, 33-M. Champion, 34-W. Over- rocker, 35-K. German, 36- A. Mills, 37-C. Buck- ley, 38-Mrs. Mullholland, 39-L. Helman, 40-G. Hottle, 41-G. Zimmerman, 42-A. Sarrach, 43-T. Gamel, 44-P. Boehm, 45-S. Herzog, 46-R. Manis, 47-S. Maves, 48-K. Markby, 49-S. Smith, 50- P. Overholt. Delta Sigma Phi 1970 Officers John Mitchell President Chuck Kasha Vice-President Marty Wood Secretary Bill Harrington Treasurer Charlie Bilodeau Social Chrm. 1-J. Mick, 2-D. Sadler, 3-S. McDonald, 4-Mrs. Demster, 5-F. Doering, 6-L. Crecilius, 7-J. Hartke, 8-M. Poe, 9-G. Chambrowich, 10-J. Gibson, 11-J. Basilo, 12-W. Jesek, 13-J. Starman, 14-H. Menke, 15-J. Lauerman, 16-R. Collins, 17-G. Jones, 18-S. Gaston, 19-K. Morrison, 20-T. Lovelace, 21-R. Knox, 22-B. Twenty, 23-C. Andriano, 24-T. Turnipseed, 25-B. VanDerBosch, 26-J. Spomer, 27-R. Laws. I 72 28-J. Ralston, 29-M. Baddeloo, 30-B. Harring- ton, 31-M. Wood, 32-F. Smith, 33-G. Dietelhoff, 34-C. Kasha, 35-D. Reeder, 36-D. Smith, 37-J. Mitchell, 38-C.B. Ellis, 39-T. Koonce, 40-G. Sedlack, 41-G. Qualizza, 42-G. Schuabe, 43-D. Selby, 44-C. Bilodeau, 45-D. Diller, 46-M. Stevens, 47-D. Hanson, 48-R. Weisler, 49-E.J. Arndt, 50-M. Kocher, 51-R. Weiss. 73 1-L. Dicke, 2-S. Shepherd, 3-M. Holland, 4-J. Stedlin, 5-P. Hayes, 6-J. Harastany, 7-M. Schroeter, 8-M.K. Mauterer, 9-M. Lane, 10-M. Brooks, 11 -J. Twenty, 12-J. Heurd, 13-K. Costigan, 14-L. Gunning, 15-R. Reid, 16-D. Tully, 17-E. Fraggos, 18-L. Altmansberger, 19-L McCoy, 20-R. Winterhoff, 21-L. Alexander, 22-K. Huss, 23-K. Campbell, 24-J. Morrison, 25-D. Storms, 26-K. Bliler, 27-M. Hermes. 74 28-C. Murphy, 29-C. Heynen, 30-L. Ousley, 31-G. Facinnelli, 32-S. Murphy, 33-L. Bain, 34-P. Reilly, 35-J. Stuhrenberg, 36-Mrs. O ' Connell, 37-H. White, 38-L. Anderson, 39-M. Raber, 40-M. Bates, 41 -L. Rusnak, 42-F. Fraser, 43-T. Hoffman, 44-B. Screiber, 45-K. Hartman, 46-J. Tueke, 47-S. Obey, 48-L. Finnegan. 1970 Officers Mary Kay Maulerer President Johanna Stuhrenberg Vice-President Marty Lane Secretary Ruthie Reid Treasurer Karen Costigan Rush Chrm. 75 Kappa Sigma £1 5 " (o 1970 Officers John Risko President Dick Rouse Vice-President Slu Byers Secretary Bill Graham Treasurer Bob Crohe Rush Chairman u ,31 33s P ? 10 II 3 1-J. Risko, 2-B. LeBlanc, 3-D. Wiersma, 4-K. Guilder, 5-L. Metzler, 6-D. Camp, 7-R. Lentz, 8-J. Frost, 9-G. Seabloom, 10-G. Sheats, 11- G. Axt, 12-D. Woodley, 13-R. Mogler, 14- A. Shestokas, 15-E. Nykiel, 16-M. Thompson, 17- B. Graham, 18-B. Shipton, 19-S. Barnes, 20-J. Tliomas, 21 -R. Rouse, 22-G. Voorhees, 23-D. Herrick, 24-F. Pay ton, 25-J. Lyons, 26-R. Grohe, 27-B. Zieche, 28-M. Grouzard. 29-J. Gray, 30-D. Austin, 31-S. Welker, 32- M. Canty, 33-G. Brown, 34-Mrs. Newberry, 35- J. Wickert, 36-D. Hamilton, 37-K. Newton, 38-G. Nickleski, 39-G. Stowell, 40-L. Jans- sen, 41 -M. McGinnis, 42-S. Byers, 43-C. Orr, 44-B. Byers, 45-R. Fischer, 46-M. Hubbell, 47-J. Gaske, 48-K. Novak. 77 Pi 1-M.S. Smith, 2-T. Weller, 3-P. Lockart, 4-D. Moore, 5-L. Booth, 6-S. Perella, 7-J. Abbott, B tci !IAII ' Str, ' hl ' ' ' ' ' ' k - ■ iohn " n ' «- i f " - Phi 11-S. Theriault, 12-D. Pederson, 13-J. McCracken, 14-D. Pence, 15-M. Ahlgren, 16-E. Price, 17-K. Daschler, 18-M.A. Simpson, 19-E. Schaible, 20-C. Jacobs, 21 -J. Gray, 22-N. Hill, 23-J. Snow, 24-B. Love, 25-C. Brown, 26-K. Weakley, 27-S. Hanson. 28-B. Spencer, 29-P. Kinkade, 30-J. Fox, 31-L. Gaskill, 32-L. Ahlgren, 33-P. Collins, 34-C. Lithgow, 35-M. Mcllwain, 36-M.K. Florence, 37-F. Hoeltgen, 38-K. Partington, 39-K. Smetts, 40-J. Nees, 41-G. Lukacek, 42-L. Meyers, 43-P. Gardner, 44-C. Attig, 45-L. Herrin, 46-J. Hedlund, 47-J. Oyan, 48-J. Hill, 49-N. Soukup, 50-A. Thalman, 51-S. Thompson. I- K. Duez, 2-T. Dohertv, 3-M. Holzinger, 4-G. Fabian, 5-S. Eyers, 6-R. Arthur, 7-B. Steffy, 8-D. Braitwaite, 9-J. Bailey, 10-P. Parker, II- J. Bailey, 12-B. Jamison, 13-Mrs. Day, 14- B. Reinheimer, 15-T. Gaston, 16-D. Green, 17-M. Condon, 18-B. Green, 19-F. Shuber, 20-M. Ever- hart, 21-B. Larson, 22-M. Hartung, 23-M. Allan, 24-C. Deltz, 25-F. Krows, 26-T. Moritz, 27-T. Pumzelt, 28-D. Logan, 29-E. Alber. 80 30-R. Blackburn, 31-S. Buha, 32-B. Metcalf, 33-M. Harres, 34-D. Pifer, 35-G. Wood, 36-C. Gross, 37-J. Vassik, 38-B. Feisler, 39-H. Geiser, 40-T. Johnson, 41-D. Weber, 42-L. Jenkins, 43-S. Smouse, 44-L. Thorstenson, 45-W. Buller, 46-S. Buha, 47-S. Taylor, 48-B. Harner, 49-J. Shea, 50-J. Stiehl, 51-T. Sterling, 52-M. Cater, 53-V. Mathias, 54-C. Petty, 55-M. Neville, 56-D. Messinger, 57-L. Jenkins, 58-T. Deadrick, 59-G. Parkinson, 60-F, Shuler, 61-J. Davidson. 7970 Officers Monte Cater President Jim Davidson Vice-President Dave Carr Secretary Fred Krows Treasurer Brian Green Pledge Trainer 81 Zeta Tau Alpha I- J. Grap, 2-J. Duetchman, 3-M. Fernstedt, 4-D. Taylor, 5-M. Choules, 6-K. Davis, 7-P. Tanis, 8-E. Bodine, 9- A. Campbell. 10-Mrs. Pharis, II- C. Wayne, 12-M. Delaney, 13-S. Martin, 14-W. Diekhoff, 15-G. Spurr, 16-L. Schumaker, 17-T. Jones, 18-C. Larkin, 19-J. Shoemaker, 20-D. DonneUy, 21-G. Moreen, 22-D. Lohr, 23-K. Michaels, 24-M. Barnhart, 25-D. Blaine, 26-J. Bosak, 27-E. Burger, 28-T. Lorenson. 1970 Officers Alice Ann Hallman President Mary Rosa Delaney Vice-President Cindy Wayne Secretary Jolien Rife Treasurer Gail Moreen Rush Chairman 29-K. Henson, 30-A.A. Hallman, 31-J. Albert, 32-R. Lambird, 33-S. Surio, 34-T. Schaub, 35-L. Welch, 36-H. John, 37-P. Carroll, 38-M. Sisson, 39-F. Cross, 40-S. De Young, 41-J. Finley, 42- A. Fisher, 43-E. Chapman, 44-L. Shoeman, 45-D. Boron, 46-L. Fisher, 47-J. Norton, 48-S. Mans- field, 49-M. Hinman. Tau Kappa Epsili on l-T. Henry, 2-J. Cobb, 3-K. Newell, 4-R. Sudlow, 5-W. Sommers, 6-J. Baumgartner, 7-M. Bishop, 8-B. Bowen, 9-S. Hale, 10-P. Williams, 11-W. Batson, 12-B. Thompson, 13-B. Duffner, 14-J. Thompson, 15-B. Snead, 16-C. Steinkamp, 17-S. Brinkerhoff, 18-J. Gill, 19-T. Hintz, 20-C. Michl, 21 -Mrs. Knowler, 22-B. Corley, 23-M. Cooper, 24-M. Tallefson, 25-M. Maiello, 26-D. Albright, 27-J. Rohrs, 28-C. VanVooren, 29-P. Heinz, 30-C. Anderson, 31 -D. Walts, 32-G. Kuhns, 33-L..Pauly, 34-T. DeCosmo, 35-R. Perna, 36-B. Sindelar, 37- A. Fraggos, 38-J. Berry, 39-J. Deely, 40-B. Hilgers, 41-S. Wiedemann. 1970 Officers Terry DeCosmo President Bob Thompson Vice-President Dave Albright Secretary Keith Drach Treasurer Tim Henry Pledge Trainer 42-R. Bono, 43-T. Bucy, 44-J. Belman, 45-M. Westwood, 46-M. Berry, 47-D. Manson, 48-B. Lan- daas, 49-R. Wiedemann, 50-B. Szybowski, 51-E. Lindblatt, 52-P. Daniels, 53-M. DeWalt, 54-S. Yadgaroff, 55-M. Voigt, 56-G. Miller, 57-P. Dellegrazio, 58-K. Alexander, 59-J. Voigt, 60- J. Castagno, 61-B. Randle, 62-R. Butcher, 63-J. Reinhardt, 64-D. Klenzak, 65-C. Kimball, 66-C. Schmidt, 67-R. Robinson, 68-D. Leach. programs Listening. Speakers with much on Iheir minds telling all. People, silting together awake asleep watching waiting talking. Students wondering when- When their program is to come Others satisfied leave to come again While, many sit in their rooms wailing, talking, sleeping, wondering- Lislening. 88 89 Ballet FolU onco of Mexico " I couldn ' t believe the colors! " " Wasn ' t the scene with the little old men really funny! " " Those costumes were so fantastic! " " The dancer that did the deer scene was so graceful! " " One of the most beautiful things I ' ve ever seen! " Such ran the comments following the performance of Ballet Folklorico of Mexico at the Gala Opening of Kirkland Fine Arts Center. The performance was so breathtaking the audience almost forgot to marvel at the new building. It ivas truly an exciting evening for all concerned. University Center Board The University Center Board functions to sponsor lveekend activities and other types of entertainment for the students at the University. Redecoration of the Sub has been in the mill for a couple of years and with some luck the Board has formu- lated a viable plan that will be carried out in the near future. U.C. Board also helped sponsor the Radio Station. ROW 1: Dean Houston, C. Steinkamp, B. Thompson. ROW 2: G. Jones, C. Wayne, Miss Bond, S. Jamison, R. Sebestyen, M. Delaney. Convoca tions Committee Consisting of both students and faculty, the Convocations Committee is responsible for presenting programs on the campus that are of interest culturally, intellectually, and socially. These programs are in the form of guest speakers such as TV personality Charles Kuralt, musical performances as the Paul Winter Consort, the comedy of the Barrow Poets and classics from the world of cinema like ' Citizen Kane The committee had some trouble this year with programs being cancelled, but general student reaction to the programs presented was more favor- able than in the previous year. Daniel Schoor Sept. 24 Paul Winter Consort Nov. 5 Charles Kuralt Nov. 19 Vladimer Ussachevsky Jan. 13 Rene DuBois Feb. 9 Barrow Poets Apr. 24 To Be Young, Gifted and Black Mar. 25 ROW 1: L. Gray, A. Hartstirn. ROW 2: C. Lithgow, J. Cross, R. A. Killion, Mrs. Gage, Mr. Anderson. ROW 3: W. Overocker, B. Reinheimer, M. Ahlgren, D. Hamilton, J. Nees, Dr. Hopper, K. Hartman, J. Adney, J. Cook. 94 Showcase Theater Remember Town and Gown? It is now Showcase Theater-with many changes! This year, under new management, the speech department revamped the whole scene, which subsequently gave birth to this new theater group. The newly inspired members have brought back to Millikin a spirited and upgraded source of entertainment for the students and town. The Subject was Roses Nov. 12-14 A Cry of Players Mar. 18-20 Summertree May 6-8 96 i Student Faculty Retreats Communications, dialogue, inter- personal relations, social inter- course, or just a little jivin ' is the manner in which one could describe a Studen t-Faculty Retreat. Serious conversations about school policy or other related subjects are usually the topics. Normally, the net result is a barrage by the people laving down some heavy stujj on their peers, subordinates and a few figures of authority. 105 108 Cold ice and wind grip each in a hold of suspended animation Activity goes inside to hibernate behind closed doors The carelessness of summer and fall become the inhibition of winter-only the many doors know the truth Peering eyes could not know nor melt the ice of secrecy that surrounded students hidden in buildings waiting Waiting for Millikin to finally Thaw. 1 1 1 Envelopes plain white envelopes don ' t know who sent me or where I ' m going trying to find someone I know looking into a hazy past reaching forward pulling back nothing always standing in front of mirrors I find someone he only mocks me trying to get past that mirror I cut myself the trip is laden with my own blood others too self addressed searching for their homes many hurt bleeding people getting together working talking fighting loving searching together not so much blood I can see their arms working together I think a little steadier we walk alone but run together holding hands a little shouting singing some jumping laughing more turn to living loving now try to find ourselves each other Winter Term 1971 Millikin ' s first Winter Term can at the very least be called unique. While some students were being attacked by sharks down in Florida others fought the cold snow of Wisconsin. A few hardy souls braved the out of doors around Decatur; some more people enjoyed a Caribbean tour. Meanwhile back at good ole M.U. many students marked time waiting for the end— of Winter Term. These students were assured that ' next year ' more activities would be planned for those who remained on campus. What can you say? 115 The SUB Sterile und Bare. SUB. Though this university recreation center looks more like Doctor Zorba ' s surgical room, many Millikin students gather there everyday and night to play cards, eat, talk, or just wait for something to happen. There has been a rumor floating around school for a few semesters that the U.C. Board was going to remodel the entire SUB, but by second semester ' 70- ' 77 nothing had materialized. Time marches on. 116 Spring Spring I have listened to a hundred professors droning on thru time and have sat in a thousand desks rotting for eternity have walked a million steps from class to class and death to death- 1 have written nonsense on exams too many places and times to simply be called B.S. or rather B.A. in the College of Arts and Sciences. We have listened to one spring green leaf talking life and world and experience and have sat in too few parks breath ing forever have run nowhere in the sun and lived to be reborn We have scribbled in mud puddles and communicated understanding Picking up a flower-everything is real remember throwing it in a small stream that floated somewhere a lecture that lasted barely a moment but taught us enough to last our lives 118 honors Search big. Reaching for a goal in the distance We keep moving forward The faint glimmer ahead reminds us Tells us helps us keep the strength to progress. Sometimes we seem stranded alone hut the path made by others long ago holds hope that one more can make il Though never without more Searching. c . 122 123 Who ' s Who Each year students are elected to represent Millikin in the pages of WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES. These students are those who are out- standing in character, leadership ability, citizenship and scholarship. Ideally, they should be students who excel both academically and in campus activities. The faces of these people should be familiar to both students and faculty. Any student or faculty member may nominate an upperclassman to be represented in the book. A list is compiled containing the names, grade point and most important activities for each candidate. After considering the list, members of Student Senate and the faculty choose a certain nu m ber of people to be honored. Recently, there has been some question as to the legi- timacy of this manner of choosing representatives for WHO ' S WHO. TOP LEFT: Monte Cater, Senior. TOP RIGHT: Jackie Doty, Senior. BOTTOM LEFT: Jim Stiehl, Senior. CENTER RIGHT: Nancy Kurtz, Junior. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rick Mogler, Senior. Pi Delta Upsilon Pi Mu Tketa PI DELTA UPSILON: ROW 1: R. Manis, L. Gardner, M. Widger, K. German, C. Buckley, S. Baker, D. Ferneau. ROW 2: P. Bellas, L. Terry, M. Spinner, H.John, M. K. Florence, J. Mothershead, M. Cummbis, T. Schaub, ivi. Hinman, S. Theriault. ROW 3: K. Gerdt, M. Sisson, F. Hoeltgen, D. Latta, ,1. Steele, J. Tuecke, K. Paradiso, I . Macklinc, M. A. Lee, C. Strang, S. Campbell, S. Gerdt, M. Mclllwain. ROW 4: j. Bosak, D. Storms, C. File, D. Donnelly, G. Facinelli, M. Quick, D. Zeason, W. Over- ocker. PI MU THETA: ROW 1 : P. Gardner, P. Boehm, P. Gamble. BOW 2: J. Carnall, C. Parsons, B. Klaven. ROW 3: B. Douglas, A. Lewellen, C. Baldwin, B. Pro vines, J. Doty, R. A. Killion. 126 m Phi Kappa Phi ROW 1: Mr. Williams, Mr. Krows, J. Stiehl, A. LaRowe, D. Kanervo. ROW 2: C. Parsons, A. Lewellen, R. A. Killion, Dr. Shell. ROW 3: Miss Northrup, Dr. Shelton, Mr. LaRowe, C. Baldwin, Dr. Mardock, Dr. Glasscock, Dr. Miller, Mr. Boatman, A. A. Hallman, J. Doty. ROW 4: Dr. Lewis, Dr. Kerns, Dr. Coy, Dr. Ferris, Dr. Wing, Dr. Provan, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Smith, Mr. Benner. Three honoraries on campus are truly academic honoraries. Students are chosen from any academic or profes- sional field. Pi Delta Upsilon is the freshman women ' s honorary. Any woman who has a B average or better at the end of her first or second semester is asked to be a member. All of the women who accept the invitation are initiated and retain the honor until the end of the sophomore year or such time as the grade point drops below a 3.0. Pi Mu Theta is the senior women ' s honorary. Women who have distinguished themselves both academically and through service to the school are nominated by the faculty. The active members of Pi Mu Theta then choose the women who will be asked to join. Phi Kappa Phi is the highest honor for any student or faculty member on Millikin ' s campus. No more than ten percent of the graduating class can be represented in the honorary. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is an honor of ivhich any student can be proud. 127 Sigma Zeta Alpha Kappa Psi ALPHA EPSILON DELTA: ROW 1: D. Glasscock, E. Wohlrab, M. Wendland, D. Boron, Dr. Shell. ROW 2: B. Jamison, P. Skelley, L. Casey, J. Stiehl, M. Hopp, G. Gemoules, D. Morgret, P. Abramson. SIGMA ZETA: ROW 1: R. Lawton, L. Trigg, R. A. Killion, L. Ahlgren, J. Mothershead, M. Quick, M. Spinner, M. A. Lee, K. Gerdt. ROW 2: B. Bakelaar, B. Hoffmann, B. Shipton, J. Frost, G. Steele, J. Stiehl, L. Casey. ROW 3: G. Gemoules, D. Wolford, K. Wormack, C. Force, B. Davis, G. Bach, T. Fiel, P. Bellas. ROW 4: Dr. Drenan, J. Vascik, D. Donnelly, B. Jamison, S. Gerdt, J. Bosak, D. Paddock, F. Spittler, M. Wendland. ALPHA KAPPA PSI: ROW 1: S. Luety, T. Ehrlinger, K. O ' Mullen, F. Hoeltgen, K. Nicholson, L. Fischer, R. Reid. ROW 2: Dr. Olson, B. O ' Brien, Mr. Smith, P. Orthmann, T. Beyersdorfer, P. Schaeffer, R. Cisna, J. Tibbott, D. Simler. ROW 3: S. Byers, S. Dillow, J. Parker, F. Payton, L. Fox, G. Sauter, J. Murray, C. Helsing, R. Van Abeele, J. Mitchell, R. Smith, D. Diller, M. Lorenzen. ROW 4: R. Knox, T. Lovelass, J. Siemer, B. Harrington, R. Layland, M. Braughton, J. Hanks, T. Munz, J. Nelson. Honorary organizations are used to recognize a variety of students who excel in sundry ways. They can also bring together people with similar courses of study and similar interests. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Zeta, and Alpha Kappa Psi serve this grouping purpose by restricting membership to those in certain areas of study. Sigma Zeta is the national science and math honorary on campus. Millikin ' s is the Pi chapter. The group is composed of upper classmen who are in some field of science or math. Alpha Epsilon Delta is a pre- fraternity; pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre- veterinary, and medical technology. The membership is restricted to those enrolled in a medical field of study. Alpha Kappa Psi is the professional business fraternity. Men enrolled in the Business and Industrial Management School are eligible to join. Recently women were asked to join as honorary members. Alpha Kappa Psi decided to use its collected knowledge this year for some purpose beyond listening to guest lecturers. The group volunteered to aid the university in its fund-raising drive, proving to be a real asset to the school. 130 ROW 1: S. Townsend, S. Holmes, B. Pifer. ROW 2: F. Miller, B. Fitzgerald, D. McQueen, R. Stoutenborough, J. Cross, D. Helm, M. Vierow, D. Segal, L. Ultz. ROW 3: J. Gill, C. Moore, K. Hollis, J. Mitchell, R. Sims, A. Hartstirn. Phi Mu Alph a Millikin ' s tivo musical honoraries are Sigma Alpha Iota for women and Phi Mu Alpha for men. The groups are both national fraternities. During the year, Sigma Alpha lota and Phi Mu Alpha present musical entertainment to the school through serenades, concerts and other events. The groups combine the advantages of social organi- zations, honoraries, and special interest groups to provide a worthwhile program for their members and the school. 131 Choi oir Listening to the Millikin University choir is an enjoyable experience. Open only to a select group who have passed auditions, the Choir upholds its high standards of musical ability. The Choir is well known nationwide due to its yearly jaunts to various places. The destination in January 1971: Florida. The hours of hard practice are evident in the sound produced by the Choir. University Choir: ROW 1: M. Schroeter, P. Foster, K. Paradiso, S. Welker, D. Dunn, G. Miller, D. Bolden, C. Doctor, C. Rickey, D. McQueen. ROW 2: M. Heck, E. Chapman, G. Motta, J. Cook, M. Neville, L. Welch, B. Elder, L. Mahan, S. Szalaj, S. Jamison. ROW 3: S. Maves, B. Guenther, K. Davis, B. Fetherolf, J. Patrick, T. Bucy, C. File, A. Hartstirn, W. Overocker, F. Miller, K. Rogers. ROW 4: J. Collins, S. Mansfield, T. Rasler, B. Zueger, R. Parvin, A. Franzese, D. Reeves, P. Kehoe, B. Harris, G. Worlds. Jazz Lab Band ROW 1: A. Gerard, S. Hackel, B. Dethrow, G. Johnson, W. Oye, M. Meyers, T. Johnson, J. Gill, J. Mitchell, B. Heinrich. ROW 2: D. Segal, C. Wolfer, G. Voorhees, A. Rentshler, K. Morris, B. Harner, Mr. Schueler, L. Ultz, M. Vierow, T. Gleason, R. Robinson, B. Metcalf, J. Anderson. Ever since its creation the Jazz Lab Band has brought recognition for itself and the University. Last year the Jazz group took its second foreign tour, this time through South America. Not only has the Jazz Lab Band im- proved through the years but the members have dedicated themselves to the progressive spirit of experiment- ation. This is one organization on campus that effectively blows its own horn. Residence Advisors Nobody loves me except my mother . . If that is the case, the men and women that work for the school as residence directors and assistants could probably help you. Besides assisting lost souls, they are responsible for the efficient operation of the dorms. Though as a group hardly appreciated, they can be good friends away from their stifling environmen t. And remember . . . Keep Smiling! TOP: Residence Directors: ROW 1: A. Plapp, Mrs. O ' Connell, Mrs. Dooley. ROW 2: Mrs. Strehle, Mrs. Knowles, Mrs. Hopkins. BOTTOM: Residence Assistants: ROW 1: R. Lawton, D. Bolden, L. Wanhala, P. Gamble, R. A. Killion. ROW 2: J. Oyan, L. Casey, S. Totten, M. Beard, B. Dickenson, R. Moore, S. Bohman. ROW 3: J. Tibbott, K. Hartman, S. Holmes, J. Seimer, K. Partington, M. Weckel. 134 University Committees And from across the campus the quiet shuffling of feet, a silent procession of somber faces— quick whispers, covered eyes, vacant looks because the judges of student ethics and morality are again in session. The Judicial Board convenes in the event of any contingency such as nuclear attack, full scale infantry assault, uprising of the mau-maus, or maybe someone had a glass of beer. TOP: University Judicial Board: R0W1: Mr. LaRowe, Dean Olson, Mr. Smith. ROW 2: J. Garver, R. A. Killion, G. Jones. ROW 3: B. Thompson, M. Hopp, C. Lithgow. BOTTOM: Teacher Education Council: ROW 1: Dr. Ferris, Dr. Lewis, Mr. Smith. ROW 2: L. Ultz, Mr. Tiede, Dr. Provan, Dr. Wiggs, Dr. Shell. 135 Committees An important committee as far as students are concerned is the Admissions Committee. This group evaluates marginal admission and re- admission cases. They are responsible for keeping the standards of the University as high as is feasible. Student Affairs Committee is the place that policies of an academic and social nature are formulated. An active committee, it is res- ponsible to the students for their intellectual, cultural, religious, and social welfare. Unfortunately, they have been unable to assemble a quorum for the past two months. TOP: Admissions Committee: Dr. Gregory, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Williams, Mr. Allen, Dean Houston, Dr. Forbes, J. Castagno, J. Harastany, Dr. Olson. BOTTOM: Student Affairs Committee: J. Fox, Mr. Pattison, Dean Coy, Miss Kent, Dean Forbes, C. Kimball, J. Lauerman, Dean Olson, Mr. Smithson, T. Thompson, F. Hoeltgen. 136 Publications Board Publications Board consists mainly of the chiefs of the various communi- cation media on campus. This year representatives from the newly organ- ized radio station were added to Pub Board, making the group a focus point for communication on campus. The board is responsible for budgeting money for these activities and making sure they are efficiently handled so as to produce high quality reading and listening for the campus. Publications Board: ROW 1: C. Young, R. Sebestyen, S. Milosevich, P. Friedrich, R. A. Killion. ROW 2: L. Crecelius, A. Brown, J. O ' Riley, J. Tibbott, M. Leatherman, J. Castagno, B. Thompson, Mr. Spires, Mr. Redford. ulhlrlirs Encourage men I to win us crowds yell for u score becomes I he blood oj sport. Finding empty paper cups strewn around reminds till I hut still another game was fought. Losing-Winning the forgotten score- cards and discarded cups do not cure, nor will u trace of lite, anxiety and hardship that just was witnessed linger on— Everything just drifts away with the careless crowd. 1970 FOOTBALL ROSTER: E. Adams, C. Andriano, E. J. Arendt, C. Bilodeau, B. Brown, R. Butch- er, D. Camp, M. Cater, M. Dalton, G. Dilley, K. Duez, G. Eckstein, B. Harrington, B. Henry, T. Henry, G. Hunt, C. Johnson, M. Kocher, T. Koonce, T. Lienhart, J. Lyons, C. McDonald, 0. Mack, D. Mess, J. Mitchell, D. Moody, S. Owens, B. Paulaitis, M. Poe, D. Polovina, J. Ralston, G. Schwabe, G. Sedlack, D. Shelby, T. Sieja, S. Smith, M. Stevens, L. Thorstenson, T. Turnipseed, S. Vanstrom, B. VanDerBosch, D. Welch, R. Wiesler. 1970 CO-CAPTAINS: Dave Polovina and Danny Welch. Starting the season on a courageous note, the Big Blue handily defeated their first two opponents. From that moment on though, our defeats came more handily. To the cheers and shouts of an inspired audience the Millikin University football team once again played on their own field. As in years past, the frenetic roar of football fever was heard across the campus. Football 143 Basketball The University Basketball team has a bright future. Though comprised mainly of underclassmen the team started off with a lot of promise. They ran into problems near the end of the season, but with some more experience and practice the next couple of years should prove to be interesting. 1971 ROSTER: D. Abels, E. Albert, J. Burnside, G. Deitelhoff, J. Gray, J. Hentzel, V. Mathias, D. Parker, T. Punzelt, S. Taylor, D. Warrington, D. Wickline. Coach Jerry Gray, Captain Jerry Gray. 144 w imming Millikin presented its first swimming team in some years in the 1970-71 season. Even so, they made a brilliant showing. Inexperience was no hind- rance as the Big Blue handily defeated most of their opponents. This athletic organization should be powerful in years to come for many of the swimmers are from the ranks of the fresh men. 1971 ROSTER: M. Allen, W. Batson, M. Canty, R. CoUer, W. Duffner, J. Frost, J. Grady, K. Gulder, A. Kazan, B. Lay, R. Layland, D. Manson, J . Mikels, J . Rohrs, R. Sindelaar. Coach Carol Johansson, Captain Bill Lay. LET ' S GO BLUE! I " i 146 153 organizations Parliamentary procedure. Time to do something for someone Students, Faculty, Administration bound up in rules and committees attempting action together Majority votes and amendments fly from mouth to paper Members raise hands yea, nay but always the sea of hands Some day instead of voting hands there will be doing hands or helping hands yet now, the hands are just wheat blowing in a field waiting to be harvested . . . Sea of hands, field of hands still feeding on Parliamentary procedure. Circle K The appearance of Circle K changed this year with the addition of a few women students as honorary members. Circle K is a decidedly human oriented organization, provid- ing services for the school, the com- munity as well as the nation. Among their activities are the Pumpkin Kar- ving Kontest, A Christmas card drive for servicemen in Vietnam and their participation in Decatur Youth Pro- grams. On Millikin ' s Campus, Circle K offers an opportunity for students to help others. All of the member students are dedicated to other people. ROW 1: K. German, J. Perkins, S. Suria, M. Sisson, T. Lorenson, F. Cross, D. Donnelly. ROW 2: J. Seimer, J. Cross, B. Seimer, M. Ahlgren, J. Murray, L. Harbecke, D. Pence, E. Wohlrab, L. Herbst, J. Rodeffer. ROW 3: C. Buckley, H. Patterson, G. Gemoules, J. Carver, C. Robbins, Mr. Boatman, E. Porter, B. Schultz, J. Mintel, P. Abramson, L. Casey. New Student Coalition How to describe N.S.C.? Let me count the members. This organization is committed. Let me count the members. A group of active students. Let me count the members. A new viable society for change. Conscience of the students, watchdog of the Senate-bend, shape, remold this antiquarian school How? Let me count the ways. Council of Delegates: John Adney, Lors Anderson, Gerald Thompson, Mike Maxson. Executive Committee: John Bailey, Marti Heck, Tim Thompson, Nancy Gamach, Linda Fisher. 159 Radio Station WJMU Initiated, developed and founded solely by the student body, the campus radio station, WJMU, finally was nurtured from a small seed of an idea to a strong and sound infant. Dedication alone was the ingredient that fed it. Now that the material work is done, hopefully the sound produced will take it from infancy to full maturity. m t • ii ROW 1: G. Brown, B. Nims, S. Crawford, K. Earing, A. Weyand, N. Brennan. ROW 2: Mr. Benner, D. Glasscock, B. Kessinger, H. Patterson, J. Garver, T. Hanson, S. Bohman. ROW 3: M. Everhart, J. O ' Riley, J. Mintel, B. Larson, B. Jamison. ROW 4: B. Hilgers, M. Leatherman, J. Tibbott, S. Yadgaroff. Office of Central Publicity Das Werbeburo ist sehr ruhrig. Man kennt immer, was geschiet. J a, dies ist ein gutes ding. Millikin Universitat hat viel tatigkeit. Danke Werbeburo! ROW 1 : D. Kanervo, S. Thompson, J. Adney. ROW 2: J. Carnall, A. Kraemer, C. Young. ROW 1: G. Thompson, J. Cleggett, P. Jones, J. Pulliam. ROW 2: D. Southward, C. Thomas, L. Radford, D. Robinson, P. Rrown, M. Jackson, G. Manley. ROW 3: S. Burnside, D. Parker, T. Triplett, T. Selvey, C. McDonald, C. Johnson, W. Droughns, P. Wiggins, Mrs. Moore. ROW 4: R. Sanders, D. Emerson, D. Welch, Monk, D. Redman, H. Carter, L. Thompson. For Soul Only This year FSO attained the Old Gym to use as their Black Culture Center. In order to achieve a better under- standing throughout the academic community FSO also presented a weekly column in THE DECA TURIAN. As soon as the Culture Center is finished that, too, will be a focal point at Millikin and in Decatur for furthering communication. The work the members did on renovation of the Old Gym had one side effect, though; in contrast to years past the only noise from FSO for a couple of semesters was the pounding of hammers. The campus awaits the construction of the Center and the rebirth of political activity. Interdormitory Council 162 Baptist Union of Millikin Students: ROW 1: B. Eschelman, J. Lobos, W. Reppenhagen, K. D. Garver, L. Harbecke, J. Rodeffer. ROW 2: Morris, Mr. Allen, D. Solomon, N. Kurtz. Neuman Club: ROW 1: J. O ' Leary, M. Leatherman, J. Adney, M. Ranalletta, P. Burke. ROW 2: D. Comerota, J. Lapp, B Seimer, J. Cross, J. Seimer, E. Porter, J. Weingand, D. Blaine, C. Wood. Student Education Association Music Educators National Conference TOP: Student Education Association: ROW 1: D. Prohaska, P. Collins, P. McKinley, C. Heynen, T. Lich, S. Hanson. ROW 2: J. Tuecke, Mr. Butler, K. Tosolin, L. Meyers, L. Helman, L. Lorenson, B. Pfeffer. BOTTOM: Music Educators National Conference: ROW 1: M. Donaldson, J. Albert, J. Mitchell, P. Warrick, S. Baker, L. Ultz, S. Szalaj C. Wood, M. Cooper. ROW 2: F. Miller, W. Harris, J. Gray, D. Helm, C. Doctor. Teaching is a big attraction for many students here at Millikin. Student Education Association is a conglomeration of people interested in that highly esteemed field. This is a place where they can get their education values together. The Music Educators National Conference is a homologous group of students formed for the mitigation of music education majors in their undergraduate endeavors. This institution meets to hear great speakers thereby gaining insight into the world of music discipline. 164 Psi Chi The Psychology Club is an organization for students interested in the studies of psychology and other related subjects. This year the group affil- iated with the national organization, Psi Chi At a small University, numbers is an important game. How many professors? How many buildings? How many students? The most important numbers are trans- lated into the size of the incoming freshman class. Recruitment becomes the foundation of success. Playing a large role in this success are the students who comprise the Student Admissions Corps. TOP: Psi Chi: Clockwise from front: Dr. Te Vault, J. Harastany, D. Diefenbach, K.Johnson, K. Henson, P. Smith, J. Boomer, S. Sanford, K. Berbaum, B. Price. BOTTOM: Student Admissions Corps: BOW 1: M. Delaney, M. Mcllwain, J. Cross. BOW 2: J. Mothershead, P. Parker, C. Lithgow, K. Daschler, C. Petty, K. German, J. Flanders, J. Stuhrenberg. Student Admissions Corps 165 Coll age Collage is the compendium of creative work submitted by students and faculty. These expressions appear occasionally in the newspaper and are collected together at the end of the year and made into a booklet. ROW 1: C. Jaconetty. ROW 2: M. Maxon, N. Newquist, G. Thompson. ROW 3: Mr. Yenser, J. Doty. Teacher Course Appraisal Booklet Judy Snow, TCAB editor. 166 University Chorus The University Chorus is open to all students and townspeople. This musical organization offers its mem- bers an outlet for creative expression and experience. The opportunity to perform combined with the working, concentration and practice make the chorus an exciting group. University Orchestra The student who is oriented toward classical forms of music and enjoys performing various works by artists who exemplify that persuasion, is encouraged to join the orchestra. Here he can seriously peruse his endeavors as a musician and enjoy, through the creative process, a sense of achievement. The orchestra provides each member with satisfaction that comes only after much practice and time. 168 169 1 Student Senate There comes a point in every discussion when there is nothing left to say. In Senate the converse is true. Each meeting starts with nothing to say and reaches a point of discussion. But Senate did do something. The total man-hours expended in Mills Formal Lounge is mind boggling. The students of Millikin University would like to take this opportunity to thank all the senators for their time and effort in presen ting the biggest show on earth. 170 Decaturian An indication of a good college news- paper is the varied and numerous places it can be found. On this assumption, THE DECATURIAN has to be rated very strongly. In every building of the University the floors are carpeted with the latest issue. One need not go to Lower L.A. to get a copy; all that a student has to do is stoop over and pick one up. This method of distribu tion is one of the best devised and organized systems ever to appear outside of the average High School. Nancy Kurtz, Editor-in-Chief. Orientation G ommission Orientation Commission: ROW 1: P. Gardner, Mrs. Hill, Dr. Bateman, M. Heck. ROW 2: G. Brown, Mr. Pickens. Directory Editors At a school such as Millikin, people and rules are extremely important. The Student-Faculty Directory handles the people aspect by cateloging name, class rank, and telephone number. All the rules and regulations (and other points of interest) are to be found in the Student Handbook, which is administered by the Orientation Commission. The only other thing an M.U. student needs is a couple of stiff drinks. Student-Faculty Director Editors: Cheryl Parson and Barb Douglas. Millidek Deadlines. The word foremost in the minds of the staff. Four weekends spread throughout the year that mean endless processions of photographs, faces, bodies, buildings and lay- outs. We were a group of people working together (with a little socializing on the side) to provide Millikin students with a journal of the year 1970-71. The product of our efforts: Millikin. TOP LEFT: Clare Young and Ruth Ann Killion, Co-Editors. BOTTOM LEFT: John Castagno, Business Manager. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Tim Frazer, Faculty Advisor. Paul Buck, Photographer Mr. Paul Buck, school photographer, it a well known person on campus. No one can forget the hard time he has putting that one last person in exactly the right spot in group pictures. Or his " Just one more will do it " as he clicks off another 10 or so. Those who work ivilh him are constantly amazed at the ideas he can muster up on the spur of the moment. Because candids and special photography are his pride and joy, we are dedicating these next few pages to him. Thank you, Mr. Buck. - " a hhb ■ mm i 1 Bill Schaffer, Assistant Photographer 186 188 ■- After death someone killed me I was dead when I started to bleed everything that was me dripped out and formed a pool of understanding but someone washed it away after birth someone lied to me I was alive when I was forgot everything me was bound compactly inside talked and someone shut off my sound turned and they turned away walked and someone destroyed the goal ranandtheyseemedtogofasterandfasterbutwhenllooked someone had concelled my race had cancelled my dreams cancelled my love they said, " see you on the 2nd semester re-runs. " I talked I turned Iwalkedlran and now just a memory I can only wander through the written chapters of life (wandering wondering? alone hereadsseeslistens:yes,quoteMillikin University holds that an institution of higher learning brings together faculty and students to the pursuit of know- ledge and self-realizationunquote page six 70-71 catalogue quotebrings togetherunquote quotetogether unquote of course page 49 quotecounseling is considered a longer and deeper process with the assistance of professional clerk-typists or maybe your insurance ran out file the body under dead letters put a hold until he pays his library fineunquote note: remember to shut eyes) I found nothing talk ingturningwalk ingrun n ing I flew and crashed to the earth someone buried me—then washed away the blood yet someone missed one drop 189 classes Fan ' s moan a lot Tlicv hear false prophecy and sincerity same smile, others smug hut all aro- changeable maybe your tooth is crooked vet m V nose is hen I lie see through laces to faces re fleeting light and absorbing are m v eves real? Yon can see me forever here silting readv to blink after the flash frozen forever on our own page 1 tvpical collection oj mug shots. In Memoriam The life of any University is comprised of human life. Within the scope of life are individuals. Dale Ahrens was an individual. He also was a student at Millikin University. Dale was not the typical ' do- nothing ' ; rather, he was involved in many activities. But, like many students active or inactive, he was confused. This personal torment of his ended with death. Dale Ahrens put his life into the process of this University. Millikin did not find a place for understanding. The least we who remain can do: rise to the occasion and respond with thought and understanding. Dale was a student, an individual, and a Human. His death sig- nalled to those of us who knew him the loss of a great potential. 192 Senl eniors Art Adler Westdale, 111. Biology David Albright Homcwood, 111. Economics Linda Altmansbcrger Belleville, 111. Education Lawrence Anderson Oak Park, 111. Physics Marilyn Anderson Chicago, 111. Education Laurie Andropolis Des Plaines, 111. French Dan Austin Petersburg, 111. History Geoffrey Axt Milwaukee, Wise. Philosophy Ruth Axt Homewood, 111. Education Robert Bakelaar Glen Rock, 111. Biology Carol Baldwin Calvert City, Ky. Education Psychology Mary Barnhart Cisco, 111. Education Judith Ban- Madison, 111. Biology John Berry Mt. Carmel, IU. Accounting Terry Beyersdorfer Cincinnati, Ohio Accounting Judith Bland Bethany, 111. Music Education Sue Bockmann Decatur, 111. Music History Pat Boehm Decatur, 111. Education Janet Boomer Elmhurst, 111. Psychology Linda Booth Northbrook, 111. Education 193 seniors Cheryl Bowman Toledo, 111. Nursing Thomas Bredar Decatur, 111. Chemistry Craig Brown Homewood, 111. Marketing Janice Brown Decatur, III. Education Sanchez Burnside Maywood, 111. Spanish Jeanne Carnall Kansas City, Mo. Education Oashon Chalmers Labadie, Mo. History Randall Cisna Mattoon, 111. Economics Robert Coller Deerfield, 111. Art Paula Collins Beecher City, 111. Education Connie Compton Decatur, 111. French Russ Cook Libertyville, 111. Music Education 194 George Cookson Decatur, 111. Industrial Engineer Karen Costigan Louisville, Ky. Sociology Larry Crecelius St. Louis, Mo. Marketing Peter Dellegrazio Des Plaines, 111. Psychology Patsy Diekey Litchfield, 111. Nursing Fred Doehring Windsor, 111. Biology Mary Donaldson Macon, 111. Music Jackie Doty Temple Terrace, Fla. Political Science Barb Dougles Plymouth, 111. Mathematics S. Keith Drach Oaklyn, N.J. Accounting Ruth Durham Decatur, 111. Sociology Marjorie Edwards Greenview, 111. English 195 seniors Sterling Ellis Decatur, 111. Accounting Michael Elston Mattoon, III. Physical Education Elizabeth Ferry Decatur, 111. Nursing Charles Fields Decatur, 111. Psychology -Sociology Ann Fisher Monticello, 111. French Linda Fisher Bement, 111. Music Education Lynn Fox St. Louis, Mo. Business Administration Barbara Franklin Decatur, 111. English Eileen Futo Decatur, 111. English Judy Galloway Hazel Crest, 111. Political Science Pat Gamble O ' Fallon, 111. Accounting Trudy Gamel Dixon, Dl. Education John Garner Carpentersville, 111. History Carol Geist Creve Coeur, Mo. Chemistry Elizabeth Gerlach Chicago, 111. Art Bobbie Grammer Decatur, 111. Education Jerry Gray Decatur, III. Physical Education Bob Grohe Joliet, 111. Biology Carol Ground Decatur, IU. Education Cheryl Grubb Buda, III. Nursing Fred Haddad Lambertville, Mich. Political Science Alice Arm Hallman Delavan, 111. Education Linda llalvorsen Pittsburg, Pa. Education Dennis Hamilton Alton, 111. French Katherine Harrison Colorado Spring, Colo. Physical Education Albert Hartstirn Fairview, 111. Music Education Tom Hasbrouck Chicago, Dl. Psychology -Sociology Beth Helm Decatur, 111. Nursing Linda Helmaii Elgin, 111. Physical Education Susie Herzog Arlington Heights, 111. Education Martha Holland Lincoln, III. Education Martin Hopp Chicago, 111. Biology Ann Horst Winona, Mich. Music Education Janice Jurkanin HUlsboro, 111. Nursing David ,| ones Decatur, Dl. Physics Greg J ones Danville, 111. Biology David Kanervo Waukegan, 111. Political Science Chuck Kasha Biverdale, 111. Music Education Ruth Ann Killion Marengo, 111. Math Psychology Judy Klaus Decatur, 111. English 197 )eniors Rita Lambird Newton, 111. French Jim Lauerman Mascoutah, 111. Political Science Everett Lawrence Warrensburg, 111. Mathematics Roger Layland Hinsdale, 111. Business Adminstration Dale Long Pana, 111. Accounting Sherry Luttrell Paris, 111. Nursing John Lyons Bement, 111. Physical Education Carol McCIarey Cerro Gordo, 111. Education Russell McCoy Tuscola, 111. History Pamela McKinley Moroa, 111. English OUie Mack St. Louis, Mo. Marketing Matt Maiello Saddle Brook, N.J. Economics Jane Marshall Shaw A.F.B., S.C. Psy chology -Sociology Carlos Martin Decatur, 111. Industrial Engineering Wendy Mathewson Pana, 111. History Mary Kay Mauterer Decatur, 111. English George Metcalf Decatur, 111. History Laurie Meyers Evanston, 111. Education Tim Mickel Mt. Zion, 111. Mathematics Jon Mitchell Oak Lawn, III. Marketing 198 Richard Mogler Elgin, 111. Economics Larry Moore Belleville, 111. History David Morgret Decatur, 111. Biology Diane Morthland Decatur, 111. English Linda IVluery Glenview, 111. Music Education Rosemary Munton Rome, Ga. Education Sue Murphy Arlington Heights, 111. German Martin Napier Decatur, 111. Accounting Mary Alice Nelson Decatur, 111. Biology Kathy Nicholson Godfrey, 111. Marketing Micheal O ' Bryan Decatur, 111. Marketing Jon Oleszynski Riverside, 111. Mathematics Jackie Oyan Peoria, 111. Physical Education Lee Ann Paasch Taylorville, 111. Education David Paddock Decatur, 111. Biology Jennifer Palus E. St. Louis, 111. Nursing Cheryl Parson Springfield, 111. Accounting Frank Payton Jerseyville, 111. Accounting Carolyn Peters Decatur, 111. Biology Connie Peters Decatur, 111. History 199 seniors Marilyn Peterson Itasca, 111. Physical Education John Phillips Decatur, III. Industrial Engineering Bill Phillips Decatur, 111. Industrial Engineering Chris Pistoruis Blue Mound, 111. Physical Education Dave Polvina Calumet City, 111. Physical Education Cindy Pounds Kuala Tumpar, Malaysia Foreign Languages Edie Price Westchester, 111. Education Dennis Prohaska Chicago, 111. Political Science Bonnie Provincs Springfield, 111. Applied Piano Linda Quamme S. Holland, 111. Education Margaret Ragle Springfield, III. Physical Education Brenl Bagsdale E. Alton, 111. Piano 200 Mary Ann Reed DeLand, 111. Nursing Linda Reining Deeatur, 111. Education Jolien Rife Warrensburg, III. History John Risko Morris Landing, N.J. Economics Alma Ritter Decatur, 111 English Richard Rouse New Providence, N.J. Political Science Roger Sampson Lincoln, 111. Music Education Phillip Schaeffer Decatur, 111. Accounting Anna Schiminski Danville, 111. Nursing William Shaffer Troy, 111. Political Science Mike Shaughnessy Pontiac, 111. Sociology Joseph Siemer Teutopolis, 111. Accounting Marketing 201 seniors Marsha Simon Decatur, 111. Biology Judy Snow Decatur, 111. Speech Fred Spittler Decatur, 111. History Micheal Stanton Decatur, 111. Biology Candy Stednitz Riverside, 111. Nursing Jim Stiehl Tuscola, 111. Biology Sidney Stone Decatur, 111. English Linda Talaga Fairfield, 111. Physical Therapy Mark Thompson Needham, Mass. Psychology John Tibbott Morris, 111. Accounting Silas Townsend Washington, D.C. Music Education Dale Tully Chicago Heights, 111. Physical Education David Ulbrich Decatur, 111. Political Science Richard Van Abeele Decatur, 111. Marketing Nancy VanBrundt Glenview, 111. Music David Vanskikc Decatur, 111. Industrial Engineering Jeff Voigt Batavia, 111. Biology Steve Walters Dixon, 111. Music Jean Warren Denison, Iowa English Peggy Warrick Decatur, III. Music Education 202 Cynthia Wayne Decatur, M. Biology Linda Welch Harvey, 111. Music Education Fabienne Williams Chicago, IU. Nursing Suzanne Williams Decatur, Dl. Nursing Margaret Williamson Mt. Kesco, N.Y. Nursing Eunice Wilson Urbana, 111. Sociology Eric Wohlrab E. St. Louis, El. Biology Suzanne Wohlrab E. St. Louis, 111. Education 203 Marilee Brooks AJ Brown Ellery Brown Greg Brown Jean Brown Rick Butcher Pat Carroll Larry Casey John Castagno Mickey Castell Janice Channels Annette Chinuge Larry Clark Mike Condon Jerry Cross Jim Davidson William Davis Maryrose Delany Shelli Denison Janice Dihble Doug Diefenbach Fred Dolezal Brian Downs Dave Dulaney 205 Juniors Barbara Elder Fran Fatheree Linda J. Fisher Brian Fitzgerald Jean Flanders Chuck Force Eleni Fraggos Fran Fraser Pam Friedrick John Carver David Classcock Vivian Coss FhillLs Criffin Cary Haines Linda Harbecke Judy Harkins Marilyn Havens Martha Heck Don Helm Kit Henson Ceorgc Herring Kim Hollis Stewart Holmes Tina Hoyert 206 Richard Hunter Robert Jamison Pat Johnson Barbara Kenney Bonnie Kessinger Curt Kimball Bill Kinsey William Kloetzer Ann Kraemer Fred Krows Camille Kulka Nancy Kurtz Ron Laws Rosemary Lawton Mike Leatherman Dave Lighthall Juniors Carol Lithgow Alice Lockart Mike Lorenzen Belinda Love Janelle Lueck Hal Lupinek Jan Marche Randy Martz Kathy McCoy Doug McQueen Carole Medal Margaret Melloy Jim Mendenhall Sam Milosevich Jan Mintel Barbara Moore Robin Moore Ruth Moreau Gail Moreen Marilyn Morgret Bruce Murphy Jean Nees Bruce Nims Kathy O ' Mullen Jim Parker Kathy Partington Hiram Patterson Deanna Pence Mike Pettus Steve Picou Janice Prather Martha Rainous Bob Randle Ron Rapaport Ruthie Reid Peggy Reilly Jim Reinhart Bob Reinheimer Cindy Rentfro Jack Rodgers 209 Juniors Mike Rusk Al Salzman Sue Sanford Arleen Sarrach Connie Schmollinger Mike Schniepp Randy Schum Rosemary Sebestyen Jerry Shea Doug Simler Ron Sims Paula Smith Chuck Steinkamp Richard Stoutenborough Vickie Thomas Rob Thompson Mary Thompson Ronald Thompson Jean Tille Skip Totter) Larry Ultz Annetta Walker PhyUis Wallace Paula W;il ton 210 Ken Warmack Mary Weckel Jane Wedding Wendy Weindorf Jose Weingard George Wentworth Lynne White Dennis Wickline Marcia Willey Brenda Williams Don Wolford Edwin Wood Stuart Yakes Clare Young William Zieche Connie Zimmerman 211 212 William Best Mark Bishop Randy Bono Janet Bosak Bill Bowen Nell Bradford Marcia Brown Piggy Brown Carol Buckley Tom Buey Cindy Bumber Pat Burke Dave Camp Sue Campbell Elaine Chapman Peter Charukian Jack Cleggett Barry Cloyd Linda Cobb Sherry Crawford Mary Cummins Pete Daniels Richard Davis Jan Deutchman 213 omores Mark DeWalt Loretta Dicke Sandre Duncan Karen Earing Sally Emberson Terri Erlinger Millard Everhart Todd Feil Rich Felshaw Darol Ferneau Carla File Ellen Flora Mary Kay Florence Maggie Fockler Paul Foster Jim Frost Linda Gardner Karen Gerdt Sharon Gerdt Kris German Dan Gholson Karen Godier Steve Good James Grady Jeannie Grap Bob Grotts Robert Guenther Sally Hanson Jan Harastany Don Hartlaub Kay Hartman Nelson Harvey Alan Hays Barb Hedges Beth Heinekamp Craig Hellsing Phil Herron Carl Hess Carol Heynen Vicki Hinkle Martha Hinman Tom Hintz Terry Hoffman Naomi Hollie James Horvath Geneen Hottle Marvin Hubble Judy Jackson 215 omores Suzanne Jamison Larry Janssen Shari Jennings Jerri Jewell Carvel Johnson Garrett Johnson Frank Joy Andy Kazan Pam Kehoe Jerry Kirkpatrick Alan Kitsuse John Koch v fall Hf 1 • ' jam; 1 r s ■■■■■■mm- ' .- ' ' ! M fr . Diane Latta Kathy Laurich Berta Lay Bryan Le Blanc- Rick Lentz Harry Lewis Debbie Little Pat McCormick Mike McGinnis Margaret Mcllwain Mike McManus Pat Mackling Linda Mahan Chris Major Ruth Manis Mary Margrave Doug Marschalek Susan Martell Richard Martin Vince Mathias Sharon Maves Lisa Mayo Dean Messinger Bill Metcalf 217 Sophomores Lee Metzler Fred Miller Larry Monroe Ken Morrison Julie Mothershead Tom Munz Jack Murray Jeff Nelson Kevin Newell Glenn Nickleski Ken Novak Donald Oakes Wendy Overocker David Palmer Karen Paradiso Michael Parker Janet Perkins Marikay Peter Curt Petty Bobette Pfeffer John Piraitio Al Plapp Ed Porter Marilyn (,)ui k 218 Mary Ranalletta Donna Rapp Doug Reeder Richard Reeves Cynthia Reiber Linda Sargert Glenn Sauter Tracey Schaub Fred Schneller Bill Schultz Glenn Seabloom Donald Segal Diane Seifert Al Shestokas Sandy Shintani Joan Shoemaker 219 omores Michele Sisson Sara Sly Carol Smith Wilbert Smith Roger Sorenson Mareia Spinner Connie Staley Jennifer Steele Tim Sterling Alan Stroub Steve Szalaj Bill Szybowski Lisse Terry Ann Thai man Jan Thompson Lloyd Thompson Kathy Tosolin Linda Trigg Terry Troup Joyce Tuecke Anita Van Orman Jim Vassik Michael Vicrow Mark Voigt i - jjj $ at Si 38 WlBk if £a k r • HUH " ■ JIHBHlHk, IH k JB HI V ... . MUM PFW m Linda Wanhala Mary Widger Steve Wiedemann Rene Winterhoff Chuck Wolfer Dennis Woodley Barbara Woods Kerry Woody Gilda Worlds John Worley Karen Wunderlich Stu Yadgaroff Freshmen 222 1 1 .ilUJj i 1 y 1 W f 1 ' ' " % . V V r .... .. ... Y ■■■■ it 1 l • ( in 3 il r . Carol Attig Martin Baddeloo Charles Baker Kerry Barnett Walt Barra Joe Basilo Mary Bates Randy Bauer Marcia Baumann Diane Behrer Tricia Benda Cory Benson Bonny Berger Mark Berry Ann Besterfield Randell Blackburn Donna Blaine Karen Boyer Barbara Branson Nancy Brouk Cathy Brown Cindy Brown Sharon Buczek Claudia Burmeister Bruce Byers Mitch Canty Joanne Carson John Chambrovieh Maralee Choules Jeff Clemans Dan Colby Diane Comerota Alan Conrath Jenny Cooper Mike Cooper 223 Freshmen Dave Coverstone Mark Dalton Karen Davis Kenneth Davis Joseph Deely Chuck Deetz Gary Deitelhoff Wayne DeMarco Sue De Young Wendy Diekhoff Betsy Dielfield Kathy Dierken Carlton Doctor Tim Doherty Sharon Douglass James Dowd Wilbert Droughns Bill Duffner Rick Dummermuth Diane Dunn Mike Dybicz Sharon Eakin Robert Edlen Teresa Eggers Steven Eyer James Eeeney Mary Eelton Marsha Eernstaedt Bill Eiesler Eric Fischer Beth Fitzsimmons Angel o Fraggos Ann Franzese Art Fritsch Nancy Gamache 224 Dave Carver Joe Gaske George Glasscock Mike Grouzard Kurt Gulder Linda Gunning Jerry Guzaske Anita Guzo Alan Hale Dan Hamilton Vicky Hamilton Kim Hanson Valerie Harding Sue Hardy Mike Harres John Harris William Harris Kristi Harrold Mark Hartung Debra Hauskins Freshmen Patty Hayes Jane Hedlund Gayle Hehmeyer Barbara Hendrian Gary Hendrikson Linda Herbst Linda Herren Bob Hilgers John Hill Sylvia Hinshaw Ann Hoffmeister Caroline Holtz Jeff Hossinger Vicki Huber Colleen Hushes Janet Hurd Mary Jackson Sally Jackson Warren Jesek Pat Jones 226 Terry Jones Roger Kahila Nancy Kan- Karl ton Keller Marjean Kelley Paula Kinkade Chris Kiricoples Cynthia Korsmeyer Beth Kuhn Robert Landaas John Lapp Cathy Larkin Robert Larson Beverly Leonard Trudy Lich Albin Lindblad Mix Lischett Sue Livergood Judy Lobos Regina Love Freshmen Jan McCracken Laurie McLaughlin Vic McMillin Diane Maksay James Maleski Kathy Mallett Gloria Manley Kathy Markby Susan Martin Len Maslanka Zandra Matthews Hank Menke Karen Merrifield Karen Michael Jack Mick Annette Mills Kurt Mitchell Mary Mitchell Debbie Moore Gail Moore Tim Moritz Jalayne Morrison Dawn Mosley Bob Mosser Julie Mueller Mark Muhr Cindy Murphy Connie Musil Gary Mutta Gary Myers Jerry Nanee Ted Neher Nancy Newquist Jane Norton Nick Oberting Norman Oberto James O ' Leary Jane Obver Carl Orr Pat Overholt Roselyn Panieri Rex Parvin Larry Pauly Dorna Petersen Dick Pifer Mike Poe Lugenia Radford Jim Ralston Clark Ranney Pat Ray Robin Receveur Donahue Redmond Steve Rempala Vicki Richardson Cindy Rickey Gail Roberts Diane Robinson Janet Rodeffer Jim Rohrs Steve Rose 229 Fresh men 1 - David Roth Tom Rotondi Bonnie Rubin Karen Rumgay Linda Rusnak Patricia Russell Cathy Rutledge David Sadler Gary Sakata Lynne Schiminski Lynn Schoemann Melanie Sehroeter Paula Schweitzer Gary Sedlack Dave Shafer Glenn Sheets Chris Short Tom Sieja Bob Siemer Jill Simanton .6 iBBBE HBBnri .••TBBKBC ' ' f? u Bob Sindclar Nancy Siron John Slater Elizabeth Smead Kathy Smetts Sherry Smith Steve Smouse Bill Snead Bill Sommer Nancy Soukup 231 Freshmen Daisy Southward Beth Spencer Marshall Sperry Sharon Spires Gem Spun Arlene Stanton Robert Steffy Gary Stowell June Street Richard Sudlow Kathy Sullivan Keith Summers Sue Suria Laurie Tanner Debby Taylor Connie Taylor Cornell Thomas Jerry Thomas Jack Thompson Lynn Thompson Gary Trakshel Vicky Traughber Tim Turnipseed Ron Utsler Steve Vanstrom Craig VanVooren Janet Verner Gregg Voorhees Karen Wagner Tom Walsh Lyndsey Warner Hervey Warriner Dave Warrington Dwight Watts Kathy Weakly 232 jtiMt Qtok. mtttr B k t S Pf JBk 1 r iA Patricie Weller Mark Westwood Cyndi Whiteman Rosemary Whitfield John Wichert Doug Wiersema Mike Wilkinson Pat Williams Diane Wilson Sami Winer Hank Woolsey Teri Wright Larry Zimmerman 236 buildings - Roads to walk down once And roads lo walk forever There, are many th ings that are seen thai fade As others remain some physically but most dwell down in deep wells of thought These things concern us now. And he said " Have you lived this year? " If kno wing is seeing or crying living, I have lived But can ' t tell where See the blind and touch the wall believe cold stone and he said " Have you thought this year? " If classes are knowing or talking seeing, I have thought but can ' t say why Touch the blind and see the wall Col d believe stone and he said, " Have you cried this year? " If people are human or loving being, I have cried and can point to where and why Won ' t someone touch me ( ' old stone believe Let us hear your heart! 244 245 After looking I drifted among the flowing leaves blown and flung across the campus everything around was brick and stone While people rushed by whipped up around I kept on flying yet the wind had stopped and so did change battered shoved left--indifferent No people in brick-red worlds transforming winds have left no mark- Mythical Millikin Tour! Your towers never fall my kaleidoscope becomes your death- but for thou! Ye still live on, 0 black and white fidelity deny thee shades of gray growing as trees the buildings survive the winds of change. 1 see people absorbing order I see photographs of stone Another building confronts me says, " Let Millikin stand alone. " 246 Abbott, Jane 78,222 Abbott, Mary 71,222 Abels, David 144,222 Abramson, Paul 129,158,204 Adams, Earl 143 Adler, Art 193 Adney, John 93,122,159,160,173,204 Ahlgren, Laurie 79,129 Ahlgren, Melina 78,93,158 Albert, Eric 80,144 Albert, Judy 83,164,204 Albright, David 84,193 Alexander, Kim 85,212 Alexander, Linda 74,1 77 Allen, Mark 80,146,222 Altmansberger, Linda 74,193 Amerson, Dan 222 Aram, Vivian 222 Anderson, Charles 84,222 Anderson, David 222 Anderson, John 133,212 Anderson, Lars 159,222 Anderson, Lawrence 193 Anderson, Linda 75,222 Anderson, Marilyn 193 Anderson, Susan 222 Andriano, Christopher 72,143,222 Andropolis, Laurie 60,162,193 Arendt, Erwin 73,143,222 Armburst, Joyce 177,222 Armen trout, Mary 1 30,204 Arthur, Richard 80,222 Attig, Carol 79,223 Austin, Daniel 77,193 Axt, Geoffrey 76,193 Axt, Ruth 193 Bach, Gary 129,212 Bachelder, Karen 204 Baddeloo, Marty 73,223 Bailey, John 80,159,212 Bain, Leslie 75,204 Bakelaar, Gary 129,193 Baker, Audrey 212 Baker, Charles 223 Baker, Suzan 126,130,164,212 Baldwin, Carol 59,123,126,127,193 Barnes, Stephen 76,204 Bamett, Kerry 223 Barnhart, Mary 82,193 Barone, John 204 Barr, Judith 193 Barra, Walter 223 Basilo, Joseph 72,223 Bates, Mary 75,223 Batson, William 84,146 Bauer, Randy 223 Baumann, Marcia 223 Baumgartner, Jim 84 Beard, Marshall 1 34 Beardslee, Barbara 204 Behrer, Diane 223 Bell, Karen . . .212 Bellas, Pat 126,129,212 Belman, James 85 Benda, Tricia 223 Benson, Cory 223 Berbaum, Kevin 165 Berger, Bonny 71,223 Berry, John 84,193 Berry, Mark 85,223 Best, William 213 Besterfield, Ann 71,223 Beyersdorfer, Terry 129,193 Bilodeau, Charles 73,143 Bishop, Mark 84,213 Blackburn, Randell 81.223 Blaine, Donna 82,223 Bland, Judy 71,193 Bliler, Kathy 74 Student Index Bockmann, Sue 193 Bodien, Eileen 82 Boehm, Pat 71,126,193 Bohman, Steve 134,160,204 Bolden, Diane 130,132,134,204 Bono, Randall 85,213 Boomer, Janet 165,193 Booth, Linda 78,193 Bosak, Janet 82,126,129,213 Bowen, Glenn 84,213 Boyer, Karen 223 Bradford, Nelle 213 Braithwaite, Den .80 Branson, Barbara 1 77,223 Braughton, Michael 129,204 Bredar, Thomas 194 Brennan, Noel 160 Brinkerhoff, Steve 84 Brooks, Marilee 74,176,205 Brouk, Nancy 177,223 Brown, Alan 137,173,205 Brown, Cathy 223 Brown, Craig 194 Brown, Cynthia 223 Brown, Ell 205 Brown, Greg 77,160,174,205 Brown, Janice 194 Brown, Jean 205 Brown, Robert 143,161,213 Buckley, Carol 71,126,158,213 Bucy, Thomas 85,132,213 Buczek, Sharon 223 Buha, Steve 81 Buller, William 81 Bumber, Lucinda 213 Burger, Ellen 82 Burke, Patrick 213 Burmeister, Claudia 223 Brunside, Sanchez 144,161,194 Butcher, Rick 85,143,205 Byers, John 77,223 Byers, Stewart 77,129 Camp, Dave 76,143,213 Campbell, Alice 82 Campbell, Kathy 74 Campbell, Sue 126,213 Canty, Michael 146 Canty, Mitchell 77,223 Carnall, Jeanne 71,124,126,194,160 Carroll, Patricia 82,205 Carson, Jo Anne 71,223 Carter, Ram 161 Casey, Larry 129,134,158,205 Castagno, John 85,136,137,205 Castell, Mickey 205 Cater, Monte 50,69,81,125,143 Chalmers, Oashon 194 Chambrouich, John 72,223 Champion, Mary 71 Channels, Janice 162,205 Chapman, Elaine 83,132,213 Chinuge, Annette 205 Choules, Maralee 82,223 Churukian, Peter 213 Cisna, Randall 129,194 Clark, Larry 205 Cleggett, Jack 161,213 Clemens, Jeffrey 223 Cloyd, Barry 213 Cobb, John 84 Cobb, Linda 213 Coen, Evie 1 30 Colby, Dan 223 Coller, Robert 146,194 Collins, James 132 Collins, Paula 58,79,164,194 Collins, Ross 72 Comerota, Diane 71,223 Compton, Connie 194 248 Ik Condon, Mike 80,205 Conrath, Alan 223 Cook, Jean Tille 93,130,132,210 Cook, Russ 194 Cookson, George 195 Cooper, Jenny .223 Cooper, Mike 84,164,223 Corley, Bud 84 Costigan, Karen 68,74,195 Coverston, David 224 Crawford, Sherry 160,213 Crecelius, Larry 72,137,173,195 Cross, Francys 83,158 Cross, Jerald 93,131,158,165,205 Crouch, Diane Lohr 59,68,82 Cummins, Mary 126,213 Dalton, William 143,225 Daniels, Peter 85,213 Daschler, Kathy 68,78,165 Davidson, James 81,205 Davis, Karen 82,132,224 Davis, Kenneth 224 Davis, Richard 213 Davis, William 129,205 Day, Dorothy 162 Deadrick, Timothy 81 Decosmo, Terry 69,84 Deely, Joseph 84,224 Deetz, Chuck 80,224 Deitelhoff, Gary 73,144,224 Delaney, Maryrose 82,92,165,205 Dellegrazio, Peter 85,195 Demarco, Wayne 224 Denison, Sherrl 205 Deutschman, Jan 82,130,213 Dewalt, Mark 85,214 Deyoung, Susan 83,177,224 Dibble, Janice 205 Dicke, Loretta 74,214 Dickenson, Robert 134 Diefenbach, Douglas 165,205 Diekhoff, Wendy 82,224 Dielfield, Betsy 224 Dierken, Kathleen 224 Diller, Doug 73,129 Dilley, Gary 143 Dillow, Steve 129 Doctor, Carlton 132,164,224 Doehring, Fred 72,195 Doherty, Tim 80,224 Dolezal, Fredric 176,205 Donaldson, Mary 130,164,195 Donnelly, Debra 82,126,129,158 Doty, Jackie 125,126,127,166,195 Douglas, Barbara 126,174,195 Douglass, Sharon 224 Dowd, James 224 Downs, Brian 205 Drach, Keith 57.195 Droughns, Wilbert 161,224 Duez, Kevin 80,143 Duffner, William 84,146,224 Dulaney, David 205 Dummermuth. Rick 224 Duncan, Sandra 214 Dunn, Diane 32,224 Durham, Ruth 195 Dybicz, Mike 224 Eakin, Sharon 224 Earing, Karen 160,214 Eckstein, Gary 143,162 Edlen, Ro bert 224 Edwards, Marjorie 195 Eggers, Teresa 224 Elder, Barbara 130,132,206 Ellis, Sterling 73,196 Elston, Mike 196 Emberson, Sally 59,173,214 Erlinger, Terri 71,129,214 Everhart, Millard 80,160,214 Eyer, Steve 80,224 Fabian, Greg 80 Facinelli, Gay 75,126 Fatheree, Fran 206 Feeney, James 224 Feil, Todd 129,214 Felshaw, Richard 214 Felton, Mary 177,224 Ferneau, Darol 126,214 Fernstaedt, Marsha 82,224 Ferry. Elizabeth 196 Fetherolf, Bruce 132 Fields, Charles 196 Fiesler, Bill 81,224 File, Carla 126,130,132,214 Finegan, Linden 75,177 Fink. Suzann 162,176 Finley, Jan 83 Fischer, Eric 77,224 Fisher, Ann 83,196 Fisher, Linda J 129,159,206 Fisher, Linda 83,196 Fitzgerald, Brian 48,131,176,206 Fitzsimmons, Beth 224 Flanders, Jean 165,206 Flora, Ellen 214 Florence, Mary Kay 79,126,214 Fockler, Margaret 214 Force, Charles 129,206 Foster, Paul 132,214 Fox, Jean 79,136 Fox, Lynn 129,196 Fraggos, Angelo 84,224 Fraggos, Eleni 74,206 Franklin, Barbara 196 Franzese, Anne Marie 132,224 Fraser, Fran 75,206 Friedrick, Pam 137,206 Fritsch, Art 224 Frost, James 76,129,146,214 Futo, Eileen 196 Galloway, Judy 71,196 Gamache, Nancy 159,224 Gamble, Pat 122,126,134,196 Gamel, Trudy 71,196 Gardner, Linda 126,214 Gardner, Pat 68,79,124,126,174 Garner, John 196 Garver, Dave 225 Garver, John 135,158,160,206 Gaske, Joseph 77,225 Gaskill, Linda 79 Gaston, Steve 69,72 Gaston, T. L 69,80 Geiser, Harlan 81 Geist, Carol 196 Gemoules, Greg 129,158 Gerdt, Karen , 126,129,214 Gerdt, Sharon 126,129,214 Gerlach, Liz 196 German, Kristine 71,126,158,165,214 Gholson, Dan 69,214 Gibson, Jack 72 GiU, Joseph 84,131,133 Glasscock, David 129,160,206 Glasscock, George 225 Glynn, Jay 173 Godier, Karen 214 Good, Steven 214 Goss, Vivian 206 Grady, James 146,214 Graham, William 76 Grammer, Bobbie 196 Grap, Jeanne 82,130,215 Gray, Jerry 77,144,196 Gray, Judith 78,164 Student Index Gray, Linda 93 Green, Brian 80 Greenlee, Dennis 80 Griffin, Phyllis 206 Grohe, Robert 76,1 96 Gross, C 81 Grotts, Robert 215 Ground, Carol 196 Grouzard, Michael 76,225 Guenther, Robert 1 32,21 5 Gulder, Kurt 76,146,225 Gunning, Linda 74.225 Guzaski, Jerry 225 Guzo, Anita 225 HackeL Sande 133 Haddad, Frederick 197 Haines, Gary 206 Hale, Alan 84,225 Hallmann, Alice 68,83,122,127,197 Halvorsen, Linda 71,57,197 Hamilton, Dan 77,225 Hamilton, Dennis 93,197 Hamilton, Vickie 225 Hanks, John 129 Hansen, Thomas 160 Hanson, Daniel 73 Hanson, Kim 225 Hanson, Sally 78,164,215 Harastany, Jan 74,136,165,215 Harbecke, Linda 158,206 Harding, Valerie 225 Hardy, Susan 225 Harkins, Judy 206 Harner, Bud 81,133 Harres, Mike 81,225 Harrington, Bill 73,129,143 Harris, John 225 Harris, William 132,164,225 Harrison, Kappy 71,68,197 Harrold, Khrist 225 Hartke, Jeffrey 72 Hartlaub, Don 215 Hartmann, Kay 75,93,134,172,215 Hartstim, Albert 93,131,132,197 Hartung, Mark 80,225 Harvey, Nelson 215 Hasbrouck, Thomas 197 Hauskins, Debra 225 Havens, Marilyn 206 Hayes, Patty 74,226 Heck, Martha 124,130,132,159,174,206 Hedges, Barbara 215 Hedlund, Jane 79,226 Hehmeyer, Gayle 71,177,226 Heinekamp, Beth 215 Heinrich, William 133 Heinz, Phillip 84 Helm, Beth 197 Helm, Donald 131,164,206 Helman, Linda 71,197,164 Helsing, Craig 129,215 Hendrian, Barbara 226 Hendrickson, Gary 226 Henry, Robert 143 Henry, Tim 84,143 Henson, Kit 83,165,176,206 Hentzel, James 144 Herbst, Linda 158,226 Hermes, Marilyn 74 Herren, Linda 79,226 Herrick, David 76 Herring, George 206 Herzog, Susan 71,197 Hess, Carl 215 Heynen, Carol 75,164,215 Hilgers, Bob 84,160,226 Hill, Jan 79 Hill, John 226 Hill, Nancy 78 llinkle, Vicki 71,21 5 Hinman, Martha 83,126,215 Hinshaw, Sylvia 226 Hintz, Thomas 84,215 Hoeltgcn, Francia 79,126,129,136 Hoffman, Terry 75,21 5 Hoffman, William 129 Hoffmeistcr, Annabelle 226 Holland, Martha 74,197 Ilollie, Naomi 215 llollis, Kim 131,206 Holmes, Stewart 131,134.206 Holtz, Caroline 71,177,226 Holzinger, Mike 80 Hopp, Martin J 22,1 29.1 35.1 97 Horst, Ann 197 Horvath, James 215 Hossinger, Jeffrey 226 Hottle, Geneen 71,215 Hoyert, Kristina 176,206 Hubbell, Marvin 77,21 5 Huber, Vicki 226 Hughes, Colleen 71,226 Hunt, Glenn 143 Hunter, Richard 207 Hurd, Jan 74,226 Huss, Kathy 74 lackson, Judith 215 Jackson, Mary 161,162,226 Jackson, Sally 226 Jacobs, Chris 78 jaconetty, Char 166 Jamison, Robert 80,129.160.207 Jamison, Suzanne 71,92,132,216 Janssen, Larry 77,216 Jenni ngs, Sharon 216 Jesek, Warren 72,226 Jewell, Geraldine 216 John, Helen 83,126 johnson, Trisha 207 Johnson, Carvel 143,161,216 Johnson, Garrett 133,226 Johnson, Kay 78,165 Johnson, Tom 81,133 Jones, Barbara 71 Tones, David 197 Jones, Greg 72,92,135,197 Jones, Patricia 161,226 Jones, Terry 82,227 Joy, Frank 216 Kabila, Roger .227 Kanervo, David 127,160,197 Karr, Nancy 227 Kasha, Chuck 73,197 Kazan, Andrew 216,146 Kehoe, Pam 140,132,216 Keiler, Nancy 162 Keller, Karlton 173,227 Kelley, Marjean 71,177,227 Kessinger, Bonnie 160,162,207 KiUion, Ruth Ann 93,122,126,127.129 134,135,137,197 Kimball, Curt 85.136,207 Kinkade, Paula 79,227 Kinsey, William 177,207 Kiricoples, Chris 227 Kirkpa trick, Jerry 216 Kitsuse, Alan 216 Klaus, Judy 197 Klaven, Beverly 126 Klenzak, Don 85 Kloetzer. William 207 Knockel, Linda 71 Knox, Rick 69,72,129 Koch, John 216 Kocher, Michael 73.143 Koonce, Thomas 73,143 Korsmeyer, Cynthia 227 Kraemer, Ann 160,162,207 Krows, Fred 69,80,207 Kuhn, Beth 227 Kuhns, George 84 Kulka, Camille 207 Kurtz, Nancy 125,172,207 Lambird, Rita 83,198 Landaas, Robert 85,173,227 Lane, Martha 74 Lapp, John 227 Larkin, Cathy 82,227 LaRowe, Allan 124,127 Larson, Robert 80,160,227 Latta, Diane • ■ 126,217 Lauerman, James d F?12,l 24, 1 36,19 a Laurich, Kathleen i¥ %Jr Lawrence, Marion 2| vM ■ 198 Laws, Ronald 72,207 Lawton, Rosemary 48,129,207,134 Lay, Berta 71,176,217 Lay, Bill 146 Layland, Roger 129,146,198 Leach, David 69,85 Leatherman, Mike 137,160,207 Le Blanc, Bryan 76,217 Lee, Mary Ann 126,129,173 Lentz, Richard 76,217 Leonard, Beverly 227 Lewellen, Ann 126,127 Lewis, Harry 217 Lich, Trudy 164,227 Lienhart, Terrell 143 Lighthall, Dave . 207 Linblad, Erick 85,227 Lischett, Alixe 227 Lithgow, Carol 79,93,208,135,165 Little, Deborah 217 Livergood, Susan 227 Lobos, Judy 227 Lockart, Pamela 1| 68,78 Lockhart, Alice 208 Logan, David . 80 Long, Dale 198 Lorenson, Letitia 82,158,164 Lorenzen, Mike 129,208 Love, Bilinda 78,208 Love. Gina 71,227 Lovclass, Tom 72,129 Lueck, Janelle fe 208 Luety, Suzanne 71,129 Lukacek, Gail 79 Lupinek, Hal » 208 Lyons, John 69,76,143,198 McClarey, Carole 198 McCormick, Pat 217 McCoy, Kathy 208 McCoy, Linda 68,74 McCoy, Russell 198 McCracken, Jan 78228 McDonald, Charles 143,161 McDonald, Steve 72 McGinnis, Mike 77,217 Mcllwain, Margaret 79,126,154,165,217 McKinley, Pam 154,164,176,198 McLaughlin, Laurie 228 McManus, Mike 217 McMillin, Vic 228 McQueen, Doug 131,132,208 Mack, OUie 123,143,198 Madeline, Patricia 126,217 Mahon, Linda 130,217,132 Maiello, Matt 84,198 Major, Chris 173,217 Maksay, Diane 228 Maleski, James 228 Mallett, Kathy 228 Manis, Ruth 71,126,217 Student Indi ex Manley, Gloria 161,228 Mansfield, Susan 83,132 Manson, David 85,146 Marche, Jan i M- ■ • •2fi§[ Margrave, Mary . . . .J ff . . . .J T. . . te Markby, Kathy 71,228 Marschaler, Doug • ' LJx .217 Marshall, Jane .123,172,198 Martell, Susan i ' :. . ' .. lyL,.-. 162,217 Martin, Carlos . , .198 Martin, Richard 217 Martin, Susan 82,228 Martz, Randy 208 Maslanka, Leo .228 Mathewson, Wendy 59,198 Mathias, Vincent 81,144,217 Matthews, Zanda 228 Mauterer, Mary Kay 68,74,198 Maves, Sharon . 71,217,132 Maxson, Michael 159,166 Mayo, Lisa 217 Medal, Carole 130,208 Melloy, Margaret 208 Mendenhall, James 208 Menke, Robert 72,228 Merrifield, Karen 228 Mess, Dennis 143 Messinger, Dean 81,172,217 Metcalf, Bill 81,133,217 Metcalf, George 198 Metzler, Lee 76,218 Meyers, Laurie 79,198,164 Meyers, Mike 1| B3 Michael, Karen 82,228 Michl, Charles 84 Mick, Jimmy 72,228 Mickel, Tim 198 Mickels, John 146 Miller, Fred 131,218,132,164 Miller, Greg 85,132 Mills, Annette 71,228 Milosevich, Sam 137,208 Mintel, Janice 158,160,208 Mitchell, John 73,124,129,143 Mitchell, Jon 131,133,164,198 Mitchell, Kurt 228 Mitchell, Mary 228 Mogler, Rick 69,76,125,199 Monroe, Larry 218 Moody, Doc 143 Moore, Barbara 208 Moore, Charles 131 Moore, Debbie 78,228 Moore, Gail 228 Moore, Larry 199 Moore, Robin 134,209 Moreau, Ruthann 209 Moreen, Gail 68,82,209 Morgret, David 129,199 Morgret, Marilyn 209 Moritz, Tim W.Jm 80,228 Morris, Kathleen . . 130,133 Morrison, Jalayne • j?- SL 60,74,228 Morrison, Ken . . . 69,72,173,218 Morthland. Diana 199 Mosley, Dawn WW k 228 Mosser, Robert 228 Mothershead, Julie 71,126,129,165,218 Motta7 % JJ|rr. .% 132 Mueller, Julie . . . 7? W. BL 228 Muery, Linda 199 Muhr, Mark 229 Munton, Rosemary 199 Munz, Thomas 129,162,218 Murphy, Bruce 209 Murphy, Cindy 75,229 Murphy, Sue 75,199 Murray, Jack 129,158,218 Musil, Constance 177,229 Myers, Gary 229 JNance, Jerry Nees, Jean Neher, Ted Nelson, Jeff Nelson, Mary Alice . . Neville, Mark .84,218 ■ 229 . 129,218 ■SHf .lJMj • xMlkm -- 81 132 Newell, Kevin ■ £ jf 3R Newquist, Nancy 166,229 Newton, Kent 77 Nicholson, Kathy 68,71,129,199 Nicklaski, Glenn 77,218 Nims, Bruce 160,209 Norton, Jane 83,229 Novak, Ken 77,218 Nykiel, Edward 76 Oakes, Donald 218 Obertins, Nick . . -£ T . .2W Oberto. Norman 229 Obey, Sherry . . ? 75,154 O ' Bryan. Mike 199 O ' Leary, James f . . . 229 Oleszynski, Jon 199 Oliver, Jane 229 0 ' Mullen,iCathl. Jf 129,209 0 ' Riley, Jack . . k M 137,160 Orr, Carl I | M 77,229 Orthmann, Paul J ' M 129 Oswald, Jaihe j. M 173 Ousley, Lisa 75 Overholt, PaWcial §. 71,229 Overocker, Wendy 71,91,126,130 132,218 Owens, Steve . . " f . .Jf. 143 Oyan, Jackie 79.134,199 Oye, WesjSp . S. . . E 13 Paasch, Lee Ann; . . $ 199 Paddock, David ! . . Jf 129,199 Palmer, David 218 Panieri, Roselyn 229 Paradiso, Karenl|j| 126,130,132,218 Parker, Danny 144,161 Parker, James 129,209 Parker, Michael 80,165,218 Parkinson, Greg . ' M 81 Parson, Cheryl 126,127,174,199 Partington, Kathy 79,134,176,209 Parvin, Rex 132,229 Patterson, Hiram 158.160,209 Paulaitis, Robert 143 Pauly, Lawrence 84,229 Payton, Frank 129,199 Payton, Thomas 76 Pederson, DeAnna 78 Pence, Deanna 78,158.209 Perella, Susan 78,177 Perkins, Janet 48,158,218 Perna, Richard 84 Peter, Connie 199 Peter, Marikay 71,218 Peters, Carolyn 199 Petersen, Dorna 229 Peterson, Marilyn 200 Pettus, Michael 209 Petty, Curtis 50,81,165,218 Pfeffer, Bobette 164,218 Phillips, John 200 Phillips, William 200 Picou, Stephen A .209 Pifer, Bill 81,131 Pifer, Dick 229 Piraino, John 218 Pistorius, Chris Sjteji,- :W-20 .■■■•jf Plapp, Allan " Btet; lf%21% . Poe, Michael 72.143,229 Polovina, David 143,200 Porter, Edward 158,218 Pounds, Cynthia 200 250 Miss ' Student Indi ex .68,71,209 . . . 78,200 165 . . 164,200 126,130,200 ...... .161 80,144 Zip 1 Ronald Sgg?Prdbadta, Dennis Proyines, Bonnie . . . | Jpftam, JpeV Iia y- James 1 $ - • - 73 9B f Linda Jjfc . . - 200 126,129,177,218 lartha 75 id, Lugenia £k . . . % .?1JL ..... 1 61 ,229 ;le, Margaret 200 de, Brent 200 Rainous, Martha 155,209 Ralston, Jame . 73,143,229 RanaUetta, Mary 162,219 Randle, jm -MSW 209 .229 lapaport Rom . . . . . . . .J. . . .M . V 209 Rapp, Donna , . 162,219 Rasler, Tom... 132 Ray, Patty f -f-fJ 229 Receveur, Robin I Jt 229 Redmond, Donahujf if • 161,229 Reeder, Douglas 1 »219 Reeves, Dick .... ■ • W|,219 Reiber, Cynthia . . W . .»gl9 Reid, Ruthie 4- • • • • • -74,1 29,209 Reilly, Margaret . . . M. ; . M J. . . . ' 209 ReUly, Patricia H jT.J? . . . m75 Reinhardt, Jim .... 1 ■!■■£■ f- • • . §p09 Reinheimer, Robert .» ■ ■ ■ • .WW 09 Reining, Linda W. . . J.f. . .JfeOl Rempala, Steven . . Rentfro, Cynthia . . Rentshler, Alan . . . Richardson, Vickie Rickey, Cindy .... Rife, Jolien Risko, John Roberts, Gail - 229 Robinson, Diane ' .i.J. J.f.. 161,229 Robinson, Richard If - J- ■ je- ■ ■ 85,133 Rodeffer, Janet i 158,229 Rogers, Barbara 60,132 Rogers, Jack M. . . . . 209 Rohrs, James 84,146,229 Rose, Steven W ' f ' £ 229 Roth, David . ..230 Rotundi, Tom 230 Rouse, Dick 76,201 Rubin, Bonnie 230 Rumgay, Karen ■ ■ • -230 Rusk, Mike V tf-. ' P 21 Rusnak, Linda MJ.f. :Jm,2M Russell, Patricia 230 Rutledge, Cathy 230 Sadler, David 72,230 Sakata, Gary -230 Saltzman, Allen 210 Sampson, Roger J§. .201 Sanders, Richard .161 Sanford, Susan 165,210 Sargent, Lynda K S. 219 Sarrach, Arleen 71,210 Sauter, Glenn 129,219 Schaeffer, PhUlip 129,201 Schaible, Ellen , 78 Schaub, Tracy 83,126,219 Schiminski, Anna . ......201 Schiminski, Lynne • H - -230 Schmidt, Carl ||.f| . . .85 Schmollinger, Connie sH ' ' 2 ' Schneller, Fred 219 Schniepp, Michael 210 Schoemann, Lynn . 83,230 reiber, Becky . 75 Schroeter, Melanie 74,1 32,230 Schuber, Fred 80 Schultz, William 158,219 Schum, Randy 210 Schumacker, Lynn 82 Sehwabe, George 73,143 Schweitzer, Pauline . . . .Jf. 230 Scabloom, Clam . . . bs uf. 76,219 Sebestyen, Rosemary T v x . 90,l 37,21 0 Sedlack, Gary 73,143,230 Segal, Donald 131,133,219 Seifert, Diane 219 Seiler, Robin .... . .Jm . -ym M 71 Selvey, Toni .8 vtj • 0 s f $f .161 Shafer, David . -jJ 1 -- ■ ■ -0 230 Shaffer, William 184,201 Shaughnessy, Michael 201 Shea, Jerry 81,210 Sheets, Glenn 76,230 Shelby Richard 143 Shepherd, Susan 74 Shestokas, Al 69,76,219 Shintani, Sandy 219 Shipton, William 76,123,129 Shoemaker, Joan 82,173,177,219 Short, Christopher 230 Sieja, Thomas 143,230 Siemer, Joseph 129,158,134,201 Siemer, Robert 158,230 Simanton, Jill 230 Simler, Douglas 129,210 Simon, Marcia 202 Simpson, Mary Anne 78,154 Sims, Ron . . 131.210 Sindelar, Robert 84,146,231 Siron, Nancy 231 Sisson, Michele 83,126,158,220 Skelley, Phdlip 129 Slater, John 231 Sly, Sara 220 Smead, Elizabeth 231 Smetts, Kathy 79,231 Smith, Carol 220 Smith, Dick 69,73,129 Smith, Frank 73 Smith, Merry Sue 50,78 Smith, Paula 165,210 Smith, Sherry 71,231 Smith, Steve 143 Smith, Wilbert 220 Smouse, Steve 81,231 Snead, William 84,231 Snow, Judy 78,166,202 Sommer, William 69,84,231 Sorensen, Roger 220 Soukup, Nancy 79,231 Southward, Daisy 161,162,232 Spencer, Beth 79,232 Sperry, Marshall 232 Spinner, Marcia 126,129,177,220 Spires, Sharon 232 Spittler, Fred 129,202 Spomer, John 72 Spurr, Gem 82,232 Staley, Connie 71,220 Stanton, Arlene 232 Stanton, Michael 202 Starman, Jed 72 Stedlin, Jan . . 74 Stednitz, Candy 202 Steele, Greg 129 Steele, Jennifer 126,220 Steffy, RobertS. M 80,232 Steinkamp, Chuck 84,92,210 Stevens, Michael 73,142 Stiehl, James .- 81,125,127,129,202 Stirling, Tim 1 81,220 Stone, Sidney 202 Storms, Dedra 74,126 Stoutenborough, Richard 131,210 Stowell, Gary 77,232 Strang, Carol 126 Street, June 232 Stroud, Alan 220 Stuhrenherg, Joanna 75,165 Sudds, Linda 130 Sudlow, Richard 84,232 Sullivan, Mary 232 Summers, Keith 232 Suria, Susan 83,158,177,232 Svendsen, Joni 78 Szalaj, Steve 132,164,220 Szybowski, William 85,220 Talaga, Linda 202 Tanis, Pat .J 82,177 Tanner, Laurie 232 Taylor, Connie 232 Taylor, Debbie . . .J fek ,.- •. 82,232 Taylor, Steve 81,144 Terry, Lisse 126,162,177,220 Thalman, Ann 79,220 Theriault, Sandy 78,126 Thomas, Cornell 161,232 Thomas, Gerald 232 Thomas, Vickie 210 Thompson, Gerald 159,161,166,173 Thompson, Janice 220 Thompson, Jack 84 Thompson, Lloyd 161,220 Thompson, Lynn 79,160,232 Thompson, Mark 76,202 Thompson, Mary Jane 71,210 Thompson, Robert 69,84,92,135,137,210 Thompson, Ronald 210 Thompson, Tim 136,159 Thorstenson, Loren 81,143 Tibbott, John ....§ 129,134,137,160,202 Tollefson, Mike 84 Tosolin, Kathy 71.130,164,220 Totten, Skip 134.210 Townsend, Silas . . . -| 123,131,202 Trakshel, Gary 232 Traughber, Vicky 232 Trigg, Linda . . . . M 129.176,220 Triplett, Tiki 161 Troup, Terry . . S. -jm - 2IB Tuecke, Joyce 75,126,164,220 TuUy, Dale 50,59,74.202 Turnipseed, Tim 72,143.232 Twenty, Bill 72 Twenty, Joyce 74 Ulbrich, David 202 Ultz, Larry 131,133,135,164,210 Utsler, Ronald 232 VanAbeele, Richard 120,202 VanBrundt, Nancy 130,202 VanDerBosch, Bill 72,143 VanOrman, Anita 220 Vanskike, David 202 Vanstrom, Stephen 143,232 VanVooren, Craig 84,232 Vascik, Jim 81,129,220 Verner, Janet • • .232 Vierow, Michael 131,133,220 Voigt, Jeff 85,202 Voigt, Mark 85,220 Voorhees, Gregg 76,133,232 Wagner, Karen 177,232 Walker, Annetta 210 Wallace, Phyllis M 210 Walsh, Tom .Ik ig 232 Walters, Stever . M. 202 Walton, Paula 210 Wanhala, Linda 134,221 Warmack, Ken 129.211 Warner, Lyndsey 60.232 Student Indi ex Warren, Jean 202 Warrick, Peggy 1 64,202 Warringer, Henry 232 Warrington, David 144,232 Watts, Dwight 85,232 Wayne, Cynthia 82,92,1 54,203 Weakly, Kathy 78,232 Weber, David 81 Weckel, Mary 134,211 Wedding, Jane 211 Weindorf, Wendy 211 Weingard, William 211 Weiss, Richard 73 Welch, Danny 143,161 Welch, Linda 83,130,132,203 Welker, Steven 77,132 Weller, Patrice 78,233 Wendland, Marcia 129 VVentworth, George 211 Westwood, Mark 85,233 Weyand, Amy 160 White, Hollea 75 White, Lynne 211 Whiteman, Cyndy 233 Whitfield, Rosemary 233 Wichert, John 77,233 Wickline, Denny 144,211 Widger, Mary 126,221 Wiedemann, Richard 85 Wiedemann, Steve 84,221 Wiersma, Douglas 76,233 Wiesler, Rich 73,143 Wiggins, Patricia 161 Wilkinson, Myke 233 Willey, Marcia 211 Williams, Brenda 211 Williams, Pat 233 Williams, Pete 84 Williams, Suzanne 203 Wilson, Diane 177,233 Wilson, Eunice 203 Winer, Sami 233 Winterhoff, Rene 74,221 Wohlrab, Eric 129,158,203 Wohlrab, Suzanne 203 Wolfer, Chuck 133,221 Wolford, Don 129,211 Wood, Candice 164 Wood, Edwin 173,211 Wood, Gary 81 Wood, Martin 73 Woodley, Dennis 69,76,221 Woods, Barbara 221 Woody, Kerry 221 Woolsey, Hank 233 Worlds, Gilda 132,221 Worley, John 221 Wright, Teri 233 Yadgaroff, Stuart 85,160 Yakes, Stuart 211 Yontz, Cynthia 59,71,203 Young, Clare 71,137,160,211 Zeason, Debbie 126 Zieche, William 76,211 Zimmerman, Connie 211 Zimmerman, Ganne 71,203 Zimmerman, Kerry 211 Zimmerman, Larry 233 Zueger, Bertha 132 Faculty and Staff Index Adams,Betty 44 Adell, Arvid 12 Allan, Ralph 24 Allen, Jack 42,136 Allen, Wanda 44 Anderson, William 22,93 Armstrong, Helen 45 Askill, John 23 Bach, Bert . .14 Baird, Neil 22 Bateman, Charles 20,174 Bates, David 31 Batshon, Badi 22 Beeson, Shirley 45 Benner, Denny 29,127,160 Benson, Don 45 Boatman, Maurice 40,127,158 Bodamer, William 21 Bond, Mary Jane 38,90,234 Boston, Bryce 42 Browning, Clyde 20 Buck, Paul 184 Butler, Thomas 20,164 Carnahan, Elizabeth 44 Carson, Max 29 Castenada, Concepcion 18 Chapman, Larry 21,25 Chapman, Merle 25 Chapman. William 26 Clarke, William 30 Collins, Richard 30 Coy, Darwin 38,127,136,234 Crannell, Harriett 24 Crawford, Kenneth 21 Davis, Carol jfe. 45 Davis, Lawrence 45 Day, Margaret 45,80 Deetz, Rachel 45 Dodge, Stephen 16 Drenan, James 23,129 Drennan, Dorothy 45 Eckroth, Marvin 32 Ellsworth, Georgia 45 Eubanks, Shirley fe 43 Ferris, William 18,127,135 Ferry, Alma 44 Forbes, Gordon £ 10 Forbes, Malcolm 10,136 Frazier, Timothy 14,175 Frazier, Ronald 11 Frey, Roxanne 43 Gage, Elinor 88,93 Gaston, Jack 27 Glasscock, David 29,127 Gray, Jerry 25,144 Gregory, Ronald 30,136 Gromoll, Henry 10 Grosz, Fred .23 Habbe, Joyce 44,45 Harkness, Tscher 43 Hartter, Allen 12 Healy, Anita 18 Hearson, Robert •■ mmk ■ -32 Hehmeyer, Robert ' ' 101 • -44 Heitkamp, Lawrence 19 Henson, Grace 45 Hicks, Patricia 21 Hill, Elizabeth 38,174,234 Hopkins, Esther .134 Hopper, Arthur 17,93 Houston, Joseph 38,92,136,234 Hoyt, Frederick 16 Hull, Frank 40 Humphrey, Peter 33 Hunt, Gerald 40,136 Jackson, Irving 36 Jensen, Norman 22 Johansson, Carl 25,146 Johansson, Janet 43 Jordahl, Julianne 19 Jordahl, Truman 12 Kent, Nancy 33,136 Kerns, Byron 36,127 Kettlekamp, James 42 Kirby, Glenn 27 Kistler, Edward 45 Klaven, Marvin 13 Krueger, William 15 Krows, Wayne 36,127 LaRowe, Kenneth . 31,127,135 Larson, Carol 32 Lewis, Lillian 45 Lewis, William 30,127,137 Lindsay, Jacquelyn 44 McDaniel, Stuart 17 Mclntire, Robert 12 McKay, Paul 34,35 Maclay, Ron 11 Maim, Virginia 45 Mardock, Robert 16,127 Marshall, David 28,127 Mathieson, Lester 24 Merritt, William 40 Miller, J. Roger 36,60,127 Moffett, Jewell 45 Montgomery, Kay 44 Moore, Barbara 30,161 Morris, Margaret 43 Nicolay, Christina 42 Nisbet, Gladys 45 Northrup, Jean 32,127 Olsen, Gail 13 Olson, James 26,129,136,137 Onwuemene, Michael 15 Paine, Richard 26 Pattison, Carl 14,38,136,234 Paul, Carol 19 Peterson, Margaret 31 Phillips, Douglas 33 Pickens, William 174 Pondelick, Leo 33 Provan, Graham 16,127,135 Quintrell, Joyce 18 Randall, Rhodora 45 Redford, Gerald 36,1 37 Richardson, Kent 40 Robinson, Francis 43 Robling, Marilyn 44,45 Rocke, Donald 28 Rollins, David 22 Rotz, William 40 Sandoval, Patricia 15 Sappington, W. A 27 Scheffer, Robert 44 Schueler, Roger 32,1 33 Sheldon, Ted 16 Shell, Lester 22,127,129,135 Shelton, Ronald 21,127 Shelton, Winnie 44 Simon, Jeffrey 17 Smith, Dorothy 44 Smith, Glen 28,127,129,135 Smith, Luanna 14 Smilhson, James 22,136 Snyder, Wesley 30 Spires, Rex 40,137 Stewart, Norm a 45 St oiler, Michael 28 Stradtmann, Margarete 45 Teike, Marilyn 45 TeVault, R. Kent 10,165 Tiedc, Russel 33,135 Travis, Elizabeth 31 Vicars, Robert 19 Vogt, Shirley 44 Weatherbee, Carl 23 Weaver. Loreri 23 Webb, Gail 31 Weeder, Roy 13 Welch, Gladys 45 Wichert, Betty 45 Wieman, Barbara 31 Wiggs, Halice 20,135 Williams, Dwayne 11 Williams, William 29,127,136 Wilson, Peter 12 Wing, Edward 11,127 Wingard, Deborah 43 Woltmann, Lillian 44 Wuerthele, George 15 Yenser, J. Kelly 14,166 Yenser, Pamela 15 Zimmerly, Isabelle 27 253 Admissions Committee 136 Alpha Chi Omega 70.71 Alpha Epsilon Delta 128 Alpha Kappa Psi 129 Baptist Union of Millikin Students 163 Circle K 158 Choir 132 Chorus 167 Collage 166 Convocations Committee 93 Decaturian 172,173 Delta Delta Delta 74,75 Delta Sigma Phi 72,73 For Soul Only 161 Interdomitory Council 162 Jazz Lab Band I 33 Kappa Sigma 76,77 Millidck 175-177 Music Educators National Conference 164 Neuman Club 163 New Student Coalition 159 Office of Central Publicity 160 Orchestra 168 Phi Kappa Phi 127 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 131 Pi Beta Phi 78,79 Pi Delta Upsilon 126 Pi Mu Theta 126 Psi Chi 165 Publications Board 137 Radio Station 160 Residence Assistants 134 Residence Directors 134 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 80,81 Sigma Alpha Iota 130 Sigma Zeta 128 Student Admissions Corps 165 Student Affairs Committee 136 Student Education Association 164 Student Senate 170,171 Tau Kappa Epsilon 82,83 Teacher Course Appraisal Booklet 166 Teacher Education Council 135 University Band 169 University Center Board 92 University Judicial Board 135 Women ' s Athletic Association 155 Zeta Tau Alpha 84,85 A yearbook should tell it like it is- it is a history book. We hope MILLIDEK 1971 is the story of Millikin 1971- with the permanence of its buildings and the transiency of its people. After all is said and done, we are only visitors of Millikin 1971 : At first sight it were as though I was a lonely leaf blown and flung across the campus there was nothing but buildings sidewalks and people . . . After looking 1 drifted among the flowing leaves blown and flung across the campus everything around was brick and stone . . . Ruth Ann and Clare Many thanks to the following people: Associate Editors Berla Lay, Coordinating Fred Dolezal, Copy Laurie Ahlgren, Activities Marilee Brooks, Index Sue Fink, Athletics Brian Fitzgerald, Programs Kit Henson, Greeks Tina Hoyert, Faculty Pam McKinley, Organizations Kathy Partington, Proof and Typing Linda Trigg, Administration and Honors Jane Wedding, Classes Mary Cummins, Organizations Helen John, Classes Mary Alice Pickett, Greeks Ellen Schaible. Faculty Paul Buck Ron Haddock Walter Adams Anchor Publishing Company Mr. Gerald Redford John Castagno Bill Shaffer Ken Novak Pat Tunis Rich Perna Mr. Timothy Frazer 256

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