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Table of Contents Focus Diversion . . .70 2 We live in a separate world here. Its name is Vast- ness. The buildings are dec- orated with an almost Baro- que mixture of ivy and wis- dom. The floors and roads are paved with creativity. The basic philosophy re- volves around such words as: relationships, diversion, en- deavor: 4 6 We live a dichotomy: of peace and frustrating inner wars; of hope and disappointment; of giving and receiving. 8 . . . and every creature has a time forgoing ahead, and a time for going behind; A time for slow-breathing and a time for fast- breathing; A time to grow in strength and a time to decay; A time to be up and a time to be down. Book of Tao INDIVIDUALITY 14 President Paul L. McKay I like to think of Millikin University as a community of learning. Faculty, students and administration learn from one another and contribute to the mutual enrichment of all concerned. Such an understanding of the university puts the focus on shared experiences. Modern life is all too fragment- ed. The link that holds us together is our need for one an- other. , This edition of the Millidek effectively supports the thought that Millikin is many things to many people. Even as numerous colors make up a rainbow, I believe that our diversity blends too in a common purpose. Paul L. McKay President 17 Gerald Redford Assistant to the President R. Wayne Gill Business Manager Emeritus 18 Wayne Krows Development J. Roger Miller Academic Affairs Dean of University Vice Presidents Irving Jackson Business Affairs 19 Jack Allen Admissions William Carey Public Information Maurice Boatman Library Directors Frank Hull Comptroller IIP ' ' ' ' ' iHH Walter Gray Registrar Kenneth Merwin Development Clyde Browning Night School William Rotz Alumni Dr. C. Robert Haywood Dean 23 Richard Handlesman Instructor John Miller Assistant Professor Dr. Neal Doubleday Professor Elinor Gage Assistant Professor Dr. Myron Taylor Associate Professor 26 Robert Milliken Instructor History Dr. Robert Mardock Chairman Professor Dr. James Provan Assistant Professor 28 Robert Mclntire Chairman Assistant Professor 29 Carolyn Likins Instructor Dr. Henry Gromoll Chairman Associate Professor Physics Ralph Allan Chairman Associate Professor 42 School of Business " The materials of action are in- different; but the use of them is not indifferent. " Epictetus Dr. James Olsen Dean 44 William Williams Associate Professor Denny Benner Instructor John Herzig Assistant Professor 47 Theodore Ripper Associate Instructor Roger Schueler Carole Wessler In structor Assistant Professor 53 54 55 Residence Directors STUDENT RESIDENCE DIRECTORS— SEATED: J. Carnall, M. Pierce, P. Bolas. L. Selsor, B. Cerutti, M. Chao, C. Rickleff, B. Classon, G. Greider. J. Aukland; STANDING: M. Hancock, T. Comerota, G. Carnall, D. Morris, F. Spottsville. G. Grever, J. Harrison. D. Welch, R. Stewart, M. Malan, D. Slagel, T. Cork, G. Witters, V. Harry. SENIOR RESIDENCE DIRECTORS — G. Ripley. H. Scherer, M. Mulholland. S. Coover. E. Hopkins, B. Cvengros, R. Barns, D. Kidd, G. Lytic R. Handlesman, N. Hasselbalch, R. Vicars. 58 JUDICIAL BOARD— CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: D Glasscock, F. Spottsville, H. Marquardt. R. Haywood. A. LaRowe. D. Marshall. G. Clevenger. R. Howard, K. Winn, D. Anderson. Although the Judicial Board is one of the most mis- understood, and seemingly undefined committees, in reality it produced some of the most significant and sym- bolic interactions between students and faculty. Its bylaws state its purpose: " to hear serious charges against stu- dents and make recommendations to the Dean of Students in matters concerning the enforcement of University regulations applicable to students. " Perhaps the best description of the Judicial Board comes from one actively involved, the current chairman, David Glasscock. For him, this job has meant a gain in " the respect I have for the student membership. " He has found that these positive factors have contributed to the just and proper functioning of the Board: " the apparent cognizance by the membership (students and faculty) of their inter dependency of responsibility (including due process a nd individual rights); mutuality of respect: and high degree of concurrence of opinions that resulted from an exceptionally effective and -complete interaction and penetrating discussion. " Judicial Board: focus on just and deliberate judgment. Judicial Board 59 LIBRARY COMMITTEE SEATED: L. Shell, M. Carson, W. Kreuger, G. Reynolds, S. Townsend, C. Bateman.J. Northrup. E. Wing, W. Sny- der, W. Ferris, M. Boatman, N. Doubleday; STANDING: R. Allan, G. Smith, L. Calhoun, L. Frye. University Committees Student-Faculty Committees have been created to give students a meaningful opportunity to participate in ad- ministrative decisions. They also allow for a constructive sharing of ideas and attitudes and promote greater un- derstanding between the university power structure and the student body. The more active of the Committees included the Li- brary, Admissions, Teacher Education Council, Student Aid, Human Relations, Student Affairs and Executive Committees. Interaction, exchange, assimilation — phases of dis- cussion within these committees. The success or failure of their work may be measured by the relevance of their judgments to the needs of the student body. For ex- ample focus in on . . . 60 Executive Committee: A body composed of eighteen faculty members and three students, each member hav- ing an equal vote. Its function is to discuss and move on resolutions coming out of Student Senate. In addition this body acted upon suggestions from the University President, such as the creation of new investigative or functional committees. Executive Committee acted directly upon the resolution for a new probation policy, thus trying to keep itself in touch with the needs of the student body. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE— FRONT: J. R. Miller; FIRST ROW: J. Olson, W. Gray. C. Peden, M. Taylor; SECOND ROW: R. Shelton. F. Baldwin, S. Storms, R. Howard. D. Coy, D. Benner; THIRD ROW: H. Marquardt. R. Gregory, K. LaRowe. R. Spencer, C. Wessler, R. Haywood; FOURTH ROW: C. Browning, M. Klaven. 61 University Committees TEACHER EDUCATION COUNCIL — W. Lewis. R. Mardock, G. Smith, H. Marquardt. H. Wiggs.J. Novack, 62 63 PI DELTA UPSILON— FIRST ROW: L. Ryan, D. Morthland, A. Hallmann, G. Zimmerman. C. Baldwin, G. Lawson, B.Douglas. P. Gamble, W. Mathewson, B. Provmes. L Paxton, J. Doty; SECOND ROW: C. Compton, S. Duff, R. Killion. J. Pains. L. Welch. C. Wayne, D. Boron. C. Parsons, D. Hester, W. Corsaw. PHI KAPPA PHI— FIRST ROW: L. Shell, G. Smith. E. Gage. W. Williams, E. Wing, K. LaRowe; SECOND ROW: H. Gromoll. D. Glasscock, . . Gaston. R. Miller, R. Shelton, W. Lewis, D. Gage, W. Snyder. C. Weatherhee. W. Krows. D. Marshall. C. Haywood, D. Coy, M. Boatman. Students not present: T. Cork, L. Rubin, A. Davis. J. Grissom. F. Baldwin. J. Mueller. F. Spottsville. D. Theobold. B. Kloster. R. LaManske. L. Mc- Gee, C. Steele. 64 Honoraries A prism of time divides a light in the university in 3—3 beams of light, illuminat- ing for a moment the changing face of achievement . . . Pi Delta Upsilon — struggling underclasswomen lauded for their first efforts, struggling together to achieve some sense of relevance to the campus community, to achieve national affiliation as a functioning, vital part of the university through activities that serve and encourage their fellow students— a fleeting ray of light — " Those were the days, my friend, we thought they ' d never end ... " Another beam darting through the prism: Pi Mu Theta, senior women wise, consistent, persistent in their outstanding academic standing, 3.0 accumulative aver- age, tenaciously clung to, perpetually salvaged. Wise? Solemn? " I ' ve looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, but still somehow . . . I really don ' t know life at all ... " The broadest beam of light, searching through every disipline of the university, the ultimate level of national recognition: Phi Kappa Phi illuminating the magic upper 10 per cent of the graduating class, bringing together students and faculty under the Society ' s motto— Philosophia Kratei Photon— " The love of learning rules the world. " Focus these 3 beams through the prism of time, struggle, frustration, achieve- ment, recognition: they are the Honoraries. Frank Baldwin Senior Donna Jean Anderson Senior George Carnall Senior Barb Kloster Senior Character, Citizenship, Scholarship, Leadership, Responsibility — if in extraordinary proportions, possessor most likely to be found in the pages o Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The prestige and respectability of national recognition of one ' s ability and accomplishment is aptly symbolized by the glamorous, if well-worn phrase, " Who ' s Who. " And who is who among the nation ' s thousands of college students? What does such a cliche mean? What relevance has it to now, to today? Perhaps it is meaningful — especially to those who belong to that elite, the few dedicated ones whose contributions are finally recognized and applauded. Vaguely resembling a dusty Funk and Wagnell Dictionary, that yearly publication may not be Life, but for the deserving who are hon- ored. Who ' s Who provides a valid and illuminating focus on achievement. Denise Bell Senior 66 72 " Our very exercises and recreations will prove to be a good part of our study. It ' s not a soul, not a body we are training, but a man, and we ought not to divide him. " Montaigne mm 73 That was the day — leaving campus for Allerton Park. That was the afternoon — playing games, singing songs, attending meetings. That was the evening — participating in discussions, and watching the burning of the " M " . That was the Sunday — singing in the choir, watching " the Happening " and leaving for campus. That was the weekend — the weekend o Freshman Camp. FRESHMAN CAMP CO-CHAIRMEN— FRONT ROW: G. Mormino, K. Winn; SECOND ROW: C. Bono, T. Comerota, K. White, B. Sanders. •a FRESHMAN CAMP COUNSELORS— FRONT ROW: £ . es er, Z.. A:. Nicholson, M. Haupt; SECOND ROW: M. Snvder, B. Zaruba, J. Liston, M. Westwood. B Boston. D. Bell. P. Collins. E. Matson. C. Wayne; THIRD ROW: C. Squires. N. Arms. G. Lawson. B. Ketz. L. Selsor, B. Milam. L. McCarnes, S. Emmert, J. Davis; FOURTH ROW: M. Chao. C. Dixon. P. Dellegrazio, B. Cerutti, J. Majors. N. Aldrich. B. Heinz. J. Gallo- way. B. Bolon, J. Carnall. R. Stewart, C. Rickleff. D. Anderson. D. McCrary. P. Gardner. R. Dulaney. D. Tully, G. Jones, G. Heinzmann. L. Crecelius, D. Albright. J. Lauerman. R. Tomlin. R. Smith. J. Stiehl. D. Slagel. F. Baldwin. D. Foster. Parents ' Day Bustling campus, crowded cafeteria, proud Freshman eager to please, awkward parents: For them, a new focus on their college students — Parents ' Day, 1968. IDEAL PARENTS — Mr. and Mrs. Joe U. Slagel and son Dale PARENTS ' DAY CO-CHAIRMEN — P. Gardner and B. Lay 77 Wheels of Change Wheels flashing down the hill out of the trees, Freshmen finding something new to cheer for, Upperclassmen rediscovering enthusiasm for college life, New friendships being formed, Tumbles and spills, but always progress, " Wheels of Change " carrying us to new perspectives, New focus on . . . HOMECOMING. Miss Kathe Bristle 1968 Homecoming Queen 80 Kathe Bristle of Pi Beta Phi was chosen to continue the Millikin home- coming queens ' tradition of beauty and graciousness. Already honored as a former Miss Decatur, she joined the ranks of those select women who have attained the royalty to which every coed aspires. Focus on a queen — Kathe! Mary Lou Chao, Independent Homecoming Court Sharing a special place in the unfolding of Homecoming week were six women honored by their fellow students as members of the Home- coming Court. These women showed a blending of charm, intellect, beauty, and personality that made them ideal representatives for a sharp fo- cus during an exciting Homecoming. 82 Marilyn Gipson, Independent R HOMECOMING COMMITTEE— FRONT ROW: J. Savers, G. Holsinger, J. Hajek, C. Manock, S. Baylis, S. Schmidt; SECOND ROW: M. Haupt, S. Attig, P. Collins, E. Matson; THIRD ROW: N. Aldrich, B. Ketz. P. Gardner, E. Price; FOURTH ROW: L. Crecelius, J. Kramer, R. Tomlin, C. Baldwin, FIFTH ROW: G. Jones. C. Bono, B. Sanders, C. Rickleff. HOMECOMING CO-CHAIRMEN — M. Snyder and M. Heneghan 87 BEAUTY AND BEAST CANDIDATES— FRONT ROW: B. Milam, D. Taylor; SECOND ROW: P. Johnson, M. L. Chao: THIRD ROW: N. Aldrich, B. Cerutti, D. Seif- ert; FOURTH ROW: R. Christy. T. Fusco, J. Sayers, E. Wohlrab; FIFTH ROW: D. Slagel. Beast: R. Dulaney, Beauty: J. Sayers mpus Chest For a week devoted to the serious mailer oj money that is, fund-raising Campus ( hesl pro- vided some light moments, at the expense of tradition or youth or anything at all It was open season— Hilarity for Charity. And they meant it. traditional activities, whether the Beaut} and the Beast Contest or the Carnival, felt the effects of a refreshing wave of innovation. The week ' s activities saw the inauguration of the Faculty " Talent " show and reorganization oj the old events. The chaos of extracurriculars. ah sweet youth, the " best years of our lives " they say? Laughing (or crying! at the talent show, listening to the Cryin Shames, groaning as a " friend " sauntered away with the prize you wanted, working hard to make it all possible ' Maybe they ' re right. But Campus Chest— so what? So that three more Millikin students can go to Ecumenical Work Camp to experiment in living. Campus Chest, 1969— focus on giving. 89 Christmas Christmas is a tag they put on a season. You can tell when it ' s here — green and red candy starts appearing in those glass candy cases in Kresges. It affects people in strange ways — somehow, they suddenly start becoming more friendly, more caring . . . At Millikin, Christmas flew in a week early. The Spirit was there, though, as the Ves- pers and the Messiah were completed and Christmas trees started popping up across campus. Who can forget the hectic last minute dorm parties, classes called off, people torn between enthusiasm for an extra week of vacation and the unhappy realization that all the work would have to be made up later? Nobody really wants to. Pat Daniels, Queen IDC CHRISTMAS BALL CANDIDATES FRONT ROW: J. Oswald. J. Spaulding, P. Daniels; SECOND ROW: L. Gould. IV. Harry, S. Jennings. Sweetheart Dance The annual Valentine ' s Day Sweetheart Dance . . . Another vestige of tradition at Millikin, a tradition gladly honored each year. While the vision and perspective of each succeeding genera- tion aff ects the significance of this Dance — indeed, of all rites and traditions — the anticipation, the en- joyment are rediscovered by each couple in the dim and scented room, in the rhythm of the music, in the touch of their partner. Sweetheart Ser- enade, 1969, for a new generation, a new focus on enchantment. KING AND QUEEN OF SWEETHEART DANCE — C. Nahatis and M. Snyder " What are you trying to prove, I mean, really, wearing your hair like that? Just what are you trying to tell us? " " We just want to do our own thing — mean, we ' re human, too. We have pride. " Groping, trying, speaking, stuttering, faltering, seeing at last what it meant to be confronted. Black. White. Stu- dent. Teacher. Strangers. Friends. A day. A night. Late. Tired. Talk. Listen. Listen . . . Listen . . . Listen! And maybe, some heard. A Student-Faculty Retreat de- voted two days to the nation ' s most explosive crisis, the crisis facing white men confronted by black men, black Americans who have discovered a priceless sense of iden- tity, with its concomitant senses of pride and brotherhood. For Millikin the crisis is just as real, and is characterized by the white student and faculty ' s ignorance, lack of in- sight, or (most frightening of all) apathy. The Retreat gave those who came — black and white, student and faculty— a real opportunity to face their own shortcomings and con- front the problems we must at least try to solve. Discussion groups, readings, a play, role-playing, a med- itation—activities designed to provide impetus for thought, time for understanding. Structured? Perhaps. Meaningful? Who will say? No one really wants to. For that is another confrontation, the confrontation of our individual respon- sibility for change. Stecher and Horowitz Fine Arts Sunday afternoons. Seen through colored panes of glass. Faces, colors, shadows, movement, anticipation. A trip in- to another world — the world of the performing artist. Millikin ' s Fine Art Series provided many perspectives for seeing that world and delighting in it. From piano duet to the Canterbury Tales, from chamber orchestra to wood- wind quintet, the 1969 series was richly varied, a celebra- tion of texture, sound and mood. Focus on artistic ex- pression. The tension of auditions; the frenzy of set building and costuming; the frustration, the exhaustion of rehearsals; the tight, scant-of breath, stomach ' s jumping, damp hands feeling of opening night: Town and Gown proudly pre- sented The Merry Wives of Windsor . . . Spoon River Anthology . . . Blues for Mister Charlie . . . another sea- son of dramatic entertainment. Each year, Decatur resi- dents join with Millikin students to indulge in a most hu- man form of expression, the drama. Two diverse elements of the community drawn together, drawn to the stage, where briefly they li ve the large joys and small tragedies of the human soul for all of us. Ecumenical Work Campers Frank Baldwin Finland Enthusiasm for challenge, intelligence for sound judgment, dedication to ideals, energy for great adventure — high criteria for a unique task . . . The students who were sent abroad as Ecumenical Work Campers were special people, people hon- est enough to tell (or ask) strangers why, eager to give themselves to hard work, loving enough to give of themselves to other people. Living and working to- gether: an essential, human experience. Living and working with students from all over the world, living and working in a country not your own: a priceless human experience. Tourists? Sometimes. Stu- dents? Sometimes. Christians? Perhaps. Christian? Probably. Three were chosen, and for those three Millikin students, 1968 meant a summer in Ecumenical Work Camp — focus on people. Gretchen Greider Netherlands Isa Independent Student Association has achieved its main objective, that of helping the unaffiliated students to realize that they could be more a part of Millikin than they had been in the past. The Independents have been brought to- gether and organized and are now actively working for the improvement of the entire University. This year there were no great triumphs nor defeats, for ISA. Social activities were sponsored for the benefit of the entire student body. The organization sought to provide an outlet for student energy and served the University well. Place the focus on Students. W. Wessel. President ISA OFFICERS — L. Wire. Social Chairman; L. Gunsl, Secretary; L. 104 Rubin, Treasurer; C. Manock, Vice President. 106 Greek Week Whether playing tug o ' war, throwing the shot- put, or singing, the Greeks had one main purpose during Greek Week: to reinforce the ideals and friendships within their system. A week of work and play, laughter and serious thought — added up to a re-focus on friendship. Mrs. Mulholland N. A Idrich J. Albert Zeta Tau Alpha Tau Chapter M . Bamharl S. Beall D. Bell OFFICERS Fall Spring Ellen Matson President Joan Davis Joan Davis Vice-President Cyndi Wayen Mary Ann Chomiak T reasurer Betty Ketz Patti Benson S . e . cret . a 7. Linda Paxton Barb Hughes Membership Alice Ann Hallman P. Benson D. Boron B. Casper M . A. Chomiak J. Dai M . Delanev 1 10 Mrs. Ripley M.Ahlgren N.Arms S. Attig Pi Beta Phi Illinois Eta Chapter S. Buvlis J. Backer P. Bolas L Booth OFFICERS Fall Spring Susan Lewis President Nancy Arms Martha Snyder . Vice President Pal Gardner Sally Deadrick . Rec : Secretar y. Vicki Rapp Judy Gray Treasurer Martha Snyder Vicki Rapp Rush Chairman Paula Collins K Bristle N . Brumund J Carrell P Collins K. Dusehler S Deadrick 7. Fox P. Gardner . . dray L. Gray Hilt K. H overt 12 113 Mrs. Hasselba ch D. J. Anderson L. Atchison C. Beall Housemother Delta Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Chapter L. Becker K. Bliler B. Boston S. Carroll Fall Donna Jean Anderson Elizabeth Thompson . Beth Vaughn Kendra Otwell Barbara Zaruba Kathv Beaman OFFICERS Spring President Elizabeth Thompson Vice President Cynthia Kidwell Recording Secretary Kendra Otwell Corresponding Secretary Martha Holland Treasurer Donna Hester Rush Chairman Julie McCracken K. Costigan S. Donahue N. Doubleday M. Edwards S. Emmert E. Fraggos F. Fraser A. Friend P. Galas J. Garner C. Gidcumb J. Harris 114 Mrs. Cvengros Housemother S. Albert J. Bland C. Boehm Alpha Chi Omega Upsilon Chapter Officers Fall Spring Betty Rainey . . . President Claire Combs Kathy Kile Vice President Janet Liston Bev Milam Corresponding Secretary Barb Burns Jane Mueller . . Recording Secretary Kathy Kaufman Jacqui Klansek . Treasurer Kathy Nicholson Nanci Lang Rush Chairman Nanci Lang C. Combs C. Flaherty J. Galloway T. Gamel B Gard E. Gerlach L Halvorsen K. Harrison M. Haupt M. Heck S. Heinz L. He man 116 117 Mrs. Methenitis D. Albright L. Altmansberger J. Anderson Housemother Tau Kappa Epsilon Beta Chapter T. Arentowicz J. Bel man J. Berry D. Bills G. Bollinger C. Bono R. Butcher J. Costagno J. Compton N. Curtis P. Dainton T. DeCosmo OFFICERS Fall Spring Charles Nahatis . . . .President Randy Thompson Ron Stewart Vice President Ron Stewart Jim Novae k Secretary Terry Arentowicz Rich Markus Treasurer. Charles Bono Larry Dicke Sgt. at Arms Jeff Voigt W. Dower B. Drake S. Drach J. Duncan 1 18 W. Field D. Foster D. Garrett J. Gill T. Gleason M. Gore J Grant A. Green D. Lighthall J. Majors R. Markus R. Mettler G. Miller G. Mormino C. Nahatis R.Perna M. Porter T. Raduenzel R. Randle A. Roades G.Robinson R.Robinson M.Schnake J. Smith C. Steinkamp R Stewart D. Swarlz S. Swedell G. Szymski B. Thompson R. Thompson W. Turner J. Voigt Pamela Beemer Sweetheart ofTau Kappa Epsilon 119 Mrs. Scherer Housemother G. Basler J. Bates R. Boion J Browning D. Bruin ing J. Bruninga S. Buha G. Carlough D. Carr M. Cater L. Coffelt T. Comerota M. Condon M. Crouch P Cutler Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Chapter OFFICERS Fall Spring Boyd McCracken . . President Joe Petty Bill Heinz Vice President Joe Browning Ed Neighbors Recording Secretary. . . Bob Jamison Dave Bruining Treasurer Larry Kelly George Wilhelm . . . House Manager . . . George Wilhelm S. Driggs C. Dubinick D. Due: K. Due: 120 R. Dulanev T. Evans H. Geiser W. Gilason J. Glynn B. Green J. Grissom J. Gustafson W. Heinz R.Jackson R.Jamison W.Keip L.Kelly L. Knudsen E. Krauss F. Krows T. Lamping J.Lewis B. McCracken D. McCrary R. Mc Williams D. Marker E. Neighbors M.Neville D. Nordstrom G. Parkinson J. Petty R. Pfeiffer R. Quade B. Rutherford B. Sanders D. Shriver D. Weber M. Whalen G. Wilhelm G. Wood M. Woltzen Carol Squires Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon 21 David Kidd Head Resident D. Ahrens D.Austin G.Axt G. Brown R- Brown J. Burke R. Butterfoss S. Byers J. Callear B. Campbell M. Chamberlain J. Cicmanec G. Clevenger M. Douglas B. Downs J. Erlenborn M. French R. Graber W. Grahar. Kappa Sigma Gamma Beta Prime Chapter OFFICERS Fall Spring Bob Sharp Grand Master Rick Mogler Barry Campbell Grand Procurator Jim Erlenborn Dick Rouse .... Grand Scribe Frank Payton Gary Slager . . . Grand Treasurer Dave Paddock Ralph Santos . . Grand Master of Ceremonies. . Bob Graber R. Grohe J. Gudeman T. Harrington G. Harsha 122 R.Hill L.Hoffman S.Holmes J.Lyons P. Mains T. Mauro A. Mendelson M.Meier R. Mogler D. Morris M. Mrugacz S. Neice D. Paddock F. Payton S. Peterson S. Reed Affect D. Rhodes J. Risko S. Rohrhoff D. Rouse R Sampson R. Santos D. Seifert R. Sharp W. Shipton G. Slager J. Stroud M. Thompson S. Todd W. VanKeuren D. Wierenga G. Willcox S. Yokes W. Zieche Justine Vroman Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma 123 Mr. Handelsman Head Resident R. Adams W. Aldrich G. Anderson 4B. J. Armbrusler C. Bilodeau S.Butler S.Casper Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Lambda Chapter At P. Chuzi F. Coffman R. Comstock J. Craw L. Crecelius J. DUger D. Diller J. Doolin S. Ellis E. Erickson A. Filson T. Fusco OFFICERS President Mike Heneghan Vice President Jeff Armbruster Recording Secretary Greg Jones Corresponding Secretary Larry Crecelius Treasurer John Mitchell Rush Co-Chairmen Larry Crecelius Jim Kramer Bill Lay C. Goebel G. Hanson W. Harrington G. Harris 124 M. Heneghan G. Jones C. Kasha J. Keith M. Kocher J. Kramer S. LaMar .1 Lancaster J. Lauerman B. Lay L. Lent L. Lindburg P- Mendel J. Mitchell B. Moore T. Olive D. Pennell C. Rapp M.Rosenberg A. Sainz D.Schley D.Smith R.Smith J Starman M. Stevens S. Strang R. Tomlin W. Twenty P. Upton W. Upton P. Vice J. Vita R. Wiesler M. Wood Barbara Hughes Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi 125 129 STUDENT ADMISSIONS CORPS— FRONT ROW: B. Sanders, G. Jones, D. Albright. L. Crecelius, C. Dixon, P. Dellegrazio; SECOND ROW: C. Combs, C. Baldwin, G. Lawson, C. Mcllwain, L. Selsor, L. Rubin, D. Bell, B. Zaruba, L. McCarnes, D. Hester. L. Snider. L Welch; THIRD ROW: D. Seifert, R. Mogler, C. Bono, B. Bolon.J. Carnall. Remember the rainy day that dawned on November 16th when the Student Ad- missions Corps hosted 280 high school seniors for Campus Prologue? Remem- ber the aching backs from sleeping on the floor while a campus prologuer slept serenely in your bed? Remember the excited smiles and the eager looks as the seniors participated in a full day of activities complete with a dance held in their honor? Remember the bonds formed when the shy prospective stu- dents talked with you about the pro- fessors and Millikin in general? Do you remember? 131 Student Senate Kris Winn Social Chairman Char Rickleff Secretary STUDENT SENATE— FRONT: D. Schaufer, J. Savers, A. Salzman, L. Ryan, L. Rubin, G. Reynolds, K. Raske, R. Mogler; FIRST ROW: M. Gipson, L. Halvorsen, M. Hancock, N. Harry, T. Hasbrouch, C. Kidwell, L. McGee, D. Ahrens; SECOND ROW: M. Lane, B. Elder, D. Boron, R. Killion. V. En- dress, C. Steinkamp, G. Lawson, B. Cerutti, T. DeVault, L. Anderson, D. Bell. J. Aukland, F. Baldwin, W. Math- ewson; THIRD ROW: N. Van Brundt, C. O ' Rourke, K. Nicholson, C. Fess, P. Warkenlin, A. Gibson, K. Downey, B. Sanders; FOURTH ROW: J. Lauerman, T. Fusco, K. Alee, R. Stallworth, C. Bono, M. Mrugacz. Steve Butler Treasurer Dale Slagel Vice President Richard Howard President Student Senate, a forum for discussion and implemen- tation of student ideas, is concerned not only with elimi- nating situations bothersome to students but also furthering University objectives. Through this media students can contribute to the efforts to reshape Millikin This year we accomplished the elimination of women ' s hours for juniors and seniors and brought about a major change in the assembly policy. In addition. Senate plans a teacher-course appraisal booklet designed to aid stu- dents in their academic selection. While these changes have come directly from Senate, other students chosen by us have contributed by serving on University committees. Their work includes changes in the probation status and exploration of the interim concept. With this base to build on, we hope to increase our commitment to the reshaping of Millikin University. 133 CSCA C — For combination, a combination of a five state colloquium of liberal arts colleges. S — For syllabus, five different active programs including faculty exchanges, student exchanges, visiting scholars, fine arts exchanges, and student gov- ernment. C — For coordination, working together by using each school ' s possibilities to provide a broad and interesting cul- tural, academic, and political education for college students. A — For association, the efforts of mem- bers Augustana, Carroll, Gustavus Adolphus, Illinois Wesleyan, Luther, Mac Murray , Manchester, M ill i kin, Mundelein, Simpson, and St. John ' s University to work for the Central States College Association. 134 INTER-DORM COUNCIL OFFICERS— FRONT ROW: E. Witt- linger. Social Chairman; B. Berry, President; SECOND ROW: J. Baker, Treasurer; L. Sullivan, Secretary; M. Hancock, Vice-President. Inter-Dorm Council Happiness to the members of the Inter- Dorm Council was an active year in the dormitories, accomplished by individual, as well as inter-dormitory, social and intellectual activities. 135 Happiness was a Tension Releaser complete with a Charlie Chaplin movie and hootenany. Happiness was a outdoor movie in the fabulous out- door theatre, A.T. Hall. Happiness was " Incense and Peppermint " and the queen of the I. D. C. Winter Formal. Happiness was discussion groups with the visiting CSC A scholars. Happiness was Residence Hall Week. Happiness was all this and more. INTER-DORM COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: J. Baker. E. Currie. L. Gieselman. M. Schruben. S. Farley; CENTER ROW: C. Handrich. K. Jaker. S. Houchin. P. Gamble. N. Towne. L. Vanden Branden, K. Wysocki. J. Marshall; BACK ROW: H. Vass. B. Kinsey. B. Dicken- son. G. Eckstein. M. Karasis. B. Vaughn. J. Hajek. F. Doehring. D. Pennell. G. Levin. 136 137 Greek Governing Organizat ions Junior Panhellenic Council is the means for focusing the interests of the four sororities ' pledge classes toward coordinated activities between the houses. In sponsoring a dance or bake sale, slumber parties and the tea for Decatur high school seniors, sorority pledges prepare for . . . Panhellenic Council, the 12-member, representative panel that legislates procedure and organizes interfratern- ity affairs. Fall banquet, slumber parties, workshops, rush, and exchanges — all these belong to the realm of Pan h el. Interfraternity Council — The fraternities coordinate their activities and pursue mutual interests through I.F.C., the male counterpart to Panhel. The ultimate result of cooperative interaction is Greek Week, the product of I.F.C. and Panhel endeavor— focus on the Greek way of life. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL— FRONT ROW: D. Bell, L. Snider. D. Lange. G. Lawson. V. Rapp. K. White. E. Matson, M. Wilson; SEC- OND ROW: 5. Lewis. B. Rainey, G. Heinzmann. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL— SEATED: B. McCracken, D. Albright, B. Heinz, Mr. Merritt. J. Lyons. C. Nahatis; BACK: B. Bolon. S. But- ler, R. Dulaney. R. Mogler. R. Tomlin. E. Krauss, B. Sharp. T. Arentowicz. M. Heneghan. R. Thompson. 138 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL — N. Dewey, M. Kennedy. P. Moore, L. Meyers, M. Casper, C. Yontz, C. Ziniel, S. Hill, J. Harris. K. Daschler, D. Prather, University Center Board By sponsoring many different activities, the University Center Board felt that it offered social, cultural and ed- ucational opportunities to the students at Millikin. The Board had charge of the lower level of the University Center and provided the recreational facilities found there. LLC. Board held several all-school dances during the year, and it sponsored popular movies and speakers in A.T. Hall. The Board purchased a series of art prints which will be framed and hung in the new Fine Arts Center. UNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD— SEATED: B. Twenty. C. Bono, J. Armbruster, Mr. Kettlekamp; D. Anderson; STANDING: J. Davis, C. Wayne, S. Puckett. 140 For Soul Only We, the Black students of M ill i kin University, united to foster culture among ourselves and to share it with the Millikin and Decatur communities. By bringing together Black students, we pursued Black education and cul- tural enrichment, oriented Black stu- dents to the area, protected Black students from discrimination, served the Black Decatur community, and observed Black holidays. Thus, we, the members of For Soul Only, strove for the unity and sharing of our ideas and heritage. FOR SOUL ONLY— FRONT: R. Hicks. J. Louis; FIRST ROW: T. Sel bey. C. Rogers. B. Kenney, J. Price, J. Sanchez, W. Jones, G. Purvis, E. Clark, M. Wilson. S. Pullard. D. Bolden; SECOND ROW: R. Stallworth. Dr. Bodamer. S. Townsend, M. Davis. M. Gipson. W. Mitch- ell, P. Wiggins, A. Johnson. P. Ferguson. J . Harris; THIRD ROW: F. Spottsville. Religious Organizations NEWMAN CLUB— FRONT ROW: M. Chomiak. D. Bossow, J. Adney. G. Hartstirn, M. Mauterer. B. LaBlance; SECOND ROW: A. LeCocq, K. Costigan.J. Gray. D. Prohaska, M. West. K. O ' Mullen; THIRD ROW: K. Downey, P. Cox. J. Hubbell. H. Bruninga. RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Chaplain Boda- mer. F. Baldwin. J. Adney. L. An- derson; BACK ROW: G. Carnall. E. Loughrin. A. Moisson. G. New- man. Mr. Marshall. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION FRONT ROW: C. Med- al. M. Pierce, S. Baylis; BACK ROW: D. Polovina, T. Jenks, Mr. Winter. BAH ' AI SEATED: D. Lichtenberg, B. Morgan; STANDING: L. Austin. M. Eilers. ALPHA OMEGA— FRONT ROW: D. Johnson. K. Turner. E. Price. G. Witters. L. Placek; SECOND ROW: R. Zaffino, C. Williams. D. Bossow. J. Woodman. A. Salzman, D. Hamilton; THIRD ROW: D. Dahms.A. Crum. M. Malan. Religion was brought closer to many students on Millikin ' s campus through the atmosphere provided by lively discussions of current events. Through guest speakers, Bible studies, films, or a weekly on-campus mass, each individual strove to mature as a Christian and to develop a personalized Christianity relevant to Circle K Without a doubt the purpose of Circle K was to serve. The members from so many different backgrounds were brought together by this com- mon goal. For example the pumpkins, decoratively carved in the Pumpkin Karving Kontest, were taken to hospital wards to wish the children a happy Halloween. In addition to this major proj- ect, the club visited a hospital every week to help distribute books to those unable to walk. Also every week the club attended the teen center at Westminister Church to develop friends. Cantrell Hall was frequently visited by the club, thus bv taking a personal interest in the home, the members served as big brothers for the boys. Service was rendered outside the community through the Christmas card exchange, aimed at bringing a serviceman ' s Christmas closer to home. Finally, since Circle K was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Decatur, the club always as- sisted in any service project sponsored by Ki- wanis. CIRCLE K— FIRST ROW: D. Houck. L. McGee, B. Kinsey, J. Siemer, J. Herring, B. Horton, P. Smith. M. Karasis, G. Carnall; SECOND ROW: B. Berry, T. Meier, B. Dickerson, T. Cork, D. Gordon, M. Malan, E. Peterson, R. Stallworth. M. Meier; THIRD ROW: G. Witters, B. Beverly, J. Crow, A. Stolz, D. Dykstra. MILLIKIN PALS— FRONT ROW: J. Pachay, P. Pickens, L. Schumaker; SECOND ROW: D. Johnson, J. McConnell, P. Wallace. B. Laird, B. Klein, B. Elder. B. Kessinger; THIRD ROW: P. Reilly, P. Walton. D. Dykslra. J. Hinueber. P. Orihmann. D. Dearborn. T. Mickel; FOURTH ROW: D. Schaufer. L. Meyer, V. Beats, K. Engelmann, K. Mathias. F. Fatherie. C. O ' Rourke, V. Sykes, P. Schroeder. 145 Millikin Pals A small boy, a huge smile, a con- centrated effort — these are the sights and rewards of being a Millikin pal. A few tears shed over a troublesome as- signment: two students studying a math book, one desperately trying to under- stand, the other desperately trying to teach — these are the tasks and rewards of being a Millikin pal. Every week con- cerned Millikin students leave the at- mosphere of the campus to enter the community to become acquainted with a child in various area grade schools. These students are growing by giving help and friendship to the younger seg- ment of the " now " generation. They in turn give their pals the warmth of their appreciation. A new focus on giving; these are the rewards of being a Millikin pal. YOUNG REPUBLICANS— FRONT ROW: J. Prather, D. Boron, A. Hallmann. M. West. P. Wallace, J. Wedding, R. Apyan, S. Shepherd, T. De- Cosmo; SECOND ROW: 5. Swedell, M. Edwards, J. Stuhrenberg, J. Galloway. K. Nicholson, C. Yontz. M. Heck, J. Nees, T. Gamel, F. Fatheree. N. Dewey, A. Friend, B. Laird; THIRD ROW: R. Mettler. D. Foster. L. He man, E. Schaible, L. Gerlach, L. Meyer, B. Ketz, P. Walton, G. Zim- merman. B. Gard; FOURTH ROW: B. McCracken.J. Lewis. J. Bruninga.J. Hubbell. B. Turner, C. Nahatis, K. Drach. C. Bono. Young Republicans Young Republicans: college students with a political identity. Their club sought to encourage students of the same ideological leaning to come together, exchange ideas, learn of and work for the Republican Party, to do their part to make that party a vital organization in American politics. Focus on . . . participation. 146 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi sought to develop foremost the wel- fare of the individual members. Besides demanding a minimum scholastic achievement, the chapter also pre- sented opportunities for the student to learn about busi- ness practices from outstanding businessmen. Professional meetings were held at which officers of companies at- tended and talked to the fraternity about an aspect of their firm. In addition, throughout the year the chapter made several field trips. Secondly, the fraternity sought to develop projects of research and service. Finally, the chapter strove to demand of its members the highest ideals and ethics used in business practices. ALPHA KAPPA PSI— FRONT ROW: G. Robinson. B. Gilason, J. Tibbott. D. Shriver; SECOND ROW: B. Green, S. Butler. D. Chrisman, T. Lamping, J. Wright. Mr. Smith. D. Rogers. J. Rot:. G. Bollinger, B. Hyink. P. Vice; THIRD ROW: L. Crecelius, R. Hohlt. R. T. Smith. G. Carnall, D. Morris. H. Reisler, L. Altmansberger. A. Theede. R. Markus, M. Hartwig, M. Smith, J. Mitchell; FOURTH ROW: M. Heneghan, J. Kramer, F. Pazton, E. Peterson, B. Zukas. L. Hill. C. Bono, L. Knudsen. G. Hill. D. Pinkley, Mr. Marshall, B. Woljord, B. Schiminski. (T% |U| National Collegiate Players Pi Kappa Delta The National Collegiate Players and Pi Kappa Delta have concentrated on the art of communication. Speech, drama — whichever the means, the end is the same: a way of illustrating principles via careful rhetoric and style. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS FRONT ROW: E. Hefley, N. Lang. L. Birkemeier, Dr. Michel, G. Briody; SECOND ROW: E. Peterson. G. Zimmerman. J . Day. PI KAPPA DELTA- FRONT ROW: D. Johnson. Mr. Briody. G. Briody. J. Day. S. Conderman. C. Jaconetty. C. Sommers, Mr. Andrews; SECOND ROW: 148 SPANISH CLUB— FRONT ROW: N. Borden, J. Wildhagen, C. Nothstine, E. Fraggos. N. Brumund. J. Belman; SECOND ROW: P. Johnsen, L. Bain, L. Anderson, Mrs. Castaneda, J. Aukland, G. Stevenson; THIRD ROW: C. Askill, K. Warmack, D. Neice, R. Zaffino, Mr. Winter, Miss Milner, J. Burnside, J. Carrell. B. Gard. J. Lisle. Spanish Club The Spanish Club operated on the basis of mutual interest in Don Quixote, Holy Week in Seville, bull- fighting, tortillas, Cuba, and the joy of communicating with a foreign civilization. The purpose of the club was to broaden our perspectives; to help us realize the con- stant interrelation of the Spanish and the American; one that we slowly have been accomplishing. 149 SIGMA ZETA FRONT ROW: D. Boron, L. Anderson. T. Comerota; SECOND ROW: K. Kile, M. Chao, L. Rubin, M. Karasis; THIRD ROW: M. Malan, J. Klansek, D. Slagel; FOURTH ROW: F. Spottsville. P. Warkentin, R. Quade; FIFTH ROW: J. Stiehl, D. Nordstrum. J. Grissom, G. Witters. Sigma Zeta Outstanding scholar in math or science? Focus in . . . on a member of Sigma Zeta. He or she has been recog- nized as an individual of ability, worthy of praise. Mem- bers of Sigma Zeta are encouraged to pursue experi- mentation and investigation of the sciences, stimulated by field trips, guest speakers, the national publication Sigma Zetan, and participation in a national convention. Sigma Zeta provides for a sharing of knowledge and an impetus for scholarship, thus serving the needs of the broader academic community. 150 Alpha Epsilon Delta 5 15, m Each field of endeavor can point to certain of its ad- vocates as possessing a special dedication and talent. It is the purpose of honor societies to recognize all such individuals. For pre-medical, pre-dental, and medical technology students, recognition by Alpha Epsilon Delta is that focus on their achievements and potential. Members have an opportunity to learn about the medical profession through activities ranging from field trips to lectures by guest speakers. Brought closer together by sharing their interest in a most demanding and significant field, those elected to Alpha Epsilon Delta form a fellowship representative of the future of their profession. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA FRONT ROW: Dr. Shell, G. Witters; SECOND ROW: J. Lane, G. Snyder, G. Reynolds, D. Gregg, M. Karasis, T. Comerota, D. Slagel; THIRD ROW: D. Nordstrum.J. Grissom, A. Barber, J. Grant, R. Quade, F. Spottsville, D. Wierenga, B. McCracken. 151 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION— FRONT ROW: M. Haupt, K. Kile. S. Schmidt. N. Brumund. M. Simpson. S. Attig. P. Gardner. B. Milam. P. Ranken; SECOND ROW: Mr. Butler. C. Merillat. C. Boehm. J. Gray. C. Yonlz. V. Rapp. C. Manock. J. Snow. C. Koehn. G. Greider. C. Gidcumb. M. Chomiak; THIRD ROW: K. Kaufman, G. Foster, K. Lubsen. L. Gunst. C. Ricklejf. N. Aldrich. B. Gunst. A. Hallmann. D. Bell: FOURTH ROW: C. Carter. M Miller. R. Vranek. Student Education Association This is a dream of every teacher — to put in each child understanding of the language plus bringing to birth in hearts love and yearning. This was the purpose of the Student Education Association — to prepare the beginning teacher to f ulfill her dream. 152 Collage At Millikin, 1968 saw a reappraisal and reorganization of the campus literary publication a studied attempt to focus on a virtually unexplored facet of the college ex- perience, the individual ' s discovery of creative expression. Collage sought to expose the experiments in expression conducted by students and faculty members. Conant Society COLLAGE — E. Moore. Editor. C. Moore. E. Wittlinger. A. Gibson. Traditionally, Conant Society was the literary society on campus. Traditionally, it was shrouded in an aura of obscurity, the stronghold and special interest group of the English major. But this year saw the theatre of the absurd, music, poetry, experimental films and still pho- tography — a broadening of interests and activities to en- compass other art forms. Creativity, exploration and a lively exercise in meeting new things made a Conant Society that grew and changed. CONANT SOCIETY — Left to Right SEATED: Y. Howard. P. Johnsen. M. Toale, B. Hall. E. Moore, J. Mueller. S. Rekas; STANDING: . Marshall, E. Wittlinger, M. Allan, R. Willhite, C.Jaconetty, Mr. Miller. L. Sullivan. 153 Millidek Frustration, fatigue, irritation, conflict, resolution, production, printing. For ten co-editors, a year of work. The final product: 288 pages, Millidek 1969. Hopefully, a book of reflection and innovation, a book worth re- membering. Mary Lou Chao and Carol Baldw Co-editors Mr. Olsen, Adviser Glenn Clevenger, Business Manager Cynthia Mcllwain, Layout Editor Mary Mulligan, Index Editor Diana Boron, Composite Editor Ganne Zimmerman, Typing Editor Pat Gamble, Classes Editor Betty Cerutti Jean Carnall, Copy Editor Mary Kay Mauterer, Organizations Editor Beth Gard, Copy Editor Activities Editor Gary Reynolds Dick Rouse, Sports Editor Faculty Editor 155 MILLIDEK STAFF— KNEELING: J. Stuart, M. French, J. Callear, T. Mauro. C. Kesner; FRONT ROW: 5. Sanford, K. Costigan, D. Tully, K. Daschler, R. Killion. L. Fisher, B. Kessinger. J. Hajek, J. Doty; FIRST ROW ON STAIRS: K. Otwell, M. Delaney, C. Lithgow, B. Ohren. J. Fox, C. Williams. J. Stuhrenberg; BACK ROW: G. Gidcumb, C. Parsons, L. Muery, S. Murphv, D. Dahms, C. Sommers, TV. Lang, D. Bossow, TV. Aldrich, P. Stephens, G. Foster, V. Endriss, L. Rubin. Millidek Staff 156 Paul Buck, Photographer Student Faculty Directory Barb Traxler, Editor Student Handbook Even on a small campus addresses are often hard to encounter, and rules are often changed. The Directory and Handbook give each member of the university com- munity a reference point where he can find any phone number, any current ruling . . . even on a small campus. Nance Aldrich, Editor 157 Tony Fusco, Editor Mr. Carey, Adviser Decaturian The Decaturian was a voice, a voice of the student expressing his ideas on various subjects. It was a source of information, a source from which the student learned about campus activities as well as national happenings. Finally, the Decaturian was a challenge, a challenge to express one ' s views, however radical they might be. The Dec was a picture of the student in relation to his uni- versity surroundings. 158 Rich T. Smith, Business Manager Chorus Curiosity . . . interest . . . involvement . . . enjoyment — which have led students and members of the Decatur com- munity to participation in the University Chorus. Open to all who want to sing, the organization offers its members experience in choral work, the opportunity to perform, the satisfaction of participation. Its annual winter and spring performances provide a focus on the joy of song. 160 Choir Whether traveling, singing, working, or playing the Millikin University Choir was a dedicated unit of in- dividuals. Each member joined the choir after strenuous auditioning, and then worked to reach the level of col- lective skill and ability required to perform a cappella music. They gave to Millikin, as well as to themselves, a sense of discrimination in listening and singing. It is doubtful that these 44 students will ever forget the hap- piness, hardships, and experience earned as a member of the M. U. Choir. CHOIR— FRONT ROW: J. Title, L. Blake, S. Butler, S. Harvey, M. Hancock, L. Anderson, R. Lawton, B. Boston, D. Bolden, S. Emmert, M. Cullen, C. Manock; SECOND ROW: L. Placek, E. Price, M. Gage, D. Anderson, A. Fetterolf, J. Spaulding, L. Gould, K. Bristle, P. Gardner. J. Bland, S. Harless. M. Anderson; THIRD ROW: B. Krause, R. Cook, G. Carnall, F. Krows, J. Smith, A. Hartstirn, N. Frederiksen. B. Horton, V. Patterson, S. Townsend; FOURTH ROW: D. McQueen, B. Ragsdale, G. Miller, B. Huber, E. Breed, D. Funk, D. Marvin. P. Prior. F. Kloster, M. Neville. 161 Music Educators National Conference The Music Educators National Conference is an or- ganization designed to aid and inform music education majors in their undergraduate development. By keeping abreast of aid programs and participating in music clinics, these future teachers gain practical preparation for their own further education as well as their careers. By support- ing activities in the School of Music, MENC participates in the university community. M EN C: focus on career com- mitment. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE— FRONT ROW: P. Doyle. B. Nott. G. Grever. J. Spaulding, L. Diesing, L. Muery; SECOND ROW: S. Emmert. E. Currie. J. Warren. L. Blake. T. DeVault. C. Medal. M. Armentrout. J. Savers; THIRD ROW: L. Ultz, R. Stoulenborough. B. Krause. J. Cooper, N. VanBrundt. P. Hayward.J. Title, G. Noble; FOURTH ROW: R. Nickelsen, B. Stiehl, G. Nix. D. Anderson, S. Storms. D. File. A. Davis. L. von Beethoven. J. Tanner. K. Engelmann; FIFTH ROW: Mr.Tiede. D. Helm, J. Mitchell. F. Kloster.J. Kohlrus.J. Gill. 162 ORCHESTRA— FRONT ROW: D. Horbovetz, J. Bean, M. Chomiak, P. Hayden, A. Horst, M. Clark, B. Hicks, G. Parnsh; SECOND ROW: P. Nis- bet, S. Sanford, B. LaRowe, D. Anderson, W. Pifer. J. Shaffer, A. Davis, B. A bell, R. Deininger. C. Sommers, L. Beckett, P. Simpson; THIRD ROW: C. Lithgow. J. Klawiter, K. McVety, J. Eager, L. Diesing, S. Barnes, G. Nix. T. Hoffman, M. Deininger, C. Yeaw, S. Hoffland; FOURTH ROW: E. Bearden, T. Jenks, R. Bearden, D. Davenport, M. Morris, D. Allen, R. Estes, J. Cooper, S. Duff, J. Estes, R. Robinson, Mr. W. Scobie, T. Jenkins. J. Mitchell, J. Bingham. S. Strang, S. Small, R. Sims. Orchestra Clamor, whispers, silence, applause, silence, and then . . . Handel, Humperdinck, Beethoven, the sounds of the great classics of orchestral music presented with fervor and pro- fessional concern, the product of the labor of Millikin ' s University Orchestra. Twice a year the concerts are presented. Twice a year the University and the community share what has been the hard-won results of weeks of rehearsal. The orchestra: another vehicle of expression, another facet of the Uni- versity ' s musical world, another demonstration of the im- portance and joy musical performance can have for an entire community. Citizens and students joined together in the pursuit of artistic expression. Orchestra: focus on harmony. 163 JAZZ LAB BAND— FRONT ROW: S. Wallers, R. Kleinfeldt, M. Wisbrock, B. Campbell, D. Bare. S. Barnes, S. Greennagel. J. Gill, F. Jenkins, H. Geiser, J. Bingham; SECOND ROW: Mr. Schueler, S. Beck. M. Daniels. G. Morrow, A. Smith, C. Kasha, B. Stiehl, T. Gleason, A. Mendelson, K. Lehning. Jazz Lab Band This year was a year extraordinarily marked by the perseverance of tradition and the innovations of change. Both trends were reflected in the nature and activities of Millikin ' s organizations. University bands were no excep- tion. In Jazz Lab Band, perhaps the most colorful of University organizations, we see the clearest reflection of tradition and innovation. From Glenn Miller to Kyle Lenning the sounds are true and good and exciting. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue — " may never have the recipe again, " but when it ' s happening, it ' s happening wild. Jazz Lab Band: focus on exploration. Concert Band The University Marching Band, composed of students from all areas of the academic realm, provided the music at pep rallies and athletic events, an integral and appreci- ated part of the ritual of athletic competition. The Concert Band and Wind Ensemble, also offering membership to any qualified student, provided the outlet for performance of concert music for any combination of wind and percussion instruments, preserving the tradi- tional heritage of concert literature. Experimentation always eagerly approached. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA— SEATED: Miss Webb; FIRST ROW: E. Loughrin, L. Welch. L. Diesing. S. Storms, D. File, L. Anderson. L. Blake. B. Provines; SECOND ROW: J. Spudding, J. Savers. L. Kot. Sigma Alpha Iota For those women scholastically and musically qualified to contribute to the development of music in the Univer- sity, Sigma Alpha Iota provides a significant opportunity for action, as well as a means of recognition of talented women music majors. Celebrating its fifty-second anni- versary on campus this past year, SAI hopes to achieve a wider awareness of music within the university com- munity. In cooperation with Phi Mu Alpha, this profes- sional fraternity works to select and present an annual musical production of substantial appeal to members of the city community, as well as the student body. SAI— focus on the relevance of music to all of us. 166 Phi Mu Alpha One of the sweetest sounds of Millikin: a mel- low Sinfonian serenade. One of the most colorful sights: the annual musical production or opera. One of the more special events: a reception for a renowned performing artist. Sound, sight, event —focus on Phi Mu Alpha, brotherhood of music students and those concerned with music in America. These sounds, these sights, these events, all are the responsibility of the men ' s professional music fraternity. Its goals and activities are directed toward meaningful contribution to the University. Focus on Phi Mu Alpha? Focus: a functional organization devoted to bringing music out of the Conserv and into Millikin and com- munity life. 167 Football: 1969 J2S33S ' ■ i ; i.. ■ . The 1968 Campaign showed the fans that Coach Mathieson ' s boys played a much improved game over last year. The greatest asset in this year ' s 3 — 5 season was the fact that the Big Blue boasted a squad of both experience and new young potential. The cumulative strength and ability produced a rugged defense against the CCIW opponents. The offense was made of veteran upperclassmen and supplemented by talented freshmen. For the main part, these students will return next year to form a strong nucleus for an expected conference contender. CO-CAPTAINS— r. Garner and W. Wessel. 172 FOOTBALL TEAM— FRONT ROW: J. Doolin. M. Cater, R. Norvell. J. Bunegar. D. Diller. R. Laws, J. Fox. R. Perna, G. Eckstein, S. Damarto. D Davenport R Hill T. Henry, S. Short, B. Vaughn; SECOND ROW: Coach Niebuhr, B. Hansen. J. Tibbott. C. Bilodeau. D. Polovma. J. Mitchell D. Smith, L. Thorstenson, K. Swan, W. Wessel, G. Harsha. J. Korn. J. Compton. J. Harden. J. Tritt, A. Papp. D. Schley, J. Duncan, Coach Chapman THIRD ROW- Coach Bliss. R. Butcher. M. Kocher, B. Picou, K. Cole. D. Welch. C. Rogers, G. Upton. G. McGrew.J. Frtch.J. Vanslrom. L Hoffman F Swigonski. O. Mack, J. Lewis, J. Lyons. D. Prohaska. D. Pennell. Coach Mathieson, FOURTH ROW: S. Smith, D. Marker, R. Adams. J. Allee, R. Paulaitis. P. Upton, E. Neighbors. D. Tokarski. C. Thomalla. P. Reynolds. D. Morris. S. Buha. D. Jones. P. Johnson. T. Garner. B. Harrington. J. Armbruster, T. Lamping. R. Wiesler. M. Stevens, E. Stringer. Manager G. Jones. 174 175 BASKETBALL TEAM CLOCKWISE FROM FRONT: D. Wickline, L. Kelly. J. Adamson. R. Dulaney, S. Taylor, J. Harrison. F. Price. F. Spotts- ville, W. Schofield. J. Lograsso, R. Smith. J. Hentzel CENTER: Manager B. Smith. Manager K. Schwab. Coach Williams, Manager S. Milosevich, Coach Chapman. 176 Basketball Hoping for a second consecutive trip to Kansas City to play in the N.A.I. A. Tournament, the Big Blue played another great season against tough opposition. Although chosen to place third in the CCIW, M.U. astonished fans and foes alike in their bid for the crown. Fearing that too many valuable members had been lost at the end of last season, the team, however, rebounded with im- proved reserves and talented freshmen. Throughout the entire season. Coach Don Williams remained confident in his team and their efforts. 177 178 Basketball Millikin Opponent 105 Wheaton 700 94 U. of Mo. (St. Louis 1 90 87 Carroll 77 87 Carthage 86 88 Indiana Central 91 80 Czech. National Team 100 Quincy Holiday Tournament 77 Western Illinois 79 100 Kenyon ( Ohio) 108 85 Quincy College 96 92 Defiance (Ohio 1 91 75 North Park 71 94 Illinois Wesleyan 87 92 Augustana 80 98 Carrroll 78 57 North Central 67 101 Carthage 86 80 Elmhurst 72 91 North Central 72 79 Augustana 77 79 Wheaton 84 70 North Park 75 82 Elmhurst 76 75 Illinois Wesleyan 91 Jesse Price, Captain 179 Wrestling Wabash College DePauw Illinois Wesleyan Eastern Illinois MILLIKIN IN VITA TIONAL August ana College Northeast Missouri Beloit Wheaton Invitational Western Illinois District 20 Championships CCIW Championships Date Dec. 4 II 14 Jan . 7 10-11 Feb. 1 5 8 14-15 19 21-22 28-Mar. 1 Coach Bliss; Co-captains: G. French, P. Dudiak. 181 INDOOR TRACK TEAM— SEATED: J. Taylor, G. Eckstein. A.Johnson; STANDING: R. Major. G.Jones, J. Stiehl. D. Weber. Indoor Track 182 OUTDOOR TRACK TEAM— SEATED: J. Oleszynski, A. McFarland. J. Taylor. G. Eckstein, D. Polovina, A. Johnson; STANDING: J. Stiehl, D. Weber, R. Dulaney.J. Armbruster. C. Thomalla. D. Pennell, W. Christenson, O. Mack. 183 Cross-Country CROSSCOUNTRY TEAM — Coach G. Anderson, R. Barthel, E.Brown, J. Taylor, J. Oleszynski, D. Dulaney.J. Stiehl. 184 GOLF TEAM — R. Adams, T. Meier, B. O ' Neill, F. Payton, F. Coffman, Coach Mathieson. MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM— KNEELING: M. Pettus, D. Rogers, J. Grissom. C. Older, B. Davis; STANDING: T. Comerota.J. Davidson, B. Dicken- son, B. Downs, P. Dainton, D. McCrary, Coach Neibuhr. Tennis Greenville Kaskaskia Wabash Indiana Central University of Missouri Illinois Wesleyan Carthage North Park Elmhurst A ugustana Principia Western Illinois CCI W Conference Meet .JL 186 BASEBALL TEAM — SEATED: M. Koepper, B. Greene, J. Adamson, G. Larson. S. Butler, S. Smith, B. Nims; SECOND ROW: S. DeMarlo. D. Pennell, R. Laws, R. Tomlin, B. Moore. T. Henry, T. Rowe, G. Wilhelm, Coach Chapman; THIRD ROW: E. Neighbors, T. Deadrick, J. Duncan, D. Wickline, M. Heneghan, J. Taylor, B. Kinsey. Baseball 188 Baseball Date Southern Illinois University April 9 Belmont College 10 Tennessee Tech. University 11 Union University 12 North Park College 14 North Central College 15 Eastern Illinois University 23 Wheaton College 25 Elmhurst College 29 Carroll College May 1 Carthage College 2 Illinois Wesleyan University 7 August ana 9-10 189 M-Man: Jesse Price Victory was the result of a team effort, but behind the team was a conspicuous player who through example and inspiration provided the spark that kindled the fire of championship playing. Jesse Price ' was an outstanding player on M. U. ' s basketball team for four years. The second basketball player at M ill i kin to break the 2000 mark in points, Jesse set a new record in total points as he captained the team through another fine season. This past season he also broke his own record in field goals and led the conference in rebounds. Jesse was chosen as a candi- date for All-American and selected as a member of the AAV All-Star Basketball Team to represent his country abroad. He was honored at his last home game in a " Jesse Price Night " celebration. Hailed by Don Williams for being the man that he is, Jesse paid tribute in turn to the coach that stood with him for Jour years. Mi li kin ' s Basketball fans will not soon forget Number 21. Jesse Price — focus on athletic achievement. POM-PON SQUAD— FRONT ROW: P. Lockart, R. Friedrick, M. Heck, K. Bachelder; SECOND ROW: P. Moore, N. Hill, K. O ' Mullen, M. Simp- son; THIRD ROW: K. Partington, S. Farley, C. Lee, T. Gomel. Pom-Pon Squad INTRAMURALS MANAGERS — L. Gerlach, J. Mann, L. Wire, L. McCarnes, C. Kesner, L. Paxion. R. Sampson. 196 Intramurals If you saw half of Aston Hall perspiring, trudging dormward in the dusk, wishing the gym had succumbed to an Indian raid, you knew that intramurals were here again, and someone else was go- ing home triumphant. Man against man, the fierce battles raged, whether it was badminton or bowling. Promoting a sense of belong- ing to that " home away from home, " intramurals matched housing units of resident students in athletic contests. Result: involvement, fun, fatigue, the satisfaction of playing hard. Focus on sportsman- ship. Jr TRANSITION Seniors Jon Adamson Business A dministration New Athens, Illinois Nance Aldrich Elementary Education Glenview, Illinois Donna Jean Anderson Music Ottawa, Illinois Gordon Ande rson Physical Education Winnetka, Illinois Linda Anderson Mathematics Decatur, Illinois Martha Anderson Music Decatur, Illinois Carol Askill Sociology Decatur, Illinois ■ — - m jH ■Aik Sandra Attig Elementary Education Pontiac. Illinois John Austin Religion Varna, Illinois Frank Baldwin History Decatur, Illinois Andrew Barber Zoology Cerro Gordo, Illinois David Bare Music Education Decatur. Illinois Seniors ' " JV r - ' - ' -7 George Basler Marketing Ramsey, New Jersey Denise Bell Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Patricia Benson Music Education Earlville, Illinois Paul Benson Accounting Decatur, Illinois John Bingham Music ? w Grove. Illinois Linda Bingham Music Education Earlville, Illinois Larry Birkmeier Speech Chicago, Illinois Gary Bollinger Marketing Peoria, Illinois Julie Bond Biology Decatur, Illinois Dwight Brass Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Michael Brelsfoard Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Gail Briody Speech Decatur, Illinois Kathleen Bristle Music Education LaGrange Park, Illinois David Bruining Accounting Evergreen Park, Illinois Harold Bruninga Biology Springfield, Illinois John Burke Business Decatur, Illinois Steven Butler Industrial Engineering Murphysboro, Illinois Danny Byard History Blue Mound, Illinois Barry Campbell Music Covington, Kentucky George Carnall Economics Kansas City. Missouri Seniors Joan Carrel Steven Casper Mary Ann Chomiak Sociology Physical Education Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Huntington Station, New York Hackensack, New Jersey Danny Chrisman Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Rosie Christy Physical Education Sullivan, Illinois Paul Chuzi Biology Freeport, New York Marcia Clark Music Downers Grove. Illinois Barbara Classon Elementary Education Akron, Ohio Glenn Clevenger Economics and Marketing Ridge wood. New Jersey Lyle Coffelt Economics Arlington, Virginia James Cope Music Education Decatur, Illinois Linda Cope English Decatur, Illinois Anthony Cork History Marshall, Illinois Bonnie Crew Sociology Varna. Illinois Susan Curran Music Education Houston. Texas Dian Daubach Biology Rolling Meadows. Illinois- Roger Davis Biology Palatine. Illinois William Davis Marketing Gary. Indiana Seniors I William Dower History Wheaton. Illinois Christopher Dubinick Industrial Engineering Virden, Illinois Paul Dudiak Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois David Duez Accounting Pana, Illinois Dale Dykstra Religion Chicago. Illinois Seniors Mary Gherardi Elementary Education Stonington, Illinois Jerry Green Accounting Maplewood. New Jersey Gretchen Grossman Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Alice Gibson English and Art Northbrook. Illinois Marilyn Gipson Psychology Chicago, Illinois Thomas Gleason Music Glen Gardner, New Jersey Stephen Grantham Chemistry Peoria, Illinois Stephan Greennagel Applied Music Decatur, Illinois Gretchen Greider English Decatur. Illinois Gayle Grever Music Lake Zurich, Illinois James Grissom Biology Decatur, Illinois Bonnie Gunst Elementary Education Massapequa, New York Linda Gunst Elementary Education Massapequa, New York James Gustafson Biology LaGrange, Illinois Nancy Habbyshaw Psychology Ridgewood, New Jersey Barbara Hall English Ridgewood. New Jersey Michael Hartwig Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Sue Hawk Elementary Education Springfield. Illinois Gary Hawke Accounting Decatur. Illinois Gary Hedge Industrial Engineering Kankakee. Illinois Seniors Don Holthaus David Horbovetz David Houck Richard Howard Yvette Howard Industrial Engineering Music Education History Industrial Management English Blue Mound, Illinois Gary, Indiana Greencastle, Indiana Sturgis, Michigan Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Daniel Hritsuk James Hubbell Barbara Hughes Dennis Hunniford Barbara Hybki Accounting Industrial Engineering Elementary Education Accounting English Chicago, Illinois Wilmington, Illinois Chicago. Illinois Decatur, Illinois Peru, Illinois Jane Jacoby Thomas Jenkins French Music 207 Oaklawn, Illinois Charleston, Illinois Seniors Christine Jenks French Park Fvresl, Illinois Earl Johnson Business Springfield, Illinois Marty Jones Art Peoria. Illinois Michael Jones Industrial Management Decatur. Illinois Susan Jones Elementary Education Ridgewood. New Jersey Kathryn Kalsow Music Decatur. Illinois JtMd Stephen Kalsow Business Adminstration Decatur. Illinois James Keith Industrial Eng. Flora. Illinois Carol Kelpsas English and Sociology Chicago. Illinois Kathy Kile Mathematics Decatur. Illinois Phillip Kitchen Accounting Arthur. Illinois Barbara Kloster English Tinlev Park. Illinois Frederick Kloster Music Education Winnebago. Illinois Gary Knox Economics Decatur. Illinois Lynda Knox Biology Decatur. Illinois Louis Knudsen Marketing Wauwatosa. Wisconsin Seniors Michael Lee John Lewis Susan Lewis Jamie Lisle Lela Long Philosophy Physical Education Biology Sociology Biology Springfield, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Rosemead, California Chicago, Illinois Ellen Loughrin Music Arlington Heights. Illinois Richard Lovellette Physical Education Decatur. Illinois Karen Lubsen Elementary Education Fleminglon, New Jersey Herbert McCartney Music Alton, Illinois Boyd McCracken Biology Greenville. Illinois Janet McGee Larry McGee Joan Mahon Mary Maierhofer Patrick Mains Elementary Education Industrial Engineering Nurse-Teacher Consultant English Marketing Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Ottawa. Illinois Danville, Illinois Seniors John Majors Mathematics Western Springs. Illinois Mark Malan Mathematics Pinckney ville, Illinois Carol Manock Physical Education Clinton, Illinois Richard Markus Business Cicero, Illinois James Mather Economics Woodstock, Illinois ' IBB ■ 5lB Ellen Matson Elementary Education Des Plaines. Illinois Thomas Mauro Marketing Rivervale, New Jersey Alan Mendelson Music Education Jackson Heights, New York Richard Merenkov Biology Decatur, Illinois Beverly Milam Elementary Education Salem, Illinois Rebecca Miller Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Shirley Mitchell Psychology Decatur, Illinois Virginia Mitchell Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Gary Mormino History and Psychology Wood River, Illinois Jane Mueller English and Art Peru, Illinois Charles Nahatis Marketing Manchester. Massachusetts Ed Neighbors Physical Education Standard. Illinois Gail Newman Elementary Education Glen Ellyn. Illinois Merville Nicholls Industrial Engineering Decatur. Illinois Ron Nickelsen Music Education Mundelein, Illinois Seniors it J Gail Noble Music Education Midloth ian, Illinois Daniel Ogden Mathematics Decatur, Illinois Curtis Older Accounting Danville, Illinois Al Papp Marketing South Bend, Indiana Jean Pease Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Eric Peterson Marketing Oaklawn, Illinois Richard Pfeiffer Biology Ridgewood, New Jersey Martha Pierce Art Education Penfield, New York Dale Pinkley Accounting Decatur, Illinois Mary Poehler History Wheaton, Illinois Larry Pollock Political Science Assumption, Illinois Jesse Price Biology Indianapolis, Indiana David Pritchett Art Decatur, Illinois Ralph Quade Biology Decatur, Illinois Betty Rainey Political Science Bement, Illinois John Ranalletta Economics Springfield, Illinois Seniors John Roil Accounting Decatur, Illinois Linda Rubin Biology Springfield, Illinois Leo Rudzki Kent Sampson Rafael Santos Physical Education History and Political Science Psychology Posen. Illinois Decatur, Illinois Miami, Florida Seniors William Schiminski Dennis Schley Sandra Schmidt Douglas Schuemann David Seifert Industrial Engineering Physical Education Elementary Education Marketing Accounting Decatur, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Millstadl, Illinois Decatur. Illinois Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Richard Sevier Robert Sharp Linda Shroyer Danny Smith Myron Smith History Speech Nursing Physical Education Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Dundee, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Carol Steele French Decatur, Illinois Robert Stiehl Music Education Tuscola. Illinois Arthur Stolz History Midlothian. Illinois John Stonesypher Sally Storms History Music Education Ml. Vernon. Illinois Keokuk. Iowa Seniors Jerry Stroud Engineering Decatur, Illinois John Swayze Biology Maitoon, Illinois Michael Tufts Economics Rock Island. Illinois Kellun Turner Elementary Education Rock Island, Illinois James Vanstrom Accounting Kennedy. New York Thomas Varughese Industrial Engineering Kerala. India Beth Vaughn English Lincoln. Illinois Paul Vorndam Chemistry Decatur. Illinois Stan Swedell Marketing Peoria, Illinois Jerry Tertocha Art Decatur, Illinois Dale Theobald Psychology Buffalo. Illinois William Turner Marketing London. England Bill Unzicker History Champaign. Illinois William Van Keuren Economics Newark. New Jersey 214 Seniors Stephen Ward Physics Maroa, Illinois Joan Warren Music Education Pana, Illinois Wally Wessel Physical Education Barrington. Illinois Russell West Accounting Decatur, Illinois Kathleen White Physical Education Hillsboro, Illinois Dale Wierenga Biology East Moline. Illinois George Willcox Marketing Chicago. Illinois Kristine Winn Psychology Peoria, Illinois Monte Wisbrock Music Decatur, Illinois Gregory Witters Biology Lawrenceville, Illinois James Workman Marketing Decatur, Illinois Lois Worley English Decatur, Illinois James Wright Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Edward Wunderlich Industrial Engineering Nokomis, Illinois Mary Zucco Biology Mt. Zion, Illinois Robert Zukas Economics and Finance Decatur, Illinois Juniors J. Browning B. Burns C. Butler S. Butler S. Caldarone J. Campbell J. Carr C. Carter B. Cerutti M. Chao N.Clark F. CofTman C. Combs T. Comerota J. Cooper A. Crum R. Cummins E. Currie P. Cutler S. DaMarto J. Davis M. Davis O. Davis D. Deardoff H. Deaville J. Deremiah T. DeVault L. Dicke L. Dickman L. Diesing Rr lP §§| Bail C. Difani J. Doolin 217 M. Drain B. Drake Juniors G. Foster N. Frederiksen A. Friend T. Fusco D. Garrett C. Gidcumb D. Gordon J. Grant D. Griffin M. Hancock C. Handrich S. Harless J. Harrison N. Harry M. Haupt N. Hawkins E. Hefley M. Heneghan P.Jordan 218 L. Joy M. Karasis Juniors Juniors Sophomores J. Carrel A 4 9 ! C. Zompton R. Cook G. Cookson K. Costigan L. Crecelius M. Cullen T. De Cosmo L. Duewer S. Duff D. Durante M. Edwards M. Elston G. Fabian P. Ferguson C. Fields D. Fish A. Fisher D. Foster Sophomores L. Fox B. Franklin E. Gerlach C. Ground D. Foxworthy L. Franks C. Goebel S. Gonzales E. Goodmon B. Graber B. Grohe J. Hajek A. Hallmann L. Halvorsen D. Hamilton K. Harrison A. Hartstirn T. Hasbrouck G. Heinzmann 224 L. Helman D. Hester Sophomores D. Long J. Lyons G. McGrew C. McGuire P. McKinley O. Mack M. Minor J. Mitchell 226 Sophomores C.Peters M.Peterson J.Phillips W.Phillips C. Pistonus D. Polovina Sophomores B. Roberts D. Rosenthal D. Rouse L. Ryan A. Salzman R. Sampson P. Schaefer M. Schnake W. Shaffer M. Shaughnessy T. Shea M. Sheehan Sophomores J. Siemer M. Toale N. Van Brundt L. Welch M. Smith R. Smith J. Snow A. Starkey R. Tomlin S. Townsend D. Tully W. Twenty D. Voigt P. Warrick R. Watson C. Wayne M. Wiessing E. Wohlrab J. Stiehl W. Upton D. Welch R. Zaruba G. Zimmerman P. Zimmerman 229 Freshmen B. Dietrich f J. Dilger D. Diller W. Dillman D. Doan M. Doerr G. Eckstein S. Eichel B. Elder V. Endriss W. Erickson S. Farley F. Fatheree J. Fedor G. Fess S. Fink L. Fisher B. Fitzaerald Freshmen B. Kenney B. Kessinger C. Kimball E. Kimery W. Kinsey R. Klas D. Klein D. Kleinhofier B. Kloetzer J. Knierim B. Koss A. Kraemer F. Krows T. Kulka N. Kurtz B. LaBlance B. Laird R. Lambird Freshmen J. Lancaster M. Lane G. Larson R. Lawton D. Leach C. Lithgow M. Leatherman C. Lee G. Levin D. Lighthal L. Lindburg P. Lockart A. Lockhart M. Lorenzen J. Louis M. Lowe A. Lucchi J. Lueck S. Luety G. Lukacek H. Lupinek C. McCollough J. McConnell K. McCoy L. McCoy C. McFadden W. McGuire D. McQueen Freshmen M. Maddox T. Manson J. Marshall B. Martin R. Martz D. Marvin J. Mathewson K. Matthias M. Meier M. Melloy J. Mendenhall L. Meyer G. Miller S. Milosevich C. Monie R. Monson B. Moore B. Moore P. Moore R. Moore R. Moreau G. Moreen M. Morgret K. Morris D. Morrison M. Mrugacz J. Nees D. Neice M. Neville K. Newquist P. Nisbet R. Norvell C. Nothstine B. Nott T. O ' Dell B. Ohren Freshmen J. Poyner D. Prather J. Prather L. Pryczynski G. Purvis M. Rainous B. Randle R. Rapaport K. Raske R. Reid P. Reilly C. Reinecke J. Reinhardt M. Riggins B. Rutherford B. Reinheimer B. Reynolds R. Reynolds D. Rhodes J. Rife A. Roades R. Robinson J. Rogers S. Rohrhoff M. Rusk «f£i3 ' • • at B. Sanders S. San ford T. Sappanos A. Sarrach R. Savage S. Schacher D. Schaufer S. Schmahl J. Schmitt M. Schniepp B. Schreiber Freshmen S. Short S. Shuff D. Simler M. Simpson R. Sims S. Six J.Starman J. Stedelin C. Steinkamp P.Stephens Freshmen M. Stevenson R. Stoutenborough S. Strang E. Strate J. Stuhrenberg J. Swind S. Thomas V. Thomas M. Thompson R. Thompson T. Thompson M. Tierney J.Tille D. Todd S. Todd S. Totten N. Towne J. Tritt R.Tullis L. Ultz L. Vanden Branden 242 Freshmen " may live on until I long for this time In which I am unhappy. And remember it fondly. " Fujiwara No Kiyosuke 246 " The traveller who has just climbed a steep mountain sits down on the summit, and finds a perfect pleasure in resting. Would he be happy if he were forced to rest always? " Steudhal A D VER TISING THE ONLY BANK YOU ' LL EVER NEED MNB The Millikin National Bank affiliated with The Millikin Trust Company Founded in 1860 by James Millikin Member F.D.I.C. ENTLER ' S " Say it with Flowers ' 240 S. Fairview Phone 423-3446 Decatur, Illinois Licensed and Insured EICHENAUER Fine Lighting Fixtures - Adequate Wiring Hardware - Paint - Tools Household Supplies Largest Light Bulb Selection In Decatur Your Electric and Commercial Service Agency for Cent ral Illinois Since 1942 Oakvvood Shopping Area 429-4229 - Days Night - 429-6402, 877-7543 Harold Bill Marianna Are you sure this is what I want? Phone 423-3644 imams 135 E. Prairie Ready -to- Wear Sportswear Knits Boutiques Williams for important clothes Traditionally Yours, " VILLAGERS " from. . . Downtown 147 N. Water Brettwood Village Nor-East Corner On The Mall Compliments of . . . Meadow Gold Dairy 304 S. Main — Phone 429-5241 brimming with all that ' s new and important in fashion apparel and accessories . at prices that treat your budget with tender loving care! charge accounts invited! LIBSON SHOPS 203 NORTH WATER STREET IN DECATUR CHRISTY- FOLTZ INC. Supply Company Contractors — Builders Phone 428-8601 740 South Main St. I enjoy being a girl. ROBY ROBY Verne E. Roby Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service " SALES— LOANS INSURANCE 252 E. Main Phone 428-345 1 Compliments of 7UE, The Uncola For Your Travel in the United States or Any Place in the World CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK TRAVEL BUREAU Juanita and Winston Bullington 307 Citizens Bldg. Decatur 429-4166 Now if I only had a 7 Up, this would be a perfect meal. Try SUNBEAM . . . and Compare Now — " Batter Whipped " Compliments of Burdick Plumbing and Heating Co. 728 So. Main St. DECATUR, ILLINOIS THE BLUE MILL " For Steaks thai You ' ll Remember " CONGRATULATIONS from THE NORMAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY Thompson- Kramer Music Co. School Band Service 215 North Main St. Decatur, Illinois Phone 422-5611 BLACK COMPANY SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main 125 East North DECATUR ILLINOIS Phone 429-5376 Knowledge is more than equivalent to force " SAMUEL JOHNSON DAWSON WIKOFF FUNERAL DIRECTORS DECATUR ILLIOPOLIS MT. ZION ARGENTA PHONE 429-5429 730 SO. MAIN DECATUR " For a Job to be Well Done " EVERYTHING IN ROOFING AND SHEET METAL industrial Commercial Residential Farm FASHIONS FOR THE HOME DECATUR 329 N. Main Ph. 428-7741 welcome, ffl browaer J I Jul lb rown house 253 noxtk main titl S:30 fi. m. Marvel-Schebler Products Division BORG-WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS 1969 GRADUATES of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY Congratulations From Your Alums Lillian L., Dorothy M., and Gene MONSON FUNERAL HOME 239 W. PRAIRIE Phone 428-4429 • RECORDS • MUSIC • STEREO • GUITARS • DRUMS • SUPPLIES We ' re MaCoN MuS|C at 259 n. main • decatur Call 429-4441 Brintlinger ' s Funeral Home Harold B. Brintlinger Class of ' 34 500 West Main St.— Decatur 1 1 Madison St. — Cerro Gordo LOOKING? See the difference at Diamonds Watches China Crystal ■ Fashion Jewelry ■ Linens ■ Perfumes ■ Handbags Sterling and Plated Silverware Post ' s Diamonds Are " Registered " For Your Protection There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST g SONS Jewelers for Over 96 Years Merchant at Prairie Phone 423-9781 Decatur, Illinois 636 East Wood Street Decatur, Illinois GOOD ADVICE FOR LIFE SAVE....SAVE....SAVE....SAVE....regularly! 135 E. Main Decatur, Illinois MUTUAL H0ME ASSOCIATION ' SAVING IS A GOOD HABIT MADE BETTER AT MUTUAL.. ..SINCE 1904 " Wherever thirsty people are... Things go better with Coke! Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur Compliments of THE PERSHING NATIONAL BANK lOOO WEST PERSHING ROAD DECATUR. ILLINOIS 62526 PHQNE 877—1236 Member F. D. I. C. Congratulations, Graduates of 1969 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Macon County 155 W. Eldorado Street c. v. kj urnuni x tjons, inc. Mortgage Bankers — Realtors Compliments of 407 N. Main Street P.O. Box 1029 Decatur, Illinois WO ARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 429-4404 Decatur, Illinois Compliments of HEINKEL PACKING CO Compliments of a FRIEND Nicholson-Clark Company INSURANCE ESTABLISHED 1851 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Telephones: 428-7754 114 N. WATER 428-7755 428-7756 RA UPP ' S SHOES 139 North Water Downtown Decatur OLD MAINE TROTTERS foryoung MEN and WOMEN The Unmistakable Look of Quality Compliments of SWARTZ RESTAURANT ' mmm En he ' s Lincoln Square Drug Service Corner of Lincoln Square and Main St. Phone 428-6657 Enloe ' s Prescription Shop 348 West Prairie Street Phone 428-8653 CONGRATULATIONS. and best wishes To the Class of 1 969 and the staff and students of Millikin University FED ERA L MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY James S. Kemper, Chairman B. C. Dahlmann, President Executive Office: DECATUR, ILLINOIS 2001 EAST MOUND ROAD PHONE 877-9510 Decatur Owned and Operated 725 E. Prairie Decatur, 111. HUNTER-POGUE LUMBER CO. 705 N. OAKLAND Tel. 428-3487 Best Wishes To 1969 Grads MILLER-O ' NEILL FLOOR COVERINGS and DRAPERIES designs and builds homes for delightful living . . . . 250 N. Water St. Decatur, 111. Phone 428-4601 Citizens National Bank is lovable. At least, our customers tell us we are. Perhaps that ' s because when they deposit their hard earned cash in a Citizens savings account, we want it to earn the best possible return, too. And their Citizens checking ac- counts provide convenience and better money management. (They all know that when they have a problem that money will solve, we ' re on their side.) Try us — for all your financial needs. We ' re not only helpful, we ' re extremely con- venient. Located in the very heart of down- town Decatur. The Citizens National Bank of Decatur 236 NORTH WATER STREET MEMBER FDIC Wise shoppers make one stop at . . HAINES and ESSICK ' IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN DECATUR ' TYPEWR ITERS • BOOK SHOP SPORT SHOP • SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES • GIFT SHOP . CARD SHOP TOY SHOP • PARTY SUPPLIES If s a wise student who depends on the CAMPUS BOOK STORE ' IN THE HEART OF MILLIKIN ' S CAMPUS ' • COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS • SCHOOL SUPPLIES • STUDENTS SUNDRY NEEDS • ATHLETIC SUPPLIES - SPORTS CLOTHING The end of the beginning! A lot of work goes into earning a diploma. Your name on one indicates a measure of achievement of which you can feel proud. But a diploma is only a milestone — a mea- surement of what you have done. Now . . . how about doing something with it? For example, what are your plans for fur- thering your education? If that isn ' t possible, then how about looking for a job with a company for whom you can work as beneficially as you worked for your diploma? Personal effort is the essence of success — the key to your progress. That precious piece of paper you receive graduation day can help you unlock a bright future — as bright as you strive to make it. May your future be a fine one! CATERPILLAR An Equal Opportunity Employer MILLIDEK CLASSIFIED D E C AT U R, I L L I N O I S Help Wanted WANTED Aggressive 1969 college graduates seeking interesting, challenging careers which offer growth po- tential as well as opportunity to contribute to society. Millikin graduates now in business know the importance of ethics. That profit isn ' t the only motivating factor. That individuality can be main- tained in a corporate structure. We want the opportunity to prove that " Business Is A Good Place To Work. " For Further Information Contact: MUELLER CO. DECATUR, ILL. or BUSINESS U.S.A. Plants in: Decatur, Chattanooga, Brea (Los Angeles) In Canada: Mueller, Limited, Sarnia, Ontario Neumode Hosiery Shop Hosiery for Men, Women and Children Complete Line of Campus Socks Phone 422- 1755 1 17 N. Water St. Congratulations to the Class of ' 69 MAIN at PRAIRIE DCCATU . ILLINOIS 61113 FASHION is our business Compliments of SWAIN MYERS ASSOCIATES, Inc. Planned Packaged Interiors Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for School, Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Motor Hotels. 444 E. MAIN ST. NC OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORIES 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, N. Y. 10003 212-OREGON 7-7788 For All Your Banking Needs Complete banking services plus drive-in and walk-up windows are available at the First National Bank, 130 North Water Street. Serves YOU Better The First ' s new drive-in facility offers " Bank-by- Air " service just off Broadway at Prairie. • Checking Accounts • Savings Accounts • Installment Loans • Commercial Loans • Real Estate Loans • Safety Deposit Boxes • Trust Services • Christmas Club • Travelers Checks • Property Management Drive-in and walk-up windows open 8 — 5 daily, Saturday ' til 12. CALL 429-4151 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR MEMBER FDIC Faculty and Staff Index A Allan, Ralph 42,60 Allen, Jack C 21 Alsobrook, Henry F 46 Anderson, William P 39,62 Andrews, Alfred N 32,148 Askill, John 41 B Baker, Ann 54 Baker, Mary 54 Barber, Andrew 39 Barns, Mrs. Ruth 58 Bateman, Charles S 24,60 Bates, David A 50 Bates, Delores 54 Batshon, Badi ' A 39 Benner, Denny R 45,61 Betty, Paula 56 Boatman, Maurice W 21,60,64 Bodamer, William G 34,141,142 Boston, Bryce D 56 Briody, David M. , 32,148 Brown, Dale E 45 Browning, L. Clyde 21,25,61 Buck, Paul . 156 Butler, Thomas M 25,152 c Calhoun, Larry 23,60 Carey, William A 21,158 Carnahan, Mrs. Elizabeth 54 Carson, A. Max 45,60 Casey, Jaunita 54 Casey, W. E 54 Castaneda, Mrs. Concepcion E. ... 31, 149 Chapman, Larry E 33,176,188 Chapman, Merle W 42,173,174 Coover, Sandra 58 Coy, Darwin 0 38,61,64 Crannell, Harriett L 43 Crawford, Barry C 27 Cvengros, Mrs. Bernice 58,116 D Day, Margaret 54 Dees, Merrill 54 Deetz, Rachel 54 Dennis, Clyde A 38 Dillon, Connie 54 Dodge, Stephen C 29 Doubleday, Neal F 26,60 Douglass, Richard H 27 Drenan, James W 40 Drennan, Dorothy 54 Droll, Linda 54 E Eckroth, Kathleen 53 Eckroth, Marvin G 49 Ellefson, Robert E 41 Eubanks, Shirley 54 Evans, Howard M 24 F Ferris, William N 30,60,62 Ferry, Mrs. Alma 54 Ferry, Richard E 25 Forbes, Gordon B 37 Frazier, Ronald L 34 Frye, Larry J 56 G Gage, Daniel 60,64 Gage, Elinor 26,64 Garlitz, Robert E 27 Gaston, Jack W 46,64 Gill, R. Wayne 18 Glasscock, David G 45,64 Golovatchoff, Dika 51 Gray, Walter B 21,61 Gregory, Ronald D. ........ 48,61 ,63 Grommoll, Henry F 37,62,64 Groniger, Judith 39 H Habbe, Joyce 54 Handelsman, Richard 26,58,124 Harrington, Patricia 54 Hasselbalch, Mrs. Earl 58,114 Haywood, C. Robert . . 22,59,61,63,64 Henson, Grace 54 Herzig, John R 47 Hilton, Dave 57 Hill, Elizabeth 54 Hoffland, Richard D 50 Hopkins, Mrs. Esther 58 Hull, Frank M 21 Hundley, June 55 J James, Helen 55 Jackson, Irving S 19 K Kettelkamp, James F 20,140 Kidd, David 58,122 Kistler, Edward G 57 Klaven, Marvin L 2 3,61 Koshinski, Ernest W 57 Kreuger, William E 27,60 Krows, Wayne E 19,64 Kuhns, Pat 55 L Lansford, Mariella 31 LaRowe, Kenneth D 51,61,64 Lewis, Lillian 55 Lewis, William D 24,62,64 Likins, Carolyn : . . . . 33 Lindsay, Jacquelyn 55 Logan, Sharon 55 Lytle, Grace 58 M Mclntire, Robert C. . . 29 McKay, Paul L 17 McPeek, Beth L 20 Manner, John T 56 Manske, Kenneth J 40 Mardock, Robert W 28,62 Marquardt, Harold R. . . . 20,59,61, 62,63 Marquardt, Ingeborg 47 Marshall, David H. 47,59,64,142, 147 Mathieson, Lester B. ... 43,63,173, 174,185 Merritt, William R 56,63,138 Merwin, Kenneth E 21 Methantis, Mrs. Joan 118 Mickel, JereC 32,148 Miller, John H. 26,153 Miller, J. Roger 19,61,63,64 Milliken, Robert A. 28 Milner, Virginia 30,149 Moffett, Jewell 55 Mulholland, Mrs. Margaret C. . . 58, 110 N Neibuhr, Guy 186 Nicolay, Christina 56 Northrup, Jean 52,60 Norville, Hubert G 52 o Olsen, Gail R 23,154 Olson, James R 44,61 Ozee, Evelyn 55 Paine, Richard C 47 Peden, W. Creighton 36,61 Peterson, Margaret 53 Phillips, Douglas P 51 Pickens, William F 40 Provan, James G 28 Quimby, Anne 49 R Randall, Rhodora 55 Redford, Gerald A 18 Richardson, C. Kent 57 Ripley, Mrs. Gordon 58,112 Ripper, Theodore W 51 Robison, Frances 57 Rotz, William L 21 s Sandoval, Mrs. Patricia 27 Sappington, W. k r. 47 Schaar, Shashana 46,62,63 Scherer, Mrs. Helen 58,120 Scholz, Jean 52 Schueler, Alma 43 Schueler, Roger E 53,164 Scobie, William D 52,163 Shell, Lester C 38,60,64,151 Shelton, Ronald M 33,61,64 S heppard, Sandra 57 Shull, Steven A 29 Simpson, Patrick L 49 Six, Frances 55 Smith, Dorothy 55 Smith, Glen R 46,60,62,64,147 Snyder, Gerald A 39 Snyder, Wesley H 50,60,64 Spencer, Robert F 50,61,63 Stellway, Richard J 35 Stewart, Norma 55 T Taylor, Dale L 39 Taylor, Myron W 26,61 Tiede, Russell L 49,162 Tietz, Mrs. Margot 30 V Vicars, Robert E 31,58 w Walker, Willis H 29 Walsh, Mary 33 Walton, Eileen 55 Wasson, Mary 55 Weatherbee, Carl 40,64 Webb, Gail 49,166 Welch, Gladys 55 Wessler, Carole E 53,61 Wichert, Betty 55 Wiggs, Halice 25,62 Wiggs, Margaret 55 Williams, Don E 42,176 Williams, N. D 35 Williams, William L 45 Wing, Edward 34,60,64 Winter, lan J 31,143,149 Wittenauer, Darlene 51 Woltmann, Lillian 55 Wrigley, Irene 55 z Zimmerly, Mrs. Isabelle 46 Zukas, Nancy 55 Student Index A bell, Barb . Abranison, Paul Adair, Christopher Adams, Roger Adamson, Jon 176 Adney, John Ahlgren, Melina Ahrens, Dale Albert, Judy Albright, Dave 76,118,131 Aldrich, Nance ... 76,87,88,110,152, Aldrich, Ward Allan, Margie Alice, Kirk Altmansberger, Larry 118 Anderson, Donna Jean . . 59,65,76,1 14, 162 Anderson, Gordon 124 Anderson, James Anderson, Lawrence Anderson, Linda 65,142 Anderson, Lucy Anderson, Lynn 132,161 Anderson, Martha Andropolis, Laurie Apyan, Roseanne Arentowicz, Terry Armbruster, Jeff 124,140,174 Armentrout, Mary i.. Arms, Nancy 76 Askill, Carol . . Atchison, Linda Ater, Linda Attig, Sandra 112,152 Aukland, Jean 58,132 Austin, Daniel Austin, John Austin, Lorraine Axt, Geoffrey B 163,230 ... 230 ... 230 185,124 188,202 142,230 112,230 122,132 110,230 ,138,222 156,157, 159,202 ... 124 . . . 153 132,230 ,147,216 140,161, ,163,202 184,202 . 230 ... 222 150,202 149,230 166,216 161,202 . . 222 146,222 118,138 183,216 162,230 112,216 149,202 1 14,230 . 216 195,202 149,216 122,222 ... 202 143,216 122,222 Bachelder, Karen 193,230 Badorek, James 230 Bahnsen, Steven 230 Bailey, John 124,222 Bain, Leslie 149,230 Bakclaar, Gary , 222 Baker, Jacklyn . . . . 222 Baker, Joyce 135,136,222 Baker, Virginia 222 Baldwin, Carol 87,64,131,154,222 Baldwin, Frank ... 65,61,62,64,76,102,132,142, 202 Bandy, Joyce 230 Banfield, Wayne 216 Barber, Andrew . . ..... . . 151,202 Barber, Stephen 222 Bare, David 164,202 Barnes, Stephen 164,230 Barnhart, Mary 110,230 Barthel, Russell 184,230 Basler, George 120,203 Bates, Jim 120 Baylis, Susan 87,112,143,216 Beall, Carol 114,216 Beals, Vicki 145,230 Bean, Jackie 163,230 Beardslee, Barbara 230 Beck, Stephen 164 Becker, Linda 114 Beckmire, Janice 216 Bell, Denise . 65,66,76,110,131,132,138,152, 203 Belman, James 118,149,231 Benson, Patricia 110,203 Benson, Paul I 203 Berry, John 118,222 Berry, William 95,135,144,216 Besco, Paul 222 Beverly, Bruce 144,230 Beyersdorfer, Terry 222 Bills, Dan 118,231 Bilodeau, Charles 124,174,234 Bingham, John 122,163,164,203 Bingham, Linda 203 Birch, Linda 231 Birkmeier, Larry 148,203 Black, Peg 216 Blake, Luana 161,162,166,216 Bland, Judy 116,161,222 Bliler, Kathy 1)4,231 Bliss, Paul 173,174 Boehm, Cathy 116,152,216 Boehm, Pat 222 Boeker, Jane 1 12,216 Bohman, Steve 231 Boland, Peter 216 Bolas, Patricia 112,58 Bolden, Diane 141,161,231 Bolio, Sally ' . . 216 Bollinger, Gary 118,147,203 Bolon, Bob 95,120,76,131,138,222 Bond, Julie 203 Bono, Charles ... 76,87,118,131,132,140,146. 147,216 Booth, Li nda 112,222 Bordon, Nestor 149,231 Boron, Diana 64,110,146,150,155,222,224 Bossow, Donna 142,143,156,231 Boston, Barbara 76,114,161 Brandes, Chris 231 Brandon, Beth 216 Brass, Dwight 203 Braughton, Michael 231 Bredar, Thomas 222 Breed, Edwards 161,216 Brelsfoard, Michael 203 Bridges, Nancy 231 Bristle, Kathy 79,80,81,112,161,203 Brown, Alan 231 Brown, Craig 222 Brown, Ellery ' . ... 231,184 Brown, Greg 122,231 Brown, Jean 231 Brown, Rick 122,231 Brown, Ruth 222 Browning, Joe 120,217 Bruining, David 120,203 Brummund, Nancy 112,149,152,231 Bruninga, Harold .. . 120,142,146,203 Buha, Steve 120,174 Buller, William 223 Bullington, Barry - 231 Bunegar, James 174,231 Burke, John 122,203 Burns, Barbara 1 16,217 Burnside, James 149,223 Burris, Donald 231 Butcher, Rick 118,174,231 Butler, Carolyn 217 Butler, Sheila 161,217 Butler, Steven 63,124,138,147,188,203 Butterfoss, Robert 122,223 Byard, Danny 203 Byers, Stewart 122,231 c Caldarone, Steven 217 Callahan, Mary 231 Callear, James 122,156,231 Campbell, Alice 231 Campbell, Barry 122,164,203 Campbell, Judy 217 Campbell, Steve 124 Cantwell, Claudia 231 Carlough, Glenn . ..; 120 Carnall, George ... 58,66,142,147,144,161,203 Carnall, Jeanne 4 58,76,116,131,155,223 Carr, David 120,231 Carr, Jessie 217 Carrel, Joan 204 Carrell, Janice 112,149,223 Carroll, Sharon . . . .AH. ..IK.. 1 14,223 Carswell, Thomas . . JHHB. . . Jb . . M . 223 Carter, Carole 116,152,217 Casey, Larry 231 Casper, Mary Beth ! 10,139,231 Casper, Steven 124,204 Castagno, John 118,231 Cast el I. Mary 231 Cater, Monte 120,174 Cerutti, Betty ... 58,76,88,95,132,155,187.217 Chamberlin, Mark 122,231 Channels, Janice 231 Chao, Mary Lou . . . 58,76,79,82.88,150,154,217 Chappell, Nancy 23 1 Chomiak, Mary Ann 110,142,152,163,204 Chrisman, Danny 147,204 Christcnst B I B . . . .E . . 124.232 Christy, Rosie 88,204, Chuzi, Paul : 124,204 Cicmanec, Joseph 122,232 Cisna, Randall , 232 Clark, Chris 232 Clark, Eunice 141,223 Clark, Larry 232 Clark, Marcia . 163,204 Clark, Nancy. . , 217 Classon, Barb . 58,204 Clcvenger, Glenn 59,122,154,204 Cobb, Sallv I 1 6,232 Coffelt, I Ale 1 20.204 Coffman, Frank 124,185,217 Cole, King 124,174.232 Collins, Paula 76,87.112.194,223 Combs, Claire 116,132,217 Comerota, Tony ... 76,58,90.120,150,151,186, 217 Compton, Connie 64,223 Compton, Jerry 118.174,232 Conderman, Susan 148 Condon. David 232 Cook, Russell 161,167,223 Cookson, George 223 Cooper. James 162,163,167.217 Cope, James 204 Cope, Linda 204 Cork, Tony 64,58,67,144,204 Costigan. Karen 142,156,223 Cox, Patrick 142 Craw, James 124,144 Crecelius, Larry 87,76,124,131,147.223 Crew. Bonnie 204 Cross, Jerry 232 Crouch, Mike 120.232 Crum, Anna 143.217 Cullen, Margaret 161,223 Cummins, Robert 217 Curran, Susan 204 Currie, Elizabeth 136,162.217 Curtis, Norman 118,232 Cutler, Peter 120,217 D Dahms, Donna 143,156.232 Dainton, Parker 118,186,232 DaMarto, Sonny 174,188.217 Daniels, Michael 164.232 Daniels, Pat 92,232 Daniels, Zed 232 Danielson, Conrad 120,232 Daschler, Kathy 139,156.232 Daubach, Dian 204 Davenport, David 163.174 Davidson, James 186,232 Davis. Ann 64,162,163.204 Davis, Joan 76,95.110.140,217 Davis, Melvin 141,127 Davis, Olivia 217 Davis, Roger 204 Davis, William 186.204 Davis, William 232 281 Day, John 148,205 Day, Judy 205 Deadrick, Sally 112,195,205 Deadrick, Tim 120,233 Dearborn, Dana 145,205 Deardoff, Diana 217 Deaville, Helen 217 DeCosmo, Terrence 118,146,223 Delaney, Maryrose 110,156,233 Dellegrazio, Pete 76,118,131,223 Deremiah, JefT 217 DeVault, Tammy 132,162,217 Dewey. Nancy 233,139,146 Dibble, Jan 233 Dicke, Lawrence 118,217 Dickenson, Robert 136,144,186,233 Dickman, Larry 217 Diefenbach, Doug 233 Diesing, Lin 162,163,166,217 Dietrich, Robert 233 Difani, Catherine 217 Dilger, Jay 233 Diller, Douglas 124,174,233 Dillman, Walter 233 Dixon, Chris 76,120,131,217 Doan, Daniel 233 Dodson, Diane 110 Doehring, Fred : 136 Doerr, Maryann 233 Dolezal, Fredric 118,233 Dolton, Barb 233 Donahue, Suzanne 114,233 Donaldson, Gay 205 Donaldson, Mary 233 Doolin, Joe 174,217 Dorwart, Betsy 233 Doty, Jackie 64,156,223 Doubleday, Nancy 223,114 Douglas, Barb 64,223 Douglas, Mark 122,233 Dower, William 118,205 Downey, Kathleen 132,142,233 Downs, Brian 122,186,233 Doyles, Peggy 162,233 Drach, Keith 118,145,223 Drain, Michael 217 Drake, Bud 118,217 Driggs, Spencer . 120 Dubinick, Christopher 205 Dudiak, Paul 181,205 Duewer, Linda 223 Duez, David 120,205 Duez, Kevin 120,233 Duff, Sue . . . 64,163,223 Dukes, Debra 233 Dulaney, David 184,233 Dulaney, Rich . 76,120,138,176,183,217 Duncan, JefT 118,174,188,233 Durante, Diane 223 Dykstra, Dale 144,145,205 E Eakin, Ember 217 Easter, Clifford 205 Eckhardt, Lynette 205 Eckstein, Gary 136,174,182,183,233 Edwards, Marjorie 114,146,223 Eichel, Sandy 233 Elder, Barbara 132,145,233 Ellis, Sterling 124 Elston, Michael 223 Elten, Richard 217 Emmert, Susan 76,114,161,162,194,205 Endriss, Valerie 132,156,233 Engelmann, Kathie 145,162 Erickson, Susan 218 Erickson, William 124,233 Erlenborn, Jim 95,122 Evans, Thomas 205 Evans, Tom 120 F Fabian, Greg 223 Farley, Sally 136,193,233 Fatheree, Frances 145,146,233 Fedor, Jayne 233 Ferguson, Pat 141,223 Ferre, Sharon 218 Fess, Carol 132,233 Fetterolf, Ann 161 Field, Wes 118,218 Fields, Charles D 223 File, Donna 162,166,205 Filson, Al 124,223 Fink, Suzann 110,233 Fish, Diana 223 Fisher, Linda 156,233 Fitch, Carol 218 Fitzgerald, Brian 233 Flaherty, Cathy 116,234 Flanders, Jean 234 Floyd, Chuck 234 Force, Chuck 234 Ford, Kevin 234 Forrester, Jim 234 Foster, Daniel 76,118,146,223 Foster, Gail 152,156,218 Fox, James 174,224 Fox, Jean 112,156,234 Foxworthy, Diana 111,224 Fraggos, Eleni 114,149,234 Franklin, Barbara 224 Franks, Lynne 224 Fraser, Frances 1 14,234 Frederiksen, Neal 161,218 French, George 181,205 French, Mike 122,156,224 Friedrick, Pari) 193,234 Friend, Ann 114,146,234 Funk, Dean 161,234 Fusco, Tony 88,124,132,158,218 G Gage, Mary 111,161,224 Galas, Peggi 114 Galloway, Judy 76,116,146,224 Gamble, Pat 64,136,155,224 Gamel, Trudy 116,146,193,234 Gard, Beth 116,146,149,155,205 Gardner, Pat 76,77,87, l ' l 2, 152, 16 1,224 Garner, Jill 114,205 Garner, Tom 172,173,174,205 Garrett, Dennis 118,218 Garrett, Gerry 124,205 Garver, John 234 Garwood, Jane 234 Gaston, Lee 234 Geiser, Harlan 121,164,224 Gemoules, Greg 234 Genter, Jeanine 234 Gerlach, Liz 116,146,224 Gharrett, Edward 234 Gherardi, Mary 206 Bigson, Alice 132,153,206 Gidcumb, Cynthia 114,139,152,156,218 Gieselman, Linda 136,234 Gilason, Robert 121,147 Gill, Joseph 119,162,164,234 Gipson, Marilyn 79,82,132,141,192,206 Glasscock, David 59,235 Gleason, Thomas 119,164,206 Glynn, Ralph 121,235 Goebel, Clyde 124,224 Gonzales, Stephanie 224 Goodmon, Ellen 224 Gordon, Douglas 132,144,218 Gore, Mike 119 Gould, Linda 92,161 Graber, Robert 122,224 Graham, William 122,235 Grant, John 119,151,218 Grantham, Stephen 206 Gray, Judy 112,142,152 Gray, Linda 112,235 Green, Alan 119,234 Green, Brian 121,147,188 Green, Jerry 206 Greennagel, Stephan 164,206 Gregg, Dean 119,151 Gregory, Denny 235 Greider, Gretchen 58,67,103,152,206 Grever, Gigi 58,162,206 Griffith, Ralph 235 Grissom, James 64,121,150,151,186,206 Grohe, Bob 122,224 Grossman, Gretchen 206 Ground, Carol 224 Gudeman, James 122,235 Gunst, Bonnie 152,206 Gunst, Linda 104,152,206 Gustafson, James 121,206 H Habbyshaw, Nancy 65,110,206 Hackel, Sande 235 Haddad, Fred 159 Haines, Gary 235 Hajek, Janet 87,136,156,224 Hall, Barbara 110,153,206 Hallmann, Alice 64,110,146,152,224 Halvorsen, Linda 116,131,224 Hamilton, Dennis 143,224 Hancock, Mary 57,131,135,161,218 Handrick, Carolyn 136,218 Hanson, George 125,173,174 Harbecke, Linda 235 Harden, John 174,235 Harkins, Judy 235 Harless, Sally 161,218 Harper, Jan 235 Harrington, Tom 122 Harrington, William 124,174,235 Harris, James 141 Harris, Judi 114,139 Harris, Tom 125 Harrison, Jerry 58,176,218 Harrison, Kappy 116,224 Harrison, Susie 79,83,115 Harry, Nancy 68,67,92,132,218 Harsha, Greg 123,174,235 Hartshorn, Gina 235 Hartstirn, Albert 142,161,167,224 Hartwig, Michael 147,206 Harvey, Susan 161 Hasbrouck, Thomas 132,224 Haupt, Martha 76,87,116,152,218 Hauskins, Robert 235 Havens, Marilyn 235 Hawk, Sue 206 Hawkins, Norm 218 Hayward, Peggy . 162,235 Heck, Marti 116,146,193,235 Hedge, Gary 206 Hefley, Eva 148,218 Heinrich, William 119 Heinz, Sally 116,159,235 Heinz, William 76,121,138,207 Heinzmann, Gus 76,115,138,224 Helm, Donald 162,235 Helman, Linda 116,146,224 Henderson, Linda 207 Heneghan, Michael ... 87,125,138,147,188,218 Hendricks, Rick 235 Henry, Tim 119,188,235 Henson, Jim 218 Henson, Kit 111,235 Hentzel, Jim 176 Herring, George 144,235 Hershey, Tim 207 Hester, Donna 64,76,115,131,224 Hibbard, Sheila 235 Hicks, Reggie 141,218 Hicks, Sharon 163 Hill, Gary .147 Hill, Larry 147,218 Hill, Nancy 112,193,235 Hill, Richard 123,174 Hill, Susie 117,139,235 Hinueber, Jeffrey 145,235 Hoffman, Lawrence 123,163,174,224 Hohlt, Richard 147,218 282 Holland, Martha 115,225 Mollis, Kimm 235 Holmes, Stewart 235 Holsinger, Gayle 65,87,111,207 Holthaus, Don 207 Monicker, Pat 225 Horbovetz, Dave 163,207 Horst, Ann JpjrL ■ ' • 163,225 Horton, William 144,161,218 Houchin, Susan 136,235 Mouck, David 144,207 Howard, Richard 59,61,62,67,207 Howard, Yvette 65,153,207 Hoyert, Tina 1 12,235 Hritsuk. Daniel 207 Hubbard, Elizabeth 115 Hubhell, Jim 142,146,207 Huber, Brad 161 Hughes, Barb 79,83,111,207 Hunniford, Dennis 207 Hunter, Richard 235 Hunter, Sue 159,236 Hybki, Barbara 117,207 Hyink, Robert 147,218 I Inman, Dalton 236 ison, Betty 225 J Jackson, Randy 121,236 Jacobs, Chris 113,236 Jacoby, Jane 207 Jaconetty, Charlotte 148,153,236,187 Jaker, Karen 135,236 Jamison, Robert 121,236 Janes, Mark 236 Jenkins, Thomas . 163,164,207 Jenks, Tina 143,163,207 Jennings, Sally 92,218 Jerousek, Betty 236 Jessen, Barb 236 Jewell, Richard 218 Johnsen, Patricia 149,153,236 Johnson, Alexander 141,236,182,183 Johnson, Deborah 143,145,148,236 Johnson, Pete 174,225,88 Jones, David 174,225 Jones, Gregory 76,87,125,131,174,182,225 Jones, Marty 117,208 Jones, Mike 208 Jones, Susan 1 17,208 Jones, Wemmington 141,236 Jordan, Pamela 208 Joy, Lea 218 K Kalsow, Kathryn 208 Kalsow, Stephen 208 Kampert, Barbara 236 Kanakis, Caroline 218 Kanervo, David 225 Karasis, Michael 136,144,150,151,218 Karius, Joseph 236 Kasha, Chuck 125,164,225 Kaufman, Kathy 117,152,225 Kay, Liz 1 17,219 Kaylor, Eric 236 Keating, Joan 219 Keip. William 121 Keith, James 125,208 Kelly. Larry 121,176,219 Kelpsas, Carol 208 Kennedy, Kathleen 236 Kennedy, Mary 133,139 Kenney, Barbara 141,236 Kensil, Suzanne 225 Kesner, Charles 123,156,196,219 Kessinger, Bonnie 145,156,236 Ketz, Elizabeth 76,87.111,146,219 Kidwell, Cindy 1 15,132 Kile, Kathy 117,150,152,208 Killion, Ruth Ann 64,132,156,225 Kimball, Curt 1 19,236 Kimcry, Ellen 1 15,236 King, John 1 19,219 Kinscy, Bill 136,144,188,236 Kitchen, Phillip 208 Klansck, .lacquclyn 117,150 Klas, Rick .- ,, 236 Klaus, Judy 225 Klein, Brcnda 115,145,236 Kleinfeldt, Richard 164,219 Kleinhoffer, Drew 236 Kloetzer, Bill 236 Kloster, Barbara 64,66,208 Kloster, Erederick 161,162,208 Knierim, June 236 Knorr, Janis 219 Knox, Gary 208 Knox, Lynda 208 Knudsen, Louis 121,147,208 Knutson, Trude 225 Kocher, Michael 125,174 Koehn, Candy 113,152,219 Koepper, Mike 188 Kohlrus, Joseph 162,209 Korn, James 174 Koss, Barbara 117,236 Kot, Leslie 166,219 Kraemer, Ann 113,236 Kramer, James 87,125,147,209 Krause, Robert 161,162,209.225 Krauss, Ed 121,138 Krows, Fred 121,161,236 Kulka, Camille 236 Kurtz, Nancy 159,236 L LaBlance, Bernie 142,236 Laird, Bonnie 117,145,146,236 LaMar, Steve 125 Lambird. Rita 236 Lamping, Thomas 121,147,174,209 Lancaster, Joe 125,237 Landmesser, Lcora 187 Lane, James 151,209 Lane, Martha 115,132,237 Lang, Nanci 95,117,148,156,219 Lange, Debbie 138,159 LaRowe, Allan 59,62,163 Larson, Gregory 188,237 Lauerman, Jim 76,125,132,159,225 Lawrence, Marion 225 Laws, Ronald 174,188 Lawson, Gayle 64,76,117.131,132,138,225 Lawton, Rosemary 161,237 Lay. William 77,125,225 Leach, Dave 119,237 Leatherman, Michael 237 LeCocq, Ann ■ 142,219 Lee, Colleen 193,237 Lee, Michael 209 Lehning, Kyle 164 Lent, Larry 125,219 Leslie, Dean 219 Levin. Gary 136,237 Lewis, Jo 225 Lewis, John 121,146,219 Lewis, John 174,209 Lewis, Susan 113,138,209 Lighthall, Dave 119,237 Lindburg, Larry 125,237 Lisle, Jamie 149,209 Listen, Janet 76,117,219 Lithgow, Carol 156,163,237 Lockhart, Alice 237 Lockhart, Pam 113,193,237 Lograsso, John 176 Long. Dale 226 Long, Lela 209 Lorenzen, Mike 237 Loughrin, Ellen 142,166,209 Louis, Jason 141,237 Lovellette, Richard 209 Lowe, Mark 237 Lubscn, Karen Lucchi, Aerio Lucck, Janelle Luety, Su annc I.ukacek, Gail Lupinek, Hal Lyons, John McCarnes, Laurie 237 237 1 17,237 HB - - - -J8 123.138,174,226 M 76,1 13,131,192,194,196, 219 209 117 237 145,237 . , 237 115,237 . .. 121, 115 76.121.186 McCartney, Herb . McClelland, Marty . McCollough, Christine McConnell, Jeanette McCoy, Kathy McCoy, Linda McCracken, Boyd . McCracken, Julie . . McCrary, David McElfresh, Ellen McFadden, Candace 237 McFarlane, Adrian 62,183,219 McGee, Janet 209 McGee, Larry 64,67,132,144,209 McGrew, Larry 64,67,132,144,209 McGrew, Gary 174.226 McGuire, Carol 226 McGuire, Walter 237 Mcllwain, Cynthia 113,131,155,219 McKinley, Pam 113.195.226 McQueen, Douglas 161,237 McQueen, Kent 219 McVety, Kent 163,219 McWilliams, Bob 121 Mack, Ollie 174,183,226 Maddox, Michael 238 Mahon, Joan 209 Maierhofer, Mary 209 Mains, Pat 123,209 Major, Randy 182 Majors, John 76,119,210 Malan, Mark 58,143,144,150.210 Maly . Diane 219 Mann, Joyce 115.196.226 Manock. Carol 87.104,152,161,210 Manson, Thomas 238 Marker, Dave 121,174,226 Markus, Richard 119.147.210 Marshall, Jane 136,153,238 Martin, Buddy 238 Martz, Randy 238 Marvin, Donald 161,238 Mason, Stephen . . 219 Mather, James 210 Mathewson, Jeffrey 238 Mathewson, Wendy 64,132,226 Matson, Ellen 65,76,87.111.138,210 Matthais, Karen 238 Mauro, Thomas 123,156,210 Mauterer, Mary Kay 115,142,155 Medal, Carole . . 143.162,226 Meier, Michael 123,144.238 Meier, Thomas 144.185,219 Melihereik. Paul 121 Melloy, Margaret 238 Mendel, Phil 125.219 Mendelson, Alan 123.164.210 Mendenhall. Jim 238 Merenkov. Richard 210 Merillat, Kris 113,152,219 Metcalf, George 226 Mettler, Rich 119,146 Meyer. Laura 145,146.238 Meyers, Laurie 113,139.226 Mickel. Tim 145,226 Milam, Beverly 76.88,117,152.210 Miller, Becky 210 Miller, Greg U9.161.23S Miller, Marilee 117,152,226 Milosevic!), Sam 176,238 Minor. Mary 226 Mitchell, John 125.147,174,227 283 Mitchell, Jon 162,163,167,226 Mitchell, Shirley 210 Mitchell, Virginia 210 Mitchell, Wihelmina 141 Mogler, Rick ..123.131,132,138,227 Moisson, Arlene 142 Monie, Caroline 238 Monson, Roberta 238 Moore, Barb 238 Moore, Charles 153,167,227 Moore, Elizabeth : 153 Moore, Pamela 115,139,193,238 Moore, Robert 125,188,238 Moore, Robin 238 Moorehead, Joanne 219 Moreau, Ruthann 238 Moreen, Gail 111,238 Morgan, Babs 143,220 Morgan, Donald ' . 220 Morgret, David 227 Morgret, Marilyn 238 Mormino, Gary 68,76,119,210 Morris, David 58,123,147,174,227 Morris, Ellen Ill Morris, Kathleen 163,238 Morrison, Daniel ...238 Morrow, David 164,167 Morthland, Diana 64,111,227,228 Mrugacz, Mitch 123,132,238 Mueller, Jane . . .64,68,79,83,102,117,153,210 Mueller, Mary 117,220 Muery, Linda 156,162,227 Mulligan, Mary 115,155 Munton, Rosemary 227 Murphy, Sue 115,156 N Nahatis, Charles 94,95,119,138,146.210 Napier, David 227 Nees, Jean 113,146,238 Neice, David 123,149,238 Neighbors, Ed 121,173,174,188,210 Neville, Mark 121,161,238 Newland. Michael 125 Newman, Gail 142,210 Newquist, Ken 238 Nicholls, Merville 210 Nicholson, Kathy 76,117,132,146,227 Nickelsen, Ron 162,210 Nims, Bruce 188 Nisbet, Patricia 163,238 Nix, Gail 162,163,220 Noble, Gail 115,162,211 Nordstrom, David ' .. . .121,150,151,220 Norvell, Richard 174,238 Nothstine, Cheryl 113,149,238 Nott, Becky 162,238 Novack, James 62,119 o 0!Dell, Tom .238 Ogden, Dan 211 Ohren, Belinda 113,156,238 Olander, Jan 239 Older, Curtis .186,211 Oleszynski, Jon 183,184,227 Olive, Terry 95,125,220 O ' Mullen, Kathleen 113,142,193,239 O ' Neill, Bill 185,220 O " Riley. Jack 239 O ' Rourke, Celia 113,132,145 Orthmann, Paul 145,239 Oswald, Jane 92,227 Otwell, Kendra 115,156,220 Oyan, Jackie 113,227 P Pachay, Janet 145 Paddock, David 123,227 Palmer, Richard 239 Papp, Al 173,174,211 Parker, James 119,239 Parkinson, Greg 121,239 Parrish, Georgi 163,227 Parsons, Cheryl 64,156,227 Partington, Kathy 1 13,193,239 Patterson, Hiram 239 Patterson, Vince 161 Paulaitis, Robert 174,239 Paxton, Linda 64,111,187,196,227 Payton. Frank 123,147,185,227 Pease, Jean 211 Pence, Deanna 113,239 Pennell, Dan 125,136,174,183,188,239 Perna, Richard 174,239 Peters, Connie 227 Peterson, Eric 144,147,148,211 Peterson, Marilynn 226,227 Peterson, Steven 239 Pettus, Michael 186,236 Petty, Joe 121 Pfeiffer, Richard 121,211 Phillips, John 227 Phillips, William 227 Pickens, Pam 117,145,239 Picou, Stephen 174 Pierce, Martha 58,143,211 Pifer, Bill 239 Pinkley, Dale 147,21 1 Piper, Sherron 163 Pistorius, Christine 227 Placek, Lynda 143,161,239 Poehler, Mary 211 Pollard, Cassandra 239 Pollock, Larry . 211 Pollock, Sue 113,220 Polovina. David 143,174,183,227 Porter, Mark 1 19,228 Portlock, Donna 111,239 Potten, Dennis 239 Pounds, Cynthia 228 Poyner, James 240 Prather, Denise 117,139,240 Prather, Janice 117,146,240 Price, Edie 87,113,143,161 Price, Jesse 141,176,179,190.191,211 Prior, Pete 123,161 Pritchett, Gilbert 211 Prohaska, Dennis 142,174,228 Provines, Bonnie 64,166,228 Pryczynski, Leonard 240 Puckett, Susan 95,115,140 Purvis, Gregory 141,240 Q Quade, Ralph 121,150.151,211 Quick, Janet 228 R Raduenzel, Al 119 Ragsdale, Brent 161,228 Rainey, Betty 117,138,211 Rainous, Martha 187,240 Ranalletta, John 211 Randle, Robert 119,240 Ranken, Patricia 115,152,212 Ranney, Jeannie 212 Rapaport, Ron 240 Rapp, Charles 125,220 Rapp, Vicki 113,138,152,220 Raske, Kenneth 132,240 Reed, Steve 123,228 Redman, Ronald 212 Reid, Ruth 115,240 Reilly, Peggy 145,240 Reinecke, Chris 240 Reinhardt, Jim 240 Reinheimer, Bob 240 Reisler, Harold 147,212 Rekas, Stephen 153.212 Reynolds, Gary 60,132,151.155,220 Reynolds, Richard 174,240 Rhodes, Donald 123,240 RicklefT, Charlotte 58,68,76,87,152,212 R ife. Jolien 111,240 Riggins, Michael 240 Risko, John 123,228 Roades, Allan 1 19,240 Roberts, Becky 228 Robinson, Gary 119,147 Robinson, Richard 119,163,240 Rocen, Judy 212 ' Rogers, Clifton 141,174,212 Rogers, David 147,186,220 Rogers, Jack 240 RohrhofT, Scott 123,240 Rosenberg, Mark 125,259 Rosenthal, Dave 228 Rossiter, Patricia 117,212 Rotz, John 147,212 Rouse, Richard 123,155,228 Rowe, Thomas 188 Rubin, Linda 64,65,68,76,104,131,132,150, 156,212 Rusk, Mike 240 Rutherford, Bruce 121,240 Rudzki, Leo 212 Ryan, Leslie 64,111,132,228 s Sainz, Art 125 Salzman, Allen 132,143,228 Sampson, Kent 212 Sampson, Roger 123,196,228 Sanders, Betty 240 Sanders, Bruce 76,87,121,131,132,220 Sanford, Susan 156,163,240 Santos, Rafael 212 Sappanos, Thomas 240 Sarrach, Arlene 1 17,240 Savage, Roger 240 Sayers, Joan 87,88,113,132,162,166,220 Schacher, Sue 240 Schaefer, Phillip 228 Schaible, Ellen 113,146 Schaufer, Deborah 132,145 Schiminski, William 147,213 Schley, Dennis 125,173,174,213 Schmahl, Sherrye 111,240 Schmidt, Sandra 87,113,152,213 Schmitt, James 240 Schnake, Mark 119,228 Schniepp, Michael 240 Schofield, William 176 Schreiber, Becky 115,240 Schreiner, Greg 220 Schroeder, Mary 220 Schroeder, Pamela 145 Schruben, Mary 136,241 Schuemann, Doug 125,213 Schultz, Cynthia 159,241 Schum, Randy 241 Schumacker, Lynn 111,145,241 Schwab, Kenneth 176,241 Seago, Mary 220 Sebestyen, " Rosemary 241 Seifert, David 88,123,131,213 Selsor, Linda 58,68,76,131,220 Selvey, Antoinette 141,241 Sevier, Dick 213 Shaffer, Jan , 163,241 Shaffer, Julie 220 Shaffer, William 228 Sharp, Robert 138,213 Shaughnessy, Mike 228 Shea, Gerald 241 Shea, Thomas 228 Sheehan, Mark 228 Shepherd, Susan 115,146,241 Shipton, Bill 123,241 Short, Stephen 174,241 Shriver, Dana . . . , 121,147,220 Shroyer, Linda 213 Shuff, Steven 241 Siemer, Joseph 144,229 Simler, Douglas 241 Simpson, Mary Anne . ... 1 13,152,163,193,241 Sims, Ron 163,241 Six, Sharon 241 284 Slagcl, Dale 58,68,69,76,77,88,150,151,220 Slager, Gary 123 Slatin. David 220 Smart, Gary 220 Smith, Alfred 164 Smith, Bruce 176,241 Smith, Danny 125,174,213 Smith. Dick 229,125 Smith, Frank 241 Smith, James 119,161,241 Smith, Judy 220 Smith, Merry Sue 113,229 Smith, Myron 147,213 Smith, Paul 144,220 Smith, Rich 68,76,220 Smith, Rich 147,158,176,213 Smith, Robert 221 Smith, Sheila 213 Smith, Stephen 174,241 Snider, Lydia 115,131,138,195 Snow, Judy 113,152,229 Snyder, Gerald 151 Snyder, Martha 68,76,87,94,95, 1 1 3 Snyder, Nancy 113,241 Sommers, Cynda 148,156,163,241 Spaulding, Janet 92,161,162,166,221 Spencer, Linda 241 SpottsviUe, Fred . . . 58,59,62,64,68,141,150,151, 176,213 Spracklen, Jane 213 Squires, Carol 76,117,213 Stallworth, Robert 132,141,144,241 Starkey, Anne 229 Starman, Jed 125,241 Stedelin, Jan 115,241 Steele, Carol 64,213 Steinkamp, Charles 119,132,241 Stephens, Pam 111,156,241 Stevens, Michael 125,174 Stevenson, Gay 149,221 Stevenson, Marc 242 Stewart, Ron 58,76,119 Stiehl, Bob 150,162,164,167,213 Stiehl, James 76,121,182,183,184 Stolz, Arthur 144,213 Stone, Sidney 229 Stonesypher, John 213 Storms, Sally 61,65,162,166,213 Stoutenborough, Richard 162,167,242 Strang, Steve 125,163,242 Strate, Ernest 242 Stringer, Edward 174 Stroud, Jerry 123,214 Stuart, John 156,221 Stuhrenberg, Joanna 115,146,156,242 Sullivan, Linda 135,153,221 Sunderlik, Albert 221 Surak, Michael 119 Swan, Krifting 174 Swartz, David 119,221 Swayze, John 214 Swedell, Stan 119,146,214 Swigonski, Frank 174 Swind, Janice 242 Sykes, Vicky 145,242 Szynski, Greg 119 T Tackett, Mary 242 Talaga, Linda 229 Tanner, Jane 162,221 Taylor, Christina 221 Taylor, Deborah 88 Taylor, Jack 188,229 Taylor, James 182,183,184,229 Taylor, Jeff 229 Taylor, Steve 176,242 Tertocha, Jerry 214 Theede, Al 121,147 Thena, Sheryl 242 Theobald, Dale 64,68,214 Thomalla, Chris 174,183 Thomas, Carolyn 242 Thomas, Susan 242 Thomas, Vickie 242 Thompson, Buff , , 115 Thompson, Karen 221 Thompson, Mark 123,229 Thompson, Mary 117,242 Thompson, Randall 119,138 Thompson, Robert 119,242 Thompson, Tim 242 Thorstenson, Loren 121,174 Tibbott, John 147,174,229 Tierney, Marianne 115,242 Tille, Jean 161,162,242 Toale, Mary 153,229 Todd, Dennis 242 Todd, Steve 123,242 Tokarski, Donald 121,173,174 Tomlin, Roger ...76,87,125,138,188,229 Totten, Skip 242 Towne, Nancy 111,136,242 Townsend, Jim 221 Townsend, Silas 60,141,161,167,229 Traxler, Barb 157 Tritt, John 174,242 Trout, Dave 121 Tufts, Michael 214 Tullis, Robert . 242 Fully, Dale 76,115,156,229 Turner, Kellun 143,214 Turner, William 146,214 Twenty, Bill 125,140,229 u I It , Larry 162,242 Unzicker, William 214 Upton, Michael 174,221 Upton, Paul 125,174 Upton, William 125,229 V Van Brundt, Nancy 132,162,229 Vanden Branden, Linda 136,242 Van Keuren, Bill • 123,214 Vanstrom, James 173,174,214 Varughese, Thomas 214 Vass, Helen 136 Vaughn, Brad 136,174,221 Vaughn, Elizabeth 214 Vice, Preston 125,147 Vita, John 125,242 Voigt, Donald 1 19,229 Vorndam, Paul 214 Vranek, Ronnie 117,152,243 w Walkup, Pam 243 Wallace, Phyllis 145,146,243 Walters, Steven 164,167 Walton, Paula 145,146,243 Ward, Stephen 215 Warkentin, Phyllis 150,221 Warmack, Ken 149,243 Warren, Joan 113,162,215 Warrick, Margaret 229 Watson, Robert 229 64,76,1 I 1.140 121 117 58,1 64,1 I 1,131 104,172,173 Wayne, Cindy .... Webb, Sharon Weber, Dave Weber, John Weckcl, Mary Wedding, Jane . Weindorf, Wendy Weingand, William Weiss, Richard Welch, Danny Welch, Don Welch, Linda . Wendland, Marcia Wessel, Waliy . West, Molly 142, West, Russell Westenberg, Steve Westwood, Marta Wetmore, Kathie Whalen, Mike Wheatley, Jacqui White, Kathy 76,113, Wickline, Dennis 176, Wierenga, Dale 123, Wiesler, Rich 125, Wiessing, Michelle Wiggins, Patricia . . Wilcox, George . . . Wildhagen, James Wilhelm, George . , Wilkes, Cathy Willey, Marcia Willhite, Rich Williams. Brenda Williams, Connie 143, Williamson, Vicki Wilson, Marilynne Wilson, Melvin Winn, Kris .65.68,59.76. Wire, LaVonne 104,192, Wisbrock, Monte Withers, Judy . Witters, Greg 58,143,144,150, Wittlinger, Ellen 135, Wohlrab, Eric Wolford, Don Wolford, Robert Woltzen, Marc ... Wood, Gary Wood, Martin .... Woodman, Jeanne Workman, James . . Worley, Lois ...... Wunderlich, Edward Wysocki, Karen ... 194,229 . . .243 182,183 .. . .243 . . .243 146,243 . . .243 . . .243 . . .243 74.229 243 166,229 . 243 174,215 146,243 125.215 . 243 76,117 111,243 .121 . .79,83 138,215 188,243 151,215 174,243 . .229 141,243 123,215 149 188,121 ;. 243 . . .243 ... 153 . . .243 156,243 . . ,243 111,138 141,221 159,215 196,221 164,215 ... 11 1 151.215 153,221 .88,229 ... 243 147,221 121,243 121,243 125.243 143,243 . . .215 .65,215 . . .215 136,243 Y Yakes, Stuart 243 Yontz. Cynthia 117,139,146,152,221 Young, Jane 111,221 Young, Clare 117,243 Zaffino, Ralph 143,149 Zaretsky, Steve 243 Zaruba, Barb 76,115,131,221 Zaruba, Robert 119,229 Zieche, William 123,243 Zimmerman, Ganne ...64,117.146,148,155,229 Zimmerman, Parker . . 125.229 Ziniel, Christina 111,139.243 Zucco, Mary 215 Zukas, Robert 147,215 285 Organizations Index Admissions Committee .63 Alpha Chi Omega 116,117 Alpha Epsilon Delta 151 Alpha Kappa Psi 147 Alpha Omega 143 Bah ai 143 Baseball 188 Basketball 176 Cheerleaders 194 Christian Science 143 Circle K . . . 144 Collage 153 Conant Society 153 Concert Band 165 Cross Country 184 Decaturian 158 Delta Delta Delta 114,115 Delta Sigma Phi 124,125 Executive Committee 61 Football 174 For Soul Only 141 Golf ! 185 Human Relations Committee 62 Independent Students Association 104 Inter-Dormitory Council 135,136 Inter-Fraternity Council 138 Jazz Lab Band 164 Judicial Board 59 Junior Panhellenic Council 139 Kappa Sigma 122,123 Library Committee 60 Millidek 154,156 Millikin Pals 145 Millikin University Choir 161 Millikin University Marching Band 165 Millikin University Orchestra 163 Music Educators National Conference 162 National Collegiate Players 148 Newman Club 142 Panhellenic Council 138 Phi Kappa Phi 64 Phi Mu Alpha 167 Pi Beta Phi 112,113 Pi Delta Upsilon 64 Pi Kappa Delta 148 Pi Mu Theta 65 Pom-Pon Squad 193 Religious Life Committee 142 Senior Residence Hall Directors 58 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 120,121 Sigma Alpha Iota 166 Sigma Zeta 150 Spanish Club 149 Student Admissions Corps 131 Student Education Association 152 Student Residence Hall Directors 58 Student Senate 132 Tau Kappa Epsilon 118,119 Teacher Education Council " ... 62 Tennis 186 Track 182 University Center Board 140 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 66 Wind Ensemble 165 Women ' s Athletic Association 192 Young Republicans 146 Zeta Tau Alpha 110,111 A University is not just a building or people or books but an interrelation of many facets ultimately given life by a spirit called such names as caring, learning, friendship, maturing . . . MILLIDEK 1969 strove to focus on this spirit. But it is difficult in this materialistic, status-object directed world to capture such an abstraction. If you look and take time, though, maybe you can find an essence of this spirit, a part of Millikin recorded in the MILLIDEK that is relevant to you and to Millikin ' s meaning for you — whatever that may be . . . It was not easy to record Millikin so that each one of you could revisit at least one facet of Millikin that is relevant and meaningful. But we hope we have. If we left out a part of your Millikin — we are sorry . . . but, look again, maybe we uncovered another facet that you had not noticed before. Focus in depth on Millikin . . . Carol Baldwin Mary Lou Chao

Suggestions in the Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) collection:

Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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