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EDITORS Dail Stutsman Margaret Parish BUSINESS MANAGER William Anderson mffldek 67 2 with dynamic ideas and new goals WE DEDICATE THE MILLIDEK 67 TO PRESIDENT AND MRS. PAUL L McKAY STUDENT LIFE - 55 EDUCATION UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY - II ATHLETICS - 135 4 STUDENTS - 157 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADVERTISING - 201 5 A reminder of the past, an emblem of the present, and a goal for the future. . . this concerns the leaders, students, and many friends of Millikin University. 7 never will the goal be completely realized . . . never will the growth stop. " A university is an institution in process. Life means growth, change and progress. No greater tribute can be paid to Millikin University ' s past than by laying a firm foundation for its future. Millikin salutes tomorrow with confidence. " Dr. Paul L. McKay, President Millikin University UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY S.I.C., the 4-2 plan, " Image of Man " , independent studies - all part of a new view for students and faculty alike in the Millikin University community. 11 PRESIDENT, Millikin University Dr. Paul L McKay to plan. . . Assistant to the President R. Wayne Gill 12 VICE PRESIDENTS and carry out the plans Wayne Krows Development Earland Carlson Academic Affairs Dean of the University 1 John Luttrell Business Affairs 13 . . . the adminstration works together Byron Kerns Dean of Students Beth McPeek Associate Dean of Students STUDENT DEANS DIRECTORS Jack Allen Admissions Maurice Boatman Library Dean Thorn Comptroller Gerald Redford Public Relations Walter Gray Registrar James Flint Kenneth Merwin Alumni Development 15 Vice-President - Sally Holmer mKm J T President - Bill Dodds I Secretary - Mary Winters Treasurer - Lee Crecelius Social Chairman - Ellen Larsen senators lead student government STUDENT SENATE - FRONT HOW: P. DOJlln,, T. D. - £«Wg SECOND ROW: F. Baldwin, A. Reilly, B. Anderson, D. Bell, C. Baltz, D. Dykstra, G. Hoisingei , ivi. necu , JUDICIAL BOARD - combines administration, faculty, and students in a committee to review charges against university students and make recommendations for disciplinary action - FRONT ROW: Dr. Shelton, F. Spotsville, Dean McPeek. SECOND ROW: S. Holmer, L. Crecilius, B. Dodds, Dean Kerns. JUDICIAL BOARD and campus activities STUDENT SENATE - FRONT ROW: F. Kanali, G. Mormino,W. Muldrow, T. Nicholson, C. Kelpsas, C. Rickleff, D. Slager, J Spielman l Stolchen. SECOND ROW: J. Majors, S. Miklavic, L. Dicke, S. Reid, M. Flaherty, M. Wiegand, J. Kurth, M. Pettry, L Baker K Winn ' o. Wham, T. Trigg, P. Whitmore. ' ' ' ' STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - governing body which formulates policies concerning student activities on campus - FRONT ROW: F Dean Kerns S. Holmer, C. Baltz, L. Crecilius. SECOND ROW: Mr. Olson, Mr. Gaston, Chaplain Bodamer, Dr. Coy, Mr. LaRowe, Dean Haywood, J. Randall, B. Dodds. Many students work with school administrators PUBLICATIONS BOARD - an organization responsible for matters Pertinent to ™ f» ;J J% s CoS ' m Day C IUckleff, L Crecelius. SECOND ROW: N. Harlow, Mr. Ferry, D. Stutsman, B. Anderson, Dean Kerns, T, Hill, S. Jacobus, M. Gipson. if, INTER-DORM COUNCIL - coordinator of university residence hall activities FRONT ROW: K. Turner, E. Wunderlich, F Kanali, G Bohmer, G. Newman, M. Gipson, R. Smith. SECOND ROW: Dr. Coy, K. Emelander, D. Korowicki, D. File, J. Spielman, S. Davisj D. Gordon, J. Keating. THIRD ROW: E. DeWeese, E. Wittlinger, F. Spottsville, D. Farrell, F. Baldwin, R. Sisk. in leadership roles New Salem, Illinois, is the setting for the first Inter- Dorm Council Retreat. 19 ADMISSIONS William Merritt James Kettelkamp Student Admissions Corps member Gary Marmino takes prospective students on a tour of the campus. Looking forward to an exciting evening, Campus Prologuers relax after dinner. Student Admissions Corps work together to encourage others to come to M. U. STUDENT ADMISSIONS CORPS - organizers of Campus Prologue and tour guides for Parents ' Day and individual tours - FRONT ROW- S. Butler, L. Crecelius, J. Humphrey, G.Mormino. SECOND ROW: M. Parish, S. Pelehac, L Farley, M Winters C Flint L Wheeler " N Shirer, J. Vroman. THIRD ROW: J. Augustine, B.Dodds, M. Thielsen, D. Seifert, K. Tomamichel, C. Lawing, S Sweden B Shortal ' .1 Mmnrc ' ' Joan Brookman Elizabeth Carnahan Earl Casey Juanita Casey Rhodora Chevalier Sandra Coover Margaret Day Shirley Eubanks Betty Farman UNIVERSITY Francile Forbush Darla Gordy Joyce Habbe Doris Hardwick Grace Henson Mary Ellen Hill 22 Margaret Morris Evelyn Ozee PERSONNEL Frances Six Dorothy Smith Elizabeth Spangler Norma Stewart Eileen Walton Margaret Wiggs Marilyn Wolfer Lillian Woltmann Irene Wrigley ADULT RESIDENT DIRECTORS - women responsible to advise and to discipline students - FRONT ROW: Mrs. Gertrude Dodson, Mrs. Joan Methenitis, Mrs. Ollie Jones, Mrs. Jean Elam, Mrs. Lois Mason. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ruth Barns, Mrs. Ruth Hensley, Mrs. Leona Morin, Mrs. Helen Scherer, Mrs. Grace Lytle, Mrs. Esther Hopkins, Mrs. Nellie Hasselbach. staff and students cooperate in STUDENT RESIDENT DIRECTORS- supplementing university personnel in the task of supervising dormitories - FRONT ROW: C. Byers, E. Crowder, P. Maureen, B. Kauppala, E. Ervin, R. Christ. SECOND HOW: C. Hawk, S, Ilolmer, M. Winters, M Wiegand, S. Harrison. THIRD ROW! B. Blair, B. Dodds, G. Cornell, J. Fryman. FOURTH ROW: R, Warchol, J. Kurth, G. Bohmer, B. Kuhns. FAIRVIEW HALL - honors dormitory for upperclass women - FIRST ROW: C. Bradish, S. Nieman, G. Newman, M. Wiegand, M. Peterson, S. Teese. SECOND ROW: M. Derby, L. Gould, B. Andelman, P. Parrott, S. Wham, M. Bruer. supervising campus housing RESIDENT WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION COUNCIL - a representative governing body for all women ' s residence halls - FRONT ROW: C. Manock, M. Sanders, J. Lederbrand. SECOND ROW: L. Long, E. Larsen, Z. Santos, B. Hansen, L. Hascall, M. Cook. THIRD ROW: J. Keating, S. Nieman, M. McDonald, J. Horn, M. Bruer, P. Powell, J. Kersey, W. Muldrow. 25 Under the leadership of the new Dean of the College, the College of Arts and Sciences, consisting of the Humanities, the Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Studies, is actively concerned with the academic growth of Mil- likin University. The Humanities Honors Semi- nar and the Senior Interdisciplinary Course are two examples of this academic progress. Dr. C. Robert Haywood Dean COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 26 27 EDUCATION Daryl Berry Chairman 28 Richard Ferry Richard Griffiths higher learning brings together faculty and students . . . Wayne Laughery STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION - students planning a teaching career share interest and enthusiasm - FRONT ROW: K. White, C Richeson, S. Lyman, P. Koyak, L. Browning, J. Galloway, K. Kellar, C. Thompson, M. Morris. SECOND ROW; S Velde, J Green ' L Martin, E. Matson, B. Ward, B. Brown, C. Caldwell, D. Bell, K. Merrilat. THIRD ROW: L. Clark, I. Boch, S. Liston, L. Kramer, B Milam, C. Squires, L. Bell, C. Rickleff, K. Emelander. FOURTH ROW: S. Attig, S. Nutting, D. O ' Dell, C. Harrison, R. Grovesteen ' R wagner, L. Sullivan, D. Hamilton, C. Hawbaker. FIFTHROW: S. Deadrick, S. Anderson, B. Hughes, J. Young, J. McCarthy, R Bredding ' J. Reese, S. Hawk, H. Vass. SIXTH ROW: C. Custis, J. Burger, C. Koehn, N. Harlow, K. Maurer, N. Freischlag, M Haines, S Murin ' McCarnes, C. Hodges, P, Ranken,M. Springer, L Howell, B. Bayha, Mr. Griffiths. m f ENGLISH Wesley Tilley Chairman i i I devoted to the pursuit Kenneth Tompkins Neal Doubleday William Kreuger Linda Walvoord of knowledge and self-realization. Elinor Gage Dawn Bar net Willis Walker Chairman HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE An educated individual should possess ML Gerald Waldera YOUNG REPUBLICANS - promoters of the Republican party - FRONT ROW: J. Burice, J. Randall, J. Richardson, J. Fryman, S. Swedell, D. Stormont, M. Buth, R. Coventry, G. Witters, J. Swayze. SECOND ROW: B.Walder.G. Chapman, T. Wilson, J. Yeager, F. Main, M. Tufts, D. Seifert, S. Wham, S. Kaslow, J. Matthew, B. Horner, 32 some understanding of his cultural heritage Norman Keehn 33 FOREIGN LANGUAGES William Ferris Chairman FRENCH CLUB - to provide information about France and its customs, all in French - FRONT ROW: D. Frohwitter, J. Galloway, G. Holslnger, L. Wheeler, L. Crocker, 1 ' . Rankin. SECOND ROW: J. Beckmire, B. Keyes, B. Cerutti, I. Budding, G. Greider, J, Lisle. THIRD ROW: A. Foley, C. Kelpsas, M. Huddleston, Dr. Ferris. Elisabeth Sheaff Ross Surphlis SPANISH CLUB - an extra opportunity for Spanish students to share their interests - FRONT ROW- S Fink J Zeoo A LeCocq, B. Keyes. SECOND ROW: P. Ranken, Dr. Ferris, J. Rogers, R. Norris, A. Foley, L. Crocker. Sotsfn SECONDROW f T,f 0T Ti Z ™? f ° r Stud6ntS interested in Ge rman as a language - FRONT ROW: B. Best, C S! Born SECOND ROW: S - Howard Wllson - c - Ki ™. Elisabeth Sheaff, M. Wayne. THIRD ROW: Y. Lee, F. Spottsville, ' RELIGION Edward Wing Chairman William Bodamer The University places the quest for wholeness within t he framework of Christian perspectives. A LPHA OMEGA - active leadersof campus religious activities - FRONT ROW: B. Irons, B. Kauppala, M. Burrows C. Onaga, R. Christ, D, Dearborn. SECOND ROW: J. Grant, D. Clutts, G. Witters, J. Mather, L. Griggs, F. Kloster, T. Cork, M. Malan, M. Zimmerman. 36 j Badi Batshon Clyde Dennis The University strives to bring the student to society, the physical universe, and God. Darwin Coy Carl Weatherbee Chairman CHEMISTRY James Drenan Kenneth Manske to an assessment of himself and his relationship ALPHA EPSILON DELTA R. Barber. SECOND ROW: Beals, D. McClain. - pre- medical honorary fraternity - FRONT ROW: Dr. Shell, T. Turner, L. Thaagard, J. Grissom, D. M. Henebry, M. Wayne, T. Wyne, J. Augustine, M. Eandi, Clutts, L. Laughlin, R. Warchol, K. Wilson, H. Miller, R. Ronald Shelton Chairman MATHEMATICS PHYSICS John Askill Chairman David Kinsey Clifton Corzatt Rodney Randall SIGMA ZKTA - national mathematics and science honorary - FRONT ROW: J. Allen, K. Kile, L. Anderson, S. Pelehac, J Burger, B. Brown. SECOND ROW: M. Cook, C. Kim, D. Clutts, M. Malan, T. Winkler, B. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Y. Lee, D. Theobald, C. Witters, T. Wyne. 40 PHYSICAL DUCATION Ralph Allan Chairman The University strives to foster physica mental health. Alma Schueler Jack Butts 41 Alfred Andrews David Briody NATIONAL COLLEGIATE I ' l.AYKKS - national dramatic honorary FRONT HOW: G, Andrews, H. Stark, J. McClnre. SECOND ROW) V Higglns, B, Dodds, Mr. Andrews, T. Peel. The division of Business Administration and Economics, and the division of Engineering and Industrial Management comprise the School of Business and Industrial Mangagement. The School strives to develop professional com- petence without losing sight of the importance of man in society. Dr. James Olson Dean SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 43 Glenn Smith Max Carson The University provides opportunities to develop ' — professional competence. David Glasscock Richard Paine 44 Dennis Benner William Williams Jack Gaston John Griffith Shashana Schaar ALPHA KAPPA PSI - business and engineering fraternity - FRONT ROW: H. D unha m, T. Hill, J. Altmansberger, R. N o r r i s, J. Conderman, J. Clovis, G. Anderson, D. Trout, C. Rothschild, J. Fryman, J. Burke, M. Wrigley, J. Fry. SECOND ROW: D. Schrodeter, G. Smith, Dr. Olson, A. Kunard, D. Nafziger, F. Stein, D. Enslow, C. Older, M. Pistorius, D. Mathewson, T. Barnett, G. Carnall, Dr. McKay, D. Davis. THIRD ROW: G. Hill, S. Gamble, D. King, T. Mahar, D. Ridgley, R. Howard, M. Tufts, M. Brilley, J Randall, C Easter, R. Blair, D. Lohnes. The School of Music is concerned with the development of a high degree of competence in music as a performing art but also realizes that general education and professional com- petence are compatible. The School consists of the Departments of Applied Music, Music Education and Church Music, Music Theory, and Music History and Literature. Kenneth LaRowe Acting Dean SCHOOL OF MUSIC Douglas Phillips MUSIC Elizabeth Travis Lawrence Owen The University is concerned with the development of MUSIC EDUCATOR ' S NATIONAL CONFERENCE - organization for the future music teacher - FRONT ROW: B. Morgan, K. Kltngel, B. Gindler, M. Fassero, B. Hofeditz. SECOND ROW: M. Belford, E. Crowder, M. Scott, P, Parrott, B. Dunlap, P. Shaw, J. Cooper. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA -women ' s professional music fraternity- FRONT ROW: M. Derby, S. Niemann, P Parrott J Gerber E Crowder B. Gindler, K. Klingel, A. Pearse. SECOND ROW: F . Herzog, D. File, A. Hillhouse, B. Dunlap, M„ Aldrich, S Storms D Butler THIRD ROW: R. Christ, M. Peterson, L. Gould, S. St. John, V. Higgins, L. Wagner, J. Koeppke. the cultural climate of the campus. Margaret Peterson Robert Spencer Frank McGinnis PHI MU ALPHA - professional music fraternity for men - FRONT HOW: D. Bare, M. Scott, R. Salvatore, A. Riley, M. Casstevens, L. Moose, J. Frye, D. Livesay. SECOND ROW: B.Krause.R. Warchol, R. Douglass, L Bailey, M. Wisbrock, F. Kloster, D. Coen, J. Volk, B. Stiehl. THIRD ROW: B. Gregoline, G, Schreiner, T. Trigg, H. McCartney, N. Frederiksen, P. Prior, B. Hofeditz, D. Moorehead, N. Nickelsen. 50 I Catherine Armitage Fhe University encourages a life-long quest for learning. PHI KAPPA PHI - highest academic honorary for students and faculty members at Millikin University - FRONT ROW: Mrs. Schaar, N. Gustin, Dr. Drennan, Mr. LaRowe, Dr. Shelton, Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Sheaff. SECOND ROW: S. Holmer, C. Holtzclaw, Dr. Walker, G. Bohmer, M. Wiegand, M. Tietz. THIRD ROW: Dr. Gromoll, F. Contreras, Mr. Boatman, Mrs. Gage, Dr. Gage. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Glasscock, Dr. Berry, Mr. Smith, Dr. Kerns. NOT PICTURED: B. Brown. ACADEMIC HONORS WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES - students elected on the basis of leadership, character, citizenship, and .scholarship - FRONT ROW: M. Andelman, K. Grady, M. Wiegand. SECOND ROW: C. Bradish, E. Ervin, S. Pelehac, D. Parkinson, C. Baltz, S. Monical. THIRD ROW: L. Laughlin, S. Holmer, G. Bohmer, M. Winters, B. Kuhns, M. Parish, B. Dodds, L. Crecelius. NOT PICTURED: B. Brown, D. Clutts, C. Flint, D. Glick, P. Moreen, S. Wiersma. PI MU THETA - honorary organization for senior women - FRONT ROW: S. Holmer, C. Bradish J Gerber SECOND ROW- M Wiegand, S. Niemann, L. Butler, P. Moreen. THIRD ROW: K. Holtzclaw, E. Ervin, P. Parrott, S Wham E Heyer N Gustin I ' Brissenden, C. Baltz. NOT PICTURED: B. Brown, B. Gindler, K. Grady, D Parkinson S Sheppard ' ' ' T» n«n ' freshman women ' s honorary in its second year of activity - FRONT ROW: C. Steele, S. Robinson, P Schroeder ' C, T H A ° ge - SEC0ND ROW = K. Winn, J. Lisle, K. Beaman, L. Anderson, K. Kile, G. Holsinger, F. Herzog. THIRD ROW- D ' Anaerson, j. Allen, A. Schwammberger, G. Greider, J. Mueller, C. Kelpsas, K. Tomamichel, D. Thompson, K. Turner, B. Best, A. ' STUDENT LIFE The unique new life of a student may mean a new group to join, a new queen to crown, a new song to sing, or any new job to do - but always other Millikin students to do it with. 55 FRESHMAN CAMP CO-CHAIRMEN - organizers of the freshman weekend at Allerton Park - FRONT ROW: K. Grady, L Farley, S. Holmer, C. Baltz. SECOND ROW: J. Humphrey, L. Crecelius. student life begins with FRESHMAN CAMP COUNSELORS - FRONT ROW: L. Howell, S. Pelehac, B. Vix, D. Bell, B. Brown, K. Baehr, D, Anderson, A. Davidson, J. Galloway, S. Liston. SECOND ROW: A. Heinle, D. Stutsman, K. Kellar, K. Winn, P. Gilbert, L. Moiling, C. Gary, L. Wheeler, S. Monical, C. Black, J. Vroman, K. Lindsay. THIRD ROW: G. Holsinger, C. Hodge, M. Thielsen, N. Freischlag, C. Flint, H. Friedman, T. Hill, J. Keith, H. Futrell, S. Miklavic,G. Mormino, L. Clark, L. Baker, N. Shirer, J. Gerber. FOURTH ROW: R. Blair, B. Kuhns, D. Theobald, E. Cave, T. Barnett, B. Shortal, R. Borg, S. Swedell, J. Majors, T. Peterson, F. Baldwin, B. Dodds. 56 a weekend for games and for a weekend for thought and for Millikin Students ignore cold weather while dancing at the Alpha Chi Omega Street Dance. Fairview Park Pavilion and " The Other Five " provide the atmosphere for the first all school dance of the year - the Student Senate Mixer. campus life begins with i PI Beta Phi Open House is one of many get- acquainted gatherings of the Millikin campus. f,f Co-chairmen, Steve Miklavic and Amy Schwammberger, present the Parents ' Day award to the parents of Debbie Lord. many activities for students and parents Joyful parent displays an overwhelming smile as his son makes an important play. HOMECOMING CO-CHAIRMEN - leaders of all Homecoming: committees - Sally Holmer, Bill Dodds. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE - chairmen of subcommittees dealing with various aspects of Homecoming ■ FRONT ROW: A. Heinle, C. Richardson, L, Browning, L. Howell. SECOND ROW: K. Tomamichel, N. Harlow, J. Vroman, S. Vorwald, E. Finch. THIRD ROW: N. Freischlag, L. McLaughlin, T. Logston, D. Stutsman, E. Larsen, B. Anderson, T. Peel, B. Chasteen. FOURTH ROW: C. Lawing, V. Madden, B. Wellens, F. Stein, S. Spangler, F. Rocen, D. Monks. 62 " Miss Body " tries to convince " Dean Dong " not to abolish Homecoming activities in favor of the 4-2 plan. sell-out show " Succeeds without really trying In " How to Succeed Without Really Trying " members of the cast dance away their problems on the university campus during the protest against " Mr. Four - Two. " MISS MEG ANDELMAN DELTA DELTA DELTA Happiness Was the honor. and excitement. . . of being Millikin ' s Homecoming Queen . . . adds beauty to varied Homecoming events Candidates meet for their first formal group appearance. The Queen ' s Court stands by as Queen Meg officially opens the Homecoming Dance. Delta Delta Delta retires the Homecoming house decoration trophy in the Women ' s Division by telling of the blueprint of M.U. Alpha Chi Omega brings back memories of the dedication with Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. Years fade away as Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s freshman campbus rolls merrily along. Happiness was. . . winning The ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha understand that happiness was having the men return from the wars. 68 The big " M " jet and a brass band are out to welcome returning alums for the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. " Nineteen sixty-won " brought a football championship and hopes for a house dec win by Delta Sigma Phi. Pi Beta Phi ' s cash register " rings up " the theme " Happiness Was Cashing in on Education " . when competition was stiff Satire pays off as Kappa Sigma takes first place in the Men ' s Division com petition with a complete Homecoming parade. 69 The birth of a new spirit is the dream of the girls in Blackburn Hall. Fairview Hall won ' t let anyone forget the post- war barracks, now extinct at M. U. Lofty ideals are brought to mind with the seal and its symbols as portrayed by the Men ' s Residence Hall dorm dec. 70 freshmen discard their beanies . . . This rope helps determine the fate of many freshman classes. Neal Frederiksen thinks Freshman-Sophomore games are all fun. Barb Vix is struggling for victory. 71 dance is climax of Homecoming activities Bill Hayes and the Jazz Lab Band entertain a delighted audience at the Homecoming Show. 72 TOWN AND GOWN PLAYERS - Millikin students and faculty team up with townspeople and guest artists to present outstanding drama - Actor Ramon Bieri plays the role of MacBeth in the first production of the year. Town and Gown performances are well attended Oleta Bloom, as Lady MacDuff, with Sam Limerick, playing her son, holds the attention of the audience as she tells the boy that his father is dead. Lady MacBeth, played by Joy McClure, plots the murder of the king with her husband, special guest artist Ramon Bieri. Fine Arts programs provide William Walker, well-known baritone from New York, sang his way onto the Millikin stage, proving that in spite of late planes, the show must go on. Colorful and cultural, the Little Angels from Korea presented their authentic program of Oriental dance and music for the enthralled Millikin audience in a February Fine Arts event. t.J and students- . ♦ unique cultural opportunities Past was made present for those who heard the vocal and instrumental concert of Medieval and Elizabethan music by the Early Music Quartet. The newly formed Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia performed in Albert Taylor Hall in April, presenting new music and old alike with a new and exciting sound. 75 ADVISOR - Mr. Richard Ferry. 76 COPY AND LAYOUT STAFF - FRONT ROW: K. Tomamichel, Copy Editor; N. Gustin, Layout Editor; B. Barnes. SECOND ROW: N. Arms, C. Mcllwain, S. Harrison, B. Zaruba, M. Morris, B. Brown, L. Montgomery. ORGANIZATIONS STAFF - FRONT ROW: L. Wheeler, Organi- SPORTS STAFF - FRONT ROW: J. Keith, Sports Editor, zations Editor. SECOND ROW: B. Vaughan, E. Wittlinger, M. SECOND ROW: C. Rapp, G. Carnall, T. Johnston. Pierce. ACTIVITIES STAFF - FRONT ROW: L. Baker, Activities FACULTY AND CLASSES STAFF - FRONT ROW: L. Walker Editor. SECOND ROW: B. Thompson, R. Prater, M. Haupt, Faculty Editor; C. Rickleff, Classes Editor. SECOND ROW: B C. Squires, S. Schmidt. Ward, K. Emelander, L. Hascall, B. Vix. PROOF AND INDEX STAFF - FRONT ROW:N. Freischlag, Proof Editor. SECOND ROW: S. Siders, P. Beemer, M. Chao, C. Derr, K. Kile, M. Snyder, L. Snider, J. Beckmire. 78 NEWS AND FEATURE STAFF - FRONT ROW: J. Mueller, S. Regner, L. Selsor, J. Jorstad. SECOND ROW: J. Lederbrand, M. Higgins, L. Kot, D. McKraken, J. Zepp, Editor; B. Hansen. CAMPUS CONFIDENTIAL - student handbook for freshmen and new students - Editor, Beverly Brown. publications offer useful information STUDENT- FACULTY DIRECTORY - information for use of students, faculty, and organizations on campus - Editor, Natalie Harlow. HO JOURNAL OF THE CONANT SOCIETY - original writings of students and faculty - Editor, John Glosser; Advisor, Mr. W. Kreuger; Associate Editor, Gil Gross; Associate Editor, Carol Bradish. and promote academic growth ?°Mni! ., S( S :I ?TT " ' °, d , l5 ? 0verMd scu5s " ew and diHerent aspects of literature- FRONT ROW: C Loos C Gary M Maierhoffer 81 Publications begin by finding people. . ♦ people who are willing to work. ♦ . 82 83 UNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD - FRONT ROW: S.Shaw, S. Pelehac, R. Borg, S. Smalley. SECOND ROW: L. Farley, B. Shortal, N. Shirer, J. Humphrey, M. Cole. U- C Board makes best use of Center ' s Students wait patiently in Millikin ' s movie theatre — the old gym --for the show to begin. U.C. Board movies are a popular Friday night activity on campus. For only 25£ students can watch movies like " The Prize " and " Mamie. " HA 85 Westminster Church provides an ideal place for the renowned University Choir to rehearse. music groups are entertaining and always the best Precision drill and long straight lines are essential for marching groups but the Marching Band tops it off with first-rate music. 86 MILLIKIN JAZZ LAB BAND - a leading jazz group in the nation and the pride of Millikin - FRONT ROW: D, Mauney, B. Dethrow, A. Coutant, B. Campbell, J. Malcom, L. Bailey. SECOND ROW: B. Hofeditz, D. Walker, A. Motz, P. VanDam, F. Jenkins, R. Douglass, J. Cope, J. Bingham. THIRD ROW: J. Huston, A. Mendelson, D. Menapace, T. Piercefield, T. Gleason, S. Rekas. FRONT: Bill Hayes, guest artist, Mr. R. Scheuler. with a great new sound the Lab Band is a smash hit Director Roger Schueler and the members of the Lab Band spend many hours each week developing their unique sound. Singer Bill Hayes is almost one of the group after repeated sell-out appearances with the Lab Band. 87 MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY CONCERT BAND - FRONT ROW: D. Bare, L. Seversike, B. Dethrow, D. McCracken, M. Perry, T DeVault G. Grever, L. Koepke. SECOND ROW: H. McCartney, D. File, W. Wensch, N. Reynolds, K. Klingel, A. Hillhouse, L. Bailey, G. Nix ' G. Donaldson. THIRD ROW: S. Harless, J. Kelly, C. Kanakis, L. Diesing, P. Powers, R. Terminello, D. Bellas, J. Cooper, D. Moorehead, D. Steele, R. Kleinfeldt, M. Wishrock, V. Patterson, B. Kijak, A. Coutant, A. Reilly. FOURTH ROW: F. Herzog, M. Evans, A. Smith, in keeping with tradition ... the Concert Band Group, as well as individual, practice helps to create noteworthy programs. M. Latshaw J Hanson, B. Stiehl, J. Novack, P. Benson, T. Kelly, A. Mendelsen, A. Kruzan, M. Smith, B. Kuhns, J. Bingham, J. Townsend p. Coen, R. Nickelsen, R. Nash, R. Douglass. FIFTH ROW: J. Kohlrus, A. Motz, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Belford, B Heinrich T Triee S Greennagel " 00 ' filled another year with superior music Fay Herzog listens and watches attentively for her Cub Scouts of Troop 5 of Westminster Presbyterian Church proudly display the U.S. flag as the band plays our national anthem. Band members perform for Millikin students and their parents on Parents ' Day. MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND - half-time entertainment for football games - L. Bailey, D. Bare, P. Benson, J. Bingham, B. Campbell, K. Coates, D. Coen, J. Cooper, J. Cope, A. Coutant, B. Dethrow, T. DeVault, L. Diesing, L. Donaldson, R. Douglass, M. Evans, D. File, S. Greennagel, G. Grever, J. Hamilton, S. Harless, W. Heinrich, J. Henson, A. Hillhouse, T. Jenkins, C. Kanakis, H. Kelly, T. Kelly, B. Kijak, R. Kleinfeldt, K. Klingel, J. Kohlrus, A. Kruzan, R. Kuhns, K. Latshaw, L. McCarnes, D. McCracken, A. Mendelsen, A. Motz, R. Nickelsen, G. Nix, J. Novack, V. Patterson, M. Perry, P. Powers, P. Pursley, A. Reilly, N. Reynolds, L. Seversike, A. Smith, M. Smith, J. Steele, R. Steihl, R. Terminello, J. Townsend, T. Trigg, D. Walker, W. Wensch, M. Monte. MILLIKIN-CIVIC ORCHESTRA-a growing group of musicians who enjoy orchestral music- Millikin members: J. Abell, M. Aldrich, M. Chomiak, M. Clark, D. Clutts, J. Cooper, R. Davis, D. Donaldson, T. Gleason, S. Graves, G. Grever, F. Herzog, A. Hillhouse, D. Horbovetz, L. Koepke, J. Koumougis, R Kuhns, K. McVety, D. Moorehead, G. Nix, M. Perry, T. Piercefield, P. Pursley, L. Seversike, J. Spielman, R. Terminello. at Millikin every type of music is heard Each member of the orchestra must do but Director Lawrence Owen also appreciates group co-operation when preparing for a his part. . . polished performance. MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY CHOIR - a selective vocal group which inspires many special programs - FRONT ROW: L. Blake, M. Springer, S. Harvey, D. Anderson, S. Butler, L. Wagner, L. Gould, S. Emmert, S. Harless, E. Jonner, C. Manock, C. Flint. SECOND ROW: J. Gerber, S. Niemann, E. Crowder, L. Anderson, J. Spaulding, B. Dunlap, P. Parrott, K. Bristle, N. Lang, V. Higgins, M. Oland, B. Barnes. THIRD ROW: B. Gregoline, D. Livesay, D. Bare, F. Kloster, R. Anderson, E. Breed, N. Frederikson, V. Patterson, P. Prior, B. Kuhns. FOURTH ROW: B. Krause, B. Dodds, B. Shortal, J. Fry, M. Casstevens, D. Donaldson, M. Scott, L. Moose, J. Horton, B. Hofeditz, N. Wilson, R. Kleinfeldt. directed by Mr. Hoffland, choral groups continue MILLIKIN CHOIR ENSEMBLE - provides special music for special occasions - FRONT ROW: F. Kloster, B. Krause, L. Gould, K. Bristle, J. Spaulding, B. Dunlap, E. Jonner, S. Emmert, D. Anderson, L. Wagner. SECOND ROW: D. Bare, M. Casstevens, M. Scott, N. Frederiksen, R. Kleinfeldt, W. Horton, P. Prior, E. Breed, B. Hofeditz. MILLIKIN LADIES ' CHORUS - women who like to sing - N. Aldrich, L. Balderson, R. Becker, D. Bellas, P. Black, I. Budding, R. Christ, E. Currie, M. Derby, T. DeVault, L. Gersack, B. Gindler, K. Hamlin, C. Handrich, B. Hansen, B. Hughes, S. Jennings, C. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Jorstad, K. Keasey, D. Kerr, K. Klingel, L. Kot, J. Kretchmer, E. Loughrin, E. Matson, C. Moore, S. Mordica, B. Morgan, S. Mugrage, W. Muldrow, G. Noble, C. Onaga, A. Pearse, M. Perry, P. Powell, N. Reynolds, C. Rickleff, P. Rossiter, S. St. John, M. Sanders, J. Sayers, J. Spracklin, C. Stark, G. Stevenson, S. Tinsley, B. Walder, J. Warren, E. Wittlinger, J. Zepp. to receive acclaim of campus and community MILLIKIN MIXED CHORUS - voices from all parts of campus blend in song - FRONT ROW: J. Cope, S. Storms, P. Shaw, B. Bielefeld, M. Seago, J. Koeppe, P. Benson, M. Fassero. SECOND ROW: D. Siam, L. Selsor, D. File, N. Harry, M. Hancock, C. Terwilliger, o! Davis, M. Peterson, B. Reammers, J. Tanner, R. Anderson. THIRD ROW: H. McCartney, F. Lloyd, E. Hendricks, J. Kelly, G. Carnall, G. Shriner, R. Salvatore, J. Volk, R. Stiehl. CIRCLE K - Operation Christmas Card, Pumpkin Carving - FRONT ROW: J. Wright, B. Gregoline, J. Novack, B. Irons. SECOND ROW- S. Kaslow, M. Pierce, R. Kleinfeldt. THIRD ROW: E. DeWeese, B. Blair, T. Cork. FOURTH ROW: G. Gross, C Shaeffer, L McGee T Mahar, D. Wiley. ' ' service organizations provide entertainment. . . Grade school children chose this pumpkin, carved by Karen Reichert and Gayle Holsinger, as winner in the Pumpkin Carving Contest. ' _)A RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE - steering committee for campus religious activities - FRONT ROW: J. Galloway, Mr. R Hoffland G. Newman. SECOND ROW: B. Kauppala, F. Baldwin, Mr. R. Shelton. enrich lives. . . and serve the the community MILLIKIN PALS - sharing two hours weekly with needy children - FRONT ROW: L. Birkemeier, T. DeVitt, A. Schwammberger, F. Main, N. Ryberg, K. Hoglund, L. Bell, J. Mueller, A. Luttrell, R. Perry, R. Redman. SECOND ROW: P. Powell, L. Hascall, K. Koehn, M. Record, K. Emelander, P. McWilliam, S. Milles, S. Beall, J. Davis, L. Kay, L. Lonergan, M. Cook, M. Burrows, B. Carter, J. Aukland, L. Ater,S. Fink. THIRD ROW: S. Jacobus, J. Keating, D. Lange, S. Regner, J. Liston, L. Wilson, J. Klansek, C. Hopkins, S. Reid, B. Reemers, G. Stevenson, C. Handrich, J. Withers, L. Kat, L. Sullivan, P. Maureen, E. Eakin. FOURTH ROW: S. Sotos, T. Cork, G. Foster, M. Pierce, P. Harper, T. Mahar, D. McKraken, R. Howard, S. Howard, M. Waine, L. Magee, E. DeWeese, B. Rainey, C. Kelpsas, D. Thompson, E. Wittlinger, B. Irons. ECUMENICAL WORKCAMPERS - Mary Winters and Margaret Parish examine souvenirs and are re- minded of their experiences last summer in Europe. Millikin ' s campers visited Ireland and Finland Margaret ' s camp in central Finland is busily building a foundation for a youth camp kitchen. CAMPUS CHEST COMMITTEE - chairmen of committees for Campus Chest activities - FRONT ROW: B Emrich F. Stein, P. Walker, L. Howell, A. Schwammberger. SECOND ROW: S. Sotos, L. Rex, S. Spangler, L. Walker! An " Arrow Ambush " of Pi Phi ' s is one good way to have a busy Campus Chest Carnival booth. Campus Chest - a carnival and contest Dean Kerns proves that faculty like to join in the fun. A wild stockade was the winning booth for ' eta Tau Alpha. Night Life, the Campus Chest dance, livens up a dead week-end. 98 Beauty and Beast ' s candidates - nominated by the social organizations - FRONT ROW: M. Pettry, P. Pritts, E. Larsen, J. Gerber, M. Dick. SECOND ROW: B. Bayha, W. Wessell, S. Moraitis, R Wellens The beauties and beasts of campus make a formal appearance at assembly. Stathe Moraitis is named Campus Chest Beast, representing Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Mary Fran Dick, representing Alpha Chi Omega, is B eauty. emphasis is on ethics for R. E- Week Dr. Hueneman, special guest for Religious Emphasis Week, uses gestures to explain his point to the audience at a lecture on " Horse Sense. " I J.OO Groups of students, faculty members and wives spend a winter ' s weekend in discussion at Allerton House. i v Situation Ethics poses discussion problems at Student-Faculty Retreat In the msdst of the busy Millikin life ♦ . ♦ the academic foundations of the University Community L02 103 SWEETHEART QUEEN CANDIDATES AND KING OF HEARTS CANDIDATES - FRONT ROW: J. Mueller, A. Davidson. SECOND ROW: J. Kramer, J. Kretchmer,B. Alt. THIRD ROW: D. Nafziger, N. Orlandini, J. Manner. The " misty moonlight " of the Decatur Club is the setting for the 10(57 Sweetheart Dance sponsored by Student Senate. Student Senate president Bill Dodds congratulates King of Hearts, Nick Orlandini, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Sweetheart Queen, Jane Mueller, Alpha Chi Omega. SWEETHEART DANCE 1 01 Martha Pierce attempts to shatter the pinata at the Inter-Dorm Council Christmas Ball. Barb Kauppala, Marilyn Wiegand, and Pam Moreen prove that even student dorm counselors can have a smashing time as they entertain at the Christmas Ball. Millikin ' s community shares in the beauty of nature . . . in man-made beauty . . I Of J of fellowship in the Christmas season 107 INDEPENDENT INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: S. Storms, vice-president; F. Spottsville, treasurer. SECOND ROW: D. Dearborn, publicity chairman; F. Baldwin, president; C. Rickleff, secretary. INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION - organization to provide representation for unaffiliated students - FRONT ROW: N. Neal, D. Hoyor, W. Wessell, M. Zimmerman, D. Dearborn. SECOND ROW: M. Hancock, D. File, N. Harry, N. Ryberg, J. Allen, E. Johnson, ' W. Muldrow, S. Davis, T. Wick, J. Kersey. THIRD ROW: B. Kauppala, L. Hascall, S. Jennings, M. Danders, II. Vass, A. LeCocq, V. Fatheree, E. Findlay, J. Updike. FOURTH ROW: P. Smith, M. Davis, E. Peterson, J. Price, C. Hughes, J. Swayze, F. Baldwin, R. Hicks. 108 STUDENT ASSOCIATION " Howdy, ma ' am! Did you say this was the I.S.A. Campus Chest booth. ' INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION - FRONT ROW: J. Spracklen, J. Zepp, M. Pierce, C. Hopkins, L. Wire, C. Rickleff, C. Freeark, L. Schwartzbeck, G. Foster, L. Esposito. SECOND ROW: C. Manock, J. Gary, M. Gipson, J. Lederbrand, G. Cordes, P. Shaw, F. Main, M. Chao, M. Clark. THIRD ROW: F. Spottsville, G. Witters, J. Day, R. Howard, R. Coventry, D. Howard, G. Schreiner, D. Slagel. 109 I.S.A. I.S.A. members gather for an evening of fellowship. A popcorn party is a great way to spend an evening. A one-to-one ratio is never bad for a visit. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL - to govern Panhellenic rushing and to encourage the high standards of fraternity membership - FRONT ROW: C. Black, M. Cole, M. Haines. SECOND ROW: S. Smalley, C. Baltz, C. Gary, M. Pettry, S. Holmer. THIRD ROW: K. Grady, M. Andelman, D. Parkinson, K. Reichert. panhellenic works to promote the high ideals of fraternity women JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL - giving sorority pledges the opportunity to share in planning activities- FRONT ROW- S Puckett M. Snyder, G. Moore. SECOND ROW: N. Clark, J. Howarth, J. McCracken, C. Mcllwain, C. Combs, J. Liston. Ill 1 12 Greeks know that it isn ' t an easy job to build a winning house dec -- but the Tri-Delts are doing it. Rush parties give everyone a chance to have some fun. take time out to have fun Of course this isn ' t what we wear to class! It ' s all that behind-the-scenes work that makes the difference. 113 C. Black President L. Browning Vice President L. Farley Pledge Trainer J. Galloway Secretary F. Coutant Treasurer G. Dodson Housemother S. Albert B. Burns S. Harvey S. Liston M. Cole Rush j .11 P. Rossiter C. Combs M. Haupt G. Maaks ALPHA CHI OMEGA inois Upsilon L. Dame M. Jones K. Maurer M. Dick 1 A Li S. Jones S. Side-rs C. Squires il B. Dunlap K. Kile S. Maurer M. McClelland S. St. John 114 M. Andelman President K. Lindsay Vice President C. Flint Pledge Trainer L. Moiling Secretary J. Vroman Treasurer N. Hasselbach Housemother D. Anderson B. Barnes N. Harlow DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Epsilon L. Baker K. Beaman S. Burdick S. Harrison J. Jorstad A k S. Monical C. Moore G. Noble K. Otwell L. Clark P. Kenny L. Crocker B. Keys S. Puckett S. Smalley Hush E. Thompson c. Thompson B. Vaughn Meg Andelman is pleased to turn over her duties as president of Delta Delta Delta to Kitty Lindsay. L. Balderson B. Alt C. Baltz D. Deremiah S. Emmert E. Finch B. Foster J. Gerber L. Gersack T. Koepke A. Luttrell S. Lyman J. McCraken D. Meyer C. Millikin P. Ranken C. Richeson S. Ross N. Shirer A. Schwamm- berger L. Snider S. Vorwald M. Waters M. Watts 117 PI BETA PHI Illinois Eta K. Grady President N. Freischlag Vice President K. Kellar Pledge Trainer M. Pettry Secretary K. Tomamichel Treasurer M. Haines Hush L. Morin Housemother G. Moore D. Stutsman M. Thielsen S. Pollock B. Traxler Mary Barber takes over the responsibilities of President of Pi Beta Phi under the guidance of Kathy Grady. C. Derr m. Dybicz c. Edie N. Arms M. Williamson 119 D. Parkinson President L. Walker Vice President J. Swedenborg Pledge Trainer Si L. Howell Secretary R. Hensley Housemother G. Andrews P. Benson N. Habbyshaw A. Lindhoff L. Bamford I. Budding B. Hall J. McArtliy ZETA TAU ALPHA Tau C. Caldwell G. Holsinger J. Marsli M. Chomiak L. Holm E. Matson N. Clark S. Holmer J. Matthews k. Relchert J. Sharpless M. Springer J. Sweigart B. Walder 120 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL - co-ordinates interfraternity activities and programs - FRONT ROW: R. Brumett J. Majors T Peel F. Stein, S. Mathias, L. Crecelius, A. Kunard. SECOND ROW: J. Gustafson, J. Colvis, C. Lawing, D. Schoenhofen W Shortal J Humphrey, S. Swedell, T. Kelly, S. Butler. ' ' ' 1966 brings new pledge fraternity council PLEDGE INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL - newly organized to unite fraternity pledge classes - FRONT ROW: S.Mason C.Bono R. Elten, G. Dixon. SECOND ROW: F. Kaufman, D. Storemont, R. Wren. ' FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS Lois Farley Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon Diane O ' Dell Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity men prove it ' s The game of the year, Twister, is popular in the SAE house. Study break is Batman-time at the Delta Sig house A fast game of Kappa Sigma tag is fun in the front yard. It ' s fun to liven up walls with special TKR caricatures. J 24 Not every house can sport a real Caterpillar in the driveway! When men get in the kitchen a fire extinguisher is a good idea. Homecoming preparations are the biggest annual show of team work for every house. 125 DELTA SIGMA PHI Alpha Lambda J, Humphrey President W. Shortal Vice President R. Enslow Pledge Trainer S. Butler Secretary T. Barnett Treasurer S. Hurst Rush O. Jones Housemother R. Skldmore T. Olive D. Smith R. Smith W. Summers H. Futrell R. Kunshek L. Laughlin L. Robinson M. Rosenberg 1 Z. Taylor J. Mackey A. Sainz o F. Benett President Jim Humphrey leads Delta Sigma Phi during the 1966-1967 school year. L. Creclius G. Garett J. Greenawalt C. Haikalis J. Manner S. Casper D. Schuemann E. Seitz L. Davis G. Hanson M. Henegha n B. Murphey T. Short J. Totaro P. Vice R. West R. Williams 127 KAPPA SIGMA T. Kelly Grand Master Gamma Beta Prime A. Kunard P. Andrews Grand Procurator F. Stein M. Buth G. Clevenger Guard C. Lawing R. Richards R. Santos H. Saunders D. Schroeder Treasurer R. Wellens J. Stroud R. VonMadden Rush T. Peel President M. Evans Vice President R. DeMoulin Pledge Trainer C. Dubinick Recorder S. Mathias Treasurer H. Scherer Housemother G. Anderson J. Armstrong SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON inois Delta R. Bay ha R. B oland J. Born G. Carlough E. Cave M. Clouse L. Coffelt A. Comerota T. Cordts M. Eandi R. Gilason C. Gross J. Gustafson W. Heinz W.Hoffmann P. Melihercik S. Miklavcic M. Montgomery E. Neighbors R. Orich N. Orlandini 2 J. Colvis Hush H. Schaefer P. Shaw D. Shriver D. Slatln J. Stonesypher A. Theede 130 G. Basler J. Bates 4fM Terry Peel looks forward to another year leading Sigma Alpha Epsilon. J. Browning d. Bruning 11 R. Honefenger J. Irish 11 C. Parker J. Petty P. Cutler w. Davis B. Deffenbaugh c. Dixon G. Dixon S. Driggs D. Duez L. Knudsen J. Koehler T. Kraemer K. Lebeck J. Lykins R. Pfeiffer M. Precht r. Quade G. Rezny D. Sapper D. Theobald D. Trout D. Turner D. Weber O. Weise J. Wilber G. Wllhelm 131 D. Schoenhofen President H. Hagen Vice President S. Moraitis Pledge Trainer R. Brumett Secretary K. Richmond Treasurer D, Click Rush J. Methenitis Housemother C. Bono i 3f C. Nahatis J. Altmans- berger R. Borg L. Dicke W. Dodds T. Arentowlcz • • " Si I H TAU KAPPA EPSILON Beta J. Budde W. Dower E. Drake W. Field G. Griffith B. Helnrich W. Koch F. Lloyd L. Lowe AiJk m§jk AiJk D. Nelson M. Nelson T. Perna R. Peterson S. Sotos S. Spangler P. Stark S. Sweden G. Szymskl 132 New president Thomas Perna plans activities with outgoing president of Tau Kappa Epsilon Dale Schoenhofen. M. Beatty g. Bollinger J. Conderman J. Cope M. Fryer T. Gleason R. Granneman J. Grant J. Green D. Gregg J. Majors R. Markus S. Mason R. Mettler j. Mitchell G. Mormino Ti Peterson J. Richardson G. Robinson J. Rugh R. Saleh 9 4ti L. Shaw L. Thaagaard W. Turner J. Volp P. Walker s. Young R. Wren 133 ATHLETICS Always a new team to play, a new coach, the last blowing of the victory whistle, but all leading to the promise of a new field, a new gym, and hope for a new spirit. Jim Mackey Howard Bunting John Keith Jerry Newman 1966 John Irish Jim Hodges SENIOR Front Row-R. Hinton, D. Bramlet, G. Wilhelm, B. Bayha, G. Dixon, D. Smith, B. Smith, H. Futrell, T. Comerota, F. Reedy, D. Turner, M. Workman, F. Bennett, B. Fitzgibbons. SECOND ROW:- H. Friedman, M. Clouse, S. Saathoff, D. Lovellette, D. Foster, L. Davis, D. Winkler, J. Greenawalt, G. Schopp, P. Shaw, W. Wessel, J. Lykins, J. Dool in, R. Hicks. 136 J. Breeze, B. Summers, G. Bohmer. THIRD ROW-D. Colton, J. Irish, C. Yurieci, A. Stolz, H. Bunting, E. Neighbors, S. Mathias, J. Koehler, B. Shortal, J. Hodges, G. Guin, B. Davis. T. Garner, C. Poelker, J. Keith, A. Theede, J. Newman, S. Smith, L. Bates, J. Wilber, T. Short, J. Manner, J. Mackey, Coach Mathieson. 137 Steve Mathias, senior half-back on the Millikin team is the team ' s Most Valuable Player for 1966. He was the third Millikin Player to break the 1000 yard rushing mark during the four years and as a result of these accomplishments was given Honorable Mention in the NAIA AU-American ratings. Tonto also was named halfback on both the CCI All-Conference Team and the All-District 20. Big Blue offensive players charge out of the line at the snap of the ball. 139 BASKETBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW:C. Shaffer, B. Goodwin, J. Sunderlik, Jesse Price, Fred Spottsville, Larry Kelly. SECOND ROW: M. Huddleston, J. Hill, J. Adamson, R. Smith, C. Walls, S. Swedell, J. Moore. 1966-1967 was a record-breaking year for the Big Blue on the basketball court. The team broke the Conference record by scoring 133 points in one game and by making 55 field goals in one game. Eight times the team scored over 100 points. Through teamwork, leadership, and individual achievements it was a real record-breaking year. Breaking both the CCI Conference and the Millikin record, Jack Sunderlik scored 62 points and made 26 field goals in one game. He is the leading scorer in the CCI Conference for the season. Sophomore Jesse Price is the leading CCI Conference Rebounder this year. When still a freshman Jesse was named to the NAIA Ail-American Honorable Mention team and was named the out- standing basketball player on the John MacWherter trophy. Jerry Hill individual players 1966-67 BASKETBALL RECORD Opponent Millikin Missouri (St. Louis) 78 104 Illinois 78 117 Eastern 74 78 Anderson 69 76 Illinois Wesleyan 67 74 Carroll 94 133 Carthage 98 89 Carroll 65 116 Illinois 70 85 Augustana 77 97 MacMurray 87 100 North Central 80 105 North Park 65 72 Elmhurst 61 104 North Central 59 68 North Park 62 60 Augustana 78 73 Jack Sunderlik Jesse Price bring a season of high spirit 143 WRESTLING SQUAD - FRONT ROW: B. Heinrich, G. French. SECOND ROW: J. Deremiah, J. Manner, H. Futrell, J. Mackey, B. Bayha. THIRD ROW: D. Nelson, N. Neal, K. Coates, C. Dubinick, B. Hanson. WRESTLING SQUAD Letterman Harry Futrell displays a winning style in the Millikin Invitational. ) 11 Jim Mackey and Jim Deremiah share the honors as Squad captains. Jim Mackey was a winner in the North Central Invitational and Jim Deremiah made the second team in NAIA District 20. Jim Mackey grabs for his opponent during his match in the Millikin Invitational Tournament. Senior letterman John Manner is forcing his opponent to fight or be pinned. TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: M. Massler, T. Cork, J. Henebry, D. Bruining, S. Ward, R. Hicks. SECOND ROW: B. Bayha, R. West, manager; J. Hodges, C. Bono, D. Weber, R. Dulaney, C. Walls, D. Winkler. TRACK TEAM Senior Chuck Walls skims the cross-bar in an effort to gain a Tim Henebry sets records in 1967 team victory. as he did in 19C6 by winning the pole vault event with a 13 1 2 foot vault. 143 Gary Schopp prepares to throw another strike. Senior letterman Herb Friedman tries to beat out a bunt. BASEBALL SQUAD BASEBALL SQUAD- FRONT ROW: M. Heneghan, J. Adamson, L. Davis, J. Newman, C. Yurieci. SECOND ROW: R. Smith E. Neighbors, Coach Halvachs, G. Schopp, B. Shortal, S. Mathias, S. Butler. 147 Tex Barnett draws back to smash a return. With a determined look, senior tennis letterman John Keith whips a fast return. TENNIS TEAM TENNIS TEAM - FRONT ROW: C. Older, J. Grissom, J. Keith. SECOND ROW- J Frve T. Barnett, Coach Mathieson. ' 149 IV ' Ann Luttrell Carol Moore with enthusiasm for winning teams Linda Clark Kathy Beaman DENNIS WINKLER M MAN The 67 Millidek is proud to honor Dennis Winkler as M MAN on the basis of his continued outstanding con- tributions as a student and athlete during four years at Millikin. Considered a real team leader and a true team player, " Wink " has shown himself to be worthy of the honor of M MAN. Dennis and his wife Teresa are both Millikin students. He has a double major in biology and physical education and plans to coach high school athletics. " Wink " is also considering a career in professional football. As a track man, Dennis is a leading conference javelin thrower. A three-year track letterman at Millikin, he was named fourth as a sophomore and second as a junior in the CCI Conference javelin throwing event. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BLAZER GIRL- Sally Holmer is the only senior woman to be awarded a blazer for continued activity in women ' s athletics in 1966. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS MANAGERS - team managers for women ' s intramurals competition - S. Attig, C. Squires, S. Jacobus, J. Updike. Intramurals basketball games like this one between two men ' s dorms are fast and furious. Nearbv Kldorado Bowl is the setting for intramurals bowling contests. This Delta Sig bowling team is practicing for the intramurals tournament. MILLIKIN QUARTERBACK CLUB - in 1966 H. Ray Myers, a member of the Quarterback Club, presented Millikin University with a unique trophy. The trophy allows outstanding athletes in the seven sports to be honored each year by having their names engraved on plaques. The trophy may be seen in the University Athletic Trophy Case. STUDENTS New students arrive each fall, but even the returning student has a new hair-cut, a new date-mate, and maybe even a new idea. SENIORS r John Altmansberger Margaret Andelman Business Belleville, Illinois Business Chicago, Illinois fcfc Rolf Anderson Music Education Toledo, Ohio Christine Baltz History Millstadt, Illinois Mark Bateman Chemistry Decatur, Illinois V Sharon Anderson Linda Baker Elementary Education Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Sigel, Illinois Ron Beals Gary Becker John Black Biology Psychology Marketing Decatur, Illinois New Athens, Illinois Peoria, Illinois Aileen Bock Elementary Education Lincoln, Illinois Mary Ann Boehm History Decatur, Illinois If Orville and Wilbur can do it, I guess we can. Glen Bohmer History Ilillsboro, Illinois Stephen Bopp Marketing Decatur, Illinois Richard Borg Marketing Palatine, Illinois Gerald Born Biology Decatur, Illinois Carol Bradish English Granite City, Illinois Phyllis Brawner History Decatur, Illinois Phyllis Bremer Linda Brissenden Elementary Education Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Auburn, Illinois Beverly Brown Mathematics Springfield, Illinois Mary Bruer Elementary Education Pontiac, Illinois James Budde Business Decatur, Illinois The end is near. Howard Bunting Physical Education Pontiac, Illinois Linda Butler Chemistry Murphysburo, Illinois Micheal Campbell Business Decatur, Illinois Walt Cassell Hist, and Pol. Science Decatur, Illinois Paul Christenson History Macy, Indiana Robert Christian English Decatur, Illinois Jeffrey Clark French Decatur, Illinois 159 Patrick Clark Engineering Taylorville, Illinois Hey, he ' s going the wrong way. m 4h David Clutts Pre- Medicine Pontiac, Illinois John Colvis Marketing Decatur, Illinois George Costan Engineering Taylorville, Illinois Naida Crossland History Palatine, Illinois Elaine Crowder Music Education Bethany, Illinois Isis Darst Business Decatur, Illinois Dan Davis Business Lynn Davis Robert Deffenbaugh Industrial Engineering Biology Warrensburg, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Lance Delfino Engineering Decatur, Illinois Diane Deremiah Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois ▲ 44 d k Mary Dietrich English Decatur, Illinois William T. Dietrich Bill Dodds Business Administration Speech Florissant, Missouri Northbrook, Illinois David Donaldson Music Decatur, Illinois Harold Dunham Business Decatur, Illinois Michael Dustin Business Decatur, Illinois Janet Evans Music Education Piedmont, Missouri Cynthia Flint Physical Education Highland Park, Illinois John Frye Business Waukegan, Illinois Joseph Fryman Business Waukegan, Illinois Michael Eandi Biology Springfield, Illinois Michael Evans Music Education Skokie, Illinois Harlan Foster Mathematics and Chem. Belle Rive, Illinois Colleen Edie Sociology and Psych. Decatur, Illinois Lois Farley Art St. Louis, Missouri Nancy Freischlag Elementary Education Roanoke, Virginia Richard Enslow Industrial Engineering Aurora, Illinois Ellen Finch Elementary Education Shelbyville, Illinois Herbert Friedman Physical Education Massapeque Park, N. Y. Eileen Ervin Psych, and Sociology Springfield, Illinois WflHH Ethel Findley History Boonton, New Jersey Emily Friend Education Decatur, Illinois Like man, there ' s nothing like an audience. 161 Jill Galloway Elementary Education Hazelcrest, Illinois Kathy Grady Physical Education Godfrey, Illinois Janet Gerber Music Education Fairbury, Illinois Judith Green Elementary Education Paris, Illinois Beverly Gindler Music Education Troy, Illinois Gary Gregory Marketing Decatur, Illinois Dick Glick Biology Warrensburg, Illinois Nanette Gustin Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois James Graczyk Business Decatur, Illinois Henry Hagen History Decatur, Illinois Victoria Helmuth Dave Henry History Biology I know my contact is around here someplace. East Hampton, N. Y. Decatur, Illinois I f J ' You say it ' s cheaper at Parsons? James Hodges Biology Normal, Illinois Brad Hofeditz Music Education Edwardsville, Illinois Walt Hoffman Engineering Decatur, Illinois Sally Jo Holmer Biology Jefferson, Illinois Catherine Holtzclaw Jane Anne Horn Accounting Glenview, Illinois Elementary Education Sullivan, Illinois Stephen Howard Biology Decatur, Illinois John Irish Physical Education Arlington Heights, 111. Steven Jarzembski Marketing Decatur, Illinois Tom Johnson Business Decatur, Illinois Marilyn Jones Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Ann Jurgens English Bement, Illinois Barbara Kauppala Religion Newman, Illinois David Keil Business Springfield, Illinois John Keith Business Flora, Illinois Kathryn Kellar Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois 163 Thomas Kelly History Thornton, Illinois Bonnie Sue Keys Modern Languages Lincoln, Illinois David Kidd Psychology Oglesby, Illinois Chung Chu Kim Chemistry Seoul, Korea ... and then little red riding hood ... ▲tt m A Wan Sik Kim Political Science Seoul, Korea Yong Ik Kim Chemistry Dennis King Marketing Donald Krystoff Chemistry Chicago, Illinois Seoul, Korea Decatur, Illinois Bob Kuhns Music Education Hinsdale, Illinois Rudy Kunshek Biology Springfield, Illinois o mm v Elizabeth Kraakevik Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Jane Kramer Sociology Quincy, Illinois Jerry Kurth Education Plainfield, Illinois Larry Laughlin Biology Decatur, Illinois Lucy Lindsay History and Psych. Decatur, Illinois Don Livesay Tom Logston Music Education Art Harold Lorton Suzanne Lyman Decatur, Illinois Clarendon Hills, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois 164 Gloria Maaks David Major English Mathematics San Jose, Illinois Decatur, Illinois John Manner Physical Education Joliet, Illinois Brad Mathewson Accounting Pana, Illinois Stephen Mathias Econ. and Marketing Carlinville, Illinois Martha Matteson Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Ron Mitchell Judy Moffit Industrial Engineering Chemistry Knoxville, Illinois Hannibal, Missouri Pam Majonnier Sociology River Forest, Illinois Sue Monical Elementary Education Alton, Illinois Frances Maul Mathematics East St. Louis, Illinois Mickey Montgomery Industrial Engineering Springfield, Illinois Pamela Moreen English Wilmette, Illinois Mary Ellen Mulliken History Yorktown, Virginia David Nafziger Jerold Newman Merville Nicholls Marketing Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Peoria, Illinois Forsyth, Illinois Decatur, Illinois 165 Cynthia Nicholson Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois This is pretty hard. 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Libertyville, Illinois Godfrey, Illinois Ramon Salvatore Music Skokie, Illinois Hal Saunders History Areola, Illinois Paul Schaefer Robert Schall Dale Schoenhofan Business Administration Industrial Engineering History Decatur, Illinois Lincoln, Illinois Dennis Schroedter Business Administration East Alton, Illinois Lombard, Illinois f Milton Scott Lauren Shaw Voice Mathematics Downers Grove, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Sandra Sheppard William Sigfried Hist, and Polit. Science Art Markham, Illinois Decatur, Illinois James Skadden Math Education Rantoul, Illinois Robert Skidmore Physical Education Decatur, Illinois Sandra Smalley Elementary Education Ferguson, Missouri Richard T. Smith Ruth Smith Business Administration Accounting Decatur, Illinois Nokomis, Illinois If we only had $5 and a car, we could go places. 167 Sara Sue Smith Music Education Oblong, Illinois Patrick Stark Accounting Decatur, Illinois Richard A. Steele Industrial Engineering Park Forest, Illinois Steven Smith Marketing Decatur, Illinois William H. Smith Economics Decatur, Illinois Mary Ann Springer English Peoria, Illinois Bonita Stark Speech Chicago, Illinois John Richard Steele Biology Decatur, Illinois We shall overcome. Tom Stoecker Welding Manchester, Missouri Dail Stutsman Martha Surchek Art Nursing Rockford, Illinois LaGrange Park, Illinois Judy Swedenborg Michael Taylor Carol Thompson Elementary Education Business Administration Elementary Education Barrington, Illinois Lebanon, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Nancy Troemper Elementary Education Aurora, Illinois Terry Turner Biology Decatur, Illinois Phillip Van Dam Music Chicago, Illinois Joe Volk Piano Springfield, Illinois John Volp Biology Niles, Illinois Mary Watts Robert Wellens Sara Wham Marilyn Weigand Elementary Education Industrial Engineering Hist, and Polit. Science English Decatur, Illinois Libertyville, Illinois Centralia, Illinois Alton, Illinois I ' d rather fight than switch! 169 JUNIORS til R. Adams M. Aldrich B. Alt G. Anderson W. Anderson D. Batchelder R. Bayha J. Beatty W. Beebe N. Bell P. Benson L. Birkemeier Duck, the turkey ' s are flying low. G. Andrews D. Bellas C. Black H. Blair J. Burger S. Chapman G. Borders C. Brown Pshaw, my mouse was a retard. R. Brumett C. Burns C. Byers B. Campbell M. Casstevens M. Brelsfoard L. Browning C. Brunell fcfe fc fcfc E. Cave B. Chasteen R. Christ R. Christy L. Clark M. Clark D. Coen M. Cole J. Conderman M. Cook L. Cooper T. Cordts 171 M. Dybicz A. Coutant F. Coutant L. Crecelius C. Custis Alii A. Davidson L. Davis R. Davis R. DeMoulin J. Deremiah B. Dethrow E. DeWeese B. Drury C. Dubinick B. Dunlap D. Eads C. Easter M. Dick R. Cuttill N. Dalluge M. Derby J. Deremiah B. Elwell K. Emelander B. Emrlch Once upon a time. P. Dooling R. Douglass i ; J. Heynen L„ Howell D. Hunniford D. Kaplan V. Higgins D. Hildebrandt T. Hill D. Hritsuk W. Hritsuk D. Huddleston E. Johnson M. Jones C. Joseph E. Kasper J. Kinter K. Klingel Our group had 40% fewer cavities. Ms L. Hudspeth S. Kalsow G. Knox L. Koepke F. Honefenger D. Horbovetz J. Humphrey 1 F. Kanali J. Koehler J. Koeppe P. Koyak T. Kraemer I 74 L. Kramer A. Kunard E. Larsen mo . 4a mh K. Latshaw c. Lawing ,M ii K. Lebeck Y. Lee M. Levitsky J. McDaniel J. McLeod V. Madden (fa L. Martin K. Maurer n D. Menapace F F F F I I I I G H T I?) S. Liston D. Lohnes J. McArthy T. Mahar J. Marsh R. Merenkov d. Meyer 1 H. Miller kh kk 4 L. Mitchell L. Moiling C. Moore D. Moorehead L. Moose S. Moraitis I A, ■ } B. Richter N ' t (ft til K. Rigg L. Robinson s. Saathoff G. Schopp R. Schwob N. Shirer W. Shortal R. Smith S. Sotos C. Sibthorc W m « • f S. Spangler E. Stanfill k. Stanley F. Stein Z. Santos H. Schaefer J. Scott L. Seversike V C. Shaffer P. Shaw S. Simmons j. Skidmore c. Smart S. Stoutenborough R. Streight N. Stroud How much do you think we can make in one haul? 177 .1. Workman M. Wrigley T. Wyne i n; SOPHOMORES G. Bollinger K. Bristle IVs our turn next ' k 8 - 179 J. Carr M. Caruso S. Casper M. Chomiak D. Chrisman P. Chuzi J J. Cope 3Vj3 it -J J. Cope L. Crocker D. Daubach M. Davenport Four legs are better than two. G. Cordes G. Clevenger K. Coates A. Cork J. Day S. Day R. Coventry i S. Deadrick D. Dearborn c . DeMoss G. Dixon G.Donaldson W. Dower D. Duez D. Dykstra I IV t S. Elliott S. Emmert g. England B. Foster N. Franczkowski g. French P. Gilbert M. Gipson You think you ' re flat? P. Ewers D. File F. Friedman T. Garner L. Gould c. Grantham J. Grissom L. Gunst » M. Flaherty G. Formanek J. Gary A. Gibson f " 1 « • - JfF k G. Greider G. Grever k G. Gross B. Gunst ' - N. Habbyshaw B. Hall D. Hamilton G. Haraldson T. Harley C. Harrington M. Hartwig L. Hawk 181 ■kill K. Hayes B. Heinz L. Henderson J. Henebry F. Herzog A. Hillhouse K. Hoglund G. Holsinger D. Holthaus D. Houck R. Howard S. 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Storms E. Thomas F. Spottsville C. Steele A. Stolz J. Swayze S. Swedell I ' m up for it. A A ' • L. Taylor J. Tertocha L. Thaagaard M. Tufts K. Turner W. Turner K. Umansky T. Varghese D. Vaughn S. Vineyard I IV, Lit 11-1 i» - ' - l 1 B. Vix P. Vorndam s. Ward t4 - J. Warren B. Weller R. Wendling W. Wessel a q - A fe K. White R. White P. Whitmore D. Wierenga G. Willcox M. Wilson K. Winn o o Jut A t tit M. Wisbock G. Witters D. Workman E, Wonderlich J. Wright J. Young J. Zepp Well, this is my 3,697th cookie. 187 FRESHMEN ft C. Blaker C. Boehm J. Boeker B. Bono V S. Bolio J. Bopp N. Borneman B. Brandon Would you believe the Three Stooges? pf v ' T. Breed J. Browning S. Burdick B. Burns M. Burrows M. Buth 11 S. Caldarone J. Campbell G. Carlough B. Carter B. Cerutti M. L. Chao G. Chapman N. Clark M. Clouse D. Coffman c. Combs A. Comerota J. Cooper ' -.- J. Craft I. Cravens S. Davis C. Dixon J. Doolin R. Durham L. Crawley E. Dayton A. Crura H. Deaville E. Currie C. Derr J. Davis M. Davis o. Davis - A T. DeVault L. Dicke I thought there was no harassing of pledges! L. Diesing E. Drake D. Dugan D. Eldred J. Engel L. Esposito I). Eubanks K. Farleigh V. Fatheree E. Eakin W. Field DO S. Fink W. Foreman D. Foster D. Garrett L. Gersack R. Gilasoa mm All S. Graves D. Gregg W. Gregoline C. Handrich S. Hanna F. Hargis S. Harless M. Harrison N. Harry S. Harvey M. Haupt D. Hawkins G. Foster L„ Golden P. Ground M. Fryer A. Fusco lL Ilk m mh, D. Gordon J. Grant J. Hamilton K. Hamlin K. Gamble K. Grant M. Hancock N. Hawkins W. Heinrich M. Heneghan This must be the youngest freshman that ever came to Millikin. I ' ). ' . m ■ . I really wasn ' t in the mood for a goulash dinner. r if N. Lang A. LeCocq M. McClain M. McClelland 3 L, Magill F. Main -J C. Kesner E. Ketz B. Kijak l,h 4 A J. King J. Klansek R. Kleinfeldt irk P. Knisel D. Korowicki J. Knorr D. McCracken J. McCracken C. Mcllwain C. Koehn L. Kot J. Koumoungis J. Mason S. Mason S. Maurer T. Meier K. Merillat 193 So this is the wild life of an M.U. coed? fa 1 D. Morgan M. Mueller m V G. Nix J. Novack M. Overbay D. Overstreet S. More S. Mugrage M. Oland T. Olive W. O ' Neill V. Patterson M. Perry K. Otwell D. Peters B. Morgan S. Outwin S. Pollock I ' M G. Portner P. Powers C. Robb J V. Rapp D. Sapper J. Sayers G. Schreiner D. Schroeder L. Schwartzbeck R. Prater F. Prell P. Prior S. Puckett M. Queen S. Regner B. Remmers G. Reynolds J. Reynolds S. Rhodes D. Rogers M. Rosenberg D. Rosenthal N. Ryberg S. Sammons B. Sanders M. Seago E. Seitz Do you have any more rum balls? 195 A. Smith P. Smith R. Smith R. Smith 196 R. Walker M. Whalen N. Wilson m ' i . ' - f D. Weber 0. Weise ft l -. M. Wende R. Wagner B. Walder P. Warkentin k Ik iB Bk - ' Jj J. Wilber D. Wiley I - . j • ' " 1. ■ A 1 E. Whitmore T. Wick M. Williamson LI mm M. Wilson E. Wortham R. Wren T. Wilson L. Wire J. Withers E. Wittlinger J. Y eager S. Young B. Zaruba Honey, I am NOT the target! 197 With all of you we look back on a year progress with Millikin Congratulations Millikin nsversity Class of 1967 From the DECATUR ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCI Moving forward and developing the future. ..that is the aim of the Decatur Association of Commerce. Now, a new period in your life has arrived where you must have the same aim. In your undergraduate days at Millikin University you have witnessed the growth and prosperity of Decatur. This has not come about by accident but by planned programs of action developed by the associa- tion of Commerce in cooperation with governmental bodies, service clubs, and civic organizations. Your future cannot depend on accident either, but by a planned program of action and development on your part. When you have embarked on your career, perhaps you, through association with the Chamber of Commerce wherever you are, also may help in the development of your community. The Association of Commerce wishes you the great- est success. 203 TAKE A BIG STEP TOWARD FINANCIAL SECURITY . . . BANK AND SAVE AT THE MILLIKIN! Start saving now . . . and add to your savings account regularly for future security. Visit our bank soon. Experience for yourself the helpful, personal service that has been a Millikin Bank tradition for over a century. COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Savings Accounts Checkmaster Accounts Checking Accounts Bank-by-Mail Sidewalk Teller Windows Complete Loan Service Safe Deposit Boxes Travelers Checks Free Customer Parking MINI I II IIWIIIIIMI—mn The XLLIKIltf NATIONAL of Decatur MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Founded in 1860 by James Millikin Quite a mouthful, Pres! OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORIES 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, N. Y. 10003 212-OREGON 7-7788 205 An education makes the difference For over 75 years, the Citizen National Bank has been serving the Decatur community ... home of Millikin University. Since the inception of Millikin the Citizens has, because of its recognition of the necessity of university training for the youth of the community, enthusiastically supported Millikin University, as an integral part of the community. Your education at Millikin University will stand you in good stead as you enter the stream of life ... for education does make the difference. BIG. ..BUT FRIENDLY THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK 206 Compliments of m Inl W quiiUi jffKMr flMtt zv mA L Wltfe sunsiuiiB Quality Chekd THE PERSHING NATIONAL BANK lOOO WEST PERSHING ROAD DAIRY DECATUR. ILLINOIS 62526 PHQNE 877 — 1 236 Decatur Owned and Operated Member F. D. I. C. 725 E. Prairie Decaf ur, 11 1 o Enloe ' s Lincoln Square Drug Service Corner of Lincoln Square and Main St. Phone 428-6657 Enloe ' s Prescription Shop 348 West Prairie Street Phone 428-8653 SUPER MARKETS DECATUR AND SPRINGFIELD " Better Foods Priced Right 99 IN SPRINGFIELD 709 W. Jefferson IN DECATUR 1355 N. Rt. 48 2280 E. William 2901 N. Main St. 207 ' choice! The Colonial CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRABS Thanhs for the past patronage . . . and hope it will continue in the future WALTER T. AUER FRED S. COX Phone 423-7223 Compliments of HEINKEL PACKING CO. Traditionally Yours, " VILLAGERS " f rom. . . Downtown 147 N. Water Brettwood Village Nor-East Corner On The Mall , ' OM X — " " " AT MUELLER CO.... ... we have always been proud of Millikin University, its graduates and its contributions to the Decatur community. As part of this community, we help support Millikin ' s growth and progress through grants to the school and scholarships to deserving students. At the same time, a number of Millikin alumni are making major contributions to the success and growth of Mueller Co. as members of our field sales organization or as middle management personnel. This growth and success of Mueller Co. started in 1857, and today it has six plants in the United States and Canada. It is recognized as a leading manu- facturer of iron and brass products for the distribution and control of water and natural gas — two of the basic industries so vital to the health, security and prosperity of this countrv. Congratulations, Grad uates of 1967 Plants in: Decatur, Chattanooga, Brea (Los Angeles) In Canada: Mueller, Limited, Sarnia, Ontario 209 Come now! Who reads in the bookstore? You can do all the reading you want at the library. Wise shoppers make one stop at . . . HAINES and ESSICK ' IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN DECATUR ' ' TYPEWRITERS • SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES • BOOK SHOP • GIFT SHOP . CARD SHOP ■ SPORT SHOP • TOY SHOP • PARTY SUPPLIES It ' s a ivise student who depends on the CAMPUS BOOK STORE ' IN THE HEART OF M I LLIKIN ' S CAMPUS ' • COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS • SCHOOL SUPPLIES • STUDENTS SUNDRY NEEDS • ATHLETIC SUPPLIES . SPORTS CLOTHING Quigles FASHIONS FOR THE HOME DECATUR 329 N. Main Ph. 428-7741 MATTOON Charleston 17th Ave. Ph. Adams 4-7464 WP Jp. designs and jSr builds homes f° r delightful 250 N. Water St. Decatur, 111. Phone 428-4601 BLACK COMPANY Thompson-Kramer SPORTING GOODS iVTimif Co 340 North Main School Band Sprvirf 125 East North 215 North Main St. DECATUR - - ILLINOIS rk___._ ¥ii • Decatur, Illinois Phone 429-5376 Phone 422-5611 HECHT ' S for " College Fashions " 335 N. Water Street Where did you say you are going? Oh! Siberia, to see Dr. Zhivago. Diamonds Watches China Crystal ■ Fashion Jewelry ■ Linens ■ Perfumes ■ Handbags Sterling and Plated Silverware Post ' s Diamonds Are " Registered " For Your Protection There 9 s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST g SONS Jewelers for Over 94 Years Merchant at Prairie Phone 423-9781 Decatur, Illinois 212 The Bank with Time for You Complete Banking Services Include : • Checking Accounts • Savings Accounts G Installment Loans • Commercial Loans • Real Estate Loans • Safety Deposit Boxes • Farm and Property Management • Trust Services • Christmas Club • Travelers Checks FREE PARKING — DRIVE-IN WINDOWS at THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR TELEPHONE 429-4151 213 mm M Telephone 429-4201 DAY o NICH? FUNERAL HOME Jfame Jf. MO RAN N. WATER ST. AT ELDORADO DECATUR .. ILLINOIS Neumode Hosiery Shop Hosiery for Men, Women and Children Complete Line of Campus Socks Phone 422-1755 ■ 117 N. Water St. Compliments of SWAIN MYERS ASSOCIATES, Inc. Planned Packaged Interiors Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Motor Hotels 444 E. MAIN ST. C. N. Gorham Sons, Inc. Mortgage Bankers — Realtors 407 N. Main Street P. O. Box 1029 Decatur, Illinois Osmosis, osmosis, diffuse them through the line! Metabolism, metabolism, digest them in their tracks! 214 Come on, Sis, have a donut. You ' re only thin once. ROBY ROBY Verne E. Roby Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service SALES - LOANS INSURANCE 252 E. Main St. Phone 428-3451 LOOKING? See the difference at FLORA JEWELERS Ready -to-W ear Sportswear Jewelry Millinery 135 E. Prairie Phone 423-3644 Congratulations, Graduates of 1967 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Macon County 155 W. Eldorado Street Thought you could get away with those plants, didn ' t you? 216 C on a ra tu fa Hon A to tlie Cta a of 6 7 MAIN at PRAIRIE DECATUR, ILLINOIS 62513 FASHION is our business Best Wishes To 1967 Grads MILLER - O ' NEILL FLOOR COVERINGS and DRAPERIES HUNTER - POGI E LUMBER CO. 705 N. OAKLAND Tel. 428-3487 RAYCRAFT DRUG CO. Fountain Service Finest of Cosmetics Complete Prescription Service Wherever thirsty people are... Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur If you pose long enough, you ' ll get a free coke. We ' re never too busy to read letters from home! This better be the last trip -- my cigar is burned out. Nicholson, Clark and Co. INSURANCE Telephone 428-7754 114 N. Water St. Decatur . ' If; Try SUNBEAM Compliments of . . • and Compare Now — " Batter Whipped " Burdick Plumbing and Heating Co. 728 So. Main St. DECATUR, ILLINOIS 219 The end of the beginning! A lot of work goes into earning a diploma. Your name on one indicates a measure of achievement of which you can feel proud. But a diploma is only a milestone — a mea- surement of what you have done. Now . . . how about doing something with it? For example, what are your plans for fur- thering your education? If that isn ' t possible, then how about looking for a job with a company for whom you can work as beneficially as you worked for your diploma? Personal effort is the essence of success — the key to your progress. That precious piece of paper you receive graduation day can help you unlock a bright future — as bright as you strive to make it. May your future be a fine one! CATERPILLAR , 1 " Barrow up to the bar boys. " Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. " SAMUEL JOHNSON DAWSON WIKOFF FUNERAL DIRECTORS DECATUR ILLIOPOLIS MT. ZION ARGENTA 221 Not too many nuts, Mr. Allen; you don ' t want to lose your isometric figure. CONGRATULATIONS . . . and best wishes To the Glass of 1967 and the staff and students of Millikin University Mutual Insurance Company James S. Kemper, Chairman B. C. Dahlmann, President Executive Office: 666 NORTH WATER ST. • DECATUR, ILLINOIS • PHONE 422-8521 222 Congratulations Schwartz Glass Company 736 South Main Street Decatur, Illinois Compliments of a Friend What did you say your major is? Clothes? GOOD ADVICE FOR LIFE SAVE-...SAVE..-SAVE....SAVE....regularly! 135 E. Main Decatur, Illinois HOME ' SAVING IS A GOOD HABIT MADE BETTER AT MUTUAL. ...SINCE 1904 " Brintlinger ' s Funeral Home Harold B. Brintlinger Class of ' 34 500 West Main St. — Decatur 111 Madison St.-Cerro Gordo CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 67 from SCHUDELS Decatur ' s Leading Launderers and Dry Cleaners Since 1910 Sfimce J9J9 221 N. Water 1351 E. Eldorado Decatur Owned and Operated 725 E. Prairie Decatur, III. 224 Compliments of 1HE WINERY THE BLUE MILL " For Steaks that You ' ll Remember " Compliments of WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 429-4404 Decatur, Illinois welcome, browser J CUE town (louse red house 253 noxth main 239 iout£ oa UanJ Licensed and Insured EICHE NAUER Fine Lighting Fixtures-Adequate Wiring Hardware-Paint-Tools Household Supplies Largest Light Bulb Selection In Decatur Your Electric Service Center Since 1942 Oakwood Shopping Area 429-4229— Days Night--429-6402, 877-7543 I ' ve resolved to furnish my own light in the classroom. Isn ' t this just typical of an interesting lecture. . . ? Compliments of SWARTZ RESTAURANT BEN ' S BARN Decatur ' s Friendliest Restaurant Finest in Steaks, Sea Foods, and Chicken 764 East Eldorado - Decatur, 111. CHRISTY ■ FOLTZ INC. Supply Company Contractors - Builders Phone 428-8601 740 South Main St. 226 Congratulations, Graduates of 1967 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Macon County 155 W. Eldorado Street CONGRATULATION THE NORMAN AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY Congratulations From Your Alums Lillian L., Dorothy M., and Gene MONSON FUNERAL HOME 239 W. PRAIRIE Phone 428-4429 brimming with all that ' s new and important in fashion apparel and accessories . . at prices that treat your budget with tender loving care! charge accounts invited! LIBSON SHOPS 203 NORTH WATER STREET IN DECATUR And here ' s one of those lectures in the making! 227 Marvel- Schebler Products Division BORG-WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS 1967 GRADUATES of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY Modern art is wonderful . I guess? RAUPP ' S 139 North Water Downtown Decatur Naturally OLDMAINE TROTTERS for young MEN and WOMEN The Unmistakable Look of Quality PHONE 429-5429 730 SO. MAIN DECATUR " For a Job to be Well Done " EVERYTHING IN ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm Compliments of BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of Seven-Up Orange Crush I ' d stand in line for a Pepsi! Compliments of Meadow Gold Dairy Milk Ice Cream 304 S. Main — Phone 429-5241 T. A. BRINKOETTER 8c SONS, Inc. PLUMBING. HEATING AND REPAIRING 636 EAST WOOD STREET • DECATUR. ILLINOIS " Old Fashioned Ice Cream Is Best At . . . " 239 SOUTH OAKLAND Soda - Sundae - Shake 230 231 FACULTY AND STAFF INDEX Allan, Ralph 41 Allen, Jack 15 Anderson, William 38 Andrews, Alfred 42 Armitage, Catherine 31 Askill, John 40 B Barber, Rollm 37 Barnett, Dawn 31 Barns, Ruth 24 Batshon, Badi 38 Belford, Marvin 47,88 Benner, Dennis 45 Bennett, Judith 37 Berry, Daryl 28,52 Bittle, Ray 34 Boatman, Maurice 15,52 Bodamer, William 18,36 Briody, David 42 Brookman, Joan 22 Browning, Clyde 28 Butts, Jack 41 Gage, Elinor 52 Gaston, Jack 18,45 Gill, R. Wayne 12 Glasscock, David 44,52 Gordy, Darla 22 Gray, Walter 15 Griffith, John 45 Griffiths, Richard 29 Gromoll, Henry 37,52 H Habbe, Joyce 22 Hadley, Janet 22 Hamilton, R. H 33 Hardwick, Doris 22 Hasselbacn, Nellei 24,116 Harward, Donald 37 Haywood, C. Robert 18,26 Hensley, Ruth 24,120 Henson, Grace 22 Hill, Mary Ellen 22 Hoffland, Richard 47 Hopkins, Esther 24 Hundley, June 23 N Northrup, Jean Norville, Hubert 50 50 0 Olsen, Gail 27 Olsen, Gail 27 Olson, James 18,43 Owen, Lawrence 48 Ozee, Evelyn 23 Paine, Richard 44 Peterson, Margaret 49 Phillips, Douglas 48 R Randall, Rodney 40 Redford, Gerald 15 Rogers, Jacqueline 34 Calhoun, Larry 24 Carey, Frank 47 Carlson, Earland 13 Carnahan, Elizabeth 22 Carson, Max 44 Corzatt, Clifton 40 Casey, Earl 22 Casey, Juanita 22 Chevalier, Rhodora 22 Coover, Sandra 22 Coy, Darwin 18,19,38 Jones, Ollie 24,126 D Day, Margaret 22 Deetz, Rachel 22 Dennis, Clyde 38 Dodson, Gertrude 24,114 Doubleday, Neal 30 Drennan, Dorothy 22 Drenan, James 39,52 E Elam, Jean 24 Evenson, Sharon 47 Farman, Betty 22 Ferris, William 34 Ferry, Richard 18,29,76 Flint, James 15 Foley, Anne 34 Forbush, Francile 22 G K Keehn, Norman 33 Kerns, Byron 14,17,18,52 Kettelkamp, James 20 Kinsey, David 40 Klaven, Marvin 27 Koda, Paul 30 Kreuger, William 30,81 Krows, Wayne 13 Larkin, Elaine 23 LaRowe, Kenneth 18,46,52 Laughery, Wayne 29 Lewis, Lillian 23 Lindsay, Jacquelyn 23 Luttrell, John 13 Lytle, Grace 24 M Gage, Daniel 52 McGinnis, Frank 50 McKay, Paul 3,12,45 McPeek, Beth 14,17 Magrane, David 38 Manske, Kenneth 39 Mason, Lois 24 Mathieson, Lester 41 Merritt, William 20 Merwin, Kenneth 15 Methenitis, Joan 24,132 Mickel, Jere 42 Miller, John 31,81 Morin, Leona 24,118 Morris, Margaret 23 Schaar, Shashana 45,52 Scherer, Helen 24,130 Scholz, Jean 47 Schueler, Alma 41 Sheaff, Elisabeth 35,52 Shell, Lester 38 Shelton, Ronald 17,40,52,95 Six, Frances 23 Smith, Dorothy 23 Smith, Glenn 44,52 Snyder, Wesley 47,52 Spangler, Elizabeth 23 Spencer, Robert 49,88 Stewart, Norma 23 Surphlis, Ross 35 Taylor, Myron 30 Thorn, Dean 15 Tilley, Wesley 30,81 Tompkins, Kenneth 30,81 Travis, Elizabeth 48 W Waldera, Gerald 32 Walker, Willis 32,52 Walton, Eileen 23 Walvoord, Linda 31,81 Weatherbee, Carl 39 Webb, Donna 23 Welch, Gladys 23 Wichert, Betty 23 Wiggs, Margaret 23 Wiggs, Halice 28 Williams, Don 41 Williams, William 45 Wing, Edward 36 Wolf, Charles 37 Wolfer, Marilyn 23 Woltman, Lillian 23 Wrigley, Irene 23 232 STUDENT INDEX Abell, Joanne 91,188 Adams, Richard 170 Adamson, Jon 142,147,179 Adcock, Chris 188 Albert, Sandy 114,188 Albergato, Vincent 179 Aldrich, Nance 121,179 Allen, Janice 179 Allen, Larry 179 Alt, Bonnie 104,117,170 Altmansberger, Jack .... 45,132,158 Amateis, Harold 188 Andelman, Barbara 25,179 Andelman, Margaret 52,64, 111,116,158 Anderson, Donna . . . 56,92,116,179 Anderson, Eilleen 188 Anderson, Gary 45,130,170 Anderson, Gordon .... 126,148,179 Anderson, Linda 40,179 Anderson, Lynn 52,932,115,188 Anderson, Rolf 92,93,158 Anderson, Sharon 29,158 Anderson, William 1,16,18, 62,76,129,170 Andrews, Gail 42,120,170 Andrews, Paul 78,128,188 Arentowicz, Terry 132 Ariens, Denny 129,170 Arms, Nancy 77,118,188 Armstrong, Jack 130,170 Ater, Linda 95,188 Attig, Sandra . . . 29,118,150,153,179 Augustine, James 21,39,170 Aukland, Jean 32,95 Austin, Lorraine 188 Auvil, Eleanor 188 B Babcock, Earlene 188 Baehr, David 179 Baehr, Karla 56,179 Bailey, Lynn 50,87,88,90,170 Bailey, Patricia 188 Baker, Linda .... 17,56,77,118,158 Balderson, Linda 92,117 Baldwin, Frank . . 16,19,56,95,108,179 Baltz, Christine 16,18,52,53, 56,111,117,150,158 Bamford, Lynn 120 Banfield, Wayne 188 Barber, Andrew 179 Barber, Mary 118,170 Bare, David 50,88,90,92,179 Barnes, Barbara 77,92,116,188 Barnett, Thomas . . . 45,56,126,149,170 Batchelder, David 170 Bartholomew, Mary 188 Basler, George 131 Bateman, Mark 158 Bates, James ....... 131,137,188 Bayha, Robert . . 29,99,130,136,146,170 Beall, Sharon 121,188 Beals, Ronald 39,95,158 Beaman, Kathy .... 53,116,151,179 Beatty, Mark 133,170 Beck, Scott 179 Becker, Gary 158 Becker, Linda 188 Becker, Rita 93,188 Beckmire, Janice .... 34,77,118,188 Beebe, William 170 Beemer, Pamela 77,115,179 Behrendt, Paula 179 Bell, Denise . . . 16,29,53,56,121,179 Bell, Lois 29,95,179 Bell, Norma 170 Bellas, Donna 88,93,170 Benge, Cheryl 188 Benjamin, Sandra 188 Bennett, Frank 127,136,188 Benson, Patricia 93,120,179 Benson, Paul 88,90,170 Best, Barbara 35,53,179 Bielefeld, Barbara 93 Bingham, John 87,88,90,188 Birkmeier, Larry 95,170 Black, Carol 56,111,114,170 Black, John 158 Black, Peggy 93,188 Blair, Robert 24,45,56,94,170 Blake, Luana 92,188 Blaker, Carolyn 189 Bloom, Oleta 179 Bock, Aileen 29,158 Boehm, Cathy 189 Boehm, Mary Ann 115,158 Boeker, Jane 118,189 Bohmer, Glenn .... 19,24,52,137,158 Boland, Peter 130 Bolio, Sally 189 Bollinger, Gary 133,179 Bono, Charles . . . 79,122,132,146,189 Bopp, Janet 189 Bopp, Stephen 158 Borders, Geff 171 Borg, Rich 56,84,132,159 Born, Gerald 35,130,159 Borneman, Nancy 189 Bradish, Carol 25,52,53,81,169 Bramlet, Daniel 136 Brandon, Beth 189 Brawner, Phyllis 159 Breed, Thomas 92,189 Breeze, Jerry 137 Brelsfoard, Michael 171 Bremer, Phyllis 159 Brilley, Michael 45 Brissenden, Linda 53,159 Bristle, Kathleen 92,118,179 Brown, Beverly 29,40,53,56, 77,80,120,159 Brown, Christine 171 Browning, Joe 131,189 Browning, Lois 26,62,114,171 Bruer, Mary 25,33,159 Braining, David 131,180 Bramett, Robert 122,132,171 Brunell, Cheryl 171 Budde, James 132,159 Budding, Irene 34,93,120 Bunting, Howard .... 136,137,159 Burchard, John 180 Burdick, Susan 116,189 Burger, Judith 29,40,177 Burke, John 45,180 Burns, Barbara 114,189 Burns, Christina 171 Burrows, Marcia 36,95,189 Buth, Martin 32,128,189 Butler, Linda 53,159 Butler, Sheila 49,92,189 Butler, Steve .... 21,122,126,147,180 Byers, Carol 24,171 Caldarone, Steven 189 Caldwell, Carol 29,120,180 Campbell, Barry .... 87,90,129,171 Campbell, Judy 189 Campbell, Michael 159 Carlough, Glenn 130,189 Carnall, George .... 45,77_79,93,180 Carr, Jessie 180 Carter, Beverly 95,189 Caruso, Mary 180 Casper, Steven 127,180 Cassell, Walt 159 Casstevens, Michael . . . 50,92,171 Cave, Edward 56,130,171 Cerutti, Betty 34,189 Chao, Mary 77,109,189 Chapman, Gayle 32,189 Chasteen, Barbara .... 62,118,171 Chomiak, MaryAnn .... 91,120,180 Chrisman, Danny 180 Christ, Ruth 24,36,49,93,171 Christenson, Paul 159 Christian, Robert 159 Christy, Roslyn 171 Chuzi, Paul 126,180 Clark, Jeffrey 159 Clark, Linda 29,56,116,151,171 Clark, Marcia 91,109,171 Clark, Nancy 111,120,189 Clarke, Patrick 160 Clevenger, Glenn 79,128.180 Clouse, Michael 130,136,189 Clutts, David 36,40,49,91,160 Coates, Kenneth 90,180 Coen, David 50,88,90,171 Coffelt, Lyle 130 Coffman, Dean 126,189 Cole, Mary 84,111,171 Colton, Doug 137 Colvis, John 45,122,160 Combs, Claire ; 111,114,189 Comerota, Anthony . . . 130,136,189 Conderman, John 45,133,171 Cook, Michele 25,40,95,171 Cooper, James .... 48,88,90,91,189 Cooper, Larry 171 Cope, James 121,133,180 Cope, Judith 87,90,93,180 Cordes, Genie 109,180 Cordts, Thomas 130,171 Cork, Anthony .... 36,94,95,146,180 Costan, George 160 Coutant, Alan 87,88,90,172 Coutant, Frances 97,114,172 Coventry, Rodger 32,109,180 Craft, Janet 189 Cravens, Ingrid 190 Crawley, Larry 190 Crecelius, Lee 16,17,18,21, 52 56,122,127,172 Crocker, Linda 34,35,116,180 Cross, David 81 Crossland, Naida 121,160 Crowder, Elaine .... 24,48,49,92,160 Cram, Anna 190 Currie, Elizabeth 93,190 Custis, Connie 29,172 Cutler, Peter 131 Cuttill, Ralph 129,172 D Dalluge, Nelda 172 Darst, Iris 160 Daubach, Dian 180 Davenport, Marvin 180 Davidson, Ann .... 56,104,118,172 Davis, Danny 45,160,137 Davis, Joan 95,190 Davis, Lee 127,136,147,172 Davis, Lynn 160 Davis, Melvin 108,190 Davis, Olivia 93,190 Davis, Roger 91,172 Davis, Shirley 19,108,190 Davis, William 131 Day, John 18,78,109,180 Day, Stephen 180 Dayton, Elizabeth 190 Deadrick, Sally 29,118,180 Dearborn, Dana 36,108 Deaville, Helen 190 Deffenbaugh, Robert 131,160 Delfino, Lance 160 DeMoss, Catherine 180 DeMoulin, Richard 130,172 Derby, Marsha 25,49,93,172 Deremiah, Diane 117,160 Deremiah, Jim 172 Deremiah, John 172 Derr, Charlene 77,190 Dethrow, Billy Joe 87,88,90 DeVault, Tamra . . . 33,88,90,93,95,190 DeWeese, Eric 19,94,95,172 Dick, Mary Fran 99,114,172 Dicke, Lawrence 17,132,190 Diesing, Linda . 88,90,190 Dietrich, Mary 81,160 Dietrich, Thomas 160 Dixon, Chris 131,190 Dixon, Gregg 122,131,136,180 Dodds, William 16,17,18,21, 24,42,52,56,62.92.132,160 Dodson, Diane 121 Donaldson, David 91,92,160 Donaldson, Gay 88,180 Dondzik, Dave 190 Doolin, Joe 126,136,190 Dooling, Patricia 16,172 Douglass, Ronald . . 50,87,88,90,172 Dower, William 132,180 Drake, Edward 132,190 Driggs, Spencer 131,190 Drury, Barbara 172 Dubinick, Christopher 130,172 Duez, David 131,180 Dugan, Darrell 190 Dulaney, R 146 Dunham, Harold 45,160 Dunlap, Barbara . . 48,49,92,114,172 Durham, Ruth 190 Dustin, Michael 161 Dybicz, Mary 119,172 Dykstra. Dale 16,180 Fuseo, Anthony Futrell, Harry . . . 126,191 56,127,136,173 G E Eads, Dean 172 Eakin, Ember 95,190 Eandi, Michael 39,130,161 Easter, Cliff 45,172 Eaton, Tom 16 Edelman, David 180 Edie, Colleen 118,161 Eldred, Diane 33,190 Elliott, Susanne 115,181 Elten, Richard 33,122 Elwell, Bobbi 115,172 Emelander, Kathleen . . 19,29,77,95,172 Emmert, Susan 92,117,181 Emrich, Beverly 97,121,172 Engel, Judith 190 England, Gene 181 Enslow, Richard 45,126,161 Ervin, Eileen .... 24,52,53,81,161 Esposito, Leona 78,109,190 Eubanks, David 190 Evans, Janet 161 Evans, Michael 88,90,130,161 Evans, Ward 173 Ewers, Patricia 181 Farleigh, Kathy 118,190 Farley, Lois . . . 21,56,66,84,114,161 Farrell, Dan 16,19,129,173 Fassero, Marilee 48,93,173 Fatheree, Vicki 168,190 Field, Westley 132,190 File, Donna 19,49,53,88, 90,93,108,181 Finch, Ellen 62,117,161 Findlay, Ethel 33,108,161 Fink, Susan 35,95,191 Fitzgibbons, Robert 136 Flaherty, Michelle 17,115,181 Flint, Cynthia .... 21,56,92,116,161 Foreman, William 191 Formanek, George 181 Foster, Brenda 117,181 Foster, David 126,136,191 Foster, Gail 95,109,191 Foster, Harlan 161 Franczkowski, Nan 181 Franklin, Chris 115 Fredericksen, Neal 50,92 Freeark, Carol 109,173 Freedle, Frank 126 Freischlag, Nancy 29,56,62,77, 118,161 French, George 181 Friedman, Frederick 181 Friedman, Herbert 56,126, 136,137,161 Friend, Emily 161 Frohwitter, Dixie 34,121,173 Frye, John 45,50,92,149,161 Fryer, Michael 79,133,191 Fryman, Joseph 24,32,45,161 Galloway, Jill . . 16,29,34,56,94,114,162 Gamble, Karen 191 Garett, Gerald 127 Garner, Thomas 137,181 Garrett, Dennis 191 Gary Cheryl . . . 56,78,81,111,115,173 Gary, Judith 109,181 Gerber, Janet 49,53,56, 92,99,117,162 Gersack, Laurel .... 16,93,117,191 Gibson, Alice 181 Gilason, Robert 130,191 Gilbert, Pamela 56,115,181 Gindler, Beverly . . 48,49,53,93,162 Gipson, Marilyn . . . 16,18,19,109,181 Gleason, Thomas 87,91,133 Click, Dick 132,162 Glosser, John 81,173 Golden, Lana 191 Gollings, James 173 Gordon, Douglas 19 Gould, Linda 25,49,92,181 Graczyk, James 162 Grady, Katherine 52,53, 56,111,118,162 Granneman, Rick 133,173 Grant, Diane 173 Grant, John 36,133,191 Grant, Kathleen 191 Grantham, Craig 181 Graves, Susanna 91,121,191 Green, Jerry 133,173 Green, Judith 29,162 Greenawalt, James .... 127,136,173 Greennagel, Stephen 88,90,181 Gregg, Dean 133,191 Gregoline, William . . . 50,92,94,191 Gregory, Gary 162 Greider, Gretchen .... 34,53,118,181 Grever, Gayle 88,90,91,181 Griffith, Gary 132 Grissom, James 39,149,181 Gross, Charles 130 Gross, Gil 81,94,181 Grossman, Gretchen 173 Ground, Paul 191 Grovesteen, Ruth 29,173 Guin, Greg 137,173 Gunst, Bonnie 181 Gunst, Linda 181 Gustafson, James .... 122,130,173 Gustin, Nan 52,53,77,162 H Habbyshaw, Nancy 120,181 Hagen, Henry 132,162 Haikalis, Chris 127,162 Haines, Marjorie . . 16,29,111,118,173 Hall, Barbara 120,181 Hamilton, Danni 29,181 Hamilton, Judy 90,191 Hamlin, Kathleen 93,191 Hancock, Mary 93,108,191 Handrich, Carolyn 93,95,191 Hanna, Susan 118,191 Hansen, Betty Ellen . . . 25,79,93,162 Hanson, George 127,148 Haroldson, Gary 181 Hargis, Fayetta 191 Harless, Sally 88,90,92,191 Harley, Thomas 181 Harlow, Natalie . . 18,29,62,80,116,173 Harper, Patricia 95,173 Harrington, Charles 181 Harrsion, Sharon .... 24,29,77,162 Harrison, Susie 116,191 Harry, Nancy 93,108,191 Hartwig, Michael 181 Harvey, Susan 92,114,191 Hascall, Linda . . . 25,77,95,108,173 Haupt, Martha 77,114,191 Hawbaker, Carolyn 29,173 Hawk, Carolyn 24,173 Hawk, Sue 16,29,181 Hawkins, Diane 191 Hawkins, Norman 191 Hayes, Kathleen 182 Hays, John 162 Heinle, Anne .... 56,62,118,150,173 Heinrich, William .... 88,90,132,191 Heinz, Bill 130,182 Heitman, Grace 173 Helmuth, Victoria 162 Henderson, Linda 182 Hendricks, Earl 93 Henebry, John 182 Henebry, Michael 39,146,173 Henneghan, Michael .... 127,146,191 Henry, Dave 162 Henson, James 90,192 Herrin, Bette 192 Hertenstein, Karen 192 Herzog, Fay . . . 49,53,88,89,91,182 Heynen, James 174 Hicks, Reginald 108,136,146 Higgins, Margaret 79,118,192 Higgins, Vi 42,49,92,174 Hildebrandt, Danny 174 Hill, Gary 45,192 Hill, Jerry 143 Hill, Larry 192 Hill, Thomas . . . 16,18,45,56,126,174 Hillhouse, Ann . . 49,53,88,90,91,182 Hodge, Candi 29,53,56,118,182 Hodges, James .... 136,137,146,163 Hofeditz, Brad .... 48,50,87,92,163 Hoffman, Walt . " . . . 130,163 Hoglund, Kristin 95,182 Hohlt, Richard 192 Holmer, Sally Jo .... 16,17,18,24,52, 53,56,62,111,120,153,163 Holsinger, Gayle .... 16,34,53,56, 94,120,182 Holthaus, Don 182 Holtzclaw, Cathy 52,53,163 Holz, Robert 126,192 Honefenger, Ronald 131,174 Hopkins, Carol 95,109,192 Horbovetz, David 91,174 Horn, Jane 25,163 Horner, Linda 32,192 Horsfall, Sally 192 Horton, William 92,192 Houck, David 182 Howard, Richard . . . 45,95,109,182 Howard, Stephen 35,95,163 Howarth, Janet 111,121,192 Howell, Linda . . . 29,56,62,97,120,174 Hoyer, Richard 108,182 Hritsuk, Daniel 174 Hritsuk, Walter 174 Huddleston, Dennis M. . . . 34,142,174 Hudspeth, Lionel 174 Hughes, Barb 29,108,121,182 Hughes, Charles 93,192 Humphrey, James . . . 21,56,84,122, 126,174 Hunniford, Dennis 174 Hurst, Steve 126,182 Huston, James 87,182 Hyink, Robert 126,192 I Irish, John 131,136,137,163 Irons, Bruce 36,93,95,182 Isley, William 182 Jacobus, Suzanne . . . 16,18,95,153,192 Jarosz, John 192 Jarzembski, Steve 163 Jenkins, F 87,90 Jennings, Sally 93,108,192 Jesek, Sheila 192 Johnson, Christine 93,192 Johnson, Electa 93,108,182 Johsnon, Thomas L. . . 79,128,163,182 Johnston, Tom 77,182 Jones, Connie 121 Jones, Marilyn 163,174 Jones, Marty 114,182 Jones, Susan 114,182 234 Jorstad, Jill 79,93,116,182 Joseph, Charles 174 Joy, Lea Lavonne 192 Jurgens, Ann 163 K Kalsow, Stephen 93,174 Kamper, Dennis 182 Kanakis, Caroline 88,90,192 Kanali, Fred 18,19,174 Kaplan, David 174 Karasis, Michael 192 Kaslow, Steve 32 Kasper, Edward 174 Kaufman, Roy 122,148,182 Kauppala, Barbara . . 24,36,95,108,163 Kay, Elizabeth 95,192 Kayhs, Debby Sue 192 Keasey, Kathy 93,192 Keating, Joan 19,25,95,192 Keil, David 128,163 Keith, James 126,137,182 Keith, John . . . 56,77,126,136,149,163 Kellar, Kathy .... 29,56,66,118,163 Kelley, James 88,93,192 Kelly, Hugh 90,192 Kelly, Lawrence 192 Kelly, Thomas 122,128,164 Kelly, Tom 182 Kelpsas, Carol . . . 17,34,53,95,182 Kenny, Penny 116 Kerr, Deborah 93,192 Kersey, Judith 25,108,192 Ketz, Elizabeth 33,121 Keys, Bonnie 34,35,116,164 Kidd, David 33,128,164 Kijak, Bonnie 88,90 Kile, Kathy 40,53,77,114,182 Kim, Chung Chu 35,40,164 Kim, Wan Sik 164 Kim, Yong Ik 164 King, Dennis 45,164 Kinter, Jane 174 Klansek, Jacquelyn 95,115 Kleinfeldt, Richard .... 88,90,92,94 Klingel, Kay L. . . 48,49,88,90,93,174 Kloster, Frederick . . . 36,50,92,182 Knox, Gary 174 Knudsen, Louis 131,182 Koch, Walter 132 Koehler, James 131,137,174 Koehn, Candace 29,95,118 Koepke, Letitia 88,117,174 Koeppe, Jo 49,91,93,174 Kohlrus, Joseph 88,90 Korowicke, David 19 Kot, Leslie 79,93,95 Koumoungis, Jon 91 Koyak, Paula 29,174 Kraakevik, Betty 115,164 Kiaemer, Thomas 131 Kramer, Jane 104,121,164 Kramer, Lois 29,115,175 Krause, Bob 50,92,182 Krause, Carol 121,182 Kretchmer, Jane 93,104,183 Kruzan, April 88,90,183 Krystoff, Donald 164 Kuhns, Robert 24,52,56,88, 90 91 92 164 Kunard, Alan 45,122428,175 Kunshek, Rudy 127,164 Kurth, Jerry 24,164 Lang, Nancy 92,95,115 Lange, Debbie 115 Lapsansky, Carole 183 Larsen, Ellen .... 16,25,62,99,175 Latshaw, Kent Michael . . . 88,90,175 Laughlin, Larry . . . 39,52,97,127,164 Lawing, Charles .... 21,62,122,128 Lebeck, Ken 131,175 Le Cocq, Ann 35,108 Lederbrand, Judy Kay . . . 25,79,109, 183 Lee, Young Jin 35,40,175 Levenson, Mark 183 Levitsky, Michael L 16,175 Lewis, Sue 118,183 Lindhoff, Ann 120 Lindsay, Katherine 55,116,175 Lindsay, Lucy 164 Lisle, Jamie 34,53,183 Liston, Janet 95,111,115 Liston, Sharon . . 29,33,56,78,114,175 Livesay, Donald 50,92,93,164 Lloyd, Fred 132 Logston, Tim 62,132,164 Lohnes, Dennis 18,45,78,175 Lonergan, Laurie 95,183 Long, Lela 25,183 Loos, Carol 81,183 Lord, Debbi 61 Lorton, Harold 164 Loughrin, Ellen 93,183 Lovellette, Richard 136,183 Lowe, Lynn 132,183 Lubsen, Karen 183 Luttrell, Anne 95,151,183 Lykins, James 131,136 Lyman, Suzie 29,117,164 Mc McArthy, Janet 29,120,175 McCarnes, Laurie . . . 29,90,119,193 McCartney, Herbert Arthur ... 50, 88,93,183 McClain, Marilyn 39,193 McClelland, Martha 114,193 McClure, Joy 42,165 McCracken, Boyd 183 McCracken, David . . 79,88,90,95,193 McCracken, Julienne . . . 111,117,193 McDonald, Marilyn 25,183 McGee, Larry 94,95,183 Mcllwain, Cynthia . . . 77,111,119,193 McLaughlin, Leslie .... 62,119,165 McLeod, Jim 175 McNeii, William 183 McQueen, Kent 193 McVety, Kent 91,193 McWilliam, Phyllis 95,183 M Maaks, Gloria 81,114,165 Mackey, Jim 127,136,137 Madden, Van 62,128,175 Magill, Linda 193 Mahar, Tim 45,94,95,175 Maierhoffer, Mary 81,183 Main, Frances 32,95,109,193 Major, David 165 Majors, John . . 17,21,56,122,133,183 Malan, Mark 36,40,183 Malcom, John 87,183 Maly, Mildred 175 Manner, John . . . 104,127,137,138,165 Manock, Carol 25,109,183 Markus, Richard 79,133,183 Marsh, Jani ce 120,175 Martin, Cathy 119 Martin, Linda 29,175 Masek, George 183 Mason, James 193 Mason, Stephen 122,133,193 Massler, Martin 127,146,183 Mather, James 36,183 Mathewson, Bradley 45,165 Mathias, Steve 122429,130, 137,147,165 Matson, Ellen 29,93,120,183 Matteson, Martha 165 Matthew, Janet 32,120 Maul, Frances 165 Maurer, Karen 29,114,175 Maurer, Susan 114,193 Mauro, Thomas 183 Meier, Thomas 193 Meinert, Donna 121,183 Meier, John 33,129 Melihercik, Paul 130,184 Menapace, David 87,175 Mendelson, Alan .... 87,88,90,184 Merenkov, Richard 175 Merillat, Kris 29,119,193 Merz, Patricia 194 Mettler, Richard 133,194 Meyer, Donna 117,175 Miklavic, Steve .... 17,56,61,130,184 Milam, Beverly 29,78,115,184 Miller, Harold 175 Milles, Susan 95,194 Millikin, Candace 117,194 Milo, Mike 184 Mitchell, James 133 Mitchell, Ronald 165 Mitchener, Gerald 194 Moffit, Judy 165 Mojonnier, Pam 165 Moiling, Lynn 56,116,175 Monicai, Sue 52,56,116,165 Montgomery, Louise .... 77,115,184 Montgomery, Mickey 130,165 Moore, Carol .... 93,116,151,175 Moore, Gloria 111,118,194 Moorehead, David . . 42,50,88,91,175 Moose, Larry 50,92,175 Moraitis, Stathe 99,132,175 Mordica, Sue 93,184 More, Sara 194 Moreen, Pam 24,53,95,165 Morgan, Barbara 48,93,194 Morgan, Donald Dale 194 Mormino, Gary . . . 17,21,56,133,184 Morris, Martha 29,77,118 Motz, Arthur 87,88,90,184 Mueller, Jane 53,79,81,95, 104,115,184 Mueller, Mary 115,194 Mugrage, Sandra 93,194 Muldrow, Williette . . 17,25,93,108,184 Mulliken, Mary Ellen 165 Munch, Mimi 194 Munks, Dave 62,176 Murin, Sandra 29,118,176 Murphy, Bruce 127,176 N Naber, Nancy 194 Nafzinger, David . . . 45,129,165,184 Nahatis, Charles 132,184 Nash, R 88 Neal, Nelson 108,184 Neighbors, Ed .... 130,137,147,184 Nelson, Dennis 132,194 Nelson, Michael 132,176 Nelson, Terry 184 Neumann, James 176 Newgren, Bob 194 Newman, Gail 19,25,95,184 Newman, Jerold . . 136,137,147,165 Nicholls, Merville 165 Nicholson, Cynthia 35,166 Nicholson, Tony 17,184 Nickelsen, Ronald .... 50,88,90,184 Nieft, Jerry 176 Niemann, Sarah . . 25,33,48,53,92,166 Nix, Gail 88,90,91,194 Noble, Gail 93,116,184 Nordstrom, Charles 176 Norris, Ronald 35,45,126,176 Novack, James 88,90,94,194 Nutting, Susan 29,115,176 O O ' Dell, Diane 29,123,176 Oland, Mary 92,194 Older, Curtis 45,149,184 Olive, Terry 16,126,194 Onaga, Cynthia 36,93,176 O ' Neil, William 148,194 Orich, Paul 130,184 Orlandini, Nick 104,130,166 Osborne, David 166 Otwell, Kendra 116,194 Outwin, ' Sharon 194 Overbay, Mary Jane 194 Palm-Leis, Mati 176 Panici, Sandra 166 Parish, Margaret . . 1,21,52,76,81,121 Parker, Craig 131 Parker, James 194 Parkinson, Dianne . . . 52,53,66,111, 120,166 Parrott, Patricia . . 25,48,49,53,92,176 Patterson, Vince .... 88,90,92,194 Pearse, Ann 49,66,93,166 Pedersen, Eileen 120,176 Peel, Terry . . . 42.62,122,130,176 Pelehac, Sandra .... 21,40,52,56, 84,120,176 Peniwell, Jay 166 Perna, Tom 132,176 Perry, Marcia . . . 88,90,91,93,194 Perry, Rodney 95 Persaud, Edward 166 Peters, Dave 194 Peterson, Eric 184 Peterson, Tim 56,132,133,176 Pettry, Flora Martha .... 17,99,111, 118,176 Petty, Joe 131,184 Pfeiffer, Richard 131,184 Pierce, Martha . . . 77,94,95,109,184 Piercefield, Ted 87,91,176 Pistorius, Kenneth Mark .... 45,166 Poehler, Mary 184 Poelker, Carl 137 Pollock, Larry 184 Pollock, Sue 118,194 Portner, Gale 195 Positano, Dennis 184 Powell, Pamela . . . 25,93,95,176 Powers, Paula 90,91,166 Prater, Rita 77,121,195 Precht, Mark 131 Prell, Fran 194 Price, Jesse 108,143,185 Prior, Peter 50,92,195 Pritts, Paulette 99,121,166 Puckett, Susan 111,116,195 Pursley, Phillip 90,91,166 Q Quade, Ralph 131,185 Queen, Michael 195 R Radtke, Ken 129,166 Rainey, Betty 95,115,184 Randall, James 18,32,45,166 Ranken, Patricia . . 29,34,35,117,185 Rapp, Charles 77,126,195 Rapp, Vicki 118,195 Reammers, Beverly 93 Reavey, Edward 185 Record, Margaret . . . 16,95,119,185 Redman, Ron 95,185 Reedy, Frank 126,136 Remmers, Beverly 95 Reese, Jean 29,176 Regner, Shirley 79,95,195 Reichert, Karen 111,120,176 Reid, Conrad 185 Reid, Mike 166 Reid, Susan 17,95,119,185 Reilly, Allyn 16,50,88,90,176 Reinardy Robert P 185 Reisler, Harold 176 Rekas, Stephen 87,176 Remmers, Beverly 195 Reveal, Mary Alice 166 Rex, Larry 97,124,166 Reynolds, Gary 195 Reynolds, Joseph 126,195 Reynolds, Neila 88,90,93,185 Rezny, George 131,185 Rhodes, Stan Richards, Robert 128,185 Richardson, James 32,133 Richeson, Connie . . . . 29,62,117,167 Richmond, Kerry 132,176 Richter, Barbara 179 Rickleff, Charlotte . . . 17,18,29,77, 93,108,109,185 Robb, Cathie 195 Robbins, Sue 185 Robinson, Gary 133,185 Robinson, Larry 127J77 Rocen, Frank 62,128,167 Rogers, David 33,195 Rogers, J 35 Rosenberg, Mark 127,195 Rosenthal, David 195 Ross, Sandra 117.185 Rossiter, Patricia 93,114,185 Rothschild, Charles 45,167 Rudzki, Leo 185 Rugh, James 133,167 Russo, Tonnie 185 Ryberg, Norma 95,108,195 Saathoff, Steve 136,177 Sainz, Art 127,185 Saleh, Roger 133,185 Salvatore, Ramon 50,93,167 Sammons, Sharon 195 Sanders, Bruce 195 Sanders, Mamie 25,93,195 Santos, Rafael 128,185 Santos, Zulema 25,177 Sapper, Dale 131,195 Saunders, Hal Gregory . . . 128,167 Sayers, Joan 93,119,195 Schadeberg, Kenneth James ... 185 Schaefer, Harold 130,177 Schaefer, Paul 167 Schall, Robert 167 Schmidt, Sandra 77,119,185 Schoenhofen, Dale 122,132,167 Schopp, Gary 136,147,177 Schreiner, Gregory 50,109,195 Schroeder, David 128,195 Schroeder, Patricia 53,185 Schroedter, Dennis George . . 45,167 Schuemann, Douglas Henry . . 127,185 Schwammberger, Amy 53,61 95,97,117,185 Schwartzbeck, Loretta 109,195 Schwob, Rob 177 Scott, JoEllen 177 Scott, Milton 48,50,92,167 Seago, Mary 93,195 Seevers, Allen 185 Seifert, David 21,32,129,185 Seitz, Edgar 127,195 Selsor, Linda 42,79,93,196 Seversike, Lynne 89,90,91,177 Shaffer, Cory 94,142,177 Shaffer, Julie 1% Sharp, Robert 42,79,129,185 Sharpless, Judy 120,185 Shaw, Skip 84,133,167 Shaw, Paul 130.136,137 Shaw, Pauline 48,93,109,177 Sheppard, Sandra 53,138,177 Shirer, Nancy . . 21,56,84,117,150,177 Short, Thomas 127,137,196 Shortal, William 21,56,84,92, 122,126,137,147,177 Shriner, G 93 Shriver, Dana 130,196 Siam, Deborah 93 Sibthorp, Carole 177 Siders, Sue 33,77,114,185 Sigfried, William 167 Simmons, Susan 177 Sisk, Ralph 19 Sissom, Jane 196 Skadden, James 167 Skidmore, JoAnn 177 Skidmore. Robert 126,167 Slagel, Dale 17,109,196 Slager, Gary 129,186 Slatin, David Louis 130,196 Smalley, Sandra .... 84,111,116,167 Smart, Carol 177 Smith, Alfred 88,90,196 Smith, Danny 126,136,186 Smith, Myron 88,90,186 Smith. Paul 108,196 Smith, Richard 126,177,196 Smith, Richard Thomas . . 142,167,199 Smith, Robert 177,196 Smith, Ronald 177,196 Smith, Ruth Ann 167 Smith, Steven 137,168 Smith, William II 168 Snider, Lydia 77,117,196 Snyder, Martha 77,111,119,196 Sodko, David 196 Sotos, Steve 95,97,132,177 Spangler, Stephen .... 62,97,132,177 Spaulding, Janet 92,196 Spielman, Jeff . . 17,19,42,91,129,196 Spies, Frank 186 Spotsville, Fred 17,19,35, 106,108,109 Spracklen, Carole Jane . . . 93,109,186 Springer, Mary Ann 29,81,92, 120,168 Squires, Carol 29,77,78, 114,153,186 Stanfill, Elizabeth Ann 177 Stanley, Kenneth 177 Stark, Bonnita 42,168 Stark, Constance 93,196 Stark, Patrick 132,168 Steele, Carol 53,186 Steele, John Richard 90,168 Steele, Richard A 88,168 Stein, Frederick 45,6 2,97,122, 128,177 Stevenson, Gay 93,95,1% Stewart, Mark 196 Stewart, Ronald Allen 196 Stiehl, Robert .... 50,88,90,93,106 St. John, Susan 49,93,114,186 Stoecker, Thomas 168 Stolchen, T 17 Stolz, Arthur Eugene 137,186 Stonesypher, John 130,186 Stormont, Douglas . . . 32,122,129,1% Storms, Sally 49,93,108,186 Stoutenborough, Suzanne 177 Streight, Ronald 177 Stroud, Norman Gerald .... 128,177 Stutsman, Dail . . 1,18,56,62,76,118,168 Sullivan, Linda 29,95,1% Sullivan, William 40,178 Summes, Bill 126,137,1% Sunderlik, Jack 143,178 Surchek, Marthe 168 Swarthout, Steven 148,178 Swayze, John 32,108,186 Swedell, Stan 21,32,56,79, 122,132,186 Swedenborg, Judi 120,168 Sweifart, Janet 120,178 Szymski, Greg 132,196 Tanner, Jane 93 Tanner, Melanie 196 Taylor, Leah 186 Taylor, Michael 168 Taylor, Terry 178 Taylor, Zach 127,178 Teese, Susan 25,178 Terminello, Rodney .... 88,90.91.196 Tertocha, Jerry Joel 186 Terwilliger, Cynthia .... 33,93,1% Thaagaard, Lynn 39,133,186 Theede, Alfred 130,137,1% Theobald, Dale 40,56,131,186 Thielsen, Marilyn . . . 21,56,118,178 Thompson, Carol 29,116,168 Thompson, Buff 53,77,116,1% Thornburg, Barbara . . 33,78,115,186 Tietz, Margot 52 Tinsley, Sandra 93,1% Tomamichel, Kay . . 21,53,62,77,118,186 Toporis, Jerry 178 Totaro, John 127,186 Townsend, James 88,90 Trazler, Barbara 118,1% Trigg, Thomas . . . 17,42,50,88,90,196 Troemper, Nancy 119,168 Trout, David 45,131,186 Tucker, Lynn 78,115,186 Tufts, Michael 32,45,186 Turner, Denny 131,136,1% Turner, Kellun 19,53,186 Turner, Mary 178 Turner, Terry 39,168 236 Turner, William 133,186 U Umansky, Ken 186 Updike, Jeanne 108,153,196 Urban, Kathryn 196 Usborne, Robert 196 VanDam, Phillip 87,168 Varghese, Thomas 186 Vass, Helen 29,108,196 Vaughan, Beth 77,116,186 Velde, Sue 29,178 Vice, Pr eston 127,196 Vineyard, Sandy 186 Vinyard, Kitty 196 Volk, Franz Joe 50,93,168 Volp, John 133,168 Vorndam, Paul 187 Vorwald, Sue 62,117,178 Vrabel, Charles 169 Vroman, Justine 21,56,62,116 W Wagner, Lynne 49,92,178 Wagner, Robin 29,197 Waine, Michael 95 Walder, Becky Ann .... 32,93,120,197 Walen, Jon 169 Walker, David 87,90,178 Walker, Louise 77,97,120,169 Walker, Paul 97,133,178 Walker, Robert 197 Walls, Charles 146,169 Warchol, R 39,50 Ward, Brenda 29,77,121,178 Ward, Stephen 146,187 Warkentin, Phyllis 197 Warner, Darla 169 Warren, Joan 93,187 Waters, Mary Nelle 117,178 Watts, Mary 117,169 Wayne, Michael 35,39,178 Weber, Dave 131,146,197 Weilepp, James 178 Weise, Otto 131,197 Wellens, Robert 62,99,128,169 Weller, Barbara 78,115,187 Wende, Michael 197 Wendling Robert Carl . . . 42,129,187 Wensch, Ward 88,90 Wesner, Terry 178 Wessel, Wally .... 99,108,136,187 West, Russell 127,146,178 Whalen, Michael 197 Wham, Sarah 17,25,32,53,169 Wheeler, Lynne 21,34,56, 77,115,178 White, Kathleen 29,119,187 Whitmore, Eugene 197 Whitmore, Paul 17,187 Whyte, Barbara 178 Wick, Terry 108,197 Wiegand, Marilyn 17,24,25, 52,53,169 Wierenga, Dake Edward . . . 129,187 Wiersma, Sheri 169 Wilber, John C 131,137,197 Wiley, David 94,197 Wilhelm, George 131,136 Willcox, George 129,187 Williams, Robert 127 Williamson, Margaret 119,197 Wilson, L 35,95 Wilson, Melvin 187,197 Wilson, Marilynne 121 Wilson, Neil 92,197 Wilson, Ronald 178 Wilson, Trend 32,197 Winkler, Dennis 136,137. 138,146,152,169 Winkler, Teresa 40,152,178 Winn, Kristine 17,53,56, 81,115,187 Winters, Mary .... 16,21,24,52,169 Wire, LaVonne 109,197 Wisbrock, Monte 50,88,187 Withers, Judy 95,121,197 Witters, Gregory . . 32,36,40,109,187 Wittlinger, Ellen . . 19,77,93,95,197 Wojtanowski, Walter 169 Woods, Sonja 178 Workman, David 187 Workman, James 136,178 Wort ham, Elmer 197 Worthy M 121 Wren, Robert 122,133,197 Wright, James 94,187 Wright, Miles 197 Wrigley, Michael 45,178 Wunderlich, Edward 19,187 Wyne, Tom 39,40,178 Yeager, Judy 32,197 Young, Jane 29,121,187 Young, Steve 97,133 Yurieci, Chuck 137,147 Zaruba, Barbara 77,117,197 Zepp, Jan 35,79,93,109,187 Zimmerman, Mark 36,108 ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Adult Residence Hall Directors .... 24 Alpha Epsilon Delta 39 Alpha Chi Omega 114,115 Alpha Kappa Psi 45 Alpha Omega 36 Cheerleaders 150,151 Circle K Club 72 Conant Society 81 Decaturian 78,79 Delta Delta Delta 116,117 Delta Sigma Phi 126,127 French Club 34 German Club 35 Handbook and Directory 80 Independent Student Association 108-110 Inter-Dorm Council 19,103-105 Inter-Fraternity Council 122 Jazz Lab Band 86,87 Judicial Board 17 Junior Panhellenic Council 111 Kappa Sigma 128,129 Millidek 76,77 Millikin Orchestra 88,89 Millikin Pals 72 Millikin University Band 90,91 Millikin University Choir 92 Millikin University Chorus 93 Millikin University Ensemble . . . 92,93 Music Educator ' s National Conference 48 National Collegiate Players 42 Panhellenic Council HI Phi Kappa Phi 52 Phi Mu Alpha 50 Pi Beta Phi 118,119 Pi Delta Upsilon 53 Pi Kappa Delta 42 Pi Mu Theta 53 Pledge Inter-Fraternity Council 122 Publications Board 18 Quarterback Club 155 Religious Life Committee 95 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 130,131 Sigma Alpha Iota 49 Sigma Zeta 40 Spanish Club 35 Student Admissions Corps 20 Student Affairs Committee 18 Student Education Association 29 Student Residence Hall Directors . . . 24 Student Senate 16,17 Tau Kappa Epsilon . 132,133 University Center Board 84,85 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 5 2 Women ' s Athletic Association ... 153 Women ' s Honor Residence 25 Young Republicans Club 32,33 Zeta Tau Alpha 120,121 237 1 ! ) |

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