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MILLIDEK M1LLIKIN UNIVE RSITY 1966 EDITORS Beverly Brown Kathy Grady BUSINESS MANAGER D. Alan Kunard THE 1966 MILLIDEK HONORS GLEN R. SMITH Glen relaxes to transact " big business. " ... a chat with students in Lower Hall. Who by, his wise counsel and his friendly hellos has shown a deep interest in each of us... Who has demonstrated his unending effort to make Millikin a better and more spirited school... Who has inspired and challenged each of us to excellence and deep thought. . . Who has enthusiastically supported campus activities and originated some of his own... Dedicated to a friend by those who have been privileged to know him... Mr. Smith coaching future CPA. " The symbols of the Millikin Seal are enclosed in an equilateral triangle which signifies the equality and unity of all branches of learning as well as the trinity of the human mind, body, and spirit. The details of the Seal consist of the palette of the artist, the hammer of the mechanic, the pen of the man of letters, the alembic of the scientist, the open Holy Bible, and the lighted torch of learning. Behind the triangle and its enclosed symbols are the outlines of a shield, symbol of valor, as if to say the University is their defender and champion... " The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to cultivate in its students a perceptive consciousness of man in relation to his cultural heritage and his position in society and the universe. It strives to motivate and challenge students to develop creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, and a zeal for continued learning. It strives further to prepare students for responsible activity in society. TO BUILD A BROAD FOUNDATION . . . THROUGH WHOLE-HEARTED CO-OPERATION . . . SEARCH FOR 9 TO PREPARE STUDENTS . . . IN VARIED FIELDS . . . TO MEET THE CHANGING DEMANDS . . . The School of Business and Industrial Management strives to develop in the student professional competence and a recognition of the importance of man in society. The student is challenged to think creatively and with imagination in his application of knowledge to the production and distribution of economic goods and services beneficial to mankind. He is encouraged to think analytically and with intellectual curiosity, to com- municate effectively the results of his activities, and to employ perseverance, sound judgment, and ethical responsi- bility as he contributes to the economic, cultural, and religious aspects of society. OF THEIR CHOSEN PROFESSIONS. . . 11 TO FOSTER THE GROWTH OF MUSICIANSHIP . . The School of Music strives for ahigh degree of competence in music as a performing art. Throughout its program, it encourages creative ability, critical judgement, and a persistent quest for truth. It recognizes the importance of being able to communicate effectively, to respond aesthetically, and to assess one ' s position in society and the universe. The School of Music also endeavors to contribute to the cultural climate and the aesthetic experience of the campus and surrounding communities. It views general education and pro- fessional competence in music as being closely related and compatible. THROUGH LONG HOURS OF PRACTICE . . . INITIATIVE AND SELF DISCIPLINE . . . TO ACHIEVE MUSICAL STATURE . . . 13 FACULTY DOCTOR PAUL L. McKAY President, Millikin University Dr. McKay performs one of his daily tasks. The McKays pause to wave " hello " during the Homecoming parade. 17 R. Wayne Gill Assistant to the President Earland Carlson Academic Affairs Dean of the University DIRECTORS Kenneth Merwin- Alumni Gerald Redford-Public Relations jack Allen- Ad missions ADMISSIONS COUNSELORS James Kettelkamp David Lauerman William Merritt 21 Emma Barry Elizabeth Carnahan Earl Casey Margaret Day Dorothy Drennan Alma Ferry Franclle Forbush Mary Ellen Hill Sharon Leman Lillian Lewis 22 Juanlta Casey Eloise Clark Sandra Coover UNIVERSITY Wilma Howenstlne June Hundley Jacquelyn Lindsay Betty Llvesey MM Orlo McGeath IHHHHH li Diane Sanderson Kathy Selby PERSONNEL Gladys Welch Betty Wichert Marilyn Wolfer Lillian Woltmann Margaret Morris Evelyn Ozee Linda Plambeck Frances Six Dorothy Smith Irene Wrigley Lois zemke 23 Daryl Berry Education L. Clyde Browning Education Victor Dawald Education Neal Doubleday Elinor Gage Paul Koda English English English William Kreuger English David Sanderson English Myron Taylor English David Kinsey Mathematics Ronald Shelton Raymond Bittle William Ferris Mathematics Modern Languages Modern Languages 27 B. A. Batshon Darwin Coy Lester Shell Biology Biology Biology Carl Weatherbee Richard Dexter Rollin Barber Chemistry Physics Sociology 29 Alfred Andrews Speech Jere Mickel Speech Paul Wenger Speech James Olson Dean John Griffith Business Administration SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Richard Paine Business Administration 31 Sue P range Business Administration Shashana Schaar Business Administration Glen Smith Business Administration Denny Benner Industrial Engineering Max Carson Industrial Engineering J. Roger Miller Dean Theodore Ttiorson Roger Schueler Band Brass 33 -t Frank McGinnls Wilna Moffett Margaret Peterson piano Piano Music ■A Elizabeth Travis Piano Robert Pipkin Music Lorraine Laurent Voice ACTIVITIES Freshmen say good-bye . . . and begin their life at Millikin. FRESHMAN CAMP Allerton Park sets the scene for our freshmen ' s first view of college life. Away from the pressures of campus, freshmen meet their fellow students during a weekend of games, dancing, hiking, and discussions. The history and traditions of Millikin are presented im- pressively at the burning of the big " M. " The freshmen receive a practical picture of M.U. from the counselors and through group discussions. Fresh- man Camp, however, takes a serious slant on Sunday morning as the campers attend an inspiring religious service. After a busy weekend, the freshmen return to campus exhausted, yet with a feeling of anticipation and ENTHUSIASM. Hope there are enough bedrolls to go around. Delving for a deeper understanding, freshmen and counselors work together. All this for only a dollar? Free time results in a spirited volleyball game Allerton Park tours highlight the weekend 39 Mealtime presents an opportunity to relax and converse with fellow students. The counselors win again! 40 Row 1: L. Schousboe, S. Vaughan, J. Gerber Row 2: D. Johnston, C. Key, B. Meyer If Mom could only see me now! Row 1: B. Laurent, P„ Peterson, N. Shlrer, E. Finch, B. Armentrout, L. Steele, C. Flint, N. Harlow, C. Westermeier, J. Vroman, K. Lindsay, C. Wilson. Row 2: D. Glick, M. Pedersen, S. Holmer, M. Andelman, j. Moore, S. Monical, C. Baltz, L. Moiling, D. Fuesting, C. Thompson, L. McLaughlin, K. Grady, R. Williams. Row 3: C. Haug, B. Dodds, K. Rubins, K. Jackson, M. Lehman, M. Weigand, A. Davidson, D. Meyer, C. Van Baalen, L. Laughlin, E. Cave, L. Crecelius. Row 4: R. Douglass, F. Cordts, R„ Norris, D. Keller, H. Futrell, J. Humphrey, D. Allen, L. Grimes, W. Waters, B. Epperson, A. Rodney, T. Peterson Row 5: R. Borg, S. Spangler, D. Schoehhofen. Jerkin ' up a storm! ALL SCHOOL MIXER The 1965-66 school year began with much enthusiasm and excitement as the annual All School Mixer drew crowds of Millikin students. Coeds relaxed and enjoyed themselves while renewing old acquaintances and catching up on all of the latest campus chatter. Students chat between dances. And my name is . . . 42 PARENT ' S DAY Millikin ' s 1965 Fall Parent ' s Day at- tracted large numbers of interested mothers and fathers. Following morning registration, the parents attended an assembly, which was a panel dis- cussion led by Dean Carlson on " Quest For Creativity. " The afternoon football game was highlighted by the presentation of a silver tray to the honored parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Sloan. The activities were concluded with open houses at the residence halls and Greek houses. Co-chairmen Steve Smith and Sue Monical Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Sloan are the honored parents. 43 Faculty and students engage in serious conversation. " DOWNSTAIRS " Macon and Fairview Halls, men ' s and women ' s honor dorms respectively, sponsor " Downstairs " . A coffee house atmosphere sets the scene for folk- singing, art exhibits, dramatic readings, and lively discussions. Millikin faculty and students are invited to offer their opinions and to participate in programs not normally available on the campus. Students carry on individual discussion groups. A student leader stimulates thought. 44 " Why Lord Windermere, you really shouldn ' t have! " TOWN AND GOWN Millikin ' s drama group is composed of Millikin students and townspeople; hence the name, Town and Gown. Under the direction of Dr. Jere C. Mickel, several productions are presented each year for the enjoyment of the public. Millikin boasts a series of guest artists who joined a local student cast for the University ' s major productions. " Lady Windermere, if I had my way... " FINE ARTS In their fourth American tour, Eden Tamir joined the Abbey Singers to present a duo-piano and vocal ensemble. The concert featured Brahms ' Opus 52 and other selections. A program of an outstanding dance duo with a narrator was presented by Michael Maule and Colleen Corkre on February 11 and 12. The dancers ' routine included classical and modern dance of all types. ilHIIMIMI " is Leslie Parnas, a well known cellist who studied with Piatigorsky, performed on the Millikin campus on December 3 and 4. Parnas is a winner of the Casals International Contest and was chosen second in the Tchaikovsky com- pe tition. 46 Rey de la Torre, well known Cuban guitarist, was featured on the Millikin stage March 11 and 12. The guitarist studied in Spain and has frequently performed on television. As a gift of the Leventritt International Foundation, Millikin offered a concert by Charles Castleman, an outstanding young violinist. The Foundation sponsors one year of the careers of especially gifted young artists. William Paterson, director of the Cleveland Playhouse, presented a dramatic biography, in his own words, of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. 47 48 Millikin clowns add zest to the parade. 49 Homecoming Co-Chairmen: Howard Hayward and Doris Fuesting The 1965 Homecoming brought alumni, parents, and guests to the campus to enjoy the festivities. Friday night started the activities with the student Home- coming Show and the judging of the house decorations-all based on the theme, " Video View of Millikin U. M Other Friday highlights included the freshman-sophomore games, and the bonfire and pep rally. It was late to bed and early to rise Saturday morning as parents and alums began invading the campus. First on the agenda was the Homecoming parade. The excitement began with a victory over Carroll College, and continued with the marching band and the Homecoming Queen. To add the final touch to a week end of hard work and excitement, the Four Saints played two performances; later everyone danced to the music of Wayne Karr and his orchestra. After a thrilling week end the alums were homeward bound. Tired, but full of memories, they look forward to their return next fall and another Homecoming. Homecoming Committees Co-Chairmen: 1st R o w : C. L. Kramer, J. Johnson. 3rd Row: K. Radtke, T. Peterson, Farrington, E. Finch, P. Peterson, L. Wheeler, L. Bamford, A. Blair, R. Borg, A. Rodney, J. Kelliher. 4th Row: B. Dodds, L. Browning, J. Ward, L. Moiling. 2nd Row: J. Vroman, C. B. Shortal, D. Titus, D. Schoenhofen, D. Downey. Westermeier, N. Shirer, L. McLaughlin, C. Black, a Liston, so Grand ole Ivy - hear our call. THE MAN FROM A. U. N.T. Under the direction of Carlyn Farrington and Ken Radtke, the annual Homecoming Show delighted an audience of more than 2500. A professional performance of singing and dancing made the sounds of Broadway echo throughout the halls of Millikin. Gee, Officer Krumpe, krump you! We ' re dyln ' for the day to come when we can have a raise. 51 MISS NATDA CROSSLAND ZETA TAU ALPHA MISS NAIDA CROSS LAND 1965 HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Naida Crossland, the 1965 Queen of Millikin ' s Homecoming fes- tivities, is a senior from Palatine, Illinois, and is planning a double major in history and political science and so- ciology. Besides serving as house pres- ident of Zeta Tau Alpha and performing in several Homecoming shows, Naida was named Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi for 1965-66. She was also first runner-up in the 1964 Miss Decatur Contest. Naida ' s hobbies include training and showing American Saddlebreds and Scottish terriers. After her graduation in January, Naida plans a career in political science. Dr. McKay crowns her majesty. Even queens must study! As one reign ends, another begins. CAROL PHIFER PI BETA PHI SUE VAUGHAN ALPHA CHI OMEGA KAREN RUBINS DELTA DELTA DELTA KATHY JACKSON INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION BLACKBURN HALL DEDICATION The dedication of Blackburn Hall was an added attraction to the 1965 Homecoming schedule. Millikin was hon- ored by the presence of Miss Bonnie Blackburn, a teacher of French at the university from 1909 to 1956, who ex- pressed her gratitude at the dedication ceremony. The climax of the dedication was the unveiling of a hand-painted portrait of Miss Blackburn, which now hangs in the Hall. Millikin is honored to welcome Miss Bonnie Blackburn. A modern lounge provides comfort and relaxation. . a good place to study, sleep, or have fun. With " Delta Junction " as their theme, Tri-Delta ' s take highest honors in the Women ' s Division of the House Decoration competition. MILLIKIN CHANNELS AN ALUM WELCOME SAE ' s launch a hearty alumni welcome. Pi Phi ' s boast " Pioneer Chowder for Alma Mater " . Little Joe extends a warm welcome as the TKE ' s take first place in the Men ' s Division of the House Decoration competi- tion. Pioneers fall as Sig Rho ' s " Knock ' Em Dead! " Yogi extends a happy Alpha Chi welcome. icTHS TO OUR PORPOISE WELCOME ALdHS The Zeta ' s Flipper greets alums. Delta Sig ' s soar to entertain alums 57 FROSH-SOPH GAMES Although freshmen and sophomores were disappointed when they awoke Friday morning to a dreary, rainy day, it was a common opinion that the games must go on in spite of the weather. Held in the gym, the games were tied until the final event when the frosh took the lead and finally tossed their beanies. Ouch my toe! Freshmen race to end the beanie bother. Pulling for a win. Pi Phi ' s andSigRho ' s capture top honors in the float competition with " Flip The Pioneers. (, RINGING THROUGH THE AIR . . . 61 Campus Chest Co-Chairmen: Rich Borg and Karen Reichert. CAMPUS CHEST Campus Chest is characterized by a unique combination of cooperation and competition. The cooperation of students enables several students to attend Ecumenical Work Camp in Europe. The competition blossoms in the spring with the Beauty and the Beast Contest and the Carnival. The Jazz Lab Band Con- cert, also in the spring, along with car washes, the fall dance, and various other activities help in raising money for the project. Miss Barbara Kauppala, 1965 Ecumenical Work Camp Scholarship winner, helps to rejuvenate a women ' s dormitory in Switzerland. Campus Chest Committee Co-Chalrmen: 1st Row: Ellen Finch, Louise Walker, Jean Haher, Carol Moore, Jan Talbot, Cindy Flint, and Mary Fran Dick. 2nd Row: Dennis Downey, Warren Waters, Linda Howell, Fran Coutant, Greg Yust, and Dale Schoenhofen. 64 And here she is ... our queen! weekend attracted over two hundred high school seniors to the campus on November 20, 21, and 22. The weekend was highlighted by department visit- ations, campus tours, a hootenanny and dance, and concluded with a worship service on Sunday morning. Dr. Weatherbee discusses the chemistry program with prospective Millikin freshmen. Gathering in the massive Allerton foyer, anxious students and faculty eagerly await the weekend ahead of them. STUDENT- FACULTY RETREAT Each February Student Senate sponsors Millikin ' s Student- Faculty Retreat in the spacious Allerton Mansion. Goals of the weekend are to bring students and their instructors together in informal, thought-provoking discussions. This year ' s topic, " Will Success Spoil Society? ' stimulated enthusiasm among all present and brought out a number of intriguing concepts and theories. Students marvel at the massive bronze " Sun- Students and faculty discuss their views on problems confronting singer. present day society. SWEETHEART DANCE Linda Clark, Sweetheart Queen, and King of Hearts, Bob Laurent, reigned over an im- pressive court at Millikin ' s annual Sweet- heart Dance at the Decatur Club. The dance followed a traditional Valentine theme of hearts and glitter, highlighted by the procession of King and Queen candidates. Sweetheart Queen Linda Clark and King of Hearts Bob Laurent reign over the 1966 Sweetheart Dance. Steve Miklavcic, Master of Ceremonies, presents Queen and King candidates. Dancing and enjoyment to the theme " Love Makes the World Go ' Round. 1 f Co-chairmen: Mary Jane Bond, Sheri Wiersma, Terry Wollan (not pictured) RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK The purpose of Religious Emphasis Week was to recognize the inter- related nature of religion and our education, business dealings, and everyday lives. Theologian for the week was Dr. William F. May. Two other guest speakers, Dr. Leroy Augenstein and Dr. Walter Hippie added vivacity to the week ' s discussions. The main topic of dis- cussion was " The Religious and Secular in Contemporary Society. " Dr. Augenstein relates new discoveries in the field of genetics. Dr. May explains his position regarding secularism and religion today. In a discussion of " What is God, " Dr. Hippie defends his views. 69 -MO-BILE! Co-Chairmen: Carol Phifer and Rich Borg GREEK WEEK Greek Week, 1965, was a busy one for Millikin ' s fraternity men and women. The week helped to strengthen the common bonds of friendship, loyalty, and responsibility among Greeks. The Greek Olympics, dinner exchanges, tra- ditional picnic, retreat, and dance were some of the many activities. Combined Greek talent adds the crowning touch to Greek Sing festivities. 70 Panhel outsmarts I. F. C. President: David Johnston Secretary: Sally Holmer STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate is the representative body which serves as the primary channel for the effective expression of student opinion. Through this body the students have chosen to take an active role in making changes in student life which keep pace with the academic changes of the university. Recent examples of the effectiveness of this body are the elimination of Homecoming floats, the acqui- sition of a " Dead Day " , and the more radical break with tradition- the abolishing of class officers. Vice President: Kathy Jackson Treasurer: Bob Hehmeyer Row 1: L. Schousboe, S. Pelehac, M. Seely, M. Poehler, P. Peterson, S. Ross, L. Baker, M. Leas. Row 2: K. Rubins, B. Hansen, M. Winters, K. Reichert, J. Kasnell. Row 3: G. Robinson, G. Anderson, T. Peel, Mr. Williams. 74 Row 1: K. Jackson, A. Blair, J. Vroman, B. Fritch, M. Winters, N. Fennoy, L. McLaughlin, S. Holmer, D. Johnston. Row 2 Crecelius, B. Meyer, K. Rubins, C. Haug. STUDENT ADMISSIONS CORPS Students who show a special enthusiasm toward Millikin and a desire to spread their enthusiasm to others are selected, by petition, to join the Student Ad- missions Corps. The corps aids the admissions staff by assisting in or- ganized campus tours for Parents ' Day and Campus Prologue. In addition, the group leads individual tours and tries to Row 1: C. Baltz, C. Gary, E. Larson, N. Freischlag, F. Coutant, E. Ervin, M. Duffy, S. Fotzler. Row 2: M. Bruer, N. Shirer, I. Budding, G. Holsinger, L. Crocker. Row 3: answer any questions - especially those which the prospective students might feel are too trivial to ask an admissions counselor. Members of the corps are not idle during vacations. At Christmas a tea was held in St. Louis for members of Student Admissions Corps and pro- spective Millikin students. Mr. Kuncar, Mr. Klaven, J. Kurth, B. Jackels, J. Newman, Norris, J. Keith. Row 1: Mr. Shelton, S. Holmer, Dean Kerns, Mr. LaRowe, B. Givens. JUDICIARY BOARD In its second year on campus, the Judiciary Board serves as a committee for hearing charges against university students and offering recommendations of disciplinary action to the proper administrative officials. The main ob- jective of Millikin ' s Judiciary Board is to assist the students and to help solve any problems confronting the university. Row 1: B. Sigfried, Mr. Kuncar, K. Jackson, Dean Kerns, Dean Mr. Shelton, Dean Dennis, Chaplain Bodamer, Mr. Klaven, D. John: STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE The Student Affairs Committee governs student life and formulates policies concerning the student activities on campus. The committee is composed of selected faculty members, Student Senate President and Vice President, Panhellenic and Inter- Fraternity Coun- cil representatives, Inter-Dorm Council representatives, and non- affiliated town students. k, B. Givens, C. Baltz. Row 2: Dean Carlson, Dean Miller, From too to bottom: B. Givens, T. Peel, Dean Kerns, L. [Schousboe, M. Bruer, Dr. Hermens, Mr. Dexter, B. Hansen, K. Grady, N. Smyth, N. Harlow, S. Pelehac, B. Brown. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Publications Board is composed of the editors, business managers, publi- cations photographers, faculty advisors of the four student publications, four representatives from Student Senate, and Dean of Students. The Board, an executive committee directly responsi- Student Handbook ble to the Senate and Faculty, meets once a month to discuss matters perti- nent to the publications. This Board also selects the editors and business manag- ers of the publications: the Millidek. the Decaturian . the Student- Faculty Di- rectory , and the Student Handbook . Student-Faculty Directory Editor: Sandy Pelehac Editor: Natalie Harlow The Millidek staff has tried to gather and present to the students a composite of their 1966 Millikin activities. Only through co-operation and long hours of diligent effort was the book produced. It is hoped that in scanning the pages each student will find for himself fond memories. Art Staff: Seated: D. Stutsman, editor. Standing: M. Record, L. Maker, n. Freischlag. Photographers: Mr. Dexter, Dr. Hermens. 78 Faculty and Classes Staffs: Seated: B. Emrich - Faculty Editor; J. McArthy. Standing: C. Kelpsas, G. Holsinger, A. Gibson, B. Milam, L. Wheeler - Classes Editor. Activities and Organizations Staffs: Seated: M. Parish - Organizations Editor, C. Phifer - Activities Editor. Standing: J. Benedict, N. Gustin, K. Emelander, K. Tomamichel. Business Staff: Seated: E. Pedersen, M. Andelman. Standing: D. A. Kunard - Business Manager, R. Hehmeyer. Layout Staff: Seated: P. Kenney, C. White. Standing: S. Schmidt, S. Merker - Layout Editor, K. Maurer. Sports Editor: Terry Krause Copy and Index Staffs: Seated: M.N. Waters - Copy Editor, L. Elvin, L. Schousboe - Index Editor. Standing: A. Schwammberger, M. Haines, S. Smalley, S. Ross. 79 Junior Editor: Gloria Maaks; Senior Editor: Nike Smyth; Junior Editor: Betty Hansen. The DECATURIAN took on a decisive " new look " in the 1965-1966 school year. The editors instigated three innovations to improve communications for the en- tire Millikin campus. Newsprint became the medium for printing. Six-page papers were printed regularly. The issuance of the DEC came on Wednesday instead of on Friday, so M.U. could be better in- formed about weekend activities on the campus. Elmer Turner, Business Manager, did a very competent job with the DEC ' s finances. Also, recognition goes to Mr. Jerry Redford, Faculty Advisor, for his valuable advice and assistance. 80 Row 1: J. Johnson, L. Wheeler, V. Helmuth, M. Bruer Row 2: M. Poehler, J, Zepp, A. Gibson, G. Greider, J. Lisle, S. Panici. Row 1: C. Gary, M. Morgan, C. Conn, J. Lederbrand, B. Washburn, P„ Lopossa Row 2: B. Porter, C. Brown, M. Dick, D. Dodson, S. Lyman , 81 PUBLICATION PREVIEWS ;; . a physics lab??? UNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD The University Center Board is a pro- gressively functioning organization. It provides the Center with a recreational program including ping-pong, pool, games, and cards. To add to the re- laxing atmosphere of the Center, the Board this year purchased two beautiful carpets. The Board also sponsors movies, a caroling party at Christmas, and a Hootenanny. Row 1: K. Rubins, P. Peterson. Row 2: Mr. Redford, R. Borg, L. Farley, T. Wollan. Row 3: J. Humphrey, L. Laughin. Row 1: C. Dennis, D. Glasscock, J. Drenan, E. Carlson, W. Krows, K. LaRowe, B. Kerns. Row 2: J. Ward, P. Moore, PHI KAPPA PHI A select group of faculty members and students compose Phi Kappa Phi, the national honor society at Millikin. Only 10% of the senior class may be elected, and a cumulative average of at least 3.25 is required to qualify. Second semester juniors with averages of 3.5 are also eligible. Twice a year under- graduates are elected to membership. Each member receives a pin and cer- tificate. M.K. Gisolo, L. Goode. Row 3: L. Shell, M. Boatman, W. Snyde R. Williams, S. Johnson, J. Yeakley, E. Wing. WHO ' S WHO Students are selected for membership in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities on the basis of leader- ship, character, citizenship, and scholar- ship. Candidates are nominated and judged by the joint effort of Student Senate, the Faculty, and the Student Affairs Committee. The names of the members of this group will appear in the annual spring publication of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. Row 1: B. Kuhns, L. Huffman, B. Fritch, D. Fuesting, C. Thompson, K. Jackson, M.K. Gisolo, S.J. Holmer, T. Wollan, J. Ward. Row 2: M. Jurgens, R. Steele, D. Fletcher, E. Turner, S. Johnson, B. Dodds, B. Givens, D. Johnston. Not Pictured: M.J. Bond, B. Hehmeyer, N. Fennoy, C Westermeier. PI MU THETA SIGMA ZETA Students majoring in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology com- prise Sigma Zeta, the national mathe- matics and science honorary fraternity. Members must maintain a cumulative average of 2. 75 in general studies with a 3.0 cumulative average in their major fields. The organization promotes in- terest through speakers, movies, field trips and research projects. The group recently won a trophy for showing the most improvement among chapters in the United States. Row 1: S. Wiersma, J. Breese, J. Breese, L. Butler, C Logan, P. Fackler, B. Brown, B. Kuhns. Row 2: D. Glick, L. Laughlin, J. Rossiter, M. Eandi, Dr. Drenan. Election to Pi Mu Theta, senior women ' s honorary fraternity, is based upon the achievement of a 3.0 cumulative average for a minimum of 86 academic credit hours, leadership qualities, and service to the university. Each semester Pi Mu Theta awards a $100 scholarship to a worthy junior girl enrolled at Millikin. The honorary also sponsors various service projects during the year. 86 Row 1: C. Kim, J. DeShong, J. McBride, J. Rossiter, R. Kwasny, M. Jurgens,.N. Franklin. Row 2: S. Johnson, R, Steele, R. Williams, J. Yeakley. ALPHA KAPPA PHI CHI ALPHA PSI The senior men ' s honorary, Phi Chi Alpha, recognizes the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and character. To be eligible for membership in this select group of men it is necessary to attain a 3.0 average and to have a minimum of 86 academic credit hours. The business and engineering fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, is made up of students enrolled in the School of Business and Industrial Management having twelve hours of credit in business and a cumulative grade average of 2.0. The organization, -which is both professional and social, strives to create a better understanding of the business and in- dustrial fields. Row 1: D. Glasscock, J. Olson, T. Johnson, B. Hehmeyer, G. Smith, D. Moushon. Row 2: J. Yeakley, D. Kunard, D. Schroedter, S. Rhodes, H. Ponder, D. Johnston, A. Blair, S. Hardwick. Row 3: D. Pistorius, C. Rothschild, J. Frye, H. Grubbs, S. Mathias, L. Grimes, E. Turner. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS Juniors and seniors with an interest in dramatics and experience in campus productions may be selected for mem- bership in National Collegiate Players, a national honorary m dramatics. Ne- cessary requirements for membership are a 2.6 average and a minimum of 20 N.C.P. points received for theatre art courses, acting, backstage and pro- duction work. PI KAPPA DELTA Debates, discussions, and extemporane- ous speaking are the specialities of the members of Pi Kappa Delta, the national forensic fraternity. Pi Kappa Delta par- ticipates in various inter-collegiate forensic activities and sponsors debate tournaments during the year. Every other year the national fraternity holds a tournament for local chapters. Row : D. Moorehead, A. Reilly, N. Fennoy, R. Wilson, B. Jackels. Row 2: M. Latshaw, G. Gross, L. Pollock, S. Johnson, Mr. Wenger. Row 1: S. Niemann, L. Koepke, A. Pearse. Row 2; R.M. Buttel, B. Moore, L. Goode, M.K. Gisolo, P. Moore, C. McHaney, M. Reincke, A. Hill. Row 3: J.E. Koeppe, L. Wagner, V. Higgins, B. Gindler, B. Dunlap, M. Aldrich, J. Gerbor, K. Klingel, E. Crowder, M. Derby. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Millikin ' s professional women ' s music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota, stands for good muscianship on campus, in the community, and for scholarship and academic achievement. Among the fraternity projects is the sponsorship of an annual musical with the members of Phi Mu Alpha and honor ceremonies for graduating seniors. PHI MU ALPHA Advancing the study of music on campus and in the Decatur area and fostering fraternal spirit among its members is the purpose of Phi Mu Alpha, men ' s professional music fraternity. Each spring, Sinfonians and Sigma Alpha Iota co-sponsor a musical production. Other activities include campus serenades, concerts, and an annual scholarship for a worthy music major. Row 1: D. Reinebach, M. Casstevens, R. Salvatore, L. Moose, D. Coen, D. Livesay, A. Blair, R. Williams, R. Deimel, L. Bailey, M. Scott. Row 2: J. Volk, D. Moorehead, L. Mitchell, J. Frye, J. DeShong, B. Hofeditz, R. Douglass, R. Warchol. Row 3: E. Ortiz, D. Bare, R. Krause, K. Radtke, A. Reilly, B. Campbell, a. Coutant, T. Kelly. Row 4 : T. Gleason, F. Kloster, G. Gross, J. Malcom, M. Evans, J. Cope, B. Stiehl. Row 5: R. Nickelsen, L. Cordray, S. Rekas, K. Moore, S. Greennagel, D. Menapace, M. Wisbrock, B. Dethrow, P. Van Dam, T. Jenkins. Row 1: J. Green, B. Irons, M. Kalman, T. Langenberg, R. Deimel, F. Morgan, J. Wright. Row 2; S. Kalsow, B. Jackels, CIRCLE K An international service group as- sociated with the Kiwanis Club, the Circle K Club is open to all Millikin men with a desire to serve. The group works with Kiwanis on Pancake Day, sponsors independent programs such as sending Christmas cards to servicemen in Vietnam, holding blood banks, and providing buses for transportation to school sports events. B. Johnson, L. McGee, T. Mahar, C. Nahatis, R. Blair, E. DeWeese. FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francais is composed of students from all phases of the study of the language. Presented at monthly meetings are guest speakers, and programs which inform the students about the various phases of French life. Members gain a clearer understanding of the people and an insight into their customs and language. Row 1: L. Bolin, M. Mulliken, C. Gary, L. Williams, L. Wheeler, A. Tonkonow, S. Fotzler, L. Gunst. Row 2: G. Holsinger, B. Boidock, J. Gary, S. Gordon, L. Montgomery, J. McKay, L. Crocker, E. Matson, B. Kauppala, M. Harkins, P. McClellan, E. Kuncar. Row 3: S. Ross, S. Siders, C. Rickleff, A. Morrow, S. Milhollin, R. Granneman, P. Walker, T. Perna, S. Spangler. Row 1: C. Gary, J. Cormeny, C. Phifer,S. Vaughan, D. Downey, L. Browning, M. Lehman, A. Davidson, B. St. John, J. Horn. Row 2: C. Richeson, B. Emrich, D. Bell, J. Ward, C. Baltz, M. Barber, L. Howell, E. Matson, L. Kramer, K. Kellar, C. Putnam, P. Koyak, P. Ranken. Row 3: J. McArthy, B. Brown, K. Norton, C. Thompson, J. Sweigart, S. Smalley,P. Peterson, C. Flint, B. Milam, K. White, M. Reincke, M.E. Mulliken, S. Nutting, B. Keller, J. Keiger, V. Helmuth. Row 4; S. Lyman, M. Schneider, K. Reichert, C. Camp, J. Haher, D. Deremiah, L. Steele, N. Shirer, S. Attig, T. Ruzicka, M. Thielsen, C. Brown, K. Emelander, M. Matteson, B. Purdeu. Row 5: K. Tomamichel, S. Spangler, R. Wilson, B. Bayha, S. Ires, T. Perna, P. Waller, A. Morrow, D. Meyer. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Students planning a teaching career com- pose the Student Education Association. It is affiliated with state and national teaching groups. The association pro- vides its members with opportunities for personal and professional growth, knowledge of the responsibilities and rewards of the teaching profession, and advancement of the qualities and skills of leadership. MILLIKIN PALS Boasting a newly initiated program, Millikin Pals strive to help culturally deprived Decatur elementary students. By giving these children special tutoring, guidance, and understanding, Millikin students are contributing a special ser- vice to Decatur schools and the com- munity. Row 1: C. Krause, M. Eilers, J. Hood, L. Long, M. Duffy. Row 2: B. Kuhns, P. Moreen, B. Kauppala, K. Maurer, D. Arnold, H. Newman. Row 3: L. Schousboe, N. Aldrich, B. Holman, K. Emelander, C. Joret. Row 4: Chaplain Bodamer, H. Hayward, G. Slager, D. Seifert. Row 5: M. Tufts, L. McGee, R. Howard, G. Obermeyer. 91 Row 1: M. Conti, B. Sons, B. Ilsley, L. Davis, Mr. Dexter, R. Adams, T. Balsley PHYSICS CLUB CONANT SOCIETY In its third year at Millikin, the Physics Club strives to promote a great interest in physics. The club meets monthly featuring guest speakers and movies; field trips and scientific demonstrations highlight the group ' s activities. The Physics Club is associated with the American Institute of Physics and is open to anyone with an interest in physics. The Conant Society promotes the ap- preciation of literature, through student participation in book reviews and literary discussions. Membership is open to upperclassmen with sixteen hours of credit in English courses. The chief project of the society is the publication of Reflections, a booklet composed of winning selections from the annual writing contest. Row 1: C. Thompson, C. Bradish, K. Perkins, M. Springer Row 2; S. Johnson, J. McBride 92 Row 1: Dr. Coy, G. Guin, E. Ervin, A. Pearse, D. Fletcher Row 2; J. Kinter, S. Hawk, P. Benson, P. Moore Row 3: L. Wagner, S. Conn, D. O ' Dell, C. Krause Row 4: N. Fennoy, L. Butler, G. Greider, B. INTER-DORM COUNCIL The Inter-Dorm Council ' s purpose is to coordinate the university residence halls. The Council is composed of a representative from each small housing unit and a representative from each floor of the large halls. Hughes Row 5: J. Burke, T. Devitt, W. Zuckerman Row 6; L. Mitchell, D. Dykstra, G. Obermeyer, E. Baker Row 7: B. McNeil, W. Johnson FRIENDS OF S.N.C.C. Recently formed as a local campus organization was Friends of S.N.C.C. The group ' s main objectives are to lend moral and financial support through funds for freedom libraries and schools. Row 1: P. McClellan, P. Moreen, N. Fennoy, K. Norton. Row 2: J. Gary, S. Gordon, Mr. Kuncar, S. Crittenden, B. Kauppala- E. Baker, S. Fotzler, Chaplain Bodamer, Mr. Hoffland, J. Galloway, J. Gaston. RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE The Religious Life Committee, whose purpose is to coordinate and administer the Religious Life Program of the university, consists of four faculty members and four students. It benefits the campus through Religious Emphasis Week, Campus Chest, Ecumenical Work Camp Service Projects, Fellowship Groups, and Religious Devotions. Row 1: E. Baker, D. Clutts, B. Laurent, S. Rekas, F. Kloster, M. Malan. Row 2: K. Turner, K. Baehr, P. McClellan, D. ALPHA OMEGA A newly formed group, Alpha Omega, strives to promote Christian ideals on the campus. Speakers are invited to weekly meetings to inform members on such subjects as missions and guilds. Much of the meeting time is spent in student-led Bible studies as certain Bible passages are presented, dis- cussed, and analyzed. File, C. Stark. Row 3: K. Hayes, C Custis, C Onaga, S. Fotzler, R. Christ. Row 1: A. Pearse, B. Hansen, A. Levey, C. RESIDENT WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION COUNCIL Composed of representatives from all the women ' s residence halls, the RWAC functions to promote unity among the resident women. Working together, the group strives to improve living con- ditions and to organize a social program for the women. i, P. Moreen- Row 2: M. Aldrich, A. Tonkonow. YOUNG REPUBLICANS The purpose of Young Republicans is to excite political interest on campus, to promote Republican ideals and candi- dates, and to develop one ' s political philosophy. During the year, prominent leaders speak to the group, and high- lighting their activities is the partici- pation in IYR College Federation ' s Inter- state and Regional Conventions. Row 1: B. Epperson, T. Peel, K. Flanders, P. Zeni, J. Costan. Row 2: B. Blaisdell, L. Schlichter, B. St. John, C. Brown, B. Porter, T. Jenks, E. Pedersen, M. Record, J. McLay, K. Lubsen, B. Gard. Row 3: B. Jackels, F. Cordts, S. Wham, M. Bruer, K. Norton, J. Galloway, M. Schneider, T. Cordts, R. Bayha, F. Baldwin, S. Thornton, D. Seifert. Row 4: R. West, G. Guin, B. Dodds, J. Volp, S. Milhollin, R. Granneman, C. Dubinick, G. Slager, G. Anderson. M. Tufts. D. Nafzieer. B. Cvengros, R. Hensley, J. Elam, H. Scherer, G. Lytle, Row Wyrick. RESIDENT Full time students and adult staff mem- bers constitute the resident directors. They carry out the responsibilities of discipline, and effective residence hall government, and social, cultural, and Row l: L. Huffman, M. Harkins, K. Jackson, M. Gisolo A. Pearse, B. Moore, E. Ervin, M. Winters, M. Wiegand. 2: J. Methenitis, V. Wilkinson, O. Jones, G. Hopkins, G. Dodson, G. DIRECTORS informal education. The directors are always available for advice and coun- seling. They serve as a refining influence on the campus. Row 2: D. Fletcher, G. Bohmer, J. Kurth, H. Bunting, J Mitchell, R. Kuhns, E. Turner, A. Blair, B. Dodds, R. Williams ' Fairview Hall: 1st Row: B. Kauppala, M. Bruer, N. Fennoy, L. Schousboe, J. Kasnell, K. Jackson, M. Derby, P. Moreen, FAIRVIEW HALL Each year a group of women is chosen to live in Fairview Honors Dorm. The women determine their own rules and regulations and learn to accept re- sponsibility in this type of living en- vironment. K. Norton. 2nd Row: S. Fotzler, L. Goode, S. Niemann, S. Teese, P. Parrott, S. Wham, R. Smyth, P. Lopossa, D. Bellas. MACON HALL Men are selected to live in the Honors Dorm, Macon Hall, on the basis of scholarship and character. The men take pride in decorating their dorm to suit their own tastes. Macon Hall: 1st Row: D. Walker, A. Reilly, E. Baker. 2nd Row: A. Ferguson, J. McBride, M. Donnelly, B. Kuhns, B. Kuhns. 3rd Row: B. Diemel, L. Hanson, F. Kanali, B. Anderson, P. Pursley, A. Mendelsohn, J. Volk. Row 1: L. Wagner, N. Smyth, D. Anderson, S. Conn, P. Parrott. Row 2: B. Dunlap, K. Koenig, C. Flint, L. Gould, P. Doetsch, M. Springer, M. Gisolo, V. Higglns, S. Emmert, S. Hollenbeck. Row 3: D. Donaldson, D. Livesay, S. Niemann. Row 4: J. Frye, D. Bare, E. Crowder, L. Goode, L. Huffman, MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY CHOIR B. Moore, F. Kloster, M. Craig. Row 5: B. Dodds, F. Morgan, B. Hofeditz, D. Sass, B. Sons, W. Waters. Row 6: B. Shortal, N. King, L. Hanson, F. Pickrell, M. Casstevens, J. Cope, M. Scott, L. Moose. CHOIR ENSEMBLE Millikin University Choir, a forty- voice group, is composed of students carefully selected for their ability to blend perfectly with the group. The highlight of this year ' s activities is a tour of the eastern United States. Row 1: S. Conn, D. Anderson, L. Goode, N. Smyth, B. Dunlap, S. Emmert, K. Koenig, L. Gould. Row 2: M.Scott, M. A select group of choir members compose Millikin ' s Choir Ensemble. This group specializes in singing se- lections of a light nature. Directed by the graduate assistant, the ensemble makes several special appearances during the choir tour. Casstevens, F. Kloster, M. Craig, L. Hanson, F. Morgan, B. Hofeditz. 1st Row: S. St. John. 2nd Row: S. Storms, M. Petersen, M. Jones, P. Rossiter, j. Zepp, K. Bristle, C. Krause. 3rd Row: D. Raebel, G. Carnall, D. Sass. CHORUS ENSEMBLE MILLIKIN CHORUS The Chorus Ensemble is a mixed group of select chorus members. The en- semble is directed by a graduate voice assistant and is concerned mainly with preparing selections for the Millikin Dames ' Tea. The Millikin Chorus is a mixed group composed of one hundred interested stu- dents who meet for one hour weekly. The Chorus works during the fall pre- paring Handel ' s Messiah and after Christmas begins to prepare for a spring concert. 1st Row: G. Carnell, B. Stiehl, F. Kloster, D. Sass, D. Raebel, R. Williams. 2nd Row: M. Peterson, P. Rossiter, S. St. John, P. Moore, B. Gindler, M. Seeley, B. Richter, R. Christy. 3rd Row. S. Robbins, G. Newman, S. Nanna, L. Butler, K. Klingel, B. Gunst, J. McLay, J. Dennis, D.Arnold, L. Laughlin, J. Zepp. 4th Row: P. Benson, J. Kretchmer, R. Christ, C. Onaga, E. Thomas, I. Budding, K. Emelander, C. Rickleff, T. Ripley, K. Bristle, B. Cummins. 5th Row: J. Gerber, C. Moore, L. Williams, K. Kile, M. Jones, J. Jorstad, E. Johnson, D. File, N. Aldrich, L. Hoffman. 6th Row: M. Derby, J. Koeppe, A. Pearse, D. Webb , P. Beemer, A. Morrow, C. Krause, 99 1st Row: P. Pursely, L. Seversike, B. Dethrow, D. Phillips, J. Burger, R. Christ, L. Laughlin, G. Grever, J. Dennis, T. Koepke. 2nd Row; D. Bare, H. McCartney, E. Thomas, K. Koenig, L. Donaldson, A. Coutant, B. Campbell, K. Klingel, A. Hillhouse, D. McCloud, L. Bailey, E. Ortiz, S. Hawk, C. Manock, R, Hubbard, D. Moorehead, D. Donaldson. 3rd Row: D. File, D. Houck, S. Nanna, S. Howard, B. Hofeditz, R, Stiehl, T. Kelly, A. Mendelson, L. Gunst, P. Benson, M. MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY BAND The Marching and Concert Band per- forms at half time during football games and on stage for its three major annual concerts. The Millikin seventy-five piece band is under the direction of Dr. Theodore Thorson. 1st Row: B. Dethrow, D. Bare, B. Campbell, M. Wisbrock, A. Coutant. 2nd Row: F. Kloster, L. Cordray, R, Nickelson, J. Cope. 3rd Row: T. Kelly, T. Piercefield, T. Gleason, L. Bollinger, R. Steinman, D. Walker, D. Bellas. McDonald, A. Kruzan, T. Gleason, D. Menapace, R. Steele, S. Greenagel, E. Peterson, R. Dunscomb, M. Wisbrock, P. McNally, W. Wessel, C. Older, A. Reilly. 4th Row: F. Herzog, R. Steinman, C. Freeark, M, Evans, K. Latshaw, A, Motz, J. Day, K. Coates, R. Davis, R. Williams, J. DeShong, F. Kloster, M. Smith, L. Cordray, P. VanDam, R, Edwards, D. Meinert, J. Cope, M. Reincke, R. Kuhns, T. Jenkins, R. Nickelsen, R. Douglass. JAZZ LAB BAND In its fourth year the Jazz Lab Band is composed of a select group of eighteen students. The band is one of six jazz bands chosen from all over the country to perform in the Mobile Jazz Festival in Mobile, Alabama. 1st Row: B. Dethrow, A. Coutant, A. Reilly, J. Malcomb, L. Bailey. 2nd Row: J. DeShong, T. Jenkins, R. Douglass, P. VanDam, J. Cope. 3rd Row: T. Kelly, D. Menapace, F. Kloster, L. Bollinger, S. Rekas, M. Evans, D. Walker, R. Steinman. 101 MI T.Li KIN ORCHESTRA The Millikin Civic Orchestra is com- posed of Millikin students and Decatur residents showing an interest in and an aptitude for music. Throughout the school year the orchestra holds several concerts and accompanies the chorus in Handel ' s Messiah . The climax of the season is the concert given during Contemporary Music Week. 1st Row: Dr. Thorson, K. Koenig, S. Niemann, L. Goode, P. Moore, M. Reincke, C. McHaney. 2nd Row: R. Williams, A. Hill, K. Klingel, E. Crowder, J. Gerber, B. Gindler, M. MUSIC EDUCATOR ' S NATIONAL CONFERENCE Music Educator ' s National Conference is a national organization which provides the music education student with pro- fessional orientation and development while still in school. The chapter pro- vides ' a diffusion of knowledge and practices for the preprofessional music educator which will facilitate the as- sumption of his professional duties upon graduation. Gisolo. 3rd Row: R. Hubbard, M. Evans, B. Hofeditz, M. Scott, M. Owens, J. DeShong. 102 ! MILLIKIN COLOR GUARD The Millikin Color Guard was found- ed in the fall of 1963. Since that begin- ning the group has had three successful seasons marching with the Millikin marching band. Under the direction of Sergeant Marilyn Wiegand, the group has performed a variety of precision drill maneuvers. This year, with the aid of a freshman member, rifle wor k was added to the repertoire. The seven members and two alternates practice four days a week during football season and perform for halftime shows at home games. Marching in perfect precision. Dr. Thorson correlates Color Guard and marching band performances. 103 S. Storms, L. Schousboe, F. Baldwin, J. Kassnel, E„ Johnson. INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION I.S.A. got off to a good start this year with the annual Hotdogenanny. I.S.A. sponsored an all-school dance in November. I.S.A. held a seminar on How To Study For Finals. Other activities included a Fine Arts re- ception, bake sales, car washes, and a Spring Formal. I.S.A. is striving to promote social, cultural, and aca- demic activities for the betterment of the entire campus. Row 1: s. Fotzler, J. Kassnel, L Budding, C. Rickleff, Holsinger, E. Johnson, L. Schousboe, S. Storms, N. Aldrlch. Row 2: J. Nather, E. Baker, F. Baldwin, M. Zimmerman, S. Rekas- I. S. A. INITIATES THE NEW YEAR WITH . . . ioe 110 AND CULTIVATE FRIENDSHIPS. AXO ALPHA CHI OMEGA UPSILON CHAPTER M. Pedersen President Mrs. Dodson Housemother Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega began the year with a successful rush, pledging the largest number of girls among Panhellenic groups. This fall Alpha Chi ' s initiated into their program an annual Fathers ' Weekend. As usual, the Alpha Chi ' s were active in every phase of campus life. We would like to thank our housemother, Mrs. Gertrude Dodson, and our faculty advisors, the Redfords, for all their help and co- operation. iiuiuiiiiyii E. Ash S. Barnes C. Black S. Vaughn Vice President M. Lehman Pledge Trainer B. St. John L. Farley Recording Secretary Rush Chairman 0m L. Wheeler Treasurer J. Galloway Corresponding Secretary C. Brown L. Browning Sisters enjoy a game of Bridge. 1 12 DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER B. Fritch President S. Monical Pledge Trainer Following a highly successful rush, the women of Delta Delta Delta began a year of service, honor, and fun. The Delta ' s were honored by selections to WHO ' S WHO, Pi Mu Theta, Sigma Zeta, and Sigma Alpha Iota honoraries. Home- coming brought a winning house decora- tion, and the annual Pine Tea for the faculty and administration was held at Christmas-time, all possible through cooperation and fun. The Tri-Delta ' s thank Mr. and Mrs. Ken Merwin for their help in making this a fine year. C. Flint Vice President P. Peterson Recording Secretary M. Andelman Treasurer L. Baker C. Baltz N. Smyth Rush Chairman E. Finch C. Camp Corresponding Secretary L. Balder son K. Beam an Howdy PartnersI 1 14 S. Carter L. Clark ■Mb ,WL - D. Fuesting J. Gerber PI i J. Keiger P. Kenney D. Meyer L. MoUing G. Noble B. Porter C. Conn J. Haher T. Koepke K. Raemer K. Rubins a. Schwammberger N. Shirer PS A L. Crocker D. Deremiah C. Farrington 4 £ • l N. Harlow ; S. Hollonbeck J. Jorstad MA : K. Lindsay A. Luttrell S, Lyman 0 M. Morgan A. Morrow T. Nelson } A P. Ranken C. Richeson S. Ross 1 iipS Wall I S. Smalley J. Thiess C. Thompson Ft 1 B. Vaughn J, Vroman s. Vorwald M. Waters H W«bb Westarmaier 115 TOO PI BETA PHI ILLINOIS ETA CHAPTER Cheryl Thompson President Mrs. Cvengros Housemother The women of Pi Beta Phi began the year with a friendly welcome to their new housemother, Mrs. Bernice Cvengros, and to nineteen new pledges. The excitement of Homecoming was spirited even more, as a joint effort by the Pi Phi ' s and the Sigma Rho ' s resulted in the Best Float Trophy. The Playschool Pledge Dance in November, the House Dance in February, and the memorable Formal in April helped to make the year an unforgettable one. We express our sincere appreciation to our advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Klaven. M. Gisolo Vice President L. Steele Pledge Trainer M. Pettry Recording Secretary C. Phifer Rush Chairman B. Armentrout L. Carlson D. Stutsman Corresponding Secretary mmmmm, Just like Mother used to make. S. Attig M. Barber L. Boatman 116 N. Simmons M. Thielsen N. Freischlag K. Tomanichel B. Vix T. Dumbleton G. Greider L. McLaughlin S. Schmidt K. White ZTA ZETA TAU ALPHA TAU CHAPTER S. Holmer President In addition to being the first group to sponsor a Town and Gown play, the Z eta ' s were proud to have Naida Crossland selected as 1965 Homecoming Queen. Many individual Zeta ' s received scholastic honors and served as campus leaders in various activities this year. We sincerely thank our housemother, Mrs. Porter Wilkinson; our faculty ad- visors, Dr. and Mrs. Darwin Coy; and our alumna advisor, Mrs. Dwight Nelson, for all their assistance. J. Ward Vice President L. Bamford Rush Chairman M. Springer Recording Secretary M. Bond Scholarship Chairman D. Parkinson Treasurer B. Brown Corresponding Secretary D. Bell B. Blaisdell Do-ce-do your partner, alamand right and leftl 1 18 S. Crittenden N. Crossland S. Douglas B. Emrich T. Ewers L. Howell J. Kramer D. Kriz J. McArthy B. Moore M. Parish E. Pedersen S. Pelehac K. Reichert L. Schlichter J. Sharpless J. Swedenborg J. Sweigart J. Talbot N. Thompson L. Walker M. Wilson T. Wolf M. Worthy J. Young DELTA SIGMA PHI ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER L. Laughlin President Mrs. Jones Housemother G. Anderson Delta Sigma Phi prospered this school year in all facets of college life. In varsity athletics, the Delta Sig ' s were honored by having four brothers serve as captains of the four major sports. In intramural sports, the chapter dom- inated the gridiron and the cinder track. The brothers also took an active part in the Lincoln State School for the Mentally Retarded Fund Drive as well as in other charitable causes. Socially, the Carnation Formal, the " Animal Farm " Pledge Dance, and the Sailors ' Ball, in addition to many enjoyable exchanges and parties, marked a very successful year. The men of Delta Sigma Phi would like to express sincere appreciation for the loyal service of Mrs. Ollie Jones, Mr. William Williams, Mr. Richard Castleman, and the Sphinx Club in guiding the Delta Sig ' s to another memorable year. D. Johnston Vice President L. Crecelius Recording Secretary L. Potsos Treasurer R. Hall Rush Chairman P. Mumma Pledge Trainer T. Hill Corresponding Secretary H. Friedman J. Humphrey Rush Chairman S. Bagley T. Barnett J. Black S. Butler 120 Study . . . Study . . . and more study . S. Smith D. Smith Z. Taylor T. Wesner R. West H. Futrell K. Umansky SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ILLINOIS DELTA CHAPTER K. Mitchell President Phi Alpha spirit was high last fall as SAE " rushed " to its finest pledge class in recent memory. The Sig Alpha ' s channeled " McKay ' s Navy " and " Wel- come Alums " into M.U. ' s Video View. Alumni affairs and intramural partici- pation paved success along with Illinois Delta ' s varsity sport representation. Publicly noted were the SAE Orphan ' s Christmas Party and the Viet Nam Blood Drive. The Sig Alph ' s enjoyed the Pledge and Pajama Dance and Spring Formal. The SAE ' s express apprecia- tion to their faculty advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Waldera. oooooh, my achin ' back! M. Eandi Vice President L. Grimes Secretary C Key Treasurer Mrs. Scherer Housemother C. Wilson Pledge Trainer E. Cave Rush Chairman ft ' im M. Montgomery B. Aimonette R. Bayha G. Dixon B. Heinz J. Kohler S. Miklavcic G. Rezny H. Schaefer B. Sill 122 G. Anderson D. Braining C. Dubinick J. Armstrong L. Coffelt W. Epperson J. Ayers F. Cordis M. Evans M. Barron T. Cordis R. Givens G„ Basler B. Davis J. Gustafson G„ Born R. Deffenbaugh C. Haug W. Hoffman R. Honefenger P. Hyink J. Irish D. Keller L. Knudsen T. Krause K. Lebeck S. McClugage D. McCrary D. Mathews S. Mathias E. Neighbors N. Orlandini J. Overholt T. Peel J. Petty P. Reinardy J. Stonesypher M. Toberman D. Troemper D. Trout W. Wessell D. White ZP SIGMA RHO LOCAL CHAPTER Since the founding on May 15, 1965, the men of Sigma Rho have interviewed thirteen national fraternities. Kappa Sigma was chosen as the fraternity that best meets the needs of Sigma Rho and the university. The Sig Rho ' s thank their advisors and their housemother, Mrs. John Elam, for all their help in the past year. The men of Sigma Rho had the privilege of working with the ladies of Pi Beta Phi on the winning Homecoming float. Sigma Rho was officially chartered as the Gamma Beta Prime chapter of Kappa Sigma on March 25, 1966. R. Hehmeyer President R. Jansen Vice President N. Franklin Secretary D. Kidd T. Piercefield Mrs. Elam Housemother C. L awing Pledge Trainer L. Delfino Treasurer A. Kunard K. Radtke Anyone for Old Maid? R. Santos R. Sharp 124 B. Antonson V. Albergato D. Ariens B. Campbell L. Cooper D. Davis A. Dober D. Downey C. Easter J. Easter R. Edwards J. Frye ■■Mi T. Groves S. Hardwick w s r? 1 D. Houck J. Huston D. Keil T. Kelly T. Logston V. Madden T. Mauro A. Motz D. Munks D. Nafziger m m u « C. Redding J. Reichter L. Rex S. Rhodes R. Richards F. Rocen G. Stroud M. Tomlinson T. Turner B. Wellens R. Wendling G. Wilcox 125 TAU KAPPA EPSILON BETA CHAPTER We were happy that the " house dec " trophy once again stayed within the halls of TKE The TKE ' s were proud to have two men selected to Who ' s Who, and the TKE ' s were active in campus activities including Campus Chest, Greek Week, and Homecoming. We extend our appreciation for the help of our faculty advisors, Mr. and Mrs. David Glasscock, and for the assistance of our wonderful house " mom " , Mrs. Methenitis. Anyone for croquet?? R. Steele President Mrs. Methenitis Housemother D. Titus C. Vrabel Vice President Pledge Trainer J. Beatty Secretary H. Hagen W. Waters Treasurer G. Allen G. Becker G. Bollinger 126 R. Borg R. Brumett J. Budde J. Conderman W. Couch F. Cuoco T. Devitt B. Dodds W. Dower G. Dycus D. Elling D. Glick R. Granneman G. Griffith G. Hoxie D. Jones J. Kelliher W. Koch W. Kunkel J. Majors R. Markus D. Mayfield B. Meyer S. Milhollin dkdkx M. Milo J. Mitchell S. Moraitis G. Mormino R. Mullen M. Nelson C. Older T. Perna R. Perry d. Peterson T. Peterson K. Richmond J. Robison G. Robinson A. Rodney T. Ruzicka D. Schoenhofen L. Shaw A. Smock S. Spangler P. Stark J. Streb S. Swedell L. Thaagaard W. Turner T. Vilet J. Volp P. Walker R. White W. Wojtanowski J. Yeakley G. Yust 127 Row 1: K. Kellar, C. Baltz, Mrs. Prange, C. Black, N. Thompson. Row 2: C. Thompson, M. Pederson, L. Farley, S. Ires, N. Smyth, S. Holmer, L. Bamford, B. Fritch. SENIOR PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL The Senior Panhellenic Council of Millikin University is the body which governs Panhellenic rushing, pledging, and initiation. The Council maintains, on a high plane, fraternity life and inter-fraternity relations within Millikin. The Council also furthers fine intel- lectual accomplishments and sound scholarship. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Junior Panhellenic Council is com- posed of pledges of the four women ' s fraternities represented in the College Panhellenic Association on this campus. The Council ' s purpose is to promote inter-fraternity spirit and friendliness, to encourage good scholarship, to provide the training for later participation in college Panhellenic, and to assist in the planning of fall rush. Rowl: D. Dodson, C. Black, S. Siders, D. Bell. K. Tomamichel, S. Lewis. Row 2: B. Elwell, J. Mueller, J. Sharpless, L. Baker, L. Balderson, S. Attig, D. Pride. C. Lowing, S. Hardwick, B. Meyer, D. Schoenhofen, J. Gustafson, E. Cave, B. Givens, B. Brummet, L. Laughlin, S. Mathias, R. Steele, M. Eandi, L. Crecelius. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Millikin Greek men are governed by a representative organization, the Inter- fraternity Council. Comprising this group are the Dean of Students, the presidents, representatives, and faculty advisors of the four fraternities. The council is responsible for supervising fraternity activities such as rush and the annual IFC dance. SPORTS 1965 FOOTBALL Mike Reid Jim Mackey Row 1: W. Wessell, M. Reed, J.. Newman, C. Yurieci, D. DeMoulin, J. Keith, M. Reid, C. Dubinick, H. Futrell, J. Humphrey. T. Perna, S. Mathias, M. Jurgens, S. Saathoff, J. Smothers, J. Mackey. Row 2: W. Anderson, C. Haug, R. Hall, G. Bohmer, J. Shortal, J. Hodges, J. Munch, J. Garrett 132 G. Guin, J. Koehler, B. Aimonette, H. Bunting, M. Barron, K. Butts, S. Seher, J. Manner. Row 3: G. Anderson, M. Jones, J. Limer, D. Willman, B. Murphy, R. Lovellette, E. Neighbors, H. Friedman, J. Irish, J. Scherer, C. Poelker, T. Garner, P. Shaw, D. Winkler, G. True, A. Quick, T. Nicholson, A. Sainz, A. Estelle. PIGSKIN REVIEW The 1965-66 edition of Millikin foot- ball proved most frustrating and goes on record as being a disappointing campaign, one which should have been better and could have been better with a little luck of the pigskin. The Big Blue lost a few tough games, and their overall season record is not a true indication of the material which was available and set into action by Coach " Mel " Bishop and Assistant Jack Butts. Dennis Winkler played outstanding ball for Millikin throughout the season until suffering a broken hand prior to the season finale. Paul Shaw picked up where he left off last season by playing " hard-nose " foot- ball. John Manner added depth to the Millikin line and won university player of the game honors for two successive weekends. The three together, Winkler, Shaw, and Manner, will serve as tri- captains of next year ' s Millikin football team. To add to this strong returning nucleus, further talent is available in hard-running Steve Mathias who will undoubtedly split his duties between halfback and fullback. Coach Mel Bishop, Co-Captains Rich Hall and Mike Jurgens. Blue defense braces for Wabash attack. 1965 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD M.U. 14 Illinois State 13 M.U. 14 Wabash 28 M.U. 7 Augustana 7 M.U. 7 Carthage 21 M.U. 16 Carroll 13 M.U. 0 North Park 3 M.U. 0 North Central 21 M.U. 0 Illinois Wesleyan 62 134 BLUE MAINSTAYS The 1965-66 basketball season was characterized by a " streaky " squad of players who staged an " up and down " campaign. A sputtering offensive attack hampered the Big Blue during the early season, and scholastic ineligibilities cut deep into Millikin ' s attack during the remainder of the season. Roy Washington, Jack Sunderlik, and George Garr were declared scholastic ally in- eligible, and all-conference guard Jimmy Harris was drafted into the Army. John Black had an " off " first half of the sea- son, but he came back during the second half to display his usual outstanding " playmaker " duties. The high spot of the season focused on Jesse Price, an outstanding front liner from Indianapolis , Indiana. Price, never before confronted with varsity competition, came to Millikin and put his " backyard " basket- ball abilities Into effective use in CCI play. Captain: John Black Head Coach: Don Williams ! 1965-66 BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD M.U. 65 Eastern 76 M.U. 87 Illinois College 82 M.U. 89 Carthage 84 M.U. 59 Anderson 69 M.U. 73 Western 76 M.U. 70 Augustana 83 M.U. 99 Carroll 71 M.U. 79 North Central 64 M.U. 76 Illinois Wesleyan 92 M.U. 59 North Park 61 M.U. 105 Illinois College 94 M.U. 75 Indiana Central 78 M.U. 75 North Park 65 M.U. 76 Mac Murray 82 M.U. 68 Carthage 70 M.U. 80 Carroll 83 M.U. 82 Illinois Wesleyan 73 M.U. 98 Illinois State 79 M.U. 94 Augustana 93 M.U. 65 North Central 63 139 Left to right: R. Howard, K. Lebeck, D. Hoyer, W. ZucKerman, L. Portine, B. Beebe, oach Allan. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Ralph Allan had a challenging cross country season In trying to mold his material into a contending squad. Several of last year ' s team members decided to devote more time to the books and left Allan with quite a gap to fill. Successfully filling the bill were sopho- mores Ken Lebeck, Bill Hoyer, and Bill Beebe, who was elected honorary team captain at the end of the season. Dave Clutts and Tim Logston also performed steadily throughout the season. 1 40 Bottom row: J. Manner, J. Mackey, K. Butts, J. Scherer, M. Ross. Row 2: H. Futtrell, G. French, R. Bayha, C. Haug. Row 3: C. Dubinick, P. Dudiak, J. Deremiah. Row 4: K. Lebeck, D. Zempke. WRESTLING Led by Captain Charlie Haug, Millikin ' s wrestling team was much improved this season. Sophomores Bob Bayha and Ken Lebeck added depth to Millikin ' s point production. Doug Zemke, all-state high school wrestler, returned to the sport this season. What a revoltin ' development! Two point take-aown for Blue grappler. 141 Row 1: D. Smith, G. Schopp, J. Humphrey, S. Butler, J. Petty, S. Ward, D. Bruining, J. Mock. Row 2: H. Friedman, J. Newman, B. Shortal, R. Skidmore, J. Adamson, S. Mathias, R. Pfeiffer, E. Neighbors, K. Radtke. Summit conference before the battle. BASEBALL Millikin ' s baseball fortunes for the 1965-66 school year were based on the big bats of third baseman, Roe Skidmore, catcher " Baldy " Reid, and second base- man, Mike Jurgens. Outfield help was added by Herb Friedman and Chuck Yurieci. With the help of Skidmore, Jurgens, and Reid, Millikin proved a strong contender for conference honors. A timely swing adds offensive punch. TRACK This year ' s track squad presented a variety of talent. Coach Jack Butts relied on Warren Waters in the dashes and hurdles; Bill Beebe and Ken Lebeck in the distance runs; and John Irish, Jim Hodges, and Jim Greenawalt in the weight divisions, for an unusually well- balanced squad. An all-around athlete tried hand at the javelin. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Row 1: W. Waters, J. Hodges, S. Walton, J. Irish, D. Winkler, R. Bayha, L. Lowe, S. Saathoff, J. Koehler, R. Howard, L. C Walls, A. Stoltz, M. Massler. Row 2:D. Hoyer, H. Futtrell, Portine, W. Zuckerman, C. Hoxie, B. McNeil, J. Henebry. MEN ' S TENNIS The tennis squad, hit hard by graduation, was certainly scheduled for a rebuilding season. Blue net men hopes were placed on the keen performance of the 1965 singles champion, Jerry Born. Tom Barnett, John Keith, and Tom Hill assumed regular net duties. Rugged CCI competition fostered the development of fine individual players as well as an outstanding team. Row 1: J. Grissom, C. Older, S. Swedell. Row 2: J. Born, J. Keith, T. Barnett. Keep your eye on the ball. Mi Left to Right: G. Anderson, M. Carroll, R. Adams, S. Swarthout, D. Enslow, L.Thaagaard. GOLF The 1966 golf season proved interesting because of an added interest in the sport on the Millikin campus. Coach Don Williams took his golf squad through a grueling schedule featuring conference and invitational meets. Sophomore Gary- Anderson was billed as the Blue ' s number one player for the season. All other positions were open and ready for the up and coming golfers. Ready for tee-off. " M " MAN The 1966 Millidek has selected MIKE JURGENS as " M " Man. Mike ' s scho- lastic achievements, qualities of sports- manship, and extracurricular activities make him a " shoe-in " choice for this honor, Mike is an outstanding individual who shows composure on and off the athletic field. His leadership qualities range from captaining " Big Blue " squads to student teaching in mathematics. At Millikin, Mike has participated in foot- ball, basketball, and baseball. Statistics prove that Mike has been the " Big Blue " leading passer for the past three years and led the baseball team in hitting last spring. While a sophomore at M.U., Mike guided the " Big Blue " base- ball team to a CCI championship. Mike, his wife Ann, and their son Kirk have proved that young married co-eds can be most successful. Upon graduation, Mike plans to concentrate on teaching and coaching. at the books with his family on the field ... he is always a success. HELP! MEN ' S INTRAMURALS This year ' s men ' s intramural pro- gram gave all non-athletes interested in team sports an opportunity to partici- pate in a variety of events. Under the leadership of Coach Don Williams and Dr. Hermens, " flag football " , volleyball, basketball, bowling, baseball, golf, and track were presented during the course of the school year. Fighting for the rebound. Determined to make a strike. 147 HIGHLIGHTING MISS DOROTHY McCLURE The spring of 1966 marks the thirtieth year that Miss Dorothy McClure has served Millikin University. Throughout her years on the Millikin faculty she has been known as a hard worker, excellent teacher, and friend of every- one. " Dora " has watched Millikin grow in size and stature throughout her years as Women ' s Physical Education Coor- dinator, and has herself served her university in numerous academic capac- ities. It is with a great deal of appre- ciation and gratitude that we recognize Miss McClure for her thirty years of duty and service to Millikin University. i f Te Miss Dorothy McClure: Coordinator of Women ' s Physical Education. Awards are presented by Miss McClure to the winning tennis teams. A delicious buffet dinner concludes tennis tournament activities. 146 S. Teese, V. Helmuth, S. Holmer, K. Lindsay, S. Simmons. WOMEN ' S TENNIS Tryouts are held each spring to select those women qualified for the Millikin Women ' s Tennis Team. Of the girls who compete, ten or twelve are chosen to represent Millikin in the annual spring tennis tournament. The weekend attracts entries from over twenty mid-western colleges. Sometimes you have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Getting in shape for the spring tournament. 149 Rugged rebound play presents sturdy challenge to female co-eds. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Intramural games include competitive speedball, deck tennis, bowling, basket- Tins is no time to let go! ... and rememoer what I said about going in the gutter. I SO P. Fackler, A. Levey, C. Logan. BLAZER GIRLS Blazers are awarded to seniors who have participated in a qualifying number of W.A.A. activities. Throughout their four years at Millikin, the W.A.A. girls, or girl, are selected from this group. W. A. A. MANAGERS Women ' s Intramural Managers are chosen by their respective Greek groups or independent housing units. The managers are responsible for organizing their respective teams and setting up the intramural schedule. Seated: D. Meinert, C. Moore, S. Attig. Standing: C. Hawk, J. Griesmeyer, J. Lederbrand, P. Gilbert. WE RAISE A CHEER TO SALUTE THE BIG BLUE! 153 Row 1: M. Gipson, B. Weller, B. Vix, L. Williams, K. Kile, K. Moriarity. Row 2: D. Meinert, S. Attig, J. Sharpless, L. Balderson, Jorstad, B. Hall. Not pictured: D. Bell, N. Franickowski, K. Hayes, S. Siders, L. Elvin, G. Monti. POM PON SQUAD Performing the dual role of providing half-time entertainment and arousing school spirit at basketball games, the Pom-Pon Squad successfully completed its fourth year. The squad had a new look this year with its new bright blue uniforms and pom-pons. The girls started practicing early in November and worked hard until late February. Next year, the squad hopes to expand its organization to include not only basketball games but also football games. Squad Captain: Barb Chasteen. SENIORS Bob Givens, President; Carrie Putnam, Secretary; Rich Steele, Vice-President; Janet Ward, Treasurer Jerry K. Ackerman Welding Engineering Decatur, Illinois William J. Aimonette Business Administration Creve Coeur, Missouri Gerald Frank Allen History and Political Science Paris, Hlinois Barry D. Antonson Industrial Engineering Chicago, Illinois Edward Baker Philosophy Hammond, Indiana Mel Barron History Granite City, Illinois Mark E. Bateman John F, Black Arnold E. Blair David W. Blue Mary Jane Bond Hichard Borg ' hemistry Marketing Accounting Industrial Engineering History and Political Business Decatur, Illinois Peoria, Illinois Paris, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Science Palatine, Illinois Decatur, Illinois 158 Gerald Born Biology Decatur, Illinois Jacquelyn W. Breese Mathematics Decatur. Illinois Jill L. Breese Mathematics Decatur. Illinois David C. Brown Physical Education Forsyth, Illinois James Budde Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Martha L. Cadle Art Jersey ville,- Illinois Carolyn L. Camp Elementary Education Waukegan, Illinois Larene E. Carlson Elementary Education Aledo, Illinois Fred L. Clark Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois John F. Cordts Accounting Atwood, Illinois Judy Lee Cormeny Art Education Springfield. Illinois George J. Costan Engineering Deerfield, Illinois Rebecca A. Craggs Biology Kilbourne, Illinois Naida Crossland History and Political Science Palatine, Illinois Elsie M. Curry Psychology - Sociology Decatur, Illinois Janet L. Davidson Religious Education Decatur, Illinois Robert W. Deimel Psychology Bethesda, Maryland Lance Delfino Business Administration Decatur, Illinois I don ' t know what it is, but it sure does stink. 159 Mike Dustin Business Administration Decatur, Illinois W. Frank Elston Speech - Broadcasting Decatur, Illinois Roy E. Enloe Biology Decatur, Illinois William Edward Epperson History and Political Science Montgomery, Alabama Pamela F. Fackler Mathematics Galesburg, Illinois Narmen Fennoy Psychology East St. Louis, Illinois Karen Flanders Engineering Tlnley Park, Illinois Donald Fletcher Biology Rolling Meadows, Illinois Sharon Fot .ler Liberal Arts Rockford, Illinois Neal Franklin Economics Kiverriale, Illinois Gerald Freeman Industrial Engineering i ircana, Illinois Barbara FrltCh Biology Highland, Illinois Doris Fuesting Home Economics Lincoln, Illinois Patricia Ga ralcoa Sociology Springfield, Illinois George Garr Physical Education Somerset, Kentucky Lois Garrett Elementary Education Mount Zlon, Illinois Mary Kay Gisolo Music Education Decatur, Illinois Robert Glvens Biology Decatur, Illinois Linda Goode Music Education St. Louis, Missouri Larry Grimes Henry Grubbs Jean Haher Business Administration Business Administration English Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Richard Hall Physical Education Bement, Illinois Myrna Harklns French Markham, Illinois Linda Harris Elementary Education Springfield, Illinois Howard Hayward Psychology Wheat on, Illinois Charles Haug Business Administration Granite City, Illinois Robert Hehmeyer Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Alice Hill Music Education Decatur, Illinois Dale Hoffman Education Dunlap, Illinois Our group had 44% fewer cavities. Robert Jackels Kathleen Jackson Speech English Glen Ellyn, Illinois Toulon, Illinois Sam Johnson Wlllard Johnson David Johnston Danny Jones Stephen Jones T. Jean Jouett English Mathematics History and Political Business Administration Music Education Elementary Education Midlothian, Illinois Palo Alto, California Science High Ridge, Missouri Langheyvllle, Illinois Wood River, Illinois New Kensington, Pennsylvania Michael Jurgens j u( j y Kassnel Joseph Kelllher Carl Key Terry Krause Dona Krlz Mathematics Biology Biology Accounting Speech Art D»catur, Illinois Qes Plalnes, Illinois Roselle, Illinois Delavan, Illinois Colllnsvllle, Illinois Chicago, Illinois 162 Barbara Kuhns Biology Decatur, Illinois Gerry Lanier Elementary Education Springfield, Illinois Ann Levey Physical Education Loves Park, Illinois Ronald Kwasny Mathematics Decatur, Illinois Mellnda Lehman Elementary Education Gary, Indiana Carol Logan Mathematics Springfield, Illinois Mad scientist at workl Robert L. Logan Business Adminstration Decatur, Illinois Paula Lopossa English Pekin, Illinois Lucy Lindsay James McBride Sociology and Psychology -English Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Donald McCloud History Dixon, Illinois John McDaniel Industrial Engineering Tuscola, Illinois Joyce McFadden Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois David Marsh David Mayfield Industrial Engineering History Springfield, Illinois Streator, Illinois Bruce Meyer Mary Miller Business Adminstration Education Danvers, Illinois Decatur, Illinois James Mitchell Chemistry Deerfield, Illinois 163 Kenneth Mitchell History and Political Science Springfield, Illinois heaven is in your eyes. Ronald Mitchell Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Beverly Moore Music Wataga, Illinois Patty Moore Music Wedron, Illinois Duane Moushon Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Mary Northcutt Sociology Urbana, Illinois James Overholt Moke Owens Business Administration Music Pana, IUlnois Paris, Illinois Marian Pedersen Mathematics Downers Grove, Illinois Kathleen Perkins Speech Cerro Gordo, Illinois Carol Phlfer Elementary Education Decatur, nilnols Harold Ponder Business Administration Hammond, nilnols Lou Potsos Business Administration Crestwood, Missouri Carl Powell Industrial Engineering Decatur, Illinois Carolyn Putnam Elementary Education Springfield, nilnols Karl Reed Chemistry East St. Louis, nilnols John Reld Business Administration Galena, Kansas Marianne Relnck Music Nokomls, nilnols Dean Relnebach Biology Liberty, nilnols Emily Reynolds English Deoatur, Illinois If, ! Stephen Rhodes Jon Roblson Al Rodney Cheryl Roofener James Rossiter Karen Rubins Industrial Engineering Business and Industrial Biology Elementary Education Biology Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Management Deerfleld, Illinois Joliet, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Markham, Illinois Qulncy, Illinois Betsy Rude Nancy Rutherford Tom Ruzicka Barb St. John Donald Schlacter Liz Schousboe Elementary Education Elementary Education History English Business and Industrial Psychology Centralla, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Cicero, Illinois Prospect Heights, Illinois Management Urbana, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Stuart Sellers William Sheets William Sigfried William Sill Martin Sklrha Dale Sloan Business Administration Mathematics Art Biology Industrial Engineering Physical Education Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Grand Rapids, Michigan Decatur, Illinois Stonlngton, Illinois 1 Andrew Smock Art Chicago, Illinois The Lantern Parade honors the graduating seniors. 165 Richard Steele Industrial Engineering Park Forest, Illinois Cheryl Thompson English Aurora, Illinois Elmer Turner Business Admlnstratlon Aurora, Illinois Adding the crowning touch Pi « jr Philip Stoner Business Admlnstratlon Newton, Massachusetts Nora Thompson Elementary Education Gary, Indiana Ronald Vaughan Mathematics Latham, Illinois Fredrick Straub Speech Decatur, Illinois Steven Thornton Psychology Decatur, Illinois Susan Vaughan Elementary Education Homewood, Illinois Judl Svob Elementary Education JacksonvUle, Illinois Donald Titus Chemistry Tlnley Park, Illinois Ron Waggoner Psychology Decatur, Illinois , . . ■■■■■ - ■ Karen Spawr Business Admlnstratlon Decatur, Illinois Leslie Steele Biology La Grange, Illinois Jana Talbot Jan Thles Mathematics Education Hickam A.F.B., Hawaii Sullivan, Illinois Dan Troemper Industrial Engineering Springfield, Illinois Rosalee Trueblood Biology Decatur, Illinois Janet Ward Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Warren Waters Biology Wood River, Illinois Dona Webb Carol Westermeler Harris White Raymond Williams Charles Wilson Ruth Wilson Music Social Studies and Welding Engineering Music Spanish Speech Rensselaer, Indiana French Westchester, Illinois Fairbury, Illinois Shelbyvllle, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Carllnville, Illinois Walter Wojtanowski Charles Wolford Terry Wollan James Yeakley Gregory Yust Douglas Zemke Chemistry Business Adminstration English Marketing Biology Business Admlnstratlon Palmer, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Taylorville, Illinois Godfrey, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Steffann Holliger IN ME MORI AM In the years that Steffann was among us , she endeared herself to the hearts of those who knew her. Preparing for a full-time Christian education, she lived her faith day by day. In due time she came to realize that she would not achieve her goal of a full life of service. Yet in a sense she did achieve it; because, enduring as seeing Him Who is invisible, she is still a witness to the faith that " all things work together for good, to them that love God. " JUNIORS Sue Monical, Treasurer; Pam Peterson, Secretary; Bill Dodds, Vice-President; Dick Glick, President J. Altmansberger M. Andelman B. Armentrout C. Baltz L. Bamford R. Beals L, Boatman A. Bock M. Boehm G. Bohmer S. Bopp C. Bradish L. Farley E. Finch E. Flndlay C. Flint H. Foster H. Friedman J. Frye D. Glick in C. Guest E. Friend J. Graczyk N. Gustin S. Harrison J. Fryman K. Grady H. Hagen J. Galloway C. Haikalis — J. Gerber G. Gregory B. Hansen B. Gindler J. Griesmeyer L. Hanson J. Hays V. Helmuth Snooze- z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z- i a T. Logston H. Lorton S. Lyman J. McClure L. McLaughlin G. Maaks i J. Mackey D. Major J. Manner S. Mathias F. Maul P. Mojonnler S. Monica! M. Montgomery P. Moreen M. Morgan M. Mulliken P. Mumma D. Nafziger j. Newman M. Nicholls S. Niemann N. Orlandini D. Osborne S. Panici D. Parkinson Where the action is??? A. Pearse J. Peniwell 173 W. Smith B. Sons M. Springer Alacazam, Madam. C. Stark Z. Taylor J. Volp P. Stark C. Thompson C. Vrabel J. Toporis L. Walker T. Stoecker j. Swedenborg T. Turner C. Walls M. Taylor j Wb % - 4A P. Van Dam F. Volk 4i B. Wellens S. Wham M. Wiegand S. Wiarsma D. Winkler M. Winters C. Wolf P. Zeni w C. Black B. Cochennour S. Chapman R. Christ D. Coen L. Bailey J. Beatty M. Cole J. Conderman B. Campbell S. Carter M. Casstevens Hang on sloopy, sloopy hang onl Watch me get that 8 ball in the side pocket. M. Craig L. Crecelius C. Custis L. Cooper T. Cordts F. C out ant A. Davidson L. Davis R. Davis R. DeMoulin J. Dennis M. Derby J. Deremiah J. Deremiah b. Dethrow E. DeWeese M. Dick ■m C. Dubinick J. Dudley B. Dunlap D.Dodson P. Doetsch P. Dooling B.Donaldson R. Douglass B. Drury G. Dycus D. Eads C. Easter B. Edwards L. Elvln B. Elwell R. Elzy K. Emelander b. Emrich C. Farrington 177 C. Freeark N. Freischlag D. Frohwitter H. FutreU M. Gammeltoft G. Garrett C. Gary J. Glosser R. Granger R. Granneman D. Grant J. Green J. Greenawalt G. Griffith All G. Guin J. Gustafson H. Haines D. Hamilton N. Harlow R. Harris L. Hatfield J. Heynen V. Higgins D. Hildebrandt T. HiU S. Hollonbeck R. Honefenger C. Hawbaker C. Hawk J. Hawthorne A. Heinle G. Heitman M. Henebry E. Heyer L. Howell M. Huddleston J. Humphrey Would you believe I use 007 After Shave Lotion? I H S. Ires B. Irons J. Johnson R. Johnson M. Jones P. Joyce S. Kalsow F. Kanali D. Kaplan E. Kasper C. Keran J. Kinter K. Kllngel J. Koehler J . Koeppe J. Kohppe P. LaFrank T. Langenberg E. Larson K. Latshaw c. Laurent C. L awing 4 M D. Lichtenberg K. Lindsay mat R. McClelland J. McLeod P. McNalley V. Madden G„ Knox mkm P. Koyak T. Kraemer L. Kramer D. Kunard K. Lebeck I don ' t know what the figures mean, but let ' s move them ' round the squares. 179 T. Mahar M. Maly L. Martin K. Maurer S. Merker D. Meyer s. Milhollin S. Milks I wanna get out of this placet it H. Miller L. Mitchell L. Mitchell J. Mochel L. Moiling G. Monti c. Moore K. Moore d. Moorehead L. Moose T K life I r S. Moraitis D. I B. Murphy S. Nanna M. Nelson c. Nicholson J. Nieft r. Norris C. Norton S. Nutting G. Obermeyer 2r D. O ' Dell c. Onaga p. Parrott j. Partlow E. Pedersen T. Peel S. Pelehac I MO B. Stanfill K. Stanley F. Stein R. Streight J. Stone N. Stroud W. Sullivan J. Sunderlik G. Swanson S. Swarthout j. Sweigart S. Teese M. Thlelsen C. Thrasher I G. Verner L. Towell M. Turner T. Vilet s. Vorwald J. Vroman L. Wagner A. Wakefield D. Walker D. Walker P. Walker s. Walton B. Ward J. Wasmuth 1ft KM M. Waters M. Wayn e R. Weingand T. Wesner R. West D. Wheeler K. Wigg R. Wilson L. Williams j. Workman M. Wrigley W. Wu T. Wyne C. Yuriecl Get your peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, popsicles! FRESHMEN 183 S. Attig J. Ayers K. Baehr J. Baffa D. Bare S. Barnes P. Beemer A. Bell D. Bell L. Bell L. Balderson F. Baldwin Oil Mmm K. Beaman S. Beck P. Benson B. Best Ait L. Birkemeler B. Blackwell B. Blaisdell R. Bodenner M. Boersma B. Boidock L. Bolander G. Bollinger F. Brelsfoard K. Bristle C. Brown d. Brulnlng " Let ' s see, turn right at the left dorsal aorta, make a hop, skip, and a jump to the right ventral vein. . . " 184 I. Budding B. Bindy J. Burchard T. Burg L. Crocker S. Day J. Burke C. Burton S. Butler D. Callahan G. Carnall M. Carroll S. Casper M. Chomiak D. Chrism an P. Chuzi S. Crosby S. Deadrick D. Dearborn C. Demoss G. Clevenger j. cioney L. Coffelt J. Cope E. Cordes L. Cordray B. Cummins D. Dacar m. Davenport R. Davison R. Coventry iifc J. Day " I can ' t figure it out either! " G. Dixon G. Do naldson 185 186 J If Mom could only see me now! N. Habbyshaw B. Hall B. Hall D. Hamilton S. Hammell C. Hansen G. Haraldson T. Harrington D. Harvey C. Hassler S. Hawk K. Hayes B. Heinz L. Henderson J. Henebry L. Henry . _ my, _ ..j. ... j ,,„. v- D. Henson F. Herzog A. Hillhouse C. Hodge L. Hoffman V. Hoffman K. Hoglund R. Holman G. Holsinger D. Holthaus J. Hood D. Houck R. Howard C. Hoxie J. Jones C. Joret D. Kamper 2 9 TTr equals X plus the hypothesis of the trapezoid??????? J. Keith T. Kelly y C. Kelpsas K. Kile R. Hoyer B. Hughes T. Hurley S. Hurst J. Huston P. Hyink W. Ilsley K. Jacoby T. Jenkins C. Jenks E. Johnson P. Johnson T. Johnson T. Johnson a 2. M. Jones J. Jorstad R. Kaufman F. Kloster L. Knudsen K. Koenig C. Krause R. Krause J. Kretchmer D. Kruse R. Kuehling R. Labre c. Lapsansky 188 G. Newman L. Montgomery T. Nicholson D. Nickelsen M. Niewola G. Noble M. Massler ' - vf R. Matthews C. Older S. Papanek -J . life tit M. Paul R. Pfeiffer M. Poehler E. Reavey R. Perry M. Pierce C. Polley R. Reinardy M. Reynolds E. Peterson M. Petersen D. Petrillose J. Petty J. Pirchio L. Pollock mtm M. Record C. Redding G. Rezny You take the high road, and I ' ll take the low road. B. Porter R. Redman h ill Hb J. Price C. Puckett P. Rank en urn R. Reedy C. Reid C. Reinhardt R. Richards C. Rickleff T. Ripley S. Robbins A. Robinson G. Robinson J. Ross M. Ross S. Ross P. Rossiter R. Russo 191 mi S. St. John A. Sainz r. Santos K. Schadeberg S. Schmidt D. Schuemann A. Schwammberger S. Seher D. Seifert R. Sharp J. Sharpless S. Siders R. Simmons G. Slager D. Smith M. Smith S. Smith J. Smothers F. Spies F. Spott-sville C. Squires C. Steele R. Stiehl J. Stonesypher S. Storms J. Streb G. Suhonen S. Swedell J. Taapken L. Taylor J. Tertocha L. Thaagaard J. Thayer D. Theobald E. Thomas B. Thornburg M. Toberman K. Tomamichel T. Tomasi A. Tonkonow M. Tomlinson J. Totaro ■ D. Trout L. Tucker M. Tufts C. Turner W. Turner K. Umansky B. Vaughn 192 R. Vaughan B. Vix B. Weller R. Wendling W. Wessel D. Wierenga G. Willcox D. Williams ffll W. Wall S. Ward D. White K. White B. Washburn A. Washington R. White P. Whitmore L. Williams R. Williams G. Willis D. Willman R. Willoughby M. Wilson K. Winn G. Witters C. Wolf J. Wright E. Wunderlich K. Yacabone j. Young J. Zepp M. Zucco Dancing in the snow. Professor Varnum of the Art Depart- in eni designed and executed a seal early in 1904. At the request of the senior class of 1905, the design was copy- righted for use by Millikin graduates only. This original Millikin Seal consisted of the hammer of the mechanic, the palette of the artist, the pen of the man of letters, and the lighted torch of learning enclosed in a shield and an equilateral triangle. Upon the separation of Lincoln College and the " Decatur College and Industrial School, " both of which formerly constituted " The James Millikin University, " the original seal of the old university was redrawn under the direction of Professor Jarold Talbot. The words " Decatur College and In- dustrial School " which appeared on the original Seal were deleted. " James Millikin University " was altered to " Millikin University " and the words Decatur, Illinois, were added. The palette of the artist was removed and in its place was drawn a chemist ' s alembic, thus recognizing the natural sciences which had been without a par- ticular symbol. The pen remained, though in a different position, as the symbol of both the literary and fine arts. An open Bible was placed in the background to remind us of the Christian origin and purposes of the institution. In using as its theme the various elements of the Seal, the 1966 Millidek has tried to depict the multi -phase educational patterns distinctive at Millikin; " in these things abundance and strength are to be found. " SENIOR INDEX ACKERMAN, JERRY. ADAM, H. L„ AIMONETTE, WILLIAM Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi, 4; football, 3, 4; Track, 2; Freshman Camp counselor, 3; Pep Club. ALLEN, GERALD Tau Kappa Epsilon; Stu- dent Senate, 2; Young Republicans, 2; Marching Band, 1,2,3,4. ANTONSON, BARRY Sigma Rho, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi. BAKER, BRUCE EDWARD Independent Stu- dent Association, vice president, 3; Tutor Pal; Religious Life Committee; Inter- Dorm Council; Chorus; Alpha Omega. BARRON, MEL Sigma Alpha Epsilon; football, 12 3 4 BATEMAN, MARK. BLACK, JOHN Delta Sigma Phi; Steagall- Sarran Award; basketball, 1,2,3,4, captain, 3,4; Campus Chest, 3; Freshman Camp coun- , selor, 3,4; Greek Week talent show, 2. BLAIR, ARNOLD Alpha Kappa Psi, vice- president, 4; Phi Mu Alpha, treasurer, 2, president, 3; Song of Norway, business manager; Band, 1,2,3; Independent Student Association, treasurer, 3; Homecoming Theme Committee co-chairman, 4; Student Admissions Corps, 3,4; student assistant, Business Administration Dept. BOND, MARY JANE Zeta Tau Alpha; Washington Semester Student, 3; Albert T. Mills Award, 3; Religious Life Committee, 2,3; Ecumenical Work Camp Scholarship, 2; Religious Emphasis Week chairman, 4; Choir, 1; Chorus, 2. BORG, RICH Tau Kappa Epsilon; Decaturian , 3,4; University Center Board, president, 4; Co-chairman Greek Week, 3; Co-chairman Campus Chest, 4; Student Senate, 2,3,4; Homecoming T ickets Committee co- chairman, 2, Publicity Committee, 3, Judges and Awards, 4; Campus Prologue, 3. BORN, GERALD Sigma Alpha Epsilon; tennis, 1,2,3; Intramurals, 1,2,3; Botany lab as- sistant. BREESE, JACQUELYN Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Zeta; Conant Society. BREESE, JILL Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Zeta; Conant Society. BROWN, DAVID Basketball, 1,2; Baseball, 4. BUDDE, JAMES. CADLE, MARTHA. CAMP, CAROLYN Delta Delta Delta; Tau Chi Pi; Choir; Publicity Co-chairman of Greek Week, 3; Student Education As- sociation. 2.4; Homecoming Show, 1,4. CARLSON, LARENE Pi Beta Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1,2, 3,4; Student Education Association, 1,2,3, 4; Junior class treasurer; Campus Chest Carnival Co-chairman, 3. CLARK, FRED Football, 1; Track, 1. CORDTS, JOHN FRED Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Decaturian , 3; Freshman Camp counselor, 3, Chairman of Kitchen Committee, 4; Base- ball, 1; Student Admissions Corps, 3,4. CORMENY, JUDY LEE Student Education Association, 3,4; Tower Club, 3,4. COSTAN, GEORGE Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CRAGGS, REBECCA. CROSS LAND, NAIDA Zeta Tau Alpha, Home- coming Queen, 1965. CURRY, ELSIE French Club, 1,3. DAVIDSON, JANET Independent Student As- sociation. DEIMEL, ROBERT Independent Student Association; Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Young Republicans; Town and Gown. DELFINO, LANCE. DIETRICH, BILL TOM Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Football, 1,2,3; Track, 1,2; Physics Club, 1,2; Freshman Camp counselor, 2,3. DOMESICK, ALBERT Football, 1,2,3. DONALDSON, DAVID Phi Mu Alpha; Choir, 2,3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4. DOWNEY, DENNIS Sigma Rho; Kappa Sigma; Student Senate; Campus Chest, 2, Co- chair- man, 3; Homecoming Committee, 3,4; Decaturian . 4; History Department Assist- ant; Student Education Association; French Club; Greek Week, 3; Town and Gown, 3. DUCUMMON, DONALD. DUDLEY, SONJA Independent Student As- sociation; Women ' s Athletic Association; Color Guard. DUSTIN, MICHAEL. ELSTON, FRANK Alpha Epsilon Rho. ENLOE, ROY Biology Lab Assistant. EPPERSON, WILLIAM Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha; Pi Kappa Delta; Decaturian , 3; Student Senate; Class President, 1,2,3; Young Republicans; Town and Gown, 2,3; Debate, 2,3; Parent ' s Day Co-chairman 3; Freshman Camp Counselor, 2,3,4. FACKLER, PAMELA Independent Student Association; Sigma Zeta; Women ' s Athletic Association; Student Education Association; Chorus. FENNOY, NARMEN OR IT A Pi Kappa Delta; Independent Student Association, president, 3; Inter-Dorm Council; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1,2; Campus Prologue; Focus on Life Week; Student Admissions Corps; Freshman Camp counselor; Religious Life Committee; Student No n -violent Co- ordinating Committee; Who ' s Who. FLANDERS, KAREN Zeta Tau Alpha; Young- Republicans; French Club; University Center Board; Conant Society; Student Education Association. FLETCHER, DONALD Inter-Dorm Council; Trainer for Football, 1,2,3,4, Basketball, 1, Track, 1; Floor Counselor, 3; Resident Director, 4. FOTZLER, SHARON Independent Student Association; Decaturian . 1,2,3,4; Alpha Omega; Band, 1,2,3; Orchestra, 1,2; Honor ' s Dorm; Campus Chest, 1; Student Senate, 4. FRANKLIN, NEAL Sigma Rho, Kappa Sigma, Circle Kj Lambda Epsilon, 1,2; Baseball, 1 ,2. FREEMAN, GERALD Delta Sigma Phi; Foot- ball, 1,3. FRITCH, BARBARA Delta Delta Delta, pres- ident, 4; Student Senate, 1,2; Pom Pon Squad, 1; Cheerleader, 3,4; Co-chairman Reg- istration and Reception Homecoming Com- mittee; Freshman Camp Counselor, 3; University Center Board; Campus Chest; Greek Week. FUESTING, DORIS Delta Delta Delta; Home- coming preview Show Committee Co- chairman, 2, Parade Committee Co- chairman, 3, Homecoming Co-chairman, 4; Home Economics Club, 1,2,3; Campus Chest Committee, 1. GARAICOA, PATRICIA. GARR, GEORGE Basketball, 3,4; Track, 3,4. GARRET, LOIS Phi Kappa Phi. GISOLO, MARY KAY Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota, president; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who; Scovill Prize; Decaturian , 2; Choir, 1,2,3,4 ; Freshman Camp Counselor, 2,3; Assistant Housing Director. GIVENS, ROBERT Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Zeta; Decaturian ; Tennis, 2; Inter- Fraternity Council; Greek Week, 2; Student Senate; Judiciary Board; Student Affairs Committee. GOODE, LINDA Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Decaturian ; Choir, 1,2,3,4; Honors Dorm. GRIMES, LARRY Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Golf, 2,3; Freshman Camp counselor, 4; Homecoming Committee, 3,4; Campus Chest. GRUBBS, HENRY Alpha Kappa Psi. HAHER, JEAN Delta Delta Delta; Student Education Association; Campus Prologue, 3; Campus Chest, 3; Greek Week, 3; Parent ' s Day, 3,4. HALL, RICHARD Delta Sigma Phi; Football, 1,2,3,4, captain, 4; Track, 1; Campus Chest; Campus Prologue. HARKINS, MYRNA Pi Mu Theta; Student Education Association, 1,2; Le Cercle Francais; Dorm Counselor, 4. HARRIS, LINDA. HAUG, CHARLES Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Foot- ball, 1,2,3,4; Wrestling, 1,2,3,4; Freshman Camp Counselor, 3,4; Student Admissions Corps, 3,4; " M " Club, 1,2,3,4. HAYWARD, HOWARD Tau Kappa Epsilon; Greek Week, 3; Campus Chest, 2; Home- coming Dance Decorations Committee Co- chairman, 2, Theme Committee Co- chairman, 3, Homecoming Co-chairman, 4; Campus Prologue Chairman, 4; Freshman Camp Counselor, 4. HEHMEYER, ROBERT Sigma Rho, president, 4; Kappa Sigma; Student Senate, 2,3,4; treas- urer, 3,4; Millidek, 2,3,4, Business Manager, 2,3; Publications Board, 2,3,4, treasurer, 3,4; Student Affairs Committee, 2,3; Alpha Kappa Psi, 4; Beta Iota Mu, president, 3; Phi Chi Alpha, 4; Who ' s Who, 4; Field Shorb Scholarship Recipient, 3; N.T. L. Leader- ship Training Conference, 3; Caterpillar Internship Program, 4; I.F.C. 4. HILL, ALICE Independent Student As- sociation; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus; Orchestra. HOFFMAN, DALE Baseball, 1,2,3,4. HOFFMAN, WALTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HUBBARD, ROD Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha; Homecoming Show, 1,2; Band, 1,2,3,4; Orchestra, 1. HUBBARD, DEANNA Zeta Tau Alpha; Tower Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; Stu- dent Education Association. HUFFMAN, LINDA Independent Student As- sociation, treasurer, 1, president, 2; Decaturian . 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation, 1,2,4; Choir, 2,4; Junior Year Abroad in Nigeria; International Club, 2,4; Religious Life Committee 2. JACKELS, ROBERT Alpha Kappa Lamba; Pi Kappa Delta; National Collegiate Players; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Decaturian; Student Senate, 1,2,4; Religious Emphasis Week; Campus Chest. JACKSON, KATHLEEN Pi Mu Theta; Student Senate, 2,3,4, secretary, 3, vice-president, 4; Residence Director, 3,4. JOHNSON, SAM Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who; National Collegiate Players; Decaturian . 4; Reflections . 2,3,4; Dorm president, 4; Stu- dent Affairs Committee, 4; Creative Writing Workshop, 4; Conant Society, 2,3,4. JOHNSON, WILLARD Acacia; Independent Student Association, treasurer, 3; Judicial Board; Inter-Dorm Council. JOHNSTON, DAVID Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Campus Chest Co-chairman, 3; Freshman Camp counselor, 2,3, Co- chairman, 4; Student Senate President, 4. JONES, DANIEL. JONES, STEPHEN Orchestra. JOUETT, THURMA JEAN Student Education Association, 2,3,4; Millidek , Co-editor of Index, 3; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1, 2 3 4 JURGENS, MICHAEL Football, 1,2,3,4; Base- ball, 1,2,3,4; " M " Man, 4. KASSNEL, JUDY Independent Student As- sociation, president, 4; Student Senate, 2,3,4, Elections Chairman, 4; Tutor Pal, 2; Res- idence Director, 2,3; Student Education As- sociation, 4; Honors Dorm, president, 4. KELLIHER, JOSEPH Tau Kappa Epsilon; Homecoming Program Sales Committee Co- chairman, 4. 1 KEY, CARL Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, 2,3; Baseball, 1,2; Class Vice-President, 2,3; Homecoming Ticket Sales Committee Co-chairman, 3; Campus Chest Co-chair- man, 3; Freshman Camp Co-chairman, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President. KRAUSE, TERRY Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Decaturian ; Baseball, 1,2. KRIZ, DONA Zeta Tau Alpha; Decaturian Copy Editor, 2; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1,2,3,4. KUHNS, BARBARA Sigma Zeta, 2,3,4, pres- ident, 4; PI Mu Theta, 3,4; Student Ed- ucation Association, 2,4; Tutor Pal, 2,3,4, Co-chairman, 3,4; Student-Faculty Retreat, 1,2,3,4, Co-chairman, 2; Campus Chest; Band, 1,2,3; Alpha Omega, 4. KWASNY, RONALD Student Education As- sociation, 3; Physics Lab Assistant, 3. LANIER, GERRY. LEHMAN, ME LINDA Alpha Chi Omega; Pom Pon Squad, 1; University Center Board; Freshman Camp Counselor; Student Admissions Corps; Student Education As- sociation. LEVEY, ANN Independent Student As- sociation; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1, 2,3; Student Education Association, 2,3,4. LOGAN, CAROL Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Zeta; Women ' s Athletic Association; Student Ed- ucation Association; Independent Student Association; Chorus, 3,4. LOGAN, ROBERT Tau Kappa Epsilon. LOPOSSA, PAULA Pi Mu Theta; Conant Society; Decaturian ; Student Senate; Color Guard; Honors Dorm; Women ' s Athletic Association; Independent Student As- sociation, MC BRIDE,- JAMES Conant Society; Decaturian , Editor, 3; Friends of the Stu- dent Non-violent Co-ordinating Committee; Young Democrats. MC CLOUD, DONALD Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha; Inter-Fraternity Council, treasurer. MC DANIEL, JOHN. MCFADDEN, JOYCE. MARSH, DAVID Phi Theta Kappa; American Welding Society; American Society for Quality Control. MAYFIELD, DAVID Tau Kappa Epsilon, Young Democrats, 3; Band, 1; Campus Chest, 2,3,4; Homecoming, 1,2,3,4; Campus Prologue, 3. MEYER, BRUCE Tau Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Class Vice-President; Freshman Camp Counselor, 2,3, Co-chairman, 4; Inter- Fraternity Council Vice-President; Student Admissions Corps; Campus Prologue, 4; Homecoming Show, 2,3,4; Homecoming Parade Committee Co-chairman, 2; Greek Week, 2,3; Campus Chest, 2,3. MILLER, MARY. MITCHELL, JAMES Tau Kappa Epsilon; Track, 1; Cross Country, 2; Wrestling, 3; Physics Club; Young Republicans; Home- coming Freshman-Sophomore Games Com- mittee Co-chairman. MITCHELL, KENNETH Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president, 4. MITCHELL, RONALD Alpha Kappa Lambda. MOORE, BEVERLY Zeta Tau Alpha; PI Mu Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Freshman Camp Counselor, 2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Assistant Residence Director, 4; Homecoming Show, 1,2. MOORE, PATTY Independent Student As- sociation; Sigma Alpha Iota; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Music Educators National Conference, 1,2,3,4, president, 3; Inter- Dorm Council, 4; Choir, 1; Chorus, 2,3, 4; Homecoming Show, 3. MOUSHON, DUANE Alpha Kappa Psi, pres- ident, 4, secretary, 3. NORTHCUTT, MARY SUE. OVERHOLT, JAMES Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Tower Club, 1,2; Young Republicans, 1,2. OWENS, MOKE Pi Kappa Lambda; Phi Mu Alpha; Chorus. PEDERSEN, MARIAN Alpha Chi Omega, president, 4; Panhellenic Council, 4; Pom Pon Squad, 1,2; University Center Board, 3. PERKINS, KATHY Conant Society. PHIFER, CAROL Pi Beta Phi, vice-president, 3, rush chairman, 4; Student Education Association, 1, Vice-President, 2, Sec- retary, 3, President, 4; University Center Board, 1,2, Secretary, 3; Millidek staff, Index, 3, Activities Section, 4; Panhellenic Council, 3,4; Greek Week Co-chairman, 3; Freshman Camp counselor, 3; Homecoming Queen Court, 4. PONDER, HAROLD Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Physics Club, 2; Student Senate, 1 ,2; Co-chairman Student-Faculty Retreat, 2. POTSOS, LOU Delta Sigma Phi, treasurer, 4; Football, 1; Freshman Camp counselor, 2; Greek Week, 2. POWELL, CARL. PUTNAM, CAROLYN Alpha Chi Omega; Campus Chest Publicity Co-chairman; Junior Panhellenic. REED, KARL Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Education Association; Young Republicans. REID, JOHN Delta Sigma Phi; Football, 1, 2,3,4; Baseball, 1,2,3,4, Co-captain, 4. REINCKE, MARIANNE Sigma Alpha Iota; Band, 1,2,3,4. REINEBACH, DEAN Phi Mu Alpha. REYNOLDS, EMILY Student Education As- sociation; Tutor Pal; Conant Society. RHODES, STEPHEN Sigma Rho; Alpha Kappa Psi; Opera, 3,4; Dance Review, 2,3,4. ROBISON, JON Tau Kappa Epsilon. RODNEY, ALAN. ROOFENER, CHERYL. ROSSITER, JAMES Sigma Zeta. RUBINS, KAREN Delta Delta Delta; Pom Pon Squad, 1; Cheerleader, 2,3,4, captain, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1; Soph- omore Class Secretary; Student Senate, 3,4; Freshman Camp Counselor, 2,3; Chorus, 1; Student Admissions Corps; University Center Board, 3,4, treasurer; Homecoming Show 3. RUDE, BETSY Delta Delta Delta; Decaturian . RUTHERFORD, NANCY RUZICKA, TOM Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student Education Association; Decaturian ; Basket- ball, 1; Golf, 1. SCHLACTER, DONALD. SCHOUSBOE, ELIZABETH Independent Stu- dent Association, vice-president; Student Senate; Tutor Pal; Homecoming secretary; Freshman Camp Co-chairman; Millidek Index Editor; Decaturian . SELLERS, STUART. SHEETS, WILLIAM. SIGFRIED, WILLIAM Tower Club, president, 3,4; Student Affairs Committee, 3,4; Choir, 1,2,3; Opera; Homecoming Show, 4; Annual Student Art Exhibit, 2,3,4. SILL, WILLIAM Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Religious Life Committee, 2; Golf Squad, 1,2,3,4; Campus Prologue; Student Faculty Retreat, 3,4. S KIR HA, MARTIN Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tower Club, 1; Intramurals, 1,2,3,4. SLOAN, K. DALE Track, 1,2; Intramurals Director, 3. SMOCK, ANDREW. SMYTH, NIKE Delta Delta Delta; Decaturian, Fashion Editor, 3,4, Editor, 4; Choir, 1,2, 3,4; Opera, 1,3; Conant Society, 2; Cheer- leader, 3, Pom Pon Squad, 2,3; Fine Arts Committee, 3; Freshman Camp counselor, 3; Jazz Lab Band Singer, 3,4; Campus Chest, 1; Homecoming Show, 2, Dance Decorations, 3; Panhellenic, 3,4. SPAWR, KAREN. STEELE, LESLIE Pi Beta Phi, president, 3; Panhellenic, 2,3; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation; Freshman Camp counselor, 2,3; Campus Prologue, 2; Admissions Corps, 3,4; Biology Lab Assistant, 4; Campus Chest Committees, 2,3. STEELE, RICHARD Tau Kappa Epsilon, pres- ident, 4; Decaturian ; Varsity Tennis, 1,2,3, 4; Intramurals, 1,2,3; Inter - Fraternity Council secretary; Physics Club secretary. STONER, PHILIP. ST. JOHN, BARB Alpha Chi Omega, recording secretary, 4; Decaturian , 2,3,4; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1,2; Religious Life Committee, 1,2,3; Student Education As- sociation, 1,2,4; Young Republicans, 3,4; Tower Club, 1,2; Greek Week; Tutor Pal; Conant Society; Pom Pon Squad, 1. STRAUB, FREDERICK Town and Gown; Announcer WSOY. SVOB, JUDI Student Education Association; Color Guard, 3. TALBOT, JANA Zeta Tau Alpha; Society of Women Engineers; Pom Pon Squad, 3,4; Cheerleader, 1. TAYLOR, MADELINE. THIES, JAN Delta Delta Delta; Student Ed- ucation Association; Panhellenic; Home- coming Committee; Campus Chest Com- mittee; Pom Pon Squad; Greek Week; Fresh- man Camp Counselor. THOMPSON, CHERYL Pi Beta Phi, pres- ident, 4; Conant Society, president, 4; Chair- man Campus Prologue, 4; Cheerleader, 3, 4; Panhellenic, 4; Co-Editor Decaturian . 3. THOMPSON, NORA Zeta Tau Alpha; Intra- murals, 3,4; Campus Chest, 1; Junior Panhellenic secretary, 2; Panhellenic treas- urer, 3,4; Campus prologue, 4. THOMTON, STEVEN. TITUS, DONALD Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec- retary, Vice-President; Baseball, 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee, 1,2,3,4; Campus Chest; Greek Week; Campus Prologue; Re- search Lab Assistant. TROEMPER, DAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball, 1,3,4, Captain, 4; Football, 1,2,3; " M " Club; Intramurals. TRUEBLOOD, ROSALIE. TURNER, ELMER Alpha Kappa Psi, treas- urer; Decaturian , 3,4; Homecoming; Tutor Pal; Residence Director, 3,4. VAUGHAN, SUSAN Alpha Chi Omega, vice- president, 4; Decaturia n; Focus on Life Chairman; Freshman Camp Co-chairman; Freshman Class secretary; Student Ed- ucation Association, vice-president, 4; Re- ligious Life Committee, 2; Pom Pon Squad, 1,2,3; Fine Arts Committee. WAGGONER, RON. WARD, JANET ■ Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-Pres- ident, 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, president, 4; Panhellenic, 2,3; Student Handbook Editor, 2; Mlllidek . 1; Pub- lications Board, Secretary, 2; Pom Pon Squad, 1; Women ' s Athletic Association, 1,2; Greek Week, 2; Homecoming Queen ' s Committee Co-chairman, 2, Parade Com- mittee Co-chairman, 4; Homecoming Co- chairman, 3. WATERS, WARREN Tau Kappa Epsilon; Track, 1,2,3,4, Captain, 3, Co-captain, 4; Campus Chest Committee Co-chairman, 2; Greek Week, 2; Homecoming Committee, 2; Choir, 4; Chorus, 3; Homecoming Show, 2,3,4; Freshman Camp counselor, 2,3,4. WEBB, DONA Delta Delta Delta; Campus Chest Carnival Co-chairman, 3; Home- coming Show, 2, Campus Prologue, 2,3; Band, 1,2; Chorus, 3,4. WESTERMEIER, CAROL Delta Delta Delta; Pi Mu Theta, secretary-treasurer; Millidek ; Decaturian ; Pom Pon Squad; Junior Panhellenic; French Club; Student Ad- missions Corps; Freshman Camp counselor; Homecoming Queen ' s Committee Co-chair- man, 4; Campus Chest; Student Senate; Homecoming Registration and Reception Committee. WHITE, HARRIS Student Senate. WILLIAMS, RAYMOND Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi; Student Senate, 3; Band; Chorus; Opera; Residence Director, 4; Song Leader at Freshman Camp. WILSON, CHARLES Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Parent ' s Day, 3,4; Campus Chest, 3,4; Greek Week, 3; Freshman Camp Counselor, 4. WILSON, RUTH Alpha Epsilon Rho, 3; National Collegiate Players, 3,4; Director, Children ' s Theatre. WOJTANOWSKI, WALTER. WOLFORD, CHARLES. WOLLAN, TERRY Pi Beta Phi; Millidek ; University Center Board; Conant Society, vice-president; Student Senate; Religious Emphasis Week Co-chairman; Pom Pon Squad; Parent ' s Day Committee; Campus Prologue; Student Education Association. YEAKLEY, JIM Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scovill A- ward; Millikin National Bank Award. YUST, GREGORY Tau Kappa Epsilon; Tennis, 2,3,4; Young Republicans 2,3,4; Campus Pro- logue, 3; Greek Week, 3; Circle K secretary 3. ZEMKE, DOUGLAS Wrestling, 1,2. ADVERTISING Congratulations to Millikin University Class of 1966 From the DECATUR ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE Building the city — that ' s the job of th e Decatur Association of Commerce. This job includes Millikin University, which plays such an important role in Decatur. During your student days at Millikin, you no doubt have noted how Decatur is growing. This is not just an accident, but an un- folding of a program of work for the growth of the city, developed by the Association of Commerce in cooperation with governmental bodies, organizations and clubs, as an expression of the " ambitions of the community. " TAKE A BIG STEP TOWARD FINANCIAL SECURITY . . . BANK AND SAVE AT THE MILLIKIN! Start saving now . . . and add to your savings account regularly for future security. Visit our bank soon. Experience for yourself the helpful, personal service that has been a Millikin Bank tradition for over a century. COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Saving ' s Accounts Checkmaster Accounts Checking Accounts Bank-by-Mail Sidewalk Teller Windows Complete Loan Service Safe Deposit Boxes Travelers Checks Free Customer Parking " SPPBJP -- - - - - The I L LI KIN TIONAL of Deca-tvwr MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Founded in 1860 by James Millikin 204 An education makes the difference For over 75 years, the Citizen National Bank has been serving the Decatur community ... home of Millikin University. Since the inception of Millikin the Citizens has, because of its recognition of the necessity of university training for the youth of the community, enthusiastically supported Millikin University, as an integral part of the community. Your education at Millikin University will stand you in good stead as you enter the stream of life ... for education does make the difference. BIG... BUT FRIENDLY THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Hmkv tJttal Drpottt Inturantt CvporatiM Compliments of McManus Florists Flowers and Corsages For Any Occasion 1106 W. Pershing Rd. - Phone 877-1150 Strip poker??? Biology class or the Sub? ... the Sub! 207 VARIETY life 4 Stores to serve YOU • 134 N. Broadway • 1130 N. Main • 250 N. First — South Shores • 3080 N. Water — Brettwood BRAND NAMES SAVINGS ON LOW A popular pastime for frat men. ; h The Bank with Time for You Complete Banking Services Include : • Checking Accounts • Savings Accounts • Installment Loans • Commercial Loans • Real Estate Loans • Safety Deposit Boxes • Farm and Property Management • Trust Services • Christmas Club • Travelers Checks FREE PARKING — DRIVE-IN WINDOWS at THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR TELEPHONE 429-4151 209 C on aralu fa tioni to tke Cia iS of 66 FASHIOH is our business Best Wishes To 1966 Grads MILLER - O ' NEILL FLOOR COVERINGS and DRAPES THINGS GO BETTER WITH " COKE " Compliments HUNTER - POGUE LUMBER CO. 705 . OAKLAND Tel. 428-3487 RAYCRAFT DRUG CO. • Fountain Service • Finest of Cosmetics • Complete Prescription Service Wherever thirsty people are... Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur CONGRATULATIONS . . . and best wishes To the Class of 1966 and the staff and students of Millikin University KEMPER INSURANCE Mutual insurance Company James S. Kemper, Chairman B. C. Dahlmann, President Executive Office: 666 NORTH WATER ST. • DECATUR, ILLINOIS • PHONE 422 8521 Congratulations Schwartz Glass Compliments Company of a 736 South Main Street Friend Decatur, Illinois 211 Marvel- Schebler Products Division BORG-WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS 1966 GRADUATES of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY 212 C uigles FASHIONS FOR THE HOME DECATUR 329 N. Main Ph. 428-7741 MATTOON Charleston 17th Ave. Ph. Adams 4-7464 Jp designs and jpF builds homes jtf0r for delightful 250 N. Water St. Decatur, 111. Phone 428-4601 BLACK COMPANY Thompson-Kramer SPORTING GOODS JYIUSIC LO. 340 North Main 125 East North School Band Service DECATUR - ■ ILLINOIS 215 North Main St. Decatur, Illinois Phone 429-5376 Phone 422-5611 HECHT ' S for " College Fashions " 335 N. Water Street HECHT ' S FOR FINER CLOTHING Is this a Lifetime Guarantee for you? Far from it. A diploma is a sign of achievement. It ' s important. In fact, most employers today consider it pretty essential. But it ' s no guarantee. It won ' t get you a good job, or a new car, or any material thing. It doesn ' t even guarantee that you can hold your head up when you look in a mirror. What counts is what you do now. You can just say, " Okay, world, here 1 am with a diploma. What are you going to give me? " Or you can use the abilities you were born with — and the knowledge you ' ve gained so far— to make your life a worthwhile and useful one. This way takes effort, and ambi- tion. But the rewards can be great. Today ' s world offers exciting op- portunities. A diploma will improve your chances for success. But it ' s no guarantee. CATERPILLAR Telephone 429-4201 DAY or NIGHT FUNERAL HOME MO RAN N. WATER ST. AT ELDORADO DECATUR . .ILLINOIS Nenmode Hosiery Shop Hosiery for Men, Women and Children Complete Line of Campus Socks Phone 422-1755 - 117 N. Water St. Compliments of SWAIN MYERS ASSOCIATES, Inc. Planned Packaged Interiors Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools, Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Motor Hotels 544-552 N. MAIN ST. C. N. Gorham Sons, Inc. Mortgage Bankers — Realtors 407 IN. Main Street P. O. Box 1029 Decatur, Illinois Traditionally Yours, " VILLAGERS " from. . . Downtown 147 N. Water Brettwood Village Nor-East Corner On The Mall 215 With More Than 60 Years Experience And Over $57,000,000 in Assets . . . MUTUAL continues to serve the best interests of Decatur and Central Illinois by: Encouraging Thrift Providing Home Financing Mutual 3 m. Home ana Saviiujj Aaodaiimi 135 EAST MAIN DECATUR, ILLINOIS A Tradition of Service That Began in i9o4 Brintlinger ' s Funeral Home Harold B. Brintlinger Class of ' 34 500 West Main St. — Decatur 111 Madison St.-Cerro Gordo PFILES CAMERA SHOP Cameras and Photofinishing 221 N. Water and 1351 E. Eldorado CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 66 Compliments of from SCHUDELS PLA - MOR LANES Decatur ' s Leading Launderers and Dry Cleaners 2121 North 22nd St. Since 1910 ; i(, For the SMARTEST FEET on campus wear shoes from Nicholson, Claris and Co. RAUPP ' S 139 NORTH WATER DOWNTOWN INSURANCE Telephone 428-7754 114 N. Water St. Decatur Try SUNBEAM . . . and Compare Now — " Batter Whipped " Compliments of Burdick Plumbing and Heating Co. 728 So. Main St. DECATUR, ILLINOIS Diamonds Watches China Crystal Fashion Jewelry Linens Perfumes Handbags Sterling and Plated Silverware Post ' s Diamonds Are " Registered " For Your Protection There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST SONS Jewelers for Over 94 Years Merchant at Prairie Phone 423-9781 Decatur, Illinois " Knowledge is more than equivalent to force " SAMUEL JOHNSON DAWSON WIKOFF FUNERAL DIRECTORS DECATUR ILLIOPOLIS MT. ZION ARGENTA Compliments of DECATUR BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of Pepsi Seven-Up Orange Crush BEN ' S BARN Cecil ' s Studio ¥ ) fsi mnWW »n f ■ X 0 K ) C XVVf S T VI f tJCCQlUT S F TlfZJMlllVSl M t:SlilLir tit 11 Finest in Steaks, Sea Foods, and Chicken 764 East Eldorado - Decatur, 111. Phone 429-2316 631 W. Eldorado Commercial Photographers SECURITY PHONE 429-5429 SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 730 SO. MAIN DECATUR " Save for a Secure " For a Job to be Well Done " Future " EVERYTHING IN ROOFING AND SHEET METAL 243 South Water St. Telephone 428-2121 Member F,S,LJ,C, Industrial Commercial Residential Farm 219 Wise shoppers make one stop at . . . HAINES and ESSICK IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN DECATUR • Typewriters • School and Business Supplies • Book Shop • Gift Shop • Card Shop • Sport Shop • Toy Shop • Office Equipment It ' s a wise student who depends on the COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE IN THE HEART OF MILLIKIN ' S CAMPUS • College Textbooks • School Supplies • Students Sundry Needs • Athletic Supplies • Sports Clothing 220 HOTEL ORLANDO 2 New Restaurants Coffee Shop New Cocktail Lounge Free Overnight Parking 156 N. Water St. Phone 429-4331 From Decatur ' s Largest and Finest Diamond Jewelers To All Millikin Students WELCOME CARSON JEWELERS 300 N. Water Phone 428-6677 welcome, ffl broker j n i n i • townfiouse red house 253 noitfi main 239 touik oakLanA Best Wishes for Success from THE NORMAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY 221 I N C OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORIES 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, N. Y. 10003 212-OREGON 7-7788 CHRISTY ■ FOLTZ INC. Supply Company Contractors - Builders Phone 428-8601 740 South Main St. Who ' s doing this, you or me? 222 Compliments Lnloe s Lincoln Square Drug Service Corner of Lincoln Square and Main St. of Phone 428-6657 SWARTZ Enloe ' s Prescription Shop RESTAURANT « ' o tt " si rrdinc k i r r $ i Phone 428-8653 FINANCIAL EQUIPMENT, INTERIOR and SYSTEMS, DESKS, FILES and PRINTING fl. 0. ic asieUoK fa, X IPRINOFIELO 120 W PRATRTF ST DECATUR, ILL. PHONE 428-6648 IN IN SPRINGFIELD DECATUR 709 W. Jefiferson 1355 N. Rt. 48 2280 E. Willi am 2901 N. Main St. Licensed and Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE Fine Lighting Fixtures - Adequate Wiring Kitchen aid Dishwashers (factory trained mechanics) Preway, Hotpoint, Modern Maid HARDWARE and SCOTT LAWN PRODUCTS Largest Light Bulb Selection In Decatur Your Electric Service Center Since 1942 Oakwood Shopping Area 429-4229— Days Night — 429-6402, 877-7543 Please don ' t squeeze Mr. Eichenauer ' s light bulbs 223 I hope I ' m not late for assembly ROBY ROBY James E. Roby Verne E. Roby Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service SALES - LOANS INSURANCE - BUILDERS 252 E. Main St. Phone 428-3451 LOOKING? See the difference at FLORA JEWELERS Ready-to-W ear Sportswear Jewelry Millinery 135 E. Prairie Phone 423-3644 Congratulations, Graduates of 1966 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Macon County 155 W. Eldorado Street 224 Compliments of THE PERSHING NATIONAL BANK 1000 WEST PERSHING ROAD DECATUR. ILLINOIS 62526 PHQNE 877—1236 Member F. D. I. C. Decatur Owned and Operated 725 E. Prairie Decatur, 111. Now you ' re sure about that. All together now. . . J-E-L-L-O 225 Millikin ' s version of Beethoven. The (ZoLontaL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRABS Thanks for the past patronage . . . and hope it will continue in the future WALTER T. AUER FRED S. COX Phone 423-7223 Compliments of HEINKEL PACKING CO. Yuk it up now! Demerits later. 226 A Mary Poppins reject. 240 S. Fairview Phone 423-34476 Decatur, Illinois Say it with Flowers WW ?5 Happy homemaker at work. Congratulations From Your Alums Lillian L., Dorothy M., and Gene I JUL 15 jL U H, MI-LIj " For Steaks FUNERAL HOME that 239 W. PRAIRIE You ' ll Remember " Phone 428-4429 It ' s even better when the set ' s on! Who ' s got the Old Maid " 229 Compliments of WOARE Compliments BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. of Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 429-4404 THE WINERY Decatur, Illinois AT MUELLER CO.... . . . we have always been proud of Millikin University, its graduates and its contributions to the Decatur community. As part of this community, we help support Millikin ' s growth and progress through grants to the school and scholarships to deserving students. At the same time, a number of Millikin alumni are making major contributions to the success and growth of Mueller Co. as members of our field sales organization or as middle management personnel. This growth and success of Mueller Co. started in 1857, and today it has six plants in the United States and Canada. It is recognized as a leading manu- facturer of iron and brass products for the distribution and control of water and natural gas — two of the basic industries so vital to the health, security and prosperity of this country. 231 Mr. Pinkerton makes the rounds. BROWNIE COAL COMPANY High Grade Coals For Less Compliments of Meadow Gold BROWNIE COAL CO. Dairy Milk :: Ice Cream Phone 429-5131 304 S. Main — Phone 429-5241 840 N. Morgan Decatur, Illinois i , mi $ ' ■ gfv ■ 9| _ .L-. If I only had live dollars and a car . . 232 QUALITY YEARBOOKS FOR HIGH SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES i 3 Publishing Company, Inc. P.O. Box 333 M q r c e I i n e, Missouri P.O. Box 222 Ottawa, Orst., Canada P.O. Box 6091 V iesbaden, W. Germany - " WALSWORTH 233 OUR LOYAL STAFF WE THANK YOU! ORGANIZATION INDEX Adult Residence Hall Directors 96 Alpha Chi Omega . . . 112,113 Alpha Kappa Psi ...... 87 Alpha Omega 94 Campus Chest ....... 64 Cheerleaders 152 Circle K Club 90 Conant 92 Decaturian ...... 80,81 Delta Delta Delta . . 114,115 Delta Sigma Phi .... 120,121 French Club 90 Handbook and Directory . . 77 Homecoming . 49-59 Independent Student Association .... 105-107 Inter-Dorm Council . . 93,104 Inter-Fraternity Council . . 129 Jazz Lab Band .... 100,101 Judiciary Board .76 Men ' s Honors Residence . . 97 Men ' s Intramurals 147 Millidek 78,79 Millikin Color Guard . . . 103 Millikin Orchestra 102 Millikin Pals 91 Millikin University Band . . 100 Millikin University Choir . . 98 Millikin University Chorus . . 99 Millikin University Ensemble . . 98,99 Music Educator ' s National Conference 102 National Collegiate Players 88 Panhellenic Council .... 128 Phi Kappa Phi 85 Phi Mu Alpha 89 Physics Club . ' 92 Pi Beta Phi ..... . 116,117 Pi Kappa Delta 88 Pi Mu Theta 86 Pom Pon Squad . . . 154,155 Publications Board 77 Religious Life Committee . . 94 Resident Women ' s Association Council 95 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . 122,123 Sigma Alpha Iota 89 Sigma Rho 124,125 Sigma Zeta 86 Student Admissions Corps . . 75 Student Affairs Committee . .76 Student Education Association 91 Student Non - Violent Co- ordinating Committee ... 93 Student Resident Hall Directors 96 Student Senate 74,75 Tau Kappa Epsilon . . 126,127 University Center Board . . 84 Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities .... 85 Women ' s Athletic Association 151 Women ' s Honor Residence . . 97 Women ' s Intramurals .... 149 Young Republicans 95 Zeta Tau Alpha 118,119 FACULTY AND STAFF INDEX A Allan, Ralph 30,140 Allen, Jack 21 Anderson, William 28 Andrews, Alfred 30 B Barber, Rollin 29 Barnett, Wallace 35 Barry, Emma 22 Batshon, B. A 29 Benner, Denny 32 Berry, Daryl 25 Bishop, Mel 30 Bittle, Raymond 27 Boatman, Maurice .... 21,85 Bodamer, William . . 28,40,76, 91,94 Browning, L. Clyde 25 Butts, Jack 30 c Calhoun, Larry 24 Carey, Frank 34 Carlson, Earland . . . 19,76,85 Carnahan, Elizabeth .... 22 Carson, Max 32 Casey, Earl 22 Casey, Juanita 22 Castleman, Richard 22 Chevalier, Rhodora 22 Clark, Eloise 22 Coover, Sandra 22 Coy, Darwin 29,93 Cvengros, Mrs 96,116 D Dawald, Victor 25 Day, Margaret 22 Dennis, Clyde .... 24,76,85 Dexter, Richard .... 29,77, 78,91,234 DOdsOn, Mrs 96,112 Dorner, George 27 Doubleday, Neal 25 Drennan, Dorothy 22 Drenan, James .... 29,85,86 E Elam, Mrs 96,124 F Ferris, William ....... 27 Ferry, Alma 22 Flint, James 21 Forbush, Francile 22 G Gage, Daniel 26 Gage, Elinor 25 Gaston, Jack ' . 32,94 Gill, R. Wayne 18 Glasscock, David . . . 32,85,87 Gray, Walter 21 Griffith, John 31 Gromoll, Henry 28 I I Harward, Donald 28 Hensley, Mrs 96 Hermens, Richard .... 29,77, 78,234 Hill, Mary Ellen 22 Hoffland, Richard 34,94 Hopkins, Mrs 96 Howenstine, Wilma 22 Hundley, June 22 J Jones, Mrs 96,120 K Kcttelkamp, James 21 Kerns, Byron . . . 20,76,77,85 Kinsey, David 27 Klaven, Marvin 24,75,76 Koda, Paul 25 Krows, Wayne 19,85 Krueger, William 26 Kuncar, Edward .... 28,75,76, 90,93 LaRowe, Kenneth . . . 34,76,85 Lauerman, David 21 Laughery, Wayne 25 Laurent, Lorraine 35 Leask, Kenneth 28 Leman, Sharon 22 Lewis, Lillian 22 Lindsay, Jacquelyn 22 Luttrell, John 19 Lytle, Mrs 96 M McClure, Dorothy . . . 30,138 McGeath, Orlo 23 McGinnis, Frank 34 McGinnis, Winifred 34 McKay, Paul 16,17 McPeek, Beth 20,76 Merritt, William 21 Merwin, Kenneth 21 Methenitis, Mrs 96,126 Mickel, Jere 30,88 Miller, Roger 33,76 Moffett, Wilma 34 Morris, Margaret 23 N Norville, Hubert 35 o Olsen, Gail 24 Olson, James 31 Ozee, Evelyn 23 it i 23 Waldera, Gerald . ...... 26 p Sheaff, Elisabeth 28 Walker, Willis . . 27 . . . . 29,85 31 Shelton, Ronald . . . . 27,76 23 Peterson, Margaret 34 Sherbenou, Angela 34 Weatherbee, Carl . 29 Phillips, Douglas . 35 Six, Frances . . . 23 23 35 Smith, Dorothy , ..... 23 . . . 30,88 23 Smith, Glen . . . . 3,32,87 Wichert, Betty . . 23 32,128 Snyder, Wesley . . . 35,85 . .... .25 Stewart, Norma 23 96,118 R Williams, Don . . , . 30,136,139 T Williams, William 32 Redford, Gerald , , 21,84 . . . . 25,28 Robison, Frances . 27 Taylor, Myron ..... 26 Witt, Walt .... ..... 23 s Thorson, Theodore . . . 33,102 Wolfer, Marilyn . 23 Tilley, Wesley , ..... 26 Woltmann, Lillian 23 Tompkins, Kenneth 26 23 Sanderson, David , 26 Travis, Elizabeth ..... 35 96 Sanderson, Diane . 23 w f A Schaar, Shashana . , , 96,126 33 Wagner, Charlotte 26 Zemke, Lois . . . ...... 23 STUDENT INDEX A Bagley, Stephen . . . . 120,184 Boatman, Lynette . . . 116,168 Baker, Linda . . . 74,78,114,128, .... 168 152,175,176 Bodenner, Ralph .... 184 Abraham, Bruce . . . . . 175 Baker, Bruce Edward . . . 93,94, Boehm, Mary Ann .... 168 Ackerman, Jerry . . . . 158 97,105,158 Boersma, Mary Patricia . . 184 . . . . 175 Bailey, Lynn Richard . . 89,100, Bohmer, Glenn . 96,132,168 Adams, Richard . . 91,145,175 101,176 Bolander, Carol Lynn . . . 184 Adamson, Jon Allen . . . 136, Balderson, Linda Diane . . 114, Bollinger, Gary . . . . . 126,184 142,183 128,154,184 . . . 90,176 Aimonette, William ... 122 Baldwin, Frank . . . 95,105,184 Bond, Mary Jane . . . 69,118,158 133,158 Baisley, Lawrence . . . 92,176 168 Albergato, Vincent . . 125,183 Baltz, Christine . 41,75,76, 176 Aldrich, Margaret .... 89 91,114,128,152,168 Boidock, Barbara . . . . 90,184 95,175 Bamford, Lynne . . 50,118, Borg, Rich . . 41,50,64,70,84, Aldrich, Nancy . . . . 91,99, 128,168 127,158 105,183 Barber, Andrew .... 184 Born, Gerald . . . . 123,144,159 Allen, Bob . . . . . .... 183 Barber, Mary . . . 91,116,176 Bradish, Carol . . . . . 90,168 Allen, Gerald . . . , , 126,158 Bare, David . . . 89,98,100,184 Brawner, Phyllis 169 .... 41 Barnes, Sandi Lou . . . 112,184 Breese, Jacqueline . . 86,159 Allen, Larry Dean . . . . 183 Barnett, Thomas . . 120,144,176 . . . 86,159 ... 175 Barnhart, Ronald . . . 126,184 Brelsfoard, Fred , Altmansberger, Jack . . 126,168 Barron, Melvin . 123,133,158 Brelsford, Michael .... 176 Alward, Phil . . . . . . . 175 Bartholomew, Mary Lynn . . 184 Brissenden, Linda . . . 81,169 Andelman, Margaret . . .41,79, Basler, George ..... 123 Bristle, Kathleen . . 99,117,184 114,168 Batchelder, David 176 184 Andersen, Wayne . . . 132,183 Bateman, Mark , . 158 Brown, Beverly . . . 1,77,78,86, Anderson, Gary . . . . 74,95, Bayha, Robert . . . 91,95,122, 91,118,169 123,145,175 141,143,176 Brown, Celeste 184 Anderson, Gordon . . . 120,133, 168 Brown, Christine . . 81,91,93, 183 114,184 112,176 Anderson, Linda Kay . . 183 . , . 126,176 . . . . 159 Anderson, William . . 97,175 184 Browning, James , 169 . . . . 175 . . . 81,126 Browning, Lois . . . 50,91, Angleton, ReAnn . . . . . 175 Beebe, William . . . . 140,176 112,176 Antcnson, Barry . . . 125,158 Beemer, Pamela Sue . . 99,184 Bruer, Mary . . . 75,77,81,95, Ariens, Denny . . . . 125,175 184 97,169 Armentrout, Bette . . . . 41, Bell, Denise . . . . 91,118,128, Bruining, David . . 123,142,184 116,168 154,184 Brumett, Robert . . 127,129,176 Armsbury, Randy . . . . 175 Bell, Lois Alicia 184 Budde, James . . . . 127,159 Armstrong, Lynda Sue . . 183 Bellas, Donna . . . . . . 97,176 Budding, Irene . . . 75,99,105, Armstrong, Jack . 123,175 Benedict, Jane , , 79,184 185 Armstrong, William .... 175 Benson, Paul . . 93,100,184,174 Bundv, Bonnie . . . .... 185 . 91,99,183 94 Bunting, Howard . . 96,133,169 Armando, Tony . . . . 126,183 Best, Barb .... 184 Burchard, John 185 . 112,183 Birkmeier, Larry 184 Attig, Sandra . . . 91,116,128, Birnbaum, Rodger 176 . . 100,176 151,154,184 Black, Carol . . 50,112,128,176 Burke, John . . . . . . 93,185 . . . . 176 Black, John . . . . 120,136,137, Burton, Charlene 185 . 123,184 139,158 Butler, Linda . . . . . 86,93,99, B Blackwell, Bill .... 184 169,185 Blair, Arnold . . 50,75,87,89,96 . . 120,142 Blair, Robert . . . 90,158,176 Buttel, Rose Marie 89 . . . 94,184 Blaisdell, Brenda . . 95,118,184 Butts, Kim .... . . 133,141 .... 184 .... 158 176 c Cadle, Martha 159 Cain, Johnnie 176 Callahan, Daniel 185 Camp, Carolyn . . 91,144,159 Campbell, Barry . . . 89,100, 125,176 Carlson, Larene . . 86,116,159 Carnall, George . . . 99,185 Carroll, Mike . . . 137,145,185 Carter, Sandra .... 115,176 Casper, Steven .... 121,185 Cassell, Walt 169 Casstevens, Mick . . 89,98,176 Cave, Edward . . 41,122,129,176 Chapman, Sharon 176 Chasteen, Barbara . . . 117, 154,176 Cheverie, Gina 176 Cheville, Terry 176 Chomiak, Mary Ann . . 81,185 Christ, Ruth 94,176 Christenson, Paul 169 Christman, Danny 185 Christy, Roslyn . . 99,100,101, 176 Chuzi, Paul ..... 121,185 Clark, Fred 159 Clark, Jeffery 169 Clark, Linda . . . 68,115,176 Clarke, Patrick 169 Clevenger, Glenn 185 Cloney, James 185 Clutts, David 94,169 Coates, Kenneth 100 Cochennour, Becky .... 176 Coen, David 89,176 Coffelt, Lyle 123,185 Cole, Mary 113,176 Conderman, John . . . 127,176 Conn, Cindy 115,177 Conn, Susan .... 93,98,177 Conti, Michael 92 Cook, Michele 177 Cooper, Larry .... 125,177 Cope, James . . 89,98,100, 101,185 Cordes, Eugenia 185 Cordray, Larry . . . 89,100,185 Cordts, Fred . . . 41,95,123,159 Cordts, Thomas . . . 95,123,177 Cormeny, Judy 91,159 Costan, George 95,159 Couch, Bill 127 Coutant, Allen .... 89,100,101 Coutant, Fran . . 64,75,113,177 Coventry, Roger 185 Craggs, Rebecca 159 Craig, Michael 98,177 Crecelius, Lee . . . 41,75,120, 129,177 Crittenden, Sheryl .... 93, 119,169 Crocker, Linda . . . 75,90,115, 183,185 Crosby, Susanne 185 Crossland, Naida . . 52,53,119, 159 Crowder, Elaine . . 89,102,169 Cummins, Barbara . . 99,185 Cuoco, Frank 127 Curry, Connie 169 Curry, Elsie 159 Custis, Connie 94,177 I) Dacar. Dan 185 Dalluge, Nelda 177 Davenport, Marvin .... 185 David, Sally 113,169 Davidson, Ann . . 41,91,117,177 Davidson, Janet 159 Davidson, Ron 185 Davis, Danny 125,169 Davis, Lee 91,177 Davis, Roger 100,177 Davis, William 123 Day, John 81,185 Day, Steve 100,185 Deadrick, Sally 185 Dearborn, Dana 185 Deffenbaugh, Robert . . 123,169 Deimel, Robert .... 89,90,159 Delfino, Lance 124,159 Demoss, Catherine 185 DeMoulin, Richard . . . 132,177 Dennis, Judith . . . .99,100,177 Derby, Marsha . . . 89,97,99,177 Deremiah, Diane . . 91,115,169 Deremiah, Jim . . .121,141,177 Deremiah, John .... 121,177 DeShong, James . . . 87,89,100, 101,102 Dethrow, Billy . . 89,100,101,177 Deweese, Eric 90,177 Devitt, Thomas 93,127 Dick, Mary Frances . . .64,81, 113,177 Dietrich, Mary 169 Dietrich, Tom 160 Dixon, Gregg 122,185 Dober, Alan Edward .... 125 Dodds, William . . 41,50,85,88, 95,96,98,127,168,169 Dodson, Diane . . 81,128,177 Doetsch, Pamela . . 98,117,177 Domesick, Albert 160 Donaldson, Bill 177 Donaldson, David . . . 159,185 Donaldson, Ray 98,100 Donnelly, Hugh 97 Dooling, Patricia 177 Douglass, Ronald . . .41,89,100, 101,177 Douglas, Susan .... 119,169 Downey, Dennis . . 50,91,125,160 Downey, Kathleen 186 Dower, William 127 Doyle, Donna 169 Drury, Barbara 177 Dubinick, Chris . . . 95,123,132, 141,177 Ducummon, Donald .... 160 Dudiak, Paul 141 Dudley, John 177 Dudley, Sonja 160 Duez, David 186 Duffy, Marj .... 75,91,186 Dumbleton, Trudy . . . 117,186 Dunham, Harold 169 Dunlap, Barbara . . . 89,98, 113,177 Durbin, Ronald 186 Dustin, Michael . . . 160,169 Dycus, Gary 127,177 Dykstra, Dale 81,93 E Eads, Dean 177 Eandi, Michael .... 86,122, 129,169 Earl, Marilyn 117 Easter, Clifford .... 125,177 Easter, John 125,186 Edie, Colleen 117,169 Edwards, Robert . . 100,125,177 Eilers, Marilyn 91,186 Elkin, Sue 113,186 Elliott, Susanne 113,186 Elston, Frank 160 Elvin, Lyn 79,154,177 Elwell, Bobbi . . . 113,128,177 Elzy, Rose Ann 177 Emelander, Kathleen . . . 79,91, 99,177 Emmert, Susan 98 Emrich, Beverly . . . 79,91, 119,177 England, Gene 186 Enloe, Roy 160 Enslow, Richard . . 1 21,145,169 Epperson, Bill . . 41,95,123,160 Ervin, Eileen . . 75,93,96,169 Etten, Andrea 168 Evans, Michael . . . 89,100,101, 102,123,169 Estelle, Art 133 Eversmeyer, Linda .... 186 Ewers, Patricia .... 119,186 F Fackler, Pamela . . 86,151,160 Farley, Lois . . 84,112,128,170 Farr, Marshall Farrington, Carlyn ... 50, 115,177 Fennov, Narmen . . . 75,88, 93,97,160 Ferguson, Allen . . . 97,186 Ferguson, Judy 81 File, Donna . . . 99,100,186 Finch, Ellen . . . 41,50,64, 114,152,170 Findlay, Ethel 170 Fisher, Susan 190 Flaherty, Michelle ... 186 Flanders, Karen . . 95,119,160 Fletcher, Donald . . 85,93,96, 160 Flint, Cindy .... 41,64,91, 98,114,170 Foster, Harlan 170 Fotzler, Sharon . . . 75,90,94, 97,105,160 Franczkowski, Nancy . . . 154 186 Franklin, Neal . . . 87,124,160 Freeark, Carol .... 100,178 Freeman, Gerald 160 Freischlag, Nancy . . . 75,78, 117,178 French, George .... 141,186 Friedman, Herbert . . . 120,133, 142,170 Friend, Emily 113,170 Fritch, Barbara . . . 75,85,114, 128,152,160 Frohwitter, Dixie 178 Frye, John . . 87,89,98,125,170 Fryman, Joseph 170 Fuesting, Doris .... 41,50,85, 115,161 Futtrell, Harry . . . 41,121,132, 141,143,178 G Gainer, Thomas 186 Galloway, Jill . . 94,95,112,170 Gammeltoft, Margit 178 Garaicoa, Patricia 161 Gard, Elizabeth . . . 95,113,186 Garner, Thomas 133 Garr, George 137,161 Garrett, Gerry . . . 121,132, 161,178 Garrer, Lois 100 Gary, Cheryl 75,81,90, 91,113,178 Gary, Judith .... 90,91,186. Gerber, Janet .... 41,89,99, 102,115,170 Gibson, Alice . . . 79,81,186 Gilbert, Penny . . 113,151,186 Gipson, Marilyn 154 Gipson, Ronald 186 Gisolo, Mary Kay . . 85,86,89, 96,98,102,116,161 Givens, Robert . . . 76,77,85, 123,129,158,161 Gleason, Thomas 186 Gleason, Thomas .... 98,100 Glick, Dick . . 41,86,127,168,170 Glosser, John 178 Goode, Linda . . . 85,86,89, 97,98,102,161 Gordon, Sheila . . . 90,93,186 Gould, Linda 98,186 Graczyk, Jim 170 Grady, Kathy . . 1,41,77,78, 117,170 Granger, Robert 178 Granneman, Richard . . . 90,95, 127,178 Grant, Diane 178 Grantham, Craig 186 Green, Jerry 90,178 Green, Judy 170 Greenawalt, Jim . . . 121,178 Greennagel, Stephan ... 89, 100,186 Gregory, Gary 170 Greider, Gretchen . . 81,93, 117,186 Grever, Gail .... 100,186 Griesmeyer, Jo Ann . . 151, 170 Griffith, Gary . . . 127,178 Grimes, Larry ... 41,87, 122,161 Grissom, Barbara .... 186 Grissom, James 144 Gross, Gil ... 88,89,186 Groves, Timothy . . 125,187 Grubbs, Henry 87,161 Gustin, Nancy 79,170 Grymon , James 187 Guest, Charles 121,170 Guin, Gregory . . 93,95,133,178 Gunst, Bonnie 99,187 Gunst, Linda 90,100 Gustafson, James . . 123,129, 178 H Habbyshaw, Nancy . . . 119,187 Hagen, Henry 126,170 Haher, Jean . . . 64,91,115,161 Haikal is, Chris ...... 121,170 Haines, Majory . . . 79,117,178 Hall, Barbara . . . 119,154,187 Hall, Burton 187 Hall, Richard . . . 120,132,161 Hamilton, Diane 187 Hamilton, Dianne ...... 178 Hammell, Susan 187 Hansen, Betty . . 74,77,80,95,170 Hansen, Carol 113,187 Hanson, Lance 97,98 Haraldson, Gary 187 Hardwick, Stephen . . . 87,125, 129,170 Harkins, Myrna . . 86,90,96,161 Harlow, Natalie . . 41,77,115,178 Harrington, Thomas .... 187 Harris, Linda 161 Harris, Robert 178 Harrison, Sharon 170 Harvey, Deanna 187 Hassler, Connie 187 Hatfield, Lynda 178 Haug, Charles . . . 41,75,123, 132,133,141,161 Hawbaker, Carolyn 178 Hawk, Carolyn 151,178 Hawk, Sue 93,100,187 Hawthorne, Joellen 178 Hayes, Kathy 154,187 Hays, John 170 Hayward, Howard . . . 50,91,161 Hehmeyer, Robert. . .74,79,87, 124,161 Heinle, Anne .... 117,152,178 Heinz, William .... 122,187 Heitman, Grace 178 Helmuth, Vicki . . 81,91,149,170 Henderson, Linda 187 Henebry, John 143,187 Henebry, Michael 178 Henry, Laura 187 Henson, Darlene 187 Herzog, Fay 100,187 Heyer, Elfrede 178 Heymen, James 178 Higgins, Virginia . . 89,98,178 Hildebrandt, Dan 178 Hill, Alice 89,102,161 Hill, Thomas 120,178 Hillhouse, Ann .... 180,187 Hodge, Candi 117,187 Hodges, James . . 132,143,171 Hofeditz, Brad .... 89,98, 100,102,171 Hoffman, Dale 161 Hoffman, Linda .... 99,187 Hoffman, Vincent 187 Hoffman, Walter . . 81,123,162, 171 Hoglund, Kristin 187 Hollonbeck, Susan . . 98,115,178 Holm, Lorna 119 Holman, Rebecca .... 91,187 Holmer, Sally . . . 41,74,75,85, 118,128,149,171 Holsinger, Gail . . . 75,79,90, 105,189 Holthaus, Donald 187 Holtzclaw, Catherine . . . 174 Honefenger, Ronald . . 123,178 Hood, Joyce 91,187 Horn, Jane 91,171 Houck, David . . . 100,125,187 Howard, Richard . . . 91,140, 143,187 Howard, Stephen . . . 100,171 Howell, Linda . . 64,91,119,178 Hoxie, Chris . . 81,127,143,187 Hoyer, Richard . . 140,143,188 Hubbard, Deanna 162 Hubbard, Robert . . 100,102,162 Huddleston, Mark . .121,136,178 Huffman, Linda . . 83,96 98,162 Hughes, Barbara .... 93,188 Humphrey, Jim . . . 41,84,120, 132,142,178 Hurley, Thomas 188 Hurst, Stephen 121 Hurst, Steve 188 Huston, Jim 125,188 Hyink, Peter 123,188 I Ilsley, William Ires, Susan . . . . . . 92,188 91,117,128,178 Irish, George 171 Irish, John . . 123,133,143,171 Irons, Bruce 90,178 Jackels, Robert . . . 75,80,88, 90,95,162 Jackson, Kathy . . . 41,54,74, 75,76,85,86,96,97,162 Jansen, Ronald 124 Jenkins, Thomas 89 Jenks, Christine . . 95,100, 101,188 Johnson, Electa . . 99,105,183 188 Johnson, Johnnye . . 50,81,90, 117,179 Johnson, Phyllis 188 Johnson, Robert ..... 179 Johnson, Samuel . . . 85,87,88, 92,162 Johnson, Thomas . . . 181,188 Johnson, Thomas .... 81,188 Johnson, Willard .... 93,162 Johnston, David . . . 41,74,75, 76,85,87,120,162 Jones, Danny ..... 127,162 Jones, Marilyn 113 Jones, Marilyn 179 Jones, Marty 188 Jones, Michael . . 99,121,133 Joret, Clare ...... 91,188 Jorstad, Jill . . 99,115,154,188 Jouett, Jean . 162 Joyce, Patrick 179 Jurgens, Michael . . . 85,87,132, 133,162 K Kalman, Mark .... 88,90,171 Kalsow, Stephen .... 90,179 Kamper, Dennis . . . .. . . 188 Kanali, Fredrick .... 97,179 Koplan, David 179 Kasper, Ed 179 Kasnell, Judy . . . 74,97,105, 162 Kaufman, Ray 188 Kauppala, Barbara . . . 64,90, 91,93,97,171 Kay, Sharon 81 Keiger, Janie . . . 91,115,171 Keil, David 125,171 Keith, James 121,188 Keith, John .... 75,121,132, 144,171 Kellar, Kathy . . 91,117,128,171 Keller, Beverly .... 91,171 Keller, Douglas .... 41,123 Kelliher, Joseph . . . 50,127, 143,162 Kelly, Frederick 171 Kelly, Thomas . . . 89,100,101, 125 Kelly, Thomas 188 Kelpsas, Carol . . . 79,117,188 Kenny, Penny 79,115 Keran, Corley 179 Key, Carl .... 41,122,162 Keys, Bonnie 177 Kidd, David 124,171 Kile, Kathy . . . 99,113,154,188 Kim, Chung 87 King, Nick 171 King, Dennis 98 Kingery, Susan 117 Kinter, Jane 93,179 Kleinmaier, Ronaldi 171 239 Klingel, Kay, „ . 89,99,100, 102,179 Kloster, Fredrick . . . 89,94,98, 99,100,101,188 Knox, Gary 179 Knudsen, Louis ...... 188 Koch, William 127,171 Koehler, Jim .... 122,133,179 Koenig, Kathleen . . . 98,100, 102,188 Koepke, Letitia . . . 89,100, 115,179 Koeppe, Jo Ellen . . .89,99,179 Kokow, Stephen ....... 179 Koyak, Paula .... 91,113,179 Kraakevik, Betty .... 113,179 Kraemer, Thomas ..... 179 Kramer, Jane 119,171 Kramer, Lois .... 50,91,113, 179 Krause, Carol . . 91,93,99,188 Krause, Roberta .... 89,188 Krause, Terry .... 79,123,162 Kretchmer, Judy .... 188,199 Kriz, Dona 119,162 Kruse, Dean ........ 188 Kruzan, April 10 Kuehling, Robert . . . 137,188 Kuhns, Barbara . . 85,86,91, 97,100,163 Kuhns, Robert .... 96,97,171 Kunard, Alan . . 1, 78,79,87, 124,179 Kunkel, William 127 Kunshek, Rudy 121,171 Kurth, Jerry .... 75,96,171 Kwasny, Ronald .... 87,163 L Labbe, Richard .... 121,188 La Frank, Patricia A. . . . 179 Langenberg, Tom ... 90,179 Lanier, Geraldine 163 Lapsansky, Carole Anne . . 188 Larson, Ellen 75,179 Latshaw, Michael Kent . . 88, 100,179 Laughlin, Larry . . 41,84,86, 100,120,129,171 Laughlin, Linda 189 Laurent, Robert . . . 41,68,94, 175,179 Lawing, Charles . . 124,129,179 Leas, Mary 74,189 Lebeck, Kenneth W. . . 123,140, 141,179 Lederbrand, Judy . .81,151,189 Lehman, Melinda . . . 41,91, 112,162 Levenson, Mark 189 Levey, Ann .... 95,151,162 Lewis, Susan . . . 117,128,189 Lichtenberg, Donna .... 179 Limer, James Richard . . 133, 189 Lindsay, Kitty A. . . 41,115, 149,179 Lindsay, Lucy 163 Lisle, Jamie 189 Liston, Sharon . . 50,113,179 Little, Teresa 179 Livesay, Don . . . 89,98,171 Livingston, Thomas P. . . 179 Lloyd, Louisa 189 Lohnes, Dennis . . . 121,179 Logan, Carol M. ... 86,95, 151,163 Logan, Robert 163 LogBtOtl, Timothy . . 125,172 Longergan, Laurie . . 113,189 Long, Lora Marie . . 91,189 Loos, Carol . 189 Lopossa, Paula . . 81,97,163 Lorton, Harold 172 Loughrin, Ellen ...... 189 Lovellette, Richard . . 133,189 Lubsen, Karen .... 95,189 Luttrell, Anne .... 115,189 Lowe, Lynn 143 Lyman, Suzanne . . . 81,91, 115,172 M McArthy, Janet . . 79,91,119,179 McBride, James . . 87,92,97,163 McCartney, Herb Arthur . . 100 McClellan, Patrice Lynne . . 90, 93,189 McClelland, James .... 179 McCloud, Don .... 100,163 McClugage, Sam 123 McClure, Joy 88,172 McCrary, David .... 123,189 Mc Daniel, John H. .... 163 McDonald, Marilyn . . 100,189 McFadden, Joyce 163 McFarland, Margaret . . 189 McGee, Larry .... 90,91 McHaney, -Cheryl . . . 89,102 McLaughlin, Leslie . . 41,50,75, 117,172 McLay, Joanne . . 90,95,99,189 McLeod, James 179 McNalley, Paul . . . 100,179 McNeil, Bill . . 93,121,143,189 Maaks, Gloria . . . 80,113,172 Mackey, James . . 121,132, 141,172 Madden, Van R. ... 125,179 Mahar, Timothy E. . . 90,180 Mahnken, Patricia .... 189 Maierhofer, Mary Ann . . 189 Major, David .... 127,172 Majors, John 189 Maker, Edwin 189 Malan, Paul Mark . . . 94,189 Malcom, John 89,189 Malloy, John 189 Maly, Mildred 180 Manner, John . .121,133,141,172 Manock, Carol 189 March, Mary Anna .... 189 Markus, Rich . . . 81,127,189 Marsh, David J. ... 163,180 Marsh, Garry R 180 Martin, Linda Rae .... 180 Martin, Rita Sue 189 Martindale, Robert .... 190 Massler, Martin . . 121,143,190 Mather, James 105 Mathews, Donald .... 123,190 Mathias, Steve A. Jr. . . 87,123, 129,132,142,172 Matson, Ellen 90,91 Matteson, Martha 91 Maul, Frances 172 Maurer, Karen . .79,91,113,180 Mauro, Thomas 190 Mayfield, David . . . 127,163 Meinert, Donna . . . 100,151, 154,190 Menapace, David . . 89,100,101, 180 Mendelson, Al . . . 97,100,190 Merenkov, Richard N. . . . 180 Merker, Susan 79,180 Meyer, Bruce . . . 41,75,127, 129,163 Meyer, Donna L. . . . 41,91,115, 180 Meyer, William 190 Miklavic, Steve . . 68,122,183, 190 Milan, Beverly . . 79,91,113,190 Milhollin, Stephen W. . . 90,95, 127,180 Melks, Sean 180 Miller, Diann 190 Miller, Harold 180 Miller, Mary 163 Milo, Mike 127,190 Minatelli, Mike .... 121,190 Mitchell, James .... 96,163 Mitchell, Kenneth . . . 122,164 Mitchell, Larry . . . 89,93,180 Mitchell, Lynn 180 Mitchell, Ronald .... 127,164 Mochel, Jerri L 180 Mock, Jeffrey 142,190 Moffet, Lyle 190 Mojonnier, Pam 172 Mollnhauer, Sandra .... 190 Moiling, Lynn . . 41,50,115,180 Monical, Sue . . 41,43,114,168, 172 Montgomery, Anna Louise . . 190 Montgomery, Mickey L. . . 90, 122,172 Monti, Gwynn 154,180 Moore, Beverly . . . 86,89,96, 98,99,119,164 Moore, Carol . . 41,64,99,115, 151,180 Moore, Kenneth .... 89,180 Moore, Patty . . 85,86,89,93, 102,164 Moorehead, David B. . . 88,89, 100,180 Moose, Larry . . . 89,98,180 Moraitis, Stathe G. . . 127,180 Moreen, Pamela M. . . 91,93, 95,97,172 Morgan, Fred . . . 90,98,190 Morgan, Mary . . . 81,115,172 Moriarty, Cathy . . . 154,190 Mormino, Gary . . . 127,190 Morrow, April . . . 90,91,99, 115,190 Motz, Arthur .... 100,125 Moulton, Bonnye .... 190 Moushon, Duane .... 87,164 Mueller, Jane . .81,113,128,190 Mullen, Robert . . . 127,190 Mulliken, Mary Ellen . . 90,91, 172 Mumma, Phil 120,172 Munch, James 132 Munks, David 125,180 Murphy, Bruce . . . 121,133,180 N Nadzeika, Michel e 190 Nafziger, Dave . . . 95,125,172 Nahatis, Charles .... 90,190 Nanna, Sandra . . . 99,100,180 Neal, Nelson 180,190 Neighbors, Ed .... 123,133, 142,190 Nelson, Michael H. . . 127 Nelson, Terry .... 115,190 Newman, Jerry . . .75,132,142, 172,190 Newman, Harriet .... 91,99 Nicholson, Cynthia 180 Nicholls, Merville 172 Nicholson, Tony .... 133,190 Nlckelaen, Ron . . 89, loo, 1 90 Nieft, Jerry 180 Niemann, Sarah . . 89,97,98, 102,172 Niewola, Mary Lou 190 Noble, Gail ...... 115,190 Norris, Ron . . . 41,75,121,180 Northcutt, Mary Sue .... 164 Norton, Catherine . . 91,93,95, 97,180 Nutting, Susan 91,180 o Obermeyer, George . . 91,93,180 O ' Dell, Diane 93,180 Older, Curtis . . . 100,127,144, 190 Olson, J 87 Onaga, Cynthia A. . . 94,99,180 Orlandini, Nick .... 123,172 Ortiz, Edgar 89,100 Osborne, David L 172 Overholt, James .... 123,164 Owens, Moke 102,164 P Panici, Sandra 81,172 Papanek, Stephanie 190 Parish, Margaret . . . 79,119 Parkinson, Dianne . . 118,172 Parrott, Pat ... 97,98,180 Partlow, Jerry . 180 Paul, Michael 191 Pearse, Ann . . 89,93,95,96, 99,172 Pedersen, Marian . . 41,112, 128,164 Pederson, Eileen M. . . 79, 95,119,180 Peel, Terry Robert . . 74,77, 95,123,175,180 Pelehac, Sandra . . 74,77,119, 180 Peniwell, Jay 172 Perkins, Kathy .... 92,164 Perna, Thomas . . . 90,91,127, 132,181 Perry, Rodney .... 127,191 Petersen, Martha . . 99,100,191 Peterson, Eric 181,191 Peterson, Pam . . 41,50,74,84, 91,114,168,173 Peterson, Richard H 127 Peterson, Tim . . . 41,50,127 Petrillose, Donna-Linda . . 191 Pettry, Martha .... 116,181 Petty, Joe .... 123,142,191 Pfeiffer, Richard . . . 142,191 Phegley, Charles 181 Phifer, Carol . . . 54,70,79, 91,116,164 Phillips, D 100 Pickrell, Frank .... 98,178 Pierce, Martha 191 Piercefield, Ted .... 124,181 Pirchio, John 191 Pistorius, Don 87 Poehler, Mary 81,191 Poelker, Carl 133 Pollock, Larry 88,191 Polley, Carol 191 Ponder, Harold . . . 87,121,164 Porter, Barbara . . . 81,95, 115,191 Portine, Richard Lee . . 140,143 Potsos, Lewis 120,164 Powell, Carl 164 Price, Jesse .... 136,137,191 Pride, Diane . . . 115,128,173 Pritts, Paulette 173 Puckett, Charles ...... 191 Purdeu, Betty 91,173 Pursley, P 97,100,173 Putnam, Carrie . . 91,113,158, 164 Q Quick, Al 133 R Radtke, Ken . . 50,89,124, 142,173 Raebel, Denis 99,181 Raemer, Karen 115 Randall, James 173 Ranken, Patricia . . . 91,115,191 Reavey, Ted 191 Record, Margaret . . 78,95,117, 191 Redding, Chuck 125,191 Redman, Ronald 191 Reed, Karl 164 Reed, Michael .... 121,132 Reedy, Rebecca .... 117,191 Reese, John 181 Reichert, Karen Jo . . . 64,74, 91,119,181 Reid, Conrad 191 Reid, Mike .... 121,132,164 Reilly, Allyn . . . 88,89,97,100, 101,181 Reinardy, Phil .... 123,191 Reincke, Marianne . . 89,91,100, 101,102,164 Reinebach, Dean . . . 89,164 Reinhardt, David 191 Reisler, Harold 181 Rekas, Stephen . . . 89,94,101, 105,181 Reveal, Mary Alice 173 Rex, Lawrence .... 125,173 Reynolds, Emily .... 164,191 Rezny, George .... 122,191 Rhodes, Stephen . . 87,125,165 Richards, Robert . . . 125,191 Richeson, Connie . . 91,115,173 Richmond, Kerry . . . 127,182 Richter, Barbara . . . 99,181 Richter, James 125 Rickleff, Charlotte . . 90,99, 105,191 Rigg, Karen 117,181 Ripley, Tina 99,191 Robbins, Sue 99,191 Robinson, Ammon Dale . . 191 Robinson, Gary . . . 74,127,191 Robinson, Larry . . . 121,173 Robison, Jon ..... 127,165 Rocen, Frank 125,173 Rodney, Al ... 41,50,127,165 Roofener, Cheryl 165 Ropp, James 182 Ross, Janice 182,191 Ross, Michael .... 141,191 Ross, Sandra . . 74,79,90, 115,191 Rossiter, James W. . . 86,87, 165 Rossiter, Patricia . . 99,113,191 Rotschild, Chic 87,173 Rubins, Karen . . . 41,54,74,75, 84,115,152,165 Rude, Betsy (Mrs.) 165 Russo, Ronnie 191 Rutherford, Nancy 165 Ruzicka, Tom . . 81,91,127,165 Saathoff, Steve B. ... 181, 132,143 Sainz, Arthur . . 121,133,192 Sallez, Ginger 173 Salvatore, Ramon . . . 89,173 Santos, Rafael .... 124,192 Santos, Zulema ...... 181 Sass, Dan 98,99 Schadeberg, Kenneth ... 192 Schaefer, Harold . . . 122,181 Schaefer, Paul 173 Schall, Robert 173 Scherer, Jerry . . 133,141,181 Scherer, John ...... 181 Schlichter, Linda . . . 95,119 Schneider, Mary Louise . . 91, 95,113,181 Schinzler, Glen 181 Schlacter, Donald ..... 165 Schmidt, Sandy . . 79,117,192 Schoenhofen, Dale . . 41,50,64, 80,127,120,173 Schopp, Gary . . . . . 142,181 Schousboe, Elizabeth . . . 41,74, 77,79,91,97,105,165 Schroedter, Dennis ...... 87 Schuemann, Douglas 192 Schwammberger, Amy . . . 115, 192 Schwob, Rob A 121,181 Scott, Milton . . 89,98,102,173 Seeley, Marsha . . . 74,99,181 Seher, Stephen . . . 121,133,192 Seifert, David ..... 95,192 Sellars, Stuart 165 Seversike, Lynn .... 100,181 Shaffer, Cory . . . 136,137,181 Sharp, Robert . . . 81,124,192 Sharpless, Judy Ann . . 119,128, 154,192 Shaw, P. J 132,133 Shaw, Skip 127,173 Shedroff, Diane ..... 181 Sheets, William 165 Sheppard, Sandra 173 Shirer, Nancy . . . 41,50,75,91, 115,152,175,181 Shortal, Bill . . . 50,98,121, 132,142,181 Siders, Sue ... 90,113,128, 154,192 Sigfried, William . . . 76,165 Sill, William F. ... 122,165 Simmons, Nancy . . 117,173,181 Simmons, Rod 192 Simmons, Sue 149 Skidmore, Roe . . . 121,136, 137,142,173 Skirha, Martin 165 Slager, G 91,95,192 Sloan, Dale 165 Smalley, Sandy . . 79,91,115,174 Smart, Carol 181 Smith, Danny . . . 121,142,192 Smith, Ron 100 Smith, Ruth Ann 174 Smith, Steve .... 43,121,174 Smith, Sheila ....... 192 Smith, Bill 174 Smock, Andy 127,165 Smothers, Jack .... 132,192 Smyth, Nike .... 77,80,98, 114,128,165 Smyth, Ruth 181 Sons, Buckley . . . 91,98,174 Spangler, Steve . . 41,90,91, 127,181 241 Spawr, Karen 166 Spies, Frank 121,192 Spottsville, Fred 192 Springer, Mary Ann . . 92,98, 118,174 Squires, Carol .... 113,192 Stanfill, Elizabeth ... 182 Stanley, Kenneth L 182 Stark, Connie 174 Stark, Patrick .... 127,174 Steele, Carol 192 Steele, D 174 Steele, Leslie . . . 41,91,116, 166 Steele, Rich . . . 85,87,100, 126,129,166 Stein, Fredrick 182 Steinman, Robert . . . 100,101 Stiehl, Bob . . 89,99,100,192 St. John, Barbara . . . 91,95, 112,113,165 St. John, Sue .... 99,192 Stoecker, Thomas .... 174 Stoltz, Art 143 Stone, James 182 Stonesypher, John . . 123,192 Stoner, Phillip 166 Storms, Sally . . . 99,165,192 Straub, Frederick 166 Streb, John 127,192 Streight, Ronald 182 Strud, Norman .... 125,182 Stutsman, Dail 78,116 Suhonen, Gerald 192 Sullivan, William 182 Sunderlik, Jack 182 Svob, Judi 166 Swanson, Gerald 182 Swarthout, Steve .... 145,182 Swedell, Stan . . 127,136,144,192 Swedenborg, Judi .... 119,174 Sweigart, Janet . . . 91,119,182 T Taapken, James 192 Talbot, Jan 64,119,165 Taylor, Leah 192 Taylor, Michael 174 Taylor, Zack 121,174 Teese, Susan 97,149,182 Tertocha, Jerry 192 Thaagaard, Lynn . . 127,145,192 Thayer, Jacque 192 Theobald, Dale 192 Thielsen, Marilyn . .91,117,182 Thies, Jan 115,165 Thomas, Elin .... 99,100,192 Thompson, Carol . . 115,128,174 Thompson, Cheryl . . . 41,85,91, 92,116,152,165 Thompson, Nora . . 119,128,166 Thompton, Steven . . . 95,166 Thornburg, Barbara . . 113,192 Thrasher, Chester 182 Titus, Donald .... 50,126,166 Toberman, Marien . . 123,192 Tomamichel, Kay . . 79,91,117, 128,192 Tomasi, Thomas 192 Tomlinson, Michael . . 125,192 Tonkonow, Arby . . . 90,95,192 Toporis, Jerry 174 Totaro, John 192 Towell, Lana 182 Troemper, Dan .... 123,165 Trout, David 123,192 True, Greg 133 Trueblood, Rosalie .... 166 Tucker, Lynn 113,192 Tufts, Michael . . . 91,95,192 Turner, Carolyn .... 94,192 Turner, Elmer . . 80,85,87, 96,166 Turner, Mary 182 Turner, Terry . . . 80,125,174 Turner, Bill 127,192 u Umansky, Kenneth V 121,192 Van Baalen, Chris 41 Van Dam, Phillip . . 89,100, 101,174 Vaughn, Beth 115,192 Vaughan, Ron .... 166,193 Vaughan, Sue . . . 41,54,91, 112,166 Verner, Gary 182 Vilet, Thomas .... 127,182 Vix, Barbara . . . 117,154,193 Volk, Frank Joe . . 89,97,174 Volp, John .... 95,127,174 Vorndam, Paul 193 Vorwald, Sue 115,182 Vrabel, Charles . . . 126,174 Vroman, Justine . . 41,50,72, 115,182 w Wagner, Lynne Kaye . . 89,93, 98,182 Waggoner, Ron 166 Walker, Dave . . . 90,97,100, 101,182 Walker, Louise . . ' 64,119,174 Walker, Paul 182 Wall, Ted 193 Waller, P 91,127 Walls, Charles . . 136,143,174 Walton, Samuel . . . 143,182 Wakefield, Ann 182 Warchol, Rick 89 Ward, Brenda 182 Ward, Janet . . . 50,85,86,91, 118,158,166,193 Ward, Stephen 142 Washburn, Beverly .... 81,193 Washington, Artheline . . 193 Washington, Roy 137 Wasmuth, John 182 Waters, Mary Nelle . . 79,115, 182 Waters, Warren . . . 41,64,98, 126,143,166 Wayne, Mike 182 Webb, Dona 99,115,167 Weigand, Marilyn . . . 41,174 Weingard, Richard 182 Wellens, Bob 125,174 Weller, Barb . . . 113,154,193 Wendling, Bob .... 125,193 Wesner, Terry .... 121,182 Wessel, Wally . . . 100,123,132, 133,183,193 West, Russell . . . 95,121,182 Westermeier, Carol . . 41,50, 86,115,167 Wham, Sarah Jane . . 95,97,174 Wheeler, D. Lynn . . 50,79,81, 90,112,182 White, Dave 123,193 White, Kathy . . 79,91,117,193 White, Harris 167 White, Robert 127,193 Whitmore, Paul 193 Wiersma, Sheri . . . 69,86,174 Wierenga, Dave 193 Wiig, Keith 182 Willcox, George .... 125,193 Williams, Diane 193 Williams, Linda . . . 90,99,113, 154,182,193 Willman, Dave 193 Williams, Ray . . . 41,85,87,89, 96,99,100,102,167,193 Willis, Gwendolyn 193 Willman, Dan 133 Willoughby, Ray 193 Wilson, Charles . . 41,122,167, 182 Wilson, Marilynne . . 119,193 Wilson, Ruth 88,91 Winkler, Dennis . . 133,143,174 Winn, Kristine . . . 113,193 Winters, Mary . . . 74,75,96,174 Wisbrock, Monte . . . 89,100 Witters, Greg 193 Wojtanowski, Walter . . 127,167 Wolf, Christina .... 119,193 Wolford, Charles 167 Wollan, Terry . . . 69,84,85,166 Workman, J. R 182 Worthy, Marian 119 Wright, James 90,193 Wrigley, Michael 182 Wu, Wendy 182 Wunderlich, Edward .... 193 Wyne, Tom 182 Yeakley, Jim . . 85,87,127,167 Yacabone, Kathy ' 193 Young, Jane 119,193 Yurieci, Charles .... 132,182 Yust, Greg 64,127,167 Zemke, Douglas Zeni, Phillip . . Zepp, Jan Zimmerman, Mark Zucco, Mary . . . Zuckerman, Wayne . 141,167 80,95,174 81,99,193 ... 105 . . . 193 . 93,140, 143

Suggestions in the Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) collection:

Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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