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t I 1 ILLIDEK Dr. The 1965 Millidek honors Clyde A. Dennis [ Pleascnt;. courteous, with genuine interest in each student, our Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences carries out his duties promptly and efficiently. That he is " on the job " is common knowledge among students and faculty. His good humor, his enthusiasm for all phases of university life, and his sincerity make it fitting that we dedicate the 1965 MILLIDEK to an exceptional teacher, a capable administrator, and a real gentleman. THERE ARE MANY MILLIKINS There are many Mill ik ins. Architectural Millikin with its lofty Elizabethan minarets towering over the parking lots. . . . MILLIKIN AT WORK page 53 MILLIKIN AT HOMECOMING page 109 MILLIKIN AT WORSHIP page 143 page 9 MILLIKIN RELAXED page 93 MILLIKIN TENSE page 135 MILLIKIN AT THE SEASONS MILLIKIN AT WORK . . . . . with its smooth functioning chain of com- mand, from Walt Witt down to the President . . . eight o ' clock classes filled with eager, alert stu- dents, eyes closed in thoughtful meditation . . . final exam week, the outburst of nervous laughter in the corridor, " boy, I really cooled that one— I think " . . . 10 Doctor Paul L McKay President, Millikin University Paul L. McKay, finds time for many community and campus activities. Such events include an address given at Freshman Camp,, attendance at athletic functions, and the annual President ' s Tea for Millikin faculty and students. 1 1 m 1 VICE PRESIDENTS John Lu tire 1 1 Business Affairs 14 DIRECTORS Kenneth Merwin -Alumni Gerald Redford-Pub lie Relations Jack Al len-Admissions ADMISSIONS COUNSELORS James Flint James Kettelkamp David Lauerman William Merritt COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Clyde Dennis Dean Neal Doubleday Elinor Gage E " g ' ' English Wesley Til ley English William Kreuger English Mary Martin English John Reeves English Ruth Rieck English James Berg History and Political Science Joel Dickinson History and Political Science Daniel Gage History and Political Science Ronald Shelton George Dorner David Kinse) Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics 21 Elizabeth Shaeff Modern Languages Frank Dilley Philosophy Don Williams Phys ical Education Ralph Allan Physical Education Mel Bishop Physical Education Jack Butts Physical Education Dorothy McClure Physical Education Henry Gromol I Psychology Kenneth Leask Psychology Edward Wing Religion Mac Ricketi-s Religion B.A. Batshon Biology Darwin Coy Biology Carl Weatherbee Chemistry Richard Hermens Chemistry James Drenan Chemistry La von Yoder Physics SCHOOL OF MUSIC J. Roger Miller Dean Theodore Thorson Richard Hoffland Kenneth LaRowe Band Choir Music Theory 25 J. A. Huff Music Theory Wallace Barnett Woodwind David Seiler Woodwind SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Glen Smith Dean Charles Drake Business Administration Lynn Filley Business Administration Jack Gaston Business Administration John Griffith Business Administration Thomas Macbeth Business Administration Richard Paine Business Administration STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS: Seated: C. Jackson, Secretary; H. Elam, Vice President Standing: B. Hehmeyer, Treasurer; A. Michael, Social Chairman; R. Amato, President STUDENT SENATE STUDENT SENATE: Row 1: S. Fills, M. Winters, K. Rubins, J. Kassnell, Row 2: T. Hallmonn, R. Borg, J. Altmansberger, J. Ragsdale, N. Baird, L. Schousboe, K„ Jackson, H. Elam, J. Hendrian, N. Shirer, B. Stanfill R. Hirstein, B. Givens, C. Kloker, B. Hehmeyer Student Senate ' s main function is to provide a more direct line of communication between the students and faculty and administration. By revising the constitution, the senators raised the cumulative grade point needed for Senate membership and class officers, clarified election procedures, and initiated a change in women ' s hours. The Student Senate provides all-school activities through the function of the social committee. Th is year an all-university Judiciary Board consisting of students, faculty and administration was created. The purpose of the Judiciary Board is to hear charges against students of the University and to make recommendations of disciplinary action (when necessary) to the proper administrative officials. JUDICIARY BOARD: Row 1: D. Doyle, Dean Beth McPeek, S. Holmer Row 2: Byron Kerns, Mr. R. Shelton, Mr. K. LaRowe, Row 3: R, Hirstein, B. Givens Dean STUDENT SENATE: Row 1: A. Michael, L. Farley, C. Flint, G. Martin, S. Holmer, K. Reichert, C. Bradish, B. Hansen, L. Brown, J. Galloway Row 2: R. Amato, B. Epperson, D. Click, R. Williams, E. Ervin, P. Lopossa, L. Crecelius, T. Barnett, H. Schaefer, D. Johnston DIRECTORY EDITOR: Paula Clark HANDBOOK EDITOR: Judy Lacey PUBLICATIONS BOARD PUBLICATIONS BOARD: Row 1: P. Hoeltgen, C. Flint, J. Lacey, M. Orr, C. Thompson, Row 2: B. Hehmeyer, R. Hirstein, B. Barber, E. Erwin, Dean B. Kerns, P. Clark, Mr. J. Redford, E. Turner UNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD: Row 1: C. Phifer, K. Mr. K. Merwin UNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD, a student government organization, is concerned with special programs and policies relating to the use of the University Center. The Board sponsors a variety of cultural and social activities including a film series, an all-school mixer, a Hootenanny, Christmas caroling and other special events . STUDENT AFFAIRS: Row 1: R. Amato, Dean McPeek, H. Elam, M. Toy Mr. Shelton, Dean Smith, D. Hayton, Mr. Dexter, Dean Kerns, Dean I Rubins, L. Farley, Row 2: K. Flanders, R. Borg, N. Baird, STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, comprised of selected faculty members and students, formulates policies governing student life, organizations, social, athletic and other student events. It is the duty and responsibility of this committer to formulate policies in the field of discipline v hich they wish administrative officers and faculty members to imple- ment. lor. Miss McClure, S. Johnson, Row 2: B. Hehmeyer, Mr. Gill, Mr. Luttrell, tennis, Mr. Hoffland CO-EDITORS: Cheryl Thompson and Jim McBride DECATURIAN Jim McBride and Cheryl Thompson brought the Decaturian through a year of growth during 1964-1965. The Dec was larger and more interesting with some six page editions and many unusual feature articles. Among the more outstanding editions were Homecoming, Christmas and Commencement. Many fine editorials appeared during the fall months preceding the Presidential election. Some 40 to 50 students served on the Dec staff. Special recognition should be given to Elmer Turner, Business Manager, and Mr. Jerry Redford, Faculty Advisor, for helping to make this year ' s Dec the best. The Dec served as a major means of communication for the student body through its presentation of announcements, news stories, and sports reviews. BUSINESS MANAGER: Elmer Turner FEATURE STAFF: S. Johnson, M. Springer, N. Smyth, E. Goodenough, D. Stutsman SPORTS STAFF: B. Nierman, T. Krause CIRCULATION STAFF: K. Grady, C. Flint, M. Andelman, P. Peterson, C. Conn LAYOUT STAFF: M. Dick, S. Burcky, K. Flanders, B. Hansen NEWS STAFF: Row 1: J. Hendrion, E. Ervin, Row 2: B. St. John, S. Ires, S. Vaughn, A. Heinle, R. Borg, L. McLaughlin Row 3: B. Jackels, B. Hansen, P. Lopossa, B. Epperson MILLIDEK CO-EDITORS: Martha Orr and Pat Hoeltgen Using the theme " There Are Many Milllklns " the Mlllidek staff has strived to present to each Millikin student a permanent record of his experiences found at Millikin during the 64-65 school year. If the student finds in this book the inspiration to search for " his Millikin " , the purpose of the staff will be fulfilled and the hours of work and the scurry to meet the deadlines will be remem- bered fondly. BUSINESS MANAGER: Bob Hehmeyer ASSISTANT EDITORS: Mary Nelle Waters and Undo Latherow LAYOUT STAFF: B. Carlln, I. Anderson, C. Buckley, B. Brown, L. Lotherow - Editor, S. Snider, J. Putnam, S. Merker, G. Kraft ART STAFF: L. Farley, N. Freischlag, C. Farrington, M. An del man -Editor BUSINESS STAFF: L. Cooper, L. Bruninga COPY STAFF: Row 1; K. Roots-Editor, C. Westermeier, Row 2: B. Barbre, M. Waters, T. Taylor, Row 3: J. Johnson, L. Wagner CLERICAL STAFF: C. Gary, J. Looft, K. Maurer INDEX STAFF: C. Phifer, K. Grody-Editor, J. Jouett PHI KAPPA PHI: Row 1: R. Paine, J. Mickel, K. LaRowe, J. Gaston, Row 2: President McKay, D. Gage, E. Wing, W. Kreuger, W. Krows, Row 3: E. Kaufman, N. Baird, K. Lepp, F. Contreras, S. Johnson, S. Hough, L. McMillan (absent: E. Travis, T. Thorson, F. Dilley, Dean Carlson, S. Hinton) PHI KAPPA PHI, the national honor society at Millikin, is composed of faculty members and students with outstanding scholastic records. No more than ten percent of the senior class may be elected to this group and a 3.25 accumulative grade average is required to qualify. Second semester juniors with averages of 3.5 or higher are also eligible. Elections of new members are held twice early. Each honoree receives a Phi Kappa Phi pin and certificate. PI MU THETA is a senior women ' s honorary fraternity with membership based on scholarship, service, and leadership. Eligibi lity for membership requires an overall 3.0 grade average and a minimum of 86 academic credit hours. Each semester Pi Mu Theta presents a $100 scholarship to a worthy junior woman. The organization encourages scholarship among underclassmen and this year took over much of the organization for the academic portion of Campus Prologue. In addition to selling mums and buttons at Homecoming, members operate the coat check at the Fine Arts programs and serve as ushers for graduation exercises. PI MU THETA: Row 1: M. Suter, R. Eckert, S. Hudson, J. Talbert, L. Garwood, S. Rothe, S. Hinton, Row 2: L. McMillan, H. Elam, K. Lepp, D. Steffon, Mrs. Phoris (Absent: K. Matthias) BETA IOTA MU: Row 1: Dean Smith, D. Johnston, A. Grant, P. Benson, T. Disbrow, S. Rhodes, B. Hehmeyer, Row 2: F. Clark, H. Ponder Keran, A. Blair, D. Moushon Row 3: H. Grubbs, E. Turner, J. Yeakley, L. Cooper, M. Farr, T. Holtzclow, Mr. Drake BETA IOTA MU, professiona I business fraternity, was organized at the beginning of the 1964 school year. Membership is open to all students enrolled in the School of Business and Industrial Management who have passed 12 academic hours with a 2.0 grade average. The purpose of Beta lota Mu is both pro- fessional and social. The primary aim is to inform potential businessmen of the changing business world. WHO ' S WHO is a honorary group of students selected for outstanding qualities of character, citizenship, scholarship, leadership, and responsibility. Nominees are chosen by a combined effort of Student Senate, the faculty, and the Student Affairs Committee. Twenty-three Millikin men and women were elected to the honorary group and their names will appear in the annual spring publication of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WHO ' S WHO: Row 1 R. Amoto, J. Ragsdale, E. Kaufman, M. Armistead, F. Contreros, Row 2: N. Boird, R. Henke, G. Anderson, S. Johnson, K. Matthias, M. Suter, S. Hudson, W. DeVos, Row 3: S. Hinton, K. Roots, K. Lepp, M. Howell, H. Elam, Row 4: D. Wittenauer, B. Carlin, M. Gisolo (absent: G. Browning, D. Hayton) SIGMA ZETA: Row 1: D. Park, S. Hinton, K. Lepp, M. Ufert, Row 2: Dr. Drenan, E. Kaufman, K. Blair SIGMA ZETA is a national honorary fraternity that promotes scientific research and recognizes scholastic achieve- ment among undergraduates in the fields of math or science. Active membership is open to juniors and seniors with grade point averages of 3.0 in science and math and 2.75 overall average. The organization stimulates interest in science and math through its speakers, movies, field trips, and research done by individual members. CONANT SOCIETY is a society composed of upperclassmen majoring or minoring in English. The group meets once a month to further the members ' appreciation of literature and related fields. The chief project of the Conant Society is the sponsoring of an annual writing contest whose winners have their works ■ published in Reflections. At their meetings, the group hears book reviev« and talks on literary subjects. CONANT SOCIETY: Row 1: K. Perkins, K. Hewlett, Dr. D ' ubleday, S. Johnson, M. Suter, N. Bauer, Row 2: M. McClure, C. Thompson, J. Haher, K. Matthias, S. Burgner, B. Cook, K. Jackson 42 PHYSICS CLUB, in its second year, is characterized by a full prcgram of movies and student discussions. The year was doubly highlighted by a talk by Dr. E. B. Nelson, a nuclear physicist from Iowa University, and by a field trip to MacDonald ' s Aircraft Factory in St. Louis. A noteworthy accomplishment of the Physics Club was the initiation and completion of a project which put together a low power laser. ALPHA EPSILON RHO, national honorary rod io and tel evision fraternity, emphasizes superior scholarship as well as creative participation in broadcasting. Members, elected for their interest in radio and television work, must also have a 3.0 grade point average in these courses and a 2.0 overall average. Students affiliated with Alpha Epsilon Rho visit nearby television stations, work with the closed circuit equipment in the broadcasting studio, and make broadcast tapes for local radio stations. PHYSICS CLUB: Dr. Yoder, B. Sons, Mr. Dexter, E. Kaufman, S. Newell, R. Henke, D. Titus ALPHA EPSILON RHO: J. Egan, F. Elston, N. Bauer, L. McMillan, B. Stark, Mrs. Wilson, T. Hallman, J. Duncan, B. Jackels 43 UPSILON EPSILON TAU: Row 1: Mr. Waldera, G. Snow, R. Hlrstein, C. Mueller, J. Rush, R. Barber, Seated: D. Ducummon UPSILON EPSILON TAU Is composed of veterans from various branches of the Armed Services. The organiza- tion has a representative on Student Senate and plans the group ' s activities on the campus. Activities include providing baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas, a booth at the Campus Chest Carnival, and the annual Founder ' s Day Dinner. PI KAPPA DELTA: Row 1: B. Jackels, K. Mitchell, T. Krause, PI KAPPA DELTA is an honorary fraternity whose membership consists of participants in Inter-co I leglate forensic activityo The members of the group compete in the areas of debate, discussion, oratory listening and extemporaneous speaking. The highlight of the year v as participation in the Fifty-first National Pi Kappa Delta Convention in Tacoma, Washington. i. Epperson, Row 2: P. Wenger, Mrs. Gage, C. Mickel, J. Duncan 44 YOUNG DEMOCRATS: Row 1: L. Schousboe, L. Bamford, M. Caudle, P. Christenson, S. Bopp, D. Albert, V. Helmuth, Row 2: D. Robert, P. Hoyak, D. Frohwitter, S. Fills, Row 3: J. Weilepp, R. Miller YOUNG DEMOCRATS of Millikin University were organized to promote the ideals of the Democratic Party, support its candidates, and encourage general political enlightenment in government activities. Activities of the Young Democrats include co-sponsoring a mock election for the United States President and Illinois Governor, greeting Senators Humphrey and McCarthy, and visiting the Illinois State Legislature. YOUNG REPUBLICANS of Millikin University propose to stimulate interest In political issues on the campus, promote the platform and candidates of the Republican Party, and encourage the development of a political philosophy. Activities include precinct v ork in Macon County, meetings with such speakers as William Booth and George Johns, and organizing the Decatur Goldwater ral ly. YOUNG REPUBLICANS: Row 1: S. Spongier, A. Boehme, G. Guin, G. Yust, D. Kidd, E. Cave, L. Perkins, Mr. Gaston, R. Hirstein, Row 2: L. Baker, L. Wagner, K. Reichert, J. Duncan, B. Gindler, P. Meils, M. Waters, L. Lindsay, J. Zelnick, M. McClure, J. Fryman, B. Epperson, Row 3: Mr. Dickinson, R. Leisner, H. Ponder, S. Durning, L. Garwood, H. Lawrence, B. St. John, J. Galloway, W. Koch, P. Zeni, J. Irish HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Row 1: L. Etzkorn, D. Fuesting, Mrs. Pharis, J. Dyson, Row 2: A. Michael, S. Hudson, C. Johnson HOME ECONOMICS CLUB focuses its attention on the field of knowledge and service concerned with strengthening family life through education and preparing for a career in the mcry fields of home economics. Activities of the club include an annual senior banquet, a cookie sale, a style show, a variety of service projects, and visits to the industries of Decatur. CERCLE FRANCAIS, Millikin ' s French club, was organized to provide instruction in the language, culture, and c ustoms of France. Open to all students with a back- ground of one or more years in college French, the group strives to promote interest in the language through a series of guest speakers and varied programs. LA CERCLE FRANCAIS: Row 1: P. Zeni, D. Downey, Mr. Kuncor, S. Mickel, 3. Monica!, S. Chapman, L. Rice, E. Fischer, Row 2: M. Leeds, K. Flanders, D. Gonia, C. Block, S. Fotzler, J. Hodges, S. Nutting, L. Boatman, M. Suwe, R. West, M. Harkins 46 l ; ' w " I " N. King, S. Snider, S.Vaughan, H. Elam, R. Eckert, S. Bradley, Row 2: N. Simmons B STUDENT ECXJCATION ASSOCIATION strives to orient its members to the teaching profession by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, developing leadership skills and understanding the history and progress of the organization. This is accomplished through the various speake rs at its meetings and projects that it has undertaken. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE is composed of college students who are planning to become music teachers. Music Educators National Conference strives to orient its members to the teaching profession by inviting guest speakers and holding timely discussions about music education. MENG Row 1: W. DeVos, R. Eckert, M. Howell, K.Shaffer, P. Moore, M. Reincke, C. Billiter, Row 2: Dr. Thorson, J. Brockway, R. Buse, B. GindL E. Sharp, R. Buttel, J. Price, M. Gisolo, Row 3: D. Coen, B. Kuhns, M. Casstevens, L. Moose, L. Bailey, M. Evans, B. Hofeditz, G. Anderson RESIDENT DIRECTORS: Row 1: G. Wyrick, G. Dodson, E. Houghton, G. Lytle, J. Methenitis , K. Funk, Row 2: J. Talbert, K. Henke, H. Elam, J. Kassnel, E. Hopkins, S. Hudson, E. Hensel, P. Greene, Row 3: J. Buchanan, R. Re zny, J. Kurth, D. Fletcher, T. Hart, Row 4: E. Turner, M. Armistead R.W.A.C: D. Parkinson, M. Wiegand, C. Kelder, M. Taylor, Row 2: M. Winters, L. Goode, S. Holtzclaw, C. Logan, S. Pelehac, Row 3: V. Helmuth, C. Onega, C. Richeson, S. Durning RESIDENCE DIRECTORS group at Millikin is composed of full-time and student staff members. Each housing unit has a director who is available for advice and counseling. Their responsibilities Include discipline; social, cultural and informal education; and effective residence hall govern- ment. RESIDENCE WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION COUNCIL is the governing body for the women ' s residence halls. Composed of elected representatives from each of the halls, it strives to provide unity among resident women, opportunity for their self-expression, and improvement of their living conditions. 48 TOWER CLUB: Row 1: K. Stanley, N. Butler, S. Chapman, D. Kriz. Row 2: N. Traylor, C. Bucklev, G. Kraft, S. David, B. Sigfried TOWER CLUB is an organization composed of those students interested in art. This group is dedicated to the furthering of art appreciation. The Tower Club has done much of the art work for posters and stage designs that have been seen around campus throughout the year. During the year the club has made trips to exhibitions, held exhibitions and art sales, and done creative advertising for other campus groups. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS: Dr. Mickel, J. Looft, J. Duncan, Anderson, N. Bauer, S. Johnson, K. Matthias (absent: F. Elston) NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS is a national honorary fraternity in dramatics. Members are juniors and seniors with a 2,6 average and have accumulated a minimum of twenty points in NCP point scale. Points are given for courses in theatre arts, for acting, and for backstage and production work. This year, in addition to student members, the chapter initiated professional actor Orlando White, who starred in the Town and Gown production of " The Little Clay Cart " . L. McMillan, S. Hudson, S. Burgner, Row 2: Orlando White, J. Egan, G. 1% CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP: Row 1: B. Hansen, C. Bradish, Row 2: M. Ebbs, S. Johnson, S. Burgner CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP was organized to encourage creative abilities in all areas of literature and to offer constructive criticism and suggestions from students and faculty members. In the Spring semester the Workshop publishes Reflections, a magazine containing creative work done by Millikin students. HONORS HALL, Fairview, consists of sixteen upperclass girls. They were selected on the basis of their scholastic achievement, leadership contribution, citizenship record, and service to Mi liikin . Suggested names were screened by the Dean ' s office before they were included in the dorm. HONORS HALL: Row 1: C. Billlter, N. Fennoy, H. Elom, P. Lopossa, M. Winters, Row 2: P. Moore, S. Ludy, P. Smith, L. Goode, M. Wiegond, S. Fotzler, Row 3: P. Peterson, B. Kauppclo, E. Eversole, M. Mullen, S. Niemann f ? M w f o ■ T ' ' ' - t ' -een, L. Miller, J. Crocker, M. Armstror., S. Sheppord, J. Gass " Gobi Tm ' m T ' ' •, 7 ' ' . ' ;. ' " ° " ' W ' ahN N. Eich. Row 3: K. Sullfvo;, S. NuTtwfg A Ro Marshall M p ' ' m mT " m ' = Gfbbs, W. Hunter. Row 5: M. Bunch, P. Moreen, N Marshall, M. Gunter, M. Hinton, M. Marker, Row 6: L. Holm. D. Hanes, D. Cox, N. White, B. Stoon, K. Yueill. STUDENT NURSES reside in Decatur Macon County Hospital while working for their R.N. A woman may receive her R.N. in three years or continue her studies for a fourth year and also receive a B.S. degree. The first year of the program consists of Millikin laboratory classes, nursing fundamentals and clinical experience. Second and third year trainees study more concentrated subjects with specialities. The hospital is also affi liated with the Jacksonvi I le Hospital for a three month psychiatric study. " Let ' s change laundries! " Student Nurses participating in Homecoming parade • MILLIKIN RELAXED... . . .dances and dates. Campus Chest carnival, dances and dates. Fine Arts performances, assemblies, plays, operas, dances and dates. , . 54 ALPHA CHI OMEGA STREET DANCE A crisp fall evening was the setting for the annual Street Dance open to Mllllkln ' s entire student body. The dance was held in front of the new chapter house facing Fairview Park. MILLIKIN HOOTENANNY PARENTS ' DAY Parents ' Day, October 10, 1964, drew a crowd of interested mothers and fathers to Mi I likin ' s campus. Traditionally, the annual event serves to better acquaint parents of Milllkin students with the policies of the university and to present them with a complete and varied picture of campus life. Activities of the day included registration, a special parents ' assembly, luncheon in the University Center, and an exciting football game. Open houses in the residence halls and Greek houses followed the post-game reception in the University Center Lounge. CO-CHAIRMEN: Bill Epperson and Martha Orr An American pianist who has returned to this country after a long career all over the world. Abbey Simon demonstrated his command of the piano before a captivated Millikin audience on November 13. Francis Robinson, Assistant Manager of the Metropolitan Opera, re-created, in his Millikin performance, scenes of life behind the Golden Curtain of America ' s most glamorous theatre. On February 12, Millikin presented, for the second time in five years, the magnificent Juilliard Spring Quartet. Performing together for eighteen years, these Juilliard School soloists ore the best known and most highly complimented string ensemble in the world. 58 Radiant Miss Saramae Endich is famed for her beautiful soprano voice. She charmed her Miilikin audience with the enchanting purity of her tones, the drama of her oratorio and opera numbers, and the gossamer of exquisite songs. FINE ARTS One of the finest singers and interpreters of song in America today, Leon Bibb, appeared at Miilikin before a packed auditorium on October 2. His repertoire ranged from folk songs, to ballads, to Broadway show tunes. Paul Doktor returned to our Series with Yaltah, the youngest of the fabulous Menuhin ' s. The two presented a magnificent and unusual viola-piano duo, their favorite concert form. 59 The great city of Ujjayini set the stage for the opening of " The Little Clay Cart " ,an ancient Hindu play set about the 5th century B.C. Under the leadership of Dr. Jere C. Mickel, guest artist Orlando White played the leading role of Charudatta. Behind these men and the cast mem- bers there were crews and individuals who were responsible for make-up, stage properties, publicity, and all the other aspects which go into making a successful production. Costumes for the play were under the general supervision of Jane Looft, the original score was composed by Bill Epperson, and John Egan served as stage manager. Headed by Carl Key and Dave Johnston, this year ' s Campus Chest initiated a variety of successful money-making campaigns. Not only did Campus Chest achieve its purpose In raising money to send several Millikin students overseas to Ecumenical Work Camps, but was able to donate additional funds to various charities. The success of this year ' s Campus Chest can be attributed to the fall dance, highlighted by the Beauty and Beast Contest; the fall and spring car v ashes; the Jazz Lab Band Concert; and the Carnival. At the fall dance. Autumn Haze, Beauty Cheryl Thompson, representing PI Beta Phi, and Beast John Irish, representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon, were presented with the ir trophies. The distribution of the Campus Chest activities throughout the school year proved most successful. CO-CHAIRMEN: Carl Key and Dave Johnston COAAMITTEE: D. Glick, B. Thomas, J. Browne, H. Hoyward-Chairmon, S. Hinton, K. Hanke, P. Rosenquist CAMPUS PROLOGUE This year, Milllkin had two hundred high school seniors visiting the campus November 20, 21, and 22. The weekend was filled with such things as department visitations, tours of the campus, a banquet, a dance, and concluded with a worship service on Sunday Morning. Everything was planned for the purpose of showing Mi 1 1 ikin from all views. Through careful planning and preparation on the part of Howard Hayward, Chairman of Campus Prologue, and the active participation and coopera- tion of the student body the weekend was deemed a terrific success ! 64 SWEETHEART The King andQueen of Hearts and their court are as follows: Kathy Hanke, ZTA; Jim Hodges, AKL; Ingrid Anderson, PBP; Arnold Blair, ISA; Kathy Jackson, ISA; John Ragsdale, TKE; Doris Fuesting, DDD; Bill Washkuhn DSP; Mindy Lehman, AGO; Bob Givens, SAE . . . . for Whole Hearted Cooperation with Our College ' s Ideals for Student Life . . . and for Serving to the Best of Our Ability Our College Community. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Row I: G. Martin, J. Rubley, M. Shoettle, J. Browne, L. Steele, C. Phifer, Row 2: K. Lapp, S. Snider, K Matthias M. Howell, B. Thomas, J. Ward PANHELLENIC COUNCIL IIWE, THE FRATERNITY WOMEN OF AMERICA, STAND FOR PREPARATION FOR SERVICE THROUGH THE CHARACTER BUILDING INSPIRED IN THE CLOSE CONTACT AND DEEP FRIENDSHIP OF FRATERNITY LIFE. TO US, THE FRATERNITY IS NOT THE ENJOYMENT OF SPECIAL PRIVILEGES BUT AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREPARE FOR WIDE AND WISE HUMAN SERVICES. II N. P. C. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Row I: J. Johnson, A. Davidson, D. Bottrell, Row 2: C. Westermeier, L. Baker, M. Barber, C. Putnam, C. Black, Row 3: C. Conn, M. Waters, J. Browne, D. Frohwitter, J. McArthy 70 " WE CONSIDER THE FRATERNITY RESPONSIBLE , . . FOR A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO THE PRIMARY FUNCTIONS OF THE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, AND THEREFORE UNDER AN OBLIGATION TO ENCOURAGE THE MOST COMPLETE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OF ITS MEMBERS, INTELLECTUAL, PHYSICAL AND SOCIAL. NIC INTERFRATERNir COUNCIL: Row I: M. Ufert, H. White, S. Lumpp, A. Grant, Row 2: D. McCloud, G. Watts, T. Bornett, B. Givens, Row 3 : J . Ragsdale, C. Key, D. Hayton INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 71 I. ALPHA CHI OMEGA ACO: Row I: «. How.ll, M„ Dodson A Mieho.l, J. CowhoM, W. D.Vo,, B. Cool, M. 0„, B. Tho™, A. MoeNeil, B. S,. John P Clark M. P« l.«™ %. Vo.ghon, M Lehman, B, D.cka,, Row 2, J. Cawfo.d, J. Golloway, L. Farl.y, J. Al.xondar, S. David J flrown. P M llJ, l ' :wh:;r.;,rs-, „Ltr:; h°K " °Kt;:,: p°To " h ' n-. n " - ' ™ ' - - — --- " i: Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 15, 1885, at De Pauw University and now has 100 active chapters. Upsilon at Millikin was founded on May 9, 1913, and opened the year of 1964-1965 by moving Into their beautiful new house. The Alpha Chls were active In many areas of campus life this year. Five Alpha Chis were Fresh- man Camp counselors, Martha Orr was co-editor of the Millidek and chairman of Parent ' s Day, and Paula C lark was editor of the Student Directory. Wendy De Vos and Marthe Howell, elected to Who ' s Who, also served as president and secre- tary of Sigma Alpha lota, respectively. Jeanne Browne served as vice-president of Panhellenic Council and Lois Farley was publicity chairman of University Center Board. Sue Vaughan was co- cha Irman of Focus On Life Week. Barb St. John was elected an associate member of Sigma Zeta. The Alpha Chis wish to express sincere appre- ciation to Mrs. G. Dodson, our housemother, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Redford, our faculty advisors, and Mrs. Arthur Ennis, our alumna advisor. OFFICERS: Row 1: Marthe Howel l-President, Row 2: Amy MIchael-lst Vice President, Martha Orr-Treosurer, Barb Thomas-2nd Vice President. DELTA DELTA DELTA DDD: Row I: P. Green, D. Steffan, K. Manhias, K. Roots, N. Niklich, P. Hoeltgen, S. Snider, L. Bruninga, B.Webb, L. Garwood, C. Karowsky, J. Locey, Row 2: C.Buckley, L. Moiling, P. Peterson, D. Fuesting, J. Hcher, D. Deremiah, N. Smyth, J. Rubley, B. Fritch, M. Morgan, S. Smalley, E . Fi nch, C . Flint, C . Richeson, C . Thompson, Row 3 : T . Koepke, J . Vroman, N . Harlow, M . Waters, C . Forrington, R . Antico, S . Vorwald, S . Carter, D . Meyer, B . Ross, S . Parker, D . Webb, K . Rubins, J . Gerber, S . Lyman, S . Monical , C . Baltz, M. Andelman, C . Conn, C . Westermeier, N . Shirer, C . Moore 1 Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University and now has 107 active chapters. Delta Epsilon was established at Millikin in 1912. Returning from summer vacation, Tri Deltas entered a newly remodeled house. During the year, Tri Deltas shone in a variety of activities. Nine girls were Fresh- man Camp counselors and Karen Roots served as Co- Chairman. Donna Meyer and Janet Gerber were class officers. Karen Rubins was Treasurer of the University Center Board. Pat Hoeltgen was editor of the Millidek with MegAndelman, Mary Nelle Waters, Sharon Snider, and Karen Roots on the staff. Judy Lacey was Handbook editor. Tri Deltas won first place in the float and house decorations competition during Homecoming. Linda Bruninga reigned as Homecoming Queen and nine girls headed Homecoming committees. Five Tri Deltas were cheerleaders and eight were Pom Pon members . Doris Fuesting was selected " Queen of Hearts " . Kathy Matthias, Donna Steffan and Leah Garwood were selected members of Pi Mu Theta. Kathy Matthias and Karen Roots were named to Who ' s Who. The chapter received the City Panhellenic trophy and the University Scholastic trophy. Tri Deltas wish to express their gratitude to Mrs. P. G. Picknell, housemother; to Mr. and Mrs. George Dorner, faculty advisors; and Mrs. John Ahlenius, alumnae advisor . OFFICERS: Carol Karowsky-Secretary, Karen Roots- Treasurer, Barb Frltch-Pledge Trafner, Kathy Matthias- President. PI BETA PHI PBP: Row I: J. Siebel, M. Suter, J. Looft, T. Taylor, J. Jouen, C. Roofener, M. SchoetHe, M. GIsolo, B. Carlln, L. Steele, Mrs. Funk, C. Phifer, B . Barbre. Row 2: C . Kloker, C . Thompson, N . Rutherford, L . Boatman, D . Stutsman, S . Abraham, K . Grady, B . Armentrout, I . Anderson, L . Carlson, K . Romlne, C . Van Baolen, C . Edie, H . Lawrence, B . Chasteen . Row 3: K . Kellar, M. Grcbbe, S . Ires, M. Barber, A . Davidson, G . Cheverie, S . Merker, S. Burcky, C. Martin, A. Johnson, A. Heinle, K. Rigg, E. Goodenough, M. Pettry, N. Freischlag, J. Hendrian 4inr WTT " -mfpp -T " - . •• • nB i The Illinois Eta Chap)-er of Pi Beta Phi, one of 109 notional chapters, was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1867, and was founded on Millikin ' s campus in 1910. Jane Looft returned from Denmark, where she had spent the summer on an Ecumenical Workcamp Scholarship. Chris Kloker served as a co-chairman of Freshman Camp, along with Marilyn Schoettle as Secretary-Treasurer and 6 Pi Phi counselors. Four Pi Phis represented the chapter as cheerleaders. The Pi Phis served in several leading positions in campus activities. Lorene C orison , Marilyn Schoettle, Kathy Grady, and Cathy Martin were elected officers of their respective classes. Cheryl Thompson served as co-editor of the Decaturlan, and Carol Phifer was co-chairman of Greek Week. Academically, special awards went to the four girls who were elected to membership in Who ' s Who. In addition, Mary Kay Gisolo was honored to serve as president of SAI and as a member of Phi Kappa Phi. The chapter expresses sincere appreciation to Mrs. Funk, our housemother, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kl oven, our faculty advisors, and Mrs. Scherer, chairman of the Alumni Advisory Council for their assistance in chapter work. OFFICERS: Leslie Stee le-President, Barbara Carl in-Recording Secretary, Carol Phifer- Vice President, Betty Borbe-Treasurer . ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS: Mary Jane Bond-Secretary, Karen Lepp-President, Joyce Zelnick-Vice President, Sue Hinton- Treasurer . Zeta Tau Alpha was founded October 15, 1898, at Longwood College in Formville, Virginia and now has 107 active chapters. Tau chapter at Mi Hi kin was founded October 28, 1912. Some of the participants in Millikin activities were Harriet Elam, Sally Jo Holmer, and Bev Moore, " Freshman Camp Counselors; Harriet Elam, vice-president of Student Senate; Sue Hinton, senior class secretary; Kathy Hanke, senior class treasurer; Janet Ward, Co-chairman of Homecoming; Sally Jo Holmer, secretary of WAA; Bev Moore, vice-president of S .A . I .; and Lynn Bamford, co- captain of Pom Ron squad. Four other Zetas served on the squad. Sue Hinton represented ZTA as homecoming queen candidate and Sandy Lazar was candidate for Compus Chest Beauty . Sue Hinton, Karen Lepp, and Harriet Elam were nominated for Who ' s Who; Sue Hinton, Karen Lepp, Harriet Elam, and Mary Ann McClure were initiated into Pi Mu Theta; and Karen Lepp, Bev Brown, and Sue Hinton were initiated into Sigma Zeta. The Zetas would like to thank Mrs. Edna Houghton, our housemother, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ferry, our faculty advisors; Mrs. Dwight Nelson, our alumna advisor for all their help. B B;own M Fl-de. H. Elom M McClure, K. Hanke, S. Ar.sbury, G. MarHn, M. Jordan, J . Ward, B. Moore, Row 2: S. Lazor, B. Brown, M Clayton, L. Baryford, J. Dyson, J. Swedenborg, L. Walker, N. Thompson, M. Bond, K. Lepp, Mrs. Houghton , J . Zelnick S Hinton lAr hTo ri; L H ' P H h " ' " " pT " ' ' ' 7t ' ' ' " 3: K . Reichert, L. Baker S . Fisher, S. Croin, J . ' wicMrrny, u. Kriz, L. Holm, K. Humphrey, E. Pedersen, J. Talbot 4 79 AKL: Row I: J. Stoner, K. Canny, B. Keller, A. Grant, Mrs. Hansel, H. White, T. Hallmann, Row 2: S. Autor, S. Lumpp, B. Jackels, Miller, C. Easter, E. Houcek, S. Kolsow, J. Glosser, M. Henebry, D. Bruhn, B. Peterson OFFICERS: Seated: Harris White-President and Treasurer, Bob Keller- Vice President, Alan Grant-Corresponding Secretary, Tom Hallmann- Recording Secretary. B Alpha Kappa Lambda was founded at the University of California in 1914 and now has 36 chapters. The local chapter. Pi, was founded in 1955. The flower is the golden yellow Purnett Rose. Alpha Kappa Lambda began its tenth school year at Millikin by pledging seven men and by placing in the top five chapters in the Scholarship, Campus Activities, Religious Activities, and AKL Loyalty Award Divisions at the Golden Anniverary Conclave. Fall semester found the AKL ' s busily building a float with the Alpha Chi ' s, planning a fine arts reception with the Zeta ' s and serving on numerous campus committees. In addition to studying, the brotherhood had exchanges with all the sororities and several house parties. During the year. Bob Jackels and Tom Hallmann participated in the Town and Gown productions of " The Little Clay Cart, " and " Banners of Steel " . Brother Jackels also served as a member of the Fine Arts Committee, as Secretary-Treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta, and as a member of Alpha Epsilon Rho and National Collegiate Players. Tom Hallmann was elected Vice-President of Alpha Epsilon Rho. Alan Grant was named Treasurer of the Interfraternity Council and a member of the Millikin Young Republican ' s Executive Board. The Fraternity owes debts of gratitude to Harris White and Bob Keller for their leadership during the year, to Alums Ed Wilson and Brian Cushing for their support, to Mrs. Hensel, our housemother, and to Dr. Carl Weatherbee, our facuty advisor. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA PHI Dell-Q Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the City College of New York and there are 100 chapters. The local chapter. Alpha Lambda, was established in April of 1921. The flower is the white carnation . Bill Corum and Don Hayton brought many new ideas for house management, scholarship, rushing and interfraternity cooperation from the Chapter Leadership Conference held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . The Delta Sigs spent a profitable year in athletic and campus activities. Heading the list was Don Hayton who provided leadership In Inter- fraternity Council and was elected to Who ' s Who. Dave Johnston was Co-chairman of Campus Chest activities. Serving with Dave were John Black, Co-chairman of the assembly program, and Rich Hall, Co-chairman of the dance. Larry Laughlin served as president of University Center Board. Committee members of University Center Board included Mike Ufert, Rudy Kunshek, and Steve Smith. In addition to these activities the Delta Sigs are proud of Larry Laughlin, Mike Ufert, Don Hayton, Steve Helm, John Black, Dave Johnston, and Dave Blue who were counselors at Freshman Camp. Delta Sigs also participated in football, basketball, golf, wrestling, track, tennis and baseball. Social highlights of the year included the Sailor ' s Ball, The Carnation Ball, a Pledge Dance, an active donee, and several exchanges The men of Delta Sigma Phi wish to express deep appreciation to Mrs. Jeffers, the Sphinx Club, Mr. William Williams, and Mr. Richard Castleman for their loyal support during another successful year. OFFICERS: Seated: Mike Ufert-President, Don Hayton-Vice President, Standing: Harold Ponder-Recording Secretary, Steve Helm-Treasurer, Larry Laughlin-Corresponding Secretary. DSP: Row 1: R. Jones, D. Blue, D. Hayton, S. Helm, Mrs. Jeffers, M. Ufert, L. Laughlin, L. Barry, B. Washkuhn, H. Ponder, Row 2: R. Hall, C. Guest, R. Skidmore, B. Corum, J . Greenawalt, H. Futrell, T. Hill, J. Black, P. Mumma, R. Kunshek, J. Deremiah,L. Robinson, T. Schmidt, D. Johnston, M. Huddleston, C., M. Reid, Row 3: B. Shortal, G. Schopp, R. West, T. Barnett, J. Keith, Z. Taylor, R. Norris, Row 4: E. Russell, L. Crecelius, D. DeMoulin, J. Deremiah, B. Edwards, D. Robbins, Row 5: T. Hemleb, J. Lyeria, J. Smith, G. Garrett 83 SAE: Row 1: Mrs. H. Scherer, G. Watts, F. Cordts, C. Key, D. Keller, J. Brissenden, D. Allan, L. McCrary, D. Troemper, J. May, J. Irish Row 2- B. Schoettle, M. Campbell, J. Armstrong, D. Hoffman, M. Barron, D. McCloud, G. Browning, J. Overholt, C. Haug, J. Born, K. Blair, M.Montgomery B. Sill, B. Deffenbaugh, C. Reed, Row 3: J. Hetz, M. Brelsford, L. Grimes, B. Aimonette, M. Eandi, T. Krause, K. Mitchell, C. Wilson, M Evans ' C. Werstem, W. Hoffman, Row 4: M. Bader, R. Armsbury, B. Madigan, M. Skirha, J. Helm, J. Coston, S. Mathias, S. Thayer, B. Epperson P Pew ' N. Orlandini, Row 5: D. Berry, I. Padget, J. Borders, J. Colvis, C. Dubrnick, K. Lebeck, J. Craig, B. Bayho, G. Anderson, E. Cave, T. Cordts ' , P. Joyce, R. Lugori, G. Knox, J. Gustavson ' ' OFFICERS: Seated: George Browning-Treasurer. Standing: Fred Cordts-Secretary, Doug Keller-Vice President, Gary Watts-President. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama. There are 145 chapters. The local chapter, Illinois Delta, was founded In January of 1911. The flower is the violet. SAE is proud of its leaders in campus activities Class officers include: John May, Senior Class Vice-President; Bill Epperson, Junior Class President; Carl Key, Junior Class Vice-President; and Ed Cave, Freshman Class Vice-President. Other campus leaders include: George Browning, Freshman Camp Co-chciirman; Bill Epperson, Parents Day Co-chairman; Carl Key, Campus Chest Co-chairman; Bill Epperson, Young Republican Club President; Carl Key, IFC Vice-President; and Keith Blair, Sigma Zeta President. George Browning was elected to Who ' s Who this year. Bob Givens received the Decatur Jaycee Award . SAE again held several social functions. Among these were the Bootleg Drag, Pajama Dance, Spring Formal, Apple Polishers Day, and the Founders Day Banquet. The men of SAE wish to express their appre- ciation to Mrs. Helen Scherer, our Housemother, Mrs. Mary Jordan, our cook, and Mr. Gerald Waldera, who helped make the 1964-65 year such a tremendous success. 85 TKE: Row 1: D. Ashby, J. Amato, S. Clemens, J. Brockway, S. Newell, J. Harris, R. Amato, J. Keys, G. Anderson, A. Rodney, D . Park, A. Smock, V. Sloan, J. Robinson, Mrs. Methenitis, D. VanLyssel, H. Hayward, P. Rosenquist, N. Bristow, J. Ragsdole, Row 2: P. Stark, C. Vrabel , M. McNeil, D. Titus, R. Steele, G. Allen, B. Dodds, J. Yeakley, H. Hagen, D. Jones, J. Mitchell, B. Couch, D. Click, D. Kunkel, J. Kelliher, J. Rugh, B. Meis, B. Meyer, W. Waters, D. Mayfield, J. Budde, G. Yust. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsllon was founded at Illinois Wesleyan in 1899 and has grown to 162 chapters. Beta Chapter of Mlllikin was established in April of 1909. The chapter flower is the red carnation. The Teke ' s sent eight men besides one of the co-chairmen, Jim Harris, to Freshman Camp. Those who went were Ron Amato, Gary Anderson, Rich Borg, Bill Dodds, Dick Glick, Howie Hayward, Bruce Meyer, and Warren Waters. Rush found the Teke ' s quite successful, with the pledging of thirty-nine men. In addition to our new pledge class we also received a new Housemother, Mrs. Joan Methenitis and a new cook , " Goldie . " Class noteables included: John Ragsdale, President of Senior Class; Dick G|ick and Bill Dodds, President and Vice-President of Sophomore Class; and Dick Edwards, President of Freshman Class. In addition, Ron Amato was elected President of the Student Senate and Nick King was President of S.E.A. The Teke ' s were proud of Parker Rosenquist who was Co-chairman of Homecoming, and were equally happy that the " house-dec " trophy was once again kept within the halls of TKE. Howie Hayward was Chairman of Campus Prologue. Among those elected to Who ' s Who were Gary Anderson and John Ragsdale. The Teke ' s participated in every sports activity. The Teke ' s under the leadership of President John Ragsdale hod a successful year. This could not have been possible without the help of our faculty advisors, Mr. Dave Glasscock and Mr. Ken Merwin. To them we would like to say, " Thanks! " TKE: Row 1: P. Walker, D. Munks, G. Marsh, D. Keil, T. Leedham, A. Bernstein, S. Burstein, S. Moraitis, N. Franklin, T. Ruzicka, D. Peterson, J. Cook, G . Cello, M. Daddio, R . Gronneman, E . DeWeese, K. Richmond, D . Mitchell, Row 2: J. Volp, G . Dycus, B . Goldsworthy, D . Gonski, M. Beatty, B. Dethrow, T. Pete rson, T. VI let, J, Condermon, D. Schoenhofen, D. Edwards, M. Nelson, G. Griffith, S. Spongier B Brummet J Altmansburger, S. Milhollin, B. Johnson, T. Perna OFFICERS: Seated: John Rogsdale-President, Standing: Dean Ashby-Vice President, Don Titus-Secretary, Howard Hayward-Chaplain, Norm Bristow-Treasurer, Warren Waters-Pledge Trainer, Jon Robison-Sergeant-at-Arms . OFFICERS: Rowl: Sherry Wiersma-Secretary , Narmen Fennoy-President, Row 2: Walter Koch-Vice President, Mari lyn Wiegond-Publicity, Pom Pack ler-Assistant Secretary, Arnold Blair-Treasurer INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION ISA: Row 1: M. Taylor, K. Jackson, M. Derby, C. Logan, P. Fackler, A. Levey, P. Moore, P. Lopossa, M. Wiegand, D. Doyle, S. Wiersma, Row 2: J. Adolphson, C. Duff, N. Harrison, S. Mitchell, C. Custis, S. Strang, N. Crawford, S. Fotzler, C. Kelder, C. Bradish, B. Kauppala, ' E. Eversole, S. Fills, B. Stanfill, Row 3: M. Cannon, D. Roberts, L. Schousboe, M. Armistead, R. Deimel, A. Boehme, Row 4: E. Baker, W. Koch, N. Fennoy, A. Blair, B. Beebe 88 The Independent Student Association seeks to promote organized social, cultural, and academic activities for the independent students of Millikin University and at the same time for the betterment of the entire campus community. The " Indees " , who have within the last two years blossomed into full force, have made many changes in their structura I pattern . Having adopted a new I. S. A. constitution, this co-ed organization has set up plans for both a voting and non-voting membership and also a Board of Review. Plans for the year included: reception for Leon Bibb, hot-dogananny, carwashes, bake sales, a fad party, and discussion groups. Most excited, the Independents looked forward to the spring formal — the first in many years. MILLIKIN AT HOMECOMING... • . .feverish decoration of houses and floats. . . a strange menagerie of mechanical chariots, mechanical spiders, and mechanical pledges. The parade that never starts on time. . .the crowning of the queen... the football game with its bloody and muddy heroes. . .the sound of victory from the whistle on the powerhouse and the dance of the hours, with partners paralyzed with joy, or is it exhaustion. . . ? : OCT. 22 ' .S CT.23 1964 HOMECOMING " Blues on Broadway " swept the campus October 23 and 24. Yard decorations at dormitories and Greek houses welcomed alums to their Alma Mater and gave a new look to Mllllkin. The Homecoming Show entitled, " A Funny Thing Happened To Us While We Were On Broadway " played to a full house for three performances. Other highlights of the weekend included the bonfire and pep rally, freshman-sophomore games on Friday, and the parade and football game on Saturday. The final touches for Homecoming 1964 were the traditional dance, featuring Johnny Renaldo and his Orchestra, and the concert presented by the Four Freshmen. Despite M.U. ' s loss to their arch rivals, Illinois Wesleyan, the weekend was one of fun, excitement, and feverish activity. . .a crown- ing success " on Broadway. " HOMECOMING CO-CHAIRMEN: Janet Ward and Parker Rosenquist HOMECOMING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Row 1: D. Fuesting, C. Flint, J. Hendrian, B. FrUch, J. Lacey, J. Rubley, K. Roots, R. McTaggart, Row 2: R. Borg, H. Ha ward, P. Hoeltgen, L. McLaughlin, M. Suter, N. Smyth, L. Lotherow, S. Holmer, D. Downey, J. Amato, Row 3: D. Ashby, B. Dodds, D. Von Lysell, D. Verre 94 HOMECOMING SHOW " A Funny Thing Happened To Us While We Were On Brcxidway " traced the adventures of three small-town girls (Lois Farley, Candy Billiter, and Judy Kay Siebel) on their first trip to the Great White Way. Under the direction of Linda Latherow and Dan Verre, the cast gave splices of familiar Broadway productions with a special Millikin twist. The program featured Conrad Birdie (Lance Hanson), Gypsy Rose Lee (Carlyn Farrlngton), and a dance from Hernando ' s Hide-away. Queen Linda B. Reigning over the 1964 Homecoming festivities was regal " Queen Linda B. " This vivacious senior is on elementary education major from Springfield, Illinois. Active on campus, Linda ' s activities include: Co-captain of the cheerleading squad. Freshman Camp counselor. Homecoming and Variety Shows, Faculty Editor of the Mi I lidek . Town and Gown Productions, Delta Delta Delta Historian and Sponsor Chairman, Student Senate Social Committees, Candidate for Miss Outdoors, and Campus Beauty Candidate. Linda and three other coeds spent the past summer touring the European countries of England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. She was most fasci- nated by Barcelona, Spain for its mysterious and romantic culture. Clearly an outstanding Mil likin student, Linda Beth Bruninga possesses the qualities of a true Queen. LINDA BETH BRUNINGA Delta Delta Delta BARBARA CARLIN Pi Beta Phi MARTHE HOWELL Alpha Chi Omega SUE HINTON NARMEN FENNOY Zeto Tau Alpha Independent Student Association A busy day for the Queen and her Court! .11 Pi Beta Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Delta Delta MILLIKIN ' S BROADWAY Alpha Chi Omega i RHDY Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Lambda WELCOMED ALUMS Sigma Alpha Epsilon Yard decoratiohs at dormitories and Greek houses welcomed alums to their Alma Mater and gave a new look to the campus. Houses in competition used various Broadway shows to boost the overall Homecoming theme of " Blues on Broadway. " We will all remember the long hours spent stuffing chicken-wire and making flowers; but, most of all, we will remember the satisfaction of admiring our finished products. Winning themes were " Delta Flowers Drum, Welcome Alums, " by Delta Delta Delta, and " Ahoy, Alums, Welcome Aboard " the Sangamon Belle, by Tau Kappa Epsilon. ueira iigma Phi 101 before the performance during elections on the bench in the crowd . . . 1 1 1 Delta Delta Delta I lii Sil ill i I Pi Beta Phi Zeta Tau Alpha 4 during women ' s rush . . . I Alpha Chi Omega I 1 2 THE BIG BLUE ' S COACHES Don Wi 1 1 lams Athletic Director Bosketbal I and Golf Coach Ralph Allan Cross Country Coach Jack Butts Wrestling, Track and Ass ' t Footbal I Coach Mel Bishop Football and Boseball Coach 1 THE " M " MAN The 1965 Millidek has selected John " Hondo " Helm as the " ' M ' Man of the Year. " The selection was made on the basis of scholarship, athletic ability, sportsmanship and extracurricular activities. John is an outstanding athlete who excelled primarily in football and baseball for Millikin. However, while prepping at Taylorville High School, John was an All-State basketball player. John played outstanding football for Millikin this past year and led the Big Blue baseball nine to a CCI championship last spring. A member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the M-Club, and the Illinois High School Athletic Offi cials Association, John plans to teach and coach upon graduation. John is a very sports-minded individual who hopes to concentrate on basketball in his coaching career. He is respected in sport circles not only at Millikin, but in various parts of the state. John is an out- standing athlete and truly deserving of the " ' M ' AAan wM M 1 Jim McHenry ' 65 Co-Captain Howard Bunting ' 67 Dennis Winkler ' 67 1964 FOOTBALL The Big Blue found the 1964 season to be one plagued by both injuries and lack of experi- • enced personnel for the duration of a rather dismal campaign. However, the experience gained throughout the year will undoubtedly be a great asset for the predicted comeback of the Big Blue Mike Reid ' 66 John Helm ' 65 FOOTBALL SQUAD: Row I: J. Greenawalt, C. Key, R. Hall, H. Friedman, M. Barron, L. Laughlin, D. Blue, D. Munn, Row 2: J. Fuson, P. Show, D. Winkler, G. Garrett,!. Deitrich, H. Bunting, M. Farr, J. Buchanan, B. Madigan, J. McHenry, S. Mathias, B. Aimonette, J. Scherer, J. Smith, Bob Madigan ' 65 Co-Captain SQUAD Mike Feely ' 67 next fall. Missed next year will be Co-captains Jim McHenry and Bob Madigan, and other seniors John Helm, John Buchanan, Dick Munn, John May, Dave Blue and Ken McGhle who closed out a brilliant football career at Millikin. Rich Hall ' 66 Paul Show ' 67 Ken McGhie ' 65 Mike Jurgens ' 66 Row 3: Ass ' tCoach J. Butts, J. Newman, M. Reid, C. Haug, M. Jurgens, J. Keith, J. May, J. Hodges, M. Feely, G. Bohmer, J. Irish, K. McGhie, J. Helm, Head Coach M. Bishop. Leading ground gainer, Ken McGhie breaks around the end for a sizable gain Co-Captains " Gunner " McHenry and " Nate " Madigan lead the team through a student-formed tunnel . Chuck Yurieci makes a fine defensive play against the Titans of WesI eyan . Mike Jurgens has his aerial intercepted in the Blue ' s victory over North Park. An enthusiastic group of alums and students turned out for Millikin ' s Homecoming game against Wesleyan. BASKETBALL SQUAD: J. Budde, F. Hawthorne, T. Schmidt, B. Smith, R. Skidmore, D. Snyder, C. Shaffer, Row 2: D. Floyd, C.Walls, N. Bristow, L. McCrary, G. Garr, S. Helm, J. Sunderlik, J. Harris, J. Black 1964-1965 BASKETBALL SQUAD The 1964-65 Mlllikin Basketball Squad enjoyed a fine comeback season. Due fo the recruiting efforts of Coach Don Williams, Millikin landed three outstanding basketball players: Jimmy Harris, Roy Washington, and George Garr. Jack Sunderlik, Dick Floyd, and Roe Skidmore all did an excellent job for the " Big Blue " . The Blue continued their winning ways all season and made believers out of their CCI opponents. The satisfaction of the 1964-1965 season will be felt more next season because Millikin will have its entire starting unit plus its top two or three reserves back. The Blue will lose the services of th ' -ee fine seniors. Norm Bristow, Steve Helm, and Lynn McCrary, all of whom have devoted much to the Millikin cause in the past four years. Captain John Black proved to be an inspirational leader in the ' 64- ' 65 campaign and will also return for his fourth year of varsity action next year. Yes, basketball is really on the upswing at MU and the success is due to a true team effort. John B lack ' 66 Jim Harris ' 68 The Big Blue on the Court... George Garr finds himself all alone for an easy two-pointer! It must be an exciting game! Things get started the right way as Jack Sunderlik controls this t ip. Captain John Block takes an easy layup against Carthage while freshman Cory Shaffer guards the bucket. WRESTLING TEAM: Row 1: H. Futtrell, A. Honn, R. Bayha, J. Deremiah, M. Cannon, J. Deremiah, Row 2: C. Dubinick, B. Goldsworthy , B Aimonette J. Irish, J. Scherer, K. Butts, C. Haug WRESTLING TEAM Millikrn University has a young cr p of grcpplers who will develop into an outstanding wrestling team within the next couple of years. The Blue wrestlers fought hard during the 1964-65 season and brought honor and recognition to their school. Coach Jack Butts served his first season as Millikin wrestling coach and displayed great coaching ability in regard to teaching specific fundamentals and holds. Captain Charlie Haug was outstanding throughout the season and will return next season as one of the top small college wrestlers in the Midwest. Wrestling has become a fine spectator sport for many Millikin fans and has gained popularity on the campus within the last few seasons. Charlie Haug decisions his opponent by the score of 3 Tournament for the 177 lb. championship. 2 in the Millikin Invitational 0 124 BASEBALL TEAM With spring in the air, the cracking of bats and the speed of baseballs invaded the Millikin campus. Once again baseball is in the air and with last year ' s CCI championship the interest will be greoterthan ever before. The 1965 baseball squad, coached by Mel Bishop, will field a relatively stable lineup with veterans Dan Troemper, Mike Jurgens, Mike Reid, and Steve Helm. A good crop of freshmen including Bill Shortal, Tim Schmidt and Chuck Yurieci is likely to bolster the veteran attack. Roe Skidmore is counted upon to add strength to the third base position which was vacated last year. The strong competition in the CCI will make this year ' s season quite exciting as well as making baseball a " top " sport on the Millikin Campus. BASEBALL TEAM: Row 1: T. Kramer, S. Moraitis, B. Laurent, D. Troemper, M. Reid, T. Schmidt, J. Humphrey, J. Craig, B. Armstrong, Shortal, H. Friedman, S. Helm, D. Brown; D . Hoffman, M. Jurgens, G. Schopp, C. Yurieci, C. Keran TRACK TEAM: Row I: H. Futrell D. Merenkov, S. Mothias, K. Butts, J. Harris, C. Walls, D. Sloan, B. Bayho, M. Cannon, D. Clutts, J MItchel Row 2: C., D. Blue, J. Irish, W. Waters, J. Hodges, G. Garr, B. Beebe, S. Smith, D . Winkler, J . Greenawalt . CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Row 1: D. Clutts, G. Dycus, G. Becker, B. Beebe, Row 2: Coach R. Allan, M. Cannon, B. Laurent, K. Lebeck, T. Logston TRACK TEAM This year ' s track squad presents one of the finest crop of runners and field event men in the school ' s history. Dave Blue, Warren Waters, George Garr and Jimmy Harris will be relied upon to bolster the running attack. Kim Butts add- ed point production in the weight events along with letterman John Irish. First year men, Chris Dubinick, Harry Futrell and Bob Bayha were indi- cations of the team ' s strength. CROSS- COUNTRY TEAM Coach Ralph Allan ' s cross country squad developed into one of the finest CCI squads by the end of the season. Freshmen runners Bob Laurent and Ken Lebeck made veterans Mark Cannon and Tim Logston fight for their positions on the squad. The entire cross country squad deserved a lot of credit for running over the hills of Scovill Golf Course during the long, hard season. 126 GOLF TEAM This year ' s Big Blue golf squad faces what many feel will be a very promising season. The ability of the first-year men to prove themselves in college action will be one of the vital points during the season. Captain Ed Kaufman will be the number one player for Millikin but he will draw heavy competition from veteran teammates Larry Grimes and Bill Sill . Weather should be an indicative factor in the progress of the team since golf requires a good deal of practice in order for the golfer to reach any degree of consistency. MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM The spring of 1965 will present a veteran tennis squad which is figured to fare well over the course of the season. Jerry Born, the 1964 CCI undefeated Singles Champion, is expected to lead the Blue again this season. George Clucas and Lynn McCrary are counted upon to assist Born In total point production. Letterman John Keith along with Sam Coldren, Tom Barnett, Tim Hill and Greg Yust are expected to make this year ' s squad the best balanced in Millikin ' s history . TENNIS TEAM: Row I: J. Bom, S. Coldren, J. Keith, T. Hill, Row 2: T. Barnett, G. Clucas, L. McCrary, G. Yust. GOLF TEAM: Row I: T. Hemleb, B. Sill, T. Turner, E. Kaufman, Row 2: B. Brumett, T. Vilet, J. Orendorff, S. Swarthout, L. Grimes 127 129 POM PON SQUAD: Row I: E. Larsen, D. Gonia, P. Humphrey, L. Moiling, N. Smyth, L. Bamford, G. Meyers, B.Alt, J. Talbot, Row 2: T. Koepke, C . Westermeier, M. Thielsen, R . Angleton, D . Meyer, A . Davidson, N . Shirer, C . Moore, J . Vroman, J . Kramer, B . Chasteen POM PON SQUAD Performing the dual role of providing half-time entertainment and arousing school spirit at basket- ball games, the Pom Pon Squad successfully completed its third year. The girls, who tried out at the beginning of the year, composed routines to such musical numbers as " Pink Panther " and " Goldfinger " . CO-CAPTAINS: Nike Smyth and Lynn Bamford WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association is open to any girl interested in participating in women ' s sports. Intramural activities include speedbal I , deck tennis, bowling, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. Members may earn numerals, letter awards, and a senior blazer through part- icipation . BLAZER GIRLS: Row I: J. Zelnick, K. Cunningham, M. Benson, Row 2: P. Mails, S. Hudson, D. Albert W.A.A. GIRLS; Priscilla Mails and Sue Hudson TENNIS TEAM: Row I: S. Hudson, D. Albert, J. Propst, P. Meils, S. Simmons, Row 2: S. Holmer, C. Flint, C. Karowsky 132 INTRAMURAL V ANAGERS: Row 1: S. Holtzclaw, C. Logan, M. Morgan, K. Hanke, Row 2: P. Meils, S. Holmer, A. Levey, L. Etzkorn WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Each year special managers for intramural sports are chosen by their respective housing units. The teams are organized into two leagues which play in competition. The dormitory or social organization that wins the most games receives the traveling trophy given each spring. 133 MILLIKIN AT WORSHIP... ...Malone Chapel, R. E. Week, workcamps, and fellowship that cuts across the invisible barriers that separate us. . . Assemblies and Convocations Each Wednesday morning Mi 1 1 ik in stud- ents and faculty assemble In Albert Taylor Hall for a variety of presentations. The pro- grams range from entertaining previews of campus events and enlightening speakers to thought-provok Ing talks by various c lergymen . STUDENT FACULTY RETREAT The 1965 Student-Faculty Retreat was held at Allerton House with " Morality for Modern Day Living " as its theme. The informal program included discussion based on the writing of Dr. Lester A . Kirkendall and the film " Death of a Salesman. " Sheri Wiersma, Parker Rosenquist, and A I Rodney were co-chairmen, assisted by Dean Byron Kerns, Dr. H. F. Gromell, and Mr. Richard Hoffland. 137 FOCUS ON LIFE COMMITTEE: Row I: G. Maaks, N. Fennoy, J. Galloway, K. Hanke, Row 2: J. Brown, C. Putnam, B. Epperson, B. Jackels, S. Vaughan, Co-Chairmon, J. Kurth, Co-Chairman, M. Armistead Dr. Lester A . Kirkendc FOCUS ON LIFE WEEK Focus on Life Week was set aside for young people to evoluote their goals and purposes and to help them arrive at meaningful aspirations for their 1 ife . The guest speaker was Dr. Lester K irkendal I , Professor of Fami ly Life at Oregon State University. He discussed the role of the college student In our society. Among the activities scheduled were informal discussions, question and answer periods, fireside talks, autograph parties, book browsing, and a banquet. 138 SERVICE COMMITTEE: L. Howell, S. Holliger, S. Bradley, C. Kelder, J. Johnson, S. Burgner DISCUSSION COMMITTEE: D. Doyle, J. Swedenborg, M. Bond, B. Brown, B. Swanson, B. St. John, B. Kuhns RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMISSION: Row I: K . Kelder, M. Armistead, M. Bond, C. Kloker, Row 2: Mr. Hofflond, Mr. LaRowe, Mr. Gaston, Dr. Dilley RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEES WORSHIP COMMITTEE: Row I: S. Holtzclow, J. Tclbert, P. Lopossa, S. Bradley, Row 2: J. Green, H. Elam, M. Armistead, S. Holliger, B. Kuhns 139 ECUMENICAL WORKCAMPERS Partly financed by their scholarships from Campus Chest and under the direction of the Religious Life Committee, Mary Jane Bond and Jane Looft spent four weeks participating in the Ecumenical Workcamp program. Mary Jqne spent her time In a camp In Sapinahut, Switzerland, and Jane participated In a Lisle Fellowship, Inc. program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jane Looft enjoys Copenhagen ' s view. Mary Jane Bond shops in a Sapinahut market. MILLIKIN VOICES RING OUT THE YULETIDE SPIRIT! 14i MILLIKIN AT THE SEASONS . . .the fall with its turning leaves and the mid-term chills. . .Thanksgiving, the first holiday . . .Christmas lights in A. T.Hall... snow on the ground. . .then spring in the air, practice teaching, recitals, Aston Hall sun- burn, May and it ' s over . . .today and tomorrow become yesterday at old MU . . . CHOIR: Row 1: P. Doetsch, B. Piatt, M. Springer, L. Maly, L. Wagner, N. Smyth, L. Goode, S. Niemann, M. Gisolo, ' M. Howell, L. Kisselburg, Row 2: E. Sharp, J. Hennigs, P. Johnson, B. Dunlap, J. Russell, P. Parrott, R. Angleton, B. Moore, M. Ayers, V. Higgins, C. Flint, Row 3: D. Livesay, M. Cosstevens, J. Kurth, D. Donaldson, B. Shortal, M. Craig, L. Hanson, G. Anderson, D. Verre, B. Sigfried, Row 4: Perry Lippum, 5. Christiansen, J. McHaney, M. Scott, N. King, L. Moose, L. Mitchell, B. Hofeditz, K. Canny. MILLIKIN CHOIR The Millikin Choir, a select group of forty-one voices, is composed of students from various schools within the University in addition to those students majoring in music. Under the able direction of Mr. Richard Hoffland, the choir performed regularly at Chapel Services, presented an inspirational Christmas Vesper Service, and sang o home concert February 5th. This year ' s tour through Indiana, downstate I llinois, and the Chicago area was highlighted by the Concert given at the Lakeshore C lub for Mi I likin A lumni . An added feature of the year ' s performances was the newly 1 46 The University Chorus serves as a training group for hopeful aspirants to the Millikin Choir. Performing in joint concert with the orchestra, the volunteer members of the chorus present the Messiah each Christmas. Their second annual concert featuring a guest composer is presented each spring during Music Week. Under the direction of j Mr. Richard Hoffland, the chorus gains much experience from work in small vocal ensembles and concert perfor- mance. 147 MILLIKIN BAND The Millikin University Concert and Marching Band, under the direction of Dr. Theodore Thorson, performed at all the Big Blue home football games. The Concert Band presented the annual Spring Concert and performed at the Christmas Assembly. The band is open for academic credit to any Millikin Student. ! » I 1 18 ORCHESTRA The Millikin Civic Orchestra welcomed this year Mr. Roger E. Schueler, new director and Professor of Music at Millikin. Composed of both students and townspeople, the orchestra gave two concerts - the annual production of Handel ' s " Messiah " and the Spring Concert given at the conclusion of Music Week . JAZZ LAB BAND The Jazz Band, formed only one year ago, has introduced to Millikin the contemporary field of jazz. Including both townspeople and students, the jazz bond gave a benefit performance for Campus Chest this spring. 149 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS: Seated: W. DeVos, L. Goode, M. Howell, M. Gisolo, R. Eckert, 6. Moore Standing: P. Moore Sigma Alpha Iota, women ' s professional music fraternity, was founded in 1903. Nu Chapter encourages excellence on the campus and in the community. Combined with Phi Mu Alpha, S.A.I, sponsors musical production, this year " Once Upon A Mattress, " and a contemporary concert. The chapter also offers a $50 scholarship to a worthy freshman woman music major. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA: Row 1: J. Price, K. Shaffer, R. Eckert, W. DeVos, M. HoweM, R. Buttel, M. Gisolo. Row 2: P. Moore, L. Goode, B. Moore, M. Reincke, J. Crawford, C. Billiter, S.Niemann. Row 3: J. Gerber, B. Gindler, D. Doyle, E. Sharp, B. Piatt. PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha, men ' s professional fraternity, was chartered on Millikin ' s campus in 1929. Beta Theta Chapter purposes are to advance the cause of music in America and to foster the fraternal spirit of its members. Each spring, the Sinfonians and Sigma Alpha iota co-sponsor a musical produc- tion; this year, the musical comedy " Once Upon A Mattress " was presented. The chapter annually sponsors a $100 scholarship for a worthy music major. OFFICERS: Seated: M. Armistead, B. Hofeditz, J. Volk, D. Donaldson, P. Van Dam, R. Warchol, D. Livesay, G. Anderson Standing: A. Blair PHI MU ALPHA: Row 1: F. Contreras, R. Diemel, N. Winters, K. Canny, J. Brockway, D. Moorehead, J. Volk Row 2: B. Campbell, D. Livesay, D. Donaldson, G. Anderson, A. Blair, M. Armistead, B. Hofeditz, P. Van Dam Row 3: J. McHaney, C. Streu, J. Frye, L. Bailey, K. Radke, L. Mitchell, J. Kurth, R. Douglass, R. Salvatore, R. Williams Row 4: R. Warchol, M. Craig, D. Coen, M. Casstevens, R. Buse, L. Moose, M. Scott, B. Dethrow, D. Workman, D. Reinebach, J. DeShong m 1964 BAND TRIP The Millikin University Marching Band was honored for the second time with o request to play for the half-time ceremonies at the Chicago Bears football game. Seventy-five Millikin musicians displayed their musical and marching talents to American sports fans on October 18, at Wrigley Field. 152 SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Kathy Hanke, Secretary; John May, Vice President; Sue Hinton, Treasurer; John Ragsdale, President Thomas Bohiow Neil Baird Robert Barber Larry Barry Nancy Bauer Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois East Alton, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Pre-Medicine Pre-Medicine Business Administration Speech Education 154 Margaret Bensen Northloke, Illinois Elementary Education Keith Blair Springfield, Illinois Pre-Medicine David Blue Clinton, Illinois Industrial Engineering Sheila Bradley Decatur, Illinois Elementary Education James Brissenden Decatur, Illinois History and Pol. Science Norman Bristow Gircrd, Illinois Business Administration Sharon Burgner Peoria, Illinois English Barbara Carl in Peoria, Illinois Elementary Education John Brockway Alton, Illinois Music Education Rosemary Butte I German Vol ley, Illinois Music Education Mary Sue Caudle Niantic, Illinois Sociology and Psychology George Browning Litchfield, Illinois Business Administration Mark Cannon Brookfield , 1 1 linois Physical Education Fred Clark Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Linda Bruninga Springfield, Illinois Elementary Education John Buchanan Lowrencevi 1 le, Illinois History 155 Scott Clemens Moline, Illinois History and Pol. Science George Clucas Evanston, Illinois Business Administration Betty Cook Vandalia, Illinois Eng lish David Crews Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Judith Crowhurst Western Springs, Illinois Elementary Education Janet Damery Blue Mound, II I inois Mathematics Wendy DeVos Moline, Illinois Music Education Theodore Disbrow Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Jowellyn Duncan Lewistown, Illinois Speech Sandra Durning Springfield, Illinois Elementary Education Rita Eckert Lincoln, Illinois Music Education John Egan Decatur, Illinois Speech Robert Eilers Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Harriet Elam Indianapolis, Indiana Elementary Education 1 56 Esther Eversole Marshall Farr Erika Fischer Stephen Funk Jose Garaicoo Shelbyville, Illinois Table Grove, Illinois Decatur, Illinois ' Decatur, Illinois Quinto-Ecuador, S.A. Mathematics industrial Engineering Modern Languages Psychology Industriol Engineering Michael Garrett Decatur, Illinois Education Leah Garwood Merri 1 1 vi I le, Indiana Elementary Education Jacqueline Gary Shelbyville, Illinois Nursing Thomas Gendry Decatur, Illinois History Patricia Greene Rock Island, Illinois Physical Education James Griggs Decatur, Illinois Fine Arts Barbara Grissom Decatur, Illinois Elementary Education Carolyn Grubb Decatur, Illinois Education Kathryn Hanke Chicago, Illinois Psychology and Religion Susan Harbaugh , Chicago, Illinois Biology Don Hayton Neoga, Illinois Mathematics Howard Hayward Loheaton, Illinois Psychology 157 Stephen Helm Clinton, Illinois Business Administration Richard Henke Waterloo, Illinois Physics Key Hewlett Ploinfield, Illinois English Sue Hinton Nokomis, II Chemistry Patricio Hoeltgen Midlothian, Illinois Secretarial Science Ronald Hoffmeister Champaign, Illinois Business Administration Steffanni Hoi liger Huron, Ohio Psychology and Religion Tom Holtzclaw Glenview, Illinois Industrial Engineering John Hortenstine Gays, Illinois Chemistry Susan Hough Sandwich, Illinois English Marthe Howe 1 1 Elizabeth, New Jersey Music Education Dean Hudson Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Susan Hudson Ferguson, Missouri Dietetics David Hu I linger llliopolis, Illinois Pre-Medicine Robert Janssen Springfield, Illinois Industrial Engineering Connie Johnson Decatur, Illinois Home Economics 1 58 Sam Johnson Midlothian, Illinois English Wi I lard Johnson Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Martha Jordan Peoria, Illinois Music Education Allen Kaisor , Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Carol Karowsky Chicago, Illinois Chemistry Edwin Kaufman Decatur, Illinois Mathematics Cathy Ke Ider Crystal Lake, Illinois History Doug Keller Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering John Keys Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Nick King Decatur, Illinois History and Pol. Science 159 Steve Livesey Decatur, Illinois Biology and Chemistry Jane Looft Seneca, Illinois Speech Shirley Ludy Dixon, Illinois Applied Music Karl Lueschen Springfield, Illinois Business Administration Maryann McClure Westmont, Illinois English Lynn McCrary Decatur, 1 1 linois Business Administration Kenneth McGhie Elgin, Illinois Physical Education James McHenry Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Everett McNeese Decatur, Illinois Business Administration Linda McMillan Decatur, Illinois English and Speech Gerald Marietta Decatur, Illinois Music Education Li Mian Mark Hong Kong, China Music Education Georglann Martin Decatur, Illinois Elementary Education Kathleen Matthias Beecher, Illinois Eng lish John May Clinton, Illinois Business Administration Prisci I la Mei Is Flanagan, Illinois Physical Education 1 1 60 Marlene Mullen Steve Newell Martha Orr Moke Owens Donald Pistorius Chicago, Illinois Aurora, Illinois St. Louis, Missouri Paris, Illinois Macon, Illinois Biology Mathematics and Physics Elementary Education Music Education Industrial Engineering Judith Price Shelbyville, Illinois Music Education John Punis Tinley Park, Illinois Business Administration John Ragsdale Tinley Park, Illinois Industrial Engineering Steve Rhodes Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Karen Roots Aurora, Illinois Eng lish 161 Parker Rosenquist Hazelcrest, Illinois Business Administration Gerald Schlesier Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Judy Kay Siebel Decatur, Illinois Psychology and Sociology Sharon Rothe Brighton, Illinois Elementary Education William Schoettle Belleville, Illinois Business Administration Ronald Sleeter Decatur, Illinois Chemistry Ann Scharff Decatur, Illinois English Wesley Sedrel Rock Island, Illinois Phi losophy Vern Sloan Tin ley Park, 1 1 linois Physical Education Patricia Smith Decatur, Illinois Mathematics and Chemistry Sharon Snider Decatur, Illinois Elementary Education Al Stankus Donna Steffan Jim Stoner Mary Ann Suter Joan Tolbert Lincoln, Illinois Carpentersvi I le, Illinois Newton, Massachusetts Decatur, Illinois Danville, Illinois Pre-Medicine Elementary Education Industrial Engineering English Elementary Education 162 Barbara Thomas Wayne Thom Tim Toney Dan Troemper Mike Ufert Glen Ellyn, Illinois Decatur; Illinois Decatur, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Wood River, Illinois Elementary Education Business Administration Business Administration Industrial Engineering Pre-Medicine Donald VanLyssel Rockford, Illinois Education Judy Waggoner Decatur, Illinois Psychology and Sociology Sharon Waggoner Decatur, Illinois Elementary Education Thomas Walden Farmer City, 1 1 linois Physical Education Wilson Washkuhn Morton Grove, Illinois History Gary Watts Decatur, Illinois Mathematics Betty Webb Rensselaer, Indiana Elementary Education Carol Williams Latham, Illinois Secreterial Science Dale Workman Decatur, Illinois Music Robert Wrigley Decatur, Illinois Industrial Engineering Joyce Zelnick LaGrange Park, Illinois Elementary Education 163 JUNIOR CLASS I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bill Epperson, President; Marilyn Schoettle, Secretary; Pinky Carlson, Treasurer; Carl Key, Vice President H. Adam E. Baker B. Aimonette B. Barbre D. Allen irk M. Barron G. Allen C. Billiter R. Allen A. Blair Anderson J. Bohnsock M. Bond R. Borg G. Born J. Breese J. Breese D. Brown S. Fotzler N. Franklin B. Fritch D. Fuesting G. Garr M. Gisolo R. Givens L. Goode L. Grimes L. Grun J. Haher R. Hall M. Harkins L. Harris N. Harrison C. Haug R. Hehmeyer C. Henry R. Hirstein D. Hoffman W. Hoffmann S. Holtzclaw D. Hubbard R. Hubbard i K. Jackson D. Johnston D. Jones S. Jones M. Jurgens J. Kassnel 166 S. Lazar M. Lehman A. Levey J. Overholt S. Parker R. Paton M. Pedersen C. Phifer L. Perkins 167 1 r,8 SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Jan Gerber, Treasurer; Dick Click, President; Bill Dodds, Vice President; Kathy Grady, Secretary S. Abraham K. Alderson J. Alexander J. Altmansberger M. Andleman B. Armentrout C. Baltz L. Bam ford C. Barker R. Beals G. Becker L. Boatman A. Bock G. Bohmer S. Bopp C. Bradish B. Bredberg M. Brennan S. Fills J. Gerber J . Green T. Hallmann V. Helmuth C. Flint 1 B. Gindler fas G. Gregory B. Hansen J. Hendrian H. Friedman D. Glick S. Grimm L. Hanson J. Hodges J . Frye J. Graczyk C. Guest S. Hardwick J. Fryman K. Grady H. Hagen S. Harrison J. Galloway A. Grant C. Hoikalis J. Hays B. Hofedltz S. Holmer A. Honn 1 A D. Schoenhofen R. Smith C. Stark C. Thompson C. Vrabel D. Schroedter W. Smith P. Stark J. Tolle L. Walker M. Scott L. Soby D. Steele D. Verre J. Sharp N. Simmons R. Skidmore B. Sons M. Springer B. Stark 1 T. Stoecker E. Sumner J. Swedenborg G, Verner F. Volk J. Volp 6. ••jtaT 5. Wiersma D. Winkler C. Walls R. Wellens F. Werstein M. Wiegand i y ■ ' ■ 0 ■ . • •i - ■ 1 » M. Winters N. Winters C. Wolf 175 FRESHMAN CLASS J. Augustine M. Ayers M. Bader L. Bailey D. Baker 1 76 J. Behnke G. Borders R. Buse " , — »« L. Balsley D. Atchedler M. Barber c T. Barnett R. Bay ha Ail J. Beatty W. Beebe D. Bellas P. Benson A. Bernstein 5. Berry D. Berry H. Billlngsiey R. Birnbaum C. Black R. Blair J. Bleck A. Boehme L. Bolin W. Booth B. Bork D. Bottrel L. Bowman M. Brelsfoard D. Briggs S. Brodsky C. Brown L. Browning M. Bruer R. Brumett C. Buckley S. Burcky J. Burger _ ■ 1 N. Butler C. Byers B. Campbell R. Campbel S. Carter - W. Cassell H. Cherven J. Colvis J. Connors M. Cassfevens G. Cheverie ■ 4t _ fl» ilk J. Cook M. Conti E. Cave G. Cello S. Chapman 4 R. Christ M. Cook R. Christy J. Condermon D. Coen C. Conn L. Cooper B. Cordes T. Cordts J. Craig M. Craig L. Crecelius B. Cummins J. Coffman S. Conn A. Coutant N. Crawford C. Custis J. Cheethan M. Cole D. Connor F. Coutant S. Crain R. Cutlip M. Daddio A. Davidson R. Davis W. De Moulin 178 J. Dennis D. Dilfs J. Dudley R. Edwards C. Farrington N. Freischlag M. Derby P. Doetsch C. Duff. R. Edwards S. Fisher D. Frohwitter J. Deremiah B. Donaldson D. Dunham G. Ellegood R. Floyd R. Fuson J. Deremiah p. Dooling B. Dun lop L. Elvin C. Freeark 1 H. Futrell B. Dethr R. Douglass G. Dycus R. Elzy F. De Weese B. Drury D. Bads B. Emrich M. Dick Ali Ki tm C. Easter J. Erwi G. Garrett C. Gary B. Gaston R. Gipson 179 J. Gustafson J. Glosser B. Goldsworthy R. Grammer G. Granneman H. Haines P. Harris W. Hendrix V. Higgins S. Hollonbeck D. Grant T. Hemleb D. Gonia D. Hamilton W. Hamilton L. Hatfield C. Hawbaker J. Hetz D. Gonski E. Goodenough M. Grabbe J. Greenawalt G. Griffith G. Guir A. Hansen ' A N. Harlow B. Harris C. Hawk F. Hawthorne J. Hawthorne J. Heynen D. Hildebro ndt T. Nil L. Howell M. Huddleston J. Humphrey I BO T. Linle G. Marsh L. Martin S. Merker D. Mitchell D. Lohnes R. Lugari M . McKinney P. McNalley J. Marsh C. Martin K. Maurer D. Meyer H. Miller L. Mitchel S. Milhollin C. MocDonald J. McArthy R. McQueen E. Martin D. Menopace D. Merenkov R. Miller L. Moiling M. Monaghan S. McClellan J. McClelland C. Moore K. Moore D. Moorehead L. Moose S. Moraitis B. Morgan R. Morris D. Munks p. Nadenbush D. O ' Dell M. Nelson H. Newman J. Putnam mm K. Richmond J. Oglesby C. Onago D. Raebel J. Reese R. Norris J. Orendorff L. Parton T. Peterson L. Peters K. Reichert C. Norton Padget S. Pas lav T. Peel M. Pettry ft S. Nutting P. Pcrrott R. Paulus S. Pelehac C. Phegley D. Reinhardt G. Obermeyer J. Partlow E. Pedersen T. Pern S. Rekas B. Richter K. Rigg D. Robbins D. Roberts K. Romine J. Ross 183 M. Ross G. Schinzler M. Seeley R. Shuff D. Snyder r5 O A. Runion Z. Snntos H. Schaefer T. Schmidt J L. Seversike S. Simmons R. Snyder E. Russell W. Shaffer D. Sowa S. Saathoff J. Scherer J. Scherer ilk M. Schneider G. Schopp D. Shedroff S. Spongier N. Shirer J. Smith K. Stanley S. Stoutenborough S. Strang W. Sullivan J. Short R. Smith S. Smith F. Stein J. Stone M. Suwe S. Swarthout G. Swanson 184 Yes, there are many Millikins, but the Millikin you find will be the one you look for. Are you looking for a jail, a prison house which will bind you to unwanted responsibilities and irritate you with unnecessary rules and regulations? Are you looking for the things that are wrong — food you won ' t like, classes and profs you can ' t stand, unfriendly faces? You will find them, you wil I find them all. Are you looking for short-cuts to learning, ways to get a passing grade without opening a book? Perhaps you will find them. Are you looking for cheap thrills, adventures in Irresponslbl e freedom without regard for the future, or the person whose character, or life, you compromise? You will find many open doors through which there is no return .. .either to mental health or physical well-being. Are you looking for a retreat, an escape from the adult world of ideas, persons, and move- ments? You will find here your haven of ignorance and unconcern. Are you looking for " busy-ness " without purpose or discipline? You will find it. There are many Millikins, but the Millikin you find will be the one you look for. If you look for o Millikin to honor with your loyalty, you will find it. If you seek the spirit of the Blue which binds us all together in the pride of accomplishment, you will find it. . .in the vision of an energetic President, whose dreams we can help to make reality. . ,in the dedicated service of faculty members whose concern for your future is genuine and deep. If your search leads you Into the realm of ideas; if you seek that knowledge which is power, you will find it on the Millikin campus. If you have clear-cut ideas of right and wrong, and a respect for the rights of other men and women, you will find those who share your convictions. If you are concerned for the world in which you live and seek In your college years " not a retreat from reality, " but preparation for it, you will find your niche. And if you seek here the nearness of the divine, the God who cannot be shut out of the dormitory bull session, of the classroom of free and open Inquiry, " If you seek here the eternal companion to humble you in moments of success, and sustain you In moments of failure, " you will find Him. Each year begins the great adventure. . .a time of laughter and rejoicing, a time of fear and doubt, a time to grow, a time to change, a time to dream of the tomorrows that may be yours. " In the shadow of the towers of our dear old MI 1 likin " . . .but there are many MI I llkins . . .which one will be yours? — Speech given at Freshman Camp By John F . Burnhorn Former Dean of Chapel 186 " There are many Millikins . . . which one will be yours? " 187 SENIOR INDEX ANDERSON, GARY Tau Kappa Epsilon, University Choir, 1,2,3,4, Student Senate 3, MENC 4, SEA 4, Phi Mu Alpha, National Collegiate Players 3,4, Opera, Town and Gown 2,3,4, Homecoming Show Co-Chairman 2,3, Fine Arts Committee 4, Freshman Camp Counselor 4, Band 2,4 . A AATO, RONALD Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Senate President 4, Campus Chest Co-Chairman 3, Freshman Camp Counselor 3, Campus Chest Carnival Co-Chairman 2, Young Republicans Vice President 3, Homecoming Committee 1, University Center Board Social Committee 3. ARMISTEAD, MICHAEL Phi Mu A Ipha, Rel igious Emphasis Week Co-Chairman, Religious Life Committee, Men ' s Residence Hall President, Opera. ARMSBURY, SUSAN Zeta Tau A Ipha, WAA, SEA, Tutor Pal Project. ASHBY, DEAN Tau Kappa Epsilon Vice President, Physics Club 3, Young Republicans 3,4, Homecoming Committee 4, Interfraternity Council 2,3,4, Greek Week Committee 3. BAHLOW, THOMAS Baseball Team 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1, " M " Club. BAIRD, NEIL Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Zeta, Religious Life Discussion Committee 1,3, Student Affairs Committee 2, International Club 2,3, Student Senate 3,4, University Center Board 3,4, 1964 Scovill Awards. BARBER ROBERT Upsilon Epsilon Tau President, Mlllidek Photographer. BARRY, LARRY Delta Sigma Phi, Track 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1.2, Cross-Country 1,2,3,4, Freshman Camp Co-Chalrman 3, Campus Chest Dance Co-Chairman 3,4. BAUER, NANCY National Collegiate Players 4, Alpha Epsilon Rho 2,3, SEA, Conant Society 4, Town and Gown 1,2,3,4, Clarence Derwent Memorial Award. BENSEN, MARGARET Home Economics Club 2,3, SEA, WAA, Oakland Tutor Project 3. BLAIR, KEITH Sigma Alpha Epsilon, German Club 1,2, Sigma Zeta President 4, Religious Life Committee 3,4. BLUE, DAVID Delta Sigma Phi, " M " Club, Football 1, 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1. BRADLEY, SHEILA U niversity Chorus 1,3,4, Decaturlan Circulation Manager 2, SEA, Oakland Tutor Pal Project, Religious Life Committee, Independent Student Association . BRISSENDEN, JAMES Sigma A Ipha Epsilon, Football 1,2. BR I STOW, NORMAN Tau Kappa Epsilon Treasurer, Basket- ball 1,2,3,4. BROCKWAY, JOHN Tau Kappa Epsilon, Orchestra, Opera, Band, Homecoming Show, Phi Mu Alpha. BROWNING, GEORGE Class President 1,2, Freshman Camp Counselor 2,3, Freshman Camp Chairman 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of Pledge Class 1, Rush Chairman 2,3, Scholarship Chairman 3, Treasurer 4, Executive Committee 3,4, Student-Faculty Retreat 1,2, Rel igious Emphasis Week 1.3, Pep C lub Treasurer 2 . BRUNINGA, LINDA B. Delta Delta Delta Historian, Sponsor Chairman, Freshman Camp Counselor 2, Homecoming Show 2, 3, 4, Variety Sh ow 2,3,4, Town Gown 1,2, Dance Revue 1,2, Student Senate Social Committee 3,4, Campus Chest Committee, Campus Chest Beauty and Beast Candidate 3, Mlllidek Staff 3,4, Millldek Faculty Editor 3, SEA 2 , 3,4, Miss Outdoor Candidate 2, Homecoming Queen 4 . BUCHANAN, JOHN W. Football 1,2,3,4, " M " Club 2, 3,4, Resident Director 4. BURGNER, SHARON I. Conant Society 2, 3, 4, Town Gown 2,3,4, National Collegiate Players 4, Creative Writing Club 2,4, SEA 2,4. BUTTELL, ROSEMARY Sigma A Ipha lota Editor, Program and Projects Chairman 4, Band 1, Chorus 2,3,4. CANNON, MARK L. Cross Country 1 ,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4. CARLIN, BARBARA PI Beta Phi, Social Chair- man 2,3, Recording Secretary 3,4, Executive Council Member, Standards Board, Cheerleader 1,2,3,4, Mlllidek Staff 1,4, SEA 1,2,3,4, Oakland Tutor Prog ram 3, WAA 1,2,3,4, Who ' s Who In American Colleges 4, Campus Chest Publicity Committee 3, Homecoming Ticket Commit- tee 3, Homecoming Show 1,4, Greek Week Variety Show 3, Chairman 3, Campus Chest Dance Committee, Homecoming Queen Court 4, Miss Outdoor Contest 3, Student Senate Social Committee, French Club 1, Homecoming Dance Committee 1 . CAUDLE, MARY SUE CLARK, FRED CLEMENS, SCOTT E. Tau Kappa Epsilon CLUCAS, GEORGE L. Tennis Team 1,2,3,4, Captain 3,4. COOK, BETTY L. Alpha Chi O mega, Conant Society, WAA 2,3, Student Senate Publicity Committee, SEA. CREWS, DAVID CROWHURST, JUDITH DAWN Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Class President 1, Song Leader 1, Recommendations Chair- man 3,4, SEA 1,2,3,4, WAA 1,2,3,4, Junior Panhellenic V ice President and Social Chairman 1, Senior Panhel lenic Vice President and Secretary 3,4, Freshman Class Vice President 1, Campus Chest House Chairman, Homecoming Dance Committee. DAMERY, JANET DE VOS (CARNAHAN), WENDY Alpha Chi Omega Altruistic Ch airman 1,2, Song Leader 3, House Manager 4, Sigma Alpha lota 1,2,3,4, President 4, MENC 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Mlllidek Greek Editor 3, SEA 1,2,3,4, Freshman Camp Counselor 4, WAA 1 ,2,3, Campus Chest Beauty 3, Who ' s Who In American Colleges 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 1, 2,3,4, Campus Chest Committee 3, Homecoming Reception Committee 3, Operas, Costume Chairman 2, Program Chair- man 3 . DISBROW, THEODORE C. DUNCAN, JOWELLYN E. SEA 2,4, RWAC 3, Tower Club 1, Town Gown 1,2,3,4, Forensics 2,4. DURNING, SANDRA Gamma Phi Beta ECKERT, RITA A. Sigma Alpha lota 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3, Recording Secretary 4, Assistant Song Leader 2,4, Pi Mu Theta 3,4, Sgt. at Arms 4, MENC 3,4, Secretary 3, SEA 3,4, ISA 1,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 2,3,4, Madrigal Director 3,4, Religious Emphasis Week Music Committee 2 , 188 Fine Arts Committee 2. EGAN, JOHN P. " The Little Clay Cart " , Sound Technician, Stage Manager, Stage Crew. EILERS, ROBERT International Club. ELAM, HARRIET L. Zeta Tau A Ipha, RWAC 1,2, Religious Life Committee, Worship 3,4, WAA 2,3, SEA 2,3,4, Historian 4, Pi Mu Theta 4, Student Senate 2,3,4, Vice President 4, University Center Board 3, Student Affairs Committee 4, Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4, AAUW Scholarship 3, Resident Director Honors Hall 4. EVERSOLE, ESTHER A Capella Choir 1,2, French Club 1, Young Republicans 3,4. FARR, H. MARSHALL ISA, Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1, Business Fraternity 4, Tutor Pal 3. FISCHER, ERIKA FUNK, STEPHEN E. GARAICOA, JOSE ' P. GARRETT, MICHAEL E. GARWOOD, LEAH JO Delta Delta Delta, PI Mu Theta, SEA. GARY, JACQUELINE P. GENDRY, THOMAS W. GREENE, PATRICIA Delta Delta Delta, Tennis Team 2,3,4, Parent ' s Day Committee, Religious Life Committee, WAA, Resident Assistant Director. GRIGGS, JAMES D. Homecoming 2, Homecoming Show 3,4, Choir 2, Tower Club 2,3,4, Central Illinois Art Exhibition. GRISSOM, BARBARA SEA 2,3,4. GRUBB, CAROLYN A. HANKE, KATHRYN Zeta Tau Alpha Standards Chairman, President of Pledge Class, Resident Director 4, Senior Class Treasurer, Campus Prologue Committee Co-Chalrman 4, Focus on Life Committee Chairman 4, Junior Panhellenic 3, Campus Chest Committee 3, Tutor Pal Program 3. HARBAUGH, SUSAN M. Student Senate, Tutor Pal Program. HAYTON, DONALD R. Delta Sigma Phi, Cor- responding Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Sigma Zeta 2, Student Senate 2, IFC 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Freshman Camp Counselor 3,4. HAYWARD, HOWARD H. Tau Kappa Epsllon Chaplain 3, 4, Greek Week Publicity Committee 3, Campus Chest Carnival Sub-Committee Chairman 2, Homecoming Dance Decorations 3, Homecoming Theme Committee Co-Chairman 4, Campus Prologue Chairman 4, Freshman Camp Counselor 4, Greek Week Retreat Co-Chairman 3. HELM, STEPHEN Delta Sigma Phi , Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain 3, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Freshman Camp Counselor 3,4, Letterman Club 2,3,4. HENKE, RICHARD L. Cross-Country 1 ,2,3,4, Captain 4, Basketball 1,2,3, Baseball 1, Physics Club Vice President, Sigma Zeta Vice President. HEWLETT, KAY T. HINTON, (BEVERLY) SUE Zeta Tau Alpha Treasurers, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4, Sigma Zeta 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Pi Mu Theta 3,4, President 4, Phi Kappa Phi 3,4, WAA 2,3, SEA 3,4, Scovill Award 3, Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4, Freshman Camp Counselor 3, Campus Prologue 4, Campus Chest Committee 2, Senior Class Secretary, Tower Club 2. HOELTGEN, PATRICIA A. Delta Delta Delta PledgeClass Secretary 1, Treasurer 3, Chaplain 4, Class Officer 1,2, Tau Chi PI 1,2,3, Vice President 3, WAA 1,2,3, Mlllidek 4, Editor 4, Band Majorette 1, Homecoming Secretary 4, Freshman Camp Registration Chairman 4, Publications Board 4, Secretary 4, Freshman Camp Counselor, Campus Sweetheart Condldate 2, Campus Chest Beauty Candidate 4, Miss Spring 2 . HOFFMEISTER, RONALD HOLLIGER, STEFFANNI Band 1, Chorus 1,2,3, Worship Commission 3, Worship Committee for Religious Emphosis Week 3, Tutor Pal Project 3, ISA 1,2,3. HOLTZCLAW, TOM A. ISA 1, Wrestling 1, Homecoming 2,4, Tutor Pal Project 3,4, Business Fraternity 4. HORTENSTINE, JOHN T. HOUGH, SUSAN Phi Kappa Phi 3,4, Pi Mu Theta 3,4. HOWELL, MARTHE Alpha Chi Omega Song Leader 2, Rush Chairman 3, President 4, Sigma Alpha lota. Pledge Projects Chairman 1, Rush Chairman 3, Corresponding Secretary 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Choir 1,2,3,4, MENC 4, SEA 4, Campus Sweetheart Queen 2, SAI Dean ' s Award 3, Homecoming Queen ' s Court 4, Freshman C lass Treasurer 1, Freshman Camp Counselor 4, Homecoming Show 2,3,4, Operas 1, 2,3, Greek Week Show 2,3. HUDSON, K. DEAN HUDSON, SUSAN Pi Mu Theta, French Club 1, Bowling League 1, Chorus 1,2, ISA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2,4, Vice President 3, WAA 1,2,3,4, President 3, WAA Girl 4, International Club 3, Color Guard 3,4, Service Commission 3, PI Mu Theta 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Camp Counselor 4, National Collegiate Players 4, Town and Gown 1,2,3,4, Who ' s Who In American Colleges 4, Residence Director, Stage Manager Two Town Gown Productions, Student Senate . HULLINGER, DAVID L. JANSSEN, ROBERT E. Phi Theta Kappa, American Welding Society, American Society of Quality Control. JOHNSON, CONNIE Home Economics C lub 2, 3,4, Sec- retary 3,4 . JOHNSON, SAM Decaturion 4, Creative Writing Club2,3,4, Town Gown 2,3,4, Conant 3,4, SEA 2. JOHNSON, WILLARD BARROW JORDON, MARTHA L. Zeta Tau Alpha Historian Reporter, Music Chairman, Co-Chairman of Ticket Sales for Millikin University Homecoming 1963, Greek Week Variety Show 3 , Chorus 1 ,2,3,4. KAISOR, ALLEN Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Phi Omega. KAROWSKY, CAROL ANNE Delta Delta Delta Pledge Class Social Chairman 1, Scholarship Chairman 3, Secretary 4, Tennis Team 1,2,3,4, University Center Board 3, Chairman of Community Work Projects of Greek Week 3, Social Com- mittee of Student Senate 2, Junior Panhellenic 1, Freshman Camp Counselor 4, SEA 4, Campus Chest Committee 2,3,4, Homecoming Committee 2,3,4, Town Gown 2, KAUFMAN, EDWIN H., JR. Sigma Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Golf 1,2,3,4, Captain 2,3, German Club 1,2, Forensics, 189 Physics C iub , KELDER, CATHY ISA, WAA 3,4, Religious Life Commil-tee 3,4, Worship Commission 1,2,3, RWAC 3,4, Chorus 4, SEA 4. KELLER, DOUG Sigma A Ipha Epsilon Secretary 2, V ice President 3, Basketball 1,2,3, Golf 3, Homecoming Parade Committee 1 , Freshman Camp Counselor 3, Town Club 1 . KEYS, JOHN E. Tau Kappa Epsilon KING, NICK Tau Kappa Epsilon Rush Chairman 2, Millikin A Capella Choir 1,2,3,4, President SEA 4, President Student Illinois Education Association 4, Chairman Carnival Decorations Committee 2. KOWALSKi, BRUCE R. KULLIK, MIKE LACEY, JUDY Delta Delta Delta, Millidek 1,2,3, Publi- cations Board 2,3, Student Handbook Editor 4, WAA 1,2, 3,4, Junior Class Secretary, Chorus 1,2, University Center Board 2, Homecoming Committee 4, Student Senate Social Committee 1,2,3, Tau Chi Pi 1,2,3. LEPP, KAREN F. Zeta Tau Alpha Vice President 3, Presi- dent 4, Pledge Trainer 3, Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4, Phi Kappa Phi 3,4, PI Mu Theta 3,4, Homecoming Co- Chairman 3, Scovill Award 3, Panhellenic Council 3,4, Sigma Zeta Program Chairman 4, Student Handbook Editor 2, Falvey Award 2, WD Z Award 1, Freshman Camp Counselor 3, Decaturian Staff 1,2, Mil lldek Staff 2, Campus Chest Committee 2, Religious Emphasis Week Committee 2, WAA , SEA. LIVESEY, STEVE A. Band 1,2. LOOFT, JANE Pi Beta Phi, Town Gown 1,2,3,4, Re- ligious Emphasis Week 1,2,3, Co-Chalrman 3, Student- Faculty Retreat 2, Freshman Camp Counselor 2,3, Campus Chest 2, Ecumenical Scholarship 3, Tower Club 2, J . Ben Wand Acting Award, University Center Cultural and Ed- ucational Committee 4, Campus Chest Publicity Committee 3, Homecoming Awards Committee 4, Homecoming Show 3, SEA 3, WAA 2,3,4. LUDY, SHIRLEY E. SAI, ISA. LUESCHEN, KARL MC CLURE, MARYANN Zeta Tau Alpha Secretary 3, Historian Reporter 2, House President 4, Panhellenic 2, Secretary 2, Conant Society 2,3,4, Secretary 4, SEA 1, 3,4, WAA, Young Republicans 4, Student Senate Social Committee 3. MC CRARY, LYNN W. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball 1 ,2, 3,4, Tennis 1,3,4. MC GHIE, KENNETH G. Phi DeltaTheta, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 3, Baseball 2,3,4, " M " Club 2,3,4. MC HENRY, JAMES M. Delta Sigma Phi, Football 2,3,4, Campus Chest 3, Freshman Camp 3. MC NEESE, EVERETT W. MC MILLAN, LINDA E. Phi Kappa Phi, National Collegiate Players 3,4, PI Mu Theta, Alpha Epsilon Rho 2,3,4, Town Gown 1 , 2, 3, 4. MARIETTA, GERALD LEE Band 1 , 2, 3,4, Vespers 1. MARK, LILLIAN MARTIN, GEORGIANN Zeta Tau Alpha Pledge Class President 1, H istorlan-Reporter 2 , 3, Junior Panhel lenic President 1, WAA 1,2, Student Senate Publicity Com- mittee 4, SEA 3,4, Student Senate Social Committee, Homecoming Publicity Chairman 3, Junior Panhellenic Advisor 2,3, Panhel lenic V ice President 2, 3, Panhellenic President 4, Student Senate 3,4, Student Affairs Secretary 3,4, Co-Chalrman for Registration for Campus Prologue 4, Oakland Project Tutoring 3. MATTHIAS, KATHLEEN Delta Delta Delta Vice President 3, President 4, Sweetheart Q ueen 3, Pi Mu Theta 3,4, Pi Kappa Delta, National Collegiate Players 4, Upper- classmen Illinois State Scholarship 3,4, Decaturian 1, WAA 1,2,3,4, Student Senate 2,3, Vice President 3, Student Affairs 3, SEA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Member- ship 3, Homecoming Committee Co-Chalrman 2, Religious Emphasis Week Committee Co-Chairman 2, Religious Em- phasis Week Play Committee 1 , Service Commission 2, Freshman Camp Counselor 2,3, Campus Chest Committee, University Center Board 3, Panhellenic Council 3,4, Town Gown, Tower Club 1,2, I ntercol legiate Association of Women Students National Convention 3. MAY, JOHN Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chronicler 2, Vice President 2, President 3, interfraternlty Council 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3, Golf 1.2, Lettermen ' s C Iub 1,2,3,4, Steagall-Sarran Athletic Grant 3, Campus Prologue Chairman 3, Co-Chalrman 4, Class Vice President 3,4, Student Senate 2,3,4, Freshman Camp Counselor 2,3,4, Greek Week Committee Chairman 2.3, Millidek 2, Tower Club 1 . MEILS, PRISCILLA J. Band 1, Chorus 1, Student Senate 3,4, SEA 4, Young Republicans 3,4, RWAC 2, WAA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Decaturian 3. MICHAEL, AMY A Ipha Chi Omega V i ce President 4, Student Senate 2,4, Social Chairman 4, University Center Board 4, Religious Life Committee 1,2, Home Economics Club, Vice President 4. MICHELMAN, RON MICKEL, CYNTHIA C. ISA, Pi Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3,4, Town Gown 1,2,3,4, Opera 2,3,4. MILLER, CAROL E. Kappa A Ipha Theta MILLER, DAVID J. ISA Vice President 2, Decaturian 2, University Center Board, President 2, Tower Club 1,2, 3, Town Gown 1 ,2,3, Student Senate 2, Color Guard 1 . MITCHELL, RONALD W, A Ipha Kappa Lambda MULLENDORE, DANIEL W„ Sigma Alpha Epsilon MULLER, MARLENE K„ Delta Zeta, Tutor Pal Project Co- ordinator, Chorus. NEWELL, STEVE Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Physics Club President, Chorus, German Club, Cross Country 2. ORR, MARTHA A Ipha Chi Omega Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Millidek 1,2,3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Co-Editor 4, Parents ' Day Co-Chalrman 4, Opera 3, Choir 1, SEA , University Center Board, Student Faculty Directory Editor 3. OWENS, MOKEC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Choir 1 ,2,3. PISTORIUS, DONALD PRICE, JUDITH LOUISE Sigma Alpha lota. Social Chairman 3.4, Opera 1, MENC 1,2,3,4, Homecoming Show 1, Choir 1 , Chorus 2,3,4. FUNIS, JOHN Tau Kappa Epsilon President, Baseball 1, 2,3, IFC 2,3, Greek Week Co-Chairman 3, Group Leader- ship Committee 4. 190 RAGSDALE, JOHN M. Tau Kappa Epsilon Social Choirman, Hisi-orlan, President 4, Class Officer 1,2,3, Basketball 1, 2, IFC, Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4, Student Senate . RHODES, STEVE Opera, Miss Van Dyke ' s Dance Review 2, 3,4. ROOTS, KAREN J. Delta Delta Delta Treasurer 4, Dean ' s List 1,3, Decaturian 1,2, Millidek 2,3,4, Class Officer 2, Vice Chairman Freshman Camp 4, Counselor 3, Chairman Homecoming Committee 3,4, Campus Chest Publicity Co- Chairman 2, SEA 2,3,4, Greek Week Committee Chairman 3, Conant Society 2,3,4, Service Project Chairman 3, Publicity Chairman 2, Activity Night Chairman 2. ROSENQUIST, PARKER W. Tau Kappa Epsilon Intramural Manager 1, Commissary Head 4, Basketball 1,2, Baseball " M " Club 2,3,4, Homecoming Chairman 4, Campus Chest Carnival Chairman 3, Homecoming Ticket Sales Chairman 3, Homecoming Publicity Committee 1, Campus Chest Dance Committee 2, Campus Prologue Food Chairman 4. ROTHE, SHARON ISA, Pi Mu Theta, Religious Life Service Committee, international Club, French Club, SEA, Tutor Pal Project, ISA Executive Officer. SCHARFF, ANN R. SCHLESIER, GERALD EDWARD SCHOETTLE, WILLIAM JAMES Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Campus Chest Carnival Committee 2, Campus Chest Publicity Chair- man 3, Homecoming Float Committee 2, Parents ' Day Reception Committee 2, Young Republicans 2, Tower Club 1 . SEDREL, WESLEY D. Band, Orchestra, Religious Life Service Commission, ISA, Campus Christian Fellowship, Inter- Varsity, Friends of SNCC, " Seekers " . SIEBEL, JUDY KAY Pi Beta Phi, Millidek 2, Parents ' Day Reception Chairman 2, Cheerleader 1, WAA 1,2,3, French Club 1, Student Senate Social Committee 2, Young Repub- licans 4, Pep Club 1, Campus Chest Committee 2, Sweet- heart Dance Committee 2. SLEETER, RONALD T. SLOAN, VERN Tau Kappa Epsilon, Basketball 1, Track 1,2. SMITH, PATRICIA M. Sigma Zeta 3,4, Publicity Chairman 4, Student Senate 1,2, SEA 2,3, E lections Committee Chairman 2, Homecoming Dance Decorations 1,2, Henderson Prize in Chemistry 3, Chorus 2. SNIDER, SHARON Delta Delta Delta Rush Chairman 4, Recommendation Chairman 3, Delta Delta Delta Scholar- ship 4, Millidek 2,3,4, SEA 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4, Homecoming Committee 1,2,3,4, Campus Chest Com- mittee 1,2,3,4, Religious Emphasis Week Committee 2, WAA 1 ,2, Tower Club 2, Religious Life Committee 1 ,2, Ponhellenic Council 4, Parents ' Day Committee 1,2,3. STANKUS, AL J. STEFFAN, DONNA STONER, JIM Alpha Kappa Lambda House Manager 3, Vol leyball 3. SUTER, MARY ANN Pi Beta Phi Assistant Pledge Super- visor 2, Assistant Rush Chairman 3, Pledge Supervisor 4, Rush Chairman 4, Scholarship Chairman 3, Delegate to National Convention 4, Co-Chairman Homecoming Float 2,3, Harriet Rutherford Johnstone National Scholarship 4, Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4, Homecoming Co- Chairman Queen ' s Committee 4, Co-Chairman Registration- Reception Committee 3, Campus Chest Carnival Committee 1,2, Co-Chairman Town Publicity 3, ' Greek Week Dance Committee 3, Student Senate Social Committee 2,3,4, Judiciary Board Member 4, SEA 2,4, WAA 1,2,3, Millidek 2,3, Conant Society 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, PI Mu Theta, Vice President 4, Conant Scholar 2, Ponhellenic Council 3,4. TALBERT, JOAN Pi Mu Theta 3,4, WAA 3,4, SEA 3,4, Assistant House Director 4, Religious Life Committee 4, Christian Science College Organization 3,4. THOMAS, BARBARA A Ipha Chi Omega Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Co-Chairman Campus Prologue Committee, SEA 1,2,3,4, Tower Club 1 , Campus Chest Committee , Homecoming Committee, University Center Board Social Committee, Opera 3. THOM, WAYNE TONEY, TIM J. Football 2. TROEMPER, DAN Sigma A Ipha Epsilon Fraternity Warden 4, Tower Club 1, Football 1,2,3, Baseball 1,3,4. UFERT, MIKE Delta Sigma Phi President 4, Sigma Zeta 2,3,4, Student Senate 3. VAN LYSSEL, DONALD C. Tau Kappa Epsilon Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Sergeant at Arms, Homecoming House Decoration Chairman, Homecoming Ticket Sales Chairman . WAGGONER, JUDY ANN WAGGONER, SHAREN S. SEA WALDEN, THOMAS E. Basketball 1, Golf 3,4. WASHKUHN, WILSON C. Delta Sigma Phi Pledge Class President 2, Scholarship Chairman 4, Rush Co-Chairman, Homecoming Co-Chalrman 3,4, Co-Chairman Greek Wee k Discussion Groups 3,4, SEA 4, University Center Social Committee 4, Campus Prologue 3,4, Parents ' Day 4, Student Senate Social Committee. WATTS, GARY Bo Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President 4, Sec- retary 3, IFC 4, Freshman Camp Counselor 3,4, Student Senate 2,3, Director of Food and Housing for Campus Prologue . WEBB, BETTY Delta Delta Delta, Campus Chest 1 ,2, 3, 4, Co-Chairman Carnival 4, SEA 2,4, Freshman Camp Coun- selor 2,3,4, Tau Chi PI 1,2,3, Treasurer 2. WILLIAMS, CAROL DIANNE WORKMAN, DALE A. WRIGLEY, ROBERT ZELNICK, JOYCE L. Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman 3, House manager 3, Pledge Trainer 3,4, Vice President 4, Student Senate Social Committee 1,2, Student Senate Elections Committee 2, SEA, Election Committee, WAA 1,2,3,4, Young Republicans 4, Oakland Tutoring Project 3. Lilhoqrophed Bound by WALSWORTH Matceline. Mo,. U. S. A. Congratulations to Millikin University Class of 1965 From the DECATUR ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE Building the city— that ' s the job of the Decatur Association of Commerce . This job includes Millikin University, which plays such an important role in Decatur. During your student days at Millikin, you no doubt have noted how Decatur is growing. This is not just an accident, but an unfolding of a program of work for the growth of the city, developed by the Association of Commerce in cooperation with governmental bodies, organizations and clubs, as an expression of the " ambitions of the community . " ADVERTISING AND INDEX The Association of Commerce Is a clearing house for community team-work — Decatur ' s sales agency. It promotes and protects jobs in factories, stores and offices. It collects and distributes facts about Decatur. It seeks to promote and protect invest- ments in private and public properties. It is an avenue by which the whole " Decatur neighborhood " may become increasingly a better place in which to live and work. All of these activities are an assist to Millikin University, its faculty and student body . As 0 graduate of Millikin, wherever you may live, we urge you to help give lead- ership to that community to help it become wholesome and progressive. As University men and women, we charge you to accept this chal lenge in the spirit of your A Ima Mater — Millikin University. COME IN, GET ACQUAINTED WITH . . . THE j illikin National Bank you ' ll enjoy using the facilities of this FULL SERVICE BANK Individual checking accounts Corporate checking accounts Savings accounts Christmas Savings Club Personal Loans Commercial Loans Home Improvement Loans Autom obile Loans Real Estate Loans Escrow Service Travelers checks Bank money orders Bank drafts Letters of Credit Banking by Mai I U.S. Savings Bonds Customer Parking Garage and Lot Sidewalk Teller Windows Night Depository Safe Deposit Boxes Join the thousands who save regularly here. We pay FOUR per cent on savings. Remember there is no substitute for money in the bank! We invite your account. Accounts are Insured to $10,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I ILLIKIN NATIONAL B NK OF DECATUR DECATUR ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK, FOUNDED IN I860 BY JAMES MILLIKIN STUDENT INDEX Abraham, Shellee 76, 170 Adams, David G 176 Adam, Herald 164 Adams, Richard 176 Adolphson, Julie 88, 176 Aimonette, Bill ... 84, 116, 164 Albert, Diane 45, 132 Alder son. Ken 170 Aldrich, Margaret 176 Alexander, Joy 72, 170 Allen, Dave 84, 164 Allen, Gerald 86, 164 Allen, Rosalie 164 Alt, Bonnie 131, 176 Altmansburger, J 30, 87, 170 Alward, Phillip 176 Amato, John 86, 94 Amato Ronald . . 30, 31, 33, 41, 86, 154 Andelman, Margaret . . 35, 37, 74, 170 Anderson, Gary A. 176 Anderson, Gary . . 41, 47, 49, 86, 146, 151, 154 Anderson, Ingrid . . 37, 62, 65, 76, 164 Anderson, William 176 Angleton, ReAnn .... 131,146,176 Antico, Roxane 74, 176 Ariens, Denny L 176 Armentrout, Bette 76, 170 Armistead, Michael . . 41, 48, 88, 138, 139, 151, 154 Armsbury, Randy .... 79, 84, 176 Armsbury, Sue 154 Armstrong, Marian 51 Armstrong, Jack 84, 176 Armstrong, William .... 125, 176 Ashby, Dean 87, 94, 154 Augustine, Jim 176 Autor, Steve 80 Ayers, Marylou 146,176 B Bader, Michael 84, 176 Bahlow, Thomas 176 Bailey, Lynn Richard . . 47,151,176 Baird, Neil . . 30, 40, 41, 33, 154 Baker, Edward 88,164 Baker, Dara Lynne ... 70, 79, 176 Baker, Linda 176 Ball, Michael 176 Ballard, Patricia 51 Balsley, Lawrence 177 Baltz, Chris . . 47, 74, 130, 170 Bamford, Lynn ... 45, 79, 131, 170 Barber, Mary ... 47, 70, 76, 177 Barber, Robert 44, 154 Barbre, Betty 37, 76, 164 Barker, Constance 170 Barnett, Tom . . 31, 71, 83, 127, 177 Barron, Melvin 84, 116, 164 Barry, Larry 83, 154 Batchelder, David 177 Bauer, Nancy . . 42, 43, 49, 154 Bayha, Robert 84,126,177 Beals, Ronald 170 Beatty, John 87, 177 Becker, Gary 126, 170 Beebe, William 88, 126, 177 Behnke, John 177 Bellas, Donna 177 Bensen, Margaret 132,155 Benson, Paul 41,177 Benson, Roberta 51 Bernstein, Alan Mark 87,177 Berry, Bruce 177 Berry, Don 84, 177 Billingsley, Henry 177 Brumett, Robert 87,127, 177 Billiter, Cheryl . . 50, 47, 150, 164 Birnbaum, Rodger 177 Black, Carol 70, 72, 177 Black, John 83, 120, 121 Blair, Arnold . . 41, 65, 88, 151, 164 Blair, Keith 42, 84, 155 Blair, Robert 177 Blech, Janet 177 Bloemker, Joyce 51 Blue, David . . 83, 116, 126, 155 Boatman, Lynette 46,76,170 Bock, Aileen 170 Boehme, Armand 45,88,177 Bohmer, Glenn 116, 170 Bohnsack, James 164 Bolin, Leon 177 Bond, Mary Jane . . 78,79,137,139, 164 Booth, William 177 Bopp, Steven 45, 170 Borders, Geff 84, 177 Borg, Richard . . 30, 33, 35, 94, 164 Bork, B 177 Born, Gerald .... 84, 127, 164 Bottrell, Donna ... 47, 70, 72, 177 Bowman, Laura 177 B radish, Carol Ann . . 31, 50, 88,170 Bradley, Sheila 47,139,155 Braun, D 125 Bredberg, Barbara 79,170 Breese, Jacquelyn 164 Breese, Jill ........... 164 Brelsfoard, Michael 84,177 Brennen, Mary 170 Briggs, Duane 177 Brissenden, James ... 84, 155, 171 Bristow, Norman . . 86, 87, 120, 121 155 Brockway, John . . 47, 86, 151, 155 Bradsky, Steven ........ 177 Brown, Beverly . . 37, 79, 139, 171 Brown, Christine 51 Brown, Christine 177 Brown, Jeanne . . 64, 70, 72,138, 170 Brown, Linda 31,171 Browning, George . . 54, 84, 85, 155 Browning, Lois 47, 72, 177 Bruer, Mary 177 Bruhn, Dwight 80 Bruninga, Linda . . 37,47, 74, 96, 97, 130, 155 Buchanan, John .... 47, 116, 155 Buckley, Camilla Ann . . 37, 48, 74, 171, 177 Buddem, James 86, 120,165 Bunch, Mary 151 Bunting, Howard 116, 118 Burcky, Sharon 35, 76, 177 Burger, Judith . 177 Burgner, Sharon . . 42, 49, 50, 139, 155 Burstein, Stuart 87 Buse, Randy 47, 151, 177 Buttel, Rose Mary ... 47, 150, 155 Butler, Linda 171 Butler, Nancy J 49, 72, 177 Butts, Kim 126 Butts, Sherry 171 Byers, Carol A 177 Cadle, Martha .......... 165 FINANCIAL EQUIPMENT, INTERIOR and SYSTEMS, DESKS, FILES and PRINTING 120 W. PRAIRIE ST. DECATUR, ILL. PHONE 428-6648 3 95 " Big . . But Fnendlf © THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK 196 Diamonds Watches China Crystal Fashion Jewelry Linens Perfumes Handbags Sterling and Plated Silverware Post ' s Diamonds Are ' Registered ' ' For Your Protection There s No Extra Charge for Post s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST SONS Jewelers for Over 94 Years Merchant at Prairie Phone 423-9781 Decatur, Illinois Campbell, Barry 171,177 Campbell, Michael 84 Campbell, Roger L 171,177 Cannon, Mary 88, 126, 155 Canny, Kenneth . . 80, 146, 151, 165 Carlin, Barbara . . 37,41,47,76,98, 130, 155 Carlson, Larene . . 62, 72, 164, 165 Carter, Sandra 74, 177 Cassell, Walter F 178 Casstevens, Michael . . 47,146,151, 178 Caudle, Mary Sue 45,155 Cave, Edward . . 45, 84, 176, 178 Cella, Gregory 87, 178 Chapman, Sharon 46,48,178 Chappell, Thomas E 171 Chasteen, Barbara . . . .76,131,178 Cheetham, John 178 Cherven, Harold 178 Cheverie, Virginia 76,178 Christ, Ruth A 178 Christenson, Paul 45,171 Christiansen, Sigurd 146 Christy, Roslyn 178 Clark, Fred 41, 155 Clark, Paula 72, 165 Clayton, Mary 79,171 Clayton, Ronald 165 Clemens, Scott 86,156 Clucas, George 127,156 Clutts, David 126, 171 Coen, David 47,151,178 Coffman, Jon 178 Coldren, Samuel 127,165 Cole, Mary Helen 72,178 Colvis, John 62,84,178 Conderman, John F 87, 178 Conn, Cynthia . . 35, 70, 74, 178 Conn, Susan 178 Connor, Dan 178 Connors, James 178 Conti, Michael 178 Contreras, Frank . . . . 40, 41, 151 Cook, Betty . . 42, 47, 72, 156 Cook, Michele 178 Cook, James 87, 178 Cooper, Larry 37, 41, 178 Cordes, Robert 178 Cordts, Fred 84, 85, 165 Cordts, Thomas 84, 178 Corey, Larry 171 Cormeny, Judy 165 Cornell, K 51 Corum, William 83, 165 Coston, James , . . . . 84 Couch, William 86, 171 Coutant, Alan 178 Coutant, Fran 72, 178 Cowan, Nancy 165 Cox, Diana 51 Craig, James 84, 125, 178 Craig, Michael 146,151,178 Grain, Sandra 79, 178 Crawford, Judy .... 72, 150, 171 Crawford, Norma 88, 178 Crecelius, Lee K. ... 31, 78, 83, Crews, David 156 Crittenden, Sharon 171 Crocker, Janet 51 Crossland, Naida 79, 165 Crowhurst, Judith 72, 156 Cummins, Barbara 178 Curry, Elsie 165 Custis, Constance .... 88, 178 Cutlip, Ray 178 D Daddio, Michael 87, 178 Damery, Janet 156 David, Sally 49, 72, 171 Davidson, Ann . . 47, 70,76,131,178 Davidson, Janet 165 Davis, Roger 178 Decker, Barbara .... 47, 72, 165 Deffenbaugh, Robert 84 Deimel, Robert 88, 151, 165 Delfino, Lance 165 DeMoulin, Richard 83, 178 Dennis, Judy 179 Derby, Marsha 88,179 Deremia h, Diane 74, 171 Deremiah, James 83, 179 Deremiah, John ....... 83, 179 Dethrow, William . . . . 87,151,179 DeVos, Wendy 41, 47, 72, 150, 156 DeWeese, Eric F 87,179 Dick, Mary Fran 35,179 Dietrich, Thomas 116,165 Dilts, David 179 Disbrow, Jacqueline 47, 165 Disbrow, Theodore 41, 156 Dodds, William . . 86, 94, 170, 171 Doetsch, Pamela 46, 179 Donaldson, William 179 Donaldson, David 146, 151 Dooling, Pat 179 Douglass, Ronald 151, 179 Douglas, Susan 79, 171 Downey, Dennis . . 46,47,62,94, 165 Downs, James 54 Doyle, Donna . . 31, 88,139,150, 171 Drury, Barbara S 179 Dubinick, Chris .... 84, 126, 179 Ducummon, Donald .... 44, 165 Dudley, John 179 Duff, Carol 88, 179 Duncan, Jowellyn . . 43, 44, 45, 47, 49, 156 Dimham, David 179 Dunham, Harold 171 Dunlap, Barbara 146, 179 Durning, Sandra . . 45, 48, 62, 156 Dustin, Michael 165 Dycus, Gary 46, 79, 171 Dyson, JoEllen 87, 126, 179 197 WELL, " ASSEMBLY " SHOULD HAVE STARTED BY NOW! Cecil ' s Studio Phone 429-2316 631 W. Eldorado Commercial Photographers Neumode Hosiery Shop Hosiery for Men, Women and Children Complete Line of Campus Socks Phone 422-1755 - 117 N. Water St. C. N. Gorham Sons, Inc. Mortgage Bankers — Realtors 407 N. Main Street P. O. Box 1029 Decatur, Illinois SUPER MARKETS DECATI ATUR AND QFIELD " Better Foods Priced Right ' IN SPKINGFIKLD 709 W. Jefferson IN DECATUR 1355 N. Rt. 48 2280 i:. William 2901 N. Main St. Telephone 429-4201 FUNERAL MORAM N. WATER ST. AT ELDORADO DECATUR .. ILLINOIS 198 Eads, Dean Franklin 179 Eandi, Michael 84, 171 Easter, Clifford 80, 179 Ebbs, Martha 50 Eckert, Rita . . 40, 47, 150, 156 Edie, Colleen 76, 130, 171 Edwards, Robert 83, 179 Edwards, Richard ... 87, 176, 179 Egan, John 43, 49, 156 Eich, Nancy 51 Eilers, Robert 156 Elam, Harriet . . 30, 33, 40, 41, 47, 48, 50, 79, 139, 156 EUegood, Glenn 179 Elliot, Cindy 171 Elston, Frank 43, 165 Elvin, Lyn 179 Elzy, Rose Ann 179 Emrich, Beverly 179 Enloe, Roy 165 Epperson, William . . 31, 35, 44, 45, 57, 84, 138, 164, 165 Erwin, Eileen 31, 35, 171 Erwin, Jerry 179 Elzkorn, Leilane ... 46, 133, 171 Evans, Michael 47, 84, 171 Eversole, Ester 50, 88, 157 F Fackler, Pamela 88, 165 Farley, Lois . . 31, 33, 37, 72, 171 Farr, H. Marshall . . . 41, 116, 157 Farrington, Carlyn ... 37, 74, 179 Fears, Carolyn 51 Feely, John 116, 117 Fennoy, Narmen . . 50, 88, 98, 138, 165 Filis, Sandra ... 30, 45, 88, 172 Finch, Ellen 51, 74 Fischer, Erika 157 Fisher, Sue 79, 179 Flanders, Karen . . 33, 35, 79, 165 Fletcher, Donald 48, 165 Flint, Cynthia . . 31, 35, 74, 94, 132, 146, 172 Floyd, Richard 120, 179 Ford, Linda 51 Fotzler, Sharon .... 50, 88, 166 Franklin, Neal 87, 166 Freeark, Carol 179 Freischlag, Nancy ... 37, 76, 179 Friedman, Herbert . . . 116,125,172 Fritch, Barbara . . 74, 75, 94, 130, 136 Frohwitter, Dixie . . 45, 70, 79, 179 Fryman, Joe 45, 172 Fuesting, Doris . . 46,65,74,94,176 Frye, John 151,172 Funk, Stephen 157 Fuson, Robert 116,179 Futrell, Harry 83, 126,179 G Gabler, Ruth Anne 51 Galloway, Jill . . 31,45, 72,138, 172 Garr, George Larry . . 120, 121,126, 166 Garaicoa, Jose 157 Garrett, Gerry .... 83, 116, 179 Garrett, Michael 157 Garwood, Leah . . 40,45, 62, 74,157 Gary, Jacqueline 157 Gary, Cheryl 37, 72, 179 Gass, Jane . 51 Gaston, Bruce 45, 179 Gendry, Thomas 157 Gerber, Janet .... 74, 150, 170 Gibbs, Suzan 51 Gindler, Beverly . . 45, 47, 150, 172 Gipson, Ronald 179 Gisolo, MaryKay . . 41, 47, 76, 146, 150, 166 Givens, Robert . . 30, 31, 65, 71, 166 Click, Richard . . 31, 62, 64, 86, 170, 172 Glosser, John ........ 80, 180 Goldsworthy, Bruce 87, 180 Golseth, William 180 Gonia, Deirdra 131,180 Gonski, Dennis 87,180 Goode, Linda . . 48, 50, 146, 150, 166 Goodenough, Emily .... 35, 76,180 Grabbe, Mary Ellen ..... 76, 180 Grady, Katherine . . 35, 37, 76, 170, 172 Graczyk, James 172 Gram mer, Rick Royce 180 Granneman, G. Richard ... 87, 180 Granger, Robert 180 Grant, Alan 41, 71, 80 Grant, Diane 180 Gregory, Gary . 172 Green, Judith A. ... 47, 139, 172 Green, Sharon 51 Greenwalt, James . . 83, 116, 126, 180 Greene, Patricia .... 48, 74, 157 Griffith, Gary ....... 87, 180 Griggs, James 157 Grimes, Larry .... 84, 127, 166 Grimm, Stepnen 172 Grubb, Carolyn 157 Grubbs, Henry 41 Grum, Lynette 166 Guest, Charles 83, 172 Guin, Gregory ....... 45, 180 Gunter, M 51 Gustafson, James 84, 180 H Hagen, Henry 86, 172 Haher, Jean . . 42, 47, 62, 74, 166 Haikalis, Chris 83, 172 Haines, Marjorie . 180 Hall, Richard . . 83, 116, 117, 166 With More Than 60 Years Experience And Over $52,000,000 in Assets . . . MUTUAL continues to serve the best interests of Decatur and Central Illinois by: • Encouraging Thrift • Providing Home Financing Muhwi Hi Home ami fioi in j Ajaoeiaiioii 135 EAST MAIN DECATUR, ILLINOIS J Tradition of Service That Began in i9o4 199 DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? welcome, !y bi ow5€ l I town koUcie red house 2 ' :;S ' uoill. ' nuiui zoo FASHIONS FOR THE HOME DECATUR 329 N. Main Ph. 428-7741 MATTOON Charleston 17th Ave. Ph. Adams 4-7464 From Decatur ' s Largest and Finest Diamond Jewelers To All Millikin Students WELCOME CARSON JEWELERS 300 N. Water Phone 428-6677 Thompson-Kramer Music Co. School Band Service 215 North Main St. Decatur, Illinois Phone 422-5611 f Hallman, Thomas . . 30, 43, 80, 172 Hamilton, Dianne 180 Hamilton, K 51 Hamilton, William 180 Hanes, D 51 Hanke, Kathryn . . 48,64,65,79,133, 138, 154, 157 Hansen, Allen 180 Hansen, Betty ... 31, 35, 50, 172 Hanson, Lance 146,172 Harbaugh, Sue 157 Hardwick, Steven 172 Harkins, Myrna 46, 166 Harlow, Natalie 74, 180 Harris, Robert 180 Harris, James W. .. 120, 121, 126, 180 Harris, James 54, 86 Harris, Mrs. Linda 165 Harrison, Nancy 88, 166 Hart, Tom 48 Hatfield, Lynda 180 Haug, Charles .... 84, 116, 166 Hawbaker, Carolyn 180 Hawk, Carolyn 180 Hawthorne, Fred 120, 180 Hawthorne, Joellen 180 Hays, John 172 Hayton, Donald . . 33, 83, 71, 157 Hayward, Howard . . 64, 86, 87, 94, 157 Heinle, Anne ... 35, 47, 76, 180 Hehmeyer, Robert . . 33, 36, 41, 30, 166 Helm, John 84, 116, 118 Helm, Stephen . . 83, 120, 121, 125, 158 Helmuth, Vicki .... 45, 48, 172 Hemleb, Todd .... 83, 127, 180 Henebry, Michael 80 Hendrian, Janet . . 30,35, 76,94,172 Hendrix, Warren 180 Henke, Richard ... 41, 43, 158 Hennigs, Judy 146 Hetz, John 84,180 Heynen, James 180 Hewlett, Kay 42, 158 Higgins, Vi 146,180 Hildebrandt, Dan . 180 Hill, Thomas 83, 127, 180 Hillard, Sue 51 Hinton, Mary 51 Hinton, Sue . . 40, 41, 42, 64, 78, 79, 98, 154, 158 Hirstein, Ronald . . 30,31,44,45,166 Hodges, James W. . . 65,116,126,172 Hoeltgen, Pat . . 36, 74, 94, 158 Hofeditz, Bradley . . 47,146,151,172 Hoffman, David 166 Hoffman, Dale 84, 125 Hoffmann, Walter 84, 166 Hoffmeister, Ronald 158 Holliger, Steffann 139, 158 Hollenbeck, Sue .180 Holm, Lorna 51, 79 Holmer, Sally . . 31, 79, 94, 132, 133, 172 Holtzclaw, Sonja . . 48, 133, 139,166 Holtzclaw, Thomas 41, 158 Honn, Andrew 172 Hortenstine, John 158 Houcek, Edward 80, 180 Hough, Susan 40, 158 Howard, Steven 172 Howell, Linda 139,180 Howell, Marthe . . 41, 47, 70, 72, 73, 98, 146, 150, 158 Hubbard, Deanne 166 Hubbard, Robert 166 Huddleston, Mark 83,180 Hudson, Dean 158 Hudson, Sue . . 40, 41, 46, 48, 49, 132, 158 Hullinger, David 158 Humphrey, James 125, 180 Humphrey, Pam . . . . 79, 131, 181 Hunter, Wilma 51 I Ires, Sue ... 35, 47, 76, 181 Irish, John . . 45, 84, 116, 126, 172 J Jackels, Robert . . 35,43,44,80, 138 Jackson, Kathy . . 30, 42, 65, 88, 166 Janssen, Robert ......... 158 Johnson, Adelaide . . 37, 70, 47, 76 139, 181 Johnson, Robert 87, 181 Johnson, Constance 46, 158 Johnson, Priscella ... 72, 146, 181 Johnson, Samuel , . 33,35,40,41, 42, 49, 50, 159 Johnson, Willard 159 Johnston, David . . 31,41, 62, 83, 166 Jones, Michael 181 Jones, Daniel ........ 86, 166 Jones, Roger 83 Jones, Stephen 166 Jordan, Martha 79,159 Jorgensen, Jane 172 Jouett, Jean 37, 76, 172 Joyce, Patrick 84, 181 Jur gens, Michael E. . . 116,117,125, 166 K Kaisor, Allen 159 Kalsow, Steven 80, 181 Karowsky, Carol . . 74, 75, 132, 159 Kasper, Edward 181 Kassnel, Judy 30, 47, 166 Kaufman, Edwin H. . . 40, 41,42,43, 127, 159 Kauppala, Barbara . . 50, 88, 172 Keil, David 87 I N C OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORIES 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, N. Y. 10003 212-OREGON 7-7788 201 CONGRATULATIONS . . . and hest wishes To the Class of 1965 and the staff and students of Millikin University James S. Kemper, Chairman B. C. Dahlmann, President. Executive Office : 666 NORTH WATER ST. • DECATUR, ILLINOIS • PHONE 422-8521 202 Kfiith John 83, 116, 127 Kwasny Ronald . , . . . . 167 Lueschen, Karl 160 48 88 13Q 159 T TiETari Rnnfild 84 182 76 172 L T.iimnn Sfpnhpn 71 Keller, Beverly 172 T.vprlpi .Tjimp 83 Keller, Bob . . . . 47, 80 T ppv .Tiidv 74, 94, 159 Lyman Suzanne 47 74 172 Keller, Douglas . . 84, 85, 159 T ifi Pranlc Pafriria 181 Kelley, Michael 181 T ,an2 ' pribpre ' Thoma.s 181 Mc Kelliher, Joe 86 Lanier Geraldine 167 Keran, Corley L. . . . 41, 125, 181 131 181 MarDonald Phri =5tinp 182 Key, Carl . . 62,71,84,116,164,167 Latherow, Linda Lou 36, 37, 94, MacNeil Ann 72 Key, John 86,159 167 McArthy, Janet 70, 79, 182 Kidd David 45 Latshaw Michael 181 McBride, James 34 Kidd, Sylvia . . . . 51,172 Laughlin, Larry . . . 83, 116, 172 McClellan, Steve 182 Kimberly, James 172 Laurent Carl . 125, 126, 181 McClelland James 182 Kincaid, Vicki 181 Lawing, Charles . . . . 181 McCloud, Donald . . . 71, 84, 167 King, Nick . . . 47,146, 159 Lawrence, Herriott . . , , 45, 76, 172 McClure, Maryann . . 42, 45, 47, 79. Kinter, Jane . . . , 181 Lazar, Sandra 62, 79, 167 160 .181 Lebeck Kenneth . . 84, 176, 181 McCrary, Lynn . . 84, 121, 120, Kisselburg, Lynn 146, 181 Leedham, Terry , . . . 87,181 127, 160 Kleinmier, Ronald 172 Leeds, Marilyn 181 McGhie, Kenneth . . . 116, 117, 160 Klingel, Kay ... 72, 181 Leisner, R . . 45, 72, 167 McHaney, Joseph . . . 146, 151, 172 Kloker, Christina . 30, 47, 54, 76 Lemons, Paula 181 McHenry, James . . 116, 160 139, 167 Lehman, Melinda . . . . 65, 72, 167 McKinney, Minyonne 182 Knox, Gary . . . . 84, 181 Lents, George 181 McLaughlin, Leslie . 35, 94, 172 Koch, Walter ... 45, 88, 172 Lepp, Karen . . 40, 41, 42, 70, 78, McLeod, James . . 182 Koehler, James 181 79, 159 McMillan, Linda . . 40, 43, 49, 160 Koepke, Letitia . , , . . 74, 131, 181 Levey, Ann 88, 133, 167 McNalley, Paul 182 Koeppe, Ellen Jo 181 . .... 181 McNeese, Everett 160 159 45, 167 McNeil, Michael . . , . . . . 86, 167 Koyak, Paula 45 Lichtenberg, Donna .... 181 McQueen, Robert 182 Kraft, Gretta . . 37, 47, 49, 172 .... 146 McTaggart, Ruth . . . . 79 , 94 Kramer, Lois . . 47, 72, 181 Listen, Sharon . . . . 72, 181 Kraemer, Thomas 181 182 M Kramer, Jane . . 79, 131, 172 Livesay, Donald . . . 146, 151 Krause, Terry . . 35, 84, 44, 167 Livesay, Steven . . . . .... 160 Maaks, Gloria . . , , . 72, 138, 172 Kriz, Dona . . . 47, 49, 79, 167 Logan, Carol . . 48, 88, 133, 167 Maddon, Jan . . . . 182 Kuhns, Robert 47, 139, 167 Logston, Timothy . . . . 126, 174 Madigan, Robert . . 84, 116, 117 Kullik, Michael 159 .... 182 182 Kunard, D. Alan 181 Looft, Jane . . 37, 49 , 76, 137, 160 ivicuiu LVi, nui IIIU Kunkel, William R 86 Lopossa, Paula . . 31, ; 35, 50, 88, 139 Maly, Lillian . . . . 146 Kunshek, Rudy 83, 172 Lorton, Harold .... 172 Marietta, Gerald , , 160 Kurth, Jerry W. . . 48, 138, 146, 151, Luapp, S . . . . . 80 Mark, Lillian . . . , 160 167 50,160 Marker, Melinda . , 51 CO-.-Pl-IMENTS OF KAUFMAN-EASTERN PACKING CO. PHONE 423-9701 701 N. WATER 203 For the SMARTEST FEET on campus wear shoes from RAUPP ' S 139 NORTH WATER DOWNTOWN PHONE 429-5429 730 SO. MAIN DECATUR " For a Job to be Well Done ' ' EVERYTHING IN ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm Compliments of SWAIN MYERS ASSOCIATES, Inc. DESIGNERS and SUPPLIERS Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools Restaurants Institutions, Clubs, and Drug Stores 444 E. MAES ST. 204 fi : VARIETY 4 Stores to serve YOU • 134 N. Broadway 1130 N. Main • 250 N. First — South Shores • 3080 N. Water — Brettwood BRAND NAMES SAVINGS ON LOW « Marsh, David 167 Marsh, Gary 87, 182 Marsh, Janice 182 Marshall, Nancy 51 Martin, Cathy .... 76, 176, 182 Martin, Edward 182 Martin, Georgiann . . 31, 47, 70, 79 Martin, Linda 182 Matthias, Kathy . . 41, 42, 49, 70, 74, 75, 160 Mathias, Steven . . 84, 116, 126, 172 Maul, Frances 172 Maurer, Karen .... 37, 72, 182 May, John . . 84, 116, 154, 160 Mayfield, David 86, 167 Meils, Priscilla . . 45,132,133,160 Meis, William 172 Menapace, David 182 Merenkov, Richard 126, 182 Merker, Susan . . 37, 47, 76, 182 Meyer, Bruce 86, 167 Meyer, Donna . . 74, 131, 176, 182 Meyers, Georgeann ... 131, 172 Michael, Amy 31, 30, 46, 72, 73, 161 Michelman, Ronald 161 Mickel, Cynthia 44, 161 Michel, Sara 46, 172 MilhoUin, Stephen 87, 182 Miller, Robert 45, 80, 182 Miller, Carol 161 Miller, David 161 MUler, Harold 182 Miller, ' Lois 51 MiUer, Phyllis 72, 172 Mitchell, David 87, 182 Mitchell, James .... 86, 126, 167 Mitchell, Kenneth 44, 84 Mitchell, Lynn 151 Mitchell, Ronald 161 Mitchell, Shirley 88 Moffit, Judith 167 Moiling, Lynn .... 74, 131, 182 Monaghan, Marjorie 182 Monical, Emily Sue . . 46, 74, 174 Montgomery, Mickey ... 84, 174 Moore, Beverly .... 79, 146, 150 Moore, Carol 74, 131, 182 Moore, Kenneth 182 Moore, Patty 47, 50, 88, 150, 167 Moore, Victoria 182 Moorehead, I3avid 151,182 Moose, Larry . . 47, 146, 151, 182 Moraitis, Stathe G. . . 87, 125, 182 Moreen, Pamela 51 Morgan, Robert 182 Morgan, Mary ... 74, 174, 133 Morris, Richard 182 Moushon, Duane 41, 167 Muller, Jacqueline 51 Mullen, M 50 Mullendore, Daniel 161 Muller, Marlene . 161 Mum ma, Phillip 83, 174 Munks, David 87, 182 Munn, Richard 116 N Newman, Harriet 183 Newman, Jerold 116 Nicholls, Merville 174 Mcklich, Nicky 74 Nadenbush, Phil 183 Nelson, Michael 87, 183 Nierman, William 35 Newell, Steven ... 43, 86, 161 Nicholson, Cynthia 174 Norris, Ronald 83, 183 Niemann, Sarah .... 50, 146, 150 174 Norton, Catherine 183 Nutting, Susan 183 Nuttwlg, S 51 Obermeyer, George 183 O ' Dell, Diane 183 Oglesby, John 183 Onaga, Cynthia 48, 183 Orendorff, James .... 127, 183 Orlandini, Nick 84, 174 Orr, Martha . . 36, 57, 72, 73, 161 Overholt, James .... 84, 167 Owens, Moke 161 Padget, Ivan 84, 183 Parker, Sue 74, 167 Park, Donald 42, 86 Parkinson, Dianne .... 48, 174 Parrott, Patricia 146, 183 Parsons, Richard 174 Partlow, Jerry 183 Parton, Linda 183 Paslay, Sandra 183 Paton, Richard 167 Paulus, Richard 183 Pearse, Ann 174 Pedersen, Eileen 79, 183 Pedersen, Marian 72, 167 Peel, Terry 183 Pelehac, Sandra 48, 183 Perkins, Linda 45, 167 Perkins, Norma ICathy . . 42, 168 Perna, Thomas 87, 183 Peters, Leon 183 Peterson, Bertram 80 Peterson, Karen 174 Peterson, Riciiard 87 Peterson, Pamela . . 35, 50, 74, 174 Peterson, Timothy 87, 183 Pettry, Martha 76,183 Pew, Phillip Lynn 84 Phegley, Charles 183 205 " Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. SAMUEL JOHNSON DAWSON WIKOFF FUNERAL DIRECTORS DECATUR MT. ZION ARGENTA Phifer, Carol . . 33, 37, 47, 70, 76, 83, 174 Schoettle, Marilyn . . 54, 70, 76,164, 167 Roberts, David .... 45, 88, 183 168 Piazza, William , 183 86, 87, 168 Schoettle, William . . 62, 84, 162 Pistorius, Donald 161 174 Schousboe, Liz . . 30, 45, 88, 168 Piatt, Bea Rhea . . . . 146, 150, 168 86, 168 83, 125, 184 Piatt, Charles 174 Roe, Alicia 51 Schroeder, Dennis 175 Putnam, Janice 37, 183 76, 168 146, 151, 175 Putnam, Carolyn . . 62, 70, 72, 138, 76, 183 Scrimpsher, Ray 168 168 Roots, Karen . . 37, 41, 47, 54, 74, 75, Sedrel, Wesley 162 Funis, John . . . 161 94, 161 Seeley, Marsha 184 Pritts, Paulette 174 Rosenquist, Parker . . 64,86,94,162 Seibel, Judy Kay 76, 162 Price, Judith . . . 47, 150, 161 Ross, Bonnie 74, 174 Sellers, Stuart 168 Preston, Dennis 168 Ross, Janice : . . . 183 Seversike, Lynn 184 168 Ross, Michael . . . . .... 184 Shaffer, Karen 150 Ponder, Harold . . 41, 45, 83, 168 Rothe, Sharon .... 40, 162 Shaffer, WUliam . . 120, 121, 184 Rothschild, Charles .... 174 Sharp, Elaine . . 47, 146, 150, 175 R Rubins, Karen . . 30,33,74,130, 168 ■Rubley, Jan . . 47, 70, 74, 94, 168 Shedroff, Diane . . . . 116, 117 184 Radtke, Kenneth 151, 174 Rugh, James 86, 174 Sheets, William 168 Raebel, Dennis 183 R union, Allen .... 184 Sheppard, Sandra 51 Raemer, Karen 51 Rush, Joiin 44 Shirer, Nancy . . 30, 74, 131, 184 Ragsdale, John . . 30, 41, 65 , 86, 87, Russell, Edmund . . . . 83,184 184 154, 161 Russell, Jan 146, 174 Shortal, William . 83, 125, 146,184 Reed, Karl . . . 84, 174 Rutherford, Nancy . . . . 76, 168 Shuff, Randy 184 Reese, John . . . 183 Ruzicka, Thomas , , 87, 168 Sigfried, William . . 49, 146, 168 Reichert, Karen . 31, 45 , 79, 183 Sill, William • • • ... 84, 127, 168 Reide, Michael . . 83, 116, 118, 125 Simmons, Nancy 47, 175 Reilly, Allyn 183 S Simmons, Susan .... 132, 184 Reincke, Marianne . . 47, 150, 168 Sims, Kenneth 168 Reinebach, Dean 151 Saathoff, Steven . . . 184 Skidmore, Robert Roe . . 83,120,121, Relnhardt, David 183 Salvatore, Raymond 151 175 Rekas, Stephen 183 Santos, Zulema . . . . 184 Skirha, Martin 84, 168 ReVeal Mari Alice 174 Schaefer, Harold . . . 31, 184 184 Reynolds, Emily 51 Scliaefer, Paul .... 174 Sleeter, Ronald 162 Rex, I.arry .... 174 Schaenhofen, Dale , . 87, 175 . . . . 126, 168 Rezney, Ronald 48 Scharff, Ann 162 .... 86, 162 Rhodes, Steven 41,161 Scherer, Jerry . . . 116, 184 Small, Sandra 168 Richeson, Constance . . 48 74, 174 184 Smalley, Sandra 51, 74 Richmond, Kerry 87, 183 162 184 Richter, Barbara 183 184 Smith, Jerry . . . 83, 116, 184 Rigg, Karen . . . 76, 183 Schmidt, Timothy . . 83, 120, 125, Smith, Patricia .... 50, 162 Ringle, James 168 184 Smith, Ronald 184 Robbins, Dennis 83, 183 Schneider, Mary Louise . . 72, 184 Smith, Siiaron 184 206 Compliments of Burdick Plumbing and Heating Co. 728 So. Main St. DECATUR, ILLINOIS Compliments of Young ' s Packing Co. Inc. Decatur, Illinois Since 1897 Inspected Meats I HOPE DR. WEATHERBEeIoSN FIND OUT THIS IS ONLY H2I. Try SUNBEAM . . . and Compare Now — " Batter Whipped ?9 207 The Bank with Time for You Complete Banking Services Include : • Checking Accounts • Savings Accounts • Installment Loans • Commercial Loans • Real Estate Loans • Safety Deposit Boxes • Farm and Property Management • Trust Services • Christmas Qub • Travelers Checks FREE PARKING — DRIVE-IN WINDOWS at THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, 208 Smith, WiUiam 120, 175 Smock, Andrew 86, 168 Smyth, Nike . . 35, 74, 94, 130, 131, 146, 168 Snider, Sharon . . 37, 47, 70, 74, 162 Snow, Gordon 44 Snyder, Donald 120, 184 Snyder, Rae Anne 184 Soby, Lois 175 Sons, Buckley 43, 175 Sowa, David 184 Spangler, Stephen ... 45, 87, 184 Springer, Mary Ann . . 35,79,146, 175 Stanfill, Elizabeth 30, 88 Stankus, Al John 162 Stanley, Kenneth 49,184 Staral, Charles 168 Stark, Bonnita 43, 175 Stark, Constance 175 Stark, Patrick 86,175 Steele, Leslie 70,76,169 Steele, Richard 86,169 Steffan, Donna 40,74,162 Stein, Frederick 184 St. John, Barbara . . 35, 45, 72, 139, 168 Stoan, B 51 Stoecker, Thomas 175 Stone, James 184 Stoner, Phillip James .... 80, 162 Stoutenborough, Suzanne ... 72, 184 Strang, Susan 88, 184 Straob, Frederick 169 Streu, Charles 151 Stutsman, Dail 35, 76 Sullivan, Karen 51 Sullivan, WiUiam 184 Sumner, Landon 175 Sunderlick, Jack 120,121,184 Suter, Mary Ann . . 40, 41, 42, 47, 76, 94, 162 Suwe, Michael 46, 184 Svob, Judith 169 Swanson, Barbara 139,169 Swanson, Gerald 184 Swarthout, Steven 184 Swedenberg, Judy .... 79, 139,175 Sweigart, Janet 185 T Talbert, Alice Joan . . 40,48,139, 162 Talbot, Jan 79, 131, 169 Taylor, Madeline . . 33, 48, 88, 169 Taylor, Zach 83,169 Teese, Susan 185 Thayer, S 84 Thielsen, Marilyn .... 131, 185 Thies, Donna 185 Thomas, Barbara . . 64, 70, 72, 73, 163 Thompson, Carol 74,175 Thompson, Cheryl . . 34, 42,76,130, 169 Thompson, Nora 79, 169 Thrasher, Chester 185 Titus, Donald . . 43, 86, 87, 169 Tolle, Jerry 175 Toney, Tim 163 Towell, Lana 185 Truscott, Anthony 185 Traylor, Nancy 48,185 Treece, Marilyn 185 Troemper, Dan 84,125,163 Trueblood, Rosalee .169 Turner, Elmer . . 34, 41, 48, 168 Turner, Mary Ann 185 Turner, Terry 127 U Ufert, Michael 42, 71, 83, 163 Vadikin, Linda 51 Van Baalen, Christine . . . . 76, 185 Van Dam, Phillip 151 Van Lyssel, Donald . . 86, 94, 163 Vaughan, Susan . .35,47, 72,138, 169 Verner, Gerry 175 Verre, Daniel ... 94, 146, 175 Vilet, Thomas . . . , . 87, 127, 185 Volk, Frank 151, 175 Volp, John 87, 175 Vorwald, Susan 74, 185 Vrabel, Charles 86, 175 Vroman, Justine . . . , 74, 131, 185 W Waggoner, Judy 163 Waggoner, Sharon 163 Wagner, Lynne . . 37, 45, 146, 185 Waggoner, Ronald 169 Walden, Thomas .163 Walker, David Alan 185 Walker, David Charles 185 Walker, Louise 79,175 Walker, Paul 87,185 Walls, Charles 120,126 Walton, Samuel 185 Warchol, Rick 151 Ward, Jane 185 Ward, Janet .... 70, 79, 94, 169 Ward, Susan 185 Washington, Roy 121 Washkuhn, Wilson 65,83,163 Wasmuth, John 185 Waters, Mary Nelle . . 36, 37, 45, 70, 74,185 Waters, Warren . . 86, 87, 126. 169 Watts, Gary .... 71, 84, 85, 163 Wayne, Michael 163 Webb, Betty 62, 74, 163 Webb, Dona 62, 74, 169 Weilepp, James 45, 185 Weiss, Douglas 185 Wellens, Robert 175 Congratulations Schwartz Glass Company 736 South Main Street Decatur, Illinois Nicholson, Clark and Co. INSURANCE Telephone 429-4365 114 N. Water St. Decatur 209 WILL THIS COLLEGE DOOR BE KEPT OPEN? Within a few years, twice as many students will be entering American col- leges and universities. Many of these young men and women will find crowded conditions at the schools of their choice and may even find it impossible to attend these schools. It is not unusual to find parents looking for suitable college arrangements for sons and daughters who are just entering high school. The Millikin Class of 1965 is joining the alumni ranks. Your basic education is behind you. Your future is bright with many opportunities. During your four years at M.U.. you have paid approximately sixty per cent of the actual cost of your education. Millikin has paid the rest. Where did this " wonderful forty per cent " come from? It was available to you largely because Millikin alums have developed an outstanding record of financial support for their alma mater. You. too. will be called upon to support Millikin When that call comes, consider your good fortune in being educated in the college of your choice, and help make Millikin available to other young men and women in the future. MUELLER CO., DECATUR, ILL, Factories at: Decatur, Chattanooga, los Angeles; In Canada: Mueller, Limited, Sornia, Ontario. Congratulations, Graduates of 1965 SAVE AND EARN with FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Macon County 155 W. Eldorado Street CHRISTY and FOLTZ Supply Company Ready Mix Concrete Phone 428-8601 740 South Main St. Congratulations from " Decatur s Largest, Friendliest Store Telephone 429-4391 THE BLUE MILL " For Steaks that You ll Remember 21 1 Wise shoppers make one stop at . . . HAINES and ESSICK IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN DECATUR • Typewriters • School and Business Supplies • Book Shop • Gift Shop • Card Shop • Sport Shop • Toy Shop • Office Equipment It ' s a ivise student who depends on the CAMPUS BOOK STORE IN THE HEART OF MILLIKIN ' S CAMPUS • College Textbooks • School Supplies • Students Sundry Needs • Athletic Supplies • Sports Clothing Marvel- Schebler Products Division BORG-WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY 213 SECURITY SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Compliments of a Save for a Secure Future Friend 243 South Water St. Telephone 428-2121 Member F.S.LJ.C. Werstein, Frank 84, 175 West, Russell 46, 83, 185 Westermeier, Carol . . 30, 70, 74, 131, 169 Wheeler, Donna 72,185 White, Harris 71,80,169 White, N 51 Wiegand, Marilyn . . 48, 50, 88, 175 Wiersma, Sheri 88, 175 Wiig, Keith 185 Williams, Carol 163 Williams, Raymond . . 31, 151, 169 Wilson, Charles 84, 169 Wilson, Ronald 185 Winick, David 185 Winkler, Dennis . . 116,118,126,175 Winterbottom, Steven 185 Winters, Mary . . 30, 48, 50, 175 Winters, Ned . . • 151,175 Wittenauer, Darlene 41 Wojtanowski, Walter 169 Wolf, Cathy I ' S Wolford, Charles 169 Workman, Dale 151,163 Workman, James 185 Worthy, Marion 51 Wright, Judith 51 WoUan, Terry 37, 76 Wrigley, Michael 185 Wrigley, Robert 163 ORGANIZATIONAL Alpha Chi Omega 72, 73 Alpha Epsilon Rho 43 Alpha Kappa Lambda 80 Beta Iota Mu 41 Campus Chest 62, 63 Cheerleaders 130 Conant Society 42 Decaturian 34, 35 Delta Delta Delta 74, 75 Delta Sigma Phi 82, 83 Fine Arts 58, 59 Focus On Life Week 138, 139 French Club 46 Freshman Camp 52-55 Handbook and Directory .... 32 Homecoming 92-107 Home Economics Club 46 Independent Student Association . . 88, 89 Inter Fraternity Council 71 Jazz Lab Band 149 Judiciary Board 31 Millidek 36, 37 Millikin Band 148 Millikin Choir 146 Millikin Orchestra 149 Music Educator ' s National Conference 47 National Collegiate Players . . 49 Nurses 51 Panhellenic Council 70 Parent ' s Day 57 Phi Mu Alpha 151 Phi Kappa Phi 40 Physics Club 43 PI Beta Phi 76, 77 Pi Kappa Delta 44 PI Mu Theta 41 Pom Pon Squad 131 Publications Board 32 Wustrow, Ann 169 Wyne, Thomas 185 Wyzenbeek, Sherry 185 Y Yeakley, James 41, 86, 169 Yueill, Kay 51 Yust, Gregory . . 45, 86, 127, 169 Yurieci, Charles 125, 185 Z Zelnick, Joyce . . 45, 78, 79, 163 Zeni, Phillip 45,46, 169 INDEX Resident Women ' s Association Council 48 Student Affairs Committee .... 33 Student Education Association . . 47 Student Senate 30, 31 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 84, 85 Sigma Alpha Iota 150 Sigma Zeta 42 Sports 114-129 Tau Kappa Epsilon 86, 87 Tower Club 49 Town and Gown 60, 61 University Center Board .... 33 University Chorus 147 Who ' s Wlio In American Colleges and Universities 40 Women ' s Atliletic Association . . 132 Young Democrats 45 Yoimg Republicans 45 Zeta Tau Alpha 78, 79 214 NOW it ' s my turn . Now, it ' s my turn to earn my place in our community ... in our country. Someone before me had his turn . . . someone built the schools I attended . . . someone subscribed to the hospital building fund . . . someone worked on the fund drives for church and charity . . . on Scout committees ... on the thousand and one civic affairs that weave strength and character into this country of ours. Someone ... in fact, many . . . were good citizens before me. Now, it ' s my turn to take up the responsibilities of citizenship. I know I will be a good citizen only if I make up my mind to be . . . that I will reap the rewards of good citizenship only if I invest in them . . . that I and millions like me will determine the kind of community and country we will live in. Strong communities mean a strong Nation. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. Junior and Women s Apparel 147 N Water CDC. Compliments HUNTER - POGUE LUMBER CO. 705 N. OAKLAND Tel. 428-3487 Compliments of THE WINERY BROWNIE COAL COMPANY High Grade Coals For Less BROWNIE COALCO. Phone 429-5131 840 N. Morgan Decatur, Illinois Licensed and Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE Fine Lighting Fixtures - Adequate Wiring Kitchen aid Dishwashers (factory trained mechanics) Preway, Hotpoint, Modern Maid HARDWARE and SCOTT LAWN PRODUCTS Largest Light Bulb Selection In Decatur Vour Electric Service Center Since 1942 Oakwood Shopping Area 429-4229— Days Night— 429-6402, 877-7543 QUALITY YEARBOOKS FOR HIGH SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Pi i Publishing Company, Inc. P.O. Box 333 M a r c e I i n e, Missouri P.O. Box 222 Ottawa, Ont., Canada P.O. Box 6091 Wiesbaden, W. Germany WALSWORTH We Welcome Students! to the SOY CAPITAL BANK lVO )l s the time to plan for the future with an economy checking account. LEARN MORE to save for the future with a savings account (earning maximum bank rates.) than all, come in and visit with us at 1501 East Eldorado. Decatur s Most Convenient Bank 1501 EAST ELDORADO Member F. D. I. C. 428-7781 Congratulations from WAGNER CASTINGS CO BIEDERMANS FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Homefurnishers Since 1886 Open Every Night 250 East William St. Decatur, 111. Phone 428-3467 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 65 from SCHUDEL ' S Decatur ' s Leading Launderers and Dry Cleaners Since 1910 Compliments of PLA - MOR LANES 2121 NoHh 22nd Su Brintlinger ' s Funeral Home Harold B. Brintlinger 500 West Main St. — Decatur 1 218 Compliments of DECATUR BOTTLING CO. Pepsi Bottlers of Seven-Up Orange Crush Enloe ' s Lincoln Square Drug Service Corner of Lincoln Square and Main St. Phone 428-6657 Enloe ' s Prescription Shop 348 West Prairie Street Phone 428-8653 GROVE ' S RESTAURANT For FINE STEAKS AND CHICKEN DINNERS Phone 877-5064 Routes 51-48-121 Decatur, Illinois ROBY ROBY James E. Roby Verne E. Roby Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service SALES - LOANS INSURANCE - BUILDERS 252 E. Main St. Phone 428-3451 Home Owned and Home Operated 725 E. Prairie Decatur, 111. 219 designs and builds homes for delightful living . 250 N. Water St. Decatur, 111. Phone 428-4601 Compliments of King ' s Restaurant Parking Facilities On U. S. Route 51 850 N. Main Street Decatur, Illinois HECHT ' S for ' College Fashions " 335 N. Water Street Compliments of WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 429-4404 Decatur, Illinois Wherever thirsty people are... Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur Best Wishes To 1965Grads MILLER ■ O NEILL FLOOR COVERINGS and DRAPES Compliments of Meadow Gold Dairy Milk :: Ice Cream 304 S. Main — Phone 429-5241 HOTEL ORLANDO 2 New Restaurants Coffee Shop New Cocktail Lounge Ample Parking 156 N. Water St. Phone 429-4331 rr PHONE 429-5305 IforiTHEcoRnER GREEIV HOUSES HOTEL ORLANDO 160 South Water Street (at Wood) Phone 429-5305 Compliments of HEINKEL PACKING CO. KAYCRAFT DRUG CO. Fouiitain Service Finest of Cosmetics Complete Prescription ervice Congratulations From Your Alums Lillian L., Dorothy M., and Gene MONSON FUNERAL HOME 239 W. PRAIRIE Phone 428-4429 C on ratuiationA to I fie C (ai6 of 651 MAIN ol PRAIRIE DECATUR, ILLINOIS 62JJ3 FASHION is our business Best Wishes for Success from THE NORMAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY Compliments of SWARTZ RESTAURANT I I FACULTY INDEX A P Griffiths, Richard . 28 . . . 29,40 15 , 21,40,46 H . . . . . 29 B Hamilton, Georgia 26 R 24 Hermans, Richard ...... 24 . . . 15,32 Bamett, Wallace 26 Hoffland, Richard , . . . 25,33,139 20 23 Huff, J. A ...... 26 ..... 21 Benner, Denny ...... 29 IV 23 20 OTITIC " D - YTM A ' 9 Q 20 . . 22,114,116 1 S 20 Boatman, Maurice 15 V in c T o H 91 Browning, Clyde 19 1 o T r A To VTrnv 1 Q 29 . . 22,114,116 Kreuger, William 19,40 ..... 27 C Krows, Wayne . . . . .... 13,40 26 Calhoun, Larry , 18 Kuncar, Edward , . . . . 21,46 22 23 Carlson, Earland 13 L OCT 01 lr -ton . :i5,ol,40,lo9 21 29 LaRowe, Kenneth . , , 21,31,33 23 28,33,41 D Laurent, Lorraine ..... 26 Dawald, Victor . 19 27 Dennis, Clyde 3,18,33 T Dexter, Richard 24,33,43 M Thorson, Theodore . . . .... 25,47 Dickinson, Joel .... 20,45 29 Tilley, Wesley .... 19 . , . . 22,139 22,33 27 Domer, George ...... 21 McClure, Oren . . . . ...... 19 V Doubleday, Neal 27 21 Drake, Charles . , , . 28,41 McGinnis, Winifred . , 26 W Drenan, James . . . . 24,42 10,11,40 20 F McPeek, Beth . . . 14,31,33 . . . 21,44 Ferry, Richard . 19 Mark, LaMae Walker. Willis . . . . 20 ...... 28 Martin, Mary Weatherbee, Carl . . . 23 Merritt, William . G Merwin, Kenneth 19 .... 20,40 Mickel, Jere .... 24,40 22,114 Miller, Roger .... 29 Gaston, Jack , 28,40,139 Moffett, Wilma . . . . .... 23,40 .... 12,33 N Y Glasscock, David 29 Norville, Hubert . . . 24,43 15 O Z Griffith, John . Zayac, Jerold 24 PFILES CAMERA SHOP SemmePs Cameras and Photofinishing Ladies Ready to Wear 221 N. Water 288 N. Park - Phone 422 6641 BLACK COMPANY SPORTING GOODS Merry-Randolph Motor Supply Co. 304 East Wood St. 340 North Main Phone 429-5295 125 East North DECATUR - - ILLINOIS BEN ' S BARN Decatur ' s Friendliest Restaurant Phone 429-5376 Finest in Steaks, Sea Foods, and Chicken 764 East Eldorado - Decatur, III. 223 Compliments of Schwartz Furniture Co. 835-859 N. Water St. Tie CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRABS Thanks for the past patronage . . . and hope it will continue in the future WALTER T. AUER FRED S. COX Phone 423-7223 LOOKING? lams Ready-tO ' Wear Sportswear Jewelry Millinery 135 E. Prairie Phone 423-3644 Williams for important clothes See the difference at FLORA JEWELERS SVENDSEN FLORIST FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSE 2702 North Broadway Ph. 877-4767 F. T. D.

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