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Digitized by the Internet Arch ive in 2015 https: details millidek1957mill MUM MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY— DECATUR. ILLINOIS Editors: Darlcr Lebo and Alice Mueller. Business Managers: Larry Partington and Al Schroeder. Keflections o We worked and studied in the Shadows of our Towers : From art classes in the top of the towers to machine shop classes in the Industry Building, we earned our education And we played and relaxed in the Shadows of our Towers, too : With warm-weather relaxation on the campus, sports, TGIF meetings, and social activities, we enjoyed extra-curricular life. In years to come, the filmy foliage of the trees will serve as a bordering frame for our memories, for our life, for our Reflections of Millikin University, captured in words and pictures on these pages. 2 President McKay met with students formally and ' informally and thel mutual acquaintance- ships soon developed into firm friendships. To Our flew IPresident DR. PAUL McKAY President Paul L. McKay s arrival on the campus seemed to bring us a new desire for accomplishments. Me spohe of his desire to make Millik in known as a center of culture and intellectual integrity throughout the entire mid-west, and students soon noticed he was quietly and efficiently working for that purpose. Formal Installation of President McKay jDUilding Zenith of Millikin ' s campus, the tall towers of the Main Build- ing rise above the crowded lower halls, the new Malone Chapel, and Albert Taylor stage . . . This is what a Liberal Education, is good for? The line up . . . one of Millikin ' s better known traditions. Finger Painting 117 final. 6 It was a bad day for the Frosh . . . they kept their beanies! | : Muscle Stretching 1019 in Modern Dance class. ymnasium Physical development keeps time with mental achievement in exercises and sports . . . Statues of Liberty! Rehearsing in one of the Conserv ' s practice rooms. It .... 10 The happy shepherds prac- tice in new Conserv lounge. onsewatory From the School of Music comes a fine opera, the Messiah, and well-trained musicians . . . mm 1 1 ections of College As a mirror is only a transparent piece of glass incapable of reflecting rays of light until it is worked on by skilled craftsmen, so, too, is college a blank hollowness until depth is added by skilled minds working as a catalyst to the strange mixture called education. Millikin taught us college is not a place to show off what we already know, but instead a place to discover gaps in our own knoivledge. PRESIDENT PAUL McKAY DEAN C. L. MILLER Installed as Millikin ' s president October 17, 1957, Dr. Paul L. McKay and his charm- ing wife and daughter quickly added an air of congeniality to the campus. The Deccrturian added to its long list of editorial plaudits, " . . . an extremely ver- satile and capable man: an intellectual; a minister; a wonderful speaker with a clear, firm voice; a somewhat shy and quiet man; a firm believer in his convictions; a man who has answered the question thinking men ask themselves, ' Why are we here? ' " Dean C. L. Miller, as Dean of the Uni- versity, has the difficult task of continuous- ly raising the standards of our expanding college while handling the many problems that confront students and faculty. Proof that he does so is seen in the harmonious campus life. 18 DEAN FRANCES E. FALVEY E. W. PLOENGES, Dean of Veterans Dean of Women, Frances E. Falvey, has earned a warm respect from everyone she has worked with on campus — and that means 99% of the student body — because Dean Falvey is known as the one to go to when confusion or trouble strikes. Also Di- rector of Student Affairs, a mathematics in- structor, and tireless committee worker, Dean Falvey is probably the best-loved member of the Millikin ' s campus community. JOHN F. BURHORN. JR. Dean of Chapel GLEN R. SMITH Dean of Business and Industry Administrators WALTER B. GRAY BYRON L. KERNS R. WAYNE GILL Director of Admissions Registrar Business Manager and Public Relations 20 SPEECH DEPARTMENT Edith McNabb, Jere Mickel, Elinor Gage LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Martha O ' Nann, Beverly Moss. Flora Ross Faculty MUSIC SCHOOL SEATED: Walter Emch. STANDING: Paul Skinner. Mary Soden, Margaret Strahl. Clyde Hess, Wilma Moffet. Robert Watkins. Elizabeth Travis, Wesley Snyder, Hubert Norville. 21 BUSINESS AND SECRETARIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Glenn Smith, J. W. Gaston. E. W. Ploenges. Virginia Belt. Margaret Sparks, Ralph tt Richard Paine. ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRY ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT Don Shroyer, Dorothy McClure, Ralph Allan. David Glasscock, Carl Head, William Williams, Clarence Warner. 24 BUSINESS OFFICE Jackie Lindsay. Larry Haab. Helen Dienalt, Wilma Howenstein, Gertrude Munch. ALUMNI OFFICE STANDING: Lillian Woltmann. Ellen Whitrock, H. Ray Myers. SEATED: Jewell Broughton. NURSES Pat Snyder, Nadine Sessions. 26 SENIOR CLASS D. Grove, President; A. Wright, Secretary; J. Kaiser, Treasurer; C. Marshall, Vice-President. 28 NANCY ADAMS Home Economics Springfield, Illinois DAVID ALLEN Education Decatur, Illinois JOE AMAN Decatur, Illinois LARRY ARMSTRONG Industry Canton, Illinois MARILYN ARMSTRONG Home Economics Delavan, Illinois RALPH ARTZE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois MARY ATKINSON Historv Bethany, Illinois WILLIAM AUGUSTTNE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois BARBARA AUSTIN English LaGrange, Illinois ROGER AXBERG Business Administration Chicago, Illinois ROGER BAILEY Business Administration Latham, Illinois BETTY BAIR Education Webster Groves, Missouri DONNA BASHORE Education Decatur, Illinois TED BELL Biology Joliet, Illinois BARBARA BERGEN BARNES Education Petersburg, Illinois MIRIAM BEYER Education Park Ridge, Illinois A Three men on way to dry class. Seniors ' 58 , k. H : : m i i Jtii ROBERT BLILER Speech Decatur, Illinois BILL BOHON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois PATTY BREEZE English Decatur, Illinois MARY BROOKBANK English Dupo, Illinois JIM BURDICK Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT CALATRELLO Education Springfield, Illinois LOU CATRON English and Speech Springfield, Illinois MARY LOU CHAPMAN English Granite City, Illinois MARY ANN COLBERT English Decatur, Illinois EDITH CONLEY Music Education Kansas, Illinois JOHN CONNOLLY Physical Education North Bergen, New Jersey ELDON CONSTANT Chemistry and Biology Decatur, Illinois MARTHA COOK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DAVID COOPRIDER History Decatur, Illinois JACKIE CRINIGAN English Springfield, Illinois RALPH CUNDIFF Industry Arthur, Illinois No! Not another cup of Sub-standard coffee! Seniors ' 58 30 LOUIS DECHANT Industry Belleville, Illinois PAUL DeMOSS Industry Decatur, Illinois RICHARD DILL Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT DOUR Business Administration Virginia, Illinois JIM ECKHARDT English Moweaqua, Illinois LEE ERICKSON History and Speech Elmwood Park, Illinois PATSY EVANS Muse Education Decatur, Illinois JOHN W. FANCHER Business Administration Springfield, Illinois KARL FASTENRATH Industry Decatur, Illinois AUGIE FINET Business Administration Westville, Illinois BOB FINLEY Industry Decatur, Illinois TOM FOVAL Industry Decatur, Illinois HAL FUSON Physical Education Peoria, Illinois DONALD GARNETT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CHARLES GAW Industry Middletown, Ohio LINDA GILLER Physical Education Palmyra, Illinois i mk " 4 Mk A » - mm M .A. - 1 : - . -1 - - At Millikin the ratio is Seniors 58 31 - ii air i SUSAN GOERISCH Education St. Louis, Missouri JAMES GRACE Music Education Bowen, Illinois MARNA GRALIKE English Decatur, Illinois CAROL GREGORY Speech Decatur, Illinois SALLY GRIFFIN Music Education Mason City, Illinois RICHARD GROVE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT HANSON Art Rye, New York ROBERT HARDEN Sociology Decatur, Illinois CHARLEEN HEILEMAN Elementary Education Belleville, Illinois JOHN HENDERSON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois HAYES HENDRICKS Psychology and Religion Normal, Illinois JIM HENSON Business Administration Flora, Illinois PAUL HETTINGER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois PAUL HEYDUCK Industry Decatur, Illinois MARY MARTHA HILL Art Decatur, Illinois ROBERT HILL Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Tuff, but, oh. SO gentle. Seniors 58 32 PAUL HUNT Education Des Plaines, Illinois JULIAN JACKSON Industry Decatur, Illinois KAY JIBBEN Music Education Peoria, Illinois ELSA JOHNER Music Education Decatur, Illinois DON JOHNSON History and PoliticaL Science Assumption, Illinois MARY JOHNSON Home Economics Oak Park, Illinois ROBERT JOHNSON Business Administration Mt. Prospect, Illinois CAROL JONES Home Economics Moweaqua, Illinois JIM KAISER Business Administration Robinson, Illinois ROGER KLOEVER Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois JOAN KNECHT bpringtield, Illinois CAROLE KNUDSON TENSLEY Education New Berlin, Illinois BOB KUHN Business Administration Muncie, Indiana KATHY LANDES Secretarial Science Crystal City, Missouri BARBARA LINDSAY Education Decatur, Illinois LEO LISTON Industry Robinson, Illinois 4t I thought YOU knew ier phone number. Seniors ' 58 2 ■ --- sft PAT LYNCH Education Taylorville, Illinois LINDA McGEE Home Economics Louisville, Illinois JOYCE McINTYRE Education Homewood, Illinois ED McKAY Business Administration Jerseyville, Illinois BARBARA McNEIL Home Economics Decatur, Illinois DONALD McNEIL Chemistry Havana, Illinois LARRY MABRY Engineering Administration Vandalia, Illinois RICHARD MACON Psychology Decatur, Illinois DALE MACKEY Decatur, Illinois JANICE MARKWELL English Mt. Auburn, Illinois CAROL MARSHALL Music Education Earlville, Illinois GEORGE MASANNAT History Madaba, Jordan MARY JEAN MATHERS Education Decatur, Illinois GREGORY MAYS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois MACK MERICLE Chemistry Blue Mound, Illinois WILLIAM MORRISSEY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Bread lines start early. ROBERT MUEHLEBACH Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ALICE MUELLER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT MUIRHEAD Business Administration Danville, Illinois MARK NAGEL Religion and Psychology Rardin, Illinois HERMAN NIEHAUS Physical Education Decatur, Illinois ROBERT OLIVERO Chemistry Decatur, Illinois PAT PANICI Business Administration Chicago Heights, Illinois SUNG SHIN PARK Seoul, Korea LARRY PARTINGTON Business Administration Sparta, Illinois LYNN PARTINGTON Education Sparta, Illinois PAT PATTERSON Sociology and Psychology Danville, Illinois JAMES PERRY Business Administration Des Plaines, Illinois CHARLES PETERS History and Political Science Decatur, Illinois DAVE RAYHILL Industry Pana, Illinois DUNCAN REID Physical Education Wheaton, Illinois WILLIAM REIF Business Administration Decatur, Illinois TOM ROSS Religion Collinsville, Illinois BETTY ROTH Music Education T erseyville, Illinois PAUL ROTH Business Administration Chatham, Illinois SAM RYERSON Education Decatur, Illinois dm f ! r MHHHHHBHHHHHHI 4 a. - mam f ' H, ' ..... 35 Seniors ' 58 ROY SCHMIDT Business Administration Litchfield, Illinois ALFRED SCHROEDER Business Administration Belleville, Illinois VERNON SEAMAN Business Administration Areola, Illinois WILLIAM SEARS Industry Decatur, Illinois RONALD SEAVER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DAVE SELIGMAN Business Administration Robinson, Illinois NANCY SHANK BETTINGHAUS English Galesburg, Illinois GORDON SHEARER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DARRYL SMITH Physics Decatur, Illinois DAVID SMITH Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois RON SNEAD Philosophy Niantic, Illinois MARLENE SNEARLY History Paris, Illinois PAT SNYDER Nursing Education Decatur, Illinois MICKEY SPRINKLE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois TED STAVROPOULOS Chemistry Decatur, Illinois DORIS STEINBERG Music Education Sibley, Illinois FOSTER STONE Mathematics and Physics Decatur, Illinois KAY TAYLOR Education Arthur, Illinois JUDY THISTLETHWAITE Education Decatur, Illinois DAN THOMAS Music Education Decatur, Illinois Seniors ' 58 36 DONALD THOMPSON Enqineering Administration Decatur, Illinois NANCY TITCHENAL Home Economics Alton, Illinois WILLIAM THORNTON Speech Uliopolis, Illinois LLOYD TOMLINSON Industry Macon, Illinois MARIE VOLENTINE Education Decatur, Illinois RICHARD WALKER Industry Shelbyville, Illinois JANET WALMSLEY Chemistry Decatur, Illinois RON WARE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois BUD WARD Engineering Administration Esther, Missouri JOHN WASSON Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT WHEELWRIGHT Business Administration Springfield, Illinois LOIS WILLIAMS Music Education Decatur, Illinois PRISCILLA WILSON Secretarial Science Taylorville, Illinois RICHARD WINKLEBLACK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois RON WISHER Physical Education Decatur, Illinois ANN WRIGHT Education Decatur, Illinois DAVID YANG History Taipei, China JOYCE YEAST Biology Hammond, Illinois JIM YOUNG Business Administration Canton, Illinois ROBERT YOUNG Engineering Administration Chicago, Illinois DUWAYNE ZANK Business Administration Schofield, Wisconsin 1 1 lip imp ft, 0m dm Seniors ' 58 37 Ann Geddes. Vice-President; Mike Perelli, re; Wayne Martin, Secretary. President; Joel McClelland. Treasur- JUNIOR CLASS Waiting for it to bark for Red Heart? 38 Well, do we go to class or don ' t we? " . . . so I sez to him, I sez . . . Ik 11)11 Jack Abraham Richard Allinson Sue Armcntrout Dean Austin i f A Ruth Awe Kent Bailey Carol Bardelmeier Larry Barnes l t|iil|ll| ■. f- i.,. ■ . " % : ■■- :- : . ■ ' : a 1S % Hl Jack Benton Bob Best Max Bottrell Don Bowan Beryl Sue Boyle Ken Brock Joe Brown Linda Brown Elizabeth Campbell Barbara Cannon Nancy Casteel Merle Chapman Carol Clevenger Lou Coe Tom Colbert Barbara Colburn Janet Cox Joan Craig John Cross Dean Cumberland Don Cushing Angie Davis Randall Davis Gary DeCourcy If dm 0» ? f f 1 ■ • • f It i fM ' J • . i • JSjlijij ; 39 Lynne Dixon Marilyn Eckert Willetta Finley Joan Foval McBain Carole Frey Janice Gallatin Mary Ann Gass Ann Geddes Sue Gibson Don Gneckow Gary Goken Eunice Grabbe Cliff Gray Larry Haab Dick Hanks Rosalie Hanson Nina Ruth Harper Robert Hart Rick Hazelrigg Sue Heffernan Noble Heider Rich Helm Earl R. Helms Ron Herman Dixie Hertenstein Donald Hess Robert Hess James Hill Ray Hoffman Hubert Hohe John Hughey Carole Hurdle 40 42 JUMP. YOU FOOLS! Ooh, this food is so repugnant. SOPHOMORE CLASS 0k, lift { mm,, • ? if Victor Acklin Charles Ahlenius Allan Alexander Dave Ast George Baker Barbara Barth Dave Baulos Bill Beeman JoAnne Benson Frank Biddle Terry Black Timmie Booker Bryce Boston Marilyn Breeze Carole Brooks Lori Brooks Donald Brune Janice Bruns David Bunting Jean Burkhalter Robert Burkham Gary Burnett Chuck Burns Tom Carlson Bill Cartwright Tony Chamberlin Tom Christianson Dave Clements Paul Cowgill Cliff Cox Suzanne Curtis Karin Dahl 45 Chuck Davelis Don Davis Marylin Day Helen Dicken Barry Diehl Bruce Dillingham Judy Doore Ann Drennan Marilyn Eads Dorothy Eckhardl Sue Eckhardt Hughie Ellison ■ 1 1 f ' » i iMisJK rf 3 -J : " Tn= • i ' 1 i ■kin Glen Elms Chuck Engdale Jim Engleman Don Evans Phyllis Eversole Margaret Farr Susan Ferguson Dwayne Fitch Jim Fitzpatrick Gary Fleetwood Dick Ford Carol Frede Jayne Ganschinietz Pat Myers Gebhart David Gernand Terry Gibbons Dick Gill Bob Golchert Robert Grenier Meredith Griffin 46 0 Mil I Ail Aim w r 1 | r 4 w Jeanne Gross Judy Hagebush Ruth Hallbauer Kerry Hamburg Judith Hanes Janet Harris Charles Heiden Alan Hewey Delores Hicks George Hiser Nancy Hoadley Charles Hood Sharon Jenne Judy Johnson Richard Johnston Kay Jolley Cleve Journey MP Barbara Kern Jess Kimble Bob Kimmons Bill Kistler Carol Kloboucnik Jt x Herbert Knutson Jean Kolb Helen Kolberer Bill Krehemker Gene Kuhn Jf 1 ' " - " iv. Allen Kuntz Marilyn Lane Ronald Large David Larson Linda Laue Darla Lebo ... 47 Sharon Lee Nancy Lenover Phyllis Luster Pat Mades Carol Mavon Barbara Mayne Gary Meeker Penny Mickle Bill Mueller Gayle Muirhead James Myers Dave Myrick 4k its - n f 1 1 J ' Gayanne Newman Joe Nies Natalie Orlandini Roy Osth Nancy Parkinson Helen Patrick Betty Patterson Gary Patterson Tom Pawlowski Donna Phillips Frank Post Kieth Rageth Don Rayhill Joe Rayhill Dave Resler Bill Rezek Howard Rice Jean Rice Tom Rice Tom Richardson Glenn Rickard 48 John Ahlenius Barbara Alderson Arthur Ammann Sally Anderson Nancy Andrews Alfred Aspengren Beverly Ater Patricia Aukland Charles Bach Karen Badgett Michael Bailey Judy Baird Larry Ball Bill Barnett James Barnfield Dennis Bast Barbara Bates Janet Baugher Ed Belcher Emilyann Berg Sandy Bertash Ron Besalke Gary Bickel Ron Blair Mary Lou Bloom Maryellen Boersma Barbara Borders David Boyd William Boyd Dale Brown Bill Burgess Karen Burkell 51 Barbara Butler Jerrold Buza George Cady Bob Campbell Lawrence Campen Barbara Cassell Linda Chapman Jim Chiligiris Diane Clark Alice Coberly Chris Coe David Coffin « .1 a § i if- ' 4 .•;,.; ; I Bob Collier Donna Collins Sue Collins John Comerford Judy Conner Jerry Connors Roger Corley Roger Cox Dale Craig Larry Craig Marilee Crain Janice Crowhurst Dennis Crowell Omer Culp Ellen Cunningham Bill Cushing Stephen Czerwonky Mary Lou Darst Dona Davis Dale Day 52 rA .J Ilm Roger Day Tod Dean Steve DeHaven LeRoy Deiss Barry Devlin Sandra Dietrich Jeanice Doss Gordon Downs James Drussel Richard Dunscomb Nancy Duske Hugo Earwood Roslyn Eck Dave Edmunds Phillip Edwards Mary Ann Fabio... Cleo Figley Robert Fisher Monica Flanigan Karla Fleck Sally Fletcher Sheri Francis David Froehlich Ruth Furman Rodman Gabel Mary Gage Jerry Gardner Ron George Lou Ann Giller John Good Cheryl Gould Dorlis Grant 53 X Ted Gravenhorst Ronald Griffin Bruce Grimes Chuck Gustafson Carol Hadley lames Hague Sandra Hanes William Hanes Alberta Hapke Margaret Hargreave Jon Harkreader James Harlin Beverly Harrell Charles Harris If dfjk Bill Hart Ron Hawbaker Garry Hawk Pf Bill Hebenstreit Bill Heffernan Judy Heinlein 7 . Mi. " Joyce Henderson Gerald Hendricks m ' Corine Hendrickson Robert Hill Celastine Hinton 4LTv . t Edward Hooser Bob Hopper i , 1 . ' " ' " " " V.-. H» A, Ron Houser Joe Housley Gail Hupp Mary Jarrett Allen Jenness I 54 Norman Jennings Carole Jester Judy Johnson Rita Johnson :1 " wRl v ' Ai James Johnston Jill Jones Keith Judge Jeanette Keilman Jerry Kistler Marilyn Kohler Lawrence Krause Dave Krob Ruth Kyle James Lamott George Lane Grace Lashly Dave Lauerman Larry LeCrone Judy Licht Charles Liles William Loughnane Nancy Lukacs Kenneth McBain Joanne McCarty Ann McDavid Vivian McGarvey John McLaughlin Fred McTaggart Tom McVety John Mack Barb Massey Henry Michel 55 Lois Mickel Bob Miller Jack Miller Nancy Milstead Marilyn Mitchell Bill Monson Gary Morenz Ron Morey - ' f ' Jean Myers Leslie Nagel Shirley Neathery Bonnie Neville 4 m ■ •- 1 r 4 «3S»8j J»r- ' ▲Ik IMF I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ : - : " 1 c v 7 mi. W J 44 (ft Dick Newbould Dannis Noonan Nancy Nottelmann Joe Oberto Don O ' Donnell Joe Orndorff Dale Ott Jan Oxley Joy Pankey Clark Pate Ray Pentecost Charles Peterson Dave Peterson Sue Pharis Vicki Pilcher Konnie Pirtle Chuck Potts Kenneth Probst Gene Preuss Irma Pruss 56 Kay Pullins Corwin Querry Betsy Rachford Don Ray Phil Ray Donald Reich Jane Richardson Patsy Richardson Bob Richie Donna Rosenberg Anna Louise Ross Margaret Rund Chuck Ruppman Rowena Ryan Frances Sager Phyllis Schaffenacker Lee Schaller Allen Short Gerald Shulke Charles Shurtleff John Sims Leah Skadden Alice Slider Ronald Slider Camille Smith Marcia Smith Marianne Smith Sandra Smith Bill Snell Sandy Soller William Speaks Robert Spitzer Norman Springer Lois Steinberg Charles Stevens Jerry Stevens Linda Stivers Ellanora Stuart Frank Stubbs Sandra Sulenski Ron Sutton Edward Svobodo Sue Swanson Dick Swisher If X 7 ir — - 1 Tom Tankersley Jack Taylor David Thomalla Megan Thomas Beverly Thompson Joan Thompson Barb Thursby Vic Trantina David Tucker Jane Unzicker Janet VanAusdall Dick Vlk Linda Wakefield Bill Walker Frank Walters 1 | iii Jerry Ward Gary Warnick Don Whitacre Rosemary Whitaker Janet White 58 Donald Wilber Stewart Wilkerson Georgia Williams James Williams Diane Wilson Judy Wilson Carolyn Wright John Zarcone Afraid he ' ll dunk you? Lighting facilities at MU are poor. 59 echons of Mctwities Reflected in dance hids, in programs, in souvenirs, one can see many things: . . . a special dance, perhaps ; ... or a perfect evening; . . . a whirlwind weekend of fun and laughter; ... or a thought-provoking conference. . . . Comedy and Tragedy, Musica Evenings, or any of a million other things will shine hazily from precious thoughts and souvenirs in the soft light of remembrance. Now we SEE them reflected; soon we 11 only PERCEIVE them, these reflections of that wonderful experience called College Life. 60 Freshman Camp proved to be a happy educational experience when Frosh were introduced to MU. Unghff! The freshmen become bothered and bewildered ♦ ♦ ♦ The outstanding Freshman Camp seemed to set the pace for the new crop of beanie- wearers, and throughout the year they rolled in high gear, even waking up the stolid sen- iors. That old song about " Bewitched, Both- ered, and Bewildered " was true for only a short time. Not only did they assist in the organiza- tions already existing, but they also initiated a Booster Club which will probably become one of MU ' s traditions in coming years. The Big " M " was burned the last night at Frosh Camp, and the reflected letter on the water burned its way into their minds, giving the freshmen a strong impression of school spirit. 62 Not all was work at Millikin, Freshmen learned, and they entered into the social whirl with zest and enthusiasm. They gleefully announced their victory tugging rope in the annual Frosh-Sophomore meet (but they lost the event, anyhow). 1 And then it was Homecoming Weekend! Co-chairmen Barb Bergen and Ron Herman deserve credit for the wonderful weekend of events. Homecoming was successful: Millikin won, 28-14, over Lake Forest; Dr. McKay was in- troduced to the alums; the floats and house decorations were beautiful; we had a won- derful queen; and the freshmen had to con- tinue wearing beanies until Thanksgiving! Dr. Paul L. McKay was officially installed. The Freshmen tried valiantly, but the Sophomores were victorious in the annual tilt be- tween the two classes. The Homecoming Dance, with the Hilltoppers, featured construction materials for decora- tions to follow the theme of " Building the New at Old MU. " During Homecoming festivities, TGIF meetings were infrequent. The reason? There were too many things to do! The Homecoming show was entertaining, the dance fun, and friendliness was everywhere. The " Zingfield Follies " Homecoming Show. was a smash hit for the Homecoming Queen, Jackie Crinigan, and her court were presented at half-time of the MU-Lake Forest football game. ♦ ♦ ♦ with prize-winning floats ♦ Delta Sigma Phi won first place in the float parade using the theme " Our Hearts Won ' t Be Broken, " with Fraternity Dream Girl Skip Heileman swinging in the center of the heart. " We ' re Laying for Them " won second place for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The chicken even laid eggs! Bud Ward, President McKay, Mickey Sprinkle, and trophies. ♦ ♦ ♦ and fancy house decorations ♦ ♦ ♦ First place house decoration award went to Tau Kappa Epsilon. Awards for House Decorations went to Tau Kappa Epsilon, first place with " Aloha Alums — Welcome Back to Our Little Grass Shack " ; Delta Delta Delta, second place, using the theme " Delighted to See You, Alums " ; and Delta Sig- ma Phi, third place, " Welcome Alums, Back to the Web of Fellowship. " Delta Delta Delta Delta Sigma Phi KAY JIBBEN Delta Delta Delta ♦ ♦ ♦ and most of all a Queen and her Court Jackie Crinigan, Pi Beta Phi, senior from Springfield, ruled Homecoming festivities with sweetness and grace. The blue-eyed brunette ' s sincere smile and charm made this weekend a delightful one. CAROL GREGORY Zeta Tau Alpha BELLA ZI Millikin Independent Association Cyrano rides again! fun and frolic for a good cause. The 1957 Campus Chest drive, under the leadership of co-chairmen Dick Grove and Jackie Crinigan and their committee, began its week of campus activities with a gay carnival in Lower Hall. Following the carni- val, students and faculty went to A. T. Hall for the humorous and lively talent show. After this kick-off, and later in the week, faculty members were auctioned to the high- est bidder, John Cross was crowned Mr. Campus Chest, and the annual Campus Chest dance ended the festivities. By " do- ing its best for Campus Chest, " Millikm ex- ceeded this year ' s goal. MR. CAMPUS CHEST CANDIDATES: ROW 1: J. Cross, B. Slade. ROW 2: P. Stoutenborough, B. Krehemker, T. Wey- her. " Wake Up and Live " Religious books were displayed. This year Religious Emphasis Week was a tremendous success. The week was full of activities such as chapels, seminars, din- ners, and buzz sessions. Three outside speak- ers and three Decatur speakers took part in the activities. The students and faculty of Millikin not only benefited from this week, but also enjoyed it very much. RE Week chairmen are nice people; they even can smile at 7 a. m. 73 " Laurence-a-Welliver Tours-a-the-World " WE ATTENDED the Variety Show for humor . . " Is There Life on Earth? " We sought the answer to this pressing question, but, as the curtains closed on our final saucer-stop, we wondered, " Is this life on Earth?!! " While weighing these problems, a full house had many a chance for laughter, excitement, and a liberal " worldly " education. " The Redcoats " ♦ ♦ ♦ the Conservatory ' s " Gypsy Baron " for music ♦ ♦ ♦ The Gypsy Baron, this year ' s annual musical production, reflected the out- standing talent of the music school staff and students. Hubert Norville pro- duced and staged the opera, and Paul Skinner and Wesley Snyder worked with the orchestra and chorus, respectively. The delightful comedy featured many famous Johann Strauss waltzes. " Cyrano de Bergerac " was the first production by Town and Gown, and a swashbuckling performance it was, too. ♦ ♦ ♦ Town and Gown ' s spectaculars for drama ♦ ♦ ♦ Town and Gown ' s " Cyrano de Bergerac, " with Lou Catron in the title role of the man with the long nose, was probably the most spectacular dramatic achievement in Deca- tur. The group also presented " Antigone, " " Man of Destiny, " " How He Lied to Her Hus- band, " and " Taming of the Shrew. " " Man of Destiny ' " Antigone " 76 Concerto Festival ♦ ♦ ♦ and fine arts for culture. Again this year Fine Arts brought a won- derful series with Soprano Theresa Green, the hilarious Goslar Pantomime Circus, the impressive St. Olaf Choir, the piano wizard- ry of Nelson and Neal, and the musical Concerto Festival. All told, it was a tre- mendous season. Nelson and Neal Goslar Pantomime Circus Theresa Green This Sandy girl ... is she dancing or is she trying to escape? The Student Council ' s " Argyle Amble " produced many " hole-y " socks, but was fun anyh. The campus community enjoyed the dinner sponsored by International Students. warn Reflections of Organizations Campus organizations have two important contributions: lessons in leadership and cooperation with others. Each organization reflects the minds of its leaders and members in the way it conducts itself ; each has the opportunity and the power to raise itself to higher goals by its own contribution to the university and to its members. Millikin has an organization for everyone who desires to join . . . social, honorary, or service. And this reflects, in turn, a well-rounded university, one that realizes the importance of extra-curricular life. Graduates of Millihn will reflect training received on the campus. We re indeed fortunate to have so many opportunities to learn vital lessons through organizations. 82 Student Council decorated the Christmas tree in front of A.T. Hall. Row 1: P. Mickle, D. Hertenstein, J. Tucker, K. Dahl, }. Crinigan, P. Eversole, L. Erickson, M. L. Chap- man, A. Mueller. Row 2: N. Harper, Dr. Brewer, M. A. Gass, R. Snead, S. Mitchell, R. Herman, Dr. Gage. Student Council The Student Council, with Ron Snead as president, did an outstanding job of organiz- ing the campus activities this year. The Student-Faculty Retreat, sponsored by the Student Council, was one of the highlights of the year. All in all it was a very success- ful year. Row 3: G. King, B. Hart, B. Harden, D. Zank, J. Perry. R. Cundiff, D. Johnson. Row 4: P. Roth, G. DeCourcy, W. Wright, L. Reif, B. Hanson, D. Bailey, F. Daniels. I - - ' s, K WW 84 J. Gallatin, B. Zimmer, Dean Falvey, M. Brookbank, C. Marshall, C. Frey, N. Titchenal, L. Brown, D. Lebo. Senior Panhellen ' ic Council The Panhellenic Council is an organization composed of the presidents and rush chairmen from the four national women ' s social fraternities on campus with Dean Falvey as adviser. Its main function is to determine rush rules. The president this year was Carol Marshall. This year ' s activities included the Pan- hellenic Banquet honoring new pledges, the Panhellenic Dance, and the Pan- hellenic Slumber Party. Interfratern ' ity Council The Interfraternity Council is composed of the faculty advisers, presidents, and two other representatives from each fraternity. The Council acts as a clearing house for all fraternity problems. This year the I. F. C. dance, the exchange programs, and the I.F.C. cheering section at football and basketball games was sponsored by the Council. The president this year was Lowell Bower. Row 1: J. Nies, N. Evangelista, L. Bower, A. Schroeder, D. Walker. Row 2: M. Sprinkle, J. Cross, E. Wilson, Dr. Gage, Mr. Smith, M. Perelli, G. King. Alpha Chi Omega Inspired by the many new ideas from the National Convention in California, the Al- pha Chi ' s began another successful year of sisterhood. With the help of the entire campus, once again the annual street dance was a suc- cess. Many thanks to all of you. We all felt that the high spot of the first semester was our Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren, for we gained more than they did by watching their glowing eyes as they opened their gifts. The pledges contributed much of their time and effort in making self-help toys for children suffering from cerebral palsy. Alpha Chi Omega has many members who have been active in campus leader- ship this year. Dixie Hertenstein served as Religious Emphasis Week Co-Chairman, Darla Lebo as Millidek Co-Editor, Marlene Snearly as Pi Mu Theta Vice-President, and Carol Marshall as Panhellenic President and Senior Class Vice-President. We are grateful to Mrs. W. D. Peel, our House Director; Mrs. Richard Dill, our Alum- nae Adviser; and Mr. Ralph Allan, our Fac- ulty Adviser, for their guidance and help. Row 1: M. Crain, M. Turner, C. Hurdle, B. Austin, A. Slider, J. Crowhurst, S. Collins, C. Mavon. Row 2: M Smith, K. Thomas, B. Ater, G. Muirheid, C. Marshall, Mrs. Peel, M. Snearly, C. Figley, J. Tucker, J. Thompson, K. Smith. Row 3: L Baker, C. Hendnckson, P. Wilson, S. Goerisch, N. Duske, M. Kohler, D. Lebo, R. Hallbauer, A. Paul, J. Baugher, J. McBain, G. Lashley, R. Hanson, M. Eads, D. Bashore, D. Hertenstein, E. Cunningham, A. Weiss. Delta Delta Delta The 1957-58 school year has brought an- other year of happiness to Delta Epsilon ' s Tri Deltas. Our Tri Delta Work Day, Pine Tea, Christmas Party for underprivileged children, formals, and house dances high- lighted the social calendar. Kay Jibben was our Homecoming Queen candidate, and we placed second in house decorations. Tri Deltas were active campus leaders with Barbara Bergen, Kay Pullins, and Gayanne Newman leading the cheers for the Big Blue; Kay Jibben as president of Sigma Alpha Iota; Mary Ann Gass vice-president of the Student Council; Barbara Bergen, Mary Ann Gass, Skip Heileman, Kay Jibben, Smoky Morris, Alice Mueller, and Nancy Titchenal elected to Who ' s Who; Betty Schien taking the lead in Cyrano, Addy Redifer with the lead in Taming of the Shrew; Kay Jibben, Patti Breeze, and Betty Schien in Phi Kappa Phi; and Kay Jibben, Jeanne Stillman, Pat- ti Breeze, Lynn Partington, Smoky Morris, and Alice Mueller in Pi Mu Theta. Our thanks to Mrs. Hale, our housemother, and Miss Sparks, our faculty advisor, for all their guidance and friendship throughout the year. Row 1: A. Redifer, P. Morris, G. Newman, A. Davis, C. Bardelmeier, A. Geddes, M. A. Gass. Row 2: D. Steinberg, K. Landes, A. Mueller, C. Heileman, K. Jibben, W. Finley, B. Bergen, Mrs. Hale, N. Titchenal, L. Partington, K. Taylor, P. Breeze, la. Armstrong, L. Giller. Row 3: B. S. Boyle, R. Wieland, E. Miller, M. Turpin, S. Jenne, K. Jolley, L. Laue, M. Breeze, J. Slade, C. Frede, B. Cannon, B. Zimmer, K. Dahl, S. Heffernan, L. Dixon, B. Colburn. Row 4: R. Furman, J. Heinlein, R. Eck, L. Giller, B. Kern, N Nottleman, M. Hargreave, M. Farr, M. Griffin, S. Sulenski, D. Clark, B. Borders, K. Pullins, J. Johnson, C. Heinkel, L. Steinberg. 1 I !■! 1 1 Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi started the year with a very successful rush season. Following this came the Homecoming ceremonies with our candi- date, lackie Crinigan, reigning over them as Homecoming Queen. We had barely begun to relax from Homecoming week-end when along came the pledge dance and our for- mal, " Winter in Heidelberg. " Before Christ- mas vacation, we had our annual Christmas Party for the faculty children and the all- school Caroling Party. As soon as finals were over, we started our new semester with plans for our house dances, Greek Sing, Variety Show, and our spring formal. Many of the Pi Phi ' s were leaders in cam- pus activities. Mary Tempel was busy this year as Assistant Editor of the Decaturian. Row 1: E Grabbe, S. Darnell, N. Casteel, J. McDonald, M. Tempel, J. Fancher, L. Brown, S. Mitchell, J. McClelland. Row 2: f. Walmsley, N. Adams, L. Lvnch, M. Beyer, E. Con- ley, Mrs. Helen Cherry, C. Frev J. Crinigan, M. Grahke, M. J. Mathers, A. Wright, B. Bair. Jackie Crinigan was elected to Who ' s Who, served as co-chairman of Campus Chest, and along with Karla Fleck cheered on the Big Blue. Jan Walmsley was initiated to Phi Kappa Phi. Betty Patterson was the re- cipient this year of the European trip spon- sored by Campus Chest. Selma Mitchell worked as co-chairman of the Variety Show and was also e lected Secretary of Student Council. Pi Phi ' s serving as class officers of Student Council are Ann Wright, Joel Mc- Clelland, Judy Hagebush, Janet Van Ausdall, and Mary Gage. We extend our thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Helen Cherry, our housemother, and Mr. and Mrs. " Hank " Gill, our faculty ad- visors. Row 3: S. Ferguson, J. Benson, J. Ganschmietz, J. Hage- bush B Witzeman, J. Gross, A. Drennan, J. Kolb, B. Patterson, C. Brooks, J. Hanes, B. Mayne, R. Whitaker, J. Bruns, M. Walquist, J. Burkhalter, S. Curtis. Row 4: E Berg, B. Butler, J. Van Ausdall, M. Gage, K. Fleck V Pilcher, J. Richardson, C. Coe, S. Bertash, B. Bates ' M L. Bloom, P. Gebhart, M. Boersma. leta Tau Alpha The Zetas began a busy year with rush week, immediately followed by Homecoming activities. Our winter formal, " Winterlude, " and house dance, " Halloween Howl, " were big social events of the first semester, along with our annual tree-trimming party. The steak-and-bean dinner, Variety Show, Uni- versity Sing, and Mothers ' Weekend were highlights of the second semester. Many Zetas have been active on campus. Sally Griffin, who attended a work camp in Japan last summer, was elected to Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, and Pi Mu Theta, as was Mary Brookbank. Carole Knudson Tinsley was Dads ' Day Co-Chairman, Nina Ruth Harper served as head majorette and Circulation Co-Editor of the Dec, and others served as officers of various school organi- zations. Our sincere thanks go to our house di- rector, Mrs. Davenport, and to Mr. and Mrs. Driesbach for their support during the year. Row 1: I Wilson, R. Rockwood, H. Patrick, C. Smith, J. Row 2: E. Johner, E. Ca mpbell, G. Satterfield C Tinsley, Gallatin B Neville S. York. M. Brookbank, Mrs. P. Davenport, C. Jones, S. Griftin, M. Eckert, C. Gregory, N. Bettinghaus. Row 3: L. Chapman, J. Unzicker, J. Panky, J. Craig, C. Sablotny, S. Pharis, S. Dietrich, C. Roderick, B. Barth, J. Harris, C. Hadley, J. Licht, Y. Unakis, S. Eckhardt, N. Harper, H. Dicken, M. Thomas. Alpha Kappa Lambda Pi chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda has had another good year. The AKL ' s started the year off by taking three out of nine awards offered by the national organiza- tion. These were: the Logos Foundation Campus Activity Award, the Logos Foun- dation Religious Activity Award, and the AKL National Achievement Award. The first semester AKL held its winter for- mal, " The Jingle Bell Ball, " in Prince Hall, and it held two house dances. AKL partici- pated in homecoming, exchanges, and intra- murals. AKL and Delta Delta Delta teamed up for Campus Chest. Their candidate for Mr. Campus Chest was Bill Krehemker. Real progress in getting meals served in the house was made this year. Three times a week, co-operative type meals were served. Row 1: G Cady, J. Druessel, D. Noehre, S. Czerwonky, R. High. Row 2: C. Cox, D. Fitch, T. Black, E. Wilson, B. Golchert, D. Myrick. Row 3: G. Oberto, D. Thompson, B. Krehemker, H. Hen- dricks, B. Dillingham, R. Temple, B. Witzgall. Delta Sigma Phi Once again the men of Delta Sigma Phi had a great year on the Millikin campus. We were this year honored with the award for the " Top Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi In- ternational Fraternity. " The school year be- gan with rush parties, picnics, and top hon- ors in Homecoming Float Decorations. The rest of the year was highlighted by exchang- es, house dances, two formals, and a " Sailors Ball " that will be remembered for many years. We began the second semester by moving into our new home at 1313 West Main Street. We loved the old house, but " home was never like this. " The Delta Sigs were well represented in every phase of campus life this year. Dick Grove led the senior class along with Jim Kaiser as treasurer, Mike Perelli led the jun- ior class with Wayne Martin as secretary, and Ron Sutton was elected president of the freshman class. In addition to being represented in just about every campus organization, Delta Sigs also captained the football, basketball, and baseball teams. Row I: P. Cowgill, D. Allen, L Liston L. Partington, E. Row 3: C. Ahlenms B. Homer L Hoah C. lour B. McKay, L. Dechant, D. Rayhill, B. Ward, J. Young, P. G Elms ' J Jolfey W Martin, f. Kettlekamp. Row H |r d G Ck patterson, K. Hamburg, D Eord, H. Fuson, R. figfe G ingi Wisher, D. Reid, H. Hohe D. Johnson, J. Barnes, B. fX e man B Young R. Hazelngg, T. Chamblm. Young, A. Schroeder, J. Fmlev. OFFICERS: First Semester OFFICERS: Second Semester President Bill Slade Vice-President Jim Kettlekamp Secretary Mike Perelli Treasurer Don Johnson President Gene King Vice-President Jeff Taylor Secretary Mike Perelli Treasurer Paul Cowgill Row 2: E. Linquist, K. Pirtle, K. Hartrick, J. Williams, D. Lauerman, D. Swisher, F. Jourgenson, F. McTaggart, M. Day, T. Franzone, J. Hark reader, J. Housley. Row I: R. Day, G. Lents, J. Buza, L. LeCrone, B. Campbell, D. McGregor, E. Belcher, R. Besalke, R. Sutton, D. Husted. Row 3: D. Bast, G. Maddox, J. Hipsher, J. Chiligiris, J. Ahlenius, D. Anderson, J. Benton, J. Prange, L. Deiss, C. Ruppman, J. Taylor. 0 t Sigma Alpha Epsilon During the 1957-58 school year, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon continued its reign as the " grow- ingest fraternity on campus. " Bob Hart was elected president of the C.C.I. Student Gov- ernment Conference for 1958, Lowell Bower was president of the Interfraternity Council, Chuck Bach was president of the freshman class, Joe Niess was president and Tom Carl- son treasurer of the sophomore class, Bob Muehlebach was business manager of the Decaturian, and Ron Rain was Freshman Camp song leader and Co-Chairman of RE we ek. In athletics Brother Joe Koger averaged 18.8 points per game in basketball, top average for the team; Chuck Davelis was Row 1: J. Wasson, T. Foval, D. Fleming, T. Carlson, J. McCoy, D. Gill, B. Hart, S. Phenix, T. Pawlowski. Row 2: T. Taylor, B. Swearingen, J. Koger, D. Walker, Mrs. Cottle, Mr. Glasscock, L. Coe, H. Knutson, D. Bunting, R. Rain. Row 3: J. Nies, J. Riddle, T. Richardson, G. Lonnon, L. Larson, D. Macey, D. Cushing, B. Johnson, L. Myers, first team All-Conference and All-State in Football; Howard Bartley was caption of the track team; and Lou Coe captain of the ten- nis team for the second time. Chapter activities included a Wheel-Chair Basketball game with the Gizz Kids of Illi- nois for charity; Winter and Spring Formals; a Paddy Murphy Dance, complete with fu- neral procession, casket and all; a Foun- der ' s Day Dinner; and our annual initiation trip to S.A.E. National Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. There was also much excitement nation- ally, as Sigma Alpha Epsilon became the first social fraternity in history to go over the 100,000 mark in total members. J. Hughey, J. Suter, G. Fleetwood, W. Knutson, D. Stark. Row 4: D. Davis, H. Bartley, B. Hill, J. Henderson, C. Davelis, G. Mays, T. Weyher, G. Kenney, D. Ask, R. Tempel, L. Armstrong, C. Burns, L. Routledge, T. Cooper, B. Muehlebach. OFFICERS: First Semester President Dick Walker Vice-President Dave Plambeck Secretary Larry Routledge Treasurer Bob Hart OFFICERS: Second Semester President Bob Muehlebach Vice-President Lee Myers Secretary Tom Richardson Treasurer Bob Hart Row 1: B. Burgess, D. Newbould, B. Heffernan, J. Ford, J. Engleman, B. Wood, J. Harlin. Row 2: J. Morrow, R. Riedel, A. Short, C. Gustafson, Mr. Glasscock, Mrs. Cottle, J. Orndorff, A. Ammann, B. Hopper. Row 3: C. Buck, V. Acklin, C. Harris, J. Saulke, B. Walker, J. Connors, B. Barnett, C. Peterson, G. Kuhn, B. Coglin, J. Vrooman, P, Ray, L. Seitz. Tau Kappa Epsilon " Love, Charity and Esteem. " These are the cardinal virtues of Tau Kappa Epsilon. They represent the essential elements of our fraternity and of our lives. Not only do we read these words from the printed pages of our pledge manual, but once we take on the bond of Tau Kappa Epsilon, we live by these tenets. We of Beta Chapter are justly proud of this heritage of our fraternity. The TKEs enjoyed an outstanding Rush Week followed by the pledge dance, " Early Autumn. " This dance was followed by our annual " Harvest Hop " and by our winter formal, " Winter Silhouettes. " Our Spring formal, " The Festival of the Red Carnation, " was one of the outstanding social events of the year. Sorority exchanges and house dances headed the social calendar through- out the rest of the year. We were honored during homecoming with a visit by Mr. Frank Scott, national pres- ident of TKE and also an alum of the class of 1924. The Binks Manufacturing Co. awarded Dale Bailey a scholarship for men majoring in Mechanical Industry. Mickey Sprinkle was the recipient of the Steagall-Sarran scholarship award. Nick Evangelista re- ceived a Memorial grant award. Darryl Smith was elected to Who ' s Who. Members holding office in various cam- pus organizations during the year were Les Mapes, Harmon Mitchell, Dave Smith, Jim Perry, Bob Bliler, Cliff Gray, and John Cross. Row I: I Fink, C. Gray, B. Boston, G. Meeker, A. Johanson, B. Kistler, D. Smith, D. Clements. Row 2: J. Fitzpatrick, B. Nelson, L. Mapes, J. Cross, Mrs. Gloria Graham, M. Sprinkle, H. Mitchell, D. Bailey, J. Perry. Row 3: T. Ross, L. Walkington, P. Hunt, D. Smith, B. Cart- wright, J. Valentine, T. Lewis, A. Finet D. Ryan, R. Macan J Tobias, J. Mulligan, B. Bliler, N. Evangelista. OFFICERS First Semester President Mickey Sprinkle Vice-President John Cross Secretary Harmon Mitchell Treasurer Jim Perry OFFICERS Second Semester President Nick Evangelista Vice-President Dale Bailey Secretary Cliff Gray Treasurer Jim Perry Row 1: T. Christianson, A. Kuntz, B. Devlin, N. Jennings, D. Edmonds, R. Blair, B. Colby, D. Ray, D. Noonan. Row 2: D. Shurtell, J. Ward, D. Krob, C. Querry, B. Nelson, Mrs. Graham, B. Collier, J. Oxley, R. Cox, J. Weaver. Row 3: B. Diehl, J. Mack, N. Springer, J. Lamont, R, Morey, V. Trantian, D. Boyd, D. Crowell, B. Barkman, T. Taylor, P. Seelbach. Row 4: D. Day, D. Craig, D. Coffin, D. Hicks, K. McBain, B. Hill, R. Gable, W. Moore, B. Lyles. Millikin Independent Association The Indee year began with the usual whirl of parties welcoming the Freshmen to Millikm. Soon something new was added. For the first time " I " pins were given to identify the members. It wasn ' t long before we were busy preparing our float for Home- coming, with its theme " We ' ll Tromp ' Em. " Then on to our winter formal, " Starry Night, " before the end of the first semester. Second semester began another full social schedule. MIA sponsored an All-School Square Dance, and took part in the Ugly Man Contest, Variety Show, and the Uni- versity Sing. In spite of all the activities of the organi- zation, many Indees found time to hold office in other organizations. Marilyn Day was vice-president of French Club, Dave Ger- nand was vice-president of F.T.A., Carol Clevenger was president of Tower Club, Paul Stoutenborough was treasurer of A. P. O., and Lee Erickson was Student Coun- cil representative for Young Democrats. Our deepest thanks go to our adviser, Mrs. Nanette Smith, whose help and en- couragement went far in making this Indee year a success. Row I: P. Snyder, M. J. McKee, M. ferine, H. Ellison, P. Stoutenborough, M. Day, C. Clevenger, P. Schaffen- acker, J. Doss, L. Brooks. Row 3: D. Gernand, K. Fastenrath, G. Benjamin, L. Reif, B. Broom, D. Tucker, G. Xenick, L. Park. Row 2: P. Modes, M. Lane, C. Gould, D. Wilson, P. Pat- terson, M. Durst, D. Grant, L. Erickson, E. Stuart, S. Gibson, M. Johnson, I. Markwell, S. Siefferman. OFFICERS President Bill Coffey Vice-President Ralph Cundiff Secretary George Massingale Treasurer Vernon Seaman Upsilon Epsfton Tau VET was organized over three years ago as an ex-serviceman ' s fraternity. The organi- zation enables the veterans on the Millikin campus to participate in social and cultural activities, keep abreast of current veteran ' s affairs and help promote the welfare of the Millikin community. VET served the university this past year in many quiet yet useful ways. Many will remember the color guard at all home foot- ball games, the drivers and cars of the Home- coming queen and her court, and the ticket vendors at the Town and Gown productions and Variety Show. The VET Christmas dance will always be remembered by all who attended. A size- able donation to the Salvation Army for a needy family was realized, as well as a good time for our wives and sweethearts. In the spring, VET celebrated its annual Founders ' Day dinner, honoring its very cap- able president Bill Coffey and faculty ad- visor, Dean E. W. Ploenges. The dance, many informal social gatherings, and the Home- coming float composed a well-balanced year of social activities for Upsilon Epsilon Tau. Row 1: R. Massingale, R. Wheelwright, R. Jewell, P. Pritts, B. Perkins, R. Bennett, R. Burkham, C. Pierce, D. Potrafka. Row 2: D. Turner, T. Golian, L. Whitehurst, D. Brown, S. Taylor, M. Lloyd, F. Stone, R. Dill, D. Watkins, D. Gneckow, P. Roth, D. Wmkleblack, R. D. Ryherd, V. Seaman, B. Coffey. Row 3: R. Young, L. Tomlinson, P. Hettenger, C Hood, D. Cumberland, Dean Ploenges, R. Davis, C. Gaw, J. Henson, H. Prichard. Student Faculty Council The Student Faculty Council is composed equally of students and faculty with the chairmanship alternating between the Dean and the Student Council President. The Council discusses matters of interest to the entire campus community and then makes recommendations to the proper authorities. How 1: Dr. Dennis, Dean Burhorn, Mr. Gill, Dean Falvey, Dean Miller. Row 2: L. Catron, B. Hart, M. Gass, D. Hertenstein, R. Herman, C. Tinsley, D. Bailey, R. Snead. Junior Panhellenk The Junior Panhellenic Council consists of the presidents, vice-presidents, and social chairmen of the pledge classes of each sorority. Its main function is to learn how Senior Panhellenic works, and it also assists Senior Panhellenic in several of its activities. Every year Junior Panhellenic sponsors a Service Week on campus. Row I: Dean Falvey, N. Titchenal, J. Licht, K. Pullins, D. Clark. Row 2: C. Smith, E. Grabbe, N. Scott, J. Crowhurst, C Hurdle, J. Heinlein, S. Collins, M. Gage, J. Richardson. Row 1: M. A. Gass, Morris. L. Chapman, K. Jibben, Marshall, L. McGee. Row 3: D. Smith, R. Snead, L. Partington, D. Johnson, R. Herman, B. Ohvero. Not present: L. Catron. Grove, D. Who ' s Who Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is an honor society composed of students who have shown outstanding strength in character, citizenship, scholastic ability, leadership, and responsibility. Can- didates for Who ' s Who, nominated by the Student Council, are judged by a commit- tee selected by the Dean. This list must then be approved by the National Headquarters of Who ' s Who before membership is at- tained. Row 1: D. Smith, D. Grove, M. Atkinson, L. McGee, S. Griffin, K. Jibben, M. Brookbank, R. Snead, D. Johnson. Row 2: M. O ' Nan, E. McNabb, W. Walker, P. McKay, C Weatherbee, F. Ross, R. Maxwell. Phi ' Kappa Phi Members are elected to the national honor society Phi Kappa Phi at Millikin twice a year. Only second semester juniors in the upper 5% of their class and who have main- tained a 3.5 average and seniors in the up- per 10% of their class with a 3.25 average are eligible. The purpose of the society is to promote high scholarship among students and to recognize those students who have maintained such high scholastic standings. The group is under the supervision of its president, Dr. Carl Weatherbee. Row 3: R. Brewer, D. Driesbach, J. Talbot, B. Kerns, E. Parkinson, W. Snyder, W. iimch, E. Kiefer, D. Gage. Not present: V. Dawald, C Dennis, N. Doubleday, F. Fal- vey C Head, H. Hess, Z. Lowe, J. Mickel, C. L. Miller, D. Nichols, E. Ploenges, G. Smith, R. Walker, J. Bur- horn, J. Walmsley, P. Roth. ft How 1: C. Marshall, M. Brookbank, M. Volentine, J. Walms- ley. Row 2: A. Mueller, P. Breeze, L. Partington. Pi Mu Jheta Pi Mu Theta is a senior women ' s honorary fraternity. The organization promotes schol- arship, service, and leadership. Each semester a scholarship is given to a worthy junior girl. Mary Lou Chapman served as presi- dent and Dr. Nichols was faculty adviser. Row 3: P. Morris, S. Griffin, M. Snearlv, L. McKee, E. Campbell, M. L. Chapman. Not present: M. Gralike, K. Jibben, J. Stillman. Phi Chi Alpha Phi Chi Alpha is a senior men ' s honorary fraternity. Each member must have an over- all average of 3.0 and have completed 68 academic hours. The organization promotes scholarship, leadership, and character. Lar- ry Partington served as president, and Dr. Gage was the faculty adviser. How 1: I Richardson, S. Siefferman, B. Colburn, A. Davis, B. Austin, K. Thomas, A. Redifer. Row 2: D. Stark, S. Bertash, J. Neiss, J. Craig, S. Heffernan, B. Zimmer, W. Martin, C. Gregory, L. Mapes. Alpha Epsilon Rho Under the leadership of its president, Ed McKay, and the faculty adviser, Mrs. Mc- Nabb, Alpha Epsilon Rho, a national frater- nity, acted as the center of all broadcasting activities in radio and television at Millikin. All students with a professed interest in broadcasting may become Monitors of the chapter. Row I: Dr. Belt, L. Partington, Mr. Paine. Row 2: D. Gneckow, R. Young, D. Winkleblack, D. Zank, P. Stoutenborough, V. Seaman, M. Lloyd, A. Babb. Chi Eta Rho Chi Eta Rho is an honorary accounting fraternity. To be a member one must have a 2.5 average in six hours of accounting. To receive an honorary pin a member must have 15 hours with a 2.5 average. Paul Roth served as president and Dr. Belt was the faculty adviser. J. Perry, P. Roth, A. Mueller, Row 3: W Beeman, R. Hanks, J. Sadowski, C. Roderick, K. Thomas, R. Herman, C. Gray. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national forensic fra- ternity. The members of this group compete in debate discussion, oratory, and extem- poraneous speaking. They have participat- ed in several debate tournaments throughout the year. As a result the 1957-1958 Forensic season saw the earning of Pi Kappa Delta degrees: Special Distinction in Debate: Don Johnson William Thornton Proficiency in Debate: Jeff Taylor Fraternity in Oratory: Alfred Aspengren Mary Brookbcmk Burl F. Engleman, Jr. Betty Patterson Susan Siefferman Fraternity in Debate: Betty Roth Robert Clary Alfred Aspengren Jack Taylor Susan Siefferman Suzanne Curtis Participating in Intercollegiate Forensics but not in degree categories: Edith Conley Yolanda Unakis Sigma Zeta Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization for students in the science departments — mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biolo- gy. The members work to increase their knowledge of the sciences. One of their projects this year was the annual Science Show, given in Scovill Hall. Janet Walmsley was president of the group, and Dr. Weath- erbee was the adviser. Row 1: P. Eversole, P. Rains, B. Schien, S. York, E. Yap Row 2: L. Williams, B. Roth, K. Jibben, C. Marshall, D. Steinberg, S. Griffin. Row 3: R Hanson, J. Cox, D. Vlasich, S. Hood, M. Jenne, H. Kolberer, P. Mickle. Sigma Alpha lota Nu chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota is the women ' s professional music fraternity at Mil- likin. Its purpose as an organization is to encourage good musical activities on the campus, in the community, and throughout the world. Its membership is composed of music majors or minors who show excellence in scholarship, musicianship, and character. S.A.I, carried on its usual activities of monthly chapter musicales, co-sponsorship of the University Sing, and projects to raise money for the S.A.I. Foundation. In addition to these, S.A.I, as a chapter placed special emphasis on performances. They presented an assembly program with Phi Mu Alpha, appeared at several community activities, and began a bi-weekly radio program. OFFICERS Row 1: C. Marshall, K. Jibben, President. Row 2: J. Cox, P. Rains, M. Jenne, R. Hanson, S. York. 110 Row 1: K. Rageth, B. Cushing, M. Bailey, L. Ball, R. Blair, H. Peterson. Row 2: D. Thomas, L. Parsons, G. Baker, G. Goken, G. Lebrecht, J. Perry, J. Grace. Row 3: D. Cooprider, F. Post, W. Snyder, T. Bell, J. Engle- man, L. Schaller, D. Lauerman, H. Ellison, J. Kimble, N. Heider. Phi Mu Alpha Beta Theta chapter was chosen during the past school year as the outstanding chapter in Province Five. This award was based on the chapter ' s success in carrying out the four purposes of Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia. These purposes are (1) to advance the course of music in America, (2) to promote the general welfare of students of music, (3) to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of stu- dents of music, and (4) to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. With the pledging of eighteen new men and the initiation of seven, the chapter was able to put on a Pop Concert centered around a nineteen-piece orchestra. The Seated: G. Goken, President. Standing: G. Baker, T. Bell, G. Lebrecht. chapter also performed the best Ail-Ameri- can and Contemporary Programs of recent years. Other musical activities included Christmas caroling at Decatur hospitals and organizational houses, providing music for the Campus Chest dance, and co-sponsor- ing the University Sing. Plans for the coming year provide for the sponsoring of a series of alumni perform- ances and a concert by one of America ' s finest musical groups, a repeat of the Pop Concert and other annual activities. Millikin Civic Orchestra ♦ ♦ ♦ The Millikin Civic Orchestra consists of fifty students and townspeople. The orchestra presented a concert this fall and also played for the annual performance of the Messiah. This fine group is directed by Mr. Paul Skinner. Majorette Squad The Millikin Majorette Squad this year featured precision marching and flashy routines for the entertainment of crowds at the football games, in pa- rades, and in other public appearances. The head majorette was Nina Ruth Harper. 112 J. Wilson, J. McCarty, N. R. Harper, J. Unzicker, R. Eck. University Chorus A Cappella Choir The University Chorus is one of the most active musical groups on campus. It has about fifty members made up of Millikin students and townspeople under the direc- tion of Wesley Snyder. At Christmas time, the chorus presented the " Messiah, " which is always one of the outstanding events on campus. Row 1: S York, M. Snearly, E. Johner, C. Figley, T. Win- frey ]. Kielman, H. Dicken, R. Eck, B. Patterson S. Francis, J. Neesan, P. Rains, J. Conner, S. Griffin, Mr. Row llf Vlasich, R. Hanson, B. Roth, E. Conley, J. Cox, C. Marshall, A. Drennan, K. Jibben. Row 3: D Thomas, M. Jenne, J. Licht, P. Evans, J. Kimble. A Cappella Choir is one of the most ac- tive musical groups on campus. The choir consists of approximately forty to forty-eight members under the direction of Wesley Sny- der. They presented the " Annual Home Concert " on January 10. In the later part of January they went on tour through Illinois and Indiana for a week. The choir combined with the University Chorus also presented the annual spring concert. It took part in several chapel and church services. Row 4: F. Post, B. Heffernan, R. Blair, J. Grace, B. Gebhardt. Row 5: J. Harlin, K. Rageth, G. Lebrecht, W. Mickens, L. Craig. Row 6: B. Spitzer, T. Fitzgerald, G. Baker. Row 7: J. Druessel, K. Pirtle, D. Boyd, J. Engleman, N. Springer, T. Bell, L. Schaller, L. Parsons. Tan CM Pi Tau Chi Pi is an organization open to anyone enrolled in a course in Secre- tarial Science. The members prepare themselves for future work in the busi- ness world by hearing speakers from different businesses in Decatur. The faculty adviser is Miss Sparks. Future Teachers of America F.T.A. has the responsibility of helping to prepare its members to become qualified teachers. One of its projects was a Christmas party for the boys and girls at the Welfare Home. Jim Kettlekamp served as president this year, and Mr. Wigell as faculty adviser. Row 1: G. King, J. Kettlekamp, Mr. Wigell. How 2: N. Harper, S. Heffernan, J. Gallatin, C. Bardelmeier, S. Jenne, S. Gibson. Row 3: B. Barth, B. Zimmer, L. Laue, R. Wieland, S. Marian. Row 4: J. Harris, M. Turner, R. Hallbauer, M. Gass, J. Tucker. SPANISH CLUB Row 1: S. Pharis, B. Witzeman, Dr. O ' Nan, J. Crini- gan. Row 2: G. DeCourcey, B. Hanson, D. Coffin, R. Ma- can, T. Christianson, J. Tobias. La Sociedad Espanola is open to all second year Spanish students who are interested in learning more about the cus- toms, language, and culture of our neigh- bors to the south. The activities of the Spanish Club further the integration of Spanish culture with American culture and give the students a deeper concept of Spanish life as it really is. Language Clubs FRENCH CLUB Row 1: M. Day, L. Laue, E. Miller, J. Hagebush, Dr. O ' Nan, Dr. Ross. Row 2: Z. Eddy, D. Lebo, S. Gould, T. Bell, P. Breeze, P. Morris. Le Cercle Francois is open to all students who have completed the first year ' s study of the French language. The purpose of the club is to enable the members to become acquainted with the culture of the French people and to use the spoken language. Row 1: J. Jackson, L. Liston, L. Tomlinson, P. Heyduck, K. Fastenrath. Row 2: L. Armstrong, C. Gaw, B. Finley, I. Whitaker, R. Cundiff. Row 3: G. Gross, D. Bailey, L. Dechant, D. Rayhill, S. Hall. Millikin Industrial Society M.I.S. is a club formed by the industry students with the purpose of ac- quainting its members with the industrial world. Its program includes field trips and speakers from local industries. M.I.S. has also carried out community projects. For example, this year they replaced the eagle on the D.A.R. statue in Fairview Park. Conant is a club for students interested in English. Its most successful project is the writing contest it sponsors each year. Mary Brookbank served as presi- dent, and Dr. Maxwell was faculty adviser. Conant Row 1: M. Volintine, J. Gallatin, B. Colburn, M. A. Colbert. Row 2: M. Tempel, J. Markwell, M. Brookbank, Dr. Maxwell, P. Breeze. Row 3: S. Marion, M. Gralike, B. Zi, J. Crinigan, E. Camp- bell, B. Cannon. Row 4: N. Casteel, J. Fancher, S. Satterfield, L. Brown, S. Mitchell, H. Hohe. YOUNG DEMOCRATS Seated: C. Clevenger, L. Erickson, B. Jones. Standing: C. Wayne, P. Wilson, G. Muirheid. Young Democrats and Young Republicans Young Democrats and Young Republicans help students understand how to vote intelligently, and they provide a means to the understanding of political affairs. YOUNG REPUBLICANS Seated: Dr. Walker, R. Temple. Row 1: S. Curtis, J. Fancher, L. Brown, N. Casteel, J. Taylor. Row 2: J. Kaiser, L. Reif, D. Seligmen, D. Johnson. Row I: G. Benjamin, H. Patrick, Mr. Driesbach. Row 2: S. Dietrich, M. Johnson, M. Hill, C. Tinsley, S. Ferguson, J. Burkhalter. Row 3: C. Clevenger, G. DeCourcy, B. Hanson, B. Zi, S. Siefferman. Tower Club The purpose of the Tower Club is to increase appreciation of the fine arts. It sponsors a spring exhibit for the students and faculty, a photography show, and a workshop each week which is open to all students. A fund has been started to buy a painting or print by a contemporary American artist. Home Economics Club The activities for the Home Economics Club for this year were the Student- Faculty Tea, Christmas party for orphans, stationery and cookie sales, and the annual Senior Banquet. Sue Heffernan served as president, and Mrs. Pharis was faculty adviser. Row I: B. Zimmer, R. Wieland, C. Jones, N. Titchenal, B. S. Row 2: J. Kafka, S. Lee, J. Tucker, D. Rosenberg, A. Davis, Boyle, L. McGee, M. Flanigan. E. Spence, C. Jester, J. Baird, J. Craig. Row 3: J. Richardson, N. Nottleman, M. Armstrong, J. John- son, B. Thrusby, J. Van Ausdall, M. Eads, M. Johnson, M. J. McKee, S. Gibson, M. Eckert, C. Gill, S. Smith, F. Sager. Row 1: A. Redifer, B. Bliler, B. Colburn. Row 2: B. Grohne, C. Gregory, Mrs. Gage, R. Clary, S. Cederquist, L. Catron, Mr. Norville, Dr. Mickel. National Collegiate Players J. Hughey, R. Rain, Dean Burhorn, Dr. Doubleday, Mrs. McNabb, C. Marshall, D. Hertenstein. In January, Town and Gown was honored with the installation of a honorary dramatic fraternity, National Collegiate Players. NCP is calculated to bring together a closely-knit group of theatre lovers and will undoubtedly prove a valuable asset to the college com- munity. Religious Life Committee The Religious Life Committee is the co- ordinating group for the religious life on the Millikin campus. Under its direction are Freshman Camp, University Youth Fellow- ship, and Religious Emphasis Week. Row 1: P. Rains, M. L. Chapman, J. Johnson, B. Roth. Row 2: D. Vlasich, C. Hurdle, R. Hallbauer, B. Bergen, P. Eversole. Row 3: E. Yap, E. Grabbe, D. Rosenberg, C. Jester, S. Seifferman, J. Doss, J. Keilman. Resident Women ' s Association - Housemothers The Resident Women ' s Association Council is the governing body for the four girls dormitories, made up of representatives from them. The House- mothers keep watchful eyes on the girls and are always ready to listen to the girls ' problems. HOUSEMOTHERS Mrs. Walker, Mrs. White, Mrs. Chodat, Mrs. Mclntyre, Mrs. Shriner. Publications Board The Publications Board is composed of the editors and advisers of all pub- lications, and of the treasurer of the student council, business manager of the school, and Dean Falvey, serving as chairman. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to solve any problems in connection with the publications. Ruth Wieland, Editor, Directory Distribution of Directories. Student Handbook The Student Handbook is published in the summer time to inform freshmen of the rules and regulations of Millikin. Directory The Directory is one of the very popular publications, because it furnishes the tele- phone numbers and addresses of all Millikin students and faculty. Mary Temple, Editor, Student Handbook Row 1: N. Casteel, C. Brooks, M. Tempel. Row 2: S. Curtis, L. Brown, P. Aukland, J. Panky, B. Colburn. 123 I 1 ' Mk Decatunan Staff Under the firm leadership of editor Lou Catron, the Decaturian had a record-setting year (among the records, third prize in a national collegiate newspaper contest; a 16- page Homecoming Issue, complete with a full page picture of the queen; several Liter- ary Issues; and a printed total of 100 pages in 16 issues in first semester). Bob Muehlebach (first semester) and Jim Kaiser (second semester) served as business managers for the growing Dec, more expen- sive than ever. The Dec also initiated a Citizenship Award given at Honors Assembly. Though students still called it The 01 ' Rag, it served as spokesman for the campus, spearheading controversial matters. Lou Catron, Editor Row 1: A. Redifer, N. R. Harper, J. Crinigan, M. Brookbank, P. Evans, S. Curtis. Row 2: Mr. Engleman, F. McTaggart, D. Lauerman, P. Aukland, B. Golchert, B. Zi, L. Catron, B. Har- rell, A. Aspengren, E. Berg. EDITORS F. McTaggart, C. Frey, M. Brookbank, L. Catron, M. Tempel, P. Au kland, R. Shafer. CO-EDITORS Alice Mueller, Darla Lebo. BUSINESS MANAGERS Larry Partington, Al Schroeder Dr. Doubleday, Adviser, L. Catron, Copy Editor. CLASS EDITORS R. Herman, B. Bergen 195$ MilUdek Millidek co-editors Alice Mueller and Dar- la Lebo chose the theme of this year ' s book ( " Reflections of MU " ) rather carefully to please the students who thrive on memories. Yet it is even money odds that in future years Alice and Darla will but seldom look at the finished product because their reflec- tions or memories will be too vivid: reflec- tions of late pictures and hashed copy, of irate professors and clubs who missed pic- ture appointments, of general fatigue. ACTIVITIES EDITORS C. Frede, C. Mavon ORGANIZATION EDITORS S. Morris, J. Craig MILLIDEK STAFF Row 1: A. Wright, N. Milstead, B. Cassel, G. Williams, M. Boersma, J. VanAusdall. Row 2: D. Ott, A. Davis, H. Patrick, B. Colburn, R. Eck, F. Sager, E. Grabbe, M. Snearly, S. Heffernan, R. Hallbauer, I. McCoy. Row 3: J. Richardson, S. Bertash, B. Barth, B. Cannon, B. Zimmer, S. Eckhardt, J. Licht, S. Dietrich, J. Benson, S. Jenne, L. Laue. To the rest of us on publications, they served as inspiration, for through it all . . . through their long hours of dreary work while the halls echoed with laughing stu- dents . . . Alice and Darla managed not only to keep on working, but to remain cheerful and pleasant bosses. They did their good job so guietly that we staff members can merely offer an equally quiet " thank you " to them. Now, when the job is almost over, they can look back and laugh at former tense moments . . . and these, too, are Reflections of MU. Lou Catron Copy Editor PHOTOGRAPHERS B. Dillingham, D. Gill. ARTISTS N. Titchenal, G. DeCourcy SENIOR AND INFORMAL EDITORS K. Landes, L. Giller, L. Brown SPORTS EDITORS B. Young, J. Finley " Reflections of The Big Blue s victories and defeats were reflected in the faces of our team and student body. However, though the victories were not quite as numerous as we would have liked, the Blue did not give up. Win or lose, the Big Blue spirit is always the same. This spirit is an intangihle thing, hut it always has two characteristics — drive and determination. 128 COACHES Ralph Allan, Don Shroyer Alums Allan and Shroyer serve Big Blue Coach Ralph Allan and Coach Don Shroyer, both of whom served Millikin as outstanding athletes in their college days, this year continued to serve MU as out- standing coaches. Coach Allan, in eleven seasons as head basketball coach, has guided the Blue to five College Conference of Illinois champion- ships, three second place finishes, one third, and one fourth. In 1951, he guided the Big Blue to a second-place finish in the national tournament of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. In both of Don Shroyer ' s first two years as football coach, the Big Blue have just missed conference championships. In 1956 the Big Blue finished second to Wheaton, and this year, finished third. Assistant Coach, Don Holler 130 M " Man of 1958 Larry Kane has been chosen " M " man of the year by the Millidek editors. The selec- tion was made on the basis of athletic abili- ty, sportsmanship, and extra-curricular ac- tivities. Larry was a standout as Big Blue quarterback for four years and served as field captain this past year. Kane, who stands only 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs only 135 pounds, will probably go down in history as one of the all-time Millikin foot- ball greats. In his four years with the Big Blue he has shattered practically every College Confer- ence of Illinois passing record. And this year his running and kicking contributions converted him from a " passing whiz " into a " triple-threat. " " The Killer " is a perfect example of a student who provides his own financial support. He has a meal job and earns his room rent by serving as a bar- racks manager. LARRY KANE, " M " MAN M„ | . Row 1: J. McCoy, D. Holler, J. Jolley, D. Allinson. llIM Row 2: M - Sprinkle, D. Reid, D. Sttobel, L. Kane, L. Haab, R. Hazelrigg. Row 3: Coach Allan, H. Mitchell, J. Taylor, T. Weyher, L. Armstrong, B. Innis. In football Mttttk ' m started high Row 1: R. Corley, R. Miller, J. Benton, D. Rayhill, N. Evangelista, L. Kane, L. Sexton, L. Haab, C. Jour- ney, T. Chamblin, I. Connolly, J. Wolf. Row 2: R. Vlk, H. Niehaus, B. Hooser, J. Housley, K. Hartrich, B. Barnett, R. Hazelrigg, B. Fischer, C. Ahlenius, B. Homer, J. Rayhill, J. Ahlenius, Coach Shroyer. Row 3: C. Davelis, D. Steffen, M. Bailey, R. Gable, F. Biddle, J. Jolley, M. Chapman, R. Wisher, H. Fuson, B. Innis. Despite a poor finish, the Big Blue still finished high in the College Conference of Illinois football standings with a 4-2-1 record. In their only non-conference game, the Blue lost to a fine Missouri Valley team. Millikin was undefeated in conference play going into the last three games of the season. However, after a tie with Wesleyan, the Blue dropped successive games to North Central and Wheaton. One of the highlights of the season was the fine playing of seniors Larry Kane, John (Monk) Connolly, Hal Fuson, Dave Rayhill, and Ron Wisher. 133 These things typify Mli football These are just a few of the things that typify Millikin football. There is the industry building whistle counting out the score. Remember the Elmhurst game when the whistle blew 52 times? And the M Club refreshment stand where you can buy hot dogs and that hot black stuff they call coffee? Larry Kane. Ron Wisher. Joe Rayhill, Dave Rayhill. Larry Haab. Leland Sexton. 134 . . . and she whistled 52 times! and then came basketball Coach Ralph Allan and Captain Dean Strobel SCORES Millikin 76 Alumni 87 Millikin 67 Lewis 75 Millikin 80 McKendree 73 Millikin 67 Wheaton 82 Millikin 68 Carroll 71 Millikin 92 Lake Forest 101 Millikin 58 Qumcy 69 Millikin 80 Belcit 83 Millikin 69 DePauw 95 Millikin 53 Wheaton 96 Millikin 74 Wesleyan 91 Millikin 86 North Central 105 Millikin 78 Eastern 80 Millikin 54 Augustana 64 Millikin 69 Elmhurst 70 Millikin 74 Lake Forest 89 Millikin 64 Augustana 71 Millikin 113 • North Central 96 Millikin 80 McKendree 65 Millikin 64 Carroll 74 Millikin 74 Wesleyan 69 Millikin 64 Elmhurst 88 Millikin 91 Quincy 95 Millikin 83 Eastern 102 Row 1: D. Crowell, B. Grimes, B. Collier, M. Sprin- kle, D. Reid, J. Koger, T. Taylor, B. Flamm, B. Schafer, D. Williams. Row 2: Coach Allan, D. Holler, G. Elms, I. Jolley, V. Trantina, D. Strobel, D. Myrick, T. Weyher, G. Mays, B. Nelson. Although the Big Blue had one of their worst basketball seasons in school history, they provided many thrills for MU fans. The record-smashing 113-96 win over North Cen- tral and the near upset of Quincy are two examples. However, prospects for next year are good. Coach Allan will lose only guard Mickey Sprinkle and reserve Duncan Reid via graduation. 141 BASEBALL ft J. ?• A " . ..-•.»:., - -- , . • - - " v. " ' . BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 3— Eastern (here) April 4 — 111. Chicago Branch (here) April 8—111. College (here) April 12 — MacMurray (here) April 19— North Central (there) April 26— Carroll (here) April 30 — Wesleyan (there) May 3— Wheaton (here) May 7 — Elmhurst (here) May 10 — Augustana (there) May 14 — Wesleyan (here) May 17— Lake Forest (there) Captain Ron Wisher, Coach Shroyer Row 1: L. Haab, R. Wisher, D. Holler, D. Garnett, D. Allinson, J. Koger. Row 2: R. Hazelrigg, T. Pawlowski, T. Carlson, D. Williams, B. Collier. Row 3: L. Kane, G. Xenick, B. Campbell, M. Perelli, K. Hartrich, D. Zank. In his second year as Big Blue baseball coach, Don Shroyer was greeted by a 21- man squad, including nine lettermen. Coach Shroyer had a letterman for each position except second base, where Tom Carlson took over for the graduated Don Petty. How- ever, as the season opened, the Blue were in need of depth behind the plate. Letterman Ron Wisher was the only catcher reporting for practice. 147 TRACK Seven lettermen were among twenty-two candidates reporting for opening track prac- tice. Pole-vaulter Howard Bartley captained the sguad. Other lettermen were Chuck Davelis, middle distance; Tom Weyher, high jump; Bill Boyer, pole vault; Jim Jolley, weights; Jan Anderson, weights; and Dun- can Reid, javelin. Coach Allan. Captain Howard Bartley 149 151 Jjjgl i ' GOLF CO-CAPTAINS Jack Chilton. Larry Armstrong. The 1958 golf team was built around two returning lettermen, Larry Armstrong and Jack Chilton. Others on the team were Dick Allinson, Wayne Martin, Jim Engleman, Gail Hupp, Dave Stark, and Don Martin. Row 1: J. Chilton, L. Armstrong. Row 2: R. Allinson, W. Martin, D. Martin. 152 Lou Coe, Captain TENNIS The Big Blue tennis team was built around two returning lettermen, ihi ' S year. Captain Lou Coe and Al Schroeder were the lettermen. Row 1: B. Link, T. Chamblin. Row 2: P. Cook, D. Dunscomb, A. Schroeder, B. Pierce, L. Coe, B. Johnson. 153 MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Six teams competed in the Men ' s Intra- mural Athletics program this year. The Vets competed for points in the Intramural League for the first time. The four men ' s social organizations and the Millikin Inde- pendent Association completed the league. The program included competition in touch football, basketball, volleyball, soft- ball, ping pong and track. There was pledge League competition in football, basketball, and volleyball. W. A. A. MANAGERS E. Miller, P. Wilson, M. Jenne, H. Patrick, L. Giller, S. Goerisch, D. McClure, J. Panky. Women ' s Athletic Association The main activity of the Women ' s Athletic Association is the sponsoring of the women ' s intramurals program. The activities begin early in the fall with the annual picnic for all Millikin women to acquaint them with the activities of W.A.A. Many sports, such as speedball, bowling, basketball, and bad- minton, keep everyone busy throughout the year. In the spring honors are presented to W.A.A. members on the basis of the num- ber of points they have achieved. Also at this time a traveling trophy is presented to the organization with the greatest number of points. Elaine Miller served as president and Miss Dorothy McClure . as faculty ad- viser. 156 MRS. RALPH ALLAN Mrs. Ralph Allan capably heads the Pub- licity Office at Millikin. In this position she constantly strives to publicize new events of the university, in order to make them known to Decatur and the surrounding area. Mrs. Allan provides information and op- portunities for pictures to the Decatur Herald and Review newspapers, covering such events as Town and Gown plays, Fine Arts Series, music programs, assembly programs, and special features of MU life. News stories are sent by her office to hometown newspapers of MU students, de- scribing individual accomplishments and af- fairs concerning the students. A calendar of Millikin events is mailed out to surrounding TV and radio stations and to area news- papers for Millikin coverage each week. MRS. RALPH ALLAN Friend to the needy news media. ADAMS. NANCY D „ Home Economics Club; Intramural:;; Millidek; HHigious Emphasis Committee; Student Council; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Pi Beta Phi, Censor, Treasurer. ALLEN. DAVID C. Decaturian; Student Handbook; Young Democrats; Delta Siqma Phi. ARMSTRONG. MARILYN . ■ Chorus- Home Economics Club; intramurals; Junior Pan- hellenic Council; Tau Chi Pi; W.A.A.; Delta Delta Delta, Historian. ARMSTRONG. LAURENCE W. Intramurals; " M " Club; Millikin Industrial Society, Treasurer; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Varsity Golf, Captain; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Roll. ARTZE. RALPH Chi Eta Rho. ATKINSON. MARY H. Conant; F.T.A.; Transfer from U. of I. AUGUSTINE, WILLIAM C. Intramurals; Student Council; Upsilon Epsilon Tau, President, Vice-President; Young Democrats; Honor Roll. AUSTIN, BARBARA Alpha Epsilon Rho; Campus Chest Committee; Choir; Conant; Decaturian; Homecoming Committee; Intra- murals; Opera Chorus; Religious Emphasis Committee; R.W.A.C.; Town and Gown; Alpha Chi Omega, Finance Chairman; Transfer from Lyons Twp. Junior College. AXBERG. ROGER BAILEY. ROGER Band; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BAIR. BETTY Chorus; FT. A.; W.A.A.; Pi Beta Phi. BELL. THEODORE L. Choir; Chorus; Le Cercle Francois; Opera; Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma Zeta; Student Council; Town and Gown; U.Y.F.; Wand Acting Award; rionor Roll . BARNES. BARBARA BERGEN Alpha Epsilon Rho; Band; Cheerleader, captain and co-captain; Chorus; Secretary of Junior Class; U.Y.F.; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A.; Co-Chairman of Homecoming; Junior Panhellenic Council; Library Com- mittee; Millidek, Class Editor; Panhellenic Council; Religious Emphasis Committee; R.W.A.C.; W.A.A.; Who ' s Who; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President and Pledge Trainer, House President. BEYER. MIRIAM Chorus; FT. A.; Intramurals; Millidek; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi, Intramural Manager, Magazine Chairman. BLILER. ROBERT L. Alpha Epsilon Rho; Fine Arts Committee; Town and Gown; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian; National Colleg- iate Players, President. BOHON. WILLIAM Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals; Tower Club; U.Y.F; Young Republicans; Foreign Film Committee; M.R.A.; Talent Show; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scholarship Chair- man, Publicity Committee, Finance Committee, Upper Council. BREEZE. PATTI Conant, Vice-President; Homecoming Committee; Le Cercle Francois, Vice-President; Pi Mu Theta; Student Council; W.A.A.; Student Council Publicity Committee; Student Council Elections Committee; Assistant in Eng- lish Department; Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Rush Captain, Publicity Chairman. BROOKBANK. MARY Campus Chest Committee; Chorus; Committee on Chapels and Assemblies; Conant, President, Vice- President; Decaturian, Society Editor, Assistant Editor; U.Y.F. ; Fine Arts Student Committee Chairman; Home- coming Committee; Choreographer, Homecoming Show; Le Cercle Francais; Panhellenic Council, President, Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Programs Com- mittee; Religious Emphasis Week Co-Chairman; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; Scovill Award; Conant Writing Con- test First Prize: Who ' s Who; ZTA Scholarship Cup; Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Social Chairman, Historian, Public Relations Chairman; Religious Life Committee. CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH LE MARR Chorus; Conant; F.T.A.; Pi Mu Theta; W.A.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha. CATRON. LOUIS E. Alpha Epsilon Rho, Monitor; Cheerleader; Conant; De- caturian, Editor; Publications Board; La Sociedad Es- panola; Millidek, Copy Editor; Religious Emphasis Week Publicity Chairman; Student-Faculty Council; Student Handbook; Town and Gown; " Measure for Measure, " " Anastasia, " lead in " Cyrano de Bergerac, " Director of " Man of Destiny, " Writer, Producer of " Husband of Many " ; National Collegiate Players; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Upsilon Epsilon Tau Vice- president; J. Ben Wand Best Acting Award of 1957. CHAPMAN, MARY LOU Band; Conant; Decaturian; Homecoming Committee; Homecoming Queen ' s Court; Intramurals; Millidek, Class Editor and Co-Editor; Orchestra; Pi Mu Theta, President; Puclications Board; R.W.A.C., Treasurer; Student Council. COLBERT, MARY ANN Conant; Intramurals; Junior Panhellenic Council, Le Cercle Francois; Millidek; Panhellornc Council, Town and Gown; W.A.A.; Newman Club; Delta Delta Delta; National Collegiate Players. COLBERT. TOM Chorus; Conant; Newman Club; Sigma Zeta; Assistant in Biology Department; Science Show Committee. CONLEY, EDITH Choir; Chorus; Debate; Decaturian; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Junior Panhellenic Council, President; Milli- dek, Class Editor; Opera; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Messiah Soloist; Pi Beta Phi, Settlement School Chairman. CONNOLLY. JOHN Intramurals; " M " Club; Town and Gown; Varsity Football, All-Conference; Newman Club; Delta Sigma Phi. COOK. MARTHA Varsity Tennis. CRINIGAN. JACKIE Co-Chairman Campus Chest Committee; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Conant; Decaturian; Newman Club; Fresh- man Camp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Intra- murals, La Sociedad Espanola, President; Library Com- mittee; Student Council; W.A.A.; Junior-Senior Prom, Publicity Chairman; Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman; Homecoming i ueen; Who ' s Who; Transfer from Rollins College. CRUMP. DEAN FT. A.; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; M.I. A., Treasurer, Intramural Manager. CUMBERLAND. DEAN G. Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Assistant in Math Department; Transfer from Missouri University. CUNDIFF. RALPH DANIEL Student Council; Upslon Epsilon Tau, Vice-President. DAVIDSON. SUE Intramurals; Junior Panhellenic Council; Le Cercle Francais; Tau Chi Pi; Tower Club; Secretary-Treasurer; Delta Delta Delta, Secretary, Assistant Chaplain. DECHANT. LOUIS E. Intramurals; Millikin Industrial Society; Town and Gown; Varsity Track; Delta Sigma Phi, Chaplain. DILL. RICHARD H. Chi Eta Rho; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. ERICKSON. LEE Alpha Epsilon Rho; Chorus; Conant; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer; La Sociedad Es- p anola; Student Council; Town and Gown; W.A.A., Letter Sweater; Tennis Team; Young Democrats, Vice- President, President; M.I. A. FASTENRATH. KARL H. Millikin Industrial Society; Millikin Independent Asso- ciation. FANCHER. JOHN W. Intramurals. FINET. AUGUST Chi Eta Rho; Intramurals; Millidek; Student Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon. FINLEY, GLENN Chorus; Freshman Camp Counselor; Intramurals; Milli- dek, Sports Co-Editor; Millikin Industrial Society, Cor- responding Secretary; Delta Sigma Phi, Song Leader, Sergeant at Arms, House Manager. FINLEY. WILLETTA Chorus; Choir; Intramurals; Opera; Tau Chi Pi, Presi- dent, Secretary, Vice-President; W.A.A., Secretary, Letter Sweater; U.Y.F.; Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Activities Chairman; Millidek. FOVAL. TOM Millikin Industrial Society; Student Handbook; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chronicler. FREY. CAROLE Decaturian; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Pan- hellenic Council, Secretary; Religious Emphasis Com- mittee; Student Affairs Committee; W.A.A.; German Club; Sociology Departmental Assistant; Pi Beta Phi, Presi- dent, Assistant Pledge Trainer. GARNETT. DONALD L. Intramurals; " M " Club; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Foot- ball; Delta Sigma Phi. GAW, CHARLES W. Millikin Industrial Society, Vice-President; Upsilon Epsi- lon Tau; Industry Departmental Assistant; Canterbury Club. GILLER. LINDA Freshman Camp Counselor; Intramurals; Millidek, Or- ganization Editor, Informal Editor; R.W.A.C.; Tennis Team; W.A.A., Vice-President; Departmental Assistant; Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman, Publicity Chair- man, Trident Correspondent. GOERISCH, SUE F. T. A.; Intramurals; Le Cercle Francais; R.W.A.C.; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Alpha Chi Omega, Intramural Manager, Lvre Editor. GRALIKE, MARNA Conant, Secretary; Newman Club, Historian; F. T. A.; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Pi Mu Theta; Student Council Committees; Pi Beta Phi, Assistant Rush Captain, Recommendations Chairman, Activities Chair- man, Vice-President; English Departmental Assistant. 159 GREGORY. CAROL Chorus- Messiah: Decaturian; Fine Arts Committee; La Sociedad Espanola; Tower Club; W.A.A; Town and Gown- F.T.A.; Producer of " The Frizzly Hen, .From Five to Five Thirty " ; Lead in " Outwitted " and Ana- stasia " ; J. Ben Wand Best Acting Award of 1957; Na- tional Collegiate Player; Alpha Epsilon Rho,- Home- coming Queen Candidate; Zeta Tau Alpha. GRIFFIN. SALLY . Band- Campus Chest Committee; Choir; Chorus; Home- coming Committee; Intramurals; Junior Panhellemc Coun- cil- Panhellemc Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Lamb- da; Pi Mu Theta; Religious Emphasis Committee, Oo- Ch ' airman for Dedication Service and Arrangements Com- mittee; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pledge Class President Song- leader, Scholarship Award; Student Council; U.I. Jr., Worship Publicity, Programs Co-Chairman, Songleader; WA A ' Morning Devotions Committee, Leader, Pianist; Student-Faculty Retreat, Discussion Leader, Songleader; Tennis Team; National Contestant in Piano Guild Audi- tions; Junior Joint-recital; Senior Recital; Who s Who; Scovill Prize; Delta Delta Delta Local Scholarship; Zeta Tau Alpha National Scholarship; Pi Mu Theta Scholar- ship; International Ecumenical Workcamp; Zeta lau Alpha Pledge Class President, Fraternity Spirit Award, Songleader, Music Chairman, Membership Chairman, Vice-President. GROVE, RICHARD V. Campus Chest, Co-Chairman; Sophomore Class Presi : dent- Senior Class President; Fine Arts Committee; Phi Chi Alpha, Sergeant at Arms; Phi Kappa Phi, certificate ; Student-Faculty Retreat; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President of Pledge Class, Scholarship Chairman, Grounds Chairman. HALL. STANLEY K. . . Intramurals; Millikn Industrial Society; M.l.A. HANSON, H. ROBERT , . Decaturian; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Student Council; Tower Club; Town and Gown; U.Y.F.; VarsiW Track; Young Democrats; Millikin Giraffe Society, President; Honor Roll; Art Contest Prizes. HARDEN, BOB . , . , Campus Chest Committee, Carnival Co-Chairman; La Sociedad Espanola, President; Student Council; lown and Gown; Honor Roll. HEIDER. NOBLE ' _ Band; Campus Chest Committee; Chorus; Dad s Day Committee; Homecoming Committee; Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha, Pledgemaster; Opera Orchestra and Production Staff; Tower Club; Young Republicans; Delta Sigma Phi Songleader. HEILEMAN. CHARLEEN Alpha Epsilon Rho; Freshman and Junior Class Officer; Decaturian, Circulation Manager; Freshman Camp Counselor, Co-Chairman; F.T.A.; Homecoming Com- mittee; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Le Cercle Francois; Religious Emphasis Committee, R.W.A.C.; U.Y.F., President; Who ' s Who; Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman. HENDERSON. JOHN . . Alpha Epsilon Rho; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Student Handbook; Young Republicans; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Alumni Chair- man Pledgemaster. HENDRICKS. HAYES Decaturian and Millidek Photographer; Interfraternity Council; Religious Emphasis Committee; U.Y.f.; Alpha Kappa Lambda, House Manager, Pledgemaster. HENSON, JIM Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon lau. HETTINGER. Paul HEYDUCK. PAUL L. tt ... Junior Class Vice-President; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Millidek, Co-Sports Editor, Millikin Indus- trial Society; Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant at Arms. HILL. MAHY MARTHA Campus Chest Committee, Dance and Theme Co- Chairman; Newman Club; F.T.A.; Homecoming Com- mittee; La Sociedad Espanola; Tower Club, President- Prints First Prize in Tower Club Show; Art Departmental Assistant. HUNT PAUL H Choir; Chorus; F.T.A.; Interfraternitv Council; Intra- murals; La Sociedad Espanola; Varsity Baseball; Tau Kappa Epsilon, House President, Historian, President National Fraternity Top Historian Tau Kappa Epsilon ot 1957. 1EWELL RON Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Physics Departmental Assistant. JACKSON. JULIAN Millikin Industrial Society; Upsilon Epsilon lau. JIBBEN, KAY BETH ... „, . Alpha Epsilon Rho; Campus Chest Committee; Choir, Chorus; Canterbury Club; Fine Arts Committee, Chair- man; Homecoming Committee; Ot era; Panhellemc Coun- cil; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Lambda; Pi Mu Theta; Religious Emphasis Committee, Co-Chairman of Pub- licity; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President, President; Delta Delta Delta, Songleader, Rush Chairman, Marshal; Who ' s Who; Scovill Prize; Sental Scholarship; Home- coming Queen Attendant; Junior and Senior Recitals. JOHNSON. DON Pi Kappa Delta, President; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who; Alpha Epsilon Rho- Debate Team; Brown Debate Prize Winner; Presbyterian Youth Lead- ership Scholarship; Freshman Camp Speaker; Home- coming Committee; Student Council, Elections Com- mittee Chairman; Delegate to Lindenwood College Mock Republican National Convention; " Anastasia ; Le Cercle Francois; Decaturian; Young Republicans, Vice- President President; Illinois Young Republican College Federation; Midwest College Young Republican Feder- ation Region V; Delta Sigma Phi, Historian, Treasurer. JOHNSON, MARY Chorus; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Home tco- nomics Club; Intramurals; R.W.A.C.; Tower Club; W A A • Millikin Independent Association, Chairman ot Publicity Committee, Co-Chairman of Social Committee. JOHNSON, ROBERT W. rT Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Upsilon Lpsilon Tau; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JONES, CAROL . T . Home Economics Club, Treasurer; Intramurals; Junior Panhellemc Council; Le Cercle Francois; R.W.A.C.; W A A Secretary; Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman, Intramural Manager, Ritual Chairman, House President, Pledge Trainer. KAISER, JIMMY L. Chi Eta Rho; Senior Class Officer; Decaturian; Young Republicans; Delta Sigma Phi. KNECHT, JOAN E. LANDES. KATHY Intramurals; Millidek; Tau Chi Pi; Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Secretary, Service Projects Chairman. LISTON, LEO L. D j c Intramurals; Millikin Industrial Society, Recording Sec- retary; Student Directory; Town and Gown; Delta Sigma Phi, Commissary Manager. LYNCH PAT F T ' A ■ Intramurals; W.A.A. ; Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi. MC GEE. LINDA „ , „ Fine Arts Committee, Ticket Co-Chairman; F.T.A.; Home- coming Committee; Home Economics Club, Treasurer, President; Intramurals; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, Secretary-Treasurer; Religious Emphasis Committee Per- sonal Conference Co-Chairman; R.W.A.C President; Student Council; W.A.A., Treasurer; Scoville Award; Pi Mu Theta Scholarship; Who ' s " Who. MC INTYRE, JOYCE F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi. MCNEIL. BARBARA „.-,,.,. T j j Home Economics Club; Sigma Zeta; Millikin Independent Association. MC NEIL. DONALD E. Phi Chi Alpha; Sigma Zeta; Upsilon Epsilon Tau Sec- retary; Chemistry Departmental Assistant; Henderson Chemistry Award; Chemical Rubber Physics Award. MABRY. LARRY MACON. RICHARD J. , Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Tau Kappa Epsilon. MACKEY, DALE E. . Interfraternity Council; Intramurals; Sigma Phi Alpha, Executive Vice-President; Alpha Kappa Lambda. MAR Co ant L ' Treasurer; R.W.A.C; Millikin Independent As- sociation. MARSHALL, CAROL ... Band- Choir; Chorus; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Senior Class Vice-President; Committee on Chapels and Assemblies; Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman, Or- chestra; Panhellenic Council, President; Pi Mu Theta; Religious Emphasis Committee; Religious Lite Com- mittee; Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain, Song leader; U Y F ■ W A A ■ Alpha Chi Omega, Songleader, Hush Chairman, President; Music Award; Homecoming Queen Candidate. MASANNAT, GEORGE Millikin Inde pendent Association. MATHERS, MARY JEAN F T A - Homecoming Committee; Student Handbook; W.A.A.; Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi, Social tx- change ' Chairman, Recording Secretary. MAYS, GREGORY ,, Homecoming Commttees; Intramurals; Tower Club; Vars- ity Basketball Manager; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of Pledge Class. MERICLE, MACK R. _ German Club; Sigma Zeta, Secretary-Treasurer. MUEHLEBACH, ROBERT . Chi Eta Rho; Decaturian, Business Manager; Inter- fraternity Council; Phi Chi Alpha; Young Democrats; Lutheran Students; Sigma Alpha hpsilon, President, Treasurer, Warden. MUELLER, ALICE , „ , „ Chi Eta Rho, Secretary; Freshman Class Secretary; Intramurals; Millidek, Co-Editor, Organization Editor, Co-Senior Editor; Opera Chorus; Pi Mu Theta; Publi- cations Board, Treasurer; Religious Emphasis Com- mittee, Publicity Co-Chairmdn; Student Council; lau Chi Pi; Lutheran Students; Scoville Prize; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who; Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain of Pledge Class; Alumni Relations Chairman; Recording Secretary, Treasurer. 160 NAGEL. MARK B. Alpha Epsilon Rho; Campus Chest Committee; Chorus; Freshman Camp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Interfraternity Council, President, Treasurer, Vice- President; Intramurals; Religious Emphasis Committee; Student Handbook; U.Y.F.; Young Republicans; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Secretary. OLIVERO, ROBERT Band; Campus Chest Committee; Junior Class President; Homecoming Committee; Phi Chi Alpha, Secretary- Treasurer; Sigma Zeta; Student Council; Student- Fac- ulty Council; Milliden Committee; Who ' s Who; Hen- derson Award. PANICI. PASQUAL J. Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; lau Kappa fcp- silon, Pledge Social Chairman, House Manager; Pledge Trainer, Commissary Manager. PARTINGTON, DAVID LAWRENCE Band; Chi Eta Rho, Treasurer; Choir; Homecoming Committee; Millidek, Co-Business Manager; Opera; Phi Chi Alpha, President; Religious Emphasis Com- mittee; U.Y.F., Secretary-Treasurer; Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Kemper Foundation Scholar- PARTINGTON, LYNN PIRTLE Band- Chi Eta Rho; Committee on Chapels and Assem- blies; ' F.T.A.; Orchestra; Pi Mu Theta; Programs Com- mittee; Religious Emphasis Committee; U.Y.F.; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President, Sponsor ' s Chairman; Pres- byterian Scholarship, ICPT Golden Jubilee Scholarship. PERRY, DONALD JAMES Chi Eta Rho, Vice-President; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer; Student Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Treas- urer; Assistant in Business Department. RAYHILL, DAVID , „ Intramurals; " M " Club; Millikin Industrial Society; Varsity Football; Delta Sigma Phi. REID. DUNCAN r „ , , „ Intramurals; " M " Club, President; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Delta Sigma Phi; Memorial Grant Schol- arship. REIF. WILLIAM J. rI ., Intramurals; Religious Emphasis Committee; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Varsity Football; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Trainer; Sophomore Social Committee. ROSS. THOMAS Tau Kappa Epsilon, Commissary Manager. ROTH, PAUL L. „ Campus Chest Committee, Treasurer; Chi Eta Rho, President; Phi Chi Alpha, Vice-President; Student Coun- cil; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Scovill Scholarship. RYERSON SAM Alpha ' Epsilon Rho; F.T.A.; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. SCHROEDER, ALFRED FRANK Campus Chest Committee; Fine Arts Committee; Home- coming Committee, Co-Chairman of Dance Committee; Interfraternity Council, Secretary; Intramurals; " M " Club- Millidek, Co Business Manager; Varsity Tennis; Delta Sigma Phi, Chapter Editor; Variety Show. SEAVER. RONALD Band; Chi Eta Rno. SHAFER, RONALD W. Conant, President; Decaturian, Feature Editor; Home- coming Committee; Le Cercle Francais, Vice-President. SHEARER, GORDON T. Homecoming Committee; Intramurals, Delta Sigma Phi. SMITH, DARRYL B. Campus Chest Committee; Fine Arts Committee; Fresh- man Camp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Phi Ch- Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Religious Emphasis Committee Student Affairs Committee; Student-Faculty Council Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, Scholarship Trainer Who ' s Who; Freshman Mathematics Award, Sopho more Physics Award, Scovill Award; Student-Faculty Retreat Committee. SMITH, DAVID G. Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, President; Denominational Club, Wesley Club President; Freshman Camp Coun- selor; Intramurals; Religious Emphasis Committee; Stu- dent-Faculty Retreat; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian. SEAMAN, VERNON S. Chi Eta Rho; Upsilon Epsilon Tau, Secretary, Treasurer. SNEAD, RONALD D. Committee on Chapels and Assemblies; Freshman Camp Counselor; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Programs Committee; Publications Board, Treasurer; Religious Emphasis Committee; Student Council, Treasurer, Presi- dent; Student-Faculty Council, Alternating Chairman; U.Y.F.; Honor System Committee; Who ' s Who. SNEARLY, MARLENE Campus Chest Committee, Chairman of Dance; Cheer- leaders; Choir; Committee on Assemblies; Denomina- tional Club; Fine Arts Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A., Secretary; Intramurals; La Sociedad Lspanola ; Millidek; Pi Mu Theta, Vice-President; Student Council; Student Handbook; Town and Gown; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; Variety Show; Homecoming Show; Dad ' s Day Committee; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chair- man, Chaplain, House Manager; W.A.A., Senior Sweater; Washington Semester. SNYDER, PATRICIA A. R.W.A.C.; Millikin College Nurse; M.I.A. SPRINKLE, MICKEY Campus Chest Committee; Cni Eta Rho; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Junior Class President; Decaturian; Freshman Camp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Interfraternity Council, Social Chairman, President; In- tramurals; " M " Club; Millidek; Religious Emphasis Committee; U.Y.F.; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Varsity Track; Young Republicans; Max Poscouer Free Throw Award; Stegall-Sarran Athletic Award; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chairman, Intramural Manager, President, Athlete of Year of Tau Kappa Epsilon. STAVROPOULOS, TED Upsilon Epsilon Tau. STEINBERG, DORIS MAE Band; Choir; Chorus; Class Office; Committee on Chapels and Assemblies; Intramurals; Opera; Sigma Alpha Iota; Millikin Conservatory Teaching Statf; Delta Delta Delta, Secretary, Songleader; Sigma Alpha Iota, Songleader, Secretary and Alum Patroness. STILLMAN. JEANNE L. Choir; Chorus; Fine Arts Committee; Opera; Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota, Program Chairman, Social Chairman; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman, Songleader; Sentel Scholarship. STOCKS, BILL F.T.A.; Intramurals; Varsity Track. TAYLOR, KAY , Decaturian; F.T.A.; R.W.A.C.; Delta Delta Delta, As- sistant Social Chairman, Chaplain of Pledge Class. THISTLETHWAITE. JUDY F T.A. , Secretary; Intramurals; Junior Panhellenic Coun- cil; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; Alpha Chi Omega. THOMPSON. DONALD E. Intramurals; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Secretary, Treasurer. TINSLEY, CAROLE KNUDSON Campus Chest Committee; Chorus; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Millidek; Religious Emphasis Committee; Student Council; Student-Faculty Council; Tower Club, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary. TITCHENAL. NANCY Campus Chest Committee; Chorus; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Home Ec- onomics Club; Junior Panhellenic Council; Millidek Panhellenic Council; Religious Emphasis Committee Student Affairs Committee; Tower Club; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.. Student Faculty Retreat; Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman, President, Treasurer of Pledge Class; Who ' s Who. TOMLINSON. LLOYD D. Millikin Industrial Society; President; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Millikin Independent Association. TONG. JAMES Le Cercle Francais. VOLENTINE. MARIE Campus Chest Committee, Secretary; Band; Conant; Fine Arts Committee; F.T.A., President; Pi Mu Theta; Student Council; Student-Faculty Retreat, Secretary. WALKER. DICK Alpha Phi Omega; Freshman Oamn Counselor; Home- coming Committee; Interfraternitv Council; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Vice-President, President. WALMSLEY. JANET Intramurals; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Zeta, Secretary-Treasurer, President; W.A.A., Intramural Man- ager; Pi Beta Phi. WASSON. JOHN „ „, , Intramurals; Varsity Basketball, Manager; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Vice-President, Pledge Trainer. WESTERHOFF, GAEL Alpha Epsilon Rho; Intramurals; M Club; Varsity Baseball; Varsitv Football; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WHEELWRIGHT. ROBERT Student Council; Upsilon Epsilon Tau, Student Council Representative; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Class Presi- dent. WILSON. PRISCILLA ■ Chorus- Denominational Club; La Sociedad Lspanola; Religious Emphasis Committee; Tau Chi Pi; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; Tennis Team; Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge President, Publicity Chairman, Assistant Treas- urer, Assistant Pledge Trainer. WINKLEBLACK, RICHARD Chi Eta Rho; Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. WRIGHT. ANN Chorus; Senior Class Secretary; Denominational Club; F.T.A., Historian; Intramurals; Junior Panhellenic Coun- cil- Millidek; Tower Club; Town and Gown; W.A.A.; Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi, Censor, Recording Secretary. YOUNG. JAMES „ Tr „ , Conant; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basket- ball; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master. YOUNG, ROBERT B. Campus Chest Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; Intramurals; Millidek; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Class President. XENICK, GEORGE Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. YEAST. JOYCE 161 " Reflections of Life in DECATUR ' S INFLUENCE ON YOUR COLLEGE LIFE MAKES YOU A LEADER In government . . . public improvement . . . business and industry . . . religion . . educa- tion . . . the fine arts . . . welfare . . . human relations ... in all these things Decatur has always been a leader. The Association of Com- merce is devoted to encouraging and main- taining this leadership through its 550 busi- ness and individual members. In this spirit, we pause to welcome and congratulate the leaders of tomorrow . . . Millikin ' s Class of 1958. THE ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS 163 The NATIONAL BANK of DECATUR FOR A. SAVINGS ACCOUNT 164 Edgar Guest said . . " It takes a heap o ' livin ' in a house t ' make it home. " South Shores houses are designed, planned, and built for that " heap o ' livin ' . " Here is room, here are facilities indoor and outdoor for the family to enjoy living. Come . . . see a house for " a heap o ' livin ' . " tyu ' tt 6e ftnaud t 44? ' It came fam ' pfouiV i " Brides To Be " Choose All Three at FLORA ' S China - Crystal - Sterling Haif your seleetions registered in our Bridal Book EXCLUSIVE . . . • Flora Registered Diamonds • Omega Watches • Gifts From All Over the World 148 EAST MAIN PHONE 5295 ON YOUR LIST OF NEIGHBORS, who are personally interested in your welfare, is your LOCAL INSURANCE AGENT. He respects the trust you have plaeed in him. Your friendship is as much to be gained and held as your business. Yes, because your agent is your NEIGHBOR, you can enjoy a feeling of confidence in your relationship with him. Your insurance protection needs are his personal concern. Yours is not a name and address on his books— but that of a NEIGHBOR. FOR OVER 147 YEARS, folks have been buying insurance from local agents. Far more insurance is purchased in this manner than in any other way. For PROPERTY or CASUALTY INSURANCE, see a member of the DECATUR ASSOCIATION of INSURANCE AGENTS 166 CROSS TOWN • CROSS COUNTY • CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Personnel and Modern Equipment Are Always at Your Service MOVING - STORAGE - PACKING - CRATING „ Parke Warehouses A (Parke Son, Inc.) „ t „ „. _ , , March 6 lin t )ORTH MAM ' 1800 EAST GARFIELD AVENUE SUBW4Y DECATUR- ILLINOIS 167 Congratulations from Block and Kuhl Company 301 North Water Street Telephone, 4391 NIRIDER ' S INC. SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fountain Service 1101 W. Main Phone 3-9249 George S. Walker, Inc. Plumbing and Heating Phone 9-7175 RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES ETHICAL PRESCRIPTIONS Congratulations from WAGNER MALLEABLE IRON CO. DAUT BROTHERS FLORISTS Flowers For All Occasions 1099 W. Main 702 E. Wood DECATUR, ILLINOIS Phone 5281 5282 120 East Prairie 168 J. L. SIMMONS COMPANY Incorporated BUILDERS • Architectural ♦ Industrial • Commercial • Institutional G Construction QUALITY CHEKD DAIRY PRODUCTS MEAN . . . BETTER HEALTH FOR YOU • Springfield • Decatur • Chicago • Indianapolis Decatur ' s Home Owned . . . Home Operated Dairy 171 Wherever thirsty people are . . . Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur GREIDER ' S CAFE Robert J. Greider, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER ' S CAFETERIA H. D. Greider, Jr., Manager MAIN AND WILLIAM GREIDER ' S MEZZANINE ROOM MAIN AND WILLIAM Jack C. Greider, Manager DECATUR, ILLINOIS ROBY ROBY James E. Roby Verne E. Roby Class of ' 43 REALTORS Complete Line of Real Estate Service SALES - LOANS INSURANCE - BUILDERS 252 E. Main St. Phone 8-3451 7 (?at Mt zt CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS Thanks for the past patronage . . . and hope it will continue in the future Compliments of OSGOOD and SONS DECATUR, ILLINOIS PEERLESS Household Cleaners Decatur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners Rugs, Drapes, Slip Covers, Bed Spreads, Table Cloths, Lamp Shades, Blankets, Furniture, WalUo-Wall Carpeting Phone 3-7703 519 N. Monroe St. PLAN YOUR FUTURE WITH US! You will find the Millikin National a bank of friendly service, with complete facilities to meet all your banking needs. It has served Millikin University students and faculty for more than fifty years. Make the Millikin National your banking home. We Invite Your Account THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS Member Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System DECATUR ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK 174 You ' ll get MORE low prices on MORE items MORE days of the week at your A P SUPER MARKETS 134 N. BROADWAY 1136 N. MAIN Best Wishes CARSON CORNER for Success Decatur ' s Largest and Finest Credit Jewelers • FAMOUS FOR FINE DIAMONDS HUNTER-POGUE • Watches - Jewelry Cameras - Appliances - Optical LUMBER CO. • Guaranteed Watch Repairing 300 N. Water Decatur Phone 8-6677 175 STAUBERS Your Home Store Decatur ' s HOME OF FASHIONS Accessories Appliances - Housewares Floor Coverings Top-Brand Names Compliments of Marion S. Clesson Plumbing and Heating Phone 9-7422 235 S. Main Decatur, Illinois Licensed and Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE FINE LIGHTING FIXTURES ADEQUATE WIRING SUNBEAM - G.E. - TOASTMASTER G .E. LAMPS - LARGE SELECTION Your Electric Service Center Oakland Shopping Area 134 S. OAKLAND Phone 2-4806 — Days Nights — 6402 - 2-2543 ORIGINAL mm SERVICE PARTS Specialized Parts and Service AUTOMOTIVE, CARBURETOR, ELECTRICAL, and SPEEDOMETER SERVICE, POWER MOWERS, MAGNETOS, GASOLINE ENGINES DECATUR BATTERY SERVICE, Inc. 343 E. MAIN PHONE 5453 imams FOR IMPORTANT CLOTHES Formals Ready-to-W ear - Sportswear Jewelry - Millinery 135 E. Prairie Phone 3-3644 Compliments of F R.E Freischlag Trucking Co. 176 Your guess is as good as mine. Hey, guys, maybe she doesn ' t have a date for the dance 840 N. Morgan PHONE 5 13 1 Decatur, Illinois BROWNIE COAL C OMPANY COAL High Grade Coals For Less Brownie coalco. — CALL 5131 — 178 PHONE 5429 Compliments of Swain Myers Sales Co. DESIGNERS and SUPPLIERS Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools, Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Drug Stores 544-552 N. MAIN ST. CLASS OF ' 58 May we not only congratulate you on your success scholastically, but also as you embark on the vastly wider waters of the future . . . wish for each of you happiness and success whether your course be business, a profession or that most important of all occupations, a Home Maker. LINN SCRUGGS CO. 730 SO. MAIN DECATUR " For a Job to be Well Done " EVERYTHING IN ROOFING AND SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm 179 Best Wishes for Success from THE NORMAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY FASHION HEADQUARTERS • TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP for sports and casual clothes • THE SALON SHOPS for dresses, coats, and suits • THE ACCESSORY BAR for smart accesories, lingerie • MILLINERY SALON for the smartest hats in town Compliments of BEATRICE FOODS CO. Meadow Gold Milk and Ice Cream Decatur, Illinois Phone 5241 BLACK COMPANY SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main 125 East North Decatur Illinois Compliments of WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 4404 Decatur, Illinois no.l specialist in local moving! 180 THE FUTURE IS YOURS! Mi .EN AND WOMEN of the past — people of vision — have given you this wonderful world of today. It now lies within your power and capabilities to look to the future, as these pio- neers once did. The opportunity to make your important contributions is within your grasp. You have been preparing for this opportunity for four years, and are now ready to prove your worth. j w Millikin has provided you with the facilities for learning; the utilization of this excellent background depends on your initiative. We have confidence in your ability to succeed, and we join with countless others in wishing you, the Graduates of 1958, lasting success and happi- ness. MM F I | CD f P,ants in: DECATUR • CHATTANOOGA • UCLLCK W W • LOS ANGELES and SARNIA, ONTARIO Manufacturers of Water and Gas Distribution and Service Products 182 DECATUR s ■s " ?? jl a us m § i [Hp WE SERVE YOU Safety . . . Courtesy Service JNeumode HOSIERY V 41 T ry KJy The Entire J Family yf 2-1755 117 N. Water PHONE 5305 H EC rIT b i-JouRflns On THE CORnER LORISTS Junior and Women ' s HUFFY HdllSFS Hotel Orlando Apparel " Say ituAtt lowenA 335 N. WATER 160 South Water Street ( at Wood) Decatur, Illinois Phone 5305 SEMMEL ' S Ladies ' Ready -to-W ear 288 N. Park Phone 2-6641 SCHAFFER GLUCK FURS SUITS — CLOTH COATS KPORTSWF 4 ft i 1 1 I k1 ft l III, 253 North Main St. Decatur ' s Oldest Furriers 183 GO BY YELLOW CAB 8-7701 Try SUNBEAM and Compare AW — " Batter Whipped " It ' s Heavenly Bread GROVE ' S RESTAURANT For FINE STEAKS AND CHICKEN DINNERS i nunc 9 r f i Routes 51-48-121 Decatur, Illinois TOLLYS II SUPER 1 ■L. MARKETS J Rt IS )! (ir. IVfnUP Compliments of The 1958 Millidek Staff LINCOLN THEATRE wishes to thank all of the advertisers for their continued ana support of Millikin ' s EMPRESS THEATRE activities. This interest is DECATUR ' S FINEST greatly appreciated. 1 85 A. W. CASH CO. and its subsidiary Cash Standard Stacon Corporation Congratulates Millikin University Graduates of 1958 186 Knowledge . . . the key to your future! Wise men know that knowledge is the key to the future. Knowledge is a search for truth . . . and truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Happenings in the world today are more unusual and exciting than any mystery novel. The world is big . . . complex ... strange . . . and yet it has a fascinating story to tell. True adventures are waiting for you in the great books of learning. All the world ' s knowledge, wisdom, and experience are yours for the taking. All the wonders of our age are at your fingertips. High school and college offer you this knowledge in courses like physics, history, chemistry, English, biology, and mathematics. In these courses you can better understand things such as sound and sight, atoms and anatomy, equations and electrons, government and grammar, or many other phenomena of nature and society. Today . . . business and industry require an increasing knowledge of the world about us in jobs offered to young people. Tomorrow . . . even more education and training will be needed! Such preparation today . . . can mean much to your success tomorrow. the man who knows . . . gets ahead! CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. 187 : ..y ,, 9 For Over Half A Century Central Illinois ' Most Complete V Downtown Store • STATIONERY • TOYS • TYPEWRITERS • OFFICE SUPPLIES • GREETING CARDS • ATHLETIC GOODS . . . ART SUPPLIES . . . Phone Orders Dial 4374 Mail Orders Accepted iifi 8SiiS : Lyon Lumber Co. ' s THIS 1958 BUILDERS MARKET MILLIDEK has everything for the Printed by Do - It -Yourself HUSTON-PATTERSON Homeowner CORPORATION • 590 North Broadway DECATUR, ILLINOIS • Free Parking Lot 189 CARBURETERS MARVEL-SCHEBLER PRODUCTS DIV. BORG- WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS 1958 Graduates of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY 190 MUTUAL HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Each saver ' s funds are insured to $10,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. MUTUAL 135 East Main Street Decatur, Illinois Best Wishes To 1958 Grads For the SMARTEST FEET on campus MILLER - O ' NEILL wear shoes from 120 W. Prairie FLOOR COVERINGS RAUPP ' S and 139 North Water DRAPES 191 87 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE • Diamonds • Fashion Jewelry • Watches • Linens • China • Perfumes • Crystal • Handbags • Sterling and Plated Silverware POST ' S DIAMONDS Are " Registered " For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join POST ' S STERLING SILVER CLUB Bridal Registering Service Available Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. 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QUALITY IN PHOTOGRAPHY Icil een s ludi OS TW 8-2131 235 Sad OreW Decalu , Illinois ON THE BALCONY Ask those we serve about our . . . • Free Parking at the Bank • Friday Evening Hours, 4-8 • Drive In Banking, 3 to 5 o ' clock Daily • 2 % Certificates of Deposit • Economy Checking Accounts 1501 E. Eldorado Decatur, 111. Phone 8-7781 " Decofur ' s Most Convenient Bank " TELEPHONE 42.01 MO RAN j4nd {Pent N WATER ST. AT ELDORADO DECATUR . .ILLINOIS . 196 " Mac " Welcomes you to DECATUR ' S FINEST FASHIONS FOR RESTAURANT THE HOME THE BLUE MILL 329 N. Main 8-7741 Telephone 5345 - 5346 FASHIONS DECATUR WAREHOUSE CO. for Junior Misses and Tall Girls R. C. Shumate Harry (Skinny) Taylor • TRANSFER • MOVING • STORAGE Licensed, Bonded, Insured Carriers Decatur ' s Leading Specialty 555 E. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois Store 197 " I ' ll Meet You At The College Supply Store " . . . common talk today ... as it has been for so many years. The service center for all the many scholastic and athletic needs of MILLIKIN ' S students. " The meeting place of Millikin ' s students " COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE The Millidek staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation and support of the following individuals who have helped make the 1958 MILLIDEK possible: The faculty and student body for their cooperation and support throughout the year; Chuck Mueller, Indianapolis Engraving Company, Inc.. for his constant help and advice in every matter pertaining to this book; Dr. Neal F. Doubleday, literary adviser, for his willingness to drop everything to help us with our copy; Lynn Hiser, Huston-Patterson Corporation, for all the time he took to give us printing advice; Kileen Studio for their fine pictures and their cooperation in getting them to us on time; Gary DeCourcy, for designing the 1958 Millidek cover; Herald and Review for supplying photographs; All of our advertisers whose cooperation made this book possible. 198

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