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Digitized by the Internet Archi ive in 2015 https: details millidek1956mill ■ o MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY • DECATUR, ILLINOIS U oun. at FRIENDSHIPS YOU I PERSONALITIES YOU MET During 1956 57 you met Broadway actor Clarence Derwent, who starred in " Measure for Measure ... you were inspired by R.E. W. speakers . . . and most of all, you continued discovering more about your fell ow-students, learning new ideas, and developing life-long friendships. MEETING NEW AND I MGING EXPERIENCES... Perhaps one of the greatest things about college is the constant challenge, the production of new ideas, and the j chance to learn more about people . . . from TV to bushopping to a children ' s Christmas party. i 9 . . GROANING AT DEFEAT School spirit, that oft-prayed for support, grew like lopsy as Millikin s teams clashed with rivals. The Big Blue brought you laurels, and you showed your appreciation at the games. 11 I )ERFUL SOCIAL EVENTS ♦ ♦ ♦ Something for everyone: a walk through Fairvieiv on a warm evening, the TGIF meetings at the corner, or the rush to heat " hours at the end of a date. You could dance or see a Shakespeare play; you could listen to a Fine Arts concert or go to the Suh; you could sing on a serenade or simply have a library date and study. Social events were funl The Student Council " Sweetheart Dance " and the Millikin Dames ' Tea 13 ACTIVITIES Years from now, souvenirs from extra-curricular activities may become faded; the pictures may lose their gloss; the programs may fray; the bulletin boards may be lost. Tlemaining, however, will be rose-colored memories of your many activities at Millihin. And perhaps . . . someday . . . you will tell your grandchildren about college life in the fabulous fifties. 15 Perennial at Millikin: the long lines at registration and the beaming faces of girls headed for rush ... the questions; " Who ' s teaching Bugology? " " My major? 1 dunno. What ' s a major? " " What ' s the name of that cute blond fresh- man? " . . . Yes, life began as usual at Millikin. At Aston Hall, the freshman girls arrived with smiles, hopeful anticipations, and enough personal gear to fill two Aston Halls. Freshmen were introduced to the school at freshman camp, they met each other at the frosh mixer, and they became a part of Millikin life. 17 Homecoming Game What is Homecoming? First, excited plans, on air of eager anticipation, hoped for meetings. This is Homecoming; floats and parades and games and girls in pretty dresses; meetings of old friends; bois- terous laughter. 1m ■ ' -4 The Queen ' s Float 18 Frosh and Soph Games Homecoming is an unheard crunch of autumn leaves; it is singing crowds in smoke-filled trysts; it is the football team fighting for glory . . . and, in reality, the final score is unimportant to Victory. Some glow from some place . . . the Queen? . . . produces an answering smile; the warmth spreads; soon Homecoming is joy and happiness . . . moments to hold forever. Thanks to Carol Marshall and Fred Schmude for a wonderful week-end. The Homecoming Show Pi Phi ' s " took thee, 1st place " Homecoming, to the committees, is ten thousand heart-breaks of disappoint- ment happily tempered with year-long seconds of unforgettable bliss. It is a time of exhaustion, a time of frayed tempers, and a time when time is a short and fleeting enemy. Then, suddenly, the streets take on a new air of carnival festivity as floats pass by. There is a vast sigh of relief . . . and pride. ZTA ' s " ducked " into 3rd Delta Sig ' s " cooled " 1st place Pi Phi ' s opened their arms to 3rd Homecoming is an opportunity for creative artists to exhibit ingenuity; the houses bustle with mysterious activity; the judges pick the winners with slow deliberation. 2nd place was " in focus " for TKE ' s MARILOU WASEM § Alpha Chi Omega MARY LOU CHAPMAN Millikin Independent Association Homecoming is a queen with a radiant face and bubbles hidden inside; it is her day which will last forever; it is a day of beauty for the whole court. PAT TILLETT Zeta Tau Alpha I MARY JEAN MATHERS Pi Beta Phi 22 ' pine ;4tU, 7 Md ' Wif ii Ated Gina Bachauer Boris Goldovsky Millikin can well be proud of its Fine Arts Series. Each year the world ' s outstanding artists come to Millikin ' s own Albert Taylor Hall to give a part of their gifts and talents to Millikinites. This year four excellent programs were presented. Leonard Rose impressed his audi- ence not only with his mastery of the cello, but also with his down-to-earth personality. The Paris Ballet, featuring Lycette Darsonval, held its audience rapt with the fluid grace and poetry of its performance. The 1956-57 series was particularly privileged to have secured Gina Bachauer, one of the world ' s great women pianists. The final program of the series featured Boris Goldovsky, a unique musical personality, who lectured and played the piano in a series of " Piano Portraits " . Paris Ballet Leonard Rose Town and Gown, Millikin ' s theatrical group, had a busy season: " Measure For Measure, " " Anastasia, " " The Wayward Saint, " and several one-act plays. The big production was " Measure For Measure " which starred Clarence Derwent from Broad- way, giving MU ' s actors a fine opportunity to get professional advice. Measure for Measure Anastasia " Don ' t Griddle Hansel " headlined the Decaturian for the music school ' s colorful production of " Hansel and Gretel. " Local critics called it an excellent performance. A tragic note was struck, however, when Edith Conley — singing Gretel — slipped on the ice and severely broke her arm only a few days before the production. Oh, what one had to go through to make money Campus Chest, one combined drive for all chanties, exceeded the goal under the leadership of co-chairmen Marty Groppi and Bob Krebs and their committees. Lower hall became a carnival area as all organizaticns combined efforts to haul m the loot; faculty members were auctioned to the highest bid- der; " Swede " Eunson became Mr. Campus Chest; and a Campus Chest dance con- cluded the active week. This here ' s Daisy Mae Jody makes a ringer Rev. Osborne was a popular seminar spe aker S tctecai c 0§te Stefr Religious Emphasis Week gave everyone a chance to strengthen and renew his spir- itual beliefs. The week ' s activities included a kick-off dinner, numerous buzz-sessions and A student expresses her views seminars, and a beautifully impressive can- dlelighted service at Westminster Church. Thanks to Mary Brookbank and John Hughey for an inspiring week. Students browsed through religious books 28 Slaughter on A. T. Hall Extral extra! You didn ' t read all about it, but you saw and heard all about it! Albert Taylor Hall rocked with laughter as Millikin organizations brought newspaper headlines to life at the annual variety show. Ping I Ooops! Dior predicts new costumes Panhellenic Dance So I sez to him, I sez tt nm(zU, tCl School THtxcx , AXO Street Dance Dig that crazy floor! Sweetheart Dance Danger! Flying hearts! Somebody Goofed Some Goofy Bodies owt Social i c Informal social life is a very important part of every campus. It provides some of your most enjoyable moments and some of your fondest memories. You vi ill probably alv ays remember the friends you made at the exchanges, the bridge games at the Sub, the antics in lower hall, and — most of all — the week-end dates with your favorite gal or fella. Students at work! 32 i 33. See? Some even go to the library! And some cram with Quik-Cafe I Poker? Double Sol? No, Bridge! I TftMC m ...IN ORGANIZATIONS Each of the many Millik in organizations has within it the power to enrich your life. There is an organization to meet every individual s particular desire, whether it is social, special interest, honorary , or service. Organizational leaders meet to discuss mutual problems 39 Junior and Senior Panhellenk i SENIOR PANHELLENIC Row 1: C. Marshall, J. Sparks, Dean Falvey, M. Q ' uigley. Row 2: J. Gallatin, P. Mor- ris, D. Lebo, L. Brown, M. Brookbonk, N. Titchenal. One of the main duties of the Panhellenic Council is to determine rush rules for the women ' s fraternities. The council also spon- sors the Panhellenic Dance, the Panhellenic Banquet, and the Panhellenic Slumber Party. The Senior and Junior Panhellenics this year combined their efforts in the sponsoring of a Panhellenic Workshop for councils of other colleges and universities in the area. The council is composed of presidents and rush chairmen of the sororities and the offices of the council are rotated among the sorority presidents. This year ' s officers were Judy Pease, president; Kem Miller, vice-president; Jody Sparks, secretary; and Marylyn Quig- ley, treasurer. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC Left to right: H. Patrick, ]. Harris, B. Boyle, R. Hall- bauer, C. Sablotny, K. Miller, Dean Falvey, J. Marshall, B. Meyer, J. Littleton, J. Ganschinietz, J. Hagebush, C. Mavon. 40 Row 1: Mr. Kerns, M. Nagel, Mr. Hillger, Mr. Glass- cock. Row 2: J. Cross, B. Hantel, G. DeCourcy, B. Krebs. Row 3: M. Sprinkle, T. Ewing, J. Welch, B. Paddock. Interfraternitif Council The Interfraternity Council is composed of the facuUy advisors, presidents, and representatives of the four fraternities on campus. The council co-ordinates the various fraternity activities and sponsors the Interfraternity Council dance each year. Officers this year were Mark Nagel, president; John Cross, social chairman; Bob Hantel, secretary; and Gary DeCourcy, treasurer. 41 Alpha Chi Omega OFFICERS First Semester President Kem Miller Vice President Martha Groppi Secretary Loretta Hefter Treasurer Peg Jensen " Together, Seeking the Heights " — mem- bers of Upsilon Chapter can boast another successful year at M. U. Our all school bridge party, annual school street dance, and a song-fest for the Anna B. Millikin Home highlighted the social calendar. Carol Mar- shall served as co-chairman of Homecoming and Marilou Wasem was our Queen candi- date. Alpha Chis were active campus leaders with Loretta Hefter and. Kem Miller as class officers; Mitzi Abner, editor of the Student Handbook; Carolyn Henderson, co-editor of the Millidek; Martha Groppi, co-chairman of Campus Chest; Kem Miller, co-chairman of Freshman Camp; Loretta Hefter, Martha Groppi, Carolyn Henderson, and Kem Miller, Who ' s Who; Marilou Wasem, president of Tau Chi Pi; and Marlene Snearly, exchange student at American University, Washington, D. C. Upsilon expresses its warmest gratitude to Mrs. Peel, our housemother, and to Coach Ralph Allan, our faculty adviser, for their guidance throughout the year. OFFICERS Second Semester President Carol Marshall Vice President Joan Foval Secretary Donna Bashore Row 1: M. Groppi, I. Weyers, P. Jensen, B. Whitsett, M. Goldstein, J. Tucker. Row 2: C. Henderson, J. Thornton, J. Elliott, R. Mid- dleton, Mrs. Peel, M. Wasem, L. Hefter, D. Hertenstein, K. Miller. Row 3: M. Turner, C. Marshall, S. Goerisch, D. Lebo, M. Eads, J. Foval, N. Tork, R. Hallbauer, B. Long, D. Bashore, P. Wilson, R. Six, N. Ford. Row 4: J. Marshall, L. Rogers, G. Muirheid, B. Austin, R. Hanson, B. Warrick, C. Jett, N. Orlandmi, K. Thomas, C. Smith, P. Luster, C. Mavon. Delta Delta Delta With the guidance of their faculty adviser, Miss Sparks and their housemother, Mrs. Hale, Delta Epsilon ' s Tri Deltas enjoyed another fine year. With the opening of school, the girls of 1 1 1 Park Place became busy with rush, dances, and homecoming. Jody Sparks reigned as Homecoming Queen. Barbara Bergen, Ann Geddes, Angela Davis, and Smoky Morris were leading the cheers for the Big Blue. Many Tri Deltas took port in other cam- pus activities during the year. Barbara Bergen was secretary and Skip Heileman treasurer of the junior class. Jody Sparks was an officer for the senior class. Kay Jibben and Mary Baker represented the Tri Deltas in Phi Kappa Phi and Jeanne Stillman and Mary Baker were elected to Pi Mu Theta. Kay Jibben was elected president of S.A.I. , and Jeanne Stillman sang the lead in Hansel and Gretel. Through sharing in both work and play, Tri Deltas grew in a perpetual bond of friendship. OFFICERS Second Semester President Nancy Titchenal Vice-President Mary Ann Gass Secretary Sue Davidson Treasurer Alice Mueller 44 Row 1: N. Titchenal, S. Morris, S. Davidson, N. Grif- fin, K. Jibben, M. Colbert, M. Armstrong, P. Breeze. Row 2: A. Mueller, L. Partington, B. Bergen, W. Fin- ley, A. Baker, ]. Sparks, Mrs. Hale, ]. Raffington, C. Stevens, I. Dieterich, J. Haynes, J. Stillman, L Giller, D. Steinberg, C. Heileman. Row 3: B. Colburn, K. Landes, E. Miller, A. Geddes, C. Pace, B. Cannon, B. Zimmer, K. Kelley, R. Wieland, L. Dixon, S, Heffernan, J. Miller, A. Davis, C. Bardelmeier, I. Lord, A. Redifer, M. Gass. Row 4: C. Frede, K. Dahl, P. Kane, L. Laue, ]. Littleton, K. Kocher, S. Jenne, B. Kern, M. Griffin, M. Farr, B. Boyle, N. McCormick, B. Meyer, M. Hargreave, M. Breeze, M. Turpin, L. Giller. Pi ' Beta Phi OFFICERS First Semester President Marylyn Quigley Vice-President Barbara Smith Secretary Diane Primm Treasurer Joyce Fancher With the opening of the first semester, members of Pi Beta Phi found themselves in the midst of preparations for Homecoming. We received the first place trophy for our float, " I, Millikin, take thee, Augustana, " and were awarded third place in house decora- tions. Our winter formal was " A Knight to Re- member, " and we entertained the children of faculty members at our annual Christmas pctrty in their honor. With the advent of second semester, thir- teen new Pi Phi ' s were initiated. We also enjoyed the usual activity connected with Greek Sing, Variety Show, Mother ' s Week- end, and our spring formal. Pi Phi ' s who were leaders on campus included Barbara Smith and Marylyn Quig- ley, who were elected to Phi Kappa Phi and Who ' s Who. Jackie Crinigan, Selma Mitchell, and Marilyn Wilson helped to cheer the Big Blue, and Mary Jean Mathers was our candi- date for Homecoming Queen. Joel McClel- land was selected for the Switzerland trip sponsored by Campus Chest. OFFICERS Second Semester President Carol Frey Vice-President Mama Gralike Secretary Mary Tempel Treasurer Nancy Adams Row 1: P. Brown, B. Bair, J. Walmsley, N. Adams, M. Gralike, M. Mathers, E. Conley, A. Wnght, P. Lynch, B. Johnson. Row 2: M. Beyer, C. Beem, D. Primm, J. Rice, B. Smith, Mrs. Cherry, M. Quigley, A. Logan, S. Brooks, S. Kuhle, J. Crinigan. Row 3: K. Philbrook, M. Temple, J. McDonald, J. Fan- cher, L. Brown, R. Reeser, C. Frey, N. Smith, S. Mitchell, I. McClelland, N. Casteel, S. Webb, M. Wilson, S- Curtis. Row 4: R. Whitaker, J. Bruns, B. Mayne, J. Ganschin- ietz, J. Hagebush, B. Witzeman, J. Gross, J. Hess- ler, J. Kolb, J. Hanes, P. Myers, S. Darnell, S. Ferguson, J, Burkhalter , S. Fletcher. leta Tau Alpha OFFICERS First Semester President Judy Pease Vice-President Nancy Shank Secretary Pat Hays Treasurer Sara Schroeder Following rush week, the Zetas began working on Homecoming activities. Our winter formal, " Snowflake Fantasy, " and two house dances, " Comic Capers " and " Snow- bound, " were big social events of the first semester. The steak-and-bean dinner. Vari- ety Show, University Sing, Mothers ' Week- end, and the spring formal made the school year complete. Many Zetas have been active on campus. Pat Tillett was Vice-President of Student Council and in Who ' s Who; Carol Gregory played the title role in Anastasia; Mary Brookbank was R.E.W. Co-Chairman and assistant editor of the Decaturian; Sally Griffin was named to Who ' s Who; and many others held offices in campus organizations. Our thanks go to our house director, Mrs. Davenport, and to the Driesbachs for their help during the year. OFFICERS Second Semester President Mary Brookbank Vice-President Sally Griffin Secretary Carole Knudson Treasurer Pat Mills 48 Row 1: E. lohner, S. Schroeder, C. Knudson, P Til- Row 2: S Grilfm, S Sullivan, P. Mills, M Eckert, N. lett, I. Pease, C. Jones, B. Walker, P. Burnet, M. Harper, G. Satterfield, N. Sturies, B. Mortie, C. Brookbank, N. Shank. Roderick, S. Andrews, A. Atteberry, E. LeMarr, J. Gallatin, P. Hays. Row 3: R. Rockwood, T. Booker, H. Patrick, B. Garren, S. Eckhardt, B. Barth, D. Clarke, N. Parkinson, J. Harris, C. Sablotny, C. Michaelsen, L. Reeves, H. Taylor, S. York. Alpha Kappa Lambda OFFICERS First Semester President Robert Krebs Vice-President Merwin Rusch Secretary Donald Thompson Treasurer Paul Terry The year has been a big one for the AKL ' s. Moving from the barracks into their new house was a big switch, but it didn ' t slow the fellas down. They let nothing stand in their way, and as a result, they won first place in scholarship. Bob Krebs, graduating senior, has led a bright example; he was chosen for Who ' s Who. For the Homecoming parade the men really worked hard to make their float place second. The large hand with a string around a finger suggested the theme, " And Don ' t Forget to Win. " The group, however, didn ' t let working effort stop there; ninety per cent of the men worked at part time or meal jobs. The AKL ' s participated in the intramurals, had house dances in their new house, and had their annual formals. A parents ' club was formed, and car washes were held on spring Saturdays. On March 24, the chapter ran a sixty- mile marathon to Charleston to deliver a charter to Rho chapter at Eastern Illinois State College. OFFICERS Second Semester President Edwin Wilson Vice-President Paul Terry Secretary Mark Nagel Treasurer Donald Thompson 50 Delta Sigma Phi OFFICERS First Semester President Al Schroeder Vice-President Ed LeFevre Secretary Don Petty Treasurer Larry Partington The 1956-57 school year was another great year for the Delta Sigs. The year began with rush parties, picnics, and a first-place- winning house decoration during Home- coming. The rest of the year was highlighted by exchanges, house dances, two formals, and the greatest Sailor ' s Ball in many a year. The Delta Sigs were well represented in every phase of campus life this year. Ed LeFevre was president of the Student Coun- cil, Rick Hazelrigg lead the sophomore class, Don Petty lead the senior class, Paul Hey- duck was the vice-president of the junior class, Gary DeCourcy was secretary of the sophomore class, and Charles Ahlenius was secretary of the freshman class. In addition to being represented in just about every campus organization, Delta Sigs also captained the football, basketball, track, and baseball teams. OFFICERS Second Semester President Al Schroeder Vice-President Mike Perelli Secretory Gary DeCourcy Treasurer Don Johnson 52 ACTIVES Row 1: J. Hoffman, E. LeFevre, B. Adcock, B. Mills, Row 3: L. Liston, N. Heider, P. Heyduck, J. Finley, R. D. Seligman, F. Howell, G. Wolanin, F. Schmude, Spires, D. Holler, D. Reid, J. Connolly, R. Wisher, K. Brown, M. Hoffman. D. Garnett, D. Rayhill, G. Shearer, D. Allen. Row 2: B. Glass, R. Schaefer, R. Lotchin, D. Petty, Row 4: L. Partington, H. Hohe, D. Grove, D. Reed, T. R. James, L. Slater, P. McKelvey, J. Codemo, J. Smith, R. Helms, H. Fuson, J. Young, A. Schroe- Pohlman, J. Barnes. der, L. Dechant, J. Kaiser. Row 5: R. Hazelrigg, L. Haab, D. Johnson, P. Cowgill, M. Perelli, J. Taylor, J. Kettlekamp, J. Jolley, G. Elms, G. King, J. Anderle, B. Innis, C. Duez, R. Herman, G. DeCourcy. PLEDGES Row 1: C. Ahlenius, J. Toney, D. Smith, B. Link. Row 3: T. Chamblin, C. Journey, G. Patterson, G. Row 2: A. Alexander, E. Lindquist, D. Strobel, T. Burnett, J. Rayhill, L. Sexton, B. Homer, B. Slade. Little, B. Abene, W. Martin, D, Cuttle. Sigma Alpha EpsUon OFFICERS First Semester President Tom Ewing Vice-President John Henderson Secretary Jim Brown Treasurer Robert Muehlebach Sigma Alpha Epsilon began the year by securing a large pledge class which was directed by Dick Walker. In December the winter formal was held, and various other house dances rounded out the semester. In February, Sigma Alpha Epsilon jour- neyed to the Levere Memorial Temple in Evanston, Illinois, and twenty-nine men were formally initiated. Numerous men repre- sented SAE in campus activities. Tom Ewing was chosen for Who ' s Who, and John Hughey was co-chairman of R. E. W. Bob Kimmons, Tom Carlson, and Terry Gib- bons were officers of the freshman class, and Ron Ram was vice-president of the sopho- more class. Lou Coe was captain of the ten- nis team, and Larry Armstrong was captain of the golf team. The spring formal and Uni- versity Sing climaxed an enjoyable year for the Sig Alphs. OFFICERS Second Semester President Bob Hantel Vice-President Bob Hart Secretary Larry Routledge Treasurer John Schaub ACTIVES Row 1: J. Bettinghaus, J. Welch, L. Coe, I. Hender- Row 2: D. Mauerman, R. Hill, E. Baseheart, R. Helms, son, Mrs. Cottle, T. Ewing, D. Hess, L. Armstrong, R. Berry, J. Hughey, R. Voss, I. Fuson, L. Larsen, R. Hart, R. Swearingen. G. Vondrasek, W. Reif, W. Good, J. Brown, R. Rain. Row 3: D, Stark, W. Knutson, L. Myers, T. Foval, D. Plambeck, G. Westerhoff, D. Gendry, G. Mays, R. Hantel, L. Routledge, M. Rau, P. Neely, R. Muehlebach. PLEDGES Row 1: J. St. Pierre, D. Campbell, W. Minnis, L. Burns, D. Ast, D. Piech, C. Heiden, R. Temple, Allison, R. Shirk, R. Holler. T. Weyher, C. Davelis, T. Gibbons, D. Camerer, Row 2: S. Phenix, G. Fleetwood, R. Cook, J. Kimble, -r, Sr°°n ' I „ , ,. , . XT D .1 ,,1 T nu n- ■t ' i Row 4: 1 " . Post, D. Bess, L. l-ranklm, M. Chapman, H. Bartley, Mrs. Cottle, D. Phillips, T. Carlson, ni f td uj r ' u• T u ■ T -c. 1 iri • 1- Barnes, D. Macey, 1. Richardson, D. Cushmg, D. Herrm, J. Nies, D. Baulos, D. Fleming. t c -u -o -d i t c » S J. bcribner, K. Ryan, G. Lonnon, J. buter, H. Row 3: J. Riddle, I. Anderson, R, Osth, E. Jens, C. Gebhart, D. Bunting, N. Bailey, R. Gill. The members of Beta Chapter enjoyed a successful year. The Tekes had two ex- cellent pledge classes which will be the strength of the chapter in the future. Social events of the year included the Harvest Hop, two formats, and many house dances and exchanges. The Tekes presented Charles Dickens ' " A Christmas Carol " just before the holiday season. The proceeds went to Family Service to help underprivileged children. Mickey Sprinkle won the Max Poscover award for the best free throw average of the basketball team. Bob Paddock was elected to Who ' s Who. Jim Perry, Dave Smith, Harmon Mitchell, and Jay Middleton all held offices in other campus organiza- tions. ACTIVES Row 1: L. Mapes, B. Jones, M. Sprinkle, D. McEvoy, T. Campbell, B. Sullivan. Row 2: P. Panici, P. Hunt, T. Lewis, Mrs. Graham, R, Paddock, B. Eunson, N. Evangelista. Row 3: B. Sinclair, J. Cross, D. Smith, D. McBain, J. Perry, H. Mitchell, I. Babcock, J. Mi ddleton, B. Ramsay, J. Mulligan. Row 4: D. Smith, D. Wallin, D. Macan, C. Kopmann, A. Finet, B. Nelson, B. Silkey, D. Bailey. PLEDGES Row 1: J. Tobias, L Walkington, B. Boston, L. Stur- gis, D. Sanders. Row 2: E. McClure, J. Fitzpatrick, K. Sturgeon, J. Valentine, T. Schnepp, B. Cartwright, P. Seel- bach Row 3: D. Clements, G. Meeker, J. Donahoe, R. Ed- strom, J. Workman, R. Ryan, J. Pane, B. Young, D. Coutant, G. Hiser. Row 4: B. Wheelwright, T. Ross, G. Lane, B, Diehl, D. Noonan, D. Sullivan, P McClurg, G Benjamin. MUUkin Independent Association OFFICERS First Semester President Paul Stoutenborough Executive Secretary Carol Clevenger Secretary Jane Frey Treasurer Dean Crump Indees enjoyed a profitable and success- ful school year. The year got underway with a multitude of welcome activities for the new frosh. Before long, however, plans were well along for Homecoming. Our float theme was " Drumming for Victory. " Many of our alums were back for the Alumni banquet, and we all had a big time getting reac- quainted. Before the winter season was over, we danced at the " Snowflake Ball, " our winter formal. During the second semester, we partici- pated in the Variety Show and University Sing. After the band concert, we held a social hour with the band personnel as our special guests. Then came N.I.S.A. week and our spring formal, at which our Indee Sweetheart was chosen. The year wound up with a picnic and tearful goodbyes to our graduating seniors. Indees prominent in school affairs were Sydney Wilson, president of W.A.A.; Larry Reif, vice-president of Young Republicans; Lee Erickson, vice-president of Young Demo- crats; Carol Clevenger, secretary of Young Democrats. This year was a big success for Indees, and we are deeply indebted to Mrs. Nanette Smith, our adviser, who gave us so much fine help and encouragement. OFFICERS Second Semester President Paul Stoutenborough Vice-President Carol Clevenger Executive Secretary Marian Jenne Secretary Marilyn Day Treasurer Bill Wright 58 Row 1: E. Crump, S. Craycroft, L. Brooks, S. Wilson, Row 2: P. Mades, N. Petty, M. Keener, G. Masannat, J. Hinton, D, Crump, P. Stoutenborough, I. Frey, L. Reif, F. Lukenbill, H. Ellison, C. Wayne, L. C. Clevenger, L. Pitts, J. Markwell, Hicks, Erickson, M. Linder, G. Salaita, D. Gernand, S. Siefferman. E. Munyon, M. Johnson, M. Day. Row 3: M. Jenne, K. Fastenrath, B. Wright, J. Quan, S. Hall, W. Palmer, B. DeLucas, S. Gibson, L. Carmen, T. Palmer, B. Ackerson, D. Ritchie, H. Kolberer, B. Beals. 59 Row 1: O. Wright, B. Parker, M. Huston, L. Catron, D. Ferre. Row 2: J. Pohlman, R. Chamblin, E. Novack, F. Stone, I. Madden, V. Seaman, W. Sears, F. Bawulski, W. Augustine, R. Estes. Row 3: P. Roth, E. Armstrong, E, Seitz, R. Cundiff, J. Brown, Dean Ploenges, J. Jones, R. Badorek, R. Adams, G. Cumberland, R. Dour, R. Potrafka, J. Carnock. Upsnon Epsilon lau VET is an ex-serviceman ' ,s fraternity. We veterans are proud of our forty-five active members and of our unique position as a social-service organization. Our accomplish- ments the past year attest to the fidelity of our group and to the leadership of our offi- cers to promote the spirit of " Millikin First. " We conducted the Asian Foundation book drive that saw Millikin out-contribute many leading state-supported schools throughout the country. Our members answered a " Blood donation " call, and we provided Christmas for a needy family. Every year VET ' S are elected to the national honoraries on campus. Our annual functions are a founder ' s day dinner, Valentine ' s Day Dance, and a graduation picnic. Our President is Jim Jones, and our adviser is E. W. Ploenges, Dean of Veterans. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Ron Snead, treasurer, Alice Logan, secre- tary; Pat Tillett, vice-president, Ed LeFevre, president. Student Council Through the capable leadership of Ed LeFevre the Student Council once again had a very successful year. The council carried on its usual activities M ith added zest mak- ing the all-school events outstanding affairs of the 1956-57 social whirl. Row 1: B. Walker, N. Adams, R. Snead, A. Logan, P. Tillett, E. LeFevre, L. McGee, M. Chapman, E. Munyon. Row 2: C. Knudson, S. Mitchell, B. Roth, J. Cox, A. Atteberry, D. Bailey, R. Herman, B. Olivero, M. Wasem, R. Long, M. Gass. Row 3: Dean Burhorn, J. Grace, P. Terry, A. Finet, L. Anderson, M. Huston, B. Harden, E. Novack, R. Chamblin, B. Hart, T. Ewing, R. Ferre. 61 Row 1: S. Griffm, M. Groppi, K. Miller, L, He|tt;r, J. Sparks, C. Henderson, P. Tillett, B. Roth. Who ' s Who Who ' s Who is an outstanding honor be- stowed upon those students who have evi- denced strength of character, sense of re- sponsibility, scholastic achievements, and other qualities indicating strong citizenship and leadership. Students are nominated to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities by the Student Council and are judged by a smaller committee appointed by the Dean. The list of nominees is then sub- mitted to National Headquarters of Who ' s Who for official approval. STUDENT MEMBERS Row 1: P. Roth, B. Walker, B. Smith, M. Baker, G. Zimmerman, K. Jibben, C. Henderson, D. Paden, D. Smith. Row 2: W. Adcock, E. LeFevre, R. Paddock, T. Ew- ing, R. Krebs. Not present: M. Quigley, B. Smith, D. Petty. Phi Kappa Phi The Millikin chapter of the National Hon- or Society, Phi Kappa Phi, was established in 1949. Its purpose is to promote scholarship on the campus and to give recognition to those students who maintain a high scho- lastic standing. Students are regularly elec- ted to membership twice each year. The chapter annually co-operates with the Uni- versity in bringing to the campus a disting- uished person to speak at assembly. Dr. Maxwell served as president during the past year. OF PHI KAPPA PHI Row 2: W. Adcock, R, Swengel, E. LeFevre, W. Palmer, J. Hoffman. Not present: M. Atkinson, C. Rupert, M. Quigley, R. Snead, B Krebs, M. Huston. Row 1: B. Walker, B. Smith, R. Middleton, C. Hen- derson. Row 2: M. Quigley, L. Hefter, G. Zimmerman, M. Baker, B. Roth, D. Paden, J. Stillman. Pi Mu 7 beta Pi Mu Theta is the senior women ' s honorary fraternity. Its aims are to promote scholarship, service, and character. To become a member, it is neces- sary to have an overall 3.0 average and 68 academic hours. Gertrude Zimmer- man, president; Mary Baker, vice-president; Loretta Hefter, secretary-treasurer, served as officers this year. Miss Doris Nichols was faculty adviser. Phi Chi Alpha is a senior men ' s honorary fraternity. Qualifications for membership include a 3.0 overall average and 68 academic hours. The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship, leadership and character. Officers were Jack Hoffman, president; William Adcock, vice-president; Marvin Huston, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Gage served as adviser. W. Palmer, R. Swengel, J. Hastings, W. Adcock, J. Hoffman, M. Huston, E. LeFevre, C. Rupert. Phi Chi Alpha Row 1: E. McKay, D. Goldstein. Row 2: J. Ganschinietz, R. Bryan, D. Williams, C. Pace, L. Barnes, B. Smith, B. Sullivan, D. Vest. Row 3: D. Seligman, S. Ryerson, W. Martin, J. Eck- hardt, J. Henderson, L. Joynt, R. Jensen, K. Jibben. Row 4: B. Bliler, J. Tobias, L. Mapes, J. Littleton, S. Heileman, S. Siefferman, B. Colburn, B. Ber- gen, Mrs. McNabb. Alpha EpsUon Rho A E Rho, the center of all broadcasting activities in radio and television, is a national fraternity Vi hich emphasizes excellence in planning and produc- tion. Dick Goldstein served as president during the past year. The faculty sponsor is Mrs. McNabb. In the group are a number of apprentices on com- mercial stations. All students with a professed interest in broadcasting may become Monitors of the chapter. Chi Eta Rho Chi Eta Rho is an honorary accounting society made up of accounting students who have maintained a 2.5 average while taking 9 hours of account- ing. The society meets with other accountants from Decatur once a month. Dr. Belt is the sponsor and the president was Harold Huson. J. Perry, J. Muehlebach, J. Pohlman, B. Vespa, V. Seaman, A. Finet, M. Huston, Mr. Paine, R. Schmidt, D. Zank, Mrs. Belt. Row 1: S. Curtis, P. Mills, D. Johnson, S. Morris, S. Griffin. Pi Kappa Delta Row 2: S. McArthur, J. Taylor, J. Eckhardt, Mrs. Gage, L. Erickson. Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, sponsors several debate tour- naments during the year. The members of this group compete in the area of debate, discussion, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. The highlight of the year for several of the members was a speech tournament in South Dakota. Don Johnson served as president and Mrs. Gage is faculty adviser. Sigma leta Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization for students in the science de- partments — mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The members worked to increase their knowledge of the sciences. Probably their most suc- cessful project was the science show given in Scovill Hall this spring. President of the group was Bob Swengel and faculty adviser is Dr. Weatherbee. Row 1: E, Baseheart, B. Beats, J. Walmsley, M. Kee- ner, E. Munyon, P. Patterson, D. Cielak, R. Olivero. Row 2: M. Carmody, K. Brown, J. Brown, R. Swengel, W. Adcock, T. Colbert, D. Troutman. 11 Sigma Alpha lota Nu Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota is the women ' s professional music fraternity at Millikin. Its purpose as an organization is to encourage good musical activities on the campus, in the community, and throughout the world. Its membership is composed of music majors or minors who show excellence in scholarship, musicianship, and character. SAI carried on its usual activities of monthly chapter musicals, co-sponsorship of the University Sing, and projects to raise money for the SAI Foundation. In addition to these, SAI as a chapter placed special emphasis on performances. They presented an assembly program with Phi Mu Alpha, appeared at several community activities, and began a bi-weekly radio program. Row 1: p. Brown, R. Rains, B. Schien, S. York. Row 2: J. Cox, R. Galloway, B. Walker, B. Roth, K. Jibben, C. Marshall, D. Steinberg. Row 3: M. Jenne, L. Williams, R. Hanson, B. Roth, P. Evans, J. Stillman, J. Raffington. OFFICERS ' President Jay Middleton Secretary Richard Corby Treasurer Jim Grace Phi A Ill Alpha During the past year Phi Mu Alpha has done a great deal toward becoming more active at Millikm. The active membership has doubled in size; and last fall the mem- bers moved into the new Phi Mu lounge in the conservatory. In the fall, an Ail-American contemporary concert was presented; and in March, Eugene Miller, an alumnus, was presented in a piano concert. Row 1: D. Thomas, G. Goken, D. Shuey, R. Corby, J. Middleton, B. Jones, J. Grace. Phi Mu ' s were busy in campus affairs. Larry Dickerson wrote the words and music for the 1956-57 Homecoming Show. Jack Abraham and Jay Middleton played lead parts in the opera " Hansel and Gretel. " Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota once again sponsored the University Sing which was an outstanding event of the year. Row 2: N. Heider, G. Lebrecht, G. Baker, D. Bates, L. Parsons, J. Engleman, B. Gebhart, J. Abraham, G. Warnick. 67 Instrumental Groups MAJORETTES The Millikin majorette squad this year was featured in performances at all the home football games, some basketball games, and parades. The twirling trio, com- posed of Marilyn Wilson as drum majorette, Linda Rogers, and Nina Ruth Harper, per- formed flashy routines for the crowd ' s enter- tainment. Linda Rogers, Marilyn Wilson, Nina Ruth Harper 0 ' jll i MILLIKIN CIVIC ORCHESTRA The Millikin Civic Orchestra consists of sixty students and townspeople who audition for membership in the fall. The orchestra, which presents two concerts a year and plays for the annual performance of the Messiah, gave an outstanding performance at the Opera, " Hansel and Gretel, " presented early this year. In the spring, for the first time, it played an Oratorio. This fine group is directed by Mr. Paul Skinner. MILLIKIN BAND The Millikin Band is one of the most active organizations in the school. It provides pleasure for both listeners and participants at basketball games, foot- ball games, in parades, and at its annual spring concert. Although the band did not make its annual tour this year, it will continue the practice in the future. Its director is Mr. Paul Skinner. Chorus rehearses Unwersitij Chorus - A Cappella C o University Chorus and A Cappella Choir are the most active musical groups o n campus. Choir consists of approximately forty students and chorus of fifty- five members under the direction of Wesley Snyder. Together they present the Messiah at Christmas time each year. The choir also presents the annual spring and fall concert as well as taking part in chapel and church services. Row 1: Mr. Snyder, R. Luehr, R. Hanson, E. Conley, I. Littleton, P. Rains, }. Raffington, D. Hester, P. Brown, G. Muirheid, J. Stillman, N. Ford, H. Dicken, B. Patterson. Row 2: D. Vlasich, B. E. Roth, P. Evans, C. Marshall, I. Cox, B. Austin, E. Johner, S. York, S. Griffin, D. Hertenstein, K. Philbrook, A. Drennan, J. Lathrop, B. Walker. Row 3: G. Baker, M. Layendecker, F. Post, I. Mauer- man, J. Grace, R. Gilmour, I. Engleman, R, Corby. Row 4: J. Hughey, T. Fitzgerald, B. Gebhart, D. Shuey, N. Tingley, W. Brei, G. Lebrecht, R. Edstrom, R. Jones, H. Ellison, L. Parsons. Row 1: K. Landes, L. Dixon, J. Miller, N. Parkinson, Row 2: N. Hopper, G. Satterfield, E. Tripp, J. Ryan, B. Witzeman, P. Jensen. S. Bauer, S. Durgan, D. Rapp, Miss Sparks, P. Wilson, R. Long. Row 3: W. Finley, S. Ferguson, D. Kelley, R. Reeser, A. Mueller, K. Philbrook, M. Wasem, M. Arm- strong. Tau Chi Pi Tau Chi Pi is an organization open to anyone enrolled in a course in Secre- tarial Science. President Marilou Wasem, and faculty adviser. Miss Sparks, together with its members, combined their efforts to prepare themselves for future work in the business world. Future Teachers of America F.T.A. has the responsibility of helping to prepare its members to become qualified teachers. One of its projects was a Christmas party for the boys and girls at the Welfare Home. Marie Volentine served as president and Dr. Unger as faculty adviser. Row 1: M. Gass, J. Gallatin, E. LaMarr, K. Philbrook, S. Darnell, D. Gernand, N. Sturies, D. Bashore, J. Elliott, S. Goerisch, M. Atteberry, S. Wilson. Row 2: Dr. Unger, H. Patrick, B. Garren, R. William- son, M. Atkinson, T. Booker, N. Harper, M. Volentine, J. Foval, M. Chapman, D. Hertenstein, L. McGee, G. Zimmerman, L. Pitts, M. Johnson, Wm. Kennedy of the Illinois Education Associa- tion. Row 3: S. Kuhle, S. Schroeder, J. Harris, L. Brown, B. Barth, C. Henderson, M. Mathers, N. Casteel, C. Campbell, C. Bardelmeier, J. Tucker. Language Clubs The purpose of the language clubs is to further learning about the lan- guage, culture, and customs of their respective language countries. The high- light of this year ' s French Club activities under the leadership of Charles Rupert, president, was a unigue Christmas party M hich included reading from a French Bible. lerry Wicks, president of the German Club, inspired an interest in speak- ing German during informal " German Table " discussions at the Sub. The activities of the Spanish Club, directed by the president, Peggy Jensen, furthered the integration of Spanish culture with American culture. Row 1: P. McKelvey, M. Colbert, J. Dieterich. Row 2: J. Crinigan, P. Breeze, M. Volentine, B. Smith. Row 3:.M. Brookbank, N. Shank, M. GraUke, L. Erickson. Row 4: M. L. Chapman, J. Markwell, R, Schaefer, Dr. Maxwell. Conant The Conant, presided over by Ron Schoefer, president, and Dr. Maxwell, faculty adviser, is a club for students interested in English. Its most success|ul project is the writing contest it sponsors each year. It is also responsible for the selling of coffee between acts of Town and Gown plays. Under the leadership of its president, William Sears, the Millikin Industrial Society has accomplished several projects this year. Among them is the re- search work done in their testing laboratory on waste soybean husk and iron- wood. The results proved the products valuable in industry. Mr. Glasscock and Mr. Coleman served as faculty advisers. MUUkin Industrial Society Row 1: J. Brown, C. Craft, B. Sears, D. Meldahl, C. Linder, P. Heyduck. Row 2: Mr. Glasscock, L. Dechant, L. Tomlinson, R. Cundiff, C. Gaw, L. Armstrong, W. Perkins, W. Coleman. Row 3: T. Foval, L. Routledge, L. Liston, R. Helms, E. Seitz, D. Bailey, S. Hall, L. Anderson. ., , 1. . Row 1: S. Wilson, Mr. Hillger, C. Clevenger. Row 2: C. Wayne, U Allan, L. Erickson, C. Peters, N. Augustine, M. Keener, G. Young. Young Democrats Club The Young Democrats ' aims are to further politics on Millikin Campus and to help students understand how to vote intelligently. The group, affiliated with the official Democratic party, worked with that party in the election. Young Democrats were also affiliated with the state-wide Colleges and Universities for Stevenson and Kefauver. Gene Young served as president, and Mr. Hillger was the faculty adviser. Young RepubUcam Club Young Republicans is an organization for those students interested in learning more about the G.O.P. and political affairs. Under the leadership of Don Johnson, who was elected vice-president of Illinois Young Republicans College Federation at their second annual convention, the club took part in political activities. Young Republicans in cooperation with Young Democrats assisted in the producing of " What ' s the Issue? " , a television program which aired the pros and cons on issues of the 1956 political campaign, and held a mock election early in the fall. Dr. Armstrong served as faculty adviser. Row 1: P. Cowgill, L. Carmen, D. Gernand, G. Ben- jamin, R. Tempel, D. Cooprider. Row 2: P. Myers, A. Wright, S. Kuhle, M. Mathers, J. Stewart. Row 3: D. Seligman, L. Reif, D. Johnson, S. Sief ' er- man, D. Ritchie, I. Fancher. 74 Row 1: L. Hefter, C. Knudson, S. Freischlag, S. Fer- Row 2: S. Davidson, M. Hill, C. Clevenger, N. Smith, guson. Row 3: R. Hanson, G. Mays, J. Kaericher. Tower Club Tower Club, whose purpose is to acquaint interested persons on campus with various aspects of art, is open to anyone interested in fine arts. The club sponsors an annual spring painting exhibition and a dinner. Mary Martha Hill served as president, and Mr. Driesbach was the faculty adviser. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is composed of girls taking home economics courses. Its activities were the Christmas party for orphans, an apron and Christmas card sale, a style show for mothers, the annual Senior banquet, and various teas. The president was Linda McGee. Faculty adviser was Mrs. Pharis. Row 1: L Giller, J. Sparks, B. Mayne, J. Elliott, J. Row 2: A. Davis, B. Boyle, S. Lee, J. Weyers, D. Tucker, C. Stevens, J. Craig, S. Gibson, R. Rock- Paden, L. McGee, C. Michaelson, J. Kafka, M. wood, J. Johnson. Johnson, L. Pitts, B. Kern. Row 3: R. Wieland, M. Eads, B. Whitsett, P. Tillett, N, Smith, D. Rapp, S. McArthur, N. Tork, M. Futrell, C. Jones, P. Burnet, C. Sablotny, D. Clarke, B. Zimmer, Mrs. Pharis. Morning Devotions R. E. Week Religious Life Committee A new organization on campus this year, this committee was formed to co-ordinate and administer the religious life program of Millikin; it directs R.E.W., Freshman Camp, fellowship groups and various service projects. Four students, elected by the Student Council, and four faculty members compose this committee. Row 1: B. Roth, Dean Burhorn, M. Brookbank, Mrs. Row 2: Dr. Armstrong, T. Ewing, R. Snead, Mr. McNabb Rooker. 76 1 Resident Women ' s Association Council Row 1: J. Mark-well, B. Roth, R. Galloway, L. McGee, Row 2: B. Patterson, C. Brooks, D. Hertenstein, B. J. Johnson. Austin, C. Jett, L. Giller. Row 3: M. McConaughy, M. Jenne, J. Frey, D. Vla- sich, S. Heileman, E. Munyon, P. Schaffenacker. R.W.A.C., composed of representatives from each of the women ' s halls and women ' s fraternities, is the governing body for the four women ' s residence halls. This group seeks to promote the welfare of women stu- dents. It sponsors orientation activities, " big and little sis " in the halls, a foreign students ' party, and a dance for all women residents. The president was Linda McGee. HOUSEMOTHERS Row 1: Mrs. Walker, Mrs. White. Row 2: Mrs. Shriner, Miss Elder, Miss Gourley. 77 Row 1: P. TiUett, K. Miller, J. Sparks, M. Quigley. Row 2: D. Smith, Mr. Dnesbach, LeFevre, Mr. Gill, Mrs. McNabb, Mr. Kerns, Dean Falvey, Dean Ploenges, T. Ewing, Dean Burhorn, E. Olivero. Student-Faculty Council The Student-Faculty Council is composed equally of students and faculty, with the chairmanship alternating between the Dean and the Student Council President. The Council discusses matters of interest to the entire campus com- munity and then makes recommendations -to the proper authorities. Publications Board The Publications Board, which is responsible to the Student Council, meets once a month to discuss the problems of and ways to improve the publications: Decaturian, Millidek, Student Handbook, and the Student Directory. The chair- man of the board is Dean Falvey. Row 1: C. Henderson, M. L. Chapman, M. Abner, B. Smith. Row 2: Mr. Gill, P. McKelvey, Mr. Kreuger, Dean Falvey, Mr. Gray, R. Snead. 78 HANDBOOK EDITOR Mitzi Abner Student Handbook HANDBOOK STAFF Row 1: B. Nelson, M. Wasem, S. Kuhle, M. A»;ner, B. Colburn, M. J. Mathers, I. Haynes, D. Allan. Row 2: J. Riddle, T. Richardson, D. McEvoy, J. Suter, L. Coe, B. Carmody. DIRECTORY STAFF Row 1: P. Rains, S . Heileman. Row 2: Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Malcom, Row 3: Mr. Gray, Mrs. Allan. Dhectorif The Student Handbook and Student Di- rectory are helpful publications for students at Millikin. We feel that Paul McKelvey de- serves special thanks for taking over the Directory in an emergency. MANAGER OF STUDENT DIRECTORY Paul McKelvey 79 " THeet ' foun, ' Dec Sta Under the excellent direction of Editor Barbara Smith and the valuable assistance of Business Manager Fred Howell, Assistant-editor Mary Brookbank, Sports Editor Paul McKelvey and Society Editor Mary Tempel, the Decaturian was published faithfully each week. We were lucky to have such hard workers this year, for the Dec was better than ever. EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Barbara Smith Fred Howell ASSISTANT EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR SOCIETY EDITOR Mary Brookbank Paul McKelvey Mary Tempel CO-EDITORS irolyn Henderson and Mary Lou Chapman tou W57 MiUiddi Staii " This Is Your Life " in your 1957 Millidek. We encourage you to read about your life as well as to view it through the pictures. The copy in the first section was written by Lou Catron, and we extend our special thanks to him for a fine job. We wish also to thank our staff, our photographers, Hayes, Don, Dick, and Dave, and our faculty adviser, Mr. Kreuger for helping to make this book pos- sible. We hope that you enjoy your 1957 Millidek and that it will always be a source of pleasure to you. BUSINESS MANAGERS Larry Partington and Al Schroeder ART EDITORS Loretta Hefter and Nancy Titchenal 82 Row 1: J. Ganschinietz, M. Mendius, J. Miller, P. Jensen. Row 2: A. Mueller, W. Finley, P. Burnet, M. Wasem, L. Catron. Row 3: N. Harper, J. Craig, B. Krehemker, N. Tork, M. Beyer. Row 4: B. Roth, L. Coe, A. Finet, W. Grant. CLASS EDITORS PHOTOGRAPHERS Tom Ewing Don Fleming Edith Conley Dick Gill Dave Petersen Not present: Hayes Hendricks ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS Darla Lebo and Linda Giller SPORTS EDITORS Ed McKay and Paul Heyduck 1 IN SPORTS Not always were we victorious, but of one thing we were certain — Millikin ' s athletes gave their all in a clean fighting spirit. Pre-game tensions in the locker rooms were transformed to a fierce determination. If you were there you noticed an MU tradition — FIGHT] 85 Coach Don Shroyer and Coach Ralph Allan These are the strategists, the two men who guided the Millikm teams to another memorable year in athletics. Coach Ralph Allan has completed a de- cade as a Millikin mentor and in that time has made quite a name for himself. Last year Coach Allan was elected president of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic Coaches. Don Shroyer has completed his first year as the Blue ' s head football coach. As a rookie coach, he almost won the conference championship. In their collegiate playing days, both men distinguished themselves as all-time Mil- likin greats. With this combination at the helm, Millikin looks to a bright future. ASSISTANT COACHES Herman Niehaus and Robert Gl The Millidek staff has chosen Don Petty " M " man of 1957. The " M " man is selected each year on the basis of athletic ability, sportsmanship, scholarship, and extra-cur- ricular activities. Don meets all of these requirements. He has lettered in basket- ball and baseball for four years and has always displayed the finest sportsmanship on the court and on the field. He has main- tained a good grade average, and the long list after his name on the senior activity page proves that he has been busy in campus affairs. Just to mention a few of Don ' s ac- tivities, he served as president of the senior class, was captain of the basketball team for two years, and was elected to Who ' s Who. Row 1: H. Mitchell, R. Glass, D. Petty, R. Lotchin, L. Slater, L. Kane, D. Holler, L Haab D. Rayhill. Row 2: Ralph Allan, M. Sprinkle, D. Strobel, L. Allison, D. Reid, I. Jolley, R. Wisher, J. Koger, L, Armstrong, D. Zank. 87 Oft (dfUdOia SCORES MiUikin 18 Missouri Valley 42 Millikm 14 Carroll 6 Millikin 32 Elmhurst 6 Millikin 30 Augustana 26 Millikm 28 Lake Forest 20 Millikm 26 Wesleyan 12 Millikin 42 North Central 14 Millikm 0 Wheaton 27 Co-captain Lyle Slater, Coach Don Shroyer, Co-captain Pete Innis. Co-captains Lyle Slater, tackle, and Pete Innis, end, both finished brilliant collegiate football careers this year. " Heap " and Pete both lettered all four years, both made Ail-American during their playing days, and both have been named to all-CCI teams. These two will long be remembered for their grid- iron feats at Millikin. It was a hot Saturday afternoon last fall when the Big Blue of Millikin opened its 1956 football season against a big, experienced Missouri Valley squad. Although the under-manned Blue lost that opening day, the team went on to its best football season since World War II, winnmg six games in a row. Row 1: G. Wolanin, P. Innis, L. Slater, F. Biddle, Row 2: P. Journey, B. Innis, J. Lambert, T. Chamblin, J. JoUey, M. Chapman, J. Connolly, R. Hazelrigg, L, Kane, L. Sexton, L. Mitchell, N. Evangelista, D. Rayhill, H. Fuson. T. Pawlowski. Row 3: C. Davelis, J. Kettlekamp, T. Barnes, L. Hacb, C. Ahlenius, F. Williams, J. Rayhill, D. Reid, T. Taylor. Hal Fuson All Conference John Connolly Leland Sexton Pete Innis All Conference All American The entire season boiled down to the meeting of the two great powers of the conference, Millikin and Wheaton. Both teams had been undefeated in CCI play, with 6-0 records. They met head on in a battle that would decide the conference champs. The Blue battled all the way on that final Saturday, but couldn ' t hold Wheaton down; the Crusaders won the game and the champion- ship. The Blue did get second-place, howevei; so next year they will have a bone to pick with Wheaton. Blue Stand ' Outs Some of the Blue stand-outs really distinguished themselves this past season. Lyle Slater, completing his fourth year of football for Millikin, was named to the small college AU-American first team and to the AU-CCl first string. For a second year in a row, he won the Lou Epperson Memorial Award for lineman of the year. Lyle Slater Jim Jolley Joe Lambert Larry Kane All Conference All Conference All Conference All American Joe Lambert set a new conference rushing record with 808 yards in 109 carries. He was also third in conference individual scoring with fifty-four points. 91 Four other Millikin players were named to All Conference teams. Joe Lam- bert made the first team half-back spot. Larry Kane, quarter-back; Hal Fuson, end; Frank Biddle, guard, were named to the All Conference second team. Bill Innis Larry Haab Merle Chapman Dave Rayhill Gene Wolanin Next Fall ' s Outlook The Blue will be out to win the CCI championship next year, after so nar- rowly missing top honors last fall. Don Shroyer will have thirteen returning letter winners to work with, eleven of which played regularly last fall. Four of these thirteen were All Conference selections. With this experienced nucleus, Millikin will make it tough for CCI opponents next year. Ghe Me an " M " Ann Geddes, Marilyn Wilson, Barbara Bergen, Selma Mitchell, Jackie Crinigan, Phyllis Morris. A good cheering section to back its teams is important to every college campus. And a group of lively girls to lead the fans in their yells is even more essential. That is what we had this year — a group of lively and enthusiastic cheerleaders which stayed behind our teams to the last. Backing the Big Blue for her second year was captain Barbara Bergen and for their first year were Smokey Morris, Marilyn Wilson, Selma Mitchell, Jackie Crinigan, Ann Geddes, and Angie Davis. Row 1: Smokey Morris, Pat Jones, Jackie Crinigan, Ann Geddes. Row 2: Angie Davis, Sam Mitchell, Barbara Bergen, Marilyn Wilson. Captain Barbara Bergen 94 SCORES Millikin 96 MiUikin 53 Millikin 88 Millikin 86 Millikin 76 Millikin 92 Millikin 87 Millikin 85 Millikin 86 Millikin 84 Millikin 41 Millikin 107 Millikin no Millikin 86 Millikin 84 Millikin 70 Millikin 85 Millikin 80 Millikin 77 Millikin 95 Millikin 87 Millikin 68 Millikin 85 Millikin 89 Millikin 59 Millikin 92 Lake Forest 73 Wheaton 72 Augustana 67 Carroll 77 Alumni 75 McKendree 71 Quincy 68 Southern 90 DePauw 76 Beloit 71 Quincy 40 North Central 74 Elmhurst 74 Wesleyan 71 Eastern 83 Southern 74 Lewis 79 McKendree 75 North Central 72 Wheaton 108 Wesleyan 80 Augustana 81 Eastern 95 Carroll 90 Elmhurst 61 Lake Forest 67 District 20 Tournament Millikin 83 Millikin 64 Carthage 67 Eastern 70 Coach Ralph Allan and Captain Don Petty 96 In his tenth year as head basketball coach, Ralph Allan guided the Big Blue to a 19-9 record. The Blue averaged 85 points a game in spite of setbacks caused by ineligibility and several injuries. Probably the biggest blow was the loss of Roger Lotchin, whose eligibility ran out at the end of the first semes- ter. Dean Strobel, next year ' s captain, was out for a month with appendicitis, and Terry Smith played almost the entire season with his hand in a splint. In spite of such handicaps, Millikin finished second in the conference and was invited to play in the District 20 Tournament at Macomb, Illinois. Row 1: C. Heiden, L. Myers, W. Minnis, M. Sprinkle, Row 2: D. Ast, C. Davelis, H. Mitchell, D. Strobel, D. Petty, D. Raid, J. Koger, L. Betzer, E. Logue, T. Little, R. Lotchin, T. Smith, J. Dalton, T Taylor, ' R. Flamm. T. Weyher, G. Elms. Don Petty Terry Smith Mickey Sprinkle Three seniors on this year ' s Big Blue squad won places on the CCI All Star team. Roger Lotchin, Don Petty, and Terry Smith were elected by the CCI players and coaches because of their great play during the 1956-57 basketball season. It was the first appearance on the all conference squad for " Red " and Terry and the third straight year for " Lotch. " Play The starting five got a big boost from the bench all season long. Red Dalton, back from the service, and Harm Mitchell sav plenty of action when the Blue needed some rebounding strength, foe Koger came off the bench many times when the Blue needed a little settling down. Often Joe teamed with Petty to form an unbeatable play-making combination. George Kenny came into the picture at mid-year displaying some beautiful rebounding. Glen Elms and Dune Reid rounded out a bench that saved a lot of ball games. Farewell ' ' Lofcfi ' ' The bottom right hand picture shows Millikin ' s Roger Lotchin in action. In his seven semesters as Millikin ' s star center, Rog has showed the way with his brilliant shooting, fierce rebounding, and fine teamwork. During his freshman year, he set a new conference record for freshmen by scoring 405 points; and by the end of his last semester of play, he had moved into second place in total scoring with 1577 points. Millikin is certainly proud of " Lotch " and will always remember him as an all-time great. BASEBALL SCHEDULE A.pril 6 North Central (here) 13 Augustana (here) 22 Quincy (there) 27 - Lake Forest (here) May 4 Elmhurst (there) 8 Wesleyan (there) 11 Carroll (there) 15 Wesleyan (here) 18 Wheaton (there) Co-captain Don Garnett, Coach Don Shroyer, Co-captain Ron Wisher This season, the Blue played eight double- headers and two single games for an eighteen-game schedule. Although pre- season workouts were hampered by bad weather, the experience of the veteran squad which took the field this year brought the Blue through the first few games. Kneeling: R. Hazelrigg, D. Holler, D. Garnett, D. Pet- ty, R. Allison, T. Carlson, J. Taylor. This year ' s co-captains were Ron Wisher and Don Garnett. Wisher moved from third base, his regular position last year, to the catching department, in order to fill the va- cancy left by Frank VanDoren. Garnett, back from service, moved into his old position at third, where he lettered his first two years at Standing: J. Koger, T. Wehyer, D. Strobel, T. Paw- lowski, P. Bortolazzi, M. Perelli, C. Davelis, W. Knutson, P. Hunt, L. Haab, R. Wisher, R. Muir- head, I. Schaub, D. Zank, F. Montagnino, G. Meeker, J. Dooley. Millikin. Dick Allison started his second season at shortstop, and Don Petty, playing his fourth season as a Blue regular, was at the keystone sack. In the outfield, Don Holler and DeWayne Zank, both .300 hitters last year, returned to right and left fields, re- spectively. In the center field slot again this year was Rick Hazelrigg. Despite the number of experienced play- ers, Don Shroyer was faced with the prob- This is the way to run laps??? lem of building a pitching department, since Millikin ' s two ace pitchers were both lost to graduation last year. Larry Haab, Decatur sophomore, was the only hurler on the staff with CCI experience. Shroyer had good prospects, however, in Joe Koger, Dean Strobel, and Frank Montagnino, a transfer from the University of Illinois. This pitching staff proved itself in helping Millikin ' s base- ball team have once again a successful CCI season. With snow still coming down in the mid- dle of April, Millikin ' s spring sports schedule got off to a slow start. The first track meet, as well as other spring sports games, was cancelled because of bad weather. With such weather conditions, the track squad had to limit its activities to the running track inside the gym. When the weather finally permitted it, Millikin men hit the cinders. 105 With only four returning lettermen, Coach Ralph Allan was faced with a tremendous rebuilding program to enable the Blue to regain its place in CCI track competition. Much of this season ' s success depended on these squad veterans. Joe Lambert, who starred as a Millikin half-back last fall, re- turned to the Millikin sports scene as cap- tain of the track squad. Joe was an excellent pole-vaulter and javelin man. He also backed Jan Anderson in the shot-put depart- ment. Jim Jolley, another first stringer on the football team, was out to break the discus record this season. In pre-season workouts, Jim consistently hit the 125 mark. Bob Glass completed the short list of lettermen and came through with several points in the hurdle events. These veterans and the new Big Blue trackmen exhibited a fighting spirit and de- termination throughout the season. Kneeling: H. Mitchell. Standing: R. Helms, L. Armstrong, J. Chilton, D. Cuttill, W. Martin. 0 i d. The Blue ' s golf team held its home matches at the Scovill Country Club, an 18 hole course, located west of Decatur, Millikin ' s team was backed by the services of Captain Larry Armstrong and returning letterman Harmon Mitchell. Rich Helm, Dean Cuttill, Jack Chilton, Wayne Martin, and Jim Engleman completed the team. Captain: Larry Armstrong 108 0 This year ' s Tennis team was sparked by the return of co-captain John Heiss and two other lettermen, co-captain Lou Coe and Bob Hantel. Rounding out the squad were Al Schroeder, Tony Chamblin, and Don Fleming. Exper- ience and new talent made the Big Blue a real threat in the CCI race. Home matches for the Millikin netmen were played at the Lincoln Park Courts. Co-captains: John. Heiss and Lou Coe B. Hantel, A. Schroeder, L. Coe, J. Heiss, T. Chamblin. Men ' s Intramurals The men ' s intramural leagues enjoyed another successful year. Competi- tion was keen among the organizations, resulting in many well played gomes. Intramurals consists of competition in football, basketball, volleyball, soft- ball, table tennis, and track. As each sport comes into season, games in both the active and pledge leagues are scheduled and played. At the end of the year, a trophy goes to the pledge team and to the active team with the highest total points. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Fau ' . Heyduck, Bill Wright, Wally Knutson, Bill Krehemker. 110 Women ' s Athletic Assodation The purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association is to interest girls in sports. It gives all university women a chance to participate in sports by spon- soring the intramural program. Included in the WAA program were speedball, bowling, and deck tennis the first semester and basketball, volleyball, and badminton the second. At the end of the season, a rotating trophy is awarded to the organization whose team has made the most points. At the same time, individual honors are given to the girls who are active in the association. WAA again sponsored the Annual Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament. Other activities included a fall picnic, a Sports Day, and the selection of the WAA girls. Miss Dorothy McClure served as faculty adviser. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL W.A.A. OFFICERS President Sydney Wilson Vice-President Ann Baker Secretary Kem Miller Treasurer Marilou Wasem TENNIS TEAM Intramural Manager Joel McClelland Row l- E. Miller, L. Giller, D. Bashore. Row 2: L. Erickson, K. Miller. Row 3: M. Snearly, P. Wilson. ' UC m ...IN CLASSES Classes in education, classes in biology, classes in acting, or classes in marriage ... at Millikin you found all these and more (yes, even a class in swimming). Through mutual respect both in and out of classes, friendships between faculty and students provided you with a mental awakening. 115 Dean C. L. Miller has served Millikm for many years and in many ways. He took the lead of Acting President upon his capable shoulders upon the retirement of Dr. Malone and fulfilled the many duties in a competent and efficient manner. A strong supporter of dual emphasis in education. Dean Miller be- lieves that technical skills need to be bal- anced by liberal arts. At MiUikin he has Vi orked actively for his beliefs, feeling that our future civilization will need both types of education in all fields. 116 DEAN FRANCES E. FALVEY falvey, a real friend Dean Falvey is one of the most beloved members of the Millikin family. She always has a friendly hello and cheerful smile for everyone she meets. Dean of Women, Director of Student Affairs, teacher, and counselor are her many duties, and she handles them with ease and efficiency. Thank you, Dean Falvey, for your faithful service to Millikin. WALTER B. GRAY Director of Admissions and Public Relations JOHN F. BUEIHORN, JR. Dean of Chapel Without the deans and administrators our attendance at Millikin would not be possible. Their work is necessary to keep the university running smoothly. Directing the school of music, counselling the veterans, recruiting new students, planning chapel services, preparing class schedules, regulating finances, and procuring jobs for students are just a few of their many tasks. Thanks to each one of them for doing such a fine job and for making our college careers pos- sible. BYRON L. KERNS Registrar R. WAYNE GILL Business Manager GLEN R. SMITH Dean of Business and Industry Classrooms in Action That beautiful new home ec lab It is always important to keep the real purpose of college in sight — the goal of in- creasing your knowledge and of preparing yourselves for mature adult living. This pur- pose is fulfilled, for the most part, in the classrooms with the help of faculty and fel- low students. On the following pages are those who have played an important part in your college life, your teachers and class- mates. Mud squeezing 101 119 BUSINESS AND SECRETARIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT ROW 1: Margaret Sparks, Pembroke Brown, Virginia Belt. ROW 2: Richard Paine, J. W. Gaston, E. W. Ploen- ges. Glen Smith. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Martha O ' Nan, Beverly Moss, Flora Ross, Margaret Gourley PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Walter Stacy- Paul Unger, Byron Kerns HISTORY DEPARTMENT Daniel Gage, Albert Mills, Willis Walker, C. L. Miller 120 PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Maurice Armstrong, Max Bolen, Carl Weatherbee BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Clyde Dennis, Shirley Schiltz. Everett Morris 121 RELIGION AND SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT John Burhorn, Raymond Brewer, Robert Rooker Not present: Noel Francisco SPEECH DEPARTMENT Edith McNabb, Jere Mickel, Elinor Gage ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Ralph Allan, Dorothy McClure, Don Shroyer ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ROW 1: Ruth Maxwell, Ethel Parkinson, Doris Nich- ols. ROW 2: Elinor Gage, William Kreuger, Martin Hill- ger, Neal Doubleday. Not present: Frances Doubleday. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT SEATED: Frances Falvey, E. W. Ploenges, Wayne Coleman. STANDING: Earl Kiefer, Bryce Brown, John Roche. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Naneite Smith, Ruth Adams, Bertha Pharis ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRY DEPARTMENT Carl Head, David Glasscock, Frances Wilson, Wayne Coleman EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Paul Unger, Victor Dawald, W. M. Stacy Not present: Robert Watkins SECRETARIES Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Teike, Miss Roche BUSINESS OFFICE ROW 1: Joe Koger, Don Petty. ROW 2: Miss Munch, Miss Boland, Miss Dienelt, Miss Howenstine, Mrs. Kendall. ADMISSIONS AND PUBLICITY OFFICE ROW 3: Mr. Gray. Mrs. Allan. ROW 2: Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Malcom. ROW 1: Pat Rains, Skip Heileman. Not present: Mr. Frye, Mr. Harding. LIBRARY Mrs. Vandervoort, Dr. Moss, Mrs. Petersen 124 MUSIC OFHCE Mrs. Ozee, Miss Six ALUMNI OFFICE Miss Woltmann, Mr. Myers, Mrs. DeGroot, Mrs. Broughton 125 MITZI ABNER GOLDSTEIN Lducafion rioi ' -,, lllinoi:; ROBERT ADAMS iJusiness Administration Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM ADCOCK Chemistry Assumption, Illinois DAVID ALLEN Education Decatur, Illinois LARRY ANDERSON Industry Decatur, Illinois EUGENE ARMSTRONG Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois MARY ATKINSON Education-History and Political Science Bethany, Illinois JOHN BABCOCK Business Administration East Peoria, Illinois ANN BAKER Physical Education Decatur, Illinois MARY BAKER History and Political Science St. Louis, Missouri EDWARD BASEHEART Biology Milwaukee, Wisconsin FRED BAWULSKI Business Administration Springfield, Illinois DUANE BEALS Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois LARRY BECHTEL Business Decatur, Illinois CAROL BEEM SMITH Education ShelbyviUe, Illinois RICHARD BERRY Biology Clinton, Illinois No wonder they ' re on the honor roll SENIORS 1957 Where ' s Walt? JAMES BETTINGHAUS Engineering Administration Springfield, Illinois JAN BRANTHAVER Chemistry Springfield, Illinois WAYNE BREI Merchandising Chicago, Illinois SHAROLYN BROOKS Music Education HiUsboro, Illinois JAMES D. BROWN Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois JAMES R. BROWN Industry Mt. Pulaski, Illinois KENT BROWN Industry Pontiac, Illinois THOMAS CAMPBELL Chemistry Decatur, Illinois ROBERT CARMODY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois RICHARD CHAMBLIN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JAMES CODEMO Industry HiUsboro, Illinois LEONARD CORZINE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JAMES COUTURE Business Administration Decatur Illinois CARL CRAFT Industry Macon, Illinois ELLEN GUNN CRUMP Physical Education Boody, Illinois GRACE CULBERTSON Education Decatur, Illinois 1 1 1 ■ 1 ! iillfiHIIMIll Semors 128 GERALD DALTON Business Administration Oi ana, Illinois LAPRY DJCKERSON Music Education Decatur, Illinois JOHN DIETERICH Business Administration Decalut, Illinois JUDITH BEAMAN DIETERICH English Decatur, Illinois JOHN DOOLEY Physical Education Monmouth, Illinois JANICE ELLIOTT Mathematics Chicago, Illinois RAYMOND ESTES Business Gary, Indiana WILLIAM EUNSON Business Administration Chicago, Illinois TOM EWING Business Atlanta, Illinois MARGARET FERGUSON Education Decatur, Illinois RICHARD FERRE Accounting Decatur, Illinois ROSA LEE GALLOWAY Music Education Pawnee, Illinois ROBERT GLASS Physical Education Macon, Illinois RICHARD GOLDSTEIN Speech Waukegan, Illinois WALTER GRANT Historv and Poli;ical Science Decatur, Illinois MARTHA GROPPI Education Forest Park, Illinois STANLEY HALL Industry Decatur, Illinois ROBERT HANTEL Physical Education Lincoln, Illinois JOE HARRISON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JERRY HASTINGS Mathematics Macon, Illinois ANNA JO HAYNES Education Mt. Auburn, Illinois PATRICIA HAYS Education Mascot, Tennessee LORETTA HEFTER Art and Speech Wilmette, Illinois CAROLYN HENDERSON Education Decatur, Illinois ALBERT HO Chemistry Formosa CECILIA HO Music Formosa JACK HOFFMAN Accounting Ramsey, Illinois MERLYN HOFFMAN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois FREDRICK HOWELL Business Decatur, Illinois MARVIN HUSTON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROGER JAMES Physical Education Maroa, Illinois PEGGY JENSEN Secretarial Science Centerville, Iowa All dressed up and no place to go 130 SemoYS FREDERIC JOHNSTON Business Administration ROBERT JONES Music Education Decatur, Illinois MASARU KAMEYA Biology Decatur, Illinois MARILYN KEENER Nursing Education Freeport, Pennsylvania ROBERT KREBS English Mt. Vernon, Illinois SUZANNE KUHLE English Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM LANGDON History and Political Science Chicago, Illinois JOANNE LATHROP Music Education Olney, Illinois PAUL LAYZELL History and Political Science Taylorville, Illinois GLEN LEBRECHT Music Education St. Louis, Missouri EDWARD LeFEVRE Business Dumont, New Jersey CHARLES LINDER Industry Decatur, Illinois RUDOLPH LIVINGSTON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ALICE LOGAN Education Eldred, Illinois ROGER LOTCHIN Physical Education Shelbyville, Illinois FRED LUCKENBILL Business Decatur, Illinois There ' s an opening in the infantry 957 131 DONALD McBAIN Business Homewood, Illinois THOMAS McCRACKEN Philosophy-Religion Terre Haute, Indiana JOHN McGHEE Chemistry Brookport, Illinois PAUL McKELVEY Business Administration Clinton, Illinois DONALD MAUTERER Business Belleville, Illinois DREW MELDAHL Industry Decatur, Illinois HENRY MENA Business Administration Oakland, California JAY MIDDLETON Music Education Decatur, Illinois RAE FAWLEY MIDDLETON Music Education Decatur, Illinois KEM MILLER Physical Education Henry, Illinois ROBERT MILLS Industry Decatur, Illinois GEORGE MULLIGAN Business Administration LaGrange, Illinois ELSTE MUNYON Biology Reason, Illinois THOMAS NAUGHTON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ERNEST NOVACK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JACK OWENS Physical Educaton Decatur, Illinois ROBERT PADDOCK Business Administration Lockport, Illinois DORLES MULLEN PADEN Home Economics Girard, Illinois DAVID PALMER Business Administration Springfield, Illinois WILLIAM PALMER History and Political Science Decatur, Illinois 132 ALLEN PARCELL Education Aurora, Illinois MARY PARKER Psychology PleoKorit Plains, Illinois WARREN PERKINS Industry Wilmette, Illinois CHARLES PETERS HistfTV and Political Science Decatur, Illinois DON PETTY Engineering Administration Pana, Illinois LULU BELLE PITTS Home Economics luka, Illinois JAMES POHLMAN Accounting CarroUton, Illinois DIANE PRIMM Education Springlield, Illinois MARYLYN QUIGLEY Modern Languages Decatur, Illinois JULIA RAFFINGTON Piano Decatur Illinois ROBERT RAMSAY Business LaGrange, Illinois DOUGLAS REYNOLDS Merchandising East Moline, Illinois JANTS RICE Education El Paso, Illinois SHIRLEY RICHARDS Education Decatur, Illinois BETTY L. ROTH Music Education Litchfield, Illinois CHARLES RUPERT English Weslaco, Texas We know you fe " o studying GEORGE SALAITA Physics Jordan FRED SCHMUDE Sociology-Psychology Chicago, Illinois EDWARD SEITZ Industry Decatur, Illinois JOHN SEMLER Business Administration Des Plaines, Illinois DONALD SHUEY Music Education West Fairview, Pa. LYLE SLATER Physical Education Canton, Illinois BARBARA SMITH Home Economics and Business Springfield, Illinois TERRY SMITH Chemistry Ottawa, Illinois JOANNE SPARKS Home Economics Lincoln, Illinois GABRIELLE STERN Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois CAROLYN STEVENS Home Economics Decatur, Illinois JUNE STEWART Education Decatur, Illinois JAMES STILLMAN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois THOMAS STOCKS Business Riverside, Illinois ROBERT SULLIVAN Business Administration and Broadcasting Lincoln, Illinois GEORGE SWANK Philosophy Woodstock, Illinois ROBERT SWENGEL Chemistry IJooga, Illinois PATRICIA TILLETT Home Economics Decatur, Illinois PAT L. TURNER History and Political Science Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM VESPA Accounting Springfield, Illinois GARY VONDRASEK Busi-ess Administration Brookfield, Illinois ROBERT VOSS Business Administration LaGrange, Illinois BARBARA WALKER Music Education Mt. Vernon, Illinois MARILOU WASEM Secretarial Science Belleville, Illinois JIM WELCH Business Decatur, Illinois JO WEYERS Home Economics Wenona, Illinois BEVERLY BURTON WHITSETT Home Economics Decatur, Illinois PHILIP WIANT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JERRY WICKS Modern Languages Mt. Vernon, Illinois DAVID WILLIAMS Physics Decatur, Illinois ROWENA WILLIAMSON English Decatur, Illinois SYDNEY WILSON Physical Education Decatur, Illinois GENE WOLANIN Education Hammond, Indiana EUGENE YOUNG History and Political Science Decatur, Illinois GERTRUDE ZIMMERMAN Education Blue Mound, Illinois Seniors 135 p. Heyduck, C. Heileman, B. Bergen, M. Sprinkle OFFICERS President Mickey Sprinkle Vice-President Paul Heyduck Secretary Skip Heileman Treasurer Barbara Bergen Funniest darn table of contents! Hams now carry acting books? Juniors Joseph Aman Laurence Armstrong Marilyn Armstrong Ralph Artze William Augustine Barbara Austin Betty Ann Bair John Barnes Donna Bashore David Bently Barbara Bergen Miriam Beyer Robert Bliler Patti Breeze Mary Brookbank Richard Brucker James Burdick Peggy Burnet Lou Catron Mary Lou Chapman Mary Ann Colbert Edith Conley Eldon Constant Jackie Crinigan Dean Crump Sue Davidson Louis Dechant Richard Dill James Dugger Mary Eaton Tames Eckhardt Harry Erickson Lee Erickson Patsy Evans August Finet m t i§ J f 1 m Mm ■ «-» » V ' . m -pw t if 137 n JM —- . ' ' _ ;_2 fl fe A ■ • Robert Finley Tom Foval Julius Frescura Harold Fuson Don Garnett Linda Giller Susan Goerisch Jim Grace Marna Gralike Carol Gregory Nancy GriUin Sally Griiiin Richard Grove Robert Hanson Charleen Heileman Hayes Hendricks James Henson Paul Heyduck Mary Martha Hill Robert Hill Don Holler John Hughey Paul Hunt William Hurt Julian Jackson Kay Beth Jibben Elsa Johner Mary Johnson Carol Arm Jones James Jones Richard Jones John Kaericher Jim Kaiser Larry Kane Michael Khoury 138 Alice Kim Roger Kloever Carole Knudson Leo Liston Richard McEvoy Linda McGee Joyce Mclntyre Edwin McKay Larry Mabry Richard Macon Janice Markwell Carol Marshall George Masannat Mary Jean Mathers Charles Gregory Mays Mack Mericle Gene Moss Robert Muehlebach Alice Mueller Mark Nagel Roy Schmidt Al Schroeder Sara Ann Schroeder William Sears Ronald Seaver Philip Neely Robert Parker Larry Partington Jim Perry David Rayhill i A. JO Duncan Reid William Reii Betty E. Roth Merwin Rusch Sam Ryerson 139 Juniors 140 Juniors Sophomores Jack Abraham Bob Albright John Anderle Sally Andrews Neely Analee Atteberry Mary Atteberry Dean Austin Dale Bailey Don Baldis Carol Bardelmeier Richard Bergandine Max Bottrell Donald Bowan Beryl Boyle Betty Bricker Kenneth Brock Joe Brown Linda Brown Peggy Brown Carol Campbell Barb Cannon I. Phillips Carnock Nancy Casteel Merle Chapman Tom Christianson Shelia Clayton Carol Clevenger Lou Coe Thomas Colbert Barbara Colburn David Cooprider Paul Cowgill Janet Cox Joan Craig John Cross 143 Sophomores Vj jjjj ■ 1 4V-. Donald Gushing Dean Cuttill Shirley Darnell Angela Davis Gary DeCourcy Beverly Delucas Lvnne Dixon Charles Duez Marilyn Eckert Winnie EUvrood Wanda Epps Boughter Joyce Fancher Karl Fastenrath Jack Fink Nancy Ford Joan Foval Jane Frey Janice Gallatin Mary Ann Gass Ann Geddes Sue Gibson Gary Goken Wayne Good Cliflord Gray Larry Haab Richard Hanks Rosalie Hanson Nina Ruth Harper Bob Hart Rick Hazelrigg Sue Heffernan Noble Heider Rich Helm Rich Helms Ron Herman Dixie Hertenstein 144 Sophomores Donald Hess Bob Hines Bob Homer Mustafa Husseini Marian Jenne Don lohnson Robert Johnson Jim Jolley 1 Lowell Joynt Dorothy Kelley k S George Kenney James Kettelkamp Joe Koger Charles Kopmann Dorothy Erenzer Duane Lake Kathryn Landes Sandra Langsield David Larson Elizabeth LeMarr Nancy Lenover Terence Lewis Mary Linder Edward Lindquist Blaine Link Roberta Long Jane Lord Charles Luker Pat Lynch Joel McClelland Mary McConaughy JoAnn McDonald Dan Macey Les Mapes Marilyn Marble Barbara Martie 145 Sophomores A Z Wayne Martin Elaine Miller Janis Miller Patricia Mills Harmon Mitchell Louis Mitchell Selma Mitchell Maryann Moore Phyllis Morris Gayle Muirheid James Mulligan Lee Myers Connie Pace Tom Palmer Lee Parsons Lynn Partington Michael Perelli Nancy Petty Steve Phenix Kay Philbrook Charles Pierce Robert Pierce Norman Pokorny Ronald Rain Patricia Rains Jim Raney Addy Redifer Rosemary Reeser Connie Roderick Larry Routledge Judy Sadowski Georgenna Satterfield Betty Schien Dennis Schmidt Dale Scott 146 Sophomores Susan Siefferman Robert Silkey Huth Six William Slade John Smith Nancy Smith Bob Snell Rodney Spongier Nancy Spink Frederick Stocks Paul Stout enborough Dean Strobel Nancy Sturies Stacia Sullivan Robert Swearingen Jeffrey Taylor Mary Tempel Roger Temple Kathleen Thomas Erna Tripp Charlotte Tschannen Judy Tucker James Valentine Marvin Vogt Dick Wallin Sue Webb Milligan Shirley Weihe Joel Whitaker Ruth Wieland Ed Wilson Marilyn Wilson Priscilla Wilson Theresa Winfrey Richard Winkleblack Gary Wright Willard Wright Evelyn Yap Sandra York Robert E. Young Bella Zi Barbara Zimmer Roger Zollars 147 B. Kimmons, T. Carlson, J. Hagebush, C. Ahlenius OFFICERS President Bob Kimmons Vice-President Judy Hagebush Secretary Charles Ahlenius Treasurer Tom Carlson What ' s so funny? Mmm, I want some too! ■ William Abene Beverly Ackerson Victor Acklin. Charles Ahlenius Allan Alexander Larry Allison John Anderson Dave Ast Robert Badorek Norman Bailey George Baker Larry Barnes Ted Barnes Barbara Barth Pete Bartolazzi David Bates Dave Baulos James Bean Ronald Bennett Frank Biddle Terry Black Kay Bollero Timmie Booker Bryce Boston Marilyn Breeze Carole Brooks Lori Brooks Donna Bruce Don Brune Janice Bruns Ron Bryan Jean Burkhalter Robert Burkham Charles Burns Marilyn Burns 149 Freshmen Dave Camerer Thomas Carlson Lanny Carmen William Cartwright lony Chamblin William Chan Diana Clarke David Clements Dick Colbeck Robert Cook Donald Coutant Cliff Cox Suzanne Curtis Karin Dahl Charles Davelis Donald Davis Marylin Day Robert Decota Robert Dellert Helen Dicken Barry Diehl lim Donahoe Jack Dougherty Ann Drennan Dick Dunscomb Richard Durbin Sue Durgan Marilyn Eads Sonna Earles Dorothy Eckhardt Sue Eckhardt Debby Edgcomb Roger Edstrom Ruth Elliott Glen Elms 0IM 150 Charles Engdale (oyce Epps Vincent Ermovick Donald Evans Phyllis Eversole Robert Fair Margaret Farr Michael Fay Susan Ferguson Dwayne Fitch lames Fitzpatrick Bob Flamm Gary Fleetwood Donold Fleming Sally Fletcher Richard Ford Lynn Franklin Carol Frede shoron Freischlag Marilyn Futrell [ayne Ganschinietz Barbara Garren Barns Robert Gebhart David Gernand Terry Gibbons Carl Gieseking Richard Gill Lou Ann Giller Robert Golchert layanne Greene Meredith Griiiin Sharon Grindol Jeanne Gross ludy Hagebush Ruth Hallbauer 151 Freshmen ludv Hanes Toni Hargreave lanet Harris Steve Haughey Charles Heiden Judy Heinrichs Dan Herrin Jane Hessler Donna Hester ludv Hewett Delores Hicks lames Hinton Ron Holler Charles Hood Shareve Hood Nancy Hopper Sharon lenne Edward Jens Carol Jett ludv Johnson Karen Johnson Richard Johnston Pat Jones Cleve Journey Paula Kane 1 Robert Keck Barbara Kern fess Kimble Robert Kimmons illiam Kistler Kay Kocher JoUey Jean Kolb Helen Kolberer Robert Krause William Krehemker Allen Kunz 152 Freshmen George Lane Ronald Large Janet Larsen Linda Laue Tom Layzell Darla Lebo Sharon Lee Joan Lennen Norman Lents Tom Little Judv Littleton Gary Lonnon Rose Luehr Phyllis Luster Sue McArthur Edward McClure Pat McClurg Nancy McCormick Jack McCoy Pat Modes Janice Marshall Carol Mavon Barbara Mayne Martha Mendius Barbara Meyer Carol Michaelsen Henry Michel Penny Mickle Jim Missler Rheba Lee Mitchell William Morgan Leon Muzzy James Myers Pat Myers Dave Myrick George Nazzal 153 Freshmen loe Nies Don Noehre Dennis Noonan Natalie Orlandini Roy Osth Nancy Parkinson Helen Patrick Betty Patterson Gary Patterson Ardeth Paul Tom Pawlowski Joe Payne Charles Pendleton Sharon Perardi Donna Phillips Drurv Piech Franklin Post George Ramsey Donna Rapp Don Rayhill loe Rayhill Loretta Reeves loe Rendfeld Thomas Rice Tom Richardson Glenn Rickard John Riddle Richard Riedel Don Rieman Ronald Ritchie Ruth Rockwood Linda Rogers James Romano Dick Royer Carol Sablotny loe Saddler 154 Dean Sanders Phyllis Schaffenacker Terry Schnepp Gene Schwab Paul Seelbach Dallas Seitz Catherine Smith Dale Smith lim Spence lay St. Pierre Lois Steinberg Jerry Stone EUanora Stuart Kent Sturgeon Dave Sullivan Jack Suter Helen Taylor Jim Taylor Randy Tempel Jerry Tobias Jack Toney Nancy Tork David Troutman Mary Turner Margaret Turpin Richard Vest Deanna Vlasich Lindell Walkington Don Wallace Beverly Warrick Joe Weaver Thomas Weyher Rosemary Whitaker t-rank Williams Barbara Witzeman Jim Workman w »» •w iH f m . If freshmen 155 GOLDSTEIN, MITZI ABNER , , . r- u Fine Arts Committee Co-Chairman ol Tickets; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A.; Publications Board Secretary; Student Handbook Editor; Young Republicans; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman. ADAMS, ROBERT L. , , , , Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon Tau, Chaplan, Intramural Manager; Assistant in Business Department. ADCOCK, WILLIAM , „ Band; M.R.A.; Phi Chi Alpha, Vice-President; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Zeta, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President; U.Y.F.; Delta Sigma Phi, Scholarship Chairman; Sco- vill Award; Henderson Award; Lincoln Laboratories Scholarship; Assistant in Chemistry Department; Who ' s Who; Intramurals; Student Affiliate American Chemistry Society; Research — Chemistry Department; Grand Mar- shal at Commencement. ALLEN. DAVID Decaturian; Student Directory; Voung Democrats; Delta Sigma Phi. ANDERSON, LARRY Intramurals; Millikin Industrial Society, Recording Sec- retary; Chorus; Student Council Representative. ARMSTRONG, GENE Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Honor Roll. ATKINSON, MARY F.T.A.; Conant. BABCOCK, JOHN Freshman Class Officer, President- Freshman Gamp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Milli- dek, Co-Sports Editor; Student Council Representative; Young Republicans; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sergeant-at- Arms, Secretary; Homecoming Show; Lions Club Variety Show. BAKER, GEORGIA ANN Intramurals; W.A.A., Vice-President; Delta Delta Delta, Intramural Manager. BAKER, MARY H. Campus Chest Committee; Der Deutsche Verein; Honor Council; Chorus; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, Vice- President; Religious Emphasis Committee; U.Y.F.; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman, Corresponding Sec- retary. BASEHEART, ED Campus Chest Committee; Fine Arts Committee; La Sociedad Espanola; Religious Emphasis Committee; Sigma Zeta; U.Y.F.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BAWULSKI, FRED REALS, DUANE Alpha Phi Omega. BECHTEL, LARRY BERRY, RICHARD Mil liden Committee; Science Exhibition Show; Biology- Assistant; French Club; Sigma Zeta; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer, Secretary, Scholarship Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary, Steward. BETTINGHAUS, JAMES R. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRANTHAUER, JAN BREI, WAYNE Transfer from U. of I. and Wright Junior College; A Cap- pella Choir; Opera Chorus; U.Y.F.; Chorus. BROOKS, SHAROLYN F.T.A. ; Homecoming Committee; Co-Chairman Home- coming Show; Intramurals; Chorus, Librarian; Student Affairs Committee; W.A.A,; Young Republicans; Pi Beta Phi, Magazine Chairman, Song Leader, Pledge Trainer. B RAWER, RICHARD BROWN, JAMES D. Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Honor Roll; Chorus. BROWN, JAMES R. Intramurals; Milhkin Industrial Society, Recording Sec- retary; Opera, Chorus, Varsity Baseball; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BROWN, KENT Band, Millikin Industrial Society; Sigma Zeta; Young Republicans; Delta Sigma Phi, Historian. CAMPBELL, THOMAS C. Choir; Der Deutsche Verein; Intramurals; Chorus; Sigma Zeta; Tau Kappa Epsilon. CARMODY, MIKE Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Young Republicans; Newman Club. CARMODY, ROBERT Transfer from Purdue; Homecoming Committee; Intra- murals; Student Handbook; Honor Roll; Delta Sigma Phi; Pledge Class President. CHAMBLIN, RICHARD E. Student Council; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Varsity Football. CODEMO, JAMES Intramurals; Millikin Industrial Society; Delta Sigma Phi. CONDON, MYRAN CORZINE, LEONARD A. Transfer from Hanover; Young Republicans. COUTURE, JAMES Transfer from St. Joseph College; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. CRAFT, CARL Millikin Industrial Society, Treasurer. CRAIG, LARRY Alpha Epsilon Rho; F.T.A.; M Club; Varsity Football- Varsity Track. CRUMP, ELLEN Band; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Decaturian; Student Handbook; Tower Club; U.Y.F.; W-A.A.; M.I. A.; Intramural Manager, Co-Editor of " Smoke Signals; " W.A.A. Senior Sweater. CULBERTSON, GRACE F.T.A.; Alpha Delta Kappa, Historian; Honor Roll. DALTON, JERRY , M Club; Var. ' iity Basketball; Varsity Track; Delta Sigrna Ptii; Up. ' ulon Epsilon Tau. DIAL, FRANK E. DICKERSON, LARRY n, hand, Opera; Orchestra; Varsity Tennis; Homecoming .Shiow, Music. DIETERICH, JOHN , , ,. llomr.-coming Committee; Intramurals; Young Hepubli- cans; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President of t,edge Class. DIETERICH. JUDY , , „, , , Conant; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; W.A.A.; Young Republicans; Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Social Chairman, DOOLEY. JOHN , . Intramurals; M Club; Religious Emphasis Committee; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master, Convention. ELLIOTT, JANICE , , Campus Chest Committee; F.T.A.; Le Cercle Francois; Religious Emphasis Committee; Sigma Zeta; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Alpha Chi Omega, Warden, Librarian and Historian, Courtesy Chairman. ESTES, ROY Band; Intramurals; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. EUNSON, BILL Intramurals; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President; Ser- geant-at-Arms, House Manager; Mr. Campus Chest. EWING, TOM , r- Who ' s Who; Young Republicans; Campus Chest Com- mittee; Class Officer, President oophomore Class; Committee on Chapels and Assemblies; Freshman Camp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Honor Council; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals; La Sociedad Es- panola; Millidek; Chorus; Programs Committee; Publi- cations Board, Treasurer; Religious Emphasis Committee; Student Council, Treasurer, Publicity Chairman, Elec- tions Chairman; Student-Faculty Council; Town and Gown- UYF.; M.R.A., President; Religious Life Com- mittee; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Scholarship Chairman, Pledge Trainer. FERGUSON, MARGARET F.T.A. FERRE. RICHARD „ , „ Decaturian; Student Council; Upsilon Epsilon lau, Publicity Chairman; Newman Club. FLEMING, TAKA GALLOWAY. ROSA LEE , Band; Choir; Opera Chorus; Chorus; R.W.A.C., Secre- tary; Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain, Treasurer; U.Y.F.; Honor Roll. GLASS. BOB , , r- M Club; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Delta Sigma Phi; Student Coach, Basketball. GOLDSTEIN. RICHARD Alpha Epsilon Rho, President; Homecoming Committee; La Sociedad Espanola; Student Council; Town and Gown, Director and Producer; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Pledge Master. GRANT. WALTER „ „ , , Interfraternity Council; Le Cercle Francois; MiUidek; Newman Club; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Publicity Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary, Steward. GROPPI. MARTHA Who ' s Who; Sophomore Counselor at Aston Hall; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Monitor; Campus Chest Committee, Co- Chairman; F.T.A.; Library Committee; Opera; Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Religious Emphasis Committee, Co- Chairman of Music Committee; R.W.A.C.; Library Assistant; Student Council, Social Committee; Student Handbook, Campus Terms Editor; Town and Gown; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Homecoming Show; Dad ' s Day Recep- tion Committee; W.C.I. A. Telecourse; Alpha Chi Omega, Finance Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Vice- President. HALL. STANLEY Milhdek. HANTEL. BOB Transfer from Beloit; Freshman Camp Counselor; Home- coming Committee, Show Director, Show Assembly; Interfraternity Council, Secretary; Intramurals; M Club; Millidek, Sports Editor; Varsity Baseball; Vansty Basket- ball; Varsity Tennis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-Presi- den ' i, Social Chairman, Activities, Pledge Master, Song Leader, Intramural Manager, Convention, Leadership School. HARRISON, JOE Canterbury Club, Secretary. HASTINGS. JERRY L. „ „ . . Phi Chi Alpha, Sergeant-at-Arms; Sigma Zeta; Assistant in Mathematics Department; Delta bigma Phi. HAYNES, JO F T A - Intramurals; Student Handbook; Tau Chi Pi; U.Y.F.; Delta Delta Delta, Pledge President. HAYS PAT Conant; F.T.A.; R.W.A.C.; Student Handbook; W.A.A.; Assistant in Sociology Department; Zeta Tau Alpha, Recording Secretary, House President, Standards Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary. HEFTER, LORETTA Alpha Epsilon Rho; Choir; Treasurer of Senior Class; Der Deutsche ( erein, Treasurer, Vice-President; Fine Arts Committee; Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman Theme; Honor Council, Co-Chairman Actions Committee; Intramurals; Millidek, Arts Editor; Opera, Designed Sets; Chorus; Pi Mu Theta, Secretary, Treasurer; Religious Emphasis Committee, Co-Chairman Final Service, Co- Chairman Pubhcitv; Student Council, Secretary; Student Handbook, Art Editor; Tower Club, Vice-President; Town and Gown; Directed One Act Play; W.A.A.; W.C.I. A. Telecourse; Lutheran Students; Assistant Art Department; Darb-y Award; W.C.I. A. Television Award; Alpha Chi Omega Fine Arts Award; Honor Roll; Alpha Chi Omega, Assistant Chaplain, Activities Chairman, Recording Secretary; M.R.A. Council; Who ' s Who. 157 HENDERSON, CAROLYN Who ' s Who; Band; FT. A.; Intramurals; Millidek, Co- Editor; Pi Mu Theta, Mum Sale Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi; PubUcations Board, Secretary; Student Council, Constitution Committee; Student Handbook Editor; W.A.A.; Scovill Prize; Alpha Chi Omega, Second Vice- President — Pledge Trainer, Recommendations Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Aloha Chi Omega AU-Around Girl Award, Outstanding Pledge, Highest Scholarship, Convention. HO, ALBERT Chemistry Lab Assistant. HO, CECILIA Sigma Alpha Iota; Piano Guild; Chorus. HOFFMAN, GLENN HOFFMAN, JACK L. Chi Eta Rho; Intramurals; M Club; Phi Chi Alpha, President; Phi Kappa Phi; Varsity Baseball; Scovill Award; Delta Sigma Phi; Corresponding Secretary; Grand Marshal at Commencement. HOFFMAN, MERLYN Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Student Directory; Young Republicans; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President Pledge Class. , HOWELL. FRED Chi Eta Rho; Intramurals; Decaturian, Business Manager; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Y.M.C.A. Stall. HUSON, HAROLD Chi Eta Rho, President. HUSTON, MARVIN Campus Chest Committee, Treasurer; Chi Eta Rho; Phi Chi Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Attairs Committee; Student Council; Upsilon Epsilon Tau, Constitution and By-Laws Committee; Assistant in Business Department. INNIS, PETE Intramurals; M Club; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Newman Club; Delta Sigma Phi. JAMES, ROGER Intramurals; M Club; Varisty Baseball; Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms, Co-Chairman of Homecoming Float. JANSEN, RODNEY Alpha Epsilon Rho; Chi Eta Rho, Vice-President; Intra- murals; M Club; Student Council; Varsity Golf; Young Republicans; Delta Sigma Phi, President of Pledge Class, Sergeant-at-Arms. JENSEN, PEGGY Alpha Epsilon Rho; Le Sociedad Espanola, President; Millidek; Chorus; Reliaious Emphasis uommittee; Tau Chi Pi, Treasurer; Tower Club; U.Y.F.; Young Repub- licans; Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer, Lyre Editor, JOHNSTON, FRED Transfer from U. of I.; Varisty Track. JONES, ROBERT Choir; Fine Arts Committee; Opera; Chorus; Phi Mu Alpha; Student Council; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Committee. KAMEYA, MASARU Transfer from Bradley University. KEENER, MARILYN Fine Arts Committee; Intramurals; Chorus; Religious Emphasis Committee; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; M.I.A., President, Executive Secretary, Program Com- mittee Chairman; School Nurse. KREBS, BOB Who ' s Who; Band; Campus Chest Committee, Co- Chairman; Choir; Conant; Der Deutsche Verein; Fresh- man Camp Counselor; Homecoming Committee; Show; Honor Council; Interfraternity Council; Grand Marshal for Commencement; Opera; Orchestra; Chorus; Phi Kappa Phi; Religious Emphasis Committee, Co-Chair- man; U.Y.F., Program Chairman, Vice-President; Scovill Prize; Alpha Kappa Lambda, President, Social Vice- President, Pledge Master. KUHLE, SUZANNE Conant; F.T.A.; Intramurals; Messiah; Chorus; Student Handbook; W.A.A.; Young Republicans; Homecoming Show; Variety Show; Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman. KULL, DONALD Transfer from U of I. LANGDON, WILLIAM C. Town and Gown; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Varsity Track. LATHROP, JOANNE Choir; Opeia. LAYZELL, PAUL L. Upsilon Epsilon Tau. LEBRECHT, GLENN Band; Choir; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A.; Orches- tra; Chorus; Phi Mu Alpha; U.Y.F.; M.I. A. LE FEVRE, EDWARD Who ' s Who; Chi Eta Rho; Fine Arts Committee, Chair- man and Head Usher; Homecoming Committee; Inter- fraternity Council, Treasurer; Pni Chi Alpha; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Religious Emphasis Committee, Co-Chairman Hospitality Committee, Co-Chairman Assembly Com- mittee; Student Affairs Committee; Student Council, President; Student Faculty Council, Chairman; U.Y.F., Commissioner, President; Old M.R.A. Council; Assistant of Mathematics Department; Freshman Camp Counselor; Chairman of Committee Which Organized Religious Life Committee; Treasurer of Freshman Class; Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Millidek, Co-Business Manager; Intramurals; Scovill Prize; High Honor Roll; Honor Roll; Grand Marshal for Commencement; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Class Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Commissary Manager, Vice-President. LINDER, CHARLES Millikin Industrial Society, Corresponding Secretary. LIVINGSTON, RUDY Newman Club; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. LOGAN, ALICE Campus Chest Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Junior Panhellenic Council; Chorus; Religious Emphasis Com- mittee; Student Council, Secretary; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Homecoming Show; Co-Chairman of Dad ' s Day; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-president of Pledge Class, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chairman, Song Leader. LOTCHIN, ROGER Intramurals; M Club; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basket- ball; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master. LUCKENBILL, FRED MC BAIN, DONALD Tau Kappa Epsilon, Commissary Manager; Chi Eta Rho; Chorus. MC GHEE. JOHN Le Cercle Francois. MC KELVEY, PAUL Delta Sigma Phi, Chaplain, Corresponding Secretary, Social Chairman; Chi Eta Rho; Conant; Homecoming Committee, Publicity, Parade, Program; Intramurals; Publications Board; Student Directory, tAanagei; Town and Gown; U.Y.F.; Decaturian, Sports Editor; Young Republicans, Executive Council; Track Manager. MAUERMAN, DAVE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Recording Secretary, House Manager, Upper Council, Visitation Committee, Schol- arship Chairman, Honor Active; Chi Eta Rho; Choir; Intramurals; Publications Board; Student Directory; Town and Gown; Young Republicans. MAUTERER, DONALD J. Intramurals. MELDAHL, DREW MiUikin Industrial Society, President. MENA, HENRY JR. Chi Eta Rho; Honor Roll. MICKENS. WAYMAN MIDDLETON. JAY „, „ u n ■ Tau Kappa Epsilon, Song Leader; Phi Mu Alpha, Presi- dent; Band; Choir; Chorus; M.E.N.C., Student Member; Opera Lead. MIDDLETON. RAE Alpha Chi Omega, Carnation Girl, Scholarship Chair- man; Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; Choir; Opera; Chorus; Campus Chest Committee; Millidek; WAA- M.E.N.C., Student Member. MILLER, KATHEHINE (Kern) Alpha Chi Omega, Intramural Manager, Student Coun- cil Representative, President; Homecoming Committee; Panhellenic Council, Vice-President; Religious Emphasis Committee; Student Council; Student Faculty Council; U.Y.F.; M.R.A.; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Junior Class Vice-President; Senior Class Secretary; Deca- turian; Millidek; W.A.A. , President, Secretary; Band; Head Majorette; Chorus; Assistant in Physical Education Department; Alpha Chi Omega Scholarship Award; Freshman Camp Counselor; Junior-Senior Prom Chair- man; Panhellenic Dance Chairman; Freshman-Dophomore Games Co-Chairman; Personal Conferences Co-Chair- man; MiUiden Committee, Co-Chairman; Recreation Committee, Co-Chairman; Variety Show, Co-Chairman; Who ' s Who; W.A.A. oenior Sweater. MILLS, ROBERT Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals; M Club, Treasurer; Varsity Track. MOHRINGER, JOHANNES Town and Gown. MULLIGAN. GEORGE H. JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Tower Club. MUNYON, ELSIE , , MiUikin Independent Association; Le Cercle Francois; R W A C ■ Sigma Zeta; Student Council. NAUGHTON. THOMAS J. , , t- , Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals; La Sociedad tspanola; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Newman Club. NOVACK. ERNEST W. JR. , „ Intramurals; Student Council; Upsilon Lpsilon lau. Executive Board. OWENS, JACK Varsity Basketball. PADDOCK, BOB „ , , . Tau Kappa Epsilon, Activities Chairman, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Secretary, President, Pledge Class Social Chairman, Scholastic Pledge; Aloha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Homecoming Committee, Parade, Dance Co- Chairman, Show; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Junior Class President; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who; Religious Emphasis Committee. PADEN, DORLES MULLEN Alpha Chi Omega, House President, Sona Leader, Scholarship Improvement Award; A Cappella Choir, Accompanist; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Home Economic Club, Secretary, President; Honor Council; Intramurals; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; R.W.A.C.; W.A.A., Intramural Manager, Vice-President; Young Republicans; W.A.A. Senior Sweater. PALMER, DAVID J. Upsilon Epsilon Tau. PALMER, WILLIAM A. MiUikin Independent Association; F.T.A.; Le Cercle Francois; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa. Phi; U.Y.F. PARCELL, ALLEN J. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian Social Chairman, Assist- ant Pledge Master; F.T.A.; Intramurals. PATTERSON, PAT La Sociedad Espanola; R.W.A.C. PERKINS. WARREN Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President; Millikin Industrial Society; Student Council. PETERS, CHARLES Delta Sigma Phi; Homecoming Decorations Chairman, Rush Chairman; Band; Young Democrats. 1-58 PETTY, DON Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, Record- ing Secretary; Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class President; Homecoming Committee, Dance, Games Co- Chairman; Intramurals; M Club, Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball, Captain; Athlete of the Year; Joe Catlin Award; Max Poscover Award ' Chi Eta Rho; Religious Emphasis Committee; Who ' s ' Who. PITTS, LULU BELLE MiUikm Independent Association; F, T. A.; Home hconom- ics Club; Honor Roll. POHLMAN, JAMES P. , , Delta Sigma Phi, Historian; Chi Eta Rho; Newman Club; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. PRIMM, DIANE Pi Beta Phi, Censor, Corresponding secretary. Assist- ant Rush Chairman, Program Chairman; FT. A.; Intra- murals; La Sociedad Espanola; W.A.A.; Young Republi- cans; Honor Roll. PUTNAM, CLYDE JR. QUIGLEY, MARYLYN Pi Beta Phi, President, Rush Chairman, Recording Secretary, Convention Delegate, Panhellenic Delegate; Conant; Der Deutsche Verein; Freshman Camp Coun- selor; Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman; Honor Council; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Le Cercle Francois; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Student Faculty Council; ScoviU Prize; Harriet Rutherford Johnstone Scholarship; Who ' s Who; Student Council; Junior-Senior Prom Committee. RAFFINGTON, JULIA ELLEN Delta Delta Delta, Historian, Assistant Chaplain; Choir; Freshman Class Treasurer; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Millidek: Opera; Chorus; Sigma Alpha Iota, Membership Chairman, Program Chairman; Homecoming Queen Court. RAMSAY, ROBERT L. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals. RICE, JANICE Pi Beta Phi, Recording Secretary; F.T.A.; Intramurals; W.A.A.; Young Republicans. RICHARDS, SHIRLEY BROWN Alpha Chi Omega, Publicity Chairman- F.T.A.; Intra- murals; Milhdek; Chorus; Religious Emphasis Committee; U.Y.F,; W.A A. RITCHIE, DOROTHY ANN MiUikm Independent Association, Memberstiip Com- mittee Chairman; Conant; Young Republicans; School Nurse. ROTH, BETTY LOUISE Sigma Aloha Iota, Vice-President; band; Committee on Chapels and Assemblies; Fine Arts Committee; Opera Orchestra; Chorus, Pi Mu Theta, Marshal, Programs Committee; Religious Emphasis Committee, Chairman; R.W.AC.; U.Y.F.; M.R.A.; Religious Life Committee; ScoviU Prize; Sentel, Dewein, Pressec Scholarships; Spring Recital; Pi Mu Theta Scholarship; Who ' s Who. RUPERT, CHARLES Conant; Treasurer; F.T.A.; Le Cercle Francois, Treasurer, Vice-President; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Crorin French Prize. SALAITA, GEORGE Millikin Independent Association; Sigma Zeta. SCHMUDE, FRED Delta Sigma Phi, Song Leader; Fine Arts Committee; Freshman Camp Discussions Chairman; Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman; Religious Emphasis Committee, Co-Chairman of Publicity; Town and Gown; Young Republicans; Junior-Senior Prom Co-Chairman; Honor Roll, SEITZ, EDWARD WILLIAM Intramurals; Millikm Industrial Society; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; Newman Club. SEMLER, JACK Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHUEY, DONALD Phi Mu Alpha, President; Choir; Opera; Chorus; Student Council. SLATER, LYLE Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms; M Club; Varsity Track; Varsity Football, Most Valuable Lineman, All Conference, Team Captain. SMITH, BARBARA LEIGH Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Vice-President; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Monitor; Committee on Chapels; Conant; Deca- turian. Editor; Homecoming Committee; Home Econom- ics Club; Library Committee; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Publications Board; Religious Emphasis Commit- tee, Co-Chairman; Town and Gown; U.Y.F. , Vice- President; W.A.A. ; Honor Roll; M.R.A.; Who ' s Who. SMITH. CAROLE ANN BEEM F.T.A ; Decaturian, Circulation Manager; W.A.A.; Young Republicans, Secretary; Pi Beta Phi. SMITH, TERRY Delta Sigma Phi; M Club; Sigma Zeta; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis. SPARKS, JOANNE Delta Delta Delta, Pledge President, Assistant Chaplain, Social Chairma n, President; Campus Chest Committee; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Vice-President; Freshman Camp Counselor, Co-Chairamn; F.T.A.; Home- coming Committee; Home Economics Club, Secretary; Honor Council; Junior Panhellenic Council; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; Religious Emphasis Committee; Student Faculty; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Homecoming Queen; Religious Life Committee; Who ' s Who. STERN, GABRIELLE STEVENS, CAROLYN Delta Delta Delta, Marshal, Recommendations Chairman, Assistant Rush Chairman; oampus Chest Committee; Cheerleader; F.T.A.; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; W.A.A. STEWART, CARLA JUNE Kappa Kappa Gamma, Registrar, Corresponding Secre- tary; F.T.A. ; Intramurals; Pi Beta Phi, Social Member; Dean ' s List STILLMAN, JAMES Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Intramurals Manager; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball; Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee; Varsity Football Manager. STOCKS, THOMAS Newman Club; Track; Golf; Wrestling. STREIB, CLAYTON Tau Kappa Epsilon; M Club; Millikin Industrial Society. SULLIVAN, ROBERT Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Alpha Phi Omega; Upsilon Epsilon Tau; ' Who ' s Who. SWANK, GEORGE Alpha Kappa Lambda, House Manager, Chaplain; Band; Interfraternity Council. SWENGEL, ROBERT F. Delta Sigma Phi; Le Cercle Francois; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Zeta, Vice-President; Varsity Basketball. TILLETT, PATRICIA Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Class Vice-President; Standards Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Homecoming Decorations Chairman, President; Freshman Camp Counselor; F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Home Economics Club; Intra- murals; Millidek; Panhellenic Council, Vice-President, Student Council, Vice-President; Student-Faculty Council, Secretary; W.A.A.; Homecoming vjueen Candidate; Honor System Committee; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Who ' s Who. TURNER, HARRY Intramurals; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football. TURNER, PAT LITTLE La Sociedad Espanola; Newman Club; F.T.A. VESPA, WILLIAM L. Band; Chi Eta Rho; Upsilon Epsilon Tau. VONDRASEK, GARY Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Class President; Intra- murals; Student Affairs Committee; Young Republicans; Varsity Basketball; Varisty Baseball. VOSS, ROBERT Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Assistant House Manager, Publi- city Chairman; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Homecoming Show. WALKER, BARBARA ELLEN Zeta Tau Alpha; Music Co-Chairman; Campus Chest Committee; Choir; Fine Arts Committee; Opera; Orches- tra; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota, Song Leader, Secretary; Student Council; Pi Mu Theta Scholarship; A.A.U.W. Scholarship. WASEM, MARILOU Alpha Chi Omega, Intramural Manager, Carnation Girl; Campus Chest Committee; Homecoming Committee, Co-Chairman of Games; Home Economics Club; Intra- murals; Millidek; Decaturian; Religious Emphasis Com- mittee; Student Council; Student Directory; Tau Chi Pi, President; W.A.A., Treasurer; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Variety Show Co-Chairman; W.A.A. Senior Sweater. WELCH, JIM Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Pledge Trainer, Vice- President; Homecoming Committee; Interfraternity Coun- cil, Secretary, President; Intramurals; Millidek; Varsity Baseball; Football Manager. WEYERS, JOHANNA Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor; Der Deutsche Verein, Secretary, Vice-President; Homecoming Committee, Queen ' s Tea; Home Economics Club, Secretary; Intra- murals, Tau Chi Pi; U.Y.F.; W.A.A.; Lutheran Students. WHITSITT, BEVERLY BURTON F.T.A.; Homecoming Committee; Home Economics Club, Vice-President; Junior Panhellenic Council; W.A.A.; Alpha Chi Omega; Pledge Social Chairman, Publicity Chair- man. WIANT, PHIL Delta Sigma Phi; Freshman Class Secretary; Interfra- ternity Council; Inramurals, Chairman of Paper Drive; Freshman Dance Committee. WICKS, JERRY Alpha Kappa Lambda, Vice-President, Social Chairman, Fraternity Education Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Band; Campus Chest Committee; Der Deutsche Verein, Vice-President, President; Fine Arts Committee, Chair- man of Staging; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; Millidek; Opera, Chorus; Religious Emphasis Committee, Hospitality Co-Chairman; Student Council; U.Y.F.; Young Democrats. WILLIAMS, DAVID A. Alpha Epsilon Rho, Secretary, Treasurer; Der Deutsche Verein; Honor Council; W.C.I. A. Television Award. WILLIAMSON ROWENA Conant; F.T.A.; Intramurals; La Sociedad Espanola; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; Newman Club. WILSON, SYDNEY Millikin Independent Association, Treasurer, Intramural Manager; F.T.A.; Intramurals; Le Cercle Francois; Chorus; Student Council; W.A.A.; President; Young Democrats. WOLANIN GENE Delta Sigma Phi, House Manager, Assistant Pledge Master F.T.A.; Intramurals; M Club, Secretary; Deca- turian; Varsity Football; Young Democrats; All Confer- ence Football; Newman Club, Treasurer, President. YOUNG, EUGENE A. Upsilon Epsilon Tau, Treasurer; F.T.A.; Young Demo- crats, President. ZIMMERMAN, GERTRUDE Conant; F.T.A.; Chorus; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, President; ScoviU Prize; Phi Kappa Phi Recognition. 160 DECATUR ' S INFLUENCE ON YOUR COLLEGE UFE MAKES YOU A LEADER In government . . . public improvement • . • business and industry . . . religion . . . educa- tion . . . the fine arts . . . welfare . . . human relations ... in all these things Decatur has always been a leader. The Association of Com- merce is devoted to encouraging and main- taining this leadership through its 550 busi- ness and individual members. In this spirit, we pause to welcome and congratulate the leaders of tomorrow . . . Millikin ' s Class of 1957. THE ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS 163 That first pay check is an exciting thing, and the way it ' s handled can be impor- tant, too. If you save part of it, you ' re off to a good start. Let us open a savings account for you - and help your savings grow. A convenient amount will open your account. What ' s more . . . you ' ll like our friendly people and you ' ll like saving here! THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR DECATUR, ILLINOIS Water Street, South of Central Park Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 164 Edgar Guest said . . . " It takes a heap o ' livin ' in a house t ' make it home. " South Shores houses are designed, planned, and built for that " heap o ' living " Here is room, here are facilities indoor and outdoor for the family to enjoy living. Come . . . see a house SOUTH SHORES SALES 1805 South Franklin Street Road Life IS a play! Tis not iTs length, but its performance that comts ' —Seneca for " a heap o ' livin 165 8 " Brides To Be " Choose All Three At FLORA ' S China ■ Crystal - Sterling Have your selections registered in our Bridal Book EXCLUSIVE: Flora Registered Diamonds Omega Watches Gifts From All Over the World The Keystone of Sound Protection is the Local Agent Who Represents CAPITAL STOCK INSURANCE MEMBERS Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Harry Cannon Creighton- Jackson Company File Insurance Agency Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Harold R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Benj. A. Jones Jostes Insurance Agency C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Roby Roby Rotz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Louis J. Teeuwen Wells Agency W. H. Wiley 166 CROSS TOWN • CROSS COUNTY • CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Personnel and Modern Equipment Are Always at Your Service MOVING - STORAGE ■ PACKING ■ CRATING Established Parke lUareliouses - NORTh ' m i ' n STREET TvlVTy DECATUR-ILLINOIS 167 Congratulations from Block and Kuhl Company 301 North Water Street Telephone, 4391 NIRIDER-S INC. SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fountain Service llUi W. Main rnone o- j: George S. Congratulations Wcalker, Inc. from IB III ■ Plumbing and Heating WAGNER MALLEABLE IRON CO. Phone 7175 RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES Decatur, Illinois SAM E. ARMSWORTH 1099 W. Main 702 E. Wood DAUT BROTHERS FLORISTS Flowers For All Occasions Phone 5281 5282 120 East Prairie 168 Live modem, smoke an L M. 170 J. L. SIMMONS COMPANY INCORPORATED CONTRACTORS - ENGINEERS - BUILDERS Architectural - Industrial - Public Work CONSTRUCTION DECATUR, ILLINOIS INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BUY SUNSHINE MILK ' 7t ' s Fresher . . . Ws from ISearby Farms ' Sunshine Dairy, Inc. 725 E. Prairie Ave., Decatur, IlL 171 What they want is Cokb Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur ROBY ROBY JAMES E. ROBY VERNE E. ROBY Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Comp efe Line of Real Estate Service ' SALES - LOANS INSURANCE - BUILDERS 252 E. Main St. Phone 8-3451 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS Thanks for the past patronage . . . and hope it will continue in the future For the SMARTEST FEET on campus wear shoes from RAUPP ' S 139 North Water Compliments of OSGOOD and SONS DECATUR, ILLINOIS Best Wishes and Good Luck To The Grads mohehouse Dwells co. LyASlaldi ;hed I8S9 For Almost 100 Years The Best In HARDWARE — SPORTING GOODS HOUSEWARES — APPLIANCES PAINT WALL PAPER 172 PLAN YOUR FUTURE WITH U Founded 1860 by James Millikin You will find the Millikin National a bank of friendly service, with complete facilities to meet all your banking needs. It has served Millikin University students and faculty for more than fifty years. Make the Millikin National your banking home. We Invite Your Account THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK of Decatur, Illinois Member Federal Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Reserve System DECATUR ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK: 174 THE A P POLICY... To Always: • Do what is honest, fair, sin- cere and in the best interests of each customer. • Extend friendly, satisfying service to everyone. • Give every customer the most good food for her money. Assure accurate weight every time — 16 oz. to each pound. • Give accurate count and full measure. • Charge the correct price. • Cheerfully refund customer ' s money if for any reason any purchase is not satisfactory. 134 N. BROADWAY 1136 N. MAIN THE CARSON CORNER Decatur ' s Largest and Finest Credit Jewelers FAMOUS FOR FINE DIAMONDS Watches - Jewelry - Cameras Appliances - Optical Guaranteed Watch Repairing 300 N. Water Decatur Phone 8-6677 Best Wishes for Success HUNTER-POGUE LUMBER CO. 175 Compliments of ion S» Telephone 7422 235 S. Main Decatur, Illinois PEERLESS Household Cleaners Decatur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners Rugs - Drapes - Slip Covers Bed Spreads - Table Cloths Lamp Shades - Blankets Furniture Phone 3-8302 519 N. Monroe St. GREIDER ' S CAFE Robert J. Greider, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER ' S CAFETERIA H. D. Greider, Jr., Manager MAIN AND WILLIAM GREIDER ' S MEZZANINE ROOM MAIN AND WILLIAM Jack C. Greider, Manager DECATUR, ILLINOIS xmams FOR IMPORTANT CLOTHES Formats Ready-to-Wear - Sportswear Jewelry - Millinery 135 E. Prairie Phone 3-3644 STAUBERS Your Home Store Decatur ' s HOME OF FASHIONS Accessories Appliances - Housewares Floor Coverings Top-Brand Names Compliments of LINCOLN THEATRE and EMPRESS THEATRE DECATUR ' S FINEST 176 le water ' s fine! Well, could you do any better? FUEL OIL DEHYDRATED FUEL OIL Costs You No More — CALL 5131 — 178 CLASS OF ' 57 May we not only congratulate you on your success scholastically, but also as you embark on the vastly wider waters of the future — wish for each of you happiness and success whether your course be business a profession or that most important of all occupations, a Home Maker. LINN SCRUGGS CO. 86 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE • Diamonds • Watches • China • Crystal • Fashion Jewelry • Linens • Perfumes • Handbags • Sterling and Plated Silverware POST ' S DIAMONDS Are ' " ' Registered ' For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join POST ' S STERLING SILVER CLUB Pay Only 33c a Week for Each 4-Piece Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There s I o Extra Charge for Post s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST SONS Merchant at Prairie Jewelers for Over 86 Years Phone 3-9781 Decatur, Illinois 179 Best Wishes for Success from THE LAUMDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY BLACK COMPANY SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main 125 East North Decatur Illinois ■ y MAIN AT PRAIRIE Fashion Headquarters • TOW N AND COUNTRY SHOP for sports and casual clothes • THE SALON SHOPS for dresses, coats, and suits • THE ACCESSORY BAR for smart accessories, lingerie • MILLINERY SALON for the smartest hats in town Compliments of WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 4404 Decatur, Illinois Compliments of BEATRICE FOODS CO- MomcIaw Gold Milk and Ice Cream DECATUR, ILLINOIS PHONE 5241 no.l specialist in local movmci! PiPN 180 Ule Have Somethina In Common The four years of study you have just completed have prepared you for the greatest era any graduating class ever has approached. You are on the threshold of commencing your life ' s work, and we wish you every success in this golden opportunity. We at Mueller Co. are in a similar position. We are just completing our first century of service to the Decatur community and to the water and gas industries. We also look toward a golden era, and are optimistic, believing that as we begin our second century, both your future and ours never before have ap- peared so bright. Mueller Co. Manufacturers of Water and Gas Distribution and Service Products Dependable Since 1857 Plants located in • Decatur • Chattanooga • Los Angeles • Sarnia, Ont. 182 1 1 1 [Hp WE SERVE YOU Safety . . . Courtesy Service iJKeumode ' V i HOSIERY " f Hosiery " " " Y - for V j The Entire A Family f 2-1755 117 N. Water HECHT 5 Junior and Women ' s Apparel I I ■ ■ A M m 4-louRBns ;;r,„ II OnTHECORRER LORISTS GREEIV HOUSES Hotel Orlando 335 N. WATER Decatur, Illinois 160 South Water Street (at Wood) Phone 5305 SEMMEL ' S SCHAFFER GLUCK Ladies ' Ready-to-W ear SUITS - CLOTH COATS DRESSES - SPORTSWEAR 288 N. Park Phone 2-6641 253 North Main St. 18o I ' ll be down to get you in a wheel-barrel honey. Li ' ensr l and llnsiir«Ml Complimenls of EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE Fine Lightinf? Fixtures Adequate Wiring SUNBEAM - G.E. - TOASTMASTER G.E. LAMPS - LARGE SELECTION Your Electric Service Center OAKLAND SHOPPING AREA 134 S. OAKLAND Phone 2 4806 — Days 6402 —Nights— 2.2543 JAY " S RESTAURANT fLC R Y 7 W D T Wood and Oakland YELLOW CAB • BREAKFAST • LUNCH 8-7701 " Mcac " [ SERVICE PARTS j Welcomes you to DECATUR ' S FINEST RESTAURANT THE BLUE MILL Specialized Parts and Service • AUTOMOTIVE, • CARBURETOR, • ELECTRICAL, and m SPEEDOMETER SERVICE Power Mowers - Magnetos Gasoline Engines DECATUR BATTERY SERVICE, Inc. 343 E. MAIIN PHONE 5453 185 A. W. CASH CO. and its subsidiary Cash Standard Stacon Corporation Congratulates Millikin University Graduates of 1957 186 adding up your future Mistake in arithmetic? NO. This is a for- mula showing the financial benefits of a college education based on today ' s salaries. It shows simply that for an investment of $2000 per year and 4 years of your time you may net about $103,000 more in your lifetime than the man whose formal educa- tion stops at high school. The typical high school graduate will earn $165,000 in his lifetime compared to the typical college graduate who will earn $268,000. These are average figures, and, of course, you can do much better, or much worse. Yet it points out one way you can help assure yourself of $3000 a year more than you could have earned otherwise. This extra income can mean a better home for you . . a complete education for your children . . a full and more reward- ing life for you and your family. Other rewards a college education can help you achieve may be even more signifi- cant than a higher income : a deeper under- standing of people ... a greater ability to get along well with others ... a fuller life, to mention but a few. When you add up the years of your learning, remember that you are adding up your future. And education is an invest- ment in the future which will return to you many advantages. Estimated average cost of attending college in- cluding tuition, room and board, books, and inci- dental expenses. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO 187 FASHIONS for Junior Misses and Tall Girls Try SUNBEAM and Compare Decatur s Leading Specialty Store GROVE ' S RESTAURANT For FINE STEAKS AND CHICKEN DINNERS Phone 5064 Routes 51-48-121 Decatur, Illinois FASHIONS FOR THE HOME 329 N. Main 8-7741 ISow . . . ' ' Batter Whipped ' It s Heavenly Bread 2280 E. WILLIAM Rt. 48 at Grand Ave. • The 1957 Millidek Staff wishes to thank all of the advertisers for their continued support of Millikin s activities. This in- terest is greatly appreciated. MARVEL-SCHEBLER PRODUCTS DIV. BORG-WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATION S 1957 Graduates of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY 190 MUTUAL HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Each saver ' s funds are insured to $10,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. MUTUAL 135 East Main Street Decatur, Illinois Best Wishes A BOLD NEW IDEA To 1957 Grads FOR YOUR BANKING . . . • Free Parking at the Bank MILLER-O ' NEILL • Open Friday Evenings 4-8 • Drive In Banking, 3 to 5 120 W. Prairie o ' clock Daily • 2% Certificates of Deposit • Economy Checking Accounts FLOOR COVERINGS and Sm iZcLpJ±ciL BdfiJc DRAPES 1501 E. Eldorado - Ph. 8-7781 - Decatur, 111. " Decatur ' s Most Convenient Bank " 191 Congratulations to the Class of 1957 Over the years, hundreds of Millikin graduates before you have helped build Decatur ' s pioneer corn and soybean industry. More than 40 Millikin graduates and over 100 others who have studied at Millikin are today members of the Staley organization. All of us at Staley ' s are proud of our long friendship with your school, its faculty and students. A. E. STALEY MANUFACTURING CO. Products from corn and soybeans for the farm, home and industry THIS 1957 MILLIDEK Printed by Building with Decatur Since 1878 HUSTON-PATTERSON CORPORATION Woodwork For Homes DECATUR, ILUNOIS 193 Quality - Service Phone 2-1582 Established 1919 LANDHOLT Auto Refinishing PAINTING TRIMMING Body and Fender Repairing 745 E. Prairie Ave Decatur, Illinois I ODa-PARIS] Dry Cleaners itly yi DERERs] Launderers Laundryette Convenient Pick-up Stations All About Town For the Fit of Your Life For Footwear Most Favored . . . it ' s always been FOLRATH ' S Footwear . . . The Famed ISames You Know in shoes for on the campus . . and off FOLRATH ' S 211 N. Water C. N. GORHAM SON, INC. Mortgage Bankers Telephone 5345 - 5346 DECATUR WAREHOUSE CO. R. C. Shumate Harry (Skinny) Taylor • TRANSFER • MOVING • STORAGE Licensed, Bonded, Insured Carriers 555 E. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois ORNAMENTAL METALWORKS COMPANY Recreation Equipment, Wrought Iron Railing, Porch Columns, Post Lamps, Cast Iron Lawn Furniture, Weathervanes, House Numbers Mark- ers, Estate Plaques, Mail Boxes 420-440 South Franklin Phone 8-3446 Decatur, Illinois 194 Compliments of Swain Myers Sales Co. DESIGNERS and SUPPLIERS Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools, Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Drug Stores 544-552 N. MAIN ST. COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE Decals Textbooks Typewriters Art Supplies General Supplies College Outline Series 24-Hcur Photo Finishing Esterbrook Fountain Pens Haines Essick GREETING CARDS AND GIFTS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING SPORTING GOODS OFFICE SUPPLIES ART SUPPLIES STATIONERY BOOKS 122 East William Street Phone 5429 730 So. Main Decatur " For a Job to be Well Done ' ' EVERYTHING IN ROOFING and SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm 195 Compliments of SVENDSEN FLORIST Flower Shop and Greenhouse 2702 North Broadway The NORTHTOWN BANK says: Whatever worthwhile you ac- complish in Hfe will cost some money; yours or anothers. If it is to be yours, start learn- ing to save it now. If it is to be the money of another, learn to save and pay it back. Believe it or not, your degree of Success or Failure will depend largely upon your attitude tow- ard thrift. ' ' A Bank for all the People ' ' . . . and Especially young people 333 E. PERSHING ROAD Compliments of THE DECATUR PAPER HOUSE. INC. Decatur, Illinois 196 for tkose wky jprekr .... QUALITY IN PHOTOGR APHY Icileen studios Pkone 8-2131 235 gait OrcKard DecoW, lUmois ON THE BALCONY Compliments of McMANUS GREENHOUSES 1106 W. Pershing Road Phone 5778 TELEPHONE -4-2»0l or r FUNERAL HOME MO RAN N WATER ST AT ELDORADO DECATUR ILLINOIS 197 The Millidek staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation and support of the following individuals who have helped make the 1957 Millidek possible: William Kreuger, literary adviser, who helped us with our copy; Chuck Mueller, Indianapolis Engraving Company, Inc., for his ideas, coun- seling, and patience; Lyim Hiser, Huston-Patterson Corporation, for his fine cover and printing advice; R. Wayne Gill, financial adviser, for his guidance in financial matters; Kileen Studios, who took our pictures and who helped us by printing some of our pictures; Herald and Review, for supplying photographs; Lou Catron, who wrote a part of our copy; All of our advertisers, whose cooperation made this book possible; The faculty and student body, for their patience and cooperation through- out the year.

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