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OONOTR STALEY LIBRARY-WIILLtKIN UNIVERSITY Decatur, Illinois ii ( " ALGY LIDnARY-MiLLiKIN UNIVERSITY Decatur, iilincis Digitized by the Internet Arch ive in 2015 https: details millidek1955mill We, the editors, husiness managers, and staff hope that this, your Millidek of 56, wdl always he a source of pleasure to you. May it help to bring bach, happy memories of all the friendships, worship, work, and fun throughout ihe year " in the Shadow of the Tower. " In the Shadow of the Tower . . . Worc s o Vrs Jom The fall term began " In the shadow oi the tower Of our dear old Millikin, We will hail our Alma Mater We love through thick and thin. We hold high the lamp of learning. Our loyalty declare; For we love the sacred honor Of Millikin so fair. For we love the blue and white And her colors proudly wear. We revere the old traditions Of Millikin so fair — Of Millikin, of Millikin, Of Millikin so fair. " CIS PS Traditional arrival at Aston Hall « 4 » A dream come true We finally moved into the new science hall, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Malone and the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Scovill. « 5 » In the Shadow of the Tower . 77iP rc s UH ' " dug " Students planted trees on Arbor Day " My mother-in-law Auctioneer Black Yes, work and play go hand in hand on our campus. We ' ve all had many good times together, but even with all the extracurricular activities we ' ve taken part in, we ' ve never forgotten why we came to Millikin — for an education. We can all be thankful for the well-rounded education Millikin offers to us, not only in books and classes, but in the opportunity to live and work and play with our fellow students. The weekly trips to Westminster Church for Chapel brought the Millikin Family together, and the day of tree planting was a big success. We all enjoyed getting together on our campus every chance we had, for taking part in campus affairs makes living " in the shadow of the tower " a most memorable experience. Don ' t blow it up yet J (The science hall, that is) If Mother could only see us nowll Counselors get workout at Freshman Camp Boohwornis — pledges, llial is! Students study between classes gt the library « 8 » In the ShadowWlhe Tower . , What would college life be without the many associates and friends we work with from day to day? From washing dishes at freshman camp to the passing out of diplomas in June, we all gained great dividends from our relationships with not only our fellow students, but the faculty as well. Studying in the library and taking part in the many skits and plays brought us closer together. The influences of association and doing were many and varied, but all were very worthwhile. Homeit ' orfc? Students congregate in chapel lounge « 9 » In the Shadow of the lower . . A S fronts . , . WIN OR LOSE. WE SUPPORT THE BIG BLUE ... Sporting events play a big part at Millikin, and this year we were all mighty proud of the many athletes who represented us in intercollegiate play. Our teams made a good showing for us and many thanks go to them along with our fine coaching staff. We hate to say good-bye to Coach Jack Allen, but we know he ' ll always be behind the Big Blue just as we are. We ' ll always back out teams, for after all what is more thrilling than watching the Big Blue in action and cheering them on to victory? We pached the stanch to cheer the Big Blue VVho chased the girls away? Students congregate in lower hall No two persons are alike, but on our campus a variety of personalities live happily together and form a unified and genial Millikin Family. The faculty, with their good sense of humor, as shown by those taking part in the faculty auction, are always willing to help us, both academically and socially, and their assistance will never be forgotten. The many hours spent working with fellow students and chatting in lower hall, the dorms, and the SUB will be fond memories, too. One of Millikin ' s greatest attributes is the sense of belonging that it gives to each and every student. We ' re glad that we have the opportunity to meet and know all those who come beneath " the Shadow of the Tower. " The cast donned " hlackface " Homecoming Variety Show « 12 » In the Shadow The numerous dances, skits, parties, and exchanges create the social whirl of our campus. None will forget the many good times had in the variety of activities that highlighted this past year at Millikin, activities that contributed greatly in giving us a well-rounded education " in the Shadow of the Tower. " 15 During a whirl of camping, rush parties, tests, and registration, Millikin students began their first weeks on campus. Many new freshmen wandered here and there with lost looks on their faces, while the upper classmen were busy greeting each other and catching up on the news of the summer. As weeks passed, the student body was united, not as freshmen and upper classmen, but as friends and classmates, and again assumed the name of the " Millikin Family, " ready to join together in worship, study, and fun. " Aw, come on] One more won ' t he too many. Students fight long registration lines Going some placed Freshman Camp is a success as usual This is education? Frosh get acquainted at picnic SPA becomes AKL AKL national president presents charter to president. Bob Cvengros 17 Her Majesty EVIE BORCHART Pi Beta Phi Queen Evie Borchart comes to Millikin from Des Plaines, Illinois. A senior, Evie is majoring in elementary education. Her activities are many and varied, including the following: pres- ident of Pi Beta Phi and Panhellenic Council, member of student council, and secretary of the senior class. She is also listed in Who ' s Who. Evie was crowned queen at the football game by last year ' s queen, Verne Borse. She then reigned over the festivities for the re- mainder of the weekend. JULIA RAFFINGTON Delta Delta Delta Each sorority and Independent Association are allowed to choose one candidate for homecoming queen. A committee, consisting of alumni, faculty, and students, select one of the candidates as queen on the basis of beauty, personality, and social graces. The others constitute the queen ' s court. This year ' s court included Jeanie Gallatin, junior from Vandalia, Alpha Chi Omega; Julia Raffington, junior from Decatur, Delta Delta Delta; Diane Kirk, senior from Decatur, Millikin Independent Associa- tion; and Sally Durbin, senior from Downers Grove, Zeta Tau Alpha. SALLY DURBIN Zeta Tau Alpha DIANE KIRK Millikin Independent Association « 19 » Pretty as a picture APOs built exquisite queen ' s float jomfretCU M S Ci(M i ccC Out t Mdm Tri Delts " seived up " first place The homecoming decorations represent the efforts of many hours of hard work on the part of the Millikin students. The origin- ality and variety of themes made this year ' s decorations better than ever, and each one was a real winner, although a choice had to be made. The house decorations and the parade make our campus a center of in- terest for Decatur townspeople at homecom- ing time. High praise is well-deserved by all those who participated in making this part of homecoming a big success. The Sig Alphs " stung the judges ... " 1st place winners The Alpha C iis " went-fer ' em . . . " 2nd place winners Delta Sigs " popped up " Pi Phis had third place with second place " snouwd " Oh, to he a judge Joan Briggs, a senior, and lody Sparks, a junior, were selected by the student council to serve as co-chairmen of home- coming. Hats off to them for a very ex- citing week-endl Co-chairmen of homecoming Joan Briggs, Jody Sparks « 22 The finale of a terrific weekend Our homecoming dance Clap yo ' hands! Stamp yo ' feetJ Hal-le-lu-iahll Homecoming show proved to be a great success As you sat in Albert Taylor Hall, enjoying the " Millikin Minstrels of 55 " , did it occur to you that the presentation would have been impossible if it weren ' t for all those who worked backstage? It is to those people that we wish to give a vote of thanks, espe- cially to Dr. Mickel and Mr. Burgstahler who wrote the words and music. Students purchased tickets in lower hall for the home- coming dance. A fine crowd of alums and students enjoyed dancing to the music of Fred Dale ' s band — the climax of a wonderful weekend. « 23 » i Wanda Epps, Mrs. C. A. Lightbourn The Frizzly Hen acm €Utd ( mt Sconce Merry Cole, Les Larsen, George Blanchard. The Bine Tango Town and Gown, the dramatic organ- ization at MiUikin, presented a series of experimental one-act plays collectively called " On Cobweb Twine " by Ann Bar- low. " The Frizzly Hen, " " Mr. Biggs " and " Blue Tango " were three adaptations of life in New Orleans, and all guite varied in interest. Students in the Play Produc- tion class designed and executed the un- usual sets for this production. Town and Gown this year presented Oscar Wilde ' s " The Importance of Being Earnest " in the fall, and Emlyn William ' s " The Corn is Green " in the spring. Both were directed by Dr. Jere Mickel. Unique sets and complementary costumes in the style of Aubrey Beardsley helped make " Earnest " quite a hit, and learning Welsh was quite a task for several of the cast in " The Corn is Green. " Merry Cole, Nancy Noland The Importance of Being Earnest Janet Keeler, Leigh Williams Mr. BiQQS Martha Groppi T ie Importance of Being Earnest 25 Dances, dances, and more dancesl We certainly didn ' t want for social life on the Millikin campus this year. Each Greek or- ganization and the Independents sponsored a winter and spring formal in addition to numerous house dances. The Student Council sponsored several all-school dances this year. Included in these were the All-School Mixer, Homecoming Dance, Beaux-Arts Ball, Sweetheart Dance, and Spring Fever Dance. Vice President Sally Durbin and her social committee should be congratulated for a job well done. Sleepy time gals — and guys Costume house dances were favorites « 26 » Organized exchanges invaded Millikin ' s Greek organizations this winter. Each so- rority and fraternity had four dinner ex- changes each semester. Besides delicious food, hilarity and entertainment were plenti- ful and many new friends were made. Traditional presentation of MESSIAH was enjoyed by a large audience The Yule Season came to Millikin ' s campus, bringing with it festive spirit and merry-making as well as its religious meaning. Our season was opened by the tradi- tional presentation of the Messiah under the direction of Messrs. Snyder and Burg- stahler. Christmas exchanges were fre- quent, and Christmas trees were deco- rated at the houses and dorms. Many organizations held winter formals and dances; others joined the Christmas spirit by giving parties for children from the welfare home. The climax was the Christ- mas Tea given by the Millikin Dames. After each student had his fill of cookies and tea, his thoughts turned toward home where he would soon celebrate Christmas with his family. « 28 » Christmas trees reflected the Christmas spirit ormals were festive occasions The Christinas Tea is always a huge success and this year was no ex- ception. Students and fac- ulty alike enjoyed the -cookies and tea served by ' ■ " ' " the Millikin Dames. The " Cookie Tea " is an annual affair « 29 » Vienna Academy Chorus Ruggiero Ricci Millikin was proud to present its Fine Arts Series for the fourth season. Student committees, faculty members, and alumni select and manage the series. Mrs. Gage is the director, and it is to her that we owe our thanks for the wonderful presentations. All of the programs were presented in Albert Taylor Hall, but many townspeople, as well as Mil- likin students, enjoyed the presentations. Each pro- gram was followed by a reception given by the social groups at their respective houses. Froelich Rainey ZTA and DSP sponsored the reception for the Vienna Academy Chorus. This provided an excellent opportunity to meet students from a European conservatory. The students all enjoyed themselves regardless of the language barrier. The reception for Ruggiero Ricci, one of the best violinists in America, was sponsored by AXO and AKL. Mr. Ricci is the husband of a Millikin alum, so many old times were discussed. PBP and SAE sponsored the reception for Mata and Hari who were master-class artists in pantomime. Their supporting dancers of college age added variety and interest. Froelich Rainey was sponsored by MIA. Stu- dents decided that digging up facts as an archeol- ogist was much more interesting than digging them out of books. DDD and TKE sponsored the reception for Richard Dyer-Bennett, the ballad singer. Mr. Ben- nett was not the " dirty jeans " type of singer we usually stereotype, but kept his audience en- tranced with his songs. Richard Dyer-Bennett Mata and Hari 31 » Actors or stagehanc 32 s. Temper Tantrum! La Traviata was based on the story of Camille by Dumas and adapted to the music by Verdi. The producer and designer was Mr. Hubert Norville, the conductor, Mr. Ehon Burgstahler, the chorus director, Mr. Wesley Snyder, and dance director. Miss Annette Van Dyke. The leads were Arlene Steinberg and Mary Jo Kellams playing Violetta Valery, and opposite them, James Hill and John Smith playing Alfred Germont. Pardon me, I ' m not sleepy — just hored Bird-watchers Don ' t cry, Joe. Co-chairmen Carol Harper, Donna Hiser Hurry, hurryl Step right The purpose of Campus Chest is to raise money for Millikin ' s contribution to local and national charities. This year the major fund raising project was a carnival sponsored by all of the campus organizations and clubs. Women just can ' t keep their hands off moneyl Read this sign and you win $64,0001 Millikin ' s " Ugly Man " is chosen annually by the student body on a penny - a - vote basis. APO sponsors the contest to raise money for charity funds with each fraternity and the Indees backing a candidate. The winner is announced at the " Ugly Man Dance. " Gene Degner, MIA; John Connolly, DSP; Bob Cven- gros, AKL; Mickey Sprinkle, John Babcock, Bill Grant, TKE; Lee Myers, SAE. « 35 » Tfie Ugliest a on Co mpus Gene Degner " Harem Scarem Indees presented " Mice Mare of Hagi Babi " Variety Show is sponsored annually by the stude nt council. One sorority and one fraternity combine their talents to produce twenty-minute presentations, making a total of five skits. Much originality and hours of hard work and practice are necessary to make Variety Show the success that it always is. The result of endless hours of practice?? . ' ' Alpha Chis and AKLs staged •Wide Wide World " Delta Delta Delta " Pine VV ' iispcrs First Place Delta Sigma Phi " M.U. Through, the Years ' First Place " Get wiih it. Stupid " Howling Success " ain ' t trusting men no more. " " The Stupid Prince " by Tri Delts Sig Alphs and Zetas gave " Monitor " " Guys and Dolls " presented by Pi and Delta Sigs Phis and Tekes 37 » In the Shadow of the Tower , » ♦ The organizations are a vital part of every campus, and here at Millihin this is especially true. Each publication, governing body, departmental club, and social group contributes to the well-being of our university. Being a part of these organizations has helped us to enrich our living and our education " in the Shadow of the Tower. Meet " Ifmn. MdUde St z Here ' s your 1956 MUlidek, your pictorial record of the people and events that made this past year a memorable one. We extend many thanks to all those who helped make this book possible, especially Dr. Doubleday, our adviser, and Hoyt and Ed, our business managers. We sincerely hope that you WiW receive as much pleasure from your Millidek of ' 56 as we did in bringing it to you. Jeanie Gallatin Patsy Sue Schneiter Loretta Hefter and Ken Cottingham ART EDITORS CLASS EDITOR Mary Lou Chapman ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR Alice Mueller SPORTS EDITORS John Babcock and Bob Hanlel — lim Wright (second semester) Signing up for Millidek photos STAFF L. Gillen, J. Elliott, N. Adams. Knudson, K. Reime, K. Miller, Montgomery, S. McFadden, P. I nolds. Not present: C. Johnson. PHOTOGRAPHERS Eldon Constant, Hayes Hendricks Not present: Mike Curtis BUSINESS MANAGERS Hoyt Gorrell, Ed LeFevre « 41 Vec Sta 0 ' 56 The Decaturian was published this year under the editor- ship of Barbara Smith. Although Jim Milligan resigned as co-editor, he has given valuable assistance to the paper when- ever it needed help. Mary Sue Whaley was society editor the first semester and, upon her resignation, was replaced by Mary Brookbank. Paul McKelvey served as sports editor, while Dick Castleman, business manager, successfully brought the Dec out financially even. Mr. Buryl F. Engleman, man- aging editor of the Herald and Review, was very helpful as adviser and teacher of the journalism class. ASSISTANT EDITOR Dick Vest SOCIETY EDITOR Mary Sue Whaley SPORTS EDITOR Paul McKelvey 42 STUDENT HANDBOOK STAFF Row 1: B. Mines, W. Burge, G. Satterfield, M. Brame, J. Katz, T. Foval, L. Coe. Row 2: J. Eckhordt, P. Mills, G. Newman, M. Abner, M. Groppi, L. Larsen, M. Snearly, E. Gunn, D. Fisk, C. Henderson. Millikin ' s new Publications Board is com- posed of ten members — five faculty members and five students, each publication being represented. The board, which is respon- sible to the Student Council, meets once a month to discuss problems met by the publi- cations — Millidek. Deccrturian, Student Hand- book, and Student Directory. HANDBOOK EDITOR Carolyn Henderson MANAGER OF STUDENT DIRECTORY Dave Mauerman PUBLICATIONS BOARD Seated: C. Henderson, B. Smith, Dean Falvey. Standing: P. Schneiter, T. Ewing, Mr. Gill, J. Gallatin. Not Present: Dr. Doubleday, Mr. Engleman, Mr. Gray, D. Mauerman, C. Johnson, J. Milligan. The Student-Faculty Council, a new group this year, is a group composed equally of students and faculty. The chairmanship alternates between the Dean and the Student Council President. It is the function of this Council to discuss matters of interest to the entire campus community, and then to make recommendations to the proper authorities. STUDENT-FACULTY COUNCIL Row 1: Mrs. McNabb, K. Miller, C. Zimmer, Dean Falvey, S. Durbin. Row 2: J. Milligan, Mr. Driesbach, Mr, Gill, D. Quisenberry, E. LeFevre, Mr. Kerns. « 45 » ORCHESTRA The Millikin Civic Orches- tra consists of students and townspeople who audition for membership. The orches- tra presents two concerts a year and played for the opera and the Messiah. BAND The Millikin Band is a source of pleasure for both listeners and participants. It plays at basketball and foot- ball games and gives an an- nual concert in the spring. The band also goes on short tours, and this year it will present a concert at Blue Mound. The officers are Richard Corby, president; Jack Schepper, vice-presi- dent; Joanne Lathrop, secre- tary; and Sharon Hilt, librar- ian. Mr. Elton E. Burgstahler is the director. ' 7l( ' ll Saints Go Marching In " BAND Row 1: H. Reynolds, J. Cox, E. Yingling, R. Gallaway, M. Valintine, J. Lathrop, B. Roth, L. William, D. Hertenstein, L. Pirtle, J. Schepper. Row 2: M. Borchers, B. Col- burn, G. Gray, D. Duns- comb, M. Wood, N. Hie- din, D. Thomas, S. Hilt, M. Jenne, C. Marshall, G. Newman, C. Rogers, P. Wattles, R. Corby. Row 3: B. L. Roth, D. Smith, L. Parsons, J. Grace, B. Bergen, K. Whitsitt. MAJORETTES Millikin ' s twirling quartet is always eagerly awaited at football games. Jo Ann Ryan, Jeanie Gallatin, Kem Miller, and Nina Ruth Harper combine their talents to give a terrific performance at each game. « 47 » CHOIR Row 1: R. Hanson, J. McBride, C. San- chez, P. Rains, A. Steinberg, D. Stein- berg, M. Groppi, G, Muirheid, J. Littleton, J. Lathrop, H. Raab, Row 2: N. Tingley, C. Marshall, I. Cox, N Noland, E Yohner, J. Raffington, L. Hefter, M. Snearly, J. Gelbach, S. Lathrop, V. Boner, M. Borchers. Row 3: L. Partington, D. Shuey, R. Schlobohm, B. Krebbs, I. Cox, I. Abraham, B. Jones, R. Corby, J. Middleton, J. Shepper. Director, Wesley Snyder. The A Cappella Choir and the University Chorus are the main choral groups on campus. The A Cappella Choir is made up of approxirnately 40 selected voices, and the University Chorus has a inembership of b. bach group appears in chapel services and in concerts. The Choir inakes a tour of Illinois every other year, and both groups unite to present The Messiah each Christmas. CHORUS Row 1: T. Winfrey, C. O ' Malley, G. Newman I. Lord, J. Raffington, E. Spence, J. Tucker, N. Clark, P. Brown, S. Griffin. Row 2: S York, E. Yap, S. Wilson, A. Redifer, N Ash, N Ford, S. Brooks, P. Rains, G. Zimmermari M. K. Carter, E. Miller, L. Dixon, D. Gertenstein, L. Williams, N. Shank, B. Schien, D. Steinberg. Row 3: Mr Snyder, B. Bryan, A. Davis, S Price, C. Gregory, M. Monson, J. Craig, M. Ortgier, M. Pappas, M Cottingham, R. Willand, J. Storer, J. Reeves B. Zimmer, G. Bailey, S. Atkins, C, Chow, S. McFadden. Row 4: S Weihe, J. Markwell, E. Conley B. E. Roth, P. Wilson, M. Brookbank, D. Bashore, M Proctor, C. Kammerer, C. Tschannen, L. Lefmann, V. Boner, P. Evans, S. Mitchell, M. Jenne, C. Zimmer. Row 5: S Heffernan, R. Middleton, B. Mines, N. Tingley, D Keck D. Shuey, W. Abine, M. Nagel, J. Stevenson, d! McBain, E. Rolf, S. Bart, W. Brei, J. Brown, B. Bricker, M. Keener. L ' n The Student Council continued its administration of Millikin extra-curricular activities. Emphasis this year was placed on novel social functions, a student union program, and increased unity among campus organi- zations. The Millikin Student Council vv as instrumental in forming a permanent organization among all the CCI student governments. OFFICERS President Dick Quisenberry Vice President Sally Durbin Secretary Loretta Hefter Treasurer Tom Ewing « 49 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is an outstanding honor bestowed upon students who have evidenced strength of character, sense of responsibility, scholastic achievement, and other qualities indicating strong citizenship and leadership. Students are nominated by Student Council members and are judged by a smaller committee appointed by the Dean. The names are then sent to the National Headquarters of Who ' s Who for official approval. « 50 » Row 1: N. Currie, L. Lefmann, M. Carter, J. Briggs. Row 2: C. Johnson, J. Widicus, H. Raab, P. Schneiter, M. Russell, Dr. Nichols. Pi ' Mu Theta Pi Mu Theta is the senior women ' s honorary fraternity. Qualifications for membership include an overall 3.0 average and a minimum of 68 academic credit hours. The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship, service, and character among Millikin women. Officers for this year were Laura Lefmann, president; Margaret Carter, vice-president; Neva Currie, secretary-treasurer. Miss Doris Nichols served as facuHy adviser. Pfii Chi Alpha Phi Chi Alpha is a men ' s honorary fraternity. Its aims are to promote scholarship, leadership, and character among senior men. To become a member of this fraternity it is necessary to have an overall 3.0 average and 68 academic hours. The faculty adviser for this year was Dr. Gage. Officers were Harold Frost, president; Gene Degner, vice-president; and Tom Partridge, secretory-treasurer. Row 1: J. Stevenson, R. Corby, B. Dappert, H. Frost, H. Gorrell. •- - Row 2: G. Booth, B Hawkins, T. Partridge. Row 1: D. Gage, N. Doubleday, F. Ross, R. Maxwell, W Walker, W. Emch. Row 2: C. Miller, E. Kiefer, E. Parkinson, J. Talbot, M. Wood, J. Stevenson, D. Nichols, E. McNabb, ]. Howie, H. Haab. Row 3: C. Johnson, L. Lefmann, C. Zimmer, M_ Carter, M. Russell, J. W. Malone, C. Head, B. Sachen, W. Snyder. Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, national honor fraternity, encourages scholarship. Twice each year undergraduates are elected to membership. In cooperation with the University, Phi Kappa Phi presents an assembly speaker. Officers for the year were president, Dr. Maxwell; vice-president, Dr. Ross; secretary-treasurer, Dr. Walker; journal correspon- dent. Dr. Doubleday. To be a member of APO, one must have been a Boy Scout, carry fifteen hours, and have a scholastic index of 1.75. Projects for the year included book covers. Homecoming Queen ' s float, Homecoming pins, blood drive, teacher rating forms. Ugly Man Contest, and foot- ball scoreboard. Officers were president. Gene Degner; vice-president, Richard Helms; secretary, David Smith; treasurer, Don Keck. Advisers were Messrs. Ploenges, Kiefer, Smith, Munneke, and Bolen. Alpha Phi Omega Row 1: D. Smith, G. Degner, R. Helms. Row 2: A. Coen, E. Roth, B. Humphrey, P. Hurt, I. Steven- son. Row 2: J. Stevenson, Mrs. Gage, I. Echart, D. Martensci Bovr 1: L. Erickson, S. Moms, E. Martenson, J. Robb. Pi Kappa Delta •Pi Kappa Delta is a national forensic fraternity, which gives Millikm students the opportunity to pre- sent logical debates. Jack Robb is president of the fraternity. This year the members participated in several debate tournaments. AERho is a national honorary radio and tele- vision fraternity. Officers are president, Richard Goldstein; secretary, David Williams; vice-president, Merry Cole; faculty sponsor, Mrs. McNabb. All Mil- likin programming on radio and TV is produced by members of the chapter and frequently directed by them. Alpha EpsUon Row 1: D. Williams, E. Leach, I. Stevenson, D. Goldstein, J. Booth, P. Mashburn, M. Cole Row 2: J. Henderson, Mrs. McNabb, J. Eckhardt, G. Reynolds, L. Craiq, L. Hubbard. 53 » Row 1: Row 2; Row 3; C. Zimmer, C. Myers, M. Beaman, M. Kopp, M. Carter. Z. Brock, M. Shonk, G. Hodge, R. Maxwell, G. Zimmerman. J. Miller, L. Riff, B. Krebs, C. Rupert, H. Reynolds, B. Smith, S. Durbin, E. Martenson. Conant Conant is a literary society open to juniors and seniors majoring or minoring in English. The programs for this year included several book reviews, talks, and slides. The officers for the year are Marcella Shonk, president; Jeanne Miller, vice-president; Colleen Myers, treasurer; and Jean Wollenhaupt, secretary. Dr. Max- well is faculty adviser. Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization designed to create interest in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Millikin ' s Chapter won a trophy for being the most improved chapter m the United States. The officers for the past year were president, Garnett Gray; vice-president, Bob Swengel; secretary- treasurer. Bill Adcock. The faculty adviser for the past year was Dr. Weatherbee. Sigma Zeta Row 1: B. Ohvero, S. Bower, N. Currie, G. Gray, B. Adcock, J. Elliott, M. Clayton, G. Salaita. Row 2: D. McNeil, C. Leach, Martie, J. Brown, B. Swengel. .u at II V ».r mn te to Ni Cu Zn Gc: C- 35,150 01 J; «s tJM jCflS SI iws Jv iE j ' Ar ' ' ; -. : Rb Sr Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb fe . ;Xe Cs Bo Lo H f To W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb B. Po -m Fr Row 1: R. Long, K. Reime, D, Kirk, M. Armstrong, S. Diet- schy, G. Satteriield, ]. WoUenhaupt, P. Wilson. Row 2: R. Elliott, P. Jensen, W. Finley, C. Zimmer, D, Fisk, Miss Sparks, P. Reynolds, M. Carter, M. Kolb, A. Howard, E. Tripp. Row 3: S. Partridge, M. Wasem, R. McDonald, M. Watson, N. Smith, J. McClelland, R. Reeser, N. Ash, O. McNeely, J. Johnston, A. Mueller. Tau Cfii Pi Tau Chi Pi is open to anyone enrolled in a course in secretctrial science. Its aims are to discuss business and many of its problems, and to train its members for future work in the business world. Officers were Carol Zimmer, president; Dorothy Fisk, vice-president; Willetta Finley, secretary; Helen Reynolds, treasurer; Miss Sparks and Mrs. McKee, advisers. The Home Ec Club is composed of girls taking home economics courses. Activities for the year included the annual senior banquet, style show, a trip to Chicago, teas, selling aprons and cards, and baby-sitting ser- vices. Officers were president, Dottie Mullen; vice- president, Bev Burton; secretary, Joan Sparks; treas- urer, Linda McGee; faculty adviser, Mrs. Ruth Adams. Home Ec Club Row 1: N. Adams, P. Mashburn, J. Lord, I. Gause, S. Wiseheart, J. Sparks, J. Tuck er, E. Spence, A. Davis, R. Six. Row 3: P Moran, R. McDonald, P. Tillett, P. Burnet S. Foster, J. McDonald, N. Griffin, R. Wieland, W Ellwood, J. Craig, B. Burton. Row 2: B. Boyle, M. Ortgier, M. Johnson, L. McGee, D. Mullen, D. Stephenson, D. Hiser, B. Gregory, B. Zimmer. How 1: M. Gralike, M. Carter, B. Johnson, C Beam, N. Adams, L. Pirtle, M, Gass, D. Hogg, L. Williams. Row 2: M. Hinton, M. Lally, C. Fleming, C. Rivette, h. Lederbrand, I. Bowman, J. Grief, M Volentine, D. Hiser, G. Newman, S. Schroeder, N. Harper, S. Snyder, S. Sullivan. w m Row 3: I. Gallatin, C. Gregory, D, Pnmrn M Mathers, B Grow, W. Ellwood, J. Bnggs, J. Gehlbach, D. Fisk, A Gegel D. Eater, D. Dunn, E. Borchort, S. Wise- Row 4: S. Goerisch, S. Brown, ]. Keeler, B. Delucas, C. Henderson, B. Gregory, M. Proctor, D. Bashore L. Tober, C. Knudson, P. Tillett, S. Yonikus, D, Kelley, D. Lamphere, M. Chapman, L. Brown, C. Campbell, B. Boyle. Row 5: L. Craig, W. Langdon, A. Loomis, F. Van Doran, L Giller B Bergen, ]. Rice, M. Abner, M. Snearly, C. Stevens, B. Bair, J. Sparks, P. Hays, N. Walker, B. Colburn, M. Groppi. heart. Future Teachers of America F.T.A., composed of education majors and minors, aims to give ideas in training and help students in their first professional organization. Officers for the year were president, Marie Volentine; vice-president, Delores Stark; secretary, Nancy Walker; faculty ad- visers, Dr. Unger and Dr. Dawald. Tower Club is open to any student interested in fine arts. Its activities were sponsoring the annual Tower Club exhibition and photography show, and decorating for the first Beaux Arts Ball. Mr. Driesbach served as faculty adviser. The officers were Ken Cot- tinghom, president; Loretta Hefter, vice-president; Carole Knudson, secretary-treasurer. Tower Club How 1: N. Titchenal, C. Knudson, J. Raffington, S. Atkins, S. Craycroft Mr. Driesbach Row 2: B. Hansen, C, Gregory, S. Durbin, K. Cottingham, L. Hefter, P. Jensen, P. Polston. Miller, B Row 1: C. Kim, S. Bauer, M. Colbert, Cvengros. Row 3: J. Elliott, C. Heileman, S. Mitchell, M. Broofc bank, M. Clayton, N. Shank. How 2: Dr. Ross, L. Riff, G. Hodge, C. Rupert, M. Quig- ley, Z. Eddy. French Club The purpose of French Club is to promote interest in speaking the language and it is open to students who have had a year of French; joint meetings are sometimes held with other language clubs. Officers were Charles Rupert, president; Joel McClellanci vice- president; Marilyn Quigley, secretary; Genny Hodge, treasurer; Dr. Ross, adviser. La Sociedad Espanola is open to students having one year of college Spanish. It meets regularly once a month to promote an interest in speaking the Spanish language. Officers for the year were Bob Harden, president; John Hughey, vice-president; Peggy Jensen, secretary; John Hart, treasurer; Miss Blackburn, faculty adviser. Spanish Club Row 1: B. Hart, B. Harden, P. lensen, B. Blackburn. , . r, Row 2: E. Miller, P. Patterson, B. Zimmer, J. Wicks, B. Bryan, A. Atterberry, M. Snearly. « 57 » How 1: S Cieaniei, S, Sydnoi, A h Uii-.i. 1 Kic. . Row 2: S, Goerisch, M, Chapman, J. Miller, L. McGee, Mrs. Walker. Row 3: P. Patterson, L. Lefman, J. Lentz, J. Lathrop, J. WoUenhaupt. R.W.A.C. Chi Eta Rho Row 1; Row 2: Rov, 3; Morning devotions begin each day Co-chairmen of R. E. Week Betty Roth, Barbara Smith Operation MUUkin Religious Association Millikin Religious Association is the co-ordinating group for Mil- likins religious life. The MRA council is made up of a member from each denomination and five members at large. It sponsors Freshman Camp and Religious Emphasis Week. The council chooses the co- chairmen of these events. MRA also sponsors a v eekend work camp, usually held in Chicago. The officers were president, Tom Ewing; secretary, Jody Sparks; faculty adviser, Dean Black. Row 1: B. Cvengros, I. Sparks, T. Ewing, B. Smith. Row 2: M. Snearly, E. Martenson, E. LeFevre, C. Montgomery, J. Elliott, L. Heft. Panhellenic Councils and Interfraternitif Council Row 1: Mr. Kerns, Mr. Smith, Mr. Kiefer, Dr. Brewer. Row 2: D. Holler, B. Nolan, I. Welch, A. Loomis, B. Krebs, B. Hantel. Row 3: M. Sprinkle, E. LeFevre, B. Fairbank, D. McBain, B. Briggs. The Millikin Panhellenic Council is composed of the presidents and rush chairmen of the womens fra- ternities on campus. One of the most important func- tions of the council is to determine rush rules for all sororities. This group sponsors the Panhellenic Dance, Panhellenic Banquet, and Panhellenic Slumber Party. The officers for this year are Evie Borchart, president; Pat Tillet, vice-president; Sallie Partridge, secretary; and Ruth McDonald, treasurer. Miss Frances Falvey is the adviser for the group. The Interfraternity Council is composed of the pres- idents, representatives, and faculty advisers of the fraternities on campus. The council sponsors the inter- fraternity dance and dinner exchanges throughout the year. Officers for this year were Jim Welch, president; Al Loomis, secretary; Ed LeFevre, treasurer; and Mickey Sprinkle, social chairman. « 61 » OmCERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President Sallie Partridge Kem Miller Vice-President ....Peg Reynolds Marty Groppi Secretary Merry Cole Loretta Hefter Treasurer Dottie Fisk Peg Jensen Alpha Chi Omega Row 1: I. Elliott, J. Gallatin, S. Hilt, D. Bashore, J. Johnston, M. Wasem, M. Whaley, J. Thornton. Row 2: C. Marshall, J. Bowman, M. Clayton, S. Partridge, Mrs. Lewman, M. Cole, C. Myers, D. Hiser, L. Hefter. Row 3: D. Mullen, J. Briggs, D. Fisk, B. Burton, C. Henderson, P. Reynolds, B. Gregory, M. Proctor, G. Hodge, P. Moron, S. Brown, K. Miller, P. Jensen. Row 4: M. Groppi, J. Tucker, B. Manning, R. Six, D. Hertenstein, P. Wilson, R. Long, J. Foval, K. Thomas, G. Muirheid, R. Elliott, M. Sneorly. « 62 » " Girl of the Golden Lyre " — that ' s an Alpha Chi! Upsilon chapter has enjoyed another successful year at M.U. Our all- school street dance paved the way for many social functions to come. Homecoming ar- rived and we took second place in the house decorations with the theme " We " gopher ' you. " Joan Briggs served as co-chairman of Homecoming while Jeanie Gallatin was our queen candidate. Besides exchanges, we enjoyed several house dances and our two formals. Alpha Chis were very active as campus leaders. Class officers included Sallie Part- ridge, Kem Miller, and Carol Marshall. Caro- lyn Henderson was editor of the Student Handbook; Jeanie Gallatin, co-editor of the Millidek; Donna Hiser, co-chairman of Cam- pus Chest; Loretta Hefter, secretary of Stu- dent Council; Kem Miller and Jeanie Gallatin, majorettes; Jo Briggs, Who ' s Who; Kem Miller, president of WAA; Dottie Mullen, president of Home Ec Club; several others also held offices in campus organizations. We wish to thank Coach Ralph Allan and Mrs. Lewman for their guidance and assis- tance throughout the year. « 63 » OFFICERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President Ruth McDonald lody Sparks Vice-President .. Shirley Dietschy Barbara Bergen Secretary Sharon McFadden Alice Mueller Treasurer Joan Widicus Willetta Finley Delta Delta Delta Row 1. B. Bergen, D. Steinberg, C. Stevens, M. Bea- man, L. Giller, J. Sparks, C. Heileman, W. Finley, J. Littleton. Row 2: C, Zimmer, N. Noland, ]. Widicus, H. Raab, S. Dietschy, Mrs. Hale, R. McDonald, P. Mash- burn, S. McFadden, M. Cottingham, A. Steinberg, D. Stephenson. Row 3: N. Titchenal, S. Atkins, J. McBride, A. Mueller, A. Baker, M. Colbert, K. Jibben, N. Griffin, P. Breeze, B. Rude, M. Armstrong, M. Baker, K. Reime, P. Fullerton, I. Raffington. Row 4: P. Morris, B. Kimmons, A. Redifer, A. Geddes, J. Miller, C. Bardelmeier, S. Heffernan, L. Pirtle, C Pace, M. Reams, D. Lanphere, D. Kelley, B. Zimmer, A. Davis, L. Dixon, J. Lord, G. Newman, B Colburn, C. O ' Malley, M. Gass. « 64 » Opening the school year with rushing activities, the girls at 111 Park Place soon found themselves busy with dances and Homecoming decorations. We were award- ed first place for float decoration, and Jody Sparks served as co-chairman of Home- coming. In the midst of the social whirl of the second semester, study lamps were burning. We were awarded the coveted Scholarship Cup for the third time, and, therefore, we are permitted to keep it. Delta Epsilon was represented in all aspects of campus life. Arlene Steinberg sang the lead in La Traviata. Sharon Mc- Fadden, Carolyn Stevens, Barbara Bergen and Gayanne Newman cheered on the Big Blue. Ruth McDonald and Helen Raab were elected to Who ' s Who. and other members were active in Pi Mu Theta and Phi Kappa Phi. Other members served as class officers and participated in various clubs. To our faculty adviser. Miss Sparks, and to our housemother, Mrs. Hale, we extend heartfelt gratitude for their guidance throughout the year. « 65 » OFFICERS 1st Semester President Evie Borchart Vice-President , . . .Marlene Kolb Secretary Marilyn Quigley Treasurer Barbara Smith 2nd Semester Marilyn Quigley Barbara Smith Sarah Shepley Louise Tober Pi Beta Phi Row 1: D. Primm, N. Ash, E. Conley, M. Beyer, A. Logan, L. Tober, C. Montgomery, B. Smith, S. Shepley, S. Wiseheart. Row 2: D. Dunn, M. Hinton, M. Kopp, B. Grow, Y. Borchart, Mrs. Cherry, M. Shonk, P. Schneiter, M. Blasingame, M. Kolb, J. Miller, J. Grief. Row 3: B. Bair, J. Walmsley, S. Brooks, N. Adams, B. Johnson, J. Storer, J. McDonald, S. McCottery, A. Kuppler. Row 4: J. Rice, C. Beam, N. Casteel, M. K. Carter, M. Gralike, J. Fancher, M. Temple, N. Smith, M. ]. Mathers, L. Brown, W. Elwood, J. McClellan, S. Mitchell, S. Webb. « 66 » Pi Beta Phi started the year with a very successful rush season. At Homecoming time we won second place with our float, " Snowball the Foresters, " and our candi- date, Evie Borchart, was crowned Queen of the Homecoming festivities. The semester continued with our winter formal and our party for the faculty ' s children coming right before Christmas. Second semester we initiated sixteen new Pi Phis. Other activi- ties included Variety Show, University Sing, Mother ' s Weekend, and the spring formal. Many Pi Phis held positions on campus. Evie Borchart and Sarah Sheply held class offices. Patsy Sue Schneiter was Millidek co-editor, and Barbara Smith was Deca- turian editor, as well as co-chairman of REW. Pi Phis elected to Who ' s Who were Evie Borchart and Patsy Schneiter. Evie was also Panhellenic president and Patsy was elected to Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Mu Theta. Dorothy Dunn was also a member of Pi Mu Theta. « 67 » OFFICERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President Pat Tillett Judy Pease Vice-President. .Carolynn lohnson Nancy Shank Secretary Carol Harper Pat Hayes Treasurer Barbara Dixon Sara Schroeder leta lau Alpha Row 1: C. Jones, S. Yonikus, C. Knudson, C. Harper, P. Tillett, M. Brookbank, P. Hays, B. Walker. Row 2: N. Shank, B. Dixon, Z. Brock, L. Riff, C. Johnson, S. Durbin, C. Fleming, N. Walker, E. Conrady, S. Shroeder. Row 3: S. Sydnor, E. Johner, B. Martie, G. Satterfield, C. Roderick, C. Gregory, S. Andrews, S. Griffin, C. Degner. Row 4: E. LeMarr, S. Price, G. Gray, N. Harper, A. Atteberry, B. Bryan, A. Sullivan, P. Mills, J. Gallatin. 68 » Zeta Tau Alpha enjoyed a successful year at Millikin. Formal rush in September was followed shortly by Homecoming. Our pledge dance, " Atomic Amble, " and our winter formal, " Symphony in Silver, " were also big social events of the first semester. The scholarship dinner and Variety Show, the University Sing, Mother ' s Weekend, and the spring formal rounded out the school year. Zetas were prominent in campus activi- ties. Carolyn Johnson was elected to Phi Kappa Phi, and Carolyn and Sally Durbin were named to Who ' s Who. Sally Durbin was Student Council vice-president, Nancy Walker was senior class secretary and treas- urer of FTA; Carol Harper was Campus Chest co-chairman. Zetas were represented on the Dec and Millidek, in the Tower Club, the language clubs and the swimming club. « 69 » I OFFICERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President Bob Cvengros Bob Krebs Vice-President Bob Krebs Jerry Wicks Secretary Jim Howie Paul Terry Treasurer Bill Hawkins Jim Tolch Alpha Kappa Lambda Row 1: M. Rusch, M. Nagel, G. Gray, J. Eckhardt, T. McCracken. Row 2: A. Loomis, J. Stevenson, J. Howie, R. Cven- gros, R. Krebs, G. Swank, R. Gilmour, G. Baker. Row 3: E. Wilson, J. Wicks, P. Terry, W. Grant, W. Abene, J. Tolch, R. Agee, H. Hendricks, B. Hines. Not Present: R. Goldstein. 70 » October 30, 1955, was the most important date of the school year for this fraternity. On that date the fraternity became Pi chap- ter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. As a result the fraternal fellowship has grown steadily. The members have been very active in campus life. Gene Baker and Garnett Gray were chosen for Who ' s Who, Jim Howie and Jim Stevenson were elected to Phi Kappa Phi. Several of the men have been organi- zation presidents: Dick Goldstein of Alpha Epsilon Rho, Garnett Gray of Sigma Zeta, and Dick Gilmour of German Club. AKL also has two student instructors; Jim Howie in Greek and Garnett Gray in physics. Hayes Hendricks has been Millidek photographer, Dick Gilmour is chapel organist, Bob Krebs is vice-president of U.Y.F., and Al Loomis is secretary of the I.F.C. Mark Nagel is treas- urer of I.F.C. and Jerry Wicks is secretary of Spanish Club. The winter formal, " Kris Kringle Mingle, " climaxed the winter social activities, and the year ended in a flourish with Variety Show, University Sing, and the spring formal. « 71 » OFFICERS 1st Semester President Jim Milligan Vice-President Bob Briggs Secretary Harold Frost Treasurer Ed LeFevre 2nd Semester Bob Briggs Ed LeFevre Don Petty Larry Partington Delta Sigma Phi Row 1: K. Brown, C. Nichols, D. Castleman, R. Reed, D. Quisenberry, J. Thompson, D. Lidbury, R. Moore, T. Innis, K. Cottingham. Row 2: J. Barnes, P. Innis, H. Gorrell, Frost, J- Milligan, B. Briggs, E. LeFevre, C. Hinton, D. Warford, P. Heyduck, J. Dooley. Row 3: J. Kaiser, P. McKelvey, D. Groves, P. Wiant, D. Beck, I. Hoffman, D. Rayhill, J. Hastings, W. Adcock, L Partington, F. Howell. Row 4: T, Lansden, A. Drakos, D. Allen, B. Carmody, A. Schroeder, D. Petty, L, Dechant, J. Pohlman, N. Heider, D. Rathje. Row 5: I. Dieterich, T. Smith, R. Lotchin, B. Swengel, D. Reid, R. Helms, J. Young, D. Seligman. Row 6: L. Anderson, L. Hammon, C. Tsevelekos, R. James, D. Holler, L. Listen, J. Stillman, D, Brucker, G. Wolanin, j. Codemo, C. Peters. 72 PLEDGES Row 1: I. Kettlekamp, G. Blanchard, R. Schaefe. M. Row 2: L. Hag. R,, C Duez,J Toylo. J. Curtis. J. Jolly, D. Stroble, M. Vogt, D. Mauterer. R Wisher. Row 3: R. Herman, C. Sutton, B. Lux, R. Hazelrigg, I. Sperl, J. Eaton, D. Johnson, D. Lake, R. Snell. The accomplishments of Delta Sigma Phi are numerous. We have held the intramural trophy for nineteen years, and some of Millikin ' s finest athletes and leaders are Delta Sigs. Dick Quisenberry is president of Student Council; Dick Grove heads the Sophomore Class; and feff Taylor is president of the Freshman Class. Delta Sig is represented m almost every campus organization. We are now looking forward to an addition to our chapter house. It will be greatly welcomed by all Delta Sigs. OFFICERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President Bill Fairbank Dick Deckert . Vice-President Bob Hantel Jim Welch Secretary Don Kuhn Dick Walker Treasurer Jerry Groves Jerry Groves Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1? Row 1: J. Welch, J. Groves, B. Fairbank, T. Edwards, Row 2: E. Basehart, G. Mulligan, J. Hughey, C. Mrs. Cottle, D. Kuhn, B. Hantel, B. Hume, D. Minick, J. Fuson, T. Foval, J. McFeeters, B. Taylor, McCann, T. Strahle. J. Wasson, R. Shulke. Row 3: D. Doss, J. Brown, J. Semler, D. Mauerman, D. Deckert, J. Schaub, R. Berry, D. Quevy, T. Ewing, P. Kottaridis, J. Pyles, D. Walker. « « 74 » Row 1: D. Cox, L. Coe, S. Haughey, N. Lingley, D. Gentry, Mrs. Cottle, L. Myers, B. Voss, G. Von- Row 2: L. Larsen, D. Stark, B. Gregory, G, Kenney, Buchant, ]. Valentine, D. Stortz, G. Wilson, R. Newbold, D. Watkins, T. Stocks, B. Muehlebach. drasek, D. [ameson. Row 3: J Wagner, B. Hill, I. Bettinghaus, R. Helm, J Bleeker, L. Bower, D. Drake, B. Hart, F. Biddle, D. Meldahl, P. Neely, J. Koger, R. Rain. Sigma Alpha Epsilon began the year amidst a flurry of rush parties, house dances, and exchanges. At Homecommg time, the house was a beehive of activity as the Sig Alphs constructed their first-place-w-inning house decoration. In Jan- uary, SAE v ent in mass to the SAE National Temple in Evans- ton, where they initiated twenty-one men. In March, Sigma Alpha Epsilon celebrated its hundredth anniversary at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. Spring picnics and the formal concluded the SAE year in true style. OFFICERS 1st Semester President Bob Nolan Vice-President Chuck Rude Secretary Al Richards Treasurer Bob Paddock 2nd Semester Bob Paddock Bob Bloomquist Mickey Sprinkle Harry Erickson Tail Kappa EpsUon PLEDGES Row 1: D. Martenson, D. McBain, D. Smith, A. Rich- Row 2: D. Keck, D. Kennedy, J. Ortberg, B. Eunson, ards, B. Nolan, C. Rude, B. Bloomquist, B. Pad- P. Hettinger, C. Conrady, L. Hubbard, E. Rolf, dock, C, Streib. R- Herd, A. Parcell. Row 3: T. Smith, D. Smith, P. Hunt, J. Perry, M. Sprinkle, P. Panici, H. Erickson, B. Sinclair. « 76 » Row 1: R. Larson, R. A bnght, H. MUchell, B. Nelson, Row l ' ' ' ' R. Jones, T. Lewis, N. Evangelista. Morris Row 3: R. Brion, R. Adams, T. Christianson, G. Hodge, A. Johanson, F. Mulch. Beta chapter had a successful and profit- able school year. The TKEs enjoyed an outstanding Rush Week followed by the pledge dance, " Harvest Hop. " Two formals, sorority exchanges, house dances, and TV parties headed the social calendar through- out the rest of the year. TKEs outstanding on campus during the year were Bob Paddock, president of the junior class; Mickey Sprinkle, treasurer of the sophomore class; John Ortberg and Clayton Streib, co-captains of the tennis team. Mickey Sprinkle led the Big Blue in field goals and free throw percentages; Ted Smith was elected to the All Conference Second Team in football. Don Keck, Dave Smith, Chuck Rude, Alan Richards, and Dave Martenson all held offices in campus organizations. OFFICERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President Margaret Carter Marilyn Keener Vice-President Ruby Smith Carol Clevenger Secretary Jean Wollenhaupt Jane Frey Treasurer Janice Markwell Dean Crump UUkin Independent Association « 78 » The Indee year got underway with a flurry of welcome activities for the new frosh. Before very long, though, plans were well along for Homecoming! Our float theme was " Skunk Lake Forest. " The Big Blue took the hint and beat Lake Forest! Before the winter season was over, we danced to " Fan- tasy in Ice, " our winter formal. Second semester started off with the Ugly Man Contest. Gene Degner, our can- didate, walked off with the trophy. " The ' Tails ' of the Arabian Nights " was our theme for the Variety Show — shades of old Hajji Baba! Next came the University Sing, N.I.S.A. Week, and our spring formal when our Sweetheart was chosen. The year wound up with a picnic and tearful goodbyes to the graduating seniors. This year 1955-1956 was a great success for us, and we are greatly indebted to our advisers, Mrs. Elinor Gage and Mr. Jack Allen, who gave us so much fine help and encouragement. « 79 » Row 1: D. Steinberg, I. Littleton, C. Marshall, E. Conley. Row 3: S. McFadden, K. Jibben, B. Walker, H. Raab, . S. Hilt, J. McBride, C. Sanchez. Row 2: L. Lefmann, M. Russell, A. Steinberg, B. Roth, R. Galloway, M. Cottingham. Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha Iota enjoyed a very busy and successful year at Millikin. Musicales consisted of opera vocal selections, instruraental numbers from the classical period, seasonal music from all eras, recorded music, and guest appearances. fifteen members attended State Day at the Uni- versity of Illinois. In October a successful ice cream social was held to raise money for the SAI Founda- tion Fund and the American Music Awards. OFFICERS President Arlene Steinberg Vice President Betty L. Roth Secretary Laura Lefmann Treasurer Mary Cottingham « 80 » Row 1: I. Schepper, R. Corby, B. Jones. Row 2: W. Howard, D. Shuey, D. Dunscomb, ]. Smith, J. Middleton, I. Wicks, J. Grace, J. Abra- ham. Phi Mm Alpha Phi Mu Alpha is a men ' s music fraternity for those with a high interest in vocal and instrumental music. We sponsor the University Sing with Sigma Alpha Iota and give a concert at least once a year. This year we had two formals and presented the American Sing, a contemporary music concert. Academically, one must have a 2.0 for initiation. 81 In the Shadow of the Tower . ♦ V ith our fight songs and such yells as " Go Big Blue we cheered our teams on, — teams that we were proud of for their ne sportsmanship as well as their outstanding athletic ability. Many thanks go to our athletes, coaches, and cheerleaders who did their hest for us " in the Shadow of the Tower. « 83 » r % 1 Pete Kottardis Hal Fuson Sif Slue Od ( nCeUn The Blue opened their season under the lights on Decatur High ' s field, going down to defeat 20-7 to Carroll College. The second game of the season saw the Blue putting up a strong fight before bowing to Missouri Valley on their own field. Elmhurst was a very easy foe, losing 81-0 to the Blue. The Blue conquered the Vikings of Augus- tana 27-12 and Lake Forest 19-13 before losing to Wesleyan 19-12 at Wesleyan. The Blue defeated North Central 13-0, and in the final game of the season lost to Wheaton, the conference champions, 32-12. Gene Wolanin Nick Evangelista Bob Harland « 84 Dave Rayhill Ron Wisher Don Lidbury Ted Smith The Big Blue were led this year by co-captains Tom Innis and Pete Innis. Both brothers hail from Union City, New Jersey; Tom is a senior and Pete is a junior. Each showed leadership as well as athletic ability, which, when combined, helped to make our football season the suc- cess that it was. Tom Innis Gail Westerhoff Larry Kane Larry Haab Ardent Fanl Coaches Everette LaMar and Jack Allen Jack Allen, completing his third year as head coach, led the Big Blue through a very successful season. With the aid of Coach LeMar, the Blue, after suffering two suc- cessive defeats, came on to end the year with an overall record of 4-4, including a 4-2 CCl record, good for third place. « 86 » Rick Hazelrigg Pete Innis Frank B MU Players Merit Awards The Big Blue placed Pete Innis and Larry Kane, quar- terback, on the all CCI first team. Tackle Lyle Slater, guard Gene Wolanin, and halfback Ted Smith received berths on the second squad. Innis, in addition to landing on the All Conference team for the third time, was named on the N.A.l.A. All American team. Lyle Slater won the Lou Epperson Memorial Award for his fine play at the tackle position. Pete Innis and Slater were named co- captains for next year. Row 1: R. Wisher, L. Kane, J. Lambert, T. Smith, P. Innis, L. Slater, G. Wolanin, D. Rayhill, B. Har- lond, J. Connolly, H, Fuson, T. Innis, Row 2: Assistant Coach Everette LeMar, Manager Les Larsen, C. Sutton, L. Mitchell, B. Carder, L. Craig, L. Haab, D. Lidbury, G. Westerhoff, P. Kottaridis, R. Rains, Manager Dick Walker, Coach Jack Allen. Row 3: L. Sexton, E. Seright, B. Hart, J. Schaub, ]. Jolley, G. Blanchard, F. Zeien, D. Clements, P. Neeley, R. Hazelrigg, N. Evangelista, R. Long. Row 4: B. Innis, W. Good, M. Rusch, R. Schmidt, W. Walker, T. Ahlheim, M. Seitz, B. Lux, L. Myers. 88 » CO-CAPTAINS Sharon McFadden and Marlene Kolb This year proved to be an exciting one for the cheerleaders. The yells of co-captains Sharon McFadden and Marlene Kolb, and of Barbara Bergen, Gayanne Newman, Carolyn Stevens, and Sally Wiseheart paid off in both football and basketball games. This year was the first year of cheering for Barbara Bergen and Gayanne Newman, the second year for Marlene Kolb, Carolyn Stevens and Sally Wiseheart, and the fourth year for Sharon McFadden. The girls were an especially fine group this year and showed unlimited energy and spirit which helped the Millikin fans cheer our teams on to victory. « 90 » This year the Millidek staff has chosen Frank Van Doren 1956 " M " Man. Frank has been president of " M " Club for two years. He is captain of the base- ball team, of which he has been the starting catcher for four years, and has also been on the football team. In ad- dition, Frank has served as statistician during the basketball season. Frank has proven himself capable not only in sports, but scholastically as well. He was the recipient of the Joe Catlin Memorial Scholarship. Frank is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. M CLUB " M " Man Frank Van Doren Row 1: F. Van Doren, G. Wolanin, B. Glass, D. Petty, R. Lotchin, R. Reed, C. Hinton. Row 2: Coach Allan, D. Dechert, B. Taylor, R ' . Wisher, J. Dooley, D. War- ford, D. McCann. When the Big Blue came onto the hardwoods at the beginning of the season, the fans were skeptical but soon became optimistic. Coach Allan took a squad and molded them into a team. Don Petty directed the plays and Roger Lotchin cleaned the back- boards to finish, second among small colleges for rebounding and to make the CCI first team. With these return- ing regulars, the Big Blue came through. With a few games under their belt, the Big Blue traveled to Beloit for the Beloit Tourney. In their first game, leading most of the way, they faltered and lost to a strong DePauw team. The next night they bounced back, showing determination, pluck, and fire to beat the Beloit Bucca- neers on their home court. Dean Strobel Row 1: L. Mitchell, B. Hantel, D. Reid, D. Petty, M. Sprinkle, J. Koger, B. Glass, Row 2: Coach Allan, D. Strobel, T. Smith, R. Lotchin, R. Reed, D. Plambeck, L. Myers. Varsity Squad Mickey Sprinkle Rodger Lotchin Don Petty Ron Reed Terry Captain Don Petty Coach Ralph Allan 34 Playing a firehouse brand of ball with little regard to defense, Millikin finished the season with a 16-8 record and an 8-6 CCI record. Tfie Team Shovued a Fighting Spirit The squad— they traveled together, ate together, and played the game together. Only one man will be lost by graduation, Ron Reed. Ron came off the bench when needed and came through with flying colors. Every team needs a strong bench, and with this material MiUikin can look forward to an even more successful season next year. Duncan Reid Bob Glass Bob Hantel Joe Koger Tony Bukant Ralph Allan Night Obsewed On Tuesday, December 6, 1955, the Millikin Quarterback Club paid tribute to Ralph Allan. Before a full house, Ralph Allan, with a slight grin, came forward to receive the plaudits of fans and for- mer Big Blue players who have sup- ported him and his teams throughout his nine years at the University. Ca Record Tied Action of the past season must include Roger Lotchin who tied both Millikin ' s and the CCI record of field goals in one game. Mickey Sprinkle missed tying the record by one goal. SCORES Millikin 93 North Central Millikin 71 Wheaton Millikin 79 Southern State Milhkin 106 Wesleyan Millikin 83 Quincy Millikin 79 Culver Stockton Millikin 81 Depauw Millikin 85 Beloit Millikin 77 Augustana Millikin 85 Eastern State Millikin 69 Elmhurst Millikin 62 Carroll Millikin 79 Lake Forest Millikin 78 Quincy Millikin 105 Normal Millikin 70 Wheaton Millikin 101 North Central Millikin 109 Lake Forest Millikin 86 Wesleyan Millikin 111 Carroll Millikin 92 Eastern State Millikin 71 Augustana Millikin 85 Elmhurst 61 94 71 86 77 67 94 82 59 82 64 70 83 86 92 77 97 73 79 « 97 3 A good turn-out of lettermen and new players greeted Coach Jack Allen as the season opened and hopes were high for another championship. Instead of the usual trip taken through the South, Millikin played colleges of the local area in the hope of getting more games and experience for the players. Playing four double-headers within a week kept the fellows hustling and quickly brought them into shape. Row 1: C. Hinton, J. Brown, F. Van Doren, D. Petty, J. Hoffman, R. Spires, D. Holler. Row 2: R. James, J. Taylor, R. Hazelrigg, D. Allinson, I. Dooley, B. Hart, R. Wisher, L. Sexton. Row 3: B. Link, D. Richardson, G. Westerhoff, D. Zank, P. Hunt, D. Harrell, J. Young, L. Haab, Coach Allen. The majority of the pitching was handled by Dennis Harrell and Clete Hinton. The receiving end of the battery was filled by Captain Frank Van Doren, his fourth year at this position. The infield consisted of Dave Richardson IB, Don Petty 2B, Ron Wisher 3B, and lack Hoffman SS. Outfield positions were filled by DuWayne Zank, Rick Hazelrigg, and Don Holler. Having good pitchers and a potential power at the plate, Millikin could look forward to placing high in the CCI standings. Top: Al Schroeder, Larry Dickerson. Bottom: Mickey Sprinkle, Lou Coe. Captain lohn Ortberg and Larry Dickerson are the only veteran netmen to base the tennis squad. An outstanding prospect in freshman Lou Coe, plus the services ot Bob Hantel and Al Schroeder round out the squad. Home matches for the Big Blue tennis team are played at the Lincoln Park courts. Al Schroeder 101 » John Ortberg, Captain Larry Dickerson Mickey Sprinkle Row 1: N. Evangelista, L. Kane, L. Slater, D. Reid, L. Craig, B. Glass, D. Quisenberry, B. Carder, B. Stocks. Row 2: B. Hanson, M. Vogt, J. Bleaker, S. Vogt, J. J-olley, D. Strobel, J. Koger, Coach Ralph Allan. The 1956 season found the cinder team short of returning lettermen, however, a rebuilding program was started and the outlook was good. Captain Dick Quisenberry headed the team again this year. Dick goes down as one of the greatest sprinters in Mil- likin history. 1 Coach Ralph Allan and Captain Dick Quisenberry combined their talents, abili- ties, and leadership to lead the team through another successful season. Good balance in all departments is neces- sary for a track squad to be successful. Millikin has this power in the discus, shot- put, and javelin from Stobel, JoUey, Slater and Reid. The men running dashes are V arford, Craig and Quisenberry, while the long distance men are Koger and Reid. The slat jumpers, better known as the hurdlers, are Glass, Vogt, Strobel; Lambert, Dechert, and Kane take care of the pole vault and jumps. « 104 » ;TTt- ir HT 3S?3SIiai2aW«» Ed Leach, Rod Jansen, Larry Armstrong, Bill Hawkins, Don Lidbury Al Myers, captain, Pat Panici, Rich Helm, Harmon Mitchell Golf at Millikin is again quite good with lettermen Eddie Leach, Alan Myers, and Bill Hawkins returning to the squad. The addi- tion of Harmon Mitchell, Pat Panici, Rod Jan- sen, Rich Helm, and Don Lidbury complete the team. Home matches for Millikin are played at Scovill Country Club golf course, an 18 hole course located west of Decatur. « 105 » INTRAMURAL PING PONG j Mew ' s Intramurals The purpose of intramurals is to provide a sports pro- gram which university men can enjoy and participate in. The sports included in this program are touch football, basketball, volleyball, softball, table tennis, and a track meet. Coach Ralph Allan is faculty sponsor for this program. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL TROPHY INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Jim Stillman, Merwin Rusch, Jim McCarthy, Mickey Sprinkle, John Schaub There are two leagues, one for the actives and one for the pledges. Each group is awarded points for each sport in accordance with its standing in the league. At the end of the year the points are totaled and a traveling trophy is awarded to the group having the most points. INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL INTRAMURAL TRACK « 107 » W.A.A. GIRLS Each year the W.A.A. officers and intramural managers elect a senior girl as " W.A.A. Girl. " Due to a tie, both Sally Durbin and Sallie Sweet Partridge were chosen. Both girls have held offices in W.A.A. and received their sweaters this year. Sallie Partridge and Sally Durbin Women ' s Athletic Association ♦ ♦ ♦ The purpose of W.A.A. is to interest students in women ' s athletics, both as sports and as aids to physical efficiency. It is open to all University women. Included in the W.A.A. program were speedball, bowling, deck tennis, basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Since the intramural program is the primary activity, each organization is enabled to compete for a traveling trophy presented in the spring. Individual honors for participation are also given at this time. • , INTRAMURAL MANAGERS S. Wilson, C. Miller, K. Miller, L. Giller OFFICERS L. McGee, W. Finley, K. Miller, D. Mullen. SENIOR SWEATER WINNERS Ruby Smith, Jeanne Mil- ler, Carolyn Johnson, Shirley Dietschy, Sally Durbin, Doris Stevenson, Merry Cole, Sallie Par- tridge. Keen competition inspires all organizations to do their utmost to capture the intramural trophy. W.A.A. sponsored the Annual Intercol- legiate Tennis Tournament, Sports Day, and the fall picnic, and also sent delegates to the Athletic Federation of College Women Convention, and selected the Millikin Senior W.A.A. Girls. Mi ss Dorothy J. McClure served as faculty adviser for W.A.A. Officers were president. Kern Miller; vice-president, Dories Mullen; secretary, Willetta Finley; treasurer, Linda McGee. In the Shadow of the Tower ♦ ♦ The core of our university is our great Millihin Family, great not in number, hut rather in loyalty, friendship, integrity, and spirit. The associations between students and faculty alike will long be remembered, and the friendships made here will be our most cherished memories of our college days " in the Shadow of the Tower. " « 111 » Dr. I. Walter Malone, whose outstanding service to Millikin will never be forgotten. A truly great man, beloved by all those who come beneath " the Shadow of the Tower. " Dr. Mcdone took over his duties as President of Millikin University on January 1, 1946. He came to us after being Vice President of McCormick Theological Seminary and pastor of McKinley Memorial Church in Champaign. During the decade that he served as president, Dr. Malone worked toward the building of the Scovill Science Hall, the organi- zation of the Millikin chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, and the introduction of Master ' s Degrees in both music and educa- tion. Also, through his efforts Millikin received gifts totaling $2,500,000. He resigned his duties as president on April 1, 1956. We ' re glad that he continues as our neighbor and friend. « 112 » DEAN C. L. MILLER This past year, C. L. Miller has not only served as Dean of the University, but as Acting President since Dr. Malone ' s re- tirement. Dean Miller is an out- standing leader and educator, and many of the advancements of Millikin University can be attributed to his efforts. We are fortunate in having him as a friend and a teacher. DEAN FRANCES E. FALVEY With each new year at Milli- kin, Dean Falvey becomes dearer to us as a friend, ad- viser, and teacher. Her con- stant interest in the students and her unending efforts toward better campus living make her one of the most ad- mired persons at Millikin. As Director of Student Affairs, she is the coordinator of all student activities. BYRON L. KERNS Registrar In addition to his duties as registrar, Mr. Kerns has served as Assistant Dean since Dr. Malone ' s retirement. His close contact with the students and facuhy through teaching and administrative activities make him a familiar figure on our campus. His assistance and ad- vice are highly regarded. Mr. Kerns is also director of our night school. R. WAYNE GILL Business Manager " " Hank " Gill regulates the financial side of Millikin and is also a member of the Board of Managers. He ' s alv ays will- ing to lend a helping hand and comes into contact with many students through committee work. Mr. Gill not only repre- sents us well on our campus, but in such civic positions as President of the Park Board. « 114 » WALTER B. GRAY Director of Admissions and Public Relations Mr. Gray, as Director of Admis- sions and Public Relations, is in charge of admitting new students to the university. During the year he and his staff visit many high schools to encourage students to come to Millikin. We are proud to have him represent us in the field. E. W. PLOENGES Dean of Veterans Dean Ploenges is a familiar friend to all of the Vets here at Millikin. He counsels the veterans and co- ordinates the veterans ' affairs, such as the distribution of paychecks. In addition, Dean Ploenges teaches mathematics and arranges men ' s housing. JAMES BLACK Dean of Chapel Jim Black was Dean of Chapel and Professor of Religion here at M.U. Greatly liked and always urbane, he was a brilliant teacher. Jim re- signed his position in March. We wish him health and happiness. « 115 » Biology Department Karl Bush. Everett Morris Secretarial Science Department Margaret Sparks Art Department David Driesbach Jarold Talbot 4. 1 Speech Department Edith McNabb. Jere Mickel, Elinor Gage ' ii ' iiiiiiHri«ii Chemistry Department Carl Weatherbee Maurice Armstrong « 116 » Psychology Department Paul Unger, Byron Kerns, W. M. Stacy Athletic Department Ralph Allan, Dorothy McClure, Jack Allen Education Department W. M. Stacy, Victor Dawald, Paul Unger, Robert Watkins Engineering and Industry Department Wayne Coleman. Frances Wilson, David Glasscock, Carl Head Business Department English Department Row 1: Leslie Munneke, Virginia Belt. Glen Smith. Row 2: Lynn Filley. E. W. Ploenges, J. W. Gaston. Row 1: Doris Nichols, Ruth Maxwell, Ethel Parkinson. Row 2: Frances Doubleday, Martin Hilger, Elinor Gage, Ellen Allan, Neal Doubleday. Language Department Margaret Gourley, Bonnie Blackburn, Flora Ross History Department C. L. Miller, Daniel Gage. Albert Mills, Willis Walker Religion and Sociology Department Robert Rooker, Jim Black. Raymond Brewer, Noel Francisco Music School Wilna Moffett, Walter Emch, Elton Burgstahler, Harold Hess, W. St. Clare Minturn, Hubert Norville, Wesley Snyder. Robert Watkins Home Economics Department Nanette Smith. Ruth Adams. Viola Bell Physics Department Garnett Gray, Max Bolen Mathematics Department Bryce Brown. Earl Kiefer. E. W. Ploenges. Carl Head, Frances Falvey, Wayne Coleman Admissions Office Standing: C. Heileman. Mr. Gray Seated: Mrs. Summers. Mrs. Carter Not Present: Everette LaMar, Donald Frye, Patricia Rains General Office Mrs. Runyon. Ruth McDonald, Mrs. Lambert, Miss Drennan « 120 » Business Office Mrs. Lindsay, H. Dinelt, Mrs. Howen- stine, J. Widicus. P. Little. Miss Munch. Mrs. Kendall. Miss Boland Nurses Marilyn Keener Dorothy Ritchie President Jeff Taylor Vice-President Richard Helms Secretary Dorothy Kelly Treasurer Gayanne Newman 122 William Abene Jack Abraham Robert Albright Richard AUinson John Anderle John Anderson Sally Andrews Analee Atteberry Mary Atteberry William Augustine Kent Bailey Carol Bardelmeier Larry Barnes Suzanne Bauer Frank Biddle Rachael Blakeman George Blanchard John Bleeker Jim Boland Virginia Boner Jack Boschulte Richard Boulware Lowell Bower Beryl Sue Boyle Mary Brame Betty Bricker Richard Brion Kenneth Brock Joe Brown Linda Brown Peggy Brown Barbara Bryan Carol Campbell Phil Carnock Mary Kay Carter FRESHMEN Nancy Casteel David Cavanaugh Emmitt Chastain Thomas Christiansen Larry Clark f f 1 1 Nancy Clark Carol Clevenger Louis Coe Barbara Colburn 1 Ray CoUings | David Cooprider Bruce Couter Paul Cowgill Dave Cox 1 Donald Cox 1 Janet Cox Joan Craig Sheila Craycraft Angela Davis Beverly Delucas , . i Lynn Dixon Judith Doore Don Drake j Jim Dudley Charles Duez | 1 Marilyn Eckert Ruth Elliott Wanda Epps Joyce Fancher 1 Jack Fink Nancy Ford Joan Foval Richard Frede Jane Frey li- ' --ii S FRESHMEN « 124 » Janice Gallatin Lyn Gallion Mary Ann Gass Don Gatewood Ann Geddes Anita Gegel David Gendry Sue Gibson Gary Goken Rosemary Gonzalez Georgia Gray Robert Gregory Larry Haab Rosalie Hanson Nina Ruth Harper Bob Hart Judy Hartsell Stephen Haughey Richard Hazelrigg Sue Hefferman Richard Helm Clara Henson Ronald Herman Dixie Hertenstein Robert Hess Carl Hilgar Bob Hines Garey Hodge Anne Hoiberg Anne Howard Phyllis Hubbard Mustafa Husseini Marian Jenne Arnold Johanson Don Johnson FRESHMEN « 125 » James lohnson James Jolley Linda Jones Robert Jones Melvin Karch Dorothy Kelley Alice Kent Jim Kettlekamp Betty Kimmons Art Knuth Joe Koger Ronald Kurr Duane Lake James Lane Diana Lanphere Sharon Larkin Leslie Larsen Sally Lathrop Elizabeth LeMarr Nancy Lenover Terry Lewis Edward Lindquist Roberta Lon g Jane Lord Frank Luker Bob Lux Joel McClelland Jack McCoy Jo McDonald Olive McNeely Barbara Manning Lester Mapes Hamilton Mars Barbara Martie Wayne Martin Elaine Miller FRESHMEN « 126 » Janis Miller Patricia Mills Harmon Mitchell Selma Mitchell Millicent Monson Jerry Morris Phyllis Morris Charles Muehlebach Gayle Muirheid Darlene Muller James Mulligan Lee Myers Brent Nelson Gayanne Newman Carol O ' Malley Connie Pace Tom Palmer Lawrence Park Lee Parsons Mike Perelli Nan Petty Carl Phillips Lynn Pirtle David Plambeck Norman Pokorny John Prange Ron Rain Patricia Rains Mary Kay Reams Dick Reed Rosemary Reeser Judy Reeves Carole Rivette Harold Robinson Connie Roderick Larry Routledge FRESHMEN 127 » - ]o Ann Ryan Judy Sadowski Georgenna Satterfield Betty Schien Dennis Schmidt Gordon Schmidt Dale Lee Scott Nancy Scott Vernon Seaman Melvin Seitz Robert Shasteen Sandra Shaw Susan Siefferman Bob Silkey Ruth Six Bill Slade Mono Slater Calvin Smart John Smith Kenneth Smith Nancy Smith Bob Snell Nancy Spink William Sproat Dave Stark Fred Stocks Judy Storer David Stortz Paul Stoutenborough Dean Strobel Sally Strain Stacia Sullivan Robert Swearingen Jeff Taylor Mary Tempel Paul Terry FRESHMEN « 128 » Dan Thomas Kathleen Thomas Gus Tijerino Jim Tolch Art Tolliver Jack Toney Jim Treece Erna Tripp Charlotte Tschannen ludy Tucker David Turner James Turner Paul Turner Jim Valentine Dick Vest Marvin Vogt Steve Vogt Wayne Walker Richard Wallin Marclyn Watson Sue Webb Glenn Weckerly 1 Shirley Weihe Ruth Wieland Bruce Wells Leigh Williams Edwin Wilson Jerry Wilson Theresa Winfrey Dick Winkleblack Bill Wright Eugene Yingling Evelyn Yap Barbara Zimmer Robert Young Sandra York FRESHMEN « 129 » President Dick Grove Vice-President Carol Marshall Secretary Sarah Shepley Treasurer Mickey Sprinkle Nancy Adams Jim Allison Louis Anderson Marilyn Armstrong Ralph Artze Shirlene Atkins Ann Baker Betty Bair Sonia Bardis Donna Bashore Tohn Barnes Randal Bamett Sandra Bauer Doug Beck David Bentley Barbara Bergen Miriam Beyer Joe Black Margaret Borchers Patti Breeze Mary Brookbank Dick Brucker Elaine B. Martenson Jim Burdick Tony Bukant Peggy Burnett Robert Carder Charles Carnock Mary Lou Chapman Mary Ann Colbert Thomas Colbert Edith Conley John Cox Dean Crump Ralph Cundiff SOPHOMORES « 131 » Michael Curtis Dean Cuttill Arthur Danforth Louis Dechant Richard Dill Dean Doss Angelo Drakos Don Eberhart Jim Eckhardt Winnie EUwood Lee Erickson Harry Erickson Patsy Evans Karl Fastenrath August Finet Willetta Finley Tom Foval lulius Frescura James Fuson Willian Fuson Charles Gaw James Gentry Linda Giller Sue Goerisch Jim Grace Marna Gralike Carol Gregory Nancy Griffin Sally Griffin Dick Grove Hubert Hohe Richard Hallendorff Harold Hanson Herb Hawkins Jo Haynes SOPHOMORES « 132 » Thomas Heck Noble Heider Skip Heileman Rich Helms John Henderson Hayes Hendricks David Henry Paul Heyduck Mary Hill Robert Hill Sharon Hilt Joe Hitchery Doris Hogg Don Holler Neil Huffman William Hurt Julian Jackson George Jamieson Kay Jibben Elsa Johner Betsy Johnson Mary Johnson Jeannie Johnston Carol Jones Richard Jones Lowell Joynt John Kaericher Jim Kaiser Carole Knudson Arline Kuppler Leo Liston Patricia Little Jeanne Littleton Pat McClure Richard McEvoy Linda McGee SOPHOMORES « 133 Ed McKay Don McNeil Larry Mabry Peggy Modes Janice Markwell Carol Marshall George Masannat Mary Jean Mathers Gregory Mays John Meisner Mack Mericle Carol Montgomery Winfield Morgan John Muehlebach Alice Mueller Berl Myers William Myong Mark Nagel Philip Neely Bob Olivero Marilyn Ortgier Larry Oseland Robert Parker Larry Partington Jim Perry Betty Polston Dave Rayhill Duncan Reid Karen Reime Bob Ritchard Betty E. Roth Dave Rathje Merwin Rusch Hoy Schmidt Jim Schooley Al Schroeder SOPHOMORES « 134 » William Soars Ron Seaver Nancy Shank Sarah Shepley Donald Shuey Lyle Slater Darryl Smith David Smith Ron Snead Marlene Snearly Rex Spires Mickey Sprinkle Jim Stillman Tom Strahle Doris Steinberg Bill Stocks Arthur Stone Nancy Stump Don Thompson Judy Thornton Nancy Titchenal Louise Tober Marie Volentine Jan Walmsley Ronald Ware Mary Sue Whaley Kenneth Whitsett Benny Wattelet Lois Williams Irvin Winters Sally Wiseheart Ron Wisher Sandra Yonikus Jim Young David Younger DuWayne Zonk SOPHOMORES « 135 » President Bob Paddock Vice-President Kem Miller Secretary loan Sparks Treasurer Don Petty I. Sparks B. Paddock D. Petty K. Miller « 136 Mitzi Abner Bill Adcock Larry Anderson Nancy Ash Duane Avis Ed Basehart Mary Baker Fred Bawulski Duane Beals Larry Bechtel Carol Beem Richard Berry James Bettinghaus Wayne Brei Bob Briggs Sharolyn Brooks Jim Brown Kent Brown Shirley Brown Beverly Burton Bob Carmody lim Codemo Leonard Corzine Carl Craft Vernon Dalluge Sue Davidson fohn Dieterich John Dooley Jim Doss Janice Elliott Bill Eunson Tom Ewing Robert Ferguson Richard Ferre Ron Frahlman JUNIORS « 137 » leanie Gallatin Rosa Lee Galloway Robert Glass Carl Goering Richard Goldstein Walter Grant Martha Groppi Ellen Gunn Bob Hantel Carol Harper Joe Harrison Jerry Hastings Pat Hayes Loretta Hefter Carolyn Henderson Paul Hettinger Albert Ho Jack Hoffman William Howard Fred Howell Glenn Huffman Roger James Rodney Jansen Peggy Jensen Robert Jones Masaru Kameya Merle Kates Marilyn Keener Jay Kennedy Pete Kottaridis Bob Krebs Suzanne Kuhle William Langdon Charles Landsden Joanne Lathrop JUNIORS 138 » Ed LeFevre Alice Logan Roger Lotchin Jim Lowenstein Don McBain Joan D. McBride Tom McCracken John McFeeters Paul McKelvey Richard Macan David Mauerman Donald Mauterer Drew Meldahl Henry Mena Jay Middleton Rae Middleton Kem Miller Patricia Moran Dories Mullen George Mulligan Elsie Munyon Ernest Novack Bob Paddock Bill Palmer Pat Panici Pat Patterson Charles Peters Don Petty Warren Perkins Lulu Belle Pitts James Pohlman Diane Primm Dean Quevy Marilyn Quigley Julia Raffington JUNIORS 139 Doug Reyiiolds lanis Rice David Richardson Betty Roth Betsy B. Rude Charles Rupert George Salaita Fred Schmude Roger Scholes Dave Seligmarx Bill Sinclair Barbara Smith Ted Smith Jody Sparks Carolyn Stevens Tom Stocks George Swank Robert Swengel Patricia Tillett Ned Tingley I 1 1 -ssr « liiilii, JUNIORS James Tong Phillip Troutman. Chris Tsevelekos Gary Vondrasek Robert Voss Barbara Walker Dick Walker Marilou Wasem Jim Welch Jo Weyers Phil Wiant Rowena Williamson Sydney Wilson Gene Wolanin David Yang Gertrude Zimmerman JUNIORS President Don McCann Vice-President Evie Borchart Secretary Nancy Walker Treasurer Sallie Partridge ' S D. McCann, S. Partridge, E. Borchart, N. Walker 142 » ZEAL BROCK Harvel, Illinois TAMES BURDICK Wilmette, Illinois WILLIAM BURGE Decatur, Illinois MARGARET CARTER Decatur, Illinois DICK CASTLEMAN Taylorville. Illinois CECILIA CHOW Taipei, Formosa MARJORIE CLAYTON Pawnee, Illinois ALFERD COEN Vandalia, Illinois MERRY COLE Palos Park, Illinois ELEANOR CONRADY Mason City- Illinois TOM COOK Decatur, Illinois DICK CORBY Stonington, Illinois LARRY CRAIG Decatur, Illinois RICHARD CRAM Melrose Park, Illinois SHIRLEY CREAMER Winona Lake, Indiana JAMES CUMMINGS Nokomis, Illinois NEVA CURRIE Loda, Illinois BOB CVENGROS Pana, Illinois HOYT GORRELL Newton, Illinois WILLIAM GRANT Elmhurst, Illinois GARNETT GRAY Vienna, Illinois BETTY GREGORY Decatur, Illinois JUDY GRIEF Gary. Indiana BEVERLY GROW Athens, Illinois JERRY GROVES Argenta, Illinois BOB HARLAND Canton, Illinois SHARON HARMON Pana, Illinois DENNIS HARRELL Warrensburg, Illinois WILLIAM HAWKINS Greenville, Illinois CLETE HINTON Shelbyville, Illinois Oh, to lead a ROBERT LEFLEY Chicogo, Illinois LAURA LEFMANN Normandy. Missouri DON LIDBURY Chicago, Illinois ALAN LOOMIS Ottawa, Illinois DON McCANN Mt. Vernon, Illinois RUSSELL McCANN Decatur, Illinois JAMES McCarthy Springfield, Illinois RUTH McDonald Elmwood, Illinois SHARON McFADDEN Chicago, Illinois DAVE MARTENSON Rockford, Illinois PATTI MASHBURN Jerseyville, Illinois JACK MARTIE Mokena, Illinois JEANNE MILLER Decatur, Illinois JAMES MILLIGAN Tolona, Illinois CORWIN MINICK Decatur, Illinois JOHN MISTIC Canton, Illinois RAYMOND MOORE Monmouth, Illinois ALAN MYERS Decatur, Illinois COLLEEN MYERS Seminole, Oklahoma RONALD NAUGHTON Decatur, Illinois CHESTER NICHOLS Bellwood, Illinois JAMES NICHOLS Latham. Illinois ROBERT NOLAN Dolton, Illinois NANCY NOLAND Decatur, Illinois JOHN ORTBERG Rockford, Illinois MAURETTA PAPPAS Decatur, Illinois TOM PARTRIDGE Cornell, Illinois MARIAN PROCTOR Decatur, Illinois JOHN PYLES Quincy, Illinois DICK QUISENBERRY Springfield, Illinois HELEN COX RAAB East St. Louis. Illinois RON REED Shelbyville, Illinois GEORGE REYNOLDS Clinton, Illinois HELEN REYNOLDS Clinton, Illinois ALAN RICHARDS Des Plaines, Illinois LOUISE RIFF Chicago, Illinois ' Do your own GLEN RIGSBEY St. Louis, Missouri DOROTHY RITCHIE Taylorville, Illinois JACK ROBB Decatur, Illinois CHARLES RUDE Centralia, Illinois MAYOLA RUSSELL Hillsboro, Illinois ESTHER RUTHERFORD Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM SACHEN Aurora, Illinois CELINA SANCHEZ Albuquerque, New Mexico JACK SCHEPPER Decatur, Illinois ROY SCHLOBOHM Decatur, Illinois PATSY SUE SCHNEITER Decatur, Illinois MARCIA SHEELER Rochester, New York 1 Two to one FRANK VAN DOREN Moro, Illinois JAMES WAKEMAN Decatur, Illinois NANCY WALKER Mt. Vernon, Illinois WILLIAM WARD Wood River, Illinois DOUG WARFORD Godfrey, Illinois lOAN L. WIDICUS Belleville, Illinois DAVE WILLIAMS Decatur, Illinois JEAN WOLLENHAUPT Grand Ridge, Illinois CAROL ZIMMER Decatur, Illinois Kirl 1 Birds of a father . . ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Millidek staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation and support of following individuals who have helped make the 1956 Millidek possible: Dr. Neal Doubleday. adviser, who helped us with copy and gave invalu- able advice; Chuck Mueller, Indianapolis Engraving Company, Inc., for his ideas and counseling; Lynn Hiser, Huston-Patterson Corporation, for his fine cover and printing advice; R. Wayne Gill, financial adviser, for his guidance in financial matters; Kileen Studios, for helping us by printing some of our pictures. Emil Proska, Rex S tudio and Camera Shop, who took our class pictures; Herald and Review, for supplying photographs; All of our advertisers, whose cooperation made this book possible; The faculty and student body, for their patience and cooperation through- out the year. « 158 » ABLE, CHARLES: Student Christian Association; University Youth Fellowship. BAER, DONALD: Band; Orchestra; MRA Representative. BAKER, GENE: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Pledge Master, Sec- retary UYF, Secretary, Treasurer; Alpha Epsilon Kho; Town ' and Gown; Junior Class President; Co-chairman Campus Chest; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Decaturian; Who ' s Who. BALLANCE, JUANITA: FTA. BALLANCE, RICHARD: FTA; Tree Planting Committee; Up- silon Epsilon Tau. BLOOMQUIST, BOB: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Master, Social Chairman; Chi Eta Rho, Membership Cornmittee, University Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Intramurals; TKL Honor Pledge; Belleville Junior College. BOOTH, JERRY: Junior Class Vice-President; Delta Sigma Phi Social Chairman, Song Master, National Convention Delegate; Alpha Epsilon Rho, President, Nahonal Conven- tion Delegate; A Cappella Choir; Town and Gown, Wa- bash Show; Homecoming Show; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Chi Alpha- Honor Roll; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; Homecoming Pubhcity Chair- man- UCM Committee; Student Council Social Committee; Prom Committee; Decaturian; Intramurals; Who ' s Who; Broadcasting Department Assistantship; Ugliest Man; Scovill Prize. BORCHART, YVONNE: Senior Class Vice-President; FTA, Secretary- WAA; Junior Panhellenic Council, Secretary- Student Affairs Committee, Secretary; Panhellenic Council, President; Pi Beta Phi, President, Pledge Supervisor; Freshman Camp Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Reception Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Home- coming Reception Committee; Homecoming Queen; Who s Who. BRIGGS, JOAN: Conant, Treasurer; Pi Mu Theta, Warden; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman, Second Vice-Presi- dent; WAA; FTA; German Club; Homecoming Judging and Awards Co-Chairman; Homecoming Co-Chairman; Re- ligious Emphasis Week Committee; Student Council Class Elections Committee; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who. BROCK, ZEAL: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, As- sistant Treasurer, Pledge Class President; WAA; Conant, President; German Club, Vice-President; Religious Em- phasis Week Book Committee; Homecoming Variety Show. CARTER, MARGARET: WAA, Treasurer; Tau Chi Pi, Secre- tary President; MIA, President, Executive Secretary; Spanish Club; Tov er Club; Conant; University Chorus; MRA; Religious Emphasis Week Publicity Committee and Book Commiftee; Decaturian, Librarian; Intramurals; Scovill Award ' 55; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, Vice-President. CASTLEMAN, RICHARD: Delta Sigma Phi, Assistant Treas- urer, Treasurer Commissary Manager; Young Republican Club, President, Vice-President; Chi Eta Rho; Student Council; UYF; Dad ' s Day Co-Chairman; Religious Em- phasis Week Finance Committee; Fine Arts Usher; Variety Show, Co-Chairman; Decaturian, Business Manager; Intramurals; Murphey, Nash, and Jones Accounting Award. CHOW, CECILIA: Sigma Alpha Iota; Piano Guild; Univer- sity Chorus. CLAYTON, MARJORIE: Sigma Zeta; Le Cercle Francois; Alpha Chi Omega, Intramural Manager, Historian, War- den; WAA; Milliden Committee; Intramurals. COLE, MEHRY: Alpha Epsilon Rho, Vice-President; WAA; Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary; Spanish Club, Secretary; Town and Gown; Dance Review; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; WAA Letter Sweater. CONRADY, CHARLES: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush hairman; FTA; M Club; Coach, Junior Varsity Basketball; intra- murals; Varsity Basketball. CONRADY, ELEANOR: Zeta Tau Alpha; FTA; WAA; UYF; RWAC; Aston Hall House President; Conant; Homecoming Awards Committee; Intramurals. CORBY, RICHARD: Phi Mu Alpha, President; Orchestra; Band, President; A Capoella Choir; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Sigma Kappa; Opera Chorus; University Chorus; Opera Orchestra. COTTINGHAM, MARY: Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Cul- tural Chairman; Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman, Treasurer; RWAC. COTTINGHAM, KEN: Delta Sigma Phi; Tower Club, Presi- dent; Millidek, Art Editor. CRAM, RICHARD: Alpha Kappa Lambda; MiUikin Industrial Society; Campus Chest Committee; Intramurals; Varsity Track, CREAMER, SHIRLEY: WAA; RWAC; Intramurals; Manchester College. CVENGROS, BOB: Alpha Kappa Lambda, President, Rush Chairman; Student Council; MRA; French Club; Town and Gown; Freshman Camp Counselor; FTA; Interfra- ternity Council, Social Chairman; Homecoming Commit- tee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Milliden Com- mittee, Chairman; Junior Class Social Chairman. DAPPERT, ROBERT: Phi Chi Alpha. DECHERT, DICK: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chairman; M Club; French Club; Decaturian; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball. DIETSCHY, SHIRLEY: Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer; Student Council, Treas- urer; Tau Chi Pi; Newman Club; Conant; WAA; Freshman Camp Counselor; Finance Committee, Chairman Student Handbook Committee; UCM Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Variety Show Co-Chairman; Co-Chairman Prom Committee; Freshman Orientation Committee; Re- ligious Emphasis Week Committee; Freshman Mixer and Picnic Committee, Co-Chairman; Millidek; Decaturian; Intramurals. DIXON, BARBARA: WAA; Canterbury Club, President; French Club; MRA Council; Student Council; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer; Chemistry Department Assistant; Re- ligious Emphasis Week Publicity Committee. DUNN, DOROTHY: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Spanish Club, Secretary; WAA; FTA; Young RepubUcans; Pi Mu Theta. DURBIN, SALLY: Zeta Tau Alpha, Intramural Manager, Historian, Social Chairman; WAA, President; Student Council, Vice-President; Town and Gown; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Water Ballet; A Cappella Choir; Univer- sity Chorus; Tower Club, Vice-President; Conant; Fresh- man Camp Counselor; Homecoming Show Co-Chairman; Variety Show Co-Chairman; Intramurals; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Homecoming Queen Court; Physical Educa- tion Assistant; WAA Letter Sweater; WAA Girl. « 159 » FAIRBANK, BILL: Student Council, President; Student- Faculty Council; Town and Gown; Who ' s Who; Student Affairs Committee; MRA Council; Interfraternity Council; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Vice-President, Scholar- ship Chairman, Chaplain; Religious Emphasis Week Chairman; Honor Roll; Freshman Camp Co-Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President; Intramurals. FELDMAN, SCOTT : Sigma Zeta; Tower Club; Homecoming Committee; Honor Roll. FISK, DOROTHY: Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain, House Pres- ident, Treasurer; Tau Chi Pi, Secretary, Vice-President; WAA; FTA; Drill Team; Campus Chest Committee; Stu- dent Handbook; Honor Roll. FLEMING, CAROLYN: Zeta Tau Alpha; Junior Panhellenic; FTA; Conant. FOSTER, SALLY: Millikin Independent Association; Home Economics Club; Intramurals; Honor Roll. FROST, HAROLD: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Chi Alpha, President; Chi Eta Rho; M Club; Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Editor; Student Assistant in Mathematics De- partment; Student Council Social Committee; Homecom- ing Finance Chairman; Religious Emphasis Week Finance Co-Chairman; Campus Chest Committee; Intramurals; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Honor Roll; Scovill Prize; Who ' s Who. GAUSE, IVY: Millikin Independent Association; UYF; Uni- versity Chorus; Home Economics Club. GEHLBACH. JOAN: FTA; University Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Opera Chorus. GILMOUR, DICK: German Club, Secretary, Vice-President, President; UYF. Secretary-Treasurer; University Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Recording Chairman, Song Master, Alumni Chairman; Interfraternity Council; MRA; Chapel Organist; YMCA; Operas; Ballet; International Night Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Co-Chairman; UCM; Homecoming Show; World Council of Churches; Work Camp in Germany. GORRELL, HOYT: Delta Sigma Phi, Historian; Chi Eta Rho; Phi Chi Alpha; Newman Club, Vice-President; Young Republican Club; Campus Chest Committee, Publicity Co-Chairman; Millidek, Business Manager 3, 4. GRAY, GARNETT: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Steward, Vice- President, Social Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secretary, Alumni Secretary, Rush Chairman; Ugly Man Contest Chairman; Young Democrats Club; Phi Chi Alpha, Sergeant-at-Arms; Sigma Zeta, President; Milliden Com- mittee; Building and Grounds Committee Chairman; Intra- murals; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi. GRIEF, JUDY: WAA; FTA; UYF; MRA; Young Republicans; Tau Chi Pi; French Club; Pi Beta Phi, Activities Chair- man, Settlement School Chairman, Pledge Secretary; University Chorus; Student Council Social Committee; Intramurals. . GROHNE. BOB: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge President, Proiect Chairman; Town and Gown; Dance Review Lighting Director; Millikin Independent Association; Intramurals. GROW, BOBBI SHOWALTER: Pi Beta Phi; FTA; WAA; Tau Chi Pi; Young Republicans. , GROVES, JERRY: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Honor Pledge, Alumni Chairman, Social Chairman, Treasurer, Upper Council; Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms; Campus Chest Committee; Prom Com- mittee; Intramurals; Varsity Basketball. HARLAND, BOB: Alpha Phi Omega, Alumni Correspondent; M Club; Intramurals; Varsity Football. HARMON, SHARON: WAA; Future Teachers Association. HARRELL, DENNIS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chi Eta Rho; M Club; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball. HAWKINS, WILLIAM: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Treasurer; Phi Chi Alpha; Chi Eta Rho; Marching Band; Campus Chest Committee; Decaturian; Intramurals; Varsity Golt; Honor Roll. HINTON. CLETE: Delta Sigma Phi; Millikin Industrial So- ciety, Sergeant-at-Arms; M Club; FTA; Dad ' s Day Com- mittee; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball. HISER, DONNA: Alpha Chi Omega, President, Rush Chair- man Publicity Chairman; FTA, Secretary; Student Coun- cil; Panhe llenic Council, Treasurer; MRA Council; Home Economics Club; Campus Chest Co-Chairman. HOWE, HAROLD: Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals. HUMPHREY, ROBERT: Alpha Phi Omega; Campus Chest Committee. HURD, RILEY: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Commissary Head; Chi Eta Rho; Intramurals; Varsity Tennis; Belleville Junior College. INNIS, TOM: Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Intramurals; Varsity Football; All Conference Football; Football Co- Captain. JOHNSON, CAROLYNN: Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President, Treasurer, Rush Captain, Activities Chairman; Panhel- lenic Council; Junior Panhellenic Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Conant; WAA; Freshman Camp Counselor; Drill Team; Homecoming Variety Show; Publications Board, Secretary; Biology Department Assistant; Home- coming Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Millidek, Co-Editor, Senior Editor; Intramurals; Scovill Prize; Chemistry Prize; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; WAA Letter Sweater. JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM: Millikin Industrial Society. KAMMERER, CAROL: Delta Delta Delta, Song Leader, House President, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer; FTA, Vice-President; Conant; UCM Week Committee; Home- coming Awards Committee; WAA. KECK, DON: Student Council; Chairman Building and Grounds Committee; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Scholarship Chairman, Chaplain; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice- President, Pledge Master, Treasurer, Projects Chairman, Rush Chairman; UCM Publicity Committee; Homecoming Tickets Committee. KENNEDY, DON: MRA; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Presi- dent, Social Chairman, House Manager; Chi Eta Rho; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian, Sergeant-at-Arms; Intra- murals; Honor Roll. KIRK, DIANE: Tau Chi Pi; Homecoming Queen Court. KOLB, MARLENE: Tau Chi Pi; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President; Conant; WAA; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Campus Chest Committee, Secretary; Homecoming Show; MacMurray College. KOPP, MARTHA: University Chorus; French Club; Conant; RWAC; Pi Beta Phi; WAA; Chi Eta Rho; Intramurals. LALLY, MARY ANN: Newman Club, Secretary; Chi Eta Rho, Secretary; Pi Mu Theta; FTA. LANGDON, WILLIAM: FTA; Canterbury Club; Varsity Track. LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM: Pi Kappa Delta; Phi Chi Alpha; MRA; Honor Roll. LEACH, ED: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President; Honor Council; Varsity Golf. LEDERBRAND, EVELYN: Millikin Independent Association; FTA; RWAC, Vice-President; UYF; Home Economics Club, Treasurer; MRA; Homecoming Queen Tea Committee. LEFLEY, ROBERT: Delta Sigma Phi; M Club; University Chorus; UYF; Intramurals; Varsity Track. LEFMANN, LAURA: Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary, Chaplain; RWAC, President, Treasurer; Millikin Independent Asso- ciation, Vice-President, Secretary; Pi Mu Theta, Presi- dent; UYF; Campus Chest Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Retreat; Freshman Camp Counselor; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi; Scovill Prize. LIDBURY, DON: Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; M Club; Chi Eta Rho; Ugly Man Dance Committee Chair- man; Intramurals; Varsity Football. LOOMIS, ALAN: Alpha Kappa Lambda; Interfraternity Coun- cil, Secretary; F ' TA; Homecoming Parade Committee. McCANN, DON: Siama Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Up- per Council, Financial Committee; MRA; M Club, Secre- tary, Treasurer; Chi Eta Rho; Freshman Camp Counselor; Co-Chairman Freshman Camp; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Homecoming Committee; Campus Chest Com- mittee; Intramurals; Varsity Basketball; James S. Kemper Scholarship. McCANN, RUSSELL: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals. McDONALD, RUTH: Junior Class Secretary; Delta Delta Delta President, Chaplain, Pledge Chaplain; Tau Chi Pi; UYF- Home Economics Club; WAA; Conant; Campus Chest Co-Chairman; UCM Hostess Committee; Religious Emphasis Week, Secretary; Homecoming Variety Show; Homecoming Queen Committee Chairman; Homecoming Queen Court; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; Student- Faculty Council; Steering Committee; Millidek; Intra- murals; Who ' s Who. McFADDEN, SHARON: Wesley Club; WAA; FTA; Cheer- leader, Captain; Delta Delta DeUa, Special Funds Chair- man- Junior Panhellenic, Recording Secretary; Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman; Chorus Accompanist; UCM Committee; Homecoming Show; Homecoming Committees; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Student Council Committees; Variety Show Co-Chairman; Millidek; Intramurals. MARTENSON, DAVID: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, His- torian; Student Council; Student Affairs Committee; Young Republicans, President; Conant; M Club; Pi Kappa Delta- Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Freshman Beanie Court Chairman; Bridge Tournament Chairman; Intramurals; Varsity Tennis, Captain; Washington Se- mester Program Representative; Honor Roll. MASHBURN, PATTI: Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Home Economics Club; University Chorus; Homecoming Committee; Prom Committee; Stu- dent Council Committees. MILLIGAN, JIM: Student Council; Student-Faculty Council; Publications Board; MRA; Pi Kappa Delta; Town and Gown- International Relations Organization, President; Young Republicans; Delta Sigma Phi, President, Scholar- ship Chairman, Co-Social Chairman, Activities Chairman, Editor, Recording Secretary, Pledge Secretarv; Fine Arts Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Hpmf- coming Publicity; Homecoming Show Committee; Dad ' s Day Committee; Millidek; Decaturian, Editor, Assistant Editor; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. MILLER, JEANNE: WAA; French Club; RWAC; Conant, Vice-President; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Scholarship Chair- man; Intramurals; Letter Sweater Winner. MINICK, CORWIN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Bas- ketball Manager. « 160 » Highlights of the Year Bombs away MISTIC, JOHN: Newman Club; Student Council; Chi Eta Rho; Campus Chest Ticket Committee; Intramurals, MOORE. RAYMOND: Delta Sigma Phi; Chi Eta Rho; Intra- murals. MYERS. ALAN: Chi Eta Rho; M Club; Intramurals; Varsity Goli, Captain, MYERS, COLLEEN: Alpha Chi Omega; Conant, Treasurer, German Club, WAA; UYF; FTA; Homecoming Committee; Prom Committee, Religious Emphasis Week Committee. NAUGHTON, RONALD: Delta Sigma Phi; Chi Eta Rho; In- tramurals. NICHOLS. CHESTER: Delta Sigma Phi, Editor; Student Council Committees; Library Committee; Albert T. Mills History Prize. NICHOLS, JAMES: Honor Council. NOLAN, ROBERT: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, Sergeant- ot-Arms, Vice-President, President; Student Council; In- terfraternify Council, Social Chairman; Newman Club; School and Grounds Committee; Intramurals; TKE Honor Pledge. NOLAND, N ANCY: Delta Delta Delta; FTA; Conant; Town and Gown; " Bartered Bride " ; " Madame Butterfly " ; " La Traviata " ; A Cappella Choir. ORTBERG, JOHN: Chi Eta Rho; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas- urer, Intramurals; Varsity Tennis, Captain. PARTRIDGE, SALLIE SWEET: WAA, Intramural Manager, Vice-President; MRA; Tau Chi Pi; Alpha Chi Omega, President, Intramural Manager; Drill Team; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; Student Affairs Committee; Intra- murals; Women ' s Tennis Team; Physical Education De- partment Assistant; Honor Roll; WAA Girl. PARTRIDGE, THOMAS: Phi Chi Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer; Chi Eta Rho, President; Student Council; Arbor Day Chairman; Homecoming; Tickets Co-Chairman; Campus Chest, Treasurer; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Intramurals; Gauger Scholarship; Honor Roll. PYLES, JOHN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, House Manager; MRA; Intramurals. QUISENBERRY, DICK: Student Council, President; Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman, Historian; Student-Facult ' Council Chairman; Sigma Zeta; Town and Gown; M Club, Vice-President; MRA; Pi Kappa Delta; Homecoming Co-Chairman; Dad ' s Day Chairman; Student Affairs Committee; Fine Arts Committee; Relig- ious Emphasis Week Committee; Millidek, Sports Editor; Decaturian, Sports Editor; Intramurals; Varsity Track, Captain; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who. QUEVY, DEAN: Pi Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain; Intramurals. RAAB, HELEN: Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Alpha ' Iota, Pro- gram Chairman, Rush Chairman, Editor; Pi Mu Theta; Wesley Club; Phi Kappa Phi; University Chorus; A Cap- pella Choir; Opera Leads; Messiah Soloist; WAA; Foreign Festival; Millidek; Intramurals; Sentel Voice Scholarship; SAE Sweetheart; Who ' s Who. REED, RONALD: Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master, Executive Committee; M Club, President; Intramurals; Varsity Base- ball, Varsity Basketball. REYNOLDS, GEORGE M.: Alpha Epsilon Rho; Upsilon Ep- silon Tau. REYNOLDS. HELEN: Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer, First Vice-President; Tau Chi Pi, Treasurer; Conant; Band; Chorus; Wesley Club; FTA; Millidek; Student Handbook; Intramurals. RICHARDS. AL: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Intramural Manager; Young Republicans Club; Chi Eta Rho, Treas- urer; Homecoming Dance Committee; Building and Grounds Committee; Homecoming Parade Committee; Homecoming Variety Show; Intramurals; Honor Roll; TKE Scholastic Pledge. RIFF. LOU: University of Illinois; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; Student Council, Elections Chairman; Beanie Court- French Club, Vice-President; FTA; Conant; New- man Club- WAA; Campus Chest Committee; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals; Honor Roll; Sociology Depart- ment Assistant. RIGSBY. GLEN: Millikin Industrial Society, Vice-President. RITCHIE. DOROTHY: Millikin Independent Association; School Nurse. ROBB. JACK: Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Vice-President, Historian, Co-Rush Chairman; Pi Kappa Delta, President; Newman Club; Interfraternity Council; Alpha tpsilon Rho; Rehgious Emphasis Week Guide; Intramurals; Brown Debate Prize. ROLF. ED: Tau Kappa Epsilon. RUDE. CHARLES: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge President, Pledge Master, Vice-President; Student Council; A pha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Chi Eta Rho, Vice-President, Membership Chairman, Executive Council; Spanish Club; Homecoming Float Committee; Campus Chest Committee; Intramurals; TKE Honor Pledge. RUSSELL. MAYOLA: Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary, Sergeant- at-Arms, Proaram Chairman, Pledge r-resident; Phi Kappa Phi- Pi Mu Theta; University Chorus; A Cappella Choir: RWAC; UYF; MENC; Religious Emphasis Week Commit- tee- Campus Chest Committee; Retreat; Decaturian; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Opera; AAUW, Delta Delta Delta, and Pi Mu Theta Scholarships. SACHEN. WILLIAM: Millikin Independent Association, Treas- urer; Pi Kappa Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Decaturian; Bridge Trophy. SANCHEZ, CELINA: Sigma Alpha lota. Secretary; Newman Club; Presser Foundation Award. SCHEPPER, JACK: Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-President, Alumni Secretary, Chorus Director; A Cappella Choir; Band; Orchestra; Greek Sing Master of Ceremonies; Decaturian; Basketball " B " Squad. SCHNEITER, PATSY SUE: Pi Beta Phi, Rush Captain, Settle- ment School Chairman; Pi Mu Theta; French Club; WAA; Panhellenic Council; Fine Arts Committee, Recep- tion Chairman; Campus Chest Committee, Publicity Co- Chairman; Freshman Camp Counselor and Publicity Chairman; Publications Board; Homecoming Variety Shows; Homecoming Awards Committee; Freshman Picnic and Mixer Committee; Freshman Orientation Committee; Millidek Co-Editor; Intramurals; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Phi Kappa Phi. SHONK, MARCELLA: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary Pledge Trainer; Junior Class Treasurer; Conant; French Club- FTA; WAA; Student Council; Fine Arts Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Intramurals; Ohio Oil Scholarship; Honor Roll; English Department As- sistant. SMITH, JOHN J.: Phi Mu Alpha; Student Council; Town and Gown; Opera; Arbor Day Committee; Speech Award. SMITH, RUBY: Home Economics Club; Millikin Independent Association, Vice-President, Social Chairman; WAA, Treasurer, Tennis Tournament, Housing Chairman; UYF; RWAC Secretary; Student Council; MRA; Chemistry De- partment Assistant; UCM Committee; Millidek; Intra- murals. SPEAR, SHIRLEY: Millikin Independent Association; Band; Tower Club; Wesley Club; Intramurals; WAA Awards; Illinois State Normal University. STEINBERG, ARLENE: Sigma Alpha Iota, Rush Chairman, Song Leader, President; Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Treasurer Song Leader, Sponsor Chairman; Messiah Soloist; A Cappella Choir; Band; FTA; Operas; Orchestra Soloist. STEPHENSON, DORIS: Delta Delta Delta, House President, Rush Chairman, Marshal; Home Economics Club, Presi- dent, Membership Chairman; Panhellenic Council; FTA; WAA; Homecoming Committee; Campus Chest Commit- tee; Intramurals; Millidek Co-Editor. STEVENSON, JIM: Alpha Phi Omega, President, Treasurer, Alumni Secretary, Historian, Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Kappa Lambda, Treasurer; Interfraternity Council; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer; UCM Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Campus Chest Treasurer; Honor Council, Vice-Chairman; Phi Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi. TAYLOR, BERNARD: M Club, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon- Library Standing Committee; M-Men ' s Day Chair- man; ' Announcement Committee; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball; Honor Roll. TURNER, MIRIAM: German Club. VAN DOREN, FRANK: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; FTA; M Club, President; Intramurals; Varsity Baseball, Captain; Var- sity Football; Joe Catlin Scholarship; Milhdek M Man. WAKEMAN, JIM: Chi Eta Rho, Membership Chairman; Intramurals. WALKER, NANCY: Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman; FTA; UYF- University Chorus; MRA; Drill Team; Business De- partment Secretary; Senior Class Secretary; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; House Decorations Co-Chair- man; Prom Committee; Junior Panhellenic Council. WARFORD, DOUG: Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms, Intramural Manager; Millikin Industrial Society, Corre- sponding Secretary; FTA; M Club; Homecoming Com- mittee; Social Committee; Intramurals; Varsity Track. WIDICUS, JOAN LENTZ: Delta Delta Delta, House Presi- dent Treasurer; WAA; Student Council, Treasurer; RWAC- Chi Eta Rho, Corresponding Secretary; Variety Show ' Co-Chairman; Pubhcations Board; Rehgious Em- phasis Week Committee; Homecoming Committee; Intra- murals; Pi Mu Theta; Millidek; Honor Roll. WOLLENHAUPT, JEAN: Millikin Independent Association, Secretary; RWAC, Treasurer; WAA; Tau Chi Pi; Conant, Secretary; Intramurals. ZIMMER, CAROL: Delta Delta DeUa, Librarian; Tau Chi Pi, Vice-President, President; Student Council; Student-Fac- ulty Council; Honor Council; Freshman Beanie Court; French Club; Conant; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Uni- versity Chorus; Religious Emphasis Week Book Commit- tee- French Contest Winner; Honor Roll. « 162 » THE SPIRIT OF DECATUR IS LEADERSHIP In government . . . public improvement . • . business and industry . . . religion . . . educa- tion . . . the fine arts . . . welfare . . . human relations ... in all these things Decatur has always been a leader. The Association of Com- merce is devoted to encouraging and main- taining this leadership through its 550 busi- ness and individual members. In this spirit, we pause to welcome and congratulate the leaders of tomorrow . . . Millikin ' s Class of 1956. THE ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS " Brides To Be " Choose All Three At FLORAS China • Crystal • Sterling Have your selections registered in our Bridal Book EXCLUSIVE: Flora Registered Diamonds Omega Watches Gifts From All Over the World BETTER LIGHTS — BETTER GRADES ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY 166 « 167 » ALUMNI OBLIGATION Send your ANNUAL Gift to YOUR ALUMNI FOUNDATION Since its organization in 1946-47 the Foundation has given Milhkin for . . . Lockers for the Gym --- — 2,500.00 Albert Taylor Hall - 4,000.00 Student Loan Fund 1,000.00 Library Books for Graduate Courses 1,000.00 Student Lovinge 500.00 Student Work Camp . 150.00 Electric Score Board, Class ' 50 89.00 Cottage-type Dorms for Men -- 13,063.00 Scholarships 11,500.00 Steagall-Sarran $4,000 B. H. Buck 1,200 Davida McCaslin 5,100 Alumni-Annual 1,200 Science Hall through Foundation 4,726.40 In addition, from 1944 to 1955 many thousands of dollars have been given for the Science Hall by Alumni. Small gifts from Many — are more important than — large from a few. Courtesy H. RAY MYERS, ' 26 Morehouse and WelEs Compcsiiy {1 DECATUR ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS ASSOCIATION The Keystone of Sovind Protection is the Local Agent Who Represents CAPITAL STOCK INSURANCE Wells Agency W. H. Wiley MEMBERS Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Harry Cannon Creighton- Jackson Company File Insurance Agency Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Harold R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Benj. A. Jones Jostes Insurance Agency C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Roby Roby Rolz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Louis J. Teeuwen « 168 » CROSS TOWN • CROSS COUNTY CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Personnel and Modern Equipment Are Always at Your Service MOVING - STORAGE - PACKING - CRATING Established March 6, 1854 621 NORTH MAIN STREET DECATUR-ILLINOIS At the NORTH MAIN SUBWAY Reach for . . SUNBEAM BREAD Energy Packed Best Wishes for Success from THE NORMAN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY MAIN AT PRAIRIE Fashion Headquarters • TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP for sports and casual clothes • THE SALON SHOPS for dresses, coats, and suits • THE ACCESSORY BAR for smart accessories, lingerie • MILLINERY SALON for the smartest hats in town 1 tilMti WHERE FASHION AND QUALITY ARE FOREMOST Compliments of OSGOOD and SONS DECATUR, ILLINOIS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRABS 1 nariKs jor ine puai yuiruiiu K . . . and hope it will continue in the future « 170 » PLAN YOUR FUTURE WITH USl Founded 1860 by James Millikin You will find the Millikin National a bank of friendly service, with complete facilities to meet all your banking needs. It has served Millikin University students and faculty for more than fifty years. Make the Millikin National your banking home. We Invite Your Account THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK of Decatur, Illinois Member Federal Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Reserve System DECATUR ' S OLDEST AND LARGEST BANK « 172 » The secret of success . . ♦ IS constancy of purpose. DISRAELI DAWSON WIKOFF MUTUAL HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Each saver ' s funds are insured to $10,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. MUTUAL 135 East Main Street Decatur, IlHnois « 173 T. A. BRINKOETTER ROBY ROBY tt awNdi inc. JAMES E. ROBY VERNE E. ROBY Class of ' 43 PLUMBING - HEATING REALTORS REPAIRING Visit Our Showroom ' ' Complete Line of Real Estate 636 E. WOOD Service " Phone 3-3493 Sales and Service - Sewer Work SALES - INSURANCE - LOANS Process Piping 252 E Main St Phone 8-3451 LtOmpiiTnenis Rl Ari l r COMPANY of SPORTING GOODS SUPERIOR cLcCTRIu 340 North Main COMPANY 125 East North (W. G. Hamilton) 1040 E. PEARL STREET Decatur Illinois GROVE ' S Compliments of RESTAURANT BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Sandwiches - Fountain Service Brick and Builders Supplies Phone 5064 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 4404 Routes 51-48 -121 Decatur, 111. Decatur, Illinois « 174 CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for success go to these architects of the future. THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR DECATUR, ILLINOIS on Water Street, South of Central Park Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 176 » 85 YEARS OF FAITHF UL SERVICE Diamonds Watches China Crystal Fashion Jewelry Linens : Perfumes Handbags • Sterling and Plated Silverware POST ' S DIAMONDS Are " Registererf " For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join POST ' S STERLING SILVER CLUB Pay Only 33c a Week for Each 4-Piece Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST SONS Jewelers for Over 85 Years Merchant at Prairie Decatur, Illinois J. L. SIMMONS COMPANY INCORPORATED Contractors - Engineers - Builders Architectural • Industrial • Public Work CONSTRUCTION DECATUR, ILLINOIS INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS CHICAGO, ILUNOIS « 177 » V what they want is Coke HlPI " Code " is a jjfH ' registered Iradt-mork. PEERLESS ■ Household Cleaners Decatur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners Rugs - Drapes - Slip Covers Bed Spreads - Table Cloths Lamp Shades - Blankets Furniture Phone 3-8302 519 N. Monroe St. Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur GREIDER ' S CAFE Robert J. Greider, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER ' S CAFETERIA H. D. Greider, Jr., Manager MAIN AND WILLIAM GREIDER ' S MEZZANINE ROOM MAIN AND WILLIAM Jack C. Greider, Manager DECATUR, ILLINOIS Compliments of LINCOLN THEATRE cind EMPRESS THEATRE DECATUR ' S FmEST DAUT BROTHERS FLORISTS Extends Congratulations Compliments of Beatrice Foods Co. Meadow Gold Milk and Ice Cream DECATUR, ILLINOIS PHONE 5241 « 178 3 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• BROWNIE COAL, OIL PROPANE CO 840 N. Morgan PHONE 5 13 1 Decatur, Illinois COAL High Grade Coals For Less — CALL 5131 — PHILGAS The Largest Selling L-P Gas in America Economical Dependable — CALL 5131 — FUEL OIL DEHYDRATED FUEL OIL Costs You No More — CALL 5131 — « 180 » CLASS OF " 56 May we not only congratulate you on your success scholastically but also as you embark on the vastly wider waters of the future — wish for each of you happiness and success whether your course be business, a profession or that most important of all occupations, a Home Maker. LINN SCRUGGS CO. Edgar Guest said . . " It takes a heap o ' livin ' in a house t ' make it home. " South Shores houses are designed, planned, and buiU for that ' ' heap o ' livin ' . " Here you have room, you have facilities indoor and outdoor for the family to enjoy living. Come . . . We can show you a house for " a heap o ' livin ' . " SOUTH SHORES SALES 1805 South Franklin Street Road « 181 » y r iltlCilieiJ Compliments of FOR IMPORTANT CLOTHES BLUE MILL Formals Ready -to-W ear • Sportswear Jewelry - Millinery 135 E. Prairie Phone 3-3644 TOLLY ' S ' ' Better Foods Priced Right " Licensed — CONTRACTOR — Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE L — uper ivicarKeTs — FINE FIXTURES - WIRING 2220 E. WOOD ST. Open 24 hours a day Sunbeam, G.E. Toastmaster, G.E. Lamps and Clocks 1355 N. ROUTE 48 134 S. OAKLAND Open 7 a.m. to midnight 2-4806 —Phones— 2-2543 Compliments of RAYCRAFT Marion S, Clesson DRUG STORES PliimB%in v AinrJ MoM ' Inn riuiTiijina anvi ncdTBiB Jjecaiur, imnois SAM E. ARMSWORTH Telephone 7422 235 S. Main Decatur, Illinois 1099 W. Main 702 E. Wood « 182 » Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success To the Senior Class of Millikin University MUELLER CO. Dependable Since 1857 MAIN OFFICE FACTORY DECATUR. ILLINOIS « 184 » WE SERVE YOU Safety — Courtesy Service THE CARSON CORNER Decatur ' s Largest and Finest Credit Jewelers FAMOUS FOR FINE DIAMONDS Watches - Jewelry - Cameras Appliances - Optical Guaranteed Watch Repairing 300 N. Water Decatur Phone 3-2762 BUY SUNSHINE MILK ' ' It ' s Fresher . . . It ' s from Nearby Farms ' Sunshine Dairy, Inc. 725 E. Prairie Ave. Decatur, 111. « 185 STAUBERS Your Home Store Decatur ' s HOME OF FASHIONS Accessories Appliances - Housewares Floor Coverings Top-Brand Names NIRIDER ' S INC. SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fountain Service 1101 W. Main Phone 3-9249 Compliments of GO BY DECATUR DIVISION HOUOAILLaE YELLOW CAB INDUSTRIES Inc. 5 14 5 Congratulations from Wagner Malleable iron Co. George S. Walker Inc. Plumbing and Heating Phone 7175 « 186 » A. W. CASH CO. and its subsidiary Cash Standard Stacon Corporation Congratulates Millikin University Graduates of 1956 « 188 » NOW it ' s my turn Now, it ' s my turn to earn my place in our community ... in our country. Someone before me had his turn . . . someone built the schools I attended . . . someone subscribed to the hospital building fund . . . someone worked on the fund drives for church and charity ... on Scout committees ... on the thousand and one civic affairs that weave strength and character into this country of ours. Someone ... in fact, many . . . were good citizens before me. Now, it ' s my turn to take up the responsibilities of citizenship. I know I will be a good citizen only if I make up my mind to be . . . that I will reap the rewards of good citizenship only if I invest in them . . . that I and millions like me will determine the kind of community and country we will live in. Strong communities mean a strong Nation. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. FASHIONS for Junior Misses and Tall Girls 0 Decatur ' s Leading Specialty Store For the SMARTEST FEET on campus wear shoes from RAUPP ' S 139 North Water f ORIGINAL SERVICE PARTS SPECIALIZED • AUTOMOTIVE, •CARBURETOR, • ELECTRICAL, and • SPEEDOMETER SERVICE Magnetos - Gasoline Engines DECATUR BATTERY SERVICE, INC. 343 E. MAIN PHONE 5453 Congratulations from Block and Kuhl Company 301 North Water Street Telephone, 4391 no.l specialist in local moving! The 1 956 Millidek Staff wishes to thank all of the advertisers for their continued support of Millikin ' s activities. This in- terest is greatly appreciated. « 190 » DID YOU KNOW? A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. is the largest independent processor of corn and soybeans in the workl. To keep the Staley plant at capacity operation over 1,000 tons of coal and more than 100,000 bushels of grain are required daily. Manvifacturing operations are carried on in some 108 buildings, having 2,600,000 square feet of floor space, and covering near- ly 400 acres of land. Approximately 3,000 loyal, enthusiastic people are employees of the Staley Co. here in Decatur. The Staley sales organization is international and is composed of hundreds of field representatives and technicians. Staley products are sold world wide for the home, farm, and industry. Staley Products for the Home • STA-FLO® LIQUID STARCH • STA-PUF LAUNDRY RINSE ♦ CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH • CAMEO PERFUMED LAUNDRY STARCH • ZEST Monosodium Glutamate • SWEETOSE SYRUPS • CREAM CORN STARCH A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. DECATUR ILUNOIS 192 MARVEL-SCHEBLER PRODUCTS DIV. BORG- WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS 1956 Graduates of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY 193 The A P Policy . . • To Always: • Do what is honest, fair, sin- cere and in the best interests of each customer. • Extend friendly, satisfying service to everyone. • Give every customer the most good food for her money. Assure accurate weight every time — 16 oz. to each pound. • Give accurate count and full measure. • Charge the correct price. • Cheerfully refund customer ' s money if for any reason any purchase is not satisfactory. 134 N. BROADWAY 1136 N. MAIN 1135 W. WOOD G. S. LYON SONS LUMBER MFG. CO. Since 1878 Building with Decatur Since 1878 Woodwork for Homes Broadway at Cerro Gordo Phone 4271 Best Wishes for Success HUNTER-POGUE LUMBER CO. « 194 » HOSIERY Hosiery for The Entire Family 2-1755 117 N. Water Compliments of C. N. GORHAM SON Telephone 5345 ■ 5346 DECATUR WAREHOUSE CO. R. C. Shumate Harry (Skinny) Taylor • TRANSFER 9 MOVING • STORAGE Licensed, Bonded, Insured Carriers 555 E. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois i|ouRfinsjf; ,„ I I on THE CORHER LURI5T5 BREE HOUSES HOTEL ORLANDO 160 South Water Street (at Wood) Phone 5305 SEMMELS Ladies Ready -to-W ear 288 N. Park Phone 2-6641 Quality - Service Phone 2-1582 Established 1919 LANDHOLT Auto Refinishing PAINTING TRIMMING Body and Fender Repairing 745 E. Prairie Ave. Decatur, Illinois « 196 » Compliments of SVENDSEN FLORIST Flower Shop and Greenhouse 2702 North Broadway Best Wishes To 1956 Grads MILLER-O ' NEILL 120 W. Prairie FLOOR COVERINGS and DRAPES THE POM POM CAFE 1098 West Wood Street Open 6:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. • Complete Fountain Service • Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner • Steaks, Seafood E. " Jay " Downey — Owner 197 HECHT ' S Compliments of Junior and Women ' s F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY oo5 IN. WAlhiK Decatur, Illinois 239 North Water For the Fit of Your Life For Footwear Most Favored . . . it ' s always been SCHAFFER GLUCK FOLRATH ' S Footwear . . . The Famed ISames You Know in shoes for on the campus — flTtfi ChlT FURS SUITS - CLOTH COATS SPORTSWEAR FOLRATH ' S 211 N. Water 253 North Main St. MOD(L-PARS| THIS 1956 MILLIDEK 3 YOUR LUX LAUNDRY . . . Featuring . . . Six Times Cleaner Electronic DRY CLEANING 24 E. Wabash Dial 5275 Printed by Huston-Patterson Corporation Decatur, Illinois « 198 » HAINES ESSICK GREETING CARDS AND GIFTS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING SPORTING GOODS OFFICE SUPPLIES ART SUPPLIES STATIONERY BOOKS 122 East William Street COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE Decals Textbooks Typewriters Art Supplies General Supplies College Outline Series 24-Hour Photo Finishing Esterbrook Fountain Pens Phone 5429 730 So. Main Decatur " For a Job to be Well Done " EVERYTHING IN ROOFING and SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm Compliments of Swain Myers Sales Co. DESIGNERS and SUPPLIERS Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Drug Stores 544-552 N. MAIN ST. « 199 ' if REMOVE FROM lIBRAHv

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