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11 e 1954 MiiiicU you tkioccati t e yean .n ' M vniOiifimsm eve dedicate Each of you — whether you be freshman, sophomore, junior or senior — is an important part of our campus. Many of you may be ac- tive in its organizational life. Others may be primarily interested in its sports. Whatever is your interest and activity, you are vital to the life and welfare of our school. You are a part of the traditional " Millikin family. " Because of your contribution to this great, family, we dedi- cate this book to you. Stranger in " Paradise? Aston was soon buzzing Summer had come to an end. September appeared on the calendar. Preparation and enthusiasm preceded the anticipation of the beginning of school. You arrived on campus — some of you for the first time. New friends were made and old ones were renewed. Fresh- men left for camp. Members of sororities and fraternities were busy preparing for rush. The football team began practicing. Members of the faculty and staff prepared for registration and the beginning of classes. Yes, activity on the campus had begun and each of you was a part of this activity. « 10 H Mil the torpedoes ' , full speed aheaal Freshmen enjoyed the lake at Camp Seymour llume Ec. 101 On a cold night the fire felt good " There ' s an essential difference between the male and female — The facts of Millikin were explained Got the concept A break during a busy day at camp , and t e frio A c wtfeed wit 7 e lin4t mo4tt umz Organized confusion Many long hours were spent registering Soybean capi tal of the world Froshies got together for a picnic « 12 » mm one You went through the hideous proce- dure of registration. Those of you who were freshmen were treated as special guests for a week. You took tests, at- tended rush party after rush party, along with a picnic and a mixer. After freshman " rush " was over classes began. Clubs were organized and started to function. Social events crowded the calendar. The campus was indeed active during Septem- ber and you were part of this activity. Three blind mice New students got " decked out " in Sunday best for first rush parties W iaf — beans again? WAA had its annual picnic in Fairview Park Must learn those indispens- able facts Classes began and books had to be cracked Mixing it up Student Council spon- sored the all school mixer Anyone for checkers? Girls began decorations early WAere ' s your union card? It tali 11 " to es pu Freshmen had the usual bat- tle with sophomores Basketball — Paul Bunyon style After losing, the freshies con- tinued to wear beanies ' til Thanksgiving , , , OMcit ejt came Somebody spiked Harney ' s carrots " Alice in Collegeland " proved a big success as talent show 14 Tri Delts burned toast for alums first place in House Dec- orations Contest Still think we should have gotten first Sigma Alpha Epsilon — second place Dog tired — but third Pi Beta Phi You worked long hours preparing for the big week-end of the year. It soon arrived and the whole campus " buzzed. " The freshmen-sophomore games on Friday headed the list of activities. That night the alums were welcomed with the talent show, the decorated houses and the pep rally beside the bonfire. « 15 » cvit t e fteautty U me fcwiade . . . She had so many children she didn ' t know what to do DSP — second place The floats, the band, the cheerleaders and the queen all added to the festivity of the weekend .... Following the parade, you saw the Big Blue " fol- low through " over Wes- leyan. Mi ' ' " ' ]ack Webb — Jam de Jam d u in MIA — third place Sitting on top of the world APO made queen ' s float Is everybody happy? Crowd cheered as Millikin beat Wesleyan Gee, that ' s a nice microphone The President crowned the queen 1W 1 Oh, to he a tahle top RITA HESS. Millikin Indepen- dent Association JANET BEAUMONT. Pi Beta Phi JOY W ATKINS. Alpha Chi Omega MAJA HARDWICK. Zeta Tau Alpha A candidate for homecoming queen was chosen to represent the Millikin Independent Association and each sorority on campus. A committee rep- resenting the campus, the faculty and townspeople selected Betty Jane Reed as queen. She reigned at the Home- coming Dance which brought the week- end to a close. Ruffl A view of the candidates as they appeared before the judges. We ' ue got a secret Couples danced to Buddy Morrow at the Armory « 19 » When the cat ' s away . . . Blanche Thebom performed first in the Fine Arts Series What, the Dec needs more money again? E ach class elected its officers Ttavem ei c wte . and, cvitti it — Love that string quartet Girls chose their Lil ' Abners for the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance Following homecoming you rested, but not for long. School politics, dances, exchanges and Dad ' s Day ap- peared on the Milli-Kalendar. The highlight of the month was Millikin ' s first University Christian Mission. Four nationally known leaders made the week dynamic in religious experience. Did you ever see a pumpkin promenade? Panhell Dance — day be- fore Thanksgiving vaca- tion The month progressed with the Town and Gown play, more fine arts, exchanges and other organizational activities. Football season drew to a close. Due to mid-semes- ters, hard studying became a necessary evil .... Following exams you received a well- earned rest — Thanksgiving vacation « 23 Boys ' Opportunity Home President of Student Council and football captain at work after dance Funny bunnies The SAE " Fantasy in Formal " Let there he light Delta Sigs annual " Carnation Ball " « 26 As you returned from your Thanksgiving vacation you had good intentions of really " hitting " the books since those mid-semester grades needed improvement. But those good intentions soon faded as the formal season started. You participated in the usual hustle and bustle of last minute decorating and date getting. You saw the Big Blue open its basketball season with a victory. Your hopes for another trip to Kansas City began to blossom. But 1 really don ' t deserve it—T m an SAE Santa visited the Pi Phi ' s " Holiday Inn " Let ' s hear Rachmanin- off ' s " Prelude in C Sh arp Mi nor SAI and Phi Mu twirled among snowflakes You never realized so much could be crammed in the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sorority pledges were busy planning their Junior Panhellenic walkout. Every type of test imaginable was given including T. B. Your professors took great pleasure in assigning unexpected term papers. As the first snow hit Millikin your thoughts turned to Christmas. The " Messiah " introduced the Christmas spirit. This spirit was furthered by the parties and caroling of the organizations on campus. She ' s qot a comer on the goodies racket Millikin Dames poured at an- nual Christmas tea More cookies, more cookiesl Hundreds of students turned out to eat thousands of cookies Oh happy day! The homeward trek began with waiting for taxis The Christmas activities on campus were brought to a climax by the Millikin Dames Tea. Exhausted but happy you left for home. After two weeks of more holiday fes- tivities and recuperation, you resumed the familiar pattern of campus life. The new year brought more formals, fine arts, and M. U. basketball spirit. Before you were aware of it the cold fact presented itself — finals were here. Midnight oil, no- doze, and cramming did no good. You wearily anticipated the results. « 30 » The Buckeye Four Third in the Fine Arts Series, the Budapest String Quartet Not too posed! The academicians crammed for exams My mother told me there would he davs like th is The results were not always good " 7 e ueou- yea « 31 » Bread line forms to the right You paid the price for wisdom as you registered February came and gave you a new start. The tedious task of registration hit you again. New courses, new instructors, and new activities launched the second semester. Sweethearts danced and bridge players battled. Greek organizations initi- ated new members. The highlight was the opera " Carmen " presented by the School of Music. Ch eese Valentines at the Sweetheart Dance « 32 » Mere ' s how to tell a real fraternity man Jerry Booth, ugliest man on campus , , , avid UKtttet This is the worst to say the least Jerry Booth, DSP Vic Bartoletti, SAE Bob Harland, MIA Rich Massaro, SPA George Churukian, TKE Beauty and the heast Trophy was presented to ugly man at the APO " Hop ' « 34 » The " hiq wheels ' rolled on Junior-Senior skating party How to win friends . . . Winter was topped off by a beautiful snow The ugliest man on campus made his appearance as the " frats " battled to get their man chosen. House dances and the skating party provided week- end entertainment. Winter then bid you farewell with a beauti- ful snowstorm. 35 wm 1 got the K.C. blues The Biq Blue boosters cheered at Champaign Thev did The annual Interfraternity Dance was held at the Hotel Orlando 4t wy came Spring activities commenced despite the unseasonably cold weather. Shortly afterwards your spirits were dashed when the team lost at Champaign to Western. As the days rolled on sixty seniors finished their practice teaching. Many of you for some time had been working on the Variety Show. Keep your mind on the books Senior education rmjors iaught in the Decatur schools for six weeks ku Our rihhon slipped " •l Alpha Chis clicked as a human typewriter in Vari- ety Show Dance of the Sugar Plum ■ Delta Sigs became ballet dancers in one of the fun- niest skits of the show cvttd a variety o£ activities 000 Handy six — minus two SAEs came up from Dixieland " Ears " to you Pi Phis went Pogo h Bring on the men Girls spent a sleepless night at intersorority slumber parties " TJiay fella " I " Theatre in the Dance " fea- tured Jose Limon , , wctudtuf a bait This is some life — boyl Tri Delts honored new initiates with " Sudsational " dance « 40 » i Bali H ' ai DSP sailors had their annual " brawl " Following the Variety Show came the Panhell slumber parties. Activities then continued to fill the calendar. The Greeks " threw " dances, exchanges and banquets. Some of the parties brought forth the newest cuts in beards and novelty cos- tumes. Dr. Mickel chose the cast for " Winterset. " During the Lenten Season MRA sponsored a series of seminar dis- cussion sessions. Come as you are The " Mardi Gras " 1165 West Main came to 41 With the coming of April your fancy turned to the out-of-doors. Baseball, track, golf and tennis teams " warmed up. " A nickelodium and flapper dance climaxed the Campus Chest drive. Groups snatched spare minutes to train for the annual Sing. In the midst of all the confusion, the first formal came. It ' s a birdl It ' s a planel — It ' s Abbevl Classroom concentration waned as spring daze con- tinued twenties " provided atmosphere for the Campus Chest Dance 42 fro o,cv Jv fc Indigo — but not " blue ' Tri Delts won first among sororities in University Sing . , , cdana wim, bounds rtft Si See u??iat f?iree u eefcs practice will do Delta Sigs took men ' s trophy « 44 » Just pretend that there are leaves Art classes met outside when the weather permitted When the musical event of the year, the University Sing, finally ar- rived, it was a big success. After it you needed a rest and counted the days to spring vacation .... You came back to the campus wearing new togs and ready for the final bout of the year. Spring was defi- nitely in the air. The " fever " dance and more formals brought zest to the season. " Sign " of spring Millikin took on a fresh look « 45 » ' Tftay came The last month of school was probably the busiest of all. You watched the track and base- ball teams in action. Picnics, sun bathing and tennis games took the place of studying. Seniors were particularly busy with job inter- views and graduation plans. The prom, the senior dinner and the pansy breakfast were some of the pre-graduation events. Into each activity many of you carried anxiety because finals were approaching. The exams came . . . and you took them. Some of you then cele- brated, bade farewell to your friends and departed. Those of you who were the privil- eged seniors remained for baccalaureate, the lantern parade, and the biggest event of all- Commencement. And so the year 1953-1954 came to an end, leaving with you friendsh ips, book learning, a bit of wisdom, and memories. As you left the campus, an alumnus possessing a coveted sheepskin or a student soon to return, you were proud of being a part of Millikin. At twenty -one I came to Students acquired a sun tan while they studied Books are still going up Books took to the wind as exams were over W 3 1 s ' J r ' f Cheerleaders This year proved to be an exciting one for the Millikm cheerleaders. The yells of Captain Sharon McFadden and newcomers Doris Burke, Jayne Hagberg, Amy Sickman and Carolyn Stevens paid off in both football and basketball games. The girls sported new uniforms purchased during the season, and showed unlimited energy and spirit which helped the Millikin fans cheer our teams on to victory. Sharon McFadden M. Club Row 1: D. Harrell, B. Savage, F. Chizevsky, G. Dalton, L. Siater, M. Sheets, R. Lefley. Row 2: Coach Ralph Allan, D. Pogue, G. Short, D. Jones, I. Finley, D. Sesslar, S. Smith, C. Mueller, J. Ballowe. Row 3: R. Bowman, D. Quisen- berry, G. Babel, D. McBride, D. Kramer, D. McCann, B. Higgins, B. Corrington, I. Ludke. « 50 » Amy Sickman M " Club The " M " Club of 53-54 has worked hard and effec- tively to help the school and students during the school year. Its leading activity was the used-book exchange which was a help to the students who used it and also provided funds for the club ' s other activities. This club, also, had a picnic for the boy ' s home, incresaed the Joe Catlin Scholarship Fund, bought new uniforms for the cheerleaders, and ushered at. all Big Blue sporting events. K A Jayne Hagberg M " MAN The 1954 Millidek Staff has chosen Bud Mueller, a senior, as Millidek " M " Man. Active in his fraternity and other campus organiza- tions, Buddy lettered in baseball two years and basket- ball four years. During his senior year he served as captain of the basketball team, held the Steagall-Sarran Scholarship, and was elected to " Who ' s Who. " This honor is awarded on the basis of scholarship, extra-curricular activities, and athletic ability. FOOTBALL Jack Allen, successor to Bob Appleby, did a splendid job in his first year as head football coach. Though the team ended with a record of 3 wins and 5 losses including, a two win and three loss in the C. C. L, three of the losses were by less than one touchdown. The season opened with the Blue traveling to Muncie, Indiana, to meet the Cardinals of Ball State. After coming back from a seven point deficit, Millikin scored twice and was leading 13-12 with less than two minutes to play. But with the Cardinals taking advantage of many opportunities, the hard playing Milli- kin team was downed, 19-13. Row 1: J. Codemo, R. Kramer, B. Briggs, B. Yount, B. Harlan, L. Slater, W. Knutson, D. Lidberry, S. Lange. Row 2: Ass ' t Coach R. Rausch, B. Higgins, J. Ludke, B. O ' Brien, P. Kottardis, B. Savage, T. Smith, Capt. D. Sesslar, F. Chizevsky, G. Barnes. Row 3: Coach J. Allen, J. Schaub, R. Heim, G. Wolanin, D Jones, J. Bjankini, B. Nelson, B. Beison, C. Mc- Anally, L. Miller, G. Westerhoff, Mgr. J. Welch. Row 4: H. Niehaus, B. Colby, B. Rohr, L. Vitali, G Short, H. Kelly, B. See, G. Babel, S. Smith, B. Nel- son, Mgr. J. Stillman. Bill Higgins Chick Barnes FOOTBALL The following weekend found the Blue on the road again, this time headed for Springfield, Ohio, to encounter the Wittenberg Lutherans. The Blue fought from behind to avenge their last year ' s defeat at the hands of the Lutherans, and emerged decisive 27-19 victors. The thrill of victory afire in them, Millikin opened its home season against Elmhurst on the Decatur High School field under the lights. The Blue romped to a 33-6 win. 2500 spectators saw an impenetrable defense again and again turn back vain Bluejay thrusts. . . -dm lack Ludke Dick Kramer Juraj Bjankini « 55 » FOOTBALL Augustana was the next foe to be encount- ered. The Auggies ' Homecoming crowd went wild as their team fought back from a 7-7 half- time deadlock to a 32-15 victory. Amid the fervor of Homecoming week, the Blue worked to sharpen their attack for the Titans of Wesleyan. Their work was worth- while, for they downed their foe 18-6. Millikin ' s team was impressive with its hard charging line and smooth running backfield. Next the Blue played host to Upper Iowa. In their second night game of the season, Milli- kin fought hard to prove their strength to Iowa. Iowa scored in the first period and that was all Gordy Short Bill Savage « 56 » Harry Kelley mmrnm Bob O ' Brien Chuck McAnally Ted Smith FOOTBALL the scoring until the Blue tied up the game late in the last period. With only a minute to play, Upper Iowa scored on a sensational freak pass play to win, 13-7. Disheartened by the Upper Iowa defeat, the Blue traveled to Naperville to meet North Cen- tral on the following Saturday. Both Millikin and the North Central offenses were clicking, but the opponents were able to win by a mere extra point decision. The final game of the season found Wheaton up against the Blue. Millikin ' s first Dad ' s Day crowd saw the Crusaders rout the Blue, 33-6. Their attack just couldn ' t be stopped as they gained the College Conference of Illinois championship. Wally Knutson Frank Chizevsky Although all the players played hard for M. U., a couple received special mention. They were Frank Chizevsky and Jerry Babel, who were elected to the all-conference team. Chi- zevsky and Bill Savage were elected co-captains to lead the Blue next year. Millikin ' s basketball team gave the fans a lot to cheer about this year, and it looks as if what the men have done is only a preview of even better things to come. The Blue ended the season with a fine record of 17-6. Highlights of the season included the victory over Wesleyan, 66-61, who later became conference champions. Freshman Roger Lotchin turned in an excellent per- formance under the boards besides lead- ing the scorers with 20 points. Millikin nearly turned the tide again at Blooming- ton but was downed by the Titans 68-66. A much acclaimed victory was given the Big Blue after defeating Eastern, the IIAC champions, 82-67. Freshmen Don Morris and Roger Lotchin paced Millikin with 22 and 21 points respectively. X « 59 » Don McCann Chuck Conrady BASKETBALL Another important victory was over Wheaton, the past conference champions. Avenging an earlier loss to the Crusaders, the Big Blue poured on a 103-80 score. This victory gave Millikin a second place tie with the Wheaton team in the confer- ence. Jack Dettro and Captain Bud Mueller led the scoring with 29 and 28 points respectively. The conference record of 9 wins and 3 losses gave the Millikin team a place in the N.A.I.B. playoffs at Champaign. The Blue met Eastern in the first round and BASKETBALL " B " TEAM Row 1: Mgr. B. Coe, C. Tsevelekos, J. Hoffman, H. Frost, J. Babcock, R. Edminson, Mgr. D. McBain. How 2: Ass ' t Coach G. Short, L. Warren, B. Glass, B. Swengel, T. Smith, P. Innis, J. Schneiter. BASKETBALL showed great spirit in winning by a de- cisive score of 95-68. Western and Millikin met in the final game with the dark horse Western coming out on top 65-58. This ended the season for the Big Blue cagers who worked hard and developed very well under the guidance of Coach Ralph Allan, who was named " Coach of the Year. " Roger Lotchin Jack Dettro « 62 BASEBALL Millikin ' s baseball team started the spring season with uncertain weather and a few costly injuries but with the competent leadership of Coach Jack Allen the team was able to give many fine performances. A highlight of the baseball season was its annual southern trip which was helpful to the team in smoothing out the rough spots, and also the players were given a pleasureable experience. Being an inexperienced team, the play rested upon lettermen Capt. Mel Sheets, out- fielder; pitchers Bud Mueller, Clete Hinton, and Dennis Harrell; outfielder Ron Bowman, and third baseman Don Garnett. Fine playing by Tom Lambert IstB, Roger Lotchin IstB, Jack Dettro 2ndB, Roger James 2ndB, Jim Burdick 3rdB, Dean Doss C, Ron Reed OF, Gael Westerhoff OF, Bob Yount OF, Ed Phelps OF, Jim Welsh OF, Don Petty SS, Bernie Taylor SS, Jim Stillman P, Larry Warren P, and Jim Brown P, gave the Millikin fans something to be proud of. Row I: R. Briggs, C. Mueller, J. Welsh, D. Petty, J. Stillman, R. Edminson, D. Garnett, J. Brown. Row 2: D. Doss, J. Hoffman, J. Burdick, L. Warren, J. Dettro, B. Taylor, C. Hinton. Row 3: Coach Allen, R. James, E. Phelps, T. Lambert, R. Yount, M. Sheets, R. Reed, R. Bowman, J. McCarthy, G. Westerhoff. 64 Captain Mel Sheets and Coach Allen BASEBALL BASEBALL SCHEDULE April — 10 Augustana at Rock Island 15 Fort Campbell at Fort Campbell, Tennessee 16 Fort Campbell at Fort Campbell 17 Fort Campbell at Fort Campbell 20 U. of Chicago at Decatur 24 Elmhurst at Decatur May — 1 Lake Forest at Lake Forest 5 Wesleyan at Decatur 8 North Central at Naperville 15 Wheaton at Decatur 18 Wesleyan at Bloomington Doubleheader Tom Lambert « 65 » Dennis Harrell Roger Edminson « 66 » TRACK This year ' s track squad was paced by ten returning lettermen, but according to Coach Ralph Allan they were lacking in depth. The team had a tougher schedule than the pre- vious year, but Caoch Allan had well-founded hopes for a good season. Captain Don Pogue, the ' 53 hurdle champ, had no trouble holding his title in ' 54. Right along with Don were Dick Wright, Bob Glass, and Paul Jones. The versatile Paul Jones also competed in the high and low hurdles, pole vault, high jump, and broad jump. Dick Mc- Bride led the field in the distance runs and was followed by Chris Tsevelekos. In the 220, 440, and 880 yard runs, Dick Quisenberry, Bob Lefley, and Jim Ballowe were outstanding. Be- sides Paul Jones, Gene Degner did very well in the pole vault. In the sprints, Doug Warford, Row 1: L. Slater, F. Chizevsky, D. Warford, B. Savage, S. J. Lambert, J. Ballowe. Row 2: B. See, P. Innis, D. Wright, D. Pogue, P. Jones, B. Glass, D. Kramer. Row 3: Coach Allan, C. Tsevelekos, H. Frost, D. McBride, G. Short, D. Quisenberry, B. Lefley. TRACK Don Pogue, Captain Dick Kramer, Gordon Short, Bill Savage, Dick Wright, and Dick Quisenberry looked very- good. Dick Kramer, Greg Barnes and Don Morris did well in throwing the discus. Harold Frost and Pete Innis turned in fine performances in the javelin department. In the weight di- vision Frank Chizevsky, Greg Barnes, and Dick Kramer were outstanding. Bob Glass Don Pogue Dick Wright Paul Jones The Thin Clad ended another season with many memorable performances and so repre- sented Millikin University in the best of form. « 69 » Frank Chizevsky « 70 » Wes Fulton Bill Hawkins GOLF This year ' s golf team looked good due to the four returning lettermen, Jim Finley, Bob Corrington, Bill Hawkins, and Al Meyers. Sen- ior Jim Finley held the title Captain for the second year. Bud Tryon, Wes Fulton and Pat Kaiser were three newcomers on hand to give the squad an added boost. J. Finley. B. Corrington, W. Fulton. B. Tryon, B. Hawkins, A. Myers, P. Kaiser, G. Camden. « 72 » Row 1: D. Martenson, B. Fisher. Row 2: C. Streib, J. Ortberg. TENNIS Sophomores John Ortberg, Bill Fisher, and Dave Martenson were the only returning letter- men to swing the cat gut this spring. They were ably assisted by newcomer Clayton Streib. Bill Fisher Captain Dave Martenson 73 Mlwffjll r John Ortberg i WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Marjorie Parker President Sally Carroll Vice-President Judy Gilman Secretary Ruby Smith Treasurer Janice Stone, Sallie Sweet Intramural Managers OFFICERS AND INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Seated: S. Durbin, C. Stegenga, S. Carroll, J. Stewart, D. Burke. Standing: M, Parker, R. Smith, D. Barone, S. Sweet. The Women ' s Athletic Association is open to all university women. Its primary activity is the operation of an intramural program which includes soccer, bowling, and deck tennis for the first semester. Basketball, volley-ball, and badminton are played second semester. A round robin tournament is held for each ac- tivity, and points are awarded to those groups having the best records. A traveling trophy is presented each spring to the organization which has the greatest number of points. Indi- vidual awards are presented to girls who are active in intramurals and W.A.A. These awards are based on a point system. For 250 points, W. W. A. GIRL Marge Parker « 74 » SENIOR LETTER WINNERS M. Parker, S. Baker, J. Young, J. Hyde, S. Carroll, O D. McEfee not pictured. numerals are awarded; for 500 points, a blue M; for 1,000 points, a while M; and for 1500 points and four years of participation, a letter sweater. Some of the activities of W.A.A. this year included the annual picnic, election of officers, basketball, golf, and tennis sports days with other schools, the 38th Annual Intercollegiate tennis tournament, and the selection of W.A.A. girl. The annual picnic was held in early fall in Fairview Park for all Millikin women for the purpese of aetting acquainted with the new students and recruiting new members. Each year a girl who is a member of W.A.A. and is of junior or senior rank is selected as the typical girl of W.A.A. This award is based on leader- ship, scholarship, skill in ath- letic activities, personality, service to W.A.A., sportsman- ship, and participation in other activities. This year ' s award went to Marge Parker, a senior. BASKETBALL ALLSTARS Row 1: K. Clark, D. Mullen, E. Leach, A. Dietrich, K. Chinq, R. Smith, M. Cole. Row 2: M. Turner, L. Wolf, S. Sweet, P. Lowry, S. Durbin, M. Parker, S. Carroll, J. Stewart. if PANHELLENIC COUNCILS The Millikm Panhellenic Council is an or- ganization composed of the Presidents and Rush Chairmen of the sororities on campus. The Council acts as a governing body of all inter-sorority affairs, and Dean Frances Falvey acts as faculty adviser. Some of the mam functions of the Council are to promote better relations on the campus, especially among the groups involved; to de- cide on the rush rules for the year; to take care of any problems that may arise; and to guide inter-sorority activities. During the course of the year the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils met together to make arrangements for dinner exchanges among the organizations. The Junior Panhellenic Council was organ- ized to promote friendly relationships among pledges of the sororities, to aquaint them with the social customs of the campus, and to pro- vide training for future positions of responsi- bility. SENIOR Row 1: P. Kerns, V. Borse, Miss Falvey. Row 2: B. Nelson, M. Robin-, son, A. Welshans, J. Ballowe. Row 3: K. Kaufman, D. Hiser. JUNIOR Row 1: E. Engler, N. Walker. Row 2: M. Eitmann, C. Flem- ing, J. Sparks, M. Quigley. Row 3: P. Mashburn, J. Pease, B. Burton, B. McHattan, M. Bales, M. Bruckner. « 78 » Row I: Row 2: Row 3: J. Gaston, B. Kerns, D. Sesslar, G. Smith. R. Briggs, D. Kramer, R. Nolan, C. Forth, L. Brown. E. Wirth, W. Higgins, R. Edwards, R. Jones, R. Massaro, J. Schnittker. The Millikin Interfratermty Council is an organ- ization composed of representatives of the Greek fraternities on the campus. Its purpose is to ' serve as a clearing house for matters common to all the fraternities and as a coordinator of their activties. The council held a paper drive this year as its money making project, and on the social side, its activities varied from the promoting of the all- fraternity formal dance to the dinner exchange pro- grams. Both of these functions were a great success. During the year Don Sesslar and Jack Dettro served as Presidents, Clyde Forth and Bill Higgins as Secretaries, Bob Briggs and Dick Kramer as Treasurers, and Bob Edwards and Bob Briggs as Social Chairmen. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL « 79 » " Together let us seek the heights " has long been the tradition of Alpha Chi Omega. As the years roll on we believe that the pride we have found in working together will ever be remembered by our members. Some of the activities we shared that we will remember are the all-school street dance; our winter formal, " Firelight Fantasy, " featur- ing Tony Prince; working as a unit to become a human typewriter in the Variety Show; blend- ing our voices for a dream theme for the University Sing; and climaxing the year with the spring formal, which was called " Southern Row 1: R. Fawley, M. Eitmann, L. Wolfe, Turner. Dysart, J. Row 2: J. Stone, G. Hodge, J. Briggs, S. Sweet, L. Jen- sen, S. Brown. Row 3: P. Davidson, C. Bruns, J. Watkins, L. Judd, A. Welshans, M. Crawford, D. Fisher, M. Kellans, Mrs. Lewman. Row 4: M. Foster, D. Howell, M. Bruckner, C. Cunning- ham, M. Wasem, D. Hiser, A. Turner, H. Jackson. Row 5: B. Burton, C. Henderson, P. Reynolds, C. Myer, M. Cole, M. Deardorff, M. Clayton. Row 6: D. Mullen, M. Groppi, L. Hefter, C. McNiel, J. Elliott, J. Riggs, A. Sickman, D. Brainerd, D. Fisk, K. Miller. Girls we are proud of this year are Amy Sickman, cheerleader; Katherine Miller, one of the majorettes; Jean Gallatin and Mary Lou Bruckner, officers in the Freshman class; and Ann Welshans, President of the Panhellenic Council. During this year we found that many of the things we did together were made more enjoy- able by our housemother, Mrs. James Lewman, and our faculty adviser and his wife, Dr. and Mrs. William Fisher. « 81 » X OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President. Jeanne Sparks Ballowe Suzanne Poppleton Vice-president. .Mary Ann Stenzel Carol Kammerer Secretary 1° Young.. Evalyn Campbell Treasurer Donna Mae Schiltz Kay Kaufmann DELTA DELTA DELTA Sharing together the work and fun of college life Tri-Deltas build a close fraternity bond which endures through the years. Opening the school year with rushing activ- ities, the girls at 111 Park Place soon found themselves busy with house dances and Home- coming preparations. We were awarded the first place trophy in the House Decoration competition for the third consecutive year, and thus are permitted to keep it. Betty Jane Reed represented Delta Epsilon as Millikin ' s Home- coming Queen, and Kay Kaufmann served as co-chairman of Homecoming. It seemed no time at all until we were looking forward to Christmas caroling and the annual Pine Tea given for the faculty. Our winter formal, " Toy- land Twirl, " climaxed the winter activities. Soon after the beginning of the second semester Tri-Delts were practicing for the Variety Show and University Sing. In the midst of the social whirl study lamps were burning, and we were awarded the coveted Scholarship Cup. April brought the annual Easter Party for the Girl ' s Welfare Home, and May, the Pansy Breakfast for all senior women. The spring formal and graduation activities highlighted the end of the year. Delta Epsilon was represented in all as- pects of campus life. Helen Cox sang the lead in " Carmen. " Sharon McFadden, Carolyn Stevens, Jayne Hagberg, and Doris Burke 82 » Row 1: M. Hammill, R. Bug, D. Riechman, J. Hagberg, C. Zimmer, V. Persson, M. Chumbley. Row 2: S. Joffray, P. Miles, S. Burks, L. Johnson, I. Dil- ler, N. Noland, E. Campbell, M. Watkins, C. Kara- merer. Row 3: S. Poppleton, D. Schiltz, J. Hyde, J. File, B. Genre, Mrs. Hale, J. Ballowe, M. Stenzel, S. Mc- Kinney, J. Young. cheered on the Big Blue. Mary Ann Stenzel, Jo Young, and Sally Joffray were elected to " Who ' s Who, " and other members were active in Pi Mu Theta and Phi Kappa Phi. Marge Parker was chosen W.A.A. Girl, and Ginny Persson led the band as majorette. In student government, Shirley Dietschy was Treasurer of Student Council, and other mem- bers served as class officers. The field of jour- nalism claimed Sally Joffray as co-editor of the Millidek. Doris Stephenson, Ginny Persson, and Jan File served as members of the staff. To our faculty advisers, Coach and Mrs. Ralph Allan, and to our housemother, Mrs. Robert Hale, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their guidance throughout the year. Row 4: M. Cole, A. Logan, P. Mashburn, M. Day, L. Potter, S. Kuny, B. Dietschy, K. Kaufmann, A. Stein- berg. Row 5: S. Berens, D. Burke, M. McMorris, M. Allen, H. Cox, R. McDonald, S. Dietschy. D. Stephenson, J. Lentz, S. Handlin. Row 6: E. Engler, B. Branstetter, P. Walker, B. Lewis, B. Reed, S. McFadden, J. Raffington, L. Smith, K. Games, J. Sparks, A. Mann. « 83 OFFICERS First Semester President Martha Robinson Vice-President Sally Carroll Secretary Ruth Butts Treasurer Janice Stocks Second Semester Carlene Stegenga Lyn Ryerson Ruth Butts Jeanne Miller PI BETA PHI September again— the Pi Phi house was a scene of lively activity, beginning with rush. With classes underway, we were kept busy by Homecoming activities and many house dances. These dances were climaxed by our winter formal, " Holiday Inn. " Representing us on campus, Alliene Hooge- straat was secreatry of the Student Council and also assistant editor of the Decaturian ' . Sandra Sampson and Pat Smith worked in the circulation department, while Martha Robinson and Barbara Smith were on the news staff. Martha Robinson was Secretary of Panhellenic Council and also was elected to " Who ' s Who. " Carlene Stegenga acted as President of the Home Economics Club, and Martha Turner as Social Chairman. Beverly Showalter served as Treasurer of Tau Chi Pi, and Sally Carroll as Treasurer of French Club. In student govern- ment, Martha Robinson was Secretary of the Senior class and Alliene Hoogestraat was Treasurer of the Junior class. During the second semester, Betty McHatton was elected Secretary of the Junior class. « 84 » ooonn Miller, C. Tenney, Showalter Row 1: P. Soelle, J M. Shonk. Row 2: J. Stewart, M. Hinton, S. Bloss, J. Beaumont, S. Sampson, A. Hoogestraat, M. Deal. Row 3: M. Bales, P. Smith, S. Carroll N. Hatch, Mrs. Jeffers, M. Robinson, J. Morris, S. Baker, L. Traeger. Row 4: M. Hastings, N. Ash, S. Brooks, D. Dunn, M. Quigley, M. Kolb, L. Ryerson. Row 5: S. Smith, P. Kerns, M. Blasingame, B. Smith, S. Brewer, B. McHatton, M. Turner. Row 6: R. Rehling, A. Taylor, L. Dubea, C. Stegenga, J. Stocks, J. Grief, E. Borchart, R. Butts. The latter part of the year found us working on the Variety Show and the Greek Sing as well as having time for another round of house dances. June came quickly— the end of another successful year. 85 P 4 OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President .... Betty Nelson ludy Gilman Vice-President ludy Gilman Mary Jean Hubbell Secretary- Shirley Branom Verne Borse Treasurer Mary Jean Hubbell Carolynn Johnson ZETA TAU ALPHA The 1953- ' 54 school year was a very busy one for the girls at 1305 West Main. Rush Week, Homecoming, teas, dinners and informal parties made the time between classes pass very fast. Our list of memorable dances now includes the pledge dance, " Superstitions Unlimited, " " Magic On Mars, " and annual winter and spring formals, " Mistletoe Magic " and " Mood Indigo. " Representing Tau chapter on campus this year were Barbara Gregory, vice-president of the Student Council; Shirley Branom, state sec- retary for Future Teachers of America, Caro- lynn Johnson, secretary of the sophomore class. Other positions held belonged to Verne Borse, President of the Newman Club and secretary of Home Economics Club; Sally Durbin, vice- president of both Spanish and Art Clubs; Lucille Brown, treasurer of Future Teachers of America; and Judy Gilman, secretary of W.A.A. Barbara Gregory, Mary Brand Edwards, and Betty Nelson were initiated into Pi Mu Theta. The Davida McCaslin scholarship was won by Betty Nelson, who was also initiated into Phi Kappa Phi. Chosen for " Who ' s Who " from Zeta Tau Alpha were Barbara Gregory and Betty Nelson. Row 1: C. Harper, E. Scherer, E. Leach, P. Bowers, M. Kostas, M. Mills. Row 2: M. Delaney, B. Walker, J. Pease, J. Munro, C. Moore, M, Edwards, C. Cain, J. Shurts. Row 3: O. McEfee, V. Borse, L. Brown, M. Hubbell ,B. Nelson, }, Gilman, S. Branom, E. DeGroot, L. Riff. Row 4: S. Coslet, D. Marshall, C. Johnson, S. Durbin, D. Huskamp, A. Thomas, B. Gregory, R. Karch, B. Long, P. Tillett, R. Swem, S. Dingman. Row 5: P. Hays, R. Allen, S. Pattengill, C. Fleming, D. Hogg, M. Hardwick, M. Thorpe, N. Walker. The Variety Show, the University Sing, a visit from our national secretary-treasurer, a special week-end for our mothers, and all the graduation traditions highlighted the latter part of the year. « 87 OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Richard Jones John Schnittker Vice-President . . Charles Mueller Richard Kramer Secretary David Gobert lames Milligan Treasurer Robert Sefton Richard Castleman DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Sigma Phi stands for brotherhood, leadership, and sociability on the Millikin Cam- pus. Working and living together in a common bond has formed us into a strong, active chap- ter. We are proud of the achievements of Alpha Lambda chapter and hope that future years will be as bountiful as the preceding have been. Delta Sig leaders were found in every phase of campus life. George Prust was elected president of the senior class and Bill Winberg, treasurer. Earl Pratt was elected vice-president of the junior class; Bob Briggs, president of the sophomore class; and Ed LeFevre, treasurer of the freshman class. Millikin ' s student govern- ment was headed by Ken Merwin, and the Campus Chest drive was directed by Bill Win- berg and Jim Viani. The men of Alpha Lambda demonstrated their journalistic ability through John Barth as editor of the Decaturian, Dick Quisenberry as sports editor, and Don Pogue as business manager of the Millidek. Our members elected to " Who ' s Who " were John Barth, Ken Merwin, Bud Mueller, George Prust, and Jim Viani. John Schnittker served as vice- president of APO, and Frank " Dode " Beaman was co-chairman of the Homecoming festivities. We are deeply indebted to Mr. Byron Kerns, who not only has been our faculty adviser for the last three years, but has become one of us through his deep concern and true interest; to John Schnittker, our president; and to Mrs. Sophia Connour, always a sympathetic friend and an excellent cook. Row 1: R. Kramer, J. Witzeman, E. Scherer, H. Gorrell, F. Beaman, C. Mueller, R. Jones Winberg, R. O ' Brien, R. Briggs, H. Beardsley. Row 2- D Gobert R Sefton, R. Castleman, H. Bell, B. Howenstein, G. Booth, D. Lidbury, W. Dugger, R. Mills, R. Futrell, W. Tankersley, D. Garnett, E. Pratt. Row 3- D Moran D. Pogue, R. Brown, J. Barth, R. Thomas, S. Smith, R. Quisenberry, G. Prust, H. Kelley, D. Rees, M. Sheets, J. Schmttker, D. Augspurger. Row 4: D Peterson, K. Merwin, J. Schneiter, H. Frost, C. Hinton, J Milligan W. Savage, I. Dunn, R. Moore, R. Lansden, J. Viani, J. Runyon, R. Mormino, E. Husted, B. Tryon, P. Jones. Not in the picture: J. Bjankini, W. Danforth, D. Gneckow, M. Hoffman, J. Jeffers, R. Sherman, D. Warlord, R. Yount. Row 1: J. Barnes, K. Cottingham, L. Morgan, P. Brennan, C. Peters, R. Hough, K. Brown, D. Livingston, C. Tsevelekos, L. Hammond. Row 2: H. Murray, G. King, J. Codemo, G Wolamn, J. Holfman, S. Lange, R. Leiley, P. McKelvey, D. Seligman Row 3: W. See, W. Adcock, E. LeFevre, L. Fravell, J. Dieterick, M. Sutton, R. Lotchin, J. Hall, L, Rhoades. Row 4: J. Standerfer, L. Peters, P. Wiant, L. Brader, A. Schwalbe, L. Hamilton, R. Nash, D. Petty, L. Dechart, C. Jabusch. « 89 » OFFICERS First Semester President Bud Wirth Vice-President Frank Tyrolt Secretary Chuck Ball Treasurer Vic Bartoletti Second Semester Bud Wirth Frank Tyrolt Jack Dagan Wes Fulton SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON In February of this year Sigma Alpha Ep- silon marked its first complete year at 1165 West Main. The year was a successful one for the Sig Alphs. After a successful September rush, we took top honors in the Homecoming Float Contest and second place honors in the House Decora- tions. Our pledges then won the Pledges Intramural Trophy. On the athletic side we placed nine men on the football team, includ- ing the ' 53 captain Don Sesslar and the ' 54 co-captain Frankie Chizevsky, ass ' t coach Ralph Rausch, and manager Jim Welsh. On the basketball team we had letterman Don McCann and manager Bob Coe. Frank Chizevsky, Jim Ballowe, Dick Wright, Dick McBride, and Bob Coe represented SAE in track. Baseball players were Tom Lambert, Gael Westerhoff, Bernie Taylor, and John Schaub. Jim Finley, captain of the golf team, was supported by the number two and three men, Bob Corrington and Wes Fulton. In the journalism field, Jack Dagon served as sports editor of the Decaturian and Jim Finley as business manager. On the Millidek, Andy Anderson was co-editor and Frank Ty- rolt, assisted by three other SAEs, was sports editor. Don McCann served as treasurer of the sophomore class. Frank Tyrolt, Andy An- derson, Bill Fairbank, and Jerry Groves partici- pated in APO. In the " M " Club, Dick McBride, Jim Finley, and Frank Chizevsky were presi- dent, vice-president, and secretary respectively. Don Sesslar served as the Interfraternity Coun- cil president. On the social side we had two very suc- cessful formals and two equally successful novelty dances. Dinner and Sunday afternoon exchanges along with house dances and a few stags helped wind up the year ' s social cal- endar. « 90 Row 1: T. Lambert, R. Anderson, W. Morrissey, R. McBride, F. Tyrolt, E. Wirth, C. Ball, W. Higgins, J. Thomas, D. Beggs, R. Wagner. Row 2: J. Ballowe, D. Sesslar, R. Rausch, F. Chizevsky, R. Wright, W. Bohon, A. Crable, D. Potter, P. Ryan, J. Giambeluca, W. Oldham, C. Krohn. Row 3: W Fulton, T. Shutter, B Taylor, R. Corrington, W. Knutson, J. Dagan, V. Bartoletti, D. McCann, A. Eve, W. Fairbank. Row 1: D. Harrell, D. Raab, M. Wilcox, R. Coe, J. Ludke, J. Schaub, A. Parcell, ]. Allen, R. Paddock, J. Smith, T. Smith. Row 2: J. Welch, L. Slater, E. Baseheart, T. Ewing, R. Games, B. Nelson, P. Kot- taridis, D. McBain, W. Nelson, R. Berry, G. Westerhoff. 91 n First Semester President Rich Massaro Vice-President . . . Floyd Stradley Exec. Vice-Pres. ...Dale Mackey Secretary Richard Meyer Treasurer Calvin Bowers Second Semester Floyd Stradley Garnett Gray Lowell Brown Gene Baker James Stevenson SIGMA PHI ALPHA • The first year as an organized social fratern- ity was indeed a busy and fruitful one for Sigma Phi Alpha. With but one semester ' s background, the full cooperation of every member was needed to produce a successful year. Carrying out a full social program which included both winter and spring formals, a number of smaller dances, participation in Homecoming activities, the Variety Show, and the University Sing, leading the way in men ' s scholarship, and entering slightly into intra- mural sports, the Sig Phis earned a place in Millikin ' s campus life. But the members of SPA didn ' t limit them- selves to fraternity activities alone. Sig Phis could be found taking part in almost every campus activity. Floyd Stradley was President of the Junior Class, Richard Massaro of UYF, and Clyde Forth of the German Club. Gene Baker was Secretary of UYF and Dick Gilmour of the German Club. Jim Stevenson served as Treasurer of APO and Lowell Brown as Treas- urer of the Spanish Club. Rich Massaro was co-chairman of U.C.M. week. Sigma Phi Alpha owes much to the advice and cooperation of many individuals and or- ganizations at Millikin. Particular thanks are due Mr. Jack Gaston, whose value as advisor during the initial year of SPA could never be overstated. 92 » Row 1: G. Baker C. Forth, L. Brown, G. Gray, E. Power, C. Bower. Row 2: R. Massaro, F. Stradley, J. Stevenson, B. Baum, D. Meyer, D. Cram Mackey. Row 1: B. Krebs, C Whitrock, T. McCracken, G. Swank, B. Humphrey. Row 2: J. Wicks, B. Cvengros, G. Westwood, J. Howie, D. Gilmour, A. Loomis. « 93 » OFFICERS First Semester President Ken Meseke Vice-President lack Dettro Secretary Bob Nolan Treasurer Humphrey Laue Second Semester Bob Edwards Carl Hanser Bob Nolan Jim Henigman TAU KAPPA EPSILON " Love, Charity and Esteem. " These are the cardinal virtues of Tau Kappa Epsilon. They represent the essential elements of our fratern- ity and of our lives. Not only do we read these words from the printed pages of education but once we take on the bond of Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, we live by these tenets. We of Beta Chap- ter are justly proud of this heritage of our fraternity. During the school year, Bud Brock and Phil Eckard served as social chairmen and carried us through a full calendar of dances, exchanges and other social activities. Memories of these events still hold a place in the hearts of all of us. Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was fortunate in having two capable presidents at the helm of our fraternity during the school year. Ken Meseke was president during the first semester and Bob Edwards took command for the second semester. With men like these to lead us and men such as our members are to participate, it is understandable that we have enjoyed a successful year. « 94 » Row 1: R. Nolan, D. Martenson, J. Dettro, K. Meseke, H. Laue, D. Heiden, C. Berrey. Row 2: P. Eckert, T. Bordner, D. Brock, D. Schupbach, G. Churukian, J. Robb, L. Turner, J. Henigman. Row 3: B. Edwards, D. Kennedy, J. Burdick, C. Hanser, A. Richards, J. Ortberg, A. Uzzell. Seated: L. Hill. Standing: B. Richards, J. Babcock, R. Davis, C. Conrady, B. Eunson, P. Panici, L. Hubbard, T. McCarthy, N. Thompson, L. Colburn, C. Streib. « 95 » OFFICERS President Laura Smith Vice-President Pat Lowry Secretary Ruby Smith Executive Secretary Margaret Carter Treasurer Sydney Wilson MILLIKIN INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION September, 1953, and we were off to a flying start. After a flurry of freshman enter- tainment, the Millikin Independents set sail for their sixth year on the Millikin campus. During the year our members were active in a great many campus organizations, acting as leaders as well as members. The Secretary of M.R.A., the Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Kappa Delta, and the Secretary of Tau Chi Pi came from our group. Homecoming was soon upon us, and we found ourselves faced with the job of making a float. After many headaches and long hard work, we were ready. Finally the big day arrived and we were proud and happy when, between halves at the big game, we were awarded third place in the competition. Next came our winter formal, " Moonlight Serenade. " Christmas time came at last, and we all left for a well-earned vacation. By the time we returned, basketball was well underway, and the Indee fellows headed for the intramural varsity basketball champion- ship. When the Variety Show came along we brought a touch of Hawaii to the campus and then made ready for the Millikin Sing. After spring vacation, we returned and brought the year to a close with our spring formal, " Nep- tune ' s Fantasies, " and our annual Senior Picnic at Fairview Park. « 96 Kellams, R. Galloway, S. McFadden. Row 3: V. Huesmann, M. Hubbell, R. Hess, L. Schepper, B. Mueller, ' M. Kostas, J. Watkins, L. Reed, M. McAdam. Ro ' " 4: B Roth, J. Lathrop, R. Fauley, L. Lefman, S. Senn, H. Cox, S. Handlin, T. Post, M. Piazza, I. Diller. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota ' s school year began in August this year. Three of our members attended the 50th Anniversary National Convention in Chicago. During the first week of school Rita Hess had a " retreat " at her home for all officers. At that time we made plans for a big year in SAL In January our Province President made her visit and in March eleven of us attended State Day at Bradley University. Fraternity Edu- cation has been stressed with particular chapter discussion on the International Music Fund, Foundation Fund, American Music Awards, and Pan ' s Cottage. Chapter Monthly Musicales have given each member an oppor- tunity to perform at least once during the year. We ' ve had a winter and spring formal, chapter dances, the annual Rose Tea, a Senior Fare- well Dinner, a potluck and Christmas party with alums, and a " Kiddie Party " and " Gypsy Party " for rushing. Our members have provided music for school programs and have had an active part in other school functions. We presented " Tunes in Technicolor " for the Variety Show, we co-sponsored and took part in the Millikin Sing, and gave a Contemporary Musicale, and a Pledge Recital. This was a big and busy year for SAL Row 1: B. Evans, D. Dunscomb, R. Corby, J. Smith, W. Brown, E. Morton, J. Schepper. Row 2: C. Tally, M. Wood, W, H. Williams, D. Niederbrach. PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha is the national music fraternity on campus. The main purposes of the fraternity are to further the cause of music in America, to create true fraternal spirit among the members, to aid students of music, and to give loyalty to the school. Beta Theta Chapter undertook many projects during the year including the opera " Carmen, " co-sponsoring the annual Millikin Sing, the Emch-Miller recital, and an all-American music program. Other musical programs and appearances were planned to make the year a successful one for Beta Theta of Phi Mu Alpha. Row 1: R. Anderson, F. Tyrolt, R. Kileen, C. Rude. Bow 2: R. Thudium, R. Golubjatnikov, E. Abendroth, G. Smith, L. Munneke, E. Buese, K. Morris. Row 3: K. Merwin, D. Beggs, G. Degner, J. Hauter, F. Lucken- bill, D. Lidbury, P. Brennan, R. Grohne, G. Westwood, C. Hanser, J. Stevenson. Row 4: D. Meldahl, D. Keck, L. Higar, D. Killpatrick, W. Wineberg, R. Coe, B. Hurt, G. Gray, E. Basehart. ALPHA PHI OMEGA This year Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity proudly celebrates its fifth anniversary on our campus. APO is an international organization with more than 265 chapters throughout the world. College men assemble in the fellow- ship of the Scout Oath and Law to develop friendship and promote service to humanity. A true measure of the success of Alpha Phi Omega is the service rendered to its campus. This year its success on the campus of Millikin University was due to the following projects: the building and decorating of a float for the Homecoming Queen and her Court, directing traffic during Homecoming, Ugly Man Contest and Dance, annual Blood Drive, purchase of chairs for the left- handed students, " Share-the-Ride " program, Boy Scout Day, and other projects. Alpha Phi Omega is proud of its contributions to campus leadership. n Row I: J. Milligan, D. Hiser, E. Lederbrand, S. Dietschy, A. Hoogestraat, D. Stephenson, R. Kileen. Row 2: K. Merwin, M. Eitmann, G. Dingman, R. Hess, S. Dur- A} bin, S. Handlin, P. Lowry, B. Gregory. Row 3: V. Saar, R. Thudium, G. Churukian, A. Eve, C. Barnes, R. Cvengros, J. Barth, G. Babel, L. Munneke. STUDENT COUNCIL The school year 1953-1954 found the Student Council busily engaged maintaining activities of long standing as well as adding new activi- ties for the benefit of the student Body. Barbara Gregory turned in a fine job in guiding the student body through another suc- cessful social season. Starting with the Fresh- man and All School Mixers and going on through the Sweetheart and Spring Fever Dances great numbers of students voiced their approval of the social events, terming them some of the best dances that the Student Coun- cil has sponsored in recent years. The Variety Show, with the cooperation of the participating organizations, was a smashing success. These events evidenced a growing interest on the part of students in an all-campus social program. Somewhat along the social line also, was the birth of a new fall event, Dad ' s Day, which this year was carried out under the capable leadership of Bob Edwards. Probably the big- gest tangible accomplishment of the Council, however, would be the addition of a TV set to the Milliden, for the use of the student body. When students weren ' t dancing, or watching TV on their off hours, many could be found taking part in the National Intercollegiate Bridge Tournament, sponsored jointly by the Decaturian and the Student Council, or the monthly bridge tourneys started in the second semester. Two big boosts were given to student gov- ernment organization during the year. The first was the acceptance of the new Student Council Constitution, which was a big help in organi- zation. The second was the referendum which raised the student fees in order to put the Milli- dek and Decaturian on stronger financial foot- ing. The biggest boost, however, was a renewed interest in student government evidenced by the unselfish service given to Council work by the members of the Council under the leader- ship of Ken Merwin, president, and by the many students who served on committees of the Council. W « 101 WHO S WHO Fifteen students were elected to " Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. " lames Viani received this honor for the second time. This outstanding honor at Millikin University is bestowed upon those students who have evidenced great strength of character, good social and moral responsibilities, scholastic achievement, and other qualities indicating strong citizenship and faithful leadership. Students are nominated to " Who ' s Who " by an anonymous committee com- posed of students and faculty, and are then judged by a smaller committee on all the qualities indicated as essential. The list of nom- inees is then submitted to " Who ' s Who " for national approval, after which time the students are notified of their election. The students ' names are placed in the Annual Publication of " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. " The organi- zation also furnishes a widely known placement bureau for all members. Row 1: M. Stenzel J. Young, S. Joffray. Row 2: I. Ballowe, M. Robinson, B. Gregory, B. Nelson, R. Hess, J. Viani. Row 3: J. Finley, R. Golubjatnikov, G. Prust, J. Barth, K. Merwin, C. Mi 102 Row I: E. McNabb, F. Ross, B. Blackburn, F. Falvey, V, Saar, R. Hess, J. Mueller, D. Fisher. Row 2: E. Kiefer, E. Parkinson, D. Miller, D. Squiers, E. Row I: D. Fisher, S. Joffray, M. Stenzel, J. Young. Row 2: B. Blackburn, J. Mueller, L. Johnson, L. Jensen, B. Nelson. Abendroth, J. Viani, W. Emch, W. Walker. Row 3: F. Boyer, H. Cobb, B. Kerns, D. Gage, H. Hess. PHI KAPPA P H I PI MU THETA Row 3: H. Jackson, B. Gregory, M. Robinson, J. Fish, R. Hess, L. Bremer, J. Breckenridge, J. Helgen, J. Smith. Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor fraternity open to seniors who have achieved a scholastic average which places them in the upper eighth of their graduating class. To be eligible for membership, a student must have both high scholarship and good character. Every year an Annual Honors Day Assembly and a special dinner are held at which time the new initiates are honored. Pi Mu Theta, honorary fraternity for senior women, was founded at Millikin University on November 13, 1912. Some of its aims have been to provide cooperation between campus groups, to promote college loyalty, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, and to recognize and encourage leadership. Pi Mu Theta is comparable to the national honorary fraternity, Mortar Board. Qualifications for active membership are ser- vice, scholarship (at least a 3.0 average), and leadership. Row 1: Dr. Mickel, J. Toubbeh, P. Lowry. How 2: E. Buese, C. Poulakidas, F. Stradley, W. Laughlin. PI KAPPA DELTA Millikin students find an opportunity in Pi Kappa Delta to demonstrate their ability to give logical debates. The members of this national forensic fraternity have participated in several debate tournaments during the year. TAU CHI PI Tau Chi Pi is an organization of women in the Department of Secretarial Science. It discusses problems of personnel, administration, and business education. Personnel men, office managers, and secretaries have discussed these problems with the group. Its social meetings have included two picnics and a Christmas party. Row 1: D. Kirk, M. Kolb, C. Zimmer, E. Engler, P. David- son, J. Weyers. Row 2: M. Hinton, M. Carter, P. Reynolds, M. Sparks, M. Crawford, M. Cole, M. Stenzel. Row 3: D Howell, P. Jenson, J. Grief, M. Wasem, M. Shonk, B. Showalter, S. Dietschy, R. McDonald. Row 1: C. Berrey, D. Barone, J. McCray, T. Stavropoulus, D. Winter. Row 1: S. Burks, J. File, J. Ballowe, P. Campbell, S. Pop- pleton, S. McKinney, C. Kammerer. Row 2: A. Logan, B. Nelson, Dr. Maxwell, J. Toubbeh, P. Row 2: R. Tempel, R. Golubjatnikov, C. Weatherbee, M. Bolen, F. Ploenges, K. Busch, F. Kiefer, J. Born, L. Turner. SIGMA ZETA CONANT SOCIETY Lowry. Row 3: C. Kareotes, R. Rambo, D. Litchtenberger, N. Free- man, J. Ballowe, F. Beaman, C. Cunningham. Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization for students in the science departments — math, physics, chemistry, and biology. A 3. average in all subjects taken in the sciences is required of each member, as well as a 2. average in other courses. Prospective members read an acceptable paper on some sub- ject pertaining to science before they are accepted for mem- bership. The Conant Society is a literary society open to upper- class English majors and minors. The main purpose of the group is to further the appreciation of literature and related fields. The main project of Conant is their annual writing con- test open to all Millikin students. Row 1: E. Scherer, V. Borse, S. Sampson, K. Kaufmann, H. Jackson, J. Helgen. Row 2: Dr. Thomas, R. Golubjatnikov, R. Massaro, J, Barth J. Viani, Dean Abendroth. MILLIKIN RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION " It is the purpose of the Millikin Religious Association to foster the Religious Life on campus both through advocating a Religious View of the world and man ' s place in it and by- intensifying the particular Faith of the individual student through participation in projects, study groups, and fellow- ship. " In furtherance of this purpose, the association sponsored many projects during the year including discussions such as the " Rumor Clinic, " religious programs for radio broadcasts and civic groups, Freshman Camp, toy workshops at Christmas, and lunch get-togethers for independent students during U.C.M. week. MRA also initiated this year a monthly news letter and a series of weekend camps held once a month in Chicago. Both projects have been highly successful. ALPHA EPSILON RHO Alpha Kappa chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho was installed on the Millikin campus June 24, 1953, by G. Robert Holsinger, director of WOSU at Columbus, Ohio, under the presidency of James Williams. The purpose of the chapter is two-fold: to provide broad- casting experience in excess of course offering, to qualified students, and to make all possible contribution to Millikin ' s programming on commercial stations. Row 1: V. Borse, J. Beaumont, M. Cole, A. Hoogestraat, A. Row 2: P. Jackson, J. Fish, E. Walker, W. Fulton, Mrs. Logan, C. Poulakidas McNabb, W. Fisher, M. Bamberger, J. Booth, J. Thomas. Row 1: R. Allen, R. Swem, L. Brown, M. Crawford, L. Trantina. Row 2: C. Kammerer, M. Delaney, M. Parker, S. McFad- den, L. Keller, S. Dingman, S. Joffray. Row 3: M. Edwards, J. File, C. Fleming, C. Bruns, A. Turner, M. Eitmann, L. Traeger, L. Moeller. Row 1: J. Munro, R. Weigant, D. Hiser, M. Michael. Row 2: J. Hyde, J. Sparks, M. Bruckner, P. Mashburn, C. Stegenga, A. Taylor, M. Mills. Row 3: E. Lederbrand, D. Riechman, V. Borse, L. Smith, Row 4: L. Ryerson, N. Hatch, M. Groppi, J. Gallatin, R. Karch, V. Persson, J. Young, S. Branom. Row 5: Dr. Fisher, H. Jackson, M. Watkins, R. Bug, Y. Borchart, S. Sampson, L. Wolf, J. Stone, B. Genre, M. Robinson, B. Gregory, J. Morris, S. Baker, J. Smith, Dr. Dawald. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA HOME ECONOMICS CLUB D. Mullens, E. Saddler. Row 4: E. DeGroot, P. Brewer, B. McHatten, L. Pitts, M Turner, B. Gregory, Miss Saar, J. Helgen, B, Burton, D. Stephenson, D. Huskamp. Future Teachers of America is organized and designed to be an aid and a guide to students who plan to become teachers. It has tried to have more discussions and pro- grams pertaining directly to the teaching profession. A major project of the year was the sponsorship of an Art Workshop for both the practice teachers and some Decatur and surround- ing area teachers. The Home Economics Club, open to those interested in home economics, as well as those majoring in the field, offers opportunities for social and professional development. In- cluded in the club activities this year were the Christmas Party for the girls from the Welfare Home and the cookie sale. The Millikin club was represented at the state meeting of the American and Illinois Home Economics Associati ons, at the Province Workshop, and at the Regional Workshop. Row 1: L. Smeltzly, D. Dunn. Row 2: M. Cole, W. Tcmkersley, Mr. Cobb. Row 3: L. Johnson, R. Boyd, J. Katz, S. Durbin, B. Lewis. LA SOCIEDAD ESPANOLA Anyone who has had one year of college Spanish may join La Sociedad Espanola. The chief purpose of the club is to acquaint its members with Spanish culture and to promote greater ability in speaking the Spanish language. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais is open to all students who have com- pleted the first year ' s study of the French language. The purpose of the club is to present an opportunity for students to use the spoken language, and to acquaint them with the varied aspects of French life-language, music, customs, and contemporary literature. Row 1: B. Blackburn, S. Caroll, D. Meyer, R. Rambo. Row 2: F. Ross, L. Riff, C Cain, B. Boyd, B. Palmer, C Hudson, C Bowers. Row 1: F. Ross, C. Forth, Ft. Rambo, L. Hefter. Row 2: R. Gilmour, G. Degner, C. Stats, R. Golubjatnikov. Der Deutsche Verein is an organization composed of students of the intermediate and advanced German classes who are interested in learning more about German customs, language, and culture. A typical German Kindergarten was this year ' s contribu- tion to International Night. Miss Flora Ross is the organization ' s faculty adviser. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN The Tower Club is an organization of students interested in art and in maintaining high standards in the art of today. _ _ . _ _ Their purpose is to increase the appreciation of art for every- | (J W t K one. Regular meetings of the club are held once a month in the Tower Studio. Throughout the year the club has sponsored CLUB exhibits of student and professional art. The Annual Tower Club Art Competition was held in May. The awards for this contest were presented at the May dinner. Row 1: W. Roth, S. Cleghorn. Row 2: Mrs. Gill, S. Bloss, L. Hefter, K. Cottingham. Row 3: B. Bailey, Mrs. Shriner, Mr. Squiers, K. Kaufmann, M. Deal, J. Strom. Row 4: L. Bremer, Mrs. Gourley. Row 1: E. Leach, J. Strom, E. Lederhand, M. McMorris, L. Absher. Row 2: K. Taylor, S. Cleghorn, P. Davidson, E. Andree, L. Moeller, S. Senn, L. Lefman, R. Smith. Women ' s Residence Association Council The governing body for the three women ' s dormitories is the Women ' s Residence Hall Council. Its members, representatives from each of the halls, have charge of student legislation within the dormitories. The organization sponsors orientation activities and hall parties. Row 1: J. Shurts, C. Fleming, B. McCrory, N. Currie, L. Hefter, D. Caruthers, S. Wilson. Row 2: C. Milkau, N. Stump, R. Galloway, S. Brooks, R. Sands, M. Pappas, A. Logan, P. Wade, E. Brush, N. Kostas, M. Groppi. Row 3: J Lathrop, M. McAdam, S. Brown, M. Bamberger, G Dingmcn, L. Smith, S. Coslet, B. Roth, M Parker, M. Kopp, S. McFadden, M. Hubbell. Row 4: S. Berens, D. Bashore, R. Bailance, T. Ewing, E. Baseheart, R. GUmour, H. Williams, R. Krebs, L. Brown, L. Lefmann, C. Lefmann, E. DeFord. Row 5: B. McHatton, M. Eitman, M. Proctor, J. Stevenson, E. Buese, D. Augspurger, R. Corby, G. Barnes, ]. Middleton, R. Gustin, R. Jones, R. Fawley, M. Brennan. CHORUS « 110 » UNIVERSITY CHORUS This is the largest choral group on campus and each year it performs major choral works for fall and spring semesters. This large choral group performs Handel ' s MESSIAH each year in con- junction with A Cappella Choir. The Chorus also provides music for Chapel services and gives a concert during the spring semester. A CAPPELLA CHOIR This is a group of 36 specially selected voices. Emphasis is placed on quality of performance and repertoire. Choral works of merit from the past five centuries make up the literature performed by this group. This year ' s work included concert trips to cities in Central Illinois, two major concerts in Albert Taylor Hall, Chapel services, Christmas presentation of Handel ' s MESSIAH, and the choral parts of Daphnis and Chloe for the Spring Dance Review. Row 1: W. Snyder, S. Handlin, B. Reed, C. Kareotes, V. Hues- mann, A. Steinberg, H. Jackson, J. Watkins, J. Post. Row 2: P. Lowry, B. Walker, N. Noland, J. Diller, I. Rafiing- ton, J. Mueller, L. Schepper, J. Fish, S. Durbin, H. Cox. Row 3: R. Mitchell, E. Morton, R. Krebs, A. Kent, H. Williams, R. Gilmore, J. Cox, J. Booth, L. Miller. Row 4: J. Smith, D. Niederbrach, J. Fish, J. Friend, G. Black, J. Williams, H. Henderson, W. Briggs, J. Middleton. « 111 » BAND The Millikin Band, directed by Mr. Elton E. Burgstahler, does much to bring out the school spirit at football and basketball games. It also plays a part in other aspects of campus life through a number of ensembles including the Homecoming Show band, the Dance Band, the Dixieland Band, and the Brass Sextette. Performance highlights for the year were the concerts given at Millikin, Illiopolis, and Blue Mound, and the outdoor concert during Commencement Week. Aside from these performances the band also took part in the Home- coming and ' Community Chest parades, made radio tapes, and worked with television broadcasting. The band members deserve a big vote of thanks from the student body for producing good entertainment throughtout the year. DECATURIAN Editor JOHN BARTH Society Editor ANN WELSHANS r ▼ Business Manager JIM FINLEY Editor John Barth and his staff, along with the financial wizardry of Business Manager Jim Finley, carried on the tradition of top news for the student body throughout the year. The co- operative efforts of the complete staff produced a fine Homecoming issue and an April Fool edition that was enjoyed by all Millikin stu- dents. The sports department, first under the lead- ership of Dick Quisenberry and then Jack Dagon, provided many fine feature stories on MU athletes, and carried up-to-the-minute coverage of all sports. Society, with Ann Welshans in charge, set a new high in coverage for that department of the newspaper. As usual, student teaching in the second semester posed a big problem to an under- manned staff, but the paper continued to come out on schedule. Many problems arose during the year which threatened the existence of Millikin ' s weekly, but all were successfully met and disposed of. Without the capable leadership of the always- patient Buryl F. Engleman, Dec adviser, and Wayne Gill, business adviser, the Decaturian could not have had the successful year which it has enjoyed. Row 1: C. Johnson, J. Morris, S. Sampson, J. Ague, C. Cunningham. Row 2: O. McEfee, M. Robinson, D. Marshall, E. Gunn, L. Smith, M. Carter, R. Smith, D. Doss, J. Milligan. Row 3: P. McKelvey, R. Massaro, C. Ramsay. MILLIDEK Co Editors SALLY JOFFRAY ANDY ANDERSON Again we say, " Here it is " — your ' 54 Milli- dek. We ' ve tried to give you something ' different. " We hope you like it. In order to produce your book, hard work and the cooper- ation of the staff and student body were needed. We, the editors, therefore, sincerely thank you who have helped to make the 1954 Millidek a reality. Organization. Editor JAN FILE STAFF Row 1: C. McNeil, M. Deal, A. Logan, L. Ryerson, J. Smith, R. Golubjatnikov, E. Phelps, D. Seligman. Row 2: D. Stevenson, G. Persson, J. Wicks, C. Hanser. Not Pictured: P. Kerns, M. Day, M. Edwards, L. Snelson, A. Eve. Business Manager DON POGUE Class Editor CLYDE FORTH Sports Editors BUD HESS, FRANK TYROLT FLOYD STRADLEY Photographer Dr. J. Walter Malone This is the face that you have prob- ably enjoyed seeing more than any other on campus. The smile on it has undoubtedly made many of your days brighter. Dr. Malone is friendly, sym- pathetic and understanding. He is interested not only in the entire Uni- versity but in each student. His enthus- iasm, energy and pride in Millikin are contagious. You will remember him always as a grand President — your President. 7 %e ide tt 1 4Jim- I C. L. MILLER FRANCES E. FALVEY Each of you will remember Dean Miller as a competent and hard working leader of Milli- kin University. His far-sighted efforts to keep the standards of the school high and campus life harmonious have been successful. You will remember Dean Miller not only as a fine ad- ministrator but also as an advisor and friend. Dean Falvey may have served you as a teacher, as an adviser or as the director of student affairs. In each area of her activity she has demonstrated patience, fairness and human interest. You will remember her as a wise counselor and as a personal friend. i I OTHER ADMINISTRATORS R. WAYNE GILL Business Manager Without these men your attendance at Millikin would not have been possible. They have taken charge of the duties necessary to keep a university in tiptop shape. Paying the faculty, planning chapel every Wednes- day, rounding up next year ' s freshmen, pre- paring the exam schedule and keeping the vets happy are just a few of their " minor " tasks. These administrators are here to serve and they have served well. EMERSON I. ABENDROTH Dean of Chapel and Religion WALTER B. GRAY Director of Admissions and Public Relations BYRON L. KERNS Registrar and Psychology EDWARD W. PLOENGES Veterans Counselor and Mathematics RALPH W. ALLAN Physical Education JACK C. ALLEN Physical Education MAURICE R. ARMSTRONG Chemistry VIOLA M. BELL Home Economics VIRGINIA McKEMIE BELT Accounting BONNIE R. BLACKBURN Modern Languages MAX C. BOLEN Physics EDWARD S. BOYER Religion and Sociology RAYMOND R. BREWER Philosophy and Religion BRYCE K. BROWN Mathematics ELTON E. BURGSTAHLER Instrumental Music KARL H. BUSCH Biology H. LOGAN COBB Modern Languages V. F. DAWALD Education FRANCES H. DOUBLEDAY English NEAL F. DOUBLEDAY English WALTER EMCH Music BURYL F. ENGLEMAN Journalism L. M. FILLEY Business Administration WM. E. FISHER Education HELEN FROMEL Librarian DANIEL J. GAGE History and Political Science ELINOR J. GAGE Library and Speech FRANK E. GALBREATH Mathematics JACK W. GASTON Business Administration DAVID G. GLASSCOCK Industry CARL HEAD Engineering HAROLD C. HESS Theory and Violin EARL C. KIEFER Mathematics DOROTHY J. McCLURE Physical Education EDITH M. McNABB Speech RUTH MAXWELL English ROBERT O. METZGER Industry JERE C. MICKEL Speech W. ST. CLARE MINTURN Music WILNA MOFFETT Piano and Organ THE FACULTY LESLIE E. MUNNEKE Business Administration DORIS JEAN NICHOLS English HUBERT G. NORVILLE Voice WM. L. OLSEN. JR. Industry RICHARD C. PAINE Accounting ETHEL M. PARKINSON English HOWARD D. RICE Geography FLORA ROSS Modern Languages VERA C. SAAR Home Economics GLEN R. SMITH Business Administration WESLEY H. SNYDER Voice MARGARET SPARKS Secretarial Science DAVID E. SQUIERS Art JAROLD D. TALBOT Art RUTH B. THOMAS Biology WILLIS H. WALKER History and Political Science ROBERT H. WATKINS Music Education CARL WEATHERBEE Chemistry FRANCES E. WILSON Art and Industry BUSINESS OFFICE Helen Dienelt, Joan. Camp, Fern Boland. Ruth Westfall. Gertrude Munch. THE STAFF GENERAL OFFICE Doris Tippett, Dorothy Drennan. Madge Runyon The members of the staff are probably the people who have been given the least amount of credit for their contribution to the school. They have banked your money, kept your records, typed your tests and taken your temperature. Millikin certainly could not have functioned this year without them. ALUMNI OFFICE Jewel Broughton, Barbara Hostetler « 126 » THE GRADUATES . . ♦ on that long awaited day « 128 » ROSEMARY ROBERT E. SUE MARY JAMES C. ALLEN ANDERSON BAKER BALES BALLOWE Education Business Education Sociology-Psychology English Decatur, Illinois Administration Chicago. Illinois Springfield. Illinois Herrin, Illinois Chicago, Illinois CLASS JEANNE SPARKS JOHN P . VICTOR HAROLD BALLOWE BARTH BARTOLETTI BEARDSLEY Education History-Political Business Business Lincoln, Illinois Science Administration Administration Decatur, Illinois Springfield, Illinois Woodstock, Illinois EUGENE BRADY Engineering Administration Morrisville, Illinois SHIRLEY BRANOM Education Chicago, Illinois JANET BRECKENRIDGE Art Decatur, Illinois DONALD BROCK Industry Skokie, Illinois LOWELL BROWN Religion-Sociology Wenona. Illinois OF 1954 LUCILLE BROWN Education Warrensburg, Illinois ROBERT C. BROWN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ELMER G. BUESE Education Moweaqua, Illinois SALLY BURKS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois LOREN CAMERON Business Administration Clinton, Illinois SALLY CARROLL Psychology Webster Groves, Missouri « 131 » ROBERT COSTANTINOU Music St. Louis, Missouri JAY COX Music Education Hillsboro, Illinois MARILYN CRAWFORD Secretarial Science Clinton, Illinois RUSSELL DAVIDSON Business Administration Thayer, Illinois MARGARET ELLEN DeGROOT Home Economics Falls Church, Virginia BETTY DIETSCHY Sociology-Psychology Alton, Illinois CLASS BENJAMIN F. DRAKE Piano Springfield, Illinois DAVID DUNSCOMB Music Education Windsor, Illinois ROBERT A. EDWARDS History-Political Science Decatur, Illinois MARY EDWARDS Education Decatur, Illinois DIANE FISHER Art Decatur, Illinois NED FREEMAN English Decatur, Illinois JERRY R. FRIEND Music Decatur, Illinois SAMUEL G. GARDNER Business Administration Decatur. Illinois BARBARA GENRE Education Greenville, Illinois JOHN L. GIAMBELUCA Merchandising Rockford, Illinois OF 1954 DAVID L. GOBERT French-English Decatur, Illinois RJURIK GOLUBJATNIKOV Biology Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BARBARA GREGORY Home Economics Moweaqua, Illinois IRVIN W. HALE Engineering Administration Atwood, Illinois MARGIE HAMMILL Education Decatur, Illinois JOANN HARDEN FISH Applied Music Decatur, Illinois MAJA LEE HARDWICK Sociology Murdock, Illinois 133 NANCY HATCH Education. Oak Park, Illinois JAMES W. HAUTER Biology Morton, Illinois WILLIAM E. HAWKINS Industrial Arts Decatur, Illinois JANET HELGEN Home Economics Morton, Illinois HAROLD W. HENDERSON Music Education Montrose, Illinois CLASS WILLIAM HENNEBRY Biology Decatur, Illinois RITA HESS Applied Piano Decatur, Illinois BEN R. HOWENSTINE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOAN HYDE Home Economics Mattoon, Illinois C. W. JABUSCH Business Administration Springfield, Illinois FRANK HSU Engineering Administration Tainan, Formosa PARKER H. JACKSON Business Administration Dunlap, Illinois 134 JAMES L. JEFFERS History Decatur, Illinois LOIS JENSEN Art Roseville, Illinois SALLY JOFFRAY Education Belleville. Illinois LUCY JOHNSON Mathematics Newman, Illinois RICHARD JONES Business Administration Aurora, Illinois OF 1954 CHRISTINE KAREOTES English Decatur, Illinois LOIS KELLER Education Lincoln, Illinois HARRY L. KELLEY Business Administration Hillsboro, Illinois ROBERT L. KILEEN Accounting Merchandising Decatur, Illinois ROLAND W. KOSHINSKI Mathematics Decatur, Illinois CHARLES M. KROHN Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois « 135 » RICHARD LANSDEN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois HUMPHREY LAUE Business Administration Effingham, Illinois RONALD M. LOFGREN Business Administration Rockford, Illinois JAMES A. McCRAY Mathematics-Physics Decatur, Illinois OLIVE DELL McEFEE Sociology-Psychology Mount Vemon, Illinois SONDRA McKINNEY English Morrison, Illinois CLASS WILLIAM R. MERRITT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois KENNETH E. MERWIN Education-Social Studies Woodstock, Illinois KENNETH MESEKE Accounting Shobonier, Illinois PAT MILES Education Alton, Illinois ROBERT MILLS Industry Decatur, Illinois 136 » ELDON E. MILES Business Administration Pocahontas, Illinois LOU ANN MOELLER Education Evansville, Illinois wmmto JEAN MORRIS Education Maywood, Illinois KENYON D. MORRIS. JR. Business Administration Sun Valley. California BILL MUELLER Biology Decatur, Illinois CHARLES M UELLER Physical Education Madison, Illinois F 1954 BETTY NELSON Soc-Psych-English Hammond, Indiana DAVID W. NIEDERBRACH Music Education Decatur, Illinois MARJORIE PARKER Physical Education Clinton, Illinois SHIRLEY PATTENGILL Art Cisco, Illinois JANET MUELLER Music Education Decatur, Illinois DON D. POGUE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois GEORGE PRUST Business Administration Decatur, Illinois RICHARD RANEY Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois RALPH W. RAUSCH English Aurora, Illinois DONNA RIECHMAN Home Economics Centralia, Illinois CHARLES O. RIESTER Education Taylorville, Illinois MARTY ROBINSON Education Clinton. Illinois BETTY RYAN English Decatur. Illinois CLASS GENE SCHERER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DONNA MAE SCHILTZ Biology Decatur, Illinois HAROLD M. SCHLOBOHM Psychology- Philosophy Decatur, Illinois DONALD T. SESSLAR Business Administration Ottawa, Illinois « 138 » Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois RON SHERMAN Physical Education Decatur, Illinois ) GORDON W. SHORT Physical Education Spring Valley. Illinois JOY ANN SMITH Education Decatur, Illinois LOIS SMITH Education Decatur. Illinois PATRICIA SMITH Physical Education Louisville, Illinois PATRICIA TALBERT SMITH Education Decatur, Illinois OF 1954 SIDNEY SMITH Industry Lake Forest, Illinois CHARLES H. STATS Accounting Oak Lawn, Illinois MARY ANN STENZEL Secretarial Science Belleville, Illinois WILLIAM TANKERSLEY Spanish Decatur, Illinois ROGER THOMAS English Decatur, Illinois RICHARD THUDIUM Chemistry Maltoon, Illinois 139 » f La OMER V. TOMLINSON Industry Macon, Illinois JAMIL I. TOUBBEH English Jerusalem, Jordan Kingdom LOIS TRAEGER Education Des Plaines, Illinois LOIS TRANTINA Education LeRoy, Illinois FRANK C. TYROLT Business Administration Lyons, Illinois CLASS AL UZZELL Speech Wood River, Illinois HARVEY J. VAIL History- Political Science Altamont, Illinois SAM VAN HOOK Education Decatur, Illinois JAMES L. VIANI Business Administration Decatur, Illinois LEO VITALI Physical Education Taylorville, Illinois RICHARD WAGNER Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois « 140 » JOY WATKINS Applied Music Villa Grove, Illinois MARTHA C. WATKINS Education Alton, Illinois NANCY WEILEPP Education Decatur, Illinois ANN WELSHANS Education Maywood, Illinois LOUIS WESTFALL Education Decatur, Illinois OF 1954 FOREST WIKOFF, JR. Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOE M. WILLIAMS, JR. Voice Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM WINBERG Psychology Chicago, Illinois EDGAR W. WIRTH Business Administration New Athens. Illinois JO ANN YOUNG Education Roseville, Illinois 141 » JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Floyd Stradley Vice-President Earl Pratt Secretary Carl Hanser Treasurer Alliene Hoogestraat Seated: A. Hoogestraat Standing: E. Pratt, C. Hanser, F. Stradley « 142 » Ruth Bates Frank Beaman Curtis Berrey Verne Borse Calvin Bowers Robert Boyd Robert Brame Lillian Bremer Wendell Brown Carol Bruns JUNIOR CLASS it Ruth Butts Evalyn Campbell Frank Chizevsky Audra Christner Shirley Cleghorn Marilyn Cole Pete Cole Robert Corrington Sue Coslet Carole Cunningham Jack Dagon Bud Dalton Walter Danforth Mary Deardorff Mary Delaney Georgiann Dingman Sara Dingman Phil Eckert Marlene Eitmann Bernard Evans Don Farnsworth Clyde Forth Mary Foster Wesley Fulton Roger Futrell Eva Garrett Judy Gilman Bob Grohne Robert Grove Joseph Gustin Carl Hanser Ruth Heider Roger Heim Sally Henry Kuny Bill Higgins JUNIOR Meerlyn Hoffman Alliene Hoogestraat Mary Hubbell Gini Huesmann Robert Hughes Eldon Husted Helen Jackson Carol Kammerer Kay Kaufmann Mary Kellams Marilou Kostas Richard Kramer Chuck Kreiser William Laughlin Robert Lefley Ann Logan Betty Long Patricia Lowry Dick McBride Betty McHatton Marilyn McMorris Dale Mackey Richard Massaro Bill Meidinger Bernadine Metzger Ronald Mitchell William Morrissey Eugene Morton Richard Nash Dietrich Peterson Raymond Pinkley Suzanne Poppleton Mary Helmle Potter Earl Pratt David Raab CLASS Rita Rambo Charles Ramsay Betty Reed Darrell Richner Richard Roarick William Roth Joy Runyon Patrick Ryan Lvn Ryerson Eloise Saddler Sandra Sampson Donna Scarbrough Pearl Schaub Linda Schepper Ellen Scherer Roy Schlobohn John Schneiter Don Schupbach Shirley Senn Mel Sheets Joanne Shurts Tom Shutter Laura Smith Ted Stavropoulos Carlene Stegenga Arthur Stepansky Janice Stocks Janice Panfil Floyd Stradley Jenilee Strom Rosann Swem Barbara Swisher il " ■ JUNIOR CLASS Ray Syfert Richard Tempel Jim Thomas Bud Tryon Alice Turner Lawrence Turner Martha Turner Jerry Vaught Clinton Whitrock Donald Winter James Witzeman Lura Lee Wolf SOPHOMORE Hi Iff) A Helen Cox Richard Cram Neva Currie Don Clashing Robert Dappert Randy Davis Mary Lou Deal Gene Degner Paul DeMoss Shirley Dietschy Lois Dubea Will Dugger James Dunn Jeri Dysart DfiTinv r. 1 ( " ttti CLASS v mm u M .... Scott Feldman Bill Fisher Dorothy Fisk Carolyn Fleming Harold Frost ■ Richard Games Don Garnett Ivy Gause Joan Gehlbach Richard Gilmour lp P j-f fr Don Gneckow Hoyt Gorrell Garnett Gray Jerry Groves " .1 t i - r H • 1 | Sylvia Handlin Sharon Harmon Joe Harrison Robert Harland | Dennis Harrell Richard Hartman Marda Hastings William Hawkins Don Hess Clete Hinton Merry Hope Hinton Donna Hiser Genevieve Hodge Pat Hoffman James Howie Don Hubert Connie Hudson Robert Humphrey Dan Hursh Walter Jenkins SOPHOMORE Carolynn Johnson Robert Johnson Paul Jones Lois Judd Don Keck Charlene Kemper Don Kennedy Patsv Sue Kerns Don Killpatrick Dianne Kirk Marlene Kolb Mrtrtha Lou Kopp Mary Ann Lolly Thomas Lambert Charles Leach Eleanor Leach Evelyn Lederbrand Laura Lefmann Jocn Lentz Betty Lewis Donald Lidbury Dale Livingston Alan Loomis Mary McAdam Don McCann James McCarthy Barbara McCrory Ruth McDonald Sharon McFadden Carole McNiel Bill Maddux David Martenson Patti Mashburn Jeanne Miller Jim Milligan CLASS Corwin Minick John Mistic Raymond Moore Donald Moran Alan Myers Colleen Myers Ronald Naughton Robert Neufer Robert Nolan Nancy Noland Robert O ' Brien Alex O ' Hare Wayne Oldham John Ortberg William Palmer Maurelta Pappas Torn Partridge Virginia Persson Edward Phelps Mayola Piazza Charles Pierce Christina Poulakidas Dick Quisenberry Shirley Rowlings Danny Rees Ruth Rehling Ron Reed Helen Reynolds Alan Richards Dean Roby Charles Rude Rosalyn Sammons Jack Schepper Marcella Shonk Bobbi Showalter SOPHOMORE CLASS Amv Sickman John Smith Ruby Smith Shirley Smith Deloris Stark Arlene Steinberg Doris Stephenson James Stevenson Sallie Sweet Bernie Taylor Kav Taylor Carolyn Tenney Anne Thomas Janet Turner Jim Wakeman Datie Caruthers Kathryn Ching Mary Ann Chumbley Jim Codemo Robert A. Coe Lee Colburn Bob Colby Jean Cox Robert Cvengros Pat Davidson Margaret Day Louis Dechant Elizabeth De Ford Mary DeMichael Ann Dietrich CLASS John Dietrich Joan Diller Dean Doss Dorothy Dunn Roger Edminson Jerry Edmonston Richard W. Eichel Janice Elliott Edna Engler Harry Erickson Raymond Estes Bill Eunson Art Eve Tom Ewing Rae Fawley Robert M. Flint Charles Foley Merle Fox Ronald Frahlman Larry Fravell Celso Frescura Jeanne Gallatin Rosa Galloway Kay Kirby Games Dorothy Gerken Hanna Ghanayem Robert Glass Don Goodwin Judy Grief Martha Groppi Dean Ground Ellen Gunn Jayne Hagberg Larry Hamilton Larry Hammond FRESHMAN Barbara Hanna Carol Harper Jerry Hastings Pat Hays Loretta Hefter Carolyn Henderson Nancv Hensey Larrv Hill Albert Ho Jack Hoffman Mary Hoffman Doris Hogg Carol Hollingsworth Harvey Houston Richard Hough Donna Howell Lerov Hubbard William R. Hurt Diana Huskamp Peggy Jensen Robert L. Jones Rita Karch Robert Karl lav Kennedy G. Allyn Kent Won Kim Gene King Pete Kottaridis Robert Krebs James Kruse Bob Labhardt Stephen Lange Joanne Lathrop Ed LeFevre Carol Lefmann ASS Clarence Lindsten Alice Logan Margaret Long Bill Longstreet Roger Lotchin Fred Luckenbill Jack Ludke Don McBain Tom McCarthy Tom McCracken Paul McKelvey Alyson Mann Doris Marshall Martha Martin Drew Meldahl Joan Mennel Jay Middleton Clara Milkau Kim Miller Marilyn Mills Carol Moore Larry Morgan Dories Mullen Joan Munro Patricia Nance Bram Nelson Chester Nichols Carol Ochwat Marvin Oglesby Bob Paddock Pat Panici Judy Pease Charles Peters Larry Peters Don Petty FRESHMAN Lulu Belle Pitts Dianne Primm Marylyn Quigley Julia Raffington Larry Rainey William Randal Marvin Rau Helen Reid Leo Rhoades Josephine Riggs Thomas Riva William Rohr Bettv Roth Donald Roy Charles Rupert Ruth Sands Marilyn Sapp Venita Schafer Arthur Schwalbe Bill See ! David S. Seligman Donald Sheumaker Lyle Slater Jane Smeltzly Barbara Leigh Smith James Smith Loella Smith Tom Smith Lucille Snelson Patricia Soelle Joanne Sparks Jack Standerfer Carolyn Stevens Jean Stewart Jim Stillman CLASS Clayton Streib Marshall B. Sutton George Swank Robert Swengel David Sabor Sue Ann Taylor Patricia Tillett Jane Turner Rayonia Vaughn Peggy Waldell Barbara Walker James Wall Ronald Ware Larry Warren Mari Lou Wasem Ruth Weigant Jim Welch Gael Westerhoff George Westwood Johanna Weyers ALLEN. ROSEMARY: Home Ec. Club ' 50- ' 51; W.A.A. ' 51- ' 52; F.T.A. ' 52- ' 53; Cheerleader; Student Council Publicity Com- mittee; U.C.M. Publicity Committee; Zeta Tau Alpha. ANDERSON. ROBERT E.: U. of I.: Commerce Club; Open House Committee; Intramurals. Millikin: Assistant Editor, Millidek ' 53; Co-Editor ' 54; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Treasurer, Scholarship chairman, initiation committee, tinance com- mittee, Herald, Dance committee; Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge president, rush chairman, publicity chairman, alumni secre- tary, dance committee; M.R.A.; Intramurals; Honor Roll; Young Democrats; U.C.M. finance committee. BAKER. SUE: Art Club; Spanish Club; M.R.A.; W.A.A. ; Pep Club; F.T.A. ; Young Republicans; Tennis Tournament; Intramurals; U.C.M. committee; Pi Beta Phi, House presi- dent, pledge supervisor, Settlement school chairman. BALES. MARY MARGARET: Senior class social committee; M R. A., secretary; Brotherhood week; Chicago Work Camp; University Chorus; Pi Beta Phi; University nurse; U.C.M. committee; U.Y.F. BALLOWE. JAMES C: Town and Gown ' 51- ' 53; Homecoming production ' 53; Who ' s Who; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Track ' 51- ' 54; M Club ' 52- ' 54; Intramurals; M R. A.; Conant Society. BALLOWE, JEANNE SPARKS: Delta Delta Delta, president; Conant Society; F.T.A.; Homecoming committees; Junior Class Treasurer, Co-Chairman Junior Assembly; Pan-Hellenic Council. BARTH. JOHN PAUL: Delta Sigma Phi, corresponding secretary; M.R.A.; Decautrian editor; Student Council; Publicity chair- man, Treasurer pro-tem; Freshman Camp Director; Fresh- man Counselor; Co-Chairman Homecoming Parade Commit- tee; U.C.M. finance committee, publicity committee; Co- Chairman, Religious Emphasis Week; International Work Camp Committee, publicity chairman; German Club; Town and Gown. BARTOLETTI, VICTOR: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, treasurer, House manager, financial committee chairman; Homecoming Dec- orations committee, Delegate to National Convention ' 53, Province Convention ' 52; National Leadership School dele- gate; Income committee. Chairman; Millidek; Decaturian sports editor; Newman Club; Young Democrats, vice-pres- ident. BAUM. ROBERT D.: Sigma Phi Alpha; U.Y.F. BEARDSLEY. HAROLD: Town and Gown; Delta Sigma Phi; Homecoming committee; Campus Chest; German Club. BJANKINI. JURAJ: Delta Sigma Phi; Football; M Club. BRANOM, SHIRLEY: Zeta Tau Alpha, Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary; F.T.A., Secretary and State Secre- tary; Millidek; Art Club; W.A.A.; M.R.A.; Social Committee of Student Council; Business Committee of Town and Gown; W.S.S.F. Queen Committee; Freshman-Sophomore picnic committee; Honor Roll. BRECKENRIDGE, JANET: M.I. A.; Christian Association; Chorus; Town and Gcwn; French Club; German Club; M R. A.; Sec- retary of Student Council; U.Y.F.; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Student Affairs Committee. BROCK, DONALD: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Chairman; In- tramurals. BROWN, LOWELL: Spanish Club, Treasurer; Sigma Phi Alpha, Chaplain; Intramurals. BROWN. LUCILE: Sophomore Class Secretary; Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Campus Chest Queen Candidate; University Christian Mission Curriculum Committee Chairman; Town and Gown; F.T.A., Treasurer; G.A.A.; Millidek; M.R.A. BROWN. ROBERT CHARLES: German Club, Delta Sigma Phi. BUESE. ELMER: M.R.A.; Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secre- tary; Pi Kappa Delta, Chorus. BURKS. SALLY: Millikin: U.Y.F.; M.R.A.; Chairman, Homecom- ing Awards Committee; Delta Delta Delta. Washington U.: Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer; Junior Retailers, Secretary- Treasurer; Bearskin Follies Club; Student Ad Bureau. CAMERON. LOREN D.: Campus Chest ' 52- ' 53. CARROLL. SALLY: W.A.A., Vice-President; French Club, Treas- urer; Chorus; Young Republicans, Secretary; M.R.A.; Pep Club; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Vice-President. CONVILLE. FREDERIC J.: Varsity Baseball ' 49- ' 50; Tau Kappa Epsilon. COX. JAY: Band; Chorus; Opera; Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary, Historian; Intramurals; M.I. A. CRAWFORD. MARILYN: Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Tau Chi Pi, Piesident; W A.A.; French Club; Homecoming Awards Committee ' 53; F.T.A. DAVIDSON, RUSSELL: Millikin Independent Association; Stu- dent Council; Intramurals; Variety Show; Homecoming Queen Judge; M.R.A.; U.Y.F.; Young Democrats. DeGROOT. MARGARET ELLEN: Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A.; M.R.A.; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Home Ec. Club; Student Council Representative; Conant Society. DIESCHY, BETTY: Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Social Chairman; Vice-President of Sophomore Class and Senior Class; Spanish Club; Newman Club, Recording Secretary; Decaturian; Young Republicans; Campus Chest Committee; Homecoming Dance Committee; Student Council. DRAKE. BENJAMIN F.: Orchestra; Band; Phi Mu Alpha. DUNSCOMB, DAVID: Band; Orchestra; Pi Mu Alpha; Campus Chest Committee. EDWARDS. MARY BRAND: Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian, Pi Mu Theta, Secretary-Treasurer; Honor Roll; Assistantship in History and Political Science; A Cappella Choir; Chorus; Committees for Religious Emphasis Week; Committee for Dad ' s Day; Committee for Fine Arts; Committee for Home- coming Dance Decorations,- Freshman Counselor; F.T.A.; W.A.A.; M.R.A. EDWARDS. ROBERT A.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sergeant-at-Arms, Pledge Master, President; Student Council; Dad ' s Day Chairman; I.F.C., Social Chairman, Rush Committee Chair- man; Co-Chairman Homecoming Dance Decorations; Relig- ious Emphasis Week Committee; Assistantship in History end Political Science; Intramurals; Honor Roll; Freshman Counselor. « 160 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES FILE. JANET: Organizations Editor on MilHdek; Conant Society; F.T.A.; Delta Delta Delta, Librarian, 2nd Vice-President; Campus Chest Committee; Young Republicans; Art Club; Homecoming Committee; U.C.M. Committee; Student Librar- ian. FINLEY. JAMES: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Golf Team; M Club; Decaturian, Business Manager; Who ' s Who; Student Coun- cil, Treasurer; Band. FISH, JOANN HARDEN: A Cappella Choir; Chorus; " Die Fleder- maus " ; " Madame Butterfly " ; " Gianni Schicchi " ; " Car- men " ; Corresponding Secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Mu Theta. FISHER, DIANE: Alpha Chi Omega; Spanish Club; MilHdek Staff; Homecoming Committee; Seminar Committee; U.C.M. Committee; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Drill Team. FREEMAN, NED: Decaturian; Newman Club; Conant. FRIEND, JERRY R.: Phi Mu Alpha; " Boy Meets Girl " ; " Madame Butterfly " ; " Gianni Schicchi " ; Band; Choir. GARDNER, SAM: Intramurals. GENRE, BARBARA ALICE: Colby Junior College; Burpee Speech Recital; Orchestra. Millikin; Conant Society; Band; Orchestra; F.T.A.; U.C.M. Committee; W.A.A.; U.Y.F.; Delta Delta Delta, Service Projects Chairman, Political Chairman, Chaplain. GIAMBELUCA. JOHN L.: Sophomore Class Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fraternity Song Leader; M.C. for Millikin Sing; Style Show and Variety Show; Senior Day Chair- man; Judge for Homecoming Queen; Decaturian, Sports Statistician; Homecoming Committee Chairman. GOBERT, DAVID L.: Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master, Record- ing Secretary, Chapter Editor; Junior Class President; Rep- resentative to International Work Camp in France; French Club President; German Club Treasurer; Conant Society Treasurer; Student Council; Chairman of International Work Camp Committee; Wesley Club President. GOLUBJATNIKOV, RJURIK: Millikin Religious Association; U.C.M. Committee; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Pledge Class Vice-President, Corresponding Secretarv; Student Council; German Club, President, Treasurer; Student Af- fairs Committee; Curriculum Committee Chairman; Sigma Zeta; MilHdek; Who ' s Who. GREGORY. BARBARA: Vice-President of Student Council; Pi ' Mu Theta; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Chorus; R.W.A.C.; Intramurals; M.R.A.; Campus Chest; Wesley Club; President of Home Ec. GROHNE. ROGER LEWIS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Correspond- ing Secretary. HAMMIL, MARGIE: Tau Chi Pi; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Pep Club; Senior Announcement Committee; Recommendation Chair- man of Delta Delta Delta. HARDWICK, MAJA: Art Cub; Conant; Zeta Tau Alpha; M.R.A.; Chorus. HATCH, NANCY: Pi Beta Phi; Future Teachers of America; W.A.A.; M.R.A.; Spanish Club; Tennis Team; Wesley Club; Chorus; Young Republicans. HAUTER, JAMES WILLIAM: M.I. A.; Alpha Phi Omega; U.Y.F.; M.R.A. HAWKINS, WILLIAM E.: Delta Sigma Phi. HELGEN, JANET: M.R.A.; Home Ec. Club Treasurer; Chorus; Baptist Student Fellowship. HENDERSON, HAROLD: Honor Roll; Newman Club; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-President; Band; Choir; Opera. HENIGMAN. JAMES: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, Treasurer; Student Council; Homecoming Decorations Chairman. HESS. RITA: Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secretary and Pres- ident; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Homecoming Queen ' s Court ' 53; Student Assistant in English Department; Fine Arts Chairman for U.C.M.; Campus Chest Carnival Com- mittee; Appearance with Millikin Civic Symphony; Semi- centennial Homecoming Committee; Semi-Centennial All Chopin Program; Promotion Trip; Ensemble Recitals and Solo Recitals; Opera Orchestra for " Die Fledermaus " ; " Madame Butterfly " ; " Gianni Schicchi. " HOWENSTINE. BEN RAMSEY: Delta Sigma Phi; Spanish Club; Wesley Club; Millikin Religious Council and Association. HYDE, JOAN BENCE: Assistant Chaplain of Delta Delta Delta; Vice President of Home Ec. Club; W.A.A. Letter Sweater Winner; Orchestra; Intramurals; F.T.A.; Campus Chest Committee; Decaturian; MilHdek; Homecoming Committee. JACKSON, PARKER H.: U.Y.F.; Campus Chest; M.R.A.; Stu- dent Council; Town and Gown; Phi Eta Sigma; U.C.M. Com- mittee. JENSEN, LOIS: Alpha Chi Omega Scholarship Chairman; Pi Mu Theta Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Spanish Club; Art Club; Women ' s Residence Council; Chorus; M.R.A.; Deci- ples Student Fellowship; Homecoming Committee. JOFFRAY, SALLY ANN: Co-Editor of MilHdek; Co-Chairman of U.C.M.; Vice-President of F T. A.; M R. A , W.A.A , Pi Mu Theta; Delta Delta Delta. While attending Belleville Junior College: President of Student Council; Chairman of Social Committee. JOHNSON, LUCY: Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Zeta, Secretary and Treasurer; Pi Mu Theta, Vice-President; R.W.A.C., President; Spanish Club; W.A.A. JONES, RICHARD: Delta Sigma Phi, President, Sergeant-at- Arms, Pledge Master; Assistant to Head of Evening Divi- sion; Intramurals; Football; Track; Freshman Counselor; Variety Show; M Club, Treasurer; U.C.M. Committee; Decaturian. KAREOTES. CHRISTINE: Conant Society; A Cappella Choir; Chorus; French Club; M.I. A.; Town and Gown Play " Dear Brutus " ; Opera " Carmen " ; Tau Chi Pi; International Day; Decaturian; F.T.A. KELLER. LOIS: Rollins College: Intramurals; International Re- lations; Sports Editor of Paper; Student Government. Milli- kin: Intramurals. KELLEY. HARRY: Delta Sigma Phi House Manager; Intra- murals; M Club; Campus Chest; Varsity Football; Co- Business Manager of Town and Gown Play. KILEEN, ROBERT L.: Lambda Chi Alpha, President; Student Council; Alpha Phi Omega; Chairman of Leadership Train- ing Program: Prom Committee; Milliden Committee. KOSHINSKI, ROLAND W.: Tau Kappa Epsilon KROHN, CHARLES M: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, Social Chairman; Intramurals. LANSDEN. RICHARD: Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer. LAUE. HUMPHREY: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Finance Committee; Intramural Football; Basketball. LOFGREN, RONALD M.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Young Democrats. McCRAY, JAMES: Conant; German Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Zeta, President; Assistant in Physics Department. McEFEE. OLIVE DELL: Zeta Tau Alpha, Guard Officer; MilHdek. McKINNEY. SONDRA: Conant Society; Delta Delta Delta, House President, Librarian, Corresponding Secretary; Ger- man Club; Decaturian; F.T.A.; Publicity Chairman for Na- tional Brotherhood Week; W.A.A. MERRITT, WILLIAM R.: M.I. A.; Town and Gown. MERWIN. KENNETH E.: Alpha Phi Omega, President and Pledge Master; Delta Sigma Phi; Campus Chest Co-Chair- man; Student Council President; Freshman Camp Counselor; Freshman Counselor; Homecoming Finance Chairman; Stu- dent Affairs Committee; U.C.M. Assemblies Chairman; Who ' s Who; Wesley Club; Young Democrats. MESEKE. KENNETH: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, President; Intramurals; Homecoming Ticket Committee; Interfraternity Council. MILES, PAT: F.T.A. ; W.A.A.; Conant Society; Delta Delta Delta, President. MILLS, ROBERT: Delta Sigma Phi; M. Club. MOELLER, LOU ANN: President and Secretary of F.T.A.; Secre- tary of M.I.A.; Secretary and Treasurer of U.Y.F.; Costume Chairman for Town and Gown; Decaturian; Women ' s Res- ident Association Council; Student Council; Co-Chairman Arrangements Committee for U.C.M.; M.R.A.; Art Club; Freshman Camp Counselor; Drill Team; Assistant in the Creative Arts Department. MORRIS, JEAN MARIE: W.A.A.; Intramurals; Pi Beta Phi Pledge Supervisor; Pi Beta Phi Magazine Chairman; Campus Chest Committee; Decaturian; M.R.A.; Homecoming Committee. MORRIS, KENYON D.: Alpha Phi Omega, Second Vice-Presi- dent; Homecoming Pin Chairman; Queen ' s Float Chairman. Campus Chest; Decatur Aviation Chamber of Commerce; Audio-Visual Aids. MUELLER, CHARLES: Basketball; Baseball; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President, Commissary Warden; Secretary of I.F.C.; Newman Club President; Vice-President of M Club; Chairman of Pep Rally and Bonfire in ' 53 Homecom- ing; Honor Roll ' 53. MUELLER, JANET: Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer and Chaplain; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, President; A Cappella Choir; Student Council Chorus; " Die Fledermaus " ; Campus Chest; Pledge Card Co-Chairman. « 161 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES NELSON. BETTY JEAN: Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Treasurer; Pi Mu Theta, Marshall; Conant Society, Vice-President; Spanish Club, Vice-President, President; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who; Pep Club; W.A.A.; Young Democrats; Religious Emphasis Week Committees; U.C.M. Week Committees; Brotherhood Week Committees; Panhellenic Council, Treas- urer; Chorus; Class Committees; Student Council, Finance Committee; Homecoming Committee; International Night Committee; Millikin Religious Association; Intramurals; Honor Roll. NIEDERBRACH. DAVID WARREN: Band; A Cappella Choir, " Die Fledermaus " ; " Madame Butterfly " ; " Gianni Schicchi " ; " Carmen " ; Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary, Vice-President, Pres- ident; Campus Chest; U.C.M. Committee. PARKER, MARJO RIE: W.A.A. President; FT. A.; Delta Delta Delta, Intramural Manager; M.R.A.; U.Y.F.; Chorus. PATTENGILL. SHIRLEY: Home Economics Club; Art Club; Pep Club; Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A. POGUE, DON D.: Business Manager for Millidek; Varsity Track Captain; Campus Chest Committee; A Cappella Choir; Chorus; German Club; M Club, Vice-President; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Phi. POST. JOYCE: University Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Decatur- ian; Sigma Alpha Iota; M.I. A.; Opera. PRUST. GEORGE: Delta Sigma Phi; M.R.A.; Student Council; Track Manager; President Student Council; President Senior Class; Secretary of Delta Sigma Phi; Pledge Master; Who ' s Who; Student Affairs; Homecoming; Semi-Centennial; Allin Room Committees. RAUSCH. RALPH W.: Football, All-Conference; Assistant Coach; Conant Society; Literary Contest Winner,- Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Roll. RIECHMAN. DONNA: Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman, Historian, Cultural Chairman, Assistant Social Chairman; Vice-President of Home Ec. Club; Student Counselor for Freshmen; Student Speaker of Freshman Orientation; W.A.A.; Decaturian Reporter; International Relations Or- ganization Secretary; Secretary of Freshman Class; Home- coming Co-Chairman of Semi-Centennial; W.S.S.F. Queen Candidate; Junior-Senior Prom Decoration Chairman; C.C.I. A. Track Team Queen; Pep Club; Town and Gown Play. ROBINSON. MARTY: Pi Beta Phi, President, Scholarship Chair- man, Pledge Class Treasurer; Student Council, Vice-Pres- ident; Panhellenic Council Secretary; Senior Class Secre- tary; Pi Mu Theta; Decaturian; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; M.R.A ■ Intramurals; Homecoming Parade Co-Chairman ' 52; French Club; Young Democrats. RYAN. BETTY: Pi Beta Phi; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Millidek; French Club. SCHERER. GENE: Delta Sigma Phi; Newman Club. SCHILTZ. DONNA MAE: W.A.A.; F T. A.; Campus Chest Com- mittee; U.C.M. Committee; Delta Delta Delta, Second Vice- President, Treasurer. SEFTON. B. R.: Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer; M.R.A. ; Freshman Counselor; Disciples Student Fellowship, President; De- Molay Chavalier. SESSLAR, DONALD THEODORE: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. War- den, ' 53 House Manager; Inter-Fraternity Council ' 53, ' 54, President ' 54; Varsity Football, Captain ' 53; Track; Winner Ugly Man Contest ' 52, W.S.S.F. King Candidate ' 51; M Club. SHERMAN. RON: Track; Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals. SHORT, GORDON W.: Football; Baseball; Track. SMITH. JOY ANN: Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; FT. A. SMITH. LOIS: Zeta Tau Alpha; French Club; W.A.A.; Deca- turian; Newman Club. SMITH. PATRICIA: Assistant, P.E. Department. SMITH. PAT TALBERT: Student Council; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Decaturian; Pi Beta Phi; Wesley Club; Publicity Co-Chair- man of U.C.M. SMITH. SIDNEY: Track; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Phi; M Club. STATS. CHARLES HENRY: Newman Club, German Club; Treasurer Campus Chest; Assistant in Business Department. STENZEL. MART ANN: Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, Marshal, and Scholarship Chairman; Tau hi Pi, President; F.T.A., Vice-President; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Who ' s Who; French Club; Junior Counselor; Stude nt Assistant, Secretarial Science Department and Education Department; U.C.M., Finance Committee; Home- coming Publicity Committee; Town and Gown Props Com- mittee. TANKERSLEY, WILLIAM: Spanish Club, Treasurer, President; Wesley Club; Delta Sigma Phi, Historian; Phi Kappa Phi; In- ternational Nights of ' 51, ' 52, ' 53; Representative to Work Camp in Puerto Rico. THOMAS ROGER: Delta Sigma Phi; Conant Society; French Club. TOUBBEH. JAMIL II: Pi Kappa Delta, President; Conant So- ciety, President; M.R.A.; Town and Gown. THUDIUM, DICK: French Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Sigma Phi (U. of I.). TRAEGER. LOIS: Tau Chi Pi, German Club; W.A.A.; Intra- murals; Art Club; FT. A. ; Pi Beta Phi, President of Pledge Class. TRANTINA. LOIS: Band; Chorus; W.A.A.; FT. A.; Conant So- ciety; M.R.A. TYROLT, FRANK C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, So- cial Chairman, House Manager, Upper Council, Financial Committee; Homecoming Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secretary; Millidek, Sports Editor, ' 53 Home- coming Committee; Newman Club; Young Democrats; M.R.A. VAIL, HARVEY J: Intercollegiate Debate; Discussion Team; Pi Kappa Delta; Vice-President of German Club; M.R.A. VIANI, JAMES L.: Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Class President; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi; President of Pi Kappa Delta; Business Manager of Millidek; President Sophomore Class; President Millikin Religious Association; Co-Chairman Campus Chest; Treasurer University Christian Mission Week; Co-Chairman ' 52 Homecoming Dance Ticket Com- mittee; Chorus; Chamber of Commerce Legislative Com- mittee; Marshal ' 52, ' 53; Lindenwood College Mock Politi- cal Convention; Senior Class Social Committee; Library Committee ' 51 , ' 52; Intramurals. VITALI. LEO: Football; Baseball; Track. WAGNER. RICHARD: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Cheer- leader; Varsity Football; Pep Club; Young Republicans; Sigma Zeta. WATKINS. JOY: Band; Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Drill Team; Conant Society; Intramurals; W.A.A.; Opera " Die Fleder- maus " ; Alpha Chi Omega Homecoming Queen Candidate; Commencement Chopin Concert; Senior Class Social Com- mittee; Alpha Chi Omega, Song Leader, Social Chairman; Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman, Editor. WATKINS. MARTHA: Pep Club; W.A.A.; FT. A.; Young Demo- crats; Millidek; Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman; In- tramurals. WEILEPP. NANCY: Art Club; Millidek; Pi Beta Phi; W.A.A.; Spanish; FT. A.; Wesley Club; Young Democrats. WELSHANS, ANN: Alpha Chi Omega, Activity Chairman, President; President of Pan-Hellenic Council; Society Editor of Decaturian; Co-Chairman of Freshman Camp; Secretary of Women ' s Residence Association Council; Student Coun- cil; Chairman for U.C.M. Week Committee; U.Y.F.; S.C.A. WESTFALL. LOUIS: Tau Kappa Epsilon. WIKOFF, FOREST G.. JR.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; M.R.A.; Spring Talent Shows; Greek Sings. WILLIAMS, JOE M., JR.: Sophomore Class Rrepresentative to Student Council; Counselor at Freshman Camp; Freshman Counselor; Assembly Committee, Master of Ceremonies for Sophomore Class Assembly; Co-Chairman for Senior As- sembly; Band; Choir; Tau Kappa Epsilon. WINBERG. WILLIAM: Delta Sigma Phi; President of Alpha Phi Omega; President of U.Y.F.; Co-Chairman of Campus Chest; Co-Chairman Freshman Camp; Treasurer of Senior Class; Spanish Club; Delegate to A. P.O. National Conven- tion; Track; Intramurals; Co-Chairman Breakfast Retreat Committee for U.C.M. WIRTH. EDGAR WILLIAM: Sigma Alpha Eosilon, President; Homecoming Committee ' 52, ' 53; Young Republicans Club, President; Inter-Fraternity Council. YOUNG. JO ANN: F.T.A.; Art Club; W.A.A., Treasurer; Home- coming Co-Chairman of Dance Decorations and Co-Chair- man for Ticket Sales; U.C.M. Co-Chairman Breakfast and Retreat; Wesley Club; Pi Mu Theta; Who ' s Who; Intra- murals; Student Council, Treasurer; Delta Delta Delta, Recording Secretary. YOUNT. ROBERT DAVID: M Club, Football; Intramurals; Baseball; Basketball; Track; Delta Sigma Phi; Boy Scout Advisor; Coach St. James School; I.H.S.B.A.; Y.M.C.A. 162 , i ,,,,, iiiiiniii I I Milium I I Illll ' ' 1 Milium • Milium N — D I E K Growing Together Since 1903 ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE SERVING DECATUR FOR 51 YEARS DECATUR ILLINOIS miiiiimii ii i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i iiiii 111 i imiiimimiii mini n « 163 » in, I,, I , i, mini i i i mill iiiiiiiiiiii i urn hiiiiiiii nun lllli mr iimiiiiiiin 11 mill Something to Dream About It is good to have something to dream about, whether it be a pair of roller skates, a sea-going yacht, or just a middle-sized dream, like a fishing camp up north. Dreams, you see, have a way of coming true ... if you work to make them come true. All that ' s required is a simple bit of alchemy which changes dreams into ambitions. Don ' t shrug off your golden dreams; do something about them! D AW SON WIKOFF „, IIIIUIII I Illl I inn I I Ullllll I Illllllllllllllll HIIIIIIII I II I llllll 1111111111111111111 MUTUAL HOME AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Each saver ' s funds are insured to $10,000.00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. MUTUAL 135 East Main Street Decatur, Illinois , , minim I iiiiiii i u nun i i i i nun mm I mill i iimiimiii mi « 164 » t Your Service ITIZENS national bank DE CATUR, t L L. " iii inn 1 1 111 1 1 ii i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiimiiiimii imiimiiiimiiiiiiiimimimiiimiimiiimiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiimn Reach for . . SUNBEAM BREAD Energy Packed Best Wishes for Success from NORMAN ' S LAUNDRY ElllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIII Jlllllllllllllllll I 1 1! IIIINItH! " Mill I Where FASHION and QUALITY are Foremost g]]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii]iiiiiiniiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir ENGRAVING in the 1954 MILLIDEK furnished by Peoria Engraving Co. PEORIA, ILLINOIS MAIN AT PRAIRIE DECATUR. ILLINOIS Fashion Headquarters . ® TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP for sports and casual clothes © THE SALON SHOPS for dresses, coats, and suits • THE ACCESSORY BAR for smart accessories, lingerie • MILLINERY SALON for the smartest hats in town unanilij-mmiiMBiiiimiiimiiiiMiiiiMiiiiiiiillillllllimillMlllllllllMlllllllllr CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRABS Thanks for the past patronage . . . and hope it will continue in the future -mini i i i mini inn i in minimi iiiiniiiniii mum mini nun muminimii mi i 168 Founded 1860 by James Millikin You will find the Millikin National a bank of friendly service, with complete facilities to meet all your bankng needs. It has served Millikin University students and faculty for more than fifty years. Make the Millikin National your banking home. We Invite Your Account THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK of Decatur, Decatur, Illinois Member Federal Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Reserve System Decatur ' s oldest and largest bank, illlllll iini in mi ii i 111 iiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii inn; i mi i lllliiiimiiiil i mill i in i limn 169 JIII1IIIIIIIMIIMIII1IIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIH IIIIIIIIIIIIII1II1IIMII i mi mil i Him i inn 1 1 Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiii 1 1 1 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Elementary, Mr. Holmes! We know folks who won ' t need you to locate their important papers and other valuables. These folks keep such pos- sessions all together in a SAFE DEPOSIT BOX here, where they ' re readily available . . . where they ' re properly safeguarded. THE COST IS MERE PENNIES A WEEK . . . WHY NOT RESERVE YOUR BOX — NOW? THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR DECATUR, ILLINOIS on Water Street, South of Central Park Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IMMIIII U I Mill Illllllll I ■■■■■■Ill IIIIH MM II I Illllllllllllllllll I Illlllllllll liiiiillllliliiiiiiiigiiiiiiMiiililiiiiilliiiliiliiiii ' iii 1 « 171 » ■■Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiflti iiiiiitiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiititiiiiiiiiiii»iiiatiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiitiiiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiigiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiiiiii - liiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Suppliers of SCHOOL NEEDS ON THE CAMPUS . . . IN THE COMMUNITY Suppliers of BUSINESS NEEDS fc .MS ' I , mi ii mi I i i i I lllli i in i nun i i i : i mini Organized for Better 1 Insurance Protection THE DECATUR ASSOCIATION of INSURANCE AGENTS MEMBERS Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Harry Cannon Creighton-Jackson Company File Ensurance Agency Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Haroid R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Jostes Insurance Agency C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Rohy Roby Rotz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Louis J. Teeuwen Wells Agency W. H. Wiley imiiHiiiiiiiiiini i imn inn mill i ill ■ 1 " ' " mini " " ' miiiimimiii inn 172 ■ IIIIII1IIIIII Mil Mill M1IIIII Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I Ill Phone 5429 730 So. Main Decatur Tor a Job to be Well Done " EVERYTHING IN ROOFING and SHEET METAL Industrial Commercial Residential Farm IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1HIIIIIIIII11IIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIII G. S. LYONS SONS ROBY ROBY JAMES E. ROBY VERNE E. ROBY Class of ' 43 REALTORS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service " SALES - INSURANCE - LOANS 252 E. Main St. Phone 8-3451 i iiiiniiiiiii nun mini i in iiiiiiiiini BLACK COMPANY SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main 125 East North LUMBER MFG. CO. Since 1878 Decatur Illinois in iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1 1 pi ii i mi i inn ii 1 1 ii n ii m i Building with Decatur Since 1878 Woodwork for Homes Broadway at Cerro Gordo Phone 4271 Compliments of WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Brick and Builders Supplies 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 4404 Decatur, Illinois ■mi i i i ii in i i i iiiiinii i iiiiiiiiimiiimi i ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiin « 174 » 1 1 1 g 1 1 1 1 t i u ■ 1 1 1 x i • ii 1 1 n 1 11 d 1 1 u n 1 1 1 « li 1 1 M l M i ■ » 1 1 h 1 1 1 n ii i » » ■ i ii « 1 1 1 n « i b » o i u n u ii n 1 1 « m « i h 1 1 1 1 ■ h 1 1 1 1 1 1 n n h ii i a i h 1 1 « « m 1 1 a « 1 1 u h h i a « i » » « ■ n ■ i « m • m i ■ ir 1 1 1 ■ i » 1 1 • • t • 1 1 r Illllli Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success To the Senior Class ©f Miliikin University MUELLER CO. Dependable Since 1857 MAIN OFFICE A FACTORY DECATUR. ILLINOIS liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiitiiiitflfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiititiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffiitiiitii « 175 » mi ii mini iiiiiiiiiiini iniiiiiini n nun i ii mi i iiiiiiiin inn mini mi ii inn 1 1 hi urn 1 1 i mini BRQWNIE COAL OIL Company Phone 5133 BROWNIE STOKERS CENTRAL ILLINOIS ' LARGEST SELECTION of HIGH GRADE COALS For Every Purpose CLEAN, CAREFUL DELIVERIES Brownie Coal Co. 840 N. Morgan BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION " BLOWN-IN " The Clean, Efficient Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT 10 to 18 DEGREES 0 Saves 20% to 30% on Fuel Brownie Modern DEHYDRATED FUEL OIL Costs You No More — Phone 5183 — 1 1 urn 1 1 in l III mi mil .Minimum mi Illlll mini mill nil Illllllllllll 1 II Illllllllll Illllll IIIIMIIIII Illlllll « 176 Refresh... 4 i i Zest To The Hour Shop Refreshed Lunch Refreshed Play Refreshed l . Travel Refreshed (ml 1 DEC. U 5 P T Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMlliiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiii GREIDERS CAFE Robert J. Greider, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER S CAFETERIA H. D. Greider, Jr., Manager MAIN AND WILLIAM GREIDERS MEZZANINE ROOM MAIN AND WILLIAM Jack C. Greider, Manager DECATUR, ILLINOIS llllllllllllllltllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIigillllllllllMIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIII PEERLESS Household Cleaners Decatur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners Rugs - Drapes - Slip Covers Bed Spreads - T. Cloths Lamp Shades - Blankets Furniture Phone 3-8302 519 N. Monroe St. illllliiillllllllliliiiill iiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllliiiiilllllllllliiiilllll nun mi Compliments of LINCOLN THEATRE and EMPRESS THEATRE Decatur ' s Finest iiiniiiiiniii mi lllllllll 1 1 1 1 1 1 inn DAUT BROTHERS FLORISTS Extends Congratulations Compliments of Beatrice Foods Meadow Gold and Ice Cream DECATUR, ILLINOIS PHONE 5241 i mi iii mi i i i in nun i ■ ■ i ■ ■ ■ ■ r 1 1 ■ ■ 1 1 1 iniiiiiiiiiiiii mini in i nun i i 178 „ ,,„,, „.,.,„ „„„ ■■■•II „..,.,..,.„..,„ AFTER GRADUATION .... When You Place a Piano in Your Home- VISIT US 143 N. Main EMERSO PIANO HOUSE Decatur I. ...... I. Ml. 111iMi1111111111111.ini .iiiiiiii Minimi i " »» ' " ' ' mimimnn " ' " ■■ 1 ' " " ALUMNI OBLIGATION Send your ANNUAL Cift to YOUR ALUMNI FOUNDATION Give at Least $1 per year Since its organization in 1946-47, the Foundation has given Millikin for — Gym Lockers - $ 2,500 Albert Taylor Hall 4,000 Civilian Emergency Loan 1,000 Library Books for Graduate Department — 1,000 Equipping Dorms on Campus 6,186 Scholarships 10,500 Courtesy H. RAY MYERS ' 26 Morehouse and Wells Company ...I. IIIIIIII I I I I ' ' " ■» 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' " 179 » jiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii inn mil 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 • ■ 1 1 1 1 1 ■ in i ii ii inn ii i mi i mi iiiiiiiiiiiMlllilllllll iiiiiiiiiiiiniiill MARVEL-SCHEBLER PRODUCTS DIY. B ORG- WARNER CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS 1954 Graduates of MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY g| IIIM1 , iiiiiiiiii 1 1 1 1 1 1 miiiiiiuii in i i inn i ii iiiiiiiiiiiii i i nun iniiiiiiiiiiiihi mini « 180 » llli IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMIIIII llllll HUM Mil Ill I MM I Ml MUM HIM I Ml MM I MM MM I MM III A Milestone in Life • • • Your graduation from Millikin is a part of that pleasant season called commencement. Commencement is a word aptly chosen because your gradua- tion marks the commencement of your effort to fit into the economic and social life of the community you choose. You have chosen wisely so far by acquiring the training that Millikin has given you. Let us hope that you continue to choose wisely in the application of that training to achieve the success that rewards diligent and conscientious application. Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll III I llll llllll Mil llll llllll llll lllllliMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIII Illllllllllllllllllllllll III! I III! llllll III CASH COMPANY 540 N. 18th Street « 181 » JII1I1IIMIII1MIIIII iiiiiiiniiiliiiiii iiiiiiiimi nun , i i mi i milium i i ' » " " ' ' 83 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE $ Diamonds $ Watches £ Sterling and Plated Silverware @ China ® Crystal £ Linens ® Perfumes Handhags POST ' S DIAMONDS Are " Registered " For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join Post ' s STERLING SILVER CLUB PAY ONLY 33c A WEEK For Each 4-Piece Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST SONS Jewelers for Over 83 Years Decatur, Illinois Merchant at Prairie ,„„„,„ „„.,.„. » " »» » 1 1 " " ' ' " ' " " How can a guy do a good job without enough light? Eyesight is priceless good light is cheap ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY iiimiimimiimiiiim , MMiiiiiiiiiim mi i " ' ' iiiinimiii i i ' ' niiiiiiii 182 milium 1 1 in i nun i mm n Milium iimnimmiimi miimiiiiiiiiimmi mum mini milium in iiimii inmnmminim GROVE ' S RESTAURANT Sandwiches - Fountain Service Phone 3-9109 Compliments of BLUE MILL Routes 51 - 48 - 121 Decatur, III. I1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIII1IIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIII1IIIIHIIIII1IIIII1IIIIIHIIIII TO RELAX AFTER STUDIES Attend the VARSITY THEATRE Just Off the Campus Minn ill limn llllllll mi ii inn m mi tlfems FOR IMPORTANT CLOTHES Formals Ready-to-Wear Sportswear Jewelry Millinery llllllll IIIMII IIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIMI IIIMIIIIIIIimillllllllM Licensed — CONTRACTOR — Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE FINE FIXTURES - WIRING APPLIANCES Sunbeam, G.E. Toastmaster, G.E. Lamps and Clocks 134 S. OAKLAND 2-4806 —Phones— 2-2543 MM llimiMIMMMM 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M M 1 1 M 1 1 1 M I R AYCRAFT DRUG STORES Decatur, Illinois SAM E. ARMSWORTH 1099 W. Main 702 E. Wood 135 E. Prairie Phone 3-3644 ii him i mi ii mil ii i ii iiilllilllllllMMlllllMl inn mil i Mini i i « 184 » JIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMIIIIIIII I mi iniiii linn J. L. SIMMONS COMPANY Incorporated Contractors - Engineers - Builders Architectural - Industrial - Public Work - Construction DECATUR, ILLINOIS INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS CHICAGO, ILLINOIS „„ , inn,,., i mm... iiiiiiiimi " " " 1 C You ' ll be proud to say " IT CAME FROM FLORA ' S " Exclusive Dealer For DIAMOND RINGS China - Crystal STERLING SILVER Gifts From All Over the World OMEGA AUTOMATIC WATCHES {§ JEWELERS A Y 14JI-IA2 East Main PHONE 5325 A Y I Ml. 1.1... .1.1). I II .....I............ M Ml. MM. ... ... " 11 111 1 « 185 » DID YOU KNOW? A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. is the largest independent processor of corn and soybeans in the world. To keep the Staley plant at capacity operation over 1,000 tons of coal and 19,000,000 gallons of water are required daily. Manufacturing operations are carried on in some 68 buildings, having 2,600,000 square feet of floor space, and covering 382 acres of land. Approximately 3,000 loyal, enthusiastic people are employees of the Staley Co. here in Decatur. The Staley sales organization is international and is composed of hundreds of field representatives and technicians. Staley products are sold world wide for the home, farm, and industry. STALEY PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME • STA-FLO LIQUID STARCH • CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH • CAMEO LAUNDRY STARCH • SWEETOSE SYRUPS O ZEST MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE • CREAM CORN STARCH A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. DECATUR ILLINOIS 186 J|| IIHII I III I I III I I llllll 11 I 1 11 11 II Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Quality - Service Phone 2-1582 Established 1919 LANDHOLT Auto Refinishing Painting Trimming Body and Fender Repairing 745 E. Prairie Ave. Decatur, Illinois tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiii i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiir Compliments of Houdaille-Hershey Corp. DECATUR DIVISION in i inn i linn ii mini miiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Complete Washing and Lubrication ATLAS Tires Batteries Auto Accessories at DON ' S STANDARD SERVICE W. Main and Oakland 3-9127 Come in please — go out pleased iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TOLLY ' S COMPLETE FOOD STORES 2 — Super Markets — 2 2220 E. Wood St. Open 24 hours a day 1355 N. Route 48 Open 7 A. M. to Midnight i ii i i iiiinii iiiiii i r mi Congratulations from Wagner Malleable Iron Co, STAUBERS YOUR HOME STORE Decatur ' s Home of Fashions Top-Brand Names 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 • 1 1 M • I til JiiimimiLii I itmiimimmiMiiiiiiiiiiiH im imin 1 1 1 1 1 1 n tm 1 1 m i mi 1 1 iui 1 1 1 1 m mi iimmiii u iniiiimnF « 188 » s 1 lllllll!IIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1lllllllinilllllllllllllllMIII1llll11llll1IIIIIIIIHIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!lllllllllllll1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMI HECHT ' S Women ' s Apparel Decatur, Illinois IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItllMHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII GO BY YELLOW CA 5 14 5 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii i mi i inn illinium ii MODd-PARIS no.l specialist in local moving! FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE mm inniiiinniiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnniiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiniiiiimiiiiiiii A Service for Every Purse f and Purpose 9 Our Dry Cleaning I is so ECONOMICAL! | • Our Laundering = is so PROMPT! | 324 E. WABASH DIAL 5275 [ ■ ' mm rum i srinmi iniMiitiiiin mi mini f in a u TmiihIIMII 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n i mini Jll in in it him Bet They ' re Talking About BORDEN ' S . . . The Best Tasting Milk in Town John P. Bolas, Distributor COMMUNITY DAIRY DIAL 2-0114 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiill NIRIDER ' S INC. SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1101 W. Main Phone 3-9249 190 j, || mi |, , | I HIM I llllll I I ■ I ■ • 1 ' 1 CLASS OF ' 54 May we not only congratulate you on your success scholastically but also as you embark on the vastly wider waters of the future — wish for each of you happiness and success whether your course be bus- iness, a profession or that most important of all occupations, a Home Maker. LINN SCRUGGS CO. in i i i j ii inn i hi nun iiimini i linn limn iiiiiiiiiiiin i iniini i ' nil mmt 11. jam • - SUM ' SUNSHINE DAIRY INC. 725 East Prairie Ave. Decatur, Illinois Telephone 5436 YOUR HOME TOWN DAIRY! „ „„„ ,,,,,,, mi nun i imimiiiiii i ■■■iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1 1 1 1 1 1 ■■ 1 1 n 1 1 1 n 1 1 i ii « 191 ■ Illlllllllllll mill HI I III Ill Ill Mill Mlllllllllll III! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIII I IMI IMII II inn inn For the Fit of Your Life For Footwear Most Favored . . . since the first day Millikin opened its doors it ' s always been FOLRATH ' S Footwear . . . The Famed Names You Know in shoes for on the campus . . . and off FOR MEN . . . FOR WOMEN Folrath ' s 211 N. Water SCHAFFER GLUCK FURS CLOTH COATS SUITS SPORTSWEAR 253 North Main St. iiiiiiiHin i iiiiiiiniiii Minium i n iiiiiiiiiini iiiiiiiiiiiiniiii iiiiiiiiiiimiini iiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiinii n iiiimiiiiimiimmiimi Plan your Future in . . . SOUTH SHORES f A Planned Community " TYPE 14 | Call This three bedroom = t ti f it l n Home 42 ' x 28 ' with 1 dILiLi IAJZ.AIJ 0t J bath, a half bath, | Vice Pres. — Sales and kitchen . dining E D , area, sells for only 1 fhone $16,500. I 3-1521 or 3-5248 Finest residential area in Decatur — All Homes have city gas heat, paved streets, city schools, city water, and city sewers GI or FHA Loans IIIIIIIIIIIIIIMHMMIIIIIIilllllllMllllllllllllllM MM IIIIMlllMllllMIMMIIMMMMMIMIMMMMMIMMIMMMIMiniMIMM Mill Mil IIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIII IIMM Illllll « 192 ■ Minimi milium iiiiiiiiMiMiiiiiimiilinrniimmi i MiiriniiiliililliiMii minium iiiiiMiiMxilliiiini rn i ■ ■ i i • ■ mi l i 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 • ji i 11 n mi ■ i i n i n n 1 1 1 1 1 m ■ im i FIELDS APPAREL CONGRATULATIONS . . . Class of ' 53 Ulllllllllimilllimilimmilll miimiiiimmiiiiimiimiiiimiiiiiilimiiiii FASHIONS for Junior Misses and Tall Girls Decatur ' s Leading Specialty Store lllltlllllllllllltMMIttlllMMMIDIMIIMIIIBIIIIIIIItlllllMOIIItllllttlllllllllMMIIIIttll PITTSBURGH PAINTS " Smooth as Glass " Paint Styling Headquarters Sun Proof - Wall Hide Flor Hide - Water spar Wallpaper PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 222 N. MAIN PHONE 5343 iililiillliliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiliiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiii SPECIALIZED Automotive, Carburetor, Electrical, and Speedometer Service Magnetos - Gasoline Engines Decatur Battery Service, Inc. 343 E. MAIN PHONE 5453 llllllllltllllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU Compliments of RAUPP ' S SHOES Compliments of Your Family Shoe Store 139 NORTH WATER OSGOOD and SONS DECATUR, ILLINOIS • tllllllllllMIIIIIIIIMflllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllKIIMIItltllKrilllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIII Jlllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll « 194 » ■■■••■••■•■•••■•••■■•■•■■••■•■■•■•■■•••■■•••■■•••■■••■■••■•■■ ' ••• ' •••■••■■■•■■■ ' ' ■■•■•■••••••(•••(••••■••■■■■■■■■ ' (■•■■•■■■■•■■■■■ aall a,aall " l " " l " " " " , " " " l " " " " " " •iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiminniHiii The A P Policy . . . To Always: $ Do what is honest, fair, sin- cere and in the best interests of each customer. $ Extend friendly, satisfying service to everyone 0 Give every customer the most good food for her money. Assure accurate weight every time — 16 oz. to each pound Give accurate count and full measure % Charge the correct price Cheerfully refund customer ' s money if for any reason any purchase is not satisfactory Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY 239 North Water IllllllllllllllllllllllUlllllllllllllllillllillllllllllliillllillliilllillllllllUlllilllllll Compliments of SVENDSEN FLORIST Flower Shop and Greenhouse 2702 N. Broadway 134 N. BROADWAY 136 E. PACKARD 1135 W. WOOD llllllllllllllllllllllllillilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllll BEST WISHES from NORMAN DANIEL PHOTOGRAPHY Your 1954 Millidek Portrait Photographer 1705 E. Wood St. Phone 3-5116 ••(••••••••••■■••■■•iiiiitiiiiiiiitt tittiiiiiiiiitaiittiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiitiii iii iiaiii iiiii iti ii iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii iiiiiit t iiitii.tiiitttiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ' iiiiittiiiitiiiitiitiiiiitii n « 195 » jiiiiiimmikiiiiiiiiiiimiii oiitiiMnMiiiiiiniiiiii iiiiiiniKi ililllllllllllllliltalllil ■ iiiiiin i iiniiiii iiiiio niiiui ' iiiiiiii imiiiii. The 1954 MILLIDEK Printed by Huston-Patterson Corp. Printers of Fine " BLUE RIBBON ANNUALS " Best Wishes for Success Hunter-Pogue Lumber Co. Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiii CARSON Decatur ' s Largest Credit Jewelers Famous for Fine Diamonds WATCHES JEWELRY APPLIANCES Guaranteed Watch Repairing 215 E. North Decatur Phone 3-2762 JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Compliments of Swain Myers Sales Co. DESIGNERS and SUPPLIERS Complete Food Service Equipment and Fixtures for Schools, Restaurants, Institutions, Clubs, and Drug Stores 544-552 N. MAIN ST. Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii « 196 iiiiiiin iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii mi Illlllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllll tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii inn iliilllllllllllilllllllllllll mi in ii 1 1 " 1 WE SERVE YOU Safety — Courtesy Service THE POM POM CAFE LUNCHES - DINNERS Steaks, Chicken, Seafood Fountain Service HOME MADE PIES Private Dining Room for Parties 1098 W. Wood St. JIHIIIII | | | lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 1 11,1 1 Mill Mil 1 11001 1 1 Jlllllllllllllllllllll MINIMI IIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BEST WISHES TO 1954 GRADS Compliments of MILLER-O ' NEILL 120 W. PRAIRIE RODGERS FLOOR COVERINGS and DRAPES SHOE STORE , in IIJIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIHIMHIMI IMMIMMIMIMMMIMMMIMMIMMIMIMMIIMIIMIMMIMMIMIMIMMIIMMMMMIIMMIMIIIMMIMMMIMMII « 197 » daiaitldii t ■ i oan ■• t ■ ■ ■■••••■•••■•■•••••■•••••■•••••••••••••••••• •■■••••■■••••••••■••••■•••••■•■■••••••••••■•••••■•••••■••■••■••■••■•■•■••(•••••■••••••••••■•■•••••••••(•••••••••■•■••••••••••■••••■••••■■••••••tiiia STYLE CLOTHES For Young Men HOSIERY SHOP SESSEL ' S 354 N. Water JiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Compliments of C. N. GORHAM SON HOSIERY For the Entire Family 2-1755 117 N. Water llllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllillllllillllllliillllilllllllllllilllllllllll SEMMELS Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear 244 N. Water Ph. 2-6641 IlllllllllllllUllllliillllllllllllllllllllliilllllllllllllllllllllllillllllilllllllllllllllllll Telephone 5345 - 5346 DECATUR WAREHOUSE CO. R. C. Shumate J. F. Gauger Harry (Skinny) Taylor • TRANSFER • MOVING • STORAGE Licensed, Bonded, Insured Carriers llllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllll The Best Value Clothes in Decatur DROBISCH-MUIRHEID 2nd Floor, Citizens Bldg. 555 E. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois § IIIIIMIIIIIIIIIilllHllllllllllillllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllilllllllllllUlllllllll IIIMIIIIIII»lllllil illlllul Illilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .■■■•■IIIIIIIIIMI IIIWIIIIII « 198 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Millidek staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation and support the following individuals who have helped make the 1354 Millidek possible: Joe Sronce, Peoria Engraving Company, for his many ideas, good judgment and expert counseling; Norm Schroth, Norman Daniel Studio, whose talent produced a fine college section; Lynn Hiser, Huston-Patterson Corporation, for his fine cover and printing advice; Mrs. Ruth Maxwell, literary adviser, who helped us with our copy and taught us when to use three dots instead of four; R. Wayne Gill, financial adviser, for his guidance in financial matters; Jack Erickson, Herald and Review, who helped us by taking many homecoming and sports shots; Bob Strongman, Herald and Review, for his sport action shots; The faculty and student body, for their patience and cooperation throughout the year.

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