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Km The Millidek ' 53 has woven a magic pattern all its own. In the past there has been little change in the organizations, the faculty, the activities, and the advertisers, but the Millidek ' 53 is a different milestone in the last half-century of Millikin education. This is our Semi- centennial issue. This issue marks the progress of education in an institution dedicated to increased learning through Christian ideals. W© have watched the increase of faculty members; we have seen the student population grow. We have seen our men go off to fight in two World Wars; we have seen a depression and an era of prosperity. And nov , in our time, again we have a bitter conflict raging, but we have courage and faith in the future. We have seen our University weather other storms, in other periods, and we are not afraid of the future because we have survived through other trials of life and because we are sure of our place in life at Millikin and in society. Therefore, it is appropriate that we say, " FORWARD " . It is appropriate that we continue to go FORWARD through the future years, not reluctantly, but with confidence in our ideals and aspirations. The pattern which students follow is— work, enjoyment, disappointment, and accomplish- ment. We have begun to build a new science hall, our athletic teams have done well, and our graduates are making good records. The pattern for Millikin is the same: WORK, PROGRESS, AND DEVELOPMENT. Let us go FORWARD! Editors-in-Chief: MARILYN BINGMAN BETTY HARRINGTON Business Manager: JIM VIANI To Davlda McCaslin PROFESSOR EMERITUS OF ENGLISH The Millidek staff here express their appreciation of your forty-five years of devoted service to Millikin. You are known to many students now in school and to many more alumni as a great teacher and a great person. As Millikin goes into its second half-century, we may well take your charm, your gracious scholarship, and your fine integrity as examples for the future. To you. Miss McCaslin. we dedicate this book. a queen Vi Beta Vki IQ52 htomecoming Queen and Her Mttendants HOMECOMING Homecoming ' 52 was an exceptional one because of the celebration of the fiftieth anni- versary, and many alums attended who had not been around the hallowed halls for some time. The program opened October 17 with a pep assembly and the Freshman-Sophomore Con- tests, which the Sophomores won. That evening the Cavalcade of Talent in Albert Taylor Hal] was followed by the pep rally and bonfire on the back campus. On October 18, there was the Homecoming parade, honoring the ' 52 queen, Mary Ellen Ripley, Pi Beta Phi, and the Homecoming and other queens of past years. In the afternoon Millikin ' s football team beat Illinois College, and the crowd cheered them on amid a sea of mums and balloons. After the game the alums renewed old acquaintances among the faculty at the Coffee Party in the gymnasium. That evening Henry Brandon ' s band from Chicago played for the dance in the Decatur Armory. « 22 » The girls who worked so hard to arrange all this were Donna Riechman and Marjorie Johnstone, Co-chairmen. Co-Chairman — Marjorie Johnstone and Donna Riechman Zeta Tau Alpha won a first Delta Delta Delta won a first on house decorations Homecoming Decorations House decorations were won for the second year in a row by Delta Delta Delta with their alarm clock. When the hands reached twelve o ' clock, the bell rang and moved up and down. The two best floats were those of Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Zetas kept their trophy, smce this was the third year they had won the float decorations. Sigma Alpha Epsilon won a first Queen Mary Ellen Ripley in her float The crowned aueen and her attendants TOWN AND GOWN " BOY MEETS GIRL " The first presentation of Town and Gown this year was " Boy Meets Girl " , by Belle and Samuel Spewack, on October 21 and 22 m the Masonic Temple. This racy, fast- moving comedy was given " arena style " with the audience on three sides, and only furniture and costumes were used to indicate time and place, since no scen- ery could be employed. Although the circle theatre made it more difficuH for the actors, it gave a more realistic impres- sion for the audience. Jim Thomas capably handled the role of C. F. Friday, a Hollywood movie pro- ducer, who is the central figure. His two out-cast scenario writers, J. Carlyle Ben- son (Irving Geisser) and Robert Law (Ted Bell), with the collaboration of Warren Hayes and ferry Friend as Green and Slade, the song-writing team, kept the audience in a gay state of mind with their hilarious antics. Larry Toms, the cowboy, played by Vern Dalluge, was made the scope-goat 26 » of many a practical joke, but he tried to keep up his fading reputation as a movie cowboy. He hated to take second billing to Happy, the $3,500-a-week infant of Susie, but he had no alternative. Frank Beaman was cast as the businesslike Rosetti, who as Larry Toms ' agent was constantly trying to keep up Toms ' pres- tige. Janet Beaumont gave a splendid por- trayal of Susie, the innocent young lady who never went to high school, and who seemed to have misplaced the father of her baby. Good supporting roles in the cast were given by Shirley McElhany as Miss Crews, the secretary of Mr. Friday, and Jamil Toubbeh, who capably filled the role of the Indian soldier who won Susie for his wife. Director of the play was Dr. M. W. Tillson, and Bob Marsden was stage man- ager. 27 » OPERA " MADAME BUTTERFLY " Millikin ' s Conservatory presented, instead of one full- length opera, the first act of " Madame Butterfly " and a one-act comedy, " Gianni-Schicchi " , both by Puccini. The scene of " Madame Butterfly " is laid in Japan and deals with a marriage contract, effected by marriage broker, between Lieutenant Pinkerton and a Japanese girl. Butterfly, who is deeply in love with him. The contract can be broken whenever the lieutenant wishes, but his friend, the consul, warns him against the marriage because he knows how seriously Butterfly considers it. After the marriage has taken place and Butterfly has severed all connections with her own people, a priest comes to curse her for renouncing her rehgion, but her husband comforts her and calms her fears. CAST Lieutenant B. F Pinkerton (U. S. Navy) David Niederbrach, Keith Frame Goro, a marriage broker Warren Hayes Suzuki, servant to Cio-Cio-San Joann Harden Shorpless, U. S. Consul Arthur Laurell Cio-Cio-San (Madame Butterfly) Nancy Zi, Eileen Tertocha The Imperial Commissioner Jay Cox The Uncle Priest Theodore Bell 28 " Gianni-Schicchi " is a comic account of the schem- ing of Buoso Donati ' s family to obtain for themselves all his property, which he has willed to the church. As the scene opens, the family is bemoaning the fact that their dear relative, Buoso, has died, but when they find the will, their feigned tears of grief turn to cries of disappointment. Rinuccio, who is in love with Gianni-Schicchi ' s daughter, suggests that they ask for his help. Schicchi decides to impersonate Buoso on his deathbed, since no one else knows of his death as yet, and dictate another will to a notary. When the OPERA " GIANNI- SCHICCHI ' notary arrives, Schicchi, dressed in Buoso ' s night gown and cap, easily distributes the minor possessions among the relatives, but he leaves the most important ones, for which a few of the relatives have made private propositons with him, until last. As he dictates this part of the will, the relatives hold their breath. He leaves them all to his good friend Gianni-Schicchi. As soon as the notary has left, the relatives all pounce upon him, but he succeeds in ordering them out of his newly acquired house. The opera ends on a happy note as Schicchi is wealthy, and his daughter is now able to marry her lover, Rinuccio. CAST Gianni-Schicchi William Briggs Lauretta (his daughter) Nancy Zi, Eileen Tertocha Zita (a cousin to Buoso) Joann Harden, Helen Cox Rinuccio (Zita ' s nephew) Keith Frame Gherardo (Buoso ' s nephew) David Niederbrach Nella (Gherardo ' s wife) Janet Keeler, Mary Jo Kellams Betto (poor relative) Harold Henderson Simone (a cousin to Buoso) Joe Williams Marco (his son) Theodore Bell La Ciesca (Marco ' s wife) Trudy Geisler Master Spinelloccio (physician) Jerry Friend Amantio Di Nicclao (notary) Jay Cox Pmellino (shoemaker) Richard Gilmour Guccio (a dyer) Jerry Friend Gherardino (son of Gherardo) Barbara Munson 30 A distinctive feature of the Fiftieth Anniver- sary year was a program in the fine arts arranged by a committe of the faculty. This committee set up the usual local events: radio programs, Town and Gown plays, exhibits, and performances by Conservatory groups. It spon- sored a special Semi-Centennial Series of five programs by profssional artists: Basil Rathbone, the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Paul Engle, Elizabeth Travis, and Dorothy Maynor. A committee of alumni sponsored the off campus sale of season tickets, which did not last long. Single admissions for the event in the Masonic Temple went fast, too. So popular was the red letter series that the University has voted to present a similar program next year. Those who manage to get season tickets will be fortunate. BALLET RUSSE DE MONTE CARLO RATHBONE Mr. Rathbone informally talked with students and townspeople back stage after his lecture in the Masonic Temple. The large gathering shows the interest of Millikin students in meeting and talking with the re- nowned Basil Rathbone. « 32 » CAMPUS CHEST Give With The Rest To Expand The Chest The Campus Chest Drive for 1953, headed by Barbara Munson and Ken Merwin, began November 17 and 18 with Tag Day. On No- vember 19, the faculty was auctioned off in Westminster Church by fim Thomas, the Fac- ulty-Student basketball game was November 21, and the climax of the week was the Campus Chest Carnival, November 22, m the gym- nasium, with Wally Knutson and Nancy Todd reigning over the festivities as King and Queen. The goal for the Campus Chest of 1953 was $2,000, and the students " gave with the rest to expand the chest " to $2,800. The organizations receiving help from this drive are W.S.S.F., with the largest portion, the Community Chest, CARE, the United Negro Fund, the March o Dimes, and the American Legion Poppy Sales. Some of the committee chairmen were: Delores Hayes, Carnival; Loren Cameron, Fi- nances; Joe Killpatrick, Publicity; and Don Pogue and fan Mueller, Pledge Cards. Pow I. Gilman, C. Bruns, D. Pride, B. Harrington. Row 2: K. McCarthy, P. Miles, M. Johnstone, Dean Falvey, J. Davis. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council is an organization composed of the presidents and rush chairmen from each of the four national women ' s social fraternities on campus. Its main functions are to guide the activities of these fraternities and to make and enforce rushing rules. It is spon- sored by Dean Falvey. Its activities were begun this year by formal rush, climaxed with the annual Panhellenic dinner honoring the new pledges of each or- ganization, which was held at Hotel Orlando. Next, came the Panhellenic Dance, " Hellenistic Heaven " , with music provided by Johnny Bruce. An activity which is continuous through- out the school year is the exchange dinners, held between all fraternities, both men ' s and women ' s. Joint meetings are held semi-annually with the Inter-Fraternity Council mainly for an exchange of ideas. It is the aim of the Panhellenic Council to promote cooperation and foster better rela- tionships betwen the women ' s fraternities on Millikin ' s campus. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Marjorie Johnstone Ann Welshans Vice-President .Kathleen McCarthy Jeanne Sparks Secretary Pat Miles. .. Martha Robinson Treasurer Jackie Davis Betty Nelson Panhellenic Past and Present Presidents Ann Welshans, Marjorie Johnstone Interfraternity Past and Present Presidents Roderick Canfield, James Fitzgerald OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Rod Canfield Jim Fitzgerald Secretary Bill Keck Bud Mueller ■ Treasurer Jim Fitzgerald Bud Wirth Social Chairman Bob Edwards Bob Edwards INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Millikin Inter-Fraternity Council is an organization composed of representatives of the Greek fraternities on the university campus. Its purpose is to serve as a clearing house for matters common to all the fraternities and as a coordinator of their activities. Each organization is represented by its president, iwo representatives, and its faculty advisor. The Dean of the University is an ex- officio member of the Council. So as to maintain equal representation of each fraternity in the council, informal meetings held once a month. Council presidency, and representation each year to the National Inter- Fraternity Council, are rotated m respective order. The social activities of the Council vary from the promoting of the all-fraternity formal dance once a year to the dinner exchange program with the other Greek organizations once a month. Recently, the Council was instru- mental in securing the new trophy case located in the main hall of the University. Other proj- ects included are the selling of pennants, bal- loons, etc., at football games. Supervising the rushing program among the men ' s houses is another important function of the council. The intramural athletic program, competition in the homecoming float and house decoration, and the University Sing are all participated in and encouraged by the I. F. C. Row 1: Mr. Kerns, E. Wirth, J. Fitzgerald, C. Mueller, Mr. Smith. pHwr rH. Row 2: R. Canfield, J. Luttrell, J. Shepherd, J. Dettro, R. lones, Dean Ploenges, R. Edwards, D. Richards, F. Schwalbe, D. Sesslar. Row I: A. Sickman, M. Griftin, C. McNiel, L. Watson, M. Kel- lams, H. Jackson. Row 2: C. Bruns, H. Foster, D. Fisher, R. Houser, K. McCarthy, J. Coen, J. Keeler, M. Crawford, Mrs. Lewman. Row 3: L. Vasiloff, M. Buehrer, D. Hiser, A. Turner, M. Arbo- gast, M. Potts, S, Estes, J. Johnson. Row 4: B. Thompson. D. Gore, E. Andree, L. Wolff, J. Stone, L. Judd, H. Reynolds, D. Champion. Row 5: L. Jensen, P. Jones, M. Clayton, J. Watkins, M. Keeler, A. Welshans, G. Hodge, B. Ficker, D. Fisk. ALPHA CHI OMEGA This school year Alpha Chi Omega opened its social year with a street dance for the whole student body. When Homecoming came along we took second place in both the house and float decorations. Rosie Turner Houser was our candidate for the 50th anniversary Homecom- ing queen. Our pledges gave a " Yankee Doodle Dip " dance for the actives. Our winter formal theme was " Surealistic Dreams. " The evenmg before vacation we had a Christmas party for the chapter and went caroling after- wards. Starting the second semester the actives hon- ored the new initiates with a " Heart ' s Desire " dance. The next big event on the calendar was the University Sing, in which we placed second. The following two weeks were devoted to the Variety Show with " A Serenade of 3,000 A.D. " State Day for all Alpha Chi chapters in Illinois was held here at Upsilon Chapter house at Millikin. The spring formal ended the school year, adding to the many pleasant m emories we already had stored up. Our roll of achievements for this year in- cludes: Marilyn Crawford, president of Tau Chi Pi; Janice Johnson, cheerleader; Margie Keeler, vice-president of W.A.A.; Janice Stone, secretary of W.A.A.; Kathleen McCarthy, presi- dent of French Club; Marilyn Griffin, Rosie Turner Houser, Diane Fisher, Lois Jensen, mem- bers of Pi Mu Theta; Kathleen McCarthy, Who ' s Who; Marilyn Griffin, Diane Fisher, members of Phi Kappa Phi; Rosie Turner Houser, Senior Class Treasurer; Carol Bruns, Sophomore Class Vice-President; Polly Jones, Freshman Class Secretary; Janice Johnson, Freshman Class Treasurer; Marilyn Griffin, Co-editor of the Decaturian; Kathleen McCarthy, Vice-President of Panhellenic Council. « 38 » Row 1: M. Parker, M. Watkms, R. Bug, B. Blackburn, S. Jotfray, S- McKinney, D. Riechman. Row 2: D. Storck, B. Dietschy, N. Henry, C Skinner, M. Wil- ' ' oxon P M ' ' =s, Mrs. Weinand, C- Bennett, J, Young, M, Stenzel, M. Cole. Hov 3: M. Helmle, J. Collins, D. Schiltz, K. Kaufmann, P. Leubbers, B. Feltenberger, A. Steinberg, J. Garver, I. Sparks. Row 4: M. Schroll, S. Poppleton, A. Peacock, C. Kammerer, R. McDonald, H. Cox, B. Van Gundy, S. Watts, D. Stephen- son, B. Harrington, B. Genre. Row 5: N. Fisher, M. Hammill, P. Eaton, S, McFadden, A. ' ogan, B. Lewis, V. Perso-i, J. Hence, P. Walker, S. Dietschy, D. Lee, E. Campbell, J. File DELTA DELTA DELTA Fall opened and found the Delta girls pledg- ing seventeen new girls and winning once again the cup for Homecoming house decora- tions. The routine of classes was lightened by many social events. " Candy Capers " was the name of the winter formal, which was held in the Hotel Orlando. Then the Christmas Pine Tea was held for the faculty members and their families. Some of the highlights of our social sched- ule in the spring were the spring formal, the initiation of the entire pledge class, and the annual Pansy Breakfast. JoAnn Young was treasurer of the Student Council, Jody Collins again held her position as captain of the cheerleaders, and Sharon McFadden also was elected cheerleader. Mary Ann Stenzel was vice-president of F. T. A. and also president of Tau Chi Pi. W. A. A. offices were held by Marge Parker and JoAnn Young. Jeanne Sparks was treasurer of the Junior Class. Donna Reichmann was co-chairman of Homecoming, Jo Bence served as vice-presi- dent of the Home Economics Club, and Becky Blackburn was vice-president of French Club. Betty Harrington was co-editor of the Millidek. Nancy Henry was treasurer of Pi Mu Theta. Betty Harrington represented the Tri Deltas in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Nancy Henry was chosen for Phi Kappa Phi. « 40 » Row 1: J Beaumont, J. Miller, D. Pride, J. Stengel, I. Lytle, J. Bourland, N, Todd, M. Odell, I. Morris, S. Carroll, N. Shuster. How 2: D. Hayes, B. Munson, S. Morrison, D. Ryan, J. Davis, Mrs. Jeffers, J. Dunkel, R. Zust, J. Keating, M. Ripley. Row 3: A. Blackford, P. Wieland, S McCottery, H. Dunnett, L. Ryerson, N. Hatch, K. Ross, L. Dubea. Row 4: V. Megorden, S. Sullen, S. Sampson, P. Talbert, N. Weilepp, M. Blassingame, R. Lacey, B. Brissenden, P. Kerns. Row 5: M. Robinson, C. Stegenga, I. Peterson, M. Turner, A. Hoogestraat, S. Baker, M. Hinton, J. Stocks, S. Bloss, Y. Borchart. PI BETA PHI Septe mber found the Pi Phis ready to start another busy year. We had Homcoming activi- ties and the Campus Chest Drive to keep us occupied as well as the many house dances that were held during the year, and our winter formal, " Snowflake Shuffle " . Mary Ellen Ripley helped us out by being Homecoming Queen, and Nancy Todd captured the queen title for the Campus Chest Drive. Representing the chapter on campus, Martha Robinson was vice-president of Student Coun- cil. Barbara Munson was society editor of the Decaturian, Dolores Hayes was assistant society editor, and lackie Dunkel and Pat Talbert were in the circulation department. Sue Sullan helped to lead cheers for the Big Blue, and Jackie Davis and Barbara Munson were hon- ored by being in Who ' s Who. Pi Mu Theta also claimed tv o of our members, Jackie Davis and Jean Stengel. Jean was also a member of Phi Kappa Phi. In student government Joyce Keating was Senior Vice-President, Pat Talbert was Junior Secretary, Dorothy Pride was Sophomore Treasurer, and Ann Blackford was Freshman Vice-President. February started another semester of activi- ties. The University Sing was first, followed by the Variety Show and the spring formal, " May Mood " . Then came the Senior Farewell, and we all knew that it was the end of a wonderful year. I. « 42 » Row 1: P. Bowers, N. Janes, B. Dixon, V. Boise, K. Clark, P. Hoifman, B. Long, C. Johnson. Row 2: M. Hubbell, M. Brand, B. Nelson, P. Rannebarger, M. Johnstone, M. Bingman, O. D. McEfee, E. Scherer, M. Kostas. Row 3: F. Cocks, R. Bills, J. Stubblefield, J. Shuris, E. DeGroot, J. Brown, M. Thorpe, C. Engelking, R. Allen, S. Branom. Row 4: S. Feuerborn, S. Durbin, J. Hawver, D. Glogau, F. Kimmel, M. Johnston, M. Snyder, K. Houghton, Z. Zimmerman How 5: M Delaney, C. Randies, R. Moore, G. Coenen, L. Brown, M. Hutchison B. Gregory, J. Gilman, D. Eickhoff. ZETA TAU ALPHA The 1952-53 school year was a lot of fun as well as work for the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Homecoming was a big event for the chapter as they burned the chapter house mortgage, celebrated forty years on campus, and also won the first place trophy for their float. Zeta Tau Alpha also won the city Panhellenic schol- arship trophy. Some of the highlights of the social schedule were a pledge dance called " Looney Tunes " and the winter formal, " Snow Dreams " . The dance for the actives was a great success and the spring formal, " April in Paris " , was a fine climax to the many other functions. Zeta contributed to the campus leaders Bar- bara Gregory, Home Economics Club president and Dorothy Eickhoff Home Economics Club State President. Rosie Allen cheered for the Big Blue. Marilyn Bingman was co-editor of the MiUidek; Verne Borse, Newman Club Secretary; and Carol Cain, majorette. Norma Janes was Pi Mu Theta vice-president and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. Marjorie Johnstone acted as president of the Panhellenic council, is a mem- ber of Who ' s Who, and was co-chairman of Homecoming. The Spanish club was presided over by Betty Nelson, who also received the McCaslin Scholarship. The president of F.T.A. was Pat Rannebarger, and Shirley Branom was the secretary of the organization. Joanne Stub- blefield showed her interest in music by being S.A.I, vice-president. « 44 » Row 1; W. Savage, D. Lattner, R. Kaminke, L. Epperson, R. Jones, J. Fitzgerald, C. Kieth (Adviser), J. Luttrell, J. Manu- ell, R. Lansden, G. Daniels, H. Hardcastle, R. Spinner. Row 2: J. Earth, J. Witzeman, J. Thompson, R. Kramer, W. Win- berg, J. Williams, S. Kaplan, R. Sherman, C. Mueller, C. Atherton. Row 3: E. Pratt, B. Tankersley, J. Jeffers, R. Mills, B. Howen- stine, R. Brown, D. Gneckow, R. Sefton, R. Yount, M. Hoff- man. Row 4: H. Kelley, R. Mormino, J. Schnittker, J. Dooley, J. Lolly, D. Ferry. Row 5: R. Kowa, J. Schneiter, M. Sheets, S. Smith, H. Panfil, D. Pogue, P. Andrews, G. Scherer, D. Gobert, L. Rozycke. DELTA SIGMA PHI We will remember the fellowship of our brothers in Delta Sigma Phi longer than any other single thing that we have known at Millikin. Work- ing together and living together, the meaning of Delta Sigma Phi, has made us a fraternity. We are proud of our brothers, but it is humble pride, not in ourselves as individuals, but in our membership in a great, growing brotherhood. A list of the men who have contributed to fraternity life in Alpha Lambda chapter would be much too long — it would have to include all of us. We ' ve got to mention our members of Who ' s Who — Brothers Manuell, Kowa, Luttrell and Fitzgerald. Brother Winberg followed Brother Merwin as president of Alpha Phi Omega. Brother Winberg is also presi- dent of U. .F. for the coming year. Pledge Viani is president of Pi Kappa Delta, Brother Kelley is head of M Club, and Brother Mueller serves as PLEDGES Row I: P. Heyduck, J. Bjan- kini, R. Briggs, E. Tryon, F. Beaman, K. Merwin, J. Milligan, J. Dunn, D. Al- len, R. Moore, W. Maddux. Row 2: R. Eaton, G. Booth, J. Greve, C. Pierce, J. Bur- dick, T. Minton, C. Leach, D. Baer, D. Warford, W. Thompson, T. Partridge, H. Frost, M. Young, D. Augs- purger, W. Dugger, H. Beardsley, R. Quisenberry, R. Futrell, G. Dalton, D. Moran, D. Lidbury. Row 3: R. Reed, R. Finley, P. Jones, E. Husted, W. Lewis, R. O ' Brien, R. Hart- man, D. Peterson, W. Dan- forth, D. Garnett. « 46 » Newman Club President. Brother Manuell was president of M.R.A. and co-chairman of the International Work Camp committee. Brother Gobert, as well as being Millikin ' s representative to the International Work Camp, was president of the Junior Class, while " Fats " Fitzgerald was Senior Class President, and George Prust was president of the Student Council. Thanks go to Dick Jones, our president, for his patience, Social Chair- man Earl Pratt for many evenings of good fun, our advisers, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Kerns, who are always welcome and always add to the evening, and to Mrs. Sophia Connour, our great friend, who could teach many women the way to a hungry man ' s heart. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President Secretary Treasurer First Semester . .John Luttrell Jim Fitzgerald George Prust Dick Lansden, Second Semester Dick Jones .Charles Mueller ... David Gobert Bob Sefton Row 1: K. White, C. Kenney, W. Lytle D Dvorak, E- Kuny, I. Shepherd, Leverenz, D. Myers, D. Sesslar R_ McBnde. Row 2: I. Thomas, R. Corrmgton, I. Ballowe, W. Reif, B Schwie- sow A Crable, W. Fulton, R. Dechert, R. Hurlbut, S, Lot- Row if Ha r son; W. Knutson, E. Wirth R. Wnght, C. Krohn, R. Grohne, J. Wallis, D. Beggs, I. Finley Row 4: V. Bartoletti, G. Rogers, ]. Nagel, R. Beverly, D. Potter. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Not only was this a year of celebration for the school, but it was also one for S A E It was a year that marked the purchase of a new home for the chapter, the acquisition of the Homecoming Float Trophy, the cup for winning the King Contest at the Carnival; a year filled with hard work and good times. In every phase of student life there was a pin of S. A. E. The co- captam of the football team, the captain of the tennis squad, the captain of the golf team, the captain of the baseball team, assistant editor of the MILLIDEK, business manager of the DECATURIAN. Socially the men from " 1165 " enjoyed many good times with the added benefits of a housemother, Mrs. Esther Reeves; S. A. E owes much gratitude to Dean E. W. Ploenges, who was a capable and helpful chapter adviser. PLEDGES Row I: B. Taylor, K. Old- ham, F. Tyrolt, D. McCann, P. Ryan, D. McLaughlin, R Anderson, R. Johnson, D. Lanctot, C. Rude. How 2: R. Gustin, H. Soenk- sen, T. Lambert, D. Hess, E Phelps, W. Bohon, W. Fairbank, P. Neeley, J. Dagen, C, May. Row 3: T. Rice, J. Nirider, C. Ball, G. Groves, R. Bowman, W. Morrissey. The Greek Sing found the brothers in a pensive mood as they sang a round of " Sweetheart " songs. The Variety Show was the occasion of a traditional S. A. E. Minstrel Show. After many profitable experiences, many good times, and a happy year, graduation will bring to an end a much remembered year. OFFICERS President .... Vice-President First Semester Jack Shepherd . .Edwin Kuny, Second Semester . . .Jack Shepherd . . .Charles Krohn Recorder Treasurer Dick McBride Don Myers Charles Kenney . , .Vic Bartoletti 1 1 I- jBm ■i B tar- „.r,;itf,n Row 1: D. Brock, F. Edwards, R. Edwards, R. Merntt, D. Rich- ards, J. Henigman, C. Hanser, K. Meseke. „ ,- Row 2: J. Williams, J. Crane, J. Lowry, J. Davidson, R. Oanlield, R Baldwin, W. Gross, A. Uzzell. Row 3: W. Roth, A. Filley, D. Schupbach, D. Borkenhagen, J. Muren, G. Churukian, D. Snyder, D. Heiden, J. Dettro. TAU EPSILON PLEDGES Row 1: D. Miller, R. Nolan, A. Loomis. Row 2: R. Shulke, T. Bord- ner, B. Renfrew, D. Mar- tenson, E. Rolf, D. Weis- mann. Row 3: P. Eckert, W. Burlev, D. Hagen, D. Brudniak, J, Burdick, A. Richards. « 50 » " Together we stand as one " . This is but one of the many assets of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Tau Kappa Epsilon is a fraternity for life and its members will always remember the friendships made in its bond. We of Beta chapter are proud of this brotherhood found in Teke. Our fraternity is part of the campus life and will always be known for its fine spirit. As men of Tau Kappa Epsilon we have been fortunate this year in having a full social calendar arranged by John Davidson, our social chair- laan. He formulated our big formal dances, as well as the frequent house chances, which have been held throughout the school year with great success. Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon also has been fortunate in having the capable leadership of our president, Dale Richards, who, with the full cooperation of the other chapter officers and men, has followed the true tradition of our charter and the policies that keep our organization " tops " . OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Dale Richards Dale Richards Vice-President Jim Henigman Jim Henigman Secretary Fred Edwards Fred Edwards Treasurer Kenneth Meseke Dick Heiden Row 1: H. DiUinger, W. Merritt, B. Burgis, R. Smith, B. McCrory, C. Getz, N. Hoglund, C. Hudson, P Jackson, 1,. Weisbecker, E. Lederbrand, E. Toney, N. Currie, K. McFadden, I. Spalding. Row 2: L Smith, V. Dupree, M. Carter, D. Scarbrough, J. Hau- ter, S. Handhn, E. Power, J. Katz, L. Matsumoto, A. Duncan L. Vi zpatnck, G. Dingraan, R. Sammons, E. Baker. Row 3: D Rees, B. Heyduck, W. Smith, S. Cleghorn B. Davis, L. Bremer, R. KoUman, R. MuUin, E. Cain, L. Lefmann. Row 4: R. Davidson, ]. Breckenridge, J. Viam, J. Strom, I. Toubbeh, T. Lauer, S. Musallam, D. Tunnell, t. Leach, C. Conrady, ' M. Martin, D. Killpatrick. Row 5: C Forth, L. Moeller, F. Rendfeld, S. Rich, B. Massin- gale, C. Rein, K. Howden, M. Meyer, B. Abbonno, J. Kill- patrick, R. Massaro. Rov 6: H. Brown, G. Barnes, I. McCarthy, G Krejci, D. Ken- nedy, R. Meyer, D. Mackey, F. Stradley, V. Dalluge. MILLIKIN INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION 1953 .. . This year MiUikin University cele- brated its 50th birthday and the Independent Association celebrated its fifth big year on campus by being represented in the social, political, and intellectual phases of college life. In campus organizations the Indees were well represented with leaders as well as mem- bers. Some were: Co-editor of the Decaturian, Secretary of Student Council, President and Vice-President of the Art Club, Secretary of the Senior Class, Vice-President and Secretary of University Youth Fellowship, Secretary of Fu- ture Teachers of America, and Vice-President of German Club. Five of our members received national rec- ognition for their outstanding leadership and scholastic ability. Emma Lou Fitzpatrick, Jim Viani, Trudy Gelsler, and Bill Heyduck were elected to Who ' s Who. Fran Anderson had the honor of being chosen for Who ' s Who and Phi Kappa Phi. Not all the time was spent in study. The annual picnic in Fairview Park was a huge success with more food being consumed than ever before. Organization dances were held, and the winter formal, " Snow Flurries " , topped off the first semester ' s social activities. Before we knew it, the University Sing was scheduled, followed closely by the Variety Show. W ith so much work, it was spring before we knew it, and our traditional spring formal was the first true sign. Graduation arrived much too soon, for it seemed as though the year had only begun, with much yet to accom- plish. So ended our fifth year on campus. « 52 » Seated: J. Deputy, J. Stublefield, R. Hess, J. Mueller. E. Tertocha I, Post hi Briggs, J. Keeler, J. Harden. Row 2: T. Geisler, B. Reed, M. Kostas, J. Watkins, R. Kollman, On Sta-rs: B. Munson, N. Zi, M. Kellams, S. Senn, A. Chnstner, M. Logan, V. ' Huesmann, S. Coslet, E. Norris, L. Krintz, L. Boner. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Two events will stand out in the memories of SAIs for the school year, 1952-1953; the first act of " Madame Butterfly " and the entire opera " Gianni Schicchi " , both by Puccini, were pre- sented in cooperation with Phi Mu Alpha and the music school; and SAI ' s Illinois State Day was held at Millikin the last part of April. The first semester ' s activities included initia- tion of spring pledges, an all-conservatory mixer co-sponsored with Phi Mu, pledging, par- ticipation in Homecoming and Campus Chest activities, and a party for the freshman girls. The schedule for the second semester in- cluded initiation of the fall pledges, redecora- tion of the chapter room in preparation for State Day, Millikin Sing, presentation of the operas, Variety Show, our annual Rose Tea, pledging, State Day, Rose Dance, and a fare- well banquet for our seniors. This year has been a busy and successful one for Nu chapter of SAL OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President Jo Deputy Rita Hess Vice-President ..Joanne Stublefield Madge Briggs Secretary Rita Hess Betty Reed Treasurer Janet Mueller Linda Boner SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS Row I: L, Bonner, R. Hess. Row 2: J. Mueller, V. Huesmann, B. Reed, J. Watkins, M. Briggs, J. Harden. « 54 » PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS D. Neiderbrach, H. Henderson, J. Cox, E. Morton. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President William Briggs. David Neiderbrach Vice-President. .David Neiderbrach. Harold Henderson Secretary Bernard Evans Jay Cox Treasurer Robert Erickson. . . . Eugene Morton PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha is the national music jratern- ity on Millikin campus. The main purposes of the fraternity are to further the cause of music in America, to create true fraternal spirit among the members, to aid students of music, and to give loyalty to the school. Beta Theta chapter undertook many projects during the year, beginning with the rushing ac- tivities. Then came Homecoming and the beautiful decorations and parade. On the night of December 7, we held our annual Winter Formal. The second semester brought new officers, rushing, and pledging. Following this was the beginning of rehearsals and committee work on the operas, " Madame Butterfly " and " Gianni Schicchi " , which were a great success. Again this year, as in the past, we co-sponsored com- petition in the annual Millikin Sing, and we also planned many musical appearances and programs. The annual Spring Formal climaxed another successful year for Beta Theta of Phi Mu Alpha. Seated: R. Erickson, B. Evans, D. Niederbrach, W. Briggs. Row 2: E. Morton, Mr. Burgstahler, B. Drake, H. Henderson. Row 3: C. Begelis, R. Mitchell, J. Cox, T, Bell, M. Garrett, Mr. Snyder, C. Henderson, W. Brown, W. Hays, R. Connelly, M. Wood, W. Warma. Row 1: G. Chuiukian, R, Golubjatnikov, J M-rii ' " !!, W. Win- berg, J. Schnittker, B. Tryon, K. Merwm, C. Manser. Row 2: J. Hauter, R. Saurmann, E. Buese, S. Reutman, I. Palm- Leis, L. Ojakaar, D. Kennedy, W. Hays, A. Loomis, S. Glowacki, D. Brock. „ . . Row 3: R. Thudium, D. KiUpafrick, I. Stephenson G. Krejci, J. KiUpatrick, J. Burdick, D. Keck, R. Loomer, E. Roll. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega has expanded since its founding on December 16, 1925, to 258 chap- ters. A. P.O. has also become international, for there now is A. P.O. m the Philippine Islands. It is a separate organization, but uses the same name, symbols, and is founded on the same principles. During the past year A.P.O. directed traffic during homecoming and introduced the " share the ride " program. The bulletin board in front of Albert Taylor Hall is another of A.P.O. ' s projects. A.P.O. is bonded by friendship, leadership, and service and is open to all former Scouts who wish to do service to others. Officers for the year were: Bill Winberg, president; Dick Thudium, first vice-presi- dent; Carl Hanser, second vice-president; John Schnittker, recording secretary; and Bud Tryon, treasurer. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS Seated: I. Schnittker, W. Winberg, B. Tryon. Standing: K. Merwin, G. Churukian, C. Hanser, Golubjatnikov, D. Kennedy. R. « 56 » STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS G. Prust, President; M. Robinson, Vice-Presi- dent; J. Young, Treasurer; J. Breckenridge, Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL Under President George Prust, the Millikin Student Council has initiated new programs and revived old ones so as to give the student the most possible benefits from an effective student government. The Council acted as the voice of the students to the administration in maintenance of desirable student-faculty rela- Row 1: I. Young, C. Getz, B. Dietschy, J. Gilraan, J. Brecken- ridge, B. Burgess, E. DeGroot. Row 2: R. Canfield, M Robinson, A. Welshans, S. Sampson, tions, and it supervised many student activities including student publications, student body elections, and the collections of charitable funds on the campus. The Student Council Social Committee, un- der Vice-President Martha Robinson, has given the campus a top-notch social program. The highlight of the year was the annual Sweet- heart Dance with about 300 couples in attend- ance. The Sadie Hawkins Dance and the Sprmg Fever Dance were also well attended. In helping to work out problems common to officers of student organizations, the Student Council has initiated a leadership school which will operate three times a year — in September, November and March. To help understand the problems of other schools and to further inter- campus relations, the Student Council invited leaders of Illinois Wesleyan University to our campus to meet with the student leaders of fraternities, religious life, and student govern- ment on our campus. Student Council repre- sentatives attended conferences at Southern Illinois University and the Midwest Conference of Student Government at Elmhurst College. Other outstanding accomplishments of the Student Council this year include — the pur- chase of new uniforms for the cheerleaders and providing an impartial method of choosing them; setting up a Student Union Fund to assist in providing a Student Union in the future; opening the SUB and Milliden for dancing and coffee following basketball games; and setting up a committee to raise money and to choose students to attend International Work Camps this summer. J. Mueller, B. Gregory. Row 3: B. Nolan, J. Henigman, B. Heyduck, J. Barth, G. Prust, K. Merwin, D. Lattner, R. Deckert. Row 1: B. Harrington, E. Fitzpatrick, K. McCarthy, M. Johnstone. Row 2: I. Davis, G. Geisler, F. Anderson, B. Munson. Row 3: B. Heyduck, J. Manuell, J. Fitzgerald, B. Kowa, J. Luttrell, J. Shepherd, J. Viani. WHO ' S WHO One of the top honors at Millikin University this year was the election of fifteen students to " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges " . This outstanding honor was bestowed on fourteen seniors and one junior. The junior achieving such recog- nition was Jim Viani. Students elected to " Who ' s Who " have evidenced great strength of character, good social and moral responsibilities, scholastic achievement, and other qualities indicating a strong citizenship, and faithful leadership. Students are nominated to " Who ' s Who " by an anonymous committee composed of students and faculty, and then are judged by a smaller com- mittee on all the qualities indicated as essential. The list of nominees is then sent m to " Who ' s Who " for national approval, after which time the students are notified of their election. Following the national election, the students ' names are placed in the Annual Publication of " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges " . " Who ' s Who " also furnishes a widely known place- ment bureau for all members. « 58 » PHI KAPPA PHI Seated: F. Anderson, D. Fisher, M. Griffin, N. Henry, B. Har- rington. Standing: N. Janes, L. Krintz, T. Lauer, L. Cameron, R. Er- ickson, J. McCray, J. Viani, R. Hess, J. Mueller. PI MU THETA PHI KAPPA PHI Pi Mu Theta is Millikin ' s senior women ' s honorary organization. Founded in 1914, it is comparable to the women ' s Mortar Board So- ciety, and all members have had at least a 3.0 average for their first three years at Millikin. The main objective of the chapter is to provide a $50.00 scholarship each semester for a deserving and outstanding junior woman student of the university. To this end, the or- ganization has raised money by selling mums at the Homecoming game, coffee and donuts in Lower Hall between classes, and programs at the University Sing and the Variety Show. Officers for this year were: Jean Stengel, president; Norma Janes, vice-president; Trudy Geisler, secretary; and Nancy Henry, treasurer. Phi Kappa Phi is one of the two national honor fraternities in the country, the other being Phi Beta Kappa. To be eligible for membership in this highest honorary organization, a student must have high scholarship and good char- acter. Every year an Annual Honors Day Assembly is held at which time the new initi- ates are honored. PI MU THETA J. Davis, N. Janes, J. Kirby, B. Harrington, J. Stengel, T. Geis- ler, E. Tertocha, N. Henry. « 59 » MILLIKIN RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Seated: E. Fitzpatrick, L. Smith, M. Bales, N. Hoglund. Standing: J. Barth, J. Manuell, L. Trantina, R. Houser, B. Howenstine, R. Massaro. Miinkin Religious Association To foster the religious life of the campus and to intensify the faith of the individual— that is the purpose of M.R.A. Guided by a council made up of members from denominational groups, including Jewish and Roman Catholic, and other interested students and faculty mem- bers, projects, organized discussions, informal discussions, worship and study, are encouraged in order that the purpose may be reached. Freshman camp, Brotherhood Week, and Religious Emphasis Week are organized and supported by M.R.A. Membership is an indica- tion of support and the willingness to work in order to achieve the purposes of M.R.A. International Relations Organization Seven charter members organized the Inter- national Relations Organization in December of 1952. Their purpose in forming the club is to enlighten students as to how people of other nations live and to make students recognize their responsibilities in world affairs. Two good selling points for this club are the fact that membership is not restricted, and there are no dues. The only requisite is that the member be interested in the purpose of the group. Officers for the first year were: Jim. Milli- gan, president; Dorothy Tunnell, vice-president; Sarah Rich, secretary; and Connie Hudson, treasurer. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ORGANIZATION D. Reichman, L. ludd, R. Golub- iatnikov, C. Hudson, C. Poulaki- das, J. Milligan. « 60 » TAU CHI PI PI KAPPA DELTA Tau Chi Pi is an organization of women in the Secretarial Science Department. Prob- lems that arise in the fields of secretarial sci- ence, business administration, and business education are discussed. Throughout the year business men and women spoke to the group. The social events were a picnic and a Christ- mas party. The officers this year were: Mary Ann Stenzel, president; Marilyn Crawford, vice-president; Marilyn Cole, secretary; Mar- gie O ' Dell, treasurer. Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensic fraternity, gives Millikin students a means to demonstrate their ability to give logical debates. Pi Kappa Delta has been active on the Millikin campus, as the members have participated in several debate tournaments during the year. The offi- cers for the year were: Jim Viani, president; Elmer Buese, vice-president; and Carole Getz, secretary. TAU CHI PI Row 1: L. Greenberg, M. Sten- zel, Miss Sparks, M. Cole. Row 2: R. Bills, J. Kincaid, D. Hayes, J. Burton, J. Johnson, Z. Zimmerman, L. Traeger, E. Tertocha, C. Kareotes, D. Fisk, B. Thomson. Row 3: R. McDonald, L. Wat- son, R. Zust, M. Carter, K. Howden, J. Lytle, C. Rein, M. McMorris, B. Van Gundy, S. Dietschy. 61 » CONANT SOCIETY Row 1: B. Harrington, M. Bing- man, J. Williams, Dr. Max- well. Row 2: C. Kareotes, N. Todd, J. File, B. Nelson, P. Miles, D. Glogau, D. Lichtenberger, S. McKinney, B. Burgis, C. Bennett, J. Davis, B. Munson. CONANT LITERARY SOCIETY This year the Conant Society, which is a literary society made up of upper-class English majors and minors, sponsored a sale of curios imported from Jerusalem in order to obtain money for their annual writing contest. The awards for this contest were presented at the May dinner. The officers for the year were: fim Williams, president; Marilyn Bingman, vice- president; Betty Harrington, secretary; and David Gobert, treasurer. SIGMA ZETA Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization for students in the science departments — math, physics, chemistry, and biology. Each member is required to have a 3. average in all subjects taken in the sciences and a 2. average in other courses. Prospective members are required to read an acceptable paper on some subject pertaining to science before being accepted for membership. The officers for this year were; Howard Brown, president; James McCray, vice- president; Janet Kirby, secretary. SIGMA ZETA Row 1: H. Brown, J. Kirby, I. McCray, T. Bell. Row 2: W. Smith, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Busch, Mr. Bolen, L. lohn- son, I. Palm-Leis. Row 3: R. Golubjatnikov, Dr. Weatherbee, R. Baldwin, Mr. Armstrong, C. Johner. « 62 » WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL Seated: S. Senn, I. Shurtz, L. [ohnson, B. Reed, L. Jensen. Standing: M. Bamberger, L. Lefman, B. Burgis, R. Heider. Future Teachers of America Future Teachers of America is organized and designed to be an aid and a guide to students who plan to become teachers. This year leaders in the educational field have spo- ken on such topics as discipline and use of audio-visual aids in the classroom. Each mem- ber of F.T.A. automatically becomes a member of the National Education Association and Illi- nois Education Association, and receives his magazine monthly. Officers for the year were Patricia Rannebarger, president; Mary Ann Stenzel, vice-president; Shirley Branom, secre- tary; and LouAnn Moeller, treasurer. Dr. Victor F. Dawald served as faculty adviser. Women ' s Residence Association Council The active governing body for the three women ' s dormitories is the Women ' s Residence Hall Council. Its members, representatives from each of the halls, have charge of both the legis- lation and administration of the dormitories. The organization is active in orientation activities and also sponsors hall parties. Lucy Johnson was president, assisted by Virginia Huesmann, vice-president; Carole Getz, secre- tary; and Joanne Shurts, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Walker and Dean Falvey act as sponsors. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row 1: M. Hubbell, J. Brown, B. Munson, J. Stublefield, I. Young, J. Collins, C. Bruns, A Turner, R. Allen, J. Davis, J. Bence, I. Keating, S. McCot- tery . Row 2: M. Johnstone, L. Brown, I Gilman, B. Gregory, S. Jot- fray, P. Eaton, M. Hammill, S. McFadden, V. Persson, L. Vasiloff, M. Griffm, M. Robin- son, J. Stengel. Row 3: O. McEfee, M. Stenzel, M. Bingmon, P. Rannebarger, D. Steptienson, S. Poppleton, J. Stone, V. Megarden, R. Bugg, D. Champion, A. Wel- shans, S. Baker. « 63 » HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Row 1: C. Engelking, P. Leub- bers, P. Bowers, L. Matsu- moto. Row 2: C. Stegenga, N. Janes, B. Gregory, Miss Soar, J. Bence, D. Eickhoff, V. Borse. Row 3: D. Reichman, I, Gause, D. Riser, L. Major, B. Long, J. Helgen, E. Lederbrand, R. Smith, P. Rannebarger, M. Griffin. Row 4: M. Johnstone, M. Jef- fries, D. Stephenson, M. Blas- singame, G. Dingman, S. Sampson, M. Turner, N. Red- ifer. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This year our Home Economics Club program was planned in accordance with the theme " New Horizons in Home Economics. " Addition- al projects included the annual Christmas party for the girls from the Welfare Home, Christmas card sales, and sale of homemade cookies. The club was honored to serve as sponsor of the Illinois Home Economics Association of College Club, for 1952, with Dr. Viola Bell acting as State Sponsor, and Dorothy Eickhoff serving as State President. Officers of the local club were: president, Barbara Gregory; vice-president, Joan Bence; secretary. Norma Janes; treasurer, Carlene Stegenga; social chairman, Verne Borse; adviser. Miss Vera Soar. ART CLUB The Art Club ' s goal is to maintain the high- est standards of our modern day art, and to give a better appreciation of art for all people. This year the club sponsored exhibits of student and professional art. Every spring the Art Club sponsors a contest for students; and the club presents the awards at Millikin ' s Honor Day. The officers were: Anice Duncan, president; Bill Heyduck, vice-president; and Lillian Brem- er, secretary and treasurer. ART CLUB Seated: R. Bremer, S. Watts, L. Bremer, P. Jones, L. Jensen, D. Fisher, R. Graglia, S. Spear, J. Bence. Standing: Mr. Squiers, B. Hey- duck, D. Ferry, J. Strom, A. Duncan. « 64 » FRENCH CLUB Row 1: L. Judd, I. Toubbeh, Miss Blackburn, A. Hooge- straat. Row 2: R, Rambo, P. Jones, P. Kerns, B. Blackburn, M. Sten- zel, C. Kareotes. Row 3: B. Long, G. Dingman, J. Manuell, R. Dechert, J. Bal- lowe. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, known as La Sociedad Espanola, has for years centered its activities around the varied aspects of Spanish life — the language, folklore, music, art, and literature. Through direct contact with these things, one gets a deeper concept of Spanish life as it really is. The officers this year were: Betty Nelson, president; Ellen DeGroot, vice-presi- dent; John Davidson, secretary; Bill Tankersley, treasurer. FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle Francois is open to all students who have had one year of college French, and meetings are held once a month. The purpose of the club is to acquaint its members with the culture of the French people and to give its members an opportunity to use the spoken language. Officers for this year were: Kathleen McCar- thy, president; Becky Blackburn, first vice- president; Dorothy Pride, second vice-president; Betty Harrington, secretary; and famil Toubbeh, treasurer. SPANISH CLUB Row 1: Dr. Cobb, E. DeGroot, B. Nelson, B. Tankersley, J. Davidson. Row 2: M. Bingman, M. Cole, J. Thomas, B. Howenstine, C. Rude. « 65 » GERMAN CLUB Row 1: Dr. Ross, C. Getz, R. Gol- ubjatnikov, J. Breckenridge, J. Strom. Row 2: H. Vail, J. Barth, ]. Mohringer, L. Weisbecker, C. Forth, W. Yarema, J. McCray. Row 3: C. lohner, J. Schnittker, C. Stats, H. Brown. GERMAN CLUB Der Deutsche Verein is composed of students of the intermediate and advanced German classes who are interested in learning more about the customs, language, and culture of the German speaking nations. This year the traditional International Night turned into an International Weekend and brought the activities of the club to a climax. The officers for this year were: Rjurik Golubjat- nikov, president; Janet Breckenridge, first vice- president; Jenilee Strom, second vice-president; Carole Getz, secretary; John Schnittker, treas- urer. The adviser of the club is Miss Flora Ross. DRILL TEAM The girl ' s drill team, consisting of about twenty-four girls, was organized in the fall of 1952 by Elton Burgstahler to further school spirit in this fiftieth year anniversary. The girls them- selves made their blue and white uniforms. During the half-times of football games, the girls executed intricate formations on the foot- ball field. This added especially to the colorful festivities of Homecoming. DRILL TEAM Row 1: D. Fisher, J. Young, M. Potts, M. Kostas. Row 2: G. Hodge, R. Sammons, D. Fisk, B. Burgis. Row 3: P. Jones, M. Parker, C. Johnson, M. Keeler. Row 4: S. Sweet, B. Thompson, E. Andree, N. Fisher. Row 5: R. Moeller, L. Wolf, E. Leach, P. Miles. « 66 » UNIVERSITY CHOIR The Millikin University Choir has completed another successful year of entertaining perform- ances. Although the choir practices only twice a week, they present only the highest type of choral music, under the direction of Mr. Howard Akers. Possibly their most outstanding achievement of the year was a tour to Chicago. During this tour, the choir gave three concerts daily for a week in schools, churches, and clubs through- out the Chicago area. The choir has been active in spreading the fame of Millikin University by going on several other road trips. They have sung in surrounding towns, and they have been graciously received wherever they appeared. The chorus and the choir combined forces at Christmas time to present Handel ' s " Messiah " . On March 22, the choir gave a concert in Albert Taylor Hall, which, as many others, was record- ed for radio use. Mr. Snyder, Joy Watkins, Louise Krintz Under the inspiration and direction of Mr. Elton E. Burg- stahler, the Millikin-Civic Orchestra had another successful year. The orchestra is composed of young artists from the School of Music and local musicians who have so faithfully given their time and their talents. On December 16, the orchestra presented to Decatur another cultural concert. The program, which was held at the Masonic Temple, featured a piano solo by Miss Louise A. Krintz. The selection, " Piano Concerto in D Minor " , was written by Mr. Burgstahler and is perhaps the most prodigious of his works. In Albert Taylor Hall on April 24, the orchestra presented to the faculty and the student body a delightful program. This concert featured a piano solo by Marilyn Meyers McCann. Our orchestra has served Millikin by contributing greatly to its fiftieth anniversary. Mr. Elton Burgstahler, Director « 68 » Majorettes For the second year, three majorettes were included in the line-up of the band. These tal- ented lasses added a great amount of color and entertain- ment to the half-time festivities in both the football and basket- ball seasons. They spent many hours practising, besides lead- ing parades and performing for social clubs, civic clubs, and schools. They, too, did their part in making Millikin ' s fiftieth year its greatest year. Left to right: L. Watson, C. Getz, A. Sickman, C. Cain. The Millikm Band, directed by Mr. Elton E. Burgstahler, gave our school spirit just the lift it needed this year by playing for all of the home football games and for the Millikin-Wesleyan game at Bloomington. In the football season the band displayed excellent skill in formation marching during the half-time. Among the many performances this year, the band gave a school concert in Albert Taylor Hall and played at the Commencement exercises. In addition to this busy schedule, the band gave a concert at Blue Mound and made a short concert tour to surrounding high schools. The band also made several records for radio release, and to the members of that band we say, " We ' ve enjoyed the result of your hard work. " BAND DECATURIA DECATURIAN CO-EDITORS Emma Lou Fitzpatrick and Marilyn Griffin BUSINESS MANAGER Jack Shepherd After a slow start due to a small staff, Co- editors Emma Lou FitzPatrick and Marilyn Grif- fin, serving their first term as the double head of Millikin ' s fourth estate got the local rag on its way. Highlight of the first semester ' s production was the twelve -page Homecoming issue — result of an all-out effort by the whole staff. The edition was in honor of Millikin ' s Semi- centennial and based on that theme. The second semester began with the same duo wielding the blue pencil, but complica- tions of student teaching imposed a special burden on staff, engravers, and printers. Co- operation reached an all-time and most satisfy- « 70 » STA F F Left to right: Leaning on desk: M. Carter, S. Dietschy, G. Baker, J. Morris, M. Robinson, J. Milligan. Standing: L. Smith, A. Welshans, I. Fitzger- ald, L. Moeller, R. Mas- saro, D. Abborino. ing high, and the weekly edition appeared as usual. Major work of the second semester was the traditional April Fool issue with all the low-down on the top news of the day. Journalism instructor and long-suffering and patient adviser to the Dec throughout the year was Buryl F. Engleman. Aiding the co-editors were sports editor, Shelly Kaplan, and society editor, Barbara Munson. And all the time, basic necessities were cared for, and the paper con- tinued to be published through the efforts of Business Manager Jack Shepherd. EDITORS B. Munson, Music E. Taney, Society SPORTS STAFF Left to right: D. Dechert, S. Kaplan, J. Dagon. 71 » MILLIDEK CO-EDITORS Betty Harrington and Marilyn Bingman MILLIDEK STAFF Co-Editors . . Marilyn Bingman, Betty Harrington Business Manager Jim Viani Assistant Editor Robert Anderson Photography Editor Betty Long Art Editor Anice Duncan Sports Editor Frank TyroU Photography Staff Don Dvorak, Floyd Stradley, Ed Augustine, Gene Daniels Sports Staff Dick McBride, Don Hess Editorial Staff Jo Bence, Connie Bennett, Becky Blackburn, Shirley Branom, Lu- cille Brown, Ruth Bug, Helen Cox, Mary Delaney, Dorothy Eickhoff, Janet File, Mary Lynn Helmle, Nancy Henry, Sally Joffray, Donna Lee, Betty Lewis, O. D. McEfee, Ginnie Persson, Susie Popple- ton, Martha Robinson, Ellen Scherer, Jeanne Sparks, Doris Stephenson, Diane Storck, Rosann Swem, Martha Watkins « 72 » The editors of the Fiftieth-Aniversary Year- book wish to give recognition to the staff for their unexcelled cooperation and perseverance to make this issue a reality. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Wayne Gill and Dr. Neal Doubleday for their guidance and support. To the staff, our annual represents many hours of concentrated effort and pleasurable experiences. To the students, it is our hope that our annual will accurately represent Millikin ' s Golden Anniversary. BUSINESS MANAGER James Viani PHOTOGRAPHERS Ed. Auqustme, Floyd Stradlev, Gene Daniels. Left to right: S. Kap- lan, Coach Allan, Coach Appleby, R. Rausch. COACH RALPH ALLAN Director of Athletics COACHING STAFF Ralph Allan, our athletics director and coach of basketball, track, tennis, and golf, has had another successful year. He led the basketball team to a tie for second place in the C.C.I. His basketball team had an overall season ' s record of 15 wins and 8 losses against bitter opposition. Track, tennis, and golf proved to be a succssful year for Millikin ' s Half-Century Anniversary. « 76 » COACHING STAFF Coach Bob Appleby, in his second year at Millikin, brought a co-champion- ship in football to our school. The baseball team, also under his capable leadership, had a good season. Lerton Krushas and Ralph Rausch proved to be valuable aids as assistant football coaches, with Edgar Wirth show- ing his skill as an assistant baseball coach and Sheldon Kaplan helping to add vic- tories to the basketball schedule. LERTON KRUSHAS COACH APPLEBY, R. RAUSCH COACH ALLAN, S. KAPLAN « 77 » R. Rausch, W. Lewis, J. Lippold, F. Chizevsky, W. Savage, L. Epperson, R. Schaub, T. Bergeson, D. Sesslar, W. Knut- son, R. O ' Brien, J. Fitzgerald. I. Dooley, R. Harland, B. Tryon, W. Higgins, C. Brauer, S. Smith, H. Kelley, C. Roman, E. Augustine, C. Barnes, L. Vitali, T. Rice, G, Rogers, Coach Appleby. D. Gornett, R. Briggs, E. Hoppert, T. Innis, G. Babel, R. Jones, G. Short, J. Bjankini, J. Killpatrick. FOOTBALL VARSITY SQUAD Coach Bob Appleby, in his second year as football mentor, led the Big Blue to tie for the C.C.I, championship. Employing the versatile " split T " formation, the Blue romped over all its C.C.I, competition, save Lake Forest, whom they battled to a 13-13 draw for the co-championship. Millikin opened the season at Charleston when they encountered the Panthers of Eastern. Although the Blue outrushed and out-passed them, Eastern managed to come out on the long end of a 28-19 score, due to three perfectly executed long plays and one sustained drive. After a week in which Coach Appleby tried to tighten his defense, the Blue journeyed to Fayette, Iowa, to chal- lenge Upper Iowa University. Again the Blue ' s offense outgained their opponents, and the defensive platoon held the Upper Iowa attack in check, except for three ploys, on each of which the Peacocks scored. Millikin returned 19-6 losers. Next the Blue played host to Elmhurst for their first home game. They treated the fans from Millikin to a rousing scrimmage from which they emerged 25-7 win- ners. This was the beginning of their string of conference victories. Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: « 78 The following week saw the M.U. campus in preparation for the Homecoming game with Illi- nois College. While the organiza- tions prepared to welcome alumni, the Blue prepared to " welcome " the Blueboys. The Big Blue turned the game into a rout, winning II -0. Millikin then journeyed to Bloom- ington for a Friday night encoun- ter with Illinois Wesleyan. The light shone brightly for the Blue as they ran and passed their way to a 35-7 victory. This left the Blue tied for first place with Lake Forest. FOOTBALL Extra drills and extra kneebends were the schedule for the week ' s practices for the show- down with Lake Forest. At the outset of the game it seemed as if the Foresters ' powerhouse was being driven into submission by Millikm. Half-time found the Blue ahead 14-0, but in the third quai-ter Lake Forest scored on a long run and kicked the extra point. In the final quarter the Blue began to feel the absence of injured keymen, but still maintained their 14-7 lead until, with barely a few minutes left to play, the Foresters completed a desperation pass that shattered Millikin ' s hopes for an undisputed title. The extra point was good as well, and the game for the championship ended m a draw. as FOOTBALL Next, the fighting Lutherans from Witten- berg College in Ohio came to test the Blue. The overconfidence of the Blue paved the way to a 26-21 victory for the visitors. In the final episode of the ' 52 season, the Blue came up against a superior team from the deep South. The highly manned Governors from Austin Peay m Tennessee proved too much for the depl eted Millikin ranks by v inning 40-7. Roy Schaub, Jack Lippold, Frank Chizevsky, Tom Innis, and Lou Epperson were honored on the all-conference team, and led the Blue to their best season since the war. KETBALL In the 1952-53 cage opener, Coach Ralph Allan ' s Big Blue was subdued by a tall sharp- shooting Hamline five. The Big Blue bounced back with a C.C.I, victory over Elmhurst, fol- lowed by the conquest of Illinois Normal and Western State. In the Christinas Holiday tournament at Kansas City, Southwest Texas squeezed out a one-point, 83-82, victory over the Millikin cagers, but the Big Blue returned the next day to trounce Rockhurst 96-76. To complete the holiday schedule, the Blue copped two vic- tories at Flora over S.I.U. and Illinois Normal. The Big Blue defeated Illinois Normal by a score of 102-73. Co-captam Bob Kowa hit his season ' s high of 42 points. When classes once again resumed, the Millikin hardwooders continued their winning ways by defeating Washington University twice, and winning over Lake Forest. Western upset the Big Blue at Macomb, following our exam period. At this time Senior Harry Dubi- nick stepped into the line-up as a regular, and he developed into a tremendous rebounder and a timely scorer. One of the most exciting and hotly contested games of the season saw Millikin skin the Panthers from Charleston, 99-92. They again topped the century mark by turning back the Blue-Boys from Illinois College, 107-62, in their typical fast break fashion. Row 1: C. Minick, J. Luttrell, I. Schneiter, B. Mueller, J. Dettro, D. Moran, B. Maddux. Row 2: Coach Allan, B. Kowa, D, McCann, H. Dubinick, C. Conrady, R. Reed, M. Sheets, G. Dalton, S. Kaplan. BASKETBALL Millikin dropped its first C.C.I, game to Wesleyan ' s Titans, at Bloomington. Eastern was next to get revenge on the Blue, 77-65. The Millikin cagers took two more conference victories before traveling north to be defeated by a powerful Wheaton quintet. Once again Millikin topped the 100 mark in routing North Central ' s one man show, 107-82. At this game Co-captain John Luttrell was honored by his home town fans. He rose to the occasion by scoring 26 points. S.I.U. got their revenge by defeating the Big Blue at Carbondale. The season was almost over now, but what about that trip to the District at Champaign? Our chances hung on the final game of the season with Wesleyan at Kintner gym. None BASKETBALL of us will ever forget that game in which the Blue downed the Titans, 74-73, on two charity tosses by Bob Kowa with seconds remaining. For the third straight year Allan took the Blue to Champaign, only this time it was Eastern who closed our season. When all was said and done the Big Blue had a 15-8 season record with a 7-2, second place, conference record. Co-captains Kowa and Luttrell again received all-conference hon- ors, and next year ' s captain. Buddy Mueller, was chosen for the second team. Kowa ended the season with a 26.3 average, placing him tenth in the nation ' s small colleges. Kowa and Luttrell were the second and third men to reach the select thousand group, in the history of Millikin. Ralph Allan has done another outstanding job in his sixth year as head coach. His fire BASKETBALL v agon style of round-ball has paid large divi- dends both in victories and spectator approval. Next year he will have five lettermen to work with, including, Senior Buddy Mueller, Juniors Mel Sheets, Bud Dalton, and Jack Dettro, and this year ' s outstanding rookie, Don McCann. BASKETBALL Although Millikin ' s basketball team did not go to Kansas City this year, the students and the townspeople displayed their interest and enthusiasm by making it almost impossible to find seats or parking places for the late-comers. The team is only a small part, but needless to say an important part, of a basketball game. The majorettes and the cheerleaders proved to be just the spark which brought the Big Blue nearer to their goal. Enough can not be said about Mr. Burgstahler ' s aggregation; they showed unfailing loyalty to Millikm, winning or losing. With these factors, it is little wonder that MiUikin has a winning team. 4 23 7 r Row 1: R Schdub, M Slieeis, F- Stowell, D. Potter, J. Semler, B. Maddux, B. Kuhn, Coach Appleby. Row 2: C. Hinton, J. Dooley, B. Taylor, R. Bowman, D. Dechert, G. Cook, T. Lambert, D. Horrell. Fine weather greeted a large turnout of candidates for the Big Blue baseball team this year. Coach Bob Appleby found plen- ty of depth in every position except the pitching staff, but he looked for heavy hitting to cover this deficiency. The team went south to Ten- nessee for its Easter training tour and encountered some very tough competition. They returned home to face their C.C.I, opponents. Assistant Coach Edgar Wirth pushed the pitchers through strenuous exercises to get the staff into shape for the season. Dennis Harold, Cletus Hinton, and Jay Dooley proved them- selves capable of starting as- D. G. MILLER DUANE POTTER DICK DECHERT DON GARNETT JACK SEMLER 91 » BERNIE TAYLOR PAUL STOWELL MEL SHEETS signments with Buddy Mueller and D. G. Miller able to assist. The other half of the battery unit, the catchers, was filled by Bill Maddux and Paul Stowell. The infield was manned by Bob Kuhn at first base, Dick Dechert at second, Jack Semler J. DOOLEY CHARLES MUELLER DENNIS HARRELL at third, and Duane Potter at shortstop. Captain Roy Schaub, last season ' s leading hitter, led the " fly chasers " in their duties. Schaub, playing right field, shared honors with Mel Sheets, right fielder, and Gene Cook, left fielder. TOM LAMBERT AND BOB KUHN TOM LAMBERT BILL MADDUX BOB KUHN Row 1: D. McBride, H. Dubinick, D. Pogue, D. Wright, B. Mills, S. Kaplan, G. Dalton, G. Short, J. Luttrell, J. Ballowe. Row 2: D. Elam, D. Warford, H. Frost, T. Partridge, C. May, D. Kramer, Coach Allan, D. Sesslar, D. Quisenberry, C. McAnally, H. Kelley, G. Babel, R. Abborino, R. Cram. TRACK HAROLD FROST Coach Ralph Allan was looking optimistically toward the start of the 1953 cinder sport. He expected to produce one of Millikin ' s greatest track teams, and perhaps cop the Conference meet for the first time. This feat would only be fitting for Millikin ' s 50th year celebration. Captain John Luttrell led the team into its tough schedule and began shooting to break his previous records in the half-mile, mile, and two-mile. Pre-season work-outs showed that John would be breaking those records. Our congratulations to the greatest distance runner in Millikin ' s history, who ended his career for Millikin this spring. Among the veteran harriers were Don Pogue and Harry Dubinick. Their hurdling brought many points. Added strength in this event was the prowess of Jerry Dalton and Dick Wright, sophomores, and Jim VanMeter, freshman. In the sprints the only returnnig veterans were Sheldon Kaplan in the 100 and 220, and Jim Ballowe in the 440 and the relay. Three new- comers made the running events very strong this year. Dick Quisenberry was very outstand- ing in 100, 200, and 400; Doug Warford was a good candidate for the 100, 220, and 440 dashes; and Dan Elam ran the 440 and participated in the relays. Dick McBride and Bob Mills backed « 94 » D. ELAM S. KAPLAN D. QUISENBERRY D. WARFORD J. BALLOWE BOB MILLS Luttrell in the distance runs, with Dick Cram and Bob Abborino adding strength. The success in the field events depended entirely on newcomers. Paul Jones, Bob Taylor, and Charles McAnally competed in the pole vault, with Jones also broad jumping and run- ning the low hurdles. Freshman Harold Frost was the leading candidate for the high-jump and the broad-jump. The leading contenders in the weight divi- sion were Harry Kelley, Gerry Babel, Don Sess- lar, and Dick Jones. Jack Dettro tried his talents with the javelin. This year ' s schedule provided very keen competition for the Allanmen. TRACK Washington Millikin Wheaton Millikin Normal Millikin Conference Millikin Millikin SCHEDULE at Millikin at Eastern at Millikin at Beloit Relays at Millikin at Elmhurst at Millikin at Western at District « 96 » F. Rendfeld, B. Corrington, B. Hawkins, A. Meyers, J. Finley, E. Kuny. The captain for this year ' s best dressed sport was Ed Kuny, a senior and also letterman of the previous sea- son. The remaining letterman on the squad was last year ' s captain, Jim Fin- ley. Newcomers who gave the squad a boost this year were: Bob Corrington, Bill Hawkins, and Fred Rendfield. B. HAWKINS I. FINLEY A. Meyers, F. Rendfeld, E. Kuny, B. Corrington. TENNIS TENNIS TEAM— L. Dickerson, J. Ortberg, W. Fisher. There were no returning lettermen to bolster this year ' s pre-season tennis squad for M.U. Larry Dickerson and Dan Weisman were the only veterans among the squad of six. The four fresh- men on the line-up were: Bill Fisher, John Ortberg, Dave Martenson, and Tom Rice. L. DICKERSON MANAGERS The unsung heroes of any team are its managers, for it is they who do the team ' s dirty work but receive little praise. They keep the locker room in shape, take core of the uniforms, have the towels ready, treat cuts and bruises, but they are never adequately recognized. Our hats are off to the managers, the off- field teammates of the Big Bluel C. MINICK G. ROGERS R. ALLEN CHEERLEADERS With veterans lody Collins and Sue SuUan and such newcomers as Janice Johnson, Rose- mary Allen, Sharon McFadden, and Frank Beaman, the Millikin cheerleaders had a great deal to cheer about this year. In both football and basketball their yells paid off. Their seem- ingly unlimited energy and inspiration helped Millikin fans cheer our teams on to many victories. S. McFADDEN Row 1: D. Sesslar, E. Kuny, ]. Ballowe, C. Mueller, H. Kelley, B. Mills, J. Shepherd, F. Chizevsky, J. Semler. Row 2: I Luttrell, S. Kaplan, G. Babel, S. Smith, I. Fitzgerald, C. Bowman, B. Yount D. Jones, J. Finley, B. Higgins, D. McBride, J. Killpatrick. M CLUB The letterman ' s club this year again proved to be active in worthwhile ventures. This year ' s leading activities for the M Club were taken care of by the proceeds of their used-book ex- change. The club had a party for the Boys ' Opportunity Home, and the members put their reserve fund into a scholarship fund for Millikin athletes, to help build up our athletic program. The M Club was headed by Bob Kowa the first semester, and Jack Shepherd was the vice- president. The second semester Harry Kelley was president of the club and Buddy Mueller was vice-president. M MAN JOHN LUTTRELL This year the Millidek staff has chosen John Luttrell as M man. As a freshman John earned a starting berth on the basketball team, and he has been outstanding on the hard- wood ever since. In track, John will always be remembered for his rec- ords in the half-mile, mile, and two- mile runs. He served as co-captain of the 1952-53 basketball team and captain of the track teams of 1951-52 and 1952-53. John ' s scholarship and leadership in school activities have won him the admiration of the faculty and the student body. He has served as an officer of the M Club, and he is a past-president of his fraternity. John ' s congenial manner and his outstand- ing ability insure him a successful future. « 101 » WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association is open to all university women. Its primary activity is the operation of an intramural program which includes softball, deck tennis, bowling, basketball, volley ball, and badminton. A round robin tournament is held for each ac- tivity, and points are awarded to those groups having the best records. A traveling trophy is presented each spring to the organization which has the greatest number of points. Indi- vidual awards are presented to girls who are active in intramurals and W.A.A. These awards are based on a point system. For 250 points you receive your numerals; for 500 points you get a blue M; for 1,000 points you receive a white M; and for 1,500 points and four years of par ticipation you receive a letter sweater. These awards are given at the spring awards day. Some of the other activities of the year included the annual picnic, election of officers, sports day, tennis tournament, and the selection of W.A.A. girl. MARGIE KEELER W.A.A. GIRL The annual picnic was held in early fall in Fairview Park for all Millikin girls for the purpose of getting acquainted with the new girls and soliciting new members. The officers elected for this year were: Jackie Dunkel, presi- dent; Margie Keeler, vice-president; Janice Stone, secretary; Jo Young, treasurer; and Margie Parker, intramural manager. Sports Day for volley ball was held January 7 at Normal, and Millikin ' s team beat Wesleyan, 32-21. Basketball Sports Day was held at Nor- mal March 21. The 37th annual invitational intercollegiate tennis tournament for women was held the second week-end in May. All of the colleges in Illinois and surrounding mid- west states were invited to send representa- tives. An elimination tournament was played and individual awards were given. Each year a girl who is a member of W.A.A. and is of junior or senior rank is selected as the typical girl of W.A.A. This award is also based on scholarship, leadership, skill in activi- ties, personality, service to W.A.A., sportsman- ship, and participation in their activities. This year that award went to Margie Keeler, a senior. WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM SENIOR LETTER WINNERS Row 1: S. Durbin, I Peterson, C. Johnson, L. Matsumoto. M. Bingman, J. Breuer, J. Collins, M. Keeler, J. Dunkel Row 2: M. Keeler, B. Dixon, M. Foster, J. Fitzgerald. BASKETBALL ALL-STARS Seated: J. Collins, J. Lytle, M. Keeler. Standing: J. Gilman, I. Peterson, M. Parker, D. Stephenson, S. Durbin, J. Stone, S. Carroll, S. Coslet, E. Leach, M. Carter, J. Johnson, C. Getz. VOLLEY BALL ALL-STARS Row 1: S. Sweet, J. Breuer, J. Col- lins, C. Johnson, J. Gilman, M. Parker. Row 2: D. Glogau, J. Dunkel, J. Keeler, M. Keeler, J. Stone, L. Wolf. 103 DR. J. WALTER MALONE, President « 106 » DEAN MILLER Not only has Dean Miller proven himself as a capable, competent, and efficient adviser and leader of Millikin University, but also, here is a man v ; " ho has built his life for his students and his University, with little regard for himself. We, the students, sincerely acknowledge and value his efforts in making Millikin a leading university in the midwest. DEAN FALVEY Although her job is an endless stream of worries, our Dean of Women still finds time to enter into campus activities and to play her violin, which, by the way, she does very well. Dean Falvey ' s untiring efforts are forever bent to the purpose of making Millikin a better institution. She has the congenial, patient, and unassum- ing manner necessary to be suc- cessful in her dealings with the feminine members of the student body. « 107 » MR. R. WAYNE GILL MR. BYRON KERNS MR. E. W. PLOENGES Business Manager Registrar and Psychology Veterans Counselor and Mathematics Dean Emerson I. Abendroth Religion and Dean of Chapel ADMINISTRATION These are the men who have worked endlessly to give us the college education we desire. They have received little acknowledg- ment for their duties of k eeping the University functioning properly, but we of 1953 do wish to say to them, " Thank you, for a job well done. " MR. WALTER GRAY Director of Public Relations « 108 » Athletic Department Robert Appleby. Dorothy McClure, Jackie DunkeL Joyce Breuer, Ralph W. Allan. Biology Department Ruth B. Thomas, Karl Busch. Art Department David E. Squiers, Jarold D. Talbot. Business Department E. W. Ploenges, Glen R. Smith, Jack W. Gaston, Roberta Zust, Howard D. Rice, Leslie E. Murmeke. « 109 » Esigineering and Industry Frances E. Wilson, Robert O. Metzger, William L. Olsen, Carl Head, David Glassock. Education Department William E. Fisher. Victor F. Dawald. If J ' ' History Department Albert T. Mills, Daniel J. Gage, C. L. Miller, Willis H. Walker. English Department Ethel M. Parkinson, Frank Flack, Elinor J. Gage, Ruth A. Maxv ell, Neal Double- day, Frances H. Doubleday. « 110 » Music Department Instmmentals Wesley H. Snyder, Howard E. Akers, Harold C. Hess, Hubert Norville, Eliza- beth Travis, Walter Emch. W. St. Clare Mintum, Elton E. Burgstahler. Frances E. Falvey, Bryce K. Brown, E. W. Ploenges, Earl C. Kiefer. « 111 » Music Department Piano Elizabeth Travis. Doris Smallwood. Anna McNabb, Zelna Lowe, Wilna Moffett. Eugene Miller, Marilyn Binford, Oscarine P. Dewhirst, Edna Childs, lllIP ' Gloria Miner. Frieda M. Moessner. Religion and Sociology Department Edward S. Boyer. Raymond R. Brewer, Emerson I. Abendroth. Raymond R. Brewer, Emerson 1. William E. Fisher, Byron L. Kerns. Abendroth. « 112 Science Department Carl Weatherbee. Maurice R. Arm- strong, Max C. Bolen. Secretarial Science Glen R. Smith, Margaret R. Sparks. Speech Department General Office Elinor J. Gage, Merl W. Tillson, Madge Runyon, Doris Tippett, Doris Edith McNabb. Ryan, Pat Lowry, Sue Baker, Dorothy Drerman, Sally Joffray, Jo Ann Young. « 113 » Business Office Bonnie Goodrich, Helen Dienelt, Fern Boland, Ruth Westfall, Gertrude Munch. Veterans Office Kitty LeMar. E. W. Ploenges. Music Office Iva Comthwaite. Beatrice Young. Public Relations Office Dorothy Tippett, Walter B. Gray, Lerton Krushas, Mary Lou Thomson, Robert Harlan. 114 » Librarians Diane Fisher. Mary Jo Kellams, Cornelia Eastland, Deloris Glogau, Helen FromeL Ellen DeGroot, Elinor J. Gage, Donna Riechman, Carol Cain. Custodians In front: G. Baird. H. Thompson, R. Butter. On stairs: D. Burcham, H. Crump, M. Hunt, M. Smith, L. Flaimigan. « 115 » Senior Glass This year the Senior Class has special memories because we are the 50th Anniversary graduates. As we look back over the four years, certain things like coffee at the Sub, basketball games, formals, chapels, and exams come to our mind. Certain things are special this past year, such as the 50th Anniversary Homecoming, a remodeled Albert Taylor Hall, and a new men ' s barracks. All these events help us to say that we were proud to be a part of Millikin University and the Class of ' 53. Joyce Keating Roselyn Houser Barbara Burgis Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Jim Fitzgerald President ALLEN, RICHARD Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ANDERSON, FRAN English Freeport, Illinois ANDREWS, PHIL Chemistry Decatur, Illinois ATHERTON, CHARLES History Elmwood, Illinois AVIS, DUANE Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois BALDWIN, ROGER Chemistry Decatur, Illinois BENNETT, CONSTANCE Home Economics Maywood, Illinois BINGMAN, MARILYN English Carmi, Illinois BOMAN, CHARLES Mathematics-Physics Chappaqua, New York BOURLAND, JOANN Education Decatur, Illinois BREWER, JOYCE Physical Education Decatur, Illinois BRIGGS, WILLIAM F. Music Education Rockford, Illinois BROOM, ALBERT Business Administration Forsyth, Illinois « 117 » BROWN, HOWARD Mathematics-Physics Oak Park, Illinois BURGIS, BARBARA Education Chicago, Illinois CANFIELD. ROD Business Administration St. Louis, Missouri CHAMPION, DJINA Education Forest Ridge, Illinois COLLINS, JODY Physical Education Tuscola, Illinois CONNELLY, ROBERT Music Education Decatur, Illinois COOK, WILLIS E. Physical Education Wood River, Illinois CRANE, JACK Business Administration Des Plaines, Illinois CRUISE, RICHARD Music Education Decatur, Illinois « 118 DUNCAN, ANICE Art Toulon, Illinois DUNKEL, JACKIE Education Decatur, Illinois EATON, PHYLLIS Education Decatur, Illinois EDWARDS. FRED Business Administration Bellwood, Illinois EICKHOFF, DOROTHY Home Economics Springfield, Illinois EPPERSON, LOU History Granite City. Illinois ERICKSON, ROBERT Violin Springfield, Illinois FERRY, DON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois FILLEY, ALLAN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois FITZGERALD, JIM FITZGERALD, JEANNE Business Administration Psychology Webster Groves, Missouri Granite City, Illinois FITZPATRICK, EMMA LOU FOGEL, NEAL Education Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois 119 » II GALEN, GLORIA Music Education Corlinville, Illinois GEISLER, TRUDY Music Education Chicago, Illinois GIESSER, IRVING History and Political Science New York, New York GLOGAU, DOLORES Psychology-SociologY Kansas City, Missouri GORE, DOROTHY Home Economics Morris, Illinois GORE. VIRGINIA Education Decatur. Illinois GREENBERG. MAX Psychology-Philosophy Decatur, Illinois GRIFFIN. MARILYN Home Economics Decatur. Illinois GROSS. WILLIAM Industry Decatur, Illinois « 120 » HENDERSON, CARROLL Music Education Litchfield, Illinois HENRY, NANCY Home Economics-Business Decatur, Illinois HEYDUCK, BILL Art Decatur, Illinois HILL, BETTE Music Education. Low Moor, Iowa HOPPERT, EDWIN Business Administration Wood River, Illinois HOUGHTON, KATHLEEN Biology Springfield, Illinois HOUSER, ROSELYN TURNER Home Economics Decatur, Illinois HURLBUT, ROLLIN Business Administration Aurora, Illinois JANES, NORMA Home Economics Shelbyville, Illinois « 121 » KAPLAN, SHELDON Education Chicago, Illinois KEATING, JOYCE Education Monmouth, Illinois KECK, WILLIAM Business Administration Lebanon, Illinois KEELER, JANET Music Education Decatur, Illinois KEELER, MARGIE Physical Education Decatur, Illinois KENNEY, CHARLES Biology Springfield, Illinois KIMMEL, FRANCES Education Hanrisburg, Illinois KIRBY, JANET Mathematics Decatur, Illinois KREJCI, GEORGE Business Administration Riverside, Illinois KRINTZ, LOUISE Music Education Gary, Indiana KUNY, EDWIN Psychology-Philosophy Decatur, Illinois LALLY, JIM LAMERE, BOB Business Administration Industry Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois « 122 LEVERENZ, CHARLES Business Adminstration. Danville, Illinois LOGAN, MARY LOU Music Education Decatur, Illinois LUTTRELL, JOHN Physical Education Clinton, Illinois LYTLE, JOANN Psychology Decatur, Illinois LYTLE, WILLIAM Business Administration Decatur, Illinois McCarthy, kathleen Spanish Decatur, Illinois McEVOY, JOHN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DILLINGER, SHIRLEY McELHANY Biology Decatur, Illinois MANUELL, JIM Biology Taylorville, Illinois MARSDEN, BOB Education Decatur, Illinois MELDAHL, EDGAR Education Decatur, Illinois MOHRINGER, JOHANNES English Warrensburg, Illinois MULLEN, ROSS Industry Decatur, Illinois « 123 » MULLIN, JAMES Engineering Administration Taylorville, Illinois MUNSON, BARBARA Music Education Decatur, Illinois MURPHY, MARY LOU Home Economics Decatur, Illinois NORRIS, DANNETTE Speech Robinson, Illinois NORRIS, EVALYN Music Education Salem, Illinois OJAKAAR, LEO Chemistry Estonia PANFIL, HENRY Industry Willow Grove, Pennsylvania RANNEBARGER, PATRICIA Home Economics Cisco, Illinois REDIFER, NANCY Home Economics Oak Park, Illinois RICHARDS, DALE RUETMAN, SVEN Business Administration Chemistry RYAN, DORIS Psychology Des Plaines, Illinois Santa Barbara, California Rock Island, Illinois SAURMANN, RAY Business Administration Park Ridge, Illinois « 124 » SCHARF, WILLIAM Business Administration Decatur, Illinois SCHROLL, MARY ANN Music Education Springfield, Illinois SCHWESIG, WILLIAM Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois SHEA, JOE Engineering Administration Assumption, Illinois SHEPHERD, JACK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois SKINNER, CAROLYN Education Greenville, Illinois SMITH, ROBERT R. PsychologY-Philosophy Decatur, Illinois SPINNER, ROBERT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois STORCK, DIANE Education River Forest, Illinois « 125 » TERTOCHA, EILEEN Music Education Decatur, Illinois THOMASON, G. A. Music Education Decatur, Illinois TODD, NANCY Education Belleville, Illinois TROWBRIDGE, JOHN Education Maroa, Illinois VASILOFF, LILLIAN Education Granite City. Illinois WALLIS, JOHN E. Business Administration Danville, Illinois WEISBECKER, LINDA English Sullivan, Indiana WHITTINGHAM, JOHN Business Administration Trenton, New Jersey WILCOXON, MARLENE Education Springfield, Illinois WILLIAMS, JAMES Speech Clinton, Illinois YAREMA, WILLARD Biology Manitoba, Canada ZI, NANCY Voice Sullivan, Indiana ZUST, ROBERTA Secretarial Science Evanston, Illinois « 126 » Patricia Talbert Secretary David Gobert President Dick Dechert Vice-President Jeanne Sparks Treasurer umor Blass This year witnessed a renovation in the character of the annual class assembly initiated by a very talented and versatile Junior Class. The class presented " The Coventry Nativity Play " , a miracle play of the fifteenth century. The idea of a more serious class program was definitely a progressive develop- ment in student activities and campus life. A boost to the organization and effectiveness of the Junior Class was the creation of a timely constitution. Early in the fall the class elected Mrs. R. A. Frommel as adviser. Her in- terest in class activities was certainly appreciated. The Junior-Senior Prom and the Junior Class picnic highlighted the year ' s activities, thus ending a year of successful social functions. « 12 » Jim Acklin Rosemary Allen Robert Anderson Dale Arnold Mary Bales Vic Bartoletti John Earth Harold Beardsley Ted L. Bell Joan Bence Alan Berndt Mary Brand Shirley Branom Chuck Brauer Janet Breckenridge Madge Hendricks Briggs Lucille Brown Loren Cameron Frances Cocks Marilyn Crawford Russell Davidson Bob Edwards Dick Dechert James Esque Ellen De Groot Shirley Estes Betty Dietschy Barbara Feltenberqer Benjamin Drake Jim Finley Don Dvorak Diane Fisher la o A k p m.. ,.iPri f Ml v 128 » Richard Lansden Olive Dell McEfee Humphrey Laue Martha McGowan Nancv Fisher Helen Foster Barbara Genre David Gobert Rjurik Golubjafniko BIB Barbara Gregory Margie Hammill Roger Heim Janet Helgen James Henigman I • ' v Rita Hess Erwin Hosto Ben R. Howenstine Parker Jackson Jim Jeffers Martha Jeffries Lois Jensen Sally Joffray Lucy Johnson. Christine Kareotes Theodore Lauer Sondra McKiimey Gary Lowe Mary Mehrholz i Af 1 I f ' » 1 1 : « 129 » William Merritt Kenneth E. Merwin Kenneth Meseke Eldon Miles Pat Miles Lou Ann Moeller Ken Morris Sally Morrison Bud Mueller Janet Mueller Dave Niederbrach Betty Nelson Margaret Odell Shirley Pattengill Anne Persons Leora Pierce Don Pogue George Prust William Puckett George Purcell Richard Raney Elmer Schallawitz Donna Riechman Bud Scherer Mary Ellen Ripley Donna Schiltz Martha Robinson Bernie Schwiesow George Rogers Bob Sefton Warren Sappington Jack Semler as. ifTJ It « 130 » IP ' 1 Don Sesslar Gordon Short William H. C. Smith William R. Smith David Snyder Martha Snyder Jeanne Sparks Charles Stats Mary Ann Stenzel Sue Sullan Patricia Talbert Bill Tankersley Roger Thomas Jack Thompson Lois Trantina Al Uzzell Harvey Vail Jim Viani Richard Wagner J. Edw ard Walker Joy Watkins Joe Williams Nancy Weilepp Bill Winberg Don Weisman Forrest Wikoff Ann Welshans Jo Ann Young Patsy Wieland Mariann White 1 A f iff « 131 Sophomore Glass The first success that the Sophomore Class tasted this year was the undisputed defeat of the Freshmen in the Frosh-Soph Contests preceding the Homecoming game. After that, the class launched itself upon a social whirl which included an all-school square dance, the Barn Bounce, in the gymna- sium, April 11, and a picnic in May. The Sophomore Class Assembly, a take-off on " South Pacific " , was a howling success. In all these ventures the class was ably assisted, supported, and counseled by Mr. Max Bolen, the adviser for the year. . ' Dorothy Pride Treasurer Joe Killpatrick President Carol Bruns Vice-President Frank Chizevsky Secretary « 133 » Jerry Dalton Vernon Dalluge Walter Danforth Barbara Davis William Dean Mary Delaney Georgiann Dingman Sara Dingman Heila Dunnett Phil Eckert Bernard Evans Bob Finley Clyde Forth Donna Frey Wesley H. Fulton Roger Futrell Bob Gentle Carole Getz Judy Gilman « 134 I.- i4 1 f . ... Il Merlyn Hoffman Nancy Hoglund Alliene Hoogestraat Mary Jane Hubbell Robert Hughes Virginia Huesmann Helen Jackson Carl Johner Dick Jones Kay Kaufmann Robert Kominke Carol Kammerer Mary Kellams Harry Kelley Joe Killpatrick Ruth KoUman Marv Lou Kostas Dick Kramer Bob Kuhn Rosemary Lacey Douglas Lattner William Laughlin Doima Lee Don Lichtenberger Marilyn McMorris Jack Lippold Richard Massaro Ann Logan Lillian Matsumolo Betty Long Nelle Mattingly 135 Bill Meidinger Robert Mills Ronald Mitchell Ruth Moore Jean Morris William Mueller Ilmar Palm-Leis Marjorie Parker Dietrich Petersen Suzanne Poppleton Mary Ann Potts Earl Pratt Dave Pritts Dorothy Pride Clyde Putnam Dean Quevy Rita Rambo Ralph Rausch Ben Reed Betty Jane Reed 1 T William Reif Don Scuiditx Bud Renfro Donna Scarbrough Richard Roarick Ellen Scherer William Roth John Schneiter Pat Ryan Fritz Schwalbe Lyn Ryerson Shirley Senn Sandra Sampson Mel Sheets f 2 ' J. ' f , • ' .Z.. ' « 136 » Joanne Shurts Nancy Shuster Laura Smith Patricia Smith Sid Smith Carlene Stegenga Art Stepansky Janice Stocks Janice Stone Floyd Stradley Jenilee Strom Donald Suhomske Charles W. Sweetland Rosann Swem Harold R. Syfert Richard Tempel Jim Thomas Dick Thudium Lois Traeger Paul Tryon Alice Turner Don Winter Lawrence Turner James R. Witzeman Martha Turner Lura Lee Wolf Frank Tyrolt Richard C. Wright Elwood Tyson Barbara Van Gundy Louann Watson 137 Don McCann President Polly Jones Secretary Ann Blackford Vice-President Janice Johnson Treasurer Freshman Glass This year has brought the Freshman Class success in all of their activities except the defeat by the Sophomores, in the annual Frosh-Soph games which preceded the Homecoming game. The Freshman Class joined in a picnic on September 9, at Fairview Park. A mixer was held in the Milliden so that the Freshmen could become better acquainted with each other. The orientation program must also be mentioned, as it proved to be a valuable aid to many Freshmen and an entertaining, worthwhile hour each week. At the beginning of the month of March, the Freshmen came up with some outstanding talent in the Freshman Variety Show. All in all, the Freshmen have had an eventful and successful year. « 138 » 4 r ■f m " jkmt Dick Adkins Larry Anderson Eleanor Andree Mary Lou Arbogast Don Augspurger Don Baer Gene Baker Chuck Ball Marcia Bamberger Dolores Barone Ronald Bates Frank Beaman Janet Beaumont John Benton Richard Bergandine Ted Bergeson Charles Bigelis Rosalie Bills Ann Blackford Marlene Balsingame Solly Bloss Bob Briggs Bill Bohon. Barbara Brissenden Jerry Booth Dan Brudniak Evie Borchart Marlene Buehrer Tom Bordner Ruth Bug Pat Bowers Jim A. Burdick Ronald Bowman James L. Burdick 1 1 mm . . i ' 139 « 140 » « 141 « 142 » Evelyn Leadorbrand Laura Lefmann Betty Lewis Donald Lidbury Alan Loomis Phyllis Luebbers Mary E. McAdam Don McCann Jim McCarthy Helen McClain Sara McCottery Barbara McCrory Ruth McDonald Sharon McFadden Carole McNiel Kay McPhaden Dale Mackey Bill Maddux Linda Major David Martenson Jane Muirhead Alan Myers Larry Neathery Phil Neely Robert Nolan Nancy Noland Bob O ' Brien Thomas O ' Connell Wayne Oldham John Ortberg Bill Osborne William A. Palmer Mauretta Pappas Thomas Partridge Virginia Persson Joyce Peterson Ed Phelps Mayola Piazza Raymond Pinkley Christine Poulakidas Ernest Power Marlene Price Dick Quisenberry Donald Rainwater John Rambo Charles Ramsay Helen Reynolds Connie Randies Tom Rice fT. fT (T. p 0 V Wp mm 1 - Carol Ann Rein Sarah Rich Lyn Rein Alan D. Richards Ronald Reed Pat Riley Danny Rees Cathy Ross Fred Renfeld Charles Rude If 1 1 « 144 » Charoline Saddler Roselyn Sammons Jay Max Sharp Beverly Showalter Russell Shulke Amy Sickman Charles F. Slovens Ruby Smith W. C. Smith Glenn Snider Harry Soenksen James T. Spalding Shirley Spear Delores Stark Arlene Steinberg Doris Stephenson James Stevenson Jay D. Sullivan Sallie Sweet Bernie Taylor Robert Taylor Bill Thompson Barbara Thomson Mary Anne Thorpe Jo Anne Ticknor Jim Wakeman Zeal Zimmerman Elizabeth Toney George Walker Lee Traylor Phyllis Walker Dorothy Tunnell Doug Warford Janet Turner Dave Watkins Jim Vacha Sandy Watts Jerry Vaught Marvin Young T ' MPMlii 1 llil V 1 1 ■ iiiiiiMI 145 AND CAN SHE BOIL WATER! CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1953 ASSOCIATION OF COyMERCE SERVING DECATUR FOR 50 YEARS DECATUR ILLINOIS « 148 » A y iBestone in Life « • Your graduation from Millikin is a part of that pleasant season called commencement. Commencement is a word aptly chosen because your graduation marks the commencement of your effort to fit into the economic and social life of the com- munity you choose. You have chosen wisely so far by acquiring the train- ing that Millikin has given you. Let us hope that you continue to choose wisely in the application of that training to achieve the success that rewards diligent and conscientious application. A. W. CASH COMPANY 149 i i ' i ' The 1953 MILLIDEK CONGRATULATIONS Printed By I Huston-Patterson Corp. To The Grads Thanks for the past patronage and hope it will continue in the future Printers of Fine " BLUE RIBBON ANNUALS " F B BOTTLING CO. AFTER GRADUATION i Bottlers of Dad ' s Root Beer, 1 Squirt, and Whistle When You Place a Piano ; 242 W. Packard Ph. 3-8604 in Your Home — ; Compliments of VISIT US KELLY ' S EMERSON PIANO HOUSE POTATO CHIPS 143 N. Main Decatur 1 Decatur, 111. « 151 » Congratulations MUELLER CO. Dcf endableSincel857 MAIN OFFICE FACTORY DECATUR. ILLINOIS « 152 » Use Your Bank • In the years to come you will find a good banking con- nection to be a valuable asset. • This bank can be of service to you in many ways — as a depository for your funds ... to meet your credit require- ments . . . and to help you to make and to save money. • We cordially invite you to open an account with us and to use all of the various banking facilities that are available to you. Hold Your United States Savings Bonds THE CITrZENS NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR 1891-1953 Member Federal Member Deposit Insurance Federal Reserve Corporation System « 153 » Bet They ' re Talking About BORDEIS ' S The Best Tasting Milk in Town JOHN P. BOLAS, Distributor COMMUNITY DAIRY DIAL 2-0114 9 COATS O FORMALS • SUITS • SWEATERS • DRESSES HOSIERY New Suffern Bldg. - N. Main Prairie PEERLESS Household Cleaners Decalur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners Rugs T. Cloths Drapes 9 L. Shades O SHp Covers 0 Blankets 0 Bed Spreads 0 Furniture Phone 3-8302 519 N. Monroe St, Compliments of BEATRICE FOODS CO. MEADOW GOLD MILK and ICE CREAM Decatur, Illinois Phone 5241 HECHT ' S WOMEN ' S APPAREL Decatur, Illinois « 155 » Whether You ' re Six or Sixty . . MONEY SAVED in a savings account here will come in mighty handy! " Whatever your pur- pose for saving, you ' ll find it worthwhile to start now — start at any age — - to build your savings account — by making regular deposits. You will find it real fun to watch your savings grow. Ask about our bank-by-mail plan, which is proving a real time-saving convenience for many customers. THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR DECATUR, ILLINOIS on Water Street, South of Central Park Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 156 » I860 — 93 Years of Service — 1953 THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR A Complete Banking Service Checking Accounts • Savinj2;s Accounts • Christmas Savings Commercial Loans • Real Estate Loans • Personal Loans Safety Deposit Boxes © Money Orders ® Drafts U. S. Savings Bonds Foreign Exchange • Commercial Letters of Credit Travelers ' Checks Whatever Your Needs Are . . . See Us! Deposits Insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 157 » GROVE ' S Sandwiches 0 Fountain Service Phone 3-9109 Routes 51 - 48 - 121 Decatur, 111. ALWAYS THE BEST IN MOTION PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT! Your Theatre Host of Decatur AVON THEATRE Compliments of DELTA DELTA DELTA SORORITY Compliments of ZETA TAU ALPHA SORORITY MOD(L- PARIS A SERVICE FOR EVERY PURSE AND PURPOSE • OUR DRY CLEANING is so economical! • OUR LAUNDERING is so prompt! 324 E. WABASH DIAL 5275 GO BY YELLOW CA 5145 159 BROWNIE COAL Company Main Office 415 N. Main St. BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION " BLOWN-IN " The Clean, Efficient Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT 10 to 18 DEGREES Saves 20% to 30% on Fuel J CENTRAL ILLINOIS ' LARGEST SELECTION of HIGH GRADE COALS For Every Purpose CLEAN, CAREFUL DELIVERIES The Modern Fuel Oil Sold by the BROWNIE CO. « 160 » Congratulations to the i 1 953 GRADS GREIDER ' S CAFE Robert J. Greider, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER ' S CAFETERIA H. D. Greider, Jr., Manager BEN ' S BARN MAIN AND WILUAM FINE FOOD 1 GREIDER ' S MEZZANINE ROOM MAIN AND WILUAM 764 E. Eldorado Phone 2-1356 Jack C. Greider, Manager DECATUR, ILL. Compliments of STEWARTS TOLLY ' S. Inc. WHERE FASHION AND QUALITY ARE FOREMOST 0 We Never Close 1 2220 E. Wood Regardless of Price • The Best Place to Shop After All ! Open 7 A.M. to Midnight 1355 N. Route 48 FINEST IN ENTERTAINMENT 1 Compliments of ALHAMBRA THEATRE LINCOLN THEATRE 1073 N. WATER ST. and Home of the Giant Cycloramic EMPRESS THEATRE Screen AIR CONDITIONED : Decatur ' s Finest « 163 » DID YOU KNOW? A. E. Staley Mfg, Co. is the largest independent processor of corn and soybeans in the world. To keep the Staley plant at capacity operation over 1,000 tons of coal and 19,000,000 gallons of water are required daily. Manufacturing operations are carried on in some 68 buildings, having 2,600,000 square feet of floor space, and covering 382 acres of land. Approximately 3,000 loyal, enthusiastic people are employees of the Staley Co. here in Decatur. The Staley sales organization is international and is composed of hundreds of field representatives and technicians. Staley products are sold world wide for the home, farm, and industry. STALEY PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME • STA-FLO LIQUID STARCH • CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH • CAMEO LAUNDRY STARCH • SWEETOSE SYRUPS • ZEST MONOSODIUM CLUTAMATE • CREAM CORN STARCH A. E. Staley Manufactyring Co. DECATUR ILLINOIS 164 Everything ' s Under Control . Congratulations to the Millikin graduates of 1953. You should reflect with pride on your past accomplishments now that everything ' s under control. You ' ve done your job well. The A. W. CASH VALVE MANUFACTURING CORP ' N. keeps things under control too. The company manufactures a quality line of hot water boiler controls, relief valves, pres- sure regulating valves and strainers for home and industry. Although there ' s a lot of difference between controlling water, steam and air and controlling scholastic efforts, your coveted diploma is proof that you have succeeded. CASH-ACME ' s list of satisfied customers serves as proof that keeping things under control is a worthwhile task. AUTOMATIC VALVES A. W. CASH VALVE MANUFACTURING CORP. Wabash and Morgan DECATUR ILLINOIS « 165 Refresh... Add Zest To The Hour Bottled Under Authority n( Uu- C K ' a-Cola Co. by The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur FASHIONS for JUNIOR MISSES and TALL GIRLS Decatur ' s Leading Specialty Store DAUT BROTHERS FLORISTS Extends Congratulations For the Smartest in Fashions IT ' S . . . 102 East Main Decatur, Illinois Phone 5511 Your Home Store QUALITY is not expensive at STAUBER ' S . . it just looks that way Compliments of UPP ' S SHOES Your FAMILY SHOE STORE 139 North Water 167 CROSS TOWN — CROSS COUNTY — CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Persoiiiie! and Modern Equipment Are Always at Your Service MOVING - STORAGE - PACKING ■ CRATING Established 1854 621 NORTH MAIN STREET DECATUR-ILUNOIS At the NORTH MAIN SUBWAY ORGANIZED FOR BETTER INSURANCE PROTECTION THE DECATUR ASSOCIATION of INSURANCE AGENTS MEMBERS Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Harry Cannon Creighton- Jackson Company File Insurance Agency Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Harold R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Jostes Insurance Agency C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Roby Roby Rotz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Louis J. Teeuwen Wells Agency W. H. Wiley « 168 » How can a guy do a good job without enough light? Eyesfgh} is priceless... goorf light is ck p ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY 2 HOURS FREE PARKING WHILE SHOPPING North and Franklin Ph. 3-7731 Decatur, HI. « 169 » TELEPHONE -4201 If We Can Help Friends and Neighbors Through the Years j.j.MORAN6 soNs Funeral Home N. WATER at ELDORADO DECATUR ILLINOIS Specialized Automotive Carburetor, Electrical, and Speedometer Service Decatur Battery Service Inc. 343 E. Main Phone 5453 Compliments of FARMER ' S PRODUCE Wholesalers POULTRY and EGGS 717 N. College Phone 5832 Compliments of OSGOOD and SONS Decatur, Illinois We Give Only Highest Quality KODAK FINISHING PFILE ' S CAMERA SHOP Decatur ' s Photographic Center 100 EAST PRAIRIE STREET PITTSBURGH PAINTS . . . Smooth as Glass ' Taint Styling Headquarters " 9 Sun Proof Wallpaper • Wall Hide • Flor Hide Waterspar PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 222 N. MAIN PHONE 5343 « 171 » SUNSHINE DAIRY INC. 725 East Prairie Street Decatur, Illinois Telephone 5436 Sure! ! You CAN taste the difference ! 80 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE % Diamonds 0 Watches % Sterling and Plated Silverware % China % Crystal % Linens 9 Perfumes Handhags POST ' S DIAMONDS Are ' ■ Registered ' ' ' ' For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join Post ' s STERLING SILVER CLUB PAY ONLY 33c A WEEK For Each 4-Piece Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There s iVo Extra Charge for Pos ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST SONS Jewelers for Over 80 Years Merchant at Prairie Decatur, Illinois « 172 » REACH FOR SUNBEAM BREAD ENERGY PACKED « 173 » BLACK COMPANY Compliments of SPORTING GOODS WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. .S40 North Main 1 Brick and Builders Supplies 125 East North 1600 N. Calhoun St. Phone 4404 Decatur Illinois i Decatur, Illinois FIELDS APPAREL Compliments of BILL KILEEN Photographer CONGRATULATIONS Class of DO PORTRAITURE i Commercial Photography 207 West Prairie Decatur J. C. PENNEY CO. ROBY ROBY CONGRATULATES I JAMES E. ROBY VERNE E. ROBY ! Class of ' 43 JAMES 1 REALTORS H fTT T TXTTIVT T TXTT 71?T CTT V on I Complete Line of Keal tstate 1 Service " 50 Years of Achievement and SALES - INSURANCE - LOANS Service to the Community 1 222 E. Main St. Phone 8-3451 « 175 » LUMBER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Since 1878 Building with Decatur Since 1878 OODWORK FOR HOMES Broadway at Cerro Gordo Phone 4271 A Ad dH without learning grows old like an ox; his flesh grows, but not his wisdom. The Dhamntapada FUNERAL DIRECTORS Wood at CoUege Decatur, Illinois « 176 » CLASS OF " 53 May we not only congratulate you on your success scholastically but also as you embark on the vastly wider waters of the future — wish for each of you happiness and success whether your course be bus- iness, a profession or that most important of all occupations, a Home Maker. LINN SCRUGGS CO. FOR THE FIT OF YOUR LIFE— FOR FOOTWEAR MOST FAVORED— . . . since the first day MILLIKIN opened its doors it ' s always been FOLRATH ' S Footwear ... the famed names you know in shoes for on the campus and off FOR MEN . . . FOR WOMEN FOLI?ATH ' S 211 NORTH WATER « 177 Licensed — CONTRACTOR — Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE FINE FIXTURES • WIRING APPLIANCES Sunbeam - G. E. Toastmaster G. E. Lamps and Clocks 134 S. OAKLAND 2-4806 — PHONES — 2-2543 TO RELAX AFTER STUDIES Attend the VARSITY THEATRE Just Off The Campus We Will Continue to Service Your AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS as we have for the past 22 years DON ' S STANDARD SERVICE W. Main and Oakland Come In Please - Go Out Pleased DON PONEWASH RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES Decatur, Illinois SAM E. ARMSWORTH 1099 W. Main 702 E. Wood Of Course; It ' s William ' I for Important Clothes 0 Dreamy Formals 0 Campus Casuals % Sophisticated Suits % Co-ed Styled Coats 0 and Sportswear Handbags - Hats - Costume Jewelry 135 E. Prairie Decatur NIRIDERS ' INC. SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1101 West Main St. Phone 3-9249 « 179 » Alumni 0LlUiatia4€ MILLIKIN LOOKS TO ITS ALUMNI FOR ENCOURAGE- MENT AND SUPPORT — TO SHARE IN ONE OF THE GREATEST ADVENTURES OF THE TWENTIETH CEN- TURY, THE DEVELOPMENT OF LEADERSHIP THAT COMES OUT OF PRIVATE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSI- TIES INTO OUR AMERICAN LIFE. THE ALUMNI FOUNDATION, since its organization in 1946- 47, has given to MILLIKIN for— Lockers in Gymnasium, $2500 Albert Taylor Hall, $4000 Civilian Emergency Loan, $1000 Library, Books for Graduate Departments, $1000 Equipping Cottage-type Dormitories on Campus, $6186 Scholarships, $10,500 Of all the dollars that alumni give each year few can bring the lasting satisfaction that is received from those that go to their UNIVERSITY. MOREHOUSE AND WELLS COMPANY courtesy H. RAY MYERS ' 26 DIAMONDS WATCHES • CHINA • GLASS SILVER GIFTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Decatur, Illinois 180 » Compliments of BLUE MILL - ENGRAVING IN THE i 1953 MILLIDEK furnished by ! 1 1 1 1 n -f-il iil i n 1 iiQilni i PEORIA ENORAVINC? CO. opnn(j rornial Peoria, Illinois PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS They made this Golden Anniversary Edition of the Millidek possible « 182 » The A P Policy . . , CONGRATULATIONS To Always: ! TO MILIKIN ON ITS W SJo what IS honest, lair, sin- : cere and in the best interests i 50TH ANNIVERSARY of each customer j Extend friendly, satisfying • MILLIKIN service to everyone | 9 Give every customer the most i good food for her money. Assure accurate weight every ; time — 16 oz. to each pound ; • INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION Give accurate count and full measure ® Charge the correct price 9 Cheerfully refund customer ' s money if for any reason any Durchase is not satisfactory CBS for Decatur and Central Illinois : A Decatur Station Since 1925 « 183 » BEST WISHES i To 1953 Grads j Compliments of MILLER -O ' NEILL PI BETA PHI 120 W. PRAIRIE i FLOOR COVERINGS and SORORITY DRAPES 1 THE POM POM CAFE LUNCHES II DINNERS WE Y SERVE OU Steaks - Chicken - Seafood Fountain Service Safety Courtesy HOME MADE PIES Private Dining Room for Parties Service 1098 W. Wood Street « 184 » Compliments of RICHMAN BROTHERS 207 North Water Street Phone 6858 FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN Compliments of SWAIN and MYERS, Inc. Designers and Manufacturers WOOD and METAL FIXTURES for Drug Stores, Restaurants, Chibs and Institutions 544-552 N. Main St. " The Best of Everything at One Place " Decatur ' s Largest Credit Jewelers Nationally Advertised DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Guaranteed Watch Repairing One Week Service Famous for Fine Diamonds JEWELERS 215 E. North Decatur Phone 3-2762 SCHAFFER GLUCK FURS CLOTH COATS SUITS 253 North Main St. « 185 s Compliments of RODGERS SHOE STORE Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY 239 North Water o . o m C 4.: o: DECATUR BOTTLING CO. 604 E. Cantrell Decatur, 111. HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 2-1755 117 N. Water Compliments of SVENDSEN FLORIST Flower Shop and Greenhouse 2702 N. Broadway 1 86 » Compliments of : C No GORHAM SON 1 1 AB ury TO - modern facilities -professional skill 1 BRINTLINGER ' S )00W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2-8 571 SEMMELS LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR 244 N. Water Ph. 2-6641 Compliments of MUNCH BEN FRANKLIN STORE i 127 South Oakland - j STYLE CLOTHES CHINESE TEA GARDEN For Young Men 105 North Main Street S E S S E L ' S Phone 3-9366 354 No. Water « 187 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALLEN, RICHARD: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Chair- man, Rush Chairman, Sergeant-at-Arms; Tennis; M Club; Intramurals. ANDERSON, FRANCES: University Choir; Church Choir; M.I. A.; W.A.A.; Conant; Junior Class, Secre- tary; A Cappella Choir; Band; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta. ANDREWS, PHILIP: Delta Sigma Phi; Great Book Club; DeMolay; Model Railroad Club; Sigma Zeta; Deca- turian; Homecoming Publicity. ATHERTON, CHARLES: Delta Sigma Phi; M.R.A.; Student Council. BALDWIN, ROGER: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals; German Club; Sigma Zeta. BENNETT, CONSTANCE: Delta Delta Delta, First Vice- President, Pledge Trainer; Millidek; Decaturian; Home Economics Club; Canterbury Club; Town and Gown; F.T.A.; Tau Chi Pi; Conant Society; W.A.A.; W.S.S.F.; Homecoming Committees; Young Repub- licans. BINGMAN, MARILYN: Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, In- tramural Manager, Skit Committee Chairman; De- caturian; W.A.A.; Resident Women ' s Association Council, President; Aston Hall, President; Conant, Vice-President; Spanish Club; F.T.A.; M.R.A.; Pro- gram Committee, Student Council; Freshman Coun- selor; Co-Editor Millidek. BOMAN, CHARLES: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden; M Club; Track; Football; Intramurals; German Club. BOURLAND, JO ANN: Pi Beta Phi, Censor, Pledge Su- pervisor; W.A.A.; Art Club; Homecoming Committee; Decaturian; Honor Roll; F.T.A.; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl; Millidek. BREUER, JOYCE: W.A A,; M l. A. BRIGGS. WILLIAM: Phi Mu Alpha, President; A Cap- pella Choir; Band. BROOM, ALBERT: Phi Mu Alpha; M.R.A. BROWN, HOWARD: German Club; M.I. A.; French Club; Sigma Zeta, President; Card Sharks and Chessnut Club, President. BURGIS, BARBARA: M.I.A., Social Chairman; Spanish Club; M.R.A.; Conant Society; F.T.A.; Town and Gown; U.Y.F., Secretary-Treasurer; Senior Class Secretary; Resident Women ' s Association Council, Secretary; Student Council; Drill Team. CANFIELD, RODERICK: Tau Kappa Epsilon, House Manager, Steward; Intramurals; Inter-Fraternity Council, President. CHAMPION, DJINA: Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain, Cor- responding Secretary, Warden; W.A. A.; M.R.A.; University Chorus; Church Choir; Art Club; F.T.A.; International Work Camp Committee; Religious Emphasis Committee. COLLINS, JODY: Delta Delta Delta, Historian; F.T.A.; W.A. A., President; Intramurals; Pep Club, President; Wesley Club; Cheerleader. CONNELLY, ROBERT: Band; Orchestra. COOK, W. EUGENE: Delta Sigma Phi; Track; Base- ball; Basketball; Intramurals. CRANE, JACK: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals. CRUISE, RICHARD: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Band; University Chorus; Orchestra; Brass Ensemble Choir. CUSTIN, CLIFFORD: M.I.A.; Young Republicans; New- man Club; Intramurals. DAVIS, JACQUELINE: Pi Beta Phi, President, Scholar- ship Chairman, Pledge Class Secretary; Student Council, Secretary; Campus Chest Co-Chairman; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; Pi Mu Theta; Who ' s Who; French Club, Vice-President; Conant Society; F.T.A.; Young Democrats; International Night Com- mittee; Homecoming Committee; Millidek; W.A. A.; Pep Club; Assistant in Political Science Department. DEPUTY, HELEN: Sigma Alpha Iota, President, Chap- lain; Choir; U.Y.F.; Chorus; Resident Women ' s As-, sociation Council; Die Fledermaus. DUBINICK, HARRY: Basketball; Track; M Club. DUNCAN, ANICE: M.I.A.; Art Club; Conant Society; French Club; Pi Mu Theta; Millidek; A.A.U.W. Schol- arship. DUNKEL, JACQUELINE: Pi Beta Phi, President of Pledge Class, Social Chairman, Intramural Manager; W.A. A., President, Intramural Manager, Senior Sweater Winner; F.T.A.; Art Club; Decaturian; In- tramurals; Assistant in P.E. Department; Town and Gown; Honor Roll. EATON, PHYLLIS: Delta Delta Delta, Song Leader; F.T.A., Treasurer; W.A. A.; University Chorus; Drill Team; Pep Club; Intramurals; Town and Gown. EDWARDS, FRED: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary; Freshman Class Secretary; Intramurals. EICKHOFF, DOROTHY: Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President of Pledge Class, Guard, House President; W.A. A.; Hom.e Economics Club, Secretary; State President of Home Economics Clubs; W.S.S.F. Carnival Com- mittee; Tau Chi Pi; Art Club; M.R.A.; Town and Gown; Conant Society; Young Republicans; Millidek. EPPERSON, LOUIS: Delta Sigma Phi, Chaplain, House Manager; Track; Football; M Club; M.R.A.; Student Council; Intramurals; U.Y.F., President. ERICKSON, ROBERT: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer; M.I.A.; Orchestra; String Quartet; Spanish Club. « 188 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES FERRY, DONALD: Delta Sigma Phi; Spanish Club; Little Theater; Campus Chest; Art Club; Chess Club; M.R.A.; Town and Gown; Young Democrats; Wesley Club; Lindenwood Conference; Publisher of Occa- sional Nuisance. FILLEY, ALAN; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Chairman; Intramurals; Spanish Club; Campus Chest. FITZGERALD, JAMES: Delta Sigma Phi, Rush Chair- man, Corresponding Secretary, Vice-President; Foot- ball; Inter-Fraternity Council, Treasurer, Rush Chair- man; M Club, Secretary; Baseball; Intramurals; Newman Club, President; Senior Class President. FITZGERALD, JEANNE: Alpha Xi Delta; French Club; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Resident Women ' s Associa- tion Council. FITZPATRICK, EMMA LOU: French Club; M.I.A.; Deca- turian, Editor; Spanish Club, Vice-President; M.R.A.; Newman Club; Pi Mu Theta. FOGEL, NEAL: Navy Club. GALEN, GLORIA: F.T.A.; German Club; Church Choir. GEISLER, TRUDY: Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary of Pledge Class, Music Director; Church Choir; M.I. A.; University Chorus; Resident Women ' s Association Council; Student Council; A Cappella Choir; Pi Mu Theta. GIESSER, IRVING: Debate Team; Chess Club; Young Democrats; M.R.A.; Millidek; Town and Gown; Hon- or Roll; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary; Assistant in Eng- lish Department. GLOGAU, DOLORES: Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chair- man; Young Democrats; Homecoming Committee; Conant Society; W.A.A.; M.R.A.; Spanish Club; W.S.S.F. Carnival Committee; International Work Camp Committee; Tau Chi Pi; Student Council, Program Committee. GREENBERG, MAX: Illinois Federation of Jewish Youth, President. GRIFFIN, MARILYN: Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor, Finance Chairman; Decaturian, Co-Editor; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Home Economics Club; Conant Society; F.T.A.; W.A.A.; M.R.A.; Art League; Intra- murals Letter Winner. GROSS. WILLIAM: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Scholarship Chairman of Pledge Class. HAMMOND, CAROL: Conant Society. HARRINGTON, BETTY: Delta Delta Delta, Recom- mendation Chairman, Rush Chairman, Recording Secretary; French Club, Secretary; Conant Society, Secretary; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Millidek, Co-Editor; Panhellenic Council; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. HAWVER, JANE: Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A.; Home Eco- nomics Club. HAYES, DOLORES: W.A.A,; French Club; Millidek; Campus Chest; Carnival Chairman; Decaturian; Tau Chi Pi; Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman. HENDERSON, CARROL: Phi Mu Alpha; Band. HENRY, NANCY: Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, His- torian, Rush Chairman; Panhellenic Council; Stu- dent Council, Vice-President; Homecoming Commit- tee, Chairman, Coronation Committee, Coffee Hour Committee; Home Economics Club; Tau Chi Pi; W.A.A.; W.S.S.F. Solicitations Committee; Conant Society; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Millidek. HEYDUCK, BILL: M.I.A., President; Variety Show; Art Club; Intramurals; M.R.A.; Student Council; Student Affairs Committee; Co-Chairman Decaturian Com- mittee. HILL, BETTE: W.A A.; Band. HOPPERT, EDWIN: Alpha Sigma Phi; Football; Alpha Phi Omega. HOUGHTON, KATHLEEN: Zeta Tau Alpha; French Club; M.R.A.; Art Club; Tau Chi Pi. HOUSER, ROSELYN: Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge President, Rush Chairma n, Intramural Chairman; M.R.A.; W.A.A.; Chapel Chairman; Home Eco- nomics Club, Vice-President; Assembly Committee; Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Queen Attendant. HURLBUT, ROLLIN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Homecoming Committee. JANES, NORMA: Zeta Tau Alpha; Band; Home Eco- nomics Club; M.R.A.; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Freshman Orientation Committee; Millikin Sons and Daughters; Honor Roll. JOHNSON, ROBERT: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Pres- ident, Social Chairman, Historian; Student Council; W.S.S.F.; Homecoming Committee. JOHNSTON, MARJORY: Zeta Tau Alpha; Decaturian; Conant; Choir; W.A. A.; M.R.A.; Honor Roll; Sociology Assistant. JOHNSTONE, MARJORIE: Zeta Tau Alpha, Correspond- ing Secretary, Pledge President, President; Home- coming Chairman; W.A.A. ; F.T.A.; M.R.A.; Home Economics Club; Panhellenic President; Who ' s Who. JONES, CHARLENE: Art Club; Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A.; Job ' s Daughters. KAPLAN, SHELDON: Delta Sigma Phi; Basketball; In- tramurals; Homecoming Committee; Decaturian Sports Editor. « 189 SENIOR ACTIVITIES KEATING, JOYCE: Pi Beta Phi, Assistant Pledge Su- pervisor, Activities Chairman, House President; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Pep Club; Campus Chest; Homecom- ing Committee; Brotherhood Week Committee; M.R.A.; Vice-President Senior Class. KECK, WILLIAM: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Presi- dent; Inter-Fraternity Council; Intramurals; Track; Football; Basketball; M Club. KEELER, JANET: Alpha Chi Omega, Song Leader, Corresponding Secretary; Sigma Alpha Iota, Rush Chairman; University Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Madrigals; Opera; Iphigenia; Homecoming Caval- cade of Talent; Junior Skit. KEELER, MARJORIE: Alpha Chi Omega; W.A.A., Vice- President; Girls Drill Team; Homecoming Talent Show; Intramurals; Panhellenic Council; Honor Roll; Senior Skit Committee. KENNY, CHARLES: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden; Basketball; Football; Intramurals. KIMMEL, FRANCES: Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A.; Town and Gown; Choir; Millidek; Decaturian; Tau Chi Pi. KIRBY, JANET: Sigma Zeta; Town and Gown; Conant; Pi Mu Theta. KREJCL GEORGE: M.I. A.; Delta Sigma Theta; Varsity Track; Intramurals; Alpha Phi Omega; Chess Club. KRINTZ, LOUISE: M.I.A.; Choir; Opera; Student Coun- cil; Aston Hall President; Sigma Alpha Iota; March- ing Band; Phi Kappa Phi; Drill Team; Church Organ- ist; Chapel Organist; Pi Mu Theta. KUNY, EDWIN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President; Homecoming Committee; Campus Chest; Intramur- als; Decaturian; Millidek; French Club; M Club. LALLY, JAMES: Delta Sigma Phi; M.I. A.; Newman Club; Intramurals. LEVERENZ, CHARLES: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intra- murals. LOGAN, MARY LOU: Sigma Alpha Iota; Choir; Orches- tra; Opera LUTTRELL, JOHN: Delta Sigma Phi, President; Basket- ball; Track; Intramurals; M Club; Catlin Scholarship; Inter-Fraternity Council; Who ' s Who; N.A.I. A. Schol- arship; Honor Roll. LYTLE, JO ANN: Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman; W.A.A.; Millidek; Spanish Club; Junior Class Vice-President; Panhellenic Council; Decaturian. LYTLE, WILLIAM: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals; Millidek Sports Editor. McCarthy, KATHLEEN: Alpha Chi Omega, Vice- President, President; Panhellenic Council, Vice- President; French Club; Spanish Club; Conant; Newman Club; W.A.A.; Who ' s Who; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Co-Chairman Homecoming Queen Committee; Allin Room Committee. McEVOY, JOHN: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Town and Gown. MANUELL, JAMES: Delta Siama Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President; DeMo- lay; French Club; Debate Team; Oxford League; M.R.A., President; Student Council; Cavalcade of Talent. MARSDEN, BOB: Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; Opera; Conant Society; M.I. A.; Student Council- Town and Gown; Art Club. MELDAHL, EDGAR: Mason. MOHRINGER, JOHANNES: Conant Society; French Club; German Club; M.R.A. ; Town and Gown; Y.M.C.A., Honorary Member; Rotary, Honorary Mem- ber; Masonry Lodge. MORRISON, SALLY LOU: Pi Beta Phi; Student Chris- tian Association; W.A.A,; F.T.A.; Pep Club; W.S.S.F. Carnival Committee; Millidek; Decaturian; Junior Assembly; Young Republicans; Religious Emphasis Week. MULLEN, ROSS: M.I. A., Treasurer, Homecoming Float Committee, Executive Committee; Student Council- Home coming Committee; Intramurals; U.Y.F. MULLIN, JAMES: Golf; Beta Theta Pi at Syracuse, N. Y. MUNSON, BARBARA: Pi Beta Phi, President of Pledge Class, Song Leader, Corresponding Secretary, Social Chairman; Sigma Alpha Iota, Executive Committee, Social Chairman, Editor; Homecoming, Co-Chair- man; Decaturian, Co-Editor, Society Editor, Music Editor; Campus Chest, Co-Chairman; Who ' s Who; Vice-President Sophomore Class; F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Conant Society; Chorus; Die Fledermaus; Gianni Schicchi: S+udent Council; Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee; W.S.S.F. Committee; Variety Show Commit- tee; Semi-Centennial Year Committee. MURPHY, MARY LOU: Alpha Chi Omega, Historian, Chaplain; W.A.A.; Newman Club; F.T.A.; Home Economics Club; Conant Society; Homecoming Com- mittee; Float Chairman; Art Club; Intramurals. NORRIS, DANNETTE: W.A.A.; Conant Society; Town and Gown; M.I. A.; Pi Kappa Delta; Resident Wom- en ' s Association Council; F.T.A.; Campus Chest; Spanish Club. NORRIS, EVALYN: M.I. A.; Band; University Chorus; Church Fellowship; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sergeant-at- Arms, Instrumental Direc tor, Foundation Chairman; Pi Mu Theta; Die Fledermaus Orchestra; Orchestra; Brass Choir. ODELL, MARGARET: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge President, Program Chairman; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Young Republicans; Tau Chi Pi, Treasurer; Homecoming Committee Campus Chest. OJAKAAR, LEO: Alpha Phi Omega; M.I. A.; Sigma Zeta. PANFIL, HENRY: Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms; Football; Track; Intramurals. « 190 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES RANNEBARGER, PAT: Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary of Pledge Class, Chairman Homecoming Float, Stand- ards Chairman, Vice-President; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Art Club; W.S.S.F.; F.T.A, President, Delegate to State Convention; Campus Chest; M.R.A.; Young Democrats. REDIFER, NANCY: Home Economics Club; Homecom- ing Committee; W.A.A.; Art Club; M.I. A.; Homecom- ing Program Committee. RICHARDS, DALE: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Com- mittee, President; Intramurals; Baseball; Student Council, Social Chairman; Inter-Fraternity Council. RUETMAN, SVEN: Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Zeta; Assistant in Chemistry Laboratory. RYAN, DORIS: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Transfer from Depauw University; French Club; Art Club; W.A.A.; Honor Roll; M.R.A.; Freshman Coun- selor; W.S.S.F. Carnival Committee; Assistant in Psychology and Philosophy Departments. SAURMANN, RAY: M.I. A.; Alpha Phi Omega, Treas- urer; Town and Gown. SCHAHF, WILLIAM: Naval Reserve. SCHROLL, MARY ANN: Delta Delta Delta; W.A.A.; F.T.A. ; Pep Club; University Chorus; Orchestra; Band Ensemble; Opera Orchestra. SHEPHERD, JACK: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; Football; Track; M Club, Vice-President; Spanish Club; Intramurals; Honor Roll; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil; Decaturian, Business Manager. SKINNER, CAROLYN: Delta Delta Delta, Social Chair- man, Homecoming ' House Chairman; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Conant Society; F.T.A. SMITH, ROBERT R.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary; Dance Band; German Club; Intramurals. SMITH, ROBERT: M.I.A.; Band; French Club; Sigma Zeta. SNYDER, MARTHA: Zeta Tau Alpha; Intramurals. SPINNER, ROBERT: M.I. A.; Intramurals; Delta Sigma Phi; Wesley Club; Association of Commerce Com- mittee. STORCK, DIANE: Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain; Uni- versity Chorus; V .A.A.; Homecoming Committee; F.T.A.; Young Republicans, Secretary; Millidek, Business Staff; W.S.S.F.; Millikin Broadcasting Guild, Treasurer; Campus Chest; Student Council; Fresh- man Counselor; Pep Club; Town and Gown; Drill Team; Variety Show; Religious Emphasis Week. STENGEL, JEAN KIZER: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer, Vice-President; M.R.A., Secre- tary-Treasurer; W.A.A.; Home Economics Club, Treasurer; Freshman Home Economics Award; Pi Mu Theta, President; Phi Kappa Phi; Newman Club; F.T.A., Historian; Junior Prom Committee; Homecom- ing Queen Committee, Co-Chairman. STUBLEFIELD, JOANNE: Zeta Tau Alpha, Song Leader, Music Chairman; Sigma Alpha Iota, Rush Chairman, Vice-President; F.T.A.; M.R.A.; Church Choir; Uni- versity Chorus; Tau Chi Pi; Die Fledermous. TAPSCOTT, PRESTON: Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer of Pledge Class; Intramurals. TERTOCHA, EILEEN: Choir; Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor, Corresponding Secretary; Church Choir; " The Tele- phone " ; A Cappella Choir; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Chi Pi; Church Soloist; Die Fledermous. THOMASON. G. A.: Church Committee. TODD, NANCY: Pi Beta Phi, Song Leader; Conant; W.A.A.; Millikin Radio Guild, Secretary; Campus Chest Queen; Wesley Club; Freshman Counselor; Town and Gown; University Chorus; Decaturian; Campus Chest, Publicity Committee; Religious Em- phasis Week Committee; This Is Millikin; Homecom- ing Talent Show. TROWBRIDGE, JOHN: F.T.A. VASILOFF, LILLIAN: Alpha Chi Omega, Librarian; W.A.A.; International Work Camp Committee; F.T.A.; Homecoming Publicity Committee. WALLIS, JOHN E: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track; Intra- murals. WEISBECKER, LINDA: Spanish Club; U.Y.F.; Church League; Homecoming Committee; M.I. A.; Home- coming Queen Attendant; Program Committee; Co- nant; M.R.A.; Town and Gown; W.S.S.F.; Chapel Program Committee; German Club; Pi Mu Theta. WHITE, KIRKE: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alumni Chair- man; Intramurals; Transfer from Purdue. WHITTINGHAM, JOHN: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; M.R.A.; Homecoming Dance Committee; Freshman-Sophomore Games; Homecoming Publici- ty, Co-Chairman. WILCOXON, MARLENE: Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class Secretary, House President, Recording Secre- tary; F.T.A., Librarian; W.A.A.; Art Club; Conant Society; Homecoming Publicity, Co-Chairman; Fresh- man Counselor. WILLIAMS, JAMES: Delta Sigma Phi; Conant, Presi- dent; Town and Gown; Millikin Broadcasting Guild, President. YAREMA, WILLARD: Sigma Zeta; German Club; M.R.A.; Newman Club. ZI, NANCY: M.I.A.; M.R.A.; A Cappella Choir; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sergeant-at-Arms; Church Soloist; French Club; Pi Mu Theta. ZUST, ROBERTA: Pi Beta Phi, Magazine Chairman, Secretary; W.A.A.; Spanish Club; Millidek Staff; Tau Chi Pi; University Choir; Variety Show Com- mittee; Campus Chest Committee; Newman Club, Vice-President; Philosophy Club; Honor Roll; Busi- ness Administration Assistant; Secretarial Science Department Assistant. « 191 » ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Fiftieth-Anniversary Millidek Staff wishes to extend their heartiest " thank you " to the following people: R. Wayne Gill, faculty financial adviser, for his help with financial matters; Dr. Neal F. Doubleday, editorial adviser, for his technical advice; Bob Harlan, Publicity Office, for his cooperation with the staff; Bob Strongman, Herald and Review, for his sports action shots; Bill Kileen, Kileen Studio, for his fine portraits and for his cooperation in getting his work done on time; Joe Sronce, Peoria Engraving Company, for his unlimited assistance in every matter pertaining to this book; Lynn Hiser, Huston-Patterson Corporation, for advice per- taining to the printing and cover The Decaturian Staff for putting up with us in their office; The Faculty, Administration, and Student Body of Millikin University for their cooperation and support, without which the Fiftieth-Anniversary Millidek could not have been compiled. « 192 D

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