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MILLIDEK MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY 1 FOREW The warm enthusiasm of thy Millikin spirit has brought her great acclaim in the past year To compose a y arbook of organ- izations and athletics and t6 omit this noble Spirit would be to subtract from these the power which mak s them worthy of recording. Without this spirit Millikin wo ld be just another school, an institutior set up as a machine for the stuffing of facts and figures into human heads. With it it becomes the great university to which we proudly sing, " Kiel our Alma Mater. " Such spirit as this konly felt and can seldom be described except by the finest of poets -Tb_ p ct in. pictures this spirit is equally " difficult except that througff icUires each of us can relive in our mind those h gh moments in outcollege life which lfolded us in. this spirit. Where it begins is hardAto stay, but for many it began this year with registration and f Ashman camp. It grew rapidly at Homecoming. It was strengthened as all of Millikin displayed its big heart in the Campus Ch st Drive. It was nourished by all school projects: the Variety ShovV and the Cavalcade of Talent. Then there was that great outburst of spirit as we backed the Big Blue to the N.A.I.B. toutnarneWand watched them play great ball and show the true fighting spirit. We do not have to look to the big things at Millikin to find this spirit, for each of the activi- ties of the school compose one part of this great spirit: the spirit which sets Millikin apart as a highly respected university. Spirited Sophomores Impose Punishment on Fresh Greemes Wear Your Beanies DR. MALONE Realizing that Dr. Malone must incessantly feel the pressure of the many problems of our University, we are ever amazed and gratified at the ready smile and pleas- ant, jovial manner that are his. We are exceedingly proud that our University President is not only our academic guide, but most of all, our friend. « 22 » DEAN MILLER The man who so ably and diplomat- ically handles the immediate and often tormenting inquiries of students and townspeople is our ever competent and reliable Dean Miller. His intelligence, understanding, and keen perception of arising difficulties, combined with his un- usual ability to solve problems, and ye+ keep everyone relatively happy, make the Dean an indispensable leader ana advisor on our campus. Our apprecia- tion for all he has done for us and our University, with no thought for himself, can never be expressed by mere words — only by our own future actions. President and Deans in conference DEAN FALVEY An effervescing personality, and an un- canny understanding of each individual student on our campus are the virtuous qualities which constitute the efficiency and dynamic energy unceasingly dis- played by Dean Falvey. Her never-end- ing task of overseeing and maintaining happiness and security in the lives of the women students of Millikin is for only the most capable hands. Dean Falvey ' s ambitious ideas are greatly needed as she undertakes and completes an enor- mous job. At the same time she easily manages to gain the respect and ad- miration of everyone with whom she comes in contact. C. L. Miller Frances E. Falvey « 23 » R. WAYNE GILL Business Manager BYRON L. KERNS Registrar and Psychology E. W. PLOENGES Veterans Counselor and Mathematics EMERSON I. ABENDROTH Religion and Dean of Chapel ADMINISTRATION Behind the scenes on the Millikin campus, always ready to steer our course and lend a helping hand, is the Administration. Theirs is the task of keeping the functions of the Uni- versity on an even keel. They perform their duties well and keep order in the hurried life on the College campus. WALTER B. GRAY Director of Public Relations « 24 » Biology Department Max A. Proffitt, Ruth Thomas Business Department Leslie E. Munneke, Shirley Bonnen, Howard D. Rice. Chester W. Blayney, Glen R. Smith, Lynn M. Filley Education Department William E. Fisher, Victor F. Dawald Engineering and Industry William L. Olsen, Gordon E. Snoeyen- bos, Carl I. Head, Frances E. Wilson English Department Davida McCaslin, Neal F. Doubleday Ruth A. Maxwell Ethel M. Parkinson History Department Leo C. Stine, Daniel J. Gage, C. Miller, Albert T. Mills, Willis H. Walker Home Economics Nanette Smith. Vera Saar, Viola M. Bell Mathematics Department Brice K. Brown, Earl C. Kiefer, E. W. Ploenges, Frances E. Falvey, William Berry Music Department Graduate School Howard E. Akers, Elton E. Burgstahler, Robert Long, Harold C. Hess, W. St. Clare Mintum, Walter Emch Language Department Flora Ross, Bonnie R. Blackburn, H. Logan Cobb 27 » Music Department Instrumental Music Department Piano Howard E. Akers, Elton E. Burgstahler, Harold C. Hess, W. St. Clare Minturn, Walter Emch, Wesley H. Snyder Frieda M. Moessner, Edith Rose, Oscarine P. Dewhirst, Edna Childs, Rachel Long, Wilna Moffett, Zelna M. Lowe Music Department Voice Wesley H. Snyder, Robert Long Psychology and Philosophy Byron L. Kerns, Claude D. Dicks « 28 » Religion and Sociology Department Edward S. Boyer, Emerson I. Abendroth, Raymond R. Brewer Science Department David R. Smith, Max C. Bolen Secretarial Science Glenn R. Smith, Margaret R. Sparks Speech Department Eleanore R. Bieler, L. C. McNabb, Edith M. McNabb General Office Doris Stollard, Merrill Dees, Caroljean Zwetschke, Barbara Walmsley, Doris Tippett, Mary Lou Logan, Madge Runyon, Carolyn Houghton, Dorothy Drennan Business Office Ruth Westfall, Gertrude Munch, Maye Midkiff, Bonnie Goodrich, Fern Boland, Janet Kirby Veterans Office Kitty LeMar, E. W. Ploenges Music Office Marilyn Hayward, Delia M. Shiffer « 30 Public Relations Librarians OffiC6 Herbert Quarles, Barbara Burgis, Bar- bara Hill, Joanne Stublefield, Comelic Jewel Broughton, Carolyn Pritchett. Eastland. Helen Fromel, Miss Allin Walter B. Gray. Robert Harlan, D. Gene Harrington, Lester Baker, Dorothy Tippett, Mary Lou Thomson Nurse Cecilia Talbert, Nurse; Mary Bales Custodians Howard Crump, Robert Butler, Mary Hunt, Dale Burcham, Mamie Smith, Lillian Flannegan, Mr. Bolick, Moomey Cox « 31 » Rebbe Fearheiley Winick McDonald SENIOR CLASS For three years we have watched senior classes tear up the place on their senior picnic, and say goodbye to Milli kin. Now it ' s our turn. We smile when we think of how scared we were in the beginning; our first rush parties; new friends; getting used to lectures; coffee at the Sub; short ones at the corner; formals; foot- ball games, and basketball, too; homecoming; cha- pel and assembly; myriads of exams, and finally, graduation! Yes, we have had some bad times and some good times. The bad ones we ' ll certainly forget—- the good ones will mean Millikin to us — Millikin and the class of ' 521 Class Officers President John Winick Vice-President Patricia Rebbe Secretary Jane Fearheiley Treasurer John McDonald « 32 » auams, chahi.kni: Muhk: Education Kcmplon, Illinoin AHLSTRAND. WILLIAM Sociology- Psychology Chicaqo, Illinois ALLISON. JERRY D. Industry Ml. Morris, Illinois ANDERSON. ARTHUR C. Engineering Administra- tion Oak Park, Illinois ARMSTRONG. MARYANN Home Economics Decatur, Illinois ASBURY. MARY LOU Music Education New Baden, Illinois « 33 » BARDEN. ROLYN Art Decatur, Illinois BATEMAN. ALLEN Engineering Administra- tion Hillsboro. Illinois BECK. FREDERICK H. Music Springfield, Illinois BESGROVE, CARROLL Psychology Fairbury, Illinois BLOMGREN, JAMES ALFRED Business Administration Chicago, Illinois BOLIN, DOROTHY JO ANN Biology Decatur, Illinois BONNEN, SHIRLEY Music Education Paxton, Illinois BORDEN, SUE ANN Education Decatur, Illinois BRADY, PATRICK WILLIAM Business Administration Decatur, Illinois BRAIS, PHYLLIS Education Kankakee, Illinois BRITTON, JOHN ROGER Physical Education Mt. Zion, Illinois BROOKS, PHYLLIS Mathematics Decatur, Illinois « 34 » BROZIO. ROBERT C. BuHinoHK Adminintration Decatur, IllinoiH BURD. MARIAN Music Education OlmHtod, IllinoiH BURKE. BOB Accountinq Sprinqfield, IllinoiH CARPEROS. ERNEST W. Mathematics Decatur, Illinois CARTER, ROBERT R. Speech Decatur, Illinois CHANT, EDWARD, JR. Engineering Administra- tion Chicago, Illinois CLESSON, EDWIN English Decatur, Illinois CLYDESDALE, BETTY Business Administration Oglesby, Illinois COCHRAN, JOHN R. Music Decatur, Illinois COLWELL, JAMES M. Engineering Administra- tion Park Ridge, Illinois COMSTOCK, THOMAS W. Business Administration Lincoln, Illinois COPE, PATRICIA Mathematics Salem, Illinois « 35 » COUTANT. ROBERT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CROWELL. FRANCES Music Education Oak Park, Illinois CUMMINS, ANN Art-Education Dix, Illinois DAVIS, CARL WILLIAM Business Administration Chicago, Illinois DOBBINS, RICHARD C. Business Administration Springfield, Illinois DOWNEY, RAY Accounting Decatur, Illinois DUNKELBURG. DOROTHY Elementary Education Glen Ellyn, Illinois DURLAND, DON Business Administration Villa Grove, Illinois ERICKSON, MARCELLA DURR Secretarial Science Edwardsville, Illinois ERICKSON, DANNY Business Administration Chicago, Illinois EVANS, DON R. Biology Pana, Illinois FATHAUER, DAVID Industry Lake City, Illinois 36 « 37 » HESS, DONALD Physical Education Montgomery, Alabama HILL, BARBARA Home Economics Greenville, Illinois _ HOGG, DAVE Mathematics Lawrenceville, Illinois HOLDERBY, ALLEN P. Business Administration Heyworth, Illinois HOUGHTON, CAROLYN Secretarial Science Springfield, Illinois HOUSER, JOY DUNN Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois 38 KOCH. CAROL Music Education Highland, Illinois KOWALSKI. ALVIN Physical Education Berea, Ohio KURRLE. NANCY JEAN Home Economics Wenona, Illinois LARGE. RUTH Psychology-Philosophy Taylorville, Illinois LEDOUX. ALVIN G. Business Administration Chicago, Illinois LEWIS, RICHARD A. English Decatur, Illinois LINDSAY. LAVONA Business Administration Tilden. Illinois LIVERGOOD. DIAN Home Economics Decatur, Illinois LOGAN, CHARLES H. Speech Decatur, Illinois LOOKER, IVAN Education Watseka, Illinois LOVEJOY. HARRY Business Administration Moline, Illinois LOVINS, MAURINE Biologv Minier, Illinois 40 LUNDQUIST. JAMHS H. Sccioloqy-Reliqion Chicaqo, IllinoiH LYTLE, WILLIAM Business Administration Decatur, IllinoiH McCRORY. PAT Music Education Decatur. Illinois McCUMBER. JOAN Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois Mcdonald, john Business Administration Decatur, Illinois McINTYRE, DON History Newman, Illinois MANOFF. GEORGE History-Political Science Decatur, Illinois MATTHEWS, HAROLD Business Administration LaGrange, Illinois MEINERT, KATHLEEN FESLER English Decatur, Illinois MERRIMAN, DERALD A. Spanish-French Taylorville, Illinois MESSENGER, DAVID Physical Education Chappaqua, N. Y. MINER, GLORIA Music Education Findlay, Illinois 41 » MOODY. BETTY Secretarial Science Decatur, Illinois MORGAN. MARILYN SUE Speech Lockport, Illinois MOWRY. RICHARD R Industry St. Louis, Missouri 42 PIPER. JOYCE Physical Education Decatur, 111 in oik POLAND. CHARLES E. Engineering Administra- tion Robinson, Illinois QUARLES. HERBERT D. Music Education Charlottesville. Va. QUEVY, RICHARD G. Biology (Pre-Med.) Pekin, Illinois REBBE, PAT Home Economics Petersburg, Illinois REES. DONNA Secretarial Science Decatur, Illinois REICH. DONALD Chemistry Cjuincy, Illinois REITZ, GEORGE J. Industry Granite City, Illinois RENDFELD, ROBERT L. Engineering Administra- tion Decatur, Illinois RHEIN, WILLIAM H. Biology St. Louis, Missouri RICE, WILLIAM English Alton, Illinois RIGSBEY, GENE R. English St. Louis, Missouri « 43 » SANDKNOP. PETER, JR. Business Administration St. Louis, Missouri SCHMALZ. ROBERT L. Business Administration Bronxville, N. Y. SCHRAG, PRISCILLA L. Biology-English LaPorte City. Iowa SCHIFFER, WAYNE C. Education Chicago, Illinois SCHUMATE, JEAN Home Economics Decatur, Illinois SIEWERT. ELEANOR Music Education Wausaw, Wisconsin « 44 » SMITH, DAVID E. Business Administration Decatur, IllinoiK SMITH, THOMAS, JH. History Decatur, Illinois SMITH, VIRGINIA Business Administration Decatur, Illinois SNELSON, KEITH Psychology Decatur, Illinois SPANGLER, JEAN V. Education Decatur, Illinois SPARKS, LORA Education Beason, Illinois SPEARS, WALTER E. Engineering Administra- tion Decatur, Illinois STARRETT, CHARLES H. Business Administration Villa Park, Illinois STAUDER, GENE Engineering Administra- tion Decatur, Illinois STEIN, RAY I Biology-Education Maplewood, N. J. STEWART, SUE ELLEN Sociology West Frankfort, Illinois STOCKER, HELEN Secretarial Science LeRoy, Illinois 45 STOOPS. DOROTHY Home Economics Chicaqo, Illinois STRATMAN. MARTIN H. Business Administration Villa Park, Illinois STUBBLEFIELD. WILLIAM Business Administration Sullivan, Illinois SUSLER, MARSHALL A. History-Political Science Decatur. Illinois SUTOR, JOHN M. Business Administration Galesburg, Illinois SWEDBERG, MERCILYN Home Economics Des Plaines, Illinois SWENEY. WILLIAM JESS Business Administration Shelbyville, Illinois TALBERT, WILMIER M., JR. Chemistry-Biology Decatur, Illinois TAYLOR, MARY Music Education Jerseyville, Illinois TERTOCHA, JOAN Education Decatur, Illinois TERTOCHA, LOUIS Biology Decatur, Illinois TRAUGHBER, JACQUELINE Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois « 46 » TRUE. MARSHALL S. Miinic Education Hinsdale, Illinoiw TURNER, LYNN Biology- Chemistry Decatur. Illinoin UNRATH, RICHARD Industry Mt. Morris. Illinois VALLAS. ANGELINE S. English Decatur, Illinois VANDERVORT. CHAR- LOTTE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois I WALDEN. EVELYN L. Music Education Maywood, Illinois WALKER, WILLIS HENRY Music Education Decatur, Illinois WALMSLEY, BARBARA Secretarial Science Decatur. Illinois WARMA. WILLIAM K. Music Education O ' Fallon, Illinois WATTERS, ROBERT D. English Decatur, Illinois WEASEL, MARY ELLEN Elementary Education Pesotum, Illinois JONES, JOAN WEISHAAR Elementary Education Decatur, Illinois 47 » I WIEDERIN, ROBERT Business Administration Chicago, Illinois WILLIAMS. EDGAR W. Biology Decatur. Illinois WILLIAMS. NORMA Music Education Mason City, Iowa WILSON. JOHN TAYLOR Business Administration Chicago, Illinois WILSON. RAY E. Business Administration Taylorville, Illinois WITT, SHIRLEY Biology Decatur, Illinois JUNIOR CLASS The Junior class set out in the 1951-52 school year to prove that a class organization can be effective and influential on the Millikin campus. Early in the year, Irvin Wangelin commenced his period of management by appointing a social com- mittee with representatives from every campus or- ganization. This committee has proven to be the motivating force in the junior class program, and through its efforts, Millikin has become widely aware of its energetic, enthusiastic group of juniors. Aside from the traditional Junior Prom, which this year was backed financially by the Student Council, the class was responsible for numerous and varied activities. Highlighting the year ' s activities were the annual class assembly and a spring social event. Class Officers President Irvin Wangelin Vice-President Jo Ann Lytle Secretary Fran Anderson Treasurer Jerry Lewis Wangelin Lytle Anderson Lewis Adrian, Frank Aery, Dick Atherton, Chuck Avis, Duane Baird, Mary Grace Baldwin, Roger A. Bales, Mary Bennett, Constance Bingman, Marilyn Binkee, Marilyn Blumenfeld, Stewart Bourland, Jo Ann Brewer, Joyce Briggs, William F. Brown, Howard M. Burgis, Barbara Clayton, Melva Collins, Jody Corzine, John S. . Davis, Jackie Deputy, Helen Duncan, Anice Duncan, Edwina J. Dunkel, Jackie 50 Eaton. Phyllis A. Edwards, Fred Eickhoff, Dorothy Erickson, Robert Ferry, Donald Filley, Alan Fitzgerald, James E. Fitzgerald, Jeanne Geisler, Trudy Giesser, Irving L. Gore, Dorothy E. Griffin, Marilyn Grobe, Don Gross, William A. Hackl, Robert C. Hagen, Florence M. Hammond, Carol J. Harrington, Betty Hawver, Jane Heiss, John Henderson, Carroll Henry, Nancy Hill, Bette Hogan, Sue « 51 » Houghton, Kathleen Hudson, Lyla Lee Hurlbut, Rollin E. Janes, Norma Johnstone, Marjorie Jones, Charlene Kaplan, Sheldon Keating, Joyce Keck, Bill Keeler, Janet Keeler, Margie Keith, Kay Kenney, Charles Kizer, Jean M. Kowa, Bob Krintz, Louise Lebrecht, Glenn Lewis, Jerry Logan, Mary Lou Luttrell, John W. Lytle, Jo Ann McCarthy, Kathy McElhany, Shirley Ann McEvoy, John H. « 52 » McNiel, Lois Manuel, James Monroe. Cindy Morrison, Sally Lou Morthland, Elmore Mowry, Richard Mullen, Ross Munson, Barbara Murphey, Martha Norris, Dannette M. Norris, Evalyn Odell, Margaret Ojakaar, Leo Panfil, Henry Rannebarger, Patricia Richards, Dale Ripley, Mary Ellen Rogers, George S. Rowland, Walter F. Ruetman, Swen Ryan, Doris Saurmann, Ray Scharf, William A. Schroll, Mary Ann « 53 » Schwiesow, Bernie Semler, Jack Stillar, Cecil R. Storck, Diane Strickler, William L. Stublefield, Joanne Tertocha, Eileen Thompson, Bill Todd, Nancy Trowbridge, John W. Turner, Roselyn Wagner, Dick Wallis, John Wangelin, Irvin Weisbecker, Linda Weisman, Dan White, Betty Rae White, Kirke Whitmore, Bill Whittingham, John F. Williams, James C. Yarema, Willard Zi, Nancy Zust, Bobbie « 54 » Viana Tingleff Brown Giambeluca SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore class started its year of activi- ties by defeating the Freshmen in the annual Fresh Soph Contests. This was only the beginning of a successful year for the three social events sponsored ( " " lace CM lirorc by the class. They were very well attended and IdSS VJTTiCerS enjoyed by all. The social committee consisting of Joan Tingleff and Betty Dietschy as chairmen, Patsy President James Viana Weiland, Jack Semler, Jim Henigman, Jan Breckin- Vice-President Joan Tingleff ridge and Jeanne Sparks planned the " After Game Secretary Lucille Brown Dance " in January, the " Evening in Paris " dance in March, and the combined picnic and dance with Trea surer Jcnn Giambeluca the freshmen in May. Mr. William Fisher, acting as advisor, aided the officers and committee in every undertaking. « 55 » « 56 » Barbara Gregory J. Robert Grove Maie Hakk Marjie Hammill George V. Haramy Joann Harden Maja Lee Hardwick Donald Hattori James Hauter Janet Helgen Jim Henigman Madge Henricks Art Herschberger Rita Hess Bill Heyduck Merlyn Hoffman Ben R. Howenstein Beryl Irmis Jim Jeffers Lois Jenson Lucy Johnson Richard Jones Christine Kareotes Bud Kelley Janet Kirby Maie Klein George Krejci Bette Krutz Theodore Lauer John Launer Don E. Lichtenberger f 58 » — Martha Robinson Donna Schiltz Bob Sefton Donald Sesslar Lee Sharp Gordon Short Martha Simer Joyce Skinner Pat Smith William Smith David Snyder Jeanne Sparks Charles Stats Mary Ann Stenzel Sue Sullan Pat Talbert James William Tankersley Jack Thompson Joan Tingleff Keeler Lois Trantina Al Uzzel Frank Van Doren Lillian Vasiloff James Viani Becky Wade Nancy Weilepp Ann Welshans Mariann White Patsie Wieland Joe Williams Bill Winberg Jo Ann Young 60 FRESHMAN CLASS The freshmen had their only setback of the year when they allowed the sophomores to defeat them m the annual Frosh-Soph games preceding the Homecoming game. Thus they were unfortunately compelled to wear their beanies until Thanksgiving. v BcISS TtlC6rS However, this was soon forgotten as they em- barked upon their social program for the year. p reS ident John Davidson This was launched by a dance on February 2. Following, on April 4, the freshmen and sopho- Vice-President . ..Al Bronstem mores enjoyed themselves at a picnic-dance. The Secretary Sally Henry social activities of the year were concluded with Treasurer Barbara Bowman a dance on May 9. Among other things the freshmen discovered some real talent among their class members and came up with a successful skit the first semester and an entertaining talent show the second se- mester. Bowman Henry Davidson Bronstein Verne Borse Calvin Bowers Barbara Bowman Ned Bradley Robert Brame Jerry Brilley Alan D. Bronstein Jane Brown Wendell C. Brown Carol Bruns Carol Gay Brust Elmer G. Buese Janice Burton Judith Cady Evalyn Campbell Bob Christensen Audra Adele Christner Marilyn Cole J. Maurice Cooper Jane Cooper 62 Robort T. Corrinqton Sue CohIoI Jay Cox Allen Crablc Dean Cuttill Gerald Dalton John Davidson Barbara Davis Robert Davis Mary E. Delaney Georgiann Dingman Sara Dingman John Dooley Dupree Valdoris Philip Eckert Bernard L. Evans Mary Lou Evans Bob Finley Clyde Forth Mary Forwey Mary Ann Foster Donna Frey H. Wesley Fulton Foger Futrell Robert M. Gentle Carole Getz Dale Gidel Judy Gilman Jackie Grabb Jim Hallek Carl Hansen Julie Harpstreit « 63 » Keith Harris Allan Harrison Sam J. Harrison Orley Hatfield William E. Hawkins Warren Hayes Chuck Hedberq Richard Heiden Ruth Heider Mary Lynn Helmle Sally Henry Eva Henson ill Paul Hettinger Paul Heyduck, Jr. William Higgens Idell Hinton Nancy Hoglund Fred Howell Mary lean Hubbell Virginia Huesmann Robert W. Hughes Helen Jackson Barbara Jacoby Carl Johner Robert Kaminke Carol Kammerer Kay Kaufmann Thomas Keiser Mary Jo Kellams Joe Killpatrick John J. Kim Ruth Kollman « 64 Marilou KoBtciH Rosemary Lacy Douglas Lattncr Bill Lauqhlin Donna J. Lee Shirley C. Leghorn Ann Logan Patricia Lowry Lois Lund Richard Massaro Lillian Matsumoto Charles Eugene McAnally Dick McBride Helen Arthella McClain Dan McLaughlin Dean McMillen Marilyn McMorris Dick Meyer Drayton G. Miller Dick Mills Thomas Joshua Minton Felicia Mohaupt Ruth Moore Richard Mormino Carl Morrison Eugene Morton George Franklin Murray Samih Musallam Jeannine Netzel Ilmar Palm-Leis Dietrich Petersen Suzanne Poppleton « 65 » Duane Potter Earl Pratt Marlene Price Dorothy Pride Ellanor Pruitt Rita Rambo Chuck Ramsav Betty Jane Reed Ben Reed William Reif Patricia Renaldo Leo W. Renfrow, Jr. I i .rjM m 1 U ' IB J 1 ■ ■ Richard Roarick William Roth Pat Ryan Lyn Ryerson Marcia Saar Sandra Sampson Donna Jean Scarbrough Ellen Scherer Diane Schulte Don Schupbach Fritz Schwalbe Shirley Scott Shirley Senn Floyd Shadley Mel Sheets Joanne Shurts Fred Slavens Darrell Sledqister Kay Smith Laura Smith 66 Jim Spaldinq Shirley Spear Richard Spunq Carlene Stegenga Janice Stocks Janice Stone Jenilee Strom Rosann Swen Ray Syfert James Thomas Elizabeth Toney Jamil I. Toubbeh Marilyn Trainer Bud Tryon Paul F. Tryon Alice Turner Lawrence Allen Turner Martha Ann Turner Joyce Van Sant Jerry Vaught Wilma Lee Wagner Eldon Walker Lou Ann Watson Jacqui Weeks Joan White Paul Ann Whited Billy Wills Don Winter James Witzeman Luralee Wolf Max Wood Richard C. Wright « 67 » EDITORS: Ed Chant Jerry Lewis THE 1952 MILLIDEK Here is the ' 52 Millidek, the result of many hours happily spent! This edition is not the property of the staff; but is, instead, owned by the entire faculty and student body. It is the cooperation of the students and faculty that is responsible for these pages. For that splendid spirit, the Millidek staff thanks you. Staff: M. Gibbs, J. File, J. Sparks, J. Davidson, C. Zwetschke, E. Walden, B. Lytie « 70 » MILLIDEK STAFF Editors-in-Chief .... Jerry Lewis Ed Chant Business Managers . Dan Newcomb Ed Chant Assistant Editor Carol] ean Zwetschke Photography Staff . . Jack Erickson Bob Renfield Don Dvorak Diane Fisher Art Staff Janet Breckenridge Wilson Montgomery Business Staff Dan Lutes Diane Storck John Wallis Editorial Staff Vic Bartoletti John Davidson Janet File Mary Ann Gibbs Betty Harrington George Rogers Jeanne Sparks Jim Thomas Evelyn Walden Assistant Editor — Caroljean Zwetschke. Photographers — D. Dvorak, R. Rendfeld. Business Staff — D. Newcomb, D. Storck, E. Chant. « 71 » THE DECATURI AN EDITORS: Barbara Munson Gene Rigsbey Emma Lou FitzPatrick The Decaturian whipped through an- other year of scandalmongering, the forty- fifth to be exact, and wound up the year generally recognized as the first-ranking scandal sheet on the verdant prairees of the Millikin campus. Decaturian Staff. Row 1: N. Todd, C. Kareotes, B. Bowman, M. Bingman, ' S. Morrison, P. Talbert. Row 2: D. Snyder, H. Hardcastle, R. Sherman, G. Daniels, V. Bartoletti, M. FitzPatrick, D. Dechert. 72 Gene Rigsbey was chief-cook-and-bottle- washer during the first semester with Bar- bara Munson and Emma Lou FitzPatrick wioldinq the blue pencil durinq tlio .sketch drive of the last eighteen weeks. At the risk of being termed " all wet " wo bravely fling out the claim that we covered Decatur like the dew. Our news beagles operated at full-throttle throughout the two terms, having their respective noses in more people ' s business than a tax assessor. Our fall masterpiece, should we blush?, no, I think not — we ' re really worth this praise —was the Homecoming edition. In the spring we went west with the Big Blue, scooping A. P., U.P., I.N.S., Domei, and Tass news agencies, and followed this up with a bril- liant expose of dope traffic and political corruption on April Fool ' s Day. We were aided and abetted by Buryl Engleman, journalism instructor. Editors Gene Rigsbey Emma Lou FitzPatrick Barbara Munson Business Manager . . . Bill Strickler Sports Editors Vic Bartoletti, Jr. Sheldon Kaplan Society Editor Marc Durr Erickson Circulation Manager . Jackie Dunkel Photographer Gene Daniels ASSISTANT EDITORS: B. Munson, S. Kaplan, J. Lytle, M. Erickson, M. Evans. SPORTS EDITORS: J. Dunkel, S. Kaplan, D. Dechert, B. Talbert. BUSINESS EDITORS: M. Johnston, B. Strickler, R. Hughes. OFFICERS President Barbara Banner Vice-President Maurine Lovins Secretary Shirley Witt Treasurer Marilyn Gray PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Millikin Panhellenic Council is com- posed of the presidents and rush captains of the four national women ' s fraternities on cam- pus with Dean Falvey as advisor. Its functions are to guide the activities of the four women ' s fraternities, to make and enforce rushing rules, to plan the fall rushing schedule, and to super- vise rushing periods. Fall rush was closed by the annual Pan- hellenic dinner for all sorority members and their new pledges. The Panhellenic Dance, " Snowflake Serenade, " was held November 20 at the Hotel Orlando. The February meeting of the Panhellenic Council was held jointly with the Inter-Frater- nity Council and a schedule of exchange din- ners between the fraternities and sororities was planned for the rest of the semester. At the April meeting, the Council entertained the Pan- hellenic Council of Wesleycn University with a luncheon and a discussion of the similar problems in rush rules and social activities with which both groups are confronted. The Council hopes to continue these joint meetings, which are helpful to both groups involved. The Panhellenic Council sponsored the Uni- versity Sing, which was presented May 5. Lefc to Right: Marilyn A. Gray, Roselyn Turner, Betty A. Harrington, Dean Frances E. Falvey, Kathleen F. Memert, Maurine J. Lovins, Barbara Banner, Patricia A. Rebbe. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council continued to be most active again this year as a co- ordinator with the school as well as among the fraternities. A pamphlet for future rush- ing was constructed by a representative committee. It is hoped that this will be the means for effacing many of the rushing dif- ficulties in the future. The National I.F.C. Convention was held in Old Point Comfort, Virginia, this year, and a sectional I.F.C. meet was held in St. Louis. Again this year, the Council sold pen- nants at the Homecoming game, and gave the annual I.F.C. Ball on March 8, the theme being " Fraternizing. " Council projects, such as the construction of the trophy case, are financed with resultant funds. Other activities that the Council took leadership in were closely associated with school spirit and efficiency. The basketball banguet was co-sponsored by the Council and the Quarterback Club. The blood drive sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega service fra- ternity was given able assistance by the Council. From a joint meeting of the I.F.C. and the Panhellenic Council came a schedule for dinner exchanges to further organizational relations. This plan proved successful, as were all of the other undertakings of the Council. OFFICERS First Semester President Don Mclntyre Secretary Dave Messenger Treasurer Jim Fitzgerald Social Chairman less Swiney Second Semester President Dave Messenger Secretary Do n Hess Treasurer Jim Fitzgerald Social Chairman Bob Edwards Row 1, Left to Right: Don Hess, less Swiney, Dan Newcomb, Don Mclntyre, Art Murray. Row 2: Dave Messenger, Dick Helledy, Jim Fitzgerald, Mr. Byron L. Kerns, Richard Hellmann. ALPHA CHI OMEG Alpha and Omega . . The beginning and the end. The Beginning . . . We opened the new se- mester with an initiation dance, and fol- lowed it by taking second place in the Homecoming float competition by making " Suckers out of Wesleyan. " Our annual Christmas party was held at the chapter house and we spent many hours burning the midnight oil while knitting argyle socks for our winter dance, a " Snowball Sere- nade. " " We Give Our Hearts to You " was the theme of our Valentine initiation dance which honored our new initiates. And the End ... a guick change of pace led us into " Infernal Folly " at the Variety Show. Our altruistic project for Hera Day on the first of March was our party for our Welfare Home girls. We managed to fill in the rest of our " spare time " with more parties, dances, and occasional interludes of study which v on us the Scholarship Cup for the second year in a row. Our roll of achievement this year in- cluded Shirley Witt, Charlene Adams, and Kathleen Fessler Meinert, members of Phi « 76 » r v ' strife v Row 1: Roselyn Turner, Joy Watkins, Charlene Adams Snelson, Chariot " Van- ' ' -wt, Helen Foster, Janet Coen, Mary Grace Baird, Diane Fisher. Row 2: Marilyn Griffin, Barbara Ficker, Shirley Witt, Frances Crowell, Kathleen Fessler Meinert, Kathleen McCarthy, Pa- tricia Cope, Mrs. Harrison. Row 3: Marjorie Keeler, Janet Keeler, Carolyn Carson, Dorothy Gore, LaVona Lindsay, Djina Champion, Lillian Vasiloff, Betty Clydesdale, Marilyn Crawford. Row 4: Alice Turner, Carol Bruns, Eva Henson, Mary Foster, Janice Stone, Lee Wolf, Luann Watson. Kappa Phi, and Pi Mu Theta. Shirley Witt was treasurer of Pi Mu Theta, and she and Charlene were also our representatives in " Who ' s Who. " Mary Grace Baird was pres- ident of the Home Economics Club, and Roselyn Turner, vice-president. Marge Keeler and Roselyn Turner were treasurer and sec- retary, respectively, of the Women ' s Athletic Association, and Barbara Ficker and Janice Stone represented Alpha Chi on the cheer- leading squad. OFFICERS First Semester President Kathleen Fessler Meinert; Shirley Witt Vice-President Kathleen McCarthy Secretary Frances Crowell Treasurer Patricia Cope Second Semester President Kathleen McCarthy Vice-President Helen Foster Secretary Roselyn Turner Treasurer Dianne Fisher 3 - DELTA DELTA DELTA Once again fall rolled around and it found the Tri-Delts pledging fourteen girls, planning a tea in honor of our National President, Mrs. Otto K. Jensen, and having a very successful Homecoming. We won first place on the house, third place on the float, and our candidate, Eve- lyn Walden, was selected as Homecoming Queen. Some of the highlights of our social schedule last winter were the Pine Tea at the chapter house, and the winter formal, " Wintasia, " at the Hotel Orlando. Then as Spring appeared, it found the Tri-Delts at their formal in the Hotel Orlando, and also honoring the graduating senior women at the annual Pansy Breakfast. Among the many campus leaders were Caroljean Zwetschke, who was elected pres- ident of Pi Mu Theta and Future Teachers of America. Jody Collins and Ruth Rigsby took their places as cheerleaders. Nancy Henry was elected vice-president of Student Council, and Jo Young was elected treas- urer. Jane Fearheiley served as secretary of the senior class, while Betty Dietschy served as vice-president of the sophomore class, and Suzanne Poppleton was secretary of the freshman class. 78 » Row 1: Lois Lund, Jeanne Sparks, Kav Kaufmann, Shirley Scott, Sally Henry, Evalyn Campbell. Row 2: Mary Ann Stenzel, Margie Hammill, Joan Tingleff, Diane Schulte, Mary Ann Schroll, Evelyn Walden, Joan Bence, Connie Bennett, Joyce Piper, Ann Logan. Row 3: Nancy Bolen James, Diane Storck, Donna Schiltz, Jan File, Virginia Herron, Jane Fearheiley, Nancy Ross, Ann Cummins, Betty Harrington, Mrs. Weinand (House Director), Marilyn Gray (President), Mary Lou Asbury, Caroljean Zwetschke, Gloria Gebhart, Jody Collins, Beryl Irmis, Ruth Rigsbey . Row 4: Betty Dietschy, Martha Simer, Martha Watkins, Phyllis Eaton, Phyllis Brais, Pat Miles, Marilyn Blotter, Sondra Mc- Kinney, Donna Lee, Suzanne Poppleton, Marilyn McMorris, Mercilyn Swedberg, Nancy Kurrle, Marilyn Cole, Barbara Genre, Mary Lynn Helmle, Marlene Wilcoxon, Nancy Henry, Carolyn Skinner, Phyllis Brooks, Jo Ann Young, Donna Riechmann. Marilyn Gray, Ginnee Herron, Caroljean Zwetschke, Phyllis Brooks, and Mary Lou Asbury were selected for Pi Mu Theta, while Marilyn Gray and Ginnee Herron were se- lected for Phi Kappa Phi, and Marilyn Gray and Caroljean Zwetschke were selected for " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. " OFFICERS First Semester President Marilyn Gray Vice-President Margaret Ann Cummins Secretary Betty Harrington Treasurer Phyllis Brais Second Semester President Pat Miles Vice-President Constance Bennett Secretary Marlene Wilcoxon Treasurer Nancy Henry Pi BETA PHI September. The Millikin campus was again ready for a fast-moving year of ac- tivities. The Pi Phi house was bustling with excitement during Rush Week, and after a few festive days of parties, we added to Illinois Eta a pledge class of fourteen girls. The months of work and play that followed included house dances, Homecoming, the Campus Chest Drive and Carnival with Jackie Davis as chairman and over which Mary Ellen Ripley reigned as queen, and our Christmas formal, " Fantasy in Frost, " which completed the fall semester. Panhellenic Council had for its president this year Barbara Banner who was also chosen for Who ' s Who and Phi Kappa Phi. The Decaturian was co-edited by Barbara Munson during the second semester as Marc Erickson and Joanne Lytle issued the social news and Mary Lou Evans handled the musical side of the news. The Big Blue was cheered along its way by Cheerleaders Patsy Weiland and Sue Sullen; student gov- ernment included Barbara Bowman as vice- president of the freshman class, Joanne Lytle as vice-president of the junior class, and Jean Keller who was senior representative to the student council. Dramatically speaking, we had Sue Etherington, Jeannine Netzel, and Nancy Todd who took part in the fall and spring Town and Gown productions. Phi Mu Theta elected Jean Baker, Mary Taylor, Barbara Banner and Barbara Walmsley to its group. Our linguist Jean Baker presided as president of the French Club and secre- tary of the German Club. February. The Variety Show went into production, then came the University Sing Row 1. left to right: Barbara Bowman, Joyce Skinner, Roberta Zust, Doris Ryan, Martha Turner, Joyce Keating, Sue Ether- ington Hogan, Martha Robinson, Sally Carroll, Janice Stocks. Boi " 2: Joy Dunn Houser, Joan Weishaar Jones, Jean Keller, Barbar a Walmsley, Mary Taylor, Jacqueline Traughber, Bar- bara Banner, Mrs. Jeffers, Bettie Ann Flinn, Marcella Durr Erickson, Jean Kelley, Jean Baker, Jean Spangler, Joan McCumber, Dian Livergood. Row 3: Dorothy Pride, Jean Kizer, Nancy Weilepp, Sally Carroll, Sue Baker, Sandra Sampson, Jacquelyn Dunkel, Jo Ann Lytle, Martha Murphy, Mary Lou Evans, Mary Ellen Ripley, Jean Morris, Ellanor Pruitt, Rosemary Lacey. Row 4: Barbara Munson, Ruth Butts, Heila Dunnett, Nancy Hatch, Nancv Todd, Jacqueline Davis, Betty Hill, Kay Keith, Jo Ann Bourland, Sally Lou Morrison, Pat Smith, Lyn Ryer- son, Patcie Wieland. and along with that, spring hit the campus. Our formal dance in May had us in a merry- go-round mood with " Carousel " as the theme. Senior Farewell arrived all too soon, and once again we closed our doors for the summer months as we added to our book of memories one of the best that Millikin and Pi Phi together gave us during a most successful school year. OFFICERS First Semester President Barbara Banner Vice-President Mary Taylor Secretary Marc Erickson Treasurer Jean Kizer Second Semester President Jackie Davis Vice-President Jean Kizer Secretary Bobby Zust Treasurer Sally Carroll ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha began the 1951-52 school year with a lot of work, fun, and enthusiasm. Social activities got off to a start by enter- taining fraternity men with several coffee hours. An early Homecoming proved to be a great success. Zeta received first place trophy for her float and third place for her house decorations. The fall pledge dance, " Soda Hop, " really had atmosphere. Our Christmas formal, " ' Twas the Night Before Christmas, " was held at the Orlando Hotel and sent everyone home for Christmas in a gay mood. Two more house dances were given in the spring. One in honor of the actives was called " Save Our Actives. " The other was called " Prelude to Spring. " Our formal dance held in May ended the social events for the year. Dodie Stoops served as secretary of the student council this year. Pat Rebbe and Marilyn Morgan were elected to Who ' s Who. Barbara Hill, Inez Patten, Carolyn Houghton, and Marilyn Morgan were initiated into Phi Kappa Phi, and Inez Patten, Carolyn Hough- ton, and Barb Hill became members of Pi Mu Theta. Marilyn Morgan served as vice- president. Ginny Neal was president of S. A. I. this year with Carol Koch as vice-pres- ident and Shirley Bonnen and Joanne Stub- blefield as rushing co-chairmen. Concmt Row 1: Betty Glasgow Schaub, Ellen DeGroot, Betty Nelson, Shirley Branom, Mary Delaney, Marilyn Morgan, Verne Borse. Row 2: Pat Rebbe, Carol Koch, Carolyn Houghton, Dorothy Dunkelberg, Dodie Stoops, Maurine Lovins, Mary Ann Gibbs, Dorothy Eickhoff, Marjorie Johnstone, Jean Shumate. Row 3: Maja Hardwick, Lois O ' Neal, Barbara Hill, Joanne Stubblefield, Shirley Bonnen, Jane Hawver, Julie Harpstreit, Kay Smith, Marjorie Johnston, Becky Wade, Delores Glogau, Martha Snyder, Mary Ellen Weasel, Ruth Moore, Marilyn Bingman, Virginia Neal, Barbara Gregory, Pat Rannebarger. Row 4: Jane Brown, Sara Dingman, Joan Bair, Carla Drije, Penny Schrag, Mary Brand, Judv Gilman, Marlene Price, Jacqui Weeks, Shirley Pattengill, Carol Fiene, Olive Del McElee. vice-president was Marilyn Bingman. Lu- cille Brown again made her stage appear- ance in the Town and Gown play " Hay Fever. " Joanne Stubblefield won first place at national convention for her song " Tau Sweet Talk. " Zeta placed second in scholar- ship on campus. Marilyn Morgan received the Zeta Scholarship Cup and was honored at State for debate. Marjorie Johnstone was elected Panhellenic president. OFFICERS First Semester President Maurine Lovins Vice-President Dorothy Stoops Secretary Dorothy Dunkelburg Treasurer Carolyn Houghton Second Semester President Marjorie Johnstone Vice-President Pat Rannebarger Secretary Marilyn Bingman Treasurer Betty Nelson Another year rolls on, and again " Delta Sig " means leadership, progress, and ac- tivity. Campus organizations find the Delta Sig chapter well represented with leaders as well as members; to be specific, president and secretary of the " M " Club, president of the Newman Club, Decaturian sports editor, president of the Art Club, and I.F.C. treas- urer. Notable distinctions and honors have, in the past year, been given to brothers who have shown outstanding ability. Chapter president, John Luttrell and past president, Richard Helledy, were elected to " Who ' s Who. " John Luttrell received the Joe Catlin memorial scholarship, Robert Kowa was elected to the N.A.I.B. Ail-American basket- ball team, and awards were presented to brothers for achievement in art and account- ing. Scholastically the past semester found the chapter, both actives and pledges, with the highest grade average of all the frater- nities. Contributions to athletics by the chapter reached a peak with the basketball team almost predominantly " Delta Sig. " Co-cap- tain Bob Kowa, with John Luttrell, both of whom were elected to the conference All- Star team, and their teammates sparked Mil- likin to its third consecutive Little Nine cham- pionship. Tom Innis and Lou Epperson were elected as representatives to the All-Con- ference football team, and aside from con- ference notoriety, the chapter had a total of fourteen lettermen in varsity athletics. With the coming of a new school year, an accelerated social calendar was planned DELTA SIGMA PHI ACTIVES Row 1: R. Salmond, D. Mclntyre, P. Brady, G. Stauder, G. Man- off, R. Barden, A. Kowalski, J. Luttrell, J. Appanaitis, J. Fitzgerald, J. Manuell, G. Prust, J. Ballim, R. Lansden, H. Hardcastle. Row 2: W. Talbert, C. H. Logan, R. Jones, G. Cook, W. Win- berg, R. Shafer, J. Thompson, C Mueller, S. Kaplan. Row 3: R. Renfeld, A. Anderson, F. Adrian, G. Daniels, G. Alt- hoff, I. Barth, D. Ferry, T. Poland, R. Sherman. Ho " 4: R. Wiedenn, H. Panfil, R. Kowa, M. Stratman, D. Smith R. Carter, D. Pogue, R. Thomas, R. Helledy. which even surpassed the " Carnation Ball, " barn dance at " Pete ' s " and frequent house dances held last semester. Things were off to a good start with all the atmosphere of carnival recreated for the " Mardi Gras. " The Spring Formal, captivated by its lovely Dream Girl, the rollicking Sailors Ball, and numerous house dances set off a successful social year. OFFICERS First Semester President Dick Helledy Vice-President Dave Smith Secretary Frank Adrian Treasurer Bob Weiderin Second Semester President John Luttrell Vice-President Jim Fitzgerald Secretary George Prust Treasurer Dick Lansden DELTA SIGMA PHI PLEDGES Row 1: A. Breighner, P. Heyduck, I. Runyon, R. Kamenke, D. McMillen, R Davis, G. Krejci, D. Mills, D. Cuttill, W. Adams. Row 2: J. Jeffers, C. Putnam, J. Campbell, C. Armstrong, D. Lattner, F. Schwalbe, R. Mills, G. Scherer, J. Witzman, R. Sefton. Row 3: R. Yount, R. Morgan, R. Kramer, R. Futtrell, L. Sharp, I. Dooley, R. Mormino, E. Pratt. Row 4: R. Finley, B. Howenstein, M. Sheets, H. Kelley, G. Dal- ton, L. Rozycke, J. Schnittker, P. Andrews, E. Augustine. IGMA ALPHA EPSILON The name Sigma Alpha Epsilon has long been synonymous with the word leadership here on the Millikin campus. This year was no exception to the rule as the brothers once more proved their worth in all phases of school life. The chapter provided capable leaders for the school publications this year, brothers holding the enviable positions of editor and business manager of the yearbook as well as sports editor and business manager of the weekly paper. In the field of politics the brothers fared well by bringing home the coveted offices of president and treasurer of the junior class in addition to the treasurers of both the sophomore class and the student council. Four brothers were given national recog- nition for their outstanding leadership in scholastic endeavor and general activity in school affairs. Bill Strickler and Lynn Turner were chosen to join the coveted folds of Phi Kappa Phi with Ed Chant elected to Who ' s Who. Brother Jerry Lewis had the distinc- tion of being chosen to both of these select groups. In athletics SAE leadership can be seen at a glance. President Art Murray served as co-captain for this year ' s championship basketball team and three other Sig Alphs captained the golf, tennis, and baseball teams. Nor was football left free from the guidance of the brothers as Roy Schaub was named co-captain elect for the oncoming season. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ACTIVES Row I: W. Strickler, Kuny, A. Murray, C. Kuny. Row 2: V. Bartoletti, D. Sesslar Whitmore, J. Giambeluca, C. gelin, J. Humphrey. R. Jackson, D. Messenger, D. Hess, E. K. Harm, R. Lewis, W. Lytle, E. Chant, R. Hurlbut, C. Leverenz, W. Boman, D. Dvorak, G. Wan- Row 3: J. Lewis, A. LeDoux, R. Lofgren, R. Grohne, E. Wirth, R. Wagner, J. Finley, D. Myers, D. Dechert. Row 4: B. Schwiesow, W. Montgomery. Row 5: J. Wallis, D. Lukey, J. Shepherd. Three of the four " M " Club offices were held by chapter members. Don Hess, Ed Chant, and Roy Schaub were elected presi- dent, vice-president, and treasurer respec- tively. The Intra-Fraternity Council entrusted the offices of president and secretary to SAE ' s who had proved their leadership qual- ities in fraternal work. OFFICERS First Semester President Art Murray Vice-President Ed Kuny Secretary Bob Smith Treasurer Don Myers Second Semester President Art Murray Vice-President Roily Hurlbut Secretary Ed Chant Treasurer Don Myers SIGMA ALPHA Row 1: R. Christensen, J. Spaulding, P. Ryan, R. Corrington, P. Bennewitz, D. Fessel, J. Nagle, T. Chezevsky, D. Potter, J. Rebert, R. Hughes. Row 2: D. Miller, D. Wright, J. Ballowe, A. Crable, F. Van Doren, W. Fulton, C. Kopman, W. Rief, F. Chezevsky. EPSILON PLEDGES Row 3: W. Perrin, J. Semler, B. Higgens, K. White, A. Hersh- berger. Row 4: G. Rogers, B. Kuhn, J. Hallik. Row 5: D. McBride, J. Thomas, A. Harrison. TAU KAPPA EPSILON In all phases of campus activity, which has included everything from formals and house dances to picnics and bull sessions, the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon have worked together to make this year one of the best that the fraternity has ever experienced. The biggest event of the year for the Tekes was the spring formal, which, after many hours of hard work on the part of the whole chapter, brought Vaughn Monroe to the campus. Although formulated in sum- mer school, the plan was not realized until ten months later. Bob Schaub, who was one of the first to think that having a big name band for our formal was not a pipe dream, along with the committee which worked with him, deserves a great deal of credit for its success. Also memorable, although less spectacu- lar, was the winter formal with the theme of " Snowman ' s Serenade, " which was held at South Side Country Club, and the " Har- vest Hop. " Although Tau Kappa Epsilon had a good year socially, other things also entered in to make the fraternity life a full one. Major offices on both campus publications were held by Tekes as Gene Rigsby became edi- tor of the Decaturian and Dan Newcomb took over the position of business manager for the Millidek. John Winick became Senior Class president, while John Davidson was elected to steer the Freshman class. Tekes TAU KAPPA EPSILON ACTIVES Row 1: W. Dixon, J. Whittingham, R. Mowry, J. Muren, R. Hellman, R. Rhein, D. Snyder. Row 2: J. McDonald, R. Quevy, R. Wright, D. Newcomb, W. Noble, J. Henigman, R. Schaub, R. Edwards. Row 3: R Johnson, Brown, H. Lovejoy, J. Caldwell, J. McEvoy, W. Sutherland, G. Canfield, R. Walters, D. Brock. Row 4: R. Brozio, R. Baldwin, A. Anderson, W. Kline, R. Sward, T. Campbell, K. Meseke, P. Sandnop. Row 5: R Allen, F. Edwards, ]. Lowry, D. Richards, E. Morth- land, A. Filley, R. Coutant, W. Gross, D. Behrns, H. Lowe, W. Swiney. were also chosen to Alpha Phi Omega, and Dan Newcomb became first semester presi- dent and was followed by Rod Sward. This year Tau Kappa Epsilon followed the example of several other chapters at some of the larger colleges and universities through- out the country by replacing " Hell Week " with " Help Week. " The program was suc- cessful, and the pledges spent the week working at various civic projects. OFFICERS First Semester President Dan Newcomb Vice-President Dick Wright Secretary Tim Henigman Treasurer John McDonald Second Semester President Bob Watters Vice-President Jack Muren Secretary lohn McDonald Treasurer Bob Coutant TAU KAPPA EPSILON PLEDGES Row 1: G. Churukian, H. I. Matthews, J. Brilley, J. Davidson, D. Slegister, C. Berrey, J. Ingram. Row 2: G Bradshaw. C Hanser, R. Spung, A. Uzzell, D. Schup- bach, G. Armstrong, W. Roth, C Ramsey, P. Hettinger, D. Borkenhagen. Row 3: R. Carr, C Hedburg, E. Husted, J. Vaught, J. Dettro, R. Roarick, D. Marks, E. Walker. Ml LLI KIN INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION The Millikin Independents began the fall semester with a picnic and a coffee hour for all old members and the new members-to-be. Soon after, things really began to happen; the organization was the largest it had ever been and to keep up with the size, bigger and better plans were made. National Independents ' week was cele- brated in October with special activities and a dance. New pins were adopted, using both the national crest and our own shield as a background. When homecoming rolled around, the Indees were found all hours of the night and day working on a huge green monster. There was even time left to dec- orate the barracks and set up floodlights. This was the first year for the outdoor deco- rations. In keeping with the social season, the winter formal " Christmas Dreams " was held at the St. Nicholas Hotel, and the spring dance was held after Easter vacation. A large number of members attended each of them. Not all the time was spent in socializing, for Indees were found in just about every activity. Emma Lou FitzPatrick was co-editor of the Decaturian, Jim Viani was president of the sophomore class, Herb Zuegel was president of the junior class and was elected to " Who ' s Who " , Anice Duncan was award- ed the Pi Mu Theta scholarship the second semester, Helen Stocker was president of Tau Chi Pi, Robert Marsden and Bob Belmar were very active in Town and Gown, and Wayne Shiffer was president of the Student « 90 » Row I: Elizabeth Toney, Bill Smith, Bob Roberts, Tom Minton, Barbara Burgis, Ruth Kollman, Jane Cooper, Jan Brecken- ridge, Betty Reed, Fran Anderson, Shirley Spear, Al Bron- stein. Row 2: Bill Merrit, Howard Brown, Bill Heyduck, John Wilson, Bob Marsden, Leo Renfrew, Howard Brentner, Nancy Hog- lund Anice Duncan, Nancy Ishikawa, Shirley Cleghorn, Maryann White, Carol Brust, Janice Burton, Lillian Matsu- moto, Jenilee Strom, Felicia Mohaupt. Row 3: Bob Bau Rav Sauerman, JoAnn Bolin. Pat McCrory, John Corzine, Millie Fleer, Gene Peters, Helen Stacker, Emma Lou FitzPatrick, Bill Sachen, Herb Zuegel, Linda Boner, Shir- ley Senn, Eleanor Siewert, Georgiann Dingman. Row 4: Dietrich Petersen, Fred Slavens, Russ Davidson, Joan White Dee Stenhouse, Bob Fleck, John Zacharia, Dick Un- rath, Dale Kenyon, Vern Daluge, Jim Hauter, Mary Lee Abshur, Edwina Duncan, Mary Forny, George Haramy, Pat Lowry, Harry Bursin. Row 5: Bill McGraw, J. Morris Cooper, Chuck McAnanlly, Dan Weisman, Jim Viam, Clyde Forth, Marshal True, Jim Lally, Sue Borden, Flo Haaen, Ned Bradley, Lou Anne Moeller, Jay Cox, Warren Hays, Ross Mullen, John Launer, Rich Massaro, Bob Belmar. Council, vice-president of Alpha Phi Omega, and was elected to " Who ' s Who " . Marshall Susler was president of Pi Kappa Delta, and member of Phi Kappa Phi, and was also elected to " Who ' s Who " . OFFICERS President Herb Zuegel Vice-President Emma Lou FitzPatrick Secretary Helen Stocker Treasurer William Sachen OFFICERS President Virginia Neal Vice-President Carol Koch Treasurer Mary Lou Asbury Editor Eileen Tertocha Row 1: Audrey Ottwein, Milli Fleer, Trudy Geisler, Eleanor Siewert, Virginia Neal, Mary Lou Asbury. Row 2: Helen Jo Deputy, Pat McCrory, Carol Koch. Row 3: Shirley Bonnen, Joanne Stubblefield, Janet Mueller, SIGMA ALPHA IOTA The past year has been one which all S.A.I. ' s will be proud to remember! A well- rounded year of musical activities is always the aim of Sigma Alpha Iota, and this year has proved to be a very exceptional one! The first semester was inaugurated with a party for freshman girls which was fol- lowed by the initiation of our spring pledges. We joined the Phi Mu ' s in a mixer for new students in the fall, and actively participated in the Campus Chest Drive. Another big project was the massive white grand piano constructed by the S.A.I. ' s and Phi Mu ' s (complete with oversized animated concert pianist and recorded music) as Conservatory decoration during Homecoming festivities. The second semester was even more outstanding, for then we joined the Phi Mu Alpha chapter in presenting Johann Strauss ' comic opera " Die Fledermaus " in Albert Taylor Hall, and then putting it on the road. Our traditional Rose Tea, followed by State Day, and our Contemporary Musicale, and finally a last farewell to the seniors at the annual Senior Banguet. All contributed to a very wonderful and successful year for the Nu Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota. Rita Hess, Mary Lou Sauer, Mary Lou Logan, Barbara Munson, Norma Williams. Row 4: Nancv Zi. Louise Krintz, Lyn Schroeder, Joyce Post, Joy Watkins, Mary Taylor, Charlotte Fitz, Janet Keeler, Gloria Miner. PHI MU ALPHA Crowning an active and successful year [or Beta Theta chapter was, of course, the S.A.I. -P.M. A. cooperative production of Strauss ' " Die Fledermaus " , but this was only one of the many projects which our chapter undertook. We started the year with rushing activi- ties. Then came Homecoming and the inev- itable decorations, parade, and Alumni re- ception. This was followed by the beginning of rehearsals and committee work on " Die Fledermaus " , the Variety Show, and the Annual Pledge Dance held at the Hotel Orlando on the Twelfth Night of Christmas, January 5. The second semester brought to us new officers and new rushing and pledging ac- tivities. We then began chorus rehearsals and planned many musical appearances and programs. Once more we co-sponsored competition in the annual All Millikin Sing, and we also sang engagements in many lo- cal places, including an exchange sing with the Decatur chapter of S.P.A.S.B.Q.A. which was a thrilling night for all of us. The annual Spring Formal, Senior Picnic, and Com- mencement climaxed another interesting year. We are indeed proud of the many men in our chapter who this year have given many solo appearances in various places and who thus have carried Beta Theta ' s standard of professional performance to many clubs, organizations and nearby com- munities. PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS First Semester President Bill Briggs Vice-President Willis Walker Secretary Dave Fathauer Treasurer John Sutor Second Semester President Don Grobe Vice-President Ed Ferguson Secretary Dave Neiderbrach Treasurer ' . Bob Ericson Row 1: Larrv Dickerson, Bernard Evans, Eugene Morton, Gene Black, Jay B. Cox. Row 2: Edgar Williams, Jerry Friend, Willis Walker, Bill Briggs, David Fathauer, John Sutor, John Appanaitis, Carrel Henderson, Donald Reich. Row 3: Ed Ferguson, Robert Erickson, Don Grobe, Marshal True, Herb Quarles, David Niederbrach, Bill Warma, Bill Rice. « 93 s t OFFICERS First Semester President Rod Sward Vice-President Jim Manuell Secretary Wry Noble Treasurer Harold Mathews Second Semester President Kenneth Merwin Vice-President Eldon Walker Secretary Bill Winberg Treasurer Ray Saurmann ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega was founded 27 years ago on December 16, 1925, at LaFayette College, Eastern Pennsylvania. It is a fra- ternity based on the members having been Boy Scouts in the past and who, wishing to carry on the program of service in college, banded together to form A. P.O. It is a unique organization in that it gives service to the student body and faculty; service to youth and community; service to the nation and service to the members. It started the first teacher rating scale on the Millikin campus. It has helped give an electric scoreboard on the athletic field and hopes to complete this project soon. It has an annual Ugly Man contest which furnishes the organization with the neces- sary funds to carry out these charitable projects. Thus A. P.O. is an organization not bound- ed by the social limitations and is open to any one who was a former Scout and who wishes to further service to others. Row 1: Norman Trolia, Ron Augustine, Elwood Tryon, Robert lackson, Herbert Quarles, George Churukian. Row 2: Dan Newcomb, Wry Noble, Rod Sward, Wayne Shifter, Ken Merwin, Jim Manuell, Don Dvorak. Row 3: Warren Hays, Chuck Starrett, Bill Winberg, Otto Klein, H. I. Mathews, Jim Hansen, Herb Zuegel, John Schnittker, John Corzine, John Zacharia, Leo Ojakaar. Row 4: Joe Killpatrick, John Launer, Rjurik Golubjatnikov, Paul Tryon, Ken Morris, Fred Howell. STUDENT COUNCIL From the casual observer ' s point of view, the Student Council this year has outdone itself. The genuine interest and support of the students in the affairs of both the students and faculty has been overwhelming. Incorporated in the Council ' s program was the initiation of a stable and permanent income to allow for more adeguate social activities for the student body. A budget was permanently established, proportionate to the needs of the students, for the upkeep of the Milli-den, which was renovated under the direction of the Council. An allowance was made in the budget of the Council for class organizations to promote class and all- school functions. Various Faculty-Council programs were instituted to cement student-faculty relations into common purposes. The establishment of a building fund for the student union building was proposed. A code of ethics and technigues of administration were adopted for the school publications. The Council pro- posed the organization of an annual Little Nine student government convention to as- certain the needs and solve the problems of similar schools. This Student Council deserves a vote of thanks from the entire student body for the progress it has made and for the numerous advantages it has afforded the students of Millikin. OFFICERS President Wayne Shiffer Vice-President Nancy Henry Secretary Dorothy Stoops Treasurer James Finley; Jo Ann Young Row 1: Wayne Shiffer, Dr. Daniel Gage, Trudy Geisler, Jim Finley, Nancy Henry, Dodie Stoops, Miss Eleanor Bieler. Row 2: Martha Robinson, Mary Lou Sauer, Herb Zuegel, Dick Helledy, Don Grobe, Pat Rebbe. Row 3: Ross Mullin, Jo Young, Rod Sward, Dale Richards, Shirley Witt, Bob Jackson, Jim Lyon, Dorothy Dunkelburg, Nancy Ishikawa. WHO ' S WHO It was the outstanding honor of Millikin University this year to have fourteen of its students elected to " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges " . This high honor was bestowed on twelve seniors, and two juniors. The juniors achieving such recognition were John Luttrell, and Jerry Lewis, who have demonstrated qualities of excellence and leadership in both scholar- ship and extra-curricular activities in only two years of college life. All those students elected to " Who ' s Who " have evidenced great strength of character, good social and moral responsibilities, scholastic achievement, and other qualities indicating a strong citizenship, and faithful leadership. Students are nominated to " Who ' s Who " by an anonymous committee com- posed of students and faculty, and then are judged by a smaller committee on all the qualities indicated as essential. The list of nominees is then sent in to " Who ' s Who " for national approval, after which time the students are notified of their election. Row 1, Left to Right: Caroljean Zwetschke, Marilyn Morgan, Patricia Rebbe, Marilyn Gray, John Luttrell, Shirley Witt. Row 2: Richard Helledy, Wayne Shiffer, Herbert Zuegel, Marshall Susler, Jerry Lewis, Ed- ward Chant. 96 » PHI KAPPA PHI Left to right — Row 1: Ine- Patten, Jean Baker, Marilyn Gray, Eileen Terto- rha Barbara Banner, Betty Harrington. Row 2: Bill Talbert, Bill Stick- ler, Jerry Lewis, Mary Lou Asburv, Carolyn Houghton, and Barbara Hill. PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society, elects students from the junior and senior classes for outstanding scholarship. This year the Society invited Dr. Charles Malik, Minister of Lebanon in the United States, and delegate to the United Nations, to speak at the dinner, which honored the initiates in the Hotel Orlando Ballroom, and at the Honors Day Convocation. At the close of his lecture, the University conferred upon him an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters. PI MU THETA Pi Mu Theta, founded in 1914, is the senior women ' s honorary organization at Millikin. A 3.0 or " B " average for all work at Millikin for the first three years is the scholastic require- ment for membership. This organization is comparable to the women ' s honorary, Mortar Board. The outstanding activities of the group this year have been the sale of mums at the home- coming game, the sale of the school calendars, and the sale of programs at the University Sing. PI MU THETA Row 1: Carol Zwetschke (Pres- ident), Marilyn Morgan (Vice- President) , Shirley Witt (Treas- urer), Barbara Walmsley (Sec- retary), Inez Patten, Mary Taylor, Mary Lou Asbury. Row 2: Marilyn Gray, Virginia Herron, Jean Baker, Barbara Banner, Barbara Hill, Kath- leen Fessler, Charlene Adams. 97 » MILLIKIN RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION To foster the religious life of the campus and to intensify the faith of the individual — this is the purpose of M.R.A. Guided by a council made up of members from denominational groups, including Jewish and Roman Catholic, and other interested students and faculty, projects, organized discussions, informal dis- cussions, worship and study — these are en- couraged in order that the purpose may be achieved. M.R.A. meets the new student at Freshman Camp and solicits the support of each new student as well as the upperclass student. Membership is an indication of support and willingness to assist in this purpose in a specific way. « 98 » PI KAPPA DELTA Row 1: M Morgan, E. Bieler, C. Getz, L. McNabb. Row 2: R. Marsden, D. B. Carter, W. Shifter, R. Jack- son D. Quevy. Pi KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, provides a means for orators to demonstrate their ability as debators. Millikin ' s chapter of Pi Kappa Delta has been active and has par- ticipated in several debate tournaments at colleges throughout the state. Marshall Susler served as president, Marilyn Morgan as secre- tary-treasurer, and Dr. McNabb was faculty adviser. TAU CHI PI Tau Chi Pi, an organization of women in the Secretarial Science Department, presents and discusses problems in the fields of secre- tarial science, business administration, and business education. From time to time busi- ness men and women speak to the group. Two picnics and a Christmas party comprised the social events of the year. The officers this year were: Helen Stocker, president; Barbara Walmsley, vice-president; Carolyn Houghton, secretary; and Nancy Ross, treasurer. SIGMA ZETA Row I: Virgil Kelley, Philip An- drews, Robert Roos, James Hansen, Roger Baldwin, Janet Kirby, William Clem, Williard Yarema. Row 2: Tom Campbell, Jim Mc- Crav, Allen Collins, Howard Brown, Bill Talbert, Max Bo- len, Walter Rowland. CON ANT SOCIETY The Conant Society is a literary society open to upper-class English majors and minors. The main purpose of the society is to further the appreciation of literature and related fields. This year the Conant Society sponsored Charles Coburn, and a literary contest. Current officers are: Bob Watters, president; Marilyn Bingman, vice-president; Ginee Herron, secretary; and Dick Helledy, treasurer. SIGMA ZETA Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization on campus for students of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and other related fields of science. Talks were given by the students throughout the year on a variety of subjects. Discussions were then carried on by the group. The second semester the members of Sigma Zeta planned a field trip, and also sponsored a spring dinner. CONANT SOCIETY Row I: Nancy Ishikawa, Mar- lene Wilcoxon, Mrs. Ruth Max- well, Marilyn Morgan, Carol Hammond, Barbara Burgis, Nancy Henry, Mrs. Ellen Jiles, Dannette Norris, Barbara Ban- ner, Barbara Munson. Row 2: Marshall Susler, Edwin Clesson, Jim Abrell, Bob Car- ter, Dick Lewis, Betty Harring- ton, Marilyn Bingman, Richard Helledy. Robert Watters, Bar- bara Walmsley. 100 RESIDENCE HALL Row 1: M. Parker, E. Morris. Row 2: J. Deputy, M. Clayton, B. Irmis, A. Welshans, C. Fitz, M. Sauer. Row 3: D. Norris, G. Geisler, M. Fleer. Women ' s Residence Hail Council The active governing body for the three women ' s dormitories is the Women ' s Residence Hall Council. Its members, representatives from each of the halls, have charge of both the legislation and administration of the dormi- tories. The organization is active in orientation activities and also sponsors hall parties. Jo Deputy was president, assisted by Melva Clay- ton, vice-president, Ann Welshans, secretary, and Trudy Geisler, treasurer. Future Teachers of America Future Teachers of America is organized end designed to be an aid and a guide to rtudents who plan to become teachers. This year the Millikin chapter obtained its national charter. Each member of F.T.A. automatically becomes a member of the National Education Association and Illinois Education Association, and receives his magazines monthly. Leaders in the educational field have spoken at the meetings about many of the problems which concern the present day teacher. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row 1: Inez Patten, Shirley Bonnen, Carol Fiene, Joanne Stubblefield, Ann Logan, Gloria Gebhart, Carol Zwetschke (Pres- ident) Jackie Davis, Joy Dunn Houser, Barbara Munson, Lora Sparks, Jody Col- lins, Evelyn Walden, Marilyn Morgan. Row 2: Barbara Burgis, Marjory Johnstone, Mary Brand, Barbara Banner, Barbara Walmsley, Joyce Keating, Jean Baker, Jean Kizer. Bettv Reed, Mary Ellen Rip- ley, Jackie Traughber, Jeanne Sparks, Marlene Wilcoxon, Cecelia Ossowski Talbert, Pat Miles, Diane Storck. Row 3: Dannette Norris, Pat Rannebarger, Lucille Brown, Dot Dunkelberg, Jackie Dunkel, Kay Smith, Barbara Gregory, Jane Brown, Shirley Branom, Joyce P.per, Gloria Miner, Mary Stenzel, Virginia Her- ron, Jan File, Joan Bence, Phyllis Brais, Connie Bennett. Ann Welshans, Marilyn Blotter, JoAnn Young. Row 4: Dr. Dawald (Adviser), Mr. Fisher (Adviser), Marilyn Palmer, Mary Ellen Weasel, Marilyn Bingman, Phyllis Eaton, Diane Schulte, Marjory Hammill, Mary Ann Schroll, Joan Weishaar Jones, Jane Fearheiley, Nancy Kurrle. « 101 i ART CLUB Row 1: Lois Jensen, Lillian Mat- usmoto, Kay Keith, Jo Ann Bolm, Shirley Scott, Dodie Stoops, Shirley Branom, Dor- othy Eickhoff, Shirley Patten- gill. Row 2: Lucille Bremer, Anice Duncan, Barbara Rule, Mary Lee Klein, Rolyn Barden, Sue Baker, Nancy Redifer, Barbara Hill, Carol Fiene, Kay Kauf- man. Row 3: Bill Montgomery, Bob Marsden. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This has been an, outstanding year for all the girls of the Home Economics Club. Various projects were undertaken, one of which was the annual Christmas party for the girls at the Welfare Home. The club has been chosen to sponsor the Illinois Home Economics Associa- tion of College Clubs, for 1952, with Dr. Viola Bell acting as the State Sponsor, and Dorothy Eickhoff serving as the State President. ART CLUB The purpose of the Art Club is to maintain the high standards of art in our age, and to improve the appreciation of art for everyone. Throughout the year the Art Club has pre- sented various interesting exhibits of both student and professional art. Further improve- ments in the art exhibition areas, and the pre- sentation of varied examples of modern art through movies and exhibits in the Decatur Art Institute have also been a part of the year ' s program. HCME ECONOMICS CLUB Row I: Rosemary Allen, Jackie Grabb, Carol Fiene, Joan Tingleff, Lillian Matsu- moto, Alice Turner, Barbara Hill, Betty Dietschy, Nancv Hoglund, Carlene Ste- genga, Shirley Pattengill, Marlene Price, Donna Reichman. Row 2: Marv Lou Murphy, Pat Reb be, Mary Ann Armstrong, Verne Borse, Jean Shumate, Marjorie Johnstone, Barbara Gregorv. Jane Hawver, Dorothy Eickhoff, Mary Grace Baird, Doctor Viola Bell, Miss Vera Saar, Roselyn Turner, Janet Helgen, Sandra Sampson, Jean Kizer, Mercilvn Swedberg, Nancy Kurrle, Pat Rannebarger, Jo Bence, Dorothy Stoops. « 102 » MAJORETTES Carol Getz, Lou Ann Watson, Pa; Renaldo. MAJORETTES FRENCH CLUB This year three majorettes were added to the line-up of the band. They participated in the festivities of the football and basketball seasons. Besides the extra hours of practice, leading the parades and performing for social clubs, civic groups, and schools kept them busy. Their costumes are an original design com- bining the Millikin colors — the traditional " Blue and White " . The purpose of Le Cercle Francois is to promote the practice of spoken French among its members. Anyone with one year of college French is eligible to be a member. Meetings are held once a month and there is always a party for the December meeting. The officers for this year are: Jean Baker, president; James Manuell, first vice-president; Kathleen McCarthy, second vice-president; Bet- ty Harrington, secretary; and Darrell Merriman, treasurer. FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Marilyn Crawford, Jean Baker, Miss Bonnie Blackburn, Betty Harrington, Dr. Flora Ross, Rita Rambo. Row 2: Maurine Lovins, Kathleen McCar- thy, Phyllis Brooks, Christine Kareotes, Bob Roberts, Anice Duncan, Lillian Mat- sumoto, Jim Manuell, Ellen Scherer. Row 3: Derald Merriman, Bill Montgomery, David Gobert, John McGhee, Howard Brown. 103 GERMAN CLUB Row 1: Carol Bruns, Jean Baker, Jan Breckenridge, Rjurik Go- lubjatnikov, Doctor Flora Ross. Row 2: Lawrence Turner, Robert Roos, Don Lichtenberger, Rob- ert Bro wn, Don Pogue, Tom Campbell, Roger Baldwin. SPANISH CLUB La Sociedad Espanola, composed of stu- dent taking second year Spanish, or more advanced courses in Spanish, has as its aim to acquaint the students with the language and with many customs of the Spanish speaking people. Meetings are conducted in Spanish to give the members practice in the language. Activities such as picnics, folk dancing parties, and a Christmas party with a " pinata " , are held during the year. La Sociedad Espanola meets on the third Wednesday of every month. GERMAN CLUB Der Deutsche Verein is composed of students of the intermediate and advanced German classes. The primary purpose of the club is to ac- quaint its members with the customs, language, and music of Germany, and to promote inter- national understanding. The year ' s program included participation in International Night, a Christmas gala pro- gram, and other activities, such as a music program at which Mozart ' s " Zauberfloete " was presented on records. SPANISH CLUB Row 1: Sue Baker Mary Lee Klein, Kay Kauffman, Bettv Harrington, Betty Diet- schy, Dorothy Pride, Lois Jensen, Nancy Weilepp. Row 2: Marilyn Bingman, Mary Ann Gibbs, Carolyn Houghton, Dr. H. Logan Cobb, Cris Luna, Ellen DeGroot, Betty Nelson, Jeanne Fitzgerald, Carla Drije. 104 1 1 l 111 MILLIKIN BAND This year, sparked by Mr. Elton Burgstahler, the Millikm band increased in both its members and duties. The band gave an added zest to all the football games while the pep band did more than its share during the basket- ball season. Like the postman who stops for neither sleet nor hail the Millikin Band kept marching through slush and snow, through fair and foul weather. The Band marched at the Illinois College football game, and were entertained in the I.C. student building after the game. Eastern State was invited here and was feted in our student building. A concert tour of Blue Mound, Mattoon, Shelbyville, Pana, and Windsor found the band quite busy musically. Of course, none can forget the stirring renditions of the pep band while waiting for the basketball team to pull in from K.C. Altogether the year added another tradition for the Millikin band to live up to in the following years « 105 » ORCHESTRA The Millikin Concert Orchestra was founded under the capable leadership of Mr. Harold Clyde Hess, the spring term of 1947. It originally was a Town and Gown organization called the Millikin Civic Orchestra. The concerts were held at the Masonic Temple and in the years immediately following the found- ing the organization presented many very outstanding artists as soloists. Madame Maria Korenko, called the " Russian Nightingale " , William Primrose, considered to be one of the greatest viola players in the world, and Albert Spalding, America ' s first violinist, have appeared with the Millikin orchestra. The personnel numbered near one hundred for the first concerts, but in 1950 the orchestra was cut down to size for Albert Taylor Hall. The Millikin Orches- tra has two primary purposes, first, to promote the best in symphonic music in Decatur, and second, to give our own outstanding students opportunity to perform with a symphony orchestra. « 106 » Ml LLIKIN CHOIR The University choir has seen another busy year o{ outstanding perform- ances. The full schedule of the choir has included concerts at Mattoon, Spring- field, Decatur High, and the Lions Club. It also presented two inspiring concer ts in Albert Taylor Hall. At one of these, which was done in the Fall, the choir sang a Bach Motet, a work of Frescobaldi, and a number by John Balamos, a former Millikin student. The other program, presented in the Spring, was com- posed of a Bach Mass and two of the Bach cantatas. As can be readily seen from the foregoing examples of its repertoire, the choir sings only the highest type of choral music. In keeping with tradition, shortly before Christmas the choir and chorus combined forces for the annual presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah. " In the Spring the two groups, accompanied by a small orchestra, performed the Mozart " Mass in C Minor. " The choir sings at the weekly chapel services of the University. Both the a cappella choir and the university chorus are under the excellent and inspir- ing leadership of Mr. Howard Akers. RALPH ALLAN ROBERT APPLEBY COACHING STAFF The Millikin coaching staff, though not extensive, has proved itself capable this past year. Led by athletic director Ralph Allan, the basketball team repeated as conference champs as well as winning the N.A.I.B. State playoffs and a chance to go to Kansas City. In his springtime duties as coach of track, tennis, and golf, he will probably come up with further C.C.I, champions. Coach Bob Appleby in his first year at Millikin has done a fine job as head foot- ball coach and looks as if he may be able to lead the Blue to another conference crown in baseball. Dr. Leo Stme took on the added respon- sibility to his regular classes and turned in a fine job as assistant coach of football last fall. Don Hess also came through in good style to aid Coach Allan as assistant coach of the basketball team. LEO STINE, DON HESS « 110 » " M " CLUB The " M " club once again has had a quiet, but far from inactive year. The leading activities followed have been the used-book exchange and the Joe Catlin Memorial basketball game. The money from these sources flows into a scholarship fund for Millikin athletes to help Millikm build up its athletic program. The " M " club was headed by " feep " Althoff the first semester with Don Hess as vice-president. The second semester saw Hess take over the presi- dency with Ed Chant handling the vice-presidency. « First Row: Kelley, Luttrell, Chant, Sesslar, Van Doren. Second Row: Panizzi, Sutherland, Hess, Althoff, Fitzgerald, Hazenfield, Kowalski. Third Row: Mueller, Boman, Rausch, Short, Pogue, Finley, Kossieck, Coach Allan. Fourth Row: Heiss, Kowa, Lewis, Mclntyre. « 111 » FOOTBALL 1951 FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: Chant, Wiesenmeyer, Mc- Intyre, Hazenfield, Kowalski, Tony Innis, Hess, Sesslar, Halliburton, Epperson. Second Row: Coach Stine, Savage, Rausch, Schaub, Bennewitz, F. Chizevsky, Fitzgerald, Jones, Lip- pold, Carlier, Bronstein, Benton. Third Row: Reif, Dooley, Hatfield, McAnally, Killpatric, Kelley, Short, Mormino, Vitali, Kopmann, Runyon, Coach Appleby. Fourth Row: Kossieck, T. Chizevsky, Panizzi, Bomari, Cooley, Armstrong, Augustine, Kramer, Higgins, Young. « 112 » Once again Millikin started out its year ' s athletic program, by going full blast into the football season. At the head o| this year ' s team, however, was a new- comer to Millikin. Robert W. Appleby was appointed head football coach to replace Henry J. Keil who had resigned at the close of the 1951 school year. Mr. Appleby came to Millikin from Arkansas State Uni- versity where he was line coach and head baseball coach from 1949, when he com- pleted his graduate work, until the close of the 1951 school year. Along with Coach Appleby came some- thing new to the Little Nine Conference this year. The " split-T " formation, an up and coming variation of the regular " T " formation Millikin had used the previous three years, utilizes wide spacing between the linemen, and a quarterback who can pass or run with the ball himself as well as hand off to another backfield man. 113 For its opening game Millikin traveled to Cape Girardeau, Mo., where the new- ness of the " split T " proved too much for them, keeping them from capitalizing on any of quite a few scoring opportunities. The Indians were right at home and used their every opportunity to come up with a 26-0 score over the Blue. After a week of polish the Big Blue was in championship form when they traveled to Wheaton. The Blue stopped Wheaton ' s attack cold, and were never in trouble except for two long runs by Wheaton ' s All Conference halfback, George Dryden, which only added to the thrill of a hard- fought 13-12 victory for Millikin. The following week saw Millikin in their home opener against Augustana. Another hard fought game was in store and the Blue showed their desire to win by coming out on the right end of the 12-7 score. Backed by a large crowd of loyal fans, the team was off to Jacksonville for the annual grid-battle with Illinois College. I.C. started off with a bang and swept seventy yards for the game ' s first T.D., but couldn ' t hold their lead as Millikin turned on full force for a 27-6 victory and their third C.C.I, win in as many starts. DON HESS All Conference Honorable Mention DON McINTYRE All Conference Honorable Mention AL KOWALSKI ROY SCHAUB All Conference Honorable Mention I. Homecoming found Millikin or; ol v oyr;, torn between clar;:;or; and prejoaratjori:; (or the Cavalcade of Talent, the dance, the floats, and the house decorations; the classes suffered as did the team. Some- thing was missing as the Blue went down 26-7 in a hard fight to the unbeaten Wes- leyan eleven, intent on keeping their record that way. The Blue headed north for their last conference game with North Central. The snow flew and by game time the field was under several inches of white. In the freezing blizzard which kept up through- out the entire game, the small, shifty Blue was left immobilized; while the slow, but heavy Cardinals went unhampered by the snow to a 26-12 victory. The snow lasted and the field remained blanketed for play so the game with Ball State was cancelled by mutual agree- ment. The last game of the season found the Blue and White playing host to Eastern. The team, depleted by serious injuries to key players, gave their all and for three quarters they were able to keep up with the high powered Eastern team. Lack of depth caught up, however, giving Eastern a chance to run wild for 33 points in the last quarter making the final score 46-6. CAPTAIN TONY INNIS BOB HAZENFIELD ED CHANT All Conference Honorable Mention HAL WIESENMEYER Although the wm-loss record for the year came up a not-too-impressive 3-4, the spirit shown was compensating. The undermanned team did a good job in taking third place in College Conference of Illinois standings. Individuals were also outstanding in that Ralph Rausch was named to the offensive All-Conference team with Lou Epperson, and Tom Innis being named to the All-Conference defen- sive team. Other standouts were Don Hess, Roy Schaub, Don Mclntyre, Jack Lippold, Gene Panizzi, and Ed Chant, who were elected to Honorable Mention on the All-Conference selections. Next year ' s team, captained by Roy Schaub and Lou Epperson, and equipped with 15 returning lettermen, have the way open for a great season. Their ability and experience combined with the Millikin spirit to win should give the Big Blue their most successful season since their entrance into the College Conference of Illinois. BUD KELLEY GENE PANIZZI All Conference Honorable Mention JACK LIPPOLD All Conference Honorable Mention DON SESSLAR FRANK CHIZEVSKY GORDY SHORT BILL SAVAGE BASKETBALL When the Big Blue ambled up to Normal to initiate the 1951-52 season, I guess they hadn ' t heard that they were supposed to have a mediocre record be- cause they started in by dropping Normal 61-59. Incidentally, for the prediction ex- pert ' s benefit, Normal was rated as having one of its best teams in a decade. The statement was made at the physical plant of J.M.U. prior to the first four games that if a majority of these games were won, Ihe Millikin Hardwooders should be cap- able of rolling over some toughies. They carne through with three out of four of these blue chip games dropping only one which was to be avenged later. After the Southern game at home, the round-ball guintet opened their confer- ence grind by giving Elmhurst a blitzkrieg treatment 81-43. First Row: Mueller, Dalton, Luttrell, Althoff, Gale, Kuhn, Aery, Manager Heiss. Second Row: Coach Allan, Murray, Rozycke, Lewis, Dubinick, Sheets, Kowa, Coach All this time the prophets were picking Lake Forest and Wheaton as likely con- tenders to battle it out for the conference title. The Big Blue machine calmly con- tinued with calculated precision to thread the nets by shadowing Kentucky Wes- leyan 77-62 at home, and then moving southward to bump off Southern State at Flora 73-61 and taking care of Austin College from Texas to the tune of 65-58. The curtain came down on the first act, and the stage was set for the telltale test. Before the Wesleyan game a certain amount of cramming was necessary, but the high spirited cagers of West Main passed the test with a margin of four points, 71-67. Three days later the highly praised Forester were forced to return to the woods without the goods, for the M.U. hoopers had applied the axe 76-64. CO-CAPTAIN ART MURRAY The middle of January saw I.C. get the Millikin cooling process tossed at them as the bucketeers turned the Blue Boys a darker shade of blue, 92-59. After the deep freeze at I.C, the ambrosial taste of victory was sweetened all the more as our rampant quintet stole the honey from the lair of the Washington U. Bears. How- ever, the Pipers of Hamlme mesmerized our stalwarts 88-66, and the Mac Men of Macales- ter also manipulated the leather sphere in a manner which muddled the Millikin men, 67-54. JOHN LUTTRELL All Conference CO-CAPTAIN BOB KOWA All Conference BUD MUELLER DICK LEWIS « 120 » Eastern hardly provided a welcome for the blue satellites upon their return home by jolting them 81-64. The first defeat in league play came from North Central, 68-58, but this loss was to be their only conference setback of the season. Millikin regained their form by waltzing the Washington U. Bears back to Brown town to the tune of 66-50. The next six games were played in Millikin ' s usual net-ripping style, and the Big Blue came out on top over Wesleyan 59-66, I.C. 95-59, Quincy 81-47, Augustana 60- 59, Carthage 68-60, and Wheaton 98-87. JERRY GALE HARRY DUBINICK 1 I MEL SHEETS GERALD DALTON State %. rf. r ). (fyamfiA The next matter at hand was an engage- ment in Champagn with two I.I.A.C. teams, Normal and — oh, yes! Eastern! Normal was given the forty minute persuasion treatment 81-64 and switched. The Eastern Cats, however, received special attention from the methodical Millikm men. They reluctantly accepted what had been coming to them all season, and went down 74-71 in a blaze of glory that was all Millikin ' s. ' ■fS ! i M ni The climax o{ the season was reached at Kansas City when 500 students fol- lowed the team west to see the national tourney. After running over Elon, North Carolina, in the first game by a score of 101 to 69, the team was edged out in their second game by Whitmore of Spokane, Washington. The final score was 72 to 71 after a great rally by Milli- kin in the last quarter. Millikin ' s John Luttrell won the E. S. Listen award for outstanding junior in the tournament. BASKETBALL " B " TEAM Kneeling: Armstrong, Mills, Schneiter, Dettro. Standing: Hallek, McBnde, Graglia, Rozycke, Kuhn, Coach Hess. i:3 ■I I ■ Kneeling: Aery, Mullinax, Sutherland. Standing: Dettro, Dooley, Winters, Lewis, Coach Stauder, Kowalski, Semler, Van Perrin, Longbons, Kuhn, Sheets, Appleby. Doren, Hess, Cook, Dechert, Schaub, Murray, Messenger, BASEBALL A good turnout of players greeted Coach Appleby for his first year at the helm of the Big Blue baseball team. A past double-A pitch- er and well experienced baseball man, Coach Appleby was well qualified to take over a team that has often been champions. Bad weather kept the team indoors for the most part of the pre-season workouts. They were, however, well enough rounded into shape so that their first start ended in a win over Washington at St. Louis. The southern trip over the Easter vacation proved its worth in preparation for the regular season, even though a not too impressive win-loss record was compiled against a schedule of star-stud- ded teams. A good pitching staff is a neces- sity for a winning performance, and Millikin is proving itself very capable. Led by senior co-captain Don Hess, a standout with his 4-0 record for this season, the staff has plenty of depth. Behind Hess is the able arm of Gene Stauder with a 2-0 record already com- piled for this season. Co-captain Dave Messenger looks as if his ailing arm is rounding into shape once again as he also has come through with a win in two starts this year. Ward Perrin and Loren Longbons have yet to find the right tricks, however, but should develop as the season progresses. FRANK VAN DOREN CO-CAPTAIN DON HESS GENE STAUDER LOREN LONGBONS CO-CAPTAIN DAVE MESSENGER WARD PERRIN « 125 » The receiving half of the battery is in the person of Frank Van Doren. Though only a sophomore, he has been filling the first string position last season and this in a superior fashion. Dick Lewis, back after a year ' s layoff, is going great guns once again as he did in basketball. With his lanky stretch and ability to pick them up out of the dirt he has been doing a great job as first base- man. Transfer student Dick Aery, with a good batting eye and a phobia for steal- ing bases, has been proving his worth on second. Clet Mullinax with a strong throwing arm has been able to aid the cause with his putouts from deep short. At the hot corner of the infield is Jac k Semler. With his steady performance in the field and at bat, he is fast showing his worth in his first year on the team. The outfield boasts the team ' s hitting power. Roy Schaub, team batting champ last season, looks a cinch to repeat for the title with the fast pace he is setting again this year at the plate. Al Kowalski, perma- nently in the outfield this year instead of at shortstop, has been using the bat to good advantage also as he keeps hitting over the three hundred mark. Bill Sutherland, past team captain and batting champion, is doing his usual good job at the plate as well as in the field with his strong throwing arm from deep center field. DICK LEWIS CLETUS MULLINAX DICK AERY JACK SEMLER ROY SCHAUB AL KOWALSKI BILL SUTHERLAND Schedule and Scores Washington Away Southwest College Away Fort Campbell Away Fort Campbell Away W. Kentucky State Away Southern Illinois Away Western Illinois Home Illinois College Away North Central Home Illinois Wesleyan Home Lake Forest Home Illinois College Home Elmhurst Away Carthage Away Illinois Wesleyan Away Eastern Illinois Home Illinois State Normal . . . Home We They 3 1 16 3 3 3 1 5 2 17 12 10 3 9 5 11 2 7 2 6 ] 15 5 9 2 3 6 2 R Canceled 2 4 With the record already turned in this year, especially in conference play, it looks as if the team, led by co-captains Don Hess and Dave Messenger, will be able to once again return the conference crow n [c Millikin. CO-CAPTAINS DAVE MESSENGER and DON HESS 127 » TRACK The Millikin track team, coached by Ralph Allan, got off to a fast start in the 1952 season. Captained by John Luttrell, the Blue swept over Principia College in the season opener. The following meets saw the Big Blue not guite strong enough, however, as Eastern, Washington, and Wheaton turned back their hopes for team victory. Although the team as a whole has been forced to settle for second places, captain John Luttrell has been consistently setting the pace in his races. Already the school ' s record holder in the half-mile, mile and member of the one-mile relay team, John this season has settled for the longer distances of the mile and two-mile runs. With less events to concentrate on, John has been able to add the two-mile record to his total and better it with each start as he grows in experience. RELAY TEAM SHERMAN, BALLOWE, KAPLAN, SPALDING « 128 Kneeling: Armstrong, Shepherd, Ballowe, Taylor, Epperson, Kaplan, Luttrell, Mueller, Spalding. Standing: McBride, Johner, Wright, Sherman, Key, Pogue, Panizzi, Chant, Thompson, Coach Allan. Backing up LuttreU in the track events have been the other stalwarts of last year ' s team. Ron Sherman breaking the tape in the 220 and 440, Don Pogue going over the hurdles to win, and Dubinick, Thomson, Mueller, Mills, and Savage add- ing, the points with their seconds and thirds. In the field events it was Jack Shepherd in the broad jump and Lou Epperson in the pole vault who were picking up win- ning points for the team. Gus Wangelin twirling the disk at an improved pace over last year has been coming in the money along with Gene Panizzi putting the shot to near record- breaking performances. Ed Chant, the only senior on the team, has been stead- ily improving on his javelin throwing with each meet, and should continue ending up in the point scoring column. CAPTAIN JOHN LUTTRELL « 129 » BROAD JUMP JACK SHEPHERD POLE VAULT LOU EPPERSON Along with the holdovers from last year ' s team, a good group of freshmen are helping to round the team into form. Winning perform- ances in the dashes have been going to Jim Spaulding as well as a place on the relay team. Along with Spaulding on the relay team is Jim Ballowe, a newcomer in the 440 and 220 yard dash. Dick McBride is another freshman showing promise. With creditable performances in the HIGH JUMP CHARLES ARMSTRONG mile and two mi le he shows as a potential candidate to better, in his upperclassman days, the marks for these events now being set by Luttrell. Charles Armstrong rounds out the freshman group by being the team ' s leading high jumper while only a freshman. All in all the team shows great promise and should continue being a credit to Millikin ' s great athletic standing. DISTANCE RUNS McBRIDE, MUELLER. LUTTRELL « 130 » DISCUS GUS WANGELIN JAVELIN ED CHANT SHOT PUT GENE PANIZZI SPRINTS THOMPSON. SPAULDING Schedule Principia , at .... . Millikin Eastern, Harris Teachers at Millikin Washington at . Washington Wheaton, Beloit, Bryan at . . . Wheaton Wesleyan, Stowe Teachers at Millikin Normal, Wesleyan at Normal Elmhurst Invitational . . at . . . . Elmhurst Conference at . . Lake Forest « 131 » LYNN TURNER BILL STRICKLER LARRY DICKERSON CAPTAIN JOHN HEISS TENNIS The Big Blue tennis team is showing two new faces backing up the two holdovers from last year. Still unproven Strickler and Dicker- son are hoping to add the finishing touches to the winning game played by captain John Heiss and Lynn Turner. It looks like a sure bet to say that Heiss will capture the conference singles crown, with the Heiss-Turner combination a strong contender for the doubles match. JAMIL TOURBBEH JERRY LEWIS CAPTAIN JIM FINLEY GOLF The golf team likewise is composed of two new men plus two returning lettermen. Ed Kuny and Jim Mullen, ineligible last year be- cause of transfer, look as if they will be able to do their share in helping captain Jim Finley and Bud Downey in their quest to repeat as conference champs again this year as they have already won four of their first five starts. ED KUNY JIM MULLIN BUD DOWNEY ! The Millidek staff has picked Don Hess to receive this year ' s " M " man award. From his start at Millikin four years ago, Don has shown his abilities to the school. Quarterbacking the football team in the fall and pitching the baseball team to victory in the spring gave Don his varsity letters. Along with this he also found time to be assistant coach of basketball for the past season. Don also has shown his leadership by being president of the " M " club and an officer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Don ' s unquestionable spirit and desire to win should go a long way towards making him a success in the coaching field he wishes to enter. « 134 » CHEERLEADERS The Millikin cheerleaders have been in good form for the past year. Leading the yells at the football games might not have paid off too highly, but basket- ball saw their inspiration come through. In all the games the cheerleaders helped the crowd back the team as they fought their way to victory. In the center. Patsy Wieland; left to right, Jody Collins, Sue Sullan, Dick Wagner, Janice Stone, Barbara Ficker. MANAGERS As essential to a team as its will to win are its managers. Their job of keeping the locker room and equipment in top shape is a neces- sary one if the team is to be in its top shape. The managers have a thankless job, but are still a part of the team and so their letter awards for two seasons work should be respected and worn with pride. Gene Cook, George Rogers « 135 » WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION W. A. A. GIRL MARILYN GRAY BASKETBALL ALL-STARS Row 1: Klein, Coenen, Bingman, Collins, Parker, Dunkel Gilman. n T,v 2: Miner, Williams, Fit:, Lovins, Bcksr, Fleer, Kee ler, Carroll. W.A.A. has a program which is based on both social and sport activity and is open to all university women. Its primary activity is the operation of an intramural program which includes such sports as softball, basketball, deck tennis, bowling, badminton, and volley ball. A round robin tournament is conducted in each activity and points are then awarded to those groups having the best records. A traveli ng trophy is presented each spring to the organization which has the greatest number of points. The annual W.A.A. picnic was held early in September to acquaint all university women with the organization. This year a coed recrea- tion evening was sponsored jointly with the " M " Club for everyone. The W.A.A. also participates in various sports days held by other colleges and univers- ities. Each year a special tennis tournament is held on this campus to which we invite all the Illinois colleges. Individual awards are presented to girls active in intramural and in W.A.A. These awards are based on a point system which requires 250 points to obtain numerals, 500 points for a blue M, 1,000 points for a white M, INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Collins, Dunkel, Keeler, Bingman, Klein, Fitz. SENIOR SWEATER GIRLS (right corner) Morgan, Miner, Dunkelberg, Lovins, Gray, Williams, Gebhart, Fleer, Koss. and 1500 points for a letter sweater. These awards are made at the spring honors day. Each year an outstanding senior with at least 1,000 points is elected as the W.A.A. girl. This election is based on her scholarship, lead- ership, skill in activity, personality, service to W.A.A. , sportsmanship, and participation m other activities. TENNIS ALL-STARS Row 1: Williams, Collins, Klein, Coenen, Fleer. Row 2: Fitz, Baker, Carroll, Keeler, Dunkel. activities HAY FEVER The first Town and Gown play of the school year was Noel Coward ' s " Hayfever, " presented on November 16 and 17. Dealing with the antics of a zany family on a partic- ular weekend, the comedy gave the audi- ence a most enjoyable evening of laughs. When the four members of the Bliss family each invited a guest to spend the weekend without informing the others, the situation became complicated. The guests were ig- nored by their hosts and tried to entertain themselves. Mrs. Jane Ludlow and Mr. David Langlois as the mother and father of the family gave excellent performances as they contributed much to the turmoil of events. Sue Etherington and Jim Ballowe, Sorel and Simon Bliss, got involved in romantic diffi- culties of their own which were solved only when the guests terminated their visit. The five supporting actors added to the gay confusion of the weekend. tf TOWN AND GOWN « 146 » " IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS " For their second major production the Town and Gown players presented a chal- lenging Greek play, " Iphigenia m Tauns by Euripides (April 4 and 5). The scene of the play is laid in the land of the barbarian Taurians before the temple of Artemis. Barbaric pillars and a bloody altar lent great atmosphere to the setting. Events leading up to the play were these: Iphigenia was about to be sacrificed by her father Agamemnon, in order to appease the gods and be able to fight in the Trojan war. However, just before the knife fell, the god- dess Artemis substituted a deer for Iphigenia and carried the girl off to Tauris where she served as the priestess. It was her duty to sprinkle holy water on the foreheads of captive strangers who were then beheaded. The play begins with the arrival of Orestes, Iphigenia ' s brother, and Pylades, his friend in Tauris. They have come to get the image from the temple. The very beau- tiful recognition scene in which brother and sister recognize each other adds much to the effectiveness of the play. Iphigenia aids her brother in outwitting the savage King Thoas and in stealing the image from the temple. A most dramatic scene occurs near the end of the play when the goddess Athena appears to aid the Greeks in making their escape. Thunder, lightning, and the screams of the actors prelude her appearance. Both a speaking and dancing chorus were used to beautifully interpret the poetic lines. Mary Frances Prust, as Iphigenia, and Robert Belmar, as Orestes, gave excellent interpretations to the difficult lines. King Thoas, played by Ted Bell, and the goddess Athena, played by Patricia Monroe, added greatly to the dramatic impact. " DIE FLEDERMAUS " The zenith of the musical activities on cam- pus this year was the production of Johann Strauss ' ' ' Die Fledermaus " (The Bat). Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha combined their talents to present two tremendously success- ful performances of this operetta. " Die Fledermaus " is the story of Dr. Fritz Falke ' s revenge against Gabriel von Eisen- stein. The latter preparing to serve a jail sentence for kicking a tax collector, is per- suaded by Dr. Falke to attend a ball. There he unknowingly makes love to his own wife. Meanwhile her lover, mistaken for Eisenstein is arrested and led to jail. The following morning all meet at the jail and everything ends happily. The production was under the direction of Mr. Robert Long, and the orchestra was conducted by Mr. Elton Burgstahler. The choreography was directed by Miss Annette Van Dyck. The chorus was coached by Mr. Russell Peebles. The operetta was also given in Paris and Springfield, Illinois. " DIE FLEDERMAUS " CAST Dr. Fcdke (Die Fledermaus) . . .Lindy Wade Alfred Keith Frame Adele Nancy Zi, Eileen Tertocha Rosalina Norma Williams Eisenstein Don Grobe Dr. Blind Warren, Hayes, Dave Neiderbrach Frank (the Warden) . . . William Briggs Ida Barbara Munson Prince Orlorfsky Trudy Giesler Joanne Hardin Forsch (the Jailer) William Wcrrma SENIOR ACTIVITIES ABRELL. JAMES CLAYTON: Conant; F T A ADAMS. CHARLENE: Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi- W A A ■ Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chairman, House President Social Chairman; A Cappella Choir; University Choms University Band; Intramurals; Publicity Committee, HomecornTng 1951, Chairman, Alpha Chi Omega Homecoming 1951; Who ' s Who. AHLSTRAND, WILLIAM H: , Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge Vice- President; Spanish Club; " Play Production; murals, Football, Baseball, Track. ALTHOFF, JERRY: M Club, President, Basketball Captain; Delta Rushing Chairman; Basketball, Varsity, 3; M Sigma Phi, Club; W.A.A. Mixer, Chairman. ARMSTRONG, MARYANN: MIA; Home Economics Club; F.T.A.; Methodist Youth Fellowship, President; M.Y.F. Campus Cell. ASBURY MARY LOUISE: Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Special Funds Chairman, Pledge Chaplain Sigma Alpha Iota, Treas- urer Social Chairman; Conant; W A.A.; Pi Mu Theta; Band, University Chorus; Assistantship, Music Theory. BAILEY. LARRY E.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BAKER. JEAN ZELLA: French Club, Secretary President; Ger- man Club, Secretary; Pi Mu Theta; Conant; Pi Beta Phi, His- torian Program Chairman; W.A.A. ; F.T.A.; French Award, First Prize, 1951. BALL DON H.: Delta Sigma Phi; " M " Club; Varsity Football 2 Basketball 2; Intramural, Football 2, Baseball 4, Basket- ball 2, Track 4; Athletic Trainer 2. BANNER. BARBARA: Pi Beta Phi, Rush Captain, President, Pan- hellenic Council, President; Phi Kappa Phi Pi Mu Theta; Conant F T A ■ Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Uni- verses; W.A.A Homecoming Publicity Committee; Deca- gon? Business Staff; Millidek, Business Staff; Intramurals. BARDEN, ROLYN R.: Delta Sigma Phi, Historian; Art Club, pTesident; Spanish Club ' 50 Homecoming Program, -Chair- man; Campus Chest Publicity, 51- 52; W.S.b r ., publicity ™0- ' 51; Decaturian Staff ' 51; Mary English Award m Art 1951. BASCOM. RICHARD: Tau Kappa Epsilon. BATEMAN. ALLEN: M.I. A. BECK. FREDERICK: Band; Orchestra; Woodwind Quintet. BERRY. WILLIAM F.: Honor Roll; Assistant, Math Dept.; Instruc- tor, Math Dept. BESGROVE. CARROLL E.: Lake Forest College Omega Psi, Student Council, President of House Committee of Omega Psi- Lincoln College, Chapel Committee Assistant Editor of " Lincolnian " , Editor of " Echoes " Lincoln Annual. BLOMGREN. JAMES A.: Delta Sigma Phi; Decatur City Com- mittee, Publicity Committee. BOLIN DOROTHY JO ANN: M.I.A. ' 51- ' 52; W.A.A. ' 48- ' 49; Z.T.A. Pledge Vice-President ' 48; S.C.A. ' 49- ' 50; Choir; Campus Chest ' 51- ' 52. BONNEN. SHIRLEY ANN: Millikin Band; Millikin Civic Orches- tra Siama Alpha Iota, Vice-President of Pledge Class and Rush Carman 50- ' 52; Intramurals Zeta Tau A pha, song leader ' 51- ' S2; F.T.A., song leader; Woodwind Quintet. BORDEN. SUE ANN: Homecoming Tea Committee ' 51; W.S.S.F. Committee ' 51; MIA; F.T.A. BRADY. PATRICK WILLIAM: Delta Sigma Phi, Assistant Social Charman ' 50; Homecoming Ticket Committee 48; JMU Style Show ' 51; Intramurals; Football ' 48- ' 52; Basketball 48- 50; Tennis ' 48- ' 50. BRAIS, PHYLLIS: Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer; Tau Chi Pi; W A A; Conant Society; F.T.A.; Bradley University 49 French Club; Pre-Med Club; Math Club; House President Women ' s Residence Council. BRITTON. JOHN R.: MIA; Intramural. BURD. MARIAN: Sigma Alpha Iota, Program Chairman; Student Council- Opera ' ' The Medium " ; Women ' s Resident Council; House President; A Cappella Choir; Student Christian Asso- BURKE. BOB G.: Intramurals. CARPEROS, ERNEST W.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Social Chairman; Intramural Football, Basketball. Pi llikin; CARTER. ROBERT: Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega Kappa Delta, President; Conant Society; This ... Is Mill Assembly Chairman. CHANT. EDWARD H.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Recorder, Publicity Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Parliamentarian, Social Committee; M Club, Vice-President; Town and Gown One Act Plays; Football Program Committee, Co-Edi or Business Manager, Millidek; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who; All Conference Football Honorable Mention. CLAYTON. MELVA: University Chorus; W.A.A.; R.W.A.C., Vice- President. CLESSON. EDWIN E.: Pi Kappa Delta; Conant. CLYDESDALE. BETTY: Alpha Chi Omega, Warden, WAA; Homecoming Dance Decoration Committee; Campus Chest Queen Candidate. COPE. PATRICIA: Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer; F.T.A. ; W.AA : Homecoming Decorations Committee; Intramurals, Baseball, Basketball. CORZINE. JOHN: Alpha Phi Omega; M.I. A.; Campus Chest Ex- ecutive Committee; W.S.S.F. Committee. COUTANT, ROBERT A.: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Conant; Town and Caesar; Homecoming Committee 49; Student Gown, Julius Council Publicity Committee; ' 49, Executive Editor ' 49- ' 50. Decaturian, Managing Editor CROWELL, FRANCES: Alpha Chi Omega, Song Leader, Secre- tary; W.A.A.; Homecoming Committee. CUMMINS, MARGARET ANN: Junior Class Secretary; Delta Delta Delta Treasurer Pledge Class, House President, Second Vice-President, Vice-President, Co-Chairman Homecoming; Secretary, Vice-President of Art Club; Student Council, Coun- cil Delegate to Beloit Conference; Co-Chairman Millikin Senior Guest Day; Tau Chi Pi; Home Economics Club; F.I.A.; W A A ■ Pep Club; Delta Epsilon, Delegate to Delta Delta Delta State Meet; Homecoming, Co-ordinating Chairman, Publicity, Decorating Committees; Student Council By-Laws Committee Chairman; Junior-Senior Prom Commi ttee; Art Club By-Laws Committee; Chairman, Millikin All School Mixer; Sub Committee. DAVIS. CARL W.: Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball. DICKS. LORNA ADELAIDE: Orchestra; Millikin Dames; Choir; Pi Mu Theta. DOBBINS. RICHARD C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track. DOWNEY, RAYMOND H.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chronicler, Scholarship Chairman; Intramurals, Football, Softball, Bas- ketball, Track, Golf. DUGAN, RICHARD: Intramural, Baseball. DUNKELBERG. DOROTHY: Zeta Tau Alpha, Guard, Secretary; FT A - WA.A.; Student Council; Choir; Chairman Town Gown ' Business Committee; Decaturian, Girls Sports; Tennis Team; Homecoming Queen Candidate; Deha Sigma Phi Dream Girl; W.S.S.F. Queen Candidate; Senior Girls Letter Sweater, Honor Roll. ERICKSON tramurals; ARTHUR DANFORTH: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; In- Football 2; Baseball 2; Volleyball 2. ERICKSON. MARCELLA DURR: Spanish Club 1; Tau Chi Pi 1 9 T 4- W A A 1 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Fi Beta Phi, Program ' Chairman and Recording Secretary; i Assistant , Business Administration; Decaturian, Women ' s Sports Editor 2, Society Editor 4; General News Statt J. EVANS. DONALD RICHARD: Alpha Phi Omega. FEARHEILEY, JANE: Delta Delta Delta. Cultural Chairman; W.A.A.,- Tau Chi Pi; Spanish Club; F.T.A. FERGUSON, EDWARD: Phi Mu Alpha. « 166 SENIOR ACTIVITIES FITZ. LORNA: MIA, Manager ol Intramurals 4. FLEER. MILLICENT: MIA; M.R.Aj U.Y.F.! Sigma Alpha Iota; H,„„|. Oichr-Hlm; A OcipnoIWi Choir, 0|«mi W.H.A O. A. .Ion Hall Council, President Intramurals, Basketball 4, lenms 4. FLINN BETTIE ANN: W.A.A.; Intramurals; Tau Chi Pi; French Club, FX A. ; M llidek; Pi Beta Phi, Social, P edge Secretary, Historian, Scholarship Chairman, Settlement School Chair- man, House President, Censor; Ticket Committee; Queen Committee; Town and Gown Chairman ol Costume Com- mittee; Senior Guest Day Planning Committee; W.b.b.r. Committee; Millidek Stall 4. GALBREATH, VERNON K.: Intramural Manager, MIA; Intra- murals, Football, Baseball, Basketball; Homecoming Queen Judge. GEBHART. GLORIA JOANNE: Delta Delta Delta; Song Leader, Intramural Manager, Assistant Treasurer; W.A.A.; ■i-A-i Pep Club Vice-President; Town and Gown, Two Blind Mice; School Play, Soul of the Professor; Homecoming, Ticket Sales Parade; Town and Gown, Committees for Plays; Sons and Daughters of Millikin Alums Tea; Intramurals; Deck Tennis, Softball, Volleyball, Bowling, Badminton. GIBBS, MARY ANN: Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian, Publicity Chair- man, Magazine Committee; Spanish Club President Secre- tary W A A • Conant; Methodist Youth Fellowship; W.b.b.r Publicity, Homecoming Decorations Committee, International Night Spanish Chairman; Decaturian, Feature Staff; MilliaeK, Senior Class Editor; Assistant, English Department; Honor Roll; Sophomore Class Treasurer. GRAY. MARILYN: Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Panhellenic Coun- cil Treasurer; Student Council Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta, President, Scholarship Chairman, Marshal, Pledge President; F T A • W A A Vice-President; Assistant in Physical Educa- tion Department; Campus Chest, Co-Chairman; Student Coun- cil Social Committee; Treasurer Financial Committee tor all organizations; Decaturian, By-Law Revision; Millidek, By-Law Revision; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. GREENE, PHYLLIS: Home Economics Club; Student Christian Association. HAGEN, FLORENCE: M.I. A., Vice-President, Social Committee, Queen Candidate, Homecoming Committee; French Club; Intramurals; Student Council; Student Affairs Committee; Religious Emphasis Committee; Queen Committee. HALL, ALFRED L.: Delta Sigma Phi; Future Teachers of America, Program Committee; Chairman Homecoming Parade Commit- tee; Junior-Senior Prom Committee. HANSEN. JAMES WALTER: Sigma Zeta, Secretary-Treasurer, President; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian, Publicity Chairman; M.I. A.; Phi Kappa Phi. HARM. KENNETH A.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, Treasurer, Social Chairman, House Manager; Business Man- ager of Decaturian; Homecoming Committee 1950; Intra- murals. HELLEDY. RICHARD KIMBALL: Delta Sigma Phi, President; Phi Kappa Phi; French Club, Secretary; Conant Society, Presi- dent Treasurer; Assistant in Speech Dept.; Town and Gown On The Air; Chairman Judging and Awards Committee; Student Affairs Committee; Student Council, Finance, Program Committees; Who ' s Who. HELLMAN, RICHARD E.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, President of Pledge Class, Social Chairman; Inter-Fraternity Council, Social Chairman; Intramurals, Baseball, Basketball. HERRON, VIRGINIA: Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secre- tary Conant, Secretary; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Chorus; Pep Club; Junior Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Homecoming Ticket Com- mittee; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Homecoming Queen Attendant. HESS. DON: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eminent Warden; Inter- Fraternity Council; M Club, Secretary, Vice-President, Presi- dent; W.S.S.F.; M Club Committee; Varsity, Football, Base- ball, Basketball; B Squad Coach; Intramural, Basketball. HILL. BARBARA LORRAINE: Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Home Economics Club; Art Club; M.R.A.; Home- coming Decorations Committee; W.S.S.F. Committee; Campus Chest Fashion Show; Town and Gown Costume Committee; Honor Roll. HOUGHTON. CAROLYN: Tau Chi Pi, Secretary; Pi Mu Theta; •;,„„ ir h ciuh i, r ■ , :; n f y. -. Vw.-. r.t. i . .» |V-.,.|.-nl I ' Im Km, i I ' lii, ■ I ' J ' I ' . - Al,.l !■ ' ;»■ . " urer, Treasurer, Life Membership Chairman; W.A.A.; Orches- tra; International Night. HOUSER. JOY DUNN: Pi Beta Phi, Intramural Manager, A tanl Pledge Supervisor; W.A.A., Treasurer; Conant; r.i.A.; Homecoming Co-Chairman, Reception and Registration; Stu- dent Council Social Committee; Millidek Staff; Intramural, Softball, Basketball. HUMPHREY, JAMES C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Millikin Band; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball. INNIS. ANTHONY: Delta Sigma Phi, Commissary Manager ' 43- ' 49 House Manager, Sergeant-at-Arms; Newman Club; Intra- murals ' Football 4; Basketball 1; Track 2 Football, Captain ' 51. ISHIKAWA, NANCY: MIA; Student Council; M.R.A.; F.T.A., His- torian; Conant Society; Spanish Club; Art Club; Student Council, Library Committe Chairman, Sub-Naming Committee Chairman; Honor Roll; American Association of University Women Award, ' 51- ' 52. JACKSON. ROBERT ARTHUR: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Com- mittee, Chaplain; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian, Pi Kappa Delta Debate team; MIA; Student Council, Publicity Chair- man- Newman Club, Treasurer; Town and Gown; Student Christian Association; S.U.B. Manager; Homecoming, Chair- man of Publicity ' 51; Variety Show, Stage Manager 5U; Greek Sing Committee ' 50. JONES. JOAN WEISHAAR: Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President; Student Council; Tau Chi Pi; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; Homecoming Decora- tion Committee; Bookstore Committee; Student Council Budget Committee; Junior-Senior Prom Programs Committee; Intra- murals Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton Field Ball; Millidek, Typist; Junior Representative to Student Council. JONES. KENNETH MARSHALL: U. S. Navy Air Reserve. JONES. KERMIT E.: Intramurals, Softball 1, Basketball 2. KANE. PHILIP J.: MIA; Newman Club; ' Intramurals, Football 3, Basketball 2. KECK, WILLIAM: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge President As- sistant Pledge Master, Rushing Chairman; M Club; Intra- murals Football 1, Basketball 2, Track 1; McKendree Uni- versity, Student-Faculty Committee, M Club, President and Secretary. KELLEY. JEAN: Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman, Pledge Super- visor Magazine Chairman; Home Economics Club; Tau Chi Pi- Student Council; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Cheerleader; WSSF Queen ' 50; Homecoming Queen ' 50; Little 9 1 rack Queen Court ' 49; Editorial Staff, Millidek; Decaturian, Circu- lation Staff; Co-Chairman, Homecoming Queen Committee. KENYON, L. DALE: M.I. A. KLEIN. WILLIAM GEORGE: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals. KOCH. CAROL: Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, Social Chairman; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-President; Conant; University Chorus; A Cappella Choir, Music Librarian; Homecoming Reception Committee. KOEHN, EDWARD A.: Delta Sigma Phi; Homecoming Decora- tions Committee; Homecoming Judging Committee. KOWALSKI. ALVIN J.: Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms; " M " Club President; Newman Club; Student Council; Varsity Football- Varsity Baseball; Intramural Basketball; Honorable Mention ' (Football) 1950. KURRLE. NANCY J.: Future Teachers of America; French Club; Home Economics Club; Delta Delta Delta. LARGE. RUTH: W.A.A.; French Club. LEWIS, RICHARD A.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eminent Herald; Conant- " M " Club; French Club; Future Teachers of Ameri- ca- Dance Arrangements Chairman, Homecoming ol; WS S F ' 51- " M " Club; " Orientation " of Freshmen on Teaching Field; Captain of Freshman Team 48; Frosh-Soph Games ' 48- ' 49; Official ' 50; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basket- ball- Track; Intramurals; Softball Umpire; Honor Roll 5f. « 167 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES LINDSAY LAVONA: Alpha Chi Omega, Publicity Editor; Milli- on Marching Band; Millikin Concert Band; W.A.A.; Homecom- ing Publicity Committee; Senior Announcement Committee; Decatunan, Reporter; Millidek, Reporter. LIVERGOOD. DIAN ELLEN: Pi Beta Phi, Newman Club; Art Club; Home Economic Club; W.A.A.; Pep Club; Town and Gown; Homecoming Queen Court. LOGAN, CHARLES H: Delta Sigma Phi; Conant Society; This Is Millikin Series; Junior-Senior Prom Committee Si. LOOKER. IVAN: Future Teachers of America. LOV1NS, MAURINE JOYCE: Zeta Tau Alpha, Intramural Mana- ger Social Chairman, President, Province Convention Dele- gate W A A.; University Chorus; Sigma Zeta French Club; Town and Gown; One Act Play; Panhellemc Council Vice- President Chairman Panhellenic Dance, Chairman Panhel- lemc Banquet; M.R.A, Homecoming Ticket Committee; Deca- turian, Reporter; Intramurals; Scholastic Honor Roll. Stu- om- mittee; Chapel c5ommittee7 Campus Chest Committee, Fresh- en Day Committee; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Volley- LUNDOUIST, JAMES H.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain; ! dent Council; Spanish Club; Pep Club Homecoming C r-v,„™=l nnmmittpp ' CamDus Chest Committee, rre mar bal LUTES, DONALD G.: Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secretary; Varsity Baseball. MANOFF, GEORGE: Delta Sigma Phi, Alumni Chairman Co- chairman Homecoming House Decorations Chairman Delta Sigma Phi; W.S.S.F. Booth; Spanish Club; Intramurals, Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball. MARKS. KONALD A.: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Football, Manager; Track, Manager. McCRORY. PATRICIA L.: Sigma Alpha Iota, Corresponding Secretary; M.I. A.; Campus Chest Committee. McCUMBER. JOAN: Pi Beta Phi; German Club; F.T.A ; W.A.A.; HomTcomina Chairman for Millikin Coflee Hour; Town and Gown Properties Committee; Millidek, Co-Assistant Editor. McDONALD. JOHN R.: Tau Kapr a Epsilon, Treasurer; Decatur Association of Commerce Student Representative; Senior Class Treasurer; Homecoming Financial Chairman; Senior Announcement Committee. McINTYRE, DONALD F.: Delta Sigma Phi, Editor; Inter-Fratern- ity Council, President; Campus Chest Committee; Varsity, Football; Intramural, Basketball. MEINERT. KATHLEEN FESLER: Conant; Spanish Club; Alpha Chi Omega, Librarian, First Vice-President, President; F.T.A., W.A.A.; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals; Honor Hon. MERRIMAN. KERALD A.: Spanish Club Vice-President; French Club, Treasurer; German Club; F.T.A. MESSENGER. DAVID: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; M Club; Inter- Fraternity Council, Secretary , President Vars ty Football Baseball, Intramurals, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, bAfc National Convention Delegate. METZGER. ROBERT O.: Alpha Phi Omega. MORGAN. MARILYN: Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman, Scholarship Director; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer FT. A., Parliamentarian; W.A.A.; Debate Squad; Town and Gown Millikin Radio Players; Conant; Tennis Team, Spanish Club- S C. A.; Intramurals; Assistantship. Speech Department W SS.F. Committee; Decatunan, Feature Staff; Pta Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta. Vice-President; Who ' s Who, Pi Mu Theta Scholarship; Zeta Tau Alpha Scholarship Cup bU- 51, 51-5 , Excellency for Debate at State Meet. MOWRY. RICHARD R.: Tau Kappa Epsilon Assistant Pledge Master, Homecoming House Decorations; Intramurals, Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball; Wabash College, Football, Base- ball Manager. MURRAY. ARTHUR: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Emminent Herald, President, National Convention Representative; Inter-rra- ternity Council; M Club; SAE Province Convention Represen- tative; Varsity, Baseball, Basketball; Intramurals, Football, Track. NEAL. VIRGINIA: Zeta Tau Alph " Pledge Class President; Sigma Alpha Iota. Pledge Class President, Historian, Chapter President; University Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Die Fleder- maus; Variety Show; Homecoming Talent Show Committee; University Sing Committee. NEWCOMB. DAN: Tau Kapoa Epsilon, President, Secretary, Intramural Manager, Pledge Class Secretary-Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Chairman of Service Projects Committee; Awarded Distinguished Serv- ice Key; Interfraternitv Council; W.S.S.F., Co-Chairman of Special Assembly; Chairman of Electric Football Scoreboard Committee; Varsity. Football, Track; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track. NOBLE. OTTO WRY: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Master; Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, Secretary; Board ot Managers, Pep Club; Homecoming Committee; Intramurals, Football. OYLER, EARL: A Cappella Choir; University Chorus; Spanish Club. PATTEN, BRADLEY: Alpha Phi Omega; Kalamazoo College Freshman Class President, Representative of Men s Joint House Council, Chairman of Religious Activities Committee. PATTEN, INEZ M.: F.T.A., Secretary; Pi Mu Theta; Zeta Tau Alpha- Kalamazoo College, Sophomore Student-Faculty Offi- cer, Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer. POLAND, CHARLES E: Delta Sigma Phi, House Manager, Ser- geant-at-Arms; Varsity, Football, Baseball; Intramurals, Baseball, Basketball, Track. OUARLES. HERBERT D.: Phi Mu Alpha, Social Chairman, His- torian, Program Chairman Alpha Phi Omega; University Youth Fellowship Group Committee; W.S.S.F. Committee, Honorable Mention, Conant Society. QUEVY, RICHARD: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain; Homecoming Decorations Committee; Honor Roll. REBBE, PATRICIA: Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Council, Home Eco- nomics Club, President, Secretary; Newman Club, Secretary, FT A - WA.A.; Pep Club; Co-Chairman Homecoming 51; Who ' s ' Who; Senior Class Vice-President. REES. DONNA: Millikin Independent Association; Tau Chi Pi. REICH. DONALD: Phi Mu Alpha, Warden, Program Chairman; Student Council; Drum Major, Band. RENDFELD. ROBERT L.: Delta Sigma Phi; pecaturian, Photog- rapher; Millidek Photographer; Intramurals, Football, Basket- ball, Volleyball. RHEIN. WILLIAM H.: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Intramurals Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track; Campus Chest Committee. RICE. WILLIAM E.: Phi Mu Alpha, P? 0 . " 0 ??, " " 7 Youth Fellowship, Commissioner of Faith an 1 Life, Fellow- ship and Stewardship Committees; Choir; Band, Conant, German Club: Student Christian Association; Student Coun- cil; Honor Roll. RIGSBEY, GENE: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian; Conant; Band; Deca ' urian, Editor, Sports Staff; Intramurals, Baseball. ROBERTS, ROBERT REID: Millikin Independent Association; Chess ' Club, Secretary. ROOS. ROBERT: Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Zeta, Vice-President; German Club. ROSS NANCY JEAN:- Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman; W A A Pep Club, Board; Spanish Club,- Tau Chi Pi, Treas- urer-Choir; Women ' s Resident Hall Council; Intramurals; Queen ' s Commitee Homecoming; Ticket Committee, Home- coming Pan-Hellenic Dance Committee; Sons and Daughters of Minikin Christmas Party Committee; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Cheerleader. RUSSELL, CANNUTTE: German Club, Millikin Independent Association; Student Christian Association. SALMOND ROBERT E.: Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, Pledgemaster; W.S.S.F. Co-Chairman. « 168 » SENIOR ACTIVITIES SCHMALZ, ROBERT: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer. SCHRAG. PRISCILLA: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairman of Pledqe Class; German Club; Sigma Zeta; Art Club, Conant Universi y Youth Fellowship President Outreach Commission Chairman, Faith and Life Commission Chairman, Coordinator; Band; Orchestra. SHIFFER WAYNE C: Student Council, President; Alpha Phi On, ,n P l. " l; Pi Kappa Delta Displaced Persons Com- mittee; Student Aifairs Committee; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll. SHUMATE, JEAN: Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Council; W. A. A.; Tau Chi Pi; Art Club; Home Economics Club, Social Chairman; Pep Club; Intramurals; Variety Show; Homecoming Queen Committee; Campus Chest Style Show Committee; " Millidek, Business Stalt, Editorial Statt. SIEWERT, ELEANOR H.: German Club; Sigma Alpha Iota, Receding Secretary; Millikin Independent Association; Viola Soloist, Orchestra. SMITH, DAVID E.: Delta Sigma Phi, Recording Secretary, Vice- President; Phi Kappa Phi; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals Basketball, Volleyball; Murphey-Nash-Jones Accounting Award; Campus Chest King. SMITH, ROBERT R.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms. SMITH, THOMAS: Varsity, Track. SMITH, VIRGINIA: Zeta Tau Alpha, Homecoming House Deco- rations Chairman, Scholarship Chairman; Conant; bpamsn Club; W.A.A.; Milhdek, Freshman Editor. SPANGLER. JEAN: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor; Home Eco- nomics Club; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Intramurals; W.S.ST Committee; Senior Announcement Committee; lown ana Gown Committee. STEIN, RAYMOND J.: Alpha Phi Omega; F.T.A.; Campus Chest Committee. STOCKER, HELEN: Tau Chi Pi, Secretary, Vice-President, Pres- ident- Spanish Club; Millikin Independent Association, Secre- tary; Co-Chairman Town and Gown Props Committee; Junior- Senior Prom Committee. STOOPS, DOROTHY ARMINE: Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President; Student Council, Secretary; Millikin Religious Council; Art Club Vice-President; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Home- coming Committee Chairman; Chapel Committee Student Chairman; Orientation Committee; Co-Chairman Junior-Senior Prom- Library Committee; Decaturian, Business Statt; j= lama Alpha Epsilon Queen; Homecoming Queen Candidate; W.S.S.F. Queen Candidate. STRATMAN, MARTIN: Basketball. Delta Sigma Phi; Intramural, Softball, SUSLER. MARSHALL: Millikin Religious Association, Chairman; Pi Kappa Delta, President; Phi Kappa Phi; Conant; Who s Who; French Club; Chess Club; Decaturian, Staff; First Prize, Short Story Contest. SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM L.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rushing Chair- man- M Club, Treasurer; Inter-Fraternity Council; Sophomore Class President; Homecoming Committee; Varsity, Baseba ; B Squad, Basketball; Baseball Captain; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Track. SUTOR. JOHN M.: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoma, Treasurer; Band. SWARD, RODERIC: Tau Kappa Epsilon, House Manager, Intra- mural Manager; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, President; Co-Chairman Homecoming; Campus Chest Committee; stu- dent Council, Basketball, Track, Volleyball; Industry Depar - dent Council; Varsity, Baseball, Track; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Volleyball; Industry Department Assistant. SWEDBERG. MERCILYN: Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President Pledge Class; Home Economics Club; Kappa Omicron Phi; Senior Assembly Committee; Junior Prom Queen at Carthage College. TALBERT, WILMIER: Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Decaturian, Sports Editor; Varsity, Track; Assistantships in Chemistry and Biology Departments. TAYLOR, GORDON: Cavalcade of Talent Committee; Master of Ceremonies, Cavalcade of Talent; Decaturian, Assistant Editor. TAYLOR. MARY: I ' i i I ' tit. . ' •• I- ■ " •• ' ■ ' ' ■ ' „■ , Socr " ary Activities Chairman, Son ' U ad ; ' Alpha Iota President; Conant; Pi Mu Theta; Newman Club, . ' . • President; W.A.A.; Red Cross; A Cappella Choir; University Chorus; Publicity Committee Chairman, Uom :Corr..r, j; Junior Assembly Committee; Decaturian, Music Editor; Milliaolc, Junior Editor, Assistant Editor. TERTOCHA, JOAN: Honor Roll. TERTOCHA, LOUIS: Debate; German Club. TRAUGHBER. JACQUELINE ANNE: Pi Beta Phi; Newman C il W A A Home Economics Club; F.T.A.; Town and Gown Costume Committee; Millidek, Stall; Pi Beta Phi Social Chairman, Pledge Scholarship Chairman, Censor. TRUE. MARSHALL S.: Phi Mu Alpha, Executive Alumni Secre- tary Publicity Chairman, Die Fledermaus; Editor ot Beta Theta Ensemble; Band; A Cappella Choir; Millikin Independ- ent Association; Student Christian Association; U.Y.F Vice- President, Song Leader; Brass Ensemble; Sinfoman Chorus; Band Librarian. TURNER, R. LYNN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Corresponding Secre- tary; German Club; Orchestra; M Club; Sigma Zeta; Phi Kanna Phi- WSS.F., Secretary, Treasurer; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Track, Volleyball; Varsity, Tennis; Scholarship Cup, S.A.E. UNRATH, RICHARD A.: Millikin Independent Association; Uni- versity Chorus; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Cavalcade of Talent Committee. VANDERVORT, CHARLOTTE ANN: Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chairman, Librarian; Homecoming Ticket Committee. WALDEN, EVELYN: Resident Women ' s Council; Dormitory Presi- dent; Delta Delta Delta; W.A. A Oberlin College, Mu Phi Eps on A Cappella Choir; F.T.A., Pep Club, Honor Roll; Homecoming Alum Coffee Hour Committee; Town and Gown Props Committee; F.T.A. Program Planning Committee; Milh- dek, Staff; Homecoming Queen 51. WALKER, WILLIS HARRY: Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-President; Band; Choir; Chorus. WALMSLEY, BARBARA ANN: Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman, Assistant Treasurer; Pi Mu Theta, Secretary; Pan-Hellenic Council; Newman Club, Recording Secretary . Pi Mu Theta, Treasurer, Vice-President; Conant Society; F.T£.; W AA., Decaturian, Staff; W.S.S.F. Queen Candidate; Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl. WARMA. WILIAM KARL: Phi Mu Alpha, Pledge President; Intramurals, Football. WATTERS ROBERT DONALD: German Club; Conant, President; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, President; Inter-Fraternity Council; Social Committee, Inter-Fraternity Council. WILLIAMS, NORMA M.: Sigma Alpha Iota, Secretary; Millikin Independent Association; S.C A.; W.A.A.; S.A.I Intramural Representative; Homecoming Sophomore Captain; Intramur- als Basketball, Tennis; Honor Roll; Messiah Soloist; Lead in Die Fledermaus. WILSON, JOHN: Millikin Independent Association; Chess Club. WILSON, RAY E.: Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball. WINICK, JOHN A.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, President Secretary, Pledgemaster; Inter-Fraternity Council; Intramural Softball. WITT SHIRLEY: Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, President; Pi Mu Theta, Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Council; Student Affairs Committee; W.A. A.; Spanish Club. Fan- Hellenic Council, Secretary; Who ' s Who]_ coming Committee; W.S.S.F. Carnival murals. Conant; Home- Committee; Intra- ZACHARIA, JOHN: Millikin Independent Association; Alpha Phi Omega. ZUEGEL. HERBERT: Junior Class President; Millikin Independent Association, President; Student Council, Cumculum Com- mittee, Co-Chairman Milli-Den Committee; Alpha Phi Omega; Junior Lion; University Youth Fellowship; Millikin Religious Association; Chairman Senior Class Graduating Committee; Announcement Committee; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll. « 169 » CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1952 ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE k SERVING DECATUR FOR 5 0 YEARS DECATUR ILLINOIS « 170 » BANK CHECKS • SAVE TIME • SAVE STEPS • PREVENT LOSS • KEEP A RECORD • ACT AS RECEIPTS And don ' t overlook THEY BUILD PRESTIGE With the Best Wishes of THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR ON WATER STREET SOUTH OF CENTRAL PARK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 171 » SUNSHINE DAIRY INC. 725 East Prairie Street Decatur, Illinois Telephone 5436 Sure!!! You CAN taste the difference! MILLIKIN NEEDS A NEW PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDNG • A CONTRIBUTION TO THE ALUMNI FOUNDATION CAN BE EARMARKED FOR THIS PURPOSE Plan for the Future . . . Give Annually • MOREHOUSE WELLS COMPANY « 172 » G. S. LYON SONS LUMBER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Since 1878 • Building with Decatur Since 1878 WOODWORK FOR HOMES • Broadway at Cerro Gordo Phone 4271 The Borden Company 6et they ' re talking about BORDEN ' S the best-tastintj milk in town! Ask for it at your favorite food store. COMMUNITY DAIRY DIAL 2-0114 To Relax After Your Studies Attend the VARSITY THEATRE Just Off the Campus « 173 » •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a BROWNIE COAL Company The Modern Fuel Oil Sold by the BROWNIE CO. BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION " BLOWN-IN " The Clean, Efficient Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT 10 to 18 DEGREES Saves 20% to 30% on Fuel CENTRAL ILLINOIS ' LARGEST SELECTION of HIGH GRADE COALS For Every Purpose CLEAN, CAREFUL DELIVERIES Brownie Coal Co. Manufacturer of The BROWNIE STOKER Main Office 415 N. Main St. « 174 » 1860 92 Yours of Service 1952 THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR A Complete Banking Service Checking Accounts Savings Accounts - Christmas Savings Commercial Loans - Real Estate Loans - Personal Loans Safety Deposit Boxes — Money Orders — Drafts U. S. Savings Bonds Foreign Exchange — Commercial Letters of Credit Travelers ' Checks Whatever Your Needs Are . . . See Us! Deposits Insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 175 » HAINES FOOD CENTER 601 N. Water St. Dial 6627 Compliments of • FEATURING — KELLY ' S QUALITY FRESH MEATS POTATO CHIPS | VEGETABLES REWARD and WARD ROSE Finer Foods Decatur, 111. ] They are always delicious as they are nutritious. Always reasonable price. CLARENCE A. HAINES Owner ACKNOWLEDGMENTS C. N. 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Main St. " The Best of Everything at One Place " Specialized Automotive CARBURETOR, ELECTRICAL, SPEEDOMETER SERVICE Decatur Battery Service Inc. 343 E. Main Phone 5453 FASHIONS FOR JUNIOR MISSES AND TALL GIRLS Decatur ' s Leading Specialty Store « 178 » AMilestone in Life • Graduation from Millikin marks the successful closing of one phase of life. It symbolizes com- pletion of well rounded preparation for the bus- iness of living and heralds the setting-up of new goals to be achieved— goals that each must choose for himself. This education has sharpened and polished your " tools for living. " May you use them well and achieve the success of your own choosing. A. W. CASH COMPANY 179 We Cater to Co-Eds! Accessories Hosiery Yarn Dresses Stationery Records Hats Suits Sportswear Lingerie Shoes Coats Toiletries Girdles Gifts Linens LINN SCRUGGS Decatur ' s Quality Department Store Since 1869 T€L€PHONE - 4-20i °1 L N ' 0 " T IF WE CAN HELP • Where people are thoughtful . . . and considerate of the interests of others . . . because they care j.j.MORAN sons Funeral Home N. WATER ST. at ELDORADO DECATUR . . ILLINOIS Decatur ' s Largest Credit Jewelers Nationally Advertised DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Guaranteed Watch Repairing One Week Service Famous for Fine Diamonds 11 JEWELERS 215 E. North Decatur Phone 3-2762 « 180 » ONE - F Tm: NECESSITIES OF COLLEGE LIFE College Supply Store FOLRATH ' S ft ft MEN WOMEN Freeman Peacock Roblee Johansen Wright Tweedies Arch-Preserver Styl-eez ft ft 211 N. Water St. « 181 » no.l specialist in local moving! Fireproof W arehoiise Fireproof Warehouse Decatur, 111. • • • Compliments of OSGOOD and SONS Decatur, Illinois • • • A n ACRE of Satisfaction We Specialize in FRIED CHICKEN DINNERS PLATE LUNCHES SANDWICHES Accommodations for Noon and Evening Meals Compliments of J. S. JOHNSON for Important Qlotkes ft ncrATito tMisini DECATUR, SLLfNOiS 135 East Prairie St. « 182 » ORGANIZED FOR BETTER INSURANCE PROTECTION THE DECATUR ASSOCIATION of INSURANCE AGENTS M Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Harry Cannon Creighton-Jackson Company Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Harold R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Jostes Insurance Agency J. Glenn Miller EMBERS C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Roby Roby Rotz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Wells Agency W. H. 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Thomas Jefferson (Leffer lo John Paige) Funeral Directors WOOD AT COLLEGE STREETS DECATUR, ILLINOIS We will continue to service your j AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS j as we have for the past 21 years. ; • • • CONGRATULATIONS | To The Grads Don ' s Standard Service W. Main and Oakland Thanks for the past patronage Come In Please — Go Out Pleased • and hope it will continue in the Don Pone wash » future. « 188 » THE POM POM w A r c 1 1 WHERE FOOD IS ALWAYS THE BEST! • WE SERVE YOU BEST WISHES TO THE GRADS Safety Courtesy • Corner Wood and Oakland Service 80 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE • Diamonds • Watches • Sterling Plated Silverware • China • Crystal • Linens • Perfumes • Handbags POST ' S DIAMONDS Are " Registered " For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join Post ' s STERLING SILVER CLUB PAY ONLY 33c A WEEK For Each 4-Piece Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. 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Manufacturing operations are carried on in some 68 buildings, having 2,600,000 square feet of floor space, and covering 382 acres of land. Approximately 3,000 loyal, enthusiastic people are employees of the Staley Co. here in Decatur. The Staley sales organization is international and is composed of hundreds of field representatives and technicians. Staley products are sold world wide for the home, farm, and industry. STALEY PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME • STA-FLO LIQUID STARCH • CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH • CAMEO LAUNDRY STARCH • SWEETOSE SYRUPS • ZEST MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE • CREAM CORN STARCH A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. DECATUR ILLINOIS 192 ★ GO BY YELLOW CAB 5145 ★ MOD(L-PARIS has a Service for every Purse and Purpose • MODEL-PARIS Dry Cleaning is so economical! • MODEL-PARIS Laundering is so prompt! 324 E. Wabash Dial 5275 Compliments of Farmer ' s Produce Wholesalers POULTRY and EGGS 717 N. College Phone 5832 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1952 « 193 » CROSS TOWN — CROSS COUNTY — CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Personnel and Modern Equipment Are Always at Your Service MOVING - STORAGE - PACKING ■ CRATING BUILDERS SUPPLIES Established 1854 parte mawhouses 621 NORTH MAIN STREET DECATUR-ILLINOIS At the NORTH MAIN SUBWAY Compliments of LINCOLN THEATRE EMPRESS THEATRE • Decatur ' ' s Finest • COATS • SUITS • DRESSES • FORMALS • SWEATERS • HOSIERY New Suffern Bldg. - N. Main and Prairie 194 » Congratulations to the Millikin Graduates of 1952. You have earned the laurels bestowed upon you The pressure of " ettine that coveted sheepskin has been relieved. You ' ve done your job well. The A. W. CASH VALVE MANUFACTURING CORP. deals in pressure problems too. The Company manufactures a quality line of pressure relief valves, pressure reducing and regulating valves and strainers for home and industry. There is quite a difference between the pressure of final exams and the pressure of water, steam and air. However, both must be controUed and both must be properly relieved. It is Cash- Acme ' s job to produce the kind of equipment that will solve these pressure problems, and do it well. AUTOMATIC VALVES A. W. CASH VALVE MANUFACTURING CORP. Wabash and Morgan DECATUR ILLINOIS « 195 » The Millidek Staff wishes to acknowledge the cooperation and support of the following individuals who have helped to make the 1952 Millidek possible: Faculty Financial Adviser R. WAYNE GILL whose business advice set us up and kept us going. PEORIA ENGRAVING JOE SRONCE whose counsel, untold patience and work have smoothed the way for an easier handling of a big undertaking. HUSTON-PATTERSON CORPORATION who kept the presses rolling. HERALD AND REVIEW BOB STRONGMAN for his football and basketball action shots. LEE STUDIOS LEE JESKE who produced an admirable portrait section. « 196 »

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