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L3 If . I 7 Foreword Success is dependent on two factors, organization and cooperation. The most vital of the two, though, is cooperation. In any group, athletic, business, peace, or war, it is cooperation between factions, smaller groups, and people that makes a success of a job. So it is in college too. A Student Council can ' t be effective without the cooperation of the student body and the faculty; the athletic department can ' t be suc- cessful without the cooperation of the student body and the faculty; and the administration can ' t be a success without the same cooperation. The past war serves as a grim reminder to us of what cooperation can do, and the impending crisis is going to call for that same cooperation. Everything starts at home, so let ' s all get our heads above water, let ' s start cooperating with each other here at OUR University, and let ' s make a success of our college so we can make a bigger success in later life. 9 Aston Hall, incoming queens, new campus material spacious lawn, towering oaks, Mrs. Walker ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Westminster Church, Wednesday chapel some good and some bad, " Abbey, " Dean Miller ' s announcements on the draft The main building, housing our main worries the faculty, the class rooms, and, of course, the lower hall . . . . FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Smiling, pleasant, and ever ready to help, that ' s Doctor Malone. Though he carries the worries of our University with him at all times Doctor Malone is never too preoccupied to pass a good word along and flash his ever present smile. His good will and helpful attitude are a constant reminder to us that there is a lot more to being a University President than just sitting in an office and passing out bad news. « 16 » DEAN MILLER A good organization must, out of necessity, have able and willing leaders. Dean Miller is the man on our campus who hears all the complaints of students, faculty, and towns-people. It is his ability to listen with an open mind and settle the many picayunish problems of our Univer- sity that makes him the invaluable man he is. Often harrassed and criticized to a point beyond reason, Dean Miller is con- stantly on the job as mediator and second in command to Dr. Malone. DEAN FALVEY There are more difficult jobs in the world, but anyone will agree that the job of keeping six or seven hundred Millikin women happy is no soft touch. Dean Falvey is the woman who gets the credit for doing a job that is far from glamorous, and has more than its share of headaches. Her pleasant personality, facility for re- membering names, is credit to herself and the college. Dean Falvey is a hit with the student body and administration both. « 17 » « 18 » Biology Department Elizabeth H. Weatherford. Max A. Proffitt, Virginia Weigel Athletic Department Henry J. Keil. Dorothy McClure, Ralph W. Allan. Mary C. Scherer. lack C. Allen Business Department Seated: Glenn R. Smith Standing: Chester W. Blaney. George W. Rayburn. Howard D. Rice. Lynn M. Filley Education Department Victor F. Dawald. William E. Fisher 19 English Department Neal F. Dcubleday. Davida McCaslin, Ruth A. Maxwell, Ethel M. Parkinson Home Economics Department Viola M. Bell, Nanette Smith. Emmaline Rademaker Engineering Industry William L. Olsen, Ralph W. Rogers, Fran- ces E. Wilson. Gordon E. Snoeyenbos, Carl I. Head History Department Daniel J. Gage. Willis H. Walker « 20 » i Language Department Flora Ross, H. Logan Cobb, Bonnie R. Blackburn Mathematics Department L. Lamar Layton, Earl C. Kiefer, Bryce K. Brown. E. W. Ploenges Music Department Instrumental Seated: Walter Emch Standing: Richard H. Tanner, Herman F. Scholl, Audrey Burgstahler, Elton E. Burgstahler, Howard E. Akers, Harold Clyde Hess Music Department Graduate School Seated: Walter Emch. W. St. Clare Minturn. Elizabeth Travis Standing: Robert Long, Harold Clyde Hess. Howard E. Akers, Herman F. Scholl « 21 » Music Department Voice Norman P. McLean. Mary Jane Farley. Carla Caldwell, Robert Long Music Department Piano Seated: Frieda M. Moessner, Oscarine P. Dewhirst. Wilna Moffett, Zelna Maxine Lowe, Edna Childs Standing: Peggy J. Apperson, Gwendolyn R. Newbould, Doris Smallwood Psychology S Philosophy Claude D. Dicks. Byron L. Kerns Public Relations Department Standing: Robert L. Harlan, Clarence E. Johnson Seated: Jewel M. Broughton, Walter B. Gray « 22 » I Religion Department Raymond R. Brewer. Edward S. Boyer, Emerson I. Abendroth Science Department Millard Maienthal, Physics; Dorothy Schlieper. Chemistry; Max C. Bolen. Physics; David R. Smith. Chemistry Speech Department Herbert Joys, Edith M. McNabb, L. C. McNabb Secretarial Science Margaret R. Sparks. John R. Becker « 23 » CUSTODIANS Front Row: Mrs. Flanagan. Mary Hunt, Mamie Smith Back Row: Mr. Boliek, Mr. Butler, Mr. Robb, Mr. Burcham. Mr. Miller. Mr. Witt « 25 » Front Row: Gray, Davis, Witt, Ishikawa, Geisler Second Row: Weishaar, Talbert, Bieler, Morse, Winslow Third Row: Hoepffner, Richards, Helledy, Henry, Williams, Shand, Atherton, Jackson, Thomas, Marsden Although criticised freely by the student body in previous years, the Student Council went to work this year with a few definite goals in view. Meeting every Friday afternoon in the back of the Sub, the Council has revised the constitution to give the students more say in campus affairs, thrown dances that have been both financial and social successes, and raised a little more school spirit. The Sadie Hawkins dance, the Sweetheart dance, and the Variety show were all successful Student Council enterprises. President Vice-President Jay Hoepffner .Bob Williams Secretary Treasurer . fackie Davis Marilyn Gray STUDENT COUNCIL « 26 » SENIOR CLASS 1 1 v m i i 1 IB m JOYCE AHLERS Home Economics Little Rock. Ark. WAYNE ALBERT Biology Decatur, Illinois FRANCIS ALEXANDER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois MARIETTA ALTHOUSE Secretarial Science LeRoy, Illinois JOHN APPANAITIS Music Education Westville, Illinois JOSEPH BAGLEY English Alton, Illinois MARVEL BALDWIN Physical Education Holton, Kansas RAY BALLARD Business Administration Carrollton. Illinois JOHN BANKS Music Education Taylorville, Illinois BARBARA BARONE Art Decatur, Illinois JEAN BASCOM Music Education Decatur, Illinois PERCY BAUGH Biology Decatur. Illinois 23 » 1 SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM BEASLEY JEAN BECKER PAUL BERRY MILTON BERTASH Education Education Mathematics Business Decatur, Illinois St. Louis, Mo. Wood River, Illinois Chicago, Illinois ELEANORE BIELER DALE BISSEY EDWARD BORDERS DONALD BRENN English-Speech Business Administration Chemistry Industry Forest Park, Illinois Clay City, Illinois Decatur. Illinois Chicago, Illinois « 29 » SENIOR CLASS GEORGE BROWN History Taylorville. Illinois JAMES CANNY Religion-Sociology Buffalo. New York LOIS BUTCHER Secretarial Science Berwyn, Illinois JOHN COEN Business Administration Maroa, Illinois JAMES BUTTS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois HARRY CORK Business Administration Oak Park. Illinois DONALD CAMERON Business Administration Detroit, Michigan ROBERT COUTANT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CAROLYN CRAMER Secretarial Science Paris, Illinois VERNON DAVIDSON Industry Decatur, Illinois RICHARD DOLEJS Business Administration Chicago, Illinois BARBARA DOWNING Home Economics Harristown, Illinois 30 » SENIOR CLASS DOROTHY DRYSDALE Music A.B. Evanston, Illinois JACK ERICKSON Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois VICTOR DURCHHOLZ Physical Education Decatur, Illinois DONALD ERVIN Chemistry Centralia, Illinois EDS ON EELLS Business Administration East Lynn, Illinois ROBERT EVANS History Harvey, Illinois BARBARA EDWARDS Art Springfield, Illinois BETTY FARLEY Music Education St. Louis, Mo. « 31 » SENIOR CLASS NANCY FREELAND English Dalton City, Illinois MARILYN GREEN Music Education Rushville, Illinois GEORGE FYKE Physical Education Lincoln. Illinois JOAN GREGORY Art and Education Moweaqua, Illinois KENNETH GEHRIG Physical Education Alhambra. Illinois PAT GRIFFIN Physical Education Belleville, Illinois RICHARD GLOVER English Springfield, Illinois BRUCE HAINES Business Administration Evanston, Illinois JOAN HALBERG Education Taylorville, Illinois VIRGINIA HAPPEL Home Economics Glen Ellyn, Illinois NAN H. HARLAN Speech Decatur, Illinois KENNETH HARM Business Administration Gibson City, Illinois 32 » SENIOR CLASS WILLIAM C. HARVEY Business Administration Succasunna. N. J. EMIL J. HATTOON Music Education Springfield, Illinois BRUCE HAYDEN Music Education Springfield, Illinois RITA HEINZELMANN Physical Education Atwood, Illinois MARIE HOCKMAN Music Education Salem, Illinois JAY HOEPFFNER Music Education St. Louis, Mo. ALLEN HOLDERBY Business Administration Heyworth, Illinois GLENN R. HOUCK Industry Decatur, Illinois HELEN HOUSEHOLDER Art Decatur, Illinois ROBERT HUG Business Administration Park Ridge, Illinois DEAN W. JACOBSON Psychology Chicago, Illinois INA JEDLICKA Social Science Taylorville, Illinois « 33 » SENIOR CLASS KENNETH JOHNSON Business Administration Carlyle. Illinois EDWARD KARL Business Administration Chicago, Illinois JESSIE JOLLY Industry Decatur, Illinois RICHARD KEELER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CHARLES JONES Art Decatur, Illinois FRED KELLER Business Administration Wilmette, Illinois JAMES KALBERKAMP Education Centralia, Illinois MARNITA KENDALL Business Administration Chrisman, Illinois GENE KILE Art Decatur, Illinois ROBERT KING Speech Decatur, Illinois MARTIN KODRICH Business Administration Springfield, Illinois DORIS KOEHLER Social Science Belleville, Illinois 34 » SENIOR CLASS WAYNE KROWS History Decatur, Illinois DAVID KRUZAN History Decatur, Illinois EVERETTE LA MAR Physical Education Danville, Illinois CARL LAWRENCE Business Administration Niantic, Illinois DONALD LAWSON Industry Decatur, Illinois JACK LEARMAN Business Administration Hammond, Indiana DORIS LESSMAN Physical Education Granite City. Illinois JAMES LESTER Industry Buffalo. Illinois SENIOR CLASS JOSEPH MARCHISELLO Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOHN McKINNEY Business Administration Chicago, Illinois JOSEPH McADAM Physical Education Taylorville, Illinois THOMAS MENTIS Physical Education Decatur, Illinois Robert McCarthy Business Administration Argenta, Illinois DONALD MICHEL Music Education Taylorville, Illinois PHILIP McFADDEN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT MILBRATH Business Administration Chicago, Illinois MELINDA MILLER Business Administration Altamont, Illinois ROBERT MILLER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois MARIANNA MILNES History, Speech Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM J. MITCHELL Business Administration South Bend, Indiana 36 » SENIOR CLASS FREDERICK MOORE WILLIAM MOORE DOROTHY MORSE MARILYN MORTHLAND Business Administration Business Administration English Social Psychology Decatur. Illinois Decatur. Illinois Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois ROGER MULHOLLAND RALPH MUNSIE FRANCIS C. MYER, III HUGH MYERS Business Administration Business Administration Psychology History Decatur, Illinois Plainfield, N. J. Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois DeHUEL NARVAEZ RICHARD NELSON JOHN K. NEWCOMB ROY NEWMAN History Music Education Business Administration History Puerto Rico Decatur, Illinois Stanhope, N. J. Decatur, Illinois « 37 » SENIOR CLASS JOHN NOLAND Business Administration Mcweaqua, Illinois RUSSELL PEEBLES Music Education Illiopolis, Illinois CHARLES NORMAN Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT PENSINGER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOSEPH NOVAK Business Administration Oak Park, Illinois DONALD PERKINS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois HOMER B. OSGOOD Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOHN PORTERFIELD Business Administration Monticello, Illinois « 38 » JAMES ROSS Business Administration Springfield, Illinois ROBERT SCHERER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois GEORGE RUTHERFORD Industry Decatur, Illinois JUNE SCHROEDER Voice Villa Grove, Illinois JOHN SANDERS Physical Education Lovington, Illinois RICHARD SEFTON Mathematics Decatur, Illinois ALEX SARRAN Business Administrate Paris, Illinois BARBARA SEITZ English Decatur, Illinois STUART SEWELL Art Chicago, Illinois DONALD SEXTON Music Education Belleville, Illinois RUSSELL SHAFFER Business Administration Bethany, Illinois LOIS SHAND Social Psychology Springfield, Illinois 39 » SENIOR CLASS RICHARD SHUFF Music Education New Berlin, Illinois SHIRLEY SIMCOX Physical Education Assumption, Illinois CALVIN SIMMONS Business Education Robinson, Illinois EDGAR SMALLWOOD Music Education Decatur, Illinois CAROL SMITH English Administration Houston, Texas WILBUR SMITH Business Administration Lincoln, Illinois RUTH ANN SOULES Home Economics Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM SPICER Music Education Decatur, Illinois SCOTT STEAGALL Physical Education Stewardson, Illinois ROBERT STEIN Business Administration Chicago, Illinois FRED STOLLEY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois NORMA STONE History Decatur, Illinois 40 » SENIOR CLAS THEODORE SWARD Business Administration Western Springs, Illinois JAMES TURNER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOYCE TATMAN Speech Sidell. Illinois BERNARD VERRILL Psychology and Philosophy Wenona, Illinois WILLIAM THOMAS Music Education Decatur, Illinois ANGELA VESPA Art Springfield, Illinois SARAH TUCKER Physical Education Chrisman, Illinois MARILYN VILMURE Art Assumption, Illinois WILLIAM WALLACE Business Administration Danville, Illinois ROBERT WALMSLEY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JANET WEBER Speech Decatur, Illinois JEWELL WEBER Social Science San Jose, Illinois 41 » SENIOR CLASS tit mtk MAURICE WEDDLE Business Administration Cisco, Illinois NANETTE WILLIAMS Education Decatur, Illinois HOLTEN WHITE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT WILLIAMS Philosophy and Psychology Quincy, Illinois KENNETH WILLHITE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois KENNETH WILSON Industry Marengo, Illinois JO ANNE WILLIAMS Music Education Decatur, Illinois VIRGINIA WILSON Music Education Sullivan, Illinois MARILYN WINSLOW Mathematics Taylorville, Illinois HARRY WRIGHT English Chappaqua, N. Y. MARY ANN YOUNG Physical Education Macon, Illinois ROBERT YOUNKER Music Education Blue Mound, Illinois « 42 1 SENIOR CLASS I mil JOHN ZIESE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM RICHARDS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ALBERT BRAUN Business Administration Chicago, Illinois JAMES SHEEHAN Business Administration Jacksonville, Illinois VINCENT DAUBE Education South Bend, Indiana ROBERT SMITH Business Administration Culver City. California ROBERT DVORAK Business Administration Western Springs, Illinois 43 » ■ Charles Able Mary Borden Adderton Jerry Allison William Ahlstrand Arthur Anderson Maryann Armstrong Mary Lou Asbury Donald Augustine Jean Baker Barbara Banner Rolyn Barden Allen Bateman JoAnn Bolin Shirley Bonnen Sue Ann Borden JUNIORS Anne Benedict Braun Phyllis Brooks Orville Brown Robert Brozio Marion Burd Gerald Burgener Joyce Hitchcock Carlson Bob Carter Edward Chant Edwin Clesson Betty Clydesdale Jack Colquhoun James Colwell Thomas Comstock Patricia Cope Jack Crane Frances Crowell Marilyn Cruise William Cull Ann Cummins « 45 » Richard Dobbins Alice Doll Lois Doll Colleen Dowling Bud Downey Dorothy Dunkelberg Joy Dunn David J. Dunscomb Philip Durland Marcella Durr Danny Erickson David Fathauer Jane Fearheiley Kathleen Fesler Charlotte Fitz JUNIORS Richard Fleming George Fram William Frank Vernon Galbreath Gloria Gebhart Asher Geisler Marilyn Gray Carol Goltra Matthew Gromala William Gross Florence Hagen Alfred Hall Marie Hallerberg Richard Helledy Virginia Herron Don Hess Barbara Hill Vinita Hindert Robert Jackson William Johnstone « 46 » Kermit Jones Phil Kane John Keelin Jean Keller Jean Kelley William Klein Carol Koch Edward Koehn Joseph Kosack James LaMarre Alvin LeDoux Richard Lewis Dian Livergood Charles Logan Frank Loucks a. fT 1 ml 4% JUNIORS Maurine Lovins James Lundquist William Lytle Joan McCumber John McDonald Arthur Malasto Harold Matthews Darold Merriman Dave Messenger Gloria Miner Betty Moody Marilyn Morgan Dorothy Morse Arthur Murray George Musick Virginia Neal Daniel Newcomb Wry Noble Leo Ojakaar Earl Oyler « 47 » » .SLAW: i Yl " O • X Qv! 1 fez 19 Bradley Patten Bernard Peabody Herbert Quarles Dick Quevy Kermit Radloff Pat Rebbe Donna Rees Donald Reich Robert Rendfeld William Rice W. H. Rinebarger Ramona Robbins William Rodger Nancy Ross Hal Russell JUNIORS Robert Salmond Priscilla Schrag Jean Shumate Orval Shumate Eleanor Siewert Daniel Smith Thomas Smith Virginia Smith Jean Spangler Sue Ellen Stewart Helen Stocker Dodie Stoops Homer Storey William Stubblefield Marshall Susler John Sutor Roderic Sward Barbara Talbert Wilmier Talbert Neal Tarvin « 48 » I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Bob Broverman Vice-President Barbara Munson Secretary Mary Ann Gibbs Treasurer Emma Fitzpatrick Munson Broverman Gibbs Fitzpatrick SOPHOMORES Joan Adams Frances Anderson Charles Atherton Edward Austin Duane Avis Mary Grace Baird Roger Baldwin Dolores Beduhn Delmar Behrent Connie Bennett La Rue Bennett Alan Berndt Joan Besta Marilyn Bingman Shirley Black Jack Bloss JoAnn Bolin Beverly Bollman LaVonne Booher JoAnn Bourland William Briggs Robert Broverman Barbara Burgis Kenneth Burns Marian Campbell Engene Canfield Ernest Carperos Lou Catron Djina Champion Melva Clayton Pete Cole Jody Collins Barbara Corzine John Corzine William Cull « 51 » SOPHOMORES Carl Davis Jacqueline Davis Helen Deputy Jacqueline Dunkel Donald Dvorak Phyllis Eaton Fred Edwards Dorothy Eickhoff Ivan Elder Robert Erickson Sue Etherington Nancy Evans John Fear Donald Ferry Allan Filley James Fitzgerald Millicent Fleer Nancy Fletcher Gertrude Geisler Joseph Gibblin Mary Ann Gibbs Dolores Glogan Dorothy Gore William Grant Marilyn Griffin John Griskenas Donald Grobe Roger Grohne William Gross Edvin Hall Dolores Hayes John Heiss Carrill Henderson Nancy Henry Jean Hofenger « 52 » SOPHOMORES Dave Hogg Ronald Hurlbut James Humphrey John Ingram Norma James Robert Johnson Marjorie Johnstone Sheldon Kaplan William Keck Marjorie Keeler Kay Keith John Kemp Charles Kenny Carlos Kinkaid Jean Kizer Nancy Kurrle Tom Lansden Ruth Large Ronald Larson Glenn Lebrecht Jerry Lewis Patrick Loftus Marv Lou Logan Dave Long Douglas Lukey Donald Lutes John Luttrell Charlotte Lyon Jo Ann Lytle James Manuel Donald Marks Jeannine Maxwell Kathleen McCarthy Patricia McCarthy Eleanor McPherson « 53 » SOPHOMORES John Mehrholz Richard Mowry Albert Mullen Barbara Munson Jack Muren Dcnald Myers Thomas Naughton Phyllis Nelson Daniel Newcomb Margaret Odell Darrell Ozier Mary Ann Potts Mary Frances Prust George Purcell Frank Ramirez Patricia Rannebarger Nancy Redifer William Rhein Dale Richards Jo Ann Riechman Walter Rowland Doris Ryan Marjorie Rvburn William Sachen Raymond Saurmann William Scharf Roy Schaub Robert Scherer Mary Ann Schroll Bernard Schwiesow Jack Semler Betty Shufett Daniel Smith Sidney Smith Martha Snyder « 54 » SOPHOMORES Lora Sparks Valette Stables Joyce Stapleton Stanley Stavropoulos Cecil Stellar William Strandt William Strickler Joanne Stubblefield William Suffern Donald Suhomske William J. Swiney Eileen Tertocha William Thompson Nancy Todd Roselyn Turner Julie Van Ness Richard Wagner Willis Walker John Wallis Irvin Wangelin Joseph Ward Rosemary Weber Betty White Carolyn White William Whitmore John Whittingham Marlene Wilcoxon James William John Wilson Ray Wilson ichn Winick Edgar Wirth Hayden Young Roberta Zust « 55 » FRESHMEN Rosemary Allen Paul Allison Philip Andrews Joan Bair Sue Baker Jack Ballion John Barth Audrey Belshaw Jo Bence Dale Berry Louis Blankenship Marilyn Blotter Nancy Bolen Mary Brand Charles Brauer Janet Breckenridge Phil Brennan Lucille Brown Ruth Butts Jack Campbell Sally Carroll Carolyn Carson Barbara Chamblin Barbara Chapman William Clem Mollye Coe Allen Collins Mary Cox Shirley Cox Marilyn Crawford John Cross Vernon Dalluge Dick Dechert Larry Dickerson Betty Dietschy « 57 » FRESHMEN Richard Dill Ben Drake Carla Drije Heila Dunnett Bob Edwards Shirley Estes Barbara Ficker Carol Fiene Janet File Jim Finley Charles Fisher Diane Fisher Helen Foster Anne Fowler Frances Frazier John Galloway John Giambeluca Betty Glasgow Rjurik Golubjatnikov Barbara Gregory Robert Grove Maie Hakk Marqie Hammill Ruth Harker Nancy Hatch D. M. Hattori Bill Hays Pat Hedges Janet Helgen Madge Hendricks Rita Hess Richard Hise Erwin Hosto Ben Howenstine Pat Huffman « 58 » VTO " 5- f. Pf 1 p J r . r f V i IV .A A ill y J!) ' La L v FRESHMEN James Hurtt Audrey Irish Beryl Irmis Lois Jenson Lucy Johnson Dick Jones Virginia Jordan Christine Kareotes Janet Keeler Maie Klein Mary Lee Klein Charles Krohn Louise Krintz Richard Lansden Marilyn Lacey Humphrey Laue John Launer Jim Lowry James McCray Olive Dell McEfee Elynor McFadden John McGhee Sondra McKinney Ken Mescke Kathy Milligan Bob Mills Lou Ann Moeller Bill Montgomery Jean Morris Lyn Moyer Janet Mueller Mary Lou Murphy Betty Nelson Ross Novotny Don Olson « 59 » FRESHMEN Lembit Palm-Leis Marilyn Palmer Marjorie Parker Anne Peacock Eugene Peters Harold Piety Don Pogue Joyce Post Donna Riechman Martha Robinson Sven Ruetman Barbara Rule Leroy Scales Bonnie Schall Diane Schulte Richard Schum Donna Mae Schiltz Lyn Schroeder James Scott Bob Sefton Don Sesslar William Shaw Laetitia Shimer Bob Sigafoose Pat Smith William Smith Jeanne Sparks Art Spietz Norma Spires Carol Stahl Charles Stats Theodore Stavropoulos Lee Steele Mary Ann Stenzel Helen Strain « 60 » FRESHMEN Sue Sullan Pat Talbert Shirlee Tallman James Tankersley Jo Anne Thompson Joan Tingleff Lois Trantina Wilma Tuggle James Viani Becky Wade Richard Wagner Joy Watkins Martha Watkins Virginia Wayne Wayne Webb Nancy Weilepp Mary Ann White Dorothy Whitmer Shirley Wibbins Patcie Wieland Forest Wikoff Joe Williams Larry Wilson William Winberg Gene Young JoAnne Young Carolyn Schmidt « 61 CLEM WRIGHT. Editor-in-Chief K This is it!!! It ' s no small job, and we ' ve done what we hope you will like. Some new ideas have been put into use and the presentation has been re-arranged. There has been a lot of work, and we hope the results are what you like. The Millidek is the students book made up of the student activities. The life and fun have been caught as best the camera can catch them. It ' s pictures that tell the story, and that ' s what we ' ve got — pictures. Seated: McCumber. Taylor Standing: Bollman, Shumate. Grohne, Weishaar, Dunn, Fisher Editorial Staff JACK ERICKSON. Photography Editor AL BRAUN, Business Manager THE MILLIDEK Editor-in-chief Clem Wright Assistant Editors Mary Taylor Joan McCumber Business Manager Al Braun Photography Editor Jack Erickson Artist Dean Jacobson Financial Advisor Mr. Rayburn Photographers Business Staff Standing: Brooks. Newcomb. Lytle Dewitt. Dvorak. Fisher. Rendfeld Seated: Braun LOIS SHAND AND SANDRA LUKEY, Co-Editors N Two hopeful young ladies took over the job of producing the weekly scandal sheet this year. Besides producing an abundant supply of scandals each week, the Decaturian also collects news and views, and has, this year, smothered the students with information. With a willing, able and competent staff the paper went ahead and kept us up to date on the more obscure points of college life. One reason the Dec was so good on keeping up with the news, was that the office is a favorite hang-out for all fugitives from the rush ing, underground life of the lower hall. The Dec office is one of the few social focals in the school, and probably the most popular. Sports Staff Business Staff Talbert. Young. McKinney. Dunkelberg Harm, Weidering. Strickler. Stoops « 66 » I i Front Row: Lukey, Koehler, Young, Willi ams, Morrison, Price, Bridge-water. Second Row: Stone, Winslow, Bieler, Harlan, Morthland, Happel. Third Row: Steagall, Lester, Scherer, Berry, Williams, King, Hoepffner. WHO ' S WHO This year twenty Millikin students, all seniors, have been elected to lepresent the university in this year ' s edition of " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " . Selection here at Millikin is made by first receiv- ing nominations from various campus social organizations which are then checked by a group of faculty and students who narrow down the list. It is then submitted to " Who ' s Who " for approval. Only college juniors, seniors, and graduate students are acceptable. Nominating committees consider the student ' s scholarship, leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities, his citizenship and service, and his promise of future success. There is no competition between various universi- ties submitting nominees. Two of the number chosen were also listed in last year ' s " Who ' s Who " publication. They are Scott Steagall and Paul Berry. « 68 » STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The S. C. A. began its activities early in the year by sponsoring the Freshman Camp. This group continues to keep busy throughout the year. Weekly meetings are held and many of its members rose at the crack of dawn each day for morning devotions. S. C. A. is in charge of the activities which take place during Religious Emphasis Week. One of the biggest projects was the spon- soring of entertainment and Sunday services at the T. B. Sanatorium. The S. C. A. was also co-chairman of the W. S. S. F. drive. This group was led by Jerry Lewis, presi- dent; JoAnn Williams, vice-president; and Marian Campbell, secretary-treasurer. Dean Emerson Abendroth was the chaplain for this group. Back Row: Williams, Epperson, Morse, Barone, Carson, Webb, True, Evans, Rice, Saurman, Bolen, Kinkaid, Loucks, Lewis. Second Row: Hindert, Jensen, Johnson, Breckenridge, Dvorak, Schrag, Sachen, Burris, Abendroth. Front Row: Zwetschke, Williams, Cope, Robbins, Campbell, Hockman, Kauppinen, Luna. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, a national debate fraternity, provides a means for orators to demonstrate their ability as debators. Millikm ' s chapter of Pi Kappa Delta has been active and has participated in several debates at colleges throughout the state. Eleanor Bieler served as president, Marilyn Morgan was secretary treasurer, and Dr. McNabb was faculty advisor. CON ANT For the upperclass majors in English and the outstanding students in other fields, there is the Conant Society, whose main purpose is the furthering of appreciation of English Liter- ature and associated subjects. The high point of each year in Conant is the literary contest which the organization sponsors. Current of- ficers are: Richa rd Helledy, president; Clem Wright, vice-president; Betty Price, secretary; Chuck Jones, treasurer. TAU CHI PI First Row: Koehler, Ross, Brown, Jedlicka, Weber, Stocker, Walmsley. Second Row: Chamblin, Booner, Bollman, Smith, Cramer, Doll, Lacey, Speagle, Carroll, Moyer, Miss Sparks, Moody, Butcher, Turner, Odell, Cor- zine, Zust, Shumate, Glasgow, Doll. TAU CHI PI Tau Chi Pi is an organization of women whose major is secretarial science. The organ- ization meets once a month and its purpose is to present to its members the problems and experiences of secretaries, and to better pre- pare them to hold positions as secretaries. Tau Chi Pi is not all business, however, since its members find time for social events, the mam one being the Christmas party at the Zeta house this year. Officers for this year are: Jewell Weber, president; Helen Stocker, vice-president; Ina Jedlicka, secretary; Barbara Walmsley, treas- urer. PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is one of the two national honorary fraternities in the country, the other being Phi Beta Kappa. To be eligible for mem- bership in this highest honorary organization, a student must have a 3.5 grade average. PHI KAPPA PHI Standing: Krows, Susler, Turn- er, Smith, Roos. Seated: Mullinax, Williams, Weber, C. Houghton. « 71 » PI MU THETA First Row: Bridgewater, Happel, Mrs. Weatherford. Second Row: Jedlicka, Morrison, Morthland, Bieler, Hockman, Williams, Lukey. PI MU THETA Millikin ' s women ' s honorary fraternity is Pi Mu Theta, an organization for junior and senior women. This organization is comparable to Mortar Board, and members must maintain a 3.0 grade average. It is indeed an organiza- tion for the " great minds " among the women at Millikin. Virginia Happel served as president, Mary Ann Young was vice-president, JoAnne Wil- liams, secretary, and Mane Hockman, treas- urer. Women ' s Residence Hall Council Serving as the supreme government for the women ' s dormitories is the Women ' s Residence Hall Council. This group of women, repre- senting each of the halls, represents both the legislation and the administration of the wom- en ' s dormitories. The organization also sponsored several social events during the year. Current officers fcr the group are: Marilyn Bmgman, president; Helen Jo Deputy, vice- president; Dorothy Drysdale, secretary; Lois Butcher, treasurer. • : HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row: Ficker, Bence, Dun- nett, Butts, Fiene, Shumate. Second Row: Hill, Kizer, Down- ing, Rebbe, McCulloch, Dr. Baird. Brown, Staples, White, Gregory, htallerberg, Evans, Eickhotf, Gore, Mor- Bell, Allan, Third Row: Jones, Irmis Rediter Hawver rison, Simer. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB ART CLUB For their main object this year, the gals who do the cooking and the sewing at Millikin, made a United Nations flag for the school. High up on their list of things to do were the Christmas party for the girls at the Welfare Home, and their cookie sales to raise money for such worthy causes as the W. S. S. F. drive. For those students who inhabit the Tower Studio, there is the Art Club, designed to develop appreciation of the fine arts. This group has many examples of its art on display in the main hall, they make freguent trips to the Decatur Art Club exhibits, and other ex- hibits of interest. ART CLUB First Row: Jones, Sewell, Price, Ahlers, Weilepp, Cummins, Klein, Stoops, Etherington. Second Row: Mr. Squiers, K. Houghton, McCulloch, Kizer, Rannebarger, Hill, Zwetschke, Shumate, Lemar, Ishikawa, Haines, Fesler, Vespa, Keith, Montgomery. « 73 » SIGMA ZETA Test tubes and bunsen burners are the mam concern of the members of Sigma Zeta, honor- ary organization for outstanding students in the science department. Membership in the organization is based on a paper written on some subject of scientific interest, with a 3.0 in science courses, and a 2.0 in all other courses. FUTURE TEACHERS Future Teachers of America is a new organ- ization on the Millikm campus this year. Organized and designed to be an aid to those students in the Education department, the F. T. A. has been guite active this year, having regular meetings and discussions concerning the problems of the present day teacher. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: Baird, Cope, Tatman, Ishikawa, Becker, Dunkelberg, Bonnen, Jones, Zwetschke. Second Row: Morgan, Harlan, Bieler, Borden, Winslow, Hin- dert, Lebrecht, Selton, Sewell, Lessman, Weasel, Hallerberg, Johnston, Koehler, Rebbe, Sim- cox, Armstrong, Fesler, Cram- er, P. McCarthy, Wilson. « 74 » CLUB First Row: Ferry, Lytle, Gibbs, Harlan, K. Houghton. Second Row: Nelson, Luna, Nar- vaez, Howenstine, Mr. Cobb, Merriman, Newman. FRENCH CLUB Seated: Davis, Miss Ross, Miss Blackburn, Herrington. Standing: Hayes, Ryan, B. M., Piety, Ryan, D., Merriman, Lewis, Strickler, Baker, Keith. GERMAN CLUB First Row: Clem, Miss Ross, Baker, Bieler, Campbell, Adrian. Second Row: Levy, Stein, Comp- ton, Stats, Russell, Steele. « 75 » Ml LLI KIN CHOIR The University choir has been a very busy group this year. Their full schedule has included concerts in Peoria, Warrensburg, Hammond, Arthur, Mt. Zion, Decatur High, Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, and for the Lions Club. The end of their traveling will be a three day tour in the southern part of the state. The choir sings here at Millikin at the Wednesday chapel services, and at the student assembly program. The group has made two broadcasts, and a number of recordings. The chorus and the choir joined with forces at Christmas to present Handel ' s Messiah. In the spring semester they joined with the concert band and gave a truly outstanding performance. Although the choir practices only twice a week they present only the highest type of choral music, and under the excellent direction of Mr. Howard Akers it does a very fine job. CONCERT BAND 4?, The Millikin Concert band gave school spirit a boost this year by playing for the home football games at half-time, and con- tributing at various times to pep activities through the year. The band was also an essential part of the Homecoming celebrations. Not to be disillusioned, we saw the band in a more dignified performance in its annual student assembly concert. The band has also been active in spreading the fame and name of Millikin University in the surrounding area by going on several road trips. They played at various towns, some of which are Finley, Argenta, and Moweaqua. The band is also one of the major participants in annual spring concert put on by our famous school of music. This is one of the biggest performances of the year. Under the inspired leadership of Mr. Howard Akers the band this year followed in the path of outstanding musical ability that has constantly been our goal. « 76 » i Ain Row 1: Cruise, Cox, Becker, Zi, Tertocha, Williams, Walden, Schroeder, Henricks, Adams, VanNess, Kareotes, Hv lK Row 2: Kelley, Farley, Crowell, Geisler, Adderton, Burd, N. Williams, McCrory, Brand, Wilson, Bascomb. Row 3: Wade, Fram, Campbell, Niederbrach, Grobe, Pogue, True, Williams, Briggs, Michel. Row 4: Warma, Friend, Walker, Tickner, Shuff, Fleck, Hallas, Sexton, Quarles, Oyler. p » K I f Row 1: Miner, Beck, Dunscomb, Younker, Smith, McEfee, Rice. D l ILJ Row 2: Frazier, Hattoon, Schroeder, Foster, Hockman, Bonnen, Frey, Jones. Row 3: Nelson, Asbury, Sutor, Shaw, Estes, Watkins, Webb, Michel, Peebles. Row 4: Norris, True, Frank, Cruise, Henderson, Appanaitis, Fleer, Brewster, Eddie. Row 5: Akers, Warma, Keelin, Myers, Albert, Estes, Morris, Launer, Williams, Merholz. « 77 » Koehler, Lukey, Witt, Shumate, Cruise, Stone, Dean Falvey. President Doris Koehler Vice-President Sandra Lukey Secretary Marilyn O ' Brien Treasurer Norma Stone Panhellenic Council guides the activities of the women ' s social fraternities on campus. The council is composed of the president and rush captain of each organization, with Dean Fran- ces Falvey as advisor. It is the main task of the Council to make and enforce the rushing rules but they also hold some social functions of their own. The fall rushing season was opened with the annual Panhellenic Tec and it was brought to a close after pledging ceremonies by a dinner attended by all members and new pledges of each organization. The two big events of the year were the Panhellenic dance which was held at the Hotel Orlando in November and the Millikin Sing given in April. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL « 78 » INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Relations are strengthened between the three male Greek fraternities by meetings held once a month by the Inter-Fraternity Council. Two elected representatives and the president of each of the groups convene with Mr. Ray- burn, Mr. Jack Allen, and Deans Miller and Ploenges for the furthering of better inter - fraternity understanding. The Council has really been busy this year and they have a lot to show for their work. During Homecoming their project was to sell pennants so that a trophy case might be pur- chased to put in the hall. The first floor of Kintner Gym is now reserved for students; thanks to the work of the Council. Since our basketball team, again this year, won the conference championship, the council will sponsor a banguet honoring them. The Council surprised us this year by hav- ing a picnic-dance instead of the usual Inter- fraternity Ball. Nelson Park was the scene of this affair and a good time was had by all. Back Row: Wallace, McKinney, Porterfield, Fitzgerald, Lester, Luttrell. Front Row: Cameron, Mr. Rayburn, Hoepffner, Mr. Allen, Helledy. Row 1: M. Potts, Witt, Althouse, Stone, Adams, Miller. Row 2: Carlson, G. Potts, Baird, P. McCarthy, Fisher, K. Mc- Carthy, Ficker, Chamblin, Mrs. Harrison. Row 3: Milnes, Hockman, Murphy, Carson, Lindsay, J. Keeler, M. Keeler, Hedrick, Clydesdale, Griffin, Cope. Row 4: Vespa, Vandervort, Soules, B. Farley, Edwards, Crowell, Morrison, Fesler, Turner. OFFICERS First Semester President Norma Stone Vice President Kathleen Fesler Secretary Betty Farley Treasurer Melinda Miller Second Semester President Kathleen Fesler Vice President Kathleen McCarthy Secretary Frances Crowell Treasurer Patricia Cope We laughed . . . we worked . . . we had a wonderful year, one that will bring us pleasant memories for years to come. We put our best foot forward at Home- coming and welcomed our alums back with an Aloha, Alums, Ha - Wa - Yuh " theme, and managed to place third with our house decor- ations. For an altruistic project for Hera Day we had a party for " our girls " from the Welfare home. The rest of our time was spent planning parties for our dads, mothers, alums (and even the alums children). And we studied occasion- ally. Taking part in activities on campus we had Maria Hochman and Kathryn Morrison qualify for both Pi Mu Theta and Phi Kappa Phi. Kathryn Morrison and Curley Stone were chosen for Who ' s Who. Curley Stone was elected president of W. A. A. and Joyce Hitch- cock was chosen as secretary. Barbara Ed- wards served as secretary of the Art Club, and last but n ot least in our long line of pride and joys was Barb Ficker who was cheerleader this year. In the royalty department, we were very proud of Marty Althouse who was the W. S. S. F. carnival queen. ALPHA CHI OMEGA 80 » Row 1: Waldon, J oss, Talbert, Herron, Collins, Halberg, Perry, Black, Brais. Row 2: Schall, Bence, Tingleff, Dietschy, Thompson, Young, Corzine, Piper. Row 3: Riechman, J., Coe, Asbury, Williams, Henry, Morthland, Weber, Ahlers, Mrs. Weinand, Koehler, Cummins, Hap- pel, Gray, Blackburn, Nelson, Bennett, Stenzel. Row 4: Jordan, Schiltz, Fearheiley, Cox, Cramer, Sparks, Storck, Bolen, Schulte, Miles, Brooks, Zwetschke, McKinney, Harrington, Irmis, Peacock, Gebhart, Schroll, Wilcoxon, Skinner, Hammill, Fisher, Blotter, Eaton, File, Riech- man, D. OFFICERS First Semester President Doris Koehler Vice President Virginia H appel Recording Secretary Jewell Weber Corresponding Secretary Joyce Ahlers Treasurer Marilyn Morthland Second Semester President Marilyn Gray Vice President Margaret Ann Cummins Recording Secretary Betty Harrington Corresponding Secretary Ginee Herron Treasurer Phyllis Brais In the fall the Tri Delt stage was set for a wonderful year — the mortgage was paid off, the house was redecorated and the new pledge class filled the empty spaces left by the fune graduates. We initiated our social season with a house dance in honor of the new pledges. Our winter formal, the " Sleigh Bell Ball " , was held at the Orlando, while the spring formal was held at the Decatur Club. At Christmas we held our annual Pine tea for the faculty members and their families. In the Spring we honored the graduating senior women at our Pansy Breakfast. Several girls took their place as leaders on the campus. Ginny Happel was elected Presi- dent of Pi Mu Theta, Doris Koehler served as President of the Panhellenic Council and also was elected Vice-President of F. T. A. Marilyn Gray was elected Treasurer of the Student Council, Phyllis Bridgewater was Co-Chairman of the Homecoming festivities and Donna Reich - man was Vice-President of the freshman class. Ginee Herron was Treasurer of the junior class, while Margaret Ann Cummins served as Secre- tary of the same class. Jody Collins took her place as Captain of the cheerleaders, Joanne Williams was Vice-President of Sigma Alpha Iota and Mary Lou Asbury served as Social Chairman of the same organization. Ginny Happel, Marilyn Morthland, Phyllis Bridgewater, end Joanne Williams were initi- ated into Phi Kappa Phi. Ginny Happel, Phyl- lis Bridgewater, Doris Koehler, Joanne Williams and Marilyn Morthland were selected for Who ' s Who. DELTA DELTA DELTA « 82 » Row 1: Harker, J. Baker, Dunkle, Keller, McCottery, Todd, Odell, Davis, Adams. Row 2: Lyon, Palmer, Ryan, Traughber, Taylor, Zust, Weilepp, Beduhn, Morris, Robinson. Row 3: Walmsley, Flinn, Goltra, Kendall, Mrs. Lybrook, Lukey, Shand, Braun, Weishaar, Durr, Row 4: Spangler, Klein, Carrol, Lacey, Baker, Livergood, Ether- ington, Dunn, Lytle, Milligan, Sullen, Talbert, McCum- ber, Borland, Kizer, Tollman, Wieland. Row 5: Munson, Banner, Dunnett, Hatch, B. M. Ryan, Keith, Kelley, Hays, Stapleton, Wayne, Butts. OFFICERS First Semester President Sandra Lukey Vice President Joan Weishaar Secretary Anne Benedict Treasurer Lois Shand Second Semester President Barbara Banner Vice President Mary Taylor Secretary Marcella Durr Treasurer Jean Kizer Hubub, Hawaiian parties, and house dances predominated the opening weeks of school at the Pi Phi house. The close of rush week found twenty-six new additions to the chapter. The routine of classes and homework was lightened by our social events which included house dances, fraternity and sorority ex- changes, open houses, and our week in Kansas City at the " Pi Phi Bungalow. " Pi Phis and their dates made merry at the " Sleigh Ride Ball " , and the spring term was climaxed with a dinner dance at the South Side Country Club. Our Jean Keller reigned as queen at the out- standing social event of the year, Homecoming. Prominent in campus activities were Lois Shand and Sandra Lukey, co-editors of the Decaturian; Barbara Munson and Carol Goltra, music and social editors of the " Dec " ; and Mary Taylor and loan McCumber, assistant editors of the Millidek. Class offices were held by Lois Shand and Barbara Munson, and Jackie Davis was secre- tary for the Student Council. Sandra Lukey was elected to Who ' s Who, and intiated into Phi Kappa Phi. PI BETA PHI « 84 » Row 1: DeGroot, Nelson, A. Doll, Gibbs, Spires, Best, Irish, Hill, Price, Williams, Brown, Shumate. Row 2: K. Houghton, C. Houghton, Dunkelberg, Koch, Haller- berg, O ' Brien, Turner, Winslow, McCulloch, Neal, Bingman. Row 3: L Doll, Smith, Hawver, Eickhoff, Glogau, Weasel, Weeks, Lovins, Huffman, Leckey, Wade, Morgan, John- stone, Gregory, Willson, Rebbe. Rov 4: Stoops, Fiene, Stubblefield, Allen, Schrag, Bonnen, Brand, Drije, Rannebarger, Glasgow, McEfee, Branom. OFFICERS First Semester President Marilyn O ' Brien Vice President Marie Hallerberq Secretary Carol Koch Treasurer Elta Turner Second Semester President Maurine Lovins Vice President Dodie Stoops Secretary Dorothy Dunkelberg Treasurer Carolyn Houghton Fall came and the opening of school found the Zetas getting into the swing of things by- adding several new faces to the chapter at the close of rush week. The pledqe dance was held late in the fall and was called the " Mexi- can Jump " . Our winter formal was held at the Sportsman Club, and was titled " Arctic Fan- tasy " . The pledges and new initiates also gave a dance for the actives in the soring, and the social season ended in May with our " Under- water Ball " , held at the Scovill Country Club. Two new members, Carla Drije and Lucille Brown, had the leads in the fall Town and Gown production, and Nan Harlan took the lead in the spring production. Carolyn Hough ton was elected to Phi Kappa Phi. Marilyn Morgan was awarded the Pi Mu The ( a scholar- ship during the first semester, and Betty Price, Nan Harlan and Marilyn Winslow were chosen for Who ' s Who. Dodie Stoops was co-chair- man for the Homecommq dance. The chapter won first place in the Homecoming float con- test, and under our service project we aided the Millikin National Bank envelopes for the Ecster seal campaign. ZETA TAU ALPHA Row 1: Learman, Mulholland, Blankenship, Dolejs, Helledv, Hazenfield, McFadden, Florian, Durchholz, Ferry, Fitz- gerald, Marchisello. Row 2: Stauder, Wombacher, Luttrell, McCarthy, Williams, Barden, Loving, Ward, Langsdon, Tony Innis, Uhl. Row 3: Salmond, Logan, Andrews, AlthoH, Turner, Appanaitis, Mclntyre, Talbert, Braun. Row 4: Carter, Rendfeld, Broadbear, Daniels, Tully, lansen, Radloff, Kowa, Bennett. Row 5: Walmsley, Brady, Wiederin, Smith, Scherer, Berry, Frye, Foster, Stratman, Adrian, Thomas. DELTA SIGMA PHI Row 1: Atwood, Sigafoose, Longbons, Kelly, Smith, Holt, Van Row 2: Shafer, Galloway Thompson Kaplan, Jones, Beck, Doren, Fell, Lansden, Halliburton. Berndt, Brennan, Hubbard, Balhon. Row 3: Schmidt, Barth, Campbell, Panfil, Prust, Thomas, Vitali, Jeffers, Hall. Delta Sigma Phi Pledges The past year has seen no lack of activity for the Delta Sigs. The season opened with a " rush " , producing 35 pledges. The Pledge Dance at the Hotel Orlando opened the social season in grand style. A number of house dances combined with the Carnation Ball, Sailor ' s Ball, and the Sweet- heart dance completed a full social calendar. The Delta Sig chapter was well represented in athletics. Nineteen brothers and pledges were out for the team. Brother Tony Innis, and Pledge Pete Innis were two of the Minikin repre- sentatives on the all-conference team. Phil McFadden and Gary Florian were co-captains this past year. Captain Scott Steagall played all-American type basketball and led the team to another conference championship and a trip to Kansas City. He was ably assisted by brothers Althoff, Luttrell and Kowa. Alpha Lambda chapter interests have not all been athletic. President Dick Helledy, Vice-President Smith and John Ward were all e cted to Phi Kappa Phi, and brothers S ' eag- all, Scherer and Berry were elected to Who ' s Who. Row 1: Bill Wallis, Mitchell, Pensinger, Daube, Jacobson, Hess, Hazelrigg, Novak, Williams, Ballard, Myer, Haines, Sewell, Lester, Roney, Strickler. Row 2: Butts, Shumate, Frankland, Lytle, Webb, Downev, Ken- ney, Turner, Smith, Wiesenmeyer, Lewis, Scherer, Erickson, Strandt, Harm, Murray, Keck, Messenger, Wriaht, Heiss. Row 3: Wangelin, Lukey, Jackson, Chant. Row 4: V hitmore, Boman, Brenn. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS First Semester President Don Cameron Vice President Ken Harm Sec retary oe Novak Treasurer Ralph Munsie Second Semester President Bob Williams Vice President Bruce Haines Secretary I™ Butts Treasurer Ken Harm Row I: Lofgren, Wilson, Leverenz, Lundquist, Giambeluca, Bev- erly, J. Wallis, Ahlstrand, Humphrey, Hurlbut. Row 2: Dechert, Erickson, Finley, Montgomery, Wikoff, Ozier, Wagner, Schwiesow, Hays. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledges Once again Sigma Alpha Epsilon has had a year of great activity and success on the campus of Millikm University, Starting in the fall with rushing activities that netted them a well-rounded pledge class, the chapter carried on from there in all campus activities. On the gridiron, there were six brothers led by quarterback Don Hess. Don and Hal Wies- enmeyer both made the all conference team. In the field of politics, S. A. E. was again one of the leaders. An active new party was formed and it captured every office it ran for. There were three brothers in student offices when the smoke of battle rolled away. The Homecoming weekend was a great one for S. A. E. too. Capturing the house decora- tions for the third year, the chapter gamed permanent possession of the Homecoming trophy. From there the chapter carried on in grand style, Business Manager of the Decaturian, Editor of the Millidek, Vice-President of the Student Council were all held by S. A. E. ' s. Socially the men from " 185 " were playing the usual roll of throwing good dances, the Winter Formal, the Novelty dance, and a fair share of house dances. To top things off, a new television set was acquired in the spring, and regardless of the diversion, the chapter managed to maintain the highest fraternity average in grades for the ninth semester out of the ten since the war. Row 1: Morthland, Allan, Crane, Rhein, Johnson, Porterfield, Hoepffner, Piggot, Brown, Sward, Winnick, Rod Sward. Row 2: Colwell, Canfield, Newcomb, Irle, Wright, Swiney, Lowry, Behrens. Lovejoy, Quevy, Row 3: Filley, Richards, LaMare, Hellmann, McKinney, Young, Conville, Muren, Wittingham, Cork. Row 4: Edwards, Smith, Brozio, Rigsbey, Wilson, Anderson, Grant. Hall, Waters, Ervin, Broverman, McDonald, Mowry. TAU KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS First Semester President lay Hoepffner Vice President Orville Brown Secretary Robert Piggot Treasurer Ted Sward Second Semester President John Winick Vice President Don Ervin Secretary Dan Newcombe Treasurer Wilber Smith The year 1950- ' 51 has found the TEKE ' s in many phases of school activities. Climaxing the first semester ' s social even ' s was the colorful winter formal, " Snow-Bound ' ' held at the Hotel Orlando. Rich Hellman, with the assistance of his committee turned out a beautiful dance, complete with TEKE bracelets as favors. T. K. E. was awarded second place for their house decorations the last Homecoming. The whole project was of enormous proportions and consisted of the theme of St. Peter welcom- ing the alumnae through the pearly gates of J. M. U. Frater Jesse Swiney was co-chairman for the 1950 Homecoming festivities. Row 1: Williams, Moss, Brock, Cross, Weddle, Bloss, Dixon, Edwards. Row 2: Shaw, Harvey, Campbell, Klein, Noble, Weiner, Sand- knop, Henigman, Gross, Laue, Tau Kappa Epsslon Pledges T. K. E. also found itself in the political spot- light on the campus. Jay Hoepffner came through again by being elected to the office of President of the Student Council. Bob Brover- man was President of the Sophomore class. The TEKES also had two men as officers in Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity; Dan Newcombe serving as President and lack Bloss as Sergeant-at-arms. Fraters Jay Hoepffner and Robert King were honored by being selected as representatives of Millikin University in the national Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities publi- cation. T. K. E. is very proud of that tall, " lanky " guy who has been so active on the varsity basketball sguad — Alex Sarran. " Little " Bill Sutherland was another important T. K. E. in varsity sports as Captain of the baseball team. Another TEKE who should receive laurels is Bob King. Bob was very active in the speech department and appeared in various radio and stage productions — we especially remember him in the leading roles of " Camille " and " Two Blind Mice " . T. K. E. owes much gratitude to Jack Allen who proved to be a very capable and efficient chapter advisor. Much the same can be said for Roy Ousley, the alumnae for 1950- ' 51. How 1: Wilson, Zuegel, Wright, Catron, Scott, Kauppinen, Johnston, Siewert, Fitzpatrick. Row 2: Mullen, Hauter, Winberg, Bissey, Hagen, Vilmure, Drysdale, Armstrong, Rees, Breckenridge. How 3: Corzine, Barone, Smith, McFadden, Gore, Schroeder, Dalluge, Moeller, Borden, Campbell, Widick, Newcomb, Loucks, Evans, Lebrecht, Sachen, Brown. Row 4: Marsden, Bieler, Burgess, Krintz, Ishikawa. Stocker, Butcher, McC ' rory, McArdle, Fleer, Weisbecker, Belshaw, Alberts, Kruzan, Galbreath. OFFICERS First Semester President Dale Bissey Vice President Florence Hagen Secretary Marilyn Vilmure Treasurer Dorothy Drysdale Second Semester President Herb Zuegel Vice President Bob Marsden M. I. A. has played a big role in campus activities this year. Four members were class officers, and there were a large number of members representing M. I. A. in the Town and Gown plays. The Millikm Independent Asso- ciation participated in the Variety show, and the Millikin sing. A big event of the year was the alumni banguet held during Homecoming weekend. M. I. A. sponsored two formal dances this year, Mistletoe Magic at the Sportsman ' s Club, and the spring formal. Meetings are held every Monday night in Barracks 77. This year the members got busy and made a great many improvements so that they now have a lounge ready for all members at any time. MILLIKIN INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION 3 1 ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS First Semester President Paul Berry Vice. President Dan Newcombe Recording Secretary Ed Williams Corresponding Secretary Bob King Treasurer Al Braun Second Semester President Dan Newcombe Vice President Wayne Shiffer Recording Secretary Bruce Haines Corresponding Secretary Don Lutes Treasurer Harry Cork Even though Alpha Phi Omega is a young organization on this campus, it has become well known due to its service and participation in school life. The first big project was the sponsoring of the Ugly Man contest which raised funds to secure a scoreboard for the football field. The members are backing and working on the idea of the Campus Chest Survey, have drawn up plans and have gotten a bid for improving the lounge in the Sub, took charge of decorating the float for the Homecoming Queen and her Court, and had a Boy Scout Day on which they took the Boy Scouts to a football game. This year makes the first for a banguet commemorating founders day. Dr. Malone was invited to be the speaker. Alpha Phi Omega is a world-wide organiza- tion and membership is non-restrictive. Mem- bers of the other Greek organizations are welcome, as is everyone who has at one time been a Boy Scout. Row 1: Berry, Mr. Smith, Schifter, Newcomb, Cork, Mr. Rice, Row 2: Braun, Fleming, Hug, Ojakaar, Matthews, Marks, Noble, Mr. Blaney. Corzine, Saurmann, Hansen, Manuel, Weddle. Row 3: Wright, R. Dvorak, Winberg, Bloss, Harvey, D. Dvorak, Williams, Starrett. OFFICERS President Mary Taylor Vice President Joanne Williams Corresponding Secretary Rachel Wolfe Recording Secretary Norma Williams Treasurer Gloria Miner SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Music, music, and still more music — that ' s what Sigma Alpha Iota stands for. S. A. I., an honorary musical fraternity for women, takes for its members only those who are superior in musicianship and character. Outstanding in this year ' s activities for Sigma Alpha Iota were the traditional Rose Tea, the Contemporary Musicale, the Senior recitals, and the other programs which the S. A. I. ' s presented throughout the year. S. A. I. ' s and their dates were provided with plenty of fun and festivity at their two dances, " Winter Prelude, " and the traditional Rose Dance in the spring. Recitals, songfests, State Day, and finally, a last farewell to the Seniors at the Senior Banquet, — all these things go to make up a wonderful and successful year for Sigma Alpha Iota. PHI MU ALPHA This year has found a small but lively chapter of Phi Mu Alpha at Millikin. The chap- ter has worked hard on various projects and is making this one of the best years in Beta Theta ' s history. Homecoming was the first big project, and was closely followed by our election of Bill Thomas as the winner of the Ugly Man contest. Other major events of the first semester were the presentation of, " The Telephone " , and " The Medium " , operas by the music school, our annual Christmas carol trip, the winter pledge dance, and several appearances by the " Sin- fonians " , the chapter chorus. The second semester found us with new officers, and new activities. This year, for the first time, we joined with the S.A.I, chapter in presenting a trophy to the best group par- ticipating in the Millikin Sing. Other activities this spring were the spring formal, province convention, and the annual All-American show. This year also found the chapter alumni news- letter, Beta Theta Ensemble, reorganized and sent out to all chapter alumni. Row 3: Shuff, Walker, Rutherford, Younker, Fathauer, Hatroon, Row 1: Duncan, Grobe, Warma. Sexton, Meyers. Row 2: Friend, Compton, Unrath, Niederbrach, Henderson, Row 4: Keelin, Fram, Briggs, Tickner, Sutor, Rich, Erickson, Bag- Webb ley, True, Rice, Thomas, Quarles, Appanaitis, Peebles. FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK WOMEN ' S The night that Millikin beat Eastern Illinois State Teachers College in the N.A.I.B. Illinois play-offs was the starting point of a long-to-be-remembered ten days. The Big Blue made its initial trip to Kansas City, and the nation-wide N.A.I.B. play-offs. The team left on Sunday morning, and every day for the following week groups of students forgot the necessity of studies and went to support the team. The first ball game was on Monday night against Eastern New Mexico. The Big Blue promptly handed them a 77 to G3 defeat. In the following week the team went on to defeat East Texas Baptist, 80 to 62. Florida State. 91 to 60. and Regis College. 88 to 70. However, the final game of the tournament found us playing Hamline University from Minnesota. The game was not decided until the last few minutes, the boys scrapping all the way. but the sound team from St. Paul came out on top with a 69 to 61 victory. The week was a victory for us though. Each day the ranks of Big Blue backers swelled in Kansas City, and the class attendance at Millikin dropped. School finally closed on Friday, and all students and faculty members who could beg, borrow or steal a ride to the tournament went. A great time was had by all. There were parties, sight-seeing trips, parties, and a heck of a lot of cheering for the Millikin team. To top off a thrilling championship basketball season the trip to Kansas City was the height of all our ambitions. We certainly left an impression and record that will be hard to equal any place, and Scott Steagall came through as a true champion, again, by running off with the honor of being the most valuable player in the Kansas City N.A.I.B. tournament for 1951. Row 1: Boman, Luttrell, Turner, Sutherland, Tony Innis, Hazen- field, Florian, Kowalski, Fitzgerald, Epperson, Durchholz. Row 2: Mr. Keil, Panizzi, P. Innis, Leiley, Althoff, Tom Innis, Steagall, Chant, Gehrig, Durland, Shepherd, Sarran, Lester, Kowa, Tully, Stauder, Costello, Short, Laedtke, Sesslar, Conville, Kelly. THE " M " CLUB The " M " club, composed of men who have earned letters while participating in athletics at Millikin, is one of the quiet but active organizations on the campus. Sponsoring the }oe Catlin memorial scholarship, run- ning the used book store for the benefit of all students, and giving our athletes an organization to work through are its main objectives. Headed by Jim Lester the first semester, and John Luttrell the second semester, the " M " club completed another successful year. " M " MAN Once again the Millidek announces its " M " man award. Quiet, unassuming Scott Steagell is the unanimous choice of the staff. Breaking records, making new ones, continually advancing sports through gen- tlemanly conduct, Scott has not only been a credit to the school and the athletic de- partment, but he has also built up a repu- tation off the floor of a basketball court that will be hard to equal. An active member of his fraternity, a president of the " M ' club, and a good stu- dent, Scott is always ready with a good word and a ready smile. It is his char- acter, personality, and his accomplish- ments off the floor, combined with his athletic ability, that make Scott the " M " man of the year. « 101 » Back Row: Van Doren, Poulos, Bennewitz, Mc- Fadden, Short, Vitale, Tom Innis, Maclntyre, Allison, Hoppert, Kossieck, Tony Innis, P. Innis, Markalewitz. Second Row: Smith, Kelley, Fitzgerald, Florian, Panizzi, Chant, Hazenfield, Jones, Litchfield, Wiesenmeyer. Front Row: Costello, Boman, Allan, Collis, Hess, Halliburton, Sesslar, Kowalski, Epperson, Schum. Left: Henry J. Keil, Head Football Coach. • : 1 FOOTBALL By far the most successful post-war football season was had at Millikin this year. Although the four and four record doesn ' t sound im- pressive to the ear, the memory of how the team came out and fought, scrapped, and played every minute of every game will long remain a pleasing memory to all who were spectators through the year. Field general Don Hess, fol- lowed by such stalwarts as " Red " Halliburton. Tony Innis, Gary Florian, Hal Wiesenmeyer. Chuck Boman. and Gene Panizzi, gave Millikin an exciting if not spotless season. FOOTBALL Knock-down, rugged, hard football was the style at Millikin University this fall. The " old college try, " for which there is no substitute, was ever present, and as a result we had some mighty good football to watch. Outstanding as a single game was the night game played at Wesleyan. That night the " Big Blue " lost a 20 to 18 thriller. There was no guestion about the rough, bruising game being a good one from the opening whistle to the closing gun. Skill, ability, and knowledge were ever present, but it is commonly agreed that a little luck slipped in on the side of Wesleyan and enabled them to steal the game. FOOTBALL Losing four and winning four games this year is on the record book, but Coach Keil was proud to have five men represent Millikin on the all- conference team this year. They were: Hal Wiesenmeyer, Tony Innis. Pete Innis. Don Hess, and Al Kowalski. Cape Girardeau .... 12 Normal 28 Augustana . 0 Illinois Wesleyan 20 Carthage 7 North Central 39 Illinois College 7 Austin Peay 35 Millikin 7 Millikin 0 Millikin 20 Millikin 18 Millikin 34 Millikin 41 Millikin 47 Millikin 6 13 VARSITY Basketball mentor Ralph Allan did it again this year. He put together a team that copped the Little Nine basketball championship for the second year in a row. Fast, high-scoring ball was played this year, and it paid off. Setting a new conference scoring record of 800 points, the team also set single game scoring of 104 points, free throws, 32, field goals, 36. First Row: Lukev, Murray, Steagall, Captain; Althoff, Luttrell, Mueller. Second Row: Coach Allan, Kowa, Sarran, Fyke, Lewis, Dubinick, Asst. Coach Allen. f BASKETBALL Scott Steagall will long be remembered at Millikin University. His many records speak for Scott, but only those who know him can appre- ciate the true qualities of the man. His records: most points in a season. 303, best average, 30.3, most points in a single game, 59, most free throws in one game, 21, most free throws in a season, 89, most points in four years, 887, and best four year game average, 22.2. All those records were made in conference play by Scott. However, it is the humble modesty of Scott that makes him a true champion on and off the floor. BASKETBALL Walking off with the conference champion- ship for the second Y ear in a row was quite a feat for Ralph Allan to perform as a coach, and a great victory for a team that went out and won because they knew they could. In the N.A.I.B. Illinois play-offs our first foe was Lake Forest. The team went on to defeat them 81 to GO after losing to them once during the season by two points. Our second game was with mighty Eastern. Playing scrappy ball through- out the game, Millikin University defeated the cocky, self-assured boys from Charleston 74 to 73. From there it was off to Kansas City and the National N.A.I.B. play-offs. Defeating Eastern New Mexico, E. Texas Baptist, Florida State, and Regis of Colorado in the first four games, the " Big Blue " lost the final game to the fine team of Hamline University, 69 to 61. At the end of the season we sported a 24 won, 7 lost record. BASKETBALL " B " SQUAD Under the guidance of able Jack Allen, the B squad went to work this year to develop men to replace members of the varsity squad who will be leaving next year. The squad is shown at the right. First Row: Fessel, Pritchard, Longbons, Nabb, Mueller, Tom Innis. Second Row: Coach Jack Allen, Schaeffer, Pogue, Dubinick, Rozycke, P. Innis, Morris, Manager Lukey. Mi 4 " ' TL ' BASEBALL Coach Keil started the baseball season minus his pitching ace of last year. Ken Schroeder, but has high hopes of finding able replacements in Hess, Lutes, Stauder, or Messenger. Messenger, the freshman ace, had arm trouble last year, and early signs in the spring indicated that he might be coming into his eld shape this year. How- ever, the team ' s leading batter. Captain Bill Sutherland, is back again this yea " , followed by veterans, Laedtke, Conville, Williams, Ko- walski, and Halliburton. A good looking new group led by Roy Schaub, Frank VanDom and Asa Morris help strengthen the team for a strong conference bid the second year in a row. TRACK Captain Jim Lester of the track te.rn led the thin-clads of Millikin to victory in the first five starts of the spring season. The running of Jim, John Luttrell. Bob Lefley and Ron Sherman, ac- companied by Durchholz, Anderson, Durland, Mcnahan, and Shepherd in the field events, proved more than most opponents could match. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and on Saturday, May 7, when our cinder stars took the measure of mighty Wheaton, it was proof that our chances in the conference meet later in the month were better than average. Jack Allen may well be proud of his track team, and next year when he is coaching at Canton High School he will certainly carry with him the memory of an outstanding year of coaching at Millikin University. GOLF Golf has long been a stand-out spring sport at Millikin. This year, the team, captained by Jim Butts again, seems to be headed for the conference championship once more. Winning six out of the first seven matches and getting stronger all the time, the team is being paced by Jim Finley and Jim Butts. They are pictured, from left to right: Don Cameron. Bud Downey. Jim Butts, Don Lawson and Jim Finley. W. A. A. GIRL Norma Stone, senior from Decatur, was chosen W. A. A. girl for this year. Curly has served the W. A. A. faithfully ever since she has been in school. She has been active as a manager, and has played in all the sports that W. A. A. has offered. The basis for the choice of the W. A A. girl is determined by scholarship, service to W. A. A., leader- ship, skill, sportsmanship, personality and other campus activities. Curly was elected by a committee composed of the adviser, officers, and intramural managers of W. A. A. NORMA JEAN STONE SENIOR SWEATER GIRLS Senior sweaters are given to the members who have qualified by acquiring 1500 points throughout their four years ' participation in intramural events. Sportsmanship is also of prime importance in consideration for the awards. Front: Simcox, Bridgewater. Back: Younq, Althouse, Stone, Miller 124 » W. A. A. Officers and Managers Seated: Young, Stone, Collins, Simcox, Dunn. Standing: Lovins, Bingman, Dunkel, Keeler, Fleer, Tur- V Basketball All Stars First Row: Keeler, Dunkel, Parker, Stone. Second Row: Lyon, Collins, Lacey, Miner, Hakk, Carroll. Tennis All Stars First Row: Fleer, Collins, Piper, Lyon, Hatch. Second Row: Carroll, Keeler, Ficker, Williams, Morgan, Klein, Stone, Dunkel. JEAN KELLER HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT Lovely, blond lean Keller, Pi Beta Phi, of Macon, Illinois, was elected to reign over the Homecoming festivities this year. Ginee Herron « 128 » HOMECOMING Alums flocked back . . . parade through town . . . house decorations . . . Freshman-Sophomore games . . . talent show ... pep rally . . . bon fire . . . football game . . . victory . . . dance . . . parties . . . hangovers . . . Sunday church services . . . alumni tea back to school! 11 Florence Hagen Joyce Carlson Dorothy Dunkleberg HOUSE DECORATIONS Sigma Alpha Epsilon captured permanent possession of the Homecoming house decoration trophy, by winning the decorations award for the third year since the award has been in circulation. Close on the heels of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was Tau Kappa Epsilon. Next year a new trophy will go into circulation and all houses will once again be aiming for permanent possession of the award. FLOAT CONTEST The Zeta Tau Alpha sorority came through with flying colors and underwear to win the Homecoming float contest. With the Sig Alphs and Tri Delts running a close second and third, the parade was a resounding pre-game affair. The Zeta ' s washer woman was a good parallel to the drubbing the football team gave North Central later in the afternoon. TOWN AND GOWN The first semester Town and Gown, under the direc- tion of Dr. L. C. McNabb and Mr. Herbert Joys, pre- sented the three act play, " Two Blind Mice. " The com- edy, written by Samuel Spewack, is the story of an imaginary Department of Interior bureau, the Depart- ment of Medicinal Herbs. The department is oper- ated by two nice old ladies who continue to keep the wheels rolling smoothly after the department has been abolished by Con- gress. The comedy centers around the intricacies of bureaucratic red tape, and the romantic interest is pro- vided by the niece of one of the old ladies. The young lady has been divorced from her husband, and he is in the midst of attempt- ing to regain the favor of his former wife. The two old ladies were played by Danni Norris and Carla Drije, and Bob Kina and Lucille Brown starred as the separated husband and wife. The play comes to a satisfactory ending with the husband and wife reconciled, and the troubles of the two old ladies safely straightened out. 134 » TOWN GOWN " The Heiress, " based on the book, " Washington Square, " was presented by Town and Gown April 13 and 14. It was elaborately costumed in the style of that day, hoop skirts and all. The unusual scenery consisted of an elaborate living room with four exits, visible staircase, and stained glass windows. The story is of Catherine, shy, over-dominated, who met and fell in love with a fortune hunter. Catherine ' s father took her to Europe in hopes that she would recognize the man as a fortune hunter and forget about him. However, on her return, Catherine decided to run away with her lover. Her father promptly disin- herited her, and her hus- band-to-be left her waiting for him to come and take her away. In the next two years Catherine ' s father died, leaving her the entire for- tune. The lover returned begging for her favor, but Catherine left him knock- ing at the door and went upstairs. This action ended one of the most elaborate and pro- fessional productions to be seen here at Millikin Uni- versity. Once again it was the work of Dr. McNabb and Herb Joys that made it possible. The excellent cast had Nan Harlan, Bill Miller, Bob Lodge, Caroljean Zwetschke and four other students in supporting roles. I • ■I HI M ,? 2 Alt h First League Tilt Pits I With Last Year ' s Co-chai eague t nt rits Bli With Last Year ' s Co-cham First League Tilt Pits With Last Year ' s Co-cha A, t h ' al s First League Tilt Pits Blue With Last Year ' s Co-charnps First League Tilt Pits Blue With Last Year ' s Co-champs J? ' ft 9 V l ,, 0 Polls Open i Oct For Class Bectic NOUNCCD eague Tilt Pits Blue Last Year ' s Co-champs ; QUEE CAND,D ATE s PI PHI HEAVEN J Wff a First ,gue Tilt Pits Bli With Last Year ' s Co-cham SS DA S ANNOUNCED . Ceo 8 , First League Tilt Pits With Last Year ' s Co-ch, 0 t League Tilt Pits Blii ith Last Year ' s Co-cham 4± First League Tilt Pits E With Last Year ' s Co-chat First League Tilt Pits B With Last Year ' s Co-char SENIOR ACTIVITIES Ahlers, Joyce: Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, House President; Choir; Art Club, Home Economics Club; Panhellenic Council; Homecoming Dance Committee; Junior-Sen- ior Prom, Queen, Committee; Homecoming Queen Attendant; Costume Committee, One-Act Plays, Town and Gown Plays. Albert, Wayne: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Band; Civic Symphonic Orchestra; Symphonic Ensemble; Homecoming Ticket Committee; Intramurals. Alexander, F. G.: Millikin Independent Associa- tion, Future Teachers of America. Althouse. Marietta: Alpha Chi Omega, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer; Tau Chi Pi, Secretary; W.A.A.; Intramurals; W. S. S. F. Committee; Senior Announcement Committee; Co-Chairman Homecoming Queen Committee. Appanaitis. John: Delta Sigma Phi, Song Lead- er; Phi Mu Alpha, Men ' s Chorus: Band, Orchestra; A Cappella Choir; Homecoming Ticket Committee. Bagley, Joseph: Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary, Treas- urer; German Club; Phi Kappa Phi; French Club, President. Ballard, Ray: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Chamber of Commerce Committee on Insurance; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Commit- tees, Homecoming, W.S.S.F.; Intramurals. Barone, Barbara: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Art Ciub; Student Christian Associa- tion; U.Y.F., Vice-President; Homecoming Publicity. Bascom, Jean: Sigma Alpha Iota; Millikin Inde- pendent Association; Town and Gown. Berry, Paul: Delta Sigma Phi, House Manager, Corresponding Secretary, Song Leader, Sophomore Class Secretary; Junior Class Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Cor- responding Secretary; Student Council, Treasurer; Interfraternity Council, Treasur- er; B Team Basketball; Intramurals; Home- coming Co-Chairman; W.S.S.F. Co-Chair- man; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Bertash, Milton: Town and Gown Committees. Bieler, Eleanore: Millikin Independent Associa- tion, Vice-President, Social Chairman; Sen- ior Class Vice-President; Resident Women ' s Council; Student Council, Chairman of Sub Committee; German Club, President, Vice- President; Conant Society, Finance Commit- tee; Pi Kappa Delta, President, Secretary- Treasurer; Town and Gown; One-act Plays; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Radio Work- shop; Future Teachers of America; Deca- tunan, News Staff; Brown Debate Award; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Braun, Alfred: Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer; Intramurals; W. S. S. F. Carnival Committee; Millidek, Business Manager. Brenn, Don: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chronicler; Future Teachers of America; Intramurals. Bridgewater, Phyllis: Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, Treasurer, Social Chairman; Jun- ior Class Social Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta; Sigma Zeta, Vice-President; Student Council; Panhellenic Council; W. A. A.; Spanish Club; W.S.S.F., Co-Chair- man of Solicitations, Convention Delegate; Homecoming, Co-Chairman, Co-Chairman of Queen Committee; Displaced Persons Program; Millidek; Intramurals; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Camron, Don: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Recorder; Intramurals; Golf. Canny, James: Student Christian Association. Cork, Harry: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer; W. S. S. F.; Intramurals. Cox, Carmen: Delta Delta Delta; Tau Chi Pi; W. A. A.; Homecoming Parade Committee. Cramer, Carolyn: Delta Delta Delta, President, House President; W.A.A.; Panhellenic Coun- cil, Vice-President; Student Council; Tau Chi Pi; Future Teachers of America; Home Eco- nomic Club; Displaced Persons Committee. Daube, Vince: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Recorder, Social Committee; Future Teachers of America, Constitutional Committee; Home- coming Publicity; Intramurals; Spanish Club. Davidson, Kelley: Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant- at-Arms; Intramurals. Drysdale, Dorothy: Millikin Independent Asso- ciation, Treasurer; Chorus; Sigma Alpha Iota; Student Christian Association; Resident Women ' s Council, Secretary. Durchholz, Vic: Delta Sigma Phi; " M " Club; Future Teachers of America; Decaturian; Sports; Football, Track; Intramurals. Durland, Phil: Millikin Independent Association, " M " Club, Vice-President; Future Teachers of America; Football, Track; Intramurals. Erickson, Jack: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Home- coming Publicity; Decaturian, Photographer; Millidek, Photo Editor, Photographer; First Place in University of Missouri School of Journalism ' s College Photo Competition. Ervin, Don: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President; German Club; Homecoming Student Affairs Committee. 152 Frankland. David: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Song Leader; Homecoming Decorations; Intramu- rals. Freeland. Nancy: Conant Society; French Club; German Club; Sigma Zeta; Millikm Inde- pendent Association. Gehrig. Kenneth: Delta Sigma Phi, Assistant Treasurer, Intramural Manager; Senior In- tramural Manager; " M " Club; Decaturian, Business Staff; Track; Intramurals. Green. Marlyn: Sigma Alpha Iota, Sergeant- at-Arms; Future Teachers of America; W. A. A.; Choir; Band; Music Educator ' s Na- tional Conference; Student Christian Asso- ciation; Religious Emphasis Work; W. S. S. F. Special Events. Griffin. Patrick: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Intramurals. Haines. Bruce: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice- President; Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secretary; Art Club; Homecoming Pins Com- mittee; W. S. S. F. Committee; Blood Drive; Millidek, Art work. Happel. Virginia: Delta Delta Delta, House President, Corresponding Secretary, Mar- shal, Vice-President, Scholarship Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu Theta, President; Home Economics Club, President; W.A.A.; Intra- murals; French Club; Tau Chi Pi; Home- coming Awards Committee; Decaturian, Reporter. Harlan, Nancy Hoest: Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; Conant Society; Spanish Club, President, Treasurer; Radio Players; Town and Gown Plays; One-act Plays; W.A.A.; Future Teachers of America; Band; Intra- murals; Co-Chairman Homecoming Pub- licity; Decaturian, Staff; Acting Award; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Harvey, William: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Millikin Independent Asocia- tion; Intramurals; Town and Gown Plays; Radio Workshop. Hazelrigg. James: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Milli- dek, Sports Co-Editor; Intramurals. Heinzelmann, Reta: Millikin Independent Asso- ciation; W.A.A., Student Christian Associa- tion; Intramurals. Hockman, Marie: Alpha Chi Omega; Band; Orchestra; Pi Mu Theta, Treasurer; Student Christian Association, Planning Committee; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sergeant-at-Arms, Chap- lain; Conant Society; W.A.A.; Student Coun- cil. Hoepffner, Jay: Tau Kappa Epsilon, President; Vice-President, Social Chairman; Student Council, President; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Householder. Helen: Art Club. Hug. Robert: Alpha Phi Omega, President, Cor- responding Secretary; Co-Chairman Dis- placed Persons Drive; Homecoming Ticket Sales; W.S.S.F., Publicity Chairman, King and Queen Chairman. Jacobsen, Dean: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Home- coming Chairman; Art Club; Homecoming Alumni Programs; Millidek, Artist; Intra- murals; Transferred from North Park College. Jedlicka, fcia: Tau Chi Pi, Secretary; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Conant Society. Johnson. Kenneth: Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals. Johnson. Marvin: " M " Club, Secretary; Football, Track. Jolly. Jesse: Millikin Independent Association. Jones. Betty: Art Club, Secretary; Decaturian; Future Teachers of America; Resident Wom- en ' s Council, President; Supper Club, Vice- President; Student Council; French Club; Religious Emphasis Week. Keelin. John: Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Chorus; A Cappella Choir; Future Teachers of America. Keeler. Richard: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chairman; " M " Club, Millidek, Advertising, Tennis; Intramurals. Keller. Fred: Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Master; Intramurals. Kendall. Marnita: Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; Social Co-Chairman; W.A.A.; Future Teachers of America; Homecoming, Dance Co-Chair- man, Ticket Co-Chairman; Town and Gown Ticket Sales; Intramurals. King. Robert: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Presi- dent; Pi Kappa Delta, President; Town and Gown Plays; Brown Debate; Conant Society; French Club; Chapel Committee; Senior Commencement Marshal; Homecoming Co- Chairman; Student Affairs Committee; Stu- dent Council; Decaturian, Feature Writer, News Reporter; Acting Award; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Koehler. Doris: Delta Delta Delta, President, Chaplain, Marshal, Scholarship Chairman, Panhellenic Council, President; Tau Chi Pi, President; Student Christian Association; W.A.A.; Choir; Future Teachers of America, Vice-President; Chapel Committee, Religious Emphasis Week; Intramurals; Homecoming Queen; Scholastic Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Krows. Wayne: Conant Society; Intramurals; Homecoming; W.S.S.F. Drive. Lawson, Don: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Golf; Intra- murals. 153 Learman, Jack: Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Executive Council, Historian. Lester, James: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Co- Chairman; " M " Club, Vice-President, Co- President; Interfraternity Council; W.S.S.F.; Homecoming Tickets; Track; Intramurals; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Levy, Edward: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; German Club, Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent, President; Sigma Zeta, President; French Club; Student Council; Phi Kappa Phi. Lukey, Sandra: Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chair- man, Rush Captain, President, Convention Delegate; Home Economics Club, Vice-Pres- ident; Intramurals; W.A.A.; Spanish Club; Panhellenic Council, Vice-President; Student Council, Executive Committee; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Conant Society; Homecom- ing Queen Committee; Beloit Student Coun- cil Conference; Chapel Committee; Chair- man Panhellenic Ball; Decaturian, Society Editor, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Homecoming Queen ' s Court; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. McCarty, Robert: Delta Sigma Phi, Assistant Treasurer; Student Christian Association; Homecoming Finance Committee; Intra- murals. McKinney, John: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chairman; Millikin Independent Association; Interfraternity Council; W.S.S.F., Treasurer; Decaturian, Sports; Intramurals; Student Representative to Decatur Association of Commerce; Transferred from Wilson Junior College. Marchisello, Joseph: Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman; Decaturian, Business Manager. Milnes, Marianne: Alpha Chi Omega, Corres- ponding Secretary; French Club; Conant Society; W.A.A.; Town and Gown Radio Play; Transferred from Gulf Park Junior College. Mitchell, William: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Home- coming Committee; Intramurals. Monahan, James: " M " Club; Football; Intra- murals. Morse, Dorothy: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Student Council; U.Y.F., Commission Chairman; Student Christian Association; Religious Emphasis Week; W.S.S.F. Com- mittee. Morthland, Marilyn: Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Rush Chairman, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Treasurer; Student Christian Association; W.A.A.; Spanish Club, Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Co-Chairman Homecoming Queen Committee; Chairman of Sociology Survey; Co-Chairman W.S.S.F.; Displaced Persons Committee; Miss Liberty of Alpha Phi Omega; Homecoming Queen Attendant; Scholastic Honor Roll; University of Illinois; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Mulholland, Roger: Delta Sigma Phi; Business Manager of Athletic Events; Homecoming Decorations Committee; W.S.S.F. Solicita- tions Co-Chairman; Intramurals. Munsie, Ralph: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer, House Manager; Homecoming Parade Chairman. Myer, F. C. Ill: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge- master; Intramurals. Narvaez, Dehuel: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Spanish Club, President; Intramurals. Newcomb, John: Millikin Independent Associa- tion. Noland, John: Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President; Interfraternity Council; Intramurals. Novack, Joseph: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secre- tary; Intramurals. Pensinger, Robert: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice- President, Rush Chairman; Freshman Class Secretary; Sigma Zeta; Homecoming Public- ity Committee; W.S.S.F. Carnival Commit- tee; Intramurals; Millidek, Business Man- ager, Sports Editor, Business Staff. Price, Betty: Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Scholarship Chairman; Art Club, President, Treasurer; Conant Society, Secretary; Panhellenic Council; W.A.A.; Spanish Club; Homecoming Art Chairman; Student Christian Association; Decaturian; Mary English Art Award; Scholastic Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Pruemer, Donald: Intramurals. Rinebarger, William: Millikin Independent As- sociation; Intramurals. Root, Edward: Delta Sigma Phi, Recording Sec- retary; " M " Club; Basketball. Rutherford, George: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer. Sanders, John: Delta Sigma Phi; Football; Intra- murals. Sarran, Alex: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chair- man; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian; " M " Club, Treasurer; Decaturian, Sports; Basket- ball, Track; Intramurals. Scherer, Robert: Delta Sigma Phi, President, Rush Chairman, Sergeant-at-Arms; Co- Chairman Senior Guest Day; Intramurals; Town and Gown; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Schroeder, June: Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman, Treasurer; Song Leader; Band; Choir; Pi Mu Theta, U.Y.F.. Choirleader. « 154 » Sefton, Richard: Future Teachers of America, Treasurer. Seitz, Barbara: Conant Society. Sewell, Stuart: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Art Club, President, Vice-President; Future Teachers of America, Membership Committee; Home- coming Dance Decorations; W.S.S.F. Carni- val Committee; Decaturian, News Staff, Fea- ture Staff; Intramurals; Scholastic Honor Roll; Mary English Art Award; North Central Illinois Art Exhibit. Shand, Lois: Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Social Chairman, Censor; Student Council, Public- ity, Executive Committee; Women ' s Resident Council; Spanish Club; Choir; W.A.A.; In- tramurals; Home Economics Club; One-act Plays; Bridge Tournament Committee; Deca- turian, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Feature Staff; Sports Staff; Millidek, Senior Editor, Editorial Staff. Sheehan, James: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Intramurals. Simcox, Shirley: Delta Delta Delta, Intramural Manager; W.A.A.; Future Teachers of Ameri- ca; Homecoming Parade Committee; Intra- murals. Stone, Norma: Alpha Chi Omega, President, Vice-President, Rush Chairman; W.A.A., President; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; Student Council, Secretary; Future Teachers of America, Co-Parliamentarian; Religious Emphasis Week; W.S.S.F. Carnival Co- Chairman; Special Events Co-Chairman; Chapel Committee; Homecoming Commit- tee; Co-Chairman Displaced Persons Drive; Co-Chairman Senior Announcement Com- mittee; Senior Social Committee; Senior Gift Committee; Intramurals; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Tatman. Joyce: Future Teachers of America; Spanish Club; Gamma Phi Beta transfer from University of Illinois. Thomas, William: Delta Sigma Phi; Freshman Class Vice-President; Band; Phi Mu Alpha; Student Council; Choir; Orchestra; Chair- man Freshman-Sophomore Homecoming Contest; Decaturian, Sports Staff. Turner. James: Delta Sigma Phi; Track; Intra- murals. Verrill, Bernard: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Student Christian Association; Scholas- tic Honor Roll; Intramurals. Vilmure, Marilyn: Millikin Independent Asso- ciation, Secretary; Tau Chi Pi; French Club; Art Club; Resident Women ' s Hall Council; Homecoming Dance Committee. Wallis, James William: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledgemaster, Upper Council; Interfraternity Council; Homecoming Publicity Committee; Town and Gown Stage Chairman; Trans- ferred from University of Illinois. Weddle, John: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega, Social Chairman, Delegate to Con- vention; Band; Homecoming Dance Com- mittee. Williams. Jo Anne: Delta Delta Delta, Recording Secretary, Song Leader, Chaplain; Sigma Alpha Iota, Rush Chairman, Vice-President; Pi Mu Theta, Secretary; Student Christian Association, Vice-President, Inter-Church Chairman; W.A.A.; Homecoming Judges Committee; World Student Christian Federa- tion Committee; Displaced Persons Queen; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Williams. Nanette Smith: Zeta Tau Alpha, Intra- mural Chairman, Historian; Student Chris- tian Association, Cosmo Club, Chairman of Theme Committee; University Youth Fellow- ship, Secretary, Food Chairman; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Town and Gown Business Manager; Senior Class Announcement Com- mittee; Senior Class Activity Chairman; W.S.S.F. Co-Chairman; Religious Emphasis Week; Chapel Committee. Williams, Robert: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chap- lain, President; Student Council Vice-Presi- dent, Socia l Chairman, Chairman Enterprise Committee; Student Christian Association, President, Freshman Camp Chairman; Re- ligious Emphasis Week Chairman; Cosmo Club, U.Y.F. President, Vice-President; Al- pha Phi Omega, Secretary, Chaplain; Ger- man Club; Band; Orchestra; Chapel Com- mittee; W.S.S.F. Committee; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Wilson, Kenneth: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Future Teachers of America, Membership Commit- tee; Intramurals. Winslow, Marilyn: Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman, House President, Historian, Exec- utive Council; Conant Society, Chairman Contest; Spanish Club; Band; W.A.A.; Intra- murals; Student Christian Association; Fu- ture Teachers of America, Parliamentarian; Sigma Zeta; Senior Class Student Council Representative; Chairman W.S.S.F. Speak- ers Committee; Student Affairs Committee; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Wright, Clem: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Conant Society, Vice-President; Millidek, Assistant Editor, Editor; Intramurals. Young. Mary Ann: Millikin Independent Asso- ciation; Student Council; W.A.A., Intramural Manager, Vice-President; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Theta, Vice-President; Conant Society; Committees, W.S.S.F., Homecoming, Dis- placed Persons; Intramurals; Senior Sweater. Yonker. Robert: Phi Mu Alpha, Secretary, Pres- ident; Band; Orchestra; Choir. Ziese. John: Intramurals. « 155 » IT CAN BE DONE . . . but don ' t try it! Sometimes it ' s possible to break all the rules — and get away with it. But for most of us, most of the time, the rules hold — especially when it comes to saving money. The first rule for a successful life is to SAVE; the second rule is to SAVE REGULARLY. Since lack of money is so often a cause of worry and unhappiness, one way to eliminate many of our problems is to have money when it is needed. Regular saving is a good way to have money for emergencies. THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Decatur ' s Oldest National Bank Member F. D. I. C. « 156 G. S. LYON SONS LUMBER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Since 1878 € Decatur ' s Oldest and Most Reliable Dealers WOODWORK FOR HOMES € Broadway at Cerro Gordo ROBY ROBY PEERLESS Household Cleaners James E. Roby Verne E. Roby : Class of ' 43 • Decatur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners Realtors • RUGS " Complete Line of Real Estate Service " j • DRAPES • SLIPCOVERS • BED SPREADS SALES • T. CLOTHS INSURANCE | • L. SHADES LOANS | • BLANKETS 147 East Main St. Phone 5191 I • FURNITURE l Phone 3-8302 519 North Monroe St. « 157 » BLACK CO 1 1 i ii i ■ i £ ri w f 340 North Main 1 t j w • • n 1 1 ■ » ' llllll ill £ ; 248 North Park i NATIONALLY KNOWN Sporting Goods | APPLIANCES €) j Phone 3-7744 79 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE • Diamonds • Watches • Sterling Plated Silverware • China • Crystal • Linens • Perfumes • Handbags POST S DIAMONDS Are " Registered " For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join Post ' ? STERLING SILYER CLUB PAY ONLY 33c A WEEK For Each 4-Piece Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! . POST SONS Jewelers for Over 79 1 ears Merchant at Prairie Decatur. Illinois « 158 » s. ailboat racing is fun. So are all competitive sports. So, for that matter, is practically every form of competition; most of the things we do to enjoy ourselves, whether we play chess or tennis, canasta or golf, are highly competitive in nature. Maybe that would be a good thing to remember when you get out into the world of business. You ' ll be entering a new and different kind of competition, but one which you can thoroughly enjoy, if you will, and which will reward you with something more substantial than a cup, a letter, or a blue ribbon! DAWSON WIKOFF Funeral Directors DECATUR - ILLINOIS Central Illinois Automotive Trade Association B. B. Burns Cooper Oldsmobile Company General Finance Corporation Nolen Motor Company, Inc. H. G. Wonderlin Company Bill Burns Chevrolet, Inc. General Motors Acceptance Corporation Universal C.I.T. Credit Cor- poration Coffey Auto Market W. C. Starr, Inc. H. P. Hazelrigg Company Highfield Buick Company Bopp Motors, Inc. Kilborn ' s Landers Company National Discount Corporation « 159 » Continuous Quality BOTTUD UNDE AUTHORFTY Of IME COO-COU COMf ANY ft The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur no.l specialist in local moving ! Fireproof Fireproof Warehouse Warehouse DECATUR, ILL. See ROY OUSLEY . . . A J.M.U. Alum for DIAMONDS WATCHES • JEWELRY REPAIRS R. M. MARTIN CO. Jewelers - Optometrists 108 East Prairie St. Phone 2-1814 Decatur. Illinois Direct Importers of Fine Diamonds yuffenn -ftpcaci • COATS • SUITS • DRESSES • FORMALS • SWEATERS • HOSIERY New Suffera Bldg. - N. Main and Prairie « 160 » We Cater to Co-Eds! Accessories Hosiery Yarn Dresses Stationery Records Hats Suits Sportswear Lingerie Shoes Coats Toiletries Girdles Gifts Linens LINN SCRUGGS Decatur ' s Quality Department Store Since 1869 RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES A. L. COOK SON Decatur, Illinois Jewelers and Watch Makers 127 N. Main St. SAM E. ARMSWORTH I JAMES A. ARMSWORTH 1 1099 W. Main St. 702 E. Wood St. « 161 » for Important (Slothes SCHAFFER GLUCK FURS CLOTH COATS DECATUR, ILLINOIS 135 East Prairie St. SUITS 253 North Main St. ONE OF THE NECESSITIES OF COLLEGE LIFE College Supply Store camera supplies — developing — printing stationery and supplies sporting goods fountain pens greeting cards prizes desks lamps gifts 122 East William Street « 162 » FASHIONS FOR JUNIOR MISSES AND TALL GIRLS Decatur ' s Leading Specialty Store Specialized Automotive CARBURETOR, ELECTRICAL, SPEEDOMETER Specialists Decatur Battery Service Inc. 343 E. Main Phone 5453 C. N. Gorham Son, Inc. REALTORS 223 South Park Street REAL ESTATE • LOANS INSURANCE Compliments of SWAIN and MYERS, Inc. Designers and Manufacturers WOOD AND METAL FIXTURES for Drug Stores, Restaurants, Clubs and Institutions 544-552 N. Main St. " 77ie Best of Everything at One Place " « 163 » We will continue to service your « AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS as we have for the past 20 years. r n r r a t i! i a t t o n » L U 1 vj A A 1 U L A 1 1 U li J To The Grads Don ' s Standard Service VPT If If • " 1 d 111 W. JVlaiii and Oakland ; ; 1 hanks for the past patronage Come In Please — Go Out Pleased Don Ponewash and hope it will continue in the ; future. • i -fr ; Compliments of Compliments of FLINT EATON Thurman W. McDavid COMPANY • : « 164 » Licensed - CONTRACTOR - Insured EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE O I CVVMIl 1 «J -r ' TivTir ' fiyti tprc WIRING I FINE riXl UilrLS w ininij • APPLIANCES | WHERE FASHION AND QUALITY ARE FOREMOST REGARDLESS Cf TIVRTT AM CI F • OF PRICE TOASTMASTER j G. E. and Telechroii Clocks ] The Best Place to Shop Complete Line of G. E. Lamps j After All 134 S. OAKLAND 2-4806 — Phones — 2-2543 STAUBERS Your Home Store CONGRATULATIONS THE STORE to ARE BUILDING 1951 GRADS Decatur s Fastest Growing Store « 165 » USE YOUR BANK • In the years to come you will find a good banking connection to be a valuable asset. • This bank can be of service to you in many ways — as a depository for your funds ... to meet your credit requirements ... and to help you to make and to save money. • We cordially invite you to open an account with us and to use all of the various banking facilities that are available to you. Hold Your United States Savings Bonds THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of Decatur 1891 1951 Member Federal Member „ , Federal Reserve Deposit Insurance , . System Corporation « 167 » Congratulations to the Class of 1951 SEARS. ROEBUCK CO. Corner of Franklin and North Corn plirn en ts o f RICHMAN BROTHERS 207 North Water Street Phone 6858 T no op dp • FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN • MILLIKIN NEEDS A NEW PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING A CONTRIBUTION TO THE ALUMNI FOUNDATION CAN BE EARMARKED FOR THIS PURPOSE Plan for the Future . . . Give Annually MOREHOUSE WELLS COMPANY « 168 » •••••••••••••••••••••••■••••••••••• BROWNIE COAL Company ant- The Modern Fuel Oil Sold by the BROWNIE CO. BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION " BLOWN-IN " The Clean, Efficient Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT 10 to 18 DEGREES Saves 20% to 30% on Fuel CENTRAL ILLINOIS ' LARGEST SELECTION of HIGH GRADE COALS For Every Purpose CLEAN, CAREFUL DELIVERIES BROWNIE COAL CO. ill Manufacturer of The BROWNIE STOKER Main Office 415 N. Main St. « 169 » THE QUALITY OF • E veryth in g Ph otogra ph ic MEADOW GOLD GRADE A MILK DCII C ' C rrlLt o lc Prnvpn Dailv in Our CAMERA SHOP ct ate APPROVED LABORATORY " Decatur ' s Photographic Center " BEATRICE rOODS COMPAI i ; Union Dairy Division ; Decatur, Illinois Phone 5241 100 East Prairie DECATUR POM rUM j WHERE FOOD IS ALWAYS 1 THE BEST! WE SERYt • YOU j WHERE YOU GET QUICK Safety j SERVICE! Courtesy Service • Corner Wood and Oakland « 170 » CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1951 ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE SERVING DECATUR FOR 49 YEARS DECATUR ILLINOIS « 171 » A Milestone in Life • Graduation from Millikin marks the successful closing of one phase of life. It symbolizes com- pletion of well rounded preparation for the bus- iness of living and heralds the setting-up of new goals to be achieved — goals that each must choose for himself. This education has sharpened and polished your " tools for living. " May you use them well and achieve the success of your own choosing. - L qp A. W. CASH COMPANY « 172 » DID YOU KNOW? A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. is the largest independent processor of corn and soybeans in the world. To keep the Staley plant at capacity operation over 1,000 tons of coal and 19,000,000 gallons of water are required daily. Manufacturing operations are carried on in some 68 buildings, having 2,600,000 square feet of floor space, and covering 382 acres of land. Approximately 3,000 loyal, enthusiastic people are employees of the Staley Co. here in Decatur. The Staley sales organization is international and is composed of hundreds of field representatives and technicians. Staley products are sold world wide for the home, farm, and industry. STALEY PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME • STA-FLO LIQUID STARCH • CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH • CAMEO LAUNDRY STARCH • SWEETOSE SYRUPS • ZEST MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE • CREAM CORN STARCH A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. DECATUR ILLINOIS 173 t)eV» e tots „ fact " 1 " . • eV j ' cU- • " ; -ye io- ctvv AJSD-. a c only Vtvg to " via ' t v a e T %at J V Type E pressure reduc- ing and regulating valve for domestic and industrial use. An ex- tremely tight doting valve with greater volume at normal pres- sures. Ready accessi- bility to working parts! The CBL Type pressure control valve is a com- bination pressure re- ducing and regulating valve, relief valve, and by-pois, all contained in one sturdy, rustproof BRONZE body. CASH-ACME Automatic Valves A. W. CASH VALVE EAST WABASH AVE. MANUFACTURING CORP. DECATUR, ILLINOIS HECHT ' S A WOMEN ' S Compliments of APPAREL OSGOOD and SONS ■mow : Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois j MOVIES are BETTER THAN EVER ! In Relax America! 0 R. E GRIN! SMILE! LAUGH! at the MOVIES No Other Entertainment Offers I of Satisfaction I We Specialize in FRIED CHICKEN DINNERS • PLATE LUNCHES | SANDWICHES So Much for So Little Lincoln Theatre • Accommodations for ; Noon and Evening Meals Empress Theatre Decatur ' s Finest J Compliments of j J. S. JOHNSON « 175 » PITTSBURGH PAINTS Compliments of RODGERS SHOE STORE Smooth as Glass " Paint Styling Headquarters " • Sun Proof • Wall Hide • Waterspar • Wallpaper • Florhide DIAL 5343 Painters ' Supplies Wallpaper Glass PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 222 N. Main CROSS TOWN — CROSS COUNTY — CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Personnel and Modern Equipment MOVING Are Always at Your Service STORAGE - PACKING - CRATING BUILDERS SUPPLIES Establishes 1854 621 NORTH MAIN STREET DECATUR-ILLINOIS At the NORTH MAIN SUBWAY « 176 » BILL AND GENE ' S FRIENDLY SERVICE Macon and Oakland MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL for Quality and Service Eugene R. Perkins Benjamin W. Franklin J.M.U. Alums ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Millidek Staff wishes to acknowledge the gen- erous support of the following firms and individ- uals who have helped sponsor the 1951 Millidek: SEMMEL ' S KRIGBAUM ELECTRIC DROBISCH - MUIRHEID NEUMODE HOSIERY DAUT BROS. FLORIST 177 » T«L«PMON« Ol We Can Help • Where people are thoughtful . . . and considerate of the interests of others . . . because they care JJ MO RAN SONS Funeral Home N. WATER ST. at ELDORADO DECATUR - - ILLINOIS -fr it Compliments of BLUE MILL Nationally Advertised DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Guaranteed Watch Repairing One Week Service Famous for Fine Diamonds JEWELERS 215 E. North Decatur Ph. 3-2762 Your Theatre Host of Decatur! AVON THEATRE Top Pictures You ' ll Always Remember! The BEST in Motion Picture Enter- tainment Father of the Bride Tea for Two My Blue Heaven k Fancy Pants + Samson and Delilah Biding Hiph 178 ORGANIZED FOR BETTER INSURANCE PROTECTION THE DECATUR ASSOCIATION of INSURANCE AGENTS MEMBERS Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Cobb Insurance Agency Creighton-Jackson Company Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Harold R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Jostes Insurance Agency J. Glenn Miller C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Rotz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Wells Agency W. H. Wiley Best Wishes to Graduates We represent the finest in MUSIC and APPLIANCES VISIT OUR RECORD SHOP EMERSON PIANO HOUSE 143 N. Main Decatur Telephone 5345 ■ 5346 Decatur Warehouse Co. R. C. Shumate Harry (Skinny) Taylor J. F. Gauger TRANSFER, MOVING, STORAGE Licensed - Bonded - Insured Carriers 555 E. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois « 179 » 1860 91 Years of Service 1951 THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR A Complete Banking Service Checking Accounts — Savings Accounts — Christmas Savings Commercial Loans — Real Estate Loans Personal Loans Safety Deposit Boxes — Money Orders — Drafts U. S. Savings Bonds Foreign Exchange — Commercial Letters of Credit Travelers ' Checks Whatever Your Needs Are . . . See Us! Deposits Insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 180 » SUNSHINE DAIRY INC. 725 East Prairie Street Decatur, Illinois Telephone 5436 Sure!!! You CAN taste the difference! FOLRATH ' S MEN WOMEN Freeman Peacock Rohlee Johansen Wright Tweedies Arch-Preserver Styl-eez 211 N. Water « 182 » We of the 1951 Millidek staff wish to extend a hearty thank you to the following people, without whose help the yearbook would have been merely a dream. Faculty Financial Advisor GEORGE RAYBURN whose business advice set us up and kept us going. Capitol Engraving JOE SRONCE whose counsel, untold patience and work have smoothed the way for an easier handling of a big undertaking. Huston-Patterson Corporation LYNN HISER who worried with us and put us through in the end. P file ' s Camera Shop BOB STRONGMAN, his ever-ready camera, and cooperative staff. Herald Review JOHN RAMMEL for his football action shots. And to the entire student body and administration for their cooperation. THE 1951 MILLIDEK STAFF. « 183 » - - ■ ■ . ' ?fif i ' i " ., C ' SBl JjP ' -..V.,v 1-VrV •• : ' • ' V. " ' - ' ■■- ■ ■ "

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