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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1950 volume:

Published By BARBARA BARTA Editor - in - Chief JOHN OLIVERO ROBERT PENSINGER Business Managers " It is easier to keep up than to catch up. " We are constantly faced with this admonition intended to spur each individual to better achievements. To the school itself, however, the warning seems to be merely a pleasant combination of words. When are we going to start to catch up so we can keep up with the times and with our fellow colleges and universities? Too long have we been carried along by the accomplishments of a few notables and one or two departments. The red herring of the past can be dragged only so far into the present before it becomes stale. We have been promised too much with the realiza- tion of too little, and a once healthy attitude toward Millikin is fast being beaten into a state of lethargy by administrative complacency. Next year we mark JMU ' s 48th birthday . . . and a new science building. Is this a new beginning, or will this one accomplishment be considered enough to last for another 50 years while we sink further into a state of educational coma? We Sweated Out Checks . . . Watched for N We knew school had started when the subsistence checks finally came through. Fouled-up schedules, rush week, seren- ades, squirming in classes when it was lazy weather, picnics, greeting old friends and meeting new ones, bull sessions in the dorms . . . this was college. Hard-Timed the Freshmen ♦ ♦ ♦ Remember Homecoming and the times we spent hashing over plans for house decorations and floats . . . changing them numerous times before final construction. Freshmen struggling to get rid of their beanies, the bonfire, variety show ... and soon we ' ll be back — as alums. « 7 » Fought Crowds for a Dec ♦ ♦ . We laughed at the old news in the weekly sheet, but we struggled for a copy just the same. What a battle to get through the between-class mob in the basement . . . smoke- filled halls . . . cigarette butts carpeting the floor . . . pilgrim- ages to the SUB for coffee ... or a bridge game. « 9 » Remember the Parties ♦ ♦ ♦ and Dances ♦ ♦ ♦ " All work and no play . . . " so we played. Friday afternoon clubs, balloon games and all that went with them. Dances — formals, masquerades, mixers, and just plain dances . . . invading the Bam afterward. 11 » The Times We Hit the Airwaves . . . Occasionally we really tried to make an impression on the outside world. We even went dramatic — and musical. Or we reached the " other " people through plays, the Millikin Sing, basketball games with the emphasis on faculty and foolishness. « 12 » « 13 » COLLEGE family seniors juniors sophomores freshmen PBfSIDfJT m fl lo n € The title " University President " usually carries with it the thought of the hard-to-get-in-touch-with man in the front office. Not so with Dr. Malone. An open door policy and a sincere eagerness to know the students has put him in the class of friend, both before and after he has given out the coveted diplomas. « 16 » 1 ■ I DEAN MILLER Perhaps one of the hardest jobs on a college campus is that of dean. He hears all the gripes and cries of injustice from both the faculty and students, and it is no small task to act as a mediator be- tween the two. Although the situation has at times gotten pretty heated, Dean Miller has managed to cope with it to the satis- faction of both factions. His sense of humor and willingness to cooperate are indispensable aids in seeing him— and the students — through what otherwise seems to be a hopeless predicament. DEAN FALVEY Dean Falvey has seemed determined to prove to everyone that deans are human, and her success in the undertaking has proved worth her effort. Freguent appear- ances for coffee at the SUB and a pheno- menal memory for names have brought her into closer relations with the entire student body. In her first two years as Dean of Wo- men she has made herself a universal campus friend and has endeared herself to all those with whom she came in contact. « 17 » flofoinisiyiion HOWARD E. AKERS Music Education. RALPH W. ALLAN Director of Athletics JOHN C. ALLEN Physical Education VIOLA M. BELL Home Economics MAX C. BOLEN Physics EDWARD S. BOYER Religion and Sociology EDITH M. BRAIN ARD Librarian BRYCE K. BROWN Mathematics CLYDE A. DENNIS Biology OSCARINE DEWHIRST Piano CLAUDE D. DICKS Psychology and Philosophy HARRY M. DIXON Business Administration 19 fflcyny FRANCES DOUBLEDAY English 1 4 NEAL F. DOUBLEDAY English HAZEL FISHER Spanish WILLIAM E. FISHER Education FRANK M. FLACK English DANIEL J. GAGE History ELINOR GAGE English CARL I. HEAD Engineering HENRY J. KEIL Physical Education EARL C. KIEFER Mathematics LAMAR L. LAYTON Mathematics LAURA LEWIS German « 20 » ANN LIMERICK Sociology fflcony ROBERT LONG Voice DAVIDA McCASLIN DOROTHY J. McCLURE English Physical Education EDITH McNABB Speech L. C. McNABB Speech MILLARD MAIENTHAL Chemistry RUTH MAXWELL English VIRGINIA MEIS Speech FREIDA MOESSNER Piano WILNA MOFFETT Piano and Organ WILLIAM L. OLSEN Industry and Engineering « 21 » ETHEL M. PARKINSON English EMMALINE RADEMAKER Home Economics GEORGE M. RAYBURN HOWARD D. RICE Business Administration Business Administration RALPH W. ROGERS Industry EDITH ROSE Piano FLORA E. ROSS Modern Languages MARY CATHERINE SCHERER Physical Education DOROTHY SCHLIEPER ORVILLE B. SHETNEY Chemistry Voice and Choir DORIS SMALLWOOD Piano D. R. SMITH Chemistry « 22 » fflcuny GLEN R. SMITH Business Administration G. E. SNOEYENBOS Industry MARGARET SPARKS Secretarial Science DAVID E. SQUIERS Art LEO C. STINE History and Political Science JAROLD D. TALBOT Art HERBERT G.THOMPSON Business Administration WILLIS H. WALKER History and Political Science ELIZABETH WEATHERFORD Biology VIRGINIA WEIGEL Biology FRANCES E. WILSON Industry and Engineering « 23 » OR CLASS JAMES A. ALEXANDER Engineering Administration Belleville, Illinois WILLIAM ARMSTRONG Mathematics Huntington, New York W. KEITH ANDREWS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois MARILYN AULABAUGH French Decatur. Illinois BEVERLY ANGELL Music Education Danville, Illinois NEWELL D. AUSTIN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois s E N ! O R ALMA APPLEMAN English Decatur, Illinois LESTER BAKER Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Illinois JOHN BANKS Music Education Taylorville. Illinois DANIEL L. BANNER History Decatur, Illinois BARBARA BARTA Speech Lombard, Illinois WILLIAM BARTON Business Administration Gary, Indiana ROY BARTREM Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT H. BEHREND Physical Education Mt. Zion, Illinois NORMA JEAN BINGMAN Music Education-Piano Carmi, Illinois MOLLIE BENCE Mathematics Decatur, Illinois STUART BLACK Psychology-Philosophy Decatur, Illinois LLOYD H. BEYNON Business Administration Divernon, Illinois DAVID B. BOYD Business Administration Sparta, Illinois CONSUELO BEZARES Biology Escuintla, Guatemala TED BRADFORD Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois ROBERT BRANKLIN Industry Decatur, Illinois EDMUND BRICHLER Physical Education Belleville, Illinois DONALD BRINGHAM Mathematics-Chemistry Decatur, Illinois WALTER C. BROWN Business Administration Danville, Illinois HAROLD W. BROWNBACK Physical Education Pana, Illinois FRANK BUCKLES Industry Decatur, Illinois 1 JOSEPH L. BURKHARDT Sociology Chicago, Illinois NICHOLAS W. CARPEROS Biology-Political Science Decatur, Illinois N WILLIAM J. BUTLER Business Administration Springfield, Illinois DONALD CATLIN Business Administration Oakley, Illinois MYRON L. CARLETON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois RAYMOND CAULK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CARSON E. CARLTON Business Administration West Frankfort, Illinois CORNELLE CHAPPELL Sociology-Religion Decatur, Illinois JOHN C. CLARK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT CLARK Business Administration Haledone, N. J. EDWARD CLARKIN Business Administration Bridgeport, Connecticut CHARLES CLAYTON History Glenarm, Illinois D. RICHARD COLE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT COLLINS s E N I O R S JAMES L. CONNOR BILLY CONYER Engineering Administration Engineering Administration Okeechobee. Florida Decatur, Illinois JEAN CORNWELL History Taylorville. Illinois W. EUGENE COTTON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM COOPER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DONALD G. COX Psychology Decatur, Illinois DONALD CORLEY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DOLORES CULL Business Administration Springfield, Illinois JAMES CURRENT Engineering Administration Forsyth, Illinois ALFRED DAMMANN Business Administration Hillsboro, Illinois PAUL DAVIDSON Business Administration Warrensburg, Illinois DONALD DAVIS Business Administration Griggsville, Illinois REGINA DAWS Dietetics Danville, Illinois JAY DEES Business Administration Christopher, Illinois s E N i O R WILLIAM DICKINSON Physical Education Decatur, Illinois MARTHA AUER DUNN Home Economics Springfield, Illinois DWIGHT L. DOLAN Business Administration Robinson, Illinois JOHN P. DUNNELL Education Oak Park, Illinois JAMES DOOLEY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois MARY JANE DWYER English Decatur, Illinois CHARLES E. DUNCAN Engineering Administration Litchfield, Illinois SCOTT EATHERLY English Decatur, Illinois JAMES W. ECKMAN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JAMES EHMAN History Decatur, Illinois ROBERT EIFERT Chemistry Decatur, Illinois ROBERT W. ENLOE History-Political Science Decatur, Illinois HAROLD H. ESKER Business Administration Teutopolis, Illinois WILLA ESTELL Music Education Mattoon, Illinois I o R S ROBERT D. ETTER Engineering Administration Pana, Illinois JO ANNE FAULKNER Physical Education Rockford, Illinois EUGENE FEBUS Business Administration Illiopolis. Illinois WILLIAM FISH Biology Decatur. Illinois RICHARD FLANDERS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois BURNS FLESHER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOAN FREY Music Education Liberty, Illinois CAROLYN FRINK Dietetics East St. Louis, Illinois ROBERT L. FULLE Biology Des Plaines, Illinois ROBERT GARVER Accounting Decatur, Illinois DONALD GASSEN Business Administration Chicago, Illinois ALBERTA GATES Physical Education Yorkville, Illinois CAROL GERKEN Spanish Belleville, Illinois BRUCE E. GILLESPIE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois s N 1 O R S MARY E. GODWIN Psychology Decatur, Illinois FRANK C. GREEN Physical Education Boody, Illinois ELINOR GOODRICH Music Education Gibson City, Illinois WILLIAM GUESS Business Administration Robinson, Illinois GLORIA GRANERT Home Economics Toluca, Illinois ROBERT GUTHRIE Engineering Administration Mt. Vernon, Illinois JOHN GRAVES Business Administration Decatur, Illinois BARBARA HACKMAN Psychology Decatur, Illinois RAYE HAGAN Business Administration Lincoln, Illinois BARBARA HALL Speech Decatur, Illinois ELIZABETH HAMBLEN Psychology-Philosophy Clinton, Illinois LOUIS HAMMERSTROM Industry Chicago, Illinois JACK HAMPSON Business Administration Mattoon, Illinois ROBERT HANNA Business Administration Decatur, Illinois FRANCES HARA Music Education Honolulu, Hawaii WILLIAM HARRY Business Administration St. Louis, Missouri RICHARD HARDY Physical Education Lincoln, Illinois GLADA HARTWICH Sociology-Religion Paris, Illinois ROBERT HARLAN Speech Tuscola, Illinois LEONARD HAWKINS Music Education Decatur, Illinois THOMAS HARLAN Biology Tuscola, Illinois HOWARD HAWLEY Business Administration Chicago, Illinois JOHN HINDAHL Business Administration San Jose, Illinois CAROL HOLKENBRINK Social Science Jacksonville, Illinois GEORGE HOLLAND Music Education Taylorville, Illinois s E N [ O R ALICE HOLTGREVE Music Education Edwardsville, Illinois JOAN HOUGHTBY Art Shabbona, Illinois RALPH HOPKINS Chemistry Mulberry Grove. Illinois JULIA HUDSON Secretarial Science Taylorville, Illinois ROBERT HOPKINS Industrial Arts Mulberry Grove, Illinois EDWARD HUEBNER Business Administration Forest Park, Illinois BERNEICE HOSHAUER Business Administration Danville, Illinois LYNN JANVRIN Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CAROL JOHNS Engineering Administration Macon, Illinois DERAL JOHNS Business Administration Macon, Illinois CLARENCE JOHNSON Business Administration Chicago, Illinois FRED JOHNSON Busine ss Administration Oak Park, Illinois ALICE JONES Home Economics Shelbyville, Illinois JAMES JONES Business Administration Decatur, Illinois I o R S PHYLLIS JONES Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois ROBERT KEENER Music Education Freeport, Pennsylvania RICHARD JOSTES Physical Education- Industrial Arts Macon, Illinois JOAN KEMP Home Economics Kenney, Illinois WALTER KARLOSKI Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOHN KERR Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ARTHUR KASHEFSKA Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois EVERETT KEYES Business Administration Lovington, Illinois CLARK KIKOLLA Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CORNELIA KLINEFELTER Secretarial Science Taylorville, Illinois LOIS KNIGHT Secretarial Science Rosiclare, Illinois VERNON KNOUREK Accounting Riverside, Illinois RICHARD KODAMA Biology Honolulu, Hawaii KEITH KONRAD Business Administration Effingham, Illinois s N I O R S HARRY KRAMER Business Administration. Chicago. Illinois VICTOR LANZOTTI Business Administration- Education Kincaid. Illinois BETTY LOU KRIEGE Music Education Edwardsville, Illinois LELAND LARGE Industry Decatur, Illinois GEORGE KUHNS Education Decatur. Illinois HAROLD LAURENCE Business Administration St. Louis, Missouri PAUL KULL Business Administration Decatur, Illinois HORACE LEE Business Administration Chicago, Illinois s E R JAMES LOTZGESELL Chemistry Decatur, Illinois richard McCarthy Physical Education Springfield, Illinois ROBERT LOVELESS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT McCORD History-Political Science Bethany, Illinois HENRY LUCKENBILL Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT McCUMBER Industry Harristown, Illinois CHARLES LUGO Business Administration Chicago, Illinois ROBERT McDONELL His tory Decatur, Illinois HELEN McEVOY Sociology-Psychology Gillespie, Illinois LARRY McGOWAN Biology-Chemistry Decatur, Illinois WELBY McKAY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois KENNETH McKEAN Business Administration Mulberry Grove, Illinois JOHN MALERICH Business Administration Decatur, Illinois RICHARD MARKILLIE Business Administration Springfield, Illinois U4 srf- Ml ROBERT MATTHEWS Business Administration Alvin, Illinois RAY W. MEISENHELTER Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois CHARLES MAY Industry Decatur, Illinois TOM MENTIS Physical Education Decatur, Illinois GERALD MEHOCHKO Business Administration Nokomis, Illinois PETE MERCURIO Industry St. Louis, Missouri s E N I Speech Chicago, Illinois ALBERT MEYER Physical Education Joliet, Illinois CAROL MILLER Spanish-Physical Education Decatur, Illinois CHARLES MILLER Chemistry Decatur, Illinois JACK MILLER Applied Piano Macon, Illinois ROBERT DALE MILLER Biology Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM MILLER Physical Education Chestnut, Illinois IRA L. MINTON History Decatur, Illinois s N O RICHARD MONTGOMERY Industry Springfield. Illinois BYRON MOODY Business Administration Effingham, Illinois WILLIAM MOORE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois CHARLES MORRIS Physical Education Decatur, Illinois LYNN MOWEN Engineering Administration Macon, Illinois RONALD MULHOLLAND Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT MUNSIE Business Administration Plainfield, N. J. ARTHUR MUNSON History Granite City, Illinois s E N 1 O R JOHN OLIVERO Business Administration Chicago, Illinois ROBERT OXLEY Biology Decatur, Illinois JAMES ORGAN Religion-Sociology Decatur, Illinois K. FERN PATTEN Home Economics Saunemin, Illinois KENNETH OSBORN Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois MYRLE PEACOCK Engineering Administration Weldon, Illinois ROBERT OSBORNE Industry Decatur, Illinois WALTER PEIPER Psychology-Sociology Lemont, Illinois DANTE PELATI Business Administration Taylorville, Illinois MAX PENSINGER Business Administration Cerro Gordo, Illinois FRED PIERCE Business Administration Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM PITMAN Religion-Sociology Decatur, Illinois HENRY PLATZBECKER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DONALD POISEL Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois ROBERT POLLARD Speech Maroa, Illinois HARRIET POPE English Latham, Illinois HERSCHEL PRITCHETT Business Administration Niantic, Illinois LESLIE PROFFITT Engineering Administration OTallon, Illinois BARBARA REAM Secretarial Science Decatur, Illinois ROBERT REED Industry Sullivan, Illinois WILBUR REED, JR. Industry Decatur, Illinois DELMAR RENNIER Chemistry Decatur, Illinois -0 JOHN RHEIN Business Administration St. Louis, Missouri RUTH RICHARDSON English Decatur, Illinois JOAN RIGGS Home Economics Decatur, Illinois ROBERT ROACH Business Administration Springfield, Illinois ROBERT ROBERTS Accounting-Finance Decatur, Illinois RAY ROBISON Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ Biology Tampico, Mexico ALBERT SABLOTNY Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JOHN ROESLER Business Administration Pontiac, Illinois NANCY JO SANDERS English Springfield, Illinois JOHANN S. ROETTENBACHER English Golden. Colorado STEVEN SARGENT History Springfield, Illinois s E N I R RAYMOND ROTH Music Education Litchfield, Illinois ELIZABETH SCHMALFUSS Chemistry Chicago, Illinois KENNETH SCHROEDER Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois MARILOU SCHULTE Psychology Decatur, Illinois GLORIA SCHWEIZER Applied Music Albuquerque, New Mexico KENNETH SEALEY Physical Education Belleville, Illinois DON D. SHANE Music Education Brimfield, Illinois WILLIS SHAY Industry Decatur, Illinois s E N I O ROBERT SHORT Chemistry Decatur, Illinois E. DOYLE SLIFER Chemistry Decatur, Illinois MARGIE SHORTHOSE Social Science Danvers, Illinois JACK SMART Industry Decatur, Illinois DONALD SHROYER Physical Education Lovington, Illinois ANNETTA SMITH Psychology-Sociology Harvey, Illinois GENE SIDERS Business Administration Abingdon, Illinois WILLIAM SMITH Business Administration Waggoner, Illinois MARTHA SOFFAS Music Education Decatur, Illinois NATHALIE SPENCE Music Education Chicago, Illinois LAVAL STALEY Business Administration Flora, Illinois DALE STARK Business Administration Cisne, Illinois JUNE BRUCE STARK English Cisne, Illinois JAMES STOLLARD Business Administration JACK STRICKLEN English Decatur, Illinois MIRIAM SULLIVAN Psychology-Sociology Mt. Pulaski, Illinois TWILA STROCHER Biology Decatur, Illinois WILLIAM W. SUTHERLAND Business Administration Oak Park, Illinois ROY STROYECK Business Administration Decatur, Illinois DONALD SWEARINGEM Accounting Wapella, Illinois s E N I O JACK STULTS Physical Education Kimmell, Indiana WILLIAM TANGNEY History-Political Science Decatur, Illinois s FRANK TAYLOR Business Administration Springfield, Illinois JOHN J. TAYLOR Accounting Decatur, Illinois WALTER TAYLOR Industry Belleville, Illinois JAMES A. TECKENBROCK Business Administration Springfield, Illinois ANN TEMPLE History Decatur, Illinois RICHARD TEMPLETON Industry Decatur, Illinois JOAN THIELE History Ramsey. Illinois LUTHER THORNTON History Bement, Illinois CHARLES TILLE Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois PHILLIP TINCH Mathematics Decatur, Illinois JAMES TIPTON Chemistry Bloomington, Illinois KEITH TOBY Business Administration Danville, Illinois FLOYD TROXEL Engineering Administration Decatur, Illinois VICTOR TRUMPER Business Administration Pana, Illinois ROBERT F. TRYNER Engineering Administration Chicago, Illinois JACK TYRRELL Business Administration Joliet, Illinois FRANCES VALLAS Music Education Decatur, Illinois JANICE VANN English Litchfield, Illinois OTIS VAUGHAN Physical Education Maroa, Illinois LOREN VEECH Engineering Administration S m ■ L MICHAEL VENEZIA Chemistry Paterson, N. I. JACK WALKER Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois HARRELL VOIGT Business Administration Decatur, Illinois ALBERT WALL Biology Jennings, Missouri CYRIL WADZITA Physical Education Nokomis, Illinois ROBERT WARBURTON Business Administration Danville, Illinois s E O s CECIL L. WALKER Engineering Administration Windsor, Illinois WILLIAM WARBURTON Business Administration Danville, Illinois JAMES K. WARD Business Administration Battle Creek, Michigan IONA WARE JONES Secretarial Science Decatur, Illinois GERTRUDE WEAVER Business Administration Decatur, Illinois GLORIA WEIDNER Home Economics Dalton City, Illinois JANET WESTLUND Physical Education Decatur, Illinois CLIFFORD WHEELER Business Administration Hammond, Indiana 111 s E N I R S WILLIAM WHITE Education Decatur, Illinois DALE WONUS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois JANE WHITMER Home Economics Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM WONUS Business Administration Decatur, Illinois RICHARD WILLHITE Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois JACK WOODS Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois JAMES WILSON Psychology-Sociology Danville, Illinois KENNETH WOODS Business Administration East St. Louis, Illinois Junior Class L A S S George Brown Joan Brunell Thomas Burton Lois Butcher James Butts Don Camron John Coen Gilbert Colberg Cecil Coleman Marian Cook Harry Cork Robert Coutant Carmen Cox Carolyn Cramer Robert Daube Earl DeManche James DeMuth Marian Dickinson Richard Dolejs Barbara Downing Dorothy Drysdale Victor Durcholz Barbara Edwards Bill Eichenauer « 49 » « 50 » Wilma Helmick Mario Hockman lay Hoepffner Nan Hoest Glenn Houck Robert Hug Helen Humphrey Dean Jacobsen Ina Jedlicka Kenneth Johnson Jesse Jolly Betty Jones Charles Jones James Kalberkamp Richard Keeler Robert Kramer Norma Krenzer Malerich Wayne Krows ill. A 51 David Kruzan Carl Lawrence Don Lawson Jack Learman Doris Lessman James Lester Edward Levy Franklin Loucks Edward Loving Sandra Lukey Crisostomo Luna Robert McCarty John McKinney Jean Mawdsley Jane Meredith Jacques Meyers Don Michel Robert Milbrath Betty Miller Marianne Milnes William Mitchell Larry Morrison Hugh Myers Joseph Novak J u N I O R 52 « 53 » ■ Sophomore Class Charlene Adams Jerry Allison Maryanne Armstrong Mary Lou Asbury Russell Baer Barbara Banner Rolyn Barden Patricia Beck Anne Benedict Joan Bielefeld Jo Ann Bolin Sue Borden Patrick Brady Phyliss Brais Donald Brenn Wilma Brett Phyllis Brooks Joanne Brown sr if, ' ' 4 i 4k) i- 1 i •» SOPHOMORES Marian Burd Gerald Burgener Dale Carr Robert Carter Elizabeth Clark Melva Clayton Thomas Comstock John Corzine Mary Cox Richard Cox Jack Crane Ann Cummins Clifford Custin Nancy Deetz Mary Francis Delaney « 56 » Arnold DeWitt Dorothy Dunkelberg Joy Dunn David Dunscan Marcella Durr Francis Dwyer Ivan Elder Richard Evans Nancy Evans David Fathauer Lysbeth Ferguson Kathleen Fesler Charlotte Fitz Rita Frey Vernon Galbreath Gloria Gebhart Kenneth Gehrig Asher Geisler SOPHOMORES Richard Glover Robert Goltermann Marilyn Gray Telly Greanias John Griskenas L Matthew Gromala William Gross Alfred Hall Marie Hallerberg Carolyn Hammerstrom Kenneth Harm Eleanor Hawkins Beverly Heinzelmann Richard Helledy Virginia Herron 57 « 58 Arthur Malasto Howard Malonc George Manoff Patsy McCottery John McDonald Nancy McDonell Don Mclntyre Marilyn Meyer Roberta Mills Gloria Miner Marilyn Morgan Roger Mulholland Arthur Murray Virginia Neal Orrin Nehls Dan Newcomb Kathryne Nisbet Danette Norris SOPHOMORES Marilyn O ' Brien Marion Ohn Donald Olson Earl Oyler Judith Parker Faith Peckman Joyce Piper Herbert Quarles Richard Quevy Kermit Radloff Patricia Rebbe Donna Rees Don Reich Marilyn Reining George Reitz y ' F y f ... T s W » . .- U mi 59 William Rhein Louis Ribordy William Rice Robert Richards Nancy Riley William Rodger Sue Rogier Mary Rosebraugh Nancy Ross Cannutte Russell Robert Salmond Raymond Saurmann Elmer Schiek Robert Schmalz Priscilla Schrag James Scott Jean Shumate Dan Smith SOPHOMORES Robert Smith Virginia Smith Mary Jean Soules Jean Spangler Lora Sparks Charles Starrett Gene Stauder Helen Stocker Dorothy Stoops John Sutor Rod Sward Barbara Talbert Mary Taylor French Tickner Alan Titunik « 60 » Dorothy Todd Jackie Traughber Marshall True Robert Tully Elta Turner Lynn Turner Francis Uhl Richard Unrath Angeline Vallas Charlotte Vandervoort Dorothy Waddell Barbara Walmsley John Ward Bob Watters William Warma Jack Webster Earl Wehrle Hal Wiesenmeyer SOPHOMORES Joan Weishaar Betty White Brenis White Edgar Williams Henry Williams Jean Williams John Winick Shirley Witt Rachel Wolfe William Wombacher LaVerne Wonus Joe York Elizabeth Zimmer Foster Stone Marshall Susler « 61 » freshman Class Edwards McCann Etherington i I f 1 1 - fi A He M Si ri£ J UPk •f „ ' 4 " ™ ' I Frank Adrian FrancoH Anderson Dorothy Apploman Charles Atherton Duano Avis Mary Grace Baird Roger Baldwin Peggy Beach Glen Beaman Dolores Beduhn Elaine Bender Owen Bender Constance Bennett LaRue Bennett Alan Berndt Harold Bersin Joan Besta Suzanne Bilgere Marilyn Bingman Shirley Black Beverly Bollman LaVonne Booher JoAnn Bourland John Boyd FRESHME Anita Boyle Bill Briggs Ralph Brooks Robert Broverman Howard Brown Barbara Burgis Marian Campbell Eugene Canfield Djina Champion Pete Cole Jody Collins Paul Conlin Mary Jane Copper Richard Cruise Karl Culberg IS 4? SUV Jra HI 1 A ■n f ■ 9f ■ v , « 63 » Vernon Dalluge Carl Davis Jackie Davis Nancy Davis Dorothy Dayvault Helen Deputy Phyllis Drum Anice Jean Duncan Jackie Dunkel Phyllis Eaton Fred Edwards Bob Erickson Jim Esque Sue Etherington Kenneth Evans Donald Ferry Alan Filley Gloria Fitzgerald Jim Fitzgerald Emma Lou Fitzpatrick Robert Fleck Dorothy Flinn Anne Fowler Margaret Garrison itn- men 1 1 . 1 n 1 FRESHMEN Trudy Geisler Mary Ann Gibbs Marilyn Griffin Edvin Hall Betty Harrington Gerald Hawkins Jane Hawver Nancy Henry Bill Heyduck Nancy Holland Jean Hofener Ruth Jacobs Norma Janes Marjorie Johnstone Charlene Jones « 64 » Bill Jones Phil Jordan Carolyn Karrer Bill Keck Margie Keeler Kay Keith Jean Kizer James Koonce Thomas Lansden Jack Leander Glenn Lebrecht Robert Lefley James Leonard Jerry Lewis Kathryn Liggett Mary Lou Logan Duane Loofbourrow James Lowry Douglas Lukey John Luttrell JoAnn Lytle Russell McCann Donna McCardle Kathleen McCarthy FRESHMEN Patricia McCarthy Mary McCulloch Martha McGowan Lois McNeil Eleanor McPherson James Manuell Jeannine Maxwell John Mehrholz Martha Messner Bonnie Micksch Sally Lou Morrison Richard Mowry Barbara Munson Jack Muren Mary Lou Murphy «: 65 » Norma Murvin Marilyn Myers Phyllis Nelson Robert Neufer Sturgis Nichols Evalyn Norris Darrell Ozier Shirley Parker Jarrell Pearce Richard Perry Mary Frances Prust Carol Pullen George Purcell Dorothy Pyle Marilyn Rail Patricia Rannebarger Nancy Redifer Marcia Repnicke Dale Richards Doris Richards Jack Richison Joan Riechman. Dorothy Roe Walter Rowland FRESHMEN Bettymae Ryan Marjorie Ryburn William Sachen William Scharf Robert Scherer Eileen Schoenfielder Roger Scholes Mary Ann Schroll Barbara Sebrell Jack Shepard Betty Shufelt Patricia Shy Heckler John Smith Martha Snyder Marilyn Spahr « 66 » Janis Speagle Valette Stables Alexander Stavropoulos Carol Steele Charles Stewart Cecil Stillar Diane Storck Bill Strandt Doreen Streccius Bill Strickler Joanne Stublefield David Swarts Preston Tapscott Joyce Taylor Eileen Tertocha Bill Thompson Shirley Trulock Alice Turner Roselyn Turner John Vatsula Philip Vilmure John Vrooman Willis Walker Harold Walton FRESHMEN Irvin Wangelin Mary Ellen Wayne Richard Webb Barbara Weeks Elizabeth Weeks Linda Weisbecker Irene Wendell Carolyn White Bill Whitmore John Whittingham Marlene Wilcoxon James Williams Gene Young Nancy Zi Bobbi Zust 67 GREEKS Panhellenic Council President Joan Riggs Vice President Carolyn Cramer Secretary Gloria Granert Treasurer Jean Cornwell Panhellenic Council, the governing body for the women ' s social fraternities is composed of the president and rushing chairman of each organization, with Dean Falvey as advisor. In addition to their duties of making and enforcing rushing rules, they also hold some social functions of their own. The Council inaugurated the fall rushing season with a tea for the rushees; and, for the first time this year, brought it to a close after pledging ceremonies with a dinner attended by all of the members and new pledges of each organization. A Panhellenic dance was given at the Hotel Orlando last November, and the Millikm Sing was held under the auspices of the Council. Back row: Joyce Ahlers, Delta Delta Delta; Carolyn Cramer, Delta Delta Delta; Gloria Granert, Phi Beta Phi; Betty Johnson, Alpha Chi Omega; Marilyn O ' Brien, Zeta Tau Alpha; Betty Price, Zeta Tau Alpha. Front row: Joan Riggs, Alpha Chi Omega; Barbara Banner, Pi Beta Phi; Rover Scovill. « 70 Inter-fraternity Council Once a month members of the three male Greek fraternities meet to endeavor to cement relations between their organizations for a friendship that will last at least until they can meet again the next month. Two elected rep- resentatives and the president of each of the groups convene with Dr. Smith, Coach Keil, and Deans Miller and Ploenges for the furthering of better interfraternity relations. This year the council joined with the Down- town Quarterback Club and sponsored a ban- quet honoring the conference championship basketball team. The notable point of the affair was that everyone had enough to eat. Not to be outdone by the women and their Panhellenic Dance, the men threw an Inter- fraternity Ball at the Hotel Orlando with Sunny Sampson providing music. The turnout war- ranted the effort spent in making the occasion a success. There are no set officers for the group, for the president of each fraternity is also president of the council the night it meets at his house for the monthly dinner and meeting. Although relations between the Greeks sometimes seem to be rocky, at least the members of th council are friends. Standing: Hardy, Palmer, Sutherland, Dr. Smith, Harlan. Seated: Noland, Eckman, Johnson, Dean Miller, Berry, Baker, Coach Keil. 71 Row 4: Johnson, McNeil, Baird, Filson, Angell, Beck, Witt, Logan, Heinzelmann, McCarthy, Frey, Rail, Schoeniielder, Vespa. Row 3: Dickinson, Young, Duncan, Shorthose, Cook, Drum, Schmalfuss, Brunell, Lindsay, Schweizer, Murphy, bd- wards, Cox, Turner, Adams. Row 2: Milnes, McCarthy, M. I. Soules, R. A. Soules Alt- house, Hoschauer, Riggs, Stone, Strocher, Long, Daws, Muliinax. Row 1: Farley, Hitchcock, Faulkner, Harkins, Vandervort, Pyie, Cannon, Lindsay, Fesler, Boyle, Miller. Alpha Chi Omega Parties . . . pledges . . . dances ... all the things that combine to make college life inter- esting have added their flavor to Alpha Chi this year as it has with all the rest. One of the big events this year was the holding of Alpha Chi state day in the local chapter. We played host to our alums and members of chapters throughout the entire state. The formals, held at the Decatur Club in the winter and at Scovill ' s in the spring, elicited a feeling of success. Numerous teas were given for alums, pledges, mothers and dads, plus the open house held for the crowd at one of the football games. Several girls took their place as leaders on campus. Curly Stone was in charge of fresh- man orientation week, Joan Riggs and Liz Scnmalfuss, were chosen for Who ' s Who, Liz « 72 » and Joan and Julie Young qualified for Phi Kappa Phi, and six girls were selected for Pi Mu Theta. Liz also graduated Magna Cum Laude in January. Twila Strocher served as president of Sigma Zeta, and Katherine Mullinax had the same position in the Student Christian Association. Gloria Schweizer was secretary and Jo Faulk- ner, treasurer of WAA, and Curly Stone and Bev Long wore co chairmen far the -LI carnival. Curly also served as secretary of the Student Council while Julie Young was vice president of the same group. We also held several banquets during the course of the year and closed a good season with an honors day banquet given by the alums honoring the outstanding members of the chapter. OFFICERS 1st Semester President loan Riggs 1st Vice President Berneice Hoschauer 2nd Vice President Norma Stone . Twila Strocher Secretary Treasurer Marty Althouse 2nd Semester Norma Stone Kathleen Fesler Marty Althouse Betty Farley Melinda Miller Row 4: L. Perry, A. Perry, Nelson, Bennett, Spence, Piper, Black, Herron, Clark, Walker, Zimmer, Cummins, McEvoy, Weber, Falberg, Skinner, Blackburn. Row 3: Olsen, Fisher, Miller, Neuschafer, Parker, Asbury, Johnston. " Me, Brc Rchroll, Hawkins, Cox, Gray, Har- rington, Williams, Henry. Ro- ' 2: F-ink. Storck, Micksch, Brooks, Aulabaugh, Mrs. Wynandt, Cramer, Koehler, Williams, Happel, Bridge- water, Klitzing, Hartwich. Row 1: Talbert, Long, Ahlers, Fearheiley, Riechman, Ross, Brown, Hamblen, Bielefeld, Collins, Sparks, Taylor, Besta. Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta regrets the close of an- other successful year in the chapter. Many activities have made it a memorable one. The winter formal, " Winter Wonderland " was held at Scovill ' s, while the spring formal took place at the Orlando. We were again awarded first place at Homecoming for our float with the theme " Chew Chew Carroll " as well as third place for our house disguised as Jimmy Millikin ' s hotdog stand. At Christmas we had our annual pine party with the alums and mothers of the chapter. 74 Valentine ' s Day was the occasion for another party, and at Easter we feted the girls from the Welfare Home. We held the scholarship cup for the second year in a row, and Dodie Koehler reigned over Homecoming festivities as gueen. Gmee Hap- pel, Marilyn Morthland, Phyllis Bridgewater, and JoAnne Williams were initiated into Pi Mu Theta, and Beth Hamblen and Carol Miller went to the top for Phi Kappa Phi. j ewe ll Weber was elected to the presidency of Tau Chi Pi, Jody Collins became cheerleader, and Carol Miller entered the ranks of faculty by teaching Spanish for a semester. OFFICERS 1st Semester President Carolyn Cramer Vice President Marilyn Aulabaugh Recording Secretary JoAnne Williams Corresponding Secretary Glada Hartwich Treasurer Phyllis Bridgewater 2nd Semester Doris Koehler Virginia Happel Jewell Weber Joyce Ahlers Marilyn Morthland Row 4: Morrison, Holland, Banner, Beach, Keith, Jones, V almsley, Maxwell, Flinn, Ryan, Mills, Shand, Davis. Row 3: Bilgere, Kizer, Traughber, Malerich, Durr, Goltra, Lytle, Lukey, Livergood, Deetz, Spangler, Benedict, Bour- land, Etherington, Dunn, Riley. Row 2: Murray, Cull, Westlund, Hayes, Kendall, Granert, Mrs. Lvbrook, Dwyer, Godwin, Richardson, Weidner, Bence, Kmght. Row 1: White, Humphrey, Dunkel, Keller, McCottery, Day- vault, Zust, Weishaar, Fowler. Pi Beta The opening of school found the Pi Phis packed like sardines into a tourist home wait- ing the completion of the new addition on the house. We moved in just in time to show the alums returning for Homecoming through our most prized possession. The recreation room was initiated at the Pi Phi Pow Wow honoring pledges and initiates. Other dances were the two formals, Christmas Belles and Tulip Time and another pledge dance, Blue Heaven. Representing the chapter on campus, Bar- bara Barta was editor of the Millidek, Sandy Lukey, rustled up news for the Dec as society editor and Lois Shand and Mollie Bence were co-senior editors of the Millidek. Mary Taylor was elected president of SAI, Mollie Bence was president of Pi Mu Theta, and Barbara Barta and Sandy Lukey qualified for initiation into the chapter. Barbara and Mollie were chosen for membership in Phi Kappa Phi, and Mollie was honored by Who ' s Who for the second time. « 76 » OFFICERS 1st Semester President Gloria Granert Vice President Mary Jane Dwyer Corresponding Secretary Mary Godwin Recording Secretary Sheila Hayes Treasurer Marnita Kendall 2nd Semester Sandra Lukey Joan Weishaar Mary Taylor Anne Benedict Lois Shand Row 4: Best, Gibbs, Thiele, Dunkelberg, Koch, Pope, Kemp, Reining, Bonnen, Stublefield, Sebrell, Price, Parker, O ' Brien, McCulloch, Wayne, Trulock. Row 3: Hindert, Evans, Hawver, Kimmel, Rebbe, Bender, Rannebarger, Bass, Goodrich, K. Houghton, Whitmer, V. Smith, Hallerberg, Neal, Cameron, E. Weeks, Lovins, C Houghton. Zeta Tau Row 2: Turner, Stoops, Winslow, Hudson, Klinefelter, Wil- liams, Cornwell, Sullivan, A. Smith, Luhr, Weaver, Bollman, Phelps. Row 1: B. Weeks, S. Hill, Morgan, Johnstone, Shumate, Lige, Hardy, Todd, Repnicke, B. Hill, Moody, Brandt. a The Zetcts returned to school last fall missing several of the old faces, but soon filled their places with new pledges at the close of rush week. The pledge dance was a Red Wheel Ranch dance decorated with a western theme. Our winter formal was titled Holiday Inn and was held at the Sportsman ' s Club. The next dance was a St. Patrick ' s day affair, and the dancing season was closed with our spring formal. Nan Hoest took the lead in both Town and Gown plays, and Jean Cornwell was chosen for recognition by Who ' s Who. Annie Smith was elected to membership in Phi Kappa Phi, and Elinor Goodrich and Annie were both members of Pi Mu Theta. The chapter acquired Tauny, our miniature dog, as a mascot who has given many of us considerable exercise. In the line of service, we collected clothing for the Cunningham Orphanage. Sundry teas, picnics, and banquets honor- ing alums, parents, and province officers helped round out a full year for Tau chapter of ZTA. « 78 » OFFICERS 1st Semester President I ectn Cornwell Vice President Annetta Smith Secretary lulia Hudson Treasurer Cornelia Klinefelter 2nd Semester Marilyn O ' Brien Marie Hallerberg Carol Koch Carolyn Houghton I « 79 » Row 5: Cottrell, Smith, Platzbecker, Poland, Esker, Ormond, Braun, Guess, P. Davidson, Hazeniield, Florian, Kerr, Carter, Logan, Durcholz. Row 4: Kowalski, Bartrem, Turner, Sanders. Row 3: Enloe, Brady, Stauder. Row 2: Lischewski, Wombacher, Marchisello, Loving, Hel- ledy, Howe, Rendfeld, Black, Gehrig, Broadbear, Smith, Berry, Davidson, Salmond, Andrews, Frey, Dodsen, Dolejs, Walmsley, Uhl. Row 1: Day, Kashefska, Tinch, Dunnell, Ward, Stratman, Mulholland, Baker, Radloff, McCarty, Greamas, Tolly, Learman. Delta Sigma OFFICERS 1st Semester President Les Baker Vice President John Taylor Corresponding Secretary Charles Frye Recording Secretary Eddie Root Treasurer Albert Lotz 2nd Semester Bob Scherer Charles Frye Paul Berry David Smith Jack Learman it Pnnfil Reeves Row 2: Adrian, Luttrell, Deurbach, Kaplan, Bemin, R. Row 3: Anderson, Foster, Kowa, Yount, PaniU, Keeves, n Hambur Nlcho ls, Ernst. Borah, Cashin. „ , „, , , . Row 1: Jansen, Tully, Beardon, G. Halliburton, Blankenship, Kelso, Lefley. The Delta Sigs have managed this year to make their weight felt m almost every type of organization on campus. Sports is our strong forte, with 1 members on the football team, 12 in baseball, with Bill Smith as co-captain eight men on the basketball A squad with captains for both this year and next, and 1 1 Delta Sigs on the track team. Just to prove that the preponderance of athletes doesn ' t leave the chapter muscle-bound, our four dances proved that we aren ' t lacking m the social graces. Our experiences in politics were energetic, with all the offices in the junior class going to Delta Sigs. Leadership is ever-present, and four brothers were chosen for Who ' s Who because of their qualifications as leaders and activity men. In addition the president and treasurer of the Student Council, president and vice president of the " M " Club, and business manager of the Decatunan are all members of Delta Sig. Row 4: Butts, Shumate, Keeler, Hess, Glover, Eader, McCann, Vaughn, Dearborn, Novak, Leach, Kuny. Row 3: Alexander, Webster, Malerich, Harm, Ballard, Les- ter, Messenger, Chant, A. Murray, Lawson, Lewis. Row 2: Osgood, Ribordy, Erickson, Sewell, Connor, Roney, Weisenmeyer, T. Harlan, Hammerstrom, R. Harlan, Roach, Brenn, Murphy, Roesler. Row I: J. Norman, Munsie, Miller, Palmer, Camron, R. Mur- ray, Pensinger, Munsie, Collins, C. Norman, Teckenbrock, Olivero. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Homecoming, dances, initiation, walkouts, serenades, spring weekend, and numerous bull sessions all combined to make a full season for the SAE ' s this year. Rushing season ended with the reception of a pledge class which has not only entered heartily into the life of the fraternity but has also taken an active place in campus activities. Several brothers entered the political ring and came up with offices, two in the freshman class, one for the sophomores, and two in the senior class. Row 3: Cowan, Wangelm, Scherer, Bailey. Frankland, Chil- Row 2: Daube, Schaub, Vatsula, Jacobsen, Boman, Meyers ton, Shepard. Webb ' r , _ Row 1: Lukey, Whitmore, Haines, Keck, Wnght, Kenney, Strickler, Lewis. Numerous others invaded the athletic field and secured themselves berths on the regular first string squads. Bob Harlan chained himself to a typewriter for a year as editor of the Decaturian, and John Olivero, Bob Pensinger, Clem Wright, and Jim Teckenbrock served as business managers and sports editors of the Millidek. One shining light of the year was the appearance of definite plans for our new house, and hopes are high that it will soon be a realization. OFFICERS 1st Semester 2nd Semester President " Red " Johnson Bob Murray Vice President Les Proffitt Bob Pensinger Secretary Bob Miller Don Camron Treasurer Bob Collins Ralph Munsie Row 4: Piggot, D. Boyd, Dammann, Behrend, Freischlag, Wil- son, Ousley, Brozio, McDonald, Young, Ervin. Row 3: Keener, Grant, Wheeler, Conyer, Caulk, Sealey, Fish, I Rhein, Watters, Evans, Quevy, Sarran, Johnson, Hanna, Lovejoy Walker, Conville, Winick, Wadzita, Hardy. Row 2: W. W. Sutherland, Caniield, Roberts, D. Wright, Rud- dock, hckman, Guthrie, Wiss, R. Wright, Harry, W. Rhein. Row 1: Eatherly, Carr, Anderson, W. S. Sutherland, Schmalz Porterfield, Hoepiiner, Carperos. Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon launched its fortieth year with the acquisition of an important addition to the chapter. Kapp joined the ranks of campus mascots and immediately let it be known that he would hold full sway over his domain. Memorable was the second consecutive first place award for our house decorations at Homecoming as well as second place for the float. We presented our dates with orchids at our orchid dance, " ' Twas the Night Before Christmas Vacation. " Less sumptuous, but equally as enjoyable was the spring formal, " Easter Dreams. " On the political front, Bill Sutherland landed the office of president of the sophomore class, Fred Edwards was freshman secretary, and Luke Wiss and John Winick were treasurers of the senior and sophomore classes. In addition to all the new situations embarked upon this year, we continued to carry forth the traditions which have long been a part of TKE. OFFICERS 1st Semester President Tim Eckman Vice President Dale Ruddock Secretary Luke Wiss Treasurer Bob Roberts 1 an 2nd Semester Cyril Wadzita Jay Hoepffner John Winick Bill Conyer OFFICERS President Norma Jean Bingman Vice President Gloria Schweizer Corresponding Secretary Martha Soffas Recording Secretary Betty Lou Kriege Treasurer June Schroeder Sigma Alpha lota Rush parties, musicales, teas — these and many other activities marked a busy year for the members of Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary music sorority. The year started with a bang with rushing and pledging climaxed by the Rose Tea. A huge red rose, the SAI flower, furnished a pretty addition to the Homecoming parade, and alumnae were welcomed back at Reception in the SAI room. High spots of the last semester were the Rose dance, the SAI ' s annual Spring formal, senior recitals by the graduating members, and the Senior Banquet at the Decatur Club. « 86 » a Phi Mu Alpha came forth from the conserva- tory this year and made quite a showing with the travelling chorus, singing for groups here in Decatur and surrounding towns. One of the biggest events of the year was the All-American Show in April with the group presenting compositions of American artists plus some numbers composed by chapter mem- bers. Ugly Man contestant, Charlie Straub, made quite a splash with his following of a German band as they toured the campus and local hangouts for contributions for his candidacy for the coveted position of ugliest man on campus. Two of the social functions of the group came in the form of dances, a pledge dance at the Leland Hotel; and the winter formal, Wmter- lude, at Scovill ' s. 1 OFFICERS President Bob Younker Vice President Bob Keener Secretary Ray Roth Treasurer Joe Bagley Back row: Evans, Hunt, Brewster, Templeton, Hattoon Thomas, Logan, True, Kirby, Bradford, Keelin, Poisel, Straub. Second row: Shetney, Quarles, Munson, Price, Peebles, Eck- man, Keener, YounVer, Roth, Bagley, Sexton, Shuif, Ruther- ford, Hawkins, Smallwood. First row: Fathauer, Walker, Olsen, Frame, Appanaitis, Rice, Erickson, Briggs, Wilkey, Nehls. 87 1 OFFICERS President Howard Hawley Vice President Gene Cotton Recording Secretary Dan Newcomb Corresponding Secretary .... Carol Johns Treasurer Al Braun Alpha Phi Omega In its first full year of activity, Alpha Phi Omega has pulled itself from the ranks of " ex-Boy Scout fraternity " up to an organiza- tion recognized on campus for its service and participation in school life. The first big project of the year was the sponsoring of the Ugly Man contest which raised funds for the activities of the rest of the season. The members bought and installed basketball standards for the Boys ' Opportunity Home, took charge of decorating the float for the Homecoming Queen and her court, spon- sored the Christmas Seal drive here on campus, and took over the Southwest section of Decatur in the city- wide Red Cross drive. The pledge class came through with the Sunday bop concerts instituted for the first time this year. Membership is non-restrictive, and members of other Greek organizations may also possess an APO pin. Back row: Tille, May, Troxel, Harvey, C. Johns, Dees, Olivero Lutes, Gassen, T. Sward, R. Sward, Whittingham, Culberg Sacond row: Griskenas, Hansen, Anderson, Leander, Piggot, Cotton, Cork, Metzger, R. Williams, Newcomb, Marsden, Hawley, Carter, Shifter, Horn, Braun. First row: Berry, Wheeler, Stine, Dennis, Hug, Ploenges, G. Smith, Odell, Guthrie, Zeaman. Independent Association MIA has the distinction of having almost all its activities for this year be " firsts. " This was the first year for pins, a pledge class, and initiation ceremony. It was the first year for the Millikin Independent Association to be recog- nized as an organization other than the Indees. MIA participated in the variety show for the first time, and sang in the Millikin Sing, portray- ing the inception of MIA on campus. Another first is cm alumnae banquet, a tradition with many other groups, but never before recognized as a part of MIA. The group sponsored its first formal at Christmas time, and plans are to have one formal dance each semester. The newest addition to the organ- ization is the initiation of Barracks 77 as a meet- ing place and lounge for this group alone. President lack Stults Vice-President Eleanore Bieler Secretary Doris Lessman Treasurer Ramona Robbins « 89 » OFFICERS President Phil Tmch Vice-President Julie Young Secretary Norma Stone Treasurer Paul Berry Student Council Hard work done by the Student Council has resulted in the launching of some worth- while projects this year. The election system was finally cleaned up as was the back of the SUB. The writing of the by-laws for the year- old constitution has also gotten under way. The Council has competently taken care of the countless " little " but indispensable matters which are brought up at every meeting. Numerous social activities such as all-school mixers, the Sadie Hawkins dance and the Sweetheart dance were given as well as the Council-sponsored Variety show. Back row: Levy, Williams, Fitzgerald Kowalski, Turner, Dunnell, Tinch. Smith, Berry, Second row: McClure, Morse, Bieler, Young Front row: Stone, Young, Cummins, Lukey. « 90 I Student Christian Association Under the effervescent Digger Oclell, SCA has proved a live-wire organization this year. Fall found the group located in its new lounge, a haven for members desiring worship, a place to study, or a bridge game. Weekly meetings drew the largest turnout ever, and a goodly number of these same people rose at the crack of dawn each day for morning devotions in the chapel. The organization primed its members for future service in a leadership workshop. One of the biggest projects was the sponsoring of weekly entertainment and Sunday services at the TB San. The group was under the guidance of Katherine Mullinax, president; Bill Tombaugh, vice-president; and Jean Kizer, secretary- treasurer. v. Row 4: Fathauer, Loucks, Odell, Kincaid, R. Williams, Russell, E. Williams, Lewis, Boyd. Row 3: Vrooman, Rice, True, Morris, Cox, Lebrecht, Hampson. Row 2: Narvaez, Bolin, Barone, Heinzelmann, Hockman, Stricklen, Smith, Kizer, Armstrong, Ferguson, Baird, Drysdale. Row 1: Frazier, Dvorak, J. Williams, Cotton, Morrison, Mullinax, Hamblen, Warnack, Holland, Robbms, Boo- her, N. Williams, Bezares. « 91 » Recognition by Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is an honor granted to fourteen Millikin students each year. It is a national organization with membership being based on scholarship, leadership, activi- ties, and general over-all contributions to school life. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is an organization designed to give students with a loquacious bent an opportunity to vent their thoughts in debate. The group competed at Normal and Charleston and attended a joint meeting of Illinois and Missouri provinces of Pi Kappa Delta. Bob King served as president; Eleanore Bieler, vice-president; and Dr. McNabb, faculty adviser. Conant Society Standing: Wright, Olker, Sanders, Dr. Maxwell, Miller, Young, Bie- ler, Appleman, Tackett, Pollard, Dwyer, Roettenbacher, Tecken- brock, Bence. Seated: Meikle, Cornwell, Price, Goodrich, Freeland, Hoest, Har- lan, Barta, King, Weber. Conant Society is a literary organization for upperclass majors m English and outstanding students in associated curricula. This year the points o special interest were the sponsoring of Alan Lomax, the contest for original works by students, and the dinner at the end of the year. Hans Roettenbacher served as president; Alma Appleman as vice- president; Forrest Tackett, secretary; and Mary Jane Dwyer, treasurer. Tan Chi Pi Once a month, women who are taking secretarial science courses meet to hear speakers or see movies designed to explain the future experiences of prospective secretaries. This year the group had its annual Christmas party complete with white elephants at the Pi Phi house and went on two picnics. Jewell Weber served as president; Helen Stocker, vice-president; Ina Jedlicka, secretary; and Peggy Beach, treasurer. Miss Margaret Sparks acts as faculty adviser. Back row: Johnston, Durr, Goltra, Granert, Weishaar. Second row: Cramer, Fearheiley, Miss Sparks, Talbert, Beach, But- cher, White, Jedlicka, Speagle, Shumate, Riley, Williams. Seated: Stocker, Weber, Koehler. 93 Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor to be attained at Millikin. Paralleled to Phi Beta Kappa, it requires a 3.5 average for membership. This year, for the first time, Phi Kappa Phi had two classes of members due to the separate commencments in January and June. Pi Mu Theta is a select group of junior and senior women — very select because membership is restricted to those who have hit the books and the teachers to maintain a 3.0 for their first three years in college. Mollie Bence served as President; Elizabeth Schmalfuss, Vice-President; and Barbara Hill, Secretary-Treasurer. « 94 » Women ' s Residence Council Back row: Stacker, Gerken, Mawdsley, Lessmcm, Fleer, Bailey, Bieler, Knight. Front row: Newbould, Ross, Jones, Clayton, Vilmure. The Women ' s Residence Hall Council serves as the legislative and governing body for the residence halls, acting not only in matters of conduct, but having some social activities. At the end of the year they produced a new constitution, the result of many hours of argument and compromise. Betty Jones headed the group as president. Other officers were Melva Clayton, vice-president; Doris Lessman, secretary; and Helen Stocker, treasurer. The future best cooks of America set their goal this year for service to others. First step was a Christmas party for the girls from the welfare home. One of the main projects was baking cookies for the raffle at the W.S.S.F. carnival. Casualties for this occasion ran high, for it was soon discovered that the cooks were gaining weight testing their wares. Officers were: President, Virginia Happel; Vice-President, Sandra Lukey; Secretary, Pat Rebbe; Treasurer, Carolyn Frink. Home Economics « 95 » Art Back row: Kile, Sewell, Ja- cobsen. Second row: Knoop, Zea- man, Borden, Etherington, Bourland, Malerich. First row: Keith, Day vault, Lige, Maxwell, Cummins, Halberg, Bielefeld. In addition to their monthly meetings, the Art Club, busily pursuing the art of all ages and centuries, manages to make periodic pilgrimages to the Decatur Art Club exhibits. They have also visited a commercial art studio and have seen a demonstration by a portrait painter. Officers of the group were: Cary Knoop, President; Norma Malerich, Vice- President; Ann Cummins, Secretary; and Tish Lige, Treasurer. Sigma Zeta Back row: Tipton, Eifert, Russell. Front row: Howard, Brooks, Bridgewater, Levy, War- nack, Mr. Bolen, Maien- thal, Dr. Maienthal, Roos, Schmalfuss. Sigma Zeta is a select organization for brains in the science department. Membership is based on a paper written on some subject of scientific interest, plus a 3.0 in science courses and a 2.0 in all other courses. Highlight of the year was a pilgrimage to the Annheuser Busch brewery in St. Louis. Twila Strocher was President, and Elizabeth Schmalfuss served as Vice- President. « 96 » « 97 Concert Band The Millikm concert band has almost become a travelling band this year with trips to Hammond, Kenney, Pekm, Tremont, East Peoria, Pana, Mattoon, and Salem. In addition to these appear- ances, there were the two concerts, and participation with the Civic Symphony. The band not only played at all the football games, but it branched out into a marching band with formations for between- halftime entertainment. Homecoming also saw the group foot- weary but still blowing. Under the leadership of Howard Akers, director, the new brass choir and wind ensemble performed in several programs, displaying a new type of musical arrangements. The band again performed for the student body in assembly, inserting humor into the usual concert type of presentation. Under Mr. Akers ' rather stern baton, the band has fared well and looks forward to another successful season next year. Row 4: True, Norris, Albert, Poisel, Fathauer, Cruise. Row 3: Young Brewster, Rutherford, Eadie, Henderson, Appa- naitis, Fleer, Frank, Estes, Williams, Meurholz. Row 2: Bonnen, Ohm, Janes, Hockman, Frey, Hattoon, Sutor, Loofburrow, Peebles. Row I: Burgstahler, Miner, Holland, Younker, Rice, Meyer, Wiikey, Dunscomb, Shufelt, Hotener, Reich, Portwood, Akers. f « 98 » The university choir started out the year with its first big performance in the fall giving The Messiah, a new edition from the original sources. Under the direction of Orville Shetney, the choir drew an audience of over 4,000 people for the oratorio, featuring faculty soloists. Millikin ' s choir was honored by an invitation to sing for the Chicago Sunday Evening Club in Orchestra Hall which proved to be one of the highlights of the year. The group was praised highly for its performance. In addition to participation in weekly chapel services, the organization also banded together with the Millikm Civic Orchestra to present Vaughn-Williams ' " Serenade to Music " in February. Row 5: Younker, Williams, Appanaitis, Leiley, Hollas, Unrath, Fathauer, Goltermann, Courturiaux, Walker. Row 4: Baird, Neuschafer, Price, Spicer, Cruise, Swarts, Clary, Fleck, Lebrecht, Quarles, Meyers, Stark, Ross. Row 3: Deputy, Weeks, Vallas, Miner, Dunkleberg, Weeks, Neal, Asbury, Schweizer, Fitz, Keeler, Schroll, Eaton, Ahlers, Drysdale, McPherson. Row 2: Trulock, Vallas, Koch, McCrory, Fleer, Wolfe, Bonnen, Zust, Mawdsley, Stublefield, Geisler, Estell, McDonell, Clay- ton. Row 1: Wakefield, Wilson, Green, Norris, Angell, Logan, Hara, Holtgreve, Anderson, Zi, Isaacs, O ' Brien, McCardle, Munson, Shetney. « 99 mtfSBKmaSiiXMJ The millidek BARBARA BARTA Editor-in-Chief Pictures . . . copy . . . pictures . . . ads . . . pictures ... and here ' s the result. We ' ve attempted insofar as we and the camera have been able, to give you a pictorial blow-by-blow description of the traditions and activities on this, our fair campus. It ' s involved not only a lot of work and late hours for the staff but much appreciated cooperation from the entire student body. We ' ve tried to make this book just a little different from the regular annuals and to uncover some new angles about the organizations. Here it is, for what it ' s worth. To you from us. BUSINESS STAFF Knourek, Olsen, Bence, Shumate PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Jack Erickson BUSINESS MANAGER Bob Pensinger THE 1950 MILLIDEK STAFF Barbara Barta Editor-in-Chief Clem Wright Assistant Editor . Business Managers Mollie Bence } Lois Shand Virginia Smith Jean Best Mary Taylor Carol Goltra .Senior Editors .Sports Editors .Class Photography Editors John Olivero ) Bob Pensinger j Jim Teckenbrock Clem Wright Dean Jacobsen ) ) Artists Bruce Haines 1 Mr. Glen Smith Financial Advisor Best, Goltra, Taylor, Flinn, Bence, Zust, Shand, Smith, Shumate. The Decaturian ROBERT L. HARLAN Editor-in-Chief THE 1950 DECATURIAN STAFF Robert L. Harlan Editor-in-Chief Robert A. Coutant Executive Editor Barbara Hill Associate Editor Joe Marchisello Business Manager Tom Mentis S P orts If or Sandra Lukey Sode " y lf° T Mary Taylor Music Ed f r Bob Rendfeld Photographer EDITORIAL STAFF Standing: Roberts, Fitzpatrick, Roettenbacher, Davis, Talbert, Tackett, Du SPORTS STAFF Back row: Glover, Mentis, Young, Wadzita. Front row: Durr, Shand. EDITORS Back row: Taylor, Coutant, Hill, Mentis. Seated: Lukey, Harlan. BUSINESS STAFF Uhl, Marchisello, Munson, Glover. The Decaturian has done a good job of reporting the news this year plus directing needed criticism to some factions and deserved praise to others. Al- though the average student maintains that there is no news in " that ole rag, " he still can be seen every Friday, fighting the crowd to get a copy. The entire appearance of the whole paper has been changed and made more compact. Although some may never read the paper, many are always thankful for the Dec office — in which to play bridge. ATHLETICS football basketball baseball track women ' s COACH ALLAN Our athletic department is ably headed by Ralph Allan who has been an active leader of the athletic department. Aside from his num- erous duties as Director of Athletics, he has had time to assist Coach Keil with football, turn out a championship basketball team, and coach tennis and golf in the spring. Mr. Allan is continually trying to better the athletic situation here at Millikin. He keeps a wide open eye for material in surrounding RALPH ALLAN Director of Athletics schools, and is continually visiting high schools to speak with good prospects. He also realizes the need for proper eguip- ment and has been a constant protagonist for a new field house. There are numerous gualities necessary for an athletic director, and Ralph Allan seems to be Millikin ' s answer to the situation. He is continually pushing the athletic program, get- ting it the position it deserves in school life. COACH KEIL First row: Coaches Allen, Keil; Hess, Halliburton, Staley, Ball, P. McFadden, Kowalski, Dronzek, Spears. Second row: Chant, Sutton, Fitzgerald, Poland, Stram, Wei- senmeyer, Mclntyre, Palmer, Zohn. Third row: Dearborn, Boman, Messenger, M. Johnson, Wright, Hazenfield, Vatsula, Vaughn. Fourth row: Shroyer, C. Johnson, Guess, Monahan, Florian, Innis, Chamblin, Fyke. Fifth row: Manager Meyers; Kosieck, B. McFadden, Yount, Schaub, Dolejs, Shepard. fOOTBflLL Under the guidance and drive of " Whitey " Keil, Millikin ' s football team went to work this fall. Hours of hard work were put in, and the team was ready for a big year, but it proved to be a disappointing one. Winning two, losing four, and tying one was the sorry result. We just seemed to hit the teams that were too strong and had too many reserves. There seemed to be no answer to the dire problems that faced the team. Coach Keil tried every conceivable idea. New plays, new defenses, new offensives were tried to little avail. The team worked hard, the coaches worked hard, but lack of sufficient material seemed to be the problem. However, a building process which the athletic department started last year is not accomplished overnight or in one season. Experience is the one valuable item the team gained. Several good fresh- men and sophomores got the much needed experi- ence, and at spring practice this year a new spirit was instilled. Coach Keil and the team are waiting expectantly and eagerly for next fall and another season on the gridiron. CAPTAIN " LAV " STALEY « 107 » Standing: Allan, Kowa, Esker, Sarran, Ormond, Fyke, Lewis, Dubinick, Allen. Kneeling: Manager Norman, Keck, Radloff, Steagall, Althoff, Murray, Luttrell, Manager Teckenbrock. BASKETBALL Six returning lettermen were the basis for Coach Ralph Allan ' s basketball team this year. The practice sessions began in the fall and by the time the first game was here we had a basketball team we knew we would be proud of — a scrapping, fighting ball team headed by high scoring Scott Steagall and Captain " Pappy " Ormond. The team faced a rough schedule, but came through with flying colors. As the teams in ' 47 and ' 48 had done, the team this year did; they won the conference championship. Facing good teams the entire season the Big Blue fought right down to the wire and came out on top. It was the spirit of the entire team that impressed the crowds, and it was this same spirit that carried the team over a few rough spots in the schedule. p a ppy The season started with seven returning lettermen. By mid- season one had dropped from the team and another regular had left. Coach Allan had to manipulate, and finally ended up using a freshman to fill the vacant spot. Playing 24 regular season games the Big Blue came out on the long end of a 14-10 split. Not an impressive record, but there were five games lost by less than six points. « 110 Conference champs againl Setting records seemed to be a habit with Millikin this year. Scott Steagall led the team in this field. In the last two games of the year he broke the individual scoring records for the conference. At North Central, Scotty scored 36 points, breaking the conference record. In our next game with Western, he went on to a new individual record of 37 points. General opinion of the fans this year was, " Scott Steagall, All- American. " Other records were highest Millikin score of 97 points, made against Western, most points in a game 162, the Western game, the doubtful record of most points scored against us with 89 scored by Evansville, and most points scored in a season by Millikin teams, 1513. Taking the conference meant a play-off for the honor of going to Kansas City, our first opponent being the mighty Eastern. Twice in the regular season the Eastern team had outscored us, and they turned the trick the third time in the play-off. It was disappointing but we knew our team had gone down scrapping. Fighting to the wire, win, lose, or draw, was typical of the Big Blue this year, and it resulted in a rousing knock-down season with thrills aplenty, and a conference championship to re- member. This was the first year for Jack Allen as coach of the Little Blue squad. It proved to be an undertaking of con- siderable proportions for lack had a crew of incoming freshmen to work with. Playing eight games through the season, the team won only one game. There were frequent changes in the lineup and a good combination couldn ' t seem to be found. The " B " squad did come up with good prospects for next year though. Harry Dubinick, Dave Richardson, and Frank Woodard look like prospects who might see some action with the Big Blue next year. Looking ever forward, the season might not have been successful from the point of games won, but the prospects for the future are a valuable achievement. B " SQUAD Standing: Allen, Walton, Shoepp, Gallagher, Dubinick, Keck, Strandt, Manager Lukey. Kneeling: Kaplan, Kenney, Ball, Webb, Sutherland. Opening the 1949-50 season away from home, Millikin journeyed to Normal to play its first game. Taking an early lead, the Big Blue had to fight to the closing seconds to keep the game from going the wrong way. After the first game the sguad went on to win its second contest of the year. At this point, however, they started on a losing streak of four games. Just before Christmas vacation, Scott Steagall was put out of action with blister infections on both of his feet, which proved to be a serious blow to Coach Allan and to the rest of the team. Though absent for several games, Scott soon returned in good shape and went on to rack up enough points to break the conference individual record. With his return Millikin went on a five game winning spree and carried on to the conference championship. There were many good games this year but undoubtedly the two I. C. games will be the longest remembered. Victory is sweetest when it is over arch rivals such as I. C. repre- sents to us in athletics. Journeying over to I. C. and beating them 60-49 and then trouncing a revenge fired ball club 76-61 ten days later was enough to make a successful season in itself. « 114 » BASKETBALL SCORES Millikin 70 — Normal . . . Millikin 73 — Elmhurst . . Millikin 48 — Southern . . Millikin 55 — DePauw . . Millikin 59 — Eastern . . . Millikin 65 — Anderson . Millikin 60 — Northern . . Millikin 69 — Ottawa . . . Millikin 65 — Southern . . Millikin 72 — Anderson . Millikin 55 — Lake Forest Millikin 69 — Evansville . Millikin 57 61 Millikin 69 47 Millikin 96 57 Millikin 71 62 Millikin 60 60 Millikin 54 69 Millikin 62 50 Millikin 76 54 Millikin 46 69 Millikin 88 60 Millikin 72 47 Millikin 97 89 Millikin 69 Wesleyan 71 Wheaton 62 Oakland City . . 60 Eastern 82 Illinois College . . 49 Augustana 61 Carthage 46 Illinois College . . 61 Washington U. . . 49 Wesleyan 73 North Central . . 63 Western 72 Eastern 88 « 115 » BASEBALL CO-CAPTAINS DUNCAN AND SMITH Led by co-captains Chu ck Duncan and Bill Smith, Coach Keil ' s baseball aspirants opened practice in the gym early in March. Suffering from lack of good weather and sufficient oppor- tunity to see the fifty candidates work proper- ly, Coach Keil left with the team on the South- ern trip in April. Playing five games, the Blue returned with three victories and settled down to try to recapture the conference champion- ship they held last year. Lettermen Bill Smith, Chuck Duncan, Dave Messenger, Fred Con- ville, Cy Wadzita, Ken Schroeder, and Bill Sutherland were back to help out. Plenty of action, hustle and spirit marked the early sea- son and carried through to the end. FRANK WOODARD GENE LeMAY KEN SCHROEDER Dcmiells, Fitzgerald, Woodard, LeMay, fanKaia, nau.u.i, Kneeling: Hardy (Manager), Kowalski, Sutherland, Hess, Conville, Wadzita, Lewis, Florian, ach) . Kuny, Stauder, Halliburton, Smith, Duncan, Laedtke. confMct cMPions i Coach Whitey Keil had enough weather and sifting problems thrown . him this year. Undoubtedly his worst problem was the sore right arm " Duke " Messenger. " Duke " was a lettering freshman last year, and wc expected to be the mainstay of the pitching staff this season. However, on returning from the Southern trip he still was bothered by bad arm and had the whole team worried. The team represents a strong defensive outfit. Williams, Conville, Laedtl At this writing the team is shaping up fine and is looking f- ence pennant again. « 117 » " DEAC " BEATS ONE OUT BASEBALL SCHEDULE We They April 7- -Middle Tennessee There 16 11 April 8- -Middle Tennessee There 7 10 April 10- -Vanderbilt There 12 5 April 11- -Southern There 8 11 April 12- -Evansville There 8 0 April 17- -Eastern Here 9 7 April 20- -Normal Here 11 8 April 26- -Wesleyan Here 4 2 April 29- -Washington U Here 8 3 May 2- -Wesleyan There 13 9 May 5- -Wheaton Here 10 8 May 6- -Augustana Here 3 4 May 10- -Illinois College. . . There 5 4 May 13- —Northern There 10 12 May 16- —Illinois College . . . .Here 12 5 May 19- — Elmhurst There 23 19 May 20- —Lake Forest There 4 3 « 118 » Coached by Jack Allen, and captained by- conference champ Jim " Jeeter " Lester, Millikin ' s track squad started off the 1950 season by a rousing meet with St. Louis University. Show- ing much promise in early spring workouts, the track men are proving advance notices. There are some spots on the squad that could use reinforcing, but Coach Allen believes he has a sound team with which to enter his well-round- ed schedule. With letterman Lester leading a solid group of experienced men, and an outstanding fresh- man group led by John Luttrell and Jack Shep- ard, there is little doubt but what Millikin is in for one of the most exciting track seasons of recent years. The team, coupled with an enthusiastic student body, will give several afternoons of thrills and enjoyment this spring. April 15— St. Louis U Here April 22— Western Chanute Here April 29— North Central Wesleyan Here May 2 — McKendree There May 6 — Eastern There May 9 — Normal Wesleyan Here May 13 — Harris Teachers Here May 20 — Conference Meet Elmhurst 440 SPECIAL SARRAN CLEARS THE BAR 180 FEET, MARV? AROUND ' N ' AROUND SHE GOES GOLf « 123 » Row 3: Dunnell, Lefley, Lester, Innis, Floricm, Fitzgerald. Row 2: Keil, Palmer, Vaughn, Hazenfield, Steagall, Srmth, Wadzita. Row 1: Norman, Kowalski, Shroyer, Ormond, Sutherland. IH CLUB Under the leadership of " Red " Johnson and " Whitey " Keil, the " M " Club was reorganized this year. Once again the club was the active body it was before curtailment during the war. It draws its members from the ranks of the lettermen of Millikin. These men letter in vari- ous sports and are united into one body by the " M " Club. Officers are elected each semester. Bill Smith was the able president until February this year, and his position was filled by Scotty Steagall who will remain in office until the end of this semester. Vice-President is Jim Lester. Smitty lettered in baseball, Scott in basketball, and Jim in track. Last year the club adopted a plan to spon- sor a memorial basketball game in order to establish a fund to aid a deserving letterman. The Joe Catlm Memorial Benefit games honor one of Millikin ' s outstanding stars of the past. This year both games were held during the Christmas vacation and augmented the schol- arship fund considerably. This season the " M " Club introduced an innovation in the form of blue caps with white " Ms " for members only. The hats were a lively addition to a campus that needed some spark of color. It ' s good to have the " M " Club back in action, adding to campus life. It is a neces- sary part of Millikin, and we expect a great deal of it in times to come. « 124 » millidck m man " M ' " Big Red " Johnson, " Swede " as he is often called, has been picked by the Millidek staff as this year ' s " M " Man. The " M " Man choice is based not only on athletic service, but on scholarship, extra - curricular activities and school spirit. " Red " has been a popular figure around the Millikin campus since 1947. He hails from Oak Park, Illinois and earned his " M " in athletics on the football team. He is MAN an ever pleasant, jovial person. A member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, " Red " was the president of the organization his last semester. In foot- ball he received recognition on two all-confer- ence teams. His abilities were recognized not only by his schoolmates, but the administration thought enough of him to place him in the school ' s public relations department. 125 » DELTA SIGMA PHI FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS H Back row: Cottrell, Stollard, Brady. Front row: Sanders, Turner, Scherer, Esker, Ormond. DELTA SIGMA PHI BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS The intramural program was under the direction of Bob Scherer again this year. He was ably assisted by the representatives of the fraternities and the indees. The intra- mural activity was a spirited affair this year, and the results were not to be reckoned until the last out of the last softball game. The Delta Sigs took football and basket- ball honors, the Sig Alphs, volleyball, and the fight was going strong when softball started. Back row: Braun, McFadden, Kashefska, Parr, Dolejs. Front row: Dunnell, Greanias, Gehrig. Senior Sweater Girls Good sportsmanship and activity in intramural events are the basis for selecting the senior sweater girls. The girls are members of W.A.A. and gualify by accumulating 1500 points throughout their four years of intramural sports participation. Seniors are the only ones eligible, and they are presented with " M " sweaters as tokens of the school ' s appreciation for their activities. Spence, Daws, Gerken, Schweizer, Miller 10. fl. fl. Girls Carol Miller, senior from Decatur, and Carol Gerken, senior from Belleville, were elected co-W.A.A. girls for 1950. The W.A.A. girl is selected for her con- tributions to the W.A.A., scholarship, leader- ship, and campus activities. This year the Women ' s Athletic Association voted on Carol Miller and Carol Gerken and found that they were both of the high standards the associ- ation sets for the W.A.A. girl. Carol Miller is an active member in Delta Delta Delta sorority, the Spanish Club and W.A.A. She is a Spanish and physical edu- cation major. Carol Gerken is an independent with four years at Millikin behind her. She has been active in some manner in the W.A.A. throughout the entire time. She too is a Spanish major and was the Indees manager for the past year. The Millidek is proud to present the W.A.A. girls for 1950, Carol Miller and Carol Gerken. Carol Miller, Carol Gerken 128 . A. f). Officers and managers Row 3 Row 2 Row 1 Lovins, Simcox, Jones, Turner, Hitchcock. Spence, Young, Schweizer. Gerken, Miller, Faulkner. All Star Basketball Standing: McClure, Stone, Miner, Schweizer, Simcox, Turner, Gerken, Keeler, Lovins. Kneeling: Adams, Gates, Collins, Spence, Fleer, Williams, Young. ACTIVITIES drama homecoming beauty student life Homecoming Queen 1950 . . . DODIE KOEHLER JOHN LOVES MARY Town and Gown opened JMU ' s 1950 " theatah " season with the rous- ing " John Loves Mary, " providing a packed house with an evening full of laughs. The play revolves around the problems of a returned veteran in attempting to marry the girl he left to wait for him until the war was over. The wedding plans are com- plicated, however, with the appear- ance of John ' s wife, a girl whom he married in Europe so she could enter the United States to marry his bud- dy. The " friend " has fouled up the works by getting himself another wife, but love finds a way, and the romantic story is completed happily. Nan Hoest and Bob King turned out a sterling performance as Mary and John, and Bob Scherer proved to be a real master at the dramatic arts as the buddy in his stage debut. The entire cast was to be commended for an evening of good entertainment. Toujn And Gown CAMILLE Nan Hoest and Bob King returned to the boards in the spring as the leads in " Camille. " Both Nan and Bob proved their acting ability by being able to turn from their fall comedy portrayal to the serious type of drama known in " Camille. " " Camille " is the tragic love story of a man of fine family position who loves a girl with a bad reputation. His father appeals to Camille, and his pleas force her to swear that she will break up the affair and cause her lover to hate her. Although she is successful in carrying out her promise, Camille ' s deep love for Armand aggravates an illness that has been present with her for a long time. Her health declines to the point where she is bedfast, and she dies just as Armand has been told the truth by his father and rushes to claim her love. One of the highlights of the play was the costum- ing. Herbert Joys designed the dresses and super- vised their construction, the result being a blaze of beautiful gowns of the period, adding considerably to aid the mood of the play. Town find Gown fflLL ... And the Variety Show WHITER ... We Hailed the Champs Senior Activities Alexander James: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chron- icler, Rushing Chairman; Track, ' 46, ' 47, ' 48; Intramurals, Basketball, Volleyball, Base- ball. Baker, Lester: Delta Sigma Phi, President, Vice-president, Social Chairman, Executive Council, Delegate to 1949 Convention; Jun- ior Class Vice-president; Interfraternity Council; Student Council, President, Social Chairman; German Club; Student Affairs Committee; University ' s 45th Anniversary Committee; Intramurals, Football, Basket- ball; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Banner, Daniel: Student Christian Association, Chairman Discussion Group; Canterbury Club; University Radio Players; One-act Plays; Art Club. Barta, Barbara: Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chair- man, Song Leader; Conant Society; Univer- sity Radio Players; W.A.A.; Town and Gown Costume Committee; One-act Plays; Deca- turian News Staff; Millidek, Assistant Editor, Editor-in-chief; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Transferred from University of Illinois. Bass, Suzanne: Zeta Tau Alpha; University Radio Players; Town and Gown Commit- tees. Behrend, Robert: Tau Kappa Epsilon, House Manager, Pledgemaster; Football, ' 47, ' 48; Intramurals, Basketball, Baseball, Football. Bence, Mollie Lee: Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, Rush Captain, Convention Dele- gate, President; Spanish Club, Treasurer; W.A.A.; Conant Society; Sigma Zeta; Pan- hellenic Council, Treasurer, President; Milli- dek, Assistant Business Manager, Business Manaaer, Senior Editor; Pi Mu Theta, Presi- dent; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. Bezares, Consuelo: Women ' s Residence Hall Association: French Club. Bingman, Norma Jean: Sigma Alpha Iota, President, Recording Secretary; Band; Choir. Black, Stuart: Delta Sigma Phi; Spanish Club. Boyd, David: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Steward. Bradford, Ted: Phi Mu Alpha, Treasurer; Band, Librarian. Brandt, Marilyn: Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Com- mittee; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Art Club; W.S.S.F. Drive Publicity Committee; Intramurals. Branklin, Robert: Alpha Phi Omega. Carperos, Nick: Tau Kappa Epsilon; German Club; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Baseball. Cole, Richard: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Association of Commerce Committee; Intramurals. Conyer, Billy: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Treasurer; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball. Cotton, Eugene: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-presi- dent, Pledgemaster; Interfraternity Council, Treasurer; Student Christian Association; Intramurals, Basketball, Baseball. Cox, Donald: Student Christian Association; Theology Club; Committee for Student Christian Association Retreat. Dammann, Alfred: Tau Kappa Epsilon; SUB Committee; Millidek, Advertising. Davidson, Paul: Delta Sigma Phi, Commissary Manager, House Manager; W.S.S.F., Chair- man, Committee; Homecoming Parade Chairman; Intramurals, Basketball, Football. Daws, Regina: Alpha Chi Omega, House Presi- dent, Lyre Editor, Program Chairman; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Student Council; Homecoming Queen Candidate, ' 49. Duncan, Charles: Baseball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Basketball, ' 47, ' 48; Intramurals, Basketball. Dunn. Martha Auer: Zeta Tau Alpha; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Millidek, Business Staff. Dunnell, John: Delta Sigma Phi, House Man- ager, Editor, Executive Council, Sophomore Class Secretary; Student Council; " M " Club, Publicity Chairman; Town and Gown; Chapel Committee; Chairman Bonfire-Pep Rally Homecoming Committee; SCA Reli- gious Emphasis Week Committee; Decatur- ian; Football, ' 48; Intramurals, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Track, Golf, Volleyball; Cheerlead- er, Captain. Eatherly, Scott: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, President; Conant Society; Spanish Club; Interfraternity Council; Millidek, Business Staff. Eckman, James: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rushing Chairman, Historian, President; Interfrater- nity Counci l Representative to National Inter- fraternity Council, ' 48; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball. Eifert, Robert: Sigma Zeta, President; Phi Kap- pa Phi. Esker, Harold: Delta Sigma Phi; " M " Club; Basketball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Track, ' 50; Intra- murals, Football, Baseball. Estes, Russell: Band; Orchestra; Radio Or- chestra. Etter, Robert: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Football, ' 46, ' 47; Track, ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Intramurals, Football, Basketball. « 156 » Faulkner, Jo Anne: Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chairman; W.A.A., Treasurer; I.A.F.C.W., Treasurer; Homecoming Float Decorations Committee; Decaturian; W.S.S.F. Queen, ' 49; Cheerleader. Fish. William: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Class President; Intramurals, Football, Base- ball, Basketball. Frey. Joan: Sigma Alpha Iota, Magazine, Scrapbook, and Program Chairman; Choir; Band; Orchestra. Transferred from Car- thage College. Frink. Carolyn: Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Assistant Treasurer; Tau Chi Pi; Home Eco- nomics Club; Student Christian Association. Godwin. Mary: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Sec- retary; German Club; W.A.A.; Decaturian; Millidek; D.P. Queen Contest Court; Home- coming Queen Court, ' 49; Intramurals. Granert, Gloria: Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Treasurer, Treasurer, President; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; Tau Chi Pi; Home Economics Club; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Intramurals. Graves. John: Pi Kappa Delta. Green. Frank: Millikm Independent Associa- tion, Vice-president; " M " Club; Football; In- tramurals, Baseball, Basketball, Football. Guthrie. Robert: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pledge Master, Song Director; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Vice-President; Intramurals, Foot- ball, Basketball. Hackman. Barbara: Theta Upsilon, Pledge Sec- retary, President; Panhellenic Council, Vice- president; French Club; Student Christian Association; Milli " kin " Coffee Hour Commit- tee; Decaturian; W.A.A.; Intramurals. Hagan. Raye: Indees; Intramurals, Football, Basketball. Hall, Barbara: Pi Beta Phi, Magazine Chair- man, Social Chairman; Pi Kappa Delta; Conant Society; University Radio Players; Town and Gown; One-act Plays; W.A.A.; Senior Assembly Committee; Millidek, Busi- ness Staff; Intramurals. Hamblen, Beth: Delta Delta Delta; Spanish Club, Secretary; W.S.S.F., Publicity Co-chairman; D. P. Student Drive, Chairman; Student Council; Pi Mu Theta; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities; Transferred from Lincoln College. Hammerstrom, Louis Raymond: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hampson, Jack: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student Christian Association. Harlan, Robert L.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Inter- fraternity Council Representative, Secretary of IFC; Pi Kappa Delta; Conant Society; Spanish Club; Town and Gown; University Radio Players; Decaturian, Sports Editor, Editor-in-chief; Millidek, Sports Editor; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Harlan. Thomas: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chron- icler, Corresponding Secretary; Spanish Club; " M " Club; Track, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Intra- murals, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. Harry, William: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain. Hartwich. Glada: Delta Delta Delta, Marshall, Vice-president, Corresponding Secretary; W.A.A.; Spanish Club; Tau Chi Pi; Student Christian Association; Religious Emphasis Week, Co-chairman; Intramurals. Hawley. Howard: Alpha Phi Omega, President, Treasurer, Social Chairman; Committees, Homecoming, W.S.S.F., D. P.; Track; Intra- murals, Basketball; Transferred from Wright Jr. College. Hazelrigg, Harry: Football, ' 46. Hewey. Downey: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Kappa Delta; Town and Gown; University Radio Players; Senior Guest Day Committee; Decaturian; Intramurals, Football, Basket- ball. Holkenbrink, Carol: French Club; Tau Chi Pi, Vice-president. Holtgreve, Alice: Sigma Alpha Iota, Sergeant- at-arms, Editor, Rush Chairman; Choir. Hopkins. Ralph: Baseball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49. Hoshauer. Berneice: Alpha Chi Omega, Vice- president, Treasurer, Activities Chairman; W.A.A.; Student Council; Co-Chairman of Homecoming Queen ' s Committee; Millidek. Houghtby, Joan: Millikin Independent Associ- ation; Orchestra. Hudson, Julia Lee: Zeta Tau Alpha, Intramural Manager, Treasurer, Secretary; Tau Chi Pi, President; W.A.A.; Student Christian Associ- ation. Huebner, Edward: Golf, ' 49. Johns, Carol: Millikin Independent Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secretary; Intramurals, Football, Baseball. Johnson, Clarence: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledgemaster, Warden, President; " M " Club, President; Football, ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; All-Conference Second Team, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Intramurals, Baseball, Basketball; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Jones, Alice: Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman, Intramural Manager, House Manager; Home Economics Club, Secretary; W.A.A., Treas- urer; Women ' s Residence Hall Association; Tau Chi Pi; Intramurals; Transferred from Carroll College. Kashefska, Arthur: Delta Sigma Phi, Editor, Floral Chairman, Social Chairman; Basket- ball, ' 46; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball. Keener, Robert: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Song Leader; Phi Mu Alpha, Vice-president, Song Leader, Social Chairman; Band; Choir; Stu- dent Council; Orchestra; Town and Gown; Chapel Organist; Intramurals, Baseball. « 157 » Kemp, Joan: Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, Guard, Scholarship Chairman; Tau Chi Pi; W.A.A.; Home Economics Club; W.S.C.A.; W.S.S.F. Committee. Kerr, John: Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-arms; Intramurals, Baseball, Football. Klinefelter, Cornelia: Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas- urer; Tau Chi Pi, Secretary; W.A.A.; Student Christian Association. Laurence, Harold: Football, ' 47. Lee, Horace D.: Delta Sigma Phi. Lugo, Charles: Decaturian. McCall. Duane: Indees; " M " Club; Track, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Intramurals, Football, Basketball. McCarthy, Richard: Indees; Football, Track; Intramurals, Basketball. McDonell, Robert: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Par- liamentarian; Student Council; Chairman, Democratic Club. McEvoy, Helen: Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Treasurer, Social Chairman; Spanish Club; W.A.A. McKay, Welby: Golf, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50. Malerich, John: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden; " M " Club; Student Council; Baseball, ' 49, Basketball, ' 47, ' 48; Intramurals, Football, Track. May, Charles: Indees; Alpha Phi Omega, His- torian. Meisenhelter, Ray: Millikin Independent Asso- ciation. Mercuric Pete: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Track, ' 48, ' 49; Intramurals, Football, Basketball. Meyer, Al: Millikin Independent Association; Student Council; Intramurals, Football, Baseball. Miller, Carol: Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, Co- Rush Chairman; Panhellenic Council; Span- ish Club, President, Secretary; W.A.A., Pres- ident, Secretary; Student Council Social Committee; Millidek; I.A.F.C.W., President; Conant Society; Pi Mu Theta, Sergecmt-at- arms; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Mulholland, Ronald: Millikin Independent As- sociation. Murray, Robert: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presi- dent, Intramural Manager; Freshman Class Treasurer, Senior Class Vice-president; " M " Club, Secretary; W.S.S.F. Speakers ' Com- mittee; Basketball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, Track, ' 47; Intramurals, Football, Baseball; Millikin Representative to Lion ' s Club. Newbould, Gwendolyn: Sigma Alpha Iota, Social Chairman, Pledge Secretary; Spanish Club; Resident Women ' s Association Coun- cil; Student Council. Norman, James: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ward- en, Parliamentarian, Publicity Chairman; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track. Olivero, John: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secre- tary; Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge President; Pi Kappa Delta; Conant Society; Millidek, Assistant Business Manager, Business Man- ager. Patten, Fern: Millikin Independent Association; Home Economics Club, Secretary; W.A.A.; Band. Peiper, Walter: Millikin Independent Associ- ation. Pelati, Dante: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Intramurals, Baseball. Platzbecker, Henry: Delta Sigma Phi; Intra- murals, Basketball. Poisel, Donald: Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Orches- tra. Pollard, Robert: University Radio Players. Pope, Harriet: Zeta Tau Alpha; Spanish Club; W.A.A; Conant Society. Pritchett, Herschel: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ream, Barbara: Kappa Delta; Tau Chi Pi; Transferred from Monmouth College. Rennier, Delmar: Sigma Zeta. Rhein, John: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain; Intramurals, Football. Richardson, Ruth: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Spanish Club; Tau Chi Pi; W. A. A.; Millidek; Decaturian; Conant Society. Riggs, Joan: Alpha Chi Omega, President, Vice-president, Publicity Chairman, Librar- ian, Convention Delegate; Panhellenic Coun- cil, President, Vice-President; Home Econom- ics Club, Vice-president, Treasurer; W.A.A.; Tau Chi Pi; Decaturian; Outstanding Home Economics Freshman; Pi Mu Theta; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Phi Kappa Phi. Roesler, John: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Millidek, Advertising; Intramurals, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball, Track; Transferred from Car- thage College. Roettenbacher, Johann: Conant Society, Pres- ident; German Club, Secretary; Spanish Club, Treasurer; Pi Kappa Delta; Town and Gown; Library Council; Decaturian; Phi Kappa Phi. Schmalfuss, Elizabeth: Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain, Scholarship Chairman, Corres- ponding Secretary; German Club, President; Sigma Zeta, Vice-president; Town and Gown; French Club; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Pi Mu Theta, Vice-president; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Schoenfielder, Robert: Delta Sigma Phi; Stu- dent Council; Interfraternity Council. Schroeder, Kenneth: Delta Sigma Phi; Basket- ball, ' 47, ' 48, Baseball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Intra- murals, Basketball. Schulte, Marilou: Theta Upsilon, Pledge Presi- dent, Vice-president; French Club; Orches- tra; W.A.A.; Senior Announcement Commit- tee; Decaturian. « 158 » Schweizer, Gloria: Alpha Chi Omega, Record- ing Secretary, Song Leader; W.A.A., Secre- tary; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-president. Sealey. Kenneth: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Inter- fraternity Council; Golf, ' 49, ' 50. Shorthose, Margie: Alpha Chi Omega, Cor- responding Secretary, Warden; Tau Chi Pi, Treasurer; W.A.A. Slifer, Doyle: Tau Kappa Epsilon. Smith, Annetta: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Vice-president; Home Economics Club; W.A.A.; Student Christian Associa- tion; Decaturian; Pi Mu Theta; Intramurals. Smith, William: Delta Sigma Phi, Athletic Chairman, Treasurer; Junior Class Treasurer; Student Council; Interfraternity Council; " M " Club, President, Publicity Director; Football, ' 46, ' 47, Basketball, ' 46, Baseball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Intramurals, Football, Bas- ketball; Chairman Retail Vocational Con- ference. Spence, Nathalie: Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, President, Intramural Manager; Panhellenic Council, Secretary; W.A.A. ; A Capella Choir; Committees, Homecoming Dance, Greek Sing; Decaturian; Millidek. Staley. Lavelle: Football, ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; In- tramurals, Basketball; Captain of Football Team, ' 49; " M " Club, Vice-president. Stark, June Bruce: Conant Society; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi. Stollard, James: Delta Sigma Phi; Homecom- ing Committee; Intramurals, Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball. Stridden, Jack: Conant Society. Strocher, Twila: Alpha Chi Omega, Recording Secretary; Sigma Zeta, President; German Club; W.A.A.; Pi Mu Theta. Stults, Jack: Millikm Independent Association, Vice-president, President, Social Chairman; One-act Play; Committee for D.P. Students; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Track. Sullivan, Miriam: Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman, Standards Chairman; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Decaturian; Intramurals. Sutherland, William W.: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Rushing Committee; Junior Class President; Committees, Co-chairman of Homecoming, Co-chairman of Variety Show, Football Banguet, Chairman of SUB; Intra- murals, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Volleyball. Taylor, John: Delta Sigma Phi, Honor Pledge, Sergeant-at-arms, Vice-president; Chairman Basketball Banguet. Teckenbrock, James: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-pres ident, Pledge Master; Interfrater- nity Council; Conant Society; Homecoming Chairman, ' 47; Millidek, Co-editor, Editor- in-chief, Sports Editor; Intramurals, Football, Basketball; Basketball Manager; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Temple, Ann: Kappa Kappa Gamma; French Club, Vice-president; Pi Kappa Delta; His- tory Prize; Brown Debate Prize; Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Transferred from Northwest- ern University. Thiele, Joan: Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Presi- dent; Spanish Club; W.A.A.; Town and Gown Ticket Committee; Decaturian; Home- coming Queen Candidate, ' 48. Thornton, Luther: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Conant Society; Student Council, President; Pi Kap- pa Delta; Committees, Student Affairs, D.P. Scholarship Drive, Executive Committee to Student Council, Chapel Committee, Stu- dent Council Court, Religious Emphasis Week; Intramurals, Football, Baseball, Bas- ketball; Casey Historical Award; Brown De- bate Award; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Tille, Charles: Millikin Independent Associa- tion; Alpha Phi Omega, Honor Pledge. Tinch, Phillip: Delta Sigma Phi, Executive Council, Social Council, Convention Dele- gate; Spanish Club; Student Council, Presi- dent; Committees, Co-chairman of Home- coming, ' 48, Student Council Executive Com- mittee, W.S.S.F. Drive, Student Affairs Com- mittee; Intramurals, Basketball, Football; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Tipton, James: German Club; Sigma Zeta. Wadzita, Cyril: Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Secretary, Pledge Master, Pledge President, Intramural Director; Interfraternity Council; ' M " Club, Secretary; Decaturian; Football, ' 46, ' 47, Baseball, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50. Walker, Jack: Tau Kappa Epsilon. Ward, James: Intramurals, Baseball, Basket- ball. Weaver, Gertrude: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholar- ship Committee, Homecoming Float Chair- man, W.S.S.F. Committee; Tau Chi Pi; W. A. A.; Homecoming Publicity Committee, Homecoming Ticket Committee. Whitmer, Jane: Zeta Tau Alpha, Guard, As- sistant Treasurer; Home Economics Club; W.A.A. Willhite, Richard: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Town and Gown. Young, Julie: Alpha Chi Omega, Correspond- ing Secretary, Historian, Publicity Chair- man; German Club; W.A.A.; Student Coun- cil, Vice-president, Secretary; Student Af- fairs Committee; Millidek; Homecoming Queen Candidate, ' 48 Pi Mu Theta; Phi Kappa Phi. Young, Robert: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Decatur- ian; Intramurals, Basketball, Football; Home- coming Committee; Student Representative to Association of Commerce Statistical Re- search Committee. Zeaman, William: Alpha Phi Omega, Treasur- er, Social Chairman, Publicity Chairman; Spanish Club; Art Club; Co-chairman W.S. S.F. Drive, ' 49; SUB Committee; Decaturian. « 159 » IF OUR PRIDE IS SHOWING! I For 45 years Huston-Patterson Corporation has been pro- ducing fine high school and college yearbooks . . . books which have won honors in competitive showings and many expressions of appreciation from gratified clients. J But, since a 1949 annual produced in our plant took FIRST place in competition with entries from FORTY-ONE states, we think we may be pardoned if our pride begins to show. J We ' re not too proud, however, to give a large share of credit to the school ' s staff and faculty advisors. Such suc- cess never would come without the long hours of pains- taking care they devoted to the preparation of copy and layout. I Yes, in the final analysis, it ' s co-operation that counts. Teamwork spells achievement in printing as well as on the football field or basketball court. I Co-operation, teamwork — they are words which through too frequent use may have lost some of their meaning. But here at Huston-Patterson we still strive to give them their full import and significance in our yearbook printing as well as in all other phases of our business. HUSTON ■ PATTERSON CORPORATION 365 North Main Street Decatur, Illinois 160 I860 90 Years of Service 1950 THE MILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR A Complete Banking Service Checking Accounts — Savings Accounts — Christmas Savings Commercial Loans — Real Estate Loans Personal Loans Safety Deposit Boxes — Money Orders — Drafts U. S. Savings Bonds Foreign Exchange — Commercial Letters of Credit Travelers ' Checks Whatever Your Needs Are . . . See Us! Deposits Insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 162 » SUPERIOR WELDING CO. 900 East Division CONGRATULATIONS • To The Grads DECATUR, ILLINOIS Phone 2-7122 Thanks for the past patronage ; and hope it will continue in the • future. • | Compliments of I Compliments of Thurman W. McDavid FLINT EATON COMPANY • i ★ « 163 » GROVE MOTEL INC We will continue to service your Irt 48-51 ! AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS • as we have for the past 19 years. Serving the Best in : STFAKS CHICKEN AND » • ••••• t • • • » • • • • • SANDWICHES • Don ' s Standard Service • W. Main and Oakland 24 Hour Service 5 Come In Please — Go Out Pleased Ph. 4709 I Don Pone wash FOLRATH ' S • MEN WOMEN Freeman Peacock Roblee Johansen Wright Tweedies Arch-Preserver Styl-eez 211 N. Water « 164 » A Milestone in Life • Graduation from Millikin marks the successful closing of one phase of life. It symbolizes com- pletion of well rounded preparation for the bus- iness of living and heralds the setting-up of new goals to be achieved — goals that each must choose for himself. This education has sharpened and polished your " tools for living. " May you use them well and achieve the success of your own choosing. A. W. CASH COMPANY » « 165 » WATCH! i RAYCRAFT for the ; DRUG STORES OPENING DATE 5 Decatur, Illinois of the New | SAM E. ARMS WORTH | JAMES A. ARMSWORTH 259 N. Water St. | 1099 W. Main St. 702 E. Wood St. W S O Y and WSOY-FM Dedicated to the Service of the Community • CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System and SPORTS PLAY-BY-PLAY • WSOY . . . CBS IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS « 166 » USE YOUR BANK • In the years to come you will find a good banking connection to be a valuable asset. • This bank can be of service to you in many ways — as a depository for your funds ... to meet your credit requirements . . . and to help you to make and to save money. • We cordially invite you to open an account with us and to use all of the various banking facilities that are available to you. Hold Your United States Savings Bonds THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of Decatur 1891-1950 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation « 167 » Member Federal Reserve System CONGRATULATIONS j PITTSBURGH PAINTS to Smooth i is Glass THF fl ASS OF 19 0 « " Paint Styling Headquarters ' " • Sun Proof DIAL • Wall Hide 5343 « j • Waterspar Painters ' Supplies j • Wallpaper Wallpaper • Florhide Glass ROGRAN CLOTHING COMPANY PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 151 North Water 222 N. Main CROSS TOWN — CROSS COUNTY — CROSS COUNTRY Our Experienced Personnel and Modern Equipment Are Always at Your Service MOVING - STORAGE - PACKING - CRATING BUILDERS SUPPLIES Telephone 5 2 5 5 parte ldlawhou$ $ 621 NORTH MAIN STREET DECATUR -ILLINOIS At the NORTH MAIN SUBWAY « 168 » G. S. LYON SONS LUMBER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Since 1878 C Decatur ' s Oldest and Most Reliable Dealers WOODWORK FOR HOMES C Broadway at Cerro Gordo Phone 4271 Hosiery for the Entire Family HOSIERY REPAIR 117 North Water Street Decatur, Illinois JXeumade • HOSIERY ' • ' PEERLESS Household Cleaners Decatur ' s Only Exclusive Household Cleaners • RUGS • DRAPES • SLIP COVERS • BED SPREADS • T. CLOTHS • L. SHADES • BLANKETS • FURNITURE Phone 3-8302 519 North Monroe St. « 169 » Compliments of A P SUPER MARKETS THERE IS A STORE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD • 134 N. Broadway • 136 E. Packard • 1135 W. Wood Decatur, Illinois BILL AND GENE ' S FRIENDLY SERVICE Macon and Oakland MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL for Quality and Service Eugene R. Perkins Benjamin W. Frankli J.M.U. Alums SUNSHINE DAIRY INC. 725 East Prairie Street ■ Decatur, Illinois Telephone 5436 Sure!!! You CAN taste the difference! « 170 » Compliments of £%A A Ik! mh liVCDC l nr ana micks, one. D ici n re fit If finii f Hi " 8 It Vi V WOOD AND ME1AL MX1UKES Specialized Automotive ! for TATSRITRFTOR nnd ELECTRICAL ' Drug Stores, Restaurants, Clubs and Institutions 544-552 N. Main St. Decatur Battery Service ■te it Inc. " The Best of Everything at One 343 E. Main Phone 5453 Place " CK 0 BARKER ' S . . . ; Is Headquarters for Marilyn, • and the Famous American Girl A. L COOK SON I CI ; Shoes Jewelers and Watch Makers 127 N. Main St. | BARKER ' S SHOE STORE I 217 North Water St. • Decatur Illinois « 171 » TEL€PHON£ 4201 If We Can Help • Where people are thoughtful . . and considerate of the interests of others . . because they care j. j MORAN sons puNERAL Home N. WATER ST. at ELDORADO DECATUR - - ILLINOIS Nationally Advertised DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Guaranteed Watch Repairing One Week Service Famous for Fine Diamonds SH JEWELERS 215 E. North Decatur Ph. 3-2762 fa- — » Compliments of BLUE MILL Your Theatre Host of Decatur! AVON THEATRE Top Pictures You ' ll Always Remember! J|e. jg| The Best in Motion Picture Enter- tainment The Stratton Story Neptune ' s Daughter Mother Was a Fresh. man Barkleys of Broad. way Adam ' s Rib On the Town « 172 » VERY MAN who rises above the common level has re- ceived two educations: the first from his teachers; the second, more personal and important, from himself. Edward Gibbon. DAWSON WIKOFF Funeral Directors WOOD AT COLLEGE DECATUR L L I N O i S ONE OF DECATUR ' S BEST STORES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN Arrow Shirts • Knox Hats • Taylor Made Shoes • McGregor Sportswear • Hickey-Freeman Clothes BLAKENEY PLUM 326-28 N. Water St. DECATUR WE SERVE YOU Safety Courtesy Service « 173 » U) 7 Trouble — and how to fix it! That means a mess of some kind, and if the plumber who made the installation is called back to fix it, he ' s in trouble himself. A house located on a hill needs pressure reducing and regulating valves, because high pressures are hard on plumbing equipment . . . cause damaging water-hammer, noisy toilets, splattering faucets, real trouble sooner or later. Plumbers who want to avoid trouble use Cash Acme Valves. Selecting, installing, and maintaining valves is tricky business without complete know-how . . . sometimes a matter of life or death. Every result has a cause — and when disaster strikes, we know that somewhere along the line there was a man who didn ' t think through to what might happen before it did happen. Temperature and pressure relief valves should never be placed in the cold water line, because then heat can ' t get to it except by transmission — a slow process which allows the temperature of the water in the tank to become explosively hot before the valve has a chance to do its job. The guy at right says: " Why get into trouble? Just install the proper Cash Acme Valve in or very near to the hot water tank on the hot water line. " It pays to check — for high pressure leaks. Smart plumb- ers diagnose as they go. For twenty-five years, this company has been manufacturing quality pressu re reducing and regulating valves, relief valves, automatic pressure controls for hot water space heating systems, etc. CASH-ACME Automatic Valves A. W. CASH VALVE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION 666 East Wabash Avenue • Decatur, Illinois, U. S. A. SimibeMJnc. Youc Home itoce Compliments of ; America ' s Finest Merchandise Famous for its National Accep- RODGERS tance and sold in all the better SHOE STORE stores in America including Staubers in Decatur at a price with service you like. Decatur, Illinois ROBY ROBY | FOR PORTRAITS OF i DISTINCTION James E. Roby Vern E. Roby Class of ' 43 S W 1 I V I 3 • " Complete Line of Real Estate r l AM Mil 1 Q cTiinin SALES INSURANCE LOANS I 226 N. Main St. 147 E. Main St. 1 3-9773 Phone 5191 « 175 » for Important SCHAFFER GLUCK Glothes ; FURS CLOTH COATS SUITS 11 V FQSHion ¥▼ SHOP I 253 North Main St. 135 East Prairie St. ONE OF THE NECESSITIES OF COLLEGE LIFE College Supply Store 122 East William Street « 176 THE QUALITY OF j iiEAnAW era n Everything Photograph ic GRADi E " A " MILK PFILE S Is Proven Daily in Our STATE APPROVED CAMERA SHOP LABORATORY " Decatur ' s Photographic Center " BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY Union Dairy Division Decatur, Illinois P!ione 5241 100 East Prairie HUNTER-POGUE O f% %M D All LUMBE :R CO. » WHFRF FOOn TS AT WAYS LUMBER - MILLWORK ■ Till? RFfiTt Mule-Hide Roofing BUILDERS HARDWARE j WHERE YOU GET QUICK j SERVICE! • Phone 4487 705 N. Oakland Ave. • Corner Wood and Oakland « 177 » BLACK CO. Compliments of 340 North Main i Decatur, Illinois | vcnTi ui ixuuiu J i ui w Q Home of NATIONALLY KNOWN Sporting Goods APPLIANCES Phone 3-7744 78 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE © Diamonds • Watches • Sterling Plated Silverware • China • Crystal • Linens • Perfumes • Handbags POST ' S DIAMONDS Are " Registered " For Your Protection You Are Invited to Join Post ' s STERLING SILVER CLUB PAY ONLY 33c A WEEK For Eaeh 4-Pieee Place Setting Over 100 Choice Sterling Patterns to Select From! There ' s No Extra Charge for Post ' s Liberal Payment Plan! H. POST S Jewelers for Over 78 Years Merchant at Prairie Street Decatur, Illinois « 178 » Continuous Quality See ROY OUSLEY . . . A J.M.U. Alum for DIAMONDS WATCHES • JEWELRY REPAIRS R. M. MARTIN CO. tOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY W | Jewelers - Optometrists 108 East Prairie St. Phone 2-1814 ; Decatvir, Illinois The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Decatur ; Direct Importers of Fine Diamonds Since m 1892 m Individual f( rhton r»ln o M0 fING | ® COATS | • SUITS | • DRESSES PACKING STORAGE | • FORMALS | • SWEATERS | • HOSIERY Agents NEW SUFFERN BLDG. ALLIED VAN LINES ! N. Main and Prairie « 179 » I 1 ! ' Jl ffl % 1 1 ' i w Reciting... R elaxing R omancmg Whatever the Occasion, Season or Hour We Cater to Co-eds ' Campus Needs LINN SCRUGGS Decatur ' s Quality Department Store ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Millidek Staff wishes to acknowledge the generous sup- port of the following firms and individuals who have helped sponsor the 1950 Millidek: Walter Flora and Sons Landholt Auto Refinishing The Winery Anraeo, Inc. Drobisch - Muirheid J. C. Penney Co. C. N. Gorhani and Son — Realtors Cash Market Krigbaum Electric Co. Semmels Daut Bros. Florist Sam Loeb ' s— Hart, Schaffner Marx Clothing Illinois Cafe « 180 » BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION " BLOWN-UN " The Clean, Efficient Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT 10 to 18 DEGREES Saves 20% to 30% on Fuel Manufacturer of The BROWNIE STOKER « 181 » ORGANIZED FOR BETTER INSURANCE PROTECTION THE DECATUR ASSOCIATION of INSURANCE AGENTS MEMBERS Allen Company, Inc. Bennett Shade Company Cobb Insurance Agency Creighton-Jackson Company Edith F. Haines Linley W. Hurtt Harold R. Irish J. D. Johnson Son Jostes Insurance Agency J. Glenn Miller C. W. Montgomery Son Nicholson Clark Company J. A. Nuckolls Insurance Agency Bruce E. Pensinger Rotz Christner Sanks Insurance Agency Orville S. Smith Insurance Agency Swarm Insurance Agency Wells Agency W. H. Wiley Best Wishes to Graduates We represent the finest in MUSIC and APPLIANCES VISIT OUR RECORD SHOP EMERSON PIANO HOUSE 143 N. Main Decatur Office 30 Industry Court Telephones 5345 - 5346 Decatur Warehouse Co. R. C. Shumate J. F. Gauger Harry (Skinny) Taylor TRANSFER, MOVING, STORAGE Licensed - Bonded - Insured Carriers 555 E. Wood St. Decatur, Illinois « 182 » LICENSED INSURED EICHENAUER ELECTRIC SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS FINE FIXTURES WIRING APPLIANCES SUNBEAM — G. E. TOASTMASTER G. E. and Telechron Clocks to 1950 GRADS 134 S. OAKLAND 2-4806 — Phones — 2-2543 YOUR GUARANTEE OF QUALITY DECATUR B. B. Burns Company. Inc. Cooper Oldsmobile Company General Finance Corporation Nolen Molor Company, Inc. H. G. Wonderlin Company Bill Burns Chevrolet, Inc. General Motors Acceptance Corp. Universal C.I.T. Credit Corp. Corwin Johns Company Coffey Auto Market W. C. Starr, Inc. Central Illinois Investment Co. H. P. Hazelrigg Company Highfield Buick Company Bopp Motors, Inc. Kilborn ' s Landers Company H. A. Kuhle « 183 » Graduates of James Millikin University: YOUR CITY IS YOUR BUSINESS: Most of you will become business and professional men and women either in Decatur or in another city. As you become identified with your community, you will find that your city is your business, as well as the profession or other occupation by which you earn your livelihood. You should, and will be expected to contribute your thinking and your efforts to the handling of those matters which will determine the character of the community in which yovi earn your living and establish your home. You graduates who choose Decatur for your home town are welcomed for yovir yovith, your enthusiasm, your approach to our community prob- lems, and your wilUngness to work toward their solution. At this com- mencement period of 1950, we as " old citizens " invite you to turn your thoughts to the following matters of Decatur ' s " unfinished business " . . . matters which have a vital effect upon the character of the future Decatur. We urge you, first, to become informed about them, then to join other citizens in working on them for a Greater Decatur in which to live and do business. Conservation of Lake Decatur as the source of the city water supply and as a recreation center Parking Airport buildings and air service Low rent housing Job development Water works improvements Water mains outside the city Extension of sewers both within and outside the city Annexation of adjacent areas which are a part of the Decatur community Building code revision Modern street lighting Schools Development of a major street and beltline system Community health Adequate revenue to provide community services Association of Commerce of Decatur « 184 » Congratulations Compliments of o t h e RICHMAN BROTHERS 207 North Water Street Class of 1950 i Phone 6858 • rb SEARS, ROEBUCK ■ c CO Corner of Franklin and North | • FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN MILLIKIN NEEDS A NEW PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING A CONTRIBUTION TO THE ALUMNI FOUNDATION CAN BE EARMARKED FOR THIS PURPOSE Plan for the Future . . . Give Annually MOREHOUSE WELLS COMPANY « 185 » IT CAN BE DONE . . . but don ' t try it! Sometimes it ' s possible to break all the rules — and get away with it. But for most of us, most of the time, the rules hold — especially when it comes to saving money. The first rule for a successful life is to SAVE; the second rule is to SAVE REGULARLY. ft ft Since lack of money is so often a cause of worry and unhappiness, one way to eliminate many of our problems is to have money when it is needed. Regular saving is a good way to have money for emergencies. THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Decatur ' s Oldest National Bank Member F. D. I. C. « 186 » Compliments of HECHT ' S 335 North Water Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear ft ft Compliments of OSGOOD and SONS Decatur, Illinois ft ft MOVIES are BETTER THAN EVER Relax America! GRIN! SMILE! LAUGH! at the MOVIES No Other Entertainment Offers So Much for So Little Lincoln Theatre Empress Theatre Decatur ' s Finest An ACRE of Satisfaction We Specialize in FRIED CHICKEN DINNERS PLATE LUNCHES SANDWICHES Accommodations for Noon and Evening Meals Compliments of J. S. JOHNSON « 187 » « 188 » Just like Mueller shower heads use every drop of water for the utmost efficiency, so can all of your accumulated learning spread itself into a fuller and more abundant life if used for the best purpose. That this may be, is our ardent wish. Congratulations to each and everyone of you. Si t ( ± MAIN OFFICE AND FACTORY DECATUR, ILLINOIS OTHER FACTORIES: Lo, Angeles, Cat.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Sarnia, Onl. Canada « 189 » « 190 » DID YOU KNOW? A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. is the largest independent processor of corn and soybeans in the world. To keep the Staley plant at capacity operation over 1,000 tons of coal and 19,000,000 gallons of water are required daily. Manufacturing operations are carried on in some 68 buildings, having 2,600,000 square feet of floor space, and covering 382 acres of land. Approximately 3,000 loyal, enthusiastic people are em- ployees of the Staley Co. here in Decatur. The Staley sales organization is international and is composed of hundreds of field representatives and technicians. Staley products are sold world wide for the home, farm, and industry. STALEY PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME — • STA-FLO LIQUID STARCH • CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH • CAMEO STARCHING POWDER • CREAM CORN STARCH • " SWEETOSE " SYRUPS (5 FLAVORS) Golden Sorghum Crystal Honey Waffle A. E. STALEY MANUFACTURING CO. DECATUR ILLINOIS « 191 We of the 1950 Millidek staff wish to extend a hearty thank you to the following people, without whose help the yearbook would have been merely a dream. Faculty Financial Adviser GLEN R. SMITH who helped immeasurably in the necessary money matters. Capitol Engraving JOE SRONCE whose counsel and untold patience have smoothed the way for easier handling of a big undertaking. Huston-Patterson Corporation LYNN HISER who put us through the final stages of production. Pfile ' s Camera Shop BOB STRONGMAN and his ever-ready camera. Herald Review JOHN RAMMEL for his football action shots. ROBERT WALTERS for his art work on the photography. And to the entire student body and administration for their unlimited cooperation. THE 1950 MILLIDEK STAFF.

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