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! Q 4 1 1 qrpg-:.4:H 3535 J I Ng.. .. rx , s -. -f L, I,-s. . xiii- L If ' 1 1, ' Y-gg-su. ,A-. V W . - A F . WU 3, 'iQ'V"..-if 4,4 f it. X wk: 1 "V .f L, l . -gf 'D 'rn 3 ,.., .0 -N 6? 1 1 . 5...-' -17':f: r-55, V Q ,. ,,, -Emir, -4.. . .,, LM. K' 'L Q. Y if mei EL , A .p 1 y- p I , x A A' U -'2. fi R ,, V N ,Q -,+"":' V . K H -1'- P- , gp., L4-. .1 , 'Wifi L fl-fi -Q ' .."'Y1 l'Q--NLM' r Ci' -fi: 13, jk: 'kv-jj. ,.ywg,QV.s: wi 1.A :av N-. r'4-q","A. .-' .. .L+ -, .',. -'af' ... .- -. -4-, -. X Q. r.-., '54 -.4 ,gru- 4- 'T :f2Lf'f7. 2-1' f-fy. - ia, . N 1,55-..':xg, L L. .. 3 . . - rg.: .KN- -.. 'J 1. . A . , . . .iflbiv '- ,-- . -g. '-Kr -V x . - , . - . N ,,:. .1- 'S' THE 1948 if n EQ, ', hs- -. , 'v s I I '1 'F Y "i 15 ff, 7, 1. .v I ,- bf ...- .1 . NNN.. X,- sk, K?"T'ls-. s ,,g...--,4-..- Copyright DAN PETTY HM TECKENBROCK Co-Editors-in-Chief KATHERINE MCKEOWN Business Manager A n -F sl 1 X i p 1 G, rx X 1 , W 1 V,,33g1gLggjnN -if' 2, s ff -, 1 1 x 'X if Az -, , ,W 6 U J H f J if 1 L W X J, . iv 4 Q! . af' f , 2 f f' - ' ,fi j' f' 1 !"y ff 'K ft X ', '1g,,.Lss,' ,A .' .1 j 4' A I, V1 X, J, ,, -J -.' .L J 1 "' 1' JI If if we 'X' If f 1' jf I ' J Y A 1, A ,fl fl X' ,I f In f , ' , J' 1 I- 'J' -"l ,:' ff!! 4' Jr gf' ,if .f V4 V' X xv' ,f Q' -fy ,-"IA lf' .' gf! Q1 'lr f, nf' Af. jr ff' , ' 1-I V' . 1' ff , V! ,FAA ,lv J' .1 S! V' I ' Fr 1' 1' V," y' ' 1 , 7 I .iz "V fl fx, fy 1 df if A, V! If 'kr f f ' ' f K .f fi , A 5 .f ff Y A , 64' Af-'A ,fx F L , gf if 1' WY 1 V ' x X ,K 1 yi Hg' f A4 1 I' y f , L sf ,Q I . K, ,, x x 2,1 xxx 04" sh ,K ' 1 A 6 3 u ? I I y r 1 2 J LJ 'Q J J W 1 s I v s Have you ever thought for a moment of the potentialities that are await- ing Millikin? From the academic hall to the athletic field the factors that. in a broader sense. add up to school spirit are lacking. Why? An invisible something tends to keep these quested potentialities in a dormant state. Many times during the past year-Homecoming. the championship conference bas- ketball games. the entertaining Phi Mu Alpha asembly-student comments almost started the trend rolling but all was lost in the ebb of later disinterest. 47111, .-.v a,:'r -Sl-.-dQ5rv.4Ai-C .'2.1-.."U'- nf'-" L' L. M 4- -141 AQ . , 'I , ' A ,5' 4 A-1. .AV 4,14 -- A V , ,, jg, af-Is, gg 1 , TV' T .v ,J N4 1-. "bs 555' C' ,fi I II f WJ "--fl M., KI" nh , v Nr--V -L . 4, R Q , . . f Q L ' ' 2 5 W ,,, I I I I I I r--- - I a f I . IF. X 44' f I III., Z u ' f Y X 5 ' , -- E A 7. 335' ' A , , , .QI I I , IIII II ? I T ' 3 'VI L , f- SQ ,,.,,....q ,fwyig I ' ' Q ,-mn 1 -X .- k EQ ' W .- f,-faq I ' 5 35 ' n ' I -L. " ' I V f I 'f ff, , 3 f 1 ' F , ' + 3 K I I 1 1' 1 - ' 1 ' xN X Y I ,I 41, . .I ,I I, 53 I k ...K ,f ,- . E, I ,jf I,,. H , I 9, 4 I R E 2. 1 1 IIII FI. ,... 8 J, 1 -v 4 .x w .ln w 1:- 'ag' 'u1'i"'- 1 :fb ,Q-.-I -1 ,I . .I III. I. II ., ,Q IIIIIII JA' '. 1, . I-. . , I PE' A I-'Ye Q ' 3+ Ju f ff' '.-V s.,-sg' 1+ A I ,S ,. , K Q A .'- ' L- , 5. 'F - I I 9,3 I I f SVIIII II II IU . I,I . I I I II .I 3, 1.,.'.x , Q'-.WI-I,,5. . 1 I N, A. - sg, .r I II,-, If I ... I A IQ, ,I I - . va 9. ' ,Q fngfw A ' 'f ' x 'ivy ' .' -rr, 'fzi .1.- ' 1 fa.:-S-S "V fL'5?vf ' f I2 L. ,Q J- I ,,. Q Y., 1A-2' gg- I ' F yr. .,. X .. .--1 . , - -. . X , I I '1 lk . :bla 1 'T . lf' .4759-'ga -. 'lr-4. ' .1 .f -1 W mf.:-.. ' .G-:X . Riwii nuff .Qfi "I ,f A: N A: .V "Q-F ' ' r- ' .- ' 4 - gf- ff, ' af I- . -1 I - . -1 J: - .- ' , I . I I . ,ix , - . Im A II. . W, , , ,I I -.1 ' '- , ,- , -q,f-33 ,W I va, . - 1 3-,Va - . h Av. 5, 3.. . -. I 8 P7 , .- I .24 - yr f.-Y' I Q I I e, - . 5519- fi Q24 2 4 Y ?,.,,,, . , 4 ' -' .J L' . . I V six -fy IL II 'L Q f.I,?. I I, -- V I,I. I II.,-:,'. -I ,h I I I . .1 . fax . . . . I, VI143I I IX S- -? .J . I II, ht 4!fII.I A . . , I I -A , . :f.,,, 'QV .I , I I -.Q 5 -. .x 1 'f g ' -mf ' 5' .. ' 1-.". -"f . . ,r""- 1 - ' :dlp ,JI 'IM .I.I-.. I II EII IIB X 2 -.,fI . . II A I ,, , '- , SQ . 'Q ' fl: 1 A ' ..', , r . 1 "Q ' .. if if if , me 2 ff' 'A Q' M4 S ff, A hr., 77 f ' 57'-V -' 1 QL, 1 -' " -. - :1?'5"ai'-PR' .. A-.1 b 1 f ' , . ' ' ' - . - W' .1 -- . . , r f -' ,, . ' ffI M mf x . ' 1, H A - H x Q53 ' . ' Hv. If-4, 3525 I. I . ., 1 31 . V . IL 1 "Ju, " fi. A Q. 3 YW W ,. ' F r 11 5 5 . 'I 11' 5 "rg E' x High ' "1 H. ff Ass!-- F-.F f 'W " A . I,.If '-I I' I I , ,.-I-' II V- ,,,,..f -V - , I 7 "if, A 1 .V WY, -4 in ' X . -. ' . 'riff W- .f- ' .--15 sg 4- '- ' ' sa' 5, ,V -'T ,... 1 fx - : A ' . - V . ,A . , I 3 V . -W , ,, "5.u..I.....--.a-EJ " '.4 , ' - 0 I I 1 F' -2 1 A Y 9- gag I Q .... I as- It , - I -,i'fF":'lF HI: . , A-f ":':-...."'-f M - ., ,I , -,III-'SQ , I ' " -Q""k' - J 7-2 ' A. Q .. M- , , ,iifqh , M ww-f f is-. . --- 14 Af ' I , ,, ,M 1 5 -warg., QI A ,, , " H -'1 '- -'--rf - 1 'V -A ,X 1. :-- , M b " V. 4 " .1522 , .. ., E'- - 'ff H 'X fl' - ' - - "' L- - "LH 1 ' ' ' " X M ... .umm , ,E-.f,I12f??QTiZ2'.fw',M ..... in '?""'P-W 'i 6 AM 'Nl-1, f .. H Af 4. I ' , 45 f" , 9, Ei?" A ' K 2, 1.--.' , . ,. , , , - ,. 1 , , , 1 , A r n X-. 4 a , , - f -1 . v' ' , A gn. , ,1 I 'J , . ' -, . IF, -, 7 'Tl' P . , :L . 2: I' ':"'- ,ff 1 ' , ,, 1, S 1 1 ,., 1, 1 --I . .1 1 1. vi- . . k vm, ,H ' ,, ., ..-1 . 1 ,4 ,-3 fave ACROSS THE GREEN V1 T gl SILENT HALLS cKnowledge is proud that he has learned so muchg W'isd0m is humble that he knows no more." Wfillium Cowper 19,3 e M 1 Y O hsw- ' ff-. .rm I, . .xl I 5 1 33 n X f 5 ' f . "lf L I A rf j 15 1 Q an y l .il LZ , 2,135 1 ' , H gi ' 'X .f 2, V! ' , HFor the administration of the gov ernmmzt, like the office of zz trustee must be conflucted for the benefit of those entrusted to 0ne's care, not of , those to whom it is entrustedf' Cicero GENERAL OFFICE v'-, 1 4 1 K y x , .qs 19 11-'I N gf J f 1. , J 1:2 . f . .354 ' sv ff-9-5 P?"-1' ,hifi-'11 --1F1'f'?p:,. 'gf :Pr L . ' ps' ' .gn A 2, , . -J ,f--LT ,-1 4' , , fr' -Q Q' , - 0- V ' .f y H,c:,'1 k'5 1gf'fk ,Lf ,f 3 -y wg! A ,. ,,- M., .. 1 1. , 5 qc?" V gif' wg:-"'.,-V Wu' Af. I-"' fl, -' , 1- -- fu, .1 'f Q ,1 - H. 3 5 .: W Q 1,1 -1- ,J - Em , wk -Y 4,3 L, 4 fi- 13' , 1-A 45 A ' -, df. r ., - -f. J A a3Q:f-., ,A .,,c,gg,, H' 3 ,- If AJC! , -Q., ' Y' I 3q,A .UAT if .ff :lv .V 4,-U41-ff, vi-'IH' 1- Aly A 1 X 4--rf. -.M Z4 1 4,6 , .lx-3, Xu T -55'-w.:,3, gi: 'gl-'f.. H - ' 1 " fy' iw. V ef' z?- ff' Y JL. f,f A1faf2.' X 1' J - .. I L71 -,' ,A ',f.,Qzu ,yfnlfjfv Ufnvfr 'X Y A - 1 1 Q' ' J' . f f , ' V - :L Y if: I -ll' L " ' . V f JL? 4" ,ff if vff ' 1 1 w J H o-o F vp,--I I-E J?" ..... - - ZH - images? . ui si e if -iz :.:.f t in 1:-F' ' F 4 yn President " f E -'-- . V alone A Ai qi ' , ' ""L . V Foremost in President Malone's consideration this year, as always since his arrival on the Millikin campus, has been sincere efforts toward the improve- ment and guidance of Millikin. His interest in students has been the impelling rnotiveg Millikin's achievements, the potential goal in a program of expansion and improvement designed to keep Millikin foremost among colleges in Illinois. His friendly personality, sympathy and understanding have helped guide our students to inspiration and comfort-in scholastic and in Christian living. OUR DEANS DEAN MILLER Dean Miller is responsible for much of the ease with which campus and scholastic tangles are straightened and seeming difficulties cor- rected. With Millikin growing rapidly, it has been no easy task to schedule classes avoiding student and professor conflicts, While still co- ordinating the various veteran programs. He has been invaluable in keeping the spirit and smoothness of Millikin at a high level, while still being a true friend of his students. DEAN MAXWELL Dean Maxwell has spent much time and thought in keeping alive the social calendar at Millikin, regulating and advising the various social organizations in her capacity as dean of Women. She has given her confidence and assistance to all students, and has been sincere in her serious efforts to aid them. For her un- selfishness and willingness to listen to anyones problems the student body of Millikin is in- debted to her. 'SEQ-' ADMINISTRATION VETERANS' OFFICE Left to right: Helen McKinley, Marjorie Droste, Lynn Fischer. You may think you've been in some fast Whirlwinds or cyclones, but you ain't seen nothing yet till you hit the Vet's office on regis- tration day or on any other day of the Week. The individual doing all the huffing and puffing and keeping the 375.00 a month boys happy is one-Dean Ploenges. "Ploeng" probably hears more T.S. stories in a day, in his capacity as Vet's counselor than most chaplains did in a month handling the boys' troubles in service. Everyone either Wants his check or is petition- ing to get back in the fold-this the dean handles with the air of a professional diplomat. A vote of thanks from every veteran is indeed in order for the splendid job Dean Ploenges has done on behalf of their general welfare. To handle the overflow of correspondence questionnaires and proverbial VA. red tape the dean is assisted by two secretaries, Mrs, Helen McKinley and Mrs. Marjorie Droste. Mrs, Lynn Fischer serves as clerk processing grocery slips. Dean Ploenges ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS OFFICE , - Ui f,"'i1 i . J Left to right: Mrs. Glasscock, Miss Boland, Miss Munch, Mrs. Westfall, Mrs. Goodrich, Mrs. Midkiff. The business office under the rigid guidance of H. Wayne Gill regulates all the receipts and disbursements of the university. Under these general administrative tasks come such items as salaries, payment of bills, veterans' accounts, housing, and tuition. As a side line the business office operates the switchboard and the student bank. The secret of the business office's success lies in a staff of capable Workers. Mrs. Mary Glasscock is secretary to Mr. Gill and Mrs. Ruth Westfall is bookkeeper. Miss Fern Boland is Hank G-ill the assistant treasurer and Miss Gertrude Munch, the assistant secretary. Mrs. Bonnie Goodrich and Mrs. Maye Midkiff serve in the capacity of general clerks. ADMINISTRATION Left to nght Mrs Langrand Mrs Nivin Miss Coale, Miss Cameron, Miss Drennan, Mrs. Wait. GENERAL OFFICE There could be no better title for this office than "general" because this is Where the cogs of adrninistration turn. Almost every administration problem passes through the hands of these six Well chosen assistants. Such tasks as preparing transcripts, proces- sing adrnissions, checking attendance, filing grades, plus other sundry odd jobs that point towards efficient administration are part of the daily business of the office. Merrill Cameron serves as secretary to the president, Mrs. Sophia Langrand is secretary to the deans, and Iean Coale is secretary to the director of admissions. Mrs. Anna lean Wait extends help and information at the receptionists desk, While Mrs. Anna Marie Nivin puts the finger on attendance violators. Miss Drennan has the important job of keep- ing the As and B's straight as recorder. Byron Kerns As the new registrar and pro- fessor of psychology, Mr. Kerns has already become a sincere and valuable friend to the stu- dents at Millikin. His interest, co-operation and ever-ready sense of humor have made him the type of faculty member Mil- likin has long valued. ADMINISTRATION Raymond R. Brewer There is a warm spot in the hearts of all university students for Dr. Brewer. A friendly per- son, he has had near'ly all stu- dents in his religion classes at some time. As director of public relations and field representa- tive, he has travelled to practic- ally every town in Illinois to introduce high school seniors to Millilcin. Emerson Abendroth Filling the newly-created posi- tion of Dean of Chapel, Mr. Abendroth has given to our chapel ceremonies a new vigor- ousness and sense of Christian accomplishment. His quiet man- ner, helpfulness and laughing good humor have already made him one of the rnost pop- ular of the staff. FACULTY , -vw. , an L. ,x ' i - G. "'1 ,V f x" Fc ZW? a Q, i B c 'fs "' 4.1" Ralph Allan Physical Education Viola Bell Home Economics Morris Bench Modern Languages E. S. Boyer Religion of Sociology Bryce Brown ' Mathematics Francis R. Brown Mathematics Mariam Buck Chemistry Claude Dicks l Psychology 6 Philosophy Frances Doubleday English Neal Doubleday l English l Margaret Frahm Business Administratio i Frank Galbreath Physics Cmfl Head Engineering Iames Hess English Earl Kiefer Mathematics Ralph Lancaster Accounting Betty Pat Leach English Charles Leese Business Administration Merle Lewey Speech Wilma Lux Political Science Davida McCa.sIi.n English Dorothy McClure Physical Education I. R. McDonald Mathematics Edith McNabb Speech FACULTY 'Q- FACULTY w .-.E 1' X, 55? Q. if' 6,1 M L. C. McNabb Speech Albert Mills History Wilna Moffett Organ ci Piano R. H. Neal Art W. L. Olsen lndustry ci Engineering Ethel Parkinson English F rank Poneta Physical Education Emmaline Rademaker Home Economics Flora Ross l Modern Languages l Nellie Io Sager English Mary Scherer Physical Education Stafford Simer Mathematics 5. Richard Smith Chemistry ilen R. Smith Business Administration .avern Szabo Chemistry :rrold Talbot Art Iarry Troop i Zoology V. H. Walker History Qlizabeth Weatherford Biology Iarshall Wells Physical Education Frances Wilson Industry CS Engineering Lalph Yakel Education 'aniel Gage History iladys Galligar Biology FACULTY 1 .Q 3 -'at 'Rl' JLX. 'Tm Ax V -.-Y- r 321- FACULTY CONSERVATORY Edith Brainard Librarian Helen Fromel Assistant Librarian Iecm Holcombe Assistant Librarian LIBRARY Winifred Mintum Director of Conservatory of Music Howard Akers Band Instruments Walter Emch Wood Winds William Fischer Voice H. C. Hess Violin Robert Long Voice at L LW,--,.-.1 e222 Power Behind the Throne Pay Day Inspection Midget Auto Racer- This page is an acknowledgment to the members of the maintenance crews and custodians, the men and women behind the scenes at Millikin, who keep the buildings and campus ship-shape for our pleasure and comfort. We of the Millidek staff especially Wish to extend our thanks to Dale Burcharn and his fine crew for the zealous assistance and help put forth in outfitting our new office. 1 . Vf ij, 4, YQ fwf Af ,gb ' ,- ' x I 1' fl- I 75 42' ,f 'x' " D, 1. . 1 N iw Y c'The omce of the scholar is to cheer, to raise, and to guide men by showing them facts amidst appearfzncvsf, Emerson 1-.L.-Y,-4-A-YA' V--. 5. 1-5 .Q 5 7 - rg -f fw ,,Y W- -4 2-. i , . 4- RI vm g jill!!! ' ., .. 32w151-' es . A 'Q FG ' .5 - N ' C - ,. :f1?:'??F?fl:7 ' ' illvia- lii-i,.' f ff? , ' ' - . Q .V 'IQ' i Ylvlij V ' 2 '1 ,. 1 5 4 ' - f' 4 ig 5 1 E fl wv + 3 f-Q3 PE Ji? 'I - 4 ' ' vlpsl 213' ,A :Q 7 . 551: Y ' t, H256 rf ll wv...1 'A t . . W x vw A I ' ' E 3. . 3.4, ,f 'rl ' - 5 5 T y . I v .f 'Rv ' 4 . , ' A XM? 9 'afsuxmw :zn- "T f A A b Fr' -Q. fl Scxllee. Irish, Pease. Williams l '7!w For three years We've listened to senior classes say goodbye, watched them tear up the place on their senior picnic and generally make the poor college fathers shake their heads in woe. But if you think that was bad-"you ain't seen nothing yet!" The class of '48 is dif- ferent. We started out with freshmen in l944 and . . . seniors are graduating. The uni- versity has grown along with us. Why we can remember back when-there were no trailers, Dr. Gage handled the history department all by himself, we had our Homecoming dance in the front hall, Campus City was a vacant lot, athletics were a nonentity and the Millikin Men's Club carried on bravely with a limited, very limited enrollment. During our sophomore year, peace was de- clared and the fun and excitement we'd heard so much about became a part of Millilcin life. K 2625 SENIOR CLASS omcsns Reme Seam 61644 Barracks and trailers sprung up like mush- rooms, there were faculty increases to accom- modate the swelling enrollment, and the class of '48 did their part in putting Millikin on the map. The athletic department, with the help of some of the now graduating seniors, gave Millikin a conference championship in both basketball and baseball, and repeated it the following spring with an undefeated record in baseball. Athletic events weren't the only things we excelled in, dramatics, publications, home economics, debate, and all the other activities received their share of attention from us. Yes, we're proud of our class. We've been here a long time it seems, and we've had some bad times and some good ones. The bad ones we'll forget-the good ones will mean Millikin to us-Millikin and the class of '48. President ....... ..... D on Williams Vice-President ....... Mary Louise Irish Secretary ..... .... R oger Sallee Treasurer. . . . . .Denison Pease Charles F. Adamson Personnel Management Decatur, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon, Varsity Athletics. Amy Mae Alexander Home Economics Chatham. Illinois Indee, Home Economics Club, W.A.A., Aston Hall Council Vice-President, Student Council, Town 61 Gown, Maurice Armstrong Chemistry Blue Mound. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi, German Club treas- urer, Sigma Zeta. Martha Carlson Attaway Music Knoxville, Illinois lndee, Sigma Alpha Iota, Choir, Band, Orchestra, French Club, W.A.A. Eugene Albert Aughenbaugh Business Administration Kenney. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi executive council, de- hate. Dorothy lean Baker Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Pi Beta Phi, Decaturian, W.A.A., Tau Chi Pi vice--president. E IOR -e--" A,-. ,,.. w fl I . ' l , i f 'l 4' fi as 4 N . ia- r 41:9 5 i fl 'l i. M, v Ka l uf m 1 5 . IOR 'Q Audrey Lucille Baxter Music Hume, Illinois lndee, Orchestra, W.A.A., Choir, Sig- ma Alpha Iota. Eunice Anne Bolz Liberal Arts Decatur, Illinois Delta Delta Delta, Town and Gown giixsgless manager, W.A.A., Spanish u . nays- Hi, egaif' , i f , U 1, -r, 1, X - v " y it V Q ' Betty Ann Belshaw Liberal Arts Hockton, Illinois Theta Upsilon, social committee, secre- tary, Homecoming Court, W,A,A,, Student Council, German Club, Spaninsh Club, Choir. Iohn Bowers Pre-Medicine Mt. Pulaski, Illinois Indee, Band, German Club, Choir. K D Orchestra, ' - if Ji' -'L.:, 'k i if H f "ill elif! h: 6 ,SF Mary Pauline Blyholder Home Economics Chicago. Illinois lnclee, W.A.A., Home Economics Club. Betty Brcmnan Home Economics 6 Art Galesburg, Illinois Alpha Chi Omega corresponding sec-y, house president, Decaturian, Home Economics Club, treasurer, publicity chairman, Spanish Club. fs, iw! vfvx - ' -r rf 'gr' 6 if 'L 'i SENIOR ,b A, L-,IJ ll' ' , R Ei? Zi' Lawrence Brewer Chemistry Decatur. Illinois Indee Rose Marie Buchmann English Belleville, Illinois Pi Beta Phi, vice-president, pledge president, Millidek Senior Editor, Orchestra, Decaturian, W.A.A. treas- urer, Town and Gown, Intramurals, Spanish Club, Home Economics Club, Conant Vice-President, Cheerleader, Pi Mu Theta president, Homecoming Committee Chairman, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. I 5547 Q49 Eva Filchak Brown Home Economics Decatur, Illinois lndee, Home Economics Club Nancy lane Cannon Liberal Arts Decatur. Illinois Pi Beta Phi, Home Economics Club, W.A.A., Conant, Spanish Club vice- president, Millidek. 44 29 PD , l L . 4 r fx' -, N 'if . . .. ng, f' Q .9-N f'li,.,H ' N ,. , I lg, : 1 1 N , , an , Emmy Lee Buchmanri English Belleville. lllinois Pi Beta Phi, secretary, Millidek, Deca- turian, W.A,A., Town G Gown, Or- chestra, Intramurals, Vice-President Freshman Class, Spanish Club, Homecoming Maid at Honor, Home Economics Club, Cheerleader, Con- ant treasurer, Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. Lucien A. Chaney Business Administration Decatur. Illinois Baseball. 1 SE IGB E. Ducme Calbert Chemistry Decatur, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi, Tennis, Band, Iniraf- murals, Phi-Bi-Chem, Sigma Zeta, German Club. Paul David Crain Liberal Arts Springfield, Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon. Doris Lee Danni Voice Gillespie. Illinois Independent, Sigma Alpha Iota, Choir, W.A.A., Church Youth Group. Iames Dickerson Business Administration Alton. Illinois Shurileff College. George C. Drake Science Litchfield. Illinois Independent Vernon Estes, Ir. Psychology Kewanee. Illinois Independent, German Club, Conani. Willard Samuel Fast Music Mt. Lake. Minnesota Choir. lane Elsie Fisher Liberal Arts Farmington. Illinois Alpha Chi Omega pledge president, W,A.A., Choir. Odele Forrester Psychology Springfield. Illinois Indee Harold Edmund Foster Biology Decatur. Illinois Sigma Alpha Epsilon, recordin German Club, Decclturicm. Clyde W. Furr Accounting Tower Hill, lllinois Vera I eritza Garland Music sheibyviue, Illinois Choir Q Sedy, S IOR 'WU' pq" ig- J IOR 4 V ii E . 1 E ,, - e , . r f.. x " x-I J RA 49'-1' - G .li , 1552.2 :X r il - ' ' ,' . . '. n 1iE::::'..-Q 9 1- ? " ' ' 1 '- Q' ' - 1 -- 'ia?.i212a':t7:T:-, Q 2: , ' ' I "zip V i L a..' W- ,tl V hz . .J i 'Hn f - "Surf: -.15 I 'i5g.3r:-55 sith:-1 reiiivfr' f., ,' Y Robert D. Green Music Robinson. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi secretary, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orchestra. Norma lean Harding Music Danville. Illinois Delta Delta Delta social chairman, pledge trainer, vice-president, Sigma Alpha Iota, W.A.A., Orchestra, Choir, violin quartet. l Frank Gretsch Chemistry Decatur, Illinois lndees, Football, Baseball, Engineering Society. Robert E. Hays, Ir. Business Kenney. Illinois Q 32 2 William R. Hahn Psychology-Sociology Decatur, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi, Decaturian, Conant sec' Y. Eunice Lilith Heideman Music Carlinville. Illinois lndee, Sigma Alpha lota, Pi Mu Theta, Student Council, Chapel Committee, Freshman Decaturian Editor, W.A.A,, Orchestra, Choir, Band, Woodwind Ensemble. IORS Robert Hodges Leonard I. Halen Business Administration Business Administration Springfield. Illinois Chicago, Illinois lndees. Indees, Choir Melvin Clay Hudson Charles Warren Hyink Sociology Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Chicago. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi, French. Indee 44332 Gladys Lee Howett Art Springfield. Illinois Indees Intramural manager, W.A.A. president, Pi Mu Theta president, Spanish Club, Aston Hall president. Mary Louise Irish Liberal Arts Decatur. Illinois Alpha Chi Omega vice-president, Stu- dent Council, W.A.A,, Vice-President Senior Class. SE IDR l lQQf.f'g 9? - i',.'5i."A5L 1- -, 159' -ytfh ' if E. ,W 1 ' W t . 5 Taj., I ' QJII1 . w l 'L I L, .- . M: ,w I t 215.-V if' Q1 . ' f. ii" 2' rf' -Iii' -v w tu , Paul Eugene Ieter Business I-ldministraiion Decatur. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi. Iames Keris Business Administration Decatur. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi treasurer, Decatuiian business manager. William Russell King Business Administration O Taylorville, Illinois Indee, Band Orchestra, Choir. Arnold Kopetz Biological Science Decaiur. Illinois lndee, German Club president, Town 61 Gown, Chapel Committee. Lerton Stanley Krushas Physical Education Englewood. Illinois Della Sigma Phi, Varsity Football Tennis. Dorothy lean Latham Liberal Arts McI.eansboro. Illinois Delta Delta Delta, intramural manager W.A.A. Frederick Leach Art Decatur. lllinois Delta Sigma Phi, Decaturian, Intra- murals. Marion Lindamood Engineering Decatur, Illinois Independent, Tennis, Choir, Y.M.C.A. Emily Lyons ' Liberal Arts Decatur. Illinois Independent, Millidek, German Club, W,A.A. Albert Anthony McCarty Music Iacksonville, Illinois Katherine McKeown Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Pi Beta Phi, W.A.A., Millidek business manager, Iunior class secretary, In- tramurals, Spanish Club, Decaturicm business manager. Leland McKinley Business Administration Belleville . Illinois Asbury College b IOR 4"'Pa IBB rv? ' 1 pt, 1133, . 7 L -f Barbara McLean Liberal Arts Hillsboro. Illinois Alpha Chi Omega, W.A.A., Intra- murals, Tau Chi Pi, Spanish Club, Red Cross. Malcolm Mathias Biology Macon, Illinois Independent, German Club Morag MacNab Liberal Arts Chicago, Illinois Delta Delta Delta, W.A.A., Intramurals, French Club. Mary Virginia May Secretarial Science Decatur, Illinois Alpha Chi Omega, Tau Chi Pi, W.A.A. Millidek. 4:3622 1 if ,zu fi. .i- 'fv gf' epqnvi 1, ' A -w. -,-1. fig ff" T-iifrg , .W ti .. 4 l-, Iulia Magnuson Speech Decatur. Illinois Delta Delta Delta, W.A.A., Conant, Dramatics, Decatur Little Theatre. Ioan Meisner English Decatur. Illinois Zeta Tau Alpha, Conant, German Club, Town and Gown, Decaturian Editor, Debate, Pi Kappa Delta presideni, Intramurals, W.A.A., Millidek, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. IOR Maricm Elizabeth Menk Music Staunton, Illinois Zeta Tau Alpha president, vice presi- dent, W.A.A., Sigma Alpha Iota, Choir, Chapel Committee, Eastern Star, Homecoming Committee. Shirley Ann Miller Biology Decatur. Illinois Alpha Chi Omega social chairman, rush chairman, Indee secretary, W. ILA., Decaturian, Homecoming Com- mittee. Ray W. Meisenhelter. Industrial Arts Decatur. Illinois Indees. William A. Monoghcm Liberal Arts Taylorville. Illinois c:37:r S Robert B. Merritt Business Administration Decatur. Illinois Charles W. Moore Business Administration Decatur. Illinois lnciee, Freshman Basketball. LIOR JM qs ,- V- '::" .', 'Q A e ' aff' f -f f ' fi Tv' 'l 2-5mm--f-sez- -..q' 5 . " f tl I ., -uf --Y N 1 I 'E l l l i ,J 9' is we sees-, ug my 1' -A 9 ,Q- Hs .l?HCL.', f t3.t-:5,nm- A tttggig ' this ' l 5 X x xxx t -f""-ef ff-' '- 'N ,. VA, , - E '45-may 'Wi' , ,au-1.,' ' ' I eg . ff' -1 1 l t l Elizabeth Marie Mortenson Liberal Arts Morgan Park. Illinois lnclees, Conant, German Club. Roland Carl Oertel Liberal Arts Kankakee. Illinois Max Eugene Patrick Liberal Arts Cerro Gordo. Illinois Phi Sigma Epsilon Cliastern Illinois State College! William Anderson Patton English Flora. Illinois Conant Calvin Denison Pease English Decatur. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi pledge sec'y, secre- tary, Decaturian Editor, Pi Kappa Delta, Town G Gown, Conant presi- dent, Senior Class Treasurer, Fresh- man Class president, Mary Leigh Pease Home Economics Decatur. Illinois Pi Beta Phi treasurer, Home Economics Club, W.A.A., Milliclek, Decaturian, Pi Mu Theta, Conant. Ioan Purdue Sociology Decatur. Illinois Alpha Chi Omega Lyre Editor, Millidek business manager, W.A.A., Choir, Church League. Ioe Rademacher Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Independent, Amvets, Ioan Rambo Chemistry Decatur, Illinois Independent, German Club, treasurer, Millidek business manager, Church League. Ioanne Roney Secretarial Science Kennett, Missouri Pi Beta Phi, Tau Chi Pi, W.A.A., Milli' dek, Town and Gown Roger Sallee Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Sigma Alpha Epsilon treasurer, Senior Class secretary, Intramurals, Millidek co-editor, Debate, Town and Gown, Basketball, Football. Thirza Sanders English Alton. Illinois Independent, Sigma Alpha lata, Or- chestra, German Club, Spanish Club, Conant, Band. - . , 5 ,.r..-.n.....Q...s4., SE IORS a'1 . gg., ,ss ,v, IOR ,,,,..5A...,.. . y 'ii' 1 ',0m' :s .umm Ms WT-5: u . M i. . . Sivw . f ' - J.. 'J' ' ,QQ S , if i " :EL , 51.1. . H ' Q.: 4 FL' P ii l fm, l-wi?" ' ' ' M., , 'F -fl, - wifi: :mf , tw 1 fl will , iii H - ' 'elk'-.fsssfgfrz K.-3'1" 22 mfg.. , in ., ,jm :E , E ,,A. - fiT"'.',. ' 1 - . 'J' ' J' "z,.-'ff 5, 1 f f " ' H' ' 4 M5145 W ,J 5, me. .ff . l gr5gs+l1i r?iw.f f N .W ' 1 5 15 5 ll ' I "' 1- - -V 1' f 'rl vs? fax . H" ff: 1.2 ,L M3 . - ififzfi - bi :: V xr Tin Z Q-iT..,l31.55 Y 'QU N i f if 4 . ' 1, ,,, -W 1 . A .'!55:5 ff, 2 Vivian Schott Home Economics Edinburg. Illinois M' ,. l Home Economics Club, Independent. Nan Sommer Chemistry Decatur. Illinois Pi Beta Phi, Conant, W.A.A. 'Er'- Patsy Shumate 1 W:-I IWW Secretarial Science Decatur. Illinois Zeta Tau Alpha, W.A,A. President, Tau Chi Pi President, Hom Intramurals, Millidek. Barbara Stauber Liberal Arts Decatur. Illinois O.C.D. work G 40 PP ecomxng Queen, if Mrs. Goldie Smith Home Economics Springfield. Illinois Home Economics Club Patsy Stone Liberal Arts Decatur. Illinois Alpha Chi Omega intramural manager Home Economics, W,A.A., Choir Spanish Club, Life Saver's Club. . ,Q .5 ' Beverly Icme Stickel Liberal Arts Elwin. Illinois Pi Beta Phi president, W.A,A., Deca- turian co-business manager, Millidek, Town 5 Gown, Intramurals, Spanish Club, Student Constitution Commit- tee, Vice-president Iunior Class. Ioseph Louis Venturi Business Administration Langleyville. Illinois Varsity Football. Stewart Rouse Taylor Science Decatur. Illinois Tau Kappa Epsilon Dale Vernon Wacaser Liberal Arts Decatur. Illinois cr41x S IOR .fE" 41 'Fins v- . Q Paul Tolly Business Administration Decatur, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi, lntrafraternity Coun cil. Charlotte Elizabeth Waller English Decatur. Illinois lndee, French Club, Conant. IDRS 5 fre, ri' 7- " it I ' ' q ' was I Q Iohn R. Waltrip lndustry Springfield. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi Cora lane Wasson Secretarial Science Decatur. Illinois Theta Upsilon vice-president, treas- urer, charxlain, W.A.A., Tau Chi Pi, Choir, Millidek. Gerald I oseph Wheeler Engineering Administration Springfield. Illinois Don Eugene Williams Physical Education- Industrial Arts Marissa. Illinois Sigma Alpha Epsilon Herald, Varsity Track, Varsity Basketball, Senior Class President, Iunior Class Treas- urer, Varsity Foathall, Varsity Base- ball. Iames Edward Williams Business Administration Decatur. Illinois Delta Sigma Phi president, pledge president, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Track, Iunior Class President, Decaturian Business Manager. Mary Ellen Williams Music Oshkosh. Wisconsin Sigma Alpha Iota, sgt-at-arms, choir. Donald R. Weideman Speech Des Plaines. Illinois Band Robert Lee Wilson Business Administration Quincy. Illinois Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rushing Chair- 111611. Mary Margaret Winings Music Sigma Alpha Ioia membership chair- man, Band, Orchestra, Choir, lndee. Cleveland McDonald Liberal Arts Avon. Ohio Moody Bible Insiituie, Northwestern Universiiy. SEL IOR I 44432 as-7 Hart. Malerich, Chcxxnblin. Denton IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ...... ......... I ack Hart .Herschel Denton Mary Chamblin .Earl Malerich Vice President ....... Secretary ..... ..... Treasurer .... .... C my ' Elan Having completed a highly successful third year of college, the juniors are looking forward to the many responsibilities placed upon them as seniors before embar'king into the business world and completion of their college careers. They have entered the limelight in social, scho- lastic, and athletic functions. They have blazed a remarkable trail for the underclassmen to follow. They are narrowing their sights for the target ahead, that of a graduating class.. Throughout the past year they have proved their Weight in leadership and organization ability. lack Hart was the retiring Student Council President and National President of the Pres- byterian Young Peoples. lack and Iune Figge Were the only two juniors elected to Who's Who on the American college campus. Bob Gilason served as homecoming co-chairman and was elected council vice-president. Dan Petty was co-editor of the Millidek. Marilyn Proffitt, Imogene lsringhausen, and Phil Tinch were representatives on the Student Council. Evelyn Timmons served as president of Sigma Alpha lota. "Dutch" Denton, Dan Healy, and lack Allen Were members of the football team and Toby Althoff was captain-elect of the bas- ketball team and a member of many all-tour- nament teams. With their varied background, these future seniors are entirely capable of handling the major events of the Millikin year 1949. 6443 'P' 'gf ,E PFI!- 1 4,19 I .w 1'5" TC" Betty Alexander Donnellson, Ill. lack Bolen Decatur. Ill. Mary Charnblin Flora. Ill. Marie Alice Virden. Ill. Lois Brown Decaiur. Ill. Bill Conyer Decatur. Ill. 4445 lack Allen Virden. Ill. Kenneth Buehlmann Highland, Ill. Morris Cook Decatur. Ill. LUNIOR '15 Marvin Blake Chicago Heights. Ill. Mary Burnett Elbrida. Ariz. Doris Cope Ierseyville, Ill. UNIOR l ' . gy I . gm- 4 -Elf" .1 '5' KJV Clifford Cox Decatur. lll. Martha Ann Daigh Springfield. Ill. Richard Ferry Decatur. Ill. Robert Crawford Taylorville. Ill. lean Davis Atwater. Ill. Kenneth Franke Forest Park. Ill. . na- 'B Y' . IRQ- xl K 'd!"T7' P, v -J' E49 I.-e L- l r 5 I Y' 1 G46 Robert Culp Warrensburg. Ill. Herschel Denton Belleville. Ill. Berry E. Gay Decatur. Ill. H! Iames Curry Decatur. Ill. William Elms. Ir. Decatur. Ill. Dorothy Geissler Belleville. Ill. .c 1, 1-. -4 l J.- f-2? '5- Betty Lou Geneva Bloomingion. Ill. lane Graham Springfield. Ill. Iack Hart Mattoon. Ill. pon... ln' ' , lf' ,. ll. l lla 3 .UNIOR ff L-al", 'ffl ,,:.Q.-'Y Q 'Q ,.V, 'l.73,d' 'Q Q. ..1. ii- '. 1 ' 44, l fu, - l i 1 l 1 A ,i I X as gr- l -,... 1,-,-W. 'A f' A, x . , , - A g 'Q l a. l I e-1 ' ,' - 'l Gmini' J . i ,G Au. '5-Jail: Elizabeth Georgi Lincoln. Ill. Richard Griffith Decatur. Ill. Norma Haupiman Collinsville. Ill. Q: 47 Y . Robert Gilason George Gillmore Chicago. Ill. Ft. Lupion. 'Colo. Robert Harris George Hart Decatur. Ill. Melrose Park. Ill. Bill Helme Robert Henry Crele. Ill. Decaiur. Ill. UNIOR Darrell C. Henson Decatur. Ill. Imo Isringhausen Ierseyville. Ill. Mary Alice Iohnson Decalur. Ill. Budel Hicks Springfield. Ill. Lois Iackson Decaiur. Ill. Herbert Ioys Decatur. Ill. Evelyn Huffmaster Pana. Ill. Vernon Iarvis Decatur. Ill. Ioan Kemp Kenney, Ill. Ross Hutchison Decatur, Ill. Irvin Johnson Decatur. Ill. Ioan Knight Maryland His. lll. X . JU IOR 195' GQ-nr I Z", ,--'Zrx l'yf .gs-Wifg Jw X 'x for 'X N if 11, y 6 ,rg me! ,f 1 Io Arm Laws Donnellson. Ill. Io Ann McDonnell Decatur. Ill. George Manuel! Decaiur. Ill. Charles Linden Chicago. Ill. lack McKinley Decaiur. Ill. Mary Martin Pittsburgh, Penn. 'Q4 QD? Robert Logan Decatur. Ill. Lois Maddox Danville, Ill. Ray Meisenhelter Deccfur. Ill. 'W' Dale Long Deccxlur. Ill. Earl Malerich Decatur, Ill. Arthur Monroe Fairiield. Ill. UNIOR Mabel Moody Tuscola. Ill. Bill Panschcxr Chicago. Ill. Don Peterson Ioliet, Ill. Iarnes Morrison Decaiur. Ill. Doris Paul Springfield, Ill. Daniel Petty Skokie. Ill. C509 Ioan Odor Decuiur. Ill. Garrett Payne New York. N. Y. Bruce Pillrnun Glenview. Ill. Libero Pcrcioni Langleyville. Ill. Roy Perry Decatur, Ill. Betty Ping Decatur, Ill. .UNIORS ,, rr ,eASu.J4' lm. x I 'UN Dominic Piruino Decatur, Ill. Patricia Reding Springfield. Ill. Scxmuel Scnmer Mi. Zion. Ill. Kenneth Plummer Elwin. Ill. Richard Ritscher Decatur, Ill. Doris Saxe Albion. Ill. 4512 Marilyn Proffilt O'Fcxllon. lll. Paul Rivard Decatur. Ill. Herbert Schultz Oak Park, Ill. Ellen Quinn Webster Groves, Mo. Max Roberts Cerro Gordo, Ill. Mary Shimer Lutham. Ill. JUNIOR ' x l Sl """J' 5'-'Y ,- It f -QF,-f 2 i y 1 gg rl' Rollcmd Short Decatur. Ill. Dewey Tate Decatur. Ill. Ann Traver Decatur. Ill. 'AQ finfl , Y?"- Andrew Simpson Decatur, Ill. Donald Thiele Perry. Ill. lean Vaughan Bement, Ill. 44 52 up f' A375 ca , A -JA Mary Singleton Decaiur. Ill. Evelyn Timmons Tuscoln. Ill. Iohn Venturi Lcmgleyville. Ill. N . Lp-. AQUA vi' l 'E Iune Stark Geff. Ill. Gloria Tolladuy Decatur. Ill. Walter Walker Chicago. Ill. WUNIOR PW 'UU Q' David Watson Bernard Wessel Ralph Wilcox Robert Williams Shelbyville, Ill. Millstadl. Ill. Decatur. Ill. Decaiur. Ill. Mariorie Wilkes Charles Wolff Gay Young Doris Greb Harvey, Ill. Litchfield. Ill. Hillsboro. Ill. Decalur, Ill. G53 bb SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS lBackl Day. Dunnell lFrontD Shroyer, Dickinson 5 '7!w S Basking in their new-found superiority, the sophomores have shed their greenness, and have advanced in standing as upperclassmen. The first half of their college life has been completed with unusual success. They were new in the activities and organizations at Mil- likin, but they now hold quite an active part in student campus life. Many of these second- year students have shown signs of becoming promising class and individual leaders. Ex- celling in the fields of publications, organiza- tions, and athletics, the future looks extremely bright as they take on greater responsibilities. Being the largest class, the sophomores were Well-represented in campus affairs: Lester Bak- 61.444 er was elected student body president, Iim Teckenbrock served as homecoming co-chair- man, Paul Davidson directed the WSSF drivep fohn Kluga headed the lndees, and Bob Roach, Bob McDonell, Sterling Boyer, Io Ann McDonell, Iulie Young, lean Cornwell and Iohn Kluga served on the student council. Don Shroyer Was captain-elect of the "Big Blue" football team, Bill Day, Bob Murray, Iohn Malerich, Eddie Root, "Butch" Esker, and Bud Orrnand helped pave the Way to the basketball cham- pionship. In the field of publications, lim Teck- enbrock was co-editor of the Millidek. Yes, indeed, with such participation, great things are to come from the class of "5U." 44542 'll President ...... ....... B ill Dickinson Vice-President ........ Donald Shroyer Secretary .... ..... I ohn Dunnell Treasurer . . ..... William Day ophomores Iames Alexander Iohn Albin Arthur B. Allaben Alma lean Appleman Glenn Ash Walter Ashley Martha Auer Lester Baker Roy Baker Daniel Banner I-Ether Barber Allen Bateman lane Beck Robert H. Behrend Mollie Bence Lloyd H. Beynon Consuelo Bezares Norma lean Bingmcm Ira D. Bissey Robert R. Blaha Beth Bloomquist Robert A. Bond Sterling I. Boyer David B. Boyd Ted C. Bradford Wayne Brauer William Brewer Donald Brown Allen Burwell Rose Mary Campbell Joanne Catlin Raymond Caulk Donna Clayton Richard E. Clifford Benjamin Cochran Richard Cole Robert Collins Merry Leah Cook Iean Cornwell Eugene Cotton ophomores Robert A. Coutant Donald G. Cox Iames Cussins Al Damn-mann. Wilbur Davidson Warner Davis Iuy I. Dees D. Duane Derr Bill Dickinson Mrs. Loma Dicks C. Merlin 'Dixon Dwight L. Dolan Robert L. Doss lolm W. Douglas Betty Dunkin Iohn P. Dunnell Iane Duby Mary lane Dwyer Scott C. Eatherly lames Eckman Iames Ehman lean O. Elliott lack Erickson Ralph Erwin Helen L. Fahrnkopf Iames I. Fairbanks Gene Febus Iohn P. Fink Maxine Fish William H. Fish L. Richard Flanders lackie Foster Carolyn Frinl: Martha Garman Robert I. Garvin P.. H. Gettings Marilyn Gieseke Shirley Gilman Carol Gneckow Elinor Goodrich ophomores Gloria Granert Iohn D. Graves Robert Graves William G. Green Eugene Gregory Bob Guthrie Barbara Hackman Kenneth Haddock Iohn Hale Barbara Hall Alice Holtgreve Iack Hampson Robert C. Hanna Frances Hara Robert Harlan Tom Harlan Glada Hartwick Walter L. Hatfield William E. Hawkins Rita Heinzelman Frederick Hendricks Carolyn Hendrix Marjory Hicks Wanda Higgens Rosemary Hill Iames B. Hitt. Ir. Carol Holkenbrink A Charles C. Harman Bemeice Hoshauer Sally Lou Howard Iulia Lee Hudson Edward C. Huebner Rose Marie Hufford Tennyson Ienkins Russel Iiles Carol M. Iohns Deral lohns Fred Iohnson lim lanes Phyllis Iones ff' ,-. A ,,..-- . fkg- l ..y 1, Y 'Q L. ,l W K' 3- . .. I ig! i l Q nfl... if ' .LA i- 5, K" , ' " 'L' , ggi? k ., LT. 'ii' . H' f , L 'fms,J?'tX-fr "' 'gn Ss 'Ng I ' ophomores Helen Ioynt Arthur Kashefska Iohn Keck I. K. Kearns Bob Keener Imogene Kemnitz Cornelia Klinefelter Iolm Kluga Cary Knoop Betty Lou Kriege George F. Kuhns Virginia Lane Madonna Langdon Leland E. Large Harold Laurence Don Lee Arthur Livergood Edwin Lobdell Charles Lugo Duane McCall C. R. McCarthy Robert L. McCarty Robert McDonell Helen McEvoy Arthur McIntosh Beverly McMillan Betty Ann Mack Charles E. Maddox. Ir Richard A. Markillie Iames L. Meikle Pete Mercurio Carol Miller lack E. Miller Robert Dale Miller W. I. Miller Ira Minton Howard Mitchell Dona Morine Kenneth Morgan Larry Morrison ophomores Don Mowen Norman Mueller Russell Mueller Bob Munsie lack Murphy Bob Murray Glenn Myers Gwendolyn Newbould Franklin Newcomb, Ir. Benton Newnum Lauretta Newman Mary Nichols Iames Nivin Charles Norman Iim Norman Howard Nyberg William O'Connor Louie O'Del1 Iohn Olivero Robert Osborne Robert Parker Fern Patten Walter Peiper Dante Pelate Charles Pfotenhauer Donald Poisel Betty Poos Harriet Pope Herschel Pritchett lack Pugh Beatrice Ranney lim Raupp R. Reed Ioan Riggs Bob Roach Ierome Rotenberg Bill Rotz Frederick Reed Dale Ruddock Tom Rule ophomores George Rutherford Richard Ryherd Frank Ryskiewicz Sarah Soffas Steve Sargent Edgar Schaefer Bob Scherer Elizabeth Schmalfuss Barbara Schulte Marilou Shulte D. Schurah Charles Seeber Barbara Seitz Sue Shields Marcia Shimer Robert Short Margie Shorthose Beverly Simmons Calvin Simmons Carolyne Simpson Walter Slack Edward Slifer Iarnes Smith Donald Snyder Nathalie Spence Lavelle Staley Stanley Steagall I. Stenzel Twilcr Strocher Roy Stroyeck lack Stults Miriam Sullivan Frank Supine Bill Sutherland Kalman Szabo W. Taylor Robert Tearnan Iames Teckenbrock Charles Thornton Iames Tipton Floyd Troxel Geneva Truebe George Truebe Ioan Uhl Bob Underhill Frances Vallas M. Vauzile Cy Wadzita M. Walker Bill Wallis Harold Wallets Iames Ward Iona Ware Harold Wasson Eleanor Weaver Gertrude Weaver Vernon Weber Gloria Weidner Iodie Weilepp '-B. Weiler Daniel Weiss Tom Westfall Ianet Westlund lane Whitmer Ioe Wills Waller Winch Ed Woare Iulie Young Bill Zeaman :ll -.... px -it VT' '. v 33? 'vs Q gl ,TW 4 I irfk -I GQ v4 -if ? 55 G! -xfilp I gee: it Vi V ft -ffefyrggz .4. Qaeda Glen Pensinger, Chilligiris. Thomas All the way from Bagdad to Greece to Hawaii and from California to New York to Florida-came our Millikin freshman class. These freshmen, number- ing over four hundred, journeyed to Millikin with various goals in mind. Many of these goals have since been changed because the students have matured a great deal from the people they were at registration. They have increased their knowledge, thus strengthening their intellectual character. They have met new friends with whom they have shared both joys and sorrows. They have participated in a varied and extensive social program which helped them to forget some of the tribulations of life at college. With these things as of background, our freshman class has shown a potential strength. Several individuals of this class have already made outstanding contri- butions to the school. Roy Lewis, freshman presidenty Bill Thomas, vice-presi- dent, Bob Pensinger, secretary, and George Chilligiris, treasurer, have all helped the class in many ways. In sports Ioe Naughton and Scotty Steagall would be listed as the outstanding freshmen in their respective fields of foot- ball and basketball. Our freshman class then has leaders in the class room and on the playing field. With leaders such as the ones mentioned and with cooperation of the entire freshman class, the future of Millikin depends. 4:62a FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ...... .. Roy Lewis Vice-President .... .... B 111 Thomas Secretary ..... ..... B ob Pensmger Treasurer .... , . . .George Ch11l1g1r1s Freshmen Betty Aderman Ioyce Ahlers Marion Albert Marietta Althouse Marian Andersen Roy L. Anderson Donald M. Andrews William E. Andrews Henry Arenberg Doris Bailey Charles K. Baker Marvel Baldwin Dale Bzmgert Barbara Barone Fred Bartscht Alvin E. Barwig David Behnke Shirley Bergeron Paul Berry Darlene Besch lean Best Iames M. Betts Eleanore Bieler Robert Billstrand Arnold Birkenkarnp 1 ,- ' TE. Sue Borden I 'Q A-, 1 ' Iames Bradburn ' qi-1 Roger Brady ' 5 .J Marilyn Brandt l Donald Brenn lane Brennan N, .1 Phyllis Bridgewater William L. Brooks . . ' 'z' Charlotte Anne Brown Ben Pugsley 1 M. 5 li an 1 34' was--' . 5 - y . V. ? M :tiki V, ,4- "lu YJ" N? nw . .J -Ffa! A MU li" ' N.: . ' . , .QQ 15' 0.9451 N any 1 ' me ix Att xxx X r L., A in . I ,V 1 z' ' J' le li ,- ..,.gi....- Q-al S-,lf Mary Brown Robert Brown Charles L. Browning V. N. Broyles Ioan Bunchrnan .P- 6- .L 'N av eh tl .luv-,A- '34- , .4 X .fx rt .-lp m h v f'n'E,'87. X Gs Freshmen lack Burcham Elaine Campbell Donald Camron Ernest Carperos Nick Carperos David Carr Evelyn Challis Shirley Clausen Catherine Cole Ioan Comiskey Nancy Corrington Sue Cosgrove Iohn Coventry Eleanore Dahms Russell K. Darr Charles E. Davis Ralph Davis Richard Davis Belly Davison Gloria Dawson Eugene Day Arnold DeWili Donald Diehl Richard C. Dobbins Barbara Downing Donna Durbin Donn Eberle Adelyn Ekiss Robert Ernst Barbara Etnoyer Don Evans Larry Evans Betty Lou Farley Richard Fleming Eugene I. Foley Thelma Frahlman Kenneth H. Freeland Nancy Freeland Paul H. Freischlag Charles W. Frye Freshmen William Fryman Catherine Gaines Lilian Gantner Betty Gardner Donald Gassen Kenneth Gehrig Iarnes K. Glass Ioan Gilmore Dick Glover Carol Goltra Lynn Goodrich Maurice Gordy Alice Lonise- Grabb Milton L. Graden Marilyn Green Price Gustin Lila Hall Ierry Hanson Virginia Happel Ieanne Harris Paul Harris Roger Harris William Hayes Iames Walter Hec lerry Hermeberry Lee Henneberry Stephen Herz Robert Hesse Robert Hill Marie Hockman Nancy Hoest Rodney Hogan Ioan Holberg lack Holt Ruth Hopkins Dan Hortenstine Glenn Houck Donald Houser Norma Hudson Robert Hug 3 f 6' 1ib'4z'R X" Xi 'C."v -Q' Q . a per 11e,,, sr 'AT fl' 3621 pn. 31"- QU' Y 'ian 4' I' 1'-"!,GC' .E 4 H . my Freshmen Lovean Hughes Gene Huttes Lloyd Irish Ioan Iackson Donald Iohnson Robert Iohnson Alice Iones Betty Iones Elbert Iordan Iohn Iubelt Richard Kuuppinen Richard Keeler Fred Keller Barbara Kellington Robert Kelso Mczrnita Kendall Eleanor Kennedy Frances Kimmel Robert King Doris Koehler Edwin Krummenacher Ann Laddish Mary Laddish Don Lawson lack Learman Iim Lester Edward Levy Roy Lewis Don Lindsey Pat Linsey Eugene Lischewski Richard Lockmiller Edward Loving Henry Luckenbill Carolyn Luhr Sandra Lukey Robert Lyman Diane McArthur Eleanor Ruth McCarthy Charles McCoy Freshmen Ann Mclntyre Dorothy McMorse Roy McNei1ly Barbara Miller Ted Miller William Martin Harold Maniloff Iohn Malerich LaVerne Meads Tom Mentis Iohn Meryman Don Michel Patricia Monger Marilyn Morthland Katherine Mullinax Ralph Munsie Carolyn Myers Hugh Myers Iohn Newcomb Robert Newlin Rita Nickerson Iohn Noland Shirley Noland Iames O'Brien Robert Oldham Carol Orr Duane Palmer Laura Peck Robert Pensinger Margie Peters Dot Peterson I.aVon Ponewash Herbert Pranka Betty Price Robert ' Prixnmer Frederick Pringle 'Edna Probus I. C. Rae Iohn Rhein Dale Riggins A an 1 New P N Qi?- lkix ' 'P ..'3',,5-'X - w ,- Q' P .' i l C62 :: . 4? 1 G ff ' ff 4. ,J ,ery .,. '- 4 .-f-, l ' l l .- ' 3 41 'Q H, t X of All r. K' 4 Q24 5 , 1.1, tl Q., ' l.f'1e" 5 I . sly'-' , Q: ' , '-'A K+? 1 5 I " rl" A? "2 -Ia" .V-L l "PS, l x ' b Q ,TD v I rr, xx anim: 1 ll l' 1:-N kk , A xiii Y Qflfq-I ,. l, . . H ,vi -,, l Q53 1 To 'ft 4 . , l yn' 'Q f 1 l gf q i,1fl"V Lil l 476+ as Y in is 4 -N 'lf 7 4 f""?' lla 0- ' es... K, -,X ff. H. if ut N W 3-G pf, '91 ,.fl X , fa, . S." , . v 'ETS 'wwf 'rr ?"'. 1 Freshmen Robert David Roberts Richard Rodasch Roland Roshinski Walter Roney Lyle Roush Ianice Rudin Robert Ruschel Marilyn Rusk Robert Sallee Betty Low Sarver Don Scharf Lenore Scherer Robert Schmalz Iune Dell Schroeder David Schroll Barbara Schroth Herbert Schumm William Schwesig Howard Scott Richard Sefton Stuart Sewell Don Sexton Lois Shand Mary Ruth Shaw Donald Sherwood Keith Shewmaker Melvin Short Richard Shuff Orval Shumate Doris Smith Fred Smith Nanette Smith Shirley Smith Clifton Snyder Dorothy Sorrells Iohn Sparks Charles Spear Don Springer Dale Stark Scott Steagall Freshmen George Steube Calvin Stickel Norma Stone Ianet Sutherland Don Swearingen Glen Swegler Alta lean Syfert Iohn Taylor Ioan Thiele William Mace Thomas Larry Tremple Mary Alice Trierweiler Walter Tudor Iames Tamer William Vasel William Vehmeier -Marilyn Vilmure Ioe Vignos Ioanne Waddell Mariorie Waddell lean Wakefield Loren Watson Ianet Weber LaVeme Weldy Virginia Westbrook Frances Wiener Kenneth Willl1.ite Ioanne Williams Robert Williams Wayne Williams Virginia Wilson Mary Ann Wilt Marilyn Winslow Mary Ann Young David Kruzan SPECIAL STUDENTS Charles Crockett Alice Ferry Grady Perkins Helen Stavropolous Vicky Stavropolous fn xxx I, 347 .Ghz-. '., of A5152 .we is-so Q- -1 :Q .f , .9 ,,,'vr 2 e .1 47 Q, ' V. xv :ll 1 fa-ref A, 1 Ln X fl l '-,sk 'i. 7 . 1- .avg ' , Qvx X ff W'- 'Wwngmi I 7 f -,-,,...... X QQ, Y . , 22 ',-' -' , Wi," P. . 1 '- i f .1 L ,, x . X 1" ,z in if 5' . 1 f yr' "w W f' 'SA place for everything and every thing in its placef, Samuel Smiles 1 , , 1 N 1 1 2- 4.21 .,' Z A' .J 1 ' if ' 'rriif-' ., ,f 5511535-'f1 i ii 'T I 4355 'T ii ' ' ,I A . I, 5 5 'ar Mn -, K ,. r 1 1 ww 1 1 1 1 H ww ww N ww 1 ,N 1 1 1 H Mu H H 1 1 1 W- 1 v, 1 1 ,w 1 H H 1, V ,Q K , . 1 "Nu 1 "uw .1 , f' -. gf Y xt A 1 . Q f rp L-f A,.- Jgfmf, far' ' Q' X , fidfff' D-I-Y , ,-,X .f., ,,,,,,W , ' nvgn,-sn. s ,.1. .,.-., ,if :, 215f:J:L ., ' 'FSS' 'E WFS-'?Q" Q-,1., , . -1 'KH , ml! Li ffl'--W" ' - -" '.,,,,YLI,f'1 M! kiwi H, " - 1..?L5,.x-W , '-f4W"'1M.-wL!h,1'1i'j,.2-',: 1 .11 1 ' "' 'g.v:r"..1.11f'L?f'--NEA E211 1 1 mu 1 3 , . ,.....,...f - ,.,, ' , im-Jfggfgz, ,.-...1.,, :,V.,lq 111.-wh: f .-6 r'f1.1"L,f':,, .gl---. :.,.."" -1. 51' !:,P1'- " Y N11 4 4 11N-.,":? ,. M. - R. ,- , , ,,, ,. ,. :,,,,, M V, 1, . . .. 11 fm, - I. 1,7 ,- Nu, zu-1.5, , 'X , .gh 1 ,-, , H' qu ,1 , V K. V 'A' M. Y as . -E'vEbi,i-ya:--wT?.'Ji,W1, Av-: iv.Hm,?jP!-,M . . 4- A 1 . f4L,,.--.31 : .g : n3!1 BEE:g,S-it-JxIL,,?1QfLA,!-Y P. 5 1,1 .- W. nfl, my V, , Z-Q Hag, f I - -A" ' fl , -an I 5.6-,iff-' ',,-"::'.,g-1 "-Srl -' . 'fr' Z4-"""1f.1.' ' ' , f ,g A 7-4..q-Q4 f'?'? BUD- 5--.3f':"3'L"'5'-5 -1-fa-.115-,f ,'.111'1 r 1-f ..,-. , , 111 f, J- . ,-.-if - - -4 .HI -gf ya , R 1- , 1 5 f 1 iii? .: , Ni, ,f-'asf I nf 2 ' ' 11 H ' 1- .1 , ' I h t 'f' 'F-F,.,xr -if g- 11 H 1 1.12.-.fp 1. ' .-r M' BG. 1 1'-H'.r,-1.,-1Eia:ys:'14f.: :' 21, -V 11- H 1 1 1 1 E' -Q 15fvE.Tw.'f:,:-:' if ,uw 1 ,,fffE':1. fr 1. 1 1 is , --F2 ,., 1 ":,,,:'- , 1 Ji l HMM Katherine Mclfeowen. Molly Bence ' Business Manager and Assistant Iim Teckenbrock, Dan Petty ' Co-Editors SENIOR MILLIDEK STAFF Sitting. left to right: Bob Pensinger, Rosie Buchmann, Emmy Buchmann, Katie McKeowen Standing, left to right: Dan Petty, Ellen Quinn, lim Hazelrigg, Iim Teckenbrock, Ann Daigh, Bernice Hoshauer, Molly Bence, Bob Roach 3 ,i.i :WW Orders to this years staff were to get the book out or elsel This has been our humble attempt to produce a yearbook. We hope you like it. The following students served as mem- bers of the staff. Iim Teckenbrock Dcm Petty ........ .,... C o-Editors-in-Chief Rosie Buchmarm. Emmy Buchmcmn Bemice Hoshauer Associate Editor ...............SeniorEditor Iulicx Young ........ Class Photography Editors Ann Daigh Katie McKeowen ........... Business Manager Molly Bence .......... Asst. Business Manager Iim Hczzelrigg Bob Pensinger. , . Ellen Quinn ....... Arnold DeWitt lack Erickson . . . Duane Calbert Bob Roach . . , Marilyn Proffitt' ' H . . .... Sports Editors ......Art Editor . .Photographers . . . .Typists Arnold Dewitt, lack Erickson, Duane Colbert Photographers UN IOR MILLIDEK STAFF Standing, left to right: David Behnke, Dick Keeler Sitting, left to right: Barbara Miller, lean Best, Carol Orr, Carol Goltra, Lenore Scherer, Maribeth Ward, Fran Kimmel, Ioan Iackson Left to right: Chuck rowl Denny Pease, Ioan Meisner, Mary Alice johnson, Bill Becker, Marilou Schulte, Dave Libbin, Bill O'Conner, Bob Coutant. Left to Right: ffront rowl Keith Andrews, Bob Harlan, Earl Malerich EDITORIAL STAFF Left to Right: Kstandingl Keith Andrews and Earl Malerich Left to Right: lsittingl Denny Pease, Ioan Meisner, Mary Alice johnson The Decaturian, the official student newspaper, has been an organ of the university since 1906. This year, for the first time, the Deca- turian operated as the project for the journalism class. Buryl Engleman, man- aging editor of the Decatur Review, taught the class. One hour's credit is given for work on the Decaturian through the journalism class. The Decaturian tries to maintain the same standards of accurate reporting and freedom of the press as do the "big-town" dailies. A teacher-rating poll was sponsored by the Decaturian in February. Rating blanks were distributed to the students to be filled out and returned. The re- sults were tabulated and shown to the instructors before publication. The idea was a new one for Millikin, but not for the university world. The poll was not intended to be a popularity poll, pitting one instructor against another, but rather to show the instructor how well his teachings were illustrated. THE EE N' fx. , IOURNALISM CLASS IN SESSION CO-EDITORS Denny Pease Ioan Meisner BUSINESS MANAGER Iim Williams W. Robert Hahn ..,... Managing Editor Keith M. Andrews ......., News Editor Beverly McMillan ....... Society Editor Earl Malerich ...... ,... S ports Editor There were other members of the staff who contributed a maximum of time and effort: Bob Harlan, Ed Foster, Barry Short, Mary Alice Iohnson, Gloria Weidner, lack Erickson, and Charlotte Waller. BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Klowerl lim Williams, Walt Hatfield, Emmy Buchmann Rosie Buchmann, Lib Pacioni. Mllltlllll El I TUDE T COU CIL From left to right, third row: Iohn Kluga, Bob McDonell, Philip Tinch, Sterling Boyer, Bob Roach. Second Row: Amy Alexander, lean Cornwell, Glen Alice Young, IoAnn McDonell, Iane Wasson, Iulia Magnuson, Richard Ritscher. First Row: Dorothy McClure, Iulie Young, lack Hart, Imogene lsringhausen, Mr. Francis Brown. - OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ..,...,.............. lack Hart President .,................ Lester Baker Vice-President ..... Imogene Isringhausen Vice-President ..... ..... B ob Gilason Secretary ...... ........... I ulia Young Secretary ......, . . .lean Comwell Treasurer. . . . . .Bob Roach Treasurer ...,. .... A rt Allaben Advisers Dorothy McClure Francis Brown Claude Dicks The Student Council has had various func- tions during the year. Among the social func- tions were the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, the Christmas Formal, and the Sweetheart Dance, which was a leap year reverse affair this year. A variety show under Student Coun- cil sponsorship was presented in fanuary. Vari- ous regular matters, such as appointing editors and business managers of the Millidek and Decaturian, sponsoring the WSSF drive, con- ducting student body elections, appointing Homecoming chairman, serving on the Student Faculty Committee, etc., were carried out. The council was organized into committees includ- ing the executive, social, publicity, Sub, and finance committees. Much time was spent con- sidering changes in and additions to the con- stitution and making definite policies about certain student matters, so that the Student Council might .function in the future as a more efficient Student Body Government. K762 The chapel committee is responsible for ar- ranging for the religious services held each Week, Frequently students assisted in leading the service, and occasionally arranged an en- tire student-conducted service. This year the chapel committee was made up of three students selected from the student body at large, three from the Student Christian Chapel Committee Donald Cox, E. I. Abend- roth, James Henderson, IHCIU. Association, and three from the faculty. Be- sides those pictured, Ianice Vann, Dr. Brewer, and Dr. Dicks served on the committee. The University choir and Robert Keener as- sisted the committee by providing music for chapel. The messages which speakers brought during the year added much to the spiritual life on campus. Student Christian Association Iohn Fink, Stephen Herz, Robert Williams, Doris Lee Ellison, Shirley Noland, E. I. Abendroth. The Student Christian Association is a new venture on campus. In its growing stages, it is not primarily a membership organization, but rather a group ot students interested in promoting and coordinating campus religious lite. The cabinet, made up of officers and com- mittee chairmen, has guided the organization. The SCA has been interested in the chapel programs, religious emphasis week, and the WSSF campaign. Besides providing assistance for these projects, it has conducted regular Bible discussions. Leadership has also been provided for nearby churches, a community chapel, and many religious services in the area. David Libbon Iohn Fink, Dorothy Morse, Martha Car- CONANT SOCIETY Front, left to right: Mary Pease, loan Meisner, Nan Scammers, Charlotte Waller Back row: Denny Pease, Herbert Toys, ferry Wiedenkeller, Barry Short, Dr. L. C. McNabb OFFICERS President ...,.................. Denny Pease Vice-President .... . . .Rose Marie Buchmann Secretary ....... .......... W illiam Hahn Treasurer' ............. Emmy Lee Buchmcmn Conant Society, honorary organization for outstanding students in the English depart- ment, climaxed a very successful year with a spring banquet, which it is hoped Will develop into an annual event. Cash prizes for the best poetry and short stories submitted for publica- tion in the Conant Come-t were awarded as a feature of the banquet. Conant sponsored the Clare Tree Major players' production of "Macbeth" in February. The cash receipts from this venture were suf- ficient to provide the financial awards for the spring writing contest. Sponsoring a similar production each spring has become one of the most student-approved ventures ever' under- taken by the society. The first formal meeting of the group was held at the Pi Beta Phi house, Miss Davida McCaslin gave a short history of Conant, its formation, and its founder, Miss Grace Conant, a former professor of English at Millikin. Stand- ing committees for the year were appointed by Rosie Buchinann, vice-president, in the ab- sence of the president. The Christmas program, traditionally com- plete with wassail and holly, was held at the Delta Delta Delta house. Miss McCaslin read Yuletide poetry that has come down to us through the ages. At a meeting held at the Zeta Tau Alpha house David Felts from the Decatur Herald spoke on his experiences as a contributor to newspapers and magazines. Spring meetings were devoted to a discus- sion and exhibition of art, arranged by Mr. Neal, and to a music hour by contemporary artists. . Q78 on INDEES I, amd 1 o? 45 4.3 Front row, left to right: Kriege, Young, Scrxe, Short, Beach, Beeler, Smith Back row: Curry, Cook, Bagley, Ashley, Brown, Cornisky, Ehman, Tipton OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ................... Iohn Klugd President ................ Barry E. Short Vice-President , . . . . .Glen Prentis Vice-President . . . .... .lack Bagley Secretary ...... .... D oris Danni Secretary ...... ,... D arlene Besch Treasurer ...... .... G ay Young Treasurer .... ..... D oris Sctxe The Independents of Iames Millikin University is an organization em- bracing every student, Whether man or woman, who is not a member of any fraternal group. The Indees were activated several years ago when the Millikin Men's Association and the WAA banded together' into one strong club. The prime purpose of the association is to provide social functions for students who would otherwise have few outside activities. In the short time the Indees have been an active campus organization, the annual "Sock Hop" and the Spring Formal have become traditional club functions. This year the 'group adopted gray and green as organizational colors. Eunice Heideman, a music major, composed the new Indee song. Mr. Glen Smith has served the group as faculty adviser. K79v KAPPA OCIETY .Vikki Left to right: Mary Pease, Eunice Heideman. Kappa Society and Pi Mu Theta are the two honorary scholastic societies on campus, To be eligible for election to Kappa Society one must maintain a 3.5 average throughout their college career. Pi Mu Theta requires a B average along with participation in school activities. PI MU THETA Left to right: Barbara Stcxuber, Ioanne Honey, Mary Pease, Rose Marie Buchmcrnn, Betty Branncm, lo Anne Kastrup. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front row: Wilt, Downing, Proffitt, Patten, Reding, Riggs, Laws, Linsey, Durbin. Standing: Whitmer, Young, Graham, Gilman, Iones, Saxe, Blyholder, Pease, Granert, Weidner, Hendrix, Greb, Brannan, Brown, Zimmerman, Westlund, Comiskey, Smith, Lukey, Cole, Scherer, Osgood, Miss Rademalcer. OFFICERS President ....,.. ............ A my Alexander Vice-President. . . ....... Pat Reding Secretary ..... . . . . . .Fem Patten Treasurer ..... ........... I oan Riggs Publicity .... .... M ary Alice Iohnson The Home Economics Club, an organization for those majoring or minoring in Home Eco- nomics, had a large membership this year. Among the activities of the club were monthly meetings, demonstrations, and a dinner. ln September a picnic was held in Fair- view park for all new members. ln October initiation was held in the Oak Lounge for the new members. In November the girls filled a large Thanksgiving basket for one of Decatur's needy families. A Christmas party for members was held in the Oak Lounge. Games were played and prizes were given. Christmas candies and re- freshments were served. ln lanuary Mrs. Helen B. Zoller from Procter and Gamble Company was guest speaker and demonstrated the art of pastry making. Vet- erans' wives were guests of the club. In March Mrs. B. Madden from Linn and Scruggs' dress department told the girls of the new spring styles. ln April a style show was given for the public, and the girls modeled clothes they had made in the clothing and tailoring classes. Sue Cosgrove was in charge of the models, Doris Greb, refreshments, fanet Westlund, staging, Dona Marine, tickets, Mary Alice Iohnson was commentator. All the girls helped with the show. Pat Reding and Fern Patten were delegates to the State Home Economics Convention. The year ended with a formal dinner and we were glad to see so many of our alums. lt was a very profitable year for everyone. QSIX OCIEDAD E PA OLA lst row: E, Schmaliuss, M. Moody, L. Shand, N. Corrington, M. Ward, L. Hughes, G. Newbould, N. Cannon, N. Sommers, C. Miller, G. Haxtwich, P. Bridgewater. 2nd row: Mr, Bench, N. Westbrook, F. Wiener, B. Price, E. Miller, M. Colean, M. Shaw, M. Sullivan, H. Pope, I. Kastrup, I. Waddell, T. Crevello. 3rd row: R. Erwin, G. Granert, B. Hinds, C. Chappell, I. Dickson, I. Nivin, B. Zeamen, R. Vandevoort, H. Pritchett, W. Peiper, R. Meisenhelter, L. Wiss, E. Goodpasture, I. Roettenbacher. OFFICERS President ...........,......... Walter Peiper lst Vice-President . , . . .Nancy Cannon Znd Vice-President .... . . .Glczda Hartwich Secretary .......,, .......... C cxrol Miller Treasurer .. .... Robert Vcrndervoort Adviser . .. ..... Maurice Bench The Spanish club meets the second Wednesday of every month for the purpose of increasing interest in Spanish language, arts, and customs. The meetings are conducted in Spanish to broaden the members' working knowl- edge of the language. La Sociedad Espanola is comprised of approximately sixty-five members drawn from students having had two or more years of Spanish. Prominent first year Spanish honor students are also eligible for membership. A variety of Spanish programs Were held throughout the year. Mr. Maurice Bench is faculty adviser. QBZQ DER DEUTSCHE VEREI OFFICERS President .................. Arnold A. Kopetz lst Vice-President . . , .... Ioan Meisner 2nd Vice-President . . ....... Maxine Fish Secretary .....,.. .....,.... R obert Eifert Treasurer ........ . . .Maurice Armstrong Faculty Adviser ............... Dr. Flora Ross Der Deutsche Verein strives to present the artistic, cultural and scientific phases of Ger- man life through the media of language, cus- toms and music. By giving its members some acquaintance with the fine creations and achievements of the German people, the Ger- man Club hopes to play a part in building a lasting and harmonious peace, and in promot- ing international understanding. One of the most delightful events of the German Club year Was its traditional Weih- nachtsfest in which Christmas was celebrated with all the customs and music of Old Germany. "Silent Night" took on added beauty when sung in the language of its origin by the nearly one hundred people attending the meeting. The first year students were guests. Another' highlight of the year was a presen- tation of the opera "Tannhauser" by vocal artists, records and spoken commentaries. Other programs of the year included the show- ing of films taken by Dr. Ross in her travels through Germany and Switzerland: a discus- sion of German universities and education by Dr. Hans Wolffg a Wiener roastg a picnicp and an open meeting in April. The April meeting presented a program of German music and literature. A typical German Ratskeller serv- ing German food and featuring German dances and singing afforded a novel bit of entertain- ment. lst Row, sitting: R. Hutchens, A. Kopetz, M. Henson, I. Young. 2nd Row, sitting: N. Freeland, T. Strocher, I. Meisner, E. Schmalluss, Miss Ross, M. Fish, G. Hart, Standing: M. Armstrong, W. Brauer, W. Saas, I. Tipton, E. Foster, I. Rotenberg, L. Baker, R. Eiiert. e832 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS 9 .3 Front row. lei! to right: H. Stavropoulos, M. Peters, V. Stavropoulos, R. Campbell. Back row, left to right: I. Fink, Mr. Bench, Miss Blackburn, I. Cornwell, Miss Boss, T. Bradford, R. Hill, G. Payne, I. Curry. OFFICERS President ................ William R. Moomey lst Vice-President ..... Iune Bruce Stark 2nd Vice-President . . ,...... Margie Peters Secretary .... . . . . .... lean Comwell Treasurer . . , ..... Iohn Hale Le Cercle Francais is composed of the students of the second and third year French classes. lt is affiliated with the Federation of l..'Alliance Fran- caise. The meetings are conducted in French and all member's are expected to speak in that language as much as possible. The program for the year included films taken in France and shown by Mr. Bence, listening to the opera, "Carmen," and plays presented in French by members of the organization. A letter giving a short history and the present day life in France was received and read to the club. Included in the program were French songs and Word games which enabled students to improve their use of the language. A project to collect money for the purchase of milk for the children of France was carried out very successfully. Ted Bradford was chairman of the committee which made the purchases and sent the packages. These con- tributions Were greatly appreciated as indicated by letters of thanks received from France. The advisers of the club are Miss Bonnie Blackburn and Miss Flora Ross. K D TAU CHI PI First row: Shorthose, Geneva, Althouse, Koehler, Rudin, Bunchman, Probus. Second row: Clausen, Corrington, Sarver, Billmon, Goltra, Shumate, Miss Sparks, Honey, Baker, Nickerson, Burnett, Challiss, Wasson. Tau Chi Pi is a business sorority organized primarily for business majors and minors, but Will accept for membership any Woman taking one business course. Active membership status ceases when the student is no longer taking any business course. PI KAPPA DELTA P' , . .355 45: J QU C7 l F X 1 I 26115: Front row: Temple, Figge, McMillan, Iohnson, Meisner, Crain, McNabb. Second row: Paine, Schindler, Lewey, Thornton, Spear, Shimer, Pease. Third row: Libbin, Ioys, Davis, Morrison, Logan, Pi Kappa Delta represents the debators on campus. To qualify for mem- bership, it is necessary to participate in five decisional or three non-decisional debates. This year's members under the supervision of Dr. L. C. McNabb brought unprecedented glory to the followers of "Dan Webster." ASTO HALL Bottom row: Chamblin, Smith, Brandt, Davis, E. Timmons, Laws, B. Alexander, Heideman, Geneva, Schroeder, Wilt. Second row: Bieler, Comiskey, Bingman, Albert, Manger, Hall, Althouse, M. Ladish, I. Waddell, Mrs. Walker. Third row: Moody, Poos, Kiernan, Miller, Shorthose, A. Alexander, Howett, Blyholder, M. Waddell, Challis, Forrester, Clausen. Fourth row: Sanders, Lane, Bergeron, Downing, Schott, Mack, Hara, Patten, Garman, Saxe, Gerken. Aston Hall brightened that first trying week of registration and nostalgic crowd-loneliness with a record-mixer in the dining room. The welcome mat was out for any one passing by, stag or dated, the chairs and tables were stowed away, and the floor was sprinkled with a can of boric powder bor- rowed from the infirm. lt was loads' of fun . . . like that after-movie date in the kitchen at home. One beautiful Sunday in October, we put on our Sunday Best and enter'- tained a host of Millikinites with an open-house tea, and thanks to Gladys Howett, Aston Hall's own artist and council president, the color scheme en- hancing the punch bowl was something to be envied by lack Frost himself. Thanksgiving brought an air of formality mingled with a home-spun aroma of roast turkey and cranberries. The usual hub-bub and clatter of a hundred girls descending to the dining room gave way to a soft disturbance of rustling skirts and special-occasion conversations as we entered the dining room mysteriously cozy in candlelight. 448652 ASTO HALL Bottom row: Sorrells, Anderson, Faulkner, Winslow, A. Ladish, Kriege, Young, lsringhousen, Danni, Hauptrnan. Second row: Nickerson, Bailey, Hopkins, Wilson, Brown, Holtgreve, Neubold, McCarthy, Etnoyer, Barber. Third row: Goltra, Harris, Begares, Cook, I. Timmons, Maddox, Garwood, Dahms, Colean, Cope, Happell. Fourth row: Orr, Besch, Zimmerman, Luhr, Shaw, Lindsay, Rudin, Bunchman, Koehler, Howard. Christmas came, and in addition to the dazzling tree by the fireplace in the living roorn, a sparkle on several third-finger, left-hands. On a night in lanuary We tied White satin ribbon to candle sticks in the dining room and honored two starry-eyed brides-to-be, now Mrs. David Libbon, and Mrs. Francis Marsh. The year's finale was a happy, yet rather tearful, event when we honored the graduating girls of the Hall-the Senior Dinner. To the seniors, no matter how bright their futures may seem, these last years at Millikin probably become a little more cherished and difficult to leave. Going away means leaving some wonderful friends, some gloriously good times ,and Mrs. Walker, an unforgettable housernother. On the Aston Hall Council were Gladys I-lowett, president, Amy Alex- ander, vice-presidentg Mary Charnblin, secretaryg and Betty Ann Mack, treasurer. 1879 l 5 FAIRVIEW HALL R., E 1 . 'K3' N... 5.1 Left to right, Row 1: Westbrook, Angell, Higgins, Clayton, Smith, Noland, Holkenbrinlc Row 2: Wyke, Probus, Hockrnan, Brennan, Kendall, Peck, Tinklemeier, Cannon. Row 3: Weidner, Iones, Van Zile, Dally, Chambers, Hover, Gilman, Mullinax, Georgi A TO HALL ANNEX Left to right, Row 1: Vilrnure, Gardner, Hoest, Bredecke, Iones, Smith, lackson, Gantner Row 2: Mrs. Hoehner, Peterson, Sutherland, Shand, Paul, Wiener, Price, Davidson Row 3: Campbell, Miller, Kimmel, Greb, Hughes, Mclntyre, MacArthur, Aderman. Q88z' lx! 1 r , , ,4, .L HM ' ' if ,L N 1- . bi' 'L ' if 3 1 ll! 1V WORLD REP TBLIC Right to left: Iohn Graves, Bill Mcrrtin, Warner Dcrvis, Merry Martin, Iohn Fink, lim Ehmcm IG TA ZETA A I . I 1--- All! Sitting: Mugill, Sommer, Dr. Smith, Honey, Venturi. Standing: Brycm, Armstrong, Short, Curry, Tipion, Brciuer, Miller. 4892 SIGMA ALPHA IGTA .A 1.1 From left to right. first row: I. Matthews, E. Timmons, D. Cope. Second Row: M. I. Farley, Betty Alexander, A. Baxter, I. lsringhausen, C. Rogers, I. Figge, B. L. Kriege. Third Row: M. Cunningham, D. Danni, A. M. Holtgreve, M. Langdon, I. Rule, M. Menk, I. Vaughan, I. Knight, M. Attaway. Fourth Row: E. Heideman, M. Winings, E. Goodrich, M. A. Daigh, G. Schweizer, N. I. Bingman. OFFICERS President ................... Evelyn Timmons Vice-President .................... Doris Cope Secretary .............., Norma Iean Bingmcrn Corresponding Secretary ..... Betty Alexander Treasurer .................. Eunice Heideman Eight girls, including Evelyn Timmons, official representative, attended the SAI National Con- vention in the Hotel Statler at Detroit, Michigan, during August, marking the 45th anniversary of the founding of SAI. At the beginning of school this year the SAl's and Phi Mu's gave a get-acquainted party for all conservatory students. This party marked the opening of the conservatory lounge and served as a pre-rush party for both organi- zations. Sigma Alpha lota presented Elizabeth Travis, a member of the Conservatory faculty, in a piano concert on Friday, October l0, in Albert Taylor Hall. The concert was highlighted by the presence of Annis Fuleihan who composed one of her selections, "Air and Fugue on White Keys." The SAI's presented an Arabian musical skit on the homecoming variety show in October featuring Iacqueline Matthews as soloist. A series of rush parties followed completion of the first nine weeks of school and was cli- maxed by the Annual Rose Tea given by the alumnae in the home of Mrs. Byron Merris. On December 13, the following music students were pledged: Marie Hackman, Betty Bissey, Doris Bailey, Virginia Wilson, Iean Syfert, Betty Far- ley, Carol Orr, Betty Miller, Shirley Smith, Martha Soffas, Iune Schroeder, Iean Davis, Lila Hall. During second semester a musical program was given for the official visit of province presi- dent, Wilna Moffett. A Vesper Service at West- minister Presbyterian Church, an assembly program, the American Contemporary Music- ale, Pledge Recital, Monthly Musicales, and Pan I-lel Sing were other events of the year. A Senior Farewell Banquet was given honoring graduates of l948. Phi Mu Alpha-Sigma Alpha Iota exchanges and the annual Bose Dance, a spring formal, constituted the social activities for the group. PHI MU ALPHA Left to right. first row: fat pianol Bearden, I. R., Ritscher, R. C. Second Row: Yonker, R., Cook, L., Sanner, S., Keelin, I., Hayden, B. K., Eckmann, C. T., Heckler, W., Iordon, E. Third Row: Wolff, C., Rutherford, G. W., Keener, R., Price, I. H., Peebles, R. A., Davis, R., Shuff, R., Roberts, R. Fourth Row: Smallwood, E., Kirby, G., Logan, A., Gay, B., Bradford, R. C., Eadie, I. M., Poisel, D., Hawkins, L. OFFICERS President ..............,...,... Bearden, I. R. Vice-President ,.... .... H ayden, B. K. Secretary ....... . . .Ec1anan, C. T. Treasurer ......,.............. Bradford. T. C. Warden P. M. ................,....... Gay. B. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a campus organiza- tion devoted to music students and other musi- :ians attending the conservatory and university. Naturally, the members of Phi Mu Alpha are in the limelight of nearly every musical activity. On the campus and in town the Phi Mu's have Won a reputation for musical excellence. On the campus, the Phi Mus provided music for the Homecoming Variety Show. This in- cluded a fine dance band which played two Stan Kenton compositions, a novelty by Ralph Stillwell and a vocal by Archer Logan. The annual Phi Mu all-American show, a program of American music presented every year by the organization, was especially outstanding this year. American music was played and sung by prominent soloists and ensembles in a revue with several novelty and comedy acts. The production was given by all of the actives and pledges of Phi Mu Alpha and was written and directed by members of Phi Mu. The theme of the revue was the age-old conflict between popular and classical music and included a few side references to the Petrillo record ban. During the Christmas season a group of Phi Mu's sang especially prepared Christmas carols at various places around the campus and in town. Some places included in the caroling were Macon County Hospital, Dr. Malone's residence and all of the fraternity and sorority houses. This is the second year the Phi Mu's have helped establish the Christmas spirit and they hope to make caroling an annual event. Phi Mu Alpha is acquiring a reputation off campus through the activities of various mem- bers who are prominent in town. Archer Logan has been heard many times in Decatur and is soloist at the First Presbyterian Church. Ioe Bearden's dance orchestra is becoming well- known among citizens of Decatur, having played a number of club dates as well as cam- pus dances. Other members who are promin- ent in local dance bands are lack Eadie, Dick Ritcher and Bruce Hayden. CONCERT BAND Under the able direction of Mr. Howard Akers, the Concert Band has taken a prominent place in Millikin activities. Besides helping to spur our football team on, the band took part in the Homecoming pep rally and parade and ended the first part of the year with a Christmas concert on December 14. On April 23 the band participated in a concert and show called "Millikin Musical Moods" at Kintner Gym. This show was sponsored by the Decatur Lions Club. Also on this date, the band gave a concert for all the students of Decatur schools at Kintner Gym. A Spring tour was made by the band to surrounding towns after these performances and a brilliant season was ended by the Annual Spring Concert in May. The student body also looked forward to several assemblies of which the band was in charge. The band now numbers 80 fine musicians who have done much toward maintaining school spirit as well as furnishing this vicinity with fine music. Without the capable and enthusiastic direction of Mr. Akers, the band would probably not have accomplished the many things that it has this year. The band has just recently ordered new uniforms for next year and Mr. Akers still has high hopes of securing even more equipment which will enable the band to do even finer work in the future. 6922 CHOIR The Millikin choir, under the able direction of William R. Fischer, has had a very successful year. The greatly increased enrollment now numbers ll5. The choir has faithfully appeared in Chapel throughout the year, as well as presenting the Messiah at the Masonic Temple in December and the annual Spring Concert in Taylor Hall. The choir trip, most important event of the year, was again cancelled due to the housing shortage, but in its place the choir took short one-day trips to neighboring towns. These trips were enjoyed by all, but everyone is still anticipating the traditional choir trip in the near future. An additional honor was paid to the choir when Mr. Fischer, baritone, won the prelirninaries and finally represented the State of lllinois in a nation- wide contest at Carnegie Hall on February 22. Mr, Fischer's sense of humor and understanding nature toward the choir Were an inspiration to all who worked under him. Without his loyalty and interest, the choir would not have been so successful in all that they undertook. A great deal of credit should be given to both the choir and Mr. Fischer for their outstanding contribution. 44932 X fl X . M ' , gg .. 1+-. .A ,' 'V ,- V, ,f 1 r ' 5 fit, ' '42-f "' ,' ff' f " flihfff 3 2 --V- ,J mf ff 'ff ,Q -ffl! 1, 1, -V: .,'j5f1 i A X-f--L , ,,,. .il 4 3 . 'Alf' .f L9 I ,, -5ff"': " sg ' ff -""'2f-f- V. K . If ff, ' ,ff 1 , 4 : 7 r? ' fx' . 1 , f V, U llplq - 1,5 I- I I H I 1 , 711 . V' , ff if .. f f ff I X 'j fy, V , , .1 Qffgy' I 4- .' ' .'ff',1' ' ,fy f 1,1 .yf ,J ,gf - ,A V, ' 'iff 'Lf f- , I ' 4, iv! 1 1.1. 1 , . 7.. .', I ' fl! if ,' f 1 f f 1 .'4 X59 GH0 is a mad Greek, nn less than merry Ben Jonson 1 V .ff l H , . V 1' .I ' ff-X Sm ff? 14 Qi V3 , ! 1.1 if f Qu. ' 'v 5, Af PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Left to right: Carol Miller, Io Anne Kastrup, Mollie Bence, Beverly Stickel, Mrs. Ruth Mcrx- well, Marion Menk, Mary lane Farley, Barbara Hackman, lune Figge, Mary Lou Schulte, Helen Louise Ioynt. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ............... Io Anne Kcrstrup President ................ Beverly Stickel Vice-President. . . ...... Beverly Stickel Vice-President ......... Barbara Hackman Secretary ..... . . .Betty Anne Belshaw Secretary ...... ,...... M arion Menk Treasurer ..... ........ M arion Menk Treasurer .... .... M ary Iane Farley Publicity .... .... M ary lane Farley Publicity ..... .... I o Anne Kastrup The Council is composed of the president and rushing chairman of each of the five sororities. Dean Maxwell serves as advisor to the group. The work of Panhellenic consists mainly in planning the fall rushing sched- ule and supervising the rushing period in regard to regulations set up for the benefit of all organizations represented. All matters concerning Greek organi- zations are settled by the Womens Panhellenic Council and the men's Inter- fraternity Council. Panhellenic's purpose is to bring about co-operation between campus groups. A reception for all new women students was the first of the council's activities last fall, and Panhellenic will start plans for a dance sponsored by the sororities and fraternities. As is tradition, this spring the council presented the annual Pan-Hel sing, which has become one of the major campus events. Q962 . , I i'.,f4f I 1' u lf' , , . v 'Q 1. V'-V N Xu' A XX f X- Y in X X: . ' . ex-- !: I ' ' ,.f, x x L f ff Z! 1 QQ! I , 'ff' X VZ' ALPHA CHI OMEGA First row: CLeft to righti P. Reding, I. Riggs, S. Bergeron, B. Hoshaeur, M. L. Irish, M. I. Farley, M. V. May, S. Miller, P. Lindsay, I. Brennan, M. Althouse. , Second row: CLeft to right! D. Carver, I. Harris, M. Singleton, I. Beck, B. McLean, H. L. Ioynt, B. Miller, R. Daws, I. Faulkner, M. Anderson, Mrs. Byrd Forsyth. Third Row: fLeft tohrightl I. Purdue, I. Young, B. Brannan, M. Shorthose, E. Schmalfuss, P. Stone, G. Schweizer, B. Etnoyer, M. Gregor, N. Kile, B. Farley. OFFICERS President ................... Mary Iane Farley Vice-President .... ..... M ary Louise Irish Secretary ....... .... M ary Virginia May Corres.-Sec'y ..................... Iulie Young Treasurer ................. Berneice Hoshauer The Alpha Chi's started off a busy year by having Mary Louise lrish elected vice-presi- dent of the Senior Class, one of the only two girls who held class office this year. Other prominent members included Elizabeth Schmal- fuss, a sophomore, one of the feminine leads in the Town and Gown play "Ten Little Indi- ans," Pat Stone serving as vice-president of W.A.A., Pat Beding as vice-president of the Home Economics Club, and Iulie Young as secretary of the Student Council. At the beginning of the year a tea was given to introduce the new house mother, Mrs. Byrd e98x Forsyth, to students and faculty. Other social events included a picnic for our adviser, Mr. Ralph Allan, and a twin sweater dance at the Chapter house. At Homecoming time a dinner was held in honor of the alums. Christmas was a busy time for all. The Christmas Formal preceded by a buffet dinner at the chapter house highlighted the holiday season. On December l4 a party was given for children from the Welfare Home. The Chapter has also been interested this year in bettering inter-fraternity relationships on campus and as one of our projects, we gave a slumber party for other Greeks on campus. The spring formal was held in April at the Scovill Country Club with Ben Braclley's Orch- estra playing. The year was brought success- fully to an end with the annual recognition banquet in honor of the senior girls. gu- .fi- N DELTA DELTA DELTA Back Row: I. Halberg, L. Ponewash, V. Lane, M. Macnab, D. Morine, P. Bridgewater, I. Duby, N. Spence, H. McEvoy, L. Iackson. Third Row: C. Frink, I. Ahlers, E. Bolz, D. Latham, M. A. Trierweiller, F. Chambers, I. Suther- land, D. McArthur, M. Aulabaugh, G. Hartwich, I. Bunchrnan, C. Cole. Second How: M. Morthlond, V. Happel, E. Quinn, I. Kastrup, Mrs. Ioseph C. Weinand, I. Harding, C. Miller, D. Koehler, I. Renowden. First Row: I. Hover, I. Williams, I. Magnuson, B. Simmons, S. Cosgrove, A. Mclntyre, I. Rudin. OFFICERS President ,.................. Io Anne Kastrup Vice-President .... .,.... I ane Duby Secretary ....... ..... E unice Bolz Treasurer ....................... Ellen Quinn Three large light bulbs shone out through a rainy homecoming weekend presenting a bright welcome for Tri Delta alums who returned to the chapter house to see many old college friends. The Weekend was truly a success with house decorations receiving honorable mention and the float, "Trim Wesleyan," winning second place. The traditional chapter events, such as the Pledge dance, Thanksgiving Eve. Founders Day Banquet, the Tri Delta winter formal, and the Christmas Pine Party for the alliance and mothers' group, made up the first semesters activities highlighted by a Christmas party for the girls from the Welfare Home. The second semester activities included a spring formal and an all-campus benefit bridge party for the scholarship fund, all senior Women attended the Pansy Breakfast in Iune. Those who announced engagements and coming marriages walked under the heavily laden Pansy Arch which has become a part of commencement week at Millikin. Iulia Magnuson represented Tri Delta in dramatics and Io Anne Kastrup Was in Pi Mu Theta. Io Anne was also chosen for membership in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Others were active in various committees, intramurals, and departmental clubs. KIDO? w-5, A ll Nl 'li 435 5 5 5' 1 0 l 'i Qi 1 PI BETA PHI First Row fleft to rightl: M. Kendall, S. Lukey, G. Weidner, L. Shand, C. Orr, I. Iackson, D. Osgood, S. Hayes. Second Row fleft to rigl-ntl: M. I. Dwyer, I. Roney, N. Cannon, K. McKeown, B. Stickel, M. L. Pease, D. I. Baker, A. Traver, G. Dawson. Third Row fleft to rightl: N. Corrington, R. M. Buchmann, E. L. Buchmann, M. Wilkes. Fourth Row fleft to rightl: B. Godwin, B. Miller, P. Iones, C. Hendrix, I. Stenzel, G. Granert, M. A. Daigh, I. Weilepp, C. Goltra, L. Scherer, M. Colean, N. Sommer, I. Westlund. Fifth Row fleft to rightl: R. Richardson, B. McMillan, M. Proffitt, M. Bence, B. Hall, M .A. Iohnson, L. Brown, D. R. Baujan, I. Catlin, D. Geissler, M. Billman. OFFICERS First Semester President ................ Beverly Stickel Vice-President ..... Rose Marie Buchmcmn Corr.-Secretary ...... Katherine McKeown Record.-Secretary. .Emmy Lee Buchmann Treasurer ............ Mary Leigh Pease A blinking bunny and a huge top hat took first place float honors for Pi Beta Phi for the fifth consecutive year. The slogan "Millikin's Magic Touch-Downs Wesleyan" opened a so- cial year featuring the Pi Phi "magic touch" in every way. The semi-annual pledge and initiation dances were held at the chapter house and in fall the pledge class entertained pledges of other Greek societies at a precedent-shat- tering "jeans tea." In October the chapter gave a banquet for various faculty members in honor of Mr. Byron M. Kerns, faculty fraternity ad- visor. Three senior members, Beverly Stickel, Emmy Lee Buchmann, and Bose Marie Buch- mann were listed in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." Beverly was in the court of the Homecoming Queen and president of the Panhellenic Council. Emmy was treas- urer of Conant and Promotion Chairman for Second Semester President .................. Mollie Bence Vice-President .... ......... An n Daigh Corr.-Secretary ......... Ruth Richardson Record.-Secretary ...... Mary lane Dwyer Treasurer ..............., Gloria Grcmert Homecoming, and Rosie was vice-president of Conant and Pi Mu Theta and treasurer of W.A.A. Beverly McMillan served as society editor of the Decaturian and Mary Alice Iohnson was circulation manager. Mary Alice was also secretary-treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta, debate society. Ann Daigh was editor of the S.A.l. magazine and Nancy Cannon vice-president of the Spanish Club. Katherine McKeown served as business manager of the 1948 Millidek. Shortly before Christmas, "Rowdy," a pure- bred dachshund-fox terrier, arrived at the Pi Phi house and completely took charge, living up to his name in every conceivable degree. Biggest events of the season, as always, were the Orlando Christmas Formal and the May Dinner-Dance at Scovill Country Club with Iohnny Bruce's orchestra furnishing the musical background, and ending another great Pi Phi year. -4 1 41-1-rf Y- , --'11 N --1-jgjjifaiwfxgigggig ? N t . , I , I ' ' I J , , 6 - ' V H, 'v , Eiga. L ' Y f 1, ' f ' ' " . ' 1 Sf? "" - : : H 1 4 'Q 9 LVL 5"-' -71 . 1- S1-, A Q . , -'Hyip --:.,, Qi? A jk' 'V HQ' "' 'L 1 'Y X ' V' Y' ' . ' f X I .Va ' R " V 'T' V, V 'fi IR" - 'ji' I 4 r 4 - ,Y'.:jl, ,L , --A, Q x - K , !'f,?, I 'QQ 3 N Vg . fr an -, - - I - X Ll , N 1 ,- 1 fl fig ' I ' F ' ,f -:U V A V sl, b, ug! ff --c K 'Wi V ' if -f ' - - 4 5 S -. -5 , , x 1 juzga -' I A V1 P A , ' b ' , ' . ff-1---ff . k--V ajgf " M fa- ikiij?-EQJ' , M, f irq gi " y Q .... 'QM ., A 4 vu xl X J!! jf V A , , 55 "4 I ZETA TAU ALPHA Backrow: B. Ranney, M. Sullivan, M. Shaw, C. Luhr, B. Price, L. Weir, G. Tolladay, I. Best, I. Hudson, V. Brdeclca, C. Rogers, I. Theile. Third row: D. Peterson, N. Smith, E. Goodrich, M. Winslow, E. Weaver, N. Hoest, M. Cun- ningham, F. Kimmel, M. Brandt, B. Marquardt, I. Whitmer, C. Gneckow, F. Weiner, S. Smith. Second row: D. Durbin, P. Shurnate, M. Shimer, I. Graham, I. Meisner, M. Menk, I. Cornwell, I. Rule, B. Shulte, S. Gilman. First row: M. Alice, M. Brown, I. Keninitz, B. Sarver, M. Fish, G. Weaver, I. Kemp, L. Peck, M. Shimer, M. Auer, A. Appleman, C. Klinefelter. OFFICERS First Semester President .................. Marian Menk Vice-President. . . . . .Ioan Meisner Secretary ..... ..... I one Grahmn Treasurer. .... .... I ecm Comwell The Zetas began a very busy and successful year with an Open House Tea for the new house mother, Mrs. O. S. Cardwell, on October 5. This was followed by another Open House Tea on October 9, for all the sororities and fraternities. The pledge dance on October 15 began the first of several dances given by the Zetas in the school year. The theme was a Baby Ball honoring the youngsters of the sorority. On December 15 the Christmas formal was held at Scovill's Club House, using Candy Cones as a novel theme of decorating. Homecoming, on November l was an out- standing event for the Zeta Tau Alphas for it was the marking of the thirty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Tau chapter at Millikin. Patsy Shumate, a Zeta senior, was chosen Second Semester President .................... Iune Figge Vice-President .... .... El inor Goodrich Secretary ....... ...... I can Kemp Treasurer .... .... I ulia Hudson Homecoming Queen by Iimmy Dorsey. The Zetas previously had received the Outstanding Booth trophy for the W.S.S.F. carnival. Iune Figge and Ioan Meisner were listed in "Whos Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities." Ioan Meisner was also co-editor' of the Decaturian, President of Pi Kappa Delta, honorary debate fraternity, and lst Vice-Presi- dent of German Club. Iune Figge and Marcia Shimer served as Cheerleaders. Patsy Shumate was president of W.A.A. and of Tau Chi Pi. Cornelia Klinefelter was Secretary of Tau Chi Pi The Zeta Active dance started the social events of the second semester on March 2. On May 8, the Spring Formal, to the theme of "Temptation," was held at Scovill Country Club with Bill Oetzel's orchestra. K - , '-:3S"'l,: '. xsfpfaff X P THETA UPSTLON 'ff-. fl' ' ' Left to right: Betty Ann Belshaw, Lee Ellison, Barbara Hackman, Marilou Schulte, Helene Weill, lane Wasson. OFFICERS President .... ......... B arbcxra Hackman Treasurer. . , ...... lane Wasson Secretary. . . .... Betty Ann Belshcrw Activities began for the Theta U's with a hayride in Cctober in honor of the pledges. This was followed by a pledge dance at the Staley Club I-louse. Cn November 9, Theta Upsilon, along with the other sororities on campus, held an open house to which all Millikin students and faculty were invited. The alumnae, actives, pledges, and mothers met in December for their traditional Christmas party. Founders Day was celebrated on Ianuary Zl with a dinner in the Decatur Club. At this time an announcement was made to the alumnae that at the end of the first semester the charter of Gamma Alpha chapter at Iames Millikin University would be Withdrawn. This decision was reached by a vote of the National Council upon recommendation by the active chapter. 61052 2' we fd 4, gm J-1 ,,-n Pi dv IN TER-F RATERNITY COUNCIL From left to right. Standing: Cecil Walker TKE, George Gilmore DSP, Dean C. L. Miller. Sitting: Bill Drennan TKE, Mr. Olsen, Dr. Smith, Les Baker DSP, Paul Tolly DSP, Richard Griffith TKE, Mr. Lancaster, Ralph Wilcox SAE, Bill Rotz SAE, Iames A. Teckenbrock SAE. The Inter-Fraternity Council is made up of three members from each fraternity along with the respective faculty advisers. Dean Miller acts as representative for the administration. The purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to promote good will and to bring about a better understanding on matters concerning the fraternities and the administration. Its pow- ers are limited to advisory capacity except on subjects pertaining directly to the lnter'-Fratern- ity Council. The only officers of the Council are Treasurer, George Gilmore, and Secretary, Richard Griffith. In the Spring of '47, the Council sponsored a banquet in honor of the basketball team. The dinner was highly successful, followed by an equally interesting address by Coach Leo Iohnson of University of Illinois. This function is to be an annual affair sponsored by the Inter- Fraternity Council. One of the main events of the year was the Inter-Fraternity Ball held in March, 1947. The three fraternities and Phi Mu Alpha joined in planning and attending the dance held in the Masonic Temple. The dance was financed by each fraternity on the basis of the number of men in each. By popular request the Ball is to be given each year in the spring term, as was done this year. The Council also keeps in constant Contact with other Inter-Fraternity Councils on other campuses. lt keeps abreast with new ideas in matters concerning Greek organizations. This fall an exchange dinner was held at the De- catur Club with the Inter-Fraternity Council of Illinois Wesleyan as guests. The purpose was to facilitate better understanding between the two schools. lt was agreed that rivalry was to be placed on a purely competitive basis and we take pride in saying that it was accoin- plished successfully. "A lot of friends can be made over a cup of coffee" and, keeping that in mind, the Councils at Illinois Wesleyan and Millikin Sponsored a "coffee hour" before the basketball game so that the students from both campuses could become better acquainted. "Co-operation plus" was accomplished this year and the Council looks forward to continu- ing this progressive leadership for the unifica- tion of Greek interests. 61082 Qfgl ir -21 LM: Xia: LJQ + ,M X l' X1 if My AI' - 2 j B, fix . -'?3.g.- Q, .V V , ,q'Ffff lil' , J. aj' gg, ll ,,,' 1 M 'W . ' A K .. ,. I tgngli-IASR fir. ' A - , , "J I I . "fif-'Lg-+5 ' I 4 ' I .1 .X x . I A AC ,Sr 4'-.' 'qjiys mf 0 g ,m iv: A f?i' y'1 ff Q.-f'f4""" X J' X ' V 1" L DELTA ICMA PHI . First Row: H. Swift: W. Day: P. Connour: R. Mueller: A. Kashetska: D. Andrews: E. Novack: G. Boadbear: R. Engle: W. Andrews: K. Gehrig. Second Row: A. Loving: G. Chiligiris: F. Smith: H. Brown: R. Wells: W. Reedy: P. Tolly: A. Burwell: R. ll LBk RRI: MAt PTlCM LHI Green: G. Gi more: . a er: . o inson: . rms rong: . ay or: . oore: . aen. Third How: W. Guess: Q. Hopkins: I, Marchisello: C. Simmons: C. Frye: D. Dolan: G. Altholf: I. Fair- banks: R. Emst: F. Keller: I. Noland: G. Merrimac: C. Dial: W. Seeber: I. Stollard: W. Smith: W. Sutton: R. Fleming. Fourth Row: K. Davidson: P. Petard: H. Forrester: I. Taylor: M. Pensinger: R. Utterback: R. Kennedy: L. lglakegefh Di1CalbeW1g. Naughton: I. Danforth: D. Robinson: R. Scherer: L. Wornac: R. McCarty: I. .t . . 1r: . ue .er: I. 1 rams. Fifth Row: I. Morrissey: B. White: K. Shroeder: W. Thomas: D. Dare: I. Hale: I. Dunnell: H. Bowen: I. Snoke: K. Haddock: R. Hesse: C. Cottrell: E. Schaefer: P. Berry: I. Waltrip: P. Davidson: L. Pacioni: OFFICERS A. Lotz: T. Isley. First Semester President ............ George B. Gillmore ViceePresident ......,....... Lester Baker Secretary ............... Robert D. Green Treasurer ................... Iames Kens Because of one of the most successful rush- ing seasons in history, Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Sigma Phi opened the year with a record membership. The traditional pledge dance in the fall started the social season with a swing, or is it "swat" Not to be outdone, the pledges retali- ated by giving a hayride for the active chapter, complete with cider, song, moon, and blazing bonfire. A Mexican Christmas was the surprise theme of the winter formal at the Orlando, providing a novel and exciting way to distribute the dance favors. St. Patricks Day brought the first record dance of the new semester with decorations, theme, and spirit in keeping with the tradition of the Irish. The May formal was a complete success-bringing to a perfect close another successful Delta Sig year. Don "Coon" Shroyer was selected on the albconference gridiron team and was further honored by being elected as captain for the 1948 grid squad. Besides Shroyer, Bill Smith, Second Semester President ........,...... Robert D. Green Vice-President ....... Maurice Armstrong Secretary ............... Russell Mueller Treasurer ................ William Smith Don Ferrette, Ioe Naughton, Les Blakeney, Iess Snoke, and Bill Tiffin starred on the football team. ln basketball, Toby Althoff, high scorer of last year's championship squad, and Bud Or- mand, Bill Day, and Dutch Esker sparked the Big Blue in their conference title defense. Brother Althoff was selected on the Beloit tournament all-star squad. Delta Sigma Phi is also taking the lead on the Decaturian with Denny Pease as editor and Iirn Williams as business manager. The big emphasis is being laid on building for the future. So far, extensive repair and remodeling work has been done on the house, a complete paint job being the main project during the summer' vacation. Financially, the chapter is in better shape than ever, The "Spirit" of Delta Sigma Phi, that nebulous something that has made it outstanding among campus organizations, is once more running at a level comparable to that of pre-War years. L ,Lag 421 9 KW. 'Q nn harm 1x.v,' W .11 9 -Z! - 05 x " . gmt? , v w l -J N X X4 Q 1 .X " J' SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Front row, left to right: R. Graves, R. Williams, D. Lindsay, L. Irish, D. Carr, R. McNeilly, Alph, W. Flora, T. Miller, R. Kerwin, D. Behnke, O. Shurncrte, R. Keeler, A. DeWitt. Second row. left to right: R. Munsie, I. Hazelrigg, R. Pensinger, I. Smith, I. Connor, R. Murray, E. Mal- erich, R. Wilcox, E. Foster, I. Teckenbrock, H. Osgood, R. Miller, I. Hart, C. Wolfl, W. Helme, D. Petty. Third row, left to right: S. Sargent, R. Rund, W. Cannon, R. Munsie, R. Harlan, R. Roach, R. Erwin, W. ginElis,kH. B. Walters, I. Wills, I. Wilson, R. Collins, L. McGown, W. Saas, P. Wildrnan, W. Roney, . a e. Fourth row. left to right: D. Long, R. Underhill, C. Kronmiller, C. Norman, I. Murphy, I. Keck, I. Hitt, K. Griess, H. Mitchell, W. Dickinson, C. Iohnson, I. Alexander, H. Pritchett, I. Malerich, R. Willhite, I. Galvin, R. Brian, R. Gilason. OFFICERS First Semester President ................... Skip Wilcox Vice-President ..... ..... B ob Gilason Secretary ......... ...... E cl Foster Corres.-Secretary. . . .... Earl Malerich Treasurer ......... ........ R oger Sallee Pledgemaster .... .... I im Teckenbrock Yes, 1948 was a good year for Millikin and also a good year for the Illinois Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The first dance of the season, held at Scovill's With an "Esquire" theme. The highlight of the first semester, however, was the "Winter Mezzo" held at the Orlando. The Sig Alphs contributed greatly to the sports of I.lVl.U, Captain Dutch Denton, with Bed Iohnson, Bill Dickinson, Bill Botz, Iohn Keck, and Duane Palmer, did much to bring about the Big Blues' somewhat successful foot- ball season. As cooler winter and basketball came, Bob Murray, Dale Long, Iohn Malerich, and Don Williams began pounding the hard- wood for their Alma Mater. Track season brought lim Alexander, Tom Harlan, Iohn Keck, Duane Palmer, Don Williams, and Bill Dickinson into the middle of Millikin's sport scope, The greatest of all American sports pro- Second Semester President .....,............ Bud Norman Vice-President .... ....... I oe Wills Secretary .......... .... B ob Wilson Corres.-Secretary .... ......... I im Hitt Treasurer ................., Roger Sallee Pledgemasters .... ..... H oward Mitchell Bob Collins vided Earl Malerich with an opportunity to display his talents at the plate and in right field. Homecoming proved to be a good occasion for the Sig Alphs. Iim Teckenbrock and Bob Gilason were the student Homecoming co- chairmen. The credit for the victorious house decorations must be given to Dan Petty and his staff. lack Hart and Don Williams were selected by the University for "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." Iack was given further honors by being elected president of Millikin's Student Council. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has excelled in the field of pub- lications, placing Dan Petty and Iim Tecken- brock as Co-Editors of the l948 Millidek. The members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have enjoyed the year of l948 and are looking for- ward to even more pleasant years to come. e 4 TAU KAPPA EPSILON From left to right. first row: A. Dammann, I. Meikle, R, Wright, G. Cotton, D. Sherwood, H. Scott, R. Young, P. Hall, R. Harris, R. Guthrie. Second Row: R. Roberts, I. Abrell, R. Bunn, K. Wilson, I. Harshman, R. Schmalz, P. Freischlag, R. Beh- rend, I. Rybolt, I. Raupp, H. Burke, I. Iohnson. Last Row: L. Watson, R. Horney, I. Sparks, D. Schroll, R. Coutant, N. Calhoun, G. Alderson, F. Conville, L. Wiss, B. Belmer, G. Ash, D. Ruddock. R. Strain, W. Strain, G. Ryherd, A. Sarran, W. Drennan, I. Morrison, F. Tresch, W. Krigbaum, W. Sutherland, S. Eatherly, C. Wadzita, B. Wessel, I. Bolen, D. Boyd, W. Conyer, C. Walker, I. Allen. OFFICERS First Semester President ........... William A. Drerman Vice-President ............ Irving Iohnson Secretary ..... . . .Scott Eatherly Treasurer ...... ...... C ecil Walker Pledgemaster .... . . .Richard Ryherd 1947-48 has been one of the top years in Tekedom. Beta members became active previous to the beginning of the school year by attending the TKE National Conclave at Champaign, Illinois, on the fourth of September. Beta's Open-l-louse ended the Wonder and suspense aroused about the interior of the recently remodeled chapter house. Approxi- mately 25U visitors Were guests. The extensive remodeling enabled Beta to accommodate a larger number of out-of-town men as Well as making possible more week-end social events. I. L. Iohnson, social chairman, was in charge of the big open-house activities. A mechanical scarecrow greeted the guests at Beta's traditional autumn dance, the Harvest Hop. Ianet Westlund and Ierry Wiedenkeller did an impromptu dance. Another highlight of the "Hop" Was the crowning of Bob King With a pineapple pie by Maribeth Ward. Second Semester President .................,. Fred Tresch Vice-President. . . .... Charles Adamson Secretary .... ..... I ames Meilcle Treasurer ...... ...... I ack Bolen Pledgemaster .... ..... C y Wadzita ln the field of sports, especially on the foot- ball field, the old TKE iron-bound gridders ploughed up the practice field and trampled their opponents to Win a glorius victory, namely a 5 and l record. The mighty pledge team, featuring Al Sarran and Bruce Belmer, was untied and unscored upon. Bill Krigbaum Was intra-mural manager. The ultimate achievement in Teke social events was the "Snow Ball" which was held Ianuary l7 at the Decatur Club. This Winter formal was highlighted by Beta escorts pre- senting their dates With an orchid and a gold loving cup. The misty atmosphere and costumes brought forth the typical mood of the French Cafe party with Bob Garvin and Nelson Calhoun as feat- ured entertainers. Another event of the evening was a French Can-Can dance by Gene Cotton, Kenneth Westenhaver, and Iim Meikle. 3. ,ln D 1' u N 5. -A .f . 1 FV . ' rl. ,X A , - ' ff 1 f iv! i-"Ll-Aix, xrihd '. 1 , q "Ill-health, of body or of mind, is defeat -Health alone is victory." Sir Walter Scott. 'Q :'i4'. F gy All 74 iF 'v Tv,-3 , A '91 nn. '4 mi ,X fy X 4 . . .A ' L 'ltffgs-B f A J, W r V. in -B51 ' TW is 59 -fr fl- J I, fy Cf 'fix ' ,., " f W ,f ' ' 7 . ff ff ll if ,F .C N fc. H I. X, Marshall Wells I- - A ,. M -' , --.. It x . Athletic Director Marshall Wells ended his fifth year as gridiron coach for the Big Blue with fair success. Within one Week after school started, there were 75 gridders on the field Working out under his guidance. With Wells directing on the sidelines and Captain "Dutch" Denton on the field, Millikin came through With a record of three Wins, four losses, and a scoreless tie with their' old rival Wesleyan, to place sixth in the Little Nine Conference. For the fourth consecutive year the Big Blue success- fully defended their basketball crown. Ralph Allen took over the vacancy left by Don Lindeberg last year and moulded Althoff, Steagall, Williams, Shea, and Boot into a Well balanced machine that won several thrilling ball games by the margin of a few points. National recog- nition Was denied the Big Blue though, as they dropped a three point decision to Southern at Carbondale District Tourney. Prank Poneta, former I.M.U. athlete, stepped from the ranks of player to that of coach as he took over the management of Millikin intramural activities and direc- tion of the Big Blue diamond squad. Eight lettermen re- mained froni last year's conference championship team. The resignation of Marshall Wells as Director of Ath- letics was announced last February. He accepted a po- sition as football line coach at the University of Colorado. Ralph Allen, highly successful in his first year at I.M.U., was named as his successor. KM82 X i' P' A. ,-- l , ..' ... l , ,t ' , BQ, 3.1 ,QL ,g i 1.i,,3f2 f ' y y in ter ,,'iv',.., Stats e- A 1-rf .W Q 'W 'arena jP'hii5?qQ 9f38,7fEg3r!14i g ... '.1'.'.-ly 7 yet?-2 ' . I In-Q rw 'ev t e We -eg-'w?.Y'1'e weft lst row, left to right: Iohnson, Rotz, Martini, Staley, Allen, Denton, Shroyer, 7- , Heely, Keck. R ' 'lk 2nd row: Iohn Venturi, McEvers, Snake, Etter, Ferrette, Sutton, Ioe Venturi, LST Naughton, Smith. ' 3rd row: Dickinson, Sanders, Shelton, Ambler, Albin, Wells, Palmer, Ashley, manager. 4th row: McFadden, Tiffin, Blakeney, Green, Vaughn, Allen, Poneta, Wells Coach "Marsh" Wells and Captain "Dutch" Denton Millikin's 1947 football team was directed from the bench by head coach Marsh Wells, while guard Herschel "Dutch" Denton was the Big Blues leader on the playing field, "Dutch" was known for his untiring spirit and enduring drive which made him a valuable link in Coach Wells's line. HBV? S - lst row, left to right: Dugan, Wills, Lockmiller, Durlan. C fi 2nd row: Cottrell, Ells, Boyer, Berry, Hardy, Beknind, Durcholtz, " 3rd row: Whitten, Lester, Ernst, Walsh, Koshinski, Davis, Ash. r I ' 'T' ' 'iw ' ' ' . H 41 ... -11312. . ' s' F A Y . ,, .my f-'Alll 4, F' 31' :Qtr g I .. D -im'.-3 'Wu are :q, 2 7 ' Q n rv J ,a,,.q ..-, A 1 2 fi '-. 1, .i ,va x., 'WXSN ' Q Nil 1 Y - x , Q9 ff! ff' MJ -1 ix ' 4, fi MQ XY, :vi wg' 41' K SP1 ,.,.. 1- 1 , , -1' -A- Q., ,rn - vs, VUL!! 'V , 1 1 1 I K e , :I : H! 1? Y F If 1 W7 ' QS Z , g Fl fl Q 9 f. V, J at 'Z f-' ' f' . . f if ., " f Q jf' 'ff-7 11.11 ' '-I-1' uc- T! qi " 1- J if-Q, n . 4,'f'W - 'wiifx I ig.. 'N' Q Q., fi ,, . 1- - ff.'f'f'1 ' 'X "' 4, will 'F 1 - - 'P .Iv A ,.hj:rA?'Q,,2-' J ' PM A QEIC. w -5 ,. S"?'q-5 -J LU H: g ' , -' I 11 Nw +24 1 U i Q , QP , ' k - -may B - 5? V la .. ssh, 5 A. , vi . 1 -J N, 1-' v -vie' A ' WAX' if ' V 'Q 'u r K. I , in Vu, D . . 4" I ,MN Hx' . '-main V V2 V.:-sh . ya FR, . .. . ,- . ' 'A--45, . .A l , .. 1- -' 3 I G uilt! ' ' ',,,-.IA 1 'Ll -.M +A. .- Jfxf'-Nlfm Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin n 'Q:f.,:1 4 2 W., , H., Tn Rr 'w A. ,v 5 Q 41 d ,rjf 'z . v r 11 I at 51 rr, J 5- L, 1 ,ff f if .1 f' W f . if A lj, ,I JV, '1 A l f ' 1 l X 4 flu, QA Q ' 5 ,W ,' xx, I K i.. af , ,, ' l , ' ,X A. sf' 1 f ' JH ff' ' '7 if A , as I. gy I-Uv! Q, 'X f' 1 3 . . , rr- 1 ' .N X f A if Q Y I I J - f , v lt f fl it A 1 -r !.1ux',L I BASKETB Millikin Millikin Normal Eastern Southem Cape Girardeau Millikin Millikin Millikin Beloit Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Ill. College Millikin Millikin Millikin Millilcin Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Southern RALPH ALLEN RESULTS Principia Elmhurst Millikin Millikin Millikin Millikin Arkansas Ripon Washburn Millikin Southern Ill. College Wesleyan Wheaton Millikin Eastern North Central Macomb Wesleyan Principia Lake Forest Augustana Carthage Quincy Millikin . - Managers: Norman and Hanson. f PN W, f '1 ' Y ,Bm lst. row: Steagall, Root, Shea, Esker, Day, Ormond, Murray, and Althoff Q 2nd row: Head Coach Ralph Allen, Duncan, Kashefski, Bangert, Williams Surran, Malerich, Schroeder, and Assistant Coach Poneta. Ralph Allen and Frank Poneta made up the Big Blue's new coaching staff this year and came through with the co-championship of the Little Nine Conference. Allen tutored the varsity cagers while Poneta was in charge of the "B" squad. pguprnfre, JMU ai WY' ,D ffvcgttattl L. lst row: Kashefski, Bangert, Berry, Surran, McFadden, Kluga, and Duncan. 2nd row: Henderson, Schroeder, Koshenski, Brady, and Keeler. T Bob Mur oby Althoff Scotty Steczgczll ray ,-J Bill "M onster" D GY Butch Esker Eddie Root L,,, 'p .af 95, rg cr ,s " A-'nf'7 "3 d 525 41- .4'?,,43i , if .'4?,,,z5"LMV4d ifuijggffflym f af 12? if 'V ' as gay' wwf diff J. G, Don Williams .' Q' iff' g "Ike" Shea "Puppy" Ormond D RETURNING LETTERMEN Bob Murray, Dale Long, Don Williams, Iohn Mode- rich, Toby Althoff, Eddie Root, Buich Esker, Bud Or- mond, Ike Shea. tilt Ui llltl-lil,l,titG-ll'.l7S The Big Blue, co-champions of the College Conference of lllinois, wound up one of their most successful seasons with l8 wins and 7 losses for a season's average of .72O. During the 47-48 campaign the Blue cagers pounded the hoops for l4l4 points, to come up with a game average of 60.6. Scott Steagall contributed the most points to this total by dropping in 299 markers in the seasor1's play. 5 Millikin started off the season with a rush, rolling over Principia 73-42 and Elmhurst 60-43, but then hit the skids and fell into their one and only losing streak. They lost to Normal, Eastern, Southern, and Cape Girardeau in succession. They did not hit the victory trail until they won over Arkansas State in a charity game at Taylorville. The Big Blue then entered the Beloit tour- nament and eliminated Ripon and Washburn before bowing to Beloit in the tourney windup. Returning home, the Millikin cagers took revenge for their previous loss to Southern by giving them a 7l-52 drubbing. The Blue lengthened their victory string to four in a row before losing to lllinois College 52-43. After this defeat the Big Blue ran up their biggest win streak of the season by taking the remaining eight games. They toppled power- ful Eastern, North Central, Western, Wesleyan, Principia, Lake Forest, Augustana, and Car- thage. In the second Principia game Ralph Allen's cagers ran up their seasons largest win mar'- gin by crushing them 85-46. ' Millikin, by virtue of the conference cham- pionship, entered the N.l.A.B. district playoff at Carbondale. ln the first game of the tour- nament the Big Blue had an easy time de- feating Quincy College, 53-39, but then lost out when Southern won the championship game by three points 61-58. Althoff and Steagall brought honors to the Millikin campus when they were selected by the Collegiate Magazine as the members of the all Mid-West basketball team for minor' colleges. Althoff was also selected as one of the first five on the all-conference team, and Williams and Steagall were on the second team. -S f 334 QE 1 .nk "il -fl .- rf -L4, 1 x - 'QE D I ,E X W 0 xl X ' 3 . Q 5 ixyn A 1 ,Q D "- X , W" 3561" 1 7 4: , ,Q 2' 1 wwf z- , ' 1 1 1 V 16 - ,I ' Y , ' 4 1. E I t 'Eg KS f ., ' ' It ' X- Q ., 'V 5 XV. I I ' K ' f i .Q-7 y f 1 E?-,A 5 'sm I ox' X gf X: V I 'I X! V Nr I ' . . .pn I ,, ,L n . N - J , f A ISL" I A 5 S z 1 il A ,V - is ' N as . 6 xml. 5 , A 1 4 f -Q ' ' Q 5 , :,1,.- ...- 1, gt.. x X ,X . 'I H 'af F . S Xa. 5 x f -, " 6 1 - u 'J Ye R' K f"E, I Q45 'Hai I' J - E 4 1 :C 2 Q My , 6 an X Q fi ' A l I ly in . ' JJ' , , 1 '.x , - ' A s5 zE3ffLlT UH -X - , X' ii-' A .4 Ur' , . . , "N, u fg,13:.1a - 'Jug I. Etr- VYLM L. A - J ,L - T K ,.f! fvgff fgffg ' . yrs' ., djlh IA . "fFf'!ff,' 4 4:I'iF1":' , vin. 4 kai-.: ' if .' 4' . Ji? W, " 35 fl-ii 1 fi? f , .c ' 'fly V 1,,, . -lx V 'TI' A E 13,-Q - gk' ff I P .ld ' ,x 5 3 .-'ElEZH:'s2,'n. ' -V n 4' s "Epi ' rl 'Q qi-Q B X ' wi-74,5 4, if Xfj , ff- or--Meiji, .- ' MIJTMJ'-f ' fs Ql:.,.4gi,3 'tTw.r. xg V Lis lt , ttyl all ,i , vw ff A , f l dr W. L. .-ii-in l 4- 1 SCHAEFER CAUGHT IN MID-AIR Anil: 1 yn ,N If whiny -44 QU. -K i in E6 J: 1. ff-re lf ijt, 71,17 1, 1 ,.--- ,I , 1 , , Q-jill ',,"T.'.. V' Lf' C' " H ' if ,fl Coach Ralph Allen started the 1948 track season with only eight re- turning letterinen and a host of untried underclassmen. The returning letter Winners were Don Williams, who shares the conference pole vault record, Bob Etter, holder of Millikin shot put record, Tom Harlan, half rnilerg Duane McCall, dash man, Otis Vaughn, halt miler, Bill Dickinson, shot putter, Ed Schaefer, hurdles, and Don Mowen, broad and high jump. ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO McCall Dickinson Harlan 4 i 'Y .r J w 1' 'Sy -4 1 .-. t is .F Zhi n--I -5 A MJF Mp?-Q-fe QE. 214 I I f Front row: Vaughn, McCarthy, McCurio, Cain, Boyer, Lindsey, Slocum, Frushour, Gribben, Ash, Calhert, Cottrell, Lester, McCall, D. Ambler, and Pringle. Back row: Phillips, Wills, Murray, Siders, Hcxrlcn, Albin, Gil- more, Leschewslci, Kennedy, Schroll, Henry, Durcholz, Dickinson, Allen, Schaefer, Alexander, cmd Couch Allen. 1 ff i fr .li M 1 if i 5. 3 IJZEEI Jn ?'ti,,j ,rf f:L,vlqil?j1 gym, 155' 12r-'wlrf.gmef'- iw it ' L-facffmff' f' 1. MOWEN SAILING TOWARD THE PIT WILLIAMS GOES OVER r gray w -lf b 1 i -' L, Y, ,-f", 5 .'-P LU: . 4' 332 - 'I g" 9. fx.-- . l I. its if Wi? Q mmA: X .4 54.3 H . Q., MOT. gg, :ak 'A -1 wi. , lib! . arf ,W K H 5, V gs . .LM W . . K E . This year's golf team with letter- men Welby McKay and Iohn Kluga are protecting Mi11ikin's undefeated match play of last season. KLUGA TEES OFF! 000 Left to right: Les Blake- ney, Mgr. Dick Flem- ing, Lou Huck, John Kluga, Dick Strain I ,fifwif f Baffefz Zfp! f f "Vida ii li J 51. is X 6 gpfzuuy Span!! .fl 1 V.-' ' X1 A . J, 1 f ,Jn I 3 f 'X - 1 . L4 t +Cai,Y1qf 4 When the Big Blue diamond men took the field for the 1948 season, Coach Frank Poneta's charges were defending the Little Nine Conference Cham- pionship which was Won last year. Millikin was undefeated in conference play. From last yeaT's title holders are eight lettermen. Quent Hopkins, Toby Althoff, Dave Hopkins, Iohn Roy, Ralph Hopkins, Earl Malerich, Rex Hopkins, and lim Williams formed nucleus for this year's squad. Dave Hopkins was named field captain for the l948 season. Bill Day Quent Hopkins Ken Schroeder if is f, ,I V f - . fit!-My Hi . .A-favs.. . 1 Left to right: Cocfch Ponetcr, Ken Schroeder, Quent Hopkins, Bill Dcxy, Red Roy, Toby Althoff, Dove Hopkins, Earl Mcrlerich, Iim Williams, Rex Hopkins. JT l ,, ip , ., ., ,. ' ,J' l M .' .- . fl ,,,:f ,fffw ug, 1' '- fm N I 0 '.iVg,f"1':ifl, V 'lffj Al ,f R 'lfgjis 'Qi' 'lx lim Williams ,Ju HJ . no f ef . if N 1 W Ml' ,Q X l xx 1X rf'-mf 4 f WW X-25516 fl X , . , f 'Y 1' "lf" ""'x. ' 1' " ' f l x m '75 x 7 x , , X 1, Q - f I X w 9 ' ..f' K! gi.4:l.,qb . f..., . .A l . p,g',+., V: , 'X I . vw - l ,xl .X f. 5 ,, yi x Q Y A XX NX Z? X X X N lx x Ai X' ef, .X fi. if ' s.. lf Y V. -.'1' U- x .. - . ..-,-:-, lbw- -f S -.....,w.,,. Y wftfrf.. X V9:-4 XIX ex ' X- -. -P ,,: - XX-, 4 .n.,,Un:, " , 51- Q., , L, ! X -1 ,Bill C, Toby Althoff Bdxwdedcb Ei? Blue felffefzmen :qmail Ganfmemze 4ae4! Capt. Dave Hopldns Rex Hopkins Red Roy April April April April 12 16 17 23 April- 24 April May May May May May May May MQW MUY MQW May May 30 1 3 5 7 8 10 14 15 17 21 22 24 BASEBALL TEAM LIIVIBERS UP IN SPRING PRACTICE BASEBALL SCHEDULE WE Normal There 5 Northern Here 3 Eastern Here 6 St. Louis University There 9 Shurtleff Ther'e 2 Illinois College Here 2 Carthage There 22 Shurtleff Here -... Illinois Wesleyan There .l North Central Here St. Louis University Here -.1 Illinois College There Chicago There ...i Lake Forest There i... Normal Here ,l- Carthage Here 1. Lake Forest Here 1-. lllinois Wesleyan Here 1- THEY 7 2 5 9 1 8 7 Ralph Hopkins Cheerleaders Raise Team Morale Top row: lim Meikle, lack Dunnell, Dick Shuff Front row: Iune Figge, Donna Clayton, Marcia Shirner, Io Faulkner Anne In this most successful athletic year, the task of the cheerleaders has been all- important, keeping morale at its highest Whether in sight of victory or defeat. lack Dunnell and his antics were famous throughout the conference. Iune Pigge and lack were the returning cheerleaders While the others were added by student bal- W. A. AQ Weater Girls Senior jackets are given to members of W.A.A. who have qualified by acquiring 1500 points throughout their four years' participation in intramural events. Sports- lot. Inanship is considered a sound basis for the award. The girls receiving jackets this year, are pictured on the left. Front sitting. left to right: E. Euch- rnann, P. Shumate Back row, left to right: P. Bly- holder, I. Wasson, I. Fisher, R. Buchrnann, P. Stone. W. A. A. Girl Gladys I-lowett, senior lndependent from Springfield, was chosen W.A.A. girl for this year. Gladys served as president of WJ-LA. and tour years as an intramural manager and participated in all the activities of the organization. The basis for the choice of the W.A.A. girl is determined by scholar- ship, service to W.A.A,, leadership, skill, other campus activities, sportsmanship, and - personality. Gladys was selected by a com- mittee composed of the adviser, officers, and the intramural managers of W.A.A. and the editor of the Millidek. W. A. A. The Woman's Athletic Association membership is open to any Woman in school, and provides opportunity for participation in social and athletic activities. The intro- mural program is the most important and prominent feature of the physical education program. This year the teams vied with each other to come out on top in speed- ball, bowling, basketball, volleyball, deck tennis, and badminton. Dorothy McClure heads the group as ad- viser. AW? MX f f X l ,X 1' f X 'pf 0 ' ' , an!! It Q if , , UW I .V A Z, U I A' I 4 :L "Af - Q12 f, A ' -I if ff, ' , f I 'M 1' f, f'.-- .- , : '-1' 'I lv fd uf, I 'G l .f 'x i ' - : ?' V . ' V' 'f-if! ,f 1 " 1 , V Q fffl -,g IV ig I gm 2:l. X", -1.6.1 4 , , ,Q ,, ,j1. , . , , ,g j ' lu'?!f.,, f " . ffiiflf I :, , ' -V 'x ii :ll ' I Ely ciflction is the proper fruit of Knowledge." Thomas Fuller 4' E t ill X ls . 'xi 'U 1 if Patsy Shumate, Zeta Tau Alpha senior from Decatur, reigned as queen of the largest Home- coming in lVlillikin's history. She was chosen by Iiznmy Dorsey and crowned between halves of the football game by President Eber Spence of the Millikin Alumni Association. Five girls, one from each social organization on the campus, made up her court. The zeal of the student committees, headed by co-chairmen Robert Gilason and Iames Teckenbrock, and the co-operation of alumni produced a spirit of enthusiasm from the Friday noon pep assembly to the closing dance of Timmy Dorsey's orchestra. Hard Work and planning produced the finest parade of floats ever sent down the streets of Decatur. Caught by the spirit of making the l947 Homecoming the greatest yet, every group outdid previous Alai! Queen! HOMECOMING 1947 house and float decorations in clever, original ideas. Iudging was difficult with so many ex- cellent entries. The cup for house decoration Went to Sigma Alpha Epsilon, to Pi Beta Phi, the float trophy. The giant pep-assembly served as the kick- off to Homecoming Events, followed by the traditional Freshman-Sophomore scraps. Fri- day night's bonfire, Talent Show and final pep- rally set the scene for the spotlighted gridiron clash with our traditional rival Wesleyan. Highlighting all events of the l947 Homecom- ing was the first appearance of a name band on the Millikin campus, namely Iinimy Dorsey. One thousand couples jammed the Armory for the closing event in a successful Homecoming weekend. 2 D if 'Q' 9119 Aj 0173 0 O W. , Dondggto DQXK Dflq Chjcgrver Dewi mega Io Ann Laws Indee 9' V ws- - . Q 'Wy' . ' W kd Beg ,, evefw Sigel There? gelshcfw -1 V.- 'Q 1 J Y nv. on um E R9 5 ll IG '-"1 -.:lV'3," A ..5.-L -1 Y' "ii rf w ' , ,l :' ,Km C :- zu-5 ' v 1 djlgy- . 1 'hull L 3 H 5. . .il 4.9265 B' 15, N' X-5 it -1 .3 ,I-,-.. ,r . 5 lg Ejw- if. -.M . mg:.SLggg5l.f . Tj. , V - 1, . zri ff :I-'I-f 5 e 'Az D-A...-713, ,Vt s S.. a .,, ., ,. ., . ,tw . FJ, -, 9. X LMAZ'-2fL1f,' 'j 3-EQ, .1 ' v'v1J,'1'3X'E' 4- -v Yxluvi- Ji.: 1 ., ,wi 1.1, .X 'X ,... l .xp X f fu- 1 vi 1 TL. K . . U . , ,A U X rlgpll! P .sl Q----4 Q-3-L"L4""""' ' f " . , '..f.:w . '1f' f."fQY iwrvw 1 -W -,,.,,'f:J 5 A ff A 4 ' . - A f Q75 A . 'if rirfih Ag ' fr ' Erfvfffq ffm' ,' '- ' I -1. -'i' ',f."?l ' fl f X y,. . . . . 1 11,1 n ...P f1xWi?'7f.f?5. M-D 41 'f1'g1,.wi: it-af. A 4? f'1. -. 5- 39:1 fn T-A-.51 , 'N 'R' ,I A -Qu3.?-T' .-'L g-L I . -, lf' zz- i " "" . ' V, W..52w W. -, -0- ' '..,- .Q-. ' '.fA . ' ' , 1. .' Y f .--.n . .1 X fa.. nal-A 139C 'F"'E'1f TT- '. 3 11' v wg 5,115.2 71 bfi. 1. 1 5g'.VCkE'A',fv' Ps f . Ng ,Hgh .-T 1. X i'r?2'f'. fi", fri' Q-.111 .' j ,Q . A. ,,.. ji' I r ' H X K ,. 5 1, , w. - . -,a' ,. ,-'Lg 1 15.54 'L 1 S 1 5 N. .1 K . I rj! , ,Q '22 QNX avi' W 'wh' Q-L 1 LEYKN A , -1 X18 1 a .img 'ww wwf ,,, 'mum l X v V? 1 r '?3x I 1 1' 11 lllfl lrr mania "D- Emmy Lee Buchmann William Hahn Eunice Heideman Amold Kopetz Ioan Meisner Beverly Stickel WHUS WHO 1 Rose Marie Buchmann K lack Hari Gladys Howett ' ' Fred Leach Denny Pease ' Donald f 425- . . ' ' Williams , Fifteen Millikin students have attained one of the highest honors given college students all over the United States, that of being listed in the national publication of the book, "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities." This book lists students from all over the country who have proved themselves outstanding in scholarship and in school affairs, and have shown promise of maintaining a successful place in future life. Iune Figge, Ioanne Kastrup, and Don Faith are also listed in the publica- tion but did not have pictures taken. TOWN AND GOWN TEN LITTLE INDIANS Ten Little Indians, a mystery play by Agatha Christie, was presented by the Town and Gown Players on November 7th and 8th, l947. Under the able direction of Dr. L. C. McNabb and assisted by Herbert Ioys and Ioan Meisner the play fulfilled its purpose of holding the audience in the utmost suspense right down to the final gun. The spring production brought forth William Shakespeare's immortal classic, Iulius Caesar, Dr. McNabb accomplished the huge task of whipping his army of Gown Players into the grandeur days of Rome, with the assis- tance of Ioan Knight, Creighton Lewey, and Ioan Meisner. Mention should be made of the successful job the production staff did in both plays. The behind the scene cast was as follows: Willard I-lelme, electrician, Robert Hodges, Walter Roney, stage man- agers, Amy Alexander and Pauline Blyholder, costuming, Iune Figge and Marion Menk, properties, Iarold Talbot, Gladys Howett, and William Tull, scenery design, Mary Shimer, Marnita Kendall, business heads, and Doris Cope, head usher. The cast of Ten Little Indians included: Rogers ........................... William Osgood CGownl Mrs. Rogers ..... .... M aribeth Ward CGownI Fred Narracott .... ..... W alter Walker fGownl Vera Claythorne . , . ..,.. Iean Wakefield CGownJ Philip Lombard .... ...... R obert King CGownl Anthony Marston .... .... C harles Spear fGownI William Blore ..... ........ D enny Pease CGownJ General McKenzie . . . ........,. Daniel Logan CGownJ Emily Brent ............. ..... E lizabeth Schmalfuss fGownI Sir Lawrence Wargrave . . . ......... Tom Richards CTownI Dr. Armstrong ........., ....... I ohn Tichenor CGoWnI KISUD TOWN AND COW IULIUS CAESAR Iulius Caesar, classic of the English theater, was presented on March 12th and 13th, 1948. The play consisted of one of the largest casts ever to appear in a Town and Gown production. The cast was as follows: CAST Iulius Caesar .......................... ...lorries Hess Trimuvirs after the death of Caesar Octavius Caesar ...................... Keith Andrews Marcus Antonius .....................,.. Herbert Joys Pindarus, Servant of Cassius ,.......,.. Forrest Tackett M. Aemilius Lepidus .........,, .... W illiarn Oliver Senators Cicero .,....,.. ............ .... R o bert Pollard Publius .......... ,... R obert Bond Popilius Lena .,....,................,.. Robert Harlan Conspirators Against Iulius Caesar Marcus Brutus .......................... Daniel Logan Cassius ,... ...... Casca ......... Trebonius ...... Ligorius ........, Decius Brutus ,.... Metellus Cirnber ..,. Cinna ........... FlGVlUS, ..........,......,.......... . .........Der1ny Pease Creighton Lewey . . . . .Garrett Payne . . . .Iohn Tichenor ...,...Iohn Fink . . . ,Duane Palmer . . . .Max Roberts Willard Osgood Marullus ,................. ...,........... R obert King Artemidorus, a teacher of rhetoric ......... Iohn Bowers A soothsayer ........................., Arnold Kopetz Cinna, a poet ........................ Willard Osgood Another Poet ...,...................... Robert Keener Friends of Brutus and Cassius Lucilius .......,.,...................... Charles Spear Titinius ........,........,.............. Robert Harlan Messala ....... Young Cato ...., .Iohn Fink . . . .Max Roberts Volumnius ...,. ..,. G arrett PGYUS Q 151 Servants of Brutus Varro .... ...,...................... R obert Bond Clitus ....,. ..................,.... I ohn Tichenor Claudius .... ...... I ohn Bowers Strato ...... ,.... .,.. W a lter Walker Lucius ..................,.... ......, B arbara Hall Dardanius ........................... Richard Primrner Calpurnia, Wife to Caesar .,.. Virginia Traughber Meis Portia, Wife to Brutus .,... . . . . lst Commoner .... 2nd Commoner. , . lst Citizen ....... Znd Citizen ..... 3rd Citizen ........ 4th Citizen ....... Servant to Caesar Servant to Antony . , .Beverly McMillan . . . . . .Forrest Tackett . . . .lohn Dunnell ... .Richard Ferry . . . .lohn Dunnell . , . . . .David Libbin .. ..,.. Robert Primmer .,.....Robert Weiler . . . . . .Walter Walker Messenger ......., ...... R obert Weiler Ladies in Waiting. S liirtricita Cirain ary o win Trumpeters .,...'. f Russell Peebles lGeorge Rutherford f William Beeler Magistrates .... ,l George CGM l Theodore Miller l Luther Peek f Robert Coutant Soldiers .... I lcmes Ehmcm l Fred Leach l Van Wasson f Lee Cook - I f Ned Levy CHIZGHS --'- t Richard Mann l Walter Roney l William Wallace fThe Entire Cast ls Gownl 52 ' .QA Vfjm 4 , I 'Y' w 331 Q 4 Eh. SHS Nb D53 5 V! , 'S X r 1 'A' Ez. ' .'-, L .Lgjl ' V 'N I I ,?,j.5f:giff-Pwskv , T i 3 .Q,A W X. X ' .-i. x 'X ,',,i:,-51, .4 .R LI k ix 1 Ni, ik, t 1, ?nv" Fi, N4 ' X 'J EL -'gf MAL fix Jgflgv NGERE S CRWT W RXTER5 AT NNORXU .. AY, K DA Y 5 fXx UB sf' 5 ,u Q x,.f nqx X MEAE Ex K , ni 5 15" exif' Lk n gi 585 3 5 4 .. 4, x ,H '-mi! 5 9-' , V , . , 1 , , -.. rf 1 I.. ww. W ifimb- i 5 o , N 'fff STAG PARTY T7HEk fRDfg ST ' Y SME? EAU - '-Yglcp P4 p4 R Olin X 5? N 4 1 A, if 2' W ,VN ' X -Ah-4 ' 'Q ' Ll f W:-l l IJ ' -its " -A6 44' i Aff' xffka J' ,Q gitvfw' V - A N 5 Q., ..., -e ff P2404 'Q-S at 1-g Q0 - 1.5 553' 3,3 in ,mx 2 ,rv fb' Y ir A -1-5 'E ,f Q33 'HN E yy X! pl. MBE . as A ir. Q - ki' 4' , Qi. , , - ,Q . ' NME.. -.:- 5'-x ' 5ONE A J 109 OUND 4 A V v,-jwZf'g, f - Effii , '-3' --x ' -""7zT., -- . . V' i'l' - xr. oooH! THOSE WAFFLESQ -f. so - s Q E A lk 1 SANTASHELPER 59' gd .L GPS on nc nur--rm: r: A T1-IIZD C Ill ss-, v " -I 11. I A K' , a al e ' f xg,-g, -Y.. 55 so ri' K Y. '. o iw Y 134 . ,.x , , ,. - .I is! 3,3 ., W Q, 4, 'S 21, 44 J, av Z "' W7 'L '.' . . uv ' 'L I mx A - . A6ss "' f ,U '55, ,MQ , my -. ' I si of-I 'ui , 4 Y., ,v 'F V 1-" ' '. --sz' 1, ' ,, .1 , '- ,A ufffif .1 5 ff .r xl 1 , ' 1 , g N ' Y P' ,152 ff. 1 :rv N F Wi rw f, .. -"X f fer 4 H' . 4 ' , K-1-A' ,-1 47 . . 'f'-4"f,- ,V F' me .- l Q, ,df - ,X M40-1.7, 157 7 ATQQQT. " " , I ' ' N 'Q' 1' A' ' . ' .-" ' ' 'I V -' ' 'RW' "lm -.'.Lfi5'v:'ff'i'h':3-" ' f " -3-'Mix "xi -i'154'7f3532 " '42 51+ "' V. W 4 wi ljrff' ,Ha -4? .- J V' ef,-. 113 ,- -3, -. l, -' J, - , P Y1 J Ar, 2 f-, AF' -. f Ne "a"'s Q , ,Visa I X QA ,f JV X , '. X L X xx . ' f , J f 'il 1 -. If ' ' xx , 'qi I X x I . ,J al f T X If r ma-JA' ' 5 f K A 1 .fl ' -.,. .. L , .P-.r ' " ' :T 1' isa... ,, , ,gn . ff O 'l ,-'n ui ' A .4 -f-Tv Y -- ' yxosw xoXN Wixgl , ,gvi-J ' ' W :WJ .- Q0 may V9 5031 df 'XY LOCA YYXQO IQEQ, SHOW CXOEY3 N we .Mig 1 1 .f-z gig' ff .X-N 11y.., X Swiiiu- 35' 53525 ,f e if - 4 it 555 es O iv' sv .H QW J, A f sf , ?f Qi I f -W f-:Ae E 4.1 'J ,5 AAHE lug? dl .9 b 5s if I 1 'N P , , hr fi' iv' ' Q ' 0 f ,LL J sri my I wi, . ip, 575 SW' I u BORED HARLAN7 O 91 Sl u ,gy If T' uf l lr ff -I ' 3-1 555 fQaTV if es' 515 K S x 'ffm K 4 ' .ggi 'All Q . gi! ' 'E Vx f'-if K me FQ 7 i? 3 R5 API 'iw X N.. ' RQ +?q.,,sL H X, . .., ff , .n if 7 X 1155 gs 9 . I 9 If s PN 'M .gffif-s:'f my N 'lf' x 'il Nilx 9 'V Fai Ill '. - Aa qi-Q gk. 4' V' - ,Q-f Y. , 4:- .hf -f ,,, 3' eifzs- ,. ff: gf., Ju bff ffgf-fif 645 his W '-f wr . 3 .f-25,2 Q :un is-' wi' 'Qffrl 3ri11.f,j7x .K Ag. , L, 'EL 5 , -1- xenf . A N A , aw, ' . 'sg 1512 xx A lb! 55252 Ki? 1. E 'fs' iii: me - kiwi? W: 5 .gf Q We 136 AW' 2. 4 - x W C NNC r -4 fqly. R, 'Jyi ax S5 ' lf-M C -IQ: Nxt Ml? Rl: , 'K 1 A 1 Qs QS' qi 'W' B wt w 1 nw U27 xx E ?gm55:-- vu, xi W E ww n 1. w ww iv! GO. rvf ,us 55 55 X5 N Q .5 'of 5. ag? - gm. H ns' I. Graduates of James Millilcin University YOUR env IS Youk BUSINESS: Mosr of you will become business and professional men and women eiiher in Decarur or in anoiher ciiy. As you become ideniiiied wiih your communiiy, you will find Thai' your cify is your business, as well as ihe profession or oiher occupalrion by which you earn your livelihood. You should, and will be expecied 'lo coniribuie your ihinking and your eiforis io ihe handling oi ihose mailers which will deiermine 'rhe characier of 'rhe communiiy in which you earn your living and esiablish your home. You graduaies who choose Decalur for your home 'rown are welcomed for your you+h, your enihusiasm, your approach +o our communiiy problems, and your willing- ness io work ioward 'rheir soluiion. A+ ihis commencerneni period of I948, we as "old cilizensu inviie you 'io Turn your ihoughis +o 'ihe following mariers oi Decaiur's "unfinished business" . . . mailers which have a viral eiclecl' upon The characier of 'l'he iuiure Decaiur. We urge you, firsi, 'ro become informed abou? ihem, Then To ioin orher ciiizens in working on Jrhern for a Greaier Decaiur in which lo live and do business. Conserva+ion of Lake Decarur as 'l'he source of fhe ciiy wafer supply and as a recreafion cen+er Parking Airporf buildings and air service Low ren+ housing Job developmeni' Wafer works improvemenfs Wafer mains ou+side Hue ciiy Ex+ension of sewers bofh wifhin and oufside 'Phe cify Annexafion of adiacenf areas which are a par? of ihe Decaiur communify Building code revision Modern s'l'ree'I' lighiing Schools Developmeni' of a maior s+ree+ and belfline sysfem Rai' eliminarion, garbage collec+ion and disposal Adequafe revenue +o provide communi+y services H 4 Ao ASSOCIATION OF COMMERCE OF DECATUR Q 176 Db ONE OF TI-IE NECESSITIES OF COLLEGE LIFE College Supply Store cleslcs lamps gills I22 EAST WILLIAM STREET L camera supplies-developing-prinling sIaIione-ry and supplies sporling goods Iounlain pens reelin cards 9 Q prnzes H N .F-Fist-UOTW SHOP for imporlanl clollwes I35 Eas+ Prairie 44 177 2 uuuuunuunuuuuu:nunsnuuunnnguuununuunuuu.nuuunu-'un-nunnnnunnnnuunuunnnnunnuvnunnnnnuuuuuunuu NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WATCHES - - - JEWELRY CASH . . . . CHARGE . . . . or BUDGET 215 E. NORTH X DECATUR' ILL !! , O RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES DECATUR, ILLINOIS SAM E. ARMSWORTH I099 Wesi' Main Sfreei' JAMES A. ARMSWORTH 702 Easi' Wood Sfreef FOLRATH'S INC. is -2. an SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 55 -2- 35 2I I N. WATER STREET 178 I QE P0 of F: fe, No doubt you have often seen and used this handsome and efficient shower in your home, in hotels, clubs, gyms, etc., yet it is just ONE of many MUELLER products that contribute daily to your comfort and health. For almost a century, MUELLER CO. has furnished the Water and Gas Industries with numerous products and machines to enable them to dis- tribute water and gas to your homes efficiently, uninterrupledly and eco- nomically. Most of these items are buried under ground and are never seen by the average layman but their reputation for dependable perfor- mance has made MUELLER CO. the outstanding manufacturer in their field today-a reputation we constantly continue to guard and maintain. Q1792 A BROWNIE COAL 3 J I -3 T 'f V, . - ' CENTRAL ILLINOIS' I LARGEST SELECTION ,.X ' of HIGH GRADE C O A I. S D BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION "BLOWN-IN" The Clean, Efficieni' Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT I0 +o I8 DEGREES Saves 2070 'Io 302, on Fuel Main Office I72 E. NOrII'1 SI. a18U:v For Every Purpose CLEAN. CAREFUL DELIVERIES 1-' 'i com. g BROWNIE 'x'. X' :- . QT' ', I lvil,L7 +I, TIE-'nfuyfx QICET. 'ffL. 4 H22 25 BRUWNIE Com. CU. Manufacfurer of The BROWNIE STOKER Congratulations to All Gracluatesi MILLIKIN has given you much- Be sure to ioin Ihe ALUMNI FOUNDATION and show your gratitude through the years. ir IVIOREHGUSE and WELLS CQMPANY 250 East William Decatur, Illinois Congratulations, Miiiilcinl On your interest in Decatur vocational education Build with Brick the Everlasting Material aka WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. E. M. WOARE DECATUR, ILLINOIS Q1812 GEBHART- GU SHARD l-leadquariers for College Fashions The College Shop lsecond floorl is designed especially io supply 'rhe fashion needs of Complimenis of ihe ACRE Siealcs, Fried Chicken Baskeis Sandwiches, I-lol and Cold Sundaes and Sodas A Good Place fo Ea+ Millikin women. Ek ik ik J. S. JOHNSON Relax America! One of Decnlurs hes! stores for men ancl Grin! : E young men. Smile! : Laugh! KNOX HATS al fha ARROW SHIRTS M o v I E s ' No ofher Enlrerfainmenf Offers So Much for So Liiile Lincoln Theatre Empress Theatre Deca+ur's Finesf McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR HICKEY FREEMAN CLOTHES BLAKENEY G PLUM 326 NORTH WATER STREET 182 zu 76 Years of Good Storelceeping ' "RegisterecIH Diamonds ' Jewelry ' Nationally-Known Makes of Fine Watches ' Sterling Silver ' Hanotba s 8 ' China ' Glassware ' Linens ' Perfume ' Cosmetics ' Lamps Posts Diamonds Are 'Registerectn Wwglgmatkx For Your Protection No Price Penalty for 'Wx iwmw Courtesy of CrecIitI '75 2 I1-:J-s -J:-: -:-.-I-:Jr-: ' -"- 1 fL s ----" , f- f . ww. "" " . H. PGST of SCDNS JEWELERS FOR 76 YEARS MERCHANT AT PRAIRIE STREET DECATUR, ILLINOIS 183 D v S l Wada: WQWW4 Cotton Shop X G IR L S I l Gay liHle srraws-flower bedeclced for Q. Large assorlmenls in prices from S3 98 'Q ' up- fz : ibm. LEARN Beaufy Cullure 'F 'I' 4 Gel' Sei' in a Profifable Profession! The Laura Hallford School of Beaufy Cullure offers fhe regular six monrh course in beaufy 5 Jrrainingg an advanced and pos+graclua+e f Josephine Slattery course: also. fhe insfruclors' fraining course. : You'll be deligh+ecl wi+h our school. Phone or . , wrH'e: lxflllllnery The Laura Hanford Slale-Accredifed SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 546 Norfh Wafer Phone 2-7294 At Stewartis 'K 184 PP cOmpimen+S of E. D. GUSTIN as SONS Reallors C 0 L LIN S RealEs+ai'e C O ' Suburbans Insurance QJWND - l28 Wesi' Wood Wm. H. Collins Geo. E. Braley Phone 2-4360 Y. ,. , .F o-.,.w.- .-, . , , -,, A, ll : Q, if ,gfogffff ' V- ' " l - ' I r' ' fix I 4 .5 ,,., f I - s 'ag ,, V I 2 v, ' 3 ftff .A . tn' !l 1 f f - ' . " ' o, no N,-fi .. in Your Heaclquarfers for A R- L E N :E S CAMPUS CLOTHES I47 N. Wafer Sf. - Decaiur, lllinois ' cc 185 up P H I L C O A great name. superior craftsmanship, truly glorious tone . . . Philco stands at the head ot its class. Central Raolio Store 248 North Park SCHAFFER E9 GLUCK FURS - CLOTH COATS - SUITS 253 N. Main St. Congratulations to the Class of 1948 sf? RAFFINGTGN DRUG STQRE "Always Welcome" I IOI WEST MAIN al Individual Fashions For the Distinctive SUFFERN ARCADE Individual 4:1862 1 W. G. TRAVER SUPPLY CO. l902 N. WATER DECATUR 70, ILL. PHONE 5455 Ready-Mixecl Concrele Concrele and Hayclile Blocks Building Supplies -...nn-nnnuuunnnuuuunnunnununnuunuuuunnnuunuuunnun . a kfdfzumode 0 HOSIERY if Polly Parrol Shoes for Youngsfers E BLACK 651 C0 Decaiur, Illinois Sporting Goocls Hardware Paints E Rodgers Slloe Store 187 x Qi-zcatuvfs Exclusive Floorcovering Store Feafuring NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINOLEUM ARMSTRONG SLOAN GOLD SEAL BIRD SANDURA MANITEX ARMSTRONG OR MASTIC STEEL OR WOOD ASPHALT TILE VENETIAN BLINDS Free Esfimafes WeilI,s Linoleum and Rug Company 322 N. MAIN PHONE 7037 P 1188! I nit Y Wx" a5'?"i7:5i7'5.i.:.- ' .1 N .QJEQE-,-'. -1 Q Y l A FINE ,4W1c'l'lc'lll4 WATCH 7915. Watches rate high among ' lg!! ,Lick W THERE IS NO EINER GIFT THAN X . - .A T f liiyqnrza- Try., 'mf 'l 'lyk g fp rl 'Q ,- lfalll-alfllellf. T554-'llllqllffelfil . nfl Il ovary' -:I ' rl ,I J S 5 , Q'-7 After a long wartime absence, fa "gifts that last"-particularly fine American watches-Hamilton watches. Hamiltons are beginning to appear C will-'el again. We'11 be glad ro show you - I W. 'ln 'tligwli . , those we have-or if we don t have the model you want, to call lt ll you when ir arrives. f allllamll .01 JEWELERS WALTER FLURA EE' SONS '48, I 52 Em Main TeT?:2iif3:?.Qz E A T ua Beauliful t Haw R F I Home Q 1,.1 l , .,, T' l lhalln Egiiw oul of li k an i ,..-T --- 5 greal If We Can Help Public Confidence ii MCRAN asows FUNERAL HOME N. Wafer ST. al Eldorado DECATUR . . . ILLINOIS c1892 T Complimenfs of P E R F C T SWAIN S MYERS, Inc. Potato Chips Complele Sfore Equipmenl' E 544-552 N. MAIN ST. Made by + + l THE FOOD SERVICE "The Besl' of Everylhing ai' One Place" BEN R. SLIDER PGM POM lncluslrial Commercial WHERE FOOD IS ALWAYS Resiclenfial I THE BEST! Inferior Decorafing i ir i CHURCH - OFFICE - HOME CLUB AND STORE WHERE YOU GET QUICK SERVICE! -an -3- as 'I' 'A' 'A' Dial 2-OI65 l626 W. Main Corner Wood and Oakland KIQUD 'k 52' 'lr ,BURR ns on THE connik f HE E N H 0 U S E 5 l60 South Water St. Phone 5305 'k il? 'A' J. D. JOHNSON E51 SON 240 North Park St. Telephone 5l3l GENERAL INSURANCE FIRE-CASUALTY SURETY BONDS ACCIDENT-HEALTH HOSPITALIZATION Loans and Real Estate J. D. Johnson T. Douglas Johnson Geo. A. Moeller Jack B. Irish Wllitll Specialized Automotive Carburetor and Electrical Engineers The Home of Cheerful Credit S2526 GATELYJ' Dept. Store Operated by Brother's lnc. 'A' i' 'A' 447 No. Water Decatur Battery Service 5 lnc. I 343 E. Main 5453 Clothing 'For the Entire Family Q 191 X G. S. Lyon 6- Sons LUMBER 81 MANUFACTURING COMPANY SINCE I878 A Deca+ur's Oldesf and Mosl Reliable Dealers WOODWORK FOR HOMES 0 Broadway ai Cerro Gordo Phone 427l OSGOOD HTS.. Featured at Staulners, Inc. OSGOOD MM SONS DECATUR, ILL. 192 F5 " -Q3 I+ lakes good foods for l-lealllw and Energy for youngslers as well as grown ups. Ward Rose and Reward Good Foods are as nulrllious as They are delicious. - 1 Complimenls of C. E. WARD 63- SONS Wholesale Grocers DECATUR, ILLINOIS 44 bb ICE 00l0 000A-00lA 00ES 0000 WITH F000 6112? ' , : x : 'P' N . . : f' Q ,H . L . E ,-L Q : . E . DecuIur's Most Meiarn Theatre Cook 5. Son Jewelers and Wafch Makers woon n ouunn '27 N' Main S+' .4 ' - jli f' E' 'X" eo, ,i ,M ll i- lu JE Em gp lglill gf USE YOUR BANK ln The years lo come you will find a good banking conneclion lo be a valuable assel. This bank can be of service lo you in many ways-as a deposilory for your funds . . . 'lo meel' your credil requiremenls . . . and lo help you lo make and lo save money. We cordially invile you lo open an accounl willw us and lo use all oi The various banking facililies llwal are available lo you. Hold Your Unifed Sfafes Savings Bonds THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK of Decalur l89l-I948 Member Federal Member Deposii' Insurance Federal Reserve Corporafion Sysfem 44 195 an DECATUR l il? S ' WE SERVE YOU Safety Courtesy Service Office Telephones 2 30 lndusiry Couri 5345 - 5346 s Decatur Warehouse Co. R. C. Simumaie J. F. Gauge:- l-larry lSlcinnyl Taylor 5 TRANSFER, MOVING, STORAGE 5 Licensed - Bonded - Insured Carriers 5 Decaiur, Illinois HUNTER-PoGUE LUMBER CG' Any Time - Every Time Lumber - Millwork - Mule-Hide Roofing it,S W ir ik C10LTERMANN'S ' I C E C R E A M Si? 'A' Sf? Phone 4487 705 N. Oakland Ave. FAIRVIEW 84 PACKARD 196 D "' F1 'Sr 'QS The Gibson Girls Grandaughter at J. M. . I9Ol-an imporianl' year in lhe hisiory of Decaiur be- cause Millikin Universify was founded. In I948 we find ilwe fhird generaiion affending classes, and lo. iusi like 47 years ago ine young ladies are perfecl' examples of fashion in "Gibson Girl" waisis and slciris. ql.l And nowg as in I9Ol, Linn 3: Scruggs is llie Qualify Slore, caiering 'ro lime co-eds-for Linn's has served 'lhis com- munily since IS69. LINN and SCRUGGS Decafur's Oldesf Deparfmeni' Sfore Complimenls of THE FARM CAFE lnlerseciion Roufe 48 and l2I John B. Graves. Jr.. Owner K 197 bb , . . . his . um-E ..,. 5 . G.. 4 23.122323 sv? 3:21211 ":5E3Eg15:g13:4 N E1E5E3E3:,. ffififliliy r ' 313222 -E12 . 'fiE3E5E2E5E5iQEi 'lfliiiii ' EESEEEEESEEEES lziirzziz -1E5ErEe51E122- ,ggigrgrgza -.g:p:- '-L' -.., A Milestone in Life Graduaiion from Millilcin marlcs Jrhe successful closing of one phase of life. H' symbolizes complelion of well rounded preparaiion for The business of living and heralds lhe selling-up of new goals +o be achieved-goals 'rhai each musl choose for himself. This educaiion has sharpened and polished your "+ools for living." May you use ihem well and achieve ihe success of your own choosing. li nh- ' n A. W. CASH COMPANY 441989 A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Checking Accounls Chrisfmas Savings Savings Accoun'rs Commercial Loans Personal Loans Real Es+a'I'e Loans Sa'Fe'I'y Deposii' Boxes U. S. Savings Bonds Money Orders Foreign Exchange Travelers Checks Le'Hers of Creclii' THE IVIILLIKIN NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR DECATUR, ILLINOIS Member Federal Deposir Insurance Corporafion K199D ff Aff If 726 ff . - x',- ,. X : ' l-1": ., -- I X .It A41 ,N qigii J I W"-Ilwfshff I ,- U ' 5 , ESRNXI , Y M X , X K , ffjx I I A ! 'XI 1' E 1,4 XX I L. ' E QR I ,I IWW-. ff-1..,.,,, " XX XNINWQ 1 is ERN j Y- .I X IE. L ' ri- - Nw .,..I--' ,..F- 'H ' ' ffi 21"'E' f s Ei ? "1-X 'W . X X I' 6 1 7 4 f . X, ' fx? N ' , X 1 fi 3' X III IW X X I I f lxrq lj Ml ,f K 'I X in X f wi "M ' J ' EHAHAETEH That which we can character is a re served force which acts directly by pres- ence, and without means. It is conceived of as a certain unclemon-strable force, a familiar or genius, by whose impulses the man is guided, but whose counsels he cannot impart. R. EIYIPFSOTI Dawson 5' Wikoff Z LLPLZZG, Lteciofzf 7 I fb' DECATUR, ILLINOIS I W - I CCDI QQI i n ,IH RECOMMENDED BY DUNCAN HINES AND THE A.A.A. GZUUX A 1 one HUNDRED THousANo gi ooi.LARs woam oe GROCERNES PLEASE I O OO OO M- HMM but did you know that Decatur people at CASH VALVE will buy at least that much tood this year along with ANOTHER one hundred thousand dollars of Decatur rent, clothing, taxes, and amusementsl And where did this money come from? Why, from all over the world...trom the sale of cASl-I-ACME Automatic Valves... engineered to solve industrial and household pressure problems. HDD. g A A l 'D' oft f " .41 O , a ' A.W.CASH VALVE MANUFACTURING- .COR O R I N For twenty-tive years, manufacturers ot quality pressure reducing and regulating valves. reliet valves, automatic pressure controls tor hot water space heating systems. etc. We're oflen asked. here al S+aley's iusl Wl-IAT we make from corn and soybeans. In asenlrence or Two il is ihis: from corn we process a long lisl of slarches, sugars, oils and leeds for indusiry, lhe farm and lhe home. From soybeans we obiain soybean oil and soybean oil meal. When you see ihe Slaley name on a package of siarch or a can of syrup ai your grocer's you can be sure Thai in 'rhai package you will find an unusually high grade producl' lhal' will serve you well. Ask for lhese Slaley producls by name: STALEY'S CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH CREAM CORN STARCH STALEY'S TABLE SYRUPS I4 flavors, STALEY'S "STOY" SOY FLOUR A. E. STALEY MANUFACTURING CO. Decaiur, Illinois 4:2022 Compliments of U0unq's Packing Co., Inc 0 Uualitg Meats 0 +++ R. M. MARTIN JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST I08 E. Prairie Sf. Decafur, Illinois "LowesI' Prices in Deca+ur" 'I-'l"l' CjongratuIations to the CIass of 1948 SEARS, ROEBUCK S CO. Corner of Franklin and NOFII1 5 INCLUDE 5 proper insurance prolecrion in your budget : You'II have peace of mind and absoluie pro- , Iecfion againsl financial loss. 5 Insure only in slrong sioclc companies. You 1 can do H' flwrouglw This agency. HAROLD R. IRISH PHONE 3-3429 20I Cifizens Building I Decafur, Illinois E PROTECTION - ALL WAYS - ALWAYS 442042 Keep tI1e Wheels of Transportation Rolling We Urge You Io Take Care of Your Preseni Car or Truck IN IVIACON COUNTY FACTORY TRAINED EXPERTS TO GIVE YOU MANY MILES OE SATISFIED SERVICE H. P. Hazelrigg Company Landers 81 Company Highfield Buick Company Nolen MoI'or Company Verlcler Bros. Company Wilcl Truck Service Corwin Johns Company General Finance Corp. G. M. A. C. Universal C.I.T. Credif Corp. DecaI'ur Moior Sales, Inc. W. C. Sfarr, Inc. Bopp Mofors KiIborn's Frede CI1evroIe'I Inc. Cooper Oldsmobile Co. H. G. Wonderlin Company B. B. Burns Co., Inc. CenI'raI Illinois InvesI'menI' Co. J. L. Tallman H. A. Kuhle ImpIemen'r S'I'ore mlm CENTRAL ILLINOIS AUTOMOTIVE TRADES ASSOCIATION, Inc. 40I-3 Sfandarcl Bldg. Decafur I2, IIIinois TeIepI'l0ne 2-5269 nu .n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, uuuunumun-nun-nu-nunu 44 205 2 .. . ,.,,4, ,,..4........ . ,., W .1-11.1.31 .az-tg-gn-:g.p,:-une:-za:-' fri.:-114-1-2:-:mga-11.5,39415:-:-1:-z41,:'11 .. ' - - I ' 1 n 1 11 OU'VE had loads of good advicel Bul' 'Hue going sfill will be rough unless you learn and pracfice Rule One in Boolc One: Be easy +o gel' along wi'I'l'1! Pracfice every day-al' home, wi1'l1 friends, on fhe job-and you'll noi' only gel places, bui also will have a full, enioyable life The National Bank of Decatur -a Bank Tha+'s ,Easy fo Gel' Along Will-1 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 42062 The Milliclelc Staff wishes to aclcnowlecl e the ene su ort of the following firms and individuals w Millidek: Alharnhra Theatre Ashernos Candy Shop Blue Mill Daut Brothers Florists Dawson Er Wilcotf Funeral Home Dayis Paint Store Feoleral Balce Shop Fielolis Ready-to-Wear GFCCHWOOJ AVCHUC GFCCDIIOUSC Cvreiderss Cafeteria 9 9 PP ho have helped sponsor the I948 Groves Motel Wayne E. Hattielol Harclware John Keane Krighanrn Electric Co. M aooo Street Market Ansel O. Magill Helen Mills Magill Metzler E5 Sons lnc. J. C. Penney 65- Co. Richman Bros. Co. Dr. R. Zinli Sanders The Millidek Sfaff wishes +o acknowledge fhe cooperaiion and sup- por+ of fhe following individuals who have helped fo make +he l948 Millidek possible: Faculty Advisers: ETHEL M. PARKINSGN GLEN R. SMITH BYRON KERNS who confribuied 'rime and effori in ge'Hing 'ihe book rolling and assisiing in fhe firing iob of proof reading. To Forresf Kyle for wrifing and The use of his column "Once Over Ligh+ly." To Bob Sirongman, Pfile'sg Joe Sronce, Capifol Engraving: Lynn Hiser, Husion-PaHerson, for assisfance beyond +he call of dufy. And +o ihe Adminisirafion, S+uden+ Council, Organizalions, and Siudenfs wi+hou'r whose help and cooperaiion fhis book could noi' have come ou+ on iime, weuexfend our sincere . . . THANKS I948 MILLIDEK STAFF. iii Priniing and Binding by Huston-Patterson Corporation 'kirir Engraving by Capitol Engraving Company 44 DP wc: 7 u -s at 322522. 2 -1 a ,1 hy, ' rx P- 1' Q-: , V. f 4 ', ' , 1-. . 1. f. 'fvlbw . ,. ,, R fr Vw I .. , N' 'Arif' , . , j X V 1 f- . . ,..4 ,, - . 1 vm Q da: .gd 3 ,. ,f X ,ga .ju ,qt V we--ra 1 5. --lff?F?L . ' J", J. 4 . "Lf,-iw? , A -, , ' . "3.qX:', I . 1 .- ': x L :-'I' .Qin Y fr-ffifi Lv 'gg-" L ,.T.'A'flL- f u V 'fx ,I H K "S+-Q -32.5-fl. .fi,- V 1, ,il 4, V gn! un, I . 5 2+ 1-V lift vi. , ' -. ,xx , .gk V D iv.,--Y x .v'm.,' 'Lf' li fn,-'Q V731-.'Q'g..' 'E M 'ZL'fi.f ' ffl if ' ,471 A . 9'-I .-:r ..:f', a...fv.g fl-3 1- 'f' ' r---1--gy 2' uv, ' .' L-" ,. ., Q 1. W. 474'-fa ,4 Y ' ' ' . ' , ' ' r Q Q 4 I , . - .1 if L ' xi ' 5 1 ' A. .? .3 - . f .fl ,,f"'!1 ' ,K . . .." ' nu... yn' .,,m1 , . .ew .nil 'Y .riwi Vg ,. up fm? -- xldi' Q A wha 3-.,, Ax vm H.-Q, I , mv. l A il ' 'fl W-1 h . . '41 f.3"H2 vu. f. , . sy yu,-4. , . x -'. , , ,I Wu Vins iff, -.f 4- wx. WP um ' ..,.. .+ , . ..-. .1' 'Tr s x -,-. '5.1Y'1- -.. .--Q Q, ' s ' . sd

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