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211 f K' H- if -,-- - -7 ---- .,.. - nx ul muilgn' u n u n X l WILLIAM KILEEN, Editor JOAN RAMBQ, Business Manager 1, mEl X ffm fgm mizzwzgk james W liHilQ in U1f1,ive'1fsity QDECCIU-t1l', Illinois THE 1946 IVIILLIDEK PRESENTS I II III IV V VI VII VIII VIEVV SECTION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS SPORTS SOCIAL CALENDAR and SNAPSHOTS ,ff C 'xv n WE MEET ON COMMON GROUND -4 IY' W '4k"'f' Qffill, 'fleas' 4 -I 14,-My 4 I' f A L 'jg-'E+ 'I .fx 1 1 4 f' I '.f 'Q 454: -1 T' rs -X ' 441 , my ,.'.Q'x. 'f"'1 . L.: M s W ,,,.,,:. . '. for 3.4 ,f,2zQ,Sf , I ir., 9 ' 4. .A -W .4 "vw, ,H z'mhll.J 'fig' 4r,7'if,g.'A x' "5 "0---,410 f .A ' lv 4'-fy' fs " ,,1'j.r ' ' -f A ,-111' -"' 9 , 5' . . y 4"-rifa-'W - -'-W jf- 5- A 0 - - ,. , . .- '- 11.1 2,'?'Qf V+", l w x ' ::lfg5,.'nY,w x in in Y It kr-Miki, I-if 'f , . 4 x t Q ,x,.,.,:x W3 kim! Txlft, xl, 44--P 1.5, 1 1.51 ,,. ,S-.j . -2 A, -Y Xa,-L N.- gif: .ET4-Xu '.-:, -f"vfl'D:?1,v. ,.? Q . ' A """t I xg lfqi- 4 J 1, .Hn ,. "7 'W 51,5-"4 g'.fr',f f1f , I . " Ar: 'L "'f'f+',w 4 4, tfs-is ,. gyanvls B' f ., ' 'Maj -Tif. . rx., Lg- Hi' L, 1-hx Y F 'ir r , M4 flu-,Y 9' N 'I 1 'ww ,H 14 .U lsdjlnf. .vv I' gi?-4.1 1 .fiff ,,. .e v .y- I! M .Y f ' I 'L "x' ':i'A-f'1f A J fi A. , v. ' PIM., ,1 ,if ,I U ,, -l, PU Y "T" V1 '- Lu mf-N i.. Av L -I K T '-.QTTFfr-AP Q' -'1 T -f :":-L j- T T. 1, aw. Zfif5Q,al Q f Q! ,zu E 4 il 5 gif,- i" TQ' w Fr l.'1. , ,, PK P, E. x 11, L, ' ' L L., V ' Q, ff g 1 in 1? 15' 151.-, 'wx A-F 5 A J 4 1L si wo' 13" --4 M 5 .z-J'-...-- . , gnu qi? Q 'fi .7 ,T h N5u,a...-Aff LOL'-'L 'EAN N 4 'ing' . - f,4u5:"Q'E1'Y . :.,g . K- xl -4, fl .. S N -'F - hi. Q1 311 ..'. !5,k4Wi.-'K g , 1 h A it ffm, " " .king QM' X' A Y E' , " -'lvl -1 x L 43. 7' Av -1 i'3'4tA 5:14, ..- ,- Q if, Annu :?M'W"' . '.fm,Q : fy - V ,.,s 1 -f4'fiQ .ig Af? ,fm ' ,f 1 ,,-h,,A,.g., - -in JH. K In n A A . " ' v 53' N 1 I 'K Va-' . Im, ' '1s5T'g2,5f1 '. "'xl... n 'K . LIVING AS FRIENDS we Q-f . ri d In is if A 0 I 1 Q 5 JN .X T5 X U1 S1 s F 1 3 I M M""' U. "villa, :Gig 5' : s. P - F QW - 1 i V 1' J " 5 A 4'.-7 ff! 3-:sf ' T1 F5 F-if 3 -if . 1 . 5 1 ' K 1 'T ' V" ' , , , Q' 4. , ,1 3 Q LL-1731.5 J galil- .- - i , i If 41 1 we 'M' , ' , ye l gf- Q 4 I -4 Q V , , A ' 1 4 f L I , E P ' X, I ' W 4 2.-Q " 1 Jw " 1' .' 'ig 'V' v.,1fz22Q1w ,MQW w -. H " 4 ,.-. ff' - ' ,U:,2iyU4,yNU1f Pgwrs, U ,."s.'1'P f ,, 3, , ',755jf'v-',g,?i'5f',," ' .fm 51 H NL- ' V 2' A-,f x.,.,.-swf' , . N. El.: 4 sy!--5? V -' 1-gfa, Y- .7 ' . Q" 'ae ff fl-.,. ab ":- Y f - 1-H W , W "1 4. V. 1.745 flrvjl- ,','-vii-4: -Y 'Q , 1, Y if ' ,. M - 'fy 'IVA ,. .J rf , 1 :g PLAYING l w 6 EXPERINIENTING DEPARTING RICHER IN PERSQNALITY ,-,--..:'jqQ 4 xl? 45 ! ll x. U32 '51 Kg- . Q? ' I-if 1- H .114 ffgii 11 u Y V ,.4,-... -. 11 L .ii 11.14 1 V I 3 :Ai Hx V xv F- A H is i V. ,AD :gtg-, HUM 1 .V .,L,,,nJ H M, r V N xizgiih g-?.1. .15 1 B1 6, - -V Ayr,-WA' 1 ' - 1 'ff-A-vw., 1g-:nd-, '- 1 '-" I -A--1111 1- 1'--E-..:,j..Lw1 X-:Lb 1' .1 Lx, .. JL -Q 1,1,!1'- -. : -.2 :1 H, ., , . A 111-A1---14 L 4 " -' , .1 iz ,. 1... . .,,,...:J..,..... - 1? -,1+-'R- 111-ELF .. .. -- "1 K W 1 -. 1. - 4 - - f ' 111 1 11.1'11 . 1111, 1 1 111W '11, ' - 1 1 ...,A, 1 ' "Wg 1 1 ffl ' 'ai 1 ,11-1.21 1. . , . ., .,,, Q N J 1 M . - ' -1 1 ,. .1'::11f1115irf::,g:f . 1 1, 1 rin. -Q3g'1"' 1 L El 12 'ig 1 ,- 'IQ 71:55-'E3J?5.'L..j' LQSQJ? 1- . 1 1 --- I . ff"-+1 1- ..r,-f 'iizzf-1 -4:1 A . Fifi' -ui 21 3-LMT 11 1 1- '1 1'ff1-.1151 1' 5.11121-'1 1 ' 1 W1 - 1 1 "' 5 A -ff 11 1 1 11f"91:z1"Q "" 111 --1-1 11 N 1415--24121311-51 11 jx . EW," 1 1 i'111p11111':g1i11111 1.117511 N ,. 'L"'h'1'1""'h'5'331,1'l' ' 354311 I 'H 1 "W 1 111 ' 11 1 11:11 111::S1.1"111 W1 ,.'1. 111111159111 '1.43U'51111 '1111f "' -1?'f" 1. 11 4111.111 1 11 N11 1.1. ' 1 1 . -1 . 5 1 111--1'-1 a:'111,11111+1 11'1q1, , 11 1 -11 1 1 1 " lf 1 1 1 1 M 1-45. Wg,-1', ---1 ' " ---- 1 1 11- ' -1 1'-1 Q ,Q 1..1- wigs T-1: h. :ui 1 .297 X, 1g '111 , 15.1111 I W 1.11: la 1 1 1 1 1 ' -1 11- -K, .g',..,' -1:11. 1 -1 - 1 .1 'R 1 ,, ,f1 'lil , 1 1 1, - 5,1 , -fr . 1 . , 1 . 11515111.11 ..f,1gFs1 - 2 :r :Q 1- .. ' , 1-1-vH+3y,g'C!'fg1i1. 1- .. . - 1?-r-4:33, -2,551 Q5' ' 11 1- -1-1 1 11 11 R -4 11 fr 1 1 11 1111111111Q1111.11'111 1 '1 A' 1, 11 1 1 114.1 1 11 1, 11111. , ' 11 was 11'- 1 1. E 'awk , fg-:'- '-111 1 1 fix I .1 111 - 1 ' 11 .. -1 11 4 L' Q 11 1 1f11 1 1'1'.1 2- -1 -1 1 . 1 1 .. N 'V Y AL- i tilt! J 1 .1 bi Q F f 11 1 - K ' ms: :4--Q-- 1- -11 ' ' ' be Q ' W 'xA' -' " "' f- ' 11. 11' H iir ij M N N N 111 N 111.117 11 ' ' N 1 -1 1 , 1 1 1 111V 1112 1 1, H1151 11 X11 ' N "'111111g'f?Q, 4 -U 1:1 -.A-:f' ,f,,:,r,,,. 11 L. -r11111 V-11 '111j1f7.1 1 Q, 1 -1 1 1 . . ',LL 2- - 'JN H- I . 1- 5.11 .. 1 .4'.113xgs-P .fi-1.40.11 ' 11"-'+. . 11. 1, fh .zz .na vs .3 Q' 'iiyw '- .i A' - . 1 1 F ai :L-5,9 ' 'T 1 P' 1 - 1 - - ff g. -1. 1- - .1 1- -s :Q-,gs-1 - S v 1 1 1. . 1 ,, . . 1 . . X ., . , .K 1 I 4 Q7 1. YQ " 4.54.9 1 - Q91 1 1 "1 .1 A In A 1 . -, , 5 31 1 ' 1 111:11 , -11.711-Y r 1 11 11.51 1:v -1-I U, "f?'-ff 1 -' 1 1 111 , .1 1 1, -1, ',.ffT1' Lg X1 4.44 5 .. A . ' i'LQQg 1 1 gn .W . ' 'M 1 11 DEDICATED TO . . The 1946 Mittidek staff dedicates this yearhootc to PROFESSOR E. VV. PLOENGES, who this year more than hefore has accepted a great responsihitity for our University and has proven himself more than worthy of the task. Professor Ptoenges is more than just another professor, more than just a veterans officer, more than an assistant dean, he is truly the friend of every student on our campus, particulary the veterans. His counseling has the extra advice of a friend in it that the returning veteran needs. Very few men would have attempted to do the tremendous taste that he did at mid-year registration this year. tt toot: many. many extra hours of work. hut although he enjovs hard wort: he did it not just as a day,s wortc, he did it in order that we might henetit most from our GI Billy he it for us. We coutdn,t truly picture Professor Ptoenges hy printing a posed portrait of him hecause he is a man ot action att the time. We who have had the pleasure of tcnowing him through our tour years of cottege can picture him in many characteristic ways. Qur first meeting is usuatty 'in his office when he studies our papers and hecomes acquainted with our cases as wett as with us as individuals. Vve can,t help hut always remember that degree of speciat interest that he shows in us as individuals not as just another student. Anyone who has spent more than fifteen minutes with him tcnows that current events, tocat. national, and international, are his pastimes. tn spare moments one of his most favorite things to do is to sit hack in a chair and digest the news from a current issue ot some authori- tative weetcty news magazine. He always tries to read hoth sides ot disputes and then enjoys evaluating them. Those of us who have tween fortunate enough to have had a mathematics course from him Witt always rememher him showing us the Ptoenges method of using a Ustip-stictcfy We can never forget the method he uses in explaining formulae on a diagram at the hoard and that yard stictc he always has in the classroom to strike the points ot interest in a prohtem into our memories hy means of gestures in pointing them out with the stictc. We att titre his styte and what he teaches stictcs. too. A Between ctasses or between husy periods in the office he takes a couple of minutes out for a smotce in the supply store, hut is never content to stand there doing nothing. If he isn,t tattiing to a student, he is looking over new material of academic nature. Httohn, how goes it?U HTom, you matting it ah'ight?H "Bill, what,s new with you today?n These and a wide variety of other friendly greetings are heard when he meets students in the tounge or suppty store. Vve at Ntittitcin are grateful for having you with us Professor Ptoenges and we do appreciate att the things you do for us. We feet that you give us something we can carry away with us that helps more than we could say in att the pages of this hootc. Klfib Injx ' Workind U as vet CFEIIIS OFHCC-31" Reading current events Instructing mathematics Smoking in the sup' I p y store - N we XNXLMXXS HQ XU'X5L, ' 1 w ' wx NX N K N ... ?s"2f" W aw President J. Vvaiter Malone became president of Miilikin on January first and already We have come to have great admiration for this man who will guide Millikin to its goal of advancement. Although President Malone has not been with us long and has been away on university Business con- siderably most of us have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with him. His friendly personality inspires our Whole campus. Un the previous page Dr. Raymond R. Brewer, Director of Public Relations, and Dean C. L. Miller are pictured with President Malone. 14209 Winifred St. Clare IVIin5turn, Director of the Conservatory of Music Ruth A. Maxwell, Dean of Women. 21 David Richard Smith, Professor of Chemistry Dean Sensenbaugii, Instructor oi Chemistry Edward Sterling Boyer, Robb Professor of Sociology and Religion Charles A. Goclciiarles, Rouse Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Francis BIOWH, Instructor of Nlathematlcs Earl Chester Kiefer, Professor of Mathematics Edward William Ploenges, Associate Profes- sor of Mathematics and Veterans Qtficer Bonnie Rebecca Blackburn, Professor of Nlocl- ern Languages Flora Emma Ross, Professor of Wlodern Lan- guages Burton Lyman Fryxell, Professor of English Leroy Clifford McNabb, Professor of Speech Daviota McCaslin, Professor of English Rutfr Maxwell, Associate Professor of Eng- IS, Dorothy J. McClure, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Assistant to Di- rector of Aston Hail Nlarsiiali Wells, Director of Athletics Don Lindeimerg, Coach CIIHTICS Leese, Pl'OfCSSOI' Of BUSiI'1CSS Admin- istration anci Economics Veicia Recilicli, Instructor of Secretarial Sci- CHCC Ruth L. Roberts, Assistant Professor oi Sec- retarial Science Paul A. Kohler, Associate Professor ot Ac- counting Reginaici H. Neal, Associate Professor of Art 27 if . L-' x Daniel James Gage, Professor of History Cari Van Buslciric, Professor of Voice Elizabeth Travis, Professor of Piano Wilma Moffett, Assistant Professor in Piano and Qrgan Vvinifreci St. Clare Nlinturn, Director of Con- servatory i Harold Clyde Hess, Professor of Violin Waiter Ernch, Professor of Musical Theory 44252 if f"X -" -- Viola Nlaria Bell, Professor of Home Econom- ics Grace Kathryn Trumimo, Assistant Professor of Home Economics 9.553515 -J- ICT" rr 4-'sc' 'Z '25-fn J--1-0 -,. A "W f ' ' ' ' ,,..... IT .4 SENIORS Braclcin Ferguson Parish Bowen Senior Class Qfficers President ...... . . .lwary Ferguson Vice President . . . .... Doris Parish Secretary .... ........ P hyllis Bowen Treasurer. . . .... Donna Joyce Brackin 41282 ELENORA BAKER Decatur, lnclepcnctent, Vice Presiclenl '44: WAA '43, '44, '45, '46: Immmurals '43, v , '45, '46: Spanish Clula '43: Decaturian , '44, '45, Society Eclitor '43, News Eclilor 44: Conant '45, '46: Clmpel Committee '45, '46, Vice President '45: Cl1oir '43, '44. 44 '43 PI-IYLLIS JEAN BOWEN Tuscola, Delta Delta Delta, Recorcling Secre- tary '43, Clxaplain '44, House President '45: Sigma Alplia lota '43, '44, '45, ,461 Recl Cross '43i VVAA '43, '44, '45, '46: Bnncl '43, '44, '45, '46: Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46: Clmir 43. '44, '45, ,461 Decaturian '44: Milliclek 44, '-15: Clmpel Committee '45, '46s Secre- tary, Senior Class '-16: Conant '45, '-46: Pi Mu Tlieta '44, '45, '46, Secretary '45, '46, 1 DONNA JOYCE BRACKIN lattoon. Alplma Clmi Omega, Corresponding necretary '45, '46: VVAA ,J-13, '44, '45: Home 'conomics Club '43, '44, '45, '46: Red Cross 43: Treasurer Senior Class '46. LOIS DEAN BURNETT ecatur, Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding ecretary '44: Sigma Alpha Iota '43, '44, '45 46: Dramatics- '43: Clloir '43, '44, '45, '46: eil Cross ,433 VVAA '43, '44, '45, '46: aclrigals '43, '44: Junior Class Secretary, 44: Frencll Club '43, '44: Millidek '44, '45' rcliestra '44, '45, '46: German Club ,44, 45, '46: Decaturian '44, '45: Cliapel Com- nittee '45, '46, v v SENIOR 6299 SENIOR 41303 CARLA CALDVVELL Eolwzirclsville, Independent: Sigma Alplia Into '43, 144. '45, '46, Social Cliairnmn '44, 315: Snplnomore Class Secretary '-13: Vice Presi- clent Junior Class: Band '43, '44, '45, 146: Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46: Ensernlales '4-1: Clioir '43, '44, '45, '46s Nlnclriguls -4-1g Quar- totle .451 lxlixecl Quartutle '43, PATRICIA CROPPER Lyons, Nelaraslcaz Pi Beta Plmi, Pleclge Seem- tnry '44, Treasurer '45, Home Economics '44, '45, '46: VVAA '44, '45, '46: Lounge Com- mittee '44, Co-Clmirmnn '-15: Sluclent Council '45, lwlilliclelc '44, '45: Decalurizin '44, '45, 316: Circulation lxlannger '45, IVIARY FERGUSON Greenville. lnclepenclent: Sigma Alpina Iotn '43, '44, '45, '46, Vice Presiclent '46, Program Clmirrnnn '43, Alumni Secretary '44: NVAA '43, '44, '45, '46: Girls Quartette '44: Lalmr- atory Clioir '43, '45: WVomen's Clioir '43, 44, '45, '46: Junior Voice Recital '45: Senior Voice Recital 346: Aston Hall Council '462 Nlarlrigals. '44, '45: Mixed Ensemble, '43, '-46: Senior Class Presiclent '46: Vvlucfs NXIIIO in American Colleges and Universities '46: Uni- versity Choir '43, '44, '45, '-16: Red Cross '43 BETTY PAT FRYE Decatur. Independents, President '44, 315: Decaturian '43, '44, '45, '46, Editor '43: Student Council '43, '44, '45, President '-44: Conant 44. '45, '46, President '46: Clioir '-13: Frcncll Club '44, '45, '46: Qnrl Vice Presi- Llent ,443 Frencli Relief '44, '45: Recl Cross '43, '44: Pi Mu Tlletu '44, '45, President V451 Homecoming Queen '-45: VVlio's VVl10 in American Collegvs ancl Universities '45, '46, Elect:-il to Kappa Society '46. VVILLIAM GORSCHEN Decalur, lnclepencir-nt: Decnfurian '43, 44, '45, '46, Sporls ifcliior '43, News Ecliinr '44, Co-Eclilur '44, Erlilor '45: Spanisli Club '43, '44, 315: lVllVlA '44, '45: Conan! '44, '45, ,463 Student Council '45, '46. NICHOLAS GREANIAS Decalur lnclvpvnrlent, Demlurinn 43, 44. Cirrulnliun lxlnnnger '43s D'lNlrX '44, 45: Scfrgenrmt-nl-Arius 'fl'-I. BARBARA KENNEY liicago, Delta Della Delta: Spnnisln Clulr '+L I45: '44. '45, VVILLIAM KILEEN ecniur. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Rushing Clmir- man '45, Presiclenl' '45: Intramurals '43, '45, 46: Nlillicielc 113. '44, '45, '46s Business Maru- ger 44. Pllolograpiier '44, '45, '46, Edilor ,465 im's Wino in American Colleges and Uni- 'ersiliesz NINIA '44, '45. Treasurer '44: Brown elaahhs -461 Pi Kappa Della 216. SENIGR gw m i 44319 ,Qs A? wwf SENIGR 44322 ROBERT KINNAIRD Decatur, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President '45 Town and Gown Commiliees '43, '44, '45 '46: Inlramurals '44, '45, ,465 MMA '44 president '44, ANNETTE MCDONALD Decalur, Pi Bela Phi, Social Chairman '43 WVAA '43, '45, '46: Intramurals '43, '45, '46 Choir '43, Frencix Club '43: Sophomore Cias Treasurer '43: French Club Treasurer '43 Slucient Lounge Commiiiee '45: Vvimvs VVI1 in American Colleges and Universiiies '45 Conant '45, ,-'16, Eleclecl io Kappa Society '4 MARILYN MARKLEY Decatur, Independent: Decaiurian, '43, '4 '45, '46, Secretary Decalurian Board '4 Nlaice-up Eciilor '45': Chapel Commiliee '41 '45: Conant '45, '46, Treasurer '46, AUDRIE OLESON Aurora, Pi Beta Phi: Home Economics Clu '44, '45, '46: Spanish Club '44, '45: WA '44, ,45, '46: Decaiurian '44, '45, '46, MARIAN OLSON liite I"Ieatl1, Inrlepenclenl: Sigma Alpha '43, '44, '45, '46, Assistant Treasurer '44, roness' Secretary '44, Treasurer '45, Secre- -Trcasurer of Sigma AlpI1a Iota House g Clroir '43, '44, '45, '46: Bancl '43, '44, , '46: Orclxestra '43, '44, '45, '46: Macl- ls '44: Sclrolastic I'Ionor Card '44: Aston ll Council Presiclcnt 45: VVAA '43, '44, '46: Senior Voice Recital '46, DORIS PARISH rrensburg, Alplia Clri Omega, Conef cling Secretary '44, Treasurer '45, House sidenr '45: WAA '43, '44, '45, '46, Seem ' 44: Intramurals: Chapel Commiltee '44: ic Economics Club '44, '45, '46, Presi- t '46: Junior Class Treasurer '45: Senior ss Vice President ,-46. RUTH PURDUE atur, Alplra Clii Omea. Secretary '45: ent Council '44, '45, '46, Treasurer '44, iclent '45: NIillicIelc '43, ,441 Business ager '45: Decaturian '44: Chapel Com- e '44, '45, '46, Secretary '44s Reel Cross '44, '45, ,465 Spanish Clulo '44: Vice 'iclent Sophomore Class: WI1o's Wlio in ,rican Colleges nncl Universities. DOROTHY SCHLEICHER ago, Delta Delta Delta, NVAA '44, '45, Intramurals '44, '45, '46. SENIOR 44332 SENIORS 443457 SMONN E S1-IINNEMAN VVclcion. Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer of Plecl Class, '43, Activities Clmirman '43, Vi President '43, '44, '45, Social Chairman '4 ljleclge Mistress '44, '45, House President '4 '44, '45: Sigma Alpha Ima '43, '44, '45, 4 Year Book Clnairman '-45: Pi Niu Theta '4 Vice President 145: Chapel Committee '4 '45, President '45: Decalurian '45, '46: Mill rlelc '45, '46: Conant '45, ,461 Clwoir '43, '4 ,45, '46: Banci '43, '44: Orclmstra '43, ,4 Rcci Cross '43: French Relief '44: VVAA 4 '44, '45, '46s Intramurals: Town and Gm Play Committee '45: Niixecl Clioir '46. MARILYN SPENCE Chicago, Delta Della Delta, Secretary Pied Class '43, Social Chairman '44, intramur Manager '44, Presiclent '45: Sigma Alpha lo '43. '44, '45, '46: '43, '44, '45, .4 Vice Presiclent '45: Nlilliclclc '45, '46: Decnlu inn' '44, ,451 Bancl '44, '45, '461 Orcllest '44, '45, 46: Ciloir '43, '44, '45, '46, PATRI CIA STITT Decatur, Pi Bela Phi: Milliclclc 514: Decal mn '44, 215: Choir '44: VVAA '43, '44, , 346: Frencll Cluln '44, 45: Recl Cross '4 Town and Gown Committees '44, '45: C ant '45, '46, MARNAN CE STOWELL Decatur, Alpina Clmi Omega. President ' Presirlent Pnntlellenic '45: VVAA '43. ' '45, '46: Frcncil Clula '44, '45, GENE COTTLE ccalur, Tan Kappa Epsilon. MARY LOU MAY ecal ur. MARY NEUREUTHER ecatur, Theta Upsilon. VVILLIAM OLSEN ncoln, Tau Kappa Epsilon me-1' SENIORS 443579 1 YQ!? SENIOR Decatur. inriepencient. N Seniors Without Pictures MILDRED BLAIR Decatur. BEVERLY BU SHER BROCKLEY Decatur, Delta Delta Delta, Secretary '45: Rushing Cilairman '44, '45: Conant '45, '46, Secretary '45: Spanisix Club '44, '45, ,461 Dra- nmtics '44g Town and Gown '44, ,451 Pi Mu Theta ,461 Decaturian '44, '45, '46: WAA '44. '45, '46: Cixoir 44: Student Lounge Com- mittee '45, '46, RUTH GOODMAN Decatur. KGB? ROBERT HILL Decatur, Delta Sigma Piii. LUCY OPLINGER Decatur. ROBERT PARKINSON Decatur. Sigma Aipiia Epsilon, Secretary- Treasurer '45, Vice President ,46: Pi Kappa Delta '44, '45, '46, President '46: MMA '44: Student Council Social Committee '45, Brown Debate '45, 716: Vvinner Casey History Prize '46. ROBERT TOLIN VVILLIAM VVULF' Clllllbefiilllfi, ll1diZll'lEl, Tilll lxflppil EPSIIOH JUNIQRS K. . F1 i'-F w " ' 1' '- -, N ,K X .Ni Bence Pvsimer VViIson Branom Junior Class Qfficers President ............................ Eileen Wilson Vice President .... . . .ixflary Catherine P'Simer Secretary ..... .......... J anice Bence Treasurer . . . .... Elsie Branom Q372 JUNIQRS , aj. 3' I Q' 3 N ,I e382 Caroline Adams Betty Alien Peggy Apperson Jane Barr Aileen Bauman Charlotte Beesiey Janice Bence Waiter Boyd Elia Niargaret Brand Elsie Branom Betty Brewer Kenneth Brewer NOI'lHa BFLISSCH Norma Coventry flelen Davies Ruth Doeiiing Raymond Jean Ford Melvin Graiaowsiii Maria Hawkins Alice Hortenstine Jean Kiiclc Jane Kinnaird Nlary Alice Lauhtz Shirley Lindros .Joyce Nlartin Frederica Nlassey Evelyn 1vIBI'iVV6Eltl'lCl' Nlarjorie Nloocly Nlargaret Myers Hope Nansen Robert Parkinson Patricia Patrick Joy Peterson Nlary Catherine Psimer Elaine Reecly Louise Saunders JU IORS Q39:v JUNIORS iii, Betty Siium ate Georgia Smeitzer Ruth Smercina Virgil Ward Juanita Wa it Alice Xfveidner Eileen Vviison Beverly VVoarc Stephanie Yabsiey Q 40 2 SQPHOMORES 1VIcLean Purdue Fatlmuer Harding SOIJBOIIIOFC CIEISS OHRCCFS President ..................... WiII1ClmiH8 Fathauer A Vice President .... ........... B Iiss McLean Secretary .... ...... J oan Purdue Treasurer . . ..... Jean Harding x4lv SOPHQMQRES K4ZbD Kathryn Abrams Amy Alexander Eugene Aughenbaugim Vivian Barnes Shirley Bates Audrey Baxter Betty Ann Beisimaw Pauline Biyiuoider Eunice Boiz Betty Brannon Emmy Lee Buciimann Rose Marie Buciunann Nierriii Cameron iViarti1a Carlson VVinona Cooley Coiieen Connell Mariioll Christman Patricia Crain iwary Aiice Daniel Doris Danni Niary Lou Dean Doris Lee Denny Niary Lou Dinsmore Barbara Vvittman Shirley Eiroci Don Faith Mary Jane Farley Vviiheimina Fathauer .ieritza Garianci Gaii Gray Phyiiis Haaio Norma Jean Harding Eicion B. Heft Eunice Heideman Mary Lou Henson Johnny Hite Giariys Howett Vioiet Johnson JoAnn Kastrup Robert Kiser ixfiary Eiien Kohii Edith Langieicier Niariiyn Laws Patricia Laws Dorothy Latham iVIary Leigh Emiiy Lyons Katherine iVicKe0wn 4432 SOPHOMORES Q4411 Barbara lVlcl..ean Bliss lVlcLean lvlary Virginia lvlay Marian Nlenlc Shirley Miller .lane Norris Patricia lxluclcolls Franli Ousley Lucille Parks Helen Penn Claude Price Joan Purclue .loan Ramlao Howard Rice Charlotte Rogers Joanne Roney Roger Sallee Doris Saxe Alice Sliimer Patsy Slwumale Janet Silotlmrp Beverly Sticlcel Patsy Ann Stone Dorotliy Vvasson Virginia Torreyson Nlargaret Winin gs Dorothy Williams Nlary Ellen Williams 44459 OPHQMORE w iw ., X W wk 1 Mg.: X WHL FRESHMEN fsxii Long Horeclcy Quinn Chappie FFCSIIIHHH Class Officers President .............................. Bettye Long Vice President ..... ..... D oris Chapple Secretary ....... .... E Hen Quinn Treasurer . ..... Alice Horeclcy C459 FRESHMEN 44479 Jeane Abstxier Ruth Ann Aiclicti Betty Alexander Marie Alice Gwendolyn Altman Audrey Alton Anna Anderson Norma Jean Ashby Barbara Barntiart Dorothy Rae Baujan iwarilyn Billman John Blair Robert Bliler Harold Bowen Jack Bolen Robert D. Boys Lois Brown June Bruce Lois Jean Buciimann Nlary Vvynn Burnette Ellen Beatrice Burrus Shirley Carter Thomas Ctiamberlain Nlary Cliamlolin iwarilyn Chapman Doris Jean Ctlapple Roberta Cloyd Nlildred Cochran Mary Leah Cool: FRESHMEN 48 bb Wlorris Lee Cook Doris Jean Cope Phyllis Cruzen Martha Ann Daigil Juilian Davis Gloria Debfloss 1VIary Dunkel James Eimman Nlaureen Eiroci Caroiyne Esque Helen Faiirnicopf Richard Ferry Vercla June Figge Clarence Fogier H6ImH FOOI' Mary Freciericlc Paul Freisciilag Jacqueline Funk Dorothy Geissler Ruth Gilchrist Jane Graham Doris Greia Richard Griffith Frances Gustin Paul Hanley Glenn Dora Harris Jack Hart Joanne Hathaway Jacqueline Hedrick Barbara Jo Hinds Lora Rose Holding James Hood Alice Horeciqf Niargaret Hults Imogene Isringhausen Arthur KHSIICESIKH Donald Kaminsici Geraldine Kiiaier Lois Jackson Mary Alice Johnson James Johnson Nancy Jackson Jo Ann Laws Helene Loeililer Bettye Long Jo Ann McDonnell Laura iVIcGurty June ixflciviurtrey Beverly ix!IE1CI7Ctl'l Lois Nlaciciox Nlariiyn Wiarcii Nancy Marshall Charles ixfiay ivlary Joan Meisrler Gordon Nieir Nlaiaei Moody Edward Mootimart Harriett Nlootidart James Morrison Nlary Louise Niuir FRESHMEN CC D7 FRESHMEN I :hx 44502 Harriet Nlurpiiey Lauretta Newman Lois Ogle Joan Gdor Bert Orland Eleanor Owens Jackson Owens Juanita Peifer Nlarityn Alyce Pfeiffer Betty Lou Ping Kenneth Pisell Kenneth Plummer Betty Poos Patricia Poster Norma Jeane Powers David Price Betty Ptomey Marilyn Proffitt Gwendolyn Quast Ellen Quinn Nlartiia Reid Robert Rogers Jean Rule Samuel Sanner Wlary Schirring Nlary Louise Schulte Joyce Shasteen Nlary Jacqueline Shaw Niary Shimer Nlary Singleton Ciiarleyn Smith James Smith Roy Duane Smith William Smykal Charles Spear Donald Sullivan Carolyn Virginia Telling Gloria Tollaciay Evelyn Timmons William Tomiaaugii Jean Vaughan Dale Wacaser Dorothy Vvhetzel Nlariorie Vifilkes Charles William Wolff Clara Wysong Glenn Alice Young Betty Zimmerman Virginia Zold Louise Best FRESHMEN 445175 STUDENTS ENROLLED THE KSZD Dale Alnlnott Clxarles Aclamson John Allen Thomas Altlmotf Dwiglmt Alverson Lloycl Attaway Charles Atwell William Ayers Clnarles Bafford Nlarguerite Bauman Theoclore Bean Paul Best lVlarvin Lee Blalce Roloert Bliclcle Rolaert Boncl Orel Boos Frecl Braclsliaw Grant Bramel Glenn Branson Laurence Breecl Eva Brown .lacli Brown Vvilliam Burclicl: Rolaert Burcliclc Harry Butler Duane Callaert William Callas Avril Carter Don Cary Rutln Catton SECOND SEMESTER ONLY Raymond Caulli Julian Clausen Billy Conyer Donald Corry Cliarles Couturiaufc Paul Crain Edward Dahm Xvarner Davis Harold Dawg Willirrm Day Clyde Dial James Diclierson Victor Dirms Wilford Dittus 'Patriclc Doyle Vvilliam Drennan Oliver Duerlison Albert Dunlcer James Dllnn Eclwarcl Elslager Dearl Erismon Harry Fessel Burns Fleslaer Leonard Flesner Gary Florian Floyd Foley Harry Forreslar Harolcl Foster Clyde Furr Grmancl Galvin e532 STUDENTS ENROLLED THE x54:: Richard Garver John Garver Kenneth Graham Eugene Gray Sally Laws Gray Robert Green Ted Gricsloaum Arthur Cvaclclie Barbara Hackman Kenneth Haclcloclc Lyle Harris Robert Hays Vvilliam Hemmer Robert Henry Jack Herrington Charles Herman Homer Hess Robert Hill Almon Hinds Sally Howard Louis Huck Donald Hudson Nlelvin Hudson Nlargaret Hurley Truman Isley David Jack Rachael Jones Eugene Joughet Herbert Joys James Kane SECOND SEMESTER ONLY Walter Karloski Girard Keil Neyl Keller James Keris Stanley Kimes Vviniam King Charles Kreher Wlerle Kuiilman Glenn Lauher Norman Laws Frederick Leach Sara Leeming Marion Linclmoocl Ralph Linder Howard Linn Donald Livergoocl Robert Logan Thomas Lumpp Kenneth Mccane Mary McConnell John Magiil Harry Markxveii Betty Martin Eugene Nlattluews Ray Meisenhelter John Meixner Robert Nliller Joseph Nliner Arthur Nlonroe Roseoe Moore K559 STUDENTS ENROLLED THE 44562 Harold Morrison Charles Niorrissew Cari Niueiier Russei ixfiueiier Jack Niyers Virginia Nansen Dwayne Nansen Samuel Nelson Dale Nichols Nlax Patrick Glenn Peabody Roy Perry Dominic Peraino Robert Poiiarci Jean Priest Joe Rademaciwer Robert Reed Virginia Renner Howard Rice Harriett Rice Robert Rice James Robertson Billy Roiirscimeila Vvalton Romans John Roy Richard Ryiaerci Harold Sadler Eciwarcl Schindler Charles Scixniepp Charles Schwab SECOND SEMESTER UNI Y Ronalcl Scott John Shellaharger Ralph Skinner Rollancl Smith Roclger Snelson Gtis Stogsclale Laval Staley William Sutherland Laurence Tangney Curtin Taylor William Thompson James Tipton Franlc Traver Frecl Tresch Jay D. Trimmer Janice Vann Jael: VVallcer John Wall Davibl Watson Vvilliam Webster Orville Vvesley Bernarcl Wessell John Whelan James Williams James Wilson Berry Witrs Jaclc Yolnslci Dorothy Zelle a57a:f EM: Eyfigrimsw fs 251 s RN xl 2 W wi A Q iw vf' 1' ,f J 5 I V ig-14, Q Wig: 6 i 1 g I N 2 ,Q W 5 1 ,N 'Y "-Vihzmg W ' . 1 -a 3 L, N, 7' IM 'WA s ,H ii x x L4 .- ,gr ,911 K . Nu . w 1, 2 - L1:.,Q if . ' iiiw --'- f 'A .. , El ' Wwlflgi 'gm : i ' grzfie ' - - .L"1""v'1'-i. f ,:' ". 5'-'M a -5 5, J , nl ' f Q in Q iw my x T fe S 5' A r vb N , . Q . L w I ! :N X ' nas. , -, . 3+ 1 f f K 1 5 ia' 3 H .- 1- W ' . ' " .. - .. I .1 " -o ,. " ,. , A , :. ., . " ,V-1:-on--v-""" l -5' k,.-a94" " 1. uf, 0- ', k.- -- -.vqkfw . . 4 ' - -,-!!ff"'s"' ,Lv ' '- .14 VA. -'-' ' , 1 -17"-' : 1, : ...Lou-Q" -f f L Y-lf. "H 'A , :-S'!'9f' I n , . -,, ., 4.9,-'--1 - .n ,. 1 WEA' ,f ., ,. ' It '- f ' J. " V' f' W 7 ' . - ' - l ,411 E . 'F' ' . -' --1 IN' 5 - ' 1' , N. VY- " W , N. f , J" . '- " ' . 'F 1, - A . en: 1 W fx s , , f .' . a ' N J" A A 'W gg I ag , .. E ,H I 3. xi yfzzk . X 'y -E-- .. 3 ' .T A A.: . X ' , f' 'lv N 2' ' 4 " W. '. - 1 , ,gl I ' lilq ., . is , M ' '-P . 121 1 'T X uk . - - A ' 1 ' 4 K , Q , J is .L , l , ,1 1 " 'mf?Qj ' ' ,wi ' ' ,iffif , 1 ' -1 4 , 3 fs :S CHOIR H ORCHESTRA This sciiooi year of 1945-1946 was an outstanding year in the history of 1V1i11i1cin's Choirs and Orchestra. For tile second time since tire arrival of Cari Van Busiciric on time Miiiikin musical scene, a choir and orchestra trip was planned and successfully carried out. Tile first one fin time spring of 19421 was conducted tiirougii tile southern and centrai part of iiiinois, while tile second trip included some 12 towns in Northern iiiinois, reaching a totai of 10,000 people in ali. The first concert was given on Monday evening, April 8, in Ciinton, liiinois, and time last one on Friday afternoon, April 12, in Oswego, iiiinois. The intermediate performances were offered in: Pekin, Peoria, Ottawa, Spring Vaiiey, Amizvoy, Sterling, Oregon, Aurora, St. Charles, and Batavia. And eacii time they were very weii received. One comment was made that our choral group was second to none. Some of tile success must be credited, of course, to the outstanding performances ot time soloists. Their names and numbers are as ioiiows: Janice Bence, violinist, playing, Ziegeunerweisen by Sarasoteg Joy Peter- son, vioiinist, playing, Poionaise Briiiiante lay Vveiniawsiiig Eunice Heideman, ciarinetist, playing, Flight ot time Bumioieioee by Rimsici- Korsaicotig Marion Olsen, coioratura soprano, singing, Lo, Here the Gentle Laric ioy Bisiropg Stanley Kimes, iaasso, singing, Il Lacerato Spirito from 'Simon Bocanegrau by Verdig and iast, Mary Ferguson and Alice Weidner, who sang in alternate performances, One Fine Day from n1V1adame Butteriiyn by Puccini. QSO? SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS President ....... ............ . . .Alice Weidner Vice President .... ..... M ary Ferguson Secretary ..... .... J anice Bence Treasurer . . . . .Norma Brussei Beginning with a Round Up Party as a rushing event tile S.A.i.,s had a very eventful and iousy year. The Conservatory was raided with cow ilands alias S.A.i.'s for this first event. For their last sociai event time girls turned to time exact opposite on March 29ti1 Witii tile Rose Bali at tile Hotel Orlando. . Tire entire chapter attended time district pariey in Champaign this year. Time iocai ciiapter ciiorus sang as a part oi tile program over there. Miss Vviina Moffett oi the conservatory was district president this year. Over iiaii oi the members oi S.A.i. gave individual recitais this year. ,,, V L ---, l,,..i:.. . - -.- . 6612 K-is-ii' CGNANT SOCIETY OFFICERS President ....... ........... .... B e tty Pat Frye Vice President .... .....,..... E inora Baker Secretary ...... . . .Beverly Bustier Brociciey Treasurer ...... ....... M arilyn Nlariciey Faculty Aclvisor .... . . .Dix B. L. Fryxeil Conant Society is an organization restricting its membership to English majors and minors and a few selected upper ciassmen. It Was named for Grace Patten Conant. At the first meeting, Conant Society introduced new members to the Elizabethan Study and listened to newly acquired recordings of llOthClIO,, and HHamiet.H Miss Davida Mccasiin reaci poetry at the Christmas meeting, which was enjoyed by all present. Davicl Feits talked to Conant members at time January meeting which was held at the Zeta house. Nlrs. Ruth Maxwell, clean of women, also talked to time ciula ciuring the year. By tar the most important of Conants activities this year, was the sponsorship ot the Clare Tree Major? proctuction of Silaicespeares URomeo and Julietf, which played to a fun house on Nlarcti 19, after several delays enroute. The society made about EBIOO on time production. The year was closed with a picnic at time Fryxell home on the lake. T uh Seated: Dean iwawvcli, Nlarktey, Broclaley, Frye, Baker. Dr. NlcNnHm Standing: Parks. Stitt, Nnnsen, P'Simer. Massey, Branom, Dr. Fryxell. Bowen. Purdue, Siiinnema Yabsley. Reecly, Patrick. 1VIcDonald. 4462 Db T U CHI PI Sc-alvfi: Yuixsicy, Olsson. Denny. P. Silumale. B, Siiumaie, Kiicic Slnnciing: Xyysong, Laws. Bauian. 1N'I2il'SIlElH, Beasley. Roberts, Cooley. Zoici, Nlciviurirey, Best OFFICERS President ..... .... J ean Kiicic Vice President . . . . .Jane Kinnairci Secretary . . . . . .Betty Sirumate Treasurei -........ ...... M erriii Cameron Faculty Acivisor .... .... M iss Ruth Robertson Tau Ciii Pi, business sorority, was re-organizeci this year for tile first time since 1940-41, under the capable direction of Niiss Ruth Robertson. The club was organized primarily for business majors and minors, lout will accept for membership any woman taking one business course. Active memiaership status ceases when the stucient is no longer taking any business course. Tau Chi Pi has had a very busy year uncier time ieaciership of its responsible ofiicers. Members iieici regular meetings ciuring the year. and climaxeci tile yearis events with a picnic at Fairview Park on May 9. KSSD PI K PPA DELT First Row: Jolmson. Torreyson. Faith. lvloocly, Auglienbaugli. Alton Seconcl Row: Dr. lVlcNal1b, Parlcinson, Barr, Sallce, Nlcisner, Kileen OFFICERS Presiclent ..... .................... B ob Parlcinson Vice Presiclent ...... Secretary-Treasurer . . Faculty Aclvisor .....,,.. The local clebate organization became Illinois Tau chapter of Pi Kappa Delta in the spring of 1943. Its purpose is to further interest in forensic activities in colleges throughout the nation. To qualify for membership, it is necessary to participate in five decisional or three non- ciecisional clebates. Nlembers who fulfill these requirements are initiated in the spring, alter the clebate season has closecl. Marjorie lxfloocly, Virginia Torreyson, Joan lvleisner, ancl Bob Parkinson were the initiatecl mem- bers who returnecl in the fall. John Garver returnecl the seconcl semester. The nine members who were initiatecl on May 19 are: .lane Barr, lxflary Alice John- son, Violet Johnson, Auclrey Alton, Roger Sallee, Eugene Aughenbaugh, Don Faith, Bill Kileen, ancl Herbert Joys. On April ll, 12, and '13, Nlillilcin was host to twenty-two colleges from the illinois- Vvisconsin ancl Missouri-lowa Provinces which held a joint regional convention ancl tournament on the JMU campus. The fol- lowing contests toolc place: Men ancl women . . . .Virginia Torreyson . . . . . .Joan Meisnei' . . . . . .Dr. L. C. McNabb competecl in separate clivisions of Debate, Qratory, and Extemporaneous Spealcingg while men ancl women competecl together in Poetry Reacling and Discussion. Entrants from Nlillilcin were: Mens Debate, Bob Parlcinson-Bill Kileeng VV'omen's Debate, Mary Alice Meisnerg Discus- sion, Don Faith: lVlen,s Cratory, John Gar- verg Vvomenys Oratory, Marjorie Moody: Poetry Reading, Violet Johnson: ancl Orig- inal Poetry Reading, Herbert Joys. Dr. McNabb tool: six teams to the illinois invitational Tournament at Bloomington- Normal in January, ancl two teams to the tournament at Charleston. The Brown Debate was helcl May I4 in Kaeuper Hallg the affirmative team was Vir- ginia Torreyson ancl Bob Parlcinson, ancl the negative team was Joan Meisner and Bill Kileen. The question debatecl this year was: HRe- solvecl, That the United States shoulcl guide its foreign policy toward the establishment of free tracle among all the nations of the worlclf' c6425 HOME ECONOMIC CLUB OFFICERS President ...... . . .Doris Parish Vice President .... . . .Ella Brand Secretary ..... ...... B etty Allen Treasurer . . . . . .Pauline Blytioloter The Home Economics Club is an organization tor those who major or minor in Home EC. The ciutfs activities inciuclecl meetings, programs and pot tucks. The Christmas pot luck supper, an annual affair, was one of the more important events since Miss Keyl who had been with the Red Cross in Europe spoke about toocl conditions there. The annual format ctinner was held this year at the Hotel Grlanclo on May 10. The style show this year was presented in Kaeuper hail. The girls secured the clothing for it from a pattern company. Sunlccl: Dr. Bell, Braclcin, Parish. Brand, Allen, Blyliolcicr. Trumlno SUCOITC' Row: BLIFHIS, ,3l'0VVH, DElViS. XfN"UZll'fT, I-IHIIWHVVTIY, Stone. BFEIIIITOIT, FJIUIIIPY, Dllllliel, Wili0H Third Row: VVillccs. Kenney. Siblinorp, Leigll, Gralmam. Alexander, Zimnlernmn, iV1arcI1. Dean e652 LA SOCIEDAD ESPANOLA ,, 3 WD' Sealed: Faliraucr. Bence, Nansen, Bmnonn. Niassey N ,hu Patricia, Beisimw, Crain. Caiciwe Slanciing: Proi. Biacicinurn. Kenney. Knslrup, Brociiicy. IEIIYIIBTI- iVicDonneii. Gray, Figge Presici ent ........ Ist Vice Presicient. . . Qnci Vice Presicient. . Secretary ........ OFFICERS . . .Hope Nansen . . . .Eisie Branom . . . . . .Janice Bence . . .Frederica Niassey Treasurer ...... .... VV iiireimina Fatilauer Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ...... Patricia Patrick Facuity Acivisor ..... ......... B onnie Biaciciourn in orcier to ioeiong to tile stucient of Spanisii. Aii time Spanish. Outstanding among tiiis songs given ioy Hugh Muiiins Niemirers of the ciuin acteci as Spanish Ciutm, one must ine a seconoi year meetings anci activities are carrieci on in year's activities was time recitai oi Spanis 1 which was sponsoreci by tire Spanish Ciuia usimers for time recitai. with its annual ceieizmration oi tile Mexican "Pinataf, was again met Witin. enthusiastic approval. Tile interesting iecturers rouncieci out tile yearis program. A A picnic at Fairview Paric ciimaxeci the events of tire year. Tile Christmas meeting, e669 DER DEUTSCHE EREI OFFICERS President ...... .... E laine Reecly Vice Presictent .... ....... J oan Rambo Secretary ..... . . .Nlary Lou Henson Treasurer '..... ....... J ack Bolen Faculty Aclvisor. . . .... Dr. Flora Ross The primary purpose of Der Deutsche Verein is to acquaint its memloers with the customs, language ancl music of Germany and to pro- mote international unclerstancling. First year students were invited to join at the beginning of tlie year insteacl of at the Christmas meeting, which is customary. The first meeting ot time year was a picnic in Fairview Park. The Christmas meeting was the highlight of time year, with a special program in German as Well as German Festlcuctien for refreshments. During the year tlie German also tlelcl a potlucli clinner in the Home EC lounge, followed lay German games and songs. .t' I ., .. - Seated: Dr. Ross. Henson, Rambo, Reecly. Bolen. Bremer Stancling: Burnettc. Harris. Brewer, Nleisner, Crain. Lyons. Belsllaw. Loelller, lvlullins. Greta, Hart. l.4ElIlgFClCl6l", tl0lll1S0l'!. Siif'lCl0l"S. Ellllliln cc 67 vb ASTO HALL So many iiveiy coeds fitted the hail and the annex across Main Street that not only could ivirs. Vvaiicer hardly find room for them, but we were unable to put them ali in one picture. The swing hack to normaicy at Niiiiiiiin was perhaps most evident hy the increased number ot male visitors around the Aston Hail porch. about that time every evening. First they appeared in the garb of the Army, the Navy, the Nlarines, then practically the entire crowd were in civies. Qnce again girls leaving the halt in long dresses with escorts has become something more than a rarity. It would he impossihie to use the term Hatways room for one moren when referring to the hail. Ntrs. Vvaiicer and ati the girls would Wonder where they could find the space. Perhaps they could have had more activity, hut for the exception of during quiet hours and during Christmas vacation there Wasnyt a duii moment. e682 ASTON HALL Tlte dining lrtall tlfte first semester l1ad special attractions for tlie girls lnesides food. Before tlte old C.T.D. mess l1all was converted to a menis dining hall tlie last ol January, tlteimen living in tlte lnarraclc louildings inow tlme menis dormitories, ate at tlfte lxall. lVlrs. Vvallcer was so liind as to cliange tl1e seating ol tlie men eaclt weelc so tltat no one group of girls could lixenetit all tl1e time. Tloten came tlie day Wlten tlle men ate at tlrte new dining l'1all. With the main Aston Hall, the annex at 1225 West Main, the bat-rack buildings, and the new men's dining hall all under tlfte supervision ol tlie Aston Hall stall, lVlrs. Vvallcer l1ad an unusually lnig year. Not only were tliere more buildings to loolc alter, lnut every one was filled to capacity. KBQDD PA HELLENIC OFFICERS President .... ............... M arnance Stowell Vice President. . . .... Marilyn Spence. Secretary .... ..... J oyce Martin Treasurer . . . .... Aileen Bauman Publicity . . . .......... Jane, Barr N Actvisor ......................... Mrs. Ruth Maxwell Panheilenic is an organization of fraternity women Whose aim is to promote inter-fraternity cooperation and govern inter-fraternity activities among the Greek sororities on this campus. The rush-chairman and the president ot each of the tive sororities composes the council, with Mrs. Ruth Maxwell, clean of women, acting as advisor. Officers in the organi- zation are not elected hut are determined each year hy a system of rotation among the presidents of each sorority. 'D The main purpose of Panhelutenic is to formulate and enforce the rules of rushing: both the format rush Week at the heginning of the fait term and the summer schedules of personal rushing. A pamphlet is puh- lished to give new students a candid- view of the rules anct regulations of rushing and a schedule of social events for the season. These pamphlets are given to the rushees in the tau. The council tried something new this year. Instead of the Panhetlenic tea, a picnic was held at Camp Kiwanis to open rush Week. Rush week was the week before school this year. Panhellenic Sing on May 18, was one of the most colorful of Milli- 1cin's traditional programs. The sororities welcomed the return of the fraternities to the sing this year. The Greek societies and S.A.I. partici- pate each spring in the Sing. a7Osb WHQUS WHO AT MILLIKIN Mary Ferguson Yvilliam Gorschen , 'U Mary Alice Launtz Ruth Purdue Betty Pat Frye Vvilliam Kileen Annette McDonald Alice Weidner KAPPA SOCIETY OFFICERS President ..... .............. M rs. Ruth Walker Vice President ...... .... C arol Schlaretski Secretary-Treasurer .............. Mrs, Merrvil Aslcins Soon after Millikin was founded, high scholastic standing of honorg stuclents was recognized. At that time, the Kappa Society was founded for those students who had maintained a 3.5 average throughout their college career. Last June, at the annual dinner, Margaret Duerr, Mavis Breuer, and Carol Schlaretslci were presented with gold keys. There are now 174 members in this organization. This tall Betty Pat Frye and Annette' McDonald received their silver pin. If they maintain their scholastic record they will receive gold keys at the end of the year. It is the purpose of Kappa Society to conform with the standards of Phi Beta Kappa and to give deserving rewards to those Millikin stuctents who have worked hard to gain ancl maintain a place on the honor roll. K72b PI U THET OFFICERS President ...... ................. B etty Pat Frye Vice Presicient .... . . .Shfionne Shinneman Secretary ..... ...... P hyiiis Bowen Treasurer . . . ....... Annette McDonald Niarshai ..,..... .... B everiy Busher Brociciey Faculty Advisor .... ........ B onnie Blackburn Those white dresses in the fail and the hiacic rohes and mortar hoards in the spring which are worn hy a few select young ladies mari: the new initiates into Pi NIU Theta, senior women,s honorary. The society re- quires a B average for the first three year's woric along with participation in school activities. Qne of the chief aims of this group is to promote scholarship, and therefore, each, spring Pi Mu Theta presents a scholarship to some out- standing junior girl. iVIemhers raise this money primarily through the sale of green rihioons to freshmen girls in the fail. 5' 44732 STUD T CQUNCIL Sealed: Alarnms, liiuntz, Purdue, Brewer Standing: Henson, Yveiclner, Daum, Smith, Gorsctmen Along with increased enrollment this year came increased needs tor student activities so ttiis yearys council had an extremely active year. Ruth Purdue was president and Betty Brewer was chairman of time social committee. Once eactr montti tile council sponsored an all sctroot function which usually was a dance. Among these were the Homecoming Batt, time Sweetheart Dance, and tire Goidiggers Dance. All of the big affairs were successful and the attendance was beyond anyone,s estimations. Besides sponsoring all sctloot parties and supervising publications and other sctiooi activities ttie council had the join of finishing the revision ofthe constitution which was finally adopted this spring. Next fall the council will toe functioning according to time new constitution and time members will be as ctiosen toy tile representative organizations on the campus. Perhaps besides successful social events the council can be most praised for its fine woric in improving one tounge and providing us with a new one, too. e742 CHAPEL COM ITTEE OFFICERS president ...... ............. S ,Monne Shinneman Vice President. . . ....... Elnora Baker Secretary .... .... P hyllis Bowen Treasurer ..... ..... V ivian Barnes Faculty Advisor .................... Dr. R. R. Brewer The Chapel Committee, operating through thicli and thin, may again have the satisfaction of challcing up another successful year on its score- hoard. The committee secured Dr. Harold VV. Ruopp, pastor of the Central Christian Church in Chicago, for Religious Emphasis Vveelc. The main goal of the committee this past year has loeen two-fold: to promote more religious activities on campus, and to foster christian spirit on campus. This year, the memhers of the committee tried something newg they sponsored Supper-Discussion Groups in the college cafeteria on the second Sunday of every month. All interested students and 'towns- people were invited to attend these meetings and four students constituted a panel which discussed some phase of social, economic or religious prohlems. Dr. Daniel J. Gage, Dr. Charles Leese, and Dr. J. Walter lxflalone acted as moderators for these panels. The highlight of the year was the Christmas Chapel, which was quite different, as well as heautiiul and impressive. Student memhers of the committee originated the whole program. Cther student memloers of the committee are: Elsie Branom, Patricia Patriclc, Beverly Vvoare, Ruth Purdue. H e752 ' ,45- -Qkd-.',. , - rw, "' ---..-x.1pr- -vi. Editor XMILLIAM GORSCHEN Co-Business Wlanagers BEVERLY STICKEL KATl'IERINE IVICKEOWN Seated: Gray, Frye, Gorsclmen. Yalmsley, Coventry Secunfl Row: Bowen, R. Buclmmann, E. Buclmmnn, Wlartin. Nlnrslmall, Spence, lxleisncr, Patrick, Dunkel Third Row: Ferry. Dnigll. Beasley, Saline, Morrison. Brewer K 76 59 THE DECATURIAN From scratctling tile surface for enough news tor an every ottier weetc paper the first semester to tiaving a tigtit paper every week ttlis semester, Decaturian editor Bill Gorsctien had a varied position ttlis year. Anottier year ot Htreedom ot ttie pressu prevailed ttris year and ttie letters to ttie editor column often covered more ttian a page especially one person would write on a controversial sutnject and ttie following week an impact of mait reactied ttie editor's destc. Several ctioice artictes appeared during ttle year that even topped ttle Dust Pan tor popularity. Ttie Decaturian was again represented ttiis year at ttie Illinois Associated Collegiate Press Conference in Champaign, tttinois, toy having tive members ot time staff present. Joan Meisnei' was news editor, Steptlanie Yatnstey, Managing editor, Rictiard Ferry, feature editor, and as usual the editor of ttie Dust Pan, ttie one we would most like to know, remains ttle ctose secret ot only ttiose on ttne inside circtes ot our student publication. Let-I lo right: iWcKc-own, Geissier. Buctiniann, Still. Brown, Cmpper, Rule, Kaslrup, Kenney, Siiinnenmn. Billljiln, Stictiel a77x ivy? L f 1 .. R, Editor VVILLIANI KILEEN .1 W -:'12,.3' I yer f , me rv' H, .' 5,a.s.s.,' ' ,-. ., .X , ,Lv ' , - -'fiy 512 , , , Li-if. ' is , ggi ' iii' 'ni' rf.:Enf'f" :V Q' ' '. ', 1 2 'I' " -W 1 " F- 'L-..' . v '- ' iff ' 5' ' - Q, 1 ,fs E ' VIH-+r,.,-i555E,:,'5g5---- -- 'E521 -' ' 1 ,V , 551222 1 H 5515 5, u 3 yi: 31 fpff fi . 5 5 ' -' l'x'Q'- 1 , L11Z.1?-ff Q . -V X ,. , . M URW, if sQ j..!ff"f'4' ' ' ga ze? 1 ,, . -:fi-11:--4 'Y' ' U- . ' '?'A',?f-ff' FH! 'I' IN'VHXE'1f 3251 " wg vgmlw 1 S. Wu., Lg, JJ EH ' f -41 A W rr, uw , H L , v 4 , ff ' I . if Business Manager JOAN RAMBO if n .f :lk IE- g T Q ,44- T 7 Sealed: R. Buclxmann, E. Buclunann. Launlz. Linclros, Spence Standing: Sllumale. Smilll, Palriclc, Nlarclm. Figgc, Quinn. Shinneman, Dniglx, Kenney, Augensiein, Ring. Nleisner, Roney, Purdue, Bence, Iwarslmll e78v THE MILLIDEK As the enrollment steadily increased the number of copies of the I9-46 Nlillidelc needed and the number of pages increased. At first the staff attempted to keep up with the changes hy making hi-Weekly addi- tions then hy the middle of December that hecalne futile and the first of February it was evident that the 1946 Millidek would he that full size post War yearhoolc that We all had hoped for since 1943. A Although Miilitcin was no longer hit hy the War, material for covers was still short so that presented the biggest problem in our increasing numbers. Then since all schools were increasing their hooks the engrav- ers were swamped with Work at the last minute so a little delay took place hut with these exceptions we hope the hook lacks any traces of a War time hook. Bin Kiieen edited the hook and made an the photographs with the exception of the individual pictures and some of the snapshots. Ellen Quinn did an of the cartoons in the calendar section While the rest of the editorial staff helped with pasting up the pictures and securing data for the hook. Joan Rambo secured the advertising with the help of her staff and managed the hook to see to it that the editorial staff had enough money deposited with the council treasurer to pay its obligations to photograph- ers, engravers, printers, and hinders. Sz-ated: Rambo Standing: Slilt, Shumale. Brackin, Plomcy. Vvilson. Henson, Brand K79b TOWN AND G0 The Town and Gown Players under the direction of Dr. L. C. McNabb, presented Noel Cowarcfs HBIithe Spiritu for the annual Home- coming play. This play has been summed up as Han improhahle farce in three actsn. The cast is as follows: Edith ....................... Mariheth Ward fGoWnJ Ruth .... .... P atricia Laws fcvownl Charles ....... . . .Herbert Wolfson frliownf Dr. Bradman .... .... R oger Saliee fGownJ Nirs. Bradman. . . ..... Wlartha Reict fcvownj Madame Arcati. . . ..... Dorothy Adams frown, Elvira .................... Jacqueline Hedrick fGown, Pat Laws and Jackie Hedrick were outstanding as the two wives who worry their hushancls to a considerable extent. Worthy of special notice is the seance scene, which was particularly funny and very well done. EIvira,s costume and the green light she appeared in were especially effective. se if is Et aiyzsyeaea 1 ,za ae an in -Q h'b5'5!ib ig si is mf -Ye sis as .21 sg Mm. lii 2.1 if 2:4 at 24 are if it th i' 3A 'FP Q ' tv P A s . at ia'-1 . W e . iff ' I ,ii is .St 31' f " . 91.4 KSO2' TGWN AND GOWN The second Town and Gown production of the season was tile Broadway hit "The Hasty Hearth by John Patrick. The play was novel in that its cast consisted of eight men and one woman, and it was a G. I. story and a G. I. cast. The play, which ranged from stark tragedy to uproarious comedy, held its audience from the time time curtain went up until its final closing. The 'play was exceedingly well done. The talent- ed cast, led by Robert Banlcson in the main role of HLaci1IenH included the following: Orderiy .... .... P hiiip Connolly fGown:i Yank .... ..... H erizmert Joys tcvownli Digger. . . ........ Stewart File frrownxi Kiwi ...... .... J osepli Markwitz fciownlt Blossom ..... .... VX falter Cooper fTown:l Tommy .... .... C tiaries Bafford fGown:t Margaret .... .... A lice Horeclcy fGownQ Colonel ...................... Harold Snyder fTownII Never-to-be-forgotten-scenes: the sewing circle, Tommy peeking through the screen, Yankss recitation of the books of the Bible, Lactlie and the Kilt, Margaret,s anger at L8Chi6,S stubbornness, and Kiwfs and Diggers quips throughout the play. A- Ttie Miliikin Student Orchestra with Hugh Mullins and Carla Cald- well directing, provided entryacte music for both plays. 44 81:5 5122 'Q ALPHA CHI O EG First Semester Marnance Stoweil Eileen Wilson . . . Ruth Purdue . . . Betty Brennan . . . Cuhaperon OFFICERS Second Semester President .......... Eileen Wilson Vice President. . .Mary Lou Henson Secretary ....... Barbara McLean Treasurer ........ June Nlcivlurtrey .............MFS.MCMUiICH First Row: Singlelon, Nliner, Grab. Vvilfman, Ptomey Second Row: Cook, J. Purdue, Dunkel. Wilson, Brennan. Slowell. Bmcicin, McLean. Isringimuscn, Stone Third Row: lWclVlurlrey, R. Purdue. Cope, Telling, Henson, Farley. Brewer, lWcLean. Peiffer, Long 44842 M 'IWY5 ,alll at 1 Ng 5 1 sux111mi:+:ll1nimn11il - ni The Alpha Chis started the year off right hy winning the cup for house decorations for homecoming this year. The motto uTogether Let Us Seek the Heightsn used for the decorations comhining Miiiikin hiue and white and Alpha Chi red and green won the vote of the judges. The year for athletics was good for Alpha Chi since they came in second after competing with the other organizations in speedhaii, deck tennis, hasicethaii, voiieyhaii, and ioadminton. Donna Joyce Bracicin and Doris Parrish were hoth senior jacicet giris this year. Patricia Stone managed the intramural team. Eileen Wilson served as Treasurer of W. A. A. Alpha Chi scored top place on the hooth earning the most money earned hy a Greek letter organiation at the Vvorid Student Service Fund Carnival. Ruth Purdue, a senior this year, served as president of the student council and was iisted in uVVho,s Who in American Coiieges and Universities." Betty Brewer was elected president of the newly organized Red Cross unit at Niiiiiicin. Each member and piedge Hadoptedn a French war orphan to whom the girls have taken turns in sending hoxes of clothes, canned foods, soap and other items which will he useful to the war orphans. Several exchange parties and dances including the spring formal dinner-dance at Scoviii Country Ciuh highlighted a successful year for the Alpha Chis. 4859 DELTA DELT DELT First Semester Marilyn Spence . . Janet Sibtiiorp . . Beverly Brocicley . . Mary Alice Launtz Cilaperon. . . OFFICERS Second Semester President ...... Mary Alice Launtz Vice-President ...... Jean Harding Secretary ........... Janice Bence Treasurer . . . Wiiheimina Fatilauer . . . .iVIrs. Sophia Hoeimner C I2 . 1' , X ' A 1 . I 4' Q .pn :S ' ' T Q 1 If sk , Y V . Q-Q First Row: VVoare, Burnelle, Scluleicrlner, Spence, Bowen. Brockley, Kenney Second Row: Hile. Silalilorp, iN'lCl'iW13EllllCl', Vviilinrns, Launlz, Bniz, Fnlimuer. Knsirup, Harding, Bence Third Row: NlcDonneH, Jackson, Quinn, Hedrick, Davis, Hathaway, Chappel, Funk. Barnilarl, Gustin GSS? ,. - tb Q' J This year Delta Delta Delta had a very husy scheclule. At the beginning of the year a formal lea was given to introcluce the new house director, Mrs. Sophia Hoehner, to students and faculty. During Home- coming a dinner was held with the returned alumni as guests. On November 'l6 the formal Founcierss Day hanquet was held at the Decatur Club. At Christmas time there were many activities. The pledges had their annual Pine Teag the entire chapter hacl an invitational teag ancl the traditional Pine Party was helcl at which the memhers of Tri Psi, the moth- ers' organization, ancl alumni were guests. The events of the holiclay season were climaxecl hy a formal Christmas clinner for the entire chapter and faculty guests. in May a formal clinner clance was helcl. Also the annual Pansy Luncheon for actives anal alumni was given. The social events of the year closed with the traciitional Pansy Breakfast to which all senior girls are invitecl. This year the Tri Delis were active in many school activities. Phyllis Bowen was secretary ot the senior classg Janice Bence was secretary of the junior class: Vvilhelmina Fathauer and Jean Harding were presiclent and treasurer respectively of the sophomore class, anol Doris Jean Chapple was freshman vice-president. lVlary Alice Launtz, a junior, was treasurer ot the Student Council and was listed in uVVho's Who Among Stuclents in American Colleges ancl Universitiesf, Members of the Nlillidelc staff were Nlarilyn Spence ancl Nlary Alice Launtz. Many of the girls were active on Town and Gown Play Committees, with Eunice Bolz serving as assistant clirector of Hlflasty Heart!! The main project ol? the chapter this year was the raising of money to establish a scholarship funcl for a girl at Wlillilcin. The Tri Delts put on slcits to raise money for this purpose. Johnny Hite was projects chairman. 44872 PI BETA PHI OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Joyce Martin . . . . . President ....... Charlotte Beesley Elaine Reeoly .... .... V ice Pres..1VIary Catherine P'Simer Charlotte Beesley ..... Secretary ...... Stephanie Yainsley Patricia Cropper ...... Treasurer .......... Elaine Reecly Cilaperon . . . . .Miss Anderson E First Row: Vvinces, Brown, Smith. J. Buclnnann, Hinds, Baujan, Proffilt, Daigin Second Row: Pvsimer Coventry, Reerly, Nlnrlin, Beasley. Crapper. Kinnnird Third Row: Johnson, NlcKeown, Leiglx. Norris. Yahsley, Still, NIcDonaicI. Esque, Nlnrsllall, Guiseler Fourth Row: Roney. Abrams, Gray. R. Buclmmnn. E. Brncllrrmnn, Slickel. Fruslmur. Temme. Denny QB8b C- v" N 1 ii. M, aff' 6Qg4, ,J?l 'QW all This year Pi Phi hegan its very active year hy giving a party on September 2'2ncl for Nlillilcin men. The pledges presentecl a slcit aloout Nlurgatroycl anti Alphonso. Cn September 24th, the chapter received the Philadelphia vase for outstanding merit. It is the thircl highest awarcl in all national chapters of Pi Beta Phi. Gn Gctoloer 29th, a Halloween party was given in their chapter house for the children of the Girl,s Welfare Home. This is the seconcl consecutive year that this party has heen given. Annette McDonald actecl as chairman of the Homecoming activities on the campus ancl was a memloer ol the Queens Court. Both Kathryn Ahrams ancl Emmy Lee Buchmann of Pi Phi were on the Student Council. Annette McDonald, a Pi Phi senior was listecl in HVVho's Who in American Colleges ancl Universitiesf, She also was a memlaer of Pi lVlu Theta and was awarcled a golcl Kappa liey. Stephanie Yahsley worlcecl as lxflanaging Eclitor on the Decaturian staff ancl Katherine lVlcKeown and Beverly Sticlcel were Co-Business Managers. Pat Cropper was Decaturian Circulation lvlanager. The Buchmann twins were cheerleaders. On lVlarch lst Elaine Reecly was electecl queen ot the Vvorlcl Stu- dent Service Funol Carnival. March 9th Pi Phi helcl its winter formal at the Hotel Qrlanclo with Xfvayne Carrss Qrchestra playing. The spring formal on lvlay 'llth was at the Scovill Clubhouse with Johnny Halrs Qrchestra playing. The yeargs events endecl with the traditional Nlay lnrealclast given lay the alumnae chapter for the senior girls. e892 THETA UP ILO First Semester Aiieen Bauman Alice Siiimer . . lvlariiyn Pfeiffer Violet Johnson ..... . . OFFICERS Seconci Semester President .... . . . Violet Johnson Vice President. . . . Alice Silimer Secretary .... . . Shirley Carter Treasurer .......... Audrey Aiton Cilaperon ............ . . .Miss Moore First Row, lei! in rigl1l: Aileen Bauman. Alice Siiinler, Violel Joimson, Presirleniz Sllirley Carler, Auclrey Alton Second Row: Miss Lucy Nioore. House Chaperone: NVHHJR lvlalsluury, lxflarilou Cllrislman. Alice Dillon. Barbara Haclcman, Rullx Catton. lwurilyn Pfeiffer Tliirrl Row: Sally Lou Howard, Ninry Lou Nluir. lkiarguerile Bauman, Betty Ann Be-lsliaw, lviariiou Sclmlte, Virginia Renner KQOD -prof 0 Homecoming at Millilcin this year was a real Hhomecomingn for Theta U Ex-collegios. The traditional Homecoming dinner was held Saturday evening at the chapter house with a record attendance of since helore the war. On Decemloer 2, the Theta U Open House Tea was held for the Millikin Family. As Christmas vacation was near, the Christmas theme prevailed during the afternoon. All the actives and pledges turned out in their loest "bib and tuclceru on Decemher 7 for the annual Christmas formal which was held at the St. Niclc. Later in the evening, the ulittlen pledges were very much surprised when Santa presented each of them with a typical Christmas stoclcing. The proud pledges really outdid themselves the following Monday nightg hut the actives really had a super time at their lcid party. To complete the activities of pre-Christmas vaca- tion weelc, the Omega cluh, the Nlothers of Theta Us had a party with the Ex-collegios and Collegiate chapter. This was a grand party to hring the dilllerent groups together just helore Christmas. Qn January 21, Theta U. Celebrated the founding ol? their fraternity with a dinner in the chapter house and the traditional candle light service which followed. Around February I, they were all humming and huzzing, their Na- tional Treasurer. lVlrs. Gladys lVlcBain, was coming to pay us a visit. During her stay. they held an afternoon tea in her honor. Came the last weelc in February with an Ex-collegio and Patroness Tea. The Theta U House on Nlarch 8 loolied more like a hay loft of a harn than a chapter house when the Telceas invaded and promptly tooli over. There was a contest on for hillhilly singing during the evening with Muir' and Bond as contestants. Johnny lxfloreland and his orchestra really swung out in the O1'land0 hallroom on the evening of May 4. The graduating seniors were honored at the annual commencement luncheon on May 25 in the Venetian Room. They were presented pearl crested loclcets hy the Ex-collegio chapter. National EX-collegio Cjlllzicer, Miss Modesta Scott, presented the crested Presidents hracelet to Violet Johnson. The following morning the seniors were honored with a hrealq- last hy the collegiate chapter in the chapter house. Que of Theta U,s recently established traditions has heen the Family Day at the end of the vear. It reminds one ol a great family reunion alter Baccalaureate on Sunday. A happy way to close the end of the school year. 44 912 ZETA TAU ALPH GFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Jane Barr ............ President ..... . . . Betty Shumate S' Shinneman . .Vice President . . . . . Marian Menk Pat Patrick .......... Secretary .... ..... J ean Kiick Betty Shumate . . . . .Treasurer ......... Patsy Stlumate Chaperon . . .......... Mrs. Wildman First Row: Adams, Sllumale, Lindms, Barr, Stninnemim. Patrinlc. Branom Second Row: Kami, Parks, Kiick, Nlarclm. Horevlcy, Meisner, Alice, Sllasteen, Graham, Cooley Third Row: Slwimer. Rule. Rogers, Slllllllale. Tollarlay. Figge. Nlenlc, Crain KQZX .0O'0o. 'I' a 0 5 LWA O Qspud' 0 2-133530. The outstanding event ot the year tor the Zetas was the purchase of their new house, located next door east of the college presidents home. The girls will take possession of the new house hetore the tall term hegins. During the year many of the Zetas were recognized tor their campus leadership. Jean Kiictf sewed as president of VV.A.A. and Tau Chi Pi. Betty Shumate was elected president of Tau Chi Pi for next year. Joan Wleisner was news editor of the Decaturian, was elected president of Pi Kappa Delta for next year and participated in this years Brown Debate. Pat Patrick was elected this spring secretary of the Student Council, Patsy Shumate, secretary of VV.A.A., and Elsie Branom, vice president of Conant Society. Caroline Adams was initiated into Pi Mu Theta this year and June Figge and Jean Rule were initiated into Sigma Alpha Iota. Alice Hor- ecnliy played the leading rote in the spring Town and Gown play, HHasty Heartf, She also gave a feature act in the choir program that was given in various localities throughout the state. The spring format was held in the house on March 22nd with the house decorated with gay spring 'Howers and crepe paper. Jack Drapys orchestra from Virden, Illinois, played for dancing. Besides their formal dance the Zetas had exchange parties with each of the fraternities during the second semester. Pledge and active parties and teas along with parties with other organizations titled the rest of their social calendar. The girls had a farewell hanquet at the Decatur Cluh May 30th in honor of S,Monne Shinneman for her outstanding service to the school and the fraternity. K939 DELTA SIGIVIA PHI OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester VirgiI Ward . . . . .President .... . . James WiIIiams Robert .... . . .Vice President . . . WiIIiam Burdick CIarence FogIer ...... Secretary . . . . . IVIeIvin GraboWsIci IVIeIvin Grabowski .... Treasurer . . . ..... John Garver First Row: SadIer. Kuslsefskn. Vvacaser. Dial. Harmon. Aitaway. Rice, Tolly, Tangney Second Row: Bowen, Pilcher. IVIonlImrI, Grabowski, Vvilliams, Burdick. Carver, Alloff, I.eacI1 'Ivhird Row: Huclson, Vvnrci. Mcxrrisey. Cannerl, Foglcr. IVI. Reed. HIII, Sclliltz. Joyce. Green Fourth Row: Chamloerlnin, Swift, Keris, Sullivan. Isley, Day. B. Reed, Herringlon, Roy, AugI1enIJaugI1 e94vb IJ .A 1 Ag' f I, I 511 3 at B Q nn9 x6x it if On Noveinhei' 3rd, when the fraternities became active again, the Delta Sigs had oniy two actives on the campus, iout they carried on per tradition. At the first sociai event which was the piedge dance the pledges, dates swung the paddles instead ot the actives. Since no fraternity was fuii size hy Christmas aii three joined to- gether tor the Inter-Fraternity Christmas Format. Deita Sig tooic part in this event which was the iniggest event of 1945 for the fraternity. Delta Sig was weii represented on the varsity hasicethaii team with ten men on the team, five of which received ietters in the spring. Several Delta Sigs were on the tracic, Ioasehaii, goit, and tennis teams. The iooys this year icept up the varsity standards set hy Vvagner, Wiurray, Dig-Dig Joyce, and Tatiinger hetore the War. Twenty actives returned the second semester and twenty-five men were pledged, maicing a normai size chapter, ieaving only the iacic of a house from heing a normal chapter. A pledge dance for the new pledges was held March Qnd. A room in one of the oid C. T. D. harracic iouiidings was used the second semester for a ciuh room. Fraternity activities the second semester were practically hack to normai with dances, exchanges, etc. The spring formal was at Scoviii Clubhouse on Aprii 26th with music hy Johnny Bruce. The outiooic for the coming fait term promises further success and a gain of several return- ing actives from the armed services. cc 952 IGMA ALPH EPSILO OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Roiimert Kinnairci ...... President ........ Robert Kinnairci Roioert Parkinson ..... Vice President . . . Robert Parkinson Ciaucie Price . . . . . Secretary . . . . . Russeii Oettei Treasurer . . . . . . Freci Bradshaw First Row: iViaierici1. Ruger, Vviison, Timlnpson, Sihifil, Carter, Niciwois. Gray. Biaice, Hinds Second Row: Saiiee, Lauimer, Fiaiirely. Oetlei, Parkinson, Kinnaird. Bracisifnw. Mason. Hoiyceic, Snnili Timirci Row: Mcciennon, Renowrien, Hewey, Augenstein, Kaminsici, Hart, Brewer. Simeiiairarger, Wiicox Oiciweiier, Mooreilead Fouriil Row: Miiier, Heh, Hinton. Foster. Gaivin, Gusiin. Vviiiiams, Brooics, Dawes, Corry 44965 l Qtwtmgfgff .T 1. nh gy After two years of inactivity the Iliinois Delta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon again hecame active at a dinner held at the Decatur Cluh on Novemher Qnd. The fraternity had only three actives on the campus at this time and at the dinner eleven men were formally pledged. National and Provincial S.A.E. officers were present. Social activities were limited the first semester due to the small mem- hership, hut the traditional "Queen of the Paddleu pledge dance was held in the fait and the fraternity joined with the other two in participat- ing in the interfraternity Christmas dance. On January 25th the actives and the first semester pledges plus John Frahm, a pre-War pledge, Went to Evanston, S.A.E. national head- quarters, for the initiation of the pledges. Active membership jumped to twenty-eight the second semester and thirty men were pledged. An increase in social activity came the second semester. The hig event was the spring formal at Scoviil Cluhhouse Ntay 31st, Wayne Karfs Orchestra played. On Niay 10th a pledge dance was held at the Orlando. Sorority exchange parties made upmost of the other social events for the semester. Sig Aiph received the Intramural Championship award for the year having vvon in all Intramural activities. The hasicethail team was un- defeated. The fraternity had a large numher of men on the various varsity teams this year. The chapter held its meetings the first semester in the home of Claude Price, just east of the campus and the second semester they met in a room in the hasement of the Fairview Apartments. Next fall the hoys will he hack in their Fairview Avenue chapter house. e972 TAU KAPP EPSILO First Semester William Kileen . . . . William Drennani . . . . OFFICERS President .... Vice President Secretary '.... Treasurer . . Second Semester . William Kileen Marshall Turner . . . . Girard Keil . . . Robert Logan First Row: Vvalicer, Hanley, Caullc. Parker, Burke. MCiXll0f, Bond. Taylor. Linder V Second Row: Ferry. Slrain. Rylxerci, Logan, Keil, Kileen, Turner. Conner, Drennan Third Row: Nelson, Blair. Vvarren. Romans, Bolcn, Wulf, Nlorrison, Dunn. Griffith. Vollmer, Faith. Davids Fourth Row: Sininciler, Trescil. Piraino. Adamson. Conyer, Sutherland, Slrain. Linn, Crain. Aivinoll. NIOOTE e982 ,. -,., I From only two actives on November 3rd to a fuii size chapter at the heginning of the second semester with a regutar schedule ot social events marked a year of progress after two years of inactivity for the Tetces. The format pledging dinner at the Saint Nicholas Hotel November 3rd was the first of a series of sociai events for the fraternity. The Teties had the first social event tor fraternities a week after their reactivation which was their traditional Harvest Hop pledge dance. Two weeks iater the Triangle Ciuh, mothers of the Tetces, had a pottuctc for the boys so that the members of the fraternity and their families could hecome hetter acquainted. Tau Kappa Epsilon joined with the other fraternities on the campus for the Christmas formal which was at the Hotel Qrtando December 13th. On January I ith, Tau Kappa Epsilon founders day, the entire chap- ter went to Champaign for a banquet of the first three chapters of the fraternity. The last of January the hoys rented a section of the C.T.D. Recreation Building and furnished as a ctuh room to use untii they again move into their house. with the increased numher ot returned Tetce veterans to the campus and the large number of new pledges the chapter functioned the second semester as hefore the war with numerous social events including informal dances, exchange parties with sororities and the spring format dance at the Orlando May 10th with Lou Hahn's Qrchestra playing. Many Tetces were very active on the campus this year. Girard Keii was in varsity hastcethati, Jim Morrison was manager of the hasehatt team and hastcethaii team, Richard Ferry was Decaturian feature editor, Bill Kiteen was editor of the Miitideic, listed in VVho's Vvho in American Colleges and Universities, and participated in the Brown Debate, and others held offices in various organizations on the campus. The year was closed hy an initiation in June and a dinner for the new initiates and the graduating seniors. 44992 F 3 MEL, K fi" V,-5 . K A 3' . U . GG 0- A- 5 Y' 1.2, f .2 .3 n , fig U i t i'Li'mi"1it Boyd. Kaminsici Am ii R I D 3 M Ie I Pitcher, Frabm, Vviiiiams, DHIIHI BLUE BASKETB JANUARY At Normal iViiHiicin's sports debut of tile post War era fizzied somewhat as tile siigbtiy unfiersize Big Blue team's late rally failed to catcii Normal. MO-37, Iliinois Wesleyan. Back for a return engagement at Bloomington -Normal, Nliliiicin fell prey to a mucb larger Wes- leyan squaci by 13 unlucky points. Q45-325 At bome. Striving to tile utmost to maice their y-46 homecoming a success tile Vveiismen tieci the count at 36 midway in time last bait but couici not stand the terrific pace as tbey felt bebinoi Charles- ton in tile last 4 minutes. f51-43, At iiome. Nliiiiicin sboweci consider- able improvement but still could not matcb the tieigbt and stamina of a classy Niacomb team. f6l-44, At indiana Central. With a large mici- semester sbot in tile arm and general face lifting time truly big Big Blue team easily trimmed Indiana Central for its first mark in tbe Win column. Q48-345 Ai Camp Atterbury. Staying in Indian- apolis over tile weekend Miiiikin founcl themselves paired against a team tbat indiana had beaten by a scant 3 points. Undaunteci Miiiikin ted tiii time last min- ute oniy to iose a beart breaker. f5l-48, fr . 5 h. 3 -v xxx- V A ,N - .Hi ' " 3' , f, 5' f' 1-4 was ll 1 ! fl E S K iff' Ng, A Qagil ' ' ' , N 17, ivy I Q, , X ,N fb 3' la rf i A +4 if .Ii-U11 1 fi r f "' FP 'Q 5 M I x v 1-I-K! f :xr ll 16 18 23 Miiiikin raced away to a convincing vic- tory over Indiana Centrafs Greyhounds. Q63-39, At Illinois College. The Blue Boys dealt iVIiHiicin's Big Blue a ciose defeat for their seventh defeat against four wins. Q42-401 At Home. The home court seemed to help considerably and Miliikin evened the two game series with Iliinois College. 444-405 At Home. The second semester hard- wood team took the air out of Iliinois VVesieyan,s first semester win to the tune of 21 points. Bennett and crowd just never were in the game. Q60-39, At Home. Nliiiiicin fans got a look at the supposedly crack Attahoys and he- C4 104 25 4 iieved all the reports: those guys were giants. Although the game was close throughout and was not decided until the closing minutes the Attahoys showed a definite height advantage and shoot- ing ability. This was Dahm's, Frahms and Boyds last home appearance in JMU suits. 153-43, Ar Charleston. The defeat at the hands of the Attahoys seemed to take the steam out of the Blue steamroiier and they just couldn't hit their stride. f55-50, MARCH At Wood River. The curtain fell on the '46 season just as it had gone up: iust as in the first game through to the last game Miliikin never quit fighting. Wood River Won in a repeat perform- ance. Q40-361 xr. '4 . x 'ua 11 W. A. A. OFFICERS President ...... ....................... J ean Kiicic Vice President .... .... M ariiyn Spence Secretary ......... .......... E unice B012 Treasurer .......... .......... P atricia Wilson lntramurai Manager .... .... M ary Catherine P'Simer Advisor .......................... Dorothy McClure' VV.A.A. has the largest membership on campus and is open to women who wish to watch the intramural competition games as well as those who wish to participate in them. Monthly meetings are held uniess it is absoiutely impossible because of school activities. Meetings included a get-to-gether in the tail to acquaint alt the new members, a tall: on H1V1arriageU by Dr. Gladys Ganigar, an informal party at the Youth Center, a bowling party, a picnic ear1y in the year, and a picnic at the close of the year, and this year VV.A,A. sponsored a vaientine party. Other meetings included a get-to-gether in the fail to acquaint au the new members, a tant on H1V1arriageH by Dr. Gladys Gaiiigar, a picnic early in the year, and a picnic at the close of the year, and this year VV.A.A. sponsored a valentine party. The intramural program is the most important and prominent feature of the physical education program. This year, the teams vied with each other to come out on top in speedbail, bowling, bas1cetba11, vo11eyba11, deck tennis, and badminton. tndividuals who play in four out of five games of any sport will receive 100 points. Numerais are awarded for 250 pointsg biue 1V1,s for 500 pointsg white Mys for 1000 points: senior jackets for 1500 points. 1ntramura1 managers from the various organizations were as toiiowsz Alpha Chi Omega, Patricia Stone: Delta Delta Delta, Johnny Hiteg Pi Beta Phi, Dorothy Rae Baujang Theta Upsi1on, Alice Shimer, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mary Shimerg Indees, Gladys Howett. W. A. A GIRL Nlariiyn Spence, senior Tri Delta from Chi- cago was chosen VV.A.A. girl for this year. Mimi was vice president of VV.A.A. this year and par- ticipated in all tile activities of the organization. The basis for the choice Was scimolarsiiip, service to VV.A.A., leadership, skin, other activities, sportsmanship, anti personality. Mimi was se- lected by a committee composed ot time adviser, officers, and the intramural managers of VV.A.A. and the editor of the Nliuiclek. SENIGR JACKET GIRLS Each year on Award Day senior jackets are given to members of X!V.A.A. who have quaiifiect by acquiring 1500 points throughout their four years, participation in intramural events. Each girl must have shown good sportsmanship during all events. The girls receiving jackets this year Were, as pictured on the left, Doris Parrish, EI- nora Baker, and Donna Joyce Bracicin. K107b '-1... V .4 xi F. nw' HGMECOMI G QUEE Betty Pat Frye, Independent senior from Decatur, was elect- ed Homecoming Queen for our first post War Homecoming. Her court was made up of five girls one eacli from the tive sororities on the campus. The Decatur- ian sponsored tlie queen elec- tion tllis year. Each sorority and tlie independent girls or- ganization nominated one con- testant and tlie "Dec" held an election Tuesday of Homecom- ing weelig the results were With- held from tlie students until the Homecoming edition of the Decaturian was distributed. The coronation, held just loe- fore intermission of the dance, was unusually effective. The queen Wore a Wliite formal. Dr. Fryxell crowned the queen. c1102 The Queenis Court Phyllis Bowen, Delta Delta Delta Annette McDonald, Pi Beta Phi Doris Parish, Alpha Qmega Patricia Patrick, Zeta Tau Aipila Marilyn Pfeiffer, Theta Upsiion TR ILER CITY fizizs-2 Y ,ev 1 'suv " fi 'crm 5 3 t fi sg A new aciciition to the Miiiikin campus east of Aston Hail has periiaps been the biggest ciiange time campus iias had tiiis year. At first, when time construction company tmegan iiauiing trailers to tile campus ti'l1'OILlgil the muoi, We ilaci a saci impression oi what the traiier city would cio to tiie east campus, iout now Witii students anci tiieir families living tiiere, iawns beginning to show progress, and paint inrusiies aciciing their magic toucii, we know tiiat aitiiougii temporary time trailers acici to our campus. Several oi time families iiving in tiie traiiers are former Nliiiiicin students, some have ciiiiciren, anci all oi tile men are former service men now Baci: to finish tiieir ecucation. Now for time first time Niiiiiicin has a Hollywood and Vine corner. The main streets in our trailer town are named after Hoiiywoocfs famous streets. There are 13 ciouiuie and 15 single trailer units, time doubles are for tiiose veterans with Miiiikin legacies. Time pictures aioove depict a part of life in the trailers. K 112 D COUNCIL OPENS SOCIAL YEAR Campus and Neczrlxyv, Septcmlmr 11, 19115 A get-acquaintecl or Hlet's see wllat came laaclc this year" scavenger lnunt was lxelcl, sponsorecl by tlle Stuclcnt Council. Dividecl into groups fwitli equal clistrilmulion ol rncn to encli groupl, ilu: various parties set out I0 gallier everytlling lroin opinions on lvlillilcin to llm numlaer ol stops intu tlic graveyarcl. Lets not lorget tlme lmtlle lrom Ille Nlill eillierl After wearing HICIIISCIVCS out completely, stu- clents gatllerecl lor loocl lnotlling unusual about Illatl anrl later ioinecl togelller arounrl a blazing fire to sing lvlillilcin songs and wisln lor IIIOTIS HIGH. lQ M M A HOLDS OPENER DANCE Bless Hull, Septemlzvr 111, 1945 Soft' ligllls, sweet music, popcorn ancl colces -the MNIA :lance-tlie first of tlme year. Held in tlie olcl barracks mess liall, properly clmperonecl, still iurnecl out to lie quiie n dance or did it. Spence? You slioulcl be quite an aulllority on wlmt came out ol itl lyi- S A I RUSHES Kueuper. Ociolzer 1. 1945 Cowlianclu The strains of "l'm an drilled lllrouglx tlic illustrious lmlls of tlle conservatory, lollowccl closely by ulriclcllin' tllc Ficlclle." Bacll loolcecl clown in disgust lbut tlie SAYS went riglit alxead ancl llad tliem- selves a lanngvup party lor all tlle newrcomcrs to lllc Conservatory-proving tlmt all worl: and no play would malcc Jill a clull gal. The "Lone Prairie Players" presentecl a pantomine entitlccl Ulile on the Vviclc Open Spaces" or "Run lnto tlne Rouncl House Nellie-The lnjuns Can't Corner You Tlweref' Lively, plain, ancl fancy tlancing was llic footworlc ol all. CALE DAR 4 me "Nf4 XKW 5 JJ Q A if 'GJ ft W I J qi: X ,E 1' V s I .,!UEg eg l 1 x an l Zlffm If 'ff I 2' I .4-L , I I Wai, E9 I 2 4" 2 ' V- ,f H f , ' sr- 1 --.' - - . li 5-13 -5,2 H g2:--1 L -1 gif? 'NX - X l ife'-, X521 -, Q. 'Q ' 7 X 'X-jf E' f , '34 W ,VK ' X ' ' -:AE ' 'Spf'-41,4 U'-.11-, I , ' S V rv , ,N K 94?-,. Q' .X 2 - l N ,:.. A 7, v b',f4?'fx-. - 1 - -. , 1 ' W if C sf 1 'lg ' 0 , :J :lf I , V: ' ' V .2 1 is -I, " f " V5 39 -, I , ji f f ' ' ' 5'4" 'Ly lm Y :iff V 4 - 121' -X sf? V?" l' 7 l ff if DSC37171 Jef V lfW'+2?'ME aj!! 7,7 1 Y 1 4 ,ff 4, . Q ' Z ,ff 4' .5 ,ff fffsf F ' 1, fjpff sf . . ' L. N A Y fl X7 xx V! 'f I .1 1 52 3, X H V l .ln 1" , -' , , Q! gl 1"' ' f t J If , , I I 7 " A . I Q -f 1 A 21 7 . .IU xx' X 1.1 V' W ,I It , ll my 7 li, it if UQ' if f f 7 . gi fn RQ V,,I 'W 's ' ff , f ly ff Q 1 ' Q . f fl ft: -' MQ W f,fq . V 57 1 '-J, . ,i , fl - J 1, 19 X 5 ' ' 5,3 "I 1 , 323, 14 l l .' ,..'7f" V 1,11 ' XX 271 -'Q -' 4 X , , all 7',k cv- , 'X , p 2" ' fl - ' , . :mul ,lf , l THE HOME of MARILYN SHOES BARKERS SHOE STORE ZI7 North Wafer Sfreei' Decatur, Illinois if 113 D Tlrtrong Vvatches Paracle Decatur Streets, November 4, 19-I5 After tire various organizations lootlr grcclc and inciepencient spent from early morning -decorating cars and trucks to bring lnaclc tlie traciitionai Niillitcin wlletller-or-no Football game. at twelve o'clocic the liatf-mile-long cara- van lelqt Ntain and Oakland Streets and showed tiie people of Decatur that llie Ntiliie Iain students were ntl out tliis year for tlie lviillitcin Building Fund. Pi Beta Plii sorority was ctnosen by tile jucigcs to have llic best float. Alpha Clli Omega was selected for having tlle best iiouse ciecorations tliis year. No cars sullcrecl from tile parade lnut we expected Jack Blair to uctimplcn liis grille WIICH tie insistent upon stopping his car lly humping into llle jeep in lvront of liim, Homecoming Bail IINIU Gym, Nonemtxer 3, 19415 At intermission wliile Ben Brarileys orcll- estra took time out, lxliss Betty Pat Frye, an inzlepenclent senior. was crowned quf-en of .llx'tU's 1945 Homecoming loy Dr. B, L. Fryxell, Decaturian uclvisor. lvliss Frye. laeaue tiiul in u wtxile gown slucictcct witli sequins, was escorteri to lier tlirone by Bala Faitll. lvornler stuclent, now in tile Nzix'a1l Air Corps. Tlxe impressive ceremony tiigliligliteci llie lxeginning ol' a Inusy weelc-end for Niillilcin stuclents and alumni. It set biillilcilfs first post-war Homecoming for an official success!!! Tlnc Homecoming Dance was tlle place wllerc all lviilliliin students could again see lvmternity pledge buttons on time campus for tlle lvirst time in nlmost tlirec years. Tliis was tlie occasion wlien pledges could ottlicially wear tlne buttons for tlle first time since tlue fra- ternities closecl lnor tlie war. Tlnose lnnmiiiar wliite carnations of time Delta Sigs were worn in aciclition to tlle pledge tnuttons anti tlle TKE pleclges wore tlleir trziiiitioiml rect car- nations witli a grey triangle uncler tllem matc- ing a real live roplicn ol tlleir plerlge lautlons. r 3 3,...." '-Ofljjf 7 hy .... 4 -. ,.., Q . Qs., eg!!-I-..:--.--. ,,s...s.s'?'5'f.?EQ 51:1 j1't'1'f,5.f,gpg'Is..,-.."-T "Ts -5 - sg ii -. .es-zftmesirerf-ee2t-R-4-fe' fi- -. . TOWI1 and GOWI1 Ciimaxes Festivities Albert Taylor Hou, November 4, 1945 Dr. L. C. tVtcNut1tJ presented his Town and Gown players in "Blythe Spirit" lxetore a full liouse. Between acts time prizes tor liouse decorations and floats were given out. Niar- 'xance Stowell received tlie award for tlie 'muse decorations for lier sorority and Joyce Niartin received tile float awarct for her sorority. :le 52 iii Afternoon Athletics Lower Field, November 4, 1945 Although tile olct Alma bqater couicin't iiave Et regular intercollegeant football game tile tmoys played a game all for tlle fun ot it after tlic Freshman and Sophomore girls tongilt it out in organized attlletics uncier lvtiss Dorothy NtcClure's supervision. The Soptxomore's clicinvt quite meet time Frestunen trictcs so the green rilzxbons already tiirown away lay time little Freshmen were missing from siglit tor- ever for tile Class of '49, RAMBO hdfntdci J. E. RAMBO, R. Ph. 125 NORTH MAIN STREET fTwo Doors South of lincoln Square Theatre, DECATUR, ILLINOIS We're oflen asked, here al SJraley's, iusl WHAT we make from corn and soybeans. In a senfence or fwo if is Hwis: from corn we process a long lisf of slarcbes, sugars, oils and leeds for induslry, +l1e farm and Hwe bome. From soybeans we oblrain soybean oil and soybean oil meal. Wben you see lbe Slaley name on a package of slarclw or a can ol' syrup al your grocer's you can be sure Hwal in Jrhal package you will 'Find an unusually high grade produc+ Hwal will serve you well. y Ask for me-Se s+aiey producls by name: if STALEY'S cues LAUNDRY STARCH if CREAM coRN STARCH if STALEY'S TABLE SYRUPS I4 flavorsj -A' STALEY'S "sToY" soY FLouR A. E. STALEY MANUFACTURING C0 Decaiur, Illinois 44116 9 Al I SADIE HAVVKINS' DAY Everywhere, Novemlzcr 20, 1945 Grain your man ancl run, gall All time local losses turnccl Daisy lvlac ancl turnecl time talnles on tlte Li'l Almers ancl got tlxom- selves a man lor any and all occasions ol' tlie clay. Tllere were clmpel clalcs. witli tlle queerest comloinations of male and female students seen lor some time. YIQIICFE were colce clates witll tile same results ancl camo tlle Saclie Hawkins dance tllat nigllt, tlnere were even more unaccountable clates. All tlne guys ancl gals cliangecl llle gym into a cleluxe Dogpatcll witll cornstallcs ancl trim- mings and to enter Dogpatcll everyone was lorcecl to get Llown ancl crawl tluruuglx a tun- nel nl' llay. Kinnaircl. Sallec ancl Augustine receive-cl lneautilul corsages, ol' vegetalnles anrl olcl rilxlnon lmut tlme lxigll-ligl1t ol' tlle evening was tlxe announcement ol llle tllrec lmest- clressezl Dogpatcllers. Caroline Esque was Daisy Nlae, lwerselli, riglwt rlown to tlie ros- lume: Janet' Silxtllorp was Pansy YOICLIIII. pipe ancl all: anil Diclc Grillqilli wallcecl oll witll tlle llonor of lvcing Pappy Yolcum. Qtlier notalwles ol: mention incluclecl Elnora Balcer as Saclie: Boll Parkinson as Hairless Joe: ancl Roger Sallee as lVlnrryin' Sam. It was all a lunge success aml to quote tile Dust Pan on llle subject "lt proves tlmt gals have ini- tiative tliat tlle guys clon'Ln YELLGW SLIPS FOR US WHITE FOR FATHER General Office, November 21, 1945 Upon instruction from tlxe General Olnlice ancl Dr, Ralph Yalcel, registrar of tlle Uni- versity, nine weelrs grades were mailed to parents and given to stuclents. Nlost ol' us tool: one loolc at our grade slips ancl put on ten league laoots ancl attemplecl to hurry lxome in time to intercept tlie postman in luis passing it to ltatlmcr. V BRIDGE TOURNAMENT Lounge, Decefnlner 7, 1945 Athletics Imve returnecl to time campus of .I.IVI.U. Not only are tliere plans for lootIJaII, Ivaselaall. Iaaslcetloall. and all lllc rest, Iaut llris semester a toumament in lI1e ,.AII'AHlEFICBH Sportf, was llelcl. Yes-I'JricIgeI Tile lounge llouncls were in tlieir glory anrI tire whole scllool turnecl out to see wllo would trump wliu's ace. Tile tournament was a tliree-clay allair rlreamecl up Iay tile Student Council social committee. wlwse meinlaers. Bolo Parli- inson. Cappy Abrams, Betty Brewer. Betty SCIIUHIEHC, Jan Silotimrp, .Iim Smitlr ancl Emmy Bumflimann, deserve a Iew Isouquels for iiiis ami time otI1er affairs iI1cy Ilavc plannecl tiiis semester, Tire final game lor tI1e cliampionsliip was a Imney-we w0uIcln't Ilavc wanted to I:-e Pop Kinnaircl alvoul tllcn for it was .Iane against Rip, Tire winner-tlie women, of course. IN'Iary Alden Lcigli and Jane Kin- naircl reign as unclisputeti Inriclge cliampions -until next ycarl IVIILLIKIN DAIVIES TEA OBGL Browsing Room, Decemlzer IQ, 19-'15 In tlneir usual tasliion llie IVIiIIiI:in Dames Ilelcl tlieir annual Cliristmas Tea in tlie Inrows- ing room of tile library witll clames and Iaculty meniIJers as Iiosts nl mlm clay. I'IigI1- nmn Ineyoncl question of a doubt was Franlc hi Ousley wlio consumerl 48 coolcics. SLAVE AUCTION Auciilorium, Decemtmer 7, l945 To promote time sale ol Victory Imoncls. a laculty slave auction was once again con- cluctccl Ivy time eminent nuctionecr. Dr. Burton I... Fryxcll. Perliaps tlie most amusing slave turnecl out to lie Dr. Daniel Gage who vol- unteerecl to tlrcss as Little Iuorcl Faunlleroy. His appearance in llle staicl ancl s0IJer Iialls oi Millilain causecl quite a sensation as Ire l1aLI on lcniclcers, lrillecl collars and cults and a small Ilat willl large flowing riblmnns. Big- gest tlirill lor tlie Alpina Cl1i's was wllen Dar IVIcCIure clrarterecl a Inus ancl took tile entire cliapter tancl a few frirriiclsw to tlle Ivlillilcin-Cliarleston game. Tire Pi PImi's turnerl time talules on lim nuclioneer anal pur- clmsecl lxim as a singing waiter uncl altllouglr 3 .f . -nfl -, hx, Ire clicl not sing Im clicl recite Slmlcespenre wliile lic served clinner. SUNDAY EVENING DISCUSSION GROUPS Iwess Hall, Any Sunriay, 1945 Uncler tlie ilirection of lI1e Cliapel Com- mittee, groups of sturlents and faculty memlners making up a panel Ieacl discussions of topics ot II1e clay willr time application of Cilrislian principles and attitudes. Dr. Gage actecl as moflerator I-or tire meetings ancI usually tI1e cliscussions Iollowed a Sunday evening sup- per in tlie mess Iiall. Tire meetings Iuecame quite popular anci Iiave aided IVIiIIiIiin stuclents in gaining a Ibetter unclerstancling of tI1e worlcl toclay. t VACATIGN AT LAST Our Town, Decernlzer 15, 1945 'lm clreaming ol a Xvliite Cliristmasn- lmt l Lliclift asls lor a lvlizzarcl. As tlie olcl saying goes. wlien Decatur clues sometliing, it clues it in a lnig way-we out-ol-towners practically liacl to liire a snow plow to get us to time station lint we got tliere-but quiclcl Tilt-revs notlning litre Cliristmas at liome-but wl1o's lionie is wliat, we woncler. tTliat's a pun, son--wlio is llflllllf? . . . get it? . . . or il you insist-wliose llCltltt'?'-PllllCl' way won. itls a pun., Time lirst tiring l'Ll lretter mention is time rings , . . tlu--n t'lt worlc clown lrom tliere. Annette iVleDonnltl anil Butt Sntlxerlancl set t, X5-v n 55.00 limit on time presents, so Annette slavecl lor montlis lcnitling liim a pair ol green sorrlis lsurprisv, tlley lit liim, tool. Tllen Bud lnrouglmt lortli one ol tlie biggest rliamoncls we've seen lor a long, time. Wien, Cort bless tliem--so unpreclictalmle. ,lean Kiicli, not only got one ol' tliose sparlcly timings lor Mtllircl linger, lelt lianclu laut tlic-re's a sweetlleart pin on orclcr too-as soon as Elnlon gets initiatcmll Xvliat we want to lcnow is, wliicli comes lirst? Tllvn tliere's tlie story aliout Auclrie Ola-son welcoming tier man Bali lnaelc witli a "ring on lier linger." Don't get excitecl lciels. it was luis ring. Tliafs alnout all tlle ball anal rliain news lnut from tlie loolrs ol tlie Decatur out-going mail anal tlle teleplione lyills tliere THREE FRATS HOLD FORMAL DANCE Hotel Orlomlo, Decemlner 13, 1945 Tile music stoppecl, liut we lu-pt on clnnu- ing-anfl clancing-ancl ilancing. Salt ligllts, clreamy music. ancl tliat sparlcle in luis eyes -yes, love was in ljrloom anal it was only December. Tlie tliree lraternities. Delta Sigma lmlii, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Sigma Alpina Epsilon, lorgot any clillerenccs tliey miglit llave llacl antl Lleciclerl to lJanrl togetlxer just tliis one time anrl tlirnw a twig :lance wliivli none ol tliem coulcl swing alone. Naturally many eyelarows were raisecl wlien tlic rumor :ante out-as rumors always clo-lvut we lmvw tliev coulcln't possibly partition tlie Qrlamln lrallroom into tliree parts witli lxarlmecl wire as everyone saicll No, tlley coulcln't aml tliey rlirliftl Tlie dance was a womlerlul suc- cess-even more wonclz-rlul tlian we expected ancl we expectecl plenty. Tlie only clivislon was tlie tlirife tables, one lor eacll lratermty. witli tlxeir clillerent colorecl centerpieces anal extra loutl singing ol tlxeir own lraternity SOIIQ. Yes, tliere was cooperation ancl tlre lellows cleserve a lot ol ereclit lor it. But tllis starterl out about solt ligllts antl music, so-lmcla we go to solt liglits ancl music, Tliere were too many ple-Llge pins to mnlce it a prolitalnle niglit lor. "Roses are rect Violets are lilue Talce my pin ,Cause I love youf' lmut il some lairy goclmollier or maylae we'cl lmetler say ulaig lirotlieru liacl crept in over- Illglll ancl sulxstitutecl tllat so important piece ol enamel lor tliat pleflge pins-wlio knows? Cliristmas vacation was near anal a pin wonltl matte a gooil Cllristmas present. At least we tlmuglit tlu-re were tliose claneing by witli tliat in mincl. lsn't tliat Tlglll-lllll maylne lqcl limetter not mention names. Tliat lirst intru- lraternitv clance will prolmalnly ine tlle last lqut tl1ere'll ine a lot ol clances loc-lore some ol us will lorget it as tlie lyestl are a lew tliat may creep into tliat category soon-real soon. Take lor instance. .laclc Blair ancl Dottie Gcissler. How many times DID lie call Belleville? Some ol us were beginning to woncler il it was tlie teleplionc, operator or Dottie wlio was time olmiectl Tllen tl1ere's tlmt crusli Dieli Grillitli lias on a eer- Iain Zeta ancl Ko. Smitli aml timmy BlICll mann. Sine gave liim a scart.. Wino lreep you warm, wliile l'm gone." and lie gave lier a lmlaelc sweater-lor tlie same reason? Rip anel Klan surprisecl us all, lor on tlleir lirst anni- versary slie cliclnt get tliat pin-lmclcl Yes t it was a swell Cliristmas lor all ol us ann wlioever was in time lxlill New Years Eve will lcnow wllat l'm talliing about-Olxl Compliments of Daviol , s uality Marlfet Where Q l't ct E R I T th Brggcitc-Kd atsteatscfntgigilliry LleVegoe?ribtE! Cor. Packard and Monroe St. QIIQD E yy J V' I ,... xgxlxii X ulgtn w v f , I X fi' I "I Ii 1 I III. WI I I IQIIMP. llnafasxraannnn nfw llliiili llll nflllll -I I i" ..ITIn1'xq lAF f-'-la, ug" age1'3.II ' i n nal 2573?-lia fanananf aa' g-1 USEIIUUH BHIIII In The years +o come you will find a good banking conneclion Io be a valuable assel. This bank can be ol service Io you in many ways - as a deposilory for your funds . . Io meel your credil require- menls . . . and Io Iwelp you Io make and To save money. We cordially invile you Io open an accounl wi+I'1 us and Io use all of Ilne various banking Iacililies Ilial are available Io you. ala HOLD YOUR UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS The Citizens Halinnal Bank OF DECATUR Member Federal Member Deposil' Insurance I89I - I946 Federal Reserve Corporalion SYSIGFYI QIZOW NOVV ITS V46 INIU, january 2, 19-I6 Alter CllI"lSlllIi.'tS vnration-everyone all restefl up and mring to go . . . especially llie SAE pledges. Before wc llacl linac to lllinlc tllings were popping all over campus. ln lronl ol' every sorority lnousr: ancl Aslon Hall llle SAE's lnegan llieir, sllall we be lalunt ancl say. "Hell Wlsc-k'? For two lmurs llre pleclges patrollecl tlle premises calling out tlle time every lilteen minutes, ruining any slcep we trierl Io gel. Tllen lllere was tlle usual jour- ney. not lming very sentimental eitller. anrl ull llie rest tllat goes willx a traciitional pre- initialion weelc ol tlie lrals. Salurclay lliey were sacl loolcing saclcs l-:ul lzy Sunclay as will: all JNIU lralr-rnity men tlxey were loolcing tlnrir lmesl anrl levling clripper. Harolol R. lrislt FDR INSURANCE PROTECTION 'f' All Ways - Always 'I' I Cifizens Building Phone 97I3 ,R Z' I .fc- BELATED NEW YEARS PARTY Ill Puri: Place. lunuary 5. 1946 .lusl a little late lJut still clelinilely in tlle iclea ol' celelzraling tlne New Years was ll1e Della Della Della Dorm Dance held loniglll. Pushing time clocks up an lxour lclarn llxese lmursl llie confusion began at ll ancl lasted until llm last male had left llle house. Con- letli, serpenlines, paper lmls and those ever- lasting noise-malcers gave llie party "atmos- plicrcu anal one lnave soul even starlecl ille New Year oll riglxt lay lcissing it in, clirln'l you Kileen? lnciclenlly, lliis clance was tile niglxl ol llte clay ol tlle SAE --Hell Vveelcu enclecl anti tile oviclence lllat tlle aclives are lmil as liarcl as pleclges Lluring tliis time was Kinnnircl-Jan liacl to keep llirn awalcel X X ,. X L-L Q L wall Mfg? 'ilk X A I! fi, W 72 W... X ' , , X My 5 W Q ' W 114 " f f of N N XWK4 ff if A I V at K ,nf W W9-fo 5 W , A' X rio 'lug xW f f f gm I ll I . f ' 9 '9 f Z 1 ff , J f ff l r .1 1 f ,,,-- 456 f X - f I iw NX- I , ,1 . 5 g xl ll X Q Xi? yi v .H . ' X. -.S , h " "'?a+15gf5Q'?rf3v:e Tv . 3. 13' . . XX X.-g . iff- fl P x i .1 .- .l..- 1 wagvgggg'-gb. -Y is -1 S. 1 i" x . 'vsfx Ns, I X . -s , - X 'RX xx N -.45 V. .fx X-5 X X ' In if qv TN' ' K 'N Xi .X ' l l IK 1 A X ,. f' 'N X , N ' ' 1 l ' -- - ' X 1 ' , ,--'.-31LQ.j-. ' lb ' X. N fi. 5- . r X' l ' x X '- 5' Y X: . l.., I kgfx . il, . hxxi Z L I ifiwf - fygxg, . Q.-Q , ,gsf - ,ff ' Q A4 l as,-ml. - f . F P . : k ,X s'... 5 ff f ----fl Q rs , A . .- A . 1 bv-A.- xx V lf" '74 ' - Q X N. S ' if xx ,Q P R XXX? .XX X x J N . 4 .Xi . . W ll xl lx. S X K 4 1 Y M xhxt 5515- X- 5. X ,Fix-Q-Q07 5 x . f f-. ' ' 0 X' X-Q ., 'x, -i h ft Q N rx 'Q ' 'li 1 X in I Sf O' .4 ff '7' f ?1,"ffj" . f fy vlf f il -1 EXAM WEEK Tim lllill, Inn. 24, 1946 VVANTED-One pmlclccl cell will: no win- rlows :mil n quiclc-cnlculziling slide rulc. mllwo ancl two mulfes lour . . . Divide by lwn , . . rn? Napoleon was born in . . . xvllni is llle Spanisli wnrrl for ly0u'???n VVl1y is ii wlien you neecl lliem mosl. ilu--y're nut llmre? Brains, I mean. Semeslcr exams were n niglilniarc, llic lllorn lllat comes along willl all llrc roses, mnller nf lad, if wc'rl lcnnwn lliis Uiflvll prnlnnlwly lmvc srrnl illc roses lunclcl But laucla up lcirl. youlll have nnollier clmnce next scmesler-mecl llwe original six-year nmnl Alller exams tlnc cnlirc scllool pnrlicipnlecl in n wc-elils vacation rcronnnencleil lxy llie Board ol Eclurnlion. VV.C.'I'.U., nncl Srvciely lor Pri-venliun ul' cruelly ln Animals. It XVEIS succf-sslul, must ul' us mme lmrlc lu slnrt tile ss-mml se-nmsler will: n wlmll- set ol' new reso- lulinns nncl very gnocl inlenlions-lmw were we lo lanow llxe vi-lc-mn' were lmclc-lmulm? NEW FACES NEW COURSES NEW SEMESTER llluin Hull, Iunuury 29, 1946 Fralcrnilies in lull swing nncl we clo mean swing. Wien in all llwe lmlls all lime linic. Dil- lerenl nncl, Olxl How wonclerluul. ljnrlics now ancl purly prnspccls lor llmc near lulure. lxlnre professors. big classes lilcc Dr. Boycrls fluss ol over n lmmlrecl in Sociology, :incl lnour lungs beginning accounting classes. Even Prnlessur Xlxlilllffl' Emcln of llie Conscirvalory slnll lu-gun playing zu clual role lliis semcslcrr by in-ncliing n lrig clnss. Never in all our liN'PS IHIYC VVO S6911 S0 Illillly llll?l'I COITIK' DCIUY' ing out of llxe Conserve ancl never sn many young women clnsliing to line ronscrve on lxlonclay nncl Xveclnesflny morning anal slnncl- ing gazing -pnrrlon us. we mean Llrnnlingl SCHHFFER 6 GLUCK Esiablislned l925 FU L SELECTION OF FUR COATS Also Made io Order -if com STORAGE if CLEANING if RE-sTYLlNs -if REPAIRING 253 Norlh Main Slreel' Pl10l'le NO- 2-7429 x 122 P7 FRATERNITIES PLEDGE LARGEST GROUP DSP, SAE, TKE, Feta. I, 1946 Pleclging was clone in special fasllion tllis ss-conct semester. A concentrated program ot smolcers, a ruslt of ruslr rlances in tl1e olcl mess llall, llle gym. ancl even Staleyfs Cluln House. All tliree lvraterniiies iouilt up tlleir niemlzersllips to a pre-war level ancl over. A lnig cllange in tlie picture from last tall. Vvlten ala- liall term opcnccl Delta Sigma Pl1i's Bucky VVarrl. Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Rip Kinnairnl. Bolu ljarlxinson, ancl Claucte Price, ancl Tau Kappa Epsilorfs Bill Kileen were tlie only fraternity men on tlte campus, not even enougli to llave a quorum at an lnterlraternity Council meeting. txlany ot tlle olcl boys came bilflf ancl many new pleclges and new ini- tiates llave inereasecl the fraternity memlaer- sluip on tlte campus to over I40. It all meant a lot ot work lor llie luoys tlmt were lmaclc lirst anfl cooperation l-rom tlleir local alumni groups. Tlle lniggest prolllem was llousing, lnul just now llie groups llave been alale to olntain temporary meeting places anal recreation cen- ters. TKE a wcelc ago were lortunate in securing a portion of the olrl army recreation liall. wllicll tlley now call tlie TKE CllEllC'ElU, lguut tlle TKE,s say tlley prefer just llte plain olrl TEKE House vvl1icl1 tl1ey'll liavc lmclr late spring. Tlue SAE's next lounrl tllat' llmey roulrl secure a room in llle laasement in tlle lrrieli apartment liouse just up tlie street from tlieir olcl liouse on Fairview. Ar least tliey are near enouglt tlte olcl lmusc tl1at tlrey can see it once in a wliile even if tlley cant move in until June. Tlie Delta Sigs lxave just marle arrangements to rent a part ot llle builcling tliat tlie TKE's are using. Altliougli tlieir liouses are close togetlner on Xvest Nlain tlley liave never lJcen quite so close togetlner lnut liotll tlreir prexies say tllat fraternity rivalries on our campus are only in fun ancl mutually lnenelicial to all so tl1ey lmvc no fear ol' SllOI'lKf0t'llillflS of tlieir closeness to one anutller. VVe will all lmow Ivy tlle time tliis appears in print. At least we prophecy tllat tlley will at least work togetlier in digging out tlie violet plants arouncl tlieir lgruilcling tome spring. not lliat tlre violets are poisonous lnut liow czoulcl Delta Sigs anal Telces enjoy tlxe true lreautv ol: violets as SAE's :lo tlxeir own lraternity llower. Sf if X e-ff f I 1 f ' 1' " wq ,fm f W 4' I' lg .fff ,wZfp4,,i5gr ff fn . S11 lp! 5 f , , ff 4 f y! ,Q iff M f 15 I, f' fl A 1 ,,4r lMfQM,!Y A ffl I ff! if I ff' A9 A R 75- f Q , e sf ,f,, 1 ff fi. - V ,Z ' 57 "ie if if . 7" I f Exif -' ' , 1 ll. A A V , f yd If 4' 'f lil 'bs I I L". '. .1 Z ' 1' ' ' A. . ' V . if 1 A .f , . 4 1 f f 411.4 f' W f ff f if f 23.5 ' . ,jg Q iff . , M, ZA .-f fwmwtfey ' fl . if f sw- .g fan qw f f. thu my 1 i, A, Il! ff ff! 1 I. , I X I ' vnu, A 4- . I . - 5, f , V ,fu . ,Z f 1 yi C f .. 7 , yy, 1 . jj R , Ly ft 4 ' I U X H f f 'i"f'l! 4 i Ru xv 'A ' H- Wi, , I 9 ff V 25.1 U' , 'f"' , , ,ni fi - lf' I , - , " t i ' I ' it 1MfJ,,Af Z X , Il.. 7: if, . V . Z 1-f ,f .- lv ff, iw i " ' ' - ,f ff '- ,V .. , V . I f -, -1 V , I ,, A: .- l f I , V I 7 L M ' , I L A 1 1 . 4 f - K' ,lf ' 1 , . .1 t - , sq I V W J M A lu S4 . Vx If , 1 I. .31 , .4 V, .I . M 1 . ,- fc i t . I - y 1- V ,- 1- r . I 1 I -' , ' ifijzi I 1 'C V9 all 5? 5' . ' I I , N A I I I , 7 ,fm 1 V , A 1 f ' rf l rtrt v Ke' x ' 'V 'R R it ' . 1" ' f- 5' , ' W ' , " " .17 '5 75' ,-' "fl-1 ,Y I, . fr KL I A , 1 I I V' A . A . , 7!:W,,f ,?2?f7! g,. lv, , 4- X ' J , I V, ,'-. Lf ,fx I .11 -'T A J' at f MWQMVH7 'af t' ' ' fm ,f f 'W , M, ' yyl. f ' V X 5' If ,' 1 j, If 'N A ' s " f f' " ' "J Ni" ' T. A '. ,f f ' ' ji!!! A . I I ,Q ff? fffli ill Mft' N Ejgtftw -' 4 , 5, A ,ji.,' r ' - 'A A H Q ' , V, V ,V nr if "Ita 63 if Lf Y , .-r X yi " f " f,'f'j, Q , , ' ' ' e ' if + I lf, '..f?, ,' V will . ' Ame , ' ,ya cj, 1 vi,,f,f , ,aff A E ,f 4. I s f -. ' ff U 'if' f fl! J X , . f f I f fr ff J' ff I X ,y f fff BL CK 84 CO. l25 E. North Street DECATUR, ILL. SPORTINC-5 GOODS HARDWARE - PAIANTS 44 123 PJ y Xf ff ffjf -5 ff ff!!! Z ,905 ffffff W ffff Zf' 171 Xkf A, f f ,U 2? -if l- . fl 1 ' ' Le , . 1 . , sl T .. ' ' Q ' t 'W ' 'llief 'H' "fair , fl 'N 'Mm' X X1f'7"xX X 9 4 4 X 'NWI' K'-fp-'7e. V ff v Nl ff ,J 3' l W1 I .Wfw iii V J ,,..- f is ggy, . 'f ,L .. J. I-, 15, - , t-1 Y,-N - N f'? - I 4-'ZN 4 5' FU" L:-.:,S,- -L--'-53212322 A - --Qs. , L, 5 12 ::-- L - ,, 5:1 1 Y il ' -.J A '23, by 1-2 . ' - 'Fx - - e, ' ' ' ' . .4 f s r :sie g e A R Q , , , 4 j, ,Qi 11 X M f L gi' 41511 ' .s ff fa .- r, V I7 . ,Ax vu 1 XM ' ,fi if f ,ffff ff ffii' ' 1' 'iz ,A. ,4 , .f, ,Q ,,,, 4 ,, 1,1 . X A ,ff l T j'igQ"t 'Lita-if N,i"i A z A 47' X, l . 1 1' 'ifizff' k is l .1 ' I ln 1 X A I Lf fu Y Y I Y g faerie ' 4' J j ff nil X f I K J 3' ,A ft .tl 5 .35 '16 . 5 U5 X I 1 If i' f A If 1 7 fp X 1 GOLDDIGGERS LEGALIZE Gym, April 6, 1946 Gaily clecoratecl in spring colors lo lit llie liglit-llearlecl moocl ol time college lacls ancl lasses. line Golrlcliggers Ball! Once again lite lemale population ol: tlie university lurnecl tile tables on tile men and invitecl tliem to cut a rug for lime evening, Ol course tliere were corsages-but lliis time it was violets, pansies, aml carnalions-sometlung sentimental. Dales were swapperl ancl passecl around like macl ancl on llie level a Tri-Dell gave lrers lo a Pi Phi. S AI GIVES DANCE Orlumlo, iwarclr 29, 19115 Honoring tlleir new initiates ALPHA lorl-A lurneel social ancl gave tile Rose Dance clown at time Orlanclo Hotel willi lots ol liilarity anal lun. Carla Caldwell, Joy Peterson ancl Rutli Smercina were in cliarge anll willi line Vans, ancl lxflisses Flin- lurn, ivlollett and Cliilcls on liaml to cliaperon il was indeecl a long-rememlnercl aliair. ANYTHING FOR FUN Telco Hill, April 4, 1946 During llle past weelr several major engage- ments luetween factions ol l1igl1 scliool youllis witlr lreslm eggs loeing time major weapon. liave talcen place. Last Weclnesday evening an organized laanri openecl tlie lirsl barrage of eggs on cars parlcecl on Telce Hill, one ol Decalurls more well lmown lovers lanes. Among tlmse wlmse cars were splalterecl were several liigli scliool ancl lwlillilcin romeos wlxo attemplecl witlioul muclr success to calcli time 30-oclcl unromanlic egg-tlirowers. Time lollowing niglit lounrl Telco Hill swarming witli opposing lorces, Egg sales at a nearby marlcet were larislc as stuclents in aulomoliiles ancl on loot laatllefl on Telco Hill. Nowfa-days a lellow canit even parlc to tall: over world allairs anymore--tl1at's wliat lliey clo-lionestl c1242 SWEETHEART DANCE February 12, james ivlillilzin University Gym Sluicles ol Blue or nVVl1at il was like in tlne olcl claysn came lo ligllt at tlle clreamy liearls anal llowers usweelliearl Dance" given lay time Sluclenl Council. As was only appropriate lor llie lirst lormal dance alter nYe Old Re- turn ol' tile Nlalc Animals," llle empliasis ol tire evening was on romance. Love. love. love --il was lalooming all over tlie place. llrom time lpig lieart in tire center ol tlie clance lloor to eaclr little Nliss Valentine ancl lier laeau. Tlie stage was set. llie music was soft, ligllts were low, Nlrs. Maxwell llacl a colcl ami couldrfl come llinl nigllt-but still tlie recorcls say no pins were liung. Coulol it be tllat time sliine llasnl yet worn oil, or maylne Emily Post was riglil-maylael Mistletoe or no mistletoe. wliere tlicre's a will-lliey will, or so llle story goes. Coming just luarely lwo weelcs alter llle start ol time new semester. most of our cule little lmlles cliclifl quite llave a cllance to navigate llieir own laig deals. lnul Papa Rip, ol llle SAE clan, and lrienrl Kileen of tlle TKE lxoys llelperl out llleir pleclges ancl gave tlie girls a lxrealc. PS. Tire Della Sigs lielpecl lliemselves. PS. cliaser. Hearcl over and over again- Just wliat clicl you say your name was? TOWN AND GOWN PLAY Allrcrl Taylor Hull, iwarclz. 28, 1946 Willi a cast ol eiglrt men ancl one lone woman, Dr. L. C. lVlcNalJlJ proclucecl one ol time luest plays seen in many years in Allnert Taylor Hall . . . 'Write Hasty Hearty" lt was indeed a pleasure lor llwe auclience to walcli lliose men at worlc ancl many a gal would have given lier all to lie in Rolly l'loreclry's slioes, tlrose nigllls. AN OLD FRIEND RETURNS Conserve, April 2, 1946 A never-lorgotten lmul long-time-not-smellecl lolaclc cigar announced tlie arrival ol Jose Eclianiz lo time ixlillilcin campus for time lzenelit concert presented lJy tlie Library Committee. To a lllrillecl aucliencc lVlr. Eclianiz playccl many lamiliar pieces. reminiscent ol' lormer years wllen lie was one ol tlie "lVlillilcin Family." Announcement made lay Dr. Holles. cliairman, gave tile net profit ol S5'2.3.S9, wllicli will lie usecl to lurnislr tile Liizrary Browsing Room. CHOIR TOURS illinois, April S-I2 Alter years ol waiting, Van finally got liis lnircl-clulms togellier, llirew in a cliamlner ercli- estra, clraltecl I2 men lor llie mixerl cliorus anrl was oil lor a trip llirougli central illinois. it was great lun anrl tlie experiences gainecl WVEFC lI1FtUlllEl"Ell'llC . . . ilnll Xvllill VV0lllLl NYC lnave clone witlxout MAX? ll was a race incleerl to see wlio would gel llie most ap- plause, Jack Slieelxan or Claucle Price. ancl just as loig a race lo see wlro woulcl get tlie alore menntionecl men. Gray and Apperson won, lay llie lJy. Tile Home Concert was given Tuesclay. April 16, ancl one at llie liiglr scliool malcing a grancl total of I5 con- certs-quile a successful unclertalcing. I iff! ' , 'W ' 1 I , if' 5' f ,Q SPRING EVENTS - . f ' . . April 16-ALPHA CHI OMEGA Dinner f 'JJ ,L if f" Dance, Scovill C. C. ,.d , !! f 3 '26-DELTA SIGIVTA PHI Dinner Wfj Dance, Scovill C. C. -f f,,f7gfzL.,7f ,AZ ff lxlny 3-President Walter J. lVlaI0ne's ln- - augumhon. frglfff fx it 'T - I 'fi I X Ts 6-SIGMA ALPHA ioTA rfi..mle. 0 f IO-TAU KAPPA EPSILON Dinner C' Dance. 7,5 17--Concerto Recital Iwlay Formal. University 18-Pan-Hellenic Sing. 25-DELTA DELTA DELTA Dinner- Dance, Scovill C. C. N f r f f 41 fl fy Q3 2' 31-SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Dinner-Dance, Scovill C. C. BREAKFAST land lor once. only one lone Tri-Dell going tlirougll tlie trrulitional arclil and lI1e excitement of anotllcr graduation and you will really encl llie year up rigllt . . . wilI1 Iots ol Lvrolcen Iiearts and liappy Iiearls and picnics and parties and good olcl college Iile, in general. ...ef ffl NTAY 26--Baccalaureate, as usual over in Vveslminsler Cllurcll. Tim biggest day in if Q min' tif ll iw ,4 ff 45 tlie Iile of tile 46 graduates-lTI1ere are lliose yu' 'I V. fd wlio will say llxe SENIOR PICNICJ lnut tI1e majority will still claim COlVINIENCEIVlENT. Nlay 31. lik f 4 NMMA 2 5 Q I Z pl" fd f jeff Kkj f f 2645, X f f f ,fy -ML V' 4,4 f ff f ,iff f f I1 1' ' V V y 4 ' A, Z ? ff' ' f- X '- , X If if f ' f 1, W' .,, ,f 2 .f f ff ,ff ,aef I ,. A if 1 - f' ff ' 3 .1 fi I iff "HJ 5, 'J-7firf7"7 - f' V If ! 'fI7'9'?' '7' ., r f X -'I 4 ff X -' 2 . . ' f ' ri y -f J. - r., 46' 2, '-' 5 IJ F .34 I ff j I' . H 1 .1 61' , f'1 I 1 ' , My iff .H g-.1 ji? A.. 1 A ,251 ' 1' jlr ' I jr. F1 ll? A' W T' Z f'-of' fi' N ' . QI. 'Z I 'L . I ' ' ff' . K ff ff . Q 1. W ' I ' I mf f' -' X 1" .N , ,, , Q -,M 'iff I? X L' I A A My , 'X f d Wy! f' ' I ff L-5-,'i',9.' "1 54 ' vi. X . r - ff'f' ' 'Z I 'X A 5 f" fi" . A f rhmw in FINAL EXAIVIS, tI1e PANSY N Q Wfliff H i , Ay' 7 I if J A u X ,MII l Ifgf' ,, " ,f V ' ,' , ' , ' ' V, , ' - ' c.. - - ' ' I if ' -" ' L- I' , 1 k X, 1 ff, if -Q igf I I H . ' I ' 'I ' lf , ' . f 3 - 'ff l ' fi 1 I if?-F l 5' ' . -'P A 4' 'I lf' - ' ,f 1 I , ' c T ' " . .. 7, A If I 1 I . f , A , Y - 1 if I' I - f' - K - ' I 2 r' R- 5 1 I -'.w : I 1"-A "' ... 9 5 Mk ' - l I ,, 5-M A ' , '. T ' 'I "Egfr ' ' ', ,--'75 . f , , ima. -. f - . Aff. I ljgiffr.. -.. nl 5 I 11 1 " ,W 5" ' f' ' If tn- '- 'al . .1 4. 'x I 5 .4 I 7 .5 V 'T V gg 1,0 , X '33, f k Lf. X A, 4- n ah- f M fa I -' A- f A ' - x, FHA INSURED LOANS FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS EEF Central Illinois Mortgage 5 Realty Co. Cl!F 630 Standard Building DECATUR, ILLINOIS Tiki R . IVI . M A R T I N JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST I08 E. Prairie S+. Decatur, Illinois "Lowe-si Prices in Decaiuru T il? 'I' QIZSSQ UNIUN IRUN WURKS Manufadurers of CORN SI-IELLERS - GRAIN CLEANERS - TRUCK I-IOISTS MANLIFTS - GREY IRON CASTINOS - POWER TRANSMISSION AND CONVEYING MACHINERY - CORN MILLING MACHINERY 'I' 717. 'T' Engineers -- Founders -- MacI1Inis+s - Sheer MeI'aI Workers 'I' Sf? 'IA DECATUR, PI'I0NE5I43 ILLINOIS 4:1262 'I 'I 'I I 'I In II , I P I T T s B u R e H PETER S SUPER I ,Q P A I N T S F 0 O D M A R T T, "SmooTh as Glass" P. J. Chmon and e. N. Phillips " 1, "Pain+ Siyling Headquari'ers" COMPLETE LINE OF FRESH FRUITS 7iTSun Proof Pain+ers ' ik' Wall Hide Supplies and AND VEGETABLES I 7537 Wall Papers Wall Paper CHOICE MEATS FROZEN Eooms gf im1?3e5Pa' GLS REASONABLE PRICES FOR PAINT THAT ENDURES FRIENDLY SERVICE I PITTSBURGH Open Evenings and Sundays for Your Convenience 553 Wesi' Wood Phone 2-3I4I 222 Nodl' Main Sheeili I DECATUR, n.LiNols , The Besi' Value CIo+hes Office Telephones 1, in Decafur 30 Indusfry COW+ 5345 . 5346 4, S 2' ilififfl EIQFTZQZIR Decatur Warehouse Co. Sh T T I . . . l umm Eng eil I Droblscli and Mulrlield 2' Ii, 2nd Floor Cifizens Bldg. I I .-:.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-:.A.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-.-.-v-:.-.-.-.-.-.-. TRANSFER, MOVING, STORAGE . , I RODGERS SHOES Licensed - Bonded - Insured Carriers 1: 'I C : ' I I HUMANE FOOTWEAR Deca+ur, Illinois I I I I4 E. William ST. I K 128 D ROBY E5 ROBY 'T James E. - Verne E. Tr 185: Class-1943 ig SE REALTORS Real Es+a+e - Loans - Insurance 4 Associafes Harvey M. Edwards Frank J. Swigarf fT!F ,DURMIS on THE CORNER ..f lillEEN HIJIIS E S Wafer af Norfh Sfreei Tr l Eve-re++ R. Slrern Phone 5305 RUH1 W. Musselman Edifh M. Roberfs I47 E. Main S+. Deca+ur 'T E!! Tel. 5l9I "BOOST Tl-IE BLUES" P O NI P O M 1 Decatur ' " Paint Es' Varnish Co. 'r WHERE FOOD IS ALWAYS EE :BB E, Norrh S+. Phone 529i Tl-IE BEST! 1: ' WHERE YOU GET QUICK SERVICE! C Benson Creamery Co. ' Makers of 1 1 comer wood and Oakland 2 BLUE RIBBON BUTTER 244 N. Church S+. U K GISOB KISI? In lr lr 'r . if Daut Bros. Florists Eye Catching 15 new numbers for Flowers For All Occasions We Grow Our Flowers in Decatur . 1 H f k . . . Which Assures You Fresh Flowers crisp co on roc s Every Day I suits O coats , 4, . SPOrtswear C O R S A G E S lu Suttern K Arcade l20 E. Prairie S+. Phone 528I 4 ':::::-W: :Vx :xv xx C. E. WARD E5 SONS l , ,, Compliments Wholesale Grocers l DECATUR, ILL. Flint, Eaton 5 Co. Distributors ot h .Q Pharmaceutical Chemists wARD Rose, REWARD, AND ,Q LIBBY FOOD PRODUCTS 'TTTT:TT:T::T'T . TT'A:TTTmT:T::TTT 1 JOI'lflSOf1 S' Son Josephine Slattery 1 H4 N. Wafer Miuinefy ALL KINDS or lNsuRANcE STEWARTIS LOANS AND REAL ESTATE 227 N. Water St. l 1 441322 I T DECATUR'S OLDEST NATIONAL BANK SOUTHWEST CORNER OE CENTRAL PARK The lailinnii Checking acc:oun+s invired. Loans made cheerfully. All modern banking services Laresr banking machines. Deposi+s insured, Q 134 PP BROWNIE , COAL Company 'I' I III 1 I L s 'Q 1 Main Office I72 E. Norfh SI. Coal Yard 840 N. Morgan SI. Sfoker Facfory 845 N. Morgan SI BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION "BLOWN-IN" The CIean, Efficienf Way 'a"""""a"' REDUCES SUMMER HEAT I0 io I8 DEGREES Saves 20? +o 3070 on Fuel 44136 ff CENTRAL ILLINOIS' LARGEST SELECTION of HIGH GRADE C O A L S For Every Purpose CLEAN. CAREFU L DELIVERIES 'I-"2 . 3119, I- Q BRIJWIIIE CUAL C0. II III Manu'I:acI'urer of The BROWNIE STOKER ,mf 'ww mf mg m- M Q . 441379 ,v 1 fm .5 i K ONE OF TI-IE NECESSITIES OE COLLEGE LIFE College Supply Store Cameras-developing-prinling Iounlain pens greelinq carols prizes desks lamps gills I22 EAST WILLIAM STREET ' C A E E CAEETERIA Open All Niglwl 6:30 PLM. I'o I:45 4:45 Io 7:45 .6- GREIDER'S CAFE ROBERT J. GREIDER, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER'S CAFETERIA I-I. D GREIDER, Jr., Manager MAIN AND WILLIAM DECATUR, ILLINOIS Jack Greider on Leave wiI'I1 U. S. Army 44 138 D7 ,fi slralionery and supplies x sporling goods Q ! jf ' ,- , ' rf 2 X '13 Qu, , -4 f Wx,"-, me-1' 31 ,, . . I . in , QL el39v Gebhdrt Gushcxrd finsliiom QGMIEIF for nil 0 Qentfzfal Illinois The College Shop lsecond IIoorI is designed especially Io supply Ilwe Iaslwion needs of Ivlillilcin women. 6. S. Lyon 6- Sons LUMBER 81 MANUFACTURING COMPANY SINCE I878 Dibi DecaIur's Oldesl and Mosl Reliable Dealers QUALITY LUMBER AND MILLWORK DCIDC Bay+c ea Ph 421: 140 cc 141 D A MILESTONE IN LIFE RADUATIQN from iviiiiiicin marics the successful closing of one pimase oi iife. It symbolizes completion. of weii rouncieci prepara- tion for time business of living anci heraicis tile set- ting-up of new goals to ine achieved -1 goals that each must Ci'lOOSC for himself. This eciucation has simarpeneci anci pOiiSi'1CCi your Htoois for iivingu May you use tiiem Weii and achieve tide success of your own ciuoosin MUELLER co. 142 61432 A- I-- Cook Geo. W. Cook Complimenfs of A. L. COCK Er SON WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY I27 N. Main S+reeI DECATUR, ILLINOIS 'I 'I ReIaX AmericaI GX A is e R I N I J E Every+I'Iing PI'Io+ograpI1ic , S M I L E I J 'gd I LAUGH! , , S A Nalrion TIIGI Can Laugh Is Never Defe-aIecI ' o, Relax af Ihe " M o v I E S . . . DECATURS PI-IOTOGRAPI-IIC CENTER" 'I II No O+I1er ErI'rer'IaInmenI Cffers I so MUCH POR so LITTLE I00 Easf Prairie EIVIPRESS Theatre I L LINCOLN Theatre Deca'I'ur's Finesi Q 144 To The Graduates: The completion of your college education is a very definite accomplishment. The sarne will apply to your lite insurance program. Intelligent programing of your Iite's interest now will bring you security for your- self and family in Future years. CONSULT CHESTER D. WALKER Dist. Mgr., Great West Life Ass. Co. IO3 Sutlern Arcade Bldg. Decatur, Illinois Specializing in all types ot lite insurance, re- tirement income, and all forms ot group and accident and health coverage. I Wwllii-WH Autlworizecl Carburetor, Electrical, Magneto and Speeclometer Specialists Decatur Battery Service Inc. 343 E. Main 5453 eumode 1 HOSIERY " Hosiery tor the Entire Family I-IOSIERY REPAIR II7 North Water Street DECATUR, ILLINOIS YOUR HEADQUARTERS F R CAMPUS CLOTHES O SPORTSWEAR DRESSES COATS I SUITS A R L E N E 9 S I47 N. Water St. - Decatur, Illinois "THE STORE YOU MADE SUCCESSFUL" N. BEN GORSCHEN 44 146 an ,al ,iw gk, ,Mp -Q - 5:3 , Qs' .EL 41479 1 'R MAKE SURE YOUR ELECTRIC WIRING IS ADEOUATE! The parade of new home appliances is starting to the number of pipes dictate the volume of t ' ' ty I t t p d th ' d b f ' d come your Way. Now IS the time to ge our e ec- a a s, so 0 e size an num er 0 W1 trlcal wzrmg set to accommodate them. Adequate sufiicient outlets determine the efficient u g I wiring for electricity is as necessary as adequate your electric service. Consult your electric I piping for water. just as the size of the pipes and tractor-dealer regarding your future requir t ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY GREETINGS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '46 H. E. DICKERSON Ev SON 7I6-I7-I8 IvIIIIIIcIn Building Phone 2-8544 REAL ESTATE BROKERS - MORTGAGE BANKERS I-I. E. DICKERSON A. F. DICKERSON CLASS OF '31 4148D' 44 149 2 R0Ckf0l'd, Ill- Springfield, Ill. 7 .,,.,..-. I E M B E R Q10 G sf 'Z 52' 'fu I Yu T: f ui!fV!glf'YwH, w 2 6 2 5 "rm N Mx Eufzcfzeil' Slacfia, inc. LIFE-LIKE PORTRAITURE WEDDINGS AND FAMILY GROUPS OIL PORTRAITS OF REAL DISTINCTION MINIATURES OF TRULY GEM-LIKE PERFECTION Decatur, Ill. P 44 150 PP eoria, Ill A. W. CASH CU. PRESSURE REDUCING -gig VALVES and Sli T - AUTOMATIC COMBUSTION ' CONTROLS 540 NorTl1 I8+l'1 S+. Decafur, Illinois THE FARM CAFE "A LITTLE FARTI-TER BUT A LOT BETTER" Wheflwer l+'s a Sizzling Sfealc or Hamburger 'n Coke YOu'll find Them aT Their beST AT THE FARM CAFE WalT Auer Frecl Cox Open 24 Hours Every Day lExcepT Mondayl 44 151 2 II Member of COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM GREETINGS, CLASS OF '46 A Sfore of You'rI1 . . . A S+ore of Fashion RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES DECATUR, ILLINOIS SAM E. ARMSWORTH .. , ., ., IO99 Wesi Main S+ree+ JAMES A. ARMSWORTH ,, .. 702 Easi' Wood Sfreei' 44 152 2 BUUSTER PAGE E Xx -Qu HARRY fSKINNYb TAYLOR LAURA HALLFORUS BEAUTY SHOP CORLETT'S BOOK STORE FOSTER BROS. CO. CARL RAUPP CQNGRATULATIQNS T0 M LLIK N CLASS GF TI-IEWARE I Committee en Retail trade HSSIIIJIHIIUII Ut CUIIIITIERCE DECATUR, ILLINOIS DECATUR PACKING Elf PRQVISION CO AL Youme sons Member of American Meaf lnsfifufe and Nafional Independen+ Meaf Packers Associafion We Use All Kinds of Hogs, Ca'Hle and Veal in producing BEEF, PORK AND VEAL CUTS LUNCH MEATS, SMOKED MEATS AND LARD 8OI Soufh Main Phone 5353 cf 155 Pb UUIET 8 HESTFUL Aloove all, a funeral home should loe a quief and resfful place, where fhe family and friends may have fhe de- sired degree of seclusion. Sincerely, we believe fhaf our funeral home possesses, fo a marked degree. all fhose qualifies which malce if ideal for fhe purpose fo which if is dedicafed. DHLUSUH Xi llllllllff e L o C K ' S E ICE CREAM SHOP I 136 N. Main I267 N. Edward H E C H T S 335 N. Wafer Sf. SANDWICH SHQP "College Clothes" l39 MERCHANT K 156 2 COMPLIM-ENTS OF BEN FRANKLAIIINI STORE "ON THE CORNER" Open 'III 9 every evening Raffington Drug Store I Central Radio STOVE , f 'A L W A Y 5 W E " C O M E H Narionally Knciifvn Br.ancIs of We ' Rad'z2cX:"5::sE3f:,'1iLi+0'S' 'ETJZZQQEJIinJ'mW'im'Q?lZ32:gL3' Be++er Buy I 7822 Remodehng See Our SIyIes M I onarch Fmer Foods In Evening and Sfreef Furs Birdseye Frozen Foods I In Finer Cufs of Meai' 'I l22 MERCHANT ST. A P I T O L F U Q phone 3-38" Geo. J. Hart Manager 2I5 N Main I. AUTHORIZED GENERAL ELECTRIC Sales - Service - Par+s WE REPAIR EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Washers, Ranges, Cleaners, Irons, EI'c. "We Answer Service CaIIs"- Dial 3-3832 PARKISON ELECTRTC CO. REPAIR SERVICE I34 SOUTH OAKLAND DECATUR, ILL. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ' ""I K1579 SAVE FOR A PURPOSE Open a savings accounl and gel l'l1e llwrill of walclwing il grow loy adding +o if regularly. The Millilcin National Bank of Decatur Decalur, Illinois Deposils insured by Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. 441582 nan I946 74 YEARS OF EE eoon CLOTHES KNox HATS I, I FAITHFUL SERWCE ' MCGREGOR sPoRTswEAR AR H RT ffgfommonos xggewmcnes ' ROW S l S WJEWELRYQ HANDggfiggERl'lNG 4: tor men ancl young men vf2'CH'NA 'WGLASSWARE ll . . . that meet every QLINENS QPERFUME 1 requirement any time- any place. T it 'I' IQII H. POST af SONS l JEWELERS Fora 74 YEARS ll BLAKENEY gl PLUM 326 N. Water St. Merchant at Prairie Street MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS For All the Latest Records Visit Our I-abormkory Tested Daily E SELF SERVICE RECORD DEPT. FOV YOUV PF0l9C'flOf1 We represent only the loest in musical l' instruments ancl appliances . . l UNION DAIRY DIV. Beatrice Creamery Co. 4 E M E R S 0 N S 304 s. Main can 524I Il 143 N. Main S+. Gracluates and Former Students f-I We urge that all participate in the Millilcin Alumni Annual Giving Fund Plan MOREHOUSE 5- WELLS COMPANY K 159 X Prinfecl by Engraved by Huston-Patterson Corp. Pontiac Engraving C0 Decatur. Ill. ' Chicago, Ill. 44 160 D

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