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The IQ41 Wlillide The James Tflillikin University, (Decatur, Illinois EDITORS: BUSINESS MANAGERS: Roger Sallee Eileen Wilson Jola Kuntz Joan Rambo PHOTOGRAPHER: William Kileen M I L L I D E K u n i ve rsi ty In the classroom . . this book JOSE ECHANIZ because he is a great musical artist .... because he is a vigorous personality .... and because he has so enriched our lives with both his music and his per- sonality. To the man who becomes a great musical artist is given the task of living both above and within human- ity. This is almost a contradiction in itself, and few men are able to re- solve the two into a single purpose. Jose Echaniz is an artist who could, and so has become a sincere, intel- lectually honest musician. We re- spect him for that, and we are grate- ful that he didn ' t consider us so naive that he had to " play down " to us. Both the University and the com- munity have benefited from Mr. Echaniz ' s genius. He has brought many exciting hours of sheer enjoy- ment; he has brought fame and re- cognition to Millikin; and he has shown us a fine example of the im- portance of just living the simple life of the family man. We like to recall the sparkling, informative talks which his wife so willingly gave to the var- ious clubs on campus . . . and Carlos making the rounds of the sorority houses picking up the latest news and occasionally borrowing something as utilitarian as a lawnmower . . . and the day that Mr. Echaniz became a citizen of the United States. It is for his music that Millikin will long remember Jose Echaniz. We rejoice with him in his new po- sition at Eastman; we didn ' t want him to leave, but we are proud to have him associated with such an in- stitution. But the haunting strains of his music are still drifting some- where about Albert Taylor Hall. The poetic dreaminess of his " Liebe- straum " .... the pulsing emotion of his Cuban rhythms .... the saucy impudence of his " Peter and the Wolf " .... the brilliance and mag- nificent artistry of his Brahms ' " Var- iations on a Theme of Paganini " These, then, are the things which Jose Echaniz has left to the heritage that is the Millikin family — the mem- ory of great music as created by a great man. We are richer by far for his merely having passed this way. 11 for those in TO THE VALIANT " They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. " Strong and swift in the game, hurling the ball in long arcs from man to man . . . Gay and mannerly in the glowing grace of college parties . . . Intent in library and laboratory, eager in a classroom . . . Vigorous and earnest in sometimes menial labor to earn the way . . . Strolling through the mellow autumn campus with a girl, planning a golden future. Casually they said, " Uncle Sam wants me, " or laughingly, " Good- bye, Mama, I ' m off for Yokohama, " though fully aware of the menace ahead. Courageously, on some flaming beachhead or in the magnifi- cent loneliness of the air, they " laid their good lives down. " Now we call them valiant. It is a dramatic word — a solemn word. It sets them apart — in honor. " At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. " KILLED IN Kenneth Beall Joseph Brownback Isaac Carmack Wayne E. Carter Leonard Cassell Robert Clayton John Robert Conner Thomas J. Delaney Richard DeWitt James Donovan Max Furman Robert L. Gaither William L. Garvin Ray Gehlbach This list is as complete as possible according to rec ACTION William A. Grant James R. Gray Jack Hagerty Harry E. Helm Wendell Jones A. J. McLaughlin Ed Meade John Reep Merle Duane Scott Ross Irwin Sensibaugh William W. Stecker Robert C. Taylor Wayne Wilson s available at the time this Millidek went to press. 12 armed services Edyth Anderson H. Marie Bloch Ramona Chapman Virginia Collie Lois E. Crawford Catherine B. Curran Helen Frances Daut Barbara Diehl Norma Dotson Eloise Scott Douin Virginia E. Elliman Betty Fischer Laurabelle Fischer Adele Gaetjens Rose Helen Gillespie LaRaine Greider Helen Grace Hackman Anne Harp Juanita Isome Betty Kitch Eugenia L. Kleinfelter Marjorie Funk Knoop Helen Kuhns Helen Margaret Kyle Lois Long Theresa Lovasich Helen D. Marifjeren Mary Martin Sara R. Martin Joanne McDavid Henrietta Newman McHenry Alice Louise Nash Joyce Pistorius Betty Lou Casey Ray Marcia Rosbach Mary Sawyer Margy Lou Scheer Ruth A. Scheiter Evelyn Schrader Elinor Shoaff Arline L. Smith Virginia Elaine Towne Inabell Trueblood Jane Wasson Suzanne Hewson Webb Dorothy Wehrman Annetta L. Peckert Mary C. Wood Dale Abbott Cecil F. Abrams Eugene Abrams Warren E. Abrams Welby Abrams Troy R. Achenbach Harold Acton William Adams Lloyd Adamson Howard Fred Adkins Joseph Dean Akers Ralph Aldridge Keith Alexander Stanley Alfrey Ralph Allan John Allen Thomas Althoff Tom Alvey Wilmer Leroy Amacher Don Amundson John Anderson Joseph L. Anderson Robert Charles Anderson Edwin Hugh Andrews James Richard Armstrong Richard A. Armstrong Robert Arnold Wayne Ashby Homer Atteberry Robert Verlyle Atz Clifford Auer John L. Auer Robert Augustine Don Auwater Allen Buck Ayars Alvin E. Bachus Dale Lowell Bafford Richard Bailey Walter Bailey Don Baird John Baird Lloyd Baird Paul Edward Baird Roger William Baird Irvin H. Baker Donald Baldwin Lorin Ball Robert Bankson Noble G. Barbee George C. Barclay George E. Barker Elmer Chapin Barnes William Glen Barnett Dorwin M. Barr George Ban- Robert Barracks Resler Barrows Robert Barrows Edmund T. Barry Robert Edward Barry Robert Bartlett Frederick E. Bascom William W. Bass Bernard M. Batchelder Gordon H. Batchelder John C. Batchelder Richard Bateman Bill Bauman Stanley Beall J. R. Bearden James Beaumont Frank Beck John Beck Joseph F. Becker Michael Bensko Frank T. Benson Seymour Bentcover John Bentley Russell Bentley William Bergstrom Paul Best William R. Biddle Virden H. Bimm George Binkley Morris Birkhead Paul E. Bivens Fred Bixler Herbert Blacker J. V. Blackwell Jack W. Bliler Richard C. Bliler Wayne Blowers Dale Boden William Boggs Henry Bolz William Gene Boomer Leon Bourell Russell Allen Bowman Wylie Glenn Bowman Walter Boyd John Kenneth Bradley Fred Bradshaw Grant W. Bramel Glenn Branson Robert C. Branson John Brazas Harold Breithaupt Paul Bresnan Gerald Brewer Lawrence Earl Brewer Frahlman Bridge Harvey Arthur Britton William Britton Byron Broeker Richard Brooks William Brookshier Jack Markwell Brown James Steele Brown W. John Brown William Paul Brown Oscar R. Broyer Richard S. Buchanan Wallace Buckley Alfred Joseph Budde Kenneth Buehlmann William L. Burdick C. Eugene Burgett George Burgher Merton E. Burhans Jack Burnett Oliver Burnette John Burns F. W. Burns Lewis Burtis Edwin Busch Earl C. Buse Don A. Busing Q. Dean Butt Eugene Byers Robert Byrnes Duane Calbert Marshall L. Campbell Vern E. Cannon William Carey Harold A. Carmack Kenneth Can Gavin Carter Eugene Carveth Joseph H. Catlin Dean David Chapman Cornelle Chappell Robert Christison James E. Christman Walter E. Clarke William A. Clarke Julian Clausen Edward G. Clauter Robert E. Clayton Denton P. Clyde Robert E. Cobb I. Herbert Coe Stuart L. Coe Fred Coen Richard Cole Frank Coleman Jack Conley Robert D. Conner Wendall Conner Kenneth Constant J. Richard Cook Jack Coombe Mark Cooper Thomas W. Cooper William Edward Cooper George Corbett Merlyn M. Corley Warren Corley Victor Corrado Don Corry Lester J. Corso Roy Corzine David Coslet Gene Cottle Delmar Cox Forrest Cox Maurice Crabtree William A. Crane Harry E. Crawford Harry B. Crea Delmar Creager John Crocker Lawrence Harry Crowe LaVerne M. Cummins Loise Cundiff Edwin F. Curran Robert Curran James Curzon Roy Athey Custis William Cutler Edward Dahm William Daigh John L. Dalton Alfred L. Dammann Ellsworth Dansby Robert Daubenspeck C. Francis Davis Dell E. E. Davis Edward Davis Loyle Davis Robert N. Davis William Lynn Davis Wilbur R. Dawson Harold Leo Deakins John Deal Merrill E. DeBaun Kenneth B. DeFrees William DeHart Lamont Dehl James E. Dehority Robert Dejanes Palmer Denton Gene DeRochi William Derrick Forest DeWeese William M. Diehl Alfred Diller Donald David Diller Robert D. Diller Robert Dillman M. W. Dippold Robert Dittus George Dixon Merlin Dixon Thomas Dolan Byron Doren Morton F. Dorothy Joseph C. Douglass Willis A. Dougherty George Drake William Draper William Drennan Don C. Drew Edward Drobisch Robert Drobisch John Dudenhoffer Earl Duffey Michael Duggan Charles Dunn James Dunn James Dunning Roy Dunning Charles W. Durfee Bernard John Dwyer Marlin Eakin John L. Eberly Frank A. Edmonson Kenneth C. Edmonson Elmer Edwards Harold Edwards Malcolm D. Edwards Charles J. Egger Everett Henton Ehrhart John C. Eigenmann John Elias Lloyd E. Elliott William R. Elliott M. Lee Ellis Kenneth Elmer Kenneth Elmore Edward Elslager George Embrofchan Darrell Dean England Kenneth L. Engle Lawrence Engle Robert W. English Robert Ernest Cleaon Etzkorn Eugene D. Evans Max Charles Evans Harold Fairweather Robert L. Faith 13 Willard Folk Edwin Faster George H. Fathauer Maurice J. Feldman Charles E. Ferguson Albert E. Firebaugh Burnell Fischer Harrison D. Fischer William Fish Charles F. Fishback Robert E. Fisher Warren Fisher James T. Fitzpatrick John Flaherty Richard Flanders Francis E. Flannery Burns Flesher Philip H. Flewelling Clarence I. Fogler Davis B. Folrath Laird D. Folrath Raymond J. Ford Clark Foster Harold E. Foster Ralph Foster Richard Foster John M. Frahm Wellman France William Franklin James Freeman William Freischlag Roy Friedrick C. R. Fritts Roy L. Gable Ray Galligar William H. Gardner Karl Garrett Carl P. Garver Duane Garver J. J. Garver Orville Jack Garver Joe Irving Gates Berry Gay Robert Gebhart L. R. Gehlbach Edward O. Gerkin Roy Gilcrest Julian Giles Frederick Gilman H. Richard Gilman Hubert Gilman Howard Gilmore William Glosser Wilman Goad Jack M. Goldman Melvin Goldman Wilbur C. Golz Richard Golze Frank Goode William Gorschen Ernest E. Gower James Grace Robert R. Grace Charles Graham Lloyd E. Graham Edward H. Gravenhorst Jack Graves Robert L. Graves Howard L. Gravett Allan R. Gray Gus Greanias Gus T. Greanias Charles Noble Greenup Harry Greenup Frank Gretsch Benton Grieder John E. Griffin Hubert C. Griffith Robert L. Grissom Wayne Grissom John Griswold Walter H. Griswold Elvino Grua Remo Grua Robert Haan Kenneth Haddock Tom O. Hagan James E. Hagen John Ernest Hale Herbert Hall Marshall Hamilton Robert Hamilton Donald Hamman E. Arden Hamman Robert Hamman Natt K. Hammer William Hammer Norman Hanes Earl Hankins George Hannaman David Hanson Amherst Hardy Henry B. Hardy John W. Hardy Charles Harmon William Harner T. A. Harpstrite John H. Harrell Norman D. Harriman John Bacon Harrington Harold J. Harris Merle Harris Ralph A. Harris Raymond Harris Robert Harris Kenneth Harrison Herbert Hart Paul J. Hart Jack Hartley Wayne E. Hatfield Clarence Hawkins Walter Dean Hays Robert Head Tom Head Daniel Louis Heeley George D. Heffron James C. Helfrich, Jr. Neil Helfrich Willard I. Helme Al Hendicks Dan E. Hendricks Tom K. Hendrix William Hendrix Dan Henry Frank Henry Richard Henry Robert Henry Lester James Hess Jack D. Hewitt H. Wayne Hill, Jr. Jack L. Hill Robert Hill Wesley Hilligoss John Robert Hinton William Hiser Harold Hoffman Edward T. Hogan Jack Holderness Boyd K. Holecek Arthur P. Holland Jack Holloway M. R. Holmes John P. Honicker Robert Leroy Hood Harold E. Hoover Lloyd C. Hopkins Joseph W. Hopson Wm. W. Hopson Ralph P. Hornbuckle Fred G. Home Vernon Hott Mason E. House Edward Howard, Jr. Clifford E. Howerton Ralph H. Hubble Donald E. Hudson Ellis Herndon Hudson Earl Huff, Jr. Frank M. Hull Carl D. Hunt Albert E. Hunter Jack Huss R. H. Huss Durwood Imgrund Herbert Imhoff Lester J. Jackson Vernon Dean Jarvis Wm. Jarzembski William Jenkins John H. Jenuine Preston H. Jenuine Harvey Newell Jester Harold L. Jeter Paul Jeter T. Douglas Johnson Eugene Johnson Howard Johnson Richard A. Johnson Robert Johnson Ralph Eugene Johnston Richard P. Jones Robert Jones Wally G. Jordan Elmo L. Joseph Harold Joyce William V. Kaeser Fred W. Kaiser James Joseph Kane Albert O. Karlstrom Robert Kaufmann Robert Keck George R. Keele Tom A. Kehagias Edwin L. Keil Girard Keil Neyl Keller Eugene Kelley Daniel J. Kenney Brice Kenney James Keris Sam Keris Robert C. Kettelkamp Robert Kidd Robert Kiefer Barry Ray Kiick Charles Kiick William Kileen Byron Killam Stanley Kimes William R. King James Kintner Guy Kirby Joe Kityk Max Klinghoffer Richard Klover John L. Knuppel Franklin Wesley Knuppel Samuel Kohr Arnold Kopetz Walter Kopetz Frank A. Koukl Joseph Kramer Ken Kramer F. James Kranz Louis Kremmer William Krigbaum Robert I. Kruzan Lawrence Kuhle Merle Kuhlman William D. Kush Forrest R. Kyle George LaCharite Robert Lamar Wilmer A. Lamar Fred Lancaster Jack Landes Hilmer Landholt John C. Langdon Howard Lanier Dale Larrick Leon D. Larson Darrell Latch S. R. Lauer Glen Lauher Delbert Lawler Kenneth E. Lawler Delmar Lawson Earl Layman Fred Leach Robert Leake Harold Lee Phil Lehman Harold E. Leist Stephen Lenich Everett H. Lewey Merle C. Lewey Charles R. Lewis Corwin Lewis Harry C. Lewis Richard Lichtenberger George J. Lienhart Marion Lindamood Don Lindeberg Donald Carmichael Linn Fort W. Lipe Richard Litterst Charles Livingston Gordon R. Lloyd Edgar Lobenstein James D. Logan Robert Logan Morris Lowe Joseph Lowery Jack Lowry Bill Lucka Harold W. Luker William Lukey Lloyd Lumpp Robert Lyons W. Ross Lytle Robert MacMillan Hubert Magill Frank Mahan Millard Maienthal Elmer Major Ralph H. Major Kenneth Makepeace C. W. Malins H. L. Manning Gus Peter Manoff Jack F. March Charles W. Marmor Bill Martin C. Harvey Martin Forrest R. Martin Edward J. Marvin Jean E. Mason Malcolm Mathias Walter Maton John C. Matthew Robert Maxwell Harris Mayes Joe Lee McAdam William McArty Charles N. McBee Daniel B. McCallum Robert McCann Harold T. McClain Glenn B. McClelland Emmanuel McCoy Robert H. McDaniel Robert McDaniel Russell McDaniel William G. McDaniel John McDavid Riley McDavid William McDavid James R. McDonald William McFadden W. R. McGaughey, Jr. Rhondol McGinness Scott Henry McGlasson Jack A. McGorray James McHood Perry Mcintosh Dan McKee J. H. McKeown Jean McMahan Russell McPheeters Robert McWard Everett Mead Philip Meadows George Meisenhelter Ray W. Meisenhelter Raymond Bruce Meng Edwin Merkelbach Roger L. Merker William Merz William K. Messmore Gene Francis Metzinger Ralph R. Meyer Edgar W. Michl Harry W. Millard Albert James Miller Bernard L. Miller Francis Miller Frank Edward Miller Jack Miller Oran C. Miller, Jr. Roger Miller Dale W. Minick Arthur Misicka Carl D. Mitchell Walter Molash Charles Monroe Charles Moore Frank S. Moore James Ambrose Moore Malcolm W. Moore 14 jWilliam A. Moore jWilliam R. Moore (Robert Davis Moorehead iMark R. Moran Elmer H. Morenz Paul F. Morenz Wm. E. Morrison Charles John Morrissey Richard F. Morthland Henry Moseley, Jr. Wesley Moye Carl F. Mueller Wm. H. Munch jjohn C. Munger jfoseph L. Munn Maurice D. Murfin Walter Murfin B. B. Murray Lyle K. Musick Albert Gordon Musso Kenneth D. Myers Lester Nalefski Dwayne Nansen Marvin E. Narramore Frank Newell William Newton Paul Timothy Nichols Franklin Nickols Robert C. Nicolay Morris C. Noland Harold Dale Norcross Charles Norman Charles Obermeyer Walter Obermeyer Billy O ' Conner Russell L. Oettel Earl V. Oglesby Roger O ' Keefe jOrville L. Olds John Oldweiler Dale Olive William Olsen jBertell Olson Gordon W. Olson Robert O ' Neal Dan Overleese Ralph D. Owen Robert D. Owen William M. Owen Moke Owens Robert I. Owens William H. Owens Charles Nelson Pankey Ross Parker Tom Parkinson Kenneth H. Parks Robert Roy Parrish Herbert Parsons James Parsons Robert Patten Thomas D. Patterson Harry Phil Pearce Denny Pease Richard C. Peck A. Gene Peifer Eugene R. Perkins George A. Peters Harry M. Peterson Victor Peterson James N. Petros Byron L. Petty L. Dale Phillips J. Hubert Phillips Roclcford L. Phillips Clifford Pierce Lyle Eugene Pierce David Pilcher Jack Pitcher George R. Pitts Howard L. Pitts Robert Earl Pollard Marshall Pollock Frank Poneta Richard F. Postlewait Earl Gene Potter Howard P. Potter William G. Potter H. Everett Price James A. Prince Roswell Prince Milton P ' Simer L. Kenneth Purvis Jack Putnam William E. Querfeld Walter Quick Joe Rademacher Walter F. Rademacher Jack Allen Rae Henry W. Ragsdale David F. Randolph Loren D. Rasplica Herbert Ratcliff J. William Record Lloyd Reddix John Redmon William Rowe Redmon Gerald Reece Morris W. Reed Robert Eugene Reed Walter Reed John Regan Dale Reidelberger Roland Reinhardt William Requarth George T. Reynolds George Reynolds Jack Reynolds Howard D. Rice Thomas Richards James Richey Herbert B. Rickards Norman P. Rickards Ed Riley Thomas Riste L. H. Ritchard Richard C. Ritscher Ellis Darrell Roberts Darrell Robert Robertson David L. Robertson Verne Roby Harold P. Rogers Leon Rogers Francis Rogier William Rohrscheib Roy Rollins Stanley E. Romine Alfred Rosche Alvin E. Rose Sol Rosenberg Mellory Ross Sid Rotz Robert Rowe E. Roy Leo John Roy Allen Daily Russell Carl K. Russell Frank S. Russell Norman Russell George Rutherford James E. Ryan John Rybolt Richard Ryherd T. W. Samuels Norman Sanders Robert V. Sanders Harold Sanks Karl D. Sanner Al Sarafian Thomas Scanlon Willet Schaefer Fred Scharf, Jr. Jack Scharnberg R. E. Scheer Roy Scheske Frank Schiltz G. A. Schlick Walter Schlie Walter Schmisseur Eugene W. Schnierle Edward A. Schroeder E. Wayne Schroeder Fred Schuder Fred Donald Scifers Frank Bishop Scott Leonard A. Scott Paul A. Scott James Scroggins Lester Scroggs Adrian Sears George W. Seelig Dale Shaffer Martin J. Shallenberger Lauren Shaw Lauren L. Shaw, Jr. Fred Shell John Joseph Shellabarger Richard Dale Shelley John A. Shepherd Marvin Shively Rolland Short Dale Shull Murl J. Sickbert Kenneth Carl Siegel Melvin R. Simpson Harry C. Skipper Wilbur Sleeper Ted N. Small Scott Smart Dan F. Smith Elbert E. Smith Harold Smith Jack Smith Lloyd J. Smith Milburn Smith Paul Smith Ralph H. Smith Ray W. Smith Robert Lee Smith Robert Ray Smith Rollin Smith Rodger Snelson W. A. Snider Delbert T. Sorrells Gus F. Spaeth Harry R. Sparks James Lyons Sparling, Jr. Kenneth Spear Mark C. Spiess Walter Spilman Russell Sprague Charles O. Stanley L. Paul Stark Dudley H. Steinbrink Everett Stenstrom John Stephan Robert S. Stephens Kenneth Stickel Bill Warner Stillman Ralph F. Stilwell Russel L. Tanner S. H. Stoner Verne Storey David E. Stouffer Fred Wells Stout John S. Stoutenborough Bill B. Stoutenborough Robert C. Sudduth Isaac D. Summers Frank Robert Sutherland Lyndon C. Sutherland Carl E. Swartz Roy Swartz Louis W. Swinger Paul Taff John J. Taflinger J. D. Taggert W. M. Talbert Jack Tollman Lawrence Tangney Herman Tanner John Tarr Nick Tarro Aubrey D. Taylor Robert Taylor Stewart Taylor Ralph M. Tenney William Eugene Thalman George H. Thomas Warren Dale Thomas John Thomas Claud Thompson Frank J. Thompson, Jr. William Thompson John Thornton Harold Thorp Alfred Tick Walter S. Tick Phillip Tinch Allan Todd Homer A. Tohill Louis J. Tolladay Paul R. Tolly John Torrence Harold M. Townsend Frank Traver Glen F. Trent Ralph E. Trost Carl Troxel Carl Trueblood Jesse Turner William Marshall Turner George A. Tuttle Alfred Harry Tyson Leon Thomas Uhl Robert R. Uhl Earl M. Ulbrich Seaton W. VanDyne Harold C. Vaughan Charles Robert Vaughn John Venturi Harold Vernor Marion E. Vincent James Vollmer Lauren Vollmer John Votrain S. M. Wagenseller Virgil Edwin Wagner Edwin C. Wait Kenneth Wait Howard Leroy Wakeman William F. Waldrop Ralph Walker Richard B. Wand Harold Ward Fritz Washburn Richard C. Watson Joseph Edgar Wayne Melvin Weakley Jack Weatherford James Weatherford Robert C. Webb James R. Weilepp Robert Weiner Alexander C. Weiss Arthur M. Wells Marshall Wells Mark Wendler Philip Wenzel Keith Duane Westerman Ralph Westerman John Wheal Vernon Wheeler Robert G. Whitacre Charles W. White Robert Eugene White Ralph E. Whitehead Harry Whitney, Jr. Frank Wierman W. F. Wikoff Ralph Wilcox Frank Wiley Arthur S. Wilkinson Don Eugene Williams James Williams John G. Williams Marlyn W. Williams Rollie Williams Lowell H. Williamson David Willis Fred B. Wilmoth Donald Wilson James E. Wilson P. J. Wilson Robert Lee Wilson Robert O. Wilson Wayne Wilson Wendell H. Wilson Don Wilt Wendell Wimmer Howard Wintz John Wirchak Ralph Wismer Robert Joel Wisner John Wohlhueter Jack B. Wood John T. Wood Percy Wood Lynn Woollen Howard Wrench Jack L. Wright James J. Wright Samuel H. Wright William F. Wulf Eugene Yoder Ed Zachry 15 Let us pause ] i i i i i i F I E S J ' F F. F) H V V Jc N. V R Fi V E Jo R. C LI Ec Ja R H Al G G CI He John C. Hessler, President A good, kind, Christian gentleman This fall when we came back to Millikin, we were prepared for the absences of President Hessler and Professor Cole, but many of us had not realized the many ways they had endeared themselves to us. We missed President Hessler ' s friendly hello ' s when he met us coming up the front walk; his co-operation in writing editorials for the Dec when- ever asked, in writing inscriptions for the Millidek, and articles for the alumni news. Those of us who have had even faint urges to be scholarly, found inspiration from President Hessler and his talks in chapel. He was the most learned man that many of us have ever known, and beyond that he was wise, Christianly — humanly wise. We instantly felt his sympathy and understanding for us, and we always knew that just by listening to him we would find inspiration and comfort. Many of us have said many times, " how can any one man pos- sibly know so much? " and we meant about books, but also we meant about living. How indeed? Only a very fine man— and a very great one could know so much. 16 reflect . . . . L M. Cole, Professor Emeritus Not only our teacher, but our friend In his capacity as an instructor rather than an administrator, Pro- fessor Cole was known to many of us better — that is, more intimately, than we knew the president. He could return a joke with us with the same dexterity that he could mend a door. We knew what they meant when they called him the grand old man of Millikin. Pop was grand and he was fun. He could always be counted on to mend cupboard doors in the Dec office, lend keys to students and faculty who had locked themselves out of rooms, help the girls in his home art classes get them- selves extricated from the complicated machinery down there, and there was always a wry comment about some of the stumbling efforts of stu- dents who were learning to put their hands to use for the first time. He never got out of patience, nor did he ever leave a student in his diffi- culty — he was always there helping, guiding, making it easier. A mechanical arts instructor who often boasted that he knew more poetry than anyone on campus — that ' s contrast, but that was Pop Cole. A grand old man. A big, fine person capable of commanding not only our respect but our love. 17 a on the Holt, Mills, Lee, Miller, Bass, Hamilton, Boland Board of Managers In order that the student body may have a greater appreciation of the organization and position of the Board of Managers of the uni- versity we have included this page in the 1945 Millidek. This body for- mulates the policies of the university and elects the faculty and staff. The chief duties of the Board are connected with the university budget, buildings and grounds, finance and investment, and the curriculum. The officers for the year were: President: Roy M. Hamilton Vice President: Ray S. Bass Secretary: William Ray McGaughey Treasurer: Charles A. Imboden Oth er members are: Lee Boland J. Sherman McClelland J. Reaves Holt A. Hubert Mills Charles E. Lee Henry M. Owen Regular meetings are held the second Monday night of each month m the round-table room. Special meetings are called when the need arises. 18 lllillihin Gamp us Administrative Staff Clarence Lee Miller, Dean and Acting President Edward William Ploenges, Assistant Dean Ralph Yakel, Registrar and Professor of Education Raymond Rush Brewer, Director of Public Relations and Professor of Religion Mrs. Harold C. Hess, Dean of Women H. Robert Haupt, Acting Business Manager The war has made the present college year a difficult one, but students and faculty have worked together to preserve many of the usual aspects of college life. The publication of this book is a notable testimony. During the year we have been true to the past while building for the future. We want our Millikin men and women who are now in the armed services to find, when they return from distant fields, those things they cherish most still a part of the warp and woof of college life, along with an inspiring pattern for a finer Millikin. C. L. MILLER, Dean and Acting President. Standing: Brewer, Haupt, Yakel Seated: Hess, Miller, Ploenges 19 Standing: Fryxell, McNabb, Adkins, Williams Seated: Allin, Blackburn, McNabb, McCaslin, Ross Division of Humanities Burton Lyman Fryxell, Professor of English Davida McCaslin, Professor of English Charles Edson Adkins, Assistant Professor of English Bonnie Rebecca Blackburn, Professor of Modern Languages Flora Emma Ross, Professor of Modern Languages Leroy Clifford McNabb, Professor of Speech Edith Metham McNabb, Instructor in Speech Reginald H. Neal, Associate Professor of Art Charles A. Godcharles, Rouse Professor of Philos- ophy and Psychology Eugenia Allin, Professor and Librarian Dorotha Viletta Williams, Assistant Librarian 20 Science and Social Science Viola Maria Bell, Professor of Home Eco- nomics Edward Sterling Boyer, Robb Professor of Sociology and Religion Richard Holton Cole , Assistant Professor of Industry Daniel James Gage, Professor of History Gladys Charlotte Galligar, Associate Pro- fessor of Biology Carl I. Head, Professor of Mechanical En- gineering Frederick Charles Hottes, Professor of Bi- ology Earl Chester Kiefer, Professor of Mathe- matics, Director Evening Division John F. Krueger, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Eco- nomics Dorothy J. McClure, Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Assistant to Director of Aston Hall Mrs. Vera Rotz, Assistant Professor of Sec- retarial Science Calvin Eugene Sutherd, Associate Profes- sor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics Grace Kathryn Trumbo, Assistant Professor of Home Economics Marshall Wells , Coach and Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education Frances Elizabeth Wilson, Instructor in Home Arts John C. Zimmerman, Professor of Chemis- try On leave of absence Standing: Krueger, Rotz Seated: Galligar, Boyer, Sutherd, McClure, Trumbo, Bell Standing: Zimmerman, Head Seated: Kiefer, Hottes 21 Standing: Smallwood, Moessner, Moffeti, Hess, Van Buskirk, Emch, Irons, Childs, Helmick Seated: Minturn Conservatory of Music Winifred St. Clare Minturn, Director of the Conservatory of Music Edna Childs, Instructor in Piano Oscarine Pruitt Dewhirst, Instructor in Piano Lucille Flint Easterling, Instructor in Dancing Walter Emch, Professor of Musical Theory, Instructor in Woodwinds Phyllis E. Everest, Instructor in ' Cello Louise E. Helmick, Instructor in Voice Harold Clyde Hess, Professor of Violin Mayme Ethel Irons, Instructor in Music Education, Director of Public School Music Frieda Moessner, Instructor in Piano Wilna Moffet, Assistant Professor in Piano and Organ Edith Rose, Instructor in Piano Florence Royce, Instructor in Kindergarten Doris Lyons Smallwood, Instructor in Piano John Alex Thompson, Instructor in Band Instruments Elizabeth Travis, Professor of Piano Carl Van Buskirk, Professor of Voice Annette Van Dyke, Instructor in Dancing Geneva O. Westerman, Secretary to Director of Conservatory of Music 22 Administrative Staff Ruth Bicknell Walker, Director of Aston Hall Christine P ' Simer, Assistant to Director of Aston Hall Juanita Owen, College Nurse Estelle Launtz, Secretary to President and Dean and Office Manager Dorothy Drennan, Secretary to Registrar Ruth Ross Crane, Secretary of Public Relations Jewel May Broughton, Alumni Secretary Fern E. Boland, Assistant Treasurer of the University M. Gertrude Munch, Assistant Secretary of the University Ruth E. Wilson, Bookkeeper Owen, Drennan, Boland, Walker, Broughton, P ' Simer, Munch, Crane, Wilson, Launtz 23 In th There is no frigate like a book To take us lands away, Nor any coursers like a page of prancing poetry. Emily Dickinson 24 Senior class OFFICERS: President Marcia Stookey Vice-president Eunice Larrick Secretary Marilyn Peters Treasurer ...Hugh Mullins Larrick, Stookey, Peters, Mullins The senior class of ' 45 started their last year in college by organ- izing and electing class officers. Marcia Stookey, president, has been active on the campus during her four years at Millikin. She was presi- dent of the student council last year and is president of Alpha Chi Omega this year. Chosen as her assistant was Eunice Larrick. Eunice has also been active on the Millikin campus and this year was president of Delta Delta Delta. She is also feature editor on the Decaturian Staff. Marilyn Peters was chosen as secretary for the class of ' 45. " Midge " is an art major and is a member of Pi Beta Phi. Hugh Mullins was elected treasurer of the senior class of ' 45. Hugh has composed some musical selections which have been performed by the University Choir and enthusiastically received by the public, and this year he has been assisting Mr. Van Buskirk with the orchestra. Hugh is a member of Phi Mu Alpha. Frances Picknell, Hugh Mullins, Jean Aide, Margaret Duerr, Juanita Owen, and Marcia Stookey are the outstanding seniors who were chosen for " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " . Frances Pick- nell was president of Sigma Alpha lota this year. She also presented her senior recital in February. Margaret Duerr is a language major and was president of the Spanish Club. Margaret is a member of the Kappa Society and on Kappa Day she was awarded a Kappa key. Mavis Breuer and Carol Schlaretzki were also awarded Kappa keys for their high scholastic averages. Jean Aide has been president of the Indees for the past few years. Jean was homecoming queen and has been very outstanding in the in- tramural games played. Traditional senior events which marked the end of a school year were the " cut " day picnic, Dean and Mrs. Miller ' s dinner for the gradu- ating class, and the Lantern Parade. Commencement and Graduation were the final scenes in the college life of the seniors of the class of 1945. 26 of I O 4 " Gloria Anderson Business Administration Independent Chicago Jean Aide Home Economics Independent Pana Mavis Breuer Spanish Independent Decatur Betty Ann Barrett English Pi Beta Phi Decatur Eloise Collier Biology Zeta Tau Alpha Decatur Charlotte Caldwell Mathematics Delta Delta Delta Effingham i ■ 27 Rachel Cuppy English Pi Beta Phi Humboldt Margaret Duerr Spanish Pi Beta Phi Decatur Marion Geoffroy English Pi Beta Phi Washington, D. C. Shirley Gratian Applied Music Sigma Alpha lota Decatur Jimmy Fritz Chemistry Independent Decatur Nick Greanias Business Administration Independent Decatur 28 Mary Es+elle Hayes English Pi Beta Phi Decatur Jacquelyn Hentz Home Economics Theta Upsilon Decatur Mary Jane Hite Industrial Arts Delta Delta Delta Kansas Barbara Kenney Spanish Delta Delta Delta Chicacgo Eunice Larrick Secretarial Science Delta Delta Delta Stonington Beatrice Lovely Applied Music Sigma Alpha lota Auburn 29 Joan Burg Lukey Sociology Delta Delta Delta Decatur Doris Mossman Music Education Independent Decatur Betty Lytle Home Economics Independent Decatur Hugh Mullins Music Education Phi Mu Alpha Peru, Indiana Phyllis Reece McCormick Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Brownstown Jane Norris Biology Zeta Tau Alpha Robinson 30 Betty Spencer Home Economics Independent Niantic Marcia Stookey Music Education Alpha Chi Omega Harristown Jane Waddell English Theta Upsilon Decatur nn y;| son Secretarial Science Pi Beta Phi Chrisman Mildred Smith Home Economics Pi Beta Phi Palmyra Marion Viclc Home Economics Delta Delta Delta Springfield 32 Seniors Without Pictures Judith Ann Bishop Music Education Sigma Alpha lota Red Oak, Iowa Betty Aulabaugh Robertson Secretarial Science Delta Delta Delta Decatur Franklin Gifford Godwin History Tau Kappa Epsilon Decatur Florence Scott Education Pi Beta Phi Decatur Rachel Haug Applied Music Sigma Alpha lota Decatur Ruth Sutton Scott Biology Zeta Tau Alpha Villa Grove Marilyn Joyce McCarty Spanish Alpha Chi Omega Argenta Henrietta Stone Home Economics Independent Warrensburg Mary Carolyn McDonald English Pi Beta Phi Decatur Eline Svendsen History and Mathematics Independent Decatur Graduates in Service Joseph C. Douglass Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi Newman William R. Messmore Industry Delta Sigma Phi Rock Island Robert Orman Ernest Robert Gean Whitacre Art Business Administration Independent Decatur Tau Kappa Epsilon Decatur 33 ) uniors ass OFFICERS: President ...Marjorie Larsen Vice-President . ...Carla Caldwell Secretary Loris Dean Burnette Treasurer Doris Parish Burnette, Caldwell, Parish, Larsen This year ' s junior class is one which is made up of some of Million ' s outsfanding sfudenfs. Marjorie Larsen, who was president of the class last year, was re-elected to the office this year. " Sonny " (as she is known to J. M. U. students) has proved her capabiliti es in many ways ever since she first came to Millikin. Her attractive manner has won for her many friends. Carla Caldwell, who is a student in the Conservatory of Music, is the vice-president. Carla has a striking personality and is a leader in the music school. Assisting Marjorie and Carla are Loris Dean Burnette and Doris Parish, class secretary and treasurer respectively. Both of these girls are very active in campus affairs and are energetic students. " L. D. " is a student in music and Doris, a home economics major. Other members of the Junior class who are particularly outstanding are Betty Pat Frye, Elizabeth hloppe, and Ruth Purdue. Betty Pat was the editor of the Deca+urian in her sophomore year, and this year is again showing her ability as a campus leader, being president of the Student Council. She was named this year in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " . Elizabeth and Ruth are also members of the Student Council and have both worked energetically in carrying out the interests of the student body. The ab ove mentioned are only a few of the outstanding members of the whole junior class. All the members of this class have contri- buted much to James Millikin University; as the class of 1946, they will continue to carry on the best ideals and traditions. 34 ' O-fO Mildred Alexander Decatur Phyllis Bowen Tuscola Loris Dean Burnette Decatur Carla Caldwell Edwardsville Betty Pat Frye Decatur William Gorschen Decatur Elnora Baker Decatur Donna Joyce Brackin Mattoon Beverly Busher Decatur Patricia Cropper Decatur Mary Ferguson Greenville Melvin Grabowski Decatur Pearl Grant Decatur Mary Jones Wilson Decatur Marjorie Larsen Aurora Martha Martin Decatur Mary Lou May Decatur Jean McDaniel Taylorville Elizabeth Hoppe Blue Mound Sara Laws Donnellson Marilyn Markley Decatur Rosemary Martin Dexter, New Mexico Joyce McCarty Argenta Audrie Oleson Aurora 36 Barnes, Sibthorp ' , Wilson, P ' Simer OFFICERS: President ...Eileen Wilson Vice-President Janet Sibthorp Secretary Audrey Barnes Treasurer Mary Catherine P ' Simer The sophomore class this year has proved to be quite an outstand- ing one. Eileen (Pat) Wilson as president has guided the class success- fully in addition to being an active student. Besides her duties as presi- dent of the class of ' 47, Pat is a co-business manager of this year ' s Millidek. Much credit for the success of the sophomore class also be- longs to the other officers. The members of the sophomore class are particularly well repre- sented on the student publications with Bill Gorschen as co-editor and Eloise Hurtt as co-business manager of the Decaturian and Jola Kuntz as Co-editor of the Millidek. The sophs have had several " shining stars " in the dramatic field. Jo Otwell, who played the lead in Town and Gown ' s Little Women, was very enthusiastically received as were Joy Peterson and Jane Rush who played two of the other sisters. Other noteworthy members of the class are Kenneth Brewer, John Venturi, and Bill Gorschen who are officers of the newly organized Milli- on Men ' s Association; Marjorie Moody, member of the Debate Team and Pi Kappa Delta; and Mary Alice Launtz, secretary of Student Council. These are but a few of the outstanding members of a class which is certain to be remembered as one of Millikin ' s finest. 38 ass of Caroline Adams Dean Adams Betty Allen Minerva Anderson Peggy Apperson Audrey Barnes Jane Barr Charlotte Beesley Janice Bence Margaret Brand Elsie Branom Betty Brewer Kenneth Brewer Norma Brussell Norma Coventry LaVerne Crackel James Current Helen Davies Doris Denny Ruth Doelling 39 Joan Honicker Alice Hortenstine Eloise Hurtt Jean Kiick Jane Kinnaird Jola Kuntz Mary Alice Launtz Roselyn Leonard Shirley Lindros Marilla Logan Joyce Martin Frederica Massey Evelyn Meriweather Marjorie Moody Nancy Morarity Faith Nansen Hope Nansen Jo Otwell Lucille Parks Patricia Patrick 40 Joy Peterson Mary Catherine P ' Simer Elaine Reedy Margery Rominger Jane Rush Lois Sager Louise Sanders Betty Shumate Janet Sibthorp Georgia Smeltzer Ruth Smercina Mary Etta Sparks L_.IV? Barbara Storer Lois Todd Juanita Watt Alice Weidner Mary Frances White Jean Williams Eileen Wilson Stephanie Yabsley 41 fresh men OFFICERS: President .... William Amacher Vice-president Emmy Lee Buchmann Secretary Wilhelmina Fathauer Treasurer Bliss McLean Standing: Amacher Seated: Bliss McLean, Fathauer, E. Buchmann The freshman class started off on " second base " with two important distinctions: those of being the largest class and claiming the only male president, William Amacher, who now is serving with Uncle Sam. Many other " Freshie " men suffered the same fate, so the feminine contingent is definitely dominant. The sophomores were easily defeated at Homecoming by sheer weight of numbers, and so the freshmen gleefully threw away their hated green ribbons. There are several members of the class that have made a definite impression upon the college and its people. Mary Louise Irish has served in the freshman position on the Student Council. Joan Rambo has had the responsibility of being co-business manager of the Millidek. Eunice Heideman took over the editorship of the Decaturian for the freshman edition and Jane Hanke, the managing editorship. Katherine McKeown and Elizabeth Frushour filled the business managers ' positions on that publication. The splendid class spirit that this class has shown proves them cap- able of greater things. So, upper-classmen, look to your laurels! The freshmen are off to a wonderful start and are on their way upward. 42 ass o f 04N Kathryn Abrams Amy Mae Alexander Doris Anderson Jayne Anderson Elizabeth Auer Leroy Augenstein Norma Jean Bailey Vivian Barnes Shirley Bates Audrey Baxter Betty Ann Belshaw Eileen Bernard Pauline Blyholder Eunice Bolz Betty Brannan Bertha Brown Ruth Brand Emmy Buchmann Rose Buchmann Martha Carlson 43 Merill Cameron Marilou Christman Betty Lou Conrad Winona Cooley Phyllis Coombe Colleen Connell Alfred Dammann Mary Alice Daniel Sharlee Davis James Ducy Shirley Elrod Loren Ernest Betty Ervin Don Faith Wilhelmina Fathauer Mary Elizabeth Frushour Jeritza ' Garland Gail Gray Phyllis Haab Jane Hanke 44 Norman Jean Harding Charles Harmon Helen Head Eunice Heideman Mary Lou Henson Edna Hildreth Johnny Hite Eva Hunter Mary Louise Irish Violet Johnson Patricia Jostes Mary Kerchner Mary Ellen Kohli Dorothy Latham Marilyn Laws Patricia Laws Irene Lichtenberger Barbara Liggett Emily Lyons Margaret Marston 45 Jacqueline Mathews Mary Virginia May Barbara McLean Bliss McLean Katherine McKeown Mary Joan Meisner Marian Menk Shirley Miller Joan Nellis Paul Nichols Harriet Nifong Martha Jane Norris Patricia Nuckolls Helen Marie Penn Marilyn Pfeiffer Kenneth Plummer Patricia Porter Joan Rambo Nadja Rashevsky Lois Marilyn Ritter 46 Marilyn Ann Ritter Roger Sallee Doris Saxe Alice Shimer Patsy Shumate Alberta S iegrist Beverly Stickel Patsy Stone Carol Temme Freda Tilton Lola Wernsing Mary Roberta Wheeler Dorothy Williams Margaret Winings Barbara Jean Wittman Jean Zellmann Helen Zell mann Joan Zimmerman Evelyn Zipprodt i. 47 s to do at Constant labor of one uniform kind destroys the intensity and flow of a man ' s animal spirits, which find recreation and delight in mere change of activity. — Karl Marx 48 The 1945 MILLIDEK Co-Editors Roger Sallee, Jola Kuntz Co-Business Managers Pat Wilson, Joan Rambo Photographer Bill Kileen Copy Editor Peggy Duerr Makeup Editor D. Jane Norris Calendar Mimi Spence Standing: Rambo, Wilson Seated: Sallee, Kuntz Standing: Bence, Brewer, Launtz, Burnette, Hildreth, Meisner, Duerr, Frushour, Sallee, Howett, Todd, P. Shumate, Storer, D. J. Norris, Rashevsky Seated: Spence, Fathauer, Bowen, Kuntz, E. Buchmann, Peterson, R. Buchmann 50 Peggy in the Dec office multiplying 24x16 for the number of words in I 0 pt. type to fit into a space 4 " x6 " .... Norris glowering and using colorful expletives when pictures fail- ed to fit into the proper places .... the telephone calls from Mr. Patterson saying: " When are you going to give us some copy? " .... and the night we worked until 1 :00 A. M. finishing the snap sheets and the senior class panels in order to meet the deadline As spring came, the outlook of the staff was a little happier. Engravers proofs were received and the completed book went to the printers. It was a lot of work, but it was fun, too. We wish to thank Burton L. Fryxell, Davida McCaslin, F. C. Hottes, Reginald H. Neai, Mrs. Vera Rotz, Dr. Charles A. Godcharles, Betty Pat Frye, Jane Waddell, Gladys Howett, Mary Alice Launtz, and Marcia Stookey for their aid and effort in making this book possible. Standing: McKeown, Kohli, Bliss McLean, Cooley, P. Stone, V. May, Henson, Crackel, Nellis, Bodkin, Stowell, M. A. Ritter Seated: Stickel, Rambo, Wilson, B. Shumate, Cropper, Auer Student Council had a difficult time in the fall trying to decide whether or not to have a I 945 yearbook. Paper and film short- ages and increased engraving prices had a dampening effect on the enthusiastic spirit of the Council, but after much debating it was decided to have a yearbook, and Rog and Jola, Pat and Joan were chosen to head the 1945 Millidek staff. That seems like a long time ago — in reality, only a few short months. We remember the hectic weeks spent in getting the engraver ' s and printer ' s contracts signed, and the all-night session in Hotel Orlando planning the book with the help of Mr. Ropkey, our engraving representative from Indianapolis. We also remember — Bill with his camera in hand dashing madly from the round-table room to the lounge, from the Elizabethan Study to the library and back to the round-table room again in an effort to take nine pictures in the ten minutes left after chapel . . . . 51 The DECATURIAN r ... I William Gorschen, Co-tditors ' I Emmy Hayes . D . . , l Eloise Hurtt, Uo-busmess Managers 7 ... . I Mildred Alexander Feature Editor .Eunice Larrick News Editor Elnora Baker Make-up Editor Marilyn Markley Social Editor Rachel Cuppy Standing: Gorschen, Alexander, Hayes Seated: Hurtt Back Row: Baker, R. Buchmann, Coventry, Kerchner, E. Buchmann, Bowen Third Row: Foster, Lindros, Meisner, Otwell, Kuntz, Cuppy, Ch, Caldwell, Smeltzer, Bence, Spence, McCormick, Vick, Logan, Fathauer Second Row: Irish, Wilson, Brewer, Morarity, Jones, Frye, Faith, Dillow, Malsbury, Waddell First Row: Leigh, Pease, Hayes, Gorschen 52 The Decaturian was published every other week this war year under the super- vision of co-editors, Bill Gorschen and Mary Estelle Hayes. The paper had the most ex- tensive circulation ever recorded. All form- er Millikin students who are serving overseas and in the states were sent every issue of the DEC free of charge. A special over- seas mailing fund was established for this purpose by the General Office. Mary Lou May was circulation manager, and co-busi- ness managers were Mildred Alexander and Eloise Hurtt. The Journalism fraternity, Delta Epsilon Chi, established last year by Decaturian staff members, ordered fraternity pins for eighteen members and pledged six new members who had served on the DEC staff for two semesters or more. Five staff members attended the Illinois Associated Collegiate Press Conference at Bradley College, Peoria, Illinois, in October. It was announced by that collegiate organ- ization that " The Decaturian is awarded the rating of ' excellent ' for the year 1943-44. " Betty Pat Frye was editor during that year. A true " freedom of the press " policy was followed this year. The DEC ' s four pages contained news under the super- vision of Mary Jones (first semester) and Elnora Baker (second semester); features by Eunice Larrick; service men ' s scribbles via Bill ' s super-snooper talent; columns by Frye and Gorschen, editorials; and dirt from ye Olde Dust Pan editor. The Freshman edition appeared on Feb- ruary 23 with Eunice Heideman as Editor- in-Chief; Jane Hanke, managing editor; Mary Lou Henson, feature editor; Billie Fat hauer, news editor; Joan Meisner, make- up editor; Mary Leigh, social editor; and Katherine McKeown and Elizabeth Frus- hour as co-business managers. The DEC was in charge of Homecoming coronation plans and ran a six-page edition at that time. The writers ' staff included twenty-two members; the advertising staff, eleven; and the circulation staff, nine. Helen Head serv- ed as office manager during the second se- mester, and a typing staff of nine persons was maintained. Back Row: P. Shumate, Busher, Connell, B. Shumate, Branom, Bodkin, Kimstedt, Leonard, Zipprodt Second Row: Cropper, McKeown, M. A. Ritter, Shimer, Henson, Head, Stone, Brannan, M. Anderson, M. L. May, Abrams, Frushour, M. J. Norris First Row: M. Alexander, Shekel, Auer, Crackel, McCarty, Honicker, Oleson 11 53 Schroeder, Lindsay, Stookey, Purdue, Frye, Hoppe, Launtz, Smith, Irish, Weidner STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: President Betty Pat Frye Vice-President Elizabeth Hoppe Secretary Mary Alice Launtz Treasurer Ruth Purdue Faculty Advisors Dr. Galligar, Miss McClure, Miss Blackburn The Student Council has been quite ac- tive in school affairs this year. Much of the work of the Council has been carried on through committees, each having a Council member as chairman. One of the most ac- tive of these was the social committee headed by Elizabeth Hoppe. Her group has been responsible for the many successful school parties held during the year, such as the Christmas party and the faculty slave auction. This group also planned the trip which the Millikin girls made to Chanute Field to attend a dance there April 20. Another committee was the Campus Im- provement Committee whose chairman was Mary Alice Launtz. The main activity of this group for the year was sponsoring the " Campus clean-up " days in the fall and spring. The spring clean-up day was espec- ially successful. Classes were dismissed for the entire day and each student was assign- ed to a group of workers who had a definite job to do. The entire campus was covered in this way. At noon lunch was served in the mess hall to the entire student body and faculty. The Student Lounge Committee was headed by Mildred Smith. The project of this committee was the enlargement and im- provement of the Student Lounge. A new room was added to the Lounge and new furnishings were provided. All together, the Council feels that this has been a successful year, for through its efforts many improvements have been made. 54 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club, an organ- ization for girls majoring or minoring in home economics, enjoyed an unusually busy year. The club was greatly increased by fourteen new members in the initiation cere- monies held October 20. A Martha Logan representative of Swift ' s Bland Lard entertained on Novem- ber 1 3 with a demonstration of her pro- duct in making cake and frosting. The Christmas party on December 8 was a buffet dinner with Mrs. Walker and Miss Ross as guests. The Dietetics Red Cross Canteen Class prepared the main course for the forty-five people present in order to gain experience in large guantity cookery. After eating the dessert and candy mints the foods class prepared, everyone was ready to enroll in a course under Dr. Bell to try her hand at some of the delicious food dishes served that evening in the Foods Dining Room. After this meal, Miss Ross Back Row: H. Zellman, Brackin, Leigh, M. J. Norris, Parish, P. Stone, Freeland, Malsbury, M. Martin, Bernard, Oleson Second Row: Cropper, Kerchner, S. Laws, Allen, A. Alexander, Rashevsky, Blyholder, Woare, Nuckolls, Davies, Liggett, Zipprodt First Row: Aide, McCormick, Vick, Bell, Trumbo, Smith, M. Brand, M. L. May spoke on Christmas in France and Germany. In the January meeting there was an outside speaker. A dessert-skating party was held in February. Much fun was had by all as each strove to retain or regain her balance on the skates. In March there was another outside speaker. The April meeting was especially impressive: a style show with Marion Vick as chairman assisted by Miss Trumbo was given in the Tri Delta sorority house. A successful year was climaxed by a formal dinner at the Decatur Club and the Club was honored by the presence of many of the faithful alums. OFFICERS: President Mildred Smith Vice-president Marion Vick Secretary Margaret Brand Treasurer Mary Lou May Publicity Phyllis McCormick 55 OFFICERS Ch airman Dr. Flora Ross Recording Secretary James Fritz Corresponding Secretary Hugh Mullins Treasurer Jessie Lockett OFFICERS President Margaret Duerr 1st Vice President Mavis Breuer 2nd Vice President Mary Jones Secretary Barbara Kenney Treasurer Joyce McCarty Faculty Adviser Bonnie Blackburn Burnette, Larsen, Smercina, Frye, Geoffroy, Fritz, Ross, Blackburn, Mullins, Wilson, Duerr, Hoppe, Yabsley Standing: P ' Simer, Massey, Branon, Crackel, Wilson, Bolz, Oleson, Cappy, Barber, Nansen Smeltzer Morarity, Hayes, Caldwell, Peters, Mullins Seated: Alexander, McCarty, Kenney, Jones, Breuer, Duerr, Blackburn Le Cercle F rancais This year the Millikin French Club has become a kind of Town and Gown organ- ization including the French students on the campus, interested townspeople, and a jun- ior organization of high school French stu- dents. The French Club is a member of the American Relief for France, and has sent some twenty boxes of assorted articles for relief of French civilians and soldiers. La Sociedad Espanola New members of Spanish club under- went a special initiation this year. Because one purpose of the club is to foster the actual use of the language all meetings and activities were carried on in Spanish. The Christmas party with its annual cele- bration of the Mexican " penata " was out- standing. The club members joined with Conant to see Mr. Neal ' s slides from Mex- ico. 56 OFFICERS President Jane Waddell Vice-President Ruth Lee Secretary Margaret Duerr Treasurer Rachel Cuppy OFFICERS President Mavis Breuer Vice-President Elaine Reedy Secretary Audrey Barnes Treasurer Joan Rambo Back Row: Fryxell, Owen, Mullins, Baker, Breuer Second Row: Hayes, Jones, Peters, Schlaretaki, Stookey, Geoffroy First Row: McCaslin, Markley, Picknell, Waddell, Lee, Cuppy Back Row: Shimer, Bates, Lovely, Meisner, Hanke, Henson, Ousley, Harmon First Row: Rambo, Reedy, Breuer, Barnes, Ross Conant Society The Conant Society is the English soc- iety for English majors and a few other se- lected upperclassmen. It was named for Grace Patten Conant. Programs this year ranged from a visit to John Valentine ' s home to see his collec- tion of old books, to a Twelfth Night rendi- tion of Shakespeare ' s " 12th Night " . The society wound up the year with a picnic at the Fryxell ' s home on the lake, where the new " Othello " records were played. Der Deutsche Verein Der Deutsche Verein is an organization to acguaint its members with the customs, songs, and language of Germany and to promote international understanding. The purposes of the club are achieved through the different program. The Christ- mas meeting was the highlight of the year. Also the members all enjoyed a potluck held in the home of Dr. Ross. 57 TOWN AND GOWN The Town and Gown players under the direction of Dr. McNabb presented Louisa M. Alcott ' s " Little Women " for the annual Home- coming play. The entire cast is as follows: Jo ...Nancy Otwell (Gown Meg Joy Peterson (Gown Beth _ .Helen Jane Rush (Gown Amy Patricia Nuckolls (Gown Mrs. March Lola A. Raffington (Town Hannah Mullet Edna Hildreth (Gown John Brooke... Robert Graves (Gown Laurie Stuart File (Gown Mr. Lawrence Ernest Westlund (Town Aunt March Elinor Gage (Town Mr. March Earl Lamm (Town Professor Frederick Bhaer... Charles E. Adkins (Gown This play was the great climax to an enthusiastic and unforgettable war-time Homecoming. 58 TOWN AND GOWN The second Town and Gown play production of the season was the James M. Barrie hit comedy, " Alice Sit-by-the-fire " . The play was composed of a very talented cast headed by Edith M. McNabb in the title role of " Alice " . Other cast members include: Colonel Robert Grey Jules Weintraub (Town Amy Grey r Helen Jane Rush (Gown Cosmo Grey . Robert Carter (Town Genevra Dunbar Beverly Busher (Gown Stephen Rollo .... Robert Fisher (Town Nurse Edna Hildreth (Gown Richardson .....Patricia Pfohl (Town Fanny Marilyn Peters (Gown Highlights of the performance were Mrs. McNabb ' s tripping the light fantastic, Patricia Pfohl ' s cockney accent, and Janie and Bev ' s stage-struck melodrama. The Millikin Student Orchestra with Hugh Mullins directing present- ed entr ' acte music for " Alice Sit-by-the fire " and also for " Little Women " . 59 ORCHESTRA Should you go through the Liberal Arts building on a Tuesday or Thursday evening after 7:30 you might hear the slightly discordant notes of any composition in the first stages of rehearsal. Then should you be in the building at Homecoming or on the evening of the spring concert, you would hear the melodious tones of a finished orchestration, sym- phonies of arrangement and precision, and compositions of true ability. All this is due to the Millikin orchestra under the exacting leadership of Professor Carl Van Buskirk. On December 13 the orchestra in connection with the annual Christ- mas program given by the University Women ' s Choir presented three compositions — the Serenade from Eine Kleine Nachtsmusik by Mozart, the Andante-Allegro and Minuet f rom the Surprise Symphony by Haydn, and the brilliant Lux Aeterna for choir and orchestra written by Professor Van Buskirk. The spring concert given May 7 featured solo compositions such as the aria, Divinites du Styx from ' Alceste " by Gluck, the Allegro Move- ment from the Symphonie Espagnole by Lalo, and the Variations Sym- phonique by Franck. Orchestral compositions included the Overture from " Marriage of Figaro " by Mozart and the Intermezzo from " Cava- liera Rusticana " by Mascagni. 60 CHOIR In spite of the fact that the choir is again composed of all girls this year, the high standards of previous years have been maintained. An im- portant event of the year was the annual Christmas program which was presented December 13 in Albert Taylor Hall. Highlights of this pro- gram were two compositions by Hugh Mullins, student at the Conser- vatory of Music, " Adoramus Te Christe " and " Song " , and " Lux Aeterna " a composition for choir and orchestra written by Professor Carl Van Bus- kirk, director of the choir, and " dedicated to memory of all Millikin Men who will see neither this or any other Christmas, but who died that this music might be written and performed " . In the spring the choir participated in a second choral laboratory presentation of new American music. This was the first performance for all numbers except one which had had only one previous performance. Three composers of the new compositions were on hand to hear their works and answer questions about them. They were Gardner Reed of Kansas City, Barbara Horner of Minneapolis, and Olga Kellenberger of Chicago. This event was again readily and enthusiastically accepted by Decatur ' s music lovers. 61 R. Purdue, Shir.neman, H. Nansen, Markley, Hortin CHAPEL COMMITTEE That hardworking group which you have seen con- ferring so many afternoons is the Chapel Committee, re- sponsible for all the programs we have had this year. From Religious Emphasis Week to the Commencement program, which is completely in the hands of the Chapel Committee, their every efforts have been met with success. The committee is composed of both faculty and stu- dent members. Present faculty members are Dr. Brewer, Dr. Boyer, Dean Ploenges, Dr. Bell, Miss Blackburn, Dr. Fryxell, Dr. Galligar, Dr. McNabb, Mr. Van Buskirk, and Mr. Neal. The eight student members are Ruth Purdue, chairman, Marjorie Horten, vice-chairman, Marilyn Mark- ley, Mary Jane Lindsey, Marilla Logan, Fredericka Massey, Hope Nansen, and S ' Monne Shinneman. Through the combined efforts of our faculty and stu- dents, our chapel programs have been such that they were of interest to university and townspeople alike. The fact that student attendance has increased almost thirty per cent is highly gratifying to the efforts of the Chapel Committee. 62 STUDENT LOUNGE COMMITEE Those appointed on the Student Lounge Committee in the fall were Mildred Smith, presiding as chairman, Marion Vick, Patricia Cropper and Phyllis McCormick. During the second semester Mildred Smith and Marion Vick withdrew from the committee. Patricia Cropper was elected acting chairman and Evelyn Zipprodt was appoint- ed to fill the other vacancy. The work of the committee included keeping the Lounge clean and in good repair. Although poor wartime labor conditions somewhat hindered the plans of the com- mittee, it was successful in having the walls washed, the floors revarnished, and the furniture repaired. Plans were also made and carried out in connection with the enlargement of the present Lounge. Room 29, which was formerly occupied by the Army officers during the brief stay of the C. T. D., was redecorated and facil- ities for eating were installed. This room is now used by many of the student body during the lunch period. We extend our congratulations to the committee for a difficult job well done! Vick, Smith, Aide, Cropper 63 Standing: Waddell, Gratian, Breuer Seated: Duerr, Schlaretzki PI MU THETA OFFICERS: President Jane Waddell Vice-President Mavis Breuer Secretary Margaret Duerr Treasurer Carol Schlaretzki Marshall Marion Geoffroy Faculty Adviser. ...Miss Bonnie Blackburn Those long black robes and mortar boards worn by some intellectual young ladies in the spring mark the new initiates into Pi Mu Theta, senior women ' s honorary society which requires an average of B for the first three years ' work plus participation in school activities. One of the ch ief aims of this group is to promote scholarship and in order to further this end, each spring Pi Mu Theta gives a scholarship to one outstanding junior girl. Members raise this money primarily by the sale of green ribbons to freshman girls in the fall. ALPHA OMEGA The red skull and crossbones, part of the traditional initiation service of Alpha Omega was missing from the doors into the Main Hall this year. This organiation, the men ' s equivalent of Pi Mu Theta, is a war casualty as Hugh Mullins, a graduating senior, is the only member. 64 KAPPA SOCIETY OFFICERS: President Estella Launtz Vice President... Eunice McKee Murphy Secretary-Treasurer .....William Russell Askins High scholastic standing of honor students was recognized not long after Millikin was founded. At that time the Kappa society was founded for students maintaining a 3.5 average throughout their college career. At the annual dinner last June, Vernon Wheeler, William Krigbaum, and Deane Sensenbaugh received gold keys. This brings the total number of members in the society to 17 1. This fall three more students received the silver pin: Mavis Breuer, Margaret Duerr, and Carol Schlaretzki. If these girls maintain this record for the remainder of the year, they will receive the gold pin. For the first time in the history of Kappa Society the honor of being a member has been passed down from one generation to the next. Margaret Duerr ' s mother, Irene Handlin Duerr, is also a member of the society. The charter members are Alice Dempsey Hamilton, Ruth Stevens Rothacker, B. G. Lehenbauer, H. Gary Hudson, and Lucille M. Bragg. The purpose of the Kappa Society has always been to give awards to deserving Millikin students who have worked hard to maintain a high sch olastic record, and to conform with the standards of the national society, Phi Beta Kappa. Duerr, Breuer, Schlaretzki 65 Hoppe, Fritz, Sager, Hurtt SIGMA ZETA OFFICERS: President Jimmy Fritz Vice-president Marjorie Larsen Secretary-treasurer John Venturi Phi Bi Ch em was formed eight years ago, an honor society of the mathematics and science departments, combined " to promote a better understanding of science " and to advance the interests and abilities of the departmental majors. When the organization was first originated, it was composed of selected upperclassmen from the physics, biology, and chemistry groups. It was from these that the name was chosen. The purposes have been somewhat twofold: to discuss the problems of science and mathematics and to give the students a chance for social activity within a group of common interest. Becoming a member of the national Sigma Zeta in 1942, Phi Bi Chem was expanded into a co-educational group the following year, with membership of the women according to the qualifications of the national organization. One of the outstanding events of the year was the annual dinner at the Decatur Club. At this meeting new members of the society read summaries of the required papers on some scientific or mathematical research of their particular interest, the entire paper to be submitted at a later date. Some of the activities of the year have been regular meetings and lectures in order to discuss old problems and to introduce new subject matter. 66 PI KAPPA DELTA Illinois Tau of Pi Kappa Delta is one of the newer national Greek organizations on Millikin campus, the local chapter becoming this national debate fraternity in the spring of 1943. Its purpose is to further interest in forensic activities in universities and colleges. The requirement for membership in this organization is participation in five non-decisional debates or three decisional debates. Initiation is held in the spring after the Pi Kappa Delta and inter-collegiate tourna- ments. Jane Norris, Virginia Schroeder, Marjorie Moody, and Eline Svend- son were the only four initiated members to return this year. However, Norris and Moody were the only two actively participating in debating for the year. Those who qualified for initiation this spring were: Bob Parkinson, Doris Anderson, Virginia Torreyson, Jane Hanke, Joan Meisner, and Pa- tricia Crain. Dr. McNabb took his teams to three debates this year: one held at Bloomington, Illinois; one, the Pi Kappa Delta Tourney held at Augustana College, Rock Island; and one extra at Robinson, Illinois. The question debated was " Resolved: That the Federal Government shall enact leg- islation requiring the compulsory arbitration of all labor disputes when other means of settlement have failed, constitutionality conceded. " This has been a very successful year for Pi Kappa Delta and the Millikin teams have shown such interest that next year will surely be just as successful. Frye, Duerr, Owens, Picknell, Mullins, Stookey, Aide WHO ' S WHO Every year there is a national publication of the book, " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " In it the names of university stu- dents all over the United States are printed. They have better than average scholar- ship, participate in school affairs, and have proved themselves capable of maintaining a successful place in future life. At Millikin this year seven prominent students were chosen to have their names in " Who ' s Who " . The six seniors are: Jean Aide, Margaret Duerr, Hugh Mullins, Juanita Owen, Frances Picknell, and Marcia Stookey. The junior is Betty Pat Frye. Th ese students were nominated by the Student Council, and an anonymous faculty committee voted on the list. All of them are very active on the Millikin campus. Jean Aide is a past presi- dent of the Independent Association, holds several honors in W. A. A., was Home- coming Queen last fall, is president of the Aston Hall Board, and is a home economics major. Margaret Duerr is a foreign language major, president of Pi Beta Phi, a member of Conant, president of the Spanish club for the past two years, was vice- president of her freshman and junior class, and is a member of Pi Mu Theta and Kappa Society. Hugh Mullins is a voice major and is very active in all of the musical activities. He is also president of Phi Mu Alpha, treasurer of the senior class and a member of Sp anish Club, French Club, and Conant Society. Frances Picknell is also very active in choir and Madrigals. She is a voice major, president of Sigma Alpha lota and a member of Conant Society and the Delta Delta Delta sorority. Juanita Owen came to Millikin from India where she was a missionary. She is now that capable school nurse, housemother at the Aston Hall annex and is very ac- tive in Red Cross work. Marcia Stookey ' s name will appear in " Who ' s Who " for the second time this year. She was the junior representative for the list of outstanding students last year. She is president of Alpha Chi Omega, chaplain of Sigma Alpha lota, past president of the Student Council and a member of it this year. Marcia is also a member of Conant, W. A. A., choir, the Millidek, and the Red Cross. Last year Betty Pat Frye was Editor-in-Chief of the Decaturian. This year she is president of the Student Council, publicity chairman for French Club, and a member of choir and Conant. 68 PANHELLENIC OFFICERS: President Eloise Collier Vice-president Marcia Stookey Secretary Hazel John Treasurer ...Margaret Duerr Publicity Eunice Larrick Panhellenic is an organization of fraternity women whose aim is to promote inter-fraternity cooperation and govern inter-fraternity activ- ities among the Greek sororities on this campus. It is composed of two representatives from each of the five social groups with Mrs. Clyde Hess, dean of women, acting as adviser. Officers in the organization are not elected but are determined each year by a system of rotation among the presidents of each sorority. The main purpose of Panhellenic is to formulate and enforce the rules of rushing: both the formal rush week at the beginning of the fall term and the summer schedules of personal rushing. Each year a pam- phlet is published to give new students a candid view of the rules and regulations of rushing and a schedule of social events for the season. The official opening of formal rushing was the annual Panhellenic Tea for all Millikin Women in Aston Hall. A traditional event of J.M.U. is the Panhellenic Sing held each May in Albert Taylor Hall with the participation of all the sororities and S.A.I, in one of the most impressive occasions of the college year. Standing: Mrs. H. C. Hess, Alexander, Jones, D. J. Norris, Brewer, Robertson Seated: Larrick, Malsbury, Collier, Stowell, Duerr 69 ourselves There are some people one loves best, and others whom one would almost al- ways rather have as companions. Henrilc Ibsen 70 ALPHA CHI OMEGA The Alpha Chis h ave been very active on campus this year. The first social ac- tivity which hummed at 1078 West William was a Hallowe ' en party for the Tri Deltas. The annual alumnae dinner at the chapter house climaxed the Homecoming events. Christmas festivities began with a formal open house tea. Other sororities were en- tertained during the year at bridge parties and picnics. A traditional Honor ' s Day din- ner in May was held at the Decatur Club and climaxed the calendar of a successful Alpha Chi year. Projects for the year were numerous. The chapter contributed books for the Merchant Marine library, worked at the canteen for servicemen, sponsored a ping pong tourna- ment, rolled bandages at the Red Cross, and plastered Hitler ' s face with defense stamps each week. Marcia Stookey served as president of the senior class, member of the Student Council, Conant, S.A.I., Who ' s Who, and Panhellenic. Mary Jane Lindsey was a sen- ior member of the Student Council and an officer in S.A.I. Ruth Purdue served as trea- surer of the Student Council and an active member of Student Chapel Committee. Joyce McCarty served as treasurer of Span- ish Club. Marjorie Larsen, president of the junior class, was secretary of Sigma Zeta, and a candidate for Homecoming Queen. Doris Parish, treasurer of the junior class, was active in W.A.A. Eileen Wilson, sopho- more class president, held the position of co-business manager of the Millidek. Mem- bers of the Decaturian staff include Mar- ilia Logan, Martha Bodkin, Lois Todd, Betty Brewer, LaVerne Crackel, Betty Brannan, Betty Auer, and Mary Louise Irish. Audrey Barnes was treasurer of the sophomore class and member of German Club. Bliss McLean held the freshman class office of treasurer. Freshman representative on Student Coun- cil was Mary Louise Irish. Pat Nuckolls was cast in the Town and Gown production, " Little Women " as Amy. Fourth Row: Nellis, Nuckolls, Jostess, Brannan, Ritter, Stone, Irish, Auer, Anderson, J. Purdue, Connell Third Row: Wilson, Farley, Brewer, Henson, R. Purdue, Crackel, Storer, Todd, Brackin, Barnes, Wittman second Row: McCarty, Stowell, Stookey, Lindsey, Logan, Parrish First Row: Larsen, H. Zellmann, J. Zellmann, Bliss McLean, B. McLean, Himstedt Bodkin 72 OFFICERS: President Marcia Stookey Vice President Marnance Stowell Secretary Donna Joyce Brackin Treasurer Joyce McCarty Chaperon Mrs. R. McMullen Faculty Adviser Miss Flora Ross MEMBERS: Jayne Anderson Betty Auer Audrey Barnes Martha Bodkin Donna Joyce Brackin Betty Brannan Betty Brewer Colleen Connell La Verne Crackel Mary Jane Farley Mary Lou Henson Joyce Himstedt Mary Louise Irish Pat Jostes Marjorie Larsen Mary Jane Lindsey Marilla Logan Joyce McCarty Barbara McLean Bliss McLean Joan Nellis Patricia Nuckolls Doris Parish Joan Purdue Ruth Purdue Marilyn Ritter Pat Stone Marcia Stookey Barbara Storer Marnance Stowell Lois Todd Eileen Wilson Barbara Wittman Helen Zellmann Jean Zellmann I %- 1 4 ■J a r fm%i ' ti ' W £ ' . ,6 ' JJMJ 1 - ... 73 DELTA DELTA DELTA The Tri Delts had a very crowded pro- gram this year. Activities started off with the usual Homecoming dinner for alumnae and ended with the traditional Pansy Break- fast at which senior girls pass through a pansy arch to announce their engagement or marriage. The highlight of the year came with the annual formal Founder ' s Day din- ner at the Decatur Club. The week pre- ceding Christmas vacation the pledges were hostesses to the other freshmen and pledges on the campus at their traditional Pine Tea. Also during the week preceding Christ- mas vacation Tri Psi, mother ' s organiza- tion, and alumnae were entertained at the Pine Party during which an original skit on the familiar " Night Before Christmas " was presented. A formal dinner in the chapter house climaxed the Christmas festivity sea- son. The main project for the year was the enlargement of the Chinese War Relief fund. Many social functions were sponsored in an effort to aid this worthy cause. Other projects included bandage rolling at the Red Cross and work at the Servicemen ' s Canteen. Charlotte Caldwell as President and Phyllis McCormick as Intramural Manager were outstanding in W. A. A. this year. Frances Picknell wielded the gavel for S.A.I., was presented in her senior voice recital, and was chosen for " Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities " . Mary Alice Launtz and Virginia Schroeder served on the Student Council. Mary Alice is secretary of the Council and Ginny is a member of Pi Kappa Delta. Marion Vick was Vice Presi- dent of the Home Ec Club, and Barbara Kenney recorded Spanish Club ' s meetings. Jola Kuntz as co-editor of the Millidek and Eunice Larrick as feature editor of the Dec- aturian represented the literary achieve- ments of the group. Class officers included Eunice Larrick, vice president of the sen- ior class; Loris Dean Burnette, secretary of the junior class; Janet Sibthorp, vice presi- dent of the sophomore class; Billie Fathauer, secretary of the freshman class. Third Row: Schleicher, Rush, Liggett, Harding, Bolz, Rominger, Fathauer, Williams, Porter, J. Hite, Busher Second Row: Bowen, Meriweather, Kuntz, Burnette, Launtz, Woare, Stiehl, Kenney, Bence, Sibthorp, Spence First Row: Robertson, Vick, Picknell, McCormick, Larrick, Caldwell, Schroeder, M. J. Hite, Lukey 74 OFFICERS: President Eunice Larrick Vice President Phyllis McCormick Secretary r Phyllis Bowen Treasurer Myra Stiehl Chaperon Mrs. Stanley Broughton Faculty Adviser . Miss Dorothy McClure MEMBERS: Janice Bence Eunice Bolz Phyllis Jean Bowen Loris Dean Burnette Beverly Busher Charlotte Caldwell Helen Davies Billie Fathauer Norma Jean Harding Johnny Hite Mary Jane Hite Joan Kastrup Barbara Kenney Jola Kuntz Eunice Larrick Mary Alice Launtz Barbara Liggett Joan Burg Lukey Phyllis McCormick Evelyn Meriweather Frances Picknell Patricia Porter Betty Aulabaugh Robertson Marjorie Rominger Helen Jane Rush Dorothy Schleicher Virginia Schroeder Janet Sibthorp Marilyn Spence Myra Stiehl Marion Vick Dorothy Williams Beverly Woare 75 PI BETA PHI The Pi Phis opened their house Septem- ber 6 after a wonderful summer ' s vacation and have been going strong ever since. A mysterious scroll left at the door of the house in October resulted in a hilarious wiener roast and hayride given by the pledges for the actives. At Hallowe ' en the chapter shared its fun with the little children at the Girl ' s Opportunity Home. Everyone dressed in costumes and became literally drenched bobbing for apples, but never was there a party more appreciated or enjoyed by both guests and hostesses. Following the Hallo- we ' en party was a dance with the Millikin Men ' s Club. Then came Homecoming with a Town and Gown play in which Jo Otwell played her namesake in the play, " Little Women " . To carry out the idea of an all- school get together and welcome-back pro- gram, the Pi Phis gave a well attended all- school Homecoming tea. The annual Christ- mas party started with carolling and ended up at the house for warm refreshments and the opening of the packages under the Christmas tree. After Christmas vacation came exams; the result of this was that the Pi Phis got the scholarship cup back for the sixth successive semester making it theirs for keeps. The joy of this was only topped by initiating fourteen girls on February 10. At this same time the chapter was happy to nominate their president, Peggy Duerr, for the Pi Beta Phi, Amy B. Onken Award, going to the most outstanding girl in the fraternity. The second semester went along with the same liveliness as the first. All chapter parties were carried on to augment the soc- ial life on campus. Then there was the Founder ' s Day dinner with the alumnae pres- ent as well as the actives. The last big affair of the year was the June breakfast of me seniors. It ' s been a year with lots of fun and activity at the Pi Phi house and one that will long be remembered. Fourth Row: Oleson, Abrams, E. Buchmann, Jones, R. Buchmann, Reedy, Martin, P ' Simer, Honicker, Temme Third Row: Denny, Hoppe, Gray, Barrett, Yabsley, Leonard, Morarity, Otwell, Coventry, Hurtt Second Row: Beesley, Hayes, Lee, Geoffroy, Duerr, Wilson, Cuppy, Smith, Kinnaird, Peters First Row: Cropper, Davis, Norris, Leigh, Frushour, Stickel, McKeown, Zipprodt 76 OFFICERS: President Margaret Duerr Vice President Mary Jones Secretary Marion Geoffroy Treasurer Charlotte Beesley Chaperon .-..Miss Janet Anderson Faculty Adivser Miss Bonnie Blackburn MEMBERS: Kathryn Abrams Betty Ann Barrett Charlotte Beesley Emmy Lee Buchmann Rose Marie Buchmann Norma Coventry Patricia Cropper Rachel Cuppy Sharlee Todd Davis Doris Denny Margaret Duerr Mary Elizabeth Frushour Margaret Fuller Marion Geoffroy Gail Gray Mary Estelle Hayes Joan Honicker Elizabeth Hoppe Eloise Hurtt Mary Jones Jane Kinnaird Ruth Lee Mary Leigh Roselyn Leonard Joyce Martin Katherine McKeown Nancy Morarity Jane Norris Audrie Oleson Nancy Otwell Marilyn Peters Mary Catherine P ' Simer Elaine Reedy Mildred Smith Beverly Stickel Carol Temme Ann Wilson Stephanie Yabsley Evelyn Zipprodt 77 THETA UPSILON The Theta U ' s started the year by re- decorating their sorority house themselves. Although done by amateurs the results were successful. We have really had a very busy year, although activities have been curtail- ed somewhat during this period of war. Among the various social functions were slumber parties, buffet suppers, wiener roast, and our annual Christmas dinner followed by the traditional " Stocking " pa rty for the pledges. Jane Waddell, one of our members, has Back Row: Dillow, Acorn, Martin, Freeland, Miss Moore, Patterson, Shimer, May, Mitchell First Row: Hentz, Malsbury, Sluze, Alexander, Waddell had a busy year serving as president of Conant and Pi Mu Theta. Mildred Alexan- der has been her usual energetic self, doing a fine job as business manager of the Deca- turian, and serving as our treasurer. Betty Pillow, a newcomer to the campus and the sorority, was a candidate for Homecoming Queen this year. Yes, Theta U. has felt that the passing year is another happy memory to chalk up with all the other years that have gone by at Millikin University. 78 OFFICERS: President Aileen Bauman Vice President Ruth Freeland Secretary ._ Wanda Malsbury Treasurer Mildred Alexander Chaperon ..Miss Lucy Moore Faculty Adviser .Mrs. Vera Rotz MEMBERS: Sopha Acom Mildred Alexander Aileen Bauman Bettye Pillow Ruth Freeland Jacquelyn Hentz Wanda Malsbury Martha Martin Mary Lou May Ruth CI aar Mitchel Lois Patterson Marilyn Pfeiffer Alice Shimer Rita Sluze Jane Waddell 79 ZETA TAU ALPHA The past year has been a successful one for the girls in the " house on the corner. " In spite of the man shortage they managed to keep their social calendar full. One of the outstanding events of the year was their " Friday, the Thirteenth " party, the first ex- change party with men at Millikin in the past two years. The Homecoming dinner and the Father and Daughter dinner were also among their favorite memories of the year. Two other parties, the " Backwards " party, which was given by the pledges and which was held in the old army barracks, an d the traditional Christmas party helped to round out the circle of social events for the year. As usual the Zetas have participated in a great many activities on and off the cam- pus. Eloise Collier was president of Pan Hellenic, Jane Norris was president of Pi Fourth Row: Van P:aag, Scott, Patrick, Meisner, Adams, Menk, Kiick Third Row: Lindros, Cooley, Kohli, Hanke, Hildreth, Parks, Howett Second Row: B " . Shumate, Shinneman, Collier, Norris, Branom First Row: Rogers, Sager, P. Shumate, Barr Kappa Delta, Lois Sager became a member of Sigma Zeta. Lois, also, took over the chairmanship of the properties committee for Town and Gown, a job which Janie Norris had at the first of the year. Lucille Parks was stage manager of the second semester Town and Gown play and Eddie Hildreth had parts in both of the plays presented this year. Janie Norris was lay- out editor for the Millidek and Jane Hanke was managing editor of the Freshman edi- tion of the Decaturian. Jo Meisner was make-up editor for the Freshman edition of the Decaturian. Others of the active and pledge chapters were active members of the Spanish, French and German Clubs, W.A. A., Chapel committee, Decaturian Staff, Millidek, Town and Gown, Choir, Orchestra, Pi Kappa Delta, and S.A.I. OFFICERS: President .Eloise Collier Vice President S ' Monne Shinneman Secretary - Jane Norris Treasurer Betty Shumate Chaperon Mrs. Maude Judy Faculty Adviser Dr. F. C. Hottes MEMBERS: Caroline Adams Jane Barr Elsie Branom Eloise Collier Winona Cooley Patricia Crain Emily Jane Hanke Eddie Hildreth Jean Kiick Mary Ellen Kohli Shirley Lindros Joan Meisner Marian Menk D. Jane Norris Lucille Parks Patricia Patrick Jean Priest Charlotte Rodgers Lois Sager S ' Monne Shinneman Betty Shumate Patsy Shumate 81 I N D E E S The Independents of James Millikin University, constituting the largest social group on the campus and known more generally as the Indees, are organized to promote a closer relationship among various campus groups and to promote social, political, scholastic, athletic and religious activities among those students and alumnae who are not affili- ated with a fraternal organization. Back Row: Baxter, Sanders, Daniel, Johnson, Conrad, Brown, Tilton, Lyons, Hitter, Barby Third How: Cameron, Frye, M. Brand, Heideman, Belshaw, Wheeler, Blyholder, A. Alexander, M. Ander- son, D. Anderson, Bernard Second Row: Krueger, Torreyson, Rashevsky, McDaniel, Baker, Miller, P. Laws, Wasson First Row: Haab, Latham, Shelley, Kerchner, M. Laws, Moody, Siegrist, Carlson 82 During the semester of 1944-45 the Indees had among their mem- bers many leaders in campus affairs, but probably the most outstanding of these were Jean Aide, Betty Pat Frye, and Juanita Owen — all of whose names appeared in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " . Betty Pat Frye, a junior, was president of the Student Council, publicity chairman of the French Club, and a member of the choir and Conant Society. Juanita Owen, a senior, was school nurse, a worker in the Red Cross, and housemother of the Aston Hall annex. She was formerly a missionary in India. Jean Aide, also a senior, received honors in W.A.A., served as president of the Aston Hall Board, was crowned queen at the homecoming dance, and was active in all school affairs. The social activities of the semester were started with the annual wiener roast in Fairview Park. The second big function was the Indee Hayride. Later the Homecoming formal banquet was held in Aston Hall. The social activities were climaxed by the Christmas party and carolling just before the holiday vacation. One of the outstanding activities, al- though not a social one, was the mock presidential election conducted by the organization. Held on the same day as the national presidental election, the balloting determined Millikin opinion on a national question. On March 29 the Indees ' annual Easter chapel was presented with Joy Peterson as director of the choir and Henrietta Stone as reader of the Easter story. Why the spirit of Easter should not be forsaken in war- time was the theme of the program. Kenny Brewer portrayed in panto- mime a wounded soldier who had lost faith in Easter and Bob Kiser (back- stage) read the thoughts of the wounded soldier — first, his disillusion- ment, and then his return to faith and his hope in a new world. The closing number by the Indee choir was the beautifully rendered " O Morn of Beauty " to the familiar strains of Finlandia by Sibelius. 83 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA The officers for the year were: President, Frances Pic knell ; Vice-president, Beatrice Lovely; Recording Secretary, Rosemary Martin; Corresponding Secretary, Shirley Gratian, Treasurer, Marian Olson; Chaplain, Marcia Stookey; Sergeant at Arms, Mary Jane Lindsey; Editor, Rachel Haug. A breathless pace for originality was set by a very exhilarating rushing party with a Gay Nineties theme held October I I . In the (sober Kaeuper) Dance Hall students and faculty assembled to be amused by the ac- tive chapter in rare form. A lusty band par- aded in to support sympathetically the efforts of two barkers announcing the medi- cine show-melodrama and advertising the " S.A.I. Tonic " exhibited on sale in large, life-sized bottles. The audience was kept in a state of mingled emotions as they follow- ed the exciting plot of " The Perilous Plight of Purity Penniless " . At the close of the play, guests were invited to remain to " eat, drink, and be merry. " The rushing season was climaxed by the Rose Tea, the loveliest affair of the year, which was held in Mrs. Funk ' s house on December 3. Nineteen girls were pledged on December 14. This year the S.A.I. ' s have been very active in war work. Books were contributed to the nationwide Merchant Marine drive and many of the active chapter have do- nated their service in the wrapping of Red Cross bandages. A contemporary American Program with war stamps as the sole price of admission was held on May I 2. This program was made up of contemporary American music by the S.A.I, chorus and soloists. Back Row: Hortenstine, Apperson, Coventry, Otwell, Peterson, Doelling, Weidner, Sparks, Kuntz, Burnette, Adams Second Ro w: J. Martin, Potts, Rush, Spence, Caldwell, R. Martin, Ferguson, Olson, Smercina First Row: Bowen, Shinneman, Stookey, Lindsay, Lovely, Picknell, Gratian, Haug 84 PHI MU ALPHA The Beta Theta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men ' s honorary professional music fraternity, was once a flourishing organiza- tion of some thirty members. For the dura- tion, however, its membership list includes two members from the student body, Mr. H. C. Hess and Mr. Walter Emch of the faculty, and several townsmen. The roster of officers shows a fine spirit of co-operation and justice — Mr. Hugh Mullins being voted president and treasurer, and Mr. Sol Van Praag taking the offices of vice-president, secretary, and sergeant at arms. The fraternity surprised everyone this year by having a pledge, Ray Smith, who was unfortunately snatched from the arms of his brothers by Uncle Sam before his final initiation could be completed. Phi Mu had difficulty this year in planning entertainment projects and had to be con- tent with memories of past performances. Of special note were, the Phi Mu Assembly of ' 42, the pledge recitals each year and of course, the annual caroling at Christmas. Sinfonians of Beta Theta have distin- guished themselves in the present conflict and are doing their share in all parts of the world, from Burma to Alaska to New Guinea, in all types of service from special technicians ' rating to warrant officership to captaincy of P. T. boats. Beta Theta considers this period in its history as rich in service and sacrifice to the larger goal — that the fraternity of mankind might find a secure footing on this earth, and when that organization is established will return to its particular aims of: 1 . Advancing the cause of music in America. 2. Fostering the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music. 3. Developing the finest fraternal spirit among its members. 4. Encouraging loyalty to the Alma Mater. 85 ASTON HALL Activity with a capital " A " has become the password at Aston Hall which is prob- ably the busiest place on the Millikin cam- pus, day or night. Presided over by Mrs. Walker who is as dainty and sweet as she looks but who can be firm and terrifying upon occasions, it holds all the trials and tri- bulations, the joys and happiness that ac- company any girl ' s life away at school. In its rooms are held the many bull ses- sions and countless midnight feeds — the things a girl remembers long after she has forgotten what the Neapolitan Six Five Chord is and the name of the treaty that gave Britain possession of the Rock of Gi- braltar. Long-to-be-remembered occasions were the nights of caroling at Christmas time, the formal Christmas dinner, and the annual Aston Hall tea for parents, students, and faculty. To the people who live in the Hall it is more than just a building system with a sys- tem of bells and numerous rooms for sleep- ing and eating; it is college itself. 86 MILLIKIN MEN ' S ASSOCIATION Organized at the start of the college year last fall, the Millikin Mens ' Association rapidly took its place among the outstand- ing campus organizations. The group was formed for the two-fold purpose of encouraging a stronger Millikin social program and an athletic program for those men on campus. Immediately after their first meeting, the Association swung into action by presenting a successful var- iety show as part of the 1944 Homecoming week-end. Highlight of the skit came as Venturi, Foster, McCann, Kiser, Gray, and Gorschen presented their now-famous chor- us girl routine. The Association gave a Christmas dance at the St. Nicholas Hotel, inviting all Milli- kin women and their dates to attend. When the mess hall was ready for college use, the group also gave a juke-box dance during the first week in March. Exchange parties between the M.M.A. and the sororities and Indees were made possible this year, with the men holding theirs in the mess hall. The Association had charge of one of the all-school teas in April, and climaxed their social program for the year with a spring formal dance. The organization ' s athletic program in- cluded a tournament in six-man football, a basketball tournament between several M. M. A. teams and servicemen from a local war plant, and a series of basketball games that was played between an M. M. A. team and local teams. Baseball competition com- pleted the sports program for the year. Professor E. W. Ploenges and Athletic Director C. E. Sutherd acted as faculty ad- visers for the Association. Third Row: Dammann, Ducy, Grabowski, Kiser, Sallee, Gray, Ousley, Dwyer, Adams, Thompson Second Row: Augenstein, Venturi, Graves, Kinnaird, Current, Parsons, Greanias, Black First Row: McCann, Smith, Parkinson, Ward, Brewer, Foster, Faith, Amacher 87 In the gym at Better to hunt in fields, for health unbought, Than fee the doctor for a nauseous draught. The wise, for cure, on exercise depend; God never made his work for man to mend. Epistle to John Dryden S ATHLETICS A return of organized athletics for men during the college year was made possible through the combined efforts of the Millikin Men ' s Association and Athletic Di- rector C. E. " Fuzzy " Sutherd. The M.M.A. organized several six-man football sguads as soon as the fall term began, and the teams competed against each other in a round-robin tournament. High- light of the grid contests came during the Homecoming festivities as two regular elevens treated the fans to their first homecoming game since 1942. The men followed through with their program by hold- ing a basketball tournament at the close of the first semes- ter. A group of M.M.A. fives competed among them- selves and against several squads of servicemen stationed at one of the local war plants. Several members of the Mens ' Association left the campus for various branches of the service as the first semester drew to a close, but the remaining men formed a strong outfit and scheduled weekly games. Captain Rog Sallee, Bob Kinnaird, Ken Brewer, Jim Current, Mel Grab- owski, Jimmy Fritz, LeRoy Augenstein, and George Man- off alternated as starting fives, and clashed with teams from near-by towns and several Decatur outfits. The local games were held on Thursday evenings in the Millikin gym. Basketball uniforms were exchanged for baseball gear as soon as the first signs of spring came to the campus, and the M.M.A. organized a baseball team to round-out its athletic program for the current year. The men are now looking forward to next fall when they hope to have an even better athletic program than the one presented this year. SO WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Standing: McCormick, Parrish, Hoppe Seated: Aide, Caldwell OFFICERS: President Charlotte Caldwell Vice President ____Jean Aide Secretary Doris Parrish Treasurer Elizabeth Hoppe Intramural Manager Phyllis McCormick Adviser Miss Dorothy McClure With the largest membership on campus, W.A.A. is open to women who wish to watch the intramural competition games as well as those who wish to participate in them. Monthly meetings are held, but the two outstanding ones are the wiener roast at Camp Kiwanis in the fall, and the Halloween party in October. The intramural schedule is the most prominent feature of the physical education program. This year speedball, bowling, and bad- minton were added to the usual deck tennis, basketball, and volleyball. In each sport the winning team received 1 00 points; second place, 75 points; third place, 50 points; fourth place, 25 points. At the end of the year these points were totaled, and the winning team received a prize from the department. In 1 944 the Independent group won a War Bond. Th ere are also individual awards to be won by participation in the in- tramural games. Playing in four out of five games of one sport will bring I 00 points. Numerals are awarded for 250 points; blue M ' s for 500 points; white M ' s for 1000 points; senior Jackets for 1500 points. The W.A.A. manager, who was in charge of all intramurals, was Phyllis McCormick. Intramural managers for the various organizations were: Audrey Barnes, Alpha Chi Omega; Marilyn Spence, Delta Delta Delta; Mary Catherine P ' Simer, Pi Beta Phi; Wanda Malsbury, Theta Upsilon; Jean Kiick, Zeta Tau Alpha; Jean Aide, Independents. 91 1 W.A.A. Girl Charlotte Caldwell, president of W.A.A. and a member of Delta Delta Delta was chosen from the senior girls as the W.A.A. Girl this year. Charlotte was selected by a committee composed of the co-editors of the Millidelc, the adviser, officers, and the intramural managers of W.A.A. Basis for the choice was scholarship, service to W.A. A., leadership, skill, other activities, sports- manship and personality. Charlotte Caldwell Senior Jackets Senior jackets are given each year on Award Day to members of W.A.A. who have qualified by acquiring 1500 points throughout their four years ' participation in intramural events. Each girl must have shown good sportsmanship at all times. Jean Aide, Margaret Duerr, Charlotte Caldwell, Rachel Cuppy, (not shown in the picture), Phyllis McCormick, and Jane Norris received these awards in 1945. Norris, Caldwell, Aide, Duerr, McCormick 92 W.A.A. SOCIAL EVENTS W.A.A. ' s first meeting of the year con- sisted of a wiener roast at Camp Kiwanis. One huge moving van provided transporta- tion for nearly 100 girls who sang lustily all the way to the Camp and back again. Once there, games and food kept everyone plea- santly occupied until time to leave. Hallowe ' en was celebrated in the best way possible with a bang-up party in the gym. Cornstalks, pumpkins, and autumn leaves gave the proper atmosphere for witches, ghosts, and goblins. Games such as ducking for apples and dropping clothes- pins in milk bottles were resurrected to the huge enjoyment of everyone. The picture below shows the variety and individuality of the costuming of the members of W.A. A. at the Hallowe ' en party. Sore muscles were the result of the last big social event on the W.A.A. program, and the duck-pin bowling alley was the occa- sion. Although Gail Gray and Myra Stiehl undoubtedly took all the honors, everyone had a really enjoyable time handling the diminutive bowling balls. W.A.A. social events and activities are attended " en masse " by the student body and provide one of the best opportunities for fostering an ever increasing school spirit. 93 TO STUDENTS .... There are without a doubt few of us who realize that the money we pay each year does not completely finance the production of our Millidek, although it does form the monetary nucleus to begin with. Each merchant or Millikin booster who has an ad- vertisement in the 1945 Millidek shares to a large extent in paying for our book, and is therefore deserving of our patronage. Please show them this regard and say, " I read your ad in the Millidek " , the next time you visit them in their establishments. Thank you. THE 1945 MILLIDEK 94 Josephine Slattery Millinery STEWART ' S 227 N. Water St. POM POM WHERE FOOD IS ALWAYS THE BEST! WHERE YOU GET QUICK SERVICE! Corner Wood and Oakland BLOCK ' S ICE CREAM SHOP 36 N. Main 1269 N. Edward SANDWICH SHOP 139 MERCHANT 1872 1945 73 Years of Faithful Service DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY STERLING HANDBAGS Of CHINA GLASSWARE LINENS PERFUME H. POST SONS JEWELERS FOR 72 YEARS Merchant at Prairie Street 95 PETER ' S SUPER FOOD MART COMPLETE LINE OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CHOICE MEATS FROZEN FOODS REASONABLE PRICES FRIENDLY SERVICE « » Open Evenings and Sundays for Your Convenience 553 West Wood Phone 2-3141 The Best Value Clothes in Decatur SOCIETY BRAND SUITS WILSON SPORTSWEAR Drobisch and MuirheicI 2nd Floor Citizens Bldg. Decatur Weekly N ews COMMERCIAL PRINTING AV 538 E. Eldorado Relax A menca ! GRIN! SMILE! LAUGH! A Nation That Can Laugh is Never Defeated So, Relax at the MOVIES... No Other Entertainment Offers SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE EMPRESS Theatre LINCOLN Theatre Decatur ' s Finest Creigkton-Jackson Co. INSURANCE • • • 239 W. Main Street Phone 2-1 160 DECATUR, ILLINOIS WILLARD STORAGE BATTERY Authorized Carburetor, Electrical, Magneto and Speedometer Specialists Decatur Battery Service Inc. 343 E. Main DECATUR, ILLINOIS 96 Parky s Repair Service RADIO SERVICE Home and Automobile Service on All Makes Authorized GENERAL ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE We Repair Anything Electrical 134 S. Oakland Res. Phone 2-2142 3-3832 c 1 1 on THE CORflER LORIdTd G BEE IV HOUSES Water at North Street Phone 5305 Everything Photographic PFILE ' S CAMERA SHOP ' DECATUR ' S PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER " 100 East Prairie Benson ' s Creamery Makers of BLUE RIBBON BUTTER 244 North Church " BOOST THE BLUES " Decatur Paint Varnish Co. 160 E. North St. Phone 529 97 CALENDAR Listen, my children, and you shall hear All the th ings we did this year. Buchmann, Buchmann, Brewer, and Spence Have recorded all events. (Cuppy, too, devoted her time, But her name just wouldn ' t rhyme.) On the 8th of September in ' 44 Th ere were more freshmen than ever before. They gathered together in Taylor Hall And there were just 25 men in all. Then Yakel said, " When taking this test Relax and do your very best, ' Cause Otwell and Spence have a surprise for tonight; Be there and we ' re sure you ' ll be filled with delight. " (Ed. note We were!) Sept. I I Monday came and it was quite a shock To find one ' s self stuck with six 8 o ' clock ' s. But this week of weeks we didn ' t mind Four our chosen sorority we were out to find. There were classes and classes, but what did we care, For at every party we were there. We drank more tea than ever before And " What ' s your major " became a chore. The 16th came and we were in — That night we proudly wore " the " pin To the Millikin Mixer, quite an affair, Kerchner and Foster first met there. Next day M. F. G. left Public Relations; Her marriage was one of the sensations. Bob Greenfield was the lucky man Who stole away our Mary Fran. Our grapevine slipped and no one knew The great loss coming to J. M. U. Jose Echaniz would leave the Conserv As greater honors he did deserve. Sept. 29th Who ' ll ever forget the faculty show! Ask Mrs. Walker — she ought to know. Blindfolded Godcharles beat her head, Then sent her a dozen roses red. (Poet ' s license?) Millikin men now came to life With a drum, a bugle, and a fife. " Spirit of 76? " No, fifty-six! The next big event was the Indee hayride With Parkinson and Laws sitting side by side, Shelley and Atkins, Sallee and Miller Made that night a killer-diller. 98 CALL 5181 FOR STOKER COALS AND SERVICE Also Complete Line of Other Coals MAURER COAL COMPANY 750 N. Morgan Street PITTSBU RGH PAINTS " Smooth as Glass " " Paint Styling Headquarters " ft Sun Proof Painters ft Wall Hide Supplies and ft Wall Papers Wal1 Pa P er ft Water Spar • ft Florhide Glass FOR PAINT THAT ENDURES PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 222 North Main Street DECATUR, ILLINOIS ROBY ROBY James E. — Verne E. REALTORS Loans as Low as 4 2 % GENERAL INSURANCE 147 E. Main Decatur, The Campus STEAKS AND CHOPS CHICKEN DINNERS Short Orders and Plate Lunches 20 S. Oakland Open Saturday Night ■ HOSIERY ■ Hosiery for the Entire Family HOSIERY REPAIR I I 7 North Water Street DECATUR, ILLINOIS 99 RAMBO % m PHONE 443$ J. E. RAMBO. R. Ph. 125 NORTH MAIN STREET (Two Doors South of Lincoln Square Theatre) DECATUR, ILLINOIS NORTH PINE COAL CO. QUALITY COAL ECON-O-COL STOKERS Telephone 2-1992 North Pine at Green Street F. J. Botts C. A. Burgett MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS Laboratory Tested Daily For Your Protection « » UNION DAIRY 304 S. Main Call 5241 GOOD CLOTHES KNOX HATS McGregor sportswear for men and young men . . . that meet every requirement any time — any place. • • • BLAKENEY PLUM 326 N. Water St. it PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS i? 100 RAYCRAFT DRUG STORES DECATUR, ILLINOIS SAM E. ARMSWORTH 1099 West Main Street JAMES A. ARMSWORTH 702 East Wood Street A. L. Cook Geo. W. Cook Compliments of A. L. COOK SON WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY 127 N. Main Street DECATUR, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF BEN FRANKLIN STORE " ON THE CORNER " Open ' til 9 every evening 101 BLACK CO. 125 E. North Street DECATUR, ILL. SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE — PAINTS 13 4 0 Member of COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM DECATUR ' S RELIABLE FURRIERS Established 1925 FULL SELECTION OF FUR COATS Also Made to Order COLD STORAGE CLEANING RE-STYLING REPAIRING 253 North Main Street Phone No. 2-7429 102 GREETINGS, CLASS OF ' 45 NEWMANS 135 N. Water gf. A Store of Youth ... A Store of Fashion ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF MILLIKIN Don ' t Forget to Contribute to the J.M.U. Building Program it MOREHOUSE WELLS KEEPSAKE MATCHED SETS Harold R. Irish FOR INSURANCE PROTECTION Curtis Jewelry Co. 148 East Main Street Decatur, Illinois All Ways — Always 201 Citizens Building Phone 9713 103 OUR LAST FAREWELL Oct. 2 President Hessler Professor Cole " It ' s hail and farewell, " said Dr. Fryxell, " to these two men we loved so well. They ' ve done so much we can ' t repay Our words are empty, what e ' er we say. In Millikin each placed his heart and soul, And now that they ' ve reached the final goal We bow our heads and pray again In solemn tribute to these two men. " Oct. 13 On Friday, the 13th. Swede Olson fell; Sprained her ankle, we could tell. But the Zetas and Men tempted fate — Club 13 sure was great! To camp Kiwanis we went in a van, Sixty-three girls and one lone man. Student Council gave us a treat; Lots of fun and plenty to eat. Oct. 16 Since all the fraternities on campus were gone The M. M. A. had to carry on. And were we surprised at that serenade — It ' s a memory that just won ' t ever fade. Oct. 20 The W. A. A. Party at Hallowe ' en Brought forth things we ' d never seen. Dor McClure with muscles galore Was the funniest thing seen on the floor. Oct. 31-2 Dr. Ruopp was here to speak For our Religious Emphasis Week. His talks were messages to everyone; He left us with a job well done. Cards, dancing, and something to eat Made the Pi Phi — M. M. A. exchange a treat. Rolling a rug can make you trip, If you don ' t believe it just ask " Rip " . DEWEY WON (at Millikin) (Didn ' t he Parkinson?) Nov. 10 HOMECOMING The variety shows were quite the thing. Where did those boys learn how to swing? The Millik in men did it up brown And the Conserv students really went to town. Bonfire, dance, Aide as queen; Hagerty beat Venturi ' s team. Green paint and fights we ' ll never forget Nor the fact that the sophs have not won yet. 104 Great West Life Assurance Co. 103 Suffern Building DECATUR, ILLINOIS Writing all forms of Life Insurance coverage with specialization on retirement annuities and pension plans. For further information write or call Chester D. Walker, District Manager. 4451 — 9342 Eye Catching new numbers for SPRING! • crisp cotton frocks • coats R. M. MARTIN JEWELER AND OPTOMETRIST « » 108 E. Prairie St. Decatur, Illinois " Lowest Prices In Decatur " Nicholson, Clark Co. INSURANCE Phone 4365 1 12 North Water Street Decatur, Illinois Daut Bros. Florists Flowers For All Occasions We Grow Our Flowers in Decatur . . . Which Assures You Fresh Flowers Every Day CORSAGES 120 E. Prairie St. Phone 5281 J. D. Johnson Son I 14 N. Water ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Rodgers Shoes HUMANE FOOTWEAR 1 14 E. William St. 105 GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF ' 45 H. E. DICKERSON SON 716-17-18 Millikin Building Phone 2-8544 REAL ESTATE BROKERS — MORTGAGE BANKERS H. E. DICKERSON A. F. DICKERSON CLASS OF ' 31 Central Illinois Mortgage Realty Co. 630 Standard Building Decatur, Illinois THE FIELD SHORB CO. Wholesale PLUMBING, HEATING AND INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES • ' ' 705 North Pine Street Decatur 60, Illinois EVERETT V. EVANS REALTOR City and Suburban Properties Standard Office Building Phone 3-3683, 5028 We Sell SHOES that fit well that look well that wear wel FOLRATH FOLRATH 21 I North Water Rich man Brotk ers SUITS $24.50 and and TOPCOATS $29.50 207 North Water Street . Engravings produced by Indianapolis Engraving Company, Inc. Indianapolis 6, Indiana 106 Gebhart Gushard The College Shop (second floor) is designed especially to supply the fashion needs of Millikin women. G. S. Lyon 6 Sons LUMBER MANUFACTURING COMPANY SINCE 1878 Decatur ' s Oldest and Most Reliable Dealers QUALITY LUMBER AND MILLWORK Broadway at Cerro Gordo Phone 4271 107 YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR CAMPUS CLOTHES SPORTSWEAR DRESSES COATS SUITS At ARLENE ' S 147 N. Water St. — Decatur, Illinois THE FARM CAFE Intersection Route 48 and 121 " A LITTLE FARTHER BUT A LOT BETTER " Whether It ' s a Sizzling Steak or Hamburger ' n Coke You ' ll find them at their best At THE FARM CAFE Auer and Cox Open 24 Hours Every Day (Except Monday) 108 CAFE CAFETERIA Open All Night 6:30 A.M. to 1:45 4:45 to 7:45 GREIDER ' S CAFE ROBERT J. GREIDER, Manager MAIN AND WATER GREIDER ' S CAFETERIA H. D. GREIDER, Jr., Manager MAIN AND WILLIAM DECATUR, ILLINOIS ★ Jack Greider on Leave with U. S. Army ONE OF THE NECESSITIES OF COLLEGE LIFE College Supply Store cTl l( Cameras — developing — printing stationery and s e sporting goods fountain pens greeting cards prizes desks mps 22 EAST WILLIAM STREET 109 MEMORIAL SERVICE The organ played each J. M. U. song And we thought of you as you said " so long. " The auditorium was hushed and stilled; We pray those seats will soon be filled. At the houses and at the Hall Our alumni were the guests of all. We took them to the T. G. play — ■ Our Millikin gang really did O.K. Kappa Day came and we honored the brains; The rest of us sat and squirmed in shame. (Who said that " I ' m proud of my 2.56!) Venturi had a private show So about his 3. we all would know. Trains and buses packed to the top Carried us home to Mom and Pop. While we were there our darn grades came — ■ Things will never be the same. The Scovill ' s trust gave us much dough; Now just watch JMU grow. We ' re waiting for the war to end Not only for the buildings, but for the men. This time we went home in a happier mood; We had no grades over which to brood. Dances, parties, presents and fun Made this Christmas a glorious one. We came back and took our finals (Now here we had an argument as to whether we took them or they took us — but anyhow) They knocked us for a whopping loop And we went home to try and recoup — Then we came back just filled with vigor Only to find our schedules bigger. Dec. 9 On the ninth we remember the boys at Chanute By giving them gifts as a Christmas salute. A program, food, and Sol as St. Nick Made that party really slick. It came upon a midnight clear Aston Hall girls carolled far and near. They stood in the cold — we heard them sing — Those girls sure have got most everything. Freshmen learned of a Millikin custom: The Millikin Dames had enough cookies to bust ' em. Faculty as hosts served us tea — We ' re glad that it ' s held annually. Bobby-soxers were queens this night; The MMA Holiday Formal was a festive sight. Rip Kinnaird hung his pin on Jan; He ' s no longer " our boy " — he ' s " her man. " 110 WE SALUTE YOU MILLIKIN CLASS OF ' 45 • ft TIJ£ 3iJJ£ JJUii " Brock " " Mac " , , , , j comes BUY WAR STAMPS AND BONDS ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY , . in BROWNIE COAL Company Main Office 10 E. William St. Coal Yard 840 N. Morgan St. Stoker Factory 845 N. Morgan St. CENTRAL ILLINOIS ' LARGEST SELECTION of HIGH GRADE COALS For Every Purpose CLEAN, CAREFUL DELIVERIES BROWNIE COAL CO. BROWNIE ROCK WOOL INSULATION " BLOWN-IN " The Clean, Efficient Way REDUCES SUMMER HEAT 10 to 18 DEGREES Saves 20% to 30% on Fuel Manufacturer of The BROWNIE STOKER 112 We ' re often asked, here at Staley ' s, just WHAT we make from corn and soybeans. In a sentence or two it is this: from corn we process a long list of starches, sugars, oils and feeds for industry, the farm and the home. From soybeans we obtain soybean oil and soybean oil meal. When you see the Staley name on a package of starch or a can of syrup at your grocer ' s you can be sure that in that package you will find an unusually high grade product that will serve you well. Ask for these Staley products by name: ★ STALEY ' S CUBE LAUNDRY STARCH CREAM CORN STARCH STALEY ' S TABLE SYRUPS (4 flavors) ★ STALEY ' S " STOY " SOY FLOUR A. E. STALEY MANUFACTURING CO. 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BUY WAR STAMPS AND BONDS The Citizens National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation OF DECATUR 1891 - 1945 Member Federal Reserve System AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 115 Million ' s Debate Team tried their wings And wc want- you to know they did great things. For most of them, debate was new. Debaters — we are proud of you. In the conserv we have a new face: Miss Elizabeth Travis — in Echaniz ' s place. Talented, traveled, and lots of fun, too — We welcomed her to JMU. Valentine ' s Day brings love to mind; Love brings marriage — so we find. And six coeds have tied the knot, And it sure does put us on the spot. So all we can do is list them: 1. Atkins-Shelley 2. Eaton-Seifert 3. Fulle r-Marsfon 4. Jones-Wilson 5. Funk-Moore 6. Lindsey-Lutz Some of them didn ' t go so far They only got engaged — — Did we say Only! ' ' We need men " the women scream, " Of soldiers and sailors we all do dream. " Millikin gives the gals a break, And to Chanute they do us take. (And Mrs. Hess) While boys are boys and girls are girls, And boys have burrs and girls have curls, He ' ll hang his pin when love is real, As Kenny did to Myra Stiehl. Oh S. A. E. n JX A roof-garden in the basement And glass up in the sky, The Andrew Sisters and Frankie-boy To make them swoon and sigh. The Linger Longer Lounge — Showed the M. M. A. The Tri — Delts really Wanted them to stay — longer! Without the TKE ' s, Sig Alphas and Delta S The Pan-Hell sing was not so big. We sang their songs with a fervent prayer, That next year they, too, would be there. From rhumba-land to the Emerald Isle, We watched the sororities past us file. Moonlight, rainbow, a southern plantation, Boy, did you hear that " Temptation " ? We ' ll really miss the seniors, But that ' ll be nothing new. For think of all the good they ' ve done, For dear Old J. M. U. So long Kids, The Staff. 116 I860 — 85 YEARS OF BANKING — 1945 The illikin National Bank Oldest and Largest Decatur Bank PROVIDES A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Deposits Insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 117 DECATUR PACKING PROVISION CO. AL YOUNG SONS Member of American Meat Institute and National Independent Meat Packers Association We Use All Kinds of Hogs, Cattle and Veal in producing BEEF, PORK AND VEAL CUTS LUNCH MEATS, SMOKED MEATS AND LARD 801 South Main Phone 5353 118 INITIATIVE . . . That which has made this country great, is the men who had the initiative. Civilization has advanced thereby and in proportion thereto, because the business acumen of our people has been the main spring of achievement. If this path of experience is not cluttered with too many obstacles, and legitimate initiative is left unleashed, America will improve because of the aspiring spirit of her people. The national Bank of Decatur " Decatur ' s Oldest National Bank ■ i 119 B O O S T E R S -fr i% A. B. RAFFINGTON THE SANKS INSURANCE AGENCY SKINNY TAYLOR CARL RAUPP GROVER PATTON POYNTELLE DOWNING H. L ROTH FRED SCHUDEL (In Service) I. A. " PETE " WALLINS ft 120 CONGRATULATIONS TO MILLIKIN For Its CLASS OF 1945 AND FOR ITS COOPERATION IN THE WAR EFFORT Committee on detail Trade ASSOCIflTIOn Of COIMIKRCE DECATUR, ILLINOIS AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 121 April 20th, the deadline ' s here; So ends the ride of us Paul Reveres. The calendar must continue till May, But this is all we know today. So WE PREDICT That there will be ten men left on the campus by June. That the Alpha Chi ' s and Tri-Delts will fight to the finish for the intra-mural Cup. That the Pan-Hell sing will be better than ever. That the Tri-Delt Pansy Breakfast will have few surprises — the marryin ' Tri-Delts will hold forth again. That the snow will be gone. That the T. G. play will live up to previous standards. That the Pi Phi ' s will still claim the brains on campus. (Note the Scholarship Cup.) That all the Conserv concerts and recitals will be tops. That Mr. Van will fall off his motor scooter and Butch will drive off without him. That the Theta ' s Pre-initation week will be " Pre " and not " Post " . That the M.M.A. Spring Formal will outdo the Christmas dance — wonder who ' ll hang his pin that night? That the S. A. I. Victory Musicale will prove what talent Millikin really has That Parkinson will change his ways of thinking and lose his pin to Marilyn. WE COULD BE WRONG! ! ! ft i22 Office 30 Industry Court Telephones 5345 - 5346 Decatur Warehouse Co. (Shumate Transfer) ft TRANSFER, MOVING, STORAGE Licensed - Bonded - Insured Carriers ft Decatur, Illinois HECHTS 335 N. Water • " DORSA " " CARLYE " " KAY COLLIER " " DORIS DODSON " " PAUL SACHS " • Great Names of Dresses at HECHTS THIS I 94 5 MILLIDEK Printed by Huston-Patterson Corporation Printers of Blue Ribbon Annuals For More Than 38 Years Decatur, Illinois ENGRAVINGS by Indianapolis Engraving Company 222 East Ohio Street Indianapolis, Indiana 123 A. W. CASH CO. m PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES and AUTOMATIC COMBUSTION CONTROLS 540 North 1 8th St. Decatur, Illinois Who. Are The Educated? Whom, then, do I call educated? First, those who manage well the circumstances which they encoun- ter daily .... next those who are decent and honorable in their intercourse with all men, bearing easily and good-naturedly what is unpleasant or offensive in others. Furthermore, those who hold their pleasure always under con- trol and are not unduly overcome by their misfortunes . . . . ; finally, and most important of all, those who are not spoiled by their suc- cesses and who do not desert their true selves, but hold their ground steadfastly as wise and sober- minded men. Those who have a character which is in accord, not with one of these things, but with all of them — these I maintain are edu- cated and whole men, possessed of all the virtues of man. SOCRATES 469-399 B.C. SS FUNERAT. DIRECTORS . . y f WOOD AT DECATUR [ COLLEGE ILLINOIS 124 VISION The man who planned this engineering feat was no person of small outlook. He had to have vision to see the possibilities in the present as well as plan for the future needs. And so it is with the graduates of old J.M.U. Their vision must encom- pass not only this great land of ours, but it must also visualize all of us as a part of a world of nations — each interdependent one upon another. May they go forth into this world armed not only with high academic knowledge, but with the cour- age to face the problems of war and the coming peace with real understanding and vision. The MUELLER CO. through the vision of its founder, Hieronymus Mueller, and of those who succeeded him, has steadily grown until today it is recognized as a leader in the water and gas fields. If you need corporation or curb stops, goosenecks, service boxes, copper service equip- ment, regulators, relief valves, fire hydrants, gate valves, sluice gates, and other allied equipment consult MUELLER. Eighty-eight years in this one business has given us a knowledge of what you need and how best to supply those needs. MUELLER Goods bring low costs, freedom from operation failures, and elimination of frequent service calls. MUELLER CO. DECATUR, ILL. • CHATTANOOGA, TENN. • LOS ANGELES, CALIF. • SARNIA, ONTARIO 125 rf o w ecotni n a 126 127 128 ROLL OF STUDENTS Abrams, Kathryn Decatur Acorn, Sopha .. llliopolis Adams, Caroline Decatur Adams, Dean Olney Aide, Jean Pana Alexander, Amy Mae . Chatham Alexander, Mildred Decatur Allen, Betty Litchfield Allen, Elizabeth Pigott Decatur Ammann, Reinhold Decatur Amacher, Wilmer Leroy Decatur Anderson, Doris Springfield Anderson, Gloria Chicago Anderson, Jayne Decatur Anderson, Minerva Princeton Apperson, Peggy Dupo Atkins, Inez Rebecca Mt. Orab, Ohio Auer, Elizabeth Decatur Augenstein, Leroy Decatur Bailey, Norma Jean Blue Mound Baker, Elnora Gene Decatur Barnes, Audrey Wood River Barnes, Vivian Edwardsville Barr, Jane Decatur Barrett, Betty Ann Decatur Bates, Shirley Marie Owaneco Bauman, Aileen ? Decatur Baxter, Audrey Hume Beesley, Charlotte Webster Groves, Mo. Belshaw, Betty Ann Rockton Bence, Janice Mattoon Bernard, Eileen Mt. Vernon Black, Stuart Decatur Blyholder, Pauline Chicago Bodkin, Martha .- Irving Bolz, Eunice . Decatur Bourland, Billie Decatur Bowen, Phyllis Tuscola Brackin, Donna Joyce Mattoon Brand, Ella Margaret Decatur Brand, Ruth Decatur Brannan, Betty Rushville Branom, Elsie Chicago Breuer, Mavis Decatur Brewer, Betty Decatur Brewer, Kenneth Decatur Brown, Bertha Louise Flora Brussell, Norma Casey Buchmann, Emmy Lee Belleville Buchmann, Rose Marie Bellleville Burnette, Loris Dean Decatur Busher, Beverly Decatur Caldwell, Carla .. Edwardsville Caldwell, Charlotte . Effingham Cameron, Merrill Clinton Carlson, Martha Knoxville Christison, Josephine Decatur Christman, Marilou Shelbyville Collier, Eloise Decatur Cooley, Winona Decatur Coombe, Phyllis Decatur Connell, Colleen Indianapolis, Ind. Conrad, Betty Lou Trimble Cotherman, Jesse D. Decatur Coventry, Norma Findlay Crackel, LaVerne Crete Crain, Patricia Decatur Crane, Ruth Ross Decatur Cropper, Patricia Decatur Cuppy, Rachel Humboldt Current, James Forsyth Curtius, Helen Danville Dammann, Alfred L. Hillsboro Daniel, Mary Alice Casey Dante, Frank Fane Decatur Davies, Helen Decatur Davis, Sharlee Todd Decatur Denny, Doris Lee Vandalia Dillow, Betty Decatur Doelling, Ruth Pana Dome, Donal Paine Decatur Doss, Arvila Monticello Ducy, James Decatur Duerr, Margaret Decatur Dwyer, Bernard Decatur Eaton, Mera Elaine DuQuoin Elrod, Shirley Decatur Ernest, Loren . ' Decatur Ervin, Betty Decatur Faith, Don Richard Decatur Farley, Mary Jane St. Louis, Mo. Fathauer, Wilhelmina Lake City Ferguson, Mary Greenville Fieber, Charlotte Crossville Filchak, Eva Decatur Fischer, Clifford Otto Decatur Foster, Harold F. Decatur Freeland, Ruth Sullivan Fritz, Jimmy Decatur Frushour, Mary E Decatur 130 ROLL OF STUDENTS Fry, Betty Pat Decatur Fuller, Margaret Bloomington Funk, Jean Bement Gardner, Dorothy Taylorville Garland, Jeritza Decatur Garris, Jean Agnes llliopolis Geoffroy, Marion Washington, D.C. Glover, Robert Lee Decatur Godwin, Franklin Gregory Decatur Gorschen, Bill Decatur Gorschen, Judi Decatur Grabowski, Melvin Decatur Grant, Pearl Decatur Gratian, Shirley Decatur Graves, Robert Linn Decatur Gray, Gail Carlyle Gray, Richard Decatur Greanias, Nick Decatur Haab, Phyllis Decatur Hagerty, Richard Beardstown Hanke, Jane Chicago Harding, Norma Jean Danville Harmon, Charles Decatur Haskell, Boris U. S. Army Haug, Rachel Decatur Hawkins, Maria Berry Decatur Hayes, Mary Estelle Decatur Head, Helen Decatur Heideman, Eunice South Carlinville Henson, Mary Lou Decatur Hentz, Jacguelyn , Decatur Hester, Thomas Douglas Decatur Heth erington, Maxine Decatur Hildreth, Edna Clinton Himstedt, Joyce Decatur Hite, Johnny (Miss) Kansas Hite, Mary Jane... Kansas Holding, Lora Rose Effingham Honicker, Joan Decatur Hoppe, Elizabeth Blue Mound Hortenstine, Alice Gays Hortin, Marjorie Albion Houck, Joan Decatur Housbach, Ruth Elinor Stonington Howett, Gladys Springfield Hunter, Eva Haggis (Mrs.) .... New York, N.Y. Hurtt, Eloise Decatur Hyland, Ralph Decatur Imhoff, Herbert Decatur Irish, Mary Louise Decatur Jack, Margaret Albion Jackson, E. C Decatur John, Hazel Wauwatosa, Wis. Johnson, Violet East Alton Jones, Mary M Decatur Jostes, Patricia . Decatur Karloski, Cecelia Decatur Kenney, Barbara Chicago Kenney, Janice Eleanor ... Chicago Kerchner, Mary M. Streator Kiick, Jean Warrensburg Kileen, William Decatur Kinnaird, Jane Decatur Kinnaird, Robert Decatur Kiser, Robert Decatur Kohli, Mary Ellen Decatur Krzyzosiak, Joseph Thomas U. S. Army Kuntz, Jola Decatur Larrick, Eunice Stonington Larsen, Marjorie Aurora Larsen, M axine Aurora Latham, Dorothy McLeansboro Launtz, Mary Alice Decatur Laws, Marilyn Donnellson Laws, Patricia Hindsboro Laws, Sara Donnellson Lee, Jane Decatur Lee, Ruth Crawford ... Sandoval Leigh, Mary Decatur Leonard, Roselyn Decatur Lichtenberger, Irene Decatur Liggett, Barbara Virden Lindros, Shirley Chicago Lindsey, Mary Jane Paris Linton, Irma Decatur Logan, Marilla Areola Lovely, Beatrice Auburn Lower, Donald Decatur Lukey, Joan Burg Decatur Lyons, Emily Decatur Lytle, Betty Decatur McCann, Robert Decatur McCarty, Marilyn Argenta McConnell, Arthur Decatur McCormick, Phyllis Reece Brownstown McDaniel, Jean Taylorville McKeown, Katherine Decatur McLean, Barbara _ Hillsboro 131 ROLL OF STUDENTS McLean, Bliss Hillsboro Maier, June .... Chicago Heights Malsbury, Wanda . Virden Markley, Marilyn Decatur Martin, Henrietta Bradshaw Decatur Martin, Joyce Chicago Martin, Martha Decatur Martin, Rosemary Dexter, New Mexico Massey, Frederica Decatur Mathews, Jacqueline Newman May, Mary Lou , ■_ Decatur May, Mary Virginia Decatur Meisner, May Joan , Decatur Menk, Marian E. :.. Staunton Meriweather, Evelyn .Decatur Miller, Shirley . Decatur Miller, Wendell Smith Decatur Minturn, W. St. Clare Decatur Mitchell, Ruth Springfield Moody, Marjorie Tuscola Moore, Helen Hudson, Michigan Morarity, Nancy Decatur Morrison, Beverly Zanesville, Ohio Mossman, Doris ; Decatur Mullins, Hugh Peru, Indiana Nansen, Faith Decatur Nansen, Hope Constance Decatur Neal, Alice M. _ ...... Decatur Nellis, Joan Chicago Neureuther, Mary E. Decatur Nichols, Paul Timothy Decatur Nifong, Harriet Wood River Norman, Ann Decatur Norris, Jane RobinsOn Norris, Martha Jane Decatur Nuckolls, Patricia Decatur O ' Dell, Iris Joy Decatur Oleson, Audrie Aurora Olson, Marian White Heath Oplinger, Lucy A _ Decatur Otwell, Jo Springfield Ousley, Frank _ Newman Ovington, Constance Decatur Owen, Juanita _ Decatur Parish , Doris Warrensburg Parkinson, Robert Decatur Parks, Lucille Belleville Parsons, Jack Decatur Patrick, Patricia ....... . Decatur Patterson, Lois . Follansbee, West Virginia Penn, Helen Marie .. Decatur Peters, Marilyn Chicago Peterson, Joy Mattoon Pfeiffer, Marilyn Alyce . Riverton Pick, William Decatur Picknell, Frances Decatur Plummer, Kenneth Elwin Porter, Patricia Effingham Potts, Thelma Decatur P ' Simer, Mary Catherine .... Anderson, Indiana Purdue, Joan Decatur Purdue, Ruth ._ Decatur Rambo, Joan Decatur Rashevsky, Nadja Chicago Reedy, Elaine Decatur Rennier, Delmar Decatur Reynolds, Virginia Decatur Ritter, Lois Marilyn Blue Mound Ritter, Marilyn Ann Decatur Robertson, Betty Aulabaugh Decatur Rogers, Charlotte Aileen St. Louis, Mo. Rominger, Margery Shelbyville Rosier, Emory Melvin Niantic Rubinoff, Solomon Decatur Rush, Helen Jane ■_. Springfield Rutherford, George Decatur Rybolt, John Decatur Sager, Lois Belleville Sallee, Roger Decatur Sanders, Louise Decatur Sanders, Thirza East Alton Saxe, Doris Albion Schlaretzki, Carol Decatur Schleicher, Dorothy Chicago Schroeder, Virginia Nokomis Schuerman, Eloise Decatur Scott, Ruth Sutton Villa Grove Shaffer, Lorenzo Cecil Decatur Sharp, Dean Assumption Shimer, Alice Latham Shinneman, S ' Monne Weldon Short, Audrey Jeannette Decatur Shumate, Betty Decatur Shumate, Patsy Decatur Sibthorp, Janet Decatur Siegrist, Alberta Taylorville Sluze, Rita Huntington, W. Va. Smeltzer, Georgia _...Mt. Zion Smercina, Ruth. Webster Groves, Mo. 132 ROLL OF STUDENTS Smith, Mildred Palmyra Smith, Ray Coleta Sparks, Mary Etta St. Louis, Mo. Spence, Marilyn Chicago Spencer, Betty Niantic Stickel, Beverly Elwin Stiehl, Myra Nokomis Stone, Henrietta Warrensburg Stone, Patsy Decatur Stookey, Marcia Harristown Storer, Barbara Centralia Stowell, Marnance Decatur Strong, Margaret Willard Decatur Svendsen, Eline Decatur Tallman, Jack Decatur Temme, Carol Decatur Thompson, William Decatur Tilton, Freda Decatur Todd, Lois Louisville Tolin, Robert Decatur Torreyson, Virginia Geneseo Van Praag, Gloria Decatur Van Praag, Sol Decatur Venturi, John Langleyville Vick, Marion Springfield Vrooman, John Decatur Waddell, Jane Decatur Wall, Mary Decatur Ward, Virgil ' Decatur Wasson, Dorothy Decatur Watt, Juanita Danville Webber, Richard Decatur Weidner, Alice Edwardsville Weiner, Sherman Decatur Wernsing, Lola Harvel Wheeler, Mary Roberta Carlinville White, Mary Frances Shelbyville Williams, Dorothy Shelbyville Williams, Jean Decatur Williams, Mary Ellen Oshkosh, Wis. Wilson, Ann Chrisman Wilson, Eileen Butler Winings, Margaret Decatur Wittman, Barbara Jean.. St. Charles Woare, Beverly Decatur Woolsey, Joan Elizabeth Decatur Yabsley, Stephanie Cissna Park Zellman, Jean Hillsboro Zellman, Helen Hillsboro Zimmerman, Joan Morrisonville Zipprodt, Evelyn Decatur 133 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Arlene ' s 108 Ben Franklin Store 101 Benson ' s Creamery 97 Black and Co. 102 Blakeney and Plum.. 100 Block ' s Ice Cream. 95 The Blue Mill I I I Brownie Coal Co I 12 The Campus 99 Carol ' s 105 A. W. Cash and Co 124 Central Illinois Mfg. and Realty Co. 106 Citizen ' s National Bank 115 Committee on Retail Trade 121 A. L. Cook and Son 101 Creighton-Jackson 96 Curtis Jewelry Store 103 Daut ' s Flower Shop 105 Dawson and Wikoff 124 Decatur Battery Service 96 Decatur Paint and Varnish Co 97 Decatur Packing Co. 118 Decatur Warehouse Co 123 Decatur Weekly News 96 Dickerson Insurance 106 Poyntelle Downing 120 Drobisch-Muirheid 96 Everett V. Evans 106 The Farm 108 Field and Shorb 106 Folrath ' s 106 Gebhart-Gushard Co 107 Great West Life Ins. Co.... . 105 Greider ' s Cafe and Cafeteria 109 Haines and Essick 109 Hecht ' s 123 Hourans Flower Shop 97 Illinois Power Co. I I I Indianapolis Engraving Company 106 Harold R. Irish 103 J. D. Johnson and Son 105 Lincoln-Empress Theatres 96 Lyon Lumber Co 107 R. M. Martin Jewelry Co. 105 Maurer Coal Co 99 Millikin National Bank I 17 Morehouse and Wells Co. 103 Mueller Co 123 National Bank of Decatur.. I 19 Neumode Hosiery 99 Newman ' s 103 Nicholson Clark Co. 105 North Pine Coal Co 100 Parky ' s Repair Shop 97 Grover Patton 120 Peter ' s Food Market 96 Pfile ' s Camera Shop 97 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co 99 134 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Pom Pom 95 Post ' s Jewelry Store 95 Raffington Drug Stores 120 Rambo Pharmacy •_ 100 Carl Raupp 1 20 Raycraft Drug Stores 101 Richman Brothers 106 Roby and Roby Ins 99 Rodgers Shoes 105 H. L. Roth 120 Sanks Insurance Co 120 Schudel ' s 120 Schaffer and Gluck 102 Josephine Slattery 95 A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. I 13 Sk inny Taylor 120 Union Dairy 100 Union Iron Works I 14 I. A. " PETE " WALLINS 120 W.S.O.Y 102 4- 135

Suggestions in the Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) collection:

Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Millikin University - Millidek Yearbook (Decatur, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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