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Mary Ann Crawford, Editor John Williams, Business Manager Volume XXXV Copyright, 1938 1 l J BOOK I The Place and the People BOOK II Gayety and the Quiet Mind BOOK III Heroes and Sport BOOK IV The Record of the Year Clarence L. Miller Most dedications are formal — in- scribed as it were on bronze or marble. Solemnly and vaguely, they give offi- cial honor to an executive. Bui we want this to be different. We give you our book because you are our friend: genuine, fair, unruffled, firm, humorous, eager, and human — withal wisely competent. You see, we cannot write a stereo- typed dedication because you are not a stereotyped Dean. c A M P U S PRESIDENT JOHN C. HESSLER With the close of the present year Millikin will have had its doors open for thirty-five years. This is not a long time in the history of an institution, but long enough to give an indication of the orbit in which the University is likely to revolve. It is long enough, likewise, to give the institution a definite " past " . Even at Millikin some things happened " way back when " . The early catalogues and Millideks tell of events and persons that will not return; but we are impressed by the fact that the students and faculty of 1903 had their ideals for Millikin even as we of 1938. This thought gives us hope. As each new spring speaks of the con- tinuity of life in the out-of-doors, so each new Millidek surprises us with the discovery that succeeding generations of students will pick up the torch and carry it on. The children and grandchildren will be worthy of their sires. When those that come after us, thirty-five years from now, look at our like- nesses in the Millidek of 1937-38, and read of our activities in this fateful year, what will they say? May they think at least as well of us as we do of our predecessors of 1903-04! Class of 1973, we greet you from afar! May you realize in your own time the high hopes we have for Millikin today! page fourteen Clarence Lee Miller Dean of University and Professor of His- tory and Political Science Ph.B., University of Chicago A..M., University of Chicago Ph.D., Columbia Un-iversity Lavina Watkins Hess Dean of Women Teachers ' s Certificate, Oberlin College B.S., James Millikin University Eugenia Allin Librarian and Professor of Library Science B.L.S., University of Illinois Viola Maria Bell Professor of Home Economics B.S., James Millikin University A.M., Columbia University Ph.D., Ohio State University Bonnie Rebecca Blackburn Professor of Modern Languages A.B., James Millikin University A.M., University of Chicago Certificat d ' etudes francaises, University of Grenoble, France Edward Sterling Boyer Professor of Religion A. B., Albion College B. D., Drew University Ph.D., Northwestern University Raymond Rush Brewer Professor of Religion A.B., Dickinson College S.T.B., Boston University A. M., University of Chicago Ph.D., University of Chicago Lorell Mortimer Cole Professor of Industrial Arts Diploma, Stout Institute Carl I. Head Professor of Mechanical Engineering B. S., James Millikin University Frederick Charles Hottes Professor of Biology B.S., Colorado State College M.S., Iowa State College Ph.D., University of Minnesota FACULTY ■K ™ mi. I - S. . jr jgmi wM ; - " " page fifteen Earl Chester Kiefer Professor of Mathematics and Director of Public Relations B.S., Michigan State College M.S., University of Michigan Davida McCaslin Professor of Rhetoric A.B., Coe College A.M., University ol Minnesota Isabella Thompson Machan Professor of Ancient Languages A.B., Wellesley College A.M., Wellesley College lames Albert Melrose Professor of Philosophy and Psychology A.B., Hamilton College A.M., University of Wisconsin Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Albert Taylor Mills Professor of History and Political Science Ph.B., University ot Michigan A.M., University of Michigan LL.B., Lincoln and Jefferson James Harvey Ransom Professor of Chemistry B.S., Wabash College M.S., Wabash College Ph.D., University of Chicago Myles Elliott Robinson Professor of Economics and Business Administration A.B., Ohio State University A.M., Ohio State University Ph.D., Northwestern University Ralph Yakel Professor of Education and Registrar LL.B., Illinois Wesleyan University A.B., Illinois Wesleyan University A.M., Columbia University Ph.D., Columbia University Burton Lyman Fryxell Assistant Professor of English A.B., University of Wisconsin A.M., University of Wisconsin Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Gladys Charlotte Galligar Assistant Professor of Biology A.B., James Millikin University A.M., University of Illinois Ph.D., University of Illinois FACULTY page sixteen Harold Ebert Johnson Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Athletic Coach AB , Wabash College Leland James Pritchard Assistant Professor of Economics A.B., Cornell College A.M., Syracuse University Grace Kathryn Trumbo Assistant Professor of Home Economics B.S., Simpson College M.S., Iowa State College John Zimmerman Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., University of Illinois M.S., University of Iowa Ph.D., University of Iowa Byron Laurens Adams Instructor in Art School of the Art Institute, Chicago Ralph Allan Instructor of Physical Education and Freshman Coach A.B., James Millikin University Joseph F. Gauger Instructor in Accounting B.S., University of Illinois Certified Public Accountant Helen Kathryn Hoots Instructor in Education B.S., Teachers ' College of Columbia University A.M., Columbia University Dorothy Julia McClure Instructor in Physical Education B.S., University of Illinois James Carlton Dockeray Associate Professor of Economics and Business Administration A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University A.M., Ohio State University Ph.D., Ohio State University FACULTY page seventeen Russell Wayne Gill Associate Professor of Physical Education A.B., Bethany College Leroy Clifford McNabb Associate Professor of Speech B.S., National Normal University Ohio Wesleyan University A.B., A.M. Ph.D. Ohio Wesleyan University Cornell University Ralph Ronald Palmer Associate Professor of Physics A.B., Macalester College M.A., University of Minnesota Ph.D., University of Minnesota Edward William Ploenges Associate Professor of Mathematics A.B., Butler University A.M., University of Michigan Flora Emma Ross Associate Professor of Modern Languages A.B., James Millikin University A.M., Columbia University Certificat d ' etudes francaises, Grenoble, France Ph.D., University of Illinois Calvin Eugene Sutherd Associate Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics B.S., James Millikin University Charline Fender Wood Associate Professor of English A.B., Western College A.M., Columbia University Calvert W. Dyer Comptroller A.B., Cumberland Gertrude Munch Assistant to the Comptroller Dorothy A. Bell Secretary to President and Dean FACULTY page eighteen Winifred St. Clare Minturn Director of Conservatory Private Study, violin Chi cago Musical College Study with Hugo Kortschak American Conservatory ' Cello Study, Herman Felber Study, Berlin, Germany Ava Hill Caldwell Secretary to the Director of the Conservatory lose Echaniz Professor of Piano Escuelas Pias, Cuba Falcon Conservatory, Cuba Concert tours through Europe, Canada, and United States Thomas Grant Hadley Professor of Voice Mus.D., Hinshaw Conservatory Northern Indiana Normal School of Music Private Study, R. A. -Phelps and Willard Munro btudios Clement B. Shaw Studio, New York Professional Concert Work Harold Clyde Hess Professor of Violin A.B., Ohio State University Private Study, Ruegger, Ysaye Diploma, Fayeteville Conservatory Study with Cesar Thompson in Europe Walter Emch Assistant Professor Musical Theory B.S., University of Illinois B.M.S., University of Illinois M.Mus., University of Michigan Veva June Appel Instructor in Violin B.Mus., James Millikin University Edna Childs Instructor in Piano Diploma and Certificate, James Millikin University Institute of Musical Art Teachers College, New York American Conservatory, Chicago Raymond Earl Duffey Instructor in Violin B.S., in Music, James Millikin University Ellen Lucille Flint Instructor in Eurythmics Private Study with Annette Van Dyke, Angelo Uansmo, Jack Manning FACULTY page nineteen (71 i sr w i i ft ■if-. .l A Louise Watson Helmick Instructor in Voice Certificate, Wesleyan College of Music Certificate, Cosmopolitan School of Music Private study American Conservatory, Bush Con- servatory, and with Butler and Thomson Mayme Ethel Irons Instructor in Music Education Diploma, Northwestern University School of Music B.S. in Mus. Ed., Columbia University Zelna Maxine Lucas Instructor in Piano B.Mus., James Millikin University Wilna Moffett Instructor in Piano and Organ Diploma in Piano, Millikin Conservatory of Music Diploma in Organ, Millikin Conservatory of Music Private study with Percy Grainger B.S. in Mus., James Millikin University Edith Rose Instructor in Piano A. B., Northwestern University B. Mus., Northwestern University M.Mus., Northwestern University A M., University of Kentucky Florence D. Royce Instructor in Kindergarten Primary Certificate Millikin Conservatory of Music Special Study at Chaupaupau, N. Y. and National College of Education, Evanston. Alicia Skeet Instructor in Wind Instruments B.Mus. Ed., James Millikin University Doris Lyons Smallwood Instructor in Piano B. S. in Music, James Millikin University National College of Education, Evanston Clarinda Dobson College Supply Store Manager Virginia Baker General Office Secretary FACULTY page twenty President Chris Garriott Vice-President Laura Belle Scot1 Secretary Martha BrQwn Treasurer William Crane Donald G. Baird Bethany, Illinois Bachelor of Science Red hair or no red hair, Don Baird never gets mad. But he ' s a real stu- dent, not because he pulls down good grades, but because he pos- sesses something rather uncommon in these parts known as intellectual curiosity. And he polishes no apples for his grades. It was a lusty Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja that Don contributed in the Cafe chorus on International Night. And it was with this spirit that he entered into all his activities on campus. He even looked cheerful juggling cups and saucers from kitchen to laps at Conant meetings. Cora Elizabeth Baker Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science To walk down the halls with Cora Baker is to receive a virtual bom- bardment of " hi ' s " and " hello ' s " from all sides. For everyone knows and likes her. She has a friendly way of being at ease with everyone, and she never seems too busy or too pre-occupied to take an interest in what you have to say. If you don ' t have anything to say, she ' s siill interested. Cora is a Home Ec. major and from what we hear she has per- formed some small wonders in the line of dashing off cakes and the like. Any afternoon will usually find her leaning nonchalantly on on the counter in the college supply store, helping to keep the atmos- phere cheery. SENIORS page twenty-two Jessie Elizabeth Baldwin Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Jessie Baldwin gives the impres- sion of always being wide awake, no matter what the weather, time, or place. Maybe this is one reason why Dr. McNabb appointed her head of the ticket sales for Town and Gown productions this year. She goes about anything she does in a well-organized, business-like manner which really produces re- sults as is shown by her scholastic record at Millikin. She was initiated into Pi Mu Theta and is a member of that exclusive threesome known as " Millikin ' s Three Musketeers " — namely, Dro- bisch, Baldwin, and Harris, this last activity having occupied much of her time. Jean Beall Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Believe it or not, Jeanie is a chem- istry major. Somehow that seems incongruous, and Jeanie herself ad- mits that there were times when the reaction was a little slow. It was a picture far removed from the chem- istry lab, however, that she pre- sented as Junior Prom Queen last year in white formal and orchids. She is a Pi Mu Theta also, and was acting president of Panhellenic So- ciety this year. If you ' re hunting for her in the main lobby between classes, a dash of red is usually a pretty good indi- cation that she is around; if it ' s not her dress or the feather on her hat, it ' ll be her shoes. SENIORS page twenty-three Martha Brown Grand Coulee, Washington Bachelor of Arts Competence and comedy are ad- mirably combined in Martha Brown. She can handle any situation, and she has a deluxe sense of humor which flavors everything that she does. We remember one occasion in State Government when, during one of her famous undercover mono- logues, " Little Nell and the Sheriff " , Miss Brown was suddenly called upon to recite. Hilarity ensued among those within hearing dis- tance of her muttered wise-cracks and melodramy, but undaunted Brownie rose to the occasion, and with many halts and much dignity answered the guestion put to her. Her college career has been of her own making; it has reguired much determined hard work on her part. So much has she gained in appre- ciation of beauty and in evalua- tion of people and things that her graduation will be a completion of a rich and profitable phase of her life. Don A. Busing Sibley, Illinois Bachelor of Science In a vote for the most genial man Dn campus, Don Busing would cer- tainly be the peoples ' choice. Be- sides his dimples, he is noted and admired for minding his own business. He ' s guite a hand at mim- icking professors too — especially economics professors. He came to J. M. U. from Lincoln Junior College. He has had a hand in managing Big Blue teams and he made Alpha Omega his senior year. He aspires to be a farm manager. Well, — it ' s the big city ' s loss and the barnyard ' s gain. SENIORS page twenty-four Walter E. Clarke Maywood, Illinois Bachelor of Science When Wally brings his rootin ' Y boys out to a Millikin football or basketball game, the J. M. U. whis- pering cheer corps really sit up and take notice. For he makes a go of whatever he undertakes. He holds down two jobs in town, besides car- rying his college work, and he finds time to manage the intramural ath- letics on campus. Yet we never see him look particularly rushed or agi- tated, and he ' d probably get the blue ribbon if attendance had been taken among the seniors at all the college dances. Athalee Ann Connolly Detroit, Michigan Lee has a buoyancy that beats any bar of Ivory soap. No matter how rough the going, she always keeps her head above water. That five-feet one of fightin ' Irish in her may have something to do with it, but we know it goes deeper than that; it goes down to a streak of pure and unadulterated courage. She started out at Millikin as a P. S. M. student and took her turn with the rest of them, practicing " To a Wild Rose " on the Aston Hall piano. Happy to relate, she ' s an art major now. She has also shown herself to be a capable little actress. She brought down the house as gurgling Nicole in " The Would-be Gentleman " , and her portrayal of Madame Butterfuly was artistic and delicate. Her flare for the comic is her constant companion. Whether standing in the receiving line at a Panhellenic tea or putting her hair up for the night, Topsy-like in rags, she ' s full to the brim and guick on the trigger with deviltry. SENIORS page twenty-five William Arthur Crane Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science No matter what the problem, Bill Crane can verbally attack it from any angle; he can talk a wicked tennis game as well as a wicked American history course. But he ' s really done a lot besides talking while at J. M. U. He has been a band member throughout his four years and holds the unique distinc- tion of always being the first to arrive on the scene for a band event. He has also played for four years on the varsity tennis team and has been active in intramural athletics. Perhaps we have skipped the most obvious and important of Bill ' s extra-curricular activities. There ' s a certain litt le Japanesy Alpha Chi who has really taken her toll of clock hours. Rena Da Mosso Muddy, Illinois Bachelor of Music Education It ' s been four years now that Rena Da Mosso has carried that fiddle across campus from Aston Hall to the conservatory every morning. And for four years we have watched her play in the Millikin orchestra. She is a music-education student and from the hours she kept at the conservatory and the hours she spent hunting education pamphlets and bibliographies in the library, we are sure that she did a good job in that course. Living four years at Aston Hall has given Rena ' s sense of humor a good workout, and there ' ll be many at the hall who will miss her after dinner concert of swing and sway at the piano in drawing room A. SENIORS page twenty-six Gertrude Louise Dansby Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Music Education Gertrude Dansby is doing many interesting things that some of us have never suspected. In line with her conservatory training, she not only gives music lessons, but con- ducts a night course in music appre- ciation twice a week, as well as conducting the choir at St. Peter ' s Church. She started out at Millikin as a piano major but had so much success with her voice training that she has switched to that field. At her senior recital last spring, it is said, she received more flowers than any girl who ' d sung from the Millikin platform, and we ' d wager that her kindly and pleasant personality had a lot to do with it. Edward Charles Drobisch Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science In rating the most winning winks and smiles in the senior class, Eddy Drobisch would head the list. He transferred to Millikin three years ago and through his friendly manner (winning wink and smile included), everyone has come to know and like him. Eddy is the third party to the trio of Baldwin, Harris, and Drobisch, and almost any afternoon about 3:10 you see them, all three a little on the short side, walking up west campus, joking over the events of the day. SENIORS page twenty-seven Marjorie Eakin Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Marjorie Eakin is consistency per- sonified. Even with her car full of howling W. A. A. gals waving hot dogs and marshmallows, Marjorie is the same guiet and dignified girl we see around college. Her reserved manner has not kept her out of campus activities, however, as she has been active in women ' s athletics throughout her four years, and has held many offices in her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. We often wish we knew just what Marj is thinking when she drops her chin slightly and looks at us wisely with those brown eyes. Genevieve Fleenor Gays, Illinois Bachelor of Music Education Genevieve is another of the cam- pus fiddle-carriers; and along with Rena Da Mosso made the morning trek, fiddle by her side. She has played in the Millikin orchestra dur- ing her four years, and intends to teach music. She has an interesting hobby; she collects cook books and recipes, which someone, no doubt, will appreciate more than if she had collected China dogs. With her air of dignity, pale skin and flowing black hair she reminds one of a story-book Manchu Princess. SENIORS page twenty-eight Davis Benjamin Folrath Decatur, Illinois Brud Folrath is an extra-curricular man, concentrating his interest in three fields: an Auburn, the Blue Mill, and the women. But when he does and how he does it, he con- siders to be strictly his own business, and to hear him expound that point is indeed a rare experience. It is said that he is quite a me- chanic and when he ' s not out driv- ing the Auburn, he ' s home taking it apart. On campus, he has had a hand in managing Big Blue teams and therefore wears an " M " sweater. He always has a friendly hello or wisecrack in the hall, and if he ' s in the Auburn, it ' s a blast on the horn. Richard Paul Freed Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Paul Freed is a " man of affairs. " For during the two years he has been at Millikin, he has energe- tically and impulsively entered into as many extra-curricular activities as it was possible for him to carry. His cheerful voice and whole- hearted manner have made him a congenial member of many campus gatherings. He is editor of the Decaturian, and in that capacity is turning out a potent paper which has its effect on campus life, not only from the Dust- Pan angle but from the editorial standpoint as well. He also serves on Student Council and is a member of Conant Society. Too, he can non- chalantly dangle a silver Kappa key from his watch fob. " Here comes — I mean, there goes Paul Freed, " for that ' s the pace at which he covers the campus. SENIORS page twenty-nine Chris Troy Garriott Harristown, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Chris Garriott — " The Little Min- ister. " He began preaching a few years ago in little churches outlying Decatur, and in February of this year was ordained into the ministry. He is now assistant pastor in the Central Church of Christ in Decatur. His religious interests have had their influence at Millikin also, and he has played an important part in the Christian Youth Council and in Chapel Programs. Throughout his four years, he has been an ardent and active indepen- dent, and was elected president of the senior class last fall. He assists in the philosophy department, and those who work with him know his fine character and keen sense of humor. . . . P. S. That bolero effect his vests have taken on since he ' s gained a little extra weight is good " Little Minister " stuff, n ' est-ce pas? Roy L. Gehlbach Beason, Illinois Bachelor of Science Roy Gehlbach always looks sleepy. It may be just the candid camera squint which he has de- veloped, but more than likely it ' s the aviation bug; his thoughts and am- bitions are ' way up in the blue and unless he ' s in the cockpit of a plane he seems to think it ' s a waste of time to keep his eyes open. There ' s one thing we can ' t understand, how he manages to pull down such excel- lent grades with his eyes closed. SENIORS page thirty Katharine Louise Hamilton Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Kitchie Hamilton ' s handwriting is as artistic as the figures of an ancient Chinese scribe and as indi- vidualistic as Kitchie herself. And when she came beaming across campus in her Kelly green pumps with Sig at her heels, we knew that spring was really here. She has a flair for details which creeps into everything she does, and when she ' s in charge of a pro- gram or party, her thorough prepar- ation is security against any slip- ups. Many of her plans and plots are concocted over a coke at the corner; and the whine of the big black Packard taking the back- campus hill in second, iBlue Mill bound, is a familiar tune. Harold John Harris Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science To write about Harold Harris seems a bit foreign; so we ' ll just write about Boo Boo. On campus, he is known as the man with the serious air, but when, in moments of relaxation he dons a derby, monacle, and cigar, he seems well adapted to his nickname. While at Millikin he has made a good scholastic record, part of which may be due to the Tri-Delt influence, and has proved himself guite a hand in managing the Big Blue teams. It is rumored that he aspired to be head of the Schudel Laundry. Time alone can tell that story. SENIORS page thirty-one George Dudley Heffron Decatur, Illinois Tall red-headed Dudley Heffron truckin ' away from the Blue Mill nickelodeon is a familiar sight to everyone. Dud insists that dancing is both his recreation and his exer- cise. This we can well believe after having seen him perform at various Millikin proms and frolics; his con- tended smile covers his face from ear to ear and his energetic dancing covers the floor from end to end. He is another of the " work-your- way-through college " men and has sizzled around corners in the Herald and Review truck for three years now. It is a matter of speculation whether Dud will truck across the platform to receive his sheepskin. Edward Thomas Hogan Dalton City, Illinois Bachelor of Science It ' s Ed ' s sturdy Irish stance that gives away his ancestry, and in that characteristic pose he looks ready for anything that comes along. He is graduating with a degree in ad- ministrative engineering and has been the " man behind the scenes " as chief electrician for all drama produced on the Millikin stage. Besides holding down numerous jobs, he played football during his last two years. It was his per- formance in the Wheaton game this year that put an end to the " Quiet Hogan " epidemic. We ' d rank him high in the senior " good egg " classification. SENIORS page thirty-two Charlotte Barbara Jack Decatur, Illinois Barb Jack wrote her first freshman theme about " Man o ' War " , and if she had had a senior thesis to write, it no doubt would have concerned horses, too. For she likes nothing better than to sneak off to her Dad ' s farm at any time of day or night to ride. She adds with some pride that she can drive the tractor out there, too. She has had many and varied ex- periences during her college career. She went to summer school in Urbana, studied art in Chicago, traveled in Europe, and last year was off campus again studying piano in New York. She can talk with interest and flavor on anything from art to boats, from music to oats. This ability along with her excellent sense of humor and acute appreci- ation of beauty makes Barb the swell person she is. Bernice Dorothy Johnson Greenview, Illinois Bachelor of Science Bernice is one who says little but has her own ideas and sticks to them, as you soon discover if you try to shake down one of her con- victions. She is reported as having only two outstanding vices; she thrives on potent mystery stories and has a passion for puppies of all sizes and shapes, or pictures of puppies of all shapes and sizes. She attended State Normal for her first three years of college, but has come to Millikin to finish up her cooking and sewing and stewing in the Home Ec department here. SENIORS page thirty-three Richard Andrew Johnson Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts According to certain complaints, Dick Johnson has put too much em- phasis on the bachelor part of his degree. Maybe physics majors are that way. When he takes charge of a laboratory as assistant, one marvels both at his brain and at his good-natured patience. He has a silver Kappa key to show for his scholastic achievement for the first three years. His interest in his work often keeps him late in the laboratory and we see him around college in work- coat a la Palmer and grin a la Johnson. Earl Lawrence Kuhle Decatur, Illinois Something came and bit our Larry during his senior year, and we all have marveled at the change in him. Most of us hardly knew him before this year. He was one of those quiet and pre-occupied ath- letes who took turns at playing on and managing Big Blue teams. But this year Larry won a place for him- self as one of the most playful and dutiful romeos on campus. It is in the " chill, still " of the library that he finds his romantic inspiration. SENIORS page thirty-four Mary Elizabeth Livesay Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Mary Livesay is one of those happy-go-lucky individuals who has many friends because of her gener- osity, her consistent good humor, and her ability to carry on a some- what boisterous conversation. She has spent a few semesters of her college career at Illinois, and a trip to Urbana with Livesay convinces one that her good nature is appre- ciated there as well. Although she has majored in prac- tically every department in the uni- versity, Mary has now turned to art and is interested particularly in de- signing trimmings and gadgets for houses. Bruce Cook Lorton Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Bruce Lorton gives the impression of being easy-going and riding all the bumps. But, in reality, he has worked hard and steadily through- out his four years. He ' s one of those individuals who doesn ' t take to the limelight, but deserves credit for be- ing both a good student and a good fellow. He is in the chemistry department and is more frequently seen in com- pany with Millikin ' s science-seekers even in their departmental esca- pades. Bruce ' s father is said to be greatly interested in the oil situation in southern Illinois; so if Bruce comes tearing across campus some morn- ing in a cream-colered Packard, we ' re not to be amazed. SENIORS page thirty-five David McNeilly Utica, Illinois Millard Maienthal Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Dave McNeilly is one of the cool- est-headed men on campus, and it is the courageous and understand- ing attitude he displays that wins him the respect of both students and faculty. It is said that to be tolerant and understanding is to be a truly educated person, and perhaps in Dave McNeilly, Henry Adams could have found his answer to his search for the true education. There are a lot of us who enjoy Dave ' s con- tributions to class discussions — en- joy the trenchant and clear manner in which they are presented. And there are a lot of us who enjoy his smile and his " hello. " Bachelor of Arts Willard Maienthal attends strictly to his own business, and would no doubt take the vote for the quietest man in the senior class. He at- tended the University of Illinois last year, but returned to Millikin along with a few other prodigal sons and daughters to finish up his chemistry course here. His scholastic record has shown him to be a brilliant student, and, as we watch him go about his business on campus, he seems to personify quiet and unobtrusive ambition. SENIORS page thirty-six Margaret Mangrum Memphis, Tennessee Bachelor of Arts Margaret tells a cute story on her- self. St. Louis bound one sunny aft- ernoon, she boarded the wrong Banner Blue and landed up in For- rest before anything could be done about it. She was going to keep it under cover, but her sense of humor got the best of her. And besides being a lot of fun, she has shown herself to be a real plugger. Illness kept her out of col- lege a whole semester, but with determination and hard work she has managed to keep up with her class. She has entered into campus activities with interest and cooper- ation and shows a fine scholastic record. A language major, her activities include Spanish, German, and French clubs, and Pi Mu Theta. Janet Alberta Mertz Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Music Education Janet Mertz is the lady in brown on the campus. Besides dark brown eyes, brown hair, and smart brown clothes, she has the smoothness and mellowness of that color in her per- sonality. She is in the music school and an active member of Sigma Alpha Iota. She attended the Uni- versity of Illinois last year, but was glad to be back to complete her college work at Millikin. We often see her sunning herself on the conservatory steps between classes, with her brown hair blow- ing. And the smile she gives is easy and gracious. SENIORS page thirty-seven Mary Alice Mullen Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Mary Mullen has been called the " prettiest girl on the campus " by more than one. And fortunately she has the virtue of being intelligent as well as pleasant to look at, for de- spite morning walks and corner coffees during class hours, her scholastic standing is high. It is pleasant to remember the thrilled smile on her face some two years ago when she found that she had ranked among the first on the sophomore exams. She is a particularly fine language student and has taken an active part in International Night programs. This year, with sparkling eyes and suave manner, she presided over the Spanish exhibit, looking dark and fascinating in Spanish lace and flowers. Gail Rodger Olsen Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Swede Olsen is well named. As a true son of the north country, he knows the call of the sea. In sum- mer, it ' s the gentle swish of water gliding off the hull of his moth racer, " Chip; " and in winter, it ' s the metal- lic ring of sharp blades across the ice, and the whistle of the wind in the rigging of his iceboat. With smock and brush, he dis- plays another characteristic of his ancestors, for he is an artist and in that capacity has done much for Millikin. And one item we can ' t for- get — his agility in dodging conniv- ing women. To watch him get around at a Millikin-mixer is to watch a master at work. SENIORS page thirty-eight Robert D. Owen Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts We have heard him say, " Dante is not so hot " and " Why read all this tripe? " We have watched him laugh at the frivolities of the crowd, mock the words of the brainless; ignore important persons without trepida- tion, and cooly invite criticism with his non-conformity. We have hur- ried away from the chill of his skep- tical mutterings, cold as steel. But after we have partly pene- trated his exterior, and when we see the two golden heads together, we realize that his curled lip disguises a surprisingly gentle soul. 2 Everett Marion Pippin Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science To watch Everett Pippin take notes in class is to know that he does a lot of drawing, for he holds his pencil between his first and second fingers, and writes as though he were sketching the Colossus of Rhodes. He is a draftsman out at Mueller ' s, but is interested in adver- tising and is taking a combination business and art course at Millikin. So as not to be caught short in this business of commercial art, he has gone in for photography too. Everett talks as Hal Kemp ' s old crooner, Skinny Ennis, used to sing — in short stacatto jerks as though he had just run up and down the stairs five times before he started. And if he can sing as he talks, we ' d wager Hal Kemp would like to know about it. SENIORS page thirty-nine Jack Rensch Ottawa, Illinois Bachelor of Science Not so long ago, Jack Rensch was classified as one of Millikin ' s ardent aviation enthusiasts, but he doesn ' t talk much about it anymore. It seems that the air waves were a little too bumpy for Mr. Rensch, so he decided to stay pretty close to his commerce and finance course in the future. He came to Millikin two years ago from Colorado University. The weekly week-end excursions he takes to Ottawa have made excel- lent Decaturian copy throughout his stay on campus. But it wasn ' t just through this publicity that he came ' to be known. His friendly manner and ready smile have had much to do with it. His fraternity brothers would like to add that he guacks a mean Donald Duck. Marie Gunilda Ridgley Areola, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Genial Gunilda, better known (by violent personal preference) as genial Marie, is as friendly a person as anyone could meet. This quality together with the pushing of yellow slips for scholars to sign in the Orville B. Gorin library may be the reason that Marie knows and is known by everyone on campus. And many is the term paper or last minute read-and-run speech she has set aright for muddled Millikinites. She shows a deep loyalty to all that she believes worthwhile, and everything she does is tempered with a swell sense of humor. There was a time when she was called " Panic Annie " , but by practicing rigid self-discipline and control she has now qualified herself in our eyes to teach that ten-easy-lesson course, " How to remain cool and collected in the presence of a mouse. " SENIORS page forty Raymond Ebby Scheer Woodriver, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Ebby Scheer is a " good egg. " And the true blue spirit he has shown throughout his athletic career at Millikin is one of the things that wins our respect. In a tough ath- letic season with only feeble support from some quarters, he was always willing and anxious to boast the Big Blue. On both the varsity football and basketball teams, he has proved himself invaluable. But we some- times wonder at the cleaning bill he ran up dusting off the armory floor with his new basketball suit. To add a dash of the dramatic, Ebby was one of the first of the graduating lads to invest in the sparkling stone. G. A. Schlick Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science Juny Schlick is as level-headed as they come. He always seems to know where he ' s going and why he ' s going there. And from all in- dications, he knows what he wants too — " Sweet music " and " Play, fiddle, play. " He has held numerous jobs throughout his four years at Millikin. There was a good snap-shot of Jolly Schlick in the Millidek a few years back — decked out in garage togs with a million-dollar smile and a grease smudge across his face. He ' s been assisting Robby in the Com- merce and Finance department this year. It ' s been quite a feat to keep the friendship of his classmates and grade their papers at the same time, but Juny has accomplished it. SENIORS page forty-one Laura Belle Scott Blue Mound, Illinois Bachelor of Science When the Zeta Tau ' s took the floor in the inter-sorority basketball tour- nament, Laura Belle Scott, ignoring stuffy senior dignity, was right there in the thick of it as she is in so many campus activities. She is a Home Ec major and besides being active in that department, she has shown her leadership in Y. W. C. A. work, Pi Mu Theta, and in her own sor- ority, Zeta Tau Alpha. She is one of Millikin ' s few equestrians, and enjoys nothing more than riding bareback on her Dad ' s horses around the bumps at Blue Mound. Robert Kenneth Spear Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts King Spears Cole is a merry old soul; whether frantically swinging a tennis racket amid much puffing, or brooding over some intricate phy- sics problem in the library, he dis- plays an irrepressible sense of humor and an infectious laugh which by virtue of its heartiness never seems to get him in trouble. Besides having a good scholastic record to his credit, he has held of- fices in both Pivot and Phi-Bi-Chem clubs. He is one of those science fiends and completes the science duo of Spears and fohnson known in inner circles as Mutt and Jeff. SENIORS page forty-two Helen V. Stauder Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science According to the Home Ec depart- ment, Helen Stauder is a perfect " yang " with a perfect " yin " person- ality. But to the rest of us she is a quiet, lovely-looking person with a serene and dignified air. And her campus record shows her to be effi- cient and determined as well. She seems well-cast as a Home Ec major and has shown her flair for planning dinners, dances, and par- ties in her role as social chairman of her sorority. Helen will, we know, go through life quietly, wisely and graciously. A:. Mary Elizabeth Stookey Harristown, Illinois Bachelor of Arts " She is like a bit of fine porce- lain, " someone has said of Mark Stookey, for hers is a delicate fragil- ity little encountered in the hurry of our modern university life. But beneath this fair daintiness, there is a great sincerity and intel- ligence that makes her an interest- ing and stimulating member of any class or conversation. Never did we enjoy our writing class so much as the days when some of her work was read aloud. It was through a series of papers she wrote on the Stookey family and their part in the settling of Illinois that we came to see her from a new angle. And when we visited her in the home built by her grandfather with its high arching windows, and fine old furniture, we could see the ties and influences which make Mark the quietly cultured young woman she SENIORS page forty-three Corinne Evelynne Taylor Lovington, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Corinne eats up mathematics in any shape, size, or form and be- sides making a clean sweep of the math department (including both courses and grades), she took a little accounting and electronic physics on the side; and with the same results. We see her often in the round-table study-room in deep conference with those other select super-beings who seek after science and the abstract math. In any number of ways, she has won our respect and admiration while on campus. We like her lively gray-green eyes and the cocky little " Howdy " she gives us when we pass her in the hall. Helen Elizabeth Tucker Chrisman, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Kappa keys don ' t bother Helen Tucker, despite the fact that there are still some who think she spends all her spare time at her books. Her grades justify that assumption, we ' ll grant, but her love of play doesn ' t. We remember one morning when the office solemnly called the library: Helen was needed. Not finding her there or in any of the study rooms, (French, Round Table, or Elizabethan,) they were obliged to call the B. M. T. R. and there she was. She is a Home Ec major and has impressed all her professors with her quiet efficiency and poise. She also works in the office and, it is said, knows the alumni files from A to Z and vice versa. Her class contribu- tions have the dignity characteristic of everything she does. SENIORS page forty-four mm- Maryhelen Vannier Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts A sleek and well-modeled head, a slender unusual face, a small well- kept figure and a low throaty laugh — that ' s Maryhelen, an individual if there ever was one. To watch her handle a basketball or tennis racket with deft and agile movement is to know she is a sports- woman. To hear her talk of Cyrano de Bergerac or Shelley is to know she is a student. And the European delight that slight Maryhelen takes in savory foods is a source of constant amaze- ment. John G. Williams Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Science Just give Johnny a sprightly gal and " Hold That Tiger. " Then watch him go — fast and furious. For his extra-curricular activities include a goodly number of Millikin dames and dances. But he also has on his record the business management of both the Decaturian and Millidek, as well as such honorary organizations as Alpha Omega and Conant So- ciety. And he has a friendly way about him which would make the meekest freshman feel at ease, especially when he wears the fresh- man color with that pea-green sweater of his. Even if he does " grade-gripe " to professors in class, we ' ll all grant he ' s pretty astute at maneuvering, politically and other- wise. But we promised John we wouldn ' t mention politics; so we ' ll stop right here. SENIORS page forty-five Charles Richard Wilson Decatur, Illinois To watch Charles Wilson deftly and accurately mixing his chemicals in the laboratory is to know that he is a competent person. In the halls, he is quiet and reserved with a cer- tain air of politeness which sets him apart from some other campus goers. During his four years at Millikin, he has been interested and active in the science department and is usually seen in the company with all those test-tube and alpha ray enthu- siasts. Mary Elizabeth Wilson Decatur, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Mary Wilson gives the impression of being exceedingly quiet and re- served, but to those who know her well, the- old saying, " a dimple in the chin, is a mischievous imp with- in, " aptly characterizes her. We used to see her driving an old Dodge with no brakes around Millikin, and it is said that whoever rode with her played double duty: they held on to the emergency with one hand and the door handle (emergency exit) with the other. She is a member of W. A. A. and was ping pong manager last year, taking charge of the inter-sorority tournament. To see shy Wils put on a dramatic Katharine Hepburn act or to hear her southern drawl is to believe she isn ' t so shy as she wants us to believe. SENIORS page forty-six Guida Cherie Abbott Payson John C. Batchelder Warrensburg Robert O ' Connor Bolt Decatur Theodore Arthur Brawley Litchfield Betts Corinne Brehm Dayton, Ohio Eleanor Mae Brown Decatur Lanola Joy Burcham Decatur Martin Joseph Cooney Decatur Mary Ann Crawford Sandoval Leola Catherine Dante Decatur JUNIORS page forty-eight Edgar C. Deffenbaugh Decatur Virginia Fleenor Gays Matilde Maria Fraser Decatur Arthur Monroe Gard Brazil, Indiana Dorothy Virginia Garver Decatur Ralph Leon Gibson Decatur Wilbur Carl Golz Aurora LaRaine Greider Decatur Marguerite Grove Cerro Gordo Norman Hanes, Jr. Salem JUNIORS page forty-nine Jane Oakes Decatur David Dean Pilcher Decatur Rosemary Elizabeth Reid Decatur George W. Reynolds Decatur Ruth Helen Rink Edinburg Eileen Alice Ritchie Decatur Ruth Helen Ross Decatur Doris Marion Sayre Decatur Eleanor Jane Shell Decatur Vernon Lloyd Shontz Springfield JUNIORS page fifty-one ' orothy Martha Spicer Decatur Betty Ann Staley Decatur irginia Marie Stauber Decatur Margaret Sweney Salem page fifty-two JUNIORS Margaret Lenna Admire Normal Margaret Allen Decatur Julia May Attig Edwardsville John H. Baird Bethany Irvin Hugh Baker Decatur Audrey Ada Bannerman Chicago Genevieve Lucile Bauer Bement Virden H. Bimm Wyanet Beverly Lorraine Boyd Decatur Marie Buckles Edwardsville Donald Campbell Chesterville Stella May Carothers Decatur Sam H. Casey Mt. Vernon Jack Gifford Coombe Decatur Victor A. Corrado Oak Park SOPHOMORES page fifty-four Charlotte Clarabel Denz Decatur Rowena Rebecca Dickey Decatur Winifred Jane Diller Decatur Ella Mary Dudley Decatur Elizabeth Van Home Duerr Decatur Maurice John Feldman Carlyle Laurabelle Fischer Decatur Helen Marilynn Foster Decatur Roy Littrell Gabel Clinton Lelah Laura Galligar Decatur Lenore Marie Gibson Decatur Fred Lamb Gilman Decatur Martha Louise Granier Hillsboro Charlotte Isabel Griggs Decatur Betty Frances Grubbs Decatur SOPHOMORES page fifty-five Margaret Elizabeth Hall Decatur Challys Maurine Hamman Areola Donald Wesley Hamman Decatur William Aston Hammer Decatur Charles Harris, Jr. Decatur Mary Lou Hart Van Buren, Indiana Dorothy Lewin Henderson Edwardsville Mildred Lois Holcomb Oakley Martha Imogene Hopkins Decatur Nancy Eloise Hugenberger Decatur Lester John Jackson East St. Louis William F. Jeschawitz, Jr. Decatur Harold Louis Jeter Decatur June Marie Keith Normal Charles Harmon Kiick Decatur SOPHOMORES page fifty-six Ruth Grace Kilbey May wood Margaret Virginia Knotts Cerro Gordo Martha Lois Kuhns Decatur Edith Janet Kunz Decatur Helen Margaret Kyle Decatur Ella Louise Lawton Decatur Marjorie Evelyn Lee Urbana George Lienhart Decatur Mary Alice Lloyd Decatur William Lucka Champaign June Gwendolyn McClure Decatur Joanne McDavid Decatur John McKeown Decatur Gaile Manecke Oakley Virginia Allison Neisler Decatur SOPHOMORES page fifty-seven Frank S. Newell, Jr. Maywood Homer Edward Niccum Clinton Walter Emil Obermeyer Decatur Carrolljean Annabelle Outten Decatur Bette Patterson Decatur Dorothy V. Patterson Decatur Betty Jane Priest Decatur Gail Pauline Randall Decatur Melvin Wayne Rentschler Decatur E. Darrell Roberts Decatur Margaret Mae Roberts Decatur Lillian Robinson Decatur Francis Rogier, Jr. Decatur Marjorie E. Rohrbaugh Decatur Norman Eugene Russell Decatur SOPHOMORES page fifty-eight Margy Lou Scheer Woodriver Walter Schlie, Jr. Decatur Jerome Schlieper Hartford Eleanor Anne Schudel Decatur Harry Schwartzenberg Chicago Merle Ducne Scott Carrollton George Richard Shay Decatur Helen Shutter Davenport, Iowa Helen Virena Sibthorp Warrensburg Murl Julius Sickbert Edwardsville Helen Louise Sona Sullivan Del Thomas Sorrells Springfield Harry Raymond Sparks Illiopolis James Marshall Sprunger Decatur F. Georganne Stauber Decatur SOPHOMORES page fifty-nine page sixty SOPHOMORES President j ames Weatherford Vice-President Frances Jane Carey Secretary Roberta Hamman Treasurer .... Roy Swartz Sopha Acorn Illiopolis William Edward Adams Decatur Keith Parr Alexander Decatur William Robert Allan Canada Thomas S. Ballance Vernon Philip Weedman Bateman Decatur Mary Bean Decatur Sarah Bean Decatur Marian Virginia Bennett Aurora June Audrey Bilgere Decatur Loretta Ann Boggs Decatur Virginia Catherine Bopp Decatur Wilbur George Brinner Mason City Jeanne Burdick Assumption Margaret Burkhardt Highland Park FRESHMEN page sixty-two Oliver S. Burnette Decatur Edwin Louis Busch Decatur Frances Jane Carey Decatur Frances Carlson Chicago Philip Ralph Coen Assumption Helen Ramona Coen Assumption Eleanor Jeanette Cooper Decatur LaVerne Cummins Decatur Wm. Murray Cutler. Jr. Rankin Dorothy Esther Dashner Dupo Clement Francis Davis Decatur Myra Lorraine DeMuth Chicago Barbara Jane Diehl Decatur Alfred Diller Decatur Marie Chewning Doherty Dwight FRESHMEN page sixty-three Dorothy Jean Dorr Edwardsville Wilma Jeannette Dougherty Robinson Mary Mahoney Driscoll Decatur John Edward Duddenhoffer Morrisonville Mildred Anita Durcholz Latham Naomi Belle Edwards Decatur Robert Redmon Ellison Decatur Darrel Dean England Morrisonville Lawrence Grover Engle Decatur Bonnie Clare Ernst Decatur Richard Holmes Foster Decatur Delina Irene Fraser Decatur William Garvin Decatur Gertrude Gollnick Decatur Verna Mae Gosswiller Highland Park FRESHMEN page sixty-four Charles J. Graham Decatur Janet Isabelle Hamilton Decatur Natt Kemper Hammer Decatur Billie Roberta Harmon Pana Annie Margaret Harp Fort Wayne, Indiana Herbert Hart Decatur Elizabeth Annette Hawkins Decatur Mary Hayes Decatur Virginia Lee Hayes Decatur Grace Eleanor Hilvety Macon George Robert James Salem Alice Jane Johnson Decatur Thelma Marie Kent Mechanicsburg Robert Earl Kiefer Decatur Byron Francis Killam Roxana Mil i 4 ■S — - " T 1 ATI Id r mm mt 4LJ FRESHMEN page sixty-five 8 I James Kranz Decatur Margaret Jane Laughlin Moweaqua Estella Launtz Decatur Sallie Lou Leachman Lovington Norma Eloise Lewis Pana Clyta Gertrude Lovejoy Kewanee Jean Eleanor McCommons Flora Russell E. McDaniels Decatur Hubert Clifton Magill Decatur Sara Ruth Martin Robinson Philip E. Meadows Clinton Jack Ryan Millikin Danville Dale Minick Decatur Lee Charles Moorehead Decatur Martha Louise Mullen Decatur FRESHMEN page sixty-six Walter Warren Murfin Decatur Arthur August Neuendorf Decatur Francis Marie Neumeyer Mt. Pulaski Dawn Henriette Odell Decatur Earl V. Oglesby Decatur Harriet Ruth Overbeck Edwardsville Louise Ann Parker Maroa Virginia A. Patterson Dayton, Ohio Annetta Louise Peckert Decatur Victor E. Peterson, Jr. Decatur Lucy Gale Phelps Dayton, Ohio June Estelle Phillips Decatur Rockford Lear Phillips Danville Earl Gene Wilson Potter Mt. Pulaski Roswell Chapman Princ Decatur FRESHMEN page sixty-seven John David Reep Paxton G. Truman Reynolds Decatur Pauline Ritchie Decatur John Sid Rotz Harristown Wade Schott Edinburg Phyllis Elizabeth Schudel Decatur Lauren Tanner Shaw Decatur Myers Glen Shellabarger Decatur Robert Reitz Shontz Springfield Robert Wilson Sleeper Mt. Zion Theodore Nance Small Petersburg Mary Ardelia Smith Sullivan Vera Elmo Spangler Decatur L. Paul Stark Decatur Joseph Homer Stocks Decatur FRESHMEN page sixty-eight Nancy D. Stookey Harristown Betty Lou Strom Little Rock, Arkansas Roy Arland Swartz Decatur Ella Grace Teece Wyanet Martha Elizabeth Tendick Greenfield Waneta Mae Trick Homer Inabelle Trueblood Decatur Julia Alice Tuttle McLean Eunyce Ruth Voigt Kankakee June Elaine Wall Decatur Helen Genevieve Warnack Decatur James Troy Weatherfo.d Decatur Margaret Rose Westervelt Decatur Elizabeth Annette Wheeler Decatur William Carlyle White Decatur FRESHMEN page sixty-nine Harry W. Whitney Chicago Dorothy Allen Decatur Donald Campbell Chesterville Polly Ann Cooper Springfield Harold Meyer Edwards Hammond Berle E. Engle Brownstown Roberta Louise Hamman Decatur Howard Johnson Harristown FRESHMEN page seventy In every group there are a few recognized leaders, persons who are individual, who excell in the things they undertake, who have courage and conviction to uphold their ideas and ideals, and who by their gual- ities of leadership have influenced their classmates to progressive achievement. So it is with the Senior Class, and these persons the 1938 Millidek desires to honor. 1. Millikin ' s by- word: curtesy. 2. From freshmen to president. 3. Snowy gates to knowledge. 4. Get in there, fellows. 5. Millikin ' s car- nival dance. 6. My, my, these Delta Sigs. A C A D E M I C STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Martha Brown President Hoyt Kerr Vice-President Mary Ann Crawford Secretary Robert Bolt Treasurer The Student Council gained a new prestige and innovated several pro- gressive measures in the college activity: they outlined a sound plan for financing the Millidek which enabled every student to receive a copy at a low rate; inaugurated a central treasury for all campus organizations; spon- sored courtesy assemblies; systematized a logical plan for election of publica- tion heads; increased student participation in chapel programs by introducing each speaker. MEMBERS Seniors Freshman Martha Brown Louisa Ann Parker Dudley Heffron lohn Williams Faculty Paul Freed M. E. Robinson E. W. Ploenges Juniors B. L. Fryxell Hoyt Kerr . Mary Ann Crawford Ex-offjcio Members Robert Bolt President Hessler Dean Miller Sophomores Bette Patterson Fred Gilman page seventy-six PI MU THETA OFFICERS Laura Belle Scott President Jean Beall Vice-President Martha Brown Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Jessie Baldwin Margaret Mangrum Jean Beall Mane Ridgley Martha Brown Laura Belle Scott Kathrine Hamilton Mary Elizabeth Stookey Pi Mu Theta is the senior girls ' honorary fraternity. It was founded in 1914 to honor high scholastic and outstanding participation in extra-curricular activities. Pledging of eligible juniors is in April; initiation and appointment of initiates to offices vacated by seniors is in May. Each year Pi Mu Theta presents a scholarship to the outstanding girl in the sophomore class, based on activity and scholastic excellence. Pi Mu Theta held pledging ceremony for Margaret Mangrum, October twenty-eighth, followed by a wiener roast in Fairview Park. Following the initiation of Margaret Mangrum, Pi Mu Theta held an initiation banguet in Carr ' s Tea Room, October thirteenth. On November sixth, the organization sponsored a reversal dance in the gymnasium in order to increase their schol- arship fund. The young women of Millikin asked the young men for dates and escorted them to the dance and throughout the evening. Pi Mu Theta held a tea dance on the afternoon of February twenty-sixth, in the gymnasium. Proceeds of the dance went to further increase this year ' s scholarship fund. The annual initiation banquet of the organization was held in the Hotel Orlando. One freshman and one sophomore girl, representing highest schol- arship in their respective classes, were guests of honor. Baldwin, Brown, Mangrum, Stookey Hamilton, Beall, Scott, Ridgley page seventy-seven ALPHA OMEGA „ — „ OFFICERS G. A. Schlick . " President Chris Gctrriott Vice-President Dudley Heffron Secretary Don Busing Treasurer MEMBERS Don Busing Chris Garriott Ralph Gibson Otto Gravenhorst (deceased) Dudley Heffron James Helfrich Noel Hudson Jack Rensch Raymond Scheer G. A. Schlick John Williams Alpha Omega is the senior men ' s honorary fraternity and is composed of three members from each fraternity and three independents who are chosen during their junior year by active members. Alpha Omega conducted their annual sale of freshman green caps this fall. The organization of senior men require all freshman men to wear these caps until the outcome of the freshman-sophomore fight during Homecoming week-end. On October ninth, Alpha Omega held their annual mixer in the Millikin gymnasium. The main objective of the mixer is to better acquaint young men and women attending James Millikin University. Each social organization on the campus presents an impromptu stunt; these stunts are judged by members of the faculty. The organization conducted and judged the freshman-sophomore scrap during Homecoming. page seventy-eight PANHELLENIC Jean Beall Athalee Connally . . Marjorie Eakin Laura Belle Scott Doris Sayre . . Eileen Ritchie Lavma Hess Panhellenic, the advisory and governing council for inter-sorority activi- ties, consists of the president, one other active member, and an alumnus from each sorority. Particularly during rush week is the group active; however, Panhellenic sponsors and plans three major activities of each college year ' the annual Panhellenic tea for all new women and sorority members at the beginning of each year; the traditional Song Fest; annual scholarship banguet honoring the women who made the highest average in each class and in each sorority. Members of Panhellenic as of May 1, are: Jean Beall, Ellen Horn Marjorie Eakin, Ruth Troutman, Eileen Ritchie, Mrs. Mary Neureuther Doris Sayre, Bette Patterson, Laura Belle Scott, Eleanor Miller. Alumni members include: Mary Donovan, Alpha Chi Omega; Mary Francis Wood, Pi Beta Phi; Nettie Donnell, Zeta Tau Alpha; Mrs. David Jones, Delta Delta Delta- Kathryn Royer, Theta Upsilon. President Vice-President Social Chairman Secretary Treasurer Publicity Adviser page seventy-nine KAPPA SOCIETY " We believe that the attainment of high scholarship is of eminently prac- tical value, " wrote the six charter members of Kappa Society drafting a constitution in 1909. And they were not implying merely that individual intel- lectual excellence will provide a good livelihood; but, what was of more importance, that the possession of such mind-quality did not separate Kappas from the work and life of the university and of the world, but made them more avowedly and necessarily participants. In order to encourage and promote the ideals of such sustaining scholar- ship, each fall a Kappa Chapel is held to announce the noteworthy scholastic achievements, to emphasize the value of thought, and to present the society ' s key. In recognition of scholastic excellence during college, the society pre- sents two keys to students; a silver to juniors who have achieved at least a 3.5 average for their three years, and a gold one on Commencement day to seniors who have maintained that average. Each June at an annual Commencement banquet, newly elected members are welcomed. Y. W. C. A. CHRISTIAN YOUTH COUNCIL These two groups afford opportunities for religious activities in college of a more extensive nature than the Tuesday chapel programs. Their activities have not been numerous this year, but their leaders have a nucleus for ex- pansion in the religious life at Millikin. Laura Belle Scott and Chris Garriott were noteworthy members of each organization. page eighty CONANT SOCIETY Quiet, dignified evenings of culture plus fun characterize Conant meet- ings, the only club on the campus for persons especially interested in literature and art. The society was founded in 1920, and has established itself on the campus as an honorary organization. The Elizabethan Study, now a kind of sanctuary for English majors, was established by Conant in 1928. THE YEAR WITH CONANT Nov. 4: Conant Night for new members. Program by officers of the society. Chairman: Katharine Hamilton. Dec. 17: Traditional Christmas meeting at Miss Charlene Wood ' s home. Chairman: Eleanor Shell. Feb. 10: " Stratford-upon-Avon " by Mrs. Madeline Babcock Smith. Chairman: Virginia Stauber. Mar. 10: " Introduction to Modern Art " by Byron Adams. Chairman: Arthur Gard. April 12: " Oddities of the Drama " by Burton L. Fryxell. Chairman: Virginia Garver. May 26: Formal Dinner at Sunnyside Country Club. Chairmen: Margaret Mangrum, Mary Ann Crawford. Gard, Williams, Pilcher, Owen, Freed, Stauber, Hess, Dante, Shell Lichtenberger, Hamilton, Stookey, Vannier, Crawford, Garver, Mangrum page eighty-one DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Spear, E. Scheer, M. Scheer, Gibson, Johnson D. Lichtenberger, Burkhardt, Ross, Mangrum, F. Ross, Kowaisky OFFICERS Ruth Helen Ross President Margaret Mangrum First Vice-President Margy Lou Scheer Second Vice-President Margaret Burkhardt Secretary Richard Johnson Treasurer Flora Ross Adviser Der Deutsche Verein, an organization to acguaint members with the language, songs, and customs of Germany, had as its special project Inter- national Night, in collaboration with the other foreign language clubs. Its program for the year included a special Christmas meeting when songs, plays, games, and poetry were introduced; an exhibition by Reverend Obermeyer of old German Bibles and textbooks; a lecture by Professor Walter Emch; be- sides its regular monthly meetings. MEMBERS Ruth Helen Ross Margaret Mangrum Margy Lou Scheer Margaret Burkhardt Richard Johnson Raymond Scheer Maryhelen Vannier Bruce Lorton Walter Schlie Mabel Kowaisky Doris Lichtenberger Ralph Gibson Robert Spear Gus Spaeth page eighty-two LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS . Margaret Mangrum President Ruth Helen Ross First Vice-President Jessie McKeown Second Vice-President Robert Owen Treasurer Stella Mae Carothers Secretary Bonnie Blackburn Adviser French songs, games, plays, poetry, and International Night were a part of the varied program for Le Cercle Francois. The club was especially fortu- nate to have Madame Suzanne Goehler as member, for she informally added an authentic French atmosphere with her delightful treatises on French customs and talks of the innovations of English in French speech. Elizabeth Williams demonstrated French dress with her collection of dolls and pictures from her trip there last year; Madame Babcock Smith presented a travel lecture. MEMBERS Margaret Mangrum Elizabeth Williams Ruth Helen Ross Ella Louise Lawton Jessie McKeown Joanne McDavid Robert Owen Mary Elizabeth Stookey Kenneth DeFrees Guida Abbott Stella Mae Carothers Estella Launtz Ruth Rink Suzanne Goehler Mary Ann Crawford Bonnie Blackburn Ellen Horn Flora Ross Laurabelle Fischer Shonkwiler, Owen, Rink, Crawford, Berge, Launtz, Bonnie Blackburn, Stookey Abbott, Ross, Mangrum, McKeown, Carothers, McGaughey, Flora Ross page eighty-three HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Helen Tucker President Ruth Troutman Vice-President Elizabeth Thalman Secretary Grace Hilvety Treasurer The Home Ec Club prides itself on its flexibility: its power to keep in line with modern theories, to afford activities directly applicable toward excellence in that field, to provide interest and incentive to its members. The club, organ- ized in 1919, is and always has been an active and interested organization on the campus. Two special features of 1937-38 ' s activities are particularly noteworthy: a carnival dance in the gym with special booths sponsored by each fraternity and sorority, and the bi-annual Hi-Jinx party for all Millikin women and senior girls from nearby towns. Games, dancing, prizes for best costumes were a part of the evening ' s program. MEMBERS Sopha Acorn Cora Baker Audrey Bannerman Marian Bennett Frances Carlson Dorothy Dashner Elizabeth Duerr Bonnie Ernst Grace Hilvety Bernice Johnson Thelma Kent Margaret Knotts Sallie Leachman Roi Jeanne Moyer June Phillips Rosemary Reid Lillian Robinson Laura Belle Scott Dorothy Spicer Helen Stauder Margaret Sweney Elizabeth Thalman Ruth Troutman Julia Tuttle Ruth Yakel page eighty-four PHI-BI-CHEM " To promote a better understanding of science through group research and association with students in the various fields of science " is the purpose of the Pi-Bi-Chem Society which was founded in December, 1936. The organ- ization is an honor society composed of selected upperclassmen from the departments of physics, biology, and chemistry. It is from these three groups that the name was originated. Each prospective member is reguired to read an acceptable paper on some subject in the scientific field before he is considered for membership. OFFICERS President Richard Johnson Vice-President Charles Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Lyndon Sutherland MEMBERS Robert Bolt, Ralph Gibson, John Batchelder, Bruce Lorton, Orville Hill, Robert Bamhardt, Robert Barrow, Robert Spear, Richard Johnson, Charles Wilson, Lyndon Sutherland, Wal- ter Schlie, Philip Bateman, William Marmor and Walter Obermeyer. Barnhardt, Gibson, Batchelder, Johnson, Bolt, Schlie, Barrow, Sutherland Spear, Lorton, Bateman, Wilson, Obermeyer, Hill, Marmor page eighty-five DEBATE Affirmative David McNeilly Otto Keil, Jr. MEN ' S TEAM Negative Hoyt Kerr Millard Maienthal Affirmative June McClure Jane Priest WOMEN ' S TEAM Negative Guida Abbott Dorothy Dashner Five major non-decision debates with McKendree, Bradley, Illinois Col- lege, and Charleston on two different occasions gave the debate sguad a busy, but successful year. The teams also participated in a decision tourna- ment held at Normal, Illinois, March 25 and 26. Lastly, to finish their season, the affirmative men ' s team composed of David McNeilly and Otto Keil, and the negative women ' s team, Guida Abbott and Dorothy Dashner, presented the traditional Brown debate in Kaeuper Hall. The decision was awarded to Keil and McNeilly. page eighty-six TOWN AND GOWN The traditional and highly successful Town and Gown organization pre- sented two major productions: Charley ' s Aunt, a hilarious farce, whose major roles were played by Robert Wait, town, Bill Morgan and Kenneth DeFrees, gown; and the spring play, The Rivals by Sheridan in which leading roles were taken by Walter Kuntz, Bushrod Sattley, John Blodgett, Charles Seldom- ridge, town, and Kenneth DeFrees, Sally Martin, Riley McDavid, Donald Baud, Paul Gerling, Elizabeth Duerr, Virginia Garver, Mary Lou Hart, gown. Also, four one-act plays were presented by the Play Production class: Intruder by Maeterlinck. Director, Virginia Stauber. Converts by Brighouse. Director, Ruth Kilbey. Teeth of the Gift Horse by Cameron. Director, Wilma Miller. The Mayor and the Manicure by George Ade. Director, Mary Ann Crawford. page eighty-sev en STAGE CREW Hogcm, Yoder, Winker, Stocks This group of hard-working students seldom receives public recognition for their efforts, yet they are an indispensible part of every program presented in the auditorium. Whether it is arranging the stage and lights for a Town and Gown play, a Christmas pageant, dance review, or the Millikin Sing, they are always behind scenes to insure that every detail of lighting and arranging is complete. We appreciate their efforts, whether we often say so aloud or not. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Matilde Fraser President Margaret Allen Vice-President Bette Patterson Secretary Delina Fraser Treasurer Jessie McKeown Music Director Spanish Club held its regular monthly meetings which included songs, lectures, and illustrations, and wound up the year with its special project, International Night. Members are: Matilde Fraser, Margaret Allen, Dorothy Allen, Bette Patterson, Delina Fraser, Jessie McKeown, Mary Mullen, Virginia Stauber, Mary Elizabeth Stookey, Francis Jane Carey, Mary Alice Lloyd, Mar- garet Hall, Janet Kunz, Bonnie Blackburn. page eighty-eight BAND Each year the Big Blue Band has expanded both qualitatively and quan- titatively; and 1937-1938 marks one of greatest achievement. Besides playing for basketball and football games, chapel program, and pep meetings, they introduced a novel Band Promenade of swing music and played two such programs in addition to afternoon dances in the gym. New equipment — a saxophone, bass drum, two megaphones— aided 1937-1938 to be one of progress for the Big Blue Band and another year should see even further achievement. Earl C. Kiefer BAND ROSTER Jrrank Koukl Norman Hanes, Tr Cornets Altos Basses Earl Huff, Jr. Melvin Rentschler Karl Garrett Paul Stout Virden Bimm Thomas Melton Ralph Trost Howard Sturgeon Kerwyn Smith G. Lawrence Engle Harry Sparks Trombones John Gordon Piccolo Wayne Blowers Merle Scott Elmer Katt Robert Kiefer Edwin Busch Cymbals Roswell Prince Clarinets Thomas Scanlon Bassoon Frank Koukl Tympanii Murl Sickburt Douglas Beaeman Norman Hanes, Jr. Alto Saxophone Leonard Deichman Oboes Eugene Robards Paul Freed William Lucka Drums Leonard Ritchard Loren Rasplica William Crane Frank Newell Baritones Alpha Morris Robert King Cleaon Etzkorn Bernard Hoffman Irvin Baker Keith Alexander Bells and Glockenspi Victor Peterson Jack Coombe John Reep page eighty-nine CHOIR First Soprano Marilyn Foster Marjory Lee Julia Tuttle Gertrude Gollnick Frances Neumeyer Clyta Lovejoy Mary Lou Hart Bonnie Ernst Velda Sapp Dawn Odell Second Soprano Martha Tendick Virginia Fleenor First Alto Lorraine DeMuth Nancy Stookey Elizabeth Geiger Second Alto Waneta Trick Eunyce Voight Delina Fraser Matilde Fraser Lucy Phelps First Tenor Bill Lucka Wayne Wilson Homer Niccum William Snider Second Tenor Lester Jackson Paul Gerling Wilbur Wright William Hammer First Bass Frances Rogier John Batchelder Norman Hanes Second Bass John Baird Loren Rasplica William Cutler Murl Sickbert page ninety ORCHESTRA First Violins Earl Duffey Veva June Appel Concertmasters Alicia Skeet Ruth Rink Lester Jackson Matilde Fraser Delina Fraser Albert Tucker Richard Bliler Second Violins Edward Mytar, Principal Alice Crane Genevieve Fleenor Rena Damasso Genevieve Bauer Challys Hamman Eunyce Voight Truman Sanner Charles Monroe Cleaon Etzkorn Violas Oscarine Dewhirst Martha McDavid Ruth Gregory Murl Sickbert ' Cellos Jean Alvarez Wayne Blowers Rowena Dickey Basses Ethelyn Freed Oliver Burnette Karl Garrett Harp Ellen May Grossman Flutes Joanne McDavid Margaret Laughlin Herbert Sanner Oboes William Lucka Loren Rasplica Clarinets Frank Koukle Douglas Begeman Leonard Ritchard Leonard Deichman Wilma Dougherty Bassoons Prof. Walter Emch Murl Sickbert Horn William Stettbacher Trumpets Turner Nearing Paul Stout Edwin Busch Lawrence Engle Trombones Cleaon Etzkorn Lee Hope Paul Dalamos Tuba George Reynolds Tympany William Crane Percussion Sara Martin Betty Lou Strom Norman Hanes Alpha Morris Jack Coombe Librarian William Crane Assistant Librarian Norman Hanes page ninety-one THE DECATURIAN STAFF EDITORIAL— R. Paul Freed Editor-in-Chief Ella Louise Lawton Assistant Editor Joanne McDavid Assistant Editor Wilma Frances Lux Copy Editor BUSINESS— Edgar Deffenbaugh Business Manager Bernard Hoffman Asst. Bus. Mgr. George Reynolds Advertising Manager Inabelle Trueblood Bookkeeper Bill Adams, Homer Niccum, Wilma Miller, Erwin Cohen Assistants NEWS— Elizabeth Duerr News Editor Virginia Bopp, Dorothy Dashner, Herbert Hart, William Howenstine, Virginia Neisler, Estella Launtz, Janet Hamilton, Melvin Rentschler Reporters FEATURE— Virginia Stauber Feature Editor Helen Sibthorp Asst. Editor Margaret Hall Campus Doings Editor Dorothy Allen Assistant Editor Lee Moorehead Sports Editor Georganne Stauber Feature Writer Victor Corrado Photographer page ninety-two DECATURIAN The Decaturian is proud of its year ' s work. From the first issue in September its members have worked carefully and diligently toward a really excellent paper. The editorial staff inaugurated a far-sighted plan based on merit by which a student becomes an editor after systematic training. The plan means added incentive for under-staff members, a well-organized system prepared for operation at the beginning of each year, a group of experienced and capable candidates for the top position; and it made a cooperative and interested staff in 1937 and 1938. Special editions of the " Dec " appeared — the Homecoming eight-paged paper, a freshman issue in green ink, a faculty edition, an April Fool ' s number, a special final issue, besides several six and eight-page editions. The business staff is egually progressive. Stable finances made it pos- sible for special columns, engravings, and more pages. THE MILLIDEK STAFF i " Ross, Dashner, Williams, V. Shontz, Sic kbert, Cooney, R. Shontz, McKeown, Hamilton Horn, Brown, J. McKeown, Crawford, Sayre, Greider EDITORIAL STAFF Mary Ann Crawford Editor-in-Chief Jessie McKeown Assistant Editor Ellen Horn Biography Editor Ruth Helen Ross Photographs John McKeown Sports Vernon Shontz Intramurals Martha Brown Women ' s Athletic LaRaine Greider Women ' s Athletics Katharine Hamilton Greeks Doris Sayre Academic Organizations Vic Corrado Photographer Murl Sickbert Snapshots Martin Cooney Snapshots Polly Cooper ... . .Snapshots Margaret Allen Typist Janet Hamilton Typist Mary Bean, Joda McGaughey, June Phillips, Dorothy Dashner, Martha Tendick Freshman Aids BUSINESS STAFF John Williams Business Manager Fred Gilman Asst. Bus. Mgr. Bob Shontz Wayne Wilson page ninety-four The 1938 Millidek staff wishes to thank the following persons for their aid and effort in making this book possible. Davida McCaslm Burton L. Fryxell Byron Adams M. E. Robinson Gail Olsen Vic Corrado Student Council Mary Ann Crawford John Williams page ninety-five Cotivefis Iftte " iol " lfae Teeih of iiie Gift Hoi-se " itfie Matiicure ALPHA CHI OMEGA Third Row: Livesay, Odell, Randall, Peckert, Stauber, Grubbs, Bauer, Foster, Rink. Second Row: N. Stookey, Patterson, Dotson, M. Fraser, M. Mullen, M. E. Stookey, Sayre, Hamman, Sibthorp, Stauder, Greider, Diehl. First Row: M. Bean, Carey, Driscoll, S. Bean, Staley, D. Fraser, Burkhardt, Cooper. MEMBERS Sophomores Genevieve Bauer Helen Ford Marilynn Foster Betty Grubbs Challys Hamman Bette Patterson Helen Sibthorp Helen Shutter Freshmen Mary Bean Sarah Bean Virginia Bopp Margaret Burkhardt Frances Jane Carey Jeanette Cooper Barbara Diehl Mary Driscoll Delina Fraser Gertrude Gollnik Dawn Odell Annetta Peckert Nancy Stookey Betty Lou Strom Seniors Mary Livesay Mary Mullen Helen Stauder Mary Elizabeth Stookey Juniors Eleanor Brown Norma Dotson Matilde Fraser LaRaine Greider Gail Randall Ruth Rink Ruth Helen Ross Doris Sayre Betty Ann Staley Virginia Stauber page ninety-eight Founded DePauw University, 1885 Established Upsilon, 1913 Flower Red Carnation Colors Olive green and scarlet Badge Gold lyre OFFICERS Doris Sayre President Ruth Ross Vice-President Mary Elizabeth Stookey Secretary Challys Hamman _ Treasurer E. C. Kiefer , Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON September 24 — Alpha Chi-Teke wiener roast and radio dance. October 10 — Tea honoring Mrs. Hubbard, the new chaperon. November 5— Pledge Dance " Winter Wonderland " Formal. February 12 — Valentine Dinner and radio dance. April 23 — Tea honoring patrons and patronesses. June 3 — Spring Formal. ALPHA CHIS Ruth Rink Listed in " Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges " . Vice-President of the junior class. Homecoming queen attendant. President of Sigma Alpha Iota. Doris Sayre Member of Panhellenic. Member of French club. Member of cast for Homecoming play. Ruth Helen Ross President of German club. Vice-president of the French club. Frances Jane Carey Vice-President of the freshman class. Bette Patterson Member of Student Council. Member of Panhellenic. Secretary of the Spanish club. Mary Elizabeth Stookey Member of Pi Mu Theta. Member of Conant society. Member of French club. Virginia Stauber Feature editor of the Decaturian. Member of Conant society. OF DISTINCTION Margaret Burkhardt Secretary of German club. Eleanor Brown Member of Town and Gown Patronage Committ ee. Challys Hamman Member of Town and Gown Patronage Committee. Departmental Editors of the Millidek LaRaine Greider Doris Sayre Ruth Ross Members of Sigma Alpha Iota Ruth Rink Genevieve Bauer Marilynn Foster Eleanor Brown Scholastic Honors Ruth Ross Ruth Rink Challys Hamman Delina Fraser page ninety-nine DELTA DELTA DELTA Outen, Carlson, Baldwin, Connolly, McGaughey, Lawton, Rohrbaugh, Patterson, Lee, Launtz, Parker Edwards, Troutman, Holcomb. Dickey, Grove, Waldron, Garver, Eakin, Brehm, Stauber, Latowsky, Denz. MEMBERS Seniors Jessie Baldwin Athalee Connally Marjorie Eakin Juniors Margaret Berge Bets Brehm Virginia Garver Marguerite Grove Uldene Latowsky Ruth Troutman Sophomores Charlotte Denz Rowena Dickey Lois Holcomb Ruth Kilbey Ella Louise Lawton Marjorie Lee Annabelle Outten Marjorie Rohrbaugh Georganne Stauber Margaret Ann Waldron Freshmen Frances Carlson Naomi Edwards Estella Launtz Sally Martin Joda McGaughey Louise Ann Parker Virginia Patterson Lucy Gale Phelps Helen Warnack page one hundred Founded Boston University, 1888 Established Delta Epsilon, 1912 CoIors Silver, gold and blue Flower Pansy Badge Crescent encircling three stars OFFICERS Marjorie Eakin President Virginia Garver Vice-President Uldene Latowsky Secretary Charlotte Denz Treasurer J. A. Melrose Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON September 26— Tea honoring Mrs. Grover. October 2 — Initiation and Pledge Dance. November 20— Founders ' Day Banquet. December 1— Freshman Tea Dance. December 1 3— Traditional Tri-Feed. December 17 — Radio Dance. February 26 — Initiation Dinner. May 7— Tri-Delt State Meet. May 21 — Spring Formal. TRI-DELTS OF DISTINCTION Jessie Baldwin Margaret Ann Waldron C r™ an r the J° Wn Qnd G ° Wn Fat " Member of Town and Gown Patronage ronage Committee. Committee. y Member of Pi Mu Theta. Member of Conant society. Joda McGaughey Athalee Connally Sports manager of W. A. A. Homecoming queen attendant Member of Millidek staff. Sports manager for W. A. A. Ruth Kubey Marjorie Eakin Assistant director of " The Rivals " . Secretary-treasurer of W. A. A D , „ Social chairman of Panhellenic. nuth Troutman Louise Ann Parker Vice-President of Home Economics club. Member of student council. Scholastic Honors Sally Martin Estella Launtz Member of cast of " The Rivals " . Ken cjy 7 Virginia Garver Helen Warnack Member of the cast of " The Rivals " . EUa Loufse wton President of W. A. A. Louise Lawton Member of Conant society. Ella Louise Lawton Assistant editor of the Decaturian. Member of French club. page one hundred one DELTA SIGMA PHI Third Row: Weatherford, Bateman, Oglesby, Trost, Sturgeon, Bivins, Diller, Burgett, Mytar- Second Row: Bentley, Huffer, McNeilly, Schlick, Gehlbach, Rensch, Custis, Corrado. First Row: Foster, Killam, Keifer, Milton. MEMBERS Seniors Roy Gehlbach David McNeilly Jack Rensch G. A. Schlick Juniors Bernard Huffer Sophomores Philip Bateman John Bentley Eugene Burgett Paul Bivens Victor Corrado Roy Custis Edward Mytar Freshmen Alfred Diller Edwin Faster Robert Kiefer Byron Killam George La Charite Thomas Melton Earl Oglesby Howard Sturgeon Ralph Trost James Weatherford page one hundred two Founded College of the City of New York, 1899 Established Q2 Colors Nile green and white Badge Diamond Shaped with 2 in gold Flower White carnation OFFICERS lack Rensch President Eugene Burgett Vice-President Victor Corrado Secretary G. A. Schlick Treasurer E. W. Ploenges Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON October 17 — Open house tea. October 30 — Pledge dance. December 11 — Christmas formal. December 10 — Observed founders ' day. March 12 — Initiation dance. May 21 — Spring formal. Victor Corrado Photographer for the Millidek and the Decaturian. James Weatherford President of the freshman class. David McNeilly Debate team. DELTA SIGS OF DISTINCTION Jack Rensch Member of Alpha Omega. Scholastic Honors James Weatherford G. A. Schlick Roy Custis David McNeilly G. A. Schlick President of Alpha Omega. Named in " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges " . page one hundred three PI BETA PHI Third Row: Scheer, Overbeck, Sweney, Graliker, E. Schudel, Dudley, McDavid, Reid, Admire, Thalman, Dorr, Yakel, D. Allen, Hamman, Harmon, Jack. Second Row: Crawford, Sona, Kyle, M. Allen, Lloyd, Griggs, McKeown, Duerr, Beall, Horn, Fischer, Hall, Ridgley, K. Thornton, K. Hamilton, Hayes. First Row: Lewis, Keith, Cooper, Shell, J. Hamilton, P. Schudel, Kunz, Patterson, Hopkins, J. Thornton, Bilgere. MEMBERS Seniors Jean Beall Katharine Hamilton Marie Ridgley Juniors Margaret Admire Mary Ann Crawford Elizabeth Geiger Charlotte Griggs Ellen Horn Barbara Jack Jessie McKeown Rosemary Reid Eleanor Shell Margaret Sweney Sophomores Margaret Allen Ella Mary Dudley Elizabeth Duerr Laurabelle Fischer Rosemary Graliker Margaret Hall Imogene Hopkins June Keith Janet Kunz Helen Margaret Kyle Mary Alice Lloyd Joanne McDavid Dorothy Patterson Margy Lou Scheer Eleanor Schudel Betty Thalman Julia Thornton Katherine Thornton Freshmen Dorothy Allen June Bilgere Polly Cooper Dorothy Dashner Jean Dorr Janet Hamilton Roberta Hamman Billie Harmon Mary Hayes Norma Lewis Harriet Overbeck Phyllis Schudel Helen Sona Ruth Yakel page one hundred four Founded Monmouth College, 1867 Established Illinois Eta, 1912 Colors Wine and blue Bad 9 e Gold arrow Flower Wine carnation OFFICERS Jean Beall President Ellen Horn Vice-President Charlotte Griggs Secretary Laurabelle Fischer Treasurer Gladys Galligar Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON October 16 — Pledge Dance. October 21 — Freshman Tea Dance. January 15— Pi Phi-SAE Radio Dance. February 18 — Initiation Dance. April — Open House Tea. May 7 — Spring Formal. PI PHIS OF Elizabeth Duerr Vice-President of the sophomore class. News editor of the Decaturian. Member of the cast of " The Rivals " . Roberta Hamman Secretary of the freshman class. Jessie McKeown Assistant editor of the Millidek. Homecoming queen. Vice-president of French club. Ellen Horn Departmental editor of the Millidek. Vice-President of W. A. A. Member of Conant society. Member of Panhellenic. Mary Ann Crawford Named in " Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges " . President of Aston Hall. Secretary of the Student Council. Editor of the Millidek. Member of the French club. Member of Conant society. Katherine Hamilton Departmental editor of the Millidek. Member of Pi Mu Theta. Member of Conant society. Jean Beall President of Panhellenic. Vice-President of Pi Mu Theta. DISTINCTION Marie Ridgley Member of Pi Mu Theta. Joanne McDavid Assistant editor of the Decaturian. Margaret Hall Departmental editor of the Decaturian. Members of Town and Gown Patronage Committee Ruth Yakel Margaret Allen Laurabelle Fischer Charlotte Griggs Julia Thornton Member of play. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota Margaret Admire Mary Hayes Scholastic Honors Elizabeth Duerr Jessie McKeown Joanne McDavid Janet Hamilton Rosemary Reid Dorothy Allen Ruth Yakel Margaret Allen Laurabelle Fischer Margaret Sweney the cast of the Homecoming page one hundred five SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Fourth Row: Millikin, Rotz, Meador, Allen, Meadows, Hammer, Burnette, McGill, Davis, James, Whitney, Busch. Third Row: Weakley, Newton, Gilman, Miller, Filcher, Hamman, Bimm, Taylor, McKeown, Coe. Second Row: Busing, D. Baird, Harris, Freed, Hudson, Kuhle, Hanes, Folrath, Dunning. First Row: J. Baird, Cutler, Foster, Wright, White, Derrick, Shellabarger, Prince. MEMBERS Seniors Donald Baird Don Busing Roy Dunning D. B. Folrath Paul Freed Otto Gravenhorst (Deceased) Harold Harris Noel Hudson Lawrence Kuhle Juniors Herbert Coe Burnell Fischer Norman Hanes, Jr. John Jenuine Bernard Miller David Pilcher Sophomores John Baird Virden Bimm Loyle Davis George Dixon Fred Gilman Do nald Hamman Robert James John McKeown William Newton Aubrey Taylor Melvin Weakley Harry Whitnev Robert Wright " Freshmen Oliver Burnette Edwin Busch William Cutler Jack Coughlin William Derrick Ray Fessler Richard Foster Natt Hammer Hubert Magill Jack Millikin David Normile Roswell Prince Sid Rotz Mvers Shellabarger William White page one hundred six Founded Alabama, 1856 Established Illinois Delta, 1911 Colors Royal purple and old gold Badge. .Diamond shaped with purple enamel background and S. A. E. in gold Flower Violet OFFICERS Noel Hudson President Norman Hanes, Jr Vice-President Lawrence Kuhle Secretary Don Busing Treasurer J. C. Zimmerman Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON November 19 — Pledge Dance. December 18 — Christmas Formal. March 9 — Founders ' Day Week-end convention in Champaign, 111. May 6— S. A. E. May Dance. May 28 — Spring Formal. S. A. E. ' s OF William White Cheerleader. Otto Gravenhorst Named in " Who ' s Who In American Uni- versities and Colleges " . John McKeown Departmental editor of the Millidek. Treasurer of the sophomore class. Paul Freed Editor of the Decaturian. Member of the Student Council. Named in " Who ' s Who In American Uni- versities and Colleges " . Elected to Kappa society. Member of Conant society. Fred Gilman Member of the Student Council. Assistant business manager of the Millidek. Norman Hemes, Jr. Drum Major of the Millikin band. Member of Phi Mu Alpha. DISTINCTION Don Busing Football manager. Treasurer of Alpha Omega. Donald Baird Member of the cast of " The Rivals " . Member of Conant society. Virden Bimm Departmental editor of the Decaturian. Roy Dunning Football manager. Robert James Football manager. John Baird Basketball manager. Roswell Prince Freshman basketball manager. Scholastic Honors John McKeown Paul Freed Hubert Magill Bernard Miller page one hundred seven TAU KAPPA EPSILON Second Row: Wilson, Moore, Small, Garvin, R. Shontz, Adams, Myers, Edwards, Washburn, Shaw, Keil Ellison, Graham, Williams. First Row: Jeschawitz, Sorrells, Sparks, Cooney, Heffron, Messinger, Schlieper, V. Shontz. MEMBERS Seniors Dudley Heffron James Helfrich Lee Messinger John Williams Juniors Martin Cooney Arthur Gard Vernon Shontz Wayne Wilson Sophomores Charles Harris William Jeschawitz Andrew Meyer Melvin Rentschler Darrell Roberts Jerome Schlieper Wade Schott Del Sorrells Harry Sparks James Sprunger Freshmen William Adams Harold Edwards Robert Ellison William Garvin Charles Graham Otto Keil Malcolm Moore Lauren Shaw Robert Shontz Theodore Small Fritz Washburn page one hundred eight Founded Illinois Wesleyon, 1899 Established Be:a. 1909 Colors Cherry and gray Badc?e Skull on triangle OFFICERS Martin Cooney President Dudley Heffron Vice-President James Sprunger Secretary Lee Messmger Treasurer M. E. Robinson.. Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON October 15 — Harvest Hop. November 3 — Pledge Tea Dance. December 18 — Christmas Formal. January 10 — Founders ' Day Dinner and Radio Dance. April 30 — Spring Formal. TEKES OF DISTINCTION William Adams Cheerleader. Advertising department of the Deca- turian. Vernon Shontz Departmental editor of the Millidek. John Williams Business manager of the Millidek. Member of the Student Council. Conant society. Alpha Omega. Otto Keil Debate. Martin Cooney Departmental editor of the Millidek. James Helfrich Member of Alpha Omega. Dudley Heffron Secretary of Alpha Omega. Member of the Student Council. Arthur Gard Member of Conant society. Scholastic Honors Otto Keil Del Sorrells page one hundred nine THETA UPSILON Mangrum, Wilson, Priest, P. Ritchie, Roberts, Grossman, Neureuther, Hart, E. Ritchie MEMBERS Seniors Margaret Mangrum Mary Tuschoff Neureuther Mary Wilson Juniors Ellen May Grossman Eileen Ritchie Sophomores Mary Lou Hart Jane Priest Margaret Mae Roberts Freshmen Sopha Acorn Shirley Cornick Betty Lanier Pauline Ritchie page one hundred ten Founded University of California, 1914 Established Gamma Alpha, 1933 Colors Rainbow colors Bad 9 e Jeweled Theta superimposed upon a gold Upsilon Flower Iris OFFICERS Eileen Ritchie President Mary Wilson Vice-President Ellen May Grossman Secretary Jane Priest Treasurer Grace Trumbo Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON October 19 — Dinner in honor of Mrs. Mary Brennen, new Theta Upsilon chaperon. October 31 — Open house tea. January 22 — Founders ' day dinner. January 28 — Winter formal. June 2 — Spring formal. THETAS Margaret Mangrum Elected to Kappa society. Member of Pi Mu Theta. Member of Conant society. Vice-president of German club. President of French club. Chairman of International night. Listed on the scholastic honor roll. Eileen Ritchie Member of Panhellenic. Vice-President of Y. W. C. A. DISTINCTION Jane Priest Member of the debate team. Margaret Mae Roberts Member of Sigma Alpha Iota. Pauline Ritchie Member of the Town and Gown Patron- age Committee. Mary Lou Hart Member of the cast of " The Rivals " . Member of Sigma Alpha Iota. page one hundred eleven ZETA TAU ALPHA Durcholz, Hayes, Knotts, Doherty, Boyd, Boggs Phillips, Wall, Miller, Westervelt, Scott, Bennett, Leachman, Hugenberger MEMBERS Freshmen Marian Bennett Lorretta Boggs Wilma Dougherty Mildred Durcholz Virginia Hayes Sally Lou Leachman June Phillips June Wall Margaret Westervelt Seniors Cora Baker Laura Belle Scott Juniors Eleanor Miller Sophomores Beverly Boyd Margaret Knotts Eloise Hugenberger page one hundred twelve Founded Fctrmersville, Virginia, 1898 Established 1912 Colors Turquoise blue and steel gray- Badge Jeweled shield Flower White violet OFFICERS Laura Belle Scott President Eleanor Miller Vice-President Eloise Hugenberger Secretary-Treasurer Viola Bell Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON October 6 — Fres,hman Tea Dance. October 17 — Reception, Banquet, and Open House Tea. November 23 — Pledge Dance. December 17 — Christmas Dance. February 18 — Initiation Radio Dance. May 20 — Spring Formal. ZETAS OF DISTINCTION Laura Belle Scott Vice-President of the senior class. President of Pi Mu Theta. President of Y. W. C. A. Candidate for Homecoming queen. Member of Panhellenic. Named in " Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges " . Margaret Knotts Secretary of the sophomore class. Listed on the scholastic honor roll. Eleanor Miller Member of Panhellenic. Margaret Westervelt Member of the Town and Gown Patron- age Committee. page one hundred thirteen SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Grossman, Lovejoy, Neumeyer, Dickey, Lee, Hayes, Voight, McCommons, Turner, Hart Roberts, Attig, Mertz, Rink, Fraser, Foster, McLaughlin, Bauer OFFICERS Ruth Rink President Matilde Fraser Secretary Janet Mertz Treasurer Wilna Moffett Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Seniors Sophomores Freshmen Janet Mertz Genevieve Bauer Eunyce Voight Barbara Jack Marilynn Foster Sara Martin Juniors Margaret Mae Roberts Clyta Lovejoy Matilde Fraser Julia May Attig Frances Neumeyer Ruth Rink Rowena Dickey Mary Hayes Ellen May Grossman Marjorie Lee Margaret Laughlin Margaret Admire Mary Lou Hart Actives Out of School Eleanor Brown Jean McCommons Ruth Downing Dorothy Turner Louise Bredehoft Charlotte McClelland Beatrice Hill EVENTS OF THE YEAR October — Pledge Recital. November 13 — Homecoming Luncheon. December 11 — Christmas Party for Rushees. January 7 — Musicale and Tea. January 9 — Rose Tea. March 12 — Pledging and Pledge Dinner. March 24-26 — Visit of Miss Gertrude Evans, National S. A. I. Presi- dent. March 26 — Musicale and Tea. May — Spring Initiation. RECITALS PRESENTED BY: Ruth Rink Rowena Dickey Ellen May Grossman Matilde Fraser Genevieve Bauer page one hundred fourteen PHI MU ALPHA, SINFONIA Hemes, Hadley, Batchelder, Rogier, Hess, Mytar, Emch, Stout, Wilson Begeman, Koukl, Lucka, Jackson, Blowers, Easterling OFFICERS Lester Jackson President Wayne Blowers Vice-President William Lucka Secretary Frank Koukl Treasurer Grant Hadley Supreme Councilman MEMBERS John Batchelder Lester Jackson Douglas Begeman Frank Koukl Wayne Blowers William Lucka Earl Duffey Edward Myter Alan Easterling Francis Rogier Walter Emch Murl Sickbert Grant Hadley p au l Stout Norman Hanes Wayne Wilson Clyde Hess Wilbur Wright ACTIVITIES September 30 — Beginning of monthly dinners. October 6 — Founders ' Day Program, Kaeuper Hall. Founders ' Day Banquet. March 13— All American Program, Kaeuper Hall. March 28 — William Lucka, recital. April 1 1 — Francis Rogier, recital. Alan Easterling, accompanist. Earl Duffey, member of Millikin string quartette. Woodwind quartette: Frank Koukl William Lucka Murl Sickbert Douglas Begeman page one hundred fifteen INDEPENDENTS OFFICERS Chris Garriott President Theresa Lovasich Co-President Charles Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Guida Abbott Social Chairman R. R. Palmer Faculty Adviser SOCIAL SEASON October 1 — Chili Supper. October 29 — Country Bumpkin Hallowe ' en Party. November 13 — Homecoming Banquet. May 7 — Spring Dinner Dance. Also, monthly parties were held throughout the year. SOME INDEPENDENTS OF DISTINCTION Martha Brown Listed in " Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. " Secretary of the senior class. President of the student council. Homecoming gueen attendant. Departmental editor of the Millidek. Secretary-treasurer of Pi Mu Theta. Chris Garriott President of the senior class. Listed in " Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges " . Vice-President of Alpha Omega. President of the Christian Youth Council. Ralph Gibson President of the junior class. Member of Alpha Omega. Member of Pivot club. George Reynolds Advertising manager of the Decaturian. Treasurer of the junior class. Member of the Pivot club. Edgar Deffenbaugh Business manager of the Decaturian. William Crane Treasurer of the senior class. Joy Burcham Secretary of the junior class. Norman Russell President of the sophomore class. Roy Swartz Treasurer of the freshman class. Hoyt Kerr Vice-President of the student council. Robert Bolt Treasurer of the student council. Maryhelen Vannier President of Conant society. Guida Abbott Debate team. Wilma Lux Copy editor of the Decaturian. Lee Moorehead Sports editor of the Decaturian. Joseph Stocks Stage manager. Edward Hogan Stage electrician. Scholastic Honors Thirtv-nine independents listed on honor roll. page one hundred sixteen ASTON HALL DORMITORY COUNCIL Mary Ann Crawford President Guida Abbott Secretary and Treasurer Margy Lou Scheer Theresa Lovasich Ruth Rink Dorothy Dashner Rena DaMosso Marjorie Lee Bernice Johnson Ruth Kilbey Aston Hall holds a unique position on the campus in that it houses girls from every sorority and the independent group, yet still it attempts to sponsor some social activities. During the year Aston Hall has given an open house Sunday afternoon tea, a date dinner and radio dance, Hallowe ' en and Christmas parties, and several birthday parties. page one hundred seventeen You cast the die ... . We could not decide; nor could we find an outsider with enough ability to rank the following Queens of Beauty to our satisfaction. Therefore we leave them to you— these Queens, of whom five were chosen by Byron Adams and Gail Olsen of the art department, and the other five by each sorority. You are the supreme judge eventually in any case; why not now? Therefore you cast the die 1. Our aim: Every woman an Amazon. 2. Dayton and Fran. 3. Where ' s the elevator? 4. Collegiate in- spiration. 5. " Um-yum. " G. Alpha Chi fledgings. 1. Dorothy and E b b y (posed for this one). 2. Papoose Diehl- in-a-blanket. 3. Autumn at TKE. 4. Dance manners (at the punch bowl). 5. Home of " Home Economics. " G. Gehlbach and his love. 1. Prithee, fair maid. 2. Another fish story. 3. Pi Phi kisses (candy). 4. Artistique. 5. Swing your partner. 6. Snow and guess who? I. Why Call 2. Love ' s labor. 3. Millikin music makers. 5. That final M. E. R. G. Jess and Jeanie. 0 l auty w J nttamutal omen J F O O T COACHES FOOTBALL J. M. U. vs. St. Louis University Millikin ' s football opener ended disastrously. The Big Blue was crushed by the superior man-power and blocking of St. Louis U ' s Billi- kens. Millikin, using five inexper- ienced sophomores in the starting lineup, lacked a polished offense and came out on the short end of a 37 to 0 score. Tennessee Tom Alvey and George Dixon stood out in the Millikin line. J. M. U. vs. Illinois College Millikin ' s 1937 homecoming was spoiled by the Blueboys of Illinois College, for the visitors capitalized on breaks to gain a 27 to 0 decision. Millikin held its own until the end of the first half when Illinois College went air-minded and pushed over the first touchdown. Two touch- downs in the third period and one in the last guarter were all results of Millikin fumbles. The Big Blue suffered greatly from loss by injury of all but two of the regular back- field candidates. J. M. U. vs. Augustana Millikin ' s home season started off disastrously when Augustana capi- talized on its only serious scoring opportunity and carried off the honors by a score of 7 to 0. In the first half, the Big Blue seemed to be on her way several times as she piled up six first downs, but, in the last half, Augustana held the spot- light as Millikin was held without a first down. A sixty-yard drive fol- lowed by a one-yard plunge by Tangorra in the third guarter was the deciding factor in the game. Millikin ' s defense was especially noteworthy in this game. page one hundred thirty-five FOOTBALL J. M. U. vs. Ripon A blocked punt in the second quarter was the margin by which the Big- Blue lost to Ripon at Millikin field in her second home game. After Millikin had recovered a Ripon fumble on the four-yard line, New- ton attempted to punt out from his own zone, but a horde of Ripon line- men broke through and knocked the ball back for the lone score of the game. Millikin again displayed a very weak offense, but her tight de- fense featured Big George Dixon, Tom Alvey, and Al Hendricks. J. M. U. vs. Lake Forest The Big Blue ' s first trip into Chi- cago territory was marred by Lake Forest when the latter pushed over two touchdowns for a 13 to 0 win. The first counter came in the second quarter when Lake Forest capital- ized on a fumbled punt and then scored on a twenty-yard end run. In the third quarter they opened up a passing attack which netted a touchdown plus the extra point. One of the best plays was a punt by Newton from his own seven-yard line which rolled dead on the Lake Forest twenty-three. page one hundred thirty-six FOOTBALL J. M. U. vs. Wesleyan Millikin suffered the worst defeat of her thirty-three-year-old rivalry with Illinois Wesleyan this year as the Titans took advantage of superior weight and power to crush the light Millikin team, 40 to 6. Wes- leyan scored once late in the first quarter, added three counters in the second stanza, and then wound up things with a touchdown in each of the last two quarters. Millikin ' s lone score came near the end of the game when Ebby Scheer snagged a pass from Bill Newton. Roy Hind- man, who backed up the line, and George Dixon turned in some fine defensive work for the Big Blue. J. M. U. vs. Wheaton Millikin was handed her fifth con- ference loss by a well drilled Whea- ton eleven which presented one of the most diversified attacks met by the Big Blue all season. The final score, 21 to 0, indicates the effec- tiveness of the Wheaton attack. Millikin ' s only chance to score came in the third quarter when the team forged its way to the Wheaton five- yard line, only to lose the ball on a fourth down fumble. Millikin again lacked offensive drive as is shown by the fact that she made only one first down. FOOTBALL i REWARDED Mr. William Van Law ' s idea that athletes should be rewarded for ability in other fields of endeavor besides sports has found fruition in an annual award, made by the Decatur branch of Block S Kuhl, to those athletes exhibiting proficiency in scholarship. Mr. Van Law felt that a man should be more than a mere athlete— that he should be a well-rounded individual as well; consequently his cultural inclinations would have to balance with his athletic life. With this idea in mind, the plan of awards adopted was that of giving three monetary prizes to upper classmen and three to freshmen. To the junior or sophomore with the highest grade average would go twenty-five dollars in cash; to the upper-class athlete with the second highest average would go fifteen dollars; to the third high man would go ten dollars. The three highest freshmen athletes were to be awarded equally ten dollars each. Al Hendricks, of Taylorville, was number one man among the upper classes; Gail Olsen, second; Burnell Fischer, third. Freshmen awards went to Roy Curtis, Don Hamman, Walter Schlie. These presentations were made by Mr. Van Law before Millikin in a chapel program. page one hundred thirty-nine FRESHMAN FODDER page one hundred forty B A S K E L BASKETBALL Baird, Kuhle, Taylor, Feldman, Custis, Reynolds, lohnson Coslet, Sparks, Hendricks, Scheer, Musso, Fischer 1937-1938 BASKETBALL SCORES HERE Arkansas State 25 Eureka 27 Shurtleff 21 Wesleyan 40 Hawaii 34 North Central 47 Illinois College 19 Bradley 31 Millikin 28 Millikin 32 Millikin 32 Millikin 28 Millikin 41 Millikin 44 Millikin 9 Millikin . . . ' ' 22 THERE Shurtleff 24 Bradley 42 North Central 47 Principia 30 Illinois College 33 Eureka 40 Hawaii 31 Wesleyan 34 Millikin 30 Millikin 33 Millikin 34 Millikin 36 Millikin 37 Millikin 30 Millikin 44 Millikin 15 page one hundred forty-two BASKETBALL Millikin vs. Arkansas State Coach Johnson ' s quintet opened the season with a 28 to 25 victory over a far from impressive team from the Arkansas State Teachers College. The Aggies held their own the first half as both teams scored 12 points. Millikin built up a 21 to 13 advantage in the first ten minutes of the second half, but the Aggies gradually crept up to make the final minutes a nip and tuck battle. Musso and Captain Fischer led the local scoring with eight points apiece. Millikin vs. Eureka Led by Al Musso, wh o bagged eight fielders for the Big Blue, Milli- kin beat Eureka at the Armory by a score of 32 to 27. The locals led most of the way as the whole team rebounded excellently. The return of Aubrey Taylor, who had been out of competition since the football season because of a bad shoulder, bolstered up the Big Blue defense to a noticeable degree. Millikin vs. The Hawaiian All Stars Millikin traveled to Danville for the first win over the Hawaiian All Stars, 44 to 41. The Hawanans, coached by Al Miller, former Milli- kin athletic luminary, displayed a tricky offensive, featured by the sharp passing of Goo and Morguchi. However, they were not able to cope with Millikm ' s superior height as Scheer and Musso, our two tallest men, collected 26 points between them. Millikin vs. Shurtleff Displaying a rather ragged de- fense in spots, the Big Blue finished the pre-conference competition on the home floor with a 32 to 21 vic- tory over Shurtleff College. They grabbed a lead of 8 to 0 as the game started and never relinquished it. Musso and Taylor led the Millikin scoring. page one hundred forty-three Millikin vs. Wesleyan Millikin ' s first loss of the season was dished out by their greatest conference rival, Wesleyan, to the tune of 40 to 28. The contest, played at heme, was a nip and tuck battle until the last few minutes of the first half when the Titans rallied with seven quick points to gain a 24 to 18 lead which they never relin- quished. Musso, Hendricks, and Fischer each had a big hand in the Big Blue scoring. Millikin vs. Shurtleff — Second game The Millikin hoopsters journeyed down to Alton for their second game with Shurtleff and came home with a 30 to 24 victory under their belt. Though Al Musso was held score- less for the first time of the season, Aubrey Taylor returned to his old form to ring up eleven points. The first half was again the lifesaver for the Big Blue, for Shurtleff gained only four points in the second half. Millikin vs. Bradley Millikin played one of the best games of the season although they lost to a powerful Bradley team that had previously beaten Indiana U., Nebraska, and Utah State. The score was 42-33. Millikin, playing without Aubrey Taylor, who was ineligible, gave the Indians a run for their money throughout the game with some spectacular shooting. Hendricks and Fischer each collected four long fielders, and Musso used his left- handed specialty for three out of his four goals. Millikin vs. North Central Millikin lost the third conference tilt of the season to North Central of Naperville by a 47 to 34 score. North Central ' s superior height enabled them to get three times as many shots as the Blue basketeers. Hendricks, Scheer, and Musso led the attack for the Big Blue. page one hundred forty-four BASKETBALL Millikin vs. Hawaiian All Stars Second game The best show of the season was put on " when Al Miller ' s Hawaiian All Stars invaded the Armory floor for a return match, losing by a count of 41 to 34. Height again told the tale as Scheer and Hendricks each collected five fielders for the Big Blue. The Hawaiians, passing and intercepting passes with equal speed and cleverness, played one of the best floor games ever seen on the Armory floor. Millikin vs. Principia In their first athletic contest with Principia College, the Big Blue came out on the long end of a 36-30 score in one of the most hard-fought games of the year. Millikin, trail- ing 26 to 20 with only eight minutes to play, rallied to take the decision. Taylor, Musso, and Scheer did most of the scoring for the Big Blue. Millikin vs. North Central Second game For the second time this season Millikin felt their lack of height against North Central as the latter won by a score of 47 to 44. The game was marked by fast play and spectacular shooting by both teams. The scoring leaders for the Big Blue were Taylor and Musso. Millikin vs. Illinois College The Big Blue made the Blue Boys of Illinois College their first confer- ence victims in a 37 to 35 game at Jacksonville. From the middle of the first half, Millikin was in the lead as Al Musso with fourteen points, Taylor, and Scheer hit con- sistently. page one hundred forty-five BASKETBALL Millikin vs. Wesleyan Second game For the second time this season the Big Blue lost to Wesleyan, this time by a score of 34 to 15, in the most one-sided contest of the sea- son. Millikin was well in the run- ning during the first half, when the Titans held an advantage of 13 to 9. However, the Millikin cagers lost all conception of where the hoop was and did not score a fielder for the first eighteen minutes of the sec- ond half. Millikin vs. Illinois College Second game Illinois College turned the tables on the Big Blue this season as they made up for a former loss with a 19 to 9 victory at the Armory. It was the poorest exhibition of college basketball seen at the Armory this season as Illinois College stalled most of the game with a small lead. Taylor was the only Millikin player to hit at all; he rang up seven points. Millikin vs. Bradley — Second game The largest crowd in several years was on hand at the Armory to see the great Bradley five take Millikin, 31 to 22, in the Big Blue ' s last game of the season. Led by Ebby Scheer, who played a whale of a game on rebounding, Millikin kept the Bradley supporters worried throughout as they were only four points behind with four minutes to go. Bradley was minus the services of Dar Hutchins, star center, because of injury. page one hundred forty-six SPRING SPORTS This year the athletic department, besides continuing tennis, revived three spring sports — baseball, track, and golf. The latter three sports had not been played for the past few years. From all early predictions, Coach Johnson has a promising squad for the varsity baseball season. The tennis team had one veteran, Bill Crane, and two sophomores who showed a lot of promise during their freshman year, Darrel Roberts and Francis Rogier. The other two squads were not yet chosen at the time of this publication. SPRING SCHEDULE Baseball April 1 — Springfield Junior College There April 13 — Charleston Teachers College Here April 23— Bradley There April 30— Terre Haute There May 3 — Wesleyan Here May 7 — Terre Haute Here May 12 — Illinois College Here May 17 — Wesleyan There May 21— Illinois College There Tennis April 23 — Principia Here April 27 — Eureka Here April 30— Wesleyan There May 4 — Illinois College There May 10 — Wesleyan There May 14—1. C. C. District Tennis Meet May 23 — Illinois College Here May 25 — Eureka .., There May 27—1. C. C. Meet Golf April 27 — Eureka Here May 3 — Wesleyan Here May 7 — Illinois College There May 17 — Wesleyan There May 23 — Illinois College Here May 25 — Eureka There May 27—1. C. C. Meet Track May 6 — Beloit Relays. May 21 — Quadrangular Meet at McKendree. May 28—1. C. C. Meet at Knox. page one hundred forty-seven INTRAMURALS 1937-38 was Coach Allan ' s initial year at the head of intramural sports. It was his idea, and that of the several managers, that intramurals were not reaching enough men. There were still too many men in college who never got the opportunity to engage in supervised contests. So to counteract this situation, the innovation of Active and Pledge Leagues was introduced. Under this new system, just twice as many men took part in the sports, and intra- murals assumed a major place on the sports program of Millikin. Also, an increased number of sports was introduced in this year ' s intramural program, including touch football, soccer, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, indoor baseball, softball, tennis, and golf. At this date, February, six sports remain to be played, but the present standings of the participating organizations are ranked in the following order: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, first; Independents, second only by a few points; Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Kappa Epsilon. WINNERS OF 1936-37 Noel Hudson poses with winning cup for Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Walter Clark with trophies won by the Indees; Raymond Scheer with those won by Delta Sigma Phi. Scheer, Hudson, Clarke page one hundred forty-eight WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 1937-1938 Perhaps no one organization has achieved as much progress in so short a time as has W. A. A., for only a few years ago it was a tiny disinterested, disjointed group; now they number about half the women in college, sponsor such programs as Ted Shawn and Wiedman-Humphrey dancers, participate in intercollegiate contests, play intramurals, form teams in each sport which have been more than successful. Ellen Horn remains Millikin ' s ace tennis player; LaRaine Greider is noteworthy in soccer, basketball, tennis; Virginia Garver and Maryhelen Vannier, tennis. Following is an itemized account of W. A. A. ' s extensive and varied activities for the year: Wiener roast for all Millikin women at Camp Kiwanis. Chili supper in Home Ec lounge. Intercollegiate play-day at Normal in October. Soccer teams in action; Ellen Horn reached semi-finals in tennis. Intercollegiate play-day at Millikin. Freshmen and upper class teams in basketball participated. Doris-Humphrey — Charles Weidman Dance Group, March 31. Intramural program: Soccer: Manager, Ruth Kilbey. Winner, Indees. Deck Tennis: Manager, Laurabelle Fischer. Winner, Alpha Chi Omega. Basketball: Manager, LaRaine Greider. Pi Beta Phi and Indees tie for first place. Volleyball: Manager, Mary Elizabeth Stookey. Winner, Indees. Ping Pong: Manager, Athalee Connally. Tennis: Manager, Margaret Hall. Baseball: Manager, Eloise Hugenberger. Hiking: Manager, Joda McGaughey. Annual sports banquet and awarding of letters and numerals. Besides an extensive athletic program, which further includes shuffleboard, ring toss, badminton, indoor horseshoes, and darts. W. A. A. has redecorated and equipped the women ' s recreation room in the gym for a meeting room. page one hundred fifty WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION K OFFICERS MANAGERS President Virginia Garver „ , TT „ Vice-President Ellen Horn Kllbey Hugenberger Hall Treasurer Marjorie Eakin Greider Fischer WINNER OF 1936-1937 Athalee Connolly receiving the intramural first place cup won by Delta Delta Delta. Pi Beta Phi and Indees tied for second place. page one hundred fifty-one W. A. A. GIRL LARAINE GREIDER Seven points: Sportsmanship, Leadership, Skill, Personality, Service to W. A. A., W. A. A. points, Scholarship, were the criteria to decide W. A. A. ' s most representative member. From the entire organization LaRaine Greider was judged by the Director of Women ' s Athletics, President of the Student Council, President of W. A. A., and Women ' s Athletic Editor ' of the Millidek, to excell in the requisites given above. The 1938 Millidek is proud to present a W. A. A— 7 Point girl for the first time, an innovation in the Women ' s Athletic Association which they hope will be tradition hereafter. page one hundred fifty-two The Blue Mill Tea Room Is very happy to hold the same place in the hearts of every MiHikim student as it does in the pages of this section of the 1938 Millidek. We extend congratulations to each member of the Class of 1938. May you always remember the moments you spent here among your friends. We hope you will renew your col lege days with an occasional visit to the Blue Mill. Sincerely , Brock and Mac, page one hundred fifty-three CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 13-14 Freshies report, register, write, regret. 15 Dyer ' s interest in Esquire holds up registration. 16 General hunt jor classrooms. 17 Rush ing is going full swing. 18 The Greeks pledge. 20 Tom Alvey has a coon. 21 Sally announces her " Sophisticators. " 22 Subway mud betrays chapel cutters. 23 One week gone. 24 The Big Blue doesn ' t go so well at night. J. M. U. 0, St. Louis 37. 25 Mac announces Millidek staff. 27 We ' re not in " Little 19 " anymore. lust call us I. C. C. ' ers 28 The back campus is hard on ankles. 29 We want a cheer leader. 30 Crooked politics? No, just class elections. OCTOBER 1 Alas, alack, and darn it. We lose to Augustana, 7-0. 2 Sana ' s wearing a Sig Alph pin. Tri Delt pledge dance. 4 Alvey ' s coon likes the Pi Phi house. 5 Cast chosen for " Charley ' s Aunt. " 6 ZTA tea dance. 7 Block and Kuhl football awards given. 8 Ripon is the lucky team this time. The score, 2-0. 9 Another Mixer. Tri Delt wins cup for best stunt. 11 Margy didn ' t hit Ken, it was a football. 12 Game of cop and robber in library, but robber won $15. 13 W. A. A. election of officers. 14 Student directories are out! 15 TKE Harvest Hop. page one hundred fifty-four SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES . . . Shaeffer and Parker Fountain Pens at the COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE GIVING A GRADUATION PARTY? . . . Let us plan it for you. You ' ll enjoy using our PARTY-PLANNING SERVICE HAINES AND ESSICK CO. You will enjoy shopping here; with the finest lines of exclusive merchandise in Decatur for the student. A new and modern air-conditioned store for your convenience. The Men ' s Best Store — 354 N. Water Street DECATUR, ILLINOIS page one hundred fifty-five BUS TERMINAL (transfer !IQU3E) GARAGE AND OFFICE LINCOLN SQUARE 61 INDUSTRY COURT PHONE 7676 PHQNED21v| DECATUR Our DEFINITION of the word can best be UNDERSTOOD through consistent use of our lines ItattQt £u5e foot O ' ut ofi ' Town etrice M T J£ 3JJS DECATUR CITY LINES TAKE THE MILLIKIN SPIRIT WITH YOU May the fine spirit of loyalty and friendship which you have helped develop here at Millikin follow you as you go onward to higher and richer fields. To keep alive that spirit, may we suggest that you let us mail you a copy of The DECATURIAN every week of the 1938-39 school year? Price now $1.00. Subscribe Now for Next Year THE WEEKLY STUDENT PUBLICATION JAMES MILLIKIN UNIVERSITY page one hundred fifty-seven CALENDAR 16 Knox 13, J. M. U. 0. Pi Phi pledge dance. 17 Found: Pi Phi arrow at Aston Hall! Tri Delt crescent at Pi Phi house 19 Zetas and Delta Sigs give teas. 20 Popular night: Pivot Club, German Club, Spanish Club, and Y. W. C. A 21 Pi Phi tea dance. Band in chapel. 22 Nominations for Homecoming queen now in order. 23 Lake Forest 12, J. M. U. 0. (It ' s a habit). 25 Heck, Hank is leaving. 26 Get your pictures taken for Millidek. 27 Sutherd is new athletic director. 28 Pep meeting on new pavement. 29 Wheeeel Ebby made a touchdown- Wesleyan 40, J. M. U. 6. 30 Delta Sig pledge dance. 31 Theta U. open house tea. NOVEMBER 1 Sig Alphs win touch football championship. 2 " Popular Students " list posted. (And I thought I was passing P E.) 3 TKE tea dance. 4 Jessie McKeown elected Homecoming queen. Conant Dinner. 5 Alpha Chi pledge dance. 6 Reversal dance instigated by Pi Mu Theta. 8 Homecoming decorations are the main topics of discussion. 9 Indee girls victors in soccer tourney. 10 Dotson ' s wearing a Phi Mu Alpha pin. 1 1 Alumns are cluttering up the campus. 12-13 Homecoming! 1 But rather subdued. 15 Athalee is improving. 16 Al Hendricks likes to play leap frog. 17 Lots doing: Pivot Club, German Club, Spanish Club, and Y. W. C. A. 18 Football squad plays fox and geese. page one hundred fifty-eight INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE In every field of human endeavor there are men with the ability and ambition to overcome obstacles and go forward. These men of vision should have the whole- hearted co-operation of everyone, including work- ers, government and the public. Their initiative should be encouraged, for it is this spirit of enter- prize that will carry us to new peaks of prosperity. THE NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FOOD ARCADE HIGH GRADE MEATS — FATTED POULTRY FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THE COMPLETE MARKET We Cater to Fraternities and Sororities 134-38 Merchant St. p hone 4238 page one hundred fifty-nine CALENDAR 19 SAE pledge dance. Bradley won. 20 All-Millikin Carnival dance. 22 SAE brotherhood lead Intramurals. 23 ZTA pledge dance. The SAE ' s exchange with the fair sex. 24-28 Pass the turkey. 29 We ' re at it again. 30 At least we can hope to win our basketball games. DECEMBER 1 Seven J. M. U. students named for " Who ' s Who. " 2 Time Marches On! ! 3 Date dinner at the Hall. 4 Mid-holidays Senior dance. 6 I told you so. J. M. U. 28, Arkansas 25. 7 Kappa keys awarded. 8 Alpha Chi tea dance. 9 Who moved the posts on the east campus? 10 All Millikin Christmas dance. Another SAE exchange dinner. 11 Delta Sig Christmas formal. 13 Are you being good children? 14 Alpha Chi ' s lead in W. A. A. tourney. 15 Millikin Dames gixe Xmas Tea in the library. 16 Victory march continues. Eureka downed this time. 17 ZTA Christmas formal. Freshies take over Dec. 18 Take your pick. SAE-TKE Christmas formals. 20-2 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. JANUARY 3 June Bilgere and Polly Cooper have acquired frat pins. 4 Conservatory presents chapel program. 5 W. A. A. decorates recreation room in gym. 6 The sun shines — we beat Shurtleff. page one hundred sixty MILLIKIN n Ml j 0 " - OF MUSIC Offers to students who want not only instruction in music but a liberal education in addition: Courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music with a major in piano, violin, voice, or organ. Courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music Education with the major in music education or band and orchestra. For Further Information, Write: W. ST. CLARE MINTURN, Director page one hundred sixty-one This Page is Sponsored by the Following Millikin Patrons: JOSEPH F. GAUGER GROVER C. PATTON DR. R. 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U. 28, Wesleyan 40. 13 Dot ' s wearing a sparkler and Ebby ' s wearing a shiner. 14 Another SAE exchange dinner. 15 The sun shines agaml Millikin 30, Shurtleff 24. 17 Class hours were so mixed up this morning. 18 It glooms again. Bradley whipped us. 19 Bell and Trumbo offer advice to would-be fashion plates 20 Ma said there ' d be days like this. 21 Band promenade. 22 Cram! Cram! Cram! 24-27 Finals. 28-31 Just a short breathing spell. FEBRUARY 1 Did you make your initiation grades? 2 We start all over again. 3 Hello, Mr. Sutherd. 4 Anyway it was a good game. J. M. U. 43, N. C. 47. 5 All Millikin dance. 7 Just another day. 8 Wheeeel J. M. U. 34, I. C. 31. 9 Four one-act plays that weren ' t. 10 Well. 11 It gets worse. J. M. U. 15, Wesleyan 34. 12 Indees play post office. Did I get a letter? 14 Julie, do you wash the egg before or after breaking? 15 Herbie Kay is guest of SAE ' s. J. M. U. 9, I. C. 19. 16-17 A fire might cause some excitement. page one hundred sixty-four r MUELLER stamped on a shower is like A. B., M. S. or Ph. D. fol- lowing a name. It indicates ac- quired and developed improve- ments, which mean more valu- able and dependable service. It is a merit symbol of distinction for quality. 1857 MUELLER CO. 1938 DECATUR, ILLINOIS fin !4 " ma longer length optional J page one hundred sixty-five Compliments of WOARE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 1595 North Calhoun Phone 4404 COMPLIMENTS OF FREDE CHEVROLET CO. DECATUR. ILLINOIS Radio Station Decatur, Illinois ESTABLISHED 1928 AFFILIATED WITH THE DECATUR HERALD AND REVIEW page one hundred sixty-six ELECTRICITY ... Is Cheap in Decatur USE IT FOR . . . Lighting Refrigeration Washing Cooking Ironing Home Cooling Radio Automatic Water Heating ILLINOIS IOWA POWER COMPANY Formerly named ILLINOIS POWER AND LIGHT CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF UNION IRON WORKS DECATUR, ILLINOIS page one hundred sixty-seven CALENDAR 18 Pi Phi radio dance. Eureka 40, J. M. U. 30. 19 Freshman Frolic. 21 Won ' t no one do nothin? 22 Bradley 31, J. M. U. 22. 23 The Dean is collecting scandal. 24 Nine Freshies get numerals. 25 Professors edit Dec. Pi Mu Theta matinee dance. 26 Conservatory party. Mr. Hess shines at Big Apple. 28 Do you take lion or lamb? MARCH 1 Just like a lamb. 2 Ice cream cones and anklets are popular. 3 Dixon and Fischer are next year ' s captains. 4 French students lunch at Hall. 5 Guthrie and Schwartzenburg tease firemen. 7 SAE ' s win Intramural title. 8 Courtesy chapel on clothes, posture, and introductions. 9 Fur coats are popular. 10 I god a gold id my head. 11 International night. Shall we sign up the choir? 13 Indee Wmdee Partee. Delta Sig initiation dance. 14 The rain is raining all around. 15 Courtesy chapel on dances and dinners. 16 Cast chosen for " The Rivals. " 17 No smooching at Aston Hall. 18 Band Promenade. 19 Just another day. 21 Aston Hall chairs disappear. 22 The president ' s daughter talked to us about our vitamins. 23 Home Ec. club had a meetin ' . 24 Remember, cuts are limited. page one hundred sixty-eight OLDEST, LARGEST DECATUR BANK The Millikin National Bank Founded A. D. 1860 by JAMES MILLIKIN EVERY BANKING FACILITY Checking Accounts Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes EVERYBODY WELCOME Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4L waits — 7 The Finest in ENTERTAINMENT flCOL 0 EdlPfifSS THfflTRfS page one hundred sixty-nine LYON LUMBER COMPANY Since 1878 Decatur ' s Oldest and Most Reliable Dealers in Quality Lumber and Millwork 546 E. Cerro Gordo Phone 4276 Once again Molloy-Made quality and workmanship scores as the Millidek is cased in a Molloy-Made cover from . . . THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois SINCE 1892 mmimm® Moving — Packing — Shipping — Storage FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE 601 East William St. Phone 4131 Decatur, Illinois UNION DAIRY MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS LABORATORY INSPECTED DAILY Visitors Welcome Any Day page one hundred seventy @ jncjtatutattonS to AtiUlktn foot it5 ?Li5 of 1938 DECATUR RETAIL MERCHANTS page one hundred seventy-one 1. Every girl ' s 2. Zeta slumber- time. 3. Our snapper gets snapped. 4. Sayre and Dashner. 5. Ain ' t love grand? 6. It ' s a family affair. THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF DECATUR Complete Banking and Trust Facilities Your Patronage Cordially Invited Member Member Federal Federal Reserve System Deposit Insurance Corporation DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Our Stock of Jewelry in Every Line You Will Find Very Complete, and Our Prices Very Reasonable Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing R. M. MARTIN JEWELER 108 East Prairie Decatur, Illinois page one hundred seventy-three JUST CALL 42oi " IF WE CAN HELP ' J J. MORAN sons l-UNERAL THOME C. E. WARD SONS — WHOLESALE GROCERS REWARD, WARD ROSE LIBBY FOOD PRODUCTS THE BEST VALUE CLOTHES IN DECATUR DROBISCH TV fUIRHEID 2nd FLOOR CITIZENS BLDG. DECATUR ' S ONLY DAYLIGHT MEN ' S STORE DECATUR, ILLINOIS Distributors of Hosiery for the Entire Family • HOSIERY • HOSIERY REPAIR 117 North Water Street Decatur, Illinois Compliments of H. G. WILLIAMS, DRUGGIST 1210 East Eldorado Street Complete Prescription Service Telephone 4825 page one hundred seventy-four Home of . . . HART, SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHES To Advertisers: Your name in the 1938 Milli- dek will be seen by over five hundred families. It will be preserved for many years to come. You can depend upon cur- rent results, and a perman- ency which will continue to work for you. Thank You v 3 The 1938 Millidek page one hundred seventy-five CALENDAR 25 TKE Sweetheart dinner. 26 Sophomore Cotillion. Nice night for a fight. 28 They ' ve started exams again. 29 Courtesy chapel. Are all classrooms conducted like that? 30 Why were book reports invented? 31 And term papers. APRIL 1 You thought we would invert this, but we fooled you. 2 Panhellenic sing. Those Pi Phis in their pajamas. Shame. 4 We ' re curious about the Easter chapel. 5 The band fooled us in chapel. 6 I hope your grades didn ' t shock you too much. 7 We know now. Easter chapel this morning. 8 Roller skates and picnics. 9 Rain called off the Intramural spring carnival. 1 1 This can ' t go on forever. 12 Maybe it can. 13. Relief tomorrow. 14-19 Now to sleep off that spring fever. 19 Classes again. 20 Another Wednesday. 21 There should be a law against 8 o ' clocks. 22 There should be a law against all classes. 23 Junior Prom. 25-26 Sophomore exams. (Poor kids.) 27 Give us a chance to rest. 28 Founders ' Day chapel. 29 " The Rivals. " 30 TKE spring formal. page one hundred seventy-six ld T7 L can L d-l The campus views in the 1938 Millidek were taken by PFILE ' S CAMERA SHOP " Decatur ' s Photographic Center " 100 E. Prairie St. Decatur, 111. page one hundred seventy-seven THESE PEOPLE BOOST MILLIKIN . . . BUDDY MAXWELL RICHMAN BROTHERS CLOTHING FLINT, EATON COMPANY JESSE B, BIRKS J. W. COTTRELL FORREST R. KYLE WILLIAM C. (BILL) HAMMAN SANKS INSURANCE AGENCY IRWIN-NEISLER COMPANY page one hundred seventy-eight PORTRAITS NEVER Ar " Little ability is required to press a bulb and " take " an ordinary photograph. But unusual portraits . . . reproductions which are faithful, yet subtly flattering . . . possessing depth and clarity to emphasize finer features . . . require experienced, skilled craftsmanship. That photographic artists in the employ of Burchett Studios, Inc., have achieved such distinction is evi- denced by our steadily increasing list of patrons. May we serve you? ROCKFORD — DECATUR — SPRINGFIELD INC. page one hundred seventy-nine CALENDAR MAY 2 It won ' t be long now. 3 Afternoon classrooms are strangely vacant. 4 So are morning classrooms. 5 Freckles are popping out. 6 The lake is still pretty cold. 7 Pi Phi spring formal. Indee dinner dance. 9 And still we have to go to classes. 10 Chapel should have been held at the Mill today. 1 1 People fuss even in the spring. 12 Less than a month left. 13 Panhellenic banguet. Well I didn ' t rate it. 14 Tri Delt pansy luncheon. Theta U. spring formal. 16 It ' s too nice weather to study. 17 It ' s too nice weather to go to class. 18 It ' s too nice weather to do anything. 19 Exams aren ' t too far away. 20 ZTA spring formal. 21 Tri Delt formal. 23 Why don ' t they have dances on Mondays? 24 Will someone bring that up with the student council? 25 Maybe I should study. 26 Conant formal dinner. 27 Senior Ball. 28 SAE formal. 30-3 Finals. JUNE 4 Alumni Banquet. 5 Baccalaureate. 6 Commencement. page one hundred eighty A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD TOWN For Men and Young Men QUALITY CLOTHES POPULAR PRICES BLAKENEY PLUM 326 N. Water Street The Millidek staff hopes that all our readers will show their appreciation by patronizing Millidek advertisers. ' Po A ot U ottu eat three square meals a day — say your prayers — be cour- teous to your creditors — keep your digestion good — exercise — go slow and go easy — Maybe there are some other things that your special case requires to make you happy, but my friend, these I reckon will give you a good lift — Wood at College DECATUR, ILLINOIS page one hundred eighty-one DON MAY SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Wood at Oakland Complete Lubrication — Car Washing Simonizing PHONE 4747 We invite you to see the new CHICKERING Spinette and Grand Pianos EMERSON PIANO HOUSE DAUT BROTHERS, FLORISTS We Grow Our Own Flowers In Decatur, Which Assures You Fresh 143-145 N. Main St. Flowers for All Occasions Flowers Every Day 120 East Prairie St. Phone 5281 RAYCRAFT DRUG CO. Sam and Jim Armsworth, Reg. Ph.G. WE DELIVER DRUGS CIGARS SUNDRIES SODAS page one hundred eighty-two page one hundred eighty-three Buy Decatur Mined Coal and Add to the Community Buying Power MACON COUNTY COAL CO. PHONE 4444 ESTABLISHED 1858 JOSEPH MICHL ' S SONS 120 N. WATER STREET High Grade Domestic and Imported PIPES, TOBACCOS, CIGARS, SMOKERS ' ACCESSORIES SPORTS EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT 1 . Tennis Golf Swimming Badminton Camping Hiking Fishing Croquet Skating Hunting Baseball Horseshoes Basketball Football Games Cycling MOREHOUSE WELLS CO. U R WELCOME AT DON ' S STANDARD SERVICE Decatur ' s Most Modernistic Station West Main at Oakland St. ISO-VIS, QUAKER STATE MOTOR OILS ATLAS TIRES, BATTERIES page one hundred eighty-four THIS ISSUE OF MILLIDEK PRINTED AND BOUND BY CORPORATION DECATUR, ILLINOIS J Producers of Fine School Publications, Color, Catalog and Commercial Printing page one hundred eighty-five THE FOLLOWING FIRMS AND INDIVIDUALS PLAYED A GREAT PART IN MAKING THE 1938 MILLIDEK SUCCESSFUL: Arrick Engraving Company Jesse B. Birks Blakeney and Plum Blue Mill Tea Room Burchett Studios, Inc. Citizens National Bank College Supply Store J. W. Cottrell Daut Bros. Dawson and Wikoff Decatur City Lines Decatur Retail Merchants The Decaturian Drobisch-Muirheid Emerson Piano House Flint, Eaton Company Folrath Folrath Food A rcade Frede Chevrolet Company Joseph F. Gauger Haines Essick Company Hamman Bros. W. C. Hamman Huston-Patterson Corporation Illinois-Iowa Power Company Irwin, Neisler Co. Forrest R. Kyle Lincoln and Empress Theatres Sam Loeb Woare Builders G. S. Lyon Sons Lumber S Mfg. Co. Macon County Coal Co. R. M. Martin, Jeweler Buddy Maxwell Don May ' s Sinclair Service Joseph Michl ' s Sons Millikin Conservatory of Music Millikin National Bank David J. Molloy Plant J. J. Moran Sons Morehouse Wells Co. Mueller Co. National Bank of Decatur Neumode Hosiery Shop Grover Patton Pfile ' s Camera Shop Don Ponewash Standard Oil Station Raycraft Drug Co. Richman Bros. Company Dr. R. Zink Sanders Sanks Insurance Agency John F. Schudel Sessel ' s A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. Union Dairy Union Iron Works C. E. Ward Sons W. J. B. L. H. G. Williams, Druggist Supply Co. page one hundred eighty-seven ROLL OF STUDENTS (Classed according to second semester) Senior Class Alvey, Tom, Lincoln Baird, Donald, Bethany 22 Baker, Cora, Decatur 22 Baldwin, Jessie, Decatur 23 Beall, Jean, Decatur 23 Brown, Martha, Grand Coulee, Wash 24 Busing, Don, Sibley 24 Clarice, Walter, May wood 25 Connally, Athalee, Detroit, Mich. ,..25 Crane, William, Decatur 26 DaMosso, Rena, Muddy 26 Dansby, Gertrude, Decatur 27 Drobisch, Edward, Decatur 27 Dunning, Roy, Decatur Eakin, Marjorie, Decatur 28 Fleenor, Genevieve, Gays 28 Folrath, Davis, Decatur 29 Freed, Paul, Decatur 29 Garnott, Chris, Harristown 30 Gehlbach, Louis, Beason 30 Gibson, Ralph, Decatur 49 Gravenhorst, Otto, Efiingham Hamilton, Katharine, Decatur 31 Harris, Harold, Decatur 31 Heifron. Dudley, Decatur 32 Hogan, Edward, Dalton City 32 Hudson, William, Decatur 51 Jack, Barbara, Decatur 33 Johnson, Bernice, Greenview 33 Johnson, Richard, Decatur 34 Keyl, Lorena, Decatur Koukl, Frank, Alton Kowalsky, Mabel, Decatur Kuhle, Lawrence, Decatur 34 Livesay, Mary, Decatur 35 Lorton Bruce, Decatur 35 McNeiily, David, Utica 36 Maienthal, Millard, Decatur 36 Mangrum, Margaret, Memphis, Tenn 37 Mertz, Janet, Decatur 37 Messinger, Lee, Champaign Mullen, Mary, Decatur 38 Neureuther, Mary (Mrs.), Decatur. Olsen, Gail, Decatur 38 Orahood, Wildon, Bethany Owen, Robert, Decatur ; ' ' Pippin, Everett, Decatur 39 Pluck, Jane, Decatur Rensch, Tack, Ottawa -40 Ridgley, Marie, Areola 40 Sanner, Truman, Mt. Zion Scheer, Raymond, Wood River , . .41 Schlick, G. A., Decatur 41 Scott, Laura Belle, Blue Mound 42 Spear, Robert, Decatur 42 Stauder, Helen, Decatur... 43 Stookey, Mary, Harristown 43 Taylor, Corinne, Lovington 44 Tucker, Helen, Chrisman 44 Vannier, Maryhelen, Decatur 45 Vrona, Frank, Oregon Williams, John, Decatur 45 Williams, Norman, Decatur.. Wilson, Charles, Decatur 46 Wilson, Mary, Decatur. .. . 46 Wimmer, Wendell, Decatur Junior Class Abbott, Guida, Payson 48 Alverson, Lawrence, Moweaqua.... Batchelder, John, Warrensburg 48 Bennett, John Blair, Springfield Berge, Margaret, Ottawa Blowers, Wayne, Decatur Bolt, Robert, Decatur 48 Brawley, Theodore, Litchfield 48 Brehm, Betts, Dayton, Ohio 48 Brown, Eleanor, Decatur 48 Burcham, Joy, Decatur 48 Burgett, Eugene, Decatur Campbell, Donald, Chesterville 54 Carmack, Isaac, Decatur Coe, Herbert, Waverly Coslet, Dave, Beecher City Costa, Dominic, Nokomis Crawford, Mary Ann, Sandoval .... 48 Dante, Leola, Decatur 48 Davis, Loyle, Bethany Deffenbaugh, Edgar, Decatur 49 DeFrees, Kenneth, Decatur Dixon, George, Pana Fischer, Burnell, New Athens Fraser, Matilda, Decatur 49 Fleenor, Virginia, Gays 49 Gard, Arthur, Brazil, Ind 49 Garver, Virginia, Decatur 49 Geiger, Elizabeth, Decatur Golz, Wilbur, Aurora 49 Greider, LaRaine, Decatur 49 Grossman, Ellen, Decatur Grove, Marguerite, Cerro Gordo... 49 Hanes, Norman, Salem 49 Hendricks, Al, Taylorville Hess, Lester James, Decatur 50 Hindman, Roy, Salem 50 Hoffman, Bernard, Decatur 50 Hoots, Harold, Decatur Hopkins, Martha Imogene, Decatur. 56 Horn, Ellen, Springfield 50 Huffer, Bernard, Lawrenceville 50 Jackson, Lester, East St. Louis 56 Jenuine, John, Greenup Kerr, Hoyt, Decatur 50 Latowsky, Uldene, New Douglas . Lichtenberger, Doris, Decatur Lovasich, Theresa, Springfield 50 Lucka, William, Champaign 57 McClure, June, Decatur 57 McDavid, Riley, Decatur McKeown, Jessie, Decatur 50 Miller, Bernard, Decatur Miller, Eleanor, Gibson City 50 Miller, Wilma, Decatur Morris, Alpha, Decatur 50 Niccum, Homer, Clinton Oakes, Jane, Decatur ...51 Pease, Lorrayne, Peoria Pilcher, David, Decatur 51 Reid, Rosemary, Decatur 51 Reynolds, George W., Decatur 51 Rink, Ruth, Edinburg 51 Ritchie, Eileen, Decatur 51 Rochkes, John, Pana Ross, Ruth Helen, Decatur 51 Sanner, Karl, Mt. Zion Sayre, Doris, Decatur 51 Shell, Eleanor, Decatur 51 Shontz, Vernon, Springfield 51 Spicer, Dorothy, Decatur 52 Staley, Betty, Decatur 52 Stauber, Virginia, Decatur 52 Sweney, Margaret, Salem 52 Thompson, Frank, Sullivan Watson, Bernard, Decatur Weilepp, Jean, Decatur f Wilson, R. Wayne, Decatur . Yoder, Eugene, Decatur Sophomore Class Admire, Margaret, Normal 54 Allen, Margaret, Decatur 54 Anderson, Edyth, Springfield Attig, Julia Mae, Edwardsville 54 Baird, John, Bethany 54 Baker, Irvin, Decatur 54 Ballance, Thomas, Vernon 62 Barnhart, Robert, Decatur Barrow, Bob, Decatur Bateman, Philip, Decatur 62 Bauer, Genevieve, Bement 54 Begeman, Douglas, Edwardsville. . . Bentley, John, Nampa, Idaho Bernardi, Rene, Taylorville Bimm, Virden, Wyanet 54 Boyd, Beverly, Decatur 54 Brown, Gordon, Hillsboro Buckles, Marie, Edwardsville 54 Bush, Mary, Bellflower Carothers, Stella Mae, Decatur 54 Casev, Sam, Centralia 54 Coombe, Jack, Decatur 54 Castle, Robert, Rock Falls Chenoweth, Doris, Decatur Cooney, Martin, Decatur 48 Corrado, Victor, Oak Park 54 Custis, Roy, Robinson Denz, Charlotte, Decatur 55 Dickey, Rowena, Decatur 55 Diller, Winifred, Decatur 55 Dotson, Norma, Decatur Duerr, Elizabeth, Decatur 55 Dudley, Ella Mary, Decatur 55 Duggan, Michael, Mt. Zion Eakin, Marling Decatur Eskridge, Louis, Decatur Feldman, Maurice, Beckemeyer 55 Fesler, Ray, Decatur Fischer, Laurabelle, Decatur 55 Ford, Helen, Chicago Foster, Marilyn, Decatur 55 Gable, Roy, Clinton 55 Galligar, Lelah, Decatur 55 Gibson, Lenore, Decatur 55 Gilman, Fred, Decatur 55 Gordon, John, Moweaqua Granier, Martha, Hillsboro 55 Griggs, Charlotte, Decatur 55 Grubbs, Betty, Decatur 55 Guthrie, Robert, Winnetka Hall, Margaret, Decatur 56 Hamman, Challys, Areola 56 Hamman, Donald, Decatur 56 Hammer, William, Decatur 56 Harris, Charles, Decatur 56 Harrison, Kenneth, Woodsville, N. H Hart, Mary Lou, Van Buren, Ind.. 56 Heaton, Straley, Decatur Hill, Orville, Decatur Holcomb, Lois, Oakley 56 Hugenburqer, Eloise, Decatur 56 James, George, Salem 65 Jeschawitz, William, Decatur 56 Jeter, Harold, Decatur 56 Keith, June, Normal 56 Kiick, Charles, Decatur 56 Kilbey, Ruth, Maywood 57 Knotts, Margaret, Decatur 57 Kuhns, Martha, Decatur 57 Kunz, Janet, Decatur 57 Kyle, Helen Maragaret, Decatur. . 57 Lackey, Earl, Decatur Lawton. Ella, Decatur 57 Lee, Marjorie, Urbana 57 Lienhart, George, Decatur 57 Livingston, Charles, Decatur Lloyd, Mary, Decatur 57 Lux, Wilma, Bement McCommons, Jean, Flora 66 McDaniel, Robert, Decatur McDavid, Joanne, Decatur 57 McKeown, John, Decatur 5 7 Manecke, Gaile, Oakley 57 Marmor, Charles, Moweaqua Meador, Monroe, Decatur Monroe, Charles, Decatur Morris, Richard, Macon Mueller, Carl, Decatur Muhlenbruch, Jack, Decatur Musso, Al, Collinsville Mytar, Edward, Springfield Neisler, Virginia, Decatur 57 Newell, Frank, Maywood 58 Newton, William, Shelburn, Ind Obermeyer, Walter, Decatur 58 Outten, Annabelle, Decatur 58 Owen, Ralph, Decatur Patterson, Bette, Decatur 58 Patterson, Dorothy, Decatur 58 Priest. Betty Jane, Decatur 58 Randall, Gail, Decatur 58 Rentschler, Melvin, Decatur 58 Reynolds, G. Truman, Decatur 68 Richards, Tom, Decatur Roberts, E. Darrel, Decatur 58 Roberts, Margaret Mae, Decatur .... 58 Robinson, Lillian, Decatur 58 Rogier, Francis, Decatur 58 Rohrbaugh, Marjorie, Decatur 58 Russell, Harmon, Decatur Russell, Norman, Decatur 58 Scheer, Margy Lou, Wood River.. . 59 Schlie, Walter, Decatur 59 Schlieper, Jerome, Hartford 59 Schudel, Eleanor, Decatur 59 Schutter, Helen, Davenport, Iowa. .59 Schwartzenberg, Harry, Chicago .... 59 Scott, Merle, Carrollton 59 Shay, George, Decatur 59 Shonkwiler, Lois, Atwood page one hundred eighty-eight ROLL OF STUDENTS Sibthorp, Helen, Warrensburg 59 Sickbert, Murl, Edwardsville 59 Sona, Helen, Sullivan 59 Sorrells, Del, Springfield 59 Spaeth, Gus, Decatur Sparks, Harry, llliopolis 5y Sprunger, James, Decatur 59 Stauber, Georganne, Decatur 59 Stillman, Betty, Argenta Stout, Paul, Mahomet Sutherland, Lyndon, Ashland, Ky... Taylor, Aubrey, Decatur Thalman, Elizabeth, Vandalia 60 Thornton, Julia, Decatur 60 Thornton, Katherine, Decatur 60 Trost, Ralph, Taylorville Troutman, Ruth, Decatur 60 Turner, Dorothy, Decatur 60 Waldron, Margaret, Springfield 60 Warren, Burl, Decatur Weakley, Melvin, Assumption Whitney, Harry, Chicago 70 Wikoff, William, Maroa Williams, Elizabeth, Decatur Wright, Robert, Cerro Gordo Freshman Class Acorn, Sopha, llliopolis 62 Adams, William, Decatur 62 Alexander, Keith, Decatur 62 Allan, William, P. A., Canada 62 Allen, Dorothy, Decatur 70 Ammann, Wilbur, Decatur Auer, John, Decatur Bannerman, Audrey, Chicago Bean, Mary, Decatur 62 Bean, Sarah, Decatur 62 Bennett, Marian, Aurora 62, June, Decatur 62 Bivens, Paul, Roxana Boggs, Loretta, Decatur 62 Bopp, Virginia, Decatur 62 Borman, Neal, Wood River Bowman, Glenn, Decatur Brett, David, Decatur Brinner, Wilbur, Mason City 62 Burdick, Jeanne, Assumption 62 Burkhardt, Margaret, Highland Park. 62 Burnette, Oliver, Decatur 63 Burton, Hugh, Decatur Busch, Edwin, Decatur 63 Campbell, LaMarr, Decatur 70 Carey, Frances Jane, Decatur 63 Carlson, Frances, Chicago 63 Carr, Roy, Decatur Chappell, Rex, Decatur Charnetzki, Carl, Decatur Clouse, Virginia, Decatur Coen, Helen, Assumption 63 Coen, Philip, Assumption 63 Cohen, Erwin, Chicago Cooper, Jeanette, Decatur 63 Cooper, Polly, Springfield 70 Cornick, Shirley, Decatur Coughlin, Jack, Decatur Cummins, LaVerne, Decatur 63 Cutler, William, Rankin 63 Dashner, Dorothy, Dupo 63 Davis, Clement, Decatur 63 Deichman, Leonard, Decatur DeMuth, Lorraine, Chicago 63 Derrick, William, Ada, Okla Diehl, Barbara, Decatur 63 Diller, Alfred, Decatur 63 Doherty, Marie, Dwight 63 Dorr, Jean, Edwardsville 64 Dougherty, Wilma, Robinson 64 Douglas, Fay, Plainville, Wis Draper, William, Decatur Driscoll, Mary, Decatur 64 Dudenhoffer, John, Morrisonville . . . . 64 Duft, Eldo, Highland Durcholz, Mildred, Latham 64 Edwards, Harold, Hammond 70 Edwards, Naomi, Decatur 64 Elliott, Ben, South Bend, Ind Ellison, Robert, Decatur 64 Elmore, Kenneth, Butler England, Darrel, Morrisonville 64 Engle, Berle, Brownstown 70 Engle, G. Lawrence, Decatur 64 Ernst, Bonnie, Decatur 64 Etzkorn, Cleaon, Edwardsville Faster, Edwin, Decatur Ferguson, Charles, Staunton Fisher, Robert, Decatur Folkman, Dee, Decatur Forehand, Lurlene, Blue Mound.... Foster, Richard, Decatur 64 Fraser, Delina, Decatur 64 Garrett, Karl, Decatur Garver, Jack, Decatur Garvin, William, Decatur 64 Gerling, Paul, Edwardsville Giles, Julian, Decatur Gilman, Richard, Harnstown Gilmore, James, Decatur Gollmk, Gertrude, Decatur 64 Gosswiller, Verna Mae, Highland Park 64 Graham, Charles, Decatur 65 Graliker, Rosemary, Decatur Hamilton, Janet, Decatur 65 Hamman, Roberta, Decatur 70 Hammer, Natt, Decatur 65 Harmon, Billie, Pana 65 Harp, Annie, Decatur 65 Harry, John, P. A., Canada Hart, Herbert, Mt. Zion 65 Hawkins, Elizabeth, Decatur 65 Hayes, Margaret, Decatur 65 Hayes, Virginia, Decatur 65 Henderson, Dorothy, Edwardsville. . Hewett, Joseph, Flint, Michigan... Hilvety, Grace, Macon Hopson, Joe, Taylorville H owenstine, William, Decatur Huff, Earl, Decatur Jeter, Marian, Decatur Johnson, Alice Jane, Decatur 65 Johnson, Howard, Harristown 70 Karlstrom, Albert, Rankin Katt, Elmer, Highland Keil, Otto, Decatur Kent, Thelma, Mechanicsburg Kiefer, Robert, Decatur 65 Killam, Byron, Roxana 65 King, Robert, Taylorville Kopetz, Walter, Decatur Kramer, Kenneth, Taylorville Kranz, James, Decatur 66 LaCharite, George, Assumption Lahners, Warren, Decatur Lanier, Betty, Decatur Laughlin, Margaret, Moweaqua . . . . 66 Launtz, Estella, Decatur 66 Leachman, Sallie, Lovington 66 Lewis, Norma, Pana 66 Lichtenberger, Ruth, Decatur Loeffler, Adolph, O ' Fallon Lovejoy, Clyta, Kewanee 66 Luker, Harold, Clinton McConkey, Corwin, Weldon McDaniels, Russell, Decatur 66 McGaughey, Joda, Decatur McWard, Robert, Taylorville Magill, Hubert, Decatur 66 Martin, Edward, Lincoln Martin, Harry, Robinson Martin, Sally, Robinson 66 Meadows, Philip, Clinton 66 Melton, Thomas, Hillsboro Millikin, Jack, Danville 66 Minick, Dale, Decatur 66 Moore, Frank Snyder, Decatur Moore, Malcolm, Collinsville Moorehead, Lee, Decatur 66 Morgan, William, Decatur Morrison, William, Decatur Moyer, Roi Jeanne, Decatur Mucker, Marv, Decatur Mullen, Martha, Decatur 66 Murfin, Walter, Decatur 67 Musgrove, George, Hillsboro Neal, Roy, Maroa Neuendorf, Arthur, Decatur 67 Neumeyer, Frances, Mt. Pulaski ...67 Normile, Dave, Milwaukee, Wis Odell, Dawn, Decatur 67 Oglesby, Earl, Decatur 67 O ' Keefe, Roger, Glenarm Olds, Orville, Decatur Overbeck, Harriet, Edwardsville .... 67 Parker, Louise, Maroa 67 Patterson, Virginia, Dayton, Ohio... 67 Peckert, Annetta, Decatur 67 Penneman, Robert, Springfield... Peterson, Victor, Elwin 67 Phillips, Rockford, Danville 67 Phillips, June, Decatur 67 Phelps, Lucy, Dayton, Ohio 67 Potter, Earl, Mt. Pulaski 67 Prince, Roswell, Decatur. ...67 Rasplica, Loren, Glen Carbon. . . Keep, John, Paxton 68 Ritchard, Leonard, Decatur Ritchie, Pauline, Decatur 68 Robards, Eugene, Decatur Rockhold, Wesley, Chicago Rotz, John, Harristown 68 Sapp, Velda, Centralia Scanlon, Thomas, Decatur Scharf, Fred, Collinsville Schott, Wade, Edinburg 68 Schudel, Phyllis, Decatur 68 Shaw, Lauren, Decatur 68 Shellabarger, Myers, Decatur 68 Shively, Marvin, Decatur Shontz, Robert, Springfield 68 Sleeper, Robert, Mt. Zion 68 Small, Theodore, Petersburg 68 Smith, Kerwyn, Highland Park Smith, Mary, Sullivan 68 Snider, William, Decatur Spangler, Vera, Decatur 68 Stark, Paul, Decatur 68 Stine, Everett, Paxton Stocks, Joseph, Decatur 68 Stookey, Nancy, Harristown 69 Stouffer, David, Decatur Strom, Betty, Little Rock, Ark 69 Sturgeon, Howard, Hillsboro Summers, Isaac, Decatur Swartz, Roy, Decatur 69 Taff, Paul, Belleville Teece, Ella Grace, Wyanet 69 Tendick, Martha, Greenfield 69 Torricelli, Mario, Tovey Trick, Waneta, Homer.. 69 Trueblood, Inabell, Decatur 69 Tuttle, George, Elwin 69 Turtle, Julia, McLean Van Gundy, John, Decatur Voigt, Eunyce, Kankakee 69 Vyverberg, Arnold, Lovington Wall, June, Decatur 69 Warnack, Helen, Decatur 69 Washburn, Fritz, Decatur Weakly, Thomas, Bethany Weatherfnrd, James, Decatur 69 Westervelt, Margaret, Decatur 69 Wheeler, Elizabeth, Mt. Zion 69 White, William, Decatur 69 Williams, Raymond, Ramsey Winker, James, Hudson Yakel, Ruth, Decatur Specials Adams, Byron Kelley, William Appel, Veva June Lotchin, Lucile Bailey, Ryan Lucas, Zelna Bowers, Agnes McGrath, Julia Case, Elmer Massey, Fred Casey, Virginia Morgan, Harley Clark, Ruth Meyer, Ralph Coffman, Eldo Owings, Mrs. J. R. Cook, Alice Phillips, Delbert Davis, Robert Samuel, Corwin Dickinson, Dorothy Senne, Walter Flannery, Valere Smith, William Fleming, Helen Smith, Dan Goehler, Suzanne Sutton, Francis Gray, Wayne Sutton, Ressie Greer, Gladys Teaman, Raymond Grove, Elizabeth Tibbitts, Irma Helfrich, James Valiton, Virginia Hewett, Olive Ruth Welker, Zaida Hewett, Robert Westerman, Ralph Johnson, Harold Williams, Walter Joyce, Ruel Winings, Jewelle page one hundred eighty-nine WHEN SHADOWS FALL

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