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" 'M '.', '-" 1'-'..-,211 K Q , 1 ,Mp Q my iEli:.f: yllu 4 :L-. . 1' 71 'bi al' .K ,v .,,. - K :I ,. . ., ,..:1:, . if 'v A"', -.4- ".1 I , E, .P FYI' ' wx' 3' ' . -ah - ' 4 . . A .1 ' , - -3, , 1 X Y I . 7 nr 3 , 'Q ,,, V, . L- , .Q -. . ,. w"L'41"151' 'A , .- , A " , x s"'A"dN.-Q 539' .3 ' H-fs--," ' 'g3,QV1,f"...- fa 5' , .. ' "f"'. X I-' -.4 " " - ' if ma' '1 ..- v -, ,..,--, ,t D. - . I a .1 f f -, .2- l,.,...s - - .J 'QQ ' go' . ' . :A Q , . , -I ' - -. ,Z ' 1 - .' . . I 1 . h .. .t - . x x If - '-4.5 ' O' 5 - 1 ' -.1 '- , , . . . ' - U.. -.. a H -' 5 ' g , ' K . . ' I' Q I 4 . vi' ' :L , ' ' s-" 0 ' ' 1 U : nl '. 1 n ' V -. . , . 1 ' 1. v . '4.4. A. Q .'.u ', x 'g hh' ,Y..-' ' . , . : 1 - 4 Q A. I A . , - 6 . . ' - , - ' 'L o , ' n -' . I . -p Q ' . . . . h ab ' . c - 1 kg ' . 1 n . ., , .. V. ' 1, M ' .-"' . Q - 4 n . u 1 .Q 4 0 . u J A f . I . . n ., .,. .' Q K ...r Q ' ' 6 Q U w 0 , , p I .' ' -. . - ' l , - . ' ' '.. . , - . 4 L Q n I 1 X' x n , f 1 ' ' '- n "4 v v 'Hai W I U ' u 5. .9.o ' ' A .. l 5 n . -. , n ' 1 1 . n' ' 5 'W I bl , , - Q . i LJ. 'N V. ,.. . U v - A . r . '.4n .l -v r , . 'u . , .4 ., 'n .o- 1 . ' '. A 1 ' C 'S n .vu A 124 1 ...,Y ,s ,A ' ur - -.'.o, ,, ' .. . 2: Y. . ' . . .. , ., - - '. A - 4,.' ., -': m.f . - .1 ' ,- - . . . A . N . 4 l . '..', . qi. . .. 1 . ,,.., . A ."'u', ., I, : ' A !' Q.--,. A ' '-',. R , . 'v, -L .'- f ' -4 , A. V ' . -, . L. . -. F .-0 " . . . .,, :. .5 .-- :'.- ',-,. : - - '. .,,. v 1 .. .1., , .. . , , fn". -. 2,-. '- .1-:5- ' ' R X. ' V bf, -i- ' 5, If f , . o'.'lf , ., A... ,' rs.. - if .. .,,, ff T51 - -3 .f-nw. .. . 4- -1 an , A- : 4.6. - 1 ,Uh V-A., ,Q , I. .. .. Q . 3- 'nf' 7 - V.. '. 1 ,,. - FV., Q -' ., . . '. C' " . u .- r,. . 4 ' Wk -'Jug' . .4 ' -mi' ,,'A. - 4 f.',' . . "'o- K. ' I ., .X I .Ju .' ' J" ' . , w' 1 Rf. 7.8 ' . ,f jf... A . . T71 ' , ',' 1 . ', I f. ' o .'. Tl ' . .'- . I . , .,. ,., . ' . ' .,,. -.. :I ',, . s"' ' ' ,.r f . Q 1 "2 '..J ' 5 - 1 . .191 ' 0 .., whiff A -Ng -TY A - ' , f 4 , x X fflf z 1 f 7 M AKQU M U U iw S4 My -W Qi! Xfvff X' ,f"'J,lf fI' , '?f Vai? f F ff .ff Q NA lx ,fp 'Z" ,4 WX Y N ,w . P' f ,l 'fJf wf + W-- '.L X N X J L J 1 ic7 A cw 47 540 N2 , X vyxjg, W kj, Q I-krfx Y DQOTUQCXL Qvym Tru A' 5 C6 D-.ZLQVCCD , O-'QU fb F53 RQ f-QU w?x ijt! 54376 CJK? 77 PR .OV "V N .5 C' - fx'-XN4 XX, TJQXN' C' f J lx , -f f ,Q , 'fr -fx' . 27' kjixisb -fy ,. A 'J GQ' .VW 'QQ' ' Q QS fc Q ff ff H4 v I . 'W 'W PJ .i -X' .Jeux -.6721 JJ XOJ QNX qqq Q -QF' LX ff Cr Y T9-0 up fo QQ 4' ,X my XC CV '07 Q' fb ' -, KU 3 ,f '17 Q 23 Us Q0 Q, D pg I .Sf .ll1 T3f. .H 1 Q- , 5 , ,A ,..,M d1tf -uv' H E , -X - .1 ' ,niag 1z,..:,:4:F'! JRE? 1985 Volume 29 Slfvoioofrqj MU U0-rm Halen -lovlrj ,Dori-nef.l 11-'5 been -Furl Cl 9ucSSj. 4-Q3 goo QQ'l',QLA'l'e , QVIOI Cm CHU Elo-oi, - WJWJ Ol- R.A. lVIillika1Z77 ,Q,,,Q0l,mx Senior High School 2800 Snowden Ave. Long Beach, California 90815 PS- em uf HW clmma 014' f? HORSING AROUND - O l J uary Editorial Board Camille M. Dougherty James A. Greci Elaine A. Wrenn - 13,-J ze-e,f1?4f.---A V - Adviser Fred E. Slade Opening 1 T le Page .r 'N isprkr YH :flag f ,- , I 1. I,. A if ml' mf! 1 X. 1' WI fllxx fn! xi ga' , 1'T'1 i 11' " ,Xl M 5:6 V Ml f if f, , ,t X ,f ? , 15,15 ff:-.5 tw-ff5,g'iT, l"gQj,l4,,T2' ,,7'. fx.. ' W P fue 5 . ggi gli i 'H 'g fir'- 1',. ' H, .. .i 5, YV. f x .. il, "'... . .. f .I :NL .An QT 'LX .1 ,. ,I 4. , . Af ,.. 'Q ' .H ff.: I ,4 f ' ,X - " ' +V e,..+-,,..4',m? -F, ,.,.l.,:5 1 A fp- f 4 H K M. "- H .,. ci 2 'F'-" 4. 1 if 1 K: ' - -ff, :gf ,- gg gs ' ,? ' - ,Lu-1P'mz1 '11..,g'f1c,,14:1gif53-' 3 ' 1' 1 552- ,. ,.' , ,.g-' 1 '4- A .x:.,'., C-"1:,,,1 - 'L 553, M School Side Discovery To many, school was just a daily routine, but for a large number of others it was the breeding ground for excitement and oppor- tunity. Here, the many different sides of students were expressed. The chance for students to excel in class as well as become involved with extra- curricular activities was a common sight. Senior Elaine Wrenn was involved in quite a few activities but found it to be all worth- while. Being a 4.0 student, yearbook editor, Senior Vice-President, and Student Body Vice-President kept Elaine extremely busy. But when she filled out her college applica- tions, she felt as if she had really accom- plished something. I-Ier hard work had all paid off as Elaine received her acceptance to UCLA in early January. "I often wondered if everything I was doing was really worth it, I now know that it all was," commented Elaine as she started to sign her letter of intent. Students also found school to be a chal- lenge. Junior Nana Miziguchi felt this way as he decided to attend PACE. Taking many college credit courses, he found it to be very challenging and spent many hours behind the books. On the contrary, Nan still found time for his two loves, tennis and music. Nan played the violin to release stress and generally just to unwind. Although a lot of students became really active in school, others just did what in- terested them most. Senior Lori Hiatt en- joyed the social aspects of school but that wasn't her only interest. Lori chose Choir as the side she liked to express most. "Singing may not be the greatest career opportunity for meg in fact, I don't think I could sing for a living. It is something I really enjoy as a hobby," stated Lori as she took time-out from school and relaxed at home. School provided many chances for the stu- dents to go out and find what was right for them. From Student Body President to Auto Shop there was always something for everyone. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: BORN TO BE A BRUIN - Se- nior Elaine Wrenn has an exuberant smile as she re- reads her acceptance letter from UCLA for the third time. She then makes her final decision as she signs her letter of intent. FAR RIGHT: STRESSLESS STRINGS - Nana Miziguchi plays a piece of Mozart on his violin in El Dorado park as he takes a break from school. RIGHT: WON'T YOU DANCE WITH ME? - Lori Hiatt relaxes at home after school as she teaches Ozzie and Rocky to dance. Opening, Discovering Q JB, , fi, tak? ' i a R lr W" 4 , . .. r 'n ghd -,',V yd I a li " if I j . gi ?' X 5 .... .fu-ed '1 'bd ,O ,-6 lr The sky IS cloudy All day and all mght We go on 1n search of llght Gaze the more we do The greater becomes the maze The a1r fllls wlth haze The bxrd moves on Rest w1ll come at dawn The darkness touches all man From where dld We take off And where where can we land" Fly stralght fly true Stray not from our course Untll at last we come upon the source We have learned Well how to fly But now we have begun to ask Now we are m the a1r And we must begln to navlgate Now we must determine where No longer can we wa1t Why" .LTI ia. fx Camllle Dougherty 80 fd, Open' Our Many Sidrei x "' . ..-L f-12? i l H -if-:pe-Q., I V , w f-A , J - F 'fn 5. .,.M-.- M52 AMF1Qgg' W . 3 Z1 .B-f ll in One Several moods, values, and ideas were dis- covered by students as they proceeded through their day-to-day activities. All of the ups and downs resulting from jobs, school, family and friends brought out many unique qualities in each individual. High school celebrity, Senior Audi Eng- land starred in the music video B oys of Sum- mer by Don I-Ieneley, as she held two jobs. Audi began her day at 5:30 a.m. as a recep- tionist for the Family Fitness Center and ended it in the evening as a hostess for the Rusty Pelican. Hitting the books and jug- gling her modeling career left little time to even catch a breath! Master of music, Willie Briggs performed on his keyboards, violin, and drums from the time he was five years old. "I love spending afternoons practicing songs on my instru- ments with my family. We are like a team, always together," said Willie as he prepared a routine with his keyboards for Mr. Ram. VWllie's technique for letting off steam was lifting weights. He also spent time working on his car and enjoying weekends with a favorite girl, Angelina Terrel. Senior Stephanie Anderson, captain of varsity soccer, not only shared her amazing talents and skills with us, she performed in front of all of West Germany in the summer of her sophomore year. Pleasing customers five evenings a week as the night manager of Subway made Stephanie's schedule ex- tremely hectic. When asked where she found time to fit this all in, Stephanie simply re- plied, "It's tiring, but it is a good feeling to know I can handle so many responsibilities. Keeping close ties with my family and friends is what really keeps me going!" These many sides have shaped each indi- vidual into the special person he or she is, while allowing room to grow. ABOVE: MUSICAL WIZARD - Senior Vihllie Briggs evaluates his morning workout as he plays some of the tunes of Madonna, Jermaine Jackson, and Van Halen. MIDDLE: DEVOTION IN ACTION-- Pouring a hot cup of coffee while working one Wednesday night, Stepha- nie Anderson thinks back on her vicious kick that set up a goal during the game against Wilson the day be- fore. RIGHT: WHO'S NEXT -- Sindi Burson, Wendy Morrison, Leslie Wilson, and Stephanie Anderson await the next bite of Michelle Shuler's ice cream cone at Swenen's before the talent show. OPPOSITE PAGE: WHICH WAY DID SHE GO? - Senior Glenn Wells is astonished as Audi England tells him about her part in the new video Boys of Summer. He can't believe she holds two jobs and attends school, too. Opening Discovering di-x q l . W.: .I t I WE. ft-is I' , s, :AQ f it .WI HDI' .fx C252 IL 1" QA i Af !. R4 ,F 'I .ixf'gjw, Rx ' ' l' f uf-4, , TheYearof... Q16 TU 75655 President Reagan's re-election - wins by a landslide, Millikan's canned food drive brings in record - 4600 cans, Disneyland's 30th Anniversary, Swatches, Band de- mands equal time for live performances at rallies, Union Carbide catastrophe in India kills over 2000, Millikan's "Star Search" - talent show turns serious, Flourescent out- fits, Penguin's Frozen Yogurt, Ghostbusters becomes a popular movie, song, video, and inspired logo - a mini industry, Prince makes it big in "Purple Rain," Time on task in classroom - fewer assemblies in audito- rium, Local mountains overwhelmed with the best snow in six years. Belonging: A sense of placeg feeling Sorneone needs our Spirit, Creativity, Ideas. . Identifying our teams, Finding our strengthsg Ojyering, receiving applause. Our courage surfaces: a musical stage, a pep rally, When we keep going without music to the song in our hearts. Reaching out for the new that interests us: We are discovering our many sides. Robyn .Ioffe '85 UPPER RIGHT: UP, UP AND AWAY!-Tall flag mem- bers Anna McCarthy, Crystal Costello, and Michelle Vigil are in awe as they admire the balloon-filled sky following the crowning of Homecoming Queen Michelle Crane. RIGHT: MMMMM, GOOD! - Hungry after a hard day at school, Bally and Cee Karunasena, Will Shzmholtzer, and Brian Sandstorm stop by Penguin's for refreshing frozen yogurts. r , A lllllli 765' pciqag on -Xctivities Division Page up 2,.- W. in R' L LQYJVN' avi .i My .aflm W,Mhi, WLthi 'iiM""' 'V A,-,ld ' , U -,n ,,v.. .' 'Iii .u - , iq . x if-Mit-iifiiii ' MNQMHWW V-Uni ' 5 .aiffl X gi , .1-w:.: . - - is ii.-T 1 Q :ii 'wsef flu 'Q i li W 1 li J If I I It .4 I V Il 1 1 I, I, A H I , ff ,. '- s. if I .. 3 1 is 5' f i J 1 J f tx ABOVE: SLEEPING LIKE A BABY- Following her very controversial baboon heart ABOVE: WEIGHING IN - Artificial heart implant i transplant operation, Baby Fae rests peacefully in the intensive care unit of the Schroeder takes an optimistic step in recuperation Loma Linda University Medical Center. tion in late November. f i i ii Patient llillian iftei'iiishisto1'ic opera f J 'Y-55 1 tri gry 3,-ww of ABOVE: PEOPLE POWER - Anti-nuclear activist Carina Carra re- minisces with sophomore John Sanchez about the protest rally held at Diablo Canyon in mid-August. X 4 1 2 Opinions 4 Activities 41 we M W1 patient William after his historic opera- Varying Viewpoints Baby Fae Alt is essential for the advancement ofmedi- cine that experiments such as this take place. However, I donit think the media should be allowed to make it into a freak show." Mary Kramer "It is a moral tragedy to destroy one life in order to save another, even if the other life is only that of an animalf' Geoff Smith Prayer In Schools UA moment of silence would solve the prob- lem that all of the politicians are fighting over. No one can force people to pray if they don't want to." Sharla Frazier Fatal "I feel it was right for the media to present Fatal Vision. People have a right to know what has occurred and to make their own judgments." Paul Evans Nuclear "I feel that we should keep our nuclear weapons build-up equal to that of the Soviet Union so we can protect ourselves in the case of a nuclear war." Norman Kitano Indira Ghandi "Her death was very tragic. If India does not come to peace with itself soon, the fate of the country will be in the wrong hands? Deepa Mehta "Prayer can be an important part in any- one's lifestyle, but there is a time and a place for everything, and I feel that the separation of church and state should be upheld." Diane Alpern Vision "Although I thought that it was interest- ing, I thought it was pretty sick to try to make money off of human suffering, espe- cially because he may get a chance at a re- trial." Debbie Kelly Weapons "A move toward some effective means of limitation or reduction is essential if we are going to continue to live on in any sort of world peace." Carina Carra Union Carbide Disaster "I canit believe that the imcompetence and apathy of the Union Carbide executives would allow such an act of human carnage." Elaine Wrenn LEFT: TERMS OF INDIRAMENT - While reading a fea- ture article in People magazine, Deepa Mehta, spurred by her Indian heritage, comes to terms with Indira Ghandi's assassination. ABOVE: DOCTOR DRAMA - On a Wednesday afternoon in early February, Senior Debbie Kelly views a recording of the controversial drama, Fatal Vision, a film which involved the prosecution of a Long Beach area doctor for the slaying of his wife and children. Opinions Activities I 9 I 22 23 RIGIIT: ART ADVEN- TIQRE -Juniors Jackie Johns, Susan Ham- mond, and Wendy Morri- son tour the I mfg Beuclz A' .llliseizral on 'i .' n- clay 'ifternoon in early .'inu'1ry. BEL ': IF9 - Yxt'1 Murray makes '1 run through Tclzaivlioz sky S Piano Concerto N01 in prepa- ration for a recital in mid-March. FAR BE- LOW: LITERATURE BY LAMPLIC, HT - Senior Kristi Kahl curls up with Iride and Pre- judice by Jane Austen late on 'i cold November evening. ll . Su ' M ii it . ow 'ff TICKLING THE IVOR- A -Y I Activities ' 14 Culture K x x J lii' I ' ,,- ' P. ,fy U ' ' If - . I ' - ' .PTI 11 g, -it 1 , iff ' ' ET lx- bl :fi ' fi? , is s- .ian I fiiEil"' V ,. ' V ,nv fx" 'r '. , ,U 'vine A ' , .fi, I il, .,- I l it i2"'Tl"" I I ,ily 'fl-4, W ilwm., :,, " 4. . :-,5iiQMmmm.m lzilfli L I ' 'II-I' I5 if '- 41 Ln' IBM 1.1, .VL H1 i if 1: vii. win, L I "-"W-Qvsig, li l v ' - I W 'Mini .W , , . ., i :M n, r 'llnyrsg I. ' ull ,lj 'dvi ly ,, .- F' is in lLl.!v,g'.i,-A . HQYI g ', Y . Mu r,lhgmg-la l li' I f it is "i'uU5l?llli wi,:gv!h- VJ: N i Hi "J, l,ynwp5Wt, ,, ml ' 2 fa- Iliff-fiislil ,ll-,film -iii Ll Wliafl A' nw I , lu' Qlmfg Hall L ,I 1,1 fiivgfgk. X WI, Bulb- X Y 1 X E' E' ,L L I4 UP!! v I J ', ,HJ 5, IA. 16 100 7 Q I uc uldp rt' 'pt ' y . 10007 'hc d'd d ' 'lhcea'- t' thebe 'I 0 Q' -ke? .3 SLD be Would you feel confident to have a woman for President? The above graphs represent the results ofa poll of 150 ran- domlv chosen senior students i W' " W t RIGHT: IT S LIKE THIS - George Bush explains himself to the audience ofthe debate be- tween him and the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in mid-October. MIDDLE RIGHT: S CAGED HEAT- Like a tigress Geraldine Ferraro shows her displeasure with the press reaction over the disclosure of her husband s finances. This de- velopment caused much trouble for the Democrat s campaign. X, .atism 0056! 0.5 SQQUYP SW Sep At no other time than the 1984 Presiden- tial Election between the Republican in- cumbent Ronald Reagan, and the Democratic challenger Walter Mondale, could the contrasting opinions of Millikan students be demonstrated so clearly. A spectrum of conservatives liberals, radi- cals hard-liners and peace advocates showed their colors through the prism of free choice. The almost circus-like campaign shrouded many of the issues, but the ques- tions of foreign and domestic policy, nuclear armament the fitness of a woman for the Presidency, and abortion, eventually emerged. Although there were many variations, a conservative mood swept the school as well as the entire country. Four years of low- ering inflation, interest, and unemploy- ment rates and rising international prestige under his administration gained Ronald Reagan a loyal following, even though some of Walter Mondale's policies and plans were more economically sound. Paul Evans characterized the hopeful at- titude of many when he said, "Reagan stands for progress, a country becomes weak and stagnant when it stops trying to be better than it was." The spectre of a nuclear holocaust caused unrest among some concerned citizens. While public opinion polls reflected confi- dence in Reagan's handling of relations with the Russians and nuclear prolifera- cc , 0 1 J' I 7 f ai: Q15 r Q if 0 A e P l of 59 3? zoq' koi' buf' Q' 'v ,bo fyo o a 1CI89lI'!ihE election today, for whom would ou vote" L 5092 1 s OW 0 Xa 'o 61? 29" S QF' Q00 gf' 1 Q 6 1 9 Whic an 1 ate oyou think will hand e t e nu l r situa ion st 1F I Activities Election tion, a large number of people agreed with Mika Arai when she said, "I just don't feel X r . - I All-1 ',.., 'I comfortable with Reagan's finger on the button." If for no other reason, the 1984 Presiden- tial Election was historic in that it yielded the first female Vice Presidential nominee, Geraldine Ferraro. Women's groups heralded the selection as a giant step for their movement, while the New York Congresswoman's opponents claimed that she was only chosen for "shock value" to save Mondale's campaign. The question was almost evenly divided between conflicting groups of students. Teri Schlieder wisely asked, "What makes a woman any less capable to run the country? It doesn't take physical strength, only men- tal - and both males and females may pos- sess it." Michelle McCoy, however, thought that Ferraro might break down in a crisis, and Steven Sewell thought that she wasjust Mondale's cheerleader. Abortion was a very explosive issue in the campaign because it involved the religious beliefs of individuals. In a time when the separation between church and state was being sorely tested in countries such as Po- land and India, America reacted admirably to the challenge. On campus, students also responded in a fair and rational manner. Monique Bessem represented the "Pro Choice" point of view when she said, "The Federal and State Governments have no business in a matter as personal as abor- tion." Conversely, Jim Greci stated, "Mur- der should be illegal under any circumstances." As election day approached, more stu- dents became active in the two campaigns. Noelle Nishikawa made calls to enlist support for the Democrats while Dave Odell and Mark Wigod knocked on the doors of Re- publicans on election night to remind them to vote. Whatever their political affiliations, moral attitudes, or economic status, it was spiriting to see so many Millikan students concerned with the future of their country. .,, . I' 'I l nf y 91 ll l l l 1 ll 11 1 l rl i P I J. l 4 I r "' 5 ' .t 6: 1-1 -" 'V 22:3- Y' FUI: L .. -X . ,,1 ,1,A AVQ, , . .M f,-l f 1.3141 f ,W Q 1, . ,pil ' 3 Rf 2 I ':"tRU 1 - 4 Ni X ft-N 55 ld .-L ,df .bl ff' 4, 1 s . .- w w AOCVJI : A .V . 1 amp' ,. 1 n .. 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JL-.. 3:--.--..,-. -,--,,- -, -.,., "TW1'W1 fig" 'frf"""f""'1f1 U , U , .- -...-- -,..,, -- ,,.- - .,., W.-- ...... - -. .M -.. - -.- N '.7,71Q'.l'. 31 'DQ 3 2ff.'.'lf'EQ.7l1Cl'.. L 'D.'.f. Jf.f.'.f,S, f'.w1ff 51 ' 'fvfvff Vffffu 5 - , L --.L ---L .L -- ,. -ip -. .f 51-' ""1 1 'Mr imU'1"h"' ff: F" r'5""1' Q N-" .' f'N' V' ...L .-.Lp --......,1.. -.-1.,..., .. .,.. J..- J W 'W - 'wwif' ,113 'si fq-wfsr c"7 i"',:f7wf-f 5 fi A --.D .,-J.,-- -..1.-,...,, -U ,.-.,-1---1. .. V.-- -M-2 M,-L-, ' WM' "- .--M. ".wJ.u 1.1! ..... -..VJ bi... ff",'-1-U :fa 'T aff' W3 2 Wir V, fi cr- , , , ,CTC 'J .Q 1- -.,,...--,. -,, -,..-- -,..-, -. . .,., - ,, A ' PM . ,. - J sr- '- -7 N. -2-I T cj w...1:1C1.1:,L. -.- un--. .- 1,..w-'---.i.- :LJ-.-l., .f ,ff f- n FT---IJN T1--iff-9 W- T, L .ffl Ju' .!LL.:J' LA WJ J-A,.u ... .,. .1 JJ..- .P JV J.. '.,,a.J ..-.,...,...., LESTJ L'5C1I'2fQ5C. 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'r .--uf fw A'- lJ..7..Q-l':- .LJ-gi.. T f 'Q " fwfr. uf' TT il f'fA 'fm' F' " " 1. .-..,, 4.4.3 -. .Ji -w-:-.,4L , J, ,,,- 1 . ., . lfl EL1'1i'1f 2.111 ifuiigai 7, .fe'f1"' ..':3EE'!lil' :iiii 2, VZTEEII the iT1'Y2Efi'l'E,2f25 :S fe fl-. - - - 113215 2,11Q...5j ' f -C2 . f 3 ..-N SJ, :'.il.i' L Q- Q-,. 51' 5513 . :DFL :TL f '15!'i.a:3 gi.: i " W1--f A - A i V .,..l:'.L,.l.f,.1f. ',-- - - .3 . , :Elf .qij E JH. L, , T '...,..f..z. WA.. e and - 1 Nlicgix ,Dun E aflli Oohs and ahs broke the hush of the crowd as hundreds of colorful balloons leaped into the air with the announcement of 1984 Homecoming Queen, Michele Crane. "When Mr. Zimmermann called out my name, it didn't register right away. I couldn't believe that my name was called," exclaimed Mi- chele. Homecoming was a special moment for the Crane family, as the Coronation created deja vu for Michele's mother. Mrs. Crane was crowned as the first Warren High School Homecoming Queen twenty-five years before. Warren's defeat over Compton in 1959 paralleled Millikan's 22-18 Home- coming victory. After an exciting football game, students headed to the Ram Shack for a night of en- tertainment and dancing. "Sound Tech", the disc-jockey, pumped exhilarating tunes to the dance floor crowded with students and alumni. The evening ended on a high- spirited note and all left with a satisfied feeling following the first Homecoming win in three years. Time ABOVE: A TOUCH OF CLASS - Tracy Strivers and escort, Andre Magee, arrive proudly sitting on the back of a new 1984 convertible Mustang. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: A ROYAL AURA - Excitement glows on the face of Senior Princess, Kendra Karlson, while her es- cort, Steve Williams, walks nonchalantly beside her. MIDDLE LEFT: QUEENS OF HEARTS - Two pic- ture-perfect smiles from 1982 Homecoming Queen. Brenda Cameron, and newly-crowned 1984 Queen. Mi- chele Crane. steal the hearts ofthe audience. MIDDLE RIGHT: ANTICIPATION . . .- Junior Princess. Kelly Kaiser, and escort, Gary LeFehvre. anxiously await rlw finmniiireiiient of Homecoming Queen during pre- uuizie 1'-lreirxoiiivs. RIGHT: GET EXCITED - Sopho- riif-rv l'i'irx- +-Ns, Stfivei' llill. greets the cheering ziiivlivriiw ' i 1 -vw ilf' and n wave as her escort. Tim lQlistiii1iri,l:w'1 20 Activixie-s llonieconiv , . 1984 Homecoming Queen M icliele Crane I - fc? .: .g- g .35 , 1,-1' S.-V . -Y -bs S 5 l sa Ln. 1 Homecoming Court Senior Princess, Kendra Karlson Senior Princess, Tracy Strioers junior Princess, Kelly Kaiser Sophomore Princess, Stacey Hill 22 ffl' lfffx if-i, :iqy2g?'f'-',-,,.,i.,M -Q Y N ,VN ' .J Situ' f -4 f T. ,J .L .BL- WQQ i-if A' ii 4' A E 'rbi' A'.'4',' .V Y 1 TOPi IN THE BOX - Awaiting his turn to compete, Junior Norman Kitano ponders the strategy of his op- ponent. Norman actively participated in an organized ice hockey team during the winter months. ABOVE: EASY DOES IT - Sporting stylish cycling outfits, Se- niors Jon von Arx and Ryan Rosier take a quick break from cycling to rest near the El Dorado duck pond. .5lCIiX'iIi9r Weekends n--e F.-Q. -'idk'-A-' . 4- X x - x 15,4 ' L -'B .- ""1l"""' iw R 7- Q-an-.,,. j Yi - - .-.K -V'-V , Owns. -Q . 'Suv-. .fm -...."""' 'J ---Q ,,..- '45, ,,,.. :' 1 V Q..-.1-v-T" S 'V M ,il Q-uf ' , ..,, U..-.V-1f""i"'7-' f --an-,-. -- L". '-,lr- A-,,. ., . . P- T.-. -fe-an-5 ,, . ,-wa-nr ,.,. . N F Nl ,f t- it N 'Y 9.5 i " v- .-. I .,. . -N we 1-4-. --nr ,,,,,. ,im . 1-,nv ,ll is-,L-mx.-s.m.S.5R X -.y-- , f 'X S! ' xl i - W i X ,.,,, x .K , hi ' ":...f -+ o . Q x , - --' , . st ' " . K Q ' N L l .L ' .. . - i 1 . Q 'in r Aims- - -D C. -D In 51 - . . - ' '4 " 014 . g A H'--s--inn-Y , 3 , .. P , N - X - K A -....4 3 - K -- 1 q bg .. N 1... a . s 4. - - P--. . ' -' Q. . -" , 1-- . ' Mm A .. -, Q--.... . r - , ...Q Q' K -yi t Q" --'x:s- .. Y M '- i is w iff! 1, we. ' H li .Xl Kel " it g x - N, - -, ,Q -767' i - ' 1, 31417 , Q: it i, ,, Q il, We i Q r - ii i l N' , , N l X: -. E Q? Q 'fi ' W "' 'f' ... it 'i,'Flfill?', it my CRA X My VM ix, I lei 'Qi' N 'J 'V f,, ie ef we .. i?f, ie-e ' La' Q , fr ., Y, , . -rf ,, ' Y TT ,-1 -'VV' , L live iol Xifeekendsl eaclaimeo mal lf. av- M. . - .. ... Q. ,K fs .....,,- "' .. , 4 mm. ,' Nq--Yo 1 f-4, -. e ,N g x ..,....,. . .-N Q, 1 ... A -Ui ,,-44 .sf--"v"""..-. - A gh , , .., -:Mg -- -Q. - Q. V - ' - ... .., L, K :mf - ..- -s- ' .- . .- .. Q, A A ... M f- -.. "'71CL"""'V "wiv "'9411Q. 1 - swf Q . 1 ,, N.. ll Q. "' ri .5-..., ,L Ks .t....,. " - 4., 5"k-an ,- ,h ,R Q.. Sw L-'w "Ss, 4: ,-,,gr A, ,M --P- . var' ".-nl i -... ... , -uc' ,N A . . " r--' A ' ,-N.. Q4 -W. 'Q pt 0 .Q ...A K 'wg . ,X sw-urn-.... an ' . Q""-S 'Q W 1 ' up -- f Jam, ,LMI -- t' fi wx LA ir A"" '42 i 'X sith -Q. iff' -.-Tr ' p fglxygg, ..-Y --Y- W-we-:jeff-.Q,.N This was a familiar comment as many students used the forty-eight hour hiatus as a chance to get away from the daily routine of school. Some pursued leisure activities while others spent a good portion of the two-day break earning money. Elaine Wrenn trav- eled to Big Bear as a Camp Oakes staff member while Dave Odell found employ- ment at UCLA home games. Athletics continued to be a popular Week- end activity. Harriell, Mike Brock., and Brian Rhoan could be found on Saturday mornings playing a pick-up football game at Newcomb Elementary School. Junior Nor- man liitano played ice hockey at the West Covina skating rink. Tim Eastman raced sailboats in the Marina on afternoons for the Long Beach Yacht Club. Beach Swim Club was the site of early morning Workouts for UC. Conroy and Tim Collins. Visiting college campuses proved to be a favorite Venture for many seniors. Late No- vember saw Mindy Williams and Camille Dougherty trekking North to UC Berkeley. Meanwhile, Ricky King. Michelle Djokic, and Melissa Affre took a local trip to UCLA for a campus tour. Those who decided not to go away for the Weekend had many choices. A quiet Satur- day afternoon was the ideal time to Watch reruns of the Three Stooges while parties, movies, and dinner filled up Friday and Sat- urday evenings. Weekends were the time for nurturing friendships, having fun, and just winding down from the realities of school life. FAR LEFT: TOTAL EFFORT - With a diving deter- mination, Senior Jim Greci stretches his body to return a volleyball serve while competing on the beaches of Belmont Shore. ABOVE LEFT: COME SATL .1ilil'A'iY - Senior Tim Eastman spends a Warm Saturday after- noon sailing his Lido lil sailboat in preparation for the Lido Nationals. LEFT: l-IOLE TN ONE BOUND - A cool Friday night finds Rob Cinco, Izumi Arai, Hayley Sloan, and Rob Durazzo playing miniature golf at the ever popular Golf-n-Stuff in Cerritos. Actiyitien g Weel-Len X v - thinks Missy Fairbanks as BELOW: ISN'T THIS CUTE? she finds the ideal Christmas gift - a personalized Millikan poster - while shopping at I..ianne's Hallmark in early December. . t H ri.. I' i fx .Pj , Af if mf- V ,Ii -3-:reg 5 X 1 .' '+d1"Q-'l Q X 1 ,JK ' ' 53- L 'fl' IJ Q . J - 'r' FAR RIGHT: TANK IT UP - On a warm September afternoon, Kristi Kahl pumps gas into the tank of her convertible bug' in a cool tank top and Activities Fads and Fashions fi. ,. shorts. RIGHT: CHECK IT OUT! - Izumi Arai shows Dorothy DeLuna her new Thompson Twins album the day after the concert in October. R .. FAR LEFT: WHADAYA THINK? - Juniors Marlo Ashley and Kim Ryder ask each other's opinions about purses to match their new fluorescent outfits at the Wet Seal in the Market Place. LEFT: WHAT'S IN? - wonders senior Danny Lowenthal as he checks out the new styles for Fall. niS YQSQQ FIRE FMU. A bright new array of assorted day-glow colors added both pep and pizzazz into the Wardrobe of the fashionable student. To ac- cent these colorful outfits, the smart dresser added matching accessories such as fluorescent earrings, purses, socks, and wide belts. Guys got into the fluorescent scene too with sweatshirts and shorts. Prompted by the summer heat, tank tops also became a hot item in the fashion mar- ket. Acting as an essential, a tank top was usually the bottom layer of a coordinated outfit. Likewise, for the male population, tank tops served as a perfect opportunity to show off a firm muscular build while obtain- ing that ever so popular G.Q. look. The concert craze took over the minds and bodies of many students and so became the fashion in early October. One could see mu- sic fans properly clad in their concert T- shirts ranging from Billy Idol and the Thompson Twins to Def Lepard and Iron Maiden. Methods of transportation also became fads. It no longer mattered where people went as long as they arrived in style. Bike riders could no longer cruise the streets fashionably without wearing the proper gear which consisted of spandex shorts, gloves, and possibly even helmets. Those who were lucky enough to own carsjust had to have convertibles. Stacie Tisher, John Goldman, and Kristi Kahl just flipped open the tops of their V.W. convertibles when the hot weather became unbearable. Nearby Hallmark stores began a new fad by making personalized posters for Millikan High School. Popular cartoon characters such as Marvin and the Peanuts Gang were featured on the posters. For three dollars one could purchase a poster which claimed, "All the Real Babes go to Millikan High School." LEFT: RIDE LIKE THE WIND -- Senior David Rule cruises through El Dorado Park in his new biking shorts on a Saturday afternoon in March. Activities 2 5 Fads and Fashions ju ,-5 'fix fax 7 , w D g 3 , ,lf ,K f-, '11, 1 V ge H924 1, mugbx wffygi iapv 5' 3 M. E '- , -'X , fi , Y J Q, N V if Q Qu 5.-TL 5g1'i4-,ffhfiyw ex ,N nu g puyfkf fm , QM J 1 TW W W 'Z 'V Z1m,Q Bl P A, 1 .yy Q-.P Wmdiiu in-E QM? vibEv3'i1HQfi+3 wif 'BLM QfEfi5ri!w9fie'LfQsz, fili-Q Qywagwif wfsewiiiv H7z1'em2Sgm ,Wi5E1,uMii. P'ill5wffMP 4blPawEE'?11l9v Lm M 'QJ1vJi5FfvJLH:hfw. 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'Q-Q-1222112 ywlfillfwgffgwiug "5-, Hwkdiav Eimawasiwiiie WU531f1f'.iffiii'it-' jimi umm 4-- I - -Y A- ' . if, 5. , - Wif 11EK5.K9iiY3i1SiD1.ifL3fTEJ1E53l Hi5E'iii'ibE' W'a'i'i'efiLi 'FW 'Rei 'slits 'E'1l:'1'f3 M91- 3 xiiqwweiisam K I Q -1, J., 1 ..:x - fs S K Vw" '95 f- 4 K ,. . , . 1, ' V 4, , '-3 .aff -,. ,. 6 Y ii i .- V Q -.,, ,,,,...---- . we , . E 1. ,W . , rv 2+ JY. , ,, , . V - .1 4 . La, my ,. a .1 zaygfsl. Eff 'wifi ' PFW" vingkv-,,G,,EYH Lf? N ,. My ,,'. -1 ,W ff -1, 1' 4 ', u'?5-1.6 'Q F:f':1vf-',.ffirf7w-sg Y Apt.--v., 11.4-f., '19 . .V .. M--9 a In Q V 4 I 23, ,,, ..-1 - -"4 'QW ,WV Lg '5 w H gm M' , ,. y fii 'ig lf-, ' 3424- fr M Q- 1 "i'rf54ff?f. A .- 5f?',:Jff ' f '-"Sf '1':f", 'i' 5. fu -If 'ii' if :fda 21 4 - 525535 iz- ' -wg-w!g,:L1g1 ,:,.-493-,:,:,f1xL. 1. .pw W, A ,, mf- V- f- i f glgggugpigggr, ..,,......, 133157: Qin J YX W 4' Us 1' ' ' ov 4 M 3, Y' Z J' a maif-:.h 1...---'Z 1 . 3 ' " m 1 4 . ..,,, W, T.: 9 'r far,-I .w 9 1 9 .4 Ni 1 ,.f ' , 1: , , . 3 Y A T15 4 , w Q " + r' V L f .7 LF 'yi' 2,4 VS ' A x v '. 8 . Q - N 1 1 Xlglli. r-Wd n X ,AW 1 'lk 3 K A Razz- 1 Qjffr XJ wx, ng X " 51 'O H TX' in 'f t Cheer G0uY?d?7 n "Kamal Calmness surrounded the quad as anx- ious fans awaited the finale of the cheer skit. Dressed as football players, members of the squad cried, "Hey, Ram-aid!" in need of relief for the Poly game. Michele Crane, portraying Ram-aid, charged through a poster of a locker room to help boost spirit that night. This was one of the cheerleaders' favorite skits, but they had other creative ideas such as the Fire-starter and Ramotal Vitamin skits. Spirit Camp was delayed until the end of August: nevertheless, it was valuable to the squad. Head Varsity Cheerleader Staci Tisher commented, "Although we dreaded getting up at 7:00 every morning, we had a great time and learned many chants and cheers." They also brought home a spirit stick for their extra enthusiasm and cooperativeness. Melissa Affre said, "There were so many different schools at camp we were really excited and surprised that we received this award." "Robbie Ram is a girl?" exclaimed sopho- more Wendi Plunkett as the mascots re- vealed their true identities during the Homecoming rally. Due to the absence of male enthusiasm, Michelle Tuttle took on the part of Robbie while Suzie I-Ieffley ac- cepted the more traditional role of Millie. ' , Without the presence of a male counter- part, certain stunts, such as getting on each other's shoulders, were difficult to perform. "It doesn't make much of a difference to us not having a boy mascot," explained Mi- chelle. , "I think doing skits helped to give Millie and Robbie more exposure," replied Suzie. The two girls made up an original song about Millikin for sophomore orientation and decided to pass it down as a tradition for future mascots. TOP: LET'S GO, RAMS - Combined efforts of Debbie White, Suzie Heffley, and Susan Cunningham revive the crowd as the Rams make a touchdown against Poly in the fourth quarter. MIDDLE RIGHT: IJNFORGET- TABLE - Performing to a cheer learned at Spirit Camp, Melissa Affre executes a spirited jump during the Marina rally. MIDDLE LEFT: GET EXCITED - An optimistic Staci Tisher chants "We Believe in You" after the Rams pulled ahead 14-7 over Vlilson. How- ever, the Rams were dealt an 18-14 defeat. RIGHT: VARSITY CHEER- Paige Arnold, Michele Crane, Me- lissa Affre, Debbie White, Michelle McCoy, Sandi Kel- ler, Susan Cunningham, and Staci Tisher. 3 0 Activities CheerlMascot 'Z 'ills af s M, . . A J - sb'-.nk .,.,.- fl? l nv,---7 , Aki ., ly' Q!! X .J JV A li l rg' S' fl. , ,. I -51: :ffj I ,V ll wi 2 H' Lil' l QL r 4.11 S l ierl ., V " fr, , 'Q VL. WE? '-I . I l Y '-'LY ASA -1, 5 fi' HCV' I l 1 I 4+ A 1 --Q xr. lx Y. l- ' 'xX , 1 'ix ' - e X, 5. E. . s ' I . V5 I ..', I ' K I 'Q' ,,.,,-4 ,:.4 ,, . . , TOP: FIRE IT UP - Sandi Keller and Paige Arnold encourage crowd participation at the Milk bowl. FAR LEFT: FOUR-EYED BEAUTY - Following a varsity cheer performance during the Warren rally, Michele Crane mistakenly leaves on the glasses needed in a preceeding skit. LEFT: ONE MORE TIME - Michelle'McCoy yells to the crowd as she assures a victoryfiagainst Jordon. ABOVE: MAS- COTS -,Suzie'Heffley and Michelle Tuttle. i ... , 'Z , x I n fn X 4 X r I lg . L I 'ri .s V ' 't '85, he ' , X 1 f' " A X .Q .., ' Q.: - 'i E. X 3" . -W X e' " , 'S il - 5,-I -.Q ,, is M., , - .,., l . , I 2 Q. . ..,f5, ,L 5 ,K M 1 Q- .. ,wa .Q . 4 . ,Kvgg ,xsk - -", . f Q .ww . W " ' KN.. . I .A'- ' ,, 1 -' fl if -ffiz. . ,.A, 1-gt .- - .gn ' at A , .,,:..:. . -1.-. i ! Q l kLZ"4r:iV fx Q . :fs 1, : .fe V 5 f x ., 11' ... ' 3-.:: . ,. ' ia., , 'Z' im. H3541 -1-112 gg . , ,A 5 1 ' . .:' -- '--'- -121+ 541-:,'::" v:'?'f'5':ij,-- ,,f, . J 5:61 jj I if 'Q ., I " 4 V A, ., ..., I , . if . 0 --Avwi? l Q i A VAV- A -- s fi LEFT: FILL IT UP- Lee Mayer covers one ofhis many duties at Mobil Gas, filling tanks at the full service part ofthe station. 3obS Cfeaiit ReSl3 The need for cash, whether it was for a Friday night movie, an occasional pizza, or gas for the car, kept nearly forty percent of Millikan students employed at some form of job. Students displayed diverse tastes where jobs were concernedg however, many such as Michelle Peyton and Kim Shaw fa- vored employment in the traditional fast- food and restaurant fields. Michelle and Kim both held jobs at Danish Cone Ice Cream Shop. Their duties included the prep- aration of hot dogs and sundaes as well as ice cream cones. The always-popular Subway sandwich shop was almost completely taken over by Rams. Nearly the entire staff was made up of current students or graduates. Employ- ees of Subway included Monique Bessem, Kim Blythe, Sheilagh Flanagan, Kristi Kahl, Cee Karanasena, and Quynh Phan. Rams also seemed to enjoy the feelings of responsibility and independence that went with their jobs. As Kristi Kahl, assistant manager of Subway, stated, "I enjoy being left alone in charge of the store and other employees. It gives me experience in han- dling responsibilities." Lee Mayer, whose job at a Mobil Station entailed pumping gas, washing windows, minor repair work, and "giving directions to lost old ladies", shared in this sentiment but placed greater emphasis on the aspect of in- dependence. He stated, "On Sundays, I'm left alone to close the station. Sometimes I feel like I'm my own boss, and that's great!" MIDDLE: WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK - Dick King helps customers at Jax Bicycle Shop with a smile. Be- sides fixing bikes, Dick is the cashier and salesman. LEFT: SEVEN-FOOTER - Monique Bessem, Kristi Kahl, and Quyhn Phan load one of Subway's sand- wiches into a customer's car. Activities J obs F'-155'- 1 X I A lil , . 1 1 , l B 3 f' 7-T-?:i oicxe 5 - -09 eafgotif X0 Physical fitness added a new side to many Millikan students' lives. They were no longer content with only school and social activities but became more concerned with being strong, agile, and healthy. To achieve these physical standards, stu- dents engaged in various forms of sports and exercise. Both males and females exer- cised for many hours to create a better self. Hard work and dedication helped students to achieve these goals. "I feel it's important to stay healthy, so I work out every other day," said Senior Doug Ludwig. Lifting weights to attain a strong, healthy body was very popular with many Millikan students. Another popular method of physical ac- tivity was involvement in sports. Many stu- dents played different sports to keep fit. Senior LeAnn Battle explained, "I'm on the tennis team, but I still play at other times to stay in shape." One of the newest methods designed to create and maintain a healthy body was aerobic dancing. "Aerobics" required stam- ina and built endurance and a limber body as well. Many people found aerobics to be a fast and efficient way to promote their own physical fitness. "Whenever I'm not at work or at school, I'm in an aerobics class," said Senior Mary Struett. This attitude represented many students' feelings, and could be seen with the increased popularity of aerobics. Aero- bic dancing added a new dimension to physi- cal fitness. The most popular form of attaining physi- cal fitness was jogging. Junior Keith Ladd said, "Pm nowjogging about twelve miles a Week. It builds my stamina and helps me maintain top condition." Most people began jogging because of its convenience. No equipment was required, and it could be done at any time of the day or night. And the most important factor was that people were able to run in their own neighborhood. Agility, strength, and fitness became an important value to many Millikan students. They devoted much of their time and energy to make physical fitness a part of their lives. These students used many different methods to evolve into the best that they could be. 9,5 Activities 3 5 Physical Fitness l i i I 9 22 2' ,1'.i. ,'11 we N GY F0333 we 'ZX From fast food to fine cuisine, feeding habits of the Rams were varied and diverse. Students tended to stray from the "same place, same thing" attitude and experi- mented with foods they hadn't tried before. UI believe that experimenting with differ- ent foods, especially foreign and exotic foods, is an essential part of learning," re- marked Teri Schlieder. "I also enjoy cooking exotic dishes," she added. The main reason people gave for trying different foods was to learn about different cultures. "The best way to discover a foreign culture is through their food," remarked Kim Hirt. Eating was also a Way of discovering one's own culture. "By eating the foods of my country," re- marked Sophia Razzak, 'II learned much about it and its people." Other reasons for eating were equallyjus- tifiable. "Food makes me happy," said Noelle Nishikawa. 'flt picks me up when I'm depressed," she added. Mike Milburn stated, "I like to eat when I'm bored, or when I'm doing homework." Other people gave eating as an excuse for not doing homework. Debbie Kelly re- marked, 'tEating is a good way to relieve tension and stress, and to just relax." Carina Carra concluded, "I love to try new things. It's good to break the conformity once in a while." The places where students dined were as varied as the food they were served. From favorite fast-food places like Naugles, La petite Boulangerie, and Del Taco, to major restaurants like El Torito, Suma, and Am- brosia, students tasted food from all parts of the earth. Favorite ethnic foods ranged from Chinese and Mexican to Greek and Ar- menian. "Going out to dinner is great," re- marked John James. "It's a great excuse to get dressed up and go out with friends." For many reasons, eating ranked highly among favorite pasttimes. Whether it was just a casual trip to the local fast-food joint, or a formal outing at a good restaurant, stu- dents wanted to discover the many differ- ent kinds of foods. Bobby Ali stated, "Eating different foods enriches our experiences in life. Every meal should be a new experi- ence." 3 6 Activities Foods IQ If x if-'N W . 5 it Q s fc I flips ' 'hir' ' K j.?Ziz. l 4 f it QM?" A o'v N 1 ,gs UPPER LEFT: QUIT EATING THE PIZELLES - says Elaine Wrenn as she shows Debbie Kelly how to make pizelles. an Italian pastry, in her home on a Wednesday evening in April. FAR LEFT: WHAT IS IT? - Becky Weber and Yxta Murray try out Sushi at Suma during Christ- mas vacation. LEFT: GET THAT DRIP - Mike Milburn tries to keep his ice Cream cone from melting outside of Thrifty's on a hot day in September. FAR ABOVE: COOL AND COLLECTED - Rhonda Fra- zier calmly enjoys her dinner while Carina Carra tries to catch a fall- ing piece ofpepperoni at Straw Hat in November. Soo Jin Kim watches in amusement. ABOVE: LET'S EAT - exclaims Craig Stenberg' as he bites into his hamburger at Jack-in-the-Box after a hard swim workout in late January while Heather Finstuen. David Fratello, and Peter Giuliano look on. Activities Foods I 9 22 21 ff-RYE.. UU? D1SC0Ve h Long The multlple sldes of Long Beach held many surprlses for Mlllkan students Many found enyoyment ln the nlght lxfe on Second Street whlle others spent qulet moments enjoying the more hldden sldes of the clty. London Towne located next to the Queen Mary was a relatlvely new hang out for wlndow shoppers and browsers Long Beach was well known for Its Inter- natlonal harbor Harbor tours and boat trlps to Catallna were available from a small dock Just to the west of the Queen Mary Some hlstorlcal spots could also be found wlthln the clty s borders Few students were famlllar wlth the fact that movle star Clark Gable once llved IH a house located on Ocean Boulevald overlookmg the coast 'I thlnk that lt s neat that Long Beach con- talns a blt of Hollywood hlstoly and that we re able to share ln some of the llme- llght exclalmed Semol Mary Kramer There were other hlstollcal places ln Long Beach that students could easlly find. One of these was the Paclflc Coast Club whlch opened IU 1926 and served as a social gathering spot for Long Beach resldents. Although the Club had been closed down for about flfteen vears there were recent pro- posals to restore lt Long Beach had manv recreational re- sources Surprlse after surpllse was held out for those who chose to explore then clty. Bw Aceidciisllig-f,etgfoee Long Beach , 5 V g g.,5.?5g.5E,:.1, 'vi . .F-'F CZ H ll LJ: I . aa: my - ,,,,,, ....,1., - .,..? 11 za' H! J xhwmnw' , 1. , ..,. N- 4.1, t . ,,g..,T C. S' . 'f.L..Lq......bu...-- x .l..w.,,L YQ 532 -.uw J .1 , , ' e A P1 ,I l ' ' il, J , . ,-'M 1." axle' l , - ,.,.w,,. .-Al . Qi.: .. -Q . Cf w:w1w.m:ss:sms.-.suww . M ' .., 1,151.5- 1.14,-mls jg , I 1 I tif' Y -I l ,X r F W xl X. J 1 . Until , l 1 J x , li Q, . vm W . 'X' ' mx, T . '. L' "Z: 'lks , N Isl ,., I "nut X: x E I ll if .Q A -v ,4' ,.,..LQ.. A .ggtwgsi pw. 2, QRS 57535 , .x,, , X 23251 - . I J l x41-,,, ,Bu ' 1 ABOVE FAR LEFT AND INSET: A TOUCH OF HOLLY- WOOD - Seniors Mary Kramer and Noelle Nishikawa take a few minutes to reminisce in front of the home where movie star Clark Gable once lived. FAR LEFT: GOIN' SKIING! - Sophomore Christy Eastman checks out the latest in skis at Pat's Ski Ka Sports on Second Street. ABOVE AND INSET: "IT'S S000 BIG" - thinks Senior Michael Bordoni as he stands in awe of the extravagant architecture of the Pacific Coast Club. LEFT: SWEET TEETH - Senior Caotu Phan and her sister Quynh have trouble deciding what sweets to buy at The Jolly Lolly Candy Store in London Towne near the Queen Mary. Lomg Beach . ,5 Activities 9 ' - , 7 ' ?E.ef,fZQ'E, " . f " ' V' I Z' ' 'rielesib ' 'z 'ff' 1-4222 , 105 I , lllx UQSS in T The evening proved to be one to remem- ber as Mr. Dave Radford emceed the seventh annual Mr. Ram Pageant, "Ladies, we are about to celebrate the three M's: Millikan, Men, and Muscles!" The evening continued with non-stop screams and yells as twenty-two potential Mr. Rams, the most contestants ever, enter- tained a packed auditorium. At the close, Steve Williams emerged as Mr. Ram, 1985, Steve and his band performed t'Tender- ness" a song by General Public. Gary LeFeb- vre had the honor of being first runner-up, he performed a pepster routine good enough to make the flag team. The other top three were Bill D'Andrea, John Kusel, and Jim Greci, respectively. The categories by which they werejudged were talent, muscles, formal wear, and an impromptu reply to random questions for the five finalists. The talent portion saw a wide variety of acts, ranging from Jon von Arx playing the water glasses, to saxaphone solos by Mike Seldon and Mark Wigod, to Mickey Meckes' performance of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell," which had the audience on their feet. "It was a once-in-a-life-time experience that I'll always treasure. I'll never forget the audience's cheers and support," com- mented Glenn Wells, reflecting on the night's revelry. eUdeY ABOVE: RAGGIN' IT- Glenn Wells taps out a tune by Scott Joplin on the piano. ABOVE LEFT: CHORUS LINE - Tapping to the cheers of the crowd. Stuart Lziureano performs to a number from Clzmvzs Line. ABOVE RIGIIT: THANK YOL' JESUS- First runner- up. Gary LeFebvre. congratulates 1985 Mr. Ram, Steve Williams. RIGHT: SING IT TO ME, BABY! - During the talent portion of the pageant. eventual Mr. Ram 12385 Steve Williains gets into his singing of the song "Tenderness," 40 At-mines Mr. Rani T 4:5 FRONT ROW: Seal John llusel, Bill I ter, Mark lllgod, E An. IND ROW: P: MarkBennett,Stu, 4 Q 1 4 ' 1 ' - w B , K 4 . , f Q v J FAR ABOVE: DANCING IN HEAVEN - Se- nior Leslie Strech and her date Mike Murphy dance to the sound ofthe band, The Calnirads. ABOVE: WHEN IT'S TIME T0 CHANGE ... - Celebrity Christopher Knight, a.k.a. Peter Brady, anxiously waits for the beginning of the Celebrity Faculty Game in early March. MIDDLE RIGHT: HE DID WHAT? - Chuck- les Jill Cruchley to Sindi Burson and Linda Fuller as they discuss what happened at din- ner before the Winter Affair in Mid-February. Actixfities Special Events i Tixcite CYOW The special Celebrity!Faculty Basketball Game, March 7, provided a most exciting and unique event. Flakey Jake's Celebrity All-Star team played against a charged-up Faculty crew. Although they were only a few points be- hind the celebrities throughout the game, the Faculty team lost, 107-114. A surprise to the game was that one ofthe celebrities, David Wallace, graduated from Millikan in 1976. Another celebrity who aroused the crowd was the all-time favorite star of "The Brady Bunch", Christopher Knight, or as we all know him, Peter Brady. "Although we were much older than the celebrity team, we put up a good fight to win the game," stated Activities Director Mr. Gregg Stone. Cheerleaders' roles were por- trayed by seven ofthe women faculty while Ruth Leksan was Millie Ram and Bob Heit- zhaus, who also played in the game, was Robbie Ram. In disbelief, Tracy Smith com- mented, "I couldn't believe the Faculty team played so well. I was very impressed!" A traditional event, the Winter Affair, re- turned, February 16, at the Anaheim Con- vention Center. Instead of a semi-formal atmosphere, it turned into a grand function. Nichelle Pegan enthusiastically remarked, "It was great fun getting dressed up and riding around in a limousine!" More than ever, guys wore tuxes that matched their dates' dresses. One couple, Kendra Karlson and Steve Williams had matching tuxedo pants. The dresses were all different lengths which led to a variety of daring and beautiful gowns. The Red Cross Blood Drive was held March 1. Approximately forty-five students and faculty donated a pint each. All of the blood was taken to the Los Angeles Blood Bank for distribution to hospitals when needed. Since the minimum age to give blood was 17, Rob Durazzo, angered to be only 16, stated, "If a person wants to donate his blood, he should be allowed to regardless of age." Senior Gary LeFebvre was also not allowed to donate his blood because of a re- cent trip to the Carribbean. After giving blood, donors were given cookies, juice, and a free Big Mac coupon. Considered a relatively safe procedure, a few were faint after donating their blood. However, Melissa Affre cheerily remarked, "I felt fine. I probably would have donated another pint if I was allowed." Other stu- dent donors included Kelly Pawling, Lance Ondrick, Glenn Wells, and Mark Wigod. FAR LEFT: D R I B B L E , SHOOT!-Bill Odell takes the ball down the court hoping to score a point. LEFT: MAN POWER? - Seniors Stan Eizak, Jim G r e c i, a n d Mary Struett r e a d p a m- phlets as they contemplate giving blood, Mary was the only one who succeeded. ABOVE LEFT: CONCENTRATION - Facul- LONGER- wondersjunior Lance Ondrick as ty players Gregg Stone and Dan Peterslineup he donates a pint of blood during the blood with celebrity players for a crucial free-throw drive. point. FAR BOTTOM LEFT: HOW MUCH Activities 4 3 Special Events I 9 22 2' 596dwa X006 Q4 9' Getting away from the ordinary Hdinner and movie" date, many couples found new and exciting ways to enjoy themselves. Amanda Schlumph stated, "I like it when the guys I date take me to places outside of Long Beach." Some popular out-of-town spots included walking on the boardwalk in Laguna, sail- ing over to Catalina, and going shopping and dancing in Westwood. Many students agreed that they encoun- tered similar "sticky" situations on their first date. The good night kiss, deadly si- lence, and eating habits were the most nerve-racking and feared events of the evening. Lance Ondrick recalled his first date as being one of enjoyment as well as embarrassment. "I'd never ask a guy out!" exclaimed Kris- tin Burns. Many girls debated as to whether it was right to ask boys out. Carey Neilson said that it didn't bother her if she knew the boy, but she would never ask out a guy that she just had met, while Lori Abramow reasoned that it was not proper for young ladies to ask out young men. Most boys didn't mind being asked out by a girl be- cause it saved them the possibility of rejec- tion. When it came to attracting the opposite sex, boys and girls both agreed that the first thing they noticed was appearance. Howev- er, after getting to know each other better, it was their personality that kept them in- terested. John Talley remarked, f'It's true that I go for the hot looking chicks, but if they're airheads or real boring, I say bail on them." Some advantages to double-dating were a change of pace from routine dating, a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for the inexperienced daters, and the enjoy- ment of being surrounded by friends. Some people liked to go by themselves on their first date in order to get to know each other better, while others enjoyed sharing the time with friends as well. MIDDLE RIGHT: SATURDAY IN THE PARK - On a lovely Spring day in April, double-date-rs Rich Walton, Sindi Burson, Rick Smyth. and Suzie I-Ieffley enjoy the food and each other's company in El Dorado Park. RIGHT: VIDEO BEAT - On a late Saturday night, Mike Polizzi invites over his girlfriend Julie Lecesne and Juniors Aaron Sullivan and Julie Correa to share a fun-filled evening of Prince and his movie Purple Rain. 44 Activities Dating sl A l i xx Q K i ! 5 L A- 11 -Ri I ,. 5: K wi?-in ' A ici in-'-4 Q fieiiifi .-,"'- fi i . .ui ' - 2" ,i.'i.,, iii ii li I in - '?i?i...i L?+i "ll ' , ' ' ' SH: RPL . r ' -,Y.Qff3,1- ,ci ,pei , ' - , I f" ws- 75 , ' 5221551 yi , -.1 'j l ou'-2 .y,JR,,- - w g F2314 .f 'l . ,, V I X -S ' , Is it N l FIM 4 F V I i s " if 5 ' 2 li ' 4 qi. 7 'it HQ Q Qi I n ! 3 I Y 1 537 IF. , , ' 53, ' 1 ' A-,V A. 'A ' '2,' -5 , gif I 'Q Q 5 A as Il A aft-avi? fi 'qua if "rw l Y fb, I y F A UPPER LEFT: LATE NIGHT MUN- CHIES - After a Friday night foot- ball game, Seniors Stan Eizak and Allison Cairns decide to check out the scene at Naugles. FAR ABOVE: BUILT FOR TWO - Getting away from familiar surroundings, Ralph Lakin and Lori Ivey take a trip to Bal- boa on a Sunday afternoon to share a bicycle ride and shop. LEFT: CRUISIN'THE CANAL-Janet Birch and Joe Epson are given a tour of Na- ples in late September as they experi- ence the Italian tradition of romantic gondola rides. ABOVE: SWEET NOTH- INGS - Kendra Karlson and Steve Williams share a kiss while D.C. Con- roy and Tracy Smith share an ice cream on a June night at Grandma's on Second Street. Activities 4 5 Dating f I 6 The Year I Coach DeHaven resigning as Head 'Football A 1 I Coach after fifteen years, Coach Radford re+ C A placing him, Donice Trophy rel. 1 I, I turning 'to I slaiighterl V . Hover Lakewood, I l Padres n for first time I years, Girl s Soccer advancing. then i i winning u C.I.F. game for first time in school's history, lloui: Flutie winning' Heis- l munn Trophy then signs 157-millioncontract I with ll.S.F.l,., Walter Payton hvconlilig N.l".l..'s nll-time Iondim: rusln-r. uml Bob I l'rnno ln-corning first i'ri-shmun t'Vl'l' lu ploy , on Vzlraity I"oolhzlll. .'lfhff'h'.w Niki' 1 Hn' Hffinurh' frxf I In sfririny lo rio Il fhvir wry hw.-4!,' The-y molfe' Hu' ejljini 1 lllillkflillli u wflyf I For lmurs of'yr'm'Hiug prru'fi'r'u' vrzrh chry. I .-U! Hn' lime' Huff Hwy pn! in X I Hmu-i loH'1lr'fl rms' ohji'c'!ir'i'.' to H'in.' I Hn! om' runuof HfH'll-UN win wllvn In' f'fnnpc'h'x, I .limi orivn mmm! Ifiire' if ,oniujifl rfijtiwlf. I Hut wiinong or losing ix not Hu' poise! of'Hn's hu-r!,' I H ix Hn' xoH.-qfirdiou of'knou'iug Hu' nHff4'fr' has dom' his wry lwxi. I Kristin Hurns '86 I AllUlh'l'I liIlill'l': VIIMINIS TU Tlllf HUIII' - ln lhelr final gnnn- uizuinst the home team Poly Jackrabbltzs, I Ve-olvr Aluly i'unlra-ll penetrates punt ai civil-'nelvr dur' Ing lho Jiri! quurlvr in un allempl to lie the score. RHBIIT: oN THE MIIYIC - With intense concentration. -N4 I Sl'll'IillKh Flanaghun taken lhv hull down held akulnst a Qi worthy di-fe-lnlrr during.: the first. round of the l'.I.l". ' ll I playoffs ul home. l ' I I I f V YYVA YY If I I if' rn! li, 1 x l Y ' ,uni V' 'll l i W Q e X in I , N V lm X YY! 1 Yi Y wi 3 all I i I I I I i Jw -or I Q ,,,1 ell Il l I I I ll q I l .' ri 46 ll?3ini:1nPngI Y"'i. G-in ' I x NL Y "'..r5A.i u 'un w 1 "il Qimr 4 - Q "I", 'r."'Z? X , ., . .:::4,, H NIM.. .5.,.,,,,,,,, I. . A ,... - ,,f -1:15. 45 5, I 'ffm .11"'fR:-1' "ff " ' x . -:TL 1 . " f- x - X '- ' . .-,V 'H , ,VW . ,.k,Y- k,-, , lazdgv T.. 3,-,, W awww, ,,,,, an Y., f ' .. ' ww, - ,W 5 P, Q: Q v "f 'MF' 041. 1 S, 4' ,A 4 y -v -his W ' ' A f., P H , J . ..- Q A' , X-1 J y uf , ji 1 ,. 'J ff.. 4-2 M' , ' Wh 1' . A 4 f F "" iq' J V 1 r H, 'Q if by wx , 4 .W V.,N . M, , - 4:44 7 -41 , - . Q ,., . V, .M .- , f7bf:fi'a"bVf"f'1 nf, W "-Pu, , "IM" ' .-iyfyvrgs-r,,f ' 'fair-2fijbgig.g??f,ZzP "a'-Kb-1-fAf-:!'.,1s,fF 1' 'ff ,,,,,. W, 7 iw gvsigg-f5:6"15zs'mf1:-4fQ,fggw: 1... -aw 9 f' - -ff. 5 fig ' ,iff - w,vS1p-yz. . - W nz ,Q v t f -' ffg'W,Qvy:i.,:,: -1 . - a - if b f fflffl-ifff 3 ,J-W, 1' .ai T34 'Q f1'Mf'.i.' -2'- f .'ftMf'w.- PLN ' 1' 'QW Elbfigfw -Y-A, mmm -'A..- - ' na., N J' " a , Q I s' ' 515151 Yr' 1'..HF:1swF'4 "414 "f ' V, A - , , 1 , 1: f -P' x -Mfg V, fi.::v'.,'., -",n2.'g aj, -,- ,, j l , .- .Q -2 LQ 'Tflf'f.-'hwi Q -- WQSK- , 8 gfifffff ' " ' A -. ., ,, ,J 5 AIIUVIC FAR LH!-'T ANU RIIIIIT: I',li,.-L lHll'Nll - Trvvur Hank- er un1I.Im- Hpsun play an few vxlrn hula-vs In pn-- pare fur l.euguv. l.PII"'l' TU RHLIIT: l'llMI'l'ITl- TURN - Suirwy Mur- fmmt. Ilraan Rhunn. - - "flu Frm-m Vunnlry, Yunn- W , K, . Q 1 WN ,-N ' Ilrinkurwhumll'hrlsl'ux F W 'N A U " , if show the strain uf these ' F! I4 ! ' - A l 5 ,, V wort:- iifiii 3 1 1 'Q I 1 H1 ui "ini S 3 E Q ieg I I U hmrtn Illvlrlillll 'nge ld Rivals Overwhelmed We played about as well as we could play That was how Head Football Coach Dick DeHaven summed up the Varsity Foot ball season The team finished pre league with a rec ord of 2 2 After a loss to Palos Verdes and a win over Warren the Rams had a near per fect victory against Schurr The defense led by returning Letterman Pat Harden Brian Turang and Vance Drlnkard were the key to the 28 6 win A loss to the fast moving Ma rina team ended the pre league season The Moore League opener against Wilson was exciting After battling up and down the field all night the Rams were on top but a shocking 92 yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter changed the mood of the game Despite Andre Johnson s best rushing performance 143 yards on 15 carries all hopes of beating the Bruins vanished as Wilson went on to win 18 14 Being O 1 put pressure on the team to per form to its fullest potential. After soundly beating Jordon, the Rams went on to play Compton. The Tarbabes, who proved to be strong late in the game, were held off with the help of an interception from Junior Arty Bedard, which set up the third score of the game. The team felt relieved as they left the field with a 22-18 win and a 2-1 record. As a result of the victory over Lakewood, the Donice Hamilton Trophy found its way back from the old rival and earned the Rams a spot in the CIF playoffs. Junior Quarter- back Clifford Mosley led the offense flawlessly on three touchdown drives, put- ting the Lancers in the hole 21-0 at the half. When it was all said and done, the team walked away with a 35-0 win, with the help of receptions from Tommy James, Ed Robin- son, and a swarming Rams defense. Always known for their speed and the ability to make the big play, Poly, in the last game of the regular season, handed the Rams a final record of 3-2. Returning Letterman Jeff Anger stated at the beginning of the year, "We are going to CIF." His prediction held true. RIGHT: STUNNED-John Kusel and Arty Bedard can not believe Marinas quick-scoring drive. FAR RIGHT: VITY THE FOOL - After a successful scoring drive, Mike Houston feels sorry for the poor fool who had to defend him. Sports i 4 8 Va1'sityl-'ooibail u lt! r 1 e '94 HEELS OVER HEAD - Junior starter Perry DiMarco takes a dive as he goes forthe score in the Palos Verdes game. 65" " A, - . ffl ..,Q,l.,., in A l.. 19 'uk'-H' ' '-'-' :5:::5S:5:5fE'.E2E2:2222IE-.-51:-.-5:2:2:C:2:2:2:Q:2:2:2:2:Q ' 2 .-..-. Z'. . . .-. . . :-:-:-:-:-:-.?:-.-.-.-.-.- Ely, -':"":? ....... . ' ' '.'.:.' ' 'f:I:I:I"jf:f:I:I:.. 23' ' g'f'iiii:3b:3:Q:Q:Q..:2 Q.' FAR ABOVE: FLIP OUT - .lust minutes before the third quarter, Cliff Mosley ties the score with a daring dive. ABOVE: CHANGE IN PLANS- Cliff Mosley calls an audible for a goal-line play on third-down-and-three. The result was a touchdown and a temporary 22-14 lead. RIGHT: AGONY OF DEFEAT- Starting linemen Fred Blalock and Michael Houston look on as the Riv. Poly Bears end the Ram's season. Sports CIF Football Rams 'I Varsity Football Pre-League Opp. Palos Verdes 17 Warren 9 Schurr 6 Marina 28 League Wilson 18 Compton 18 Jordan 0 Lakewood 0 Poly 34 CIF Riverside Poly 29 fights hard for a twenty-yard gain. ABOVE: WATCH OUT! HERE I COME - Senior An- dre Johnson puts a move on the Bears' de- fense to gain a much-needed second quarter first down. Riv. Poly Edges Rams. . . Becwly The Rams entered the first round of the CIF playoffs with an overall record of 5-43 they were ready for a victory over the Riverside Poly Bears. Unfortunately, the cold weather and the speed of the Poly Bears did not provide a winning combina- tion for the Rams. "We played offensively well, but our defense had a hard time slow- ing Poly down," commented Head Coach Dick De Haven on the Ram's 22-29 defeat in the opening round of the playoffs. Fernando Bautista opened the game with a perfectly executed onside kick, this al- lowed Nuygen Pendleton to recover the ball on the Bear's 35-yard line. Unable to move the ball after several attempts, Bob Crane's attempted field goal was blocked. Following five plays of hard hitting, the Bears crossed the goal line. Both defenses stiffened and held their field position until Cliff Mosley penetrated the goal line to cap the 66-yard scoring drive. Minutes later, Poly scored a touchdown and led with a score of 14-6. Again, the Rams bounced back. Excellent running abilities and quick maneuvers by Perry DiMarco led to a seven-yard run by Andre Johnson for the six points. On the two-point conversion, Mosley flipped into the end-zone to tie the score. On the ensuing kick-off, the highstrung Rams tackled andjarred the Bear's ball car- rier, causing a fumble that was recovered by Craig Baker. Nine plays later, Johnson drove in from the one-yard line for another touchdown. Ed Robinson's reception for the two-point conversion gave Millikan a 22-14 lead with 11:40 remaining. The Bears answered the Ram's effort with another touchdown. So, with the score tied at 22, 3:28 left to play, and a fourth-and-eight to go, the Rams went for the first down, but Mosley was sacked for a loss. This risky decision proved unsuccessfulg however, it set the stage for the Bearls winning drive. "They were really fastg our defense was tough, but we just couldn't stop them," summed up the feelings of Eddie Jackson. At the annual banquet, Sean Fernandes was chosen as the outstanding defensive player of the yearg Guard Jeff Anger and Center Fred Blalock shared a similar award for offense. Cliff Mosley was honored as the most valuable player. Sports 5 1 CIF Football an A J Vs Fight ack Hard work and much dedication was the key to success as the Junior Varsity football squad pulled off an impressive season- ending victory against Poly, 21-0. The team consisted of only eighteen players, nine of whom had to play both offense and defense. "Even though the team is small and they get tired, they give one hundred percent every play of every game," stated Head Coach J.C. Clarke. Top players on offense and defense were Carl Thompson, Clarence Rogers, Rob Durazzo, and Cory Hammond. With only fif- teen players opposite Wilson's fifty, the Rams held the Bruins on two goal-line stands, going on to win 14-12. The team's overall record was 8-3-1. The feeling ex- pressed by Coach J.C. Clarke, Dave Shaw- ver, and Assistant Coach Gordie Ferriss was that the team was short on numbers but long on character. Coach Carl Halsted pointed out, f'The sophomore squad was very promising, but lots of careless errors caused us to lose games." The team finished out the season with a 3-5-1 record. Coach Bucky Harris, As- sistant Coaches Tony Peralta, Curtis Eifert, and Carl Caldarella succeeded in forming an unusually small-numbered sophomore team into a solid group of players. Top players on defense were Mando Ra- mos, Ron Singleton, and Pat Smith. The offense was lead by Ramond Jones, Raoul Spears, and Charles Williams. Coach Hal- sted pointed out that the sophomores worked very hard, and he added, t'Many have an excellent future ahead of them on the varsi- ty squad." FAR ABOVE LEFT: GET OFF MY BACK - While turning the corner on the Warren Bears at Millikan High, Steve Gaston successfully shakes loose two worthy defenders. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: EYEING THE RECEIVER - Sophomore quarterback Jason von Arx executes a dump pass to receiver Steve Gaston during the Poly game. ABOVE MIDDLE RIGHT: JUST ONE MORE YARD - Junior Varsity Running Back Clarence Rogers hurdles his body through the air in ai great effort for a first down. The Lancers, however, prevailed 28-12. thus ending any hopes for an unde- feated season. Sports JY Sopli, Football ,,,..... hiv? ' " log , ,Y I if 'F'-I ff 1 Y ,Q SOPHOMORES - Front Row: Nathan Booker, Darrell Gower, Chris King, Darren Beane, Willie Best. 2nd Row: Russell Todd, Troy Fletcher, Ray Jones, Charles Wil- hams, Kevin Anderson, Pat Smith. 3rd Row: Cory Keene, Richard Strid,Jason von Arx, Bill Foster, Ron Singleton, Oscar Lugo. 4th Row: Brian Tofili, Brandon Wil- liams, Alfonso Jemison, Joe Cao, Raoul S ears, Coy Griffin. Back Row: Bob Pigott, Klen Branch, Ray Billingslea, Joe Hoskins, Cullen Boyd, Lauren Boquette, Chris Largerborg. H . , . u Q . as I-f' . a 1 i x. ,f lBfS ll , TY Row: Car' Ejlarrirmfi Qglgente E ii. llanagertaraa 4 L. - A .1 X fi J- , , iwlazmwr .rn -. - .",, r,r,.m,eL..:e1.i....Z ,,.f,,.f.- - , -fa W -. gf .,,f if av.. K., I ,fa 'I " 5 1' 5- ' ::'.. ., 'f liff sg, 1 l1'lf'i"2fxI 1 ef .1 . v 1 s . fig.. . a' .1 , i 1 f Z f . , 4 az :crying 'AQ 41:1 0 :Z f 1 F 121' 9 ' KP Ar -loaf' lzfkifzkx-417 if 'fry' is A141251 .1 W. ear ,f ,M Ill!! 4 ' I 1 C 17 1 ff' if ff z,:'A,v2v,z 2 I' i s" 13 fail A A' z ,515 'ic' Q z ,la 1 A L , X 4 ll ,As 'V ' , f,f"fnv 11 g fs 1 4' " A ' fn 15, V I 12-Q 41 e 1' 49 bo" 4 I ' ' 1 A ,,,, fy V 4, , 1,,,, ,A we. if I. Y Xiu 2, ,,, , vm - -, w ,mf - ff aww' ,W I ., ,f . , VY, A f - , .M ja W wfvw ,, ,pwggv wt ' f ' . . AAQ -4 'fn ,, fin "fair M- 1, , , 1. ev . , ' ',,.-awww f 'i ,. , .. ' A 0 W1 I J' , ...fc 'W r, W... 'Af' I -f.. .,9, Q I A . 4 ,J Ji iii if fr I - :C 1Th n, Short, Robby Cinco, Mike Rowe, 'Exile FIii1sci1mCizaOrve,ncjLIRoget1igTlL?c?ry Travis Jeter, Derek Moore. Back H mmondi Roger Quigley, 2nd Row: Robert Durazzo, Albino Gar- Rgw, Manager Blair Cohn, Guy cia, Clarence Wilson, David Hess. il I V Lx! ,,.,,.,, Q, r-,-1DaS.f.,,,X -. 4 4 rwfw , W If W W W, , . ,V , , ., ., , , ., " . J ,. aw "' ,, , , M I f H- " fam, , , - ? QW an , f, af N 0. . -' 4-V - 4442, J I Q I..-A , f , f an :' fir ' r- ' V ' , 2 f Q ,,,i..A9l:-..ig.if 44.0, ..,, . , . .1 . M.. .4 ,QV , magma, ,...f,v .-V, . ,,1Aw LEFT: GETTIN' RID OF IT - Junior Carl Thompson tosses a quick release pass in the battle for first place against the Lanc- ers. ABOVE: BAD NEWS FOR THE BABES-With the goaline in sight, MVP Clarence Rogers turns on the speed while out- running a Compton defender during the Ram's Homecoming game. ABOVE LEFT: SHIFT T0 THE LEFT - During a tough defeat against Lake- wood, Junior Mike Rowe cuts to his left for a big gain to fool the Big Red defense. Sports JfV Soph. Football af' , 1 GQ ' 1 ' Q ' Q if K: N ll' ' A Q 5 -f I J ' tw 5 . , 'J 5 sl .Off s , 1, - X. N- .1-. C . s ,I 1-5,2525 W.. D K I u ,A !"' F F '.! "W gf N ' w.4-f-wif "' "' " 1 ' i to , ,S W- t- B - . 1 ' 1 D! 'vt R f 4 ' R 5 J ' T - 4 7' ggffgfw - - 1 VARSITY FRONT ROW Josh Richardson Chris Krueger Tim Collins 2ND -' fl -'., I 5 I I m ROW Brian Rhoan Jim Laturner D C Conroy BACK ROW Scott McGihon Mike ,,.,. Q 1 1 -.gif Brock ,.,. .5 4 . J M' ,,,,,K, Li-my a' 4' ! , F , gy . Q X 4 K, 1.1 V Hwy I1 " W-sa, 3 ' O W ' . T ' " il' if J M af "W ng.. 'V fy' f F 5 x gsm-I .EASE FRONT ROW Sean Hintz Rick Smvth Christy Manker Steve Kumashiro Tim Parkei BACK ROW Dave Fratello Dennis Barwick 9 5 -Q 1,5 -46' SOPHONIORE FRONT ROW: Mike Anderson Jason Downey Bobby Meyer Ciaig Stenbeig Jeff Fisher Todd Banhidy Scott Anderson Greg Walti Mike Seigal B-XCK ROW Matt McConnel. Eric Coolbaugh Josh Danufsky Blair Con- iox Codx Gailabiandt. John Heinrich. Gary Sheldon Robert McClanahan Jerry lu inxlo Npoxt W itei Polo a 04' fb' we 2 ' ' - V 4,3 f , A I ,, Z . All I W , x Y ,fi R sf' A '- 725 I ,, ,r,.,, I we R l A ,ls 318' V K' -ff," 'Cf ' '57-Q' - - : ,H- 1' ' ll M it ' ww ' --' 5' ' 1' . , 4 5 5 ,- K f -' V lik... 'ff fr:-ff, 'Rf ll , . :qi ' R' ' ' Y X ' 1 1 - R , ! X -e ., -' - - ' ,gi J T p - K J iJ', C- fg gg ' Q is M T -- so is 1 ' , A , ,V ' I , ' y sa 3? 5 F' 1 B' if: 9 ml, I lv! L' - . f - I I . W 'W -W If-' els" L if 'L I if I J l li Y l 1 i , . , ,, , G .,.e - . , Q , , - Rams '7 10 17 3 3 M 'Mi 1 Varsity Water Polo League Poly Lakewood Jordan Wilson CIF Playoffs Foothill Opp. 16 13 . .L ,, f . Q ggi: mf, X: i Q I ,vm f- ' ' ' - -Y - 4......-.-.-L-eggf' we was-...M-N. . '1 ry, ,h . L. - sam...-,ug Q .- ,, E . in . 1 ,I V ,. Q ' . ' , V W W rf' ,, . ' J f f f i l-7 A .J-1-fx - A ' iggj' I' . fr" X .wg . , , yy . lvrll , -1547? ' 9 ., - 'xii if .. , 1' " 2 ' I-I5 521, f . ,V , 1' ,' -1, ..,-Q - Vim ,.. : .-'- 'I f' ".--ni: - J 4 2 F' f "M , ,mi ,I .. ., I f Making A Splash Despite the losses of the varsity water polo team, Ram pride was restored in the water polo program with strong season showings. Finishing with a 6-15 overall record, the team went 2-2 in League competition. Setting the pace for their team-mates were Junior D.C. Conroy and Seniors Scott McGihon and Mike Brock. These dynamic players led the team in scoring and added much to the team spirit and determination. Also rewarded with All-Moore League First-Team honors were D.C. Conroy and Mike Brock. Heading the varsity line-up was Coach Bruce Brown. "His workouts were unforget- able," commented Senior Josh Richardson. During the season, players were expected to arrive at school, be suited up, and ready to swim at 5:30 A.M. "We dreaded the tough morning workouts, but they paid off in the end," stated Junior Tim Collins. Afterwards, of course, there was school, and then afternoon workouts. It obviously required total dedica- tion and numerous hours to survive the water polo season. 4'They improved a lot through the year and were a much stronger team at the end of the season,' remarked Coach Brown. Because the majority of the team consisted ofjuniors, the season proved to be a worthwhile experience as many will return as seniors. The J.V. team was led by Juniors Tim Parker and Steve Kumashiro. Other leading players were Rick Smyth and Sean Hintz. These out- standing players led their team to a second- place victory in Moore League. Alumnus Doug Parker, acting as coach, re- turned and led the sophomore water polo team to a fourth-place victory in Moore League. Outstanding players Blair Conroy and Jerry Iwanylo helped the team with their brilliant performances. UPPER LEFT: WITH A GOAL IN MIND - Senior Scott McGihon shoots from half tank in a victorious game against Lakewood. LEFT: FIGHTING FOR THE BALL - Senior Jose Hernandez is determined to get possession of the ball during a game against Wilson. ABOVE FAR LEFT: PASSING THE BALL - Junior Chris Krueger looks for an open man in order to set up a play. MIDDLE FAR LEFT: GOING FOR THE GOAL-Junior Tim Collins fires a powerful shot during the Wilson game. Sports 5 5 Water Polo '-'55 Harriers Fight Back For Title "We were a team. We started as a team, and we won as a team." That was how Ju- nior Rodger Keester described the Varsity Cross-Country Squad. And win as a team they did! Despite losing their opening League meet to the Wilson Bruins, the Rams' spirits didn't fade, they went on to win their next four League meets, which enabled them to capture the Moore League Title. They were led by a group of talented young all-stars. Junior Maury Williams was considered the number one runner with the fastest time in Moore League. He and Wes Jackert, also a junior, earned All-League honors, along with Varsity's lone sopho- more, Vernon Lawton. Rodger Keester and Gian Wayman, along with Steve Thompson and Steve Sewell, contributed to keeping the middle ground of the "Varsity Pack" strong. Looking ahead to next year's squad, Coach Rod Petkovic commeted, "After a good summer practice, next year's Varsity team should be in strong contention for an- other good seasonf' Supporting these hopes were both the large number of returning varsity runners and an excellent J.V. Squad. J.V., which captured the League Cham- pionship with a 5-0 season, was led by tal- ented runners like Matt Gott, Bob Hutchinson, and Mark Carter. Senior Don Horner, who took first place in the Moore League Finals, also contributed a great ef- fort to the team's success, along with Bill D' Andrea, John Goldman, and Keith Ladd. ABOVE: ALL ALONE - In a crucial Moore League meet against Poly, Junior Rodger Keester stretches the distance between him and the pack. RIGHT: THE PACK - Running on their home course at El Dorado Park, Steve Sewell, Wes Jackert, and Vernon Lawton lead the way headinginto the last mile ofa race against Compton. MIDDLE RIGHT: EYEING THE FINISH - Enroute to a League victory over Poly, Wes Jackert improves his best time as he finishes the course at El Dorado Park. ABOVE RIGHT: "I CAN MAKE IT!" - says Junior Maury Williams as he jogs the last few yards to finish first against Jordan. Sports Cross Country J s"""'Qw I Q, ' . mdfi' --, .f ' I'-Ere"-4e,," ' A X :qw T V. ig VJ., f.,.,,x. 1 'W' , vw-at f-.f,, 2.2. .r. 1 I I ,Qf,1. 1, M J 3 l N K. if 1 I o 6 ' 1 1 E- xt I 1 n I in 4 - Y,-I, x YE ia VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Maury Williams, Steve Sewell, Rodger Kees- ter. BACK ROW: Gian Wayman, Steve Thompson, Coach Rod Petkovic, Wes Jackert, Vernon Lawton. Lg, L- T .i T , 4 1 " , , ' , x 5 12 , V- U , T-E, RTM' if f 1 ' 1 If Ap' , , ,,-J -' QV f f-uf ' , Q a or " ' of .1 s x Q Yr' Q-s I 4- 45:1 ' 'i . T . . 2 lit ' if ' ,. - .1 I I I ' - I - . I' i . s it K I -, L. , ,. . 4 T' 3 J.V.-FRONTROW: Tim Collins, Mike Kentish,LoganAlgie, Keith Ladd, ..- Chris Cox, Bobby Odom, John Goldman, Mohammed Razzak, Grant Car- son Cmanagerb BACK ROW: Coach Rod Petkovic, Matt Gott, Mark Carter, Bob Hutchinson, Donald Horner, Bill D'Andrea, Marcus Russell, Luis ,t 1 T.: 1114 5"??q"-tab' V K Morales. , , Y -45 D , .135 'ff '. 'Vg rs '.,':'K,la ' '1'fff'f:f,y fy., -A,,,,,:fg,:.3 5 -.TJ Nd ff- --4- 5 P If ,.M..:,:,,,gf ,:' ' pq...-lgjyfnglvv' ,V 4 V- U" FV , ,awarifag n -' S 4 f ,i , ,,,.. 1 5, , 1,-ffffl-,.1 ,:...,-'1gg.,gg,.., man' fi -M V , . V, ., K C3 J 'rx in 1' ' A M, H ' 5 ' I fb- X- 44 , IT. - Q. 'V ' 9 , " ., 'S i f Q 1 ' J LW' ,I 1 B 1 " :S .... -,X gg uf t F - 22 4 .vi .-' Varsity Cross Country Rams League Opp. 29 Wilson 26 15 Compton 50 24 Lakewood 32 20 Jordan 42 17 Poly 47 Clow score winsj LEFT: IN THE WOODS - Junior Keith Ladd's great run aided in the victory over Lakewood at Hartwell Park. ABOVE: NOTHING BUT BLUE AND GOLD - In a victory over rival Lake- wood at Hartwell Park, Maury Vwdlliams leads teammates Rodger Kees- ter, Steve Thompson, and Steve Sewell as they show what conditioning and teamwork can do. Sports 5 7 Cross Country 5' X -:ff fa sr? 213 Hoopsters Net Excitement As the regular season drew near, feelings toward the Rams' chances for a berth in the C.I.F. playoffs were mixed. Ending pre- season play with a 7-7 record obviously wasn't what Coach Bill Odell had hoped for. The beginning of League play didn't look much better, as the cagers finished the first round at 1-4. The single 55-49 win over Lake- wood gave the team's playoff hopes a dim outlook. Their only hope was to win four of the remaining five games. However, the second round was a differ- ent story as the team won at Wilson in an exciting 55-49 decision. The high point of the season came as the Rams met C.I.F.'s ninth-ranked team, the Tarbabes from Compton. Starting center Brian Loper rose to the occasion scoring 21 points and blocking three shots. Moore League's third leading scorer, Dave Odell, and forward Gordon Scruggs also contrib- uted greatly, scoring 16 and 10 points, re- spectively. The victory was sealed with a dunk by Loper with three seconds remain- ing as the Rams upset the Tarbabes, 59-55. Next, the cagers met with the Jordan Panthers in the game that would decide which team would make the C.I.F. playoffs. The team stayed close until halftime, re- maining behind by only five, but the Pan- thers were too tough as they ran the score up to a twenty-point deficit, 65-45. The team wrapped up the regular season with a thirteen-point loss at Lakewood and a 65-57 loss to defending C.I.F. champion Poly H.S. at home. The Rams ended the sea- son with a 10-14 record and the All-League selections of Odell and Loper while Scruggs received honorable mention. v v V' 5 . rw I . - , L T 1 2 V 'vi Ha- JY I - "A fs-f VARSITY BASKETBALL - FRONT Coach Odell, O'Neil Vassell, Gordon ROW: Keith Burns, Ellis White, Richard Scruggs, Eddie Carswell, Brian Loper, Hardeman, George Bowens, Sean Andy Cantrell, Rick King, Marvin Cam- Washington, Dave Odell. BACK ROW: per, Manager Blair Cohn. 0- MNQ . 22 Ii +-- 3 '11-.a V .S 'wf 1 N ' ff ,Vis L , f was 1. 3 32' X V CIF Hopes Shattered The basketball season ended with an unim- pressive 10-14 record. Although the Rams did not advance to C.I.F., they overcame a large amount of adversity in placing fourth in the Moore League. Losing the Sophomore and J.V. Most Valu- able Players from the year before and a Varsi- ty letterman was costly to the Rams. The Rams started three players that were new to Millikan. This was the main reason for inex- perience and early season losses. "Adjusting to the new additions to our team took a while, considering most of the teams we were up against had been playing together for three or more years," said Co-captain Brian Loper. Sophomore Eddie Carswell, Michigan transfer Ellis White, and Lynwood transfer Gordon Scruggs were the three newcomers to the Rams' squad. The Rams were solid most of the season, always competing well against better oppo- nents. "We seemed to have a chance to win in all our games," said Sean Washington. The Rams, entering the game in fourth place, were facing the first-place team, Poly. Poly was ranked third in C.I.F. The Rams stayed with Poly until the end, behind 20 points by Senior Dave Odell, and if it had not been for some bad breaks, the Rams may have pulled off the upset. The Rams were led throughout the season by Co-captains Brian Loper and Dave Odell. Dave led the team in scoring, a 15-point aver- age, assists and recoveries. Brian was the sec- ond leading scorer, a 13-point average, and the team's leading rebounder. Richard Hardeman took care of the ball handling, and Eddie Cars- well helped with good defense and strong re- bounding. Gordon Scruggs also had a hand in the scoring with a 9.3-points-per-game aver- age. TOP RIGHT: JUMP HIGHER - Brian Loper goes up for the tip to open the Lakewood game at Millikan. TOP: IN TRAFFIC - Looking up court, Gordon Scruggs tries to break through the Lakewood press. FAR RIGHT: TIP IT TO A RAM - Ram forward Andy Cantrell is involved in a jump-ball situation during the Wilson game. MIDDLE RIGHT: I'M OPEN - says Sophomore Eddie Carswell as Rich Hardeman sets up the offense. BOTTOM RIGHT: CONCENTRATE - On an important free-throw Brian Loper concentrates on the rim. Brian made the free- throw, and the Rams went on to upset Compton. RIGHT: PULL THAT "J" - Junior guard Ellis White shoots a jump- er over a Vidlson defender. 6 O Sports Basketball 5 I of - , 1 fa' I 1 li 'l ul. U l , U l . P , All i , . p .KBIJXEGE , . T. me Hound' gy R ,. ' A Q 5 has AMN' L," kxfffr 'VarsRy'BasketbaH ID 'f Ll'i"5 if - TK Rams League Opp. 57 Wilson 59 .L if 50 Compton 58 LL li in - 57 Jordan 63 A ,f I D . 55 Lakemmod 49 S I 'Tl 46 Poly 65 '3- ' 5' 61 Wilson 56 6' 5 1 . ' 59 Compton 55 X 5 J 45 Jordan 65 l Ni' A If-u 54 Lakewood 69 5 57 Poly 65 if-'fl 6 5 if E ,I Q X .3 L Q V f' V A, 1 4 'fy 39,1 1 .L I . f :Wi "', 4 4' 'e ., jy- -Q If 5 1 ViM'i - 55, p6',' Y Q f'?? Jai AUM ff. :QQ X .,,,-:v-Z. 2 2-: 32. X zzf' 5 , if 5 v , --WL f ' n ? Q 7 5 , za 1' 6 5 ' H? lof ' ,:A,, :f 5f ':fi1ri. t A , . I ff' 65 if ' irfivifif ll I f to W-'- 5255, ' 6 6 ,,Vp 6 Q is , ,, , 0 6 I ,J Jw if Q ABOVE: GET OFF WILSON - Both Dave Odell and Gordon Scruggs find Wilson defenders easy to drive around The Rams used this advantage to defeat the Bruins 61 56 HUH5 'Quia Sports Basketball l 6- 561 4 isa 'Lip L I" . l v l I ' I I f 5 ,-xl l , , I 4' , ra Ill I ll ' if W ll' I 4 I ll A L, fi l. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL f FRONT ROW: Kirk Martin, Davis Taylor, Charlie Gonzales, Walter Garland. ZZND ROW: Rod- ney Camper, Bob Crane, Jeff Kubel. Shawn Williams, Harrison Roberson. BACK ROW: ABOVE: JLMI' HIGH AND TII' IT TO A RAM! -JY center Michael Lawrence follows the com- mands ofMillikan supporters as he tips the ball to teuniniate, Troy Watson. in the second halfof ai tenuous second-round battle against Wilson 62 Sports JY Sopli Basketball Coach Barrv Grant, Demetrious Pride, Shane Smith, Willie Edwards, Darrell Brown, Terry Winston, Marlon Marshall, Coach .I.C. Clarke. in the Bruin gym. RIGHT: BACK OFFl-- says Curtis Belvin to an aggressive Lakewood oppo- nent as he reaches for the ball in the fourth quarter of an upsetting loss to the Lancers in the Ram gym. I I ,,,W i f I I V ' E Q ,,, , Z V. l ' N ' ' , " I V if r ii .3 ' , V , 1 ! 1. I l ' 1' ' I . 4 I ZW V 4 T ""'l V . . . . r gg: . ..,r My in S 1 X I I I ,fer I I F' 'l ,- .h '-if JVHASKET "' I liiililiff I Gall' Car 1 i l 1 Y Pl F up T A - ml : . 1 E a Vi W' ' 3 i - Q 1 , N-M., A ' l li :...' 1 as 4' 'il 5 -., f Ti ft L. v W' no 3 .ri " i T '1 1 'Nl " 5 - xii X g it i ' . f if . t . Q ,f 4 5, gif, 'J W "' .fa 9' 'J' 46 'Cyp Z , W x M m .1 D if f . V . . A y I 5.2! ':'7"" ' . . D it ,QMO 0'-9 53" .. -v We alla "A :' 31, 11,5 ' 444 se w g" 4 f -4 f . . 1 I K , V :xii -25.5 .. f r J , ' RMIQ' f W' 1 - 13 . s I -'f' ,Q 5 5+ 3 ,' ,gm -. . I 2 3, -Z x W1 5 J.V.BASKETBALL-FRONTROW:Rick Walton, Mike Lawrence, Bob Crane, .,1 Smyth, Jeff Strech, Troy Watson, Errick Coach Steve White, Curtis Belvin, Tim I Holmes, Gary Carlton. BACK ROW: Rich Perlman, Derrick Carter. 1..-..... .I E LEFT: AIRBORNE - Foiling his Mary Star defenders, Junior Jeff Strech sweeps past the Stars en route to an easy two points in the first quarter of a pre-season game. ophs Promise Future Feats Starting off League play with a promising 8-5 pre-season record, the JV Rams, led by Guards Errick Holmes and Gary Carlton and Forward Ken Jarvis, easily overtook Wilson with a score of 65-52. At this point, the junior varsity team's luck turned for the worse. Due to the injury of several players and the competition of top-notch League teams, the hoopsters fell short of wins on several occasions. Their only victories in League came over Wilson, giving them a 2-8 record and a fifth-place standing in Moore League. "Injuries and illnesses hurt us through- out the season, but individually the players improved in many aspects," commented Coach Steve White. Top scorer Errick Holmes led the team with an average of 10.4 points per game and Derrick Carter was close behind with 10.1. Bob Crane led the team in rebounds, pulling down 6.3 per game. The Sophomores' season was a bit bright- er. Led by Center Shawn Williams and Guard Marlon Marshall and under the direc- tion of Coach J.C. Clarke, the sophomore ca- gers combined both skill and speed in order to achieve a first-place berth in League with a 9-1 record. Their only loss came in a first- round upset game against the Bruins with a close score of 41-43. "Wilson was our toughest competitor," said Forward Davis Taylor. "In our first League game we didn't have quite enough to beat them." However, the Rams came back in the second round with more power and speed and outshot the Bruins 62-55. Evaluating the talents displayed by the sophomores, Varsity Coach Bill Odell stated, "The sophomore basketball team was one of the best teams Millikan has had in the past few years. They showed great potential to be fine varsity playersf' FAR ABOVE LEFT: SET IT UP! - yells point guard Gary Carlton as he calls off Ram offensive plays in the third quarter of a close season-opening game against Wlson. ABOVE LEFT: SWISH! - mth tense muscles and precise form, sophomore Walter Garland aims and shoots a free throw for an all-important point against Poly in the final game of an almost perfect season. Sports 6 3 JVlSoph Basketball a' 5' eff Igl- :. K - fl igl Q. ir ELE1Lef:-- 4, ., Grapplers Pin Down League The grapplers dominated the League once again by capturing the Moore League Championship. It was their 13th champion- ship in 15 years as eleven members were advanced to C.I.F., where 107 lb. Senior Wardell Coleman placed second to qualify for the Masters Tournament. Coleman, the team's leading wrestler, compiled an awesome 42-5 record, placing first in almost every tournament, including the Moore League Championships. "Cole- man's success gave the team the boost it needed to win Moore League," commented Assistant Coach and former Ram wrestling star Joel Kokis. Moore League competition proved to be difficult, with Jordan having its best shot ever to take the Dual Meet Title and Moore League Crown away from Millikan. Howev- er, the Rams came through and defeated Jordan, 31-30, to clinch the Dual Meet Title. They compiled a tremendous 158 points in the Moore League finals to edge out Jordan, 158-147. Second-year Coach Dave Shawver and Joel Kokis used a combination of superb training and hard conditioning to lead the team to an impressive 16-6 record, having it win or place in almost every tournament. "Practice was tough. We worked on moves, wrestled, and continued doing that until we were exhausted. Then we had to go out and run a few miles and Sprints," stated Senior Ron Willbanks. All this training paid off in the League finals where Millikan produced four League champs: Carlos Solarzano, War- dell Coleman, Bobby Ali, and Dennis Pippin. Cutting was also an integral part of the wrestler's lives during the three-month sea- son. Losing ten to fifteen pounds in a week was not uncommon. "I went literally days eating almost nothing at all before match- es," stated Sophomore Chris King, "and even then, I usually had to run and sweat off a few more pounds before weigh-ins." Other top wrestlers included Bob War- ring, Ron Willbanks, Chris Cook, Gary Lefeb- vre, Hector Valenzuela, Paul Tsuno, and Dave Kent. Junior Varsity rolled to an impressive 10- 2 dual meet record. The squad easily won the League championship, producing eight individual League champions. 6 4 Sports Wrestling 'Tr ' 'vim--I v v- Q-Q4 Xf W I In X ' lg x Vx ,V L 1 ll ily' N :uf xx " " fl' li' 'I , S . I I 1' A iw' f-f",f 5 , W ly f 1' 1 1 uf 'nk I . 5 . if , AAL 1 f 5 Q VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Ron Willbanks, Bob Ali, Wardell Cole- man, Chris Cook, Tony Hernandez, Steve Easley. 2ND ROW: Chris King, Paul Tsuno, Dennis Pippin, David Calderon, Tony Ochoa, Carlos Solarzano. BACK ROW: Hector Valenzuela, Lance Ondrick, Dave Kent, Bob Warring, Jeff Anger, Gary Lefebvre. JUNIOR VARSITY- FRONT ROW: Manny Mendez, Victor Cerna, Heng Kim Ath, Ken Thurman. 2ND ROW: David Hernandez, Gary Nakamura, Ishmael Lopez, Arden Salem, Derek Oriee. BACK ROW: Ron Singleton, Raoul Spears, Tony Luke, Bill Miller, Steve Fish, Jason Angress. ,- ,,S , FAR LEFT: GIVE ME YOUR HEAD - thinks Ju- nior 140-lb. wrestler Hector Valenzuela as he pins an opponent with a headlock during a match at the El Camino Tournament. FAR MIDDLE LEFT: YOU'RE NOT GOIN' ANYWHERE! - Junior Chris Cook holds his opponent for a pin at the Edgewood Tournament late in January. NEAR MIDDLE LEFT: STAY ON THE MAT - thinks Junior David Calderon as he attempts to pin his Lakewood oppo- nent. LEFT: THE THRILL OF VICTORY - Senior Dennis Pippin holds his Jordan opponent on his back during a crucial match. f . -5 If . S " f v, A I Varsity Wrestling Rams League Opp. 51 Wilson 18 31 Jordan 30 51 Lakewood 14 54 Poly 17 78 Compton 0 FAR ABOVE LEFT: YOU'RE GOING OVER - Se- nior Wardell Coleman attempts to put his opponent on his back during a tournament in early December. FAR LEFT: HEAT THE MAT" - thinks Senior Bob- by Ali as he attempts to put in a power-half on his El Monte opponent late in January. MIDDLE LEFT: "GIVE ME YOUR ARM" - Senior Ron Vkdllbanks attempts to pull his Poly opponent on his back early in January. LEFT: "YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY" - thinks Senior Bob Warring as he attempts to keep his Lakewood opponent down. ABOVE: 'TM ALMOST OUT" - thinks Senior Jeff Anger as he attempts to get away from his Lake- wood opponent. Sports 6 5 Wrestling l -LT 77 Goals Die Hard With five returning lettermen and two Moore League Titles under its belt, the boys' soccer team had high hopes for another suc- cessful season. Hoping to take the League Title and a trip to the C.l.F. play-offs, they beat Downey, 9-0, and tied first-seed Bell Gardens, 1-1, in early action. Next stop was the Los Alamitos Tourna- ment. After beating Norwalk and the host team, Los Al, 2-1, with Jose Moran getting credit for the winning goal, the Rams went to the finals against 4A power El Modena. As the game was tied at the end of regular play, the team came out pumped up for the overtime. The Rams put a goal in, but it was nullified due to an offside call. The Rams settled for a 0-0 tie and a Co-Championship. League play got off to a sad note, as the Rams were defeated by the Bruins, 2-1. They then breezed by Jordan and Compton and were up against cross-town rival Lake- wood. The Lancers struck first and then again to take a 2-0 lead. With eight minutes left, Gary Scheufele scored first, and then Sanjit Toor connected off a free-kick by Ryan Rosier, with only three minutes left. The game ended in a 2-2 tie and the kickers were very pleased with their comeback. Fired-up for the next big game against the League favorite Wilson, and hoping for a victory, which would put them in a bid for first place, the Rams did everything right and soon Raul Ruiz swept the Bruins, 4-0. With the Title on the line, the Rams went to play the Lancers. After 65 minutes of play, the Lancers scored a penalty kick. The Rams could not come back and saw the League Title slip through their fingers. Following this upset, the young team had one week to get ready for the first-round of C.I.F. play against Bell Gardens. Asked about their chances, Coach Rod Petkovic re- plied, "We tied them once before . . . We're a young team with only five seniors, but we should do great." The team went to Bell Gardens but was defeated, 3-0, and the season ended with the high hopes shattered, but experience gained. The Rams finished the League in third and an overall record of 13-4-3. Meanwhile, the JV team, led by John Richardson and David Owens, beat the Bruins, 2-0 and 3-2, and tied the Lancers, 1-1 and 2-2, to take the League Title for the third year and to end up undefeated 7-0-3. I 6 Sports Soccer - vu-ur' VARSITY SOCCER - FRONT ROW Mike Lynes, Juan Alas, Jose Moran George Castro, John Tally, Brian Neil, rain Gavino Cruz Raul Ruiz. BACK ROW: Paz Toor J.V. SOCCER-FRONTROW: Tom Black Wes Jackert, Ed Thomas, Guy Short, Dave Stewart, John Richardson, Samnang Bunma 2ND ROW: Jeff Lawler Rob Vaughn Dave Owens ErikCarrillo Steve Neil Luis Morales Men Sothear ROW Jim Gallagher Scott Ritter Frangesh Coach Ian McFadden Brown Jeff Tillson Dave Evans 11. I I. F i mfg! lhniauasw NN .5 xg an 4" 5 ,fgvm 7' V. gf X, 24' Z Swimmers Stroke To I Third Discipline and hard practice enabled the Varsity swimmers to develop into a strong squad. Beginning in early December, the pre-season workouts provided an excellent foundation for later practices that stressed speed. Team practices started at 5:45 AM and resumed after school. Due to the nature of the sport and the constant preparation that was essential to become excellent swim- mers, the team pursued a rigorous schedule. Returning for his second year as head swimming coach, Bruce Brown said his pro- gram was one which demanded dedication, hard work, and the will to improve. "De- pending on your mood, the workouts can be very intense and captivating," remarked Junior Sean Hintz. The Swimmers expected a tough season and looked to strong performances by Seniors Scott McGihon and Brian Rhoan, backed up by outstanding Juniors D.C. Con- roy and Tim Collins. With the addition of new Freshman Blair Conroy, the aquajocks anti- cipated a promising season. Junior D.C. Conroy began the season bril- liantly, taking numerous wins in both the 200-yard individual medley and the 100- yard breaststroke. D.C. was definitely a driving force behind the team's great poten- tial. "He has a good chance to place first in the Moore League Finals," commented Coach Bruce Brown. Also adding to the winning performance of the varsity team were Scott McGihon in the 200-yard freestyle and Tim Collins in the 200-yard individual medley and the 100- yard backstroke, butterflyers Chris Krue- ger and Jose Hernandez, and freestylers Blair Conroy and David Cole. Despite a successful pre-season meet against Los Alamitos and outstanding indi- vidual performances, the team lacked enough depth to overcome Moore League rivals Wilson and Lakewood and, conse- quently, finished third overall. FAR ABOVE: PERFECT STROKE - ln the back- stroke leg of a medley relay, Junior Tim Collins dis- plays superb form. ABOVE: AAAHHI - Senior Brian Rhoan takes a deep breath during the last lap of a 200-yard freestyle against Lakewood. Sports X arsity Swimmin ,K ' .1 .tr M, R in W i k , -'X T l. . .' . fl ' X , , .rr N ' ' ' , , .2 4 ...-I: ' f g- ' ,fix ff, 'ff- " - gb' 1 v .-- . WSC V , pso, .H '2 1, '11 'V Qyiigz' . W . .,,,, R"-'xy 1' vc! jg 'zfmlafl , .1 f:'!!L::,?1i.. 'W-'mf VARSITY SWIMMING-FRONT ROW: Chris Krueger, David Cole, Scott Izumi Arai. BACK ROW: Brian Rhoan, McGihon. Blair Conroy, D.C. Conroy, Tim Collins, 1, fi r I Y if-00 i 1 ,. 5. . Vs sg. I YH 1,5 wg , H345 mf .Z ,aww I M ,, 4, :. Wrirf 221, , .2 ,pw 's Q 4' AA.,- ,npw + . , , M 1 -' .. Z. ,Me in V4 f ,M ' r W' new 4? ' , get or 4 -1-,gf ' n Varsity Swimming R Q 22I " . .i v , if mm.. Rams Opp, .f f . I f-' " ' ,Q - . Q-L, ' , - ol Wilson 106 ? 5 " fi : 1 15 W 102 Jordan 54 5 5 ' f V V - - 72 Lakewood 84 ,fi ' " 94 Poly 61 7 0 .' i- 1 7 514 L cv Q' Z 1 ' ABOVE: FLYING THROUGH - At the CIF re- I , lays, Senior Scott McGihon powers through the f I, W V U V, v water on the third leg ofthe 4 X 50 butterfly race. W , o ,lf ' " A LEFT: GO! -Junior Chris Krueger sails off the V V I I starting blocks for a 504yard free time trial dur- ll g- 3 I, A ing a pre-season workout. " ' ' Y , I' . I, : l r will C5'5'l,,,, ,,. ,.1. W, w V E if 7 ' - V 4A V. -f,V,?g,J 55- V - -5.2.1 gr. V., J-.L , . V:.,,.k 3 . ' Sports 6 9 Varsity Swimming FAR BELOW FOLLOWING THROUGH Tallal ElBoush1 gwes It h1S all on hxs breaststroke portlon of the 200 Medley Relay FARTHER BELOW ROSARY' Dave Fratello prays to h1St h1S breaststroke turn and wln the race YVWW' V K ff ,fa Awww ff' M 5-,ff-sm lf 'Sn affiflfk JOUPPB' ! E an-af I 1 . l P' ,, r' rl" -XBOX E SPEED BRE ATHING Jerry Iw am lo tal-ces a qulck breath on hls xx ax to placmg flrst m a meet agalnst Lakevs ood RIGHT KEEP ON I SVS INIHING Blalr Conrow comes up for alr after a breaststroke turn at a meet at Garden Groxe l 4 ' l 1 4 l - X W Sports l JY Soph NX!lFIlIll1Hf.Z' Q r JV SQUAD Rlck Smyth Dave Fratello Tallal ElBoush1 Clay Estey Guy Short Steve Kumashlro Bryan Heffley nh FROSHXSOPH FRONT ROW Travls Sllverthorne Bobby Myers Josh Danufsky Scott Anderson Peter Gulllano Erlc Coolabaugh. BACK ROW Jeff Lawler Mlke Sheldon Jose Rodrlguez Greg Wa tl Cody Garrabrandt Paul Barstow x 4. 1 'H 1 ' J 'WX F' 9 1 'i 4 S 5 f l,. Pl W an-me fill ,hai M Yx Q ,-, 1: X ..T"'v G.- ,-1 ...M- , .5 F 'Q 39:44 -I s Q N , JA' el - 'U 5 'J , P 3.1: , 1 .. , M S af- lltx I ,,. ..""'f a The Call The Water "Okay in the water!," was Coach Bruce Brown's usual cry to the swimmers on the deck who were delaying the icy plunge into the pool. These early morning workouts which began at 6:00 a.m. were famous for making many swimmers crave the warm beds from which they had just dragged themselves. Workouts consisted of sprint and distance swimming, as well as pushups and situps to strengthen muscles. "Even though we had really tough work- outs, it paid off in the end when we swam fast at Moore League Finals," stated Junior Rfck Smyth one of the top swimmers lf. 'fr ., ... , 2: Aw f' Simi excelled in both freestyle of the JV 'the provided some of the i r ,ge ' Q - 18- , -. , .. af"' I FAR ABOVE LEFT: FRONT CRAWL IT'S NOT! - Backstroker Clay Estey streamlines offthe wall after a backstroke flip turn. ABOVE LEFT: WATCHFUL WAITING - Tallal ElBoushi awaits the touch of his teammate before swimming his leg of the 200 Medley Relay. LEFT: TAKING A QUICK BREATHER - Tim Parker takes a quick breath during his 50 freestyle. FAR ABOVE - A BIRD: A PLANE: IT'S-Junior Rick Smyth sailing through the air with the greatest ofease on a superb start. ABOVE: A FLOUNDER HE'S NOT- with a radical dive and a groovy flip, Rick brings it home with great form. Sports .IV!Soph Swimming I -if I o For I f x I 'S lv ll ll ill I1 li ,. i ., 41 li iaiggnszf 5 A H I I, In I, li li ,v if I I I I I m A Fourth Chasing a fourth straight League Title, the tracksters pushed it to the limit at work- outs in order to continue Millikan' suprema- cy on the track. An opening loss to state champions Hawthorne, spurred the track- sters to winning the Division I Champion- ship at the Santa Ana Relays and cleaning up Edison and Fountain Valley to close out the pre-League season. Varsity trackmen made their mark dur- ing the season. Nuygen Pendleton went over twenty-two feet in the long jump early in the season. Junior shot putters Dan Hamp- ton and Tony Alvarez were consistent scor- ers with puts over forty feet. In other field events, Derrick Moore was always a notch above his competition, as his marks continually hovered in the six-feet, six-inch range. Dave Hess kept pole vault going with heights reaching marks around twelve feet, six inches. Distancemen Steve Thompson, Maurey Williams, Rodger Keester, and Chris Cox led the way, as did sprinters Darnell Lang and Troy Fletcher in League meets. Varsity Track Rams Pre-League Opp. 34 Hawthorne 17 87 Edison 40 102V2 Fountain Valley 24V2 League 71 Wilson 58 85 Compton 40 69 Jordan 63 79 Lakewood 48 75 Poly 57 ABOVE RIGHT: CARL LEWIS - Nuygen Pendleton does his Carl Lewis imitation as he tries to better his previous jump of 22'3". RIGHT: CLEAN SWEEP - Chris Cox, Nuygen Pendleton. Tommy James, Darnell Lang, and Troy Fletcher fight to cross the finish line ahead of Edison. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: EYEING THE BAR - Derrick Moore makes sure he clears the bar while warming up before a meet in March. Sports Varsity Track J X ki I 71 ru jgt If 95'Yj-if "'!f,5 -. " 'rg '14 -w' ,- V Y f , ,nts 'I 5. 44 J 4 tif T wx T- 5 -P 5 Q 1- sr ' . f'- Q :G I .A h. K ll V I . ,. ', ."l-- f -V' x A , ' ' 2' I 'A -Q 1 ' Q 'A 4 T J fil t , , .' 'T ii-f,f5' f J lf 4 1 V. QR I B Af ak- If J ' ' 7 ' W' fe 4 S- .wf 2, .. .lv v x b ,L ' ..,. 1 E' l 4 A i P T51 ja- -N , , A nf , - , . .J J 1. Q , , 355' , -A i- it ,'-- J ' I i K' QQ '55 M - L 4 xg 1. , U 'elif -we 2 EJ A , . T 4 , 'liflj , ' "if ' Q , - , 'Ng . . 5' Q F. S . A 1 4, 4 x , 5 - S I NX I X A 'A 5 K x - T x ' ' 'li ,, ' 5. ' ,Q , R , ' " 'fax v 'E , ' F 15 1, T .-,' 5.-'H 'S - '- - fr - at VARSITY TRACK--FRONT ROW: Chris Cox, Roberto Salas, Jarrod Schenewark, Troy Fletcher, Sean Fer- nandes. 2ND ROW: Steve Thompson, Bill D'Andrea, Darnell Lang, Maurey Williams, Wes Jackert, John A Goldman, Nuygen Pendleton. BACK ROW: Steve Sewell, Tommy James, Dave Hess, John Hendrich, Dan Hampton, Andre Johnson, Fred Blalock, Derrick Moore, Rodger Keester. Q .176-Ja 'C ."- ' - U - N , -n V I 3 33574 k ,,., JI., ,DT up F p. --, ,yr ' ., ' . -' 'Y 'N -, ' 'U I --'V . Q ' X-1,5-'ff 'ANP if ' Y ' f , Q .4 W- .' -J, 1 Q iw- i A, gl, gl. R -A H55 V ' ' 1 -9 C? gf c fzgeil. ,' ,L 'wlmaf lrgfgf-2 ' 14.71, f . pq L B V H! L,,,wL:w Q t,m,.....s.,.-.Q....,, t T I V i ' . Q , .nl - M4-..-, A -.e ,, .. ,T,..,,.M,,......r......-.-s--Lv-J-F-e y .f., , 11"-lr 'Au-nrL4"1 ' ,- , .,.,,,,,g, , Y ,. . 'V Mgr 1' ' lf it 'I - 5,25 I JJ- but I J A c wail " s f U. ---f L l l l Y- J 'i g f sasr,,,,,,Q , NN. ' -s. 1 """"'Q-G.a":- 'Q-1.5-""l'li , ", IUQIKSP '-'c ' FAR LEFT: GETTING THE STICK - Bill D'Andrea gets the hand-off from Sean Fernandes during the second leg of the -140- yard relay against Edison. LEFT: UHHH - Steve Thompson gasp for a breath ofair as he cros- ses the tape first in the half-mile. Sports 7 3 Varsity Track Racing Toward Success Members of the J.V. Track team worked exceptionally hard at improving the skills of their specialized athletic events in order to ready themselves for participation on the Varsity team. Sharing the same rigorous schedule as Varsity team members, the J.V. team gained much experience from practic- ing with them as well as from intersquad competitions. Many members proved themselves worthy opponents in various meets throughout the season. Junior Cliff Mosley earned first-place ribbons in the 220-yard dash as well as the 440-yard relay in a meet against Edison. Cliff also received a second- place in the 100-yard dash. On the same day spectators also Watched Perry DiMarco win the Shot Put with a throw of 45 feet at the Edison meet. Michael Lawrence sprang to success with his 5'8" leap in the high jump. Junior Rob Durazzo had a tremendous Pole Vault of 11 feet in a season-opening meet against Hawthorne. Promising sprint- er Clarence Rogers and hurdler Derwin Gibson ran ahead of the others gaining many valuable points which led the J.V. Rams to a successful season. Rob Durazzo summed up the season by saying, 'Through J.V. Track we gained experience and im- proved our skills with hard work and deter- minationf' r..........f E ABOVE: STRIDING T0 SUCCESS - Marcus Russell demonstrates his exceptional style while warming-up forthe 100-yard dash in a season-opening meet held at Millikan. RIGHT: OVER THE TOP - During practice Junior Micliael Lawrence perfects his high jumping techniques. 74 Sports JV Soph Track '9 I if li i-'Vsnf f' '.1.'.l V, S . l J.V. TRACK- FRONT ROW: Perry DiMar- Tll0m3-S- BACK R0W1WagHer Montlely Bill co, Tony Alvarez, Cliff Mosley, Matt Gott, M1ll61',.MlChael IgaW1'9I'1C?, Rory Wilf0Td, Derwin Gibson, Rob Durazzo, Roshan Cl1Stl1d1O CFUZ, Mike K9Ut1Sh- F. 5 SOPHOMORE TRACK - FRONT ROW: Raymond Jones, Darrell Gower, Charles Williams. Marcus Russell, Logan Algie. 2ND ROW: Robby Orr, David Lamb. Mohammed Razzak, Raymond Costodio Luis Morales, Bruce Lawson. BACK ROM Ron Singleton, Derwin Gibson, Raul Spears, Vernon Lawton, B.J. Williams. I1 .... 'Q fi il i ,"4..,,,.., ' , I ,, i.,..,.,-11 fe' WNW ,. 'A Y TOP LEFT: PERFECT PASS - During a relay race, Sophomores Raymond Jones and Charles Williams execute a perfect baton pass which helps them win the race. TOP RIGHT: ABSOLUTE CONCENTRATION - Raymond Costo- dio concentrates on his upcoming races, while warming-up, at a meet in late March. X N X l I ll? li Ii .1:'4,-W: - 'ay .,,h,.,,ff ,,,, ., ,,,. N, W, , ,wgy 1-. aw , Q, U ,H,,.M,ymw , 2, I 'HM ' ii " va x . , ,.V. ff i ,,' ' nlu I ' I gg, ' x.:: ig X in ,,,, "' 4, 5 1 ,1.. ,E .5 1 ,1,.. . F R . 'i'11 A as ':l1i"i'i' -4 M --. I 'Si3f5.:eii'.srib? K:-1' V BOTTOM LEFT: NOW HERE'S THE PLAN , . , - During warm-ups Juniors David Hess and Cliff Mosley confer on their strategies on how to beat the competition in the 440-yard relay in a pre-season meet. BOTTOM RIGHT: AND THE WINNER IS . . , - Sophomore Marcus Russell runs a close race with an Edison competitor in a pre-season meet in early February. Sports 7 5 JV!Soph Track Gets New Look New players, a new coach, and a new home court location gave the netmen a dif- ferent start to their season. Replacing Dave Radford was first-year Coach Bucky Harris. With years of experi- ence under his belt, Coach Harris was ready to lead his brand new squad into a reward- ing season. Early League losses to Lakewood, Poly, and Wilson dampened spirits, but hard work and dedication paid off with a win against Compton. As Coach Harris saw it, "The guys work hard in practice and they show im- provement with every match. Who knows, they may surprise themselves as well as the Moore League." Sophomores Wayne Phan and Mike Rubley along with juniors Bob Lucas and Robert Saslow covered the singles, while top varsi- ty player John Tormey and his partner Nana Miziguchi were the number-one doubles team. Tormey was a top junior player on the national circuit and was considered to be a major contender for the Moore League Singles Championship Title. The El Dorado Park tennis courts became the new home for the Varsity Squad. "The courts are always clean, and they are shielded from the wind. There is more room surrounding the court, and I find it easier to play," commented Norman Kitano. The JV team also had a coaching change as Dick DeHaven stepped in to replace Bill Odell. The top singles player was Mel Miran- da and the most versatile player was Mike Abeles, who excelled at both singles and doubles. Mike summed it up by saying, "Af- ter our opening victory against Lakewood, our expectations are high - the Moore League Crown." FAR ABOVE RIGHT: BLAZING BACKHAND - Sopho- more singles player Mike Rubley sets up for a perfect backhand cross-court during the St. John Bosco match in late February. FAR RIGHT: BASELINE FEVER - Ju- nior Robert Saslow prepares to drill a powerful forehand passing shot to his Gahr opponent. MIDDLE RIGHT: SERVICEI- Nana Miziguchi eyes his ball toss in an effort to race a spin serve past Los Alamitos for an ace. ABOVE RIGHT: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Top varsity player John Tormey practices his backhand volley during a March practice afterschool. John was a major prospect for the Moore League singles title. ABOVE LEFT: UNDER 8: L'P - Senior Jerry Davis attempts to get his racket under a deep baseline shot in hopes of returning a lob over his opponents head. Sports Tennis 1 K 4 il. ,1- nv J- YW IW, I" 1 l VARSITY TENNIS - FRONT ROW: Mike Rob Lucas, John Banner, Jerry Rubley, Robert Saslow, Norman Kitano, Tormey. Nana Miaiguchi. BACK ROW: Wayne Phan, ll J.V. TENNIS-FRONT ROW: Do C L t , M'k Ab 1 Matt Bruce, Mike Lee, Mel Mirand1gA?i'1r4ie1Y4Q Tgdid I.nuetI1er,lD3rek Weiliztg-lglporiiy Young, Scott Yanover. BACK ROW: Joel Steve Quesnel. T , nv" 'H 1' -..f,.., .- , V E i SFI -u.44--....1..e.....i-N-. .8 X it f .V ., is i,. -.1,s..1.Q , - f' x - t A. 1 , . -..MY Y--4 , -W www.-. .......,,,...-...,,...,,,, -L I ......-,..x.,. -. ..,.,,., u,N, V ,Ll- Q, , ...Z Rams 14 SV2 12V2 26 111f2 16 9 11V2 26 11 16V2 13 11 28 18 Varsity Tennis League Lakewood Poly Wilson Compton Jordan Lakewood Poly Wilson Compton Jordan Lakewood Poly Wilson Compton Jordan Opp 14 19V2 1-5V2 2 16V2 12 19 16V2 2 17 11V2 15 17 0 10 1-151- F 3 Sports Tennis Jump On League The El Segundo Tournament started the Rams' pre-season as they reached the semi- finals in the consolation bracket. Playing El Modena in a double-header had become an annual pre-season event for the varsity team. For two consecutive years, the Rams have swept both games played at Blair Field. Brian Turang added an extra flair as the crowd watched his homerun ball sail over the left-field wall. Playing four games in the Tournament along with the El Modena double-header gave us the chance to start League with experience and momentum," stated utility player Jim Greci. The team was led by returning lettermen Brian Turang, John Kusel, Mike Burns, Ralph Lakin, Steve Holliday, Will Shanholt- zer, and Mickey Meckes. Turang and Kusel were All-League, All-City selections as juniors, while Lakin was an All-League selection as a sophomore. Pitching duties were spread out among Burns, Holliday, Lakin, Meckes, Keven Gail, and Steve Corey. Coach Dan Peters summed up the ex- pectations of the team by stating, "With seven returning players and the team's en- thusiasm, this season looks very en- couragingf' Varsity baseball 1984 made it to the finals of the CIF championship only to lose to South Torrance, 3-0, at Anaheim Stadium. HHIS Get 460' 'V sf Q I ' 17 ' !, , ,h ' Q ,A ,,r ABOVE: POWERHOIISE HITTER - Keven Gail attempts to drive in the second base runner on a fourth inning hit-and-run play against El Modena at Millikan. RIGHT: HERE IT COMES ROSARY! - With in- tensity shown in his face, Steve Corey hurls a fast ball past a Santa Monica player in a pre-season game at Millikan. 78 Sports Varsity Baseball v . 1 . ,v'!"lti .11 - WIFE! I . 1' t N sm, W 'vt 1. I , lg Sa w: 1? tX, Q1eSWl"!0f: buf f X 91119 5 5913412 ' 2 - i fp get g i, :LM xv il' xi W 'K' A V hshehgrw N- I4 d ii V-4 M V! , 1 , ,X I .. 1.1 H W, J. guru, au, , IQ L! , Q 1 ..N, , N M LM V I M Q SVI-UM H Zi l - i t 1, A , ., H' t-. N Abs Tx? ,, x 3-It ,Q v c , 'fs s , V m r 's V I :wig . , ' J '54 . i -' ., fa- V. , fri" -I ' "M - rx!-H P'-e.,t1-X :C 1 'A '- ' ' VARSITY BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Jim Greci, Gary Hughey, John Kusel, Stan Eizak, Will Shanholtzer, Steve Roberts. 2ND ROW: Steve Shinar, Keith Ladd, Mike Duree, Ralph Lakin, Brian Turang, Keven Gail. BACK ROW: Asst. Coach Dave Jongerius, Glenn Wells, Mike Burns, Steve Holliday, Steve Corey, Mickey Meckes, Tim Harris, Coach Dan Peters. .-."'f .H Varsity Baseball Rams League Opp. 9 Wilson 5 12 Compton 0 9 Jordon 2 7 Lakewood 2 9 Poly 1 8 Wilson 1 13 Compton 2 4 Jordon 3 3 Lakewood 4 2 Poly 5 14 Wilson 0 13 Compton 8 6 Jordon 0 5 Lakewood 4 2 Poly 7 6 ABOVE LEFT: BEHIND THE MASK LIES ,., - Brian Turang as he recovers a wild pitch and throws out a worthy Compton runner at second base during a League contest at home. LEFT: STRIKE ONE! - With the Rams behind against Rolling Hills, Letterman John Kusel is forced to take a strike to enable the runner at first to steal second. ABOVE: WATCHFUL EYES - During the third inning against visiting Jordan, Mike Burns care- fully checks the runner at first base to keep him from getting a good steal lead. I Sports Varsity Baseball I 9 I 22 23 k I P "' f A i 1 tak' Z . ,-. Q V ff ,gf A 4? A ., ,, R, I T354-' . , J '.1.'?f J , , 'L ' 2 Q,-if Y vs, , A -' ' - K - 1' " r' .-.. i . " ,- ' F - ' --H .. ' '.1'Z1iu:,p Q -+2 if' - Q it x.,,, -.1 ,A ,s. P . ' Q . in ,WJ ,.. . V , Krfatvvl, W".'if g?,e-fv'- r- Y'-4 gf. ami N, . 1. , i j 3 :Lg mlm.. l FAR ABOVE: TAKE IT FOR THE TEAM - During a Wilson game at home, Jason von Arx prepares himself to get hit by the pitch so the runners can advance. ABOVE: STEAMIN' STORK- Bob "Stork" Crane anxiously watches to see ifhe can turn his base hit into a double. Sports JY Baseball lv 1 L- flikx , L. A1114 L- J.V. BASEBALL - FRONT ROW: Mark Houser, Head Coach Ken Compton, Jeff Gott, Brian Halter, Jeff King, John White, Mike Thielman, Jason von Argc, Gary Polizzi, 2ND ROW: Zack Casella, Rick Fulton, Man- Joe Heffley, Dave Suekl, Coach ny Hernandez, Aaron Sullivan, Bob Crane, John ing Coach Frank Followell. Newman, Tom Steiner, Ron Keester. BACK ROW: LEFT: GETTIN' DIRTY- Ron Keester shifts direction trying to get back to first during the fifth inning of a pre-season game against Crespi. BELOW LEFT: SPEEDSTER SUEKI - During a home game in March, Dave Sueki is safe at first after beating out the throw from third. BELOW RIGHT: THINKING IT OVER - While in a close game against visiting Jordan, Coach Compton ponders whether or not he should keep his ace pitcher, Bob Crane, in the game. New Coaches Seek League Title Led by the new coaching staff of Ken Comp- ton, Andy Zinn, and Frank Followell, the J.V. baseball squad ended their pre-season with an impressive 6-2 record. Although the first League game turned out to be a loss to Wilson, Coach Compton felt they had a good' chance to capture the League Title. A key player in the game against Wilson was returning Junior Jeff Gott, who tripled twice. First baseman Jeff Heath and Fresh- man pitcher Bob Crane also tripled to drive in two runs each. Completing the Rams' infield were Dave Sueki on third, Manny Hernandez behind the plate, and newcomer Ron Keester on second base. Mike Polizzi, John White, and Freshman Mark Houser added much to the team as Well. Coach Compton commented, 'tWe lost a good player to the Varsity team, but I ex- pect Crane, Heath, and Aaron Sullivan to fill the void on the mound." The versatile abilities of many ofthe play- ers allowed the coach to alternate the line- up in hopes of gaining the Moore League Title. ABOVE LEFT: UNDERTHE TAG-Junior Mike Poliz- zi slides safely into second after his run-scoring double against Crespi. LEFT: BALL 4 - Lead-off hitter Todd Thielman automatically takes ball 4 against a Wilson opponent at home. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: THROW- IN' HEAT - Sophomore Phil Kendall prepares to throw a heated fastball past a worthy Poly opponent. Sports JV Baseball 8 1 . A ur ',, , '!.'.,- fl., HA, ""'-Q -- . . .,, 3.- , '.- ..4 ,. ', L-m,--, ' FAR ABOVE: FINISHING TOUCH - On the fourth tee at Skylinks Golf Course, Senior Chad Morris adds a per- fect follow-through to an already great drive. RIGHT: IN PERFECT FORM - Junior Joe Epson displays a perfect fol- low-through on his par four second shot against League rival, Vlhlson. ABOVE: THE EYES HAVE IT- During his drive at the number two tee, Trevor Baker makes sure he keeps his head down in order to insure a perfect drive. 82 Sports Golf . 3 -1 5114! .4 x ,J FY l. A 1 xf A . xxx: ik , iRSlgI'Y GOLF - FRU! lu' Wir' Chad Morri: l im BACK ROW: L . 1 A - ff 2. ll'-MLP elm Tate r FRQNT v David D. N I H V' - 1 A fr- LQ 4 ff' - . wr,- i -1 ,., I 'aa' ., ik i X44 Xin., ' GOLF - FRONT ROW: Shawn Epson, Trevor Baker, John Williamson, Chad Morris, Brad Cooper, Coach Haddy. BACK ROW: Mike Mowad, Joe Dt 'wr - T OW: T Ge 't , BACK ROW: Tim Periman, James Hays, qfoaklel, D5x1?i?lNDeEble, Joanmesmllflsfgngg, Johnathan O'Brien, Mike Milburn. Golf Tees Off "Incredible!" was the only word manager Mark Wigod could use to describe the out- standing performance by the Varsity Golf Team against Edison and La Quinta. The Rams shot a phenominal combined score of 188 to set a team record. After losing three varsity players to grad- uation, Coach Haddy commented skeptical- ly, "I didn't know if our two-year consecu- tive varsity championship team would be able to continue the tradition." Pre-season swung along for the Links- ters. Joe Epson, returning Moore League individual champion, and Trevor Baker, re- turning fifth ranked All-League golfer, pro- vided a strong backbone for the Rams. There were doubts about the lower part of the ladder, but hard work and dedication from Chad Morris, Shawn Bannister, Brad Cooper, John Williamson, and Mike Mowad brought the team into championship form. "Many people don't realize what a mentally and physically demanding sport golf is," commented Joe Epson. l ABOVE LEFT: CLEAN GETAWAY - Senior Shawn Bannister scoops a ball out of the sand and onto the green against League opponent Lakewood at El Dora- do Golf Course. ABOVE RIGHT: IN THE HOLE - Se- nior Trevor Baker sinks a difficult putt on the ninth hole in a match against Jordan. Sports Golf I I 9 I 22 23 --1: T 4 wg, I. fi 'D I 84 mm l i l I 1 X N l if ii V I L...J. FAR ABOVE: WATCH YOUR STEP! - After hearing a sharp word from a commanding officer, Larry De Los Reyes keeps in step. ABOVE: AWE- SOME SHOW! - Monica Donald and Gloria Pittman concentrate on their next maneuver during drill team practice. RIGHT: WANDERING EYES - Sotheay Vong and Yvonne Brooks look to the field after a late after- noon inspection. Sports R.O.T.C. WINNING FORM - William Maus practices part of his sa- ber routine during a special practice after school. CARELESS WHISPER? -Wil- liam Maus whispers instruc- tions to a new cadet during an afternoon practice. W- . ll. .1 The Wonders Of A Sword "I have spent at least twenty hours practicing just to qualify as one of Milikan's Saber entrants," stated Wil. liam J. Maus, Battalion Com- mander of Millikan's JROTC. Maus has been in only a few saber competitions but has shown great promise for the future. Out of six qualified com- petitiors, Maus placed a stupendous first place. The first phase began with an officer giving commands to all the competitors. The only competitor remaining after a process of elimination won the competition. Each cadet was given a se- quence of thirty-three com- mands. The cadet received a point value for each maneu- ver. The three finalists then performed the same proce' dures until one came out th winner. Tim Collins 'S 73" Xa? ilu wywf i 2. and STAFF: ilfiilrldfnisildllliflll' ifllif ' I ldldl GUARDQ FRON' rznglloeun,Patr1ckZast1 sal, Huey Kong, Larry s . 1 V127 BUl'S'DRlLLTEAM: FR' Graham, Arcadia Avil UW. Edward Jewett, ar 'l SEEAM: Lrg! 1 Zall i'2d'diinya maid 51 Melinda Eflll: FRG. ET! ne Blfvol l lim 'ist gg, x S R551 3 .-Q-ul ii 'M .: X -Jqlgtlx 1-gi - ' ROTC STAFF: FRONT ROW 7 Rheuben omew, Edward Jewett, Brian Dooley, Eva "ol-.BOWl1I1g, Tanya McCary, William Maus, Wiley, pam Zastl-OW. 231- Patrick Hodge. BACK ROW- John Barthol- l v-3. --.. l"x3i'lCOLOR GUARD: FRONT ROW - Sam- BACK ROW - Bill Vendl, John Adams, I nang Moeun, Patrick Zastrow, Sam Gutier- Paul Zastrow, Brian Dooley. gli..-.rez, Huey Kong, Larry De Los Reyes. 3OYS, DRILL TEAM: FRONT ROW- Bill BACK ROW- Alex Campbell, Manny Fer- lraham, Arcadia Avila, John Barthol- 1-er, Herman Barnett, Michael Jonew, mmew, Edward Jewett, Marcus Lloyd. Kevin Jane, Jim Bennett, ff EIRLS' DRILL TEAM: FRONT ROW - ROW- Gloria Pittman, Demetra Sullivan, Jichelle Foster, Suzanne Perez,Alexandra Rubicele Aguirre, Kim Chapman, Vivina, livera, Taunya McCary, Deidre Vaughn, Pineda, Ana Torres, Monica Donald. Lngel Reeds, Melinda Faulkner. BACK 1 ' ' aughan M1chaelSchoenhut M1chelleW1l Bowling Natalie Parsons .IFLE TEAM: FRONT ROW.- Deidre Michael Soldin, Eva Whiley, Rheuben on, Yvonne Brooks. BA,CK Row - ' ' 7 March f A Different Drummer Recent years have seen much school and community involvement on the part of JROTC members. JROTC held the sole re- sponsibility of marching into the stadium at the beginning of all the home football games and carrying the colors. Also at the home games, the outstanding Girls' Drill Team, which placed a strong second at the Army Precision Drill Competition, showed their winning style. "The JROTC programs is known for its high quality leaders. Colleges look for mem- bers of Millikan's JROTC when handing out scholarships and know that they will pro- vide leadership and guidance toward others," stated Battalion Commander Wil- liam J. Maus, At the Army Precision Drill Competition, JROTC ended up with some outstanding finishes. Marcus Lloyd took first-place in the Drill Without Arms, William J. Maus placed first in the Saber Competition, Edward Jewett finished second in Manual Of Arms, and the skilled Girls' Drill Team marched to an astounding finish of second place. Active at school, the members of JROTC were also a great help to many in the commu- nity. During Christmas vacation JROTC members went around to many houses col- lecting canned goods for people in need. 4 ABOVE: ATTENTION! - Bill Vendl and Patrick Hodge await orders during an afternoon practice. Sports 8 R.O.T.C. I 9 I 22 23 A 3 . 5 5 e ?g'4X".'. ' L-wing? f-iaqqnn., - 's 4 xv o . . . :Ta , , . 4 Ig' . ,wi wwf. .-.- ,.,. , 'ore-fwwwkm ., fl, Q ,WV A-V f- Maw- W My. gr-uaaduh 4 kv- g 'Uk , , ' 7' 'GP dn.--,..,, ,an AN.. K - Arif: -4 -"' l""' 'li' ALL STARS ALL-CIF George Castro P.J. Lange Wardell Coleman Raul Ruiz Sheilagh Flanagan Julie Stiener Michelle Hall Kerri Zaleski ALL-LEAGUE Bob Ali, Stephanie Anderson, Jeff An- ger, Carleen Basler, Fred Blalock, George Castro, Wardell Coleman, D.C. Conroy, Cynthia Chambers, Sean Fer- nandes, Sheilagh Flanagan, Michelle Hall, Pat Harden, Wes Jackert, Andre Johnson, John Kusel, Ralph Lakin, P.J. Lange, Vernon Lawton, Julie Lopez, Brian Loper, Wendy Lyman, Jose Moran, Cliff Mosely, Dave Odell, Jan Pearson, Nichelle Pegan, Dennis Pip- in, Patty Porter, Kim Redden, Raul Buiz, Julie Stiener, Brian Turang, Maury Williams, Kerri Zaleski. Sport s 8 6 Special l-'eatuie ,,,, s .S ,. , '- - -v' ' V 97' , ' 1 -'l!f3?".""'.."'4' , . ...V 1- - . --.V frfsim ' y .Al WH JW" N' V ff!! ,ef-ff .'i'i'i 1 ff' r' I ,"vl,j ' 2 ' r , ZS ta ' V . ., ' Q ! 74,5 4 3 My f X , ..,, is Rf", J fi"f1,' " if 'I Ik u 4 , ff i A K xi 'I 'elf J' if' ll ' f l 4 4 I fi J Q ' M 5,4 gee, ,f --- .1 .,,,l , 4 gg.: :.... sie L. H 14: .A lg ABOVE: TWO FOR ONE - Senior Brian Turang is an All-League performer in boil baseball and football. 9' , UN, W 1 il l Ml . 'v l 1 ' ' E. , w fr x' n ' , Li Ll: ,Fifi 11' 1255 W.. ' v Li, 5. K fflicfvfc l'fY-'Skies "sm .,-I J Frm, lead 'x R , ' - h -settles .,,. it t 4 X -'ln "js" sc.. - --F. 'S .. , .. .lb " -f.:rf1Q-safe'-'-""s -... . Q t fl X A 552: S -1.44 1 .'i'sr ., 4: ll 'Q -. . .. I ,,.N, - i c' .F ' , f W '- . . ri - L ' I L.-. --- E M I -- ,Z rf' , A, . 1 , .wir ludblll -V I- . 35 l l 1 ABOVE. RISING STARS - Sophomores Eddie Carswell, Susie Odel and Patty Porter lead a promising group of young athletes. Millikan Breeds Fine Athletes Coaches and students at Millikan are proud of the stars created from the Rams' Athletic department. The continuing domi- nance in the Iron-Man competition is in- dicative of the talent at Millikan. Millikan's athletic programs have helped bring out the talents of such nationally- known sports stars as Mike Tully, a Silver Medalist in Pole Vaulting in the 1984 Olym- picsg Dave Frost, a journeyman pitcher in Major League baseball, and Craig Swann, Veteran pitcher for the New York Mets. This year Millikan had another large amount of young stars. On the girls' side, Sharon Moore was an All-City volleyball player, along with being a starter on both the basketball and softball teams. P.J. Lange also achieved greatness in her sports. P.J. has been an All-CIF softball player for two years, looking forward to a third. Be- sides softball, PJ. enjoyed soccer. She played Varsity soccer for two years and has been instrumental in the team's advancement into the playoffs both years. On the boys' side, Brian Turang was an All-League selection for football and base- ball. Brian had been attracting recruiters for both sports from maj or colleges since he was a sophomore. As a Best In The West nominee, Pat Har- den has been followed by major college re- cruiters such as USC and Iowa. Pat played football and wrestled during his three years at Millikan. Being a two-year Varsity basketball play- er, Brian Loper displayed his skills well. As an Invitee to SportsWorld's Superstar Bas- ketball camp, Brian was watched by many college coaches around the country. He leaned towards the University of Hawaii. The list of talented athletes at Millikan was impressive. In the future, if you are watching a professional sporting event, don't be surprised to see a former Millikan star. The credit for the success of the athletes had to be given to the fantastic coaching staff. Without them there would have been no stars. FAR LEFT: A BULL'S EYE VIEW - Waiting for a strike from the pitcher, two-time All-CIF Catcher P.J. Lange adjusts her mask during the Lakewood game. P.J. has shown her talent by being the Varsity catcher for three years. ABOVE LEFT: SHINNING LIKE A PRO - All- League swimmer and waterpolo player D.C. Conroy attempts a shot during the El Toro game at Corona Del Mar. ABOVE: BUZZ? - Senior Sharon Moore saves a "free ba1l" a1g4 at Moore League match at Millikan. Sports 8 7 Special Feature Xe Squad Gets For Effort Opening the season with a pre-league rec- ord of 3-3 did not give Girls' Volleyball Coach Suzanne Miguel very high expectations for the season. But with three returning letter- men, a berth in the C.I.F. playoffs did not seem to be out of reach. As the first round came to a close, the Lady Rams, led by Co-Captains Sharon Moore and Chris Paparelli, faced an uphill battle to take third place in Moore League. Thanks to a win by forefeit over Jordan, their hopes remained alive. When the final League game approached, the team needed an upset victory over Lakewood to move into a tie for third place. Starting Hitters Patty Feck and My Trang Doan rose to the occasion, leading the team to an emotional 18-16 win in the final game. Their hopes came to an abrupt end, though, as the Lancers rallied to victory in the third-place League playoff despite the ef- forts of Starters Julie Gott and Susie Odell. A semi-final in the Millikan Tournament and the All-City selections of Feck and Moore proved to be the high points of the season. Under the direction of third-year Coach Nancy Schuster, the J.V. team fought to a fourth-place record of 4-6. Top J.V. players were Deanna Woodbridge, Nicole Lee, and Mieko Harrington. ga lleyb all C? X 4. My nz- in Ll 4 Q, Y y it l 5 A, K fy., is A hi . A by V J . ' tif!" IQ-fcnlzlr Q 'E ff Q if ' if N gay u l""'. '- l - ir L M .WH ,N gn' - In . t Y l ' V S ui 405, T L' i I ' ' L, Wy. 7' fl . J K ll V I S .X V 1 . 4 - 4- f " VARSITY VOLLEYBALL - Chris Paparelli, MV Trang Doan, J-V. VOLLEYBALL - FRONT BACK ROW: Linda Attardoy FRONT ROW: Julie Gott. Susie Julie Taylor,Julie Vock,Rene Ken- ROW! Mi9k0 HaI'FiU2'f0Y1, Lori Kelly Boyer. NiC0l6 Lee,L01'et' 7 'N 1 ned' V dbrid e ta Chilvers Jenn' oore Q dell. Patty Feck. Sharon 1Ioo'e, 3. Swim, Deanna Woo E Y A, ifer M Kiznberly Coffman. BACK ROW: Xuyen To, Jennifer La Plount. Anna Rodrlquez. 88 Sports Girls'Volleyball -i ii? L Varsity Volleyball League Rams-Opponents Wilson 14-16 10-15 7-15 Compton 15-0 15-8 12-15 15-2 Jordan Rams Win by forfeit Lakewood 14-16 7-15 6-15 Poly 13-15 13-15 15-11 15-7 10-15 Wilson 8-15 3-15 14-16 Compton 15-5 15-9 15-9 Jordan 15-4 2-15 6-15 6-15 Lakewood 15-11 1-15 15-12 9-15 18-16 Poly 15-4 15-9 15-12 1 ,- " 2 -f' If ,A 5' if-'f' --,,- FAR ABOVE LEFT: QUICK DIG - Starting hitter My Trang Doan digs out a Lakewood spike in an important victo- ry. FAR LEFT: DOUBLE TROUBLE - All-City selection Patty Feck stuns opponents with her wicked serve, Setter Chris Paparelli delivers a perfect set. LEFT: WHAT.-X SAVE! - All-City selection, Captain Sharon Moore saves an off-set by hitting a down ball. ABOVE: LEAPING TO VICTORY - Sophomore Susie Odell looks on as Patty Feck feeds poly the final blow in a three-game victory. Sports S 9 Girls' Volleyball RIGHT YOLRS' exclaims Qvnh Phan to Karen Rutten in a victorious set against Wilson Their efforts how ever fell short as they lost to Wilson 5 13 BELOW GET READY th1nksJen ny Goldman as she sets up to return a powerful shot against a strong Wilson opponent 155' w fr'-14 'WM Varsity Tennis Rams League Opp. Wilson 18 Compton 0 13 Jordan 5 2 Lakewood 16 13 L.B. Poly 5 5 Wilson 13 1 Compton 0 0 Lakewood 18 11 L.B, Poly 7 ABOVE: MATCH POINT- Michelle Copelin hits the ball down the line for the winning point against Jordan. 9 0 Sports Girls' Tennis 1 . VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Jennifer Goldman Michelle Copelin Angela Mur- ray. BACK ROW: Susan Wei Julie Mandryk Lisa Crowley Karen Rutten Qynh Phan Sheryl Peterson. l JUNIOR VARSITY- FRONT ROW: Tina Nakateeranonda, Kathy Jose, Shelly LCG, Maria Zaldivar, Heather Rosenbaum, Susan Dunk, Bernadette Salazar. BACK ROW: Gina Espelita, Heather Finstuen, Trina Roussos, Kendra Karlsen, Leann Battle, Jennifer Kebb, Nicole Dunn. Ann.- , ,. M. .as.q..,..,.g,,...,e.-wmv. ,A , , . ,,,,4,.,,.,.,,,,, .,... ., .M .-. ., .- , . ' 4 aa.-tl, .. . - tm' J . " 1 -up..-.4....., .,,,., .Ll . 4 Sl ,525 ' i U ' ? I 1 4 I v, 1, I --,. I , .,,,. A, . .1 . fffff ff fffff f .'JZ'7'f15'74ffwff?f.4.0 X6-'I' f ,KY 'Mfr -jf 'ff :r.ff:,ffufr.,1.f11v- ,UW -714 K if . , ,717 ,. , ,!fLf,!1,.y:,f,fxr'.',,,1pI-X , s fl v , 3 y . . ,-', ff ' ".fg',' .if ff I g I 2 .wid !,JQ,:g,1AtQ:,Zvpirgidg! . f 5 , f V .1 .f fr-ff-:ea 'I ' 1 H Mffag-,ic,,,:'1 9 I W i 2 I 71' f, ,, gf" -. . ,.. " , f .- " I 'j ' gag" fi 'Q 35 '1 3 ff if - , , I .j. ,'f,yj.5,:,l,-f f , ., . , ,, f M. W ','f.','-'-'f"'-'f wiv . ,y.',f.k,!'iVLLf ,. t 'M ,Z tif' H ' ' udfy ,.4,'6Qp9 I ' I f ',,,, i 1 " , v e" U ' " . , 4, .nv fy,-','1, X' 4 ' 1.f'z5'lw -4: ' TW-4'l12' al., ',:C,vQ,l- Ax .zgvf b lxtaywiv N ,QV 1,5 iy,fjxf,'1l431 v xtaffiix-1? QQ filf-f'3fl'.Q7fffhff' Q9 - A, Xie. ' ' ::f:'Z'ilf1?KQ.7f','1'ffl' -.', 1 . I, I In ' 1, 1 , .5-ff W,-, ,-. I-.-5-f,gj1.,,v f f v'XL,k?g,f.l Doubles Delight A third-place standing in Moore League for Girls' Tennis could be attributed to the Varsity doubles. They were the backbone of the entire tennis team. Competition stiffened as Lakewood started off strong and ended the season with the number one standing to the sur- prise of many. Wilson, the usual number-one contender, was forced to accept a second- place standing. Millikan's doubles, however, pulled through with victories in all their matches against the Bruins. Number one doubles Susan Wei and Team Captain Lisa Crowley proved to be a spark to the team. Although the two didn't make the second round in the Moore League Playoffs, they were placed fourth overall and were included in a group of eight girls out of fifty-four to earn Moore League patches. Singles competition was also stiff. Unlike doubles, however, there was no real definite number-one player although returning Let- terman Michelle Copelin succeeded in tak- ing the most wins of the season. Angie Murray and Jennifer Goldman complete the Varsity Singles squad. The Junior Varsity team also took third- place in League standing. However, as JV Coach Doris Doughty enthusiastically sta- ted, "With our abundance of freshmen and sophomores, we can look forward to a strong and experienced Varsity team." Overall, the team effort was outstanding. "It was a really super team, the morale was the best in years," noted Coach Phyllis Horowitt. Varsity team member Sheryl Peterson summed up the season, "It was fun, the players cared for each other. We exchanged tips, our support, and our congratulations. We had the most spirit I've seen in my three years of tennis." ABOVE LEFT: IS IT IN? - wonders Lisa Crowley and her admiring fans as she returns a powerful serve against a talented Wilson rival. LEFT: IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? - No, it's a tennis ball. Julie Mandryk reaches to smash the ball back to the Lancers. LEFT: CONCENTRATION - Susan Wei carefully sets up to return a shot from a L.B. Poly opponent in a first round match at Millikkan. Sports Girls' Tennis - if-LT Hard Work Pays Off "We didn't place first, but we still had a great year, "stated Cross Country Coach Rod Petkovic. Running to a third place in Moore League, the cross country team faired well for being such a young team. Kim Hirt, the only senior, helped lead the less- experienced members through their sea- son. Runners began strenuous workouts dur- ing the summer, running approximately six miles a day, five days a week. They also at- tended a summer running camp for the fifth consecutive year in the Big Bear area. The hard work payed off when the Sopho- mores won first at the Buena Park Invita- tional, third at the Woodbridge Invitational, and second at the Laguna Invitational. Out- standing sophomore runners were Cecilia Thomas, Sidney Morfoot, and Cynthia Cham- bers, who led the team with the most awards won at invitational meets. Other prominent runners were Juniors Audra Flewellen, Gretchen Wollman, and Ni- chelle PeGan. With a time of 20:37, improved from 21.31, Audra Flewellen was distin- guished as the most imporved runner by Coach Petkovic. The J.V. team also did well. Tying for sec- ond in Moore League, they were led by Janel and Janeen Schenewark, Jaylinn Stowell, Lisa Coots, and Elisa Laughlin. Varsity Cross Country Rams League Opp. 43 Wilson 16 41 Compton 20 47 Jordan 16 42 Lakewood 16 19 Poly 44 Clow score winsj TOP LEFT: THE LAST MILE - Sidney Morfoot is re- lieved as she reaches the final mile during the Poly meet. TOP RIGHT: THE LONE RUNNER - Ahead of the competition, Nichelle PeGan strides pridefully for- ward at El Dorado Park finishing third at the Jordan meet. Sports Girls' Cross Country I' VARSITYf Nichelle Pegan, Kim Hirt, Cecilia Thomas, Coach R. Petkovic, Audra Flewel- len, Cynthia Chambers, Gretchen Wollman. Ei :fir ,??,":Q? ' , ' ""-'Q .Ziff - X 1 . 9,4455 ',,,l?'iGPlQi liuxtiimminflti An. 1. -5:-4. 45'-I 3 K..v , :HES hard J.V.f- FRONT ROW: Sandy Quan, Michelle Wilson. MIDDLE ROW: Janet Schenewark. 'Q'FRlGHT:PHE. Jaylinnr Stowell, Janeen Schenewark. TOP ROW: Merry Shope, Lisa Coots, Coach R. flleimshl. Petkovlc, Laura Oliver, Gina Moore. "Ng Gm Irie a A i NQH .iieshergeifm l 3 ' . Ju, ., , 3 K1 f. I 5 1 L M ,V .5 vb C . is 1 Q hw. sf val is an 1.-, '--1 l l - 2 l ' E J A . l .! - , 4' 4, , Q ' ' 5, ' ' EPING PACE-While running agai akewood opponents, Cecilia , ' ' omas keeps in mind the pace she will need t V ish first. TOP RIGHT: PUT- l TING ON THE POWER- Duringthe Wilson me l t Edison Park, Cynthia Cham- ' "vi" bers pushes hard with Compton runners closeqbehiriaflto win at the finish. "Pi MIDDLE RIGHT: PHEWI - Exhausted yet determined, Kim Hirt advances to- wards the finish line and disappoints Wilson offenders. BOTTOM RIGHT: NO PAIN, N0 GAIN -- On a cool September afternoon practice, Audra Flewellen "C gmlrages herself to better prepare fOr ZH 1-1DC0If1iHg' ! new Q 1-Q .,.,,g ,E fl' 7 t 5-Q ANQ' . . SDOYYS Q Girls Cross Country- aj 2,3 l E1 22' Yr ,422 39 ld And New Provide For Fine Season Recovering, and recovering well, from a dismal '84 season, the new and varsity im- proved '85 Ram girl hoopsters captured the support and interest of everyone, as well as third-place in the Moore League. Led by veterans and rookies alike, and with a first ever Top-Ten 4-A CIF rating, the Rams surged to an overall record of 19-6. They were optimistic from the beginning. With the incoming talents of Sophomores Terri Stewart, Pam Pearson, and Patty Por- ter, and the returning knowledge of three- year Varsity Veteran Sharon Moore, Milli- kan considered themselves to be inconten- sion with anyone. Early in the season fans saw the Rams win the Downey Tournament, which was highlighted by their 59-40 defeat over Lake- wood. Stewart and .Ian Pearson were selected as honorable-mention to the All- Tournament team. Returning Honorable Mention All- League Connie McGiffert was the leading scorer, averaging 14.7 points per game. Close bhind was shooting star Porter, who averaged 12.0 points per game. The Pearson sisters, Jan and Pam, made other teams remember their numbers. Jan was the leading rebounder with 14.2 re- bounds per gameg and as starting center, she handled herself with ease. Pam dis- played excellent defense throughout the year. "The key to our success was that the sopho- mores were able to mature quickly and work well with the returning players. The fact that Coach Greg Pappas returned as our coach helped a great deal," Moore com- mented regarding their success. ABOVE RIGHT: FLYING THROUGH THE AIR - Sophomore Patty Porter shoots the hoop, while others watch in amazement, in a game against Lakewood. RIGHT: INTENSE - During the Lakewood game, Pat- ty Porter fights to get inside for the lay-up. 94 Sports Girls' Basketball -A-P ,,,,.f"'- r'-""""1 l.f.i -. 7 9. ,ff ,I K!! ...6 rm... , -rv I! A 20 53 at Q di ' ,S-.qax f eg it J' f '1 "YL I ' W , ,, x t . W eff s :ff iiggfdkv iKAMSx AMQ E ' .tai . VARSITY: FRONT ROW: Lisa Golt Connie McGiffert Markeeta Jemison Terry Stewart Teresa Colt. BACK ROW: Coach X '2 -' X I ,QP- ef Avl1lW i .,..,7 T W1 k'-. ft? x 1. : +A 'i e . - H., . 1, Y: 5 '5-T" S., .V .L ,Qu s 3. s W 3 , 2 2 K I gin' T 4 tv ,ww 1 g Y X Q- M ,2 e N I if 'V ' 'ii' 5, Q qXiv'V grb, V T! , I f 2 1 'GAMJ' p,1qs,, ?sA'Mf5' ,Xl-Adio' ' F f ' - i 3 33 ce 2531 10ei4G ,f415l f 2 , , X. 1 V "f, L 1 ' AMG QAM, K Zff A N Pappas Robbin Hunter Debi Maberry Janice Pearson Pam Pearson Dongle Gibson. My .F W X . um . .A - J XXX .xw I N . KWQQ ef. JUNIOR VARSITY: FRONT ROW: Kim Mia Malveaux, Kathy Holtry, Traci Boyd, Coffman, Kim Fernandez, Gigi Frye, Rosa- Coach Romo, Loretta Chilver, Rhonda Cleg- lind Pickens, Rene Kennedy. BACK ROW: gett, Tynnetta King, Lyndale Redd. 'Medea l FvAMwg ff of X ss I ,Lp 4 B Q :ca 42 x ,aaa xfbw S HQ? S N Sy 40 - 'N' 5 Q SJ I ll it I I x Q 1- I N .tl X y , ' 4 23 Y 24, 13 ,3U l l K it - t it 0 x Q ES Lancer opponent. ABOVE LEFT: MOVIN' ON BY - Late in the fourth quarter, Junior Rhonda Cleggett out hustles a worthy Jordan Defender to help set up the Millikan offense downcourt. LEFT: HERE I COME - Kim Fernan- ' dez drives to the basket to add two points to the Rams' i l W l . . - ' FAR ABOVE LEFT: REACHING FOR THE REBOUND " V I At a home game in February Lady Ram Pam Pearson do N H her best to bring down a second-quarter rebound over a , I Q vx,- K' score against Jordan. Q, 4 fl ' ff, gt 2554 ..,, A Y .5 r EQ . . -:fa uf , Gs me 5,-ef.: Sports 1-If Girls' Basketball i 1 !1I 22' 1, 1 u A . 'I A 1 1 , .. ag H fd '- ilu? " 1 Ik- 1 W m ffm 5. -L llltfl vt 4 .1 f, ' 4 fl 1 1 1 15' law QE . ,,.,, Q ...1A '51-1, M 4. W ,L 5,1 1 W ,I gfvw WE 11:4 ' wx. 'AW E , .1 i1 ,, 'Ya 'u 1 1 -1. I A M 5' 1 YI 1 'x M tw , 1 1' A, 1 , 1 P-K, 1 L. 1 I 13 Q! 49139 -I ru, ,. x Ir I Q 3 J' "1--f iii: - 1- ... , , .. Lady Rams Take League The combined efforts of first-year Coach Mrs. Rhonda Misner and an enthusiastic team led the Girls' Varsity Soccer Squad to the clearest League Title ever enjoyed. They beat cross-town rivals Lakewood High twice, 1-0 and 4-1, and were victorious over the Wilson Bruins once with a score of 1-0 and tied once at 1-1. "I am very proud of the team," remarked Coach Misner. She added, "They are athletes in the true sense and spirit of the word: skilled, competitive, determined, and happiest when they are playing their sport." Led by varsity captain and center for- ward Stephanie Anderson, the team cap- tured an undefeated League record of 7-0-1. Varsity starters included goalie Kim Haight, left fullback Sidney Morfoot, right fullback P.J. Lange, left forward Jodie Lopez, and right forward Sheilagh Flanagan. Kim Redden played sweeper, Julie Steiner played stopper, Carleen Basler played center half, and right and left halves were played by Nichelle Pegan and Wendy Lyman, respec- tively. Allison Cairns, Michelle Anderson, and Cathy Rogers served as reserves. The team competed in CIF playoffs until the second round, when they were defeated. They finished the season, however, with an impressive record of 12-2-3. The method of training centered on creat- ing team togetherness and overallbasic strategies. "It is the first half of a two-year plan I have in mind", remarked Coach Mis- ner. She concluded, "The team was 'together' on and off the field. We talkedg we cared for one another. It made the differ- encef' Serving as goalie coach was Ms. Jamie, who aided the goalies with basic strategies. The JV squad, led by Jill Wardle and Jamie Elsberry, was coached by Mr. Walt Austin, who remarked, "Our season was a great learning experience. We were able to im- prove on most of the basic skills." FAR LEFT: USING HER HEAD - Stephanie Ander- son attempts to head the ball during a game in early February. FAR ABOVE: REACH FOR IT - Nichelle Pegan makes a bold attempt to get the ball during a game against Lakewood. MIDDLE ABOVE: IT'S ALL MINE! - shouts Jodie Lopez prior to scoring a goal against Poly in January. FAR LEFT: LOCKED IN BATTLE - Wendy Lyman battles for control with a Vldlson player during a crucial game in March. LEFT: TLVIE OUT - The team takes a rest from the action during halftime. Sports Girls Soccer Q S Q -f I! I I 2 Sl .pi -1 - ii' 4 . 4 Y. -'fi :E We is , nzeffk. ' '1 --f 4 'A -, - I 7-.L F Q . i 4 'f'jxf .?,.,, A . --' xv.-.J W -'ni xltllf ABOVE: ALMOST THEREI- As she rounds the corner ofthe last lap of the 440-run. Audra Flewellen hurries to beat her Fountain Valley opponent at a pre-League meet at Millikan. RIGHT: PUITIN' IT OUT- is all Debi Maberry can think of while throwing her final shot during the opening League meet against Wilson. Sports Gi1'ls'T1'uck ' I' 5 '-Q v l 1 5 Y x 1 ,Q If Hall. BACK ROW: Casey Tyler, Cecelia Thomas, Jaylynn Stowall, Laura Oliver, Janine Stewart, Audra Flewellen, Jenni- fer Goldman. Tiny, But Mighty Falling short of a competitively-sized team, the girls' track team made an extra effort to make up for the shortage of mem- bers by many hours of hard work. Praising the strong but small team, Coach Halstead remarked, "The girls worked very hard and did a great job, but we needed more girls." Distance events, hurdles, and the shot- put proved to be the team's strength. Cyn- thia Chambers and Gretchen Wollman led the way in the mile- and two-mile events. Michelle Ha1l's specialty event was the hur- dles, while Debi Maberry excelled at the shot-put. In the 440- and 880-yard distance runs, Janine Stewart, C.C. Thomas, and Audra Flewellen gave outstanding performances during pre-League and League competi- tions. Rounding out the team was Kytrina Har- vey in the triple-jump field event. Michelle Hall, Debi Maberry, and Kytrina Harvey provided the strength and leader- ship necessary for a CIF-bound season. Optimistically, Debi summed her final track season, "I have gone to CIF for two consecu- tive years and hope to do it again. With luck, I will be able to continue on to the State Competition." Girls' Varsity Track Rams League Opp. 34 Wilson 84 64 Compton 55 80 Jordan 38 55 Lakewood 63 55 Poly 63 ABOVE LEFT: ONE, TWO , THREE, JUMP! - During warmup time before a meet against Lakewood, Casey Tyler is determined to jump as far as possible for a victory over the Lancers. FAR LEFT: JUMPING FOR JOY! - Rather, for Michelle Hall, it is jumping for Millikan. On a sunny Spring day, Michelle practices for an upcoming meet against the Jackrabbits at Poly. t Sports G1rls'Tra:-li , Vaulting To Success Although there were only four returning members, the Girls' Gymnastics Team ac- quired many promising new additions. All- around competitors were led by returning members Heather Mahaney and Michelle Frangeuch and included outstanding sopho- mores Rose Sullivan and Rachael Richardson. Coach Leslie Appel commented in the pre- season, "We are in a rebuilding year, but I have high hopes for the team. The girls are young and have a good amount of talent!" One of the main differences was the ab- sence of the boys' team. This gave the girls more space for their equipment as well as the coaching talents of Steve Lizotte. Coach Lizotte returned to help the girls after being assistant coach to the boys' team dur- ing the previous season. Another change came in the meet proce- dure. Rather than having six varsity and six junior varsity members, the top twelve girls in each event competed every meet. From these twelve, the top six scorers were named varsity and the next sixjunior varsi- ty. Helen Grace candy bars were the main source of income for the gymnasts. Their fund-raising efforts helped to purchase new leotards and sweatsuits. Due to money saved from the previous season, the girls also obtained a new spring- board for vault. The advanced board allowed the girls to try more difficult and higher scoring vaults. ABOVE: ALL TUCKERED OUT - Rose Sullivan finishes her beam routine with an impressive standing back tuck. ABOVE RIGHT: SWING IT - Heather Mahaney glides through her bar routine with style that won her first place over all at the Millikan Invita- tional. RIGHT: FLYING FREE - Flashing a brilliant smile, Sophomore Rachael Richardson leaps to her catchy floor-routine music. 1 O O Sports Gymnastics 1 1 tilll? If in If 'Tar' IE woo Illia il. HMS ga-H - 31? 1 A F :T FRONT ROW: Laura Scroggins, Rose Sul- Suzanne Rosen, Anlgdie Williams, Susan livan, Maria Colon, Christy Bordin, Kend1g,Coach Steve izotte.BACKROW: Heather Mahaney, Daphne Renell. 2ND Stacey Stanton, Sarel Soer, Sharleen Fra- ROW: Coach Leslie Appel, Rachael Zlef, Michelle Frangeuch, Debbie Richardson, Stephanie Henderson, Shavelle, Sally Shurz. 9 -1 I ' a fli misuse , l an O Q90 'X 549 . Q50 S6 Reaching For Higher Goals "We hope to be one of the best Badminton teams in Long Beach," exclaimed Coach Gloria Potocki. With this in mind Coaches Gloria Potocki and Donna Cate prepared the dedicated and hardworking girls for each match, with drills and extra conditioning. Last season the team represented Moore League in CIF, ranking fourth in their divi- sion, for the second year. Led by number-one singles player Pammy Sutton and top doubles team Cheryl Naka- mura and Rose Lucero, the team was a strong competitor in Moore League. Other outstanding singles players were My Tran Doan, Margaret Matera, and Kathy Toyoma, and doubles team Kyong Cho and Jonelle Barrera. The Varsity team had a 10-3 victory over Jordan in a pre-season game, while the JV's took Jordan for 24 points, winning 24-2. The win over Marlborough was easier to come by, the Lady Rams came out success- ful, ending the match with a 12-1 score, while the JV team was victorious with a 7-1 win. The team had a great season start with a victory over the cross town rival, Wilson, ending the game with a score of 8-5. The JV team had a 19-7 victory. 'Tm very proud to be on the team. We are like a familyf, exclaimed Carole Carroll. Girls' Varsity Badminton Rams League Opp, 8 Wilson 5 13 Compton 0 10 Jordan 3 8 Lakewood 5 12 Poly 1 9 Wilson 4 11 Compton 2 11 Jordan 2 11 Lakewood 2 13 Poly 0 t i. 5' is E l e s l l l l l l V P RIGHT: CRUSHING THE BIRDIE - During an after- noon practice. Senior Pammy Sutton prepares for a ' , crushing return shot. 1 O 2 Sports Girls' Badminton - 1' ft.. -'Iii' i -i. a x ,X , l FRONT 1 1l0nelIgBa,ll?g I. 3 X x rx.. :nn-...- , Y Q. .,A -I 5 , S ,, l 4 . ' .. 5-1, 5 C' ff 34 A 3 1 I +5 :', , ' A 'f x ' : f f , fr A y ,O , 5 ,I I 3 VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Pammy Sutton, Tran DOHTI, Margaret Mater?-, Cheryl Naka- Kyong Cho,Jonel1e Barrera. BACK ROW: My U11-1I'3, Rose LUCCTO- Q . E .,- ' E , JV- :H N n,MoniKong, Longvllle, Cqarole Carroll, Hoa Huynh, - V K0theIgRyObl?lC'g1ggiVY1ye2 Tiuggthel Espeleta, Katherlne Chlu. Kathy Toyoma. BACK ROW: Vin Meas, LISZ I l 1. . , ,,,,,,,,,,,:.,,,a W- A .J .3917 P, . Jr g, N .. "1 1 FAR ABOVE LEFT: PERFECT FORM - Varsi- ty player Rose Lucero works on her forehand smash return on a Monday afternoon practice in early March. FAR ABOVE: READY WHEN YOU ARE - A confident Margaret Matera awaits the return from a Jordan opponent. ABOVE: TAKE THAT! - Preparing for the season opener against Wilson. My Tran Doan practices her powerful smash. Sports E it 5-5 G11-ls' Badminton .. A i 1. ' w l 21' 22' 'X -G I . 3 'R SN l -nf' .ra I 'LT' -I 54 gg, I. Jn' ' .av . .. -- '. 5. '. QV .z' ."i V ' xt' 1, ' P 'He in-. ff 3- .. of , , J-v .1,- I -.fri gl ,I. -4 1..- FAR ABOVE AND INSETS: DIFF'RENT STROKES - Senior Mika Arai displays her excellence in butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke as she completes the first three portions of the 200 Individual Medley at the Lakewood meet. ABOVE RIGHT: DIGGIN' IN - During a long afternoon practice in late March Senior Cassandra Gunsaulus works to perfect her freestyle with the aid of paddles and apull buoy.ABOVE: ALMOSTTHERE!- Junior Robin Ossen eyes the wall as she scores a point for the Rams with another first place in the J.V. 50-yard breaststroke against Huntington Beach. 1 Sports Girls' Swimming wie.: -4' .p., 'FG J' 's 1. ., .LD ia. . 5' N, F ., ,A J. DOIN' IT , .rkuut in ElvmM1Ns-p1 Susan Zeder, ,fzlflltfi Shelly BN iii5lIS3CHlVer.BACl Misty Mank meer! LEFT: Q -.,,2,,,. -49" l' ' 1. ,li if 1 lm il' , . 41" V . wi' lb, if VARSITY SWIMMING - FRONT ROW: Lesley Woo, Susan Zeder, Mika Arai, Christy Manker, Shelly Bruce, Angela Murray, Terisa Carver. BACK ROW: Erin O'Neil, Cassandra Gunsaulus, Debbie Kellif, Leane Eberhart, Theresa Bergh, Lin a Fuller, Gayla Bassin. Q quababes Splash To Third "Although we lack depth and speed, we have a lot of team spirit and that really keeps us going", exclaimed Senior Mika Arai. Despite disheartening pre-season loss- es to Los Alamitos and Huntington Beach, the Rams maintained their high enthu- siasm and stressed individual improvement as they prepared for the League opening against Wilson. Despite the best efforts of the Rams, however, the top-ranked Bruins prevailed. "It was kind of depressing, even though we were expecting it", stated Junior Shelly Bruce just after the Wilson meet. "Now weirejust going to concentrate on giv- ing Lakewood a tough fight", she added. Young talent dominated the Varsity team. Leading the Rams were two-time All- Leaguer Christy Manker, in the five- hundred freestyle and two-hundred I.M., and Senior Mika Arai in the butterfly. Other outstanding swimmers included Susan Zed- er in the breaststroke and Lesley Woo in the backstroke. New J unior-Varsity Coach Cynthia Kahle, a former Lakewood swimmer, was pleased with the performance of a promising JV team. Top JV's included Robin Ossen in the breaststroke, Christy Eastman in the I.M., and Michelle Tuttle in the freestyle. With both a large number of returning Varsity swimmers and a strong JV squad, the future looked promising for the Rams. Head Coach Tammy Masten stated, "This is really a building year for us. Our aim is pri- , A Q . marily to get our times down and be as com- G-" ef 4, . "f petitive as possible? X 4 ws. . p f X 'rg I X in I . X, 1- I , ,p - . s 4 , . -I .r ' 1 , ' x ' ' I A X . , . . . , Q I A ' Girls Varsity Swimming A - ' - 'I " , ig .V gi- l- I.,- ' I ' n 1. A , 5 in Rams League Opp. xx 1 1 dr - - ' 1 ' ' Q . ' i' 'S -I i' XX. , ' ., , , 51 Wilson 105 JV SWIMMING .. FRONT ROW: Mgr, ROW: Christy' Eastman, Dawn Moore, S JackieShe1-lock Stacey Rasmussen, Tera Susan Fannin. Tracy Wiese, Cheri 1 Kuhn, Heidi Winer, Leticia Keusayan, Elaseftl, Heidi Thielmarmi Debbie i Win Jordan Forfeit Robin Ossen, Nicolle Freeman- BACK awler- X 1 li f P YV ,,,?,.:L,.,.,. l 1 7 -:ff-J 'V v i F , -i in LWZE - Vldlson meet in early March Junior Susan - Ji? IILIOIIEWIT V, V the Zedergoes allout to complete the final lap 93 ' -1 62 upcoifin rf? fn'a gm., 3 two- of the 100-yard butterfly. E V" ' C' 1- ' lffaffi'-'fi WWHW' h0l1rworkout. L TITS G0 F0314 -At the Sports Girls' Swimming E h Talent Sparks Squad A lack of returning lettermen forced the softball team to make radical changes. De- fense and unity were stressed as the four returning Varsity players teamed up with an almost entirely new squad. Despite the youth and inexperience of the players, however, the team had a good blend and expected to be in the run for the Moore League Title. Placing third in the Torrance Tourna- ment, All-League, All-City, All-C.I.F. Senior P.J. Lange received the title of Most Valu- able Player in the game against Rolling Hills. All-League, All-City, All-C.I.F. player Sheilagh Flanagan also received MVP for the South Torrance and Torrance games in two 6-4 victories. Replacing All-C.I.F. pitcher Diane Lewis was sophomore Sidney Morfoot. She was named MVP in a 3-1 win over Bishop Mont- gomery. With her potential and strong wil- lingness to improve, Sidney kept the Rams as a contending team. The hitting attack was led by sophomore Patty Porter, returning Varsity letterman Stacey Gordon, and Senior P.J. Lange. Coach Nick Trani said that the team needed to work on batting conditions but that the offense looked promising. Returning as starting shortstop, Sharon Moore continued to take away many would- be basehits. Filling out the squad were new- comers Julie Gott, Julie Correa, and sopho- more Cindy Hall. The team consisted of many versatile players who shined throughout the season. This versatility played in the girls' favor. It enabled others to take over in case there were any injuries to teammates. Coach Marv Miller concluded, "This year we have to learn to run, throw, and catch. Our refine- ment will be minimal. We're young, we're fresh, but we're good." ABOVE RIGHT: POWERARM - After cleanly fielding a hard ground ball, infielder Cindy Hall throws out a worthy Lakewood opponent at the Lancer's field. ABOVE FAR RIGHT SEQUENCE: SUPERSOPH- In a game against Poly at El Dorado Park, pitcher Sidney Morfoot displays perfect form as she records yet another strikeout. RIGHT: HOME RUN HITTER - During the third inning against South Torrance, soph- omore Patty Porter shows good form as she singles up the middle. FAR RIGHT: NO PASSIN' THROUGH - After receiving a perfect throw from the left fielder, DeAnna Mabry does a good job of blocking the plate and preventing ai possible LaMirada run. 1 0 6 Sports Girls' Softball f .af ---4 h 4,5-,,,,a.. I , - . tu, F' ' I - 9 -,, X' '--Luau-ww X , fl, I 1 . X-a 11.1 3. me i VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Cindy Hall, Sidney Morfoot, Julie Correa, Nichelle Pegan Sheilagh Flanagan, DeAnna Mabry. BACK ROW: Sharon Moore, Stacey Gordon, P.J .,.. . Lange, Coach Nick Trani, Coach Marv Miller, Patty Porter, Lisa Golt, Julie Gott. QQ H,.r"' J.V. 5 FRONT ROW: Terri Diete, DeeDee Gonzales, Bernie Salazar, Sara Yates, Miek Harrington, Rene Kennedy, Kathy Jose. BACK ROW: Coach Karen Braun, Dawn Brow! 'Lauien Pine, Kiescha Hammond, Teresa Golt, Lisa Coots, Kris Keller, Jenn Moore, C080 P oe omo. - , .-. . Nt'--P ---.. Q -,ff 4-1 AI LJ. T -4 s S .' n, ,qi A rf -11 el tl . Y V-rijf I' ,1 mf, 1 , , 4- ff.-g ', , "" '? i ' W 1 . I ' 2 4, . ,,,' , ., Af- wt, W' 4 ,. gf, ff, fi, :.,,,. 4 - . .4 QV ,, ,,. - D "" " -vf ' H " 'W' " 1 .Mm A,v, ,6,,.,, ,, ,am p ,I ,5, 1' s if -'5'fQQ:E'ii ' A l l H Girls' Varsity Softball l Rams League Opp. ll A 0 Wilson 5 10 Compton 1 10 Jordan 6 ' 4 2 Lakewood 0 'gif V1,VA 2 Poly 0 2 ,. 3 Wilson O f ' 16 Compton O 2 h 5 Jordan D -,Qing 1' XMLWW Q -' 0 Lakewood 0 . nf' , 1 me K 51 We -1 ' f 3 Poly 0 ' - ' 'X "" V "f,1 '-'. ' Q I Sports Girls' Softball 21 22 : The Year I n of I Gondolas - Venice in Long Beach, locked doors after the tardy bell at lunch, a new I Activities Director - Gregg Stone, Gidget returning to America's television sets, a ,...-nv' I new opportunity for juniors - eleventh grade Medal of Merit, the Faculty-Celebrity I basketball game, ten new teachers at Milli- kan, smurf dancing, Dave Odell and father I - Coach Bill Odell - swooping the basket- ball courts together, Constantin Chernenko , , , I - the third Soviet leader to die in a course of three years, Mrs. Gresik retiring after her I third year at Millikan, Carl Lewis winning four Gold Medals in the 1984 Summer Olym- I pics. Academics is the basis of all we achieve, I A pathway to college which we seek to believe. I Working late nights on homework and such, I We give it our all, often too much. Last minute studying is af common I mistake, As we prepare for tests we would rather I not take. Procrastination dwells within us all, I But in the end our integrity stands tall. Cramming for the S.A.T. can be an ordeal, I But successful scores bring relief -we all feel. I Keeping up gradesfor extra-curricular fun, I It's sometimes hard when other work needs to be done. I Anticipating careers after high school is tough, ' Thejears we have make life a little I rough. High school years are anything but a I u'aste,' They leave us with memories that cannot I be replaced. Kim Shaw '85 I ABOVE RIGHT: CRAM SESSION -- LeAnn Battle, Kelly Karlsen. Kristin Burns and Maureen Petruncola I frantically prepare for finals at an all-night study ses- sion at LeAnn's, RIGHT: WHIZ KID -- Senior Gary Leliebvre cautiously puts in the next disk for another I complex program in Mr. Huward's Computer Program- ming class. GU U 5 lb I I r e i O1 gggggng gg! ,gg 1 1 1 1, 1, 1 lr 1 g S I 1 S 1 S H 'n 1 0 8 Academics Division Page 'i OA ii in--Lf , I fb." f i 1 F Mil? .fl .ll- Y Q E is ' K - f i a iv 5 3 5 1 1"- Q ! , in , - - -- 1 - 5 ,mf Q ABOVE: A BRIGHT IDEA - Mr. Hut- tenh0ff's Optic Suspem sion experiment has Rex Ramsey, Tim Par- ker, and Scutt Moore puzzled during physics. LEFT: CIDNFENTRA- TIIIN NOW BEGINS - Shuilazh Flanagan. Norman Kitanu, Hex Huirrell, Se.-an Young. Leu Flores. und Nathan Rowley take in the classroom atmusphere-. Aradenllcre Division Pull? T09 OPrincipcLl!Administmtion0 ' Administrators In Action Dr. Joseph McCleary had many new re- sponsibilities in his fourth year as Millikan's principal. He was in charge of a new school-based budget and implementa- tion ofthe new graduation requirements for the class of 1987. These included an increase in Math and Science classes and elective Physical Education. Assistant Principals Adelmo Martinez and Robert Brooks were two new faces on the administrative board. Mr. Martinez su- pervised student insurance in addition to Industrial Arts, Military Science, and Mathematics. He was vice-principal at Stanford Junior High before joining the staff at Millikan. Mr. Brooks was in charge of the Junior Class as well as General Studies, Special Education, and boy's Phys- ical Education. He came to Millikan in the middle of last year and served as assistant principal for the sophomore class. Vice-Principal Lois Zelsdorf had the re- sponsibility of keeping the student body budget in line. She also assisted in develop- ing a master calendar and scheduling events. Jean Gresik, as assistant principal, was in charge of the senior and freshman classes. The instructional media and sup- plies were also under her supervision. The administrators worked especially hard to maintain a firm but friendly en- vironment at Millikan. Dr. McCleary com- mented, "We are very fortunate to have the open school that we do. A safe yet comfort- able campus provides a better learning at- mospheref' ABOVE RIGHT: ANYTHING INTERESTING? - asks Dr. McCleary as he watches sophomore Patrick Bren- nan experimenting with pond water in third period Biology. RIGHT: THE FINAL TOUCH - Mr. Brooks puts the finishing touches on a maple cutting board he constructed for a Christmas gift. .-Xcuiifw 1 1 O l'rinuin rivnstration . gr r--"vw-sr -- A L Wg lf' " I 'L ' A 1 ,. g FT . Q im. N if -L I . ..,f'-h K v- , . "' af H , , nl . .X z S v 1.1 L X5 I t Q. . 4 14 3 f in V selI.fQNN Q- . I 1 , Q NQ -i W . I J ' 1 1' I . IJ f . wp gl ' I ,- w K CATCH OF THE DAY- Mr. Martinez displays his fish from Lake Convict. Man on the Move The High Sierras on the opening day of trout season was a familiar sight for Assistant Principal Adelmo Martinez. In addition to fishing, Mr. Martinez also enjoyed photo- graphing his family, writing poetry, and running "IO K's'l to have fun and keep in shape. Mr. Martinez was originally from Monte Vista, Colorado, but he moved to California when he was in Junior High. He attended Narbonne High School where he was active in cross country, play production, and Key Club. After college, Mr. Martinez became a teacheris aide at Poly High School. He proceeded to climb up the ladder from teacher to program coordinator, consultant, and later to Vice-principal at Stanford Junior High. He then became assistant Principal in charge ofthe sophomore class at Mil- likan. On the weekends, Mr. Martinez loved to spend all his time with his wife and three children. Kristin Burns '86 "I 'ii A3131 -I f ll I F A BELOW: AND ONE FOR YOU - Miss Zelsdorfjokes with an aggres- sive goose at El Dorodo duck pond on a sunny afternoon during spring vacation. FAR BELOW: HANDLING WITH CARE - On a cool September morning Mr. Brooks spends time pruning his favorite tree which he grew himself. The tree is just a part of his unique garden and house he helped to design. BELOW LEFT: REST AND RELAXATION- Mrs. Gresik passes a few quiet minutes catching up on a current best-seller book at her home in late October. 4,1 an ggi!! Q 1.5-' ve: ,I Academics 1 1 1- ?rincipal!Administration 0CounselorsfSpecial Servicesi I i, l l Patricia Dolan Special Education Richard Elwell .Head Counselor Paul Farris Special Education David Fischer Special Education Faythe Fotion Nurse David Kusher Mj-Sc Counselor Christa Leeb Special Education Lauren Lindsay Special Education Paul M eckna Aid Center Karyl Napper Hu-Mi Counselor Mary Priee A-Cr Counselor Ellen Sherwood Special Education Paul Singleton Aid Center Gregg Stone Activities Specialist Teofista Tupasi Cs-Ht Counselor S . y . Sd-Z Counselor 02 Q - . 1 f -v-I Ivadene Welch Librarian hiile Wiils +951- CM, Counselors and Special Services 1 1 2 Academics Ji, , L, '-417 1 I K 'X n , , J READY T0 GO- Mr. Singleton ponders strategy to defeat his opponent. Singles With Singleton Mr. Paul Singleton, who taught in the Aid Center, did not end his day at 2:40 like many teachers. Instead, he made his way over to Rossmoor Racquetball Club where he spent at least an hour playing racquetball. Mr. Single- ton played two or three times each week. Mr. Singleton has been playing indoor rac- quetball for about one year. "I used to play outdoor racquetball, but didn't care for it. I tried indoor racquetball and really like it," commented Mr. Singleton. He used to enjoy playing with his co-worker, Mr. Stromberg, who has since "retired" from the sport. However, Mr. Singleton's 18-year- old son seemed to have filled in for Mr. Strom- berg. Mr. Singleton and his son played racquetball together at least once a week. Tim Collins '86 Terri Houser '85 ln.. Q? l i 1 1 I i H i ? T l I rl qlhll 1 H M , x X lx up lx f P' S I-X 'EES 1 'it' 1. ,f w ,gy fa' ' 'v'Vl y , I 1 -5, " A. gi xi' X. it ix lx i -i f' Q, , -, 4, , 3 l '93-, Special Faces For Special Services Many new faces were found in the Coun- seling and Special Services department. However, students were still involved with the same counselors they had formerly been assigned. Student activities took on a different fla- vor through the leadership of a new activi- ties director, Mr. Gregg Stone. Formerly a ninth and tenth-grade English teacher, sophomore and JV basketball coach, Aries advisor, as well as being a 1973 Ramhi grad- uate, Mr. Stone demonstrated great pride and enthusiasm toward the students and the school. Special Education acquired two new faces as well. Ms. Patricia Dolan worked mostly with students encountering slight learning handicaps, while Ms. Ellen Sherwood taught the more severely handicapped students. Computer technology reached the library with the use of the Apple 2E computers. Li- brarian Mrs. Ivadene Welch was pleased with the new usage of the computers out- side of the normal classroom activities. Teachers requests for student usage broadened the learning capacity as well as simplifying the work for many teachers. One major drawback for the library was a cut in the library's budget. However, new reference and other materials were re- ceived before the budget cut went into ef- fect, Mrs. Welch reported. OPPOSITE PAGE FAR LEFT: ALL BOOKED ISP - Librarian Mrs. Welch takes time out during her lunch hour to repair a much-torn paperback. FAR LEFT: STUDENT CHECKING - While checking the tiles dur- ing his third-period conference, Mr. Simon discusses with Mr. Napper the first quarter outstanding twelth- grade English student. ABOVE LEFT: COMPIITOR ERROR- Mr. Kushner corrects a student's second se- mester schedule that was one of several mistakes made by the school's computer. LEFT: DISCUSSING CLR- RENT AFFAIRS - During Don Horner's third-period office practice, he consults with head counselor Mr. Elwell about a Child and Adolescence college course. Academics 1 1 3 Counselors and Special Services OEnglishfE.S.L.0 Diversity Depicts wth. Flon - Q . Engl1sh!E S L ' it ' ' ' illashlf "I think we need more electives that enlS'He' would appeal to a broader range of stu- 'lakeoft dents," stated Elective English Chairper- gavelolll son Adelyn Johnson. llr. M01 Many elective English classes were of- heenlme fered only one period during the day which tiunforfol caused problems for many seniors who had . f hewasaf fixed schedules. , 11,50 ll' "It's enjoyable teaching tenth-grade En- . l llonaghdll glish because of the thematic units and ofhodysul' readings from world literature,', stated . s petlngllill Anne Fortson, English chairperson in D laycompe' charge of tenth-grade classes. T llnllon Other tenth-grade English teachers ' fight-year shared Ms. Fortson's attitude after receiv- 4 f enlerlhei ing new text books. The new books meant R' L T 1 whiplashir increased work for the teachers since the v--.. ' . wmelilioi new material had to be incorporated into XL p their lesson plans in order to accomodate school district requirements. Two new teachers were added to the En- glish Department. Susan Westphal came to . vm Millikan from DeMille Junior High. She li taught freshman and sophomore English ' classes. The other new staff member, li I Rhonda Misner, taught tenth-grade and eleventh-grade English as well as Ex- ploring Literature. She also acted as the new girl's varsity soccer coach. Mrs. Misner previously taught at Franklin and Lind- bergh Junior High. :Y English did not come easy to everyone. . Many Millikan students from other coun- - tries knew very little English and were a part of the E.S.L. CEnglish as Second Lan- M guagej Program. ni - ,MQ id li Much credit had to be given to the E.S.L. spusmsw faculty led by Nilo Lipiz. Other staff mem- lerumm bers were Luis Brown, Marjorie Cahn, Carol Licklider, and Rosi Pedersen. These teachers were responsible for teaching their students English as well as all the re- quired classes for each grade level. These included subjects such as general studies, U.S. History, and U.S. Government. Students of the quarter for the Fall se- mester for English were Camille Dougherty, Carol Carroll, Denise Reynolds, and Michael Farhang. Pechharoth Engly received similar honors for E.S.L. ,--wa.-A 1 1 4 Academics English ESL .v,... --- e . s - - Q - I - I - I - 1 1 I - I 1 ! - - S 1-"W A Vp- up 1 ' gms Brown , f ,f ' t i, , .S.L. 5 Aw ,1" Q, f Marjorie Cahn f ig- 1- I 5. -., ii A w if E.S.L. i 2 A ,4 I , F iz- 7 it Q fiyfflishc U F. RV. Y . 3,2 . , I XX gg'-,g.4, Q iam aswe From the Classroom 4 i Eng-ggi' l! V ' ' ll to the Beach F I if tt .1" 1 . N C A ' lx- ' 1 J, f orma lar ' English and Film Analysis teacher Michael l I A I 'L A E .A fIE?S',3g2'3'4 Monaghan could be found at the beach most week- I ,4'i i i 1 -gene Emerson ends. He hit the Waves and began his underwater I ti af 1 in E 5.1 Agffjfffwtson "takeoff" and his "spinners," some of the names he ' grae. 1-ig-4 gave to tricks he performed while bodysurfing. Af-Q1 i Zr. ' e ect' g' Mr. Monaghan, advisor of the Surfing Club, has 1 ' been a member of the Pacific Bodysurfing Associa- is 4 Richard Hollis tion for four years and he has been bodysurfing since E25 ig. he was a child. He recalled, "I just tried it and liked 'L me , iEdely3iJohnson it, so I've been bodysurfing' since then? Mr. 7 4' 'K 'K f ' . sfiiiazgcs Monaghan was ranked fifth in the world in the sport of bodysurfing in 1981. He earned the title after com- peting with about 430 other contestants in a three- day competition held in Oceanside, California. Mr. Monaghan has competed three times in the eight-year history of the contest, but he could not enter the competition last year because he had a whiplash injury. He does, however, hope to enter the competition next year. Steve Kundar '86 Qx L... 4 SPLASH! - Mr. Monaghan competes in bodysurfing contest in the summer of 1984. L l l -1 P Ei.. I , . , . W, S 1 ff J AXE' V. .1 ,f F ji. , ary 24-MQ ff' ,E -cz. 7 r '- I i 'vwf' . TOP FAR LEFT: LET'S SEE NOW . . , - Jim Foster, a junior, works on grammar worksheet in Ms. Johnson's English class. FAR LEFT: ARTIST AT WORK -Isabel Solorizano draws a picture for her E.S.L.c1ass. LEFT: IN THE BEGINNING - Mr. Ward discusses the book of Genesis with his Bible as Literature class. Jack Kurtenbach Eng. 3-4 Psychology CarolLicklide'r E.S.L. Nilo Lipiz E.S.L. Evelyn Meade Eng. 5-6 Rhonda Misner Eng. 3-4 Explor. Lit. Michael Monaghan Eng. 3-4, 5-6 Film Anal. Rosi Pedersen E.S.L. Alvin Randall Eng. 3-4, 5-6 Drama Larry Simon Gram. Sz Comp. Fred Slade Crtv. Writg. Sch. Annual Film Anal. Lewis Ward Eng. 3-4 Bible Lit. Susan Westphal Eng. 1-2, 3-4 Bernice Whiteleather Journalism Speech Academics 1 1 English!E.S.L. 'Social StudiesfForeign Language! Election Sparks Debate Arguments as to whether President Reagan or former Vice-President Mondale would have made a better leader reigned as the key topic of discussion in U.S. History and Government classes. "I think taxes and the nuclear arms race were the most signifi- cant issues of the campaign," stated Junior Robert Durazzo of Mr. Br0wn's U.S. History class. The election caused much debate in many Social Studies classes. Many time full pe- riods were spent going over the election topics and the new propositions. Sharyl Godes of Mr. Urbanek's Advanced Place- ment U.S. History class said, L'Discussing the issues and processes of the election in class gave me a better understanding of the campaign and enhanced my interest in it." Many changes were made in the make-up of the Social Studies department. Cross Country Coach Rod Petkovic became the department's newest member. Another change was the addition of World Studies II to the list of requirements for sophomores. New books for World Studies and Govern- ment classes were evaluated for future use. Fall students of the quarter were Amy Dale for U.S. History and Angela Smith for Social Studies. Foreign language sparked a new interest among students and increased the department's enrollment. Reasons for the increased interest varied from career con- cerns, new district requirements, and the practical use of the language in traveling. "I like Spanish, and it might help me to get a job in the future," commented Christine Medina of Mr. Louder's Spanish class. To help satisfy students' desires to take Spanish particularly, another class was added. The addition of Mr. Fred Springer, who taught Spanish 1-2 and 3-4, also aided in lessening the class load. New textbooks were also examined for fu- ture use in language classes. Student of the quarter for the Fall semes- ter in the Foreign Language department was Carole Carrol. ABOVE RIGHT: HELP WANTED - Junior Michael Lawrence receives much-needed aid from History teacher Mr. Urbanek, RIGHT: A MOMENT OF SI- LENCE - ln early December, Junior Robert Orr takes a briefrest during a lecture in his fourth period History class. ' 1 1 6 Academics Social Studies Foreign Language tj! K' 3 K X THLVKLYG Ol papers,lli.5P upfomingvacz Alluc Newco llillikan l member to A Fred Springs ing Spanish during that A industrial di Prior to co taught junio wayswantec said,"sowhe ately applied taught at B. cently,llarsl Having mg wasyoung,M Spanislnlftg he attended Work in Puey hacktutheU Il'll1llllll0lS. Btsidescqy Fimiiio, 100 and Eur' many! We-ll'i1h 'Sh and in left able to mieigh Umm saidhewouh Plans to do Sc XLLEARS 1-we whal or -,Vi asfj with kiln Per .. 7 E r ' A, ' .Q I ll l i v IHQEA H S. T vox - tr I , vsisk"Q. .?.5 ' 'rr A .- L5 .fgfgffff-:: ' 1 'N i id, i gi ,x 'L K at ff THINKING OF THE FUTURE - While correcting test papers, Mr. Springer takes a minute to ponder over his upcoming vacation in Spain. A Much-Traveled Newcomer Millikan happily welcomed its newest member to the language department, Mr. Fred Springer. Mr. Springer had been teach- ing Spanish for twenty-six yearsg however, during that time he had also taught crafts, industrial drawing, and English. Prior to coming to Millikan, Mr. Springer taught junior high students only. 'Tve al- ways wanted to teach in a senior high," he said, "so when I found an opening, I immedi- ately appliedf' Mr. Springer had previously taught at Bancroft, Hughs, and most re- cently, Marshall. Having moved to Puerto Rico when he was young, Mr. Springer was forced to learn Spanish. After a short stay in Kansas where he attended Eston College, he returned to workin Puerto Rico, then once again went back to the U.S. to attend Bradley Universi- ty in Illinois. Besides commuting between the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Mr. Springer traveled to Mex- ico and European countries such as Ger- many, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France. With his own background in Span- ish and his wife's in German, he said they were able to express themselves somewhat in each country they visited. Mr. Springer said he would still like to visit Spain, and he plans to do so in the near future. Steve Kundar '86 LEFT: ALL EARS - Mr. Louder listens on as his students announce what oral report they will give for a videotaped Christmas presentation. RIGHT: COURTROOM PROCE- DURE-John Perly, Ron Malachi, and Millard Harvey listen toimportanttestimony duringamock trial for their Criminal and Civil Law class. 1 ' L 1 - . - X K --..- I Q X I Q S7 x i A , Fr - . I xl " A in ., , 1 .555 Q ' 1 9 :j "" 1 1 -an gm l I, . yo' Q! IX ln,- -ui inf in gl ,gfl E Ernest Beckett U.S. History Raymonde Boyer Spanish French Bruce Brown U.S. History Water Polo Donald Bush U.S. History Robert Ciriello U.S. History Criminal-Civil Law Carlos Deriras World Study Kirk King Spanish Henry Legere U.S. Government Darrellllouder Spanish MaryMcAuliffe U.S. Government Rod Petkoric U.S. History Cross Country Dare Radford U.S. History Tennis Joseph Schmid German French Fred Springer Spanish Roland Urbanek U.S. History S . l ., To 'YJ , I-.QP Academics Social Studies!Foreign Language 1 1 N :Ii rl 'i V l 0Science!Math0 lil f Requirements Stimulate Enrollment New requirements for both the science and the math departments were laid down by the Long Beach Unified School District, causing more students to hit the books. From 1984 on, students are required to take two years of science in order to graduate. One year of study must be in the life sci- ences and the other in physical sciences. On top of the new standards, the Univer- sity of California as well as the Cal State Schools stiffened their entrance require- ments. Resulting from these new stan- dards, there was a 30-percent increase in enrollmentin the science department alone. When asked if he was pleased with the en- rollment increase, Department Head Charles Wilshire replied, "Of course, I am pleased, as are the rest of the teachers, but we forsee an even larger increase in enroll- ment in the next two years, because by then every student entering high school will be required to take two years of science in order to graduate." Mr. Wilshire was also happy to report that a former math teacher at Millikan, Mr. Mi- cheal Gaber, was the only new addition to the department. Mr. Gaber taught Earth and Physical Science. The requirements were also stiffened in Math, but the increase was not as signifi- cant as in science. Department Head Mrs. Jane Reid explained, "Math has always been a highly popular course at Millikan and will continue to be at the top ofthe list, but any increase in enrollment is wel- coined." The math department welcomed three new instructors. Sue Gold taught General Math, Algebra, and Geometryg John Lucht- man taught General Math and Algebra, and John Palczewski taught General Math, Pre- Algebra, and Algebra. Mrs. Ried was pleased to report that there was an increased interest in the Math Club. In the Oxidental Math Meet in mid- November, Geoff Smith and William Whang placed in the top twenty. In science, Mark Wigod won the presti- gious Baush and Lomb Science Award, the highest scholastic standing in this field. 1 1 8 Academics Scie-nce'Math 3 'D P2 , C ? af if-..,q2,,i"' ! I-'-1, U 9.4 ff . ,',g'f 171- F -1- ...wr -- -1, h , I Z' rv On Th lllioisfl Coachllfll he Spelll tll mglishing if. Half j't?3l'5' He l llillikanwl Ontopvfl raplll' and A coach ofthe he is the ffl menl, llle le alongiiithn -fur mt' -'XX H515 n llllviii-. A , ak-, 1 . , A l . Xgd-WMMWW .awp an-I-gg-1-1 s -:"'ii"f , X- N.. - ,. -gl r 2 ii I ' lxln ' 1- 2.1. '- -" ' li Q lx 15 ii fs 1 ii I 2 N V ll PaulAkers - Qs- I f s Eifisgy OH TIIG GTQSH And 'R gesligzgpel 1' A fr 1- ' ' ' iology Who is that? That's Mr. Haddy, otherwise known as Coach Haddy, on the golfcourse. During the summer he spent time relieving pressure by golfing and tak- ing fishing trips. Mr. Haddy had been teaching for a total of 31 years. He started at Wilson and then he came to Millikan when it first opened in 1956. On top of the normal work load of teaching Photog- raphy and Life Science, he also was the assistant coach of the basketball team for 24 years. Presently, he is the coach of the golf team. Since his involve- ment, the team has won two C.I.F. Championships, along with nine Moore League titles. Ryan Rosier '85 my is cc c i C.: I 122 - 2 if ' 2 IN THE DARK-James Haddy works carefully to enlarge a photo- graph. A ,. . '.,,-f- . n,,.... , r" 1 K a' I X ' - fi t If 1 tg I 2 ' I - Q 5- "'c"' , I- i' 4. ' Q ..,..,. . 4' , ' , ' ' f 1 ,Q 1. 's Q . A Y A X. 1. Mi- J 'ill-73-E - ' ' 5 K 1 g:.,., -.., g Zy, . cttft 1 , ., g ,X as - ' 3, l '11 5 fr Q5 ti n ge '5 ' ':'. .Q X ,VI 5 V .Q q 4, Q -'Nb - 'I I etch ii cc12 V -A ..-1 9, " 1 3 1 .cy r ' . A Qin X . ,, Ml 1,7 OPPOSITE PAGE ABOVE LEFT: IT BURNS- Chem- istry student Karen Olsen burns magnesium for a lab project as Terri Kirkwood looks on. FAR LEFT: NOT TOO MUCH - Andrew Cantrell carefully measures the appropriate amount of Hydrochloride Acid in the pro- cess of making hydrogen gas. LEFT: DOES IT COM- PUTE? - Caotu Phan, Evelyn Pierre and Stacey Ras- mussen try to figure out if Newtons Second Law is correct, in their Physics class. MIDDLE LEFT: ARE YOU SURE - Sabrina Falkner and Audi England con- template whether their lab is going to work. Life Science Suzanne Baumbach Int. Algebra Computer Prog. LaMa'r Case Algebra 1-2 Geometry 1-2 J.C. Clarke Algebra 1-2 Career Math Michael Gaber Physical Science Life Science Merle Glasgow Algebra 1-2 Geometry 1-2 Suzanne Gold Algebra 1-2 Geometry 1-2 James Haddy Life Science Photography Robert Heitzhaus Int. Algebra Geometry 1-2 Joyce Henderson Algebra 1-2 Geometry 1-2 Jimmy Howard Computer Prog. Trigonometry Paul Huttenhoff Physics Algebra 1-2 Joe Luchtman Algebra 1-2 General Math PaulMeckna General Math Aid Center John Montrella Geometry 1-2 Career Math John Palczewski Algebra 1-2 General Math Jane Reid Int. Algebra Trigonometry Todd Schowalter Biology Girls' Track David Shawver Earth Science Wrestling Charles Wilshire Chemistry Life Science Academics 1 1 9 Science!Math 22' K. I 'General Studies!P.E.0 Standing Room nly "My Gosh!" exclaimed Patrick Brennan, "There,s no place to sit!" The recent in- crease of sophomores had made the general studies classes so full that there was scarcely a desk untaken. With more bodies in the classroom, the lessons were harder to teach, as well as harder for the students to learn. The increase also prevented the teachers from getting to know each student as an individual. Students, however, were able to adapt to these conditions as well as the faculty. The increased amount of students re- quired a new health teacher. Mr. Stanley Fox, a biology teacher, quickly filled the va- cant spot. It was his first time teaching Health Education and he said that it was quite an experience. Other changes were made to accomodate the extra students. Mr. Earl Higgins no longer taught health, the duty was taken over by Mr. Harold Strom- berg. "I enjoy teaching the subject health," stated Mr. Stromberg. "It is an exciting challenge for me." Although Mr. Harvey Kirlan retired last year from teaching Career Planning, little has changed in the class. It still informs stu- dents ofthe opportunities available to them in the career world. Sidney Morfoot re- marked, "Career Planning is really helping me decide whatjob is right for me." Instead ofjoining sport teams, many stu- dents chose to remain in General P.E. This class allows students to participate in a va- riety of sports. One of the most demanding classes taught were weight training. Junior Kim Ryder exclaimed, "I never knew stay- ing in shape was so much work!" However, she also said that it had paid off. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: SIZE THREE, HERE I COME - In Mr. Halsted's weight training class, Kim Ryder works her stomach muscles in hope of slimming down to a smaller dress size. RIGHT: I'D RATHER BE A LAWYER -- Sophomore Rick Torres tells Karron Koss about his future occupation in their 6th period Career Planning class. ABOVE RIGHT: TOTAL DEDICA- TION - In early January, during A period, Tommy James takes extra time pumping iron to keep in shape. FAR RIGHT: FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE - Driver Education teacher, Mr. Higgins, points out the stan- dard procedure for executing a Y-turn to a mixed-up Janie Sanders. 1 2 O Academics General Studies P.E. 3 Iiymlfpaly Dalit? , v l N 'V l l K-X S FannzeDaly Dzclr De Hazen Do2zsDozzghty Stanley Foa CarlHalsfed Bucl:yHarris Larry Hicks Earl Higgins Dance General P E Pepsters Health General P.E. General P,E. Health Career Planning Adapted P E General P E Bl0l0gR Track Track Trainer Drivers Ed. , in X i t if l , I., sd, is 'n QL X l , , A , l 1 ,J 1 r ic " A L nf A X - ,,. , mi X1 Catch a Breeze SURF'S UP - Coach Halsted packs up for a day of windsurfing on the bay. In the summertime, on Long Beach Bay, one is sure to find Coach Carl Halsted Windsurfing. Two years ago his daughter, Debbie Beer, taught him the very exciting sport at the Guatelupe Club Med. Purchasing a windsurf- er during the summer enabled him to pursue this ex- hilarating endeavor. "It takes a lot of upper body strength, especially for a beginner," warned Coach Hal- sted, "but it's very exciting and keeps you in terrific shape." Besides Windsuriing, Coach Halsted enjoyed other wa- ter sports. He has a boat of his own, and Whenever it's possible, he takes his family Waterskiing on the Col- orado River. Since 1968, he had been teaching Physical Education at Millikan. All of the students in his classes involve themselves in a very strenuous workout. By running every day, he keeps himself in excellent shape. Hayley Sloan '86 ,A as , sis , ' - X l , is V. QQ'-if ,, i we pf N . .P , ff' , a E . PhyllzsHoro1t1tt Suzanne 'llzguel Bill Odell Lary Padgett Dan Peters Gloria Potoclcz' Harold Sironfliefg FranlfZanzarripa General P E General P E General P E Nlilitary Training Health Drill Team Drivers Ed. Military Training Vollew ball Basketball Baseball General P.E. Health Academics 1 2 General Studies P.E. , -.. 0Bu.siness!Fine Artsi l H. Classes Grow Despite New Codes A new district code required art students to communicate in writing as well as by vis- ual means. Because of this, students had to study art history as well as technique and perception which have been emphasized in the past. "The written work was a surprise, how- ever, it has given me a better understand- ing of the art work I am doing," stated advanced art student Lisa Newman. Bill Wahl adjusted well to the change also and became art student of the quarter. "Students in Machines and Vocational Typing are being trained on some of the most modern office equipment available in business and industry," commented busi- ness department head Lynn Colburn. A class in legal transcribing which offered training in transcription of oral and written commentaries regarding legal matters was started after school for students and adults. Also, two teachers, Angela LaBarba and Gregory Pappas, were added to adapt to the needs of the business department. The music department under the leader- ship of Debbie Mrazik, had a surprising growth in students. "I was surprised to see how many boys were joining," stated Ms. Mrazik. Choral groups were active in the commu- nity performing at the Queen Mary, Lake- wood Mall, Long Beach Mall, and at various club events. Senior Allison Clay added much to the de- partment by participating in orchestra, band, and Chamber Singers, for which she was named Fall Student of the Quarter by the music department. The new stage technician, Ron Bush, in- structed the twenty-two member stage crew. The crew worked the lights and sound for plays, assemblies, and football games. ABOVE RIGHT: ADD IT ALL UP - Accounting students Steve Corey and Shelly Garrison work on the cash reg- ister during Mr. Spaans Tth period 'Z - class. XY Ron Bush Stage Crew 1 Aradeinics Business Fine Arts Teacher In Tune Mr. Jesse Lee had long been sing- ing. He performed as a soloist in the First Church of Bellflower where he sang since 1960. He was also heard reciting Easter cantantas and per- forming for Spring and Summer pro- grams in Leisure World. He commented, "My sixth-grade teacher discovered my lyrical voice as she conducted the singing ses- sions. She gave me my first encour- agement." Mr. Lee taught typing, business law, and English, as well as a class on the use of calculating machines at Long Beach City College. Much of his spare time was spent helping other people. He taught En- glish to Cambodian families and helped them understand various contracts which they entered. Run- ning errands for patients in a nurs- ing home as well as helping to feed them kept him busy also. Sharyl Godes '86 l TOTAL CONCENTRATION - Mr. Lee practices his solo for the First Church of Bellflower. XU ,af ,. ,,,, -A L t 1- , f , 'C' Ex 4 , ' I 0' ' ' .. f It - ,- 1 'X 7' X- . cg, ' -- lx T.. ' . . I f-'r' i W "C f f if K. 1 si-'i I fl ff Ljj?lIZC01hllf'7I Fred Ejngles Tosh Goto Patricia Grote Jesse Lee Office Practice Typing Drawing!Painting Typing Bus. Law Typing Bus. Math Bus. Math Typing ll gfiif X , , fi' if ' . l 'fl ll i,, ll 1 yell . ' 1 tml ill 4 .N Wzil- fij ' Greg 115, Reg , . L , qw. Q iliiiix-if 1- K i I ii L I lllllsrgggg lllllllll f iii 1 f 4 lllllllll an 1:4 I V C 2 3 Y H .- wr.: in---.-. F ,, E- f fn:-1r:.D:m1np+f-'N-1 r -.-r.v-nap-gag-0:17--.wi-Q 5 .3 .-.- -1-3,1 :'we-mqlqg.vf-nf- A ' 1 if is ,Q Z: Q l ,. f, . Z4 emi its 1 sv' In , ,.AV I A " ax 3 , f 'V , 'ff' I I : ' fi Q I R H 1, 2 , in -1 -i I I 'wifi ' 4 .v .. .W X Y, If ui M .vd, . 2 I K -J ' ' Q' l ' f M' 73' 'f 1 P I " 1 ,weft ' f vi . fc 4 Q 1. . , megan-EX- Debbie Mrazik Gregory Pappas Alice Rlolfing Andy Spaan Dan Sullivan ' Choral Typing Typing Accounting Band English Record Keeping Sh01'thaHd Typing , , I , N FAR ABOVE LEFT: COKE IS IT- Sophomore Brian Hal- ter puts the finishing touches on his "Pop Art" project for Mrs. Goto's fourth-period class. ABOVE LEFT: DISPLAY IT - Senior Celeste Phelps works on an IBM display writer as she prepares for a career in the business field. FAR ABOVE: THAT'S A WRAP - Gary Moore wraps up an elec- trical Cord to keep the backstage area safe. ABOVE: BE- HIND THE SCENES - Mike Newman checks the spotlight for a dress rehersal before the Fall music concert. Academics 1 2 3 Business!Fine Arts -LT Olndustrial Arts!Home Economics! The Smells f Success "What smells so good?" was a familiar question asked by many students as they rushed down the hall of the four hundred building during periods four, six, and seven. Whetting the appetites of students was not the only thing Mrs. Nancy Par- sons did. As the head of the Home Eco- nomics department, Mrs. Parsons oversaw all the activities of Home Eco- nomics classes and was responsible for Millikan Munchies. While Mrs. Parson's students were cooking, Mr. Zimmerman's were pre- paring for their "wedding" Although mock weddings were the highlight in the Effective Living classes, these marriages were not the only activities performed. Students learned more about themselves and others as well as what lay ahead of them, differents kinds of religion were also studied. "I thought that Effective Living was going to be just a fun class, but as it turned out, it was one of my tougher classes,', commented Senior Mika Arai. The Industrial Education Department was kept busy with the printing of the Corydon as well as the Spirit cards stu- dents and teachers could be seen wearing on game days. Mr. Williams, as head of the Industrial Arts department, was pleased with the progress of his students. He commented, "You'd think that the students would have a tough time learning to use all of the printing equipment, but surprisingly the students learned really quickly." Don Bush, after teaching in the Home Economics department for many years, had left, but Mrs. Nadine Hyams, did a great job of taking over his duties and of quickly becoming popular with students. Mrs. Jean Bonnell also left the depart- ment, and her class was removed. The Student of the Quarter was Su- zanne Penney. Mrs. Parsons stated, she put forth great effort in this class and was one of the top students. Her constant hard work and effort pleased and im- pressed me." Right: WHATS THE ANSWER? - Suzanne Penney and Sophia Harris ask a question about religion during their fourth period Effective Living class. 1 2 4 Academics Industrial Arts Home Economics 5 5. A E .3 I ' 1 I 5 i A If:-4 - ah 1 .J -F' Above: Double Pursuit- Mr. Zimmerman instructs his Effective Living classes in the morning, while in the afternoon he teaches English. Mr. Forrest Zimmerman was an active sponsor of Key Club and Hour To Devour. He was also kept busy with his Effective Living and English classes. This did not prevent him from taking a bit of time out of his busy schedule to help straighten out some prob- lems of his students. P.J. Lange commented, "Mr. Zimmerman al- ways will spend time with you if you have a problem, even if he is really busy." A Zimmerman Of All Trades Hour To Devour members met monthly at peoples' homes to ex- perience new and exotic foods. Mr. Zimmerman took part in prepar- ing the meals for Hour To Devour. He also enjoyed cooking for his family and friends. His favorite dish to prepare was Juevos Ran- cheros, a Mexican dish. Mr. Zim- merman liked hunting and fishing in his spare time, too. Tim Collins '86 Terri Houser '85 all 5 4 P, . l vi ..,:, ...- 1 A Y ll "if .. ,QE r"F"1C S v I I nierman ll Tiade. zr' M -..nm 'H l 2 Defi: Ofllff fir 1 "vl"il1. 1152. llr. E . fem How: i Milf? "" E .4 i' a" f , as , , F ??4 fi Q I f rv ic-I ?" nf' X H 5 .- James Denison , If Architectural Drafting Career Math 5- , .N .3 .I Qc. 3 Bill Freman I Metals Auto Mechanics N . Woods A I QFZ, 1 l l ' 4 LL , Guy Righter L i Auto Mechanics i I 'r 'M Q react,-' Q 1- We uyhfn, A, I Q " ' RzchardWillia'ms f I 1 Auto Mechanics Graphic Arts j xlib l ' . x PI! ,A Nadine Hyams , X Effective Living 1 Parent And Child l Clothing Select I 2 -' if f Nancy Parsons -s Advanced Foods ji Foods And Nutrition ,St fg, . ' ' 'r Forrest Zimmerman v V 'J English '4 ' Effective Living .h QR if , -5. . -, "a f ' UPPER LEFT: WHAT'S IN THERE? - exclaims Tracy Shriver to Ronnie Roberson in their sixth period Foods class. LEFT: IVORY HANDS? - After cooking a messy dish in fourth period Foods and Nutrition, Stacey Hallmark cleans her dishes before she goes to lunch. FAR LEFT: SEW EASY - Marlo Ashley concentrates on making a new pair of pants in her seventh period sewing class. Academics 1 2 5 Industrial ArtsfHome Economics N l S i i I ight Moves Stirs Audience After successfully completing the Holiday Concert, the Advanced Dance Class started a hard-working, after-school rehearsal schedule for the Spring Dance Concert. Student directors Lisa Stone and Darlene Jacobson, along with the help of Mr. Michael Lopez, a substitute instructor and choreog- rapher, and the remaining dancers of the Advanced Dance Class made "All The Right Moves" a success. Approximately nineteen dances high- lighted the concert with a variety of music and technique including jazz, ballet, and tap. The majority ofthe dances were choreo- graphed by advanced dance students. "There's No Stopping Us" and "It's Gon- na be Special" were two distinguished num- bers choreographed by Sophomore Ponciana Tostado. Denise Bonachita staged "Buenos Aires", a dance from the well-known musi- cal, Evita. "I chose music from Evita because I felt that different styles are what set us apart from other schools and make us unique," stated Denise. Soloist Lisa Stone choreographed "No- where Fast" and the finale to "The Heat Is On", which finished the program in "hot" style. Although the former dance instructor, Mrs. Fannie Daly, had been out for eight months because ofa knee injury, things still ran smoothly with the aid of Mr. Michael Lopez. "Even though Mrs. Daly couldn't be with us physically, she was always there at heart," explained Mr. Lopez. After long rehearsals and two successful nights of "All The Right Moves," the Ad- vanced Dance Class was proud of their per- formance. ABOVE RIGHT: KICKING BACK - During her per- formance of t'Fantasy Dancing", Lisa Stone shows a great display of one of her many difficult moves. FAR MIDDLE RIGHT: STARTING LOW - before her part in the dance "Flesh For Fantasy", Ponciana Tostado gets in the tuck position, MIDDLE RIGHT: DANCING TEXAS STYLE - Carl Thompson kicks it up while dancing to the song "Rodeo" with the entire company. FAR RIGHT: GETTIN' DOWN - during her dance to "Flesh For Fantasy", Stacy Bryan shows that she is all business, 1 2 6 Ar-ndeiiiir Dance i ia- HE ig:k.,x..:gi,:- .V A .31 T -' sv. - I ' -1 ADVANCED DANCE - FRONT ROW: Denise Bonachita, Stacy Bryan, Hayley Sloan, Dana Flax, Lisa Stone, Dolly Jocabson, Carl Thompson, Karen Olesen, Lore Abramow. 2ND ROW: Kumi Toyoda, Vicki Huber, Leslie Strech, Trina Dun- yon, Joanne Henneke, Nicole Giorgio, Susan Dixon. 3RD ROW: Christine Medi- !l thx na, Daisy Berry, Anne McKee, Tammy Bumgarner, Mike Perry, John Torres, James Conn, Ponciana Tostado, Stacy Rodda. BACK ROW: Dave Williams, Dirk Oxenrider, Missi Braget, Jon Greenwood, Stephen Silverman, Julie Clement, Shawn Heslin, Becky Weber. I ' vt., 'FT 4:9 BELOW: TOOT TOOT- Mike Seldon performs the half- time show at the exciting Homecoming game against Compton. ,- r 7. , 4, l,, Z 'v - F V, l a 1 M. N 4 : , ,H :':,l",i l , - N, R " A 1 B1 e ,i T J- A -: w im f 7,3 5 Tw "fy, M, , 1, c , , . l l , - v r f . I , 15, ' lr' ln . ff ' lg V -1- do - .. 4- 1- V - 5 , V , - -- , lin ' ', MARCHING BAND - FRONT ROW: Norren Dulin, Erika Hansen, Teresa Golt, Mike Seldon, Jim Draken, Lisa Kendig, Fred Jackson, ,-I Vicki Campbell, Julie Greenlee, Stacey Shanks, Regina Brunson, John Sanchez, Paul Zastrow. 4TH ROW: Richard Martinez, Ron Tomas, ,lu Brent Fung, Alexander Harser, Erin Donegan,KelliBurch,Shawnna Jeff Fisher, Darrin Chen, Bryan Green, Leo Flores, Pat Zastrow. I' Peachie, Margaret Royer, Mark Bennett. QND ROW: Chris Craig, Elisa BACK ROW: Tim Leslie, Steve Becotte, Rex Bartholomew, Pat If V J Frelight, Lisa Golt, Julianne West, Hellena Alexander, Kathy Olsen, Rldeaux, Robbie Moss, Jerry Lewis, Mike Kentlsh, Paul Evans, Dan - K Alison Clay, Leslie Stults, Leane Eberhart, Sean Pennant, Linda Ben- Salazer, Kevin Erney, Asim Ali, Craig Dorrans. X ' ner. 3RD ROW: Kevin Schmidt, Kathy Holtz, Kris Keller, Joel Gargaro, 4 1 V l ' S, 1 2 8 Academics 1 Band OPPOSITE TOP RIGHT: BEST BUDDIES - Xylophone players Leslie Stults and Alison Clay prac- tice for their next performance at the Disne land a Y P ' rade. LEFT: HATTEN-HUT" - Drum Major Mark Ben- nett shows off his salute before performing at the Spring rally. Band Turns Competitive Led by Drum Major Mark Bennett, the band members were hard at work as they turned more competitive. The long hours of practice paid off as they placed fourth in their division at the Band Pageant. They also participated in the second Field Tour- nament at Chaffy College, Baldwin Park Anniversary Parade, the first annual All- District Band Spectacular at Lakewood High School, and for the second year they performed at Disneyland. "It was really fun playing at Disneyland again, especially since this year is their 30th Anniversary!" exclaimed Leane Eberhart. The Homecoming Mardi Gras show proved to be exciting as the band played "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie and "Saints Go Marching In" at the noon rally. The Straw Hat Band, a smaller group, performed at Spring home basketball games and rallies. They helped cheer on the home team with high spirited perfor- mances. Band director Mr. Dan Sullivan states, "I think we had a successful year." The success of the band is attributed to the hardworking and dedicated band members and the Sec- tion Leaders Paul Evans, Erika Hansen, Sean Young, Rex Bartholomew, and Kathy Olsen. FAR LEFT WHAT NEXT? Mike Seldon Kris Keller Fred Jackson and Alex Hauser listen patiently and carefully to directions as they prepare for the All District Band Spectacular LEFT A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS Junior Susan Kendlg wishes she could be out having fun instead of practicing on the field ABOVE DRUMMER BOYS Seniors Asim All ber practice 5 ww c,--H-fair' and Paul Evans keep beat during a late-night Novem- P u ak ' Ba 1 2 9 P 3 5 -Tau Flugo V 1 r .iq bw ,D 5 ,i , f A 1 T T if 'Egg Q, ag . L R , MVT 1 I ., . Ni - - ' - 1. Y- 4, t x , V N V- p 1, .vt Q- L IZ, Q 5 ' TALL FLAG - FRONT ROW: Beth Van Sant. ZND ROW: Wendy Morrison, Danielle Roux, Crystal Costello, Anna McCarthy. 3RD ROW: Hillina Perry, Robin Forgay, FAR ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT: STRAIGHT. HIGH. AND WAYING - are the flags proudly displayed by Jackie Johnns. Michelle Vigil. and Kieran Gunsaulus during the Millikan-Poly halftime show. ABOVE RIGHT: ALL MIXED- LP - During a routine to "All Night Long" at .-Kuzideiiiics W Tzill Plug Maydeline Falcon, Buffi Sweeney. BACK ROW: Lo-el Bratcher, Eva Wiley, Michelle Vigil, Michelle Byerlee, Jackie Johns. the Lakewood Rally, Danielle Roux appears a little confused about her next move. RIGHT: NO BIG DEAL - shrugs Anna McCarthy as a shout of approval is heard from the stands fol- lowing an intricate routine. . .04 V dqffsv 1. en. M. uw LH, . 'IAQ ' .9 Uh 'Q 5' x : , 1 I It was our first paid gig Joked keyboard player Leslie Stults as she reminisced about the Jazz Rhythm Section s surprise profes sional appearance at the 50th birthday party of Director Dan Sullivan s father in law The unexpected performance was the sort of spirited action which typified the continually humorous yet highly dedicated attitudes of the players in the Jazz En semble Great amounts of both humor and dedica tion were expended as the Jazz group worked hard to attain yet another set of top rat- ings at the annual jazz festivals at Chaffey and Fullerton Colleges. Highlighting both performances was the Ensemble's out- standing rhythm section, which included Paul Evans on the drums, Joel Gargaro on bass, Leslie Stults on the keyboard, and Damon Beggs on guitar. Saxophonists Mike Seldon and Erika Hansen also received supe- rior ratings. At the annual Holiday and Spring Con- certs, the Jazz Ensemble performed pieces from a wide variety of styles, from old-time "Swing" to modern "funk rock". Often played selections included t'Anything'ZI Do", All That Jazz phm Street and Doozei Blues Very pleased with the group s ability to play so many diverse styles Director Dan Sullivan commented It s a real challenge for a band to play so many different styles but they don t have any problem with it They re a pretty versatile group Such excellence and ability came only af ter long hours of rehearsal The Ensemble practiced for an hour during A period ev ery Friday morning in addition to their reg ular third-period practices. Also the mem- bers were expected to spend a few hours a week listening to KKGO, a localjazz station, to help them gain a greater appreciation for the different types of jazz. Unity was another factor which contrib- uted to the success of the Jazz Ensemble. As Senior Erika Hansen commented, "We're all friends, and that contributes to our abili- ty to perform well together." The Ensemble members also emphasized the importance of Mr. Sullivan. Senior Leslie Stults seemed to sum up the feelings of the group when she stated, "Mr, Sullivan is really a big help to us all. He many not realize it, but we all really appreciate what he's done for us." "The Residual Fire Dance," "On Green Dol- JAZZ FRONT ROW Joel Gargaro Rob Madrigle Russ Rolfing BACK ROW Paul Daisey Rex Barthol Mark Bennett Mike Seldon Leslie Stults Paul Evans Beggs v I . I l I -..Lf i 1 l A gi , Q 4. . f I ..... Todd BZnhidy,David Ruder, Erika Hansen. 2ND ROW! omew, Steve.Fish, Ron Tliomas, Jerry Lewis, Damon FAR ABOVE RIGHT: DRLNINIER BOY - Percussion- ist Paul Evans demonstrates the dexterity needed to play the drums as he practices forthe Fullerton Col- lege .Izizz Festival. I-'AR MIDDLE RIGHT: SWINGIN' S.-XXI-IS - Szixophonists Erika Hansen and Andre Jazz 1 3 2 Academir Stamper rehearse "Anything'll Do" for the Chaffey Jazz Festival. RIGHT: GOIN' ALL OUT - Senior sax player Mike Seldon gives his all to an improvisation solo during the Holiday Concert. ,i flu L f v AW I 1 I 5 ,451 t .Mb -ls .A A1 '-Syl f 5 -Vkk v on ,A 1. l 9 ' x 1 9 W f ,I -1. Jap. I . Law? ,Kiln 1 Q ' ff 4' 3, 5 r Q t ,I ,g lv UF 'fr f ., ,. , Z ,1,, .W-,x,"W I., FW? 64' Q i 1 I In selecting compositions for the orches- tra to play in the Fall and Spring concerts, symphony orchestra conductor Daniel Sulli- van chose to "stay with the classics". Sulli- van tried to choose pieces from the several styles of classical music. In the fall concert, Bach's "Fughe" from the Baroque period was performed. In the Spring concert, the orchestra performed the "Rosamunde Overture" by Schubert, an excellent exam- ple from the classical period. "I wanted to keep the classical theme", stated Sullivan, "while at the same time retaining some va- riety." In the holiday concert, however, choosing selections with a Christmas theme was a greater priority than choosing classical pieces. The orchestra played three selec- tions from the "Nutcracker Suite", as well as the familiar "Slayride" and "Joy to the World". Also featured were selections from Handel's "Messiah", The orchestra tried to keep the holiday theme prevalent while at the same time incorporating classical Orchestra Stays With Classics Several orchestra members were awarded with All-Southern honors. Cellist Alison Clay, first violin Asim Ali, and Brent Fung each made the All-Southern Califor- nia Senior High School Orchestra. Oboist Evan Shahin, clarinetist Kathy Olsen, and basoonist Chris Craig made All-Southern Honor Band. Evan, Alison, and Asim also tried out for All-State Honor Orchestra. In addition to school-related perfor- mances, the orchestra participated in inter- scholastic competitions. Included was the Competitive Festival for Ratings, spon- sored by the Souther California School Band and Orchestra Association, held annually at different schools throughout Southern California. "The festival gave us a chance to see how we compare to other orchestras," remarked violinist Noelle Niskikawa. Many of the students with extra motiva- tion got together and formed chamber groups. These quartets and soloists per- formed at ceremonies and weddings on their styles. OWU. .I Q - - - - L A FRONT ROW: Matt Gott, Lori Abramow, Erika McKee, Lisa Anel- la, Lani Haynes, Debbie Shavelle, Leslie Woo, Alison Clay, -111119 Greenlee, Susan Kendig, Derwin Gibson, Noelle Nishikawa, Chris Terrazas, Rolegio Alvarez, Daniel Sullivan. 2ND ROW: Asim Ali, Brent Fung, Heidi Anderson, Steve Kim, Susan Fannin, Elena Adalian, Mary Kramer, Julianne West, Ed Thomas, Nana M121- guchi, Robert Weston, Kathy Olsen, Karen Miller, Rex Barthol- omew. BACK ROW: Steve Becotte, Pat Zastrow, Chris Cox, Chris Craig, Mark Bennett, Ron Thomas, Steve Fish, John Warr, Sean Young, Jerry Lewis, Evan Shahin, Paul Evans, Wes Jackert, Joel Gargaro, Steve Quesnel. I N L 6 9 .av I-' , . i FAR LEFT ABOVE: NOT B SHARP! B FLAT! - Exclaims Rex Bartholomew during a rehearsal of Mozart's "Sonata" in Novem- ber. FAR LEFT: ALLEGRO NON TROPPO - Lani Haynes and Karen Miller try to stay with the tempo during practice for the spring musical. FAR ABOVE: AND FOR THE FINALE , . . - Evan Shahin touches up the composition he planned to play for his audi- tion for All-State Orchestra in December. ABOVE MIDDLE: WI-IEW! - John Warr relaxes after finishing a trumpet fan fare during sixth period orchestra practice. LEFT: HO-HUM . . . - Wes Jackert lets his mind wander toward night time plans, while his hands expertly perform Schubert's "Rosamunde Overture" in an April practice. Academics 1 3 5 ' Symphony Orchestra After Change Harmon , o Remains Exciting, high-quality performances con- tinued to be produced by the Symphony Or- chestra, although a few changes within the group caused concern. The size of the or- chestra diminishedg therefore, the two pre- viously separated classes of symphonic winds and string orchestra were combined. Both positive and negative aspects resulted from this change. HA combined class of strings and winds provided ensemble preci- sion. However, at the same time, rehearsals could not be as detailed," stated Director Dan Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan carefully selected the music which was to be played by the orchestra in order for it to be appropriate to the ensem- ble size and instrumentation. A wide range of works were included in the Fall.Concert. The program contained traditional pieces such as Handefs Concerto for Orchestra in D major and Beethoven? Coriolan while also featuring a modern composition, The Typewriter, with soloist Steve Quesnel on the typewriter! Because of problems in scheduling, five previous members of the orchestra were un- able to enroll in the class. However, Willie Briggs, Joel Gargaro, Mary Kramer, Noelle Nishikawa, and Leslie Woo performed with the group by attending Monday night re- hearsals and holding quintet practices on their own. All the members of the orchestra were de- voted and able musicians, but without Con- certmaster Asim Ali's talent and spirit, the orchestra would not have been the same. Principal cellist Alison Clay, first trumpet John Warr, and first horn Mark Bennett were also irreplaceable. In addition to sounding professional, the orchestra looked professional. Black and white attire continued to be the apparel. The men looked extra sharp in their newly purchased tuxedos. The school and music booster club, Orch-a-Band, combined their funds to purchase the tuxedos. Junior Nana Mizuguchi exclaimed, 'Alt sure boosted my attitude when I was able to perform in a classy, fashionable tux!" FAR ABOVE RIGHT: TRILLING TWOSOME - Erika McKee and Susan Fannin trill with unbelievable speed during a rehearsal for the upcoming Holiday Concert. 1 3 6 Academics Orchestra . if I ' 1- -R .. ABOVE FAR LEFT: BRILLIANT BAS- SOONIST - While maintaining perfect pos- ture, Chris Craig plays precise off-beats during sixth period class. ABOVE MIDDLE LEFT: TRICKY RHYTHM - During a Mon- day night rehearsal, Mr. Sullivan success- fully directs a difficult rhythmic pattern. ABOVE: HARMONY AND MELODY - Evan Shahin and Robert Weston complement the melody of Lori Abramow and Julianne West with their beautiful harmonic line. FAR LEFT: IINDIVIDED ATTENTION - Alison Clay intently concentrates on the final mea- sures of Beethoven's Coriolan. MIDDLE LEFT: WONDERFUL WARM-L'P - While waiting for class to begin on a chilly Novem- ber day, Concertmaster Asim Ali warms up by playing scales. LEFT: BASS BLUES - Joel Gargaro earnestly attempts to conquer a com- plicated run. Academics 1 Q f7 Orchestra AL -5 Jai "D 'IW W W W , AW W I WW W 'l WW W W W WW QW 'WW ,, 4 W' W WW W W IW I W I W W WW W W is IW . ,W W 'W W W ,W 'W 'W W W :W W W I W ll W W W 'll 5 an -,.4v -It L- -V, ff- , Q O C' tr -Q CHORAL-FRONT ROW: Genny Guzman Rene Meza Lisa Pope UnSuk Yi Suzanne Penney Dolly Jacobson, Deepa Mehta, Lori Hiatt, Yxta Murray, Noreen Dulin Nancy Thompson, Char- lena Pelkey, Vivian Cornelius. 2ND ROW: Stacy Bryan, Brandi Bertram, Lisa Wilken, Angela Packer, Julie McGowan, Jackie Johns, Anna McCarthy Rachel Conner, Karen Todd, Julie ABOVE LEFT: SOLO DEBUT - Senior Irving Moreno captivates his audience duringthe FallMu- sic Concert with his Gospel singing. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: MELODY MAKERS- Yxta Murray listens appreciatively as Suzanne Penny and Deepa Mehta time their tonsils before the pre-game pep rally. ABOVE RIGHT: HOLD THAT NOTE - ln , 1 Academics Choral I I X we R535 Shaw Erika Hansen. EBRD ROW: Chris Follett Ric Clough Frank Farwell Ken Monreal Sean Grogan Jeff Fisher Ron Malachi Joe Gargaro Troy Fletcher, Bruce Shue, Leslie Strong. BACK ROW: Wes Secrest, Damon Bass, Charles Jones, George Miller, Kevin Schmidt, John Torres, Chris Jones, Irving Moreno. November, Lori Hiatt practices vocal exercizes in her fourth-period Concert Choir class. MIDDLE RIGHT: TICKLING THE IVORIES - Mrs. Mrazik, the choral instructor, happily accompanies her stu- dents on the piano as they rehearse for the Winter Concert. ra. ,KN Q, A A Q1 un Singers With A Purpose "It is difficult to single out any one partic- ular talented junior or senior because this year so many of my students are extremely strong singers," commented Mrs. Mrazik, the choral instructor. Both Concert Choir and Chamber Singers performed at the pre-game Pep-rally, at the first home football game, at the Fall Music Concert, and at the Winter Concert. In addi- tion to performing, the singers participated in the canned food drive and sold booster buttons for Homecoming. Concert Choir, during Christmas, caroled at Bixby Hills Convalescent Home and the Queen Mary. Both Concert Choir and Cham- ber Singers caroled at Lakewood Mall, Long Beach Mall, and at Shoreline Village. "Caroling for those people really left me with a sense of satisfaction at having brightened someone's day." said Guy Short. Surprisingly, the program continued to grow, rather than decline in spite of the added requirements. Male singers were also in abundance, making the largest percen- tage in the district and making Mrs. Mrazik very proud. "I am personally very excited about the growing participation in my pro- grams and the high level of performance ability we had this year. I feel that this has been my most exciting year at Millikan yet." exclaimed Mrs. Mrazik. ABOVE: MASCULINE TOUCH - Guy Short, Damon Bass, and Bobby Brown harmonize during the Fall Music Concert. ABOVE LEFT: HARMONIZING QUARTET- Leslie Strong,Yxta Murray, Bruce Shue, and Irving Moreno practice the song, "Blow, Blow" in preparation for the Winter Concert. Academics 1 3 9 Choral 140 Singers Work All ight Long Popular music dominated the Spring Choral Concert for the first time ever. Lionel Ritchie received the credit he de- served as a singer-songwriter. All Night Long, the theme of the concert, doubled as a description of the long evenings the singers spent rehearsing their numbers. Vocal Jazz Ensemble led the way with their own renditions of "Spice of Life," "Loving You" and "Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go" while Women's Chorus sang favor- ites such as "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" and "It's Raining Men." The finale involved all choral groups singing and dancing to "All Night Long" by Ritchie. Choral Director Debbie Mrazik empha- sized that "the students put in many long hours, but the final results made it all worthwhile." Ayraka Bratcher, Gary Flowers, Stacia Logan, and Vince Coulson were the top sing- ers in Vocal Jazz while Gretchen Riebolt and Celeste Phelps led Women's Chorus. 14 -emi:-:nl Aki! li .-Xuzideinic. Choral I. K, VOCAL JAZZ - FRONT ROW: Val Moli- nar, Vincent Coulson, Dave Williams, Courtney Caruthers, Lia Brown, Stacia Logan, Holly Doreck, Estelle Turner. ZND ROW: Faheem Akbar, Darnell Lang, f"M.3' if V5 t ii ff' M SX f f f Errick Holmes, Gary Flowers, Susan Warmbier, Tenia Sims, Deena White, Tonya Caruthers. BACK ROW: Bill Gra- ham, Avier Jenkins, Kevin Horton, Ron Williamson, Traci Boyd, Daongala Gibson. WOMEN'S ENSEMBLE - FRONT ROW: Laura Scroggins, Lalaine Felipe, Kim Moreland. 2ND ROW: Karen Cobb, April Whilehurst, DeAnne Hauze, Shondra Smith, Lyndale Redd. BACK ROW: Julie Copp, Celeste Phelps, Kimberly Ryder, Jennifer Hall, Rhonda Reid. V 'W' ' ' pflli-17 A ....2.. me in the Spring concert. LEFT: MUSIC.-XL YOUTH - Vocal Jazz spends the even- ing before the fall Concert fine-tuning their performance. ABOVE: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - vocal Jazz re- hearses during fourth period for the up- conzins up-rugert. Academics 1 4 Eh Choral RIGHT: SULTRY SECRETARY - Appassionata Von Climax, Bullmoose's secretary, attempts to lure Abner to her evil ways. FAR RIGHT: LOVE 8: DEVOTION - Abner listens with pride to Daisy Mae's declaration of her love and devotion to him. BELOW FAR RIGHT: MAGICAL MIX - Yokumberry tonic is carefully pre- pared by Dr. Korgmeyer and Dr. R.T. Finsdale. Love Sz Laughs in Lfiil Abner Creativity, determination, and talent en- abled many ofthe school's singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and prop creators to pro- duce an exhilarating musical. From Febru- ary through mid-May numerous individuals were working diligently to perfect their roles in Li'l Abner. Every aspect of creating the colorful characters and settings took many hours of intense effort. Guy Short portrayed the lively character of Abner while Lori Hiatt assumed the role of his sweetheart, Daisy Mae. Namely You, Abner and Daisy's melodic duet, was per- formed beautifully by Guy and Lori. Other lead characters were Pappy Yokum fChris Craigj, Mammy Yokum CDolly Jacobsonj, Appassionata Von Climax CStacy Bryanj, and Marryin' Sam fBruce Shuej. Li'l Abner described the chaos which occured in Dogpatch when its citizens found out that their beloved town was about to be destroyed. It had been elected by the gov- ernment to become the new location for America's atomic bomb tests. All faithful Dogpatchers tried their darndest to redeem their town while arch-villains, General Bullmoose and Evil Eye Fleagle, attempted to thwart their efforts. However, good over- came evil, and Dogpatch was saved. Many hours were put into perfecting Li'l Abner, but the full houses for every perfor- mance and the enthusiasm of the audiences made it well worth the effort for all who were involved. RIGHT: FURRY FRIEND - Moonbeam McSwine affectionately caresses a former friend ofhers that had some unfortunate luck. ABOVE RIGHT: ACHES AND PAINS - Though plagued with a bad back, Mammy Yokum attempts to prepare grits for Pappy Yokum's breakfast. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: ANTI-ANTIDOTE - Abner reluctantly drinks Pappy Yokum's pure "Crick" water Cornpone antidote. 1 Aczinleiiiics Musical ..... ...L fpesfigl. hQQirQ ' " '-Q10 ' I into o -. ,. 'QQCL x, .cf 'll 1 l 39 1 l P' ki, T , .J ww-1 T-1 L-Ye-.53-ff' mfg f-, y e yn. me, i fwfr . fgQfmf7': W, M, . K 4 m,f'P"" . 5 4 fcz:-r"lf.f7L ', .fi Sz, ,, if ,V -,A . .IL ,L -, , ,.,,a,, L,,,,f5,l . , ' 1,155 ' T 7 23:1 12 i 1 S ' , ,H- Q . X 3 M N 4 f xxx Academics Drama '+..... , X5 SA 1 ' nu.- l L , fe M .w .7 1,46 4 X V51 A, 1 gi g K . .5 ci 3- - t 1 . ll ' 9, s 1 JFM if fm MASQUERS - FRONT ROW: Debbie Shavellfq, Denise B0n?1Chiia, DOUY 5 Jacobson. BACK ROW: Steve Silverman Christina Larson, Tim Eastman Julie Roberson, Mr. Randall. 45 Play On: Fun Onstage and Off "Even though I lived in the Millikan audi- torium for about three weeks during Play On rehearsals and saying tyooohooo,' it real- ly was a lot of fun," stated Junior Corinne Swart about the annual drama production. Drama students performed a play enti- tled Play On, a farce comedy about a grimy playwrite, Phyllisa Montague, portrayed by Corinne Swart, who allowed her play to be performed by an amateur cast. Phyllis is a despised scatterbrain who continually altered sections of her script at the last min- ute, which resulted in humorous predica- ments. Offstage also provided several predica- ments for the cast and student directors, Sophomores Lisa Sparks and Stacie Rosen- thal. The cast had to wear shoe polish in their hair because there was no hair col- oring. Because of a lack of props, Denise Bonachita was asked to wear a coffee filter on her head for a maid's hat. During the Friday night performance the prized neck- lace, their main prop, was lost, and Lisa Sparks was forced to go on stage without it. Luckily, Chris Beck, a member of the cast, found the necklace, and Stacy Bryan saved the situation by ad-libbing and bringing the necklace onstage unexpectedly. Despite the many problems, their superb efforts made the performance a success. Other prominent members of the cast were Veronica Carothers, Jeff Gott, J on Ban- ner, James Conn, Christina Larsen, Steve Silverman, and Kristi Kahl. Most of the cast were also members of the Masquers Club which was open not only to those enrolled in the drama class, but also to any student who showed an interest in dra- ma and the theater. Rachel Hersh was the president of this acting-oriented club. OPPOSITE PAGE ABOVE LEFT:HOLLYWOOD BOUND - Randy Slavin and Sheryl Peterson perform a characterization from "A Street Car Named Desire" during sixth-period drama class. ABOVE FAR LEFT: PHEW! - Veronica Carothers looks on as Jeff Gott successfully delivers his dramatic speech during the final performance Saturday evening. MIDDLE LEFT: OOPS! - Shelly Lund, Corinne Swart, and Denise Bonachita laugh on as Jeff Gottjumbles his lines while they rehearse for the play. MIDDLE FAR LEFT: CUT! - demands Christina Larsen, aka 'Geraldine the direc- tor', as she criticizes the performance of an actor. BOT- TOM FAR LEFT: ARE YOL' QUITE SURE? - inquires Stacy Bryan ofJames Conn during an intense scene in the second act. LEFT: CLEANING LP- Senior Denise Bonachita eagerly dusts the table as she portrays a maid in the fall nroflafnfir 'muff OH Academics 1 4 Drama ,I 0 Aries 0 I Yil: I I RIGHT: IN A DAZE - While working on their spreads at a J' late night layout party, Academics Editor Mark Wigod and I' First-year Senior Jon von Arx fall into what's known as the X 2:00 a.m.Ar'ies daze. BELOW RIGHT: A MUST- Geoff Smith ' tells Special Copy Editor Mary Kramer the importance of lil: S, using the unusual article about Capitol Classroom in the ' I Graduate section, while Editor Elaine Wrenn ponders over , I other featurette ideas. N ll I ' EDITORIAL BOARD g-- II W v 5 -us I. ji I II y , ' , , . ,. I L 14- u Q ' 7' I if - , I 'ws ' ik I ' ' I . I - . , l 4 . V! lv: bi I. K I M Il I7 U I , L I nl . , ' . X ' k In gi 5 ' N'- ll eau: I , If 4 T. in xi f Siler U, ug Q52 3 'A Q Q -:Giga Je K' 49 ' 6 I I 'YT ul ' 1 ' - I I I I ' nr- 'M f 1 I L ' 1 t V Y W:'i':Y,, All I 5 Qiriif K f .IF I 9 I N Illx , I III --frm Nant-mmmaap---- 'CIN f I I l5!?fffeI1l?Mm.g5, I oi "rj A ' all! glairge A. Wrenn, James A. Greci, Camille" ' AM' If I oug ert A, K , 1 4. y i . I I .. L D 'I "'CfettIng,staI'ne I f' ' ' ill!-Theiiwerei I adtuad'u tb , -xx is XJ S, I1 M! 2 Ignzouiharrierg I I I- I 11 Mklgoa I .c . El' Ilheprevi EN X Iqiinewremxp --Billings staff. I mer thattlb thf f WWI Ml. Greg Il ILTIIIIIIIII I 'IWWIII oftf I 'hWl'first.time i I .kb If llandled thi f Heed ' I , ,A k Wh th ? ..v- Aff' j N If K x Q, 'v I ABOVE: IT'S LIKE THIS - During third-period Aries class IH first-year Adviser Mr. Slade explains to Junior Tim Collins the correct way to place Senior Activities on Grad Pages. 1 Academics Aries X I I 'H .wm- . 7 s. ,mf ...K fe A i lhellk -E . ' g xl pe, 'M 1,1 gg 0 , .fe ...auf 1 eff , illr df' ,- . Q....-- pe- ee ,- but N - "'x 'X ' -if W Ax,. ,I ,,,, A QJQ K 5 4i.....1"'f-s if'-U d,....-e-'fr' p g p f ..'- 2 f Nixlx ff, ,ff ,ff f", ,ff E K A X Xl ' X re ' y ff , ABOVE: 2ND-YEAR X Xxym X effor Df'wr,,V,'Ze ff ' ff ,ff Xf KNowHow- At3:30 L N Me Z fe ,ff ,ff ,ff X e am, second-year mem- X gl il if 330 N "Owe f fer ,ff ,ff fff X, bers Jim Greci, Mindy X X 6 Q L. .off f' V ,f rff ff' ff' 1 Williams, and Dana XX U X 435 i 1 f ,ef ,f ff ff Shuler put their heads Xi X 3, I e 2 40 r CA ff . . f,f ,ff , "" ff. ,f together while trying XX i A e e 48 Xductloniof fines Q5'becameIareal1ty. to figure out the per- ' I fy o 'Qfkfies cfrS'V'O1fl6'6f?iQl'l64llQSt, uniiiuqeziperi- X feet location for ' Sf Yvfefhad during-mydentireflaighfschool Dana's dominant E ,ff care " CBdHfl'I1?,I3YfQd,,S6OI'j,S'fEgj-t6IT Dave, Phfftf- FAR LEFT! f'Gettingfstarted was rough in the begin- Odell, des'crib'i1igyefmanyisec1'efts and long- p Eg? 3 T:HS?Ji,fW0n' ning. There were many changes to which we lived traditiolik ofthe c s's.VAmong these K K She congerinmgl 5033 lhad to adjustt but we've managed to over- traditiolnswerethe " atement of the Dayff, V . Editor Terri Houser 'come our barriers and work toward our ulti- E Ames atrol, Herfbes and Villainsfand Class, g , about the quality of x I X 1 mate goal - an' All-American rated year! bookfff The previous statementfby Elaine Wrennaexpressed the feelings of 1985'A'ries Stieff. The,staff retiirned to that to thelrsurprlse, the . Gregg Stone, had taken of Activities Director of the over toffirst-time who handled the Faced with fthe yea fbook boolis of mille The Editors Ca- Elaine Wrenn. - X of ff' X' ' K swea hi t . f' e Y I S X th f ff The Sheff e ,1ed'eh9.e'trediifieh.efpre-f ' allfnight, 'j'fayout"partei'e1s'f, at' the of charitable staffmembersl "It was convenient tofbefgble to askfforfhelp other people were up worlgiiifggfthey helped me to stay awake," said J'unior'fKri,stih Burns describing the "parties" unigiiegonly tothe Millikan yearbook staff. ,, A ff- i ,K Above all, the staff found its wefth-, while. These feelings were b 3 suribinined up by Editor Camille Dougher : "Aries was a and the lot of hard work but it wa oads ffun too hard work of a The friendships Ive ma e and t e memo paid offas the pro ries I have will stay wit me forever get suggestions fronmfetihermelmbers. It e also nice to know fthiat fthirty-eight' , her captions for her second deadline Tall ,Flag spread. If !, I S 22 I Academics F7 Aries A T- l-,. ll I 0 CorydonfGraphics 0 Corydon Roughs It Out "It's a madhousef' exclaimed Senior Mary Struett as she described the frenzied atmosphere in the Corydon room near dead- line time. "The editors ran in and out of the room trying to organize the articles and cor- rect last-minute problems." Corydon members put out a new issue of the paper every month, starting in October, under the leadership of Editor-In-Chief Diane Alpern and Adviser Bernice Whiteleather. t'We have two-thirds of the class as begin- ners so the first quarter is rough," said Mrs. Whiteleather, "but the staff does a greatjob in getting a quality paper out on time each month." Much of the responsibility for putting out a quality paper rested on the four page edi- tors: Rheuben Bowling, Anna Miranda, Julie Anne Mandryk, and Stacy Zinn. They were responsible for a variety ofjobs including type-setting, proof-reading articles, and fill- ing in for anyone unable to complete his or her assignment. Photographers Joel Lentzner and Carlos M. Oblites helped the staff by taking and developing their own pictures which were used regularly by the paper. October's issue was headlined by Dr. McCleary's welcome address to new Freshmen and Sophomores in particular, and all Millikan students in general. He gave hints on how to have a successful year. In addition to that, Corydon put out an ad- vice column each issue entitled t'Cory Sz Don". "It,s fun to give advice to people, but it is also a big responsibility," said one ofthe staff members working on "Cory 8: Don". As a long running policy of Corydon, the iden- tity of Cory and Don was kept a secret. Outstanding members of the staff in- cluded Reese Stewart, Craig Webster, Ro- bert Saslow, and Chris Nutter. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: AHH. FINALLY DONE! - Steve Williams smiles as he finishes typing an important arti- cle for the October deadline, while Will Shanholster works hard to complete his. ABOVE RIGHT: SWITCH- ING SUBSCRIPTIONS? - Senior Mary Kramer, dis- satisfied with the articles ofa local newspaper, turns to Noelle Nishikawa's copy of Corydon to read articles that cater more to her interests. RIGHT: HOW DOES IT GO? - Photographer Joel Lentzner asks Editor Diane Alpern what photographs she needs for the next issue. while photographer Carlos Oblites looks on. Academics Corydon Graphics JH s. 555-3 'ff ' ' is " K i f , ' O . I 'xzflfieff 'risff ok if W' S 'ff lb .... , if In , vi. ,am lf! l WSTTT ' V I -. ,..- I I . f w S. S A x X Q5 X x WEQTW is t Tx! 1 l Q llll i - - .... ,,,, , , . , ,, ,H '7iT f is M wg Q E WEKFQKT 1 ff' ai W.. mwmww .44 ,fi , s ..,...,....a.A..,,.,,. - . - -'J' , Uawfg, i -, , S 'im 2. , ,.X...aif,. i ,J--f.w.,,..,F, 5 I " f -.jail Q 2 l . ' f. li -.-.........V..,. A y Vrl: X, .xiii , J J h 1 l 1-.-.XR 'TE' 'W " W """ " " W' ' " 15' ' ' , ' ' s - 1:43, ,- . . .V iii-1 F -' 3 4' 4 Q eng 'f fw+gwgqfQw 1' ga, iz? ...C T ,3-' ' , 1 fy - ' fs 7 J HE: :ma ag ' H, A FAR ABOVE: CORRECTIONS, CORRECTIONS - Editor-In-Chief Diane Alpern proofreads an article for the final time before printingit out. ABOVE: "I'LL FIX YOU YET!" - thinks staff member Millard Harvey as he strains with faulty typewriter ribbon. LEFT: DECI- SIONS, DECISIONS - Section Editor Julie Anne Man- dryk tries desperately to position the articles on hei- page before the November deadline. Page Edina Rheuben Bowling does the same. Academics Corydonffiraphics 1. r 1 -'af 'Off-Campus! ROP Provides Exploration of Opportunities Students explored and experienced many diversified occupations in the Regional Oc- cupational Center!Program CR.O.P.J offered to all juniors and seniors. Classes ranging from carpentry to cooking to fashion mer- chandising gave on-the-job training as well as academic credits to all participants. The Regional Occupational Program prepared all students for job opportunities and pro- vided valuable work experience to non- college-bound students. Fashion merchandising was taught at the May Company and various other Lakewood Center stores. Training for positions as salespersons, cashiers, stock clerks, cus- tomer service representatives, security per- sons, and credit checkers were the main goals. Students were given the opportunity to work directly in job situations. Carpentry was another popular class, lo- cated at the Long Beach Unified School Dis- trict Maintenance yard. Emphasis was placed on training in all phases of building planning and construction from lot locating to finished building. Students were training for employment as house framers, carpen- ters' helpers, and building maintenance persons. Success ofthe Regional Occupational Pro- gram was measured by the permanent job placements that students have received fol- lowing completion of the classes. R.O.P. teachers were responsible for training stu- dents as well as helping them find the ac- tualjob openings. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: MAY I HELP YOU? - asks R.O.P. student Carmen Taylor while working her three-hour shift at the Lakewood May Company in late February. RIGHT: EVERY OUNCE COUNTS - While working in his R.O.P. chefs class, Myron Anderson carefully weighs the dough needed to prepare a loaf of bread. FAR RIGHT: WORKING CLASS LADY - On a warm, sunny day in early October, Senior Chris Rober- son finds herself working on the construction of a house, part of her R.O.P. class. 1 O Academics Off-Campus , , 5 .gif is , 1.4 -A 4 I if i in? F V 4' MY, .u....T 4' ABOVE: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - During Lisa Ashley's R.O.P. cosmetology class, she finds her- self Working patiently on a model head in preparing herself for the real world. LEFT: COMPLETE CON- CENTRATION - With every inch of crucial impor- tance, R.O.P. students Jim Snyder and Lawrence Sumerlin give their every effort in measuring a section of a kitchen wall. Acade ' Off.Camffg,'53 1 5 Qi Norrrw Ben 'amin Clerk 'iypist -J -- -'u -. ..,, V if lx . r l' I l I Pat Bennett 1 -' . - Prin. Secretary V ' , , , - Q "-'. Gre Brand . Grouncgikeeper X Qs V ,T 'KX -I . ' -x if c M . on 1 . X ' L if . S TRUE Bush r in ta e ec nician 5, , gonna Carver A Ctfi' S Secretary - - N Maureen Cruz Y 7 X ' Coun. Secretary Q i ,i , f ' l r. V Y 4 1 L ag Tom Daellenbach I , f Q-,v V Accompanist , ,D 1 , :riff X r Che13lDenn'iaan 3 . ' I ' LA. lerk Typist 5 3,391 E . lv. ,MA John Glesaner 2 x 4' f fy Choral Accompanist X I 7 f . .0 V Rita Gray Clerk Tlypist Emu Hajdu ovic Clerk Typist ps Kathleen Har-neon G' l 'L k h irs oc er Room Attendent Margie James Clerk Typist Joe Johnson Y -X Stationary Engineer ' ' Ruth Leksan Staff Assistant ' r 1 e ' - 'l an , - 1 Q " " 1 X iili A' , . Jn' ' Gerald Milam ' " , ' -f Sgaalffdassiastant Ni -" ' 4' Q, y is a an . g 55 g Custocfian 1 A g . li . Geree Rnmple QL' A - Clerk Typist A ' 4 X 1' XX X "., A! ' 1 ' ' 'N ' . . it m, i f , i 'fe R it 45 x . vt f . X, i r if -, ' P-. ' .V X' -xx . , . - t gk X K vp " E754 ' i 5 it ,'i"vXX "4 P X o .,.j f 51g'.fi'Q55 ef-' ' ., ,. tp A Vg2:i:'32v'n . ff Nj 1 X if ,vztgjsgaigf Q" -'O -AQ A 'vh- Q , f'C"'f.Jwf lfvq F 4 AX' fy 1 ' . . 433' '5"' .r X4 -. i'f,7,+ X 2j..:f:f 1.5 0. N ,nh - X X '27f:'g.g,4":! ,,-5332 -71 - ,"v,,-t 5-57-g-,.'3!f'-:Qu-:ff t, '- r vi az,-:.-:.g.:'g.i-:pfW..': 1 . .,4,,.g-. .L Q lki-13:5-rA2'2":::::?:?i2:2'Wsssrsziif . 1 "v 'D 3-3.3. .g.g'.:g,.:q gg ,:,,..h' ..- ,sqm . . 'av' ,, gf. QQ, ' nl 0 fsf. 558 .- .-M ' 1' s.f?t13"a - 1.2.-fffiifhf '- fi ferf A' lt". ABOVE: WHERE IS ROOM 334? - Clerk typist Norma Benjamin tries to give Junior Stacy Schucks assistance in locating room 33-1's connection line. RIGHT: READMIT TIME - Sandee Moore and Ema Hajdukovic discuss the clearing of an absence on a Thursday morning in the attendance office. 1 2 Academics Classified Staff Lg K ABOVE: CAN I HELP YOU? - During nutrition, student store operator Joe Salerno, efficiently gives service to students. An Artist Of Sales During nutrition and lunch most students were crowded around the student store with little regard of who was in charge. The man who was responsible for supplying the students with everything from candy, to pop-corn, to gym clothes was Joe Salerno, Armed with student aides, Joe was able to effi- ciently serve the students, while making money for the student body. He started working for Long Beach Unified School District eleven years ago. Prior to working at Milikan, Joe owned and ran a grocery market for ten years. Joe was born and raised in Rhode Island, but came to Long Beach to finish school at Jordan High. Be- cause of his interest in art, Joe oil painted whenever possible in his spare time. He thoroughly enjoyed all painting, but his favorites were of landscapes. Joe commented, "Working in the student store has been a pleasure. I enjoy working with the kids." l , J' . li T t I A. "4 1 ,if .its .I 4 A., W n 1-A M new ,tt M 5 " gififf Lf-ggi .Q fK2.,'.i', , in, .mfg Q , if gi. i ... in ., I, i. Q. r-MQ li l lu likx A 9 . N34 il' E .N 1... gg 'ii ii WX ? Q' " 'i 4 .-lu' ' "'N"F, ,- ,Z f-.1 , ,. 5 -1 J ifasresgii b-f iw L fri. ,S .1 xx X. xx KN, . ,452 Q wax' . ,1- 5 fs f 1 Qi. Clean Campus Despite Cutbacks Everyone knows what Monday mornings are like! But for the groundskeepers, they might even be a bit worse. The grounds- keepers were greeted every Monday morn- ing by the trash left from the previous Fri- day night football game. Furthermore, they were still responsible for planting materials, trimming the shrubbery, and cleaning up the vandalism, which included everything from repairing smashed windows to re- painting graffiti. Resulting from recent budget cutbacks, and head groundskeeper, Paul Jensen noticed that they were taking on more jobs. One of them included the cleaning of the stadium after a Friday night football game. Groundskeepers also had the task of cleaning up the lunch area after both lunch periods. Custodians also had a very heavy work loadg services such as tidying up the build- ings, bathrooms and classrooms had to be performed day and night. However, they did obtain one new member to help the custo- dial staff, Victor Marshal. Also resulting from cutbacks, substitutes were not called upon if a custodian was absent. "Under the circumstances, we're doing very well," re- lated head custodian, Dan Wooten. Despite the hectic confusion of issuing readmits, Clerk Typists Rita Gray and Ema Hajdukovic were responsible for accurate records in the attendance office. Staff Assitants Ruth Leksan, Gerald Mila- ni and Patrick Murphy actively supervised the campus. Included in this was checking lunch passes during both lunch periods, checking the parking lots whenever possi- ble, and watching for wanderers around campus. Although the staff assistants were short of people, causing chaos at times, Ruth Leksan commented that Millikan is, "The Best School in Town." ABOVE LEFT: KEEPIN' TRIM - Dennis Laing adds some finishing touches to the overgrown shrubbery near the 700 building during class period. ABOVE RIGHT: CHALK IT UP - On a Friday afternoon. Gil Breitzman gets the football field ready for the big game later that night. LEFT: THIS BL'D'S FOR YOU- I l On a warm Thursviaj' i21lte1'1i',ifr. groundskeeper Greg Brand takes extra. -,Fir iii iiiiiziing the rosebush in front of the sci'- Acad ' f Classifiedeglfaiff 'I 'lm A Time To Reflect The position of head coach of the Millikan Varsity football team was a difficult job. Considering the time spent for games and practices, the tremendous amount of paper- work that needed to be done, and the many people who relied on the head coach, it was easy to see why Coach Dick DeHaven had very little time left for anything other than athletics. After fifteen successful years as head coach, Coach DeHaven decided to resign from the position. He planned, however, to continue with his coaching career in addi- tion to teaching General P.E. classes. When asked why he resigned, DeHaven replied, "I wanted to enjoy coaching without the has- sle of running the entire program." DeHaven commented that during his ca- reer as head coach, he had met many out- standing players, but he had no favorites. According to Coach DeHaven, they all played an important part in the success of their teams. When asked which year was his favorite, Coach DeHaven said, "Perhaps the most ex- citing years were when we won the C.I.F. championships in 1977 and 1979. Another important year was 1973, which was the first year we won the Moore League Cham- pionshipf' Coach DeHaven attributed his many suc- cessful years to the wonderful staff with whom he was fortunate enough to have worked. K LJ?- -, 11, v FAR BELOW: PRACTICE MAKES PER- FECT - In an afternoon practice, Bob Crane, Tony Alvarez, Cliff Mosley, Dan Hampton, and Perry DiMarco get their next play from Coach DeHaven. BELOW: THIS IS THE WAY IT GOES - DeHaven v sale- -My V as-.. , Nik. advises Tony Alvarez and Dan Hampton about the play they will attempt in the next game. RIGHT: GO FOR THE EXTRA POINT - Coach Dick DeHaven holds the ball while Bob Crane practices kicking through the goal posts for an extra point, f , Y 'sl A -4, I l , , 1 ..,, ' M, 1 in 'at V 4 - d fmrl it I 'ff 'ci lllllll I 'X I 'i -Q t -1 ,.,.. W. ' gglixl, ., uv ,f ,H 1' ggaieft- '- . -5' .- , ,xp-sf. G - .yu - ' '1197"f""" " ' -M, .....,tr- -zm 'f f-.1 ' A 1 ,. , ,af tg w-A. "F-. as la? A ' . Academics 1 Teacher Feature Delslaven Resigns N1 Jr -Warp .JPL-1:-'LL .N'-'- ':iQ?:fE:LS" V' . .V l . fvkqli XV AL NF,.,e X It fxi -1 . li ,iq 5 , ff mi . N .di :sniff -manuals . -KL F? AJ 'M ., y ...-. . .hxw . W 4 A, Us - ' ., . In ., , .. A '53-5". Wt - ' , -"K . "2-ii? ,, " ,A . 'iff Qw.gnQ . 453SNwifWQW'kif "?3"'f,Tf"f.' ,,.:'-g -1- "-1 Q . v Q -v14- ar Na-+""'-Ek-ff' '- 'TX " , "b ' 1-4 """' ' 'M ff: fn ' , " """,. ,J Q N ' 3 H A451 - .-L X af"" ' .Q 1 ,. , L' X 'Z' -13' A' " ' "" '- -'ifiivfx ,- ,, . A . 4 ' f , www ' wi 5 "1 ' ff.. 'Af b'.vf-,Q4 F ' ' F VN E -,Q ,lr if V j -?ff.Aa S- - 'M' 1 ' mp . 'I : ,+ . www .,. Q PQI' 2 349: I wif ' y n M .. ' DK. M, , N .7 .N -1 9 1 - w. in ,IV " yr- it-'-fb, Onv- s ,A " " V' ' gI"'5' S.' A .M ', ,s,1f.. f A , .M . J ,I . y , ,Juv .kb 241:73 4 f V V '. .' 3, uf' V A 'K ' , , -M 4 , V: , rf. A 4. ff' K 'f ... lm'9.'i'La. 5-in 'I"'lff-3' ' cy I ' MN 1. af V .5-1? r-1 - ,if Academics sa:uref'DeHaven Resigns Q! Q? gfyfw ,- ad-.iz-53 l GLM HCl'LfCClfff67'iCL' A L,-4-1 -nu Jackie Fuulkes I I 1 M U Jeanette Greg il l I il T Loliu Pelon if i l i l ,I l l ll lilil H Doris Rae ll- 'l lil !,l Eli ,xl lx X T V wi . lim! r r . ' ' 'E In , A i l I 1 'X .V f J, 41' ,, .J-4 l Q .1 V ,Q W? l -v J' e M h I A ,. fl M . - Xxfif 1 ll 1 ,PLY wa, L4 ' rf , - FAR ABOVE: A SEPARATE PEACE - On a rainy October afternoon Seniors Yxta Mur- lx ray and Mike Milburn escape into Mrs. 3,-I Boyer's empty classroom in order to avoid the . bedlam of fifth period lunch in the quad. ABOVE: THREE'S COMPANY - Charleen l Pelky, Ken Monreal, and Melody Perseley en- joy a humorous moment as they snack on hot fudge sundaes on a warm Friday in early Oc- tober. ABOVE RIGHT: HALF-ANGLE HOR- RORS - Trigonometry students Steve Kundar, Nana Miziguchi, Craig Webster and il i Cl 1. Paul Tsuno frantically review for an upcom- i 3 ing test. RIGHT: JUST ME AND MY MCNUG- GETS - Senior Gerald Wilson experiences a ,i rare moment of peace and solitude while eat- lli ing at McDonald's. X l JH 1 4 1 6 Academics 'l Lunch Cafeteria l YY, s Z- N "- -M mira ", M , '. M 5 . V fi ' 3-1.1 mf A ' i it, , gf, "'lL:, U Fi Egiytlil '. V 'ggi V ,, ' ,,. . ' S - -1' X, t T ,- Qi .3 5 K 'ss 1 Rams Relax, Munch At Lunch "Good Grief! Going off campus makes lunch seem like it's five minutes long," gasped Senior Carina Carra as she dashed up the stairs to be on time for sixth period. This was a common opinion among stu- dents, but it didn't stop them from occasion- ally rushing off campus in search of their favorite delicacies. For those who favored the traditional hamburger and fries meal, McDonald's and Jack-in-the-Box remained popular. Many students, however, preferred more variety. "Subway's expensive, but it has a great Roast Beef Special," exclaimed Senior Ryan Rosier. For Rams who wanted the variety of a non-hamburger meal, Subway was a defi- nite favorite, as well as Naugles and Straw Hat Pizza. Still, many students preferred to avoid the hassle and rush and remained on cam- pus to sample the wide variety of meals and snacks available. Whether it was simply cheese corn and milk or a deluxe pastrami sandwich, every student had a personal fa- vorite, and the lunch lines remained crowded. "Lunch is a convenient time to catch up on homework," commented Senior Alex Redman. Many students found this to be true, and a walk around campus during lunch revealed many scenes of students busily engaged in some form of studying. Overall, whether on campus or off, stu- dents used their lunch periods to relax, talk, eat, and generally recover from a long morning at school. 2 ' ci if. ' j .REQ Q? rf? . . - .-aff W z--f-f..ef:fS5': 'fl' . , 1. :I ff' 'vs' , 9 -- 'V' " fi'-'f '-K...l lakh 9: -A ff--gf!--,gy , --If--5 Vg- - I -A vw f.. fs-K' 'f'i3?". E as . Lf' 3 '.f,3"la -jiqE,'5.g:'.4. -. J? - if f- f-qw' 13, .e -1- 2y 'm'1"X5ggE ', I . .0 . , A " .Rf . . j. fd A 'vii-ge I 1 Q E G ZOV- x' , QQ- ' 251 "" y -g:'L?M1-'51cf5ge,..- a--4 ' ,. rf' '3 ' - 3, 'vi ' .M r 4 as ', ' -. 1- 1 : . wit' ff , Q Q' s 'jfiavi " gg -' ., J ., Q 9. ff! '-Q el ,. 1, , N' X' , 1 y A ' H. g 5 L v af. e 5- ft .8 , ' tits:- .tu '53 in " ' . e wc' I fr 7 K ii' I . . I W ,, 1 , ,. V I' ' ,r Sw A :fif- ABOYE: "EAT FAST!" - Says Evan Shahin to Noelle Nishikawa as they grab a quick meal at Naugles on a rainy afternoon in December. Xaugles was a popular lunch-time choice for many students. ABOVE RIGHT: "ALL RIGHT. WHO GETS THE PRIZE?" - Karen Gunsaulus, Robin Forgay, Mondo Ramis, and Buffy Sweeney laughingly argue over ownership rights to the free LEGO mini-set in a McDonald's "Happy Meal" during fourth period lunch on a Monday afternoon in October. CENTER: PM DRINKING MILK FOR GOOD - On a hot day in March, Senior Mika Arai enjoys the cool refresh- ment of an ice-cold milk while contemplating the day's activities. RIGHT: TIBIE IS PRECIOUS - Savoring the few rxiziieiiis 'J jgrichtime freedom. Elaine Wrenn. Ale'-1 QT .Sheryl Peterson. Deb- bie Kelly. and 1-if ' , er relax in the warmth of the noon Sgt' Academics Lunch Cafeteria FL?- 4 rf-1.1. . : The Year ' L ,Al f7 I7 7699 I f YQNF ZNXJZQJ' J O o o Q I The Games ofthe 32nd Olympiad going offin I grand style, Hour to Devour being named Club ofthe Semester- breaking Key Club's l N I string, The forming of Band Aid to raise I , money for the starving people of Ethiopia, I Kissogram sales skyrocketting, President l 'Q Reagan's new tax plan, Rammy Whammies, I the Senior Class float winning first place honors at Homecoming - again, Star Wars I being introduced as a defense against in- D 7, coming missles, Mr. Fred Slade taking over ' I as Aries adviser, Seven new on-campus clubs, More U.S.lSoviet disarmerment I talks, Record-breaking concert tours by the Jacksons, Prince and Bruce Springstein, X ""- I Dance Club having the largest sales at Homecoming. I Belrmgirzg I Making friends, Sharing: I ideas, hopes Ambitious. Lea rn ing. I Wejbrm groups to help ourselves, I lo a id olhers, to learn about the I World around us. I We meet with others in connnon interests, I in eonnnon goals, To help us learn about I ou rselves. Spending our lime, I pullingjorfh ellbrt, exploring, I lliseorering our rnany sides. Sharyl Godes '86 I ABIJVE: IDBI-'l-INIIING TIIE KEEP - Kirk Brennan and have Pole do battle in ai Dungeons and Dragons N gzuue in January. RIGHT: I'REl'ARlNG T0 llEV0l'R -- Nancy Yanivukitis, Karen Ole-son. and Hayley Slevin I pn-pure spaghetti for an upcoming llour to Uevuur dinner. I in 'C as ' fWafffai,bgf1"f aw p-T I gg' ' ' -:gg Q If 4, ,QV gg -K, V - S- ni, H , , ,ll W 'gel 1 Organizations IIIVIHIUI1 PIR? A 7 7 -Y-Y ' ... ., ' 4 lu S ill k rw -l L J' ' ou! x I ,W I I I M I I f I Y Q I I -1 f I I I I I I I mn urs - mi-:lug I Club members Andy Hills and Tmhl Meme-r make final prvpzu'utinns for u Ben' ff ' ABOVE: l'YI'l.lNG Lwnl: nh I 1: iat ' ' ' 9 W Vw V 1 jf' und I I 1 'W Y!,, W Q " WYE un Hu- , N L A A V K! A ' 'fl - I- -1-I - l W ,gfw I I I I Involvement Increases J Success I Motivation and student involvement were the main goals of the Student Council. Traditional activities such as the Mr. Ram Pageant, Spring Week, and Homecoming Day urged participation. Newer activities, including the Pre-game I Picnic!Rally before the football game against Marina, also stimulated interest. Teacher appreciation Day was filled with activities such as a pot-luck lunch provided for the teachers by members of the Student I Council, and an appreciation rally which in- cluded a water balloon toss as well as a game of musical chairs. Annual welfare and service projects also grew in success. The United Way collection brought in large donations for the charity, as well as the canned food drive which brought in twice as many cans as had been expected. Student Council members spent weekend days clearing space for needed trails in the El Dorado Park Nature Center. Senior President Jim Greci explained, f "The project worked out well because the members worked really hard for two weekends and accomplished what the park had wanted them to do.', Stepping in as the new Activities Director and Student Council Adviser Mr. Gregg Stone stated, 'Everything in Student Coun- cil is new to me. I am learning as I go, taking things one step at a time. Student Council members that had served as officers before have helped out very muchf' He went on to say, HI hope the students like what is being offered." Many innovations brought to the Council by Mr. Stone proved to be highly successful. School spirit was increased with the sale of spirit buttons and ribbons. Throughout the weeks of various games, students were seen on campus wearing blue and gold buttons wishing their Rams the best of luck. The newest craze was to own a "Rammy Wham- my" towel. These spirit boosters came with complete instructions on how to raise crowd spirit and team morale. TOP RIGHT: AND IF PM ELECTED . . . -Presidential candidate Dave Odell speaks at the special debates presented to all Class Councils in mid-February. MID- DLE RIGHT: CLEANING UP - Seniors Michelle Djokic, Melissa Affre, and Kim Shaw help clean up the Nature Center as part oftheir Student Council welfare project. Organization Student Government i '--' -fi, Alq ,a N 1' B. 1. f ll' fl. jilfjl l f 5 f I I 1 O! .-ii?- I' -ali' if" ! 2 R., rx., Q it Iii In 5, 'iw kk v s. iv F'-'-P-Y x, Q I ,S 1 if .1 I gl!!! ai 2 .5 X .- 'N lf' lax ' . ,f 1 i 1 PW. 5: FJ J 1 at ,Q 3-f i 3 V , arg, s ? 'Q ff . lj, ,Q - I FALL COUNCIL A.S.B. President A.S.B. Vice-President A.S.B. Secretary A.S.B. Treasurer Rally Commissioner Commissioner of Athletics Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner of Awards Senior President Senior Vice-President Senior Senator Junior President Junior Vice-President Junior Senator Sophomore President Sophomore Vice-President Sophomore Senator Freshman President Freshman Vice-President Freshman Senator Publicity Director Student Involvement Human Relations SPRING COUNCIL A.S.B. President A.S.B. Vice-President A.S.B. Secretary A.S.B. Treasurer Rally Commissioner Commissioners of Athletics Commissioner of Clubs Commissioner of Awards Senior President Senior Vice-President Senior Senator Junior President Junior Vice-President Junior Senator Sophomore President Sophomore Vice-President Sophomore Senator Freshman President Freshman Vice-President Freshman Senator Publicity Director Student Involvement Human Relations Mark Wigod Michelle Shuler Mary Struett Gary LeFebvre Melissa Affre Dave Odell Michelle Djokic Jackie Sherlock Jim Greci Elaine Wrenn Glenn Wells John Tormey Tracy Smith Mike Abeles Sharee Bradford Carol Marks Josette Medina Damnang Meas Heidi Winer Heather Rosenbaum Camille Dougherty John James Kim Shaw Glenn Wells Elaine Wrenn Kim Shaw Michelle Shuler Mary Struett Tracy Smith Michelle Peyton Suzie Heffley Mark Wigod Michelle Djokic Melissa Affre Rick Smythe Julie Correa John Tormey Susie Odell Josette Medina Carol Marks Heather Rosenbaum Damnang Meas Heidi Winer Mike Abeles Camille Dougherty Dave Odell OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM: WE NEED MORE MONEY - While studying a sales request, Freshmen Heather Rosenbaum and Heidi Winer discover that they will need more money for a fundraiser. TOP LEFT: OVER- VIEW- A.S.B. Presidents Glenn Wells and Mark VlHgod admire their campus with pride and honor. BOTTOM LEFT: ARTISTS AT WORK - John James and Tracy Smith make posters for their favorite Mr. Ram Candi- dates. K Organizations 1 Q 1 Student Government .. Ji si Key lub ut Shines Keywanettes Key Club and Keywanettes, led by Fall semester Presidents Dave Odell and Noelle Nishikawa and Spring semester Presi- dents Mark Wigod and Camille Dougherty, began the year with great fun in mind. Keywanettes swiped both banners and the president's gavel while kidnapping Sep- tember Creep Dave Odell. With the help of Steve Malone, Key Club managed to spoil the Keywanettes' plans by stealing the ban- ners back, which forced the girls to become the guys' slaves in order to get back the Keywanette banner. Both clubs participated in service proj- ects such as the Long Beach Heart Associ- ation Bike-a-thon and the canned food drive. Keywanettes made food boxes for bat- tered women, while Key Club sold candles. The candle sale made Key Club the richest club on campus. "Our date banquet will be an outrageous fiesta due to the club's QM lm' f ' if Q ' "We strive to be ' totally involved with school and J- , the community." "x P qv V lllllftfll if Noelle Nishikawa E, 'Jie-'H' A '- f -3 'vlil Keywanettes Wealth," commented Senior Geoff Smith. Washing the stars on Hollywood Boulevard was the most bizarre project either club had ever attempted. Guys and girls from both clubs scrubbed stars on their hands and knees while onlookers gathered. Each month a senior girl and guy were honored as Key Club Sweetheart and Keywanettes' Creep, such as Mindy Wil- liams and Glenn Wells. Key Club and Keywanettes gave the awards each month to people who were involved in various school activities. Both Clubs ended the year in high style with date banquets and the traditional yearbook signing party. UPPER RIGHT: KIDNAPPED - Keywanette Creep Glenn Wells is kidnapped by Michelle Djokic and Dana Sliuler. 1 6 2 Qigziiiizzitioiis Key lxeywaiiettes -,--F? 'so 332' ,. -7 fri '.- Katie. sax'-,' -, KEYWANETTES - FRONT ROW: Mary Kramer Debbie Shavelle Noelle Nishika- vya Elaine Wrenn Yxta Murray Mindy Wil- liams. 2ND ROW: Camille Dougherty Karen Rutten Dana Shuler Michelle Djokic Kris- Ganeri KEY - FRONT ROW: Ralph Lakin David Sueki Glenn Wells MarkVWgod Dave Odell Mike Abeles Tim Collins Rob Durazzo Nor- man Kitano. 2ND ROW: Bobby Ali Chris Craig Mike Milburn Kelvin Gobble Steve Williams Alex Redman D.C. Conroy Geoff tin Burns Lori Abramow Michelle Massey. l BACKROW: Kendra Karlson Amy Dale ' Christy Manker Ann McKee Allison Clay , Leslie Stults Debbie Kelly. 3 l -4 .. n T ,o H' W W f - TT f f , D WM! u ' ww - 1 M i K., ' W 4 0.13 Q - -. "l T- A 3 1 i F , - QD 3 N' 4 Smith Keith Ladd John Goldman. BACK ROW: Paul Evans Matt Lynch Asim Ali Joel Gargaro Evan Shahin Steve Malone Michael Lawrence Ryan Rosier Jon von ' Arx Lou Boyer. P 1 2 if li i-. gin - MW - T -- :Q ,. f. :," f ,i - f " - A' S L 'Tff' - ' -A , i Q51 . " r ' S ' , 37:5 i' ' O i , n-H-:eff : if B 4 I cAU-nos 52. , rw ' as - ----4 F Ahurtlan beings herex I FAR LE FT: STREET GRA FFITI - dent Dave Odell gives a final speech, while IR in My ,Jw ,. i Keywanettes Camille Dougherty, Noelle Nislii- Spring semester President Mark Wigod decides -ur kawa, Michelle Djokic, and Dana shuier put what to do, ABQYEI DEC1sI0Ns - Q finishing touches on Dave Odell's creep stencil. Keywanettes decide where to hold installation for new members at a meeting after school, V 0 LEFT: ELECTION '85 - Fall semester Presi- - Organizations Q lxeyf Keywanettes Q., 22' , 'fi F: S ii- Philos Makes ervice Fun A noticeable effort was made by each club to be active within the school and communi- ty. Old clubs such as Math Club and a new club, Philos, had been the busiest since the beginning of their club history. Philos, new to the campus of Millikan, strived to be an unusual service club. Their creativity allowed the members to have fun while providing service to the school and the community. Hoping it would become along- standing club at Millikan, Senior Carina Carra summed up the future, "Philos has great potential to become a bigger and bet- ter organization." Anchor, under the leadership of President Alison Clay, continued to carry out many of their traditions such as Employee of the Quarter. Formerly called Teacher of the Month, the members felt that the Employee of the Quarter honor worked much better. Christmas caroling and bake sales involved the extra time of the Anchor girls. Math Club opened the school year with s 2 Q "Math Club -. serves the school off-campus by Y " , competing in ' math meets." - Mark Wigod Math Club X , F outstanding performances of mathematical skill by Senior Geoff Smith and Junior Will Hwang. Competing against thirty other schools, Geoff and Will came in as top final- ists at the Occidental Math Meet. Members of the Math Club involved themselves as if they were in a service-oriented club. Spirit of math and morale of members was espe- cially high, as demonstrated by the high at- tendance and participation at the meetings. Outstanding as sponsor of Math Club, Mrs. Reid was honored by the Edison Company. Veteran Kidettes could be found in the club, A.A.S., under the leadership of Suzy Heffley. They showed their Ram spirit when they sponsored Jim Greci for their Mr. Ram candidate. ABOVE RIGHT: HURRY L'l'l-Alison Clay hurries to finish planning future service projects for Philos during her seventh period class before an important meeting. 1 Organizations A.A.S., Anchor, Math, Philos dl W 1' . 1 A' av, ! 's fi W 5 - Xitm-5 7 g p 5-.. ,I ANCHOR - FRONT ROW: Erika Hansen, Debbie Shavelle, Soo Jin Kim, Kathy Olsen, Alison Clay, Leslie Stults, Susan Kendig. 2ND ROW: Margaret Matera, Kyong Cho, Kelli Burch, Michelle Massey, 41 Sindi Burson, Christine Medina. BACK ROW: Carole Carroll, Janice Kitahata, Lynda McCarver, Ha Nguyen, Rhonda Frazier, Eunice Kitahata, Patti Kassay, Josette Medina. A.A.S. - FRONT ROW: Kristi Kahl, Struett, Deepa Mehta, Julie Vock, Mi- F n T, ig T is ft O-V X a - Fioii Ri EL, gratello, Norm V.-ir iLukYlyL fgislgiivhiiillli whimthl Yxla , 1e,,Ju1ie CJ Suzanne Penny, Paige Arnold, Michelle chelle Crane, Margie Murray, Kathleen FFRONT Djokic, Suzie Heffley, Lori Ivey, Camille Dougherty. BACK ROW: Kim Shaw, Mary Riley, Mindy Williams. ills, 6 R1 ig, SL law, l V9 Kim S Qs. I p1l:.z1,,,, A 1 ' 34-N . L xr F .-f-0 xl rx ,. 1 W" 'WK Wx MATH CLUB FRONT ROW Susan Kendlg, Dav1d Fratello Norman K1tano 2ND ROW Un Suk Y1 Lynn Han Kyong Cho Arm McKee Chmsty Manker Elame Wrenn Geoff Smlth Yxta Murray SRD ROW Mlchael Lee Juhe Copp Debble L4 ca. m 053,,v,E:f 5 cn H13-" 312' mwawim rn,..,Zbro: .. Own, ,swam S'-:puns -17025 359255 SGAOSUQ Dm Lid'-:CPB Hsw9.5:', 35mq5 O 215:55 55565 f-sw"',l:'5 QSEM zggfi 553:15 QI 6 -rF"""'Y UIIWERSTIY .l PH W D bb Rachael Rlchardson Norman KIKHDO ahagllegg A1150IE1OCIYaT RL2s11e Siultlse Car1naCarra BrentFung John Sanchez Y ausan Kendxg Steve Kxm BACK R ,ris-x ,, , Oyf' A 'lf ,gf . M91 M,' + as 1-Q -' ,1 ' -I fa, 1, , Joi w"" QE FAR ABOX E WHAT A PRETTX PKI TL RL Hath Club membels Bobbx All and Gm f N H 1 IQVS crm raphs for an upcoming n ath wa Made L I'l1XEI'S1tV ABOX E BLNNIES Anchor members Krxstm Burn 11 cubs the upcommg project of rnaku W1 the Chxldren s Hospx a Orgamzatlons Q if Anchor Hath P11110 ef Lorett Inspires Secrets Lorett successfully spurred on the water- polo and boys' swim teams for yet another season by their steady support at games and meets. The members faithfully show- ered the players with candy, cookies, post- ers, and other inspiring gifts. Each member of Lorett had a water polo and later a swim "Secret" whom she was responsible for keeping happy. President Izumi Arai felt that the main reason for the success of Lorett was the fact that virtually all members in the club were close friends. A new and unique club that evolved was SADD, Students Against Drunk Driving. Because of the increased number of deaths directly related to drunk drivers, many stu- dents felt the need to do something positive about the serious problem. Sponsor Mrs. Misner expressed that by merely having a club such as SADD on campus, students would be more aware of the importance of QQQQHSAQVI "SADD helps 63 5 43A promote aware- Q ness among the game et student body." We ,, -John James SADD maintaining a safe atmosphere for all driv- ers in the community. VICA once again planned a successful "car smash" for Homecoming. Anyone, for a minimal fee, could get his or her frustra- tions out with the help of a sledgehammer and a car provided by the club. The profits of the "car smash" went toward VICA's an- nual car show in May. Every Wednesday is room 581 at precisely 3:00 p.m., or 1500 hours, the twenty members of Raiders planned exciting and rigorous activities. Drills at Camp Pendleton and war exercises at Joshua Tree and Catalina Island were a few of the more extravagant field trips. Membership in Raiders required enroll- ment in ROTC, exceptional standing among the cadets, and a passing grade in the Army's physical fitness test. "I believe our club builds better cadets mentally as well as physically." commented Commander Jeff Cleeland. 1 6 6 Organizations Lorett. Raiders. SADD. YICA RAIDERS - FRONT ROW: William Lauren Boquette,.Jim Bennett. BACK Maus, Jeff Palmer, Jeff Cleeland, Ed ROW: Arcadio Avil, David Hernandez, F lk James Colon, Michael Jewett, Patrick Hodge. ZND ROW: Mike Melina au ner, dl G I I Jones, Sam Gutierrez, Stan Gardner, Schoenhut, Bill Ven , arcia gnacio. LORETT - FRONT ROW: Teri Kirkwood, Allison Evans, Robyn Joffe, Kristi Kahl, Mika Arai, Izumi Arai, Julie Fagot, Jenny Walker, Hayley Sloan, Michelle MacKay, Cee Karunasena, 2ND ROW: Linda Ful- ler, Shelly Gillies, Kristin Burns, Karen Rutten, Michelle Massey, Allison Cairns, Jill Woolston, Miriam Dennis, Irma Blan- co, Heideh Fardi. BACK ROW: Jill Crutch- ly, Bally Karunasena, Michelle McCoy, Deepa Mahta, Shawnda Clemens, Marnie Mitchell, Kelly Ridell, Anna McCarthy, Janet Breuer, Jackie Johns, Teri Diette, Leslie Hutchinson, Quynh Phan. VICA - Eric Schurz, Jerry Lewis, Bob Albright. .Til V fl A X ln . 1 ,J . f' ax N 'I . :FRONT .llgihiiililli 'Arm Rllttev ':iY,liiiif1lgelg? 'All ,k' N , od ,X Qhfarthig H E Dum 's l 3 I rg' ' Q7 . 5, X Ona fx SADD FRONT Row Bally Kam Ylasena Shellagh Flanagan Qlllnh P n Soma Das Karen Rutten Mark Vhgod Stac1eT1sher Mxchelle McCoy H xta 'Nlur av Josette Medma Rodney 'N1OY1i19l ROW Anna 'VIcCarthw WIFE' Llnis Hmes Conn Mlke Duree Bob Albng main nh v -6 Rob Cmco R1chardRexnolds Joe Hefflex John Roehlg Vlfendx Nlorrlson 'Nlannx Hernandez BACK ROV! Rlch ll rlton Stephen S1lverman Doug Blaxln Q mx Gooch Erlc Schurz Stexe Romexn Xlllwc' Nlllburn Jeff 'Vhesner Stexe lhl lan Make Sheram fg.1,,.., I FQ ABOVE LEFT: CRITICAL COMMANDER- Commander Jeff Cleeland carefully mspects h1s cadets to 1nsure f1rst rate appearance at a compet1t1on 1n February FAR ABOVE SELECTING SVS EETIES Fall Lorett Presl dent IZUIT11 Aral talhes up votes for the Sweetest Swlm secret durlng an afterschool meetmg ABOVE CHECK ING OUT CHARTS Rodney Montell and Kerrl Sm1th dlscuss several charts that underhne the perlls of drunk dr1v1ng O1 ganlzatlon 4 N A OD X T 4-1- 1 f 22 O 'uf . V' J. " Q . ' , 1 ' "O, V - - U - H Q :- :, f ' ' . : - 5,4 't . V - If fm - .R A 1 I I 1 r n. : , A A ' " , 'f f ' - , - ' ' r .1 ' ESF' 'f !l ll , 5 , , A , E I 1 - 22236 l.. f' ' 2 1 2 V X 1 71 ' 4X v V, V 1 V I , I I g, y fg i r if I ll l -' I 1 I I 4 A lr - Q I .A l 3 5 . L . ha V Y Y K. A v A 4 h- E i . , Y , , V, . ,: . ,E V 1 Q r , :A I A V I ' . ' V Y ' I y , hr g A , P l i J 1 ' 3 T F , J ' . - A . 'fi 'T F ll V ,iE?'S. CRE . 'AIA 3 A 3 , ,,,,A'ff fri "" Rh U if I - A ff . ,I A ,P . ' A V' , ' . 4 I' I J V ' Q . wir I g I I 'fix 9 eai: QUILL AND SCROLL ROW: Dave Odell, Terri Houser, Mark Vlhgod, Monique Bessem, Elaine Wrenn, Jim Greci, Camille Dougherty, Michelle Djokic, Mindy Williams, Dana Shuler. 2ND ROW: Sharyl Godes, Kristin Burns, Renee Araka' wa, Sheilagh Flanagan, Hayley Sloan, I Rob Durrazo, Nancy Vamvakitis, Tim Collins, Robin Joffe, Mary Struett, Erika Nelson, Michele Massey. 3RD - FRONT CREATIVE FILM SOCIETY - FRONT ROW: Debbie Shavelle, Cee Karunasena, Renee Arakawa, Michelle Massey, Michelle Djokic, Kim Shaw, Lori Hiatt, Stacie Tisher, Gary Lefebvre, Nancy Vamvakitis, Tim Collins, Robyn Joffe, Miriam Dennis, Yxta Murray, Rob Cinco. 2ND ROW: Melissa Affre, Irma Blanco, ' Janice Randall, Debbie White, Mary ROW: Stacy Zinn, Mary Kramer, No- elle Nishikawa, Bobby Ali, Norman Kitano, Ryan Rosier, Mika Arai, Lisa Salsbury, Soo Jin Kim, George Bowens, Alex Redman. BACK ROW: Antoinette Walsh, Julie Fagot, Shan- non Sej kora, Edie Wagstaff, Patti Kas- say, Rheuben Bowling, Steve Kundar, Geoff Smith, Andrew Cantrell, Glenn Wells, Jon von Arx, Debbie Kelly. 1 T n... Struett, Michelle McCoy, Kristin Burns, Hayley Sloan, Steve Williams, Kendra Karlson, Rob Durazzo, Geoff Smith, Tracy Smith, Jane Selditz. BACK ROW: Mike Duree, Glenn Wells, Mickey Meckes, John Roehrig, Mo- nique Bessem, Kristi Kahl, Brad Lan- caster, Mike Milburn, Bobby Ali, David Odell, Mark Mgod, Paul Evans. I i CYCLING CLUB - FRONT ROW: Miriam Dennis, Cee Karunasena, I Robyn Joffe, Kim Shaw, Wendy Morri- son, Mark Wigod, Jon von Arx, Geoff Smith, Izumi Arai, Tim Collins, Yxta Murray. 2ND ROW: Michelle McCoy, Gary LeFebvre, Ed Thomas, Denise Reynolds, Bobby Ali, Rob Durazzo, ABOVE RIGHT: ACTION - Gary Lefeb- vre and Stacie Tisher film their popular movie, Cats for the annual CFS contest. 1 6 Organizations Quill and Scroll, CFS, Cycling, Rick Smyth, Rob De Cinco, Michelle Djokic, Dave Odell, Mindy Vldlliams, Dana Shuler, Bally Karunasena. BACK ROW: Rob Orr, Rich Walton, Richard Reynolds, Steve Romeyn, Eric Schurz, Doug Ludwig, Rick King, Andy Cantrell, Mike Milburn, Ryan Rosier, Paul Evans, Lou Boyer. RIGHT: CAN WE TALK? - Sonia Das practices in preparation for the speech finals in June. Forensics :ffl Y sums, 5 FORENSICS FRONT ROW Yfxta Mur- Joel Lentzner, Glen Sandler, Jarrod ray Alex Redman Bobby Ah, Elaine Schenewark. Wrenn BACK ROW Rheuben Bowling, AH, DONE! - thinks Senior Jon von Arx after a long Saturday morning workout early in February at El Dorado park. if e-A Z- . I L. , I la, CF Features Films 'tMoviemaking will never be the same again!" exlaimed Senior Melissa Affre at the first meeting of the Creative Film Soci- ety. Sponsored by Mr. Mike Monaghan, CFS was formed when Film Analysis students Gary Lefebvre and Stacie Tisher felt the need to go beyond their classroom studies and formed a group dedicated to enjoying movies. In addition to going to various studios to watch shows being taped, CFS members spent a late-night vigil at Steve Williams' house watching Poltergeist, early in Novem- ber. The club also showed it's school spirit by sponsoring Gary Hughey in the Mr. Ram contest and by having a dunking booth dur- ing Homecoming. Undoubtedly, the most vocal club on cam- pus was Forensics, which was made up of students who wanted to improve their speaking ability. Forensics members kicked off the year by participating in the annual Bill of Rights Tournament at Cerritos Col- lege in early October. "CFS offers its m e 'ni b e 'r s t h e chance to start out . V '9 r c"e with T an .idea and " tam it into a mas- x 'J terpiecel of film- making." .- Gary LeFebvrel T T l C.F.S. W Although the Millikan Forensics Team did not place in every tournament, return- ing state qualifier and Fall President Sonia Das led the team through a successful year. "Although I had to spend many Saturdays going to speech tournaments, I think the benefits are well worth it," stated Spring President Bobby Ali. Other top speakers in- cluded Robert Saslow, Joel Lentzner, and Rheuben Bowling. Senior Jon von Arx, along with other cycl- ing enthusiasts, got together and formed the Cycling Club, sponsored by Mr. Fred Slade. "Cycling is a way to keep one's body in shape and have fun doing it," said Jon. Cycl- ing club showed itls Ram pride by sponsor- ing Geoff Smith in the Mr, Ram contest, ear- ly in January. Quill and Sc-roi' 2 llfi?'E,l'ff honorary soci- ety made Liz: A : Corydon staff membegfs 1 to enhance the member-'f , about various literary facts. If' by President .lim Greci and Tv, ent Elaine Wrenn. g Organization- X? Quwi. 1.3 CFS, Cycling. Foref, ' 5 'W s i i . ' a-,,.,.--3 -4" .,.,L:gf ' - ,,,,.,.............fT.1:..' :fi-f 1 - UI-H'-, ..- ve: ' f Lf 'gifi,:ff,5,' . . 5 22 - , 'fl V' ' ",. f L-DIL! vt - .. M37 fifitiiiiii - ' A ' 9. If - ,zz il s-3.1 nl .. ' jig' ,' 7 " ' I-l3.,..:-4l,l:L: - 1' 5. Q ' ' Kham-Abalc - - f 1 ,P S , H.. ,,,, - , 'lurk I' X i 1 ,ez 'ig -1, ' . :it-1-.f"' , ,iq ..1. R, .25-I' '- FAR ABOVE: HOW ABOUT THIS ONE? - With help from Rick Smyth, Michelle Djokic carefully chooses an interesting card that should make a good trade at the upcoming Traders meeting. ABOVE: IN THE NEWS ... - Bill D'Andrea takes a peek at the Mr. Ram article in the January edition of the Corydon. 1 O Organization Hour to Devou r, 30-3-30, Traders 1 f fvfw Y?M Sluvlg - IROXT ROW: -iflliliami. Erik x 7 ,A . jf , HOUR TO DEVOUR - FRONT ROW: Pam Mulligan, Michelle Djokic, Glenn Wells, Melissa Affre, Gary Lefebvre, Lori Timpe. 2ND ROW: Teri Kirkwood, Nancy Vamvaki- tis,Ms. Hyams, Karen Oleson,Hayley Sloan, Ralph Lakin, Lori Ivey, Julie Correa, Izumi Arai, Amanda Schlumpf, Renee Arakawa, Sindi Burson, Wendy Morrison, Tracy Smith, Mary Struett, Cami Laines, Anna McCarthy, Stan Eizak. 3RD ROW: Nichelle Pegan, Cee Karunasena, Robyn Joffe, Yxta Murray, Mika Arai, Petra Zverina, Rob Cin- co, LeAnn Battle, Paige Arnold, Kim Shawn, Julie Fago't, Josette Medina, Kelly Kaiser, Robin Forgay, Buffy Sweeney, Cas- sandra Gunsaulus, Jackie Johns, Steve Ro- evton Miriam Dennis Michelle McCoy, Rhonda Frazie dom, Rob Durazzo, David Sueki, rlgieyn, Dana Shuler.A4TH ,. Y , r Mindy Williams, Steve Williams, Karlson, Rodney Montiel, Suzanne Jane Selditz, Debbie White, Rich Lori Hiatt. BACK ROW: Keven Gail Newman, Kelvin Gobble, Melissa banks, Marlo Ashley, J Stone, Kim Ryder, Mike Kendall, Andy Cantrell, Bob Boyer, Mark Wigod, Lee Mayer John James, Janet Birch, Dick Ludwig, Sheilagh Flanagan. Mike Wolk, lnlii'l, Sonia D llll ll0ll': Stev ':iiiil'ilI,Aimai X, X. il 5 1: L... K K 1 .jf Q x A 1 X1 1 I l M - ,A fi Y Q i 57 n ,-" ' 1' ifiiizerff ,gi'5.TQgin 'xtiiiggf U T-Mlif' ?,,i'z5li7f 7-7 'Uriwcszi ,-ggi-j,. J 1117, mi-- ' if ii Elilblfz' , j' -ff ' 2-'L-I5 .Q uf- ,,,..g !:7FY.'5"" Pr 6 Q Nr I Q W7 TRADERS - FRONT ROW: Elaine Wrenn, Noelle Nishikawa, Deepa Mehta, Yxta Murray, Andy Cantrell, Mark Wigod, Dave Odell, Lee Mayer, Camille Dougher- ty, Jim Greci. 2ND ROW: Evan Shahin, Ryan Rosier, Rich Walton, Geoff Smith, Kendra Karlson, Steve Williams, Rick G Smythe, Bob Albright, Tim Collins, Mindy Williams, Dana Shuler, Stan Eizak. BACK ROW: Mary Kramer, Blair Cohn, Gerald Wilson, Rob Cinco, Eric Schurz, Brad Lan- caster, Glenn Wells, Richard Reynolds, Steve Romeyn, Lou Boyer, Jon von Arx, Steve Malone. 30-3-30 - FRONT ROW: Mindi Sapons- nek, Steve Vidlliams, Erika Nelson, Julie Anne Mandryk, Sonia Das, Kim Hum- phreys, 2ND ROW: Steve Silpa, Diane Alpern, Shari Vall, Anna Miranda, Stacey , ,,, up - R i LW. "4-x - ,-i11,:-Jig':.'.aas- 1 a LI "gf Zinn, Edie Wagstaff, Rheuben Bowling. BACK ROW: Shanon Sejkora, Reese Stewart, Antoinette Walsh, Julie Fago't, Chris Nutter. at Hour to Devour Gains Weight Membership increased in Hour to Devour to the largest it had ever been. Qualifica- tions were for those with time for the club's many activities and hearty appetities. "Hour to Devour promotes traditional American values: cooking, eating, and en- joying food," stated the club's sponsor, Mr. Zimmerman. With food on their minds, and dressed for the occasion, members enjoyed many differ- ent types of cuisine. After the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, there was so much left-over turkey that an emergency lun- ff'GOOd food and, Hour , fognaiwws - azz- fabbuivjii' I f if 'ill Nancy Vamvakitis ',fYHour to Devour I i cheon was held to sandwich and devour old Tom. President of the 30-3-30 club, Reese Stewart, stated, "The main purpose of the club is to encourage an interest in journal- ism, as well as to learn the procedure for putting out a regularly-scheduled publica- tion." 30-3-30 had an enjoyable time produc- ing an interesting newspaper for the stu- dent body. Traders continued to wheel and deal in the exchange of baseball cards. For the Mr. Ram Pageant, active Traderys member Ryan Rosier represented his club with a "Careless Whisper." Hour to Devour boasted their candidate, Gary LeFebvre, who was first runner-up, while third runner-up Bill D'Andrea was presented by 30-3-30. FAR LEFT: SOMETHING DIFFERENT- At an exotic dinner in October, Michelle Peyton tries to identify the taste of the morsal she just encountered. LEFT: FIN- GER LICKIN' GOOD - At the American dinner for Hour to Devour, Ralph Lakin enjoys Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and delicious bar-b-qued chicken. Organizations R rf evnur. 30-3-30, Traders , , New Clubs Earn Their Charters New clubs sprang up everywhere, helping to promote school spirit through a wide vari- ety of activities. Da Capo, a new music-oriented club, was designed to bring students together to get a taste ofwhat the musical theater is like. Ms. Debbie Mrazik, the choral teacher, spon- sored the club. During Homecoming, spirit buttons were sold by Da Capo. Their booth won the Best Decorated Award. Irving Moreno repre- sented the new club in the Mr. Ram Pageant. The members of the popular club also enjoyed a game of broomball against a club from Lakewood High School. Da Capo produced, directed, and starred in a musical play called "Untitled". It was a huge success. Presidents Anna McCarthy and Ken Monreal expressed pride in the overall outcome. "I enjoy D a Capo because it enables me to be with people who share my interest in the area of per- forming arts." -- Bob Brown Da Capo Another club new to the campus, the Nautical Club, was sponsored by Mrs. Raymonde Boyer. Nautical Club was cre- ated so members could explore what the sea had to offer, investigate its creatures, and bring together people who enjoy the sea. Whether picnicing, playing volleyball on the beach, fishing as a group, whale- watching, or enjoying the sea around Cata- lina Island, President Mike Milburn and Vice-President John James led the enthu- siastic group on adventure after adventure. During Christmas, the Nautical Club placed a spirited third-place in the Canned Food Drive. The winner ofthe Mr. Ram title, Steve Williams proudly represented the Nautical Club. The German Club, sponsored by Mr. Joseph Schmid. found a highlight ofthe year in their representative for the Mr. Ram Pageant, Shawn Heslin. BELOW RIGHT: GONE FISHIN' - In the middle of February. Mrs. Raymonde Boyer and Mike Milburn take time out to fish in Belmont Shores at a Nautical Club event. 1 Organizations Da Capo,NauticalClub.German Club X --' ---- a g ij- FRONT lOl lfmzm.llichllalto ml, Anna llcfa ,I iii. luiannt P0 lil. laura Stu? Etliplletlillorris tlieHefilei',All1ii vu, me liitsii. lull xllirc Haight, lil iillrirmw. llene I "fliiiti,tf.aRni li S 'K rx.-..-.i..M DA CAPO - FRONT ROW: Leia Halliday, Brandi Bertram, Rich Walton, Angela Packer, Ken Monreal, Anna McCarthy, Rob Cinco. Jackie Johns, Suzanne Penny, Lisa Stone. Jeannie Wolk, Laura Scroggins. 2ND ROW: Lalaine Felipe, Beth Morrison, Shelly Hillies, ShariVall,Joe Heffley, Allison Evans, Josette Medina, Julie Kassay, Julie McGowan, No- reen Dulin, Kim Haight, Kathy Krull. Dana Flax, Lori Abramow, Rene Meza, Tina Hem- mings, Melanie Tyler. 3RD ROW: Susan Cun- THE NAUTICAL CLUB -- FRONT ROW: Sheryl Peterson, Jenny Walker, Judy Here- dla, Rodney Montiel, Sheryl Smith, Yxta Murray, Mrs. Boyer, Mike Milburn. 2ND ROW: Phillip Jones, Quynh Phan, Karen Rutten, Anna McCarthy, Jackie Johns, Izu- ningham, Kareen Arnold, Teri Diette, Mike Siegel, Dolly Jacobson, Yxta Murray, Bruce Shue, Amanda Schlumpf, Izumi Arai, Miriam Dennis, Robyn Joffe, Kristin Burns, Cee Karunasena, Deepa Mehta, Michele Massey, Unsuk Y., Charleen Pelkey, Tenia Sims. 4TH ROW: Janet Brewer, Dirk Oxenrider, Leslie Hutchinson, Nancy Thompson, Dawn Moore. Julie Copp, Julie Fago't, Darrin Chen, Hilina Perry, Bally Karunsena, Jenny Walker, Ann McKee, Susan Lee, Sindi Burson, Wendy Mor- mi Arai, Wendy Morrison, Hillina Perry, Bobby Ali. BACK ROW: Alex Redman, Rob Orr, Jenny Ross, Marnie Mitchell, Shawnda Clemens, Mark Wigod, Sindi Burson, Rob Durazzo, Matt Lynch. e F 'P at 3 if if B f-, I V i ff , I' " . H .,l-. A 4 I f ' ii 1' 2 L21-F535 my - I7 7 .gf ggg y ,UB-FRONT ROW: Lara Gel- ROW: Rory Willeford, Todd Anderson. Beth .ay-1-9, Michael Soldin, Miriam Van Sant, Sean Young, Shawn T'iESlll'1,ll'K HZ- ' ni Akai, Mr. Schmid. BACK ner Montiel, Mark Dennis, Scott McG1hon. ea rison, Andrew Morrison, Peter Guiliano, De- nise Madrid, Missi Braget, John Torres, Stacy Bryan, BACK ROW: Kelly Riddell, Ellen Ada- l1an,K1m Ryder, Rob Orr, Melissa Fairbanks, Karen Oleson, Hayley Sloan, Steven Silver- man, Lisa Wilkin, Traci Boyd, Kelvin Gobble, Eric Schurz, Bob Albright, Mike Duree, Tim Collins, D.C. Conroy, Linda Fuller, Tallal Elboushi, Dave Cole, Kirk Brennan, Irving Moreno, Damon Bass, Alison Clay, Leslie Stults. mrs' 5 s -'-- - xc ps 'Mk - A rs, H TI FAR LEFT: ROMEO, ROMEO ,.. - At a rehear- sal for the musical "Untitled", Stacy Bryan re- views the script for Da Capo's original production. ABOVE: SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH- During an afterschool German Club meeting in early May, President Sean Toxin g Hips through the pages ofa German inagazire ' . route to expanding his R1'lO15.'lQClEZ'E -, I Ga: culture. Organizations 1 7 9 2-Jtical Club, German Club . el i 174 Rams See Stars "For the first year of this club, the re- sponse from members has been very posi- tive and energeticf' said Astronomy Club President Yxta Murray. The sixty-member club was active on cam- pus. For Homecoming, they sold lemons with tutti-fruiti and peppermint sticks in them.They also builtafloatin the shape ofa star. Stuart Laureano was the club's candidate for the Mr. Ram contest. He impressed the audience by performing a tap dance with a hat and cane. In addition to the funds raised from the Homecoming stand, a car wash in Septem- ber helped the club fund a scholarship for an outstanding science student at the end of the year. "The purpose of the club was to b 1' i 'ri g p e o p Z e together to partici- pate in activities centered on the heavens." - Yxta Murray, Astronomy Club The Wargamers Association was created to allow people to form groups to compete in various games such as "Dungeons and Drag- ons" and 'fRisk." The twenty-five member group went to Orecon, a three-day convention held in Anaheim, where role-playing, fantasy, and adventure games were played. "It's a great place to learn new games," said Junior Kirk Brennan. The Wargamers were led by President Sean Young, Vice-President Patrick Bren- nan, Treasurer Kirk Brennan, and Secre- tary Debbie Shavelle. The purpose of the Calculus Club was to provide books and tuition for future calcu- lus students. Geoff Smith was president of the club, Mark Wigod was Vice-President, Jon von Arx was club Secretary, and Glenn Wells was the Treasurer. The club elected Mr. Caswell as the first Employee ofthe Month and Juan Alcocer as Employee of the Month for December. Organizations Astronomy. IN argamers, Calculus -v - gl- 43 x, 1 1. WARGAMERS ASSOCIATION - FRONT BACK ROW: Eric Nichols, Michael Parker, ROW: Peter Guiliano, Dave Cole, Kirk Shawn Heslin, Sean Young. Brennan, Joel Gargaro, Leslie Stults, I FAR ABOVE: WHAT DO YOU THINK? - While at Astronomy Club's first meeting, members Ralph Lakin, Robyn Joffe, and Yxta Murray discuss future club plans. ABOVE RIGHT: RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY- On a rainy night at Robyn Joffe's house, Astronomy Club members Yxta Murray, Ralph Lakin, and Robyn Joffe wait for the skies to clear so they can view the stars. RIGHT: MAGICIAN ATTACKS ELF- On a lazy afternoon, Wargamers members Peter Guiliano, Pat Brennan, Kirk Brennan, and Dave Cole become involved in a game of "Dungeons and Dragons." FAR RIGHT: THE DERIVATIVE OF X EQUALS - Calculus Club President Geoff Smith takes time during his third-period class to work on one of his many 'A' period calculus prob- lems. 1 .N .4 'J 1 xfd arf, S L x. ,ff ,f if 3 .,v7' L i. gafffj .2513 ' .Hi QF r apt.. fig Q ' 59. A 1 I H QOOQQAM xl , ,, S W I .atm , ., I S, .Q T1 1 x CALCULUS CLUB - FRONT ROW: Geoff Smith, Mark Wigod, Glenn Wells, Jon von A1-x.2ND ROW: Dana Schuler, Elaine Wrenn, Noelle Nishikawa, Norman Kitano, Michelle McCoy, Paige Arnold, Gary .LeFebvre, Kim Shaw, Tim Collins, Rodney Montiel, Camille Dougherty, Yxta Murray 3RD ROW: Mindy Vldlliams, Joel Gargaro, Alison Clay, Rob Cinco, Bally Karunasena, Miriam Dennis, s Lb , , ,if , 4 ' ' .. '- l .ivy 5 1 Y v Q Rob Durazzo, Steve Williams, Kendra Karlson, Bob Albright, John Williamson, D.C. Conroy, Mary Kramer, Debbie Kelly. BACK ROW: Leslie Stults, Asim Ali, Chris Craig, Dave Odell, Evan Shahin, Ryan Rosier, Andy Cantrell, Lee Mayor, Mike Mil- burn, Lou Boyer, Steve Malone, John James, Boba by Ali, Alex Redman, Paul Evans. ' i el ASTRONOMY CLUB - FRONT ROW: Beth Mor- rison, Robyn Joffe, Miriam Dennis, Karen Oleson, Lori Abramow, Dana Flax, Denise Bonachita, Stuart Laureano, Stacy Bryan, Yxta Murray, Cathie Rodgers, Kerri Zaleski, Becky Weber, Terri Kirkwood, Daisy Berry, Kathy Krull, Irma Blanco, Marnie Mitchell, Janice Randall. ZND ROW: Janine Smith, Kelli Burch, Bally Karunasena, Debbie White, Gary LeFebvre, Kendra Karlson, Steve Williams, Amanda Schlumpf, Sindi Burson, Alex Redman, Sheryl Peterson, Vicki Huber, Tri- na Dunyon, John Torres, Steve Silverman. 3RD ROW: Tim Eastman, Christine Medina. Michele Massey, Marlo Ashley, Lynda McCarver, Julie Fago't, Soo Jin Kim, Rodney Montiel, Susan Zeder, Elaine Wrenn, Debbie Kelly, Anna McCarthy, Jackie Johns, Jenny Walker, Dolly Jacobson, Lisa. Longville, Cee Karunasena, Shelly Gilles, Kerri Smith. BACK ROW: Mary Kramer, Noelle Nishi- kawa, Evan Shahin, Bobby Ali. Steve Malone, Mike Milburn, Nathan Burk, Geoff Smith, Jon von Arx, Andy Cantrell, Mark Wigod, Glenn Wells, Lou Boyer, Aaron Sullivan, Keith Ladd, Shelly Lee, Lori Kessler. Il XZ Z ltd? i H 1 fl 1 i i inf L: 1. :,: lf! ' giijej, 'f ,ff ti h , f Organizations 'E 'X lsargames, Calculus .aa A 5, ..4........ man Darrin Chen Michael Merrill Cole Mark Bennett Hillina Perry Gerald Wilson Debbie Shavelle. BACK Yvonne Brooks Natalie ParSOI1S. s S We Q .4 ,f 1 - " T , JL L it GIRLS LEAGUE - FRONT ROW: Maria Colon Nlhay Nghiem Stacia Logan Jen- nifer Hall Debbie Shavelle Beth Van Sant, Soo Jin Kim, Sharla Frazier, Marissa Labor, Janine Smith. ZND ROW: Yurrika Dolgorovky, Tamy Nghiem, Julie Copp, Robin Kelley, Erin O'Neil, Rhonda fill Frazier Sheryl Smith Melanie Tyler Carina Carra Tonya Shean. BACK ROW: Nlancy Endo Julianne West Julie Green- lee, Julie Tracy, Julie Redrup, Lisa Powell, Ji Young Kim, Eunice Kitahata, Ha Nguyen, Janice Kitahata, Hillina Perry. U ki N Q , 5 Y . P I BYTES - FRONT ROW: Gretchen W011- ROW: Peter Giuliano,Kirk Brennan,Dave -2 .3 U Q 0 ij X 0 of Q 1 I I If 1 G , ' a , I vi I 3 I . K I L I , A 1 6 Organizations Amadeus, Bytes, Girls' League, Span.!Fr. J' fi ffm ' 1 rv s X lllvuuuvn-pu 1 Vai E or , l X A , l' k I ' ,Sur FRN , ll ilu K l , , is 1 ... gf' ggi-M :ha L l Vi h ,A 1 5,1-T U I is a W QT! ififllfliirl Hilton ma lik Hemae 5 1 I me -e-1 . s-T 5 SPANISHIFRENCH CLUB - FRONT ROW: Sandy Quon, Debbie Shavelle, Gilda Riaz, Sonia Das, Yxta Murray, Mrs. Boyer, Rodney Montiei. QND ROW: Claudia Lugo, Raneka Chlim, Luciana Llarmas, Rose Lucero, Darrin Chen, Phil- g.. Q EUS ONT ROW: Debbie Joel Gargaro, ri, Marvin Mar- Hansen, KathY im Drake. Mark Mark Bennett. Kevin Schmidt. Alison . lip Jones, Michelle Viilson. BACK ROW: Glenn Wells, Hayley Sloan, Alex Redman, Kelvin Gobble, Antoinette Walsh, Karen Jackson, Mike Milburn, Karla Carroll, Hillina Perry. We , K i 3 ii, i K. dirt' S V -ni L J- - I Chris Craig. BACK ROW: Elisa Freligh. Leslie Stultz, Mike Selden. Leane Eberheart, Steve Velotte. Sean Younff- Dhoug Thomas, Brent Carol. John San- c ez. 47- 7,-:,,,L,. Amadeus Defies The orm 'tAmadeus was formed to give musicians a change to utilize their musical talents,' re- plied Fall President Asim Ali when asked the purpose of the newly revised 505 Club, which was sponsored once again by Dan Sul- livan. Amadeus had a number of community service projects related to music. They went Christmas caroling at Halloween, per- formed for a group of senior citizens in De- cember, and participated in music shows at various junior high schools. Bytes, a new club on campus, was opened up to anyone interested in computers or tak- ing computer classes. Sponsored by comput- er programmingteacher JimmyHoward, the club nominated Mark Bennett as their can- didate for the Mr. Ram pageant. The Spanishflfrench Club, led by Fall i "Bytes allows , ,people with a com- mon interest in ., computers to get Tp together and share ,L gr, E 2 .3 " n fy T . zcleas. T - Michael Merrill T T Bytes President Gilda Riazi, continued their tradi- tional activities during Homecoming and Spring Week. They also attended a taping of the television show "Trivia Trapt, to raise money for their club, which was sponsored by Raymonde Boyer. Girls' League, a very active club on cam- pus, was open to all girls who were in- terested in serving the commumity and working hard. They held their annual school-based projects which included a lnss- o-gram sale, the Mr, Masculine Muscles competition in October and an Alumni Tea during Homecoming. Spring President Debbie Shavelle com- mented, "Girls' League allows me to partici- pate in different kinds of service activities while allowing me to meet other girls." F.-XR LEFT: JUST FOR YOU- Girls' League Fall Pres- ident Beth Yan Sant installs Sizririg Presiiient Dethie Shavelle in January. ABOVE LEFT: V!ATC'H THISI - Bytes member Natalie Pays' :is nstrates a pro- gram she wrotei T ' Pefi'1e',i LEFT: JUST A LIT- TLE NOTE ABOUT 1 Tl sgff. explains the Milli- kan music gm iis at Marshall Junior High. Organizations V7 Ameda- iris' League. Span. Fr. , 5 HI. 1 I 1 r '1 I ,-jU111i-li111l111l1111Z1f' : The Year YJ QTOEE ' I o 0 o Baby Fae, Desmond Tutu wins Nobel Peace I Prize, Kids on the stand of the McMartin Preschool trial, 513.00 fines for parking in I front of the school, Mary Decker and Zola Budd conflict, stabbing at Millikan results I in violence propaganda from press, Con- gressmen and teachers in space, first black I Miss America becomes first Miss America forced to resign, the Mobil run, Tina Turner I makes a comeback at forty-six and sweeps the Grammys, Lionel Richie does an "out- , I rageous" job emceeing the American Music Awards, Band Aid and USA for Africa I "Feed The World", minorities become majority. I People are people, I differently seen, Sometimes they function I as only machines. Outgoing, shy, I studious, or funny, Their individuality makes ' I all of them stunning. Closed personalities I seldom get involved, 5 S uppressed characteristics I I take too long to -resolve. Their ideals and 'values I are created together i l To inspire the-m th rough life I always and forever. 1 Glenn Wells '85 I FAR ABOVE RIGHT: HOW CUTE - Dave and Susie Odell check out the stuffed animals in the Hallmark I Shop in Marina Pacifica one lazy, Spring afternoon. ABOVE RIGHT: VERY FUNNY - Seniors Suzy Hef- I fley and Lee Mayer exchange a few laughs during a May weekend cruise on Lee' 38ft. Bay Liner. RIGHT: MUNCHERS! - A Sunday afternoon Ends Millikan I Flag Girls neglecting their calorie-watching to "mow" 1 on some irrestible Cookie Munchers cookies. , 1 V , , x I i I. L ,W i -- - Y- ' . . 1 4 1 u i 'H-'vc Ar' -.1-1:11:11zzzzznzzxthznznzz X 1 I p ' i l I , Ai I f , ig! . N . of 'I I I I E i l . I M V n, .., Liga! . I .4 I 4 W. yaw. I nl i n " I n o I ' , 3 I I . , 1 K o fg A f-. no i L 5 I i ' , F ' -A T . i V :J ' I 5 -1 ' . , I .1 5 : Q . , I - '- , lf i A, fi 47 ',, , 'il , 1 R i 0 . Q ,.., , .ji M I i I V ' fwfr . . "' x. ' in A i ' H: Y '7 - w"M .. it-vw it , I I E' I 1 ' 4 ' rv g dvi i 3 b f fp . -3' I V In ff VV I Q- . -A , V It LL: 1g I J' ,nv . . ' I I if Y 2 A i- - I in V Ak A I-Un ... N i i 4 I, 4' Q 5 i A - .252 H 3 V W., , I I LEFT: THE MANY sums or Us - While I some enjoy the compan- ionship of many, Senior N I Robyn Joffe prefers the " 'i tranquility found in her it lf: li book, I -i I I ik 1 ka i Y 'Y 1 i i V ' Y X 11 V w .1 ,- f ,Y i i' X I il pf- n - ii I- i o!i ! -nil' - fin - iii' vii'-Yee 7 People F Division Pale Q Q V ' f efxf, 5? F ....... Ml 5 rl' un--1 3.- Fr - ' qv Af' X 1 'lil L, , , , I -Five F FAR ABOVE: WHAT I WANT - During second-period Stu- dent Council, Mark Vlhgod ex- plains to Michelle Djokic what he wants to discuss at the next Class Council meeting. ABOVE: UNHAPPY - Camille Dougherty, LeAnn Battle,and Debbie Davisson are all displeased about the upcom- ing welfare project for the Se- nior class. ABOVE RIGHT: WE WANT PIZZA - Elaine 1 8 O Graduates l Senior Officers Wrenn, Jim Greci, and Mindy Williams rush to distribute pizza to hungry customers during the Homecoming fes- tivities. RIGHT: TEDIOUS WORK - While conferring over memeber-at-large ap- plications during Student Council, Senior Officers Glenn Wells and Elaine Wrenn search for the right combination in a Class Council. W- .E '!"'x Y-F1-, v- vw,-, kill i " v---Q - V., ..,,,, 1 f- MN "pb- e 1 ul: A ,R flls . Mlllg. f,1?ll'rQn ,Smal D51 FMD I f Smile ' .9 1 . I- rl 'lily C 'figellni .f .um S ,- I o 1 i. 51,1 X.: ,iff I ,L , .. i , .. . 5 ' tiki SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL -.FRONT ROW: Mark Wigod Glenn Wells Jim Greci Elaine Wrenn. 2ND ROW: Denise Bonachita Debbie Shavelle Mary Ann Tehraniazad Debbie Davisson Lon Hiatt Dana Shuler Stacie Tisher, Camille Dougherty, Cee Karunasena. 3RD' ROW: Mariam Dennis, Stacey Gordon, Mlchelle McCoy Suzanne Penny, Stacia Logan- 4TH ROW: Noelle Nishikawa Robyn Joffe Dianne Ruder Jackie Sherlock Lori Ivey Melissa Affre Michelle Djokic Deb- bie Kelly Mindy Williams Tenia Sims. BACK ROW: LeAnn Battle Hillina Perry Steve Romeyn, Geoff Smith, Rodney Mon- tiel, Brad Lancaster, Jon von Arx, Julie Fagot, Suzie Heffley. Seniors Sell: Students Buy Homecoming was a big money-maker for the Senior Class. The Seniors once again sold Barro's Pizza at the festivities. The profits were very rewarding: they cleared S124.56, second only to last year's Senior Class effort. Another reward for the day was the Se- nior Class float. It was a three-dimensional reproduction of a Harlequin Mask, which hands down took the first-place honors in the Homecoming Theme Contest. The Float construction was made possible by John James, .Ion von Arx, and Mark Wigod, who built the foundation of the float while Lori Hiatt, Debbie Davisson, and Kim Shaw worked hard to put on the tissues. The entire process lasted until 10:30 p.m. After the highly successful day-time activ- ities, there was a dance held at the Ram- Shack, disc-jokeyed by "Good Vibration". Next upcoming was their welfare project for the school, which was to clean the Mar- quee Letters Cthe letters above the cafeteriaj. On Saturday, November 10, a crew of hard workers with buckets and sponges cleaned the letters. Among the ded- icated workers were Paige Arnold and Deb- bie Kelly, who worked their fingers to the bone. February 16, was the date set for the Win- ter Affair, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in the California Room. The featured band was "The Calmrads", who performed from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. They are said to be one of the top ten bands in California, as quoted by many talent agencies. Fall Se- nior Class President Jim Greci commented on the turnout, "The dance was a great suc- cessg there were many people and it was the first Winter Affair that has been very profit- able." The Fall term officers were Senior Class President Jim Greci, Vice-Presidnet Elaine Wrenn, and Senior Senator Glenn Wells. The Spring term officers were Senior Class Pres- ident Mark Wigod, Vice-President Michelle Djokic, and the Senior Senator Melissa Affre. LEFT: YOUR FUTURE - Senior Class members Camille Dougherty, Jim Greci, Elaine Wrenn, Mark Wigod, Glenn Wells, and Michelle Djokic drive their cars through the streets of Life one Saturday night. BE- LOW LEFT: COLLEGE BOUND - Seniors Debbie Kel- ly, Mary Kramer, and Geoff Smith spend their spare time in Aries to discuss their future college plans. Graduates 1 8 1 Senior Officers 182 x rf' o '-ia! f '1 . ' S g- J Jig get -Q N awww ,Cam Xafww Qfmmfa Wa We Qgzlxbbfm llwlfj akemyddwf Q306JZM JZYWZJM Qada-JKJJ lj! .M if l is , .a bn bl' 'Qlafia ' ' American heroes. comment d "Th 1 G, fbtol Trl e , ere was a ways C P p A few students from Millikan something to do, and it was all alot WashingtOn,D'C.iSaCity Ofhistoi were privileged enough to have of fun." For these and other stu- rl ry, beauty, and the many complex- taken part in this memorable expe- dents, Capitol Classroom provided ities of our government. Capitol rience. Rick King, Gary LeFebvre, a fun and very beneficial trip. I' I' Classroom was Organized in an and Robyn Sherain were among Glenn Wells '85 gl attempt to clarify these intricate, these Students- Gary LeFebvre l democratic actions for high school l students and other interested h citizens, while explaining the histo- ry behind the many monuments " g and memorials. , l ! Nine action-filled days were V NX, -'X M spent in Washington, D.C. in June. vvvph ,Q '-f P' 'rf The group visited Arlington Na- 41" "fi "T ' -I tional Cemetary, the Capitol, and ff, tl' 'i l f 2 , '-lf ' -f A the many other places involved in 4,3 Q . ' f i '- history and the governmental pro- ffr". " "'V C' ' ,I " . ' A h ' n cess. ' 5 I F ' ', , , "There's a certain amount of ex- ' .' - A mimgi citement in seeing the president of C, - " ""' " P 'i f A' ' our country," understated Capitol ', ip! A f I' . , , , v L Classroom staff member and Milli- I I , Q ' I LL, L kan science teacher Mr. Chuck Wil- - ' ' .1 , ii , ' i - v ' shire."Seeingthe monuments gave -' H' , 1 '1iI'- p ' , nu A l, me a whole new sense of pride," he ', ' H, : V' 3 li ,ff ,M ' gg 1 added.The many monuments bring ' p 111' . ' p I v I "C 7" to life the childhood stories of d,q-Q1111 if ' ' J , 'I " t I Graduates Adams - Anderson -Q C N . 1 if 1.6451 fm .Q A. L x P , . Milfs f gpg was always :i 1: was allalr 5 and other stu- ssmm prosilez :eicial trip. Glenn W5 if , ni' , 1 I 1 Y li ,-., .rx ' 1 Z f , Q. ' . .n W S A N ' Q a,ZfZf?,"gW , ff-5, , f sa jabs nga? E E1 , -. l 532,53 W' .J V f3,,,,4,,s,-,zmggzgi V: ,,,c,-5-F Y' I ,Zia ,bw M606 -16-fwh' 'JI iff, l ,. . , ' l , gong Marci Jvdddlb QQAAQ I ..,. f 1 -,:y,14:' ' -Q f -1 ., , 3 ,,- if -. , - "'.,,,','v ,1ii1,Q45,i3: '-'fH':.",L' 5 ' E aff? , ' 9.276429 Qdwmabmw ,gjalfb Qdfzzzk 1 . fa. ,vs "' , 411- yi - if. . 4f!.:.1'!., 1 - 1 f, ANGANETTE ADAMS - JV Basketball JOHN ADAMS - Rifle Team. MELISSA AFFRE - Soph. Senator, Soph. V-Pres., JV Cheer, Varsity Cheer, Hour to Devour V-Pres. Soph. Jr. Sr. Class.Council Rally Chairman Public- xty Director Jr. Honor Guard CFS. FAHEEM AKBAR - Jazz Choir. ASIM ALI - Orchestra Marching Band Straw Hat Band Amadeus Key Club NHS CSF Math Club 505 Club Pres. Astronomy Club Gold M. BABER ALI-JV Var. Wrestling Prin. Advisory Comm. Aries Key Club Math Club Forensics Prs. CSF NHS Jr. Sr. Class Council Quill and Scroll. DIANE ALPERN -- 30-3-30 Quill and Scroll Corydon Editor-in-Chief NHS. DENOS AMARANTOS - Soph Foot ball Jr Class Council Dance Club astronomy Club Principal s Honor o MICHELLE ANDERSON Kxdettes Prep Club STEPHANIE ANDERSON Soph Class Council Hour to Devour Varsity Soccer Orchestra C S F JEFF ANGER Soph Var Football Var Wrestling MIKA ARAI Var Swimming Water Polo Mgr Stats Lorett CSF Hour to Devour Frosh Soph Jr Sr Class Council Ames Quill and Scroll Prin cipal s Honor Roll JIM ARAKAWA Soph JV Var Foot ball German Club Band Orchestra BRIAN ARMSTRONG Stage Crew KAREEN K ARNOLD Choral Club DaCapo CSF PAIGE ARNOLD Kidettes Prom Comm Sr Class Council AA S Varsi ty Cheer Hour To Devour CFS League Lorett Adv Dance Dance Concert TODD AVCOLLIE JV Football JV Track CSF SHAWN BANNISTER Golf Team REX BARTHOLOMEW Orchestra Band Straw Hat Band Amadeus V gges 505ClubV Pres JazzEnsemble F KEVINE BARTLEY JV Var Soc cer JV Football DAMON BASS DaCapo Chamber Choir LEANN BATTLE JV Tennis Jr Sr Class Council Hour to Devour FERNANDO BAUTISTA JV Var Football HONOR Asim A11 received All District and All State Honors in Orchestra HONOR Rheuben Bowling was Student ofthe Quarter in ROTC 5- ...- er -- ff' , f -Q 'S l , 3 . . 1 I M , . H .5 1-lt ' vs 11 Y is f 15 G 2 J" , 'v: '51'j,+sH -f., - gtg' 1 W Q1- Jajgemgga .,., , vs. I N filo , W. W.. 51 '-', A 1' - is 4 V i J at , X I Mm, Qafrgy tywzafzab .Q-daaagctai ea ..f 1. s-:ww 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y ! 9 7 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 . . , J 1 ll. -" 1 I 1 l 1 1 I , , . . . 1 -1 ' 1 -w l . . , X -1 1 1 1 1 Y n , . ', I, I n 1 1 ' 1 ' - . 1 .. I, , . - 1 1 1 ' ' "' 1 1 - A . 1' . 1 b ., . , . . ., ' 7 7 ' LISA ASHLEY! -- Dance Club, Girls 1 1 - 1 1 1 , . 1 1 2 1 " ., " ., , u ""' , n ' , . " 1 ' -' l 1 1 1 , . 1 , 1 . . . . n . . . ' I . 1 1: f- ., 112:99 '- ,.1a5,t1g . 1 4 ' , L ,.,- F 1 F J 'L . 5, a- - Stir! J ,Q 5.15: . , . . Graduates Anger - Bautista ' 5 9 IIA 2 ir. Q .3 kg "' ' --'!'71.11 1' . M' J 621-wcgodv Qgeci Afifw S801 G06 .Qgcwtofz jizz! 9301! , Mllflb bghdfffl- L 6111116 5301211111211 CHRISTOPHER A BECK School Play Masquers LINDA BENNER Marchmg Band Amadeus MARK BENNETT Drum Major Marchmg Band Straw Hat Band Or chestra Jazz Band Math Club Amadeus Treas Bytes Club V Pres 505 Club Sec CSF DAVE BENTON ROTC MONIQUE BESSEM Ames Art Edl tor Prmclpal s Advlsory Comm Soph Jr Sr Class Council Lorett CSF Oulll and Scroll G1rl s Var Soccer Mgr Traders Prlncl al s Honor Roll JANET BIRCH our to Devour Soph Jr Sr Class Councll Dance FRED S BLALOCK Soph JV Var Football IRMA BLANCO Lorett Astronomy ggupb CFS Kldettes JV Badmmton MARCI BLASETTI Spamsh Club Astronomy Club Math Club Dance glub JV Swlmmlng Prmclpal s Honor o DENISEE BONACHITA Soph Jr Sr Class Councll Adv Dance Dance Club Masquers Astronomy Club School Play CHRISTY BORDIN Varslty Gym nastlcs MICHAEL L BORDONI CSF NHS Jr Class Councxl Spanlsh French Club Math Club Swlmmmg Prom Comm CBS Hour to Devour Prlncl pal s Honor Roll GEORGE L BOWENS Soph JV Var Basketball Soph Track Covydon 30 3 30 Hour to Devour RHEUBEN BOWLING ROTC Cory don Page Edltor FOFSDSICS CSF Qulll and Scroll Jr Class Councll Color Guard Drxll Team NFL 30 3 30 LOU BOYER Key Club Traders Cal culus Club S A D D Cycllng Club Astronomy Club Hour to Devour Nautical Club AYRAKA BRATCHER Jazz Choxr DaCapo 30 3 30 WILLIE B BRIGGS JR Orchestra 505 Club S rmg Muslcal Fresh Soph Class ouncll MICHAEL BROCK Soph Var Wa ter Polo Soph Swlmmmg CSF YVONNE BROOKS Bytes ROTC Dr1ll Team Color Guard Rlfle Team Spanlsh French Club Prmclpal s Hon or Roll BQFWN V BROWER Dance Club HONOR Mel1ssa Affre was selected as the 1983 Jr Prlncess AWARD W1ll1am Maus Won the SCIEHCQ Achlevement Award HONOR Jeff Anger was named All Clty and All League ID foot 3. . X Q- fiqffl Qgffafett aah otgefmzr 511131111 .g86A2f6l7Z Yfaf QM M153 Ginny orafhf IA l 1, I! , 3 , . fl , 1 I 6 I 5 A 'Q' I 1 'J W I 1 . s X ' 9 ' ' ' l 1 1 1 I '1 ' '1 I ., . - . . y . I K 1 I -1 -1 'Za C -1 -1 1 1 ' ' -1 . . , - 1 1 - . . , " ' if ' 1. I I ' Iii ., ., ., , . s. . -- ., , . - 3 s , n 1 1 1 1 "' 1 a u , v n ,, A .77 1-- -' . . 1 1 -' -s. , Ip, 1 1 11. A " A 'I - H, ' . I i 1, ., Q 3 ex - 1 - 1 1 '. 1 ' l 1 1 1 S -fr-X ' f . - x ' , 5 , .J ' A . ,l' l"1f . I I 1 1 I I ,Ia - , - 1 A J Q11 1 1 1 I . " M - -I uf , C I -1 1 1 Y Z ' C as ' " ' I sl - 1 1 1 1 I I - .. I I . 0 ' . . ' . ve 1 1 1 ' M" " ' 1 ' -f 1 - 1 1 . 'BK ' - , I I 1 1 1 - , , . .... I .. 1 ' - 1 - f 4 1 , . . . ., , 1 7 jg' ,' . 9 f I - 1 If "' 1 I , r 1 ' ' ' 1 . . 1 , 1 I 1 -1 Qx ' ', 4' 5 I I '1 ' ' N-V ., . , . I a . , , ' ' ' J J 1 1 1 ' 1 gs, f ,Ix.,IIfI . I . . , - I! gym' 'J 5 7 155.1 f 1' I 7' ,K , hw . ' 1 C I . . . . I . . 11, . . . . . 1 Graduates Beck - Bordoni ,5 1 I A ,J N lx I 'mm '3', if 1 TTT? 9301110 3. LI ' f lllmsr Ililguchn 'Quebec' Y I 111, Nl -1 'iQ O ' 'rf'- i . 1' Z ' 'E QL A me f- I .. .., 9' . , . S fi ' .I -1 cl 1 1 Q'Q30a5zeow' if www Qramaawai YZXQ? face ,Qui awe- 2322 QW ,Zfyfaff mmf M17 Qg yffffe 53,46 E' if I -ii Qddlfb grower 6J6!!'fld2ff grown, Qofwa .g8l'0t07Zf J f I . V be' of A 0 Q04 T- THE BRITISH INVASION of the 1980 s in ly Idol General Public and Frankle Goes to eluded such musical artists as Duran Duran Hollywood These groups were able to capi Wham Depeche Mode The English Beat Bll tallze on British popularity in America ,.,- I Britain Invades Again The 1960's brought a rush of young lively musical groups to the U.S. The impact that these British bands had on American teenagers was tremendous. The Rolling Stones Herman and the Hermits the Byrds and of course the Beatles werejust a part of the English talent that re sounded from radios Wow once again in the 80 s an in credible amount of new talent has Groups such as Duran Duran Cul ture Club Bananarama and Depeche Mode have almost monopolized teenagers musical interests espe cially in So Cal British new wave is a unique sound that few American groups can produce commented Caotu Phan Wlary Kramer 80 Graduates Bourgeois Brown X 3 1 A 1, 6 , Q ... Q, 5 1 21 1 f- 'V' 9 9 2 3 I f y -N J ' . ff. ' I , I glial, ' - .A ' . .- .x Q ' em ' 5 va 5 .,,. . ,7- A- 1 . 1 2 1 Y 1 ,, V Aa. . 1 ' . , ' 2 1 A P cv - 1 w , 'V rr' " i - E 'L ' I H l 1 B' G. 4 ' 1 1 l I . tv . X ' In ' . r penetrated the shores of America. 1 3 I . . ,, . . . . 3 'I 1 R ,Ji ' I' nfl to B ' 3 ' , . Y ' ' ' " ' -, 16 xr T-Y' '- - J W l ,TT,r01TI?4!Y.4 J , T flu-lilf'15 4 1 . P i g V ' f I - y f - . x .5 I J If ' W All V 'Ju ' ,Q 4 , A E 4 ,Q A 5, tftay Qgyafza fm Q!!04lZt7" ,MW ,W Q A 3 ' V 3 gmwy Qafyyafvzcff W QZIIYZZZ5 ' . I xy A .-. ,1 , A V V ' "' I X g gig: 'E , Q ff 4 . 2 ,rf l ' - ,Q 15' , V V". ' . ,, I f , A sr Q " fi Z1 - 4 1' 'li ll l Fm I -yy 1 f . Y. 1 -A we l u fl STUDYING HARD - Foreign ex- dies his U.S. Government for an up- I 'V change student Jose Hernandez stu- Coming quiz. X I Foreigner from Spain e-leee' , , Kali Qkdwmff .fZZhze!Qw'fzAr MW How would you like to travel thousands of miles away from Jwwm 6 - EM 6 Z Wm friends and family and live with strangers for a whole school l year in a foreign country? That's exactly what senior Jose Her- K. nandez did. Jose, a senior, was a foreign exchange student from , X' f ' Spain. Though he was only 16, Jose was a senior becase the i ' schools in Spain are far more difficult than in the United Q5 it ' p " States. ' "A 'Ex Jose was involved in many diverse activities including being y I part of the Varsity Swim Team and the Sophomore Water Polo q vggyg V v'V, A ,.qg1 V ' gl Team. Jose was outstanding and had no problems getting W - along with his teammates. "He had a lot of dedication that i"lt xl many teenagers here donlt have," commented Coach Bruce e , of Brown. Jose had adjusted extremely well to the lifestyle of the U.S. ' 5: and enjoyed the carefree attitude of the teenagers. 'Tm really i' 1 i going to miss Long Beach ... I've had many different experi- T 5 ences that I will never forgetfl said Jose. X 1 Mika Arai '85 ,K X W1 f ' I ll ,Deaf-ew Gaza?-ef Gray Ggafzwzefiz .QFCZZ gafflmzef Gamba aww Qafza, Gafuzuel W ,f X X ,, qi J e . , , Q 5. , - w 'Ef ff QM' s, - 1 .HX XA 5 XX X Graduates Bryant - D. Carswell . . ' -m -2 S Maia! Gamer yoga Gafwllefw 5 6040-0 J. 'fifiafw x V E i 1 'nj UW" J My .. ,, . ,P-Mm, sz ,j A .. xox M a ml ,,.! STACY L BRYANT Keywanettes Kidettes CSF Principal s Honor Roll Jr Honor Guard Soph Jr Class Coun c1l Basketball Stats GUS BUCKNER Soph Swimming Surf Club TAMMY BUMGARNER Adv Dance Dance Club KEITH L BURNS Soph JV Var Basketball MICHAL E BURNS JV Var Base a ALLISON CAIRNS Lorett Soph Jr Sr Class Council Kldettes Var Soccer KEN CALLOWAY Track VICKI CAMPBELL Marching Band Concert Band MARVIN CAMPER Soph JV Var Basketball Marching Band Jazz Band ANDREW J CANTRELL Soph JV Var Basketball Jr Sr Class Council TERHBTSV Pres Cycling Club Jr Mar s a COURTNEY R CARUTHERS Football Jazz Choir Var Wrestling TONYAY CARUTHERS Jazz Choir DaCapo Prep Club TERISA CARVER JV Var Swim ming Symphonic Winds Jazz Band Gold M EORGEA CASTRO JV Var Soccer TERRY CHEK - Dance. TOBY CHOY - C.S.F. Math Team CBS Bytes Club Astronomy Club Principal s Honor Roll. ALISON CLAY - Marching Band Or- chestra Chamber Singers Straw Hat Band Spring Musical Amadeus Sec. Anchor Pres. V-Pres. Sec. Keywanettes N.H.S. C.S.F. V-Pres. ec. JEFFREY CLEELAND - Raiders Pres. Var. Baseball. HONOR. Mike Burns was named All-League and All-CIF ln baseball HONOR' George Castro was selected to lst team All-City and 2nd team CIF Honors in soccer. AWARD: Mark Wigod won the DAR Good Citizenship Award. HONOR: Alison Clay was named to the All-Southern and All- State Orchestras twice. HONOR: Alison Clay recieved Freshman of the Year Honors in 1982. HONORS: Deborah Kelly Was Student of the Quarter in En- glish 10, Science, US History, and Foreign Language. , ef- E.f.:-.L-. 1? Jtoawzfzadzfmg 17716362 gdfflfl' ,V ' ,661-oafztcw 'f'ez2f6Jfi4z60zzwf Di 1, X, x . .Y 5 af ? 6J Gafwtiefw Mfkno 63414420 is J0000 AJ!!! jay me , 7 2511? WW A Q. ln' ! 5 f. - MV -. - 1 1 Q , kv KI l f . .l I Graduates 1 8 7 M. Carter - J. Cleeland ll . Gknzzvw Mah 606 . W is 1-- L if 60041-nl Wizmcga 6J X xx A ,mf . xXf L 6 Qhfi 60510 Glad 6045 6 6 jam 60120 Qfaaf gogbcf S-- 'X ' 1 af' f f 1 "1-. l .. . H " N . if fmdek Gqbelia Qfazoe Gary Wkzcefw Ggoakwa jfrzw Goakef Guy Gow pvlfa.. ., " . . 6' ni I-.M i Keep on Sailing ' " 'A--u---"' " 3 1 ,. Millikan's future Olympic Sailor, Tim Eastman 2 Q in 0 ' ,,Q,. started sailing when he was ten years old at . vw l.f- - 0' ' 4 1 Long Beach Yacht Club where he is a member. 5 - Q, f , ff Since then he had sailed many different kinds of ' W "- sailboats such as Lasers and Hobies, but he en- M Q-233 joyed Sabot racing the most. Tim sailed all sum- , 35,7 4-W ,.,, ,J , -P. mer, Whether it was in his small Sabot or a I ya '45 .ug friend's Cal27 which he races also. M T' "' la Tim had been in many Sabot sailing competi- "' , H tions. Last year he placed fifth in his flight in the , """"3 Junior Nationals held in Naples. He had also won ' 1 1 numerous trophies and awards for his outstand- W V ' 352: ing performance as a sailor. His hope is to some- -" """"" day own a large sa lboat in which to sail around the world. He also would like to compete in such pretigious races as the Congressional Cup. Tim - , remarked, "Sailing is a part of me just as . I ' K breathing is!" P Mika Arai '85 , ' SAIL AWAY - Senior Tim Eastman tightens the line on his main sail to catch better air. 1 8 8 Graduates Clemens - Cox xfalxg, -Y -.....,.,...r..- W., . .. W., . W-. 621-wg Ew5 1640 Q Qfww I '-4 -4 QM! - Q,0ZlZJ6'f F ! roof Mrk-A: Gmane' QZMQ 'bad-az Erick Qefedw rfffafwzo Qroiwfa SHAWNDA CLEMENS Prom Com mlttee Cofrydon 30 3 30 Nautlcal Club Lorett Dance Club STACY COCKRILL Kldettes Nautlcal Club Hour to Devour A A S BLAIR COHN JV Soccer Football Mgr Basketball Mgr Astronomy Club LINDA COLE Cross Country Prm C1531 s Honor Roll B AD COOPER JV Var Golf Philos MICHELLE COPELIN JV Var Ten ms JV Soccer Tennls Club STEVE COREY JV Var Baseball .VINCENT COULSON Track Vocal azz CHRISTOPHER CRAIG Band Or chestra Amadeus Key Club Straw Hat Band C S F Concert Chou' Chamber Slngers Soph JV Swlm mxng School Muslcals MICHELE CRANE H0meCOm1Hg Queen Jr Honor Guard CFS Swlm Mgr JVTenn1s Var Gymnastlcs Adv Dance Kldettes Soph Jr Class Coun c1l Varslty Cheer LISA CROWLEY JV Var Tennls JV Soccer JV Badmlnton CSF Tennls Club Prlnclpal s Honor Roll KAREN CUNNINGHAM CSF Prm clpal s Honor Roll BILL DANDREA Soph JV Var Football Var Track Sr Class Councll Prmclpal s Honor Roll SONIA DAS Forensics Pres V Pres Corydon Spanlsh French Club V Pres Qulll and Scroll NFL Pr1nc1 pal s Honor Roll S A D D Prlnclpal s Advlsory Comm JERRY DAVIS JV Var Tennls Prm clpal sHonor Roll CSF Traders Hour to Devour DECA DEBORAH S DAVISSON JV Cheer Song Girl Prom Comm C S F Soph Sr Class Councll Prlnclpal s Honor Ro JENNIFER L DEAL Soph Class Councxl Prlncxpal s Honor Roll MIRIAM DENIIS Var Soccer Jr Honor Guard Prmclpal s Advisory Comm Sr Class Councll CFS Lorett DaCapo Var Soccer Mgr Astronomy Club Cyclmg Club DONNA DIEZ Var Cross Country Var Track Var Swlm Team German Club HONOR Steve Corey was Stu dent of the Quarter ln Busmess Educatlon AWARD Mary Kramer won the Harvard Book Award HONOR SooJ1n Kun was a Med al of Merlt fmahst ln US H1story .Era G-owdy JSOHZCZ 6263 Qfofuzdiqgw Qw-oQy Qafzfaz QOH!Zd 9602 Graduates Cralg Dlez ge' 190 , an I 161 t +1 QIYZZIL Quan Qwuk gagging 54' 6 - A Q? Jawa Abafy LX I Wm Ghmf Wacky SWA -v- 5- . 0 ' F! Graduates Dines - England ymm it ? I gli I ' x SI I l c Q f rm 5 , 6' t A., C7 w ,f 5? V 'ohgfllf Sha lpdfidfy gy? 4? -f N BRIANJ DINES Soph JV Var Wa ter Polo Swmm Team MICHELLE DJOKIC Head Flag Glrl Artes Glrls Sports Edltor Keywanettes Comm of Clubs Sr V Pres Gold Blue Jewled M Kldettes Soph Jr Sr Class Councll Prom Comm Jr Honor Guard CSF Qulll and Scroll Prlncxpal s Honor Roll BRIAN DOOLEY ROTC Rlfle Team CAMILLE M DOUGHERTY Ames Edltor Junlor Presldent Pubhclty D1 rector Kldettes CSF Keywanettes Presldent Gold M Qulll and Scroll Treas Soph Jr Sr Class Councxl Prom Committee Jr Honor Guard Var Stats JV Tennls Prlnclpal s Hon or Roll JAMES DRAKE Marchlng Band Straw Hat Band Orchestra Amadeus C S F Symphomc W1HdS VANCE DRINKARD Soph JV Var Football Soph Basketball DYANA D DULIN JV Swlmmlng TRINA M DUNYON Adv Dance Astronomy STEVE EASLEY Varslty Wrestllng STANG EILAK Soph Football JV Var Baseball Traders Hour to De vour ANDREW ELLIS Soph JV Football Var Wrestllng Soph Track STANLEY L ENGE CBS Arts Club CFS Wargamers PAUL R EVANS Marching Band Orchestra Drum Corp Jazz Ensemble Key Club Straw Hat Band Amadeus Golf Team NHS CSF JULIE FAGOT Fresh Pres Lorett V Pres Soph Jr Sr Class Councll Hour to Devour Corydon DaCapo Astronomy Club Gold M SABRINA FALKNER Jumor Honor Guard HEIDEH FARDI Prom Comm Lorett JV Swlmmmg Water Polo Mgr gwgfiammlng Mgr Spamsh French Club MELISSA D FAIRBANKS Kld ettes Hour to Devour Dance Club Astornomy Club DaCapo PATRICIA M FECK JV Var Vol leyball JV Var Basketball C S F Ju mor Honor Guard JOHN FELICIONE Soph JV Foot a SEANA FERNANDES Soph Var Football JV Var Track HONOR Mary Kramer was selected to appear 1n Who s Who Among Amemcom Hzgh School Students. HONOR' Patty Feck was named All City 1n volleyball. 1-zlzfzffookzf 6 Reima! Qzfkawffiz Java gkllzg I 5,927,771 -, J I v' pl v I1 "Wh 1 I f f ' , I- 1? l l my H l l. rf l n w, AW! w l It w w l , s ,I Il 1 IEMBERW Sham a A . 1-' my y I - xA , . .. , . . . , I1 - , y 7 - IW , 1 , , Z . , '7 7 7 7 ' I vi ., ., . , H u K .7 - ' I , 7 7 Q C fry A ' ' Z fr ' 7 ' ' ll . , I . . , . . .- ' 7 7 7 . 7 7 I ., 1, ., . , -me J , . I . . , 7 5. I ' 7 7 ' - , X ' 7- . 7 7 X- . . ., . "" -, , 1 , . . . wt . . . ,l . "' . , Dance Club, Kidettes, Jr. Honor Guard, 'F I ' . . N ' ' ' ' ' 1 ,f ' ! 7 8 "' 7 7 . , . . ' " 7 7 ly 7 ' I ' i' 7 7 7 I ! 7 3 7 , 7 ' I '-'- I c, I .. ., ., ., ., , X ! I 9 X , . . l 1 1 . -- ., H 7. 7. '7 . I - 1 Wu H ! 9 I s , . a '-" , I " To ' 7 7 ' 7 - ' -7 ' .. H - b ll. 1 '1' Q, n 7 7 -7 - 55,9 ' I .. .fab-,W-i., , allamemq S f TQ: 1 MMM aw 5 'K ""' We .gyda X5 Q su ' l , X " - ' i n , 'air V f Na- ' if fi a wi a ffl 1 X K 'Z - ll' A 'X 3. is if . Q a . 1 1 , 0,611 dlrcokr gmaf 63566 fmkiacf game .ghd cguww , f cdinfa tfzzkdafzirf Jzffvkzaf glkflff' Zak gwai Jmea tgwvzisv . 9 ' 'S fi ' f i A X ' ul " ' - Q , ' 'V 2 ., , QL' 1 ' K - f A, 'Um .r-. V . MV -Z:5:Qj4l,L an T 1 E E rr- y ,nf E 4. ,Ah V, Q 5 Aw- Q V 6, V.. V 1 ' I '-'v- 9 . . t X .7460 57591 .Qztf-ztzizf geek REMEMBER WHEN . . . - Sporting their Boys' State t-shirts, Evan Shahin and Alex Redman reminisce about their sojourn to Sacramento as delegates to Boys' State. .7a0 jmgdzwae Young Legioneers Ult was a once in a lifetime experience which I'l1 never forget." This statement made by Senior Alex Redman cap- sulized the feelings which he and Senior Evan Shahin had for the Boys' State program. In the end of theirjunior year, each had the opportunity to spend eight all-expense paid days in Sacramento learning about state, county, and city government. Boys' State was a program sponsored by the American Legion. Legion posts throughout California selected out- standing high school juniors to attend the conference which was held annually at Cal State Sacramento. The boys were divided into cities and political parties and literally build their own government. During the first three days, officials were elected, ordi- nances were made, and courtjustices were appointed. From that point on, the Boys' State government operated much like Califronia's state government. The officers and citizens had to deal with lifelike situations such as nuclear war, elections, and lawmaking. Alex obtained a position as coun- ty supervisor while Evan served as Clerk of the State As- sembly and as Acting Secretary of his county. The boys also had the chance to visit the state capitol building, meet Governor Deukmejian, and to visit with their local legislators Dennis Brown and Ollie Speraw. Elaine Wrenn '85 Graduates Engly - Fernandes Jmyawm 191 192 711.4 ser glide across the ice while practicing for their trip to the Nationals in Kansas City. Hard Work I Dream Come True Skating gracefully over the ice seemed to come very natu- rally to David McGovern. David s interest began at the age of eight at a friend s ice skating birthday party. After convincing his parents to pay for lessons David set out to make his dream into a reality. Along with his skating part- ner David competed in the Nationals in Pittsburg the Pacific Coast Championships and the Junior World Champi- onship which is where he made his imprint on the inter- national skating circle. David has been compared to great ice skating champions such as Randy Gardner and Ken Shelley. David had to maintain a vig- orous schedule in which he in- cluded workouts school work ajob at Naugles and many de- voted hours toward ice skat- ing. Despite the difficulties in juggling practices competi- tions and school David felt Doing what I love best see- ing my work really pay off and making my dream slowly come true has made it worthwhile. With much determination and some luck I hope to be in the 1988 Olympics! Robyn Joffe 85 C 4 SKATING T0 VICTORY - Senior David McGovern and partner Bridgit Dren- 7 , Y 7 7 7 ! 7 7 7 7 K6 , 9 , a 7 7! Eff-.GHQUFO QWQ tfafwicoar Jfzfzd tfdlyfl' lag r Mg, l f y r -' keg, 4, , A ' Y aflgligft -' ix Graduates Fillenworth - Geller X .-gf X Xt! X -X. Jfmrykwww ..fZ'2mf,700f- .xi ' n ny- Q5' ' tggumfdkb lzzffdzftgfwcff ' Q37 :fly .1 V- ,f iitai-fait 1' , V QQ' A nal ge 53333 ex 744 a fx: - ,ff O t xy ' X 4, ,iff wag- ,. , l t' .1 Z 1, A f ' in if' Qokrb 1511260 .fznzf fair F ' ' I, -1 sk ii, rfZlY'6Z0 .few A War! 54149010 J ff . Tl.. 170660 fob if, ffm ffffv '36 mmf ,it 5 . PAUL FOOR - Spanish French Club War Games Club KIMBERLY FORREST - JV Var Softball Kidettes. SHARLA FRAZIER - N.H.S C.S.F. Junior Honor Guard Girl s League Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. Historian Anchor Dance Club Principal s Honor Roll Gold M JULIEJ FULBRIGHT--JV Var. Bad- minton C S.F. ROBERT GANCE - JV Cross Country. GARY GARCES -- German Club CBS. JOEL GARGARO -- Marching Band Orchestra Jazz Ensemble Drum Line Key Club Amadeus C.S.F. N.H.S. Gold M Wargamers. LARA E. GELLER - Dance Concert German Club Sec. DAONGALA GIBSON - Marching Band 30-3-30 DaCapo Jazz Chorus JV Var. Basketball. MATTHEW J GJERSVOLD - Soph. JV Football Soph. JV Swimming Prom Comm Calculas Club Traders. CHERYL GLASGOW -- Track. JOHN GOLDMAN - Var. Cross Coun- try Var Track C.S.F. Key Club Astronomy Club. LISA L GOLT- Marching' Band Con- cert Band JV Var. Basketball Var. Softball Principal s Honor Roll. TERESA L GOLT - Marching Band Concert Band JV Var, Basketball Var. Softball Principal s Honor Roll. ANDREA B GONZALEZ - Girls Drill eam I 3 J STACEY GORDON - Var. Softball! S0ph.iJrr Sr Class Council + JAMESJA. GRECI -- Aries Editor Soph. JV Var Football JV Var.Base- ball Sr. President Quill and Scroll I Prom Comm. Jr. Marshall. C GREGORY GRIFFIN -- V.I.C.A. Dance Club. J CASSANDRA GUNSAULUS -- JV Var. Swimming Astronomy Club Hour to Devour RORY T GUNTER -- Soph. Var. Foot- ball Soph. Basketball. 1 I GENEIEVE GUZMAN -- Cecilian Singers Concert Choir DaCapo. REX R HAIRRELL - Soph. Var. Water Polo Soph. JV Var. Swimming Prin- cipal s Honor Roll. HONOR Sharla Frazier was a Medal of Merit finalist in En- glish 10 HONOR Rory Gunter received All League Honorable Mention in football ibwfz iodmzfz QLQIZE tfofzfzaka Qam .5-ana . 4' -A Q .I Q tif in Grzazfafzafvz .fwzfaaiw Jawa ZJ67 ,,e: .5120 .4700 Q? -13 1:7 ff-fr fw , ' 239' fr. r?UZf6l" gjp?9Zfmf!! Graduates Getz Hairrell . L 9 wg ,, , v.. , , . , . Q b -5. X 1: 1 ' , . X Qi J Q, , ' ' Y 5 7 7 , 7 Q J ,, 1 9 , . . , , 9 ' 'S el , ' , , Q ' 7 9 9 7 I 7 7 I 2 1 X X 1 - , . 5 I 7 I 7 Q , if ' 9 9 ! 7 P, M M. 3 '7 7 Bl " I 7 N 5. , . , , x - i l 9 I 7 7 Y ' 5 , 7 , ' 3 , J - 441 J U I Q l , , Q w X , ., ., . 1 , Q-' , 3 5 5 K 7 9 ' I 7 X - , 9 1 I , 1 I 1 -t ,I if Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Mr. Ram, ,25 5 ff Y 8 4 , lx ' 7 ai fl I ,J " f f . 7 'L-" M ' " 7 Q Y 1 , Q as Q- in 4 - 1 Q.. A 9 Q Q S 3 ,Y , , , If fi f g I Liv I F . :kv Q -vp , ' ' ' w- N - ' f if? , l ! -S QQUMMIJ 4i?w5Z2Mz41y . . ' -s: . I . 'I1 , -.. 9 l Wafefzfi-Jaw mr' ir? L 1 Graduates Hall - Hartenhoff .4' . i J? -ag 1 . ,., 11.4.2 aQQ,f'Z5W,,.,1,,. 4 J Q fra, 'P in 4, f- 1, ' ,K '1 , 1 '. is awww lb , X s 71 fl H , V .ah Ni., JAdl0E jWZ. 45' l' 1' RL ll 1 N . , MICHELLE HALL - JV Cross Coun- try Varsity Track. KIMBERLY HAMILTON - Prep Club. LYNN HAN - Math Club Anchor ERIKA HANSEN -- Jazz Ensemble Marching Band Straw Hat Band Con- cert Choir Spring Musical Amadeus Anchor C.S.F. N.H S. KAREN HARBERS - ROTC Girls Drill Team Stage Crew. PATRICK HARDEN - Soph Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling. SOPHIA R. HARRIS - Var. Track Prep Club Principal s Honor Roll. TIM HARRIS - Soph. JV Var. Foot- ball JV Var. Baseball Principal s Honor Roll. KYTRINA HARVEY -- Track. MILLARD HARVEY - Soph. Var. Football JV Var. Track 30-3-30 505 Club Marching Band Raiders Span- ish-French Club. CHAITAE RG HASTY-JV Var Soc- cer HOKILANI M HAYNES - Orchestra C S F. N .H.S. SUZANNE C HEFFLEY-Millie Ram AA.S. Pres Jr. Class Council Kid- ettes JV Swim Team Principal s Hon- or Roll RACHEL HERSH - Dance Concert School Play School Musical Masquers Pres. Dance Club Astronomy Club Principal s Honor Roll. SHAWN HESLIN -- Dance Concert Spring Musical Mr. Ram Adv Dance Wargamers German Club Dance Club KIMBERLY HIRT-JV Var Track JV Var Cross Country LORI S. HIATT - Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Var. Soccer C.S F. Hour to Devour AAS Trea Concert Choir DaCapo CFS Kidettes. RAYMOND HO - C S.F PATRICK A. HODGE - ROTC Raid- ers Color Guard. STEVEN C HOLLIDAY -- JV Var Baseball. HONOR Alex Redman was selected to appear in Who s Who Among American High School Students HONOR Terri Houser was awarded Praise Honors HONOR Noelle Nishikawa was a Medal of Merit finalist in US History AWARD Edward Jewett was awarded the Sogouner s Award HONOR: Kristi Kahl was an NCTE essay contest semi- finalist. 1 , . 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 11 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .. , . 7 1 1 .., 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . 77 9 7 '7 ,... ., , 1 1 . . 1 1 . , . I ' 1 . . . . . . . . . . . I ' 1 . . MMMEJ miami 3 W 4. ..t- t Sr- ' A4 6,1'ri4af.Ezac'fo QW-wawam .- fbi? I .10 A 1 -C, w --1... 'le 4 4 1 1 In 1 i A ,Vf L, 9' - , , ki kg' i gmwzfgy I 5 ' , x . If ' H061 MM Q.. I F ' I ff 3 I I Lf 'f I LIZIXZQIZIZO ,X KA THERE IT IS - Lani Haynes and Mark Vligod find their name listed in a booklet of all of the winners of the NCTE Essay Contest. Essay Ellte Over 7 000 students were nominated last February by their English teachers for the annual NCTE CNational Council of 'Teachers of Englishj Awards in writing. Each nominee submitted a sample of his best writing and an impromtu essay. These compositions were evaluated by state judg- ing teams of both high school and college By early Fall the 850 Finalists were selected. These Finalists represented high schools in all fifty states the District of Co- lumbia and American schools abroad. The number of possible winners for each state was proportional to its population. For the first time in several years Milli- kan was proud to have two talented stu- dents who were national Finalists. Lani Haynes and Mark Wigod were recognized for their outstanding performances in writing. Both had continuously displayed creativity in their compositions throughout high school. Mary Kramer 85 7 1 Q X 1 " V! W. F f teachers. .. ! Y 9 5 , , , an my 7 .I Zi V f 4A , ' a - 4, 1. f, -, , I It ' Jfitf f 9?afAeJ9ZAfA mmm? JAQMEZJM X I X 1 A, E 1 J- 1 , , , kj fl X I-1 .:.5215Y'2L f jf ,Q I 'VZ f I awww? mazwzyw A I 1 , , V, ,di 'V' ' J 5 5- F "SQ , , Jw g Et . f ff, 15- Y 21 , 5-Y I Graduates Harvey - Hollins 'UO 4 'hw I 1 . fi ,W YM 1' .1451 '2-.Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I i I I I I 5 AI 196 .raw wa wee my 4.7 fail C, l I x ' U 7" fl? 2 li , I X -..,., , ., I ,,, ! x L- , w It 3, I X'f'xl' X X I N 10 Wakita Qfztlfzznzf Wzrlfofz fffzffzif .Zfmza ,fdf-A yay joffwfb SCUBA Duo f V - vxvri ,1 r 1 at For most students, Saturday mornings ' , pl! were usually for sleeping in and relaxing, W, K , ' but not for seniors Bobby Ali and Mike " A Q y ' - - i' lf. Brock. Almost every Saturday morning, 7 J f' they woke up at 6:00 A.M. to SCUBA dive B' g ,. X La and explore the underwater world. "It's fas- A it I cinating to see new forms oflife everywhere .7 L p hc ' eu I look," explained Mike. x A 4-UA, Mike learned to SCUBA dive from his fa- ther, the former head of a large SCUBA I manufacturing firm. Since the age of 12, he had been regularly diving with his father or with his friends. Bobby became interested in the sport through his brother, a long-time V diver, and had been doing it for the past two R' x Y years. Mike had gone diving at various locations .YV 1 including Santa Barbara Island and C Hawaii. 'The local dive sites are interest- ' ing, but I have gone to them so often that they are getting boring," explained Bobby. ' Some day, both would like to experience 1 x the mysteries of the Caribbean Sea. Mary Kramer '85 DOUBLE CHECK - On an early Saturday morning in February, Bobby Ali and Noelle Nishikawa '85 Mike Brock check their SCUBA equipment before travelling to Santa Barbara Island to dive for the day. Graduates Holt - Jackson a W I .EM , i ,. .K-fv X ttf, at M15 Q 7 K K 1 if l ,gf ilzfyw Q, x. v5 N 4 1 F4 g,""'gV!1L N- S -vibe '17 ai.-V' rlf M1 " .Y V My f : , Y ' . ', 2 Y'f .4',',,, : rr,,':::'J 1 ' A il f ' .3 - E 'f ,V 'far 1' se.: 2fJ.f?62if Nmm WWWW if. 'QP ' i .41+., F y as st, , 1 '1" ,,,,, Mp.. -ilzfvffeeaz Afofz' ! QOJZJ -1,-, " v. WM Wifi JWMQZM 99 TERRI HOUSER - Aries Copy Editor, C.S.F., Spanish-French Club, JV, Var. Swimming, Lorett, Principal's Honor Roll, Quill and Scroll, CBS. MICHAEL HOUSTON -- Soph., JV, Var. Football. DIANNA HUGGARD - Girl's gegague,Jr. Class Council, Kidettes, GARY HUGHEY -- JV, Var. Baseball, Mr. Ram. VICTORIA L. HUBER - Adv. Dance, Dance Club, Kidettes, Jr. Honor Guard, Astronomy Club, Lorett. ROBBIN HUNTER - JV, Var. Basket- ball, Kidettes, Prep Club, Dance Club, Jr. Honor Guard, Girl's League, A.A.S. INSOON KIM -- Anchor, Math Club, Spanish-French Club, Junior Honor I Guard. LORI M. IVEY - Kidettes, A.A.S. Sec., Hour to Devour, Soph, Jr., Sr., Class Council, Prom Comm. EDDIE JACKSON - Varsity Football. JOHNATHANA JAMES-Gold Blue Jeweled M Calculus Club Astronomy Club S.A D.D. Pres Nautical Club V-Pres Spring Musical Choir Dance Concert Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Comm. of Student In- volvement. MARKEETA C JEMISON -- Kidettes Jr. Class Council Girl s Var. Basketball Manager Principal s Honor Roll. EDWARD M. JEWETT -- ROTC Drill Team Raiders V-Pres. 1 ROBYN JOFFE - Class Council Lorett Honor Guard Cycling Club HJour to Devour Quill and Scroll Astronomy Club C.F S DaCapo Aries. I KEITH JOHNSON -Swimming Soph. Water Polo. KRISTI A. KAHL -- Kidettes JV Ten- nis Lorett Pres. C.S F. Principal sAd- visory Comm. Spanish-French Club V- Pres. Fresh. Soph. Jr. Class Council, Var. Swim Manager School Play Masquers KENDRA KARLSON - JV Tennis JV Soccer Keywanettes Sr. Class Coun- cil Hour to Devour NILMINA KARUNASENA Lorett Astronomy Club Hour to Devour DaCapo CFS PADMINI KARUNASENA Fresh man Pres Spanish French Club Lorett Astronomy Club Cycling Club Hour to Devour DaCapo Soph Jr Sr Class Council PATTI KASSAY Varsity Soccer Girls League Anchor 30 3 30 Quill and Scroll Home Ec Club Corydon SANDI KELLER Soph Senator Kldettes Jr Class Council Hour to De vour A A S Varsity Cheer gaivafd Jade 161141 Wfww Qin? WWw Graduates James Kellogg .. 1 . , , S.. A 4. , , , N , -e 1 , - -, ss' 1 , wff ., , ,I lx X 1 1 1 1 Q X C , 1 'l x 1 A l 4' , 1 ' , may 1 , 7 V , 5 1 1 'xrx W, 1 N 1 1 1 1 15 3 1 I Q Y f ' , fr'- , 1, 14 , . ., , l by 1 1 Y ' 'rar , 'Z , 5 X 1 X. mx f H1 Zi a , 7 D , 7 Q QAM ' f 1 J 7 7 3 I sf- 1 1 , .3 - 1 1 5,1 , , , , I '-' 1 1 1 , .X , . N " ,L 'A -1 I ' . 1 , , . . 1 1 1 - A . 1 1 1 -1 1 ' I A ,, I I I . bc- ' . , I , 1 1 " ' 1 , . , . , , "" I ' 1 i . 1 . . . -1 -.7 N f , . . ., . . ' p its , Rossa KELLoGG - DECA is ' Q' ZUMYAJEZLE i I z., MEM' 5, 1 , ' .,A,,f" ' 1 ff 5 f ff, 1 4 " . ' ' I . - g 9- 5 A.. ,.t, li' 'x Q4 gi.f.,i"'fXf'fZ, . K Y ' V, I. , if-fi " , if 47' L , if Y fu. .Q uw ff fe 'gy "1 . .-X. mmarw .mafia-W ,-. as . 'ED iff Q L. ,I 9Kw4z!! Ziyi WM 5. 6: L-. S Whiz? Qfenfrlf 1516000 my X DEBORAH KELLY - Aries Keywanettes JV Var. Swimming Var- sity Swim Mgr. Sr. Class Council NHS CSF Quill and Scroll Spanish-French Club Astronomy Club. STEPHAN KENDALL-J V Var. Base- ball Hour to Devour. DAVID KENT - JV Var. Wrestlin KAREN E. KERR -- 30-3-30 V-Pres. AAiS Corydon Varsity Soccer Head K' . 1 ette VICKIE KERSCH - Girls League lglgslguers Freshman Class Council LORI L. KESSLER - JV Var. Swim- ming CSF Astronomy Club. SOO JIN KIM -Aries Quill and Scroll NHS CSF Soph Class Council Jr. Honor Guard Principals Honor Roll ginlcg Blue M Anchor Trea. German u . DICK KING -- Soph. JV Var. Basket- ball Hour to Devour Junior Marshall. MICHELLE KLEIN -- Flag Girl Soph. Pres. Soph. Jr. Class Council Kid- cites Var. Softball Principals Honor o . MARY J KRAMER -- Keywanettes Sec. Orchestra JV Soccer CSF Sec. Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Aries NHS V-Pres. Principals Honor Roll Jr. Rep. Quill and Scroll. MARC KULKIN -- JV Soccer JV Foot- ball Hillinger Youth Award. BRADLEY W. LANCASTER -- Soph. Var. Water Polo Soph. Swimming' Traders Calculus Club. PAM J LANGE -- Var. Softball Var. Soccer Hour to Devour Jr. V-Pres. Jr. Senator. MICHELLE LANSTRA - JV Vol- leyball Masquers. CHRISTINA LARSEN - School Play Kidettes JV Var Gymnastics Masqu- ers Girls League Gymnastics Club. JOHN M LASHER - Soph Jr. Class Council Varsity Gymnastics. STUART LAUREANO - Astornomy glub JV Tennis Soph. Basketball Mr. am. GARY LEFEBVRE -- JV Var. Wres- tling Jr. V-Pres. Jr. Senator Jr. Mar- shall CFS Pres. Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Hour to Devour Sec Cycling 5 . . . N YQ' .9 KU avi.:-'Q - 'fr .' s , Www .Wad-m4 ,fwfr W-am ' ,R lr! ff., ' J, ,, X l ff' -Eff-fQf6'4'f'6 Mm 1 1 . 1 .1 . Um! 5 Jraffw 2 I l 'Q S x mm Q. QW N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y . , g- Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y , Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Q Y Y Y , Y ll, ' . 1 1 s 9 Q5 Y Y , Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ' 9 Y Y Y . Y Y Y Y ' Y Y Y ' 1 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 'Y Y Y Y Y . I K L I I Q. I 35- , -7- - Club Prom comm. ASB Treas. Gold. ' ' Blue M. in , X MICHAEL LEWANDOWSKI - JV ' ff D Var. Football 5 by .fa,?g,. sm -MW may aww Eg ' Q . , . X . . 5 . J . . . V E 92043 my .9IJlLfl7lYZf .WIZIYIZQ . Mffek JQUZ 65114006 Mm My JJ 6- 'sn 6- P 6' ,' N ,, ' 3- AM . '-. J- -'N ci-. , M" A X ' , ' I Z wmv A- A rnef A . 2 . 1 I 1 Graduates i 1 9 8 Kelly - Koenig . .,,. - L f 1'-. Qtfangglf,-I af gy HJ l .5 HQ, f - -M-bmw X l x l Y' ,Zin X. A. . Q - U-al 3 K- . ,fl ll W W f F9 ' - --. def,-L-1-QQ Mm Www Qdf-adifuaazff Jlteoe Zwadb Www' fha in if 6J ,ffzncenf 93. Qwga, awww ,K , f , f 25 , "L f . f ag k f.-- pg L , zlff " . 'W 5' iw wa'-222 4'-.401 vlif-1 A FAMILY AFFAIR Mlchelle DJOk1C flashes her smlle at a football rally Both of Mxchelle s older slsters were flag glrls and Mlchelle carrxes on the tradltxon fff"',fL 1.4! M, , , Jmf M5410 JZzAek,Z'?w,fow MM A45 ' , ff, ffm f wwf ww , ff'::,f2w , ,qg,4ffg4 A 35,447 3 1 ,l,l Q1 ,H f X Q x X , X T f Jmafo ,20 jifbhwwfb , nb My ,,,',ff,', 1 , jf 5 ' V ,V "' '17 ' .,,- 'M , W: 'K Z 4' Q X f, " 'il-' , J Hg- r Q. 5, , 'Q ff-:ff fl 'L f , Li llll , 1, Twlrhng Trlo Havlng my slsters help and support m along wlth then' experlence gave me the con fldence to tryout for flag, sa1d head flag glrl Mlchelle Dj0klC Mxchelle, a SQHIOT, found belng a flag glrl more of a famlly tradltlon than a Mllllkan tradltlon Mlchelle s two older slsters were both flag glrls Dorothy was the flrst 1n 1981 w1th Susan followmg ln 1983 It was natural for Mlchelle to try her hand and glve flag a tw1rl' Camille Dougherty 85 Graduates Kona Llbby H . . e . ,, . . .1 2 V V . . . l 5, , I ' fi J Q . . . . , M' f-, 1 f X I if 'l if 1 .. . . . . . . K of 1 1 we W , f 1 A l W f , " ,li if 1 - 1 ' My V 5 V 6f2i,::,, ., f , 5 h ' f V ff 15 , ' I l ' 'lla ffl 9 5 Q ' ' ' - k VV QQ A :ij A g 4:,,.fT1,,a, V, ' V . Y f :V ' rv: ' 5. A , , , . . . . . i i 1 . Q f ' 'l 1 f M. -'a ' . l X 771'-J? Y :hr m5 f ,'.r . 'T' ,- 'N I ' j r u 'K -"fl, , Wx' '. 1 . f x . Qfmaaf ' WWW 6' 3 . .. I V lxklx A J . ,sm . 1 "U I' ' -W L. 6 x , ,J , I X. K Y . 'wx , ,. 1 xx v ' lffielyhzzf WW cam-,man -fanfic -Qyfe 9?oaahf-Mfa0fz' Graduates Lintz - Malone,Q24.,fas.-.- -. - STACIA E. LOGAN -- JV Softball, JV Basketball, Dance Club, Girls League, DaCapo, Cecilian Singers, Chamber Singers, Jazz, Singers, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Soph., JV Basketball Stats. ROBERT LONG - Soph., JV, Var. Foot- a . BRIAN LOPER - Soph., JV, Var. Bas- ketball. DAN LOWENTHAL - Ski Club, Surf Club, Spanish-French Club, JV, Var. Tennis. DOUG LUDWIG - Hour to Devour. SHELLY LUND -- Gymnastics Team, School Play, Masquers, Spanish- French Club. MATT LYNCH - N.H.S., Key Club, Nautical Club. DEBRA MABERRY --J V, Var. Basket- ball, Varsity Track. KIMBERLY MALONE - Astronomy Club, Bytes Computer Club, S.A.D.D. STEVEN MALONE - C.S.F., Key Club, Nautical Club Secretary, Astronomy Club, Calculus Club, Member at Large, Traders. MICHAEL MANCINI - Junior Class Council JULIE ANNE MANDRYK - JV Var. Tennis,Corydon Editor, Junior Honor Guard, Principal's Honor Roll. KAREN MARTY - Lorett Kidettes Spanish French Club JV Var. Swim- ming Stats Var. Water Polo Stats Bas- ketball Stats Cycling Club Juinior Honor Guard Var. Swim Team Manag- er Junior Class Council. LAURI MATHEW - Dance Club Prin- cipal s Honor Roll. WILLIAM J MAUS - Raiders Pres Treas. ROTC Batallion Commander S.A D.D I LEE S. MAYER - Soph Football Traders Sec. Trea. Golf Club Astronomy Club. TAUNYA MCCARY - J R O T C Drill Team Commanders Batallion Officer Girls League Prep Club HONOR Glenn Wells was chosen as the Keywanette Creep for the month of November HONOR Mindy Williams was a Medal of Merit finalist in Gener- al Studies HONOR Elaine Wrenn was selected as Key Club Sweetheart for the month of September HONOR James Greci was chosen as captain of his JV foot- ball team AWARD Andrea Gonzalez won the ROTC Leadership Award -. 6 Q. 1.- Qfokfo aaaiyia 'Z 5' l --r . 1 l , .. 5 V. N -is 1-I 0f0 fa I L , ,f g .-uf' J", 'ji-iff? ,J I 'WK r . Lf' YJ' MJ' . ff r 4 -- .- '. -':,,-. 14654 ,li f . l.",'- J"- .' , ' .. if!- A ., ,fm X A swf f 'v" f r MLA? , j. . 9 1 iff 5 lf .'. .,,, fl :lx ' Al ai ffll' 7. if Alun , Y f .ll ,Milf li 5 . U Y?p,14,':,j!K- LOOKING BACK - their Pepperdine le: 'lm .Mila 14 0 . 1 la C I J iii? C l ,C QW N lla J . llmm' 1. .frg -, . .I ' ,I A, f ' X, fi Ng., .-s,z51-uf-...f., - . - L, -.,. '-p:b:3!qXin::V"t' Y , ' LOOKING BACK - John James and Elaine Wrenn reminisce about their Pepperdine leadership conference on a mid-January afternoon. Leaders Of Tomorrow Leadership citizenship and pride in our Ameri- can heritage was emphasized at the Youth Leader- ship Conference at Pepperdine University in Mali- bu. Seniors Elaine Wrenn and John James were the two outstanding candidates selected from Millikan to participate in this conference which included a full at the Pepperdine campus. Developing leaders of tomorrow was the objective of this conference Students representing high schools from all over Southern California could be found participating in various workshops or listen- ing to the numerous guest speakers. Art Linkletter Bruce Herschensohn and an executive from Atlan- tic Richfield lectured about their success with the American Enterprise system encouraging the youth of today to aim for high aspirations. An enthusiastic response from John summed up their experience Meeting two hundred outstand- ing people at the seminar helped to strengthen my pride and patriotism for my country. I had begun to think my generation was going down hill but now I see this is not true at all. Noelle Nishikawa 85 W ,N ww.. vmawwsuow .f w 'N' X. u ' V qv fifty.,-.4 B ,, a 9 1 J- 1, 5 A . ., 1 n ,ML 4 scholarship for five days of room, board, and tuition 1 , A I Q "' gow " us X un.. I 4 . I L , 7 K6 3 A 7 k I, J ll . ifceuaJMbfw Zi A81 gamma ffmwaff WMQWJMM Mm I graom ,may 130590 'QM Qzwzif J fgangbofa Jmvzfzf M1049 mm yum may an Graduates Malone McCary . . J VJ, . U - 3 iii 202 X..E.,,.,.1,, if a -3, ,Y 5, usa . ' 1 Q F :L L H . 4 X. W G X ,mlfl ff may are mam A jj w- . Q. Jw Qbmffwmm l' ' .Q ,Q Q. 1 or M ,r 6 V 5 , YJ , L I 1 1 I 1 1 V- 'Mf9"""""'9'i"':""' ' DOING HIS STUFF - During this second period class, Steve Sewell takes time Y 6 gg, . to practice his favorite hobby, Juggling. ' l kia , . . X I Just Relaxin' and Jugglin' I "Juggling is something that I do to relax myself. Some people l . I if ' gigs infrgnt if the T.V., or read a good bookg I juggle," stated Cf dmc - gow Mkmbybgf ,WMM even ewe ' J W Mk Maw if .Mm It took great control and a significant amount of eye-to-hand ,lg W W coordination to juggle objects successfully. Steve declared, though, that is was relatively easy with the proper amount of f practice. QQ if He had successfulyjuggled an orange, apple, and an egg while Y A . A eating the apple at the same time. Steve also planned to add S "j ' bowling pins to his world ofjuggling objects. H M L Many times he teased family and friends by juggling things A that they were scared he would break, but there was no need to V 'jl' 1 I, p Q worry. A x I fi, I Steve expressed his concern about his obsession when he p exclaimed, "I find myself looking about the house for things to I 1 manipulate." ' Bobby Ali '85 0 ,wg Q mm my Jwfzf . . MMKM . UKMQQM .7005 V Qzzlfff' .f0zJfear amvseef v QW' My ' ' l F2 xx -, -fe x 1 ' X Graduates McCoy - Meza 23' g. j. M N. 1 L . fra. .ii xifikl ' 'f -S,,1f,g..e ,aW,T,2a....,, a are .af "'-F -M ,che Gjlfvgctzkze , .6 . Ei ,x 'Q 4-,N Y' ., I' J'ma:-,Z!4v- u'0UHZ', 4, al'X v-ff C l X fig. Q0fmy,mfm! ,.?,11:4-:::-:- '- , 1 ' MICHELLE MCCOY Varslty Cheer Jr Class Presldent Soph JI Sr Class COUUCII Prom Commlttee Chairman Gold M Hour to Devour CFS Lorett JOE MCJUNKIN Spoh Class Coun c1l Sophg Track JV Soccer DEEPA MEHTA Kldettes Lorett Sprmg Muslcal DaCapo A A S TOM MEIGS Stage Crew Band ANDREW J MERKEL VICA Sec Soph Football RENE MEZA Soph Jr Class Coun cll Cecllan Sxngers Concert Cholr DaCapo CHRISTINE MIHKELSON Var Soc cer JV Baseball Stats MICHAEL R MILBURN Key Club NHS CSF Pres Math Club Spamsh French Club Nautlcal Club Pres Astronomy Club S A D D Sec Calcu lus Club Hour to Devour JULIE MILLER Jr Class Council JV Var Soccer Qulll and Scroll Corydon Page Edltor Keywanettes Prmclpal s Honor Roll Sealbearer JEFF MISENER JV Football MARNIE MITCHELL Lorett Dance Club Astronomy Club Nautlcal Club JV Softball JV Basketball Prlnclpal s Honor Roll TILLY MOLLEN KRAMER JV Swlm mmg SHARON MOORE JV Var Vol leyball JV Var Softball Varslty Bas ketball HONOR Sharon Moore was named All Clty 1n volleyball HONOR Mlke Mllburn was Stu dent of the Quarter for Engllsh HONOR Sharon Moore re celved All Clty Honorable Men tlon IH basketball AWARD Mark Wlgod won the Bausch Kz Lomb Sc1ence Medal HONOR Mlndy Wllllams was chosen as Key Club Sweetheart for the month of January HONOR Elalne Wrenn was selected as the Elk s Lodge Stu dent of the Month for the month of December HONOR: Kun Yvon was a Medal of Merlt flnallst ln Buslness Ed ucatlon. HONOR' B111 Wahl was Student of the Quarter for Art excel lence. ANNA MIRANDA - CSF, so-3-30 Club, 10. . I :J it ,llrljk - 11415122 , M246 Www . Ulf ,VP QSQQ to Wtlofxffkf K7 , I Lgfaftffifiw fffx lv- ne: ,- I, .f an ,l' , ,XX Qdklcfbw Jf-,ZJsefzef sv-an '. Sf-K .fl E Qfjr. . .. r gm 1 5' f . A far! . Lfnf Jia,-an -firm Graduate s Mihkelson - Moore 2 .yfofqy Jzfefzo my 3 4. ,.Jv LA A- 4, , ? , fl Q8 u' f Qatar x A 2, n ,X V I . ltr rl h x grit , M2506 Wmdeay , lacy J -x 2,4 ,J 04 Graduates Morales - Ny Q0d ffm Q 1? VMZIYYIQ Cwffazz lfyamf H002 . lzkofzu , '0Zl24'f'llf - llgfhf' X V .,,. -y CHAD MORRIS Golf Team MICHAEL A MOWAD Varslty Golf MARGIE MURRAY Soph Jr Class Councll K1dettes AA S Prmclpal s Honor Roll YXTAM MURRAY Astronomy Club Pres Keywanettes Gold Blue JeWeledM CSF NHS Fresh Soph Jr Class Councxl Concert Cholr Chamber Cholr Sprmg Muslcal Hour to Devour BRIAN A NEAL JV Var Soccer ERICL NICHOLS Soph JV Basket ball Soph Track JV Cross Country Wargamers NOELLE A NISHIKAWA Keywanettes Pres NHS CSF Sec Or chestra Qulll and Scroll Ames JV Ten ms Pr1nc1pal s Advxsory Commxttee Prmclpal s Honor Roll KONTHEARY NONG Math Club Badmxnton ANDRE C NULLAN Var Gymnas t1cs Var Track NUYGEN PENDLETON Soph JV Var Football Soph Var Track DAVID W ODELL Soph JV Var Basketball Comm ofScholarsh1ps and Awards Comm ofAthlet1cs Key Club Presxdent Artes Boys Sports Edltor Jr Marshall Gold Blue Jeweled M Traders President Hour to Devour NHS CSF KATHRYN OLSEN Marching Band Orchestra Straw Hat Band Amadeus Sprmg Muslcal Badmlnton Mgr AnchorV Pres AFS Pres CSF NHS JEFF PALMER Soph JV Football ROTC Ralders V Pres MICHAELA PARKER Soph Track HAWNNA M PEACHIE Marchlng Band Concert Band Straw Hat Band Sprmg MuS1Cal Prmcxpal s Honor Roll HONOR DaV1d Odell was chosen as the Keywanettes Creep for the month of September AWARD Mark Wlgod won the Rensselaer Medal for the most outstandlng' J umor IH Math and Sclence. HONOR: Yxta Murray was accepted lnto the Soclety of D1s tlngulshed American Hlgh School Students. HONOR: Kerrl Zaleskl received All City, All League, All CIF, and All Amerxcan Honors three times in track. , Z ,, l 6202! www like Murad FLNTASTICFI :mile licking f ?lll'. www , ?Wgfp 00121210141 C25 V l' rg A Cl .Y . 'x Q F: S7 maeramwrww JAWQQHZ JPN 'S Y A 3 , I gga... 3...-, - ..- f :Q 1 - 1' 1 Crane Stands Above At 6 4 and 180 pounds Bob Crane was not your typical freshman. But with his size and experience Bob was able to become the first freshman ever to play on the Varsity Foot- ball Team. Four years of Pop-Warner football gave him plenty of experience before playing for Millikan. Unfortunately at the age of twelve he could no longer play because he out- weighed his divisions. A letterman is looked on by many people as someone with experience and is distinguished by his great leadership abilities. Bob definitely fit this description since he would have already had three years of Varisty experience and the chance to letter three times over. Other senior and junior teammates accepted Bob's pres- ence with enthusiasm. Especially enthusiastic about Bob's position are the coaches who always look forward to experi- enced players. Ending up the season Bob optimistically stated, "The Coaching Staff and players made my experi- ence much easier by accept me as a part of the team. I'm looking forward to the next three years!" Jim Greci ' Noelle Nishikawa ' FANTASTIC FRESI-IMAN - Bob Crane displays great form while kicking off to open the second half against Riverside Poly. ,rw-fsngflx ' 2 ,cy - - f . , r H N fl f ' 5 Mirza! F I I , 85 85 'f .1..n. . 1 L, 4 .A iw ""'.v 1 -x an A s x P Qllllid Unk! Gazette Glgef Zdgw Gzlfm Lfeagy QIZJMWM QKZUKZXDI 6705 3.2 V g I 1 ,Ei , c Gtr. N-. .7421-ogzfaiff Jwfwaffeew .Zzhzef Wm JEcAa.e!.Qwief 661-www f5?,a,,2 aww 43 i Graduates Odell Pendleton 4, - . 2-ZX. X' vu- -' ' -V' V ' ii' : -, ,qt as T rf la x . - -' .zyltsiiifll . V . H I .D i . S i qw: It ,,.., I X :N J! x "- .3 2 N " l 1 s Lf A -ff xl ,.,. ,. X f ' 55 f . 1 . r ll Jrwmm .bam gem ew .Qian cam mga W f.. .gay . Q f-Q A l g A f , 4, QV , .,,g Eiiif " 1: g 4, , . .X . . . x , . ' l Q . i if X . ' MM s New Clubs Expand , Ali' HOFIZOHS Q . l' ll x Ever-expanding student interests generated K an abundance of new and diverse clubs on cam- pus. Almost every interest was represented. The Cycling Club caterd to the atletic students who enjoyed bicycle riding. Members partici- pated in the Heart Association Cyclathon in order to help raise money and have fun at the .V same time. ,4 - Q Volleyball games and trips to Dana Point and l 1 ' A Catalina were the main endeavors of the Nauti- L cal Club. Lovers ofthe ocean satisfied their inter- Q S est in the sea by joining the club. -P-. l By the large size of membership in Da Capo it fu Q was apparent that many students were in- '95 'A terested in the fine arts. Anna McCarthy and Ken , Lu bl Monreal, the founders of Da Capo, planned var- ' 'H' QAM ious activities including a recital series. nj fu 3 ' In additon to these clubs, Bytes, a computer .H rim.. . H 'J .. clubg the Astronomy Clubg and Calculus Club -5 Zig were also formed. Whatever the objective or in- 'Im 'A C A l terest, all the newly organized clubs provided as enjoyment and satisfaction for a CllVeI'Se gI'OL1p of ANCHORS AWEIGH!-Weighing matters carefully, Presidents John James QA' Students. and Mike Milburn discuss the agenda for a Nautical Club meeting with ' Renee A,-akawa '35 Rodney Montiel on a Thursday afternoon. A l 2 0 6 Graduates l Pennington - Pitchier Q bg 6141, Y , Q 5. -A QM ewan awww ei Zafffflhf Q ' if 62vb2e9feezzgw 97afA,9?eeee 5- 'l L-in 2 --1 ,,f' 1 I l fl., K - , ,- N as , , . lei' 5, bg xi v- ., '.Q'Qofe4e ew2.6?b.w iggegn sl A Q, :-.4 x A! ' if X. .fs . . a A. wg., f 'V .A 1 svn.. A. A'-'lf C32 fZ,ff,2'Zf?"",,,,.,. A " . L.. frail' 'W Gdarkxze 952605 930930 Qgeeaf AUBREY PENNINGTON - Soph., JV Football. SUZANNE PENNY - Head Song Girl, DaCapo, A.A.S., Kidettes, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Concert Choir, Hour to Devour, Var. Swimming. HILLINA L. PERRY-Tall Flag, Jr. Sr. Class Council, Girls' League, Spanish- French Club, DaCapo, Nautical Club, Dance Club, Philos, Bytes. WEMDY R. PETER - Soph. Class Council, Girls' League, Jr. Honor Guard. SHERYL PETERSON - JV, Var. Ten- nis, Nautical Club, Astronomy Club. MICHELLE PEYTON 4 Song Girl, JV Cheer, Prom Comm., Jr. Class Council, Hour to Devour. CAOTU PHAN - C.S.F. CELESTE PHELPS - Womens' Chorus. TANYIA PHILLIPS - Kidettes. DENNIS PIPPIN- Soph., JV Football, .gV,bVar. Wrestling, C.S.F., Wrestling u . . WENDI POST - Kidettes, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Astronomy Club, Spanish-French Club. JANICE PROCTOR - JV Var. Swim- ming. JANICE RANDALL - CFS Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council NHS Astronomy Club Kidettes CSF JV Badminton. SOPHIA F. RAZZAK - CSF Girls League Treas. Anchor Dance Club Jr. lnonor Guard Spanish-French Club Tall Flag ,Principal s Honor Roll. , ALEXANDER M REDMAN -- Aries' Soph JV Swimming NHS CSF Jr. Marshall Key Club Principal s Honor Roll Astronomy Club Sec. Quill and Scroll Math Club Gold Blue M. T HONOR Camille Dougherty was Student of the Quarter in English 12 A A HONOR Sean Fernandes was named All-League All-City, and All-South Coast in football HONOR Yxta Murray was selected to appear in Who s Who Among American High School Students HONOR Kathryn Olsen was named All District in Orchestra and received All Southern Cali fornla Honors in Band HONOR Suzanne Penny was Student of the Quarter in Home Economics HONOR Caotu Phan was awarded Praise Honors HONOR Noelle Nishikawa was named All District in Orchestra I? ' 5. 5255.4 Fgq' lkwgfedmw .52z9?efnAefe Graduates Pine Rembert L s sa Y 7 1 I 1 ! 7 3 ,S 9 1 s I ' 1 ' 1 7 l I ll Q , Y 5 ' 7 W! 9 7 7 , 7 7 7 J 7 A s 9 a 8 Q N 5 s 1 , 5 L' X -. ! 1 , f C . E? , wg : , , f v S7 4 . , 5 . 1' 22 2 , li : X E 1 Q' r " ,f f AA , I J P'-,N A . L. ' f I U 3 'J - 'C ' ., ' ., . Q ' A , , H ep- ' l V . gtsq. rs ' I W ,,,f:JllnJZEj: ., ', M V I O : :gm-f , 4,5 l - l I Lamffllg' 1 ' - . ' - " l l? 1 Q 1 .':+51i,e"'l'3.a: ..1 . ' m g 4 H L ' . ,ents .s-,..r . 7 I S 1 4 . Q ' COME ON DANCE! - exclaims Denise Bonachita to Jim Arakawa as they spend a memorable afternoon dancing. Dance Craze What are you doing this weekend? was a familiar question asked by many students. In addition to the usual responses of going to the movies or dining out dancing proved to be very popular form of weekend recreation. Popular dance clubs such as Dillan s in Westwood the 321 Club in Santa Monica and Grand Central Station in Long Beach were the gathering places for friends. Senior Dennis Pippin felt that Dancing lets me release a lot of tension that has built up during the week. Another reason for turning to the club scene was expressed by Tanyia Phillips Clubs provide fun and a safe place to meet friends and new people. In general dance clubs for teenagers suffered a decline in popularity during the seventies in contrast to their success in the fifites and sixties. With the high attendance at the Winter Affair and Homecoming dances it is apparent that the youth of today will begin a new dance craze. Geoff Smith 85 57,41 mmm awe www ya may X iw' W ' P' I i 5 .920 05311 We ,MA . Q1 ZIUYZXJWH JHZy " ..rf'1' ffwwaifbf Nr--fx 1 I Graduates Reynolds - Romeyn .3 Z r ll z . mama ow ' u P Q N , . i ,Iv 4, -lv l l fi A ffaawwaaa Www awww raw, 4 we 4 , A+ fmagwf,-am 1, Jmamw ,ffwf 3' fallfiaz V 1 !'i twain- ' 3 A I. "N " . its iii ., .si . K., .gigs-35, -:.I,w9.ig: . . ins- . .4 X . K. X92 x Sus s X N15 . is -: - . 'Ya A if is g 4- XX-gg,.gf:. X , : ei. P1555 1. 1 , X . .... 5, A EZ!! Qoawef Qwmefadfe My M JQ946 .1' BRIAN RHOAN - Soph., JV, Var. Wa- ter Polo, Var. Swimming. JOSHUA P. RICHARDSON - Water 15059, Swimming, Principal's Honor o . KIMBERLY RICHARDSON --Jr. Hon- or Guard. KYLA ROBISON - Band, Orchestra. STEVE ROMEYN -- C.S.F., JV Water- polo Hour to Devour Astronomy Club. RYAN V. ROSIER -- Aries Mr. Ram Key Club Jr. Marshall Prom Comm. JV Var. Soccer N.H.S. C.S.F. Sr. Class Council Traders Cycling Club Quill and Scroll. . JENNY ROSS - Nautical Club. PHILLIP J. ROUSSEL - Soph. JV Swimming JV Water Polo. MARGARET ROYER - Marching Band Concert Band Straw Hat Band Symphonic Winds Spring Musical. DIANNE RUDER- Kidettes Sr. Class Council Hour to Devour. JIM RUSSELL -+ Soph. JV Var. Foot- a . LISA J SALISBURY - Aries. Quill and Scroll Principal s Honor Roll. . JEFF SANDSTROM - Surf Club. HONOR Ryan Rosierp was named All-City and All-League in soccer A y A I . I HONOR Glenn .Wells was selected to appearin Whos Who Among American High School Students X X X X Mike Milburn was a Medal of Merit finalist in Gener- RlXXS'C1J:d19S, , A A V AWARD fSteveiWilliams was named Mr Ram 1985 5 A I V HONOR Elainel Wrenn was Stu- ll llii oflthie'Quarterin General Studies Y A ' HONOR Mary Kramer was a Medal of Merit finalist in Gener al Studies English, and US His tory AWARD Uy Lak was an ESL Medal of Merit Winner HONOR Debbie Kelly was Selected to appear in Who s Who Among American Hzgh Shool Students HONOR Mike Milburn was named Student of the Month in Spanish HONOR Kerri Zaleski was chosen as the most valuable track athlete and also as an hon orary member of the Century Club my .Qmf Jfwfew 'Q'7 " A I . L f' Tw' 9526-ftek9?0fw Qawalirk Weasel Ad6lW akin. 12.7 f R Q - Graduates Roseman Saunders 24' l if .f I ' ' l r J K 7 s 1 j l s y y y X 7 7 7 X f 1 X . y 2 Q ' ' ,ef e., H ...Q 1 7 9 7 5.1 1 I J 5 , W 5 ' 1 , l 7 7 b ll f 1 ' l 7 , I 5, 1 1 "' UZ X 1 - i .. f, ff 1 ,K ' . X . ' M 2515? ' , 1 ' . A X rpm' 4 TH' gf 1 f X 4 . f X f ,A ' 4 5 Q . I ' f . , '55 .4 X ,acliidi ' X ' ' . My . , , . . . X X .. .9 W ,, ', . , . , . . j " .j,Xj,'2 "fl . fm ,,. ' ' ,gi 6 . XX 6 X, XX Q . 4' ' 4- ' ' x - 2 Q 'af I Q-Yf' fl l I iz I ' ' E f ,Q 5 il I X ly I I A j.f,f!' - . . , Z,'2X1.X , X XIX? gf' -2 Q Q, ' ' - W ,,,, g 1- L: . vi A' ' ' ' ' ' - I I 2" 4 -5 A ' ' 'V , 9 'fb 1 'lil ' .4 N - f ' HQ al em M ry, i i l ' sg! . il - if ,, w f . , 2' fm- ' -N ' if. ip , , fu: ' 4 W' "' ' 51 Q" 'W f . . fl X, XX X , V XXX 5 'f ' . Qi f A . , I . , . - ' F XX :bv y, 'aw A X 3 231 ta lil' ' . . l lg J 5 ., -, , if . ,777 ' f 715 ' VJ- " ' 'il , ' Tgtgh FW'-5' - - xl ., A ' . . A 1' :J , "JUG V . ' li ' I ,, , ' ili X - ff IX X X, X , A ,X Xa? 51 . X A 1 7 K' ,,,.- " f ' '-1, " ""' ' l I ' '- , I X3 T15 '4 ,. YAWN! - In their early morning Calculus class Elaine Wrenn Steve Malone Glenn Wells and Geoff Smith take a break to rest their eyes and brains. Morningful Math I would love to know who invented A period questioned Ryan Rosier to no one in particular as he stumbled into his early-morning Calculus class. 6:58 A.M. was a very early start- ing time but that was the only way advanced senior math students could take the Long Beach City College extension course on their own campus. Taught by former Millikan Mathematics teacher Mr. Delbert I enhall the course curriculum included derivatives functions integration and series. Mr. Penhall commented favorably on the early starting time You can t get anything done by lying in bed all day. Those who took A period Calculus were also required to carry a full seven-period load during the regular school day. This caused some burning of the midnight oil but it also gave the students an opportunity to take special classes such as Aries or Student Council and ensured that only the most serious workers took the high-powerd math course. Voicing many of the students reasons for taking Calculus Lani Haynes said I know that it is a lot ofwork but I will have a great advantage in college over those who haven t taken the course and all of the hard problems keep me sharp for college 9I'1tI'aIlCQ examinations. Sheilagh Flanagan 86 W. ,V 1 Jafar 'No' Joy J 6,116 rfciaffz ju Jawa Jfm Lfgwgl A-A Q' 2 1 O Graduates Scheir - Shanholtzer Wav Qfecvwb gonzo rflalzkp Zf'fodJMefzeafa1k ijlfifil gmaffaaamfb Mi T" Jia,-on, Jdah WMM -fifwfwfb .illwfi f l i L. .1 Ly 3: ,J 5. ,',g,,: .xi , tit t A ! wgzwfgwuowigwm im .W-e ri .4 ""N!"',t'.1, 'MI . I . ., L7 M, Qddw Jdwek Em Jfiaw 20445 Jia-4106 i Jlzviek Jiakf gfliid rg QW Jhlillb .fejig JIIIZZM 'A-4.9 JARROD SCHENEWARK - Soph., JV, Var. Football, Soph., Var. Track, Fo- Eensics, Sr. Class Council, German Club res. TERI SCHLIEDER - JV Cross Coun- 1ig'3?lJV Track, CSF, Principal's Honor o . SONYA SCHRECENGOST -- Kidettes, Flag Girl. ERIC B. SCHURZ - Soph., JV Foot- ball, Surf Club. PENNY SCOTT - Prep Club, Varsity Track, Jazz Singers. WESLEY SECREST -- Concert Choir. SHANON SEJOKORA - JV Football 30-3-30 Quill and Scroll Corydon JANE SELDITZ - Hour to Devour Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Principal s Advisory Comm. CSF NHS. MICHAEL SELDON -- Marching Band Jazz Ensemble Straw Hat Band Symphonic Winds Amadeus CSF Mr. Ram. STEVE SEWELL -- JV Var Cross Country Soph. JV Var. Track. EVAN R. SHAHIN - Key Club CSF NHS Sec Orchestra Soph. Class Council Soph. Swimming Math Club. WILLIAM J SHANHOLTZER -- Soph. Class Council JV Var. Baseball Soph Football. DEBORAH L. SHAVELLE - Girls League Pres. Sec. Math Club Sec. Spanish-French Club Pres. Keywanettes Wargamers Masquers V-Pres. NHS Jr. Sr. Class Counci School Play MW Fan Club. STACEY SHAVER-Advanced Dance. KIM SHAW --- Flag Girl Kidettes Prom Comm. Comm. of Human Rela- tions Hour to Devour A.A.S. CFS Jr Sr Class Council A.S.B. Secretary. JACQUELINE SHERLOCK - Swimming Swim Team Mgr. Sr. Class Council Comm. of Scholarships and Awards. DANA SHULER--J V Cheer Song Girl Aries Organizations Editor Keywanettes Treas CSF Soph Jr Sr Class Council Gold Blue Jeweled M Prom Comm Prm Honor Roll Quill Scroll MICHELLE SHULER Ames Soph Pres A S B V Pres CFS Hour to De vour Prom Comm Soph Jr Sr Class Council JV Soccer Quill and Scroll Gold Blue M CSF Jr Honor Guard Sr Class Council Jr Honor Guard Prm Advisory Comm DaCapo CSF Jazz Chorus ANGELAR SMITH CSF Anchor Jr Honor Guard Jr Class Council KERRI L SMITH Astronomy Club S A D D GEOFF SMITH NHS Ames CSF Soph Jr Sr Class Council Key Club Cycling Club Math Team Prom Comm Mr Ram Jr Marshall rf 5 -' 'l . .f 5' S 'H' -vp.. .T ,. zxicglyr . ' 33 . . - gzzg-5135! n 1 Jiang Jawa .CZZW-404, Jdafviafa rf rfff-dxf Vefzzbftfkiw felt ,,gfi""' ' 9612129 tfffazu ' Qogvz rflcnzzkz 1' .aiw Qafzaf Jlakf I- ..,. I k Juan WZKOJFQ tfmd Gradua Shavelle Smith I l J g 3 l A X X , , L Lv ' l Q ,fi 1 ,Q X Z W X I 1 r 7 ' 1 7 7 I 51- l 7 7 K 7 7 7 ' as 7 . 4, : 4 .17 . , , , eff ,. 7 7 I' .N - av 6' lx 's 9 H A F' 7 9 , P I 'Q' 1 7 7 7 ' I 7 X 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 17 K 7 9 9 1' gi ' 'EPR "' 2 7 7 7 7 '7 4 4 .5 .4 -9 9 4 f lv JV I , 1 9 El 'l 'W' - 5 1 ' 4 ash 6, ,sv I , 9 J 2 it 9 , Y LI, ' If ,ja ' -9 J -1 -1 X Qi 3 I ' 9 . 7 1 ' , . X . S vm, J -s - 7 - 5 ' I . c I ' - f ' if l c ,T -1 ' ' V I V 5 f -J ., . . . ' ., , " I Ev -lr ' I 4 If , . ., .., ., . .-. , f 1 .5 1 1 ' ' . ' ff? TENIA SIMS-Freshman Senator, Jr., K l y A - , . 1' . 1 ' ' . . , A ,bl ' ' -1 r 1 'f 52,5 ' " . -- , n , . . - , V N ' :l 2 - I i 5 " c A U Q I S., 1: -9 - x y 5 Q Q ' .6737 2 a jf I 1 gi. , . . Ai ' , .L Yes 2 1 1 A f 12 g0fZdIf 1111724061 jdecfltebzzr qbofzda lfzdbafz gyms Lfoafz Graduates Smith - Taketa sz . A fi f W 'h , . A f"' rfafefrfoazf jvme cftewafb I is . ,K 1 fwaf rftwze -Ely rfmezo . ,, A i u .N W Q - slx .fuwwmce lfaffzcvdka 9' .I -- X 'T' s .gl L ff! If 1 'v i A2 R V , X ' ""' 2 Y ' Y Y X..,...Lg,,,,. ,,Y, ,,-..e--e- -.fe:-- TONIA SMITH -- Dance Club Int. Dance. JULIE ANN STEINER -- Varsity Soc- cer. LISA STONE - Adv. Dance Dance Concert Spring Musical Dance Club V-Pres Astronomy Club DaCapo Lorett Holiday Concert Director of Dance. LESLIE A STRECH -- NHS CSF Astronomy Club Masquers Adv Dance Dance Club Dance Concert Principal s Honor Roll Jr. Honor Guard. MARY STRUETI' - Song Girl A1-ies A.S.B. Secretary Kidettes Prom Comm. Var. Swimming Quill and Scroll Hour to Devour Principal s Honor Roll Sr. Class Council. LESLIE A. STULTS -Jazz Ensemble Marching Band Straw Hat Band Chamber Singers School Musical Keywanettes Anchor Amadeus Pres. V-Pres. NHS CSF Gold Blue Jew- elled M. VERONICA SULLIVAN -- Soph. Class Council Basketball Stats. PAMMY SUTTON -- Var Badminton DIANA TAYLOR - JV Tennis Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Prom Comm CSF Traders Tennis Club Jr Honor Guard Hour to Devour STEVE THOMPSON - Var. Cross- ci al s Honor Roll. .IOJHN P. TIERNEY-J V Var. Football STACIE TISHER - JV Cheer Head Varsity Cheer Adv. DAnce Soph. S . Class Council CFS V-Pres. SEAN D. TOWNS -- Corydon. HONOR Elaine Wrenn was a Medal of Merit finalist in En- glish 10 Elective English, and Math AWARD Glenn Wells won the Gabriel Hebrard Award for the Advancement of Foreign Lan- guage HONOR Leslie Strech was Stu- dent ofthe Quarter and a Medal of Merit finallst in Business Ed- ucation HONOR Mary Struett was Stu- dent of the Quarter in English AWARD Pammy Sutton won the Jr Achievement Sales Award HONOR: Steve Thompson was the JV half-mile and cross- country champion. HONOR: Debbie Kelly was a Medal of Merit finalist in En- glish 10 Elective English and US History. 4. s.- Q Q, Qfo60'6J'owf1fff Qifeewdlzwafo Q:-MQJMA, gaawwa ,f v ff ,., 1, 47, 4,4157 V 14-2 '-1-.fri 'f .2-ff . :ff-U 'W 1 .f 4 v. .v H. , .. lm..- Q .,.,,f , 2 'MAS-w , ,, -, , mfg' , ,P .' -,.,':-17 1 : fi - . . 2 ' , 1 .Z 4 . . . .Zzmf rfattofb 7311! Yum . A Nrwxl K- 7 7 7 7 L 'S 7 7 7 7 I ' ' 9 v y Q- 'W 7 7 ' 7 , 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 , 7 7 7 7 Q 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 '! Q 7 7 7 ' , . Country, Soph., JV, Var. Track, Prin- 7 7 7 7 7 7 r 7 4,1 ' I . 4k 7 ff 4. I 2 . I x .9 . . . . . ff Q n 1 I L X 7 Ei g lg 'T SWATCH ARM many Swatch s Mui film 4 T ll D A . 0' ' ill W y , I it ,",l.wU 'Tl l' 3 9. i if Si f. Y if , I Zlflgz My ll l s .fx S 4 XLX nj ,wi A .H Y -fix 1.3-Z,-lixgluszg-,,J X Sf' Students Switch to Swatch Unique designs low prices and high-tech fashion prompted many young people to flock to stores to purchase a new Swiss-Made Swatch. Although Swatches came in the traditional men s and women s styles and sizes many women pre- ferred to wear the men s watch. Designs included nautical graphics stripes and many other high- tech graphic designs. Upcoming styles will include a banana strawberry and mint swatch that will smell and come with an all-transparent watch and band. Practical because they are waterproof shock- proof and inexpensive they were ideal for the busy high school student. Commented Senior Mika Arai It s great to wear them while swimming so I can keep an eye on the time. Available in many different rainbow colors they became an indispensable item in a well-dressed stu- dent s wardrobe. It s fun to mix-and-match swatch- es with friends stated Leslie Wilson. Truly a watch for the future swatches may be an inexpensive answer for the need to satisfy our fashion conscience as well as keep us on schedule. Noelle Nishikawa 85 SWATCH ARM - Michelle Djokic s arm serves as a display for the many Swatch styles. gkzfdw .7zhfv buh gonzo dai Qfwjloy -1 , 1 ,, 1 "Q" ,, 7' rftaao .7460 J01zzf .7 rfeafo tqoww f if 5, ski Graduates Tallon Towns T", 95057 ZZ4g3GuQq mm ,ZMMk3Qma Z 6RdQ9Qwa Q ,ggsx s-gl-X lv- l fs, -.7 4 WI if-aging If " 'Ny ,- gay W Oyuvlftzkza WZMQ: c Walla Future Olympian Going to the Olympics in 1988? If you are, keep an eye out for track-star Kerri Zaleski. Hard training six days a week and alot of determina- tion have helped these dreams come true for Kerri. Kerri could be found at Cal State Long Beach for three hours of practice, polishinghertimein the 400 meter and 800 meter run. Her best time includes 2:05.59 in the 800 meter event. Running since the eighth grade, Kerri has competed in many national meets in- cluding the Junior Pan American games, Junior and Senior Nationals, Los Angeles Times Indoor Meet and the Sunkist Invitation al. She enjoyed competing against other top athletes since, "It helps me to im- prove my times and helps me to set up better personal goals." Continuing her education will be as important to Kerri as running. In the future, Kerri is sure to be Olympic Medalist. Noelle Nishikawa '85 RIGHT: SEOUL '88 - is the thought running through Senior Kerri Zaleski's mind as she finishes her daily workout at Long Beach State. 2 Graduates ll ll Tran - Van Huss .QIYZZIZ gp ,f .yzrcotto kcemy 1 U "V sta O, X A ,,?N3,rtg 1 Q jaW1fy Wzmmw I , l X 'Jil I FM lm . 1 A- W .I 1 lt S' ,- XX x M eww li, . X j a l . I: 'lk- E U. fin IWW fllifg 5 x"fs?fA'.,l 'AI -fn .. f 3 an ,,,,, 2 QM, www 9114? wa,-as My MJWQZQQ ffm Wwwdw W6 Webcam 3523553 We Weak Www . ,,.,2 Q WW Www BRAIN TURAN G -- Varsity Football Varsity Baseball. ESTELLE TURNER-Jazz Ensemble Astronomy Club DECA Dance Club ROTC Jr. Class Council. MICHELLE TURNER - Kidettes. MICHELLE TUTTLE -- Robbie Ram JV Var. Swimming Jr. Class Council. MINH VAN - Math Club. BETH VANSANT - Girls League Anchor German Club Head Tall Flag C.S.F. Principal s Honor Roll Junior Honor Guard. JULIA VOCK - Kidettes A.A.S. JV Var. Volleyball Junior Honor Guard. JON VON ARX -- Sr. Class Council Aries Key Club Cycling Club Pres C.S.F. Calculus Club Sec. Golf Club Traders Soph. JV Football Soph. Var. Track Principals Honor Roll Quill and Scroll. JOE VULLO - Soph. JV Var. Foot- a . EDIE WAGSTAFF - German Club 30- 3-30 Forensics Song Girl Quill and Scroll Spanish-French Club CFS Corydon. DAVID WALES - VICA Club. JENNY WALKER - Astronomy Club Kidettes Dance Club Nautical Club DaCapo Lorett Jr. Class Council Prin- cipal s Honor Roll. JULEY A. WARDLE - JV Soccer. SUSAN M. WARMBIER - Vocal Jazz DaCapo Water Polo Mgr. Swim Mgr. Lorett. JOHN W. WARR - Orchestra. BECKY WEBER- Astronomy Club V- Pres. Dance Club Dance Concert Spring Musical Nautical Club. HONOR Brian Turang Was named All-City and All-League in football p A HONOR Beth Van Sant was Student of the Quarter in En- glish 10 AWARD Gary LeFebVre won first place in JV League wres- tling and second place in Varsi- HONOR Debbie Kelly was a Na- tional Merit Scholarship semi- finalist HONOR Brian Turang was named All-City and All-League in baseball HONOR Pam Lange was named All City All League, and first team All CIF in softball in both her Sophomore and Junior years HONOR Mary Kramer was Stu dent of the Quarter in English 0001 . are W ffeaagf' Gfqfygf Graduates Van Sant Webster 7 V 1' , as T 7 7 7 3 7 Y x i , X , lyk . ,QA X 1 1 IA' 5 X i 1 1 :X 7 7 7 , f , , will .1625 7 7 7 7 7 ff Et wx 1 'S . 5 .--. X , 3 -r S A 1 ', ' , Z 4' 6 X 3 S l 1 Y xv N 1 1 , 1 1 -L 5 X Q' 1 1 " x .F SX, f ..- 1 b ll W ,Q - L a i 1 7 7 7 7 7 f rf N i E 7' D 7 ,. A 4 1 1 1 'Lrg Z Q , 1 1 1 f oz 9' i' Z 1 fr: , X X ,,6'l::,g. , X . X 1 xxl, x x 1 1 1 .c W 1 1 1 My dv' i f , .a 4' ff 1 Qs:-if Q., ,,, , 1 , y s. ,. X H, 1 ' P' . 1 - ' by - 3 J ty- 2 2' ' X? X Y 5' , 'L VMI . X I ,1 I ' 1 ' , i- .iff . c a 953' B 11 'Y,.,m L 215 I 4x l L k X J . ,,".4 fd. l FREEDOIV' OF SPEECH - Student protesters take advantage of some free time to express their feelings on the extension of the school year by four days. What? More Time' Hey, what happened to just adding minutes? exclaim d Junior Philip Jones. This was an often-heard lament as students discovered that four whole days had been added to the school year - quite a step up from a previous daily addition of two minutes. Responsible for the increase was a new state law which raised the minimum number of days students were required to attend school. The action was taken in an attempt to bring California schools up to par with the majority ofthe nation s schools as far as time of attendance was concerned. It was another of a num- ber ofrecent laws designed to improve academic performance in California such as the C-average requirement of activities and increased graduation requirements. Because the extra days were simply added on at the end ofthe year causing school to end on a Wednesday rather than on the usual Thursday a certain amount of confusion was created concerning the scheduling of Finals week. Other than this however, the only bad side-effect of the extra time was on stu- dents mental health. Debbie Kelly '85 f Q 4 0 ' Y xxx? - I , FJ' 547 " fn 3 I L' R ft 1. . . . 0 ll 77 , 9 7 9 9 1 7 7 9 Qijafz yfdyddlbgdi afflefza Wzdmw gum Wzdmzd 4 . 4 2- 5 1 'xxx -.' ' K g 'I' ..y, 'SN nf 113- vu .5 . mr 1 1' 4 . :Q Zi pi , , :cf - I 5 an fag, lf ii I .1 5 2 1 6 Graduates Wei -Williams X ' "-' Y 'nw W ' rfzwafa 'Wd jam Wawwz WMMZ Weaai Qelofai WMM gala W' 'T an it T' r J .XE , ,.. J . www W im 1220 Q06efoWe4zm JMAAWQOJ M. Z LWZ. k ,YN 1 lf, L law WW W WM 5 'lt -wwf ll Wootton J l 1 B kim fm MM P1 il fai E. R- l 1 1 1 my-JA if 1 '51 1. Jawa Www ,MM WMM .FY all 3 . AWMQMM 0lYf00lZ0'00L farcw... l 4 e 1 1' SUSAN WEI -- Var. Tennis, JV Bad- minton, Pre-Health Club, Principal's Honor Roll, CSF, CSF Sealbearer. STEVE WEIMER - Var. Football, Golf Club, Fishing Club, Surfing Club. GLENN WELLS -Aries, Spring ASB Pres., Key Club V-Pres and Sec., Hour to Devour Pres., NHS, CSF-Jr. Rep., JV Baseball, So. Cal. Calculus Club Trea- surer, Gold, Blue, Jewelled M, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, CSF Sealbearer. ROBERT WESTON - Symphony Or- chestra. DEBORAH WHITE -- JV, Var. Cheer, Hour to Devour, Jr. Class Council, Ad- vanced Dance, CFS, Dance Club, Prom Committee. MARK WIGOD - Fall ASB Pres., Sr. Pres., Aries, Golf Team, Math Club Pres., Key Club Pres., Gold, Blue, Jeweled M, CSF Soph, and Jr. Rep., NHS Spring Advisory Committee Prom Committee. EVA BENITA WILEY - Girls Drill Team Jr. Class Council Anchor Club Principal s Advisory Committee Tall Flag Jr. Honor Guard ROTC Color Guard CSF Principal s Honor Roll' . , RON WILLBANKS - Var. Wrestling. KRISTA A. WILLIAMS' -- Principal s Honor Roll. ' , I MINDY WILLIAMS - Flag Girl Aries NHS Keywanettes V-Pres. and Trea- surer CSF Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Coun- cil Kidettes Gold Blue Jeweled M Principal,sWHonor. Roll Jr. Honor Guard Prom Committee CSF Seal-I bearer. A . I T I I . I STEVEIWILLIAMS + '30-3-30 Cofry-, donjHourto .Devour .CFS Key Club JV Soccer Mr. Rami Astronomy Club V SADD'PSr.Class"Council.M I I I I LESLIE WILSON-Lorett. Sbph Jr. 4Cl3assCouncil. . I I ' . . M -+ Da Capo Dance! . fD1iCisMBiER woon 4 cross country I Track.. I I . . JILL WOOLSTON -- JV Tennis Lorett Kidettes Flag Girl Jr Class Council ELAINE A WRENN Afrzes Editor NHS Pres ASB V Pres Sr V Pres Keywanettes V Pres Quill 8z Scroll Forensics Math Club JV Bas ketball JV Swim Gold M Blue M Jeweled M Astronomy Club CSF Trea surer Prmcipal s Honor Roll UN SUK YI Math Club Da Capo Club Concert Cholr LISA YOSHINAGA Soph Class Councll SEAN YOUNG German Club Pres CSF Amadeus Wargamers Pres Or chestra Marching Band Straw Hat Band KIM M YVON JV Softball Princi pal s Honor Roll PETRA ZVERINA Span1sh!French Club Hour to Devour :Eg . -- .x x -.,,.,.- .ki i jrmfw Wok Qecefzzdef Wood 1 ' ,A ..., YQ 1 2 ... 1.5 , , . ,... ., fa V . we ' if 6223327 7i. g KIUDOQQ 0013 if .Hia Graduates Williams Zverina l 1 1 I EK 7 1 7 7 I 15. -f , , J U ,X , , ' , L " 1 1 1 1 ' I f f 9 ! I 1 Y 7 7 ! f' 1 1 1 1 1 1 37 ' 7 5 'H , R X 1 Y J Y 7 "' ff' 1 1 1 6 X is 1 5 .-as Y gt? Q 1 '1 f 533m l 1, , l 1 , E ' 5 . 1 i " 1 3 4 E i- 1 ' . 1 . 7 . , '- , ii ' 1 9 7 ' . . ' I , N 1 ' N ,, ' - ., I. - 55. VV . au. , N , '1 . '9 gvj, A . I ' 9 A . ' ' ' . ' ' . I 1 1 1 1 fr I 1 . , . , , - 1 Q ' ""' 1 , . WW' . D . ' I , "1 1 WMM! --- . ,CW "1 I 1 1 I -1 Y, M e.. , H .A 'J 1 1 ' '1 E11 ' , , ' , - , - 'Q .. f- ' , I 7 ' - ' 21- f " V. are f . V' 1 X I 'Nl 0 . e -A ...Mn-,lTL,,1Z.f. ..,sTLa,X b , ,, x l V ' X 1- . 21 SENIOR CSF - FRONT ROW: Carina Carra Hokilani Haynes Insoon Kim Camille Dougherty Dana Shuler Yxta Murray Terri Houser Erika Hansen Susan Wei Debbie Shavelle Noelle Nishikawa Raymond Ho. 2ND ROW: Anna Miranda Elaine Wrenn Soo Jin Kim Rheuben Bowling Michelle Djokic Mindy Williams Dave Odell Kathy Olsen Sharla Frazier Baber Ali Alex Redman Mark Wigod Mike Milburn. 3RD ROW: Diane Taylor Julie Anne Mandryk Chris Craig Lisa Yoshinaga Michael Bordoni Mika Arai Lisa Salisbury Kim Shaw Ryan Rosier Geoff Smith Rodney Montiel Scott McGihon Toby 0 9 .. -A Y .. y..,.1 ,xl I NHS - FRONIT ROW: Noelle Nishikawa Mary Kramer Elaine Wrenn Evan Shahin. 2ND ROW: Elisa Freligh Erika Hansen Lori Abramow Kristin Burns Karen Oleson Nan- cy Vamvakitis Ralph Lakin Susan Kendig. 3RD ROW: Renee Arakawa Quynh Phan Debbie Shavelle Kyong Cho Angela Packer 4.0 Students - FRONT ROW Baber Ali Hokilani Haynes Reese Stewart, Tobv Choy. BACK ROW: Alison Clay Nlary Kramer Debbie lxelly,'Elaine Wrenn. Mark Wigod. Yxta Murray Amy Dale Christy Manker Hayley Sloan Rob Durazzo Baber Ali Lisa Longville Alex Redman Hokilani Haynes Sothear Vong. 4TH ROW: Rodger Keester Lak Uy Chris Nlutter Robert Saslow Michael Bordoni Soo Jin Kim Sharla Fra- zier Mindy Williams Geoff Smith Phillip X 'ri Choy Leslie Stretch Mary Kramer. BACK ROW: Reese Stewart Alison Clay Craig Web- ster Joel Gargaro Asim Ali Evan Shahin Paul Evans Jim Drake Gary LeFebvre Den- nis Pippin Manly Abercrombe Brad Lan- caster Steve Romeyn Andy Cantrell Jon von Arx Glenn Wells Steve Malone Debbie Kelly. We :Vy H ,. Jones Leslie Strech Debbie Kelly Alison Clay Kathy Olsen Jim Foster. BACK ROW: Mike Abeles Asim Ali D.C. Conroy Matt Lynch Mike Milburn Mika Arai Ryan Rosier Dave Odell Mark Wigod Glenn Wells Karen Rutten Norman Kitano Paul Evans Leslie Stults Joel Gargaro Leanne Eberhart. if-pm, ,. , Acacleinics -1.0, NHS. CSF J 'Q .1 l 9 l 1 if R 1 l y lz ill l I C. kim ll iilerlli flllirthnln i. abil Bord ' fmflant PPM Calla 3-Uilhuy 9 isln flax, 4 ral Emi. l , :Ill Frazii rviiimgalo 51:52 Hansel ,hillgm Hay 'J , illilque Be! lfal ' liiglillg 82,5 uh: :M lIj"l Kim "ill Yan lx L iii :lk , -A 4QJ ' ' S i 1 'VST Elf. K I 1 - utagllgg. 'QR Erai E' '-1'i.fELlIETj: x l' in S" r 1 X-xxx-V 5 .N , .S f I f I I . CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION SEALBEARERS A Asim Ali Raymond H0 Alex Redman Q"-,,-',21fr'.' Babel- AH Terri Houser RY9-T1 ROSIGI' Joseph Santos Evan Shahin Debbie Shavelle Dana Shuler Angela Smith Rex Bartholomew Michael Bordoni Soo Jin Kim Stacy Bryant Carina Carra Toby Choy Julie Mandryk Anson Clay M1ke Milburn Susan Wei Paul Evans Anna Miranda Glenn Wells Sharla Frazier Noelle Nishikawa Mark Wgod Mindy Williams Elaine Wrenn Debbie Kelly Mary Kramer Ton Thanh Ly Joel Gargaro David Odell Erika Hansen Hokilani Haynes Kathy Olsen POTENTIAL SEALBEARERS Reese Stewart Leslie Stretch Leslie Stults Craig Webster Thu Khuong Teri Schlieder Eva Wiley 11150011 Kim Jane S6ld1tZ Tuyet Van Ly Monique Bessem Steven Malone Chris Cr3,1g Scott MCG1h0Yl Jay Elwell Rodney Montiel Julie Fulbright YXYH Murray Sean Young O . Leaders of Tomorrow Begin Today For the first time in two years the number of 4.0 students took a turn to the positive side. Four more students than the previous year achieved perfect scholastic status. A total of ten Seniors were able to obtain a 4.0 grade-point average even though most of these students had very demanding sched- ules. Along with this status came various forms of academic recognition. Students were recognized for their achievements through various awards. Debbie Kelly and Jim Gallagher represented Millikan as National Merit Finalists. Also representing Millikan was Mark Wigod, winning the Bausch and Lomb Science Med- al as well as the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award. Bank ofAmerica Certificate Awards were given to Robyn Joffe, Deborah Shavelle, Tenia Sims, Elaine Wrenn, Debbie Kelly, Michael Milburn, Sean Young, Geoff Smith, Kim Yvon, Sharla Frazier, Tim Harris, and Baber Ali. Bank of America plaque winners were Alison Clay, Mary Kramer, and Mark Wigod. Mary Kramer, Mark Wigod, and Elaine Wrenn were also named as Elk's Club Students of the Month. Millikan was also well represented in the Academy of Achievement Awards by Mark Wigod, Elaine Wrenn, Sharla Frazier, Deborah Shavelle, Michael Milburn, and Kerri Zaleski. Aside from the various awards, CSF and NHS recognized many of the better stu- dents as charter menbers. As members of CSF and NHS, students combined their abil ities to offer service to the community and the school Their services ranged from proj ects such as cleaning up trash in the park to donating money to the Disabled Resources Center cers Evan Shahm and Nloelle Nlishikawa discuss future club plans over lunch in the quad on a sunny April day ABOVE LEFT A SPECIAL TYPE Junior Haylev Sloan carefully types her NIHS application in her brother s room hoping to become a new member Academics 4 0, NHS, CSF i I . l I I c . , r ' 1 I ' 3 - FAR LEFT: A BUSINESS LUNCH- Senior NHS Offi- ,C A , l 'I . jj i ' t I . Q . 5 - ' - A I . 1 f , md' I X , X "E -mil I! Iv I fo X 1 xii m . i 1 W 1" ' , ff 4.1. i.. -1 ' 11 D 11 Class of 'S ,- ,. .1.. 1 1 A 0 1 3,3 1 v- i ',. V x .x- , L Wi" W' . ' I' 1 A 7 1 ,- I l' 4 , Y K 2515 . a, A - x17 Q N. i' ' Ll ei i. y 4 tx A X . S , i X I ..,. , A X a is jf"3 ' : - ... 4' ff 1' fl n fe Vi p I ii I .,1 'K , I Q. L Q ' 8 1 F -.i fr! L reed ix 4- --J -L-TF Michael Abeles Lori Abramow Rick Acosta Ellen Adalian Kevin Adams Armin Aguinaldo Rubicela Aguirre Nancy Airhart ilil- Theresa Albright Suzanne Alexander Regina Allen Tony Alvarez Dan Amargo Judah Amargo Ruth Amaya Claude-tt Amirikhass Elaine Anderson Ellen Anderson Michele Anderson Michelle Anderson Myron Anderson Todd Anderson Jason Angress Lisa Annella .illi- Jim Ansite Izumi Arai Renee Arakawa Marlo Ashley Roselyn Ashley Mike Athey Jon Banner Mark Barber , Lori Barnes Shelly Barnes Romi Barrad Jonelle Barrera Tim Barthel Dennis Barwick Carleen Basler Gayla Bassin L l l 1, Y, F 1 il., 1 X .t X l 857 Students " V' 'F 5 2 Q- 75 af " X 1 I . . 5 - -' TI, , 1 Q e., X ,"':, X .,,, 4 ii ii l l ' , V " 1' ,Q ,E 4-fp ' I . V x U X X- S .- " A' A lim X X 1 W' ,, 'T 3-if H- F -' H 1 1 l A .V , X , ,I f f ,' 'E 5 . ' ': . i 3 fl 5 ff A we 7 . .la Hi. X., Aw' l Q ,V 5 Z' 7- T ff 4. "' I 5 Q 'fri I T I 5 l , ,, x ofa. . Bonnie Battenfield Mike Beattie Arty Bedard Damon Beggs Wes Beisner Robert Belcher Curtis Belvin Kellie Benton , Kerry Berg Theresa Berg Chuck Berry Daisy Berry Brandi Bertram Tom Black Jackie Blackmore Michelle Blanchard 1 T. Lori Blatt Mark Bligh Donna Boge JeffBooker Jill Boone Michael Bothell Steve Bottom Connie Boyd lill-. Y' nk V i s , 1- 1- V y V .I by 21, -av s Q xii? . A I .X 'Xi 7, Y.. me V al ' an U i ,Y ,,?!.' ul. ' , ' N , . K 6 X ,J ,I . ' -if rl i iii F l I 1 Ho K 'Q Anjali Y l .LA o N r I 1 f I V "la ' X11 rl' . u pa 1 ,ll li 1 1 1 i,., Ji 1 , J , l " n iii ,i 'K' V I l i Y. 41 220 1 iriiri A lie lieles-Br-5 11 f I ' X xx' X W Y '25,- in Q, r - .i -jg -.L.s,e,,L..nlW,1Y F, H, A ,animal i r fr or 1 if 1 W B Y Traci Boyd A f X ,si Q Melissa Braget A .. M X ' ' ,ng ,,, Loel Bratcher X , I - " 4- N ' r "C John Bratton X X V , A . ' T' ' 7 Kirk Brennan 51, ' A A I " X V, K X Janet Breuer ' ' , N. , Teresa Brewer N qqggb ' N! 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'i U 4 vs J' 1 V 4 -.i fb 1 ' , Audra Flewellen Leo Flores Chris Follett Lakeba Fondrew Kami Ford Robin Forgay Scott Fossett Jim Foster Nichelle Foster Angela Fox Matt Franco Michelle Frangesch David Fratello Eric Freckleton Nicolle Freeman Elisa Freligh ...l-l Chantal French Linda Fuller Jesus Funes Keven Gail Tanya Galang Madison Gallow Ja Tyon Gammon Albino Garcia Irma Garcia Ramon Garcia Jeff Garvey Renee Genovese Sivheang Ghov Derwin Gibson Michelle Gillies Jodel Givens .-l.-. .. k . I , , z , 1 ri 'i Ja-fs -Q X , sr X, -fx 11 X ! 1 X .':"1- !- 53' at if E F74 X . x " 4 , , + s t HW f vf Ir:-v-. A h Y X1 I .,,, . 7' .NL in if - l '55 ,. V 3 . a - V--L ft- CT .. ' is F Q A Y' ,N .w- , f. .K ' x scifi Ji ' 1 it N tg, V ,rw I. 'D Q ' I . I , WV XXX . fa N r"'lx" , . yi 5,4 ,x 3 lf' i az!!! i 'iz , , i l l y l I fir if, ,eta it l ,I i .Q 1 fl i I i l 1. Hib i E. l l tiff!! X. i i X i Juniors. Costa-Givens i no . ,l eq l'r. N ,,,..,,.:,,2.- -,., .r ,.... . Al. ... L us, L- F -M L. .r A 9 you 1:5 i Y i piper t .y , . xi 1 ll we E H . 7- B x . I F' K 4 , ll A f i ji Q E 'fbi V era l F., ,f f X f N" of Minh Vu Givens Kelvin Gobble Sharyl Godes Rodney Godfrey Diedra Gonzales Elizabeth Gonzales ..1 .. Jesus Gonzalez Gary Gooch Scott Goodale Devin Gordon J eff Gott Julie Gott l-i. .. M att Gott Erin Grady Bill Graham Byron Green Shaun Greenfield Ferdinand Gruber Kieran Gunsaulus Ot Ha King Haed Kim Haight Jennifer Hall James Hamilton C V H m nd ortne. am o Kiescha Hammond Susan Hammond Dan Hampton Steve Harbers Lillian Hardgraves Stacey Hargrove Lisa Harper E ' H ' ric arris p Wendy Harris . Kim Heath Bryan Heffley Joe Heffley Scotv. Hellman Jane Heinrich Tina Hemmings Frank Henning April Henson -1 ff-I ' r in - r'-"lawns JUST LIKE GRANDDAD - Yolunteen Karleen Basler works dili- gently on paperwork for Memorial Hospital on an afternoon in Sep- tember. Keeping Family Tradition Carleen Basler, junior, has successfully followed in her grandfather's footsteps. She spent an average often hours per month working as a volunteen for Memorial Hospital. When questioned about where she found the time, Carleen stated, "My grandfather put a lot of happi- ness in the patients' lives as president ofthe Volunteers, and I wanted to keep it in the family. I love itll' Trying to bare with her junior year, it was a wonder Carleen managed to keep up with so many activities when she finished performing her duties at Memorial. Carleen was busy going to club meetings, cheering as a Kidette, and Working on her grades. Because she hoped to become a cardiologist, the exposure to doctors and hospitals was a rewarding experience for Carleen. Her favorite of being a volunteen was, t'The patients know I'm not getting paid, and it is really uplifting to feel their appreciation. It's like giving someone a gift. I really feel good inside? Michelle Shuler '85 I f are GTF -il C "K " -I ' i ' 'd 'l me FK ' "" ' ' F 2 4 4-' QA 5 ai s I -F --f ,, . -5 X li, ' , X. . 1 V ff A 4-, n 5 4' JI giXxx- i Juniors 2 2 ,ff Givens-Henson f X ' W ' ' ' X 1 s u i X Xi til. f - V rn 1 XX 1 pf 1Xf'X Manuel Hernandez V X , X X ' Savina Hernandez X! X' X -, 1 f , - ' 0 0 3 if Jeff Herold -s ' -K , V Jesse Herrera K ' X X ' Q! X . . ' Terry Herron J f , 1 4 -- . ' , 'n I Dave Hess , r, Y ,X " Kerri Hindman X X ' lit X .' ' X XX Randy Hoff X X Xi 'X , 'X' X X 4 -' we H- f W X V' V ,f rf , - Q IX5aurzXaXIiIXoifman X 7' -. X, rric o mes " N A ' ' ' J 5 J . " ganny H33 .- 1. '-T ' i v -F' ' X X ammie ot " ' A- '-"Q X L X Kathy Holtz ' 9 v' ' Xe! fl K l I1 I 1 ' 'V 5 Wm,-K Soly Houy ' X X 5 - " - 1 X X l , , i X 1 ' ' f Dane Hurd f X' V X X Tammy Huska X X ' f X, X X , Y.-J, , ' xr l - , in l ..,., . -l-ll V , 1 ' .X X' ll i keilie HIi1tchXiXnson 5 - V ' f- rt utc inson ,Qx ,N A X l H X l . an 1' Y " " X Hgaelfluynh "' f'-J ' 4, . . 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X X 'f 02 ' .X 'F Glen Kaho f X 1 J I J '9' ' ' . , - X Kelly Kaiser , - 5, X ' - South Kann 3- ' 1 ' KimKaren ' X, X ' XJ X Elizabeth Karp ,n K X DAX -' ' X Julie Kassay Y '- . ' f 'leg f or ' ,J 'f IX V XX X X X minion V XX All Seger Ilieeger .XX 'XX ' ' K hefflllnd aj , XX usan en lg ' X XX KX ' X 1 X 4' 5 , '- ' ,: - f Andrew Kennedy ' - ' J 1- "Q . " H' 3 Tllereh l -v . . X epi - - Rene Kennedy X , f X ' ' 1 -,,: ' ' ' f Michael Kentism -XX ,Pj I V , , 7, ' if ' HEplaveX Saudeneth Keo , , XX ' A f Tek Khauv f ,X . XX I ' 5 , Q ta LyK1m XX XX 1 ,J X XX X 5 IX 1 XX agegroup . -, XX X X X -1 1 TX --1 Va X1 J ' J- XX , 1 lllslxun, J - Q Nfl i ' 1 ' 2 J X ' ! J0hllC0n 5 3 Jason King fX 1. ' ' r , X7 1 Nallgnal I KX W I Teri Kirkwood - ' 'I' 3 4: I X X ,L " "' Kim Kist X 1,5 X ' X , ' X X X X f l95t3X BOX X, Norman Kitano v.:f X ' 7 l -- ' K' f X ' ' ' Stacie Knevelbaard X X X XX X QT' l'QaCllQdth ' 8 Carrie Knigha XY' v ' 1 X -- Alan Koeni s erg X X 1 Seng Kolangneo 4 , X W' - 'i l Xmnfluellf t it if if ' Qllhe Shaman Komg future X X, ,. uey ong - - . 1- X4 .- X A J, N ' ' Matt Kossack v 1. 7 A 0 f A eX are XXX ,pi Jim Kresin xr, X X X , , ' X X Y Q55 ' " " f ' ' Ch ' K eger ' X " ' Q- .J X Kniify ifljnil 1' f ' , X ' Q X Kimlang Ku 4 1fX SEXXESXQ X ,Xp ' 7' Frank Kuehn X X l X XXYXXXLXX XXi3.XXX:. X..- X X L wi: 'suing 4,143 J - L L X, A V liziififizzsiguii--' - j , li1 --- A ' " .luniors X X llwiiaulez-lxlieliii Mai., .Z 1-eg i 1,! 'sul Y1! i ,L Xa ... Qi 'icuii t rtg vs ' . 1 to ' Wa , :Ab F' ' ' V . 1 g , ' . l X 3 -- , - ,,,- i""' :xf.' i' - .,,a ' H J f' . fix ,Xl N a n 5 I, 1 I N 5' 1 J- F N :ff A'-441.. . W K , J i ff Y ' , 'Ily a X 1 w 6 1 V g c F . J u p 4 W U ' . ' . , - 1 ." ' V i at 5 V, U I ' X K HW .. .. . - . V ,- ' 1 .-' -, A ', ' r' ' ' f . 5 ' , , 's as f A ,V L , 3 t i V 41 3 Q , " Xu' V , - " J' V-1 A 1' fir, I f i , I c 'ff' X , w t , , l xiii Ai R , ., a J - - ' f' . ', 4., , .1 ,JW . f V 1? 1 er' a if W J L a Q ..-1 Steve Kumashiro Steve Kundar Marissa Labor Keith Ladd Kami Laines Ralph Lakin Tean Lam Sally Lamb Linda Larson Loretta LaTi-aille Jim Laturner Michael Lawrence Mai Le Man Le Bao Lebaovan Steve Leduc Michael Lee Shelly Lee Chris Leone Shawneen Leslie Carmen Levasa Jerry Lewis Michael Lewis Luciana Llarinas Lim Lock Carol Lockeroy Charon Loeung Nevado Loeung Kosal Long Lisa Longville Ismael Lopez Richard Lopez Virginia Lopez Delaine Love Belinda Lovely Maria Lozano Robert Lucas Roberta Lucero Rose Lu cero John Luke f T3 2 z f Q if V"'7 W lo 1 , 'f 3 V I 7 ,if Z F N Yaul E ,Q "" . A I ' ' N . Q In b A, ., k, I :'.,. f gn ff , 5 if as zc N Liii , ,, If -1 fx. j . 2 ,4 Z 4 1 , , M V. I -V N ., f ' 0 . 2 :V ff ' gg y f- gi::1L:ir 'Y' I V tj, . Q 1 ,,,, gmgg N 1:7 six' 1 A W m ,,,g - .fa d 1 I f f I- ' 2? . w . J. ff X i 2 -ff ' 1 r , , TM 1 f , ' Z ' 2: 'f I 1, ' 1 Z., ' , i w r . I 5 J L An Ace Tennis Player John Tormey, president of the Fall Junior Class, could be found after school at the Lakewood Country Club. There he practiced tennis for three to four hours He played with the Southern Cahfornla division ofthe United States Tennis Associatlon At one time, for his age group, he was ranked fourth in Southern California and s1Xt1eth in the nation John competed in several tournaments,1nclud1ng the Natlonal Indoors, the National Hardcourts and the Fiesta Bowl Tournament, in which he and his partner reached the doubles finals Influenced by his father, John began playing tennis when he was eight years old He was privileged enough to meet h1S favorite tennis star Rod Laver and played against another star, Stan Smith He ISD t sure what his future plans are regarding tennis, but whatever they are, he s sure to be successful Steve Kundar 86 H i l I 1 F y -T GOT IT' John Tormev uses his perfect forehand stroke for the winning point in a practice game ,135 yu--In Juniors lxumashlro Luke N i 24 X . . . , ii: Y A . . . . - f I tv . . . I f L , y 0 1 Aff f ' 1 1 fi 1' W , . - L ' A t 1 l J I -- 1 . 3 L' K f 1 Q 1 J 22 i .1's :- I , A . J g..e ' iv' , Y f Y , p - 4, 226 r X J LA Z 'I' 'lf " D Qs n ig Qi' 8 Q 31 N ,A i V V. 'ii 'il .xr i it X A, V ' F 'C+ .ci K 1 - 7 ff, 5 Xi l 5 - if I . TOUGH DAY - Junior Christy Manker finds that being the only girl on the water polo team was no way out of hard practices, Christy went through long, rigorous workouts with no special treatment. Female Fish Usually the game of water polo brings to mind a vision of guys involved in a rough, physical contest of endur- ance. However, in the case of the Rams' polo team, a glance at the pool yielded a surprise - a female face. Junior Christy Manker, played boy's, or rather co-ed water polo. However, this sport was not new to Christy. She has played Age Group Polo with Beach Swim Club at Cal State Long Beach. Also, Christy is no stranger to the pool. She has been swimming competitively for six years and has been a key member of the Varsity team since her Freshman year. Christy's teammates didn't make a big deal ofthe situ- ation, and everyone got along fine. When asked to com- ment of her position, Christy said, "They treat me just like any other player, except of course, when they want someone to pick on." Jim Greci '85 Debbie Kelly'85 lil-i Pheap Ly Suon L ' Wendy l.yman Bourin Ma Michelle MacCracken Denise Madrid Krista Ma uson Heather lbgariheney . Mike Mallon Monireit Man Teresa Mancia Christ Manker Kevin livianning Melony Manns Shannon Marsalis Terry Marsh . Chris Marshall Eric Marsoobian Jeff Martin Ismael Martinez Michele Massey Margaret Matera Matt McCarley Anna McCarthy Brian McConnell . Becky McCullah Michele McCullough Connie Mc iffert - Julie McGowan Ann McKee Kim McKibben - Vin Meas Christine Medina Yolanda Medina Saoravy Men Debbie Mendez Ofeilia Mendoza P' 1 , X 3 ravi ga i l F ii N J f Q' N F, i .i xi V7 'Y Qi is X g F 11 ' at l .ff Q' all , l W l' Q, , 1 i 1 , 1 ff Q c l l , . ,, , ' , . .ry v we va" 4 1, i V ii' 147, ji " QI, A, ,Qi i in y ,4 We I r.ih 4' V 'A ..,., F W ' A il ,717 i 1 . 12' 'Q im, "7 "2" , -'ff i i 'i-, ' 1 fi A ,tl 4 1,,'s. ?, v i I 5 V, ,,, ,,,, 'S L 4 V i . ' , ",. z 1' F' , r " l ll , A , ad pff pf wr 1' , 4 , .4 ' b , J e l Juniors Ly-Mendoza R Fifi S X P ,UL 5 of .X 1 w o K ,YJ l -l W x ml . v i ,l'K'i l Xi 1 nl U.. 5 ' l fi -W . lk W ,J J 4:7 f. . In -1 ,K I. -X-fi s A Ii f K.. . X 'I i L.-my 4 3 ii ' W -41 X av- 'KJ' Michael Merrill Kenneth Meyers Jill Miller Kristi Miller Vidlliam Miller Debbie Milner Nou Miaouki Nana Miziguchi Ken Monreal LaShawn Montgomery Wagner Montiel Rene Mooneyham Dawn Moore Derrick Moore Gary Moore Scott Moore Tuesday Moore Jose Moran David Morgan Ken Morgan Mark Morris Beth Morrison Wendy Morrison Clifford Mosley Russell Moss Kyle Mount Steve Mukai Pam Mulligan Melissa Muna Theresa Murray Amy Meyers Angelea Myers Ll.T1 Sheri Nagle Juan Najera Cheryl Nakamura Rudy Navarez Steve Neal Jones Ne on Erika Nefaron Lori Nelson John Newman Lisa Newman Mo Ngan Ser Ngan Tamy Nghiem Hoa Nguyen Minh guyen 'hmg Nguyen Carey Nexlsen Chris Nutter Marian Obert Jeff 0 Bnen Jon O Brien Antonio Ochoa Andrew Odom Bobby Odom Anne Oldale Karen Oleson Laura Oliver Jim Olson Lance Ondrxck Sang Var Or Aurora Oregel Derek Onee Chantha Ork Robbie Orr Vimalyn Ortega Rayrnundo Osono Robin Ossen Sayom Ouk Mlliam Owens Tanya Oxford L ,W K, I X, 11, 1 ,., , fr -X as 'v -, f ' uw I, ,. f l Xin! P . IL. LQ.. K : f x X 1 -."""' " get zz ' l na K 4' f h X Mail Eg n . N 'Q Ns nf ,, fb' , iai Y XM V. ,MQ v- 7' ja 4 'CZ' V 5 K , M' FV "" "WT -8 ' - V fl, ' 1-55,1 , ,, px-.4 , f A X ,wx .-'fr l W1 M at gait y rii, , J 7 4 M , gg QW , 'RTS A I ix 'K 'YM Li ,ii iii. i .a 2: I we , ,H I 1 43" f J' v . me-I gn wb' Juniors Merrill-Oxford 4. ' ' - 1 o x o y - ,J lf. j o -1. - - f' o ik N, ra .K 1 I Q... rw 1 ,, :v ,. fu A .1 ' R. xy 'll -v 4 1 1 I' 1 " . 5 .Q X t , 1 N I as Q . ' 1 av 1 ,agus - - , . gay . 7 Il . K fm. N E , E f PM l x t ' Y 1 S fx y i ,Q O 7 A vs o r x l o i ni .,:-:Q as " r .- . .., ,- o A M IA K"! 'X 1 it X ,. Q 4 N no i , Y- bm I al.: Xi, 'ii . Angela Packer Rebecca Paiz Nelson Parker Timothy Parker Natalie Parsons Dennis Pastor Renee Patin Kelly Pawling 1-1 Janice Pe arson Vita Pech Nichelle Pegan Susana Perez Tim Periman Roger Perkins Curtis Perry Mike Perry , , Melody Persley Joy Petaia Cari Peterson Brenda Pettijohn Quoc Pham Quynh Phan Sophanea Phok Kien Phov Chau Phu Craig Pickens Rodney Pickett Juan Pineda Glen Pleshek Varunika Pok Mike Polizzi W. rv- xv V' A fu N1 ' 1 4 .-es ix! '-f YC X Q4 . ev" Q x. -3' Anabel Pichardo E r .lil-1 Lisa Pope Kendra Powell Robert Pride Craig Pritchard Toeur Prum Carrie Prytz Roger Quigley Jimmy Quon Adeline Rasca - Stacey Rasmussen Kim Redden Leah Reed Richard Reynolds Kelly Ridell Alejandra Rivera 1 asf 1 1 r, -. r ,X Lf- in l, L, o x -1 1 f l X - l ,, -..1 V aw ", . ,V g. 3 17 a I if X 1 , , of 'le . W ' r n 4 - L ,o -iff, X1 t 1 ,- X 1 X S WV' .xe- Vw i Y ei' 7 fx 1-.5 if x K' R A ' . lm ay 5 Bobby Rivera Robert Rivera Kristie Rodgers Victory Rodriquez Clarence Rogers Tammy Rogers Danielle Roux Mike Rowe l- -1 Gary Royer Dave Ruder Raul Ruiz Pablo Ruiz Gina Rutigliano Karen Rutten Shari Saavedra David Sadr .... .1 Murians Saez Patricia Sagale Daniel Salazar Dennis Salem Pilar Salomon Eddie Sanchez Elisa Sanchez Maria Sanchez ..- f a H cv c 'A I ge I V , 1 ,, , ,Q 1, ,V ' ,A f 1 4, W, 1 , -,Q 5- :sq " mia, ei.rr ii it 1 I 4 ,'.vx .Tw is x . 'if vb W,F oi . I .o 'r X, O V 2.- x fc .K-,f , I.. .Wk ,X Z 4 x 1' ff'-A moi! A , .E ou 1 'WP . Q A f x I I ,f f a if 9' if "r' 1 L1'Q of I nf, ,aio W' "1 4r M 4 X' I ,- ' fx x 4 ' .T , in -5, e " H' V 1 ' Q ' li L, ' . ,Q fi 'I ' '5 3 ' ' ' . ,A .ii Hi i'L:Q'Ad 71 X 1 xi ,, Q. , o 0 I11 o i r. 9 of V 1 . H H X 1 ' A f ig ,,.w 1 Juniors L 2 2 Packer-Sanchez .2 X J arf! o o 1 E P oooooooooo iemoloeiini Hockey "Hooley is oohea1'd of iz mon Kitano i Norman has yooosold. o lo the 1975 loo Diego To ooo o spot logeles, The oshotalihe tedin the fire lnl983,No fooroament 1 voted most vo i .lgools and 1 si li 1 QQ, 1 our i. o 'll 4 W S Q "NHl'+,sl ML- . 1, -X, ..11n:,u1aS,.aaus-e-.w.:-,...i.,f' h i A F 1 9, - Tom Sanchez . "3 v' Hiding-eg-, Bridgett Sanders , V Brian Sandstrom Q I , 5 L. If x . - ef I :-ggi..-I V R ' 'I ' Linda Sarne 1: 5'-X 77 . Robert Saslow ' l " Venn Saveuy l ' Q 1 1 I . 1 X ., V . ,, C1 ' ' L' Af' 1 V PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Norman Knano warms up at Zero- g!gg3gQgjgfg5m2 J ' f' 1 -M it ' ' p Temp. Ice Rink for his 1985 season opener. Amanda Schlumpf 4 A . ' ' '21 qv' 1 ' ' W ' ' x . I - . Hockey Player Shoots For Goal , . . "Hockey is a unique and rough sport that is virtually A P Q : y unheard of in Southern California," re lied 'unior Nor- gfnfgiislfiiiiiiifii "' " I P J D v Y S, Q . ' man Kltano when asked for his definition of the sport. Mine we 1 eg Norman has been playing hockey since he was seven K-L years old. k I In the 1979-1980 season, his team placed first in the San Diego Tournament. The following season, Norman 1 won a spot on the All-Star Team representing Los A d S M O n rea co 2 1? vw Angeles. The team then traveled to Quebec, Canada, for seteSegu1emelis .0 Q M . . . . . . anva e a , I ' , a shot at the Regional Championship but were elimina- ' g 537' so-' . ' . . l, ted in the first round. "'f ' 1 A In 1983, Norman's team placed second in a post-season Xp ' g I 'I tournament held in Reno. In this tournament he was '3 voted most valuable player. In five games Norman had , , 20 goals and 11 assists. hs ,A . , Kristin Burns 'se ifg,i,1Tge,,g3g,, I V' wg 2 sf U Jorge Sevilla .- 1 ,, -.. if l , . P515 X f if 'Q j 5 J- gon ,- f- T ... 41.11. Al it f L.s......u Niitchell Sew more Helen Sevmour Stacey Shanks Kedrin Sha Ste e Shmar 'Vlerry Shope Guy Short Bruce Shue Nloh S1hg'rnon Tunowa Silva Stephen Silverman Bob Sxmmerman Barrv Simpson Hang Sm Wiuhong Sm Ph ong-m Sisowath N antha Sn Hawley Sloan Dave Slosar Chris Smith Janine Smith Robert Smith Sheryl Smith Traci Smith 6 5' .v Ma.,,,. , ZW! , Fifi Juniors Sanchez Smith ll M ' , 1 ,f 1 f C if rr rw . --r 'Z v vs: S . Y l R' 11? 'V I Q , -,.., I j f X5 X X .1 fi V' lip X wi. . 1 X F 1- i, A l jr , 1 , I K , .Y I' , A jg V Q - I., 5 F V 1 A K 41 As ,Q A I In 1 v drw i 4 - len . Q ' . E ' 'if ff - ll ' V. 'Q X " sf' X '. V ar f ' If f . X -, W- 'Iv xx ' I .x V! A I y , an M +I' r I - 1 f -H -K " 'X " ' ' r" 1 k I Ai V . wx A . A -1 F, as 1 1 -V hi i ,, , f' 6 1 V ' fb an in 'S -" Q Q 'JVY 1 . 'I CT I" , .1 -tr., Y 4 'wif' .X f X D, ' ' ' "3 ' X . lx ' .1 h. f I me , ' N Y 1 H , N . A' s f, X . ASTXXK Q k-Ti 1 I 'XT y - for F 1 I -L9 is K . 1 ,X ." rl , 5, .. ,. if I ffm g,, ,V 4? 47' 1 I i 'YT X I F ,X V . c 1 . , F Y, 1 1,4 ., Vi X S .J fm, LA ic N. .v"' Q L35 in l . ' 1 .v-" 3 f YW an x f. 1' f' f .L S32 l ek . C -WV 1' ,, VI. f- , 1 X ' N , 3, . ' tl I I 'g X ll: r lx x, 1 ' I I f rv vs 1 .1- 'N JL , x , i , Q 1 r I fy, 1 '. x of F W '1 ,Xb . X ' 0 1 - re-.-n .J J 5"-s , 'I L... 3 i ,v, l s ,. 1 ,. 0- D J ' ,-f " ,f ', .iff x, .1 11 , , if , 2 1. .- f yi gf' A 1- J li L 1 1 A ..- . rr Rick Smyth Dy So Chan Sok Ny Sok Michael Soldin Carlos Solorzano Tina Standish Bryan Steele Sheldon Stein J on Storms Shelly Stratton Jeff Strech David Sueki Demetra Sullivan Tony Sun Lorrie Surdock Som Svay Carrie Swart Buffy Sweeney Gary Tadlock John Talley Carmen Taylor Julie Taylor Renia Taylor i. - Reaksmey Tuek Tania Thiele Todd Thiessen Ed Thomas Justina Thomas Ronald Thomas Carl Thompson Nanci Thompson Lori Timpe Anh Tuan To Karen Todd Michelle Toler Judy Tomis Sanjit Toor John Tormey Ana Torres Cecilia Torres John Torres Johnny Torres Linh Tran Toan Tran Marc Trenary Tam Trinh Louie Trumbo Paul Tsuno Tiki Tuiaiamoa Kien-Min Tukien Joe Turner Nelson Umana Maria Vaca Hector Valenzuela Luis Valle Nancy Vamvakitis Y V n en a Ze Vang Mart Vargas Deidre Vaughan Jalona Vaughan Armando Vidal Gin a Vild ano Stella Vigeant Michelle Vigil Kurt Von Epp Donna Wales Darren Walsh Toni Walsh Rich Walton Karen Ware - Ma.. .- 7 i A A K,- Q., ' emi' - '20 '1 .J i CJ fi 1 i wr '- pug .1- fi C i. '. ,ire 17, 1 1 V . 1. A x I R I rw Q , Y Ki. a Z ,An -W i Ji l ' , .Vw 'fr ., I ., I X U V, J, "Z" I'. '4 'tt x 'F -,.'j f lc We 3 I lg 5 '-6" 3 41" ,,.w, U 4 5: 4 V hail, .lillllUl'r Siiiylliflliiiw V! if AH iff l ffl v ,l l l , ,' ,Q Ng. i I M: M r I mn F . l ,S X l A L iilnllllli ..: Schedule tx i S 5 S f l l l Y ,fl J 1. l ,R 2 J. 1 N I 1 I V. V' 1- 1 V I r- ip 50 1 rl X F " ks,,gm..::-. --as-,in-:zg:...B.:..2 1 r' y n M, . '! " ., h CS ' l , '- - 1 Lisa Watson Troy Watson - I-.. 3 Gian Wayman Q A 1 M rk Weber - I . a - Denise Wechsung Chris Weil Mike Weston Dei White 1ri1 Pat Williams Chri1Willis Cl W' Tonia Wilson R b rtlfl Ron Wolten 07 . E Lisa-Wilken Angie Williams Casseawlvilliams Dave illiams Don Williams Maure Williams John Vvilliamson ax-ence ilson Eric Wilson o e iser Rodgenia Vlithers Gretchen Wollman P' 'if' if - U 'll' as-, -v K -7 .4 ,TY - , ' - 1 4 , , , 4 , , i kg., E . s I ll 'l , . N , as Vg C' 'Y 4. Y Y' ' W .vc-H 1. 2- 1 cv. ,M n , ,f rv 1, - 4 , 1 1 , ' 1 , , l 1 . - . , V E .9 ,, .N f , , rg J L 1 - Q .1 NN 1 , CT , ,g ll , I! J, NL ,, . J L. , lgesleKIWc? hesleilwyant Stirling Chou Yang Vue Yang Yean Noeut Poeun Yi ,I A m - Simom Yeom . ef an e er ' ' Stacy Zinn ean oo Sean Woodward Geneva Woolbright . V Gilbert Youdeem Maria Zaldivar Sus Z d af' 9 xv 1 X-4 V 1 7' 1 li ,X , . if ,HH , in . f WF - K as. 1 V-' 1 f , 4 L4 J PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Jumor Anna McCarthy takes time out from a busy schedule to practice the piano for an upcoming recital For The Love Of Music Elementary school glee clubs didn't always lead to fame, but forjunior Anna McCarthy, it sparked the development of her artistic tal- ents. Anna has been singing since she was ten, has been studying drama for several years, and has found an interest in playing the piano. "I like to get up in front of people and ex- press myselff' she explained. "Music lets me explore my emotions and allows me to open up to people." Her long list of credits showed that she had done a great deal of performing. Her school performances have included singing in the concert choir, the talent show, and a past musical However, she didn t limit her perfor mances to school activities She has done mu sical narrations for her church during Easter and sang each Sunday at mass Anna was in volved in the Long Beach Playhouse drama workshop as well Nhchele 'ilassew 86 Vt atson Zinn if . h l . , . . - l, i ' . -- 1 ' ' LJ., F ' I v NJuniors was, yy- f ssh., r l" , i Z-...X i ., ,, ...., FAR ABOVE: LEADERS - Fall Semester President John Tormey gives much-needed advice to Spring President Rick Smyth as they confer in the activities office on a Mon- day afternoon in February. ABOVE: DIG IN! -Junior Officers Mike Abeles, John Tormey, and Tracy Smith, along with Michele Mas- 2 2 Juniors Class Council sey, plant a tree in the El Dorado Nature Center during a Student Council welfare project in December. RIGHT: GETTING BACK TO NATURE -Junior Vice-President Tracy Smith takes a moment to examine a tree along a trail at the El Dorado Nature Center. ,ff , i...L aj N Q Council's Decisions Pay Off Deciding what to sell for fundraisers, what welfare projects would be appropriate, and where to hold the Prom were among the most important tasks taken on by the Ju- nior Class Council and its officers. With help from Vice-President Tracy Smith and Sena- tor Mike Abeles, Fall President John Tormey headed the Council. Fundraising activities were high on the Council's agenda. Soft drink sales at a dance early in the year and at Homecoming, where the council also sold mums, raised signifi- cant funds. Culminating a very productive first se- mester was a welfare project in which Coun- cil members donated goods to a mission in order to help the needy. "Participation among all the members helped greatly in accomplishing our goals," stated Mike Abeles. Thejob ofleading the Council was handed over to Spring President Rick Smyth, Be- sides planning new welfare projects and fundraisers, Rick faced the task of choosing a site for and completing the set up of the Prom. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL - FRONT ROW: Mike Abeles, Tracy Smith, John Tormey, 2ND ROW: Buffy Sweeney, Michelle Massey, Kristin Burns, Teri Kirk- W00d, Nancy Vamvakitis, Izumi Arai, Allison Evans, Karen Rutten, Anna McCarthy. 3RD ROW: Kathy Krull, Kelly Kaiser, Debbie Milner, Lori Timpe, Hayley Sloan, Rob Durazzo,Julie Correa, Tim Collins, Christy Manker, K.. , Amy Dale, Rob Cinco. 4TH ROW: Dawn Moore, Michelle Vigil, Wes Jackert, Jackie Johns, Karen Jackson, Carl Thompson, James LaTurner, Keith Ladd, Jim Foster, Karen Oleson, Ralph Lakin. BACK ROW: Kelvin Gobble, Tony Alvarez, Kim Ryder, Rob Orr, Rich Walton, Dave Cole, Tallal El Boushi, Rick Smyth. ABOVE: WORKING OVERTIME - While be- coming familiar with his duties as Junior Class Senator, Mike Abeles takes time out to examine Student Council files af- ter school in October. Juniors 2 3 3 Class Council 5 ,,-, 77' l 3 1 Q Q , 'N gg . f S. A. I ax 1 in ,ii 3 N 5 UYIORCSF- "5iEzmura,JoneI L,:unaLlarinas mlieneeflr Morrism d . 'Q' L5pL.NzncyVag i . E1jdeySIoan, L1 fy1ngesch,2ND Vfrgaret Matera, 4+ 1n,SharyI God: ' ' x ,frzmuwjlirhellu ' 'Qfsley Woo, Ange 'te,Am3' Dale, D ' f:'9um,1IarkDer 'Esr,Tanya0xfor Win ,w 6 I ,WR RETAK1 Wffison, sh skew Dawn M 'M Mfkwgodl Bi ", l,y'l "4-'ffbisr 34 JUIWIS Jx 011691, NF cw 1-,i Nt ' y y J.V. Cheer , f p- T .K 6 ' Q i j.-' ' . . - . JUNIOR CSF - FRONT ROW: Cheryl Nakamura Jonelle Barrera Rose Lucero Luciana Llarinas Angela Packer Quynh Phan Renee Arakawa Kristin Burns Wendy Morrison Izumi Arai Ralph Lakin Nancy Vamvakitis Karen Oleson Hayley Sloan Lisa Longville Michelle Frangesch. 2ND ROW: Norman Kitano Margaret Niatera Susan Kendig Kyong Cho Sharyl Godes Julie Kassay Lori Abramow Michelle Massey Susan Zeder Lesley Woo Angela Myers Julie Chil- cote Amy Dale Dayid Fratello Melissa Colburn Mark Dennis. 3RD ROVS: Darrin Chen TanyaOxford Janine Smith Karen , - V .2 Z Rutten Nana Mizuguchi Shelley Bruce Ann McKee DollyJacobson Kim Haight Kelly Pawling Marlo Ashley Christy Manker Chris Krueger Heather Finstuen Janet Breuer Phillip Jones Jim Foster Michael Layyrence Kirk Brennan. BACK ROW: Mike Abeles Carleen Basler Rob Durazzo Tracy Smith Archie Smith Wes Jackert Carole Carroll Rob Cinco D.C. Conroy Mike DuRee Rich Reynolds Rich Walton John Tormey' Steve Kundar Michael Merrill Natalie Parsons Sheilagh Flanagan Keith Ladd Jim La Turner Leane Eberhart. gc. , A.. 1 .beef l JUNIOR RETAKES - FRONT ROW: Ryder, Rich Walton, John Johnson, Rob Beth M0l'1'iS0H, Shelly Gillies, Michelle Cinco, Kelly Riddell, Janet Breuer, Melis- MacKay, Dawn Moore, Pam Mulligan, Sa Colburn, Rob Orr, Teri Kirkwood. BACK ROW: Kimberly 3 1., at if ef M 9. . . y ygjpxswfji U 4 f A 9 ' - g 'ut 1 ' 'fs'-Q - ' -gy v -. 4 A 4 I f it ,vb G ' X .1 Ny I I' 4' f . X. - tl "N ly X .f ll I i'1 . ' ,, T lL E A Y , , ., ,.,,a...a:.L,y Pulls Together 'fJ.V. Cheerleaders never say never be- cause we're better than ever!'l exclaimed Tammi Holt in describing the '84-'85 Squad. In the terms of attitude and spirit, the Squad certainly was "better than ever". Although they were confronted with the obstacle of being totally unfamiliar with each other, they rapidly pulled together during the long hours ofsummer practice. It was at Cheer Camp, where they received a blue ribbon for a superior rating, that they really molded into a group. As Teri Kirk- wood stated, 'fCheer Camp was a time when yve all became closer and formed a unit." "Being on J.V. Cheer taught us many things, including some football strategy," joked Brandi Bertram. During the year, the Squad did its best to inspire the Junior Var- sity football and basketball teams, cheering at every game and rally with spirit and en- thusiasm. Performing at rallies and games required much hard work and dedication. Morning and afternoon practices were held to perfect the various yells and skits used at the ral- lies, such skits included, 'fSargeant Kirk- woodn and "Wabbittl'. Squad members Cami Laines, Daisey Berry, and Michelle Taylor also devoted the entire summer to practice in preparation for tive days of Cheer Camp in August and Sophomore Orientation in early September. LEFT RANIS PARTY DOXXN An enthusiastic Teri Kirkvy ood gets into her routine yy hile performing yyith the squad during the Winter sports rally in the Stadium FAR LEFT HEX VSE RE HERE NIILLIILLN JY CHEER yells Michelle Taylor to make the Vlslt ing Jackrabbits ayy are of the Ram presence OPPO SITE LEFT IN SET PLAX ER OR CHEERLE ADER While acting in a skit for the Lakev. ood Football Rally Brandi Bertram yy ears a Mighty Ram Jersey to add the right touch to her uniform OPPOSITE RIGHT IN SET A LITTLE NIIXED LP During the Compton game Cheerleader Tammie Holt takes a quick glance at Daisy Berry to check the neict moye of a neyyly lerned cheer OPPOSITE LEFT VS HAT S TH ATX OL SAX 0 Cheers Cami Laine as she trie to in pire the Ram on a touchdoyyn driye again t the Lalyeyy ood Lancer Juniors CQ J.'V. Cheer - CSF of YL- -3,5 af' 286 ' 4 Class of '87 - 885 Students f 8 f 8 8 ss wr 8 a ' r 5 4 KV, " il AX X N I ' 1 Qrghkizv KM 8 1 A r 'F' wrmwy r , L.. iff A if S: A K I 's nil' xx AZ , V I Fr--f F' 7 4. 1 Db 8 2,-Q A N8 1,15 'gf i X lr 4 'J 'xp -MH AI 1 f f' '55, is-J ' J , J X 8 1 QL .. A X , l1zlTl:'i'1jH I 8 8 ' 'V ff 8 fl MA A I crm... Cb R . wP,n: 7 I i --E! A7 V '1 8 8 4 . I X -4 , 'Y Y - l lf ,X X f 4 V 1 . Q IV fr J. , ,.. 1. ,if I-'W 1: Az: 1 A ee 18 as ' 8 ' 1 Q X X ' . i egg la.. Je-li YT li" x . fi T' 27.1 A' 'lr ' A". V Pass . --'si ' V A A J r 1 R? A .4 - Q34 4-If J . i ' 8 i f '- s l ffl ' l ' J. ' L Deena Absmier John Adams Melissa Adams Scott Aday Sabrina Adorno Shivani Aggaewal Armando Aguirre Hellena Alexander Jocquell Alexander Marvalle Alexander Logan Algie Kimberly Allen Phil Allen George Amarantos Richard Anctil Alvin Anderson i F Enna Anderson Heidi Anderson Michael Anderson Scott Anderson Stacy Anderson Jesse Arreola Alex Arriola Jose Arroyd Chan Deurn Ath Hang Kim Ath Linda Attardo Arcadio Auila Carrie Avram Conilyn Babb T dd B bb o a Edward Backus Craig Baker Tod Banhidy Eric Barco Pamela Barker James Barr Denise Barrie Olivia Barrios Paul Barstow Maurice Battle Alex Bautista Darren Beane Tammy Bedard Mark Beierle Warren Beismer James Bennett Craig Benson Robert Benson John Bergkavist Geoffrey Berman Janet Berner Eric Best Mara Biascoechea Clarence Billingslea Tanya ird David Birdseye Christine Black Shellane Blanford Cheri Blasetti Darlene Boge Joanna Boland Brina Bolanz Julie Bolton . 3 . fimjw. r x , 8 V 3 YV sky A l ,.f .1 . .f 1 .Q-,' X U I 'X 1 r" l X ii 1 Ln K A , 1 8 Fu 1 A Q i Wi 'zc 5 ' ifigyi, 1 I X Q p.- ..- f l i. , M l I I 1. , l , S mf 3 K., I X . . Y , zz. ' . '- - 4 . ,Yij J ' 2 ,7 Y W. i .aa f , ff' A, ' N- wr fare! A N I L R .4 is ,, ' ,, F, 18 f,,,,,8 1 .8 by any , , ,J , f J i 8 ,JK fi 1- K l ,r,,.8, fl ' ,, 1 as if .. Us s 8 4 'ft ' in, . cs, - Q0 K- .Q 4-L l l fl- 'N z I Soplmriioiw-s .AxbSllllt'l'-Hllllull - A r 8 i ull l .. 'v l rl 4, ll A V H i .x i X S x 4 4 1 X 'i -.L 'r 4,5 sA::41:1.-3241 ,, re .ev- qos y F I 'P , - ffl s X aw' I A l 11, ,, " v s . . -.w , . " -5 I N - ,fi N K I .n' v 3 . , V J va' QT 4-, ,,,,.. u!!' V' , 1 gl J 'N X 1 eg 1 we 'mv rc gs. .-, . Q ov N l,,- R "1 rift 4 N -5' 'x , ' 4 X f 1 gr 3 ,, L- 9 ad fff IL t A 'Mill AY F , F . V 0' 'ww lf-' . 'fig me il F' F ff Q, la Pilar Bonilla Robert Bontuyan Lauren Boquette Shanie Bosse Jeffrey Boy Colin Boyd Kelly Boyer Sherry Brackens Sharee Bradford Kenneth Branch Sherri Brandquist Sharon Brashier Patrick Brennan Lisa Brito Julie Brohamer Andy Brown Alicia Brown Andy Brown Dawn Brown Elizabeth Brown Matthew Bruce Regina Brunson Cheryl Bryles Natachia Buckhalter Nan Bun Duon Bunma Peap Buon Kelli Burch Brian Burns Jimmy Bush Shane Butler Robert Butow Timothy Cable Pamela Callahan Alexander Campbell Lavida Campbell Rodney Camper Amy Camrin Joeseph Cao Ramon Cardenas Daniel Cardona Douglas Carey Kathleen Carey Raquel Carmona Jason Carroll John Carroll Karla Carroll Eddie Carswell r wr f or are 1F x af X Y ' .f gg 'Zi' f"' " so .5 N K f Q I X lx axxx 4 ll . x l - v .X , Lear ,ML f Fr 'lr BWV' t , . - A Q ,f C 1 '-t ix , -- Q F 1- , ,TA A A' Ve 1 ,N ,iv . f: " -J 2 v, 1 V' P K I I s 1 'H ,i h l 6 Y .Wi fi K ' Y' ' ' f' -ef A -, I Z ' wg 7 1. wk A V ' , , A1. 1 'rf ,f 7 l '- S -A ' 'V 1 F' W' A F . ,V - 14 .' A 4. A ,, 'L .av , -'A ., Y ':X P- , v ry? ,h , is i C V .A 1 V i ' 7' 5 E,,"i 5 A 'I i F' y jr Rf ,Wi il- li ,- V i 1. 1: :Q .' 'I vs , 1 ... 1- E , , fr NQ 'A K, ,, N., X,' ' X . , , lv 1 'J K l, X ,fx -Z .t , ' I - BCLK J H' If T "-M' 1 fl ge: eal c Y -- J J ' ny V' N. I ll' i ' 3' N47 f ,J J V 'L C ,,.v, tl, , '- ,sr -I p ..-ef, ' x . If X eee nayl 2 1 Ii ..,, J l , ,, V , lf' 6:7 , , JEL l2gaa+'4f,,.J, , tujx-bxalrm ' A e..,.' H i ' Christopher Carter Derrick Carter Rae Carter Alicia Castillo David Castillo Ingrid Castro Darren Cauley Cynthia Chambers Kendra Chambers Thavy Chan Vicki Chan Yoeng Chao Kim Chapman Hung Chi Chau Ty Hong Chea Seda Chem 1 , - Sok Cheng Kan Chhan Ol Chhean Sokthy Chhear Chheng Chhum Loretta Chilvers Phally Chirk Katherine Chiu J y stifle C , F .V . , ' V . n 'vi' -FS ' x,x,l ,V X J lx if AX iff , G ,- ll -33, -, f h' "" 4 1. lg ., In A . .1 1- oi -v V V . . .12 ' ' - V, ' 1, 'ff 1 K' ' B , 'f f' " 4 X , A' ' ' " 2 '1-- 'AT . . tg ' - I ""' - 3 X 7 1 V Q3 l 4 X ,ffl J 5- 4- i fl X lv C, '- at ' 1 B x Sophomores Bonilla-Chiu 1 ,, 7' ,..- Sven. - .ra it 1. vi 237 M-sfrgsmemli X , , Sam Chou Dena Christens Wend Christen Lou Clark Shawn Clayton Donna Clemons Richter Clough Pat Clysdale Sean Cobb Barry Cole Tonya Coley Randy Collins Maria Colon Stuart Colson Sharon Cone Tom Connor 1 rv fa "' 1 1 J 4 if , ,Q is Valerie Connors Allyson Cooke Joann Cooks Eric Coolbaugh Julie Copp Abel Cortez Natalie Coulson Chris Cox Carla Cozart Antonio Crawfo Sean Crumby Gavino Cruz Mike Cselenko Dorian Cummin s B m0h USYO R y d C Paul Daisey Dancy Nashuna Phuoc Dang Gwen Davis Jeff Davis Kelly De Boer Lynnard Deans Wendi Deaton Mike Debayona . ff ' 'ln ' .tr misrlfftlt N OV 'fn gm 'li' 'rl I ir ein lv ' fwgtiifgfs Souvenir Craze The Olympic souvenir craze ran rampant at Millikan. Stu- dents were seen with Olympic t-shirts, pins, and various other Olympic novelty items. The shirts varied from basic L.A. - '84 shirts to the official shirts with individual events on them. The Olympic pins had the largest impact on the souvenir buyer. Corporate pins, with emblems of Olympic sponsors, were subject to buying, sell- ing, and trading. The souvenirs provided ad- ditional excitement to an al- ready exhilerating event. WHAT A COLLECTION - Here's an assortment of Olympic souvenirs. X F E 'Y 'l 'f 'Q 1 lo .-I .fy l ,lgl P4 A I ,--n-1 r raze X ov 'K ! I x A L s K Q o . l aw' 1 Julie De affenrexcl Anrzl De Grande Dela Torre Larrv Delos Reves r V V V F' 1 rr 'P' J - , lr ' l' J - , 1 A X Remberlo Y 1 fv vs I 0 rv " 6 l ff .,: F' -f X7 , wAA4 F A V' ,F ' 1 l L V F' es ,- an X: ff - 4 X. 4 I 4 A 4, as 'N 11 J 5 5 11 , jr fr' 1- ' , Davld Delucca Donald Deluna Cassle Dethlefsen D: Chamrea Mzke Dionne Charlene Dxshman Sy Dun Susan Dxxon My Trang Doan Yurrlka Dolgorouky Erlk Dommger Heather Donaldson Erl.. Donegan Jasc.. Dowrey Paul Dunba. Duong Phurg Michelle Durar Chay-He Ear Xavy Ea. L .sal DW A 2 4- tt, Ks , 4 ny Ex f ll L I A if 1 4-Q X f f sb 1 I Z., f " iwmik fxlw. Q , K ,D 5' H , ul Q Am '1-" drew lim mhz., .f El fm -v .A Chisty Eastman Darrell Edwards Billie Edwards Alex Elzuan Hugo Ehuan Eric Ellis James Ellis Jamie Elsberry Nancy Endo Kathy Epson Kevin Erney Lisa Escobar Rachel Escobar Ru:l1elEspeleta Kitt Eure Daxid Evans Tonya Evars P I I-'alse"o Frank Farv-'ell Nielma Fall-c'er Fe a dez a ual Fe en Lesl e Fxlsc Je ew F sber Ta al-'le cl-e T ow I-'le cne J E. 0 Lael al-'lo es Cl' 571 el-'lo Je ve Foroes Nia:-A1-'o sree B ll Fas e To F a gescl' J 'T E a e Gafx Frazedr be nee F aze Rro cal' az e Gg'F"se N ev. F lle G El' c-cr gnec ace Ie G aGa Ga G Q e c e a , f 1 - J X 'C + , QN '- si r iris 4wf 5. " fi? Fr wr V , 1 'L ,, 'el 'I ,. . , ,.,- . - - 1' ' X 7 r F , , -wg 11: 3' :Yu 15" .9 , fx KX, 3 f 'I 1 ., 1 L I x -1 Y Y ' - f . , , - gTc:l?9 ., L2 ll, l.. - , Z., A -X P' F31 , ,'ra3 n --A QQ IJ L. L f 17 1 ' 0 8 AV 'Q a T ee- 6 W F C lk 'F -I E 1 -' A B ' I rn nl I 'll N . X gm X' ' Y 1 U "Vf,, Xl 1 .. ,JI ffl.-' L . 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X N A' 111ltl1eA1 -- X 'N' n 1 5' f X Mieko Harrington Q 3 XX X 1 l 11, 1 1 1-2122311151111 ' 11 1 f1ll11 hal V1 ' Q ' , , 1 J Q Vanessa Harris X ' " lflgranew 1 A 1 1 A li-.- .1 -1 1 4,1 WM.: Lev ' ynrglumed 1 ' lolhlngs J'llH ' W1- 1' ' , 11iar1fSi1nl?X2ey A . l1llMlCh1l '15 ' Al cl user 4 ' r 'I ' ' lg , j Jetgfxlillgaglz 3 "' Y nnalway J' 'XY 1 14,3 ff' Larah Hayes x f 1 "U ' Stephanie ' Henderson 4 ' la 1 Jason Heneise X Q f 1, 1 N 1 Kim Henry X, X-XXX X 1, I V 7 , 1 1' 4 .Luiy Heredia I A Y ,, 4 o ert Herman 1 I I 3 ,o X " - 57' 4: David Hernandez :G 45 6 " 'P X 1 1 F b' 1 H d , 1 fr ' , ' U 'T 1- f Laid?-Izrnilhldaerg ez - f 3 I ' ' X 1 Heidi Herold X 1 X X , X 1 X- A X - X MatthexyH1gash1 90 X X f Q ' , ' 1X Brent Hlggans XX hgh Al X X .X X X11 1 ,IX X ,119 X 1ll1 11s1l1XX X , - , of-4 l ..' Clayton Hill f. ' ' ,, , 1 , nd Stacey Hill ,, 5 X f , 5 1, John Hinrgohs 4 11 1 ' ' ' 2221? Sir er 4 1 l . X i ' 1 Binh Hoang I ' Q Timothy Hooker l 1 x X ' Gary Hollander . ,XX 1 1 f 1X 1 r -- X Lisa Holt F V X ' Lori Hoopes 5 1 ' " 4' Kevin Horton ' ' ,X . i X ' Joseph Hoskins X 1 , 1 Savelh Houy 1 X N v Laura Howells Q .-,gm XX ' Qeanne Howze ' ' X bemetrah Hubbard S11plir1111o1'es Georgre-llul1h111ed 'bi i Y' 111 ' Y, .,,7 ' F t 1 . i if x i 0 ' Kim Humphreys an A C1 1- I I x Sovanna In ' , . 1 X X Genelnouye V s 1 q Q ' . i M A X f Q ' I . ' an F ii' FF X l .Samantha Iiivin I3 Tx S: Y- Jghxriifeiiirdsisiaki 'Tj' XX 1 Here's the Answer - says Senior Kristi Kahl as she helps Japanese N X J exchange student Michiyo Kato with a U.S. Government assignment 4 l N I- N F in the library during fifth period. r 1 f ' iA" Y W' .. 2 , . g ig- A An American Experience Eliiiiiiion , .. f xl F . MikeJamison X ' ' V i .L , l L , -' . . . . N 1' Y , y A Michiyo Kato, a fifteen-year-old Japanese girl from fund I Yokohama, Japan, wanted to experience life as it is for fs the typical American teenager. She arrived in Califor- F , I , I 1 Q y i nia during the month of July and lived with several dif- xi , ff' g . ' in ferent families until she met the Kahls. Kristi Kahl, a HollieJanda , ,, " . -r Q, 'Y' 1 -'7 senior at Millikan High School, was extremely excited kilfeiiiirvis W I - , .J L 7 'if' , ' I, J 7 about hosting a Japanese student, especially one who 4 4 f X4 ' attended the same school as she. - ' I 1 As a sophomore at Millikan, Michiyo chose a very rig- ,.. . . . V' 1 orous course of studies including Honors classes and t Z , U.S. Government. Her favorite thing at school was "the f 1 A -, l cute American boys." Michiyo discovered the many sowee 'i ,, .. Q: Q - . - JillJeffers , ' ,J sides of the American teenager, and she especially en- Aifomiemim I - x -g U 1 f -A, Q joyed the "high school parties." A . After a new and exciting experience in America, Mi- A 5 chiyo returned back to Japan in March. During her stay, li V -5 1 ' , the two things she missed the most were her family and ' ' V- I ' '- ' - friends. Michiyo commented, "I liked living with Kristi. 1, A 1 -X - - yy , - gil 1 , 5 'ff " , ' She will always be special to me. Aviefienkins wi, ul - y . . 1 lIfSy1nIJensen If -7 a ' ' ,. - E gf Monique Bessem '85 S lmmez W 4 5.4 . l if I I I V ,I if f '1' it i- To fo If - F 'f 'Q ii , I CheriJohnson 1 . 1 . r , .- .A .Q eisssissz... ov . . - J ' I ' " " " 1 MaleeaJohnson Q , - ' , I v -. f "'2j3 MarcelJohnson ' ', '1 -X jf S' " v 1 TomJol1nson U ,- ' BobbyJones f., 5 k- X if is an CandisJones r - V xx 0 . . -i , ' I V. f . X . f,,'. : A e w v- , , I mfr' f I . in . - ' f 71 ' A 17 17 YV 'rf i , Y . ' 'S 3 r , DougJones 7 I Q K' , fi ,, , J ., J Q, - . 1 , gr, , . , g3v::J1zQz: A .. 2 Q, . -1 ,. i A A 7 f , . 1:5 , . . 553163133365 ,. -Q 1, .5 , g 1 - s I N' Y' ' ' J Xagimiaganes p , - ,f -' 1' T 0 . i 2 K: ' " H K i I Y V 'L Jeanxie Kiatiish L to J ., f F A 1 ' Y' - J F , x V' ' . f . 'N ,, fn "V T V' F - Ki1fJl:1Kazi'Llen 7 X P- ,, . 1 f Kelly Karlson A X i ' jf! 1 ' ' it JeffKarm ,,. . 1. M 'f 3 , Prayat Kansanoy 'nf' lx - ' ' I I 'I lglarliliauffman , XM, ' I I I . , ay c ao A i l . 14 X Sophomores Humphreys-Kchao fp Fr if 9 5' Mi X , 5 BRAINSTORMING - PACE students Chris Papparelli and Reese Stewart quiz each other for an upcoming test while Chris Weil relaxes "PACE"-ing Yourself Similar to the forces that pull iron toward magnets are the special forces that attract hundreds of motivat- ed students each year to the magnet Program of Addi- tional Curricular Experiences, commonly known as PACE. One of the three magnet programs offered to all five high schools in the Long Beach Unified School District, PACE is based on an academically structured program that offers many special advanced classes. Through the PACE program, students have the opportunity to earn Advanced Placement credits in fourteen fields. With a passing grade on the Advanced Placement Examina- tions, it is possible for many students to complete their basic undergraduate requirements for college a year in advance. Fall of 1975 was the introduction of his magnet pro- gram. Students of PACE enroll at their home schools. They then attend the PACE classes part of the day at Poly, returning during fifth period lunch to their home schools. In some cases, full time transfers to Poly are granted. "PACE provides an academically functional as well as a socially advantageous program," stated senior PACE student Anna Miranda. Julie Mandryk added, 'flt is really an experience to have friends from the other schools, but coming back to your friends at Millikan is always a good feeling, too." from the trying day. Noelle Nishikawa '85 , , . ,Q ei, -. Il. F' " T if Q! f y C L .nl v L 4 . X ,L . l . . Jennifer Keb 0 'ja 5 ' x 1' Corey Keene . 1 , -' Kristine Keller - ' ' - f K ,- , ' C , , i, I , . X , l , W - ' , A Robin Kelley f .X , g Shalonda Kelly ' - - . if Kimberly Kemp Q ' " ,- R6 - f 4 Q , ,4 1 G si Q rl, il r ' ' 'lr ,- iltl, X A ,-I X F' V' r, -e l 1 -I Cheryl Kendall -'- f L PhilipiKenclall Q, 2 - ' X Lisa endig f - X gf f R ',- Y . vf i I Q ' Q . Li-.-i L, . 1 , ...A F I Sovicheth Keo A 'S' -'- 5' . 'I Bunloeung , . , ' Keobunta - .f , 4 .--1-Q '41 Chanty Keobunta Q "Y P , I Y' tl- I' Jennie Kernan '. , ,A , Karen Keville x 'wr 'iv "' " Kanith Khem " V f K ' f, . I ,, ' K ' . ,MJ l ' , . ' 1 I. 2- A l AV ,QW ' - F Q F' 1 Vong Dara Khiev ,,,, A' X Kim Khien ' Jeanette Kilburn Y q ' Q l 1 - ,,f ' .fr . X fi --J f 1' ' 1 is 1 3 V ny' V. i F . Chan Hee Kim A W ,. A Chheak Kim n ,, . 4' ', " Ji Young Kim lj . ' f , l fl l 'il - -e Li., Steve Kim Christopgier King Jeffrey ing Price King Tynetta King Eunice Kitahata Janice Kitahata Christopher Knight yKb Te ali h - X , . nni rLaPloun - -J Q ' ri-s a er or x avi am 6 . -i I .X . XV I., r 1 " X I Matthew Lambert L . 1 g . - Kg , 1 i , A L. l X 1 A .J ' EL- .1 lil . ',4,,,-gl 1 Keb-Lainliert 2 2 Soplioinores i l W x A Q tu.: 5 'l .J E 1, be 1 V 1 is L1 'J ,AL Q T 1 :il ,Ll 14 E ,- 1 7' f' 2 f Lan Lg . .. 4 .fd , 7,7 , flx.,.fl.:4:ff.1.-.7.Qmw:esf.-i...V..Z,,, X gm Lao I hill Lat . - 3 " ,, f Ericiarsei 1 Q .,- , . glean Larsen 5 "' X 4 b ,f Q Q' . ,' If eborl: Lawler ' - 0 ' ' Q2:1ill2I.avs-son f ' ' . N , X X eirnon Lav-'Lon 3 , 1 X 4 Q r I Ellzaoezh Leach A 4 e' , V1 , ,V ' 5- X I . , p , : J -. ' ' 1 m 1 'wi iw ' - ' . W I ' Cory Leaders ' X ,A 5 i 3- Julie Lecesne X ,, L Qx I I : Cvlflfli Lee 3 Q X 4' ' - ' ' ' V H Nicole Lee ' " 'L , ' ' ' cf Yun-sax Lee , ', ' ' I 'f , L, ' Allan Legayada " ' - , ' ,' ' Timothy Lelesi ' - , gxb' f s - Sornclzizh Lem 1 , ' 'K 2 I l v kr, 1 Q . , Y ,M 1 .5 . 57.4 r re so ,cell so l ' ! 1 In V . Colete Levingsion , Daryl Lewis ' 7 ' 1 jg ' ' -V Deanne Lewis R "' Q r ' My Trinh Lien .A X - Mark Lille ' ' ' C? 1 1 4,15 Seav-Heang Lim f l ' Marcus Lloyd , V! ' Mansela Lo-era X A ' . rf 1' f. 4 f 1 rf I Neiih Leung 1 ' ' Joseph Logqva 9 ' , , "e Q .5 Phath Long ,-. , ' I I ' V Eavlth Long ,f "' ' 1 1 '. f 1 X V , Eusana Lopez V . ' -4 :heila Love f , 4- , K, 225:-lcggozano 'Q 'K , N1 ', . , 'ez .zz zz Lu """' K ' . ' , ' x Q A 5 I g ,Q O g C 4 X 1 F If v K ' i P , 1 , i H - , V f ,ii I Q-A U -4 77777 d f - V Paul Lucas - I Oscar Lugo r. I ' 4- " , A ' '- - ' - Janie Lzzrtz 4 Y . Todd Luther ' T1 Lengly - 'fl X Sea Larn Ly I 'X in xx 'I . 7 - 'Q A Q- o ' 'lfo f 1 Michael Lynes MaiT11ye: Ma Deanna Mabry Tei Mace !"'l"'ll'l ag ye 1 36 Johnny Macias John Macmillan Zzlisa Mgoqen 1 ma Mauna .E ,K L 2.35 pa Kell 'Ja NI alvial ealx z N L re Xi rea l' , , 2 'V V A ll Q ' W' Qin 225, - 1 X , ! ' ,, if -' L - , , Lb ,W oar 'va eu N E C Pal K..-KM Jor'xI P cl-a CN e Mgr M ec, rceN1 '17 L J 'I OU O V Ler Nl X I 1 , 1 Ro.: risiadigal , V' V V - I 4- ' l Hggngglgi MA Q ' ' ' ,n ,, 1 . vl 'Urs . . .. 1- . l " - ' .4-" .ai f- e gg N -A ' L 'Q -5 L ' cliff?-iiffiesi L W er 'W o ' , 'V if '1 x I Bunzlgiony Mann , I I I 5' " ' x A 'AV L , f . 1 R . f X , I Q ' 1 'L f l E L X - ' I . J,,e. -im.- 1 4 V ' 4 rv .. f ' , fn -' FPC if , ' " Maglie. Magi 1' ' ,L - ' 'N V ig' ' g- - . " , - Liz Iv ao - - , f Q f ' 23251552 of ' ' ' 1 5 Q V X f I Arl ne MQ' Apzez ' " ' Y , ,y 4 4 1 I Marlon Marsf l' I, r 1 4. 'W Y' : -is 1' kill Y '1 ' W F' F 4 . , 1 A 1 'V , 4 B ale iz Meztinez I , , f ' 9: Ti- , . artin ,, ' f ,k - 1 A .i . r',i5:?tinez A V 0 1 ' an gr -ff ,g , Q 'Loineegartoni -Y ' I , , I- ., '- , , v azz s, ata - jf! .X l 5" V - ' la. at s .. X -' il I I . .L Syd. - arson 6 J A xv' I . ., I-V-1 - M , , S rnlres " J'- ELEC.. X " 1 f - I CV" u i x I' ' F' ..,f1 .,. IST, s on , ,, 1 I 6 l 6' - -vt! 21:6 if V. .1 . i . Julie M ayield Lynda McCarver Mathew McConnell John McCoy Allison McFadyen Sue McKechnie Erika McKee Kathy McKenna Gary McLanahan Penny McLane Tony McLaurin Wendy McLendon Rithy Mean Josette Medina Dee Dee Meehan Ron Men QFD are ' , -:yi 4 i X l l 1 . i Sl I X P1 'Y I V Lai l v X ' '1 V i -- 9:- s Q' ?.i1 ,lr I r Q 4 . in ,Q?,.4f.. . X Y. i1Tr ,1 Sothear Men Bobby Meyer Christin Meyers Sergio Meza Brian Mihkelson George Miller Jason Miller Keith Miller qv, I .T - 'Y' Y , : . 5 .' fl - if M fi .. Nm .N F 1 V 'K z , fx' .. l ' f, if N ,ill '. hw' Q V' ' ' ' V fr as rn 4 rv 6 . in-ne 6-it ' G. .- Xi , qv. S 1: I 1 4: ve K . T J ,' 1 l Melissa Miller Kendis Mills Isreal Miranda Mel Miranda Michelle Misher Cheryl Misiak Pov Mith Samnang Moeun Val Molinar Nal Mom Celia Montiel Kevin Moon Jennifer Moore Sandee Moore Shon Moore Luis Morales 'lili' f Maricruz Moreno Sidney Morfoot Diana Morgan Shannon Morris John Morrison Beth Mort Julia Morton Robbie Moss -' " 5 -1 Cammie Moyer Keith Mueller Sam Muk Sam An Moun Ravann Muong Angela Murray Robert Muthami Doeun My a Stacey Myres Gary Nakamura Maria Negrette Karen Nelson Mike Newman Nha Y Nghiem Ha Nguyen Quan Nguyen Sherre Niles Camie Nimmers Anne Ninchak Anthony Nocera Susie Odell John Odom Rob Oliver Fernando Oliver OS , 1 t JS ,I ,- in N i 'B F' " ,,-,,,g19Q - ee. x, ,,s-I X. '45 , M , A We . . ' X I XX 1 , t i , ul . L, 1 'F' , ' 1 1-.V .tn on Y I Q S1 G1 1 L f X eee, Fr WV' 71 . if" Ag, ,A gi, .af- 4. 1 ,'5' i Vary., I W' ff ' ' Q ' f , fiif 1 1 -r r a I f n,, ,V 2 yr, 37' f if fi V S , I: rl Ai, V , A cm sf' H ' 'Q -.Q Q .Q fr ' ,, E ' I ' ' l' it V gm , , . tea.. -- fe f - f' 1 inf o - r 1 QS ei' , A Q51 3 'H " ' ' "jf 'J fa. 5 4 4 fi i ia! M - f we e w ' 'xl J- . ' 1 Q l V ,J SwIhlnv!i1w1':'s Kliiyfiuzii-Lllix eros E P W l xii, x Till --.1 Q Not A Trivial Matter "What do you say when you raise a glass at Munich's Octoberfest?" Though seemingly an insignificant question, this and many other r TT ' questions had become very important to the nu- q merous students who indulged in the lastest board game craze, Trivial Pursuit. The original, or Genus Trivial Pursuit had six , , different categories of questions: Geography, ' History, Science, Art and Literature, Enter- ir I tainment, and Sports and Leisure. Many play- . 1 ers had definite favorites and obvious U ', weakspots. There seemed to be a general agree- ' ment that Entertainment was the most diffi- w cult category. Some controversy arose as to whether Trivial Pursuit provided any useful information. When ABOVE:WHAT DID YOU SAY-replies Glenn Wells to Robyn Joffe'simpossi- asked what She thought of the disagreement, lr T 1 'lllrlivial Puigisgit qfugstigll, Wihitdwasbtthe ngr1Zle1qfSupermlan'stdog?l' Noehe Noelle Nishikawa Commented, uA1thOugh the T , in ir urn is nex . . . - - - l IS 1 awa an Q0 ml Wa C um Dun E now g e questions aren't applicable to everyday life, it is fun to learn about subjects that I normally ' W0uldn't be exposed to." Mary Kramer '85 l rl 3+ , l L ' rr " ru F' "" ' ,, , , ' A x 'M X I Juan Olloque ,ur V V ' -Q ' ' , s I Marnie Olson ' 'T ' ' 4, 0 Q i Erinoneii Q, Q . V ,, . ,. '- G - ,"" . 4 Igorma grglzco 1 1 T A A ' ' , , 1 riz .f 5 ' , f , f--A . K ' 'iv' X I 5 lI'gIcla!f'l?FgJue1lette K K " Q , fl Jr? ,4"',, I ' T X ji I Ciiximisxp., 'rx , A x. Y ' XE, 5 0 , K ,, 15 ' 1 -.sf ' T M T I ff I I -T, D N V b A U r f X rt i V . . T a ur QV ' l ' T B P ' K T gvasgaigaazsr Q f . - Q. M - ,.. Narizeiiprham -it . ' 1 -M , ' fb l ,Q 5, 1 5 Marianne Parker 1 x , -rf I "fl fe ,Q g?1nyaParine1L I 1 4 -.. J ' if ,f A .BTITISH T0 ate ' vu M f , , , Mina Patel , U ,, . , X J X ' 1' X' "' ' X .1 rf T r 1 . rw HW V' jrf W1 ' K J P 2 ' . I 4 ' g?5.,tiTt?5Z'3'Ae 1 4 a ne , ' -qi: .5 V I 64' glg55Ee,ensPell:ey 4' Ti all A4 1, "' GBT! EDU811 .1 Q " "P "- A A Q .T5 A 1, "jj Darren Pennell G ' , I' 'ff' ' -ad' Sandra Peoli .,, ' :Q , ,' X , 'Y 9 Jose Perez 7 , If - LU asia- 2f.Af ' '- , , 9 , -Let, ,, , ,, - - M71 1 ' ' 7 T l 1 r T 5 2 , , 1 f 1 i If , 1 t . A " ' ' I ' 'I lkflldfidglleglfggrlcins ' f fi A' I Tf' J h P 1 " ' .. .. , - W 2 T Di32z,:a2.T:::L. T 5,3 ' a X T Ii Q TW -" f -""f Paul Peters ' ' i A Q-5 N ' " .,,, - 'fi 2 ,-if . " Rick Petersen 5 ' " ' 3 I ,v Maureen E ' 1 1 I " ' In T 0 T AlPetf3unco1a ' ' 1 J ' if ' 4 If H I' ex ettitt f ,.....,,.i W ...... T Ln A 2 n L A 4 .... ,... . , . V, an - F... 1 g .1 T X , ' 3, , , , . . V 1 i X I g I Wayne Phan IN H ' in I' Ezphia glpmann "' Q 7 K 'M ay ,' , .-T AT , .. rgiffiieigieglnd 'vrf "' j- . '.I -V H i 7' n T A ',. ' 1 ,QQ A W 'L A Ro2sralfi'xdlPicllcre!'lDs Cl Y U 'PK ' . ., Kim Lang Pienh , ,d , 5 g f 3 'T l y ., f , J John Pierson 22. X "X, 'M I ,Z ' , ,T 1 Gif TJ J 1 P Sophomores Olloque-Pierson r' . l 'LT I3 l .c, J ' 3 l 1 X l A, 4 V 'W 1 Q J, .K tk 'n 725' 1 I' ' m e" ' ' A 4 ' L . 1 R ' 'Ev 'www' 'lf' J A F, fv- llf .. az- . A if 41 .-. .f Si" L 4? it S 1 as 1 1 Q l l f Nr' 1 - ,ami S' ..' x ' 4 l Robert Pigott Lorinn Pine Bertha Pineda Nam'Pith Gloria Pittman Mark Pittman Tricia Plank Julie Plant t , . -r . - , - f I .i h A i Wendi Plunkett Patricia Porter Pesega Pouono Jeffrey Powell Lisa Powell Tammy Prentis Pamela Pressley Demetrius Pride Peggy Puskas Khorn Put Steven Quesnel Elena Quintero George Ramirez Linda Ramirez Silvia Ramirez Armando Ramos Marco Rangel Terry Rawlins Jirl Raye Mohammed Razzak Julie Redrup Christopher Reed Andel Reeds Molly Rience Iris Reizuch Amador Reveles Ruben Reyes Denise Reynolds Jason Reynolds John Rice John Richardson Rachael Richardson Shaaron Richardson Patrick Rideaux John Rigor Vannee Rim Daniel Rios Robert Rios Scott Ritter Michael Rivera Jose Riveros Harrison Roberson Melissa Roberts Wendy Robertson Karen Robinson Gustavo Robles Stacy Rodda Anna Rodriguez Louis Rodriguez Eddie Rollins Daniel Ronay Yvonne Ronay Atul Ranchod Rosa Rosas Cameron Rose Suzanne Rosen Staci Rosenthal Alisha Ross Jenny Rousell Gary Rousselo Michael Rubly Marcus Russell Wendy Rutherford Sam Sachanary P' til: ,A ,Q l F Y 'F C H L f' 67 L W 4 A - -x .- 1 1 X' .fi E Xl-S I ik I H kkyi 'iz S x lr' v is ,., ,,.. ""' na' X 1 f fl E -ff ' 'x for 2 ll wr e' I! -6 'Z-L, Qi' 'P K7 , f , X X Q, 1 I J' K r , l X Y' J as x . .. ., '- '- , ' 21. A "- A 2 f -, 'Z t ft J fm , - J' K L F X .. . X , - 1. X 'W 1F ' ,-gtm . .- 9 b I az N. 4 1 . f 1 'ff- -lk 'I J , 4 Z x X x Xi 1 J , hz L1 v N ills Qoy' sinoros Pigotl-Sziclizxiiau' 6 3 l ' Q EE f f ABOVEI llfed th' cameon' if l lay li i , . rio 1 .,, 'nl 1 i K 1 X J 1, I. 7 x N f fl i w 1 Us v l i ,Q X F l x v l fl if lfyi .fl i ly' V ' 3 if 1 l l l I zu' 5 -4. - V,.4...nm.gan: T mg, 7? xx ' , A U , fx? , , ABOVE: WHAMMY POWER filled the campus as Rammy Whammy towels came on the scene. - School spirit A Case Of The Whammies The fabulous, fun, and fantastic animal, Rammy Whammy, came to Millikan this year. Whammy brought fun, excitement, and team spirit to the students and fans of Ram Hi. Rammy Whammy was introduced to Millikan during the week of the Marina-Millikan football game. A pre-game picnic was held in his honor on that day. Whammy showed off his spirit- oriented power and had everyone yelling and cheering for the Rams. The fans showed their ap- preciation to Whammy by waving him madly, being sure to follow the "Rammy Whammy Instruc- tionsw, and begging him to make his home at Ram Hi. Well, Rammy Whammy will be with the Rams forever, and the student body is glad to hear it, for they will use him to encourage Millikan's teams on to victory. Michelle Djokic '85 Dave Odell '85 x , X' Lai Saetem r A F ,.- ' Steve Saiz A ,. Q , "' " X ' guise Zalfazar '- " " ' 'T' ' . . . . r en a e . ' . 'Ea - 4 If f - 'gieene Szgkgl - 1 -if 1 ' '-, . , - 3 am ' " ' . . Thai:-:Sai1mpson we K L . ' . John Sanchez x . . s 1 - ' --f ' ' 'Q Y ' V4 M is . I I Yfri Y r Y Y N , I . , Jamie Sanders Larry Sands , ' Malinda Santonil A ,,, , - Mindi Saposnek 7 " f' " Veasna Say - f ' . Janeen S' ,,4y -x V N J Schenewark . ane , Schenewark ,f .v ,L A ,, .ad 4-1' 251' C . BayyS KyS R yS -an-1 :rag U1 rf? IT' USUN h I ldS gl :vacuo 1 FUF' '-ll" th S th 1 dall Sl thrS yS Sk SP 1-5 .3 , 1 ll Y Sophomores Saetein Stacx i h u l ,J 1 ta-A .xi K .A , 5 F- F I Q X ,- ' ii N Jennifer ! I 1 l 1 ' T S hoenborn 1 ,-.. - A, , , 5 el iz. w Q 4. af I it i x 0 Y eng 5 1 A g 5 0 "' 1 X Y , ? as en 1 l I " ' X 1 ' ' Q L Julianna Shaw -.'f, X , ' Q A x ' ' o a ean f All l , K X l 3 Iar elden, r l K l X l . E A , J . IC aelS eram , Q . ' ' ' . ' A Dean Shimonishi , l - .- ' 'N Sh Sh - ' xr' -f 1 , f - " eg "' ' Mi3n:ie1SLi:ge1 . , , P, A , V f', - . , Z ', A ' Char es Sievers ax ' ' ' , ' Q-Q 1 , ' ' s , - ' " Richele Silva 'f ,N 4' ' 4 Q N N X k ona Sommons V f , f. t ' , . . ' ona in t ' W " - V v ' A f . , ianna Sipese on " I - ' ri, ' ' , T A1 t use in 1 is E I , I. . p is E I , , Y 7 - ., onnaSipes ,Q ,A S - A , , - 1. 0. Q 1 N , , 'A P , I Q ' 1' -L , U! 'W I7 , I - . ichelle S ater " , ff 1 'vt -- , 14 X ' , .,. we 1 xg i an avm ' 5 f ' ilk' lb ' K fl 43 j Colleen Smith K " I xi ' 5 X J ' T .N f ' Donald Smith t , ' ,4 , X r , . ' ' - Q Hea e mith ' X 5 f ,X , xx X ' ,Q Jeffer' mith , ,, J' . f , ' we A A A tx . T 4 A K X 1 1 "tt are A-we s' e 1-f ' -1 r 1 at i e f f A --P ' .mana smith 'eb n A , ' f I 1 Pamela Smith ,Q , ' . " - .Q ' 4- " Shannon Smith h - " , ' ' I 2 - , X . Crystal Snow A 'lv ' N ' - ' '-' 1"", x if - isa par s "hw A "' , A Y . , K ' , aoul ears Q - T ' T 1 5 ' V K, isa Spruill 'Q X '13, Q -. ma Stacy All A .:, Q I , . 1 Z 5 f K U 1 Jil I - -1 QL- ' l I 9 - Ti ' . 4' L ,,,..v v 4' V fa 1 Y xi' . Q r X T . , 1 N Tb fs' R :T .1 N I L - 1 li al I N' - 1 ' r tz Q., ': :. : Q I 2 , 4: ' Kx', r 4 172: ll' l W jr .- K 1 1 'A ' V r'.,'r' Y f ,K , A' . ,fi ,, 'yr Y ' " g ' fd, - Q' I V fi '- 1 5 N is x . . Alf N 'T f a 59 'if , E X ' . v V Axim i uillxl ali , 'ir S' f S ' he , -.i ' 1.1 ' ', . , Q. , A . ' 'T 2 , i' ,. Q' f - V Q V L y 1, ., , 9 ' ' -W ' . . aff' :T X I 'Y " 'Y' fit '?" , 4 'ijicif-11 .-'- qi, I A WV r , Y 'T l as l ll l 4, S 'V Q 'Q V , :ff Y Y N .A .K V F ' ' 1 ' af, 1- G LT 1, , TL." 44 e' -f ag- , 1 ' l J 'gg X '4 e If IL K , ' A W L ,. 7 " V F F ' Tai' -- ' f T 4 f R 'M i f 1 QQ I - l' K f F if H.. ' i.. w ,-Q ', -.Q ,- .-ni fn 1 , ,t K. Shelia St. Cloud Christy St. Laurent Stacey Stanton Tom Steiner Heidi Stephens David Stewart Erin Stewart Terri Stewart Joylinn Stowell Richard Strid Leslie Strong Ramiro Suarez Rose Sullivan James Sumerix Mike Summers Carolyn Surdock Jeff Swanh Charron Sweeden Duane Sweeton Donna Swetzig Lori Swim Melissa Tanara Kathy Tanner Kim Tanner Kim Tate Davis Taylor Randi Taylor Scherrin Taylor Chris Terrazas Angelina Terrell To d Thielman Heidi Thielmann Cecilaia Thomas Wayne Thomas Amy Thompson Pam Thompson Theany Thong JeffTilson Russell Todd Brian Tofili Rick Torres Ponc Tostado Kdeum Touch Leah Townsend Kathy Toyama Kumi Toyoda Julie Tracy Thao Tran Andy Troy Jerrie Truehart Tuan Truong Yi Tsai Mike Tucker Alisa Turner Casey Tyler Melanie Tyler David Underwood Sneang Ung Vuch Nay lfngvuchnay Yeang Uy Jose Vaca Vianey Valdez Amy Valenzuela Ly Yan Chue Yang Kelly Vargas Bill Yendl Marie Viljoen Patricia Yillalobos Dwayne Vincent Norn Yongvivath Rick Waiier V 1 i i t 9 ff? c 5 1 ""'k:l A- Q V ..- at . x Q4 C Q v A' L V ts Q rf 'r 'F fix.. Ay' V , .. if ws 'Y , , . ' ' L si . i ,, , . ' "' 5 i . , 9 3 -9 gt r S if 4 - in-'J if V 'Ti 1 , 'fi V i M, 4, ' I I , 'I 7. ,, A ,, , A . I ,s ,,. - V , r , xy ,my , , i x , , Q' 'S ' , 3' 5, Q Hia fx 'L A W J T -' ,iee, .1 sg, , R y K Ml i 17 'if 2 U ,iq ,K 11, fe ,- Q - 6,! 'A , V - f fha LL- ' f 1. .444 Snplitiiinwes St. Cloud-XX :mer A X V i 1 Q5-it l 5 ii X F 'x Yi .E 1 V K .. ' C 4 . VV, V A It 1 ,Pj F it f 'L i 1, I' If +V 1. F' A as Q-as -1. Q , ji 1 'X C I' HV ' I V 1 1 fl F s V f H' 7 T 2 E T X I .,, ., r' ' V 7 'if Mahi. 'Q ff' , , Kim Walker Christy Wallace Debbie Wallters Greg Walt Jill Wardle Mark Warren Tom Waterstom Steghanie Watkins Vic i Watson Dave Watters Heidi We athermon Chris Webster Derek Webste Sue Weis E c Weld n Jon We te Yvo ne Wescott Julia neWe t Sha aWesten Wh o Kenneth Whitfield Tom Whitley T rus Wicholson T acey Wiese Branden Vldlliams Charles Willia Jon Williams Michelle Williams Scott Williams Shawn Vlhlliams Vicotr1aWill1a Michelle Wilson Terry Vlhnston DeAnna Woodbridge Michaelwozniak Chue Yang Heart Yat Sarah Yates Nat Yean Grace Yi Andre Young Maria Zarate Pat ick Zastro Ja ie Za alet Robert Zucke Michele Zum l Humberto Zuniga HELPING HAND - Susan Kendig discharges a patient at Memorial Center. Volunteers Work The Weekends For most ofus, Weekends were for catching up on sleep and going out. However, Kyong Cho, Stan Enge, Vicki Huber, Susan Kendig, Soo Jin Kim, Melanie King, Jon 0'Brien, and Debbie Shavelle gave up their weekends to volunteer at Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach. "It's really fun taking care of the children at Gerber Center. They are so cutelv stated Melanie King. Gerber Center is just one location at which volunteers work. Millikan students and other volunteers discharge pa- tients, deliver flowers, run errands for the personnel staff, and work in many different departments within the medical center Soo Jin Kim 8' . l .wi . ,!' A LA W 5 VX! Q X Sophomores 446 Walker Zuniga V 1 F 1 V 11 ' Q3 W -vs 73 X r l , W , ga at l 'I ' if 1 'P , W '-' ' F f il 1 . i, , gf it " ,S J hn iteV VV PV.. X ' ' "I V V -P 'fl V , ,lv , 5 Vg? lr: '-,h VVV V A V q V V- ,V ' V If X j f , V x VV V V , ,V X A "lQ51?5j1ifiig? fe ..-.' 1-if e"4 Vi Q ' A V V V T ' ' V r V 'Q e 1 l W 71? n a T F 'A 'V 4 , V V , , A V A V VV .V VV,:,j V V. VCV, I V ig, , V, l 1 I V ,Q :V V 2' r fms VV? VV V. V V 3. ,, 4 V VV, 1 y n . , l y at by e. gg- , n l K . ,J we n we ,ge - - V ' VV! Vrr 032 V . . V ' V f' f I i -Vx' -V, V: 2 V . V V VV 7 4- V Ns ' V V V ' n 1 . ' if 4 - - , '- - A , 1 at A 'r r V . V ' , V , V , V ,V V V . V n U ' ixy vi ,- ' -A J A, M f ' W r V 4 S: ,ll ' T if Q x r .4 A 3 , A ' uv. W yo s -- as If W T W' t' swf r e for ', Hi l W V ' A W is 4' It - n ': f: -N 'S 5' ll fs. -1 1" 'V . Y- vfr V JV V V. K X x 2 V VV V Vg' ' V V , , Q ' , I A All Q ' ' " 1, . ophs Unite "It is important for individuals to join together and communicate thoughts for the betterment of the school. I believe the Sophomores put this thought into effect," commented Fall President Sharee Brad- ford, on the unison of the Sophomore Class. The Sophomores had a goal to serve the community, they fulfilled it by visiting Hill- crest Convalescent Hospital. The cheerful faces were well received by the residents. They also helped out on campus by picking up trash. Fundraisers were a prominent activity of the Sophomore Class. They sold nachos for Homecoming and blow pops several times throughout the year. Fall Vice-President Carol Marks, who was planning ahead for Spring, said, "We raised a good amount of money for the following semester." The effi- ciency and hard work of the Sophomores were major reasons for their success. A We .-dit A-'. :- Av -,-1-.- . , -X-v --1 Wal -"-24-77-.f i . . lp.. 'V QQ, ' .K 1551.52 N lzgfjfi R A , u Nui xt., -.. SOPHUMOI 5ly'trangDi Denise Reyi lrazier,Jul' SOPHOMORE CSF FRONT ROW Ruthel Espeleta Nancy Endo Brad Kurada Robin Kelly Christi St Laurent Julie Brohamer My trang Doan Lisa Spruill Brina Bolanz 2ND ROW Lisa Kendig Eunice Kitahata Laura Howells Brent Fung Wendy Rutherford Demse Reynolds Kelli Birch Stacey Hill Karen Keville BACK ROW Julie Tracy John Sanchez Jiyoung Kim Julie Copp Rhonda ' 4 ' 4 , 1 B 5 n SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL FRONT ROW Marianne Parker SOPHOMORE RETAKES Lyndale Reed, Lori Hoopes, Jim Hen- ABOVE LEFT: HARD AT WORK - Fall Officers Josette Medina, Carol Marks, and Sharee Brad- ford make the final preparations for the Homecoming booth, in which they sold nachos. FAR LEFT: WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK! - On a warm Spring morning Karron Koss, Rick Tor- res, and Steve Kim help pick up garbage around campus on soph- omore trash pick-up day. LEFT: IN NEED OF FUNDS - Sopho- more Class Council members Carol Marks, Deanna Mabry, and Dawn Brown plan their blowpop fundraiser, while their sponsor, Mr. Williams, looks on. Sophomores 2 Class Council 1 l Class il V' , J LIU , 4, L 1'9" -2 , 4 2 H L 7 ' J , 1 f li 1 i 1- ': Hr.-.. A N :F in 1 ff iv.: ,Q time . an , ,Q " fi' of '88 - 99 Students ...ill- Cedric Akers James Allison Rachael Amargo DrewAshcraft Clifford Barackman Elmer Barco Herman Barnett Allan Benefield Derek Boman Aliea Booker Nathan Booker Kimberly Brown Yolanda Cardenas Erik Carrillo Jacquetta Carter Juan Castro Kaneka Chhim Karen Cobb Blair Conroy Latrice Coulson Robert Crane Richard Culpepper Joshua Danufsky David Deeble l l-1. I' Nicole Dunn Susan Fannin Michael Farhang Lalaine Felipe Crystal Freeman John Garabedian Cody Garrabrandt Derrick Gilbert Damon Gobble Joe Gomez Todd Goodban Darrell Gower Dana Hall Linda Hama Veronica Hernandez Mark Houser 'A' I .Ar at Y fe ir . 4 axe ' 1 I ff . tm: I kd! :Q 'K it 1 r i 1 .l. Erika Hudson Tabitha Jewett J an Jones Lisa Kato Ronald Keester Leticia Keusayan Christopher Lara Jeffrey Lawler 7 4,3 xv' i . uf' .4 7' -Q' sr . '1 i., MAL r 4 1 i ,f -uw .-Q I 1 X . l wr n I Rachael Lazcano Steven Lerner Danielle Lewis Claudia Lugo Ruben Luna Damnang Meas Manny Mendez Johnny Mendoza 1. -. F Kim Phan Moreland DeAnna Mowles Nakateeranonda Anthony Onley Maria Parros Jason Patton Kim Thanh Phanm Sandra Quon L.w Q. , , r fe. , 'lfi AH A3455 if L fiiiiibw x31 Y W "X -1 L my ILM i f., ,fd 1 Var , f 1 fi f as 5 'Eu 4, ,,. 'swam ,..A 1- " . W f 4- V vpn? 'W 'Lu 'Sf' 1 1 Vx F r r 1 x ' K V I ' i l Tina -3 lax .L 2 lfix-slixiimi kk . 'ers-Qiinn X A ff ,.1' gl IV N Y N 'V 'D s lil vi 'I PICK A CARD - Freshman, Derrick Gilbert beckons his audience at Cal State Long Beach to select a card for his next trick. Millikan Mystic Where would one have expected to find Freshman Derrick Gilbert on Monday evenings at 7:30? No doubt he would have been attending a L.B. Mystics meeting at their clubhouse on Los Alamitos Blvd. Derrick had been practicing magic since he was nine years old. He used much slight of hand, a few trade secrets, and perhaps a few of his own secrets as he performed at parties, variety shows, in carnival shows, and parades. Derrick's initial interest in magic began when he went to a juggling shop to acquire some juggling props, he ended up enrolling in magic and mime classes. To further develop his talents, Derrickjoined the Long Beach Mystics Club where a group of fellow magicians gathered to criticize and evaluate each 0ther's performances. Derrick attended the meeting with schoolmates Todd Gottfried and Dave Deeble. Derrick took first place in a competition sponsored by Pacific Coast Association of Magiciansg he also re- ceived first place in a junior competition. Derrick and some fellow L.B. Mystics raised club funds by performing at Cal State Long Beach in their show "It's Amazing!" They've participated in the show for three years. Where will all ofthis magic get Derrick? "Well, I plan to have a career in entertainment," he said with much confidence. Terri Houser '85 r ' ff 1 r . p s Q., A . 3. 1' X 1 Q X' Q , X Q , T ' X f W Bzfszizr l T f f f A i ,Lim . - I - 1 , X . is ...x X . . ' 3.3 X I 17" "7 9 "7 ,ps- 'WW Daphne Renell T , Q .1 Tanya Rimot ' Heather Rosembaum 4: Q, 7 fl ' Denise Saiz S I ' . X Q 1 . lx I I Jamie Sanchez 'H' Glen Sandler ' ' May Sang-alang ' A S 113 S h l fl Y X S t S 81 J G g ry S u esSl kS S d S T QD' Tld b!'tY 'V h.L..Kr,"u1B X7 VFTYY 1 K mb lylhalli E a lk V5 ll am ld Vt ll d W e StY X Freshmen Renell H anon er V B 'wr 1 r X -1 1 .' 1 ' l 3 L X a 1 c urz A, - ' ' - 2 -- I 5 B 5 1,3 4. Q ,, X Eelvm cot -. 1 ,fu K1 "' Q f Y ' ' ' aura crog 'ns " , . - f ,L " 5 E ,Z r R 49 X ' , , Coleen Seikora 4 V, Y . 3 f' 'V " 'r ' ,,.,: re o ' ep l d N' " f ' l - I 1 Q F ' ' Steven Silpa Ve a X , , X I 5 . . 4 1 -Q' V , X Jam' iverthorne X , K j A 1 ,S 7 ps , Patric mith R 1 U " ' f Q . ' t T 1 1 ' 'WA' f' Y F F' - WI , . - 'N ' A V Y' ' ff' hon ra Smith I ' ' ' A i Y , f Craig tenberg ' . f X , i A-1 ' ' . ' , - Lyn a Hrfyk ' : Kc' ff. , M . f N, 1 'S Rxiihenda A '-I ':,. ' i 5, j' I 4 - - -,N 7 1 F ,, ompson ' ' +- 7 ' ' X Y fi K Ilfennlath Thurman G I I ' f , i . - - J ois arie o ' ' ' ,. -.f ' .' - A 1-:fic Uber en 6 if". f l , l f A 2 4' ' ,,- ' Ro e 'aughn 1 ' W' ' . - 62 ,'- -. :if 2 ' . '1 A q , at ,V 2 -V J, f f ., 5 L T ir- . ' ' ' X T F . T1 1 s Q 1 If .. . ' T ' i er ' 's , . ' x ,A , . , rick 'are sf' A 1 .4 ' " . : A 'Z A. 1 Chijstopher V f I. A x - Q ,T 'Y - - ' -if . ' f " Hgrlol qsi I A 'A T - -1 Y' Q X? Hei iliners ' A " 7' t ' 3 1' X K X Ev liawoodfin ' I 'cyl- .1 ' Y ' ' N I A ChouaAra Xiong , 4, ,X 1 ' ' 5 9 ' r co t anover fllikt'-X is - Aj , , ' 1 V 1 4' 1 V - ' . 1 x ,f ,, ....1....a il l 'l i l S Y I i 1 ' I ' 1 A i i c-. . f I3 K ' l J ' ,f P l N W I , .N W ., i ' , ,X-J W V4 I f Ellis i ll 1 5 I f i lx I i I I E W S. - ., ' . - , ivri 1 V ' '- ,L A 53 ,.1i,f' I H ' 1 , 1 " 1 -qvljf in . ' , X . J ' .v-, Q v , ,f pn X 1+ ' L I ' V ,A , ' ' ' , , V ' ' I , ' . 'l v v , N .4 ,, . .-,., ,.,..i ABOVE: TX PIC.-XL TX PER - Fall President Dam- iiung Mens keeps liimlself busy by tyiilngz mint this FRESHAIEN CLAASS COUNCIL-FRONT BACK ROWVZ Kim Wauasy Colleen Se-ikoray l ugemlu for the upcoming: Freshman Llass Q ouncil ROWg Dana Hall, Heidi Winer, Damnang Steven Lerner. 1 ,m,eU,lg in Nm-t,,H1,91-A Meas. Heather Rosenbaum, Joe Gomez. l ' People ,X Freshman Officers P 1 l Wm 3 ,HFF4 2 as-' 1 "' ii' if sv: gi liz' LEFT: STUDY. STL'DYf - Freshman swimming star Blair Conroy uses his lunchtime wisely as he Drepares for an upcoming test in his economics class. MIDDLE LEFT: GOOD IDE.-'lf - exclaims Junior Tim Collins as he discusses service project ideas with Freshmen Col- leen Sejkora and Joe Gomez. FAR LEFT: IS THAT RIGHT? - inquires Juan Castro of Mr. Stone as he and other Freshman Council member Jacquetta Carter look over the results of their class fund raiser. Freshmen Entertain Children Jugglers, magicians, and other talented students performed for patients at the Me- morial Hospital Children's Ward in Decem- ber. These creative performers were mem- bers of the Freshmen Class Council. Fall President Damnang Meas felt the perfor- mance Was great fun and was very worth- while. "lt was a neat experience to perform for the children," commented Derrick Gil- bert. Spring President Heather Rosenbaum stated, "Our main goal is to get more partici- pation in our council's activitiesf' This is where she concentrated a large part of her energy as Council leader. The class had a very successful candy- selling fund-raiser which earned S50. The money was to be used toward the purchase of a scrapbook for their class of 1988. Overall, the Freshmen Class established a challenging fun and vi oithvthile fn t x eai for themselx es LEFT PILEA OF FILEb Craig Qtenberg earche for record of D3 t student Council runo iai er to vet idea for a plofitable Fre hman Cla monex ma ing progect NHDDLE LEFT POSIFR CHILD Fie h man Qenatoi Heidi Winer contribute to Ntudert Coun cil in late Nlarch bi helping to put up no tei encoui a ing tudent to donate blood ioi the Ped C10 blO0G drue F-XP LEFT HOW 'NIL CH a A pring Pie 1 dent Heathei Po enbaum a he inquiie abo.1t needed information or the cla canm ale People Fie hman Officer S2221 3:-zgjzvmi 'I nm,mm.5 . 7, ,,,..,, ,v F TN? :J Q " 1 ' :. ll 'W Ji in . sg rf, WWA a K. FT! K ,,,. ziggy - i M, ff "ff .RN wg, 1,-,-.W . -Q fx .2 Ju 1 .. Pgiifltrir -an l vi ' Q-up-4 ...--al' -vb A-., .- , Q ,- -og... ,.. . ,--Y , .. 0- .x an mag, - ,gu- ,gl 41 ' ' 3' -flu. i -"'1:.., 4' ?5e .i 'fg-qw.. . wa. -:Li 'us ,Q .V X gf 0 'T' ' , . - A-Q Q- .. ,. f.. , v :,, ,J -nw 1,-19' ,-'gang ,yr ,,,..v- ,V A pi ff "Z 4. va'- ... 'Q-..-nh.. 5 , .M - f -- ., -f.. 1:14, W In J., ,J-if 'glam' A 'wiv' 7 -ff ,331 ., , - l , " 425' -' iii!" ' no-.N ""' fu, Je" ..,, -., I-ds' - ,.,- ps , 3-4, -7 2 6 Closing Discovering -H RH ,iQ -.WA X 5x n l 1 I A Q-4.-.A As the sun reappeared from behind the clouds after an exceptionally long school year, Millikan students found themselves busier than ever. With finals over and good- byes said, Ram-hi students found them- selves heading for one of the many South- land beaches. Among some of the more pop- ular beach-related activities were body- tanning, body-surfing, and body-watching. One popular body-watching spot was Sun- set Beach. 'LI like Sunset because I enjoy watching all of the tanned bodies walk by," commented beachbum Mika Arai. Some, however, chose to spend their beach time doing other things. Junior Rod- ger Keester enjoyed sailing Naples Bay in the family's Hobie Cat with their friends and family. The beach also provided a moment of escape for some. They were able to get away from the rush of summer-time activities by taking an evening walk along one of the many local piers. Belmont Pier proved to be a popular spot as well as the recently re- opened Seal Beach Pier. Summer did not prove to be all play and no work. Many students found themselves a part of the working world in order to support LEFT: THOSE SUMMER DAYS- eventually turn into evenings. Terri Houser and Janis Proctor spend a few quiet moments on one of those evenings reminiscing over the past year as they enjoy the view off Belmont Pier. INSETS, LEFT TO RIGHT: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY . .. - Monique Bessem prepares a meatball sandwhich for a customer at Subway as she continues working through the summer. UMAYBE SHE'LL LET ME DRIVE IT!" - thinks Mark Houser as he washes ,an-a5amz.,,..g UIYIHIQI' 'mc Provides Escape their many summer-time activities. "I real- ly enjoy my job," commented Senior M0- nique Bessem, "but I don't really have time to do other things as much as I would like to." Summer was also a time for Rams to catch up on and become more involved in their favorite soaps. "I'm glad summer is just around the corner because I miss watching 'General Hospital'," commented soap fan Lisa Salisbury. Some of the more popular daytime serials were "All My Children" and "General Hospital." If students couldn't be found soaking up rays, working, or catching a popular soap, they were probably vacationing with family or friends. Many of the graduating seniors rejuvinated themselves in Hawaii, a trip planned by Jim Greci for the grads. "It will be a climactic end to my final year in high school," commented Glenn Wells. Michelle Djokic shared Glenn's feeling and added, "I'm looking forward to going to Hawaii with my friends, I've never been there." Summer offered something for everyone, whether it was fun and excitement, work, or just R Sz R. Everybody took advantage of the long, sunny days and the chance to rest up for September. his sisterls car as a favor. ANCHORS AWAY! - Rodger Keester and Wes Jackert prepare the Keester's Hobie Cat for a sail on a windy summer day. "DON'T FORGET THE SUNTAN LOTION!" - thinks Michelle Djokic as she packs a suitcase for the senior grad trip to Hawaii in June. "WHATS THE LATEST?" - Lisa Salisbury spends time in front of the tube watching her favorite soap - "General Hospitalf' Closing Our Many Sides Q cl 'L- 'U Q 1 . L if l 1 I. fan L , if , 1 YY. L' 14,5 ' l Y .. K 1 , ' . , 9 v 1 ' 'C If W 0 iii' 4 , Y . "QU-.'g ' A A ' u 5 s .. J r 6 , r on I 5 ' ' f 5 s f ion' 'Nr' 'Y ' 4 w ,,. .9 t Q iw. 1 Q 3 F ,gl 5' ll Li., ' ' f 5 , 'Q' f 5 I W I I . z , v, W I I W :ff , .H 'I 3. ! v If l ! , 1 6 5 8' ' 'ff '3 f X 5 2 Q 5 'Wi 'M 'f WTVY bl Now A With a past of fading memories and a fu- ture of uncertain fortunes, Seniors contem- plated graduation. Their three years ofhigh school had been a microcosm of life during which they grew into young adults, pre- pared for the real world. As sophomores, fresh from the insulation of junior high, they walked the campus, frightened by the looming challenges, in- spired by the shining opportunities, and ex- cited by all the fun that it represented. Quickly, they adapted to their new envi- ronment. Homecoming, the Winter Affair, the Mr. Ram Contest, and Spring Week were all wonderful, larger-than-life experiences. The Sophomore Football Squad anticipated the time when they would be playing in the big games on Friday nights while the girls dreamed they would be Pepsters, doing headkicks at the rallies, and hopeful stu- dents waited for when they would receive their first Medal of Merit. Some realized that all of those high school cliches were now a reality. Their Junior year was one of careful prep- aration and quiet longing for their goals. It was a search for their place in high school life, an effort to establish their personality and character. They hit the books in U.S. History and American Literature, while Kidettes marched 'to feverish drums and JV sports players eyed the Varsity team with envy. Most held subordinate positions and looked forward to next year when they would be the dominant faces on campus. They were still looking forward when they INSETS LEFT TO RIGHT: REMEMBER WHEN- In early June, Michelle Shuler and Mindy Williams walk the campus and reminisce. GOLD, THANK YOU - 4.0 Bobby Ali makes out his robe order form in late J anu ary CAN T WAIT exclaims Brad Lancaster to his friends as they discuss their college plans SPEEDING BULLET Bill D Andrea runs the 440 during track Reality signed the outgoing seniors' yearbooks, but were haunted by the thought that two- thirds of 'their high school careers were over. Then they returned to campus from the summer with golden tans and confident smiles. They saw themselves and people with whom they had gone to elementary school taking control of student council, ARIES, and starting on the Varsity teams. It was all a fantasy that never would have ended were it not for the cold reality of col- lege. Many serious-minded students spent their Fall weekends studying for the SAT and Achievement Tests, and making out col- lege applications. Winter Vacation came, though, and Rams rested at home or went to unwind in the mountains. The weeks slipped by, but most forgot to savor them because they were too caught up in the realization of their ambitions. Stu- dents waited for and received college acceptances or set up job plans, everything was prepared. Soon, Memorial Day arrived and Seniors discovered that there were only three weeks left in a very important part of their lives. At last, there was no pressure, to perform. Some laid back to reap their rewards while others tried to recapture all of the memo- ries. They walked the campus during those numbered days and looked back over an ex- perience that was universal, yet only they could have lived it . . . with anyone, yet only with their friends . . . in any place, yet only at Millikan. practice, preparing for his future on the Abeline Chris- tian Team. SAY GRADUATION - Before Vespers, Monique Bessem takes a picture of Camille Dougherty and Elaine Wrenn NEXT SEPTEMBER Mike Mil burn and Ryan Rosler tour UCI where they will be spending the next four years of their lives Closing Our Many Sides A , , ' .sk 5 1. J, 9' ,,i,. ,Q w l , Si 74, M -ini' A ,fo 4 s 4 F if ' 1 u N N ' A Q i A I LM H l as x , 'A I A 96' ' v Q 1., Q Pi 5 . X i i Nu n , ,, 1' , ' yi 1 W ,' 4 , . , . 4 " X 4 lx K 'A Q I A ' I :- I ! ' 8 , , Lv gt . ' X X. ' br ! I 1 wit N 1 .1 V' , VK-' 'Q 4' x "I, ,. - 951,155 Mb 1 Wh: . ., 233- ' mwmfb new aw, .D- ' fgslwvwlfl kcmfmss Adllwnnwmig Adnmdvhn .lliralifw 16111911 gfuurrilw 5 , me gkeghum Am,JwHf'55 Mhnglwljob lb Alcorelwugn, ,U rf K5 E ,UERswml?5,, m,1rs,1 Al,,Iiaber35,f 15S,1E9,1j 21s,219,2: A!pem,Dinn2 ,Uvarex,AnIV1 233 Mmez,R0JPf AMADEUS I A ANCHOR 154- Andemn,Ke1 Anderson,He1 Andemm,BI1c Andzysonjrn Anderson, Sue Andevson,Tod Anger,JefHE, Angress,.laso1 Annalla,Lwsa1 'AygNe,Lsshe1 im, Izumi QU IST, 158, 1' Araglllkali, 156, 169, 1 2 IIE, 257, Z6 Arxkuwa, .hm Arakawa, Hen, HU, 207, 21 ARIES I-16-1-11 Amnld, Kzree' Amuld,Ps1ge 175, 181 A1hcrafl,Dm Ash!ey,LisaA Aahhy, Marlo 235 ASTRONOMY Alh, Hang Km Altardmrndz Avdmrrndio BADIUNTON Blkfhfrawg-1' gikQY,T1ewJr BMDIWLIQS fHh1dx,1wa HW1P1,Jan Tf Bfmwsnf Bamelmkm BB'5WW,Paul Emhnlumew Bmhvlnmewi 8354. Iii rg, SW2v,K2?f: imck, Dem 5 FRONT x Juni srnomh DLE L Kim Dr: Hom 4 Dfffml PUREN Ham cl Hume, ULE 1 Mika ,A r.,,,q, Wsin S Umm n a 79626, BASEBALL 78-81 3111111 NI?'l1Q111517g9 - , urns, eit , QQSQQQSQQQQ 291555954825 Burns, Kristin 28,44,108,111 Basler, Carleen 28, 97, 233, 235 Bass, Damon 138,173 Bassin, Gayla 105 AAS 154,165 Battle, Leann 35,108,170, 180, Abeies, Michael 76, 161, 163, 216, 181 232233, 235 Bautista, Fernando 49, 51 Abercrombe, Manly 218 Abramow, Lori 44, 126, 135, 137, 163,172, 175,218,235 ACADEMICS 108-157 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 264 ACTIVITIES 10-45 Adalian, Ellen 135,173 a Beane, Darren 52 Beck, Christopher 145 Beckett, Ernest 111 Becotte, Steve 41,128,135 Bedard, Arty 48, 49, 66 Beggs, Damon 132 Be vin, Curtis 62. 63 Adamsnhhn 85 ' Benjamin, Norma 182 Ame, Melissa 23,30,43,168, Befmer.1-mde 128 169' 170' 181 Bennett, James 166 A irre, Rubilee 85 Ailiar, Faheem 140,141 Akers, Paul 119 Alas,Juan 66 Albright, Bob 166, 167, 170, 173, 175 Alcocer,Juan 174 Algie, Logan 57, 74 Ali, Asim 128,129, 135, 136, 137, 163, 175, 177, 218 Ali, Baber 36, 64,65,163,165, 168, 169, 173, 175, 196, 202, 218, 219, 258,259,264 Alpern, Diane 13,148,149,171 Alvarez, Anthony 49, 72, 74, 159, 233 Alvarez, Rojelio135 AMADEUS 176-177 ANCHOR 164-165 Anderson, Kevin 53 Anderson. Heide 135 Anderson, Michelle 96,97 Anderson, Scott 54, 70 Anderson, Stephanie 8, 96, 97 Anderson, Todd 173 Anger,Jeff 48, 49, 51, 65 Angress,Jason 65 Annella, Lisa 135 ' Apple, Leslie 19,119,100 Arai. Izumi 20, 23, 24, 68, 166, 167,168, 170, 173, 233,235 Arai, Mika 16,104,105,124,157, 166,168,170,186,188,213, 218,257,264 Arakawa, Jim 49, 208 Arakawa, Renee 28,126,168, 170, 207, 218, 235, 264 ARIES 146-147 Arnold, Kareen 173 Arnold, Paige 30, 31,164,170, 175. 181 Ashcraft, Drew 65 Ashley, Lisa Ann 151 Ashley, Marlo 25, 125, 170, 175, 235 ASTRONOMY CLUB 174-175 Ath, Heng Kim 65 Attardo, Linda 88, 89 Avila, Arcadio 85,166 BADMINTON 102-103 Baker, Craig 49, 51 Baker, Trevor 47, 82-83 BAND 128-129 Banhidy,Todd 54,132 Banner,Jon 76,145 Bannister, Shawn 83 Barnett, Herman 85 Barstow, Paul 70 Bartholomew, John 85 Bartholomew, Rex 128, 129, 132, 134, 135 Barrera,Jonelle 102, 103, 235 Bartley, Kevin 66 Barwick, Dennis 54 u o s n Bennett,Jim 85 Bennett, Mark 41,128,129, 132, 136, 176, 177 Bergh, Theresa 105 Berry. Daisey 126, 175. 234. 235 Bertram, Brandi 138, 173, 234, 235 Bessem, Monique 16, 33, 168, 241, 256, 257 Best, Mllie 52 Birch, Janet 45,170 Birch, Kelli 25, 52 Black, Tom 66 Blackmore,Jackie 28 Blalock, Fred 49, 50, 51, 73 Blanchard, Michelle 28 Blanco, Irma 166, 168,175 Blasetti, Cheri 105 Bolanz, Brina 257 Bombach, Suzanne 119 Bonachita, Denise 7,126,175, 144, 145,208 Bonnell, Jean 124 Booker,Jeffrey 99 Booker, Nathan 52 Boquette, Lauren 52,166 Bordin, Christy 100 Bordonio, Michael 39, 165, 170, 218 Bowens, George 1, 58, 59, 168 Bowling, Rheuben 85,148,149. 168,169,171,218 Boyd, Colin 52 Boyd. Tisha 251 Boyd, Traci 95. 140. 141, 173 Boyer, Kelly 88. 89 Boyer, Louis 7, 163, 168, 170. 171, 175 Boyer, Raymonds 117, 122, 156, 173 Brackens, Sherly 99 Bradford, Sharee 14, 161, 250, 251 Braget, Melissa 126,173 Branch, Kenneth 51 Brand, Greg 153 Bratcher,Loel130 Breitzman, Gil 152 Brennan, Kirk 7o,71,15s,165, 173,174,176,235 Brennan, Patrick 110,120,174 Breuer, Janet 166,173, 235 Brig s,1Mllie 8, 41, 136 Broci, Michael 23, 54, 55, 196 Brohamer,Julie 251 Brooks, Robert 110, 111 Brooks, Yvonne 84,176,177 Brown, Bob 49,66,139,172, 264 Brown, Bruce 55, 68,116,117 Brown, Darrell 62 Brown, Dawn 106, 251 Brown, Lisa 140,141 Brown, Luis 114 Brown, Varonda 140, 141 Bruce, Matthew 78 Bruce, Shelley 105,235 Brunson, Regina 128 Bryan, Stacy 126,138,142,145, 173, 175 Bum arner Tamara 126 a a s s n 147,163, 165,166, 168.173, 178, 179, 218, 229, 233, 235, 264 Burns, Michael 78,79 Burson, Sindi 8, 42, 44, 96, 164 170,173, 175,178, 179 Bush, Don 117 Bush, Ron 122 BUSINESS 122-123 Bgerlee, Michele 130 B TES 176-177 Cahn, Marjorie 114 Cairns, Allison 19, 44, 45, 96, 97. 166 CALCULUS CLUB 174-175 Calderon, David 65 Campbell, Alexander 85 Campbell, Vicki 128 Camper, Marvin 58, 59 Camper, Rodney 62 Cantrell, Andrew 17, 46, 58, 59, 6O,61,119,168,17O,171,175, 218 Cao, Duc 52 Caramella, Sheri 28 Carey, Douglas 76 Carlton, Gary 63 Carothers, Veronica 145 Cole, Dave 158, 173, 176, 233, 268, 274 Coleman, Wardell 64, 65 Collins, Randy 251 Collins, Timothy 15, 23, 54, 55, 68,84,124,146,163,168,171, 175, 233, 254, 264 Collins, Timothy 57,173 Colon, James 166 Colon, Maria 100, 176 COLOPHON 264 ' Compton, Ken 80, 81 Conn,James126,127,145, 167 Conner, Rachel 138 Conroy, Blair 54, 55, 68, 70, 71 Conroy, D.C. 23, 45, 54, 55. 68, 86. 163,173, 175,218 Cook, Christopher 64,65 Coolbaugh, Eric 54,70 Cooper, rad 83 Coots. Lisa 92,106 Copelin, Michelle 90, 91 Copp,Julie140,141,165,173, 176, 251 Corey, Steven 78,122 Cornelius. Vivian 138 Correa,Julie 44,106,161,170, 233 CORYDONIGRAPHICS 148-149 Costello, Crystal 10, 130 Coulson, Vincent 140,141 COUNSJSPEC. SERVICES 112-113 Cox, Christopher 47, 57, 73, 135 Coyne, Robert 49 Craig, Christopher 128, 135, 136, 142,143,163,175,177,218 Crane, Robert 46, 49, 51, 62, 63, so,B1, 154,205 Crane, Michelle 10, 20, 21, 30, 31, a s Dimarco, Perry 49,51,74,154 Dixon, Susan 126 Djokic, Michelle 16, 23, 26, 27. 159,160,161,162,163,164, 168,170,l78,179,180,181, 199, 213, 218, 247, 257, 264 Doan, My Trang 88,89, 102,103 251 Dolan, Patricia 113 Dolgorouky. Yurrika 176 Donald, Monica P. 84 Doole ,Brian Kelly 85 Dorecli, Holl L.1-40.141 Dougherty, Camille 1, 16, 23, 1l4,146,147,162,163,164, 168,171,175,180,181,199, 218, 258, 259,264 Doughty, Doris 121 Downey, Jason 54 Drake, James 128, 177, 218 DRAMA 144-145 Drinkard, Vance 47, 48 Dulin, Noreen Anne 128.138, 173, 177 Dunk, Susan 90 Dunn, Nicole 90 Dunyon. Trina M. 126, 175 Durazzo, Robert 23.52. 53,116, 134,143,163,168,170,173, 174, 175, 233, 235, 264 Duree, Michael 78, 167, 168,173, 235 . . 164 Carra, Carina 13, 36, 37, 157, CROSS COUNTRY BOYS. 164- 17311132-218 56-57 Easley, Kevin 65 C8111110- E11 . cizoss COUNTRY, GIRLS' Eastman, Christine 39,105 Carrol, Brent 85 92,93 Carroll, Carole 102,103,114,116, 164, 165,235 Carroll, Karla 251 Carson, Grant 57 Carswell, Eddie 58, 59, 87 Carter, Derrick 63 Carter, Mark 56, 57 Caruthers, Courtney 140, 141 Caruthers, Tonya 140, 141 Carvey, Terisa 105 Case, Lamar 119 Casella, Zachary 80 Castro, George 66,67 Caswell, Bill 114 Cerna, Victoria 65 Chambers, Cynthia 92, 93, 99 Chapman, Kim 85 CHEER!MASCOTS 28-29 Chen, Darrin 128,173,176,177, 235 Chilcote,Julie 235 Chilvers, Loretta 88, 89, 95 Chiu, Katherine 103 Chlim,Raneka177 Cho, Kyong 102,103,164,165, 218,235,249 CHORAL 138-141 Choy, Toby 218 Cinco, Robert 23,53,167,168, 170,171,173,175, 233,235 Ciriello, Robert 117 Clarke,J.C.52,62,119 Clay, Allison 122, 128, 135, 136, 163,164,173,175,177,218, 219 Cleeland,Jeffrey 166,167 Cleggett, Rhonda 95 Clemens, Shawnda 166, 173 Clement,Julie126 CLOSING 256-259 Clough, Rio 138 Cobb, Karen 140,141 Cockrill, Stacy 28 Coffman, Kimberly 88, 89, 95 Coh, Blair 32, 53, 171 8 1 Bunma, Samnang66 ' Burch, Kelli 164, 175 Colburn, Lynn 122 Colburn, Melissa 28, 29, 235 Crowley, Lisa 90, 91 Cruchley,Jill42,166 Cruz, Custudio 74 Cruz, Gavino 66 CSF 168-169 CULTURE 14-15 Cunningham, Susan 30,173 Custodio, Raymond 74,75 CYCLING CLUB 168-169 DA CAPO 172-173 Daisey, Paul 132 Dale, Amy Jo 116,163, 165, 218, 233,235 ' Daly, Fanny 121, 126 Dandrea, Bill 40, 41, 56, 57, 73, 171,257,258 DANCE 126-127 Danufsky,Joshua 54, 70 Das, Sonia 167,168,171, 177 DATING 44-45 Davis, Jerry A. 76 Devisson, Deborah 26,27, 180, 181 Deeble, David 83, 253 ' DeHaven, Dick 46, 48, 57, 76, 121,154 Del Grande, April 251 Delos Reyes, Larry 84, 85 Deluna, Dorothy 24 Denison,James 125 Dennis, Mark 173,235 Dennis, Miriam 166, 168.170, 173,175 ' Derivas, Carlos 117 Deus, Edward 31, 47 DeYoung, Lynell Sue 19 Diette, Teri Ellen 106,166,173 n n u a Eastman. Tim 20, 23,144,175, 188 Eberhart,Leane105, 128, 129, 177,218,235 Edwards, Willie 62 Eizak, Stanley G. 43, 44, 45, 78, 170,171 El Boushi, Tallal 68, 70, 71,173, 233 ELECTIONS 16,17 Ellis, Andrew 159 Elwell, Richard 113 Endo, Nancy 176, 251 Enge, Stanley L. 249 Engels, Fred 122 England, Audi 8, 9, 119 ENGLISI-UESL 114, 115 Engly, Pechharoth 114 Epson, Joe w.45, 47, 82,83 Erney, Kevin 128 Espeleta, Gina 90 Espeleta, Ruthel 103,251 Estey, Clay 70, 71 Evans, Allison Leigh 28, 166, 173, 233 Evans, David M. 66 Evans, Paul R. 13, 16, 41,128, 129,132,135,163,168,177, 218 Flewellen, Audra L. 92, 93, 98 Flores, Leo B. 109, 128 Flowers, Gary 140, 141 Follett, Christopher 138 Forgay, Robin 130, 157, 170 Fortson, Anne 114 FRONT ENDSHEET: FAR LEFT: HUSTLE - Junior quarterback Cliff Mosely puts a smooth move on his Bruin opponent. MID- DLE LEFT: A VIOLIN AFFAIR - Steve Kim practices on his violin to prepare for the Holiday Concert to be held in mid- December. ABOVE RIGHT: RAM FRIENDS FOREVER - Mascots Robbie and Millie Ram cheer on the football team during the Homecoming game against Jordan. MID- DLE RIGHT: PASSING TIME - Seniors Mika Arai and Lisa Salisbury confer about how quickly the year is E!0111gbY d111'111g their passing period. RIGHT: BASEBALL FEV- ER- Senior Steve Holliday poses in his uni- form for his environmental senior portrait. BACK ENDSHEET: FAR LEFT: BUMP! SET! SPIKE! - Chris Paparelli sets up to destroy the opposing team. MIDDLE LEFT: THE INTIMIDATOR - Junior Kelly Rydell and Shelly Gilles wave their Rammy Whammy towels as they cheer the Rams on to victory. ABOVE RIGHT: HEAVENLY PIZZA - Juniors Tim Collins and D.C. Con- roy savor their large pepperoni pizza after a tough swim workout at Beach Swim Club. MIDDLE RIGHT: TIME OUT - Junior Kel- ly Kaiser takes a break from lunch to study for an Anatomy quiz on a cool November afternoon. RIGHT: THIS MAGIC MOMENT - Jim Greci and Debbie Milner pose for the portrait which they will keep as a re- memberance of that special night in their high school career. TABLE OF CONTENTS: RAMS MUNCH AT LUNCH - Following a mid- winter storm, students move out into a sunny, warm quad. LEFT: AQUIET MOMENT-On a cool, breezy, Spring day, Steve Romeyn and Michelle Miranda escape to Corona Del Mar to enjoy some natural beauty. " Certificated and Classified Staff Index Our Many Sides --c-..A. E- A L. 261 in Iffnis-r,.I1m T,1l4,1S:1,21k.23!i 233 FI1sUAr,N1c'helle i3 Fm-ler.Wilham 52 I"rangesch,M1chelle D. 28, 29. 100,101,235 Fran1esch,Thamas 66 Fralello, David 37,5-1,165,170 235 Fraze-ur,Sharleen100.101 Fraglsr, Rhonda 3T,170,176, .U 1 . Frazier,SharlaJ.13,19.176. 213,219 F'reeman,N1colle-105 Freligh, Elisa 128, 218 ' Freman,Bxll125 ' Followel!, Frank 80, 81 Fox,Stanley121 Fuller, Linda K.42,105,166,1T3 Fazotululie166.168,170,171, 173, 175, 181 Fairbanks, Melissa D. 24, 170, 173, 216 Falcon, Maydeline 130 Falkner, Sabrina 0.119 Fannin, Susan 105, 135, 136 Fardi,Heideh166 Farhamz, Michael 114 Farwell, Frank 138 Faulkner, Melinda 85,166 Fayad, Kim 127 Feck, Patrician M. 88, B9 Felipe,LaLaine140,141,173 Fernandes, Sean A. 49, 51, 73 Fernandez, Kimberley 95 Ferrer, Emmanuel 85 Finstuen, Heather 37,90,165, 235 Fish. Steven 53,65,132,135 Fisher,.Ieffrey 54,128,138 Flanagan, Sheilagh 33, 46, 96 97.106, 109, 167, 168, 170, 235, 264 Flax, Dana 126, 173, 175 Fletcher, Troy 52, 72, 73, 138 Fullerton, Sandra 251 Fulton, Richard 80 Funpz,Brent128,135,165,251 ' Gaber, Michael 118, 119 s n a o o n Gail, Keven 78,170 Gallagherulames M. 66, 219 Garcia, Albino 53 Garcia, Ramon 66 Gardner, Stanley 166 Gargaro,JoelT.128,132,133, 135,136,137,138,163,174, 175, 177, 218 Garland, Walter 62, 63 Garrabrandv., Cody 54, 70 Garrison, Shelley A. 122 Gaston, Steven 49, 52 Geller, Lara E. 173 GERMAN CLUB 172-173 Gerritsen, Thomas 83 Gibson, Daongala 140, 141 Gibson, Derwin Rene 74.135 Gilbert, Derrick 253, 255 Gillies, Michelle 166, 175, 235 Giorgio, Nicole 126 GIRLS' LEAGUE 176-177 Giuliano, Peter 37,70,173,17-1, 176 Glasgow, Merle 119 Gobble, Kelvin R.l63,170,173, 177, 233 Godes,Sharyl116,122,159,16S, 235, 264 Gold, Sue 118, 119 Goldman, Jennifer 90. 91, 99 Goldman,John Eric 25, 56. 57, 73, 163 GOLF 82-B3 Golt, Lisa L. 94, 95,106,128 Golt. Teresa L.94,95.106,128 Gonzales, Charlie 62 Gonzales, Deidra M. 28, 106 Gooch, Gary Robert 80, 167 Gordon, Stacey L, 106, 181 Gote, Patricia 122 Goto, Tosh 122. 123 Gottnleffrey L. 80, 81, 106, 145 Gott, Julie A. BB, 89 Gott, Matthew A. 56.517-1.135 Gottfried, Todd 253 Gower. Darrell 52. 74 GRADUATES 182-217 Graham.VWlliam E.85,1-10,141 Grant, Barry 62 Gray, Rita 153 Greci,James A.1,16,19,23,26, 35, 40,-11,-13.-i9,78,146,1-17, 160,161,16-1.168,169,171, 180, 181, 226, 257, 261, 264 Green, Byron Lamont 128 Greenlee,Julie128,135.176 Greenwood. Jon D. 126 Gresik.Jean108. 110,111 Griflin. Coy 140 Grogan, Sean M.-11,138 Gueman,Genny138 Gunsaulus, Cassandra 104, 105. 170 Gunter. Rory T. 49 Gutierrez, Samuel 85, 166 Guy. Quentin Lamar 49 GYMNASTICS 100-101 2 Index Discovering: s u n u u s a n Haddy,James83,119 Haight, Kxm 96, 97, 173. 216, 235 Hairrell, Rex Russell 9, 23 Hajankovic,Ema152,153 Hall,Cindy106 Hall, Dana 99 Ha1l,.Iennifer1-40,141,176,177 Hall, Michelle 99 Halliday, Leah Jea.nne173 Hallmark, Stacey 125 HalsLed,Carl52,121 Halter, Brian 80, 123 Hammond, Cory 52, 53 Hammond, Kiescha 106 Hammond, Susan 14, 15 Hanigion, Daniel E. 49, 72, 73, SJ Han, Hye S, 165 Hansen, Erika L. 128129, 132, 138,164, 177,218 Hargiman, Richard 58, 59, 60, Harden, Patrick I. 48, 49, 87 Harrington, Mieko 88,559,106 Harris, Bucky 52,76, 121 Harggsg Timothy Lynn 49, 78, Harvey. Marly 99 Harvey, Millard III 49, 117, 149 Hasty, Chai Tae R. 96 Hauser, Alexander 128, 251 Hay51gs.Lani134,135,195,210, Hays,James 82 HeaLh,Jeffrey 80, B1 Heffley. Bryan 78 Heffley, Joseph 80,167,173 Heffley, Suzanne 30, 31, 44, 161, 164,178,179,181 Heinrich,John 54 Heitzhaus, Robert 43,119 Hemmings, Tina M.173 Henderson,Joyce 119 Henderson, Stephanie 100 Hendrich, John 73 Hendrix, Jim 251 Henneke, Joanne D, 126 Heredia,Judy173 Hernandez, David A.65, 166 Hernandez, Jose 55, 68, 186 Hernandez. Manuel 80, 81, 167 Hersh. Rachel L. 145 Heslin, Shawn 41,126,172,173, 174 Hess, David 53, 72, 73. 75 Hiatt, Lori sue 4. 5,32, 138, 142, 143, 168. 170, 181 Hicks, Larry 121 Higgins, Spud 121 Hill, Stacy 20, 21, 251 Hillies, Shelly 173 Hintz, Sean Donshey 54, 55, 68 Hitt, Kimberly G. 36, 92, 93 Ho, Raymond 218 Hodge, Patrick A.B5,166 Hodges, Patrick 85 Holliday, Steven C. 78 Holmes, Errick 63,140,141 Holt, Tammie 234, 235 Holtz, Kathy 128 HOMECOMING 18, 19,213.21 HOME ECONOMICS 124, 125 Hoopes, Lori 251 Horner, Donald J. 57, 113 Horowit.t,Phylliss121 Horton, Kevin 140, 141 Hoskins.Joseph 52 Houser. Mark 80, 81, 256, 257 Houser, Terri L. 7, 124, 147. 168. 218, 253, 256, 257, 264 Houston, Michael 48, 49, 50 Howard,Jimmy11S Howells, Laura 251 Howze,Danne140,141 Huber, Victoria L. 175. 249, 126 Hughey, Gary M. 41, 78, 169 Humphreys, Kimberly 171 Hunter, Robbin A. 28 Hutchinson. Leslie Ann 166,173 Hutchinson, Robert 56, 57 Huttenhoff, Paul 119 Hwang, Mlliam 164 Hyams, Nadine 124,125,170 INDEX 161-263 INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION 124,125 Ivey.Lori-15,164,170,181 Iwanylo, Gerald 54, 55. 70, 71 Jsckert, Weston 56, 57. 66, 73. 134. 233. 235.256, 257 Jackson, Eddie 49. 51 Jackson, Frederick 128, 129 Jackson, Sonya Karen 233.177 s a Jacobson, Darlene 7, 126, 138, 142,143,1-1-4,173,175,235 James,John A.19, 36,161,166 167, 175, 181, 201, 207 James, Tommy 48, -i9,72,T3,170 Jane, Kevin 85 JRTVIS, Kenneth 63 JAZZ 132-133 Jamison. Alfonza 52 Jemison, Markeeta 28. 29 Jenkins. Avier 140,141 Jensen, Paul 153 Jewett, Edward 85,166 JOBS 32-33 Jaffe, Robyn 10,166,168,170, ggi 174, 175, 178, 179, 219, 4 Johnson, Adelyn 114 Johnson, Andre 51, 48, 73 Johnson, Cheri 96 ' Jones, Charles 138, 177 Jones, Christopher L.1 Jones, Michael K. 85, 16 Jones, Michael L. 166 235 Jones, Raymond L. 52, 74, 75 Jose, Kathleen 106 1 s Labarba, Angela 122 Labor, Marissa L. 176 Ladd, Keith Nmllia 35, 56. 57, 78,163,175,233 235 Laines, Cami D. 15, 7 34. 235 Laing, Dennis 53 Lakin, Ralph m r n-15, 78, 235 Lamb D vidK 74 La cast Bradlew 163,170,1 , 4218,23, Lan .J 86 87 96 7 ' , , ' 3 '.41 GN .17 ,218, 258, 2' ang, rnell72, 14 41 lount Je r88 89 L rsen hr :ma 28 29 Laturn mesN 34 233 235 La r,Jeffrey66.70,71 M 4 ' X ' ' ' J0HeS,Phi11iIDJ0hn165, 213, ff' Laure ,.StuartJ:40:41,'74, 7 Cu!! JUNIOR CLASS C 232-233 JUNIOR CSF 234-2 ' JUNIOR OFFICER 2-23 JUNIOR PORTRAI S 220-2 JUNIOR RETAKES 34-2 JVCHEER 234-235 fix 1, Y Kahl, Kristi 14.24.25,33, 145. 164,168 Kaho, Glen 66 Lawrence, Michael 62, 63, 116,163,165,235 Lawson, Bruce W. 74 Lawton, Vernon 56, 57, 74 Lecesne,Julie 44, 251 Le Hui Ik Michael 76, 165 . sse 122 La , Deborah 105 Nicole 88 89 Mp ef Shelly P. bo, 175 e,Susa 177 Febvr rv 7 19 20 3 e zner Jo 7 erner,Steve 2 eslie,Timoth 128 ewandowski ichael ewis Jerry 8 132 1 i klider,C 01114 Li ' ' 14 GQ WWA iam, 5,12s11,is Kaiser, Kelly 20, 21, 28.170, 233 Karlsen, Kelly 96,108 Karlson, Kendra Lee 20, 21913, 45,167,168,170,171,175 Karunasena,Padmini10,33, 166,168,170,173,175 Karunasena,Nilmini10,166, 167,168,170,1'73,181 Kassay,Julie 173, 235 Kassay, Patty S, 168 Kebulennifer 90 Keene, Corey 52 Keeggir, Rodger 56, 57, 218, 256, Keester, Ronald 80, 81 Keller, Kristine 106, 128, 129 Keller, Sandra Lynn 30, 31 Kelley, Robin 176, 251 Kelly, Deborah 13, 36,37, 105, 163, 168, 175, 181. 218.219, 226, 264 Kendall, Philip 80, 81 Kendall. Stephen M,170 Kendig, Lisa 128, 165, 251 Kendig, Susan 128, 129, 135, 164, 165, 218, 235, 249 Kennedy, Rene 88, 89, 95, 106 Kent, David Michael 49, 64, 65 Kentish, Michael A. 57, 74, 128 Kerr, Karen E. 28. 29 Kessler, Lori 175 Keville. Karen 251 Keusayan, Leticia 105 KEY CLUB 162-163 KEYWANETTES162163 KIDETTES 30-31 Kim. Insoon 218 Kim,Ji Young 176, 251 Kim, Soo Jin 37,164,165,168, 175,176, 218, 249, 264 Kim, Steve Joonghym 135, 165, 250,251 King, Christopher 64, 65 King,Jeffery M. 80 King, Kirk 117 King. Melanie 28, 29, 249 King, Ricky 23, 32.58, 59, 168, 170, 182 King, Tynnetta 95 Kirkwood, Teri Susan 119, 166, 170, 175, 233, 235 Kitahata, Eunice 164, 176, 251 Kitahata, Janice 164, 176 Kitano, Norman 7, 13, 22, 23, 49, 76,109,163,165,168,175, 218, 229, 235, 264 Klein, Michele 26,27,178,179 Kong, Huey Hee 85 Kong, Moni 103 Koss, Karron 120, 250 Kramer, MaryJ. 13, 17, 38, 39, 135,136,146.148,157, 163, 16S,1T1,1T5,181,185,218. 219, 264 Krugggr, Chris W. 54, 55, 68, 69, a Krull, Kathryn Ann 28,1'T3,175, 216, 233 Kubel, Jeffery 62 Kuhn, Tera Lynn 105 Kurrlrishiro, Steven M. 54, 55, 70. 1 Kundar, Stephen 115, 117, 156. 168, 225, 235. 264 Kuroda, Brad Sojo 251 Kusfg John R. 40, 41, 48, 49, 78, I Kushner, David 113 n s n n o Llarinas, Luciana 177, 2 Llod. Marcus 85 Logan, Stacia E. 140,141, 176, 181 Long, Robert 49 LONG BEACH 38, 39 Longgville, Lisa 103, 175, 218, 5 Loper, Brian K. 58, 59, 60, 61, 87 Lopez, Ismael 65 Lopez,Jodie 96, 97 Lopez, Michael 126 LORETT166,167 Louder, Darrell 116, 117 Lowenthal, Daniel 25 Lucas, Robert A, 76 Lucero, Rosecarmel 102, 103, 177, 235 Luchtman,John 118,119 Ludwig, Doug C. 35. 168, 170 Lugo, laudia 177 Luke, Ton 65 Lund, Shelly 145 Luther. Todd 76 Lyman, Wemdy K. 96,97 Lynch,Ma1.thew 163, 173,218 Lynes, Michael 66, 167 Maberry, Debra Lynn 99 Mabry, Deanna 106, 251 Macka , Michelle 28,166,235 Madricg Denise 173 Madrigal 132 Magee, Andre M. 20 Mahaney, Heather 100 Malachi, Ronald L.117,138,143 Malone, Steven M.162,163,1'I1, 175, 210,218 Mandryk,Julie A.90,91, 148, 149,171,218,242 Manker, Christy 19, 54, 105, 163, 165, 226, 233,235 Marker, Marvin 177 Marks, Carol 14, 161, 250, 251 Marshal, Victor 153 Marshall, Marvon 62, 63 Martin, Kirk 62 Martinez, Adelmo 110,111 Martinez, Richard 128 Massey, Michelle 28,163,161 166, 168, 173, 175, 231, 233. 235, 264 Mata, James 83 Matggg, Margaret 102, 103, 164, a MATH CLUB 164-165 Maus, Mlliam J. 84. 85.166 Mayer, Lee Scott 33,170,171, 175, 178, 179 McCarley, Matthew S. 65 McCarthy, Anna E.10,130,131, 138,166.167,17O,172,173. 175, 207, 231, 233 McCary, Taunya M. 85 McCarver,Lynda 164,175 McCauliffe. Mary 117 McClanaham, Robert 54 McCleary, Joseph 110, 148 v , 0, 8,16, , , 7 182,218 e e,H y117 e n.R t 43 1 ,4, 69 s 1 u s McConnell, Mathew 54 McCoy. Michelle 16, 30, 31, 166. 16T,168.1T0,l75,1B1 McFadden, lan 66 McGeffirt. Connie 94 McGihon, Scott 54, 55, 68. 69, XT3, 218 McGovern, David 192 McGowan, Julie 138. 173 Mckee,Ann126,135,163,165 173, 235 Mckee, Erika 136 Meas, Damnang161,254. 255 Meas, Vin 103 Meckes, Michael 40, 41, 78. 168 Meckoa, Paul 119 Medina, Christine 28,116,126, 164, 175, 264 Medina,Josette 161, 164.167, 170,173, 250, 251 Mehta, Deepika13,142,164,166, 171, 173 Men, Sothear 66 Menier, Todd 159 Merrill, Michael 165, 176, 177, 235 Meyer, Robert 54 Meza, Rene Rashell138,173 Miguel, Suzanne 88,89,121 Milani, Gerald 153 Milburn, Michael 37, 82, 156, 163,167,168,170,172,173, 175, 177, 207, 213, 219, 258, 259 M'ller,Julie 96 ler,VWl1iam 49, 65, 74 llner, Debra 233 Miranda, Anna 148, 171, 242 Miranda, Melvin 76 Miranda, Michelle 218 ler, Karen 134, 135 n n u n a Misener, Jeff 107 Misner, Rhonda 96, 97, 114, 166 Mitchell, Marnie Jo166,173,175 Mizuguchi, Nana 4, 5, 76, 77, 135,136, 156, 235 Molinar,Va11-10,141 Monaghan, Michael 115, 169 Monggal, Kenneth 138, 156, 173, 7 Montrella,John 119 Montiel, Rodney 167, 170, 173, 175,177,1B1,207,218 Montiel, Wagner 74,173 Moore, Dawn 105,173,235 Moore, Derrick 53, 72, '73, 233 Moore, Gary 123 Moore, Jennifer 88,B9, 106 Moore, Sandra 152 Moore, Scott 109 Moore, Sharon 87, 88, 89, 94, 106 Morales, Luis 57, 66. 74 Moran,Jose 66, 67 Moreland, Kim 140, 141 Moregmgn, Irving 41,138,139,172, 1 Morfoot, Sidney 47, 87, 92, 96, 97 106, 120 Morris, Chad 92, 83 Morrison, Andrew 173 Morggson, Beth Ann 173,175, 5 Morrison, Wendy 8,14,15,130, 167,168,170,173, 235 Mosley, Clifford 48, 49, 50, 51, 74 75, 154 Moss, Robert 128 Mowad, Michael 83 Mrazik. Debbie 122,139, 172 MR. RAM 40-41 Mulligan, Pam 28,235 Murp y, Patrick 153 Murray, Angela 90, 91,105 Murray, Margarita 164 Murray, Yxta Maya14,37,138, 139,156,163,167,16B,169, 170,1'71,173,174,175,177, 218 MUSICAL 142-143 Myers, Amy 28 Myers, Angela 235 Myers, Bob 70 Nakamura. Cheryl 102, 103, 235 Nakamura, Gary 65 Nakateeranonda, 0.90 Napper,Karyl112 NAUTICAL CLUB 218-219 Neal, Brian A, 66 Neal. Steven 66 Nelson, Erika 171 Nelson, Lori A. 168 Newman,John Wlliam 80,170 Newman, Lisa 122 Newman, Michael 123 Nghiem, Nhay176 Nghiem.Tam Y. 176 Nguyen, Ha Truc: 103, 164,176 N S 218-219 Nichols, Carey M. 44 Nishikawa, Noelle A, 16, 36, 39, 135,136,148.157,l62,163, 168,171,175,1B1,201,205, 212, 214, 218, 242, 245, 264 Nong, Kontheary 103 NON-PICTURED GRADS 264 Nulgexg Christopher L.148,171 1 Q ' Certificated and Classified Staff Vw r ' I . 4 farm JW: ww: 1,3 :HHN 431' ,,,32'f1a1'Wd l VU- 109,191 I :,Lm.1H f-BUWQJ 1 ,YSLASHHBL "V 4 ' .Qbubbfgf EHUIPLVZI 1 -',E14,,Anne.5 1 fg5w,K2Yfn,Q ,-11,3,1,. QvULaure95 1 .Qyfamfilm .'45.a LqQE1 , Ninn 'QQIONSHIH -QI-IEST EEANIDU9 ,dpueknn 111 Q1,Hobb.eM mas X 55gn,Rohml0' j new,DlVldsi wxenndimgix Nerd. W ' 5arker.AI1Ff'B1 '?aAge:r,LanY1 '?a!:zewski..I0bI ?a!rLer.Jc-H155 ?apareHi,ChriS1 '?appas,GregQfN , '?a:3er,DUUKUU ?uker,Mamnn Mer, Michael ?a:3er,T1mnlhy K '?wn,Nanry1 I ?arsnns,Nalall1 ' ?nllersnn,Leon Pmlng, HeUyl ?nz,Gu1Hermu6 PEACEPAGEZ ?fa:t1e,Shzwn1 ?mson,JaniveI ?eamn,PzmeIf ?eAersen.Rn5i1 I ?me,!Iance49 I Peweyfharlen X ?egan,Xxrheile X 1U5,1TD P L GEN. STU PeL4Eelnn,Xuy1 Pennam,Sean1 Fennfiuzanns Y I N 110,131 QEUPLE 175-25 HEPSTERSZG-1 Vern, Suzanne Pe:LrLan,Tim S2 Pe:ley,Jonatha FfTIT,H1lI1na1 , 181 ferryklxchael ?e:1li!',BXelnd3 ieemn, Shery' V mm Pi!kGx1D.Rod5 V 117 Fehnznrvlajla Pilimlxchel 171 H22,Ezmu39 Ptapigulmhil H ere m gf2m'Myne7, Dmpiglesls 5-..p5, , .- gu1Los1E2?!1 QHYSIEALFI yf:fVl5tRosaI if 2, velgm fimkobeu LLe,!LQnnng ama,X'ixinf 5Wn.Denm. bj.r,ke1z.Xk'en EfMzz1.!Iwke4 rifle?-Parris fuLz.1.Gl '. flak? Lum! N ' "'eni.ce,T',, I Pnwqlanhif ' QIMDMS ' fmfxlanu "WU,Glu O Qkip y - W v ' LWB 'Umm i . , , l Q 1-- N v1 1 Oblites, Carlos 118 Obrien,Jonathan 83, 249 Ochoa, Antonio 65 Odell, Bill 43, 58, 59, 63, 76, 1081 121 Odell, David 16,17,23,58, 59, 108, 159,160,161,162,163, 168,170,171,175,178, 179, 218,238,264 Odell, Susan 87, 88, 89,161,178, 179 Odom, Bobby 57 OFF CAMPUS 150-151 Oldale, Anne 28 Oleson, Karen 28,29,119,126, 170,173,175, 218,233,235 Oliver, Laura 99 Olsen, Kathryn 128, 129, 135, 161, 177,218 Olson, James 158 Ondrick, Lance 26, 43, 45, 49, 65 O'Neil, Erin 105, 176 OPINIONS 12-13 ORCHESTRA 134-137 ORGANIZATIONS 158-177 Oriee, Derek 65 Orr, Robbie 74,116, 168, 173, 233,235 Ossen, Robin 104, 105 Owen, David 66 Oxenrider, Dirk 126, 173 Oxford, Tanya 235 Packer, Angela 138, 173,218,235 ' Padgett, Larry 121 ' Palczewski,John118,119 Palmer, Jeff 186 Paparelli, Christine 88, 89,242 ' Pappas, Greg 94, 122, 123 ' Parker, Doug 55 Parker, Marianne 251 Parker, Michael 174 Parker, Timothy 54, 55,71,109 ' Parson, Nancy 124,125 Parsons, Natalie 176,177,235 Patterson, Leon Larez 49 Pawling, Kelly 15, 43, 96,235 Paz, Guillermo 66 PEACE PAGE 260 Peachie, Shawnna 128 Pearson, Janice 94, 95 Pearson, Pamela 94, 95 Pedersen, Rosi 114 Peete, M ance 49 Pelkey, Charlene 138 Pegan, Nichelle 28, 29, 43, 92, 97, 106, 170 -P.EJGEN. STUDIES 120-121 Pendleton, Nuygen 49, 51, 72 Pennant, Sean 128 Penny, Suzanne 26,27,124, 164, 170,181 PEOPLE 178-255 PEPSTERS 26-27 Perez, Suzanne 85 Periman, Tim 62, 83 Perley,Jonathan 117 Perry, Hillina 130,173,176,177, 181 Perry, Michael 126 Persley, Melody 156 Peerson, Sheryl 90, 91,145, 157, 173,175 ' Petkevic, Rod 56, 57, 67, 92,116, 117 Petruncola Maureen 108 Peyton Michelle 27 33 161 170 Phan Caotu 39 119 Phan Quynh 28 33 39 90 166 167 173 218 235 Phan Wayne 76 Phelps Celeste 123 140 141 Phillips Tanyia 208 PHILOS 164 165 PHYSICAL FITNESS 34 35 Pickens Rosalind 95 Pierre Evelyn 119 Pigott Robert 52 Pine Lorinn 96 106 Pineda Vivina 85 Pippin Dennis 64 65 208 218 Plunkett Wendi 30 Polizzi Mike 44 80 81 Porter Patricia 87 94 106 ' Potocki Gloria 102 121 Powell Lisa 176 Prentice Tammy 96 ' Price Mary 113 PRINJADMN 110 111 Proctor Janice 256 257 Puttman Gloria 86 Quesnel Steven 78 135 136 Quigley Roger 53 QUILL 8: SCROLL 168 169 s s s x fc! l Radford, Dave 40, 46, 76, 117 RAIDERS 166-167 Ramos, Armando 52,156 Ramsey, Rex 109 Randall, Alvin 144 Randall,Janice 168,175 Rasmussen, Stacey 105, 119 Razzak, Mohammed 57, 74 Razzak, Sophia 36 Rebolo, Charlene 168 Redd, Lyndale 140,141,251 Redden, Kim 97 Redman, Alex 19, 157,163,168, 169,173,175,177,191,2131 264 Redrup,Julie 176 Reece, Keith 49 Reid, Jane 118,119 Reid, Rhonda 140,141 Renell, Daphne 100 Reynolds, Denise 114, 168, 251 Reygglds, Richard 167, 168, 171, 5 Rhoan, Brian 23, 47, 54, 68 Riazi. Gilda 177 Richardson,John 66 Richardson,Joshua 54, 55 Riddell, Kelly 35, 166,173,235 Rideaux, Patrick 128 Righter, Guy 125 Riley, Kathleen 164 Ritter, Scott 66 Rivera, Alexandra 85 Roberson, Christine 150 Roberson, Harrison 62 Roberson, Ronnie 7,125 Robinson, Edward 48, 49, 51 Rodda, Stacy 126 Rodgers, Cathie 96, 97, 175 Rodgers, Clarence 52, 53, 74 Rodriguez, Anna 88, 89 Rodriguez,Jose 70 Roehrig, John 167,168 Rohlfing, Russel 132, 133 Rohlfing, Alice 123 Romeyn, Steven 15, 167,168, 170,171, 181,218 Romo,Joe 95,106 Rose, Cameron 251 Rosen, Suzanne 100 Rosenbaum, Heather 90,161, 254, 155 Rosenthal. Stace 145 Rosier, Ryan 15, 22, 41, 66, 67, 119,157,163, 164,16S,171, 175, 181, 210, 218, 258,259 Ross, Jenny 173 ROTC 84-85 Rouds, Angel 85 Roux, Danielle 130 Rowe, Michael 49, 53 Rowley, Nathan 109 Rubly, Michael 78, 79 Ruder, David 132 Ruder, Dianne 181, 216 Ruiz, Raul 66, 67 Rule, David 25 Russell,James 49 Russell, Marcus 57, 74, 75 Russo, Petrina 90 Rutherford,Wendy 251 Rutten, Karen 90, 163,166,167, 173, 178, 179, 218, 233, 235 S A D D 166 167 Salas Roberto 73 Salazar Bernadette 90 106 Salazar Daniel 128 Salem Arden 65 ' Salerno Joe 152 Salisbury Lisa7 157 168 218 Sanchez John 12 128 165 177 Sanchez Jamie 65 Sanders Jamie 121 Sandler Glenn 86 169 Sandstrom Brian 10 Saposnek Mindi 171 Sarne Linda 28 Saslow Robert 76 77 148 218 Schawver Dave 52 64 65 119 Schenewark Janeen 92 99 Schenewark Janelle 92 99 Schenewark Jarrod 49 169 73 Schlieder Teri 16 36 Schlumpf Amanda 44 110 173 ' Schmid Joseph 117 172 Schmidt Kevin128 138 Schoenhut Michael 166 ' Schowalter Todd 119 Schrecengost Sonya 26 21 34 178 179 Schurz Eric 160 167 168 171 'f Certificated and Classified Staff s Schuck, Stacy 152 Schuster, Nancy 88,89 SCIENCE 118,119 Scroggins, Laura 19, 100, 140, 141, 173 Scruggs, Gordon 58. 59 Secrest, Wes 138 Seigal, Mike 54 Sejkora, Coleen 254 Sejkora,Shannon 168,171 Selditz,Jane 168,170 Seldon, Michael 40, 41, 128, 129, 132, 177 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL 180, 181 SENIOR CSF 218, 219 SENIOR OFFICERS 180, 181 Sewell, Steven 16, 56, 57, 73, 202 Shahin, Evan 157, 137, 175, 191 Shanholtzer, Will 10, 78 Shanks, Stacey 128 Shaw, Julie 138 Shaw, Kim 1, 19, 26, 27,33,160, 161,164,168,170,178,179, 181, 216, 218 Shavelle, Deborah 100,135,144, 163,16-4,165,168,174,176, 177, 181,218,219 Shean, Tonya 176 Sheldon, Garry 54 Sherain, Michale 66,167,251 Sherain, Robin 182 Sherlock, Jackie 104, 161, 8181 ' Sherwood, Ellen 113 Shinar, Steven 78 Shope, Merry 19 Short, Guy 53,66,139, 142,143 Shue, Bruce 138, 139, 142, 173 Shuler, Dana 26,27,147,162, 163,168,170,171,175,181, 218,223,264 Shuler, Michelle 8,17,161,258, 259,264 Siegel, Michael 173 Silpa, Steven 171 Silverman, Stephen 126,144, 145, 167,173, 175 Silverthorne,James 70 ' Simon, Larry 112 Sims, Tenia 18, 140, 141, 173, 219 ' Singleton, Paul 112 Singleton, Ronald 50, 65 ' Sla e, Fred 1,146,147,159,169 Slavin, Douglas 167 Slavin, Randy 145 Sloan, Hayley 23, 28, 29, 126, 158,166,168,170,173,177, 218, 219, 233, 235, 264 Smith, Angela 116 Smith, Archie 235 Smith, Geoffrey 13, 41, 118, 126, 146,162,163,164,165, 168, 169,170, 171, 174,175,181, 208, 210, 215, 218, 264 Smith, Heather 96 Smith,Janine 164,175,176,235 Smith, Kerri 167, 175 Smith, Pat 53 Smith, Shane 62 Smith, Sheryl 173, 176 Smith, Shondra 140, 141 Smith, Tracy 28, 29, 43,45,161, 168, 170, 232, 233 Smyth, Richard 44, 54, 55, 63, 68, 70, 71, 161, 168, 170,232,233 Snyder, James 151 SOCCER-BOYS 66,67 SOCCER, GIRLS 96, 97 SOCIAL STUDIES 1161117 Sarel, Soer 100 SOFTBALL 106,107 Soldin, Michael 173 Solaranzo, Carlos 65 Solaranzo, Isabel 115 SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL 250, 251 SOPHOMORE C.S.F. 250,251 SOPHOMORE PORTRAITS 236-249 SOPHOMORE RETAKES 2501 SPANISH FRENCH CLUB 176 177 ' Spaan Andrew 122 123 Sparks Lisa 145 Spears Raoul52 65 SPECIAL EVENTS 42 43 SPORTS 46 107 SPORTS FEATURE 86 81 ' Springer Fred 116 1 Stanton Stacey 199 Steiner Julie 96 97 Steiner Thomas 80 Stenberg Craig 37 54 71 Stewart David 66 Stewart Janine 99 Stewart Reese 148 171 218 Stewart Terri 94 St Laurint Christine 251 ' STONE GREGG 43 108 113 147 160 Stone Elizabeth 126 110 173 Stowell Jaylinn 92 99 Strech Jeffrey 63 Strech Leslie 42 126 218 Stric Richard 52 Strivers Tracy 20 21 125 ' Stromberg Harold 112 121 Struett Mary11 26 27 35 43 124 148 161 164 168 170 STL DENT GOVERNMENT 160 161 Stults Leslie 128 132 133 163 164 173 174175 117 218 Sueki David 80 81 163 170 Sullivan Aaron 44 80 81 1:5 Sullivan Dan115 123 129 132 133 135 136 Sullivan, Demetra 85 Sullivan, Rosemarie 100 Sumerlin, Lawrence 151 Surdock, Carolyn 251 Sutton, Pammy 102,103 Swart, Corrine 28,145 Sweeney, Buffy 130,157,1701 233 Swim, Lori 88, 89, 251 SEIMMING, BOYS 68-71 SWIMMING,GIRLS 104,105 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2-3 TALL FLAG 130-131 Talley, John 44,66 Tate, Jim 83 Taylor, Carmen 150 Taylor, Davis 62, 63 Taylor, Diana 218 Taylor,Julie 88, 89 Taylor, Michelle 235 TEACHER FEATURE 154-155 Tehraniazad, Maryann 181 TENNIS BOYS' 76-77 TENNIS GIRLS' 90-91 Terrazas, Christopher 135 Terrell, Angleina 8 Thadus,Joe 275 Thielman, Heidi 105 Thielman, Todd 80, 81 30-3-30179-171 Thomas, Cecilia 92, 93, 99 Thomas, Edward 66,135,168 Thomas, Ronald 132. 135. 177 Thompson, Carl 52, 53, 126, 233 Thompson, Nancy 28,173 Thompson, Steve 56, 57, 72, 73 Thurman, Kenneth 65 Tierney, John 49 Tilson,Jeffrey 66 Timpe, Lori 170,233 Tisher, Staci 25, 30,167,168, 169,181 TITLE PAGE 1 To, Xuyen 88, 89, 103 Todd, Karen 138 Totili, Brian 52 Tolden, Lois 254 Toor, Sanjit 66 Tormey,John 76, 161, 205, 232, 233,235 Torres, Ana 85 Torres,John 126, 138,173,175 Torres, Rick 120, 250 Tostado, Ponciana 126 Toyama, Kathy 102, 103 Toyoda, Kumi 126 TRACK, BOYS' 72-75 TRACK, GIRLS' 98-99 TRADERS 170-171 Tracy, Julie 176,257 Tsuno, Paul 65, 156 Turang, Brian 11, 19, 48, 49, 51, 78, 79, 86, 87 Turner, Estelle 140, 141 ' Tupasi, Teoiista 113 Tuttle, Michelle 30,31, 104 Tyler, Casey 99 Tyler, Melanie 176 Tyler, Melita 173 Tynee,Titz 26 Urbanek Roland 1 Uy Lak 218 Valenzuela MichaelR 64 65 Vall Shari 173 Vamvakitis Nancy 28 29 158 168 170 171 218 233 235 Nan Sant Beth 130 131 175 176 171 Vassell Oneill58 59 Vaugn Diedre 85 Naugn Robert 60 Velotte Steve 177 VICA166 167 Vigil Michelle 10 130 216 233 Willa Alfonso R 66 Vock Julie 88 89 164 VOLLEYBALL 88 89 von Arx Jason 52 80 von Arx Jon 15 22 40 41 146 1 168111 114115 I 218 264 Vong Sothear 84 218 Nullo Joseph 49 n z s Wagstaff, Edie 26, 27, 168, 171 Wahl,Viilliam 122 Wa1ker,Jenny 166,173,175 Wallis, Kimberly 254 Walsh, Antoinette, 168, 171, 177 Walti, Greg 54 Walton, Richard J. 44, 62, 167, 168, 170, 171, 173,233,235 Ward, Luis 115 Wardle, Jill 96, 97 WARGAMERS ASSOCIATION 174-175 Waring, Robert M. 64,65 Warmbier, Susan M11-40,141 Warr,John W. 134, 135, 136 Washington, Sean L. 38, 59 WATER POLO 54-55 Watson, Troy 62,63 Wayman, Gian Marc 56,57 Weber, Rebecca E. 37,126,175 Webster, Christopher 78 Webster, Craig D.156, 148,218 WEEKENDS 22-23 Wei, Susan H. 90, 91, 218 Weil, Christopher 242 Weimer, Stephen L. 49 Welch, Ivadine 112, 113 Wells, Glenn 8, 9, 40, 41, 43, 78, 161,162,163,168,170,17l, 174, 175, 177,180, 181, 182, 210, 218, 245, 257, 264 West,Julianne 128,135, 137,176 Weston, Robert 135, 137 Westphal, Susan 114 Whang, William 118 White, Debbie 30,68,170, 175 White, Deena L. 140,141 White, Elis Lee 58, 59 White,John V. 80, 81 Whiteleather, Bernice 148 Wiese,Tracy 105 Wigod, Mark 16, 19, 23, 40, 41, 43, 83, 118, 146, 161,162,163, 164,167, 168,170,171,173, 174,175, 177, 180, 181, 195, 210, 218, 219, 264 Vhley, Eva B. 85, 130 Miken, Lisa Michelle 138,173 Willbanks, Ronald 35, 64, 65 Willeford, Rory 49,173 Williams, Angie 100 imlliams, Dave 126 Williams, Dave 140,141 imlliams, Maurey 56, 57, 72,73 Williams, Mindy 23, 26, 27, 33, 147,162,163,164, 168,171, 175,178,179,180, 181, 218, 258, 259, 264 Williams, Shawn 62 Williams, Richard 124,125 Williams, Steve 20, 40, 41, 43, 45, 148,163,167, 168,169,171, 172 Williamson, John 83,175 Williamson, Ronald D. 140,141 Wilshire, Charles 118, 119, 182 Wilson, Clarence 53 Wilson, Gerald 156, 171,176,177 Wilson, Leslie A, 8, 213 Wlson, Michelle 177 Winer, Heidi 105, 254 Witt, Greg 70 Wolk,Jeanne 170,173 Wollman, Gretchen S. 92. 176 Woo, Lesley 105,135, 136, 235 Woodbridge, Deanna 88, 89 Woolston,Ji1l 27, 166, 178, 179 Wrenn, Elaine 1, 4, 5, 13, 23, 36, 37,146, 147, 156, 157,161, 163,165,168, 169,171, 175, 180,181, 191, 201, 210, 218, 219, 258, 259, 264 WRESTLING 64-65 Yanover Scott 78 Yates Sarah 106 Yi Un Suk 165 173 Yoshmaga Lisa 218 Young Andre 76 Young Sean 109 128 129 135 173 174 177 219 Yvon Kim 219 Zaleski Kerri115 214 219 Zamarripa Frank 121 Zastrow Patrick 128 135 Zastrovs Paul 82 128 Zeder Susan 105 175 235 Zelsdorf Lois 110 111 Zimmerman Forrest 20 124 125 171 Zinn Andv 80 81 Zinn Stacw148 168 111 Zs erina Petra 110 Index Our Mant Sides Q51-Ti . " 1 1 1 1 1 251 1' -f 171 ' 1 Y , 1, 1, 1 1 1 ', . 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Pederson Fernando Perez Andre Petetan Hien Pham Khanh Phung Lovai Pith Savili Pola Edgardo Polar Yoon Puma Michelle Rasar Erik Requejo Gerald Reyes Gilda Riazi Matthew Riddle Jovencio Rigor Ryan Robinson Elvia Rodarte Nathan Rowley Ou Saeteun Veadhana San Shelly Sanford Joseph Santos Sothay Sareth Montry Say Cassandra Scott Gordon Scruggs Sarom Sek Michelle Sender Chenda Seng Jorge Serrano Jose Serrano Charlotte Shannon Dawn Smith Stephen Smith Roeung So Virginia Solomon Damian Sorbo Jill Stanfield Eddie Starr Edith Storms Thina Svay Thongmy Sy Stefanie Symonds Thy Kim Tang Linda Tann Lee Thao May Thao h I Salet Thaoprruseut , Chroeub Thik , Shirley ThomaS 1 Chan Thong Sambau Thuork Elena Tigas Huong Tran Sreang Ung Lak Uy , Ernesto Valencia Thao Vang Dara Var Oneill Vassell Sothear Vong William Wahl Richard Wallace Robert Waring Jeri Weir Blake Whitfield Ronald Williamson Bonnie Willis Kelly Willis Gerald Wilson Bridget Woodmansee Cheng Yang Noeun Yean Vuong Yin Ralph Young Julio Zaldana Bill Zavaleta 1985 Aries Yearbook Staff l l 1 l I V . , A .4 . 1' ii'-"1"-9 ' . , . 'Ii 'ii T 'Trail' :N ':f':"'v ' FRONT ROW: Michelle Djokic, Dave Odell, Dana Shuler, Mindy Wil- liams, Camille Dougherty, Jim Greci, Elaine Wrenn, Terri Houser,.Mark Wigod, Monique Bessem, Tim Eastman. 2ND ROW: Norman Kitano, Mika Arai, Lisa Salisbury, Sheilagh Flanagan, Geoff Smith, Michelle Shuler, Tim Collins, Hayley Sloan, Rob Durazzo, Nancy Vamvakitis, Alex Redman, Debbie Kelly, Mary Kramer, Steve Kundar. BACK ROW: Jon von Arx, Glenn Wells, Bob Ali, Bob Brown, Ryan Rosier, Sharyl Godes, Noelle Nishikawa, Kristin Burns, Michele Massey, Christine Medina, Renee Arakawa, Soo Jin Kim, Robyn Joffe, Mr. Fred Slade. Not pictured: Mary Struett. 1 3 l ......-.lI. Acknowledgments Cover Photo: Original airbrush painting by Tom Hutchings, Long Beach, California: Picture Credits: Cheveron, Claim Jumper Res- taurant, Cookie Munchers Paradise, Corona Stables, Democratic and Republican National Party Campaign Offices, Disneyland, El Dorado Park, Family Fitness Center, Golf 'n Stuff, Gondola Get-a- way, Grandma's Sugarplum, Hallmark fLiannes'sJ, Jack in the Box, Jolly Lolly Candy Store, L.A. County Court Office, L.B. Air- port, L.B. Art Museum, The Limited fLakewoodJ, McKenna's Creek, Mobil tJohn and Lavonl, Naugles, Pat's Ski and Sport, Penguin's, Ren Lee's Chinese Restaurant, Straw Hat, Spruce Goose, Subway, Suma's, Swensen's, Time magazine, Union 76, West Covina Ice Arena, Wet Seal CMarket Placel, Y.M.C.A. Non- Staffphotographers: Tom Bonachita, Mark Eastman, Art Kitano, David Lester, and Carlos Oblites. Non-Pictured Graduates, Aries Staff Acknowledgments, Colophon Colophon Aries is printed on 100-pound, double-coated enamel glossy Stock. ' All type is set in Century except graduate portraits which is 12 pt ' Snell Roundhand. The following type sizes are used: Regular and Featurette Copy - 10 pt.: Captions and Folio Ident - 8 ptg Regular Headlines - 30 pt.: Featurette Headlines - 18 pt., Page Numbers - 24 pt.: 12 pt. Century was used in the Academic and Organization sections The endsheets are white stock with background submitted as artwork. All endsheet photos were hand-colored with pastels on black and white photos. The cover is silk-screened with a four-color photo with white back- ground.4All.lettering was submitted as artwork. 'The division pages have a Pantone Graduated yellow for background with a 00012 Pantone Process blue for spot color. Individual portraits and group photos were taken by Morris Studio 1600 copies ofthe book were printed at the Winston-Salem, North Carolii na plant of Hunter Publishing Company. v-1 Q, abr. X'-xiii f! n Than SYTFSQ ff? H ' .ue'qh1?E5Eseuth bw . if! Thomas if MORE x-RTW-:Q w ijt--WThxx01'k EWTHHS TEM 'nv l"4LY b :LLhjf5f9Ya1encia 1 1' Yang if 3 RY Q ff: gi-.vii an 2 - QQ lv1wS1f U1 Wallace 3-QITXY ZH, ZTIKW W Weir b SP5 Weld 1-un. mu 1 Kam Qwopfnie XYxXXks Son Igfms- wus herald Wilson QHJSPT Woodmansee Lrhfing Ygmg- Xweun Yean Xuong Yin mph Young -M10 Zaldana B111Zavalera F AWK--I X4," -V 5. 5 1. 'gn K . N -Q E , , i ,W n x I . 5? 1 5 A' .- .jw .BACKROWI Iiigalgosierv Sham Af, Fvlassev, Chfistme "f5L'1.if.PfeHS1ade.N01 O 7 uhlCh 1 a ff Peguwgum. JP Num s IZdf10 ECU U 0 te Unblack 1, me k gr nackgfoun udl0 , m St 00 1f,Caro1 0 'F ' ,,,g,,,,,7 x 1 , 1 X V I Lv Vu fx, V , , . v fy , ' 1 1 x ' ' ,V XV L' L '1 13 - if 1 1 , ' , J I 7 X 'Q' I I A L' ' . ff ff bf J N - ' X - . ,X ,1 'X , u , x. , I Q 1 L ' 9' X vb X 'HH M N X .J wflfx , J. M WJ XUJVKL C LJ pb llfilly KT U" Lx Lf C 1 X XVI? lg JNQUL ,W fd 0, fb NKMJK 'TXX X fy L, 4 mf? xi' ? N V X Gy VU R W N J ,A , r V 41 K 4 U ly 4 N Y WV, pf! X3 flkkfv XB 'X I - JL TLV! nm F JDJ K Q LJ - , A f Lf , L 1 J O Lixjuk 05 C D J V L bm vp! uv L I W Z v ww WLM MV I u xy Q X gluifvy CNY OJ J J MXJMX I ,gil WM Qxfv QR OK Ly' Q if M X af! ff y A , X M W Q w , H W Q L w W f Y if U J A f L if f VC QJLN M .. N-J H f' , X .YLLIIJ C BLUMF-.WYJC 'Xb A" A ,fx JU ,as QQ? fb yi L6 3 , A X W nv X XO U KJ BO Wy xv ,mf-5 ' 't ck, ' 5 'S1gpt. 7,":Ql-Q: L lar nd i'fj,Qg z.: - , .P be,5f24 'i fri 'ns 0 ' .Uriah Submitted as P35 15 ,tonn'.hW I bac 1 , 4 V d 1,53-,J is li ekmx ff , M, - V 1 4 , ' ' 9 f . x 1 f x v e , ' Q- N' , -, ,. Q -' , I '. . I . .. ,, N , . 1 1' 1 'Q ,uf ,f.f.' - .. . , .1:s..' :.' ' "1--. --.'.' :LA 7 ' , A -,J . , ..,. A l., .4 1. .. ,,.f4..,g. . . -I ,frn U., 5 . -L . . .Q V ,.qA-,.--, - . fm - ,A . 'f - v,'.Q . ,,.-j1.l.,u', .. A v , I in I ,..,.f ,ur ' M- ,mf ,,-'.- ., J: a' - .. fs mf' nr ,., , ,-- ' ."5". 4.-V .... 'x ' ' . 1 " P' - 1 - .'." fait I' .fx -'vfq i 1.5, . ' - ' ,I . :-bf '1 1,5 I .H-7 JM" i 1 .,1. 4.. . a-- .' - f .JI . , 3' .n, '.. .' . ,,-'- . '- " . Q . 1 .v-,, I C s E . -, . I' s . . a, 'f , A . A . 1 O. - 1 .c' o 0 . a 1 Q - r : '. . l Q ' 0 . 4" 4 Q . n A . I u - 0 1 Q l u O ,la V 4 s. .- .r '-. '. '.'4 Qo. .,' 1 I... A ., .1- X., . 1. 1 0 .. '. .wi . .5 av' I 4"'.."' ."'-.-'r. , . - .v 1 ' .', L n ' .. , VV .-. . . '.,- ' :J . -T 4 P. ,"A' . . .I ., ,! "'.. .,-' .'b - 1, . 0, ,':.'gv .. .Z' . '- 3 V ,J - ....: . ,Z A Z .4 ' p ' ,. .Ve '11 V -7 . 5.1 -- 0 . - ,. ,gn I ".,' I, Q 51. f, ' . 'r' - ,-nfl: 4. 1- i . -. ,V Ii- -I ' V :Is ,, . .,1g. ' v-'LV 1 . Y, O -I. . - ' . - Q . U w u vi, .JJ ' V ' ', ' '- ' v. ' u . . . , r . - v F . . ,, . ., , 1 .. "- ' 1 ' ' 'J . . K I- X . . . 1. H. f 5 - V Q ,n n 1 I '.':. , . 'c V ' ' . ' . q ,- , . , .' 0. ..' ,. . A , . , '- n . - -. .f . .2 V r .' ' . - ,.,- Q . . .. a - D . - .' - - " . ..' ' ' ' . 4 ' . -1 ' ' - ' . s, , . .V. '-. , I . . . v " ' 'p ' ". Mg . A' u L . . - 1 . . . . , 4 ' u ,, I ji , -,- .I . . . . , I ' ' 'bi' -' . 1 ' - - V J , ' ,' a - ' .' , 1 ' -f r Q. '-K ' D- ' n' U '- - w . . , -. - : ' 'x ' 4 gf , -.I . ...I ,"v ' n . ,,. , . .- v ...V - l s . ,. A f , . 1' "1 1' - 0' ' '.' .-gl' ' , ' ni' ' , . .. . . 4 ' . U - D ,A .. '- ' , n , ' I . , .' A 4 D . . ,TV ' -2: ,, ,v-'- ' -E JV- .r :" , -V ', , '. ."f'f, , -f .-.- nr ' ':.' f J . 1' . ':f.'-' Jr. . 3 - 5, W "L -" nl .' ." .1 .", :,,,'.4- A.. ':- A, ' ,.' Q, , V.. M-wang-Vs., V'-.p-.. .A .. :+V- 1- '-. V!-. . .,-, 4-5 .t ' 0. , . . 1. .1 A. g.,,.f . an ' :-'.- . '-"- '.'.-' - '-',. 'H ..,-...n.:V,,'.u. . . :c-6-9.Vx"7f',-.' -' .f , W. -A -. .x 5 4--3. . '16 L -.W A AU, ..' V " ,ul -' ' . .-L., 1,-. A -V ,..- ..-- i ... H F I , 1 "Z'." ..q-- ':,fj.'.f -.. -1. Q-f.-.' ,J ,V :.'.A f "1 f..,. 'il' ., 5 . -' 1... '. .,,, .' -1- ,I 1 A. , .,,. ' ' .. ... .---. -' V-- ,,...: Q- . ..., ' 1 '4.f'. 1 1 .Vf V V . ej.' V 17.2.5 -" ff.--'W 1 1 . . - -.f. I a uv .r ., ::.,,..,4 .Av v"'mn. figff .fm '.- .. go.. ' 1 1 ' .I 1 . , an mr.: ...I - .4 7 5, . -- . -. ,- , -. f- A - . ' 'fwz--. -. .' -' .- ' - .V -1. an , .V . 1 .V -. . .1-.,5. . I. -.51 , " ..,"5, -V1 ."1,, .- .-A , 1-"..V V', LT:-' .1"' ' '. ,g 'J-'.1 'J' 4 . '14 - . "5 V ., ., 3' ', I. ' V-ji.-.fa 7 -.. . s. -3.5 'J' V .Q . ' Ca.. Q- A Ju 4 .N-., V'A'.'s'.' -yr! V+ -' ,Q .,, ,. . I: , H". A .V P xt. f . V+ 1,':'r. .- ' -. , 4 t . -. . aj. . , ' ' "' in I . . b g . V- I, ., a -. . V. . .Il ' Er: . ' I LT hi. , I

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