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1 1 I ' , 1' 1 . 1 1 'Y 1 1 1 ' 11. gmf A A '11 ',lx, 1 ' 1 1 1 1, 1.1 ' 1 1 1 I ,31'F11 ,.1 , 1 111. -.21 111: 2,11 xl. 1 1' 1 I ll 1 JA' .I 1 11 1 ,. 11115111 ., 1 , , i 2 , 1 ,1 ,: .1 1 A I ' K 'lf 'l,J:"j'V":i 1 '1'. 1F 4 ,J , 1 ,111: , 1 1'.f ! 4 1,1 131 11. . 1 1 1 1 .i1:.'H"l--11-11 ',:',1 ,.g..! I. 112111: 11,21 1 , , If --11 ., 1" -1 .1111 ffwf. 1 ,fl1:,j1 11 .L , 5 1.1-If , -11:11 11 19151111111- 1: -I 1 'flf-'nfl-i..1 11' .1 1 1f'f , .J1'f,'f"':J -5 ':f1f-' 'Hai ,I , E ' -11.1 .11 J , 1'-,,1.--g,,1.,1'!, 1, F.r!w1-J-11,-,".1..f11,1-H1-PQI 1,11--' ,1:1111,' A c,1'f l 1 11111,f11f,- 1 1.113--1-2 1 rf 1-12111 i1 .4',1,,'1,13 ,1 13-1111 -1 1 1 1 11 h 11 1.1 11- 1 211.7 J.'f,1",q.:.f .' :I'.1I1fU.f 1 :'1 1' 1"1-11f',1L11:,af1Q:f1 ,fi 11 1- 11, , JI ,W 4 M . J- .- ,', .,1,,.11,1, 11 1,:-f. . ': 11 .fl 1111518-51g113,! '4'-,1,f!ifJ,-,F1fX'- 11 1 ILQX1 g"!, ,131 511 X '1Vi,1.,, ,1,,, --111-M111 1 1115.5,,11v..,1 k A15-.,5.,i,.,1,,1-1 , V ' 1 1 . ll ,,,11. ,. .1111 11 . 1, ,1 51, 1JXf L111J111,31.!"Jff-11-32111 'HE1 1.'.l-l..1, 1 -1.1111 . 111.1 1 'gy , 151' 1 ., ,, .11 , 4,,, IV.. 1 1,1,41.1,,gA,, .11 .1q5,11,.1.s-1 11 .1 1 1,111 11--1171-5 fb 51 11.3.1 1I'1,1,11 11111 1 - 1-V12-1' 11.41 . . . ..J1,1',,fi! 11:,1,. .. ', 111' 1V2"" "31'A11 1 1 , 11 VA. 1,.,' 'lf .Y1:',14 11 XJ., 1, 1. ,-1!4f1.1 'y1.11,',. 1.1 I "H i1"1 1 "'!'5j '1' Iilliijfl ,, 1, 1 .'L'1'f1a1f I :1"111V'fP 'JJ l-r',1 f 11.111 1- -', 11, G , Y, 1: lk .1. 1.-'.1 , 1 Q19 A - , 1 s, in HL, 1' ,211- A . ,ff ,. , 7, .F .JPVX M Y xi: ,Ax T . -bw K -. . ,L -' is , J 45.55 , 4 ,. 5 .N V .K . ,V.f,' 'Q '55 - , V - up Un., ' .X Q , -B ig ' .. 1 - 3 f. ? ' V "Vx ' A I 5 H? 2. 1.1 Q ' N . ... CHANGE IS ' C W ES ' CIL4 GES ' CHANGES ' CHANGES ' X 1. 1 gym! 'E -F! Q 14 I A ,-.731 -if .CP f L " ff 7 Q7 ,ff .. N fy ,I ,f Lg X I M' fdfgffffg ,fA64Z,4L4.Zf1g.4,,4f7 fx ff 1 yw, ., V I '7 7 . N If A l- 'X l ,J -E dwg! ew , 7 I A jf I ,f 7 f , X:fj,5v,2..3' MQE 1' 1 LJ i ,f7'i L' 6E.5?nf'6lf":'f- fii ' gf? si L fi djzvjfxya K . , f A v 4 A V ir fm is N HJ ,- -f Q 9' :ff .Q vi, 'G 4 JI, r f 1 ,f ' J, ' ,,.. f' L f id: La I ,J jj X ..-' ,f.l2'ff.. VA ffflflll-I ,iqfv A I I 1 I rv . 1:,, V-J - ,l '- IOL -Q fi i I L,Lf -434 VA46!-61 425. 1 I Qrwf rvawj, i Adj.. L' f'7' 1154! -ji Qqfiff, 7 1 f , 'J 'lm x ff? K' f I uf M5512 L, X104-K 5291 Nxt'-Q' .ff, 6fU7fZ.ff1ffQ1Lg,-f- ,C ,7 Q I K A Q5 ' , f ' "A' "'5'f'f'2"'54L2z,f ffc., ,ffU'zf'Mff' ,117-Lf' WV' 1 C,w"mG J' A fd' 444QQfi uf f f if 1fW f ' 'Q '11 '! -' , ' , . , . ' f 7 M ,.-'-71' , ' M J Q67 dz.. ,,f,,,, fy , fy F .,, fx. . xx fi F K' C199 f' X 1 43,124 , . ' ,f K 'xxx 3 if 1 ,f 5f 7'Zf ff1fL 0 CL QLf-Avwhfafi 1-Wvf 0110+ MJ Know Shy aww! Vvwq, Fuvw VWQX1 wwf ovff AeH65Q WV! 1978 AFTIES VUL. XXII Fl A Millikan Hugh School Long Beach Callfornla I l I I I I AT LAST LE SUNNY SOUTHE Cathy M Rennick find rain, rai from Dec oodbye drou ht' Published by the Yearbook Staff Edltors Steve Luther and Ellse Rlckenbach Gary Berberet and Trmarle Lawrence Advlsor Joan Damelsen I Asst. Editors: Change Is I Title Page ' L' ' , -2 7 . ! X' 'IHA I' 1 J lx l 'x A H j' . LL. - , I .UK, A ,. . J 4 ' , ' f 'K ' 41-1.5, ' ,:j.' '.', i 1-'I S I , , h , . , , . fn IFA ' ' X , 4 imp 'Ly' .1 t " v 1 .ahivql . H b 5 , I V ..--. " 4. -A 'V -. - 1 " '1m1'A!'f1 K i . ., "!?4!'f'1f ' Nw i , A, wk X Q 'I X Izxnnnnu,-. Yi, 1 A 1 1 P A A ,f ,Q-5 ' Lf -' V.. 1 E f .,,, Eifq 151 1 ' W2 ' W ,f .. ., t 1- 1 l will ff. H 5 Q I . n 1' W 'b 3 1 y"""Mr,,s' f A- E X' 4 x 1 5-121 E Mil -' A2 i A K' is ,5f"'f ff'-'1ei,,5214Fg .V ,A my I rn A2 ' . " :Ez "'Qi'f-:L A QV! T!" A 1 he X If ly l I ,fo , V W-. K .. wb. :E-V blhl 2'-xr' 7 .-F' .5 Vf55,s'M A '-'-HT.--fzfm, . .:,1: .- 'L f5 'JJ j xx v 1 .1 ' 'tif N I ww 'Z 'A Xen " mv f- Ai r! K - f - A -H 1 Q. Q pf-HA -1 " K+- - , ,xfg, fw, Hoff I f ' fg, I A E51 ' V73-LJ-T41 . I 159 -mpg W 3-1554-ll , . f-'M ,ar4,g?1S1n ' ,J-EP ' Wi, .nflw 6 Elf' 'F an . ef -- w',,:ff'5,' 'QWW ... 'Z r .. 'sfj . Q -- ff - -A -V .WT 'W ' N ' ' 1 Q' N . , .rw ,J - ?E?M ' , ri univo ls, iz svnuw T11 'Q' -' ff fly-1 ling 5 3,445-,QL-ea 1 E"L?9.?'.1 l . Wwmg HJ I 'LQ 'p P ggi?-""i"'a 5 - - if-wr-P1 ,. ' ' ' - V s :Q A A F' VL r:.F.l-.Kg vs V Jing-L I :lj 'N 'N X 7 J A ' ' 1 ei A-Lui' ' .. . . f ' F H ,S1fPg. '- AY I - 11,-51-. 1919- wr 1 V 'f-'15-gg1.'-Q -5.4 D' 'S w E n N IJDIUIIQ ' ' ISS IIAIEPJ ! QR V . I N JW LY,-irxs CN Q ,WK , wgijx fgffgibwgb AANUUL A499 GH-cl 5 W' A QQ: IAQJLS Us s1f4,0f1,1f.w K f5'xQ . - 5, :I - J' 'LQ iiwew .LAJA , 1 N-fu , rj 5' 6 Lf ew, 3 JUMJC L29 mu ' ' ' J .QW -Dj 65'vf75"k L M9 rx, -'Nfl-l 5-4 SDFEJQ4-.-if I WM :YN-fjx wwf 'im' A 7K 5: -Q ,,..aa--f' Xi The Final Cut As the 1977-78 year rolled around, many changes affected us to the point of no return. Well, maybe not that far, but the number of cut- backs tallied higher than the number of cars towed away by command of the north parking lot "narc." Even pencils, books, and teacher's dirty looks were cut back, as the overall enrollment dropped. Yet, with the decrease of students, class size was on the increase. Eventually a new course was offered in tuna packing, in order to accomodate the cramped classrooms. Polar weather was an evident factor of the school year, when the district tilted the Fahren- heit scale from 68 degrees to 650. One campus spot which was affected was the natatorim. The Butterfly and the Australian Crawl were replaced with the "Penguin" and the "Artic Slip." How- ever, one refuge from the chill factor was the Argumentation and Debate class where many a heated discussion could be found. AT8tT also played a large role in cutting us all closer. After charging ten cents for every office phone call, many students were forced to use the pay phones in the quad. But since vandalism was such a popular pastime, Eric Boyd and Tom Har- ger discovered the "Two cans and a string" method to be most effective. Ebenezer Scrooge had a hand in the Holiday festivities as the Christmas assembly was can- celled due to the cutback of stagecrew hours. Although holly, sleighbells and red-nosed rein- deers lost their meaning, the use of mistletoe was still widespread. If not for the seventh consecu- tive re-run of "Christmas with the King Family," the spirit of the season might have been lost entirely. Truancies were kept at a minimum as the re- admit system was cracked down on. Cathy Moore and Dave Smith could be found in the attendance office arguing with Mrs. 0'Hare as to why they were sick first period for three straight weeks. Whether by doctor appointment, illness, or parental request, everyone was required to have a note, a phone call, or a broken limb to prove the validity of their absences. Despite these drawbacks, this year of changes managed to prosper. But then there's the Jarvis Bill. Well, maybe next year they'll be singing the same tune - "We're Cutting it Closer." Steve Luther '78 RIGHT: SHIVERING HIS TIMBERS, Dan Olsen grows accus- tomed to lower temperatures. BELQW: AVOIDING THE HAS- SLE of the office phone dilemma, Anne Pillsbury waits for JoAnne Mehl. FAR RIGHT: CLEARING HER ABSENCE, Millie cuts in line. .7 V ,, , ,AMY - H 93 L.. Q . 5 'lu f M M lf il. l ri Q -I if 'lu 'ii OJ sh' QI I -. --f-----. A, P - we ,, .i -...h in '.izVf.d, I xx I M 5 L: 2' X .-'AJ i 1 ,. ,L . ' "V, 'r 9- ... W. nv ,N -'FXR' :fp F .A nygff 7115: l A ' film ,1 " x' ' f -1. ,, F V -' T! , ,P -1 ' 4 I N 1 , 5 Y L H - . , jsfgiieif-957.5 EE l N .au mfir, Ln, Mc-inflfm n-:Ja flis--Qslmf' 'a Q A fy 1' hal? I if Y as 72510 Ima? Ian, LLTQ 1 MMG sr ., .1 R . wil.- a PTT' iii a M " ' 53- ei--- . Q 144TegitLi - P g ' 51, 6:'Lgj , I f, X-f .- 70 'EIGL LEU V Vfirszxns Ya, i2,.Q"'95Qf"Q.fiffQllfj7' D U mfll' -tm .. Em qua CEY73 ' I .P si J W sglsgiff? 5 M. 47 -le P. .I . 'S ..... 'L BL VC, . Ymar- co, , CEM dull' lar . . .And a Pair of Shoes One thing is a symbol to me, and it is also a memory to me. It is a pair of shoes. These shoes are a memory of the long route I took from Viet- nam to America. Before I left Saigon 2Vz years ago, my mother gave me the shoes on Christmas Day. The taiIor's shop made them just for me, and I haven't seen any shoes like them in America. The shoes remind me of a Christmas party we held at home in Vietnam. We had lots of fun that night -- until we got news that my brother-in-law had been killed. The communists had shot him in the head and in the chest. The news turned our party into a wake. n I was wearing my new shoes that night. I wore them journeying from Vietnam to the Philippines to Guam. Then from Guam to Camp Pendleton. Next from Camp Pendleton to Nebraska. Finally from Nebraska to California. I wore them every step of the way. Now my life in Vietnam, like my long trip to America - all that lies in the past. Yet even if I wanted to, I can't get those memories out of my mind. Like the shoes my mother gave me for Christmas, they are a part of me, now and always. Tuan Dao '78 CCourtesy of the Los Angeles Times who printed Tuan's storyj hr in ffm -Q... .0 ' f WA' vac 'hh-I nn Than th ers Changes!Change ls Some Changes Are Harder to Make Than Others Football Wins It All - First Time wx-4 fd . 1 .'1-iidfg ABOVE: COACH HALSTED EYES the bench for a defensive replacement. BELOW LEFT: CHUCK WILLIAMSON is disgusted with the referee's deci- sion. BELOW RIGHT: RALPH'S SUPERMARKET JOINS in MiIlikan's cele- bration ofthe C.l.F. victory. snuff 8 Changes!Change'Is Football Glory oi if ' xx! 1, .' ' 1. 1 , J.:- 'WIK Q H .g.' ,av ,, .ati ' s 1 , 1 , V, I ' f 4- 9 ahafx new .- f 4, ""w ,ff fix? WW 'rl 'N 5 -gi '- , sf, , . I , . -f"s.2 Y . , ...J H X . my I - N Alf S ,g.,., Yfi ls' :far 5 K Y. ml . W1 2 U .4 -'x wb V+, ' . . 'l-11 ' -iii? me Wh! N 4 N Changes7Change ls. . . Say What? Slang - I Can You Relate? Slang is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "Language peculiar to a particular group." Some of the "younger" generation's jargon might be called a little peculiar to the "older" generation but if a foreigner came into the picture it would be called plain weird. Just imagine this: a Japanese tourist visits Mil- likan's campus with only a sketchy knowledge of English. As he walks through the halls, he hears bits of conversation. Armed with this information, he attempts to piece together the American teen- age lifestyle. "I don't know why I pork out all the time. The way l stuff my face, l'm gonna have this big ol' honking bod stuffed into a humungous sized bathing suit. Being a tub is the pitts!" Most likely the visitor would translate it like this: As a hobby, this young girl stuffs faces and probably mounts them in her game room along with her collection of noisy stuffed bodies, in Russian swimsuits. She also resembles a porce- lain bathtub which resides in a dank, deep pit. Randy is the biggest turkey Friday night our joint he brought his own brew. And, man was blowing chunks! Geez, l was gagging it so gross!" A literal translation: Y Another example-might be: l u 4 ' I' A young man blessed with the body of a bird placed a good sized vat used to make alcoholic beverage on a large joint Cprobabl shoulder socketj. He then proceeded to blasts of air on small pieces of unknown In the meantime, the yourtg lady choked estimating the total gross profit from the man's beverage. Or, what if our Japanese friend heard this "Oooh, what a chop! Shari was kicking back Anthro and Uncle Ern came down on her during flick just cuz Shari was rapping about the concert to some stoner. And she peeled out to heavies for not doing jack. What a burn!" This mish-mash might be interpreted as such: Q l e l i 4 c A violent young girl named Shari was kickin chopping and rapping on another human who seems frequently threw stones at queens. H uncle stumbled over Shari while he was flickin his fingers. She began to peel some type of fru but contracted a burn. She was not acting like z jack in that she couldn't hold up a car while a tir is changed. Obviously today's jargon tends to be confusin not only to foreigners but to us "swinging" guys too. Most likely the Japanese visitor would be relieved to walk into the Teachers' Lounge anc finally hear some words he could recognize Words like "golly," "gee, whiz," "cat's paja mas," and "swell," Talk about peculiar Betsy Jagger NGES' . X nf f gyg H ., , 1 Fgfm-.' ,. 1 2 ia+4+,?P E4 . 4 :fn , , ,1 Vfl, V A ,f'A1"fV-4.ii'1". 'lm -',- 1 '. ". 1 , Y , ,f ,' V lf' A In 'TY fl ,. 11' , 11 ! f 4 1' gin ' -N 1 . '-.X f "'A' A 1 2 ' ' 35. ' ' '- J' " ' ,e N 'gd 394 - I' Af-, 1 1 j In - 1 q b A , A If A, q ' V1 ,1 Q K V K' I, V X - K 'xl ' ' , :Q ' U ' 'I ' ' R: . Ilri - - W I 5- ,Y If uf, .un A '71 .lx 4 sw- X WJ' 1 X , , ,LH .fn , ' Q wx it NFT' ' Q, F !d'v X xl 1. N, H, Y- 1 E I, g 1 . ,f"lsH f Y W X X IXCEEILMIIEI -V? W The Year of Changes. . . Kotter's Sweathogs getting a female member, a big decrease in Fiamshack attendance, balle- rina slipper flats making a comeback on the fash- ion scene, Shaun Cassidy following after brother David as number one teen idol, the band per- forming in the movie THE BEES and making 5400, new hand-held radar catching speeders, farmers and Indians marching on Washington, D.C., the Bakke controversy demanding a re-eval- uation of the minority quota system, arsonists setting fire to Quigley's and the Subway Hero Sandwich Shop, McDonnell-Douglas workers going on strike, CALIFORNIA JAM 2 ROCKING LOS ANGELES AND ORANGE COUNTIES, Carol Burnett and Bob Newhart leaving television, the termination of the building of the B-1 bomber, head custodian Sam Hernandez leaving, opera singer Maria Callas dying, R2D2 setting his "footprints" in the cement at Mann's Chinese Theatre, Farrah introducing "fawcett" jewelry and Diane Keaton sim Lookme Fon Mn.eooo1 BAR. v7.15 ., 'Slim California Jam Over 100,000 rock fans gathered at the Ontario Motor Speedway on March 18th, to be a part of California Jam 2. After gates were opened at 3:00 Satur- day morning, spectators hurried to find a spot that provided them with an accepta- ble view of the stage area. Picnickers located comfortable spots to recline on next to their styrofoam coolers loaded with snacks, while the less-ambitious resigned themselves to waiting in lengthly lines to purchase some hot cocoa, a warm turkey drumstick, or a fro- zen yogurt cone. Sponsored by K-MET radio station and California Jam, lnc., in association with Wolf and Rissmiller Concerts, this event featured the sounds of such well-known musicians as Aerosmith, Ted- Nugent, Foreigner, Dave Mason, Heart, Bob Welch, and Santana. A notable feature of the festival was its specially installed sound system. lts capacity for high- range velocities enabled it to surpass previous levels listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. The day was indeed a long one CBob Welch opened the show at 10:00 a.m. and Rubicon wound it up around 10:00 p.m.J, but it was a worthwhile experience for all who enjoyed good music and good people. Many who attended left with one question on their mind - how soon gould they get tickets for California Jam "Council Chats" by the Flag Pole Student-teacher meetings began under the ini- tiative of Fall President Gary Berberet, with stu- dents requesting the opportunity to be repre- sented on teacher committees. Special emphasis was placed on student-teacher visitations to stu- dent council. An addition to Gary's busy agenda was his seat on the Long Beach Unified School District's Cur- riculum Committee as a student representative. He met once monthly with this committee to dis- cuss new courses and courses to be eliminated in the Long Beach District. Gary was also a member of the President's council, which consisted of all five of the Long Beach area high school presi- dents. A student-faculty basketball game, along with a Spring Week and Spring Dance, were a few of the activities organized by Spring President Russ Hagey. Russ also stressed new ideas for communica- tion between faculty, students, and Student Council. "Quad Questions" and "Council Chats" during lunch periods were two projects Russ initi- ated to give students contact with their elected officers. Russ also began teacher evaluations of class council representatives and student repre- sentation on the faculty level during faculty coun- cil PUBLICIZING THE POLY game, Steve Teodosiadis arranges the marquis. 1 l If 1? . -.-4 I SPRING OFFICERS, Brian Napper, Russ Hagey and Carol Tieffer, 1 BELOW: LARRY YOUNG HELPS Scott Hodson write his purchase order. A-if BELOW: ADVISOR CHUCK McFERRIN explains parliamentary procedures. BOTTOM: TALKING WITH LAKEWOOD council members, Carolyn Bell waits for lunch. 5 4, F I st Q ,av W Iii U 4 r. ' ,U ' V 1 4 Activities Student Body Presidents and Council G I . . 4' ,I ei' ,QW ml'2sA Bla 1 - 4 'uajm 'gl' ' 7715. V Qlllgj 4 . 'L , E, 'J,'.' ,a .-l:- S ..f at 'F ' fl . .A-f ' 1 . 37' f"' 'f'2lP'N'+T wif' .. 'J . ,EApg,,',j I V' ,,I I u ,711-"'g I Hx, . . Hz .V q f 3- 1 -, ,,, In A ,r M!.4f:4 Mylar, l .21 X130-YQ ' ' I .L N ., .vu I, i33!ii i!ilil rvvin - 7-'ml-an 4- .1 ,, .-.V -- .,..,, Y, + -J - 'fu "iff-iiiil iff "QQ I -- - "" ""f' H all " , " 'T' av, 535151 ' 'E S41 , M,..,4,.,-. ve- al L4 QIII . 2 -- 1 an .fail rf .,. fmsf m 4. K. J' I A I V , , lv I - V 1511 1-1 1 --1' . P5 , if 1995 fa: s 's .1 ,U 5 - 1 ua, ,J . wr' A 'iff' ,N ' .-. 'wp if IN 4' . Q, - . 59. is K .ll in A , 1 .- -,. V "' ABOVE: AS THE SUMMER JOB ceases, Mark Fantone cashes his last paycheck. RIGHT: LAST-CHANCE DAYS" of Cindy L'AngeIle are spent in the hands of her hair stylist. -I 6 Aotivities ' K Last Chance - We Go Back 3-+f.' , ABOVE LEFT: A PURSE big enough to hold snacks? Liz Allison shops in early September. ABOVE: FAITHFUL SOAP OPERA FAN, Brooke LaMunyon, bids farewell to "All My Children." Last Chance - We Go Back As the countdown got closer to the last treas- ured days of summer vacation, there were many things to do before going back to school. Among the usual rituals of buying school sup- plies and new clothes, there was also the need to finish a glowing tan and catch a last glimpse of Erica and Nick's tumultuous T.V. affair. To ease the strain of last minute preparations school-minded vacationers followed a few com- mandments from their back-to-school Bible: 1. Thou shalt outline what thou reads in thy Encyclopedia Britannica Call 20 volumesj. 2. Thou shalt not get thy finger stuck in Mr. Gunning's hole puncher, especially when in use. 3. Thou shalt not trip over the library book- checking system. 4. Thou shalt remember that "y" goes before "i," followed by "es," and changes to "ing" before adding "ed." 5. Thou shalt not let thy hair grow so long that Wally tells thou to stop littering. 6. Thou shalt memorize the whole dictionary. 7. Thou shalt only make fun of Mr. Fregeau's beard on Tuesdays and every other full moon. 8. Thou shalt only cross the 400 building intersection with a valid driver's license. 9. Thou shalt not call a teacher names just because his mother was a hamster. 10. Thou shalt memorize "M-I-double-L-l . . ." and sing it on thy way to school. ., . ':"rrf-rig' ABOVE LEFT: BRACING HIMSELF for school, Mike Fantone visits his dentist. ABOVE: GOOD-BYE SUMMER! - Monique Otto puts finishing touches on her gold tan. LEFT: FUTURE NOVELIST Matt Boone searches for a new notebook. Activities 1 7 Last Chance - We Back i , . -Fw, g w . V W .F .. l 1-' V?-?'! 36" .f :W R. ,-1 Q-, O , T ig: wg . xii' ffv, L I mafia H g Epi K e 'F f 512 'x '2 w - 'y EN., F - w i . . .4-, Yi -lin- 15 I X X 1 f 1 fi '- 'I - ,.1 .lx 'ig i 1 N ""'-'lf f 'If 'Q ' ' 1-1-Qfggf V 'F ' - I ,u . ' - ", 1 - 'Q- .Tgp-' 'Tn , 'i X l ,Y 1 , :ag 4 I ,A'N N xc: .15 V1 M 'Q , I , 5 E is 'I it 5 4: 4 1 lj . w. I -A4 fa, ' 'X I 'I K 4 -fl' A 6 ,. -3 .vw Z 1' N' ' ,4. 1.. ' I - 1 ' 1 3 .Q -JJ 'U ' --L i, Q 4 :ga S 6.11, .L ' M x. 12, m v. io, MW' E' ,J f I1 X I. 4. n -wb A x "AL, X iff- A RS: ,:, -W., ' 1 x, L.z, ,4 ax, Z, W W I . s N ff . 5 f 1 may l f 'H f . i al ,1'S -, 3 lf- ps.: rl b ' 4-ff' g"ffT NP.--' K . "A-1' 11-Sf" 3 X if B , TT? lfifi J 'ij " sa , fffww .. v n ' 1 Tig, ' .. Q Q K iv, .sy-.f 'Q I 'K 4 4 w A 1 . ' A 1-' .f fy' ' ' v 3 . . . U 7. l 1 - 44 5,1 ' 9 f 1 1 . .I 9 ' lf' '-f, , . Y. I 1 x ,, n A x . . I l v v 4 , 1 . -is--4'7"fPrf,f"?f.' 4' 1... .- . 2 " ET' ' . .130 ff..-.32"5:-,A A -5' A 1- f. --,511 Q' . fa'-s5'S,-.s 4' 'E' 4 . W: ie - ' 'iv 41 4 H Ai WS- -. 1,5 V '.?f"A:. ,lgigra , QMJA. ,, ,, . 1 iirfq? 9' L. I '3 fit? A 5 . , 4 qj'!'. , X fr 11. Ak' .I f 535 , A F .T .pn .ef- :,, .95 -, 'N !'1E -'B'-s. l lei, . Ill. 1,11 iff if its--1: TT V4 3" ' . N fl' 1, A f .-4' J - . Y A: ' X b .A .J I. I ' 13 H11 ' y . . I ' 1 V fi! ' I .T ' " 5 T " 1 'J I ' xc j f ' ,F lil, ' ll i gg! ik if .i , il jfl h ,' - i ll if 1 Y J 1 X -I A 'I .ii it ,A 3 J I 1 it 1 3 I! ,I "i 'V ni 5 . .V .V ,. , ,V ,A X N' I. . ' 'M NN 7 1 .i gl V L4 rberet and Monk Mike Ander ward off maidens Judy Nevitt and Elise Rick Renaissance Homecoming - What a Knight! The quad took a trip through a time machine back to the days of King Arthur, Merlin the Wiz- ard, and cone-headed damsels-in-distress with a Renaissance Homecoming on October 28. A few changes on campus added to a different celebration. Since decorations in the halls in pre- vious years ended up in shambles before second period, classes and clubs were invited to guide their creative frustrations towards the Quad, transforming it into a Medieval showplace. Another change brought forth was the proce' dure by which groups decorated their master- pieces, between the hours of 2:00 to 5:00 a.m., only students with armbands obtained with parental and administrative permission were allowed. Priests, mimes, and Jr. Robin Hoods cavorted at lunchtime around the Seniors' prize-winning Dragon float, and the Juniors' best decorated booth while being serenaded by Jezebel. Afterwards the Alumni Rally reigned, with Rams as far back as 1956 peeking at present day Millikan. Girls League announced Tyrone Mitchell as the Mr. Masculine Muscles winner. Squire David Acuna and Dragons Jamie Ellis, Susan Kingsley and Vicki Clay displayed their winning costumes. The rally closed with traditional Battlecries and Robbie and Millie unveiling. TOP LEFT: DEEP IN CONCENTRATION, Sir DuBois aims his arrow true. MIDDLE LEFT: BLUSHING DAMSEL Tracy Long offers a hand to a gallant Grant Ford. LEFT: SENIOR-CLASS award-winning Dragon threatens the quad with Kleenex breath. ff, , -F Activities rg, gig., M gf Homecoming ' SBA: . . ,-- nit'-ff' . . F' S -I tk P . W - CNW ' W -7 ' . 'll s c ,ll F, .. c ' 5 f rflb.. psi-it V Y h S i 1977 Favors "Faire" Maidens Renaissance Romance and realism merged as Karen Sundgren was crowned Homecoming Queen in the midst of nearly 5000 Ram-High spectators. Qn a warm October night before the Millikan- Jordan game, a procession of dancing maidens, gymnastic jesters, and jolly jugglers heralded the arrival of the 1977 Homecoming Court. Renais- sance-clad courtiers carried the Queen and Sen- ior Princesses Janet Hansted and Gretchen Houser on sedan chairs, with Junior Princess Lynn Williams and Sophomore Princess Ruby Grzelachowski close behind. Upon arrival at the royal platform, the court was greeted by escorts Dan Thompson, Doug Marty, Barry Bartlett, Darren Shaw, and Craig Perez. 1976 Queen Barbara Mesa performed the crowning honors. While planning a future in court stenography, Karen participated in Ski Club and Socii, an off- campus welfare club. BELOW: IN ANTICIPATION of pre-game ceremonies, peasant Walter Hamman and Gre Goodman await presentation of her majesty Karen Sundgren. INSET: CLAD IN awardvwin ning attire, Sir David Acuna flaunts during noontime festivities. RIGHT: CLOCKWISE FRO TOP: Gretchen Houser, Ruby Grzelachowski, Lynn Williams, Karen Sundgren, and Jane Hansted. INSET: Queen Karen Sundgren. ELATION PREVAILS ON the faces of the 1977, Homecoming Court in reaction to the crowds' applause Activities 7 X !gg5gg:irie.,'-ig,1'.f,ugt . . A. - "X-.f I A-K-idk' A v .. . .nf .v-A A-:sf -r .j - . A ,F My -F . , 'V C ' ' ' ' V 'Q' bf Alfqfffl QQ' i 4 i X . g1 f 5 'E' i- S. .Qi 'L - egy if 454.1 ,ili- ,1 '4- , , .- if ,J 5, ff. 4, iw-wx I fish , ' 1 is -" J' . If 'pg f -- I ' A-i uf 1' f I :rx X 3 WML 'R A . "" .JA . .r , 1 -, , '4-I -4:-'- """' I - af-' 9 'ff si-qs,f,,2 g5 'ff " , 1f,Pf"t-4-Q9'fflF,. Q efigmsy h ,i.,,,, v. 57. -gg ' in. ..'f'4.xlA-. , , Zami: -, sw vu. ' -'M 1' " A i' 1 w I N Qgig iiiiiilgg "fiasa -- -'fm School Transport Looking Good "Omigosh, I'm late! Mom, will you give me a ride to school?" Millikan students have not been known for their pride when it came to wheels for school. The popular motto was "Beg, Borrow, or Steel" Cnever, never with an al. The majority made it somehow, evidenced by the overpopulation in wheels and a short- age of adequate housing. Over 950 registered cars, motorcycles, trucks, and the newest thing in involuntary suicide - mopeds - were majority munched, stacked, squeezed and ordered to inhale before entering the north and south parking lots. A new sport was introduced in the mornings for the lazies and luckies who Grove. it was called ''There's-no-more-parking-spaces-so- quick-Murph's-not-looking-Duck-into-this-c ute-car-beddy-bye-withstripes-Shoot-there goes-the-bell." The supervising hawks were Pat Murphy and Dave Frew. Campus commuters flocked to school in assorted styles. Jogging, bicycling, skate- boarding, thumbing and the groan-producing, unmentionable walking, were a few of the "gettings" employed. But they had their share of hassles. "No Skate-Boarding" signs were posted city-wide and it was a likewise no-no in front of the auditorium or in the quad and hall- ways. A compound under the bleachers, super- vised by Clarence Smith, was added for the barrage of mopeds and motorcycles double- bunking in the racks. For the students who hoped for together- ness in their travels, El Dorado and West Side buses arrived and departed in masses with a marked increase in students bused in from the WestSide. There was always an optimist in the crowd as Assistant Principal Weller, head of school operations demonstrated, "Students were more co-operative this year, and l have noth- ing but compliments for the school transporta- tion system." 24 Activities Getting and Going. TOP: 3:10 - AGAIN - Sylvia Ambrose, Brenda and Prentiss Hill, and John McCraw, board West Side bus. CENTER: IN ROUTE T0 L.B.C.C. Career Day, Terolyn Parker steps lightly. ABOVE: A BIG FRIDAY SMILE - Mark Boozer looks forward to kicking back. RIGHT: GETTING IN SHAPE for Cross Country Stephoni Carreiro jogs to school. F' 1. ' 55553 '12 ' ""' "- vnu-Q. P -49-11,31 45,1 ' 'i :J 1-. ' f u a ., if 1 ' I Qu g .X , -, Q65 In I . . Q i F" ., ,. ' '? - d 8 , . fu .N 1 v v I U , . P, ., , -..,...,g., - - - A 'ff--ff", lfflnl-T f.,. 'mf' . q p , ,U , y. V, 'J rl! 0 I ,, ........,,.,,.,,,...--f ---'A-Mm , VID? "' A ' .- -. ' . ' , 'ij , ' .au ' -. if gl I f Jnyatl V I- M A f ,,, f ..- rr' ' . V1 wx' . -1 X Q 11' ,L - fl' 'V 'V . I . - , . " s .- x r X H N" , ' . -f' 't 4' Nff N' ' 'A -C-' i . ' Xp '1,q,,1. 7,572 Y f ,X ,Q xfv . .,,g-545 -4 " , g,.. 5 1 fC,. gm, . F X . lam, -- fav.. b O wigs, ' iff!-I .x. ff" ' o. V ,-1 Eff - 'f 'G' , 'W ,JZ ",f - f"' ,' rf' " " '17 ' Q 7 ff-'35-'F f , 4..Aa, Af , ,, , . . ,., , gpg 5, ZH? J , -f. ,ff f T . f Q saw- . 4 1 . J . P ' A f ' "iff y, XTD '12 1f:jY9If'S:"f,f ' , '1":k1 , - .. If . , 5- 5 I I v. i Q X-K f-,gm ni., I 0 . ' :ZW - ' -Q -,C xy., I ' - -'-Y !L ,B jx. f'1- ,J .A-xx- -3 ,wg - ,, , ,,g' , -, D- A rg, I I, , , , . ,ug ,XB g , -,.,v I -if-r.-f ,. -' A - ' f'-1 HM fgfA1Qew:1.'FJ 74,7?"N NF? A ' 'Mn' Q 'ez -is Mfr 5 Vo,-A ' " 2-.f " .- -I -,:,,.-ig . 1,3 1, ,, xxx v ' x I, ,iffy u .N . iv a ,rx ,gf V , ,aif.- f N25 Q- v-544i Xdgfxftj 2 I 5, 'R Q., Q51 A 1 'X ' NX ' . '5 .f . b W- sf' 1. 'fn q- ' ' 'Lf ani' N'4'V '4 .K sl, -, X E Flar-m.w-.nneivwf ' A Q' ,Q ,E ',',,. -4 FL.. ' u-V i ,, I nd' -Q I rkxi..-V de if ' -- ' '- ' f Q X V M ' f' ' Y- . 1 - .J A ,f- f .jf ' -' 4" ' F ff" f ' , .X it J!! '- I 'Ill' .. aw V ' f I, 's If ' ' X f X '1 1 L' f C". U 4 XM A I' X f F' l X , 4- X Q t ,, IF. .I 4' 4 X" ,--. H. 'r 1 1. ll ,f " Tb' F' , , . ,'- fQ,' K if H- "4" Q ,f,,., 1 1 A x 1 ! E . 1 . f X " . .. , 4' f , I7 1 I I - x .,' .,,' I r ,W ' ' AX 'HV th , , t. fl ,I . A -121 1 T? L sf! . 1 . A' 'T' Y., f , J I . xr' . I K I .Nl 1 ft 'lk ,tts I 5 -P K I4 4. . 'HAL v' . .HN 'Ti , xx Ii g lf. E 'bf L"- X" iii W V A .1 i f 4' V Y V, V, x' A 'n'i -f' ef K V . r uv 'Q ' 'J' QL, Q-Q ',.'- 1' "'. '41 3 '1 " is I fx J if P U 4 46 We-1 'U I fh' 1-4' " 1-vi'-.a,.n 3 gi.-W di A -YY. ..,I ? . I .:.- ?, Q 1 I 4' 1147- x 1 v. Li ll 9 '47 Q-,, V1 F X ' Q f U Fi' hw 'JP 'L " f-C -E15 N ,zpe 4 lj H, ACE and Mascot Robbie spark hen Allnson Lewis Betsy Jagger L-.J i 'X 1'w , gn 4 Lk- af. -V -iw-,grv-H I 'RJ' ' w R-Q J.. . u.,r 1 xixl 51.- Racquetball Bounces ln "Hey Carol, I'm bored - wanna hit a few?" Games, games, games and more games domi- nated Millikanites' free time despite heavy home- work loads. John Nelson and Matt Wally could be seen using their lunch time hour flinging a few Fris- bees in the quad. Everyone got involved either as a participant, observer, or victim. Victims were easily spotted - the few who dared to cross the paths of these familiar U.F.O.'s were perma- nently scarred with embedded Wham-O-Frisbees just above the ear. Don't fret though, a spare sau- cer was always handy so the tossing was never interrupted. For the more safety-conscious gamebos, like Maria Kelly and Lisa Neri, the restful, serene pace of racquetball was the answer. Ah, racquet- ball - the quaint little game of bashing your opponent's brains out with a harmless rubber ball while playing in an oversized cement shoe- box. Rams traveled in herds to either L.B.C.C. or one of the exclusive courts that sprouted up everywhere. Additional belly buttons were abun- dant between energetic and muscle bound play- ers with poor aim. Making a comeback, tennis, monopoly and hopscotch ffor the underdevelopedb were still very much alive and active whenever recreation struck a fancy. But a newcomer hit the scene, namely a sinful sport known as geefing. Geefing is best described to the young and innocent as a rather one-sided water fight usiing fire extin- guishers instead of water pistols. 1' ff?" TOP LEFT: KEEPING HIS "POKER FACE" despite having a full house, Neil Coleman double checks his hand. ABOVE: ENJOY- ING A GAME of backgammon on the quad grass, are Julie Garner and Karen Luther. RIGHT: REACHING FOR A tough backhand shot, Jami Ark keeps total concentration. 28 Activities Games People Play 'UU x fu -..., 4 ' r ,1- ,1- my 1 Jf','Jfv71 "- '4 , ,-Jw' , . f 'x 1, Q. D' "iJ.1L' -. A., r ' :veg I J M, f K gk Ki' x ri, ' mi film W X LQ, , 1 4-,,, ,aa Ln I K ' 'X ., T w , r 'M A S., fn. H- -gf , 2 1 gr Y A vim It ":PmwL:,,, du, 7 T "I -3 Fw , A ' ,wg .V .Lf .Ira Tb P ' s ff? 'fs Q 4 x an 4' ,- 1 I., X ey-- r ' l 1 s 0 I 'Fl , 35- . Q-3:41 . -4g,Lw'T1-if' i A.. , .. , it ' -'J , 5.2 - U - , -1-' ' ' L. ,YK LA A Betty Der-Hovanesian, Kathy Johnson, and Erin Byrne participate in pre-game activitie ,YA ,W-A Y Y K AWA 'rf ' M M l ,lik f A -'Y . t ' . , A A tt t l ,Q H N QA fa X if, M 'wt PWA Y 41 1 FY V :hr-a M A M . if ," 32 Q, 7,1 Q 5 A 4 ,gi--fu fzyffe . fl , -, 5' ' I '4 V rl , 1 , ,if I nu 41 A wg 5. A 53,-, 4.3 , A A T. V yin I ii' K' -t V.: I, I at Q -'V' f A A sv- pt Pr ' vt V Q fb, . fuk Q-4 Y if yt K t 5' 1 X ,,.... ,i , . , . arm, yr' -1: 'L lf ' -' . Q A ' , 2, 'fan 1 J f' -'95 'Q-:?a'f i I 5 A . . , 'K iff ' ' I , V1 V . ' r --:Ali ' f ' , 1 51:74 - .1 mv' " ' X .. Q. r , I in Q ,O - N ' " ab I 'P' I , A ' b 1 'f S 1 If ABOVE: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Head Guide Kathy Stever, Head Kidette Lynette Q , ' ,Q , 0 I . ol Dodson and Assastant H X 'I ,- . I ,IJ . Q. ' ""' 'a""' , 1 ff? QL ' wr-, 8 4e-- 1 I . ' b - . , 1 H A ' Q K u K , E ' ix 'Q I Q . Y . x -1 Q ' x I if gf '-ii ' .Q--' I 're 4 I I' Its! I x 'v tgp in Q7 IV I . 115.- 1 I BELOW: STEPPING INTO FASHION - Chris Eldred and Geralyn Zepeda display their popularly worn shoes. RIGHT: IN THE COMFORT of his Levi Shirt - Mike Flinearson practices for his next performance. S, ,A bn' 'gee 4 QRTff5-..,,, , , J 91 .v,, f "Y.. T - XX-ANS?" .,A ri -f-- J .,.QW . I A" 'J l ABOVE: FOLLOWING HIS DAY at Disneyland, Larry Young exhibits the mascot of the Magic Kingdom. 32 Activities Fads and Fashions ,-X Qc-,D XY Q s Vik N W5 IEIIIS ff-A1113 X sz RH D . EN Q I " ' ' 1-c .A ,,,, x y fgluoattiixgs '5"w.. ABOVE: DEPICTING the various trends of jackets are Mike Evans and Finch. wk?" " L. fftng ,ga i- '-."f 'gli 3.53 -WSQQW-f'f' ief9?4?C'..'ff'55!.5 ,,. ww, i A 9.1117-, 5' ' 4.7 ip gh .4-.X -5- V'--1 'u 1 L Q fi' 4., 1- ., - . 'j I ' , M 4 -I .g. fw 'f 4- '41 "' . ' -'i -.I . vw- v o , ., , ,I 1 9 1 unify- as Q . ? S r 4' 9 f fit li ' 1 ' I-is v K 'C-1 x. f.- . . istpxzii W. .-p-.-.1yQau-n.aan :fs- -4- "J-.,,,... ABOVE: THE SCARF ADDING A DECORATIVE touch to her dress, Debbie Surane pauses from her rnemorization. LEFT: COMPLETING HER ENGLISH homework, Janet Tilbury relaxes in her Big Mac overalls. Subtle Softness Hits 78 Scene Softness unfolded on campus-soft cashmeres, soft feminine blouses, cascades of soft curls, softness of the brain, and the newest fashion accessory, softening of the arteries. The sophisticated look had a price though, too high. From Yves St. Laurent to an lt's4a-Dilly sig- nature, prices went through the roof and were sighted passing Mars. "Chic" was getting harder and harder to fake. The all-purpose stick pin was introduced to lapels, noses, cowl necks and shawls. Some girls wondered what a stick pin was good for. An easily answered question - to stick. Stick your boy- friend, stick a grape and make it leak, stick the fly crawling on your Pee-Chee, stick your little broth- er's Jocko punching clown, stick it wherever the need was! Guys' clothes didn't undergo much of a change. Levis, Ocean Pacific, and Hang Ten still dominated .the scene. Their wardrobe was one of the few who escaped the attack of the soft. lf! G. .7 X ,::f, -, ' 1 'P l ABOVE: COLORED BOWS REFLECT MilIikan's various sororities as shown by Naomi Yamashita. Activities Fads and Fashions 33 RIGHT: A COLD COKE washes down the last trace of Lance Pierson's Hostess donettes. BELOW: THE TRADITIONAL QUICK American breakfast satisfies Ed Garcia's early morning hunger. Activities 34 Junk Food, l. The New Junkies! An added addiction ran frustratingly rampant - Doctors, dentists, and nutrition-minded par- ents were unable to stomp out junk food sprees on the part of their senseless teenie-boppers. Habits could be fed anywhere by pushers on every street corner, Bob, Wendy, Jack-in-the-Box fhe's Frenchj, Helen Grace, Arby, and Little Mo were just a few. Even Millikan dabbled in a small-time racket. Donuts, Hostess pies, popcorn, cokes, hot dogs, hamburgers, burritos, candy bars, even cherry- flavored cough drops for the addicts with a need for rationalizing. This sorry state fit about every student on cam- pus. Oh sure, there were a few people who went bonkers over vegetables, Cgreens and roughage and all that stuffy, and some twigs who swore to the evils of sugar and even in this day and age, a number of Chumphj Meat-and-Potato leftovers. But junk food reigned. Hundreds were taken in by pizza and turnovers, all falling to their crust in surrender. Bliss was anything chock full of car- bos and absolutely no vitamins! RIGHT INSET: A SUPER TACO proves a challenge for Francie Smith. RIGHT: A BROKEN ARM does not dissuade Perry Moore from munching popcorn with friend. ' .. 4-x,..J4. A wld -su--A iglq----' 'lx "iw l ua- '- nv ' ,X .3 Y S . 25" ABOVE: WENDY MILLER ADMIRES Pablo Barriga's technique of devouring a Keywanette corn dog. BELOW: OVERCOME BY SENSUAL delight, Janie McCormick savors her last slice of pizza. ABOVE: FLIPPING THROUGH the pages at Ticltetron is Theresa Mangan who is trying to find a good concert in town. 1978 Sings the Blues Csung to the tune of "M, I, double L, I . . ."J ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN said Charles CoIson's,BORN AGAIN On the shelves sat HITE REPORT and SHINING, THE GOODBYE GIRL was Simon's silver lining. Some had different tastes, choosing COMA'S tone, Gary, Derks, Carrie Chase, not to mention John Ludvigson, read THE DEEP on loan. For the sensurround plight Martians stalked the Cinemas. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS found Pam Dykstra weep- ing, yet TURNING POINT had modern dancers leap- mg. George Burns starred in OH GOD, with John Denver too. Rock and Roll, Disco Dance, and the "Bee Gees" sang NIGHT FEVER. That's the year. . . Ya hoo! Nelson Cohen '78 Steve Luther '78 Activities 36 Books, Concerts, Movies '14 ABOVE: DISCARDING HER SCHOOLBOOKS Anne Fishman delves into a novel. RIGHT: CHI CAGO PERFORMS at the FORUM i ' l L ' I 1 Wg 1 - 5 z 'e . 4 15 Y' ,.,,5...:.- -,...., ,- ., ,,. b Q' A ' gn ., .' fi-2 -y- -. IQ' is V Y-.. Q lv- ' 'Sing iif I ' 5 , .Tx Q it 5 w-., G I . 4 4 pp ',.f- . K 51' 5 P 11-n 4 P, 'ffxv' 7' 1 ' . 4, -my .V v r fx I .33 . 1 if 'I RUM! N 1 a .Q ""-f-4" A 4 -Ez ? Y . X ,- x', 1 24 .F .- .V Q.: Q :Jm'5b"' , .c YQ lm x lifskf-T , 25 un- , xf .n""' H. WW ' .M iw .5155 LJ: 51 JP' ki' an Ahsuffk - r 'A' I B 4 1 ' Q un , 1 'X-q' 3 , N 1' I I ,I-L I ""'- -v-P , RIGHT: ADMIRING THE VIEW at the convention center are Bruce Katz and Paul Freedman. FAR ABOVE: BEACHSIDE PARKING METERS annoy LeeAnn Rippetue and Dorothy Jones as they put in a quarter. ABOVE: SATURDAY-SHOPPING at Marina Pacifica center are Tom Stover and Forrest Golanty. FAR ABOVE AND RIGHT: NEIGHBORHOOD PLAZA THEATER is boarded in preparation for new ten- ants. Activities 33 Community Change: Neighborhood Theater Dies The surrounding city of Long Beach boasted many significant community changes. Many students found it hard to forget bitter- sweet Saturday matinees after the Plaza Theater was boarded up for re-occupation. For some, this signified the end of an era. Tragedy came close to school again when a fire ravaged the Plaza Sporting Goods Store and also spread to the Subway Sandwich Shop. The Pacific Terrace Convention Center was for- mally opened with a Stamp and Coin Show. Stu- dents were surprised to see that new complex adjacent to the arena. The Marina Pacifica and Market Place shop- ping centers were constructed, creating a variety of shops in which to browse. The installation of beachside parking meters was an annoying change for some Long Beach residents. On a more pleasant side of change, Jane Nick- les and Karen Leuer found Saturday afternoons could be silently spent at the new main branch of the Long Beach Public Library in the new City Hall Complex. ABOVE: GOING TO SUBWAY for lunch, Susan Bordner, Anita Carle, and Marcia Bender are shocked to see the fire damage. LEFT: AFTER SPENDING AN AFTER- NOON at the library's new main branch, Jane Nickles and Karen Leuer prepare to go home. Activities 'Community Changes x XX ABOVE: BRAVING THE STORM, Tina Anderson pro- tects lunchtime munchies. TOP RIGHT: STUDENTS attempt to dodge their first swimming lesson. Wringing in the Rain Rain, rain, go away. lt came again some other day. Dr. George had a couple of cardiac arrests trying to convey just how many cats and dogs were falling, while students cutting through the ditch had to flash their Red Cross swimming cards before making the plunge. Old sixth grade raincoats and galoshes had another go at it despite the curled big toes and ripping shoulder seams. An observer could observe the Prima Ballerinas in the parking lots and quad - gracefully leaping from puddle to puddle, their Levi tutus flapping in the breeze. With a cry of "There's snow in them thar hills!" a herd of snow lovers, skiers, and touch freaks stampeded up the slopes only to disappointingly find mountain mud. Oh yes, snow eventually came, but it had to wait until after Christmas vacation, eliminating legal absences. But the rain kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming. The exhausted parasols had barely dried out when another storm came rolling along, making 1978 a close second in the Most Rainfall title. Aging thunderclouds from 1889 remained the defending champions, defeating us 32.55 to 31.56. The rain began to overstay it's welcome when 500 trees were downed as a result of 90 M.P.H. winds. Disaster was everywhere, unfortunate Easterners came to escape the freezing tempera- tures. Alas, every cloud has a silver lining -the drought was officially declared over. MIDDLE: THREE JOGGING JUNIORS dash between the rains drops en route to the library. LEFT: DESPITE THE HANDICAP Mike Rutz swings from a tree. 40 Activities Wringini ' l ,sql x . iT, . i 1. 5 ., 1351 - . "f..3 1 ,K fx ,- 4 A . Q . . I I ,u ' rv. f if , -,- w. ' i , V Z "gif, . V-f V -12.3, A -J..k.i7.L' .r ' nf 5".f-:e rffgissa' -Y 'H .-J .MAA ,L FL f.qt1r.g.v, 1 v"'vs.2:- ' nv' , ., f-g1N:?:-L5e+.- , Y 'H' ' , ff -Q1 'i 1 lr ,ffrv "5 I - -,-:W n In .I .. S435 fx -1 X . 1-dl: ' u X I 5.1 A M51-Lg .. ,vx 1.3.51 - x I ' n v X . jr, Q. x .A 3 F li X lx 4 Q sa., E- Eln' X s va' , 4 9 ,-, X ..' ., -vu' .1 ., 1 V .V,,J,. Sis.. -nf 1' , . .l.- X x Y, 'FDSHI' AVGC AITIOLII' -J, Between hiding in corners and lurking in shad- ows, students with private passions had a chance to let their dreams be known on the Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Secret Admirers' Days when carnations could be sent anonymously. The ven- ture was, as always, successful. It seemed the corners and shadows at Millikan have been quite crowded. Secret Admirers' Day to a sufferer of infatua- tion is like an obese whale to an Eskimo during a blubber drought- pure ecstasy. One Millikanite, Duane Bergman, received the following message with his flowers. MY DEAREST DUANE, You don't know how long l've been admiring you. Watching you eat your tuna sandwich from across the quad, I often wondered if I would ever get to share your potato chips. I care so much about you . . . the only number I think about is 52, the number on your basketball jersey. Please let me walk you to class. We can meet at the apple machines tomorrow after lunch Con the side so no one sees usb and then l'lI even carry that heavy Political Behavior book - pounds mean nothing when you're in love. Oh thank you so very much for reading this note. l'm so looking forward to our rendezvous. Until tomorrow . . . Avec amour, - Desperate, lonely and beautiful BELOW: ATTACHING INDIVIDUAL WORDS OF PASSION from "that special someone," is Carol Tieffer. BELOW: LENDING A HAND in last minute transportation, Nancy Caron loads "love wagon" destined to bring smiles to many. E 1 -A.: BELOW EARLY MORNING "DELIVERlES" find Jeri Murray sorting Spring blos- - ...f v"7 1 ' ' . As-m,.,.Q::.,.-gjt. .,. r I ' ,jf ' ' 551: .f V. - .f il: :1Z'f'I".3- , 5 ,Pia I ., CS 1 .f,. .K 1 ,'qf".r1Qt-?f- , , ff we --5 4, .35-H , , 2. .. r viii? L '-if .f:E1eePEmcli, f4w?l'?'N'- W 1 af 4,,-f.,-wg.-egg fa N - - ,4M+.,,..- ... , ' ' - ' 'u . 4 , , . . 1 , '. ,ey-.fb - ' - ' 1' - 'f-' , " " . 1' -- mir --. ,,AW,L,-AA -'kg ' -xxx 'avr ig 'J 'za' Y . f ggi? ,- V1 ,xr , 5fa f gQ 'Qy t1 4 lx ,dx , V, N ,xt-N. ,..f-N-?:'NT,xN 'TE -as sf X ' 1 xmwfi N Vigil' -0 f.-'bunk V 1 :A J' I X' ' xr' ' I X 45 I ,. 'ith' H yi VI '1' Hug, Q-we fig A-gi A x -.., VW? 17515 ' 'K Students Expand Extra-curricular Adventures Talents of Millikan High students were abun- dant. After school and during weekends several students worked at unique jobs and enjoyed their unusual and creative hobbies. Three nights a week senior Lydia Finzi, taught a fundamental jazz dance class. "No, it's slide, back, tap, kick, and half-turn all in two counts" according to Lydia as she instructed her pupils! While working for an architectural agency Joel Roberts took care of ordering materials and drafting blueprints. Joel had jumped into the job market to get some early experience for his plan- ned career in architecture. When he was not at school, photographer Paul Freedman could usually be found in a darkroom. Paul spent many hours experimenting with spe- cial photographic effects such as use of texture screens and solarization, Paul also volunteered much of his time to shoot pictures for Aries and Corydon. Apparel designer Terolyn Parker sewed up original designs and also profited by designing and constructing high fashion clothes for friends and family. For Bill Henigsman and Lori Stevens mopeding became a favorite way to spend a sunny Saturday around the beaches and parks. Surfer Darryl Schmidt spent his days challenging turbulent waves while skateboarder Tom Coleman "surfed" on dry land in empty pools, down hills, and zipped through skateboard parks. TOP LEFT: ARCHITECTURAL DRAI-TSMAN Joel Roberts perfects a blueprint. LEFT: APPAREL DESIGNER Terolyn Parker finishes a skirt alteration. ABOVE: CAREFUL Y FOCUSING the enlarger photographer Paul Freedman prepares a prin Wi M ,i ,Wi BELOW: THE VETERANS' DAY week-end finds Carrie Marks and Sue Chartier basking at the bay, RIGHT: A DEFIANT DOG takes an early morning jog in the fog. A v ,QT st- , Q, - . ' .- - 4 . Q 'E -." E144 J, 'i5dLIlin'. - 'W ' Y. ' ,,, -. V -.. ' R., . A . ' - Snr-ylqg, -i 1,.f-v'P--f'- N? F... 1,,T',,., -'-of -...M -A , 124,35-as'E-,Lg,I...... , . " L., -S "'-v'eLj,, L- -.T ,L 'ir 'f --':, -54? '1 ' ' ,.45ff.- , -. R as-A . Yr ,q.,,,YV , A! i I-, .. 3, s 4 - ' , A-u LLM Jfgg- '- '. , .LZ"?sg T- Ib:-' E ll.f?'?'f " , --I N ' "", 'I -:'4"1i1 L-: M- , -, K ., 4. ... E.. . 15.-.1 . M... .,.L.,,,A 1 Q V-.P ' , UZZQZT'--'gf N-V-'Z "Q ',. .--1' .V 'rf-1 41- -2- ' E' sf" , , -T ' - 'Q -Q, -L ..--' -' '-Lf " YV ' Lara' -.,Q.,.g "'.., , -11 'f 'v..q:,n 1 ,N ... ' ' -is-I ABOVE: TAKING ADVANTAGE of the winter heat wave Angie Moskalenko cools off by riding the great surf. 34-rs'-..-' .. . ,-. . '. , .,,,,- U , . . ,,., f A - -. ,,,,,-5-,g,,q?a"..c L., I in- H -s-I 12,1 I V r ,.-.,. -1 - . ' I "" - 1' 2' i ' - ' ': , ' . . ' - ' . . ,h ,. .,' X Av.-V ,- s V mi. E :fi:, I ii, ,, . ' . . - .11 "1"4' 3513 ff. .1'g.i:-.Z-' .1 4 -. ' 'Q' '-f-3154.435 ill' 3-,vos-.aI -- ,,,",.- .. 9'-""' I - -nv..1.'-- -'Qi 3, --,L., v-v-5,1,.,, -zz-IZ 'Anas --A - "' . .,. -A ,. AJ- ' 'fi.'- A. deff.: --i"l r F'3'f Wa. I ABOVE: TYING OFF the halyard on this Sol Cat is Ann Crosby. LEFT: WARM WINTER WEATHER draws beach goers to the surf. Thanksgiving Sizzles Tahiti and Monte Carlo were places that imme- diately came to mind when someone mentioned "hot spots." Right? Well, the hottest place to be in November '77 was right here in Long Beach. Temperatures soared into the high ninety's as thousands of sun-lovers flocked to the beach. It was the hottest spot in the nation. While Long Beach enjoyed Fourth-of'JuIy weather, other parts of the country were not so fortunate. The mercury dipped to 84 below zero with the wind chill factor in Minnesota and other Northern states. It is said that in New York it was so cold that the brass King Kong had to be removed from the top of the Empire State Building due to frostbite. The beach almost became a circus with every- one joining in the fun. The local jocks could be found checking out everything from beach balls to bikinis. Surfing and sailing were also some of the popular pastimes along with families and theiriAll-American picnic baskets. What with surfing, sailing, and the ever-popu- Iar girl-watching at hand Cor rather feet and eyesj one needed to look no further for the place to be. The unofficial hot spot was in Long Beach, Cali- fornia. - .. "N, "' Wirral.-.agujl Ah. 4 ...tim 1' .1 ,HJ ,, ,:LW-h. , h ,., I A , af :MIX .I Q- 7 E ' --w Qc 'g.-.,,,..-i Punt-sm ' " .f' i-..g.:u,. 1- ... , :-- ' ' v-1 ' - ' ba. i" . 11 -- ' sy ' "-'.: ,,1-" N ,.. ' ,1 -h 1 . xg u -.K Ja w, D- ,,7. fhfigffb , ,A , 1 ..'.1'l'v:7f: "Ls mfg aft' Nw!-Q" ea'r'."',4.,, ' ' -J'-1-' 's"'h-...JJT " PY. f,-,, xr.-z,-ZQML. v,,9lGl'.j..- Q s . ill?--I lui, .Jv- ,Jh Y- - ritz...-v "Q,---H gr-LHP ' - -1.5133 'v'w4.-.-- '- . ' YF " --'lf' "-'Du--1I,'.i,, J-55. 13.5, if '-ne..- .U fag H7-5 -5 " 'Ti fi Fifi:-w ., .9 XO? 11'!3:"""l k"'R4! 'I ful fp, s s, 1 1 ' .ttf-+lttZa'5-'...3 i wb-"'t ' TA wif" 5 1' xg? gr? H1 , hfa' ,Q ,Id 1-5 V . fgiitiyfa' ' " ci -in-an LEFT JOHN REARDON CHECKS the rigging of his sail. ABOVE: JUST FOR FUN Greg Goodman utilizes new technique for preventing sunburn. F, N gnwrr E., i . K .-L:.'a'rv1-jU5iMfw.J,P-4 , " , -' "Let's Go on With the Show" While memorizing Spanish conjugations one fine second period, I heard a blazing pierce bulle- tin notice through the muck. I've always harbored a great talent for curling my tongue while blowing spit bubbles, cracking my back and wiggling my left ear all at the same time so when I heard that auditions were being held I decided my day had come. I would try out for the Talent Show. In doing so I would bare my soul to my peers, display charms to thousands and leave them vul- nerable to attack. I drew the courage slowly from my pulsating veins. I was strong. I was invincible. I was nervous! I practiced in front of the mirror for two weeks. My mother was in a flying rage over her bath- room mirror with dried up spit bubbles all over it. I decided to set my act to music so I finally decided on something fast and catching like "Colour My World." By the time auditions rolled around I began unconsciously whistling the flute part and getting cramps in my ear and my family would lock the front door and run into their bed- rooms whenever I came home from school. But I was ready. I was going to razzle and dazzle them. I was unique, amusing, and loaded with talent, and I was nervous! Despite my weeks of training, I forgot how my background music went, I forgot my introductory speech, I forgot how to crack my back and horror of horrors, my mouth went dry. The rejection notice came the next week. I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. If only I hadn't messed up so badly. Or maybe I was just too good for them, you know, outclassing the rest. But there's always the Gong Show. RIGHT: STRUMMING AND SINGING the song "Grandma's Featherbed" is Beverly Ridenour. ABOVE: CHORUSING A BARBERSHOP rendition at the Ram Talent Show are Bob s Boys Carl .lac quier, Paul Prince, Andy Friedman, and Brian Rennick. RIGHT HANDS ARE A CLAPPIN and feet a stompin' as Scott Deeble plucks a snappy tune on his banjo. MGE H 4 I- 1 J If ,A "--V A J! ""'X Q' 2' 4-vY ' QTL- 9' xl ' .J -. In ' hi, + ' 'Ill ' A , 'ygiy ' ' gg: 1' H za ,A 1f W- I "M f'- fgf' ijflbj2riy f, 1' Q . ,F T KkB,,1,j:-mr--,",', X . "l X 4 ' QQQ A 1 'J 1 , Y 1 i if 1 W 2 L ' XXL " Kiki A ,, 5rD0rm"rS Wi Qlw1rflfL'Juv1o0WlCf6 9 wi Wvmiflb . QM M we , llftllvw tif gfpfvla g -Jl, tzimlug ,Obi rt, iii IJ UM- apt ri QMMZKQC fmt it Xml iam it M it t lm ar l The Year of Changes New heavyweight champ Leon Spmks beating Ah in a split decision Girls volleyball going to C I F Denver Broncomania sweeping the nation but Dallas winning Superbowl Xll Varsity football grabbing C I F championship C We Are The Champions J Chuck Knox resigning as Los Angeles Rams coach P E GETTING UNI SEX GYM SUITS Joe Namath retiring Doug Marty breaking record in total points for Moore League basketball, neither U.S C. nor U C.L A. playing in the Rose Bowl CWashington wonj, girls getting a cross-country team for the first time, Long Beach acquiring a hockey team - the Rockets Notre Dame chosen as national football champs, Yan kees beating the Dodgers in the World Series wrestlers losing a league match, Greg Stone com ing in as Sophomore Reserve basketball coach Los Angeles selected as the spot for the 1980 Summer Olympics, separate gymnastics teams r the sexes and the closing of the El Dorado nnis courts road Uni-Sex Gym Suits Uni-sex gym suits were only an exter- sign of change inside the P.E. depart- Two weeks were lost during the boys' season to cut an overlap ofthe departments. Baseball practice began two weeks later than usual. Several problems are also foreseen for The girls' teams are anxious to in the gold gym, so practice for the boys' and girls' teams will to be rearranged. The girls will also using the gym on Tuesday and nights for their games. -4 41' X P , . Q4 V 65' N il ' ui X 'H f 7 '14, L Q9 R UN ,'W X Hs 1 54,1 3:1 A FM", 'M . '1 . 1... 73' v - Y g e ' 'S ,ft -1 N n . 1 L, - 'S L' o x " X r 1 'S ' ' ' , . ' Q' ,f MAH 'f' 'ifisf Q' .21 .pg ' .vs fi , -1 I p ,A .1 1- A ,Ai-,I 'Ty' 'V 1 U I "i',g3, 2 1.44, H ' - N 2' ' ' ' ' 'TTI "'A '911,n V325 I ' ,N 1, 'rf , - , ' 3 TL ., ,n h - vig ,. "'l'j ,r 0 ,Z . I :, 1 . 'QW " ' 'A --" Fly, 'ly I, "M . , ' f3t",tL - .311 i' 'Jgg-3 I xv- 5,1 W . Vik" V ... 1 V. v-5 .4 ew C I F onference ams Champs' he 1977 C I F Football Playoffs not only nd a new format but also a new team accept 1 the champaonshap Desagnataon of C I F sec ns by A s was done away wath Eight confer ces of fave leagues each were arranged accord 1 to abalaty and geographic location The Moore ague including Malllkan fell into the Coastal nference Coming off a tremendous season and second ce finish an a tough Moore League the Milla n Rams entered the playoffs for only the fourth e an their 22 year hastory Havang never won a playoff game an the pre edang three traps C1957 1967 19733 the ms were matched wath Pacafac League Champs uar Traveling to dastant Pasadena Caty College s only the start of a long road made to look sy as the Rams prevailed 15 6 Ouarterfanals found West Torrance fallang vac to the Mallakan attack at EI Camano College A Iftame score favorang West Torrance by one 7 was no andacataon of what was to come Half lazed on it with a 48 yard touchdown run A ose football proved to be the Rams thard T D a 52 yard fumble recovery by Defensave Back sse Margaan Swatchang to the Wishbone offense Fullback Kam Nikoletach who went 82 yards on 15 carraes provided touchdown number four and a 25 14 vactory The semafanals matched the Rams for a second tame with the same team same stadaum and most amportant the same outcome A surpras angly easy Q27 71 vactory over Poly at Vets Sta daum qualafaed Coach DeHaven s Rams for the Coastal Conference Fanals Eddae Warren pro vaded the farst touchdown and after that the Rams defense set up the rest Safety Make Schaach packed off two passes and recovered a fumble Lanebacker Rack Tatum also came up wath a davang anterceptaon Obtaanang home team advantage was only the start of good thangs to follow as Mallakan entered the Finals agaanst Arcadaa Boasting nearly adenta cal records Mallakan 8 3 1 Arcadaa 9 3 both teams had sazable statastacs Mtllakan s defense had not allowed more than 14 poants an any of ats 12 games along wath anterceptang sax passes an three playoff games Armed wath thas consastent defensive backang Quarterback AI Hawkans moved the offense to thear best night of the season Compalang 400 yards an total offense Tyrone Matchell and Fred Moore contributed 78 and 43 yards an their respective touchdown runs A 32 yard scoring pass was also hauled an by Matchell AI Hawkins made use of a vulnerable madfaeld by completang four of fave passes for 83 yards and matchang that on the ground by hamself Two touchdown were credated to powerhouse Kam Nakoletach Make Schalch The 3414 vactory locked up a 9 3 1 season and the sole dastanctave honor of beang Champa ons of the Coastal Conference VARSITY FRONT ROW Chras Beastrom Phil Norman Lee Thompson Make Co ne Ball Randall Ball Town R n goner 2ND ROW Eddae Warren Mike McElroy Ron Maclna Robert Crabtree Jxesse Margaan Mark Roser? J3rY'yECg:t?Jb.:lIf3E:6l1i1rgyC?gbxgZg Randy Camblan 3RD ROW Steve Christensen Traaner Nack Dumas Tom Harden Gregg Teskey Jam Rose Thomas Morris Vlc Huber Rachard Sweetang Scott VanHorne Braan Scanlan 4TH ROW Kam Nakoletach Rack Tatum Fred Moore Greg Johnson Chuck Wallaamson John Erickson Mark Bennett Al Hawkans Randy Wallace 5TH ROW Randy Hausauer Carlo Caldarella Jam Moore Tyrone Matchell Tam Barley Ball Emenger Chras Harris Matt Woolbraght Tom Lent Make Schaach I I I . , ' . . ' , ' I . . . - , . ' ll Y ll l ' ' ' - l 5 . . I I f 2 ' ' , - - : ' , - : I . . . . . , 5 l I l I . l- L I 1 . 1 : . I I ' . I I I ck Eddie.W3F"e"' located an ODGVUUQ and Capl' along with a third interception in two games by 1 ' l ' . A I I I e h ' , I l A l ' 2 I A V : ' : 1 x ' 'A . I . . l , Y , ' ij V , W I 'c H ' L ' ll 11 a ' :GMFJQ l Sportsm All X 5 ft , ' x vz 1 ' a H. I ,'T x W lr A5 iq' ni" ' A 2' 1 . YT' . I I , I I 1 X A -L...-s- 5 .r fl p f 'Kfiifl Y--Eyiwfa . v 1 " S., ik Tf-, -. -x wyuim ., Q ABN fi ABOVE: ARRANGING THE NEXT OFFENSIVE SERIES, Head Coach Dick DeHaven converses with his Quarterback, Al Haw- kins, BELOW: DEFENSIVE LINEMEN, Randy Hausauer and Chuck Williamson, watch earnestly until called upon during victory over Lakewood BELOW: FOLLOWING BREAK-UP of third down attempt by West- minister, Safety Mark Rosen returns to the sidelines. . ---f ff, - "5 Rams Wrap Up Playoff Berth Entering pre-season, the Millikan Varsity Foot- ball Team set their sights on a successful league finish and a C.l.F. berth. Traveling the night after the Milkbowl, the Rams gave their season opener squeak away to Newport Harbor, 3-0. Bringing the team home the following week found the Rams evening up their record with a 14-7 win over Warren. Westminister became the next victim as the Rams prevailed 21-7. Quarterback Al Hawkins threw for 149 yards and one touchdown. An interception by Linebacker Rick Tatum helped to hibernate the Lions. Santiago and Saturday night did not mix for the Rams as they walked away the loser, 13-6. Tyr- one Mitchell scored the only touchdown while two interceptions and three fumbles ailed the seem- ingly inexperienced Rams. Moore League opened with an emotion packed standoff against Wilson. A game total of ten fum- bles, a bad snap, last minute rally by Wilson, and an end of the game tussle all occurred in the 14- 14 tie. The eventual Moore League Champs, Compton, gave the Rams their last loss of the season. A strong showing by the Ram defense limited the score, 7-O, to a team averaging 26 points. Turn- overs, four in all, again plagued the Rams. Homecoming night versus Jordan found the Rams giving their all to cap a 41-8 romp. Tyrone Mitchell led all rushers with three T.D.'s com- bined with the flawless passing of AI Hawkins and Bill Towne who together went eight for eight. A fake punt and a nine yard pass by Ray Endres for a first down completed a successful evening. Recapturing the Donice Hamilton Trophy for a second year in a row was the result of the 26-13 victory over Ram rival, Lakewood. The trophy, in honor of Millikan's first assistant principal, is now even at ten wins, ten losses and one tie between the two schools. The Rams' dominating defense limited Lakewood to only four net yards on the ground with four OB. sacks, two by Carlo Caldarella. The regular season came to an end with a close one point victory over Poly. Brian Scanlan's extra point proved to be the difference, 7-6. The win secured second place in Moore League with a 3-1-1 record and a guaranteed spot in the C.I.F. Coastal Conference Playoffs. Awards were abundant to the Ram Varsity with eight players receiving All-League Honors and one player making both honored teams. All- League Offense selections included Tom Lent, Chris Harris, AI Hawkins, Tyrone Mitchel, and Carlo Caldarella. Defensive All-League awards went to Rick Tatum, Greg Johnson, Chuck Wil- liamson, Mark Rosen and the Defensive Player of the Year in the Moore League - Carlo Caldar- ella. MilIikan's awards went to Al Hawkins - Out- standing Offensive Player, Rick Tatum and Greg Johnson - Outstanding Defensive Players, and Carlo Caldarella - Most Valuable Player, as well as all C.l.F. selection. atSpaf.dts rt - firm-xafiieii W5 1 I.. . J.V.'S - FRONT ROW: P. Landeros, V. Caputi, H. Hughes, D. Brown, T. Weaver, P. Liles. 2ND ROW: E. Williams, N. Faracles, J. Talavera, B. Navarro, D. Raasch, K. Randall, T. Ellertson, S. Kaiser. 3RD ROW: Coach Evans, Head Coach Joseph, S. Farrow, P. Moore, S. Creel, T. Salem, R. Reed, Coach Smith. 4TH ROW: J. Lemmerman, A. Hamilton, T. Peralta, R. Whitaker, J. Callard, S. Bertz, J. Perkins, R. Tull. ABOVE: ESCAPING FROM opponent's grasp, sophomore Jim Surane presses undeterred to goal line. BELOW: WESTMINISTER PLAYER GETS IT AGAIN! Attention is focused on defensive player Paul Gleason as he downs runningback. t-. J.. ,. , "3f'Y'qa,'2,',Lit1,w?11 f, ' " '-QS'-iffy' N Wm-L., :I SOPHS FRONT ROW R Wheat J Vigil B Davis J Lay B Hall D Bujarski C Acosta T Oiree 2ND ROW F Sadler M Duffy M Coleman D Robinson D Bunker K Lau J Surane T Byrne R Seymour 3RD ROW Coach Zimmerman Coach Emery O Ramos P Gleason D Ott M Seckinton J Dumas T Springer E Burton Coach Joseph 4TH ROW D Mclntyre R Dahlen J McCown M Dixon D Sanford D Divelbliss T Richards D DAndrea R Fleming R Lehman D Barrett B Hankins R Daren D Rowe M Trudeau B Lashmett A Morales C Endersby FAR LEFT SOPHOMORE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Dan Rowe firesa bul let to tight end Terry Oiree UPPER LEFT TERRY OIREE holds as Orlando Ramos drills 32 yard field goal LOWER LEFT AS DOWNFIELD BLOCKING sets up Perry Moore securely snuggling ball begins his cut l T .. ,, ,. ,. ,. ,. 1- 1- ' .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. J- 1- 1- - I . , 1- 1- 1- 1- 1' 1-. 1- , . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. 1. . , . - 1- 1- 1- 1- 1,- 1- 1' I ' I' ,. ,. . . . , , 1 ' Il 1' 'Cf Y i . .1A' . I lt., I ' I TOP TERRY OIREE IS STOPPED dead in his tracks by Westminister defender. ABOVE: SUSPENDED IN MID AIR Terry Oiree begs for first down completion. J 1 9F99-'-4' Sophs Sustain Championship Status For the second year Millikan's sophomore foot- ball team clinched the Moore League Champion- ship with a 5-4 record. Under Head Coach Darrell Zimmerman and C.S.U.L.B. Student Coach Mark Emery the large 44-member Ram squad crushed the sophomore offensive scoring record in the Moore League. Most Valuable Player Dan Rowe and team cap- tains Terry Oiree and Jim McCown turned in all- around solid performances. Also contributing to the highly successful season were defensive play- ers Mike Dixon, David Divelbliss, and Dwayne Robinson. V Outstanding offensive players included Orlando Ramos, Frank Sadler, Mike Trudeau, Barry Hankins, Mike Seckington, and Russ Duren. This was Darrell Zimmerman's last year of coaching. During his 28 years as a football coach all over the United States he posted a 141-99 and 2 ties record. Head Coach Chris Joseph along with Coaches Evans and Smith guided the J.V. gridders to a 4-5 record. Playing against Westminister's second- string varsity the J.V. team was down 0-14 at halftime. During the second half though they powered their way to a 22-14 victory. Outstanding performances were turned in by defensive players Todd Ellertson and Vic Caputi and offensive player Tony Peralta. Sports - 3 1 J.V.-Sn' - ' -- VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Coach Brown, Manager Nick Papageorges, Charlie Bruffey, Scott Cosper, Walter Hamann, Kenny King, Richard Carl- son, Julian Rusinek, Coach Montrella. 2ND ROW: Jeff Jordan, Russ DeLong, Dave Smith, Manager Jamie Yamasaki, Greg Jury, Dwight Parker, Paul Nelson, and Manager Tom Mesa. ,4..f-""4 f"N ,. -:gf v ' I .iff :ff Jrif' .N V nk 4 I, -' fi , A A ,fb 1 In , y I f f ge- - , ,, . ' ' fb-Nl' 4 fi A :swf jf-f f-' . I 1 7 7 ' , ti L 1' T f r a t d 2' A P J I P 4 ABOVE: VARSITY M.V.P. Julian Rusinek displays his proficiency at tending goal, LEFT: RICHARD CARLSON ATTEMPTS to block a Jordan player's des- peration shot. LEFT INSET: CHECKING THE CLOCK for time remaining, Randy Hasson starts to move into his offensive position, RIGHT: FIGHTING T0 REGAIN possession of the ball, Team Captain Dwight Parker applies pressure to a Poly opponent. Sports 54 Water Polo IN THE FINAL MINUTES of the Lakewood Game, Jeff Jordan manuevers for an open shot critically needed point. BELOW: EYEING THE BALL, Brad Christensen prepares a steal for break. ' N is OW 'lv' :bags I JY 'Y -f-.-rr-- . - gl Rusinek Earns Polo Honors Junior Jeff Jordan and Senior Julian Rusinek received All-Moore League Honors for outstand- ing water polo techniques. Jeff was selected to the first team while Julian, the Rams' M.V.P., was named to the second team. Despite their excep- tional effort, the team placed fourth in league. "The team was young and did not have the experience at the opening of pre-season, although after a few games, they were improving rapidly. Unfortunately, our opponents improved at the same rate," explained Coach John Mon- trella. - After a discouraging defeat by Wilson 16-181, the tankmen bounced back at Jordan C9-61. Then, in the tension packed game against Lakewood, the team reluctantly received its second league loss C6-73. Finally, the future league champs, Poly defeated them Q3-121. Spear-heading the Rams' defense was goalie Julian Rusinek. He blocked 111 shots, a .787 average for the season. The offensive attack was led by Randy Hasson who had a season total of 36 goals, and Paul Nelson, the top Ram scorer in league competition. They received second team honors for their performances. Dwight Parker CTeam Captainj, Greg Jury, and Dave Smith were awarded Honorable Mention. The Junior Varsity poloists achieved campus fame by capturing second place, with a 3-1 league record. Ian Radcliffe, M.V.P., and Team Captain Ev Carmody organized and spirited the team to a 15-4 record. Melinda Schafer, the first girl in MiIIikan's his- tory to play league water polo, held a starting position on the Sophomore squad. The sophs suf- fered a rough season and finished with an 0-4 record. J.V. - FRONT ROW: John Drab, Simi Hamid, Ev Carmody, Jim Swain, Craig Van Sant. 2ND ROW: Brad Christensen, Jeff Shaver, Paul Moser, Jon Karabenick, Bob Mabry, lan Rad- . cliffe. SOPH - FRONT ROW: John Bissett, Lance Wood, Dave Henderson, Glenn Rogers, Scott Borclner, David Green. 2ND ROW: Chris Ater, Frank Bowen, Melinda Schafer, Adiu Bar- uch, Jeff Lussier, Mike Ater, Noel Russnogle, Mike Kumashiro, Jack Tanner. 3RD ROW: Mike " Mason, Curt Hill, Todd Stribich, Steve Beck, Rick Kee, Ken Rieder, Ted Zinger, Clay Gilman, Dwayne Dunnick. Sports Water Polo CAMARADERIE FOLLOWING Lakewood meet is exemplified by Kenneth Barne "wi Tw tk- 4 1' n 'i !fq?ffe-' t 1' 'W , U' . -O 4 0 few to I yin' 'oi -5. ab' QL. N f 1 ai. I , R113 ZMJ, 32 L fl, .- U 44i.I?""k 7,-:gi fd ,v'9'AI.m-'gf Vi .- 4 i -y f lf .oqd if 1 'l n fu, l O' .-, .7v.,.-:'-- J I is -F .lf EE ,I ii . J -.. , h.,.5'1 , f' A 4, v-5 A . ,JA .-eg,-,1j,. L F D -.1 ' vs i -nl fy ', K . 1 I Af 'Q J. , .X-t 'Y' . Y '-A X . . l . ' -i 4 ."i 3 . if . 1 ' V :f..Q. J-..:.'1w H 'mp Et ' ' Ae? 31,4544 22:12 .v9v.B'-if: ,Q t.. , r....... . - '- "'f"Qf-Q " fi if Q' FRONT ROW: Peter Gregory Steve Day Dan Buhler Steve Smith. 2nd ROW: Jon Hammond Kyle Lubsen Gary Daniel Mike Getscher BullEmerick S- u :Y ' 5 1 , .1 all-ff' hu N -'r', 1,1 . ,t ,, -- fp l 2 1, -'Qs :ff .1 r- 'fe 8 'Ai' is 2 ' . 3 4 i, - 4: QM Q b T 71 :N Q. OSTJXA W :Tal-.gill Q' . Z 4 'U , l' ,-6 ' -qs Y , 'N " ,, L 1' . .auf '2 ,hyat . ,,,f.r . i Rl LEFT: DAN BUHLER AND GARY DANIEL lead at the two and one-half mile mark. Endurance Key to Championships "The summer months became extremely important for conditioning purposes," stated Coach Mike Butler. He was referring to C.l.F.'s extension of the traditional two-mile course to a tougher three-mile one. This emphasis on endurance, rather than speed, did not hinder the Varsity harriers. They boasted an overall record of 7-2 and tied for the Moore League Championship. Superstars Mike Getscher, Kyle Lubsen, and i Gary Daniel led the Varsity to C.l.F. with times of ' 15:28, 15:35, and 15:46 respectively. Another positive aspect of the season was that the Varsity team knocked 1:05 off their times as a unit. The change in mileage was not the only adjust- ment the group had to handle. From the start of the season, not one of the top men was free from injury. A case of the flu also stranded ten to fif- teen members of the squad prior to the Compton meet. Coach Butler was especially proud of the J.V. team, who scored a perfect fifteen at all meets and was undefeated in Moore League. J.V. stand- outs Steve Smith 062301, Steve Day 063381, and Jim Evans C1 61525, carried their team through an overall 8-1 winning season. LEFT: THE FINISH LINE brings excruciating expressions to the faces of Kyle Lubsen, Jim Evans, and Paul Gastelum. FRONT ROW: Rick Jackson, Mark Calderon, Jim Evans, Tim Thrash, Jessie Romo, Bruce Wilkison, Ken Barnett, Mike Yramategui, Dana Braswell, Ralph Burkett. 2ND ROW: Don Miller, Paul Gastelum, Jesse Rose, Gary Owens, Carl Hottenroth, Russ Rodrigues, Harold Hicks, Mark Zion, Ted Mandryk, Phil Landeros, Howard Solovei. 3RD ROW: Dale Schmidt, Bill Morrison, Mike Evans, John Allison, Dave Foltz, Greg Breuer, Bob Enge, Gordon Fusik, Jim Compton, Bob Ashkenaze, Victor Duncan. LEFT: AFTER AN EXHAUSTING lst place finish, Mike Getscher receives congratulations from a Jordan opponent. Sports Cross Country 5 7 Height- Earns Cagers C.l.F. Having developed into an exciting and cohe- sive basketball team, led by the coaching bril- liance of Bill Odell, the Ram hoopsters entered Moore league play following a strong pre-season showing. A record of 8-5 was only an indication of the successthat would lead the Rams to a C.l.F. playoff birth. The league opener against Wilson revealed a fired-up Ram team that dunked the Bruins, 64- 44. The eventual league co-champion, Compton, evened the Rams record by dealing Millikan a loss, 74-68, after an exciting, close fought con- test. Making history was only part of the story in the wild victory over Jordan. Despite a late Panther rally, the Rams proved victorious, 100-89, for a Moore league single game scoring record. Five players scored in double figures with Doug Marty, Fred Moore, and Tyrone Wallace in the Twenties. A solid combination of teamwork and defense in the Ram gym. Again, five players placed in double figures. The first round ended with a 3-2 record for the Rams following an intense loss to Poly at L.B.C.C. Despite a 27 point effort by Doug Marty, the Rab- bits prevailed, 68-64. The second round opener Wilson revealed four rarely seen basketball statistics. The 57-55 vic- tory entailed an overtime, 25-29 free throws, a seldom used Gold offense, and Doug Marty breaking the all-time Millikan scoring record. A rare afternoon contest and costly turnovers ailed the Rams against Compton. The Tarbabes reigned, 83-52. The win verses Jordan, 83-72, guaranteed the Rams a C.I.F. playoff spot. Excellent teamwork and key steals by Barry Bartlett helped compile a 63 percent shooting average. Overtime is rare and four proved caustic as Lakewood won 92-91. A half-court shot by a Lancer sent it into number four with a dark out- come forthe Rams. A career high of 42 points for Doug Marty shone as the silver lining. League play ended with a defeat by Poly, 63- 57. The hot shooting of Duane Bergman - 18, and Barry Bartlett - 16, and 20 points by Doug Marty was not enough to overcome Poly's surge. The Rams entered the C.l.F. playoffs with a 13- 10 overall record after being matched with highly rated Morningside. Desire and determination enabled the Rams to battle back to a 53-52 lead after trailing all game, yet unable to hang on, the Rams' season ended, 62-55. closed the book on Lakewood with a 77-52 victory ..i .. - dv - if-L - ' Ii i.-if -gr' -4 . . ...xi M ix , ,F ' 1:--+41--N: I 'J "- 1. . - ' X . , .1" hi"5-W Q. " . Af- ff- Dia- -sled.. 5 . . ' . ' . Z' I .i 54 . r' 5 -1, r A MK l 1 L - ' : f 1 I - . , 22141 f' .ff 515 if if i -f-i:4.. f. - .-ff ', ' , a in A - ,Wi -, j,.j:- vi-. - I r I -.Q '.-fix-Li 4 5-i' ' ' ' fr. '- 25 .-Q11 'QQ-53? V T',f.'fh,.i uf: f . .-' -is ,.-lp.. 7 "" ..L,'L'f J'-',-'fi H-.-,gnilhe H- -'fi .- 15:1 VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Doug Marty, Phil Brown, Nick Dimas, Fred Moore, Dale Yamashita, Barry Bartlett. 2ND ROW: Manager Dave Glover, ,Mike Privette, Richard Ohl, Tyrone Wallace, Matt Woolbright, Duane Bergman, Chris Clark, Coach Odell. 1 ss l i fs:-fsewffl ' 5,111 ' 4' . Q:-5 i .Q if -,YH B f i " 1? X .Jr fi . IL, M . ' .I ' ilu if ' t . Ea f .- -. 1 -2 3 - ,Q 4 Z. - , E' ir.. . i . .it 5 ,-'Q i ' ii. J r 41 , ' X 1- I ' my, 'N l U llf H af' ' M I .'f ."7 r: " " -L 'ag Q 33 I uv 1 .F x .. ,fgln ' 1 Q v' 1 I 'T M 1-vi 1 ,l. 1, I ' 1 1 j"'f5' 'r . ,- W 5 'PH' n . -H 'N 3 I3 Y- D x x. E -Z 4+ X ff, Doug Marty Career at a Glance Most Career Varsity Games, 83 Top Free Throw Percentage, Season, 84.7 Top Free Throw Percentage, Career, 82.5 Highest Point Average, Season, 23.7 Highest Point Average, Career, 16.4 Highest Single Game Point Total, 42 Most Points in a Career, 1366 ri 1,4 Q-Q Q31 C? al ' XLMJ T S22 X 1- xi- i.:, 1 'XX - ' if , -' .15-A ' '. V .-4 . f T i 4. N t it m . ' ' 'xx r , - ' V. " X -' xx XXX' . I. I g X , vf. , .T V ' ix 'Va . ' . Y Tia . .5 .. G ' it ,I 7b A 'S . U 1: A 4 'V .- V If '. 4 2 ,fy I .1 A 1 .fy l ',' 'gay ' f k -if px K . , , X Sports Basketball ...CMA L. ,L , x W X k 5 'S 1 M 1 0 , ,, i I 5. - x ' I 2' 1 . I vv, 4. -ww , . .- 17 . z '- x, F. fx 'L L.- v :Zi '1 'Y ' 5 ' 'A ? .4 , 1 1 ' ' S f , ' E . P gd Y, I 'K V V Q , 5 ' A" ' ' U if ., 5. -5 :J Q , - Q .f 4 1 ,I J? I x 5 Q, U N , L I ,ill 1 f 1 Q ffc A' AM 51 43 Undergrads on Top Once More Once again Coach Haddy's undergraduates really did it to their opponents. The J.V. team, after losing two of their first four games, finished with an overall record of 18- 3 and went undefeated in Moore League play. The team was led by starters Mike Privette, Eddie Warren, Steve Boatwright, Eddie Moncayo, Bill Emerick, and Kim Nicholetich. Jeff Current was another starter until a broken wrist ended his season. The rest of the team included Brett Smith, Steve Fox, Mark Enyart, John McCraw, and Thurston Sawyer. After spending most of the pre-season on var- sity, Mike Privette returned to the J.V.'s to pro- vide consistent scoring. Eddie Warren and Kim Nicholetich gave the team much needed board strength, while Steve Boatwright and Eddie Mon- cayo did most of the playmaking. The hustle of Bill Emerick was always an asset. The Soph hoopsters made a late bid for the league championship, but were a little bit too late after a couple of close losses early in the season. Ending the league with a record of 7-3 the team finished in second place. They did win first place in the Sonora Soph Tournament, which Mike Sira- gusa won M.V.P. honors. Soph starters included Milind Ambe, Scott Hodson, Dave Rouse, Mike Siragusa, Scott Fox, Willie Wills, Dan Rowe, and Tim Lisenby. Top assist man Milind Ambe paved the way for scor- ers Willie Wills, Mike Siragusa, and Tim Lisenby. Leapers Scott Hodson and Dan Rowe dominated the rebounding, and Scott Fox added his com- plete all-around game to the teams success. Under new coach Greg Stone, the Soph reserves posted many big wins. Finishing the league with a perfect 10-0 record, the reserves easily won the title. Key players Phil Richter, Scott Pugh, Marc Sloan, Scott Yeaton, Russ Duren, and Tim Province all contributed greatly in their victories. They blew out many teams by twenty points or more. Sports 62 Basketball RIGHT: AFTER SQUEEZING BY his man, Mike Privette is left with an open jump shot. J.V.'s - FRONT: Kim Nicholetich, Steve Boatright, Eddie Warren, Bill Emerick, John Eddie Moncayo. 2ND ROW: Willie Wills, Steve Fox, Jeff Current, Thurston Sawyer, Mark Rick Jackson, Brett Smith, Coach Haddy. f . LEFT: LOFTING HIS SHOT over a defender, Steve Boatright scores BELOW: DIVING FOR A loose ball is Moncayo. Eddie Warren looks on. -szfc BELOW: SOPH'S - FRONT ROW: Bob Swanson, Doug Rouse, Milind Ambe, Jay Schulman. 2ND ROW: Mike Siragusa, Scott Yeaton, Dan Rowe, Scott Hodson, Tim Lisenby, Steve Roepke, Coach Engles. FAR BELOW: SOPH RESERVES - FRONT ROW: Tim Province, Phil Richter, Mike Ross, Bruce Williams, David Daniels, 2ND ROW: Coach Stone, Russ Duren, Marc Sloan, Scott Fox, Pat McElroy, Scott Pugh, Andy Morales, Kelly Stone. , LEFT: NEARING THE END ' " of a close first halt, Dave Rouse puts in the front end of a one and one. I 3, ,.e:T.. 4, v r ' ' 1 V Y' Y .R -A-L, f S' '93 t e t NTT..- Sports Basketball 63 ABOVE: STRONG ALL SEASON Julian Rusinek sights another victory over Anaheim in his specialty, Breaststroke. ABOVE RIGHT: LOOKING BACK OVER POOL, Simmy Hamid ponders Swimmers Share Second An early second place finish in the Moore League Invitational behind perennial power Wil- son, set the scene for MiIIikan's 1978 Varsity Swimmers. Losses to only top rated C.I.F. teams Mira Costa, Servite, and Wilson along with a disap- pointing loss to Lakewood, saw the Ram's season end with a superior 7-4 dual meet record. The Rams opened Moore League competition against Wilson. Being unable to upset the even- tual league champs, Millikan lost, 95-55. The Rams passed the century mark next, however, as they dunked Jordan, 126-27. A close fought, down to the final race loss to Lakewood, 8216-73172, was the final defeat of the Ram's season. A victory over Poly, 89-67, cli- maxed a 2-2 league slate and a third place behind Lakewood with the Moore League still to come. An outstanding showing at Belmont Plaza Pool during the Moore League Finals saw the mighty Rams top Lakewood with 211 points to Lake- wood's 173, for a second place tie in the stand- ings. Contributing to a highly notable season, Var- sity standouts, included two juniors who only lost once in their specialties throughout the dual meet season. Jeff Jordan compiled excellent times in his specialty, backstroke, along with being a strong leader in the butterfly. Scott Cosper went undefeated in the 500 Freestyle including a first place in the Moore Finals in that event. Sharing a large portion of the victories in freestyle.and especially the breast- stoke was Senior Julian Rusinek. Other Freestyl- ers included 'Dwight Parker - Middle Distance Free, and Randy Hasson - Sprint Freestyle. Paul Nelson provided excellent depth as well as leader- ship inthe Freestyle Relay. Three individuals and the Ram Medley Relay team qualified for C.l.F. Jeff Jordan, Scott Cos- per, and Julian Rusinek all headed to C.I.F. in their respective specialties. The Medly Relay team of Jordan - backstroke, Rusinek - breas- troke, Paul Moser - butterfly, and Randy Has- son - freestyle, led the season with many victo- ries and entered C.I.F. Prelims in the hope of over his last race. advancing further. Sports 54 Swimming .l 1.55-" .14 . I, YF ,T Ulf' ' ---.E .854 I CHECKING ON FINAL TIME, Middle Distance Freestyler Dwight Parker climbs out in anticipatio of a winning time. 'anv- THE BUTTERFLY LAP of the Medley Relay depends upon the efforts of junior Paul . BELOW. PROVIDING DEPTH an the freestyle relay, Paul Nelson pours it on for a team over Jordan. FRONT ROW: Tom Pegan, Brad Christensen, Charles Bruffey, Julian Ruslnek, Scott Cosper, Paul Moser, Jury, Jeff Jordan, Dwight Parker, Coach John Montrella. 2ND ROW: Mgr. Tom Mesa, Randy Hasson, Terry Smith, Paul Nelson, Ev Carmody, Walter Hamann. ABOVE: THE LAST TURN looms before Dwayne Dunnick dur- ing the 100 yd. Breastroke. BELOW: DILIGENT EFFORT pays off for Pat Perry in the Breastroke vs. Poly. BELOW: TIME KEEPING and race calls occupy the job of manager Nick Papag- eorges. . ,avr-5 ,ban Russ Sports Swimming .fg"E.v'i .fx .JL ,,-wg, I I AQ., ' fa.,g Xml AL ABOVE IN THE FINAL LAP of the 200 Freestyle Dwight Parker churns to a vlctory over Jordan BELOW DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST Jeff Jordan stretches back to wm has specnalty event the backstroke J' 'QP Q- f- f 4-sg' .,. ' 22' A ""ff'.- is-+.' .Az IT -l. M' L J, 1 n pt. H fx I 1 E ' ' 66 , ,. fs mi? 1-r .1 ' I, L ,- g VanSant Everett Carmody Bob Mabry Simmy Hamid, Dave Smith, John Karabenick, John Drab, Chuck Mann, Terry --1. LEFT ANTICIPATING THE GUN Pat Perry prepares a good start for an eventual first place finish. ABOVE RIGHT: CHECKING ON OPPONENTS Walter free, Chuck Mann - breastroke, and lan Rad- cliffe - butterfly, in which he placed first for a J.V. victory at the Moore Finals. Middle distance freestyle was .handled by Jon Karanbenick and Simmy Hamid. "The single most improved sophomore team I've ever had the chance to coach," were Coach Montrella's words to a stupendous, 8-3 overall season record for the Sophomore swimmers. Despite a strong showing in the Moore League Finals the Sophs settled into second place in Moore League competition. Two Sophomores, Todd Stribich and Steve Beck, found themselves swimming at the Varsity level in several key meets and doing exceptionally well in sprint freestyle and the breastroke. .1-4 FTW' 68 Sports Gymnasts y Jump into C.l.F. Lead Ram gymnasts swung into the season making school history by scoring the most points ever for the first meet of the year. Following this victory over Westminster, the succeeding meets against Pasadena and Huntington Beach found Millikan ranked first in C.I.F. competition. Superior routines were exhibited by senior Gary Hopkins, defending Moore League floor exercise champion, and iunior Steve Carlsen. Last year Gary placed second in C.l.F. all-around competition Call six eventsj and Steve was desig- nated best all-around sophomore in C.l.F. Other outstanding gymnasts included Ed Fos- ter - parallel bars, Paul Myles - floor exercise, Jim Gallagher - pommel horse, and Bob Coryell - parallel bars. Coaching the Rams toward their many victories was Fred Bellmar. Coach Bellmar lead Millikan last year to a fourth place finish in C.I.F. and a second place Moore League victory. As a result of the strong showing early in the 1978 season, Coach Bellmar foresaw a Moore League champi- onship for Millikan. '25 , as :Z Wil "file EAI' "VL legal. A A J' ' "1 ' ' fl! t it-2 i vi Y ii -ri , Gymnastics LEFT: A BACK LAYOUT is excellently executed by Paul Myles. RIGHT: DURING AI-'TE SCHOOL PRACTICE, Ed Foster perfects his parallel bars routine. BELOW LEFT: AMIDST STIFF COMPETITION against Pasadena, Bob Coryell accomplishes perfect form on the parallel bars. BELOW: TIMING, TALENT, and a lot of practice provide Steve Carlsen with his expert skill on the high bar. 571.41 ?'m"5' 5 ' fm'Q fWWW Al 'J' """' ' M' f f ' . , -S-H ..-, . , -fi? ' 55' il. 1- ' X ..,..L. , .. - ,V-,, 1 , , .1 - I X ' Y ,V wa- ' lv 7 ix YN, , -Q' 9 -A ffl? 1 1 11 ' ' 5- 'Q ' - 'I X7 'X U W xr" -, ' L L. A ,., -aw' C A Y 0 E! . f ae, 'H ,V f! ,FI 5 bf' . 9 ' x .f ' ' . ,-A 9.4 ":f.f" f Y 51 . -iv -' .. L ' , pf .Q 'n , 1 . - 1 -' ' ' . .f N, I xr.-. 1. ijt h I W 4- 5 at ' T 4 ' 5' , , 'X ' nk " f 151242 ,A , F ' ' V x f. .A- 'S 1 JJ l xy xy ' wr . P V V . ni A, 1-1.4 'ff 1 it " A 'V ae, A" V-A V ,. RIGHT: DISPLAYING WINNING FORM is Varsity standout Dave Phillips. BELOW RIGHT: HIGH JUMPER Tom Coleman "snakes" over the crossbar to clear 6'-4". BELOW: VERSA- TILE TYRONE MITCHELL breaks the tape in the 'IOO yard dash. 522' -4 S- 557356-1 .sypw-fm as-if and i VARSITY - FRONT ROW: John Allison, Ray Endres, Brent Kotinek, Pete Gregory, Greg Goodman, Ron Johnson, Nelson Cohen, Dana Braswell, Mike Yramategui. 2ND ROW: Glenn Griffith, Steve Smith, Kyle Lub- sen, Jim Tyler, Dave Acuna, Thomas Morris, Jeff Johnston, Tyrone Mitchell, Mike Getscher, Mike Evans, Steve Day. 3RD ROW: Steve Morris-Reade, John Hammond, Russ Rodrigues, Steve Boatright, Paul Young, Tom Coleman, Eddie Williams, Fred Moore, Bill Emerick, Gary Daniel, Dave Foltz, .lim Becker. 4TH ROW: Dave Phillips, Harold Hicks, Dale Schmidt, Pete Liles, Dave Hammond, Steve Tully, Bob Kiker, Cary Hill, Dan Buhler, Eddie Warren, Dan Anderson, Bill Morrison. Em i .'I ' -. LA dd v - " - J- 'J' ab ,ax A M.'-jg. at tl Y L, 1: , .W ' - -'- ,J - , .. I., - . 'fr " li fa, .--,I M! U M, l MJ M I I , ,N M H Al IL N . V AI , P ,LJ I fi, :Q L, L- .yi My z A 3. i , In A, ! X. 'gg L 'S - ' A 0 - " ' f ll I 'Y G., . M 1 NI . Ili 'X' - il fri ' Iii I lrrl, , I .',..l X 1 A . i K h ,V Q fv - fr 'S in -V 7 EQJQFQ - ' -i "' ' - i rr' ' ' ' ' 'lf fsi 4 -, ' P.. -I M H M , I I lil ii iw n it .1 . I 6 ' it . 'fl li I W ffm t V ' ' N tr -'LL L ' r f l -. I . L - Tffiiiqlggg W nn Iv- , fx. rr , ' o' 3 , R ff ff 'sv ,. xt-s" T 3455?-'ii' . ,J -f XA' A , ., '- I J -M f li I .V ' I I V I5 til' ' - ' N I A II. I ' . - Sports 8 Q 'Q if A I. M, , 6 ft .AN 1 ' 70 Track 5 A N ' Q' V , z ' , J ' 11 ' ' A -- A Q1 . A gc - I-I. A - .. l . ei ni ti ' -:Q S aaalefsl- 'f Tully, Phillips Lead Season And the race is on . . . Millikan along with the Wilson and Poly track teams got off to a soggy start due to the rains. The three Moore League contenders were confined to only a few pre-sea- son meets. Getting the season back on its feet were out- standing sprinters, Eddie Warren, Thomas Mor- ris, and Tyrone Mitchell. Coach Mike Butler was confident that his distance runners Kyle Lubsen, John Hammond, Mike Getscher, and Gary Daniel would do exceptionally well. Hurdlers who con- tributed to the success of the track team were coached by Darrell Zimmerman. Running wasn't the only adrenalin' pumping event. Field events proved to be a strong asset to the track .program with Shotputter Dave Phillips and Pole Vaulter Steve Tully both C.I.F. competi- tors. Pole Vaulting ran in the Tully family genes as Mike Tully, Steve's brother, held the world's indoor title. oach Halsted was in charge of Field events. Ray Endres, one of the top long and triple jumpers in Moore League Competition, won the decathlon for the third year in a row. Under the leadership of Head Coach Bucky Harris, the track team expected an excellent season. .-' ' I' -Af, 5. Sports Track 7 1 L Vw.-LM L . KC' EQ?fff5' pta Lv -- f . LN. My T,- Mg , H" lr ,. , rr, P", .- f . I ' r Q.- , I . ' .ff -. ..f"dt'r fl N Q - -rv ' 1 2 1 1 a M., I , I F! Li-xiii: K' - ' -V .A I I 'l 'L ., ' 812.55 . Y , , . , . - , ,, .1 . k..4'B V a 1' , ,' . l , , 'K' ...Q ,g '1 L"-in 1 NN 1 v... ,V 1 ..., na- Q. Q. Z'-X D, W .1 I . I. Y' I X 'sir'-Q-' ..4-,., K . A. . . 1 Plym X .V ' - -. ' b ,. 'Q' ' '..- -Q m ' 75' AI' I --5 . . , . . - 1. . , fi , X 1 - -x - .- . , A w "ou . U' x ' ""' , . we H- :QA-Lx... .V ' s' -, , V- . . . . 4 . . x n. , X ,Y,.,,p......- ' ' 1 . 1 - ' 's- -r vi QL' Y lux - . , .- . 1. .NY K X nr' 1 K. . ,Q ,.,, .V - K. N--.. V' "1 . '-ml ' --1 . ' ' v'N' -" AW! .. -, ...L v-..' -f xt' .QM QSWH' -,K U - , ,yr aim h Y 3,5-V.Y:g A . . n , . , 1 K, N 8 . um J , W' Q, ,'v-- M, LL ,1 . . udx. ,, ,hw .MI E., mul. , ,.-M' f - .- .N ax- r,. ., ..-fu . -8,1-f-1 - - . . M -lc :.kx,,5Q,, .. - ag: H -, :- 1 V ,, ja- ,XE X, ,Q NJA. ,U M 1 Q. E MQ? 2 sr-. .. if W- hw, w-- -fr-:xi:.+-A y - , - .,... .-.N Th x 1. M K, - .- AQ. -- - s. , .. A 0 4 .,bfw Aw- wQN-Kfwhh vvfMwq: ff.2Pww13bfW1Qf Vypi X 'xi v sblwxuk V .ix-gs. k Q Sm x ky 1,5 :MTA x L x B 1. f : 'N I- .. L, V levvs rt x 'Q W h 'Xxx ' . by .rx :ww Q N+ . M w 1 X xgxx xl, . , XA .Nik ws --ak . x 1. v. . - .. -Y"-xiii: - - ' --A M- . my f, ., 'R-5 .,"3 X-yyx. v-. fp' ' sy ..,, - 1- 43 -I ry ig gi: 5-A xl N ' f ' ' ' VX' + T"3.f "W . , N gm . ,N -. ku Jr.. Q-:- N 'Q '. Ani? Mis -. . N 4-, xx.. 1 4 mf- 1 . .ima-. f . , - ' wa, - 'N cf wisw- ...Q -nf' R I. ig XX'-, Ni... 1' ' s .Ny ,x S K X . v.."'f. 0 My X . w yt '-f 'V ,.. . "I v . W- A sit ,JL -. A .N Q . 41, M35 F EQ' ' ' ' ' M .. f n , I., I .iw .. A , v w""Y A. ii- " M xx t It-. 3-- , :L I. J.V.'S - FRONT ROW: Steve Rose, Alvin Zimmerman, Matt Delaney, Randy Tozier, Tim Thrash, Kirk Davis, Gary Ger- ber, Ken Barnett. 2ND ROW: Jim Compton, Tony Foley, Thurston Sawyer, George Marentis, Dave Friese, Matt Paige, Chris Condon, Bill Weakly, Rick Jackson, Alan Friedman. 3RD ROW: Kyle Cottrell, Don Miller, Stan Kaiser, John Maligie, Paul Gastalum, Onofre Guterrez, Bruce Wilkinson, Carl Hottenroth, Bob Ashkenaze, Phil Landeros. .J-ff" , t." 1' SOPH'S - FRONT ROW: Israel Perez, Raman Vasishth, Dennis Gath, Eric Profaca, Paul Rednor, Jim Evans. 2ND ROW: Jim McGowen, Robert Enge, Andy Morales, Jim Simpson, Bob Lee, Scott Hodson, Richard Airhart. 3RD ROW: Marvin Rogow, Greg Lyon, Jay Schulman, Bruce Williams, Rick Gamble, Jesse Romo, Gary Owens. ABOVE LEFT: IN A VAIN attempt to clear 6'2", Steve Boatright keeps a close watch on the bar. ABOVE RIGHT: EXHAUSTED AFTER the final kick, Mark Zion breaks the tape in the J.V. two mile. Sports J.V.-Soph. Track 7 nxt . 1 L -1-vf' .. .l,i ' v. Xxx x Ki L , I i . I I K X I 4 A x J XT,-,,'.'xsxssg,, " "'t-- .-1-1--Q--,.,., vii' ..l....',.,,.A LEFT: RETURNING VARSITY PLAYER Don Ceglar slices serve to ace Beverly Hills opponent. TOP: ANDY CHILD COM- PLETES a forehand down the line to cap- ture a Ram victory. ABOVE: PLANNING T0 HIT a drop shot to Lakewood competi- tors is Jeff Race. l' f +214-i 4+-5+ l i l Q 3-iseqff ,iiliztiilaitp GETTING DOWN LOW to reach ball, John Racquetmen Post Win Over Wilson During pre-season practice games, Ram rac- quetmen displayed top form against strong C.l.F. contenders. A decisive win over Wilson in the league opener led the Rams to strive for the top Moore League berth. The team's strength was anchored in returning junior and senior varsity players. Solid singles performances were turned in by Don Ceglar and Jeff Race while John Black and Andy Child united to form a powerful doubles team. Dave Radford stepped in as the new J.V. coach, leading the team to an impressive pre-season record. Junior Varsity standouts included Rob Dalton, Randy Raymond, and Dale Schueller. JUNIOR VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Javier Sale, Don Mueller, Robert McNally, Kevin Notrica, Forrest Golanty, Randy Simon, Rob Dalton, Jeff Cooper, Dan Rodriguez. 2ND ROW: Rob Small, Randy Raymond, Jeff Deane, Mike Ho, Mike Carr, Dale Schueller, Rich- ard Raynes, Brian Elkins. 3RD ROW: Rob Slogar, Jory Barrad, Greg Hagey, John Billovits, Mike Cruz, Mark Slomann, Bob Ewald, Richard Kitano. I - ' ..' i .LEW "ff" I EXECUTING A SWEEPING topspin forehand, Matt Boone slams the ball. 1 i K 1 VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Matt Boone, Tom Stover, Rudy Zambrano, Don Ceglar, Jeff Race. 2ND ROW: Rob Dalton, Bruce Gardner, Andy Child, Steve Teodosiadis, John Sports Tennis. g gg , .,.,, we . ir't'tiiez2'4 W Cowart Leads Varsity They play at Eldorado Park and they were 1977 co-champions in Moore League. Who else could they be but the Millikan Golf Team? Under the coaching of Jim Haddy, Millikan expected to do even better this year. Returning lettermen Dave Cowart played Var- sity all three years. The other returning lettermen to lead the team to victory included Chris Elvert, Bob Hartung, Scott Harrison, Eliot Mason, Mike Rutz, and Bob Varechok. Dave was named All League in his Sophomore and Junior year as well as most valuable player last year. To cap oft a co-championship last year, Mike Rutz shot a hole-in-one against Poly, one of the few in Moore League History. J.V. - FRONT ROW: Craig Chessmore, Mark Yano, Gary Stone, John Kiley, Robert Swanson, Kelly Stone. 2ND ROW: Coach Haddy, Brian Baker, Richard Rimlinger, Bob Dollar, Jeff Pear- son, Scott Dietschak. VARSITY: Coach Haddy, Bob Hartung, Dave Cowart, Scott Harrison, Mike Rutz, Eliot Mason, Bob Varechok and Chris Brimhall. Activities 7 6 Golf .JGQEQ5 fVf-5xfS'F'- 'fg,,',,x,1i V--4 u .e gr ABOVE: RAIN IS A NATURAL handicap for Mike Rutz practice at Eldorado. BELOW: DISPLAYING EXCELLENT Scott Harrison tees off against Wilson. Qs. .4 I 04-Sv' 1 3, Ni 'J xv. -v .,.-av -fo-ser-any 11 f .g. t IM . N. 4 "via, , Y. ,F 'L uf .. Q. 41 .,,- Ls? .1 A, -Q -. ' ' x 4 , L - . -1 w if " 1 4 ' If ,S 'I ' cr sh . X' I ' . ' , rw. 1 I . x 'r .N ' n T' - r Q1 b - 4 . I I r " F 'f ' , , is , . .E 1',5'1- 4 - .1 ' ,. .gd 1 .' ', A A ' "1,.'w ' , 1 , I' - -gf ,, .g ik 1 'haf :Ff- . .- '3,af.,,:... fifff"f:5f 01. .'21.f nu-A 'C .. if - .. ,, .. L-.. ' W . .. , .f Ut '.'..f'fj .'." 4. 'Av .Z fx. , T1 -,--71' FT: ,j.".:3-'-,341 . -fr ' '.,' F'-'11 K"i'.:1 "gf 3?-5512 'ikmgg-25 :..'- - .I K, A., ,.!'1. ff-1 4' -. P33511 .,,,-f .nn 5.11252-A ' 'Jr ' g i: .Wd ,.' .3-rw.-1 .. ,. .. v 52.0 ,f 'ff'.'I-s.Mr- 595' xi a ufnqfr A :f . fa' sigffhff gi, Q-4'L'I'17' A' 1 L , E 13 1, -iv f' sf- 11.11. ,V I 5 f, Q' X.. -4 A .v 1. Q , n .,'. ,H r 1 . x 2 V ,-, yd... yn., is 5 Zi" U . fi fs' Rifle and Drill Teams Unite The boys' Drill Team and Black Berets, under the command of Sgt. Glenn Blackwell and the girls' Drill Team, coached by Sgt. Frank Zamar- ripa dominated the Army-Army competition early in the '78 season. Both groups participated in the Pan American and Las Vegas parades. In the past two years the Millikan High Drill Teams have placed third and second in the over- all Southern California competitions. Further- more, three of the four most honorable city posi- tions were collected by Millikan team members. In addition, Millikan was the top-rated school in the 1978 Long Beach City inspection. Under the guidance of Darrell Louder, the Rifle team retained their seven-year reign as the first place team in the inter-city shooting competi- tions. Top shooters were Jim Rueff, Jimmy Lib- bon, Patty Soldin, and David Schorr. In addition, the team secured four of the four top rifle-shoot- ing awards while placing third in the San Diego State meet. Both teams worked together in instilling pride and unity within the groups. A cooperative effort produced over 1250 cans to decisively win the Christmas can food drive. ln addition, backpacking in the Sierras, a Spring Camp at Camp Pendleton, summer trips to military bases and the annual military ball were just a few of the activities which were extremely successful due to the cooperative efforts by members of both teams. An added sparkle to the shining accomplish- ments of both teams, was an outstanding honor bestowed on a member of the boys' Drill Team. Mike Scanlan previously voted the City Staff Com- mander, was nominated for the West Point Mili- tary Academy. 78 Sports Rifle and Drill Team YL RIFLE TEAM MEMBERS demonstrate prone position. Qi, ff "2 'N Q 1" R.O.T.C. SHOWS PRIDE in their success in the can food drive. GIRLS' DRILL TEAM - FRONT ROW: Casey Gooch, Grace Scott, Arlene Morales, Doris Kim brough. 2ND ROW: Sgt. Frank Zamarripa, Debra Collins, Sheree Blankenship, Connie Jackson Jeanie Truax, Cathy Mathews. mi-'Q ABOVE: PREPARING T0 EAT at the officers' October banquet at Lido's are Lynn Kolm and Kent Hayward. RIFLE TEAM - FRONT ROWS Jimmcy Libbon, Nllpheile Nuttall, ABOVE2 R.O.T.C. OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Jimmy Libborl, Jim Rueff, Debra C0lliI'lS, , Fi0b8I'1 Yi- 2ND ROWI Tim Oli, Jeff LGITCYIEF, LHUYIC David Schorr, Curtis Lyles, Darryl Fong, Mike Butler, Mike Scanlan. 2ND ROW: Rudy Pat1y Soldin, Mr. Louder. Zambrono, Jeff Leitcher, Sgt. Glenn Blackwell, Sgt. Frank Zamarripa. XBOVE: BLACK BERETS - FRONT ROW: Tom Borhamer, Patty Soldin, Jerry Liner, Grant Ford, Greg Davis. 2ND ROW: Wade Croissant, Cunis .yIes, Gregory Cabral, Jack Jorgensen, Tony Trias, Mark Russnogle. 3RD ROW: Dave Koon, Brian Mancock, Floyd Mireles. Sports Rifle and Drill Team Ram Dynasty Ends The Ram's dynasty in Moore League Wrestling after seven years was ended by their dual meet losses to Jordan and Lakewood. Both losses were decided by one match. "With a good 98-pounder, we could have won six out of the eight matches we lost Cincluding the two lklneoore League defeatsJ," stated Coach Lillen- rg. The matmen faced a tough pre-season due to their lack of several wrestlers who were still in football. The overall improvement in league opponents and the fact they had only one return- ing varsity letterman contributed to their rough year. The Rams opened their league competition with an easy win over Wilson Q40-211. The match was highlighted by the outstanding upperweight divisions. The grapplers then traveled to Jordan where they battled aggressively but were defeated 130-273. A week later, the uppenrveights won the necessary last three matches, but still lost to Lakewood by one point Q30-293. Finishing up against Poly, the wrestlers enjoyed an easy win Q73-81. Scott Trommald, Greg Johnson, Randy Hau- sauer, and Tim Bailey all won their respective weight categories. Johnson and Hausauer advanced to C.l.F. finals but did not place. The J.V.'s succeeded in winning their eighth League Championship "with excellent perform- ances" from Craig Cameron who went unde- feated, and Chris McElroy who won his second League Championship. Other champions were Greg Apfel, Tom Webster, and sophomores Tony Laspesa and Aubrey Branson. RIGHT: SEITING UP a "Double Arm Bar" against a tougkh cggponent is Randy Hausauer. BELOW: EXECUTING PE - CT LY Greg Johnson works a "Chicken Wing-Bar Arm." Sports 30 Wrestling 'Ti 1- -4 .W 1 1 h V ' 'x ,U ' ' ' 1 ' H ji ,X " at' , Q v- , 12' - f - ,Wx D 1 ' g 4. ' ,f fu 4 W qi 3 22-f 1:. ff.. ' LV 'ff ', Z .4 'S' "xl X 'L ' - L R" 5 - ' NF? 1 A KZVW1 ?' F X.f an ,,.v ,. fiiiv A , 1 .CLE Efa AK-'I'-u Q 55 513- ,-f"""',---1-n-K-MF, 'mi .. Jig, px, -' M- . -,w- NX Q P r l a i?fYxfN H, -4' ,xii i A I. .r K If-X -i..-i, OVE: AGGRESSIVELY PREPARING for a "cross face cradle" Bill Blatn LOW: NEEDING CRUCIAL POINTS for a superior victory, Blatnik checks cl I I match. I-"5 QQLL., rf 'I n v ' J.ju111ffTf ' 37' ' 'ia 1 ,'5f,hQJ:z' - 'gf I ' 534 f'f--,,. ,xl 'ff-Jtf'- W 'Q' 411.4 4 SH. lag 'I yi A x X , J '-3' r 5' B 'Ti f -Sf x Z 1 'S-en x lf' -q x. .lf 1 1 -J """ 1 W, ' RIGHT: THE PITCHING DELIVERY of fireballer Ron Tron makes him the most feared flamethrower in the league. I II V, ABOVE: SLUGGER Gary Derks takes an outside fastball in the Artesia game. RIGHT: AFTER SMACKING A GROUNDBALL speedster Kevin Heitman strains to get on base. Sports 84 Baseball Sluggers Start Strong "I had a very good feeling about last year's team." "l was very happy about their success," stated Coach Ardie Boyd when questioned about the 1977 Varsity baseball team. The success Boyd referred to was the team's ability to advance to the C.I.F. semi-finals before being beaten by the eventual champions San Gorgonio, 3-1. Last year's squad, which was among the top four teams in the C.I.F. competition relied on strong pitching and steady defense. Since that time, many changes took place in the 1978 varsity program. A change involved a new C.l.F. rule set the beginning practice date ahead two weeks. The team's loss of fourteen days of preparation did not hurt them as badly as the unexpected heavy rains that forced postpone- ment or cancellation of several practice games. Daily practices became a day-to-day proposition and there was a threat of the rain extending into the first half of Moore League play. lnexperience was the initial over-all outlook of the team's talent in 1978. The Rams returned only five lettermen from last year's squad and just three of those players, Gary Derks, Frank Fol- Iowell and Kevin Heitman, saw regular action. The supposed inexperlence never appeared in pre-season play after the team emerged with a 3 win-1 loss record. Artesia was the only setback in the pre-season opener that saw Frank Followell pitch an excel- lent game but come up short-handed, 2-1. The team bounced back quickly though as they gained a 6-4 decision over South Torrance, a slashing of Redondo, and an 8-4 ripping of Pius X. Ron Trott and Steve Mabry turned in stellar pitching performances while Wally Walrod, Gary Derks, Carlo Caldarella, and John Blood were the hitting standouts. 1978 was a year that saw the Rams play more games at Blair Field. But due to a wet field at Blair, the Moore League opener was moved to Millikan where the Rams prevailed over Wilson 2- 0. Frank Followell looked sharp in striking out six and walking 1. Gary Derks had both R.B.l.'s with a screeming triple to right-center field. Compton became the Rams 5th victim in a row as they annihilated the Tarbabes 10-2. Ron Trott and Steve Mabry combined to hold the opponents to just five hits. Chris Bradshaw, Wally Walrod, and Kevin Heitman had eight of the team's thir- teen hits. The Moore League was stronger over all, but with a fast start, Millikan looked like serious con- tenders in the Moore League Title chase. ROW h . Hart, Tom Braun, Kevin Heitman, Lance Pierson, Wally Walrod, John Blood. 2ND C rbs Chris Bradshaw, Steve Lyons, Tim Bennett, Gary Gringham. 3RD ROW: Susan a ve Derks, Barry Bartlett, Ron Trott, Steve Mabry, Chuck Williamson, Assistant Coach BARRY BARTLETT HESITATES on a low curve ball in the Redondo match. RIGHT the game is Wally Walrod. Baseball X Sports 8 5 .J.V.'s Push for League Crown ln a year of starting spring practice two weeks late, the Ram J.V.'s showed in their pre-season play how much two weeks of practice can mean. The Rams had shown some inconsistency in their early play, but by the time the league season started the Rams were ready. Displaying good team speed and solid pitching in their first two league games the Rams stole ten bases and had excellent pitching performances from Junior righthander Ed Wilcox and Sopho- more Steve Varechok. The league opening game with Wilson was a showcase for what Coach Bruce Brown felt could be a major deficiency for the J.V.'s, the lack of any real power hitters. Although the Rams lost only 2-1, they could not manage a single hit. The strong pitching of Ed Wilcox kept the outcome of the game in doubt. The following week the Rams made believers out of some doubters when they exploded for 13 hits in a 12-4 shellacking of Compton. Millikan was led in the hitting department by Terry 0'Riee, Chris Yates, Lance Followell, and John Hart with two hits apiece. With the Flams playing the type of baseball they were capable of, they showed that when the time came for the Moore League Champion to be decided, they were right there at the top. f .ii-if 'ii xg. lt? QQ. : 1' 53.5 gee' A ' 'Q'--. .V . .25--.,f3,j5a 5.4 J' :I , u 1. - .-J6nQ5,,qg'4 -, ar .-'Q' ,g v .V .. .-.., ,f .v "T-.' "1 L M-A -vo---Q .5134 --.Q 1. . .--5. --..-,. -. l mm' I. . ,fn , ' 1, L ,,....4j I 'hifi tiki: as 'Y ff arf" ,J L, . S, f'f' '5 Jia' "" h. . Jn- 1-,. . 3,35 ,U rfb. -' - , .,,x. . :- YJ -11... 352-if-f,3' p .pq ,vit 3.-'fc' ,K ' M - f,, v ABOVE: J.V. HITTING STAR John Hart connects for a single. ABOVE RIGHT: SOPHOMORE HURLER Steve Vare- chok hums his fastball toward the plate in Compton win. 86 Sports Baseball fllffi ffl!! , , 7Iff'f P . 4 I 5 th' 3' A - ---. I 'vu' - , . '-'- D . . A ' v. if -. V' .h it Q , X LEFT: SOPHOMORE Dave Rouse scores one of 12 runs in rout of Compton. ROEIT ROW: Doug Groves, Dan Swift, Jim Surane, Tim Province, Terry O'Riee, Jerry Liner, Mike Siragusa, Marco Tostado. 2ND ROW: John Perkins, Scott IIN ' our, Dave Rouse, Pat Parsons, Phil Richter, Joe Grayston, Dave Daniels John Hart, d Wilcox, Lance Followell Jeff Current, Dan Rowe, Steve Varechok. 3RD ROW. Coach Bruce Brown, Lori Rankin, Chris Yates, Bob Fleming, 1 . LEFT: LANCE FOLLOWELL makes head first dive back to bag in Compton game. Sports Baseball Bump, Set, Spike - Win! And "Moore" After successful pre-season play with a 5-7 record, Girls' Varsity Volleyballers went into Moore League play. Led by Kelly Figueroa, Moore League Volleyball Player of the Year, and two other All-Leaguers, Janet Hansted and Sue Miller, the team dominated in Moore League with a 9-1 record and captured the first place title. J.V.'s also 9-1 in league, lost to Jordan. In the first round, Rams lost only to Wilson after going three rounds in the best 2 out of 3 games of play, C13-15, 15-12, 15-51. Returning Varsity players were super-server Sandy Smyth, setters - Sue Miller and Janet Hansted, and Nlost Valuable Player, Kelly Figueroa. Completing the team were setters Timarie Lawrence and Julie Garner, and spikers Cheryl Racobs, Lucy Miller, and Honorable Mention Mary McNam Undefeated in the second round, the over-powered the Bruins Q15-13, 15-12, 1 Compton C15-2, 15-21, Jordan Q15-4, 15- Poly C15-9, 15-11, and beat Lakewood in an standing performance C15-11, 13-15, 1 which clinched the league title and moved t up to the C.l.F. playoffs. They eliminated M Dei but fell short to the 1976 C.l.F. Cha Laguna Beach. The Girls' Varsity Tennis team finished thi league competition. They sent three player Lisa Horowitt, top singles player, Carrie M and Hene Cabarrubias, doubles team, to ind ual Moore League competition. The doubles team lost early in the first ro while Lisa Horowitt went one step further by ning her first pairing, but losing in the second Coach Phyllis Horowitt was proud of her team which took first place, with a 9-1 ov showing. Returning Varsity players were Lisa Horo Jane Nickles, Sue Chartier, Virginia Long, a sisters doubles team - Kim and Kevin Clous league standings, the Varsity record was six and four losses, falling to Poly and Lakew twice. Outstanding match of the season was shut-out against Jordan, taking all 18 points sible in team scoring. VARSITY - FRONT ROW: Manager Tammy Masten, Sue Miller, Janet Hansted, Timarie Lawrence, Julie Garner. 2ND ROW: Cheryl Racobs, Mary McNamee, Kelly Figueroa, Lucy Miller, Sandy Smyth, and Manager Jan Carlson. l -,---"l lt' J.V. - FRONT ROW: Phyllis Savedra, Kristin Rosenqvist, Janet Garner, Ida Attardo, Margaret Alvarez, Lynn Williams. 2ND ROW: Marcia Tor- ney, Laura Frost, Shari Sanders, Nancy Caron, Mary Wilkins, Lisa Law- . rence, Michelle Seckington. I"' l l J VARSlTY TENNIS -- FRONT ROW: Henedina'Cabarrubias, Sue Chartier, Lisa Horowitt, Julie Contreras, Jane Nickles, Vir- ginia Long, Carrie Marks, Kim Clouse. J.V. - SECOND ROW: Jane Neidl, Naomi Yamashita, Melody Dawson, Jeri Buck, Angie Moskalenko, Janet Uhde, Rhonda Camblin, Julie Nicholson, Jean Comiskey, Peggy Hallstrom, Cheryl Novak, Rebeca Nlancilla. 88 Girls' Sports VolleybalI!Tennis .111 'Ili' TOP: ECSTASY - VOLLEYBALLERS Win their first round game against Mater Dei in C.I.F. play. ABOVE LEFT: NUMBER ONE VARSITY PLAYER, Lisa Horowitt forehands to victory against Wilson ABOVE RIGHT: FOR THE SET AND SPIKE - Kelly Figueroa bumps against Jordan. BELOW LEFTQ BUMPING T0 THE SETTER is Sandy Smyth in the home game against Lakewood. BELOW CENTER: GAME, SET, MATCH! Hene Cabarrubias and Carrie Marks win against Compton. BELOW RIGHT: Girls' Sports VoIIeybaII!Tennis is -5' TFT 3 ...iw 1 3,5 mr PM 9:41 . 1-L ii75?:,"f5?s'i'Q" .- ,If -' ' r '-r-zz, j?q3-gif "EV .. ' 1.-L e- 'fF5vf '.P" Q:-. K : Im,1'e-av , Q.-Le: ,- - ,..- -- I I f-..:fgg-gif? 1- Q nf-j"'e-' - - ,,. - . I . 1 ir - .. a. , -, V. ,M ' . 'ii ff -aff? ,, an - , ,I Y-L , .- vt L .. -1-.-. .1:g.e.. .Y 'X ' 'fix' .7 .,. ,, .--,- ,.,, . . , I . g . , ,a f we ,. I 1 rr vm - ff. , x55s'V"f'12-as ' ' ,-1' Y -5, , iq, Q . ,F 'Www 49? . ' A '- y ,- 'sv A-WX., ', r f, - 3 2 . - "' .. Q. ' 'N ' -V ff, , - V. - - v " X A -L .+. was J' - f ' - ' g- - 2,..r,.. ax ,1 - ' pt., S x K... . V t L Y- , N i 4. -w -wma., 'X ff- 4. 'F , X pr us' 5 1 I 1 I ft i vs Q Q i N, ,fp 4. Q5 ig, H . . Lxq ,X Q dw X -' -5 Im x -T, 16' r x 0 f .- W s i N hx 4, ,sf x ff. 1 ABOVE: WARIVIING UP before the Wilson meet is backstroker Karen Ellis, RIGHT: STRIVING FOR a faster time, Melinda Schaffer sprints to the finish. BOTTOM: ANXIOUSLY AWAITING the end of the third quarter are Michell Seckington, Lisa Lawrence and Cheryl Racobs. .Wa SWIM TEAM - FRONT ROW: J.V. - Leslie Feldman, Linda Shaffer, Cathy Fraser, Loraine Duacsek, Sue Smith, Marcia Turley, Terry Hines, Carolyn Bell, Shelley Knight, Jamie Cawley, Karen Brun, Lauri Sherlock, Dana Staxrud. NOT PICTURED: Jill Winchester. 2ND ROW: VAR. - Michele Melnikoff, Rhonda Alger, Chris- teen King, Laura Windell, Karen Ellis, Velma Griggs, Melinda Schafer, Mary McNamee, Janie Galusha, Anita Rusinek, Shari Sanders, Jennifer Gierswold, Heidi Keele, Cathy Lorenz, S Sports 90 Girls' Swimming I -4-'R '13-V 5, .fi ,-93" S JJ' w.?FFE. P wiv.. x '41 .6 4,5 3 .3 r Y ,-it wif! Y A Y "" .ww 'un in in s 14 W 'y 'R' 3 'I Varsity Vets - Team Asset Returning Varsity swimmers were Carolyn Car- ver, Janie Galusha, Heidi Keele, Chris King, Mary McNamee, Michele Melnikoff, and Laura Windell. Karen Ellis, Jill Winchester, Anita Rusinek, Janie Galusha, Laura Windell, and Heidi Keele led the team through each meet. ln the words of coach Judy Edmiston, the girls were skilled enough to have a strong season. Girls' Varsity Basketball had a forceful pre-sea- son record of 7-3. Kim Clouse, Jan Carlson, Kelly Figueroa, Cheryl Racobs and Sandy Smyth were returning Varsity players. Rebounding was a key factor in their wins with Gigi Hauter, Cheryl Racobs, and Sandy Smyth leading in this area. Jan Carlson, Kim Clouse, Kelly Figueroa, and Karen Milstead were strong in racking up points. The Junior Varsity basketball team also per- formed well in pre-season play, with a final record of eight wins and two losses. Coach Suzanne Miguel felt their positive points were "a winning desire and their receptivity to learning." Sports Girls' Basketball 91 if FAR RIGHT: SENSING VICTORY against Jordon, Jami Walker strains for the tape. RIGHT: SET- TING A STEADY PACE, Susan Lubach competes in Moore League Finals. . ffl'-' K. 1 l .1 ' ' s TRACK - FRONT ROW: Debbie Boetto, Cindy Anselmo, Cherrye James, Cordelia Doxy, Patty nf' r - Ater, Pat Washington, Debra Dean, Susan Lubach. 2ND ROW: Lynn Williams, Neylan Bergun, I Erin Griffen, Theresa Hanssen, Maria Harvey, Lisa Morton, Karen Molina, Debbie Wilson. 3RD ROW: Mr. Zimmerman Ccoachj, Marianne Harb, Kathy Kester, Betsy Paige, Melinda Schafer, Felecia Ciesla, Piper Ridenour, Terri Adams, Cindy Rord, Pan Jewell fcoachj. uw. 1.1-i..l .J ' vi. I . L- , 1-ldinfig. I CROSS COUNTRY - FRONT ROW: Karen Molina, Amy Cohn, Debbie Wilson, Cathy Deeble, Piper Ridenour, Lisa Berryman. 2ND ROW: Jami Walker, Kathy Kester, Marianne Harb, Susan Lubach, Margaret Neff, Stephanie Carreiro. RIGHT: SHOWING PERFECT FORM Melinda Schafer follows through with put in after-school practice. i 92 Sports Cross Country, Track Cross Country, Track Make Debut Entering the girls' sports scene for the first time in Moore League competition were Cross Country and Track. Both drew a surprising num- ber of dedicated girl runners in the newly created teams. "The girls were enthusiastic, but it took, the whole season to get ready," explained Cross- Country Coach Pam Jewell. Excessive injuries, due to lack of preparation, hampered the young team throughout the season. Although the team compiled an outstanding meet against Jordan, the season was something of a disappointment, but with several returning veterans, next year promised better records. Top runners of the two-mile course included Kathy Kester, Jami Walker, and Susan Lubach who placed in Moore League finals. Returning to coaching track after an absense of several years found Darrell Zimmerman lead- ing the Girls' track team. Despite the initial year, Coach Zimmerman expected a strong showing. An impressive slate of girl spikers made up the first Ram team. Melinda Schafer and Cherry Blankenship dominated the put circle. Sprinters Patty Ater, Cordelia Doxy, and Cherrye James doubled as relay team members. Coming from a fine cross-country season, Kathy Kester, Susan Lubach, Piper Ridenour, and Marianne Harb ran the distance events. Leaping hurdles were Debbie Wilson and Karen Molina. All expected to do their parts for a league win. LEFT: FLYING HIGH, Debbie Wilson competes in Lakewood relay. KATHY KESTER relies on last drop of energy to reach finish line at Jordan meet. Sports Cross Country, Track Alba Leads New Team With a first place finish in the Poly Invitational Gymnastics meet, the newly independent Girls' gymnastic team rolled into their year with a bang. Under team leader, Diana Alba, seventeen girls competed in free floor exercise, vaulting, parallel bars, balance beam, and tumbling events. Outstanding Varsity-all around was senior Debi Surane and Juniors Diana Alba, Karen Leuer, and Rhonda Rouch. On the the Junior Varsity side, Sophomore Janine Yoakan and Junior Lori Barr captured outstanding honors. Non-competitively, the team held the first Cart- Wheel-A-Thon to raise the money needed for a padded balance beam and new leotards. ln it's second competitive year, the badminton team Csporting new uniforms and racketsj actively sought the number one position in the Moore League. They competed in a total of four- teen Moore League matches and also in two prac- tice matches against Loara and the highly-rated Mira Costa team. Added to the list of competing Moore League schools were Bellflower and Artesia High Schools. ' Y I U j V -. l- I f- '. .t -, ,. Y, . I !Y-7? ii. . . WINDING UP FOR overhead smash against tough opponent Poly is Sonia Simp- SOFI . Sports 94 Gymnastics MAKING THE BEST of teamwork Jane Nejdl and Marcia Tc ney fight for a point. ., ,- .-"wifi sl K ABOVE: STARTING HER balance beam routine Phyllis Savedra prepares to do a cart-wheel . . . next a leap. . . and ends with a perfectly arched silhouette. 1 ' I'-' .B I i ., K - y Q, . ' 'V i. I - i GYMNASTICS - FRONT ROW: Bonny Muis, Karen Leuer, Diana Alba, Connie Nelson, Karen Whitten, Diana Moore. 2ND ROW: Lori Barr, Margaret Gaines, Robin Bennett, Terra Peito, Debi Surane, Janine Yoakam, Donna Hatton, Phyllis Savedra. LEFT: FEELING FREE, and easy in her Floor exercise dance pattern is Diana Alba. Q 1 BADMINTON - FRONT ROW: Sonia Simpson, Debra Collins, Jane Nejdl, Doria Kimbrough, Kathryn Davis, Sheri York. 2ND ROW: Carol Barron, Sharon Gerber, Denise Paulson, Kathy Clark, April Reynolds, Nancy Cross, Karen Beals. 3RD ROW: Keri Chapin, Kathy Rodgers, Marcia Torney, Jeri Buck, Christine Chiu, Lorie Rankin. Sports Badminton "'9- --f BELOW: RECEIVING a late throw, Jan Carlson practices a play at home. Q - vvq. '77 Champs See '78 Title "On Deck" After a great season in C.I.F. Girls' Softball Competition last year, winning the Moore League, the new 1978 team hoped to repeat their acheivements with a C.l.F. title. Coached by Doris Doughty, the team boasted a number of returning all-Moore League players, including catcher Jan Carlson, pitcher Jamie Ellis, second base Candee Corwin, Honorable Mention Cheryl Novak, and Moore League Most Valuable Player of the year, Shelley Parris. Also returning were letter girls Nancy Caron and Karen DeWeese. -g Sports , .4a"" FRONT ROW - .LV Lisa Lawrence Erinn Pine Tam: O Hare Dana Braun Vicki Cla Jamie Irish Carolle Susie Graves. 2ND ROW Carol Larowe Dwan Ashley Laura Toshach Lori Smith Michelle Hartung Linda Barbara Smith, Gigi Hauter MaryAnn Durkin Tammy Masten Ruth Willlamsen BACK ROW VARSITY Miller, Liz Allison, Nancy Rinearson Janet Hansted Shelley Parris Jan Carlson Janet Piggot Nancy Caron Washington, Karen DeWeese Ida Attardo Carol Tieffer Cheryl Novak Jamee Ellis 'w 1 I, X X4 ,Nl I f ,J J , l 1 V I V! fl., - gm' V 1-:xl The Year of Changes. . . Corydon sponsoring a Creative Writing contest Donald Fregeau retiring, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND rivaling STAR WARS, BEA- TLEMANIA, teachers signing their first contract under new collective bargaining law, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER making the Bee Gee's year profit- able, ARIES acquiring featurettes but losing auto- graph pages, JACK-IN-THE-BOX preparing burri- tos, "Quad Questions" occurring during lunch periods, the Los Angeles Times starting a Friday fashion section, STUDENTS VISITING THE KING TUT EXHIBIT DURING "TUTMANIA" CRAZE, the Jarvis Property Tax Amendment stirring contro- versy, Cheryl Ladd taking over as CharIie's latest angel, Farrah signing a contract with Faberge, Carter's interpreter fired for "Polish jokes," the Newlywed Game returning to T.V., and the Lake- wood Theatre going X-rated only two blocks from Long Beach City College. 5 r, .. 1 'I My .1 Q.. ll-2 , ,tm - ' .t lr I il 1.- -41-2 Y - v V A ,, ,yn 'Ti A AV -T--15527 . .-11' 'I I nip ,.3-,,4eQ-nv.-.--...A- vvvr-.-......L. v -qi - J - - LX it Q'-A F 'I " 1: 17 li If -3 l .i l li t 'fi Pg Xi' ' r .1-"fl QE' Tut Captures Crowd yy' 1 if 1, It must have been the Egyptian curse f 5 that-caused thousands of Southern Cali- ' fornians to flock to the King Tut exhib- li' 1 ition in Los Angeles. One hundred and 1 sixty students from Millikan were chosen 1 j by lot drawing and were rewarded with fi tickets of their own. A preliminary meeting was held one 1 week prior to the March 17 departure ' date. While there, winners were encour- I aged to view a library filmstrip in order to fl further their knowledge of the exhibits .1 history beforehand. 'i The sightseers boarded the bus at il 6:00 a.m. and arrived back around if 1 1 :OO a.m. after a fast-paced tour of the 1 Egyptian boy-king's treasures. if .ii RIGHT: FRENCH FRIES are always a favorite during lunch at L.B.C,C. as Chef Jerry Cunningham well knows. BELOW: IN HOTELXFIES- TAURANT, much is covered - even basic sheet changing as exhibited by Jim Ladd. ABOVE: WHO ARE THESE THREE MASKETEERS7 They re painters Oral Vurgun Mark Gerfejejansen, and John Bisso ABOVE RIGHT A CHANGE OF PACE Lloyd Woolf manicures in his Cosmetology class offered at Lakewood Beauty College RIGHT: CHECKING FOR MEALY BUGS Lori Bayshore leafs through in a quick search. ,. ,...,: Academics 96 D Off-Car'npusOCIasses rxii 3,' "Off" -to School Some students would rather labor over a hot stove, prune rose bushes, or work with their hands - or manicure others, in the many off- campus classes offered, than sit all day in the regular classrooms. Through the R.O.C. pro- gram, students acquired skill and valuable learn- ing while in an informal classroom environment. The program was under the direction of Career Guidance Counselor Mr. Hansen. Classes offered included - Carpentry, Ornamental Horticulture, Animal Care, Cosmetology, and Cook-Chef. The experience gained while in the R.O.C.!P. enabled many students to leave high school and go into awaiting jobs if they wanted them. Stu- dents interested, could also train in the many medical occupations of their choosing. ..-I P .1 .754 -5 HL 050055 7 ABOVE LEFT: ANIMAL CARE INCLUDES good grooming as illustrated by LYNN PASS- MORE. LEFT: S0 THIS IS THE WAY typewriters are cleaned - CHARLES JARVIS does a good job. ABOVE RIGHT: JIM TYLER HOT RODS on a fork lift. Academics Off-Campus Classes yug--,,,,,,,.. if!- DFI'-if-fu , limit ,,,, ,,,ct.5Q tie. ., .,. 0 Q IM V ' U ds' U ..i - .,,., .Q W -w g IM ' ABOVE: PRINCIPAL JACK DuB0lS discusses new copyright law during administrative meeting DuBois Says, "Back to Basics" Principal Jack DuBois in his third year met the major problems of decreasing student enroll- ment, less flexible schedules, and fewer classes, with an emphasis on "insuring each student was well equipped in the basic skills prior to the time of graduation." To follow through on the empha- sis Mr. DuBois kept an open communication line from students to his office about teachers, stud- ies, and concerns. He realized that the learning of basic skills were easy to lose sight of with 'school activities at full force and to regulate the scale, every class should be important enough Academics Principal and Administrators that unnecessary absences would be cut down. Miss Zelsdorf, Vice-Principal in working with the sophomore class, maintained a goal of "all tenth graders should be in position to graduate after three years feeling that they have suc- ceeded." She also served as Official Hostess and worked with Title IX. Mr. Bernd, Assistant Principal, took charge of the Senior class by attending class council meet- ings and working with the Senior Class President. He also worked with the Student Welfare lunch permits and partook in other student-involved departments. Ms. Cline, Assistant Principal, among many other things headed library services and Political Behavior court visitation. Mr. Wel- ler, Assistant Principal, was in charge of facilities and student transportation. He cracked down on parking lot problems by administering a warning before towing away illegally parked cars. RIGHT: ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Elizabeth Cline and office clerk Barbara Bartley. MIDDLE RIGHT: VICE-PRINCIPAL Lois Zelsdorf. ,i . F." l 5 A fb 4 4' QQ, e,g L,- .,w47' f 5. X ..- am. V -. 5' '-IT..- S I. Yi F .r 4 'ind' 'ir jf. if ,gx Y" M xv" , 1Axxx,fg - , mm- Q W7 W . X N I. x W ' X NN NX X 'xwgf 'Am 1. k 5. 1 1 I Q XSWJL ,fx A f g jg.: - J' H, ,. mg ., 4 ...,, ,J fl A N , r .R-. -'Z C. . f ,.f?:'T wg, V V ., . , J 4 . .L 'ni K, N ,,-Q, Q1 I .1-1, 1 N 4 l f.,u!, ' BJ, .,,J,I 1 , I . , fi E if E., 1 5'5- David Fischer L D G Nick Paris Vending Machine Repair '19-'H' ' Q. 1 W,,"?v'f' Howard Vogt ABOVE: A CROSS-COUNTRY MEET ends with "Buck-Catlin's congratulations to Susan Lubach. Guidance BELOW RIGHT: A BIT OF MEDIEVAL iesting takes place between Dick Elwell and Chuck McFerrin at Homecoming rallyfv V -:ii Helen Francis D-E, O-R Wilfred Catlin K-N Pete Hansen Career Counselor Richard Elwell Head Counselor Academics Counselors and Special Services , Y v-1 v ' ai N, , Fin , , -:-'fr' fl A E5 5.. i5 ,f it ', 44' 3 X 'Z ' ,fi Mary Price A-C, X-Z Teofista Tupasi F-J 2.7 Lil Shirley Wirls S-W Chuck McFerrin Activities Director Marjorie Ray Head Librarian lvy Welch Assistant Librarian Martha Gilchrist Nurse Suzanne Flomo Health Occupations l E Elmer Alexander Kathleen O'Brien Special Education Special Education Alene Litton Glen Simpson I Special Education Special Education ABOVE LEFT: C.V.l.S. TERMINAL LISTS college majors for Cindy Wheaton and Vickie Yadon. BELOW LEFT: ALISON LEWIS RELAXES with the comfort of the Iibrary's new carpet- ing. Computer Aids Career Search With the exception of Special Education teacher Arlene Litton, counseling and special services personnel contained no new faces. Nev- ertheless, a mechanical educator-counselor entered Pete Hansen's Career Center and saved time for teachers and counselors both. ' Technically labeled "Computerized Vocational information Systems," two C.V.l.S. computers assisted students in job and college choices. Career Planning classes came to the Center for special orientation sessions. Students were instructed on how to interpret the information provided as well as on the actual method of oper- ating the terminals. "lt's hard to say what goes on in a mainte- nance yard," stated Head Counselor Richard Elwell, explaining why he encouraged his staff to visit R.O.C.!P. work sites. The counselors' need to be in touch with what their students were doing was stressed during the year, with an emphasis on firsthand observation by the coun- selors. Two staff positions were changed, with Teo- fista Tupasi serving as the new Scholarship Coor- dinator and Mary Price taking over the national testing programs. The library had its share of remodeling, too, when new carpeting was installed early in the fall. Students detoured around the library entrance to avoid the stacks of tables and work materials. Due to the carpet installation, library doors were not open for student use until mid-October. Academics Counselors-and Special Services ADVERTISING ART STUDENT Teresa Wilison works on lettering technique. 9 PJ' 21' 33, 'I :-K W JK . . -n ,J'r'b' .L Academics 1 Science and Fine Arts Robert Adams Drawing and Ptg. Daryl Ahlgren Exploring Art Crafts Robert Bower Band, Voice A Cappella Chorus Cecilian Singers Jim Haddy Photography Golf John Jenkins Drawing and Ptg, Advertising Art Roger Johnson Band Orchestra Jazz Ensemble Symphonic Winds Alvin Randall English A Stage Design Dramatics Joanne VanCIeave Crafts RIGHT: OBSERVING CELL MITOSIS is Dave Borba while Jennifer McCracken verifies findings. BELOW: DECANTING SEMI-PERMEABLE SOLUTION is Maria Kelly during third period chemierrv lah ll- AW 4 init' - 'i l,, ' gr . 'i , L J - .am A -4 A , F'.I,f" , ,-i i '. . 1,57 . i , , iig"Tg. , -.-.' i' - 1 ' i ' '.l'u,'-l'f':,1P,:"f - hh :i 'ripj " . .A .., is .1 . nfl ' U if -. , ' ' .i. ' - i . . TE Qi' . fi' , i Y Paul Akers Biology Zoology Physiology in Fred Bellmar Gordon Dooley Human Biology Life Science Stan Fox Know Your Car Driver Ed. Biology Gymnastics Avia. Science Life Science John Gunning Chemistry William King Spanish Biology Paul Meckna Aid Center Biology Biology Dave Shawer Biology Earth Science Trainer Thomas Wolfe Physics Geometry Awards Abound in Art Classes The Art Department lost a teacher, Joseph Blenderman, but merited the addition of an Advertising Art class and captured a crop of awards. Not only did Art Student of the Quarter JoAnne Mehl win third place at the Jewish Community Center, but Tom Bjelland snatched first place in the same contest. Still not content with winners in just one com- petition, Millikan placed first overall in the P.A.P.A. Art Contest. Brian Graham took first place in this event in the Logo Design division. Biology teacher Todd Schowalter headed the Science Department for the first time in his career at Millikan. A transfer from Jordan High School, Carol Ohl- inder taught three biology classes. In spite of this addition three other classes were dropped jump- ingthe average number of students per class to thirty-seven. Despite the cutback, the Marine Biology Float- ing Lab returned. Sponsored by Los Angeles County, the lab consisted of a boat outfitted to obtain physical and biological information deal- ing with ocean life. LEFT: SECOND YEAR Crafts student Lori Bashore improves throwing technique with aid from crafts instructor Joanne VanCleave. Academics Science and Fine Arts Todd Schowalter Marine Biology P.E. Dept. Goes Entirely Co-ed Co-ed water polo teams wore innertubes to equalize male-female performance, soccer was introduced on MiIIikan's fields: and a newly devised sport - frisbee football - invaded the P.E. scene. All grade levels were given co-ed P.E., and everyone was graded on the passffail sys- tem. The main concern of P.E. Department Heads Carl Halsted and Doris Doughty, who together operated both boys' and girls' P.E. classes, was how to make male-female competition equal. Although old-style gym suits were still permitted, new unisex gym outfits also appeared. There were one hundred less students enrolled in the General Education department - a result of MilIikan's overall decrease in enrollment. Judy Edmiston moved from the Physical Education department to teach health. The cut in this department's enrollment also prompted a cut in Driver Training classes. Satur- day morning classes were eliminated, with a 7:00 a.m. weekday class serving as a substitute. Stu- dents were also required to attend one-hour classes for a period of twenty-four days instead of the previous two-hour classes for only twelve days. Three new Aspens, including a 1978 model, were delivered to the Driver Training classes at the beginning of the school year. ABOVE RIGHT: TAMMY EVANS makes weight training look easy in one of the many co-ed weight classes. BELOW: PREPARING T0 KICK-OFF from the hold of Vicky Barry is Rory Severiin. F Academics ' Physical Education, General Education IJ: Y up ff' iw.. Fannie Daly Dance General P.E. Dick DeHaven General P.E. Football General Math Doris Doughty General P.E Drill Team Softball -at Tom Kinka General P. Tennis Harvey Kir Career PI. Sue Migue General P. Volleyball ia- . K I, , A i 3. 3 -L , K' Witt? JIM ,ri -i , ' 'a ,I i v . .a ' N I. ,, ' A 1 V' 'bu Bill Odell Gloria Potocki Richard Rodgers Jim Seida General P.E. General P.E. Health Ed. Boys' Locker Basketball Drill Team Career Pl. Room Attendant ABOVE: NICK DIMAS receives attention in Millikan's training room. INSET: TRAINER STEVE CHRISTENSEN is at work taping Nick's ankle. LEFT: DAVID BEARD works out doing bar dips during 2nd period P.E. ABOVE: KATHY GAINES backs out of garage in a brand new Aspen. LEFF: CHECKING TRAFFIC behind him is simulator driver Joe Ayers. Paul Singleton . Aid Center Driver Ed. Harold Stromberg Driver Ed. Indus. Drafting lis 6 . Ei 1 Virginia Darrell Wisnewski Zimmerman Special Education Health Ed. Football Academics Physical Education, General Education 1 DHFICSS Dazzle Despite Cutbacks Despite a drastic reduction in actual stage rehearsal time, Fannie Daly's Advanced Dance class presented its original version of "A Christ- mas Carol" in the Holiday Concert. Under the supervision of student director Marcia Bender, the dancers created distinct past, present, and future, "dream-dances" using ballet, jazz, and modern approaches. The two male performers of the class were given lead roles, with Owen Griffiths portraying Scrooge and Dale Cohen as Santa Claus. Leigh Davis, Gina Testa, and Vickie Yadon cho- reographed dances for a medley of holiday tunes which were performed by the choral and orches- tra. An all-day dance workshop at California State University Long Beach in January provided a majority of the dancers with an after-holiday lim- bering-up and a head start on ideas for the year's big event - the Spring Dance Concert. Numer- ous master lessons and improvisational works by professional dance companies also aided the dancers in their concert preparation. Academics 1 0 Advanced Dance ABOVE: Linda Hollins, Linda Tisch, Tracy Long, Karyl Kawaichi, Kim Lawrence, Cheri McKinl Laurie Hargrove, Janice Griffin, Kathy Larsen, Lisa Haagsma. BELOW: Susan Tintle, D Cohen, Cindy Wheaton, Anita Springer, Nancy Stoner, Tracy Young, Janet Wallace, Gina Tes Sallie Tintle, Vickie Yadon, Owen Griffiths. L , ' . x,,..t . '5- if TOP LEFT: Rana Seils, Lawana Robertson, Cheryl Roach, Alison Pendle- ton, Julia Havens, Laurentina Rodrigues, Andrea Pursch, Cathy Moore, Pam Shipman, Maureen Smith. TOP RlGHT: During the Holiday Con- cert, Tracey Godfrey mimes and dances in finale. ABOVE LEFT: While improvising during class, OweniGriffiths and Cathy'Moore take advan- tage of a rare opportunity to use the stage. ABOVE RIGHT: Marcia Ben' der, Willa Clinton, Barbara Eldred, Leigh Davis, Laurie Gray, Christy Cal- trider, Diane Behymer, Jenifer Hahn, Tracey Godfrey, Vanessa Braudo. LEFT: Frolicing during a performance are Barbara Eldred, Laurie Gray, and Lawana Robertson. Academics Advanced Dance 1977-1978 MARCHING BAND - FRONT ROW: K. Davis, D. Kimbragh, J. Eiiis, V. Clay, D. Willey, G. Moon, S. Quignon, T. Carhart, C. Foley, B. Ashce- neze, C. LaRowe, R. Copelan, B. Metz, G. Whitten, D. Miller, J. Steins, M. Washington, C. Brown. 2ND ROW: D. Collins, K. Rosenquist, D. VanDuren, L. Rippetue, T. Clary, L. Trib- ble, M. Kivet, L. Mattiesen, S. Farmer, P. Day, A. Cohn, N. Parker, B. Steindel, T. Masten, E. Paine, D. Behymer, L. Gray, J. Race, M. Williams, J. Caw- ley. 3RD ROW: P. Mott, K. Everett, J. Duenas, J. Vanden- berg, R. Wilson, D. Green, J. Yamaski, J, Clements, C. Moyer, K. Murphy, T. McCrabb, D. Parker, M. Lee, L. Davis, E. Anderson, S. Woo- dard, A. Martin, K. Jankowski. JAZZ 3:2 - FRONT ROW: Cecilia Coleman, Greg Moon, Diana Alba, Don Miller, Dale Cohen, Nancy Brown, Anne Osborn, Steve Ouignon. 2ND ROW: Mike Barber, Barry Han- kins, Charles Farmer, David Phillips, Steve Farmer. 3RD ROW: Greg Stock, Marvin Rogow, Bill Meinki, Steve Rose, Aubrey Branson, Terri Deight, Sue Welch. 4TH ROW: John Vandenberg, Andy Mar- tin, Steve Cress, Karl Kuhn, Jon Brandts, Craig Miller, Chuck Mann. Academics Marching Band, Jazz JAZZ Srl - FRONT ROW: Scott Wells Mike Rinearson Brad Fair, Roger Charles, Roy Sim- Jeff Stone, Carol LaRowe, Dede Buck' ley, Jeff Salveson Cindy Elgin, Bob Crail, Bill Lafleur. 3RD ROW: Steve Drew, Paul Young Andy Martin, Scott Deeble, Nik Papag- eorges. 4TH ROW: Jessie Rose, Greg Gay, Casey Rams- dell, Laurie Gray. ...N li A ff 1 I Q. fx ' 'Az I fin , 'Q lv' mons. 2ND ROW: l I B I F. . . f , sg I J 5 , 1 l '51 i X I . x 4' ' P " 1 '- X' -S,--1 4TH ROW: M. Summers, B Huddleston, K. Melster, M Barber, M. Andrus, B. Young P. Olssen, D. Taylor, J. Charle ville, K. Sebern, K. DeWeese K. Stevens, D. Hansen, L. Gun ning. M. Chacon, M. Rogaw, L Silverman. 5TH ROW: L. Chap men, M. Campa, K. Folen, T Trias, A. Corvair, K. Davis, J Rose, C. Ramsdell, L. Rogow J. Brandts, W. Hamann, S. Kel log, S. Boss, T. Charleville, B Pryor. 6TH ROW: M. VanV elson, D. Hall, J. Reefer, K Fielder, J. Fruhwirth, M Hobbs, A. Stock, R. .Lyddon, J Bissett, K. Meinke, W. Trias, F Scott, M. Paige, P. Young, S Kingsley. 7TH ROW: T. Parker T. Stick, P. Hobbs, S. Edmond son, L. Nerell, B. Newhart, L Poss, D. Phillips, C. Farmer, J Hart, Fl. Jenkins, S. Salveson, T. Dever, G. Deardorff, R. Flus- sell, K. Kuhn, L. Davis. 1 1 Marching Band Hosts "Revue" Due to the retirement of Orchestra Director Robert Gibson, several changes took place in the staffing and structure of the music department. Among these changes was Choral Director Bob Bower's becoming assistant to Roger Johnson. Also, Beginning Instruments, String Instruments, and Harmony and Theory classes had to be drop- ped because of decreasing enrollment and a fewer number of musicians coming into Millikan. Led by top musicians Roger Charles, Andy Martin, Mike Rinearson, and Scott Wells, the '77- 78 Jazz Ensemble 4121 was a well-diversified group. Besides entertaining students at their lunchtime performances, Jazz Ensemble itl played for community activities and entered a variety of competitions. Jazz Ensemble 4112 continued from last year to broaden jazz background for as many students as possible. The Marching Band, directed by Roger John- son, was the host band for Long Beach's annual "All-Western Band Revue." Mr. Johnson's philos- ophy of "survive" along with the band's own motto of "We Love Marching Band," proved to be appropriate while the group stayed together for fourteen weeks instead of the usual ten week period of performances. This increase was due to the football team's entering C.I.F. competition. LEFT: CRESCENDOING INTO PASSAGE, Jeff Salveson and Dede Buckley achieve perfect timing. Marching Band Jazz BELOW: DRUM MAJOR Bill Lafleur presides over Ram drummers. BELOW: Band majorettes Keely Filener, Sue Bratton, and Kathy l PENNANT GIRLS - FRONT ROW: Patti Mott, Lorrie Chapman. 2ND ROW: Doris Debbie Van Duren, Kristin Flosenqvist, Melvia Summers, Lori Anttila. 3RD ROW: lins, Michelle Van Velson, Sylvia Blackwell, Terolyn Parker, Kathryn Davis. 1 Band Academics LLIKA L BANNER GIRLS: Linda Silverman, Lori Paul, Leigh Davis, Cynthia Brown, Karen Jankowski, Jamie Cav '75 W LaFIeur Leads Longest Season The varsity football team wasn't the only top- notch group this year. While the football team was inside discussing tactics, the Marching Band performed in half-time shows. They merited an "excellent" score at Long Beach's "All-Western Band Revue," under the direction of Drum Major Bill LaFleur. With Head Linda SiIverman's guidance, Banner said goodbye to their usual routines and sparked up the Sophomore Orientation Picnic with a fif- ties-style dance number. Special credit went to Leigh Davis for choreography. Banner also per- formed to "Rocky" in the Wilson Pep Rally, and took part in the medieval Homecoming half-time drama. Heads Lorrie Chapman and Patti Mott led Pen- nant in a competitive routine that earned them a "superior" trophy at the Santa Barbara Tall-Flag school and at night perfecting their talent. Their award-winning routine was performed in the Homecoming rally, and other routines with the band during half-time shows. Majorettes were reduced in size from four girls to three. Sue Bratton, Keely Filener, and Kathy Meheagan twirled to the tune of "Roundabout" in the Wilson Pep Rally. The majorettes also boasted shiny new uniforms, adding an extra sparkle to performances. LEFT: DRUM MAJOR Bill LaFleur. BELOW: MR. GUNNING, teases daughter after halftime show. 3 Band Academics Math, Business Attract Honors The Business Department, headed by Mr. Spaan, attracted the enrollment of 1,178 Millikan students which was more than any other Long Beach school. y A new 'study program called the "Common Core Elements" was adopted by the Distributive Education Classes. It was designed specifically to teach handling of checks and other vital eco- nomic skills. Adding to the department's credits, Cherl McKinley and Lynette Dodson received S100 for being first place winners in the Press Book!Jour- nalism Contest at the Los Angeles County Busi- ness Education Conference late last school year. Both were seniors this year. Mr. Howard, who has been at Millikan twelve years, was chosen as the new Math Department head. New math texts for most classes was one of his goals. Steve Lindell, a 1977 graduate, was recog- nized by the Math Association of America as one of the top high school math students in the nation. The Science and Math Renssaelar Award went to Michelle Nuttal for her excellent achieve- ment in those areas. Millikan was fortunate to have an active Math team and participated profitably in L.B.C.C.'s Math Field Day, at which they were awarded the Noble Hines Perpetual Trophy. Phillip Ramseyer Delbert Penhall Andrew Carter Algebra Calculus Shorthand Geometry Int. Alg. and Trig. Steno Lab Polit. Behav. Pre Calculus Intermed. Typ. Algebra Academics 1 1 2 Business and Math RIGHT: AMAZED AT HER own abilities Diane Donaldson types at record speed Lamar Case Alegebra Geometry Merle Glasgow Int. Alg. and Trig. Geometry Jim Howard Com tr. Pro P Q- lnt. Alg. and Trig. Pre Calculus Kent Lillenberg Gen. Math, Geometry Wrestling Eugene Leuhmann C.EE.B. Math lnt. Alg. and Trig. Algebra John Montrella Gen. Math Algebra Water Polo Lynn Colburn Off. Prac. Mach. Fred Engels Leroy Guern Kenneth Keenan Voc. Typ. - Com Algebra Appld Sales Voc. Typ. -Com. Bus. Math Geometry Account 1 3 Cler. Lab. Intermed. Typ. Soph. Basketball WIT' F 1 Tiiiii f Jesse Lee Intro. Bus. Typing Intermed. Typ. English I Alice Rolfing Off. Prac. Shorthand I M.D. - Cler. Prac Andrew Spaan Typing l Record Kpg. TOP RIGHT: DEMONSTRATING OPER- ATING PROCEDURES of the mimeo- graph machine to Lisa Worthington is Lynn Morey. LEFT: MR. HOWARD KEEPS an eagle-eye on his second period Trig. Class. Academics 1 1 3 Business and Math Q. a 1 ' 11" .,., . . 1 J I - ! 1 1 l 1 l 1 l E57 l Z i illlihi Q l 1 1 1 l . R2 . X 1 OPERATING THE METAL shaper, Tim Bailey turns out a meat tenderizer head during 2nd period Metals. l 114 -1-:Tram 1 1 1 .Q .A-a: : 1 Y' . M I 351.1 -1 '1 .f 1 ,., if Q SLAVING OVER a hot radiator are Dave Foltz and Curtis Johnson in the new Vocational Auto class. I his Academics Home Ec., Industrial Ed. I 'hh'-4. . n- Y XX4 . '5- 5 6 A C1 .D 'XX I-' li-. ' , A-. Q' .'A'15. fix" Xu X? Glenn Blackwell Drill Team Military Trng. Leadership Dev. Marvin Cooper Electronics Woods lnd. Drafting James Denison Arch. Drafting Auto Mechanics Louella Gresslin Advanced Foods Food Service ,1 .A u. ig. Q-. . ,I I . Jeanne Guernse Clothing Sel. Adv. Clothing U.S. History Norm Meredith Woods Vocational Auto Tunes Up Shop Classes Amidst inflation, a car tune-up for only the cost of parts? A new class called Vocational Auto made that offer. Whether replacing windshield wipers or overhauling engines, the work was done by experienced student mechanics. Auto dealerships employed eight students for school credit. They had their troubles, like back- ing out of the garage and whacking off a sideview mirror, but their work was complaint-free. Complaints came for a different reason. Stu- dent body shrinkage caused the number of Industrial Education teachers to drop from nine to six. This loss started an unwanted game of class-teacher-mix-and-match. Mr. Dennison, Department head and nine-year veteran of Industrial Drawing classes, was assigned three Automotives classes. Graphic Arts teacher, Mr. Williams taught BELOW: AN AFGHAN or a shawl - Melanie Wash- in ton crochets with maroon and pink during 5th Beginning Auto for the first time. Mr. Cooper, with three levels of electronics in one class, con- tended with teaching Woods forthe first time. The shrinkage waves didn't seem to bother the Home Economics Department. ln fact, the Child Growth and Development class expanded from one semester to a full year. lt dealt with the child up to age twelve. Fashion Merchandising defied the cutback roar and highlighted its year with a disco fashion show. Boys and girls in the gourmet Food Services continued to serve exotic lunches for only 51.75 under the direction of Louella Gresslin. Fran Roux Katherine Swain Kenneth Mueller Guy Flighter Fashion Merch. Effective Liv. Metals Auto Mechanics Creative Liv. Interior Design Arch. Drafting Voc. Auto General Math Child Growth , V -L ' - i ,L fi, 'iifgx i , . - Q In my ,V V s ' 6. ifhwn Q period Creative Living. RIGHT: PINNING THE PAT- TERN for her burgundy pantsuit, Pam Shipman dis- plays the skills that won her the Home Economics Medal of Merit. BELOW RIGHT: COORDINATING COLORS in Fashion Merchandising, Nadine Taylor . learns some of the fashion aspects of the class. F Richard Williams Auto Mechanics Graphic Arts Janet Wood Foods and Nutrition ,,-, J ..vQ il 1? ii 27 Rx me-'Q la 'ha CONDUCTOR Roger Johnson CONCERTMASTER Bruce Wilkisori VIOLINS Cathy Moore Greg Breuer Tim Bryant Cathy Cavadini Joy Clements Brian Fung Jennifer Huber Carl Jacquier Margaret Jamison Karyl Kawaichi Susie Kingsley Delores Loera Becky Mancilla Bela Mehta Lori Pack Larry Parrott Marcie Reese Andrea Smith -ge 'll' Anita Springer Tim Springer Eric Strandberg Susie Stutzman Sandy Weedon VIOLA Kathy Larsen Dee Dee Buckley Paul Freedman Beth Gibson Marianne Harb Lise Hofirnan Virginia Long Beth Mills Bridget Molloy Nancy Rinearson Melinda Schafer Janet Pigott BASS Scott Cosper Chuck Mann Craig Miller ABOVE: RETAINING A SPARE CLARINET Jami Ark concentrates on difficult passage ABOVE RIGHT: CELLIST, Ann Crosby dem onstrates excellent technique during warm ups. RIGHT: "MANY MOODS OF CHRIST MAS" has David Schoor practicing for the Holiday Concert. Academics Orchestra CELLOS Ann Crosby Linda Cameron Lori Seils Carrie Richards BASSOON .lim Compton Paul Nelson FLUTE Cindy Elgin Janet Bercovitz Carol Larowe Phil lsenberg FRENCH HORN John Drab John Miller Bryan Murray Scott VanSooy OBOE David Thomas TUBA Steve Drew CLARINET David Schorr Jami Ark Mike Cruz Carrie Marks six LEFT: CONCERT MASTER, junior Bruce Wilkison prepares for Spring Concert. ABOVE: WOODWIND PLAYER Paul Nelson rehearses stanza sixth period class. ABOVE RIGHT: REPEATING THE THIRD MEASURE, Marci Reese leads the practice drill. TROMBONE David Bratton PERCUSSION Roger Charles Pete' Q"e90'Y TRUMPET Mike Rinearson Casey Ramsdell Scfm Wells Jesse Rose Three "Chairs" All Southern Out of the 450 Southern California student musicians who tried out, only forty gained entrance to the exalted ranks of the All-Southern California orchestra. Millikan held thirteen of those forty places. Of those thirteen, Jim Comp- ton on basoon, Scott Wells with percussion, and Bruce Wilkison on violin, rated first chairs in their instrument sections. The sixty-six piece Millikan orchestra, under Roger Johnson's direction, was rated one of the Top Award Winning groups "par excellence" for California. The foundation for the spring musical, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, the orchestra also played an integral part in the Spring Spectacular and soloed as the main attraction in the Spring Concert. Winding up the year, the orchestra starred at Long Beach City College, Saddleback College, and Magic Mountain. . ., Academics Orchestra 1 N... . Johnson Plays Double Role Roger Johnson was reunited with the orchestra. Mr. Johnson, or R. J. as he was commonly called, added orchestra director to his title of band leader. Yet, with six years of Jr. High orchestra and one year of Millikan orchestra behind him, R. J. was no newcomer to this type of directing. After leading the band for ten years, Mr. Johnson found out that old habits were hard to break -there was some confusion when R. J. attempted to direct the orchestra to the band's jazz tempo. Mr. Johnson still worked with the String Ensembles and the Brass Quintet. Taking extra time out of school to practice, these groups had various outside performances added to their participation in the orchestra. Mr. Johnson said, "I enjoyed the addition of orchestra to my curriculum because I came in contact with more kids." With one-hundred sixty members in the band and another eighty in the orchestra, R. J. may have gotten more "contact with kids" than he expected. ' -LQ Academics 1 Orchestra Y 1 N A 3' ian:-ua:-.... 1 Zzi PY' Academics Orchestra MIXED CHORUS - FRONT ROW: Liese Thompson, Renae Clark, Catherine Shepstone, John Cameron, Judy Pack, Kim Den- ninger, Carlin Sinor. 2ND ROW: Michelle Nuttall, Kathy Delcoure, Les Ward, Frank Zappa, Tammy Tozier, Carol McKernan. 3RD ROW: Melissa Rimlinger, Theresa Birdseye, Debra Smith, Jim Hopkins, Diane Endres, LaWana Robertson. 4TH ROW: Vincent Boyd, Mark Fantone, David Graves, Carl Jacquier, Brian Wassman. I ' 1 4 I .' : is X Q H li 15 All Tf ' A ' 'FTE 'ff W . , W N A 1 I 'T '- .2 l, :I ' 'I 1' Q f ' f'- L" NV .' Y Tr 'I J ' " U' a "Q A Y' .,, ' li X 7 . x A K. s , .T If CECILIAN SINGERS - FRONT ROW: Karen Collins, Dianna Dixon, Terri Flecher, Patty Soldin, Marie Harvey, Ann Fishman, Lisa Johnson, Kim Foglesong, Kate Gaines, Erin Griffin. 2ND ROW: Kelly Mosley, Laurie Micklis, Linda Byrd, Kit Montgomery, Tracy Young, Debbie Cannine, Kris Knoch, Hilary Snyder, Kim Lembi, Gina Testa, Donna McMurray. 3RD ROW: Mary Foelber, Becky Bowlin, Angela Antenore, Lori Mutch, Lisa Gunning, Lori Cleeland, Kathy John- son, Marcia Torney, Linda Rogers, Linda Tisch, Cathy Rowan. Q Q E14-' .. . H 6 " . ' i . . ' +5 9 1 W U ly A 4 it x ' r S Q it ilk, Q Gi I 1 '. g -si -fi X, Y- ., x, i F at . if T A -- ' T" ' ff T N . im' Q' L- I jf! ll i A ' K i fx' V j ' L tl Y 1 i , . - 1 'l il P5 f V . i Q I i f li fl U' A CAPPELLA CHOIR - FRONT ROW: Teresa Brown, Cathy Cavadini, Lori Anttila, Kelly Brick, Susan Stutzman, Tim Springer, Shelley Parris, Cathy Mehe- gan, Cathy Murphy, Vickie Johnson. 2ND ROW: Bobbi Elred, Janis Plant, Jenifer Hahn, Tracy Swanson, Patty Ricketts, John Wills, Brian Rennick, Janet Wallace, Allison Lewis, Vicki Yadon, Carla Grimes, Jan Carlson. 3RD ROW: Kerry Karli, Velma Griggs, Michelle Dixon, Willa Clinton, Patty Norman, Cather- ine Matthews, Bruce Wilkison, Chris Deister, Cheryl Racobs, Becky Bell, Linda Burmeister, Leigh Davis, Carla Pearson. 4TH ROW: Charles Farmer, Dave Thomas, Don Ricketts, David Smith, Paul Prince, Carl Jacquier, Craig Allen, Brian Richards, Scott Wells, Andrew Friedman, Brian Napper. Academics 1 Choral :E " - '. S ,Jew I. 7 ,.. .X I 6 -,K ' Il! x if vw-f'i3r'F'1dl Q I . R LEFT: GETTING INTO THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT is Cheryl Roach, Debra Smith, and Diane Endres singing "Santa Claus is Com- ing to Town." BELOW: A NEW BARBERSHOP OUARTET, including Brian Rennick, Andy Friedman, Carl Jacquier, and Paul Prince enhance the Choral Department. Sterling Year for Choral Highlights for the choral department, under the direction of Robert Bower, including the Holi- day Concert, "Fiddler on the Roof," and perform- ances for the Pacific Terrace Theater, Lion's Club, and Kiwanis Club. These performances for community service clubs, in addition to coupon book and bagel sales, helped raise money for scholarships, activities, and a year-end banquet for choral students. Selected members of Millikan's choir also par- ticipated in the All-Southern Choir, All-Long Beach Choir, and festivals at City College and Lakewood High School. Also, choir members acted in "Fiddler on the Roof." Due to stage crew problems, the musical performances had to be reduced to two evening showings and one matinee. A quartet including Brian Rennick, Andy Fried- man, Paul Prince, and Carl Jacquier was formed to sing at community affairs. This quartet was accompanied by Caroline Alvardo who has been Millikan's accompianist for nine years. This has been a "sterling choral season," according to Mr. Bower. Student singing talent and full houses for performances helped make this choral season successful. LEFT: VARIOUS CHORAL MEMBERS participate in the victory over the band in the annual volleyball game. Academics Choral 1 2 1 wr ai? I ' -mar' .J LEFT: ACCEPTING A BOOK from Fyedka CDavid Smith, is Chava lCathy Cavadimj. CENTER: DREAMING OF their future grooms, Tevye's oldest "Matchmaker" RIGHT: TRYING OUT their new sewing machine are Motel fScott Wellsb and Tzeitel CTeresa Brownj. ABOVE CENTER: BREAKING Hodel CDebra Smithj and Perchik fPauI Princej dance at TzeiteI's wedding. BELOW: POSING IN FRONT of their family cow are Tevye's daughters: Teresa Catherine Shepstone, Debra Smith and Susie Stutzman, Tevye fAndy Friedmanj and his wife Golde fKandee Farrishj. as mag iIwmmiw:"'i" ..- Y sir 4 x I Ixxf f 1 v It 35 pf.- XSL 5 ., . s.. . .foot Ox . N, " ,, -, , .-,.x,? a. 5,-. ,--'c -. 5 .- , -.-Mn. -, 43 -5:-'44 . ,lf - .- N . 'ml . . . 4 '41, - . . . -. Academics 1 Spring Musical ' ,. - mrzx Pb, mf H' .tiff ' READING THE HOLY Book is Tevye CAndrew Friedmanb. FAR LEFT: TEVYE portrayed by the understudy, John Wills. Friedman Fiddles With Tradition Fiddler on the Roof, the 78 Spring musical, played to capacity crowds. Disappointed theatre- goers were turned away from the door as a result of trimming the number one performances from four to three. Filling Zero MosteI's shoes as Tevye, were Andrew Friedman and understudy John Wills. The enigmatic fiddler was portrayed by advanced dancer and dramatist Owen Griffiths. This comedy-drama takes place in the village of Anatevka. There Tevye the dairyman dreams of becoming a rich man while his wife and his five daughters go through the trials of a changing world and the breaking of traditions. "Fiddler on the Roof" was choreographed by Fannie Daly and John Traub, an ex-Millikan stu- dent, with music provided by the Millikan orches- tra under the direction of Roger Johnson. Putting it all together in the tradition of Millikan musicals was Robert Bower. ABOVE: GOLDE CKANDEE FARRISHJ and Yente, the Matchmaker CCheryI Racobsj discuss marital prospects for Tevye's daughter. I MADRIGALS Iey Parris Andy Friedman Jan Carlson Les Ward BACK ROW Carl Jac FRONT ROW John Wills Teresa Brown Paul Prince Shel Bell Dave Thomas NOT PICTURED Andrea Pursch Kandee Farrish S . ' 4' . ,QQ , l e .J Q 'Qi i . y, Xa, I 1 1 Q 1 V I i 1 'L i quier, Cathy Cavadini, Brian Napper, Jennifer Hahn, Brian Rennick, Becky Academics Spring Musical 1 . if BELOW: LANGUAGE LAB ASSISTANT Dave Hart instructs Craig Davis and Mark Hobbs how to use master controls as Mr. Schmid looks on. 124 ABOVE: TECHNIQUES IN ORAL are exhibited by Tom Coleman in Speech ABOVE LEFT: READERS DIGEST E Jonnitta Golston finds fascinating Reading Improvement class. Acadmics English, Foreign Language AN ANGRY GROUP of A.P. English students mob Paul Fitzgerald while acting out the lbsen play, "Enemy of the People nglish Classes ulge one new face in the English Department Gail Wolfe who taught two English reading Lost to Millikan were Sarah Carty, who to Jordan with the SUN Program, and Seymour, who retired and later decided teaching at Jordan. consensus of English teachers concerning size was that all classes were extremely Many contained the maximum alloted of 35 students. Advanced Foreign Lan- classes, however, decreased in enroll were extended to ninety stu- who participated in the Advanced Place- programs last year and to their teachers Cure and Roland Urbanek. Eighty-five per- of the A.P. examinations taken by Millikan received grades of 3-5 on a scale of 1-5. the national level, only 7OCX:i of the students taking these tests received passing grades. Another special honor was the selection of Betsy Jagger as a finalist in the 1977 National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award in writing. Tenth grade English classes viewed two fea- ture length Hollywood films, "The Pearl" and "All The King's Men." Audio visual aides were also stressed in the Foreign Language Department. Slides that coin- cided with textbooks were utilized, and German classes sampled a series of movies and television programs in German. The new language lab assistant was Dave Hart. Summer travel found the Foreign Language teachers scattered all over the globe. Joe Schmid journeyed to Germany to keep contact with its culture and language. Denyse Farnsworth toured France while Marjorie Cahn traveled in Spain. Darrell Louder also visited Spain and attended the American Association of Teachers of Spanish conference. In the opinion of Joe Schmid, "Things are going very well. The students this year are pros." BELOW: PSYCHOLOGICAL COLOR CHOICE TEST engages Semantics class under direction of teacher, Adeyln Johnson. .Na Q4 Denyse Farnsworth French Spanish Dalton Fogle lntro. Psych. English Amer. Folklr. 257 Ann Harris Jack Kut'ler'lb3Ch English English Selec. Rdg, Humanities Min. Lit. Selec. Rdg. Adelyn Johnson Darrell LOUd6l' Semantics Spanish English William Moffitt English Russian Michael Monaghan Film Ana. Persp. Death Norman Odom lndivizd. Fidg. Fidg. lmprvmt. Joe Schmid French German Larry Simon Gram. and Comp. English Richard Sullivan Old Testament Spanish Latin Lewis Ward Adv. Rdg. Health Forrest Zimmerman Amer. Lit, Eff. Liv. J F1 Gram. and Comp. Gail Beal English Amer, Lit. Min, Lit. 'lErEld"Bush Pol. Behavior Journalism English Marjorie Cahn Spanish Bill Caswell Amer. Lit. Selec. Rdg. Helen Cure Comp. Lit. English Joan Danielsen Crtv. Writ. Sch. Annual Academics English, Foreign Language 1 Ax -5 x , 5 4 It A - , 4, f -- -a 'f 53 I ffyfg is if ' ' Q mia, ld: pai? A 32.4 P inn 4 fogqfg K L' Aries Bites Into '78 Changes After staging an orthodontic "wax teeth" nightmare for Homecoming alumni, Aries staf- fers sank their teeth into the task of reorganiz- ing yearbook style and staff structure. Under the direction of Co-Editors Steve Luther and Elise Rickenbach and Assistant Editors Gary Berberet and Timarie Lawrence, Aries handled their budget-cut problems by eliminating autograph pages and one tip-in page. Advisor Joan Danielsen geared students toward magazine-style techniques, with the first few words in captions highlighted and the addition of featurettes in the "peopIe" sec- tions. The Art Staff put final flair on continuing pages such as football and band by designing distinctive artwork motifs. In addition, the diversified techniques of artists Jim Wang and Kevin Heitman were combined to create the 1978 Aries cover and end-sheets. Re-arrangement in staff structure also occurred for the first time in Aries history. A Girls' Sports Editor - Shelley Parris - was installed. Copy staff was supervised by two editors, with General Editor Cheri McKinley reviewing regular copy and Special Editor - Betsy Jagger taking charge of featurettes. Department heads Janet Hansted - Aca- demics, Sonia Nielsen - Activities, Jim Wang - Art, Gretchen Houser - Graduates, Carrie Richards - Organizations, Russ Hagey - Sports, and Undergrad Editors Alan Friedman and Sue Sleep coordinated their respective sections. Special assignment Arians were: Virginia Long - Board Secretary, David McCracken - Business Manager, Rob Lyddon - Assistant Business Manager, Karen Stanwood - Pho- tography Coordinator, and Photographers greg Goodman, Paul C. Peterson, and Rana ils. Rounding out the staff were Barry Bartlett, Sue Chartier, Cindy Clements, Willa Clinton, Nelson Cohen, Jean Comiskey, Jeff Current, Kevin Heitman, Carl Higgins, Doug Marty, Ann Mashiyama, Judy Nevitt, Matt Paige, Ken Rali- dis, and Carol Tieffer. LEFT: DILIGENTLY AT WORK, Matt Paige figures cropping proportions for Banner photo. BELOW: SMILING EAGER- BEAVERS Carol Tieffer, Cindy Clements, Karen Stanwood, and Rana Seils, greet Aries alumni with humorous home- coming "fangs." I . aa PN, il Academics 1 2 7 Aries Staff Fire Sparks Corydon Delay With the exception of the first day issue which was not printed on campus, Corydon readers waited until November 18 for the paper's appear- ance. The unexpected delay was due to fire dam- age to the printing press rollers. Guided by Journalism Advisor Donald Bush, Editor-in-Chief Susan Welch stressed "in-depth coverage" of all school activities. She also favored the use of advertisements that were rele- vant to the students' needs. Page One Editor, Julie D'Amico, reviewed arti- cles on school and extra-curricular activities. On the Second Page, Editor Sandy Smyth presented reviews in areas of student interest and entertain- ment. Randy Mylnar, Third Page Editor, con- cerned himself with the arrangement of adver- tisements. Sports were given more diversified coverage by Editor Doug Marty in an effort to give Girls' Sports their merited recognition. Gary Daniel kept busy as Business Manager and Susan Bordner served as Assistant Manager. Corydon Photographers were Dave Foltz, and Vic Huber. Richard Williams took charge as Graphic Art Advisor. Completing the staff were reporters Ken Bar- nett, Jody Barrad, Judy Chamberlin, Cathy Forde, Carla Grimes, Jenelle Hall, Sue Holmes, Bill Kacoullas, Sarah McJunkin, Lisa Neri, Annette Questel, Margaret Rudeen, Chuck Williamson, and Marie Strickford. RIGHT: EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Susan Welch. BELOW: TYPING DILIGENTLY, Lisa Neri completes Homecoming featurette. LOWER RIGHT: REPORTERS Carla Grimes and Jody Barrad formulate notes for editorial. Academics 1 Corydon Staff A?" BELOW: PROOFREADING GALLEY SHEET for Sports page are: Doug Marty, Sandy Smyth, Don Bush, Gary Daniel, and Sue Welch. Y-W,...-ff r was ., , If N , 5 i ---.-.vm --f.. l 23 ,, I J I I Z,l--ff! XZ if 'W A QI. ,P nl: TOP LEFT: FRUSTRATION FLOUNDERS on the faces of Vic Huber and Bill Kacoullas due to the delay of the first issue, ABOVE: GRAPHIC ARTS PRINT- ING SPECIALIST Richard Sweeting sets type for page three. LEFT: PAGE ONE EDITOR Julie D'Amico creates captivating ideas for Cheer headlines. Academics Corydon Staff 1 Satire Strikes Drama Drama productions combined both darkness and comedy. "Black Comedy" and "Night Must Fall" delighted audiences with the satire of unu- sual situations. "Black Comedy," the fall production, starred Owen Griffiths and Dan Buhler Cdouble castj as Brindsley Miller, a married artist. The plot of the play revolved around a blown fuse. This added a twist to stage direction in that the stage lights were used to portray darkness. Also starring were Julia Havens and Patty Ricketts cast as the art- ist's wife, and Dan Rodriguez as Colonel Melkett. Finishing the cast line-up were Kevin Fielder, Corey Cantrell, Lynn Kolm, and Bruce Katz. A murdered corpse stirred some excitement in the spring production of "Night Must FaIl." Dan Buhler and Owen Griffiths again maintained the starring roles along with Patty Ricketts and Milvi art. Each production took about eight to ten weeks or 250 hours to fully complete. The spring pro- duction took a little longer because a special stage in the auditorium had to be designed due to the devastating fire in the Little Theater in April. This job was supervised by Stage Designer Joy 0'Grady. BELOW: ELECTRICIAN in "Black Comedy," Bruce Katz explores the cellar. LEFT: IRATE HUSBAND Owen Griffiths stalks his wife in a fury as Kevin Fielder looks on. Academics 1 30 Drama I as il -Eu LEFT: PRACTICING INTENTLY, Julia Havens and Lynn Kolm memor- ize their lines for the Spring play. BELOW: WAITING FOR HIS CUE, Dan Buhler reviews upcoming dialogue. BOTTOM: READYING THE SET for the play, Stage Designer Joy O'Grady concentrates on the completion of the scenery. Academics Drama 1 BELOW: EXPLAINING THE BATTLE of Vicksburg to Lorri West is Mr. Fregeau. BELOW AND RIGHT: BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATERS: Steve Luther, Carrie Richards, Robert Lyddon, Gary Berberet. LEFT: POINTING OUT THE capital of Leichtenstein is Shelley Tyree. BELOW AND LEFT: EXPLAINING MR. URBANEK'S history assignment to Sharon Gerber is Janet Berkowitz. Leo Apel U.S. History Psychology Erngst Beckett nt ropology U.S. History Walter Boyd Current Affairs Baseball U.S. History Bruce Brown Water Polo U.S. History Robert Ciriello Constitution U.S. History Debate Donald Freqeau U.S. History . J' H136 I i' Hazel Hall t:"J9g5'Lg,lJ Political Behavior ,f U.S. History cp, by ' , John Jankowski Law Enforcement K D I-.r u. lin 14 ilu 1 Q' 47.-it x5lN - 5 fini Q hyatt '1 4 mmm, CALITUNNIA -Z' fwu SUUL il, ... , 'Y Academics Social Studies I 11' X Q. sl, s . O 'K x L t Stanley Larsen Mary Nlcli Political Behavior Political E Economics English fxglr----,.ff-.--HMT l .'T'. l. Gypsy Guests in Humanities Demonstration The only bearded teacher in Millikan High School's Social Studies department decided to retire this year. After fourteen years of service to Millikan High School, mainly in teaching Anthro- pology and United States History, Mr. Fregeau finally graduated. "I love Millikan," he said, "but when you gotta go, you gotta go." other high school students from throughout the entire state of California, attended their separate boys' and girls' sessions in Sacramento. The one-week sessions included the formation of a model government by the staters and numer-' ous seminars. "lt was a great week - l'll never forget it," said Robert Lyddon, "but it was too bad the girls couldn't have been there the same time we were. . Meanwhile, back at the gypsy camp, the "origi- nal nature boy, Gypsy Boots," lectured in Mr. Kurtenbach's Humanities Class. He appeared at Millikan on an invitation from senior Wally Wal- rod, who used his appearance as a part of his class project. He added spice falso pumpkin seeds, grapefruits, melons, and herbsj to the class, as well aszproviding Millikan with a glimpse of the "first hippie." He urged native Millikanites .W i. . . if ., In another area, four Millikan students spent one week without ever coming into contact with someone of the opposite sex. They were Milli- kan's representatives to Girls' and Boys' State. Chosen for their leadership abilities and political interest, Steve Luther, Robert Lyddon, Carrie Richards, and Gary Berberet, along with 1400 to swing from trees, to jog regularly, and to sub- slst on health foods. Academically, Millikan students excelled in the Advanced Placement History Examinations taken last year. While seventy percent at the three-to- five point level was the norm, Millikan placed in the eighty-fifth percentile. 31,.":'1: lg'g51a.35?9 iw' -AL ' UW t l ,i LECTURING ON THE GOOD of -the pumpkin seeds and melons in his bag is Gypsy Boots. 'fs i'-gh: XX, if -'Sh' K ff ' ' N f5',.?.e5"w.l Qi., Yi C' ' 1'-A d Urbanek Joseph Yoseloff P V. History Business Law Academics Social Studies 133 lnge Eidinger Clerk - Counseling Charlene Falconer Clerk - Nurse's Office David Frew Staff Assistant Norris Gray Custodian Y s WW Key people in office Merilyn Watkins and Jeanne Webb coach Michele Richards in ditto preparation .ISIN .fini .Lf z .FN BQVIIP is-2 -if ,, while Principal's Watkins downtown 1 BOVE ATTENDANCE AID Debbie Jones check out re-admit for to Eddie ityrm. ew Faces in ffice Places "Buenos dias. "gEsta su hijo enfermo hoy?" For a span- sh-speaking family, the joy of having a bilingual aide was bvious. Ms. Gabriela Perez filled that role replacing Arturro Garcia in late November. Samuel Hernandez Custodian Forman J Waldemar Jahn - Staff Assistant ' ' , Alfred Johnson ff Custodian , . 'N , . vig! Jean Larson Clerk - Bookroom Lois Marshall Secretary - Counseling Steve Mezzanto Groundsman 54 Patrick O'Brien Groundsman Foreman Marlene O'Hare Clerk - Girls' Attendance Marylin Perkins Secretary - Admin. Office Kieth Pike Pool Attendant Genevieve Rea Matron Dan Robbins Dance Accompanist Monreen Robinson Banker Judy Robison Clerk - Administration Eileen Rowe f Matron tu' if ' . J " Clarence Smith Staff Assistant .loan Uselton Clerk - Trainee Nora Vaughn 'Y M x -3 il ,. is 1 i J! la Matron 'O 1, Merylin Watkins Office Manager Jeanne Webb Clerk - Administration Samuel L. Welcher Custodian New faces were also evident in the girls' attendance positions with Marlene O'Hare replacing Jean Larsen, and Clarence Smith and Dave Frew taking the reins as new staff assistants. Students also played an intregal part in keeping office operations running smoothly, before, during, and after school. In the front office Linda Warriner worked as the switchboard operator while Dave McCracken and Kurt Howard worked as stockmen. ln the attendance and counseling offices, Judy Landry and Janie McCormick had their work cut out for them as clerical aides. Academics Classified Staff l 35 The Answer to Everyone's Growl . iv", 'Twas the morn before lunchtime and all i ' through the cafe, every creature was stirring 583 except for the mice who believed that 9:00 was just too early to think about getting up and fixing lunch. These creatures were otherwise known as cafeteria ladies. The cafeteria ladies made the edibles, warmed it up, rearranged it, served it up, cashed it in, cleaned it out, brushed themselves off and started all over again every school day, as regular as the clock in the quad. They worked to the tune of 18 dozen hot dogs, I2 dozen burritos and 16 dozen hamburgers daily. Not to mention the meals - the main courses were usually made in the main kitchen downtown but our own cafeteria ladies gave their personal touch to pizza, cornbread, and their worldvfamous cinnamon buns. New to the freezer were frozen yogurt cups and frozen yogurt sandwiches with graham cracker crusts for those who had an exotic sweet tooth but dreamed of one day seeing a hip bone. .vrijnwnjzxkr Q. 'MJ5 4 'J' ff.. . . ,D N- If? w .-qi, 6-A ull! I ' is 'f T' JF? . K H .IQJ ' 4 YIHI1. -'ff ' 1 5 'ef ., I + 1 K 5 r f ' s I ami- ,J t , G - -, If at I I uni". ' 'V N I L.. 1 - DIES G ' St rt , E elyn Connors, Mary Filener, Mildred Welker. BACK ROW: Marie Crowley, Judy LeGrande, Barbai lCEc?sKrEeETaEkiRI!QuIIQes, Marsyjngliiin.ul?IOTgnS1ElrDil?ll?I?Cook Sylvia Cardwell. TOP LEFT: ADDING THE FINISHING TOUCH to fourth lunch, Victor Duncan pa faits. TOR RIGHT: DURING LUNCH, Sandy Smyth relaxes with a good gourmet meal and good conversation. MIDDLE: SERVICE WITH A SMILE to Dina Lem and Colleen Miller from Mrs. Foulkes. Academics- 1 3 6 Cafeteria A- 4 1 1 J f l w lf"f-4. A. yx N I I I 1 N N Vx b I i 1 ll, f X3 , 1 Q K 6, .1 n N X , OILG LlllZ2lNTl5lllP' FH. , l ,l i. , f 1 , , , IQ 517' . lf ii - ' ' ' ' f', N , ,fry IA - in .ff ,Smell lla 5i7f?1?f:sg J ig, iff' wage 436- yrv V LL."q:-'lil V -,:.,,g .A .C I, V ryjijlfi ' f ' 1 ,X 1+-ff 'tit J .-'AA , ,. 5, igffff it iff ai!! If fl lf' I ff' xr "H 'V 'T mic? .Qf ,rf ,521 if' if ,"' ,W ie A". Q' 'F 'A'Q if l 1 il lil P The Year of Changes . . . il Al Panama Canal Treaty negotiations stirring M pl political scence, Nlarie Usmoricl changing her , l look, speed bumps installed in school parking l i' lots, ARBES camera equipment stolen, science- li 1 fiction awards televised, Suzanne Summers A replacing Farrah lfairvcett-llfiaiors on magazine gg covers Lynard Skynard band crashing to their l deaths, Lakewood Center becoming an enclosed mall, D.E.C.A. MEMBER NlAFiK RULE VVllNlNllNlG STATE CONTEST WRST AND SECCND PLACES, "James at 'l5" turning 16, Karen f:5'?arw.'oofcl win- , ning district sweetheart for Key Club, Bert Lance l retiring, El Dorado Park marred by gang violence, .' Russian satellite crashing in Canada, women and 5 minorities named as astronauts, 90 m.p.h. winds l and rain devastating Long Beach, lfl1'i2i'lf,l'l,!'yS cap- ici turing hamburger fans with its square-shaped patties, the crimp hair-style, and the nation , 'W mourning the deaths of Elvis Fresley, Bing ii ,gg Crosby, Guy Lombardia, Charlie Chaplin, and , , Hubert Humphrey. l r il ,R 117 ' f' " eJP'fv-1-Q a Mill I lk S...i'ff'1i."1ifv51'..1 'i Wil is ii -C '. . .XL 1.7 3 --m3711- eiww- ---V --1 t I i. . 1,- 'hxi , r. - I if: -If t ,W-R l ll il Rule Wins for D.E.C.A. Senior Mark Rule participated in the Statewide D.E.C.A. Career Development Conference on March 9 and finished sec- ond place overall. He was rewarded with a first place trophy for studies in Market- ing and a second place medal for his presentation on Food Service. Mark attended the national D.E.C.A. conference held in Washington, D.C. dur- ing mid-May. He was the only person from California to compete in two areas of study. Mgff, 1" ' sf" b , fl ' 'f. IAUQ -'n 'N I U I '.. ggi.- 3 lg ffrlef, .v i' j if if X x 5 1 if we ' ' . lf M- -5 - Ax J A l V 4 I l A Q ity . E I- A! ,Ji-X f-M T A ' 'l . . Q ' IL V, H ,..- l f ' :.,,,3 ' ' dw . 1 1, ' l A ' l 0 ' , l ' 2.1 . 1 . 8 1 E Q r X . Xxx' A P Vjl I " F X ' 0 'f' 5 l 5 .e M l W .lf 4, gl 1 3 A W ,. , , ,- .4 , V l , , . OUGH LONG BEACH, Key and Keywanettes collect money for multiple sclerosis. ' "-17"'?"'--.1 ' A - . , 1 v- " - f ,Q U M ,- A M l all ,WA .C asm. V- , .,. ':'-MA' WMF e e , 1 ' as - - - ll 11 lf. l ,--N , r -. "-211 fy . "H ' ' ' 'KJ ':". Y ' 4 - w F " l - I f- ' 'havin '. ,.- l- , , lf .fl . l H3 1 4 4 li "rf - l 'J . . v - :SEQ 'Q 1 ,I ' " ' A 5? .3 :gs ,W w, -l. V V". ' W .. Q f .-.. nh.. W P '95 'SAX , fy ', 1- 1 QT . -' ' - -K v - . 1,,f'?' e--544 ' 3 9, , Y- ,I W A - 2Jv"'.' A 1 fi ffl " 1 L' .f 4.-1 .?.'s?. 'R ,V 1 elf Q1-,'.L1x.1L'.a n:. eywanettes d Key cus on Joint ctivities to the community ln addition to manning points for the Diabetes Bike A Thon and for the Arthritis Foudation. Key Club ywanettes teamed up to bus tables at the Heart Fund Brunch at C.S.U.L.B. CLUB: During the summer Fall President Wang and Vice-President Brian Napper trav- nsas City to attend the annual Key Key Club Convention. They brought many new organizational ideas. were sent weekly to Kiwanis to report on club activities and acquainted with Kiwanis members. Each Key Club selected an outstanding girl who service to the school to be its "Sweet- ' Club members again volunteered a week- assist with the annual Special Olympics. to Ka Under the leadership of Spring President Steve Luther and Vice-President Gary Berberet, Key Club presented skits at a local convalescent hos- pital and painted the alma mater song on the gym wall. A year-end banquet and the kidnap of all Keywanette members at 3:00 a.m. one morn- ing were other Spring activities. KEYWANETTES: Directing Fall Keywanettes' activities were President Rana Seils and Vice- President Judy Nevitt. Community service pro- jects included Thanksgiving tray favors for patients at Veteran's Hospital and entertaining underprivileged children at Memorial Hospital. The "Keywanettes Korn Dog Sale" at Homecom- ing netted a large profit forthe club. Keywanettes continued sending members to district confer- ences to exchange ideas with other clubs. In October, Robert Lyddon was chosen as Key- wanettes' first "Creep" Each month this honor was awarded to an outstanding male student. Under the direction of Spring President Judy Nevitt and Vice-President Elise Rickenbach, Key- wanettes continued being involved in school and community activities. The club raised money with a Secret Admirers' Day Sale and a Peanut sale to help pay for activities and a year-end banquet. In March Keywanettes received its official four by five foot banner. Service projects included volun- teering at the Crippled Children's Foundation, and collecting for charities. The club conducted inter-school Key Club and Keywanettes activities and sponsored club trips to see television show tapings. f l 951167-' CAA 1 1 il ES - FRONT ROW: Patty Soldin, Pam Shipman, Elise Rickenbach, Janet Uhde, Judy Nevitt, Rana Seils, Michelle Van Velson, Ann Mashi Kim Wall. 2ND ROW: Shelley Parris, Pam Fuller, Nancy Stoner, Bobbi Eldred, Carrie Conlisk, Laura Garry, Betsy Jagger, Marlos Albrecht, Tracey 3RD ROW: Patty Norman, Anne Pillsbury, Alison Lewis, Carrie Richards, Celia Evans, Carla Pearson, Patti Young, Jane Nickles, Julie Havens Cheri KEY CLUB - FRONT ROW: Larry Young, Kevin Heitman, Brian Napper, Jim Wang, Steve Luther, David McCracken, Russ Hagey. 2ND ROW: Brett Davis Jonathan Karabenick, Greg Goodman, Nick Papageorges, Kenneth Barnett, Mike Scanlan. 3RD ROW: Brian Fung, Charles Farmer, Brian Scanlan Mart Paige, Nelson Cohen, Robert Lyddon, Tom Mesa, Organizations Key - Keywanettes r---. Lorett Launches Service Spree ANCHOR: ln a between-semester tribute, Fall President Karen Jankowski organized the presen- tation of a "call slip" cake to the counselors. Stuffing stockings for Los Amigos Hospital was another fall project for this group. Adopting a Drive. grandmother and planning the New Girls' Tea were areas supervised by Spring President Ann Mashiyama. GIRLS' LEAGUE: Fall President Julie Havens, aided by Vice-President Susan Tintle, planned early in the summer for the Sophomore Orienta- tion Picnic. Other traditional activities also took place - the Millikan-Wilson Pizza Party, Alumni Tea, and the Mr. Masculine Muscles test. On the social side, members invited country secrets to a party, and Spring Julie D'Amico prepared an ice-cream social. LORETT: During their fall terms, Cheri McKinley and Vice-President Linda man kept this club active with numerous projects. These included collecting for staging a holiday party at the Memorial drens' Clinic, and organizing a Salvation Lorett added to Homecoming festivities profitable "petit gateau" Ccupcakeb under the direction of Spring President Smith, again sold green bagels on St. Patri Day. The annual "good luck" fish cake for swimmers and the senior farewell banquet w other springtime events. 'id -K kai ANCHOR - FRONT ROW: Janis Plant, Pam Fuller, Karen Jankowski, Ann Mashiyama, Jeri Cooper, Debbie Ortiz, Debbie Thompson. 2ND ROW: Weiner, Diane Hebner, Linda Tisch, Susan McNally, Grace Scott, Cathy Forde. 3RD ROW: Fran Roux fadvisorj, Korey Cantrell, Jane Nickles, Patti Young, Lerman, Marcia Torney, Linda Silverman. r anizations 0 Q 1 Anchor, Girls' League, Lorett MQ -741' I' it ABOVE: SLICING CAKE for Richard Elwell at the Counselor Sur- prise Party are Anchor members Grace Scott and Diane Hebner. it Www X - FRONT ROW: Michelle Sellers, Kathy Kennedy, Susan McNally, Susan Smith, Cheri McKinley, Linda Silverman, Lori Anttila, affee. 2ND ROW: Debbie Ortiz, Karen Jankowski, Grace Scott, Ellen Paine, Sanae Spencer, Michele Hartung, Lori Wagner, Kathy 3RD ROW: Sharon Pellum, Velma Griggs, Michelle Nuttall, Judy Nevitt, Linda Tisch, Jackie Bennett, Pam Kelly. LEAGUE - FRONT ROW: Sallie Tintle, Susan Tintle, Julie Havens, Julie D'Amico, Michelle Van Velson, Kathy Large. 2ND ROW: Pellum, Jenelle Hall, Naomi Yamashita, Michele Hartung, Kathy Kennedy, Lynne Ouesnel, Sanae Spencer, Susan Smith. 3RD ROW: Nickles, Patti Young, Beth Farnham, Lori Johnson, Jeanine Flanders, Theresa Wilson, Peggy Boyd, Jamie Vest. 2' ,af ABOVE: PREPARING PUNCH for the Girls' League!Cross- Country Party are Dan Bueller, Julie Havens, and Gary Daniel. LEFT: SELLING PIZZA PARTY TICKETS at lunch, Sallie Tintle and Mandy Rivet chat with Mike Mason. N :. Organizations 1-1- l Anchor, Girls' League, Lorett 1 i 4' i I -rv !' - , li- 't' R . it x l.-E .. E RIGHT: TRYING OUT MOVES for Jazz exercises are Marcia Bender, Owen Griffiths, and Leigh Davis. ROWDY ROOTERS - FRONT ROW: Renee Glaze, Linda Byrd, Cathy Hogan, Marcia Torney, Renae Clark, Michelle Sellers, Glo- ria Berkenwald. 2ND ROW: Linda Kramer, Sandi Johnston, Loretta Croom, Pat Washington, Lori Anttila. 3RD ROW: Laura Garry, Melanie Dussler, Sanae Spencer, Lisa Mudd, Lisa Gunning, Jackie Bennett, Ann Doyle. 4TH ROW: Lori Lerman, Jeri Cooper, Linda Burmeister, Patty Norman, Arnetrice Boykin, Meridith Cone, Terri Chriss. DANCE CLUB - FRONT ROW: Laurie Hargrove, Tracey Orlott, Lori Anttila, Sherry Weiner, Leigh Davis, Pam Shipman, Rana Seils, Cindy Wheaton. 2ND ROW: Susan Tintle, Cheri McKinley, Cathy Hogan, Kathy Large, Gina Testa, LaWana Robertson, Maureen Smith, Michelle Sellers, Kim Lawrence. 3RD ROW: Willa Clinton, Meridith Cone, Patty Norman, Lydia Finzi, Owen Griffiths, Linda Tisch, Sallie Tintle, Julie Havens, Anita Springer. KAIROS - FRONT ROW: Don Ricketts, Beth Collins, Sherry Weiner, Mark Russnogle. 2ND ROW: Anita Springer, Patty Ricketts. Organizations R: I .i 1 Dance, Rowdy Rooters, Philio, Kairos -gsm Shirt Sales Aid Dancers DANCE CLUB: Under the leadership of Presi- dent Leigh Davis, Dance Club members partici- pated after school in Master Dance lessons and also in Jazz Classes taught by Lydia Finzi. The major fund-raiser of the year was the selling of Dance T-shirts at Homecoming and at Christmas in order to pay for additional Master lessons. ROWDY ROOTERS: In a decision made by President Cathy Hogan, the Rowdies unofficially became the "Espirit Des Rams" for sporting events. Though they were a familiar sight at foot- ball games, they nevertheless had trouble finding enough room to seat their forty members. Throughout the year, the Rowdies had after school meetings which inspired them to keep the pep up at games. PHILIO: In its first year, Philio posted signs to advertise meetings and to generate the curiosity of the student body. Under Mel Washington as Fall President and Regina Riles as Spring Presi- dent, the members sold See's suckers and candy bars and gave parties in order to raise money for club sweatshirts. They also planned a slide pres- entation for Black History Week with the assist- ance of students from U.C.L.A.'s drama work- shop. KAIROS: With Dave Guyton as Fall President and Don Ricketts as Spring President, Kairos had a quiet year. The major activity for members was a bagel sale at Homecoming and a campaign to recruit new members. PHILIO FRONT ROW Linda Hollins, Pamela Small, Regina Riles, Angela Gamell. 2ND ROW Perika Sampson Michelle Sellers Jackie Bennett. 3RD ROW: Arnetrice Boykin, Willa Clinton, Cathy Hogan Debra Mitchell Rosie LEFT PREPARING BLACK HISTORY WEEK outline is Philio Secretary, Pam Small. Dance, Rowdy Rooters Philio Kairos 142 RIGHT: ADJUSTING THE LIGHTING for the Talent Show is Bill Snyder. l- - A A l 'I STAGE CREW - FRONT ROW: Lloyd Woolf, Greg Gneier, John Bordeaux fAdvisorJ, Joe Vest, Chris Tozler, Jeff Siegel. 2ND ROW: Mike Draghi, Denny Martindale, Debbie Metz, Vicki Clay, Joan Heredia. 3RD ROW: Rick Werner, Steve Mas, Richard Lawton, Dave Lawton, Dave Chapman, Jim Boan, Bill Snyder, Richard Cox, Ken Scoville. - .1 Q iv" X i L.: M i . Tl MASOUERS - FRONT ROW: Ellen Paine, Julie Havens, Owen Griffiths, Dan Rodriguez, Jamie.Vest. 2ND. ROW: Mark Fantone, Eric Prefaca, Rosella Castano, Richard Freedman. 3FlD ROW: Patty Ricketts, Karen Milstead, Julie Endersby, I Joy O'Grady, Michelle Nuttall. FLASHERS - FRONT ROW: Barbara Glass, Christi Brante, Dave Hart CAdvisorJ, Alisonlewis, Velma Griggs. 2ND ROW: Angela Antenore, Michael Carr, Greg Goodman, Larry Young, Donna McMurray, Elise Rickenbach. Organizations Stage Crew, Masquers, Flashers "Flashers" Snap in FLASHERS: A photography club, the "Flash- ers," joined the ranks of organized groups at Mil- likan. Initiated by lab assistant Dave Hart, also new to Ram High, the club followed President Christi Brante to the beach for photography "shoot-outs," and also held bi-monthly photo contests that were open to the student body. STAGE CREW: A spectacular castle for Home- coming, which demonstrated their skill at build- ing large sets, was a highlight of the year for the Stage Crew. The club sold "Grog" from inside their creation. Under President Greg Gneier, and sponsor John Bordeaux, members later toured the brand new Pacific Terrace Theatre downtown Long Beach, getting a look at the backstage of the city's largest theatre. MASQUERS: Also visiting the Pacific Terrace were the Masquers, who attended the play "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Nlan In the Nloon Mari- goldsf' Under the gavel of President Owen Grif- fiths, and sponsorship of Alvin Randall, the Mas- quers also conducted their traditional holiday season candy cane sale. ABOVE: AFTERSCHOOL WORKSHOP FINDS Owen Griffiths and Dan Rodriguez rehearsing dramatic techniques. LEFT: FOCUSING IN on Alison Lewis is Michael Carr. Organizations Stage Crew, Masquers, Flashers 1 FAR RIGHT: HELPING T0 PREPARE a student for the Special Olympics is Red Cross member Tana Baleika. RIGHT: INTER- ACT OFFICERS Nick Papageorges, Shelley Parris, and Larry Young conduct the meeting concerning the upcoming paper- back book drive. BELOW: LEADING DISCUSSION to paint school ticket booth by Pride and Beautification is President Ray Nation. 'I R N uw I I 7 Y'f N: f5v5 xx 1 RED CROSS - FRONT ROW: Mike Evans, Lynn Ouignon, Sanae Spencer, Sherrie Weiner, 2ND ROW: Brett Davis, Matt DeLaney, Don Ricketts, Phillip Richards. 1" 3,,!". S Z, - f at INTERACT - FRONT ROW: Gary Berberet, Nick Papageorges, Paul Singleton, Shelley Parris, Larry Young. 2ND ROW: Susan Tintle, Sallie Tintle, Celia Evans, Jamie Vest. 3RD ROW: Jeff Race, Walter Hamann, Don Ceglar, Brett Davis, Marlos Albrect. ., EE' x K ': E v,' D.E,C.A. - FRONT ROW: Elmer Stringfellow, Connie Williams, Mark Rule, Marcia Griffin, Kim Lee, Mike Guinan. 2ND ROW: Debbie Ortiz, Teri Parker, Demetria Goodwin, Holly Hall, Antonee Modesty. Organizations 1 Red Cross, D.E.C.A., Interact, Pride and Beautification - O Red Crossers Aid Special Ed. D.E.C.A.: An active Distributive Education Club of America created the gym suit display in the front office, participated in the Christmas Shop- ping Center Window Decorating Contest, and sold "Hot Links" in a, Homecoming booth. Holly Hall and Mark Rule, represented Millikan in the California State Leadership Conference and ran for state offices. INTERACT: Even though this club did not organize until January, President Shelley Parris and Vice-President Nick Papageorges led the club in a number of activities, including a paperback book donation to Veterans' Memorial Hospital. Representatives also attended Rotary Luncheons and were involved in the district conference in Palm Springs. PRIDE AND BEAUTIFICATION: MiIIikan's school painter,John Eslick, was the sponsor for this school service club. Activities included paint- ing the school ticket booth and collecting trash in the El Dorado sand area. RED CROSS: Red Cross Club worked directly with the Special Education classes at Millikan and helped those who were training on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the Special Olympics in swimming and track. President Lisa Dixon and Vice-President Tana Balejka initiated a haunted house for the retarded and elderly and Christmas caroling at convalescent homes. They also partic- ipated inthe March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon. PRIDE AND BEAUTIFICATION - FRONT ROW: Cathy Shepstone, Sherrie Weiner, Craig Allen Renae Clark Beth Preuss. 2ND ROW: Linda Kramer, Les Ward, Paul Cur- rier Meridethe Cone LEFT D.E.C.A. MEMBERS Teri Parker and Mark Rule sell giant coloring books to Cathy Hogan. Organizations Red cross, D.E.C.A., Interact, Pride and Beautification 1 45 PONDERING OVER NOTES for next Ouill and Scroll meeting are officers Elise Rick- enbach, Paul Peterson, Rana Seils, Gretchen Houser, Doug Marty, Sonja Nielsen, and Steve Luther. lf, f"'Q leafs r-A"LT,.f1 ,1- OUILL AND SCROLL - FRONT ROW: Sarah McJunkin, Doug Marty, Sonja Nielsen, Elise Ricken- bach, Randy Mlynar, Paul C. Peterson, Steve Luther, Rana Seils, Gretchen Houser. 2ND ROW: Janet Hansted, Carol Tieffer, Betsy Jagger, Jean Comiskey, Jenelle Hall, Karen Stanwood, Shel- ley Parris, Susan Welch, Cheri McKinley, Susan Sleep, Annette Ouestl, Carla Grimes, Julie D'Am- ico, Ann Mashiyama. 3RD ROW: Joan Danielson, Jory Barrad, Carl Higgins, Jim Wang, Carrie Richards, Susan Bordner, Sandy Smyth, Greg Jackson, Willa Clinton, David McCraken, Cindy Clements, Kevin Heitman, Ken Ralidis. 4TH ROW: Barry Bartlett, Alan Friedman, Rob Lyddon, Nelson Cohen, Chuck Williamson, Vic Huber, Jeff Current, Greg Goodman, Matt Paige, Gary Daniels, Russ Hagey, Gary Berberet, Dave Foltz, Judy Nevitt. m e 9 LA 7 .t 77 I if L-XV N.H.S. - FRONT ROW: Joel Roberts, Ann Mashiyama, Pam Fuller, Kathy Kennedy, Judy Nevitt, Elise Rickenbach, Gary Berberet, Rana Seils, Russ Hagey, Michelle Van Velson, Michelle Melinikoff, Lynn Williams. 2ND ROW: Laurie Hargrove, Janet Hansted, Jim Wang, Kim Clouse, Sonja Nielsen, Beth Farnham, Betsy Jagger, Shelley Parris, Jean Comiskey, Anita Springer, Cathy Cavadini, Torin Finney, Ann Crosby, Jamie Cawley. 3RD ROW: Patty Soldin, Linda Sil- verman, Jon Karabenick, Lori Smith, Lynn Ouignon, Gary Gerber, Ken Barnett, Walter Hamman, Carrie Richards, Celia Evans, Jim Rueff, Sharon Gerber, Cheri McKinley. 4TH ROW: Stephen Teodosiadis, Michelle Nuttall, Cynthia Beattie, Robert Lyddon, Gretchen Houser, Steve Luther, Brian Napper, Doug Marty, Alan Hamilton, Janet Uhde, Cindy Clements, Phil lsenberg, John Kiley, Jane Nickles. Organizations 146 M.s.c., ouau and Scroll, N.F.L., N.H.S. Swimmers Navigate First Charter M.S.C.: ln its first year as a campus club, Milli- kan Swim Club's major objective was to raise money to buy new bathing suits for the girls' swim team. President Carolyn Bell and Vice-Pres- ident Janie Galusha planned a swim-a-thon in late February as their primary fundraiser. O.UlLL AND SCROLL: This International Honor Society for High School Journalists was reserved for the members on the Aries Staff and Corydon The Quill and Scroll Christmas party was held at Jean Comiskey's house. Rewarded for their singing interpretations of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" were Carl C. Higgins, Betsy A. Jag- ger, Matt D. Paige, and Rana J. Seils. Rounding out the year was the annual potluck banquet held at President Paul Peterson's home. ' Other officers included Steve Luther - Vice- President, Elise Rickenbach - Recording Secre- tary, Gretchen Houser - Corresponding Secre- tary, Rana Seils - Treasurer, Sonja Nielsen - Sergeant-at-Arms, and Doug Marty - Chaplain. Aries Advisor Joan Danielsen again sponsored TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PRESIDENT Elise Rickenbach leads discussion about proposed ' Quill and Scroll. H.S. field trip with Treasurer -- Rana Seils, Vice-President - Gary Berberet, Activities airman - Russ Hagey, and Secretary - Judy Nevitt. N.F.L.: Under the leadership of coach and sponsor Robert Ciriello, the National Forensics League practiced speech-delivery skills and attended various competitions. Traveling to I U.S.C. for the Trojan Debate were Owen Griffiths and Dan Rodriguez. The best "speak-off" of the year was the War- rior Meet at EI Camino College. Millikan brought home two plaques and three trophies. Also, Pres- ident Owen Griffiths placed second with his dra- g'- matic interpretation of "Equus," N.H.S.: Giant chocolate chip cookies started the National Honor Society's year off on a sweet note. This Homecoming fundraiser added 540.00 to their account. Senior Kathy Larsen, who spent a semester in Germany, narrated a slide show on her trip for the N.H.S. members and sponsors Helen Cure, Stan Larsen, and Roland Urbanek. N.F.L. - FRONT ROW: Dan Rodriguez, Owen Griffiths, Beth Collins. 2ND ROW: Greg Goodman, John Kiley, Jerry Liner, Brett Davis. 3RD ROW: Mark Hanser, Judy Nevitt, Russ Hagey. '12 M.S.C. - FRONT ROW: Cathy Lorenz, Patty Ater, Carolyn Bell, Velma Griggs, Jamie Cawley. 2ND ROW: Lauri Sherlock, Karen Ellis, Carolyn Carver, Kim Overton. .H 2 ....:,. Organizations rvi.s.c., Quill and Scroll, N.F.i.., N.H.S. 147 Spanish-French Goes Chinese SPANISH-FRENCH CLUB: Going international, the club members dined at Chinese, Italian, and Mexicanrestaurants. One of the more active lan- guage clubs on campus, Spanish-French held a Holiday party and went to three TV show tapings accompanied by sponsors Marjorie Cahn and Denyse Farnworth. Their Homecoming apple cider sale, bake sale, and aluminum can dirve, carried out during President Geri Mizenberg's term, provided part of the funds for a trip to Magic Mountain taken during the term of Presi- dent Ken Ralidis. Spanish-French was also the only club to brave the cold night air in order to view the Rose Parade in person. RUSSIAN CLUB: During April Rayner's reign as Russian Club President, the club sold snow cones at Homecoming and visited a Russian bookstore along with sponsor William Moffit. Unfortunately, after the browsing-and-buying spree at the book- store, the Russian Club members were foiled by "Closed" signs in their attempt to dine at a Rus- sian restaurant. LATIN CLUB: Staging a Roman-style banquet, under sponsor Richard SuIIivan's direction, was Counsel David Schorr's main goal. All the lan- guage clubs were invited to this Latin affair. GERMAN CLUB: President Matt Black and members were informed of the Christmas Market in Anaheim, by sponsor Joseph Schmid, where they did some Christmas shopping. The Christ- mas Market, sponsored by the Phoenix Club Ca Southern California German Clubj, consisted of special stands featuring imported items from Germany. DURING THE SPANISH-FRENCH gag gift exchange, Dorothy Jones displays her "handy Russian Roulette" pistol as Michelle Nuttall and Lori Smith look on in amusement. lid ,Ag 1 f ,f 1 2. . fig: Q, 1 V V X -N N 3:13. SPANISH-FRENCH CLUB - FRONT ROW: Laurie Monk, Ken Ralidis, Denyse Fransworth, Marjorie Cahn, Geri Mizenberg, Lori Smith. 2ND ROW: Cheri McKinley, Linda Silverman, Wendy Bush, Linda Tisch, Jon Karabenick, Michelle Nuttall, Dorothy Jones. 3RD ROW: Kim Foglesong, Cosa Hamlin, Lisa Hamlin, Ann Fishman, Susan McNally, Loraine Duacsek, Michelle Sellers. Organizations Spanish-French, Russian, Latin, German 148 RUSSIAN CLUB - FRONT ROW: Lynne Cluignon, Eric Anders, Meredethe Cone, Jon Karaben- ick. 2ND ROW: Korey Cantrell, Larry Young, Greg Goodman, Susan Bordner. 3RD ROW: Michael Carr, Steve Fox, Phil Richards. 1 LATIN CLUB - FRONT ROW: Cheri McKinley, Eric Profaca, Greg Gneier, David Schorr, Richard Sullivan, John Wills, Angela Gamell, Ste- , phanie Blunt. 2ND ROW: Tracy Swanson, Greg McCracken, Kevin Williams, Ken Ralidis, Jim Rueff, William A. Hepler, Ron Tsuruda, Lisa Johnson. 3RD ROW: Thomas Okker, Curtis Williams, Jon Karabenick, Dave Jones, Wally Walrod, Phil lsenberg, Ralph Burket, Lisa Smock. 4TH ROW: Garret Morris, Michael O'Guin, Phillip Richards, Mark Fudge, Walter Hamann, Don Ceglar, Jeff Race, Jeremy Hall, Matt Black. :gi-xg' A' . N, A , fi-,Q - ,ff yi . .,, l - ', , 1 ,, ' . , ' ' . ,. R ,1 X-J'.,1 . rl R A . ,, . ..-W 4 f g 4 L f r - i!-Wai X J- 1 , , ,H is. "iff GERMAN CLUB - FRONT ROW: Phil lsenberg, Joseph Schmid, Bill Hepler. 2ND ROW: Matt Black, Elise Rickenbach. CLUB members Lynne Ouignon, April Rayner, Chris and Korey Cantrell folk dance to a Russian tune. Organizations Spanish-French, Russian, Latin, German 1 4 Q 1 Y A.F.S. - FRONT ROW: Dorothy Jones, Eric Anderson, Michelle Nuttall, Lynn Ouignon, Lori Anttila, Kim Foglesong. 2ND ROW: Anita Springer, Karen Jai kowski, Korey Cantrell, Lori Smith, Jane Nickles, Jeri Cooper. I-. NIATH CLUB - FRONT . N . N ROW: Matt Black, William , . 6? , , ,--fffik A., f-1 Hepler, Mike O'Guina, Phil S9 f , 1 . ' T. -f 'D ' -r f isenbefg, Jim Rueff. 2ND V- i I .Lf X" --3 - ., ROW: Judy Nevitt, Robert , ,A Q , E ' 1 7 . ls, - Lindell, Greg Goodman, ffrrf' x Qgeylxf Q35 A -ef------3,754 Q Ken Ralidis, Michelle Nut- f ' Q1 1 ,. Q-Lam-3--Q L 'R 1 , fan- E130 1 ' .N 3725-i ,: 'xx -V 1, 1-Am, - "J 1 ' .5 x, ' 1 gi f, T -V , ix - f ' 'v 1 " A' K- "um ' ' " i X -, f F -5. ""' , V -f' Xxf . i an at T - f...,,,. T. 4 -rf '.,A ,J Q I ' il 1 1' '- .... f it 1- ,V " 1 ' K PREPARING FOR THE POMONA Competition, Tim Springer practices on a sample 1 50 Organizations Math, A.F.S., Chess Club, Historical Events -JP' Warll. uyaf Q , d.. i 1 ' UDYI THE CHESS board, Kevin Williams contemplates his next move. Ji' 5 A 4 CHESS CLUB - FRONT ROW: Eric Profaca, Phil lsenberg, Sanae Spencer, Dan Rodriguez, Ken Ralidis. 2ND ROW: Matt Black, William Hepler, Kevin Williams, Robert Lindell. NA- 3 Pearl Harbor Attacked! - Again? HISTORICAL EVENTS CLUB: Initiated by Presi- dent Randy Russell, this new history-minded group gathered on Tuesdays to re-enact world- shaking events. Members played games re-creat- ing the Roman Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, the Civil War, and World War ll. Lending historic expertise was advisor Roland Urbanek. A.F.S.: A sponge throw at Homecoming, a DOROTHY JONES looks on, Fred Lerch plots his next move of the Russian Campaign of Cookie bazaar, and 3 Community B0wl.a.Tl-yon were a few of the fund-raising activities this club utilized to aid the Adult Chapter of Millikan A.F.S. Presidents Lynn Quignon and Michelle Nuttall, with the advice of sponsor Darrell Louder, organ- ized the "adoption" of George Sone, a foreign student from Japan. CHESS CLUB: The highlight of Chess CIub's year came every Monday when Howard Vogt, their sponsor, dared to play chess "blind-fold ed." He enthralled members by turning his chair away from the board and then winning without ever seeing the game. President Dan Rodriguez planned Moore League chess tournaments, and members occasionally brought reading materials to meetings in addition to plain-ol' chess-skill building by practices. MATH CLUB: Practice tests found most mem- bers busy at Friday afternoon meetings. Presi- dent Michail 0'Guin and Vice-President Phil Isen- berg led the group to November competition in Pomona, where they qualified for the spring semi-finals, Other events for the mathematicians were the Occidental and the L.B.C.C. Math Field Days. Coached by advisor Jim Howard, members also rivaled with other high school students in the Math Association of America Test in March. VS K xxf fn HISTORICAL EVENTS CLUB - FRONT ROW: Dorothy Jones, Randy Russell, Karen Stanwood. 2ND ROW: Carl Higgins, Ken Ralidis, Jim Wang, Bob Ewald. 3RD ROW: Cindy Clements, Fred Lerch, Sonja Niel- sen. Organizations Math, A.F.S., Chess Club, Historical Events 1 5 1 Oc The Year of Changes. . . Debby Boone capturing audiences and a Grammy, torrential February rains ending the drought with flooding and mudslides, the Rus- sian flu, comedian Steve Martin getting recogni- tion at last, Blizzards ravaging the East while the Hillside Strangler terrorizes Los Angeles, Sadat and Begin beginning Egyptian-Israeli peace talks, McDonalds' serving sundaes and hash browns, coal strike paralyzing the nation, the first black Miss Universe, Carol Channing christening the Pacific Terrace Convention Center with the open- ing of HELLO DOLLY, module day becoming non- existent, stick pins perking up sweaters and blaz- ers, DOROTHY GEISLER LEAVING, the Plaza The- atre closing its doors, "Chicago" losing singer Terry Kath in an accidental shooting, and HOW THE WEST WAS WON returning to the T.V. screen. fi- . 3 - - - -,beings-... -.s 'ml 4 Kidette Lead Leaves After serving as drill team sponsor for twenty years, Dorothy Geisler has decided to take a leave from Millikan. Travel around the U.S. is one of her plans for the future. During her long position at Millikan, Miss Geisler noticed several changes. "Students really aren't as interested in learning," she explained, "their ideas seem to have changed in regard to their reasons for attending school." Miss Geisler also expressed the guide- lines she has used with past drill teams. She said it was important that girls were "self-directed" and "self-controlled" and that "cooperation" and "punctual- ity" were also vital. ' SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENTS Robert Lyddon and Russ Ha 'Y '-1 'F I , 92 xv xl! I? I 'L 1 P 'T--iw' 4' Q, N. Ln" , W 3 r " 1 J xl Y f , f 1 1 fl 1 'M ,F A , 4 5 I f 1 I , 'Y ,Ji s 41 J, -J 5 w fn ' Wk, A-A irq. Tffs. 5 . , ., ,y. -. lik". V.. .1,l,.A H .-1-1. .- - 'fl ' rf fx ,. gf ' '-. ' ii . ' rx v Q r 1' r . -SQ! - 4 .iaiq if is 'fl'-.3 . ,.'x-p A Bsfj , X 1 L5 sp v 1' X U, - ff. a ' if A 1 bf 1 I 1 :I " , I 2 f ' "' w F4 M.. ,. uv' Q!! Q A J 4 F K I 4-' , , f 11,3 V. X 1' L '-7' -Hil- , V f f 1 v r I , nr ', A . 1 r 1 J V v r -u '-N s 1.54.1 FRONT ROW Maureen Smith Sonja Nielsen Shelley Parris Rana Sells Robert Lyddon Russ Hagey Nancy Stoner Linda Warnner Laurie Hargrove Tom Mesa Janet Hansted 2ND ROW Jean Comiskey Bobbi Eldred Elise Rlckenbach Ann Crosby Linda Cameron Betsy Jagger Kim Wall Jim Wang Jane Mason Vicky Barry Anne Pillsbury 3RD ROW Mary Seatter Carrie Richards Sue Chartier Celia Evans Steve Luther Julie Havens Jane Nickles Cheri McKinley Judy Nevutt Greg Goodman Janet Uhde Brian Napper 4TH ROW Kim Clouse Carrie Conlisk Alison Lewis Sandy Smyth Gary Berberet Greg Pearson Nelson Cohen David McCraken Barry Bartlett Doug Marty Gretchen Houser X.. if si ff! ,ff OVE: Fall and Spring Vice-Presidents Nancy Stoner and Rana Seils. ABOVE ABOVE: Fall and Spring Senators Linda Warriner and Vicky Barry. SHT: THE ALL AMERICAN FAVORITES, baseball, hotdogs, and chocolate ,e come together at the Hotdog Feed. Graduates Senior Class Council f' 3, David Acuna Lori Antilla quist Theresa Alvarez Daughter Dives in After Mom There s no question where Kelly McCormick spends her spare time With three hours a day four days a week prac ticing it s easy to see how Kelly won the International Diving Meet in Mexico City Kelly a senior at Millikan also placed Gilbert Aguirre Jim AlbauQh -0 1-.3 i Marlos Albrecht ichael Anders Dan Anderson Patty Ater LeaAnn Axcell Aff Baca fourth on the Platform Currently Kelly is working out for the World Games next summer in Germany Kelly s mother was also greatly involved in diving She won four gold medals in the 1952 and 1956 Olympics No other diver ever scored a Double Double in Olympic competition David McCracken 78 OLYMPIC CALIBER DIVER Kelly McCormick performs a front dive with a half twist gsliii Carol Barnes Sandra Barrett Vicky Barry Tim Bauerle David Beard Beckerworth DAVID A ACUNA J V Cross Country J V Var Track Class Counc Student Council Jazz Ensemble MARLOS K ALBRECHT CSF Ger man Club Interact A F S Prin Honor Roll Keywanettes JOHN ALLISON Soph J V Var Track Var Cross Country Soph Foot a MICHAEL ANTHONY PATRICK ANDERS A F S Kairos PATRICIA A ATER Var Swimming Swim Club Prin Honor Roll C S F LORI M ANTILLA Pennant Girls League Lorett Drama Cecilian Singers Acap Choir Jr Hon Guard Prin Honor Ro PAM ARNOLD Prin Honor Roll Int Tennis IENEEDANN AXCELL Tennis Drama u ARTHUR R BACA Soph Class Coun TANA MARIE BALEJKA A FS Red Cross Club Russian Club J V Badmin ton N F L Lorett MARGO L BARBER Soph Cheer Marching Band Symphonic Band Soph Class Counc Kidettes Stud Interest Comm Gold M Jr Hon Guard Phi lio C S F Sealbearer CEASRILOL BARNES - Prin. Honor Roll CAROL ANN BARRON - Head Kidette Var. Badminton Orch. Cafe. Worker Girls League Prin. Honor Roll. VICKY BARRY - Jr. Sr. Class Counc. Jr. Hon. Guard Prin. Honor Roll Philio Student Council. BARRY BARTLETT - C.S.F. Sealbearer Ouill and Scroll Soph. J. V. Var. Basket- ball J. V. Var. Baseball Soph. Jr. Sr. Class Council Prin. Honor Roll Aries Jr. Marshall. TIM BAUERLE - C.S.F. Prin. Sch. Roll. RHONDA L. BEATTIE - G.L. Board Jr. Hon. Guard C.S.F. Prin. Honor Roll. RITA E. BECKHAM - Soph. Jr. Class Counc. C.S.F. Kidettes Jr. Hon. Guard Orch. N.H.S. HONOR: Steve Luther and Robert Lyddon were named to the Who s Who Among American High School Students. HONOR: Andy Martin was named outstanding musician in the National Association of Jazz Edu- CatOrS. AWARD: Cheri McKinley was awarded first place in Journalism Press Book Contest. ' Gary Barnes Mike Barnhart Carol Barron 3 ev- Barry Bartlett ric Beals LE l4f""' 4.1 Lori Bashore Corey Beard Chris Beastrom Rhonda Beattie Pixie Beckham I i Bednar Graduates Acuna - Bednar 1 I Stuart Begg Diane Behymer Marcia Bender Mark Bennett l Gary Berberet Greta Berggren Bruce Berman Tom Bjelland LINDA WAFIRINER slaves over switchboard on after school job. Hhmx STUARTP BEGG Class Counc DIANE F BEHYMER Girls Ensemble Acap Choir CSF Begin and Adv Dance Prrn Honor Roll REBECCA BELL Madrlgals Acap Choir Drama J V Tennis Jr Class Counc CSF Pnn HonorRoll MARCIA S BENDER Adv Dance CSF Kalros MARK J BENNETT Soph Jr Class Counc Soph J V Var Football GARYS BERBERET FallA SB Pres Var Cheer Arles Asst Ed VP NHS Soph Jr Sr Class Counc Key Club Prom Comm Gold Blue Jwl M Cur rlculum Comm Prin Advisory Comm GRETAJ BERGGREN Kldettes Prln Honor Roll Girls League DUANE F BERGMAN JR Soph J V Var Basketball J V Var Baseball Jr Marshall JAMES BLACK Football JOHN BLACK CS F Sealbearer J V Var Tennis Russian Club Gold M Prln Hon Roll Yoga Club Math Team Math Club SYLVIA M BLACKWELL Pennant CSF NHS Keywannettes Orch Jr Hon Guard Prln Honor Roll Int Dance DEBRA A BLANCHARD Prfn Honor Ro BILL BLATNIK Var Wrestling Soph J V Class Counc LISAA BLEEM Pnn HonorFloll SUSAN A BOETTO Lorett Girls League Jr Hon Guard Rowdy Hooters Campus Life MATTHEW V BORDONI CSF Seal bearer ERIC BOYD Jr Class Counc Soph Track Prln Honor Roll CHRISTI J BRANTE Kldettes Pep sters Photo Club Jr Hon Guard Prln HonorRoll SUSAN M BRATTON Majorettes Sr Class Council Jr Hon Guard AWARD Tom Bielland first place and Joanne Mehl third place in the Jewish Community Center Art Show HONOR Cheri McKinley Owen Griffiths were finalists in Herald Examiners Bill of Rights Essay Contest AWARD David Myers received the Independent Press Telegram pub Ilshers award ' I - 1 . , . . ., . . , . . T I . , , . . , . ., . . ., . . I 1 I I . . ., . . T ., . ., ., . ., . . . T . . . ., . , . ., . .' . . ., 'I -1 - -1 I 14 rr 'I 1 1 - 1 ., . . . T , . ' I , . . .T ., . ., . , . ., . , . "' . . . , . ., ' ' il lr - 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 - 1 . . ., . . ., , ., . . , . , . . - 1 '1 . ., . ' I - 1 1 - - 1 I ""' . ., . , . . ' ,. I . , . , . . , . . 1 , ' , . . . ' I , . ' . . ' I . Blanchard Bill Blatnik 6' Lisa Bleem O32 Susan Boetto Zemi Takes Pepsi Challenge The disappointed cries of sweaty Milli- kan students were no longer heard in the foyer of the blue gym or in the dehyd- rated' quarters of the Ram High athletes. One didn t need two dollars worth of odd change and a few Canadian pennies in order to get a taste of a soothing cool drink, Students donated their sturdy kicking shoes to club rummage sales and Miss Doughty lost her post as unofficial Zemi-machine-opener and money-ge1ter- outer. Miss Doughty and her male counterpart Jim Seida now take on the task of replenishing the parched throats of thirsty coeds. Yes the Committee for More Vibrant Vending Machines was swallowed-up Cdown?J by the popular new Pepsi Generation. The early September installation of two nickel-new Pepsi machines drew curious crowds into the blue and gold gyms. Weight-worriers and sugar-shunners per- manently pointed their fingers to the Diet Pepsi button. For those without a pudge problem the vending machine kicked- out cans of Mountain Dew and Pepsi faster than one could say New Lemony Fresh Pepsi Light. Cheri McKinley 78 n PHIL DOUGLAS vents his anger waiting for the Pepsi machine to be refilled. I I .Q W ' .ff ,, 1' . . ' A, L it, j' V . x 1 Y 5, . .-1551? fg. Q ' 4 Paige Bolda Matt Bordoni Annette Borysiewicz Eric Bovd nn n rx .I r . .gil 1 W. ' f 157 Thomas Braun Daryl Brillhart Randy Britt Nancy Brown Charles Bruffey Daniel Buhler Graduates 1 Braun - Burket THOMAS BRAUN J V Var Baseball Skl Club Prln Honor Roll GREGG S BREWER Soph Football Bowling Medallion Diploma CHRISK BRIMHALL J V Golf NANCY E BRIMHALL Lorett VP C S F Prln Honor Roll ROBERTJ BRODIE Marching Band DANJ BROWN Prln Honor Roll NANCY E BROWN Jazz Ensemble if PHILLIPJ BROWN Soph JV Var Basketball CHARLES H BRUFFEY Soph JV Var Water Polo Soph J V Var Swim ming JERI S BUCK JV Tennis Badmln ton Jr Honor Guard DANIEL J BUHLER Var Cross Coun try Var Track Drama Prod Original Monty Python Society VP RALPH K BURKET Cross Country MICHAEL A BUTLER Black Berets J R O T C Drlll Team Kldettes Prln Honor Roll Sealbearer HENE L CABARRUBIAS Kldettes Song Girl Var Tennis CARLOV CALDARELLA Var Football Var Baseball J V Track CHRISTY CALTRIDER Swim Team Soph Class Council Sk: Club Jr Honor Guard Adv Mod Dance RANDY CAMBLIN Soph J V Var Football Soph J V Track RHONDA CAMBLIN J V Tennis Prm Honor Roll Medallion Diploma GERALD A CAMPBELL J V Tennis Prln Honor Roll Medallion Diploma JANE CANGELOSI Var Badminton Mgr COLLEEN M CARABINE Prm Honor Ro AWARD Michael Butler received the Lincoln Award for Community Achievement AWARD Steve Christiansen received the Quartermaster s Award for Sea Exploring HONOR Russ Hagey and Michelle Nuttall were nominees from Milli kan High School for the National Honor Society T . ., . , . 1' . , . l . ., 2. . l ., . ., ERIN BYRNE - Jr. Honor Guard, 1 - 1 ' ILS n . V Gregg Brewer Chris Brimhall i Dan Brown Pat Brown C::'J Larry Buchheim Jeri Buck Julie John Burns Caldarella Ricky Callahan Camblin Linda Cameron Gerald Robert Burns Michael Butler Erin Byrne CELERY ISN T BAD for Hene Cabarrubias and Tamara Gregory if accompanied by coke and cheese puffs Pass the Celery Dieting at Millikan is like eating soup with a fork. Sure you can buy salads or use the fruit machines but tell me how many days can you stomach vegetables. Since my lunches aren t very interest- ing, I tend to watch students eat. Ive noticed that Paula Critie is a chronic coke drinker, and that Chuck Williamson likes to devour two Jumbo Jacks, one taco, a large order of fries, and a choco- late shake . . . while l sit and chomp on a stock of celery and a glass of water. If you plan to stay on 'a diet at Millikan, make sure you don't sit near the football players. Janice Grippi '78 Jane Caren Caplicki "-"a a R " ' ' Henedina Cabarrubias 4 -1. Christy Caltrider Rhonda Camblin Marion Campa Rene Q'- , K tp Graduates Burns - Carey 1 JAN L CARLSON Soph Prlncess Soph Class Counc Glrls Glee A Capella ChOlf Madrlgals Basketball Stats J V Var Basketball Var Softball Var Volleyball Mgr Prln Honor Roll NANCY JANE CARON Soph Jr Sr Class Counc Soph Var Softball Prln Honor Roll CS F J V Volleyball Skl Club STEPHANIE A CARREIRO Glrls Track SHERRY L CASE Drama Club DON W CEGLAR JV Var Tennls Russlan Club Sealbearer Gold M Prln clpal s Honor Roll JUDY L CHAMBERLIN Soph Jr Class Counc Jr Senator Corydon Prln Honor Roll Prom Commlttee KELLY E CHAPIN CSF Prln Honor Roll Marchlng Band Concert Band Red Cross LORRIE CHAPMAN Jr Honor Guard Pennant Prln Honor Roll ROGER C CHARLES Varslty Track SUZANNE CHARTIER Jr Sr Class Councll CS F N HS Var Tennls Arles Staff Prln Honor Roll Sealbearer Oulll and Scroll CHRISTINE L CHIU J V Tennls J V Badmlnton Pot Sealbearer CS F Prln Honor Roll STEVEN K CHRISTENSEN Sr Class Counc Athletlc Tralner WILLIAMW CLANCY J V Var Wres glng Soph Class Counc Prln Honor o CHRISTOPHERK CLARK Soph J V Prln Honor Roll VIRGINIAA CLARK NHS CSF WILLA Y CLINTON A Cappella Glrls Cholr Kldettes Jr Honor Guard Adv Dance CSF Arles Staff Phlllo Dance Club Oulll and Scroll Prln Honor Roll KIM E CLOUSE Glrls Var Tennls Var Basketball Kldettes CSF Sr Class Counc N HS Prln Honor Roll NELSON L COHEN Sr Class Counc Key Club J V Tennls Var Track CSF Potent Sealbearer Prln Honor Floll Arles Prln Advlsory Comm Student Counc Oulll and Scroll EDWARD COKER Soph JV Var Track Vl CA DEBRA D COLLINS JV Var Bad mlnton Commander Glrls Drlll Team Color Guard Team Pennant Prln Honor Ro JEAN L COMISKEY So h J Sr Class Counc Arles Staff Tenms Prom Comm NHS Sealbearer Kldettes Song Glrl Gold and Blue M Student Council HONOR Wallace Walrod and Pamela Shipman were awarded Medal of Merlts In Hlstory and In Home Economics HONOR Gary Berberet was named Optlmlst s Outstandlng Student . ' .K , I I i ., ., ' . ' r I . "' . ., . .I , . I I I l . ' ., ' . I ' . . ' T . . ., . I I I . i' l ' . -' l' I . , I ' I I . . i' . . ' , .I . ., I D . . . 1' . ., 1 . ' ll. . l ., . ., Var. Basketball, C.S.F., Jr. Class Counc., . .p I I I 1 . Q, I . I .' ' 'I ' I I I J . -I . lu v I . . I I t I I I' -'I T ., . ., . . I . .IU . I I 4 . I I I ' ll. . ' - p r., . 'I I .I I , I . . . , . I 4 Jan Carlson Pati Carroll Carrie Chace Kelly .I Suzanne Chartier .1 A. - .- Clancy Christopher Clark Virginia Clark Vicki Clay Willa Clinton Kim Clouse Nelson Cohen Debra COIIIHS Moses Collins Jean Comiskey ALONG WITH C.P.R. TRAINING Lynn Quignon relieves simulated choking victim, Pam Arnold. Sheila Coleman Thomas Coleman Patricia Confer Paula Conkle In Case of. . . Statistics show that 150,000 lives a year could be saved if only one-out-of- five people learned Cardio-pulmonary Ftesusitation, for C.P.Fi. for shortj. Doing her part, Lynn 0.uignon was a volunteer for the Red Cross Heart Associ- ation, teaching C.P.Fl. Lynn stressed that a person without adequate or proper training in the artifi- cial breathing and chest compression techniques, should not try C.P.Ft. Lynn's interest in C.P.Fl. was prompted by a summer school Health Occupations class. Lynn was certified in this class and went on for sixteen additional hours learning the techniques of teaching C.P.R., to become a teacher herself. Lynn has had many nerve-racking experiences with C.P.Ft., one being the class of adults she had to stand in front of to teach C.P.R. Although Lynn has never come across a situation where she had to save a life, she said, "The more people that know C.P.R. - the better!" Her first step would be setting up a C.P.R. class at Mil- likan making it the safest school in the district in case of heart trouble. Graduates Clancy - Conkle 161 v. 17 l .X C Carrie Conlisk Eileen Cordova Bryan Corsnitz Laura Coulter Robert Coutts Michael Coyne Richard Crabtree Robert Crabtree Candee Corwin Bob Coryell Oscar Cowa rt Steve Cox Stephanie Cramer Paula Criti THE GOLD ROOM at the Elks Club provides a romantic atmosphere for Mike Evans and Michelle Mazures. Girls Go for lt It all started with an innocent sugges- tion from an ignorant bystander. But then it snowballed. The panic barometer zoomed when the backwards, semi-for- mal, Winter Dance was publicized with tickets at S6 a couple. This dance of ladies' choice posed some problems for those of the feminine persuasion who were inexperienced in the process of date bargaining. lt would have been much appreciated if the men- folk had used a system of showing when they were taken, maybe a flower behind the left ear or a 'bandaid attached to the nape of the neck, even a nervous tic in the middle nostril, any clue at all to save the humiliation of asking an already snagged man. Getting up the nenfe wasn't easy. The typical pep talk in the mind of a shy Sha- rin went something like this. "O.K. Shari, time's running out and almost all the guys have been asked. l wonder if Steve Stud has been asked? He was probably snatched up as soon as Forward Farrah found out about it. Ai-yi-yi, Steve Stud is coming this way. I could just die. Blabby Betty probably snitched that I was going to ask him to the dance and now he's laughing at me or pitying me. 162 l' l CARRIE L. CONLISK - Publicity Chrm., Prom Comm., Prin. Honor Roll, Prin. Advisory Comm., Kidettes, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Kewyanettes, Girls' League, Jr. Honor Guard. CANDEE K. CORWIN - Flag Girl, Kidettes, Var. Softball, Sealbearer, Prin. Honor Roll. BOB CORYELL - Var. Gymnastics. BOB COUTTS - Prin. Honor Roll. DAVID COWART - Var. Golf, M.V.P. Golf. RICHARD E. CRABTREE - J.V., Var. Football. ROBERT A. CRABTREE - J.V., Var. Football. STEVE S. CRESS - Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble. WADE T. CROISIANT - Queens Honor Guard, Pre-Black Berets, Rifle Team. ANN E. CROSBY - Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Orch., Kidettes, Lorett, Sealbearer, N. H. S., Jr. Honor Guard, Prin. Honor Roll. ROBERTA LEE CUNNINGHAM - A.F.S., Girls' League. ALICE L. CURTIS - Sealbearer, Prin. Honor Roll. JULIE D'AMlCO - Publicity, Prin. Honor Roll, Gold M, Corydon Editor, G.L. Board, Quill and Scroll. GARY DANIEL - Soph., Var. Track, Var. Cross Country, Corydon Staff, Monty Python Society. DENEEN DARROW - Jr. Honor Guard, C.S.F, Prin. Honor Roll. DIERDRA DAVEY - Girls' League, Prin. Honor Roll. BRETT A. DAVIS - Key Club, Red Cross Club, Jr. Class Counc. DANA M. DAVIS - Prin. Honor Roll. PAMELA DENISE DAVIS - Kidettes, Rowdy Hooters, Prin. Honor Roll. CATHY A. DAVISSON - Sr. Class Counc., J.V., Var., Cheer, Ski Club, Prin. Hnor Roll. MELODY DAWSON - J.V. Tennis, Lor- ett, C.S.F, G.A.A. WILLIAM DAWSON - J. V. Wrestling. HONOR: Carrie Richards was selected as Girls' State Delegate. AWARD: Carol Barron, Sylvia Blackwell, Eryn Byrne, Julie D'Amico, Gretchen Houser and Ann Pillsbury received the Wo-He- Lo Medallion. AWARD: Matthew Bordoni, Wil- Iiam Clancy, Candee Corwin, Russ Hagey, Philip Heirigs, Cheri McKinley, David Myers, Margaret Ouignon and Mark Vock were nominees for the Medal of Merit Awards. HONOR: Nick Dimas was selected to represent California in the l Amvets Best Driver conference. GYE A. DEARDORFF - Band, Soph., Var. Track. TERRY L. DEBOER - Jr. Honor Guard. SCOTT T. DEEBLE - Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band. TERRI E. DEIGHT - Jazz Ensemble, Prin. Honor Roll. RUSSELL S. DELONG - C.S.F., Jr. Class Counc., Key Club, Soph., J. V., Var. Water Polo, Soph., J. V., Var. Swimming. BRIAN DENISON - V.l.C.A. GARY J. DERKS - J.V., Var. Baseball, Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Ski Club. FRED E. DIAMOND - Prin. Honor Roll, Sealbearer, V. l. C.A. Sec. NICHOLAS S. DIMAS - Var. Football, Soph., J. V., Var. Basketball, J.V. Base- ball, Jr. Marshall, Comm. of Athletics. LISA M. DIXON - J. V. Swimming, Red Cross, N.F.L. Sec., Lorett, Swim Club. MICHELLE R. DIXON - Girls' Choir, Prin. Honor Roll, Modern Dance. LYNETTE M. DODSON - Head Kidette. DIAN L. DONALDSON - Prin. Honor Floll, Photography Club. DANNY DORAME - Soph., J. V., Var. Gymnastics, Prin. Honor Roll. STEVEN A DREW - Band, Orch., Jazz Band, J. V. Football. MIKE J. DUGGAN - Cross Country. PAM. S. DYKSTRA - Kidettes, Flag Girl, Jr. Honor Guard. BARBARA J. EDLRED - ACap. Choir, Adv. Dance, Keywanettes, Sealbearer, Prin. Honor Roll, Sr. Class Counc. JAMEE ELLIS - Cymbalist, Var. Soft- ball, Food Service. CHRISTOPHER J. ELVERT - J. V., Var. Golf, Prin. Honor Roll. WILLIAM J. EMENGER - Soph., J.V., Var. Football, Soph. Basketball, Var. Track. HONOR: Russ Hagey was a final- ist for the State Dept. of Educa- tion's Youth Senate Program. AWARD: Owen Griffiths State Qualified for the National Foren- sics Leagues Dramatic Interpreta- tion Award. HONOR: Julia Havens, Ann Mashiyama, Cheri McKinley, Paul Prince, and John Wills were National Merit Commended Stu- dents. HONOR: Russ Hagey, Brian Nap- per, Michelle Nuttal, Carrie Rich- ards-and Elise Rickenbach were nominees forthe Long Beach Bar Association Scholarship. El Alicia Deaton Scott Deeble Christopher Russell Delong Kimberly Denningei Karen DeWeese X, I A 1, 1. EL, .: bodies of Doodles A Rembrant? A Van Gogh? No - lt's a Pee Chee! As modern art grows more and more strange and abnormal - perhaps Pee Chees could be a new art form. The so called "modern" artist may spend hours banging on his head with a wrench to get the right impression, but all a Pee Chee artist needs is a boring class and a pencil to draw weird creations of art. Let's look in on the average student artist. Joy O'Grady starts out by giving the track runners a cool sea sick green complexion, and then writes a secret message that everyone knows. Then there is Chemistry, while Mr. Gunning is ichelle Dixo A i 'NJN' n l Mike Duggan Pamela Dykstra Cindy Elgin Jamee Ellis 9 ' ' making moles out of mountains, you can always find Chuck Williamson writing non existant telephone numbers or draw- ing just a few of 10,000 tiny circles. ln Trigonometry, where everyone is fast asleep, Frank Followell finds time to scribble down a one-dimensional cube before he succumbs to the inevitable "boron" poisoning of math. Then there's Economics, while Mr. Larsen is giving his view on social depression in Saudi Ara- bia, Mike McElroy is writing his own views on Economics. Art work, cheat sheets, the ultimate diary, the one concrete ever popular school work will always live on - Pee David Schorr '78 LEFT: AMUSED BY PEE CHEE hieroglyphics, David Schorr translates to Jeri Buck. Chees. Nick Dimas Lynette Dodson i I , -Q ,l' Y Linda Echandi Chris Elvert .J, - l Graduates Diamond - Emenger Dian Donaldso Karen Edmondson William Emenger Julie Endersby Raymond Endres Marie Enge Thomas Ensch van Erigkgen ichael Evans Barbara Fablafl Lynette Farish Charles Farmer Gary Fehervary Sharon Feidler A Day in the Life ofa Lab Mouse For my project I set out to prove validity of the recent ban on due to its cancer producing cells. Long Beach was hard pressed for adian mice, l settled for native Califo nians. Test ilfl: Oct. 25, 8:00 a.m. Administered first bottle of soda pop first mouse, mouse dies. A showed drowning as cause in all deaths, proving that Canadian mice can swim better than Californian mice. Decided to prove the deadliness of the killer saccharin on bigger guinea pigs. l courageously stepped forward as a volunteer. Test 1122: Oct. 30, 6:00 p.m. - Because of volunteers, 200 x body mass than that of a mouse, must drink 400 sodas a day. Because of frequent trips to the john l only had time in between for 40 bottles. Gradually worked up to all time high of 90 except lost 89 out of 90 to the john. Conclusion: l conclude that I can't compete with the average soda pop drinker. Also that a new race of mice will evolve with bladders the size of a bread box. Craig Sleeth '79 JULIE A. ENDERSBY - Jr. Hon. Guard, Masquers, Prin. Honor Roll, Adv. Drama. RAYMOND C. ENDRES - Soph., Var. Football, Soph., Var. Track, Prin. Honor Roll. VAN L. ERICKSEN - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class .Counc., Student Interest Comm., N.F.L., Soph., J. V., Var. Football, J. V. Tennis, J. V. Baseball, C.S.F., Prin. Honor Roll, Audio Visual Aide. FRANCESCA L. ESPOSITO - Soph. Class Counc., Curr. Comm., Kidettes, Swim Team, Prin. Honor Roll. CELIA G. EVANS - Sealbearer, N.H.S., Swim Team, Kidettes, Keywanettes, Interact, Sr. Class Counc., Red Cross, German Club, Gold M. MICHAEL J. EVANS - Soph., J. V., Var. Track, Red Cross Pres. CHARLES G. FARMER - Key Club, A Capella Choir, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Straw Hat Band. REBECCA A. FAUGHT - Prin. Honor Roll. SHARON M. FEIDLER - Sychronized Swimming, Jr. Hon. Guard. LESLIE A. FELDMAN - Swim Team. MARIE E. FELIX - Kidettes, Prin. Honor Roll, Swim Team, Jr. Hon. Guard. LILYAN FERNANDEZ - Rowdy Rooters. MICHELLE FETTERS - Jr. Hon. Guard. J. KEVIN FIELDER - N.H.S., Seal- bearer, Gold M, Prin. Honor Roll, Key Club, Masquers Treasurer, Marching Band, Straw Hat Band, Concert Band. KEELY FILENER - Soph., Jr. Class Counc., Band Majorette, Softball Team, Prin. Honor Roll. PAUL V. FITZGERALD - C.S.l-T, German Club. CHRISTOPHER B. FOLEY - Marching Band. FRANK L. FOLLOWELL - J.V., Var. Baseball. DAVE FOLTZ - J. V., Var. Cross Country, Soph., Var. Track. DARRYL L. FONG - Var. Rifle Drill Team and Commander, Chess Club, Latin Club, Prin. Honor Roll. AWARD: Mark Rosen was awarded the Bausch and Lomb Science Medal. AWARD: Mark Rule was awarded Honorable Mention in the Deca Career Development Conference. HONOR: Van Ericksen was Run- ner Up in the U.S.C. Debate Tour- nament. HONOR: Kevin Fielder, Janet Hansted, and Timarie Lawrence were nominees for Elks Leader- ship Scholarship. Lilyan Fernandez Fields 2 Lydia Finzi De Christopher Foley Graduates Feldman - Fong 1 George Fotou Pamela Foulkes Sue FOWICI' Cari Freeman Andrew Friedman Deborah Frydman Brenda Gaede James fi-x SIG? eff Angela Gamell John Garreton JBITISS Garrison Steven Gafwood Graduates 1 68 Fotou - oaskiu PAMELA D. FOULKES - Soph. Bowling Club, Prin. Honor Roll. CHRIS C. FOUTRIS - J. V. Football, Blue M. ERNIE FREEMAN - Marching Band, Symphonic Band. MARK R. FUDGE - Prin. Honor Roll, Key Club. BRENDA A. GAEDE - Ski Club, Sr. Class Counc., C.S.l-1, Prin. Honor Floll. JIM GALLAGH ER - Var. Gymnastics. LAURIE L. GALUSHA - Jr. Class Counc. JOHN P. GARRETON - Jr. Class Counc., Prin. Honor Roll. LAYNE GERL - Prin. Honor Roll, Seal- bearer, Phi Beta Capa. MICHAEL D. GETSCHER - Prime Minis- ter Orig. Monty Python Society, Var. Cross Country I3 yearsj, Soph., Var. Track 12 yearsj, Prin. Honor Roll. HAROLD D. GIES - Soph., J. V., Var: Swimming. KEELY O. GILMORE - Marching Band, Banner Girl. . DAVID L. GLOVER - Soph., Var. Basket- ball Manager, C. S. F., Medallion Diploma. GREGORY C. GNEIER - Jr. Class Counc., Sealbearer, Pres. Stage Club, V- Pres. Latin Club, Advertising Manager of Performing Arts, Lighting Des, and Stage Man. of Stage Crew, Inter-Club Counc., Marching Band. TIM J. GOLT - JV, Var. Rifle Team, Prin. Honor Roll. CASEY LEE GOOCH - Swim Team, J. V., gag R.O. T.C. Drill Team, Prin. Honor o . GREG GOODMAN - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Sealbearer, J. V., Var. Track, Jwl. M., Mascot, Monty Python Club, N.H.S., Aries Staff Photographer, Ouill and Scroll. DEMETRIA GOODWIN - D.E.C.A. BRIAN K. GRAHAM - V. l.C.A. JEAN L. GRAUTEN - Prin. Honor Roll. DAVID A. GRAVES - Water Polo, Mixed Chorus, Prin. Honor Roll. 4 HONOR: Brett Davis placed First and LeeAnn Brockers Second in 41 st Annual Oratorial Contest. AWARD: Michael Evans received the Red Cross Directors Award. AWARD: Donna Nepture received the Football for Youth Scholastic Award. HONOR: Betsy Jagger was named Outstanding English Student in the U.S. by the National Council of Teacher's of English. Chris Foutris Ernest Mark Fudge Laurie Galusha Carmen Garrido Bob Gaskill WISHING FOR THE crash of the waves instead of work afterschool is Johanna Hengehold. ichael Getscher Cheryl Gibson y A 'S l y David Glover Gregory Gnier Gail Goodrich Brian Graham Jean Grauten Summer Dreams - Do They Ever Come True? All summer we slaved at that job: miss- ing all of those sun and fun filled days at the beach with buddies. And what did we do with all that money to make it worth- while? Fleetwood Mac Concerts . . . McDonald's Big Macs . . . Jack's Double Jumbos . . . lce Cream cones from Bas- kin-Robbins . . . Dodger games . . . Coppertone . . . Shorts from Susie's Casuals . . . Star Wars for the fifth time . . . paperbacks from Sav-on . . . gas for the car's never ending hunger . . . a beach chair for bay congregating . . . and special somethings for the thou- sands of summer birthdays. We had a crazy idea that we were going to save all the checks we earned during the summer to have money for school. But as that last check came in we remembered our resolution so we saved all 362.13 for school and put a last sum- mer fling out of our minds. . .sigh . . . There's never enough of that healthy green paper lettuce around for all of us vegetarian lettuce eaters. Diane Sutton '78 Harold Gies Keely Gilmore 43 David Going Casey Gooch David Graves aa. tx Graduates Gay - Graves 1 Laurie Gray Teri Graydon Kelly Green Tamara Gregory Janice Griffin Glenn Griffith Velma Griggs Janice Grippi Sf arm. ft' 0 ., - Ann Grosso Tina Guerero Kim Gurney Jill Gutting Graduates 1 Gray - Guyton GLENN GREEN - Soph. Wrestling, N.PL. Prin Hnr. Roll. KELLY GREEN - Drill Team, Rowdy Hooters. TAMARA A. GREGORY - Jr. Class Council. JANICE M. GRIFFIN - Sr. Class Counc., Adv. Dance, Kidettes, Blue "M. " OWEN J. GRIFFITHS - C.S.F., Mas- quers Pres., N.F.L. Pres., Dance Club Sec., Adv. Dance, Adv. Drama. JANICE M. GRIPPI - Curriculum Comm., C.S.P ANN GROSSO - Synchro Swimming. KIM GURNEY - Prin. Hnr. Roll. DAVID C. GUYTON - J. V., Var. Cross Country. LISA R. HAAGSMA - Soph. Class Counc., Potential Sealbearer, Adv. Dance, Prin. Hnr. Roll, Corydon Staff. SCOTT HACKMAN - Prin. Hnr. Floll. STEVE HACKMAN - Prin. Hnr. Roll. RUSSELL A. HAGEY - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Sr. Class Pres., Seal- bearer, N.H.S. Activities Chrmn., ARIES Sport Ed., Comm. Advisory Counc., November Keywanettes Creep, Jwl, "M, " Key Club Treasurer, A.S. B. President. JENIFER HAHN - C.S.F., Acap. Choir, Madrigals, Adv. Dance, Girls' Choir. DAVID J. HALL - Marching Band. JEREMY HALL - Sealbearer, Prin. Hnr. Roll, Math Club, Other Monty Python Society. PEGGY HALLSTROM - J. V. Tennis. WALTER E. HAMANN - J. V., Var, Water Polo, J. V., Var. Swimming, Straw Hat Band, Marching Band, Interact Treas., Gold "M, " Sealbearer, N. H. S. DAVID C. HAMMOND - Soph. Var. Track. . DENISE L. HANSEN - Band, J. V. Soft- ball, Food Service. AWARD: Russell Hagey was the recipient for the D.A.R. Good Citi- zenship Award. . I CONTRIBUTING TO HIGH COST of graduating, Kathy Larsen orders her announcements. Laura Guinotte Stephanie Hanief enise Hansen LISa Ha-BQSITIB Scott Hackman Steve Hakans David Hall Hallinan Paul Hanania Pun er Peggy Hallstrom Life of the Pmger The Pmger is a different breed of man All through high school the Pinger must put up with the Football player There are three different types of Pingers the Hackers the J V Pmger and the Varsity Q First there is the Hacker He gets up early in the morning so he can play ten ms He takes the most criticism coming from both the J V Pmger the Varsity Pmger and the Football Player He is famous for saying There is a bug on the court or l m lust in a slump A favorite for the Hacker is going home after school and watching Batman Next in line is the J V Pmger He ll do everythmg he can to be with the Varsity gang he goes to Lucky s every day to buy new tennis balls so that he can hit with the Varsity Tennis Players Famous for the line l dont care I still have another year to make Varsity This is known as the Varsity Shadow Then of course is the ultimate in ten nis players Yes its the Varsity Tennis Star He looks down on everyone except his fellow teammates No one makes fun of the Varsity Everyone knows they throw wild partxes so the J V Players can get high on cake and ice cream Maybe Someday Pingers Steve Hackman Hall Walter Hamann Tom Stover 79 15 -. J RUSS-ell HHQBY Jenifer Hahn Norma Hall Tori Hall David Hammond Lynn Hampshire n n - 1 1 ' ' r , . - 1 . . , , . . H . 1 11 aa v ' ' ir , . ' A1 rv , . . . . . I . v 1 1 ' It 1 ' I 1 . H . . 44 ' H 1 I ' . . , . . - r n ' u ' I4 ' rv ' 1 v Graduates Haagsma - Hansen 1 7 1 Sailing sEEn Starboard, coming up, room at the mark, were all familiar terms to Brian Graham as he set sail for LaPaz Mexico in the annual Los Angeles to LaPaz race for the first time in October. Aboard the v. 41 foot "Leprechaun," Brian finished a respectable 18th among the 25 boats entered. During the nine and a half days at sea the crew kept very busy. Brian set sails, kept watch, cooked and performed the various jobs required of the crew. Great care had to be taken at night as they passed through the shipping lanes. Bri- an's sightings of freighters caused changes of course through many tacking maneuvers. Shortly out of Los Angeles Harbor near hurricane winds replaced the light to medium winds that had gently propelled the boat for the previous six days. High winds and rough seas forced Brian to "reef" the sails to kept the boat from being overpowered. Brian has been sailing for ten years and thought this race was the experience of a lifetime. His sailing has always cen- 'G tered around the Long Beach area and the race to Mexico was the culmination of many months of practice. With the large number of nautical miles in his sailbag Brian's crewing experiences will no doubt continue. GOOD SAILING!! oa'v DEMONSTRATING HIS SAILING ABILITIES Brian Graham sails a Robert Lyddon '78' boat. Tracy Hansen Janet Hansted Marianne Harb Thomas Harden Tom Lal-Irie HHYQVOVG VICKI Harms Christopher Harris David Harrison Scott Harrison Hart Ronald Haftrneister Robert Hartong " ' ' ' Randall Hausauer' I Graduates 1 Hansen - Hausauer Hauter Hawkins Kevin Heitman Debbie E55 Hermstad Cary Hill iii JANET L. HANSTED - Sealbearer, Var. Volleyball, Var. Softball, N.H.S., Sr. Prin- cess, Prom. Comm., ARIES Academics Ed., Quill and Scroll, Jwl., Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc. MARIANNE HARB - Var. Cross Coun- try, Girls' League. THOMAS HARDEN - Soph., J. V., Var., Football, Soph. Basketball. LAURIE ELAINE HARGROVE - Soph., Jr., Sr., Class Counc., C.S.F., Adv. Dance, Ski Club. CHRISTOPHER L. HARRIS - Soph., JV, Var., Football. DAVID RAY HARRISON - Soph. Foot- ball, J. V., Var. Wrestling. ROBERT P. HARTONG - J. V. Var. Golf. RANDALL S. HAUSAUER - J. V. Var. Wrestling, Soph., Var. Football, J.V. Baseball. JEANNE MARIE HAUTER - J.V. Var. Basketball, J. V. Softball, Soph., J. V. Bas- ketball Stat Girl. JULIA C. HAVENS -- Girls' League Pres., Sr. Class Counc., Adv. Dance, Adv. Drama, Keywanettes, German Club Pres., N.F.L., C.S.P Recording Sec., Jr. Hnr. Guard, Masquers Sec. ALTON HAWKINS - Soph., Var. Foot- ball, Soph. Basketball, J. V. Baseball. KENT A. HAYWARD - Monty Python Society, Prin. Hnr. Floll, C.S.F PHILIP L. HEIRIGS - Prin. Hnr. Roll, Sealbearer. KEVIN J. HEITMAN - Sealbearer, Key Club Sec., J. V. Wrestling, Soph. Basket- ball, J. V., Var. Baseball, Gold ARIES Staff, Prin. Hnr. Roll, Prom. QT Julia Havens Alton Hawkins Wayne Heinrichs :LY "'l' ' w- JUdY H9"ldefS0l'l Kevin Hengehold Comm., Quill and Scroll. KATHLEEN L. HERGESHEIMER - C. S. F., Lorett. DORA HERNANDEZ - Corydon Staff. MICHAEL L. HESTER - C.S.F. HAROLD J. HICKS - Cross Country, Track. CARY R. HILL - Soph., J. V., Var. Track. USING A HEM STITCH to complete her sewing pro- ject in Mrs. Swain's Clothing Class, is Michelle Van Velson. Kathleen Dora Hernandez Michael Hester Linda Hollins Graduates Hauter- Hollins 1 73 Homework American Style Watching T.V., eating popcorn, listen- ing tothe radio, and doing homework Call at the same timej is Marcia Bender. Well? lt's as American as Mom's apple pie and Steve Garvey. Parents think that just because the radio volue is equal to that of an Apollo 12 rocket taking off, their students can't concentrate on their studies. Parents should all know the radio is an educa- tional tool. After all, isn't it important that one be informed that Propa PH is better than Clearasil or a hacksaw? All in all, homework must be kept in perspective. Parents must remember that studies are only a small part of a per- son's life. One could go for days without looking at one of Mr. Akers' physiology books, but who in their right mind would miss Casey Casem's Top Forty Count- down? The case-proven facts are numerousp so, parents, the next time your son or daughter turns on the T.V., the radio, and brings out the English and eclairs, rejoice. Remember, it's the American Way! Nelson Cohen '78 Sue Holmes Gary Hopkins i l f' i Sm Gretchen Houser Loretha Howard Dave Hunsaker Steve Huntsinger Graduates 1 74 Holmes - irish James Hopkins Lisa Horowitt In-' ' -ff 455 Jeff Hoyt Vic Huber Michelle Hussain Leslie lmlay I'GI'l X Melanie Hull Jamie Irish AR -arp gf DONALD B HOLLOWAY - Prin. Hon. Roll. SUSAN B. HOLMES - Soph., Jr. Swim Team. GARY G. HOPKINS - Var. Gymnastics. LISA HOROWITT - J. V. Boys' Tennis Team, Var. Girls' Tennis, C.S.F., Girls' Glee Club, Prin. Hon. Roll. GRETCHEN L. HOUSER - Soph., Jr. Class Pres., Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Aries Grads Editor, Sr. Princess, Kidettes, Head Flag Girl, Keywanettes, Jwl. M, N.H.S., Sealbearer. VIC HUBER - Soph., Var. Football, J. V., Var. Baseball, Corydon Staff, Ouill and Scroll. NORMAN E. HUGHES - Wrestling Mgr. MELANIE M. HULL - Prin. Hon. Fioll. STEVEN N. HUNTSINGER - Kairos, C.S. F., Prin. Hon. Roll. JAMIE M. IRISH - Soph. Class Council, Girls' Softball, Drummer. ROBIN JAFFEE - Lorett, Span.!Fr. Club. LIZABETH A. JAGGER - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Sealbearer, Mascot. Aries Copy Editon N.H.S., Keywanettes, Girls' Tennis, Quill and Scroll, Jr. Hon. Guard, Prin. Hon. Roll. KAREN A. JANKOWSKI - Comm. of Clubs and Activ., Anchor Pres., Adhoc Comm. for School Accred., Phi Beta Kappa, Medallion Diploma, Banner, Lor- ett, AFS., Prin. Hon. Roll. LISA J. JARNAGIN - Soph., Jr. Class Council, Jr. Senator, Girls' League, Cory- don, Masquers, C.S.F, Prom Committee. SHIRLEY M. JENKINS - Jr. Hon. Guard, Prin. Hon. Roll. LAURIE B. JOHNS - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Jr. Hon. Guard, Kidettes. CURTIS M. JOHNSON - Soph., J. V. Basketball, Prin. Honor Roll. BRAD JONES - Soph. Cross Country, Soph. Track, Monty Python Society. JEFFREY L. JONES - Soph., J. V., Var. Cross Country, J. V., Var. Track. . GREG A. JURY - Var. Water Polo, Var. Swimming. BRUCE A. KATZ - Entertainment Comm., Span.fFr. Club Pres., V. Pres., Acap. Choir, Adv. Drama, Masquers. HONORS: Elise Rickenbach and Brian Napper were National Honor Society Scholarship semi- finalists. Gary Berberet and Kevin Fielder were Elks Club teenagers of the month for December and January. Steve Luther and Robert Lyddon were selected as Boys' State dele- gates. AWARDS: Jon Pike was awarded the Gemco Scholarship. 'uf Dana Keller Maria Kelly Kathy Kennedy Patsy Kennedy ,Dana Kidder Robert Kiker 'N' " "' ' ' Steven Kirkpatrick Mitchell Klee 6 1 . Ha: 4 N 44 Y' Dan Klimmek LYNN Kolm Brent Kotinek Tammy Kover Susan Krem From the Gong Show - an "Individual" Can-can, tap, jazz, disco, or Cuban - you name it, the "Individuals" dance it. Michelle Nuttall, a member of this song-and-dance group has performed everywhere from retirement homes to nightclubs. Shows for the Optimist Boys' Home and Fort Irwin earned the "Individuals" the U.S.O. Distinguished Service Award. The group also merited a Long Beach Exchange Club trophy. Joined by two other Individuals Michelle sang and boogied to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy on the Gong Show. Most of the dance numbers were per- formed by the entire group but Michelle often sang solo with songs like L Bamba What I Did for Love Ive Gotta Be Me and Killing Me Softly. In fact Michelle sang her way to first place in the Downey Talent Show. A National Merit Scholarship finalist Michelle performed in many community plays was a member of the rifle team and a flag girl. . Jenny Kubli 1 Linda Kuck Karl Kuhn A I a I 1 I ll I I1 "INDIVIDUAL" MICHELLE NUTTALL tap dances to "Shine," Graduates 1 Keller - Kuhn MARIA KELLY - Jr., Sr. C.S.F., J.V. Cheer, Jr., Sr. Prin. Honor Roll, Prin. Sch. Roll. KATHY A. KENNEDY - Pres., Sec. Lor- ett, Girls' League, Jr. Hon. Guard, Seal- bearer, N.H.S., Wrestling Stat., Prin. Hon. Roll, Medallion Diploma. ROBERT L. KIKER - Soph., J.V., Var. Track Letters, Prin. Hon. Roll, V.l.C.A., Class Counc. Rep. DORIS ANN KIMBROUGH - R.O.TC., Girls' Drill Team, Pennant, Badminton Team, Color Guard. DAVID S. KING - Red Cross, Kairos, A Capella Choir. KEN G. KING - Soph., J.V., Var. Water Polo, J.V., Var. Swimming, Medallion Diploma. DAN T. KLIMMEK - Kairos. LAURALYN B. KOLM - V.P. Masquers, C.S.F., Prin. Sch. Roll, R.O.T.C. Officer, Spanish-French Club. BRENT G. KOTINEK - Soph. Basket- ball, Var. Track, Prin. Hon. Roll, C.S. F. KARL KUHN - Band, 2ND Jazz Ensem- ble. JOHN M. LA BLANC - Soph., J.V., Var. Cross Country, Soph., J.V., Var. Track, Prin. Hon. Roll. WILLIAM A. LA FLEUR - Band, Stage Band, Drum Major. LOIS J. LAMBERT - Stage Design, Prin. Sch. Roll. JUDY A. LANDRY - Solo Majorette, Head Pepster, C. S. F., Prin. Sch. Roll. KATHY LARGE - Sec. Girls' League, Lorett, Jr. Hon. Guard. CAROL S. LA ROWE - Girls' Softball, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble it 1, Orchestra, Medallion Dip- loma. KATHY J. LARSEN - Orchestra, Seal- bearer, Pennant, Advanced Dance, N. H. S., Soph. Rep. TAMI D. LARSEN - Jr. Hon. Guard, Red Cross, Girls' League. KIMBERLY LAWRENCE -- Advanced Dance, Ski Club, Prin. Hon. Roll, Dance Club. TIMARIE A. LAWRENCE - Aries Asst. Editor, J.V., Var. Volleyball, Kidettes, Soph. Cheer, Sealbearer, N.H.S., Inter- national Ouill and Scroll, Jr. Hon. Guard, Prin. Hon. Roll, Soph. Class Counc. RICHARD LAWTON - Stage Crew. JEFFREY L. LEICHTER - C.S.F., Var. Rifle Team, Treas. Monty Python Club, R.O.T.C. Officer, Prin. Hon. Roll Student Teacher Prisk Elementary School. KIMBERLY L. LEMBI - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., J.V. Cheer, Cecilian Sing- ers,, Prin. Hon. Roll. THOMAS G. LENT - Soph., JM, Var. Football, Prin. Hon. Roll, C.S. F. ALISON M. LEWIS - Mascot, A Capella Choir, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Key- wanettes, Sec. Photography Club, Monty Python Society. HONOR: Michelle Nuttall, Lori Smith, and Wallace Walrod were three finalists of the National Merit Scholarship. Nicoletta LaCandia Jud 1. . 5 ' I I? g 'us Kathy Larsen Timarie Lawrence Kim Lembi Alison Lewis ff l - A., .L N A 'V " a'. . . b X . , V W l1:....r-N gin' N I S 97 V 'LAA .' , N P '--r"1t54-:jgy ff s fflf132' I Graduates Kulju - Lewis 1 77 I BUILDING UP A LEAD over the pack during 400 m sprint is speed skater Greg Mor- ns. Greg Morris - Sleek Speed Skater For the past five years, speed skater Greg Morris has been practicing four times a week at Iceland in nearby Para- mount. He has been competing nation- ally for the past four years and interna- tionally for two years. When he was fifteen he set two records at the National Speed Skating Champion- ships. Then, in the 1976 Nationals, he acquired a bronze medal. ln the 1977 championships at Cleveland he secured a silver medal. Also, at the world team tri- als in 1976, Greg captured a silver medal to gain a position on the United States world team. At the three-day North Amer- ican lndoor Speed Skating Champion- ships in 1977 at Bridgeport, Connecti- cut, Greg procured the overall champion- ship. This championship included win- ning gold medals in the 800 m, 1000 m, and 1500 m races and placing in the 400 m sprint! Greg enjoyed telling the story of his photo finish win at the 1976 National Championships. In the 1500 m race he had one-third of a lap lead with one lap remaining. On the final curve, jetting toward the finish line, Greg stumbled and fell. The second place contestant, a Can- adian, could not avoid plowing into Greg, which caused them both to slide toward the finish line. Only a yard from the finish line, sliding haphazardly, Greg jutted his gleaming silver blade forward to catch the camera's eye and a win by a few inches. Greg's major goal is to compete for a berth on the 1980 Olympic speed skating team. He believes that if he practices and pays special attention to details he will succeed in Olympic team competiton. Judy Nevin 'va Graduates Lewis - Lynn Wilma Lewis Virginia Long Cathy Lorenz Bruce Love John Ludvigson Richard Luper Katherine Lutes Robert Lyddon Curtis Lyles Dolores Loera q 1 Steve Lyons Mancilla March man Andy Martin Doug Marty Eliot Mason 53.5 i 'T w"Ti" , u . " ' ' I l ,u 4' I 6 Ron Macina Tina Manes Carrie Marks Deniece Martin C39 Steve Mas Janie Mason WILMA JEANNETTE LEWIS - Girls' Softball. JIMMY LIBOON - JM Tennis, Var. Rifle gegrln Capt., JM Color Guard Cmdr., DOLORES LOERA - Soph., Jr. Class Counc., Jr. Honor Guard, Orch., Prin. Honor Roll. KEITH LONG - Russian Club, Seal- bearer, Prin. Honor Floll. VIRGINIA LONG - Girls' Var. Tennis, Sealbearer, N.H.S., Ouill and Scroll, Orch., Kidettes, Prin. Honor F'oll, Medal- lion Diploma, Aries Staff, Jr. Honor Guard. CATHY LORENZ - Girls' Var. Swim- ming. TONY M. LORITO - Gymnastics. JOHN H. LUDVIGSON - Soph. Football, J. I4 Wrestling, Soph. Class Counc. STEVEN MICHAEL LUTHER - Aries Edi- tor, Head Var. Cheer, Jr. Class Pres., Prom Comm. Chrm., Sealbearer, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Jr. Marshall, Key Club Pres., Keywanette 's Jan. Creep, Jwl. ROBERT A. LYDDON - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Sr. Class Pres., Seal- bearer, JM Tennis Co-Capt., Key Club, Band, Prom Comm., N.H.S., Aries Staff Jwl. "M," STEVE LYONS - Var. Baseball. RON D. MACINA - J. V., Var. Football. KARIN MAGNUSON - Soph., Jr. Class goijnc., Band, Girls' Tennis, Prin. Honor ol. THERESA MANGAN - Soph., Jr. Class Counc., Jr. Class V.P., Keywanettes, Kidettes, Curriculum Comm., Prin. Honor Fioll, Gold "M, " CARRIE MARKS - Band, Orch., Kidettes, Girls' Var. Tennis, Prin. Honor Roll, Medallion Diploma. ANDY M. MARTIN - J.V., Var. Baseball, Jazz Ensemble, Band, Orch. KENDALL L. MARTIN - Kidettes. DOUGLAS C. MARTY - Var. Basketball, Aries Stafii Corydon, Prin. Honor Roll, Sealbearer, N.H.S., Prom Comm., Ouill and Scroll, Jr. Marshall, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc. STEVE MAS - Stage Crew, Pellet Team. ANN N. MASHIYAMA - Kidettes, Key- wanertes Sec., Jr. Honor Guard, Anchor Pres., Sealbearer, Span.-French Club, N.H.S., Ouill and Scroll, Aries Staff Gold NM ll ELIOT E. MASON - Soph., JM Basket- ball, Var. Golf. JANE MASON - Sr. Class Counc., Jr. HonorGuard. TAMMY MASTEN - Girls' Volleyball Mgr.-Trainen Girls' J.V., Var. Basketball, Girls' J. V., Var. Softball, Girls' Var. Swim- ming, Prin. Honor Floll. HONOR: Kim Clouse, Barbara Eldred, Owen Griffith, Paul Hana- nia, Karen Jankowski, Virginia Long, Judy Nevitt, Michelle Nut- tall, Michael O'Guin, and Michelle Stevens were nominees for the Medal of Merit Awards. I Karin Magnuson Theresa Mangan Steve Marriott Kendall Martin Ann Mashiyama Tammy Masten u'.,.v- lJ.I Graduates Lyons - Masten 1 Earn a Badge - Gain a Profession Karyl Kawaichi's interest in competi- tive figure skating all began when she took private ice skating lessons to earn a Girl Scout ice skating badge. Karyl kept in shape by practicing five to six hours every day and taking several lessons a week. During practices, Karyl worked on freestyle and ballet ice routines and con- centrated on figures. There are seventy- two figures based on the figure eight that she must include in her repertoire. Future plans for Karyl included being a figure skating teacher, a member of a professional ice show, and a college stu- dent. Judy Nevitt '78 Kent Matheny Barbara Mather therine Matthews Lawrence May S- Pamela McBee Brett McCaslin " ' " " ' David McCracken .1 Graduates Matheny - McElroy Cheri McKinley Mcpadden Kelley McGee Mclntosh Scott Mclntosh Susan McNally da MCNelIis Roxanne McWilliams SLINKY? WAVE EXVPERIEMENT Celia Evans ata. KENT C. MATHENY - C.S.F., Prin. Hon. Roll. MO MATH EWS - Soph., Jr. Class Coun- cil. CATHERINE MATTHEWS - Capt. Var. Girls' ROTC. Drill Team, Comdr. Drill Team, Madrigals, Acap. Choir. BRETT L. MCCASLIN - Prin. Hon. Roll. JANIE MCCORMICK - Soph. Class Council, Flag, Kidertes, Jr. Hon. Guard, Prin. Hon. Roll. DAVID G. MCCRACKEN - Aries Bus. Mgr., Key Club, Sr. Class Council, Ouill and Scroll, StudentAide. ROSELLE A. MCCULLOUGH - Prin. Sch. Roll. MICHAEL J. MCELROY - Soph., JM, Var. Football,, Prin. Hon. Roll. SANDI McKAY - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Prin. Honor Roll. CHERI A. MCKINLEY - Lorett Pres., Aries Copy Editor, Keywanettes, N.H.S., Jr. Hon. Guard, C.S.l-T Corrs. Sec., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Curr. Comm., Span! Fr. Club, Adv. Dance. SUSAN B. McNALLY - Lorett Sec., Anchor, Span.!Fr. Club, C.S.F., Medal- lion Diploma, Prin. Hon. Roll. MARY MCNAMEE - Kidettes, J. V., Var. Volleyball, Var. Swim Team, Jr. Hon. Guard. ROXANNE M. MCWILLIAMS - Medallion Diploma. CATHY MEHEGAN - Majorettes, Rowdy Rooters, Mixed Chorus, Acap. Choir, Jr. Class Council. JOANNE S. MEHL - Prin. Hon. Roll, Honors Art Student. MECHANIC RON TROTI' cleans his Nova's carburator Hobo Heaven Opening a door, I entered into a place of cluttered chaos known to the world as my bedroom. The mission: try to find a "Who" record I borrowed from Brian Denison three months ago. Wading through a mountain of dirty clothes, I finally caught a glimpse of a bed. Cl'd been looking for it for two weeks.J Piling through the mess, I found all sorts of crawling things, my guitar, last year's edition of Aries, Diane Sut- ton's "BoroIogy" book, but no record. Turning around to survey the shambles, I ignored the screams from the bed sheets, that pleaded for a taste of Tide. Deciding to check the closets, I sud- denly had second thoughts. Probably because there was no door knobs. Then kicking over an open can of blue paint from my half finished wall mural, I decided to call it quits. Even Robert Plant on the other wall was yelling for help. So, I tunneled quickly to the the door, hoping my parents hadn't notified the local Search and Rescue team yet. Well, sorry Brian I couIdn't find your Who record, but don't worry, next month l'm renting a bulldozer. Don Toshach '78 Bill Meinke Terri Melvin ,411 Jerry Miller Lucille Miller Michele Miller Susan Miller Miller I Graduates 182 Meinke - Miisie-ad SITTING AND STRUMMING, Don Toshach accompanies the radio. CHRI!!! Thomas Mesa Tom Meylor ff! in-A Peter Mille' Steven Miller Laurie Millhollin Karen Milstead THOMAS M. MESA - Soph., Jr., Sr., Class Counc., Var. Water Polo and Swim- ming Mgr., Entertainment Chrm., Clubs and Activities Chrm., Prin. Honor Roll. TOM MEYLOR - C.S.F MICHELE C. MILLER - Jr. Honor Guard. PETER E. MILLER - V.l.C.A. STEVEN J. MILLER - Prin. Honor Roll. SUSAN MILLER - C.S.F., Sr. Class Counc., Song Girl, Kidettes, Soph. Cheer, Var. Volleyball, Prin. Honor Roll, Jr. Prin- cess. WEN DY MILLER - Prin. Honor Roll. LAIJRIE S. MILLHOLLIN - Prin. Honor Roi . KAREN L. MILSTEAD - Drama Prod., Var., J. V. Basketball. DEBRA DENISE MITCHELL - Philio, D.E.C.A. RUTH E. MITCHELL - C.S.F., Jr. Honor Guard, Prin. Honor Roll. TYRONE J. MITCHELL - J. V., Var. Foot- ball, Var. Track. KAREN R. MOLINA - Var. Track, Cross Country. ADOLPH FRED MOORE - Soph., Var. Football, Soph., J. V., Var. Basketball, Soph., Var. Track. CATHY L. MOORE - Orchestra, Adv. Dance. JACOUELINE MOORE - Prin. Hon. Floll. ARLENE MORALES - R.O.T.C. Drill Team, Prin. Honor Roll. GREG MORRIS - Soph. Water Polo. STEPHEN A. READE-MORRIS - Soph., Var. Track. ANGIE MOSKALENKO - J. V. Tennis, Prin. Honor Roll. PATRICIA A. MOTT - Band, Head Pen- nant. HONOR: Beth Davis placed first in the American Legions speech con- test. AT HOMECOMING, Gye Deardorff concedes to Sir Charles McFerrin's challenge for a duel. Melody Mize Cathy Moore Kit Moorhead Greg Morris Q1 Patricia Mott Jeannie Muis 1- ur. Fax gxnw l 'I I I I il!" . . X 3 4:1 i I J ' , J W I' II 'U S wil J r I X I X I I . I Graduates Mitchell - Muis 1 83 Lyndon Mumm Carol Myers Brian Napper Susan Nelson Elizabeth Neri Julie Nicholson Graduates 1 Mumm - Nickoley JACK MUNTER - Prin. Honor Fioll. BRYAN MURRAY - J. IA Tennis, Orch. EAXID MYERS - C.S.F., Prin. Honor o . BRIAN W. NAPPER - A.S.B. V.P., Key Club V.P., Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Comm. Prin. Advisory Council, Co-Capt. J. I4 Tennis, A Capella Choir, Var. Cheer, Jwl. M N.H.S., Madrigals. MIKE C. NEER - C.S.F, Soph., J.V., Var. Swimming, Soph., J. V. Water Polo. JOHN R. NELSON - Soph. Basketball. PAUL A. NELSON - Soph., Var. Water Polo, Soph., J.V., Var. Swimming, Prin. Honor Roll, Orch., Jwl. M., Sealbearer. SUSAN L. NELSON - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Tennis, Prin. Honor Roll, Ski Club Pres. DONNA C. NEPTUNE - Sealbearer, Speech Club, Prin. Honor Roll. STEVEN J. NEPTUNE - Soph., J.V., Var. Basketball, Medallion Diploma. ELIZABETH A. NERI - Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Prin. Honor Roll, Jr. Honor Guard, Kidettes, Corydon Stafh Quill and Scroll, Medallion Diploma. JUDY NEVITT - Pres., V.P. Keywan- ettes, Prin. Advisory Comm., Sec. N.H.S., Aries Staff, Ouill and Scroll, Seal- bearer, Math Club, Kidettes, Jr. Honor Guard, Blue M. JANE A. NICKLES - Sr. Class Counc. N.H.S., Keywanettes, Anchor, Seal- bearer, Jr. Honor Guard, Var. Tennis, Girls' League, Prin. Honor Roll, Jwl. M. SONJA ANN NIELSEN - Sealbearer, N.H.S., Prin. Honor Roll, Head Soph. Cheer, K idettes, Song Girl, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Key Club Sweetheart, Aries Staff Activities Editor, Ouill and Scroll. PATRICIA B. NORMAN - Madrigals, A Capella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Girls' League, C.S.F., Lorett, Pres. Rowdy Hooters, Prin. Honor Roll, Keywanettes, Musical. PHILLIP NORMAN - Ski Club, Var. Football. MARZI NOURMOHAMADIAN - Prin. Honor Floll. MICHELLE NUTTALL - Rifle Team, AES., Sec. Lorett, Sec. Math Club, Span- ish-French Club, Masquers, Flag Girl, Sealbearer, N. H. S., Kidettes, Gold M. TOM NYSSEN - Prin. Honor Roll. JOY A. O'GRADY - Adv. Drama, Swim- ming, Prin. Honor Roll, Masquers, MICHAEL C. O'GUIN - Sealbearer, Pres. Math Team, Chess Club, Latin Club, Prin. Honor Roll, Key Club, John Birch Society. RICHARD K. OHL - Prin. Honor Roll, Soph., J.V., Var. Basketball, C.S.F, Jun- ior Marshall, Latin Club. DEBORAH ORTIZ - Anchor, Lorett, D. E. C.A., Prin. Honor Roll. NICHOLAS P. PAPAGEORGE'S III - Jr. Class Counc., J. V. Water Polo, Var. Water Polo Mgr., Var. Swimming Mgr., Var. Cheer, Key, Marching Band, Jazz Band l, ILP. Interact, C.S. F. I Sonia Nielsen Joy O Grady ichard Ohl Annette Owens Susan Panian Nourmohamadian Patricia Norman Michelle Nuttall Michael O'Guin Daniel O'Neil Diane Owens Nicholas Papageorge's it A hi " PRACTICING SEXTANT TECHNIQUE, is Kent Hay- ward. Captain on Campus When Senior Kent Hayward was asked what kinds of special problems he encountered living on a ship he replied, "Tell me what it's like to live in a house and l'll tell you what it's like to live on a boat." Kent has lived on his boat all his life with his mother, father, and brother, Chad, who also went to Millikan. Kent has traveled to Socorro, an island off Mexico, with his family in their 112 foot boat. ln the future Kent plans to sail to French Polynesia, Bora Bora, and even circumnavigate the globe. For his future education, Kent planned to enroll in the California Maritime Insti- tute to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Nautical Industrial Technol- ogy, and then to become the captain of a Princess Cruise ship. Kent was also interested in photogra- phy and writing and is presently working on a novel. He earned a black belt in Judo. CHe has to ward off all the pirates on the high seas, of coursej Pointing out the virtues of a small sail- boat Kent said, "One good way to get a girl's confidence, is to bring her out on a sailboat in the bay, at night, and not try anything. Paul C. Peterson '78 Graduates Nielsen - Parham 1 Dwight Parker Terolyn Parker Tom PeGan Jeanine Pelkey Jesse Perez Dave Petersen Shari Smith Stretches to Olympics There's a big difference between liking a sport and being good in one. For Shari Smith, liking gymnastics wasn't enough - so she joined with the K.l.P.S. Gym- nastics Team when she was twelve years old. Her average work-out ran between 5- 6 hours each day, six days a week. Many opportunities came to Shari. She gained a chance to travel all over the U.S.A. and Canada, and to meet many people fincluding Nadia Comanecij. In 1975, Shari was the State and Regional All-Around Champion. She also grasped the U.S. championship on the bars in 1975. ln May of 1977, she earned a spot on the United States National Team. In the meet between the U.S.A. and Romania, held in New Orle- ans, she was chosen to be an alternate. In November of 1977, she represented the U.S. in Toronto in which ten coun- tries competed. For the future - Shari plans to try again for a place on the U.S. Team for 1978 and also hopes to go to college! ' Betsy Jagger '78 Graduates 1 Parker - Pike Shellet' Parris Carla Pearson Alison Pendleton Chris Pendleton .-- 'Huw ii, Paul Peterson Jay Petroske David Phillips William Pickens ips E7,,.s..e, , 4 A ,, , I V xt- . i11.'4"4" U"b , f."If " gr 1 L I -F' 0152. ,. .f -- w f if ' 1 i t Greg Pearson Perez Desiree Peyton Jon Pike 1 1 Anne Pillsbury Roberta Poole Paul Prince Jeffrey Race illiam Randall Renee Plez Shane Porter vw Andrea Pursch Colleen Quinlan Cheryl Racobs g April Rayner DWIGHT E PARKER Marching Band Section Leader Soph J V Var Water Polo Soph J V Var Swimming TEROLYN J PARKER Pennant Deca Girls League Rowdy Rooters SHELLEY PARRIS Interact Pres Sec CS F Pres Var Softball Team N H S Madrlgals Soph Volleyball Team Kfdettes Keywanettes Curricu lum Comm Soph Var Cheer CARLA J PEARSON Acap Choir Keywanettes CSF Prln Honor Roll Int Mod Dance GREGORY B PEARSON J V ar Golf Sr Class Counc Prin Honor Roll THOMAS K PEGAN Var Swim Team Blue M ALISON D PENDLETON Adv Mod Dance Pnn Honor Roll JESS PEREZ CS F Prin Honor Roll PAUL C PETERSON Quill and Scroll Pres Prln Honor Roll Arles Staff Pho tographer JAY PETROSKE Prln Honor Roll DESIREE D PEYTON Sealbearer Kal ros DAVID EDWARDS PHILLIPS Soph Var Track J V Football Straw Hat Band Marching Band Jazz Ensemble WILLIAM E PICKENS J V Wrestling Key Club Nite Club JOND PIKE NHS CSF rin Honor Roll Key Club ANNE E PILLSBURY Sealbearer Pnn Honor Roll Jr Sr Class Counc Keywanettes DIANNE M POSVAR Majorette Jr Honor Guard Jr Class Counc PAUL E PRINCE Sealbearer Acap Choir Madrigals Prin Honor Roll Rus sian Club V P Acap Choir Madrlgals Band Soph Jr Sr Class Counc Keywanettes Adv Dance C S F ANNETTE OUESTEL Corydon Oulll and Scroll LYNN OUIGNON A FS Pres VP Sec Prln Honor Roll Sealbearer N H S Russian Club Red Cross Sec KELLYA RABORN Girls Swim Team JEFFREYW J RACE JV Var Ten nfs Interact Latin Club CSF Prln Honor Roll Blue M CHERYL L RACOBS J V Var Cheer leader Girls Var Volleyball Var Basket a WILLIAM RAMSDELL VP Sec Inter act Pnn Honor Roll Marching Band Orchestra Jazz Ensemble Straw Hat Band WILLIAM RANDALL JV Var Foot ball Ski Club Sealbearer APRIL V RAYNER Sr Class Counc Russian Club Pres Sealbearer N H S Adv Mod Dance Prln Honor Roll Jr Honor Guard NAOMI RAYNES C S F AWARD Mark Rosen was awarded the Scholar Athlete Award by the National Football I Foundation Hall of Fame. I Craig Pollock Dianne Posvar Annette Ouestel Kelly Raborn +-' William Ramsdell Naomi Raynes Graduates Pillsbury Raynes l , ., I. ., ' . , ., . ., . . I ' 'i 1 1 I ' 1 1 ' rg-'lex - T I, ., . . ., ' ., . , ! . . ., . , . I ' 1 1 1 ' ., ., . . I . . , ' , . . ., . , . U- . ., v . s . T . , 11 11 , , . "1 . . ., . . ., . , ' . ' , I' ... .I . ,I . . , 1 1 I' . T . . , 1 - l . - . . ., . . ., P . , . . ' -n ' . , ., . ., I . -" 1 , . . 1 ' ' I l 1 1 - 1 ' I Y ANDREA L. PURSCH - Mixed Chorus, - 1 1 1 '1 -1 . ., , . ,V , . . . 1' 1 T . . . ., . ., V ' . 5 ,g ., . , , , V ' , . . ., , . -- . I . r I 1 1 ' ' 'I ' ' I 11 1: ' ' C' . 1 . ., . ' . I Y, 1 ' 1 ' ' 1' b ll. , . 1 - 1 1 ' - -- 1 1 Kit' xg: I L- I -I I I . . 1 1 - I . T . ., ., ' , . . ., . . , . , . I Hollis Wails the Blues Millikan is blessed with the melodic crooning of an honestto-goodness sax player in its faculty. Between playing at recitals for his classes and talent shows, Mr. Hollis teaches English, Creative Writ- ing, and Health. No student who has had the pleasure of having Mr. Hollis as a teacher could possibly forget the experience, since he was no doubt the only teacher in their school careers who, rock or roll, tradi- tionally played his tenor saxophone for his classes. Every year students enjoy the break from classwork, of course, but they also surprise themselves by actually enjoying Mr. Hollis' blues. Mr. Hollis plays for educational pur- poses also. He considers it an escape from teching, liberating him from the sterotype always placed on teachers by students. His playing an instrument led the students to see a little of his personal life, making him seem more of a fellow human being in their eyes. g Mr. Hollis has been playing the saxo- phone since college where he played for school dances. Venturing publicly at the Millikan talent show in February, was the grand finale and finally got the hostile audience moving. Man, that cat can swing! Betsy Jagger '78 John Reardon Kevin Reed andall Rekenthaler ' ' "' ' ' Pamela Rice Carrie Richards J , Graduates 1 Reardon - Robles Elise Rickenbach Patricia Ricketts lVlyle8 Robertson Ken Robison Michael Rinearson Leeann Rippetue JOHN R. REARDON - N.F.L. Member. FRANK W. RHOADES - Band, Prin. Honor Roll. PAMELA ANNE RICE - Girls' League, Mod. Dance. CARRIE E. RICHARDS - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Soph. Class Pres., Sen., Kidettes, Jeweled "M, " Key Club Sweet- heart, C.S.F., N.H.S., Jr. Class V.P., Orchestra, Aries Organizations Editor. ELISE S. RICKENBACH - Aries Editor, N.H.S. Pres., Jr., Sr., Class Counc., Ger- man Club Sec., Ouill and Scroll Rec. Sec., Aries Business Manager, Keywanettes ILP., Sealbearer, Curriculum Comm., Jr. Honor Guard. PATRICIA A. RICKETTS - Drama, Mas- quers, Kairos, Madrigals, Rowdy Root- ers, Anchor, A Cap. Choir. REGINA RILES - Sealbearer, Prin. Honor Roll. JEANNIE U. RIM - Prin. Honor Roll. MICHAEL D. RINEARSON - Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Straw Hat Band, Prin. Honor Band. LYNNE M. ROBERTSON - Girls' League, Lorett, C. S. F. LAURENTINA M. RODRIGUES - Pres., IAP., Sec. Ram Shack, Rowdy Rooters, Adv. Mod. Dance, Mixed Chorus. RUSSELL W. RODRIGUES - Soph., J. V., Var. Track, J. V. Cross-Country. KATHY L. ROGERS - J. V., Var. Badmin- ton, Junior Honor Guard, Lorett, C.S.F., Prin. Honor Roll. LINDA M. ROGERS - Lorett, Mixed Cho- rus, Cecilian Singers. JESSE L. ROSE - Marching Band, Straw Hat Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, JM Cross Country, J.V. Track, Concert Band. , MARK A. ROSEN - Soph., Var., Foot- ball, J.V., Var. Wrestling, Prin. Sch. Roll, Student Council, N. H. S., Key Club. KAREN E. ROSENTHAL - Dance. STEVE ROSS - Marching Band, Jazz gngsemble, Latin Club, Soph, Gymnastics, . .F. ' ANITA SPRINGER ISOLATES herself from the crowd while studying Political Behavior during Sth lunch. Bruce Rogers Linda Rogers Jesse Rose ,Stephen Ross Graduates Rodrigues - Ross 1 JAMES RUEFF - Sealbearer, N.H.S., Rifle Team, Math Club, Other Monty Python. MARK A. RULE - D.E.C.A. Pres., Ski Club, Prin. Honor Roll. JULIAN C. RUSINEK - Soph., J. V., Var., Water Polo, Soph., J.V., Var., Swimming, Gold M, Medallion Diploma. MARK R. RUSSNOGLE - Jr. Fr'.O.7ZC., Black Berets, Kairos. MICHAEL L. RUTZ - Var. Golf N.H.S., Prin. Honor Roll, Adv. Drama, Spanish- French Club, Russian Club. PAMELA RUTZ - Soph., Jr., Class Counc. TERESA RYAN - Soph., Jr., Class Counc., Jr. Hon. Guard, Banner. JEFFREY L. SALVESON - C.S.F, Band, Straw Hat, Prin. Hon. Roll. BEVERLY M. SAVEDRA - Song Girl, Kidettes, Jr. Hon. Guard, Prin. Hon. Roll. MICHAEL K. SCANLAN - C.S.F, Foot- ball, Cross Country, Track, R.O.71C., Key Club, Sr. Class Counc., Prin. Hon. Roll, Vets. Mem. Hon. Guard. JEFFREY J. SCHMID - Int. Mod. Dance. DAVID SCHORR - Rifle Team, March- ing Band, Orchestra, Sealbearer, Latin Club Pres., Other Monty Python Club V.P., R.O. T.C., Prin. Hon. Roll, N.H.S. PATRICK SCHORR - Var. Gymnastics. THERESA SCHWEITZER - Kidettes, Jr. Hon. Guard. GRACE J. SCOTT - Lorett, Anchor, Girls' Rifle Drill Team, Jr. Honor Guard, Oueen 's Court, Prin. Hon. Roll. MARY SEATTER - Prin. Hon. Roll, Soph., Jr., Sr., Class Counc., Adv. Ten- ms. RANA J. SEILS - Aries Staff, Adv. Dance, Prom Comm., Keywanettes Pres., N.H.S. Treas., Sealbearer, Ouill and Scroll,:lr. Hon. Guard, Sr. V.P., Blue M. GINA SHELBY - Prin. Hon. Roll, Prin. Sch. Roll, C.S. F. Graduates I 90 Rowan - Schmid Michael Rutz Debra Saltman Beverly Savedra Dana Schmidt Jonnie Schmidt David Schorr Kevin Fielder shows photos of Hawaiian vacation to third graders. Fielder Returns to Third Grade Ever wonder what it would be like to go back to elementary school? Ask Kevin Fielder, a third grade teacher's aide at Emerson Elementary School. Kevin received class credit and said he enjoyed working with the kids and learning about their backgrounds. Besides participating in, and leading class discussions, Kevin also helped the youngsters with writing and math. While studying the history of Hawaii, Kevin brought in some of his own pictures which the children enjoyed immensely. Playground supervision is also a role Kevin played, because on Thursdays, the kids got out early and the regular super- vision didn't get there until later. All in all, it was a learning benefit for both par- ties. The kids learned about math and history, while Kevin was allowed to go back in time to the days when he was just a kid himself. Nelson Cohen '78 Graduates Schmidt Shelby Patrick Schorr fri,--ff' 3 Edward Shelley Steven Shindler Pamela Shipman Cara Short Linda Silverman Cynthia Simmons Vicki Skaggs Kevin Sleeth Teri Slomian Barbara Smith Gerilynn Smith Kellie Smith Lori Smith Maureen Smith Shari Smith Steven Smith Terrel Smith William Smith Q... ,I ' ?""f Graduates I 92 Shelley - Smith EDDIE SHELLEY - C.S.F., Prin. Ho Roll. PAMELA L. SHIPMAN - Adv. Mo Dance, Keywanettes, C.S.F, Prin. Ho Roll, Jr. Hon. Guard, German Clu Dance Club. CARA SHORT - Prin. Hon. Roll. ' C LINDA J SILVERMAN Lorett V Sec., Anchor, Spanish-French Head Banner, Rowdy Flooters, N. Sealbearer, Prin. Hon. Roll. GERILYNN SMITH - Jr. Class Counc. LORI ANN SMITH - Sealbearer, Prin. Hon. Roll, Badminton, J. V., Softball, J.R.O.T.C., Spanish-F Club Sec., Jr. Hon. Guard, Gold M, M. MAUREEN E. SMITH - Soph., Jr Class Counc., Adv. Dance, Ski C.S.F. STEVEN F. SMITH - J.V., Var. Country, Soph., J. V., Var. Track. WILLIAM A. SMITH - Interact IAP. SANDRA J. SMYTH - Var. Var. Basketball, Soph., Jr., Sr., Counc., Corydon Editor, Quill and Gold M, Jr. Hon. Guard, Medallion loma. ANITA M. SPRINGER - Adv. N.H.S., Sealbearer, Prin. Hon. Roll Hon. Guard, Gold IVL Medallion German Club, Orchestra, A.l-TS. DANIEL J. STARK - Gymnastics, Band. KELLEY L. STEVENS - Marching Concert Band. KATHY STEVER -- Jr., Sr. Class Counc. C.S. F., Kidettes, Red Cross Lorett. SUE STINNETT - Prin. Hon. Roll Medallion Diploma. JEFF STONE - Jazz Ensemble, March ing Band, Straw Hat Band, Prin. Hon Roll. HONOR: Carol LaRowe receive the Assistance League Scholar ship for music. AWARD: Kimberly D. Lee placed first in the Deca Dance Marathon. HONOR: Virginia Long received a Long Beach Business Conference typing award and placed first in the California High School Typing Conference. 1 73 Fleciting the fundamentals of photosynthesis to her weeping fig "Fred" is Maureen Smith. William D. Smith Sandra Smyth Donald Snyder Green Thumbs Sprout Everybody gets their kicks in different ways. For some it's tending plants. Yet, to get to the root of the matter we must get some dirt on the subject and their classifications. Fern fanatics grow abundantly, and the craze is still growing. They were recognized by characteristically breathing deeply all day while commenting Qbetween inhalingj that the smog down here is terrible and as soon as he! she gets the bread hefshe is going to jam somewhere where the air is so clean you could bottle it and sell it. People decorating their home with ferns rarely name it, pet it, or dis- cuss apathy in today's schools with it. Not too many cactus collectors could be found on campus. This breed is confined to retired telephone operators in trailer parks. Of course green-thumb flunkos popped up in every suburb. These types had criminal records a mile long for slaying plants and showed up frequently on post office walls. Per- sistent friends continued the attempt to reform them by giving them "how-to" books, fertilizers, die-hard plants fi.e. weedsj, and Mr. Kitano. Nothing worked, everything col- lapsed. Even air ferns kicked the bucket under the care of these killers. Last and certainly least Cin numberj, came the fortunate creeps whose care of plants could be compared to Glenda the Good Witch of the North's effect on the Munchkins. Even such suicidal plants as Piggybacks and Creep- ing Charlies were coaxed into thinking that there was a better way than root rot. Betsy Jagger '78 --,n, ' " is Catherine Stakias if A Y"'x Josie Stakias Joseph Stalker Daniel Stark Kelley Stevens Michelle Stevenson Kathleen Stever Stewart Susan Stinett i Graduates Smith - Stone Michelle Stevens Jeffrey Stone I 'x Nancy Stoner Michele Sturgeon Melvia Summers "s " ' Tracy Swanson FliCl'lal'Cl Sweeting 'Tu s T ' Cindy Talavera I I Rick Tatum Lynn Taylor Gregg Teskey James Thomas Graduates 1 Stoner - Thompson NANCY ANN STONER - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Keywanettes, Advanced Dance, Prin. Advisory Comm., A.S.B. Secretary, A.S. B. Publicity Chrm., Senior Vice-Pres., Prin. Honor Roll, Jr. Hon. Guard. MELVIA SUMMERS - Marching Band, Softball, Badminton. KAREN L. SUNDGREN - Homecoming Queen, Dance Club. DEBRA ANN SURANE - Prin. Honor Roll, Gymnastics. TRACY E. SWANSON - Acap. Choir, Anchor, Prin. Sch. Roll, C.S.F., Rowdy Hooters, J. V. Tennis. RICHARD SWEETING - Var. Football, Prin. Honor Roll. CHRISTOPHER TAGGART - J.R.O.T.C. Colorguard. RICK TATUM - Var. Football, Baseball, Class Counc. TAMARA M. TAYLOR - Class Counc. DELVIN L. THOMPSON - J.V. Football. KARI L. TIDWELL - C.S.F., Prin. Honor Roll. LINDA S. TISCH - Lorett, Anchor, Pres. Spanish-French Club, Mixed Chorus, Cecilian Singers, Adv. Dance, Rowdy Hooters, Dance Club, Prin. Honor Roll. DON G. TOSHACH - V.l.C.A., Prin. Honor Roll. TAMMY TOZIER - R.O.T.C. Girls' Drill Team. RON TROTT - J. V., Var. Baseball. STEVE TULLY - Gold M, Var. Track. JAMES TYLER - Track. JANET L. UHDE - Keywanettes Sec., N.H.S., Girls' JV Tennis, Jr., Sr. Class Council, C.S.F., Prin. Honor Roll, Jr. Honor Guard, G.A.A. Chairman. SCOTT VANHORNE - J.V., Var. Foot- ball. SCOTT VANSOOY - Orch., Marching Band, Gymnastics. I HONOR: Janet Hansted, Mary McNamee, and Rana Seils received the Wo-He-Lo Medallion. I A -tr' COMPLETING A TYPED REPORT is Judy Landry, as ueventh period Counselor's aid. Kathy Sullivan Debra Surane Chris Taggart Didi Tanner 'mr -ct:-9 Tammy Taylor Delvin Thompson rf.. v Kari Tidwell l-'Vida TlSCl'1 Tom TOUR Vllflan TOOIS Tammy Tozier Sandra Tracy Jamie Trent Ron Trott Steve Tully James Tyler Janet Uhde Danny Vacura Ft-2, D-2, and U-2-l lt's a bird! lt's a plane! lt's Mr. Touch- down from Lakewood! No, it's Luke Sky- walker, heart-throbbing hero of the new movie craze STAR WARS. Yes, STAR WARS, the galactic fantasy that infested the lives Cand pocketbooksj of millions. All the way from Junior's 'lunchbox to Grandma's car bumper, this futuristic phenomenon sold its way into every con- ventional family with two dogs and a Kingswood Station Wagon. Now, in addi- tion to Mom's apple pie, the national flag, and the ARIES yearbook, President Carter declared the Obi-Wan Kenobi glow-in-the-dark light saber, All-Ameri- can. To celebrate the occasion, the fash- ion department at Woolworth and Woolco introduced the Princess Leia iron-on transfer for T-shirts, athletic supporters, and electric blow dryers. Missed out on the movie? Well, then join Bill Blatnik and Jean Comiskey, for a two hour wait in line, or do like Steve Christensen and Nick Papagerorges, and have a lucky friend "save you a place." But if all else fails, you can shovel pop- corn with Jeanetta English, or ring up bon bons with Laurie Aguliera at the U.A. Twin Cerritos, and see if for free. ln any case, happy move-going, and may The Force Be Wtth You steve Luther ,78 mu.ikAN's swltcneoiino is invaded by Paul Halicus, alias Darth Vader. Graduates Thornton - VanSooy 1 9 MICHELLE A. VAN VELSON - Pennant, Girls' League, Lorett, Keywanettes, Marching Band, Jr. Honor Guard, N.H.S., Prin. Honor Roll, Sealbearer. ROBERT G. VARECHOK - Var. Golf, Prin. Honor Roll. JOHN D. VIDOVICH - A.lES. MARK A. VOCK - Prin. Honor Roll, Soph, J. V. Water Polo, Soph. Swimming. PHIL VOCK - Stage Crew. BYRON H. WAGGONER - Soph., Var. Football, J.V., Var. Wrestling. KIMBERLY M. WALL - Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Jr. Honor Guard, Prom Comm., Keywanettes Treas., Prin. Honor Roll. JANET L. WALLACE - A Cappella Choir, Musical, Adv. Dance, Dance Club, Jr. Honor Guard, Class Council. LAURA RUTH WALLACE - Prin. Honor Roll, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Soph. Vice-Pres., Student Council, Prin. Stu- dent Advisory Comm. WALLACE WALROD - J.V., Var. Base- ball, Sealbearer, Prin. Honor Roll. JAMES WANG - Key Club Pres., Soph., Jr., Sr. Class Council, Sealbearer, JM Gymnastics, Jeweled "M," N.H.S., Ouill and Scroll, Aries Art Editor, P.H.R., A.S.B. Treas. LINDA SUE WARRINER - Head Song Girl, Kidettes,, Prin. Honor Floll, Sr. Class Senator, Photography Club. MELANIE S. WASHINGTON - Soph. Cheen Soph., Jr., Class Council, Span- ish-French Club, Kidettes, Philip Vice- Pres. JM, Badminton, Banner, Anchor. SUSAN E. WELCH - Jazz Ensemble, Corydon Editor, Quill and Scroll, Prin. Honor Roll. SCOTT J. WELLS - Orchestra, Jazz Band, Straw Hat, A Cappella Choir, Jr. Class Council. SANDRA WERNER -- Kidettes, Jr. Honor Guard. TERRI E. WEST - Prin. Honor Roll. BETH ANNE WHALLEY - Swim Team. DIANE WHEARTY - Soph. Class Coun- cil, Prin. Honor Roll. V JEFF WHEAT - Bowling, Interact, Prin. Honor Roll, Sealbearer. CYNTHIA K. WHEATON - Jr., Sr. Class Council, Adv. Dance, Keywanettes,, Jr. Honor Guard. AWARD: ,Anita Springer received the Rick Rackers Scholarship for 3100. Patrick Vazquez Amy Vloedman Melody Vought Byron Waggoner Janet Wallace Laura Wallace Gayle Walleston Wally Walrod James Wang Beverly Warden DeAnna Warner Linda Warriner Ava Washington Gail Washington Melanie Washington Susan Welch Scott Wells Ste ve Wells Beth Wendt Sandi Werner Wayne Wernimont Terri West Diane WheaI'TY Jett Wheat Cindy Wheaton . Q-"' ABOVE: POST NUPTIAL JITTERS find Kathy Stever and Bob Hartong cutting their cake and eating it too. "Let's EIope" Name that tune. Dum dum de da dum, dum da, da. No that's not ELO's newest single. Wedding bells were ringing over the Millikan campus. Shot guns were not needed either. These shenanigans were a part of Mr. Forrest Zimmerman's Effective Living class assignments. The purpose of these made-in-room-402 marriages was to pre- pare students with the realities of life - dating, love, fthe difference between the real thing and "like"J, self-respect, and personal values. The couples were assigned to set out into the big world to find jobs, apartments, work out a budget, and how to plan a wedding. "As 'couples' they actually visited flor- ist shops, bridal salons, tuxedo stores, and caterers. The 'couples' also made arrangements for the church, the recep- tion hall, the photographer, and the hon- eymoon," Mr. Zimmerman explained. The let's-pretend weddings were com- plete with bouquets, receptions, men of the cloth, and Cracker Jack wedding rings. Two couples from each period were chosen to participate in the actual ceremonies while the remaining couples faked it. It's not surprising that many students wonder why more people don't elope. Graduates Warner - Wheaton Steve Whitaker Karen Wicker Lu Ellen Wilcox Michael Wilcoxen Chris Wilkerson MHFY Wilkins Charles Williamson Gwenevere Willis John Wills Kathleen Wills Keith Wilson Kimberly Wilson Laura Windell Denise Wolf Debbie Wolford amie Lee Wollman t 1-rt' Graduates 1 Whitaker - Woods Julie Woods Hit Parade Lori Woods Believe it or not, there were some places hotter than the set of "Charlie's Angels," according to Dr. George. Over 1200 people competed for the right to sweat in one of the Magic Kingdom's dazzling costumes for the monetary equivalent of eight "E" tickets an hour. The mercury reached 112 in the cos- tumes of Millikanites Judy Nevitt, Mike Fantone, Debbie Gath, Mark Fantone, and Gary Berberet as they be dazzled balloon-buying tourists in Disneyland's "Christmas on Parade." George Jackson '79 Non pictured graduates listed on page 248. KAREN WICKER - Kidettes. MARY L. WILKINS - Jr., Sr. Class Counc., Prom Comm., Kidettes, J.V. Vol- leyball, Jr. Honor Guard. CHARLES M. WILLIAMSON - Soph., Var. Football, J.V., Var. Baseball, C.S.F., Corydon Staff. JOHN WILLS - Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Sealbearer, N.H.S. KATHLEEN WILLS - Swimming. KEITH A. WILSON - Band, Prin. Honor Roll. LAURA ANNE WINDELL - Var, Swim- ming, Lorett. DEBRA JANE WOLFORD - Class Counc., Prin. Honor Roll, Jr. Honor Guard. ANNETTE WOODS -- Var. Badminton. MATTHEW MARTIN WOOLBRIGHT - Soph., Var. Footall, Soph., Var. Basket- ball, Soph. Class Counc. LLOYD A. WOOLF - Stage Crew, Stage Club Vice Pres., Prin. Honor Roll. LISA A. WORTHINGTON - Prin. Honor Roll. VICKIE S. YADON - Soph., Jr. Class Counc., C.S.F., Kidettes, A Cappella Choir, Adv. Dance. DALE S. YAMASHITA - Soph., J. V., Var. Basketball, J.V., Var. Golti Prin. Honor Roll. LORI LYN YARGER - Soph., J.V., Var. Gymnastics, Jr. Class Counc., Medallion Diploma. TRACY C. YOUNG - Adv. Dance, Ceci- lian Singers, Mixed Chorus, Prin. Schol- arship Roll. RUDY C. ZAMBRANO - J.V., Var. Ten- nis Team, Var. Rifle Team, Var. Fi.O.T.C. Drill Team. ROBERT ANTHONY ZELLMER - J.V., Var. Wrestling, Class Counc., V.l.C.A., Prin. Honor Fioll. NANCY J. ZILL - C.S.F., Prin. Honor Roll, Ski Club. HONOR: Doug Marty - Moore League Player of the Year AWARD: Long Beach Citizen of Tomorrow Scholarship winners - Kevin Heitman and Gretchen Houser AWARD: Gretchen Houser was named the Los Angeles County California Savings and Loan Out- standing Student. Woodside Zimmerschied 9 reactions ata Key wanertes lnstalla tnon meetmg Chen McKinley Julle Havens Pam Shlpman and Anne Pillsbury show approval 4 O SCHOLARS FRONT ROW Candee Corwin Ann Mashlyama Lynn Oungnon 2ND ROW Brlan Napper Cher: McKinley Jlm Rueff 3RD ROW Phil Helrlgs Steve Day Dave Myers 4TH ROW Wally Walrod Alice Curtis Shelley Parris 5TH ROW Judy Nevltt Anna Springer Mark Rosen 6TH ROW Celia Evans Mlchelle Nuttall Jon Puke Linda Cameron NOT PICTURED John Black Russ Hagey Janet Hansted Anderson Barber Barnes Bartlett Black Bordoni Byrne Cameron Campbell Chartier Chiu lark Clark Clouse Corwin Curtis Deneen Darrow Karen DeWease Eldred Endres Evans Layne Gerl Owen Griffiths Russ Hagey C.S.F. - FRONT ROW: Kathleen Large, Virginia Long, Sue Chartier, Kent Matheny, Betsy Jagger, Julie Havens, Shelley Parris, Cheri McKinley, Curtis, Nancy Brimhall, Kathy Kennedy, Ann Mashiyama. 2ND ROW: Jean Comiskey, Elise Rickenbach, Linda Warriner, Janet l-iansted, Jim Wang, Shipman, Carrie Richards, Candee Corwin, Laurie Hargrove, Donna Neptune, Cindy Wheaton, Sonja Nielsen, Kathy Hergesheimer. 3FlD ROW: Lynn Willa Clinton, Jane Nickles, Celia Evans, Judy Nevitt, Owen Griffiths, Linda Cameron, Nancy Zill, Dave Myers, Mark Rosen, Bobbi Eldred, Kim Kelly Chapin, Rana Seils. 4TH ROW: Michelle Nuttall, Jeff Race, Larry Young, Don Ceglar, Mike O'Guin, Wally Walrod, Kevin Heitman, Greg Gneier, Anderson, Ray Endres, Jane Uhde, Gretchen Houser, Linda Tisch, Karen Jankowski. 5TH ROW: Lori Smith, Gary Berberet, Anne Pillsbury, Chris Clark, Wheat, Russ Hagey, Steve Luther, Barry Bartlett, Doug Marty, Robert Lyddon, Brian Napper, Nelson Cohen, Greg Goodman, Patricia Norman. 4.0's Increase 1978 SEALB EARERS The reduction in enrollment took its toll on Jennife, Hahn Michael O-Guin Sealbearers and Potential Sealbearers. Jefemv Hall Richard Ohl However, the enrollment shrink evoked previ- gVa'fe'HHamag" She!Iev Parris ously unseen intelligence in the group of 4.0's. JZn:tHaf,2ff ?gg'QffePeV10n Defying all laws of percentage and proportion, philip Heirigs Anne pmsbury 4.0's have increased while the student body has Kevin Henman Lynnouignon decreased. The Class of '78 may have dimm- Gretchen Houser Betsy Jagger Karen Jankowski Kathy Kennedy Dolores Loera Keith Long Virginia Long Steve Luther Robert Lyddon Doug Marty Ann Mashiyama Tammy Masten Cheri McKinley David Myers Brian Napper Donna Neptune Judy Nevitt Jane Nickles Michelle Nuttall April Rayner Elise Rickenbach Radel Riles Mark Rosen Jim Rueff David Schorr Rana Seils Gina Shelby Pamela Shipman Linda Silverman Lori Smith Anita Springer Michelle Van Velson Robert Varechok Wally Walrod James Wang Linda Warriner John Wills 1978 POTENTIAL SEALBEARERS Marlos Albrecht Sylvia Blackwell Willa Clinton Nelson Cohen Jean Comisky Nancy Dagonese Fred Diamond Kevin Fielder Darryl Fong Dennis Girisgen Greg Gneier Tina Guerro Marianne Harb Kathy Hergesheimer Mike Hester Kristen Howard Judy Landry Timarie Lawrence Kent Matheny Roselle McCullough Joanne Mehl Paul Nelson Sonja Nielsen Cathi O'Hare Nick Papageorges Bill Pickens Paul Prince Jeff Race Linda Tisch Jeff Wheat ished in size, but not in brain power. Graduates c.s.F., 4.0 201 Castle Capers Peasants bowed and trumpets "Harked the Herald" as the Junior Class received first place Homecoming day for their reconstruction of King Arthur's castle. Mums and churros completed the menu for the celebration feast, while Fall President Carol Tieffer presided over the ceremo- nies. A repeat of the ever-popular November carna- tion sale was so successful, that many prospec- tive romances never developed. All 1000 of the Junior Class' "Momentos by Mail" were quickly taken advantage of, leaving many lovers-to-be with broken hearts and jingling pockets. A stress for more intra-class communication, a teacher evaluation of class council representa- tives, and a "Spring Week" constituted the busy agenda for Spring President Marcia Torney. Aside from the regular planning and organiz- ing of class activities, officers Carol Tieffer and Steve Teodosiadls headed the 1977-78 Prom Committee. ln addition to financing and organiz- ing, this committee added a special flair of its own. Late-night excursions to "decorate" mem- bers homes, and visits to other schools' Proms were just a few extra-curricular activities under- taken by the eager Juniors. ' CLASS COUNCIL - FRONT ROW: Sandy Rose, Tracey Orloff, Sherrie Weiner, Karen Stanwood, Stephen Teo- dosiadis, Carol Tieffer, Marcia Torney, Carolyn Bell, Naomi Yamashita, Lynn Williams, Susan Sleep, Kathy Marty, Nancy Flinearson. SECOND ROW: Pam Fuller, Karen Leuer, Kathy Johnson, Jeri Cooper, Peggy Boyd, John Nelson, Jenelle Hall, Sandy Stewart, Janet Til- bury, Cynthia Beattie, Julie Brandom, Nancy Borsum, Lisa McCullah, Susan Tintle. THIRD ROW: Melissa Zinn, Ken Ralidis, Carl Higgins, Keven Kummerfeld, Steve Pakiz, Matt Black, Beth Farnham, Harold Hughes, Phil Douglas, Diana Alba, Terri Larson, Karen Luther, Geri Zapp. FOURTH ROW: Alan Friedman, Cindy Clements, Lori Johnson, Shari Sanders, Don Ricketts, Micheal Carr, John Kiley, Dale Schueller, Brian Scanlan, Jon Karabenick, Jeff Current, Dan Olsen, Cathy Hogan, Kelly Leslie. RIGHT: Fall Vice-President Stephen Teodosiadis, and Spring Vice-President Carobrn Bell. Juniors Class Council . - . ig '5-:aff 4 " - Af' ml ABOVE Fall Senator Karen Stanwood and Sprung Senator Jenelle Hall LEFT Karen Stan- wood Jenelle Hall Carol Txeffer Marcla Torney Steve Teodosladls and Carolyn Bell. all- X I 1 8 J, K lk XL 944 'r An i .lofifl , -ri f f 'H 'f J 5 f wr? I 'fi' ,H t 44' ,Q "V ." v N .L 1 43?-ffm ff ' ,f 'I ir. J 'IFIAC A t A .af j 111' ClassOfflcers 92 C SS 0F 19 vw-up -4 lee 5 f i- ENGROSSED IN A Jacqueline Susanne novel, Karen Leuer relaxes at the library. YG? Q o xl' vw " bf i tg... t Y " -qv- Debbie Abraham Gary Adams Mike Agutar Lauri Aguilera Carn Alba Diana Alba Craig Allen Don Allen Donna Allen Liz Alison Joyce Allison Margaret Alvarez Nick Arnondos Sylvia Ambrose Adella Ancheta Chris Ander Anna Anders Eric Anderson Mike Andrus Carol Anselmo Greg Aplel Lisa Archambaull Mike Arellano Jam: Ark Rhonda Armitage Tina Armsler Carolyn Arnold LaRita Arriola Robert Ashkenaze Ewan-Ashley Kim Atkins Ida Attardo Brenda Badgell Julie Baicnlal Tim Bailey Tami Banhidy Doreen Barbee at A V T .vm ' ' . , . y 52 - I -,Lx Pamn Barnes H- T' Kenneth Barnett . ' K " 1 Lori Barr ,I , K - lid . .. 'X. Juniors Abraham - Barr .wa , . -eg Qual F l L 9 ,-R all . ., . 1 4 Wil ff ' V Xin "1 V - Y , ' " .2 Q- , 'fix ' iw ll-It X in 9- L. Yi. H TAKING A MORNING BREAK, Stacy Fair and Sandy Stewart catch a bite ' eat at nutrition. What If You've Got at Ankles! lf a mass of average American high school girls got for a chat, chances are the number one topic Cnext to guysj would be the rapid growth rate of hs, stomaches, and waists. ln fact, whenever a amount of girls Q guys gather, the subiect relates to is weight loss Cor rather, how impossi- islb. Example: Cheryl: "Oh, l'm so depressed." Tom: "Why?" Cheryl: "My P.E. teacher called me 'Thunder Thighs' again!" Tom: "So?" ClVlales are so understandingj Cheryl: "Sol After l've lost two whole pounds. You'll never get me on that ice cream and peanut butter diet again." what of the skinny people of this world? Has anyone thought to ask how they feel? The perils of having a shape are worse than just the customary jokes C"he has to run around in the shower to get Many other factors make life miserable for the -fleshed. slender girls have to cope with fashion problems. not all that exciting to wear a size 5: in fact, it is infuriating to see an outfit one wants to buy be told that it is only available in size 9 and up. are a disaster. Questions range from, "Are my really that knobby?" to "Will that cute guy in Phys- notice that my ankles are the same size as my wrists?" What really hits the spot is when it is discovered that majority of one's friends wear D cups, while the not- lass has just graduated to a 3OAAA. The only thig But Most to thing to do at this point is to plan a career as a nun or resign oneself to being a funny-looking coat rack. Clothing and appearance, however, are not the only sorrows of the slender set. The generous advice to "eat more" from well-meaning persons Cparents, classmates, the mailman, etc.j really is not very practical. How can one pile his plate while their best friend is gulping grape- fruit juice and crunching on carrot sticks? The next time you hear "Oh, l'm so fat!" remember the plight of the even less fortunate thin. Let's face it all you meaty people - it's better to be fat than sorry. Willa Clinton '78 ANKLES FROM ALL WALKS of life sit at the auditorium steps. 2 1 1 . xt" N: X !"3 , , , up-gp i hw R V ' ? , ' J ,IFE . 5 4 I ' l i l? ' n , 1 . A ft ' A x.. H l ffmfd. - ttf' - t 1 ' - Jory Barrad Lisa Basden Dick Bass Greg Barrett Gwen Bathurst Teri Beastrom Cynthia Beattie Sue Beck ef , ' vs vw, lf X l It r'. . , Y B. i ll if , s. V i i I Theresa Beck Dena Becker , - 2 ' B k . Q. Y, r l Jim ec er 1- - - .6 .J Karen Beckerwerth V ' ' ' i .- Denise Behymer ' '- . '- . I Angela Bell K-. ' ' if A Pam Bell 611125 an Jodie Bellamy 1' . if X 1 X. Linda Belshelm ' - - 1 W , ' S ll B bo - 1 te a ene n Jackie Bennett Tim Bennett jig' Q, -: 7 ' " ' Janet Bercovitz " iv ' Gloria Berkenwald gi, l Coleen Berry ' ' Lisa Berryman ' A X A," I"-' ' V L , Y V :V . 'I I - . A .viz N 1 Carla Billings V ' 2 " John Bisso 4 Man Black - i John Billovits f s , t TatBlake 1 Johnaiood i - ' ' 'T Stephen Bertz 1 . Joe Blood Sandra Blumberg Stephanie Blunt Steve Boatright Buddy Boatwrong Denise Bohac David Bohannan Danni Bohl Russ Bonzer 4 f 2 f '- Nt Juniors Barrad - Bonzer 5 if ,- . sq -A7' 'R X st. p . . ' H I l, .,, i.l K Wk., I ve ,-ff? Nj l..lf4 4 'fl 5 E1 C1 ir- 4-f"f J . Bhorotlaes- Coleman ff! M- 1 Matt Boone Marvun Boozer Davnd Borba Susan Bordner Nancy Borsum Steve Bos Make Bostlck Davnd Boyce Peggy Boyd Chris Bradshaw Julle Brandom Jon Brandts Peggy Brante Dana Braswell Davld Bratton Steve Bratton Dana Braun Mnchelle Brennan Kelly Bnck Chrls Brlsson Carra Brooks Cynthua Brown Donna Brown George Brown Teresa Brown Constance Brucker Karen Brun Joe Bruno Pam Buck Make Buckles Candy Buckley Sondra Bueoy Barbara Burke Llnda Burmelster Scott Burson Mark Bush Wendy Bush Bull Byrnes Mark Calderon Cynthla Callahan Jett Callard Candy Callaway Teresa Callaway Craig Cameron Klrln Cameron Debbie Canmne Korey Cantrell Vlttorlo Capuh Dave Carey Anna Carle Steve Carlsen Everett Carmody Tum Carpenter Mnke Carr Chris Carrelro Ernest Carrullo Steve Carroll Mnke Carter Randy Carter Carolyn Carver Grant Causton Cathy Cavadlnl Jamue Cawley Mlchele Chacon Ken Chapln Todd Charlevulle Drone Chesebro Cralg Chessmore Andy Chlld Charles Chnlvers Lorv Chau Brad Chnstensen Carol Chnstensen Ten Chrustensen Shan Chrlstlanson Pat Cuccarelh Cathy Clark Kathleen Clark Tom Clary James Clement Cindy Clements Joy Clements Kevin Clouse Jeff Clysdale Tammy Cobb Dale Cohen Amy Cohn Neal Coleman I rv" if av- flfl'-'f ,-v 08.141 ,.- 5' t In one 'H' he Saffux Y X-if 'Q .v V X gy 1 ,- 1 1 s- -V ' nl l 4 e J ffl: T mg . A N A Yinxr.-ZZ'?L.L2 l"X'Kl -lf Beth Collins T James Corriplcn Chris Condon Meredethe Cone Pam Conlisk Julie Contreras Marcella Conway Tim Conway Mike Cook Steve Cook Jeri Cooper Robin Copeland Frank Cornell Paul Corrigan Michael Coryell Scott Cosper Kyle Cottrell Dave Coutts Mary Cowan Cheryl Cowley David Cox Bob Crail Steve Creel Lorena Croom Mike Cruz Carrie Cullen Tuesday Cunningham Gertrude Curdy Jeff Current Mark Curry Mike Curry Linda Custer Ed Cvek Dana Daniels Sophia Daniels Kathryn Davis Kirk Davis Leann Davis Leigh Davis Liisa Davis Mark Davis Nora Davis Sheila Davis Willie Davis Kelly Davison Debra Dean Jefl Deane Mark Deis Matthew Delaney Ed Delcoure Darryl DeLeon Donald Demoray Jackie Denlinger 1.3 W vi .x I my fi le .Q ,j ea .ce ' it-741 -1? O W 1- ggi I, . l We W, ff ti, - l fs, f-31. ". 711, -A ,gy .j K Vi ij fl EJ' Xl U. . , 'ii -1-1? lgim, ,t A W 'al ,- i V F 1,-rf Used 'KX 1, lx: ,-.vs .J-.v , 11 i., at ik J" Juniors Der-Hovanessian - Foley Betty Der-Hovanessian Joe Derry Craig De Young' Deborah Diaz Mark Dickey Scott Dietschack Dianna Dixon Pam Dolan Patricia Dolengewicz Yon Dolgorouky Phil Douglas Glenn Doyle John Drab Robert Driml Renee Droll Loraine Duacsek Joe Duenas Caren Dumas Victor Duncan Melanie Dussler Karen Dwerlkotte Virginia Eastburn Steve Edmondson Sue Elder Trudy Elkins Kurt Ellert Todd Ellertson Lorrie Ellis Doug Ellsworth Bill Emerick Jim England Jean English Mark Enyeart Harry Erickson Tamara Evans Bruce Eveland Karen Everett Shelley Ewart .lulia Faile Brad Fair Stacy Fair Jim Fannin Mark Fantone Nick Faraclas Kandee Farish Beth Farnham Clarke Farrow Terry Fields Frank Figueroa Kelly Figueroa Virginia Filener Torin Finney Cheryl Fisher Coleen Fitzpatrick Sharon Flanagan Chris Foelber Kim Foglesong Kevin Folan Anthony Foley . i U L . X' 5.4: . xiii, ff if fi- J l , I ' i 2 . 1 51 I x fi? . if l h 05 , x XX ' ' " ' N- Lil-A if V l V ax -" 4 1 -'fkfi f Pix V A b.,- 7 Q j . V .1- r in ' Q- Vx, The Fiippys Are Here 1 5 ' Who was that little nine year old ki walking on campus with his sister, Be erly Rippy? Why, of course it was Ro ney Allen Rippy of Jack-in-the-Bo fame. Not too many people know that junior Beverly Ripp was actually the sister of this commercial star. Rodne wasn't the only actor ofthe Rippy family. Beverly did - commercial on the same day that Rodeny started hi career. Beverly was ten years old when she starred in . Banquet fried chicken commercial, but didn't pursu that career. ,, After Mrs. Rippy acquired an agent for Beverly an her brother, Rodney became a regular on Jack-in-the Box commercials, which led to his guest appearanc on "The Six Million Dollar lVlan." Beverly described . commercial audition as "just like a job interview," an "whether you're accepted depends on a lot of things." ironically, Beverly works at Burger King. She enjoy her job despite the fact that her brother appeared on T.V. for another fast-food chain. Ken Ralidis and Carl Higgins '79 1 4.1-A .Jvc- 431 i,Fr'Q!Yf' any M , P mv ,.,- ,0- 52 Fri 1 .af f 1 tl: x 3 4-4' ' 1 . 'LH-. .o r r .:if:fft.g-tirltgifxzt l - I ' 151 NJ: ffu",f,fl ,. ei. ,pn G 'li are 'Sq 7- A A5 Vt' ' 4 , K .K v J Q. 'H' . , 5 '7' Jfffv? L-vi Q er. L. y ff . f N' K " al ' , i it Steve Forbes Grant Ford Cathy Forde Ed Foster Steve Fox Cathy Fraser Paul Freedman Alan Friedman Dave Friese Pam Fuller Mark Fuquay Cindy Gaines Kathy Gaines Ed Gallegos Patrick Galloway Janie Galusha Larry Galvan Bruce Gardner Dave Ga rmon Julie Garner Jim Garry Laura Garry Paul Gastelum Debra Gath Julie Gee Lynda Geisler Andy Gebrgas Gary Gerber Sharon Gerber Marianne Gerst Mark Gertjejansen Elizabeth Gibson Missy Gibson Nancy Giles Chuck Gill Julie Ginns Jelf Glass Forrest Golarlty Dave Golt Manuel Gonzales Laurie Gorman Kathy Grauten Kathy Gray Linda Greci Leslie Green Matt Green Pete Gregory Marsha Grillin Vicki Griflin Arthur Grilliths Carla Grimes Jack Grisham Roy Guerrero Craig Guest Onolre Gutierrez Becky Haley Chris Hall Jenelle Hall Simmy Hamid Lori Hamill Alan Hamilton Jon Hammond Randy Hampton Kirk Hankla Donna Hanns Dave Hansberry Marc Hanser Tim Harkins Patricia Harris Lenny Harris Marisa Harrison John Hart Lauri Hanley Randy Hassbn Kathy Hawkins Linda Hawkins Chad Hayward Darryl Heath Dwayne Heath Diane Hebner Johanna Hengehold Bill Henigsman Sherri Henry William Hepler Dan Hermanns Greg Hester Mike Hicks Carl Higgins Vi . F A 5 lark- ,i . Ii L X' K' if-if ' V, ' .bv Y wi . 4 ' " T- 1' 1 .1 l l 5 . X J l 'il' J i N13-av ' veg, - V' 'sri' J A - Y.. X . . ,":" Q, I Y .M ,, . A .X gt V 1 gli . l , N' my . :cu - X rl tf ..,al.,.'i65l w Q X , 2 1 AT A ' J " 1 " 1' is ' ' - 4: I - 't E . F ' - ' i' "N f 1 Q? 4 . ' ' 51 q' L A is A -,. E ' 4 1 I 4 I 'W 1-. ?', 7 f . 'Q' ' -' L ' fl - - J- f' " . l A . . V l 6 Lay rw---H nk C l r IL .1 V fs, I "if 'Z'-iletxlgl Ill: l, im gf ' ' I A Q ax it i, sz hu wi- i 4x s. 'P-u l. f' , Tig-ft-L' ' Il V J1,.!.QeJ?3i I-'.T'nQ5zv.t T L ' N v I . ,,... . - Fu... y ' x ig, -2 fi- ,F F' J . . ' A-.F ., N vi! ' 1 4 M fir' ,. ' . 'KE ' 3 .2531 3 ' 'Ji , ' ' 7 ' 'Q 4 " ,fL-- ,ag " , 'Eg , I .N .4 - .f Y Q- T A li' UV- . if 4 .-.Qi 'V -:nA L'.t -UW ? I i r V ,., I f 'wil 1- ,fa A A . - "' i 1. ' , - 'S- wr XV ' " I a' ,V A f f ff- J in , . a. . 1. A H JU t VL l H f N 1.5 I X . 1 2 ' n ,I.- H I -iz, 4.3 fx ' 'i A Fi F ' -' N .: N-.:'-' ' .., , I L . , l .YH , K i Q I tx I 1 N tt fy wa V . 1 H , . v..fefri9?M?f ' 7 . 'E 7 ll' ' -F , Y i n rr, A is 1:5 " 4- " - 4 'A -. "I X : 1, gg' ' A 'Ci v' ,, a s A 4. . 4 ,l ,V 1 ,- its " 1' ::1ixi,"...9 ' H ' ' a eie ring, . 6 1 5 113. . - ' tl "' ' 1 'l r 1 ,. ' ' N, -V ' " ' 7 ga 437 E. ." ff -art - as .r fi if 5422.5 ills at. -l Juniors Forbes - Hidoins Ist-'X W C Qi I li' Nix, bn tV?Q?J I N "1 A JN' mf- V 5. ,, l ' ' if L fl. 4, 'I ' ,Yl, .JE 57-' -. l- V iv, J fX'fIJT :ff 12 V ' J 'S 'E I fa, H 2 ,rig-.g f ' Q ' -A ' ,f' ., ,J . I, . J f .lx 'g i I V YL A r , 1 -A V at 4: 1 ,,. in -- rr v.-1' f ,,, for" "L. X url Vx I , Nfxs It ,J 5- ' nr I- ' 3 A 5 1 4: i .f 'f In Tjjli' tr - 1 X ' ' Vx . .dv 3 . 1 I -- I '- E, fx vp Juniors 210 Higuera - King Paula Higuera Prentice Hill Steven Hillyer Craig Hinkson Paul Hobbs Jay Hoilenberg Catherine Hogan Chris Hogan Brenda Holt Nancy Honts Beth Hooley Don Hopper Carl Hottenroth Chris Housley Russ Howe Steve Hubatch Dave Hucka BOD Huddleston Harold Hughes Mike Hunt Amy Huntington Mark Hurlbirt Jim Hurley Susan Iles Debbie Irvin Phil Isenberg Ken Izumi Carlos Jackson Rick Jackson Kim Jackel Mary Ann Jarvis Lori Jeffers Brent Joel Scott Johnson Ed Johnson Helen Johnson Jarni Johnson Joni Johnson Kathy Johnson Linda Johnson Lori Johnson Maurice Johnson Ron Johnson Susan Johnson Tim Johnson Vickie Johnson Jett Johnston Dave Jones Dorothy Jones Dave Jongerius Brad Jordan Jett Jordan Mark Jordan Pat Jordon Jack Jorgensen Greg Jurkatis Bill Kacoullas Steve Kaur Stan Kaiser Jonathan Karabenick Kerry Karli Karyl Kawaichi Tammy Keith Marucs Kembel Dann Kennedy Jackie Kennerson Kathy Kester John Kiley Chris King Dan King Dave King Richard King Ted King i 2- I it 3 Q' H J" .r... fl if Glas ' ',f , N, ..,- WMI, , +I f -I as --. . J, R 4 F I P 5 I Hx 15,5 X .ef I 1 3' I ' J ir i A .Kiwi i . Y' 1. ,, 5 .. . I 4 -1 ' I fl Q I .151 3 I It It I BELOW: THINKING of history test is Diana N. tit .-2 J Ji' of-N 'rqj f . , , iii- The 400 Hall- Fun of lt All The corridors fill as the bell closes class, a slow-struttin' stroller, "C'mon let me pass!" A dirty, dropped Pee-Chee hinders the pace of a "gotta-get-a-move-on" Cbeat a tardy?J race. Giggling girls gather in the midst of it all - Do they really have to gossip in this freeway-busy hall? Twisting and turning and tossing "hi's" to friends, trudging toward fresh air ahead where the struggle ends, Staying in groups is a hard thing to do, without a gymnast's skill you always lose a few. A sly sprint across to get to your locker, bumping into people, "I didn't mean to knock her." The 400 intersection sure could use a traffic light - but that would take the fun away and Somehow that's just not right! Suzanne Chartier '78 "L "v"""'5il , I .N-:a .15 12 I , A kj 1 4 'Eau , ya .Att A ,, NAVIGATING THE 400 INTERSECTION are Lauri Aguilera, Caren Dumas, and Teri Christen- Susie Kingsley Grant Kitching Scott Klinger Debbie Knight Korinn Knowles Marc Koehler David Koori Mike Kostiuk David Kraak Chris Kroll Bobbi Kruger Dan Krull Kathy Kuchta Irene Kuck Kevin Kummerleld Debra Lambert Brooke Lamunyon Phil Landeros Carrie Lange Cindy L4AngelIe Chris Laninla Carolyn Larson Stan Larson Terri Larson Mary Laskey George Laughlin Erickson Leaf Jill Leance Brian Lee Mike Lee Sharon Lee Steve Lefebvre Robert Legg Michelle Leland Dina Lembi Robert Lembi Jim Lemmerrnan Lori Lerrnan Ron Lerma Dean Lesar Kelleen Leslie Karen Leuer Rick Lewis Robert Lewis J , ,ani r A- 1-it-s. .5 - af lx. ' 1 . .i , 1 . ' A" , Q 4 ,,f'7f r ' .K Q Ll rrrt -ff r 5" A, Q' FEL --2, 1 r.. ,- H,7,1it, ABOVE: GREG HAGEY lines cut. Q I I xg Q fa. At Ns-pw f 'N ,J I , l ' l .-Q A ,Vi--f 1. I I f sr., 4 . N J 4' 4- , i' 1-. ,,,, -I ' eff X Y 4 X. .lit A Ll X ,iz Juniors Kingsley - Lewis 21 1 J I il if 1 .1 -, ,JI ' t I J, v .1 1 uvzv' - 1 l up l ,,-,al l ,.-Lt, ' an M. Q.. l .1-:C.Tx' , ff-f Q4 ,I .3 . x ilu Air E , VH. if S- 5-rf' ft t 'Y Y? . 'N' ' , .pr -li:-, A ,fe f is . for M - -, 'x -Q. X ' I" -z, , Hs. N f ml " J 5 'ff' ll' l l 511' la' . "-P . .Y AN 1 ., af, n l, - '-f:'L2.t' A y, 1 , 'S yigg, -. 1 -1 A .l ff li' N x . Juniors 5312- ,4' I 3 21 2 Lighrfom - Miner Dennis Lightfoot Peter Liles Brook Lillestol Pamela Longfellow Elaine Lopez Susan Lubach Kyle Lubsen Joanne Lucier Karen Luther Kenneth Lybrand Vilgar Maala Robert Mabry Stephen Mabry John Maligie Nancy Malone Tracy Malone Theodore Mandryk Debra Manley George Marentis Debra Martmdale Kathleen Marty Teri Mathews Leanne Mat1hiesen Kelly Maxwell Kaven Maylleld Dawn Mayo Barbara Mays Jeffrey Mays Michael McAluster Reymon McBain James McClintock Leta McCormick Jenmler McCracken John McGraw Lisa McCullah Krislen McCulloch James McDaniel Donna McDonald Charles McDougall Chrls McElroy Tracy McGee Charlotte McGmest Mary McGuire Sarah McJunkm Sandra McKlmmy Kelly McMahan Donna McMurray John McNamee Llsa McNelIis Tumothy McShane Don Meggs Muchele Melnrkotf Lrsa Meyer Mxchael Meyer Joseph Mtgliaro Dale Mlley Colleen Muller Donald Mvller v1'yrif1': ,., an.. tl . t .,, W l 4 - n E sl , 'U .ga ' L r 4 . Q 's F' - ,y V . 1 I Y 'W "H .A Kel? .- 1, - X ' 35. . 'M at i . J ' 'a"' , , . ,iffy , 4 I m l .P A A' xl I - " -Q ' ' . A -gs ' C ' "-J ln X l A U 1:1 K- .- Y X L - -: .. E-v I 3' My I i 5" - , '. ' 1f,f41I.'1' .rl lm . V 2' .,-' ss., ,Ast an 5, ll. . In 'Q 1.1 'J r' ' .xc l ' f :5f5?'f, 1 . .. - Q elf E' -'A 9, f 1 sy, A" y s 1 ,r- lf' J-f M 4 I' 7 , , X N4 ,1 .r, 14 .sh i 47. 'L, l g Q 4 , .. 'xek , ,K 1 H Y . ll PLANNING FUTURE MODELING assignments is Cathy Hogan 18- gs? Y TW' ' -,. uf ust Another Face? The name Catherine Elaine Hogan sounded average but was Cathy, commonly referred to as "Twin- all that average? Behind the innocent hazel eyes focused from gigantic hornrims, lurked Cathy Hogan model, dancer, and first place baby contest winner. Besides her expertise in modeling and dancing, Cathy had a few lesser known talents. These included pho- tap dance, art, and gymnastics. But her most unexpected trait was her ability to curl and roll her gold streaked hair - in the dark! lt was doubtful that Bianca Jagger, Cathy's favorite personality, really cared and it was also doubtful that Cathy had ever displayed this tal- ent at the Beverly Hilton or the L.A. Convention Center where she had previously modeled. Nevertheless, Cathy was proud of it. Cathy's other interests were in the fashion field. Her favorite photographer was fashion expert, Franiesco Scu- vullo and her favorite models were Beverly Johnson and Dale Freeman. Willa Clinton '78 x.,4 John Miller Patricia Miller Sheri Miller Wade Miller Beth Mills Xenia Minguez Deborah Minnis Suzette Mitchell Geri Mlzenberg Randall Mlynar Antonee Modesty Jeffrey Moffett Eddie Moncayo Laurie Monk Kathleen Montgomery Dianna Moore James Moore Lori Moore Perry Moore Robert Moran Lynn Morey Ronald Morgan Wtlltam Morrison Paul Moser Crystal Moyer David Muhlenkamp Carla Mulkey Robert Muller Loraine Munoz Diana Muns Cathy Murphy .lereleen Murray Lori Mulch Scott Nagel Mark Nance Flay Nation Bill Navarro Margaret Neff Laura Negron Mary Neidl John Nelson Kathy Nelson Loren Nerell Kim Nikoletich Eric Nilson Teri Nordstrom Cheryl Novak Paul Noviello Craig Oates Colleen Oleary Markey Ollogue Daniel Olsen Petr Olsson Steve Orel Tracey Orloff Jim Orlondo Celra Orloski David Orman , -t 2 -V "B ' Ji , WN t ,A S- I' 'fs :Elk ll , cf,-f ' A-X -Y T" fly- ' H . 1.7 -ff f, -' 1, v- f -' r V T A' rl u. rt- A -' Y. - r , 'if T' .33 - 'Y 'Nxt-.W k t ' :T i t tg I t r r 1 ' t 1 , g a- te- n Q ut J . t 1 I l W 'x A 4 'Q ' ff 7 1-' 1 i ' X W ' 1 XX- . K --"Tu, , I 'l C f T A f f. if 1 ' ir s , Wt", ' 1. 'ef' lj 4 'f '- I' -W' 'R- I I 9 "3 . ' A M :rv I l I ' I - 1 A l ' t ' - if s 'fn - t ,A ix. YT' A 'U r V ,YN J S - --t . xv , int, .V IV ,EET .,-,L 1. J Q 3 'P ,e l f ffl- C' V' X 'A X 'fa t. : -- 4 'T-ll? -L ,LH ---. ' y tg 5 If If ' f l 1 ., L J. f X,-r 'm-nl , A J l l : : 1.1 Juniors Miller - Orman 21 3 A'-3 E:-Q-.L ' ". - -Q ,, -, , i'i r'rt1ir,.r. Q- ' AWAITING THE ALL CLEAR signal, Theresa Beck, Michele Richards, Matt Boone, and Liz Alison practice under cover. Fffwf 'tis' T- 'Q i i ,px ' f , , k .. X by fi' 4 2Q:'f'iE2 new f' L at l . 4 'vii ,f , "ao-.4 A- s.:fl5Twt':"f: ra ps, 11 LQ52 , . N la . r r' X A I, 1 A a -le-R. d.- - ' V lb if 5 EL iX,Y5w FVP71- ' K , ii A I 1- y , V., , so , , li t 'X I f' ' ' 'I 1' I. . l ,, girl E2 jg, , ,iifpf Juniors 214 oi-nz - Richards .N Z. Li' -i f rl!-vu Lorraine Ortiz Anne Osborne Debra Ossen Monique Otto Lori Pack Anthony Padilla Robert Padilla Matt Paige Ellen Paine Steve Pakiz Lawrence Parrott Peggy Passmore Beverly Palchen Robert Patterson Lori Paul Denise Paulson Joe Pawling Brian Peacock Pen ny Pearson Sharon Pellum Tony Peralta Jane Perkins John Perkins Diane Perry Patrick Perry Susan Peters Craig Peterson Yolanda Peterson Julie Phillips Stephen Pieper Lance Pierson Erinn Pine Leon Pinth Janis Plant Mark Porter Maryanne Potratz Michael Potts Daren Powell Diane Powers John Preston Robert Price Dwayne Prickett Syncly Prince Stuart Prior Michael Privette Mel Prong Rick Puckett Dan Pugh Daryl Raasch lan Radcliffe Tony Radcliffe Mark Ragole Kenneth Ralidis Deborah Ramsey Kevin Randall Ronnie Rasmussen Glen Redmond Ron Reed Nancy Reimer Sheryl Reizner Brian Rekenthaler Kathleen Remple Brian Flennick Michele Richards The Thrill ofa Drill Drop! l was jolted from my daydreams as Theresa Beck Michele Richards' desks scraped across the floors and classful of bodies tried to squeeze under the tiny desks. ' Against some invisible stopwatch, l quickly to duck under my own tiny desk only to crack my skull lay sprawled all over the floor. After l recalled why I on the floor, I scrambled to get back into position smashing my spine against the steel post and my funny bone on a screw. I didn't find it too amusing evidently Liz Allison and Matt Boone got a real kick out it Cnamely from meh. After a few suspense filled moments waiting for floor to fall in, I was finally allowed to collapse back my chair after the all clear signal, just in time to hear teacher. . "This was only a practice drill. Now in case of an emer YY gency. Leslie , x, .' v I 'r 1 S - F W A.- ,., l l' 4 -'1 ik xl il 'i fl-1" 'A I I rn- i. ' 1 :KJ J . 'fi l f -' 1-- ' G -., -6. A Ay'- - 1 t Lt QW. M Nh l l we . Y ER ,wi ,th -a . 1 - 5 Q5-3, 'wi .BN A ,, '- -fp A5 ,. 'e-ful-will 1.-iv '11, K 4" t rv-Lg' . L-.rl 't , ' 1 l ' i E3 .Q . Q '21 P if .Q ' . Q' fi - i 5 4 . -w V S ' I me rYt. I ii , if Q "' - f - it 1 ti : L , . , I f - al X "Wir, - A ' x .4 , G . , 1 9' A 4. I A Q F i ll '-ab '45 .ff ff". I '- ' N , x a , fe.. .ul ' - if I - A i " ffl. N -'kv . ,Q -. ' , - i ,J A f . i 1. g. l I n ,5 r " A .1 i ' ' A ' Y '- " f ' I, , V- -e -V . an 1 'x ' . so l -fr.,-55 ' V ' Q L . rm 1 . 1 K " , , , - " ' J , 23 . I A Mfr! i , -.X , - X U, y 1 .. -Q-if 1 P X. X "N ff 4 I . a Q V A' W fi i 'S J A +- .ll rf .5 l hfglit A + K X ITA 'I' 'T' ,, -" ity- ' ,.T I l A uw' X ilu , ,A l .1 . V "ga 42- "' if ti' "IM I , I 1 :-. Q . if ' w ' X. l . O , L 1 V - . 1 A l V, - A . 'V , Fifa. 4. 'Q X' xl ,Airs -H ' 0 A N -. i ,4 I . 'ETF' V E . - ' ' V " .S y A ' ' ' X E fi" t i mm A L:-I1 3 ' Peter Richards Don Ricketts Piper Ridenour Joan Ridgeway Debra Riley Nancy Rinearson Beverly Rippy Tina Ritter Stephen Flivas Mandy Rivet Joel Roberts Laura Robertson Lori Robinson Randy Robinson Dan Rodriguez Larry Rogow Andrew Flohan Jim Rose Sandra Rose Kirby Rosenberger Kristin Rosenqvist Brad Ross Michael Ross Tracey Ross Rhonda Rouch Bill Roudebush Cathy Rowan Diane Rudd Margaret Rucleen Jacqueline Ruhe Martin Ruiz Bren Rundell Randall Russell Troy Salem Ma rc Salzman Carol Sammons Brad Sanders Shari Sanders Steve Sanderson Karen Sandoval Brent Santa Cruz Gina Santavicca Kelly Sapp Lenee Savard Phyllis Savedra Thurston Sawyer Brian Scanlan Don Scarborough Linda Schaffer Bo Schembeckler Joe Schlich Larry Schlick Darrell Schmidt Dale Sch ueller Wendy Schultz Lauri Schwab Betty Scon Kenneth Scoville Jett Seed Michelle Sellers Michael Setser Betty Seymour Mark Seymour Jett Shaver Lauri Sherlock Susan Shield Cynthia Sholtis Robert Silva Timothy Simmons Mary Ann Simpson Sonia Simpson Eileen Sineath Kenneth Sinor Darin Sivley Thomas Skalky Susan Sleep Craig Sleeth Cheryl Sloop Elizabeth Slusher Pamela Small Brett Smith David Smith Jody Smith Laura Smith Laurie Smith Margaret Smith Ray Smith Robert Smith f 'tri' t . , r 'L y Q .s I 4' 4 ,i Q ' ,H-, 1 ' ' V , it s S ,J all i ri?-f f --W I '. t u Yi . I, x A N ,, A 5 TV "' I I fx ,lx , x:'ff,n,i 'T K ' f Y'Rm1,j'4 .145 , yd, jx V l vu r ' A F jiri L , 'J A "ag, , L if in ' 1 " I X .lim ll , " Q. .JR ly tif? Qi T y 3' i if-A, f . 1 -A 1 '5 Y ' 'f-.7 f 1 . 'Iii .A .1 Q A -- ' 4, :Q Q, . ' .ix il: B47 ' Q Q if , J' ,, 'Y' jx V.,-' ' ,NJ-1, 5 A 3' 4, 'iff I Q M 1 F? 1 , 'wil Q QI. ill, 'fr Q a K ' A 'fe 'gif' N: ' . 7q:,,., .: .I A X ' I za 4- ' 4 1615 " ii , 'i -. -' 3 fi W glh V l gl! t N ' f I s , l Juniors Richards - Smith 21 5 y N 5- , . v 'xr J I - - I ' f- ' H 1 " ' 'I 3-,I ' 4 V ' 3 X Y 1.11 ' 9 ,fa ' r A . . ,, iff' L ' ' T ITS lv -as K if . I f I -': i :,iYr 1. l. : A ,u at gi t ' Ti' i. r k -'tnni in YQ -N - V .raw ' in " ' . L Q, . . 4 .Ig 3 Sf i t , H . W ' " ' l - ltr 44 ' W .T H - , iA'f"x ' ' W -v I N - f -1 Q. ' ' I lx . F A ' Us ' Il I. i. K I X, 1:-If X I I -4, A- '. T ,,. , , "F ' I 4-:F f i ig t ' 'L ,T yu, f- 'k fi, ai X . - H f ' c Y? 1. E ,Vi .t il ,j g Y I I ' I H 4- "N I ' L 'fl Il l it , if ht llllh. fr- 17,4 N - JI ' nf? 'lt ,li- 1 Q -I ff' -TT' I, I, A' , A R bf' ' iifli vrlxrg 3 1 i i "'a"- , 1 rr. rp, "J e-1 A fu l X A V '1 i if--53 X I- if if ' ' .5-I I ' .5 V J W I .L ' N VL: L i I - ' -A Juniors 21 6 Smith - Thrash Susan Smith Carolee Snow Darolee Snow William Snyder Patricia Soldin Gregory Sontag Sally Southgate Robert Spalding Amy Spencer Rosemarie Spinelli Carol Stalder Karen Stanwood Mary Sta xrud Angela Steiner Jo Stephen Mark Stephen Lori Stevens Sandra Stewart Jeffrey Stone Charles Stout Shari Stovall Tom Stover Cindy Streetz Susan Stutzman Alan Sun Diana Sutton James Swain Annette Swan Lori Szijarto Jose Talavera Laurie Tanner David Tast Michelle Taylor Stephan Taylor Vicki Taylor Steve Teodosiad is Gina Testa Karen Testa Niphaneth Thach David Thomas Gene Thompson Eugene Thompson 'Em Thrash K Jr l I lx I ,Is . I X ' I ...J TESTING HER LIMIT, Kandee Farish adjusts the weights for a new personal high in the military press. Look at Who's Pumping Iron A multi-sex crowd of Juniors and Seniors were herded into the gym the first week of school with a monumental decision before them: "Which P.E. class should I take?" Not being able to decide, Julie Bellamy, Laurie Tanner and I watched while class groups began sec- tioning off. It wasn't long before we noticed a partic- ular class that was attracting mainly guys. The final decision was easy . . . weight training. After all, P,E. has to be taken so one might as well enjoy it. Who wouldn't with a male to female ratio of 4 to 1 - especially if you were a female. Mrs. Edminston, the teacher of the class, grinned, "Most of the fellas are here just to build their bod- ies, but I noticed now-and-then, they're watching the girIs." The effect of co-ed weight training was that the guys worked even harder in hopes of impressing the females with their rippling biceps while the girls, not to be outdone, have achingly stronger bodies. For once the sides were even in the Battle of the Sexes! Anita Carle '79 -:Aa-. W '17 V V Stl ii I ' , 1 11 . 'A ' I - I K I gf "Y 1 A ,Eh f f A Q-I 'i Ill' Xffil x A 5' to I it K X rr- .L M l ' R Carl Threlkeld Robin Tibbetts Carol Treller Janet Tilbury Mark Trngley Sallie Tintle Susan Tintle Jell Tobin Janice Toledo Marcia Torney Marco Tostaclo Bill Towne Randy Tozrer Wilfred Trias Scott Trommald Ron Tsuruda Keith Tuger Elrl8Deth Tulllr Marcia Turley Rosemarie Turner Shelley Tyree Debra VanDuren Gerard Van Rossum Jennifer Van Rossum Craig Van Sant Carol Van Velson Sandra Varon Tom Vrgnerie Oral Vurgun Katherine Waldman Jamie Walker Tyrone Wallace Cheryl Walton Dan Walton Richard Walton Mark Ward Edward Warren Angelus Washington Ronnie Washington Brian Wassman Tammy Watson Bill Weakley Tim Weaver Thomas Webster Mark Werde Sheila Weidner Sherri Werner Dan Weller Scott Wells Don Wennekamp Lorri West Robert Whitaker Patricia Whitlock Janet Wrest Edward Wilcox Debra Wilkinson Bruce Wilkinson Cathryne Willelord Connie Williams Debbie Williams Eddie Williams Laurie Williams Lynn Williams Judi Wilmore Charlene Wilson Deborah Wilson Theresa Wilson David Winn Karl Wood Karen Woolston Lori Worthington Dianne Wright Sheryl Wright Deborah Wulrger Jamr Yamasaki Naomi Yamashita Mark Yano Daphne Veaton Dani Young Patricia Young Paul Young Michael Yramategui Geraldine Zapp Geralyn Zepeda Flon Zimmer Alvrn Zimmerman Melissa Zinn Mark Zion 'rw .4 m- , 5 an f J - QW' -' -if at , lx 4 i I .,,,! ., S 2 ftee FV ,. rrrfffl T , r, .- . Q -Vg n '.l..f' V .,- r : 7. 1 ff rl.. K x A . 1 nr-V 1 L 1 l. , ,Q 'I as -at T . U1 .' E if lr ', 5 . GJ 1f7!. l l l' afflfigi T ' N -' - L VV.. " 'A .wiv . I al iq, T G to ' .6 Juniors Threlkeld - Zion 21 7 JUNIOR C.S.F. - FRONT ROW: LeAnne Matthlesen, Geri Zapp, Jamie Yamasakl, Carolyn Bell, Susan Lubach, Cathy Forde, Susan Smith, Ellen Susan Sleep, Lynn Williams, Diana Muns, Cindy Sholtis. 2ND ROW: Karen Leuer, Ken Barnett, Kelly Leslie, Kathy Johnson, Lori Pack, Diana Alba, Hansberry, Matt Black, Ken Izumi, Beth Farnham, Cynthia Beattie. 3RD ROW: Ken Ralidis, Karen Stanwood, Cindy Clements, Michael Carr, Debbie ger, Stephen Teodosiadis, Torin Finney, Bill Mepler, Lori Johnson, Phil Isenberg, Craig Chessmore, Pam Fuller. 4TH ROW: Tim Simmons, Matt Darryl Heath, Alan Hamilton, Beth Mills, Leigh Davis, Steve Fox, Shari Sanders, Jeff Current, Rick Jackson, Brett Smith, Carl Higgins. JUNIOR C.S.F. - FRONT ROW: Lori Chiu, LeAnn Brucker, Melanie Dussler, Tracey Orloff, Janet Bercovitz, Sandy Rose, Joel Roberts, Mark Porter, Jamie Cawley, Michele Melnikoff. 2ND ROW: Amy Spencer, Cathy Hogan, Kate Gaines, Dianna Dixon, Beth Gibson, Naomi Yamashita, Susie Stutzman, Peggy Boyd, Ron Tsuruda, John Drab, Mike Cruz. 3RD ROW: Kevin Kummerfeld, Eric Anderson, Bruce Wilkison, Joy Clements, John Kiley, Sharon Gerber, Cathy Cavadini, Teresa Brown, Randall Russell, Greg Apfel, Jon Brandts. 4TH ROW: Alan Friedman, Jon Karabenick, Gary Gerber, Brian Bousman, Kirk Hankla, Steve Pakiz, Mark Yano, Jeff Callard, David Carey, Dan Olsen, Dale Schueller. - Liner, Lloyd Myers, Glenda Perez, Jim England, Meredith Rick Jackson 2ND ROW: Pat McDonough, Rudi Murga, Brian Bousman, Lisa Lawler, Carrie Lange, Cathy Susan Sleep 3RD ROW: Ken Ralidis, Francis Griffin, Carolyn Bell, Mike Schaich, Cindy Clements, Carl Hig- Alan Friedman. RIGHT: ANDREW ROHAN mopeds to school to beat early morning tardies. Juniors 21 8 Junior C.S.F. and Retakes .C Osborne. 3FlD ROW: Liz Allison. ROW: Jenelle Hall, Carolyn Larson. 2ND ROW: Sheryl Fleizner, Doreen Barbee, Hall Heads J.V. Psyche Squad "The 1977-78 J.V. Cheerleaders have more fun," reported Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Liz Allison, Doreen Barbee, Jenelle Hall, Carolyn Lar- son, Ann Osborn, and Sheryl Reizner. The squad displayed the talent Cthat merited one excellent and two superior ribbons at cheer campy to Junior Varsity football, basketball, water polo, wrestling, and baseball teams. One high- light of football season for the cheerleaders was their baking of over 100 cookies for their footbal- lers at Homecoming. "Our main goal was to support each team equally and to get more juniors out to the games," informed Head J.V. Cheer Jenelle Hall. When asked for a favorite phrase, all the girls agreed on "psyche everybody" as the 1977-78 motto. Besides supporting the Junior Varsity teams, the J.V. Cheerleaders "got a little bit rowdy" with Varsity Cheer at the spring football game on June 3, 1977 and at the Milk Bowl. . ,I .f Juniors J.V. Cheer 2 1 9 X Y Hi '- ,'5n' mi! , 71'-,Q t.-5 u . 4 iv. LEFT: Fall President Scott Ho and Spring President Mary son. 4,7 ,: ..- 9' X I -15... ' V ,411 yy - ,4.,.,-I Tanner takes aim for Sophomore Class. DURING HoMEcoNiiNG EVENTS, p C h n Q e the Colonel Pappy Parker, Jim Dandy and Pioneer Pete were put to shame Homecoming Day when the Sophomore Class made a King's ransom from their sale of Medieval Drumsticks. Offering three types of commodities - regular, extra crispy, and "Whoops, the burner was too hot!" The profit was far from fowl. Under the direction of Fall President Scott Hodson, the sophomores financially set themselves for a busy Spring Semester. The annual Sophomore Car Wash returned in late January as did the heavy thunder of 1969. Although many an auto was washed out to the deep blue Pacific, numerous swimmers received a vigorous work-out retrieving Windex bottles, lb Sponges, and an occasional patron. Parting the Soapy Seas was Spring President 1 Q,,,....- Mary Lawson, as the Pizza Party and a visit to a ff local convalescent hospital concluded the Sopho- - ,',,....-- 4 mores debut at RAMHI, I A,,,.,--- BELOW: DISCUSSING HOMECOMING PLANS are Fall Pres. N SCOU Hodson, ViCe-Pl'6Sld6f'lt N8OfTIl GOIdSI'T1iih, Sen- 6--"" Lise Goldman. ator Mary Lawson. h ' A'- r N75 . J ,,I,!, "5 A, V '-X - lv, .X J if , V -.-is I K 5, 5 . ' 5151155-jr li Y '.X .,'u til " , t , 1 Q' l-if . 'L l . - 55' A ' .lv X' NX: VJ' ff ' "- X f rt " f l-AT' A , 'Q i z. at E . S- ---- Q13 X .. A sr ' 7- SOPHOMOFZE CLASS COUNCIL - FRONT ROW: Kim Overton, Lise Goldman, Mary Lawson, Scott Hodson, Ann Fishman, Bela Mehta. 2ND ROW: Howard Solovei, Lori Wagner, Angela Antenore, Diane Endres, Sanae Spencer, Jamie Vest. Sophomores Class Council and Officers 1 SS 0F Sifjfm., F The Dating Game Sophomore Cindy was casually walking down the 200 building hall, when Dreamy Dave the guy of her fantasies, slinked up and actually talked and looked at her at the same time! Cindy was stoked. She could not believe her ears. She almost fell to the tiles when Dave stuttered something about a date on Saturday Night. The Big Event had come - her first date! Cindy said yes and they didn't dare look at each other for the rest of the week. When Saturday painfully arrived and Dave was due any minute, Cindy's body went stiff with horror - "What if when he tries to kiss me goodnight and our noses run into each other or what if I have bad breath?" Still shaking in her platforms, Dave honked for her. Sophisticated Cindy strolled to the car, only tripping once over a weed in a crack in the sidewalk. Dave jumped out to open the door and lifted up the seat while Cindy climbed in the back and introduced her to his grinning father at the wheel. After a short drive in silence to the Broadway's Chafing Dish coffee shop, Dave and Cindy said goodbye to his father and gave instructions when to pick them up. Dave stood only two steps up on the escalator which made Cindy even more nervous. Dinner came and went with only a few minol' incidents - Dave knocked over his glass of coke with only two pud- dles landing on Cindy's lap, Cindy had trouble getting her salad to stay in her mouth and Dave forgot to bring money but luckily Cindy had enough since they didn't leave a tip. The twenty minutes waiting on the curb and the ride home, were spent each worrying about the good night kiss. Cindy's porch loomed threateningly ahead, well- lighted. Cindy braced herself and Dave nervously wiped his sweaty palms. "Well, good night Cindy" as he stuck out his hand, "Thanks for a lovely evening. Call me?" Betsy Jagger '78 David McCracken '78 ALI FAIRBANKS DISPLAYS GRIEF at having been caught smuggling A STUBBORN TWINKIE wrapper baffles John Cameron and Grey Myers. an unchecked-out library book. , Sophomores Class of '80 1:17 '52 lxn 9 I I ve Never Been So A brught red skun affltctuon was un epudemucal propor uons throughout campus Thus was commonly known on he streets as 'Geez I was so embarrased syndrome Case studues were poppung up anywhere there were yes to witness ut Especually un the halls running unto a rash can wuth Mr Popular snuckerung behind falling flat n your face on the staurs amudst a crowd of people and ayung how much you hate that gurl when that gurl us rught ehund you, fumung at every word embarrassment was verywhere At lunchtume food was the culprut For some reason ood wasn t too fond of mouths ut dud anythung to avoud he terruble dark cavern that lurked above even suucude uumpung off the fork wugglung to safety through the ungers to the hard ground below or Ieapung free of the mouth whenever the embarrassee let down hus guard and spoke The tostada was the all time donor of embarrass ment germs The shell refused to fut unto mouths whuch were for once too small but wuth a sluck movement before the fruend across the table saw your plught you crammed ut unto your mouth, leavung a tell tale track of beans and hot sauce For the ununformed, the lubrary burglary system was a contaguous carrier of embarrassment It was so embar rassung I flet luke a crumunal wuth Muss Ray snatching the book from me, yellung 'Haltl' I expected her to whup out Lunette Ackley Courtland Acosta Scon Altre Paul Aguular Donna Aue Richard Aurhart Harry Alcock Rhonda Alger Bonnue Allen Milind Ambe Joe Anderson Kelly Anderson Pele Anderson Cynthua Anselmo Angela Antenore Muchael Aragon Jamue Archer Christopher Ater Michael Ater Barbara Bauley Julue Bauley Pamela Baird Lon Baker Jennufer Bakke Mark Baldwun John Balestraccu Auyceanne Bauogh Cheryll Barber Muchael Barber Lynn Barnes Daniel Barrett Tammue Barthel Aduv Baruch Holly Basden Luctnda Basham Anthony Bates Fleguna Bates Virgunua Bates Karen Beals Deborah Beane Steven Beck Tracy Bednar Carmella Beluzaure Sandra Bellospuruto Roberta Bennett Sheru Bennett Michael Berman Muc hael Bernardun Cassandra Berry Pamela Berry Theresa Burdseye John Bussett Ann Black Sherry Blankenshup Deborah Boetto W 'IV 4 Nu M31 flu, H bv' ...Y 'uv ,,. TW I . ' --fl -fy , ter ' 1 ' V-I v .N '- - , I I 'u' T -tl u A -' ' :V aw W I 3 L "7 " 'f -I no - . '. fi 'uw I 1 i ', L- 9, -TY 1 N i , i Q . M- w. j ,N 1 U fx ,,l V S V ' i X V 1-L I . VA L21 1 JL.: 'V I' " - it 'I' 7 A I ,' u, A. I V K 1 Y . I-., t tt-X' 'A 2' " Jh- x I , :gr "' I A ' I N." 1' .. A' y is 4 a ' ,,-, in . Nfl 3 A-5, I ' J'-' I ' .1-' 5 ' :Qu ' ,fn xx ,si '. , V, . I 3 I - -t 5-X sul- 4 I " ' ' f- ', ' 'Y f'Ql'1s.'ut X X-.1 I i AN V 1 ' X . e I 'zu t 4 t ' F3 I I :Ll lx-.ij M f AI 1:5 ff 1 I x 'J E Y ' X 1, 9 -, 1 , f I f lxgl' i , A A - ' 1 .tu ' ' . - at -- A A . ,Q ' A f ,rp l J j .I ex B. A .- ,gcliv V 4 , . ' A y Q. V' . J I X lun - v - Q 0 - VW u l rr ' 'N 4 . l l - . l ' 'Y' 1- V ' . I I , I I Y! YN-V , ,Q . - Q I V gt, '. I . . X' I fi at f' , I . . . . r ' ,i X ' , ,j . . . . "'u I 4. I ' ugh- .- 'Y L+ -T . . I . . . . ,, in-I I E: 1 D . . . . - . AH, 1 ' u- I X -Q7 A - ' ' I I ii f 2. 1 . t' D l I - 4 sf' V :I 0 A . . u I t I int, the cuffs and frusk me any munute un front of all those peo ple." No matter how suave and sophisticated students may have been, no one was immune to the dreaded disease of "How embarrassing." Betsy Jagger '78 Cheryl Boone Cindy Borg Carrue Bowen xr: -+2 I3 X--' -'I 4 -1 ee T 5' 'T N 5 me "- K 5' B A ? . H 75 ' ' ' ' uw 'I rj 'A K 4 A -1- fi at 'F 331 .fl ' Q P Y 1. J rr 1 ' f ' ' u tt , Sophomores Ackley - Bowen i T l A ifii- ', fi 'H i fc J ' ' f ri X4 iii M 'sr '. ' . 'gf f 4 -C .2 6 ""' ' ' - x ?lA 5 47' , .. , . x. -5 -'J 'ff 1' ' ,. I Q .v 1' f' '-i ls- iv'----'Y Y A-U - A ',f-.,.- ' -. ig -l Tb ' , . fa: 3 , TL-'Lx V 'PA ' i - i na f - A-Ni! ' -s 7' . f' .. if fe A i , i' , -,via Eg! ,' t' 'ku V' ' 4 , N ' 'X ix In , y M I , in A if ,V-' fa kgs 4 4-an Y i.. N1 fi 4 a .1 .e '-' '. . f , 's ra. "'2- " .Q ' l ' X ' . .I X 151. l - -i 'A .-, i.. .s xl ,. A , Q 'ii ' 1? -s -, X 'I 4 . ' -1 553513 A x .LS 'cf a- . A, i - . l .. ii'-. 224 Sophomores Bowler - Castorena John Bowler Becky Bowlin Bret Boyd Julie Boyd Steve Boyer Arnetrice Boykin Christopher Brace Linda Bradshaw Aubrey Branson Vanessa Bravdo Greg Breuer Thomas Brohamer Loren Brooks Tracey Brooks Carol Brown Julie Brown Soon Brown Tonerle Brown Steve Buchheim Diedre Buckley Kevin Buckner Dave Bujarski Anna Buksa Kevin Bulrice Dan Bunker David Burchett Flon Burger Harry Burgess Cynthia Burks Pat Burns Shelly Butler Linda Byrd Thad Byrne Gregory Ca bral Paula Camblin John Cameron Mark Campbell John Canauan Kelly Canterbury Ron Capps Tim Carhart Stella Carle Debbie Carlson Lynne Carlson Melissa Carr Wes Carreiro Charles Carroll Ruth Carroll Diane Casey Rosella Castano Armando Castorena ABOVE: A S1257 smile is displayed by Tgri .,- y,- x, -off .z ff. I , C' is Y , gf-ff Ll! i 1 ' f x 51 6 I - . X w n A .ga i ,,-f CX? C' ,vf ,. I 'Ravi K N .A . 'Uh x ' lx AX- l 7 an s .rar - , - , . ,,+X in -- .- ii ,fi . , - MZ! if .pf N' 5 iffy .A ..' i-'Ft '1- -' ".. I-" -VN 4' ff- 1 by y 1, ,,-.. FC. 4,2 1 .qv rays. - u ABOVE: ANN FISHMAN IS bewildered, by an impossible question at the end of her History. l K' Hi, Ho, Silver! Away! Tinsel Teeth, Metal Mouth, Train-track teeth, foil face and garbage gums are just a few choice words referring to the victim of an ortho's orgy. It seems that very few have escaped his attack or the agony of two years with lockjaw. lt's a condition that has identifiable symptoms if one is aware enough to recognize them. Here are a few hints to the wise silver spotter. If suspect has not smiled, said one word that wasn't accompanied with a "What?" reply, eaten without a straw or inhaled in public for an extended period Csuch as all through Junior High and summer campy, or if suspect's knees knock together at the sight of a box of Jujubees, or if whenever strolling by suspect a ping is heard and a half chewed rubber band strikes and leaves a small welt on the Adam's Apple, or it suspect glumps into class with tears in his eyes and a readmit in hand only to mumble "The Brute Tight- ened my arch wire." Then most certainly one should write him off as another pain in his parents' budget. Betty Jagger '78 U Q55 , . 1 r . .1-f. l J- . 'X I Tl l i 'E Cheryl Cavanna Robert Cawley Jeralyn Charleville Terri Chriss John Christensen Wendy Christensen Kathi Christiansen Felicia Ciesla Renae Clark Lori Cleeland John Clodius Kevin Clough Mike Cockrill Debra Colborn Tim Cole Cecilia Coleman Tom Coleman Mark Coleman Karen Collins Karen Comstock Twight Conley Wendy Cook April Coons Jeff Cooper John Costello Chris Coutoumanos Richard Cox Teresa Crane Doug Crawford Julie Crawford Nancy Cross Linda Cruchley Jose Curiel Paul Currier Rick Dahlen Linda Dahms Rob Dalton Dave D'Andrea Dave Daniels Marc Daniels Brian Davis Debbie Davis Jim Davis Milton Davis Tracy Day Pam DeBoer Kathryn Deeble Rich Deem Nadine Deichen Carolyn Deis George DeJoseph Kathy Delcoure Mark DeLeo Fred Del Prino Kim Del Prino Todd Dever John Dimas Scott Dingman Jean Dionne David Divelbiss Judy Dixon Michael Dixon George Djokic A Nt" . ' . i"i2i1f' U. -i f A -:J . I . ft -f , Q - -. E gg. N Xi I I , D- 5 2,56 , . i ,..- ' -F? .,. WN n . f Tia ,J - V 1' Kb Elii .A-'M A " . Z , ,"i+ as .. - . "-'D vw "7 'Y 4 A iz .,-ff " F1 '. '3' ' ' 'V l fx l 'Ml-Km . 1.-'fi . 44 Y . ii. M 'LZ' 7 .J rf? rf' . we, i TQ 1 l 2 Q :A-v X' W 'E an Te' ' 4 V .1-Q , F. sf- .. y .. f, s Q' .- '- ef ' Q is 4 ' 4 7 . Fr 'Y l .Q-m WY? -QJ ' kg Y 7 1 --L' S Sophomores Cavanna - Diokic - lfg, , 1 v L J: V' Y I f -1 - as 6 E ' - ll i X Q . .. fa A ' fr f A - Y 'j 1 .X 'N 1 J K' A' '1- 'E' - ' in F g .X 1 I ' ' phi' 'l wx ' 5' Y' 3 A itll gill 1 , I Q i K 1 will 3 'ff 4 1 N -'T - " R . Q . I xii I ' if 1,5 A wi f 2 , 1 ' A 'Y N' .V Un-1' Q N 1 ,f.-. 1 A QQ- C5535 Sophomores Dolgorouky - Ewald l T51 Yvonne Dolgorouky Robert Dollar Paul Dondero Sean Donegan Rosa Dorame Cordelia Doxy Michael Draghi Michael Duffy Dwayne Dunnick Russell Duren Mary Ann Durkin Wanda Dwerlkotte Kelley Dwyre Carol Echa ndi Debbie Edmondson Steve Edwards Regan Egan Brian Elkins Jamie Ellis Karen Ellis Joy Ellison Michael Elmendorf Katherine Elster Pam Emenger Chuck Endersby Diane Endres Curtis Enge Robert Enge John England Dale English Chris Erdman Chris Esparza James Evans Jill Evans Kelli Evans Paul Evans Pamela Eveland Bob Ewald uncrowded Cwhat a relieflj campus, Drum Major Bill La Fleur growled out his orders. His voice boomed in the half-empty band room. whistles sang shrilly, and the rousing rhythm of Mike Rinearson's drums drew the musicians out to the field. Grumblers, yawners, and slow-shufflers filed out in the follow-the-leader lines. They leapt alongside the lines, waiting for a choice chance to slip into rank without being caught. While Anthony Trias and Mike Barber had a natural knack for this type of trickery, others, like Jini Race, found them- selves with an occasional tardy. came into action. "Take a lap," he would say with an evil- pleasure grin. Because of their tardies, unfortunate stu- dents got a special "warm-up" before marching for over an hour. Maybe that explained why so many band mem- bers were in great shape at the end of the marching sea- son 4 they were the ones who got caught. -Q. l The 7:31 Blues for Wh Can't "A"-Period Start Minute Later? As the 7:23 a.m. bell shattered the silence of the "Let's go! Everyone outside, NOWl" The final bell rang, Suddenly, the breathless latecomers snuck into view. lt was at this moment that the Drum Major's authority Ellen Paine '79 Cheri McKinley '78 . 'sw' 1 I. G' Ia. 'f Y, at 'fs CONTEMPLATING EXTRA SLEEP at early rehearsal is Karen Sebern. ' -T" V A ar .- .-.., i 'W Q! 'Sl a. 'Z at .5 X V 553 , .4 X, A -r' , ' ,f .gh iii," .L. I - ,M U , . v- L 45, 1 i F l 'ii F rn: ' . l is mf. mba- i .4 if JAF..1'f'1 'TY V 1' lf' . Xxx'- v. r Q. in 2 - W Q r . I ' ' r xi 1. H' raw "QS" K . fi- it, 1 l ,I , 4 li. , If - 'f i i a 1 - . .1 u - N 1.3 V' P y I W- tif, . rl: 4' f.T'- ' . AN 5' 'i 4 i F-A . A 'Q r A .lf ' . .. 1- K ' , ? X N . K 7 --A l. . r' ' l . x 'I Nl ' IS., s ' 47' 'K V i h , x " . f X 1 fl. r -' ' ' I i -1- F ai l. I a. ,, . .7 f?" Q Q ,sf i . 1 W 1 .f f ,,.. ' .:. . A X - A -Q .. F5 G"1' - , .X f --.. Q: 7 . , 1' K, T ' 'ff G -vi' JA . . - ll:-1 M " 'YN 1 ' ' 1 - A tl.Q3b.!3,5 Y X Z., ' . ' - ,, aff.: ixrif' 'V jr ' -' 1 v l 1. W ' 7 ' ' F s l'- 1' ' - - '-f ' 1 . ' . . . rl.: K' V' 'I I g N Q ' R 'di - .l J il., .t 'luv . : Gi ' '- NX Carroll Fabera Alison Fairbanks John Flaencik Mike Fantone David Farias Steven Farmer Tania Faulkner Molly Feldman Lance Ferguson Kevin Field Ann Fishman Jeanie Fiskin Paul Fitzpatrick Steven Field Jeanine Flanders Denise Fleming Robert Fleming Terri Fletcher Amber Flint Eddie Flores David Flowers Mary Foelber Edward Foley William Foley Lance Followell David Forshee Gene Foster Scott Fox Richard Freedman Debbie Frost Laura Frost .lason Fruhwirth Becky Fulbright Brian Fung Gordan Fusik Lynda Gabel Margaret Gaines l-lick Gamble Shari Gann Kevin Garcia Michael Garcia Janet Garner Andra Ga rreton Leslie Garrison lames Gibson Alexander Gilanians Clay Gilman Barbara Glass Renee Glaze Paul Gleason Ann Godfrey Tracey Godfrey Jeffrey Gogue Tamie Golden Lise Goldman Naomi Goldsmith .lonnirta Golston Donny Gordon Jay Gould Joseph Graham Suzi Graves Kent Gray Joseph Grayston David Green Erin Grilfin Gary Grinham John Gross Kim Gross Doug Groves David Grube Ruby Grzelachowski Mike Guinan Lauren Gunning Lisa Gunning Greg Hagey Brandi Hall Julie Hallwerck Lisa Hamlin Billie Hampton Brian Hancock Barry Hankiris Theresa Hanssen Lisa Harper Michele Hartung Marie Harvey James Harvey Stephanie Hassell Donna Hatton i I M Q ' 'in gf -.qi x ' . X-'M 'fd l . ' an J . L - If ' " i ' :Ei i . i 0 K' FL? ff lf- E: . b ' i in aw 5, X .. , .lg ' E 'li ,Ati if ' tix F, ai- ' 4'?13. . ,zz ' 's K 9"if'. I -h ' ll- --A-n 1 l t fg l , w .' - L, - J . fl f I ly .4 f Q Q, t ...Q WE. is ggi , 53 X 'J'-' - .A if A -1., we I 4' i .1 . k 1 i ,sb by . Ve' S1 I A -Q -v- L' Q Q xi-7 ' 1-, ' 1-1' - . 4 -7 ' 'Y ' ' .21 F ' I -lit' Q . J lg 1 ,.,, a' f. R I ' . tg - . ' ,, sl-N ", l 'C 'Lx -3 A -pl - f J' ' .gs 1 b V 1 A "Pa: i '31 , .. . 3. Q f"" , A I-' QQ' Eels' ,g sf- 1: - K i 25' L- . il l x f ' I k . . 'X , N7 L ftrf,P"f hy "i X I " 1 ,NL I, I N ' f 1 ' i. I' , i- V . Ima Y. l X Q 4 ,2 f eqfflt ' . . 7 YU i if W 1-f , --5 'A 'i 'atswi' YT 'f .V 6 ' 'W . kt" ' if 'E , . :-f i. X . 7 L.. wi se . Sophomores Fabera - Hatton - J eff 7 X . - E ' I 1. vt!" s""" A' ' l il 4 l fe' K, W- - - ' - 'iid " "el ' W' Q I i Q' J - A A .., .. - ' 'fi "' . gg, 'fm eg J - er -'Ei as -ff. 1 'figtiff if ' . Til .sir-'T , Q J A Qi gf 'Q 'Ac i V . 'M I fl - i x M ,Q 'fl' , V. : l " ' N ' sf ,Lf fir' ' 1- J ' . ' .5 "I . 4-L' E3 - If i A 5: li - . J ,i i.,,, . ii. wr 1 . fs-va' fl I " A 1 ' J J' W i f " , .Y V V' Q "wil . 'J ,vi - V .. J, 1" lj '- Y I x A "j- F' ' x l QT-0 f r' ,M rf if 77" l i 'X . i i wi f if J J . A 1 ' . ee- U? F i , Q E 4 :Z . I I - ', ,J rr' J We ...f .53-i . . , V J 1. .. V wr ' Q. i , '- .- , ' , gi, . . . M U, '22 ' ' 'r . ' . Y I l f - - 'J Ax. . 'l F.: ' f3q..,,i, ' if ' ' w ' ', 6 V ii F1 T7 'ff , az- " wi. V32 7 K? f ih- I 43" V -F N .,,, 'f', Li 'li K i J fl- Sophomores Helm - Jury .La Linda Helm Beverly Henderson David Henderson Joan Heredia Ames Hernandez Theresa Hernandez April Hess Michele Hicks Paul Higuera Brian Hilaski Curtis Hill Terence Hill Tammy Hillhouse Terry Hines Michael Ho Mark Hobbs Scott Hodson David Hoernschemeyer Kathleen Holler Lisa Hoffman Pam Hogan Karen Hoglan Stanford Holden James Holliman Cawelti Hollins Brenda Holmes Mark Holt Michelle Holt Kristen Hope Carrie Hopkins Ray Hoskins Jill Hott Eric Hottenroth Laurie Housley Kun Howard Troy Hoxmeier Jennifer Huber Ben Hull Geralyn Hunt Ronald Inlow Chris Jackson Connie Jackson Janet Jackson Toni Jackson Joanthon Jagoda Margaret Jamison Nhry Jeffers Reginald Jenkins Kenneth Johnson Kenneth Johnson Michelle Johnson Ronda Johnson Sandra Johnston Sheila Jolivet Vernon Jolivet Annemarie Jose Timothy Julian Cora Jury ' x i M.. 'Q ,- . eb I c .. , Wm, ll Hair Affair Did you ever think you would be using tangy lime, tangerine, or honeydew scented shampoos on your gol- den Iocks? Those were just a few of the scentsational shampoos found in gym showers, suitcases, and on supermarket shelves. Fragrance wasn't the only thing blooming as Doug Marty whispered to Janet Hansted, "Gee, you hair smells terrific!" lt was definitely back to basics in haircare for Millikan students. From Wheat Germ Oil and Honey Shampoo which was guaranteed to make you hair organically grown, to Earth Born Shampoo, non alkaline and pH bal- anced as Gary Berberet and Cathy Davisson proved in a Chemistry project. Wella Balsam not only lets you love your hair but also Farrah's fluffy mane. Then another angel, Jaclyn Smith, let everyone love her ebony tresses too. Dorothy HamiII's gold-medal wedge cut introduced the Short and Sassy look. There would be no more tears with Johnson's Baby Shampoo if you were selected as a come to life Breck Girl like Gretchen Houser. Protein Twenty-One helped beat the frizzies and Agree helped stop the greasies, but what did Milk Plus Six equal? Judy Nevitt '78 ' 'rl F' , 1 . 1 '. ,- - ,S ' Q9 . 1 J H x 1 . ,L-'B A J Ei Wi, '-' XMAK' - -1, if F 1 J. 'J H " s ,T g 4 . fp. 1-di' J ' J 'L W ' -lg v. ,7! li. '-am , -W wg 'ii vii ' 1' ,J 'tif J' f i G-.ffl -7. -Q.-I.-. 1 . I 9 I ll ' L + 1 , - .. - 34: A 4, I3-7.4 -' CT L V37 ll 2 M11 wb: 1 If K r f 1 X In R 3 .1 !4 . 54 A.iJ.21A lf l .QQ b. 4 L an Q ,- . , JA I. ,-Tr. ' 1 I 1' 7 is . ' L' xe 'fl' i-at L3 ati' 'sir ts ' Q gf WW, 1. .Ill ' N ,jx I. .'l , 'u L , 'FL V W I' L s.. 'L 1 , 'O' l' Fr-cw' ' V '1 l ,I 1 sz, W I K 1 'X 'll l Q .'Vw4lZf' QL ,L V45 i ,Ja IZ f M' G .Gif 5 f L an my l V 'L l H 9 'L Wx I aa- L ll L I I . "- Vt. "nil Y a Zhi" LTI. - A 1: ,153 ,- K-"'f ' f L 5 L . A 1 ' g, I ,,. at V 4- 'gx 1 I al . 'NX' V' Q ,ll X if .A A - ly 1, ' AN V117 . I r L ' X X ta, .1 ' BQQQ: f, F 0 A Wesley Kaminsky Richard Kee John Kehoe Scott Kellogg Pamela Kelly Kathleen Kembel Vnckie Kennedy Mlyun Kim Janet Klng Steven Kingham Stephen Kiss Flnchard Kllano Betty Klee Donald Klern Sharon Klenk Alisa Klmk Dana Knight Shelly Kmght Kristune Knock Sheila Knowles Allen Kodash Mlchael Komadina Patrrck Koury Jell Kraak Lmda Kramer Debble Krem Rhonda Kroll Elizabeth Krueger Muchael Kumashiro Eve Lackman Laura Landeros Patrncua Landry Barton Lashmett Anthony Laspesa Lols Latranlle Kenneth Lau Llsa Lawrence Ter: Lawrence Cynlhla Lawson Mary Lawson Jellrey Lay Robert Lehman Scott Lehman Lone Lelcht Mark Leland Hank LeMasters Teresa Lemz Mary Leonettl Coleen Leonhard Frederlck Lerch Derek Lester Tum Levine Adoms Lewts Earl Lewns Rosemarre Lewls Dloensoe Ltguoso Robert Llndell Laura Lungener Joaquln Llpana Eluzabeth Llposchak Tlmothy Llsenby Mlchael Loera Tracy Long Nelloe Lopez Jeffrey Lussrer Bren Lynch Llsa Lynch Cynll-na Mabry John Mackeravage Paul Magnuson Robrn Mann Kelly Malm Debbue Manes Robert Manley Sldney Marchman Aluce Margaun Cheryl Marks Jenny Marquette Drew Marquls Juln Marsh Alma Marshall Chris Marshall Em: Marshall Suzanne Marshall Ceasor Martrn Douglas Marian Mlke Mason -Q X, I' 'ffl' ,. .- l - -. X IL f 4 .image ' L 5 L l , il- ! . V -N . -f -ry ,Lie X 1 41.-ua-wigosim 4 L 'x " I - . , 4 . ,,. sf-I N l. 44 A . -9 " Ll :X l r- 4- ,-'4 - . 'IM ' -4 . ' Sa ' ' ' 71 X161 Q1 71 "3 V15 Y 5 It Xlttw' l - .- xhxtuyx FN: . d ' L -.ini - ,Y l A L x 1 .JI . -S vw . -' 1 ,W X' . -V 4. , ' . , , V T ' l - L . .lv R S 1 5 . ' .1 - L' ll I ?,-f T7 , W V W ra . 1- fs 1 . Y 7 Y V' A, f ' A ' ' - , -. f rw e lf 'RA' ' of lax ' 'QL 1 Z- ? ' 'f 'Y 'lf 'Q ' 1' Y s ' .X l,.'5 ' ff , -5 fl " flg s X Sophomores Kaminsky - Mason 'I .. A , --it f - El L f . 5 e i iff 1 ,' i V 'l ifjf ' K we g fi, , i ' iff - A J EA- lj' I i-2-.Mpc Hill gi , 'll' ,rx-I ,' 1 1 , ' P' is l ' P' fl ff lit A. ' l' s- 'X tilt ' at ' 1 ' 4 ' ' f 'H 'Mai' it P V V , , i H N4 1- - L fi 3 gi ' is . V. nl 4 X -vi .V - l V L - fe fi Ei A l vi W , z., .punt 1. - aff: 'aff D' ii , M .Lf A27 "-'. :L - A it eeii 1 g ,, ': A- A g , li A ,i X, xffsi. E5 L -ii . if , , .L " KT A its im ., ' N-X-Ii-,i 1 was F4 EY 'WK lf' W 'Til , 'V M .. " 2 pl - 5-l i 'A i fiy f -K! .-A 1. ' Lx .4..A ' at - , . xr X , ig. v X ' l ' 'rug fi I. x 1' .- .. V , , 4. 'f Sophomores Massie - Newton Rachel Massie Lynne McBee Dawn McCarthy Wrayann McCasIin Melinda McChristy James McCown Mary McCoy Tammy McCrabb Gregory McCracken Steven McGraw Laurie McCuan Lori McElroy Patric McElroy Nikko McGiHert Kelly McGowan Darrin Mclntyre Carol McKernan Colleen McKernie Rebecca McLinden Darlene McMorris Michael McNally Robert McNally Darren McReaken Michael McShan Robin McWilliams Randy Meador Terri Medina Theresa Medrano Kenneth Meester Judy Mehegan Bela Mehta Pamela Merrill Bill Me!! Debbora Metz Donna Michalski Steven Mickelsen Laurie Micklis Charles Miller Craig Miller Janet Miller Mary Miller Scott Miller Jennifer Miramontes Floyd Mireles Jeanne Mitchell Garrett Mixon April Mottet Douglas Motfen Bridget Molloy Marco Moncayo Kari Monson Gregory Moon Curtis Moore Andrew Morales Arabel Morales Byron Morey John Morgan Douglas Morley Clare Morris Deborah Morris Carolyn Morris Katie Morrison Lisa Morton Ronald Mosher Kelly Mosley Susan Mote Dennis Mouradian Lisa Mudd Don Mueller Henry Muhlenkamp Bonnie Muis Michael Munger Michele Munger Matt Munoz Karen Murphy Stephen Mutch Greg Myers Krista Nance David Negron Carrie Nelson Connie Nelson Eric Nelson Michael Nelson Perry Nelson Tracy Nelson Martin Nemitz Mike Newlander Portia Newton ,mira T- 4. b K i W L 5 Til 5' it J ' a ' '-1 L. 1 ' 5 , . e, 'EW' J f tx 4 E-3-t' J ff 1 ,, A if av- - V Xki .JP .1 X. L ,, ff? . -N I -we-Q, F I A . .LQ- I 1 Q . Q? 1 fs ,Y , 1- , , 41. l -rn-4 1, ,1 F 75 " . .- , . I '15, ivhszl. 'i f .- ILM i M,,.,. 1 A ,-' . ,,-.Q Y l. 1 fa 1 4 tx .1795 ,. f 1 CP W k 4 l Alni M A ,fi ,S gg gl, ' J . il: I 1 ' l . s, A 3 L 4' . ' me i A - is L - 1' QA ' gffwz' ' 'I st -f. ' 3-n' . .1 Q ' fr. il ' xxx"- ' 'I , .' l 5 -1 fe' arf' J '2- A .if at ff: ' i' . I rx, :,SvzeA:gA L hill' 'Xb L 'W 'Z 1 4 i ra '- ' Y -1 . 'I s l , . tv, .A it x HF'-'if - , of 'P ' r 2 Uv , ,nh N-A N i 1.7 ' X., l ml' rf ' -ra., V, s . i . ,A - . T , . XI. ,A - tx! y F -,Li mx I , , ' ii" -. 'N ' . V N. KL. . 24 -H DEBBIE FROST promotes perfume lineto Mary Foelber, Sells ll Smells "Ding, dong?" Remember that sound? It is Avon cos- metics' calling card. One of the holders of that "card" was MiIIikan's Debbie Frost. Debbie, who was only a soph- omore, went under an alias to avoid complications. At one time, Debbie was extremely nervous and unsure of her ability to sell cosmetics. Later, she was poised and had a fluent patter which she rambled off to prospective buyers without hesitation. Debbie also had a large repetoire of customers, mostly friends and relatives. When asked who her biggest cus- ' tomer was, Debbie quickly replied, "myseIf." So don't be surprised if a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty comes calling on your door with case in hand and a smile on her face. f S Nelson Cohen '78 K . Qi' i A . I W' 1 , c s . - 1, ,x.,. 1 N 1 . QA." ily " I-X it ll - , Jeff Nicholson Bonnie Nies Eric Noble Kevin Notrica Tammi O'Hare Susie Oliver Eric Olson Bill O'Nell Brian O'Nell Jim O'Neil Terry Once Janet Ortiz Amber Otero Dan Ott James Outwater Kimberly Overton Gary Owens Vicki Ozeretny Judy Pack Elizabeth Page Bruce Palmer Gina Palozzi Mike Pantano Deidre Parker Lisa Parker Natalie Parker Roderick Parker Cathy Parkhurst Leslie Parks Pat Parsons Julie Patterson Jeff Pearson Lori Pearson Craig Pelkey Scott Pellegrinl Tera Pello Yolanda Pennington Valerie Pepoy Alex Perez Israel Perez Denise Perry Eric Petersen Nancy Petersen Dave Peterson Cindy Petroske Amala Peyton Telly Phone Tema Pierce 4' 1 1 , br' i f - , i ...lang ' Q v X IQ! I -Y l 11' -H, " ft ' '-' lg if'-J q -- 'ik .4 " N lj. V gk, . al 'xxx if ' ,ns t- f i ' r at-7' 3 V lr .. ' . N 'P HN ' U -- e fl alias' lf"'1 ,,.,.. fi. fi! . i . .L ' Y I 2 15.4173 i, T I.: S ,VIA-I ,zml ii M-ff . 'Nh 'A' xy x' 'V' x L ig -Nui . h S' P V X In 5. Sophomores Nicholson - Pierce 1 he TY , .-. ., 'LI -' ' 1 5' if 'Q-.-N , . -t V li 5 if l 1 . Ui A 4-rf Y, R ll 1 1.55 X .W 1" 'mx Ji i 5 N at . W 4, . 'Kilt pk ia ' "kwa .ini is-S.. 4 .Lili 'i-s - xi 1 " - .i 5 r Q T i -tty f.. -' 1... 3: -Uri N J" it f " f i f , . . . J 4, : x 5 : x 'T Al r J' .1 , 'Q ': 'V' 4 - g , ?,Titl' D I ., I ., I Y 1 .X ks i 73931 Ny: 1 ' fi-1 'W ff 1 4. N f , R J..-ej "'.T ... .-1. . .3 -' 5 , . . 7 1 L x is ft.. Sophomores Piety - Rowe Brad Piety Janet Pigott Don Pike Lauren Plnkham Janet Pino Denise Pollock Daniel Ponce Lewis Poss Beth Preuss Eric Profaca Timothy Province Darla Prowant Robert Pryor Scott Pugh James Putnam Lynne Ouesnel Stephen Ouignon Scott Quinlan Janie Ouistberg Susan Ramella Linda Rammage Orelando Ramos Mike Randall Lorie Rankin Daniel Rauen Randall Raymond Richard Raynes John Reckstine Paul Redner Kelly Reed Marcle Reese Donald Regan Anthony Reitz April Reynolds Russell Reynolds Donald Rhodes Jeffrey Rhodes Amy Richards Phillip Richards Kay Richmond Philip Richter Glen Rickman Beverly Ridenour Jeanne Ridgeway Kenneth Rieder Jill Rlha Steve Rim Melissa Rimlinger Richard Rimlinger Soph Ego Blow It was inevitable. There was no way anyone could avoid it. That's right, the Rise and Fall Blues. Wasn't it great in ninth grade? The play days, the priorities, the programs and the prestige, all a part of being the big guys on campus. Then presto! You're dumped, on to bigger and bum- mer things. lt was Sophomore City, 900 hall lockers, a bird's eye view of the assemblies, orientations into the big time, being last and least in the yearbook, all the advan- tages that came with being a peon. Patience was the only answer. Look at all the things there were to look forward to - the S.A.T. test, college applications, buying a cap and gown, buying pictures, and buying sixteen dollar tickets to the Prom- Betsy Jagger '78 xx ' V ft , rj. 15' 1' ffei- L ie' - .rl af X tXx"JQ" W ' . QJA .Q .Yi ' ' h ' tue 'ia -in .o. . ' V,,.. ,. W Auf .his . . ' kv' 4 ' - .. Xixfl, 'J i no .f l A4 DaneenRink ,A V'-I - - e Rusty Riopelle Jodi Ritter John Rivera Sheryl Roach John Roberts Kruz Roberts LaWana Robertson Stephen Roepke ' . mb' . . 1 QQ . Q ,.. .Uk i I 3 .1 -F it t c 251 Glenn Rogers V 4' Jig, V ' Jennifer Rogers Y A ii A ' 'Y g inf 'xr' 4. Thomas Rogers Marvin Rogow Julie Rosenthal Michael Ross Terri Ross David Rouse Allison Routt Daniel Rowe za'- 1 ,bf -. .nf 1 A H, V'-: R X J S ,i .Q- t'7 y " - rf ' ".l ' 1 J, +. ,Q ' . V ' ,Mpf 'J TT 'rg t V 1 E wks: V K Ev ,I 4 lx r l ri J " T A -'31 , kt 1 - 1.6- .. I . , , .4 lit . Y- fr- 9 'Q' A '. if ai :fix A 'tilt X-ia Q41 lr- T uf- if , ,ca V ,, l '- J " . J, 1.1 1, if S '-we W' .5 Cnr A r - 1, - Pfi l , X1 Q Y r xr Q ' 9 4 x ,ka ov .pk " x . -V ' V I'v 1 1 ' ' A. ' rf X J lv thigggin- -C' ll. Xu . Y . -- w. , sh 5 all y. , - J , -, - l N - as 5 -. , 2. 1 Sl T-'L Eli A , ' if . V' A .y -Q fy. 1 ...IN A y T fi I ' AD. , 'Q K A mi H , . "" " WI. i M ,tt .. N 'QA Buy lr: 1 . fi-" it ,4 f ' , E " Wm A dnl kt L.. 'ffl ' , I .. -J -gi N s. .W rf-- ,ye li-.,, ' N' S Y- r ' " T L '- l nt .niilltll n 2 f 'W . Terry Royse Mary Rue Anita Rusinek Michael Russell Noel Russnogle Karen Ryder William Sadler Glenn Salazar Paul Salerno Lynn Sallmen Perika Sampson Robin Sanchez Lisa Sanders Howard Saner Donald Sanlord Darlana Santavicca Laura Saylor Dennis Scanlan Melinda Schafer Laurie Schennum Susan Schindler Daniel Schlesselman Brian Schmid Robert Schoedl Jay Schulman Kelly Schultz Kathy Schutz Charles Schwartz Minetta Scott Thomas Scott Patrick Seatter Karen Sebern Michael Seckington Michele Seckington Andy Sehremells Lori Seils Michelle Sellers Timothy Seutert Richard Severns Roy Seymore Frank Seymour Sherry Shepard Catherine Shepstone Lisa Shindler Brian Shores Jett Siegel Jodi Silva Harold Silvestri Randall Simon Lisa Simone Michelle Simril Carlin Sinor Michael Siragusa June Skaggs Marc Sloan Mark Slomann Robert Slosar Mary Smaldino Ruben Small Alvin Smith Andrea Smith Debra Smith Doris Smith Francis Smith Randy Smith Stephen Smith Lisa Smock Marianne Sneddon Edward Snow Hilary Snyder Howard Solovei Joji Sone Darrell South Sanae Spencer Timothy Springer Theodore Stakias Phillip Stalder Eileen Stalker Stacy Stanyo Bethel Steindel John Steins Suzanne Stephens Kerry Stevens Martin Stipp Gregory Stock Garry Stone Hedda Stone Kelly Stone lei. , F' ij!" 'iv Jv- --J jj J' ' ir Q S' lQ 9' , 'H Ty V ff , 1 " f ...- 4 X Er' 1 ' f Hurt si , 'Bt if : ' - i rf 33: -vi Q, Q I Q-' -' - ': Q' Y , V If .sa-. ' -f 4 l fi' 14 Z 1-it .AL . ' 7- .mi in gr, an . G Eh W :Q A eos., l L 'C l 'F' my all y : ' V ' VW t " X rf fl - 'Q ' ' ,M A X-1 rr A ,. . FJ U D X 1 t 1 .Q W tl.. 'l ,ip xV.f N, L l ,. . .,.. rf , ' 4 az, Wi , Q Q-1 jp-4 . X I H 1" A. r 5 . iw fl. if' L 'ij ' if ,kf VA' fide- 'ZH V . 2 a - , K ?f xl .l!1K':- - ti" FJ 'E ii? I I l, 1 " eel' . - fi -EL ' I Sophomores Floyse - Stone fl.. .ix K I l ,qw- AL-X X-V 'X .5 6 L. ti.. 1 ...- a . .x X. .1-Vx 4 1 mir, Lx W vr- is , , . I TE. .1 ,S L 5 Robert Stout Laura Straley Eric Strandberg Todd Stribich Christina Striegl William Struett Jeanine Stuart Julie Stump Natalie Summers James Surane Kelly Swanson Robert Swanson Danny Swift Annette Swigert Carol Tague Gary Taradena Deborah Taylor Julie Taylor Joan Teglovic Dan Tentinger Mark Tentinger iv -- ' . fl' . Paul Terrebrood ftffl' A A r-Q ' , L Niphana Thach . if , ' "N Erjkgy , A " Margaret Thiemens xxx? I ,I L 'X X ' j, Therese Thilken Cynthia Thomas David Thomas Debra Thompson Liese Thompson James Thorp Sheryl Thorup Gregory Thyr Steven Tomis Michael Toole Laura Toshach Christopher Tozier Margret Tremain Yuiiro Trevino Anthony Trias Lisa Tribble Jeanie Truax Michael Trudeau Scott Tyler Linda Uhde Jeff Utterbach Gregory Vance Todd Va nderweyden David Van Solingen Steven Varechok Raman Vasishth Lisa Vaughn Heidi Vejsz Alicia Venable Michael Verrett Jamie Vest David Victorian Terry Vcach Neylan Vurgun -:Q 5 " f' .. . rv . 1- ,A X X , . , -n T. -If t 5 M xi Y' xv I lla. 1 Xxx IN THE FINAL MINUTES, Mark Stephen, Tim Province and Scott Pug strive to complete last agonizing lap in the Sports Boosters' run-a-thonl 5 r A A 'I a fi lfl l fi f K tl ,Q -' A , 'SB ,R ,. 1. J mi A ff:-i z, -g .1 , rf L V iw! l I Vxgfl A ei ' .v 1 V I - . or "Thon" Not to "Thon" - ls the Question Bored, but often daring Millikan students have partici- ln many types of fund-raisers. While most went with the customary walk-a-thons and run-a-thons, enuine-physical-exertion-a-thons appealed only to and those who savored self-torture. Bike-a-thons, it-a-tnons, and dance-a-thons were lesser known, but so popular events. "Why stop at those?" was the outcry around campus at resulted in more imaginative "thons." The Other onty Python Society urged members William Hepler and avid Schorr to interest the student body in hanging- pside-down-a-thons, celery-iuice-drinking-a-thons, and en television-commercial-watching-a-thons Ctorturelj. ff Leichter and Jim Rueff favored flag-pole-sitting-a ons and drag-race-a-thons. Whoever said, "Life is a merry-go-round-a-thon," was a enius. Jeff 0'Keefe expressed his view on school in one ord: bore-a-thon. Others, such as Donna Allen and Terry Boer saw campus life in a different way. To them, it as a goof-around-a-thon, gab-with-friends-a-thon, and -not-to-get-tardies-a-thon. Most students avoided the ct that school was also a learn-a-thon and perpetual- ink-a-thon. Whether it was in a "tradition-a-thon" or an innovative 'first-time-a-thon," students managed to enioy them- elves throughout the endurance escapades. All their 'thons" were happy "thons!" Ken Ralidis '79 i J ' 4 l lllill l J' Lori Wagner Jack Walker Katya Walker James Wall Laurie Wallace Brenda Walsh Katherine Wang Leslie Ward Deborah Warren Patricia Washington John Waters Susan Weakley Lorie Weaver Paul Weber Scott Weider James Welch Ann Wendt Richard Werner Daniel West Matthew Whalley Robert Wheat Kandy White Sandra White Gary Whitten David Willey Bruce Williams Curtis Williams Kevin Wulltams Michael Williams Sandra Williams Vicki Williams Ruth Williamsen William Wills Chen Wilson Lisa Wilson Rhonda Wilson Jill Winchester Karen Witter Lori Wolford Sharon Wolk Lance Wood Marc Woodruff Mary Woolbright James Wright Stacey Yadon Donna Yager-Lehner Chris Yates Scott Yeaton Robert Yi Janine Yoakam Sheri York Michelle Young Robert Young Keith Yvon John Zimmerschied Theodore Zinger Milton Zobie Sandra Zwaal - it Y af ggi - - 5' ,. ,fl - -' ' -er - FT'-'if a J . A 1 A '3,.- ni, ' -Qs V4 gy an at Wk: 5- W .7 ' , L7 A. 5 .' , sm: ' N' 5, T y x iff"-I l . Lx ' :ir , , '. , .. ,f 1, F, sp. -fr X 'h" x 9 'ar 1 t"' E La-L -I, :S ,I x 1 ' X ia' iw- f - 10 9. J. 7 ,, P' 1 F.. -i. Mags "TE f, c- as i a - -1--N r U I .- ka , ze' 'silica ' . 4--x. 4 fl V 111' 1" " ' J' X ' r ,F . Q xx F- - 'R J Sophomores Wagner - Zwaal 5 SOPHOMORE C.S.F. - FRONT ROW: Kelly Anderson, Howard Solovei, Ann Fishman, Jamie Vest, Sheri Bennett, Lori Wagner, Diane Endres, Ali 2ND ROW: Chris Brace, Lisa Harper, Sanae Spencer, Michele Hartung, Pam Kelly, Arabel Morales, Sandra Zwaal, Eric Olson, Brian Fung. 3RD ROW: Gustavsen, Robert Lindell, Jeralyn Charleville, Theresa Birdseye, Craig Miller, Debbie Taylor, Jeanine Flanders, Lynne Ouesnel, Teresa Crane. SOPHOMORE RETAKES - FRONT ROW: Jack Tanner, Laurie Diamond, Paula Ced, Brian Baker, Bob Lee. 2ND ROW: Leslie Browne, Mark VanDuren, Greg Lyon, Peggy Griffin, Dwayne Robinson. 3RD ROW: Diane Endres, Scott Bordener, Brad Gustavsen, Kim Overton, Jim Miller, Jeri Ramsey. ABOVE LEFT: MMM MMM GOOD - Jeanine Flanders lets it melt in her mouth. BELOW: INSTRUCTOR AKERS helps student prepare for take-off. BELOW LEFT: JEFF WHEAT overhauls his Chevy engine during auto shop. Sophomores Sophomore C.S.F. and Retakes DRIVER EDUCATION luliiib ABOVE: SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS Diane Endres, Jeanie Ridgeway, Cathy Parkhurst, Kelly Schultz, Pam Hogan, Laura Landeros, Ridgeway Directs Cheer Revisions There was a decline in the number of girls try- ing out for sophomore cheer, but of the seventy- four girls that did, only Diane Endres, Pam Hogan, Laura Landeros, Cathy Parkhurst, Kelly Schultz, and Jeanie Ridgeway, proved that they had what it took to spirit the sophs. Under the leadership of Head Jeanie Ridge- way, the cheer squad learned and performed many new cheers along with the traditional ones. They cheered at the majority of the sophomore sporting events and rallies, including the Wilson pep assembly where they made their debut doing "Watch Out We're Here" and "It's Blue." A first period cheer class was a major change in the scheduling this year. In former years soph- omore cheerleaders have been restricted to only "A" period practices, but due to a lack of prepa- ration time, a first period P.E. class was added to the squad's' schedule. Jeanie felt this extra hour in the morning was very beneficial in helping pre- pare for their performances and perfect their cheers. She explained, "We cheered well so that our sophomore teams always place first!" Sophomores Soph Cheer 7 I Closing Editor's Farewell 1978 - Toast of the Town With a clink of our Shasta-filled goblets, we as Aries Editors propose a toast recognizing the many changes that affect our various lifestyles. These changes provide our lives with the exciting and challenging aspects that have made this such a memorable and multifaceted year. It is with gratitude and great friendship that we toast our wonderful, dedicated, and enthusiastic staff who put up with the frustration, headaches, mental anguish, and misuse of pass permits that are integral parts in the production of an All- American yearbook. Here's to: Late night layout parties Last minute ideas Rejected cover mock-ups Torn Quad-paks Stolen cameras and Heroes ofthe Day Not only did the staff's performance far exce our expectations, but they made the vario changes in the Aries world fthe iolt from 3rd 5th period, the entirely new book format, a larg staffj a smooth and simple adjustment. Mor over, with the aid of our Asst. Editors Timari Lawrence and Gary Berberet, the job of mana ing the book was made that much easier. ln addition, we offer a special toast to the lad whose guidance and creative genius have bee the backbone in the conception of this book often termed "her baby." Our thanks to the trul dedicated Mrs. Danielsen. And lastly, to each other we bid a toast o appreciation. Chug-a-lug, Steve. Here's mud i your eye, Elise. It is with change that we look forward t tomorrow with anticipation and optimism. W toast all of the changes connected with this yea and hope to look back on 1978 with the fondes of memories - which we know will neve change. Elise Flickenbach and Steve Luther 1977-78 ARIES Editors Even License Plates Change Did you ever wonder why some drivers are cal- mer than others during a 5:00 P.M. freeway jam? No, it's not because they have conquered their erroneous zones or always tune-in to that mellow radio station. The real secret is that they have learned to spot personalized license plates. These novels in miniature were unanimously a change for the better. Joan Danielsen flaunts her favorite pastime with CROP IT, a yearbook term. Tom Mesa dis- plays his nickname T TABLE on the back of his Datsun. Occupations and hobbies aren't the only sub- jects appearing on license plates. Nick Papag- eorge's give a subtle warning with THE MAF, and Forrest Zimmerman pride with RAM HI. The U.S. Census Bureau need only see the plates stating 8 FIICKS to get their information on Elise Rickenbach's family. So the next time you are snail-pacing on the 605, check around for some of these heart-lifting licenses. Are those two letters just the drivers ini- tials or a password in secret code? Use your imagination. The owners of these special plates certainly do. Cheri McKinley '79 ABOVE LEFT: LAUREN AND LISA GUNNING chuckle at the sight of their Christmas present to their father, John Gun- ning. LEFT: JOHN NELSON RECEIVES parking sticker from Mr. Weller for his license plate, FRIZBEE. Closing License Plates 240 Graduation Costs- , , 4' Wanna Go Dutch? How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and bot- tom of my wallet. I love thee not freely, as Jostens is just trying to make the bucks. I love thee enough to know that it's the thought that counts, so you'II understand when I save 515.00 by buying my walking partner a box of Crackerjacks. You'll know of my true intent when the Prom pictures 1510.003 are actually candid photos taken by Vic Huber. You'll be able to visualize the Rolls Royce limo- sine as we streak away on the moped from that romantic, candle-lit bistro known as "Jacques- en-zee-Books." The tux from the Salvation Army looked good on Murph last year, so I decided I'II follow his example by visiting Goodwill before the Prom. l'm sure you won't recognize the corsage, although you do have Advanced Placement Eng- lish. fl hope Mrs. Cure doesn't miss it.J I do have a regret or two, dear. Xeroxing the proofs I got back from Morris Studios wasn't as thrifty as I had thought. I could have bought a tie at the Akron 199935 with that money, and with a free calculator thrown in. A cap and a gown is a must, which is why l'm glad my brother "borrowed" his a couple of years ago. The boutonniere brings back so many memo- ries. lt's amazing how long carnations will keep in the refrigerator. Secret Admirer's Day was over three months ago. I have one slight problem, dear. Prom bids are 315.00 and I can't get a discount on them. 2 Wanna go Dutch. wauy walmd ,78 Closing Graduation Costs - Up, Up, Up ' 'it 1, ,. I UPPER LEFT: ANNOYED BY AN OVERSIZED cap, Jan Carlson poses for her senior portrait. ABOVE: BOTH CLAIMING that they saw it first, Nancy Caron and Mary Wilkins squabble over the only dress under S30.00. RIGHT: DIS- GUSTED WITH THE PRICES of prom dresses, Mary Wilkins contemplates making her own. ABOVE KURT GUTHMANN CLOWNS for his sensor portraits BELOW ON THEIR WAY to order corsages Kent 0 el tuxe S15 00 S40 00 S50 00 S20 00 S25 00 S10 00 S 2 50 525 00 S30 00 S30 00 S 7 25 S12 50 S 7 75 S20 00 S10 00 S 6 75 S 6 50 S 5.00 S 9.62 550.00 513.50 530.00 515.00 S 6.00 S 1.50 S 4.50 S 5.00 Estlmated Grad Budget Graduatuon Costs - Up Up Up RIGHT: THE BELL RINGS at 3:00 and the halls take on their daily onslaught of anxious homeward bound students. BELOW: PEERING OVER his glasses, the immortal Mr. Gunning remains the same every year. uP, D 42 Y Q I LH,!,tn ' , .b 5 . un 5 I 91.1.3 A ,Jw J '- '.F.s.Ji" . Va H,-.a -if A c : "" Year After Year Beginning of the year loneliness - "l'll never find any friends." - The hassle of schedule changes - Then, SAT tests and college applications. Falling in love with the guy in math class - I Panicking at Mr. Gunning's - "All you need is a pencil!" - I COuick! What's a mole again?J Seeking refuge in the library Playing the social games - fCareful not to break the ruleslb Dreading to have to work all weekend - And fretting over report cards - uh oh. "Will I ever get asked to the prom?" End of the year blues - Where did it all go? I And graduation tears. . . - Some Things Never Change. Elise Rickenbach '78 RIGHT: A TYPICAL SIGHT on campus as Craig Allen and Lynn Kolm part after lunch. ChangelChange ls . . .And Some Things Never Change Q Killiilllll' at ttlirgm SEN-Ol: :een SC tee, , xg-25' 4 T9'w ..'..aF' ' le, "bw .. Hg. , Finally Free Changes come and changes go - Familiar things will fade But some things we will always know The joys and frustrations they made Cheering on our blue and gold We're number one Cor so we're toldj Alma Mater words you never could learn - That very last line is your only concern Picture exchanges throughout the year - The dreaded week of finals that we've come to fear. illegally parked on that one certain day, You pay fifty bucks when your car's towed away. Anfd last but not least, the unchangeable act That helps you go on when your poor nerves are wracked - Caps fly through the air for the whole world to see - With diploma in hand, you're finally free! Ann Mashiyama '78 . 1 ,Z , .-' ' J..-1 . 1 , . . .. 'P-1 -f.--. ,- -f h - :, ---,xt - 11--n.. ' ' I- . ..-5 ..-',',Fe1 . f, - .' ' . v , "" "' "Q . , 5 .xr -i . U .LAI 4 - - -- ,H -H , "r-FI. 4' . F . - ',,J",., Kr E'r Q, 'rx 'W 1.4 " ' -f',.s.-. 1... ' ' 3 uw. - . . ' ,,.,,' I Y: ,f. - . ' .i"' ' 4- --- 1 4" . ' 5 Q. :,, j-- 'sow . - , 1 ' - ., Q 1, .-, -N .NT , ,i A ,. V43 . -, : V. .. ,X '-'4 -E 1-rr - - . lj? 'J N1- .- . -in ' Q., Ax a - . www 4 it Q. .um . 'K w V :..,, - , .. ' 'N ' i "- """ -M.. ,. .' ' ' .' 'nw ' 1' ' ' , """ ' - .,. , s' , "' - -.ui W., .,,,V i -I , f ., A . u , " - 1 1 I ABOVE: SURF'S UP! The beach is a common refuge for most Millikan students. . . . And Some Things Never Change ,T 243 And Some Things Never Change Q' --'xp' T-.rx I P Q 'fi if 'xiii -- pagifw Q .-'VW , ,fi 4:1 .ffqf I 1? - -' 5 T , 1 v aw! ,ffl-Q, N I' 0 IPL' .w .1-' fn.5k'fM J' . ' . mer Ig' - f - rr- - ,z N ' -1,4-N ' - - .. Y , ,. . A. - - . ,f 4 .tk I .. p .tits-1 ,- 0 my cg . 0 f Q-FIX A 'af Q : A ' . , X L' Q. ' , ,sz ,M X 4 9 xy! Q A If. I. ., Ver V . ,Wa 4 A , 0 f ' f i. 2 ,V a - J , 'X x -LST: lr F" f o Af' o .. Q I 'f 1 -I Q l 4 I .. 1 11 2 9 3 I I , - fa O s va--if .5 I I V 27323 5 2 fir 'N ' L x ' wks- a.x 'fi t-.N QXEAEM- . F: if , , !"N'yy"rBx -J if 1 X1 5 ' X V '-xr XX ' .-.1 1. ' ics 96A CourtlandG 53 tos11 DavidA 15 21 2 s Flober1J 102 s Terri L 95 lstramrs 99 ScottA 81 ra LauriR 211 ren DarylL 102 s PaulD 103 rt RichardD 73 CarriA 218 DlanaS 94 95 108 202 210 ht MarlosK 28 137 144 201 ander ElmerL 100 FthondaL 90 CraigS 15 120 145 Donna L 235 n ElizabethA 16 96 214 219 n JohnR 57 70 rado CarolineJ 134 ez MargaretR 88 ez Theresa 30 Milindlt 62 63 rose Sylviav 24 nFleld5ervless150 151 138 139 r ChristopherJ 69 r MichaelA 21 rson DamelA 70 201 rson EricE 108 149 150 218 rson KellyJ 236 us Michaellt 109 rews Lorraine 134 Imo CynthiaA 92 nore Angela K 120 21 lla LoriM 110 120 40 0 I LeoF 132 I GregoryM 80 82 8 Stott 126 JamiL 28 30116 kenaze Robertl 57 73 108 ley Dwan M 96 ChristopherF 55 Michaellt 55 66 PatriciaA 92 93 147 rdo ldaL 88 96 mlnton 94 Iey Timothy Scott 49 50 80 81 lka TanaM 144 145 er BrianE 76 236 nor108 bee Doreen 219 ber MargoL 30 201 ber MtchaelD 69 108 109 226 nes CaroIL 201 nett Kenneth 56 57 73 128 137 4-6 218 r LoriL 94 95 rad JoryA 75 128 146 rett DanielS 53 rriga PabloE 38 ron Carol Ann 31 95 163 rry VickyA104115 1520153 rtlett BarnckL 22 58 59 61 85 27 146 1520153 201 artley Barbara 13 98 99 ruch Adiv 55 66 shore Lori Ann 96D 102 tba Boys 58 63 Girls 91 eal Gaill-l 125 als KarenJ 95 ard David Richard 105 strom Christopher 49 attie Cynthia Anne 41 146 202 218 k Steven? 55 66 67 ker JamesT 70 eckett Earnest 132 kham Rita 30 44 201 hymer DeniseG 108 hymer DianeF 107 ll Carolyn Ruth 14 15 90 147 202 203 218 ll Rebecca Lou 120 123 llamy Jolene 216 ellmar FredC Jr 68 103 nder MarclaS 39 106 107 140 nnett J Renae139 140 141 nnett MarkJ 48D 49 nnett Roberta E 95 nnett Shen Lynn 236 nnett Timothy Paul 85 rberet GaryS1 14 15 21 26 27 127 132 133 144 146 147 152D 153 160 175 201 228 rggren Greta Jean 30 rgman DuaneF 42 58 59 61 Bernd CIark8 98 99 rvovitz .lanetE 30 117 132 218 erryrnan LisaK 93 rtz StevenH 52 irdseye Theresa R 120 236 Bassett John Weston 55 66 Bisso John 96D Bielland Thomas 103 156 Black JohnA 75 171 200 Black MatthewS 148 149 0 152 202 218 Blackwell Glenn 78 79 114 Blackwell SylviaM 110 163 Blankenship SherryL 78 93 Blatnik 8:1181 82 83 Blood JohnA 85 Blunt StephanteL 149 Boatright StevenM 29 62 70 Boetto Deborah Anne 92 Boone MatthewJon 17 75 214 Boozer MarvinG 24 Borba Davidw 107 'Bordeaux John 134 142 143 Bordner John Scott 55 66 236 Borclner Susan Bene 39 128 146 4 Bordonl MatthewV 163 201 Borg Cindy Ann 93 Borsum NancyAnn 30 202 Bos Stephen Woodwort 109 Bousman BrianG 218 Bowen Frank Edward 55 66 Bower Robertw 102 123 Bowlin Rebecca Sue 120 Boyd PeggyL 139 202 218 Boyd VncentD 120 'Boyd Walter 132 Boyd William Eric 4 Boykin A Michelle 141 Brace Christopl'terS 236 Bradshaw FlobertC 85 Brandom Julie Ann 202 Brandts JonathanJ 108 109 218 Branson Jr Aubrey80 82 108 Brante ChristiJean 18 19 142 143 Braswell DanaA 57 70 Bratton DavtdE 117 118 Bratton Susan Marie110 111 Braudo Vanessa Lynne 107 Braun Dana M 96 Braun ThomasC 84 85 Breuer GregoryB 57 116 Brick Kelly 120 Brimhall Christopher 76 Brimhall Nancy 201 Index Carreiro SlephanieA 24 'Carter AndrewD 112 Carver Carolyn 91 147 'Carver DonnaC 134 Case LaMarT 112 Castano RosellaN 142 'Caswell William D 125 'Catlin WillredW 100 Cavadini CatherineJ 116 120 122 123 146 218 Cawley JamieL 90 108 110 146 147 218 Cedillo Pauline 236 Ceglar DonW 74 75 144 149 201 Chace CarrieL 26 27 36 Chacon MicheleA 109 Chamberlin JudyL 128 Chapin KellyE 201 Chapin KeriE 95 Chapman DavidL 142 Chapman Lorr1eA 109 110 111 Charles RogerC 108 109 117 Charleville Jeralyn109 236 Charleville ToddB 109 Chartier SuzanneM 46 88 127 152D 153 201 Cheer Varscty 26 Chess 150 151 Chessmore CraigA 75 218 Child AndrewJ 74 75 Chiu ChristineL 95 201 Chiu LorraineM 218 Choral 120 Chrvss TerriL 140 Christensen Bradley 55 65 67 Christensen JohnS 82 Christensen StevenK 49 50 105 Ciesla FeliciaA 93 'Cirlello RobertE 132 Clancy WiIliamW 163 Clark ChristopherK 58 201 Clark DebraR 120 145 Clark KathleenA 95 Clark VirginiaA 201 Clary TonlM 108 Classified Staff 134 Clay VlckiL 21 96 108 142 Cleeland LoriL 120 Clements Cynthial-l 91 127 146 151 202 218 'Brown BruceA 54 86 87 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brucke Cynthia D 110 CynthiaM 108 Don Albert 52 Nancy Ellen 108 PhiIllpJ 58 TeresaL 120 122 123 218 r ConstanceL 218 Bruttey CharlesH 54 65 Brun Karen L 90 Bryant TimothyJ 116 Buck Jeri Sue 95 165 Buckley CandyD 108 109 Buckley DiedreL 116 Buhler Daniel John 56 57 70 130 131 139 152 Bugarski DavidFl 53 82 Bunker DanlelB 53 Burgess Harryw 82 Burket RalphK 57 149 Burrneister LindaS 120 Burns PatJ 82 Clements JoyA 108 116 218 'Cline Elizabeth 98 99 Clinton 140 Clouse Clouse Cohen 1 27 WillaY 107 120 126 127 141 146 201 205 213 KevinD 88 89 KimE 30 88 91 146 152D 179 201 NeIs0nL 15 27 29 36 70 137 146 150 152D 201 Cohn AmyL 13 108 'Colburn LynnB 112 Coleman CeciliaA 108 Coleman MarkD 53 Coleman NealJ 28 Coleman ThomasG 45 70 124 Collins DebraD 78 79 95 108 Collins ElizabethS 140 147 Collins KarenM 120 Comisky JeanL 18 19 88 127 146 147 152D 153 201 Burton Edward Lee 53 Bush D0naldD 125 128 Bush Wendy Lee 148 Business Eduutlon 1 12 Butler Michael71 79 158 Byrd LlndaL 120 140 Byrne Erin Eileen 30 163 201 Byrne ThaddeusJ 53 82 Cabarrubias Henedina 18 19 B8 89 Cabral Gregory M Caleterla 136 'Cahn MarporieK 125 148 Caldarella Carlow 49 50 51 85 480 Calderon MarltA 57 Callard Je11reyJ 52 218 Caltrider Cl'trlstyL 107 Camblm RandyD 49 Camblm RhondaF1 88 Cameron CraigC BO 82 Cameron JohnM 120 Cameron LindaD 30 117 152D 153 200 201 Campa MarianM 109 Campbell DlaneM 201 Campbell GeraldA 49 480 Cannnne DeborahA 120 Cantrell KoreyJ 130 138 149 Caputi VittorioE 52 53 Carey DavidF 218 Community Changes 38 39 Compton JamesF 57 73 117 Condon ChrlstopherJ 73 Cone MeredetheR 140 145 149 152 2 Conlisk CarrieL 30 31 36 137 152D Contreras Julietl 88 89 Cooper Jef'freyA 16 Cooper Jeri 138 140 150 202 207 'Cooper Marvin 114 115 Copeland RobinL 108 Corwin CandeeK 18 19 163 200 Corydon Staff 128 Coryell RobertK 68 69 Cosper Scottw 54 64 65 110 11B Cottrell KyleA 73 Counselors 100 Cowart OscarD 76 77 Cox RichardC 152 Coyne Michael 49 81 Crabtree RicharclE 49 Crabtree RobertA 49 Crall FlobertD 108 Crane Teresa Lynne 236 Creel LeslieS 52 Cress StevenS 108 Croorn LorettaE 140 Crosby ElizabethA 30 46 116 146 152D 153 Cross Country Boys 56 57 Glrls 92 Cross NancyJ 95 Cruz MichaelR 75 117 218 Carhart TimothyJ 108 Carle AnitaM 39 216 Carlsen FlichardL 54 Carlsen StevenN 68 69 Carlson JanL 88 91 96 120 Carlson LynneM 228 Carmody EverettJ 55 65 67 Caron NancyJ 6 43 88 96 240 Carr MelissaC 10 Carr MichaelR 75 142 143 149 202 28 A ' , . .109 '. ' . .93 f ' .' . . ', ,201 ', .' ' . A II I , , , ,1s,15i, . .I . -I 'I 'I I,39I . . , . 2.70 ' ,' 4 ,' ,' ,201 '. ' .' ." - 1 - .V 1 I . .I .'I '. I' I87 , , , , , ,19 . 'I . f. . , ' 9 I' j ' I ' II . , .zoo ' Z. U- ' ' ' .' . , , f 'J . , ,158 ' - ' .I IIAZIZ 7 I I- .I I, I - I I . ' . ' ', ' . , .1a9.i .15, ' ' - ' ' ' , . . 2 j , , . . I' ' , , ,zu j j I Q - , ' I ,' I . , i' ' ' 'N7 I .I l I . I- . 1 . 3 .- " .H ' I " I . . ' - ' E f ' ' ' - ' , . ,201 B .I . . . I53I. I. . , . ,. I I I I I I Coy-,ey-,I Dale CI 105I mg Dimas, Nicholas S. 15, 49, 58, 105, 163 III. .... I I I I I II II I , I . 109 ' ' ' -. ' ' I ' ', ' . ,' ' I ' I . I . . . , .110 ' 1 I '-I - ,' . , ,129 , I . ,', I I . I I I I I III I .,.. , I . I I .I . , 'I . 5 'I I 153' ' ' ' ' ' ' ,I . . zo . . . , - ' . , , ,se ,'.79"' Q S '. ' -' Q ' ' I, '. ' .ioe ' '- f ' '.' '. , . ,117, J ' ' ' ' 1 l . . I' I I 'I I I150 . ' , I' - I . I. . , IIIIOI I I I I I123, I I I ZOI, . . . , . I I I II. . . . 1 1 f . 'I I' 'Cure Helen 125 147 Current JeftreyR 62 87 127 146 202 218 Currier PaulW 145 Curtis AliceL 200 201 Dagonese NancyL 201 Dahlen FlichardD 53 Dahms Linda Ann 222 Dalton RobertM 76 'Daly Fanniel 104 106 123 Damico Julie15 128 129 138 146 163 Dandrea DaveB 53 Daniel GaryA 56 57 70 71 128 129, 139146147 152 Daniels DavidFl 63 Danielsen LynneP 12 127 146 147 239 Dao Tuan Anh7 Darrow DeneenM 201 Darrow Don 66 Davis Beth 183 Davis Bret'tA 137 144 147 168 Davis BrianC 124 Davis Brian Flobert 53 Davis Jimmy Greg 79 Davis Kathryn Dianna95 108 110 Davis KlrkD 73 109 Davis LeannC 108 110 Davis LeighA 106 107 109 110 111, 120 140141 218 Davis LindaJ 109 Davis PamelaD 30 Davisson CathyA 26 228 Dawson MelodyL 88 Day PennyS 108 Day Steve Matthew 56 57 70 Deane Jel1reyWiIlia 75 Deardorft GyeA 109 183 Deboer Terry Lynn 235 D E C A 144 145 Deeble KathrynE 93 Deeble Scot'tT 108 DeHaven Richardli 51 104 Deight Terri E 108 Deister Christopher 120 Delaney MatthewL 73 14-4 Delcoure EdwardM 69 Delcoure KathleenM 160 Delong RussellS 54 65 Denison BrlanK 182 Denison James114 115 DenlingerJackieJ 120 Derhovanessian Betty 30 Derks GaryJ 36 84 85 Dever Todd Swanson 109 DeWeese Karen Lynne 96 109 Diamond FredE 201 Diamond l.auraE 256 Dietschak ScottF 76 'Dillman Charlene 34 Dumas JohnS 53 Divelbiss DavidA 53 Dixon DiannaM 120 218 Dixon LlsaM 145 Dixon MichaelC 53 Dixon Michelle Rene 120 Dodson LynetteM 31 112 Dollar FlobertA 76 Dooley Gordonw 103 Doughty Doris96 104 157 Douglas PhilipE 57 202 Doxy Cordelia Ann 92 93 Doyle AnnM 140 Drab JohnJ 55 67 117 118 218 Draghi MichaelJ 69 142 Drama 130 Drew Steven Alfred 108 117 Driml Roberti 81 Duacsek LoraineL 90 148 'DuBois JackD 21 98 99 Duenas JosephJ 108 Duffy Michael 53 Dumas CarenL 211 Duncan VictorC 57 136 Dunnick DwayneD 55 65 67 Duren RussellG 53 62 63 Durkin MaryAnn91 96 Dussler MelanieL 140 218 Dykstra Pamela Sue 18 19 22 Edmiston JudyG 104 216 Edmondson Stevenw 'Eidinger lnge134 Eldred 8arbaraJ 107 120 1 152D 153 179 201 Elgin CtndyFl 108 117 Elkins Br1anK 75 Ellertson ToddW 52 53 81 Ellis JameeD 21 96 108 Ellis KarenE 90 91 Ellis LorrleL 147 Elven ChristopherJ 76 'Elwell RichardG 100 138 Emenger WilliamJ 49 Emerick WtlliamJ 56 62 70 Endersby ChuckF 53 Endersby JuliaA 142 Endres DianeC 120 221 236 237 Endres FlaymondC 49 51 70 71 72, Enge FlobertF 57 72 73 'Engels Friedrichw 62 63 112 England JamesR 218 Englrsh 124 Enyeart Markl. 62 Ericksen VanL 166 Erickson, John T. 49 Esposito, Frandesca L. 30. 31 Evans, Celia G. 30, 137, 144, 146, 152D,153,181,2D0, 201 Evans, James T. 57, 73 Evans, Michael J, 32, 57, 70, 144, 152, 162, 168 Evans, Tamara L. 104 Everett, Karen L. 108 Ewald, Ruben H, 75, 151 F Fads and Fashions 32, 33 Faile, Julia 30, 31 Fair, Brad 108 Fair, Stacy 204 Fairbanks, Alison 222. 236 'Falconer, Charline 134 Fantone, Mark 16, 120 Pantone, Michael 17, 142 Faraclas, Nick 52 Farish, Kandee 30, 122, 123,216 Farmer, Charles 108, 109, 120, 137 Farmer, Steve 108 Farnham, Beth 30, 139, 146, 202, 218 'Farnswor1h, Denyse 125, 148 Farrow, Clarke 52 Feldman, Leslie 90 Felix, Marie 30 Fielder, Kevin 109, 130, 166, 175, 191, 201 Figueroa, Kelly 88, 89, 91 Filener, Keely 110, 111 Fine Arts 103 Finney, Torin 146, 218 Finzi, Lydia 44, 45, 140, 141 Fishman, Ann 36, 120, 148, 221, 224, 236 Fitzgerald, Paul 124 Flanagan, Sharon 41 Flanders, Jeanie 139, 236 Flasher: 142, 143 Fleming, Robert 53, 87 Fletcher, Terri 120 Foelber. Mary 120 'Fogle, Dalton 125 Foglesong, Kevin 120, 148, 150 Folan, Kevin 108 Foley, Anthony 73 Foley, Christopher 108 Followell, Frank 85, 165 Followell, Lance 86, 87 Foltz, David 57, 70, 114, 1281 146 Fong, Darryl 79, 201 Football 48D-53 Ford. Phillip 78, 79 Forde, Catherine 128, 138, 218 Foreign Exchange Students 148 Foreign Language 48 Foreign Language Club 48 Foster, Edward 68, 69 Fox, Scott 62, 63 ' Fox, Stanley 103 Fox, Steven 62, 149, 218 Fraser, Cathy 90 Freedman, Paul 38, 45, 1 16 Freedman, Richard 25, 142 'Fregeau, Donald 17, 96B, 132. 133 'Frew, David 24, 134 Friedman, Alan 13, 127, 146, 202. 318 Friedman, Andy 120, 122, 123 Friese. David 73 Frost, Laura 88, 91 Fruhwirth, Jason 109 Fudge, Mark 149 Fuller, Pam 15, 30, 42, 138, 146, 202. 218 Fung, Brian 116, 137, 236 Fusik, Gordon 57 G Gaines, Cindy M. 218 Gaines, Katherine A. 105, 120 Gaines, Margaret A. 95 Gallagher, James P. 68, 69 Galusha, M. Jane 90, 91,147 Gamble, Flick H. 73 Gamell, Angela D, 30, 141. 149 Games People Play 28, 29 Garcia, Edward M. 34 Gardner, Bruce L. 75 Garner, Janet J. 88 Garner, Julie M. 28, 88 Garry, Laura E. 140 Gastelum, Paul A. 57, 73 Gath, Debra A. 30, 31 Gath, Dennis D. 73 Gay, Gregory W. 108 Gee, Julie M. 30 'Geisler, Dorothy 8.31, 104, 1528. 152C General Education 105 Gerber, Gary E. 75, 146, 218 Gerber, Sharon L. 95, 132, 146 Gerl, Layne T, 201 German Club Gertjegansen, Mark E. 96D Getscher, Michael 56, 57, 70, 71, 152 Gibson, Elizabeth L. 116, 152,218 "Certificated and Classified Staff Index Lorenz. Catherine J. 90, 147 'Gilchrist, Martha 100 Gilman, Clay B. 55, 66, 67 Girisgen, Dennis R. 201 Girls' League 138, 139 'Glasgow, Merle A, 1 12 Glass, Barbara M. 142 Glaze, Renee E. 140 Gleason, Paul M. 52, 53 Glover, David L. 58 Gneier, Gregory C. 142, 143, 149, 201 Godlrey, Tracey T. 107 Golanty, Forrest M. 38, 75 Goldman, Lise M. 15, 221 Goldsmith, Naomi 15, 221 Golf 76, 77 Golston, Jonnita 124 Golt, Timothy J. 79 Gooch, Casey L. 78 Goodman, Greg Scott 27, 47, 70, 127, 137,142,146,147,149,150,151, 152D, 153. 201 Goodwin, Demetria 144 Graham, Brian K. 103, 172 Graves, David A. 120 Graves, Susie A. 96 Gray, Laurie A. 107, 108 Grayston, Joseph I. 87 Greci, Linda M. 30 Green, David A. 55, 66, 108 Green. Kelly L. 30 Gregory, Peter F. 56, 70, 1 17 'Gresslin, Luella P. 114, 115 Griffin, Erin D. 93, 120 Griffin, Frances E. 218 Griffin, Janice 30, 106 Griffin, Marsha A. 30, 144 Griffin, Peggy E. 236 Griffith, Glenn B. 70 I Griffiths, Owen J. 106, 107, 123, 130. 140, 142, 143, 147, 164, 179, 201 Griggs, Velma l, 90, 120, 139, 147 Grimes, Carla L. 120, 128, 146 Grinham, Garry D. 85 Groves, Douglas L. 87 Guerero, Tina M. 201 'Guern, LeRoy R. 112 'Guernsey, Jeanne P. 114 Guinan. Mike 144 'Gunning, John B. 17, 103, 165, 230, 242 , Gunning, Lauren L. 109, 239 Gunning, Lisa R, 120, 140, 239 Gustavsen, Bradley S. 236 Guthman, Kurt A. 241 Gutierrez. Onofre G. 73 Guyton, David C. 140 Gymnastics BOYS' 68, 69 Girts' 95 H Haagsma, Lisa 106 'Haddy, James 62, 76, 102 Hagey, Gregory 75, 211 Hagey, RussellA. 14, 15, 127, 137, 146, 147, 152D, 153, 158, 163, 164, 200, 201 Hahn, Jennifer Lee 107, 120, 123, 201 Halicus, Paul 152, 195 Hall, Brandi L. 53 Hall, David J. 109 'Hall, Hazel 132 Hall. Holland C. 144, 145 Hall, Jenelle Ann 15, 128, 139, 146, 202, 203, 219 Hall. Jeremy 149, 201 Halstrom, Peggy 88 'l-lalsted, Carl F. 8, 71, 104 Hamann, Walter E. 22, 54, 65, 67, 109, 144.146,149.152,201 Hamid, Simmy R. 55, 64, 67 Hamilton, Alan R. 52, 146, 218 Hamlin. Cosa K. 148 Hamlin, Lisa A. 148 Hammond, David 70 Hammond, Jonathan 56, 70, 71 Hampshire, Lynn 30 ' Hanania, Paul A. 179 Hankins, Barry L. 53, 108 Hankla, James Kirk 82, 218 Hansberry, David E. 218 Hansen, Denise L. 109 'Hansen, Everett 97 Hanser, Mark V. 147 Hanssen, Theresa L. 93 Hansted, Janet L. 22, 23. 30, 88, 126, 146, 147, 152D, 153, 166, 194, 200, 201, 228 Harb, Marianne A. 20, 92, 1 16, 193 Harden, Thomas S. 49 'Hardie. Roy R. 134 Harger, Verle Tom 4 Hargrove, Laurie E. 106, 140, 146, 152D, 153, 201 Harper, Lisa D. 236 'Harris, Anne F. 125 'Harris, Buckner N. 71, 104 Harris, Christopher L. 49, 50, 51 Harrison, Scott C. 76 'Hart, Dave 124, 125, 134, 142, 143 Hart, John M. 86, 87, 109 Hart, Michael Ft. 85 Hart, Milvi R, 130 Hartley, Lauri L. 30 'Certificated and Classified Staff Index Hartong, Robert 76, 197 Hartung, Michael 96, 139, 236 Harvey, A. Marie 93, 120 Hasson, Randall M. 54, 55, 64, 65 Hatton, Donna 95 I-lausauer, Randall 48D, 49, 51, 80, 81 Hauter. Jeanne Marie 91 , 96 Havens, Julia C. 15, 43,107, 130, 131, 137. 138, 139, 140, 142,152D,153. 164, 200, 201 Hawkins, Alton 49, 51 Hayward, Chad A. 185 Hayward, Ken A, 79, 152, 185 Heath, Darryl W. 218 Hebner, Diane A. 138 i-ieirigs, Philip L. 163, 200,201 Heitman, Kevin J. 84, 85, 126, 127, 137,146,198, 201 Henderson, David 55 Heningsman, William 45 Hepler, William 149, 150, 151, 152, 235 Heredia, Joan 142 Hergesheimer, Kathleen 139, 201 'Hernandez, Samuel A. 135 Hester, Michael L. 201 Hicks. Harold J. 57, 70 Higgins, Carl Carlson 40, 137, 146, 147, 151, 202, 208,218 Hill, Brenda 25 Hill, Cary R. 70 Hill, Curtis Richard 55, 60 Hill, Prentice L. 24 Hines, Terry Lee 90 Historical Events Club 150, 151 Ho, Michael 75 Hobbs, Mark F, 109, 124 Hobbs. Paul 109 Hodson, Scott D. 14, 15, 62, 63, 73,221 Hoflenberg, Jay 68 Hoffer. Barbara A. 218 Hoffman, Lisa D. 116 Hogan, Catherine E, 140, 141, 145, 202, 212, 213, 218 Hogan, Pamela A. 237 Hollins, Linda K. 106, 141 'Hollis, Richard R. 104, 188 Holmes, Susan M. 128 Holt, Brenda 41 Homecoming 20, 21 Homecoming Court 22, 23 Home Economics 1 15 Hopkins, Gary 68, 69 Hopkins, James 120 Horowitt, Lisa 88, 89 'Horowitt, Phyllis Z. 104 Hottenroth, Carl A. 57, 73 Houser, Gretchen L. 18, 19, 22, 23, 127, 146,147,152D,153,163,198,201, 228 6Howard, Jimmy V. 112, 113 Howard, Kurt A. 135 Howard, Loretha L. 251 Huber, Jeniffer E. 116 Huber, Victor 9, 49, 128, 129, 146 Huddleston, Robert D. 109 Hughes, Harold 52, 202 Huntington, Amy 41 Hurlbirt, Mark E. 60 Industrial Education 1 14 Interact 144, 145 Irish. Jamie M. 96 lsertberg, Philip E.117,118,146,150, 151, 152, 218 Izumi, Kenneth M. 218 J Jackson, Connie M. 78 Jackson, George 146 Jackson, Richard L, 57 Jackson, Rick A. 62, 73, 218 Jacquier, Carl E. 116, 120, 123 Jaffee, Robin J. 139 Jagger, Lizabeth A. 27, 34, 68. 125. 127, 132.146, 147,152D,153,201, 222 'Jahn. Waldemar P. 17, 135 Jamison, Margaret T. 116, 1 18 '..lankowski, John W. 132 Jankowski, Karen A. 15, 108, 110, 138, 139, 150, 179, 201 Jarvis, Charles A. 97 Slenkins, John O. 103 Jenkins, Reginald A. 109 Johns, Laurie B. 30 'Johnson, Adelyn 125 'Johnson, Alfred F. 135 Johnson. Curtis M. 114 Johnson, Gregory A. 51, 80, 81, 99 Johnson, Kathy H. 30, 120, 202, 218 Johnson, Linda A, 95 Johnson, Lorraine J. 139, 218 Johnson, Melessa A. 120 Johnson, Melessa M. 149 iltllggsorl. Roger 102, 116, 117, 119, Johnson, Ronald W. 70 ' Johnson, Vickie L. 30, 120 I Johnston, Jeffrey R. 70 Johnston, Sandra K, 140 Jones, Bradley C. 152 Jones, Dorothy L. 38, 148, 150. 151 Jongerius, Jeffrey L. 54, 55, 64, 65, 66 Juniors 202 Junk Food Junkies 34, 35 Jury, Gregory A. 54, 55, 65 K Kacoullas, William 128, 129 Kairos 140, 141 ' Kaiser, Stan C. 52, 73 Karabenick, Johnathan 55, 67, 137, 146,148, 149,202, 218 Karli, Kerry L. 30, 120 Katz, Bruce A. 13 Kawaichi, Karyl L. 106, 118, 120 Kee, Richard D. 55 Keele, Heidi L. 90, 91 'Keenan, Kenneth 112 Kellog, B. Scott 109 Kelly, Maria J. 28, 102 Kelly, Pamela J, 139, 236 Kennedy, Kathryn A. 139, 146, 201 Key Club 136D, 137 Keywanettes 136D, 137 Kidettes 30, 31 Kiker, Robert L, 70 Kiley, John R. 76, 146, 147, 202, 218 Kimbrough, Doris A, 95, 108, 110 King. Christeen 90, 91 , 149 King, Ken G. 54 King, Richard V. 69 'King, William K. 103 Kingsley, Susan R.,21, 85, 109, 116 'Kinkade, Thomas J. 104 'Kirlan, Harvey N. 104 Kitano, Richard A. 75 Knight, Dana C, 82 Knight, Shelley M. 90 Knowles, Korri R. 30 Kolm. Lauralyn B. 79, 130, 131, 242 Koon, David A. 79 Kotinek, BrentG. 70 Kramer, Linda S. 140, 145 Kruger, BaW'bara J. 30, 31 Kuhn, Karl A. 108, 109 Kumashiro. Michael T. 55,66 Kummerfield, Kevin R, 202, 218 'Kurtenbach, John C. 125, 133 L LaFleur, William A. 108,111, 226 LaMunyon, Brooke E. 16 Landeros. Laura A. 237 Landeros, Phillip L. 51, 52, 53 Landry, Judy A. 18,19, 194, 201 Lange. Carrie A. 218 L'Angelle, Cynthia J. 16 Large, Kathleen M. 139, 140, 201 LaRowe, Carol Sue 96, 108, 117 Larsen, Kathryn 106, 116, 147, 170, 171 'Larsen, Stan 132 'Larsen, Walter 147, 165 Larson, Carolyn R. 219 Larson, Terri J. 30, 202 Lashmert, Barton 53 Laspesa, Anthony F, 80, 82 Last Chance We Gu Back 16, 17 Lau, Kenneth 53 Lawler, Lisa Marie 218 l.awrence, Kimberly K. 106, 140 Lawrence, Lisa Imelda 88, 90, 91, 96 Lawrence, Timarie A. 1, 88, 127, 166, 201, 238 Lawson, Mary G. 15, 221 Lawton. Richard W. 142 Lay, Jeffrey Richard 53 Lee, Bob 73, 236 'Lee, Jesse K. 80, 81, 112 Lee, Kimberly D. 144 Lee, Mike H. 108 Lehman, Scott 53 Leichter, Jeffrey L. 78, 79, 235 Lembi, Dina M. 136 Lembi, Kimberly L. 120 Lemmerman, James E. 52 Lent, Thomas G. 9, 49, 50, 51, 241 Lentz, Teresa S. 224 Lerman, Lori M. 15, 138, 140 Lerma, Ronald R. 15, 138, 140 Leslie, Kelleen M. 91, 202, 218 Leuer, Karen A. 30, 39, 94, 95, 202, 204, 218 Lewis, Alison Mary 27, 100, 120, 137, 142. 143, 152, 152D, 153 Liboon, Jimmy P. 78, 79 Ligioso, Dioensoe Cur 82 Liles, Peter M. 52, 70 'Lillenberg, Kent R. 80, 81, 112 Lindell, Robert 36, 150, 151 Liner, Jerry D. 78, 79, 87, 147, 218 Lipana, Joaquin R. 81 Lisenby. Timothy Joel 62, 63 Loera, Delores 1 16, 201 'Lofgren, Aline 100 Long, Keith E. 201 Long, Tracy D. 21, 106 Long, Virginia 30, 88, 116, 127, 179, 201 Lorott 138, 139 'Louder, Darrell 78, 79, 125 Lubach, Susan R. 92, 93, 218 Lubsen, Kyle E. 56, 57, 70, 71 Ludvigson, John H. 36 'Luehmann, Eugene H. 112 Lussier, Jeflrey A. 55, 82 Luther, Karen D. 28, 41, 202 Luther, Steven M. 1, 4, 5, 22, 23, 26, 27, 36, 127, 132,133, 136D, 137, 146. 147, 152D, 153, 155, 172, 175, 201, 238, 244 Lyddon, Robert Arthur 15, 109, 127, 132. 133, 137, 146, 152D, 153,155, 172, 175, 201 Lyles, Curtis Eugene 78, 79 Lyon, Greg 73, 236 Lyons. Steve Craig 85 M Mabry, Robert 55. 67 Mabry, Steve C. 85 Macina, Ronald D. 49 Magnuson. Paul A. 69 Maligie, John D. 73 Mancilla, Rebeca E, 88, 116 Mangan, Theresa 30, 36 Margain, Jess E. 480, 49 Marks, Carrie L. 30, 46, 88, 89, 1 17 'MarshaIl, Lois H. 235 . Martin, Andrew M, 85, 108. 109, 155 Martin, Kendall L. 30, 31 Marty. Douglas C. 22, 58, 59, 60, 61, 125.127, 123. 129. 146, 147, 1520. 153, 198. 201,228 Mas, Steven G. 142 Mascots 1 13 Mashiyama, Ann N. 127, 136D, 137, 138, 146. 164. 200,201,243 Mason, Eliot E. 76 Mason, Jane Ann 152D, 153 Mason, Mike E. 55, 67, 139 Masten. Tammy A. 88, 91, 96, 108, 201 Masquers 142, 143 Math 1 13 Math Club 150, 151 Matheny, Kent Craig 36, 120, 241 Matthews, Catherine 120 'McAuIil'1e, Frances M. 132 McCormick, Kelly A. 154 McCormick. Mary Jane 18, 19.22.76 McCown, James R, 53 McCrabb, Tammy J, 208 McCracken, David G. 127, 135, 137, 146, 1520, 153, 154,222 McCracken, Greg W. 149 McCullough, Roselle A. 201 McElroy, Micheal F. 49, 165 McElroy, Pat M, 63 'McFerrin, Charles W. 14, 99, 100, 183 McGowen, Jim 73, 82 Mclntyre, Darrin M, 53 McJunkin, Sarah M. 128, 146 McKernan, Carol S. 120 McKinley, Cheri Ann 106, 112, 127, 137,138,139 140, 148, 149,152D. 153,155, 156,157, 163, 164, 200, 201, 226 McMurray, Donna J. 142 McNally, Robert L. 75 McNally, Susan Brenda 138, 139, 148 McNamee, John J. 69 McNamee, Mary K. 30, 31, 88, 90, 91, 194 McWilliams, Robin L. 25 aMeckna, Paul Jr. 103 Meester, Kenneth W, 108 Mehegan. Cathy R. 110, 111, 120 Mehl, Joanne Susan 4, 103, 156. 201 Mehta, Bela 1 16, 221 Meinke, William F. 108, 109 Melnikoff, Michele R. 90, 91, 218 Mepler, Bill 146. 218 4Meredith, Norman 1 14 Mesa, Thomas Michael 54, 65, 137, 152D, 153, 239 Metz, Debbora L. 142 Metz, William A. 108 'Mezzanatto, Steve 135 Micklis, Laurie G. 120 'Miguel, Suzanne 91, 104 Miller, Colleen E. 136 Miller, Craig A. 108, 116, 236 Miller, Donald W. 57, 73, 108, 110 Miller, James A. 236 Miller, John T. 117 Miller, Lucille 88 Miller, Marvin 96 Miller, Susan Marie 18, 19, 88 Miller, Wendy 35 - Mills, D. Elizabeth 116. 218 Milstead, Karen 91, 142 Mireles, Floyd L. 79 Mitchell, Debra D. 141 Mitchell, Tyrone J. 21, 49, 50, 70, 71 Mizenberg, Geri L. 41, 48 Mylnar, Randall D. 85, 128, 146 Modern Dance 106 Modesty, Antonce M. 144 'MoHitt, Billy E. 125, 148 Molloy, Bridget M. 116 Molina, Karen R. 92, 93 Monaghan, Micheal T. 125 Moncayo, Eduardo M. 62 Monk, Laurie Anne 148 Mont omery, Kathleen 120 'Montrella, John J. 54, 55, 66, 6 Moon, M, Gregory 108 Moore, Moore, Moore. Moore, Moore, Adolph Fred 49. 58, 59, 7 Catherine L. 4, 107, 116 Dianna R. 95 James A. 49 Perry Clay 34, 52, 53 Morales, Andrew 53, 63, 73 Morales, Arabel B. 78, 236 Morey, Lynn E. 1 13 Morris, Gregory J. 178 Morris, Reade Stephen 70 Morris, Thomas L. 49, 70, 71 Morrison, William S. 57, 70 Morton, Lisa M. 93 Moser. Paul Steven 55, 64, 65 Moskalenko, Angie 46, 88 Mosley, Kelly K, 120 Mott, Patricia A. 108, 1 10, 1 11 Moyer, Crystal A. 108 Mudd, Lisa A, 140 Muehlstedt, Terry C. 67 Mueller, Donald M. 75 'Mueller, Kenneth 115 Muis, Bonnie Lynn 95 Muns. Dianna M. 218 Murga, Rudi 218 Murphy, Cathy L. 120 Murphy. Karen Sue 108 "Murphy, Patrick F. 24 Murray. Bryan J. 117 Murray, Jereleen R. 43 Musical 122 Mulch, Mulch. Lori Marie 120 Stephen D. 69 Myers, David Lee 156, 200, 201 Myers, Lloyd W. 218 N Napper, Brian William 14, 15, 26, 1 123, 200, 137, 146, l52D,153,164, 201 National Honor Society 146, 147 Nation, Raymond A. 15, 144, 145 Navarro, William A, 52 Nell, Margaret Gail 93 Neidel, Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Mary J. 88, 94, 95 . Connie Jean 95 ,John L. 202,205,239 , Paul A, 54, 55, 64, 65,117 Perry S 82 Neptune, Donna C. 168, 201 Neptune, Steven J, 60 Nerrell, Loren A. 109 Neri. Lisa 28, 30, 128 Nevin, Judith 21, 127, 136D, 137, 146, 147, 150, 179, 180, 200,2 Nicholson, Julie 88 Nickles, Jane A. 39, 88, 137, 138, 1 146, 152D, 153.146, 180,201 Nielsen, Sonia A. 18, 19, 127, 146, 151,152D,153.201 Nikoletich, Joseph K. 49, 62 Norman, Patricia B. 120, 140, 152, Notrica, Kevin Michael 76 Novak, Cheryl Lynn 88, 96 Nuttall, Michelle 18, 19, 120, 139, 1 146,'l48,158,164,179, 200,2 O 'O'Brien, Kathleen B. 100 "O'Brien, Patrick J. 131 'Odell, William M, 58, 99, 105 'Odem, Norman C. 125 Og:-Jjin, Michael C. 129, 149, 150, 2 1 O'Grady, Joy130,131,142,165 O'Hare, Cathi C. 201 'O Hare, Marlene B, 135 O'Hare, Tammi D. 96 Ohl, Richard K. 58, 201 '0hlinder, Carroll 100 Olsen, Daniel Eric 4, 202, 208 Olson, Eric L, 236 Olsson, Peter A. 109 Orel, Steven 69 Oriee, Terrance J. 53, 86, 87 Original Monty Python Society 152 Orloff, Tracey M. 137, 140, 202, 218 Ortiz, Debbie 138, 139, 140 Osborne, Anne C. 108, 219 Other Monty Python Society 152 Ott, Daniel R. 53 Otto, Monique M. 17 Overton, Kimberly S. 147,221,236 Owens, Gary A. 57, 73 Pack. Judy 120 , Lori 116, 218 . Elizabeth 93 e, Matthew 37. 73. 109, 127, 137, 9, 146. 218 e, Ellen 108, 139, 142, 218, 226 z, Steven 202, 218 georges, Nicholas 26, 54, 65, 108, 7, 144, 145. 201, 239 er. Dwight 54. 55. 64. 65. 66. 108 er, Natalie 108 er, Terolyn 24, 45, 109, 110, 144, 5 erhurst, Cathy 237 ons. Patrick 87 is, Shelley 26, 27. 96, 120, 123. 7, 144, 145, 146, 152D, 153. 200. 1 I, Lori 1 10 lson, Denise 30, 95 rson, Carla 120, 137 rson, Jeffrey 76 rson, Gregory 152D. 153, 241 an, Thomas 65 um, Sharon 139 o, Tera 95 dleton, Alison 107 nhall, Delbert 112 nam 109 stars 18, 19 alta, Anthony 52, 53 ez. Craig 22 ez, Glenda 218 ez, Israel 73 kins, John 52, 87 erkins. Marilyn 135 ry, Patrick 65, 67 erson, Eric 29 erson, Paul 127, 146, 147, 152, 185 yton, Desiree 20 ilio 140, 141 illips. David 70.71, 108, 109 ysical Education 104 kens, William 201 rson, Lance 34, 85 ott. Janet 96, 116 e, Jon 175, 200, 201 e, Keith 145 lsbury, Anne 4, 137, 152D, 153, 163, 200, 201 ne, Erinn 14, 15. 96 ant, Janis 120, 138 rter. Mark 218 rter, Shane 22 ss, Lewis 109 otocki, Gloria 18. 105 euss, Beth Ann 145 rice, Mary 100 'de and Beautification 144, 145 rince, Paul 120, 122, 123. 164, 201 rincipal 98 nvette, Michael 58, 62, 63, 85 rofaca, Eric 73. 142, 149, 151 rovince, Timothy 63. 87, 234 ryor, Robert 82, 109 ugh. Scott 62. 63, 87, 234 ursch, Andrea 107, 123 Q uesnel, Lynne A. 128, 139, 236 uestel, Annette M. 146 uignon, Stephen A. 108 uignon, Margaret L. 150, 151 ill and Scroll 146. 147 R Raasch, Daryl R. 52 Race, James M. 108, 226 Race Jeffrey W. 74, 75, 149, 201 Racobs, Cheryl L. 26, 88. 90, 91, 120, 123 Radclitte, lan 55, 67 'Radford. Ernest D. Jr. 75 Ralidis, Kenneth W. 40, 127, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 202,208,218 Rarno, Orelando 53 Ramsdell, William B. 108. 109, 117 Ramsey, Jeri Lynne 236 "Ramseyer, Philip A, 1 12 Randall, Alvin 102, 143 Randall, Donald K. 52 Randall, William 49 Rankin, Lorie K, 87. 95 'Ray, Mariorie 100 Raymond, Randall L. 75 , Raynew, April V. 148, 149, 201 Raynes, Richard J, 75 'Rea. Genevlere S, 135 Reardon. John R. 47 Redner, Paul A. 73 Reed, Ronald R. 52 Reese, Marcie Beth 1 16, 1 17 'Reich, Suzanne D. 100 Reitz, Anthony S. 69 Reizner, Sheryl R. 219 Rennick, Brian M. 120, 123 Reynolds, April M. 45 Richards, Brian S. 120 Richards, Carrie Eola 30, 31, 117, 127, 123, 133, 137, 146, 152D, 153.163, 1 Richards, Michele D, 134. 214 Richards, Peter J. 69 Richards, Phillip T. 53, 144, 149 Richter, Phillip J. 62. 63, 87 Rickenbach. Elise S, 1. 21.127, 137. 142,l47,152D, 201, 238,239,242 Ricketts, Donald F. 20, 40, 144, 202 Ricketts, Patricia A. 120, 130, 140, 142 Ridenour, Piper l-l. 92, 93 Ridgeway, Jeanne L. 237 Rieder, Kenneth J. 55, 66 Rifle Team 78, 79 'Righter. Guy B. 115 Rules, R. Regina 141, 201 Rim. Unshin 6 Rimlinger, Melissa L. 120 Rimlinger, Richard D. 76 Rinearson, Michael D. 25. 108, 109, 117 Rinearson, Nancy 30, 96, 116, 202 Rippetue, Leeann A. 38, 108 Rippy, Beverly L. 208 Rivet, Mandy M. 139 Roach. Sheryl A. 107 Roberts, Joel J. 45, 146, 218 Robertson, Laura D. 24 Robertson. Lawana K, 20, 107, 120, 140 Robinson, Dwayne A. 53, 236 'Robinson, Monreen 135 URobison, Judy 135 'Rodgers, Richard L. 105 Rodrigues, Laurentina 107 Rodrigues, Russell W. 57, 71 Rodriguez, Dan B, 75, 130, 142, 143, 147, 151 Roepke. Stephen C. 63 Rogers, Glenn A. 55, 66, 67 Rogers, Kathy L. 95 Rogers, Linda M. 120 Rogow, Larry L. 108, 109 Rogow, Marvin 73, 108 Rohan, Andrew C. 218 'Rolfing, Alice W. 113 Romo, Jessie C, 57. 72, 73 Rose, James J. 49 Rose, Jessie L. 57, 108, 109, 117 Rose, Sandra 202, 218 Rose, Steven L. 73, 108 Rosen, Mark A. 15, 49, 51, 81, 166, 200, 201 Rosenqvist, Kristin 88. 108, 1 10 Ross, Michael L, 63 Rouch, Rhonda M. 94 Rouse, David P. 62, 63, 87 'Roux, Evelyn B. 115. 138 Rowan, Catherin Anne 120 Rowe. Daniel E. 53, 62, 63, 87 Rudeen, Margaret A. 128 Ruett, James H. 79, 146, 149, 152, 200, 201, 235 Rule, Mark A. 1368, 136C. 144. 145. 166 Rundell, Brent E. 69 Rusinek, Anita M. 90. 91 Rusinek, Julian 54, 55, 64, 65 Russell, Randell 109.131, 218 Russian Club 148, 149 Russnogle, Mark 140 Russnogle, Noel R. 55. 79, 140 Rutz, Michael L. 40, 76 S Sadler, William 53 Sale, Javier 75 Salem, Troy 52 "Salerno, Joseph Salveson. Perika 141 Sanders, Shari 88, 90, 202, 218 Sanford, Donald 53 Savedra, Phyllis 88, 95 Sawyer, Thurston 62, 73 Scanlan, Brian 49, 51, 137,202 Schafer, Melinda 55, 90, 92, 93. 1 16 Schaich, Michael 49, 218 "Schmid, Joseph 125, 148, 149 Schmidt, Dale 57, 70 Schmidt, Darrell 45 , Schoedl. Robert 69 Schorr, David 78, 79, 116, 117, 148, 149, 152,165,201,235 'Schowalter, James 103 Schueller, Dale 75, 202, 218 Schulman, Jay 63, 73 Schultz, Kelly 237 Schwartz, Charles 69 Schwartz, Irma 236 Schweitzer, Theresa 30 Science 102 Scott, Frank 109 Scott, Grace 78, 138, 139 Scoville, Kenneth 142 Seatter, Maru 152D, 153 Sebern, Karen 109, 126 Seckington, Michael 53, B8 Seckington, Michele 90, 91 Severijn, Rory 104 Severns, Richard 69 Seymore, Roy 53, 87 "Sharp, Marque Shaver, Jeffery 25, 55 Shawver, David 103 Shelby, Gina 201 Shepstone, Catherine 120, 122, 145 Sherlock, Lauri 90. 147 Shipman, Pamela 107, 115, 137, 140, 160, 200, 201 Sholtis, Cynthia 30, 218 Siegel, Jeff 142 Silverman, Lindia 109, 110, 111, 138, 139, 146, 148.201 Simmons, Timothy 218 'Simon, Larry 125 Simon, Randall 75 'Simpson, Glen 100 Simpson, Jim 73 Simpson. Sonia 30, 94,95 'Singleton, Paul 105, 144 Sinor, Kenneth 120 Siragusa, Michael 62, 63, 87 Sleep, Susan 127, 146, 202, 218 Sloan, Marc 62, 63 Slomann, Mark 73 Slosar, Robert 75 Small, Pamela Y. 30, 151 Small, Robert J. 29, 75 Smith, Andrea K. 116 Smith, Barbra J. 91, 96 Smith, Brett W, 62, 218 'Smith, Clarence 24, 135 Smith, David J. 54, 55, 67, 120 Smith, Debra K. 120. 122 Smith, Francis A. 34 Smith, Lori A, 79, 96. 146, 148, 150, 201 177. Smith, Maureen E. 107, 140, 1520, 153,' 193 Smith, Shari L. 186 Smith, Stephen Nl. 57 Smith, Susan J. 90, 138, 139,218 Smith, William D. 4. 122 Smock, Lisa J. 149 Smyth, Sandra J. 88. 89, 91, 128, 129. 136,146, 152D. 153 Snow. Carolee A. 91 , 96 Snyder, Hilary D. 120 Snyder. William M. 142 Softball 96 Soldin, Patricia A. 79, 120, 137. 146 Solovei, Howard 57, 221, 236 Sone, Joji 82, 106, 150 'Spaan, Ardrew B. 112, 113 Spanish-French Club 148, 149 Spencer, Amy L. 218 Spencer, Sunae 139, 140, 144, 151, 221. 236 Sports Boys' 48A-87 Girls' 88-96 Springer, Anita M. 106, 116, 140, 146, 150, 189, 197, 200,201 Springer, Timothy 53, 116, 120, 150 Stanwood, Karen A. 15, 30, 127, 136R, 146. 151.202, 203,218 Staxurd, Mary D. 90 Steindel, Behtel S. 108 Steins, John B. 108 Stephen, Mark A, 82, 234 Stark, Daniel J. 69 Stevens, Kelly L. 109 Stevens, Lori R, 44, 45 Stevens, Michelle L. 30, 179 Stever, Kathleen A. 31, 197 . Stewart, Sandra D. 202, 204 Stock. Gregory E. 108, 109 Stone, Gary R. 76 'Stone, Greg 62, 63 Stone, Jeftery A. 82 Stone, Kelly W. 63, 76 Stoner, Nancy A. 15, 20, 106, 137, 152, 153 Stover, Tom J, 38, 75, 171 Strandberg, Eric A. 116 Stribich, Todd A. 55, 66. 67 'Stringfellow, Elmer W., Jr, 144 'Stromberg, Harold 105 Struett, William F. 82 Student Body President 14, 15 Student Council 153 Stutzman, Susan E. 30, 116, 120, 12 "Sullivan, Richard D, 148, 149 Summers, Melvia Y. 109, 110 Sun, Alan W. 81 Sundgren, Karen L. 22, 23 Surane, Debra A. 33, 94, 95 Surane, James W. 52, 53 Sutton, Diana J, 182 Swanson. Robert D. 63, 76 Swanson, Tracy E. 120, 149 Swain, James J. 55 'Swain, Katherine A. Sweeting, Daniel A. 69 Sweeting, Richard A. 49, 129 Swift, Danny D. B7 Swim Club 146, 147 samiAamirm'43. 44 s"g':y'Ql'A 67 seed. Jen 49 GMS. 90' 'Seib, Donald "Se1da, Jim 105, 157 Seils, Lori 117 Sells, Rana 15. 107, 127, 136D, 137, T 140,146, 147, 152D,153.194, 201 Sellers, Michelle 138, 140, 141, 148 Semmens, Roy 108 ' Senior President 152D Talevera. Jose Jr. 52 i Tanner, Jack 55, 220, 236 Tanner, Laurie 216 Tatum, Ricky 48D, 49, 51 Taylor, Deborah 109, 236 Tennis Boys' 74, 75 Girls' 84 Teodosiadis, Stephen 14, 25, 75, 146, 218 Teskey, Gregg 48D, 49 Testa, Gina 30, 106, 120, 140 Thiemens, Margaret 42 Thomas, David 120, 123 Thomas, David 1 17 Thompson, Debra 138 Thompson, Delvin 49 Thompson, Liese 120 Thrash, Timothy 57, 73 Tietter, Carol 14, 15, 42, 96, 127, 146, 202, 203 Tilbury, Janet 33, 202 Tintle, Sallie 30, 106. 139, 140, 144 Tintle, Susan 30, 106, 138, 139, 140, 144. 202 Tisch, Linda 106, 120, 138, 139, 140, 148,201 Toole, Michael 69 Torney, Marcia 15, 88, 94, 95, 120, 138 140, 202, 203 Toshach, Laura 96 Tostado. Marco 87 Towne, William 49, 51 Tozier, Christopher 142 Tozier, Randy 73 Tozier, Tammy 120 Track Boys' 70, 71, 72, 73 Girls' 93 Transportation 24, 25 Traub, John 123 Trias, Anthony 79, 109, 226 Trias, Wilfred 109 Tribble, Lisa 91, 108 Trommald, Scott 80, 81, 82 Trott, Ronald 84. 85, 181 Truax, Jeanie 78 Trudeau, Michael 53 Tsuruda, Ronald 81 Tull. Robert 52 Turley, Marcia 90 Turner, Rosemarie 141 Tyler, James 70, 97 U Uhde, Janet 88, 137, 146, 152D, 5153. 201 'Urbanek, Roland 132, 141 5Uselton, Joan 135 V Vance, Gregory 69 5Van Cleave, Joanne 102 Vandenberg, John 108 Vanduren. Debra 108, 110 Van Duren, Mark 236 Van Horne, Scott 49 Van Sant, Craig 55, 67 Van Sooy, Scott 69, 117 Van Velsen, Michelle 109, 1 10, 137, 139, 146, 173, 201 Varechok, Steven 86, 87 Varechok, Robert 76, 201 Vasishth, Raman 73 tvaughn. Nora 135 Vest, Jamie 139, 142, 144, 221, 236 Vest. Joseph 142 vigil, John 53 Vock. Mark 163 'Vogt Howard 100 Volleyball 88 Vurgun, Oral John 96D W. Waggoner, Byron 49, 81 Wagner, Lori 139, 221, 236 Walker, Jamie 92, 93 Wall, Kim 136D, 137,152D,153 Wallace, Janet 106, 120 Wallace, Randy 49 Wallace, Tyrone 58, 59, 61 Walrod, Wally 85, 133, 149, 152, 160, 177, 200. 201, 240 Wang, Jim 15, 29, 127, 136D, 137, 146, 151, 152D, 153,201 Ward, Leslie 120, 123, 145 'Ward, Lewis 125 Warden, Beverly 26, 27 Warren, Eddie 9, 49, 62, 70, 71 Warriner, Linda 15, 1S,19, 152D, 153. 156, 201 Washington, Brenda 96 Washington, Melanie 108, 115, 141 Washington, Patricia 93, 140 Wassman, Brian 120 Water Polo 54, 55 'Watkins, Merilyn 134, 135 l Weakley, William 73 Weaver, Tim 52. 82 'Webb. Mary 134, 135 Webster, Tom 80, 82 Weedon, Sandra 116 Weiner, Sherri 138, 140, 144, 145, 202 'Welch, lvadene 100 A Welch, Susan 108, 128, 129, 146 5Welcher, Samuel 135 5Weller, Ronald 98, 99 Wells, Scott J, 117, 120, 122 Wells, ScottT, 108, 109 Werner, Richard 142 Werner, Sandi 30 West, Lorri 132 Whalley, Matthew 205. 232 Wheat, Jett 201. 236 Wheat, Robert 53 Wheaton, Cindy 100, 106. 140. 201 Whitaker, Robert 52 Whitten, Gary 108 Wicker. Karen 30 Wilcox, Ed 86, 87 Wilkins, Mary 30, 31, 88. 240 Wilkinson, Bruce 57, 73, 117, 120, 218 Wilkinson, Debra 30 Willey, David 108 Williams, Bruce 63, 73 Williams, Connie 144 Williams, Curtis 149 Williams. Eddie 52, 70 Williams, Kevin 149, 151 Williams, Lynn 30, 88, 93, 146, 202. 218 ' Williams, Michael 108 'Williams, Richard 115, 128 Williamsen, Ruth 91, 96 Williamson, Chuck 8, 49, 51, 85, 99, 128. 146. 165 Wills, John 120. 123. 149. 154, 201 wii1s,wiiiy 62 Wilson. Deborah 30. 92, 93 Wilson, Rhonda 108 Wilson, Theresa 102, 139 Winchester, Jill 90, 91 Windell, Laura 90, 91 Wirls, Shirley 100 Wisniewski, Virginia 105 "Wolfe, Thomas 103, 189 'Wood, Janet 115 Wood, Lance 55 Woodard, Scott 108 Woolbright. Matt 49, 58 Wolf, Lloyd 960, 142 Woolston, Karen 30 Worthington, Lisa 36, 113 Wrestling 80, 81, 82, 83 Wuliger, Deborah 218 Y Yadon, Stacey L. 42 Yadon, Vickie 30, 100, 106, 120 Yamasaki, Jami 54, 67, 108, 218 Yamashita Dale S, 58 Yamashita, Naomi M. 30, 33, 88, 139, 202. 218 Yano, Mark G. 76, 218 Yates, Chris P. 85, 86, 87 Yeaton, Gordon S. 29. 62, 63 Yi, Robert 79 Yoakam, Janine L. 94, 95 Yohn, Larry T. 137 York, Sheri M, 95 'Yoselo1f, Joseph 133 Young, Lawrence E. 14, 15, 32, 142, 144, 149, 201 Young, Patricia S. 120, 138. 139 Young, Paul 70, 108, 109 Young, Robert W. 109 Young, Tracy C. 106 ' Yramategui, Michael 57, 70 Z 'Zar-narripa, Francisco J. 78, 79 Zambrano, Roldolfo C. 75, 79 Zapp. Geraldine B, 202, 218 'Zelsdorf, Lois M. 98, 99 Zill, Nancy J. 201 Zimmerman, Alvin D. 73 'Zirnmerman, Darrell 53, 71, 93,105 'Zimmermanm Forrest V. 125, 197, 239 Zinger, Theodore B. 55, 66 Zinn, Melissa J. 15, 30, 42, 202 Zion, Mark 57, 73 Zwaal, Sandra A. 236 'i'Certificated and Classified Staff ...da 247 Dennis J. Albert Pamela Jean Arnold James P. Baker Randy J. Bellamy Steven D. Bensman Debra Biddle James Earl Black Diana L. Bordin Vincent Boyd William J. Brennan Jeffrey Brodie Timothy J. Bryant Diane M. Campbell Sherry L. Case Walter Cawley Michael Chacon Steve R. Conley Valerie Lynn Coughr John L. Cowan John Clarence Cox Steven S. Cress Kevin Cummins an Margaret Cunningham Linda J. Davis Ronald K. Defrates Margaret Dejoseph Daniel Dorame F. Richard Edmonds David V. Enge John T. Erickson Anthony D. Faraclas Rebecca Faught Non-Pictured Graduates Edward Ferguson Layne T. Gerl Timothy J. Golt Demetria Goodwin Kathleen Gorospe David Graham Kurt A. Guthman Bridgette Hall Kent A. Hayward Harold J. Hicks Donald B. Holloway Ray Howard Norman Hughes Michael Jagoda Charles A. Jarvis Eddie N. Johnson John P. Johnson Keith H. Jones Brian Kidder Ken King Sybrina King Vera B. Knox James D. Ladd Richard Lawton Judy Lewis Keith Long Jose A. Luciano Kurt Mannery Catherine Massich John F. Massich Maureen Matthews Paul Merry Acknowledgements Sam Mesa Debra Mitchell Adolph Fred Moore Thomas Morris Pepe Morton Patricia Nash Michael Neer David Nejdl George O'Keefe Richard Potter Alex Powers Doug Priest Joanne Ramsey Michele Raven Terry J. Reitz David Requa Scott Reynolds Regina R. Riles Jeannie fUnshinJ Rim Morris Silverstein Shawn L. Standiford Laura Sutton David Taitano Byron A. Taradena James Tenningkeit Robert G. Varechok Paul Pryor Wallace James S. Weiherer Beth Anne Whalley Christopher Whitney Michael G. Wilken Photographic Assistance: Mr. Morris Adger, Paul Freedman, Jim Haddy, Nick Papageorges and Mr. Bill Seils. Picture Locations: El Dorado Park Nature Center, Queens Park Long Beach Con- vention Center, Bixby Ranch, Flowers By Morris, The Book Emporium, lda's Dress Shop, Los Alamitos Florists, Great Western Savings and Loan, Nettis Color and Curl, Thrifty Drugstore, Lakewood Florist, Friar Tux Shop, Gridley Avenue Dairy, Stan Miller Sailboats, and Lakewood Bullocks. Special Aides: Barbara Bartley, John Bordeaux and Stage Crew, Mr. Pete Hansen, Albert L. Vestermarkd D.D.S., Mr. Martin Wang, Mr. Al Larson, Independent Press Telegram and the Los Angeles Times. I.. Non-Pictured Graduates and Acknowledgements . ,5f2'?f'7Z?Z5 f A ,Q Zswcmzif GXOMM 704422 mm? ww WW' WM? 21455 W5 15WM'7 J gh We M! LW M JM bQ0kcf-.f ymfsx ldv 4130 M -A Jie WZ! 07 WMM ' JM M ?J LJ aff - 'fx X ' I 0T6 Wl'5 DW6Q7VL',iiv6wQji?6 .JL30 if X .en W0 0 Pg 4!.Q5f'0O lNGES ' CHANGES ' CHANGES ' x. L ,K . .gi !4:L ' ' Shoe Boxes For Secrets C No Hall Decorations ,Q X Decline in Enrollment-2697 if Larger Classes g Fewer Teachers- 120 jf- Library Carpeting ND 3 X Price Changes CmiIk,applesJ M, . Cut Back On Sports +49 Ci Girls Sports Iron-Lady fe gg MQ New Parking Stickers New Pay Phones 55 7 'fig AX " L. W5 More Clubs up g N' Q Revised Voting For Queen V NewCIass Rings X- 'ij cieseutrsnine ,R CQ ,L New Gym Clothes 'Q A Fewer Rallies H '91, New Mascot Heads ci A jx' 'f L ARIES Price Rises S New City Hall fl-5 Q, 5 at P New Main Library if :E ,y Lakewood Men XX Plaza Theater Closes A 17-E A Greek Theater Closes 5 W ix E --,. l Increase in Mopecls L i My Q jg' 5 6' C Star Wars ' C QQ' J is " Charlie's New Angel UQ O 2 if? Q , '- Q LJ Less T.V. Violence 'U 77 5 5 Double Pierced Ears if 3 35 Boots Are Back f j ' J- 'f, Q6 T P McDonald's Sundaes Q - 'and ,'oo i, yt it it T much it Y 2 "tl more. . . it g H 3 ey.. t,.y y -o o GE IS ' CHANGE IS ' CI-IA GE If is is-ll-:L , ja -'sw-: LQ- x 1 , 1 5 I . . , A, gf. 2 , ,,, . . -1 -. '- -.11 -f + Eh 1 Q 1 -l 51.31, 2 ' - ' ," f '-2 . , , , -.. , Y' 1 ll' 1 ' 7 ,A , if gif uf P, j 5 , K :Q - 5 ' f ig v ? Z K, , 3 V Iv 1 I E -H ff 1 f Q 'f ' 'K A X' U . fi ' - Z '.f m -' gi- 1 . ' fn ', 1 1 ' - V-'V 1 -, T " -1 '75 ' i 1 ' . K 5 2 'I .' - if 11 , , X , , . ,, f . , y f V I - , - 1 ! x 1 , A yy I ,QF '- ., I.- H t V, ' 1 " .W 4 0 f F M J . 1.14. v M lfnfw, Znt1,3Je L 5 5, ggi ' -an .. .g. .4 ,.-,'.n , ,, Y' , J. Iv J f - ' 1 g 1. W, A, ' , .. 4. -' I t , ' .vmfivf ,A -2-Q "--P Y' Rfk- I I xfxsln. 'ff' - 1 ,x A , ery. il ,..x-555. , , A. y . W -. ,- - -. 1 9 5 4- xi tv f ff' . 'QQ ' 5 .54 ' V 2, tux 'K , I5 Be ' ' I 52 H97 X 5 1 'Q' I Ag, : ' ' lk, A 1 K l w xx . 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Suggestions in the Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) collection:

Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Millikan High School - Aries Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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