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ffffaifjefff-1 MQ i ffm,2'l.qff5Qv WWW aw? l 0: whiff MAJ ggi, jfiwyafifw gs? MM ,M VCP 5 S J is lg x , t t I , ,R kww , IW! af ff . A p,f wh Q 64744 JH jim , X f KCC 5 yvf X' 7 Nf ,7 V J ,wff '.xT.!f 'Jw PQ V Q u Qi? f 3 JW XX -if Q .K' A . X7 ,gig if ' A if E K 2 ' I sv J . NJ q. j,.i'V" , A Jji?a,:4M3i1.L1a+irL 5Fffj,iT7w'bW3K.,.JQ,1 JM 2 dljlamaq f, 1WW Lf A WM JMJJ-oe , I jjj cu ,ummm 'M WW S WH fqwpdzfbksiu ' 'I 4' W YMM 53? A J Mil V f " ,M A 'K W A yf ,,:Ljl W,1iW3M+f i ,ff .J - U4 pull? M 3 Q Jw ff J aff 5 v ki 955 ?ff'! . v-, . V X . x ' J 'f 'ZF Q41-'kiluie WM. iA9""40ww-M ' bWX4Mw Q? 62 J .V ,jQ, ff Qfiijgf ' j ay Vw ff? I 1 'iVV.,f A V , 2 'awfffi gf ,f ,,Nmff,fZ51,f J A b Qgffh M l WJ' W A W W "?lf,Yg"HT,Q1, J? 555 3 Q M M , -- 144 Q R5 tv xg H , sa 2 ,' n, K ,lf , .iff I 1 pl L7 I N F -L, 1 M f V 4 b by 1 ' L" . - 1 if A u , -. , Y e r I E fA'ri-ezj ROBERT A. MILLIKAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL s 2800 Snowden Avenue LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA , ,auf ' alta M' L7 I , f . ' , if ,li H aL"filL,f5-,flgq V . a . lf! M7,MLf"I E I I ff-ff ' ,N ali ll 4' it , f an tal 'lm ,T I . YEAR 1956-5'7 my .uv-J :SH- B . I 4 v mu. N ws .V NMMA JL , A' f 0 ' J TSIHQQ-0'iV. ' A ffl' ' RC BJJSHVZPWMX . xf , x x ' X ziggy B JF' QS y popular vote, the name, "ARlES", commonly known as the Sign of the Ram, was chosen as the V M name of this publication. The winning name was submitted by Suzanne Dean and won the support - X of the student body. - cp I 5 gg Q V 605440-nl . X .-f'fH5:f'f-r I if R I6 CUt.iA-f " ' I . , wow mel Que ,I 4' IIUXAJ-QI fvws-,Q MR. KENNETH L. HASKINS W' tiifniiltlso ss X ' x CONTENTS VM - 10 an Administration 8 Faculty Q. U -X-XT'-'-'T""""" s seniors . kc 'tn 222518 it Underclassmen . Clubs S Activities Q ,. z'r-,sites '5-384590 5-Jac Ivy, '2'v:2v,Q' SPOITS 'N Qg.'n- efs ZZ '23 :gigs o o'Gl5 as '- -.yggj HH ., - Advertising wx Gps l X , 32 iss? is N. QQ ,A-3 J, ' , -- ' X 'x v rg N f - ff P , wN"... 'U , MC 1' q 7 41244 1, fix 4 V F . L ver it , ' ' - f L I ta " 4 L flf' I lk Q I 'L' , M C , if 1 'IW L1 L '. fi, , . . - L ' - V -- , 1 C L t. L I V. v 1 L- V A i J. ! .L I 'SK K K ,A ' L w X V A r, K 'X . L I' 1 A x V x ' ! 1 . L ,f .L ff- , FQR'EWOR.D,. 4 1' fx- if ' 2 r L ,1 L f rt- " I v . if ' X ., gf 4 , H: I ll" 1 v From out of the drifting rooms and lfdmout of the unintls of men, 3 X Robert ll. Millikan Senior High School' lose to symbolize the genius of vnan. I , It began as a shapeless mass of metal, contretei and steel, but ,upon cpmpletionlg 'Y it is a composite of many new end mpdem- ideas of facility and tlesign. W , V ' lb , I I-'ff 'V K, Millikan was completed in the fall of 1956. Comprising the first V .V faculty and student body were twenty-six hundred twenty-two students of which B, twelve hundred seventy-eight were sophomores, nine hundred 'sixty-two were, ,- , ,f N juniors, and three hundred eighty-two were seniors. The faculty consisted of f W cy sf' fx ninety-six instructors and four administrators. I . F I V L ,yt U L 'l" ' it lt is the fervent hope that the student body will truly appreciate and V 7 I Q Q' 4' r ' is t ,, ' protect these buildings and grounds as well as take advantage of the instruction by , Lx,'ff . 43, offered here to win renown across the nation. 4 L ' M1 ev . ,P e fc or 1- 'QJJ '- This modern institute of learning is man's investment in the Youth of today in the hope of perpetuating the wisdom of the past and insuring the .N my strength of tomorrow. : K , A C' it , f . 9 I R l U " A 5 ' . 66' .ye I W NUU . 1 v' r MA Qs l jyjlwwwww M asf Wg eesfwll .egme Dk 7331 CQ of we ' 4 WMWP' 'WW fM2?eWf5.9,,.2',w2 - '-"""" G - .- . 5, .I , QQ 4 M Y' 'ig' 'Q , vikf? . ' ' 'ff i , xx Q x A N? - .. gl CD QM, ' ' WQNQ L5-X, 'CW-in i 'M Guy, YLDCK X, ,S ,, W if x iw f QW, ' J' Q We-W Q sh ix 'NM Y . 5 Q M M, vp 1 YTQX V 'M 1-LM, X6 , .9 A Sw fx. :gal ,. , ge . 1 1 NM., V Vt , ' Q L5 P ff QLL'1M,vZ A ., Q S, -ff V- 1 TLD L I Q' y ' ff' A Q 'J CD Y 2 QW f' Q 4 - ,g A fa Q ix'-X . NS' ,. ' 6,9 guy V N K 01' I fi , , V J ?'fVu,,,f 5. If 5' J 4--'F chi X 4: M,-f" x "T 9' 1 j 5 , br 9:3 ,f,gM tM? V 'Q' A f Q5 riff Ex WJ' 271. K N :E J' 7f'Ef"' if ' M Q, M, , , 7. W wb VX. ' ar '3 Ji 1,9 Q V be . x -x 5-ZH YH .' , rf,- , M ,ff fx ' 1 Q' ff ,J 'ff' f,.,Q., l'C1',f"""", A ,. , 1 ,Q 5. Q if'-' "Qs v 'Kms : ,xx As X S- , ,Q mf Q in 'SVS H S" H' Q V Yr' A A Q X 'i35.'3?Y, 'Wfwxfx?,g x 'X N I A, Q f 'W Q 3' Q Q N S I .1 gs 2 s as X 5 i git? S Q 9 1 'il toimi S 5 A aw A T 2 xi , ',a,y5irs,,5" .Q 6 ' 4 ' . ,K I . I 'fav -5 . 'vfs Pix' ' - . 'A' fy. ,xvf , ,' , ' I s Q . , 5 A ,QNX ff - x. A ,M xv ' 0 8 X -' ff N , iw .VV 3 '9 fbi Y . g, s 1' ,sf S x ww ww ? gf gy W.X,,MXlf""ff , I is 3 x f ft, Y 1 Q- V M N f X N X We wx 2,2 A 5 ' ' ,IQQS f' V ,f if Ifvvxi I Nj ff A! af "?'Z 1 r A .X A ' ' Q V OHJ: My W 'GMX cf fp! f'f,f',fLeXLV' . Y ' f V K, ,ivy I' A it X xi ,, x ff 5? Q 5 xx If ff "Ax iff' if "" gf .. 42 . A f' f f fi R p G f ff js f x A J R " A Q " : K , f it ff J ffgf , A, f"f ffiifgzf' W2'-Q"G" f fry? MF f J, if. yf f b 1, A fi. All lp '3l",M7 r ' b . Q , 1 if .FJ I AUDITORIUM J, A, 1, 1' , X I 7,1 1 I ' , ,f f I I kd Q 5, f l f f f ' ' 1 I X ff K i f 'fzv I 1 PATIO M ig If X wwf! ff0b'WU I W ff W: I I JW' M! A ff I f I BW? if IM ,jig SOCIAL LIVING ., SOCIAL LIVING 81 LIBRARY INDUSTRIAL ARTS Ki N 35 X Q 3 Q sw PATIO Q 13 F M 4, Mfyff A A N ' , ,Mum J mfffifjff M lop, Y AUDITORIU WALKWA j , 2 Q A Q A S .bf 4, 5 Q 3 5 3 X 'Lf .. : ,fry I b H :2-- . . zzi Efik- :.. ,..,.,,:,:,2.,., , 'Q G .,,,: I 5. .,,: .Z ,.., X s.g. X .. i 5. ' E5. zz., ,V,,, 1,,.:,,A :::: . x, 4. ,, P FACULTY S ADMINISTRATION 73,6350-. W J QM MQMMQRH Mfg MW' ww ww X X Lffefxwa AEC Xia Via 9 ,X Z W X ppc... FOUNDER ROBERT ANDREWS MILLIKAN 1868- 1952 The name "Robert A. Millikan Senior High School" was bestowed upon this new school, which is honored in living memory of a great American. He was Robert A. Millikan who taught at the University of Chicago, was Director of the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics and Chairman ot the Executive Council of the California Institute of Technology between 1921 and 1945. From 1922 to 1932, he was the United States Representative to the League of Nations' Committee for Inter- national Cooperation. Dr. Millikan was awarded the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physics for his pioneering work in light and electricity. He was also noted lor his work in other fields of physics and his authorship of text- books in this field. His work included investigations on the penetrating power of cosmic rays and also on the absorption ot the X-ray. His name is linked to those of Madame Curie, Roentgen, and Einstein. He is said to have striven to make the world a better place in which to live and to have contributed more than most men to this end. lt is from the first initials ot his name that the R.A.M. is lormed, giving the "Ram" symbol for Millikan teams and the astrological name "Aries" for this publication. DEDICATION l 1 1 ? L l E Hnnnv ,. Moons ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT This book is dedicated to Mr. Harry 1. Moore, who stands as a symbol for all those who contributed their knowledge and skills to the building of Robert A. Millikan Senior High School. It was upon his desk where the efforts of those unselfish farsighted people were synthesized into a workable plan for the layout of this school which would serve those best who would partake of its educational opportunities as years pass. The youth of today can express what they desire, but the planners of Millikan had to visualize and provide for the fulfillment of desires and ambitions of yet unborn generations. ln sincere appreciation, Mr. H. J. Moore, thanks are expressed to you and those teachers, administrators, and parents whose accomplishments shall live long into future generations. The torch of knowledge has been lit. May the present generation fan it into a glowing flame for all those who come to Millikan in the years ahead. EATON 0. BEMIS PRINCIPAL The administration of a six million dollar educational plant is a task demanding leadership of the highest order. The multitude ot problems en- countered in launching such a proiect required a man of outstanding qualities and achievement. Mr. Eaton 0. Bemis was the logical choice in view ot his many years of experience in the schools of Michigan and California. He has been a teacher, counselor and administrator at many levels of education. He earned his under- graduate degree at Michigan State Normal College and his master of arts from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Prior to assuming his duties at Robert A. Millikan Senior High School, Mr. Bemis was Superintendent of the Lakewood School District and more recently Principal of Woodrow Wilson Senior High. This wide experience has contributed to his competency in educational leadership. ll man of torceful character and possessed of the highest ideals, Mr. Bemis has proven himself equal to the tremendous responsibilities placed upon him. Millikan is fortunate indeed to be led by such a man as Mr. Bemis. PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Early on September 11, 1956, the first day of the first year of Millikan High School, a boy entering its portals looked about him and murmured in awe, "lt's fabulous!" Since that morning I have been privileged to observe many hundreds of students in their daily rounds, accepting and using well these marvelous facilities for top quality citizenship, superior intellectual achievement, high moral standards, and excellent physical development. In a few instances I have seen this birthright reiected and despised. Many times I have thought of W. D. Foulk's poem, "The City's Crown." Substituting "high school" for "city", I have repeated to myself "What makes a high school great? Huge piles of stone Heaped heavenward? Vast multitudes who dwell Within wide circling walls?" ---- "True glory dwells where glorious deeds are done, Where great men rise whose names athwart the dusk Of misty centuries gleam like the sun!" Here about us are superlative educational opportunities. We have the "huge piles of stone heaped heavenward" and also the best furnishings within. Where much has been given: it is right and iust that much be expected in return. These mometns in time have been saved. They are ours, conserved, unspent, reserved tor what we shall do with them. Let us see to it that our new school does not become tarnished and unlovely like new silverware laid away in the dark, but because of wise and diligent use be bright and shining in the reflected glory of tasks well done and great men risen - "So may the high school that I love be great Till every stone shall be articulate." E. 0. BEMIS, Principal THE TRPGNE PDNNXNXS ST PRF WS G. YENYNELL 0.0 M.S.D Sk W-.e-YxXmImaX Southvlestem Sewage B. R D ee eg: NLS xska K So. Sahkonixa egtee D ESLXNGER NRRL?-ND . P-sixstauk ?1XmIx9aX 0. oi 50. Gdxionixa .Degas COUNSELORS WILMA J. HAYMAN Head Counselor B. Ed. Degree W RICHARD E. FAIRCHILD CYRENE E. BLACKMAN INEZ W. LEHMAN Univ. of Idaho U. of So. Calif. Stanford University M. S. Degree M. S. Degree M. A. Degree Science Bus. Educ. Soc. Stud. DONALD L. GREENFIELD IRMEL 0. PADGHAM Columbia University U. of So. Calif. M. A. Degree M. S. Degree Soc. Stud. English Miss E. Weiherman has recently returned from an extensive tour of Europe. Dur- ing her stay in England she studied un- der a Ford Foundation Fellowship at Shakespeare Institute at Stratford on Avon and at Cambridge University. Iowa Etate Tchrs Col. B. S. Degree Homemaking 3 9 VIRGINIA S. CUTLER ,Q . ORVILLE B. CURTIS Univ. of Iowa M. A. Degree Social Studies DORIS DOUGHTY U. or So. Calif. M. S. Degree Phys. Educ. ALBERT K. DOWNS U. of So. Calif. M. of Fine Arts Deg. Art NORLYN S. DULL La Verne College B. A. Degree Math FRANK I. OCHOA U. of C., L. A. M. A. Degree Foreign Language MICHAEL A. PAPPONE Long Beach St. Col. M. A. Degree Music WILLIAM PATTERSON Springfield College M. Ed. Degree Phys. Educ. ARNOLD REINERTSON U. of So. Dakota M. of Bus. Educ. Bus. Educ. ARTHUR F. STEINER U. of So. Calif. M. S. Degree Industrial Arts NEIL VAN STEENBERGEN U. of So. Calif. M. A. Degree Social Living ELEANOR M. WEIHERMAN U. of Illinois M. A. Degree English ROBERT E. HUNT Dir. of Activities U. of Kansas B. A. Degree Soc. Liv. 81 Phys. Educ. Mr. Robert Hunt, the Activities Director, has been the main force behind the promotion of the many enjoyable as- semblies and other varied activities en- joyed throughout the 1956-57 school year. DEPARTMENT HEADS FRANK W. STEWART U. of So. Calif. M. S. Degree Science 3 4 XXX 9' ax. , 5-13 X , mx S M51 ..:.:2 Q3 .. 'mug w .gk .a sm ,si iw. S We N ix Y ' M ., :. H 15 S 4,.Q Q hh . Q 1' rv .S ASQUN S L 54 anew A-N ' - Ffkxka ex x 2'QifE'2es 2 -W LEONARD R. WINES MAY C. W00 IOSEPH YOSELOFF ESTHER M. BENSON Long Beach St. Col. San Diego St. Col. Univ. of Iowa U. of Minnesota M. A. Degree B. A. Degree luris Doctor M. A. Degree Soc. Liv. 81 Sr. Prohs. Science Att. Coun. 8. Soc. Stud. Soc. Liv. 81 Soc. Stud. WYABQNN we gg is S? we MPS Qer - i f - me .wa y -'-' A- ', X A 1 A 5.9 , wwfy . ' Q 5 ,. tg SS' ,fill ee . assi . '-.,., ,.., . . Fifi? , t Mrs. Esther Benson is now on sabbatical leave in Europe. FACULTY LIBRARY STAFF 'lm .1 J ..... ,W b .ff 2. '.,' "r1 1 -1:e .i - v.-,, K.: v 725: 22 X "i... CAROLYN C. BURCH MARIORIE E. RAY VIDA SNOW U. of So. Calif. U. of Minnesota U. of So. Calif. M. ol Library Sci. B. S. in Library Sci. M. of Library Sci. Head Librarian Librarian Librarian GLEE CLUB ACCOMPANIST NURSES CONNIE 1. McBADE CATHERINE T. KENNEDY MISS FAYTHE FOTl0N College of the Pac., Stockton U. ol C., Berkeley Long Beach St. Col B. of Music B. S. 81 P. H. N. Degrees B. S. Degree School Nurse Registered Nurse ADMINISTRATION OFFICE MISS B. ANN STEVENS Secretary, Counselors' Office MRS. ARTICE C. NICOLAUS Secretary lo the Principal MRS. FRANCES P. JENSEN Secretary, Vice Principal's Office MRS. MARTHA M. SPICER Clerk, Counselors' Office l TELEPHONE OPERATOR MRS. LILIQQ R. BEDS IW FT . I X2 'N X O I N ct SSIFIED I sl W lk If IX I ., 33 JNXX. 3 . ATTENDANCE OFFICE MRS. GERALDINE WOODRUFF Activities Clerk MISS MARLA I. MOUNT K y Punch Op t MRS HELEN S MAPES All d C k CARETAKERS Top Row: Niles Alwine, John May, Jack Diamond, Nick Cirivella, Hubert Simons, Altha Wilkinson, Martha Lucas, William Rusk. Bottom Row: Warren Dunbar, Ralph Bagby, Clifford Heaney, John Gulick, Kermit Reynolds, Joseph Skonberg. 5 2 I ICI!! STUDENT BODY BANKER Mas. LOUISE M. THoMPsoN PERSCNN EL Ri CAFETERIA STAFF Back to Front: Mary Meyer, Bernadette Littlejohn, Ethel Niedermyer, Blanche Hale, Marjory Brown, Betty Jane Berg- strom, Grace Lawder, Isabell McConnell, Manager, Ann Seman, Monica Scharfen, Elizabeth Ward, Emma Jackson, Rose Meyer, Viola Pelland. Background: Frina Van der Haar, Range Woman. if vd""" " .V ' A - 'ty 4 Q W NY A5-I, ,ee V2 -., I9 'z ,K .ff ,WHILE ,ff z E 45 "W-M ' +6 4 5 Ai 35,2 W, if a 'Sn , fm 0. Yf fig if X 4 'askzx A garvm 'qEwe,5'Yl? 4 Qw, My , 'z ff- 22, Vg if , i ff cw, sg 'SSX Q, 'TQ .1 'ay H cf? ,' ii , N, x ' R , 3" x o Swv llemulluzzzpnser 3 lwmplmuurs I nmulmmqa lszzaunfmun-5 xnmnlwzngm manllmanuqgg X lmanllamlnm .XI ,N QW ,dpi 55 M f 1 f -1, F , ,,:L gww aww W"""'-f-...WW 4 X , 1 'f, SENIORS 1 -ff 1 fl if fu 1? S445 , ' g IZ., , L f I' ' ,i-W0 If .lm 'f ' Y fn I i cf If . ,1 1 .I X' V" Z3Z.ffW'i W 7 I M 1 V fd - ,Lf - ff V, RL, ff J OZ ' wwf X46 2452 '!74',AZf4f4 42227642 fps ijiifwf V A41 ,Q M442-JI' M244 fr ffmf !,A, f WM, OWL, I7 l I gf,.,,.V if 21 ff xg! X tif? 1 ,?l0M7iA X, ff Aj LfVZ04j f , A I 4 1, A ,Xf,ff WUJW, , Q -51? 0, fjf9 ,-LL, , X 1 og 'A A ,f f , ujvilf UJ- Tb +L ,,,4 M444417 JI WS X R K. I I 1 Q 1 5 fi' .J ' an lg' , lf , Q, JQ3f15ffQWf W, CLAPLL-W". , M793 f W , 'V ',L7 ' Mai llly jjlf, ly ,L ll! ,Q Jfw A fu. 7 ,ff wfUb f'ffy 2,1 ,LM X K . I K .I XL! ,U r !0Q!lff PX Q ,f LM! UL M 7' ,Lf ab JEANNE GRENIER President Advisors: Mrs. M. Woo Mr. C. Krepcoe Mr. J. Gunning SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL FALL BONNIE HICKS Vice-President SHARON KNOITS Secretary SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL - FALL Top Row: Gertrud Estermann, Dee LeCIair, Nancy Bartlett, Dorothy Carter. Bottom Row: Judy Myers, Bonnie Hicks - V-Pres., Jeanne Grenier - Pres., Ellen Freedman, Sandy Seguin. SENIOR CLASS CCUNCIL SPRING DAVE RADFORD President GERTRUD ESTERMANN Vice-President Advisors: Mrs. M. Woo SHARON KNOTI'S Mr- C- Krengve Secretary Mr. I. Gunning SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL - SPRING Top Row: Dave Radford A Pres., Gertrud Estermann - V-Pres., Dorothy Carter, Edith Pierce, Dee LeCIair, Nancy Bartlett, Bottom Row: Judy Bennett, Ellen Freedman, Lynne Sparks, Sandy Seguin, Bonnie Hicks, Jeanne Grenier, Judy Myers. First Graduating Class DIANE ABRAMS General Trans. from Jordan. Jr. Red Cross, Girls' League, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee, Modern Dance Club, G.A.A., Student Store, Panthers Club. LEA ADKINS General Trans. from Texas. F.B.L.A., Jazz Recordings. JERRY ALFORD General Trans. from lordan. MICHAEL H. ALLEN College Trans. from Wilson. Philosophy, Jazz Recordings. RONALD M. ALLENEGUI Industrial Arts Trans. from Banning. Jazz Recordings. LARRY DEAN ANDERSON College Trans. from Polytechnic. J.V. Football, Class Representative, J.V. Basketball, Fire Captain, V. Football, A Cappella Boys Glee, Water Polo, Lettermens' Club, Baseball, Football Club, Youth Day Repre- sentative to Bank of America. ALAN LEE AUSTIN College Trans. from Wilson. Chess Club, Basketball Club, Flag Football. VIRGIL BALDWIN College Trans. from Jordan. Scholarship, Radio. PATRICIA BALESTRA College Trans. from Jordan. G.A.A., Bowling, Skating, Swimming Club, Science Club. KAREN BANSEMER College Trans. from Wilson. Newspaper, Art Club, Teenage Club, Girls' League Representative, Cosmopolitan Club, Friendship, Publicity, Art-Decoration. BURTON H. BARNETT College Trans. from Wilson. Jr. Statesmen, Jazz Recordings. CAROL BARRON College Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club, FBLA. NANCY LOUISE BARTLETT College Trans. from Wilson. FTA, Card Section, Big Sisters, Riding Club, Bruinettes - Secretary, Jr. Statesmen, Kidettes ,LegisIature, Sr. Class Council, FTA Secretary Alt., Girls' League, Legislature - Sec'y. MONTE BASSETT College Trans. from Polytechnic. JV Football, V Track. JUDY BEAR College Trans. from Wilson. Beg. Tennis, FBLA, Art Club, Stage Crew, Stage Crafts. SHARON SUE BEAVER General Trans. from Jordan. EVA RAE BEELER College Trans. from Wilson. Card Section, Ski Club, Jr. Statessmen. JUDY BENNETT College Trans. from Wilson. Art Club, Thalians, Dads' Club Show, GAA, Girls' League Committee, Beta Phi Omega, Aries, Corydon, Ski Club. ROBERT BENTLEY College Trans. from Wilson. Electronics Club, Boys' Drill Team, Military Police, Color Guard, Legislature BETTIE BLAKELEY College Trans. from Paso Robles. Future Homemakers of America, Pep Club, Girls' League, Big Sisters, Corydon Staff, Scripters, Sr. Class Council. DON BLANKENHORN College Trans. from Jordan. DICK BOLGER College Trans. from Wilson. Swimming Club. NEIL BOWE General Trans. from Wilson. SHARI RHEA BRADBURY General Trans. from Wilson. Jr. Statesmen, Ski Club, GAA, Spanish Club, Soc. Dance, Prog. Jazz, Zeus Welfare. DON BROCKERT College Trans. from Jordan. GENE BROESAMLE College Trans. from Wilson. Electronics Club, Bowling, Chi Sigma. CHARLES BROOKS College Trans. from Polytechnic. Radio, Electricity 8. Television, Rifle Club, Rifle Team, German Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Aries. CAROLYN BROWN General Trans. from Wilson. Bowling Club. JOAN RUTH BROWN Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Suri Welfare, Jazz Recordings. GLADYS BUTT Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Big Sisters, Art Club, FBLA, Girls' League, Soc. Dance, Long Beach Youth Council, Canteen Sec'y. DELBERT CAIN College Trans. from Wilson. German Club, Philosophy Club. GLORIA CALHOON College Trans. from Jordan. GERALD L. CAMERON College Trans. from New London, Conn. Chess Club, Spanish Club, Key Club. RICHARD CAREY General Trans. from Jordan. Auto Shop, Sword 81 Scabbard. DOROTHY CARTER College Trans. from Jordan. Girls' League Comm., Boosters, Drill Team, Pepsters Head Flaggirl 84 Pepster, Scholarship, Salus Welfare, Delta Sigma Phi, Skating Club, GAA, Jr. Statesmen, Parliamentarian, Sr. CI. Council., Legislature. CARLOS CESPEDES College Trans. from Leavenworth High School, Leavenworth, Kansas. Cosmo- politan Club, Rifle Team. PETE CHESMAR General Trans. from Jordan. B.T.D., Cooking. BRYCE CHIESA College Trans. from Compton High. Water Polo, Swim Team. BARBARA CLARK College Trans. from Wilson. Spanish Club, Girls' League, J.R.C. PHILLIP CLEMENS General Trans. from Marshalltown Sr. High, Marshalltown, Iowa. Naturalist Club. DRECIA ANN COHEN College Trans. from Wilson. Legislature, Latin Club, Jr. Statesmen, Jr. Cl. Council, Prog. Jazz, Jordan Boosters, Soph. Cl. Council, Girls' League, Modes 8. Manners, GAA, Hostess Comm. RUBY COLLINS College Trans. from Lynwood High. GAA, Boosters, Prog. Jazz. RICHARD S. CONKLIN General Trans. from Wilson. DICK COOMBS College Trans. from Jordan. THOMAS CORCORAN College Trans. from Wilson. Sigma Chi. RALPH CORNWELL College Trans. from Wilson. Art Club, Music Club, Stage Crew, Drama 81 Talent Show, Swimming Team. DENNIS COSBY General Trans. from Wilson. V Football, V Club, Lettermen's Club, Pep Club, Bowling Club, Riding Club. GARY COZART Industrial Arts Trans. from Wilson. Graphic Arts. LAHAUNA CREWS Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Kidettes - Captain, Sr. Cl. Talent Show, Wilson Bruinetts. BONNIE JOAN CUNNINGHAM Commercial Trans. from Jordan. Red Cross, Photography. BRUCE DANIELS Industrial Arts Trans. from Wilson. V Track Letterman, B Football, JV Football, Boys' Athletics Repr. BERNIE DANNOV College Trans. from Whittier Sr. High. Track, Baseball, Scholarship Soc., Math Club, Chemistry Team. IRMA DAUGHERTY Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Soc. Dance, Skating Club, Jazz Recordings. DENNIS DAVISON General Trans. from Wilson. Swimming, Future Law Enforcement Officers. CHERIE GEORGANN DEADY Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Y-Teens, Jr. Red Cross, Chess Club, Beg. Tennis, Roller Skating, FBLA, Girls' League Comm., Orchestra, lr. Cl. Council- Alternate. BRUCE DEAN Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Red Cross Club, Call Board Club, Boys' Glee Club. VAL DEASER College Trans. from Wilson. German Club, Bowling. EUGENE DePRETE College Trans. from Wilson. Radio Club. CARL DEUL College Trans. from Wilson. German Club, Electronics Club - President. BEVERLY DICE College Trans. from Wilson. Guard of Honor, Beta Phi Omega, FBLA. BEA E. DICKINSON College Trans. from Wilson. Sr. Girls' Glee, Bowling, Legislature, Ushers, FBLA, Rho Tau Omega - Treasurer 81 Recording Sec'y., Prog. Jazz. LAURENA DINSMORE College Trans. from Jordan. FTA. JUDITH ANN DOERR College Trans. from Wilson. Card Section, FBLA, GAA - Team Leader, Girls' League - Squad Leader. JUDY DONAHUE Trans. from Jordan. DICK ELLIOTT DOODY Trans. from Jordan. Football. BARBARA DREITH General General College Trans. from Wilson. Jazz, Soc. Dance, Beta Phi Omega, Red Cross, Squad Leader. DAVE DRISCOLL Trans. from Wilson. CAROLE FRANCES DRYER Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Card Section, Legislature, Soc. Costume and Make-Up, FBLA. LAURELLE DULON Trans. from Wilson. JANICE DUNFORD Trans. from Wilson. A Cappella Choir. BOB EARL Trans. from Wilson. CAROL ECKERMAN Trans. from Wilson. Prog. Jazz. CONSTANCE EDERER Trans. from Wilson. Jazz Club. CARL EDMONDSON Guard of Honor, Kidettes, Sr. General General Dance, College General Girls' Glee, General Commercial General General Trans. from Polytechnic, Riverside. Motorcycle Club, Flag Football, Ping Pong. GERTRUD ESTERMANN College Exchange Student from Austria. Cosmopolitan Club, German Club, Anu Welfare, Sr. Cl. Council, GAA, Sr. CI. Vice President. DIANNE EVANS Trans. from Jordan. Scholarship Society. JOAN RONEALE FACER Trans. from Wilson. Band, Orchestra, GAA. JANET SUE FARRINGTON College College College Trans. from Wilson. Spanish Club, Scholarship, Beg. Tennis - Pres., Soph. Class Council, Card Section, Art Club - Vice Pres. 81 Sec'y., Spring Sing, Girls' League Comm., Interim Council, GAA - Pres., Student Council, Jr. Statesmen. PHYLLIS FARROW Trans. from Wilson. TIM FEDOROWICZ General College Trans. from Granby High, Norfolk, Virginia. Archery Club, Creative Writing Guild - Treas.-Vice Pres., Class Pres., Scripters, Thespians, Honor Society, Football, Aries Staff - Editor, Key Club, "Stage Door" Lead Role. STEVE SAUL FELD College Trans. from Wilson. Cee Water Polo, Lettermen's Club, JV Tennis, Chi Sigma, Boys' Athletics. ARLENE LOIS FELDMAN Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Tennis, Volleyball, Soc. Dance, Club, Ushers, Talent Shrow. RUBY JOYCE FELDMAN Trans. from Wilson. BBG - Pres., Treas, 81 Counselor, FTA - GAA - Team Leader 8. Squad Leader, Costume Workshop. A. DEWANE FELTON College German College Treas., College Trans. from Wilson. Lettermen's Club, JV Football, V Football - Capt., Athletic Representative, V Club - President, Jr. Statesmen. JOAN MARIE FERGUSON Trans. from Wilson. Bachelorettes, Soc. Dance, Latin Clu Jazz, Gym Leader, Big Sisters, FHA. WILLIAM F. FINLEY Trans. from Wilson. Bee Basketball, Jazz Recordings, V Ba Soc. Dance. ARLEEN FISHER College b, Prog. College sketball, College Trans. from Wilson. Legislature, FBLA, Jr. Statesmen, Modes 8. Manners - Chairman, Girls' League Council 81 Interim Council. BILL FLOTO Trans. from Wilson. Auto Mechanics, Jazz Club. MARY LOUISE FORD Trans. from Santa Ana High. Girls' Glee, Soc. Dance, GAA. ROBERT M. FOSTER Trans. from Wilson. TONY FOSTER Trans. from Jordan Long Beach. . 1st Place Industrial Arts Award in Arch KENNETH FOX Trans. from Jordan LYNN FRAZIER Trans. from St. Anthony's. GAA, Knit Wits, Girls' League. ELLEN FREEDMAN Trans. from Wilson. Inter-Club Council - Sec'y., Soph. 8- General College College General itecture, College General College Sr. CI. Councils, Girls' League, Council Representative, Socii - Chaplain, Modes 81 Manners - Chm., City Wide Social Club Council Sr. Tallent Show - Chm. DON FREEMAN Trans. from Wilson. Road-Runners of So. Cal. Car Club. BETTY FULLER Trans. from Wilson. Crafts Club. JUDITH FULLER Trans. from Wilson. Latin Club, Soph. Cl. Council, Jr. Cl. Yoga - Historian 81 Chaplain. ROSEMARY GALLOWAY Trans. from Polytechnic. FBLA, Red Cross, Skating. VAL GALUSHA Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Jazz Recordings. EARLE GELDBACH Trans. from Wilson. JV Football, Bowling. GARY M. GIVENS Trans. from Wilson. Electronics Club, Rifle Team, Rocket ALFRED GOLDEN Trans. from Wilson. Prog. Jazz. DINA GOSSETT Trans. from Wilson. Bowling Club. JAMES GRAUER Trans. from Wilson. Jazz Club, Motorcycle Mechanics. ROBERT R. GREEN Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club, Scholarship Society, Bowli - Sec'y., General College College Council, College General College College Club. College General College College ng Club. RODGER GREEN College Trans. from Wilson. CAROLE GREENE College Trans. from Wilson. Latin Club, Spanish Club, Soc. Dance, Anchor Club. JEANNE GRENIER College Trans. from Wilson. Girls' League Representative, GAA, Big Sisters, Ami Welfare, Zeus Welfare, Jr. Statesmen, D.A.R. Award, Sr. Cl. Pres., Girls' League. DOUGLAS DONALD GROSS College Trans. from Wilson. R.0.T.C. FANCHON GROSSKURTH General Trans. from Wilson. JAMES GUYETT College Trans. from Jordan. Bowling, Choral, Lapidary, Delta Sigma Phi. JUDITH K. HALE Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club, Bowling Club A Sec'y., Prog. Jazz, Rho Tau Omega - Pres. 8. Corres. Sec'y.-Treas., Teens Representative, GAA - Pom Pom Committee. JACK HALL College Trans. from Wilson. V Football, V Track, V Baseball, FTA, Young Life, Lettermen's Club. MICHAEL HALLE College Trans. from Wilson. JV Baseball, JV Football, Boys' League, Gym- nastics, Swimming Club, V Football, Spartans Car Club of So. Calif., Chi Sigma - President Xl Vice President. DIANE HANSEN College Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club, Jazz Recordings. DAVID HARDEN College Trans. from Wilson. HieY, Bee Football - Mgr., Soph. Boys' League Council - Pres., Cee Swimming Team 8. Club, Chi Sigma - Chaplain, Legislature, Soc. Dance Club, Legislature. CLAUDIA HARDGRAVES General Trans. from Paramount High. Jr. Cl. Secretary, Asst. Jr. Prom Chair- man, Soph. Representative. CONSTANCE DARLENE HARKNESS Colle e 2 Trans. from Wilson. Girls' League - Friendship Committee, Riding Club, Jr. Speakers, Guard of Honor, Big Sisters, Girls' League Committee, Iota Chi - President, Jr. Statesmen, Legislature, FTA, GAA. PRISCILLA HELEN HARPER General Trans. from Arlington, Virginia. Photography Club, Ballroom Dancing, Knit-Wits. CAROL HARRIS College Trans. from Wilson. Jazz Recordings, Modern Dance, Medea Welfare. BILLIE HATCH General Trans. from Jordan. GAA, Music. LaDONNA HATHAWAY College Trans. from Wilson. Spanish Club, Social Dance. BOB HAYCOX Industrial Arts Trans. from Pofytechnic. Cer Club. ANNE MAUREEN HENDERSON College Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club, FBLA. BONNIE HICKS General Trans. from Wilson. Yoga Council Mistress, Zeus Welfare, Jr. States- men, Legislature, Prog. Jazz. CHARLOTTE HILLIG College Trans. from Jordan. Soph. Cl. Librarian, Blue Tri - Class Librarian. X .... . N Xxx QSSEFX XX x X A STAN HILTON College Trans. from Jordan. Basketball, Football, Track, Baseball, Soph. Class President, CSF - Vice President. MARGIE HLAVNICKA Commercial Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Soc Dance Club, Swimming, Knitting Club. JANET HODGE College Trans. from Jordan. Alpha Sigma Rho, Fide et Amore, Canteen. JOANNE HOFFMAN College Trans. from Polytechnic. Ski Club, Band Show, Girls' League, GAA, Scholarship, PTA Assembly, Soph. Cl. Representative, Polyettes, Dramatics Club, Bowling Club. DONALD HOISINGTON College Trans. from Jordan. MICHAEL HOLE General Trans. from Wilson. JV Baseball, Coast League Champs - '55, Bee Football, Lambda Sigma, Social Dance, Prog. Jazz, Outcasts, Bird- watchers, Stage Crew, Jr. Statesmen, Jazz Recordings. LARRY HOLT General Trans. from Wilson. MARY HOTCHKIN College Trans. from Wilson. Legislature, Prog. Jazz, Girls' League Commit- tee, Rho Tau Omega - Vice President, Jr.-Sr. Glee, Inter-Frat Council, Sr. Girls' Glee, Aries, Sr. Cl. Council. GEORGIA MARIE HUGHES Commercial Trans. from Wilson. A Cappella Choir. PEGGY MARY M. HUSEMAN General Trans. from Jordan. PAT IRELAND College Trans. from Jordan. Girls' League Committee, Jr. Class Council, Student Government Representative, Interim Council, Student Council. PATRICIA JEAN IRVIN College Trans. from Wilson. FTA, Girls' League - Representative, Friendship Committee, Red Cross, GAA, Swimming, GAA Council, Tennis Chaire man, Courtesy Committee. RONALD JESSNER College Trans. from Wilson. Bowling Club. CONNIE MAE JOHNSON General Trans. from Sacramento, Calif. Future Homemakers of America. LINDA RAE JOHNSON College Trans. from Wilson. Zeus - Pub. Chairman, Jr. Statesmen, Girls' League, GAA. PATRICIA JOHNSON College Trans. from Wilson. V Song Girl, Interim Council President, Guard of Honor. MARGO CAROLYNN JONES College Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Riding Club, Social Dance, Skating Club, Jazz Recordings, Spanish Club, Legislature. JOAN JORDAN Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Bowling - Squad Leader, FBLA. MYRLA JULE Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Glee Club, Choir, Ninettes, Scholarship, GAA, Youth for Christ Club. IRWIN KARASIK College Trans. from Wilson. Band, Orchestra, A.Z.A. PAT WAYNE KEARNEY College Trans. from Wilson. Electronics Club. WAYNE KERNER General Trans. from Wilson. Social Dance, Electronics Club. TOM KING College Trans. from Wilson. Orchestra, Scholarship, Riding Club, Skating Club, Music Club - President, Spanish Club - President, Gymnastics 81 V Football Letterman, Wrestling Mgr., Service. Committee, Ex- change Assembly - Wilson, YFC - Pres. SHARON LEE KNOTTS College Trans. from Wilson. Inter-Frat Council, Legislature, Guard of Honor, Prog. Jazz, Majorette, Yoga - Bus. Mgr. - Vice Pres. - Chairman of Activities, Friendship Representative, Zeus Welfare, Jr. Statesmen, Girls' League, Sr. Class Council - Secretary. PAUL KROLL College Trans. from Wilson. Card Section, Chi Sigma, Talent Show. RONALD E. KUREY General Trans. from Wilson. Football, Baseball, Basketball. MERLON KURTZ General Trans. from Wilson. KAY MERRIT LADBURY General Trans. from Jordan. WAYNE LAMBERT General Trans. from Wilson. Swimming, Art, Mechanical Drawing, Brush Lettering. FRED LANGE College Trans. from Wilson. Lambda Sigma - Soc. Chairman, Prog. Jazz. JEANICE "JERI" LARMAN College Trans. from Wilson. Girls' League Committee, Spanish Club, Card Section, GAA, Prog. Jazz, Guard of Honor, Iota Chi - President, Corresponding Sec'y. 81 Treasurer, Beg. Dance, Sr. Cl. Council. DEANNA CDEEI LeCLAIR Commercial Trans. from Muskogee Central High, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Legisla- ture, GAA, Bowling, Girls' League - Friendship Committee, Rho Tau Omega - Council Mistress 8. Recording Secretary, GAA - Tennis, EUGENE Le MEUR General Trans. from Bellflower High. Bellflower Community Band - Mgr., Lapidary Club, Swimming Team. JUDY LESLIE General Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club. KAREN LILLESVE College Trans. from Wilson. Delta Sigma Phi, Ushers, FBLA. JAN T. LIMPO College Trans. from Jordan. Reading Club, Tri Sigma - Vice President. EARL LIND College Trans. from Wilson. Art Club, Stagecraft, Swimming, Soc. Dance Club, Stage Crew, Advertising Art, Drama, Talent Show, Bowling, Skating, Band. DON LOVE General Trans. from Wilson. Metal Shop. GLENN LOWES College Trans. from Wilson. Latin Club, Football, Young Life. JOHN KENT LUCKEMEYER College Trans. from Wilson. Swimming Club, Basketball Club. BOBBI LUTZ College Trans. from St. Anthony. GAA, Spanish Club, Jr. Red Cross, Knit Wits, Ski Club, Corydon. JEFF LYNN Colle e E Trans. from Jordan. Theta Phi, Bee Football, V Football, Letterman, V Baseball Letterman, Hermits Car Club. ss Stal? as s Rb wig? gl wg Q s gi? 1 i sk X ssc .I.1:-:2:1::-:2:':1:2:1IIEI:2Ef:2i-:itI'2?E'SiISEEF2E2:-'4I- '- i' I'E'-'T G "G, as ' ' 3:Ii3El:i2?ESESIF2E2?:-. . X- A e ':5i5RIE3E5E5:lE5I5EEE5E5D-, -2: ,- 4 ss , -A ee . -- ,. , ' - ,S M. .,. se if gubb .... , . s 'S , A ' ' ' - -2 x vb X i 5' xx N D. BRUCE MacPHERSON General Trans. from Wilson. Loudspeaker - '55 81 '56. LaVONNE McCADDON General Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Student Store Mgr., FBLA, Guard of Honor. ROBERT McCARTHY College Trans. from Wilson. KATHLEEN I. McGEE College Trans. from Wilson. Soph. Class Council, Modes 81 Manners, GAA, Girls' League Council 81 Fashion Show, Guard of Honor, Spring Sing, Sr. Class Council, Socii. THOMAS RICHARD MCGUIRE College Trans. from Wilson. Boys' Glee Club. IERI McINTOSH General Trans. from Wilson. Student Store, Squad 81 Team Leader, Soc. Dance, Prog. Jazz, Home Econ. Club, FBLA. I0 McINTYRE College Trans. from Wilson. Scholarship, Spanish Club, Library Youth Coun- cil, Soph. Cl. Council, Chemistry Club, Adv. Tennis, Anchor Club, Legislature, Sr. Cl. Council, Girls League Committee, Scholarship Lamp. DAVE MAES College Trans. from Bellflower High. RENEE MANDEL General Trans. from Wilson. SHARI MARR General Trans. from Wilson. Prog. lazz, Zeus - Corresponding Secretary - President 81 Council Mistress. SUE MARTIN Commercial Trans. from Jordan. GAA, Alpha Tau, Blue Tri, FBLA. VIRGINIA MAUDUIT General Trans. from Jordan. Panther Cubs, GAA, Swimming, Rolling Panthers, Knit Wits, Talent Show, Modern Dance Club. MILLIE MAYFIELD College Trans. from Wilson. Scholarship, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Girls' League Committee, Ami Welfare - Welfare Chairman, Big Sisters, Guard of Honor, Prog. Jazz, Ir. Red Cross, Representative, Am- bassadorettes. WAYNE MEAD College Trans. from Wilson. ELIZABETH ANN MEEK General Trans. from Pellitier Catholic Girls' School. Swimming, Catholic Action, Choir, FBLA. JOHN MEHLMAUER College Trans. from Wilson. Cross Country, Track, Art Club, Student Radio Program - Moderator, Gymnastics Team, Assistant Stage Mgr., Head Electrician 81 Club Vice President. V. BRENT MERRILL College Trans. from Wilson. Football Letterman, V Football, Lettermen's Club, Bee Basketball, Millikan Student Body President A Fall 81 Spring. HARVEY MEYERS General Trans. from Compton High. Photography Club. LEO MEYERS College Trans. from Wilson. Drafting Club, Fishing Club. CHARLES MILLER General Trans. from Wilson. Scarabs, Prog. Jazz. RAYMOND MINOR General Trans. from Monmouth, Illinois. IRMA MOLINA General Trans. from Wilson. Legislature, Yoga - Treas., Social Dance Club, Zeus Welfare - Chaplain, Jr. Statesmen, Homecoming Queen. FRANK MORELLO College Trans. from Bellflower High. EUGENE MORGAN Industrial Arts Trans. from Polytechnic. WALTER MORGAN General Trans. from Wilson. Drafting, Radio, Printing. DAVID MUDRY Industrial Arts Trans. from Wilson. Weight Lifting, Slide Rule Club, Bowling Club, Adv. Art Club, Archery. ALAN MURAWSKI College Trans. from Wilson. Prog. Jazz, Intramural Track 81 Football, Basket- ball, Boys' Sports, Bee Track. GARY MURPHY College Trans. from Wilson. Prog. Jazz - Jazz Band Quartet. JUDY LYNN MYERS Colle e 8 Trans. from Wilson. Bruinettes, Jr. Cl. Council, Girls' League, Big Sisters, Swim Show, Guard of Honor, V Songleader, Editor of Aries - lst Sem., Jr. Statesmen, Boosters, L. B. Youth Coordinating Council, Sr. Cl. Council, Gamma Gamma - Sec'y. 81 Pres. ALBERT J. MYRTER General Trans. from Jordan. BILL MYRTER General Trans. from Jordan. Football. ED NOGGLE College Trans. from Wilson. Sports, T-Timers Car Club. DIANE NOREEN Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Jr. Girls' Glee, Guard of Honor, Beta Phi Omega Welfare - Treasurer, Sr. Girls' Glee, FBLA, Choral Club. KAY LORRAINE OLSON College Trans. from Wilson. Big Sisters, Soph. Cl. Council, Guard of Honor, Prog. Jazz, Girls' League Interim Council, Jr. Cl. Council, Girls' League - Pres., Student Government, Jr. Statesmen, Sr. Cl. Council, Zeus Welfare - Pres. GARY PANGBORN General Trans. from Wilson. Prog. Jazz, Roller Skating Club. MICHAEL ROBERT PANGBORN College Trans. from Wilson. Typing Club, Chess 81 Checkers. PAUL PARK College Trans. from Wilson. Lambda Sigma - Treasurer. CAROL LEE PARKER General Trans. from Polytechnic. Student Store Mgr., Red Cross, Class Rep- resentative, Homemaking Class Chairman 84 Secretary, Skating Club, Bowling Club, Soc. Dance Club. EDWARD D. PARKER General Trans. from Wilson. WALTER G. PARKER College Trans. from Wilson. Scholarship Society, Prog. Jazz, Legislature, Scripters, Editor of Corydon, Student Government Representative. MARCIA PARRY General Trans. from Wilson. Social Dance Club, Beta Phi Omega, GAA. KENNETH PARSEK General Trans. from Wilson, Social Dance Club. ' " '::, 2 2 2': ff 35 '1'I ii' '1- S ,.. Q isa 3 JOYCE PATTEN Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Ski Club, GAA, Guard of Honor, Sewing Club, Tennis Club, Golf Club, Homemaking Club. NED PATTERSON General Trans. from Wilson. Swimming, Orchestra. STEPHEN PATTON College Trans. from Wilson. Rocket Club, Scholarship, Chi Sigma - Pres., Chemistry Club - Sec'y., Chemistry Team, Fishing Club, R.O.T.C., Regimental Cadet Club, Candidate to Boys' State - '56, Bee Football. MARTIN PECEN College Trans. from Jordan. Prog. Jazz. SHARON PEEK Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Guard of Honor, Zeus Welfare, Jazz Recordings, Girls' League. JOAN PETERSEN General Trans. from Wilson. Beta Phi Omega, GAA, Social Dance Club, Big Sisters, Latin Club, Squad Leader. NATALIE PETERSEN General Trans. from Jordan. Bowling Club, GAA, Thalian, Blue Tri, FBLA. CARLEEN J. PETERSON College Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Soph, Cl. Council, Jr. Class Council, Girls' League, Big Sisters, Sr. Class Council, Modes 8. Manners. MICHAEL G. PHARRIS College Trans. from Wilson. Rifle Club - Secretary, Latin Club, V Track, Engineers. PHYLLIS PEYTON General Trans. from Wilson. EDITH PIERCE College Trans. from Jordan. Jr. Red Cross, Canteen, Jazz Recordings, Rho Tau Omega. VALERIE PIERCE College Trans. from Fielding High, Paris, Idaho. Lyres Club, FHA, Thespians, Jr. Statesmen, Aries Staff, German Club. JERRY WAYNE PLUMLEY College Trans. from Wilson. German Club, Rifle Club, Riding Club. DON POST College Trans. from Bellflower High. JUDY L. POTTER Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Red Cross Representative, Soph. Cl. Council, Prog. Jazz, FBLA, PTA - Sec'y., Sr. Cl. Council, House of Represen- tatives, Girls' League, Modes 81 Manners, Guard of Honor. JERRY POWELL General Trans. from Wilson. Photography Club, Bowling Club, Rifle Club. RAYMOND EDWARD POWELL College Trans. from Jordan. Future Farmers of America, Rifle Team, FTA. LOUINE PRAUN Trans. from Pinecrest, Van Nuys, Calif. Riding Club, Girls' Drill Team, Modern Dance. CARL PRICE College Trans. from Wilson. Sliderule Club, Gymnastics, Rocket Club. DAVID PRIEST General Trans. from Wilson. Social Dance Club. CECIL PROULX College Trans. from Collingswood High, New Jersey. DAVE RADFORD Physical Education Trans. from Wilson. Narimasu Sr. High, Tokyo, Japan. Soph. Cl. Council, JV Football, JV Basketball, Lettermen's Club-3, Bee Basket- ball, JV Tennis, V Football, Jr. Statesmen - Sgt-of-Arms, Key Club, V Club - Vice President, Sr. Class - President. EDWARD RAPOPORT College Trans. from Wilson. Soph. CI. Council, Jr. Statemen, All School Play, Thespians - Pres., Scholarship, Radio Workshop, Corydon, Scripters, JV Tennis, Key Club. VICKE DEE RAWLES General Trans. from Wilson. Girls' League, Prog. Jazz, Zeus Welfare - Treas., Sr. CI. Council, Jr. Statesmen. JOAN RECTOR General Trans. from El Rancho. Drill Team - Treasurer, Secretary of Finance, Pep Commission - Vice President, Yell Leader, Feature Editor of the Newspaper. JERRY REDFERN College Trans. from Jordan. Scholarship-3, Philosophy Club. HARLEY REEK General Trans. from Rochester Sr. High, Rochester, Minnesota. BETTY REEVES Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Y Teens, Tennis Club, Bowling Club, Blue Tri, Band, Friendship Representative. LINDA REEVES Commercial Trans. from Compton High. Business Club, Typing Club. DIANE REMBIS General Trans. from Wilson. FBLA, Roller Skating Club. RAYMOND GEORGE REYNOLDS College Trans. from Greenville, So. Carolina. Radio. RICHARD RICHARDSON General Trans. from Jordan. ANITA RINCON College Trans. from Bagdad, Arizona. Jr. Class - Secretary 8. Treasurer, Cheer Leader, Pep Club, Sports Editor, GAA, FHA Hostess. JOAN ROBERTSON Colle e 8 Trans. from Jordan. Girls' League Committee, Lambda Theta Tau - Historian, Blue Tri A President, Scholarship, Y-Teens, FBLA. BEALE A. ROBINSON College Trans. from Wilson. Cee Track, FTA. JUDY RODGERS Music Trans. from Jordan. FBLA. JIM ROGERS College Trans. from Wilson. V Football, JV Football, Jr. Statesmen, Legis- lature, Lettermen's Club, French Club, Hi-Y. BILL ROSE College Trans. from Wilson. Photography Club, Aries Staff - Top Annual Salesman, Delta Phi, Art Club. RICHARD ROTHWELL College Trans. from Jordan. SHARRON LEA RUCH General Trans. from Wilson. FBLA, Adv. Art Club. GEORGE RYAN General Trans. from Perry High. FFA. WANDA SCHWENDT Commercial Trans. from Jordan. Skating Club, GAA, Bowling Club, Business Club. THOMAS SEE College Trans. from Jordan. Spanish Club, Physics Club, Math Club, Jazz Recordings, Rocket Club. SANDRA JEAN SEGUIN General Trans. from Wilson. Zeus Welfare - Vice President, Jazz Recordings, Jr. Statesmen, Girls' League, Sr. Class Council, Social Dance Club. PAUL JOSEPH SEMINARA College Trans. from Lewisberg, Pennsylvania. JV Football, JV Basketball, Key Club, Student Council. GARY SEXY General Trans. from Wilson. Bee Football, JV Baseball, V Football, V Base- ball, Jazz Club, BTD. RAY SHADWICK Industrial Arts Trans. from Wilson. Social Dance Club, Bachelors' Car Club. SHEILA SHIELDS College Trans. from Jordan. Blue Tri, Girls' League, FBLA. HARRIETT HERMA SHULMAN College Trans. from Wilson. Team 81 Squad Leader, Card Section, Big Sis- ters, Guard of Honor, FBLA, Jr. Statesmen, Girls' League Committee, BBG - Sgt.-at-Arms, Costume Workshop, Recreation Club. MAUREEN SIEGEL General Trans. from Wilson. Prog. Jazz. CATHERINE SILVA College Trans. from Wilson. Golf Club, Volleyball, GAA, Tennis, Talent Show, Iota Chi, Future Nurses of America. DENNIS SIMON Commercial Trans. from Hoven High, Hoven, South Dakota. EARL L. SKONBERG College Trans. from Wilson. Drafting Club, Rocket Club. HELEN SMITH College Trans. from Wilson. Rho Tau Omega - Vice President, Publicity Chairman 84 Pledge Mistress, Inter-Frat. Council, Aries Staff, Girls' League Committee, Prog. Jazz. JUDY LYNNE SMITH College Trans. from Wilson. Yoga, Zeus Welfare, Jr. Statesmen, Majorette, Prog. Jazz, Social Dance, Modes 81 Manners. JACK DARYL SMITH General Trans. from Wilson. JANICE S. SMITH College Trans. from Wilson. Soph. CI. Council, GAA, Girls' League, Prog. Jazz, Modes 8. Manners, FTA, Sr. Class Council. GERALD T. SODAL College Trans. from Wilson. Intramural Football. LYNNE ANNE SPARKS Commercial Trans. from Jordan. Homemaking. WALTER SPATZ College Trans. from Wilson. Rifle Club, Chess Club, Crafts Club, Fishing Club. JACKIE RAE STAI General Trans. from Polytechnic. Lambda Phi Welfare. LINDA STEIDING General Trans. from Wilson. RICHARD STEINS Industrial Arts Trans. from Wilson. KATHERINE L. STIFF College Trans. from Wilson. FTA, Scholarship, Swim Show, Girls' League Council - Friendship Committee 81 Modes 8. Manners Committee, Guard of Honor, GAA - Soc. Chairman of Interim Council, Sr. Girls' Glee - Pub. Chairman, Salus Welfare, Student Body Pub. Chairman. CONNIE STILLWELL College Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Girls' League Council, Modes 81 Manners Committee, Guard of Honor, Spring Sing, Aries Staff - Bus. Mgr., Kidettes - Co-Captain, Jr. Statesmen, Anchor Club - Secretary, Card Section. JERRY STOTLER College Trans. from Polytechnic. A Cappella Choir, Gymnastics Lettermen, SCVA Festival, Madrigal Singers, Christmas Concert, Arpeggio, Youth Day - Planning Committee Director, Jr. Statesmen, Spanish Club - President 8. Vice President. EDWARD SUTTON General Trans. from Jordan. TRUDIE SYRING General Trans. from Polytechnic. Ushers Club, Bowling Club, Stage Design, Tgnnis, Knit Wits, P. E. Council, Photography Club, Girls 'League, A v. Art. JULIE TARDIFF College Trans. from Wilson. Modern Dance, Prog. Jazz, Latin Club, Skating Club, GAA, Crafts Club. DOROTHY TAYLOR Commercial Trans. from Roosevelt Sr. High, Wyndotte, Michigan. Future Nurses, Girls' Swimming Team, GAA, Bowling, Red Cross, Riding Club, Li- brarian, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Chorus. EVELYN TAYLOR Commercial Trans. from Roosevelt Sr. High, Wyndotte, Michigan. Future Nurses, Girls' Swimming Team, GAA, Bowling, Red Cross, Riding Club, Li- brarian, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Chorus. JONELL TAYLOR College Trans. from El Paso, Texas. GAA, FHA, Jr. Y-Teens - Representative, Volleyball, Deck Tennis, FNA, Commerce Club, Current History Club, Dance Demonstration, Bowling, FBLA, Jr. Prom Comm., Tennis, GAA. BEVERLY ANN THEISEN General Trans. from Wilson. Jr. Statesmen, Girls' League Committee Chair- man, FBLA, Prog. Jazz, Ski Club, Squad Leader. TERRY THIEL College Trans. from Polytechnic. Bee Football, Jazz Club, Bee Track, Bee Basketball, Gymnastics. LORRAINE THOMAS General Trans. from Wilson. Friendship Club, Girls' League Representative, Nursing Club. MARCIA MAE THOMAS College Trans. from Wilson. GAA, Spanish Club, Art Club, Jr. Statesmen, Charter Comm., Salus - Pres., A Cappella Choir, Interim Council, Card Section, Madrigal Singers, Sr. Princess, FTA, Legislature. CHUCK THOMASON College Trans. from Wilson. Gymnastics, Photography Club. MARY ANN TOBIN College Trans. from Wilson. Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Softball, Prog. Jazz, Stage Makeup 81 Design, Talent Show, Sr. Cl. Council - Alternate. LORETTA TOLMAN General Trans. from Jordan. Canteen, Swimming. MARLENE TRAVGER Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Beta Phi Omega, Prog. Jazz. RONALD LEE TROXLER College Trans. from Bellflower High. ANlTA P. TRUITT B College Trans. from Buhler High School, Buhler, Kansas. FHA, Y-Teens - Pub. Chm., Music Chm., Girls' Glee Club, GAA, V Pres., Treas. 81 ln- terim Council, Legislature, Scholarship - V Pres., Bank of America Gold Cup Award, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal. PAT TWYMAN General Trans. from Wilson. GAA, FBLA, Beta Phi Omega Welfare, Girls' League Committee, Y-Teens. LINDA VENABLE General Trans. from Wilson. Social Dance Club, Prog. Jazz. DEE VIUOEN Commercial Trans. from Compton High. Bee Basketball, V Basketball, V Club, V Baseball. PHIL VILJOEN College Trans. from Jordan. Football, Theta Phi, Hermits of Long Beach. JOSEPH R. VISO College Trans. from Fair Park High School, Shreveport, Louisiana. Chi Sigma- Treasurer, Stamp Club, Jr. Drill Team, FBLA, Youth Day - Lakewood Businessmen's Asociation - Honorary President. HARRY WALK General Trans. from Wilson. JV Football, Bowling Club. DARREL WALLACE College Trans. from Wilson. Cosmopolitan Club, Boys' Drill Team, German Club, Bowling Club. RILEY WAY General Trans. from Wilson. Red Cross, Social Dance, Card Section, French Class - Sec'y., Home Planning, Talent Show, Sr. Prob. Cl. Sec'y. SHELDON WEINSTEIN College Trans. from Wilson. Bowling Club, Scholarship, Chi Sigma - Sec'y. DALE WEIRICK College Trans. from Artesia Sr. High. Math Club, Senior Steering Comm., Cee Basketball, Biology Club, Ano de Oro Staff. KAY WELD Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Social Dancing, Beg. Tennis, Prog. Jazz. JIM WHITE College Trans. from Wilson. MERIELLEN WHITE College Trans. from Jordan. GAA - Hostess, Bit and Bridle Club, Crafts Club. GAIL WILDER General Trans. from Wilson. Latin Club, Skating, Cosmopolitan Club, Girls' League - Friendship Comm., Prog. Jazz, Jr. Girls' Glee, Adv. Dance, A Cappella Choir, GAA. GARY WILSON General Trans. from Wilson. LESLIE ANN WHALEN General Trans. from Wilson. GAA, FHA, Zeta Phi, Talent Show, Girls' Glee Club, Canteen. NANCY WHEELER College Trans. from Jordan. Red Cross, Cl. Librarian, Panther Cubs, Girls' League, Scholarship, Hi-Teens Canteen, Sr. Girls' Glee, Office As- sistants, Dress Regulation Board, Social Dance Club, Prog. Jazz. PAT WILCOX Commercial Trans. from Wilson. Yoga - President, Zeus Welfare, Majorettes, Jr. Statesmen. RON WILLSON General Trans. from Jordan. Bee Football-2, Flag Football. JULA WISEMAN College Trans. from Wilson. Girls' League Representative, Tennis, Aviation, Delta Gamma Phi, Stage Make-Up Crew, Adv. Art, Girls' League Council. DENNIS WOLFE College Trans. from Wilson. Bowling Club. MARILYN WOOD College Trans. from Wilson. Jr. Statesmen, Girls' League, Legislature, Lakee wood Youth Day Representative, Anchor Club - President, Spanish Club, Scholarship, Jr. Red Cross Representative, FBLA - President. DON WOODROME College Trans. from Bellflower High. Social Dance Club, Office Monitor, Slide Rule Club. MARY CHARLENNE WOODRUM College Trans. from Wilson. Riding Club, GAA, Iota Chi, Crafts Club, Knitting Club. CAROLE WRIGHT I College Trans. from Jordan. Modern Dance, Photography, Girls' Rifle Team, Crafts, Knit Wits. WANDA WYLIE General Trans. from Wilson. Guard of Honor, Social Dance, Jazz Recordings, Beginning Tennis, Beginning Swimming, FBLA, Modes 8. Manners Committee. BEVERLY YODER College Trans. from Wilson. Girls' Drill Team, Aviation Club, German Club, Young Life, Cosmopolitan. GORDON YOUNG General Trans. from Etobicoke Sr. High, Toronto, Canada. Flag Football, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming. JIM ROSS ALBISTON MARY ANN ARNOLD JOHN BEER MICHAEL BOND BOB BORREGO DONALD BOTTORFF CHESTER BOWYER JERRY BURCHETT EARL BURTON RALPH CIAMPA JOAN CIRIVELLO PLANNING A COLLEGE CAREER Marcia Thomas, Ed Rapaport, Bettie Blakeley CAMERA SHY RICHARD CLOSSON ARLEEN CODY DAVID CORBETT VINCENT DIPRETE FRED ECKFELD GARY ESCOBEDO KEN FISHER PAUL GALFUND JAMES GILMORE WELDON GREEN GARY HILL LORRAINE HOLMES RICHARD HUMPHRIES FRANK JESSEN CHARLES JONES BILLIE KELLEY BERTHA McINTYRE BILL MAHONEY GRADY MATTHEWS DIANNE MITCHELL DIANE MORGAN SYLVIA MORGAN GARY NELSON JOE OLIVER JOHN PONTRELLI WORTH PUTNAM MIKE ROSS VIRGINIA RUDD EDWIN SISSON GENE STIVERS MARILYN WALKER WADE WILDER UNDERCLASSMEN BDLFLU... The Thoughts of the Silent Soul Crude are we who are ahve, Yet great are we who do derive The peacefulness within our lives. Loved is he that does possess, A sense of peace and happiness Strong is he that can behold, A thought of love which can but mold A universe within his hold. -Stewart Carter ,-,Z i if 3 F JUNLOR CLASS CGUNCIL FALL l . l RAY SNYDER President PAT MALONE Vice-President JANICE BADGI-EY Advisors: Mr. G. Pomeroy Secretary Mr. L. Van Oosten Top Row: Mr. G. Pomeroy, Advisor, Ray Snyder, President, Harold Teasdale, Jerry Kidd, Joel Meister. Bottom Row: Marilyn Swartz, Marilyn Roberts, Janice Bradgely, Secretary, Pat Malone, Vice President, Kay Turnbull. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL SPRING IIL FECIIROTTA President l0AN LINDSEY Vice-President Advisors: Mr. G. Pomeroy -IANICE BADGLEV Mr. L. Van Oosten Secretary Top Row: Al Fecarotta, Pres., Ray Snyder, Harold Teasdale, Jerry Kidd, loel Meister. Bottom Row: Mr. Pom- eroy, Advisorg Marilyn Swartz, Marilyn Roberts, Janice Badgely, Sec'y.g loan Lindsey, V-Pres., Kay Turnbull. im JUNIORS Burch-Per. 1 Top-Armstrong, Dixon, Barnette, Stevens, Mclntosh, Kidd, Carver, Johnson, Chaffee, Finney, Meister, Burton, Cookson. Center-Stevens, Blackburn, Crews, Martin, Lont, lerauld, Montrella, Cooper, Canning, lones, Griffithe, Strelow, Kluge, Campbell, Brock, Word. Bottom-Hart, Hendrix, Elliott, Pel- le, Burrola, Gillock, Feller, Dun- kin, Miller. JUNIORS Buteau-Per. 7 Top-Oliver, Coombs, Hillig, Klopp, Beals, Plouf, Pyles, Perry, Ander- son, Stimson, Patrick. Center-Steins, Wisnewski, Leier, Powell, Ropzycki, Peck, Harden, Vogel, Swanson, Turner, Luster, Strimple, Tomes, Mrs. Buteau. Bottom-Johnson, Audiss, Von Reyn, Bedgood, Vieira, Owens, Blodgett, Boosalis, Blagg. JUNIORS Curtis-Per. 3 Top-Morgan, Napier, Ferguson, Louis, Jacob, Swedell, Bricknell, Davenport, Geier, Mr. Curtis. Center-Fullerton, Kavin, Lebow, Gammon, Watts, Rutter, Reitbord, Lockwood, Burnstein, Hendrick- son, White, Carter, Herzog, Tiller. Bottom-Wright, Anderson, Dangler, Butt, Rosen, Kossman, Resni- koff, Leonhardt, Reed, luergens, Ruiz. JUNIORS Curtis-Per. 5 Top-Barendregt, Souter, Smith, Davis, Cribbs, Cooke, Downen, Moore, Ross, Whalen, Swangel. Center-Marnell, Sokolowski, Per- key, Manuel, Escobedo, Ryther, Waslien, Peppers, Rothman, Mc- Grew, Cox, Ferguson, Cossairt. Bottom-Seabright, Edwards, De- Carlo, MacBeath, Johnson, Schlese singer, Lemmon, Park, Hecken- dorn. JUNIOIRS Curtis-Per. 6 Top-Pratt, Nultemeier, Keeley, Taft, Platten, Piper, Clausen, Hall. Center-Cummins, Wallace, Freitag, Norman, Larson, Bullock, Van- Gundy, fUnknownJ, Barnes. Bottom-Richman, Williams, Turn- bull, Mason, Walker. Mr. Curtis. JUNIORS Evans-Per. 6 Top-Koester, Gilbert, Gordon, Tal- ley, Archer, Carson, Shapiro, White, Numbers, Norris. Center-Henning, Gerry, Fisher, Wil- son, Ryan, Seifert, Watson, Em- erson, Hubbard, Mr. Evans, Cos- tello. Bottom-King, Holton, Roberts, Caithamer, W h e e I e r, Riddle, Thomas, Walz, Williams. JUNIORS Greenwood-Per. 1 To -Rosen, lohanning, Johnson D , Fecarotta, Jones, Miner, Boley, Lucas, Hasbun. Center-Otteson, Jones, Tidwell Ledwick, Watson, N i c h 0 I s o n Leach, Miss Greenwood. Bottom-Gelfand, Ranger, Stowers Schulz, Lieberman, Bell, Cooper, Martin. JUNIORS Greenwood-Per. Z Top-Hanchett, Clark, Edmondson, Ferenstein, E v a n s , Pierpoint, Lockett. Center-Roy, Rineer, Cooney, Dew, Erno, Miss Greenwood. Bottom-Alberini, Champlin, Howe Shadwell, Jones, Roach, Heppe, Selters. Mi ,a bn- sm! JUNIORS Greenwood-Per. 3 Top-Seymour, St. Clair, Crockett, Truitt, Catterall, Potier, Shreves, Hooper, Nielsen, Franklin, Griggs, Church. Center-Quintiliani, Bult, Bruns, Heywood, Altmann, Woelfel, Hola Iis, Heineman, Bowser, Bergener, Roach, Rupe, Bergdoll, Conklin. Bottom-Miss Greenwood, Peck, Potter, Hall, Lederfine, Anderson, Benson, Holbrook, Hays, Thomas. JUNIORS Greenwood-Per. 6 Top-Bottorff, Luera, Culpepper, Thompson, Williams, Toyer, Car- roll, Williams, Price, English, Darnell. Center-Newlin, Ellington, Kelly, Thompson, McCroskey, Martin, Mnichowicz, Sibley, Anderson, Partin, Smith. Bottom-Slocombe, laeke, Thias, Travis, Eggert, Wilson, Willerton, Cooper, Nordyke. JUNIORS Kish-Per. 3 Top-Rowan, Rivard, Old h a m, Drake, McGee, Rauch, Caldarera, Deinstadt, Beard, Parks. Center-Olson, Paul, Keas, Adams, Brooks, Peters, Laytart, Gonzales, Henson. Bottom-McDonald, McClure, Fryer, Rubenstein, Dresben, G u e r r a, Quinn, Nash. .IUNIORS Kooi-Per. 1 Top-Herrell, Hove, Carris, Bran- stine, Pavalonis, Cleveland, Wil- son, Stapp. Center-Cinquegrana, Lucas, Hick- man, Ferguson, Brown, Lindy, Robinson, M y e r s, Frohnauer Hinkle, Cassio, Pressley, Mr? Lewis. Bottom-Malone, Jacobs, Pettebone, Worthen, Cowitt, Birchum, Wal- ling, Hallenbeck, Walsh. IUNIORS Kooi-Per. 3 Top-Stone, Osborn, Heyl, Foster, Livingston, Babrowski, Prosise, Straub, Willett, Golenor. Center-Shultz, Baer, Shrylock, Bur- dick, Tingley, Davis, Bates, Ab- bott, Irvin, Scott, Lemond, Krause, Wallace. Bottom-Barker, Dracoules, Lom- bardo, Strong, Wiggins, McCabe, Keithley, Sandford, Tucker. .IUNIORS Kooi-Per. 4 Top-Wright, Rich, Heppe, Carter, Totman, Salisbury, McDonald, Bell, Rasmussen, Slocombe. Center-Knight, Wendt, P a t t e n, Sternin, Hall, Curran, Wynants, Marley, Snyder, Thompson. Bottom-Ferguson, Jones, Nathan, Jones, Cox, Adler, Kellerman, Cook, McCombs, Bast. IUNIORS Longacre-Per. 2 Top-Lockwood, L o n g , Basford, Baichtal, Sprinkle, Moreland, Co- zad, Shulze, Pressley. Center-Osborn, DeLaquil, Schenk, Pirtle, Ocorr, Billings, Keith, Daniels, Gardenhire, Koob, Mc- Donald, Anderson, Mr. Longacre. Bottom-Hauser, Roach, Costello, Badgley, Sheehan, Bates, Kath, Kearney, Ray. IUNIORS McMiIlin-Per. 7 Top-Silverman, Williams, Griffin Dyball, Bottenfield, Cook, Crabb Wells, Stansberry, Thomas Ehmke. Center-Tennyson, Mosby, Dobson Fuller, Munroe, Berger, Smith Mantz, Gamel, Viscardi, Heyl. Bottom-Ellsworth, Gadd, Tuttle Simpson, Marotte, Circosta, Win ars, Hughes, Carter, Harkey. v 1 3--p an.-...qv JUNIORS Parsons-Per. 1 Top-Preoss, Dickman, Anderson, Sharp, Noble, Alexandre, Thiel- man, Louis. Center-Johnson, Si m o n, CUn- knownj, Phillips, Mohlin, Todd, Lopez. Bottom-Richardson, Burk, Hilton, Smith, Fleeger, Byington, Rogers, Brooks, Brockert. JUNIORS Parsons-Per. 2 Top-Conner, Grauer, Kramm, Gro- gan, Baker, Weckler, Moreno, Hu- lett. Center-Lippold, DeFoor, Lane, Ly- on, Foster, Harrington, Youmans, Wolfson, Flowers, Blodgett. Bottom-Soiu, Horn, Barber, Lar- son, Nelson, Harris, Hauser, Swartz, Simpson. JUNIORS Parsons-Per. 4 Top-Lewis, Dennis, Kivinski, Camp, Bannister, Anderson, N i x o n, White. Center-Brennan, Donaldson, Mul- Iens, Hannah, Keehfus, Watson, Medhurst, Reden, Ross, Down- ing, Martinez, Buchholz. Bottom-Weber, Ericson, Hosier, Gallant, Neare, Treosti, Weis- barth, Cooksey, Barber. JUNIORS Pomeroy-Per. 2 Top-Hinkley, Latlamme, Lee, Stef- fer, Ingram, McFadden, Teel, Reidy, Healy, Payne. Center-Mr. Pomeroy, Plog, Spring- er, Ramirez, Reed, Arnold, Mc- Laurine, McDonald, Wild, Ford, Nelson, Lindsey, Gumm. Bottom-Rosen, Phillips, Christen- sen, Taylor, Brante, Fleeger, Os- burn, Sullivan, Michella, Patrick. JUN IORS Pomeroy-Per. 6 Top-Muilenburg, Hammond, Teas- dale, Anderson, Dexter, Jordan, Cox, Laverty, Hanna, Erwin. Center-Mr. Pomeroy, Thompson, Parker, Bolton, Rawl, Schoenborn, Kneisly, Martens, Castro, Keener, Zakem, Hartley, Eker, Twinchek, Overholser, Johnson, Mangan. Bottom-Foster, Copfer, Stockham, Miller, Bogue, Johnson, O'Byrne, Greene, Toth, Frazier. JUNIORS Pomeroy-Per. 7 Top-Ferguson, Johnson, Beuchel, DiDonna, Enyeart, Compton, Al- loway, Aflre, Watson, Mcllrath, Blandford. Center-Mr. Pomeroy, Brookshire, Adair, Snyder, Boone, Bean, Ais- trup, Nelson, Jordan, Bennett, Lamberson. Bottom-Gibbs, Vedmar, Huseman, Williams, Henderson, Ehle, Mul- lens, Lewicki, Kurtz. .IUNIORS Radford-Per. 1 Top-Mora, Charlton, Salmon, Bun- nett, Burke, Nolan, Gelentere, Tucker, Newman, Bolte. Center-Schroeder, Frank, Barnett, Nelson, Hathaway, McCool, Kath, Blake, Marsh, Mr. Radford. Bottom-eNation, Dolim, Silverstein, Hannah, Uhlenhop, Lombardo, Foraker, Groshart, Watt. JUNIORS Radford-Per. 2 Top-Bedessem, Erickson, Graham, Carroll, Chermak, Banker, War- lick, Rose, Hatch. Center-Dennison, Martin, Gibson, Hoffman, Hammond, Harris, Riz- zo, Tiller, Branscomb. Martin, Mr. Radford. Bottom-Williams Crail, VanDoren Meadows, Larson, Lawler, Rogers, Leiker, Wood, Ochs, Farrell. es.. S .9 G I'- JUNIORS Seal--Per. 4 Top-Howard, Gamble, Clapper, Jackson, Gray, Higgins, Herzog, Outen, Anderson, Bennett. Center-Mr. Campbell, B al d win, Rose, Tanner, Clare, Briskin, Birdsell, Liford, Bond, Groff, Walker, Forbes, Mr. Seal. Bottom-Coen, B o y l e s, Fish, Squires, Buchheim, Gallant, Ev- ans, McGill, Moses, Erskine. JUNIORS Seal-Per. 7 Top-Hughes, McCooI, Salser, Mur- dock, McKenzie, Fultz, Junier, Cook, Anderson. Center-Mr. Seal, Robshaw, Welch, Guttery, Gaddy, Harris, Ludt, Chapman, Dickson, Mahaney, Mil- ler, Rieker. Bottom-Roberts, Cantile, Newman, Hood, Brockert, Schnittker, Cope- land, Gretter, Rose. .IUNIORS Wilcox-Per. 4 Top-Poodry, Anderson, Fairchild, Mathison, Goldstein, B o s t i a n , Greenberg, Graham. Center-Henry, Wright, Hartley, G u st i n e, Chandler, Bechtold, Powell, Gordley, Gullikson. Bottom-Dorsey, Michaleski, Wein' berg, Welch, Ross, Casner, Bell, Smith, Johnston. JUNIORS Yoseloif Fisher-Per. 4 Top-Field, Herder, Hoffman, Haw- kins, Albertson, Beacham, Nelson, Workman. Center-Branscomb, Levitt, Bom- bace, Stites, Mclntosh, Schuster, Foley. Bottom-Jackson, Hynes, Spaulding, Kinsey, Luntta, Hollingsworth, Compton, Utterberg. F LL OFFICERS +d""4!Qp 31 jr JAN BRESHEARS President JAN DUNN BARBARA HALL Vice-President Secretary SOPHOMORIi COIJNCIL Top Rovv: Dicklwalker, Terry Kouns, Dale Wyrauch, Maynard Brown, Gilbert Pharris, Ken Jett, Ron Gilmore, Nancy Nesbit, Judy Martin Row Two: Jim Finn, Karen Strain, Maxine Schick, Sherry Shewman, Linda Bosking, Mary Parkins, Ruth Zakem, Lynda LaBelle, Linda Shomaker, Susan Piper Linda. Catlin, Peggy Giles, Sue Davis. Row Three: Ellen Jennings, Beverly Mantsch, Mary Gross, Jane Walker, Kathy Harvey, Barbara Wilkison, Diane Bailey, Sandy 'Hogan Bob Gates, Mr. Bauter, Sponsor, Row Four: Barrie Cooke, Marilyn Pitman, Pepper Holoubek, Judy Hebard, Sandi Thompson, Jane Stories Barbara Challes Pat Greene, Gloria Dunham, Mrs. Hansen, Sponsor. Bottom Row: Sharon Lyons, Ken Kawaichi, Carolyn Martin, Jan Breshears, Jan Dunn, Baibara Hall. I KEN KAWAICHI SHARON LYON Vice-President Secretary CAROLYN MARTIN President SPRI G OFFICERS -s "4 J' s H ,, '. his sf ,, 83 SOPHOMORES Bauter Top-Mr. Bauter, Bassett, Hill, Lud- wig, Wade, Brubaker, Stansbery, Greenly, Rodgers, George, Knopp. Center-Schleger, Felender, Deits, Ward, Finn, Thomas, Chmiel, Kohlhaas, Smalley, Wofford, Lof- gren, Newton. Bottom-Walker, Eldridge, Schober, Husser, Perley, Nichols, Moore, Grigsby, Johnson. SOPHOMORES Benson-Per. 3-4 Top-Harvey, Christian, Wise, Chad, Bishop, Blodgett, Best, Weiss. Center-Miss B e n s o n , Palacios, Mack, McCormick, Judson, Brown, Schoenfeldt, Headley, Pearson, Wells. Bottom-Connell, Osler, Kleinbauer, Martin, Craig, Boyes, Shomaker, Kenoyer, Nesbit, Braddock, Cor- coran. SOPHOMORES Benson-Per. 6-7 Top-Miss Benson, E b a c h e r, Stearns, Griffin, Higuera, Johnson, Clarke, Nixon, Hilton, Harvey. Center-Dresben, Colvin, Parker, Corley, Bomprezzi, liams, Car- roll, Weldon, Pharris, Heinze, Stringer, Hess. Bottom-Davis, Harper, Adams, Lee, Wallace, Kelley, Steele, Brutsch, Flitton, Phillips. SOPHOMORES Burch-Per. Z Top-Makieve, Rhoades, Levy, An- gle, Bridwell, Murphy, Rule, White, Jackson. Center-Curzio, Barry, Noel, Arvey, Boies, Montgomery, Bill, King, Dorrell, Tolman. Bottom-Breshears, Martin, Challes, Golden, Winnik, Terry, Colwell, Pierson, Meissner, M a c H a I e , Lewis. SOPHOMORES Burch-Per. 6 Top-Peterson, Jenkins, S h a r p, Newman, Jacobsen, Borden, Perry- man, Silva. Bottom-Brown, Finnie, Felts, Davis, Anliker, Hawkins, Johnson, Gross, Lankford. SOPHOMORES Bush-Per. 1-2 Top-Mr. Bush, Kirk, Maxwell, Marcus, Hutton, Gorris, Richard- son, Miller, Vandeventer, Gray, Fosnight. Center-McMahon, McClure, Con- rad, Zink, VanDyke, Smith, Gar- ver, Lord, Felton, Lytle, Oliger. Bottom-Moehle, Sinner, Graham, LeGrand, Weiss, White, Ferruzza, Lancaster, Young. SDPHOMORES Bush-Per. 6-7 Top-Mr. Bush, Shanholtzer, Riley, Smith, Crouch, Noland, Cum- mings, Kirkman, Libby, Dull. Center-Shanholtzer, Edge, Mosher, Nielson, Cebula, Woodward, Za- kem, Crittenden, Blodgett, Rogers, Inman. Bottom-Metzger, Kershaw, Brans- ford, Schick, Meltzer, Miller, lef- fers, Flowers, Cotter, Posner. SOPHOMORES Buteau-Per. 1-2 Top-Potts, Payne, Oehler, Onstott, Stran, Mayes, Stuart, Zidenberg, DeBlois, Brown. Center-Parsons, Jenkins, Lobbett, Harpman, Wilson, Sobelman, Mantsch, Hedrick, Briley, Mrs. Buteau, Duckworth, Lewis. Bottom-Williams, Sterner, Estep, Sadek, Proctor, Mount, Chaffin, Beck. ,Q 4, -4, A K sin-' , 4 ., f f -sr SOPHOMORES Buteau-Per. 5-6 Top-Hellerman, C I a r k, Cribbs, Carlson, Hakes, Schroeder, Pink- ston, Savold, Bender, Ertel, Ang- dahl. Center-Tyler, Tanner, Hankins, Fer- guson, Brady, Vicars, Walker, Van Osten, Bailey, Mrs. Buteau. Bottom-Collins, Slagle, Sundblad, Seibert, Petersen, 0'Connell, Jones, LaBelle, Meckler. SOPHOMORES Evans-Per. 1-2 Top-Link, Rippee, Eldred, Jenson, Milton, Fletcher, Barnard, Geier, O'Connor, Owens. Center-Miller, Gautschy, Richard- son, Scott, Willett, Boyd, Mar- coux, Silvey, Hamilton, Prentice, Mr. Evans. Bottom-Austin, Wolfe, Buckley, Lorenz, Kieffer, Sheehan, Brook, Bledsoe, Gruenbaum. SOPHOMORES Evans-Per. 3-5 Top-Ortiz, Makaron, Wilson, Bran- non, Gaskill, Wilson, Lakowski, Peart. Center-Leatherman, Forsman, Nor- ris, Busch, Holliday, Martin, Smith, Howeth, Hemeon, Mr. Evans. Bottom-Stearns, Croskrey, Boul- lard, Jewell, Blake, Lipkin, Bent- ley, Kuhn. SOPHOMORES Foist 81 Turner-Per. 1 Top-Scully, Peterson, Brockway, Bodnar, Thompson, Walker, Guer- tin. Center-Graham, Stewart, Wright, Cooper, Dobson, Weiser, Carpen- ter, Mrs. Foist. Bottom-Parsell, Burgess, McNulty, Loveall, F. Ward, Alnerini, Bos- king, Hesketh, Wilcox. SOPHOMORE Foist-Per. 2-3 Top-Davidson, Fuller, Cornelison, Bishop, Thomsen, lordan, Shee- han. Center-Gaylord, Higgins, Wein- stein, Burns, Lewis, Hoard, Herz, Charlton, Smith, Peele, Phillips, Lender, Hill, Kallweit. Bottom-Morgan, Sparks, Adams, Bibler, lordan, Atwood, Aker, Luthen, Noblett, Douglass. SOPHOMORES Foist-Per. 5-6 Top-Holland, Ashley, Foley, Drum- mond, Phelps, Mueller, Shepard, Hoffdahl, Bult, Newmyer. Center-Fuller, Sanders, Allen, Mar- chant, Heinz, Ruetze, Fredman Lentz, Green. Bottom-Dunn, Edmonds, Mulford, Barnes, Fieger, Lyon, Morris, Humphreys, Cannon, Holoubek, Niebuhr. SOPHOMORES Graham-Per. 3-4 Top-Knapp, Graves, Phleger, Ham- mond, Biddie, Winter, Shelley, Kebort, Montgomery, Center-Zweifel, Hite, James, Hall, Ransom, Tucker, Galton, Moore, Howard, Campbell, Mr. Graham. Bottom-Miller, Thorne, Garcia, Odelson, Heaps, Ludolph, Bal- dock, Steiskal, Shewman, Moffat. SOPHOMORES Graham-Per. 6-7 Top-Leonard, Parcells, Teel, Ellis, Rakestraw, Clarke, McGann, Nel- son, Jones. Center-Banker, Hathaway, Barnett, Davis, Atkinson, Mefford, Gilson, McFall, Roberts, Levin, Kluck, Mr. Graham. Bottom-Deneault, Farrell, Munz, Gibson, Kapell, Kastner, Whisman, Bradshaw, Rosiere. --an-Q wxf 1,1--1 '-H911 SOPHOMORES 1. Hansen-Per. 1-2 Top-Beckley, Snyder, Wilson, Sou- sa, Browning, Miller, Hall, Tremb- ly, Tremain, Suggs, Burdett, Olson. Center-Cozart, Hale, Mansfield, Smith, Lipson, Dixon, Swyden, Solid, Melom, Clark, Mrs. Hansen. Bottom-Braden, Long, Clarke, Sis- son, Jennings, Mattice, Thomas, Davis, Campbell. SOPHOMORES Hansen-Per. 1-2 Top-Hall, Houtz, Bowker, Woodry, McDermott, Brown, Alexander, Kaminski, Kennish, Letzkus. Center-Miss Hansen, Henry, Kra- mer, Catlin, Hall, Caldarera, Car- michael, Lind, Stevens, Gambill, Jensen, Hutto. Bottom-Handy, Humphrey, Rich- ards, Johnson, lones, Strain, Smith, Teuber, Tintle. SOPHOMORES Haskins-Per. 5-6 Top-East, Norrell, Sharrar, Bod- nar, Odom, Kennedy, Deets, Jen- nings, Doyle, Evans, Mr. Haskins. Center-0'Connor, Worsham, Wad- man, Culp, Gray, Hullander, Brown, B u r n e y, McConnell, Griffith. Bottom-Reinig, Urmston, Greer, Munson, Sines, Yeargain, Kins- low, Hayward, Carpenter. SOPHOMORES Kish-Per. 1 Top-Wiltshire, Kavan, Hacker, Parsons, Bowman, Wilson, Smith, Raytinov, Center-Brown, Smith, Sternin, Henderson, Kneisly, Welch, Short- man, Mack, Hay, Hadley, Mallett, Lawler. Bottom-Barbero, Ashley, Alu, Boy- lan, Wolff, Hoffdahl, Boswell, Trulock. SOPHOMORES Kish-Per. 6-7 Top-Gumm, Lesk, Arnold, Pear- son, Munson, Eisenhart, Thomp- son, Shelton. CenterwSmith, Michaels, Cooke, Salisbury, Wyrauch, Homyack. Bottom-Strain, Fore, Sheeron, Trailor, Matney, Koch, Lopez, Grandfield, May. SOPHOMORES Krepcoe-Per. 2-3 Top-Bottjer, Jones, Parker, Pana- gos, Spooner, Donovan, Broe- samle, Reeves, Holwick. Center-Dracoules, Blair, Workman, Alwine, Metz, McDorman, Buyer, Zulk, Graham, Perry, Sesto, Nicks, Mr. Krepcoe, Tallackson. Bottom-Baokman, Poston, Webb, Clark, Riggs, Baker, Harrison, Kublin, Slovick, Dortch. SOPHOMORES McAuliffe-Per. 2-3 Top-Edwards, Hite, Patrick, Dud- nick, Smith, Kouns, Neighbarger, Lyon, lngle, McCarthy. Center-Harrison, Savaya, Cunning- ham, Metal, Skaggs, Craig, Thorberg, Whittaker, Levesque, Nuzum, Lucy, Stotler. Bottom-Miss McAuliffe, Wilson, Hobbs, Peterson, Hebard, Pet- tine, Reynolds, Kruger, Summers. SOPHOMORES McMiIlin-Per. Z-3 Top-Fuller, Smith, Roberts, Lyck- man, Whitford, Tidwell, Henson, Marcum, Andersen. Center-Mr. McMillin, Gonzales, Bostian, Kribs, Blodgett, Keller, Knorr, Smith, lrwin, Caya, Yrure- tagoyena, Heard. Bottom-Thompson, Main, Theisen, Harvey, Elsing, Barresi, Torano, Christopher, Phillips, Head. SOPHOMORES McMillin-Per. 4-6 Top-Mahaffey, Robinson, Cahill, Mendoza, Donovan, Chreisler, Police, Roe. Center-Mr. McMillin, Graves, Alves, Clarkson, lsaac, McBride, Dick- inson. Bottom-Wilkison, Varner, Pierce, Riley, Lewis, Morfoot. SOPHOMORES McHugh-Per. 1-2 Top-Ernst, Williams, H a i g h t, Howe, Mills, Provost, Bohl, Chew, Page, Boughn, Buss. Center-Grant, Cutrer, Priboth, Free- man, K. Gipe, S. Gipe, Yose- loff, Kinstle, Mehlmauer, San- ders, Mr. McHugh. Bottom-L a y m a n , Dambrauckas, Vester, Erhard, Ostach, Giles, Dodd, Ashcraft. SOPHOMORES Mozee-Per. 3-4 Top-Gibson, Johnston, 0'Barr, Pal- mer, Willard, Kjorlien, Cain. Center-Ray, Skibinski, Lukens- meyer, Crane, Malkin, Molina, Wilkins, Mr. Mozee. Bottom-Melino, Marzicola, Pitts, Sutera, Greene, Cochran, Newell, Kreger, Swiech, Munkittrick. SOPHOMORES Mozee-Per. 6-7 Top-Sproal, 0'Grady, Gilmore, Kulkin, Koenig, Enright, Maro- vich, Peckler, Woolsey. Center-Orloft, Foster, Sara, Brown, Coffey, Outen, Woodrome, Mit- chell, Ashley. Bottom-Pascoe, Lockwood, Robert- son, Martin, Strain, Hegele, Bain- bridge, Young, Capps, Vande Kappelle. SOPHOMORES Parsons-Per. 6 Top-Moran, T u n i s o n, Donald, Black, Heffley, Taylor, Parrish, Mayo, Hendrickson, Daniels. Center-Miller, Phillips, Hewitt, Vander Veen, Rapelyea, Dean, Pope, Springer, Roy, Waslien, Lane. Bottom-Paulson, Brookshire, Slim- mer, Coots, Moen, Boyd, Mathi- son, Pitman, Crabtree, Hall, Cun- ningham. SOPHOMORES Pomeroy-Per. 3-4 Top-Hampton, Conrad, Finberg, Wahler, Wallace, Frohlin, Behn- ke, Coleman, Frazier. Center-Mr. Pomeroy, Mattson, An- derson, Jensen, Eggertsen, Shri- der, Blair, Gavens, Fisher, Daw- son, Puckett, Burgraff. Bottom-Simpson, Greenberg, Ar- ciniega, MacAdam, Bailey, Ar- buthnot, Gentile, Bower, Nichols, Mudra, SOPHOMORES Radford-Per. 3-4 Top-Favre, Miller, Williams, Webb, Bingham, Davis, Tippin, Center-Circosta, Wallace, Brown, Miller, Egner, Tanner, Huddle- ston, lmbler, Orr, Camp, Richard- son, Rockotf, Bottom-Lindeberg, Davidson, John- son, Thorpe, Walker, Hummer, Montgomery, Granger, Gass, Beck. SOPHOMORES Rogovin-Per. 6-7 Tory-Holtz, Miner, Carter, Kravets, Rodman, Deets, Kirby, Warner, Tillman. Center-Gholson, Foley, Strickland, Snyder, Garland, Van Stone, Sch- lee, Treiber, Word, Torres. Bottom-Willey, Whipple, Moran, Meredith, Bell, Dunham, Hertz- berg, Vernon, Young, Hathaway, Bruce. Ir' ag wi SOPHOMORES Seal-Per. 2-3 Top-Lopez, Vandaveer, Wyatt, Mar- shall, Ayrest, Garner, McGowan. Center-Miller, Hoffstot, Minnis, Galfund, Long, Cave, Mr. Seal. Bottom-Moore, Lang, Achter, Bako, Ford, Conley. SOPHOMORES Thrall-Per. 5-6 Top-Walders, Cameron, Stephens, Brown, Berger, Buckelew, Garri- son, Dawson, Maclnlyre, Lytle. Center-Wozniak, Spinelli, Ziegler, Brooks, Crealese, Johnson, Jones, Davis, Lindenstein, Bell, Unmack, Webb. Bottom-Larter, Boyer, Ausburn, Roberts, Eckerman, Larson, Giv- ens, Smollen, Silvey, SOPHOMORES Turner-Per. 3-4 Top-Smith, Wright, Boone, Ekdla, Hayes, Thompson, Cornelius. Center-Talsky, Gallagher, Hlaunic- ka, Heimann, Atwood, Grajeda, Carter, Davis. Bottom-Watson, Shadwell, Hunt, Fanelli, McConwhay, Birt, Storie, Sellers, Grey. SOPHOMORES Turner-Per. 6-7 Top-Bassett, Mitchell, Cormier, Leedy, Tower, Norman, Dinsmore, Neal, Prescott. Center-McLellan, Stowe, Mines, Penfold, Wobbema, Burdick, Der- ry, Douglass, Stirling. Bottom-Campbell, Balestra, Reine- ke, Morgan, Musikawtow, Gold- smith, Cline, Jonson, Campbell, Wilson. SOPHOMORES Van Steenbergen-Per. 1-2 TopfMelchior, Cook, Bentzien, Ka- waichi, Meyer, Van Pelt, David, Gates. CentergStarkweather, Pound, Burk, Wall, Gilman, Wells, Hogan, Mr. Van Steenbergen. Bottom-Buster, Nylund, Rice, Hish, Witham, Amers, Chitwood, Lynes, Parkin. SOPHOMORES Van Steenbergen-Per. 3-4 Top-Piatt, Sides, Ahrenberg, Diz- ney, Love, Carson, Bale. Center-McBrien, Smith, Katzen' meyer, Brown, Fuller, Costello, Robie, Mr. Van Steenbergen. Bottom-Cammiso, Troup, Gamble, Luce, Hoffman, Wood, Garrard. SOPHOMORES Wilcox-Per.1-2 Top-Rice, Fisher, Mitchell, Gon- zales, Fiore, Callison, Fess, Clark, Milne, Kinkade, Milledge. Center-Feiler, Wiseman, Holani, Palmer, Morgan, Reynolds, Dor- rell, McConnell, Singer, O'Bryan, Humpal. BottomfBeards'ey, Wedow, Rinen- our, Holland, Blagg, Carter, Lan- dis, Castle, Piper, SOPHOMORES Wilcox-Per. 6-7 Top-Spaulding, Reeves, Nachsin, Tourney, Francis, Brady, Faff, Rowe. Center-Kachler, Rayburn, Bradley, Carrier, lordan, West, Nickell, Isaacs, Babbitt. Bottom-Moe, Manz, Kendall, Gut- tery, McCrary, Hayman, Patchen, Planenz, Grimwood. tiaariah' 'fum L... ev I N 40" SOPHOMORES Yoseloff - Fisher-Per. 2-3 Top-Liles, Morgal, Kretschmann, Jett, Leedom, Gardiner, Keel, Ru' bin. Center-Pontrelli, Robinson, Grutta- duria, Allfie, Poodry, Hunt, Nele son, Dunford, Gerber, Souter. Bottom-Wilkinson, Ingram, Thorn- ton, Henninger, Mclntosh, Hills, Kath, Boyd, Love. "A DAY OF EXCITEMENT" E I INTERIM COUNCIL SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES PAT JOHNSON Wilson Sr. High PAT IRELAND Jordan Sr. High JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE SANDY PETTEBONE Wilson Sr. High Prior to the beginning of the school year at Millikan, there were many problems which directly affected the student body. In order to solve these problems, an Interim Council was formed to represent the classes who were to enter in September, 1956. Other high schools and iunior highs elected representatives to Millikan's Interim Council. Those elected were as follows: Seniors-Pat Johnson, Woodrow Wilson Sr. High, and Pat Ireland, Jordan Sr. High. Juniors-Sandy Pettebone, Woodrow Wilson: and Linda Hart, Jordan. Sophomores-Carolyn Martin, Marshall Jr. Highg Travis Montgomery, Stanford Jr. Highg and Jan Breshears, Ban- croft Jr. High. These students assisted in writing the student handbook, RAM PAGES, sponsored the first all school dance, handled matters con- cerning the budget, and acted as the governing body of the school until the Student Council could be elected. Several were elected to councils which formed later and have been elected to offices within those councils. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE LINDA HART Jordan Sr. High CAROLYN MARTIN TRAVIS MONTGOMERY JAN BRESHEARS Marshall Jr. High Stanford Jr. High Bancroft Jr. High STUDENT COUNCIL FALL BRENT MERRILL President JOEL MEISTER Vice-President Advisor: Mr. R. Hunt LINDA HART Secretary LTI STUDENT COUNCIL - FALL Top Row: Ray Snyder, Mike Finney, Brent Merrill, Dewane Felton, Joel Meister, Al Fecarotta. Bottom Row: Jan Breshears, Sandy Pettebone, Linda Hart, Carolyn Martin, Jeanne Grenier, Shirley Rose, Kay Olson. l STUDENT COUNCIL SPRING BRENT MERRILL President MIKE OLDHAM Vice-President LINDA HART Advisor: Mr. R. Hunt Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL - SPRING Ton Row: Dave Radford, Bruce Daniels, Mike Finney, Brent Merrill, Mike Oldham, Al Fecarotta, Joel Meister. Bottom Row: Janet Farrington, Sandy Pettebone, Linda Hart, Carolyn Martin, Kay Olson, Mary Ann Campbell, Walt Parker. AWARD WI NER LARRY RIZZO "Why the first Atomic Cruiser should -be called the U.S.S. Long Beach". Prize 550000. Joyce Norman was also a winner in this essay contest. BANK 0F AMERICA AWARDS Mathematics-Steve Patton Music-Jerry Stotler Art-Ralph Cornwell English-Ed Rapopoit Social Studies-Sheldon Weinstein Foreign Language-Walt Parker Business Education-Anita Truitt Homemaking-Carole Greene Industrial Arts-Dick Stein Carol Waslien, John Broesamle, and David Yoseloff. First, second, and third place winners in the "Safer Driving Through Better Vision" contest. JEANNE GRENIER D.A,R. Award ATHLETIC AWARDS Stan Andersen All-City Basketball, 2nd string All C.l.F. Dave Groff 2nd string All-City Varsity Football Jim Rogers 2nd string All-City Varsity Football Mike Oldham 2nd string All-City Varsity Football Monty McDermott Znd string All-City Bee Football Brad Gustine 2nd string All-City Bee Football Roger Rhoades 2nd string All-City Bee Football Mr Seal, Sponsor Top Row: Claudia Daniels, Anne King, Cheril Bast, Judy Whittaker, Nina Wiggins, Ronnie Clark, Chuck Marcus, George Ryan, Harold Teasdale. Row Two: Carol Wells, Jackie Hish, Beverly Mantsch, Chris Cline, Anita Truitt, Diane Myers, Carol Williams, Donna Keith, Betty Anderson. Row Three: Gail Michaels, Judy Sandford, Sherry Lewicki, Marilyn Roberts, Dorothy Carter, Darla Thomas, Marie Stevens, Sue Brock, Roberta Wallace, Mr. Seal - Sponsor. Bottom Row: Nancy Bartlett, Mike Oldham, Joel Meister, Tim Fedorowicz. HOMEMAKING MEASURING L ' , I X I ROLLING FITTING T COOKING FILLING BAKING WATCHING PLEASING 'tag TIEMPTING 'S BAKING CONTEST RESULTS SAMPLING IUIIGING HILD CARE AN HOME URSING Cl. to r.J Joyce Patten, Helen Strong, Mrs. Larry Patten, Lynn Patten Uoyce Patten's nephewj. "Baby Loves His Bath" fl. to r.J Pamefa Love, Lynn Pat- ten, Babyg Mrs. Larry Patten, Lynn Lea Adkins. "What the Well Dressed Baby Wears" fl. to LJ Mrs. Larry Patten, Lynn Patten, Baby, Judy Morgan, Mrs. Judith Peterson fLynn's grand- motherj, Barbara Wilkinson, Donna Compton. "How to Diaper the Baby" l SCIENCE fix Jxlk- x ,u PHYsloLocv wwf X if 'E 593: MMD ,Exif xflwjgig. M " , W nw fm Dykrvyvu E if 5 SM , MW M A Q f N2f ,f'J C7 . 'W J 0-A, BEM BOTANY CHEMISTRY Aw 'Xin I 4 .swf Q b QW awww- HS is 3 411-05, I S 5 Q NWN if . J' A xw-QQD E i 'ef x Q-0'1"""' .Q x ,- W, - ,, .. , W QQ I . A Q , 1 .rp ' X 3 13" 'A' :nw U ,W NNHE, S www Q awww ., N, A-lla M X, x ' sg -.,,. .::zgeEagg,:,:- X ,N If 2: X- M, ---' - ' i,,,, .' ,.jf, 1, .ff - ,. .- ' " gfS 5:5gg' - .222 BUSINESS EDUCATIDN OFFICE APPLIANCES BOOKKEEPING SHORTHAND ADVANCED TYPING Fine Arts and Foreign Languages VOICE "z, fef av 57Q'b.J fgzfijiff - e 91254 ' V 0 lggi, ,1Zff2.J 'idzfz.n+cf6fi-43149 2'7z,.g 1 Mo 21, JC? Q, 4,15 A I 142 . 4' 'A f f ' 1 411' . 1- . M9795 L4 X f , --C716-ff'-3'L"j " Q14 SPANISH Instruction HOMEMAKING SOCIAL LIVING PHOTOGRAPHY APPLIED SALES -..,x 3 a A Z ig: CLUBS 8 ACTIVITIES,,- IVA' LU-gif I K I rw 'll If I X! fd? A A ,fy , V, ' 'V ,lf if if , ,Q V I4 W, lc! .4 If :A I YI f JI X: I J W!! I , f ff .I ,W ' . 1, 5 f J ,L A P H XX N N", Aifflff 1,1 A, A , 9 , , ,iii ,aw X ,T 1 X K N LV' t 1 M A ,I WL U , 9 'I ,'Lf'! X lf ' , 4, h ' 'V W I , V' I If X C V M f I ' - A V 'VJ A 1 V ' f ,,f ,Iv W- 4 w NV ,w ' by .f L W ,xv ,yy ,yy U J- Li: lx M ., L V NZLJ , If .ff au LI R ,X ,Q T J Z L DW fp 1 A luv Q X NV K I A ' IV w fW mf Q 5' K, V if Y 'VV M fl! if ,A j LU .1 f 1 'F 's 1 'nl Homecoming Queen Beautiful Irma Molina reigned over MiIIikan's first Homecoming Game and Dance. HOMECOMING PRINCESSES: Marcia Thomas, Cheryl Bast, Pat Johnson, Queen - Irma Molina, JoEIIen Caithamer, Linda Loos. Snow Queen Highlighting the Christmas season at Millikan was the first annual "Snow Ball" with lovely Jo Dean Meredith, Sophomore, reigning as Snow Queen. SNOW BALL PRINCESSES: Delva Wolfe, Queen-lo Dean Meredith, Barbara Challes, Manrelle Bomprezzi, Beverly Dambrauckas, Sharon Mathison. 1 l ,fv- C R O W N I N G T H E . , x N M ,M . . V ,mf H 0 M E C O M I N G Q U E E N Rx W. W, ff f Qi ' 5 'n X .fQ1'j'.QXaxn J ' .ef A W f" .fi j MLW .,,V f- f . wi? :Wiki ,. . 2 Sm? ,A A fa V ' zk. L, A, Dgfjnxkm vid ""' if xr' 'A' M Ex w ,www-laid A , Q, , I QM, if ss-Q -wg, mis W.. ,Q 4 S Me. , . iw wwmmm, :Wi A .2 .... 1 ,Q 24 ima , A W W Q Lua' sq . Ax, S :SA wwf fl: 'T SN gg X xy gm , Y :Q M - , Q, ' I 5252:-Q X :sa 'Q f. Q X. 13' x v w K A C xiww NNW' Q6-X Q 5 - X . 5 X SX 2 s Q QW QS' A Q w o gil , ,,,.,., S Q C 4. S ,. iax .5 Q, azwizz 32, I . k V ,A V V f -,-, -2 .mga V :Q - 13 45511. 5 V - x 2- 5 - . "' -.73 P " N A ' K ' , " Q? -4-ff ' 'x33S5i'6V::1.-V- :fi QA , ' ' 'V - 02, V' ' QV Q V 6 -V-wx: L 5 V- V V 322 12 .. Z j - -,VV V. ' ' 1 ,J iw A it Q. . f .M : - V5 4-,VVghV4-ff-fe 4. .3 3 - - I - - ,LVQQV .,...,--'V -3 V ,-1 - -U, . 2' f -. -wg-2 . ,.,V V- .-M,-,... 4-g4,V.g:--5 . . ,-,, , wg .-.5-W ,. g- A., . A .V , 4. My ,Vmz-ZQSY S- .,-:. ,.,kjv.3 1 , V V E A A-LV ? 5. X A f fl - 3 A 1 ,:E:- nvgilw l i: 3' J 3 J V- f V sy 3 W - X - V. 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V,x,f . de VA, ,.A,,yf. l - X V ,s4V..,.z,,-K V A -cg-w 7'1i2'.f m y'-V V ,: JA S M ' ' ,Q ' ' Vi' Vw- x 'figiwl f W' " 'Q x Q' 9 A- 5' 3 y R 5 ' wa' f 59 - WE Zi f 1 : 4 ww, S-,.2?f'2f'f-3- A2221-ff "" Y "1 1' V Us g'g:WVE'?, V A f X .ix gf-mf X . Q E.. . 1-1, y ' Y - ' 5 , Q 4 egb S "Wi f ix R x , M Q, S . Sw w 'E ji sg f W M b 5 'Q' WV SX Q-if is 1' ' b vw., we W Sym fy. 3 Asks v ZI4- ' N .21 f,:' Q x X yy I ' ' if xx .,:, M wi lg k j Nm. 5. M: ig ,ZS Q jg QI ' s 45. , x , V fy f' A 'fi , .9 Q A vw 6 Safe.: . QT' . w f ' ,:5. 25: E PEP GROUPS xmsrrras R Top-G. Hendrix, N. Bartlett, L. Hart, M. Juergens, L. Aistrup, M. Campbell, L. Crews, C. Stillwell, R. Martens, C. Williams, S. Castro, C. Champlain, J. Bill- ings, C. Feller, Miss Peterson. Center-B. Viscardi, L. Nelson, P. Hammond, S. Kluge, M. Roberts, D. Martin, P. Gillock, S. Jenkins, G. Green, R. Sibly. Bot- tom-Sue Brock, D. Bowser, P. Heineman, C. Holbrook, L. Blackburn, T. Simpson, M. Holton, G. Owens, S. Hughes, J. 0'Byrne, D. Blagg, S. Word, B. Lombardo. CHEERLEADERS Al Fecarotta Mike Finney Joel Meister John Eldred MAJORETTES Sharon Knotts Joanne Fleeger Pat Wilcox Janice Fleeger FLAG GIRLS Sandy Nelson Joan Lindsey Joyce Lont Dorothy Carter Alice Crews, Sherry Lewicki, Pat Johnson, Carole Cantile, Janice Thompson. PEPSTERS Top-Miss Hall, Joyce Lont, Sherry Lewicki, Alice Crews, Pat Johnson, Carol Cantile, Janice Thompson, Joan Lindsey. Bottom-Sandy Nelson, Sharon Knotts, Pat Wilcox, Janice Fleeger, Joanne Fleeger, Darothy Carter. Q .K tm V Q 4, M. 690 ,Q auulssli wffffxh M. ,- -V4 W.-.X MA V we QM maxim xg, lik fm ii . ix. WS, , Qi if 9 mg, Mann... -was-www pw 5 , Q S s. My LATIN CLUB Top Row: Mrs. Shawhan - Sponsor, J. Fleeger, A. Humphrey, D. Miller, A. Johnson, P. Parsell, J. Hebard, B. Anderson. Bottom Row: A. Pratt, K. Dunkin, S. Trulock, E. Burrolla, B. Goldstock, L. Piper GERMAN CLUB Top Row: Ed Vandeventer, Ralph Miller, Dennis Totman, Bruce Wallace, Bob Keeley, Bill Bunnett, Waslien, Bob Gilman, Delbert Cain. Middle Row: Charles Brooks, George Davidson, Mike Chew, Pierce, Beverly Yoder, Carol Waslien, Neil Meyer. Bottom Row: Dr. Kohn - Sponsor, Carol Warner - Jack Platten - Treas., Larry Barnes - Pres., lim Jerauld - V-Pres., Lynda Loos, Gertrud Estermann McDorman, Mike Sharrar. ANGU G Parnell Valerie Sec'y., , Joyce ,W fs Ev b . My mf Q ,N , 5 . 55- , QS , ef -N wwwunm S Q5 ,.0 . 5. S is Q. .4-v"""' xv. Q lg 8. E N S ws, Sw. .. .. ., , .,...,..., : ..... : 3311: -s:5Es:: Qx S31 XT W X6 lg - Xvxwzix' N5 K 36.33551 X L ? ,xg .5115 ,Q S sk W 2 ' kv . wiv ""' 1 52 b - 1 . :il Q5 ,... Q' , . vs,gjf..,i,,5iS5: .g,,. fis wff 3 S Pi SSR ' 4 Sm ssw.S,N.Nw ,, x cg :w w W - WE.-fxT'w1sSX ANU WELFARE Top: Sandy Pettebone, Sue Scott, Gertrud Estermann, Linda Aistrup, Diane Rawl, Rauline Treosti. Center: Pat Johnson, Pat Malone, Sue Hughes, Lou Van Doren, Lynne Weisbanh, Carole Cantile, Sherry Lewicki. Bottom: Mary Ann Campbell, Colette Holbrook, Marilyn Roberts, Maridon Holton, Marcia Gretter, Judy Anderson, Glenda Welch. JR. RED CROSS Top Row: Ray Snyder, Ken Clauson, Jan Muilenburg, Gordon Swangel, Dewane Felton, Weldon Rich. Bottom Row: Jan Breshears, Lynne Turner, Sandy Norris, Janet Paul, Gayle Riggs, Sandy Peck. WELF RE . 5 Qgsjg, ,W - 'mlvm ., may Ss ev- 'Q HM NS ,M ,Q Xxx 5 if fi if . wif X i r fix E 5 N, wig? xi Q Q ' K J' J' .S ' f , ' 1 2 fm .Q , ,M I , QV 5- R, '-X, x' 9 ,A so aXQki,.,5ggr 3283? 3 K5 Q sl 3' :' "ie 'vw ' ' A 2 5 44, suv .X as , 3. nw.- 1' ' ' Q W ::-'f. My ww ii i 42' if .Q . :.1 .,,.q , . Q W , sd Q' V 'Z 1: 3 A 2 K iws ,Q 3 Q Y. X. A 1 'ff viii A x ,S . AX , + 1 3 :EsS:" 2f5i55 5 Ivf, 5 - Xl mn -xx .f 5 . QS f "V . XX i M-Af. N ,ik , Q , , fr X1 .,.. " " I x :X " .-.I:l::lSr 5:-. , . 'Y Q X :QS "hp Q Q bv .N xx, S :-:-1:a.- - - + "S,ii2Qi3N X fx X NX .L- .2 ' ,. .,. 1 ji an At 5? i5jN..,QY A M E : x Q TSS, as . wg? 5 , Sw 1 'ii s. W ng x x Q :gm , D Q X 3 Q QQ . Nw 'Q S4 f 92 v. X M .... . ., ,. M- , f ...A,: . WM W . .,.,.7 W Q x x,,, x iwmbvw mfr , , b ,Q Wwwjq? b ,W ,, ,:.:,.. , A is QA Ai HALL MONITORS Top Row: Dennis Simon, Maynard Brown, Jeff Brown, Jim Markwith, Don Matefy, Bill Brown, Doug Lucas, Chuck Costello. Middle Row: Sherry Shewman, Carol Tintle, lane Keller, Leah Burnstein, Karen Whitfield, Sandy Nelson, Connie Blagg. Bottom Row: lonell Taylor, Carol Harris, Georgia Walker, Julie Tardiff, Suellen Nash, Nora Philips, lo Anna Brook, Maridon Holton, Miss Hansen - Sponsor. USHERS CLUB Top Row: lim lerauld, Bob Forbes, lack Hall, Weldon Rich, Jan Muilenburg, Jim Rogers, Mike Oldham, Richard Chaffee, Dewane Felton, Dick Humphries. Row ll: Charlotte Kublin, Helen Strong, Barbara Leonard, Sue Kluge, Sandy Brooks, Pat Fore, Joyce McDorman, Sandra Strain, Bottom Row: Karen Lillesve, Arlene Weiss, Nancy Carrier, Charlotte Luster, Mary Lou Bradley. ERVICE U "MlLLlKAN MELODlES" STAFF Top Row: Mr. 0. Johnson - Sponsor, Bob Cornelson, Grady Matthews, Vic Numbers, Robert Earl, Tim Fe dorowicz, lan Dunford, Wade Wilder - Chief Announcer. Center Row: Don Conklin, Richard Kretschmann Record Librarian, Bill Finley, Darlene Harkness, Jeri Larmon, Diane Myers - Publicity Chairman, Kay McGee Bottom Row: Gary Schroeder - Chief Engineer, Bonnie Copfer, Linda Johnson, Margo Jones, Darla Thomas Linda Blackburn, loan Jordan, Mike Allen - Station Manager. B ADVERTISING ART Top Row: Vince Tillman, Denny Parker, Tim Dennison., Ned Patterson, Dennis Anderson, Larry Smith Middle Row: lack Robshaw, Dee LeClair, Edith, Pierce, Linda Catlin, Don Cassio. Bottom Row: Dave Mud: ry, Lynn Ochs, Linda Cooper, Glenda Aker, Nancy Carrier. T VARSITY CLUB Top Row: Dennis Cosby, Jim Rogers, Weldon Rich, Mickey Oldham, Dick Chaffee, Jan Muilenburg. Bottom Row: Dick Humphries, Bob Forbes, Jack Hall, Dewane Felton, Brent Merrill, Jim Jerauld. RIDING CLUB RECREATIO Mounted: Sandra Trulock, Gayle Pierson, Sandra Strain, Louise Weber, Arlane Baldock, Sue Ericson, Sonia Braden, Kathy Jones, Jane Keller. Unmounted: Mr. Johns - Sponsor, Jennifer Wilson, Judy Robertson, Mary Sue Barber, Roberta Wallace, Sue Walker, Karen McGrew, Keith Pressley, Judy Bower, Karen Haugland, Mrs. March - Sponsor. GIRLS LEAGUE COUNCIL Kay Olson, Sharon Lyon, Marilyn Pitman, Arlene Fisher, Beverly Theisen, Linda Aistrup, Jean Turner, Ruth Ann Martens, Cheri Evers. GOVERNING COUNCILS INTER CLUB COUNCIL Top Row: Janet Paul, Kay Olson, Sandy Seguin, Earl Jones, Bruce Daniels, Janet Farrington, Chuck Costello. Row 2: Judy Hale, Jane Keller, Karen Dunkin, Kay Turnbull, Rita Robinson, Joyce Curran, Maridon Holton. Row 3: Pat Wilcox, Janice Hall, Linda Cooper, Cynthia Vieira, Terry Patrick, Jeannette Richards, Janice Thompson, Linda Larson. Bottom Row: Mary Ann Campbell, Joel Meister, Darline Ryther, Ellen Freedman, Al Fecarotta. CORYDON STAFF To inform the student body of cur- rent activities, to promote better school spirit, to provide young iournalists with an opportunity to see their creative efforts in print, to publish a paper which gives a few moments of enter- tainment during the busy week - these were the obiectives of the 1956- 57 CORYDON staff. This first year has been a difficult, yet rewarding experi- ence. Starting with a staff new to the field of iournalism, the members have worked hard to present, with the out- standing cooperation of the printing department, a paper to be followed as an example for future years. NEWS STAFF Walt Parker, Editor-in-Chief, and Mr. Topper Smith, faculty advisor. PRINTING STAFF Working diligently after school, at night and week ends, the printing staff strove to provide the Millikan Student Body with the highest caliber newspaper possible. Under the able direction ol Mr. Charles Billings, the staff printed the entire paper. Members of the staff are: Jerry Goldstein, Chuck Fultz, Gary Cozart, Clifford llennish, Clifford Johnston, Ralph Owens, Tony Cozart, and Danny Truitt. Top Row: Bob Charlton, Dave Radford, Jim Hanchett, Walt Parker, Ed Rapoport, Al Fecorotta, Buck Cooke, Mr. Topper Smith. Bottom Row: Joanne Williams, Maranna Barker, Shirley Berger, Sue Scott, Sandy Pette- bone, Judy Bennett, Terry Patrick, Ethel Gelfand. lf' ,. X. fu 352' f ., Q ' s 1 Q f x , W ww:- 5 5 M X rg , v 'S W W 6 X A A .- an 2. Y if U Q if + s ij is GL ,. I 1., ,,:,, nag gl x wr J n , 'W,0X4v, g 1534 1 saw qk,A, ,1 W Q if -2:1 -: gzgx y 5 37, A 3 X. ' Q v- " 4 4 3 .... .. A2 yy ,Qvxsffkaf-we X . K, A A 1 N Q WB 3 +55 4 1 I 15 .Q .uk sg ,M-waasvm , V 8 mm X Wm V w X Q ws, l. sf ff ,X . yu 9 x K '25 + 'vit' R wg ' ww an 5? M. use MW WON Y wms,M',,..-15:-f:ifi:ff , ,x:f:1z"':"' ' Q, 33 ? Q SK Q3 i jg S3 12 Q 3 W X Q .2 M 4 wiv ' Q Ms x " 522 'S xx FOREIG STUDENTS e RUDOLPH JOHANNING GERTRUD ESTERMANN CARLOS CESPEDES RALPH RUETZE CHRISTINA ARCINIEGA San Jose, Costa Rica Linz, Austria Cochabamba, Bolivia Hamburg, Germany Revillagigedo Mexico Millikan has been fortunate this year in having within the student body a number of students having been born in foreign countries. These students contribute greatly to better understanding be- tween their native lands and America. Gertrud Estermann is an Exchange Student from Linz, Austria and a senior at Millikan. She was elected by the students to the position of Vice-President lSecond Semester! of the Senior Class. Due to an emergency at home Christina Arciniega was forced to re- turn home early in the school year, and Rudolph Johanning is now attending BTD and night school at Polytechnic. Carlos Cespedes will graduate in June but Ralph Ruetze will remain at Millikan. All of these students have been very popular with their classmates. LONG BEACH INDUSTRIAL ARTS CONTEST AWARD WINNERS FIRST PLACE-Carl Deul, Victor Numbers, Warren James, Jimmy Schlee, Clifford Johnston, Danny Truitt, Robert Jones, Larry Par- sons, Don Perry, Clifford A. Johnston, John Guthrie, Gordon Swangel - 2, Earl Skonberg, David Mudry - 2, Jim Anderson, Don Love, Earl Atwood, Art Levitt, Richard Steins. SECOND PLACE AWARDS-Jim Reidy, Gary Wells, Don Cozad, Robie Scott, Ray Spinelli, Tom Bostian, Jerald Hensen, Carl Deul, Robert Heffley, Dion Junier, Art Alexandre, James Mclntosh, Cecil Leatherman, Charles Page, Dennis Milton. STEVEN WALL FREEDOM'S FOUNDATION AWARD THIRD PLACE AWARDS-Richard Steins - 2, Harold Teasdale, Neil Ingram, Don Wiltshire, Art Levitt, Russell Graves, Lee Rivard, Dan Truitt, Victor Numbers, Don Glover, Carl Rule. HONORABLE MENTION-Jim Reidy, Tom Duvalis, Don McCooI, Anita Rincon, Mike Halle, George Leura, Mike Pharris, Earl Skonberg, Bill Letzkus, Ron Reano, Ray Powell, Bill Rauch, Bill Jackson, Mike Ross, Gary Pangborn, Charles Fultz, Coy Tanner, Jr., Clifford A. Johnston, Charles R. Pae. REPRESENTATIVES TO THE INTER-CITY SOCIAL CLUB COUNCIL ELLEN FREEDMAN STEVE P PLANNING SPORTS FIELD DAY ll. to r.l Al Fecarotta, Shirley Ross, Sandy Pettebone, Mr. E. 0. Bemis, B. Brent Merrill, Jeanne Grenier, Mike Finney. 'KS Q 'K 3 , 3 fx 4 34 4-fe, my Q 3, Q 2 Q ix .Q 'N Si ,. X ,QS 21 .x wi 3, F5 . . , Q - x- -sg frwcx-::Q sx'.ww , ww so g M S wx? 91? N 1 . fm xx 'M fmfax V' 3533i E ge Sl if 3 , 'T f,53ifm?5iiiSsai,5i- SRM - :TQ . -lx if M xg Top Row: Lynda Phillips, Janice Hall, Louise Curizo, Sharon Steele, Linda Cooper, Dian White, Dana Cor- coran, Judy Sisson. Center Row: K. C. Jonson, Judy Ransom, Linda Anliker, Sharon Head, Chris Cline, Brenda Martin. Bottom Row: Wanda Benson, Ruth Zakem, Nancy Bowman, Corliss Filbert, Joan Roberts. LPHA TH ET TU CAMERA SHY Sheri Coombs, Joyce Deets, Arlene Fisher, Valea Kinsey, Jane LeMond, 10 D660 Meredith, Thelma PHHCK. OFFICERS-Back Row: Wanda Benson - Parliamentarian, Ruth Zakem - Publicity, Sharon Head - Historian. Front Row: Corliss Filbert - Chaplain, Janice Hall - Secretary, Nancy Bowman - President, Linda Cooper - Vice4President, Dian White - Treasurer. Top Row: Larry Tiller - Treasurer, Al Miner, Joel Meister - Secretary, Mike Finney, Jerry Kidd, Bob Hall. Bodom Row: Mr. Bauter - Sponsor, Earl Jones, Don Canning, Richard Davis V Vice-President, Tom Griffithe, DELT SIGMA PHI LPH TH ETA CHI Top Row: Merilyn Pertle, Judy Leiker, Lana Quinn, La Hauna Crews, Barbara Vanderveen, Pat Lindahl, Maxine Kath. Center Row: Karen Lillesve, Donna Bowser, Marilyn Juergens, Gail Greene, Julie Strelow, Pat Greene. Bottom Row: Doreen Keithley, Beverly Boyles, Judy 0'Byrne. Top Row: Ron Mora, Dean Jackson, Dick Gambfe, Gary Wells, Lloyd Orr, Dexter Taylor, Bob Shreves, Gary Pound. Rrow Three: Dick Anderson, Gary Lewis, Bob Fiore, Skip Holton, Jules Canute, Brian Chad, Dick Bowman. Row Two: Tom See, Ron Reano, Dennis Totman, Mike Dawson, Jerry Drake, Bill Borden, Gene Broesamle, Mr, A. Rashkow. Bottom Row: Mr. E. Mozee, Joe Viso, Paul Kroll, Steve Feld, Dave Harden, Sheldon Weinstein, Mike Halle, Steve Patton. HI SIGMA KAPPA RHO PHI Top Row: Scotty Scott, Harold Teasdale, Ronnie Allice, Bob Belanger, Tony Affre, Howard Levy, Douglas Waite. Bottom Row: Mr. G. Pomeroy, lay Barbrowski, Nate DeLaquil, Hof Weise, Mike Parker, Frank Parilla, Ronnie McDonald. GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA INSTALLATION IOTA CHI LPH Top Row: Mrs. H. B. Stockard - Sponsor, Marilene Gan, Cathy Silva, Mary Abbott, Julie Gannon, Joyce Cur- ran, Ann Collins. Row Two: Mrs. E. L. Curran - Sponsor, Cindy Vieira, Dolores Parker, Jeanne Lawler, Sue McKelIop, Joan Presley. Row Three: Connie Gillett, Linda Westby, Audrey Steins, Nancy Chadwick, Janet Keas. Bottom Row: Darlene Harkness, Jeri Larmon, Jonel Larson. A J A 3 .N ,W ,rf .N Top Row: Virginia Eker, Edith Pierce, Dee LeClair - Recording Secretary, Bobbie Steiskal, Leslie Hathaway, Gail Lofgren, Bea Dickinson. Center Row: Shirley Rose, Sheri Baker, Wincie Yeargain - Corresponding Sec- retary, loan Sinner, Mary Hotchkins, Barbara Gee. Bottom Row: Donna Campbell, Betty Tucker, Helen Smith - ViceePresident, Judy Hale - President, Rauline Treasti, Barbara Cannell. RHO TAU OMEG RUSH PARTY One of the highlights of the year for Rho Tau Omega was a Rush Party given for girls who were prospective members. LIBR Back: Ellen Kellerman. Middle: Joyce Lont, Margaret Thorne, Marcia Matson, Arlene Moen. Bottom: Janice Thompson, Sally Word. DELT G MMA OMEGA Top Row: Pamela Love, Tamara Barnett, Darlene DeFore, Sue Moe, Sue Schlessinger. Bottom Row: Dawn Riddle - Corresponding Secretary, Alberta Sibley - Recording Secretary, Diana Gibbs - Vice-President, Donna Keith. SOCH Top: Kathleen McGee, Linda Musikantow, Margie Poston, Sheila Thornton. Bottom: Carol Mitchella, Ellen Freedman - Chaplain, Marilyn Swartz, Barbara lo Neare. TH DUS Top Row: Brad Gustine, Paul Kivinski, Barry Brief, Ronnie Thielman. Bottom Row: Jim McFadden, Gary Tidwell, Phil Sprinkle. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Eaton O. Bemis Chapter SENIORS-Mike Allen, Nancy Bartlett, Judith Doerr, Janet Farrington, Douglas Gross, Stephen Patton, Ed- ward Rapoport, Katherine Stiff, Jerry Stotler, Marcia Thomas, Anita Truitt, Joseph Viso, Marilyn Wood. JUNIORS-Betty Anderson, John Armstrong, Janice Badgley, Sandra Brennan, Sue Brock, Esther Burrola, Mary Ann Campbell, Dick Chaffee, Richard Chermak, Karen Dunkin, Mike Finney, Kenneth Gibson, Barry Gold' stock, Tom Griffithe, Bob Hall, Jim Hanchett, Linda Hart, Lola Hathaway, Gail Hendrix, Bonnie Heywood, Marilyn Juergens, Jerry Kidd, Pat Kneisly, Linda Larson, David Lebow, Joan Lindsey, Ruth Ann Martens, Dixie Martin, Joel Meister, Carol Mitchella, Carol Myers, Linda Nelson, Joyce Norman, Roberta Pelle, Sandy Pettebone, Larry Piper, Marilyn Reitbord, Gloria Roberts, Marilyn Roberts, Shirley Rose, Linda Rutter, Dar' line Ryther, Alan Silverman, Beverly Smith, Edward Taft, Harold Teasdale, Carol Waslien, Carol Williams, Virginia Woefel, Jim Wright. SOPHOMORES-Probationary Members: Gail Amers, Robert Bill, Linda Bosking, Mary Jane Braddock, Jan Breshears, Ronferd Burk, Linda Catlin, Geraldine Chitwood, Christine Cline, Jean Colwell, Barrie Cooke, George Davidson, Vivian Gibson, Ruth Golden, Georgia Hedrick, Robert Heffley, Sandy Hogan, Ellen Jennings, Ken Kawaichi, Sheila Lipson, Kathy Lynes, Beverly Mantsch, Carolyn Martin, Barbara Meissner, Cynthia Melom, Neil Meyer, Gail Michaels, Mary Parkin, Stanley Parrish, Phyllis Parsell, Gilbert Pharris, Carol Rapelyea, Gary Raytinov, Rodger Rhoades, Mike Sharrar, Claudia Smith, Arlene Sobelman, Karen Strain, Sandra Thomas, Keith Thompson, Margaret Thorne, Sandra Trulock, Brenda Vanderveen, Parnell Waslien, Judy Weinstein, OFFICERS President .. . .. Vice-President .. . .. . ., . Recording Secretary .. .. , Corresponding Secretary .. . Treasurer ,... . . . . .. Financial Secretary . Auditor ,,,, . . . . Historian . . Directors: Organization . Public Welfare , Membership Education .. Publicity . Finance . . Hospitality . Parliamentarian OFFICERS President Vice'President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Carol Wells, Lynne Winnik, Nina Wolff, David Yoseloff, Barbara Zilligitt. PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Mrs. Douglas A. Hammond Mrs. Robert Bostian Mrs. Clay Paterson . Mrs. Herbert Grout . Mrs. Peter Mason Mrs. Walter Hoffman .. Mr. Edward Tuck , Mrs. Martin Vandaveer H.. Mrs. William Crabtree Mrs. Mike Schummer Mrs. Harold Hedrick Mrs. Gerhard Kohn . Mrs. Wilfred Catlin Mrs. Alton Fish Mrs. Erbie Bostian Mrs. Norris Lange During the school year the PTA has entered into a number of worthwhile proiects. Among these were the following: Many members assisted the medical staff in the administration of Polio shots: others helped by mailing the monthly PTA bulletins and the Open House circular: money was raised for a theater party at the Community Playhouse: and a much appreciated din- ner was served in honor of the Scholarship Society. ADULT BOOSTERS Hugo T. Slocombe . Roy Oldham . . Eileen Blodgett . Irene M. Bell Glenn H. Snyder The Adult Boosters purchased the materials, and designed and constructed the beautiful scoreboard which now stands at the corner of the football field on Palo Verde. They also sponsored the sale of season tickets to athletic events, sponsored the foot- ball banquet, and are making plans for a simifar banquet in honor of basketball and the spring events. The annual staff has shared in the wonderful cooperation received from the Adult Boosters and hereby expresses appreciation for their help. l l ARIES CONNIE STILLWELL nM rgnonowlcz Business Manager Editor-in-chief IIM HANCHETT Sports Editor MIKE LEE UTSLER Darkroom Technician Sz' 97 551 MR. KENNETH L. HASKINS Advisor The annual staff, under the direction of MR. KENNETH L. HASKINS, proudly presents the first yearbook in the history of Robert A. Millikan Senior High. Beginning without experience, camera or darkroom equip- ment, former traditions or organized groups, the staff began to tackle many difficult problems. Contracts were written and bids received for photography, lithography, letter press, printing, covers, paper and bind- ing. From the bids received, a committee decided to produce the book by letter press. Methods, planning, layouts, scheduling and multiple other problems had to be solved and decisions made. Had it not been for his love for photography and a willingness to spend many long hours, the annual would not have been possible without the help of PAUL PROSISE and the cooperation of his parents and teachers. With few exceptions, Paul photographed all pictures appearing in the an- nual other than those done commercially. The school's darkroom was not made Iightproof until well after Christmas. At home at night Paul could have been found developing annual film in his clothes closet. Another student, CHARLES BROOKS, contributed many hours in the darkroom printing pictures long before he became a member of the annual staff. MIKE UTSLER also assisted in the darkroom. The printing of the pictures was done by the advisor, the darkroom staff and a few student volunteers. STAFF LINDA COOPER Clubs Q Activities CHARLES BROOKS Darkroom Technician VALERIE PIERCE Writer Unpictured First Semester Staff ff' Boy's sports were covered exclusively by IIM HANCHETI who also did mm BENNETT X? much of the writing in the annual. CONNIE STILLWELL became the top DAVE HMWNGTON annual salesgirl, and BILL ROSE took honors as the top annual salesman. BRENDA Mmmv P With the help of all students, Connie sold much of the advertising but SHERRY MAXWELL A found the response often discouraging. Social Clubs were -covered by O LINDA fCOOPER whIrIledl1AliERIEhPlEIgCE cortribuiterd by' relieving I3I1eFEg- CAROL 0'NElLL .... visor o many sma ears. e a visor eane eaviy upon - l OROWICZ as Editor-in-Chief, who willingly accepted his responsibilities of JUDY MYERS 0 leadership. Tim is a champion archer and excels in the field of drama. HELEN SWTH L Under the direction of MR. J. O. JENKINS, Art Advisor, BOB PRICE DIAN WHITE f sipenf many hgrrls dgsigningt-the Addmgtistrqativle Faculty, Sergrolrsh LARRY PERRET erc assmen, u s c ivr ies, an po s rvi er pages. - PAUL pmglgg F FITHE designed the annual cover and the Advertising divider page. Other BM R055 Photographer IJ crezlits are given on the last page of the annual. Mmy HOTCHKIN L. 1010 SP 5 19 . ..,....... , , ,.A,,,,.V,,.,.,,.,., .,.,., . ffm? .2 ,ff N! Z ., 1. 0.0, A: X, 9 ,mwff . 4121.226 456 5. .... , ,Vw f 9 iw 3 .- F: , sf. .edu QJMEW s IT. " f . SCHOOL LIFE ww ww' W Q S' EN if I .NWN 0 A flaw Q 1 mlm ff Q 4 amymx . .K sa M Q, QQ N S ' fx 1 -Q Q K .,.A::,,.1:,.1,,,:2,,.:.1..:., X, XNQNN XT GSI mm SN A i P X , v x,,l:.,tW:xx aww VY 'Nvw ,ip Q xl.-. F b 0 N X . 9 M 5 fx Qs -vw' Q fy A Liv' s 'ZR :iff ' :Lx ---, w 4 A3 lv 3 , ,wg E fm Q by N X giigig gigii Qkj fJ4fyX W X? ESR pix J 1 g 3iXsEQR E Q 3 QVfQggXEifF 9.LZ'w.-.. if 5:2 'i mt xgixnw- 3 1 0 QM x f , gh , I ' N X ,Vg Zim. wx? W Q ,Br Q 1?M"""T"I.7 -A W 2 A 9 Top Row: Del Nielsen, Paul East, Dick Lucas, Bill Erwin, Bob Levy, Art Hite, Mike Makaron, Richard McBrien, Larry Onstott. Row ll: Bob Hoffdahl, Warren James Sk Holton, Kirk Smith, Bob Cooper, Marvin Rupe, Monty McDermott, Bob Charlton, Don Hill, Doug Dizney, Brian Cooper, Carl Berneker - Coach. Row lll Gary Anderso Steve Patton, lohn Holani, Dennis Totman, Herb Bodnar, Bruce Stephens, Dave Long, Ron Thielman, Brad Gustine, Frank Odom. Bottom: Gary Rawan, Dave Harden Ray Dr coules, Bob Blodgett, lohn Oehler, Dean Knapp, Eric Houtz. BEE FCOTBALL C0-CAPTAINS Brad Gustine Monty McDermott Carl Berneker Ss is-av BEE SCORES We They 6 Wilson 27 7 Rancho Alamitos 0 0 Bellflower 20 0 North High 7 14 Jordan 12 44 W. Covina 14 19 Warren 0 13 Azusa 0 16 Wilson 0 Millikan Total ....,...... 119 Opponents Total ........ 90 i f Q55 5 Q, . X. ,, ig.. Q .:: 3 2 2 Millikan vs. Brawley Dick Craffee 1671 and Brent Merrill 1551 flatten Brawley fullback Charlie Womack while Gary Sexy 4291 and Dewane Felton 1731 stand by in case of an emergency. Jordan vs. Millikan Darrell Poodry 1201 circles left end as Dewane Felton 1731 prepares to lower the boom on onrushing Jordan player in Millikan's 32-0 rout ol the Panthers. Millikan vs. Hart High Dewane Felton 1731 and Don Cornelius 4491 gang up on a Hart High ball carrier in the first quar- ter ot the 47-14 Ram win at Newhall. Poly vs. Millikan After receiving a handoff from Dave Groff 4113, Don Cornelius 1497 rips his way through a trio of hapless Poly de- fenders to register a score in 50-0 win over Bunnie lV's. lordan vs. Millikan Dave Groff C117 runs his favor- ite option play for a 12 yard gain against Jordan. Dennis Cos- by f63j prepares to dump on- coming linebacker. Brawley vs. Millikan Don Cornelius C495 rolls up one of the few gains of the night against Brawley while lerry Bottorff 6693 leads the way. 1 The Rams played many exciting football games as are shown by the pictures on the right. This .y did more than anything else to build a fine school spirit and to put Millikan on the map. Under the coaching of Bob Myers, Millikan's Intramural Team, the first organization of its kind in the city, was a group providing experience and material for future Ram Varsities. Bruce Daniels, Captain, and Coach Bob Myers INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Top: Lowes, Montrella, Zidenberg, Cribbs, Montgomery, Hall, Fedorowicz, Moran, Jones, Sharrar, Griffithe. Row ll: Bob Myers - Coach Levitt Mitchell, Wyatt Link Patrick Shrrder, Cummings, Stuart, 0B.rian, Carlson Dexter, Love. Row lll' Caldarera, Gambill, Dawson Fletcher Clark, Walker Rippee, Frohlin Brody, Wri ht, Graham: Weiser, , . , , . , E Berger. Bottom. Campbell, Kivrnski, Hite, Bowman, Thompson, Spinelli, Toya, Gavins, Daniels, Sternum, Walker. s 1 ,Q sw Q .X . A ' s,m,,..W,f,: N, , M13 ex ,N . . ,,,x 'A'W"fN Q.,x':,iI: 'TTT Q, X. . ,Q .XM k .Arn .dr av: . , ' -x x 2 A ....,, , ,. Aizi - A Vx a s xiii? 1: if S if M ff 4 g 1 Q X mf Q 4 X W ww Q ww S 1.. ' '2,. 1" f 'I ,:,,, I E4 ' AB Q 'E 3 54 32 33 H WQMIWVE e,q,,'s-3 HM A EMM: Aakifwi Kiasma L 1 ' gi f i f E 3 ? wf f Q ": i .. '-: "'1' I I A'::-V '--': 1.A Vll':":: "--" ::::'6:E zgz' 1"' In ,EZZ ',,. , v--::- 15 W . .... 0-2 ,. :,, zgzz: U v Q 5.3 ii ,t , t 45 N555 1 "fi W if M .,,:Q ff x":E' ' :ib Zq, 1 N ' 'M E2: 5 , fs, I , ag ,, 44? , ', l Q V W , 5. '-:fi-2:2-' . ' ,.,E:'f"I:Es"5: ' df Q if -fm 3, 'V "' , V, '- .,:.., ,E , ew yi. X . , A . M, 3 1, I V1 A A Y 3434 ,S nk Sh WV gf 2 :V X E 2 if as Flag - .,. H :. 3 X ,Q 5 3 3, as 51 9? 55 I 4? 6 ix Q 5 xi Q Ma: aww s I SEQ 353 QQ- an gi W J nf 1. 3' . . ,,. .,:. .: , N Wa- ..e Q N -4 K 5?Q? Ups-'X if f3 - M .9 4 Ka , V X N mi? i S' 4 5 3 ximiw xx QQ W IEW QQ l Stacy Higgins, Forward Millikan 50 - North 23 Millikan 37 - St. Anthony 51 Millikan 66 - Cathedral 60 Millikan 35 - Loyola 46 Millikan 46 - San Marino 43 Millikan 62 - Centennial 57 Millikan 87 - Santa Fe 59 I Dave Grott, Guard VARSITY BASKETBALL Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan SCORES 60 - Avalon 50 34 - Anaheim 42 50 - Bellflower 35 48 - Downey 66 49 - Muir 47 33 - Mission Bay 55 53 - Lincoln 31 44 - Excelsior 52 58 - Centennial 64 50 - Lynwood 37 63 - Inglewood 40 Millikan Dick Chermack, Center C.I.F. PLAYOFFS 47 - Newport Harbor 54 l Stan Andersen, Forward Millikan 68 - Fillmore 45 Millikan 41 - Paramount 45 Millikan 67 - Ramona 45 Millikan 58 - South Pasadena 51 Millikan 65 - Fillmore 48 Millikan 85 - North 37 Roger Erickson, Guard Roger Rhoades, Forward El Monte Millikan 47 Millikan 31 Anaheim Millikan 36 Jordan Millikan 41 San Marino Millikan 46 Centennial Millikan 55 Santa Fe Millikan 53 Fillmore Tom Dortch, Guard BEE BASKETBALL Millikan 42 Avalon 43 Millikan 38 Anaheim 49 Millikan 38 lordan 37 Millikan 40 Muir 44 Millikan 27 Wilson 28 Millikan 34 Excelsior 43 Millikan 39 Paramount 22 Millikan 44 North 22 Millikan 34 Excelsior 24 l Gary Ernst, Center Nineteen victories in their last twenty games and the capturing of the second place trophy in the Excelsior ln- vitational Bee Tournament where the highlights ol the 1957 Bee basketball season at Ramville. After losing four ol their lirst five games by the heart- breaking margin of one point or in overtime, Coach Bill Dun- can's Bee cagers' luck changed and they proceeded to win all but one ot the tinal twenty games. Their lone loss was to the lordan Panthers in the final round ol the Excelsior Tournament. Five big reasons why the Rams improved so rapidly were second string All-City Bee lorward, Roger Rhoades, forward Gary Brown, center Gary Ernst, and guards Bob Cooper and Tom Dortch. The resenres, mainly sophomores, included Don Nuzum, Ken Gibson, Larry Martin, Rene Goyena, Bob Blodgett, Tommy Leedom, Dave Beard, and Doug Bishop. Gary Brown, Fonuard Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan Millikan B's Paramount Ramona Anaheim Anaheim Fillmore North Millikan IV LH LH Bob Cooper. Guard Top Row: John Armstrong, Ron Thompson, Bill Brown, Dennis Milton, Mickey Oldham, Lester Harris - Coach. Bottom Row: Dick Montgomery, lim Jerauld, Bob Keeley, Travis Montgomery, Keith Thompson. .IU IOR VARSITY BASKETB LL CEE BASKETB LL Top: Bill Sousa, Virgil Fosnight, Gary Rubin, Coach Duncan. Bottom: Charles Barnett, David King, Mickey Noel. A 'NGK Q "' -A Q? up we . ,. - Q ' ' 0 M S -' ma ss..-.. K .f f f Sig .L.E, '3 T A:qA:q L .,' Hi W N 3 i'A . if 4 ,V , V 0 , 6 :.. pw 1. 0 ,lx ww dai' VARSITY rnlick Y Top Row: Cornelson, Hall, Hammond, Robinson, Miller, Baker, Miller, Nicholson, Clark, Morgan, Slocombe. Middle Row: Rubin, Talley, Pharris, Muilen burg, Hall, Cornelius, Boehme, Doyle, Mahoney, Leedom, Cribbs - Mgr. Bottom Row: Pfelger, Tidwell, Merril, Oldham, Milton, Nixon, Henry, Dannov. BEE TRACK Top Row' Rowe East Oehler Keeley Patrick McBrien Palmer Hite Mont omer Bott R R b . , , , , , , , , g y. om ow: o erts, Barnard, 0'Bryan, Owens, Thompson, Hum- pal, Meissen, Knapp. CEE TRACK Top- Row: Clarke, Lovejoy, Meyer, Judson, Conner, Koenig, Bridwell, Kavan. Middle Row: Rule Cassio, Totman, Bowman, Holton, Huddleston, Johnson, Truitt, Murawski, Mayo. Bottom Row: Talsky, Neal, Ashley, 0'Barr, Barnett, Greenberg, Beckley, Long, Gustine. Standing: Link, Cooper, Burke, Chaffee, McFadden, Higgins, Lynn, Poodry, Jerauld, Coach Myers. Sitting: Thie'man, Cooper, P. Snyder, R. Snyder, Sexy, Groff, Viiioen, McDermott, Herzog, Humphries. V RSITY BASEBALL JU IOR VARSITY BASEBALL Standing: Babbitt, Miiledge, Bowker, Brown, Angle, Stapp, Mendoza, Rawan, Workman, Ernst, Coach Berneker, Sitting: Herrell, Rich, Erwin, Nuzum, Chad, Houtz, Dortch, Bodnar, Rhoades, Noel. Back Row: Radford, Miller, Kidd, Reano, Seymore, Bill Duncan - Coach. Front Row: Kirkman, Martin, Bedes- TENNIS GYMNASTICS TEAM Top: Higuera - Mgr., Noland, Kirby, Price, Allenegui, DeGifford, Walker, Caya, Johnson - Mgr. Center: Beer, Leonard Mehlmauer, Anderson, Gordon, Hough, Burton, Jerry Stotler, Carter, Mr. G. Dooley - Coach, Bot- tom: McKenzie, Wilson, lim Stotler, Larry Mehlmauer, Finn, Jackson. 4 WS gba gk , X. W X Q... ,. 'wg W Q -515 wx 'za vb ' ---Gif":2:2-:wi-I.2ZEZQL:as:2:a:a-g1g1:-,::::.,.sI::,VI-.2 Z agvggm m e g::2s::za:5.::.: ai 5 . ay' 3 qi , ,J Am 9 if lx Q M ,X S X X if N Q N .... b as w N' M. Lv 4 YQ wk 2 Q v .H M ,Q m Q H iw K' 1. 'Qs S 2 xlfii ' Q V ,M s wf x Q Fig Q . wg: . - , fx . ' -iaif' ,gk :az 555fE.ff 5:: ,? ' . -1:-'. ,mf . :r'.:.:.r , - wi- ' , 13,1 "" I 'I X' 1 X , 'V 'W X A . , , -.. W sa5eaa: ':'?.. ', + S f -z., . e::--If f L .. 1 , f , I Q 5 - :zz Q i . .. If , 7 n": Q , 'sk Q ,' 2, x s. V 'X j '18 1' gg X Q Q H A asf ,,V. ,Q , V ,S N .4 QW Q2 QSM 5: is X 5 Q., 9 43321 VS Q R ' N , ' , " ,,.. 1 , . ' X- 'fx Y ""' " " M -1 S ,.,., , ..,.. : ..,.... , .3 .... if W H .A 1, A We wwww . T Q. yy ' Q - S' , , Q . ,fffkgm 'Z ,xg QV? , f 1 X , ,X ' X wi Y- 5-1 Q eg 4 1 Y' 3 A Q I , M sf? HOCKEY Back: Mrs. Griffith - Coach, Joy McDorman, Barbara Zilligit, Carol Waslien, Barbara Holliday, Alice King, Diane Williams, Karen McGrew, Ginny Hollis, Val Martin, Joycene Laytart, Kathy Jones, Mary Douglas, Sue Dean, Maxine Slagle, Nancy Hunt, Mickey Larson, Sue Ericson. Seated: Pudgie Baldock, Sandy Hogan, Carol Wells, Janet Farrington, Joyce Norman, Ginn Woelfel, Jody Walling, Adele Ford, Roberta Wallace, Sherry Roach. VOLLEYBALL Back: Mrs. Griffith - Coach, Carol Waslien, Joan Givens, Barbara Holliday, Maxine Slagle, Pat Trimer, Karen McGrew, Joyce Norman, Ginn Woelfel, Ginny Hollis, Sue Ericson, Diane Williams, Kathy Jones, Mary Douglas, Adele Ford, Mickey Larson, Linda Shomaker, Sue Dean, Joycene Laytart, Val Martin, Nancy Hunt, Wal- ling. Kneeling: Linda LaBelle, Jonell Larson, Jeanne Lawler, Merridy Casner, Janet Farrington, Joann Luther, Trisha Terry, Lynne Winnik, Sheila Lipson, Diane Dixon, Roberta Wallace, Joyce McDorman. Seated: Carol Wells, Barbara Zillgitt, Marsha Mattson, Kathy Lynes, Sherri Roach, Pudgie Baldock, Sandy Hogan, Barbara Johnson, Margaret Thorne, Judy Heaps. ' is .,....,. . ,...-Nm 'R .... .. , ,. S Bw X ' ' ' - X f-2.1 My N x X S N . . -1. , .H xx Q wsz,:as:s:.::-',.::,.1:a:-- .. :a-::1::-..::-- , , X if Q Q 4 S 1 vi xfxzeqf 5 5 Mg. f , , a.. - W' W E, 1:1:1 ,:.. :jj .5 :a: r:1.:,:, 5: -4- : ::f:::5s:s,Qs,',::g,,:- : x " H " ' " ' x 3 Q Q QQ WEE? ,Q X 'A"1' x QL ,,.: 4 ,.... 3 U 3 x f V- Q "" ' :-:. 5 -."- : I ::'. .,.,i 2 ::- ,.-.-1'-' 2 :'E:.':Ei:"IiEi Y F 'HSM ' 0 X . -x 1 ' Wm X, eww uv' be aua- X...-f J .Q . ::. . Q Q X Q Q ' w V .155 az: . ': g X P 5 it g Q QA .x X W ., Q., , Wgfawx -sh ,369 's ,V-SQ N 42393 M S i da Y ' li A , 5' 'MA an 'QS K ' ? fi ,W . M. f QS-I ' f A my f W ' 2'- Vzi. A x , ' , K :.A 48 Q ...W Wg ww ,,..-1 Y Q KN.: 8 if N' , A WW -X + ,ww -vw ss? asf W? E ' Q S , . X .Q vi 'Q , iff' K is is N X b ' , as V Q Q Q A xx . W QW S31 sg w ., D 5 -Ak 1 R Vfzgi .:,. BQ Sf X t X I x Q ,.., J J -V , x P Q. Qi Ji if X .sf zz. arise .N 5' M fain ' ' A . f ":' :.- ' " H 'W 1 ff 'f ,51. .Q 5 ,M ef ff ' X W wb l ,,, ., :.. ,... A it Elma. wk . wx rf: .:I.5m , ' :I f 3 g, . , ' ' .,.,... LLL : ' '-P'- V , '- X . I Q x bk, """ ' ' I ii' fig ,', .,,., I ::. X ' -i . M fa WY ,. ' .-... 5 z I.. N' Himsa is llv- ..,,:,,..., .. ,. .:::: :E:iH V. 5 V .asggr l lb I' ..,' J 3? Q A P ...., .,.. ? .1,::,,A : , qqqu b u 1 M S ,M X . .,... ,.., ..,... .,'x 5 v::",,- Q Q ., ws- ga, A f 1 was f ii may 'w w ' -'fi HIEEFE.-. .- Q Q .,.... .6 KK E if .5 'im W5 W Svwf A ,gs af x gb ,Q gf , 2 91 S. f- Q ! ? Msgs 5 fix X , if x is Q , . X 55235 wr. , SW' 4- -1- , ' NZ, -L .-. - :.,.:. AA 5 sm ::".g 'A"1 fir' 054 ig f Ng , Q Q , 3 X gui .:.A x 4' X K 5 ijt si 8 fi 5 '91 su' 4 9504 5 23 ,.,A . Nnrgmwwg Q W 11 ,.....,,,... W Q 2' ,Q V5 if Q 3 sf ,X GOLF HUMMM! UNDERWEIGHT? 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TErminal 4-4402 HEmlock 4-0719 i A "ARIES pARKRooM STAFF" Courtesy ot Independent-Press-Telegram Engravers "For those who prefer the finest" PORTRAITS SOCIAL EVENTS WEDDINGS 'lc Dignitied coverage of your wedding story as told by quality Photographs 'A' Lynn Hawkins Photography LAKEWOOD CENTER 5016 FACULTY AVENUE - MEtcaIf 0-1802 LYNN HAWKINS Official Yearbook Photographer Class of '56 5- QU! mm X K qi, aww. if NK W ,X if ... .xx xi I . ,, 'Wm 5 S 'Q Q Wa .N A Mm, awww , ,d ,,,,.W,.W?, W V .Wg 5 3 w Q J ,-.NU ik up N. , . I' X I0 ,1L'S, A,' V E - I : ,MM Y A N E , Q, I ,al J K "rm A 4 15 - 'CML ' N' ,4 ' 7 LUV fjf, 1 ff O, ,I JCM N 1. v X ' Alf!!! Agn x , H: K X. Ji? kwfxff fzj J ' XXL ' hw Vx .f!,,1L" ' 1 ,, F , I 3- 1 f' f ,Q ' W' ,lcfv "ff fag' "N H' ' .,.f1- 'JA , N 'J A A wkb ,, ll ff "I if 'C Lf L ML 'O 'A ' Ml, ' ' ,M 44261, tl 3 Nb C"""'f' ' ' swf Q' ' K' Q- C9519 'KLM magw ,W -Lf.. W4 Mw005afA ' cg QBJJU . 2,7-, f MM aww M' nvfwo Q fywiwvf yqjff fwypi Wm! W4 74 Z? ' . . W ""V'r -WWW z' if55i5?i55W 'ix Q W H ii iff y UfX,,mfg Mwiw X xx ug15, w"Pg xfy if ffjfffwiwjm V' mf QV ! 6L6 , ' " , ,aff MJ' ill if ff if wi, ,410 W XM' My yu! -4 4 , , MJ My Ewa, 4 qfdfhy ,,,J.f.f ,MJMWM aw Af 63. Mwwfff cf zyyad 45,094 'Epi I, 1355 Q . Wfwyfgf QM ' J . I f , XX 1 X -kwa Y xi I wgf-+ X 5 mriii li ilk f QS f xx- XJ' XY NX KR, xx. x fix i'1 -Fmf'?kq- Li . . 'XS lj X X . NF-hi X YN R H,-A R N: Q I , N Nil L Q'd'4Vl,,,' A df ' H kgizsgh xi wlfmd if jx I MTW if Exp! N jg, 2 A , UNL 47 ,A A- lj DQ, W M1"4W My Zif'fQWWfW'1!6"Z7ff P06 WW . l f I WU Zflllf ' :-

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