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IBIiilBI fff Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1984 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. " " 111! ' ' " 1881 0001 1745 3 WELSHIMER MEMORIAL LIBRAE mm COLLEGE, IENN. 37682 Sotb Hlilligaq College HHHi mm raiilP ®$S Hi Memories . : . Thoughts of our college days will lead us to memories of beauty, friendship, and happiness. As we look back to our days at Milligan we will remember the good times with our friends. g _j V 4 ■ » ' ■ ' HH L - i- i ' .ir .., ' ■ ' - ' j- ;, i ' . ' - ' - ■:■ ' ■ ' ■■■.■%• ' ■ ' ■ HHHHBHHHH . DliUigaij College miasms ' As the seasons change, so do we . . . developing new perspectives and interests. 3k e|j Hm |jL i Life at Milligan offers a rewarding experience of learning academically and emotionally. From buffaloes to basketball, the spirit of the school lives. Days Until Spring Break ■ ; ■■ ' -_ ■_,.-:.■...._ ._ . .... Memories of faces and places. %. - JW S teople nrf Lisa Abbott Jenni Bailey Gregg Alexander Debra Bane Jerry Aurigema Tom Banks Tim Beatty Kristi Beck Britton Blackwell SENIORS R(Ves Blanton Beth Bostwick David Bowyer Kim Boyer Mike Brown Sandra Brown Amy Brunsman Jim Buck Jean Buckler 19 Jim Burgen Regina Carrier Deborah Byrd Allen Caswell Denise Cantanzarite Dennis Chisunka Marsha Cox Ladonna Coy Chris Crawford 20 SENIORS Bryan Culp Dan Deremer John Davis Sherry Detraz Elaine Dayhoff Loriann DeVore Diane Dillon Treva Draper Michael Dunn 21 Eric Evans Dale George Karen Fentress Jnanne Gentry Robin Garland Tim Gephart Cheryl Gilbert Mark Harris Elaine Harrison 22 SENIORS John Hutchins David Johnson Wendy Johnson Jennifer Kelley Beth Kirby Donna Knisley Randy Lambert Lois Loban Dawn Lindley Virginia Lowe Robin Linkous Karol May Kelly McDuffie Marsha McNabb James Means 24 Robin Miller David Oliver Tracy Moore Matthew Osborn Randy Neff Kevin Perdue Jennifer Peters Tom Phillips Roxanne Pierson SENIORS 25 David Read Adam Roark Harold Ross Holly Ross Christ in Russell Scott Sanders David Sapp Alicia Schultz Donald Sheffy 26 Gregg Shepherd Nancy Steinbach Melissa Smith Tracy Stephens Stan Smith Diana Stoughton Tim Sutherland Becky Sweitzer Ken Sweitzer SENIORS 27 Jim Thamm Laura Thompson William Trammel! Peggy Trent Anita Uebele Nancy Vogt Julie Voke Mary Anne Wallenfelsz Felicia Walther 28 ' .- ' r: ' V r, ' " -- -J Wendy Ward Margaret Winkler Tressa Wigginton Mark Ye at on Alan Young Edwina Young Kelly Wilkinson Sherry Yeaton SENIORS 29 David H. Lake Miliades Pantelios Mark Summers I ' m so glad we had this time together it ' s awful that we have to leave me alone I couldn ' t have done it by myself We ' ave been together for so long to all our friends buzz off was one of our most memorable phrases. Now that you have been thoroughly confused just sit back and ask yourself, " What on earth is going on here? " Congratulations to the Class of ' 84, who truly were the class of the school, and best wishes to all who follow in our footsteps. DAVID BOWYER PRESIDENT ' ! s fiP ' 9V ' ' lXvlu w Bowye r, Renee Elklhtf Kfistil3eck Debra Bane, Kenny Sweitzer, Sally Barto, and Mary Anne Wallenfelz bid farewell to the Students, Faculty, and Administration of Milligan Col- lege. 30 Sim m ycwr ways ifcrfc tmcttmeyottr atfo; Sidkmt in your truth an? tmdimt Jk you arc 6$ myXaviw mb my toxpc is itiycu affaay f$. psdm 25:4,5 31 Hanging In There . . . Roy Alford Demise Anderson Rich Aubrey Lisa Audio John Barto Sally Barto Pam Bates Ed Benedict The Junior Officers of 1984 exhibit an extraordinary sense of ca- Bill Geer and Edwina Young stand to maraderie. studyP 32 John Click Cindy Cornwell Greg Bennett Regina Black Curtis Booher Scott Bornemann Steve Bornemann Alan Bratton Who is Shawn Barto? Scott Brooks Barry Brown Dena Brown Jean Buchler Marty Bui I is Ruth Carr Tom Caraway Beth Cauble q n r r n 7 I O D L 33 Lauren Sue relax with their friend animal. Lauren Cosgrove Joan Cummings John Dobbs Tim DeVault Greg Eddington Lois Elamen Brenda Eshelman Jeff Farr Susie Francis John Franklin Helen " Suace " Fuqua Wendy Garber Cynthia Garner Steve Genurowsky Bill Greer Building A Lifetime of Friendships . . . 34 Pat Kolski Randy Kunkel Tammy Laidlaw Gina Lambert Daniel Leach Karla Leistner Beth Hancock Jennifer Hartley Petra Haynes Kristi Holla n Rochelle Imboden Shirley Ingram Dale Jordan Lisa Jordan The explosive Dave Rehana dis- plays his style. 35 Stuart McCormick Brenda Mason Sheri Messimer Joy Miller Cathy Moody Tracey Moore Joe Nanny Susan Oliver Lynn Peters Cheryl Pierson Susan PI ess Art Price Establishing a foundation of Education . . . Lisa Pryor Sylvia Reed David Reese Steve Reeves An uninhibited view of Debbie Bechtel 4ft lit ml 36 David Rehana Chris Riley Becca Robinson Debra Rothrock Kathi Shackelford Scott Shaw Becky Shingleton Joe Sloan Theresa Small Debbie Smith Kevin Smith Tim Snyder Karen Stahl Linda Stimpson Diane Stover Tom Stumpf Cute W cuddly Tim DeVault Debbie Taylor. 37 And Learning to Live Life More Abundantly. Gayle Tabor Debbie Taylor Jan Toon Images of Cafeteria Blues 38 Craig Wright Joellen Young £ ■:- ss- Penny Wo f ford Tammy Wood John Woodring A Milligan Halloween. (So this is college life?). Becky Shingleton strikes a shy pose for the camera. 39 SOPHOMORES President Brad Harvey Vice President Vince Slabaugh Secretary Rita Bourbon Treasurer Roger Mize Representatives Cathi Fowler Lisa Keen Paul Holder David Longley ■ The Sophomore " Classy " Officers We have come to Milligan from different cities, states (though mostly Indiana) and even different countries. We have come toget her to share four of the most important years of our lives (some students stay 5 and 6 years, they love Milligan so much). We are half way through our undergraduate experience, and the future is promising. Encourage one another in love to make these next 2 years even more special than the first 2. Take the time to enjoy the campus atmosphere and build meaningful friendships because these special years will never be repeated. Remember this: after you graduate and leave the Milligan Utopia, you will begin earning big bucks with your Milligan education. Expect taking 3-10 years to pay back your guaranteed student loans, and when you think your college bill is finally paid off, you will receive a call asking you to help pull your great alma mater out of debt. (This is why I encourage you to enjoy Milligan before you graduate.) ' ' Here ' s to us, " Brad Harvey Sophomore Class President 40 Christy Adams Pam Adams Sam Adams Karen Barker Lynn Barton Linda Lichte with her ever-present smile 41 Melinda Bryanna check it out. Kevin Cole Jenny Cramer Susan Currier Brian Denning Dave Devore 42 Dan Gregory David Hamilton John Goah Patricia Gouge Phyllis Gower Kevin Flora Doug Foote Kathy Fowler Christina Garber Becky Dougherty Diane Downhour Rusty Duncan John Epperson Carolyn Flora Broadway, here we come! 43 " Hey Robby, that ain ' t no way to treat a Kejjy Henderson lad y " ' Dana Henning Brad Harvey 1. -«v «l L Jonathon Hughes Jon Hull Brian Jackson Minoka Jackson Brent Jasper Scott Hobson Roy Holcomb Paul Holder Lisa Hudson Julie Her ma Arthur D. Hill IV Eric Hobson Roger Mize — Hillbilly at heart 44 Loretta Jette Julia nn Johnson Mike Johnson Tammy Johnson Shelley Johnston Angie Jones Jeanette Jones Rob Kastens Lisa Keen Pamela Keever Tim Kerr Laura Ketron Tammie Kinnerson Diana Knauer Rick Raines lost in thought Angie Knowles 45 Theresa Bowyer pumpin ' iron. v Jonathon Kooksey David LaDuke David Longley Robin Marshall Dan McCall Davona McGhee Rebecca Leake Linda Lichte Mark Lewis David Mills Doug Mitchell Roger Mize Trishia Nicely Bill Nicol V s r V 1 46 Jon Nordstrom Nancy Paul Rebecca Peil Pam Phillis Donna Phipps Steve Cummings enjoys a sunny afternoon on the courts. Susan Pittman Candy Potter Cheryl Powers Adeline Prophet e Carole Railey Rick Raines Steve Ray 47 Namoi Ross Debbie Rothrock Robert Shields Sue Shipp David Siebenaler Vince Slabaugh Angie Slate Margo Slusher Amy Smith John Smith Laurie Snyder Shelby Steele Martha Stoughton Megan Stump Wally Taylor Susan True Bob Turner Debbie Turton Pam Unger John Vion Rhonda Waldrop Darak Weaver Karen Welker N. . Eunice White Chuck Wilson Denise Wiggihton Tony D. Young Jane Zieske Marilyn Adams James Agnew Todd Anderson Sheila Angel Peter Caldicott Andy Cameron Pam Garden Dave Carrell Stephen Aurigema Carol Baker Karen Ban field Geri Banks Robin Bary Jane Blattin Todd Bennett Lawrence Berry Brent Billheimer Denise Birely Gail Blythe Singloe Bons Jon Bosomworth Lincoln Breeding Alison Bowers Eric Bowers Debbie Bowman Patty Bowyer Brenda Bradley Mike Brooks Bob Brown Mike Brown Curtis Brun Missy Buckets 51 Janine Carter Nancy Carter Jerri Cartmill Lynn Chapman Kenny Gant Mary Jo Gardener Beth Gardener Russell Garrett Alison Mike Crowen John Doughty Jana Engle Ciechanowski Janet Cummings Ron Dove David Eversole Kim Cochran Karla Davenport Frank Drew Sandy Farrow Jeri Cook Cindi Davis Mark Duncan Sue Fitch Karen Crites Pam Ford Sharon Crouch Leslie Fraiser 52 Robin Gaught John Gilpin Lora Gray Carol Greer Mark Jewett Lois Johnston Brian Jones Joy Jones Allison Gregory Kim Hays Brook Hicks Andrea Hodges Rick Gunter Kevin Hensley Lisa Hill Julie Holden Pamela Gurley Lori Hertzog Sheri Hill Phil Holdman Hugh Gwaltney David Huntley Brad Harbin Eric Imboden Darren Harper Cindy Ison Melissa Jones Debby Julian Anthony Kanynshaya Craig Kendrick Gregg Moreland Karyn Moreland Patti Mulrain Norma Nehren Boyd Kestner Janet Lutes Ken Mar golf Beth McPherson Teena King Shah Lyford Phil McDaniel Monica Tim Kirk Dale Lynch Joel McNett McQuiston Anita LaVallee Joe Meddings Monica Levier Bob Miller Jenny Long Martha Miller Pam Mills 54 Mary Orth Debbie Patten Alayna Phillips Jim Potter Lynn Pottenger Roger Roberts Tim Roberts Tom Roberts Stephanie Phipps Linda Pierson Tina Poteet Penny Prescott Jeff Reynolds Kelly Rollins Carlo Root Elmer Sanders 55 Michal Saunders Wayne Saunders Jerianne Setter Patti Slate Annette Smith Darren Smith Tammy Smith Pat Stuart David Suchan Geodee Sumpter Andrea Shaffer Cynthia Shanks JoAnn Sharpe Tim Smith Whitney Smith Monica Snow Chris Spur gin Jennifer Sutherlin Becky Taylor Dea Thelen 56 Lisa Thompson Tom Tomlinson Margie Trent Todd Tucker Suzanne Tyson Libby Weston Melody Vestal Kent Willy ard Jeff Voudrie John Walker Tracy Walker Barb Wood Becky Witt Cathy Wright Susan Wright Jim Wood Eric Zimmerman Jim Murdoch Keith Tolbert Sharon Butler Christy Robinson Greg Whitehead Michelle Mays Denise Sanders 57 Marshall Leggett President Hugh Imboden Acting Dean of Students Phyllis Fontaine Registrar Roy Sommer Business Manager Shelburne Ferguson Executive Vice President Kenneth Oosting Academic Dean 58 Bo Deaton Director of Church Relations Paul Bader Director of Financial Aid Ron Eversole Director of Planned Giving Chuck King Maintenance Director Jack Orth Controller Joe McCormick Assistant to the President Mark Richardson Director of Alumni Public Relations " Prof " Lone Sisk Alumni Gary Richardson Admissions 59 Cindy We ad Admissions ■ Sum - , Tim Smith Admissions Julie Alexander Admissions Dr. Read Humanities History Mrs. lies Humanities Mr. Dillon Humanities His tory Mrs. Nipper Humanities English 60 Dr. Knowles Humanities English Dr. Dibble Humanities English Mrs. Sevier Humanities Art Mr. Helsabeck Humanities Mr. Perdue Mathematics Mrs. Huang Mathematics Dr. Hall Sociology Dr. Higgins Sociology Dr. Street Psychology 61 Dr. Allen Psychology Dr. Own by Psychology Dr. Shaw Psychology Mrs. Woolard French Computer Science Dr. Shaffer German Bible Dr. Bonner Health Physical Education 62 Mrs. Bowers Health Physical Education Mrs. King Physical Education Mr. Reed Physical Education Dr. Walker Physical Education Mrs. Shields English Mrs. Taylor Speech ' . " Mr. Broach Political Science Mr. Greenlee Art Mrs. Potter English 63 Dr. Clark Psychology Education Mr. Morrison Education Mrs. Morrison Education Dr. Pierson Education Dr. Gwaltney Bible Mr. Magness Bible Dr. Phillips Bible Philosopy Dr. Roberts Bible 64 Dr. Webb Bible Mrs. Crosswhite Music Mr. Gross Music Dr. Runner Music Dr. Gee Science Dr. Lawson Science Dr. Lura Science Dr. Nix Chemistry Mr. Roberts Science 65 1 Dr. Wallace Science Mrs. Oakes Assistant Librarian Mrs. Leonard Secretary, Learning Resources Mr. Preston Director of Learning Resources Mr. Griffith Business Mrs. Shephard Nutritionist Mr. Jar vis Business Mrs. Laws Office Management 66 Mrs. Miller Study Lab Instructor •Jm ■ " Mr. Eversole Maintenance Security Mr. Price Business Dr. Rhoades Business 67 Beth Begley Sales Manager Penny Shock Secretary of Church Relations Charlotte Blevins Switchboard Operator Cashier Pam Gee Secretary of Science Faculty 68 Sue Skidmore Secretary, Dean of Students Teresa Wilson Secretary, Academic Dean Loretta Hull Secretary, Fieldhouse Mrs. Hill Secretary, President Nancy Huff OS-6 Operator Mrs. Hall Secretary, Faculty Office Building 69 A Sl» 1 ■ - M i W ' Rk iM§a •,: Shirley Marshall Secretary, Director of Planned Giving Rebecca Leak Secretary, Financial Aid Natalie Stoughton Secretary, Registrar Kay Mayfield Secretary, Education Faculty Benny Winn Director of Food Services Reba Shepherd Food Services 70 Mrs. Treadway Secretary, Music Faculty Lisha Vines Secretary, Mr. Price Mr. McCormick Marsha Stevens Secretary, Alumni and Public Relations Opal Lyons Nurse Mike Smith Mail Room zMn Jake Rector Security Maintenance Crew 71 72 Student Life ! il pi Frosh W Frolics The tennis court is thronged with par- ents and eager freshmen each year. This scene is a reminder of the annual pig-out ice cream party accompany- ing it, but also the integration of the freshmen into the Milligan College Community. As these dink-studded, starry-eyed people meet with their advisors for the first time, they are given the opportunity to show their parents that they are in good hands. This annual court scene is preceded by fun and frolics as some unsuspect- ing freshmen lose their dinks, and sometimes their dignity too! The freshman ' s Inauguration to the " real Milligan " comes with the first Kanga- roo Court experience. All of these events prepare young and coura- geous freshmen for the exciting years awaiting them at Milligan. Freshmen Week is a time for introspection, reflection, and adjustment for the beginning college student. Sometimes it is a time of inspiration, as for Jenny Long (at right). At other times, it requires much concentration on the present — like during all of the testing!! But no matter what the circumstances, Freshmen Week is a time of growth for each student away from home, but into the family at Milligan. Enrollment Up? — Let ' s Celebrate! The " Cloggers " are dancing! That ' s OK, because they ' re celebrating a new tradition at Milligan — enrollment is on the way up! In fact, a special weekend is devoted to celebrate the increase. A helicopter provides a fantastic way to view the campus, part of the " Celebration Weekend " , the day rides were followed by a movie under the stars and to top it all off, fireworks lit the sky — to remind us all of a great place — Milligan! All Alma Mater — Milligon! All Hail! Above; Milligan ' s Alumni All-Star ' s. These brave and daring men tackled Milligan ' s finest in a grueling basketball match, during Alumni Weekend. Alumni Weekend is a special time for the Milligan family, because it allows those who are students at present to show the great advances that are made here each year. The newly formed handbell choir (above left) entertains the alumni at a banquet while The Music Man (right) provides an enjoyable evening for all. 76 _r , ' ! nl ■El 9 1 i 1 MEM 11k • H| Helicon Concert- Mixture of Classics, Clowns, and Creative Ideas The annual Helicon Concert at Milligan brought a variety of talent and creativity to Sutton Cafeteria. Some of the events included: Upper left: Vince Slabaugh in an unique rendition of " King Tut " . Left: The " Milligan Man " Contest with Barry Nrown, Dan Leach, and winner, David Siebenale. Brad Harvey officiated the Contest, in addition to serving as the Helicon emcee. Right: " Timothy " keeps the beat with inspirational, modern Christian music. Below left: " Heritage provides a taste of Tennessee culture. In addition to these great performances: Chris Russell brought ballads to life, Regina Carrier graced the stage with a Michael Jackson " Beat It " , the Cafeteria Blues Band depicted Milligan life, while John Barto received a Convomania rebuttal by Bill Nichol and Wally Taylor. Karen Fentress was the effervescent " Unknown Clown " and a host of other students displayed their talents on this evening of fun and frolic for all. 77 Concert Lecture Series Milligan is enthralled by the performance of Harlem Nocturne. These performers brought to the Milligan community a wonderful salute to Black performers throughout the ages. m ' ' ■ V 1 II m HvlJ kKS 78 Pat Terry entertains a lively audience during Prospective Student Weekend. Enrichment and Entertainment The Concert Lecture Series Committee consists of four professors, one administrator, and six students. This committee strives to present a variety of con- certs, lectures, and productions. Contemporary Christian musicians, nationally known speakers, op- era, and ballet are just a few of the informative and entertaining programs provided by the Concert Lec- ture committee. Concert Lecture Series Schedule September 10 Mac Frampton October 8 Harlem Nocturne November 19 Glad January 27 Bob Bennett February 1 1 National Opera Company February 28 Stanley Karnow March 2 Strobe Talbott March 31 Ruth Mitchell Dance Company April 7 Richard C. Hotellet April Scott Wesley Brown 79 Above: Madrigal Singers — Eric Imboden, Susan Pless, John Dobbs, Beth Bostwick, Jim Bergen, Margaret Winkler, John Barto, Holly Ross, Don She f fey, Donna Knisley, Matt Osborne, Laura Thompson, Mike Brown, Robin Miller, Steve Reeves, Debbie Bader. Madrigal Dinners 80 Left: LaDonna Coy and Scott Brooks liven the atmosphere with their jokes and " jester " behaviour. The Chamber Singers make Christmas a special festivity. As the singers above show Christmas is a time for celebration and singing. The Madrigal Dinners are a special part of the Milligan Christmas tradition. Hosted by Milligan, the Chamber Singers, strolling minstrels, and court jesters serve to enlighten the minds and hearts of the many community people who attend this gala event. While the guests enjoy a scrumptious Christmas feast of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and flaming plum pudding, the musi- cal voices of Milligan ' s family entertains the audience with a festive performance. 81 1 W Parade the Stage with Plays Above: Inspiring scenes from The Music Man, including Marian and Mrs. Paroo, the " town gossips " in a rendition of " Pickalittle " , and the citizens of River City, Iowa. Right: Milligan ' s display of diversity is shown in the production of The Beams Are Creaking, the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer ' s life. 82 The Milligan Community Actors and Actresses performed three fine plays. Music Man, As You Like It, and The Beams Are Creaking were the productions for the year. Under the fine direction of Mrs. Rosemarie Shields, the students and faculty were able to entertain many spectators at their performances. Music Man by Meredith Wilson and Frank Lacy was a smash hit, with the actors delighting students and alumni both with their performance. As You Like It, a Shakesperean drama, proved to be a success as well. The Beams Are Creaking, a story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer ' s life, was a nice peak to a good year of acting. Founder ' s Daughter Above right: Kenny Sweitzer and LaDonna Coy — the proud couple of the Founder ' s Daughter Weekend. Above: Lori DeVore — Sam Sparks LaDonna Coy — Kenny Sweitzer accepting their awards at Founder ' s Daughter. Right: Mr. Eugene Price, emcee, and Donna Kidner (Founder ' s Daughter 1982-83) await the final moment in which the new Founder ' s Daughter will be chosen. Bottom: LaDonna Coy, winner, Lori DeVore, runner-up. This year ' s Founder ' s Daughter candidates and their escorts: 1. LaDonna Coy — Kenny Sweitzer 2. Lori DeVore — Sam Sparks 3. Anita Ubele — Rick Raines 4. Alicia Shultz — John Vion 5. Diana Stoughton — Rob Kastens 6. Karen Fentress — Brent Jasper 7. Holly Ross— Joe Nanney 8. Beth Kirby—Mike Dunn 9. Jnanne Gentry — Eric Evans 10. Felicia Walther — Craig Wright 11. Tressa Wigginton — Jim Thamm 12. Kristi Beck — Ken Means 13. Jennifer Peters — Eric Imboden 14. Donna Knisley — Larry Knisley 15. Julie Voke — Rob Gardner 16. Kami May — John Hutchins 17. Laura Thompson — Mike Brown " ™ ™ 18. Margaret Winkler — Jim Burgen Sweet— Hearts! 1 vv " ■ gr " iu Alony of fhe sweethearts were not available for pictures, but some did manage to make the photo session, and they are included here. Sweetheart Winners for 1983-84 were: Freshmen: Geodee Sumpter and Todd Brooks Sophomores: Gaye Chalmers and Carlisle Chambers Juniors: Lisa Pryor and Tom Caraway Seniors: Diana Stoughton and Mike Brown Faculty: Mrs. Ann lies and " Prof " Lone Sisk JSSX , - - 85 The Jr Sr Banquet was a great success, as evidenced by the smiles of these couples. Held at Johnson City First Christian Church, this year ' s banquet featured a fine dinner and an entertaining after-dinner speaker — Eugene Price. Junior Senior Banquet 86 Super Senior Superlatives! Most School Spirited: Harold Ross, Dave Bowyer, LaDonna Coy Most Likely to Succeed: Mike Brown, Tom Banks, LaDonna Coy Best All Around: Mike Brown, Kristi Beck, Laura Thompson Most Scholarly: Tom Banks, Marsha McNabb Perfect Couple: Ken Sweitzer, LaDonna Coy Class Prankster: Mark Yeaton, Karen Fentress Most Talented: Mike Imboden, Laura Thompson Best Dressed: Jim Bergen, Denise Cantanzarite, Holly Ross Most Atheletic: Randy Lambert, Kelly McDuffy Class Missionary: Matt Osborne, Nancy Steinbach Wittiest: Mark Yeaton, LaDonna Coy Friendliest: Mike Brown, Diana Stoughton Most Rebellious: Harold Ross, Marsha Cox Most Likely to Graduate: Tosh Mclntoch, Kristi Beck Best Dimensions: Jim Bergen, Denise Anderson Most Original: Eric Evans, Amy Brunsman Biggest Flirt: Dan Dermer, William Trammel, Mary Ann Wallenfelz Shyest: Greg Shepherd, Debra Bane Most Talkative: Allen Young, Wendy Ward Most Easygoing: Ken Sweitzer, Renee Elkins, Tressa Wiginton Last to Get Married: Mark Harris, Robin Linkous Bubbliest: Dave Bowyer, Denise Cantanzarite Laziest: Ken Means, Robin Miller Senior with the Cutest Smile: Kave Bowyer, Laura Thompson 87 Top: President Leggett addresses the assembly at a more formal Convocation. Above left: Even professors come! — Professors Rhoades and Ownby enjoy Convo from the balcony. Above right: Students prepare to depart after another exciting day in Convocation. 88 ■ I Bi HH Awards Convocation H Each year an awards convocation is held to honor students who have received awards, 1 » 1 scholarships, and distinguished recognition in some area. I SGA Leadership Award.... Mike Brown ' ■ H 1 ! French Club Award Christy Adams M -L ! German Award Rich Aubrey, Mary Jo Gardner ij A J Choir Award Mike Brown j T - ' ■ » H H Sociology Award ....Tressa Wigginton ? ' ,f?f H Buffalo Recognition Jnanne Gentry, Cindy Rock «___-_X H Biology Award .... ' . Julie Voke 1 H I ACS Chemistry Award Marsha McNabb i fvj Mathematics Award Margaret Winkler ,T " j j j Humanities Award David Siebenaler |i 1 1 1 Greek Award Marty Bullis 1 1 i 1 English Award Chris Russell s John W. Burgess Political Science Award Beth Kirby j , l ! j Wall Street Journal Award ...Dave Bowyer ' ; j Delta Kappa Gamma Award Kristi Beck I Student Teaching Awards Candy Witcher Sutherland, Secondary 1 j Kelly Wilkinson, Elementary H H Wiley Wilson Outstanding Bible Student Marty Bullis j ! 1 Ivor Jones Outstanding Senior Award Mike Brown j I Tennessee Eastman Scholarships ..Deborah Smith, Rebecca Launt, i 1 Allan Bratton, Carlisle Chambers 1 j ; Naomi B. Helms Scholarship Dorothy Morris i Joan Millar Scholarship Pam Cook 1 Hobart and Myra Millsaps Scholarships Janet Toon, Beth Cauble : ' ! j Sarah Morrison Scholarship Becky Peil, Rick Raines H M.V. and Eileen Ramsey Scholarship ...Wally Taylor 1 1 1 Philip Scharfstein Scholarship Cheryl Pierson J 1 Lone L. Sisk Scholarship Art Price ; Ernest K, Spahr Scholarships Lisa Pryor, Rich Aubrey, Ron Dove, j Joan Cummings, Frank Drew, James Potter, Jeff Voudrie, Wally Taylor, Beth Cauble, Deborah . 1 i Turton, Kim Ledford, Gail Blythe H Stewart Roberts Scholarship Laurie Snyder j ' Roger Lance Wood Scholarship Bill Greer 1 Rhea and Guy Oakes Scholarships Lisa Keen, Dave Siebenaler, i | Jennifer Hartley, Linda Lichte, Christy Adams, Rick Raines H Area of Biblical Learning Daryl Hyder, Cindy Cornwell, John Dobbs j Area of Humane Learning Christy Adams, Mark Lewis, Wally Taylor, 1 j Lisa Pryor, Rich Aubrey j i i Music Scholarships Mark Lewis, Anita LaVallee, Loretta Jette, Angie Knowles 1 j Area of Social Learning Kathy Brennan, Dave Siebenaler, Rita Bourbon, Mike Coffman, Mike Crowell, Pam Cook, Vince Slabaugh, Cindy Winegardner • j | I Education Scholarships Kelly Henderson, Susan Currier, Sue Pittman, j Mike Saunders, Deborah Bechtel j i Business Scholarships Nancy Paul, Shari Lyford, Scott Dines, Allison Franklin, j | David Carrell Area of Scientific Learning Karen Crites, Karla Davenport, Mary Jo Gardner, Pam Gurley, ■ Roger Roberts, Brenda Bradley, David Holben, Guy Robins, Dave Hamilton, Mike Churchin, j i Dave Longley, Jonathan Hull, Ruth Carr j j H Who ' s Who Certificates Tom Banks, Dave Bowyer, Mike Brown, Marsha Cox, ! I Mike Imboden, Lois Loban, Sue Mills, Tim Sutherland, Laura Thompson, Julie Voke, Tressa 1 j Wigginton, Margaret Winkler 1 | _____ H HH H IH 89 Collegiate Church culminates in Revitalizing Vespers ?$»|S Collegiate Church, directed by Tim and Marcia Ross has made many improvements this year. The incorporation of a Sunday school time is one of the newest changes made. Vespers on Sunday evening remains a highlight of the week. During this time, members of the Milligan community can meet to sing and fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere. Above are pictured enthusiastic Milligan students at the weekly vespers metting. Dr. R. David Roberts is one of many fea- tured speakers •0 -»-». 90 Studying — A Necessary Tradition at Milligan Although these students would probably prefer to be playing basketball, watching M-TV, or playing pranks on fellow students — they must study some. Joining these ardent students in the picture at the right is the Milligan College Evening class at Kingsport, TN. 91 Quips From The § Classroom ■ Above left: " Botony can be so boring ' " Right: " Night School?? This is the Evening College! " Above Right: Regina Black, " You ' ve got to be kidding! " Below: Gina Lambert, " I wish that I was listening to a Walkman! " Below right: " This may be work study, but it can still be fun! " Bottom: Dr. Webb, fjfc " Are you gentlemen skipping ? " 0£n 93 Milligan Life Hardin Hilton yW? Krogering . . . Birthday Parties ... Rats . . . Sunbathing . . . Open Houses . . . Cleaning the Dorm . . . A. P. Carter Store . . . Laurels . . . Basketball Girls . . . Engagements . . . Football Games . . . Life at the Hardin Hilton! Becky Dougherty, Felicia Walther, Kim Bays, Jenny Hartley, Mary Anne Wallenfelz, and Lisa Jordan look on as birthday celebrations begin. Rob and Nakoa Gardner — the Birthday Bunnies Rhonda Waldrop, Trishia Nicely, and Lisa Jordan share a funny moment in the lobby. Julie Voke, June Byrd, Terry Brinkley, and Mary Anne Wallenfelz go Krogering to share goodies with the girls back at the dorm. 95 Body Hill . . . Open Houses . . . T-shirts . . . Krogering . . . Devotions . . . Dear Hart Awards . Hart L,fe ' Hart Throbs! Amy Brunsman, Tressa Wigginton, Sharyl Powers, Diana Stoughton, Laura Thompson, Dena Brown, Sherri Messimer, and Nancy Paul spot an amusing sight in Hart ' s lobby. Karen Fentress takes a break in her room. Linda Lichte, Dave Bowyer, and Greg Alexander speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil. Becca Robinson, Edwina Young and Lynn Barton enjoy an evening of television — no studying?! Roger Mize, Lynn Barton, John Gilpin, Angela Green, Edwina Young, and Bill Greer pose for their group shot at one of the many exciting Hart Open Houses. Pam Phyllis hard at work — studying and dreaming. Karen Moreland, Jeri Cook, and Allyson Bowers share an evening of fun and frolic. Lauren Cosgrave and Susan Oliver share their happiness. Kathy Brennan working the desk in the cafeteria. Diane Dillon — the drained yearbook lay-out artist. Sutton Sensations 97 Vince Slabargh looks over his notes one last time before the test . . . Bob Brown proves to be a diligent Humanities Student ... Dave Mills runs up someone ' s phone bill . . . Roy Holcomb bicycles in the air . . . Dave Longley gives up studying to sleep . . . Webb Life. 98 Pardee Rowdies Rowdies take a rest in the lobby . . . Joe Meddings and Tom Roberts enhance the library ' s atmosphere . . . Doug Foote and Eric Zimmerman bring back the " Ducktail " in the Pardee shower . . . Tim Snyder plots the evening ' s " rowdy " activities . . . Pardee " Rowdy " life. ?.. WtUrillvltrt ivitfviUKlML LldhAt- flMJGAN COLLEGE. IENIi 37682 Above left: Cafeteria goers don ' t look too enthralled with the idea of going back to class. Above right: " T " Piper shares a word with Sony Wise. Right: Traffic Court enjoys time together before contested tickets come before them. Below: Lunchtime is . . . sharing, loving, " good times " , and of course, EATING!! Cafeteria Captions The " SUB " Above left: Jean and Beth Cauble, ardent SUB workers hard at work. Above right: Lois Loban catches a quick look at the paper in between classes. Above: This is where it ' s at! The SUB — a place to study, eat, fellowship, and just plain " hang out " ! Left: Diana Knauer finds the SUB a happy haven as she chows and crams at the same time. Below: Angela Green can show Professors Price and Rhoades where all the goodies are! Milligan College— An Eventful Experience Freshman Week . . . Cafeteria Crew . . . Splash in the snow . . . Hawaii in Winter . . . Krogering . . . Jump for Heart . . . Frisbee golf . . . Convomania . . . Cafeteria Blues Band . . . President Leggett . . . Alumni Weekned . . . Twirp Week . . . Filling up Cheek . . . the list goes on and on and on . . . Milligan — the place where Christian Education, the hope of the world, is present. Incorporated with academic instruction is the development of each individual emotionally, culturally, socially, and spiritually as well. Milligan is experience after experience . . . a continual, eventful four years that none can forget . . . 103 ly Night Live! Milligan mania strikes every Satur- day night. Here, in the annual, are some great ideas of ways to spend your Saturday night: The Mall, McDonald ' s, Wendy ' s, Shoney ' s, Poor Richard ' s or Dairy Queen! 104 For those who don ' t like to eat out (pre- ferring Saturday night Bennyburgers), one can always go to a movie, roller skate, do laundry, study (ugh!), or play putt-putt. Some couples prefer the at- mosphere of Anglin field by moonlight, a guided tour of Elizabethton ' s golf course, or the scenic view of Milligan ' s campus, as viewed from Emmanuel Hill. Whatever the delight, Milligan students swarm the tri-cities in search of their own — Saturday Night Live! In nice weather, students may take a quick trip to eat and then " hit the road " to visit the Laurel ' s, Roan Mountain, Dennis Cove, or any number of scenic spots in good ole East Tennessee. 105 Humanities Tour Each summer Milligan offers a humanities tour in which students visit Europe and are given the opportunity to view many places that are only read about by other students. Top left: Sylvia Read and Randy King strike a stunning pose at Corinth. Top right: A scenic view outside Pompidou Museum in Paris. Middle right: Landscape and scenery are beautiful, and this charming house adds an exquisite touch to the countryside. Right: Campers unload at the campsite in anticipation of the spectacular adventure that awaits them. x rmmn i r-l-BWW " ! ' " ! ■-i- i W 106 if Student Servants Milligan Students devote their summers and breaks during the school year to the service of others. Above left: Students are entertained by the Haitians as they visit over Spring Break. Above right: The amaxing summer camp team of " Radiance " features the joyful smiles of Bob Kastens, Angle Knowles, Julie Voke, and Dave Robinson. Left: Summer camp team of " Fortune " is on the road again. Members included: Christy Adams, Cindy Jackson, Rhonda Waldrop, and Nancy Steinbach. Below left: These are not Red Neckerson ' s Yard Apes! They ' re the ardent workers who spent Christmas Break helping the Haitians and catching a few rays! 107 Old Seniors Become New Alumni — Graduation! 108 1 1 09 112 Organizations i It j MILLIGAN REACHES OUT THROUGH SUMMER CA LIMITED EDITION The thing I am looking for- ward to the most is sharing with the kids at the camps. Relating our past exper- iences with the kids and the confusion of going from high school to college or just through high school and sharing some things that we have done. I am looking for- ward to growing spiritually because being in camps will be very uplifting to me. I think God has a lot to do to work in my life and this is a valuable time forme to have that happen, working with three other insane people — it is going to be a great sum- mer. Dan McCall ' Curtis Booher, Randy Neff, Mike Johnson, Dan McCall CROSSROAD I enjoyed the group I was in last year. There were four girls and we got along really well. We had a lot of freedom to be on our own and be with friends and have fun. It was nice to go to the differ- ent camps and meet different people and I am looking forward to the same thing next year. Christy Adams Christy Adams, Rob Kastens, Robin Miller 114 MP TEAMS Radiance Brian Jackson, Angie Knowles, Lisa Hill, David Robinson am really looking for- ward to working with Angie, David, and Bri- an. We have already had fun just preparing for the summer. Lisa Hill This summer we will be traveling to various church camps and churches in the brotherhood, probably east of the Mississippi. We hope to present to the kids of junior and senior high some beliefs that we have — that we have learned since we were children. Some beliefs about the bible, God, and also how we feel about Milligan. We hope to represent Milligan in a way that we can get people to come here. Bill Nicol Nicol Raines Bill Nicol and Rick Raines 115 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIA TION Members: Mike Brown, President, Tim Snyder, Vice President, Debbie Smith, Secretary, Ladonna Coy, Treasurer, Sally Barto, Tim Beatty, Dave Bowyer, Brenda Bradley, Ruth Carr, Ron Dove, Treva Draper, Greg Edington, Cathi Fowler, John Gilpin, Bill Greer, Brad Harvey, Paul Holder, Mark Hurst, Lisa Keen, Beth Kirby, David Longley, Ken Means, Tom Phillips, Lynn Pottenger, Theresa Small, Ken Sweitzer, Laura Thompson, Tom Tomlinson, Mike Vaughn WHO NEEDS IT? Quite frankly, every- one! The purpose of a club or organiza- tion is to give students a chance to par- ticipate in an area of their interest. They offer the student fun, fellowship, and education. The groups can be broken into five major groups. They are: Gov- erning Groups, Communication Groups, Christian Service Groups, Professional Area Groups, and Music Groups. These five groups have more to offer the stu- dent than any one student could wish for — and all for free or very little mon- ey. Bill Whitford, Section Editor SGA is used as a major communication source between the administration and the students. SGA has a lot of power that people do not realize. It has the potential of voicing any student concern into whatever need. It has the power to really make a complaint be heard. It can be very persuasive — if it is han- dled right — if it is not done in a demanding way — but in a respectful way. That, in itself, is very special. I do not think the students know that SGA can do that. Mike Brown. 116 I SOCIAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE No social group can ever function without a form of government. There must be rules of understanding to go by or no one would know how to act towards another person. To this end are the groups SGA, Social Affairs Committee, Hardin Dorm Council, Webb Dorm Council, Pardee Dorm Council, Hart Dorm Council, and Sutton Dorm Council dedicated. It can be a thankless job, but a job that be done none the less. These are dedicated people. We plan social events on campus throughout the year. There are two areas that we take care of. The smaller area includes movies that we have; we had a party at the fieldhouse first semester, we also had a frisbee contest, and different things like that. The two large events that we had were the Sweetheart Banquet in February and Wonderful Wednesday in the spring. Ken Sweitzer Members: Ken Sweitzer, Chairman, Kristi Beck, Terry Brinkley, Tom Caraway, Ron Dove, Cathi Fowler, Pam Keever, Dave Mills, Dave Robinson 117 DORM COUNCILS ...TO KEEP US ALL IN ORDER HARDIN COUNCIL We meet once a week and talk about matters that relate to the dorm and the recent things that we have done. Some of the things that we have done recently are: getting our television re- paired, getting our tee shirts, having a big dorm cleaning, painting our park- ing lot spaces so that people will not park there, and having a trip to the Laurals. Jenny Hartley Members: Jerry Brinkley, Becky Dougherty, Jeanie and Rob Gardner, Jenny Hartley, Su- san Pless, Megan Stump, Maryanne Walen- felz, Felicia Walther. PARDEE COUNCIL The purpose of our dorm coun- cil is to serve the residences and the general oversight of the dorm — to take care of situ- ations within the dorm, differ- ent conflicts in the dorm, or dif- ferent activities in the dorm. The council is the general over- seer of the dorm. DougFoote Members: Tim Beatty, Jim Burgen, Mike Dunn, Greg Edington, Doug Foote, Dan Gregory, Mark Hearst, Joel McNett, Dave Rehana, Robert Shields, Dave Siebenaler 118 HART COUNCIL Members: Laura Thompson (president), Diana Stoughton (vice-president), Sheri Messimer (secretary), Nancy Paul (trea- surer), Theresa Bowyer, Dena Brown, Amy Brunsman, Karen Fentress, Angela Green, Sharyl Powers, Tressa Wigginton SUTTON COUNCIL I like being involved with what is going on in the dorm life, Hart is divided into sec- tions, each sections picks a representa- tive, and this representative is to voice her section ' s opinions and ideas at the drom council ' s meetings. Dorm council meets once a week and any complaints or new ideas are discussed then. We try to better the dorm life. Tressa Wigginton Members: Treva Draper (president), Joy Dee Miller (vice president), Diane Dillon, Kelly Henderson, Geodee Sumpter, Beth Williams We meet to take care of things like dorm parties, open house, taking care of secret pals, and finding solutions to problems in the dorm. Geodee Sumpter WEBB COUNCIL Members: Tom Phillips (president), John Hutchins (vice-president), Jerry Auregeme (treasurer), Greg Alexander, Mike Churchin, Dave DeVore, Steve Gensurowski, Dave Hamilton, Dale Jordan, Rob Kastens, Stan Smith, Keith Tolbert, Jeff Voudrie, Bill Whitford, John Watson We mainly decide what we are going to do for open house and the only other thing we do is decide how we are going to allocate the money that we take up in dorm dues. Tom Phillips 119 Social groups need communication to know what is going on in the group. The two groups on cam- pus that do this job are the Stampede Staff and the Buffalo Staff. The Stampede takes care of the events that happen on a monthly basis, sharing things of in- terest to the students and serving as a sounding board. The Buffalo (yearbook) Staff is devoted to a grander scale. The job is. to put the whole school year to- gether in book form. This is a very hard job. STAMPEDE STAFF Members: Tom Banks (editor), Theresa Bowyer, Bob Brown, Peter Caldicott, Frank Drew, Eric Hobson, Mark Hurst, Sylvia Read, Dave Rehana, Diana Stoughton, Susan True, Mike Vaughan, Rhonda Wal- drop, Wendy Ward, Bill Whitford, Jonathan Woodring The Stampede Staff gives me an opportunity to meet people and also chance to work on my writing skills as well. Bob Brown I enjoy writing and expressing myself. And sometimes I like to write humorously - enjoy entertaining my peers. Theresa Bowyar -it is a lot of fun. I 120 BUFFALO STAFF I like the enjoyment of using my creativity to do something and then see it in a final product. I can take the yearbook and look at all the pages that I have done over the year and see all the work that I put into it. I like working with people and it is a way of meeting new people, especially through the long nights of staying up. Cindy Rock HELICON STAFF Members: Jnanne Gentry (editor), Cindy Rock (asst. editor), Marilyn Adams, Carol Baker, Robin Bary, Janet Cummings, Amy Black, John Doughty, Diane Dillon, Brian Baffin, Greg Flentje, Jenny Hartley, Randy King, Tim Kirk, Karen Moreland, Pam Phillis, Penny Prescot, Lisa Pryor, Alicia Shultz, Chris Spur- gin, Linda Stimpson, Gail Tabor, Margie Trent, Suzanne Ty- son, Bill Whitford I really like working on the yearbook staff because in is fun and it was a new experience — have never done this before. I liked working with the other staff mem- bers. Pam Phillis Association of Christian Ministries Since Milligan is a Christian believing in- stitution, it is not surprising that we have five groups related to christian service. They are the Association of Christian Ministries, The Mission Club, The Inter- national Club, Service Seekers, and Cir- cle K. These groups serve Bible majors, Bible minors, the students on campus, as well as serving others off campus. The best thing about christian service is the joy and love that is given and re- ceived while working with other people and knowing that you are pleasing God. ' » ' v » Members: Dr. William Gwaltney, Mr. Lee Magness, Dr. David Roberts, Dr. Henry Webb, Greg Alexander, Bob Brown, Marty Bullis, Tom Caraway, John Dobbs, Tim Gephart, Anthony Kanunshya, Rob Kastens, David Laduke, Dave Mills, Susan Oliver, Matthew Osborn, Miltiades Pantelios, David Siebenaler, Wally Taylor, Alan Young 122 MISSIONS CLUB Members: Singbeh Bond, Brenda Bradley, Dennis Chisunka, Cindy Cornwell, Robin Gardner, Anthony Kanunshja, Susan Oliver, Miltiades Pantelios, Pam Phillis, Tim and Marcia Ross, Diane Stover, Jim Thamm, Laura Thompson. 123 INTERNATIONAL CLUB I like the fellowship that we are having in the club . . . I think that it is a good way to get to know people from other countries and it gives you the opportunity to know what the other countries are like and all the cultures as well. Adeline Prophete ' • ■ t - Members: Mrs. Woolard (advisor), Kim Bays, Britton Blackwell, Peter Caldicott, Kathleen Bren- nan, Singbeh Bono, Dennis Anita Chisunka, John Goah, Betty Hill, Anthony Kanunshya, Pam Phillis, Sue Pittman, Adeline Prophete, Linda Stimpson, Diane Stover, Gail Tabor The best thing about the club is getting to know people from other countries, being able to be with them, to learn about their country and customs, and it is also an opportunity for them to get to know us and our customs and the way we are and our life style which varies from different parts of the country. So, the club is of interest to them and to us. I think that is a great thing that we have here at Milligan and I think that it is a shame that a lot of peo- ple do not get involved in it. Gail Tabor 124 SERVICE SEEKERS fUJ i really feel strongly about the program It- self. We are going out and working with the older people at the vil- lage. Our intent is to share a part of our- selves with other peo- ple and to fellowship. I feel that that is very im- portant and that is something that we are reaching. And we are making some very dear friends. Angie Knowles Members: Anita Ubele (president), Susan Currier, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Flora, Elaine Harri- son, Scott Hobson, Brian Jackson, Brent Jasper, Robby Kastens, Angie Knowles, Mark Lewis, Dave Mills, Bill Nicol, Sharyl Powers, Rick Raines, David Siebenaler, Martha Stoughton, Wally Taylor, Susan True CIRCLE K Sharing with the old folks out at the village — they like that — for the fellow- ship. Brian Jackson Circle K gives us a chance to do something in the commun- ity and just do things for others. Gina Lambert Members: Mr. Eugene Price (sponsor), Mr. Bill Rhoades (sponsor), Steve Borne- mann (president), Bill Greer (vice-president), Vincent Slabough (secretary), Terry Brinkley (treasurer), Mike Churchin, Tim Devault, Dale George, Phyllis Gower, Angela Green, Michael Hogan, Christy Holland, Brent Jasper, Tammy Johnson, Gina Lambert, Steve Murray, Joe Nanney, Trishia Nicely, Chris Riley, Carta Root, Joe Slone, Debbie Smith, Keith Tolbert, John Watson, Edwina Young 125 S.N.E.A. and S.C.E.C. Since Milligan is also a Liberal Arts institution there is a need for groups looking forward to going into the profes- sional work field. These groups are S.C.E.C, S.N.E.A., M.E.N. C, The Political Science Club, The Psychology Club, and The Science Club. Each club is geared to helping their members to see what the future holds in store for them. These groups are great for answering any and all types of questions that the student can think to ask. Members: Sherry Yeaton, President, Mark Yeaton, Vice president, Kim Bowyer secretary, Kelly Wilkinson, Treasurer Kim Bays, Kristi Beck, Regina Carrier Lynn Chalmers, Mike Cuddy, Dan Deremer, Sherry Dethez, Karen Fentress, Robin Garland, Donna Knisley, Kelly McDuffie, Robin Miller, Cort Mills, Holly Ross, Nancy Stienbach, Laura Thompson, Anita Uebele, Felicia Walther. I Like the material that we get through the Parent Club. It is very interesting. We get two different Magazines. They are The Exceptional Children and Teaching the Exceptional Chil- dren. They keep us up to date with new methods of teaching and different things that are coming out for the different handicaps that children have. We also have different speak- ers come in: We get really in- teresting people. Jan Toon Members: Karen Fentress, President, Jan Toon, Vice-President, Bobbie Taylor, Secretary, Sue Shipp, Treasurer, Kristi Beck, Bryana Burbank, Regina Carrier, Susie Francis, Melinda Morris, Nancy Vogt. 126 M.E.N.C. and Political Science Members: Laura Thompson, President, Mike Imboden, Vice-President, Holly Ross, Secretary, Christy Adams, Treasure, Brent Billheimer, Brain Jackson, Loretta Jette, Donna Knisely, Angle Knowles, Anita LaVallee, Mark Lewis. I like the fringe benefits. It is very educational, I have to pay a lot of dues, but it is going to be worth it in the long run. Holly Ross I like M.E.N.C. because it gives music students an opportunity to look at professional music maga- zines. It gives us a chance to help out in the music department in an orga- nized fashion. Mike Imbo- den Members: Mike Brooks, Dave Carrel, Mike Crowell, Scott Dines, Ron Dove, Anthony Kanunshja, Dave Mills, Karen Moreland, Miltiades Pantelios, Lisa Pryor, Roger Roberts, Elmer Sanders, David Siebenaler, Vince Slabaugh, Wally Taylor, Jeff Voudrie, James Wood. We keep up to date on political matters. Elmer Sanders 127 SPECIAL INTERESTS ARE SCIENCE CLUB Members: Debra Bane, AlanBratton, Dena Brown, Amt Brunsman, JimBuck, Mary Jo Gardner, Lisa Garland, Angela Green, David Hamilton, Mark Harris, Jennifer Hartley, Mark Hurst, Lois Johnston, Jennifer Kelly, Robin Linkous, Marsha McNabb, Joe Nanny, Norma Nehren, Lisa Pryor, Carole Railey, Debbie Rothrock, Andrea Shaffer, Jan Toon, Margie Trent, Bill Whitford, Margaret Winkler, Jane Zieske I like the various programs that the Science Club has and the meetings and projects they do. Debbie Rothrock I am looking forward to the trip to Washington, D. C. They have very good speakers and it is very educational. I think it is very good for my future — if I go into teaching. Lois Johnston 128 REFLECT IN CLUBS PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Psychology Club offers a general idea of what psychology is like through informal ways. For exam- ple, meeting different speakers and getting together to formulate ideas of certain issue — to get dif- ferent views on them and interact with each other. To go places and see different concepts that are being practiced (like going to the Mental Health Center to see how biofeedback works). To see what instruments psychology uses and what theories go with what prac- tices. Mike Coffman ' -.■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■■ HIV r S£ " P| - m SaSS Members: Felicia Walther (President), Lisa Abbott (Vice-President), Cindi Winegardner (Secretary-Treasurer), Kim Bays, Ruth Carr, Mike Coff- man, Petra Haynes, Roxanne Pierson, Debbie Rothrock, Bill Whitford The Psychology Club is to pro- vide interested psychology students with the chance to speak with lecturers about fu- ture opportunities in the area of schooling in psychology and to provide information as far as psychological counselling is concerned. The psychology students are available for any other students who would need psychological counsel- ling. All this is done in a Chris- tian atmosphere. Felicia Walther 129 PEP BAND ADDS SPIRIT The area of music is composed of two sub-groups. These are the areas of instrumental groups and Show Choir, Concert Choir, Women ' s Ensemble, Milligan Men, and Heritage comprise the vocal groups. In addition, there are four summer tours groups for the summer of 1 984 — Crossroad, L TD, Edition, Radiance, and Nicol and Raines. The main purpose of the groups is to grow in the talent that God has given to them and then use that talent for glorifying God. I enjoyed Pep Band because I am a musician and it gave me a chance to use some of my talent. I liked it because it was relaxing, it was something I like to do, and it was supporting the school. I enjoyed being with the group, there were a lot of fun people and we had a good time. Dave Siebenaler Pep Band was fun. It was a good break from the day. Mr. Helsabeck did a good job with it and the other people did a good job too. Tim Kirk Members: Mr. Dennis Hel- sabeck Jr., Director, Deb- bie Bechtal, John Bosom- worth, Nancy Carter, Karen Crites, Scott Hob- son, Jonathan Hughes, Tim Kirk, Joel McNett, Martha Miller, Melinda Morris, Dr. Ken Oosting, Jack Orth, Mark Richard- son, Tina Roberts, Andrea Shaffer, David Siebenaler, Annette Smit h, Glenn Smith, Laurie Snyder, Mike Sweeny, Adam Thornton, Bob Turner, Anita Uebele, Dirk Wideman. 130 HANDBELL CHOIR RINGS OUT Members: Dr. David Runner, Director, Christy Adams, Beth Bostwick, Carolyn Flora, Brian Jackson, Jennifer Kelly, Billie Oakes, Laurie Snyder, Diana Stoughton, Beth Williams, Bill Whitford, Jane Zieske. The thing I like about handbell Choir is the fact that you can really become so involved when you are practicing that time seems to stop. In my first Semester, I started realizing that the class period seemed to be over just after it had started. I got so involved with the music and the beauty of the sound of the handbells that once I became involved with it, I really enjoyed it a great deal. Bill Whitford If you are not involved with any other instrumental music, it is really enjoyable. You only have three hours a week to practice if you have a heavy time schedule. Jennifer Kelly. 131 MUSIC ENHANCES EVERYONE ' S LIFE SHOW CHOIR I like the costumes, I like the traveling, being Chris ' partner, I like the dessert after the concert, and that just about covers everything. Gail Blythe I like the people, staying at differ en t people ' s houses, meeting the differen t people and I like (the very most) traveling. I like per- forming. Carrie Harris Members: Mr. Doug Gross (director), Gail Blythe, Missy Buckles, Erik Evans, Sandy Farrow, Brad Harbin, Leslie Frasher, Carrie Harris, Elaine Harrison, John Hughes, Eric Imboden, Brian Jackson, Loretta Jette, Rob Kastens, Laura Ketron, Angle Knowles, Janet Lutes, Tosh Mcintosh, Bill Nicol, Rick Raines, Chris Riley, Don Sheffy, Glenn Smith, Laurie Snyder, Martha Stoughton, Anita Ubele, Jeff Voudrie HERITAGE Hike doing something different musi- cally and I think that our sound, style, and variety is very original. I receive a lot of artistic pleasure from that. I like being on the road, meet- ing people, and singing for them. I am the type of person that likes be- ing on stage, and Heritage gives me that opportunity to do this and to present my faith in a form people can relate to. 132 I like meeting the people that we stay with on the weekends and meeting allot the Christian people at the churches that we go to and fel- lowship with them. I really love all the people in Heritage also. They are really top-notch people. Joellen Young Members: Julie Alexander (director), John Barto, Jonathan Hull, Dave King, Anita Lavallee, Laura Thompson, Joellen Young CONCERT CHOIR I have enjoyed Concert Choir this year because I have gotten to be in it with two of my sons and I feel like I may never have a chance to do this again. I got to go on tour with the group and enjoyed it very much, getting to know the kids better, and I feel like it has been a good year. Rochelle Imboden Members: Mr. Doug Gross (director), Christy Adams, Todd Bennett, Beth Bostwick, Terry Brinkley, Mike Brown, Susan Currier, John Dobbs, Kevin Flora, Leslie Frasher, Beth Gardner, Carrie Harris, Mark Harris, Elaine Harrison, Mark Hatfield, John Hughes, Mike Imboden, Eric Imboden, Rochelle Imboden, Brian Jackson, Brent Jasper, Loretta Jette, Rob Kastens, Jennifer Kelly, Donna Knisley, Mark Lewis, Robin Miller, Jennifer Peters, Carol Railey, Rick Raines, Steve Reeves, Holly Ross, Don Sheffy, John Shive, Stan Smith, Laurie Snyder, Dianne Stoughton, Martha Stoughton, Wally Taylor, Laura Thompson, Anita Ubele, Jeff Voudrie, Joellen Young I enjoy the friends and the fellowship and the good times — we just have a good time. Mr. Gross is a great director. Rick Raines 133 WOMEN ' S ENSEMBLE Members: Dr. David Runner (director), Angie Knowles (accompanist), Alison Ciechanowski, Lynn Chapman, Sharon Crouch, Diane Downhour, Jnanne Gentry, Lisa Hill, Anita Lavallee, Janet Lutes, Martha Miller, Patti Mulrain, Norma Nehren, Penny Prescott, Lisa Pryor, Kelly Rollins, Jehanne Seiter, Joann Sharpe, Annette Smith, Monica Snow, Lisa Thompson, Barbara Ward, Beth Williams I liked the fellowship of being with other people. We had a good time and I had fun. Sharpe Joanne 134 MILLIGAN MEN It is a chance to have fun and use our talents without pressure of having to be professionals. To go out on tour and basically have a good time with every- body. Frank Drew Members: Mr. Jim Lyon (director), Mrs. Janet Lyon (accompanist), Brent Billheimer, Robert Brown, Curtis Brunn, Michael Crowell, Frank Drew, Dale George, Brad Harbin, Roy Holcomb, Brian Jones, Tim Kirk, Roger Roberts, Darin Smith, Dave Suchan, Bob Turner, Bill Whitford, Dirk Wideman I like the director and his wife, getting to know the other members of the group and working on the music. I like singing. Michael Crowell 135 136 Sports 139 Cheerleaders and Mascot: A Winning Combination - — 3LL. 1 .iltai l i mmp — - A - d Jf L_ ---_ — -=— % Dave Rehana was the 1983-4 But- Left to right: Phyllis Gower, Rebecca Launt, Kelly Ross, Sheila Angel, and Tammy falo. Johnston with mascot Lori Knisely. 140 Volleyball Team Spikes the Season Front row: Alaina Phillips, Kim Ross, Kami May, Sony Wisca Back row: Coach Linda King, Debbie Patton, Pam Kettleson, Mysterious, Helen Fuqua, Allison Gregory. Basketball Front Row: Mark Jewett, Todd Brooks, Boyd Kestner, Roby Witcher, Mike Brown, Bryan Kestner, Jaymie Jenkins, Craig Kendrick, Dale Lynch, Dennis Mitchell Back Row: David Eversole (Manager), Jeff Bourn, Eric Bowers, Trevor White, John Epperson, Chris Crawford, Randy Lambert, Mark Watkins, Sam Sparks, Coach Ron Reed ff» Head and Assistant Coaches Jeff Bourn, Ron Reed, Sam Sparks Statisticians Allison Gregory, Carol Baker 142 143 TODD BROOKS JAYMIE JENKINS BRYAN BOYD KRESTNER l .. ,, -, CHRIS CRAWFORD MARK JEWETT MnrJUh RANDY LAMBERT MARK W ATKINS 0)nJlM TREVOR WHITE C3J a .MfC JOHN EPPERSON CRAIG KENDRICK DALE LYNCH ■P«J (B(l) A I 0}nnMhJ 1 t $„ JIM ROBY WITCHER 144 TODD BROOKS i ! CHRIS CRAWFORD JAYMIE JENKINS -MARK JEWETT N» x % BOYD AND BRYAN KESTNER RANDY LAMBERT TREVOR WHITE JOHN EPPERSON CRAIG KENDRICK DALE LYNCH JVfe » j rap fc : - - - %K " ?oev WITCHER 145 Girls Bounce Through Season Front Row: Sue Fitch, Miss Nobody Knows Her Name, Kelly McDuftie, Dea Thelen, Winnie Johnson, Robin Gaughy Back Row: Sharon Crouch, Karen Barker, Wendy Garber, Cynthia Garner, Miss Mystery, Michelle Mays, Tammy Kinnerson 146 147 Sharon Crouch Robin Gaugh I Tammy Kinnerson Dea Thelen Baseball Front row: Eric Zimmerman, Ed Benedict, Jaymie Jenkins, Curtis Booher, John Hutchins, Dave Hamilton, Bobby Joe Guinn, Laurence Berry. Back Row: Coach Ron Reed, Tom Phillipps, Daren Harper, Steve Sims, Pat Stewart, John Franklin, Dale Lynch, Kenny Gamt ' ■ 149 150 Steve Sing 15! Milligan Girl ' s Softball Swings into Action is. . • - - - - - - - •■- - - ■ " - : ■ • • • . . - . - - - ' -: ' ■ - ■ . ' : ' " - - -- . - • - Kneeling: Joy Dee Miller, Sharon Crouch, Wendy Garder, Lynn Barto n, Pam Kettelson, Kim Ross, Angela Green. Standing: Dave Hamlin, Cathy Wright, Sue Fitch, Dena Brown, Gayle Tabor, Robin Gaugh, Lois Johnston, Helen Fuqua, Karen Barker, Sherri Whitenberger, Mrs. King. 152 mk wk % ; ■ ., : 9 - ; ' ■;■■ ■ -- " ■ ' ■ " r} 153 en ' s Tennis Goes to the Net . . . Kneeling: Scott Shaw, Keith Tolbert, Rich Aubrey, Steve Cummins. Standing: Ron Dove, Tim Kerr, Chris Riley, Tracy Moore, Coach Duard Walker ;54 While Ladies Tennis Graces the Court Kneeling: Lori Devore, Tammy Kinnerson. Standing: Edwina Young, Lisa Hayes, Janine Carter, Becca Robinson, Duard Walker MM! a — - " ' " i % m 155 Water Buffs are all Wet! Front Row: Angela Green, Mystery Woman, Dena Brown, Becca Robinson, Steve Cummins, Jon Nordstrom, Pam Keever, Pam Gee, Dr. Charles Gee, Pam Baumgardner Back Row: John Smith, Jim Bergen, Mike Churchin, Margaret Winkler, Mike Brown, Ken Means, David Robinson, Jim Agnew, Brent Jasper The swim club is a group of individuals who get together for fun and competition. They are coached and sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Gee. Led by John Smith and Mike Churchin, the team had a very successful season, compiling a winning record and shattering old marks in some events. 156 157 1B . V Intromurols Ploy Fun Role ot Milligon : ' ;; • s ■ $ § ■:■ 759 .. lift ffi Cte f 160 V Ads ) i J CONGRA TULA TIONS GRADUATES! Elizabethton Federal SA VINGS AND LOAN ASSOC! A TION Main Office 1 12-1 14 N. Sycamore Street, Elizabethton Bemberg Road Branch, 400 Bemberg Road, Elizabethton Mountain City Office, 317 W. Main, Mountain City Student Loans If you are committed to coDege, 1 let us help WMJ WBk get you Hk there. 0r American MEMBER FDIC The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Johnson City, Tennessee 162 CONTROLS JQHNSON 6101 Industrial Heights Drive Knoxville, TN 37910 BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE 495 Old Airport Road— Bristol, Virginia 24201 669-1743 Quality Printers, Inc eSsairez i Baksxu, One. 3300 May field Drive Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 VARIETY BAKERY, INC. 526 Elk Avenue Elizabethton, Tenn., 543-1742 Decorated Cake for All Occassions Pastries of all Kinds Insurance and Bonds Burke, Powers Harty, Inc. 1236 Volunteer Parkway Bristol, Tenn. 764-2112 EAST TENN. RENT-ALLS P. 0. BOX 3856 CRS Bristol Hwy— Green Valley JOHNSON CITY. TENN. 37601 163 TERRY ' S SNACK FOODS 1 400 Newton St. Bristol, V A 24201 (703)669-8149 Read about the " HAPPENINGS " A T MILLIGAN COLLEGE IN the plif abethtou tar BE A STAR SUBSCRIBER Telephone 543-3333 or 928-4151 and start home delivery ACESS—U.S. A Division of GBM Communications P.O. Box 978 Johnson City, Tennessee (615)282-3544 y Regal - i||||piSpi ART SUPPL Y " a£ 107 N. Boone P.O. Box 807 Johnson City, TN 37601 AMERICAN RENTALS INC 410 East Main St. Johnson City, Tennessee 37601 Ph. 929-3800 SUTTON EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. D.B.A. HOBART SALES SERVICE BRISTOL, TENNESSEE BANK SERVICE SUPPL Y CO. P.O. Box 3683 jjjl Bristol, Tennessee 37625 i J J (615)968-9333 %S ' Banks and Business Forms and Supplies AAA SIGN CO. P.O. Box 1555, 513 W. Walnut St. Johnson City, TN 37601 164 Wilson Pharmacy 608 W. Walnut Street Johnson City, TN 37601 (926-6154) Porky ' s Apex 604 West Market 926-9931 Zo ufihuicj. fynom NaiU to Jbiamo uli. CCLURE H A.RDWARE , inc 2815 W. MARKET ST. - P. O. Box 5274 E.K.S. JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE 37601 PHONE -928-8187 928-8188 HAMILTON MEATS INC Hotel — Restaurant — Institutions Full line of U.S. choice meats and portion cuts RR 14, Gray, TN (282-4531) Compliments Of: Frederickson Motor Express Rte. 9, Wautauga Road Johnson City, TN 800 352-7583 Bower ' s Florist and Gifts 440 Elk Avenue, Elizabethton, TN 543-2621 Mize Farm and Garden Supply, Inc. 929 West Wautauga Ave., Johnson City TN 928-2188 J.C Bedding Co. Johnson City, TN Josten ' s; Richard Callison, representative; P.O. Box 5244, Johnson City, TN Flav-O-Rich, 2535 Catherine Street, Bristol, VA Tri-City TV, 41 1 West Walnut St., Johnson City, TN 928-4744 PiP Printing, 802 West Market St., Johnson City, TN 928-6183 Religious Bookstore, 705 East Elk Ave., Elizabethton, TN 543-1332 Trimble Co., Inc. P.O. Box 4036, Johnson City, TN 282-5621 Nor-Well Co., Inc., 136 Elk Ave., Elizabethton, TN Felty-Roland Florist, Inc., Lynn Ave. at F St. Elizabethton, TN 165 np MrmTPiri t Ntripmfhkhp M kmtPhiM m " X T According to last year ' s Buffalo, the staff learns to budget time while working on the book, as well as sharpening other skills. May I say that the 1 983-4 staff should continue to learn this. (It ' s June 23; I just boxed up 28 pages, mailed 44 two weeks ago, and have 37 left to go!) Seriously, though, I ' ve enjoyed working on the Buffalo, looking at pictures and making mis- takes . . . along with looking for everyone else ' s mistakes so this book will be perfect. (My apologies to all who have misspelled names, funky pictures, etc.) A special thanks should go to Paul Bader and Ann lies for agreeing to sponsor the Buffalo. Without their support theMilligan rules would not have allowed the existance of the yearbook staff. (They also kept the budgetted money on the budget — a big thanks for that!) Well, since the editor is expected to review the year — may I say that my last year at Milligan bordered on wonderful some days and came despairingly close to horrible on others — depending on how close to deadline the Buffalo was and how many tests I had coming up. I saw many changes. Long-time staff members, professors, and administrators (as well as new ones) left — to be replaced by the new regime. Only time will tell how well this will work toward the good of the college. My prayer is that Milligan remains a good liberal arts college, emphasizing Christian qualities in all ways — rather than really becoming " Milligan Bible and Business Institute. " Jnanne Gentry Editor, Milligan Buffalo 22 -J T o T7 X 77 I a x T 7 7° MMumimsmssMMSMmMmmmnym 37 [37 2 C3 O 174 icotion The 1983-4 Buffalo is respectfully dedicated to Dr. Bertram S. Allen in recognition of the years he spent as Dean of Students. He gave much of his time, knowledge, and self to the Milligan community as an administrator . . . and continues to do so as a faculty member.

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