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' „ ' j ummmSiK Mm .0) liiinrrtteittafiaii C XK- i Milligan College Library LD3311.A47M5627 1976 c.2 MA Milligan College Buffalo. 737 . ..3 w ' fi " • ' ' 4 s t « -t: ■ ' • .■ %. « r» - . J4 , « 5- . y - • ,r I bestow, upon any xAS-rv-m wor an ,, , ' " ' .■, r -v ' . - s vt 1 t ' Ke, entraiice to all the gife of the Walt Whitman ' - ,, ' ' :j ; 2-A Deep in the sun-soarched growths the dragonfly Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky: So this Wing ' d hour is dropt to us from above. Dante Gabriel Rossetti iii ' iiT; Tiipr. ■ ' «■; , 3-A And the cup he brings, though it burn your hps, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears. Kahlil Gibran Lm i . :££ i J ■ 5wr!C :: w:-v »;:.--» »NyWWK«.r VWM ift 5-A We live only to discover beauty. Kahlil Gibran 6-A In winter say the snow-bound, " She shall come with the sprinf Uiaping upon the hills. " And in the summer heat the reapers say, " We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a tirift of snow in her hair. " Kahlil Gibran " r 7-A And beauty is not a need but an ecstasy. Kahlil Gibran s n HHgu — ' -f- ' -vJi. mWW B r ' ' I ' liiiiilHIIiiiilHi 1 2-A Born to Fly- perched hij h and beyond— he waits; and with an alert eye he views the ground: and free as he is to fly— he sits, perfectly still, without a sound, for his world is free Lynn Renner k 10 10-A If a man has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know. Thomas Wolfe 7 ' . ' - ' ' 11 T -- ■— 7 I -• • ! 12 13-A Which can say more than this rich praise,— that you alone are you. William Shakespeare 13 " -==«=ffl£;ai3 S !h £2? it! ; 14 ■ " - ■■ ' ■. ' •: t. ' : ' -T»- 15 16-A Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whoh; life ' s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each can do best, none but his maker can teach him. Emerson I ' ll 16 1976 MILLIGAN COLLEGE BUFFALO to the Giver of every good perfect gift. James 1.17 ■ " S iS! i 1 u A. : I . A I 5! -J, 1 ' - - J A ' I ssr 1- ' V :? ; Y " , A i3e - - i«k« Is® , r " ■ J. „» " P SSBsk;; JSH i 4 " " M - ■S- ' V 7- ■ J V ..._si 1 k:. - ..- % if.- - . ' 19 . - ' ' t w ! -.- i " 1 y, z W ' ' -- f . m m 21 22 ■«■■■■■■■■ «1 ■■■■■■■RBSM ■ ■■■■■■itidM II ■ ■ ■ I ' - i M !■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■■■■■tf f ,1 - -A,,.f , t 23 . .,. -5 « 24 : . " A ' ? " ' ??, ■»:i 26 27 « . • TT uituiiiiMiiuiii IT , T 7 %iip m iB Hi iii — »m— wiwn 28 29 Ted Quack Salutes American T.V. 30 31 ' The Apple Tree " Sherel Gallagher and Dick Major Paul Blowers and Sherel Gallagher ' Paul Blowers Randy Buck, Guest Director of " The Boyfriend " Mark Richardson, Rick Kelly, Jack Orth, Dirck Spencer, Gary Richardson " The Odd Couple " j Gary Richardson, Mark Richardson, Rick Kelly, Jack Orth, Dirck Spencer, Mike Shannon. 32 Mike Shannon and Debbie Walker U The Boyfriend " Jan Jones and Dirck Spencer Paula Elam and Steve McCoury Marilyn McCoy, Carol Gabehart, Mary Robinson, Sherel Gallagher, Paula Elam, Kim Campbell. Faces in heart: Garry Smith, Bobby McKinney, Mark Richardson, Dave Wantz Jan Jones and Debbie Walker 33 HELICON CONCERTS: " A Thanksgiving Special " " Dawn Treader. " ■j»5«jL. Maaafcaa« e»»aMfe s a MK tfe lim Miller Ron Elkins Left to Right: Randy Miller, Bob Fife, Paul Williams. Seated; Wayne Lancaster; Standing: Tim Giese. Hank Dahlman Left to right: Jim Huskins, " Mr Hboper " 34 " God Save the People, " entire cast. " He who is without guilt, throw the first stone. " " Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord. ' Dick Major, Holly Sias. 3 r Dick Major. C.C. Clayton. " The Fonz, " Paul Blowers. - t Her Majesty Cathy Hardy and His Royal Highness Larry McNett. . 55.: Strolhng minstrells. Above: Paul Williams and Rick Eva- noff. Below: Al White, Rhonda Crockett, Pam Johnson, Wayne Lancaster. k s._ The Madrigal Dinners Above: Lady Nona Lohr and Sir Jon Ulm. Below: Sir Gene Estep and Chambermaid Anna Wiley. This gala event of the Yuletide Season wel- comes people from all over the country. Con- sisting of a feast of Roast beef and Yorkshire pud- ding, plum pudding and wassail, the dinners cli- max the celebration with a concert from the Cham- ber Singers. This year ' s group included: Kim Scheffler, Tim Doty, Becky Fife, Jeff Cassens, Debbie Walker, Steve Morton, Cathy Hardy, Larry McNett, Holly Sias, Keith Ashbaugh, Jan Jones, Gene Estep, Nona Lohr and Jon Ulm. Sponsored by Milligan ' s Music Department, the dinners have become the most highly acclaimed Christmas festivity in the area. Below: Student workers prepare for and enjoy the dinners. V ' N B T - -V | Dick Major in " Butterflies are Free. " fl 51, ;;k:lU Mil Milligan Students Participate in Community Activities. Juhnson City Symphony Orchestra. Bobby McKinney and Dick Major in " George M. " Cindy Keefauver, Tennessee ' s " Fairest of the Fair. " Debbie Walker, Miss Johnson City, 1975. Cissy Hill. This year Milligan was blessed with the presence of three beauty queens. Freshman Cindy Keefauver was crowned " Fairest of the Fair " at the Appalachian Dis- trict Fair. Following her ap- pearance at the state pageant, she was named to the state- wide title. The 1975 Miss Johnson City Pageant ended with Milligan ' s own Debbie Walker wearing the coveted crown. During her reign this year, she made nu- merous appearances and sang with her newly-formed group, " Holiday. " The night on which Debbie was to relinquish her crown, Milligan was once again repre- sented in the line-up. Cissy Hill was named " Miss Con- geniality, " won the talent award, and was fourth runner- up. v - " ° ' ' ' -l l " Inseparable " I. SCOTT SHAFFER Scott served as the President of the 1976 Senior class and a Junior Class Representative on the S.G.A. A mem- ber of Phi Beta Lambda, Scott was Chief [ustice of Traffic Court. He was employed by the recruitment office as a Campus Host, giving tours to prospec- tive students. Scott is from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Who ' s Who in 1976 ANNA MARGARET WILEY Anna is a resident of Kingsport, Ten- nessee. She graduated with a major in English and a minor in History. During her four years at Milligan. she served as President of Civinettes, President of Hart Hall Dorm Council and Editor of the Buffalo. An S.G.A. representative, Anna was seen in the Milligan produc- tion of The Boyfriend. GORDON L. MILLER Gordon graduated with a major in Psy- chology and a minor in Sociology. He was involved as a representative in the S.G.A, Vice-President of Webb Hall and a Resident Assistant m Webb. An avid bicyclist. Gordon served as President of the Bike Club. He was also employed as a member of the Chapel Crew, 40 KIMBERLEY CAMPBELL Kim a resident of Canton, Ohio, has been seen on stage in several Milligan theatrical productions. She was in the casts of As You Like It. The Seagull, Our Town. The Boyfriend, and Boy With a Carl. For her efforts, she re- ceived the award for " Best Actress 1975 " and the Johnson City Little The- ater Award. A Biology major and Chemistry minor, Kim was involved in the Pre-Med Club. She won .second place in " The Purpose of Man " essay contest and first place in the Annie Lucas Reading Contest. JON MARK ULM A resident of Clearwater, Florida, Jon was a Bible major and Music minor. He was a Ministerial Association member and was involved with two singing groups from Milligan. " God ' s Hands " and " Great Exchange. " Jon was Presi- dent of the Concert Choir and a Madr- igal Singer. Being a fan of golfing, Jon was also a Member of Milligan ' s Golf Team. " ' f ' .■« ' , ROBERT DEAN FIFE A Biology major and Chemistry minor, ■Bob is from Johnson City, Tennessee. During his years at MiUigan, he was a member of the Tennis Team and Mis- sions Club, and served as a Justice of the Traffic Court. 3| KENNETH H. LEATHERWOOD Kenny transferred to Milligan as a His- tory major and Business Administra- tion minor. An outstanding member of the basketball team, Kenny was named " Most Valuable Player " his Senior year. As a result of his performance at the VSAC Tournament, held in his hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, Kenny was elected to the All-Tourna- ment team. ROBIN PHILLIPS Robin Phillips, from Hammond. In- diana, graduated from Milligan with a major in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. During her years at Milli- gan, she served as Editor, Business Manager and Writer for the Stampede. She was also involved with He icon and the Yearbook. Having served as a representative on the S.G.A. for one year, Robin was chairman of the Stu- dent Academic Committee. Robin was also a member in several organizations on campus and a tutor in the Milligan Learning Center. DAVID EUGENE JOHNSON One of the most involved men on cam- pus, Dave was President of the Student Government Association. A Bible ma- jor. Math minor, Dave served as a member of the Student Life Committee. He was President of Webb Hall and a member of the Ministerial Association. Dave is from Caledonia, Ohio and serves as the associate minister of the Mountain View Church of Christ. DEBBIE WALKER Debbie, a Humanities major. Music mi- nor, served the college in various ca- pacities through her vocal talent. In April of 1975 she was crowned Miss Johnson City. Later she formed " Holi- day, " a singing group which made ap- pearances at area high schools. She was a member of Concert Choir for three years and a Madrigal Singer for two years. In addition to performing in numerous Milligan functions and activ- ities. Debbie was in the casts of God- spell and The Boy riend. ROBERT W. WATTWOOD A Business Administration major and History minor. Bob is from Titusville, Florida. He was a player for Milligan ' s baseball team for four years. He served President of Pardee and Vice President of Phi Beta Lambda. A Dean ' s List student. Bob was also a member of the S.G.A. and Lettermen ' s Club. 41 Above: Dave |ohnson and Dr. Stuckenbruck. Be- low: Rick Freeman and Mr. Hall. %s! Above: Kim Campbell and Dr. Wallace. Above right: Anna Wiley and Dr. Wetzel. Phi Sigma Tau Certificates— Tim Brady, Robin Phillips, Mark Poorman. French Award— Cindy Crum. Paul Blowers. Stampede Award— Boyd Stover. Music Award— Jon Ulm. Typing Award— Debbie Swink. Shorthand Award— Nancy Lauyer. Greek Award— Jon Ulm, John Wassem. Drama Awards— Kim Campbell, Paula Elam, Sherel Gallagher, Jan Jones, Dick Major, Bobby McKinney, Larry McNett, Kathleen Powell, Mike Shannon, Holly Sias, Debbie Walker. German Award— Carol Roodhouse, Don Stephan. Buffalo Award— Anna Wiley, Ed Charlton. Biology Award— Kim Campbell. Sociology Award— Rick Freeman. Humanities Award— Becky Rcplogle. Red Cross Awards— Ray Blakidy, Linda Cooper. Safely Award— Patricia Bonner. English Award— Peggy Dyer. Chemistry Award— Tim Doty. Purpose of Man— First place, Anna Wiley; Second place, Dave Johnson. Business Awards— Gary Dealer, Dee Lederman, Janet Martin, Scott Shaffer, Bob Wattwood. Student Teaching Awards— Fall Semester: Elementary, Scott Hudson; Secondary, Linda Gindlesperger. Spring Semester: Elementary, Rachelle Reeves; Secondary, Lee Morrow. Delta Kappa Gamma Award— Liz Vernon. Balfour Award— Anna Wiley. Below: Phil Torbett introduces each of the twenty-one women nomi- nated for Founder ' s Daughter. Right: Bonnie Bunion, 1975-76 Founder ' s Daughter. 42 1976 SPORTS ACTION 1976 SPORTS ACTI ON 1976 1976 43 Steve Lacy Fieldhouse Dedicated November 15, 1975, the Steve Lacy Fieldhouse offi- cially opened. Several distinguished guests shared writh Milligan in this long-awaited occasion. Mrs. B.D. Phillips, a dedicated supporter of Milligan Col- lege, delivered an inspiring message for those who attended. Founder ' s Day, Milligan College met Mars Hill Col- lege in the first basketball game played in the field- house. Kenny Leatherwood, the Buffaloes ' " Most Valuable Player, " scored the first point. Kenny Leatherwood scores point. Below: Mrs. Pliillips at Dedication. 44 MILLIGAN o OYEAH ! The Milligan Cheerleaders (twelve in number) increased school spirit during basketball season through pep rallies, skits and ex- pressive cheers. With Janie Shepherd as captain, the group trav- eled to Nashville and cheered the Buffs to their VSAC championship. Above right: Captain Jane Shepherd caught practicing her characteristic kick. Right: So, Martie Wilhams is the person in the Buffalo suit!! Below, left to right: Debi Holsapple, Cindy Keefauver, Janie Shepherd, Pam Johnson, Kitty Berry. Sissy Hill. What ' s a WAZOO??? Left: Fans at the Carson-Newman game experience the miracle of the " WAZOO. " Below left: Dave Wantz flanked by Cindy Keefauver and Kitty Berry. Below right: Sissy Hill airborn on Dave ' s shoulder. Bottom left: Buff Cheerleaders, left to right— Greg Fleetwood, Pam Johnson, Bill Rodda, Cindy Keefau- ver, Larry McNett, Janie Shepherd, Lee Morrow, Debi Holsapple, |eff Walker, Kitty Berry, Jeff Dan- iels, Sissy Hill. Bottom right: For Dave ' s final feat, Debi Holsapple balances on his shoulders, with Pam Johnson below. ■iSw ' ' ; Wfm:::m 0iiy ' " y„-Jtr 1976 VSAC Champions The 1975-76 MilHgan College Basketball team made history this year. Traveling to Nashville, Tennessee for the Volunteer State Athletic Conference Tournament, the Buffs returned with the Championship trophy. Having compiled a 24-11 season record, the Buffs pro- vided the Milligan community with exciting sports ac- tion on the court. For the first time in many years, stu- dents did not have to travel off-campus to attend home basketball games. This fact accounts for the packed bleachers at all games. Buffs, thanks for a great and memorable season. O-O-O-O-YEAHHHH!!! 1975-76 Buffaloes. Front row, left to right: Larry Bacon, Mike Strouth, Ron Wil- liams, Tom Wmdram, Richard Soloman. Kenny Leatherwood, Jerry CraycrafI, fl|| Second row, left to right: Marty Street, C.C. Clayton, Jon Arvin, Jim Schneider, — Reggie Holland, Jon Zeltman, William Lewis. Coach Dale Clayton instructs the play- ers .. . Ken Leatherwood C.C. Clayton Marty Street Team Managers: Kevin Speas, Tom Jones, Karl Schmidt. MILLIGAN 80 78 79 105 105 113 95 99 83 101 79 70 63 67 108 111 82 93 104 72 101 75 83 87 109 97 69 69 103 87 105 80 68 62 63 Mars Hill Guilford Gardner-Webb Clinch Valley Clinch Valley King King Tennessee Tech Bryan Emory Henry UNC-Asheville Denison Lockhaven Malone Walsh Maryville UNC-Asheville Mars Hill Maryville Tennessee Wesleyan Tusculum King Lincoln Memorial Carson-Newman Clinch Valley Bryan Lincoln Memorial Carson-Newman Tusculum Tennessee Wesleyan Trevecca Lambuth Tennessee Wesleyan Bethel Bethel OPPONENT 65 99 n 72 86 76 85 114 74 n 80 82 65 65 106 66 70 85 59 78 97 69 97 83 54 83 79 79 77 90 _ 88 77 I 67 60 79 s T ■ r T - Above: Jerry Craycraft contemplates before attempting a cru- cial free throw. i At right: Player ' s pile up as they realize the air-supported structure is caving in. Above: President Johnson and fans experience a tense moment in Ihc Butt s i:ourt action. At right: Reggie Holland 50 i ..- ' A i: Above: Cissy Hill Below right: Coach Worrell presents Kenny Leatherwood with the " Most Valuable Player " Award. 1976 Basketball Banquet The Basketball Banquet held in the Spring was well- attended by team members and students. The numer- ous trophies on display indicated the excellent perfor- mance of the 1975-76 Buffaloes. Below left: Coach Worrell " Coach of the Year, " expresses thanks to students for their support during basketball season. Above: Chip Serber Bottom left: Coach Clayton, comments on the events of the season. 51 1975-76 Milligan College Biiseball Team. Front row, left to right: Bob Wattwood. Mike Cline, Jeff McNabb. Steve Hodge, Danny Roller, Bill Rodda, Jeff Walker. Buff Walker. Second row: Rick York, Steve Carter, Charlie AUcott, Mark Woolen, Ted Comer, Steve Hypes, David (Beaver) Young. Third row: Ronnie Potter, Tony Mitchell, Lynn Deskins, Scott Fox, Freddie Akers, Ronnie Doss, Danny Cullop. Fourth row: Coach B. Harold Stout. Sam Austin, Denny Mayes. Joe McClain, Gordy Miller, Bobby McNeil, Mike Shiflett. Below: Coach Slout. 1976 Baseball Bob Wattwood at bat. 52 ««( • - . --.: tM -5 «M " ♦ «►, ' ' ■-r ' rfiM ,: ' m % Milligan ' s 1975-76 Baseball team excelled again, especially in the Volunteer State Ath- letic Conference, where they won the eastern division championship and finished second in the VSAC playoff. Winding up second is not bad at all for the Buffs, who ended the season with a 20-23 record. Coach Stout achieved the honor of being named " Coach of the Year " in the eastern division. Over the 41-game regular season route, Mil- ligan had six .300 hitters, with Ronnie Doss out in front. The others were Beaver Young, Lynn Deskins, Tony Mitchell, Danny Roller, and Mike Weston. Mike Cline led the club in home runs with 5. Beaver Young and Ronnie Doss had fifteen doubles and batted 34 runs respectively. Pitcher Steve Hypes struck out seventy-one batters. . 0 Milligan Buffs Second in VSAC S ' " 53 ?.€-.?? - Ixl . ' ' 111 " " ' " l f %i I 54 1975-76 Men ' s Tennis Team. Left to right: Coach Duard Walker, Roy Haisley, Chuck Wheeler, Steve Schwartz, Brent Saunders, Greg Bying ton. Jack Gray, Roger Allman, Dave Musick. At left: Steve Schvi artz. Above: Roy Haisley. " 55 Melody Neumeister 1975-76 Women ' s Basketball Team. Seated left to right: Barb Elliott, Ruth Ziebart-cap- tain. Carol Morrison. Kneeling: Kim Peters, ]udy Brunner, Barb Smith. Standing: Diane Vernon, Minta Berry, Sue Hanson, Melody Neumeister, Miss Bonner— coach. Women ' s Sports Gain Recognition This year the Women ' s Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis aniJ Softball teams had full schedules. Un- like previous years, the women were a major part of the college ' s sports program. Under the coaching of Miss Patricia Bonner, the female Buffs consistently met their opponents with determination to play their best game. Though still in the formative stages, the Buffette sports program promises to be an in- creasingly important part of Milligan life. This year ' s Basketball team was very young, with only two Seniors graduating. Their record for the season was 6-12. During their season the team held a Christian College Tournament for Women ' s Basket- ball teams and co-hosted the State Large College Women ' s Basketball Tournament. The Softball team was asked to represent East Tennessee at a Softball Tournament in Florida. At right, 1975-76 Women ' s Volleyball Team. Front row, left to right; Kim Whitmer, Carol Morrison, Cathy Cox, Rhonda Borst, Barb Elliott, Glenda MacWhorter, Kim Yeutter. Second row: Mar- cia Fraser, Lois Jordan. Judy Brunner, Becky Bond, Melody Neu- meister. Debbie Whitaker. Third row: Miss Bonner— coach. Donna Elliott, Minta Berry, Sue Hanson, Debbie Swink, Kim Peters, Diane Vernon. 56 - -fi- -iS-i Marcia Fraser . .„,;,- , -M,»ray ' W i . 1975-76 Women ' s Softball Team. Front row. left to right: Kim Peters, Diane Vernon, Melody Neumeister, Barb Elliott, Kim Yeufter, [udy Brunner, Marcia Fraser, .Ruth Ziebart, Martie Williams, Becky Replogle. Second row: Maria Wesner, Hope Savely, Donna Elliott, Becky Bond, Minta Berry, Debbie Swink, Sue Hanson. Lois Jordan, Nancy Lauyer, Debi Holsapple. ' O. , 1976 Women ' s Tennis Team. Front row, left to right: Sandy Pierce, Belinda Brown, Julie McNett, Second row: Pam Freije, Kathy Harder. Jill Healey, Roxanne Sandlin, Tammy Redman, Leigh Cook. At far left: Minta Berry at bat with Donna Elliott behind the catcher ' s mask. Left: Deb- bie Fralish. 57 if2:fAl,Jk ' «- i. " .. J i t S.-1S jy t,-i ■ ' I 58 Intramurals Under the direction of Mike Percifield, men ' s intramurals played an important part in Milligan ' s sports program this year. Football, basketball, and softball teams were organized and scheduled to play twice a week. After a hard day of classes and study, intramurals brought a welcome break in the routine. 59 60 The lines upon a finger are very much Hke our souls to God. Both the good and evil that one does is etched with an invisible mark which will fly to the judge ' s presence and Give testimony. But for those who call upon the Judge ' s Son, there will be justification. For upon these souls the Son is willing to place His own mark, so that the judge will pardon, and give life. 61 Student Government Executive Council. Seated, left to right: Gayle Epperly— Vice President, Cheri Maynard-Secretary. Standing, left to right: Dave John- son—President, ]ohn Ray— Treasurer. junior and Senior Representatives. Fron row, left to right: Debbie Fralish, Cathy Harder, Susie Gregory, Anna Wiley, Don Stephan. Second row: Ray Blakely, Kevin Huddleston, Julie McNett, Linda Horn, Rick Morrell. Third row: Scott Shaffer, Gor- don Miller, Bob Wattwood, Charlie Fitzsimmons. Not pictured: Tom Lohr, Mike Shannon, Ed Charlton, Becky Reeves, Jaci Swearingen. Student Government Association Leads Active Year 62 Freshman and Sophomore Representatives. Seated, left to right: Chelle Blackwood, Susan Ralph, Robin Adams, Dave Marshall. Standing: Kitty Becker, Bob Keesee, Roger Gard- ner, Mark Richardson. Not pictured: Joey Potter. S.G.A. Activities: —in charge of Traffic Court and im- proved parking situations. —sponsored Prayer Breakfasts and All-School Retreat. — improved Intramural field condition. —sponsored Faculty-Student basket- ball game. —found a donor for shrubbery at fieldhouse. —sponsored Sweetheart program at banquet. —put trash cans which were painted by individual clubs around campus. — sponsored Religious Emphasis week. —sponsored cheerleading tryouts. —provided better security with the addition of lights, —sponsored a College Bowl team through Academic Affairs committee, -sponsored Day of Fasting. STUDENT GOVERNMENT MINUTES September, 1955-May, 1976. Interesting excerpts from past Council minutes. The President called the meet- ing to order, and it was opened with prayer. All the members at the meeting were present. COMMITTEE REPORTS Freshman Week Committee: " It was reported that a plaque for the winning team of Fresh- man Week could be obtained from the Beale Company. It will be looked into. " September 13, 1955 Lost and Found Committee: " Bob Cox reported that this committee is functioning. " April 24, 1958 " John Ray reported the signs for the tennis courts are in the process of being made. They shouldn ' t take long. September 1975 OLD BUSINESS " Joan Cunningham reported in answer to the question about girls wearing bermuda shorts that girls may wear them to the gym or tennis courts with- out a raincoat. " (What a breakthrough!) October 3, 1963 " Student Council made some suggestions for music at the noon meal: a) Vocals used only while waiting in line. b) Soft background music should be used during the meal. c) Church music used on Sundays. d) One person only will be in control of the volume. " November 14, 1957 " The Freshman Week Plaque hasn ' t come yet. " February 7, 1956 Progress has been made! The tennis court signs have been completed. (And just think, it only took ten week.) November 20, 1975 " Mr. Beale reported the Fresh- man Week Plaque was sent to Millsaps College in Missis- sippi who received it and paid for it. Another will be ordered and sent to us accordingly. " March 6, 1956 NEW BUSINESS " Complaints about the cafe- teria were aired. " (So was the cafeteria.) February 21, 1956 " The problem of students not being able to eat lunch and re- turn to afternoon classes . . . was discussed. " October 16, 1956 " Organizations who use the school vans are asked to please leave the vans when you are done with your trip. " March 27, 1976 —Correction— " Organizations who use the school vans are asked to please leave them clean when they are finished with them. April 3, 1976 " The council discussed at length the possibility of pur- chasing a buffalo as a living mascot for the school. " March 5, 1964 REMARKS " The Dean reported that be- cause of work being done at ' rock bottom ' prices for the new dorm, (Sutton) that one half of the $100,000 is still left. " November 22, 1955 " It was agreed that there were still improvements that could be made concerning the week. " September 1955 " A motion was made by Deb- bie Fralish to adjourn, it passed unanimously. " April 9, 1976 63 Service Seekers As a club whose members clearly represent their title, the Service Seekers are in- volved in various off-campus activities. Under the lead- ership of President Debbie Murphy and Mrs. Yamamori, faculty sponsor, the club pro- vides the residents of the Ap- palachian Christian Village with weekly devotional pro- grams. These programs are re- warding to the girls them- selves, as well as the Village folks who attend. Service Seekers. Zigzagging from top to bot- tom: Jan Keyes, Debbie Mains— Vice-Presi- dent. Terri Morgan, Trisha Scott, Terri Gin- dlesperger, Laurie Sutherland, Rachelle Reeves, Debbie Murphy— President. Concern . . . Fellowship . . . Action!!! Missions Club The Missions CJub has found an important place in the East Tennessee area. This year the club has been actively in- volved with the East Tennes- see Christian Children ' s Home and Appalachian Christian Village by visiting with the people and offering their time and love. Some of the members of the club traveled to Grundy Mountain Mission and be- came interested in the work which has developed there. With Debbie Piper as Presi- dent, aided by sponsor. Dr. Taber, the club hosted the Faith-Promise Rally, raising fi- nances through pledges for mission support. Missions Club. Left to right: Vickie Dutiel. Debbie Piper— President, Steve Carpenter, Lydia Walton— Treasurer, Becky Reeves. christian Service Club. Front row. left to right: Nancy Basnight, Phil Mays— Vespers Coordinator, John Heffren, Tom Flack, Elaine Courtney— President, Anne Parsly, Joe Hatter, Conrad Auel. Top row, left to right: Terry Bailey, Mikel Carroll. Becky Coleman, Teresa Mayfield, Carol Harra. Christian Service Club The Christian Service Club expressed their desire to be- come more far-reaching to the specific spiritual needs of the campus and the com- munity through their vari- ous v ?eekly activities. Weekly Vesper Services, visitation to Range Hall, Ap- palachian Christian Village and Elizabethton Children ' s Home, culminated in an all- night service of singing, sharing, and praying. Good Friday Night, an annual event sponsored by the Christian Service Club, was held on April 16. Service Clubs Sponsor Varied Religious Activities on Campus Ministerial Association Ministerial Association. Front Row, left to right: Dr. Webb, sponsor, Tom Lohr. Don Deremer, Bob Judge. Second row: Ron Reilly. Scott Hudson. Stan Musselman. Tim Beck, Greg Johnson. Third row: Mike Thompson, Joey Davidson. John Robert- son. Fourth row: Conrad Auel, Dave John- son, Barton Hume, Mike Shannon, Jon Ulm, Joe Hatter. 65 Students Show Interest in Different Countries and Philosophies French Club, Left to right: Deiiise Desautels— Secretary, Cindy Crum— President, Lennea Derting, Glenda Brookshire. Special guest speakers and slides of France provided the French CJub with interesting and informative club meetings. President Cindy Crum and Mrs. Woolard, sponsor, worked together with the members in planning several activities which increased club membership and involvement. A Christmas party in December and dinner in April offered delectable samplings of French cuisine, and by holding a bake sale, the club raised money to cover expenses. In order to improve their usage of the French language, members met in the SUB periodically for conversation with other interested students. Mention Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to anyone at Milligan College, and they ' ll know what you are talking about. Because of the Philosophy Club ' s informal discussion on this contemporary book, sev- eral students became experts on the thoughts presented therein. This year, with Kevin Flud- dleston as President, the Milli- gan Philosophy Club was made the Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Tau. Philosophy Club. Seated, left to right: Robin Phillips, Kevin Huddlesto n— President, Tim Brady. Chris Harkey. Standing: I)r. Wetzel, Dr, Phillips— sponsors. Civinettes. Front row, left to right; Lennea Derting, Vickie Dutiel, Kathy Harder, Debbie Fralish, Peggy Dyer. Dee Lederman, Pam Carroll— Historian, Susie Gregory, Diana Bittner, Anna Wiley, Tri- sha Scott. Second row: Irene Woolard, Robin Thomas— Vice-President, Cheryl Abram, Linda Coo- per—President, Pam Bethard, Karen Huber, Claudia Thompson, Cindy Keefauver. Third row: Deb- bie Swink, Roxanne Sandlin, Jan McCulloch, Karen Schreiber. jenny Robinson. Valerie Cook, Pam Boreing, )anelle Scroggs. Fourth row: Marilyn Harper, Nancy Hook, Robin Adams, Rosemary Bi- rkel, Connie Sauers, Cindy Crum— Treasurer, Mary Robinson— Secretary, Lyn Cain, Jeannie Shet- ler, Marcia Eraser, lo Southers. Pre-Med Club Civinettes One of the most active organiza- tions on campus tliis year was the Civinettes. With the largest membership in the history of the club, Civinettes sponsored the Mr. Civinette Pageant, Ted Quack ' s " Salute to American T.V., " A Bike-a-Thon for the Na- tional Association for Retarded Citizens, sold Valagrams and Christmas cards, painted a trash can for the campus, and helped revive fainting coeds at the Bloodmobile. Vice-President Robin Thomas v as the winner of the District Miss Collegiate Civitan Pageant and first runner-up in the Miss Collegiate Civitan International pageant held in Memphis, Tennessee. Linda Cooper, President, was named " Best Club President " at the District Collegiate Civitan Convention held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Pre-Med Club. Seated, left to right: Karen Huber, Wendy Barr. Chelle Blackwood, Kim Campbell, Debbie Czap. Stand- ing, left to right: |ohn Ray, Sidney Martin. Professor Sisk. Tim Doty, Bob Fife, Dick Barnett, Keith Ashbaugh, Mark Webb, Don Stephan. Hung up: Beulah Boar. 67 Helicon Staff HELICON Staff. Left to right: Chris Harkey, Kevin Huddleston, Mark Reidel, Tim Brady, Pete Purvis Photo: Shirley Nottingham 68 Women Participate in Athletics Phi Eta Tau. Front row, left to right: Mrs. Bowers, Sponsor; Diane Junker, Kim Pe- ters, Judy Brunner. Miss Bonner, Sponsor. Second row, left to right: Lois Jordan-Vice President, Sue Hanson, Ruth Jordan, Ruth Ziebart— President. Ruth Ziebart, President of Phi Eta Tau and leader of Women ' s Intramurais, has led these organizations in very active semesters. In ad- dition to sponsoring Basket- ball and Softball Clinics, the members participated in the Toys for Tots drive and served refreshments at vi omen ' s volleyball and bas- ketball games. Several social outings and activites were also provided which added to the total success of the year. Most memorable, of course, was the annual Country Fair, a welcome event to all mem- bers of the Milligan Community. Women ' s Intramural Council. Left to right: Marcia Fraser, Kim Yeutter, Ruth Ziebart, Judy Brunner, Lois Jordan, Ruth Jordan, Kim Peters. 69 A 1 and 2 and 3 SPLASH! Because of the dedication of the Mil- ligan chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the fountain was made ready for its spring " function. " Nancy Lauyer made a big splash as friends con- gratulated her for her election as the Secretary of the SGA. Alpha Phi Omega, Seated: Bayard Galbraith— President, Bei;ky Hampton— APO Sweetheart. Standing: Pete Frizell, Skeet Strihling, Don Russell, Bob Judge. When the Buffs Came Marchin ' In . . . the Pep Band was there, provid- ing the fans and team with great spirit-boosting songs. With Chris Harkey as head conductor, the crew of devoted musicians mastered a re- pertoire of pieces too lengthy to list on this page. Thanks to the Pep Band ' s rendition of " Sweet Georgia Brown, " Milligan is now able to host " The Harlem Buffaloes. " Pep Band. Front row. left to right: Mark Richardson, Joey Davidson, Rachelle Reeves. Second row: Kim Payne, Celia Leuthold, Melody Neumeister, Greg Bying- ton. Chris Harkey. Third row: Allen Addington, Jack Orth. 70 chapel Crew. Left to right: Ron Elkins, Rich Schisler, Tim Brady, Dr. Dowd (?). Kathleen Powell. Not pictured: Roger Cheesman and John Peiffer. Chapel Crew Every student who has ever attended a con- vocation service has ex- perienced the fine w ork- manship of the ChapeJ Crew. The lighting, sound, stagework, and noise that the Chapel Crew provides for Convocation, con- certs, movies and shows are beyond compare. This year, the Chapel Crew in- stalled a new ca ble in the building and received new shirts from Dr. Dowd for their efforts. Chapel Crew and Student Union Board Provide Milligan Movies student Union Board. Left to right: Dave Johnson, Kitty Becker, Becky Coleman. Mark Richardson, Bif Woolard, SUB Manager. ' Student Union Board By asking five dollars as a student activity fee, the Student Union Board pro- vided students with eleven movies and a con- cert. Movies were selected according to the polled expressions of students. Each person who had a bright green sticker on his student I.D. was admitted to the functions free of charge. This method of raising money was quite a success. 71 Milligan College Chorale Milligan College Chorale. First row, left to right: Marilyn Harper, Mary Lee Dyer, Rosemary Birkel, Susan Keller. Rhonda Borst, Janice Ferneau. Second row: Melissa Baker, Barb Smith, Connie So- wers, Ed Notestine, Dennis Kirtlan, Jane McKinney. Mary Shaw. Third row; Mary Lou Layman, Carol Gabeharl, Bernie Blankenship, John Peiffer, Al White, Sylvia Cole, Karen Keffer. Fourth row: Lisa Atkins, John Tinsky, Kitty Becker. Sue Thomas, Joey Davidson. Kathy t.Fflman, Kim Hinch, accompanist. Milligan Receives a Bit of Culture Through Both Music Milligan College Concert Choir The Concert Choir was on the go with a Spring Tour into the .states of Ohio, In- diana, Virginia and West Virginia. They performed a total of eleven concerts dur- ing this time. The choir also sang at the Preaching Mis- sion in Freedom Hall and at various churches and high schools in the area. Milligan College Concert Choir. In front. Mr. John Wakefield. Director. First row, left to right: Tricia Cof- fey. Carolsue Robbins. Jeff Stammler. Jay Fore, Keith A.shbaugh. Barton Hume, Rhonda Crockett, Sandy Pritchard. Second row: Nona Lohr, Debbie Walker, Tom Flack, Al While, Steve McCoury, Becky Morri " - .son, Jan Jones, Amy West. Third row: Kim Scheffler, Jube Alexander, Jon Ulm, Felix Batton, Garry Smith, John Lawson, Jeff Cassens. Connie Percifield. Pam Miller. Fourth row: Pam Johnson, Carol Roodhouse. Cathy Hardy. Tim Doty. Bob Keesee. Steve Morton. Gene Estep, Carol Gabehart. Judy Carrier. Debi Colina. 72 Elaine Courtney and Art. Barb Elliott m Grace McCall Rick Allman 73 Ramblin ' The Buffalo Ramblers tested their skills at sur- vival by embarking on a winter backpacking expe- dition. At right, who is that fiend who is cutting the rope around vice pres- ident Dave Wantz? Can it be Craig Hardy??! Above left, from left to right: Ruth Jordon, Peter Purvis, Mark Webb, Mary Robinson— Reporter, Kim Yeutter Above right, from left to right: Kathy Harder— Sec- retary, Craig Hardy, Donna Elliot, Garry Smith, Cort Mills, Lois Jordon— President m Bike Club, from left to right: Cindy Brady, Gordon Miller, Tim Doty ! - Keep on Bikin ' 74 ' ' — ■ ;■ M 1 Foreign Students Milligan has been fortunate this year in having as a part of the family a large number of foreign students. Coming from Japan, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, East Africa, Lagos, Ethiopia, Brazil, just to name a few. These stu- dents allow the native American stu- dents to experience the customs and philosophies of other countries. This year the foreign students at- tending both Milligan and ETSU have participated in joint activities. Foreign Students Front row. left to right: Kayol o Arai, Ermine Campbell, Echiko Naito, Shukuko Anezaki Second row: Sidney Martin, Perline Martin, Fumiko Aoyagi Third row: Thomas Omarogievia. James Macfoy, Rose Fogleman, Edwin Gaston Fourth row: Shigeru Harada, Joseph Ko- roma, Paulo Motta Mello. Phi Beta Lambda The Milligan chapter of Phi Beta Lambda made their annual presenta- tion to their choice for Business Leader of the year. This year, the award was given to that familiar smiling face of the Millian College Post Office — Postmaster, Don Maskola. The entire school expressed their congratulations and appreciation to Mr. Maskola at a luncheon in Sutton following the presentation. Phi Beta Lambda; left to right: Mr. Eugene Price, sponsor; Bob Ray, Bettey Clarke, Mattie ]o Hughes, Kayoko Arai, Marilyn Wood, Cheri Mayrard, Bob Wattwood, Chery Drury, Gary Deater, Roxanne Sandline, Nancy Lauyer, Jo South- ers, Mrs. Virginia Laws, Sponsor. 75 Hart Dorm Council Hart Hall Dorm Council Has been dedicated to providing activities and Get-Togethers within the dorm. This year Hart had a new resident, Mrs. Millar. Anna Wiley, President, en- couraged each dorm counsellor to plan section parties, which included jaunts to " Maxine ' s, " pizza parties and pretzel bakes in the kitchen. Christmas found a large number of girls (and guys) in the main lobby, decorating the tree and door and ta- bles and clock and shrubs (?). The girls also provided a family with all the trimmings for a Christmas feast. Other activities included an all-dorm camp-out, dorm devotions and spring cleaning in the main lobby. Hart Hall Dorm Council. In tree, top to bottom: Anna Wiley— President, Jan Jones, Mary King— Treasurer, Debbie Fralish— Vice-President. On ground, left to right; Martie Williams, Rachelle Reeves— Secretary, Cheryl Abram, Gayle Epperly. Not pictured: Kitty Becker and Charlene Britt. Dorm Activities Led by Councils Sutton Dorm Council Sutton Hall ' s lobby has a new look this year. Be- cause of the dorm coun- cil ' s hard work, under the leadership of the Presi- dent lulie McNett and Head Resident Mrs. Rob- inson, the cushions have been recovered and the drapes have been cleaned. Money was raised for these projects through Bake Sales and a Christ- mas Bizarre. The dorm residents also partici- pated in the Toys for Tots drive and assisted a needy family at Christmas. Sutton Hall Dorm Council. Left to right: Susan Rhea-Treasurer, Mrs. Robinson-Resident, Becky Replogle, Julie McNett— President. Pardee Dorm Council Leads Dorm Life Pardee Dorm Council, left to right: Dick Barnett, Bob Wntlwood, Bayard Galbraith Whether it ' s playing frisbee, reading funny books, y . ' J .1 juii ' «t yiO A Bob Wattwood and L.M. John Robertson and Mike French r Mike French and Dave Charlton Sippin ' a D.P. or studying (?), Bill Morrell Pardee is Where the Action Is. 77 David Waters Andrew Bajko Gwen McCarty Buffalo Staff After many months of . , patient longsuffering . . . spontaneous creativity instant decision making . . . expert workmanship . . . . . we bring you: " Death of an Editor, ' dependable printing . . . and a couple of " shots " around campus . Milligan Well Represented By Traveling Singing Groups In an earnest effort to spread the gospel through music, four singing groups from Milligan have been hard at work during the past year. During the summer of 1975 the groups " God ' s Hands, " " Great Exchange, " and " Sound Idea " traveled throughout the nation, per- forming nightly concerts in numerous churches. " God ' s Hands " and " Sound Idea, " supported financially by the school, were responsible for attracting many prospective students through their appearances at church camps. Al- though they received the financing from private pledges and were not technically representing the school, " Great Exchange " was also instrumental in exemplifying the high caliber of people which make up the body of Milli- gan College. In the fall of 1975 a group intended to present Milligan to area high school audiences came into existence. " Holi- day " performed in numerous high schools and also pro- vided entertainment for the 1976 Miss Johnson City Pag- eant. Because of the group ' s strong testimony for Christ, " Holiday " was asked to perform on the program of the North American Christian Convention in Denver, Colorado. r --, if .vi- — iiiiiiMirr ifc " xT " God ' s Hands. " Clockwise from top; Mike Shannon. Jeff Cassens, Gary Richardson, Jeff Stammler. Above; " Sound Idea. " Left to right; John Wakefield, Vickie Wakefield, Cathy Hardy. Judy Carrier, Barton Hume. Above right; " Holiday. " Wayne Lancaster. Joan Walker, Julie Alexander, Deb- bie Walker. Not pictured; Ron Elkins. Randy Miller. Paul Wil- liams. Kent Mutchmore. Right; " Great Exchange. " Ron Elkins, Cheryl Abram, Paul Bader, Wayne Lancaster, Jan Jones, Jon Ulm. 80 81 ,1 :i v rii- ' " -1t I .._ President less W. Johnson Milligan College Administration . ■■■: -■• •■■V, 82 - K A Dr. Paul A. Clark Dean of Students and Director of Teacher Education Joe P. McCormick Assistant to the President Phyllis Dampier Fontaine Registrar 1 1 " i li; ■ - ' ■ % ' 1 Br w n 1 i Dr. Tetsuano Yamamori Assistant to the President for Special Programs Dr. C. Robert Wetzel Academic Dean 83 Eugene H. Wigginton Director of Development Dr. Dennis Helsabeck Director of Guidance Dale Clayton Financial Aids Officer Rodney D. Irvin Director of Communications B.J. Moore Business Manager Lawrence E. Huff Student Enlistment Officer Paul Bader Student Enlistment Officer )ohn W. Neth Director of P.H. Welshimer Library , ' " i Si i . Siffio -ii? " .v .--ai« i5 Phillip A. Worrell Director of Student Enlistment Bill Woolard Manager of Student Union Building 85 Area Of Humane Learning " - r William H. Wright Associate Professor uf Art Anna May Crowder Assistant Professor of English Dr. Terry J. Dibble Associate Professor of English Ann lies Instructor of Humanities Juanita Jones Associate Professor of English 86 jack L. Knowles Assistant Professor of English Carolyn Nipper Associate Professor of English Carolyn Woolard Assistant Professor of French Donald Shaffer Associate Professor of German Jeanette E. Crosswhite Associate Professor of Music Dr. John Dowd Associate Professor of Music 87 David C, Runner Assistant Professor uf Music John C. Wakefield Assistant Professor of Music Area of Professional Learning Eugene P. Price Professor of Business Administration Virginia Laws Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science 88 Wayne E. Miller Assistant Professor of Business Administration Dr. John L. Morrison Associate Professor of Education Dr. James L. Shields Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching Dr. Euel J. Ownby Associate Professor of Education Hazel Turbeville Professor Emeritus of Secretarial Science 89 Area Of Social Learning L-.--V .• ' . ' -tS- ' ™J Dr. Charles R. Taber Associate Professor of Anthropology Patricia |anc Bonner Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Rowena Bowers Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Dr. B. Harold Stout Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Duard B. Walker Professor of Health and Physical Education 90 Ar ' Ivor Jones Professor Emeritus of History Dr. Ira Read Associate Professor of History Dr. Orvel C. Crowder Professor of Psychology Robert B. Hall Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. James Shields, Jr. Instructor of Sociology 91 Area Of Biblical Learning I %. Dr. Henry E. Wubh, Chairman, Area of Biblical Learning Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History Dr. William C. Gwaltney. Jr., Chairman, Area of Humane Learning Associate Professor of Bible Dr. Richard Phillips Associate Professor of Bible Edwin S. Nelson Assistant Professor of Bible 92 ' :m Earl Stuckenbruck Associate Professor of Bible Dr. James Balch Assistant Professor of Mathematics Dr. Eddie Leach, Chairman, Area of Scientific Learning Associate Professor of Biology Area Of Scientific Learning Dr. Charles W. Gee Associate Professor of Biology and Education HI ■f{ Uffi P ' ' H H H pP ' ir 1 A il j JA p ) .1 M Roy Hampton Associate Professor of Mathematics •• Carolyn Kinsley Instructor of Microbiology Dr. Richard D. Lura Associate Professor uf Chemistry Guy Mauldin Instructor of Computer Dr. Eugene Nix Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Lone L. Sisk Professor Emeritus cjf Chemistry Dr. Gary O. Wallace Associate Professor of Biology 94 v .,. Charlotte Blevins Switchboard Operator Nancy Campbell Secretary to Coach Worrell Lucia Cassity Secretary to Dr. Johnston Sherri Donahoo Secretary to Mr. Price and Mr. McCormick ' ■BT M Sandy Fry Secretary to Rod Irvin Peggy Gorman Secretary to Dr. Helsabeck Tricia Heinzen Secretary to Coach Walker Mary Jo Holdsworth Secretary to Coach Worrell Pat Huffine Mailing Room Becky Johnson Secretary to Dr. Wetzel June Leonard Secretary to Gene Wigginton Opal Lewis Nurse 95 Kay Mayfield Secretary to Dr. Clark Joanne Millar Head Resident-Hart Hall Annie Miller Business Office Gail Morrison Secretary to Dr. [ohnson Teresa Phipps Secretary to Phyllis Fontaine Sara Smith Business Office 96 Kathy Poorman Secretary to John Neth Barb Tingley Secretary to Dale Clayton Margaret Robinson Head Resident— Sutton Hal . . - : J« Geri Smith Secretary to Dr. Yamamori Elizabeth Treadway Music Secretary Gail Woodruff Secretary-Faculty Office Building Emerald Webb Secretary to B.J. Moore Class of 1976 At left: Holly Sias takes a moment to be alone and reflect on fier years as Milligan. Below: Se- nior Class Sweetheart. Tricia Coffev. i- : ■ , Senior Class Officers. Standing: Linda Gindlesperger— Vice Presi dent, Susie Gregory-Secretary-Treasurer. Kneeling: Scott Shaffer- President. Keith Ashbaugh Richmond. Indian. Biolojjy |im Baggett Richlands, North Carolina Health P.E. George Bajko Bel Air. Maryland Business Administration Daniel Baughman Chambersburg, PennsyK ' ania Business Administration Pamela Belhartl Delray Beach. Florida Ps -chologv Greg Bowen Portland, Indiana Bible Tim Brady East Point. Georgia Humanities Steve Bretton Arcadia, Florida Psychology F ' . Glenda Brookshire Marion, North Carolina Human Relations Bonnie Lou Bunton Elizabethton, Tennessee Sociology Psychology (.1 3 99 Thomas James Burnip Salineville, Ohio Psvchologv David Buttray Melbourne. Florida Biology ; » ».•,•—, ' , ' .y.; Ermine Campbell Jamaica. West Indies Human Relations 4 ' - ' Kimberley Campbell Canton. Ohio Biology 1 ►! f Sharon Carawan Scranton. North Carolina Bible 100 r Betty Clarke Gasburg. Virginia Business Administration « ' •ii il ' •K ' 1 ' if V ' , David Clark Elizabethton, Tennessee Bible Patricia Coffey Bari, Italy Humanities Tim Coleman Martinsville, Virginia History Peggy Conner Elizabethton, Tennessee Education 101 I- Pamela |oy Coon Chicago, Illinois English " w — ' I fc. : ' M iMJim Sf! Linda Cooper Kingsport. Tennessee iusiness Administration Marsha Ciirbin Greenwood. Indiana Health P.E. Elaine Courtney Jonesboro, Tennessee Human Relations Gary Deater Kalkaska. Michigan kisiness Administration Kathie and Don Deremer Massillon and Canton. Ohio English Bible 102 Lennea Derting Hiltons, Virginia Human Relations Tim Doty Lansing, Michigan Ciiemistry Cheryl Lynn Drury Farmington Hills, Michigan Secretarial Science Peggy L. Dyer Atlanta, Georgia English and History Paula Dean Elam Largo, Florida English 103 Ron Elkins Poland, Ohio History Bob Fife Johnson City, Tennessee Biology f ».■ Charles H. Fitzsimmons II Elizabethton, Tennessee Biology Rick Freeman Portsmouth. Ohio Human Relations Pam Freije Indianopolis, Indiana Bible Math 104 ' ■Miiiiilll Carol Shelton Gabehart Indianopolis, Indiana Music Education, Voice Sherel Gallagher Honolulu, Hawaii Speech Drama Bayard Galbraith Carnegie, Pennsylvania Psychology ' w? ' Joseph W. Gardner Woodlawn, Virginia Math Linda Gindlesperger Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania English 105 Peggy Trolier Gorman Rockville, Maryland Psychology Suzanne Gregory Clinton, Illinois Psychology 1:3 Roy Haisley Johnson City. Tennessee Business Administration William C. Hale Johnson City. Tennessee Business Administration Mike Hoffman Wahkon, Minnesota Health P.E. 106 Ip«a!S«!RW Ranee Hopwood Maiden. Missouri Business Administration Linda Horn Grundy, Virginia Business Administration Frank Home Kingsport, Tennessee Business Administration James Scott Hudson Forest Park, Georgia • Bible Er i. s ' ir Jama Cheryl Humphrey Lawrenceburg. Indiana English and Humanities 107 Mike Jessee Big Stone Gap, Virginia Health P.E. David Eugene Johnson Caledonia, Ohicj Bible Greg Johnson Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Bible Jan Jones Gahanna, Ohio English Lois Jordan Akron, Ohio Health P.E. 108 i.: yiJi Robert James Judge Canton, Ohio Bible Kathy Anne Kemp Bumpass, Virginia Psychology Richard Kirkland Hammond, Indiana Bible ' -- -i( .- Mick LaBounty Boswell, Indiana Psychology Bonita S. Lamb Kannapolis, North Carolina Bible 109 Kenny Leasure Toronto, Ohio Psychology Kenneth H. LeathervvoocI Nashville, Tennessee History Dee Ann Lederman West Union, Illinois Business Administration l ffil ::ia !il l il ' dn. k i.i ii tAMit; i -x ' - ii rf. tivyjp ' ; - . . . . ■ - • ' ' - ' Margie Leininger Groveland, Florida Physical Education Nona Norris Lohr Wellsbury, West Virginia Music no Tom Lohr Wellsburg, West Virginia Bible Dick Major Portsmouth, Ohio Speech Drama Chris Malott Greentown, Indiana Chemistry Janet Marie Martin Freetown, Indiana Business Administration |aiss sasisiaE2Ka» « Alice Kristine Masters Erwin Tennessee Biology III " T r : — s tsw " vi ' ' « s ■ SRSTs Dennis J. Mayes Knoxville, Tennessee Physical Education Gwen McCarty Bristol, Tennessee Humanities c ■ .- ' Barbara Jeanette McElyea Kingsport, Tennessee Human Relations Robert B. McKinney Martinsville, Virginia Humanities Laurence Ward McNett Sicily, Italy Business Administration 112 Gordon L. Miller Greenwood Indiana Psychology Reita Morrical Portland, Indiana Human Relations Lee J. Morrow Alliance. Ohio Physical Education Gordon Miller Livonia. Michigan Business Administration Nola Milligan Nutter Monticello. Indiana Christian Education 113 Harold Lynn Oliver St. Petersburg, Florida Business Administration , ' ' Sachiko Osawa Tokyo, Japan Psychology Donna Overbay Washington, Indiana Human Relations Stephen David Palmer Johnson City, Tennessee Human Relations Robui Mar|orie Phillips Hammontl, Indiana Psychology 114 I Mark Poorman Milligan College, Tennessee Philosophy Kathleen Powell Dundee, Florida Speech Theatre Eugene P. Price, Jr. Erwin, Tennessee Business Administration Sandy Pritchard Johnson City, Tennessee Music Robert C. Ray Shelbyville, Indiana Business Administration 115 Marilyn Davis Ray Ervvin. Tennessee Histor ' Rachelle Ann Reeves Terre Haute, Indiana Sociolooy Ron Reilly Millifjan College, Tennessee Bible Brent Saunders Mercersburg. Pennsylvania Psychology Karl David Schmidt Piney Flats, Tennessee Business Administration 116 Steve Schwartz Marion, Virginia Health P.E. Patricia Lynn Scott McCoy, Virginia Human Relations J. Scott Shaffer Greensburg, Pennsylvania Business Administration J. Michael Shannon Largo, Florida Bible Holly Ann Sias Deland. Florida Speech and Drama 117 Hrt Robert D. Smith Grundy, Virginia Business Administration Dirc;k Edward Spencer Wardensville, West Virginia Psychology Bible PMIiV ' l " t Jeffrey George Stammler Bexley, Ohio Health P.E. mi ' tM Ernest Stoltzfus Grayson, North Carolina Human Relations Diana R. Taber Johnson City, Tennessee World Studies Hi Philip David Torbett Johnson City, Tennessee Business Administration Johnny Ray Trent Fort Blackmore, Virginia Heahh P.E. and History Randell Trueblood Louisville, Kentucky Business Administration h " • " A- ' ' . ' ' VV ' ' 1P. ' -O ' Karen Ann Turner Portland, Indiana Human Relations I i £ . !r? T - ' ' Ji ■ ■ :4».iiA; Ji»- Joe Mark Ulm Clearwater, Florida Bible 119 I III ll I I ass I i j j iS Elizabeth Ann Vernon Mt. Airy, North Carolina Psychology Debbie Walker Greenfield. Ohio Humanities |ohn E. Wassem Alliance, Ohio Bible « - David Holton Waters Washington, North Carolina Humanities Robert W. Waftwood Titusvilie, Florida Business Administration Carol WhisnanI Hampton, Tennessee Secretarial Science 120 Anna Margaret Wiley Kingsport, Tennessee English Paul R. Williams, Jr. Baltimore, Maryland Chemistry Math Judy Woods Rogersville, Tennessee History y p i Wr ■ ♦■•■ ' : ' , ' ..■ Kim Yeutter Cozad, Nebraska Psychology Ruth Ann Ziebart Wellington, Illinois Physical Education 121 mms IT « 0T THE WAv(eS OF T PARATE US NOW, AM EARS YOU HAVE SPENT IDST BECOME A MEMOi HAVE WALKED AMONG U| A SPIRIT AND YOUR SHADOWy H " BEEN ALIGHT UpON 6 E WE LO Dmj. W SPEECHLESS WASlOLlRj L0 AND WITH VEILSVt; AS ITB BLED; lES ALQ WO mmmmNS) n M i mm : -J.- rOUR 01 IRAN 122 Sissy Hill Sophomore Gayle Epperly junior 123 Charles Allcolt Paul Bluwcrs Fumiko Aoyagi Becky Bond Kayoko Aral Cindy Brady Conrad Auil Dcnlse Brown Mary Barljour I Iclen Bunton Un.k Barnetl Gri ' 4 Byinyton R,iy Blakely |nhn Carlson Class of 1977 Class officers, left to right: Dave Mayer, Vice President; Becky Reeves, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Kevin Huddleston, President. left Cassens Rhonda Crockett Ed Charlton Cindv Criim Becky Clark Becky Coleman Debbie Colina Lvnn Deskins Sid Dunford Laura Eaton Leigh Cook Jerry Craycraft Gayli- Epperly Gene Estep 124 Charlotte Fate Tom Flack )ay Fore Craig Hardy Marilyn Harper Steve Hodge Debbie Fralish Pete Frizzell Allan Gorman Kath ' Harder Nancy Hook Kevin Huddleslon Holly Huilt Jim Huskins 125 Steve Hypes Tom |ones Joseph Koroma lulie McNett 3ne Meade Debbie Murphy Valerie Neth Don Imel Patty Keesling Sharon Lambert Peariine Martin Randy Miller Stan Musselman Sue Obnev 126 Philip Parnell Carol Robbins Kim Scheffler Cindy Shultz Richard Solomon Jeff Slemen leff Walker Ann Parsly John Robertson Richard Schisler Bruce Simmons Larry Sorrells Jackie Swearingen Brenda Wallace Tammy Redman Roxanne Sandlin Jim Schneider Randy Slagle David Soucie Debbie Swink Lvdia Walton Becky Reeves Kathy Saylor Sara Searle Gary Smith Tim Spears Diane Vernon Dave Wantz 127 Amy Wi ' sl |im W ilk ins M,iil Willi, nils P,irlh,inri,i Willis Tiiiii M.iriUii Wood M;irk Woolen Kick York 128 129 Robin Adams Fred Akers Julie Alexander |anet Ball Sue Bridger Charlene Bntt Lee Ann Mark Broyles Brookshear Kitty Becker Eddie Bryant Carter Blevins Pam Carrell Kevin Bowers ludy Carrier of 1978 Class officers, left to right: Mary . King, Vice Presi- | dent; Bob Keesee, President; Claudia Thompson, Secre- tary-Treasurer Del Myra Carter Danny Cullop Debbie Czap Orris Densford Patty Dingess Eric Duggins Rob Dymacek Carol " Edgington Donna Elliott Rick Evanoff Greg Fleetwood Marcia Eraser Vickie Dutiel Greg Freeman 130 Mike French Kevin Fry Jack Gray Jeff Harper JoeHatteri Jill Healey Keith Hertzog Sissy Hill Karen Huber Deena Hurley Sherry Icenhower Kim Imel Archie Iscrupe Carol Jackson 131 Diane James Jan Keyes Nancy Lauyer |eff McNabb Bob Manuel John Miller Becky Morrison Nikki Kendrick Mary King William Lewis Debbie Mains Dave Marshal! Pam Miller David Musick Pat Kennedy Wayne Lancaster Grace McCall Catherine Manier Cheri Maynard Terri Morgan Kent Mutchmore 132 Alan Neal Sandy Pierce Bill Rodda Alan Shely Doug Thatcher Mike Warriner Scot Whitesell Melody Neumeister Mark Reidel Carol Roodhouse Janie Shephard Jane Theobald Mark Webb Mark Yawberg ohn Peiffer [im Rhinehardt Debra Senesi Barbara Shoun Robin Thomas Debbie Whitaker David Young Janet Pickel Gary Richardson Mary Shaw Cheryl Souder Claudia Thompson Steve White Steve Zahl 133 Lisa Adkins Pius Algobokhaevbo Shelia Albert Brenda Arnold Joyce Arwood David Atkinson Rebecca Barfo Sherri Bell Brenda Bennett Kitty Berry Minta Berry Sandra Berry Diana Bittner Cheryl Blackwood CLASS 1979 Class officers, left to right: Mike Osborn, Vice President, Susan Keller, Treasurer; Pro- fessor Wayne Miller, Spon- sor; Kitty Berry, Secretary; Mark Richardson, President Not pictured: Steve Handly, Historian. Bernie Blankenship Pam Boreing Melanie Bowen Terry Brown Duana Browning |udy Brnnner Mike Buck Julie Busch Lyn Cain Steve Carpenter Marquita Carriger John Cassel Dave Charlton Lisa Clark 134 Sylvia Cole Valerie Cook Kim Cosgrove Jeff Daniels Joey Davidson Candi Davis Bryce Crawford Doug Craycraft Byron Cuthrell Hank Dahlman Ron Davis Corl Davisson Lisa Delagado Sheryl Dibble 135 j •» ' ' " t: Bernard Doughty Karen Eller Janice Freneau Terri Gillenwat er Nancy Gray Sue Hanson Cathy Hardin Vusi Dube Barbara Elliott Denis Friskney Terri Gindlesperger Rebecca Hampton Carol Hara Cheri Harris Rhonda Easter Steve Fair Donna Giles Cindy Gower Steve Handly Shigeru Harada Cindy Harrison 136 De Ann Hickerson Marti Holt Debbie Hill Teresa Hill Bob Hunsick Ginger James w m 1 % f %» ]S!ii.J J ' J ' John Heffern Debbie Hepler Robin Holland Sue Holman Doreen Johnson Diane Junker Karen Keffer Sue Keller Mary Lou Valerie Lantz Layman Chip Cheryl Linscott Longfellow Marilyn McCoy Jan McCuUoch Kim Hinch Steve Cindy Jarrett Hinderliter Mark Kearns Brad Johnson Dennis Kirtlan Cindy Tom Lestage Keefauver Julie Love John Lawson Ann McElyea Celia Leuthold Glenda MacWhorter Jane McKenny 137 Phil Mays Debbie Npwton Vicky Miller Miki ' Norfleel Corl Mills Jack Orth Tony Mitchell Mike Osborn Jennie Moore Lesa Osborne Ann Morgan Kim Payne Nancy Morgan Steve Pendry Mary Phipps Michelle Ponlius Joey Potter Ron Potter Sue Price Neil Printz Pete Purvis Sue Ralph Laura Renner Mark Richardson Sally Richardson Pam Ringler Sue Roberts Jenny Robinson 138 Larry Rose Karn Schreiber Janell Scroggs Beth Shannon [eannie Shetler John Sichting Barbara Smith Joe Southers Connie Sowers Kevin Speas Barbie Sproule Laurie Sutherland Randy Sutherlin Janolyn Swan : 139 Sue Thomas Barbara Tingley Rita Tobias Barbara Totten Debbie Trinkle Kathy Ulrey Brad Volters Buff Walker Bill Whilehouse Shelia Whitman Bonnie Witmer Kimi Witmer Melissa Williams Ronnie Williams Phyllis Wine Donna Wolfe Diane Wood Linda Wood Irene Woolard Keith Young 140 iiiiriTlfMlfcriiililin Graduation ' 76 ?1sirc isr l ,, " k » " - ' iT ' s r • .W " t feli S feSSsiSsss 144 AV At)vek:iS MeNz: IKCMVt 145 I « ■ . . tJ. ■ i ii n,;t(| i. ) » ' t - " -V-. ._. ' . f ' J ' iO i f l ' ' . • ' ■ ' ' - • ■ ' . ' l!l 1 iju| lj lj » n J i ' » ' . ' I ! ■■ t. . " i " . » JM ■.• ■ K ' f ' . i j ' i ji l f . , - . .lui i p I ' i r ' l i n ' t M ' mt i i ' m rr-r- -t-ajjiia- jl ■ J i. ,jS " ' ' — ' ■ — - ' — ■ - 1 k n ' ' ' fr i T ' J 5 - ' 1 Oi f " JJ S t.J7 147 «j» ' p- ' - AmnM M Yes, this is the end of the 1976 Buffalo. Yet our purpose in creating this book is that the memories which are stirred by this collection of pictures and thoughts will never end. This is our gift to you. We have all experienced different things at Milligan— some wonderful things, some unpleasant things. If, in years to come, you flip through these pages and are able to relive the pleasantries, we have succeeded. It is traditional for the editor to thank the staff; yet a mere " thank you " to the 1975-76 Buffalo Staff would be inadequate. Without their assistance, this book would be 160 blank pages. They taught me all I know. Thank you, Ed Charlton, for your patience with me, expertise with the camera, your long hard hours in the dark room and your listening ability. Shumpei Kato, for your stick-to-itiveness in taking faculty pictures, your cooperation in taking pictures at Godspell and your beautiful pictures in the introduction. Tim Brady, for your dedication to the Senior Section, unique ideas and photographic assistance. Jan Jones, for being an understanding and sympathetic roommate, for helping out at deadline time, for your ideas and beautiful smile. Nancy Lauyer, for your initiative and unwavering dependability as the Business Manager. Eric Duggins, for your smiling face and beautiful artistic expressions. Trisha Scott, for your devotion to the Senior Section and willingness to work. Kitty Becker, for your courage to stay in the Staff room overnight and for having the stamina to plow through twenty years of Student Council minutes. Linda Gindlesperger, for your creative talents with layout sheets, hearts and balloon men. Karen Huber, for your hard work on Clubs and Organizations. Linda Horn, for your knowl edge of the baseball team and work as Sports Editor. Nancy Morgan, for your sweet words of encouragement and typewriter. Val Cook, for your ideas, knowledge of yearbook methodology and Student Life section. B(;cky Coleman, for your loyalty, patience and flying fingers on the typewriter. Mark Reidel, for your assistance on ads and Student Life. Linda Cooper, for your successfulness as an Ad salesman and friendship. Barb Elliott, for your great cartoons. Mr. Wright, for listening to my gripes and problems. Mr. Moore, for clearing up all the misunderstandings and foul-ups. Especially Ron Wempe, for the chocolate bars. Super Dummy T-shirt, your patience and willingness to let me drive your jaguar. Even though these two individuals were not directly connected with the yearbook, I offer my special thanks to Mrs. Fontaine, who has encouraged me in all my efforts, and Dr. Read, a beautiful person. May Milligan College always remember the great class of 1976. Graduated, Anna Wiley Editor HOSPITAL PHARMACY Alcamp Shell " The DRIVE-IN Pharmacy ' s Service Station 602 N. Roan, Johnson City Dial 926-0121 Rt. 8, Highway 67 Johnson City, Tennessee 928-0962 Free Delivery Free Parking Big Valley Restaurant Milligan Highway 929-9792 CITY DRUG STORF Send " Best Wishes " for " Lots of Luck " to The Class of 1976. Elizabethton, Tn. Health-Cosmetics-Gifts " We ' ll be thinking 3bout you. " RITCHIES Fine Furniture - Elizabethton, Tennessee 149 ' tll iHiu UJiiU; -jas : •It. -, ' 303 SOUTH ROAN STREET JOHNSON CITY, TENN. 37601 Security Federal SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. OF ELIZABETHTON 200 HUDSON DRIVE 628 ELK AVE, ELIZABETHTON, TENN. 37643 Becmer ' s, live. ESTABLrSHED 1886 -J— iamonai, Vv atcn£±, iJ-e.iveLzu JOHNSON CITY. TENN. 37601 WALKERS FURNITURE STORES Johnson City Bnstol EDGEHILLGULF H 7,MiJh jii Higliwjy 24 Houf Wrecker Semce Ruger Tunnel Owner College Fabric Center MilJigan HigJiway Betty Higginbotham 150 151 COMPARE WITH ANY OTHER 152 153 GOODYEAR FR£C EUVKC TIHC ftOUU yiNCE1919 COMPLIMENTS OF —Religious Book Store Elizabethton, Tennessee — Sterchi ' s Elizabethton and Johnson City —Dandy Don ' s Men ' s Shop Elizabethton, Tennessee —Bower ' s Florist Elizabethton, Tennessee -A Cleaner World Johnson City, Tennessee - ' - REfli 154 JOHNSON CITY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION FIRST PEOPLES BANK HAMILTON BANK HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE BANKING AND TRUST CO. THE MOUNTAIN EMPIRE BANK 155 156 157 Savings und Home Ownership Safeguards of the American Way of Life CompHnients of I ' l ' ' ! I ill ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 158 JOHNSON CITY AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Chamber of Commerce on behalf of all Johnson City business firms is happy to extend its services to the students and faculty at Milligan College. We are proud that you have chosen Milligan to be your Alma Mater — 159 What gift Can You offer? Look into Yourself— All that You are- Then take That And give It to Me. 160 9 Mm Wi If lilligan College Library 1881 0001 1737 ■ wMWKlS

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